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No. 1418782

Last thread: >>>/ot/1408558
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

Keep the weightsperging, heightsperging and tinfoil to a minimum.

>The late Aaron Carter's fiance comes forward about the harassment she's endured accusing her she was responsible for his death >>>/ot/1408594

>Julian Casablancas (44) from The Strokes slides into the dms of a barely legal teen with the finesse of a Gentlesir. returns to self-imposed solitude >>>/ot/1408618 DeuxMoi blind >>>/ot/1408672
>Nonnies discuss child abuse in Hollywood in the context of Aaron Carter's passing.
>Nonnies briefly discuss Olivia Munn and John Mulaney due to absence in milk. >>>/ot/1408703
>Taylor Swift's implants >>>/ot/1408867
>The Neighbourhood's drummer is fired after being accused of groping singer from the Marias. I don't know who they are either. >>>/ot/1409130
>Twitter tried to cancel Dua Lipa for performing at France due to Islamophobia. Ironically, she announces that she won't perform at Qatar. >>>/ot/1409181
>Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajowski appear to be dating. >>>/ot/1409206 >>>/ot/1412398
>Gisele Bundchen spotted in Costa Rica with her new man Joaquim Valente, a month after her and Brady finalized their divorce. >>>/ot/1409300
>Taylor Lautner marries taylor Lautner. >>>/ot/1409548
>Chris Evans (41) is now dating Alba Baptista (25) >>>/ot/1409593 Nonnies debate morality of age gap.
>Rebel Wilson photographed partying after announcing her newborn child (via surrogacy) Nonnies debate morality of surrogacy, especially due to Rebel being a lesbian. >>>/ot/1409694
>Catch me outside girl is accused of blackfishing >>>/ot/1409945
>A bunch of Canadians including Jim Carrey and Margaret Atwood are banned from Russia due to alleged ties to Ukranian organizations. >>>/ot/1410014
>2023 Grammy Nominations Announced >>>/ot/1410387
>Alexa Nikolas from Zoey101 accuses Seth MacFarlane of abuse and plying her with alcohol at 18. >>>/ot/1410575
>Schizo-chan appears to explain Pete Davidson's connections. Nonnies plead for Schizo-chan to share more milk but she is never seen again… >>>/ot/1410895
>Julia Fox reveals she bleaches her brows to piss off her ex and other men. >>>/ot/1411037
>Anons discuss cringe lyrics (Sam Smith - Unholy (ft. Kim Petras) >>>/ot/1411318
>Paris Hilton announces she and her husband will be pursuing IVF in 2023. Anons speculate if she'll be using a surrogate. >>>/ot/1411876
>Denise Richards and her husband get shot at (unharmed) by a dude with road rage. >>>/ot/1411892
>A public letter signed by 130+ organizations condemning the public shaming of Amber Heard in the wake of her trial with Johnny Depp. >>>/ot/1412423
>TMZ says that Marilyn Manson claims his career is "in the gutter" due to sexual abuse allegations. >>>/ot/1413313
>Aubrey Plaza reveals she's into being physically abused, nonnies cringe >>>/ot/1413400
>Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde break up >>>/ot/1413692
>Anok Yai shares her thoughts on nepotism babies in the context of her own struggles making it in the modelling industry. >>>/ot/1413732
>Chick who plays Wednesday Addams explains she's really quirky like Wednesday since she used to cut animals up a a kid. Anons cringe. >>>/ot/1413735
>Cheesecake Factory employee claims that DaBaby gave out 30 free tickets at her work to his show. >>>/ot/1413912 Apparently he does this a lot. >>>/ot/1415164
>Stephen Fry says people should stop sending death threats to JK Rowling over trannies. Promptly cancelled. >>>/ot/1414366
>More discussion (mostly sperging) about age gaps in Hollywood, some sperging about Paris Hilton's sexuality.
>Lana Del Rey's weight gain and outfit choice in a candid is discussed. >>>/ot/1414544 Her previous aesthetics, weight, takes, lyrics and weight are discussed (mostly sperged about). >>>/ot/1414920 >>>/ot/1416154
>Anons discuss body shapes going in and out of style. >>>/ot/1414743
>Meghan Trainor's appearance and weight is discussed. >>>/ot/1414959
>Trump is back on Twitter >>>/ot/1415276
>Jason David Frank (Green Power Ranger) passes away. RIP >>>/ot/1415783
>Kanye is back on Twitter >>>/ot/1416193
>During the AMAs, Kelly Rowland accepts an award on behalf of convicted woman beater and abuser Chris Brown. She gushes over him and shushes booing. >>>/ot/1416542 She later tells TMZ that people should forgive Chris Brown >>>/ot/1418314
>Red Carpet Outfits are discussed >>>/ot/1416546
>Nicki Minaj, Maluma and Myriam Fares release the anthem for the FIFA Fan Festival >>>/ot/1416843
>Jungkook of BTS performed at Qatar. Anons discuss hypocrisy given BTS' activism. >>>/ot/1416855
>Anons discuss Ellie Goulding's augmented appearance. >>>/ot/1417028
>Todd and Julie Chrisley are sentenced to 12 and 7 years in prison respectively due to bank fraud and tax evasion. >>>/ot/1417154 Apparently Todd's gay lover snitched him out of spite >>>/ot/1417926
>Julia Fox says she dated Kanye to keep him off of Kim. >>>/ot/1417524 She might have made a video about it, I didn't watch it. >>>/ot/1417515
>August Alsina (Will Smith's cuck) comes out >>>/ot/1417534
>ZAYN sells shitty merch and says the proceeds will be donated to Feeding Britain >>>/ot/1417559
>Anons sperg over Celebrity heights ft Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo.
>Will Butler (who?) of Arcade Fire got cancelled (again) >>>/ot/1418149
>Chisean Rock (who?) outed Blueface (who?) as bisexual on stream. >>>/ot/1418209 Blueface was recently released for a 50k bail for attempted murder.
>More milk about Blueface and other abusive rappers >>>/ot/1418223
>Ciara also comes out as a Chris Brown supporter >>>/ot/1418343
>Nonnies discuss how domestic abuse is handled in black communities >>>/ot/1418486

No. 1418785

lmao that random pic of lana added in. I like it lol.

No. 1418788

much better

No. 1418797

File: 1669209206119.png (201.81 KB, 524x803, SimuLiu.png)

Actor Simu Liu is getting dragged on Twitter for saying Disney Marvel is some sort of champion of diversity even thought they always edit out black people from posters/scenes and anything gay when distributing their movies in multiple countries so people are bringing up his reddit post saying that paedophilia was just like being gay or lesbian

No. 1418798

Pretty gross to add a photo of Rihanna's face right after she was physically attacked by a rabid scrote for the "meme".

No. 1418799

File: 1669209334639.jpg (260.59 KB, 1530x1326, SimuLiuNonce.jpg)

His reddit post for context I think it was posted a couple of threads back

No. 1418802

lmao i just noticed that.
Pretty gross of rihanna to openly support other abusers too tbh.

No. 1418805

I get that some anons think certain kinds of women being abused isn't that big of a deal (and for a lot of them, the deciding factor isn't what they've actually done or said, it's whether or not they personally resemble them kek), it's just distasteful. It's also a tad hypocritical, doesn't seem that much different from the pickmes and abusive moids from Twitter who mock or dismiss Rihanna's abuse.

No. 1418806

It wasn't my intention to convey that. I did it to remind everyone what these women are trying to absolve Chris Brown (hence the police report in the background). Although I understand that Rihanna is a massive pick me herself, what happened to her is abhorrent and shouldn't be forgotten.

No. 1418853

File: 1669213531027.jpg (1.72 MB, 2906x2431, chris-brown-playhouse.jpg)

Also he allegedly kicked hos ex girlfriend who he got with after Rihanna down the steps, she had a restraining order and there's these pictures of him harassing her
>"The “New Flame” singer had a stalker moment with ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran, that began inside of Playhouse nightclub in Los Angeles on June 4, when he made himself comfy at the V.I.P. table next to hers. Furious at the intrusion, 27-year-old Tran stormed out, only to be followed by Chris, where a fight ensued, which ended up with the 26-year-old crooner forcing his way into her SUV."
The new narrative is he was only 19 guise, he didn't do nothing else guise! Everyone else is forgiving him and standing for him so we should too!
Doesn't look 19 here.
Also, since when do we have to forgive abusive scrotes because time has passed or "everyone else has".
The issue is he's a violent woman beater. I love how Rihannas abuse is excused as , "she forgave him" but the shit with Karrache is forgotten because it doesn't fit the narrative of "he only hurt one woman at 19".
Even though it was big news back then. Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Jordan Sparks and even Normani who was in a video of his and a huge fan dismissing the shit he's done, can all suck a rock.

No. 1418873

File: 1669215165766.png (106.09 KB, 622x708, PoS.png)

exactly this, I was saying this in the last thread he has been getting in to constant problems with the law since, he has had at least 4 incidents per year since he attacked Rihanna I don't even know if there's been a year where he hasn't attacked someone for example the hostage situation and the police standoff was only 2016 and just in December 2020 he was being sued for inviting a woman out to a boat drugging and then raping her, his criminal history has never ended it's just been a constant stream of shit and people who are sitting there saying "he's changed" should be forced to live with him for a month and then come back and say that shit I'm sooo sure the man for put a Brick through his Mothers car window when she ran away from him being violent is secretly a good guy who deserves a second chance

No. 1418948

File: 1669223750930.png (380.01 KB, 648x776, Screenshot 7.png)

I don't know if this belongs here, but the crazy guy who tried to assassinate ronald reagan to win the affection of jodie foster and was in a psycg ward from 1981 to 2016, just started his own political party

No. 1418970

Isn't he literally a Schizophrenic? he'll be all for "LGBTQ Rights" up until he starts calling people faggots and Nwords when he has an episode or when people don't immediately embrace him, he's already talking about conspiracy shit with his "Music industry Mob"
Schizos and conspiracy stuff never should be mixed or you end up with that guy who murdered his two children because Qanon told him they had lizard DNA from being vaccinated, this guy already went to Jail for violent delusions he shouldn't be on the internet at all honestly

No. 1418975

he was literally kicked out of a neo-nazi group for being too mentally unstable

No. 1419041

Sounds cult-y

No. 1419081

Chris Brown doesn't even like dark skinned women and most of these women defending him have dark skin(or did and bleached themselves lighter). The pickme levels are off the fucking charts and the cringe is terminal

No. 1419225

A question for the culture……… is Chris brown really that worth defending? Like, even Michael Jackson’s skills was barely hanging there to cope with all the actions he’d shown and his skills were pretty something. So idk why they capin as hard for Chris. did they see a meme or smth about how Chris the next MJ because…… wild

No. 1419317

The only thing pedos have in common with regular sexualities like hetero/homosexuality is that there is no cure for being a pedo. However, unlike with homosexuals, the solution is to just genocide the pedos so as to not waste tax dollars on keeping then in jail. When will degenerates learn that pedophilia is not a SEXuality because "children" is not a SEX you can be attracted to. It's a paraphilia. All pedos could be straight or gay; their pedo tendencies are another thing altogether. In summary: genocide them all now. No "treatment", no acceptance, no exceptions

No. 1419337

File: 1669241821856.jpg (125.8 KB, 720x900, FZFwiCuXkAExYcW.jpg)

reminds me of those cringey meet and greet pics. Pickmeism is a disease.

No. 1419346

File: 1669242465274.jpg (47.87 KB, 354x446, 1669241821856.jpg)

kek this one looks like a pregnancy photo.

No. 1419380

LMAO, his gut looks huge!

No. 1419392

Gigolo lookin ass

No. 1419397

File: 1669248537020.png (207.98 KB, 599x396, kn.png)

Kanye confirmed working with Fuentes

No. 1419417

They used so many adjectives but forgot to say he's gay.

No. 1419431

Kanye is so embarassing. Hanging out with a kid young enough to be his son that most definitely posts on /pol/ and looks down on anyone who looks like him.

No. 1419432

This man is a certified pest.

No. 1419446

you mean fucking Nick "cat Boy" Fuentes? Yes, yes he is. He's been hanging out with two white twinks

No. 1419455

Whatever else, this is shaping up to be hilarious. Nick is going to be riding high (so will Ethan Ralph and co who are tied to him) and going to do something foolish and Milo is going to have to disavow him. It almost happened already, Milo didn't want Nick to be publicly associated with Kanye allegedly, and Nick slid in somehow and is taking a larger role than he was supposed to. A dramatic incident or at least a snaking is guaranteed give who we are dealing with.

No. 1419475

oh fuck don't even get me started on that guy. i'm a chinese immigrant who grew up in the same part of missisauga as he did and he is so full of shit and also ugly.

No. 1419477

Black women are the worst pick mes. I literally dont understand it when black men have done nothing to prove themselves as human beings.

No. 1419479

Women who support abusive men after being abused themselves has to be a trauma response. that is some level of insanity i can't decipher.

No. 1419482

File: 1669256933645.gif (2.98 MB, 640x508, goodbye poonmen.gif)

i don't want to live on this planet anymore

No. 1419513

kek yeah they say all these omg scary republican words but legit the first thing i think of is "cat hooker". well good job nick on finding a way to change your image i guess?

No. 1419515

Nick has so many enemies that are going to fuck with him on both the left (for obvious reasons) and the right (mainly for personal reasons or for the laughs) so I get the feeling that all three scrotes are going to be regretting this very soon.

No. 1419695

No but imagine being a gay Mexican and because of your daily racist streams you eventually get to hang out with one of the biggest musicians of the 21st century.

No. 1419766

What was it Metokur called Fuentes? A histrionic f*? I'm not a fan of that f word but it made me lol in Fuentes's case

Major cow crossover levels here, kek. Going to grab my popcorn and wait for the inevitable drama this will bring. Wtf is Kanye thinking with this clown?

No. 1419797

File: 1669284108725.jpg (53.53 KB, 720x1280, 1668961610_youloveit_com_rainb…)

Was Paris' "look alike" doll posted yet? I think it's ugly as sin


No. 1419804

Aw I think it’s pretty cute

No. 1419817

I mean it's not as bad the Roblox shit she did at least..

No. 1420314

its not bad, but i feel like the space between the eyes is too much.

No. 1420328

Plus they're looking the same way.

No. 1420356

This is the least repulsive rainbow high doll I've had the unpleasure of seeing yet. It fails to look like Paris Hilton though.

No. 1420417

Considering how much money her family has and how much more this doll could’ve actually looked like her, this is pretty disappointing and is obviously just run-off L.O.L. dolls that she’s trying to resell

No. 1420481

File: 1669323492664.gif (952.81 KB, 966x386, 166931927962006009.gif)

Lmao. That's funny af because all those dolls look exactly the same.

No. 1420484

File: 1669323832324.png (317.17 KB, 508x768, 166931927962006009.png)

No. 1420498

You're really saying this after white women broke their necks defending Johnny Depp, bringing him alpacas and crayons and coloring books and declaring their love/lust for him? Or after their collective thirst over a gay pedophilic serial killer, to the point of sending his elderly father love-letters, showing up at his house and throwing panties at him? Kek stfu

No. 1420499

File: 1669324403726.png (320.44 KB, 363x768, 166931927962006009 (1).png)

LMAO Paris's doll better watch out! There's more than one blonde! Aaahhhhhhhhahaha!


No. 1420507

>a gay pedophilic serial killer


No. 1420508

Dahmer ofc

No. 1420509

cute tbh

No. 1420510

Oh, yeah. I forgot about those freaks that want to have sex with serial killers and such.

No. 1420527

And white men actually did the raping kids and beating women part. Literally nothing to do with race.

No. 1420528

The point is that male depravity and female pick-meism are not limited by race, white women can be and often are just as bad when it comes to defending men of their race.

No. 1420543

And there are still many white women who went and still go full pickme for them, fully knowing all that. Maybe say "nothing to do with race" to the person who said black women are the worst pickmes if you truly believe that.

No. 1420547

I still cringe thinking about all the people who took sides in general during that trial? Like why are you autistic enough to give that much of a shit about random people whom you’ve never met and know nothing about other than what you’ve seen them do while they’re working as an actor… I don’t care about Amber I don’t care about Johnny and I definitely have no place to comment on someone shitting the bed cause I’ve shit myself several times.

No. 1420551

>I’ve shit myself several times
What the fuck anon? I can understand maybe having an accident once, but several times is insane.

No. 1420555

Sage because off topic but I’ve shit myself while having seizures, from coughing too hard, farting too hard, kek sorry to get too personal but it amazes me how many people focused in on the bed shitting thing when ass muscles (I don’t know what their called) have spasms all the time

No. 1420562

Anon how many times does this happen to you in a year?

No. 1420564

I understand the seizures thing (sorry about that) but nonna, pooping from coughing or sneezing isn't normal. Maybe a little toot but never a poop. Your pelvic floor must be weak or something

No. 1420577

I didn’t think I was gonna have to specify this but when I said several times I mean several times over the course of my whole life kek. This isn’t a frequent/even regular occurrence and I also didn’t think that my own shitting would be focused in on, but I certainly appreciate it.
Also it’s not like FULL BLOWN pants shitting a very minuscule amount comes out of me so I apologize if for some reason any of you were convinced that I was pushing out a fatty into my unders(......get help)

No. 1420619

Depp took Heard to court for deformation because she had called him an abuser. She had previously won another case which proved he was an abuser. He was basically taking her to court for telling the truth.
The reason the case got so much attention was because it's outcome of how domestic abuse victims gets to talk about their abuse. Heard lost so now it means she can't call her abuser an abuser and this will likely happen to other domestic abuse victims. This case will affect women and society it was so much more than just dumb celeb drama

No. 1420629

Millions of women try to bring their abusive ex-husbands to justice yearly, this isn’t going to change the fact that they normally need to take matters into their own hands in order to get these scrotes to experience some suffering. I’m talking specifically about people who obsessively talked about being pro-Johnny or pro-Amber. I’m also not sure what women will be affected by this puppet show of a trial…if you’re being abused by a man, you likely have evidence already and can use it against him. Use your voice or don’t. It’s as simple as that. You can’t control the opinions or responses of others, but you can control your own behavior.

