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No. 1656175

For discussion of people in your life (or people you've found online) that have lolcow potential.
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No. 1656442

File: 1664034355808.jpg (120.93 KB, 1080x429, Screenshot_20220924_114442.jpg)

thank goodness mr united koopas has given a detailed account on concord mcsubways burial wishes

No. 1656448

i also somehow missed this gem of a youtube video when archiving. hopefully embed works, it's my first time using it. i'm also adding it to the google drive

No. 1656621

File: 1664047590773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.31 KB, 4096x2650, mental illness.jpg)

I used to know this one guy, he used to be chill and now he became my personal cow, he changed so much in so little time

>guy I met online in some server, he likes to draw and stuff

>starts his own webcomic
>overtime he starts pumping pages more quickly, the quality of his art suffers and his health starts deteriorating
>he didn't really have an audience, so he was doing this all to himself out of ego
>cannot take criticism at all, he believes art is the only thing he has and an attack on his art is an attack on him
>absolutely abandoned friends in search for e-fame for his mediocre comics and art
>surrounds himself in an echo chamber that would always tell him yes
>became gay because of furfag porn, trooned out also because of furfag porn and the "egg" shit tranny groomers like to say
>became an unironic schizo by giving himself a tulpa which he calls having a "headmate", he also calls it his boyfriend
>tries to type all cutesy in all of his posts, trying to be as adorable as possible while posting furry porn or furfag art full of pride flags
>also has a clear cub fetish (which is furry loli shota)
Pic related is his headmate and one of his characters of his comic, it's gross how he made his tulpa be pretty much just a femboy version of a little girl.
If you nonnas are curious, his comic (called "Hey! Charlotte!") is nothing interesting, I read it all and it's pretty much just a bunch of unlikeable characters in situations that have no impact or relevance in making them change or learn anything. It was one of the most frustrating reads I've had, and yes, the art got pretty bad for how rushed it got.

No. 1656640

7 y/o character who never wears pants. christ help us.

No. 1656725

wait, tf? gave the dude a dick and underwear and leaving the little girl with no pants?

there's nothing wrong with drawing for no audience because at that point it's a passion, but the "no criticism" and turning his fav character into a "headmate" is weird but pretty standard artcow behavior, those kinds are usually interesting to watch

No. 1656735

File: 1664057658948.png (14.18 KB, 498x121, the concern is that she's a li…)

>there's nothing wrong with drawing for no audience because at that point it's a passion
I would agree with you, but it went to a point where his health was being affected, as he was pretty much pumping pages daily. Plus it made no sense seeing as he was all defensive and stuff about his art but rushed it do get his imaginary deadline to the point where the art and writing was affected.
Also yes, the little girl not wearing pants (as well as having a see through top) was always something his friends questioned, this was his answer to that.

No. 1656757

lmaooo that's some dumbass logic – his character clearly has junk, meaning all his characters have junk, so that girl needs pants – you can't pick and choose, it's an all-or-nothing decision

I'm feeling weirdly empathetic because I've been there, hopefully he breaks that cycle and lets himself breathe – his mental health with thank him and he'll even see improvement

empathy stops at "cub" shit though, nah

does he complain about not being famous?

No. 1656773

File: 1664059491838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 464.63 KB, 2048x1432, FRYc4MsVIAAiLLr.jpg)

I don't recall him ever complaining about fame no, seems like he just focused on his small audience, but I do remember him being sad cuz no one was reading his comic.
He seems to have abandoned his webcomic tho and has a better work ethic, so thankfully now he's not working his ass off everyday. Him breaking the cycle would be realising that being in an echo chamber is bad tho. As of now he believes he's two animals and one is a dog femboy and the other his fursona which is a ferret troon. I won't post the porn but here's both versions of him.

No. 1656931

if anyone wants to go to @summerrachelwarren on ig and look at the “suki bear” highlight and tell me if her baby looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome. she was 100% drinking during her pregnancy and i listened to her podcast where she talked about finding out she was pregnant and she made it seem like she didn’t find out until past the first trimester? she also just left travelling for like a month and didn’t bring the baby with her which is just so odd to me. i also have a newborn and i can’t imagine being away from him for like more than 2 hours but idfk

No. 1656943

Notice how the character Charlie is just barely legal…. Really says a lot.

No. 1656954

I think that baby is just asian, or it’s too early to tell kek. But drinking during pregnancy and then having an audacity to get an epidural so you can’t actually experience giving birth? Selfish and pathetic.

No. 1657101

File: 1664083076403.webm (2.3 MB, 304x570, semirevolutionary.webm)

I came across this girl on tik tok and couldn't think of where to post about her. She got a ton of backlash for this and it seems like she's made a new account where she just posts about her boobs and being a fat communist.

Here's some links to her socials:

No. 1657111

why is he so autistic about public transport?? hes not like an autistic trainfag that knows a bunch of models so this hyperfixation is fascinating to me. bless you for suffering this autism to bring us this milk

No. 1657206

>fat communist
So no job then?

No. 1657249

File: 1664099915606.png (736.86 KB, 533x937, Screenshot 2022-09-25 104818.p…)


Surprisingly she does have a job, there were a few videos where she was wearing amazon uniform on her old account.

A lot of people assumed she didn't have one because of the video i showed, but no she genuinely thinks people should punch any nazi they see whilst working and if u disagree with her ur obviously a nazi

No. 1657272

FAS isn't even caused by alcohol in itself. A bunch of other factors, incl. poverty contribute to it. They may even be more harmful.See
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and the social control of mothers
by Lisa Wade, PhD

No. 1657360

File: 1664112741078.png (166.21 KB, 845x622, Screenshot 2022-09-25 09.32.02…)

> Lisa Wade, PhD
opinion discarded

No. 1657372

What could she say or do intimidate anyone? Threaten to eat them?

No. 1657568

Theres this autistic guy I went to high school with who makes youtube videos of himself singing song parodies of various songs (mainly 80s music but also meme songs) and they are just terrible and hilarious. They sound like jokes, like those old minecraft parody songs from a few years back but they are SO sincere. There's a couple of videos of him dressing up and singing for the school talent show that are particularly hard to watch. I really think it's so pure and he's not really a bad guy aside from being mildly creepy to me a couple of times in high school in an autistic guy way, so I'd never post these videos anywhere online for people to laugh at. It would make me feel pretty awful, but they make me laugh so fucking hard.

No. 1657595

>epidurals are audacious and selfish.
100% moidy, troonish even.

No. 1657597

Kekkk, didn’t you know that sociologists are responsible for humanity’s research on the biological mechanisms of congenital disorders?

No. 1657635

You think being poor causes congenital disorders and disabilities?

No. 1657664

Girl I went to college with was a massive closet cow. BPDchan with major mood swings who went to great lengths to look like a sweet overachieving normie. We were all in band together which gave her a large but very interconnected social circle and she fooled a majority of them. She is a moderately attractive Asian with a fat ass so all the moids acted like they HAD to fetishize her kek.
>In a smaller organization with her where she held leadership positions. Every time any slightly attractive moid would join she would hardcore flirt with them in DMs under the guise of being welcoming. Did this even if she had a boyfriend and they had girlfriends.
>All the guys in the organization had crushes on her because of this.
>Dated a friend of mine for awhile before dumping him for another guy in the club. Constantly rubbed her new relationship in my friends face while doing club activities.
>This basically splits the club into two cliques as half of the members are his friend and half are hers. Cue several years of constant bickering about club affairs.
>Had her over to my house to hang out one night with a few other friends. I look at her phone and she’s suibaiting her boyfriend while we’re all just smoking weed on the couch.
>They date for two years and are constantly fighting. Would be hanging out with everyone and if he said anything to set her BPD off she would drag him outside and fight for 45 minutes. Would try to come back pretending everything was normal while pouting the rest of the time.
>They’re constantly on again off again and she always has some moid waiting in the wings during their “breaks”. Cheated on him constantly.
>Became president of the club and got all of the credit deplete not actually really doing all that much.
>At one point the club wanted to hold a large event that would’ve cost a lot of money. Lead everyone on in planning for months without telling anyone we only had $200 in funds. Thankfully the event got cancelled by COVID but had it gone bad it would’ve ruined our clubs reputation.
>Was horrifically depressed and constantly flipping between her normie persona and whining about how awful her life was.
>Would call or message almost everyone in the club at some point to cry about her problems. Flipped shit whenever someone wouldn’t drop literally everything they were doing to listen to her wallow.
>Female friend of mine kept telling her to go to therapy. Stopped going after two sessions because ‘it didn’t work’
>Had a nice ass and made it a major part of her personality.
>Asked a male friend if he would rather ‘Have a dumpy fat girl or a girl like her who worked out to have an ass like hers’
>Told me that she didn’t have to work out to have her ass kek
>Spent a bunch of time seducing an ugly moid from a member of the same club but at a different college. Made everyone have a joint event between the two clubs. He drove himself and several other members 8 hours only to have her completely ignore him the whole time.
>Kept telling everyone she was going to be homeless because her dorm roommate kicked her out (Probably for fucking her boyfriend) even though she was just sleeping on a couch for two weeks while waiting for her new apartment to be ready.
>She went through so many moids in a tight social circle that over time they just kept getting uglier and uglier.
>Started off dating a bunch of cute college boys and ended up with some bald 35 year old who looked like a blobfish and had a ginger pube beard.
>Got back with my friend after several years, she emotionally abuses him for almost an entire year.
>Completely isolates him from his very close knit family. They move in together but she won’t let him give his family their new address.
>Use my turbo autism to doxx her from Snap stories because his family hasn’t heard from him in three months.
>Thankfully they break up, he tells us about how much of an insane mess she was. Constant fighting and guilt tripping as well as suicide baiting.
>Of again off again and made him have a separate bedroom so she could bring guys home when they were off.
>Catalyst for their break up is because she tells him she’s going to spend Christmas with her family, actually spends Christmas with aforementioned Blobfish’s family.
>Extremely codependent with her female friends.
>They all mope about how hard their lives are while overcompensating on social media.
>Also constantly fights with her friends and encourages them to cheat on their boyfriends.
>Everyone licks her ass for being a girl in engineering even though she fucking hates it. Stays for the attention
>Gets a really cushy engineering job straight out of college, still hates it.
>When directly talking to her she would act super smiley and sweet, as soon as you turn away she would go cold and dead eyed
I removed her from social media a few years back because she was making me irrationally angry but god the milk was always flowing with her. I’m always amazed by how many people either didn’t or just ignored her shit behavior because it was so painfully obvious to me. She deleted all of her personal socials so I have no idea what she’s up to other than her overly pristine instagram dog account. The captions are always so cutesy and sanitized and it creeps me out knowing who’s actually writing them kek.

No. 1657696

There’s a link between epidurals and at-birth injuries, nonny.

No. 1657703

That is not the argument that anon is making kek

No. 1657751

You'll never 'actually experience giving birth', moid.

No. 1657753

If you're retarded enough to think 'society' causes FAS you might have it yourself.

No. 1659299

>Psychotic asian girl with white girl ass
Asian Americans are down bad

No. 1660369

File: 1664338653190.jpg (80.3 KB, 404x294, weird.jpg)

Weird how she posts stuff like this when everyone openly knows her morbidly obese cuck boyfriend eats everything except the pussy

No. 1660372

oh yeah, her. That girl we all know about. the one with a fat boyfriend. That woman.

No. 1660380

We all know a Her.

No. 1660449

Reminds me of Manny from Scarface

No. 1660601

File: 1664368791400.jpg (395.02 KB, 888x1596, Screenshot_20220928_083757.jpg)

united koopas felt the need to dm me to tell me he boycotted being a fan of koopas temporarily a few months ago (he does this whenever mario kart tour does teams and puts the koopas on the bowser team). thought it was worth posting because
>here is a hammer bro stands png
is literally hilarious

No. 1660616

dude lost electricity because of a storm and hes still in his discord server talking about the koopas. the autistic dedication to his koopas. what country is he from? i find that foreign autists are becoming even more strange from western influence (am burger).

No. 1660626

why does every tiktok girl do they same forced neutral facial expression

No. 1660662

he lives in canada, but is from cambodia. despite only visiting the US to go to six flags, he is also fixated on new york city

No. 1660678

what does TPF stand for? I'm trying to figure out what I can name in the future Concord McSubway. It's just too good of a name

No. 1660698

he's nice enough to direct message you with hot news and also label what games his fanart is from lmao what a guy

No. 1660700

File: 1664376915130.jpg (7.32 MB, 4032x3024, 2F6DEC2E-A50D-4FEA-99A2-47931A…)

TPF = troopa, paratroopa, freerunning. i found this shirt he made for himself that illustrates it better than words can lol

No. 1660724

Wtf I feel like I knew the same girl as you

No. 1660801

I'm so confused but also loving that he's making himself custom shirts to express his advanced autism

No. 1660838

I love him, where to find more of this autism?

No. 1660911

The fact that he made shirts lmfao how is his autism so strong

No. 1661005

File: 1664397423272.jpg (385.9 KB, 1079x2400, Screenshot_20220928_163430.jpg)

he spergs and has a meltdown whenever someone he doesn't know joins his discord server but i'm trying to keep a google drive link updated with all of his milk, it can be found at the bottom of the last thread! if you also search unitedkoopas/LAB9 you can find his deviantart/furaffinity/pinterest, e3tc.

in other news, he seems to be very focused on koopa death and cremation lately, hopefully he doesn't kill off concord mcsubway

No. 1661018

I knew an asian girl in HS who's sister (great person unlike her sibling…) was like a sibling to me who would have sex with dogs for money online, or so she claimed. I have no idea if this is true but it probably is because she blew a bunch of coke and dealt it for her "college fund". I distinctly remember her bragging how she made like 150k a year off this shit and when I dropped by to help her sister with her history, their dog would just constantly come and try to hump anyone all the time with an erect penis. She also just smelled off to me compared to her sister.

How she never got caught is anyone's guess but she did graduate as one of the top in the class. Did I mention she acted like a complete arrogant assshole who always knew what was "best" for you?
She also had a burning hatred for niggers and slants (her words) and would only date "sufficiently white" males.
I know she fucked over some black guys on a rape charge* and got caught with weed but that's not direct evidence.

No pictures since she didn't keep social media, probably the smartest decision she's made aside from claiming quitting from dealing crack after connections got killed by the cartels.

*I remember when her group of friends wanted to use the basketball court but some black kids and I were playing ball, so she called the cops and claimed that they were sexually molesting her so I'm 99% sure it's fabricated. Fellas would've gotten shitcanned if I wasn't there (this was before all the race shit started in the US).

No. 1661021

the fucking urn, kek. this guy seems terrified of koopas becoming drybones. is this how he copes with his mortality salience or something

No. 1661028

fake, gay, and unsaged, you almost had me going with the first paragraph even the dog stuff but you flew too close to the sun.

No. 1661053

File: 1664400455776.jpg (108.31 KB, 900x1557, Snapchat-1968950574.jpg)

when his grandfather died he posted this and it also focused on cremation a lot. i think he is buddhist. hopefully he isn't feeling suicidal, i don't know what i would do if this prime autism well dried up in such a tragic way.

No. 1661059

Sorry, I forgot.
I still think she was incredibly lucky, smart, stupid or a combo of all three.
I'm not sure how the logic circuit of drug dealing and bestality is how to pay for college (I mean, her parents would've paid anyways if she didn't get scholarships). She did get into MIT as a full ride so she could probably just live off simp money there for four years
Let's be honest here, only black women don't bang dogs because black men in most of the US already act like feral ones.(male)

No. 1661113

File: 1664402401656.gif (1.52 MB, 500x313, download.gif)

I can't force you to believe something.

That family aside from the younger sister was weird.
When the parents had get togeathers (asian thing) on mid autumn festival they would tell us kids to fuck off. I distinctly remember they used to get the kids together (They were about a decade older than me and I was six or seven back then) and would play these weird ass recorded videos of the two brothers and older sister doing the crotch rubbing dance,
I thought it was a joke at first since Japan that year had Kinkaru as great big meme (gif related) but the next year it was a video of the brothers rubbing out their erections clothed and humping their sister through clothes, and the sister fingering herself through clothes.

I didn't stick with the other kids after that and just sat with the adults after that with their youngest who was my age and we would just play chess for the entire night.

I know when they got divorced the father took the youngest but left everything for the wife and paid her a bunch of money monthly. I have my suspicions about blackmail but I can't prove it.

No. 1661147

File: 1664403804893.jpg (202.11 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20220928_172829.jpg)

he would probably be fine with the fact we are enjoying concord mcsubway. he has said he goes to "school" multiple times despite graduating high school 2 years ago, and from his autistic documentation of his daily life, it seems to be an adult daycare for people with autism, so it seems his parents actually seem to care a bit.
one of his irl friends in his discord (i'm not sure if these are people who pity him or fellow tards from the autist school) asked if he was okay and he said he would be fine unless one of the koopa troopas get the advantage on a mario kart tour course with lava (picrel).

No. 1661165

File: 1664404967484.jpg (402.3 KB, 1080x862, Screenshot_20220928_184024.jpg)

honestly it took like months to figure out how to read his nonsense, it also is easier to decipher when you know his sperging triggers (like mario kart courses with lava, dry bones, etc.). i wish he would reopen invite links to the discord server so other nonnies can help me archive/enjoy the daily milk.

No. 1661168

File: 1664405201342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 146.29 KB, 1440x1080, Snapchat-754431483.jpg)

he is not completely wholesome, he is also sexually attracted to the koopas and draws inflation, ageplay, mpreg, abortion, foreskins, koopa bbc, etc. of them. i just haven't archived any of it since i asked him to remove me from the 18+ role because some of it was too disturbing (koopa baby inflation). i have picrel (not safe for life) though, which he sent to my friend with no context when they tried to cowtip him a couple years ago (instant karma tbh)

No. 1661218

i actually wonder if unitedkoopas is even aware of this thread. but he's probably too busy sperging out about dry-bones and making bad fetish art.

No. 1661247

i don't see why he would be aware unless someone cowtipped, which i sincerely hope no one would do. He already nuked his social media accounts according to Op so I can definitely imagine him panicking and going silent if he knew people were mocking him en masse.

That's also why, with all due respect informant nona, I don't think you should let any farmers have the discord invite as you suggest in >>1661165. I know most anons would behave themselves but it only takes one jackass to ruin this milk source permanently. However, if I had one request…. is there someone you know who'd be willing to deliver the 18+ milk? I think we need it to get the full picture of this guy kek

No. 1661285

File: 1664412369438.jpg (461.14 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20220928_204508.jpg)

upon reflection you are right. i doubt he would ever find the farms and i hope he doesn't. he nuked all his other accounts because just because people on twitter told him not to hate dry bones so much (and his youtube because he made a koopa 9/11 video), and turned off server invites because someone left the server without his express permission.
i have a couple of friends in the server, i will see if any of them are willing to bear the 18+ content and deliver the milk.

No. 1661616

File: 1664439932343.jpg (41.27 KB, 600x553, 118.jpg)

>Gold Koopa Freerunning has been abortion
its so cursed but I pray he never stops

No. 1661986

>Baseball Discord Admin who threw me under the bus when he appointed two kids who constantly bullied me in said server as mods.
>Is incredibly vain and brags about his life while posting selfies of themselves on Twitter and Instagram.
>Trooned out because he has an obsession with Taylor Swift to the point where his trans name is Taylor.
>Hangs out with the trans community is Brooklyn.
>Bullies various fanbases on said Discord and even made an Astroworld Moshpit Killings joke when the Houston Astros lost the 2021 World Series.
>Defended pitcher, Matt Harvey for his involvement in the drugging and murder of Los Angeles Angels pitcher, Tyler Skaggs simply because Harvey was a Met one time.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mazzlow/with_replies

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mazzlowcchi/

No. 1662014

File: 1664477674901.png (632.62 KB, 1602x815, Screenshot 2022-09-29 145401.p…)

Knew this guy in high school, he was a pretty chill guy up until around June. His GF dumped him and he was pretty sad for a bit as one usually is. A few weeks later though, he started down the cringe Andrew Tate pipeline and started a shit podcast with a two other retards where they just piss and cry about women. @TheVRJ on YT https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtLqCQpgEjHTiLdSt7JwxKQ

Host one: Vin
Notable milk includes
> Tried having sex with a freshman as a senior in high school
> Has a history of trying to get with girls much younger than him
> Pulls Alex Jones shit by trying to fuck trans men, is then transphobic on his podcast
> Claimed to be 'bisexual', but is homophobic and is disgusted at any mention of dating men
> Secretly an egg, wants tits, def AGP
> LARPed as batman on tiktok for attention, thinks he's a sigma like Bruce Wayne
> Switched from batman to his new arc of trying to be a one piece character
> Retarded in general
> Malds over a 16 year old not wanting to be his friend on his podcast
> Rants about drama from high school as someone graduated and in college
> Just extremely milky as a whole

Host 2: Dean
Notable milk includes:
> Preaches about how basically men and women are made to fuck and make babies
> Wants every woman to be a tradwife
> Calls girls with body counts whores with Vin and their co-host
> Was so disliked at a summer camp he works at that kids accused him of being a pedo (These claims were false, still milky as hell tho)
> Has zero ambition, gets no bitches
> Was an atheist, now a giga catholic who thinks people who don't believe in god are terrible. Even though both co hosts are atheist.
> The butt of every joke made by the co-hosts at the expense of him
> Even his co-hosts milk lols from him
> Vin and the other co-host slowly try to kick Dean out, very obvious they both dislike him and his opinions.
> Just like Vin, plain retarded.

Notable Podcast Milk:

> Podcast took a lengthy two week break after Dean picks a fight with Vin and the other co-host about atheism

> Show returns with a 29 minute episode about Dean working at burger king

No. 1662209

File: 1664488558126.jpg (646.65 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20220929_175348.jpg)

united koopas is upset today that the bots put him against the blue koopa. he is boycotting specifically the blue koopa because he got bowsers castle added as a favored course (he spergs whenever this happens because he feels the koopas should not be in an "evil place") as such he has been boycotting him for the past six months, and gets angry when the game randomly assigns him as a cpu, as if the game itself is supposed to alter to adhere to his strict headcanon rules.

No. 1662216

how old are these people? also which one is the one with the room full of funko pops lmao

No. 1662232

Vin and Dean are 18, that’s why I was only bringing them up. The other kid I don’t know how old he is so there’s still a chance of improvement.

No. 1662311

I love your updates, please continue to post this stuff when you have the time anon. It's so good

No. 1662335

>as if the game itself is supposed to alter to adhere to his strict headcanon rules
see that's what I don't understand– does he understand it's random and not being picked by a person? Does he think god is punishing him or something by giving him bad randomized races and tat's why he's mad? how does his mind work

No. 1662355

>Does he think god is punishing him or something by giving him bad randomized races and tat's why he's mad
It's always this but God is a Koopa, nta but I know this type of autism.

No. 1662419

I am my own personal lolcow.

No. 1662424

You too huh?

No. 1662520

File: 1664509128034.png (89.6 KB, 1440x418, Screenshot_20220708-201720~2.p…)

This bitch Mindy Madison is projecting so hard, she's accusing another woman of facilitating sex trafficking to other women because she made fun of her ass but she grooms young and impressionable girls to do sex work.

No. 1662565

what is it with autists and inflation/vore/pregnancy fetishes. the mysteries of this world…

No. 1663103

File: 1664572972011.gif (356.35 KB, 220x220, confusedcat.gif)

im honestly questioning how the hell united koopas got this obsessed with koopas.

No. 1663298

Starts with A, ends in UTISM.

No. 1663309

my theory is his koopa backpack got stuck in the door of a special ed bus while he watched the twin towers fall. in all seriousness he is probably just a turbo autistic kinnie but there could be trauma tied up in there with his fascination with tragedy and death too

No. 1663582

File: 1664632657355.jpg (348.33 KB, 1042x874, Screenshot_20221001_095049.jpg)

i don't know where the koopa obsession originated, but the autism is very advanced

not much new milk today, just him saying in the "#problem" channel where he talks about things that upset him that gold koopa is ANGRY!

No. 1663598

I used to work for an organization that helped adults and children with autism. In the photoshop program I worked at there was this kid that was obsessed with bob-ombs from mario. All of his projects included bob-omb buddies (not normal bob-ombs). They were actually really high quality and he was a very talented child but it's all he was interested in. I think autists love mario something about the designs. Maybe how rounded and colorful they are

No. 1663978

the accidents and death stuff is a fetish apparently

No. 1664154

File: 1664665138080.jpeg (280.59 KB, 828x1520, 630B624F-73AD-4A61-AEC2-24A636…)

Just had this shit come up on my recommended reels. Imagine letting a man with facial hair like that make decisions for you. The comments are just as bad.

No. 1664258

That is a beta, ma'am (if it's not a ftm) like how can you call this tiny man a dom with a straight face

No. 1665569

File: 1664799149128.png (333.99 KB, 354x497, divinebraat.png)

what good find anon lmao, thanks for sharing.
why is it always a scrawny and awkward 8th grader and an unfeminine broadboned woman who could snap him in half who larp as infallible chad dom and delicate kitten waif ?

No. 1667006

File: 1664919446035.jpg (646.2 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20221004_173507.jpg)

minor koopa milk, he's been quiet lately, only posting his meals which isn't that milky (just him eating with his koopa plush with a timestamp again and again). he's very upset ringo starr has covid. (at some point last year the beatles became one of his fixations so now some of the "adult" koopas have mustaches).

No. 1667225

File: 1664933177880.jpg (382.93 KB, 1080x1710, 20221004_181851.jpg)

>looking to adopt a dane from a local rescue
>instead come across an oversharing "pitbull lady" with a messy life and equally messy divorce
>constantly ebegs for money to run her rescue

No. 1667227

File: 1664933243973.jpg (240.78 KB, 1080x1250, 20221004_181749.jpg)

wrong pic

No. 1667228

File: 1664933446945.jpg (369.67 KB, 1080x1750, 20221004_181337.jpg)

No. 1667229

it's the best and most complete archive of his stuff over time, i deleted my post so i can download all of his tweets in case of potential cowtipping!

No. 1667237

deleted my post too in case any cowtipping happens. good luck on archiving the tweets nonna.

No. 1667245

File: 1664934379916.jpg (368.01 KB, 1046x817, Screenshot_20221004_213649.jpg)

okay, sorry for the wait, united koopas twitter archive of everything funny/milky is being uploaded to the google drive as we speak, just wanted to make sure i preserved it in case it goes offline in the future or some kiwiscrote finds the thread and tries to cowtip; that other nonnie made me kind of paranoid of that happening, so please be kind and observe from afar!

No. 1667254

File: 1664934991776.png (374.17 KB, 613x470, concord x girl <3.png)

ngl this is by far my favorite tweet by him. there's also a 9/11 memorial tweet.

No. 1667258

yep that's the tweet. also i can't stop laughing at the koopas.

No. 1667259

File: 1664935237792.jpg (613.89 KB, 1080x1301, Screenshot_20221004_220003.jpg)

also for anyone interested, this is his face. it somehow didn't upload during the first original batch of archival material

No. 1667262

surprisingly enough i actually expected him to look very similar kek

No. 1667273

I'm going to name my next pet Concord McSubway

No. 1667275

i have a tortoise. should i rename my pet to Gold Carter?

No. 1667278

Yes and change his birthday to 9/11

No. 1667289

HELL YES that name is too good to be left as an unknown autist oc

No. 1667291

kek how he draws in little smiley/sad faces next to the clip art to indicate emotion instead of drawing the emotion on the koopas. At least he knows his limits

No. 1667465

>(at some point last year the beatles became one of his fixations so now some of the "adult" koopas have mustaches)
you cannot imitate this kind of autism i love it
i expected him to be skinnier I guess and look slightly more autistic, but yeah thats abt what I imagined

No. 1667495

I expected skinnier too, but with shorter hair, glasses, and an unkempt stache like many autist moid have

No. 1667518

File: 1664955019277.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2785, Screenshot_20221005-030343~2.p…)

This is personal lolcow that's just downright sad.

>58 year old femcel that constantly bashes women.

>Is a self proclaimed pick me that is constantly looking for black male validation and will generalize all black women as violent, angry baby mamas.
>Is literally obese and looks like the gross love child of grimace and misses puff.
>Is into all kinds of weird spiritual beliefs like voodoo, Wicca, and even satanism
>Most likely has a history of drug abuse.
Her channel

No. 1667649

Omg, she has a lot of nerve criticizing anyone for wearing bonnets with that patchy rats nest that has never seen a drop of conditioner on her head.

