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File: 1634741022134.png (3.3 MB, 1500x1500, Collage-Lana2.png)

No. 165508

A thread for Lana stans and Lana-neutrals to discuss everything about her:
>general news
>your favorite songs, eras, albums
>in-depth lyrics and poetry analysis
>fashion sense
>general drama and mysteries
Constructive, fact-based criticism is more than welcome, but this isn't a hate thread. Lana's haters, please take your seething elsewhere as it's OT

Useful resources:
Great for cross-referencing songs and general facts
A frequently updated site with Lana's unreleased content for download (including demos and pre-LDR albums). Extremely useful for checking when songs were first recorded/drafted and how many versions they went through!
Best place for unearthed facts from Lana's past, pre-fame facebook posts, how her relationship tie into her songs, etc. Login not required.
A hub for interviews, old and new. Again, login not required.

No. 165509

File: 1634741096638.jpg (100.34 KB, 960x960, 73495359_2663160687064444_3702…)

For a good start - the dude video games has been written about (and possibly other songs, as If I remember correctly BTD was part of a trilogy). First uncovered by Lanaboards sleuths.

No. 165510

>First, Josh’s last name begins with K. In 2008 him and Lizzy were posting things to each other (relationship wise) and he changed his relationship status to married around December 11, 2008 (based on someone commenting on a post asking when he got married. This could also explain why she wore a wedding ring around that time. Josh plays World Of Warcraft (the game referenced in Video Games, Lana has also mentioned it before). He said Video Games was about him They lived together at one point based on statuses and pictures. He has a lot of tattoos which could represent the Born To Die / Blue Jeans guy (which could fit into the ‘K Triology’) There’s a picture of him sitting on the couch playing bass (lyrics - “You play the bass”) There’s a pic of them doing dishes where he said “dishes with dolly” (lyrics - I’m his little dolly) He also had Lolita lyrics in his 'about me’ on Facebook until recently - which could mean a lot of the daddy songs are about him even though they’re around the same age. Josh’s tattoo development aligns almost perfectly with the Born To Die and Blue Jeans releases if he’s the inspiration behind them.

No. 165514

Dude looks like ProJared, gross.

I like to take the opportunity to say that I just fucking love this song so, so much. Hard to believe that it was released almost ten years ago but it still gets me so much whenever I listen to it. What a great song.

No. 165515

>Dude looks like ProJared, gross.
I also agree he isn't anything special. Here are more photos, more recent:
I truly applaud Lana for writing something fascinating and beautiful based on this slob addicted to WoW. BTW, his comment about 'embracing your darkness' makes me want to slap him. Get therapy, you fucktard, instead of burdening your girlfriend with your bullshit.
Though I'm a hypocrite, because I found Barrie the best of her boyfriends. He had major issues with depression too, though…
Now that I think, I realize that I may have fucked up by posting about Josh, since I don't want the thread to focus only on Lizzie Grant/BTD eras. But still, I wanted to share cause I think it's a little known fact among less obsessive Lana fans.
>vid related
I love Ride and Lana's monologue, even if I'm not the fan of some things in the video (fucking old dudes, the Native American headdress is tasteless though personally I don't think it was as big of an issue as SJW made it).
On a kinda related note, I love a lot of Lana's pop content from before she blew up (Go-Go Dancer, Live or Die, Serial Killer, She's Not Me… etc). I'm glad that she has moved from that style of music, but I still enjoy it

No. 165516

File: 1634742841095.png (2.03 MB, 1115x2199, barrie.png)

Speaking of Barrie…

No. 165517

File: 1634742883073.jpg (294.81 KB, 1440x1134, 2J5KFKVWP4I6FBNME4K4IOFC6I.jpg)

Some fans on Lanaboards have theorized that much of Ultraviolence is referring to Jim Baker of the Source Family cult. I can come back later with references if anyone's interested. It seems like she wrote a lot of parallels about herself referencing Jim Baker, his cult and his many women. Interesting, it goes with the cult theme and some of the mysterious lines and themes of that album. She loves the 60s too. Picrel he's the guy in the middle

No. 165518

Weird questions but why is Lana so hyped up in anachan circles? She's quite far from being thinspo, is it because of the vintage glamourous uwu hurt and damaged aesthetic?