No. 1420630

File: 1669334862364.jpg (28.65 KB, 559x559, FiXg5gsWYAMgvXX.jpg)

is it an optical illusion or are his legs really fucked up? like, rooney mara looks so normal and they're both sat the exact same way, but everything from his waist downwards is just wrong.

No. 1420646

ot but i dont get how women can fawn over gay men? Once i find a man is gay i lose all interest.

No. 1420647

It’s because his legs are tilted sideways but the rest of his body isn’t at the same angle, is why he looks weird. Who is that though? He looks like this one youtuber but I don’t think it’s him

No. 1420653

It looks like Ben Whishaw (Paddington bear).

No. 1420666

File: 1669338478374.png (258.75 KB, 492x739, katheriner.png)

A lot of rumours she is talking about Russel Brand, which wouldn't surprise me

No. 1420667

He hasn’t been a “prominent TV personality” since 2012 though he fell awf hard

No. 1420675

too many options, noel fielding also comes to mind

No. 1420676

Jimmy Carr?

No. 1420689

It’s either Brand or David Walliams, iirc she’s friends with both Noel and Carr

No. 1420694

walliams is so fucking creepy

No. 1420699

>you likely have evidence already and can use it against him.
She did prove she was abused. Yet the deformation case still decided that calling him abusive was wrong even though she had already won the domestic abuse trial. She had to pay lots of money and losing her career for calling depp abusive. Now moids know that they can just sue their exes for deformation. It doesn't matter if women manage to prove that they are abused. It doesn't even matter if women win domestic violence court cases. Because now moids can just claim deformation and win those trials even if it has been proven that they are abusive

No. 1420701

jimmy carr seems like he'd be a huge drunk, idk why

No. 1420720

walliams always creeped me out. he's done some questionable shit on camera. and the guy writes kid's books, which qould make this even creepier.
please don't let this be another jimmy saville.

No. 1420725

This still doesn’t make me care about the whole Depp vs Heard thing. Instead of taking the nigel who abused you to court, just kill him? I really don’t understand why people aren’t using this solution more often.

No. 1420729

It wouldn't shock me, but he literally threw his own career in the toilet almost a decade ago so i find it hard to think it's him. I also feel like it would have also been exposed by now.

I second David Walliams, the little Britain stand up shows are fucking creepy. I can't bare to watch them even if their victims are moids.

It's a nice idea on concept, but laws exist. In fact, before divorce became more accessible for women, women were murdering their husbands at higher numbers.

No. 1420731

File: 1669345997919.png (272.73 KB, 587x579, Screenshot 2022-11-24 220532.p…)

A bunch of not very reputable news sources are pushing the narrative that Shawn Mendes is dating a 50 year old woman. I post this because i find picrel funny and i want it to be true so that his creepy moid fans can seethe and say it's a staged relationship.

No. 1420749


No. 1420751

File: 1669346948937.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2133, InShot_20221124_222749512.jpg)

Apparently he just quit Britain's Got Talent, sus

No. 1420757

what a coincidence.
seriously, another beloved TV personality that is known for his charity work, his work with/for kids, behaving like a fucking creep and being closer to the royals than your average britceleb? right out of the playbook.

No. 1420765

File: 1669347956199.jpg (9.97 KB, 256x256, 41nuUcFNitL._CR0,80,480,480_UX…)

I think you nonnies might be onto something. I hope the tabloids cling onto this.

No. 1420774

his face just telegraphs "psycho". like matt lauer.

No. 1420783

File: 1669349327752.png (2.13 MB, 1174x1450, i dunno man i watched little b…)

idk anon there are some pictures of him where he really looks like a pedo kek i never knew he wrote children's books. tbh i was like "hmmmmm"[marge simpson noise] as soon as i read that in your post.

No. 1420805

File: 1669352061615.jpg (80.21 KB, 491x569, COSomkH.jpg)

well, fuck me, I looked this fuckmuppet up and found a post on tumblr linking some of his pedo behaviour.

pic from: https://order-order.com/2017/08/29/david-walliams-flirty-private-messages-with-milifandom-abby/

No. 1420808

File: 1669352162011.jpg (68.69 KB, 604x301, QXp9eBq.jpg)

No. 1420810

File: 1669352219682.jpg (134.71 KB, 598x894, icDbgSj.jpg)

No. 1420812

File: 1669352320989.jpg (48.95 KB, 596x226, bCcLbI7.jpg)

No. 1420819

File: 1669353083360.gif (1.46 MB, 332x272, 16693529326004914.gif)

Thank-fuck, people are exposing these predators.

No. 1420820

mood until I die bc Hollywood will really crumble idc how slow but it can’t thrive off of pedophilia and trafficking forever

No. 1420823


>british television host only known in his native country


are you retarded or does everything just come back to “muh pedowood” when men rape and assault women regardless of whether or not they’re in hollywood

No. 1420825

And then there's this. Walliams pulling a man's trousers and pants down on stage.

No. 1420833


Not necessarily Hollywood. The media, the industry, show business in general. The idea of celebrity itself predicts trends, steers the economy, and affect lives more than ever. And it’s what, 110 years old? The tokenization of young and naive women/children in general.
lmao u can both try saging and U specifically can waste ur time some other way than complain about another woman directing their milkless post on run of the mill violence on womanhood in the bizness

No. 1420866

I think hollywood is a catch-all that means more than the actual location in california nonnie, it’s become slang for “entertainment industry” especially since everyone has access to other countries’ media now

No. 1420875

This is so funny. Imagine unironically hanging out with cum detective Fuentes, the guy who sand E.T with Katy Perry is larping as a rightoid Nick "the faggot" Fuentes. Unbelievable

No. 1420900

Oh they fucking

No. 1420906

the assumption that gay moids are somehow inherently non-threatening on the virtue of being gay, even the ones as horrible as Dahmer

No. 1420916

Walliams is a creep, but his Emily Howard 'I'm a lady!' character was spot on with how modern troons act, but twenty years early.

No. 1420927

For real, they’re both pieces of shit, and women who support him are pieces of shit too because they’re co-signing misogynistic violence
Gay men are usually the biggest misogynists but libfem retards dismiss their misogyny as yassss kweeeen slaaayyyy “sassiness”. I hate handmaidens almost as much as I hate moids

No. 1420960

File: 1669377602055.jpg (736.89 KB, 1440x1801, walliams bgt.jpg)

well that's pretty damning. also this article from 15 days ago.

No. 1420985

He had to repeat the “she thinks you want to fuck her but you don’t” line three times. He’s the type of guy to call you a whore after you don’t want to fuck him.
I hope he gets taken down after everything I saw posted here.

No. 1420992

>"last thing" on his mind
>won't shut up about it
>also has to mention he had a boner

No. 1421020

Grimes may have show most embarrassing behaviour, but she does have her own beauty, and her music is creative and well thought out.

No. 1421037

feel welcomed to say that in her own thread

No. 1421045

File: 1669389945332.jpg (277.39 KB, 733x1375, 34_akaj-vf.jpg)

American nonnies no offense but your politics are beyond a joke at this point

No. 1421072

I'd rather politics be a joke so we stop putting too much trust into the government. They are supposed to be our slaves. The private citizens are supposed to be the ones in power. Let them be jesters and clowns.

No. 1421076


No. 1421082

celebrities are jesters, its in our best interest if policymakers are not

No. 1421084

File: 1669395315644.jpg (423 KB, 1080x1231, billie.jpg)

No. 1421085

I can confirm that this is 100% true

No. 1421095

this is 100% fake but its fucking hilarious

No. 1421101

I trust GeOrGeFlOyD GaMinG.

No. 1421105

Idk I thought it was funny

No. 1421109

Kanye went full retard with Nick Fuentes, while spilling tea about Trump apparently calling Kim a "bitch", I believe it but also possible Kanye is making shit up.) The rumor is Nick kind of inserted himself more than was planned out and slid into Kanye's DMs sidestepping Milo but it's not for sure, Milo is still set to be campaign manager. Between these two idiots you have Milo's pro-pedo statements and general snakiness and Nick's association with Jan 6th and espousing every kind of racism, antisemitism and even being an "incel" literally using the word. These clowns are going to crash and burn spectacularly but it's really crazy to see some of the most lolcowish parts of the meme right become adjacent to if not actually winning elections at least to huge name celebrity. It felt weird when sites like 8chan and stuff about Qanon was being mentioned, this is just surreal.>>1421045

No. 1421141

File: 1669399882818.png (110.46 KB, 617x622, creeper.png)

There have always been rumours about him hitting on younger men/woman in the tv industry or creeping on people it seemed to be an open secret type thing pic rel is describing some of his behaviour on the set of BGT and almost everyone who has worked with him has a story about his weird behaviour or him making them uncomfortable
I swear I remember seeing a couple of articles in 2016-2018 about him messaging young girls and then it just disappeared

No. 1421147

File: 1669400204763.jpg (104.79 KB, 601x1024, FiaPw7DXEAIZU44.jpg)

samefag but I found some more stuff about him being a creep/nonce

No. 1421148

Nick has so many unhinged statements and actions. The guy goes on cum detective escapades, said all women are pedophiles, went on a tirade about age of consent laws, made posts about how he wanted to start a commune with cat boys so he could eat sushi off their naked bodies, said he wanted to be Hitler 2, 3, and 4, the list goes on. And judging by how Nick handles pushback and rejection you know he'll do or say something really stupid and keep going for months after the fact.
Overall, I would say this is shaping up to be a ticking time bomb for a huge shit show with a lot of milk potential.

No. 1421151

File: 1669400325753.jpg (196.08 KB, 1125x2008, FiaPxaUXoAEnJIV.jpg)

the boy in this video was apparently 16

No. 1421156

File: 1669400390080.jpg (177.19 KB, 1125x1566, FiaPxaWXwAEFndR.jpg)

No. 1421158

File: 1669400455777.jpg (251.25 KB, 990x2048, FiaPyWoakAED4Nb.jpg)

Not the first time he's done this either

No. 1421163

File: 1669400832712.jpg (237.36 KB, 1125x2033, FiaPz9vWYAQWZPb.jpg)

here's the thread I found most of this: https://twitter.com/SaliWho/status/1596121186169393152?s=20&t=4iSmZ_nXNtm-4PZHtTN-Pg

he also dated an 18 year old when he was 37 and a 20 year old when he was 44 the 20 year old girl was a victim of abduction and was ransomed David found her through this and then dated her: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abduction_of_Chloe_Ayling

Guy is a fucking freak who needs to be locked up

No. 1421165

File: 1669401036668.jpg (30.07 KB, 736x491, HEI3fAn.jpg)

I've read years ago that Lara Stone divorced him, because she didn't like his "camp persona". Wonder if that was code…

Picture taken by none other than renowned sex pest Terry Richardson. Birds of a feather, etc.

No. 1421168

jfc i've found so many allegations in buried news stories and social media posts too. seems he is incredibly litigious.
I honestly wasn't a fan of katherine ryan but i admire her for bringing this to the surface. pretty based, considering how much shit and legal trouble she must be getting for it behind the scenes.

No. 1421174

File: 1669401542070.jpeg (10.43 KB, 668x125, walliams.jpeg)

No. 1421177

File: 1669401609244.jpg (119.78 KB, 900x540, ieYkBVGP.jpg)

Here are some pictures

No. 1421180

My brother's friend is in her early twenties and David Walliams slid into her DMs and she's not famous or anything.

No. 1421181

what's baffling is, how this shit is just out there for everyone to see. how is this even an open secret at this point? evidence upon evidence.

IA about Katherine. Her comedy is kinda whatever and she cleary has a PS addiction, but kudos to her for actually saying something.

No. 1421191

The fact that someone took time out of their day to come up with this makes me too happy
How the fuck has he gotten away with this?
>the 20 year old girl was a victim of abduction and was ransomed David found her through this and then dated her
Yeah that's a confirmed psycho.

No. 1421196

>>“Ladies, y’all be complaining about n—as being, like, stalkers and in love with y’all, kinda crazy and s–t and you get tired of it. Well, guess what? I’m one of them n—as!” Brown, 27, said in a now deleted clip posted to his Instagram story.
>>“If I love you, bitch, ain’t nobody gonna have you. I’m gonna make you miserable.”


No. 1421199

This man should have a restraining order against every woman on this planet.

No. 1421203

File: 1669402928368.png (8.77 MB, 1170x2532, 3EEEF69D-7A4A-4047-A628-CE6F37…)

These are so humiliating…

No. 1421206

I know these things all sound egregious when written down but imagining it in my head, I could fully see her doing all of this and no one batting an eye or at least pretending to not notice because
>muhh mental health!!
but I’ve seen videos of her on her own time and she does act retarded, whether she actually is or just tries to look downie on purpose is anyones guess.

No. 1421207

Wow, what the fuck. He looks so upset and humiliated at the end of it too, you can tell he's trying to laugh and play it off but you can tell that guy seriously upset and maybe scared him. I can't imagine how helpless I'd feel having that fucking ape chase me and undress me onstage in front of a crowd. And the fact that this has happened multiple times >>1421158 combined with this >>1421174 ? This guy's some kind of fucking rapist I'll bet the farm on it.

No. 1421209

I tried to remember some of his roles in Little Britain and so many of them are about him being sexually inappropriate or creepy.
Off the top of my head, there's that prime ministers gay assistant, a guy who's into older women, old guy with a thai bride…

And outside of that his humor ist mostly just about sex and assaulting people.
Talk about hiding in plain sight.

No. 1421256


here's a video compilation of a couple of times he did this "skit". the boys are all under 18. walliams says he "loves cruelty" wtf

No. 1421278

wtf?! he did this shit since he was a kid and absolutely no one stopped him?
no fucking wonder he's just kept doing it. hell, he's made a career out of it.

and if he's acting like that in front of the camera, lord knows what he's doing in private.

he's jimmy saville 2.0 i'm calling it now.

No. 1421282

I get more of an Andy Dick vibe from him both are massive sexual predators that defend it with "it's just comedy"

No. 1421347

The fact that this shit used to be broadcast ON TV for little britain live. It was the most uncomfortable shit to watch and knowing he did it to a teenager is even more sickening.

I see it too, i think that's probably why he was being given a free pass. The fucked up part is that nothing will probably come out of this just like with Andy Dick who only became a registered sex offender recently. And they STILL keeping trying to hire him even when he is as irrelevant as he is and makes others in the industry upset.

No. 1421350

what does this all mean though

No. 1421355

Same I saw it with my own eyes

No. 1421367

There's a pretty long reddit thread on DM about the alleged perv that Katherine Ryan could be talking about. https://www.reddit.com/r/Deuxmoi/comments/z2pnjz/which_famous_british_comedian_is_katherine_ryan/

There are A LOT of possible names. I'll summarize a few, since it's way too much to SH individually.


- Russel Brand
The obvious choice. Comedian Daniel Sloss has talked about RB's behavior on Podcast 'We might be drunk', stating that some of it is too heinous to repeat. Comedian Ed Night also talked about RB being a predator. However, RB nuked his career a decade ago and now does only small gigs to stay afloat.

- David Walliams
Besides everything posted here, Katherine Ryan also tore into him during a stand-up show, according to one user. Has an army of lawyers going after everyone. Supposedly hosted 15-yo girls in his dressing room; follows a lot of young models on sm.

- Stephen K. Amos
Involved with an underaged boy he hired as a stylist. Rumors of a messed-up relationship. The boy killed himself and people believe that was the cause. However PKA isn't that famous and influental.

- Stephen Fry
Thinks there shouldn't be an age of consent since even kids know about sex. Liked a lot of pictures of young looking twinks on insta. Husband is shady, too.

- James Corden
Probably just a regular shithead.

All allegedly of course, just repeating other peoples anecdotes and rumors.

No. 1421379

good summary, thanks nona.

>russel brand

definitely rapey and has gotten away with a lot of shit, even if it's not who KR was referring to.


seems to be the guy, especially after everything posted in this thread. and again, even if not he deserves a huge backlash.

>Stephen K Amos

not well known enough imo for this to be a big story

>Stephen Fry

interesting. i know he has a dark side and some really questionable stances on age of consent etc. but haven't heard any specific rumours before.

>James Corden

Definitely think he is just a shithead. probably has affairs and treats women and men like shit equally.

No. 1421449

Seriously, what does that even mean kek. Had a boner but wasn't wanting to fuck? What?

No. 1421454

Gay men will do everything a straight man does except desire you sexually, and in some ways it can be more dangerous because they genuinely believe it’s somehow okay since they aren’t attracted to women. While there are gay men who are genuinely receptive and empathetic compared to straight men, there are plenty that can and do treat women like property and nothing more, all while pretending to be decent people. Women who are under the impression that gay men are any better than straight men are misguided at best. The only thing they won’t do is rape you.