No. 1667865

I want to ask…is his Koopa named McSubway because of the Subway colors? Green and yellow.
Other than that he is a very endearing cow. He has his weirdness, stupid fetishes but I hope he will never harm anyone.

No. 1667902

File: 1664993597642.jpg (906.47 KB, 916x2400, Screenshot_20221005_140642.jpg)

it's because he likes to eat subway and mcdonalds. he is obsessed with fast food.
he already films women on the bus, hopefully he doesn't hurt them physically. while he is into mpreg, he also seems to be attracted to women as well. hopefully it doesn't become a chris chan situation. his parents do seem to wrangle him pretty well, and put him in a tard daycare for a year after graduation but now he seems to have a job now. not sure if it is at his parents' restaurant or someplace else. they also take him to six flags, go golfing, and travel with him often. unlike barb and bob they seem to actively try to make him be a functioning member of society, but the draw of the koopas is too strong to him.

No. 1667976

also a creeper cow, my god, the koopa mines run too deep. he needs a handler in public. did he post about filming women before?
on another note i love that everything has lore to it like bro ur mind

No. 1668088

File: 1665006919589.jpg (1.15 MB, 1079x2718, Screenshot_20221005_175337.jpg)

daily koopa update: today he is sperging that the new character for the 3rd anniversary of mario kart tour (mario with a crown on his head) was given a higher boost on the new course (for the event) than gold united koopa freerunning, despite gold koopa being an ancient character that's been around since release that doesn't really need buffs right now.

No. 1668125

Whenever I see someone alog sperging hard online I remember people like her are a thing and it really stops me from caring about it.

No. 1668213

oh but nonnie! nintendo has to make sure mario kart tour panders to him and his koopa ''original characters'' only!

No. 1668215

If you think that's bad, her jabba the Hutt looking ass made a video justifying her generalizing all black women

No. 1668216

To be honest, if I looked like that I'd be grumpy too.

No. 1668310


No. 1668438

File: 1665041279351.jpg (83.13 KB, 900x900, channels4_profile.jpg)

My personal lolcow is some weird bitch named Miranda's world

>Closeted chav that pretends to be posh and snooty.

>Is extremely racist and possibly has ties to the alt-right
>Has threatened to physically harm people and has melt downs every 10 seconds.
>Possible alcoholic and junkie.
> Is terminally online despite having a son she should be taking care of.
>possible skin bleacher that looks like a female Edward Cullen.

No. 1668443

looked up her account and she appears to be a mixed-race, but she likely does bleach her skin and edits her photos to be lighter

No. 1668526

Why? At least attention whore correctly.

No. 1668564

File: 1665058407362.png (749.23 KB, 1440x1428, Screenshot_20221006-080831~2.p…)

Evidence of her being racist to and threatening Cynthia G

No. 1668567

>Ugly burnt ass
Someone going to tell her she's like the same shade and that's with beauty filters lightening her skin.

No. 1668901

File: 1665089905983.png (628.83 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20221006-165616.png)

She even has a channel where she posts racist memes about black people

No. 1668988

File: 1665094859438.jpg (291.88 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20221006_181937.jpg)

united koopas is very unhappy about the mario movie trailer (koopas are shown as bowsers soldiers…. because bowser is literally king of the koopas) 1/2

No. 1668991

File: 1665094964626.jpg (389.79 KB, 1080x1552, Screenshot_20221006_181952.jpg)

this other guy is some koopa autist that has the nsfw role for the channel. i thought it was an alt at first but this seems to be a full fledged person. the reply from him to me in the first screenshot was me saying i liked the penguins in the trailer, in case any context was needed.

No. 1668993

File: 1665095111532.jpg (548.33 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20221006_085821.jpg)

*for the server, not the channel.
also on the topic of the nsfw channel, none of my friends are willing to get the role and leak the koopa foreskins but i have some friends searching through old messages to find unsolicited koopa mpreg porn he sent them in the past.

No. 1669065

What even is his problem with the trailer? The koopa looked good.

No. 1669113

File: 1665104874200.jpg (333.44 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20221006_210545.jpg)

he is now suicidal because the koopas are portrayed as "bad guys"

No. 1669115

File: 1665105167044.jpg (651.01 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20221006_210621.jpg)

he is seriously contemplating offing himself over the mario movie trailer i cannot believe this is real life

No. 1669169

File: 1665109053243.png (172.02 KB, 584x413, 7261372635837.png)

(reupload from the last thread kek)
local furfag aka foxi boxi sends the animation ''meme'' community in flames
>recently accused of apparently grooming a 13 yr old when she was 16
>also accused of allowing her 14 yr old cousin to view her nsfw post
>has bought from bad dragon, a company that sells animal dildos and has even put the logo on one of her characters
>when the call out post dropped, foxi made a shit apology video, and proceed to nuke most of her socials (only her deviantart is left kek)
>not really important but note that she unsurprisingly goes by she/they/flower
her deviantart (abandoned since around 2020-2021 but there are archives of her videos) https://www.deviantart.com/foxi-boxi

No. 1669207

forgot to put the apology video. sorry nonnas

No. 1669222

File: 1665111934392.png (628.25 KB, 1440x2452, Screenshot_20220924-221756~2.p…)

She also creepily follows kids on her channel

No. 1669236

File: 1665112859471.png (5.21 MB, 1170x2532, 449A97E3-8FA5-4905-9204-812DBD…)

Personal cow that tbh makes me seethe. Truly believes in all the shifting bullshit while actively forgetting she has a toddler. Recent events include being in some troon poly mess

No. 1669250

ANON i saw the trailer today and my very first thought was "oh my god the koopa guy is going to kill himself" and lo and behold KEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

No. 1669304

he changed his icon to a crying koopa, now i have legit tears in my eyes it's too funny

No. 1669321

This is some old-school, top quality milk you brought there. His flavour of autism is do endearing. Thank you for sharing, nonna.

No. 1669398

File: 1665139737345.png (860.82 KB, 863x534, 1.png)

thrift thick / cassandra napoli is an actual cow and i can't believe she doesn't have an active thread.

Old milk
>don't let her green complexion, dirty hair and diseased skin fool you, she's not the bloated corpse of a grandma but in her mid 20's
>gained popularity in the 2010's for her artsily edited makeup vlogs, honesty and regular budget for clothes and makeup
>yet is a makeup hoarder and full-on consoomer
>has insane demands for foundation like wanting it to resist the pads of her glasses, while having a form of OCD that makes her pick at her skin, which she was on Dr Phil about
>snooty about her MFA, is actually good at drawing but makes nothing of it
>ballooned like crazy and made mukbang videos for a while
>is a perpetual victim, made a "THIS NEEDS TO STOP" video crying on camera about how mean commenters are to her
>discussing her on BeautyGuruChatter was outright banned, people on here were ripping her to shreds pretending to be offended / thinking up woke reasons / taking the moral high ground when the actual reason she was the prime target is her inherent patheticness and built-in bully magnet
>overshares every detail pre-every date and post-every date, complete with how devastated she feels when the new guy she latched onto freaked out and bailed

New milk
>new boyfriend Dan is a an "ex-addict" metalhead ginger male market failure with a child
>is ok with her featuring him everywhere on her channel after a few months (?) of dating. is he interested in youtube money or clout ?
>in most recent vid, titled "alone", laments that he left for the weekend and that she's so uninteresting without him

can't wait for how this develops. here's Cassie and her Chad

No. 1669399

File: 1665139853790.png (593.34 KB, 854x989, 2.png)

here's some videos of hers in reverse chronological order (all of this is in the course of the last 4 months, mind you) along with 2 of the top comments on her videos showing even her viewers are sick of her shit

No. 1669401

File: 1665140233867.png (319.75 KB, 593x507, 1637358214727.png)

including this expertly chosen pic of her an anon posted on the previous personal cow thread

No. 1669409

Shiiiit i used to watch her for the same cringe feeling I got from ForeverKailyn, but its been awhile. She got way fat and the guy is ugly as hell. Thanks for the reminder she exists anon

No. 1669427

I just woke up today and I’m crying from laughter. No way this is real kek

No. 1669439

File: 1665146513106.webm (676.66 KB, 1076x1666, Screen_Recording_20221007_0837…)

i woke up and found this posted LOL, his first actual voice reveal. i have some more weird milk in coming posts

No. 1669440

File: 1665146630533.jpg (651.52 KB, 1080x1650, Screenshot_20221006_215047.jpg)

he was going on a suicidal rant about koopas then said this weird thing about his mom. maybe he isn't so different from chris chan after all

No. 1669442

File: 1665146811255.jpg (223.42 KB, 372x868, Screenshot_20221007_084521.jpg)

and finally a gem of him once he calmed down saying that it is okay to be gay, but only for koopas kek.

No. 1669490

the koppa guy is very mentally ill and needs help, it almost feels wrong to make fun of him

No. 1669510

He’s giving chris-chan 2.0 but just posting screenshots and not interacting isn’t going to hurt him imo

No. 1669568

i've spent 3 years watching this cow and occasionally feel sympathy for him, however
1. most of the reason he sounds so retarded is the fact english is his third language and he is barely fluent
2. he is like chris chan in that whenever you start to sympathize with him, he does something extremely racist, homophobic, sends porn unprovoked, or harrasses women.
at this point i just sit back, enjoy the milk, and document.

No. 1669580

he’s racist too? if you can feel free to post a screenshot because I would love to see it

No. 1669593

File: 1665161397098.jpg (676.21 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221007-124734_Dri…)

he has those weird koopa races he set up from the last thread, and made a black koopa token character with no hobbies or interests after getting backlash in a now deleted tweet for saying all united koopas are white because theyre are kind during peak of the BLM movement. he now only brings levi the brown koopa up when he makes bbc porn of him. the white supremacy stuff is weird because he himself is asian.

No. 1669602

imo koops deserves his own thread even if updates are only every few days. i think there are a good handful of anons interested this cow atm and discussing him in depth would be fun. i dont want him to get spooked or cowtipped if we pay too much attention to him, but I also feel kinda bad for all the other anons posting their personal milk, pales in comparison to the autism on this guy

No. 1669614

I beg for a Koopa thread/archive

No. 1669661

I just kinda want someone to make some kind of weird person stream on him mister metokur loves finding random people like this. I'm interested.

No. 1669668

File: 1665167084247.jpg (406.32 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20221007_142427.jpg)

my worry is that even though there is interest, he might not fit the rules for his own thread since all his new milk is on his private discord server that he doesn't accept new people to.
i really don't want mass attention on him, especially from some sperg youtuber. there's a reason i shared this on lolcow with other women who behave normally instead of on kiwifarms which would've likely lead to tons of cowtipping and harrassment, which would make him likely permanently retreat from the internet.
a post at the end of the previous thread has a link to a google drive i update every few days with new milk, as well as an archive of old stuff!
today he is still crying over the mario movie, picrel

No. 1669669

I agree with you nonny. Attention will only make it a lot worse, people always end up taking advantage of severely mentally ill people.

No. 1669670

do you have any idea which country he's from

No. 1669675

sooner or later i might make a proper thread on united koopas on /snow/, im gonna link his twitter and fur affinity

No. 1669676

I’m pretty sure he’s from Cambodia.

No. 1669690

if you do so, maybe we can collaborate on the OP since there's a lot more lore to him than what i've posted/i have more stuff to add to the archive. you can contact me with the throwaway gmail on the archive googledrive if you're interested!

No. 1669909

I would too. And what does he even need help from? his own Koopa fetish kek? His parents take care of him.

No. 1670618

File: 1665275473191.png (167.25 KB, 1440x1363, Screenshot_20221008-202427~2.p…)

She commented on her own meme channel calling black women apes.

No. 1672125

File: 1665460239721.jpg (215.85 KB, 730x792, oof.jpg)

Your boyfriend looks like a cardiac attack countdown

No. 1672134

Fucking christ

No. 1672154

File: 1665464487282.jpg (1012.76 KB, 1920x1920, petaaa.jpg)

that's straight up peter griffin

No. 1672158

400+ pound latino, what a catch

No. 1672199

Diabeto Hernandez

No. 1672318

this man doesnt even look white he totally looks like an obese latino kek wtf …..

No. 1672980

File: 1665530384546.png (24.05 KB, 200x200, logo_format.png)

Basically all of Hyun's dojo, a stick figure community. Like most servers run by moids it has a history of letting pedophiles run rampant. It takes a lot of outrage for known creeps who prey on kids or assault other members to be brought to justice. The fucked thing is that all of them, especially Hyun himself will convince everyone in his server and fandom that said creeps are "good guys" and it's the victims fault. Or just have a bunch of creators hound the victim into silence.

Examples are Ruri who was a mod for Hyun for years. Sext minors in the dojo and drew nsfw of them. It took months of members screaming they didn't want a known self admitted pedophile to be a part of the mod team. There was also Yupia, Barthimo and Miketastic
All creeps who have a history of being inappropriate with minors or assaulting members. Seriously hope some youtuber does an expose series on this place because it's a cesspool. A lot of popular content creators are very active in it, but the smarter ones left

No. 1673015

tbh he looks completely white

No. 1673055

Hes's white.

No. 1674805

File: 1665704146597.png (575.64 KB, 1005x332, Untitled.png)

Dunno if you're still there but I also found meg like a year ago. I think she's legitimately schizophrenic with the amount of unhinged/random rambling she'd do. Even worse is her followers(friends? probably not) would enable her and egg her on in the comments that all the conspiracies she believed in (talking to Joji) were real. Her instagram is gone and i forgot her twitch (it was something like imperfectworld)

No. 1679845

File: 1666236024217.jpeg (26.64 KB, 428x469, B31947EB-72C2-49DE-9552-CA3DAA…)

There is this girl that I have been talking to for awhile. She’s bat shit insane and dates men that are even worse.
>turned 18 earlier this year and lost her virginity to some 27 year old weeb that had a girlfriend
>she found out about the girlfriend and begged him to keep her as the side piece
>faked a pregnancy test so he could stay
>still left
>he called her racial slurs while fucking her
>she literally likes raceplay..
>admitted to watch videos of afghan women getting raped during war cause soldiers turn her on
>has a weird obsession for military history to the point where it gets creepy as fuck
>weeb guy left her so she went for a 31 years old skinhead that has kids and used to be in a cult
>she kept crying about how he was still in touch with his ex wife
>she ends up leaving him for some other racist fag that also calls her racial slurs (they didn’t fuck, just texted)
>she got drunk and scared him off
>cried on her twitter because she apparently fell in love with him
>keeps posting voice tweets where she just screams
>cries about wanting to kill herself
>tried to shot herself in public with her dads gun, missed somehow, ended in the psych ward
>has no job but somehow lives alone
>started seeing another guy, also racist
>made her carve his name on her thigh
>hits her
>he got mad at her about some guy flirting with her and forced her to record herself peeing into a cup and drinking it or he wouldn’t forgive her
>she did it
>made her go out half naked and filmed her while she was drunk
>she is an alcoholic btw
>he peed on her and she posted about it in fucking details
>probably pregnant with his child that she wants to keep
>cries about having no armpit her and uses castor oil on them because her current bf that is not her bf likes hairy women
>he told her he licked his ex gfs shit, threw up on facetime with me
>is bipolar but takes no meds because she says she will lose her sparkle
>cries about the racist mfs ex girlfriends all the time
>told some girl (C) about how her dad would beat the shit out of her and burn her
>C told everyone and she had to delete her accounts for awhile because everyone knew and made fun of her
>keeps meeting up with autistic people only cause she says they are more fun
>met up with a guy alone at 3AM
>gets home and find out he is a child rapist
>cries about never finding a good guy
>anemic, smokes a pack of cigarettes a day, has one meal, cries about being too skinny and undesirable

To be fair, she tells and shows all of this in a private circle with only 6 people. Sometimes I feel bad, but she does this shit to herself.

No. 1680006

File: 1666265106656.png (875.91 KB, 701x615, 1661830275340738.png)

>keeps posting voice tweets where she just screams
holy shit lmao

No. 1680064

Holy hell I think this sad sack of humanity deserves her own thread, I need it.

No. 1680084

Wow, this takes the cake for unstable barely legal behavior. Some people like being traumatized because it's all they know. I acted out in some similar ways at that age so I feel for her. Do you know if she was abused as a kid, or is this just her acting out?

No. 1680102

At least let anon post some Twitter caps or something, what’s the point of a thread without actual milk? Anon could be making this all up.

No. 1680139

ayrt Oh yes I whole-heartedly agree. Wouldn't want a thread without actual evidence of milk. Considering how dry things have been recently it is high time we get a new cow up in here.

No. 1680148

yes if she has a social media presence >>1679845 please throw some caps together and let's see, sounds milky af

No. 1680158

Absolute horrorcow material

No. 1680209

It’s sadly all in French and she’d find out about it, she lurks on the shayna thread.
I am sorry nonnas.
I could still translate some tweets and post them on here.
Yes she was abused by her dad for a long time and got bullied in high school before she dropped out. Had a shitty life but still doesn’t try to get better.

No. 1680338

French France or French Canada? If she's local, I'm curious.

No. 1680385

French from France.

She was very happy today to tell us that he wants a little jar of her poop.

No. 1680553

She is a very lite cow but she never cease to make me kek whenever I browse her reddit history:
>Describes herself as an allosexual ace
>Loves to have lots of sex
>Polycule with two men
>All of the above makes her ~queer~
>Now 15 weeks pregnant, will somehow be a single mom
>NLOG handmaiden
>Everyone that disagrees with her is alt right and all of their opinions are strawmen even when they're not
>Can post around 100 times on Reddit per day

No. 1681205

File: 1666410021464.jpeg (244.6 KB, 1170x481, 84546B44-BFDC-40A4-99C5-31A7FD…)

My personal lolcow is an ugly as sin “leftist” who gets asspats from other leftcows for describing how he’s on the verge of inceldom. Posts like picrel are a daily occurrence.

Tries to skinwalk the chapo guys (which is pathetic in itself) but is too autistic and also just. too. hideous.

No. 1681281

I think she’s been mention here or the tradfem threads before? I’m too lazy to do a write up because there’s a, I know I’m sorry, but the people need to know the milky ness like is Maria Al Masani

No. 1681329

'allosexual ace'? thats like saying 'heterosexual gay' kek

No. 1681408

Is that fucking facebook? That makes it so much worse

No. 1681419

File: 1666447299444.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1170x2244, 0809CF0A-2DED-4441-8EB6-ABB741…)

yep, it all goes down on Facebook. Here’s a another pretty good example. Some commenters tried to come in and tell him he’ll find someone and he told them to fuck off.

No. 1681457

When will failmales realize no one feels sympathy for their romantic woes? People are starving, struggling, dying from war and disease etc. Some guy not getting laid isn’t a tragedy anyone should care about. Plus there are happy ugly couples walking around everywhere, most of the time these dudes just want women who are ridiculously out of their league.

No. 1681461

The worst thing is he can lose weight, he can get braces and he can fix his posture but all of that require time, effort and money(that he probably rather spend on Funko Pops)

No. 1681589

Exactly nonna, with all the beauty labor scrotes demand and expect from women I have ZERO sympathy when they go “wahhh, women don’t like me because I’m ugly.” Fix your teeth and go jogging bitch, it’s literally the least you can do.

No. 1681727

Unless you are a literal pile of sentient goo, looking attractive is possible for anyone (be thin, have nicr hair and clothing, and use makeup or get surgery if necessary)
And you can develop a likeable personality with life experience, investment into hobbies and knowledge, and effort. It's a problem that can be solved. These men just want sympathy fucks while putting in no effort whatsoever to get them.

No. 1682165

Saw this cow being annoying and weird on fandom tumblr years ago and since then she's been a steady supply of milk for me.
>27 y/o NEET who sponges off her big sister who works
>thinks she is above people on benefits even though she's arguably worse for sponging off a family member
>rabid consoomer of shit she absolutely doesn't need
>non-binary and thinks every attraction or e-relationship she has is gay despite being very obviously straight
>picked a stereotypical Hebrew fakeboi name
>obese, makes constant references to being fat in an attempt at humour and posts unflattering photos of herself like it's oh so funny and she totes doesn't care which is obviously pure cope
>practically lives on fast food
>collects cuddly toys and even takes them out in public with her
>gambles her sisters money frequently at bingo like an old lady
>if there's a fandom with two average-at-best white men to be shipped then she's there, will only get into these fandoms for the shipping or after the m/m gay romance has been confirmed
>relates everything to shipping, constantly posting songs with paragraphs of shit relating it to her flavour of the month pairing
>drama addict, seems to start shit for the sake of it and will rant for days afterwards about it
>coombrained from overconsumption of fanfic, always making dirty jokes
>has driven away nearly all her online friends and gets next to no engagement but still keeps pumping out weird sexual headcanons and self-insert characters like it's her job
>adopted two dogs even though she can't really afford them
>is extremely weird about said dogs, talks about how one loves having her "titties rubbed" and also mentions their butts and vaginas frequently
>autistic and tries using it as a get out of jail free card
>loves to theorise about other potential illnesses
>wrote adult baby fic for a popular video game in the past which caused an uproar
>lives in a filthy fucking house, doesn't seem to care if it's in the background of her photos
>thinks her eyes change colour like a fucking mood ring
Honestly girls like this are ten-a-penny in fandom but her utter defiance in the face of people who tell her she's being fucking weird is what makes her so milky to me, tbh.

No. 1682248

Is it though nonna? I have a major lower neck-shoulder-arm burn from when I was firefighting and all the women I dated (5) were scared of it.
Granted, I don't show most of it ince I wear long sleeves shirt with high collars but you can still see it if I don't dress like a retard by buttoning all buttons.

No. 1682507

yeah, being attractive IS something that's available to anyone (as long as you have the money for nice clothes and expensive dentistry and possible surgery and decent makeup and)
I agree that being more attractive is generally attainable to people who put in the effort, but let's not pretend that everyone can be pretty or hot or even passably cute

No. 1682937

File: 1666584395353.jpeg (566.76 KB, 1170x1237, 2A3805EF-F66E-44FD-9FFE-BD49E2…)

new cope just dropped. at least he seems in good spirits today

No. 1683363


No. 1683413

File: 1666630387544.jpeg (263.73 KB, 1170x697, 477B6061-F4EB-4520-A699-8147CF…)

Update on my personal cow from the last thread: >>1421713

Husband nuked his socials and she doesn’t list him in her Twitter bio anymore. Drops a tweet implying a divorce; looks like she and the troon are moving to Texas. Good for you, ex husband.

Eager to see how this perpetual NEET and autistic libfem idiot handles being a single mom in a red state. Will she cuck the troon next, or will she have to suck it up and become the breadwinner?

Thankfully she can’t trans her kids as easily over there, hopefully they’ll be safe for now kek

No. 1683461

File: 1666634200172.jpeg (593.09 KB, 937x1170, DA361070-B2E9-450A-A99B-2E01B0…)

One personal lolcow of mine is internet “activist” KC Slack. I became aware of her existence after she dated a friend of mine several years ago. Ever since I’ve had a mix of contempt, pity, and ironic affection for this blue-haired nonbinary land whale. It’s like she can’t stop herself from being the living embodiment of your conservative boomer relative’s stereotype of a deranged lefty.

She is a morbidly obese fat activist (a worthy addition to the deathfats thread if she isn’t already there), a polyamorous bisexual, purported sex educator, a they/them libfem, and a Unitarian Universalist minister. Former cohost of the now defunct podcast Bad Fat Broads, which is as obnoxious as it sounds.

Aside from that, she’s a typical social justice-fueled narcissist who thinks the universe revolves around gender identity bullshit and 100% sincerely considers women like JK Rowling to be dangerously violent genocidal fascist nazis. Had tragically bad fashion sense as a “super femme” (those eyebrows, man) that only got exponentially uglier after going full on theyby. Being fat and “queer” is pretty much her entire personality.

Probably the best way to sum her up is to watch this interview she did for the try guys podcast (picrel): https://youtu.be/NNCSrORWGo8

She’s terminally online, so there’s plenty of milk to peruse at your own leisure:


No. 1683497

I read your old post and this is wild, do you have more caps of these things?

No. 1683513

File: 1666637021601.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1655, 349EF515-D4BD-4C1C-8186-99F309…)

The troon side piece with the kids

No. 1683516

File: 1666637076840.jpeg (834.17 KB, 1170x1591, 56B71C1E-2248-4F34-984B-0A3CCC…)

The now ex husband

No. 1683522

File: 1666637560199.jpeg (679.24 KB, 1170x1008, B3FB27A3-4993-4076-8218-E19B5C…)

Turns out the husband didn’t delete his socials, he’s just trooned out even further and goes by Evelyn now kek

No. 1683537

your post in the previous thread and your subsequent updates have been one heck of a ride.

No. 1683539

File: 1666639258076.jpeg (892.58 KB, 1170x1565, 6C95E3D1-C7EF-4F64-8904-B3AA02…)

In the comments she called this the best photo on her instagram. Not the husband, or her kids, or any of her artwork. This ugly troon that she’s madly in love with for some reason kek

No. 1683562

geez she's not even ugly enough to have standards so low. her personality must be insufferable irl. thanks for the caps!

No. 1683564

> agender transfemme
wtf do words even mean anymore

No. 1683571

low effort mtf tranny

No. 1683679

Yeah… only one guy she ever dated could be considered somewhat in her league looks-wise, but even as autistic as she is I can’t believe where she ended up. It’s not due to a lack of confidence, she would never shut up about how she was cute and had huge tits until she had her kids, she even put her bra size in her old LJ profile lmao

Also that wedding photo is over a decade old. She’s 50+ pounds heavier and a dangerhair over 40, so if things don’t work out with the troon the next rebound is looking bleak.

No. 1683989

I'm guessing Dr Who, Sherlock, Supernatural etc.

No. 1683992

> cucked by a troon
> troons out in desperation
> still gets served divorce papers

I guess he better start sucking the girldick.

No. 1684929

File: 1666750964107.jpg (48.16 KB, 480x600, 306209291_1445114985969417_809…)

This random old Arab man came onto one of my public Facebook post and attempted to insult me by saying I'm an "average female who gets used by men because she can't recognize a real man." I was very confused because it was just a picture of a cute duck.

I looked up his name (Rzouk Kattoura) and an article in the news mentioned he was arrested in a prostitution sting. I also found his TikTok and Instagram accounts. Apparently harassing random young women with the same insults he used on me is his MO. It's ironic because he calls everyone else ugly, promiscuous, poor, uneducated despite being a podgy middle-aged whoremonger who works for DoorDash and is barely literate.


I wasn't the only one to make fun of him being arrested for prostitution solicitation, and he repeatedly insists that he was falsely arrested and sued for it, but blocks anyone who asks him to produce court documents proving this. I honestly think he might be retarded.

No. 1684979

What a sad, pathetic life he must lead.

No. 1685005

File: 1666758396819.png (893.62 KB, 611x843, dsdj.png)

lmao what even

No. 1685029

He looks like a rotting sack of potatoes or like someone put marbles in a dirty sock with rubber bands tied around it to make it even lumpier. Eat a dick disgusting man, I’m sorry he was mean to you nonna. I’d happily write paragraphs on how gross he is if you wanna stoop to his level!

No. 1685061

d'aawww you got scared(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1685066

Lol what a lunatic, his whole Insta is just ranting about random women who don’t know he exists and telling them to make him a sandwich. Bitch no one will ever make you a sandwich, have fun yelling into the void until you die alone and unloved as nature intended.

No. 1685134

Nice catch. It's always funny when these guys put a face to their bullshit. This is the treasure that we're missing out on.

No. 1685146

People like him are why I'd never use a food delivery service.

No. 1685204

Literally same. I had men stalk my socials and message me after delivering my food. It’s not scary but it is just fucking annoying, these scrotes are so pornsick their lives revolve around obsession and being creeps that they can’t fucking do a simple job like leave food at someone’s door. It is sad.

No. 1685309

Has anyone seen that skyr chan girl from 4chan? Shes some anachan who posts her nudes on /b/ whilst complaining about her life. She seems cowish and I've been trying to find out more about who she is

No. 1685593

Don't get me wrong I absolutely am average looking, but it's a little rich coming from a 40 year-old bachelor with a beer gut.