No. 165524

File: 1634743590872.jpg (140 KB, 893x876, LanaBookRecs.JPG)

Sharing Lana's book recs for my reference and others, because I find it fascinating
If you have those on hand, please share them! AFAIR there is no consensus though, another theory is that the songs are (at the same time) about her alcoholism (Jim Beam), a character inspired by Jim Morrison and obviously, one of her boyfriends. Very possible that the song is about all 3 of those things.
She took the cult interest even farther in the Honeymoon era (the Freak music video).

No. 165525

When did they officially "reconcile", was it this year? I know that he's releasing material he's done with her soon (after getting her permission), and vice versa. He was my favorite boyfriend of hers

No. 165526

File: 1634743694665.jpg (211.67 KB, 1200x1200, EB4AWZUWkAAX8N3.jpg)

What is your fave album?

No. 165531

I'm the type to separate BTD and Paradise. They are so freaking different to me except for some key similarities. I'll do a rank (fave to least) but I can't add BB yet even though I've heard the leak, I wanna hear digital quality first.
1. Ultraviolence
2. Honeymoon
The first 2 flip flop, depending on my mood
3. Paradise (this album is unreal, just hate the Harvey line. Sucks she can't perform Cola anymore, because that's a fave of mine)
4. Lust for Life (very underrated)
5. NFR
6. Born to Die (used to be higher, I grew out of it but still love it)
7. Chemtrails (it's beautiful but it's lacking. She wasn't inspired or something)

No. 165534

IDK but a few songs on NFR! are considered to be about him (California, Best American Record, maybe more). The first one especially reads like Lana extending her hand to him and asking him to come back into her life. A few songs on BB were written with Barrie years ago too. Make if that what you will… I wish they got back together, of course if Barrie has sorted out his mental health issues. Otherwise I think she could benefit from being in a relationship with another artistic soul. Does anyone have any facts on her current bf?

No. 165535


I would guess so truthfully.

Born to Die, still

No. 165536

>Paradise (this album is unreal, just hate the Harvey line. Sucks she can't perform Cola anymore, because that's a fave of mine)

Agree with everything here. Consider myself lucky that I got to hear the song live back on her Paradise tour (2013 or so) because it is a fave of mine as well.

Btw still kick myself in the ass for missing her in my town back when she played in super small venues. It was before her fame went through the roof and I could have seen her for a few bucks and just right in front of me …

No. 165537

What the fuck, was it when she was still Lizzie Grant? Hard for me to imagine her playing small shows as Lana, but I don't live in USA so her first show here was a huge fucking deal (I think it sold out)

No. 165543

File: 1634746633084.jpg (89.37 KB, 900x600, lana-del-rey-live-in-koeln-201…)

No, she was already around as LDR but was still a "youtube sensation", nothing more. Video Games just started to go viral and she did some small gigs around Europe, which was one not so far away from me. I've been in this venue to see some small indie artists and it is really cool, because you can hang out with them later at the bar.

>pic from the show

No. 165547

Oooh, I didn't realize that. Referencing California, she mentions "if you come back to America just hit me up" and Barrie's Scottish right?

No. 165549

my friend went to highschool with current bf. hes pretty average

No. 165569

new video for BB just dropped and she looks fucking gorgeous, Chuck too.

No. 165572

Love this! I know the leak is out but I won't listen to it, will get the album on release day and I'm very excited about it!