Well wtf do you want us to do about it. Why don’t you share a tutorial since you know every fucking thing

No. 1421457

File: 1669418918643.jpeg (697.24 KB, 1080x1080, BA14B523-35A1-4169-82EF-45C4D5…)

Say what you want but I respect him as the only kardashian who escaped objectifying himself and for that I do like him. Yes he’s crazy but that’s my big mami.

No. 1421465

>who escaped objectifying himself
not hard for a man. also contain this gross shit on /g/

No. 1421480

It was mostly a joke about every kardashian commodifying their bodies except for like, Kris but okay

No. 1421506

Like when Isaac Mizrahi touched Scarlett Johanssons boob on the red carpet on live tv or the story about tom ford who put a models breast in his mouth during a photoshoot without her consent.

No. 1421531

in highschool I remember a gay scrote walking behind me trying to secretly unzip my skirt to humiliate me if it fell off of me. Wouldn't surprise me if they'd be willing to do worse, we aren't considered humans to any male, gay OR straight.

No. 1421532

>>While there are gay men who are genuinely receptive and empathetic compared to straight men
The only gays, other than lesbians, that I cape for.

No. 1421544

A lot of lesbians I've known have been shockingly misogynistic. There's a reason why domestic violence rates are high amongst lesbian couples.

No. 1421548

I swear to god someone debunked this yesterday in another thread.

No. 1421550

feels like it's a bait topic at this point

No. 1421551

I guarantee you that you're hyperfixating on it/having observation bias because of one thing: because lesbians hating women is way more novel and hypocritical than a straight woman being misogynistic. Also yeah, that study like other nona said was debunked. It's been weaponized by troons and men constantly for a reason.

No. 1421586

File: 1669428305235.jpg (272.99 KB, 750x1432, 7iI9ySn.jpg)

Could this be related? Mark Williams-Thomas who exposed Savile, claims there's another untouchable pedo in UK.

No. 1421587

Doesn't Walliams have a kid? What kind of visitation rights does he have?

No. 1421589

File: 1669428553571.jpg (135.57 KB, 608x622, NpXBi0c.jpg)

He also mentioned Katherine Ryan's confrontation with a sexual predator in a tweet.

No. 1421592

There are plenty of gay men will do anything for the approval of other men, especially straight men. It’s like how Andy Warhol let men gang rape his anorexic “friend” at night because she took strong sedatives. They do not care. Gay men in tech will do worse to women than even some straight men, and don’t balk at violating womens privacy in any manner. Money and male attention is all they care about.

No. 1421594

why is this place becoming more and more like this, this isn't the first time I've seen these sentiments

No. 1421595

they're gay pick-mes.

No. 1421599

The difference between a woman who is a pickme and a gay man who is a pickme is that women are exponentially more likely to have even the most basic droplets of human empathy somewhere while gay male pickmes are entirely void of a soul.

No. 1421600

You mean the study that said dv rates were higher in lesbian couples because both women had history of being victimised by men prior to the relationship kek? YWNBAW.

No. 1421603

It is part of the retard scrote way of trying to force women into being with men because more women than ever are forgoing relationships with men, they assume they can convert lesbians because men have always been entitled retards.

No. 1421605

I get what you mean but i've seen a lot of butch lesbians be really misogynistic. Some of them are on a mission to emulate scrote behaviour to a t.

No. 1421606

Now this is a completely retarded take, i get some try to copy scrotes but it's definitely not all of them.

No. 1421607

It's the troon. Report and ignore. He's been shitting up other ot threads today reeing about lesbians (also chimped out on cc yesterday and spammed his gore, cp, and porn folder because he was triggered by women shitting on degenerate men kek).

No. 1421608

You wish

No. 1421609

ayrt i've heard that he's never been well liked within the industry, unlike matt lucas who despite having crappy shows is socially very popular. FR though the second i read he wrote kids books i was freaked out. that's just such an weird creepy thing to pivot to and then act so…authoritative? idk i just thought he was an unfunny dude but this author persona really feels like a jimmy savile thing.

No. 1421610

these takes aren't so different

No. 1421611

I think people hate matt lucas too… or maybe that's just audiences

No. 1421614

this reminds me of that video of the fat pedo singing with the little boy and biting him

No. 1421616

afaik, he has a son with ex wife lara stone. couldn't find anything about visitation rights, but the divorce seemed messy.
he claimed HE divorced her, because of her "unreasonable behaviour" and she took the blame during the proceedings. but he also said he was devastated they were divorcing? and later on she said SHE wanted the divorce and he begged her to stay.
she also had issues with alcohol in the past, so idk.

No. 1421617

this is like andy dick shit

No. 1421618

WHAT THE FUCK LARA STONE MARRIED THIS PIECE OF SHIT??? WHY DID I NEVER KNOW THAT? she's been one of my favourite models since like 2008 and how did this retard trick her into marrying him???

No. 1421620

he's probably just legitimately scared of the shrieking young women his age who go after him

No. 1421621

england has a huge nonce problem because it's an anti-child culture. children are always viewed as in the wrong from first principles (if that makes sense).

No. 1421622

"if you got a crazy boyfriend, you gonna die"
donald glover said that like ten years ago. i know he's weird about asians and black women but he was right about that one thing

No. 1421625

fry is an old fashioned, woman-hating, teen-boy-fucking english homo. like james randi. i am pretty sure his husband was a high end rent boy (fry himself was a hooker in piccadilly circus when he was younger) aka just a younger version of himself. they're upper class, traditional, aggressively male males who are attracted to other males. shit gets fucking dark in that community.

No. 1421627

I think Kris resents him for being born a man.

I agree with you, but it's two completely different types of pickmeism. The pickmeism i think anon was talking about is more to do with blm/raceshit and it's where all this support for abhorrent moids like r-kelly, oj simpson and chris brown come from, it's more of a cultural thing. The one you are talking about is celebrity worship. The motivation for pickmeism is different between women. They are both bad, but it's just a small technicality to consider, that's why anons keep trying to make a distinction.

No. 1421629

>issues with alcohol
kek as if lara drinking because she felt fat and ugly is as bad as what her moid does. sounds like she knew no one would ever trust her word against his and took the blame in the divorce just to get it the fuck over with.

No. 1421631

File: 1669431181943.jpg (153.66 KB, 643x992, C2UYphA.jpg)

from the reddit thread posted above. another long convo regarding DW's reputation in the publishing world.
tl;dr: keep young blondes away from him.


I remember reading an interview with him around the time he was dating LS, saying sth along the lines of "how could I resist a busty blonde."

dude's got a pattern.

No. 1421632

samefag, for the illiterates i mean lara stone had a drinking problem briefly because she "felt fat and ugly" because of her boobs or something compared to other model

No. 1421636

Nta but with Depp it wasn't just celebrity worshiping fans defending him, but also other celebrities themselves (including ones who claimed to be 'feminist')

No. 1421637

Someone linked it but I just read it. Glad to know it's been debunked. Anecdotally I wish I could say differently but that's a relief. Wasn't meant to be bait btw

No. 1421642

Agree with your theory. He definitely used this against her. Pervs like him love picking women with an exploitable "weakness", be it addiction, social standing, illness.

No. 1421645

it's not just a child thing here they don't charge/deal with sexual predators of any kind I have a friend who took the bus to work and a guy got his dick out in front of her and some old lady screaming that he'd rape them both whilst jerking off the police told her there was no point pressing charges because of non existent conviction rates and on the child side of things a headteacher of a local school groomed an autistic 15-16 year old girl including requesting and receiving CP from her and sending her dick pics he only got a three year community service, I'm not surprised that shit like Jimmy Savile happened here or that David Walliams continues to get away with his behaviour the UK is infamous for allowing predators to roam free to reoffend

No. 1421678

the article said that the guy is old and near death, so it’s not Walliams and def not Brand. I’m guessing Cliff Richard? but mark williams thomas is a notorious hack who claims he “outed” savile when other journalists (and johnny rotten) pinned him beforehand

No. 1421684

cliff richard's face has always freaked me out, even before his millions of facelifts. alan wilder's reliably complained about him in every interview since 1991 and i trust his opinion. i think you're right, anon.

No. 1421693

I forgot that, but even then that was libfems supporting him because muh male abuse victims. It's not really the same motivation as the whole "we wuz kangs" motivation i hate writing that stupid phrase btw sorry. But tbf the same kind of women who flap their capes for chris brown would also cape for Johnny depp just because they hate white women.

No. 1421762

File: 1669441818136.jpg (113.11 KB, 576x679, twitter.jpg)

twitter mad

No. 1421780

File: 1669447135537.png (161.37 KB, 487x464, Screenshot.png)

faghags and gay moids on suicide watch, also good for her

No. 1421782

its always funny seeing Americans(its always either Americans or English people) call someone whose just fit a "twink", I guess anyone who isn't a morbidly obese pighuman hybrid or a steroid freak is considered skinny for them

No. 1421794

not to derail further but one of my best mates in high school was a gay autist 4chan moid, he found my friend's vibrator in her bathroom (which was not in plain view, he went through her shit) and bought it into the room we were sitting in like ewwww waving it around in shit. also my faggot fuck of an uncle is legit one of the viggest misogynists I've ever met and disowned me cause I'm a terf kek

Russel Brand admitted he was a sex addict too right? he went to rehab for it? sex and heroin addiction anyway.
him and Matty Healy (um, Girls by the 1975 anyone?) reek of the same foul predator stench.

No. 1421807

Can you cut it out with the racebaiting?

No. 1421821

>fry himself was a hooker in piccadilly circus when he was younger
Where did you get it from?
>they're upper class, traditional, aggressively male males who are attracted to other males. shit gets fucking dark in that community.
Why tho?
See nothing wrong with it, tbh. Except for misogyny and teen-fucking, ofc. I mean such homos appeal to me more than those who mimick women in order to get attention from straight moids, at the same time constantly hating us, criticizing us for not being enough feminine and bragging of being more desirable and overall better (as if someone cares)

No. 1421823

>the only kardashian who escaped objectifying himself
>is the only son
Must be a coincidence
kek they are so mad. He will never fuck any of you.

No. 1421832

You know ALL gays are misogynistic right?

No. 1421869

Just like the seethers who were mad FKA Twigs was dating a male model that was younger than her, kek

No. 1421871


No. 1421889

idk if you’re from the uk but those homos are literal psychotic violently misogynistic pederasts and racists.

No. 1421904

File: 1669470366926.png (233.43 KB, 613x861, moidmoment.png)

Squidgame actor O Yeong-su charged with groping a woman in 2017

>"The woman first filed a complaint in December 2021 but the case was dropped in April without charges being brought."

>"At the request of the victim" the case is now being reopened, the Yonhap news agency says.
>"Following the charge, Seoul's cultural ministry has stopped broadcasting a government advert he features in."

No. 1421910

File: 1669470774126.jpg (201.39 KB, 1100x680, l1-4.jpg)

she looks really good and healthy like she could pass for 35. Good for her and hypocritical gay men and self-hating women can keep on seething. Nothing triggers those people more than a old woman dating a young guy.

No. 1421916

The shawn mendes is gay rumors are so deep founded in racism that its pathetic.
This man has done nothing that shows he is gay except for acting sometimes effeminate.
When he was dating blonde fair women no one really cared about his sexuality except for a small number of people but he starts dating brown women and everyone starts calling him gay despite him being straight.
Its weird as fuck especially with all the gay men who want to force him so bad to be gay and have been sexualizing's him since he was underage….Since we are on the topic of age gaps lets talk about the gay pedo males sexualizing him since he was 16…maybe twitter needs to call out their predators instead of bullying and sexualizing shawn.

No. 1421921

she looks amazing

No. 1421922

from when I have seen many of the gay moids seem to get a joy by "triggering" his fans, like I have seen moids reply to some teenage girls talking about him on twitter with gay porn and thinking its the funniest shit in the world, I'm not 100% homophonic btw but I will say that most of my hatred of gay men comes from seeing the way they behave

No. 1421926

File: 1669472329591.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.99 KB, 1500x1500, shawn-mendes-1-5f15fd03588841b…)

He's heterosexual

No. 1421931

I don't know about this one. He's been said go flirt with 16+ years olds but not younger. Like 16 is still bad but not illegal…

No. 1421933

probably not related. sounds like someone quite old. that one is gonna be even more difficult to narrow down…

No. 1421934

Weirdly fitting

No. 1421942

Jfc he’s been being called a faggot it has nothing to do with dating a bRoWn girl. He was just more in the limelight and the “joke” was being picked up en masse

No. 1421946

I don't know where she's getting at, but this whole thing stated cause gay men were being pedophilic and when he and just vented that he's not fond of creepy comments and so they just doubled down and started annoying his fans as well

No. 1421949

Pls get help, racebaiter-chan.You are exhausting.
Won't be surprised if he is one of those porn-addicted coomers.

No. 1421950

Yea, that’s why I put joke it quotations, it wasn’t at first and now it’s become a meme basically even with its disgusting roots. I hope a lot of people don’t know they just parrot what they see on twitter

No. 1421953

sage for OT but "stan twitter" is strange to me, cause unlike other internet meme humor it barely ever evolves, they have the same 10 jokes(sia basement, mendes gay, children's cartoons but swearing, moterial girl. black celebrity make a weird face) and its all awful and the equivalent of smelling a fart but for some they think its the funniest shit in the world

No. 1422014

Someone as untouchable and high-profile as Savile who will likely die soon? I’m betting it’s David Attenborough

No. 1422028

>brown women

No. 1422029

Where did she say that the person she's talking about "will die soon"? every source I've looked at has no mention of it

No. 1422035

in the Mark Williams-Thomas article he just says "will die in due course" so doesn't necessarily mean he is old but he is assuming he will die of old age before the truth can come out.

No. 1422046

yeah see look how crazy they are. >>1421620 was right. sad.

No. 1422049

you're right tbh. idk much about the usa but i went to the usa for a field hockey tournament and all of us on the team were referred to "skinny". we were all average and some of the fitter girls were bigger than average from muscles.

No. 1422050

read his bio. piccadilly has been a pickup zone forever and it was no trouble to charge money after a hookup since being gay was illegal. i guess it's closer to extortion but who gives a fuck what moids do to each other.

No. 1422053

>See nothing wrong with it, tbh
are you insane? read what fry, randi, and auden say about women. gay men who hate women don't have to do the fake olive branch that straight men do to get sex and that can make them more dangerous than the straight ones.

No. 1422054

pervert 'stache

No. 1422056

google it yourself because i'm not looking at that again

No. 1422057

god men go so insane when someone doesn't want their attention. they're making me feel bad for this rich famous dude jfc

No. 1422059

is David Attenborough consider high profile ? I only know him as the guy who does commentary for nature docs

No. 1422060

are you american

No. 1422062

no just a third-world fag

No. 1422066

ah okay it's a misinterpretation, I was thinking of Noel Fielding she was on a show called Taskmaster with him in 2017 and Roast Battle in 2020 as well as other shows not to mention Sara Pascoe that Katherine was talking to in the original interview was also on Taskmaster, there have been rumours about him being a creep for years also my friend received a message from him over Instagram when she was 17 that she rightfully ignored, he was in the news not to long ago for being creepy on the set of The Great British Bake Off being overly sexual and trying to kiss the contestants/other presenters, he was also friends? not sure if they still are with Russell Brand


>During the episode, comedian Noel created a character from a wooden spoon, drawing a face on him and naming him "Mr Spoon". When he and Matt Lucas went over to check up on baker Peter Sawkins, Noel asked him if he liked Mr Spoon. He then went on to say: "You do? He wants to kiss you. Mr Spoon says he wants to see Peter naked."

>Later in the episode, Noel joked about making a naked sculpture of Paul Hollywood from jelly. When Matt asked him: "What jelly art would you make?", Noel replied: "Nude sculpture of Paul Hollywood." He added that he would make Paul's nipples lime flavoured.
Another one that comes to mind is Joe Wilkinson she's worked with him multiple times and his whole comedy/character is playing a creepy man in fact a majority of his roles in shows have been him being a sexpest or creep he's also a good friend of Ricky Gervais. its sad how many men she and Sara could be talking about so many of them play up creepy behaviour for comedy

No. 1422071

sounds like america to me kek

No. 1422076

i remember noel's gf from robots in disguise broke up with him because he was "too much of a flirt" according to his fans. that could be cheating or crazy sex shit in non-fan speak. he was at amy winehouse's house a lot and there are tons of pap videos of him walking from her place to cabs or wandering camden super early in the morning (aka after a bender)

No. 1422096

File: 1669486593701.png (406.71 KB, 606x746, noel and geldof.png)

I have always hated that guy. Seems like a total creep. To add to what you've already said:
>He dated Pixie Geldof when she was barely 16 and still in school.
>Friends with Russel Brand

No. 1422162

fielding and Brand were (are?) def friends and they did big fat quiz together a few times.

tbh, it seems brand must've bruned a lot of bridges within the industry, for him to end up doing pub gigs and trying to be a british joe rogan. btw. katy perry ALSO has a bunch of SA rumors floating arout.

brand attended walliams' and stone's wedding, and walliams defended brand and jonathan ross after sachsgate.

No. 1422202

British comedy has such a "boys club" energy all of them seem to know eachother and defend eachother when anything comes out, I get bad vibes from all of them honestly. also do you mean Katy Perry WAS SAed? or she covered it up? she's spoken vaguely about Russell being awful during their marriage almost everyone knew he was sleeping around and going on benders, when they divorced her own parents called it "a gift from god"

No. 1422208

So many gay men hate women and they feel like they don’t have to pretend to be nice because they’re not trying to get in our pants.
I used to perform in theater and gay men are the absolute worst with respecting boundaries. They’ll say nasty vulgar “jokes” about how disgusting vaginas are, touch women’s hair and grope their bodies without permission and everyone just laughs like it’s funny because ‘oh, it’s just the catty gay guy!’ One girl in my show wore wigs for a medical reason, and at a party this other obnoxious gay moid thought it would be funny to pull her wig off her head. They act like bullies and do the meanest, most sexist shit and everyone just laughs because “oh he’s just gay”.

