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File: 1600612348583.png (855.6 KB, 603x1163, chins.png)

No. 1042077

Deathfats and Infinifats are 500+ lbs. fat activists who claim to be healthy while still somehow get diagnosed with weight-related diseases. If something doesn't go their way, they make sure to cry 'fatphobia' while putting down thinner women and pressuring overweight women to become fatter.

Notable Fats:
>Tess Holliday - Dried-up plus-size model who is just a terrible person in general, and has had plent of her own drama https://www.instagram.com/tessholliday/

>FatGirlFlow - Fat activist and lesbian. E-begs with her partner. Suffers from sleep apnea due to her healthy frame. https://www.instagram.com/fatgirlflow/

>ComfyFatTravels - FatGirlFlow's partner. Identifies as "trans-masc." Also suffers from sleep apnea. https://www.instagram.com/comfyfattravels/

>TheFatBombus/TheFatterBombus - Disgusting blob leaching off her "husbean". Spends her day posting horrid selfies to Instagram. Identifies as non-binary. https://www.instagram.com/thefatterbombus/

>Multii - MtF trashgender. Used to be skinny and conventionally attractive. Now looks like Fat Bastard from Austin Powers. https://www.instagram.com/multii/

>FatPosiPunk - A fat positive model. Claims to be Indigenous and Latinx. https://www.instagram.com/thefatposipunk/

>Lilith.Fury - Another fat activist "model" who claims to be Indigenous and Latinx. Constantly sperging on Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/lilith.fury/

No. 1042094

Again, OP has failed to properly link to previous thread.



No. 1042115

Isnt there another second one?

No. 1042123

My bad it's my first time making a thread.

No. 1042126

Yes but it was deemed a shit thread, so I guess OP made a better one?

No. 1042129

>Multii - MtF trashgender
Typo? I thought she was FtM or FtGenderspecial

No. 1042169



yes, biologically female

No. 1042279

File: 1600636177027.jpg (564.71 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2020-09-20-22-09-56…)

Kek. Oh dear.

No. 1042326

K e k the mental image of this happening is too much

No. 1042385

I mean since she was apparently his first GF and he seems autistic they're not wrong.

No. 1042422

So fucking embarrassing, why does she share this kek. I’m glad she does, but damn, no shame in the blob body or the consequences of it, physical and, clearly, social.

No. 1042431

File: 1600660838349.jpg (830.5 KB, 1080x1772, SmartSelect_20200920-235937_In…)

HAHA! I know I've posted her a few times before but I'm simply so amazed at her mass and how she is consistently sponsored by different companies despite having 0 neck and 0 poses besides "left hand on hip, right leg sticking out"

No. 1042434

File: 1600661019296.jpg (1.78 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200921_000441.jpg)

I almost feel BAD for her.

No. 1042459

I swear to god this chick was in a plane seat next to me flying into Portland sometime last year. I was so pissed off because she was spilling over into my seat. Halfway through the flight she started to reek because I'm assuming she was sweating?? I literally had to lean into my bf's seat to get fresh air and for her extra fat not to touch me. At first I felt kind of bad because she looked put together and it's not like she could help it, but then I remembered how much my plane ticket cost. Bitch got to have half my seat for free.

Or maybe it wasn't her, all these morbidly obese chicks start to look the same at some point kek. I swear it was tho

No. 1042465

It actually might've been her!!! Her bio says she resides in Pacific North West which includes Portland I think

No. 1042486

I wonder if you could have asked the flight attendant to move. I'm sure they're anti-deathfat. Either way, call the airline later to complain.

No. 1042499

I understand the irritation but that's not going to do shit lol. Maybe a complimentary (soft) drink voucher for her troubles.

No. 1042530

Actually most airlines have a policy regarding this. Maybe ops fat neighbor was someone not as fat as that fat hand on hip woman. Or maybe the tone has changed in recent times because of the screeching regarding inclusivity. Yeah I would've complained, IDGAF if that would make me the meanie or the "Karen."


No. 1042549

>These passengers are referred to as passengers of size

fucking KEK. They are too afraid to say "Whales in Flight'

No. 1042620

Yeah Vancouver WA is just on the other side of some bridges from Portland. It’s very well could have been her

No. 1042653

>"Whales in Flight"

No. 1042676

Fatties shouldn't be allowed to use airplanes.

No. 1042766

I gotta agree. I was on a flight where there were 5 deathfats. It was only an hour flight so one of those tiny tiny planes. How is it safe? If the plane needs to make an emergency landing no one would have been able to get around the fatties and they would have slowed everything down.

No. 1042830

they wouldn't be allowed in many smaller planes/personal planes due to the weight limits kek

No. 1042962

Tbh I really considered complaining but I got self-conscious and pussied out. I'm pretty thin and I was afraid she/the flight attendants would have gotten mad at me and think I was fat shaming or some shit and cause a scene. Though if your fat is literally oozing into the seat next to you, you probably deserve to be fat shamed…

No. 1043362

File: 1600813407207.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, FFD93812-7BD3-4753-9618-AABF5C…)

If you can’t even put your fucking socks on without a major disaster, it might be time to…idk…lose weight? But that’s obvs totally fatphobic so how dare one even suggest that.

No. 1043451

How this happened: her stomach fat limited her movement, making her lower spine snap and crack because her belly fat turned into a lever. The stress just popped all that lower spine to shit.

No. 1043759

File: 1600877647121.jpeg (884.09 KB, 876x1321, 1AD3FF4D-5C08-4F66-B70D-1CE346…)

No. 1043789

So this blob is bedbound, right?

No. 1043800

She had better pray that it's just the common cold… At her size, Covid would very likely be deadly.

No. 1043810

Is there a single post where this bitch is wearing clothes and doesn’t look like she’s about to be suffocated by her own neck?

No. 1043857

Even if she weren't sick she would just be in bed all day

No. 1043886

She looks legitimately tarded in this. Like a fundie jacob strong type baby that miraculously grew into adulthood

No. 1043926

File: 1600891266865.png (4.6 MB, 828x1792, FD7D739A-34E6-4E6B-AE86-B7CAD2…)

Yes, yes you are. People should really send her thank you cards for providing the perfect inspiration to eat well and work out.

No. 1043941

Kek exactly. Like. She is whether she wants to be or not. She's literally the worst case scenario and a portrait of ill-health, complete lack of self-control or care, and unattractiveness. The words she says don't mean anything because people will still immediately think those things about her. It's sad, but her feelings have no value anymore. She's just a blob.

No. 1044051

>if i dont work out ill end up like that
shes completely underestimating the amount of effort it takes to become as obese as she has

No. 1044076

File: 1600904652136.jpg (428.18 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200923-164040.jpg)

Im not an anachan but when I look at her, i don't want to eat for the rest of the day kek.
On another note is husbean a fakeboi? he might just look really small but it's hard to tell she's one of those people who go by they/them and sperg about genders

No. 1044089

File: 1600906606631.png (5.35 MB, 828x1792, 521CEDC9-D1C1-4AF0-865A-D2BABF…)

No shit, Sherlock. With that appendage people call chin I wouldn’t be able to breathe, either. But HAES, eh?

No. 1044094

These people are so desensitized to the amount they eat that they don't realize how much effort and repeatedness it takes to become that big. Just overeating or slacking off on the weekend doesn't make someone as fat as she is.

No. 1044102

Yeah, honestly she isn't weight loss inspiration to me because getting to that size is unfathomable and unrealistic even if you have a shit diet and don't exercise. Deathfats are on another level of overeating.

Actually, I can't say I remember seeing what she eats. Does she ever post meals or is it just selfies made up of 90% neck?

No. 1044104

Most cervical screening programmes aren't even running normally atm.

No. 1044126

her neck looks red from it rubbing together. what a cursed existence, this woman must spend thousands to feed herself and instead of doing something about it she faffs about on social media trying to be some kind of role model

No. 1044222

In Denmark most things are pretty normal again, and you can go to the doctor like before Covid-19.

No. 1044232

She's in the UK where its not

No. 1044253

File: 1600930546666.jpeg (954.48 KB, 1242x1867, 80E370C9-2C4A-4A75-95A4-CC3916…)

No. 1044308

All I can think of:

>” ‘Puddling’ or ‘mud-puddling’ is when butterflies, moths and other insects settle on moist substrates to absorb liquids. Butterflies – particularly in the tropics – exhibit this puddling behaviour when feeding on moist ground, mud, animal excrement, rotting fruits, carrion, dung, bird droppings, sweat, tears and so on.”

No. 1044477


Nope, I can’t recall a single morsel of food ever being shown. She does, however, occasionally mention how she’s had no appetite and not been eating ALL DAY… I just love that

No. 1044603

Even if she hadnt eaten all day people like her definitely make up the calories the next day

No. 1044616

Why does she bother saying things like this? To prove fatties don't eat sometimes too?

No. 1044806

Not true - last thread she posted about eating half of a watermelon for breakfast and that it was a health win, iirc

No. 1044995

And who could forget the one of her cooking naked with her boobs hanging behind a pan of what looked like cabbage and bacon? There was also a sad anniversary dinner of frozen breaded fish, chips, and onion rings.

But "selfies made up of 90% neck" is accurate for the vast majority of her posts. Along with 100% whining.

No. 1045313

Having to eat something a deathfat cooked naked sounds like a fear factor challenge but it's husbeans life

No. 1045364

File: 1601078548835.png (4.95 MB, 828x1792, 1F29F1D9-A518-45BB-81BD-4A3D18…)

No. 1045375

I would just an hero

No. 1045848

File: 1601155857002.jpg (462.48 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_2020-09-26-22-28-25…)

I never know if she posts these as a joke or if she thinks it looks cute?

