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File: 1674663255505.png (263.99 KB, 509x512, ppp.png)

No. 1752075

Pretty Pastel Please/PPP/Alex is a 29 year old Australian Youtuber known for her fashion hauls, Japan vlogs, rampant consoomerism and her parrot Archie.

>Used to live with her best friend/ex bf Sam and husband Dan in the same home - frequently milking the situation as content

>Vids revolve around fast fashion and designer hauls up to $2000, then her struggling to declutter her hoard
>Since the pandemic and her botched nose job PPP has spiralled, binge drinking, mixing meds and booze, not taking her meds for her collection of mental illnesses, and destroying her hair. Thinks that dying her hair a different colour every week during a drinking binge at 2am is quality content
>Keeps a flock of doves in her home to shit freely on her floors and bed. Doesn't mind sleeping in a bird shit covered bed
>Got a boob job and entered a hypersexual era despite claiming she might be ace
>In a bout of mania, Alex decided to move to Tasmania and abandon her husband, flock of 26 birds and dogs in Sydney. Gave Dan an ultimatum of him moving to Tasmania to be with her, even though jobs in his field are scarce in the area
>Sets up Gofundme to set up bird rescue/enable her animal hoarding tendencies/pay for move to Tasmania
>Found a new group of genderqueer poly orbiters/fans who she calls the "NPCs" to validate and enable her mental breakdown. Her favourite of the group, creepy Clay, seems to be a replacement for Dan and has taken naked photos of her for IG
>Claims Dan is moving to Tasmania to join her, but doesn't visit him for his bday and teases Nicole Kidman divorce photos on IG
>Got evicted for turning her rental into a biohazard area of dove shit
>Stole a chicken from someone's yard as the owners keep it outdoors and not in their bedroom

Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/@PrettyPastelPlease
Side channel: https://www.youtube.com/@prettypastelsidequest
IG: https://www.instagram.com/prettypastelplease/#

No. 1752078

She sounds semi milky but where is the proof? Wheres the pictures of the birdshit covered bed?

No. 1752079

I haven't kept up with her and I've only watched like 4 videos of her unnecessary hauls, but she seriously just up and left her animals and husband? Why move from Sydney to Tasmania? Wouldn't staying in Sydney be more apt for an influencer? And she can't even afford the move, she has to ebeg for it? What about those 2000 dollar fast fashion hauls? I'm not very familiar with her but this is a very intriguing milk situation.
Like other anon said, would mega appreciate any screencaps or proof of her lunacy.

No. 1752084

Holy shit wtf, she has spiraled a lot. I watched her last like 1,5 years ago. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread

No. 1752096

File: 1674665376465.jpg (1.18 MB, 3264x2184, alex birds.jpg)

She has hours and hours of vlog material about the free roaming birds so its difficult to find exactly what I'm looking for. Here's some caps of her and her birds in bed and in the shower. If you've ever kept birds you'll know they poop all the time and you can't train them to go in a specific area. I recall her or Dan talking about how frequently they need to change the bedsheets because of it.
Apparently Sydney is bad for her mental health and she felt better on holiday in Tasmania without responsibilities (no shit) so she ditched Sydney. She did bring the birds over to Tasmania eventually after her husband got fed up of looking after them.

No. 1752099

KEK. I almost forgot about PPP. Jeezus, lockdowns really hit her hard. Is this why happens when your brand modeled around consumerism goes dry?

No. 1752124

Holy shit I thought that was a tranny in the thread pic. Wtf did she do to herself? Did she ditch Archie too? I remember her having that parrot she’d milk in all her makeup videos

No. 1752128

yeah archie has long since been abandoned for her new hoard of pigeons because he's hormonal and bites now i guess. not that she seems to do anything to try and help train him, since she can just share her bed with a bunch of bird lice-ridden pigeons instead to fill that gap.

OP i've been waiting for a thread on her for so long, so I'm glad this is here

No. 1752133

just wanted to link to her twitter, too, even though she isn't active there anymore: https://twitter.com/prettypastelpls

No. 1752139

File: 1674670584551.png (556.32 KB, 1047x915, ppp.png)

I don't have the original version of it, but this is the current look of her gofundme that she originally started to buy land in tasmania to start an animal sanctuary. sometime after she decided to move to tasmania full time, she changed it to this and has yet to refund anyone who donated as far as I can tell.