No. 1422225

bob geldof is such a piece of shit

No. 1422264

nta but how uk upper-class homo moids are worse than average homos or even straight moids in any other country? I mean if they have money and power, they are bound to be predators and abusers.
i'm genuinely interested. do you have like some specific information?

No. 1422289

>if they have money and power, they are bound to be predators and abusers
it's this plus being a misogynistic homo. idk why you're so suspicious. evil establishment gay men are an ancient part of british culture. they've been in the military, royal family, and house of lords since those things were invented.
remember also that uk classism is so deeply ingrained in their brains, same as indian or japanese people. the high-status ones have believed from birth that it's god's will that they're there.

No. 1422291

File: 1669495811666.jpg (177.83 KB, 664x831, 81b4ziP.jpg)

ayrt, regarding katy perry, there have been a few stories from men and women (including an underaged boy) claiming she was sexually inappropriate with them. forcing a kiss on someone, groping, pulling a man's pants down at a party. but it usually ends in a he said, she said or people taking their accusations back. https://slate.com/culture/2019/08/katy-perry-sexual-harassment-teenage-dream.html

Wouldn't be surprised if Brand was sexually violent to her, too, though.

it's a boys club, but it seems to be getting better. i remember back in the 00s when it was rare to see a single female comic on a panel show.

i'm not surprised that katherine ryan can't even hint at the name. libel laws in the uk are idiotic. people on twitter can get sued for trolling.

No. 1422372


No. 1422378


No. 1422385

someone already beat you to it >>1420731

No. 1422427

except she's probably the same age as his mom. i know you didn't mean it like that but it's so gross how women become "grandma" in the public eye the second they turn 40. this is a big age gap in a relationship yes but she's far from being his abuelita's age, pre-menopausal, doesn't even fucking look old at all but the moids of the world are going REEEEE GRANNYYYY

No. 1422431

Nta, but you're taking it too seriously and literally.

No. 1422461

Oh god is he a predator now too

No. 1422470

This is so fucking retarded it makes me want to kill myself, what kind of low IQ subhuman degenerates find this funny?

No. 1422492

no he’s just a cunt and steals charity money i think. he’s like bono just insufferable not a predator

No. 1422501

he never shut up about how we, every day non millionaires, should donate to chraity, save the [x] but meanwhile cheated on his wife, drove her to the drugs that killed her, failed his family so badly that one daughter died the same way as her mother and the other had sex with men twice her age. he's preaching at the whole fucking world while destroying the women in his own life.

No. 1422502

File: 1669507814482.jpeg (42.93 KB, 468x374, bono.jpeg)

getting off topic but not sure if bono isn't a predator. or at least extremely pervy.

No. 1422504

plus tax fraud. smug and sanctimonious narcissist.

No. 1422514

these look like models being paid to be around him tbh, standard rich pervert stuff

No. 1422517

Body language on the blond one, I feel uncomfortable for her

No. 1422520

File: 1669510064752.png (390.42 KB, 460x626, eve hewson.png)

uhhh the girl on the right looks like his daughter i don't like it ew

No. 1422524

>looks like his daughter
speaking of which, a quote from Bono
"I'm surrounded by smart, intelligent, good-looking women that I can flirt with now, including my two daughters. I like the company of women."

No. 1422532


No. 1422541

fuck i hope this isn't true, but he's definitely high up enough that it could be him. maybe even more so, since attenborough is known worldwide and saville was really only a british phenomenon. please don't be david attenborough

No. 1422545

>"I, in front of loads of people, in the format of the show said to this person’s face that they are a predator, again and again."

Parts of the episode of the unidentified programme, in which Ryan confronted the individual, were later removed from the show.


KR was in the first season of Roast Battle with Russell Brand. He might not be as broke as he makes out to be. We all know these fucks have money stashed away overseas and Brand married into a rich family. So he could still have enough fuck-you money to hire a bunch of good lawyers.

No. 1422558

Dunno which but he's literally trying to fuck women while he's on stage and being filmed for a concert movie to be sold to millions of their fans.

No. 1422560

Its just light hearted talk nonnie. Even 50 y/o men get called gramps.

No. 1422562

i hate misogynist fags as much as the next person, but it's retarded to claim they're more dangerous to women than straight men. rape and domestic abuse are the biggest dangers to women, neither of which is something that gay scrotes do to us.

of course they rape each other instead, but idrc about male victims unless they were kids/minors at the time. male rape victims in general seem to have zero sympathy towards female victims, don't condemn any rape except their own, and often turn into rapists themselves.

this is just to say that even though most fags are sexist, the worst they will realistically do to women is make their husbands cheat on them, maybe give him an STD. "gay scrotes are the biggest oppressors" girlies are detached from reality, on par with people who act like manhating lesbians pose any real world threat to men.

No. 1422571

hey zoomer chan, learn to read. she said "can", as in, some of them have that ability.

No. 1422585

how is a sexist faggot gonna be more of a danger to you than a rapist or abuser? what "ability" do they have to harm you more than that kek

No. 1422593

File: 1669516069618.jpg (139.48 KB, 900x900, delboy.jpg)

it's david jason.

cliff richard deffo isn't "untouchable". like, he's the opposite of untouchable. they already touched him. that is very much a thing that happened.

No. 1422594

She looks great. She obviously takes care of her body and health. Good for her!

No. 1422595

Stay classy Korea. I guess all men regardless of age are garbage in that country

No. 1422601

not twitter saying
>He didn't do it
>It was years ago who cares?
>It was years ago he's a changed man
>She's lying
>There is no point in bringing this up and only doing it because he's more famous now

fucking Hell scape

No. 1422604

Is a TV show actor who was on a cult show really untouchable? I get that it’s a beloved show and he’s knighted, but in America, Kevin Spacey who had infinitely more success was brought down. Are britbongs that protective?

No. 1422610

sk needs feminism badly.

No. 1422617

What if it's someone from Monty Python? Old, beloved, hugely successful. Would fit the "untouchable" criteria, imo.

No. 1422621

he wasn't just in one cult show, he was in 6 (open all hours, porridge, a touch of frost, darling buds of may, only fools and horses, dangermouse). he was a huge part of british tv in the 80s and 90s, close to the royal family, worked a lot with kids, etc. there have been rumours about him being a nonce for decades, but they've always been swept under the rug.

i think the only untouchable python would be cleese. the others were very much also-rans, lbr.

No. 1422622

i thought about that too, but not sure since half of them are dead (eric idle, john cleese, and terry gilliam are still alive)

No. 1422630

i looked him up, i’m not a brit, and yeah i see that he was in a lot of tv media only british audiences would know. I think it has to be a british celeb who is mostly popular there and not worldwide (i think this rules out attenborough?) since i only saw british tabloids and media report on this. and if it was a more worldwide known celebrity an american magazine like TMZ would’ve picked it up easily and bypass british libel laws

No. 1422634

File: 1669517919886.jpeg (390.75 KB, 1628x1628, 95E18A09-06AA-4A8C-AE94-797986…)

what is up with google? it started with paul giamatti being absorbed into jim carrey and now arnold schwarzenegger is missing from all his roles.

No. 1422640

yeah i 100% agree with you, it's got to be someone who never made it outside of the uk or else the american tabloids would be all over it. but i bet we won't find out for sure until after he's dead, just like saville.

No. 1422648

Don't do my sweet boy Palin like that

No. 1422650

on a large scale, harming women as a class, when they are in positions of power. did you even read the previous posts about it.

No. 1422652

There were old tabloids that state that Terry Jones went to depraved sex parties but he's been dead for like two years now, dunno why they'd bring it up now.

No. 1422655

what do you mean? spacey was raping people for decades before he was brought down. it was an open secret even amongst people who'd never set foot in LA. that's pretty close to "untouchable" for me.

No. 1422657

all the pythons partied hard (ray davies built the bar in his studio specifically to keep them contained) and i bet they went to their share of depraved anything parties, but that's not the same as being a straight up pedo if they're depraved sex parties full of adults it's not really that bad imo

No. 1422666


lol Spacey didn’t have to die for someone to make allegations against him, it was as simple as Anthony Rapp contacting a journalist to get the ball rolling on outing him. The guy that Mark Williams-Thomas is trying to out is apparently supposed to be either uber beloved or uber protected (maybe both).

Cleese is pretty much a pariah to the media now because of being pretty racist, Gilliam (one of my fav directors imo) is also anti pc type and apparently sexually harassed ellen barkin. so if they were to be outed it would’ve easily happened especially in american media where they’re much more well known than David Jason

No. 1422682

gilliam's childish whining about "white males are the most discriminated against" is so tragic. he used to be a legit role model to me, i love his animations and movies both. he's just such a fat american baby lately

No. 1422683

samefag ETA the blind item is about a pedo, not a racist so cleese is out (morrissey too!)

No. 1422684

nonna you know it's weird to point out that it's mostly a race/culture thing when it comes to the moids you mentioned like chris brown, r-kelly, and oj simpson who ARE also celebrities right? white rabid fan girls seeing johnny depp as an uwu smol bean is absolutely about him also being a white man too in that case. he would not be getting the kind of defense from white women if he was a black moid, let's be honest.

pick-me women defend moids of their own community or the ones they can identify with for whatever dumbass excuses.

No. 1422701

Faggots also get a pass for violent misogyny because as soon as anyone criticises them they cry homophobia, and libfem woketard women enable that fuckery

No. 1422708

A little off-topic, but I'm currently doing research on a topic adjacent to feminism in Korea and OH MY GOD is it a shitshow, from the beginning. I'm reading primary sources from the 1910-40s and the men in this period are wild. And honestly they haven't gotten any better when comparing those accounts with today's male writers. Basically if you're not a slave to the moids in your life, you don't even deserve to live.

No. 1422730

korean men all still drink like it's 1940. it's fucking gross

No. 1422740

at this point you've completely convinced me you're a retard. idk what world you live in where fags saying sexist shit is more oppressive towards women than straight moids saying sexist shit, raping women and abusing women is. or what world it is where all the misogynist laws and societal expectations were made by the 2% of men who don't wanna fuck pussy, and straight men are all magical princes who would never hurt a woman.

my problem isn't that you're criticizing fags or calling out their misogyny. my problem is that you're acting like being called a roastie is worse than being raped and abused.

No. 1422743

all men are homosexual

No. 1422746

ntayr, but you're a fucking idiot. everyone was saying "can" be more harmful than straight men. sexually violent harm is not the only harm that exists. there are video compilations of gay men fist fighting women and everyone cheers it on because somehow that's fair. Also, gay men literally run the fashion, MUA, and culinary arts world despite us being the biggest market/inspiration/daily participants. Gay men economically push us out of the few spaces we were even given.

No. 1422755

Potentially off topic and uk centric but
> it's a boys club, but it seems to be getting better. i remember back in the 00s when it was rare to see a single female comic on a panel show.
Since 2014 the BBC banned all male panel show lineups. Nothing has changed culturally, now there’s just a token women to laugh alongside Frankie Boyles jokes about whether he would rape a female presenter before or after he kills her

No. 1422759

holy fuck anon. she's saying that SOME gay men, whoe get rich, join politics, or own big companies, have the power to affect women's rights, and will generally do so negatively because they hate women. learn to motherfuckin reaaaaad

No. 1422780

you're telling me to learn to read but you can't even recognize when a comparison is being made. she was replying to me that doing all that is more dangerous to women than actual physical harm. that's what her point was. idk what kind of world you're living in where "generally affecting women's rights negatively" in an undefined way is a worse action than actual physical abuse and rape.

No. 1422801

>"generally affecting women's rights negatively" in an undefined way is a worse action than actual physical abuse and rape.
no one here said that

No. 1422884

File: 1669538786273.jpg (36.01 KB, 385x470, fhfd.JPG)

That girl with dark hair looks like his daughter.

No. 1422885

Ikr, I just wanna slap him.

No. 1423055

File: 1669556560315.jpg (214.08 KB, 1170x2018, brde4xw6qh2a1.jpg)

meemaw's at it again

No. 1423063

who is she talking about? also that latest video on her insta is utterly macabre. i'm spooked

No. 1423121

lol just saw something about this on /x/

No. 1423162

File: 1669564608391.jpeg (72.21 KB, 910x1280, 29D4CC01-858B-4E1F-904C-8741B3…)

Laura Loomer threw Milo under the bus because he calls Kanye a faggot. If you don’t know Milo and Nick have been wanting to help Kanye with his presidential campaign. I wonder if he reads these threads because this is what nonnies have been saying for a long time.

No. 1423164

File: 1669564670093.jpeg (141.46 KB, 944x764, 1D52C358-270B-441C-9E52-DCB3A2…)

Laura Loomer’s statement

No. 1423176

My fan fiction is coming true. Be prepared for the KanyeXNick to be revealed sometimes in the next few months. The first gay interracial couple to run for office.

No. 1423184

File: 1669566687300.jpeg (168.84 KB, 1088x1384, 1E07CCD9-B31C-4924-AB84-6C8786…)

No. 1423188

No this is a blessing for us all.

No. 1423193

milo yanopollis or however it's spelled? or is this a different milo? because if the former i thought he was already openly gay

No. 1423196

it's milo Yandhsgsbghwvkenhashge, and he is gay but now ex gay but still gay, he knows Ye's secrets

No. 1423199

he's straight for pay.

No. 1423229

File: 1669570106039.jpeg (515.34 KB, 828x1400, 310BD820-99BE-4211-BBC6-D3D7C8…)

what is /x/ saying kek i don't use 4ch anymore

discovered last night that someone had wiki pages but I don't think this would've impacted the entire algorithm. as of today it's still glitching. weird is how it types carreys name in allcaps

No. 1423243

>The shawn mendes is gay rumors are so deep founded in racism
Shawn Mendes is white. And gay. Relax.

No. 1423250

Men like this are so fucking annoying. Like it’s so clear they’re running from their own latent homosexuality and using other people as shields to feel better.

No. 1423259

Learn to read faggot

No. 1423260

File: 1669571510198.jpg (178.46 KB, 720x1187, 1669480341322533.jpg)

she's actually more attractive than 90% of celeb women and again good for her

No. 1423302

It's the same Milo you're thinking of and he is gay, but sometime back he started claiming he's no longer a practicing homosexual and would make posts about how long he's gone without having gay sex. There was something about him making his husband sleep in another room or something, and he started wearing flannel and stopped regularly bathing to show how straight he is now. He really wanted that money from gullible Christians.

I'm with Roxana. People hardly bat an eye when gross, old men get with young women/girls and we're all suppose to accept that as normal, but they'll flip out when an older woman who takes care of herself gets with a younger guy. I hope Joeclyn continues to live her best life.

No. 1423351

Just your typical schizo noise that there has been a timeline shift or smth. Anyways apparently he still comes up on other search engines like Bing so it’s just Google glitching.

No. 1423489

She's right. When geriatric scrotes date women young enough to be their daughters, coincidentally start going out with girls that just turned 18, or have a 30+ age gape with their partners it's literally just another tuesday. But all hell breaks loose when a woman has a much younger partner.

No. 1423490

Tbh, this could be about a lot of people. All the old rock stars for example.
As far as TV personalities go, Attenborough would be a terrifying thought, since he's been all over the planet. Same with Brian Blessed.

There's a batshit theory on twitter that his relationship with Camilla was just a cover-up for this one. Things can't just be straightforward with some people, everything has to be a conspiracy.

No. 1423523

File: 1669582696439.jpg (20.59 KB, 220x329, Mr_Blobby,_2009.jpg)

It's so obvious to me who the secret british nonce is and I'm not even a pom.

No. 1423527

mr blobby was just the decoy nonce to take the heat off noel edmonds

No. 1423531

Mr blobby used to scare me so much!!

No. 1423541

I don't know a single person who grew up with 90s British television that was not traumatised by him tbh

No. 1423544

Who on earth thought that kids would enjoy this deseased bowling pin looking thing?

No. 1423549

File: 1669583909514.jpeg (29.38 KB, 600x497, DE7D93E3-8DAD-493C-BC40-38F3DC…)

britain loves terrifying shit for children, look up pic related, mr noseybonk

No. 1423554

WTFFF you could've told me this was Jigsaw's cousin from a SAW spin-off and I would've believed you.

No. 1423567

This is actual nightmare fuel. I thought it was in the horror movie recs from the front page.

No. 1423577

God I’m enjoying this convo. Mr. fucking Blobby and Noel Edmunds, an acid-fuelled nightmare. Do you know what else was fucking scary? The Head on Art Attack. Watch it while you’re high and see how you feel - deep horror is the norm

No. 1423581

Samefagging but let’s also celebrate the heroes of British children’s telly: Dick and Dom ! They had me breathless with laughter, and even as a grown woman I still sing the Stoke on Trent song with my pal from Stoke, it creases me up every time

No. 1423583

Mr. Blobby raped and killed a girl in 1991

No. 1423585

legit i thought mr blobby was a mascot for std prevention (am american). i thought he and his song were an ad for using condoms or some shit. only learned reacently that he was a character on a kids show

No. 1423586

tbf it wasn't for kids. it was a satirical kid's entertainment figure (mocking barney the dinosaur etc) but was actually shown on friday night tv. still, we all remember his demonic voice and violent outbursts…

No. 1423587

what?? i loved the head!! that thing made me clap my hands like crazy when i was a baby tv addict in the 90s

No. 1423589

I loved the head in art attack!! His moments were my favourite kek. In my country he was called "capo" which in my language means both "head" and "chief" so idk, calling him chief made him look friendly.

