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File: 1674663255505.png (263.99 KB, 509x512, ppp.png)

No. 1752075

Pretty Pastel Please/PPP/Alex is a 29 year old Australian Youtuber known for her fashion hauls, Japan vlogs, rampant consoomerism and her parrot Archie.

>Used to live with her best friend/ex bf Sam and husband Dan in the same home - frequently milking the situation as content

>Vids revolve around fast fashion and designer hauls up to $2000, then her struggling to declutter her hoard
>Since the pandemic and her botched nose job PPP has spiralled, binge drinking, mixing meds and booze, not taking her meds for her collection of mental illnesses, and destroying her hair. Thinks that dying her hair a different colour every week during a drinking binge at 2am is quality content
>Keeps a flock of doves in her home to shit freely on her floors and bed. Doesn't mind sleeping in a bird shit covered bed
>Got a boob job and entered a hypersexual era despite claiming she might be ace
>In a bout of mania, Alex decided to move to Tasmania and abandon her husband, flock of 26 birds and dogs in Sydney. Gave Dan an ultimatum of him moving to Tasmania to be with her, even though jobs in his field are scarce in the area
>Sets up Gofundme to set up bird rescue/enable her animal hoarding tendencies/pay for move to Tasmania
>Found a new group of genderqueer poly orbiters/fans who she calls the "NPCs" to validate and enable her mental breakdown. Her favourite of the group, creepy Clay, seems to be a replacement for Dan and has taken naked photos of her for IG
>Claims Dan is moving to Tasmania to join her, but doesn't visit him for his bday and teases Nicole Kidman divorce photos on IG
>Got evicted for turning her rental into a biohazard area of dove shit
>Stole a chicken from someone's yard as the owners keep it outdoors and not in their bedroom

Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/@PrettyPastelPlease
Side channel: https://www.youtube.com/@prettypastelsidequest
IG: https://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease/#

No. 1752078

She sounds semi milky but where is the proof? Wheres the pictures of the birdshit covered bed?

No. 1752079

I haven't kept up with her and I've only watched like 4 videos of her unnecessary hauls, but she seriously just up and left her animals and husband? Why move from Sydney to Tasmania? Wouldn't staying in Sydney be more apt for an influencer? And she can't even afford the move, she has to ebeg for it? What about those 2000 dollar fast fashion hauls? I'm not very familiar with her but this is a very intriguing milk situation.
Like other anon said, would mega appreciate any screencaps or proof of her lunacy.

No. 1752084

Holy shit wtf, she has spiraled a lot. I watched her last like 1,5 years ago. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread

No. 1752096

File: 1674665376465.jpg (1.18 MB, 3264x2184, alex birds.jpg)

She has hours and hours of vlog material about the free roaming birds so its difficult to find exactly what I'm looking for. Here's some caps of her and her birds in bed and in the shower. If you've ever kept birds you'll know they poop all the time and you can't train them to go in a specific area. I recall her or Dan talking about how frequently they need to change the bedsheets because of it.
Apparently Sydney is bad for her mental health and she felt better on holiday in Tasmania without responsibilities (no shit) so she ditched Sydney. She did bring the birds over to Tasmania eventually after her husband got fed up of looking after them.

No. 1752099

KEK. I almost forgot about PPP. Jeezus, lockdowns really hit her hard. Is this why happens when your brand modeled around consumerism goes dry?

No. 1752124

Holy shit I thought that was a tranny in the thread pic. Wtf did she do to herself? Did she ditch Archie too? I remember her having that parrot she’d milk in all her makeup videos

No. 1752128

yeah archie has long since been abandoned for her new hoard of pigeons because he's hormonal and bites now i guess. not that she seems to do anything to try and help train him, since she can just share her bed with a bunch of bird lice-ridden pigeons instead to fill that gap.

OP i've been waiting for a thread on her for so long, so I'm glad this is here

No. 1752133

just wanted to link to her twitter, too, even though she isn't active there anymore: https://twitter.com/prettypastelpls

No. 1752139

File: 1674670584551.png (556.32 KB, 1047x915, ppp.png)

I don't have the original version of it, but this is the current look of her gofundme that she originally started to buy land in tasmania to start an animal sanctuary. sometime after she decided to move to tasmania full time, she changed it to this and has yet to refund anyone who donated as far as I can tell.

No. 1752146

Don't sage milk

No. 1752153

It makes me so sad what is happening to her, she doesn't seem happy or stable in the slightest, and I guess she is trying to hold on to things that give her some sort of safety right now. She seems incredibly manic and she obviously was very much in denial about it and had her husband and mother provide proof in text messages saying 'oh it's the old Alex' and all that. Her most recent thrift store video was so bizarre when she told one of her friends to get every bird-themed object and she'd buy them all, wouldn't a caring friend see that as scary? When her old friend Caitlyn visited her it seemed very weird too because Caitlyn sort of tried to keep her reeled in when Alex was going nuts? I don't want to come off as a white knight here I do like her but it's incredibly worrying to see what has been happening. It seems dangerous and super toxic right now especially without her husband around anymore or her 'best friend' Sam. The fact that she isn't dealing with Archie anymore is so sad though for that bird, she once made a big issue about the HUGE commitment it is to get a bird because they essentially bond with you so Dan and her are essentially his parents and she's just neglecting him

No. 1752229

Oh man this is wild, poor Archie. Thanks for the thread OP, I haven’t watched her in years and this wasn’t where I saw her going. Could be quite milky, have her husband/old friends been saying anything?

No. 1752301

Not too surprised to see a thread up on her now. I used to watch her a lot, but she really has started going off the deep end since her nose job and especially the breast augmentation. I think it was in a recent vlog on her pretty pastel sidequest channel that she’s also now been diagnosed as autistic? It all just feels super out of left field from what was a normal if quirky young woman unboxing shit. Now the sudden move to Tasmania…. Oooof….

No. 1752474

2022 saw Alex spiral pretty hard, it’s sad to see. I feel like what sent her over the edge was a combination of covid (it did a number on us all over), her nose job going wrong and her relationship being on the rocks. I suspect things aren’t going well with Dan anyway, since she recently revealed in a video on her side channel that her and Dan rarely have sex and she prefers to cuddle. Yet says she’s in her ‘hoe era’ and is posting sexy pics??? Who is making you feel sexy Alex? Because it sure isn’t your husband who is 100s of miles away.
I’ve been using GG to get updates on her videos because I honestly cannot watch them anymore. The last one I watched, she pretended to cry because she wanted to save birds but not a single tear was shed. All while her poor friend was sat in the car awkwardly for like 10 minutes. Anyway at the end of her tantrum she was like “donate to my go fund me so I can buy a bird sanctuary!” like she didn’t just spend $10k on new tits and is looking at houses worth $1mil. She is far from the relatable girl touring Japan I used to wish was my friend irl.

No. 1752486

File: 1674698129295.png (3.35 MB, 1586x838, 2893398239.png)

wtf happened here

No. 1752494

body dysmorphia and according to her a "roller coaster of Ritalin, Dexamfetamine, Concerta, Vyvanse, Valium, Endep and Fluvoxamine"

No. 1752516

NPCs is kinda funny ngl, but the nose job went SO WRONG like wtf?? She had such a nice nose before and it collapsed or something?

No. 1752539

Didn't she use to be a fattie?

No. 1752589

She was really pretty, wtf did she do

No. 1752654


Very interesting considering Archie used to be in her intro and she'd usually start her videos saying "the bird stays"

Haven't followed her for years at this point but imma have to keep an eye on this thread now

No. 1752674

During lockdown she got addicted to dyeing her hair a different colour every week so now it’s totally fried. She’s said she wants to grow out her natural colour again but she always seems to bleach it whenever it gets to a certain length. She’s had lip fillers and 2 botched nose jobs but tbh the reason she looks so bad is because she doesn’t bother with makeup and generally has this unkempt appearance in all her videos. In her old videos the background / makeup / hair / outfit were considered, now it’s just a whole mess

No. 1752692

I remember something like that too. She lost a ton and became an ana chan.

No. 1752711

Yeah for a while people were saying the try on videos were an excuse for elaborate body checks

No. 1752714

File: 1674735095834.png (1.28 MB, 500x675, 6B1B757D-2767-4110-9F63-5565E8…)

She said she lost it by doing keto, she was never that big imo but it was speculated that she got a tummy tuck after she lost weight.

I don’t know if she actually is anorexic, or does body checks. What’s the difference between existing/trying on clothes while thin and body checking?

But yeah it seems she’s suffering really bad from BDD either way. Her fucking with her gorgeous hair is the biggest shame.

No. 1752742

The only low fat milk was the cuck husband and boyfriend sitiation. She’s just a hoarder for birds and fast fashion

No. 1752748

Wow, what a turn of events. I stopped following her after her botched nose job. I saw her new male orbiter Clay, and he’s another fat ugly autist like her husband. I guess she has a type? She’s so pathetic trying to be the “hot girl” for her bottom of the barrel guy friends. Get a grip, girl

No. 1752768

More evidence for my file of "Proof that bird people are weird."

No. 1752770

I can’t find the pic now but I remember a screencap getting passed around where she seemingly had a hip to hip scar that looked like a tummy tuck scar. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? It got brought up constantly on GuruGossip

No. 1752798

idk it's pretty milky that she has decided to set her whole life on fire in Sydney for some parasocial fans turned friends turned employees she met in Tasmania on ONE vacation. she also made her husband take care of 25+ birds and like 2+ dogs while she decided to fuck off to Tasmania with her new polycule

No. 1752823

File: 1674753562597.jpg (149.38 KB, 1157x486, pppfundsjapan.JPG)

Apparently she raised 60,000 of funds back in 2020 and instead of donating right away (as she promised beforehand) she fucked off to Japan first and people complained

(sourced from gurugossip, just for you guys)

No. 1752834

File: 1674754301121.png (2.71 MB, 1920x964, prettypasteltummytuck.png)

also the guys on gg suspected she got a tummy tuck because she lost weight so quickly, it's hard to see in this video but you can spot a faint scar on her lower abdomen

No. 1752900

The amount of identities Alex has gone through is genuinely shocking. I hope she’ll be ok, but it feels like she’s in Tasmania to run away from something, not to ‘find herself’ or whatever. Trying those many different meds surely has to have had some impact on her brain as well—those meds can do really, really, REALLY funky things to your head.

No. 1753365

The way she gets super defensive and counterattacks just makes her look worse. She spends thousands of dollars on clothes she never wears and who knows how many tens of thousands on plastic surgery. Of course she’s scamming her audience lol

No. 1756131

File: 1675036545588.jpeg (228.81 KB, 1798x1191, 9FEC37F5-5970-497D-BA88-7BB56D…)

Wow thats sad, doesnt even look like the same person. Shes turning into the bird lady from alone 2.

No. 1756144

It's bizarre because she truly looks elderly in the face now. She looks like she's suffering from some rare genetic disorder.

No. 1756149

there's absolutely no way this is real. she doesn't even remotely look like the same person–it's as if her face blew up and aged all at the same time.

cow behavior aside, this is really sad to see. she's really lost her identity and I honestly just want her to get some proper help.

No. 1756155

Her nose job was botched and left her nose bigger/swollen and it never went away even after a year, took the doctor way too long to admit how big of a failure it was.
I stumbled upon her nose job video only like a month ago so Im surprised to see her here when she seemed so sane just two years ago. Its really too bad about her surgery going so badly and her doctor lowkey gaslighting her about it. I empathize with her bdd and situation

No. 1756162

what's stopping her from getting her nose job revised?

No. 1756166


wondering as well. I believe there’s only so much you can work with within your nose when it’s already worked on with the cartilage before they have to get it elsewhere (I think your ear, or a rib?) but damn, if it were me, I’d fix something that’s WAY more noticeable like the nose vs going to get bigger tits. not to mention how a botched nose job kinda fucks with your quality of life by not being able to breath well, which I think she mentioned in her nose job vid.

No. 1756170


nah this can't be it. a lot of people need a revision and/or end up getting one bc it's hard to get desired results from the first try. that's why i'm asking. it's weird, her nose is clearly botched. esp if she can't breathe. there's nose job revision specialists that can fix that shit

No. 1756227

This is so sad. Alex used to be one of my fav creators. She didn't bullshit reviews or took any weird sponsors. She also revealed a lot about influencers and how much they get paid for sponsors in like a 3 part video which was pretty neat, probably 2018 ish?
Stopped watching her when everything became "omg expensive brands and designers wow look at meeee" when she is very aware most her audience followed because she did honest and affordable hauls. Damn I'm sad her life has spiralled to this extent, you could always tell Dan loves/loved? her so much too.

No. 1756230

>>1756227 sorry to add to my stupid blogpost, but she revealed that influencers, basically just makeup since it was the thing then, get paid also for negative reveiws which to my knowledge most people didn't know and people were mad at their influencers.

No. 1756300

she had bad complications with the first surgery. extremely swollen, leaking fluid, staph infection. i’m sure she’s just decided that the end result now is better than going through that again.

No. 1756373

didn't she already get revision surgery or am I completely making things up? Or maybe she just talked so much about the revision

No. 1756441

Her friend posted some instagram stories of all the birds and it is a fucking hoarding level how fast she has got more and more birds.

No. 1756442

File: 1675077970203.jpg (576.12 KB, 635x1039, mixed birds.jpg)

and I forget pic ok

No. 1756443

File: 1675078018616.jpg (96.35 KB, 393x1031, dirty waterbowl.jpg)

No. 1756445

File: 1675078304734.jpg (340.07 KB, 745x955, ppp3.jpg)

retarded gg commentary aside

No. 1756448

File: 1675078393410.jpg (1.22 MB, 1170x2039, daycollarspeculation.jpg)

Her husband is either cuck or they are getting divorced

No. 1756453

that scrote is so ugly, he resembles kathys funko pop beast. as someone who has known of her over the years but never really been a viewer i think she looks fine right now. hair breakage aside, if she showered more and stopped dying the hair i think she could look wonderful. she has a nice body. the fake boobs are a little much but i can understand wanting to distract away from the botched nose job. is there any way she could still sue the surgeon? i feel he is partly responsible for this breakdown. also where are her doctors/therapists in all of this?
this bird hoard is just out of control. can't be good for her health either. are birds known to carry any parasites that can make people crazy like how cats can cause toxoplasmosis?
i don't get the speculation about the collar, as a non-kinkfag it just looks like an artsy minimalist jewelry design to me. i think any other normie would think the same. is kink just so engrained in peoples minds online now or is the necklace actually some sort of deeper signalling i don't know about? if not seems nitpicky/tinfoily to me.

No. 1756460

She already had a revision, she made a few videos about it

No. 1756467

Can she breathe again then?

She looks like a hobo. Unstyled grown out greasy hair, strange outfit combinations, no make up which looks bad when you lack eyebrows and lashes, probably covered in bird shit since she hoards them.
ts not a good look, she looks as unstable as she seems, i hope she gets help.

No. 1756468

Definetly getting cuckd, she is so selfish for treating him like that(unless its consensual, but i doubt it).