No. 1752146

Don't sage milk

No. 1752153

It makes me so sad what is happening to her, she doesn't seem happy or stable in the slightest, and I guess she is trying to hold on to things that give her some sort of safety right now. She seems incredibly manic and she obviously was very much in denial about it and had her husband and mother provide proof in text messages saying 'oh it's the old Alex' and all that. Her most recent thrift store video was so bizarre when she told one of her friends to get every bird-themed object and she'd buy them all, wouldn't a caring friend see that as scary? When her old friend Caitlyn visited her it seemed very weird too because Caitlyn sort of tried to keep her reeled in when Alex was going nuts? I don't want to come off as a white knight here I do like her but it's incredibly worrying to see what has been happening. It seems dangerous and super toxic right now especially without her husband around anymore or her 'best friend' Sam. The fact that she isn't dealing with Archie anymore is so sad though for that bird, she once made a big issue about the HUGE commitment it is to get a bird because they essentially bond with you so Dan and her are essentially his parents and she's just neglecting him

No. 1752229

Oh man this is wild, poor Archie. Thanks for the thread OP, I haven’t watched her in years and this wasn’t where I saw her going. Could be quite milky, have her husband/old friends been saying anything?

No. 1752301

Not too surprised to see a thread up on her now. I used to watch her a lot, but she really has started going off the deep end since her nose job and especially the breast augmentation. I think it was in a recent vlog on her pretty pastel sidequest channel that she’s also now been diagnosed as autistic? It all just feels super out of left field from what was a normal if quirky young woman unboxing shit. Now the sudden move to Tasmania…. Oooof….

No. 1752474

2022 saw Alex spiral pretty hard, it’s sad to see. I feel like what sent her over the edge was a combination of covid (it did a number on us all over), her nose job going wrong and her relationship being on the rocks. I suspect things aren’t going well with Dan anyway, since she recently revealed in a video on her side channel that her and Dan rarely have sex and she prefers to cuddle. Yet says she’s in her ‘hoe era’ and is posting sexy pics??? Who is making you feel sexy Alex? Because it sure isn’t your husband who is 100s of miles away.
I’ve been using GG to get updates on her videos because I honestly cannot watch them anymore. The last one I watched, she pretended to cry because she wanted to save birds but not a single tear was shed. All while her poor friend was sat in the car awkwardly for like 10 minutes. Anyway at the end of her tantrum she was like “donate to my go fund me so I can buy a bird sanctuary!” like she didn’t just spend $10k on new tits and is looking at houses worth $1mil. She is far from the relatable girl touring Japan I used to wish was my friend irl.

No. 1752486

File: 1674698129295.png (3.35 MB, 1586x838, 2893398239.png)

wtf happened here

No. 1752494

body dysmorphia and according to her a "roller coaster of Ritalin, Dexamfetamine, Concerta, Vyvanse, Valium, Endep and Fluvoxamine"

No. 1752516

NPCs is kinda funny ngl, but the nose job went SO WRONG like wtf?? She had such a nice nose before and it collapsed or something?

No. 1752539

Didn't she use to be a fattie?

No. 1752589

She was really pretty, wtf did she do

No. 1752654


Very interesting considering Archie used to be in her intro and she'd usually start her videos saying "the bird stays"

Haven't followed her for years at this point but imma have to keep an eye on this thread now

No. 1752674

During lockdown she got addicted to dyeing her hair a different colour every week so now it’s totally fried. She’s said she wants to grow out her natural colour again but she always seems to bleach it whenever it gets to a certain length. She’s had lip fillers and 2 botched nose jobs but tbh the reason she looks so bad is because she doesn’t bother with makeup and generally has this unkempt appearance in all her videos. In her old videos the background / makeup / hair / outfit were considered, now it’s just a whole mess

No. 1752692

I remember something like that too. She lost a ton and became an ana chan.

No. 1752711

Yeah for a while people were saying the try on videos were an excuse for elaborate body checks

No. 1752714

File: 1674735095834.png (1.28 MB, 500x675, 6B1B757D-2767-4110-9F63-5565E8…)

She said she lost it by doing keto, she was never that big imo but it was speculated that she got a tummy tuck after she lost weight.

I don’t know if she actually is anorexic, or does body checks. What’s the difference between existing/trying on clothes while thin and body checking?