No. 1047263

File: 1601309334992.png (4.12 MB, 828x1792, 75BCE959-FD3C-4288-BACC-AA32E9…)


I wonder where these physical issues may come from…

No. 1047341

>Take care of yourself
>"Someone fix my hip"

Follow your own tip

No. 1047345

No, it's not because she's fat. How could you say that?? That's mighty fucking ableist of you to assume it's because she's big you assume she has other health issues. It's just because she has a weak hip.

I can't believe this.

This is satire.

No. 1047420

I must ask. Is OP pic photoshopped? Is it humanly possible to have double chin so big?

saging ofc

No. 1047517

Yes, it's a stretched version of >>1039448 which is still pretty grotesque

No. 1047684


I know this is going into TMI but I am overweight, just about obese, and I do legitimately worry about becoming as big as FatBombus or Sofie Hagen or Corissa simply because my weight gain has been consistent over the last few years and Deathfat seems to be a logical conclusion if it continues.

Of course I'm also trying to do something about it because it just looks so fucking uncomfortable. Plus they tell all these stories about constant fatphobia, not fitting into normal chairs, joint pain from walking to the bathroom etc then wonder why people don't want to be that size??

No. 1047816

as long as you're not eating over 4000 calories a day, you wont hit 450 lbs. Deathfats honestly have to eat over twice as much as a normal person to stay that weight, they're getting the same amount of calories as athletes who are training all day. If you've been steadily gaining weight and not levelling out for a long time, then your daily intake of calories must be increasing too.

Deathfats like to shittalk "calories in, calories out" it's still the most simple way of monitoring your diet. I assume a lot of them get morbidly obese by mindlessly snacking for the majority of the day, and not realising the sheer amount of calories in junk food. I can't imagine someone getting deathfat from 3 square meals, maybe if they eat nothing but fast food?

No. 1047860


Don't give up anon. Get a little bit of movement each day even if it's just a short walk in your neighborhood. Look at your daily calories like the other anon suggested.

Infinifats ITT have basically given up on life and self improvement. Seems like the common factor is believing that they have no control over their situation. Don't believe that, it's not true. Even just regulating a little bit and committing to staying active would prevent you from reaching this size.

No. 1048006

File: 1601408072153.png (393.65 KB, 465x823, smolfatuwu.png)

Sage because they're not huge anymore, but I noticed as soon as this one user started to work out and got a little slimmer she jumped on the humble brag about being curvy/hourglass fat. It's really an eye opener that most of these obese people don't 'love' themselves at all, it's just a cope. As soon as they lose weight (if) they'll see themselves as better and more beautiful than anyone bigger than them

No. 1048026

File: 1601410189163.jpeg (198.92 KB, 1024x1024, F1417105-672F-407B-B394-0D24AB…)

The bombus is inching her way to become more and more like Phoebe. She’s dropped a lot of hints to give her money recently (poorly disguised as memes or bad sarcasm, this is just one mild example), but loves showing off her totally unnecessary purchases at the same time.

Do these people have literally zero awareness or shame?

No. 1048039

count calories (i like being at 1200/day) and do some sports and youll lose weight instead of gain it

No. 1048062

Well that's not true lmfao, anon could be a midget and sedentary as fuck. 3000-4000cal would make it easy to gain weight.
Calculate your tdee and track your average calories for a few days. If you're over then maybe go on the bike for half an hour everyday or eat less.

No. 1048063


The first step you can do is replace all your drinks with water. Sparkling water is delicious and has eight trillion flavors! Youd be amazed how many calories come from things we drink. I was a soda addict lol. I'm sure the deathfats drink liters n liters of the stuff.

I believe in you too, anon, and acknowledging what you gotta do is a hard first step to take.

No. 1048222

The FAs look like they'd preach self care in the form of endless unnecessary spending, both in food and uwu crap. That way you can add 'broke' to your long list of oppresshun points too!

Also, they have no shame online. They only restrain themselves in the real world, where they'd actually get judged for spending half their paycheck on food and the other half on bullshit.

No. 1048327

I dont know where you live but at least in the middle European countries you can go to your doctor and get help over a dietician, fitness trainer, therapist or a treatment away from home. a friend of mine did it and is now normal weight.

if you can't get that, try to track your calorie intake with an app. you could get yourself the mi 4 band (a fitness tracker) witch counts your steps & your burned calories of the day. this makes it a lot easier to know how much your eat& burn. try to walk more, take the stairs, go out for about 10 min of the day. it really really helps and you will see a change in about 4 weeks. just don't give up

No. 1048442

File: 1601473768928.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, manflesh.jpg)

saged for overlapping thread terminology. and not sure if she's been here already.

found this woman from a local mongol shitposting newspaper online. in fact i saw a mini docuseries episode on her and her quest for biggest ass (sure) but now she's just gaining notoriety for … eating six kilos of nutella in a month.


No. 1048924

File: 1601520950275.jpg (343.85 KB, 1061x819, SmartSelect_20200930-225444_Ch…)

I'm gonna choke the shit out of whoever put this on my timeline.

This is the most disgusting horrible pig toes I've seen ever and she has the gall to sell the picture???

No. 1049456

>not being afraid to expand and take up space physically as we do

No. 1049925

File: 1601629034843.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1864, 18AA6C9D-A778-4055-9B2E-BAA019…)

i’m curious as to what this deformed creature’s podcast is like

No. 1049934

File: 1601631044385.jpeg (240.12 KB, 750x527, D3963554-B280-4D2C-9EE1-32C67B…)

No one could convince me this is a photo of human legs if I saw it out of context.

No. 1049936

File: 1601631584010.jpeg (45.54 KB, 800x600, 800wm.jpeg)

Her poor bones

No. 1049937

File: 1601631686694.jpg (27.51 KB, 800x534, AdobeStock_163795166__15173354…)

She's literally shaped like a tooth. The fuck

No. 1049948

I've yet to see someone so fat it spreads to the arches of their feet like that, jfc. Those weird toe shoes are probably the only thing she can wear. How can you look like this and not even consider that you have a problem?

No. 1049949

>We are all carrying around some anti-fat beliefs and values, even if we prefer to date or partner with fat people. Misleading information and downright lies about the health and ability of fat people (and really the importance of health or ability in general) is everywhere. It is especially important, though, for the not-fat partners
>and really the importance of health or ability in general
The absolute gall of these people to have fundraisers constantly for problems they are causing themselves.
The podcast is just about making sure your partner never questions your lifestyle choices or tries to help you, apparently

No. 1049953

File: 1601635147364.png (65.72 KB, 1145x234, hrm.PNG)

Samefag, I'm reading the transcript for their episode on body positivity vs fat positivity, & does this seem a little… culty to anyone else?

No. 1049956

i know this is probably a bit tongue in cheek but, my god, she sounds so fucking condescending and delusional.

No. 1049971

She has lymphedema, her legs aren't just like that because she's obese.

No. 1049979

Holy shit, the cat is as fat as her! Poor thing

No. 1049983

Right. Her legs would be totally normal if not for the lymphedema

No. 1050020

That's weird..since I've seen some with lymphedema wear it very well to the point it's almost adding to them being attractive. It's definitely gotta be 99% obesity.

No. 1050111

File: 1601656234359.jpeg (270.65 KB, 1024x1024, 9F34CAF8-5082-474E-BC88-760E95…)

First time seeing her without her greasy bun!

So accomplished, much productive…oh no wait, she did “fuck all” after those most basic of tasks bc SeLFcARe.

No. 1050112

It’s crazy that she would have been pretty if she wasn’t a deathfat, now she has no chance because she stretched herself to inhumane androgyne proportions

No. 1050115

File: 1601656428408.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 64D65927-2320-4EBA-A111-6F1B89…)

It was about 13 Celsius in London yesterday and afaik she lives quite close. When sweat is running down your hairy infinichin after doing basic housework, how can you ignore that you have a fucking problem. But HAES, sure.

No. 1050120

All morbidly obese women have this hairline? I don’t understand the correlation but it’s uncanny

No. 1050174

d'ya mean the hairline
on the chin

ayyyy sorry for aids

No. 1050984

File: 1601754109878.jpeg (220.04 KB, 1024x1024, 65D55424-BAB4-43D2-95D0-FA9ED4…)

Almost daily complaining, leeching off her husband (and I fear also the government)…what keeps you here, babe? Can’t be husbean bc she’s admitted she can only sleep when he’s up and doing stuff or out of the house. So no real human contact with him I suppose.
God that bitch makes me angry

No. 1050993

>Colonial fatphobia
Do these people really think whites invented fitness or something

No. 1051050

I can only imagine the hell it must be sleeping next to this absolute hog:
>the smell
>phone light being on till ungodly hours of the night
>the fucking snoring
>she takes up nearly 75% of the space on the bed

No. 1051058

kek those tasks would take a normal person an hour and a half tops

No. 1051064

holy shit why doeS SHE LOOK LIKE THAT

No. 1051406


i want one of you to end me if i ever report back saying i now look like this

No. 1051551

i've been stress-eating lately and this thread made me paranoid i'm gonna end up looking like this fuck

No. 1052062

Why exactly “should” she be in Denmark?? I swear she just got back from there recently. Also, presumably since her husbean is British she is planning on settling in the UK as her permenant home? Yet she makes no attempt to establish a basic fucking life here

No. 1052870

File: 1601989474083.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, 8ACF12E8-D170-4ABC-BADD-5BD7BD…)

She’s so fucking gross….a fly infestation, lovely. I’m a bit sad we don’t get to see her apartment more, I’d love/hate to see the filth.