No. 1756498

File: 1675087423132.png (14.9 KB, 494x164, ppp.PNG)

Sage for not sure if milk or not, but was going through some of PPP's IG comments and it does seem like her and Sam (the ex, and the roommate at some point) have indeed unfollowed each other

No. 1756499

Sams girlfriend Michelle and her also unfollowed eachother, maybe there was a falling out before she left for Tas.

No. 1756504

New video with her NoNbInArY PaL, I only skimmed but they just go through the clothes, talk about muh dysphowia and how the friend is more masc or fel depending on the day uwu

No. 1756515

“buying nonbinary” these people prove to me more every day this is just a trend for them. dressing gender non conforming should be different for everyone, but all these non-binary people end up looking the same. really you can shop non-binary anywhere, so pointless to make a video on that

No. 1756532

I feel so fucking bad for Dan. Thanks for the thread tho. Used to unironically follow her before until she started to unravel. I'm not surprised if she will decide she is a themlet soon herself.

No. 1756541

File: 1675094938044.png (43.37 KB, 807x262, mermaid.png)

Jesus the last video I watched of her was her trying to get the black dye out of her hair and I'd stopped regularly watching her since she seemed to be getting a bit weird/started coming off as really entitled and now she's off the deep end? she always had Holly Conrad or Jillian Vessey vibes to me she used to take it really personally when people would ask her pet questions when they were just curious about them as well as being really stingy about what brands she bought from when people would ask, she also was deleting comments when people were asking where Archie was since he's been such a huge part of her channel but she still kept multiple comments where people are asking if she's divorced

not surprised with this she started getting into a weird crowd is she even still friends with that Grace girl she used to make videos with? it seems like she dropped all her pet care and responsibilities on her friends + family and fully ditched all of them especially since most of the captions on her Instagram are all about her new "REAL" friends or how "happy" she is now all these started after her mental breakdown post

No. 1756544

File: 1675095242193.png (529.33 KB, 772x999, breakdown.png)

here's the post she made about her "breakdown"

No. 1756550

File: 1675095854159.png (76.17 KB, 493x749, PPP2.PNG)

Also the fact that the whole moving to Tasmania etc stuff seemed to start to get more intense with her medication changing - and the one she is now on (Luvox) lists mania as a possible side effect. Not saying that's the case, but I wonder if anyone that's been following her more actively has noticed the timing lining up? At least she herself mentions Luvox having changed her life a lot

No. 1756556

File: 1675096092533.png (568.99 KB, 1000x1000, breakdown 2.png)

last 5 parts still reads like she just up and ditched her family and friends leaving them with the 20+ pigeons and Archie to take care of as well as whatever happened with the eviction

had issues getting this file uploaded for some reason

No. 1756581

why do people take photos in front of toilets like this?

No. 1756616

Sage for no milk and opinions incoming. This whole situation is fucked. I enjoyed Alex since I'm a sperg and she is supposedly a now diagnosed sperg so I'm not surprised I gravitated to her content. Her decline is honestly upsetting and leaving behind her whole life and running away to Tasmania is putting a band aid on her issues. I rarely feel bad for moids but Dan is in a shitty situation cause what person in their right mind just flys the coop on a whim? And how much money is she blowing on these trips? What about her old friends? What about Archie? The other ginger chick was actually cool and I'll miss her.

No. 1756621

i caught up on her GG thread yesterday and watched most of the videos and it was fascinating. i'm pretty sure she's poly with claye/arden/maybe zeke the TiF? in the video when she picks claye up from the airport (meeting a stranger in a bunnings carpark) she says "for your partners sakes" to him. so he already had multiple partners, one of them being the nonbinary woman arden. and now she's been wearing that collar constantly. i don't know where dan fits into the situation. can i just say btw, he's gotten really hot.

No. 1756636

Woah I haven't watched her in years. Crazy how so many youtubers have been going off the deep end ever since 2020. So sad to see her in this state. I always thought her and Dan were adorable together with their red hair. She looks fucking grotesque now holy shit.

>can i just say btw, he's gotten really hot
He was hot to begin with, so now I'm curious lol.

No. 1756664

>>1756621 kek nonna i find dan cute to. he seems nice and is soft spoken. if alex could land a nice nigel then there's hope for the rest of us

No. 1756665

I used to watch her a lot, too, and was a fan. stopped watching when she got the one dove at the very beginning and would miss seeing Archie just on his own.

looking back, the situation with Sam in the picture always, I wonder if she's just the type to string men along so she always has someone to run back to? or maybe she just likes the attention of having male orbiters? I never really questioned them being such close friends before and him tagging along with she and Dan in their videos, but I know others thought it was weird her keeping him so close as an ex - and how she's now done this to Dan and how Sam now fucked off as well, makes me wonder what the fuck she's doing. obviously she's deep into her mental illness, I guess to the point of being toxic to all her long-term friends and just finding new ones that will enable her impulsive… whatever the fuck she's doing.

hope Dan has enough backbone to put his foot down if he really is getting fucked over in this situation. Poor Archie.

No. 1756677

God all you nonnies need some taste, but I will say Dan is way better than all the other male freaks and geeks she surrounds herself with. She’s always so disrespectful to him on camera, so can you imagine how she is when the camera isn’t rolling. Once he was fully passed out sleeping behind her in bed and she was waffling on about some dumb shit and the shot was literally so unflattering up his nose while he was sleeping in the background. I’d be livid.

No. 1756683

I thought Dan and Alex looked like siblings and I always got weird love triangle vibes from them all hanging out/living together.,

No. 1756696


Always got the same feeling tbh with the way she would always seem to be in charge of every situation in her videos (obviously it could just be the narrative she was aiming for, but the social interactions between her and Dan/Sam usually just seemed pretty unbalanced with her always leading the way). I read somewhere on her IG comments some rumors that she had issues with Sam's GF or the other way around, and hence the fall-out. (I'm sorry, I know this is an imageboard but I can't find the comments regarding this any longer and I can't find it in me to go look for them again) I wouldn't be surprised tbh, the whole situation always seemed super weird and I wouldn't blame Sam's GF for being bothered with how Alex seemed to treat Sam and Dan

No. 1756716

>>1756442 over 30 birds in just this picture.
>>1756448 wow, the skin on her nose looks off, maybe it's the lighting but it just doesn't look right. Like a bandaid of different skin

No. 1756718

Has she rehomed Archie? That poor baby deserves better.

No. 1756722

File: 1675109373397.png (335.05 KB, 346x598, ppppppp.PNG)


She posted this today, seems like she will be dragging Archie along to Tasmania with her

No. 1756749

I never quite understood where she gets all that money

No. 1756860

File: 1675118866922.jpg (232.95 KB, 647x419, 11ee7a68c_440051aa_2048.jpg)

I want to know how she thinks she'll be able to afford this apart from the insane cost for the land itself there's all the registration and licencing fees with the general money that goes into upkeeping an animal sanctuary I know she's probably abandoned that idea to shack up with whatever Polycue she's hanging around now but her history of setting these things up and then not coming through or letting any of the backers know what's going on is pretty scummy

No. 1757242

She’s privated her IG now, as well as apparently unfollowed a lot of her Sydney friends like Caitlyn and Lucy, according to GG. Can’t verify because of the private IG, I’ve never followed her

No. 1757330

>Hey guys, I need half a million dollars to avoid working ever again. I totally deserve it.

No. 1757364

Incredible. One of the few things her videos still had going for them was the cosy “I’m hanging out with friends” vibes - Lucy always seemed very sweet while stilling seeming to try to hold Alex accountable. She totally set her entire life on fire. I don’t know how she’s going to recover from this, it’s a dangerous spiral when you start removing your longterm supports in an effort to not be held accountable. Not something everyone can come back from in my experience.

No. 1757979

Damn, never thought I'd see Alex become a cow but I guess I should have seen it coming when she got COVID brainrot and made seething on her stories about antimaskers her entire personality for a year. Truly sad to see how far she's fallen and how she's fallen out with her entire friend group and possibly (likely?) Dan too.

No. 1757986

File: 1675219379153.jpg (572.25 KB, 1057x1074, 23-01-31-21-43-00-701_deco.jpg)

never forget what they took from you

No. 1758101

Holy shit, this is some Shayna levels of spiral. This may have potential, I'd love for anons to highlight some more of this girl, I'd never heard of her prior to this thread.

No. 1758241

This woman just keeps jumping from interest to interest and making it her whole personality. First it was the pastel/kawaii clothing. Then she dabbled into houseplants for a while, even made a plant instagram (pretty pastel plants or something) and hasn't posted for 1-2 years. Then came the bird obsession, which she will eventually get bored of as well. Probably many mini-obsessions in the middle but I haven't watched her so close for a while.
I'm guessing she will make OF at some point. Probably some gender arc coming as well, Alex figures out she's nonbinary and a lesbian. She's already surrounding herself with themlets.
Also, looks like she has deleted Archie's IG which was active until just a few days ago.

No. 1758248

She privated her IG, so she might have deleted Archie’s IG for the same reason she did that. Maybe in response to this thread? She used to lurk her thread on PULL. She can’t take any criticism at all. It’s probably why she suddenly cut off all her old friends/husband. She will take nothing less than blind support

No. 1758280

I'll take that back - Archie's IG is still up (archieeclectus), it's just that her youtube channel link to his IG is written wrong. Sorry for the misinformation nonas.

No. 1758765


not the MILKIEST thing on the planet, so apologies if other anons feel this should've been saged, but she's made her instagram private, and has spent her entire day posting about chicken garbage, stupid poems about your classic 'maybe I should've loved you less and loved myself more', and the other host of self love, pitying garbage cesspool poetry. She's also put up a few things that mention being a wife–maybe wants to remind us all that she is, in fact, married?

1. advertises a massive gofundme for a 'rescue sanctuary' after saying that
2. she would no longer be posting on her main channel (with over 700k+ subscribers)
3. Seems to be spiraling more and more–does not have a concrete sense of identity (hair, surgeries, 'aesthetics')

This woman seems miserable.

No. 1758893

Did you happen to grab any screenshots?

No. 1759027

File: 1675312170175.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, AE82406A-03A5-4C80-9ABD-758AE5…)

This is the only one I thought to grab! It’s been a busy day, so I apologize for the lack of further screenshots. I’ll make sure to grab them next time as I do know this is an image board haha

No. 1765661

File: 1676119337479.png (1.08 MB, 864x1374, Screenshot_20230211-074121.png)

Archie has arrived. The rest of her birds + her husband are still at their old home. Is he no longer going through bird-puberty?

No. 1765900

She either made her IG public again or blocked you nonas. She did use to be a hefer. I think I remember an old video before covid that mentioned it was in highschool or shortly after, then became ana. I'll agree with another anon that her videos were basically elaborate body checks as most of her ig selfies look like continued body checks. She even admitted in her mental health post she was starving herself for try ons and strangers approval. I also remember during covid she started consuming thrif store shit and haul videos from that in addition to the plant hordering to make up for the lack of shein shit. It makes me wonder if her parents were super controlling when she was younger to explain the late stage rebellion and identity issues? It's weird how someone so unfortunate looking can also be so narcissistic.

No. 1766166

I wonder where he’s better off, with her or with Dan. feel bad for Archie either way, there’s no way you can give enough attention to each when you have over a certain number of animals. I know it was bad that she left him behind when she fucked off to Tasmania, but I kinda worry for him being with her, too.

No. 1766603

File: 1676226014246.jpeg (584.33 KB, 1125x1957, E572EF02-223C-4C57-814C-84ED60…)

what the fuck does she keep doing to her poor hair?

No. 1766637

yeah she made it public again.
archie is going to stay with some random woman she met, he's not even gonna be with alex.

No. 1766825

File: 1676248922668.jpg (330.35 KB, 1080x1230, Screenshot_20230212_194109_Ins…)

Alex is posting unwashed kink lingerie pics again

No. 1766947

Why didn't she just leave the poor bird with Dan? She said he was closer bonded to Dan and she puts him through the trauma of a plane flight, only to go to some random ladys house. She's a terrible pet owner and animal hoarder.

No. 1766977

Unwashed? How?

No. 1767540

Her hair looks greasy as hell

No. 1768135

shes repeatedly said she cant find the motivation to shower(sage your shit)

No. 1768137

But she has the energy to take nudes?

No. 1768169

>>1766825 she's gained a lot of weight. Wonder if its her medication causing a lot of issues atm

No. 1768213

File: 1676415378198.png (715.83 KB, 1879x1642, 2315329543.png)

Related to Dan perhaps?

No. 1768451

Meh, at least it makes her look less gobliny.

No. 1768547

File: 1676462729598.png (2.23 MB, 1080x1873, Screenshot_20230215-120454.png)

She posted a picture to her story, is this Dan? It doesn't really look like him

No. 1768574

That does not look like Dan's hair and it does not look like her most recent hair from the livestream the other day.

No. 1768582

from the posts of her ex-friends it doesn't seem like dan at all. Also apparently she unfollowed all her nps besties even Claye who has now wiped his whole Instagram? This is all so odd

No. 1768585

Social media since Tasmania has shown
-Changing medication on her own
-Drinking on medication
-Not going to boob job followup
-Not following up for 3rd nose job
-Driving birds loose in car
-Driving birds on drivers lap
-Driving birds near pedals
-Evicted for not following lease agreement with birds uncaged
-Friends/own License Plates
-Friends Front of Homes
-Friends/own Medical Details
-Possible Animal Safety

Does she understand she can edit before posting any of this?

Example on January 7th video she put in an intentional conflicting narrative that Dan wanted her to find a house, when using footage of her and Dan from November 2nd, when she just said Dan wasn't ready to move on December 7th instagram, and when she had just moved into her second rental by January 2nd.

No. 1768595

There's no way her and Dan are still together. It definitely seems she was jumping guy to guy in the past couple weeks, though the most recent one looks the most affectionate.

>3rd nosejob
She's had three now? At this point it definitely seems like the damage done to her face was her own lack of proper aftercare

No. 1768596

She also does not need to share the details of every plan she thinks of and then drops never to mention again day themes of thiftmas, taz thrift shops, discord, bird sanctuary, redbubble, bird book, not posting on PPP anymore, changing the channel name of side channel, gaming online, 2nd nose job video, part 2 boob job video, wish wigs, wish shoes, etc.

No. 1768598

This isn't GG, don't post usernames and don't use your email address

No. 1768662

File: 1676471767936.png (312.76 KB, 928x710, Screenshot_20230215-143440.png)

A comment she left on her most recent post, she's talking about anything but what's happened between her and Dan, the NPC's or her old Syd friends

No. 1768690

I have a question for the people that used to watch her hauls: why were you entertained by someone spending massive amounts of money on garbage?