But yeah it seems she’s suffering really bad from BDD either way. Her fucking with her gorgeous hair is the biggest shame.

No. 1752742

The only low fat milk was the cuck husband and boyfriend sitiation. She’s just a hoarder for birds and fast fashion

No. 1752748

Wow, what a turn of events. I stopped following her after her botched nose job. I saw her new male orbiter Clay, and he’s another fat ugly autist like her husband. I guess she has a type? She’s so pathetic trying to be the “hot girl” for her bottom of the barrel guy friends. Get a grip, girl

No. 1752768

More evidence for my file of "Proof that bird people are weird."

No. 1752770

I can’t find the pic now but I remember a screencap getting passed around where she seemingly had a hip to hip scar that looked like a tummy tuck scar. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? It got brought up constantly on GuruGossip

No. 1752798

idk it's pretty milky that she has decided to set her whole life on fire in Sydney for some parasocial fans turned friends turned employees she met in Tasmania on ONE vacation. she also made her husband take care of 25+ birds and like 2+ dogs while she decided to fuck off to Tasmania with her new polycule

No. 1752823

File: 1674753562597.jpg (149.38 KB, 1157x486, pppfundsjapan.JPG)

Apparently she raised 60,000 of funds back in 2020 and instead of donating right away (as she promised beforehand) she fucked off to Japan first and people complained

(sourced from gurugossip, just for you guys)

No. 1752834

File: 1674754301121.png (2.71 MB, 1920x964, prettypasteltummytuck.png)

also the guys on gg suspected she got a tummy tuck because she lost weight so quickly, it's hard to see in this video but you can spot a faint scar on her lower abdomen

No. 1752900

The amount of identities Alex has gone through is genuinely shocking. I hope she’ll be ok, but it feels like she’s in Tasmania to run away from something, not to ‘find herself’ or whatever. Trying those many different meds surely has to have had some impact on her brain as well—those meds can do really, really, REALLY funky things to your head.

No. 1753365

The way she gets super defensive and counterattacks just makes her look worse. She spends thousands of dollars on clothes she never wears and who knows how many tens of thousands on plastic surgery. Of course she’s scamming her audience lol

No. 1756131

File: 1675036545588.jpeg (228.81 KB, 1798x1191, 9FEC37F5-5970-497D-BA88-7BB56D…)

Wow thats sad, doesnt even look like the same person. Shes turning into the bird lady from alone 2.

No. 1756144

It's bizarre because she truly looks elderly in the face now. She looks like she's suffering from some rare genetic disorder.

No. 1756149

there's absolutely no way this is real. she doesn't even remotely look like the same person–it's as if her face blew up and aged all at the same time.

cow behavior aside, this is really sad to see. she's really lost her identity and I honestly just want her to get some proper help.

No. 1756155

Her nose job was botched and left her nose bigger/swollen and it never went away even after a year, took the doctor way too long to admit how big of a failure it was.
I stumbled upon her nose job video only like a month ago so Im surprised to see her here when she seemed so sane just two years ago. Its really too bad about her surgery going so badly and her doctor lowkey gaslighting her about it. I empathize with her bdd and situation

No. 1756162

what's stopping her from getting her nose job revised?

No. 1756166


wondering as well. I believe there’s only so much you can work with within your nose when it’s already worked on with the cartilage before they have to get it elsewhere (I think your ear, or a rib?) but damn, if it were me, I’d fix something that’s WAY more noticeable like the nose vs going to get bigger tits. not to mention how a botched nose job kinda fucks with your quality of life by not being able to breath well, which I think she mentioned in her nose job vid.

No. 1756170


nah this can't be it. a lot of people need a revision and/or end up getting one bc it's hard to get desired results from the first try. that's why i'm asking. it's weird, her nose is clearly botched. esp if she can't breathe. there's nose job revision specialists that can fix that shit

No. 1756227

This is so sad. Alex used to be one of my fav creators. She didn't bullshit reviews or took any weird sponsors. She also revealed a lot about influencers and how much they get paid for sponsors in like a 3 part video which was pretty neat, probably 2018 ish?
Stopped watching her when everything became "omg expensive brands and designers wow look at meeee" when she is very aware most her audience followed because she did honest and affordable hauls. Damn I'm sad her life has spiralled to this extent, you could always tell Dan loves/loved? her so much too.