No. 1423609

File: 1669586475470.jpg (77.02 KB, 713x337, 7596.jpg)

femcel Marina

No. 1423612

I always loved her

No. 1423613

She's not a femcel

No. 1423614

Shawn is too ugly for her.

No. 1423615

1. She's definitely not a femcel and manhating doesn't make you a femcel (what??)

No. 1423616


No. 1423618

Wow finally a real based opinion from a celebrity that isn’t just a lazy “guns bad” or “mental illness” tweet. Moids have all the same opportunities to seek therapy but prefer to spend money to massacre innocent people

No. 1423624

>muh femcel
Tired of morons from twitter and tiktok coming here kek. Femcels only exist in the imaginations of pickmes and seething incels

No. 1423627

I feel like you guys are taking anon calling Marina a femcel too seriously.

No. 1423640

I hope she's a TERF too (but wise enough to keep her career safe lol)

No. 1423645

She's not a femcel. If you dont know what the word means, don't use it. She is 100 percent correct about guns and male violence however.

No. 1423704

queen of the farm marina. she really is an anti-cow, isn't she? relentlessly positive, healthy, hardworking, and gives no fucks what others think of her.

No. 1423739

Honestly that age gap is icky but she really does look very good. Contrary to young women dating old men for money or because of issues, in his case it's most likely because he's tired of being surrounded by screaming girls, so a calm and mature non-celeb women who takes care of you feels like a nice change.

No. 1423754

Mr Blobby is a colourful eccentric, a clear reference to Jimmy Saville the prolific diddler

No. 1423781

Is the girl with dark hair that TiF from the original L word series?

No. 1423842

>It’s like how Andy Warhol let men gang rape his anorexic “friend” at night because she took strong sedatives.
wait what?

I suddenly love her

No. 1423854

based marina

No. 1423871

Edie Sedgwick
I can’t stand her music but she is so fucking based, I bet she is a cryptoterf

No. 1423879

nta but that's the joke, that any woman who isn't a pick-me is a "femcel" in scrotes' and pick-mes' minds, anon who posted that was obviously being facetious

No. 1423884

File: 1669602887547.png (270.56 KB, 619x584, lT98q4h.png)

i looked to see if she has been called a TERF yet and pic related was one of the pieces of evidence put forward on troon reddit kek

No. 1423897

File: 1669604066421.jpg (87.99 KB, 841x1024, 1669601149868571m.jpg)

Kanye is apparently letting little Nicky tweet cringe from his Twitter account

No. 1423907

File: 1669604769779.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1620x1572, 9A933120-B181-4DEF-B2D3-C97CBD…)

Super late and kinda “Indie Cows” crossposting but finding out Julian Casablancas preying on minors is completely unsurprising considering how close they were with the Growlers, who were accused of the same thing

No. 1423908

The fact that she writes nonstop sjw-pandering lyrics, but has never written anything in support of trannies tells me she's a based terf.

No. 1423924

I feel she will at some point, all libfems in the music industry bow down to neoliberalism eventually

No. 1423947

Kek based. Maybe I should replace Tove Lo with Marina as my pop music crush

No. 1423955


No. 1423958

If she's writing cringe sjw lyrics then she already has, gendersperging not required.

No. 1423962

Okay now I'm getting spooked this is getting too close to my fan fiction/predictions.

No. 1423974

Idk why anons keep saying “good for her” when it obviously isn’t a real relationship. I’m sorry but Shawn Mendes is such an OTT closet case that it’s laughable to even assume he’s straight when he’s constantly putting out dog whistles with his mannerisms, behaviors, and the fact that he arches his back like he has lordosis. He has a tattoo that says good boy. He’s a homo.

No. 1423975

>stating a fact makes you a femcel

No. 1423977

File: 1669611594732.gif (671.21 KB, 220x293, 48CC083D-D5DF-4C54-8852-106F76…)

Cat boy Kanye incoming.

No. 1423986

Sorry for celeb thread necro but this is the only place I feel safe enough to say shit like this……… do women like her ever/eventually feel like she shouldn’t have let men like him touch her like that and have a photo taken to memorialise it? I know no normie really thinks it all the way through like that nor is it supposed to be a big deal but what never ever sat right with me is moids who think this is a given so when they do it to women they deem less attractive, it’s like they shouldn’t have complained.

No. 1423988

Catboy ranch is on the horizon

No. 1423990

Always knew Kanye was a schizo but never would have guessed he'd be an alt lite femboy schizo

No. 1424005

Alt-lite? Motherfucker is a full blown neo-nazi

No. 1424011

I doubt he has the real capacity for any of those values he’s just retarded

No. 1424027

Are you the one from the scumbags thread? You keep using the word "facetious" wrong.

No. 1424034

I kind of guessed something like this would happen when he said slavery was a choice and then met Trump

No. 1424040

File: 1669616059433.png (925.58 KB, 846x507, aaaaa.png)

re: julian casablancas dming teenagers im howling


No. 1424056

File: 1669616859552.gif (984.23 KB, 453x486, A6C4C60B-D92C-45AF-B8CB-A939F2…)

he was cute in the instant crush video back in 2013. twink death is real.

No. 1424114

He was never a twink. Calling all relatively thin Caucasian man a twink is teenage girl brainrot

No. 1424124

All “twink” means is a mostly hairless, non-fat man with no real muscle definition.

No. 1424153

He really thinks all he has to do is wear a leather jacket over his portly torso and he’s “aged like a fine wine” and can still pull 19 year olds. Men are so oblivious.

No. 1424155

I once read a creepy pasta about mr noseybonk and it had me running around my house making sure all the windows where locked at 1am.

No. 1424162

But the sad thing is there are 19 year years who fall for it so these men never have to confront their delusions

No. 1424166


No. 1424174

He and Jack White are both grade A creeps but are irrelevant now so it goes unchecked

No. 1424178

I remember hearing a story from a friend that he used to DM pretty women on Instagram, invite them to BGT, have them front row then go back to hotel rooms with them and have sex. I didn't believe it till she showed me her friends DMs/screenshots and a photo of her with Amanda Holden and David at dinner before the hotel. Never liked him since, he's so creepy.

No. 1424188

nta but its still a pointless term, and something only gay men could come up with

No. 1424228

occasionally read "celebs you've met" stories and absolutely no none had anything nice to say about him. same for russell brand.
even james corden had a few positive encounters and he's a certified cock.

don't do drugs, kids. coke bloat and alcohol jowls are merciless.

No. 1424253

Tarantino and Scorsese do hire non-white actors in notable roles, Scorsese has his own film foundations dedicated to restore old forgotten movie from all over the world, plus their movies are actually good

No. 1424258

Does not exist. This makes no sense even if you're being sarcastic.
Anyways, Marina is fucking based for this. The cryptoterf queen we need but don't deserve.

No. 1424259

>Does not exist.
I'm a femcel. I exist.

No. 1424260

nta but its obvious she was just making a joke, let it go

No. 1424262

do you think men owe you sex?

No. 1424264

or women

No. 1424272

File: 1669637063838.jpg (54.09 KB, 422x528, jlu345628jhg64.jpg)

just devastating

No. 1424283

You’re just a normal celibate woman I think terms like “femcel” that are similar to incels (who are literal rapists, murderers, child kidnappers) is a little too egregious. You just don’t have sex kek you don’t even need a name for that…

No. 1424298

What >>1424011 said. He's no different than a teenager who just skimmed through edgy philosophy pages on wikipedia. He just adopts and drops contrarian stances whenever he feels like it. I dunno if its calculated or if its a phase of his very much dominating BPD but either way its probably insincere.

No. 1424309

Nah he’s always been a greasy wall-eyed creep

No. 1424315

This is not his finest photo kek. And this is coming from someone who thought Julian was pretty cute in the early 2000s in a sort of dweeby way.

No. 1424323

damn anons, that's probably my favorite pic of him kek. he has always been greasy looking but at least it used to work a bit

No. 1424358

Men hit the wall at full speed after 25.

No. 1424375

explain about jack white?

No. 1424376

he's going to be dead soon.

No. 1424377

their music sucks anyway. so low effort and wussy

No. 1424379

No. 1424390

>everyone who uses the word facetious is the same person
And she used it right.

No. 1424398

I would also like the deets.

No. 1424428

File: 1669652851835.jpeg (251.19 KB, 893x1096, 69BDD3B2-4A48-4D4D-82CF-681EE5…)

Amber Heard submitted her opening appeal brief. It’s basically a written request to overturn the judgement.

No. 1424433

I am so glad that I literally don't even know what it was about

No. 1424453

nta but I recall an anon posting in some thread (idk which one it was, sorry) about how she was invited backstage at a Jack white concert and how he wanted to make sure that she would sleep with him, even when she wanted to leave. I recall her describing the situation super uncomfortable. I can't recall more because it's been a while since it was posted. I also think he wasn't allowed to see his kids as well because he got violent or something like this. Overall really odd things going on around him.

No. 1424457

File: 1669654781752.jpg (40.31 KB, 1854x157, jack white.JPG)

samfag but I found it in the Experiences with Celebrities Thread >>67450 a bit different than I remember it.

No. 1424467

File: 1669655377793.jpeg (299.32 KB, 960x1169, 741611BD-2423-4188-BDCE-8F1F26…)

No. 1424472

I know its probably too late but I hope they can help her somehow. That case was so disappointing, the fact that a woman in the west can recount her rape in a court room and be treated the way Amber was treated makes me feel hopeless.

No. 1424485

a lot less worse than i was expecting lol, i guess he’s desperate for groupies if he has to offer free passes randomly

No. 1424491

God bless, anon. I heard someone playing bogies in the cinema last year and it took every ounce of self control I could muster not to join in.

No. 1424535

Omg I recently looked the head up and found out that they had to get rid of him because his hair spelled “SEX”

No. 1424543

not to sound like a pick me, but if jack white was begging me to spend the night with him, the speed in which i would have ran backstage would have broken the speed barrier

No. 1424566

honestly, any not completely hideous famous guy wanting to sleep with me would be a win in my book yes i’m that desperate

No. 1424582

File: 1669663012206.jpeg (24.47 KB, 615x410, 0_The-Head-on-Art-Attack-85860…)


decided to start a board dedicated to weird kids tv shows >>>/m/258875

No. 1424588

what the hell? who has that much trouble getting laid? he's not even ugly. what the fuck must be wrong with him that he needs a fucking hype crew to back him up into intimidating women to fuck him and it STILL doesn't work? does he walk around with shit in his pants or something?

No. 1424600

this picture offends me anon spoiler it kek

No. 1424607

File: 1669664264803.png (5.32 KB, 210x119, 27EEBF7B-C38B-41B0-AC1E-7366DA…)

Potentially off topic but who is this mohamad guy? I was scrolling through r/boringdystopia the other day his tweets are all top of all time. It’s all the most basic parroted topics anyway, but I guess it’s more real if blue checkmark says it.

No. 1424621

File: 1669664721598.png (11.1 KB, 540x147, msafa.PNG)

I did in-depth research for you nonna and this is a summary of my findings

No. 1424622

man this tweet doesn't even make sense

No. 1424628

I guess milquetoast tweets is all it takes to be a diplomat for the UN nowadays

No. 1424647

im going to protect my jack white obsession, im going to pretend i didn’t read any of this

No. 1424683

File: 1669668117645.jpg (136.98 KB, 1125x1425, braindead.jpg)

Kim Petras is getting called out on twitter for these deleted tweeted

No. 1424688

File: 1669668243371.jpg (75.18 KB, 1290x893, braindead 2.jpg)

No. 1424689

File: 1669668275148.jpg (87.88 KB, 750x989, braindead 3.jpg)

No. 1424691

File: 1669668303561.jpg (209.58 KB, 1400x1400, kim.jpg)

I just want to post the pic that was being shared alongside that tweet kek.

No. 1424698

I wish they wouldn't call him "her", he is another male defending a rapist moid.

No. 1424699

>troon having the audacity, arrogance and lack of remorse just like bio males.

You can never erase the xy away. Also ironically enough his looks are deforming and he is starting to look more like a agp than hsts. And dont get me started on his ''music'' which is just ''omg i am such a bimbo slut yes fuck me and cheat on your gf''

No. 1424700

File: 1669668832277.jpeg (853.44 KB, 1080x926, 1907DC83-2903-463B-88EE-B45703…)

I’m happy for bicycle seat chan

No. 1424704

Damn she lost a lot of weight.

No. 1424705

he started on estrogen even before he hit puberty but his male features are still super obvious. I kinda feel bad ngl

No. 1424707

What troonshine does to a motherfucka

No. 1424711

remember to check for hemorrhoids on your fat ass(someones mad)

No. 1424712

Well he doesn't appear to feel bad for rape victims.

No. 1424713

File: 1669669410501.jpg (95.88 KB, 900x648, FinH-egXkAAjV1m.jpg)

Daily reminder that other celebrity women also had bad experiences with Dr luke and not only kesha.
This makes Petra look very bad.

No. 1424714

File: 1669669430299.jpg (48.43 KB, 542x680, FinH-edWAAwFK0W.jpg)

No. 1424716

File: 1669669453662.jpg (235.54 KB, 1301x1378, FinH-ehXkAEopVT.jpg)

No. 1424718

File: 1669669470854.png (283 KB, 831x693, ojiji.png)

No. 1424719

File: 1669669497351.jpg (194.56 KB, 1096x995, FinH-egXEAIQm2u.jpg)

No. 1424720

File: 1669669530140.png (350.59 KB, 890x723, Screenshot 2022-11-28 215735.p…)


No. 1424724

File: 1669669682922.jpg (110.56 KB, 1170x1087, FinXdwfUcAAxbGe.jpg)

No. 1424729

You know what you are right. Fuck him kek.

No. 1424730

File: 1669669889778.jpg (61.31 KB, 730x426, tranniemad.JPG)

kek even trannies can't defend him.

looks like a part of his teeth is missing.

No. 1424732

Maybe he's just submissive

No. 1424733

>He has a tattoo that says good boy. He’s a homo.
That is a code word for submissive guy though. I don't see the gay connection?

No. 1424736

File: 1669670247256.png (131.92 KB, 957x566, oejdioj.png)

the more i scroll i see insane kim petras supporters (this stan in particular was so nasty comparing kesha to her own abuser) telling people to shut up and if you call out petra because that makes you transphobic.

Even other trans people are telling them to shut up and that they can still call petras out.

No. 1424739

Remember that one anon who admitted she told her gay male friend about these threads, and said he posts here often? Lol

No. 1424741

I didn’t call him a twink. I was just trying to say he aged like shit sarcastically. but eh, whatever.

No. 1424743

File: 1669670849246.png (384.85 KB, 753x880, Screenshot 2022-11-28 222355.p…)

Kim petras has also worked with multiple rapists, it looks like they dont give a fuck about victims.

One of the people on petras list also drugged and raped black men.

No. 1424748

File: 1669670953307.jpg (41 KB, 561x758, FGF3qdYX0AEFfb8.jpg)

old post of kim petras liking a post making fun of Kesha for crying when recounting her assault in court….

No. 1424768

Gonna start calling him, Him Petras exclusively

No. 1424774

i saw a tweet point out that dr luke works with hundreds of artists which is probably true, but kimmy seems to be the only one of them that can’t just not comment on it. replying to that tweet was the whole reason this is happening. why can’t celebrities just shut the hell up kek

No. 1424778

Women in Iran are dying to protest AGAINST the hijab and this stupid piece of garbage wants to post this?!

No. 1424779

File: 1669672099080.png (74.85 KB, 837x288, tim.PNG)

his deadname is Tim KEK

No. 1424782

im surprised it took this long for him petras to be called out since they have been defending luke since a interview back in 2018.

No. 1424785

Disgusting moid.
TiM Petras

No. 1424786

I'm cackling, nonnies

No. 1424800

TIM Him Penis

No. 1424810

File: 1669674137035.jpg (34.02 KB, 949x176, jackolivia.JPG)

I've also read that jack is a good fucker and has a big D. When you decide to have intercourse with him, then you can even choose what to do with him. Just in case.

The thing is that his current wife is basically a fan of his, that approached him during a concert of his band the dead weather.

same lol

No. 1424832

File: 1669675188414.jpeg (121.5 KB, 1200x1200, 0_112534.jpeg)

>he's not even ugly
Except he is and so is his personality

No. 1424833

pretty sure there was a troon in her man’s world (kek) video.

No. 1424839

He looks like what Phoebe Bridgers is going to look like in 20 years

No. 1424841

I shouldn't be shocked by the men anons will cap for but colored me shocked. He is fugly as hell, a known abuser, and an underaged groupie fucker.

No. 1424852

File: 1669676237605.png (302.45 KB, 384x291, Capture.PNG)

>>I want them to fall in love. I want them to be on the plane after leaving thanksgiving dinner with Trump, I want their fingers to accidentally touch as they both reach for something at the same time.
I wrote this a few days ago and every. fucking. thing. I dreamt.is happening.in.some.way. It happened.
The kanye + Milo + Nick shit is so retarded

No. 1424864


No. 1424865

Can you write a fic where I win 100 billion dollars and never get sick again thank you

No. 1424873

All over the internet anon. Should start with his divorce from Karen Elson for the abuse and how he treated Meg.