No. 1768725

make sure you use the NPCs pweferred pwonouns or you might hurt their feewings and cause them dysphowia and that would be twansphobic uwu
and If Alex is actually going to pay to have her friends tits lopped off then blood is on her hands

No. 1768728

that one in the pic is Dan, there's another story she posted in which you can see him out for lunch with her. my guess is she dumped Claye and is trying to get back with Dan cause he's the one that provides when she's too out of it to make actual content. Claye now wiped his IG aside from two emo stories about love and pain. so yeah def dumped

No. 1768776

The same reason most people probably watched their preferred hauler. I watched her because her camera quality wasn't terrible compared to some other girls, but I also watched Roxxy and Mia Maples, so I have a specific kind of hauler I like. Usually, it's people who are able to spend on outrageous or specific color scheme-type stuff or even viral clothing items. I didn't like people like Pixie doing hauls or Naomi Jon because their voices and everything were just terrible. I hated how Naomi's camera quality was always all over the place and she thought that made her quirky and Jillian is just.. I stopped watching her over a decade ago.

I also couldn't spend what they did on the more over-the-top clothes at some even though I never wanted to shop at those ones like Roxxy doing whatever clothing brand that always stole Kim Kardashian's designer's designs. I can't remember their name anymore because I never heard about them. I also liked the animal aspect she had going for her, I adored Archie.

No. 1768801

File: 1676484561403.png (1.49 MB, 1272x1286, 3123133333.png)

she's spamming her stories about what people were saying about her birds as well as responding to comments, I'd say she's reading here or the gurugossip thread but i've seen people on twitter and reddit discussing what's going on with her

No. 1768807

ah great, another meltdown incoming.

No. 1768825

File: 1676485416813.png (681.13 KB, 1494x1294, 346237846237616473.png)

she's also deleted all pictures of her with Claye and pinned a post of her and Dan on her IG, I guess trying to hop into that Polycue didn't work out anyone with a working brain can figure out what happened he wouldn't be using "she" for his nonbinary partners, she tried to fuck around with or without Dans knowledge it didn't work out and now she's running back to him

No. 1768850

Honestly, because I was living through her because I liked the idea of buying retarded kawiwi clothes, I also liked the parrot tbh.
Like I can't buy those clothes because I have to go out and look decent around people, I also hated how everything looked like it would crumble the moment I put it on, so looking at someone being able to wear those clothes, or being like "oh fuck this shit is crumbling as I'm putting it on" without having to spend any cent myself was nice, I didn't have to be disappointed or have any sorts of expectations on the things people like Alex would buy, I could enjoy the whole "unpacking experience" without having to deal with the many consequences like cleaning up, being disappointed on what I ended up getting, the hoarding aspect that would make anyone's house look like an absolute mess.
Nowadays I can't handle watching any videos like those because I find them utterly boring and soulless, but back then it was nice to watch people like Alex fumble in the portable dumb box so I didn't have to worry about anything else.

No. 1768888

Sage for no milk but I used to be really into the pastel kawaii / jfashion aesthetic when I was younger, and Alex had an extremely similar appearance to me before her cosmetic surgeries. I thought she was cute and seemed sweet and just enjoyed her videos (and Archie). It's so sad to see someone implode their own life like this, and for what?

No. 1769055

How long until she unalives? Taking bets.(sage your shit)

No. 1769064

Go back to Twitter or Reddit you a-logging faggot.

No. 1769326

Pretty sure that's TikTok or YouTube lingo but keep hating people for using certain social media platforms I guess

No. 1769364

File: 1676550759552.jpeg (50.55 KB, 511x800, E46E4C36-A673-4B5D-88B8-9D45A0…)

well, she deleted her Instagram for now

No. 1769368

Her active IG is prettypastelpigeons

No. 1769506

as a terminally poor person, it was fun to live vicariously and marvel at someone wasting all that money. as others have said, i liked her aesthetic, video quality, and archie, too.
i actually only started watching her side quest vlogs because of this thread but i kind of love them and i'm really sad that it all ended up this way, with her joining a queer polycule and blowing her life up. i really loved seeing her living her life and dealing (or not) with mental health struggles. she actually inspired me to go out and do stuff on my own for the first time in a while. I do hope she comes out of this alright, despite the bullshit she's pulled

No. 1769519

They're hating on you for being a soft faggot who can't even bare to say the words "Killes herself".

No. 1770180

File: 1676632968287.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20230217-112048~2.p…)

No. 1770183

File: 1676633060345.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20230217-112050~2.p…)

Some GG users posted about her having a lolcow thread and she's been making story posts like this since

No. 1770198

Couldn’t she be responding to GG? They have three 40+ page threads about her there dissecting every single thing she does and speculating on it. The pearl clutching there is hilarious though. “Did you know that LC is a TRANSPHOBIC site??”

No. 1770201

shes trying to hard to convince her audience its so obvious she's lying….
she has fallen apart and trying to glue the pieces back together

No. 1770212

File: 1676637738665.jpeg (372.99 KB, 1125x1659, D8C534D6-80FA-47B1-9CB1-9D4140…)

Lmao this is so funny

No. 1770213

Accurate from her
-Dan is ready to move in her video, but Dan not ready to move in her instagram
-Weight loss from keto in her instagram, but weight loss from ED in her video
-Her asking all her friends to be on social media more in her video, but her blocking and friends privatizing social media in her instagram

The rumors are because her messages are conflicting, the timelines are clearly scrambled just by looking at her hair, and because there is much blocking instead of just muting on social media.

No. 1770223

2 days ago she repeated she would refund the gofundme.
2 months ago she said she would refund the gofundme.

According to gofundme website "Your donors will receive their funds back in an average of 7-10 business days."

She clearly never activated the refund, just another confusing story for people to make rumors about, she could take her free time to return people's money.

No. 1770228

So glad this bint has a thread, I’ve been hatewatching from day 1. Living vicariously through someone else’s shopping addiction was cathartic and I’m not surprised she’s cracked. I think the botched nose job was the straw that broke the camel’s back in that regard

>I might be using a gossip site but at least it’s not THAT gossip site!
Meanwhile they’re shipping PPP’s husband with her childhood friend as if that isn’t the most unhinged fan behaviour

I never had much time for PULL but at least they weren’t under any delusions of self-righteousness. Get a fuckin grip you silly bitches

No. 1770234


The only accurate information comes from Alex post has an older hairstyle in Alex, her hair was lighter and shorter in the live stream a few days ago.

Even her she is the accurate source post isn't accurate.(not milk, pls sage)

No. 1770254

you forgot the "if she is suddenly hopping from dysgenic polyamorous group to group, that's fine! no judgment! and I completely support if she wants to do onlyfans, but also her nudes and lingerie shots are trashy bc uhh… underage fans"
proof that namefagging = virtue signaling, always. at least people on here are honest kek.

No. 1770342

Maybe because diets are forms of EDs.

No. 1770372

Reminder to any retards from GG to put sage in the email field if you are not posting milk (”tea”)

No. 1770918

you're really proving the GG forum wrong about all their negative lolcow assumptions, nonnie, great job.

No. 1771369

im retard but what is gg

No. 1771416


No. 1771420

No. 1773155

Anyone here got the house listing? It's pretty hard to find it if you don't live in AU…(namefag)

No. 1773178

Yw babe

No. 1773179


No. 1773193

Thank you!(learn to sage)

No. 1773206

God it’s such a nice house, why is she ruining her life

No. 1773210

It’s the biggest house in her block if you look in Google Maps - why did they need a house that big, there’s only 2 of them? She is so bad with money

No. 1773232

Are they generationally wealthy or is this all from YouTube money?

No. 1773262

Where else is she going to hoard all her animals and useless shit?

No. 1773281

Gorgeous house, they staged it really nicely too. I can't imagine setting my life on fire when I literally had almost everything humans could ask for - especially a loving husband and sweet, dedicated friends. I think it speaks volumes that they've dropped her. There's grace to be given where mental illness is involved, but I think part of her spiraling is a clear inability to take any kind of responsibility.

No. 1773401

This is am imageboard. next time post caps newfag. Major downgrade with her Tasmanian house and life.
She must have been wealthy to afford that house and all of her garbage bought in her hauls because she isn't getting paid enough from YouTube to afford that lifestyle. Although if she is wealthy why would she be ebegging for cash for her birds and that charity thing?

No. 1773410

Didn't Sam lived there as well for a while?

No. 1773411

Maybe she had a good job? I don't know what she did for a living, but wasn't her husband an engineer or something?

No. 1773429

She had Michelle and Sam live there for some time, probably some space got used as filming space but I think maybe they had children in mind when they settled there? I'm not entirely sure if she ever said she wanted children but that would be my best guess as to why they got such a huge house. Granted I do think its an enormous house and I'm slightly envious she had this nice of a place

No. 1773436

Sponsorships pay a ton of money!
She is not kidding when she says Hello Fresh money pays for renovations, boob job, nose job, etc.

In her boob job video she said they wanted kids, but not for a few years.

Rooms I think
1 - master bedroom
2 - her closet set with pretty pastel clothes in ikea setup (probably the giant room that was two rooms in one)
3 - her office with desk set-up and view of the brand new flower garden they put in during 100 days
4 - her Archie and 100 packages on full bookcase wall room
5 - Michele room
6 - guest room (I think)

No. 1773442

You need to read this https://lolcow.farm/info and don't put a space between sentences.(farmhand applications are opening soon)

No. 1773484

>>1768690 pastel clothing and birb makes brain happy. Also always fun incase she shows something I want to get. She was really honest, unless she just had her facts wrong like fabric types lol, and she didn't get sponsored or paid for most of her videos, when she was she clearly stated so and only took sponsorships after telling the company she would be honest. Archie was a gem.

No. 1773520

She mentioned having a wedding photography business and working a corporate marketing job iirc. No idea when she left the marketing job though. The house could have been purchased between her, Dan and Sam?

No. 1773544

>I never had much time for PULL but at least they weren’t under any delusions of self-righteousness. Get a fuckin grip you silly bitches
This is how I know you're telling the truth about not having much time for PULL because shit talking under the guise of social justice was all you could read there.

No. 1775145

A gg admin posted they received complaints "over 30 plus messages by one person and most with no basis is ridiculous" due to posting identifiable parts of house listing, but never the address.
So hi to Alex assume you are reading here as well, people could find your house based on info you shared.(learn to sage)

No. 1775170

She never paid for the hauls. She has a video where she explains that there is an influencer only app where companies like Shein post ads for influencers to get paid for ordering and reviewing X dollars amount of stuff.

Always hated that she keeps a parrot as a pet.

No. 1775323

What, post that. I've never heard of that.

No. 1775324

People trying to post parts of her house or where she lived need serious help. That's so fucked up.

No. 1775333

Can't find it now but was probably one of her "secret world of influencers" videos

No. 1775521

>>1775323 anon probably talking about this one? I don't really care if she paid for all her hauls herself because it was still obvious she was honest back then. She would shit on things that deserved to be shat on sponsored or not, which she always let the company know before sending her anything. She's been very open about it. The further back in time you go the more honest she was, then she got influencer brain rot

No. 1775599

husband is an experienced Estimator for a big civvy construction company, i’d say $130k min gross annual salary pre tax.(sage your shit)

No. 1776106

Heads up nonnas looks like Alex is posting another wardrobe declutter video on the main channel. Maybe we'll get more breadcrumbs on what the fuck is going on.

No. 1776129

Welcome to the internet kiddo, first day here?

No. 1779169

The new YT video is just a 4th basically a repeat all filmed the same day in early October in Sydney, before Tasmania started. Expect the same next month for the next Hello fresh monthly sponsorship.

No. 1779274

how many of her poor friends did she coerce into doing her job for her that day? and she's still putting out the footage 5 months later, and the series isn't even done yet! her friends are so lovely and they deserve better (to say nothing of the sponsor who is paying her)

No. 1779335

Funniest part to me is that these are the same friends who stopped following her on instagram not long after filming these and all part of everything in Sydney is evil.

No. 1779970

Anyone else reckon she’s become addicted to pills since all the surgery? Would explain a lot

No. 1780299

>>1779970 What pills? Paracetamol, ibuprofen? I don't think you get anything heavier for tits and nose job in australia. I think she is acting way too manic for this to be the case anyway unless it's like adderall.

No. 1780619

I was following her from the beginning, basically half hatewatching, half looking for clothing inspiration for my ocs.
In her relatively normal era she used to overconsume so much, but she also would constantly bodycheck and remind us "she ordered XS and it's still too big uwu" and flaunt her bones.
When the covid/thrifting era started, I thought she'd get better at not consuming so much plastic fast fashion, but she bought like SHIT TONS of clothes still and bought so much shit for her friends every day. Not to mention she would buy from online thrift shops that shipped everything separately so still wrapped in plastic and using fuel to be shipped Muh Sustainable Queen.
At that time she got real weird about designer shit and basically bragged and harped about brands a LOT which very quickly made her entirely unappealing and unreleteable since she was mostly followed by tweens shopping at shein.

She clearly has a shopping addiction and even when she doesn't consoom for herself, she'd consoom for others to additionally get validation on what a good generous person she is. Like you don't get it if you didn't watch her, she'd buy like 20 things and 18 of them would be "for friends" and then she'd film their reactions to the gifts for content.
Now she's spoken about paying for some fakebois tit chop and I no doubt think she'd milk it for content too as she's now pivoting her brand into "hanging out with genderspecials"

No. 1780621

Samefag, but she got so much shit she organised a fundraiser to sell her extra clothes and there's proof she fucked around with the money from the fundraiser earlier in the thread so she basically got paid for these clothes twice and got so much exposure and asspats for being a good person doing charity work.

No. 1781661

>she also would constantly bodycheck and remind us "she ordered XS and it's still too big uwu" and flaunt her bones
What I remember is her buying clothes that were too small all the time. She’d buy xs, 2, 4 and couldn’t even get them on. She was not really that small, like a U.S. size 6-8

No. 1781977

Today she announced another instagram account currently private prettypastelphotography.
3 days ago "I’ll be posting old content on YT and posting pigeons on this account, and that’s all I’m able to do"
House sale is in a few hours, based on her postings she never made it back to Sydney to help with house sale at all.

No. 1782324

File: 1677913478889.jpeg (120.75 KB, 381x800, 2CCF4006-5A38-498E-B503-11E22F…)

The house is sold and Dan was there without a wedding ring. I think its definitely divorce saga.

No. 1782325

Good for him. At least he had her when she peaked.

No. 1782345

Sold $1,733,333

No. 1782377

File: 1677923051606.png (9.37 MB, 1125x2436, 55353F54-507C-4C91-8966-754F93…)

she’s back to pass agg trolling in an unsurprising turn of events

No. 1782419

Scrote hands typed this

No. 1782429

>please leave me alone
Stop posting publicly then, you unhinged loon

No. 1782452

File: 1677941974076.png (5.9 MB, 1170x2532, 6F2CD73A-E3C3-466F-88D6-AB5F1A…)

I thought I was on Lewis capaldi ig stories when this popped up

No. 1782465

>please leave me alone
as if she didn't unprivate her account as soon as she saw she has a thread….

No. 1782479

She needs conditioner and moisturizer in her life. She’s got that “I use bar soap to wash everything” look

No. 1782851

File: 1677988113133.jpeg (64.87 KB, 848x865, 63B3DD2A-9534-414B-92C0-92555A…)

I can’t un see lewis capaldi(newfag)

No. 1782911

File: 1678000194067.png (193.74 KB, 370x800, FFD73472-9556-4A15-A55E-1E39A1…)

She's publicly beefing with gurugossip now lol. Its also fucking hilarious how GG users talk about lolcow is soo mean to Alex and she should go after us instead but is too scared bc we'll try to get revenge on her. They pick apart every miniscule detail of her life but LC calling her a name or two is abhorrent.