No. 1756230

>>1756227 sorry to add to my stupid blogpost, but she revealed that influencers, basically just makeup since it was the thing then, get paid also for negative reveiws which to my knowledge most people didn't know and people were mad at their influencers.

No. 1756300

she had bad complications with the first surgery. extremely swollen, leaking fluid, staph infection. i’m sure she’s just decided that the end result now is better than going through that again.

No. 1756373

didn't she already get revision surgery or am I completely making things up? Or maybe she just talked so much about the revision

No. 1756441

Her friend posted some instagram stories of all the birds and it is a fucking hoarding level how fast she has got more and more birds.

No. 1756442

File: 1675077970203.jpg (576.12 KB, 635x1039, mixed birds.jpg)

and I forget pic ok

No. 1756443

File: 1675078018616.jpg (96.35 KB, 393x1031, dirty waterbowl.jpg)

No. 1756445

File: 1675078304734.jpg (340.07 KB, 745x955, ppp3.jpg)

retarded gg commentary aside

No. 1756448

File: 1675078393410.jpg (1.22 MB, 1170x2039, daycollarspeculation.jpg)

Her husband is either cuck or they are getting divorced

No. 1756453

that scrote is so ugly, he resembles kathys funko pop beast. as someone who has known of her over the years but never really been a viewer i think she looks fine right now. hair breakage aside, if she showered more and stopped dying the hair i think she could look wonderful. she has a nice body. the fake boobs are a little much but i can understand wanting to distract away from the botched nose job. is there any way she could still sue the surgeon? i feel he is partly responsible for this breakdown. also where are her doctors/therapists in all of this?
this bird hoard is just out of control. can't be good for her health either. are birds known to carry any parasites that can make people crazy like how cats can cause toxoplasmosis?
i don't get the speculation about the collar, as a non-kinkfag it just looks like an artsy minimalist jewelry design to me. i think any other normie would think the same. is kink just so engrained in peoples minds online now or is the necklace actually some sort of deeper signalling i don't know about? if not seems nitpicky/tinfoily to me.

No. 1756460

She already had a revision, she made a few videos about it

No. 1756467

Can she breathe again then?

She looks like a hobo. Unstyled grown out greasy hair, strange outfit combinations, no make up which looks bad when you lack eyebrows and lashes, probably covered in bird shit since she hoards them.
ts not a good look, she looks as unstable as she seems, i hope she gets help.

No. 1756468

Definetly getting cuckd, she is so selfish for treating him like that(unless its consensual, but i doubt it).

No. 1756498

File: 1675087423132.png (14.9 KB, 494x164, ppp.PNG)

Sage for not sure if milk or not, but was going through some of PPP's IG comments and it does seem like her and Sam (the ex, and the roommate at some point) have indeed unfollowed each other

No. 1756499

Sams girlfriend Michelle and her also unfollowed eachother, maybe there was a falling out before she left for Tas.

No. 1756504

New video with her NoNbInArY PaL, I only skimmed but they just go through the clothes, talk about muh dysphowia and how the friend is more masc or fel depending on the day uwu

No. 1756515

“buying nonbinary” these people prove to me more every day this is just a trend for them. dressing gender non conforming should be different for everyone, but all these non-binary people end up looking the same. really you can shop non-binary anywhere, so pointless to make a video on that

No. 1756532

I feel so fucking bad for Dan. Thanks for the thread tho. Used to unironically follow her before until she started to unravel. I'm not surprised if she will decide she is a themlet soon herself.

No. 1756541

File: 1675094938044.png (43.37 KB, 807x262, mermaid.png)

Jesus the last video I watched of her was her trying to get the black dye out of her hair and I'd stopped regularly watching her since she seemed to be getting a bit weird/started coming off as really entitled and now she's off the deep end? she always had Holly Conrad or Jillian Vessey vibes to me she used to take it really personally when people would ask her pet questions when they were just curious about them as well as being really stingy about what brands she bought from when people would ask, she also was deleting comments when people were asking where Archie was since he's been such a huge part of her channel but she still kept multiple comments where people are asking if she's divorced

not surprised with this she started getting into a weird crowd is she even still friends with that Grace girl she used to make videos with? it seems like she dropped all her pet care and responsibilities on her friends + family and fully ditched all of them especially since most of the captions on her Instagram are all about her new "REAL" friends or how "happy" she is now all these started after her mental breakdown post

