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File: 1556826186137.jpg (789.58 KB, 963x1208, 1556469623197.jpg)

No. 657873

Previous thread: >>>/pt/619612

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (to name but a few)

>23 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother
>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.
>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seems to be gaining weight rapidly- some farmers speculate that she may be on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Rodger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955

LATEST MILK (or lack thereof):
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again

Will 2019 bring change for Luna? The (filthy) cards say "no".


one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612

No. 657878

File: 1556826500023.jpg (10.92 KB, 703x126, uti.jpg)

No. 657883

File: 1556826971557.jpg (51.7 KB, 693x406, homelessness.jpg)

>joins a shaming group to make fun of other people
>complains when people make fun of her

No. 657908

File: 1556830810210.jpeg (858.08 KB, 828x1792, 609F9A0E-FBED-46F2-803F-8621C7…)

No. 657909

File: 1556830844010.jpeg (352.52 KB, 828x1792, 289D382A-7D55-4E0B-A33F-D8907D…)

No. 657910

File: 1556830867339.jpeg (410.91 KB, 828x1792, 0FF27ECC-5692-40DF-ACFF-0E8347…)

No. 657911

File: 1556830889080.jpeg (389.3 KB, 828x1792, E1DC0B60-77A8-41C2-B7AF-08F84C…)

No. 657913

Can't take what you dish out, Tuna?

No. 657914

File: 1556831361112.jpeg (346.48 KB, 1242x1520, 92F1C04E-FAAE-4E4B-87C5-B5725C…)

was browsing through this nyc photography page and stumbled upon fresh faced tuna and her ex from 6 years ago. the fact that she went and sought out this photo just 7 WEEKS AGO and is STILL milking her ex’s death is absolutely atrocious. she doesn’t even speak respectfully about the matter. she will never change.

No. 657915

File: 1556831414666.jpeg (128.87 KB, 720x960, ECFC9C24-D10A-4B61-8D4D-2637A9…)

don’t remember anyone posting this piece of work in the last thread

No. 657917

Can’t forget “Got her previously recovering mother addicted to heroin again”

No. 657918

What the fuck is wrong with her leg? Infected injection wound?

No. 657920

ugh jesus i don't wanna know

pretty depressing how both their lives turned out

No. 657927

File: 1556834186501.jpg (154.76 KB, 1076x750, whut.JPG)

>be an uwu ~homeless~ poorfag NEET
>have abusive daddy buy you an Instax, a
novelty camera which requires expensive film to take photos

A real poorfag would sell it ASAP to have money for food/drugs.

No. 657958

File: 1556839164291.jpg (57.79 KB, 540x405, tumblr_pqqvus6pQE1w1d39p_540.j…)

dumping a few things from her tumblr.

only posting things that are at least somewhat milky bc she says she was banned from facebook for 3 days and has been posting a lot of irrelevant stuff (i.e. 100 pics of her random trinkets being arranged on various filthy surfaces)

No. 657959

File: 1556839225786.gif (1.83 MB, 332x332, tumblr_pqqzarw6jj1w1d39p_540.g…)

No. 657960

File: 1556839262558.gif (1.75 MB, 314x314, tumblr_pqqzasysuW1w1d39p_540.g…)

>i love my leash

No. 657963

>her drugged up stumble

No. 657964

File: 1556839737904.jpg (78.02 KB, 540x405, tumblr_pqr4zyMjGV1w1d39p_540.j…)

>hard to read but i found a note matthew wrote me five years ago!!!!

note reads:
>Dear Luna, Today we had one of our many great adventures together, despite the id (?) problem we had a very productive day towards developing a solid loving relationship. My love and respect continues to develop on an hourly basis. We're great for each other and will have happy times ahead…
>Love, Me

lurch sure has a way with words kek

No. 657966

File: 1556839979214.gif (1.87 MB, 332x332, tumblr_pqr549eFc81w1d39p_540.g…)

>glitter mask

luna is ~so poor and starving uwu~ that she wastes all the masks she buys by applying them over her foundation like the filthy pillock she is

note the disgusting flaky state of her makeup-caked skin when she turns her head

No. 657982

daaaamn dude that bra she stole is NOT her cup size. that thing has SO much gapping in it and thus offers zero support.