No. 165578


No. 165582

File: 1634757620717.jpg (73.31 KB, 885x730, barrie2.JPG)

On the topic of Lana romanticizing cops in her lyrics (as mentioned in the Celebricows thread): I'm not sold on Playing Dangerous doing that, but maybe I am wrong. I mostly see the song as a tribute to film noir tropes with Lana playing the dangerous femme fatale.
Maybe I'm naive lol. Feels to me that in her early career, she was mostly romanticising bad boy criminals. Not sure if her dating Sean was related to her earlier views on policemen. I'm curious what other anons think.
Oh, I see. I want to look up those shows on youtube. Totally forgot that she became popular on the internet first. Damn, I'm not surprised that you regret missing that show. Have you been to any post-fame ones?
Pic rel is the theory that I've read (my memory sucks, so it's hard for me to connect the dots). What I've noticed myself is the 'catch you on the flipside' line, a throwback to a Barrie-era song. Also the weather line ('Changing like the weather, oh, that's so like you'), though it's a weaker proof than the Flipside reference.
Also Lana rewrote Best American Record from a negative song to a positive one for NFR!. That one also was considered to be a Barrie song ('he was cool as heck' - brings to mind Brooklyn Baby with Lana also calling her bf cool, also she wrote that with Barrie, who was also singing on that song). I think she threw in the Bill line to throw people off and as a nod to her mythology. Overall seems to me like she missed him and wanted to give their relationship another shot.
My thoughts on the video:
>Never expected to see Lana driving excavator, yet here we are (what's the meaning of that shot?).
>Love that she went back to the home movie, old tape aesthetic.
>The part where they are joking around painting their feet blue made me tear up, I don't know why.
>Lana's dress looks so nice, since she likes yellow a lot recently.
>My only complaint is that I wish she didn't pump her lips up like that. It doesn't look good and is distracting.
Sidenote, but I think the man who's with her and shining is Jesus. She has admitted to being Christian many times. I think the song is mostly about her healing thanks to female friendships with a little help from religion.
On topic of Chuck - on Blue Bannisters, there is a song for her. It's extremely sweet.

No. 165598

>I mostly see the song as a tribute to film noir tropes with Lana playing the dangerous femme fatale.
Agreed, the narrative of the song is that she burned a house down and she's seducing a cop to avoid trouble. A lot of her unreleased songs just seemed like her writing about random fantasies of hers to me, I don't take them as literally as some fans do.
Well, she is a fan of pro-ana nation. Jokes aside though, I don't know. She seems to appeal to mentally ill girls of all kinds.

No. 165601

so how much editing is done on her body in post? because we all know she doesn't look like that irl. she is prob wearing body slimming undergarments too. and the song is boring.

No. 165603

I find her narratives about her struggles with faith so interesting. And how she sings about falling in and out of faith and her reasons why..she has an unreleased called I Talk to Jesus which I feel would fit really well on the BB album (I listened to the leak)

No. 165606

Is she? I remember spoops slamming her on SkinnyGossip for being fat.

No. 165611

>A lot of her unreleased songs just seemed like her writing about random fantasies of hers to me, I don't take them as literally as some fans do.
Especially since the K character doesn't make any sense. People dug up and couldn't find any fitting criminal on a death row. In one song he is a bad criminal daddy, in other a boy playing guitar. LOL Also IDK wtf went on with her and Jimmy Gnecco, for now I'm writing it off as a fantasy too (though there was this one gig where she invited him as a support act and he said something like 'What an incredible woman to invite me to play here after everything').
Man, I love the stories and words she creates in her songs! The way so many of them connect to each other, the throwback lines etc. I wish I could do that with my proze. Maybe someday
I had no idea this is a thing lol. Must be crushing to see your proana idol become the opposite of what the movement preaches.
I looked at the ITTJ lyrics (listened to it only a few times) and damn, so sad. Seems like she's talking about missing a Lizzy Grant era relationship. Anyway, I also love her relationship with religion, how it's so complicated. I think it makes it real. Having said that, I hope that she has fucked off from the Hillsong church. What the fuck was that? Was it Sean's influence or what?
>(I listened to the leak)
Favorite song? For now, I stand with the other anon and I love Black Bathing Suit the most. Love hysterical-sounding Lana (probably bad word, but IDK how to describe it otherwise) and the first verse is so great. 'And if this is the end, I want a boyfriend'. What a line, the rest is so cozy and sad since she wants just a normal, comfy relationship. I think a lot of women love her cause she speaks honestly about the cesspool that is dating men. I appreciate that she is not afraid of being vulnerable and not just string some 'strong empowered woman who don't need no man' narratives.