No. 1756544

File: 1675095242193.png (529.33 KB, 772x999, breakdown.png)

here's the post she made about her "breakdown"

No. 1756550

File: 1675095854159.png (76.17 KB, 493x749, PPP2.PNG)

Also the fact that the whole moving to Tasmania etc stuff seemed to start to get more intense with her medication changing - and the one she is now on (Luvox) lists mania as a possible side effect. Not saying that's the case, but I wonder if anyone that's been following her more actively has noticed the timing lining up? At least she herself mentions Luvox having changed her life a lot

No. 1756556

File: 1675096092533.png (568.99 KB, 1000x1000, breakdown 2.png)

last 5 parts still reads like she just up and ditched her family and friends leaving them with the 20+ pigeons and Archie to take care of as well as whatever happened with the eviction

had issues getting this file uploaded for some reason

No. 1756581

why do people take photos in front of toilets like this?

No. 1756616

Sage for no milk and opinions incoming. This whole situation is fucked. I enjoyed Alex since I'm a sperg and she is supposedly a now diagnosed sperg so I'm not surprised I gravitated to her content. Her decline is honestly upsetting and leaving behind her whole life and running away to Tasmania is putting a band aid on her issues. I rarely feel bad for moids but Dan is in a shitty situation cause what person in their right mind just flys the coop on a whim? And how much money is she blowing on these trips? What about her old friends? What about Archie? The other ginger chick was actually cool and I'll miss her.

No. 1756621

i caught up on her GG thread yesterday and watched most of the videos and it was fascinating. i'm pretty sure she's poly with claye/arden/maybe zeke the TiF? in the video when she picks claye up from the airport (meeting a stranger in a bunnings carpark) she says "for your partners sakes" to him. so he already had multiple partners, one of them being the nonbinary woman arden. and now she's been wearing that collar constantly. i don't know where dan fits into the situation. can i just say btw, he's gotten really hot.

No. 1756636

Woah I haven't watched her in years. Crazy how so many youtubers have been going off the deep end ever since 2020. So sad to see her in this state. I always thought her and Dan were adorable together with their red hair. She looks fucking grotesque now holy shit.

>can i just say btw, he's gotten really hot
He was hot to begin with, so now I'm curious lol.

No. 1756664

>>1756621 kek nonna i find dan cute to. he seems nice and is soft spoken. if alex could land a nice nigel then there's hope for the rest of us

No. 1756665

I used to watch her a lot, too, and was a fan. stopped watching when she got the one dove at the very beginning and would miss seeing Archie just on his own.

looking back, the situation with Sam in the picture always, I wonder if she's just the type to string men along so she always has someone to run back to? or maybe she just likes the attention of having male orbiters? I never really questioned them being such close friends before and him tagging along with she and Dan in their videos, but I know others thought it was weird her keeping him so close as an ex - and how she's now done this to Dan and how Sam now fucked off as well, makes me wonder what the fuck she's doing. obviously she's deep into her mental illness, I guess to the point of being toxic to all her long-term friends and just finding new ones that will enable her impulsive… whatever the fuck she's doing.

hope Dan has enough backbone to put his foot down if he really is getting fucked over in this situation. Poor Archie.

No. 1756677

God all you nonnies need some taste, but I will say Dan is way better than all the other male freaks and geeks she surrounds herself with. She’s always so disrespectful to him on camera, so can you imagine how she is when the camera isn’t rolling. Once he was fully passed out sleeping behind her in bed and she was waffling on about some dumb shit and the shot was literally so unflattering up his nose while he was sleeping in the background. I’d be livid.

No. 1756683

I thought Dan and Alex looked like siblings and I always got weird love triangle vibes from them all hanging out/living together.,

No. 1756696


Always got the same feeling tbh with the way she would always seem to be in charge of every situation in her videos (obviously it could just be the narrative she was aiming for, but the social interactions between her and Dan/Sam usually just seemed pretty unbalanced with her always leading the way). I read somewhere on her IG comments some rumors that she had issues with Sam's GF or the other way around, and hence the fall-out. (I'm sorry, I know this is an imageboard but I can't find the comments regarding this any longer and I can't find it in me to go look for them again) I wouldn't be surprised tbh, the whole situation always seemed super weird and I wouldn't blame Sam's GF for being bothered with how Alex seemed to treat Sam and Dan

No. 1756716

>>1756442 over 30 birds in just this picture.
>>1756448 wow, the skin on her nose looks off, maybe it's the lighting but it just doesn't look right. Like a bandaid of different skin

No. 1756718

Has she rehomed Archie? That poor baby deserves better.