No. 1685636

Any updates on koopas guy please? I am obsessed with him…

No. 1685669

Update: she is going to see her boyfriend this Friday and I know it’s going to be terrible and I just can’t wait for all the tweets and voice messages.
All of her other friends think he’s going to kill her and try to convince her not to go.
She is going to another country with 20 bucks in her bank account btw and no return flight ticket.
Also she recently insulted his ex and called her fat and just bullied the shit out of her. And obviously, since this man only gets with mentally ill bitches, she’s just as bad and they spent two days arguing and screaming on call. (Yes it’s the ex that had her shit licked by him)

No. 1685689

Second this, I need my Koopa fix.

No. 1685699

FFS. Which country? Can you call the local police and ask for a welfare check on her?

No. 1685734

This isn’t really cow behavior, just sad and disturbing. Horrorcow maybe. And I find it weird you “just can’t wait” to see what happens to this mentally ill girl who might get killed or hurt by an abusive moid.

No. 1685745

>moralfagging about anon cow-watching on lolcow.farm

This personal cow sounds like someone who has been advised about a million times how to improve her life and keeps intentionally targeting the worst possible men in some effort at self-sabotage, there's not much you can do when someone you know is that hell-bent on self destruction

No. 1686970

File: 1666968558963.png (48.5 KB, 671x473, Capture.PNG)

God I fucking hate this idiot. I'm still on the god forsaken website known as tumblr for some fandom artists I follow and this fucker, no matter how many times I block them shows up on my dash constantly. They are constantly begging for money because they are always on the cusp of being evicted, losing their job, having health issues, in and out of the hospital, and a massive load of other bullshit. Been doing this for over a year and I'm fucking tired of seeing their trainwreck of a trans-fucker life on full display while they beg for money. The worst was when they were begging for money over a year ago so they could have their dog's ashes mailed back from their abusive family arcross the US. Yeah, that's what you need to the money for my ass, you dumbfuck.

No. 1687003

File: 1666970835040.png (100.06 KB, 498x704, Capture.PNG)

I only wish I was joking. This fool lives with another pair of weirdos in a house with three other dogs in Ohio, with the parents living back in Connecticut. The dog they are referencing the ashes for is over 14 years old and in Connecticut. Want to bet the parents put it down because it had health issues and degraded so suddenly they didn't have a chance to inform chucklefuck here until right after? Bonus add on to this-a few months later this idiot is begging for money to help for vet bills for one of the three mutts living with them and their two partners living in their always "about to be evicted" apartment. Dog apparently had some sort of bad discharge from its ears but they wouldn't take it to the vet. Guess what? It died because they wouldn't take it to the vet even when it had brown pus and blood pouring out of its ears.

No. 1687005

File: 1666970924894.png (112.61 KB, 558x789, Capture.PNG)

More background on this constant e-begging animal abusing cow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1687227

14 years is a long life for a dog too. if they were talking about a younger dog id understand a little bit (JUST the dog thing, not anything else) but like anon said put down at 14 years probably is health problems related or something which is honestly more merciful than keeping an animal alive in that pain for longer. id bet this guy would get all butthurt if the dog died naturally and blame it on their parents anyways for the sweet sweet tumblr sympathy points.

No. 1687914

File: 1667054622473.jpg (309.82 KB, 692x841, 96925407_p12.jpg)

I've been considering to write a thread on this one girl for a few days already, but since she's more of a "personal" cow to me and doubt a thread on her would gain traction, I'm gonna post this here and see how it goes.

>23 years old, from Ohio

>best known for starting a Twitter campaign to revive a dead game franchise that last got an entry over a decade ago, reblogs literally anything related to it and especially if it involves her husbando from said series
>the only character she actually likes from that franchise is her husbando
>she either doesn't care about or outright hates everyone else from the series for some reason
>she actually even claims she hates the series' protagonist over the fact that he was playable on the crossover fighting game the game franchise she loves so much while her husbando wasn't and that people drove her to suicide over this in one discord server, which was completely false as no one tried to insult her at all and she was instead going through some really bad IRL events back then
>since last year she now has 2 husbandos, the other one being from a more recent series which she has also started a Twitter campaign for
>cannot stop venting about how shitty her life is, her dark and troubled past and how other people (more often than not men) don't give her attention in places that have nothing to do with venting, such as general channels of Discord servers she has some power over (as small as it can be) and her own campaign Twitter accounts at one point
>streams games online, but literally no one watches them, then proceeds to complain about it
>ultimate handmaiden and spiciest of straights, claims to be pansexual but only has crushes on "bad boy" type guys

I originally planned to not drop the name or identity of who was this person at all and let you guess, but given just how much time I've spent writing this I might as well do it myself and link to some accounts she has:
https://twitter.com/Specter_Kuuta (main account)
https://twitter.com/WoozeeSpecter (Campaign/Gimmick account 1)
https://twitter.com/YokaiForever (Campaign/Gimmick account 2)

No. 1688463

File: 1667097915272.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1170x2010, D8DB87A7-8D48-4A5D-BFF4-F24BE9…)

this chick i met in recovery for ana claims to be fully recovered now and has just gone from ana to orthorexia. she abuses diuretics and anavar like crazy and she’s honestly in quasirecovery bcs i was at a party w her last night and she starting throwing up blood. it’s so hard to beat ana thoughts so i understand, but her claiming she’s natty whilst looking shriveled up is enraging

No. 1688587

Holy shit you sound like a 16 year old twitterfag. You shouldn’t even learn to integrate, just leave and never come back. Or never post again.

No. 1688672

and people say female autism doesn't exist, kek

No. 1688712

Oh my god, we share a personal cow

No. 1688726

why are you so retarded

No. 1688943

NTA but… huh???

No. 1690185

File: 1667244392475.jpg (402.39 KB, 1080x2122, Twili95.jpg)

Twili95, a neckbeard from Reddit.

He made a ton of posts like picrel in r/mbti, even though it's inappropriate. He makes everything about sex. His post history:

Someone made a post calling out pervs and everyone tagged him kek.

His MAL account:

No. 1690225

File: 1667246648153.png (104.36 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_20221031-160138~2.p…)

Literally made a fetish out of personality quizzes.

No. 1690233

File: 1667247717136.png (321.78 KB, 981x1232, 1667247617203.png)

From one post, https://www.reddit.com/r/mbti/comments/xwrigv/put_the_mbti_types_into_groups_of_4_that_would/
Kek. Some other comment in his history mentioned his mom buys him porn too(?!?)

No. 1690255

Oh my god someone needs to like…eradicate people like this what a complete human waste of resources LMao imagine this is the child you raised…fucking WOOF

No. 1690749

File: 1667291314727.jpeg (343.5 KB, 1242x1575, 6D08CDDC-45C2-4E75-A77E-3E5169…)

So there’s this troon who joins no rules discord servers and spams horrific furry shota water sports fart porn in whatever server he’s in. I’ve come across him a few times, and he seems like quite the lolcow looking at his online history. I was curious so I looked up his name “smuggred”, and found his YT channel where he posts fetish asmr fart and pee videos, and a Reddit account that has since been deleted, but all the comments I could find from it were downvoted to oblivion. This guy is fucking insane. His twitter was suspended too, and from the looks of it he was getting into fights with anti trans activists. What do I make of this anons?

No. 1690753

most mentally stable tranny

No. 1690759

This isn't even surprising to me, he's a tranny so it just makes sense.

No. 1690866

File: 1667307193513.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 248.44 KB, 1170x1267, 4F9D7FAC-4DEA-4AC9-8DEC-692C4A…)

this cow tags their instagram posts to my general area and i’m always perturbed by the hairline. spoilered for troon jumpscare

No. 1694067

File: 1667608555013.jpg (139.07 KB, 720x521, 20221105_023505.jpg)

Jesus. When someone tries to console her she never says anything, not even a thanks, and just goes on with her rants

No. 1695492

File: 1667769552994.png (Spoiler Image, 696.86 KB, 1314x734, c7383b6c670d4435.png)


been my personal lolcow for years ever since I found her on DA. autistically and sexually obsessed with Steve from Minecraft, is a fictosexual. Mainly a cow for that purpose but also insanely aggressive and has burned through all of her friend group. Follows and supports open pedos and zoos on twitter, supports "paraphilias". She's not a huge milk mine but she will frequently explode and lock down after her temper tantrums. Threw a fit after her mother and therapist said they think T is making her more aggressive

No. 1695497

File: 1667769893684.png (58.15 KB, 578x420, shmorky defense.png)

Most recent thing that raised my eyebrows is her claiming she doesnt see anything wrong with shmorkey's diaper roleplay with a minor

No. 1695559

Even his penis is square. I'm speechless.

No. 1695566

File: 1667776631866.png (Spoiler Image, 463.59 KB, 1462x846, 12d1b91148991c63.png)

she is highly attracted to him in his purest form, and renders him as such. it would be kind of beautiful if she wasnt a sick freak (seen, her self-insert and steve fucking)

No. 1695581

lol, someone call it a 'cock-block'. I need to know it's happened.

No. 1695619

>self insert has a penis

No. 1695630

File: 1667787503849.png (20.5 KB, 596x147, therapist T.png)

she's ftm. id get more tweets but shes currently locked

No. 1695631

It might just be that I'm numbed by the standard caliber of cow art, but despite the content that is actually a pretty good picture.

No. 1695705

-Personal lolcow is in her 50s who legit thinks she's a werewolf
-also believes her mom was raped by Dracula and she's his daughter and her real name is Mina Tepish
-believes her daughter is a "whitelighter" who will lead the next generation of special children
-thinks the government is "hunting" her and sending the Winchesters from Supernatural to keep tabs on her
-wanted to fuck a 19 year old when she was in her 40s despite being married to a National Guardsman
-constantly talked about hoping her veteran husband would die so she could get money to move to Salem and live her best witch life
-jokes on her, he cheated on and divorced her

No. 1695955

File: 1667837744044.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 648.79 KB, 1231x999, 574B82E1-8855-4574-BBAB-A5B9F4…)

25yr pro ana that works at macdonalds(wrong thread)

No. 1695958

she has her own thread fyi

No. 1695975

Firstly, she has a thread, idiot. Secondly, your description is shit.

No. 1695991

This was posted in the Ana thread too. I bet it's Luci herself trying to become relevant again kek.

No. 1696025

Ayrt i suspected she was a tif given her degeneracy and being a twink furfag

No. 1696048

File: 1667847557739.png (1.1 MB, 1026x1178, 1667847437992.png)

Guess who posted a picture!
I'm not the original poster who called him out, but this guy is…fascinating. I genuinely cannot tell how much he actually functions irl. Being able to get a job seems optimistic to me.

No. 1696052

He is a very strong argument for aborting all male fetuses holy kek

No. 1696054

King spaz. He's so matter of fact about it lacking any shame

No. 1696060

I think it's some newfag from ed twitter.

No. 1696069

what a pathetic dream, no mention of career, education, vacation, housing goals or anything meaningful, literally just sex and fetish.

inside the mind of a man.

No. 1696117

I can't believe history spent so much time killing female children and fetuses when the actual defective Y chromosome is right there? Buying my son hentai? I'd rather suffocate his stupid ass with a pillow, and then kill myself and the moid who's sperm made him because clearly we're all defective.

No. 1696401

Seeing this art and reading a basic description I got war flashbacks to nemu…

No. 1696576

File: 1668032113582.jpeg (181.94 KB, 1000x750, 62b9e091a8ac190019a7ba65.jpeg)

Horrorcow that I check in on once and a while hoping for signs of life from her children
Tiktok - @thismadmama and she has daily videos on youtube

>Has 13 kids at age 37. And a granddaughter. She wants more but has claimed to stop for now. >Openly has a breeding kink.

>She color codes her children
>Blames sex education for her getting pregnant so young so she homeschools all her children and teaches abstinence only.
>Seems to use her kids as dolls for her tim Burton aesthetic
>She has them look after each other because there is no way she can manage all those kids.
>She doesn't seem to cook for them and has the older ones take care of that.
>Has a child with cancer which is really sad tho it leads to even more neglect of the others
>House looks decrepit and apparently one of the children paid off half of it herself.
>Has a deleted hot take on roe v wade and expressed negativity at the idea of her children being gay.
>posts awkward images and videos of her children despite them expressing discomfort towards it
>still has a lot of supporters? I am a bit inept with socials so I'm not sure if her following is real
She has a snark page on reddit but haven't seen her mentioned here. Although I didn't search too hard. I would love to maintain a thread on her here or on kf but doubt there is much interest and I don't have the time.

No. 1696581

Is posting furry porn really necessary

No. 1696591

I think you could garner a following for her with some effort and receipts compilation, people love to shit on abusive families (fundies like the Plath and Rodrigues Family, munchies, crunchy-negligent parents) This is already extremely interesting to me from what you've described I'll have to get caught up

No. 1696609

I’ve seen her before scrolling on boomer fb videos it weirded me out, also all the praise she was receiving in the comments
Highly agree nonna

No. 1696617

>open breeding kink
What is it about women who resemble Steve from American Dad that makes them so openly degenerate? It's terrifying that all of us are only a square head and bad glasses away from being kink lifestylers or polyfags

No. 1696636

File: 1668037421298.jpg (178.28 KB, 1080x876, Screenshot_20221109-162655_You…)

I remember (and partially watched) their videos on the Truly YT Channel, didnt know shes active on social media but thats no surprise really
I thought the mom looked like the special snowflake types girl thatd be into wolves and vampires kek
A thread could be interesting, i dont know how accurate this is but one of the comments stated her firdt kid was at 15, had 2 with her first husband and the rest with her 2nd husband, but she divorced husband 2 while pregnant with her modt recent

No. 1696704

File: 1668043996449.jpg (44.57 KB, 828x827, E_rQg0aUYAA1tAm.jpg)

>What is it about women who resemble Steve from American Dad

No. 1696803

>also all the praise she was receiving in the comments
For being an irresponsible mother to far too many children? Were they just religious moids and coping tardwives praising her for "choosing life" instead of living one of her own or something? kek

No. 1696885

File: 1668068876581.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1170x1948, 173F657C-CE79-455E-8CB5-20EB22…)

i just remembered this chick i used to follow on tumblr just to laugh at her lunacy.

>in her early 20s, lived with her dad, fiancé, and son

>blog was dedicated to richard ramirez, yes, the serial killer and was named raunchyrichardramirez
>she would write terrible fan fiction about fucking serial killers and even took requests from her followers
>blatantly admitted that she had NPD, BPD, and sociopathic tendencies
>pretty sure she got a tattoo of ted bundy’s bite mark on her
>she regularly wrote to serial killers in jail and would freely give out the addresses and inmate numbers so her followers could do the same
>at some point she gets into this absolutely hilarious roleplay with an anon through her asks
>RRR (i’m abbreviating her blog url) role played as bundy, the anon was… herself i guess?
>this stupid rp went on for fucking MONTHS and it was just bundy fucking a woman who worships him
>eventually the anon starts using their actual blog to reply in the rp and it’s bundybias
>both of them disappear at some point before coming back as a married couple
>she apparently fell in love with bundybias, ditched her fiancé and kid, traveled across the country to this other woman and proposed to her on christmas day
>then RRR randomly comes out as trans??
>and their new name is TED
>she then later explains that she basically abandoned her kid so she can pretend she’s ted bundy with some chick she met on tumblr
>she barely got on after that and she switched to a non-cringe blog at some point
>new blog is filled with shitty photography and her twitter is just boring shit
>she also for some reason pretends that she’s into VWs? i guess so she can act like she really is ted bundy i don’t fucking know

i really miss reading her terrible writing. it was like if the My Immortal chick got horny for unwashed child rapists. picrel is an archived page of her blog i found before it got deleted.

No. 1697022

My jaw fell on the floor when she left her fiance and child to troon out and pretend she's Ted Bundy with some freak from tumblr. Holy fucking SHIT that is some full fat milk. Are you willing to share her new tumblr/twitter? I'm really curious as to how someone like this would try to camoflauge themselves when in the normiesphere.

No. 1697158

File: 1668103928557.png (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1080x1801, Screesksjd.png)

I know it's retarded to bring in people from a niche hobby that no one knows about anyway but I can't stand this bitch. 99 percent of dollfags are women and gay men, who the fuck is she pandering to with this onlyfans egirl bullshit? Her dolls are ugly as fuck she literally never learned the most basics of human anatomy. Also she mentioned that she only has male friends (despite the fact that she's in a hobby with mostly female fans) so I consider her a massive nlog. I wish I could post her in the egirl thread but I guess she's smart enough (or just ugly) not to post her own ass.

No. 1697301

Her muzzle…….

No. 1697353

I like stylised dolls but dolls made by European and American doll makers looks like shit at worst and like toys made for children at best. I can't tell if people genuinely like these dolls or they only say they do to be non-conformist. Sorry for unrelated doll sperg.
Was it culur who had a history of scamming people in the past or am I confusing her with another doll maker?

No. 1697425

sorry, it took me a bit to dig around for her stuff. she has two tumblrs tho i’m pretty sure the second one is abandoned.


and then the rest of her social media is conveniently assembled on one link bc she’s a dumbass. https://linktr.ee/tedwilson

No. 1697513

File: 1668137292951.png (520.73 KB, 789x1440, Screenshot_20221110-221456~2.p…)

This girl is like the light skinned lovely peaches. Here's some of the bullcrap that she's been involved in. Her name is onnasweetgingerrose

>Has gone on other people's live streams and sucked on dildos/showed pornography.

>E-dated another YouTuber named blewish jewlatto and basically spammed him videos of her masturbating and when he told her to stop, she accused him of sexual harrassment.
>Has called black people monkeys and showed a black man a picture of a gorilla and said that it looked like him during a stream.
>Harrassed and attacked a black Popeye's worker for no reason.
> Made a video showing off her hairy twat, masturbating.
>Stalked another YouTuber named Donaldreallyhavin on 53 accounts shown here:

No. 1697521

File: 1668138583398.jpeg (57.29 KB, 851x503, 1594644076002.jpeg)

Why in the lords name do we need more lovely peaches-esque horrors on this planet? I hope stan twitter doesn't make her famous like they did with lovely peaches. I am too scared to look through her shit.

No. 1697523

Anon are you still here?

I've met these people before, and holy shit the lore is so deep.

No. 1697524

Please explain.

No. 1697525

Where do these people even come from? The last time I felt like this I was reading the spam community thread about Janelle or whoever it was fucking their best friend's dad for clout.

No. 1697539

File: 1668142004738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.91 KB, 550x389, TB2k.O.ykqvpuFjSZFhXXaOgXXa_!!…)

You say that, but I found some vibrators that you can buy for your bjd doll on taobao very easily.

No. 1697551

File: 1668142867007.jpg (61.74 KB, 589x564, yume gata misogyny.jpg)


Her name is Yasmin and her boyfriend (Peter Griffin-looking dude from the picture) is named Gio
I unfortunately don't know what her current twitter is, it seems like the one in the screenshot (@yumecore_) is deleted and the old one that I knew (@yume_gata) is apparently suspended. Because of this, this info is probably a bit out of date.

Here's a quick run-down:
>Mid 20s Latina from Socal
>Vaguely Lolita-adjacent
>Is a HUGE pick-me
>Is always saying that she can't stand being friends with women and brings up stories of her being "thrown under the bus for some dick"
>Always calls other women pickmes
>Is weirdly autistic about being Mexican, once randomly saying unprompted that her being into cottagecore WOULD be racist but isn't, because she's Mexican and she's connecting to her roots (?)
>Dated Gio previously but they broke up
>he then joined a Discord server full of her Exes where they just apparently discuss her?
>eventually she takes him back but he still remains in the Discord chat
>dude literally lives in a garage
>refuses to take care of himself or do fucking anything, luckily for him she is more than willing to do anything short of washing his ass
>she constantly brags about cleaning his room like it's her fucking dream job
>Is weirdly racist as well

No. 1697553

Oh this girl will probably do that too.

No. 1697558

To any doll autists, there IS a bjd thread in snow, it's just been overtaken with posts about a particular cow. >>18928

No. 1697570

nonnie I beg you lets go to the doll thread I have so much to rant about

No. 1697590

Sounds like your average 4chan-using pickme retard. God I hate women like this, they do nothing but hate on other women all the damn time as if their moids are not 300 times more obnoxious then even the worst woman.

No. 1697596

I unironically love her dolls kek, I love the western tumblr style dolls. That one's profile looks a bit weird tho. And she seems like a shit business person at least from I gather from that tumblr BJD gossip blog

No. 1697688

File: 1668168783059.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1588x1906, 3C37B2F0-7241-4164-894E-2C3583…)

This is long overdue. My personal cow, Breanna Diaz:

>Booktok “author” who writes absolutely embarrassing “dark fantasy” aka abuse porn with anime outfits and overpowered antiheroes.

>Thinks she is super attractive, posts lots of cringe tiktoks showing off a very imo unimpressive body.
>”the Megan Fox of BookTok”
>Pretends she is autistic, has adhd, is bisexual, among many other lies
>Stole the name Anastasia King for her pen name from a murdered mail order bride, claimed to be ‘honoring her’ before eventually trying to brush it all under the rug by deleting the bio that said all of this and changing it to say “Anastasia King is too much like a porn name hehe I’m going by my real name now” in a desperate bid to hide the truth.
>claims to be an expert on mythology (one of her “special interests” kek)
>chimps out when asked simple questions she can’t answer on her lives
>thought my friend and I were both sock accounts from the same person because we both left her bad reviews
>says her books are like GOT, Outlander, and the Witcher. Has read none of these.
>is now pretending she’s a psychic/witch. This LARP began just in time for October kek.
>posts tons of filtered to hell thirst traps when she actually looks like picrel at age 27 yikes
>talked explicitly about the SA of a little boy she went to church with on a tiktok for likes and clout, claimed to be trying to “draw awareness” rather than what it was, using someone’s very personal trauma story to get views and feel important.
>is a terrible writer who self published and likes to claim she is an internationally best selling author
>is now clearly broke as she’s selling absolutely everything she owns on poshmark and Etsy
>I have lots of screens if anyone is interested

Her tiktok is @mythcrafter and her book’s insta is @worldofaureum I’m blocked on her insta tho for trolling kek her books are QUITE lulzy and a few people have even posted highlights to Goodreads with hilarious commentary pointing out how bad they are.

No. 1697690

File: 1668169170420.jpeg (3.54 MB, 1907x3439, 7A0D3DDD-16A7-48ED-A6EC-7839AE…)

Samefag, here is the proof from her now deleted bio. The case of Anastasia Solovieva (married name King) is tragic and horrible, and as a Slav living in America it upsets me deeply on a personal level that this cow used her name to make money, let alone that she said what she said in picrel.

No. 1697692

File: 1668169483725.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.74 KB, 1588x1191, futureserialkillermerch.jpg)

Jesus Christ, she deserves the electric chair like Bundy. Also when I checked out her etsy I thought picrel was a severed thumb, not a cock. Truly speechless about this individual.

No. 1697767

>gets overwhelmed easily and then does too little
>thinks everyone is picking a fight
>at the same time wants to help everyone but is just annoying
>gives herself bad haircuts
>homophobic lesbian
>gets sick from foraging
>feels the need to be the best, wants to live for recognition over meaning but is self reflecting on this flaw at least.
>shits pants from minimal female contact
>believes she can’t do anything and never recognises her capabilities
>often detached from reality
>wants time to stop
>talks to strangers too much
>enjoys trespassing on property
>has terrible bacne
>too attached to mother, despite being over 18 now
>used to skip school and still procrastinates on course (scared of the future and gets overwhelmed starting anything)
>incel, wishes girls were straightforwards and liked her back but only attracts guys
>squishes her spots
>started puberty late
>listens to nicki minaj whilst lifting and then goes back to being beta all day
>self saboteur/nihilistic
>sometimes outrage addicted
>watches inappropriate anime series instead of reading the Bible
>plays games too much
>accidentally committed identity fraud
>acts hard and tells people to come to dover for a fight
>no eyebrows so she looks permanently shocked
>sweats too easily

No. 1697808

I love this nonna…if you can’t find a cow, be the cow

No. 1697832

File: 1668186500566.png (60.21 KB, 706x369, Screenshot_2022-11-11-08-43-33…)

I dont even need to read the reviews, this blurb tells me enough. Ugh. Cant imagine what her tiktok looks like, I almost dont wanna know kek

No. 1697838

KEK once she tried clapping back to people saying that her main character is WAY overpowered by saying “if she’s too much for you, go find less” it killed me. Honestly if you want a good laugh, try reading her second book in the series. Also the K. she added to the pen name to try and get it away from the search results about the real Anastasia King before she ultimately decided to try to use her real name. Her tiktok is full of milky nonsense tho. Just today she posted about “Altar making tips for ADHD witches” or some shit I’d embed but I’m dumb.

No. 1697859

Tru dat…be the cow you wish to see im the world

No. 1697875

Kek anon this made me laugh out loud, you sound sweet

No. 1697947

this name rings a bell. wasn't she posted in the fakebois thread for tweeting about/drawing minecraft scat porn

No. 1697993

File: 1668199615689.png (962.18 KB, 712x1278, Screenshot_2022-11-11-12-32-06…)

this girl is so deluded about her writing skills, kek
I read some goodreads reviews of her book for fun, I kinda wish she was more famous because she'd probably produce tons of milk if she had a big audience

No. 1698006

File: 1668200487493.jpeg (580.96 KB, 1125x2070, D98B59B4-ADC2-4A03-80E6-2A3D9B…)

Here’s a cap of some of my fav highlights kek I prob have notes on the entire second book saved because it’s reached meme level to my friend and I. I commented on her usage of Angel/devil because she explicitly says she created her own gods and pantheon based on nothing else and it’s a full fantasy world not set in the real world at all. Unfortunately she also has said she based it on the Greek pantheon bc she cannot keep her story straights

No. 1698007

Samefag to add that she is writing seton a medieval GoT type world and time, but constantly uses anachronistic as hell phrasing as well as including things like elastic and ruching on clothing, and red lace lingerie. Oh, and silky button up shirts for the abusive male love interest. One instance she has her FeMC reply to another character with “same”. Kek it’s honestly a cornucopia of embarrassment and it’s so funny. Very obviously she writes drunk, and has said as much. (Will find that particular cap later)

No. 1698121

I recognize this weirdo. She has ftms who skinwalk her style.

No. 1698144

writing while drunk wouldn't surprise me tbh, but she definitely edits drunk too kek

No. 1698240

File: 1668223211148.jpeg (83.32 KB, 340x640, D934265E-96B4-46AA-9F55-A7A0C8…)

Here is one of my personal favs. I’m pretty sure she has been posted before but today I noticed that not only is she a troon, she also is one of those special DID fakers. Eddie from Stranger Things, Five from The Umbrella Academy, Dean from Supernatural. Not shown here I have seen her post Kiara from The Lion King, Jim from Treasure Planet and apparently she believes she is the next coming of Christ?

She also went by the name Simba at one point as well. I wish there was more milk on her because she is so entertaining to watch and laugh at.

No. 1699262

File: 1668377482371.jpeg (867.15 KB, 1588x1906, 60B15FE4-417D-42F9-B158-CEAFF5…)

She uploaded some more quality images to her poshmark this weekend…this has had me and my friend in tears all day. Enjoy, nonnas.

No. 1699365

No. 1699396

all that time she put into that bg shoulda gone into ironing that granny tablecloth

No. 1699404

File: 1668397502653.jpeg (758.17 KB, 1588x1906, E3FB1E0A-CB41-4DEA-B8AC-0BE3A2…)

Here have another on me kek

No. 1699406

File: 1668397563639.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1588x1906, F947A57C-4ED1-445C-806C-1363E1…)

This one especially kills me bc the bologna boots she’s wearing. Big Shaynus should get some for her total bologna look.