No. 1052872

File: 1601989590863.png (4.01 MB, 828x1792, D3D2ACA8-15EE-45D9-B002-63748A…)

Surprised she isn’t covered in pimples seeing how she most likely doesn’t have the greatest personal hygiene

No. 1052890

Not to WK, but if she’s talking about houseplants, fungus gnats are common and infestations happen quickly. Hopefully she’s talking about that, because the alternative is grody.

No. 1052901

Is the double chin angle some kind of self hate practice? Why can’t she move her hands up a bit further?

No. 1052945

File: 1601996573907.jpeg (21.49 KB, 303x350, 5BF6848D-3B61-4C56-90FA-B6784C…)

She looks just like fucking Don Vito

No. 1053380


Maybe she has an effective skincare regime. Or just lucky genes that way. Surprised she doesn't have typical PCOS acne though!

No. 1054184

File: 1602147436727.png (3.89 MB, 828x1792, DF6D8CF5-9489-4C7A-8CC0-7154B7…)

Please could we all celebrate this (likely very rare) occurrence?

No. 1054221

How the fuck can you take a shower and still manage to look dirty?

No. 1054224

I actually feel sick

No. 1054225

File: 1602157340856.png (4.65 MB, 828x1792, 54078435-CA06-44D0-B238-EB415D…)

Ok I’ve had enough. Can we please start a gofundme to send her back to her beloved homeland to end the incessant whining? With no option of ever returning to the UK obvs.

No. 1054250

She finds things to whine about at home as well >>1037140
I’m still trying to wrap my head around why she only stayed there for 48 hours if she is so homesick.

No. 1054271

Imagine your entire life just being laying immobile in bed, bitching, and shitting on your autistic husband on the internet while he cleans and makes you more food to shovel down. What a nightmare.

No. 1054356

She's probably homesick because nobody likes her. You don't become homesick if you're having a great time.

No. 1054872

I have a habit of scrolling through lolcow in bed before I sleep. Last night I read this thread and had a super intense nightmare where that chick insisted on sharing a bed with me naked.

I literally woke up sweating lmao

No. 1054954

God no, we don't want her back either!

No. 1055006

File: 1602251847404.jpg (282.84 KB, 720x811, Screenshot_2020-10-09-14-58-05…)

Idk who she is but I saw this on a meme page and it made me laugh

No. 1055109

He has Jewish grandchildren…

No. 1055120

File: 1602266129618.jpeg (775.77 KB, 746x1293, 4D48277C-E81F-4B0A-8341-CA1660…)

Wow the level of laziness I can’t. Most people do ALL of these things on top of working a full time job and commuting….

No. 1055122

File: 1602266427171.jpeg (765.03 KB, 741x1240, 3A23DDE7-9653-4BCE-A92A-C2991B…)

She must be such a joy to live with

No. 1055151

Sounds like major depression caused by, perhaps, making herself a total landwhale. Who would have thought eating yourself into an early grave would make you depressed and miserable.

No. 1055544


He probably tolerates them because they have his amazing DNA in them which automatically overrides any Jewness they have.

No. 1055571

God her pupils are huge.

No. 1055589

Or he's just not anti-Semitic? I mean Trump is terrible, but he's no Hitler.

No. 1055908

I'm trying to figure out how Ash affords her house/life while doing nothing but Jabba the Hutt cosplay all day. I live in central Toronto too, and while she's clearly not in a Front street condo, her place must cost $3000/month AT MINIMUM. Does she just mooch off her husband? Parents gave her a bunch of money? I really need to stress how unusual it is to be in central Toronto on a creative's salary and not be living in a bizarre shithole that looks like a crack house from the 1800s.

No. 1058600

Is her instagram deleted? Says page not available when i try to look.

No. 1059179

God damn, I am skinny and have the worst hormonal breakouts.(no1curr)

No. 1061832

I think the joke is that he is like Hitler in the sense of blaming/creating the idea one group of people is evil and they are the real problem.

No. 1063065


And? Having Jew grandkids doesn’t suddenly and instantly grant you with non-antiSemitic beliefs.(derailing)

No. 1065390

Yes, but the point was he's not anti-Semitic and the fact he has Jewish family makes it unlikely that he'd hold such beliefs. It's like people saying Amy Coney Barrett is racist when she was two adopted black children??(derailing)

No. 1065473

has not was

No. 1065542


I dunno, I mean, by your logic that’s like saying a man can’t be a rapist who thinks women are inferior because he’s got a wife and a daughter they adopted together. Just because you got relatives or kids from a different background doesn’t mean you’re automatically immune to racial or ethno-religious biases or whatever.

Sage for derailing.

No. 1065591

True, but that doesn't mean Trump is anti-Semitic. The Hitler comparisons are quite offensive, honestly.(derailing)

No. 1067928


Anon, can we please all agree that Trump is the biggest piece of shit that’s happened to the world in a long time? Thanks.(derailing)

No. 1070876

Bolsonaro? Putin? Duterte? Kek, get some perspective anon.(derailing)

No. 1070883

No one cares that you hate Trump, Anon.
Don’t derail the thread.

No. 1071056

File: 1604075930062.webm (720.97 KB, 576x1024, tiktokvideo_1604075738.webm)

Back to posting weird fatties!

No. 1071062

yeah, well done being morbidly obese and dying young! guess he was depressed as a teen and wants to die or something

No. 1071074

Only 21 and already have a beer gut of a 50-year old man

No. 1071110

Most dudes look like that anymore so tbh,
>well done

No. 1071652


Look up the definition of derailing, anon. This was an attempt to put an end to a futile “discussion”, which thanks to you is being perpetuated. Hush now.

No. 1071661

how can you be non binary AND a man?

No. 1071678

Is this person afab? I've never ever seen born males like this

No. 1072243

yes, 100%

No. 1074378

gold lmao, what's his username?

No. 1074663

> piercings
has lobes and a tiny 18g septum
> tattoos
none visible

These people want to be discriminated by boomers for being alt so bad. But they're just fat and unlikable.
I dunno. I see people saying pronouns =/= gender in defense of he/him "lesbians". Which is already retarded, but this person is literally saying that they're non-binary, but also binary.

No. 1074899

anyone know what happened to tess holliday's fake gf olly? was it just a standard "BPD bitch suddenly turns on her favourite person" situation or is there any milk

No. 1096902

File: 1606881579954.png (2.77 MB, 1615x1188, dani3.PNG)

Dani Adriana's fiance left her right before their wedding.

No. 1097034

did fat bombus delete her instagram? or did all that excess fat finally catch up to her

No. 1097195

File: 1606917488415.jpg (372.08 KB, 1411x1416, bombus.jpg)

i went digging because fatbombus is one of my fav cows.

So I guess her insta got deleted for being fat as she's sperging about it here, which gives her name as Amalie Lindved Jennings. Assuming her surname was Lindved and the Jennings is from her husbean:

which led to her facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/seanshustru

And according to this article her husband is called Sean and hustru means wife in Danish which seems very problematic because she's misgendering her non-binary they/them pronoun using self kek:

I also found a linkedin page with the WORST headshot I've ever seen uploaded. She apparently was a "mentor" for a bit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amalie-lindved-jennings-b173461b9/?originalSubdomain=uk

Here's a bonus article from a year ago where she tells the dailymail how much she loves being a U size 30, or US size 34. There's some pictures of the outside of their house and her as a kid (spoiler: she was fat:

No. 1097198

Can you post the linkedin picture for us with no account?

No. 1097201

File: 1606917840739.png (187.99 KB, 277x285, linkdin.png)

sorry anon, I forgot you needed an account. Attached.

No. 1097357

ur funny anon this really made me laugh out loud

No. 1102569

agree, they should have to walk

No. 1120467

Sweet Jesus you could sit in the shade on a hot summer day between those lips and her chin

No. 1126201

File: 1610164135300.jpg (339.65 KB, 1072x1072, 20210109_053801.jpg)

Why should we spoon feed the fatties like this? Pure idiocy. God forbid they do anything for themselves (except food)

No. 1126635

Will they start bullying torrid into making normal sizes shit too then?

No. 1127422

File: 1610262165987.png (522.8 KB, 549x533, Screenshot 2021-01-10 at 07.00…)

(apologies in advance for replying to something a month old)

The Daily Mail article says
> they have had to cut contact with Sean's father for an undisclosed reason

Could it be that he realised this hamplanet was leeching off his autistic son and wanted to make his views known?

Also she's gotten So Much Fatter since they married (picrel)

No. 1128706

File: 1610395590231.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1474, 665B4AA9-C63D-493E-89C5-2CD602…)

Found her twitter (she changed the name) but I still can’t find her instagram, god I wish she’d come back

No. 1128713

File: 1610395946193.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, B3203005-BC08-4A89-9A0D-2EE2DE…)

From husbean’s FB, 100% confirmed autist

No. 1138753

File: 1611287779864.png (324.91 KB, 1440x1733, Screenshot_20210121-224839~2.p…)

This one's a 350 lb freelance writer who has a podcast and shows up every so often in women's magazines. I haven't found any pictures of her, probably because she realizes that nobody will believe her self-love grift if they see her collapsing under the weight of her own blubber, as opposed to her tumblr-art profile pic on twitter.