No. 1756722

File: 1675109373397.png (335.05 KB, 346x598, ppppppp.PNG)


She posted this today, seems like she will be dragging Archie along to Tasmania with her

No. 1756749

I never quite understood where she gets all that money

No. 1756860

File: 1675118866922.jpg (232.95 KB, 647x419, 11ee7a68c_440051aa_2048.jpg)

I want to know how she thinks she'll be able to afford this apart from the insane cost for the land itself there's all the registration and licencing fees with the general money that goes into upkeeping an animal sanctuary I know she's probably abandoned that idea to shack up with whatever Polycue she's hanging around now but her history of setting these things up and then not coming through or letting any of the backers know what's going on is pretty scummy

No. 1757242

She’s privated her IG now, as well as apparently unfollowed a lot of her Sydney friends like Caitlyn and Lucy, according to GG. Can’t verify because of the private IG, I’ve never followed her

No. 1757330

>Hey guys, I need half a million dollars to avoid working ever again. I totally deserve it.

No. 1757364

Incredible. One of the few things her videos still had going for them was the cosy “I’m hanging out with friends” vibes - Lucy always seemed very sweet while stilling seeming to try to hold Alex accountable. She totally set her entire life on fire. I don’t know how she’s going to recover from this, it’s a dangerous spiral when you start removing your longterm supports in an effort to not be held accountable. Not something everyone can come back from in my experience.

No. 1757979

Damn, never thought I'd see Alex become a cow but I guess I should have seen it coming when she got COVID brainrot and made seething on her stories about antimaskers her entire personality for a year. Truly sad to see how far she's fallen and how she's fallen out with her entire friend group and possibly (likely?) Dan too.

No. 1757986

File: 1675219379153.jpg (572.25 KB, 1057x1074, 23-01-31-21-43-00-701_deco.jpg)

never forget what they took from you

No. 1758101

Holy shit, this is some Shayna levels of spiral. This may have potential, I'd love for anons to highlight some more of this girl, I'd never heard of her prior to this thread.

No. 1758241

This woman just keeps jumping from interest to interest and making it her whole personality. First it was the pastel/kawaii clothing. Then she dabbled into houseplants for a while, even made a plant instagram (pretty pastel plants or something) and hasn't posted for 1-2 years. Then came the bird obsession, which she will eventually get bored of as well. Probably many mini-obsessions in the middle but I haven't watched her so close for a while.
I'm guessing she will make OF at some point. Probably some gender arc coming as well, Alex figures out she's nonbinary and a lesbian. She's already surrounding herself with themlets.
Also, looks like she has deleted Archie's IG which was active until just a few days ago.

No. 1758248

She privated her IG, so she might have deleted Archie’s IG for the same reason she did that. Maybe in response to this thread? She used to lurk her thread on PULL. She can’t take any criticism at all. It’s probably why she suddenly cut off all her old friends/husband. She will take nothing less than blind support

No. 1758280

I'll take that back - Archie's IG is still up (archieeclectus), it's just that her youtube channel link to his IG is written wrong. Sorry for the misinformation nonas.

No. 1758765


not the MILKIEST thing on the planet, so apologies if other anons feel this should've been saged, but she's made her instagram private, and has spent her entire day posting about chicken garbage, stupid poems about your classic 'maybe I should've loved you less and loved myself more', and the other host of self love, pitying garbage cesspool poetry. She's also put up a few things that mention being a wife–maybe wants to remind us all that she is, in fact, married?

1. advertises a massive gofundme for a 'rescue sanctuary' after saying that
2. she would no longer be posting on her main channel (with over 700k+ subscribers)
3. Seems to be spiraling more and more–does not have a concrete sense of identity (hair, surgeries, 'aesthetics')

This woman seems miserable.

No. 1758893

Did you happen to grab any screenshots?

No. 1759027

File: 1675312170175.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, AE82406A-03A5-4C80-9ABD-758AE5…)

This is the only one I thought to grab! It’s been a busy day, so I apologize for the lack of further screenshots. I’ll make sure to grab them next time as I do know this is an image board haha

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