No. 165665

this fucking song and video made me cry because my biggest fear is not having girlfriends. lana is friendspo. this album sofar is really softening me to her

No. 165685

ultraviolence is my favourite

No. 165700

File: 1634824698007.jpg (57.41 KB, 580x326, zDbsZVuaXkQvAui-800x450-noPad.…)

Any nonnies have the infamous spoon locket?

No. 165704

File: 1634825938212.jpg (141.15 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Nope, I kind of want it cause it's cute… but wtf was she (or her team) thinking? Really feels like glorifying cocaine.
I really would like a lyric book, though… Also, when will the next poetry book come out?

No. 165707

File: 1634827215104.jpeg (699.1 KB, 1773x1773, B0ED2539-53CA-4BF7-9388-5C44FA…)

I’m a stan

No. 165708

Dealer is my new favorite to scream and I feel so much passion behind the way she scream/sings the lyrics. BBS is great too and Violets for Roses is definitely gonna be on repeat for me

No. 165712

File: 1634829159778.jpg (208.75 KB, 601x900, lana-del-rey-duesseldorf-2013-…)

Nta but nice! I wish I had any lana merch … Shit was sold out super fast at the last concert I've been.

>Oh, I see. I want to look up those shows on youtube. Totally forgot that she became popular on the internet first. Damn, I'm not surprised that you regret missing that show. Have you been to any post-fame ones?

I wanted to see her at the NFR EU tour but it got cancelled, so the only time I've seen her was in 2013 on the paradise tour. Absolutely loved her dress she wore that evening and who knows, maybe I cried a bit like a lil' bitch while she was walking in front of me lol. It was unreal to see her in person.

No. 165713

File: 1634829249625.jpg (211.52 KB, 750x563, not my pic.jpg)

No. 165717

File: 1634831577611.jpg (98.1 KB, 960x1439, z22253107V,Lana-Del-Rey.jpg)

Stan too, but I don't really have official merch.
I own:
>a few of her CDs: BTD, UV, LFL. I want to buy the VBOB and BB when I catch them for a good price/used (sorry Lana)had to double check to confirm I don't own HM and holy shit, I have such good collection of CDs
>a magazine with her on cover and an interview/photo session inside
>poetry book
>two t-shirts (though they are not in the best condition, I wore them too much…)
>an art doll based on her LFL/Love music video - wasn't custom made for me, I stumbled upon it randomly and fell in love. I collect dolls in general
Been to one show during LFL European tour, had to travel the country for it and stand in soaking rain for half an hour. Still was worth it. I know what you mean about it feeling unreal seeing her live. Picrel what she wore when I saw her. Not my favourite outfit, but it was cute. Also I was so impressed with her singing, it was just like on the albums (not in a playback way, just as good)

No. 165729

File: 1634838301741.jpg (25.93 KB, 490x750, 4863685632982389.jpg)

What do you guys think of the rumors that Lorde inspired Fucked My Way Up To The top? I think it could be true, Lana seemed really annoyed by her at the time. I've seen some people speculate it's about Lady Gaga as well.
I'm a stan, but I don't really buy merch. I do have all her albums on vinyl however, including a red Honeymoon that I'm really fond of.

No. 165735


No. 165742

I think there may be some truth to it. Lorde tried to build her brand on being a woke Lana for feminists ('she sings about unrelatable things while I have a song about being a poorfag thanks to which I'm getting rich AF') and started her career by slamming her at any time she could ('it's not good for teen girls to get that kind of message, listen to me instead!!!'). Her music style was wildly compared to Lana's (haven't heard enough of Lorde to say if I agree or not). I know about the beef with Gaga ('Stefani, you suck' lol), but when has she copied Lana?
The lyrics 'need you baby like I breathe you baby' seem like rubbing into Lorde's face Lana's 'antifeminism' (to the point of self-parody). A jab at her for claiming that Lana sang "I'm nothing without you" when the lyrics were "I've got nothing without you" – or because of Lorde's perception of Lana as a desperate doormat.
IDK the whole song seems to me like Lana going full ham on Lorde's and public perception of her. Whatever you think about Lana, I think that it's in extremely poor taste to start your career by thrashing a more-established artist, especially in your genre.
BTW, love the dragon/whore part (even if it may be perceived as misogynist). Pretty clever, took me some time to realize what she meant by it (even though it seems obvious now).