No. 1138773

Maintance phase podcast? Her co host has the girliest voice for a bio male (afaik?) I think I've ever heard. I must shamefully admit that I find the big pharma and diet food history interesting though (filtering out the 50% of the content that's HAES bullshit).
I'm so confused by this one. She's not your standard retarded social media greasemountain evidenced by the fact she can write and keeps her real identity almost completely hidden. Yet she somehow manages to go through the mental gymnastics necessary to shit out a long SELF article every month or so about a throwaway comment her friend made that could be interpreted as fatphobique? Whack

No. 1139190

Is the female in this drawing supposed to be Fatbombus? Ahahahahaha she wishes she were this cute (and human-shaped).

No. 1139570

i was wondering if she asked the artist to make her look smaller or if they just did it out of kindness lol

No. 1181735

File: 1615473416337.jpeg (2 MB, 1242x2061, 2AF7A644-CDE8-4375-879E-0B6AF1…)

Sorry if necro but this woman is supposedly a car maintenance/education account and advertises it as such (which is how I found and started following her) but all she actually posts is shit about being fat and queer. Of course she ended up useless.

No. 1181760

File: 1615476098728.png (458.65 KB, 423x799, kek.PNG)

No. 1181769

God I got this on my reels too, scrolled their account for .2 seconds and saw them dumping lube on a dildo on the trunk of their car.
I honestly couldn't tell if it was a cis woman or a transwoman.

No. 1181772

File: 1615477693866.jpg (Spoiler Image,267.08 KB, 1080x1795, 20210311_104521.jpg)

Happy glorify obesity day guys. Just… why? Spoiler because that looks like a fupa.

No. 1181795

File: 1615479830895.jpeg (973.33 KB, 1242x2049, B8DE64B3-6848-4F9E-A451-621046…)

>saw them dumping lube on a dildo on the trunk of their car
Uh I didn’t get that far holy shit kek
I’m pretty sure they’re cis bc picrel, at least she’s not a they/them

No. 1181796

It's amazing this women can even fit into frame. Why would she leave the fussy (fat pussy: not a fupa but actual fat folds that look like labias) not tucked into underwear? I thought part of the snatched deathfat thot look was stuffing your barrel gut into high waist chonies and feigning a curvaceous figure?

No. 1181806

Am I crazy for thinking she has a pretty face and hair?

No. 1181947

Nah I can see it. It’s probably bc she can do makeup and actually looks like she has washed her hair

No. 1184681

File: 1615763190116.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20210314-190110_Chr…)


She's definitely an actual woman, and has a wife who's also an actual woman. Her posts in the twin cities queer exchange have usually just been "queer grrrl power" stuff about car repairs. The dildo thing is fucking weird though

No. 1184799

File: 1615780070916.jpg (2.51 MB, 2898x2898, PicsArt_03-15-10.46.52.jpg)

Stumbled upon this Christian deathfat although her better post is the older ones. https://instagram.com/your_body_is_good

>All bodies are good bodies

>Nasal cannula

No. 1184808

Why do deathfats need to fool themselves like this? Other people have very unheathy habits and lifestyles too, and still don't do that. I've never met a smoker who says stuff like "all lungs are good lungs, be they black or clean". Ridiculous.

No. 1184813

The amount of detail in image descriptions like that really shows both the virtue signaling and the narcissism. Alt text is supposed to be concise and only include relevant information. Nobody needs to know the color of your shirt or what your fat ass is leaning on.

No. 1184878

We're all sinners but that amount of gluttony could probably make Jesus weep

No. 1185319

It's supposed to be for blind people, to show how ~inclusive~ she is. I agree though, its straight up narcissism.

No. 1189788


I don't even know wtf she's talking about(imageboard)

No. 1189859

thin people aren’t allowed to claim body positivity or promote self-love if they still don’t unconditionally support fats of all sizes. apparently having standards for your own body and trying to love it despite its flaws is ant-fatness.

No. 1189996


IG already offers embedded alt text for screen readers. This is just attention seeking.

No. 1217857

Does anyone have good deathfat drama these days?(necro)

No. 1217866

check the deathfat forum on kiwi farms

No. 1217984

I'm asking here because i'm trying to catch a cow for kiwi farms(spoonfeeding)

No. 1218210

Bitch if you don't sage this shit…

No. 1218372

>trying to catch a cow for kiwifarms
Girl please get help, love and light!

No. 1218746

How do these people think it's okay to glorify this?
and how the fuck do they afford to buy the expensive clothes that are needed to cover 40 miles of flab?
>tfw look like FatPosiPunk

No. 1218748

can we stop bumping this thread ffs

No. 1219255

no let’s bring it back I miss it

No. 1219422

File: 1619677679829.jpg (45.57 KB, 512x640, eugh.jpg)

how do thighs even do this?

No. 1219437

when your body runs out of places to put fat

No. 1219477

What the heck is that? The labia?

No. 1219599

No. 1221643

File: 1619962923904.png (424.72 KB, 1440x2492, Screenshot_20210502-090850~2.p…)

Tess Holiday bravely comes out as an…anorexic

No. 1221650

Fucking kek

No. 1221658

Isn't one of the diagnostic criteria for anorexia "disturbed perception of one's own body weight"? If you feel sad about being obese but you actually are obese that's not an eating disorder that's just reality kek

No. 1221703

Tess honestly needs to fuck off. Still rolling about the fact she claims "healthy" is a derogatory and triggering term when a fan said they looked "Healthy and glowing." But when a black person calls her healthy people call her out and instead of saying "Yeah, saying healthy is a bad word was wrong my bad" she turns it into a racial thing by saying "Don't come after a woman of color on my page!"

Her idea of anorexic is not eating every waking moment of the day

No. 1221722

does she think feeling guilty over what she eats and maybe skipping a meal a week constitute being anorexic? she SHOULD feel guilty if she eats enough to be a hamplanet

No. 1221858

You also need to be at a BMI of 17 or under or it's EDNOS. Skipping breakfast isn't anorexia, Tess.

No. 1221904

File: 1619995041447.jpeg (32.67 KB, 640x480, images (1).jpeg)

I've always struggled to see how she was inspirational for fat women when her photos were shopped like any model's to make her look like a regular model simply blown up in size instead of showing the actual shape of a body her size.

Now she's going with even more of the regular model gone large shtick. Are we allowed to say she's not empowering yet?

No. 1222065

File: 1620012511283.jpg (243.66 KB, 1020x904, Screenshot_20210503-131950_Chr…)

I thought she might be going for atypical but she's very specific that a) she's been diagnosed and b) it's anorexia nervosa specifically.

The DSM 5 criteria still mentions low weight and resisting becoming fat. I don't understand…

It's considered "mild" above a BMI of 17. She's likely BMI >50.

No. 1222097

This is what happens when the HAES/FA crowd say not "honoring your cravings" or any meal skipping for whatever reason is an eating disorder and should be considered as serious as Ash-tier anorexia. It means people who weigh more than the car they drive claim anorexia. I think she is using this to justify her remaining at this size (she could claim any diet is dangerous as it could cause a relapse), and bandwagoning. It'll be Tik Tok Tourrettes next.

No. 1222100

File: 1620016246704.jpg (104.32 KB, 610x701, 20210503_011723.jpg)

Some comments from the thread (Sorry for shit censoring): 1/3

No. 1222109

File: 1620016520241.jpg (163.66 KB, 602x1162, 20210503_011636.jpg)


No. 1222110

File: 1620016619203.jpg (165.54 KB, 582x1224, 1620016312309.jpg)

No. 1222164

>too damn happy

Just noticed this. How the fuck are you going to say you have an eating disorder but in the same breath say that you're too happy to care what people say about your weight? Does she even google it before making this shit up?

This is Trisha Paytas level trolling.

No. 1222167

Some good points. Especially that it's specifically anorexia they chase, not BED, as if they buy into the glamorisation of that disease. V v body pozzie, Tess.

I suppose it's progress that this HAES crowd is moving away from claiming to be totally healthy? If only getting better and actual progress were trending.

No. 1222421

File: 1620062088832.jpg (168.15 KB, 850x857, Screenshot_20210503-093905_Ins…)

Fatties crying about how fatshaming is worse than skinnyshaming. Like anorexics don't lose relationships because of their illness, yes being obese is an illness.

No. 1222429

Maybe they should stop systemically stuffing their pieholes at any given opportunity.

No. 1222459

because as disgusting as it is, they are secretly jealous of anyone skinny, even if they have an eating disorder. That and they themselves HATE anyone with any level of self control. Why they have a list of excuses of why they're fat "I have self control! It's just I have a disorder!"

It's getting to the point they say someone eating "health food" or a salad is shaming them. Because heaven forbid someone just likes a salad around them

No. 1222497

How dare we not want to date or hire someone we find physically repulsive who is on the brink of heart diseases

No. 1222550

You have to admit that for the standard desk job where physical activity doesn't factor into the equation, it is pretty fucked up to pass someone by based on appearance while they meet the skills and qualifications for the job. Not every fat person is fat because of a moral failing. How is denying a fat person a job meant to improve their lives? Just seems like that'd be setting them up for a continued cycle of depression and desperation where they're more likely to turn to cheap caloric foods.

Two people have cancer; someone obese and someone clinically anorexic. The obese person is more likely to die and have their cancers concerns dismissed. Fat people are more likely to have worse health outcomes because doctors presuppose all their problems are fixable if they lose weight.

I doubt fatties are coming for your salad.

No. 1222801

Seems like there's plenty of fatties in offices and doctors seem very aware that obesity has a higher rate of cancer so wtf are you even doing here whiteknighting their persecution complex? This isn't tumblr.

No. 1222825

Found the fatty. Doctors presume losing weight will help a patient because it will. Being obese makes any other health problems even worse so obviously it would be helpful to fucking lose weight. Fatties brains are so rotted from all that junk food, I swear.