No. 1424879

Dude looks like Yaniv

No. 1424886

Men supporting men

No. 1424888

this looks like james corden in a tess holliday drag costume

No. 1424893

men are literally so fucking disgusting that they're making me support women who make music that sucks ass. i don't care what garbage becky g and taylor and kesha made, i'm so angry that they were treated like this.

No. 1424897

File: 1669678111652.png (Spoiler Image, 273.41 KB, 800x426, 1669578946703.png)

Britney Spears declares "I like to suck" in the caption of another nude pic.
>Britney Spears Is A Confident Queen In A Strong Nude Bathtub IG Selfie
is an actual headline about it as if this is completely normal behavior.

No. 1424898

i know i should just google it but i dont know exactly what kek? (english is not my first language sorry)

No. 1424899

idk anything about it but i remember karen elson seemed to act super weird with the whole "divorce party thing". idk just seemed like something your fake cheerful/fake uwu narc boyfriend makes you do right after the breakup conversation. like where he watches you cry, doesn't leave, says you look cute so smile "cause i wanna take a picture of you!" , then it's "come on, let's go hang out with everybody tonight but now we're just friends!"

No. 1424903

The IG comment is so true.
>I don't think she's with us anymore
She's not, her brain is completely and utterly fried from psych drugs (and probably meth) and there's no going back.

No. 1424904

She's mentally damaged and needs to log off permanently. Go sit under a palm tree on an island somewhere.

No. 1424909

File: 1669678676261.jpeg (64.15 KB, 750x228, ABEEBEB4-56D2-4F58-929B-296E59…)

karen about jack, doesn’t sound too bad

No. 1424911

File: 1669678826327.jpeg (192.68 KB, 750x462, 2D453074-513B-4370-8FC5-685657…)

oh shit nevermind lol

No. 1424912

Karen kept grace throughout the divorce because she’s a good person. He’s not and he went batshit.

No. 1424914

>Confident Queen
Why the actual fuck do these people enable mental instability? Britney is in mental anguish right now. She's not confident at all. She's coping. Unhealthily.

No. 1424922

That "article" circles this back to her being "so toned and healthy thanks to the exercise she does with her trainer husband!". Literal hell.

No. 1424944

File: 1669681951533.png (121.06 KB, 664x724, carter.png)

Helena Bonham Carter defends J.K. Rowling

No. 1424949

yoo so far the actors for Draco, Hagrid, and Bellatrix have defended her right
Very cool of them

No. 1424950

The only bad thing is that in the same interview she defended Johnny Depp and claimed that Amber Heard did that for attention. Sigh.

No. 1424953

think the actor that played lucius was on her side as well

No. 1424955

The best thing Jack White ever did for his career was hide those tiny ass teeth for as long as he did.

No. 1424959

Without them i have no reason to wake up early as fuck in the morning on a saturday anymore. They were funny as fuck!

No. 1424967

fuck yeah based jason

No. 1425004

Sounds like the management trying to make Jack think he's still relevant

No. 1425058

File: 1669688821907.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3840x2160, 8C47C177-2402-4613-AD76-829110…)

saged bc this scrote only works w/ a few celebrities but I can’t wait to see the article the exposer (@boymuseum) is working on w Diet Prada.
I’ve picked up weird vibes from this “designer” Nusi Quero since when he first gained traction and I hate that I’m correct about many of these things. I often don’t pursue leads bc people love to gaslight women who say uncomfortable shit that shouldn’t be the norm.

The girls who modelled for him are easily blamed for wanting “clout” in the first place but don’t notice that the goddamn clout they’re talking about is turned into just another form of currency so I will never not defend women who were just desperate. Dumb, yes but that shouldn’t minimise how predatory it was in the first place.

No. 1425062


I just hate seeing half-competent crusty “designer” scrotes like this one rarely get checked even when they hide behind ambiguous pseudonyms turning out to be unemployed white men w laptops.
Most creatives I meet on mainstream platforms/media are still moids and it’s like these big brands really never learn when they can just hire more women

No. 1425065

File: 1669689317170.jpeg (722.5 KB, 934x976, 64BE3606-7C9F-4A55-A545-6D5944…)

I feel terrible for Grimes. I have zero faith in moid tattoo artists regardless of skill. I don’t want their art on my body.

No. 1425068

didn't she also defend Depp ?

No. 1425075

yes. she basically said amber jumped on the metoo "bandwagon". however her split from depp happened long before metoo took of.
she also had no issues working with polanski.

No. 1425085

i never noticed beyonce had that much body plastic surgery

No. 1425086

>ambiguous pseudonyms turning out to be unemployed white men w laptops.
so sick of these guya

No. 1425099

File: 1669692189235.png (105.64 KB, 750x305, o5atkvzfu4v61.png)

she actually defended both in the same interview,

>Bonham Carter, who has worked with Depp in several projects over the years, said she considers Depp “completely vindicated” after his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard earlier this year, in which both Depp and Heard were found guilty of defamation of one another.

>“People will jump on the bandwagon because it’s the trend and to be the poster girl for it,” Bonham Carter told the Times of Heard and the #MeToo movement.
>She also addressed cancel culture, saying, “You can’t ban people. I hate cancel culture. It has become quite hysterical and there’s a kind of witch hunt and a lack of understanding.”

No. 1425412

File: 1669721911809.jpeg (100.37 KB, 750x219, 260DA15C-E2B1-4716-8AF0-1B32A4…)

You must have missed some things if you think she would care about having a predators art on her body
Honestly thought people would brush it off as it being the women’s fault for going to a man’s house alone etc, but it seems he has deleted his ig account?

No. 1425415

File: 1669722331505.jpeg (253.82 KB, 2048x1307, 10703786-CB3F-404E-A907-CAC027…)

I know this is OT and he’s not really a celebrity but he did work with a lot of them and I just found this. A normal person would NOT make this, we need to stop men from getting access to women thru “jobs” and playing out their disgusting fetishes by disguising it as “art”

No. 1425418

man, i saw this on the main page and thought it was a cool liquid mercury looking thing and then i saw what the scrote named it. gross.

No. 1425422

I would love to do this to my nigel but with my period blood clots. Stealing this idea rn

No. 1425506

Vicky Shingles is inking people up again?

No. 1425529

the description is worse
>coated with semen extracted from the artist
making women put this on their faces

No. 1425613

She's right too. JKR never once was aggressive about her factual statements. Men can never be women. Biology is set in stone. trans shit is sexist. I'm glad more and more people are defending her. Notice how it's a lot of slytherin? kek

No. 1425681

File: 1669739795007.jpg (212.78 KB, 1284x2126, groomed.jpg)

Jesse Rutherford is reading the "big guide to grooming" I see, I can't count on my two hands how many young girls irl or online I've seen say this exact thing about some fucking gross ass old man they were with I know she's trying to justify it to herself but girl you have teenage fans maybe shut the fuck up saying this shit that will obviously influence them Jesse is a cradle snatching freak

No. 1425693

WTF Is that not a health hazard???
I'm so sick of her, him, her creepy brother, and her family.

No. 1425706

>locked this motherfucker down
I've head this many times

No. 1425712

File: 1669740868864.jpeg (689.93 KB, 1638x2048, Bruno.jpeg)

Can this be somewhere in the next thread pic? Please and thank you.

No. 1425760

>“I love cruelty, it’s my favourite thing in the world."
He literally said this in a Little Britain documentary. What a weird thing to say. I noticed he REALLY hates it whenever he's a guest on another British TV show and he's the one who has to take a joke. He said something mocking about Prince and practically scrunched up his face like a child when Salma Hayek (Prince's friend) gently corrected him. Another time Russell Brand teased him for never shutting up about swimming the English Channel and he looked like he could barely hide his contempt. Lol he wishes he was national treasure, people don't actually care about him, all he's got is his swimming, being a BGT and Little Britain which was always a low brow, exploitative shitty comedy. He's not an athlete or funny, just a sadistic creep, and he knows it when he has to sit among real celebrities.

No. 1425781

File: 1669742993151.jpg (130.59 KB, 1039x1390, west-hollywood-los-angeles-cal…)


No. 1425789

Unpopular opinion, while I usually loathe age gap relationships I'm fine with these two, both seem equally retarded

No. 1425840

Feels like a confession, almost. Yet he writes children's books and brags about swimming in shit.
LB was trash and most of it ripped off League of Gentlemen and Steve Coogan. Even his books are said to be "heavily inspired" by other people's works.

No. 1425854

does he have hair plugs kek?

No. 1425881

Yeah, (I'm pretty sure) his fame has never actually been that high, he definitely pivoted to children's book after BGT in a career move to cement himself as a beloved comedian figure and ofc it had to be about a crossdressing little boy. Have you seen that skit where him and Matt Lucas prank Elton John? John was alright with the only gay in the village making innuendos at him, he looked much more uncomfortable the second Walliams came in as an obnoxious lisping crossdressing sissy, not just a regular homo. He's got a pattern of humiliating pretty much anyone but I bet it makes him seethe when people are always surprised he had a wife/think he's a fucking faggot because of his behaviour. >>1421174 I know exactly what kind of twisted schoolboy does this kind of shit and they'll target either sex to get their humiliation kick but are cunning enough to stick boys because male on male harassment has always been 'funny' (British school life can be mental). Yet they're still 'straight', I also believe the people saying he went after those teen girls in his later life because he's a dickbrained moid through and through.

No. 1425900

Kek I was thinking the same thing with regard to what houses their characters were in.

No. 1425912

>hottest fucking fucker
>locked that motherfucker down
Has she even finished high school yet? It’s not like she married him kek plus he looks like complete shit

No. 1425930

Yeah, I saw that. I think it was because Matt Lucas kept his distance the whole time, but Walliams was quite touchy and shoved his ass in EJ's face, because that's the only fucking joke he has.
Like, so many of his "best of bgt" compilations are filled with him being sexual towards men. Undressing in front of men, pulling his pants down, showing his bare ass, etc.

I absolutely believe his kid's author persona is just part of his facade to appear harmless and his camp shtick is a front to appear like he's no threat to women and at the same time he gets to assault men. He's a misanthrope through and through.

No. 1425938

i doubt she did the casting for the video, though

No. 1425962

Locked what though! Lol their sub species would fuck anything as long as it’s younger than 22

No. 1425967

he'll drop her for an 18yo soon enough.

No. 1425991

She's 21, time flies.

No. 1426031

Wow, he has a super Neanderthal brow ridge.

No. 1426042

frankenstein's monster level brow ridge

No. 1426112

>locked that motherfucker down
its the same shit. these girls think theyre some sort of femme fatale wise old soul who is totally the one in control in their relationship. shes going to be so embarrassed in a few years.

No. 1426131

Billie is the living and breathing example of the brain not being developed until 25 being true. She still sounds like a teenager and he will dump her very soon. Also he is clapped as shit.

It's such a dumb meme, if you give a man sex he wins. the point of the game is to drain as much from him without fucking him but these women are so fucking retarded.

No. 1426139

He is so fucking ugly and weird looking

No. 1426142

he looks ugly, leathery, and like he looms over 16 year girls at his concerts with that shark tooth psycho eyes smile trying to get them to fuck him

No. 1426152

He looks EXACTLY like the type of guy you'd see dating one of your classmates in high school despite being almost 30 . He looks like an even more pathetic, softboy-y version of Ninja from Die Antwoord

No. 1426156

File: 1669757495669.jpg (5.81 KB, 206x206, cat (3).jpg)

>hottest fucker alive

No. 1426196

he acts like one of those guys who molested other boys at boarding school and then when he gots caught molesting in adulthood, claims he GOT molested at boarding school, then one of his former classmates comes out to refute that, then he goes to jail.

No. 1426210

he looks like the guy i dated in high school even though he was almost 30. different hair colour and a bit taller but jfc they just look like that every decade i guess

No. 1426224

Knowing the stuff about the brain and being older and seeing 21 year olds act like tween retards makes it all the more creepier when I read that Rihanna was 19 when she made her big break singing about love songs we all know 19 year olds aren’t mature enough for, and Milla Jojovich was 19 when they filmed The Fifth Element. I remember they were described like they were independent rising sex symbols and obviously nobody had a problem with either of them wearing almost nothing in their respective music videos and movie. Fuck scrote pop media.
Why is our country so nonce-y, I hate it. They should just own it and openly say they love fagging in all its forms.

No. 1426346

Beyonces disgusting boobs

No. 1426348

out of all the things in that post THAT is what caught your attention? they're not even "disgusting" wtf.

No. 1426369

File: 1669767918652.jpeg (8.89 KB, 183x275, download (2).jpeg)

I didn't read it I was distracted by the bolt ons. They looked so nice in the early 2000s tho.

No. 1426390

In terms of bolt ons they aren't that bad, but I guess birthing children really did a number on her body. I don't blame her for getting surgery, but i hate her bbl, it reminds me of Kim Kardashian.

No. 1426415

File: 1669769958790.gif (1.62 MB, 277x277, 166976985457543748.gif)

There she was on lolcow.farm. Her tv was on in the background and the lottery numbers were being read. Oh, she thought.."I must grab my ticket" and she did grab her ticket but what she didn't expect was just about to happen. She sighed and sat back down. She turned the TV's volume up. "65 87 49 32 21 50" in a state of shock she looked down at her ticket and screamed. Her life would never be the same from this day forward. She heard a loud clap and boom noise outside with a strobe like effect as the rays hit her window shade. She pulled the shade back and only to not see much but she quickly rushed outside. Standing outside on her lawn she heard a strange disembodied voice ecco loudly. "I heard you had a wish, dear" the strange bizarre alien voice spoke. The voice was so sharp and soft. It was if the creature was whispering. "I am the time keeper" it continued. A strange globe like structure formed from thin air, it was metallic-glowing and bursting with strange forms-fractals & textures. "I know what you want. I shall grant you it. Immortality. You shall never be Ill ever again." The orb vanished and she woke up laying down on her couch. Safe, but worried. She got up and rushed to the door. "Thank God. The door's locked. It must have been some strange dream."

Little did she know, her life would never be the same AGAIN!

No. 1426422

Excellent authorship ficnonny. Please please write a fic about Trump x Biden next

No. 1426430

File: 1669770441240.jpg (90.36 KB, 404x594, Untitled.jpg)

thought u guys were being too harsh on beyonce but holy shit. these look terrible

No. 1426432

File: 1669770475886.png (554.87 KB, 800x418, 4654646.png)

>hottest fucking fucker
>locked that motherfucker down
what is this? is this how zoomers talk?
there's a time and a place for that kind of profanity and an interview, or whatever this is from, ain't it. /old

No. 1426435

Some women just have a uniboob with a join in the middle it’s natural

No. 1426436

eh don't even look that bad, if they are implants + weight gain, they look good, just smooshed and lifted in a tight outfit. I've seen worse implants

No. 1426437

Spoiler that shit, Jesus

No. 1426444

My parents would probably honour kill me if I brought him home, and they’re white atheists.

No. 1426453

i farted from how hard i laughed at this

No. 1426459

File: 1669772051288.jpg (84.26 KB, 391x897, 4667C6F900000578-5088059-Promi…)

Billy & him -WISH that he was lil'-peep!

No. 1426461

File: 1669772181465.jpg (47.02 KB, 500x500, artworks-000639102148-pivfgl-t…)

There's so many pics of Billie hanging out with Gus. I guess seeing as whom she's dating-A KNOCK OFF- she must have been crushing hard on Gus(lil' peep).

No. 1426463

File: 1669772184024.jpg (159.01 KB, 748x1344, 20221129_193308.jpg)

Jenna must have really thought she was being iconic or something. Cringe

No. 1426465

File: 1669772247535.png (38.42 KB, 683x474, kimye.PNG)

>Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Settle Divorce: $200K a Month in Child Support
>They will share joint custody with "equal access" to their four children


No. 1426466

I'm very confused. What's she trying to say?

No. 1426469

this isn't the same guy with a different haircut?

No. 1426472

File: 1669772394452.jpg (13.12 KB, 325x307, 1143362243714.jpg)

I wasn't the same anon that was doing that political fic, btw BUT I could tell you needed something SO I FOLLOWED THROUGH! You're welcome btw!

No. 1426482

File: 1669772958506.png (255.78 KB, 410x392, 166976985457543748.png)

No. 1426485

method acting got me f*ed uppp!!

No. 1426486

that's the face of a man who would help you put the straw in your Capri-Sun and let you use his iPad to watch Paw Patrol >>1421084

No. 1426491

Something tells me she probably would find 69 or Aaron Carter hot.

No. 1426492

How romantic!

No. 1426493

Aaron Carter is dead btw.

No. 1426497

I'm aware.

No. 1426507

this looks like an edit for a poorly written wattpad fic in 2012

No. 1426667

Can someone translate. I haven't watched Wednesday yet, but I will eventually cause I heard it's good and I think the actress's as cute as a button. Please don't let her persona be cringe, though.

No. 1426670

>I heard it's good
kek from who? Most people (or at least nonnas in other threads) are rightfully shitting on it

No. 1426679

File: 1669782344626.jpg (89.68 KB, 736x900, 5adeeeb9230bae04cbd572ebfe2635…)

K. lol. lil peep has a brother. If Billie's so obsessed, I'm surprised that she hasn't tried dating Gus's brother tbqh. Same DNA and he's alive unlike Gus.