No. 165747

Maybe you guys can help me, I've been searching for one of Lana's unreleased demo songs that I've listened to back in ~2014. I found it on youtube, it wasn't the best quality and it reminded me of jpop or kpop cutesy songs. I can't remember it's title but I know for sure it sang by Lana. I've been combing through youtube to find it again but no luck.

No. 165751

File: 1634851878260.jpg (101.95 KB, 570x392, 6326585689589.jpg)

>I know about the beef with Gaga ('Stefani, you suck' lol), but when has she copied Lana?
I feel like Gaga definitely had a phase where she copied elements of Lana's look (picrel), but it was a hundred years ago. I am inclined to agree that if FMWUTTT is a dig at anyone, it's probably Lorde.
Lana wasn't the only artist Lorde made comments about back then, and it rubbed me the wrong way too. She came across as very nlog. She still does, but at least she stays off social media and the like these days.
Could you be a little more specific/try to remember any details? Lana has about a million of these.

No. 165753

File: 1634851977933.jpg (193.14 KB, 1024x795, image (22).jpg)

Oh, this may be tricky if you don't remember any lyrics. She has recorded quite a few straight-up pop songs! Pic related has most (if not all) of her unreleased songs that were very poppy (maybe some others mixed in). This list may help you eliminate some:
It has songs by leak date. Ignore anything from Sirens or Young Like Me, those are acustic albums.

No. 165776

Gaga looks like a man in drag next to Lana (or anyone).

No. 165786

bbm baby? just a guess, it's super cutesy.

No. 165788

Lana's pretty close-lipped about fellow music artists she likes, aside from her older influences obviously. I could be mistaken because I don't read a lot of her interviews, correct me if I'm wrong please! Are there any current female musicians who you think Lana gains inspiration from? Curious to know

No. 165789

Just noticed that Julia Roberts kinda looks like Lana in this still

No. 165792

All she does is shit on her fellow female artists and look bloated

No. 165799

this one is kinda cutesy

No. 165817

She likes Father John Misty to the point of referencing him in her songs. Don't have any interview quotes on hand, but she clearly must like artists invited to sing on her songs, like Zella Day and Weyes Blood.

No. 165819

File: 1634879848213.jpg (47.93 KB, 750x559, 3aa9d97be582b8d1fc706faf140afa…)

she was also friends with Marina at least until the Question For Culture Post. Found a quote on other female artist she loves:
>The same month, Lana was asked on who she’d love to work with in an interview with Annie Mac. She said: “I love Rae Stremmurd, I love Swae (Lee), from that group. I really love Lil Yachty, just as people, you know, they make me smile and I just think they’re such amazing artists. I love Marina. I love Bat For Lashes, I love Natasha. Florence I really love.”
More details here:

No. 165825

They’ve been doing some pretty heavy duty editing since she’s gotten porky. It’s especially noticeable if you compare the preview clip of arcadia from her twitter to the final video, they gave her the full mariah carey treatment lol

No. 165830

Her obsession with rappers has always kind of icked me out. Like it makes me understand why she was pissed at certain kinds of female musicians in the "for the culture" post, that lack of real proximity. Dating a cop isn't much better, though

No. 165834

Personally, I think that she was more pissed at media than the female artist that she mentioned. It was a poor move as well as completely unnecessary. Frankly, I fell in love with her music because she wasn't afraid of exploring complicated emotions when dealing with shitty men/abusive relationship. I also was tired of the 'strong independent woman who brushes toxic relationships like they are nothing' anthems. See: 'Stronger' by Kelly Clarkson (apologies for an outdated example, don't listen to the radio or pop in general). Or 'My House' by PVRIS. To me, this type of songs seems shallow, not empowering. I get why Lana got triggered when years ago, media absolutely lambasted her for her uncomfortable lyrics.
I kinda agree about the rapper thing, I don't follow them though, so I'm (blissfully?) unaware of their shit. The grossest thing for me was her collaboration(s) with the Weeknd. The guy seems like a sex pest to me. Won't be surprised if ugly shit comes out about him. Also, his presence fucking ruined Lust For Life, both demo versions are godly in comparison to what we got on the album.