No. 657984

she’s got whole ass frosted flakes on her cheek

No. 658014


Can’t imagine it even being trich related. It makes me fucking gag

No. 658018

File: 1556860813333.jpeg (970.67 KB, 1242x1559, E379E322-DA69-42A1-B441-7081F8…)

Tried posting this in the last thread but it was full lmao

No. 658020

>despite the id(?)
Luna says the reason they can't get married is because Lurch doesn't have an ID.

No. 658072

>facing homelessness
Yeah, she's doing that for a year now
Honestly, I can see her mom moving out of her own appartment out of desperation before Luna & Lurch even think about leaving.

No. 658095

File: 1556913147353.jpg (695 KB, 1384x1844, jrqk ;qje nwqln .jpg)

Peak homelessness

No. 658106

It doesn’t seem like lurch really has a lot of stuff. I’m sure if he did it would be more dark and simple looking. All of this kawaii pastel vomit shit is HER horde not theirs. It’s weird.

No. 658107

I wonder how they supposedly work this BDSM thing out with tunas mother in the next room? I mean does lurch lead her around the living room with that collar on. Also that room seems a lot smaller than I was picturing in my head. I figured even gov housing had a bedroom that could fit at least a queen bed and dresser. Anyways tuna is the most privileged “semi homeless” person I have ever seen. I wonder if she ever actually becomes homeless would she push all that pastel hoard around in a grocery cart?

No. 658108

File: 1556916495138.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.19 KB, 500x656, tumblr_pqy2s2gp6W1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 658110

she clearly doesn’t see homelessness as a real threat; she keeps buying things for her horde. if she genuinely thought she’d end up on the streets, she’d be buying all of this junk just for it to end up in a trash bin somewhere. she’s made herself quite comfortable in the only bedroom, no job and no income, while her mother sleeps on the couch fighting addiction.

No. 658112

and its pretty obvious lurch is putting up with her because he would be out on the street if they brake up.

No. 658129

….why the bows AND the scrunchies?

but I have to say, her skin looks tons better in this photo

No. 658130

she’s worn that outfit 5 days in a row

No. 658203

File: 1556936461941.png (2.3 MB, 1312x1670, Screenshot_20190503-221905~2.p…)

No. 658205

Ah yes, the magical dumpster.

No. 658208

how the fuck do they even sleep on that bed–do they move everything off of it every night? also, lmao, why would you take pillows out of the dumpster? just say you stole them, tuna, we all know that's where they came from.

No. 658213

still having a whale of a time on her mom's bed and not even offering to sleep on the couch I see

No. 658215


Can’t you find a job in that magical dumpster too tuna

No. 658217

The grey pillow to the left looks like a dog bed i once got for my Shih Tzu to ride in my car on. I cannot believe lurch and luna can sleep in that bed together. Imagine the stench from nasty drug induced sweating plus very poor hygiene and being that close.

No. 658224

She's such a thot, she should just do porn at this point. Smh

No. 658225

She offered nudes for sale and no-one wanted them lmao

No. 658236

For Tuna standards she actually looks good. Hair is neat, foundation doesnt look too crusty, clean eyeshadow, flattering pose so her waist looks small and her boobs dont look so saggy. A step I the right direction if she is going to sell any nudes.

No. 658237

File: 1556960877914.jpg (115.47 KB, 540x687, tumblr_pqynzyiBwU1w1d39p_540.j…)

No. 658238

File: 1556960902083.jpg (125.37 KB, 540x795, tumblr_pqynzzdumP1w1d39p_540.j…)

>calvin klein bitch

No. 658239

File: 1556960927526.jpg (117.69 KB, 540x719, tumblr_pqyo0pe8I41w1d39p_540.j…)

No. 658240

File: 1556961098656.jpg (86.88 KB, 540x795, tumblr_pqyo0eKgq81w1d39p_540.j…)

>calvin klein bitch instax addition

imagine being luna's mom and having to sleep on the couch for a year straight while the dope dealer who groomed your teenage daughter takes pics of her in her underwear while they're both probably stumbling around high on h/fent, xans, and god knows what else. truly wild

No. 658243

She looks like the junkie version of a doll that got thrown into a trash, anon.