No. 1782912

File: 1678000372320.jpeg (117.56 KB, 800x794, 2AA2083C-0889-496A-94F0-C013EA…)

Also, Alex is wearing Claye's shirt so all seems to be well in the polycule again. I can't believe she presumably left her husband for this catch of a man.

No. 1782982

Lmao he looks like her friend/ex Sam if he was 30 years old. Definitely has a type.

No. 1783097

Fun incoming photo dump of when Alex modelled in a shopping centre to be ‘miss country girl’(namefagging)

No. 1783100

File: 1678039579735.png (6.06 MB, 1170x2532, 4AA320F4-D0A4-4444-8F1B-953D5D…)

Before unkempt there was high fasHiOn bRanDS. Before that, pastel uwu. Before that, goth.. Before that, country girl!

No. 1783102

File: 1678039725854.png (5.37 MB, 1170x2532, AB2038F3-518B-429C-A3C2-500792…)

No. 1783103

I mean this is hardly milk, she looks totally fine here. Way better than her later phases and now

No. 1783105

File: 1678040005250.png (2.33 MB, 1170x2532, 11C2F76C-681E-4D3B-8DDF-8386A7…)

Before keto?

No. 1783106

Was there any evidence like screenshots of her being in a DDLG group or was that just a rumour ? Was mentioned in gg(sage your shit)

No. 1783549

Alex is troll commenting in gg desperate to keep the forum about herself going (it’s gotten stagnant).(newfag)

No. 1783589

Are you going to post caps or ?

No. 1783591

This is an image board ffs. You GGers have been told multiple times now, if you’re posting what you assume is milk post the fucking caps to go with it.

No. 1783653

gg spread to reddit
https://www.reddit.com/r/PrettyPastelProof(learn to sage)

No. 1783673

File: 1678119701880.png (9.64 KB, 745x121, aerhgaer.PNG)

Always with the nooo heccin lolcow bad site!!

No. 1784054

I hope you mean 30 years OLDER and not just 30 lol

No. 1784171

Aye. Just a typo lmao

No. 1790755

She is still hanging around Claye, no sign of her husband since first weekend of November, she has definitely over 50 birds now, she is still looking unwashed, she is in at least her 3rd possibly 4th rental in 2 months, she is still baiting her instagram stories towards drama with gg, she posted in her own comments of most recent refusing to clean out her closet again YouTube video "Wow you’re in for a surprise when you find out at the end of the series that I don’t keep anything at all and I move to Tasmania and only buy thrifted clothing lol"

No. 1795332

File: 1679813539571.jpg (47.83 KB, 450x800, 337436321_733937448210411_8016…)

Alex posted a good morning instagram story in bed with dark curly Claye looking hair laying next to her.

No. 1805275

File: 1680965808329.png (177.24 KB, 1170x2532, 3E3F6EA6-200B-4F0C-9497-543965…)

No. 1805291

Those were a whole lot of words to say nothing except that she's such a attention queen she's posting cry pictures about leaving the house she chose to abandon without explaining why still.
If she ever explains herself I'm curious what happened that supposedly traumatized her to leave her home and bird. The way she's acting I really doubt it's anything serious, if anything she might try and say her husband divorcing her AFTER she left him for Tanzania is the supposedly traumatic event cause I guess she expects him to act like an npc in her life. Was she expecting to keep both properties and Dan would care for it all?

No. 1805299

I except she wants to frame it like Dan didn't want to be with her while she was so far away, poor tragic her over him not understanding her needs. Meanwhile shes smooching other dudes and has them in her bed I guess lmao

i would honestly not be surprised if he called her up and said hey our marriage isn't what I expected going into it because you've pissed off out of state with all these birds, I want a new bird of my own, I want a divorce. Then she's had a melt down because she'll "never have kids in the garden under the fruit trees."

Idk maybe should have considered that before abandoning the family home to have a grand time in Tasmania

No. 1805302

I except she wants to frame it like Dan didn't want to be with her while she was so far away, poor tragic her over him not understanding her needs. Meanwhile shes smooching other dudes and has them in her bed I guess lmao

i would honestly not be surprised if he called her up and said hey our marriage isn't what I expected going into it because you've pissed off out of state with all these birds, I want a new bird of my own, I want a divorce. Then she's had a melt down because she'll "never have kids in the garden under the fruit trees."

Idk maybe should have considered that before abandoning the family home to have a grand time in Tasmania

>>1790755 it's giving Taylor Nichole Dean lmao

No. 1805404

how sad and traumatizing it must be that her shitty actions finally caught to her. Let me guess, Dan dumped her ass officially and is going to sell the house.

No. 1805452

File: 1680987810439.jpeg (35.54 KB, 1169x342, 667C61FC-6D6D-448D-8183-0BF5F8…)

Lol this you?

No. 1805528

Yeah before I went digging lol my stupid ass didn't crop the picture out and I knew someone was gonna point it out. Let me be too faced in peace she's gonna block me soon anyway lol

No. 1805537

sad seeing how far downhill she's gotten. then again, she up and left to Tasmania… without her husband. what did she really expect to happen long term?

No. 1806589

came checking to see if anyone has seen if she's mentioned still having Archie? I know about a month? ago? she got Archie in Tasmania but hasn't said a word about him since but maybe it's just bc she's been virtually silent besides sad vague posting

No. 1806620

I have a theory so claye is poly Alex wanted to be with but still be with dan so she puts out being poly thinking he'll never meet someone (Like come on with his close her and Sam were giving cuck vibes) but he does find someone and she freaks out hence the he cheated rumours.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1806776

So much newfaggotry in this thread, jfc. You'd think if the GGfags hated LC so much, they'd stay on their own damn site.

No. 1809686

Archie is staying with one of Alex’s friends in Tasmania, who is a bird behaviour specialist, to try to fix his aggression. She’s shared videos of him on her Prettypastelpigeons stories a few times.

No. 1812462

File: 1682044131087.jpeg (226.06 KB, 1170x2039, 6C159BB2-3039-4578-8E8E-D55E56…)

Alex has overshared about her failed marriage on her Instagram story, revealing why they split up.

TL;DR she’s blaming it all on her husband not wanting to have kids right now and not wanting to move to Tasmania

No. 1812463

File: 1682044174031.jpeg (229.09 KB, 1170x2042, 4EEEB1E1-AC46-4DA4-954E-D5CF4A…)


No. 1812464

File: 1682044265417.jpeg (230.01 KB, 1170x2012, B143163F-70E6-48C9-ACAC-68AD6D…)


No. 1812465

File: 1682044366241.jpeg (223.36 KB, 1170x2070, 191B5DA0-6233-43A7-B9FF-1EC878…)


No. 1812466

File: 1682044458631.jpeg (208.1 KB, 1164x2023, 12553279-967F-4AD1-91C7-4AD724…)


No. 1812469

File: 1682044554192.jpeg (214.29 KB, 1170x2064, B9EB2DCE-4901-4747-9F6F-B6789F…)


No. 1812471

File: 1682044650126.jpeg (226.93 KB, 1170x2067, 50F24BD5-61D1-4CA4-A196-77EDC5…)


No. 1812472

File: 1682044745828.jpeg (229.71 KB, 1154x2069, FBAE2AEB-6936-47FD-9574-DF46E0…)


No. 1812474

File: 1682044858337.jpeg (227.4 KB, 1170x2019, 574673BB-D4C7-4AFD-A316-D464DC…)


No. 1812475

File: 1682044949258.jpeg (137.52 KB, 1169x2055, 1E9C74B1-0680-4178-8CBF-5C03CB…)


No. 1812550

She forgot the part where she fucked that hobo looking guy.
Sucks for the abortion though, if true.

No. 1812553

This is insane, it seems certain he was intentionally cruel when it gets to the point of holding her belongings hostage while abandoning her pets to the wild
Ugh he sounds like a manipulator here, getting her to have an abortion while promising they will buy a house and start a family (directly opposing the first choice of an abortion) and going through the motions before backing out. Dishonest and shitty. Sounds like he strung her along for years with the promise of a family and then bailed.

No. 1812569

I’m guessing that’s what the unspecified “incident” that happened over the phone that left her “traumatised and scared” and all her friends ditched her after was about. Why overshare about everything else but keep that one vague? Also “here’s a 10 page novella detailing all the ways my ex was shitty, manipulative, made me terminate my daughter, killed my pets, was responsible for my friends cutting me out of their lives forever, and traumatised me so badly I don’t even know who he is anymore, but let me end it by saying I still want to remain friends with him!” It’s like she asked herself how she could end her public evisceration of her ex who’s not a public figure with an audience like hers still looking like as good a person as possible. I don’t doubt her ex was shitty, but there’s not a single concession from her in there that maybe she was wrong too. Apparently Alex is blameless and always perfectly communicated her feelings and desires to her husband and never led him on either. Which is funny, because I’d bet her ex generally heard fuck all from her when she was busy having fun with her new friends in Tasmania. And I’m not defending it, it’s inexcusable, but that’s probably why he stopped taking care of her pets too. Probably thought “why am I busting my ass to take care of your mess so another guy can take naked photos of you?” She goes on about her mental health but apparently never stopped to consider his and how unfair it is to plop taking care of all those animals for at least 6 months on someone who was also likely stressed and depressed about their financial situation. Don’t get me wrong, fuck this moid, but the way she wrote this just annoyed me

No. 1812582

Let's see about some of the things she didn't mention.
- Alex got a boob job while they were supposedly in a severe financial crisis?
- She left all of her animals to Dan and fucked off to Tasmania and bedded a guy almost immediately
- She stopped working during covid despite being the breadwinner of the two and living in a lavish house with equally lavish mortgage

No. 1812589

File: 1682065901191.jpeg (142.64 KB, 1170x1855, EDEA7374-968B-46F6-8615-09D7C8…)

She also is showing old screenshots of her and her ex husbands past convos lol

No. 1812591

File: 1682065969737.jpeg (165.48 KB, 1170x2009, 26AC16DD-1AD0-4696-81D0-D57160…)

No. 1812592

File: 1682066163131.jpeg (264.3 KB, 1170x1999, 5E065C60-C4DB-4F61-B7DC-443AB2…)

Blasted her friend Caitlyn for not replying to her messages for all her followers to see. Kinda sus that her Sydney friends have been ghosting her she is definitely leaving stuff out in her story

No. 1812618

Why is she being so dramatic about having a mortgage like its a jail sentence? Having a mortgage and overpaying is MUCH better than renting while saving to buy a house outright.

No. 1812622

Their current earnings were not enough because Alex stopped working. She said that Dan had told her to work harder because together they could keep paying it, but I guess Alex wasn't interested being an influencer anymore.

No. 1812704

He was abusive and she stayed and then put her pets alone in the that situation. Both terrible people.

No. 1812731

tbf in the midst of an abusive relationship you usually have no clue how fucked the behaviours really are and it's really hard to truly internalize that the person you love who claims to love you back either doesn't or fundamentally can't. I could see her trusting him to care for the animals even if she thought he didn't treat her that well because it's one thing to treat a person like crap vs an innocent animal who depends on you for survival. blogpost but I personally assumed my ex would at least care for his own damn cat if I left because he claimed to love her with ten times the love he had for me. It took me seeing how he treated his own cat to see how evil abusers really are after years of darvo making me think I deserved xyz. Abusers mask their evil by getting a cat or a dog and publicly treating them well then ignoring them the rest of the time unless they decide it's playtime (and it's playtime even if that animal was sleeping soundly at the time). I don't doubt there are some other issues at play and Alex isn't perfect, but she needs to stay far away from this man and probably should just cut ties to the friends who took his side. Who knows how long he's been spreading lies about her to preemptively make her look crazy and him look good for the inevitable breakup

No. 1812757

All though I don't believe Alexs is completely inoccent I was the victim of a very similar situation to hers, I was with a very abusive man and didn't realize how abusive he was until I left the relationship and the first time I actually was talking to someone about it an heard what came out of my mouth I realized how bad it was. He also turned every single one of our friend group against me because he knew how to be charming and I was quiet and shy.
I don't doubt Dan was an abuser and seeing her side of the story explains a lot of her behavior.
Apparently there is a early video where he was really talking down to her and people took issue with it and so she started making him out to be the doting partner.
The GG people just have a major thing for Dan so they are going to make Alex out as a raging monster no matter what.

No. 1812763

The thing that just doesn't make sense to me is why would she be trying to maintain friendship with Dan months after their falling out? I understand it takes time to realize how abusive your relationship truly was, but if she is making these posts surely she is aware of it by now, and if the abuse involved her animals as well I feel like most people would not be able to get past that.

No. 1812783

What I get from GG is that if she says her daughter would've been 8 years old now, and they started dating in 2014, they would've been together only a few months or so by the time of the pregnancy. The screenshots about him not wanting to marry her yet in 2016 would've been after 2 years of being together, which is a bit crazy to me. Its not insane to not want to keep the child or want to get married that soon into your relationship if you're in your 20s. The financial shit doesn't add up to me either with her irresponsible spending and taking so much time off work. Also, how does she expect to be able to look after a child if she self-admittedly can't bring herself to brush her teeth or shower? I do have a bit more sympathy for her circumstances after this, but its shitty of her to put her friends on blast to her audience.

No. 1812809

Not if she's holding out hope and doesn't see him as unfixable abuser still. She could just see it as a sad, shitty situation all around and while some part knows he's an asshole, she isn't actually calling him an abuser, we're calling it abusive as third parties seeing what he did. Potentially also she still loves him and thinks they could work things out if he just "sees he's wrong and changes" which I've seen women think in support groups. There are endless reasons for women to not be totally over or seeing the truth of their abusive scrote and potentially run back to them, even knowing they're abusive, if they don't have a good support system keeping them in reality. The brain likes going back to the "known devil" of abuse and ptsd likes to keep you there mentally too tricking you into thinking it's comforting to stay there.
Not trying to white knight though as she's certainly made mistakes but more giving possible explanations for the weird post-abuse behaviours

No. 1812810

what in the actual fuck i forgot this person existed until i saw this thread, i think i last watched one of her videos in early 2020
now this is such a trainwreck

No. 1812828

Also can you usually tell the gender of your abortion? Assuming you're doing it early on

No. 1812839

Depends, I found out the gender of my baby when I was early on via NIPT bloodwork. The parts aren’t developed enough to visibly tell until the 2nd trimester. I highly doubt a doctor performing an abortion would tell the person the gender of an aborted fetus either way, so unless she did genetic testing I highly doubt she actually knew it was a girl for sure

No. 1812846

If she initially wanted to keep it then it's possible she did a blood test which would give the sex

No. 1812862

Also no mention of how she had her then-fiancé live with her and her ex boyfriend for years. Was her husband supposed to want to get her pregnant with her former flame being a third wheel to everything?

No. 1812871

That makes sense but she clearly had too many pets to keep track of them all. How many if she couldn't fit them all in a car?!