No. 1223009

And not even "atypical anorexia" (a kind even hambeasts can be diagnosed with) but the gold standard Anorexia Nervosa.

No. 1223075

Read an article about it. Medical prejudice is a documented fact that kills people.

No. 1223136

I hope this isn't too ot, this is a really well done video about Tess Holiday as a cultural phenomenon and some of the fucked up things she's said and fed into. She doesn't pull any punches and makes a good case for her claim that Tess is a huge reason why harmful HAES ideas went mainstream. I had no idea how much of a cow she was until I watched this.

No. 1223752

kek obese cancer patients frustrate the shit out of their doctors because they aren't compliant and are surgery risks. that's why they're not "taken seriously," they fuck up their own treatment and waste everyone's time and money.
source: i had hella cancer, stage 4 all up in my blood and bones. my doctors treated my checkups like fuckin social calls because they didn' have to argue with me about getting me to move my ass and build the healthier habits i would need during and after treatment. they also didn't have to tell me to stop eating food that gave me a rash or made me shit myself, and then tell me again the next week like with the hambeasts

No. 1224348

File: 1620265984052.jpg (845.75 KB, 1480x575, TessZarbon.jpg)

I swear Tess is resembling transformed Zarbon more and more with each passing day.

No. 1225992

Sage for OT but I assume you beat your cancer anon? How long have you been clear?

No. 1226074

AYRT thx for your concern i got better but let's just focus on fatty-bashing here

No. 1226078

i'm actually more attracted to zarbon wow nice going, tess. you are literally supernaturally foul

No. 1228171

ITT: millennial men pretending to be millennial radfems complain about millennial slobs proving big bad boomers right about them. I pity Gen Z that has to grow up with you boomerlennial losers lmfao. The participation trophy and its consequences…

No. 1228280

File: 1620785411295.jpg (387.32 KB, 1242x2208, Baby Huey is sick.jpg)

No. 1228281

File: 1620785486621.jpg (2.55 MB, 1080x1840, Jay belly.jpg)

A hint of self-awareness that she promptly shut up with chocolate.

No. 1228308

Sorry this is late, but people will literally be sent home from college (especially highly competitive courses like law and medicine) if they are underweight enough to cause concern with their supervisors. Not to mention skinny people have to deal with the bitter fat activists which must be just exhausting.

No. 1228312

Yes I have felt this before. That realisation that I am larger than I thought I was. Then like most sensible people would, I went on a mild diet. What's ridiculous is that I was obese, but I was still literally half the size of Jay.

No. 1228534

the clothes thing pissed me off too. "skinny people don't know what it's like to go into a store and find NOTHING" yes they do. go to a suburb or small town in north america and try to find pants smaller than a 28. the skinny kid got horrifically bullied when i was in grade school. kids would be ENRAGED that her clothes were too baggy (this was late 90s early 00s when everything HAD to be skintight or girls would hit you) and she got so much shit for "not fitting in" when the reality was they just don't make clothes for 70-pound, 5'4" middle schoolers.

No. 1231446

File: 1621197420731.jpg (159.17 KB, 925x938, Screenshot_20210516-233554_Ins…)

I'm just gonna leave this here..

No. 1232061

At the very least people can use a sewing machine to take in their clothes if they're too big. It's pretty easy thing to do. You can also thrift cheap fabric and cut your own clothes out of them using a free pattern and you can find them online.

Where I live if someone is in the genuine plus sizes I often see them without a bra or bursting out of too small clothes because plus sizes are generally hard to find and people are poor. You can't find a bra in stores over an E cup so it's not uncommon to see women with bigger sizes hanging out everywhere.

No. 1232081

>You can also thrift cheap fabric and cut your own clothes out of them using a free pattern and you can find them online.
Fat people can do this too. Please sage if you don’t have any milk to post.

No. 1232082

It's not like everyone has skills to sew clothes especially ones that look good..

No. 1232185

Eating less is free

No. 1232195

Why are they so resistant to thinking, "hey may be I should lose a tiny bit of weight"?
Is the comfort eating too important to them?

No. 1232203

That's not body positive love, don't be a slave to the patriarchal diet industry smileyface

No. 1233407

You sound fat.

Why should it center anything? Body positivity is for everyone. Typical fat logic.

No. 1236252

File: 1621783138937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,605.64 KB, 828x1382, FCEA7532-D264-4F4B-8366-EF823D…)

Why do these fat bitches always insist on photographing naked? This woman is so large I honestly thought the second woman on the ground was a small child at first, till I realized neither had clothes on and these was no way this was her child or something

No. 1236522

Faked narcissism as a way of coping, they tell everyone else they're beautiful and sexy and deserve to be shown off naked hoping that they'll end up believing their own lies about their size. Even if she was wearing underwear it's not like they'd be visible, at least her fat is a built in modesty flap.

No. 1256664

look at that fucking beard

No. 1256702

File: 1623707673371.gif (108.62 KB, 220x220, tenor-3.gif)

Yeah, you belong in Body World or Ripley's. How does the human skin barely hold bodies like this together? Even that is astounding.

No. 1256779

learn to sage newfag

No. 1257139

File: 1623734314429.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1536x1532, BD449405-CA5F-4657-AB6E-091973…)

Jay is going to die before 2025 and it will be obesity related. I give it til 2023 before she loses a foot to the beetus. This is just grotesque.

No. 1257171

File: 1623738216541.jpg (Spoiler Image,958.1 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20210615-012224__01…)

everything abt this is embarrassing

No. 1257173

looking more like a beached whale than ever with that background

No. 1257176

haha what a story

No. 1257184

learn to reply and sage newfag

No. 1257202

Can she even sit up, does she have to lay like a seal or is it a choice of free will?

No. 1257203

It looks like she's just fallen and can't get up

No. 1257267

this is all so, so bad.

No. 1257340

Why did it take three people? Sure, one to take a picture, but two to oil her up and pull up the bikini? Am I right by assuming that she is so fat, she can no longer reach around to do that herself?
if so, obligatory ask: how tf does she wipe her ass?

No. 1257409

well considering J has gone on record saying she can't wipe her own ass anymore, i would imagine Corissa isn't far behind


this is the podcast episode where J says she can't wipe her ass anymore

No. 1257455

Do these extremely, super morbidly obese people understand how much strain is put on their organs when they lie down like that? It is the worst possible position for them to be in, they should be sat up at all times(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1257494

Fucking embarrassing! You'd think that at that point she'd wake up and start losing weight. Does she enjoy being catered to by others?

No. 1257528

No, no one would enjoy that (except that one fat pervert who made the news for demanding a flight attendant wipe him).

They're just far too far down the Fat Activism rabbithole to back out now.

No. 1257536

Tattoos look 10x trashier on fat people. Or maybe they have worse taste in tattoos

No. 1259225

how do you get so fat and yet still have hank hill ass

No. 1274978

File: 1626023640227.jpg (Spoiler Image,253.04 KB, 1080x1080, 212555440_506921693968350_3651…)

Via Instagram
>If u ain't in a string bikini this summer then what u doin baby??
>Gotta get these cheeks some sun

No. 1274979

File: 1626023690499.jpg (Spoiler Image,237.75 KB, 1080x1080, 213107942_525852441986798_7212…)

No. 1274982

File: 1626023795056.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.03 KB, 1080x1080, 213133790_359938995566624_9177…)

No. 1274983

How long till you think it’ll be till she has her first heart attack?

No. 1274984

File: 1626023918536.webm (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 720x1280, Mess string bikini.webm)

No. 1274986

God, I miss the days when land whales had the decency to cover themselves with muumuus.

No. 1275013

Oh my god… she is so emaciated, anorexia is really taking its toll on her! It's so tragic that she has starved herself down to little more than a skeleton, this disease is ruthless.

No. 1275019

File: 1626028541714.png (4.83 MB, 1242x2208, BDF2558A-72FD-4F95-9247-DDF85D…)

She is fixed on her ass and FOR WHAT?? You’re 500 lbs and still have a flat ass. That shelf thing you got going on is because your body ran out of places to store fat.

No. 1275028

It looks like she has a whole other stomach and bellybutton on the left (her right). Is that from an appendectomy?

>acting like you’re a brave unashamed uwu obese goddess at a private pool

No. 1275996

File: 1626194291305.webm (Spoiler Image,2.37 MB, 640x1138, 2337232-2e398e4800aabd01097f52…)

No, it's just her fat distribution. The dimpless/gut cellulite seems to be new.

No. 1276021

That looks so uncomfortable. I bet she had to sit down right after shooting this clip.

No. 1282861

File: 1627047852058.jpg (137.75 KB, 892x1600, artpolice.jpg)

Tumblr telling you to draw fatties or quit what is possibly your job

No. 1283120

It does look like she might have had laparoscopic surgery at some point. Purely because there's nothing like that on the other side and fat does tend to distribute evenly on each side.

No. 1283912

Could she have had her gallbladder removed due to obesity related issues?

No. 1291859

where’s multii now? the Instagram account seems to have been deleted

No. 1291925

To be fair, you should learn how to draw diverse bodies if art is your fulltime job, especially if you've gone to university. Drawing exclusively thin, beautiful people is pretty cringe, when you're professional. If you're a hobbiest, however, you have no obligation to draw anything you don't want to, even if you sometimes do commissions.
OP is still terrible for telling people to quit art (in any context), particularly with how fucking ugly her (she's genderspecial kek) art is. Her tumblr bio says she's in her 20's, but she draws and speaks like a mildly gifted fourteen year old with no art education.

No. 1292108

>learn how to draw fatties!
>draws a fatty with a back tattoo that is completely flat, no back rolls whatsoever
Maybe follow your own advice, dumbass.