>For Tuna standards she actually looks good

See pretty much every photo after your reply.

No. 658244

So did we also find this 50$ Calvin set and 15$ instax film in the trash Luna?

No. 658249

how the fuck is there that much dirt on the wall??? where does it all come from wtf

No. 658277

Wherever she is she just makes inexplicably dirty. There is no way to explain it.

No. 658279

The pubes sticking out and the waistband pulled so high it's splitting her labia apart just ties the whole room together.

No. 658296

How does she only get 15-20 likes on her instagram photos when she has almost 4,000 followers???

No. 658297

File: 1556994500410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,774.26 KB, 1076x1241, 1121AB0E-20DA-403A-B56D-71905E…)

No. 658305

she posts the same things over and over. they are also v disgusting

No. 658309

File: 1556997840301.png (Spoiler Image,262.2 KB, 480x666, pay attention to me.png)

She lives for online validation, must be hard to not get more likes or reblogs. Pic related.

No. 658373

File: 1557012186093.png (746.96 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-05-04-19-14-48…)

Tuna cmon lets be real… Nobody "left these on the ground". They were laid on a grave, which you subsequently robbed and pretended in your mind that they were given to you by Lurch.

No. 658450

File: 1557018940432.jpg (107.73 KB, 696x670, lurch.jpg)

Most people probably follow her to laugh at her

No. 658452

What in the world. Unless someone forgot them and planned to come back to get them, ie., placed them on the ground to tie their shoe lol, it's kind of rude to just pick up flowers that were seemingly Jusf purchased.
Agree with anon that they probably came from a grave. Why else would it be possible to a find perfectly brand new flower bouquet?

No. 658453

anyone know when this pic is from? I don't remember her having gray hair.

No. 658455

or they just stole it from the front of a flower shop

No. 658462

File: 1557020989263.jpeg (282.15 KB, 1200x759, DDBF79F7-A109-4EDD-BA37-C4ED77…)

I appreciate a good lurch and couldn’t resist

No. 658464

around the time she first moved into roger and lurch’s apartment if i’m not mistaken. i remember distinctly that she would complain about how lurch didn’t like it because it made her look “old” or whatever. unrelated, but he also hates her tattoos. (sorry for lack of evidence here but i remember her posting that when they first started dating)

there’s a few pics in the first thread where she had gray hair

No. 658465

Bless the fuck up anon this is fantastic

No. 658468

ty anon. Pretty sad that all Luna has to cling to is her internet semi-popularity from several years ago.

No. 658470

I missed the Lurch-memes so much. This is art, thanks my dude!

No. 658528

File: 1557039560762.png (1.96 MB, 1652x1202, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 11.5…)


No. 658529

File: 1557039585130.png (1.99 MB, 1650x1204, Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 11.5…)

No. 658531

It's good that they're calling her out, but she's going to delete these. They need to call her ass out on FB again or Twitter.

No. 658556

She deleted the comments already. It still says 3 comments but when you click on it, they’re gone.

Theoretically I wonder what would happen if strangers were to call her out repeatedly over multiple social media platforms - not us, obviously, cow tipping isn’t cool - but people who genuinely were her acquaintances or fans on social media. I am sure the list of people who have lost hard earned money to this clown is very, very long.

Do you think she’d make herself absent on social media or would it knock some sense into her? This is all hypothetical of course.

No. 658557

it would just reinforce her victim complex

No. 658561

She would just post about how much she hates herself and how hard she's "TrYiNg" along with a couple selfies begging for validation, more amazon wish lists, and shitty art she wants to sell for $50.
Rinse. Repeat.

No. 658596

File: 1557082266437.jpg (452.59 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pr1lxnpFs71w1d39p_1280.…)

>21 dollar shelves from amazon, i love them. surprisingly good quality

She sure is making herself more and more at home.