And why leave them there if she had the ability to get them.

Not trying to equate them as clearly he is worse but she is not great either.

No. 1812916

bloodwork can see if any y chromosomes are present in the body when you're pregnant with a male

No. 1812940

>Who knows how long he's been spreading lies about her to preemptively make her look crazy and him look good for the inevitable breakup
Agree 100% as someone who has also seen something similar play out irl. You wouldn't believe the dedication some men have to lying their asses off about their supposed partners until you see it happen, and it causes so much shit since all these people have a very longstanding and completely false idea of the victim. He could have been lying about her for years and definitely threw some whoppers in December for all her friends to suddenly go silent.
The fact he wrote "you don't trust me" in 2016 as a fact, and as if it wasn't a problem, is incredibly telling. Trusting your partner should be step 1, not something to brush off. He knew he was untrustworthy and didn't see a problem with that. Followed by some lovebombing.

No. 1813058

File: 1682137119749.png (328.03 KB, 1170x2532, 1E31BAAA-8858-4447-8DD1-DB9179…)

Throwing shade at I think Lucy? who has been in a few of her videos before, the Instagram story has since been deleted

No. 1813059

File: 1682137225472.png (180.94 KB, 1170x2532, 7C184B63-D699-421F-9AA2-540C91…)

Screenshots of her paying Lucy, this story has also been deleted lol
Alex is airing out everything lol

No. 1813086

If they got together in 2014 and they had that conversation in 2016 sounds like she was asking him not to waste her time, and he manipulated and lied to her. It's not uncommon for men to lie about wanting kids and prolonging it hoping the girl just forgets about it,
Sam (her ex) and Dan were friends and Sam actually got them together, per her story on Tik Tok.
I think her inability to care for herself was due to severe depression over the abortion and realizing Dan was never going to want children or the same life as her. The child thing also explains all the pets.

No. 1813098


This is pretty much what I was going to say. ‘Saint Dan’ coerced her into an abortion she clearly didn’t want and has then proceeded to kick the subject of kids into the long grass. I reckon that the ‘traumatising conversation’ was him saying he NEVER wanted kids.

I’d be willing to bet pound to a penny however that he meets, marries (once he’s divorced obvs) and has kids with the next relationship in pretty short order. Tale as old as time.

No. 1813108

I completely agree and I'm still not 100% that he didn't cheat. People keep saying she cheated with Claye but from the timeline sounds like they were already seperated, if she did.
I'm not saying she's inoccent, but Dan isn't this great guy everyone seems to think he is, and a lot of people just seem salty that she had the life they want and a husband like she had, without knowing the truth.
Complaining she bought lots of clothes is so weird when thats her content, which equals her income.
Maybe now she can have the actual life she wanted, which seems pretty simple.

No. 1813121

So she would of been in her early 20s when she would have fallen pregnant. Dan and Alex were probably still in uni, living with their parents. How would they have afforded the cost of the baby and where would they have lived? This would of been before Alex's YouTube career. Alex has shown in videos that she struggles to take care of herself. Add a baby into the mix, there's no way she would have been able to cope with it all.

No. 1813125

The abortion lead to depression and the state shes it. That coupled with everytime she thought they were at a place to start a family.
Like his career and her youtube career then Dan would say not yet.
It seems like a lot of their life, she didn't want and it started to wear her down.
Maybe if the narrative had been slightly different she wouldn't have the issues she has now.
Even when women think abortion is the best option many still struggle from long term mental health issues from it due to the what it's. She even stated the abortion caused her to really start having mental health issues.
And no one can deny how actually abusive it was for Dan to say, either you get an abortion or I'm leaving you. Thats major manipulation.

No. 1813128

Probably paying Lucy to edit or appear in videos. Maybe to help run her channel and keep her sponsorship with Hellofresh when Alex couldn't get out of bed. Her recent closet clearout videos look like they were edited differently.

No. 1813129


Terminating a pregnancy can be the best thing to do and still fuck you up. It may well not have been the right time to start a family but that will never make it ok for a partner to say ‘get rid or I’m off’. That’s manipulative. Alex has faults out the wazoo, not denying that but I reckon most of her issues probably date back to being coerced into an abortion she did not want by a man who then proceeded to change the goalposts every time the subject of starting a family came up. He may not have meant to do it or realised he was doing it but nevertheless he’s lead her on a merry dance and wasted her time knowing a family was important to her. On this issue I have a lot of sympathy for her.

No. 1813143

This is miserably fucked up. It doesnt matter if she was actually "too young" (early 20s) to some of you. The fact of the matter is, that was really upsetting to her to have to terminate it. She didnt want to. but against her wishes, she did it for this man. This man who proceeded to gaslight her and string her further along with the promise of "after THIS we'll have a kid". He just kept pushing it off and actively seeking situations that would keep delaying it even further until she was no longer at an age where giving birth would be safe for her anymore, given her families health history. It was intentional. He knew she wanted kids, and he wanted to keep her, but DIDN'T want kids. So what does he do? Just lie to her. Best of both worlds. He gets to keep fucking her and having her and he never has to worry about anything else. No kids. No taking care of anyone else but himself. The pets probably drove him nuts. It probably infuriated him that he wanted everything from her but she kept finding a way to take care of something else-which she kept impulsively doing because she really just wanted actual children. So to add insult to injury, he just lets her pets out while she's gone. Because he never wanted any of them anyway, he just wanted his permanent flesh-light.

It sucks that it took her this long to figure it out and that she kept trying to appease him, but hopefully she can finally just move on and finding someone who does want kids. Her going batshit makes a little more sense now. Knowing she had to watch others around her have kids clearly was torture to her.

No. 1813159

The medical issue was said to be on Dan's family side according to the story. She is 29 years old. She has time to meet someone else and have a family or have a baby by herself if she chooses.

No. 1813191

who is lucy?

No. 1813223

What, she thinks because she paid someone for a job, they owe her for life? Sorry your friend has a life of her own instead of becoming one of your “NPCs”

No. 1813248

Thank god Alex doesn’t have kids. She can’t even take care of her birds or brush her teeth or shower. God forbid she have to change a shitty diaper. Wouldn’t be just bird shit all over that home

It’s amazing how Alex manages to find all of these friends who just up and drop her and cut her out of their lives permanently for no reason. What could possibly be the common denominator there?

No. 1813266

Shes upset because she thought Lucy was a friend. But apparently she was just there for the money and honestly it does look like Lucy copied Alexs aesthetic, from my understanding Lucy was a later addition to the friend group.

Not sure why its so hard for people to grasp that her depression issues and not being able to care for herself stem from the depression that resulted in being manipulated into an abortion and then the years of emotional abuse, regret and having her life put on hold that followed.
Now that shes sharing her side, moving out of the shock and depression stage of divorce, he latest posts show someone who is starting to take care of themselves.
Friend groups implode after separation. There is no telling what Dan told those people after she left making himself out as the victim of the situation.

No. 1813296

Scrote aside, having that abortion was one of the few good decisions she has made in her life. she was dating the guy for a few months and got knocked up. He seems like a dick but even a level headed one would probably think twice about knocking up his manic depressed wife when they aren't financially stable. Babys arent a fix for your poor life choices.
Also if the only reason her friends ditched her was because the shithead said some mean things about her than they weren't her friends to begin with… sometimes when everyone drops you maybe the issue is you.

also if you are gonna kiss her ass at least sage your shit

No. 1813300

>What could possibly be the common denominator there?

>sometimes when everyone drops you maybe the issue is you.

Or sometimes they are an easy target for abusers. Once you've been abused once, it's much easier for other abusers to get a hold on you.

Don't know enough about her situation but sometimes people really are surrounded by terrible people.

No. 1813338

ya i kinda get his perspective with her being mentally ill and such and maybe he thought that it would be bad to have such a mom or something regardless its fucking cruel and he shouldve just left her since their goals didnt align instead of promise her shit

No. 1813384

Sage for no milk but I recall from one of her sidequest vlogs she was the one who pursued Dan. She had major oneitis with him and I think he settled and married her. I feel really badly for her about the abortion and I'm not white knighting for the moid when I say this because fuck men lol. But here's my 2 cents: I feel like she was head over heels for Dan, he didn't get a chance to fuck around like most men his age did since they were together for a while. So he fucked around with Alex and strung her along.

I'm not white knighting for Alex either since she's fucking unhinged for putting her friends on blast when she's YouTuber and influencer.
I feel like she used up all her friend's emotional labor and they couldn't take it anymore. I don't blame them, we all have our limits. Lucy is the only one who has a major social media presence but is savvy enough to where she'll recover. This whole situation is a shitshow.

No. 1813396

fun game: try to work out how many retarded simp cunts in this thread are alex herself(learn to sage)

No. 1813409


No. 1813429

File: 1682204889807.gif (1.09 MB, 520x302, 4nfP43alZJrb.gif)

Yeah, I'm not buying all of this either. Making her have an abortion and stringing her along for years is vile, abusive scrote behaviour and Dan deserves everything he gets. But after everything Alex has done over the past few months why are you all so convinced she's telling the complete truth? She's clearly omitting so much from her story - the animal hoarding, the shagging the first unwashed scrote she laid eyes on in Tasmania, for example. And some of her Sydney friends have known her since school - I don't believe that there wouldn't be a single one that would doubt what Dan's been telling them - if that is what happened - and reach out to her. The abortion is horrible, and like other anons have said, I'm sure it's gone some way to contributing to her being so fucked up now, but her trying to blame it for all of her present shitty behaviour (the aforementioned hoarding and shagging, airing her dirty laundry in public) just seems like she's trying to manipulate her audience again.
>>1813396 I doubt it's Alex herself, just a load of Guru gossipers who need to either go back or learn to sage (as do you)

No. 1813598

Her skincare influencer friend Lucy Livin. (who was probably just milking her subs so she can grow her own channel) Lucy’s subs are at like 20k but makes similar vids to Alex(before she had her identity breakdown) , try on hauls, cute pastel fashion, kbeauty etc

No. 1813603

That's the vibe I get, seems like once her channel grew she stopped even talking to Alex,and now she's doing Japan Vlogs just like Alex did.
People can not like Alex but also realize she was probably used by certain people.
I stumbled on all this crap when I just wanted to know what happened to Archie.
I was never a big fan, just watched her videos occasionally, some people though are way to invested.

No. 1813635

File: 1682241916337.jpeg (62.82 KB, 476x800, BE653BF7-C782-4DA3-92BB-1BF174…)

found this post from GG and apparently Lucy inspired Alex to make videos. but Alex's channel blew up lol. they were both kawaii content creators and then became friends. then lucy started working for alex.

No. 1813656

This is stupid as hell. Firstly, from the drink screenshot it's obvious alex copied the other girl, not the other way around. Secondly i don't know what planet you're living on but if my spouse spent a year lying in pigeon shit refusing to contribute to the household in any way, then left out of state, fucked a random hobo and posted nudes all over the internet, then came back home and was all shocked pikachu face that her husband and friends were upset about it, i'd consider them the victims, not her.

lastly she doesn't look like she's starting to take care of herself, she looks like she's glued to imageboards and forums trollposting and shittalking all her former friends.

No. 1813664

lol lucy did not invent hauls. alex did like 3 drink videos only. new youtubers often try different things until they find something that works. not trying to defend alex but saying alex copied lucy is dumb

No. 1813668

If she really wants to take care of herself she should get the fuck off social media. She's given her side of the story, which is all anyone asked of her. Alex if you're reading, put your phone down, go feed your pets and take a shower, and stay offline until all your shit is sorted.

No. 1813672

Lucy was also cleaning up her pigeon shit filled house according to GG lmao

No. 1813680

File: 1682248584543.jpg (835.39 KB, 1279x810, WITT9w2.jpg)

Lucy mopping up bird shit while Alex opens reams of crap she ordered off Amazon (but she was being financially abused apparently)

No. 1813685

Not as dumb as saying Lucy copied Alex, considering her channel already existed and Alex was following it before Lucy knew who she was

No. 1813694

Nice job of completely ignoring the clearly stated context of what led up to that state, you should watch the movie gaslight some time. If someone is making you live in debt needlessly, lying and stringing you along about huge life choices for the best part of a decade, surprisingly that will fuck with your psychology eventually. She didn't just act that way out of nowhere, which anons with brains can see but apparently not you kek

No. 1813700

Wash your hair and go to bed Alex

No. 1813724

…"making you live in debt needlessly"? Are you talking about having a mortgage, something completely normal most people have because the vast majority of people don't have the cash to buy houses outright? Something which has multiple financial safeguards built into it and requires a huge amount of income checks and balances to process?

I don't suppose multiple cosmetic surgeries costing tens of thousands of dollars, expensive trips to Japan, and insane amounts of excessive spending on luxury and unneccesary items literally every month don't count as contributing to "needless debt"? If money was so tight why did Alex get a boob job mere months before everything fell apart?

No. 1813726

THANK you anon. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills reading this thread. I don't understand people considering a mortgage as such a big deal, especially when one partner has such good job security. Imagine bringing 17 birds to free roam and shit all over your house, abandoning them for your partner to take care of, and then playing victim about it. We all know Alex is not sane, I don't understand why anons are chomping at the bit to defend her unless her "NPCs" have found this thread.

No. 1813731

I think you answered your own question there lol, they are all over this thread. I'm sure they think they're being subtle masters of deceit but it's so fucking obvious it's embarrassing

No. 1813734

Speaking of their house…I wonder if they had to disclose the fact their home was a bird toilet for years lol. Maybe the buyers got a good deal because of it

No. 1813750

They will have just cleaned it up and not mentioned it. The woman who rented Caroline Calloway's old place found out after she googled the name from a letter.

No. 1813760

Totally. This feels very reminiscent of what happened in the Holly Conrad thread when she accused her ex of raping her. I am also all about believing women, but there comes a point where when you have a track record of playing vicim and lying/manipulating your audience you don't get to just have the benefit of the doubt. Alex has not taken any responsibility for her part in any of this, and that doesn't make her trustworthy IMO.

No. 1813789

Maybe this is a good opportunity for Alex's visiting NPCs to clear up some confusion about this whole difficult and delicate situation. For example, did she fuck that unwashed neckbeard while her friends were left at home concerned about her, or did he just take her nudes?

No. 1813857

hard disagree with dan being the villain tbh, with how manic / bpd / whatever alex is and those text screenshots, plus all her sydney friends removing themselves from her life so abruptly that i wouldn't be surprised if it was a situation of selfish mania and dan doing his best to hold on to someone he loves, but it got to a breaking point.

when you're mentally ill it's hard to see that you're doing something wrong, you think everything is going fine, until it's not, when your partner either tells you and it blows up in your face and you spiral because you dont understand why- once again- a situation is fucked up and its your fault. it has to be HIS fault at some point right? why does he get to be so perfect? etc.

i think dan loved her, got in a bit over his head when her mental illness hit a all time awful scenario and he needed to dip, and her sydney friends were tired of her bpd shit too and up and left as well. it sucks, but it happens.

what i really hate them both for is being irresponsible enough to get knocked up and then having to terminate it, i hope she wasn't trying to baby trap him, but i wouldn't put it past someone with selfish bpd tendencies.