No. 1296183


Why? I really disagree here. When you’re a professional, there are things that you wind up specializing in. Subject, style, medium, etc.

It’s not really any different than any other job with a skill set. You can be better at some things than others or prefer it.

Being a professional doesn’t maintain or indicate that you should somehow be a jack of all trades and a master of none.(integrate better)

No. 1296249

"learn how to draw non-thin people!!!"
>gives all her characters big fucking paws and lymphedema legs because she doesn't understand proportions

No. 1296595

ive been sitting here for 10 minutes trying to understand how the hell that person's neck in the top right corner is supposed to work. maybe learn anatomy or quit art?

No. 1348223

If she was a man I'd say <5 years. Because she's a woman, I'd say 10 - 15. The affects of extreme morbid obesity tend to kill men a decade or so earlier than women

No. 1348224

Have you noticed all these deathfats write off breaking bones as clumsiness? They'll be like "Ahaha I've broken my ankle 3 times and my arms twice from falling over, I'm so clumsy"

Like do they not realise normal sized adults don't shatter their bones just from tripping up?(learn2sage)

No. 1348283

It's just their bones being fatphobic

No. 1349507

File: 1634481544814.jpg (297.76 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20211017-173609_Ins…)

I keep seeing this cunt's posts on my IG explore page and she's absolutely insufferable. Every single post she makes just highlights how insecure she is. Like picrel, where she says that finding thin women attractive makes you a pedophile.

No. 1349644

Saged but are you retarded? Shes not saying that liking thin women makes you a pedophile, shes saying the standard for women to be short, hairless, and thin as a combination is nonce stuff (and it is)

No. 1350175

Retard, it's because she lumped being thin with being hairless, submissive and innocent. As if thin adult women look anything like children.

No. 1432366

File: 1643747823866.jpg (936.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2022-02-01-22-26-45…)

Dunno if this justifies the necro,but I saw this on Snapchat and I found this pic hilarious with this caption while her legs are bloated as fuck.
All I know is that her name is Danni and that she has a tiktok.Can't find her as her tiktok name was blurred thought the video

No. 1433234

tough to say from the one screenshot, but she looks like she has early-stage lymphoedema, which means that technically yes, she does have something wrong with her

No. 1433470

She didn't say anything about that in the video, she just said that she was fat all her life and she accepted it at some point.It might also be the condition you say,but she has a weight issue all her life.
Also I wonder why they promoted her on some sort of body posi shit and didn't give any of her socials kek

No. 1433719

too bad she is fat, if she calorie controlled early in her life her legs wouldn't be that big

now i think she can't lose the weight in her legs even if she tried

No. 1440359

Is she Australian? If so I know of her and she has pretty bad lipoedema - which is not always associated with obesity, but can be made far far worse by it. So she's still huge, but losing weight would help her legs.

No. 1446981

File: 1645281215846.jpg (2.06 MB, 2560x1920, 22-02-19-15-29-46-100_deco.jpg)

landwhale model @luhshawnay whining about feeling sick and getting told to lose weight.
no energy but somehow finds a way to maintain being this fat.

No. 1447129

>I'm eating up all my money
We can see that

No. 1479647

File: 1648105738626.jpeg (747.64 KB, 1284x1185, D987D801-D7DA-49A3-AC73-E830BB…)


and after months of this, this “magical” diagnoses is… that she’s too obese and it’s causing her body to become arthritic! And the treatment? Get active and lose some fucking weight.

Simply cannot wait to see how she whines her way out of getting off her ass despite it being the only way to improve her quality of life. Truly one of the greatest cows of our time.

No. 1483238

I've only heard of fibro on munchie threads, isn't that just the "idk" disease that they diagnose you with if they don't know what's wrong with you?

not saying that she definitely doesn't have it, but since one of the only proposed treatments for it is "lifestyle changes" i could see a doctor thinking she's more likely to try and lose weight if it's to treat her condishun, rather than just straight out telling her to do it for her health

you do have to hand it to her that she is incredibly stubborn and committed if she wants something, unfortunately it seems like she also has no idea when to cut her losses and stop throwing good money after bad. she's dedicated countless years of her life trying to make it as a model, when it's clearly not the career for her, and now almost bankrupted herself trying to get diagnosed, when honestly the most common cause for chronic pain in obese people is "being obese". imagine where she'd be in life if she put that motivation towards making smart choices for herself

No. 1495028

File: 1649297223184.jpg (762.7 KB, 2896x2075, 20220406_230101.jpg)

Sorry for bumping the thread with something OT but… I just saw her insta after a long long time and WTF

No. 1495056

Yeah fibromyalgia is very vague so munchies like to use it. It's used as an umbrella term medically for women and it's more of an effect than a cause. It is rare for people to have random pain that isn't related to anything else. When you're 300+ it's real fucking obvious what at least one problem is and it's not some mystery pain.

No. 1495518

Who is this? She looks familiar. Thats massive weight gain, a lot of people keep blaming the pandemic on gaining weight like that but it's just laziness kek bet that's what she blamed it on, just at first glance

No. 1495558

Sierra Schultzie, a YouTuber that promoteas HAES and body positive stuff. Well known to lie about her actual clothes sizes on haul videos a d always vlogging about exercising and eating salads

She blaims it on PCOS

No. 1495579

i hate this bitch. claimed she "worked out everyday" so the obvious reason for gaining weight was having pcos and nothing else at all and we should be ashamed for promoting "traumatizing diet culture". ok fat.

No. 1495887

She’s been on the BoPo train for a long while now. Could never stand her personality

No. 1512705

She hasn't looked like that before picture for several years, so it wasn't the pandemic. The second pic is after having a baby and is hardly deathfat level.

No. 1532185

File: 1652839328697.jpg (371.6 KB, 1051x2166, ykujx6bp4c661.jpg)

Imagine lecturing someone else like this kek

No. 1532218

Why are the names blocked out? Who is this? And "small fat privilege" is such a cope lol

No. 1532369

what happened to thefatterbombus? does she have a new twitter/insta?

No. 1532865

They are so creative and full of energy to come up with the most workaround excuses ever. If they only spent a splinter of that time eating better and doing some exercises they will be slim by now.

No. 1533912

Her legs look disgusting.

No. 1544784

File: 1653977951527.jpg (502.18 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20220530-160213_Ins…)

Death fat took a new meaning for one of our girls…

No. 1544785

File: 1653977977536.jpg (429.36 KB, 1080x1632, Screenshot_20220530-160227_Ins…)


No. 1544786

File: 1653978015598.jpg (401.84 KB, 1080x2029, Screenshot_20220530-160208_Ins…)

Her last post.
Insta is still up.

No. 1544794

oh my… where does the rolls and boobs begin..

No. 1544800

my god. imagine this being the last post you make in your entire life before kicking the bucket. Remember everybody things could always be worse.

No. 1544802

the irony level is out of this world

No. 1544835

it's private now. dare I ask how she died??

No. 1544913

Imagine being the one that has to prepare that massive body for the funeral, what a work out

No. 1545709

If this is the Danni i think it is, she has lipoedema. It's caused by obesity, but obesity can worsen it. If she lost 100lbs her legs wouldn't look much better at this point.

No. 1545711

Internet says she's in the UK and we did have a final hoorah of Covid quite recently so maybe that? The zebra in her (private) Insta bio indicates she might have had EDS which isn't gonna kill you unless you have a very rare kind, but being that overweight must have been agony on unstable joints.

No. 1545750

I’ve seen fatter munchies use zebras to signal their totally unique diseases definitely not caused by their obesity. Does anyone know for sure? They privated quickly, as I saw her profile right when >>1544784 announced it and only a few hours later it was private. I wonder if people were commenting.

No. 1563919

File: 1655488034816.jpeg (114.17 KB, 750x1089, 772B34C3-4FBC-4F25-A950-8A1FE8…)

This is Illusia Juvani. He is a Finnish conceptual artist who identifies as a queer, fat, non-binary person. He won Young Artist of The Year in Finland in 2018. Most of his work is about (you guessed it!) being queer, fat, and non-binary. Like many fat gay boys, he was a Stan of Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

No. 1563926

File: 1655488457182.jpeg (171.07 KB, 750x750, C8BF2793-0DF5-4A5B-B9AC-495622…)

He got married, I mean, in a union, with a fellow female artist named Hinni Huttunen. They called their marriage a “union” because the concept of marriage was too “heteronormative”. Like Juvani, Huttunen’s work is also heavily identity based.

No. 1563965

So, a straight married couple with extra steps then kek

No. 1563981

As we say, behind the sauna we go. What the fuck is “Juvani”

No. 1563985

Seeing this shit makes me embrace my "thin privilege" even harder. Imagine doing all this extra intellectual labor, coining new woke terminology, and starting a whole "liberation movement" when you could just take a walk and eat a salad. Life is already hard enough for most people, why make it harder? We suffer misogyny from being born female, racism from being born into minority ethnic groups etc. No one is BORN into a morbidly obese body.

No. 1564783

I wanna know where she found stockings that did not rip from the volume of her legs

No. 1566723

This straight up isn’t true though. Morbidly obese maybe not, but there are absolutely newborns born obese. In fact the number is on the rise. Obese mothers are passing their obesity onto their newborns. Obesity and diabetes are the greatest risk factors for macrosomia (excessive birth weight).

No. 1567735

kek deathfats are ugly as fuck with makeup on why do they even try to put on makeup
i don’t know what makes him so ugly in this picture the red lipstick or thing he calls a beard

No. 1657034

File: 1664076627987.jpeg (48.83 KB, 1001x674, fatjenrip.jpeg)

Resurrecting this thread to belatedly announce the death of LifeByJen. She’d been in assisted living for months and only gained weight. I only found out recently because I mostly read KF for the fat people.