No. 658604

At this point, I’m sure Luna’s mom is okay with the situation because she’s using again and boom, she’s got her long-time connect right in the house. Who knows if she was ever really off drugs? It just seems like from the pieces we’re shown, she has plenty of valid reasons they could be kicked out

No. 658605

The plant on the left looks fuxking dead, and those succulents in the middle need A LOT of sunlight. Maybe she just close the curtains for the photo?..
Feeling like they're going to die from lack of light

No. 658608

I think you mean 'resigned to the situation'. She tried to get rid of them for so long and finally just gave up. Seems an odd tinfoil to doubt her mom was clean, too.

No. 658616

If her mom was truly committed to her sobriety, she wouldn’t have let two active addicts into her home (IMO). I guess she’s her mom, but she’s not some upstanding citizen just because she has a place and isn’t Luna. Who really knows

No. 658630


As much as I would want her to atleast sober up and somehow make a fair income to pay her mom back for all the shit she has put up with, seeing the kind if media Tuna surrounds herself with and have praised from a pretty young age despite having been shown the harsh truth makes me really doubt ANY recovery will ever take place. Its been 3? Or so years now with filth covered squalor

No. 658632

It did happen last year on Facebook. There was a callout post with hundreds and hundreds of posts about her scamming and begging people for money. That's also when we found out that she sent people art on printer paper or some shit.

Knowing that she had spammed people on a daily basis asking for money made so many people furious and that cunt ran off to hide for a week before doing it all over again. I don't think she gets nearly as much in "donations" now as she used to.

No. 658650


her parents aren’t the angels a lot of anons make them out to be. both of them are recovering or current addicts — and yet they don’t seem to understand that they’ve been enabling their daughter since she was a teenager. ever since tuna was a kid, she was exposed first hand to hardcore drug abuse - once tuna started using herself, she was given all of the basic life necessities from her father as well as his amazon account. xans and ambien are always plentiful. her mother lets her stay in her place with her former (possibly present) dealer. there’s never any pressure to get a job or get clean as far as we know (and you KNOW if there was, tuna would complain about it online). life was never made hard for her - and thus, she’ll never be scared into getting clean. unfortunately, death will likely come first.

it does suck that they have a drug addicted, lying, stealing, and ungrateful daughter - but they groomed their lives to be this way. in luna slater’s case, i don’t think the apple falls too far from the trees.

No. 658717


Happy anniversary! They moved in last May 8th.

Her mom had held onto so many of Luna's belongings from high school that it seemed to be more of a "welcome home" than a temporary spot to land.



When was the last time she posted art for sale? February?

No. 658728

this. tuna admitted only a month ago, in the last thread, that her mom is shooting up out in the open at the kitchen table. i doubt she just suddenly relapsed from tuna moving in, it sounds more likely that the problem never really went away.

No. 658738

I’ve been sober 6 years and dude if the person I’m living with was an heroin addict I’d go back to heroin again. The addiction NEVER goes away, of course it’s always there. Always always always that’s the struggle

No. 658760

She absolutely did not read Trainspotting. Its essentially written in an entirely different language (similar to A Clockwork Orange), she has neither the education nor dedication to get through that book.

No. 658763

This is what a lot of people fail to realize. If a morbidly obese person sheds 400lbs and you lock them in a house filled with their guilty pleasures, they're going to go back to eating the unhealthy stuff.

Tuna was complaining about her mom going back to drugs when it's completely her fault for bringing that shit into the house in the first place.

No. 658821

File: 1557175658874.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, D9C2C62A-4F37-4E83-9CCC-7DC541…)

No. 658823

File: 1557175882800.jpeg (172.35 KB, 750x1075, 4E521CA6-7DE3-4AED-B889-4E4A65…)

No. 658825

did this bitch just put on a face mask with crusty 8 day old foundation on????

No. 658832

File: 1557176616443.png (Spoiler Image,473.68 KB, 948x1016, Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 6.02…)

oh the foundation build up
how blind do you have to be to not see that build up and claim your face is cleared of makeup?????