No. 1813874

GG people have found their way here. Its very obvious since they keep repeating the same stuff with zero proof… Now Alex has Borderline personality disorder apparently

No. 1813914

sage your shit

No. 1813918

>gg people
>cant even sage

you're fucking retarded if you think the state she's in is anything a sane, stable woman would do.

im not saying dan is a saint i'm just saying i don't think hes this megavillain people are siding with, too much of what she's psoted and said points more towards her as a catalyst (and the fact her friends also just up and left), im sure he probably lost his top and was shitty too but it is absolutely draining to live with a partner who has bipolar disorder or any sort of flavor of illness. its not surprising they fell apart but the true villain here is her mental health leading to self destruction, by what information we publically have to go off of.

No. 1813923

NPCs gone pretty quiet now, funily enough. I guess no one wants to talk about the filthy neckbeard elephant in the room?

No. 1813926

fInAnCiAl aBuSe

No. 1813956

Something a lil creepy about the anons rushing to defend this random moid and choosing to ignore what she clearly spelled out in her posts, Yes having debt over your head which can be rectified (as they have now done by selling the house and splitting the profits) is gonna weigh heavily especially after a pandemic and the cost of living in Australia being insane. If you look at her past content she was level headed, calm, funny, kind, clearly she hit breaking point rather than it being a preexisting mental illness like BPD, which would have been evident the whole time (see: someone like pixielocks)
Choosing to side with the moid rather than see the whole picture makes you look dumb and sus tbh.

No. 1813972

she literally made her friend miss a flight to save a duck with no remorse, shit talks lucy out of envy or what the fuck ever, while uploading photos of her scraping up bird shit while alex opens packages on the floor, she talked about how dan had to work all day and all he asked was of her to do laundry only for her to be like "i don't know how!" and he, too, having to tackle that while she spiraled from her own admitted mental health of depression, then runs off to tasmania and gets involved with a literal soyboy looking poly duo while still married and parading everything was fine.

alex isn't a victim, she made her bed and now she has to lie in it. i'm sure dan snapped at her quite a bit which made her paint that abusive angle, but youd be out of your wits too if you were the one breadwinning while your partner would bitch you out for every little thing whilist moping around in bed and setting forth on a path of self destruction, someone you loved no doubt,and the only thing you get from it is your wife straight up and running off to another state to fuck some other man while claiming she was asexual when with you.

they weren't a good match, but she's no saint, literally with her own fucking reciepts proving so. stop pretending shes amber heard 2.0 or some shit, absolutely ridiculous

No. 1813986

Very creepy to keep the focus on Alex and the multitudes of instances where she acted like a selfish turd who was incapable of seeing outside of herself, yeah totally lol. Dan isn't online, he's not the one putting out a consistent victim narrative. Maybe he IS horrible, but we only have Alex's word for it and she's not like…sane, currently.

No. 1813990

Alex may not be 100% a victim but basically coercing someone into getting an abortion is unbelievably fucked up, more than not doing laundry and 'moping'. The stuff that followed (depression, dysfunctional relationship, lack of sex life) is hardly surprising if she felt like she had been led on/lied about having kids following the abortion. I'm not justifying the cheating or other stuff she's done but telling someone who really wants kids and has a shorter window of opportunity than most to get an abortion or you'll leave, then promising them you'll give them kids and never following through is enough to make anyone spiral

No. 1813994

Sure, if that's exactly what happened with no nuance - - except Alex has proven herself to be an unreliable narrator who's willing to twist the facts to fit what she wants people to believe. She also posted screenshots of payments she'd submitted to a friend who'd essentially been her channels editor, house maid, and closet cleaner, and attempted to twist this person making a very polite, professional clean break from those responsibilities as being stabbed in the back. She consistently lied to her viewers about the state of her marriage and encouraged her followers to attack those who would express concern. These are just a couple examples of some things that should plant doubt her in her ability to see or respond to things reasonably.

No. 1813996


All we know about the abortion is what she said happened and it happened long ago. If she was as mentally stable back then as some anons claim it was probably a mutual decision seeying as she had only been dating the scrote for a couple of months. Otherwise she should have ditched his ass and raised the baby herself. I'm with other anons that her manic rantings on Insta are far from gospel

No. 1814037

Not to mention she could have paid the fucking mortgage off pretty quickly if she didn't stop making content.

She could have been pumping out bird or animal content, haul content, Tasmania content. Literally anything. She barely posted, which means she was barely working. If I were Dan I'd be mad as fuck that we bought this house on her projected influencer earnings only to have it slow down as she stopped posting.

No. 1814039

oh my god I didn't even think about the fact that Sam was literally attached at their hip. If I had to raise my kid with my girlfriends long term ex living us, i'd go insane

No. 1814113

she made a second channel with long boring vlogs about Tasmania with her new weird spergy nonbinary friends. the content and quality dropped heavily. pretty painful to watch.

she uploaded a hello fresh sponsored video and it look like she put 0 effort into it.

No. 1814149

>If you look at her past content she was level headed, calm, funny, kind
I don't understand this because I always got bad vibes from her videos, and I've been aware of her clout chasing since she went by ausfoxfashion (she's scrubbed most of this from the internet)

She always justified her unhinged shopping habits as "muh channel" and people took it at face value, but she was spending $1000+ on hauls before her viewership was even big enough to generate much revenue. People would defend her as if it was her sole source of income when she was working a full-time marketing job until mid-2020 at least. She's very eloquent and persuasive and I can see how she could string along family/friends (and viewers) into trusting her judgement in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary. She constantly undermines herself with lots of little lies though and I guess everyone just reached breaking point.

She's often talked about being bullied and moving schools 8+ times. I wonder if her parents fostered a bit of a victim complex and showered her with gifts/pets in place of modelling appropriate people skills. This is how she seems to approach her own friendships, i.e. showering with gifts & compliments while expecting a lot of one-sided emotional investment in return.

>coercing someone into getting an abortion
Did it really play out that way though? They were kids. I don't doubt it was traumatic but I also don't believe Dan strung her along. I think the combo of the new house requiring a lot of work & her mental health spiralling after the nose job came him pause for thought. It's a difficult situation.

I agree with all this

No. 1814166

She was never level headed. Even in the earliest days of her channel she was snapping at people on social media and got a reputation for arguing with anything that wasn't fawning praise. That's how "The Bird Stays" tagline came about; she was sniping at people who said they didn't like Archie. I mean yeah fuck anyone who doesn't like the parrot, go watch Mia Maples or something, but it does prove that Alex has been googling herself and fighting with trolls for literal years now. The slightest thing sets her off and always has.

No. 1814170

Nice deflection. No one's pretending Dan's a saint; in fact if you knew how to read you'd see multiple people saying "I don't believe Dan's a saint either", one of which is only two posts above yours.

And no one's ignoring the "clearly spelled out" details of Alex's story. We're just taking it with a gallon of salt because she's a proven liar. You seem confused that we're not immediately accepting her posts as the definitive version of events, but why the fuck would we? She's a delusional narcissist.

No. 1814205

Criticizing Alex =/= supporting Dan. I haven't said a word in favour of that sad autist cuck and I don't intend to. Doesn't change the fact that Alex is still a delusional cheating fuckup.

No. 1814212

It still amazes me how someone who claims to love birds so much, can not know that petting over parrots wings is going to cause a hormonal nightmare. And now after archie is aggressive she dumped it with one of those tassie "npcs". Bird didn't stay, after all.

No. 1814218

She had another long term bird pet right before Archie, but she said he became too aggressive and she had to rehome him. Idk much about birds, so I thought, sure ok. But now it seems like a pattern where she doesn’t actually know much about bird behavior and dumps them as soon as they get difficult

No. 1814228

this, I thought touching male parrots in specific places/ways makes them horny and territorial/literally jealous.

No. 1814254

a bird owner here. I had one male bird who has spent 10 years of his life (it was a budgie) they dont live that long) very horny. but if you go to a bird specialist vet- which must be a lot in sydney given the fact that this country is known for their exotic birds. she could have gotten natural herb medicine and other advice to control that behaviour. I live in a country were bird specialist vets arent very common, I literally have to drive 2h with my birds to get to someone who knows whats up.

she has 0 excuse for causing her birds this mental or health stress. and given up a pet just cause you are too incapable to take care of them is honestly such a low.
I dont know how someone who claims to love birds so much can be this dense

No. 1814291

>natural herb medicine
or just read a wikipedia article about bird keeping before you get exotic bird. She made archie hormonal nightmare completely herself, she has literally no one else to blame for archies behavioural problems. It all could have been prevented.

No. 1814309

this girl has more fuckin birds ? her other animals are dying because she left them with a man instead of staying and taking them because she's got mental problems. Suddenly Dan is an abusive asshole who dragged her by the hair to get an abortion from a back alley coat hanger. Next we'll see needles and spoons in the background, and a year from now we'll be hit with addiction.

It's like every pet YouTuber gets a million animals, an abusive husband and a drug addiction at the same time or some shit

No. 1814430

These amounts seem random with no context. How many hours was she working? And if she was supposed to be helping with videos but got made to clean their house instead…

No. 1814433

I beg yall to check her current stories. she is calling people out for hoarding chicken, and said she has got now 18.

I hate to be that person but can it be that her medication is making her gain weight? she looks much more "normal" weight for her height

No. 1814443

This is an imageboard

No. 1814593

I beg you to intergrate.

No. 1814659

40+ pigeons/birds breeding
18 chickens
3 dogs including brand new puppy
1 old cottage in Tasmania
0 husband

No. 1814824

what do you guys mean? literally everyone comments normally(Learn what they mean here: lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1814832

1. You have to sage when you post non milk (put ”sage” in the email field)
2. If you do post milk, you have to post screenshots of it
If you can’t then go back to GG

No. 1814944

That Lucy chic is so bloomin annoying with her ikky grating vocalfry voice i cant bear to watch even when on ppps channel. Whenever she appeared we had to turn her voice off nd mute. Thought ooh no not HER again ffsfo! All that cutsey posing as if she was a 5 year old in front of grandpa and nan nan in her younger sisters too short castoffs. Nyway she'd copied the aesthetic of PPP and now if you search her ig she is posting content ads on heaps of posts so getting sponsors from somewhere so flippin annoying even worse than mikan.(sage your shit)

No. 1814960

learn to sage retard. also learn to read, Alex was following Lucy for her supposedly "stolen" aesthetic before Lucy even knew she existed

No. 1814975

Alex copied the pastel aesthetic from the multitude of pastel insta girls circa 2017 when that aesthetic was popular. Lucy’s channel predates hers.

She had the financial means to buy piles of cheap “kawaii” fashion, the best equipment to document it and the freedom to jet off to Japan whenever she wanted, but it was always a superficial interest at best

No. 1814998

or maybe her taste just changed? the style is a bit dated now

No. 1815185

Thats not right. Bollocks. Must be mankie GG beeches lies. Lucy Livin YouTube date on socialblade is started from August 2021 and PPP channel YouTube started 2008. And InstGram PPP started with pastel asethetic posts in April 2014 and Lucy L first InstGram post was Late 2017 so PPAlex was more than 3years BEFORE Lucy with anything especially pastel stuff. Why lies? Its milk anyway not sage but i put sage as tthis old phone cant screenshot. Go check gg losers try to make it look worse for PPP than it is already even here just earlier bonkers made shite up about her copying Lucy. Anyone can see thats bullcrap just by looking at both there social media accounts start dates for Pastel.(learn2integrate)

No. 1815219

pretty sure the lucy livin channel wasn't her original one. if you look at what's now her vlog channel the oldest video she still has up is 5 years ago and is a haul..

No. 1815426

Alex posted on insta in August 2018 stating she started her channel after watching Lucy's haul vides.

Alex's channel used to be posting.. smoothies/drink recipes.

When they met she said she used to scroll through Lucy's Instagram because it was so uwu calming.

No. 1815480

File: 1682504402953.webm (4.78 MB, 720x1280, more animal hoarding.webm)

Here’s the chicken video. This video alone doesn’t capture how deranged she seems to be.

No. 1815511

File: 1682512880739.webm (19.08 MB, 1080x1920, en.webm)

Here are the rest of the related stories. In my opinion, they highlight how manic she currently (?) is.

No. 1815512

File: 1682512943175.webm (17.36 MB, 720x1280, to.webm)

No. 1815513

File: 1682513045620.webm (17.87 MB, 720x1280, tre.webm)

After this one she posted >>1815480

No. 1815514

File: 1682513122754.webm (3.51 MB, 720x1280, fire.webm)

This is the story that follows >>1815480

No. 1815515

File: 1682513188721.jpg (251.94 KB, 1170x2080, ugh.jpg)

Another animal for her menagerie.

No. 1815586

I love it when people post posed selfies of themselves asleep

Mad how she manages to frame buying a puppy from a breeder as some act of altruism. Also putting yourselves on a waitlist for a $2000 (AUD) puppy doesn’t really scream “financial difficulties”, but I’m starting to think her idea of financial difficulties differs slightly from most people’s.

No. 1815592

Her hair, those sheets, and that pillowcase are absolutely disgusting. Why would you (Alex, not anon) post this

No. 1815879

seriously, and you know there's bird shit all over the place. how she doesn't have a parasite already is beyond me
maybe that's what caused the mental breakdown? that or the staph infection she got from her nose job did something fucky to her brain
how a grown adult, with money and apparent "fashion sense" (the de-clutter videos "omg it's designer though! alex wash your fucking hair) could be so filthy is WILD. images you can smell status

No. 1815976

nooo she hoovered up a centipede. poor guy

No. 1816013

>boasts she knows how to avoid the arsenic
>repeatedly touches antique green wallpaper which probably contains arsenic
wew lad

No. 1816025

jesus, why would anyone pay $2000 and wait 2 years knowing that they could save a dog from death row tomorrow for next to nothing
just why
what sort of sociopath does that, especially one that claims to love animals

No. 1816087

people don't want difficult project dogs with fighting dog dna, especially if you also own hoard of birds. But she shouldn't have gotten any new animals.

No. 1816150

Not every shelter dog is like this. And a mentally impaired inbred dog from a backyard breeder that keeps them in tiny cages is hardly better.

No. 1816170

Not surprised, the type of people who buy a $2000 inbred dog from a puppy mill are the same type of people who think a mortgage is "bad debt"

No. 1816199

Link to her dogs breeder? Since you seem to know?

No. 1816204

Lol yes, let me link you their site where they post pics of the terrible conditions and clearly list the family tree inbreeding

No. 1816206

Just the fact that there is a waiting list means the sellers must have been repeatedly getting the bitch dog pregnant. Puppy mill confirmed.

No. 1816775

sage for dog sperg.

no, being on a wait-list usually means (of course, not 100% of the time) they are not over producing puppies/over breeding the bitch, therefore the individual has to wait and the breeder usually is picky about who they sell to and aids the to be owner to choose the best puppy for them (temperament wise), so even more waiting.
Puppy mills have no wait list and have dirt cheap dogs or over expensive "designer breeds" mutts, that they want to sell fast and dont care wether or not it fits your lifestyle, they whole puppy mill industry depends on impulsive buys. wait lists are good.