No. 1657036

No. 1657049

Life after 50 seems pretty shitty no matter how healthy you are so I don’t think she missed out on much. She lived surprisingly long for her weight too.

No. 1657202

>Life after 50 seems pretty shitty no matter how healthy you are
God I hate teenagers.

No. 1657337

Thanks for the laughs I guess? Requium aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.
Really? I know our userbase has gotten younger and younger but damn, girl.

No. 1657381

Did Jen still have the skinny alcoholic (Gene?) around? Parasites need live hosts, I wonder what will happen to him now

No. 1657605

You have to be 18 to post here, go do your algebra homework

No. 1657654

I guess he'll try and capitalize off her death, maybe hope to get picked up by another co-dependent fattie?

No. 1657733

File: 1664138571901.png (35.02 KB, 530x366, 557.png)

>Life after 50 seems pretty shitty no matter how healthy you are
Girl, where is your wrangler, you should not be posting on the internet.

No. 1669987

Necro but this obnoxious bitch is in the private local woman’s FB group and for EVERY post, no matter how mundane(looking for a plumber, sex toy recommendation, candles, whatever) will add an obnoxious selfie or “model” photograph to it. Bitch no one wants to see your fat ass. I can provide screenshots if anyone wants.

No. 1670039

Go for it. I'd love for this thread to kick off again.

No. 1670476

No. 1670479

File: 1665257744099.jpg (82.44 KB, 300x398, PA1694_1_m.jpg)

No. 1670496

File: 1665259172097.jpeg (264.85 KB, 703x1280, 8861CAF8-1E04-4E8A-9138-2C57F7…)

Ok I’m gonna spam some of her cringe.

No. 1670497

File: 1665259303160.jpeg (2.38 MB, 1242x2178, D8D1A867-06D5-4423-BA9C-9E2549…)

Fun fact: doctors HATE fatties bc a lot of compensation is tied to outcomes and surprise fats don’t wanna listen to doctors.

No. 1670498

File: 1665259402254.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x2294, 2B04B52F-D1C8-4D7E-9D31-35361C…)

This one makes me Laff

No. 1670499

File: 1665259458240.jpeg (556.88 KB, 1242x2688, C993A539-3C71-4D98-9E82-987C74…)

Hospitalization part 1

No. 1670500

File: 1665259574717.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1242x2226, FEA4A100-E218-4FAC-8D59-61C1D7…)

Hospitalization part 2

No. 1670502

File: 1665259656917.jpeg (2.14 MB, 1242x2248, 045579E6-7D96-41E6-8851-A719B5…)

She does know that even doing strength training will result in weight/fat loss? What is with this fat cope I will never get it…

No. 1670504

File: 1665259722590.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1242x2255, E03D3D47-C3BE-4A30-A1ED-79EAE2…)


No. 1670505

File: 1665259827370.jpeg (2.53 MB, 1242x2354, B2A653F2-3E3D-4808-834B-5AACE9…)

Why can’t she do this herself? She already is constantly posting and taking photos…

No. 1670508

File: 1665259906287.jpeg (2.37 MB, 1242x2298, D6BF2BBF-EA47-424B-BD5A-1D5ECA…)

I wonder how her wife(black lady) thinks about this? Am I wrong for thinking this is weird to mention that white/not black people need to pay for their ingredients… just don’t mention them.

No. 1670513

imagine having to pass a kidney stone and think 'its totally not fat/diet related'

>wants stamina
>not wanting to lose weight

pick one

No. 1670554

jaw dropped when i saw multii here. she used to bully me in when we were in high school together for being chubby (WAY skinnier than she is now) under the guise of "caring" about me. now she looks… like that lmfaoo i'm dead. she was a trip to be around in school. she got expelled for being nuts basically. she has never once in her life been sane or kind or (imo) conventionally attractive and that's bc her parents are fucking crazy

No. 1670596

Who are you talking about? You didn’t reply to any post so not sure who multii is

No. 1670657

Lmaooo sorry I was high. I can’t even find it now but in the OP she’s there. All you need to know is she’s a certified clown

No. 1670712

kek so she's pretty much doing a white guilt volunteer trip to feed African children, but closer

No. 1670758

> middle class Black people, come get your free food
> street homeless wypipo, you gotta pay

This bitch is trying so hard it hurts.

No. 1670761

I hate to WK this annoying twat, but kidney stones aren't only caused by obesity. It is one of the causes, but sometimes it's just bad luck. Not like she's got fatty liver or anything obviously linked to her size.

No. 1670961

it can also be caused by bad diet especially by consuming excessive amounts of sodium

No. 1671020

File: 1665334200141.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1242x1171, 916B0739-1055-4FB9-8816-7637ED…)

Again. Do you need to post photos of yourself when asking for vacation reccs?

No. 1671066

File: 1665338564514.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1242x2093, FC9ADD06-EB11-45E7-9CDA-44C748…)

The caption and shirt are just so lmao

No. 1671067

File: 1665338609665.jpeg (2.54 MB, 1242x2426, 8B966693-5649-44B7-8487-545B4C…)

No. 1671068

File: 1665338745556.jpeg (2.39 MB, 1242x2017, FC5879AC-6105-4856-A2BE-F97F58…)

Second time she has asked for a private trainer. Peep her trying to haggle the cost for the trainer for her BS social media consultant crap

No. 1671069

File: 1665338804765.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1242x1802, 81B54820-78B8-4C15-8B0B-A07B4A…)

Wanting more free shit. Also maybe I’m blind but there is no way her wife is a larger size than her.

No. 1671070

File: 1665338856996.jpeg (2.42 MB, 1242x2287, 13E0F86A-6E2B-4447-8579-78B2D1…)

That’s a lot of household stuff to ask for in exchange for a meal…

No. 1671074

File: 1665338929525.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1512, 250B42AE-349D-4F15-887B-AF9FA3…)

Why do you need your selfie posted for such a serious matter?

No. 1671075

File: 1665338963812.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1860, 2FCADE83-E2AA-4F24-B2A9-BCB765…)

Girl have you heard of “Google”?

No. 1671095

26? She looks like she's 40 here.

No. 1671151

I would imagine the size discrepancy is due to the wife wearing men's clothing

No. 1671169

This is a few years old so she’s 29 now

No. 1671176

unintentionally serving jonathan yaniv in that pic tbh

No. 1671202

File: 1665351311907.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1670, 1DC98A1C-0D28-4497-848A-10EEE2…)

Tragic I missed the “biggest” wedding !

No. 1671203

They can't even get their arms around each other to hug properly. My soft heart felt bad for her for a moment.

No. 1671231

Really giving off get outta my swamp vibes with this green coat.

No. 1671244

christ this is depressing. imagine not being able to really hold your wife because you literally can’t get your arms around her fat body.

No. 1671246

sage because same braincell nonny. actually having a wife and they won’t grow old together cause heart attack or beetus will probably kill her first. it’s funny but real tragic.

No. 1671280

Says it’s not expensive, says an L-shaped couch. Those are literally expensive

No. 1671298

haha i used to hatefollow mechanicshopfemme on insta a while back and all her ~le queer automotive advice is the most barebone basic shit your dad tells you when you get your first car and none of it is anything you can't just google. i mean, basic things like "how to change oil." so you worked at an oreillys auto parts BUT youre a fat queer jew so people should pay $40/month for you to tell them "durrr rotate your tires"? ok.
she could google 80% of the posts you shared here but she absolutely NEEDS a reason to post her staypuft face shoved in the ugliest clothes imaginable and fish for interactions and follows. those dead, porcine eyes… i simply must know what she's like irl, given all the shameless internet grifting.

>(Jewish, size 26)
idk why this made me lol

No. 1671384

it made me reall sad too. i dont even go in this thread but i felt a sense of despair looking at that image. i hope they become healthier.

No. 1671415

Wow what a picture, it looks like she's cornering some poor woman on the street and not letting her get away! Not a great look for your black wife…

No. 1671430

omg I'm glad I never took her classes. I debated it while I lived in the city. She does have a point that women are treated so badly by mechanics and should unfortunately be extra armed with knowledge to avoid some moid mechanic from taking advantage of them and should learn the basics of repair from a woman. Plus who wants to take classes by a guy likely to treat their female students worse? But if she's just some "I'm not like other girls, I know a google's worth of car knowledge and am now an educator cause I'm fat" then shit, that would have been a waste of cash

I wonder if she's ever thought twice about the systems in place that beat out a woman's desire for intelligent hobbies and knowledge deemed "manly" by replacing them with vapid shit like validation through sexual objectification…
Considering the facebook group I know her from is queer handmaiden nonsense I doubt she's thought twice about the sexual femininity narrative at all despite being a lesbian but it would be nice
Also fuck me she's actually younger than me, I was expecting lessons from an older lesbian…

No. 1671616


24? HOW? My nan looks better by miles. The obese equivalent of Elena Milagro's death mask.

No. 1671650

It looks like they are about to suck each others face off like they're milkshakes. What an ugly photo.

No. 1673099

File: 1665542317502.jpg (136.6 KB, 1015x754, multii.jpg)

It's this thing.

No. 1674817

No. 1674818

File: 1665705888104.jpg (211.43 KB, 1428x877, good lord.jpg)

Samefag, I don't have a tiktok so I couldn't post post any of them. For those who don't wish to click links, here's her instagram. 1/?