No. 1699700

>the random collage of images just slapped everywhere
is this what counts as "aesthetic" these days

No. 1699792

I'm crying at her background and serious poses. She really thinks she's doing something in that wrinkled slip kek.
I'd take any more good ones

No. 1700060

not as milky as the other ones itt but this person is genuinely so fucking sad

>almost 30 years old

>identifies as agender despite being the most stereotypical moid out there
>no ambitions outside a nintendo game for kids that he takes extremely seriously
>self-proclaimed analyst and a coach (isnt even that succeesful on twitch and also lowkey speaks like ben shapiro for some reason)
>frequently makes fun of children and gets into fights with them on social media

notable milk includes him literally flipping his shit at a 13 years old on discord

No. 1700084

I love it when personal cows speak and you can tell exactly who they watch on youtube. Mine talks just like Nick Fuentes because he watches him obsessively

No. 1700094

Kek is he a splatoon player

No. 1700098

my personal cow is super niche. its this retard on a gta rp server that surrounds himself with children and jumps from job to job on the server bc nobody likes him apart from his little following of kids. the loser has a female avatar and talks with a tranny ass voice so i wouldnt be surprised if this creep is grooming all these 12 year old boys he keeps around him.

No. 1700113

File: 1668481690648.png (584.35 KB, 882x1174, realnonce95.png)

Fuck it, here is my favourite obscure laughingstock. Found out about him through picrel.
>chronically online, jobless twitter incel in his 30s
>argues with children on twitter dot com about how criminalizing incest is um, ackshually, racist
>pirates e-textbooks from amazon and calls himself a "law student"
>e-dating a troon whom he hosts vtubing streams with. unsurprisingly has no viewers
>whiteknighted a mini-shadman because he felt that exposing mini-shadman encroached upon his right to jack off to toddlerfied art of his waifu
>claimed he was logging off forever over it, but came back 5 hours later
>made an hour-long rant video on some sex pest content creator because the sex pest called him a fanboy of another sex pest content creator
>unlisted the video after getting clowned on for it
>prison gay AND homophobic

No. 1700114

lol yes, i don't get how he's even mildly relevant in the community considering all he does is roast ppl in vods every 3 months

No. 1700118

File: 1668482411792.jpeg (838.48 KB, 1588x1906, 4EE2DB9F-AB2C-4D85-8D3C-9618C6…)

Your wish is my command kek also will post a cap later but she put up a stupid “altar kit” on Etsy and was asking 200USD hahahaaa she has since dropped the price to 150 but it’s not worth more than 50$ max and that’s being generous. Pic dump incoming 1/4

No. 1700119

File: 1668482439860.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1588x1906, DFC5FB41-E3C6-4660-B8FB-D5C952…)

No. 1700120

File: 1668482473945.jpeg (929.72 KB, 1588x1906, C36E7410-409C-4D9E-8E5F-E1AD23…)

3/4 this one makes me kek aloud for several reasons

No. 1700122

File: 1668482505518.jpeg (784.23 KB, 1588x1906, C6B3151A-5C45-40D7-87B0-CCF737…)

4/4 sorry I’m on mobile next time I’ll do a collage on my actual comp

No. 1700123

She needs to iron her clothing really badly.

No. 1700126

File: 1668482855288.jpeg (17.71 KB, 355x236, 8EAB5F83-6B04-4BA7-8F9E-2F98AF…)

She just posted a bunch more pics in different wrinkly granny slips and one w a tragic corset which I will post if anyone is interested kekkk she got that Hey Arnold’s grandma body type but it’s acceptable on a grandma so…

No. 1700132

Her body looks fine to me? Everyone doesn’t have to look like an e-girl. The writing and wrinkled thrift store nightgowns are the bigger issue.

No. 1700134

Kek I know but she’s such a horrible person I like to nitpick

No. 1700141

ew that skirt looks like its made out of a trashbag

No. 1700162

File: 1668485925416.jpeg (971.14 KB, 1588x1906, BD771935-9838-4A8B-9567-2673BC…)

I’m convinced she does not own an iron/know how to use one.
>looks like a garbage bag
My exact thoughts, nonna

No. 1700165

Her hair is pretty. And I’ll leave it at that kek

No. 1700171

i fucking shat the floor through my trousers and the chair thinking this was the comeback of alyrealrecovery, then was really disappointed, but then excited again when i read about her, this is exactly the kind of person i like to follow on sm.
also here her body looks like a bloated granny corpse, the delusion of thinking this is flattering

No. 1700292

File: 1668505450178.jpeg (629.95 KB, 1588x1906, FE2EFAF2-CF98-4D16-B32F-9C523A…)

Kekkkkk I’m sorry she wasn’t aly but I’m pleased you also see her as amusing as I do. Legit I wonder where she is getting all this granny lingerie and why she thinks this is the way to make people want to buy it

No. 1700310

File: 1668510733970.jpg (48.14 KB, 1200x630, influencer1.jpg)

if she's not the sister to this uggo baddie influencer who was crying about having to get a job post insta-banning they're at least close relatives

No. 1700657

the pose on the right has some effort put into it, but the juxtaposition with the left pose that looks like a candid photo of her at walmart is too good, lmao

No. 1700700

I assume she doesn't iron her clothes because they're visibly polyester and she doesn't own a steamer

No. 1701093

File: 1668589993710.jpeg (742.19 KB, 1588x1906, A50B693F-EF3F-4C70-8CE0-D7A207…)

Polyester?? Breanna??? Gasp how could you say such a thing kek

No. 1701295

Thank you nonna, I can see why you follow her. I can't imagine the narc levels needed to post these "Haute Couture" wrinkly polyester looks kek
Does she go to the thrift store and pick up the dime a dozen .99$ nightslips donated by grannies whose scrote are dead to flip on poshmark or something? Probably one of the funniest excuses to post pictures of yourself lmao

No. 1701363

My friend and I genuinely think that’s exactly what she’s doing. She keeps pushing the date of her newest awful book and all the pieces seem to indicate she is majorly broke and can’t afford to self pub this time. She’s trying to sell anything she possibly can, including—and this is hysterical considering how much of a mess and littered with every type of error her books are—her services as a ghost writer, beta reader, and editor kekkkkk the witch stuff is particularly humorous tho

No. 1701525

KEKKKK this photo has me dying

No. 1701704

File: 1668644362541.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1125x2024, CC9E5953-568C-41FA-AC55-ECC916…)

Here’s the cap from her Etsy btw…she put the price back up to 205USD. I’m crying. 200$ for this garbage because someone who just started pretending to be “clairaudienf” and a deeply knowledgeable “witch” says it’s worth that.

No. 1701713

that all looks like stuff you can get at dollar tree for 50 dollars or less

No. 1701714

That wooden box is literally 1.49 at Michael's. She didn't even decorate it or anything…

No. 1701716

I fucking know lmao. I keep zooming in and finding new things to laugh at. I’m p sure the votive candles came from a thrift store so those would be like 25-50¢ apiece. The glassware is also prob thrifted. She is desperate for $$$ and it’s sweet, sweet milk to me. Peep that Kate Spade baggie too kek very witch much Aphrodite

No. 1701770

lmao holy shit, that looks like a dumpster dive haul

No. 1701794

Is that a bag of potato chips
I'm gonna pretend it's a bag of potato chips

No. 1701861

I literally follow them to see their weird looking dolls. They are well done… but ugly.

(Good to know we share a personal cow lmao)

No. 1701990

File: 1668685210032.png (509.93 KB, 1125x2436, 95DE2D21-9DE7-42E9-B757-502DE1…)

Here’s a screenshot of some of Breanna’s amazing writing btw I highlighted the stupidest lines throughout the books. Also, forever dead at the name “Berlium, the Grizzly King” for a character who turns out to be like a leathery lizard vampire and is supposed to look like (barf) Henry Cavill.

No. 1702282

uuugh the cringe. i can tolerate some vampire fics but I think trying to read this one would kill me

No. 1706389

File: 1669091905856.png (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 1079x1079, sheolucollage.png)

this is an artcow I've had my eye on for a while
sheol.u/kimochiwarui on instagram, sheolexe on twitter, just 'sheol' on toyhou.se
>tif in 30s
>makes 0 effort to appear male, blames this on chronic illness
>popular artist on toyhouse despite drawing the same ugly huge hips femboys type like picrel
>spends actual months on one drawing at a time, again, blaming this on the aforementioned chronic illness
>true&honest fujoshi that just looks fucking ghoulish
spoilered for raw chicken femboy art. there is more but I want to keep this post short.

No. 1706449

File: 1669098532436.png (1.13 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20221122-012310.png)

Anyone who's familiar with the manosphere will know about this scrote.

>Goes by undead chronic

>Terminally online 45 year old that complains about modern women all day.
>Despite being an old man he is obsessed with having a virgin gf and thinks that any woman over the age of 18 is too old (pedophile alert)
>Got vanned by the FBI for making violent threats against another YouTuber.
>Is too ugly to show his face.

No. 1707167

this one gives me tearzah/dollieguts vibes

No. 1708426

File: 1669284036251.jpeg (51.61 KB, 640x294, A4DA3AA1-A572-4A77-8CD3-7B850A…)

Calcifersbreakfast, she’s the SJW supreme

Triggered about asianfishing and such yet she’s only half Asian

No. 1708429

A 45 year old man calling 25 year olds ancient not only gives scrote vibes but he’s most likely a pedo

No. 1708481

also my personal lolcow kek, I used to follow her on dA. She used to get constant call out posts on there through 2017-2021 and doesn't really use it anymore
>is a lolicon with Reimu Hakurei as her loli waifu
>defends zoophilia
>is friends with actual proud pedophile (@fwuckywittlebaa)

the shit with steve is just the top of the iceberg with

No. 1708527

File: 1669301216015.png (468.69 KB, 1186x578, thanks i hate it.png)

had to scoop them out… and yeah this person is an active danger

No. 1708557

is that the fucking map flag on the 2nd pic

No. 1708757

i remember this person, always though it was one of those harmless looneys but didnt know she followed pedo accs, ew

No. 1709187

File: 1669363611476.jpg (530.94 KB, 794x738, paige.jpg)

The retard who posted her Youtube in the art board thread on /ot/. She's an autistic alt-goth korn fan from the Midwest who makes bad art


No. 1709189

Woman in that pic is gorgeous. Undead is an obese malding dude weed lmao addict.

No. 1709193

Gives strong 00's energy i kinda like her

No. 1709199

yeah. I can't stand their account, all they do is post diaper and feral shit and talk in baby-speak. shit's creepy

No. 1709364

File: 1669384293999.jpg (70.92 KB, 604x972, Image1.jpg)

I've been trying to upload the stupid video for 3 days and can't get it to work, sorry but I just had to say again how much I hate this idiot

No. 1709366

Also his latest terrible "song" and "music video" with lyrics featuring his bizarre insistence on spelling baby as "bxby"

No. 1709466

File: 1669394246304.jpg (282.74 KB, 1080x1644, Screenshot_20221125-183446_Twi…)


No. 1709762

File: 1669409619489.jpg (2.51 MB, 2509x2509, Picsart_22-11-25_15-32-56-283.…)

this girl's page (@annagolkayepez) was recommended to me on instagram and i cant tell if she's joking or sincere. i have no issue with her as a person because i know nothing about her but her OUTFITS my god. i know mismatching is a current trend but the levels this woman goes to to be painful on the eyes…i got a headache scrolling her feed. honestly im in awe that someone could hurt my brain so much with their outfits…you have to be a little bit psycho and sadistic to even THINK of these combinations much less put them on and strut around town in them. im in awe and a little impressed by her ability to evoke such strong feelings (of terror and disgust) with her fits alone.

No. 1709963

Do you follow any other “maximalists” by any chance? Most of them evoke the same feelings in me.

No. 1709965

she looks like a touhou character

No. 1710057

its all so offensive, its practically modern art

No. 1710242

File: 1669460588964.jpeg (205.05 KB, 730x1095, 74B30F79-B30D-42EA-AF4D-311F54…)

Why did she yassify this dog’s eyes

No. 1710665

I don’t personally like her style but I appreciate her doing her stuff, there can’t be new innovations and trends without someone being the first. Or something idk man

No. 1711820

File: 1669581054796.jpg (248.54 KB, 736x822, retard.jpg)

I found this alt-right pedophile while researching the neoreactionary social sphere. He claims his name is Jim Donald.


No. 1711826

File: 1669581427503.jpg (400.19 KB, 740x1218, tween.jpg)

He thinks grooming gangs don't exist and a tween was trying to seduce him.

No. 1711839

Autism personified

No. 1711854

I am resisting the urge to a-log only by the grace of a higher power. What the actual fuck. Someone needs to do something to this man. I feel fucking sick.

No. 1711858

Samefag but
>”of fertile age”
>”bikini she only recently came to need”
I am going out to the garage to beat the shit out of my practice dummy. And stab it for good measure. I was 12 when those gross statements could apply to me. This scrote is scum.

No. 1711860

>cute books to ogle
is it one of those objectophiles or whatever they're called

No. 1711893

File: 1669585998757.jpg (299.44 KB, 761x1000, rape.jpg)

I am almost sure this dude raped a child at some point.

No. 1711913

File: 1669586818419.jpg (64.17 KB, 462x266, pedo.jpg)

No. 1711946

what in the scrote-brained-fuck did I just read?

No. 1711980

nigga wants to be Andrew Anglin so bad. his opinions are just as retarded yet he isn't nearly as "captivating" of a writer. lol that he's too much of a loser fatfuck to resist "mountain dew and pizza"

No. 1712162

File: 1669604725858.jpeg (52.98 KB, 750x302, 8AE25661-F26C-4B48-900F-515E6A…)

Cow I’ve run across online won’t stfu about “her” tits, how massive they are, sissification, etc. He’s getting surgery soon and I can’t wait for the journey into the 41%. It’s my own fault for acknowledging Twitter as a website anyway. (I hate rabbit (am)holes.)(don't use emojis)

No. 1712177

This is giving serial killer, what a disturbingly insane collection of words

No. 1712179

>legalize rape on private property
Didn't Roosh V come up with this idea? Is this Roosh or a follower of his?

No. 1712472

Still so fucking sad he’s gone.

No. 1712503

the google drive link doesn't work anymore, requires permission

No. 1712521

File: 1669641136727.png (395.38 KB, 478x547, 39AB36A7-C7F7-46FC-B581-6B6601…)

so glad i saved all my favorites and made a united koopas folder in my phone. gone but not forgotten.

No. 1712795

wait, what happened to united koopas????

No. 1712921

cow tipping on twitter. he nuked his public presence and put out a distressed message about being "threatened" by the attempt at a thread on here

No. 1713168

File: 1669688619790.jpg (49.91 KB, 700x761, ace-link-armor-product-quadrel…)

when is she gonna start rocking armor vests

No. 1713195

original koopa anon here, once he got cowtipped i got paranoid he would find out it was me (i dont think he did) so i deleted all accounts online he was aware of bc the whole thing gave me anxiety. i've started approving access to the koopa archive again, just please leave a note so i know you're a real anon. my friends sent me a few tweets you guys have made using koopa pictures as reaction images and that really warmed my heart. i wish there was still milk but honestly i'm kind of glad he isn't constantly bothering me all the time anymore.

No. 1713208

Who. the. fuck. cowtipped koopa guy. Can we not have ONE nice thing. NOT ONE??? We can't have concord mcsubway morning the 9/11 attacks? We can't have koopa guy's discord messages threatening to kill himself for real every time a koopa is shown in a fire level? We can't have the pictures of him riding the bus to adult daycare in DIY koopa merch? We can't even have gold koopa freerunning has been abortion?

What did you even get out of cowtipping, you joy annihilating chaos agent? I'm taking this as a personal attack on me. Did you want me to cry? Did you want me to shave my head and lie under the train tracks and wait till i hear the rumbling of cold, steel wheels? Is that what you wanted from me? Do you want to watch, you sick fuck? Do you want me to mail you my hair as proof? Do you want CNN and the BBC to report on this and air it on the evening news? Did you want the FBI to lead you away in front of your family for cyberbullying crimes and indirect suicide incitement and then you go to jail? You go to prison for 40 years? And then you use your 10 minutes of alotted computer access a day to post in this thread just to say ha, ha. I did it! It was I who cowtipped! And then the farmhands permaban you and place a hit on you from your cellmate who would do anything for few extra cigs. And you die smiling because this was all part of your plan. And you know Xi Jinping will be proud of you.

No. 1713238

It was likely one of the many many moids who lurk here and/or scrape links

No. 1713311

I feel your rage, sister. may the one who carried out such a retarded act have their spot in heaven relinquished and their bowels permanently plagued with constipation, inshallah

No. 1714504

obviously nta, what does it mean to "scrape links"?

No. 1715290

File: 1669860189323.png (317.63 KB, 485x645, Melissa.png)

Melissa also known as Fuboo
Known for her visual novel "Your Boyfriend"
40 year old mom of three who hits on people half her age or younger.

She gets into interpersonal relationships really quickly. Back in the day me and my friends talked to her. Sooo many inappropriate sexual jokes and unwelcomed flirting. Her and her hubby hit on everyone and their excuse is "Come on, we're all adults here" and "You know what we're all about here". Way back when her husband was going to voice act Peter from her game, but many people thought it was too weird.

Claims she has been drawing since she was a baby but draws like a 16 year old deviant art user.
If her art seems semi good one day it's because she sent it to one of her friends (fans) to be inked, corrected and colored with no credit.

Me and my friend slowly cut contact with her after her discord drama. Me and a few people told her it was not a good idea to kick out hundreds of users from her patron discord. But she ignored us and only listened to the yes men.
Now, why kick out a bunch of patrons from the discord? Because she decided she only wanted higher paying tiers to have access to it. We told her you can put a cap on access, but to not kick out long time members. She mentioned to a bunch of angry fans that if they wished to stay they would have to pay more.

She was upset when everyone started jumping ship because it seemed like a money grabbing tactic. She got more upset when people were comparing her to Yan Dev. She explained to us "Well it's to weed out the trolls! I'm not trying to wring out more money from my fans! I love them!" We told her it didn't make sense and she said that trolls wouldn't pay more money to harass her. We told her that still didn't make sense and to not use that as an excuse to the fans….

she did exactly that. She told her fans only higher tiers were going to be on her discord and others will have to pay more because of trolls. Because of community uproar she back peddled and said "Oh just kidding guys. You don't have to pay more, I love you guys too much"
While she was saying that she was screaming on discord call in another server we share swearing up and down and just being upset that people "Didn't get it" and she warned them it would happen months ago on a post no one saw. Even three of her mod team didn't see this announcement.

Since then she's been more passive aggressive and snippy, saying being popular is hard. When her discord staff tried to tell her to calm down and say she was acting very immaturely she got rid of ALL her staff again (4th cycle) and replaced them with a couple of her much younger fans after the old ones tried to clean up her mess.

Her once active server is now trickling with activity and all older members left the server and fandom.

Other moments was her wanting to get rid of voice acting, a huge thing she was advertising in her game. The first voice actor was her husband, thank goodness his voice wasn't released in game ever. The second VA was homophobic. The third one left because Fuboo was not professional at all and the fourth left for similar reasons.

It's not just the VA's who leave however. Her staff over at inverted minds inc change out a lot as well. Why it took her one year to produce one day of her visual novel (Even the first three days are very glitchy and need to be redone, so technically no days are fully completed).
Stopped saying it was because of trolls and kids wanting to play her game because people are tired of her shit.
She also worries no one will not give a shit about her game once it's done, similar thought process to Yandev. Too bad people already don't give a shit about it

No. 1716091


This guy I followed came up as a related account when I followed some meme page. Tbh most meme accounts on Instagram are ran by cows but this one is so full of himself yet insecure and acts a fool on an account where he posts his face every other day.
>posts incel memes
>follows egirls yet posts about hating women
>one of those edgy pages that willl take the piss out of anything except respecting pronouns/troonery
>probably gay (paragraphs about bara, Fujos, etc.)
>manlet who cries about his height
>contantly posts BDD paragraphs about his bone structure and then deletes it
>rumored to photoshop his selfies by ex (h8cinder)
>dime a dozen /fit/ male who tries to talk like Patrick Bateman, misogynistic asshole who thinks he’s so cute but in picrel it looks like his finger is warped from photoshop
These kinda guys like to make fun of girls who say shit like “sis, I-“ or astrology or whatever but they’re such a hive mind who talk the same and add pilled to a random word to make an adjective. The type who idolize Patrick Bateman and post /fit/ memes and all his male followers are so gay for him. Also he’s so desperate for egirl puss and they like his attention because… he posts stuff about hating women, perhaps they think they’ll be an exception. They’re all freshly 18 year olds this guy doesn’t even have his age on his bio but iirc he’s like in his early twenties.

No. 1716093

File: 1669931003376.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1277x1519, 020A9B99-5A16-48DB-80E0-9C0ECC…)

Samefag forgot to drop pic

No. 1716114

Do you have any more to share about Melissa/fuboo? I've been interested in her cowness since I learned about her and her husband's creep behavior

No. 1716146


KEK i know this guy. i used to be in the IG spam community and remember so many of his posts getting clowned on cos he was a retarded high schooler posting retarded shit. i even made a husbando shrine for him as a joke and he reposted it. sometimes it still gets posted but i don't have any pics of it. it's weird to think of him now since i only followed him around 2017/2018. he got into /fit/? of course. what a loser male. can't wait for him to age into twinkdeath and lose every superficial thing he holds dear

No. 1716342

I do
She is currently really private but her personality is pretty transparent. Back before she got popular for her game she would be flattered people thought she was younger. It was only because she dressed like an autistic teen. She also uses her kids as an excuse as to why she doesn't do anything despite the fact she rarely takes care of them. They're more of an after thought. She admitted while she loved her kids, she really didn't want them but her husband has a breeding kink. He was also telling odd stories about how the kids found some of their adult toys. The man can't read the room and comes off as a creep. It's why he isn't really allowed to show up on streams or chats anymore. He is no longer allowed to publicly be involved in her business but he's still around.

She said she always loved creepy stuff and that's true, in fact she has an old Vampire freaks profile she doesn't really log into anymore. Her flirting with people half her age is true. Classic trope of her being flirty then later introducing the younger party to her husband for "friendship". Do NOT drink with these two.
Her only saving grace is most people she flirts with are 18+
There was one case of a 14 year old. The husband claimed that she lied about her age. Since then Melissa has been walking on eggshells with underaged folks and is currently over correcting.
To add it was the husbands idea to have an open marriage. Though Fuboo agreed so she can flirt with younger people. She also mentions she doesn't feel her age so her dating another 40 year old is out of the question.

She also pissed off a lot of popular artists who drew some great animations and fanart. I don't know why she was so rude and snippy with them. She thinks it's a personality trait to be an asshole.

She is smart though. She throws her temper tantrums in private instead of making public statements calling people assholes. There are plenty of people with Fuboo horror stories, but we all just kinda watch the dumpster fire from afar.

No. 1716346

to add her current staff are all under 25 years old (mostly 18-22) sexually confused autistic aidens who "Need help discovering themselves sexually"
Anyone looking from the outside in can see what's happening here.

No. 1716499

social reject speed run

No. 1716884

File: 1670022444904.jpeg (297.29 KB, 1316x1758, 0D49A68C-7845-4407-A22A-6BD371…)

Another thing he does is acknowledge the people who a log him kek what’s with zoomers doing this just ignore or block addressing it makes you look desperate. He will probably delete this tho since he’s done this like 7 times and then deleted it

No. 1716937

so glad someone else has him as a personal cow. I followed his page in 2016 or so when "meme page" personalities were a big thing for some reason. he always thought it was funny to "ironically" be a woman hating incel but he is just a real life loser moid.

No. 1716969

It was some unhinged moid that tried shitting up one of the CC bunker threads a long time ago, because i saw the exact same twitter profile screenshot.
it's sad that the koopa saga had to be over so quickly, he was a really interesting person to look at, i even got invested into all of this 'mario kart' stuff because of him. thank you for your hard work nonny, and i understand your reasoning.

No. 1717008

moids really can't be human if they aren't able to appreciate the objective entertainment value of koopakun

No. 1717020

Idk how to give a note but this united koopa fangirl just requested archive access. Thanks for the interesting dive, anon.

No. 1718192

File: 1670166978835.png (Spoiler Image, 337.74 KB, 593x545, GROSS seattle proof.png)

Been orbiting this sick bitch for a while figuring out where they lives so their work can be alerted, they work at a public library in Seattle.

No. 1718304

Not the most milky but a simple one to type up that I just remembered, kek

>keep in loose touch with weirdly spiteful woman in friend circle, years after I've seen her last she still sometimes posts seething subtweets about me

>she has baby with the most insufferable narc faux intellectual man I've ever met, he's controlling and she's submissive
>I go through a self hating nonbinary phase; her husbando comments "I will never not see you as a woman, you will never be anything but a woman", describing what about my face is feminine, with no intervention from sjw ass wife. probably because it kinda came off as defending his straight attraction to me

>eventually delete them from social media, see husband pop up on a mutual's post years later and decide to peek at his activity

>he/they demi (straight, probably porn addicted) wearing shitty eyeliner and nailpolish, posting pics of his kids publically with rants about gender neutrality/fluidity and transness and how he's the most open minded and loving parent
>still the same obese, ashy, unwashed looking couch potato making long winded, self aggrandizing, meaningless blog posts comparing himself to stoicism icons, seeing himself as a premier philosopher of our generation
>evolved to add projared level selfie model posting, while desperately failing to be a Twitch streamer
>"stay at home dad"

No. 1718326

Keep alert for a 'drag queen story hour'.

No. 1718334

Looking up “Ian’s new potty” in the Seattle Public Library database, it seems they have 2 copies and they’re both at the same location.

No. 1718592

File: 1670196730240.jpg (401.2 KB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20221204_183045.jpg)

That's a whole Lotta words to say "I'm pro contact"

No. 1718652

File: 1670201701224.jpg (18.9 KB, 435x99, ayup.JPG)

only took a peak at the profile and them retweeting from this guy (has a thread here as stwawbwewymilk >>>/snow/1057353 ) does not bode well. These freaks are literally out and proud about being irl pedos and think they're """queer and subversive""" for talking about drinking little kids' pee

No. 1719405

File: 1670282966699.png (136.14 KB, 1323x262, Screenshot 2022-12-05 at 16-25…)

She just did it again…even after farmhands were so kind to delete her first self post. Dumbass.

No. 1720749

She's legit dumb. Me and my friend thought English was her second language because her game, comics and stories all have grammatical errors. Mention this to her and she'll throw her collage degree in your face.

I also heard she had beef with Hyun's Dojo and the whole stick figure community. It's why her main character has a round head and stick figure body. But she got into a slap fight and had to change up her style. But it looks weird to have one stick figure while every other character is done in a different style

No. 1722856

File: 1670574667603.png (173.06 KB, 640x1136, 993A4E16-C9AB-48BF-B65B-26790B…)

I posted about this woman in the “stupid questions” threads to ask USA anons about foodbanks, poverty and such and she’s still posting about her e-beg that she originally claimed was to help a stray cat and then started claiming needed food for herself so people were questioning it and she made about 20+ posts on her story arguing with people about it including one trying to get her followers to side with her and shit talk one of the people pointing out that her story changed

No. 1722857

File: 1670574766289.png (190.49 KB, 640x1136, D59698C0-69D5-4282-BC0E-BE6064…)

No. 1722858

File: 1670574870464.png (150.62 KB, 640x1136, E0C4418D-E659-4D85-82C7-2F8E3B…)

No. 1722861

File: 1670574984421.png (185.34 KB, 640x1136, 467BE7B9-FA95-41C4-83A6-FEF2F2…)

No. 1722863

File: 1670575178894.png (608.54 KB, 640x1136, 8BF5BF1D-BA5D-4B42-A145-42D710…)

The original post she made shooting down people telling her about food banks but her saying she needed money instead she also said that she would post a picture of the “stray cat” she needed the money to help with but has spent 20 hours plus arguing with people instead

No. 1722866

File: 1670575433066.png (302.47 KB, 640x1136, 032BF5DA-B440-4299-BC99-DA1413…)

She’s also asking for $250 dollars for this and complaining people have only sent $93 munchies are so fucking weird

No. 1724525

ugh gross . like out of all the cringe things and time to do stuff why choose this

No. 1726116

This. I’m still so fucking disappointed over it. He hasn’t come back.

No. 1727271

File: 1671040953056.png (Spoiler Image, 110.5 KB, 1042x956, Gyazo.png)

They/them scrote in my niche internet community just posted this ridiculously lengthy spiel that ultimately says "you're mentally ill for not wanting to involve yourself in internet arguments". I've witnessed his retardation over the course of several years, and considering what he's done and always does, it's ironic.

The projection. The male audacity. I want to ALOG but I won't.