2000$ is slightly on the high end but within the norm for this breed of dog from a good breeder.

anyways this dogs are known for being barky as hell and high energy,and since its a herding dog, the puppies are tiny bitey demons she will soon be regretting this.

No. 1816791

Provide the name of the breeder or shut the fuck up.

No. 1817652


No. 1818464

File: 1682952618905.png (3.04 MB, 2599x1852, Screenshot 2023-05-01 154157.p…)

Pretty pastel passive aggression

No. 1818465

File: 1682952779403.png (4.39 MB, 2599x1851, Screenshot 2023-05-01 153953.p…)

At least she's not shitting on the floor like her birds are

No. 1818648

Yeah that's it Alex. Show Dan you're living your best life. Make that man jealous. Nailed it

No. 1820383

File: 1683204848583.jpg (261.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20230504-085402_Ins…)

I'm fucking dead, someone breaks into her house and the first thought she has is "I should get another pet!"

No. 1820458

to be fair getting a dog would be wise if she has psychos trying to scare her like that, men are all shit scared of dogs and even the barking will generally get them to leave in a hurry.
I wonder if it's someone who follows her or just some rando?

No. 1820492

Nta but she said it was a bunch of 16 year olds so idk why she's even threatening to totally call the police next time through an insta post. Prob local teens fucking around because they see someone new moved in. iirc one of her airbnbs got broken into too. Gee I wonder why dan didn't want to drop everything and move there.

No. 1820503

She already has 3… Getting one thats bit bigger is not going to help, just call the fucking police?

No. 1822008

Not everyone wants pits from shelters to maul them. She crazy but not that crazy.

No. 1822027

sage your shit, retard

No. 1822101

she waited 2 years, there would have been multiple breeds available over that time, including dogs that were already socialized

No. 1822171

Stay in your containment thread, retard

No. 1824590

Alex is getting called out as clearly making an account on reddit pretending to be an IRL friend defending Alex, she already did the same on GG

No. 1824599

she's getting desperate now

No. 1825362

File: 1683838484781.png (930.58 KB, 1108x633, stirrer.png)

Jesus christ. Stay on your meds and don't binge drink at 4am every night for 3 years, kids

No. 1825388

she looks 50 years old wtf

No. 1826686

File: 1684022028014.jpg (142.79 KB, 1080x1071, Screenshot_20230513_165207.jpg)

No. 1826875

please cow gods, make this rain with milk

No. 1827854

File: 1684184301465.png (245.29 KB, 1080x2340, her-stories-today-re-comfortab…)

According to Alex, person posting about Alex doing Q&A was not Alex and was posting without Alex consent.

No. 1831778

Wow I cant believe Alex became a lolcow! I just used to watch her pastel kawaii fashion hauls and now she has imploded and destroyed her whole life. I am begging one of the Sydney fags to PLEASE message her or something so she can squirt the whole fat milk all over her instagram. I remember first seeing flags when she started doing the whole insta baddie thing. Then she would spend thousands on mid tier designer fashion clothes and antiques. Her recent videos are completely unwatchable. I was hoping her move to Tasmania would improve her content, but it seems like it did the opposite. Alex definitely seem to have changed an extreme amount. I think her nose job was probably her last straw. She seemed miserable after that.

I am so curious to know if theres any truth to that long third person story she posted. Is the truth a mix? or maybe is it all true? Did she sleep with the scrote? What was the traumatic phone call? Why did all the Sydney people block her? Its hard to detangle the web when we cant get anyone elses account of what happened. The bird hoarding suggests that shes going at least a little crazy. There's so much back and forth that I cant decide on this mess before I get more info.

One thing I am annoyed with is her attitude to money. She seems to think she is dripping in cash, throwing it around. Her parents offered to build them a granny flat (aka a small house), they had the financial means to buy a 1,3mil house and Dan ended up living in his moms granny flat, so clearly they werent suffering when it came to money. Could you imagine how much the HORRIFIC mortgage would have decreased if she didnt spend all her money on pointless cosmetic procedures, trash antiques and designer garbage? She posted 100 days of parcel thrifting to her second channel which has 40k subs, so it clearly wasnt for money. Yet she still cries on social media how tough its been and how she needs a GoFundMe to support her.

No. 1831802

File: 1684705907909.png (774.35 KB, 1236x877, PPP.png)

>>1756445 to the anon on GG who brough up Clayes jacket. Interesting how she responds to a 3 month old comment.

No. 1831888

why do people post pics of themselves in their underwear on their public social media? even when they aren't trying to do camwork etc. especially in alex's case where she already has an audience. not trying to slut shame, more concerned that she is brainwashed by the patriarchy or something. before social media was such a big thing, the idea that someone would post their own lingerie shots online was just unthinkable.

No. 1840177

File: 1685787386072.jpg (36.2 KB, 360x800, Screenshot_20230603-123403_Ins…)

prettypastelrpoof reddit got dmca takedown notice on 17 Alex instagram images and Alex started rant claiming it wasn't her.

No. 1840179

File: 1685787528062.jpg (63.61 KB, 490x800, Screenshot_20230603_153251_Ins…)

Alex then started instantly reacting to gg comments over and over again, like making fun of someone calling her drunk by immediately taken a photo in bed with 3 empty wine bottles

No. 1857466

File: 1688391618936.jpg (566.57 KB, 1080x1897, 20230703_154141.jpg)

Somebody was lurking

No. 1857468

File: 1688391813471.jpg (322.14 KB, 1080x1897, 20230703_154403.jpg)

Threw out her entire kawiwi fast fashion pastel wardrobe and now spends hours online shopping for twitch views.

No. 1857474

So little views she has to beg her haters to watch. Sad

No. 1857483

She spent how long making out like anyone who picked up on her obvious seperation was just 'wildly speculating' Dragged that out for months lying. Why tf would anyone go straight to her for answers after that.

No. 1857581

July 2
Archie - Archie is doing really well with Nellie. He might stay with Nellie permanently because he is doing so well, and he reminds Alex of life with Dan which makes her miserable. She thinks maybe he wasn’t really aggressive but stressed by home tensions in Sydney. She definitely wont bring him to live with her during renovation
Cat - She has a ragdoll cat. She said she wanted a cat in Sydney but Dan said he would kill it if she got a cat
Birds - She addressed rumours of her mistreating animals. Apparently keeping bird in the foot-well of a car is fine "because I know birds and I know it won’t move." She said the guy she got it from had the bird in a box that was too small. Still not sure why she wouldn't have checked that before picking it up or bringing her own cage?
Birds - She doesn’t mix sick birds and healthy birds, has multiple pens to quarantine them
Chickens - She also showed she has 2 little baby chickens!
Rooster Lola - He went back to the place they originally got him from. When she bought her Tassie house she rang and asked them for Lola back but they had rehomed him to another farm because he was very aggressive. She asked for the contact details of the new farm but they wouldn't give them to her.
Construction - And she's paused on renovations for the moment as she's waiting for council approvals for some bigger bits.
Divorce- She basically said that she's not allowed to talk about the divorce too much seeing as it's ongoing. She did continue to imply that her situation for the last two years living with Dan was "toxic" although she didn't spend a lot of time on that subject
Discord - Abandoned discord out of fear of what people were saying
Claye - Appears to help her with twitch stream. She pushes him away and says "There's no one here. I'm alone"
Drinks - out of wine glass laughing saying its apple juice (internet says to not drink alcohol on Strattera, Zoloft, Prozac, Fluvaxamine, or really any SSRI)
Speculation - Alex said in her opinion because she doesn't show complete picture, people wonder and go looking for answers, but people should not make accusations and should just ask her

No. 1857582

July 3
Cat - Never has owned a tabby cat posted a friend's cat on her story and is not her cat
Archie - Will not bring Archie to new house because 1. it is a construction zone and has nowhere to put him 2. People know her address and come mess around with her animals.
Birds - Dumpling has gone missing (potentially stolen) Errol passed away assumption was of heart break.
Police - Has contacted police about people having address posted and shared around online and community knows about the situation and is supportive of Alex.
Depop - Was slow about shipping items out from depop shipping taking long time but items have made to destinations
Dan - Admits to doing things that hurt Dan. Went into light detail of a vague argument via phone calls and most seem to be misunderstanding.
Financial abuse - Dan took all Alex's belonging and put them into a storage unit Dan would not give location, access to belonging, access code/ key and wouldn't until Alex signed a document signing all her belongings over to Dan. Showed a snippet of a list of items with value of item (which was made by Dan's sister) items included shoes from Asos and Wish. This was so items could be sold and money split between Alex and Dan. Alex's belongings was in storage unit for 5 - 6 months with Alex having no access. Alex does now have access to her belongings again with the agreement of selling high value items to be sold and money split between her and Dan. Thinks that it would have been easier if her and Dan just sold the house and halfed the money instead of selling all of her belongings that Alex bought all with her own money.
Clothes - Since she did not have access to her belongings, she had to borrow people's clothes and people assumed that she slept with/ is sleeping with people because she had to borrow their clothes. Did start buying clothes and started exploring new outfits that aren't pastel due to Arden dressing her in a "goth" outfit and she liked it.
Sam - Is still important to Alex. She has been sending messages to him but no replies. Has been talking to Michelle. Last message received from Sam was in May (no specific date). Doesn't blame Sam for not talking to her due to one sided information given via Dan. Sam contact in person. Was the time Alex was in Sydney before sale of house. Tried to get Sam to talk sense into Dan about keeping her belongings in a storage unit with no access.
Archie - Archie is in Horbart being taken cared of by Nellie. Alex does not currently have a licence to own Archie.
Doves - Can't import Holly and other ring neck doves because Tasmania doesn't allow import of them due to the already established amount of them in Tassie. Ring neck doves currently live with Alex's Mum.
Moving - Alex says she would have moved if Dan had been given a job anywhere in the world in the attempt to keep the marriage together. Dan didn't want to move to Tasmania due to not many jobs/ jobs not paying as much as he earns in Sydney and not in a senior position as he is now.
Tasmania - Says coming to Tasmania saved her life.
Posting - Alex says people assume people posting on reddit and gg in support of her and people assume the posts are Alex when they are not.
Lucy - Alex gave Lucy a USB of content which she was meant to delegate to be edited, then upload it, but she had no time as her channel was growing. Alex went to Tas, met Tas crew who had video editing backgrounds, hired them to help edit videos. Dan told Lucy that Alex was going to fire her and that she was being replaced. Lucy is upset and offended at being replaced. A ‘friend’ told Alex that Dan has feelings for Lucy. Alex asked Lucy to not discuss the separation with Dan as he has feelings for her, and Lucy hasn’t spoken to Alex since. 2 months later, Alex’s dad went to their (now sold) house and Dan somehow knew how much Alex was earning on YouTube. Turns out Lucy still had access to Alex’s accounting software and told Dan what Alex was earning.
Caitlyn - A phone call with Dan was misinterpreted by Alex. She thought Dan was alluding to sleeping with Caitlin. After a later discussion, this apparently wasn’t what he meant. She later asked Caitlin if she was sleeping with Dan. Caitlin ignored her from then on. Also apparently Caitlin was trying to turn Sam and Michelle against Alex.

No. 1857590

File: 1688410184748.png (19.86 KB, 1188x203, ppp31.PNG)

She genuinely thinks this is cute and clever

I'm so embarrassed for her

No. 1857592

Great summary of recent updates, thank you nonichka

No. 1857612

File: 1688413529480.png (22.09 KB, 1187x186, ppp30.PNG)

newest defamation lawsuit waiting to happen

No. 1857617

That's the spirit, Alex! You're strong and brave and beautiful and right about everything. Now go enjoy your ruined shack in bumfuck nowhere with your bargain bin pube-bearded DanSam clone who didn't develop properly in his cryogenic sac and came out even more autist than your original husband.

No. 1857653

Thanks for the summary, this thread seems to have a lot of potential

Wtf? Is this her? She's delusional

No. 1857780

well this was a sad thing to see scrolling through /snow. sage for blog but i used to absolutely love her videos as an overweight teen and how pretty all her clothes looked on her/her generally nice looking life kind of inspired me to get my shit together and lose weight as I entered my 20s. never meet your heroes/oh how the mighty have fallen etc bleak

No. 1857799

Another part of summary of stream straight from gg

The Call took place after Dan returned to Sydney. He said he didn't actually want to move to Tasmania and wanted a divorce instead. Alex said the call escalated terribly and Dan flew into a blind screaming rage to the point where she could hear him smashing things in the background. Essentially, he had a complete mental break. He was acting 100% not himself and made threats against her. When the call ended she was convinced she would be in danger if she interacted with him any more. She made a point of saying that while their relationship had been souring, Dan had other real-life stressors that probably contributed to him finally snapping (a death in the family being one).

Dan apparently came to his senses shortly thereafter and felt so horrified by what he'd said and done that he flew to Tasmania immediately (like within hours). Alex set her phone to record before meeting with him and took friends with her, because she was fearful that she'd "become another statistic". Many apologies for the whole incident have since been made, but he was firm in still wanting a divorce.

So it sounds to me like Dan had probably been stifling resentment against her for a long time. This was just the last straw. Alex was very strong-minded about moving to Tasmania to the point where she bought him a brand new car there before he really seemed like he was on board, and when he got back into his home environment he probably realized how insane the whole idea felt to him. Plus his other life problems from family and work and having the care of all these birds already dumped on him. He couldn't handle it and finally cracked.

Oh, and also apparently Dan admitted to having feelings for Lucy at some point. That's another can of worms I won't go into because this post is long enough lol, but that whole story is in the second half of the livestream.

No. 1860079

File: 1688793738422.jpg (207.43 KB, 1080x2337, what-is-this-referring-to-v0-v…)

Alex reading gossip sites again

No. 1860080

File: 1688793776205.jpg (134.22 KB, 720x1600, her-latest-story-v0-gni1rm2hh8…)

Alex reading gossip sites again, but the next day

No. 1861377

>don't feed the trolls
she says as she serves up all this

No. 1867547

No. 1867747

File: 1689759279175.png (44.95 KB, 938x370, samtext.PNG)

^^Sam's text to her, apparently

Her simp backup ex-bf ripping her to shreds is very satisfying ngl. Narcs always have a meltdown when their orbiters stop centering them in their lives.

No. 1867787

She said she keeps sending him memes even though he doesn’t respond. The guy just outlined for you why he wants nothing to do with you, yet you think immediately crossing that boundary is what’s gonna change his mind and make him want to be friends with you again? And she wonders why none of her other friends will waste their time to give her an explanation that she’ll just ignore like this one?

No. 1867802

Why doesn’t Sam just block her number? Still a simp for an ugly narc. Pathetic. She’s starting to remind me of Venus

No. 1868234

File: 1689830622042.jpg (103.96 KB, 800x519, Screenshot_20230720_124007_Ins…)

No. 1868988

File: 1689978360856.png (187.73 KB, 496x826, pp.png)

So the theory that she just dipped out left everyone behind, dropped her animals on them and started shacking up with Claye turned out to be true huh?