No. 1426770

Why are they so ugly

billie not as much as gus but why are these ppl the representation of my generation (lil peep was an old zoomed afaik). We really shouldn’t let kids be famous bc we only end up seeing them grow up and fuck their lives up in as little as four years like that other kid xxxtentacion

No. 1426803


Are you being serious? Or are you a retard?

No. 1426804

>each parent will pay 50% for the children
>the children will see the parents an equal amount of time
>he still has to pay het 200k in child support
absolutely makes no sense. this is not what child support is for.

No. 1426813

I don’t want to judge her but she’s been annoying me so fucking much recently. Like one minute I’ve never heard of her the next she’s the big rising star of acting showing up in every goddamn thing and doing quirky interviews that get posted by every teen ever.

No. 1426818

Wow, that's so embarrassing. I can't imagine humiliating yourself like this for a man who is THIS fucking ugly and aged looking.
What the fuck is this supposed to mean. The faux quirkiness is insufferable.

No. 1426848

Same. That comment about cutting up animals as a child was so outta pocket. but then again, they have faster rotations of “it” actresses these days lol yall remember themma corrin or whatever her face is? So pretty/tomboyish such a shame she demi-trooned out.

This one looks like a tinier Camila Cabello (?) and twice as edgy w3w

No. 1426863

I hate how common it has become to hype the most milquetoast mfers up these days. All of these "sadbois" are some of the ugliest and most boring glorified drug addicts that I've ever seen.

No. 1426869

After seeing so many people gushing over how queer she plays all of her characters I just cant wait for a plain white boyfriend reveal

No. 1426905

File: 1669809838006.jpg (142.02 KB, 718x894, -z769shqNao08BG.jpg)

kek, she'd literally be this meme

No. 1426914

Outside of LC it's talked about very positively. I haven't seen how nonnas are talking about it

No. 1426917

That one song with Sam Smith can't die fast enough on tiktok and instagram.

No. 1426922

nta, I honestly enjoyed it, it wasn't deep, it wasn't amazing, it didn't fit the theme of the old, classic Addams Family, but I liked the setting and the costumes and it was light entertainment. I don't like the actress, but she did a good job. It all depends on what you are looking for and if you don't want to see something groundbreaking new, you can watch those 8 episodes after a hard day of outside world stuff.

No. 1426927

dont be sorry for her anon, i'm sure she already knew about this, and if she didn't, she probably loves this tattoo even more now
she loves disgusting moids!

No. 1426985

File: 1669817490446.jpg (203.45 KB, 750x726, EZCJJ3YWkAAMl2H.jpg)

Serious. Oskar Ahr & Billie Eilish should date. It's okay I know that it's only (you) who is pretending to be retarded.

No. 1426990

File: 1669817756959.jpg (276.06 KB, 1406x1679, 1669774394916542.jpg)

Yep. Kids+fame = bad results.

Most child stars, LIKE 99%..don't make it out alive, in tact, healthy and okay.

I guess we're just pointing out the blatant, obvious-truth that everyone knows about.


No. 1427020

File: 1669819644698.jpg (53.29 KB, 640x797, D9_uveWWsAAIlg1.jpg)

If she's getting going for a lil peep, she might as well get the real deal(his brother, his DNA replica) instead of going after a poorly done knock off poser.

No. 1427032

don't post pictures of children

No. 1427055

File: 1669823768139.jpg (337.75 KB, 2796x1290, hh.jpg)

Azaelia Banks is getting evicted from the mansion she pretended to buy, sprayed the process server with a fire extinguisher.

No. 1427064

is that person bad at guessing weight or did Azealia blow up?

No. 1427071

File: 1669825984704.jpeg (293.52 KB, 1800x1350, A2C4990A-2165-4F64-B27A-F60C68…)

No. 1427179

File: 1669831619171.png (166.98 KB, 932x572, Screenshot 2022-11-30 190627.p…)


No. 1427202

You know that's the thing's she'll be the angriest about.

No. 1427220

I think it's actually great than Kanye will have to give up so much money for his kids. Lord knows it's the only thing he has to offer for them.

No. 1427227

File: 1669834478274.jpeg (579.82 KB, 828x1182, 41DD7EC2-8BF1-4F8B-8FB9-5CDDBB…)

lawsuit against horatio sanz was dismissed. the same attorney as prince andrew, armie hammer, d'elia and other sex pests

I'm not shocked they're trying to bury this considering the cast member that helped him contact his victim was jimmy fallon, whose career is still thriving. the victim can't refile the case.

No. 1427324

File: 1669838369650.jpeg (71.22 KB, 680x680, 600E96A3-18AA-42FC-A015-7B6FF6…)

Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac is dead, rest easy songbird

No. 1427381

They never met each other anon. You’re stupid.

No. 1427396

So THAT'S why I get bad vibes from her. I saw a nona here mention she said she started fires or something as a kid trying to basically say she's perfect as Wednesday and it kept me from watching the show because of secondhand embarrassment. Mentioning mutilating animals as a kid for cool points. Okay, Dahmer.

No. 1427419

well, she said they were dead animals. i wouldnt have done that as a kid and would have probably cried if i saw a friend do such a thing but kids do horrible things as children. its not a serial killer trait she was probably just curious about whats inside similar to frog and cow eye dissection kids have at school and not thinking insidiously

No. 1427460

Get a load of this idiot.
Oooo, okay well since you wanna keep white knighting, embarrass yourself a bit more.

No. 1427487

nta, but examining dead animals isn't necessarily abnormal for children, plenty of kids grow up on farms, around hunters, etc. It's torture or killing for fun that is more of a warning sign. That being said she's old enough to realize that bragging about being "so weird and quirky" because she loved dead things and serial killers as a child just makes her seem like an edgy dumbass kek. She's probably just trying to carve out her niche and avoid being forgotten about by next year though.

No. 1427502

she seems to be trying too hard. haven't watched Wednesday so idk about her performance. but Wednesday will always be Christina Ricci for me.

No. 1427563

He used to slide into my dms and just a day or two before the news broke about him being a groomer he unfollowed me kek

No. 1427565

I think she's just making shit up tbh. I don't believe half the stories actors tell in interviews, it's obvious they just say whatever to promote their shows/movies.

No. 1427634

File: 1669849042113.jpeg (500.74 KB, 1005x806, B6297D9E-511D-4D53-99D3-B61310…)

At least Christina Ricci is getting a little revival and they asked her to be part of the show. That’s the only reason I’d watch the show.

No. 1427706

Yes! And I know in the original cartoon Morticia and Gomez were supposed to be odd looking, but they'll always be Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia in my heart. >>1427634
Well, since they're giving us some Christina instead of pretending the original actors didn't exist, I MIGHT watch the first ep.
I'm so bummed that celebrities don't keep an air of mystery and grace anymore. We shouldn't have so much access to them including their unfiltered cringe moments. The way they all lost their collective fucking minds during quarantine showed that they should all have a pr team and a muzzle on. I remember reading something that stuck out to me: the celebrity is disappearing. Is it a good thing?

No. 1427720


He has access to the children 50% of the time, that does not at all mean he is raising them, or even seeing them 50% of the time.

No. 1427764

well, you dodged a bullet! any other tea we should know about if you work adjacent to the industry? asking for a friend

No. 1427771

I'm not going to watch it b/c of the love triangle. No way would Wednesday Addams be torn between two boys. She'd take them both and expect them to deal or drop them both for being a pain in the ass and expecting her to choose.

> it didn't fit the theme of the old, classic Addams Family,
and that's one of the problems people have with it. If you are a fan of something, there are very few things more annoying then when it's original qualities get diluted so the media is more generic and tropey.

Yep. He would not be involved in raising those kids even if the did keep them 50% of the time. The thing that's weird to me is that she doesn't need the money, so I wonder why she insisted on it.

No. 1427794

i still literally cannot understand what that post was saying though. her insta one. it reads like that miss america video. any anon is welcome to translate for me, thanks!

No. 1427830

Ok, Doja Cat.

No. 1427845

Oh my gosh, rest in peace. This is the worst part of getting old.

No. 1427872

probably bad at guessing weight, but i doubt she was actually called out as 180, more likely around 160. those all look like ranges, my guess is that there are checkboxes when entering the data

No. 1427874

File: 1669863621734.jpg (504.2 KB, 2891x1278, subzvha.jpg)

Just learned Amberd Heard is dating a zionist, well there goes my good will towards her

No. 1427882

File: 1669863929266.gif (697.19 KB, 492x612, 166985920839743657 (1).gif)

The way she goes on about other people's bodies-looks-weight.. it's been a long time coming before the karmatic-fat-faery floated along and BOPPED HER ON THE HEAD!

No. 1428032

goddammit, amber. her taste in partners is dogshit.

No. 1428049

didn't you know, celebrity BS matters more then children being bombed and palestinian women being raped by Israeli soldiers

No. 1428099

Kek, ily
Ew, he's so fucking hideous inside & out

No. 1428162

File: 1669884678216.png (295.35 KB, 584x602, Screenshot 2022-12-01 021317.p…)


They are engaged allegedly. Let's wait for other media organisations to wake up and confirm this.

No. 1428170

My sister is obsessed with Zendaya I need to tell her, she's going to cry out of pure jealousy and rage kek

No. 1428188

two beards bearding

No. 1428203

the reason "beards" exist for certain celebs is when they have a specific image to mantain for their target demographic, I really doubt that both tehri fanbase would be all that upset if they were gay, don't act like a retarded larry shipper

No. 1428211

my bad, I was trying to be annoying but not THAT annoying
tbf I also think Taylor Swift is a raging lesbian but I'm schizo tinfoiling all day

No. 1428219

Your not a schitzo just retarded and horny, she's the straightest woman ever

No. 1428228

lol barely ever it is a problem. 90s pierce brosnan will do it though.

is Zendaya a nepo kid or is she a poor soul from the Disney mill? not a burger I just know she's in euphoria and had a youtube channel. seems like she got famous out of nowhere but maybe I'm not paying attention.
also whoever said tom holland looks like he's holding a frog that is trying to escape in his mouth ruined my brain it's all I see every time there's a pic of him posted lmao (I think it was a twitter/tumblr post not here but it sounds like something one of you would say kek)

No. 1428230

File: 1669889937688.png (250.34 KB, 664x486, frogmouthholland.png)

samefag found it kekkkk

No. 1428231

She became a pedo scrote's muse and he's been pushing her ever since.

No. 1428232

ayrt what?! who? oh god I feel bad now
has anyone gotten famous without being the victim of some scrote? I hate to hear it. I'm guessing since she's so young it was when she was even younger.
fuck I fucking hate pedowood

No. 1428371

File: 1669899803744.jpeg (630.27 KB, 1070x1329, 9C921CB0-84B3-412D-A318-FF79F8…)

I want him to play HP Lovecraft in a biopic.

No. 1428376

Just a few more decades and wrinkles and he'll be ready for the role.

No. 1428378

Zendaya isn't a nepo baby in the sense that her parents are famous but they did procure jobs to push her ahead. They pushed her into child modeling and theater early and their jobs corresponded with whatever level she was at. They pushed her hard. She eventually went into the Disney mill alongside Bella Thorne. Rumor is that she's a Weinstein girl.

No. 1428380

He can play a young HP.

No. 1428381

Pushing her into the industry doesn't really make her a nepo baby in any sense though.

No. 1428384

Did you miss the
>isn't a nepo baby in the sense that her parents are famous but they did procure jobs to push her ahead.
part? Nepotism can happen in any industry. It's the favoring of relatives when you're in a higher position than them. Using your position to push your relatives further, which is what her parents (specially her mother) did, is nepotism.

No. 1428385

Her mother quit her regular teaching job, hired into a performing arts school, enrolled Zendaya, then used her positions there to push Zendaya up the ladder. That is nepotism in every sense kek you don't have to be famous for nepotism to happen. A coach favoring their kid on the team to get ahead is nepotism and this isn't much different than that.

No. 1428387

>you don't have to be famous for nepotism
I didn't say you did lol. I did read it a little wrong, I thought anon was saying that her parents just put her into theater and modeling.

No. 1428390

You read it a lot wrong

No. 1428392

Yep. She's her mom's only child and that woman did everything she could with the little power she had to get her into the industry. From Zendaya's own words, sounds like another mother living through their child. She has a good team behind her now because they have made people forget/hid it from new fans that she was in any and all commercials for YEARS. Like seriously anything, it was random. She was a damn Kidz Bop kid as well.

No. 1428404

Her mom also left her unattended. She would post on Z's birthday "wish I could be in Hollywood with you celebrating!" like um ma'am your daughter is 15… you should be with her!!

No. 1428435

File: 1669904551235.jpg (33.26 KB, 680x623, lol.jpg)

i genuinely did not even recognise him at first lmfao holy shit. he's wrecked his face in his obsession with staying young.

No. 1428437

Oh my god. He looks like someone who had their face reconstructed after an accident.

No. 1428440

he looks like he's had a face transplant after being attacked by a chimp

No. 1428444

What the fuck? Only like a few years ago he did an interview admitting he went too far on the plastic surgery after those pics of him looking freakish went viral, he said it even scared his kid. Guess he didn't learn his lesson

No. 1428450

Jfc, I feel like this should be spoilered

No. 1428457

It’s just a dumb tweet. The friend is obviously a Zionist not her and even then #freepalenstine is a Twitter meme.

No. 1428465

I want this now too.

No. 1428473

she's still friend with a zionist

No. 1428510

File: 1669908643788.jpg (24.81 KB, 407x433, Fiyxb6GWQAAMMJx.jpg)

Does anynonnie know if Claire Foy is bisexual? My friend saw her having a very touchy feely lunch with another woman the other day, but google and wikipedia say nothing about her sexuality. I have terrible gaydar for a lesbo so I can't tell lol.

No. 1428552

lol this cunt is full on Tussaud-tier melting

No. 1428635

for me, it will always be Carolyn Jones and John Astin as the "real" Morticia and Gomez, kek

Nowadays I started to ignore most gossip surrounding stars, I don't want to know the real person behind the role, I want to enjoy the role without knowing anything about them. The only reason I'm reading these threads is because most persons mentioned here I don't even know. So, I agree completely, it would be nice if celebrities would just not post about themselves 24/7 and be a little bit more mysterious.

No. 1428720

Who cares? There’s worse things going on in Hollywood than being friends with a Zionist. Men get away with things so easily but someone making an insensitive tweet is the devil? Come on.

No. 1428736

This is saddening because all the edgy gay stan retards on twitter would constantly make jokes about how she wouldn’t be raped because she’s fat and ugly. Kesha was 18 in 2005 when this first happened. They wanted her to have some trashy hateable image and on top of that she was raped and degraded repeatedly and has scores of people online claiming it isn’t possible.

No. 1428739

I don’t know why some of you want to claim Shawn Mendes so bad? His mannerisms and behavior are such an obvious dogwhistle

No. 1428743

Agree. Some pasty, controlling, pretentious asshole that happens to be good at music. I am embarrassed by the Jack White worship I have witnessed here. He isn’t even attractive omg

No. 1428750

File: 1669919035017.jpeg (573.32 KB, 828x1454, F7E2F9BC-3CD4-423A-9B04-C32E1A…)

She is very gorgeous and radiant and perfect to me

No. 1428756

File: 1669919162028.jpg (80.89 KB, 792x439, ye.jpg)

>Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler

No. 1428760

File: 1669919355783.webm (2.15 MB, 320x568, ZIPJZB8jED3d2vuU.webm)

Julia fox made a video about the balenciaga, did a case of whataboutism and blatantly lied while doing it. now i don’t have an issue of people want to bring up the abuses in the Church because i whole heartedly believe they need to be talked about and abusers be held accountable, however i think it was inappropriate here and weird that she wanted to divert attention elsewhere.

No. 1428770

The Balenciaga advert was an obvious, contrived, pretentious attempt at being an edgy #thought-provoking #avantgarde piece. And although she’s usually on an excellent cocktail of medications at any time of day, she’s right that people are focusing all their outrage on something that although completely deserving of criticism, is not a front for child trafficking, and only a drop in the bucket of a huge issue happening in places meant to be safe havens for children. It’s starting to get so Qanon that it’s embarrassing.

No. 1428772

File: 1669919637139.jpeg (347.29 KB, 836x547, 5B61EA8B-5DCF-4D7D-89E8-61A2B9…)

>> “You’re not Hitler,” Alex Jones said. “You're not a Nazi.”
>>“Well, I see good things about Hitler,” Ye said, later adding: “Every human being has value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.”
>>Jones repeatedly tried to steer Ye away from supporting Hitler. But Ye insisted on complimenting the murderous regime behind the Holocaust.
>>“They did good things too,” Ye said. “We’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.”

No. 1428773

what is that thing on his face called? It's giving me inspiration for Chapter 6

No. 1428774

Some anons are faghags that actually SEEK OUT gay or gay-adjacent guys

No. 1428775

Jack white isn’t even that good of a musician. I saw him live and his solo work isn’t that impressive. He does simple chords and makes it into a song.

No. 1428781

Came across some dumb tweet by Doja (cringe even typing it) and made the infuriating mistake of taking a glimpse at her actual twitter. I have never felt so much second hand embarrassment to even have read her tweets (if you can even call them that)
It's actually pitiful how unfunny and legitimately stupid she is. "Penus" "cawk" "boob" are actual things she thinks worthy of posting. Sorry 4 rant but she is just so absolutely stupid it's insane that she's considered an artist or celebrity.

No. 1428783

It's his donda mask.
Some fun info for your gay fanfic of all this: Nick wanted to wear one during some political thing but was talked out of it by his tard wrangler, Jayden. After the Jayden fallout, Nick started wearing his donda mask and Kanye puffer jacket that made him look like a little kid.