No. 1674820

File: 1665706118870.jpg (212.29 KB, 1426x861, no words.jpg)


No. 1674824

File: 1665706292038.jpg (212.46 KB, 1216x866, put that bitch back in the wat…)


No. 1674825

File: 1665706386580.jpg (211.17 KB, 1271x845, that aint even a fupa Thats a …)


No. 1674828

File: 1665706526527.jpg (Spoiler Image,194.65 KB, 1332x858, holy hell.jpg)

(Reposting with spoiler)

No. 1676065

maybe it’s been asked before but why is her armpit so dark. is it beetus?

No. 1676386

I think it's sweat and armpit hair.

No. 1682594

File: 1666563923468.png (223.19 KB, 928x604, jhl.png)

"dump truck"
maam that is a hank hill special
the skin gets dark and discolored from the friction of rubbing together. inner thighs probably look like that too

No. 1682596

samefag but i have to know- is that an actual pussy lip poking out at the bottom of the swim suit?? i can't think what else it could be but it's also so low down??

No. 1682685

a lot of words to say "i'm obsessed with myself"

No. 1692833

It could be, or it could just be her stomach or thigh being deformed enough to form that, er, fold. An obese friend of mine wears shorts under her skirts and dresses but once we were are her place, she was in her pjs and stretched her arms at some point and since she didn't wear shorts I though she was flashing her genitals and nope, it turns out her thighs have these weird folds that look like it's her crotch. And that girl who's posted here is a bit fatter than my friend, so.

No. 1721025

File: 1670420476512.png (202.5 KB, 1731x660, 3B4E0467-F015-44B8-9481-DEE813…)

not sure where this belongs but i'm pretty sure he got posted here before
very fitting thread title to pic rel

No. 1721035

survived by her grandparents… thats grim

No. 1722272

Holy shit, that's awful.

No. 1733028

All Hugo managed to do with their life is prove that HAES is a big fat lie.

No. 1872570

Jordan posted this video a couple of days ago, kek. She has to see someone 4 days a week and those compressions take her 45 minutes to do according to comments.
she denys being 500lbs has anything to do with it in comments

No. 1872571

>including his partner Niko Belle, and his special friend Aura Belle


No. 1872584

Its true anyone can develop lymphedema, even very skinny people. However the absolute worst thing you can do for it is gaining weight, especially such insanely large amount of it. And lipedema is abnormal storage of fat in the legs, so guess what, the more weight you gain the more fat is gonna be stored in those legs thats gonna be super hard to get rid of.
She has basically trapped herself in these conditions by being so insanely unhealthy. So yeah, maybe being fat isnt the beginning of your conditions (lipedema kinda is but you know) but youve completely fucked yourself by gaining so much weight and not loosing any.
Shes on a keto diet now, carbs and sugar makes lipedema way worse and harder to manage, I wonder if a keto diet can make her finally loose some weight. I doubt she can keep a keto diet up for long

No. 1872634

What a sad existence. Reminds me of amberlynn reid's ex saying they had to change the sheets every day because they'd be soaked with fluid.

No. 1873006

Does 2-month old milk count as stale when it's still the latest milk a cow gave?
Anyways, enjoy the Keywoods, the infamous feeder-feedee couple (i feel filthy using those terms)

No. 1873185

her tiktok is @big.dee and she is a feedee or at least posts a lot of content aimed towards feeder fetishists. yet another that claims illness for their fat (like lilith fury) while also doing feeder content

No. 1874031

feedism is a mental illness

No. 1877273

File: 1691351896424.jpg (96.46 KB, 1200x630, untitled-design-2023-08-03t123…)

Fat Lizzo accused of sexual harrassment, picrel is her answer. Ironic since she wrote a song on false allegations not too long ago. Here is a rundown of what she's allegedly done:
>pressure dancers to touch hookers
>pressure them to eat bananas out of a prostitute's vagina
>have her team manager scold the dancers for premarital sex and then wanting them to join her wuwu cult (despite dancing half naked for a living)
>making inappropriate sexual remarks towards her dancers and even BTS
>having the fucking nerve to bully her dancers for gaining weight
Filming herself shitting wasn't piglike enough for her ig…

No. 1877285

Unfortunately She's probably one of the people who treat the keto diet as a sort of free pass to eat tons of cheese, butter/peanut butter, burgers, heavy cream, and highly processed artificially sweetened keto snacks (there's even a name for these people in the keto community: "3B Keto - Butter, Bacon, BBQ")

No. 1877291

>making inappropriate sexual remarks towards her dancers and even BTS
Her behaviour towards Chris Evans was weird enough, but BTS? Really? Do they even know her or was it one-sided thirsting?

No. 1877304

>but BTS? Really? Do they even know her or was it one-sided thirsting?
I think they've met before briefly at an award show or something.
If I recall correctly it was from a Youtube video where the host asked her if she would like to collab with BTS and her response was "I couldn't finish making the song without having sex with all of them in the studio" or something along those lines kek

No. 1889158

File: 1693148902546.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.03 MB, 3264x3264, ew.jpg)

found this gay man turned "dyke" on instagram. he develops a fat furry porn video game and somehow has onlyfans as one of his forms of income. his twitter is terrible, full of explicit promos for his only fans.

No. 1889200

Can you imagine being a 90lbs Korean man having your translator explain that Lizzo is threatening to have sex with you

No. 1889205

I want to know WHO pays for his only fans. If any at all.

No. 1889230

Still the least deplorable kpop stan lol

No. 1889381

insane to see one of my personal cows here. he used to work at several big name companies and looked and seemed perfectly normal then. i used to scroll back on his tagged instagram posts and speculate what happened

No. 1889389

File: 1693189567782.png (2.39 MB, 1188x883, boarlord.png)

Had to go back and see for myself nonna. Crazy how quickly his descent into complete self destruction has been. Seems he put the weight on fast then immediately started doing nudes when he was at his fattest before trooning out.

No. 1889671

He used to look almost normal, jesus.

No. 1889673

File: 1693243369749.jpg (846.93 KB, 3264x909, plothole.jpg)

Got around to looking up pictures of his game. looks attrocious and the fucking self insert on the right

No. 1889678

This is bullshit. They clearly missed her nearest and dearest companion of the three siblings: Taco Belle

No. 1889839

No. 1889846

Is there a name for the observable phenomenon wherein males draw penises into, onto, and in the the background of their art? Similair to Rick and morty? Someone please tell me I don't want to Google that

No. 1889893

oh my god this is hideous even the colors are hideous

No. 1890921

The pink hippo is Kelly Lenza's fursona

No. 1892124

Kelly would through a shit fit if someone portrayed her as pink, she hates anything that might be considered even vaguely nice to look at. She'd probably choose shit brown or something.

No. 1893582

If you check her current account, that is her fursona and it is bright pink. It's named Photo or something similar

No. 1901566

File: 1695251650841.jpeg (150.54 KB, 1170x759, IMG_3753.jpeg)

Sorry to bump a dead thread. Found in the wild and I have no words. Wedding was done at what looks like a very small anime convention

No. 1901569

File: 1695251723579.jpeg (30.65 KB, 280x280, IMG_3754.jpeg)

I think the partner is MTF too

No. 1901596

Looks like its taken from a horror film

No. 1901834

They look like something Tim Burton would draw

No. 1901871

Nona I beg you for more

No. 1902128

File: 1695350704230.jpeg (37.19 KB, 280x280, IMG_3788.jpeg)

I don’t have words

No. 1902130

File: 1695350760462.jpeg (34.29 KB, 280x280, IMG_3787.jpeg)

I can’t tell what is neck or chin or face

No. 1902132

File: 1695350808687.jpeg (302.02 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3784.jpeg)

So many questions

No. 1902134

File: 1695350871255.jpeg (410.24 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3785.jpeg)

Funny enough to the annon who mentioned Tim Burton, their cake was Jack and Sally

No. 1902141

File: 1695351294958.jpeg (575.22 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3790.jpeg)

Different person, but this was so off putting I had to share it too

No. 1902142

File: 1695351331023.jpeg (511.87 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3789.jpeg)

Isn’t this a loli character?

No. 1902157

You know you need help when you can’t even cross your arms.

No. 1902178

ngl, good for her.

No. 1902237

So two uggos getting married is now lolcow worthy? Mad you didn't get invited to the wedding vendetta-chan?

No. 1902320

watching two ugly trannies get married is funny, lighten up

No. 1902409

File: 1695403124457.jpeg (78.46 KB, 828x540, IMG_3791.jpeg)


No. 1902413

wait the landwhale is a troon? if that's the case its a great example of how troons can only pass once their body frame is covered in a layer of blubber ambiguity making them genderless blobs

No. 1902414

mam, its not in your size for a reason.

No. 1902416

No vendetta. If I was there at the wedding, I’d be extremely uncomfortable. They both look very odd and I would wonder if they would eat the whole wedding cake. Looking at the photos they had a lot of sweets, unsurprisingly. There wasn’t a sign of healthy food anywhere in the photos or even a normal wedding meal. It just looked like a tacky wedding all around.

No. 1902423

I'm so curious where it was held

No. 1902587

The fat one is infact a female. You can tell by her facial features when you go to her instagram.

No. 1902594

Jabba the hutt as a woman.

No. 1902791

wow this feels like the 2000s again

No. 1905582

it looks fine, shitting on random people with no online following on here is weird and clearly vendetta even if they're a little weird or whatever.. cringe

No. 1906988

File: 1696095592628.png (5.44 MB, 828x1792, IMG_4209.png)

No. 1907011

Looking like a Japanese nightmare demon jfc.

No. 1913110

File: 1697219012061.jpg (481.97 KB, 1200x1789, The_Dream.jpg)

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