Ironic that she's still posting stories like this when she uprooted her entire life dropping all of her friends for her "mental health" and expecting Dan to also leave his entire life behind for a shiny new car she bought him, she really needs to look in a mirror at this point since there's a massive difference between prioritising your own mental health and dropping all your problems and animals on everyone else and then throwing a hissy fit when they rightfully stop talking to you because you make it abundantly clear to them how much you take them for granted and how little you really care about them

No. 1869306

How many plastic surgeries did Dan get while they were struggling financially?

No. 1869698

Damn, contacting someone who sent a fuck-off text like this as if nothing happened is bizarre and reminds me of some BPD cows

No. 1869751

Someone asked her a question in the Q&A stream that was like “if you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one friend, one animal, and one book, who and what would you bring” and she answered she’d bring Sam. Truly bizarre she’s acting like they’re still friends

No. 1869789

She's a full on stalker at this point, if the genders were flipped she'd have the police called on her. If I were Sam I'd get a restraining order

No. 1870221


Where do you live that restraining orders are handed out for copious meme texts? That's not how any of that works.

The genders don't need to be flipped - the outcome is the same both ways. Zero restraining orders are going to be handed out because of unwanted texts. And if you call the police over them, they're going to be pissed you're wasting their time.

No. 1870226

Yeah that's true, police frequently ignore stalking cases until someone dies. Sad.

No. 1870553

File: 1690275004870.jpeg (135.28 KB, 498x800, 7E4FC11C-A07F-4131-9530-875F9E…)

The admins of the Discord created for Alex back in October, just announced Discord closure due to Alex ghosting them, you know Alex who hates when people ghost Alex.

No. 1870570

File: 1690281381728.jpg (122.46 KB, 800x688, Screenshot_20230725_192013_Ins…)

Happiest she's ever been

No. 1874206

File: 1690893624550.jpg (221.53 KB, 1438x1080, 20230801_054146.jpg)

From Sept 30 PPPSQ youtube, saw on gg

No. 1876671

Bitch looks like a cancer patient

No. 1884482

File: 1692472513003.jpeg (43.52 KB, 688x199, IMG_1777.jpeg)

What an admin posted in Alex's twitch discord

No. 1886711

File: 1692765506793.jpg (140.53 KB, 408x800, Screenshot_20230823_124047_Ins…)

No. 1887292

This is honestly very fucked, it's gotta be one of her ex friends or partners doing this shit right? I doubt any random internet user gives this much of a crap about some kawaii youtuber. It's always someone you know, like creepshowart harassing her boyfriend's ex for ten years.

No. 1887340

Nah, it was someone from gg.
Nevertheless, it is fucking weird to film a inspector, did he consent to be in her public instagram?

No. 1887964

File: 1692939083768.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1125x1384, 8B7600F0-780F-4C4D-BE68-34300D…)

This new look is….interesting.

No. 1888154

If you told me this was a 65 year old I'd believe it

No. 1888327

and isn't it?

No. 1889016

her nose job looks like shit

No. 1889607

There’s a rule in the GG threads not to make het full name public because she “hasn’t ever publicly released it.” This is actually bullshit - her maiden name is Starling, she mentioned it a long time ago before youtube really kicked off, and her youtube url is literally “starlingfilmstar”. I don’t think she’s ever released her married name (though it, too, is easy to find.) You’re welcome, autists.

No. 1894620

What in the actual fuck happened to her. One second she was posting haul videos and visiting Japan with her friends, getting married and seemed genuinely happy. And now this. What in the actual hell happened for her to spiral as hard as she did/is - absolutely wild.

No. 1894873

"Happiest I've ever been"- Alex Dec 5th "No, I don't think I did anything wrong [….] I stand by anything I've done" - Alex July 18th "A summary is my husband abandoned me in the middle of an interstate move lol" - Alex July 31st …
A summary is Alex abandoned her husband in the middle of an interstate holiday lol. Appears Alex has a manic episode from not taking her meds, mixing meds and booze, binge drinking, binge vitamins, bad nutrition, botched nose jobs, not seeking therapy to confirm her diagnosis, overspending, hoarding many objects including now over 150 birds, and being terrible to her long term friends, shorts term friends, fans, and of course ex-husband.

No. 1894886

Thanks for not putting up with that bullshit! I think there are some double agent white knights on that site sometimes the simp level defense and excuse that crops up there is wild(sage your shit)

No. 1894893

File: 1694160197831.png (1.79 MB, 1287x737, ppp.png)

can you believe these images are only a few years apart lol what the hell happened to her. imagine if she moved to japan or korea not tasmania ahahah

No. 1894897

This is horrifying why didn't you spoiler this.

No. 1894910

It's actually kinda sad looking this. I remember her being mildly entertaining, moreso than other creators who did the same sort of haul content. Her Japan videos were also fun when she included her friends like Tiasha (wonder what happened with that friendship) but seeing that and reading through everything it makes me wonder how the fuck somebody goes from being married, having a nice home with a good group of friends, to a complete unadulterated Trainwreck who fucked over their entire life in not a very long amount of time. There has to be some sort of trigger other than she was actually just always secretly a shitty person and was good at hiding it in the past behind a facade of cutesy pastel - girl needs some serious professional help

No. 1894971

But don't you know that Lubbydovey has autism??!?? kek

No. 1894993

File: 1694181019838.jpg (107.13 KB, 1089x1003, F2sVl6xXAAAn9PM.jpg)

She looks like Ranfren

No. 1895154

oh yeah she's autistic and also dumb as hell because she's posted so much information about herself and her family that it takes about three minutes to find her full name, her sister's public instagram, her dad's business, her hometown, etc.

No. 1895163

I actually tried to post a warning about this person's oversharing but the moderator deleted my post for "targeting/harassing a user" so it's open season for new Personal Lolcows!

No. 1895171

File: 1694203551348.jpeg (188.92 KB, 1170x1123, IMG_1850.jpeg)

The GG PPP thread is almost milkier than PPP herself these days. I’ve never seen so much concern trolling. Pic related is especially delusional - apparently it’s a good thing none of the posters from earlier threads are around anymore because they were all vicious cyberbullies, and the current cohort are innocent former fans who would never call Alex a cunt, or post sensitive information to a gossip site, such as google earth screenshots and excerpts from her mother’s ancestry blog.

That whole saga was so bizarre, and she keeps dragging it up again and again! She needs to rein in the powerlevelling or get off gossip sites altogether.

No. 1895445

Thank!you! they are so annoying and I'm so pissed that the whole gg community will just baby them

No. 1895471

>we’re all scorned former fans
I’ve tried reading the GG threads, but they’re all 45 pages of virtually nothing but insert Tyra Banks we were all rooting for you meme

No. 1895485

File: 1694260106848.jpeg (272.46 KB, 1170x724, IMG_1853.jpeg)

Yeah this is the weirdest damage control I’ve ever seen. I guess her whole family’s been using a pseudonym for over 70 years. This is her dad’s Wikipedia page
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Starling

No. 1895569

File: 1694275442668.jpg (22.21 KB, 416x459, kick_sandie.jpg)

http://www.gojukai.com.au/alexandra_starling_shihan.htm so this is her mom? i see a resemblance. i really didn't expect her parents to be karate pros kek, how random.

No. 1895654

Ha! That’s kinda cool. I wonder if Alex picked up any of the moves throughout her life. She definitely adopted the Japanese lifestyle for a minute there, but lacks the discipline.. as we’ve seen.
I imagined her parents to be some office type people, not karate killaz lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1895658

Shame how she turned out when she had such bad-ass parents.

No. 1895740

Wow, her mum sounds awesome.

No. 1895800

File: 1694307348195.jpg (829.64 KB, 1079x1095, Screenshot_20230909_163439.jpg)

Posted 12.19.2015, not surprised did not internet clean up by even deleting own old other accounts

No. 1895806

File: 1694308587352.jpeg (375.99 KB, 1080x2371, IMG_6108.jpeg)

She’s the spitting image of him lol

No. 1900043

File: 1695000262167.jpg (210.83 KB, 467x800, Screenshot_20230828_221644_Fac…)

Gg dancingshoes found Alex fb burner account, milky

No. 1900046

File: 1695000441637.jpg (136.91 KB, 544x800, Screenshot_20230828_220534_Fac…)

Gg dancingshoes found Alex fb burner account, milky. Jan is post separation Alex Dan, but Jan is PRE separation Claye Zeke. Dan's parents in Sydney, but Claye's parents in Tasmania area

No. 1908313

File: 1696355001345.jpg (255.68 KB, 1170x513, IMG_7692.jpg)

Alex posted part of her own dating profile, advertising cars and pigeons, you know Alex, the Ace, who has "no interest in getting into any official relationship while I am still married like we haven't actually even got divorced yet"

No. 1911715

File: 1696957321340.jpeg (96.75 KB, 770x800, 1578B896-DD70-4EE0-8AE6-4EDA80…)

Alex posted she went on a date with a girl, with a followup 2nd Sushi date

No. 1926328

File: 1699589504712.jpg (81.92 KB, 666x606, Screenshot_20231109-205423_Chr…)

Alex claimed entire month of October she moved house again because of doxxing, but appears she might not have moved and is filming in living room of cottage painted blue, a greenscreen room, and someone else's house.

No. 1926329

Holy shit, I watched her years ago, when she was married and did fashion hauls, wtf happened?!
Take care of your mental health, people, that shit is legit scary(non-contribution necro)

No. 1927174

Alex says she has a gallbladder problem, gallbladder issues under 30 is rare, but gallbladder issues after bariatic surgery is high, losing weight and having a low stomache scar after bariatic surgey is high, Alex lost a lot of weight in her late teens, Alex had a swimsuit that showed low stomache scar.

No. 1931632

It's the first vid of her I got in my reccommended in about a year.
She's porked up, surely. Can't tell if it looks good on her.
But I have so many issues with this video. Mentioning it's unsponsored while blatantly shilling. Shilling Gucci with dirty hair. Shilling Gucci to her subscribers who came for basically shein hauls. Completely different aesthetic. Insisting on wearing designer even if she's around literal street birds. Flaunting how much money she spent even if she "saved a lot" and "got a steal", shouldn't she like… be worried with her housing? Or moving costs? Or the pets she abandoned behind?
This is just vapid and absolutely everything she bought is fucking hideous and pointless.
To me it read like she's going to just resell it at a markup because she got a good deal and also CLEARLY a buyee deal out of it.
Also. Absolutely dead behind the eyes.

No. 1932363

She has a shopping addiction and is a hoarder (clothes, birds, etc). She will never sell the stuff, unless forced to give half the money to husband from divorce asset division.

No. 1932651

"CHEAP" well thanks for labelling yourself so accurately, I guess

No. 1932990

Her obsession with designer shit always rubbed me the wrong way. She started from ali/wish hauls, but then suddenly it was all about finding designer for cheap.
Girl, your birds are going to shit on your gucci. And it is absolutely as unsastainable and wasteful as your previous fast fashion hauls, except MUCH pricier, even secondhand.
Who is she even making this videos for?

Also "stay tuned for part 2, I didn't want this to be long", it's 20 minutes? And for the last years it's been painfully obvious she produces smidgeons of actual content and stretches them out for months and years to not lose her numbers/algorithm relevancy/brand deals.
Remember those video of each and every friend decluttering the same set of clothes for her? Where she comes back at the end and doesn't even try it on and talk it out, just says "no" and puts it back? What was that?

No. 1937595

File: 1701662602717.jpg (232.46 KB, 971x1160, Screenshot_20231203_210323_Chr…)

No. 1940385

File: 1702101319744.jpg (78.32 KB, 601x456, Snap_Dec.jpg)

Archive ausfoxfashion

No. 1946656

File: 1703363944539.jpg (369.36 KB, 1077x1915, 1000007749.jpg)

PPP tells tiktok sui attempt a year ago due to separation, right at australian divorce filing a year after separation(this isn't tiktok you can type the word)

No. 1946866

Go back kek, also if you're posting about a tiktok just post the tiktok

No. 1947034

File: 1703472248824.mp4 (17.31 MB, “SUI”.mp4)

Nona, you can say suicide. Anyway, here’s the TikTok. I don’t follow Alex very closely but this video is misleading. She completely glosses over her behaviour and how it contributed to the demise of her marriage.

No. 1950329

19:50 - 24:25 Lucy Livin acknowledges the drama and bascially confirms that Alex is a lying cunt who ruined a whole bunch of people's lives last year

No. 1950399

Wow she’s almost as insufferable as Alex. A whole lot of hot air just to dance around the issue and say nothing

No. 1950400

Their video together was so awkward you could tell something was off. However Lucy seems like an annoying awkward lolcow herself.

No. 1950405

Hi Alex, I guess you're super mad about this huh(hi cow)

No. 1950500

lol seriously plus she’s a fatass with that fat face. She’d have 0 subscribers looking the way she does if it weren’t for leeching off of Alex’s audience. Anons on here make fun of ugly moids (like Barry Keoghan) all the time about how they wouldn’t be nearly as famous as they are if they were uggo women yet celebrate this ugly Lucy bitch who wouldn’t generate a second glance on any street in the world with them jowls(nitpicking sperg)

No. 1950611

to be fair she has a slim body just an unfortunate chubby round face..

No. 1950771

lmao yeah SUPER mad. I guess this is the only way you can express it kek

No. 1951099

Fuck me, and they think lolcow has the worse userbase?

No. 1954162

Does anyone know what happened to Guru Gossip? Went to check the PPP thread they have there and the website seems to be down.(offtopic)

No. 1954504

Jesus. Last time I saw her, she still had the juvenile kawiwi clothing taste and now she looks so… aged and haggard. I lowkey don't know which one is worse. The ugly ass gucci isn't helping with that either

No. 1958023

She went from looking like a 20 year old to a 40 year old wine aunt, embarrassing
weight ages people like crazy until you're actually in your 50s and then a little extra fills in the wrinkles, before that its stupid as fuck to have excess fat regardless of bmi

No. 1962602

She has absolutely terrible taste in men. How did she manage to DOWNGRADE from the autist moid she had before? At least the ginger one had a well-paying job, got them a house, and was willing to marry her BPD ass. This new one is a greasy NEET who can't even seem to bring himself to admit he's been fucking this unwashed whore for an entire year. Jesus Christ.

No. 1964021

File: 1707435037042.mp4 (8 MB, 720x1280, 1000008375.mp4)

Sage old throwback thursday just saw from PPP instagram stories highlights 2023 Jun 3

No. 1977854

A year later, Alex is claiming the March 26 2023 curly hair in Tasmania bed photo was the dog … who was still living in Sydney at the time.
At 2 minutes 40 seconds into tiktok

No. 1984241

'You want me to unalive myself, uh, to save humanity? Uh, I don't actually need a reason. Just take me now.' -Alex

Also posted a week ago
'idk Why 18 year old me looks older than 30 year old me, but I'm here for it lol' - Alex

No. 1984468

So Alex thinks all Millennials and Gen Z are suicidal, Alex multiple times to a large audience has mentioned being suicidal, but Alex doesn't think she needs and has never had therapy

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