No. 1727275

Wtf? She’s not dying of cancer, this is normal stuff everyone has. Welcome to having a human body, it sucks a lot of the time. You still have to work to feed it.

No actual hungry/starving person would turn a square meal down due to “food anxieties.” What a cow.

No. 1727296

my friend who has never worked a day in her life because she had a teen pregnancy and got gifted a nice 2 up 2 down in a posh town by the government is nb and an extreme wokie to the point where she tries to get people fires for anything she disagrees with

i stopped being friends with her because she threatened to tell my workplace that i was still in contact with my 'nonce' ex. honestly so beyond unhinged

No. 1727317

You can't just say your ex is a pedophile and then not elaborate at all because she might be crazy but wtf is up with that shit like come on. The cows are coming from inside the thread.

No. 1727500

If you're still here, do you have more details on this guy? I hope the FBI knows about him, he holds like every extreme-right opinion that isn't full-on schizo and you just know that his computer is full of CSAM.

No. 1727808

anon where did they >>1727296 say the boyfriend was a pedo i am so confused?

No. 1728015

>i stopped being friends with her because she threatened to tell my workplace that i was still in contact with my 'nonce' ex. honestly so beyond unhinged


No. 1728043

Isn't nonce slang for an idiot tho?

No. 1728056

Google it. It means a child molester.

No. 1728703

I too had a TIL moment, kek

No. 1729797

File: 1671327071555.jpg (542.04 KB, 1080x2277, crossdressing.jpg)

No. 1730384

File: 1671412283466.png (184.37 KB, 640x360, qvsU5bm_d.png)

No. 1730449

File: 1671419364626.jpeg (785.88 KB, 718x1181, 0530555D-08BC-4E75-8160-EE821E…)

I am so desperate for this girl to inevitably actually become popular on tiktok so other people can complain about her and i don’t feel alone in my disdain for her, but kittylever is probably one of the most insufferable posters on that app. She deleted this video after too much pushback but all her posts are about “being a smalltown girl with new york dreams” or her shamelessly grifting for attention at any given chance. All her videos are just lowest common denominator relatable content fodder, i think she also runs the account for pzzazz caffeine supplements? So weird so surprised i don’t see more people bashing her

No. 1730453

i've been my own personal lolcow ever since i was 14

No. 1730456

i forgot to add the rest ffs but lolcow activites include
>manipulation of men online
>extreme suicidebaiting
>mental breakdowns on twitter for thousands of followers to read
>constantly lying

if i had a bit more followers back in the day maybe i would've had my own thread too. i had so much milk that could've been covered its so cringe and embarassing looking back at it

No. 1730473

girl no one has time or energy to care, you're in a big city kek
is she in school or something?

No. 1730512

File: 1671429169218.jpeg (180.15 KB, 1171x1165, 8FEF67FF-89E7-4B5A-9FB0-83410E…)

So this is my ex best friend of 13 years

1. When she was 18 she a 15 year old and fucked him (we’re in Florida so our aoc is 16)
2. Constantly uses the racial slurs (not all but, k slur, n slur, among other)
3. Constantly makes Nazi jokes and claims she’s hitler reincarnation
4. Is constantly always petty, one time when we had a falling out she bombed my texts saying that I was a junkie ( I am not) and blaming me for my past SA experiences as a CHILD
5. Uses autism as a excuse for everything (couldn’t even fill out ER paperwork without getting aggressive)
6. Constantly cheats on her so called “fiancé” I literally witnessed her fuck 5 other people
7. Made sexual advances towards my 15 year old friend when she was 19 and made her have a complete breakdown
8. Sexually assaulted drunk guys at parties (I was there)
9. Every dude she has slept with during her so called engagement had apparently raped her when I fully watched her give consent and tell me about it
10. When her 15 year old ex broke up with her she sarted using not only herion, ketamine, fentanyl, and other pills such as opioids
11. Constantly makes rape jokes about children (i over heard her literally say a 5 year old was sexy)
12. She sells drugs to minors
13. Calls me homeless but she’s never paid a single bill and lives in a 15 foot shed her mom got for herself
14. Constantly would shame me for being anorexic during my ED times when she’s literally 400 pounds
15. Stole from my own house and lied about it afterwards when she was caught
16. Fat Shane’s anyone over 160 even though she’s pushing her limits
17. Got pissed at me for tryna make sure she is alive (because she has a weak immune system) by trying to convince her not to sleep with a “boyfriend” who has hpv and hepatitis
18. Is extremely into age regression to a point she cannot even barely function without her “mommy”
19: the differences between her irl and on Instagram is Fuckin crazy

No. 1730518

>I literally witnessed her fuck 5 other people
>claimed she was raped but I fully watched her give consent
sounds like you guys are meant for each other, what kind of freak watches their friend have sex REGULARLY? just wtf is this whole post kek. of fucking course you're from Florida

No. 1730522

close your laptop nonny, you're trashed as fuck lmfao

No. 1730524

File: 1671430406795.jpeg (47.78 KB, 750x478, DA51AC18-2157-4D7A-BB1A-AC49C8…)

No. 1730531

If shes this fucking nasty why were you her best friend for 13 whole years? You couldn't cut contact with her after she did any of this? Sounds like you're just as trash as her if you were willing to stick around for this long

No. 1730537

this and her shit thread she just made are honestly fucking hilarious im losing my mind, who lives like this? I'm sad I didn't cap her replies before she (or a farmhand?) deleted them. One of them was more or less:

>i didn't watch her on purpose she would invite me to stranger's houses to smoke & drink and she would have 4somes in the bathroom so I had to watch the whale do the stinky leg shake (editors note: ????) when i went in to piss

No. 1730538

Just what I was thinking sista sista

No. 1730547

File: 1671431850414.jpeg (531.05 KB, 1170x2079, 5E376E5B-EF6C-4194-8937-549BA7…)

No. 1730553

Same fag but this is her justifying my accusations while cheating on her fiancé

I was only friends with her until 2019 I say friends as a layman’s term because I was just fueling the dumpster fire

No. 1730554

nonnie please keep the florida trailer park saga going. im invested in this now

No. 1730555

File: 1671432309354.jpeg (380.32 KB, 1242x927, 0BF62D2C-8AF0-4183-9E95-4FB52F…)

Her on insta vs. irl

No. 1730559

this is what lana was trying to convey when she put out aka lizzy grant

No. 1730564

File: 1671433352891.jpeg (211.54 KB, 1114x1110, 19E591D9-E388-477C-A943-772925…)

Her fake opal stainless steel ring from walmart

No. 1730566

File: 1671433523546.jpeg (96.44 KB, 683x644, 630D0C41-BF97-418A-ADE4-FC32A3…)

Her fiancé cheated on her multiple times (match made in hell)
And you can figure out their breakups because her insta bio has when they got back together 3 times

No. 1730567

> no minors in kink
Lol kek

No. 1730572

Holy kek you guys have the drama of 31 y/o high school dropouts on their 9th year working at Walmart who are trying to feel alive in the only way their trailer park asses know how and you’re telling me you’re 20.

No. 1730575

>>1730572 Bro she’s literally a age regressor expect childish shit>>1730572

No. 1730576

File: 1671435185823.jpeg (170.82 KB, 1168x1482, 891F5B0C-C4A1-4A78-A0F3-7A0D0B…)

She killed a kitten by moving furniture on top of it (swears up and down she didn’t know how it happened)
Stole countless priceless objects & petty stuff from my home some but not limited to [ a garnet, emerald, and ruby] from my $2500 crystal collection my grandmother single handed my dug up. A dab pen, cups, forks, food, $20 from my wallet, my clothes (which don’t even fit her?) shoes and more
Death threatened me when I told her I couldn’t watch her on drugs anymore circa 2020
The creepiest thing was when she tailed my car to one of our local cities when I didn’t answer her text and took pictures of me and sent them (proof attached)

No. 1730584

File: 1671435747724.jpeg (63.35 KB, 1242x982, 943FE255-07BF-4408-B69F-329CE1…)

Found this gold-Casual n word

No. 1730586

Anon plz what is this purple frock you have on…

No. 1730589

Kek it was a robe I had on cause it was like 40 outside

No. 1730591

It’s giving Mormon

No. 1730592

Nitpick focus on the milk fag

No. 1730593

No. 1730604

Average dog owner

No. 1730605

Spoiler that shit wtf

No. 1730609

File: 1671438422523.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 230.98 KB, 1170x1224, 4D7B013A-0F00-4D19-85B1-0B97E5…)

Repost because I forgot to spoiler it—————Kek I forgot she sent me this shit of a deer her husky (which she locks in her shed with 2 other animals with no ac) killed like wtf

No. 1730665

The antics of you and your cow friend is the most ghetto shit I've ever seen

No. 1730691

Welcum 2 Florida shite where the girl down the road eats roadkill and pisses on children

No. 1730729

Did you really need to post this retard

No. 1730930

File: 1671479293123.jpg (6.17 MB, 4096x5791, GridArt_20221219_203614286.jpg)

>Valerie, calls herself different every day it seems
>Mooriah Mallad tier posts and stories
>Cringe stories about her neverending and uwu true love relationship with her ugly neckbeard
>They've been dating for like six months
>Shoops a new face on everyday
>Extreme NLOG

The list goes on. She's been my personal cow for years.

No. 1731019

>dressed in floor length bright purple robes in a Walmart parking lot at night being stalked by an obese drug addict
>"she stole countless priceless objects & petty stuff from my home some but not limited to [ a garnet, emerald, and ruby] from my $2500 crystal collection"
This is absolutely incredible. I have legitimately never been more invested in a thread, please nonnie keep bringing milk to the table I'm crying laughing

No. 1731065


These are like where are they now photos featuring Grimace after wrongful termination from McDonald’s

No. 1734013

Telepurte is one of my personal cows. He's in three of the art servers I'm in and the rules don't apply to him. He's such a sex pest it's horrible. Says he relates to lesbians because "Haha we all love boobies" and keeps drawing hardcore porn in sfw channels where people don't want to see that shit. Plenty of people left because he grosses others out. I know the average moid thinks like this, but he has no filter because he got famous for drawing and animating porn. He also has a huge ego about it and treats girls in the server like garbage. If she's not a thot and acts like a porn star he will blatantly pretend a girl doesn't exist. The dude is a pig but will virtue signal he's a good guy because he goes to church.
Grossest part was when he was talking about his trip to Cali and how hot the girls were there. Specifically this one teen who was obviously with her mom and said he would do both. Lowest quality degenerate 0/10

No. 1734032

I am ALWAYS here for telepurte milk, do you have any stories or screenshots? not surprising to hear he's a sex pest

No. 1734073

I hope anon comes back. This shit made me belly laugh.

No. 1734105

Lmfaooo the finest regal garb,

No. 1734117

I didn't think someone else wanted to hear Telepurte milk. I have a lot of it
Even why he's taking such a long hiatus rn

No. 1734126

> was a skeleton of a man and was insecure. So he's currently beefing and is an angry gym bro.
> Was always homeschool and never went to public school. Was raised on the internet. Never had real life problems before
> over reacts to the smallest things. His friends has a red list of games they can't play with him or else he'll start screaming. Any games he'll lose is a no go
> Any girls he manages to get close to him runs away
> Has settled on "secretly" dating his male friends. May as well because he treats men like human beings
> Says he only wants a gf to wife. Doesn't matter if he loves her. As long as she's sexy and can have children
> Closeted bi/homosexual
> last year he told all his friends he's mtf and that his blacked haired OC Nila is his true self. Back peddled because he realized he would make an ugly girl
> Now claims he's super straight
> Says he can technically never return and his fans will still give him 10-20k a month for the rest of his life. No real respect for his fanbase
> Calls himself the loan alpha wolf. Everyone around him are just annoying rabbits following him around

No. 1734128

Huge reason for hiatus
His mom has no idea how loaded he really is. She's been supporting her adult children her whole life. She's now tired and wants to move away from her home. This will leave Tele to live on his own for the first time in his life. He can move out now but is stalling just to live in his childhood bedroom a bit longer. He's also resentful because he doesn't want to live in Colombia, he wants to live in America.

Kay I'm done for now

No. 1734137

I was on a group chat with this girl and I swear to God she was one of the most annoying girls I've ever met.
>24 year old swedish girl that grew up in L.A
>Claims to have anorexia even though she's obese
>Claims to be discriminated against because she's fat and short
>Cheated on two of her boyfriends but claimed she can't find a partner
>She had a hateful hyperfixation on Mikan Mandarin and would post about her all the time. She admitted she was jealous of how skinny she is
>Claimed to be a radical feminist but only hated troons
>Yellow fever but also hated asian men because they "only like skinny bitches" (She is obsessed with Huening Kai from TXT)
>suspected shotacon because of the weird yaoi she would talk about and her sus comments (would joke about Huening Kai being jailbait)
>would openly post gay porn in the group chat and had to be called out multiple times for it
>admitted she hadn't showered in a week
>She tried to go on a diet multiple times but failed so she wanted to use coke to lose weight
>pill popper
>tried to claimed white women were more racially discriminated than black women
>huge weaboo, listened to subliminals to get monoloid eyes
>got a lipo at 18 but gained twice the amount of weight she lost
>wanted to get leg lenghtening surgery for as her new years resolution
>hated her sister and would post about her all the time and would call her a whore
>clothing and makeup hoarder even though she never went out

No. 1734143

File: 1672375232413.png (945.2 KB, 1192x1116, zW6Brca.png)

RealWindows95 is having a schizo melty at a SJW voice actor for streaming with some Twitter user who exposed him over a year ago for commissioning lolicon (illegal in the UK) and harassing a grooming victim. https://archive.ph/IiRzX
he has a habit of throwing stones from glass houses and playing victim when people hit back. https://archive.ph/https://twitter.com/RealWindows95/*

No. 1734318

anon i think you should proofread your posts before you hit enter. the first sentence already is confusing bc of the messy writing

No. 1734678

What's up with Swedish chicks and being literally obese and having awful attitudes? Not to mention the spitting everywhere…fucking gross

No. 1734968

kek telepurte is an incel neet taking advantage of his popularity, quelle surprise

I don't get how that's a hiatus reason? is he trying to find a place to live? otherwise literally nothing's changing

No. 1737706

File: 1672916825654.png (1.76 MB, 1147x3707, rachelgriffiths.png)

Rachel Griffiths is a Canadian woman whose 16 year old trans-identified teen Charlie committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. An earlier attempted suicide lead to him being hospitalised for a week and put on medication, which she discovered he was not taking after his death. He was admitted to a psych ward for two weeks where his mother complains that he was 'misgendered' and 'deadnamed' by the staff.

Despite claiming to be a "110% affirming family" she admits that her son was watching detransition and 'anti-trans' videos. Griffith blames transphobes and terfs for causing her son's death among "countless others".

No. 1737715

Thats a very rough looking 16yo

No. 1737900

File: 1672942063852.png (2.05 MB, 1164x1170, Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 1.06…)

i follow various minicows on tiktok, and recently stumbled upon this girl named patsy, but she goes by "ashton&trinadaddyslilprincess" or "ashtontrinaddadyslilmons" on tiktok. https://www.tiktok.com/@ashtontrinadaddyslilmons

>she's in her early thirties and lives in canada

>when i stumbled upon her account she had just broken up with a lesbian throuple. i think they were "dating" for like a month
>she has various "children" on tiktok and is on live 24/7
>she started dating one of her "daughters" and her fiance
>patsy posts about them all the time and claims she is also engaged to them
>they are meeting up irl tomorrow
>she recently mentioned that she just found out about being three months pregnant, but she still smokes weed and drinks on live

she's a fun mini cow to follow because there's always a lot of drama and interesting characters

No. 1737926

The ultimate narc parent goal. Confuse and torture your child into having serious issues so you can be a strong mama bear martyr. It's better when they die, because everyone pities a parent who outlived their child. Dead kids are ideal for narc parents, they can't talk back or question the narrative you make up for them. This woman is likely happier than she's ever been in her life. She's got a dead trans kid and doesn't have to deal with his uncertainty or issues anymore. That kid looked 40 there's no way he had a good or happy life.

No. 1738209

There is no excuse
Just that his art isn't in his top priority
Hanging out with his boyfriend and playing video games is his top priority
He's loaded and his fans will give him money no matter what. He is the incel god to them

I also met a couple of his female ex's in the servers. All emotionally abused. It gets a bit darker. But if you're a girl? Zero respect. Guy? At least you get treated like a human

No. 1738399

I can feel the evil coming from her posts. The child (who looks decades older as other anons noted, and so stiff and awkward) transitioned which, according to TRAs is the solution to all their problems. Yet, he was still unhappy evidently. And detrans videos are made by regretful trans people, not terfs. It's obvious transitioning wasn't the answer and the child regretted it.
She is creating an imaginary enemy of "terfs" to deflect the blame obviously placed on her, she manipulated and failed her child and wants to blame an imaginary boogeyman. Pure evil scum, I hope she has no power over other youth in her life.

No. 1738621

File: 1673014165936.png (357.96 KB, 423x582, siren.png)

meet Kara
>22 yo swedish landseal
>posts nudes with her face in it on tumblr for body positivity
>is autistic and really controlling about the response she gets on her pictures, is "not a span bank"
>has a 49 yo black boyfriend "on another continent". is he looking for a visa ? is he getting money out of her ? idk, but he has his own porn blog synfulsaints where he reblogs thin porn actresses
>overshares and is overall ridiculous

No. 1738622

File: 1673014192408.png (100.76 KB, 440x1896, list of expectations.png)

her list of demands / byf

No. 1738623

File: 1673014273571.png (13.69 MB, 2288x4136, collage 1.png)

No. 1738624

File: 1673014326134.png (4.45 MB, 1645x1966, collage2.png)

collages where she looks extra retarded

No. 1738625

File: 1673014365839.jpg (147.92 KB, 971x1920, fat.jpg)

her boyfriend

No. 1738626

File: 1673014393185.png (186.64 KB, 528x548, dumb.png)

No. 1738628

File: 1673014526359.png (85.43 KB, 928x824, insufferable.png)

shocker, nobody likes her. her post on the coworker has many more updates if you can believe that, also notice how she doesn't speculate that she may have done something wrong or been disagreeable

No. 1738629

File: 1673014638297.jpg (180.45 KB, 909x1920, chat.jpg)

thinking retarded scrotes engaging her warrants 1. a reaction 2. a post immemorializing it on her blog
it's from one of her FIVE dedicated complaining tags, listed above in her BYF

No. 1738630

File: 1673014736931.png (154.61 KB, 464x2280, body issues sob story.png)

oversharing her body issues

No. 1738632

File: 1673014820274.webm (8.75 MB, 362x720, tumblr_rng2zrm3HI1z2zqo0_720.w…)

last but not least

No. 1738643

She's wasting her time, posting nudes & lingerie shots and asking moids NOT to leave creepy remarks is fighting a losing battle. Make a private blog if getting "triggered" is that serious ffs. But she seems to really enjoy complaining about people and feeling victimized so maybe it's on purpose.

No. 1738843

File: 1673040659036.png (400.36 KB, 657x813, ahi1.png)

I posted here in the first thread about this girl here >>615392

And just want to let you all know she hasn't changed at all. She's turning 30 this year.

No. 1738844

File: 1673040883621.png (553.24 KB, 807x449, ahi2.png)

she also threw a christmas party recently, and other than 1 more girl this was the turnout. This photo is honestly so grim.

No. 1738848

File: 1673041195802.png (411.25 KB, 657x745, ahi3.png)

oh and of course, she's started an onlyfans

blocked out the name because I'm not giving her business

No. 1738850

File: 1673041248933.jpg (57.99 KB, 1080x512, ahi4.jpg)

another photo from the party

No. 1738851

annnd still posting creepy loli bait thigh photos, she's called them her "kanna thighs" before. at least she knows her market I guess.
end of spam, happy new year everyone.

No. 1738853

File: 1673041497608.jpg (224.75 KB, 1536x2048, ahi5.jpg)

lmao of course I dropped the pic

No. 1738858

File: 1673041740869.png (222.38 KB, 399x388, 4oOPbDdwNCFG_sU3tLH9ZeqPMhrPpv…)

No. 1738869

Why does everyone in this pic look ready to leave kek

No. 1738971

Afraid to take their jackets off because their man tits will peek through

No. 1738988

File: 1673055135578.jpg (54.45 KB, 960x640, 3htgib.jpg)

same vibes

No. 1739009

Imagine kissing this decrepit old bag of wrinkles and from what I gather she's not even getting money just doing it for "love"

No. 1739013

I'm sorry but I think she's hot

No. 1739038

>dates a guy who calls himself the_dark_one_420
tells you all you need to know

No. 1739058

openly admits she wasn’t keeping track of his medication and wasn’t monitoring her actively suicidal son but it’s the terfs who killed him.

No. 1739079

File: 1673072687929.jpg (257.21 KB, 1920x1080, media_Fgvfk1sWIAEhnTy.jpg)

I stalked romanianon's twitter account and posted some photos and screenshots here: https://ibb.co/album/QkRxNv

There's also a crossover with our unicorn Lucinda.

Links to romanianon's socials:

No. 1739085

I genuinely thought this bitch pissed herself in that photo. The shadow + the angle makes it so repulsive at a glance

No. 1739092

Not only that, but if you believed your child was watching "hate" or "discriminatory" videos about themselves (likely as a form of self harm), wouldn't you do something? Like ask how they were feeling or discuss the video content with them?

No. 1739094

Can I have a TL;DR of her? I've seen her pop up in /ot/ but it was so much to read through.

No. 1739130

so interesting, thank you. she's a unique one, she has a tiny kernel of truth ("waoooo !!" science-oomer redditors being contemptible) but spins schizo nonsense from there and make a deal of being hurt about people calling her crazy out, and makes it her whole personality, 100% pure victimhood. i love also how she says she's unbiased
i would like and participate in a thread on her.

No. 1739148

She's cute, shame she's a schizo

No. 1739853

i need an update on purple floor length robe nonna. please explain the outfit

No. 1739866

it’s claiming to have had body dysmorhia as an infant for me

No. 1739891

Sage cuz it really isnt much. But my nigel's brother is a munchie. Its insane. Fakes nuerological symptoms and seizures. Gets fored for it. He is like 400lbs and can only eat tomatoes and white meat chicken (so he says). Allergies galore. It is crazy. Clearly fake. He used to say he was going to er then drive around the block and park somewhere for a few hours then come back. Usually it was a diagnosis of strange brain activity with a follow up set w/nuerologist or other specialist. In America theres no way he affording it. Cant hold down any job. Talks aboit medicine and drug interactions constantly. All about homeopathy too. Always asks aboit everyone's food allergies when cooking (which normally is nice to do) but does it in a way of 'whaaaat you have no dietary restrictioms? Man I have sooooo many you are just so lucky'. Been doing this since before he met me. Ironically, I actually do have a diagnosed rare nuerological disease. Once the family was made aware of it he started faking the same symptoms. Slow buildup over months. Funny enough my disease is portrayed in movies and shows as sort of a joke usually and is heavily misunderstood in public perception. The real disease is so different and devaststing, but also the symptoms are relatively unknown in the public outside of those tv troupes. Which is why I never considered that it was my issue and it took a decade plus to get diagnosed. But he is faking the movie symptoms, not the symptoms that are the most disabling. One day he called and announced he just got back from the ER with the same diagnosis as me. That is impossible, as the diagnostic test is a very specialized thing that takes almost 48hours and would never, ever be preformed in an ER. There is a set of other tests to 'pass' before they even consider this more intense test to rule everything else out due to disease rarity and test cost/inconvenience. But he has my disease now too kek.

No. 1739922


No. 1739945

My personal cow was my ex's mother who was a monster level munchie
>put her internet router inside a microwave and wrapped the microwave in tinfoil beside the front door because the 5G was murdering her
>never took either of her sons to school as kids because her "fibromyalgia" made it difficult to wake up before 3pm (she was a huge weed addict who stayed up to 5am most nights actually)
>one time when I was 19 she took me to her bedroom and showed me a bunch of sex toys and dominatrix clothes, asked me if I wanted to use them on her son. I later found out she had done this to my ex's brother's gf too
>faked some kind of medical emergency on her daughters 18th birthday

No. 1739948

omfg theres gotta be more, tell us more nona

No. 1739952

These are so good, if either of you have more stories about these people I'd love to read it

No. 1739956

Alright heres a few more, I didn't think nonnies would be interested
>huge hypochondriac so afraid of COVID that she spiraled into a extreme religious phase and started some Qanon shit as a fear response. We are in Ireland, not America where Qanon applies.
>decided to spend €1000+ on a wedding dress AND CANCELED ACTUAL CHRISTMAS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY because "Christmas is a sinful holiday". imo she 100% chose the dress over her own kids, she knew the scrote a whole 5 months
>claims her first son was a virgin birth. She told me, and I quote, "he got it on my leg I don't know how it happened".
>forced her sons to buy a wind up radio because she thought the government was going to turn off the electricity all around the world
>hoarder to the extreme. Her house was always disgusting and the family relied on me to clean it in the mornings
>was actually a very good artist
>would collect junkies like stray cats. One of them, Willy, ended up having a scrap with her so she made me get in her car with her oldest son and drive to Willy's house and I sat there while they banged on his windows and screamed through the letterbox
>emotional incest with the older son big time. When he tried to move out she had a complete meltdown and held his dog hostage
>eldest son was completely destroyed by 26 years of being with his insane mum. He was incapable of normal human interaction and never had a job because his mum literally could not have him outside of the house
>she would have really loud sex that everyone on the top floor could hear
>was a major BPD case who would fall in love with anyone who had sex with her. This included Andy the paraguayan-britbong manlet who couldn't read, David the white nationalist van driver who had a very sweet daughter who I felt very bad for, Anthony the mega jesus fan who convinced her not to get life saving surgery on her dog because he believed they were going to vaccinate the dog

No. 1739957

File: 1673212485023.png (1.18 MB, 828x1792, 681C8064-FB13-4AAD-8A67-8F5BA7…)

my personal lolcow is this woman from my hometown

>used to constantly post graphic self harm images online and liveblog her mental illness

>shat out two miserable benefit babies despite her instability being the topic of most of her posts
>photoshops her pics to hell and back

now she’s an unemployed welfare mother and lives off my taxes. i hate this fucking country

No. 1739960

A little on the rest of the family because they were all fucking insane and home had this bizarre thing where it was stuck in 2007. A bit of context here was that I was barely 18 and had never lived outside my sheltered city life, my first independent venture was in a pit of drug addicted lions
>the daughter was a huge MCR fan theatre kid cringe emo with a Nightmare Before Christmas obsession. This was up to 2021 years after any of those things were relevant to current alt people. She even had the 2007 emo hair and clothes
>eldest son was a weed addict insect hoarder who couldn't connect with anyone. He ate once a day and was the most cruel short tempered person I ever met, he would fly into hours long rages. He developed a soft spot for me because I was "nice" to him (I was afraid of him so I never challenged him on anything which he perceived as kindness)
>middle child was a morbidly obese scrote who literally only ate oven pizzas an noodles. He never brushed his teeth so his breath was vile. Only ever cared about videogames and had no passion for life at all. I always pitied him because he knew he was being left behind by his peers who were all off getting married and having kids while he just rotted in the shed playing guitar and being shit at Day Z
>the grandmother was an alcoholic slut who would make weird comments praising me for having an eating disorder
>we had a frequent house guest who was a random cashier at Aldi the mother found crying at his job and took him back to our house after his shift. He was just creepy vibes
>the aforementioned Willy was banging his cousin and his mum was the half sister of his father
>the neighbours were Irish travellers who tried to buy my ex boyfriend when he was a kid presumably to work as a house monkey or some shit
>Andy the Paraguayan-Britbong was a heroin addict who banged everything with a pulse. Many affairs, so much house drama

No. 1739962

why would his mother not let the eldest son out of the house

No. 1739967

God this is good shit, thanks my fellow noneen

No. 1739968

She just couldn't handle life not having him around. They had an extremely strange relationship. He was the virgin birth and he was the only one with a different dad. She went through her early life as a junkie with him being the only thing she could have permanently in her life. As an adult when he should have been independent she just couldn't let go of having him, so extreme that she would give out to him if he went anywhere that wasn't the local supervalu

No. 1740007

What was the state of the house like? Also how does someone hoard insects like did he keep them as pets?

No. 1740019

I hope she gets better

No. 1740115

did she fix her teeth?