No. 658839

Sad thing is it looks like she did attempt to wash it off, just probably did so on drugs

No. 658840

File: 1557177129617.jpeg (226.21 KB, 1242x1716, 17130E05-18C4-4C48-B94E-0C8A33…)

she is a whole ass refrigerator

No. 658854

File: 1557178713954.webm (2.78 MB, 480x480, media.io_funeral1996_59634828_…)

>still sell pics and videos

No. 658858

File: 1557179564785.gif (815.34 KB, 275x207, 1497841067956.gif)

She…. really has no idea how to be sexy and this is really disgusting to watch. Man, her cocaine confidence is really fucking up there.

No. 658862


>"what makeup?"


No. 658866

File: 1557181035882.bmp (957.43 KB, 551x592, Untitled 1.bmp)

A bruise or poop/dirt on her leg?

No. 658869

Probably all of the above.

No. 658870

this was painful to watch and that desperate wink at the end is just fucking sad. Her legs look like my 65 year old grandma's

No. 658872

It was very painful to watch. Can you imagine her mom walking in on that?

No. 658873

What the actual fuck, how delusional is she that’s incredible. No make up bitch wtf

No. 658878

To be fair, before she became an addict she seemed to be very interested in literature, and the way that she albeit terribly tries to imitate beat literature suggests that she was actually reading at some point. She's not stupid, she's just a shallow, self-absorbed trainwreck.
>what makeup?
Damn how high do you have to be to miss the fact that your face is covered in thick, crusty patches of foundation

No. 658886

File: 1557184202090.jpg (55.92 KB, 500x666, tumblr_pr3n8wIMwB1w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 658887

how is her cracked top lip more horrifying without lipstick on it???

No. 658890

File: 1557184699351.png (Spoiler Image,612.06 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20190506-161741~2.p…)

Self harm on her upper arm at 14 secs?

Spoiler for TW

No. 658917

File: 1557188036298.jpg (12.18 KB, 706x132, identity.jpg)

No. 658940

If it were self harm, it would be placed more on the front of her arm, where it's easier to reach. It seems too far back/on the outside to be self harm.
I think that it looks to be indentations from laying on something for too long lol

No. 658950

actually it 100% still could be (and is) self harm. it's not that hard to self harm there and i'm sure she's seen people tell each other it's a easy place to "hide cuts" on tumblr.

No. 658951

File: 1557195672841.jpg (888.27 KB, 1073x1439, Screenshot_20190507-045622.jpg)

No. 658952

File: 1557195715384.jpg (480.02 KB, 810x2544, 20190507_045735.jpg)


No. 658955

File: 1557196209863.jpeg (123.92 KB, 640x712, 63D128FC-172B-4605-9A38-1DBA85…)


No. 658956

File: 1557196216735.jpg (92.63 KB, 540x710, 1554769972140.jpg)


Compare to this pic a month ago.

And what's with the TW? This isn't PULL.

No. 658957

ofc you can reach there and it's also a really good place to self harm if you want your self harm to be super noticable

she probably did scrub her cheeks but left it round her mouth cus you know she's wasted etc.

No. 658958

File: 1557196483264.jpeg (1.69 MB, 1242x1690, BF8DDA35-242C-4FD9-BF6E-365F0F…)

Why is her cleavage going sideways

No. 658959

File: 1557196629192.png (92.06 KB, 720x1109, Screenshot_20190506-193429~2.p…)

No. 658960

Fucking gross. It looks like snot decided to bungee jump from her lip.

Clearly she can afford drugs seeing as how she's high as fuck in this. She doesn't need to sell photos and videos for drug money.

Day 165 of Luna wearing that damn red bra.

No. 658964

How is she not going insane from all the shit caked in her lipstick?

No. 658966

You made her look like she crawled out of a dumpster, congrats

No. 658968

Tuna before anon's change looked like she crawled out of a dumpster. This version is a lot better but looks like she belongs on a street corner.

No. 658969


I don't think that's (supposed to be) snot.