No. 165850

Prior to QFTC she did do a lazy cover of Ariana's "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" so I assume she was/is a fan.
She's collaborated with and been pictured with many contemporary female artists, so I don't get the impression that she dislikes them all like some claim.

No. 165852

I like Ariana but was I alone in being disappointed Lana chose this song to cover? It's such pop crap, and their "friendship" always seemed fake and publicized to me. Don't Call Me Angel was forced (prove me wrong please, I think it was a forced collab by their labels for whatever reason), and Ariana unfollowed Lana right after QFTC because she acts all high and mighty about being all for women, but then publicly supports Dan Schneider. This isn't meant to be an Ariana hatepost, just some of my observations.

No. 165853

>I don't get the impression that she dislikes them all like some claim.
It is easy to find a stick to beat a dog. No wonder she subtly commented on the whole mess on BBS.

No. 165854

this cover was so weird, she has her phone so obviously didn't care to memorize the lyrics, Lana's music is leagues above whatever Ari's ghostwriters laid out for her in this song. This was a weird time for Lana, to me she didn't seem happy during the NFR promo era. Glad she's moved on from trying to fit in with pop garbage celebs, they tend to turn on her when it's convenient.

No. 165863

What are your favorite and/or least favorite themes in Lana's music? Besides the daddy shit, I hate lyrics in which she is literally beging some worthless scrote to fuck her. Meaning: Ooh Baby and Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight (I wish that song genuinely was about a one night stand, without desperation and obsession mixed in), Jealous Girl (which at least gave us the hilarious line 'Baby I'm a gangster too, you don't wanna mess with me' - which apparently became a tiktok trend?). Beside that topic (which I think is in the past), I'm not exactly fond of her namedropping american cities and landmarks. I know americana has always been a strong theme in her music (I think it goes back to the May Jailer songs). It's just very inaccesible to me as an eurofag. I read analysis on genius, but still isn't something that speaks to me. Good on her for writing lyrics/poetry about what's important to her.
Maybe it was sang on request? If not, than she truly didn't give a fuck or 'prepared' herself last minute. LMFAO love that she has a cherry case for her iphone.
>Lana's music is leagues above whatever Ari's ghostwriters laid out for her in this song
Hate when she does something retarded, like the Picsart single cover, it's fully on her according to farmers. But no way she writes her own music, even though she's been doing that for years and her songs aren't generic pop with mass appeal. Somehow she's a total puppet of her money-hungry management, which is also hilariously incompetent at promoting her. You can't have it both ways!

No. 165865

Agree about the Weeknd, he ruined the LFL single but the Lust for Life demos (especially the first) make me transcend.

No. 165872

File: 1634921278480.jpg (198.07 KB, 1008x1008, 53869856395238.jpg)

Fellow eurofag, I used to really buy into her glamorization of America and California when I was younger. I'm over it now though. My favorite themes in her music are those of nostalgia, lost love, and melancholy. Songs like I Talk To Jesus, White Dress, California, and Fine China.
It was definitely a forced collab and not an organic thing, though I do believe Ari/Miley/Lana probably at least liked each other at the time. The whole song is so copy paste, especially Lana's verse.

No. 165884

DCMAA must have been forced by label to promote that (apparently) shit movie cause gIrL pOwER. That song is awful and Lana's part doesn't fit it at all. I'm forgetting that this trainwreck even exists. No more please.
My reaction always has been:
>My curves, San Gabriel all day
>Lana what the fuck are you talking about

No. 165892

File: 1634932726398.jpg (460.1 KB, 1290x869, 3826568628.jpg)

First impressions of Blue Banisters from any other anons who resisted listening to the leaks? Favorite songs? I feel like I'm not instantly connecting to the album like I have with her previous releases, but it will probably grow on me. Living Legend is really beautiful and I like the nod to Florida Kilos, it's probably my favorite right now. Nectar of the Gods is also gorgeous, but I already heard it when it leaked under the name Wild On You.