No. 1740254

My personal cow is a woman I went to school with. Our parents were friends and so I ended up spending a lot of time with her but she was completely unbearable to be around even from a young age.

>really fat and ugly

>hair always greasy
>fakes being drunk so she can be even more insane and blame it on being “”drunk””
>throws very public temper tantrums despite being nearly 30
>Disney adult
>basically no qualifications
>not legally/medically retarded. Just a terrible person
>incredibly two faced and always betraying people she’s supposedly friends with
>completely deluded and genuinely thinks she’s a good person and successful
>cuckold husband
>has cheated on him many times and he knows about it
>blamed him for her cheating and he accepted that
>he is spineless and pathetic

Honestly I’ve wondered whether she has BPD or some shit. The temper tantrums were so funny though, imagine losing your shit in public as an adult because someone suggested going to a different restaurant. I don’t wanna alog but I hope she gets all that’s coming to her kek. I really hope she doesn’t get knocked up though, she should never be a parent.

No. 1740258

Reading this she reminds me of Trisha Paytas lol

No. 1740310

The main bathroom had been taken up by the eldest son and the bath tub was filled with stuff. He would flip out if anyone went in there so I just didn't. The only available shower was crazy mums en suite and the water pressure didn't work properly for almost 3 years. She had this weird thing where she would never flush the toilet + the sex equipment I mentioned in an earlier post was stored in a suitcase beside the toilet. There was a toilet under the stairs that was kept clean so that's the only place I would pee. The kitchen was always full of an astonishing amount of dirty dishes. I can not stress enough how bad the dish situation was until I moved in and started quietly taking charge of the downstairs cleaning. There would be plates with leftovers just left beside the sink for 3 days. The fridge often had rotten food in it and the presses were overflowing. The mum would grocery shop for things the house already haf several of so the cupboards, fridge, and second fridge were bursting with food despite nobody in the house eating anything. The living room was alarmingly well decorated despite the mess. Again, she was a very good artist and had a very obviously talent for home decor because of this. The problem was that there was a hoard behind each couch that included
>a genuine prosthetic leg
>terracotta flower pots
>right half of a base guitar
>a dress made out of recycled materials
And dirty plates/cups everywhere on top of insane dust and dog hair everywhere.

Eldest son would order insects from around the world. To his credit he took very good care of his insects but the enclosures took up most of his already very small room.

I was spared the pain of the house most of the time because my ex got so tired of the living situation that he built an entire fucking cabin in the garden

No. 1740390

Not sure where else to post this, but I'm not at all surprised by the Andrew Callaghan allegations. I went to the same college as him, and he was constantly cruising around for girls to have threesomes with his long distance gf, and he chased one of my friends across campus after she tried rejecting him.

No. 1740449

File: 1673289082992.jpg (6.65 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20230109_122818984.jpg)

honestly not sure where to post this but I had to share. twitterfag is obsessed with South Park character Randy Marsh. Covered her walls in individual screencaps of him from episodes, says each one is different. Absolute insanity.

No. 1740451

File: 1673289174427.jpg (663.35 KB, 1080x1386, Screenshot_20230109_123226_Twi…)

samefag, I'm on mobile so sorry if the screencaps are shitty

No. 1740628

My god nona this family is delightful to learn about kek

No. 1740710

jesus christ. just imagining how much money she spent on that entire room is making me sick

No. 1740801

No. 1741719

File: 1673420763778.gif (197.82 KB, 220x179, alrighty-then-ace-ventura.gif)

No. 1741772


No. 1741842

No. 1741845

I'll never forget Holly, now Harper

>Trooned out one year into college. Claims anyone attracted to her is gay because she's non binary. Troons out if anyone looks at her with eyes that may perceive her feminine self as a woman despite not being out to most in her life anyway. Thinks the singular side of her head she half shaved makes her very androgynous despite being 5' 2 and huge tits. Claims she sometimes takes hours to leave the house because she can't decide what clothes will make her look most like a 'genderless goblin'. Says this is tantamount to disability, which it is but in the way she thinks.

>Retconned her unproblematic middle class upbringing to be highly neglectful, despite crashing multiple cars and getting new ones bought for her immediately as well as any expense that her loan didn't cover. Also claimed to fear for her life all through school due to her troonish predilections that almost certainly didn't exist at the time.

>Would constantly try to ask people difficult, weird or controversial questions in the middle of a conversation in order to "weed out the bad ones". Examples being "I bet the real reason you won't take a 23&me is you don't want to find out who you need to pay reparations to". Whenever these wouldn't work she'd act like everyone was conspiring against her and were irrideemably evil conservatives

>Once cyberstalked an ex discord friend for over a year after they argued about whether it was pedophilic to include non sexualised mentions of underage characters that later have mild kissing scenes as adults. She acted like she was doing the world a favour by 'getting rid' of a pedo despite dating a man who talks to 16 year olds.

>Has to be the most oppressed and traumatised person in the room. Example being another student was talking about religious trauma due to being raised by very strict Muslim immigrants and she butts in to say she totally relates due to being made to go to the girls brigade for a year. If you broke one bone, she broke it twice.

Exhausting to be around due to the constant morality checks, glad I exited orbit long ago.

No. 1741868

If you're American, is she 2% Cherokee princess white, or is she "I'm not white I'm Irish and Italian" white

No. 1742602

File: 1673523839908.jpg (166.56 KB, 1080x782, tweets.jpg)

No. 1742685

why is she so greasy

No. 1742824

File: 1673542219742.png (512.31 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

dollltears lied about being raped, her main account is gone. I don't want another thread to be started but I just needed to tell someone because WHAT THE FUCK. Any shred of sympathy I might have had left for her is completely gone, what a rotten useless junkie.

No. 1742878

I like her, I hope she gets better.

No. 1743798

File: 1673635618373.jpeg (141.48 KB, 724x267, BD037CC0-FFE8-423C-9DAC-392807…)

Girl she posts about hating all women and about how everyone hates her, she thinks a band from her childhood is making music specifically for her. And getting freaked out and scared and preaching to her 0 followers that “she knows you made the entire album about her”. What is to like about her

No. 1743806

nta but her being mentally ill doesn't make her inherently unlikeable to me. i sympathize with her, she's obviously very sick and miserable.
also >girl
go back.

No. 1743807

i feel sorry for her, i wish she got help and meds

No. 1743811

File: 1673636593932.jpeg (134.86 KB, 750x396, A5151E9D-A7BB-495A-981C-D3D20E…)

Here is my take. I would feel bad if she wasn’t choosing to be like this, but a lot of flakes get worse talk than she does, and are less intelligent. Someone said she has pretty decent opinions which is true. the reason I dislike her is because with all of that knowledge, she still acts like a fool. I am curious to know what band she thinks is making music for her because I could disprove it pretty much instantly kek. Some people are mentally ill and they don’t let it affect others in a negative way. Then there’s her, she says stuff like “”my beliefs are incredibly nuanced and profound”” but does not back it up with her immature behavior despite being an adult. I do know kids with mental disorders that have it under better wraps than her. They might think something that isn’t rational or nice but they don’t leave an online footprint of every one of their breakdowns. Also she uses other peoples illnesses to mock them yet is unable to handle any criticism about her. (This is her insulting someone in a wheelchair for disagreeing with her opinion on comedy)

No. 1743839

ngl i use a chair and that tweet made me kek out loud, it's such a weird dis.

No. 1743875

Ayrt yes

No. 1743911

File: 1673643833249.png (1.06 MB, 1795x1080, Untitled.png)

nta but i screencapped the kafkachan vs cripple infight, sorry for the incoming autism

No. 1743916

File: 1673643972324.png (1.32 MB, 1788x1080, Untitled(1).png)

No. 1743917

File: 1673644075975.png (257.09 KB, 1795x628, Untitled(2).png)

No. 1743921

File: 1673644175635.png (454.5 KB, 1798x1080, Untitled(3).png)

No. 1743929

File: 1673644813654.jpg (69.14 KB, 535x808, hitler FQW1kCvVsAIVu1t.jpg)

Fuck that cripple scrote. Any woman is right to bash him.
Context: He was saying some misogynistic bullshit in the video she's responding to. He then of course started playing the victim after this, like he seems prone to do lol

No. 1743930

File: 1673644860030.jpeg (28.97 KB, 736x499, 3AC7F9E9-9E15-4075-B68C-C6D77C…)

Reading this makes me want to drink three or five glasses of alcohol. And I’m not even a regular drinker.
(Sorry too tired to edit something better.)

No. 1743966

Legitimately when will she stop schizopostimg though

No. 1744204

this was so interesting. plz keep posting her, nona

No. 1744207

File: 1673664082089.jpg (821.49 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230113_204016_Gal…)

what a weird coincidence, the Unicorn follows her.

No. 1744319

genuinely sucks for everyone involved but im lmfao at antivaxxing for dogs kek. i guess it does kind of "logically" follow from the usual antivax beliefs but ive never heard of that

No. 1744339

File: 1673675981926.jpg (113.99 KB, 1080x581, kafkachan.jpg)

She says she is homeless

No. 1744344

File: 1673676387489.jpg (240.18 KB, 1080x816, Collage.jpg)

Also, lol. She doesn't talk to people IRL, so when she complains about people, I'll assume it's about people she talks to on the internet.

No. 1744387

>tried to change literal genetically predetermined facial features through hypnosis tape

I just laughed so loud I scared the cat.

No. 1744388

I blame Sofie Hagen for ruining Scandi girls for me.

No. 1744393

Same. She's self obsessed and immature but her body is cute.

No. 1744558

A lot of cows are cute or at least average looking, it’s their deranged personalities and inability to understand basic cause & effect that makes them cows.

No. 1744632

Romanianon changes her profile pic, posts semi less deranged things when a thread is going on her
Any one else feel like an attention hungry cow might be among us?
And ps imo good looks aren’t any reason to become a schizo. She complains about ppl mocking her but literally admits to mocking people being one of her core character traits. Also sorry but pretty sure Lain Chan wouldn’t insult a cripple for the one thing he can’t control,his disability.

No. 1745309

File: 1673778965542.jpeg (90.17 KB, 1125x435, 16961309-FF6B-4697-8A58-C99035…)

Gorillaz are stealing Romanianon‘s ideas and mocking her

No. 1745318

its so funny because she posts that and tons of selfies and also lewds where she shows her panties and she gets 0 engagement
thats just straight up impressive considering the most disgusting looking egirls do

No. 1745327

>gender fluid lestbian, headcannons Randy as a genderfluid bisexual
I am just in shock. Will it even be possible to create a cure for autism? She desperately needs it.

No. 1745375

No. 1745499

the mental gymnastics to say "I'm hot for randy's fictional dick" kek

No. 1745602

File: 1673819758685.jpeg (216.96 KB, 750x662, C8BD7AE8-371C-415C-B153-8EC86F…)

Sorry romanianon, even the filthiest, grimiest most disgusting moids get freaked out by schizo meltdowns. Also she wants to be lain yet can’t comprehend basic “people can look like you without stalking/impersonating you” without seeming like she’s trolling from how ludicrous her delusions are. We’re onto you romanianon, and PS, there’s a rare chance she is aware of us talking about her and is acting more stupid to negate her sincerity… let’s say she doesn’t think gorillaz is stalking her but she believes all prettier girls on TikTok are, gorillaz is a good red herring than the obviously jealously motivated reasons uses to decide who’s “stealing” from her. She is claiming she thinks gorillaz used her face to model noodle, that seems ridiculously almost unbelievably stupid for her to really think. I do buy she is really insecure about her identity though, id be scared to post anything that reminds her of herself , because I might be the next one she goes on a schizo rant about.
Someday someone who she charms is going to call her funny or smart or unique, god help us for how big her ego is going to get when that happens. Pls stop acting like lain, you’re more of a Hannibal lector type.

No. 1745613

File: 1673820674689.jpg (113.41 KB, 1080x685, twt.jpg)

i think she lurks

No. 1745619

Yuh think, maybe that’s why some posts are worded personally and directed to her like she was reading it….

hi romania you don’t deserve to be called anon, we don’t claim you. You act so smart but this board sees right through you

No. 1745928

newfriend, type sage in the e-mail if you have no milk and tone down the autism, being an anon isn't a badge of honor

No. 1745963

Of course she does, she's a long time lc poster kek

No. 1745968

marlbaraLTD on twitter. I've followed this person for a long while now and the facts I've collected about them is honestly kinda staggering, and I wish I could go into more detail but I'll just settle with some bullet points. They're a 30 year old TIF schizo who creates mspaint drawings about schizo delusions and anime.
>frequent posting about wanting to kill cats (picrel)
>admits to having sex with a dog because a "russian lady" groomed them into it (also picrel)
>claims to be intersex
>claims to have "killed" their grandpa by being the one to sign off on having his life support shut off or something as a child
>mother is equally insane, currently lives with her after breaking up with another TIF
>draws loli self harm art frequently
Is anyone else familiar with this person? I feel like they're such a niche cow. These screenshots are from their substack

No. 1745969

File: 1673860093075.png (Spoiler Image, 637.25 KB, 1657x812, gfdfgdfdggfd.png)

image didn't send for some reason

No. 1745989

>>frequent posting about wanting to kill cats
What is it with cows and wanting to kill cats? Romanianon wanted to kill her cats too lol

No. 1746024

I ignore this kind of horrorcow. it's not a good look to even notice them. It's like when chris chan raped his mom: it's not funny anymore.

No. 1746033

*TIM not TIF my bad I wrote this while tired

No. 1746037

Ofc it's a moid ffs why are you theying it it's a fucking male

No. 1746333

Because she’s Lain

No. 1749249

File: 1674266002056.jpg (490.82 KB, 1536x2048, 20230120_194858.jpg)

@tokitaffy on twitter. Another glimpse into the autism of the Randy Marsh shrine.

No. 1749250

File: 1674266061836.jpg (574.91 KB, 1536x2048, 20230120_194939.jpg)

No. 1749387

Not gonna lie without any other context I fucking love this but I'm a loser degenerate who likes moid cartoons

No. 1749407

I miss unitedkoopas…

No. 1749418

I requested permission to look at the drive, I don't intend on sharing them I just want to see them again

No. 1749461

I'm so late but holy fucking kek, one of the funniest things I've read on lcf

No. 1749464

File: 1674296927171.jpg (501.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20230121_104757.jpg)

Ok I'm fully invested in randy-chan now. Had a look at their account, this is the shrine in action.

No. 1749465

File: 1674297022889.jpg (326.82 KB, 720x979, 20230121_105043.jpg)

>1 year
Jesus christ, this was accomplished in a single year???? How the fuck

No. 1749466

File: 1674297204953.jpg (191.48 KB, 720x540, 20230121_105311.jpg)

Can anyone identify the pride flag on the bottom heart under the rainbow flag heart? I have a sneaking suspicion this is going to evolve into a TIF skinwalker

No. 1749468

It looks to be the genderfluid flag.

No. 1749471

File: 1674298471356.jpg (271.49 KB, 720x859, 20230121_111358.jpg)

Original randy-chan poster, why did you leave out that there are articles written about her? Her Twitter is full of milk and you posted the least insane things

No. 1749472

Can we have a general thread for people like this?

No. 1749473

I don't think that's a rainbow flag, looks more like a pan or bi flag

No. 1749561

>be a single lesbian
>meet seemingly nice couple; but they’re a little cringey with the performative wokeness - always assuring me it’s okay to be gay lmao
>he’s a British immigrant, needs dat green card but makes a lot of money himself at least
>guy in particular goes too hard in on wokeness; borderline MRA with his trans rights BS, posts that ‘deer teenage girls stop hitting your BFs’ meme (as if teenage boys’ lives didn’t revolve around raping girls and being indoctrinated into violent incels)
>always making cringey gay jokes towards male friends, wonder how wife stands him
>she doesn’t lol
>decides she’s ‘poly’ and already has a guy lined up
>husband has to go along with it and get cucked since immigrant, she’s on house deed
>guy also tries to go on dates but can’t stop sperging about ‘protect trans kids’
>no one will date him
>he sleeps in the mother in law suite now

No. 1749575

only a fucking year and all that shit holy kek

you know, people can have their anime waifu and husbando shrines, I guess let them have their randy shrine and be fucking weird

that's a genderfluid flag and nonbinary flag, goes with their randy lore

No. 1749576

he's milliseconds from trooning out, run

No. 1749605

I do wonder about that but I’ve known them for like 5 years now. If he did it’d be hilarious, he’s like 6’2 and shaves his head at like 29 so his hairline is probably pretty unfortunate.

No. 1749648

why is she lashing out at her so hard for such an innocuous tiktok

No. 1749670

his wife should divorce him. also just wondering genuinely but what does you being a single lesbian have to do with literally anything in the story

No. 1749675

nta but if you were a single lesbian you would understand

No. 1749724

File: 1674338142825.png (229.64 KB, 612x1335, Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 21-53…)

would you read her manifesto?

No. 1749735

i would. i wouldn't even make fun of her

No. 1749743

Yes, out of curiosity. There are people out there who feel sorry for her and have reached out, only to be met with hostility. It’s hard to deal with someone who’s completely hopeless. I tried being friendly in her Twitch stream only to be ignored while she went on a long repetitive rant. Still feel bad for her and hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 1749842

Was it ever truly confirmed that she was also The Crapper? I've seen nonnies claim this as a fact

No. 1749988

You mean (c)rap-chan? No, that was pakichan. A farmhand exposed her.

No. 1750014

zeph (zephanijong) on twitter. she's your typical "crazy girl" spam account when she's not ebegging through her amazon wishlist or new PO box. is pushing her music career pretty heavy despite most of her songs being barely over a minute long and no stage presence. attached video of her live performance

No. 1750088

I have a weird fascination with this woman and her consoomerism. I watch these collection room videos occasionally, and it gets worse every time. They got a new house with her husband with a room for her doll collection. Then the collection took over another room. Now it seems to be spreading to hallways too, and I fully believe it's going to take over the whole house eventually. It's all so cluttery, messy and ugly looking.

She started collecting only specific dolls, but at this point she collects every kind of toy you can imagine basically and anime shit. She gets cardboard doll sale displays from stores and displays her unopened doll boxes in them like in a store. Many of the toys she has she feels like she NEEDS to have doubles, triples or even more of.

She seems to get worse with her hoarding. There's hauls of new toys she gets almost daily, and in those she always gets an absolute fuckload of shit to add to her hoard. Yet I cannot stop watching in shock and horror, it's like watching a car crash. Obviously she's an adult and she can do whatever she wants with her money but it's all just so excessive. Which one of us is more autistic, she with her hoard or me watching it, I do not know kek.


No. 1750098

Man…I first saw her videos when she was just getting into Rainbow High and started on her doll room and after like a week I had to unsub because it was too much, she seemed to be dropping hundreds of dollars a week on them. That was maybe a year ago…it has gotten this bad this fast.

No. 1750104

Oh yeah, the RH sitution has escalated a LOT. Starting from 7:00 you can see "new in box" collection. She also has doubles of dolls so she can display both outfits. It's crazy. And this is 2 months old so it has ballooned since then.

No. 1750112

its her house and she bought a bigger house specifically so she would have more room for her dolls. its also her fiance, not her husband. she also works full time on top of making youtube videos almost every single day. some people just enjoy different things, its definitely not a "hoarding" situation if she is able to keep it neat, clean, and organized. she makes almost enough money off youtube alone to survive, plus has a masters, i think if she wants to fill her house with dolls she can. also most of the things she does that are you trying to make sound strange (collecting doll displays, duplicates of dolls, a whole room for dolls etc) are extremely common in the doll and pony collecting communities. also if she didn't "bring in new hauls" how would she be able to make content? companies also send her stuff. not a cow, i could see further discussion in the consoom threads if you wanted to take it there though.

No. 1750120

But if you look at the videos you see it's NOT neat, clean and organized. There's piles of stuff upon stuff on the floor and it just keeps piling up.

No. 1750131

There is nothing normal about how much stuff has been collected in such a short amount if time. Collectors collect with a purpose and eye for what they like. She just adds in more and more without any rhyme or reason except for the novelty. Having money and an education doesn't automatically mea someone is mentally healthy either.

No. 1750135

everything she collects she does like though, and a lot of her collection shes had since childhood/teen years. she doesn't really just add any random thing to her collection, like her anime stuff is all precure and lovelive and touhou shit because she loves all that stuff? sometimes people do send her things she doesn't typically collect and she likes and holds onto those because a fan sent them, but she really isn't just bringing in any old doll. yes she has a lot of rainbow high dolls, but she customizes them and does reroots. she puts a lot of time and effort into how she transforms them, and has a real passion for those specific dolls. i just don't understand why you think someone having a hobbies and interests and collecting makes them mentally unhealthy. its not like they all sit around and collect dust and aren't appreciated or shown off at all.

No. 1750142

Having hobbies is fine, even a whole room/rooms for it is fine, but how her situation has escalated in such a short amount if time is not normal or healthy.

No. 1750158

>t. offended consoomer who relates to much to the retard hoarding chunks of plastic

No. 1750197

My bad, anon. I didn't see the article.

No. 1750207

>either cow herself or someone else with a house full of plastic shit

I'm a collector too but at the rate she's going there will not be enough room for humans in that house, that is not normal

No. 1750212

How come you know so much about her?

No. 1750217

i'm just an avid watcher and fan of her channel. i just think shes a nice person and her videos are positive. my whole point in my argument is that she is not cowish, i agree that this would be great discussion for the consoomerism thread in /ot/, but she doesn't deserve to be posted in "snowflakes and mistakes" when she doesn't have any cowish or milky behavior. and yes, i do have a room full of "plastic shit" and i don't care.

No. 1750219

This is a personal lolcow thread and she is mine. Though I would say that level of hoarding is objectively cowish.

> and yes, i do have a room full of "plastic shit"

Well that was obvious from the start

No. 1750392

Wow just watching this made me anxious and she seemed to be, too. This woman desperately needs to find the actual source of her hoarding, a less cluttered space and fucking sunlight in her rooms.

No. 1750396

>she also works full time on top of making youtube videos almost every single day.
Maybe she wouldn't have to work fulltime, which self admittedly stresses her out according to the posted video, if she wouldn't spend all that money on her hoard. Maybe she could actually enjoy what she has then, instead of endlessly buying new heaps of toys.

No. 1750403

i mean shes a paleontologist who specialized in crustaceans so i don't think she just works fulltime to fund her "hoard" i think its something shes trained in and interested in kek

No. 1750405

It’s not a ”hoard”, it’s a true and honest HOARD consoomer-chan

No. 1750449

Doesn't matter, as she said she's stressed and overwhelmed by that so there must be a reason why she doesn't change it.

No. 1750702

It’s okay to have hobbies and things you collect if you want but this… holy moly. Thanks for sharing Anon cuz I amma keep an eye on her too cuz… wow

No. 1752116

Am a total retard who's only talent is making "ok" drawings and decided to join art uni.
Most of my classmates are normal people, no snowflakes… But-

>Fakeboi who goes by Alex since her real name is Alexandra

>Wants her new name to be (i kid you not) fucking "Adolf"
>"uwu people are so dumb for feeling awkward about my name"
>DOESN'T SHUT UP, has enough energy and conversation topics i guess to talk every second of a 3 hour class
>Claims she has asperger
>Talks about the weirdest sick shit in class, at least that's a thing her and scrotes have in common
>talks all about her buying nsfw and furry shit (no one cares)
>"Divorced parents also? Fist bump!"
>Claims she has trouble focusing and doesn't mind distracting the class also with her nonsense
>"my girlfriend's family think I'm the worse because I'm neurodivergent"

While in the bathroom a classmate literally told me she had to get out of the classroom because she couldn't handle that retard talking for three hours straight, it was so funny, she was telling me stuff like "poor thing, she must be so confused since she talks so much bullshit" she said what i was thinking, props to her for not holding back, i myself was trying not to say anything about her to the teacher since i don't want any trouble this quarter.

No. 1752123

>art univeristy
>wants to be called adolf
Seems like we have a Hitler kinnie on our hands

No. 1752127

Honestly your prof is the real problem there, they should have teaching strategies to shut down students who dominate seminar discussions and redirect off-topic/inappropriate conversations. Sounds like your teacher is too lax and letting one weirdo ruin the learning experience everyone paid for. You should 100% complain to the prof and if they do nothing, go to the university admin.

No. 1752152

I wish i could, sadly my uni is all woke and they would tell me to be understanding of other people's conditions since i also take antidepressants (they have my medical report bummer).

Also I'm crying, how did she not sat there for a moment to think she sounds like a hitler kinnie while being the kind of person to be turned into soap.

No. 1752451

>random twitter degen girl who's profile I creep on once every few months
>claims to have a bunch of bizarre abstract fetishes like arousal from hearing the sound of a bell, or spilling milk, or two animals fusing into one animal, or watching blank media disks get crushed
>also into insane degen shit like zoophillia, scat, and snuff
>claims to have anorgasmia and can't cum
>develop theory that she literally doesn't know the difference between thinking something is interesting/aesthetic and sexual arousal
>feel bad for her bc she was probably exposed to kink stuff online from a young age
>develop theory that if she'd log off for a while, stop looking at porn, and try having normal sex she'd probably come
>lo and behold she recently posted about how her boyfriend gave her oral and she finally had an orgasm

No. 1752661

File: 1674724062101.jpg (128.15 KB, 1024x651, cancer.jpg)

I used to browse a popular discussion forum when I was in my teens, and once I stumbled upon a random post on the recently posted page. It was a completely unhinged person ranting about how he has the right to not take out his trash but to leave them rot in the corridor instead for his neighbours to take out, because he is somehow better than everyone else. He used the same nickname, so I looked up his posts and oh boy
>30-year-old TIM NEET living on welfare
>posts mostly on the troon board, where he is infamous for stirring shit
>got kicked out of a private troon forum for his behaviour
>extremely bitter for several things, including but not limited to being denied troon treatment, being bullied (according to his words), being kicked out of the troon forum, everybody being mean to him (in his head)
>posts long seething walls of text, attacks everyone who disagrees
>gross AGP posts fetishizing everythin related to women (this was my original peak trans)
I laugh at him for a while, forget about him, then fast forward a few years…
>someone planned to shoot up an university
>guess fucking who
>yes it's him (and some random scrote he met on darknet)
>he does a nazi salute in court
>is thrown in the loony bin
picrel is him in court. So basically my personal troon lolcow turned out to be an unhinged psycho and a failed school shooter.

No. 1752750

> So basically my personal troon lolcow turned out to be an unhinged psycho and a failed school shooter.
So, your average troon.

No. 1752896


groomed or not, people like this need to be taken the fuck out of the gene pool


Someone put this AGP moid out of everyone's misery

No. 1753053

This is a great story and you're blessed to be able to have witnessed it.

No. 1754242

File: 1674864784179.jpeg (250.33 KB, 828x1189, 0402DD76-175E-4DD7-808C-5A5F2E…)

Definitely not a bot

No. 1754819

I was introduced to this rambling self-hating anachan by a friend and holy shit. Every single one of her videos is the same unhinged ranting, she hates everything and everyone, has no personality and hilariously bad taste. She's obsessed with being cool and hates anything that's no longer a fad, but hasn't noticed that she's permanently stuck in 2002 valley girl mode. Shockingly, she does not have female friends. She is a strange, vapid trainwreck and I can't figure out if I should feel bad for her or draw a salt circle around my computer so she doesn't crawl out.

No. 1754823

It's only a matter of time until a troon actually succeeds in a school shooting. Being a mentally ill incel with a personality disorder is a requirement for trooning out.