No. 1428792

I'm thinking Nick likes to leave passion marks all over Kanye's face/neck to show dominance (Nick hates being the bottom for him), Kanye is a push over for Nick so he wears that mask in public. It's a symbol of his love for his mom and nick. In exchange nick wears the blue hoodie which was the hoodie they made love in for the first time.

No. 1428798

It’s very evident to anyone who has actually been around homosexuals that he is forced to pretend to be straight—contractually, because of his music, and maybe also if his family is conservative in some way. It isn’t some data lounge tinfoil, he is the most painfully gay twinkie bottom imaginable and makes no attempt to mask these very specific mannerisms because it’s a signal to other gay men. He limps his wrists in interviews, he talks with a major affectation, and the dude can’t even get into water without lifting his ass in the air. His sexuality is obvious, but that still doesn’t make it our business, anons act like they’re defending his purity or something. They claim bearding doesn’t need to exist anymore but it absolutely does.

No. 1428809

He might be gay but for the love of the human race stop calling every one-obese male a twink, it reeks or such incredible gay fat americanism, like I can actually feel the obesity levels of your nation from your post

No. 1428810

The real question is why does it upset you so much that a “normal” woman can become famous? What has she actually done to be upsetting or offensive besides offending your highly in-tune comedic sensibilities? Is it so bad to let a woman who isn’t trying to carefully control her image be a celebrity, or is that still just your intrinsic need to control women and push out any one that doesn’t fall in line to what you consider acceptable? Inb4 stan I don’t follow Doja Cat and only know a few of her songs that I like, nor do I like that sort of humor

No. 1428812

Fuck you bitch, I’m the one who said >>1424114 too and I was using the term mockingly as so many people online refer to him as such omg

No. 1428817

File: 1669920947934.gif (2.88 MB, 592x640, 9575484C-9D40-4B60-897E-D82A7E…)

Sassy gay twink Sean Mendes voice It's giving Cher

No. 1428818

I dont' get why nonnie can't have her opinion on a celebrity in the celebrity thread on lolcor. Also, if you think Doja's image isn't perfectly controlled you are crazy. Being relatable is now a product to the point people fake it now. Doja is weird, she's talented but she knows what she's doing and how to present herself to bring in the bucks

No. 1428820

Thank you I was trying to find this gif when anons were initially upset people were calling him gay. What a fine, sensitive, receptive straight man.

No. 1428821

She has her own thread in snow and that “one opinion” is constantly thrown around to the point that they gave her her own thread. It got annoying to the point that she now has a containment thread.

No. 1428823

Thanks anon, I'm the anon they were referring to, and their point or whatever they tried aiming for wasn't even worth a response tbh.

No. 1428831

Lmao he’s twinky af >>1428809 why are you mad nonnnie
he’s definitely a bottom

No. 1428839

Probably because it’s a male who gets offended when twink is thrown around to a degree that he has to try to get shady about it as a defense mechanism

No. 1428846

I don't care if he's gay or a bottom, but I can feel the fatness of your posts, that's what I'm offended about
I just hate america, those are my only politics(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1428858

I think you’re just retarded honestly(infighting)

No. 1428860

These are two separate anons you bumbling moron

No. 1428864

File: 1669922042889.png (802.29 KB, 1087x688, stuff.png)

>Chocolate Milk
>orange fish net thing
>Holy Bible
confirms kanye is a farmer. All this points to his favorite cow.

No. 1428881

No anon would drink Yoo-hoo that is chocolate water

No. 1428885

>is constantly thrown around
ntayrt but constantly? it's been ages since doja was criticized like that anon, she's not even discussed that much anymore

No. 1428896

I do, I feel like it's "hints" towards the cows he lurks here. Who drinks choclate milk a lot? Who likes fish or the color orange? Who is a bible thumper?
When we find the Three Cows of Ye, we will open a portal to the other whelm.

No. 1428908

I would guess it's because he's the only guy left in hollywood who's not completely ugly nor old. I used to accidentally fall for fags before because of that without realizing it so I understand, it's disappointing that they're the only men who put the slightest effort into their looks

No. 1428914

i like them, they're cute

No. 1428922

I was legitimately telling my friend who was defending him for the original "Jewish people evil" shit he said that this would happen people with his mental issues don't swim in the shallows when it comes to conspiracy they dive straight into the deep end and end up completely delusional, a lot of mass shooters with mental issues fell into the same rabbit hole before committing whatever act of violence they did, Kayne should be medicated in a ward somewhere not given airtime to express his current Bipolar manic episode

No. 1428950

File: 1669924898405.jpeg (740.74 KB, 1600x2496, 579454828.jpeg)

They look good together. Now seeing them from the side…


No. 1428964

I hope it lasts. They cute.

No. 1428970

the zendya tinfoilers are just
like they probably think every tomboy in existence is secretly lesbian kek. they're usually the same people who post on tumblr blogs about how "cuffed jeans are queer energy" and shit like that

No. 1428972

File: 1669925498607.jpg (137.88 KB, 772x1035, zendaya_and_tom_holland_2_by_l…)

No. 1428975

5'6 1/2
holy shit i'm taller than tom holland
i had no idea

No. 1428982

File: 1669925927131.jpg (236.34 KB, 1000x756, Tom-Holland-Zendaya.jpg)

Now you know, lol.

No. 1428983

File: 1669925957878.jpg (64.14 KB, 768x960, girl-gwen-stefani-52-looks-730…)

No. 1428987

Gwen is always called out for that.

Eye roll



No. 1428991

File: 1669926255440.jpeg (59.47 KB, 456x612, 94E9DC69-F250-4D1E-A471-D139C0…)

No. 1428999

Bruno Mars something something grenade song.

No. 1429003

True. I just think her nose looks extra off & wonder how much more she can keep doing.
Damn, that's really sad & messed up. Hopefully if Zendaya has a kid she won't repeat the cycle.

No. 1429017

At first I thought he was wearing the face thing thinking it made him look cool.
Then I thought he was doing it to hide his snickers/giggling/facial expressions.
Now watching clips, he genuinely seems mentally ill and like he believes what he says. Everyone around him is using him. Fuck scrotes though

No. 1429020

We do not care

No. 1429038

File: 1669928671338.jpg (118.02 KB, 727x935, 1112578545.jpg)

Wait… the girl from Buffalo 66 is Wednesday Addams?

No. 1429062

Yes, you and I together have decided it to be true.

No. 1429068

????? I thought he came out as gay????
That was my exact thought a couple of weeks ago, I didn't recognize her because of the dye job. I thought I was good with faces.

No. 1429087

File: 1669930707978.webm (3.27 MB, 606x360, 9hkp66.webm)

No. 1429093

god he's so out of breath, at least Josh does his stress sighs at the end of his rants.

No. 1429102

also going to save this to my folder of
>Autism sounds from retarded chubby and/or fat Scrotes

No. 1429104

I don't have audio. Can anyone do a quick audio-listening-skim and just sum it up fast?

>Thnx in advance.

No. 1429108

I seriously don't know what he's saying-
>i'm getting tired of picking up the yahooo
>something something, mr. Nettie!!
>elmo voice
>out of breath

No. 1429111

Censor your Vincent Gallo that man belongs at the bottom of a trench

No. 1429114

He’s being milked for every last drop until he gets thrown in the pen or kills himself oh lord

No. 1429136

I just hope he goes alone, you know how scrotes can't do shit in minecraft alone.
regardless, it's sad, he seems manic. I didn't buy into the "him mentally ill! He needs help" until I watched his mannerism and you can literally see it. Then Dick Fuentes and Milo, everyone is laughing at him. I'd almost feel bad for him if he wasn't such an an asshole.

No. 1429141

He’s unmedicated and has rarely been told no. Now people are watching him detonate and pointing and laughing because that’s what entertainment has become. They all see him as a cash cow.

No. 1429145

Wordplay on Netanyahu.

No. 1429146

Just seeing the stills is so utterly bizzare.
Unless he seriously harms himself or others, there's nothing that can be done. He sees nothing wrong with his behavior and refuses to get help, take meds and listen to anyone saying no.

This is like when Charlie Sheen went off the rails, but ramped up to 11. Weeks of erratic behaviour and insane interviews until he crashed.

No. 1429148

He needs his own thread.

No. 1429152

I sometimes wonder if they purposely make sure he doesn't take his crazy pills or make sure he's extra hyped or something. There's always pictures of him between his meltdowns with his kids (North) and he seems normal. We never hear stories or shit about him being weird when he's with his kids. Thats what bothers me, that if he is going through something, he does have kids that he's allowed access to. I'm sure not alone, but god forbid he's saying dumb shit like this to them.

No. 1429169

File: 1669934205645.jpg (37.75 KB, 640x669, IMG_20221201_204655_586.jpg)

Well he got my vote

No. 1429198

He doesn’t require that sort of attention, old news and also he will probably die soon.

No. 1429200

I hope they last too. If it's genuine love I hope it beats all the horrible things celebrity and being in the spotlights does to a relationship. I'm kinda invested because I remember that disgusting t4t tweet. They're anti-stereotypes and gender binary but a slighty tomboyish, tall girl must be a man, and a short, stocky guy must have been born with a pussy.

No. 1429202

I think we’ve taken satire and parody and tongue in cheek lowbrow humor and beaten it into the ground to the point that we are eventually going to create a generation that is so insufferably right wing and puritanical that we lose years of progress.

No. 1429212

i wish george dubya would come online, tweet "kanye west doesn't care about black people", and then log out.

No. 1429225

big brain idea kek

No. 1429278

cool. tom holland is a dancer so he exercises and knows how to take care of himself. he should age pretty well compared to most gross moids so i'm happy for her.

No. 1429299

You mean irony proisoning?

No. 1429321

short girl mad that someone got a good moid while she was stomping around going "I ONLY DATE TALL GUYS"

No. 1429322

i don't think writing an article called that in the jerusalem post is a good idea. this is like if jezebel published "top 3 transphobes of the year" it would backfire pretty hard. i hope this is a fake screencap tbh

No. 1429325

Shut the fuck up manlet

No. 1429334

The only thing that's embarrassing is your shill take. The whole balenciaga scandal far surpasses edgelord conspiracy. Look into Ian Watkins from the band Lost Prophets and the crimes he committed. All the famous celebrities involved in sex cults like Ordo Templi Orientis isn't just some edgy coincidence, this all runs deep.

No. 1429352

stay mad

No. 1429364

No girl wants to date your runt ass, seethe and cope.

No. 1429369

I mean you'd have to be below 18 years old to think wearing a fucking Halloween costume looks cool. Its no wonder he's now parroting what tons of the precursors to the alt right were saying in pre-2016

No. 1429371

Shush, Ye. Alex is already in enough legal trouble as is.

No. 1429376

Precisely because a containment board now exists

No. 1429378

stay mad

No. 1429399

kek ayrt i'm a tall lady. we don't block and report guys for being less than whole foot taller than us

No. 1429415

File: 1669952729066.jpeg (639.82 KB, 828x1090, 034FC4C2-FB29-4889-9553-6E8A9D…)

No. 1429416

Containment thread * please

No. 1429417

What does Ian Watkins making his password ifuckkids have to do with Balenciaga trying to be edgy? Schizo

No. 1429434

No one cares

No. 1429435


No. 1429442

Holy fuck, this is actually terrifying. He's so unhinged

No. 1429448

Lmao right? They weren't a super huge top 40s band or anything. Not that you have to be to be an abusive pos (obviously). There's a better example of a musician right in this thread, Julian Casablancas. Not as sick & depraved as Watkins, but could be argued as more insidious to the music industry as a whole for signing creep bands that also prey on underage or barely of age girls. The whole circlejerk of top "indie" artists love hiding behind their softer image.

No. 1429453

All that work on his face and he still can't get a better haircut. I can't even see how bad his face is, I just automatically get distracted by the hair butt on his head.

No. 1429469

Stay mad

No. 1429474

This is basically moidposting right here, who else the fuck would feel sorry for the world's richest qanon sperg after he tanked his own marriage and then publically acted like a stalker before settlement.

No. 1429479

File: 1669957675843.jpeg (105.34 KB, 1024x816, F282B42D-2BE9-49EF-86DA-0C0837…)

Based SWERF Kanye redemption arc

No. 1429483

Kek, Mike Myers should quote tweet it.

No. 1429486

Huh, well I'll be damned.
I mean I did like one of his songs… the one in Paris…

No. 1429496

Whoah. That was unexpected.

No. 1429499

Holy shit… based?

No. 1429513

I mean he is a Christian now. How's this not surprising?

No. 1429517

The most based thing he's said in ages. Ye redemption arc incoming?
He sure knows how to keep it interesting.

No. 1429523

why did he have to say all that shit about nazis and hitler earlier… the kanye we needed is not the kanye we got

No. 1429533

he's only saying this because he hates kim now. he will never ever stick to anything or have real morals. he's too crazy. he might change his opinion in a week, who knows.

No. 1429534

Well I mean they kind of overlap. If you follow the trail of porn production and hosting, they all gave a common denominator

No. 1429545

you know what, youre right. he got his ass rebanned on twitter for more nazi shilling. posting the star of david with a swastika in it… it is crazy to witness someone so dead set on ruining their career

No. 1429548

He looks like a basset hound

No. 1429551

I thought this picture was warped or edited when I first saw it kek

No. 1429559

who is this? I tried reverse image search and nothing came up so not even google can still recognise him kek

No. 1429563

That's Simon Cowell nona

No. 1429570

He looks absolutely fucking awful. All this money yet he’s obviously still so miserable and insecure to do this to himself.

No. 1429574

File: 1669966313090.webm (1.89 MB, 640x360, gOaeOjFqZr_rv7R3.webm)

imagine being so utterly deranged that Alex Jones comes off as the voice of reason, he's gone full anti-semitic nutcase

No. 1429582

Jenna's a decent actress but she comes off as someone who tries way to hard to seem down-to-earth

No. 1429593

Wednesday is so fucking cringeworthy but I think that’s more the script than the acting. It’s so bad.

No. 1429596

I was just thinking the same thing. And it’s probably just the tip of the iceberg
>inb4 he’s having dinner with David Duke and burning crosses

No. 1429616

Why is anyone cheering him on for this? He literally used to constantly watch or bring out porn in his meetings to assert his dominance over others. He doesn't give a fuck about the morality of watching porn or the traumas of the women and girls involved; he's a mega-narcissist, so rather than taking responsibility for single-handedly ruining his own life by prioritizing porn and short-term sexual gratification over his family life, he's now putting all of the blame on porn being a tool of Satan, ensuring he's exempt from any blame or accountability.

No. 1429629

$20 says this is what got him banned, and not the swastika tweet.

No. 1429691

File: 1669980357243.jpeg (199.86 KB, 828x764, BAD12911-34F5-4807-A6D0-DCBF21…)

Seriously. And any credibility he may have had in the past is now rendered null and void. He is a repugnant piece of shit. Picrel made me chuckle

No. 1429692

This. His opposition to porn is obviously a result of his religion and not because he actually cares about women, religion will always be one of our biggest oppressors and men like Kanye are never to be trusted.

No. 1429753

kanye's deathgrip is why he hates porn, not because jesus or some shit. shut up literal faggot and suck a dick already

No. 1429786

That honestly made my head spin but I agree

No. 1429833

File: 1669993046029.jpeg (172.25 KB, 1280x720, It's happening .jpeg)

I keep see comparison to Kanye to Chris Chan. I honestly think Nick has him under a spell. Yes I know Kanye is shitty, but I feel like there's there's love spell or something. Everyone is going to regret this. The dimensional merge is on I'm 100% convinced. Which is why I'm creating my own characters/fiction to control my own story. You nonnies should as well. I legit think that my fan fiction is connected to this in someway.
Even the mask reminds me of Chris Chans blue shirt thing, also notice Nick is wearing blue. Be prepared our fingers have power. We were warned

No. 1429902

all the idiots here losing it at kanye's mask. it is from the same fashion brand as his jacket, it's just this seasons look

No. 1429982

Glad I never bought into Kanye from the beginning. Really had me gritting my teeth when people sucked him off so much and he acted like he was a genius when all he made was overbloated rap.

No. 1430022

100000% with you. His music sucks and always has sucked. Even worse than his music is obviously the obvious,his shit attitude and nonsense he constantly spews. People who consider him talented or a genius are retarded and nothing can change that.

No. 1430102

kanye is just a sperg, his hyperfixation is music

No. 1430226

Some of you are so easily pleased, oh my god.

No. 1430236

It’s a joke. It’s a list of bad peopke to them, not endorsing it (duh)

No. 1430330

i honestly dont think a lot of the people you quoted are even regular farmers that see why Kanye is saying this stuff now ( it was explained up thread.) I kind of believe that nonny that said this thread is filled with gay males and twitterfags that eat shit up at face value

No. 1430380

Nta but all I think reading those posts is "didn't Kanye very awkwardly made a guy who worked for him watch porn on his phone?" Do those anons think Kanye doesn't watch porn still? There was even one anon somewhere saying she wished he'd become president, which I do too, but out of anti-american sentiment.

No. 1430398

File: 1670018470518.png (195.39 KB, 440x387, 167000425639183225 (3).png)

No. 1430400

File: 1670018574245.png (336.74 KB, 403x660, 167000425639183225 (4).png)

No. 1430401

File: 1670018706827.jpeg (74.07 KB, 1024x1024, images.jpeg)


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