No. 165898

it was pretty boring and her smoker voice doesn't sound good when she hits high notes. i liked violets for roses, nectar of the gods, living legend.

No. 165904


Thank you nonnies for the help, couldn't remember even one word of lyrics so I went combing through that list of her unreleased songs and demos and finally found it. It's Behind Closed Doors. It's the chorus of the song that sounds cutesy lol

No. 165907

i liked it! ive only listed thru it once so far but my faves were black bathing suit, thunder, and dealer. i love how she kind of yells in dealer, it feels so refreshing somehow

No. 165992

I stan Black Bathing Suit. She's powerful with her music and I love how it's the only way she can really be "malicious". She throws in the drums and weird time signatures to throw people for a loop. I really love how what she originally called her revenge album is so soft and beautiful. Part of the reason why I love Lana - she's a gentle sweet person really, imo

No. 166052

I was disappointed Lana chose Arcadia to play for Colbert but it was still really good. She really does get super connected to certain songs, she made 2 vids for this one

No. 166369

File: 1635092726905.jpg (25.13 KB, 676x151, wtf.JPG)

Why does it feels like a furry fag wrote this stupid review of the BB album?

No. 166379

File: 1635095871460.gif (711.14 KB, 177x170, tumblr_pxbjro9gym1rxxyobo6_r3_…)

No. 166414

No tea or news, I just wanted to share the experience I had the first time I tripped on magic mushrooms and listened to Lana. I made a shrooms playlist for the trip and put it on shuffle. As I was coming up Shades of Cool came on and I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the song, but it was more than that. As soon as the opening notes began to play, I felt this powerful urge to give in to the music. It was like I was her. I could genuinely feel her pain and grief being poured into that song. I could feel how much she loved the man she wrote it about. I cried harder than I ever have in my life, just feeling her pain and feeling this joy and power of being immersed in the beauty of the song and emotion she created. Just sitting there openly sobbing with tears and snot pouring out, unable and not caring to push it down. I felt deep in my soul that Lana was literally a God to be able to create something like that, like she was gifted with a really special power. Obviously in my sober life I don't think she's literally a supernatural goddess, but I will never forget hearing that. To anyone reading, if you're a stan who hasn't paired Lana with psychedelics, WHAT ARE YOU DOING. If you can safely try them and listen to her, please do. It will change your perspective on her music forever. Sorry if nobody cares but it's an experience other people should have. 10/10 she is a god

No. 166478

Sounds like a beautiful experience, anon!

No. 166481

Holy shit anon, listening to that song high on weed is an experience in itself, I cannot IMAGINE the magnitude on shrooms. Added to bucket list. SOC is literally my favorite song of hers!

No. 166597

Not a stan but that's so pretty kek, how much did it cost you nonny?
>inb4 "everything"

No. 167279

Literally took shrooms and listened to Blue Banisters this weekend! It was amazing. I love taking psychadelics and listening to Chemtrails too, seems like that album wasn't so popular but I vibe hard with it.

>was very nearly incited to break up with my bf of many years after hearing Dealer for the first time though

No. 167399

This might make sense with the “I Talk to Jesus” lyric “I was so much happier when/I was gonna be your wife”

No. 167754

I wish I could use that kind of drugs, my brain is apparently too fried from mental illness to even give weed a try. It's probably worse with other stuff.
I remember falling asleep to post-hardcore/oldschool emo songs and it was like I was becoming one with the music. Incredible feeling
Huh, you are right. Especially since the song was recorded in 2012. Pretty fucking sad…

No. 170160

Sorry this took so long to reply to I didn’t check back to the thread. The lighter was secondhand ($80) and the necklace was new ($40), the painting was from some artist on ig and I think it was $85. Spaced out over time I could afford it but I drunk ordered the lighter and I shouldn’t have ha

No. 393372

Bumping this ancient thread. Hey Lanafags.

No. 393469

ew. just take it to lanaboards.

No. 393586

Lanaboards isn’t anonymous you dumb fuck

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