No. 1754827

It happened
It wasn't a school but the shooter was a tranny: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eaton_Township_Weis_Markets_shooting

No. 1754848

File: 1674927961015.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

My personal lolcow is an ex friend. She's an immature dumbass and thinks she's the main character of a video games and we're all NPCs:
>keeps getting scammed by her family, complains about it and doesn't do anything about it
>her sister's husband died of cancer, the sister actively, physically prevented him from seeking treatment, not even paliative treatment, besides burning sage in their house and praying, the ex-friend thought that was just weird but not that abnormal
>wants to include random people in all her outings and activities, for example we traveled together for holidays once and dragged some completely random girl we met in out youth hostel, translated everything I told her in English unprompted including very personal shit I said in our first language on purpose, or ruined a shit ton of restaurant reservation by showing up with one or two people we didn't even fucking know
>forces herself to do things for other when we tell her she DOESN'T have to at all, for that trip I wanted to go to the beach and warned her that I plan on going there alone, she proposed to travel with me unprompted, whined the whole week and was legit happy my period came a week earlier than planned and I couldn't swim as much as planned, this was the very first time I traveled after turning into an adult
>turns out, the reason why she does that is because she think my other friends and I are giant lonely losers and she pitied us and forced herself to ruin our plans because "uwu poor anon wants to go to a restaurant with just 2 other people/wants to do some solo traveling on purpose THAT'S NOT NORMAL"
>is dating a 19yo ugly as fuck, stupid manlet who looks like he's suffering from FAS and has a shit ton of acne while she's 27, is dragging him with her everytime other friends and I plan outings
>tried to lecture me for criticizing our country for doing shit reforms or whatever once, because "uwu France saved my parents from their communist regime and genocide be grateful" even though in my case, France conquered and ruin the countries my parents are from, raped women and children because lol, tortured people because lol, stole a bunch of corpses and put them in museums because lol xD, and I'm constantly discriminated at work because of my ethnicity unlike her in here
>posts way TMI online, will also post way TMI on others unprompted and be upset when we ask her to delete compromising stuff like pictures of our ex-Jewish friend eating ham and bacon on FB and tagging her. She also posts gigantic paragraphs on her instagram stories, a friend of us who lives abroad asked me what the fuck was going on because of it when I visited her
>one more example of her ruining plans, she once was invited by a friend who wanted to cook dinner with expensive ingredients and she told her one hour before the time we planned that she changed her mind to see her sister. Another time, a friend who lives at the other side of the country visited us for the first time in 4 years and she kept telling her that she's come see her during the weekend but put it off and let her believe she'd definitely come, the asked her were they could meet once that girl was already in the train to go back home. She also outed that girl as bi against her knowledge because she was too immature to understand why she didn't want to be around her ex-gf after they broke up and "waaah we can't hang out like we used to, I just DON'T get it, poor me"
I'm avoiding her while also asking our mutual friends what she's up to from time to time.

No. 1754856

You just don't get the master troll that is HRHCollection. Get her name out of your mouth!

No. 1754865

HRH Collection isn’t an “anachan”, she’s a fat bitchy Trumptard and barely worthy of being considered a cow.

No. 1754866

Are you a gay moid or just retarded?

No. 1755129

Post stalker pic of you in purple frock walking through a car park at night or gtfo

No. 1755134

I don't get it, did I miss something?

No. 1756095

File: 1675033608739.jpg (118.22 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1675033103061.jpg)

This is "Kittyfae Loli." I found him (her? Him? It?) in an alternative fashion group on Facebook. This is the caption he used for this atrocious outfit:

>"herez 5z ofz myz mostz favez picz fwmz myz loli_faery photoz shootz xoxoxo huggies uwuz nya nya

#uwu #loli #princess #babygirl #animegirl #loligoth #altgirl #harajuku #ddlgkitten #kitty #vampirefae #cosplay #babygirlxo4evrs #xoxoxo #wuvs #funz #vibrant #lovings #playfuls #carefree #adorbs #cutez #かわいい #kawaii #vibings #楽しい #tanoshi #huggies #kissies #magicalz"

The post itself got deleted by mods, but when I commented on it asking about the use of "loli," he said that he's frequently mistaken for 13-16, making him a "legal loli." The post was then deleted after mods talked about closing the comments due to "troubling comments made."

Needless to say, he doesn't remotely look like a teenager, making his way of typing and dressing even more grotesque.

Further investigation shows that he's a DDLG pedo too, with his own subreddit.


No. 1756098

File: 1675033726561.jpg (951.25 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230129_160844_Fac…)

More social media links found:
"hewoz fwendz imz kittyfae imz jus a funz kawaii loli girl myz lnkz arz belwz feelz fweez toos folwz senz requstz anz mesigz meez i wuvs awsumz soulz huggies uwuz nya nya
https://m.twitch.tv/babykittyxo4evrs(don’t use emoji)

No. 1756117

lock this man up.

No. 1756268

This feels like he's trying to experience what it was like to be a 13-16 year old girl on MySpace back in the day. Nightmare inducing stuff.

No. 1756805

> the pink wheelchair in the background

I have so many fucking questions.

No. 1756865

Sorry the beginning is cut out, had to edit my profile pic out. This guy commits to the bit. I can't believe people take this pedobait larping seriously.


No. 1757867

None of this made since wtf are you smoking nonnie, post something real u sound like a tweaker

No. 1757893

This seems exactly what he's doing, we know many troons in the mtf thread larp specific girls from their past. Though I have never seen a woman quite this retarded online so it appears his memory is fuzzy.
It makes sense, anon posted her personal cow in the personal cow thread.

No. 1757967

I’m purple frock anons former friend (not the one they posted about). That anon is my personal cow and apparently the website has been down for them since they posted about their friend. I have milk if anyone is interested

No. 1757970

Share it please

No. 1758036

Please post the milk nonnie

No. 1758048

I am begging you nonita

No. 1758162

File: 1675240821688.jpg (35.1 KB, 400x400, JpXJrJdf_400x400.jpg)

I've been watching this girl julia @overexcitabie on twitter
>paranoid internet addict
>loves to brag about being a rich tradwife with an alpha husband
>spends all day on twitter debating people
>uses alts to keep fighting when she gets blocked
>tries to dox and stalk people when they leave the argument
>accuses them of pedophilia to justify doxxing
You could find her arguing with someone at any time of the day. I don't think she has a job or goes to school

But about a week ago she slipped up posting her credit card not fully covered and got doxed after posting a dox of BAP then they found out her husband is a pedo:
>old posts trying to sleepcall underage girls
>video where he cries on a call getting his underage girlfriend stolen by another guy
>best friends were arrested for cp
>used to cam for men
>selfie with 'cock goes here’ sharpied on his face

At first she tried defending him but they kept dumping more and she ended up private

I haven't seen anything since. I wasn't following her so I don't know if she stopped posting but I'm hoping she opens again so I can find out the full story. I knew there must be something wrong but not being married to a freak. She calls him alpha but the video shows him threatening to kill himself over an underage girl. She's been lying this whole time

No. 1758371

>posting a dox of BAP
It makes me think Bronze Age Pervert should really get a thread. This tard literally bragged about spending Christmas Eve with a "prostie".

No. 1758467

I've never bragged about being a rich tradwife you're a literal pedophile stalking me lol i have only called out actual pedophiles on twitter, you're probably rohit okhandiar's orbiter and mad that i (alongside many others) exposed your friend for being a groomer

No. 1758474

File: 1675280406129.jpeg (105.93 KB, 1242x859, 5C535CD0-DC6D-4D71-92F8-4906B4…)

I never posted a dox of bap you actual retard he was doxed years ago, i posted a picture, i have never even claimed to be trad, my husband was literally underage in that video that was posted by a pedophile later than when it was taken, again BAP posts lolicon child porn and you're one of the milady freaks this entire website hates >>1758371 this is what i posted and this freak stalker is really mad calling my man a pedo for talking to a teen as a teenager.

No. 1758479

File: 1675280884468.png (103.73 KB, 708x774, 4A540FC2-D2DC-4924-9A29-523005…)

The "underage girl" born the same year as him who talked to him when they were both minors. How am i a lolcow for calling out grown men who sexualize minors again? But you're posting videos of an underage teen boy crying over a girl around his age from 8+ years ago?
https://imgur.com/a/rzWbB8w - why I called Emil Kirkegaard a pedophile, and im not the only one who does
https://imgur.com/a/cifLucg - why I called bap a pedo, and im not the only one who does
There's ample evidence of Miya/Rohit sexualizing underage girls. https://web.archive.org/web/20220627012947/twitter.com/Milady_Watch not even my account

This entire site is filled with women who hate men who sexualize children, just like me, and my partner has never done that, leave us the fuck alone

No. 1758495

File: 1675282354084.jpeg (1.37 MB, 3151x3465, 6B020E30-F774-4BD3-9D1E-502B22…)

the account you're @ing (probably yours) liking tweets from a grown man who talks about 12 year olds breasts, baps own tweets, liking tweets with a loli talking about minors eggs. you're totally not a pedophile orbiter mad that i talked shit to someone you orbit now calling a man a pedophile for a video recorded of him crying when he was a teen boy. oh and those arent his friends, they havent associated in years, youre free to read what i posted if youre going to continue stalking me but dont try to find community in a website filled with women who hate pedophiles like you

No. 1758537

File: 1675286026058.jpeg (789.05 KB, 2048x2048, C5121DA9-2211-4E3F-B39F-DF9146…)

Me explicitly stating im not trad, and guess what i dont even VOTE never have or identify as either right wing or left wing. There's absolutely nothing on my partner sleepcalling underage girls you deluded freak. Theres a video of him crying over a girl around his own age that was recorded when they were both minor teens and uploaded later to harass him. The selfie you're talking about is of him as a minor with that written on his forehead when he was threatened with swatting. He was a stupid teen and talked to other stupid teens and also grown exploitative men he has no association with and hasnt for years. How would you feel if you were underage and got extorted online into writing on yourself while guys threatened you with swatting and someone posted that almost a decade later? I use alts when I block the nonces like you harassing me and they wont stop harassing me, you can see by what they're posting that I'm the one blocking them. I haven't spread any doxes on twitter or stalked anyone again I call out multiple grown men sexualizing children. You realize anyone can record a video of you a year ago and post it to youtube tomorrow, and that doesnt mean it was recorded tomorrow? You realize anyone can post your skype anywhere saying "12f" 21f" and that isnt proof thats you pretending to be 12 or a female? Because the same pedophile who did that to him also did that to me posting my username in random websites and i'd get hundreds of adds from random men. You tried getting info on me on twitter, multiple people blocked and reported you, and when that didn't work you resorted to spreading libel in a female only site while linking profiles by pedophilic bap supporters stalking women. If you care about pedophilia why did you contact people who distributed cp, why are you linking accounts that support pedophiles harassing women?

No. 1758625

No. 1758636

cow behavior is spreading videos of underage teen boys and spreading libel about them spread by bap fanboy accounts

No. 1759016

I can't stop thinking about this story, I'm morbidly curious about what else you've managed to learn about them. Went through the twitter and became oddly fascinated

No. 1759052


No. 1759109

Bump , prn on front page

No. 1759164

Christ how did you find my post? You really are insane, none of this has to do with your husband. He's on video talking about an underage girl's nudes?

How old was he here?

No. 1759276

File: 1675353311338.png (2.58 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210301-224406.png)

Personal cow is someone I knew. Had one of the worst reputations I've ever seen. Everyone hated her.

>known to be a raging alcoholic and dragged off campus by cops

>was raped by grandpa
>dad is a heroin junkie in LA that used her to buy drugs
>posted to over 200+ people a still public YouTube video that her own mother uploaded of her suicide, junkie dad in the comment mourns her death
>claims her dad is incredibly charming and smart but also hates him, says she has daddy issues and loves old men because of this
>"muh feminism kill all men and own my sexuality" and post tit pics and sperged out on Instagram at her own aunt for saying she can't post sexy selfies
>cries that men only want her for her body
>hate men? solution is to become lesbo and post drunk videos of make out sessions with fellow mentally ill druggie girl friends
>shows everyone her vibrators and her vodka bottles and how she loves masturbating
>harassed an underclassman for dating her ex and saying "I hope you get raped and bleed from your pussy"
>daily posts harassing other people for being white despite being a white femcel
>bullied an autistic methhead guy which I also have milk on
I can't tell if I feel hatred or pity for her. I still have that video of her mother somewhere in youtube. Not even sure if I'm allowed to post something like that.

Her group consists of: a socially awkward ana-chan that shares boys nudes to everyone, braindead that fought with cow over a druggie white boy, BPD suicide threatening girl, and lesbian masculine horse girl. Other associates were other gay ana femboys that thrived on talking about hooking up with old men.

No. 1759288

File: 1675354082063.png (733.38 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20211220-151139.png)

The methhead cow I mentioned. Knew him because he suddenly walked up to me and shared his entire life story to me and he told me "sorry it's because I'm autistic"

>told me about a group chat where all the boys shared everyone's nudes with each other, told me not to tell because it's considered CP

>would post about parents confiscating his drugs
>sent nudes of him jerking while high to people
>told me about how he abused his gf on meth and how she keeps trying to commit suicide
>his friends shat on him for being a massive POS
>before he cut contact he told me his gf successfully passed away
>gets bullied by the alcoholic cow I mentioned above but has no other friends, so he begs to be with her
>talks about everyone behind their backs and hides behind his autism and gets surprised when he's socially outcasted

It's too bad he couldn't stop his addiction. I slowly watch him deteriorate on social media.

No. 1759300

>I still have that video of her mother somewhere in youtube. Not even sure if I'm allowed to post something like that.
pls post it

No. 1759310


here you go nonnie
not much besides the fact that cow showed everyone the video and talked about how her mum hung herself in front of her

Unrelated, forgot to mention methhead told me about how his gramps was a "cool" Nazi in the ol world war

No. 1759613

You think 27yo woman dating a 19yo ugly, immature boy because she couldn't do better isn't cow behavior? You think letting her letting her sister prevent her cancer ridden husband from seeking treatment so she could cure him with essential oils, prayers and burning sage because "it's hard for her too" is normal? If that's the case I want to know more about you. I could say more stuff about her being an asshole but that would require me getting in details and that's too long and complicated.

No. 1762495

There's three different ig cows I'll be referring to but they all do the same degenerate shit so I'll just summarize all of them in one shot. One of them was already mentioned here >>>/snow/1761499 but I'm hesitant to start posting the others, they have way less of a following. I don't want to compromise the milk and make them go into hiding. Before you ask no I did not make those posts in the MAP thread. I think a lot of other people are starting to find their accounts and be weirded out.
>women/Fairweather tifs in the 18-24 age range obsessed with fabricating arrested development/maintaining it
>will not post their real ages in their bios, only admit to being over 18 when harassed about it
>spend ludicrous amounts of time and money on wearing children's second-hand clothes from Asiaand I wonder if the fact it's used gets them off
>obsessed with being small in every way including publicly bragging about having "child sized" feet, flat chests, stick legs, being as short as a kid, etc.
>two of them post photos of actual children like siblings or random child models, usually japanese or white girls in girly attire
>one of them cites Yukapon as fashion inspo
>LARP as 'big sisters' or 'little sisters' to live out anime pedo fantasies
>have alternate accounts for their loli personas
>one of them had a co-owned public 'aesthetic' account where she would post the other admin, herself and lolis talking about wanting to rape them
>openly refer to themselves as 3-8 year old girls online
>one in particular lives in South America in a very nice home and room but leaves her space a pigsty for the aesthetic
>become nonbinary/boys/femboys overnight whenever they want new reasons to police people's conversations about them and their behaviors
>openly display sexually explicit merchandise of child anime characters
>don't care about exposing roommates or family to the pedo stuff in their bedrooms
>none of them work but are always posting what they just ordered online
>somehow 2/3 have boyfriends irl
>all three of them are mostly followed by underage girls and two of them have public profiles
>one of them does a really unsettling anime loli voice whenever she posts videos of herself, does the same fake creepy voice when singing
>bedrooms look like actual daycare rooms with playmats and kid's rugs, kid's blankets, etc. a la Shayna Clifford's piss blanket bed era
The most damning thing for me is that they all interact with minors on their pages and like their comments calling them cute or lolis. Crossing the line over into actually talking to real children who you know will look up to you and try to appease you is sickening. Nobody knows if they're just pretending to be lolis and RP ing with each other or if they actually chat up kids on those RP side accounts aside from them. It all screams jail to me. I guess because they're all women and have money its okay for them to openly do this. Seeing kids use their photos on pinterest and instagram makes me crawl in my skin.

No. 1762564

File: 1675731637198.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, D9B99100-D4BF-4A11-AAED-2CCA7D…)

Someone needs to create a thread about this specimen because I’m too lazy to do it
>20-something gender goblin claims to be the reincarnation of Hitler
>made a nose ring and wears a Nazi eagle pin on his/her jacket to feel closer to his/her past self
>created his/her own language called “Ätherisch” which sounds suspiciously like German
>allegedly half Ashkenazi and FTM
There’s probably more but this is all I found from a quick search

No. 1762593

LMFAO WHAT?! I… there are a multitude of layers here that need to be pulled back.

No. 1762612

File: 1675736319820.jpeg (2.13 MB, 3465x3465, B4147CBE-AB87-4156-BBF6-9E654B…)

Apologies for the wait, it’s been a hectic week
Joan Hensley / uraniumtears / purple frock anon
I’ve never made a proper post on here before so I apologize for any mistakes
> 19 year old MTF transgender
> Was obsessed with Jeffree Stars MySpace era and looked like a bad impersonator
> Had an obese 30+ year old sugar daddy when she was 16
> Claimed to be pagan and that Dionysus was in love with her. Later on claimed to be a “godspouse” to Loki
> After we became friends she started picking up small traits similar or identical to mine, paganism being one of them. Later on she would go as far as to change her instagram username to my old one, buy a wig similar to my hair, do her makeup the way I did and replicate some of my posts
> Makes shit music under the name “uraniumtears” (a name I also created)
> Shaved her head after bleaching it to white with drugstore bleach then dying it black and then perming it in a truck stop bathroom to try and achieve my hair color and texture
> Gave my phone number and address to my stalker who ended up driving to my town
> Leaked my phone number multiple times after that
> Went back to her Jeffree Star ways and made a blog website and Instagram page called “lipsticknazi2.0”
> Got into a fight with a black person and called them numerous slurs. Was eventually taken down by a barbz account
> Tried to replicate my old aesthetic again but this time photoshopped my face onto hers and harassed me for weeks
> I don’t know if this was stupid or smart on my part but I got tired of the harassment so I befriended her again and put her onto lolcow. I’ve been using lolcow since 2018 and mainly followed cows like Lilboweep / Winona. I thought since Jeffree Star was no longer interesting to her that’s why she clung to me, I was a mentally unstable teenager. I thought Winona would be a good golden calf to worship since she makes music and had a lot of drama surrounding her. Sure enough she latched onto Winona and became a fan
> Had an “ego death” and gave herself dreadlocks, removed all of the posts related to me and took the name uraniumtears
> Started making obvious ripoffs of Winona’s ripoff songs
> Hopped on the bandwagon when Winona posted her open verse and made a “collab”
> After Winona died the song was taken down. According to her hers was the only one to be taken down and that had to mean someone was out to sabotage her career
> claims to have depression, anxiety, ADHD, ADD, BPD, bipolar, autism and PTSD / CPTSD
> Joined the punk scene and is now in a big friend group of nasty, racist juggalos
> Spoke out against her ex who claimed to have DID and pointed a gun at her multiple times
> The ex allegedly drugged and attempted to SA another person and pointed a gun at a group of people
> Agreed to he said exes sex slave but is now saying she’s a victim
> Got her ass beat by the guy she was living with
> Is now homeless in Atlanta
There’s a lot more I'm leaving out but these are the important things I remembered

No. 1762666


No. 1762683

he is an author of a fantasy series too, which probably isnt going well since i think he is on ebay trying to sell his pokemon card collection for 2500 dollars.

No. 1762694

I found her on discord in 2019 and she identified as a feminine gay man, she had long hair, wore dollar store makeup and as far as I know she’s been dressing like that since she was at least 11-12. One of the times she was in the mental hospital I talked with a friend of hers that said she only came out as trans to make men like her more

No. 1762702

Lmao he looks like Ashli Gay

No. 1762709

No. 1762728

File: 1675747871736.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1933, CBF11928-6950-499A-A943-C9321C…)

From the lipsticknazi era (1/3)

No. 1762730

File: 1675747940472.jpeg (250.4 KB, 1241x1426, 959F9F63-9A22-411B-875E-193672…)


No. 1762731

File: 1675748025562.jpeg (203.33 KB, 1242x1416, ABE46765-D650-4074-81DE-459A66…)

(3/3) there’s also a screen recording from her Instagram story that was posted on YouTube but I’m not sure if I can post that

No. 1762773

Where did purple frock nonnie go in atlanta? I saw her, the bitch was carrying blankets and a black dolly bag

No. 1762794

that is a he

No. 1762858

Stfu gender is not the problem here anon

No. 1762922

Tf is happening in this thread why is everyone calling a tranny a she lol

No. 1762952

The only one who called it a she was the one who posted it
Skinwalks and wants to be Jeffree yet troons out lol as is Jeffree isn’t a raging misogynist like all faggots. Only thing I have a little respect for Jeffree for is that he realizes you can be an effeminate man while still staying a man and hasn’t trooned out

No. 1763119

The only reason I’m referring to Joan as a she is because that’s what I’ve been calling her since I’ve known her. When I first heard her voice over a discord vc the audio quality was shit and I mistook her for a girl. For the sake of not confusing myself I’ve continued to refer to her as she. I don’t think pronouns are that big of a deal since their use has been raped, if that’s all you’re interested in you’re just boring

No. 1763145

This is stinking of self post or another tranny

No. 1763192

worst excuse attempt i've seen by far

No. 1763345

You sound schizo this is about the milk not the tranny situation

No. 1763346

Please keep updating this is so milky nonnie

No. 1763409

This is some of the most ghetto shit I’ve ever seen on this website

No. 1763415

Why was she in the mental bin? Kek Bitch sounds like a xanny zheani

No. 1763426

Fuck off Joan

No. 1763441

purple frock anon being a tranny IS milk (tranny)

No. 1763460

what the fuck, he's a tranny? i had a feeling purple frock anon would provide us with more milk eventually KEK

No. 1763580

since when was being a tranny not milk? also what does schizophrenia have with anything i said, are you mentally challenged?

No. 1763646

File: 1675855113727.png (759.84 KB, 1242x2688, DC83A5A6-98A4-42F9-B896-D5E4A8…)

that call is from early 2014, he was kicked out the day he turned 18 by his stepfather and moved in with his gf at the time who was a year older than him. he never said anything about nudes that was the other guy in the call if you listened, both him and the girl in it were minors. how desperate are you that you call teens talking to other teens around their age pedophilia? spreading libel bc i spoke about some pedo you orbit i can tell. the pics you're posting of him drawing on his face are from 2013 he was 16, before he reported vypor (the guy whose alias is written on his forehead) to the FBI, you're sounding like a pedo obsessing over teens and stalking people over skype calls from 10yrs ago. and an imbecile, you accused me of doxing bap because i posted a picture of him lol. i'm not the person responsible for doxing bap you actual retard.

unrelated to what im talking about above but this Mara person was a member of remilia/ rohit's milady crew (an actual grown man who built his entire brand off sexualizing anorexic underage girls) i was contacted about them a while back. idk if their writing is about stuff that actually happened to them or if its all "performance art"

No. 1763805

Based tranny with no self? Someone do more research on this cow

No. 1763985

Also your creepy stalker ass should probably stop dming a woman i had an issue with mainly bc she sent cp in her 20s, of a girl her age (who was 17 in the pics), even though you're dumb and that doesn't make her a pedophile, if you're going to pretend to care about cp. You're not fooling anyone by stalking me here after contacting people i had issues with years ago. Stop inventing reasons to stalk people when i've never said anything remotely on the line of i'm a "trad wife", I do both work and study, I never posted doxes on my account, you know nothing you're just a creepy stalker making shit up.

No. 1763987

nta but though posting a troon here only to refer to him as she makes it look like it's the troon selfposting some people are too indoctrinated since you can't call them by their real pronouns in person or you get the woke mob target on your back and theyre accustomed to it, i just dont know or interact with enough troons to know if it sticks that bad

No. 1764660

& for the record, nowhere in that image does it say "cock goes here" it says "vypor" "black lotus" (the server hosting company he hacked into which the fbi report pertained to) you're making up lies to sexualize an underage boy you pedo stalker, now leave me the fuck alone

No. 1765134

File: 1676047331314.jpg (43.42 KB, 579x609, 20230209_174334.jpg)

randy-chan face reveal.

No. 1765140

Leave her alone

No. 1765145

Kek the fucking lesbian flag. Ain't no way.

No. 1765152

She's got the autism creature posted on her wall. My guess is Randy is one of her special interest that she really enjoys and wants to share. I find that kinda cute.

No. 1765156

Wtf she looks 12

No. 1765170

File: 1676049813999.jpeg (235.78 KB, 828x1073, C9A5F99B-03C9-4720-8062-3B9732…)

No. 1765173

No. 1765176

But what did she do? Other than being an autist and posting her obsession with the shittiest character of South Park,

No. 1765188

I don't even hate it this is funny as hell

No. 1765193

It's endearing and cute, makes me happy seeing her happy.

No. 1765204

Honestly I love Randy chan, she’s my new comfort cow and I want her to get her own thread so her incredible contributions to the Randy Marsh fandom are never forgotten.

No. 1765249

File: 1676060258554.png (454.25 KB, 600x528, randychantweet.PNG)

It absolutely is, and I think it's really cute and harmless.

No. 1765296

Definitely a FTM. You can absolutely see the female frame in her videos. Also had an ex FTM gf and they would refer to themselves as "just two gay guys", something only troons do.
All the attention got her fired from her job. Imagine having to work with this literal goblin kek.

No. 1765331

File: 1676068686190.jpeg (490.84 KB, 640x771, 1C52A39F-3FCB-4CAD-8CDD-4EC9F0…)

A former cow of mine is active again

Helaine Crawford (right), uses the names Peter Crawford and Giles Crawford, gilesdraws on instagram and twitter

>”gay ftm” aka straight woman

>lived in Manchester
>art cow, drew mainly fanart (marvel, doctor who, supernatural) while thinking she was above fandom
>seethingly jealous of other fandom artists
>had zero self awareness
>nlog, would denigrate women while proclaiming how much of a gay man she was
>would go through friends like tissue paper
>Helaine was under the delusion that everyone thought she was an actual man, would come out as a trans man every few months on Twitter
>would put her own art down to others, forcing them to compliment it
>from Australia, studied art in the US, married another tif “Mick” (on the left) for visa reasons
>tif wife was autistic and wore childrens’ clothes
>both had STEM jobs and would monologue at people
>autistic wife was annoying but Helaine would always make fun of her and insult her in front of others and behind her back
>Helaine pressured her wife into an open relationship so she could fuck men, her wife after years started dating an actual man and divorced Helaine, forcing her to leave the UK
>Helaine then attempted to play the victim, said her tif wife cheated on her, despite everyone knowing about the open relationship and being there while it happened
>kinkster, would talk loudly about kinks and rough sex even when others were uncomfortable
>into pup play, uses the name “Pup Scraps” or “biteyscraps”
>would go to gay bars and kink clubs and try to pressure gay men, had a reputation for being pushy and manipulative


>living in New Jersey, still a tif, still proclaiming how gay she is

>still drawing fujo art (gay men) and straight art (men fucking tifs)
>still crying that gay men don’t want her boypussy
>still befriending people, this time on artist discords, then shittalking them behind their backs

No. 1765333

I stan randy-chan. She’s cow but the type of cow that you fawn over like a baby animal. they aren’t insane just wholesome, weird and autistic.

No. 1765337

>autism items
Lmfao I love her

No. 1765411

File: 1676079173161.jpeg (369.92 KB, 750x754, 4CD97264-BADD-42F5-96D4-110B07…)

Randy-Chan reminds me of the woman on the waifuism subreddit who was married to Squidward

No. 1765573

File: 1676101759306.jpg (77.06 KB, 342x361, squidward.jpg)

i love weird husbandofags so much

No. 1765618

No. 1765983

File: 1676150333238.png (900.53 KB, 668x1162, justwhy.png)

Came across this they/them cow while mindlessly scrolling.

>pretends that her family was narcissistic and abusive as an excuse for her to be narcissistic and abusive

>bullied a girl that her boyfriend allegedly raped off of the internet and then gloated about it

>acts like she can't understand why people would want to hide their most private details about themselves

>apparently all of her social media is private but her Tiktok, which is weird for such an attention whore.

>boyfriend constantly looks like he's afraid that she's going to boil his cat despite being older than her by more than a decade

>blatantly makes up stories for attention and pity points in order to suck herself off to them, then turns around and tells other people that their trauma is 'fanfiction'

>pretends to be sweet and innocent, and panders to the hardcore leftists

>surrounds herself with yes men

>ignores the fact that certain dog breeds are deliberately bred to be territorial and aggressive to push the narrative that those dogs ONLY EVER get aggressive and territorial because they were abused (sometimes that's the case but not always)

>probably messages people who have DMs turned off and then threatens them with legal action when they don't respond because they can't see the messages

>is also probably a massive control freak behind the scenes who only has friends because people don't want to piss her off

No. 1767067

It's always the she/they looking people

No. 1767845

File: 1676380139065.png (13.52 MB, 6384x5936, c.png)

I don't even know where to start with this one.

Komorebi (real name Maura)
@(https://twitter.com/KomoPyu)/ @(https://twitter.com/CEOimouto) formerly @Vtubersdownbad and also went by Charm (also had an account @Komorebi_JP but deleted the account when her face was exposed).

She has a bunch of other social media, but her reddit is the most disturbing:

Must be in her 20s now, has BPD. Born and raised, whole-heartedly larping as a Japanese girl. She claims Komorebi is her real name given to her by her 'Japanese mother'. Wannabe V-tuber. She is a lolicon, and has her whole personality based around this. She goes on harassment campaigns on the daily with some other fellow large lolicon accounts if anyone dare say they find lolicons to be freaks.

She got recognition for posting a picture of her body in a taobao dress claiming she had the body of a loli and had a meltdown when people said she looked her age.

Besides arguing with westerners she constantly goes against Japanese twitter users who join into the lolicon debate, and explain why translating "lolicon" into pedophile isn't a poor translation. She claims they know nothing as SHE TOO is Japanese, and telling Japanese users they're fools.

This led to people digging up her old accounts where she posted selfies, and her reddit. Initially she claimed to be currently living in japan, whilst posting pictures of her clearly american home. Then she later claimed she was raised in Japan, but moved to texas for her boyfriend.

When her clearly hispanic/white selfies were dug up, she at first claimed it was a random girl, but complimented herself calling herself cute, while all her pedo fanboys called 'this random girl' mid (Ouch). Later she claimed she was insecure and just pretending to be this girl (aka herself). When people asked how she could do this with her IRL boyfriend complimenting her pictures, she claimed he was just playing along.

Later her dog which she posts on her current account was found in a picture with her face, leading her to disown her own poor dog. She also disowned her very white/Hispanic father whom she posted pictures of on previous accounts.

When her reddit was found where she admitted to have never have seen the ocean, she just denied it was her, despite her posting screenshots of her 'owning antis' with said account. The weirdest thing is her boyfriend, who knows what she looks like, but doesn't think she is a freak for all this lying and having a personality based around pedophilia. He is always thirsting over other women publicly though, so maybe she's just easy access, but he's not that invested.

An additional funny habit of hers is copy pasting Japanese users tweets into her quote tweets, to act like can speak Japanese, whilst she has no knowledge about the language.

No. 1768082

Husbando fags are either 1) unhinged, prob a troon, porn addicted in some way and out right lolcows or 2) awkward, wholesome, autistic women and lolcow in the “they aren’t problematic just interesting” way
We need a thread honestly

No. 1769011

File: 1676496891032.jpg (53.09 KB, 423x661, 632c6e0e4e07bacee065974316e694…)

Telepurte update
Still wont admit he's a sex pest
We recently found out he tried his shot with Jaiden animations because "She's what I deserve" even though she is genuinely annoyed by him. The woman has zero interest in sex or relationships and that is the one thing Tele is obsessed with while pretending to be deep.
He went from straight to asexual so fast thinking that would make Jaiden date him. Now he's back to sulking and drawing porn. Still brags how he's basically retired and will pump out low effort content indefinitely

Icing on the cake. Wonders why women dump him after he says "Sure I'll date you until I find something better"
Don't know if he's autistic or legit just that narcissistic.

No. 1769018

To add to this he had a conversation about women at the gym saying he absolutely stares at them in a sexual way. Says he isn't doing any harm in staring and that if it was a problem it's a them problem and they should stay at home. He's just admiring beauty.

No. 1769371

File: 1676551505278.png (552.28 KB, 638x479, Untitled.png)

so this is about a dude I met on a course I went to
>kinda greasy
>says he knows all MLP character names
>likes to animate
>found all of these sus but talked to him sometimes
>made an animation video of some people in my class(me included)and he had drawn something very subtle that made me uncomfortable
>stop talking to him after that unless it's needed

>fast-forward post-course

>I follow his socials where he posts mostly his animations/edits which are usually nickelodeon-style cartoons or mixed edits with him irl with his 2d waifus that make no sense when it comes to dialog, plot or jokes
>makes videos of his nickelodeon waifus including mlp, loud house, avatar, and some other shit idk about
>some of them are harem videos where he is either the only human on earth with mlp characters, playing videogames or going out with avatar characters and LITERALLY HAVING ONE OF THEM KISSING HIM like picrel and having her calling him SWEETIE
>truly pathetic but basically harmless aside from the fact he is making a fool of himself online(but he is a brony and a waifuist so who the fuck knows what he is into)

I would post him but I don't want anything traced back to me since I'm not english and my language isn't a popular ones but also has a distinct alphabet plus he has full name and face all over his socials. The contrast between him irl being an awkward but normal-ish dude and being a total weird online is very stark though.

No. 1769618

Oh my god nona, could you post more? What was the subtle thing?

No. 1769715

Please tell me more kek, I need to see his face, he sounds like he smells like shit.

No. 1770445

File: 1676661692110.png (1.27 MB, 1427x1496, Screenshot_20230217-141948~2.p…)

I noticed that Miranda's world looks different in every picture, I wonder if she's a catfish?

No. 1774081

File: 1677061506310.jpeg (664.53 KB, 3072x3072, B5CC3A76-41F5-4430-825A-05F0F6…)

Just dropping this rotten cunt in the thread for my own satisfaction.
“Aspiring” musician just sunk her own career by going after Butterfield’s misso kek

No. 1774114

was picrel him, he's honestly kinda cute

No. 1775070

he looks 12.

No. 1776629

File: 1677352038117.png (3.65 MB, 1170x2532, 13AF24DD-D466-444B-8F55-E58AA3…)

No. 1776632

File: 1677352174422.png (1.86 MB, 1170x2532, 109D8320-3214-402D-B12A-010C94…)

No. 1776635

File: 1677352349901.png (5.96 MB, 1170x2532, ECC0B529-145F-4D6C-9E08-6987CE…)

No. 1776637

File: 1677352386013.png (561.86 KB, 1170x2532, 6AD53EBA-E72C-4717-98B6-3FA35A…)

No. 1777491

File: 1677392662317.jpg (111.17 KB, 1280x829, FnOmc18WYAA7gvo.jpg)

If it was in early 2014 then maybe he was technically 17 but that makes the girl 13 which is still disgusting and obviously he had her nudes which he never denied because she was mad she heard he threatened to leak them. You’re actually crazy and your husband is a pedophile and so are all his friends. The more you change your story the more I’m sure it’s true. How did you even find my post?

You are genuinely a delusional cow

No. 1777493

File: 1677392841967.png (88.92 KB, 594x177, FnOma2EXkAAZbhk.png)

also youre such a liar here he is talking to a 13 year old right in front of you and this is just the evidence from a random video making fun of him. Who knows how many calls he’s been on


No. 1777494

Update: he’s a they/them now and has a massive crush on me. IMs me good morning every day, won’t leave me alone. Easy to ignore as I just tell him I’m not interested in poly. Watching his sadness grow.

No. 1779344

File: 1677611720120.jpg (157.24 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

(came back to reply kek)
>What was the subtle thing?

I have written about it on some other post, but basically he drew my sports bra straps. At the time the weather was hot and I was wearing tank tops but since the class was all men I was thinking about how my boobs would look and shit and wore the sports bra even thought it was too hot just to be on the safe side. LIKE I WASNT MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT I WAS BEING PRACTICAL. IT WAS TOTALLY UNECESSARY FOR HIM TO DRAW THIS

can't do that sorry I don't wanna be found out and I also hope he will get over it someday. I don't want him stigmatized even if he is a moid. He has gotten bullied already

no this was a random pic I found for reference kek

also other weird things for u anons
>he has made an animatronic sort of robot head(that looks and sounds female ofc)that looks creepy af
>some guy made a video roasting how his animations make no sense and are badly directed while also praising his potential and I'm having a tinfoil theory that this(and maybe other stuff)made him delete his videos for a time and made him put disclaimer saying "it's prohibited to use this video in any way without written permission" showing he is extremely sensitive to criticism from that time onwards
>even though he definitely has skills in editing and art, I have noticed he has traced art straight from that merryweather comic about internet explorer(pic rel) and I believe he has less art skill than he actually believes
>On his tiktok he has more engagement and I figured that he has an extremely young audience(<12) and older ppl(in their 40-50s) since his videos are so random that he both makes videos on kid influencers and tv shows that older people watch. I used to believe it was either fake comments or like a couple of friends he has but he seems to actually have young kids watching his stuff

No. 1779546

She was around the same age as him, posts about being born in 1996 >>1758479, which is when he was born. You're posting a pic of her saying she's 13? That proves nothing you're just desperate to find reasons to stalk me, he never had nudes of that girl either he was being harassed by another guy he was scared would actually do that to her. You're the delusional cow lying about an underage boy having "cock" written on him when no such thing is written. Pedophiles love to project their pedophilia, that's pretty obvious, and you sound like one. Inventing that you saw cock written on a minors face, like an actual pedophile, sexualizing underage boys. And you're attacking me to defend another pedophile, Rohit, it's how you found my accounts.

No. 1779551

"hur dur look at this photo of a girl, she's 14, no she was 13, because i said so" (meanwhile the same girl posts about being born the same year as him) since when is pedophilia talking to girls around your age as a minor? yeah no shit he was in calls with other teens as a teen? that's normal. what's not normal is sexualizing underage boys, which is what you're doing, pedophile stalker. the only other girl he's ever actually dated besides me was a year older than him, he was 18 and she was 19, maybe he was confused, since the girl in the call was indeed was around his same age. like i said he was kicked out of his stepdads house when he turned 18 to live with that girlfriend, who he was with for 2 years, at age 20 he was dating me. he's never dated or done anything romantic or sexual with minors as an adult, and he doesn't sexualize them either, like you're doing to pictures a 16 year old boy, pedophile.

No. 1779929

Are you literally 15? There's more evidence of your own cow behavior than hers kek she just posted a picture of BAP

No. 1781168

File: 1677798717336.png (91.61 KB, 380x601, 234676.PNG)

not too milky but ive been lurking on this small server i found on tumblr

>owner is a sperg who wants to become a neurosurgeon despite constantly showing that shes incompetent (didnt even know the difference between serotonin and dopamine)

>other staff is equally autistic
>one of them is a porn addict troon who keeps posting their shitty bdsm fanfiction, calls others "chronically online" despite never going offline
>members in general are unhinged with their moid tier fetishes (especially scat for some reason)

somebody was genuinely distraught over people thinking her crush on a roblox horror game character was weird

No. 1781573

File: 1677831580718.png (155.06 KB, 1440x914, Screenshot_20221203-222923~2.p…)

My personal lolcow is this weird individual I came across online named James maps.
>Has multiple accounts pretending to be different women including a white supremacist, a Spaniard, and even other female content creators.
>Is obsessed with making his own language.
>Is connected to this weird trans-age cult on IG. It's possible that 24 is just his RP age and he's actually underage.
>His name could be a reference to James Charles and the MAP community.
>A few people found him suspicious but didn't say anything because they felt bad for him.
>Mysteriously appeared on the scene and started trolling at first.
>Changes his background story like crazy, first he claimed that he had two biracial parents and then all of sudden claimed he was adopted and actually has a white mom and a black dad

No. 1784549

File: 1678225732632.png (319.39 KB, 1440x1564, Screenshot_20230210-203257~3.p…)

Here's one of the Trans age accounts that he follows

No. 1784706

File: 1678239560293.jpeg (136.04 KB, 1080x1350, gYfJ7YH.jpeg)

HopelessFangirl aka Tex Hunter aka Miss Gorehound aka Dallas Eden Humber, the Neo-Nazi Accelerationist and Sex Toy Merchant
A personal horrorcow called out by HuffPost.
Her rabbit hole is deep and only gets worse the farther you dive in. It's weird how she managed to fly under the radar for so long despite the decade+ of vocal Nazi sperging on the internet. I'm surprised the most I could on her outside of news articles was a single mention of her on KF cuz this bitch is crazy.


>33-year-old Nazi from Sacramento, CA

>Physically raised by a National Socialist single mother in California, mentally raised by 4chan and Gurochan from 13 onward
>Hybristophiliac, has been writing letters to murderers in prison since her early teens
>Was an academically gifted student with a self-reported IQ of 187
>Was on track to studying astrophysics before being dumped by her boyfriend and kicked out by her mother on her 18th birthday
>Ran the streets and built up a criminal record of petty crime before shacking up with a man 12 years her senior
>Like many other criminal degenerates, ran off to Telegram to hide after years of being repeatedly banned from almost every social media site she ever joined
>Led a Telegram-based propaganda hate machine called The Neo-Nazi Terrorgram Collective, where she and other fake aryans tell on themselves while encouraging fellow "terror bros" to commit mass murders and bombings for the glory of the white race
>Kept in contact with many other domestic terrorists and natsocs, including inbred retards like Brian Tierney and failed bank robber Luke Kenna
>Was penpals with Dylann Roof, sending him cringe fangirlish letters and fanart, including art of him as a wizard
>Her sex offender boyfriend (Jason James Gant) was arrested for possession of CP in 2010 which makes sense because she herself is obsessed with loli and shota
>She and Jason were living at her mother's house at the time of his arrest, he was on probation at the time
>Hates women but has a fetish for being abused by men, even created a tutorial for how to cover her face with makeup after her chomo boyfriend busted it
>Most of her online presence involves creative endeavors, mostly shitty drawings of guro hentai and Nazi fanfic she calls her "novel"
>Narrated Anders Breivik's 1.5k+ page manifesto into an audiobook for no real reason other than really wanting to
>Makes a hobby out of collecting the manifestos of radicalized terrorists, even starting a book club for it

Dallas has proven herself a cut above the rest compared to other online white supremacist edgelords thanks to her pure autistic dedication to projecting her hatred onto anyone who will have her. It's only a matter of time before she ends up ODing or arrested, especially since she's been on watchlists for years.

No. 1784788

Good god what a dead eyed meth demon. It takes balls to be a racial supremacist while looking like a Rob Zombie character. What’s wrong with her ear??

No. 1784791

> At one point, she was publicly called out for allegedly offering people access to her “shota gallery” that contained a half-gig worth of images, as well as a book she had planned to write about older men who were, in her view, tragically prevented from engaging in relationships with underaged boys. Humber at first denied the accusations, then pivoted to suggesting her account had been compromised.

No. 1784822

She may have had pretty big gauges at some point.

No. 1785098

File: 1678300586829.png (34.44 KB, 540x323, 08MsoPo.png)

tumblr user tonguehurt
>"proud psychopath" (her words), self-diagnosed
>radblr orbiter, had some drama with them apparently


No. 1785103

she's trying to hard it hurts. is she milky enough to warrant her own thread?

No. 1785107

>is she milky enough to warrant her own thread?
not really

No. 1785116

>self proclaimed "necrophile" preferring a warm body
Nice LARP, retard. Try harder.

No. 1785539

hrh is a fatty who larps as an ana chan to make herself feel better about being tubby

No. 1785792

File: 1678403430365.jpg (798.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230309_145805_Sam…)

Idk where to post this drama but heres a link to this thread. And the pictures i caught of some unhinged person being an actual retard.

Its too funny not to post and maybe a more technically advanced nona can back track something from this and find this persons platforms they tried to post their youtube handle but its doesnt have any search results.


No. 1785794

File: 1678403485958.jpg (784.53 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230309_145814_Sam…)

Also their email is probablyunique420@gmail.com

No. 1785822

So this is her yt channel

No. 1785857

Quality doesnt go past 360, mic sounds like shit, her points are incoherent, probably because she fried her brain with weed. She seems crazy. Im not sure if i should laugh or feel bad.

No. 1786118

she has had many previous accounts that were ripe with radbrl drama and made a whole expose doc on another person but from what i'm hearing the actual drama is a few years old and she just fought hard to bring it back

No. 1788876

File: 1678859581659.jpg (32.63 KB, 828x134, o.jpg)

Personal lolcow continues to try becoming an insta influencer, has resorted to (badly) using Google Translate to appeal to spanish speakers.
It's not the first time she's used spanish in a way that makes actual spanish speakers confused, either.

No. 1788904

Dear Anon, YES.
That is the exact cow and I'm so glad I am not the only one that keeps up with the milkiness

No. 1788918

File: 1678867579215.jpg (11.25 KB, 261x275, 1659024472387.jpg)

>Makes a hobby out of collecting the manifestos of radicalized terrorists, even starting a book club for it
ngl I do that as well, but only cause I'm fascinated by deranged ramblings of insane men, I especially love it when they try mix ideologies that have nothing to do with each other, like Lev Gumilev(a Soviet Historian) who mixed communism and eurasianism and believed mongol nomad Russia was destined to sack and rule the world and create a perfect socialist utopia where everyone will be a horse nomad
If someone could link to her book collections I'd appreciate it

No. 1788923

Do you collect varg's ramblings too, pakichan

No. 1789001

pakichan + romanianon would love her anti-fujo sperging
in fact bffs

No. 1789019

I think I came across them some years bacj and honestly not unhinged enough for my likes and seemed boring, like I have 20GBs of Islamist ramblings that's way funnier
>America is Rome and that means we can conquer them through Jihad
>Should we use swords and spears like the Prophet ?
>Are Cameras Haram ?
>Pages wroth over arguing about how to implement Islamic Shariah Caliph Democracy
I have some WN texts but not many, like one guy who believed western medicine was a plot by the Jews to weaken the human race and he rejected the germ theory

I even some of the writings of Bin Laden(though in Urdu) that's why I'm asking for more recommendations

No. 1789567

I'm not sure if any anons can help me/if this is the right thread to ask, but I'm hoping to find a thread from years ago about a cow in the UK who was local to me (by coincidence). She was some middle aged woman who lived in the countryside and iirc seemed like a crazy hippie type. The reason I'm asking here is because I remember scrolling her thread and one of my friends was in a photo with her - considering we live in the middle of nowhere it was a surprise and I'm just curious to reread the thread if its there! ty in advance.

No. 1790490

File: 1679104936584.jpeg (124.94 KB, 827x1262, 8242FBC2-AD22-4A1F-9332-1355F4…)

This D list model who despite doing work with some big names like Coach (mostly random no name brands though), is a Columbine fangirl. She just changed her name to vodka_04201090909 because she has to rep oppa Dylan Klebold-chan. If this was some random girl on Instagram who likes to post “based edgy quirky” things like so many other accounts, I wouldn’t really care, but she is literally signed to some big names and is slowly starting to get a TON of undeserved deals. I think if I see her post another fucking Columbiner dogwhistle (for lack of a better phrase) I will throw my phone into a river. Also inb4 someone asks me how I even know she’s a Columbine fangirl: I was also an edgelord, except I was 14 at the time and not 21 like this bitch.

No. 1790563

Updates to this cow:

>Completely overhauled her entire online image overnight deleting every trace of “uraniumtears” and change her user to “trailer park.pinup” except for the music that is still up as well as some messy photos on tumblr

> is now boasting a new “vintage Marilyn” look when she really just passes off as a knock off jbunzie and the other impersonators

>deleted every single live videos from the account probably to seal shut what she looked like before this mess

>around March 15TH did a live video on Instagram at 2 am but it was just black video with crying in the background?

>so egotistical that during the major account revamp she had a “funeral” for uraniumtears

>one of her ex boyfriends is now commenting on her defunct account every day trying to get her attention meanwhile they just get deleted

>noticeably more boney? I’m smelling anachan

>now runs a ED twitter

No. 1790570

Purple frock nonnie continues to bless us with this milky Walmart dumpster fire that is her drama

No. 1790597

I can understand this columbine posting only when youre a bullied kid, so you identify with that journal edgelordery for awhile, and then just grow out it. But this fangirl thirstposting on your business/model account? Even more cringe

No. 1790625

File: 1679143173763.png (376.78 KB, 828x1792, 5971F7D8-EC02-46BD-9A9A-220DEA…)

this obese woman from my friends list shoops herself to look like a child and when i asked her why she does that she blocked me

No. 1791187

File: 1679208316824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.74 KB, 607x1080, HDGUtpR5jSs.jpg)

A fakeboi (she is like close to 40 I guess) from the dollfag community (I know there is a doll thread but it's been dead for years). All of her dolls look like retarded middle aged whores. Also she herself is so ugly I had to spoiler the image. Now we know that after years of testosterone ftms just turn to mini versions mtfs.

No. 1791193

are you sure she doesn't just have that common fat girl baby face

No. 1791213

why do you keep calling the purple frock tranny she/her???

No. 1791334

nta but her fingers are too chubby for her not to be overweight

No. 1793033

File: 1679463617791.jpg (274.58 KB, 1080x1530, Screenshot_2023-03-22-07-27-50…)

I have already posted him in the troon thread, but he might be my very first personal cow kek. I wish he found out about this site and 41 lmao

No. 1793035

why is he milky? we see a million uncanny troons a day on the modern internet, this one seems garden variety. The lack of milky details gives off a whiff of selfposting.

No. 1793043

One nonnie's garden variety is another nonnie's milk. He is my personal cow because I personally find him kekable.

No. 1793047

>I personally find him kekkable
Why tho? Please provide milk.

No. 1793074

CP bump

No. 1793131


you should start a tumblr and post them there lots of people enjoy crazy ramblings

No. 1793510

File: 1679531831107.jpg (27.5 KB, 400x400, boFj9Z7F_400x400.jpg)

The lore goes deep with this cow

He goes by The Atlantic Creole/atlantic_creole/Beige pill on YouTube
>Was once a struggle actor and book writer under the stage name "Parys Sylver". Who tried to falsely accuse Michael Jackson of molesting him to get a come up.
>Pretends to be pro black but has called black people n1gg3rs and "coon kids" on his Parys Sylver Twitter account.
>Is extremely homophobic despite being bisexual.
>Is a social worker who's allegedly involved in sex trafficking and allegedly raped his clients.
>allegedly manipulated a disabled woman killed her dog.
>Has a rap sheet of stalking and sexually harassing both men and women.
>Has doxxed multiple people and made death threats.
>allegedly sodomized a young boy and held a knife to his throat. Falsely accuses other people of being pedos despite this.
>Is overweight.
>Has a history of making false police reports.

His pages:
His old twitter account

Facebook accounts:

Allegations against him

Uncylopedia page about him:

Him smearing MJ for publicity

His IMDB page:

No. 1793515

He was also behind the book that Raz b did where he accused Chris Brown of being gay.

No. 1794056

File: 1679615449757.png (98.09 KB, 1440x1678, Screenshot_20230323-194827~2.p…)

No. 1794204

I'm getting deja vu

No. 1794205

tumblr is banned from my country

No. 1794210

File: 1679640986338.jpeg (166.64 KB, 828x1195, 854D1778-9B8F-47F9-915F-6EE77F…)

I didn’t know which thread this belongs in but Naomi Gryn, a guardian writer/journalist of some sort beats the living the shit out of her little girl and brags about wasting £20k on IVF instead of simply adopting…?

>be 18

>work in an upscale hotel crèche
>Gryn’s daughter came into the crèche
>shes 5
>tells me unsettling things to me about how she was made to cook and clean in exchange for 20 mins of peppa pig
>won’t tell me where bruises from but little girl is CLEARLY asking me for help
>she was COVERED in bruises literally fucking covered
>report to manager
>she refuses to investigate
>manager is useless, clearly didn’t give a shit about protecting this little girl
>consult all my friends and they tell me to call CPS
>call CPS
>Gryn sends a long angry email calling me a creep, liar, narcissist for reporting her ass to CPS
>i suspected i may have been wrong before but that arrogant narc-injury email absolutely convinced me of her guilt
>i lose job (thankfully as it was a shit job & these fuckers paid me below min wage)
>one or two people told me it was a family matter and not my place to get involved after the fact but most people i spoke to said it would have been wrong not to blow the whistle

I really hope that manager isn’t still working at the crèche.

No. 1794213

This experience is part of why I’m against IVF it’s always major narcissists like this who need have a bio baby and act like it’s a human right, if you can’t love an adopted baby then u are having kids for the wrong reasons

it pisses me off the NHS funds it I really hope this NHS crisis forces admin to think about what services people actually need.

No. 1794222

The fact you lost your job for…doing your job which is caring about kids? Thank you for reporting it, everyone involved sounds like scum. Makes IVF parents look more sus than ever, why would she have a child at such a late age only to torture it? Sicko scum for real

No. 1794223

> it’s always major narcissists like this who need have a bio baby and act like it’s a human right, if you can’t love an adopted baby
I followed this cute baby bunny account (a bunny breeder) and was blown away by the narcissism when the breeder posted about her (human) best friend, who insisted on having IVF and getting other people to pay for it via fundraising even when said best friend had hereditary health problems (the same problems preventing her from having a natural birth)
Just fucking adopt or get a pet or something you assholes. You are not entitled to a child, children are not a human right nor an accessory. You're not a charity case just because you can't physically give birth for whatever reason. I don't follow the bunny account anymore since reading that sullied the cuteness kek

No. 1794229

I have a personal lolcow that is a dickhead that was a friend i used to hang out with. that thinks he's the shit when he has caused so much drama for me and heaps of others I know. and hell there's alot he's done:

> 18 year old ftm gay boy who thinks sucking dick is a personality trait.

>probably isn't trans at all and desperate to not be straight (used to be a "girlboy" for a while but finally sticked to trans male label).
>serial cheats on all his boyfriends that he gets with after 6 months, apparently all his relationships don't work out according to him but i doubt it since he always get a new one 2 months later anyaway.
>his ex best friend told me to kms when i was suicidal 5 years ago and mentally ill, i told him about it and his friend group ostracised me because I was a liar.
>makes cringy tiktoks about promoting good mental health when he's a shitty person in real life and no one even likes him (only friends with him because they're all drug addicts).
>brags about cutting himself and always plays the victim whenever he gets in trouble.
>lied about a teacher raping him at his school, I went to a different school in the same town but i was friends with his group outside of school and the rumor was going around both schools.
>posted a picture of me with others that i didn't even know about for his facebook border image 3 months after an event 3 years ago (he didn't even ask if he could post that and i didn't even know that it was taken).
>currently dating a weird 23 year old at 18 years old from europe (a pervert who has a picture of his bulge as his facebook pfp thinking he has a big dick).
>brags about doing drugs and loves showing pictures of him vomiting at parties.
>always makes everything political, no matter the subject.
>his mother kicked him out at 15 for being a bad influence and a pain in the ass, always lives in shared housing or couch hops at his druggie friends houses.
>expects everyone to feel sorry for him and brings up his dead brother whenever he's being put in his place.
>shit talks 24/7 even if the person has done nothing wrong.
>got a teacher fired from an education center we both attended by coincidence a year ago for being "transphobic" towards him, I mean she was kinda stupid and didn't teacher properly but I doubt she was being transphobic intentionally since this prick loves to lie alot.
>never did any school work, just went on his phone from what I've been told by my boyfriend (my boyfriend went to the same school dickhead used to go to before he left for that education center i saw him again at).
>thought i wanted to link up with him but i just wanted to apologise for something shitty i said a few weeks prior. started bragging about him being gay and loves to suck cock (this cunt is so annnoying).
>bragged once that his shared home had a weed bush and that he got stoned every night when he lived there.
>posted a picture of him after he tried to commit die in a hospital bed on tiktok once to be "inspirational" when him and his friends literally start shit with everyone they don't like for stupid reasons (I could talk about all of them but then this reply would be way longer than it already is).

the list goes on forever but long story short, this guy is fucked up and has had tons of drama that follows him everywhere.

No. 1794257

>commit die
Young nona don’t be afraid to call things the things they are, she’s a ridiculous pick me woman. You won’t be banned for typing suicide either.
She sounds like a nightmare post some pictures, be she looks disgusting

No. 1794258

>commit die
Young nona don’t be afraid to call things the things they are, she’s a ridiculous pick me woman. You won’t be banned for typing suicide either.
She sounds like a nightmare post some pictures, be she looks disgusting

No. 1794295

totally agree. Fuck Ivf narcs