No. 658972

You whine and bitch
>god I wish people would stop making fun of me
And then you post shit like this

Maybe stop taking fistfuls of other peoples xanax and fuck knows what else and then posting online.
Thanks for the laughs tho

No. 658982

>How is she not going insane
Anon, she is insane.

No. 658994

File: 1557203675727.png (301.69 KB, 480x670, buyers.png)


No. 658995

8 mgs of xanax? God damn I'm amazed she isn't in the hospital more often.

No. 658996

Freudian slip to an insane degree, so now it is revealed that’s truly how she views her followers.

No. 659032


it was probably some loser who bought her nudes and technically is a buyer

No. 659033


I think she's referring to someone who bought/buys her Adult Content, if she wanted to seem the least bit legit she'd use "client" tho

No. 659044

Its her dad, shes bragged before on her hellwithin96 account

No. 659049

You can reach there but its a weird reach, especially with her arm chub and the angle of the cuts she had to have done them literally JUST to be seen

No. 659057

It's 100% self-harm, anon. >>658956 proves she likes to cut herself there.
I-is that Lurch cum? God, no…
What account? I have been following her since the first thread and I don't remember that (can be shitty memory, yes).

No. 659060

Its self harm its just in a really weird spot that is super visable and weird to reach, youd think if she was actually a long time cutter shed know to use her thigh/shin (where she would have more control over the depth of the cut rather than reaching across her entire body to haphazardly slash her shoulders). Shit, if she was even a convincing fake shed do it on the wrist and "let her sleeve slip" instead of this Freddy Kreugar bullshit

Im going to second contesting her having read trainspotting. Luna likes to collect art and things she thinks are cultured but i dont think she actually knows anything about art or literature other than that she wants to be special by making it. She also had that long rant about how people who dont read books are smarter

No. 659061

File: 1557232824452.jpeg (165.75 KB, 750x499, 79724090-68E6-4AE9-8D43-F91D63…)

Holy Shit, nice find anon who pointed this account out!

No. 659063

File: 1557232954743.jpeg (198.34 KB, 750x612, 535A3807-4D39-4BD6-996E-70C0C8…)

Really the only milk on the blog but good god this is funny

No. 659067


>Luna likes to collect art and things from drug culture



I thought she had a MacBook?

No. 659069

File: 1557235473007.jpg (397.04 KB, 961x1280, ba344c26-a8fc-463d-a049-932f8a…)

In a graveyard… probably stealing shit from the dead.

From what I remember, she had an ipad. This is the first she's mentioned a chromebook.

No. 659074

I never said she read the book? Shes clearly drugged out of her mind on a near constant basis and barely got halfway through her bpd book in two years, im refering to how shes hoarded drug paraphenilia including fictional lore of it since she was a teenager.
(But lol Scottish slang isnt a different language simply because lots of americans dont understand it kek…)

No. 659076

idk man. i'd hit.(thirstposting)

No. 659086

all still out of her moms house? Like shes just going to be loudly, exasperatedly be fapping for a camera IN HER MOTHERS BEDROOM?

Also this is going to be a disaster. Shes either going to piss off a client and get hit with the Thot Audit (potentially exposing her illegal housing situation to the authorities) or wind up realizing there's no money to be made in the flooded camgirl market and go full-service

Im shocked she hasnt already, it would fit her "sad junkie poor angel save me" aesthetic to be walking the streets

No. 659088

Sweet shit I can SMELL the Hepatitis in this picture

Also Im going to be the one to say it I guess, if she can't afford to treat a UTI (which are fucking FREE at planned parenthood and she lives a train ride away from like 4 of them), when is she going to the DR to be tested for things like HIV/Hep/etc? I doubt she's donating blood (which is how most broke people I know get free blood tests). You can have it for years and years without showing symptoms.

"My dad squirted Hep C blood at me and my mom has it and my needle-sharing fuck-skeleton who was also her dealer and I sadbragged about how everybody I know has Hep and I DRANK THE SPIT OUT OF A HEP PATIENT'S MOUTH but im clean"

No. 659106

File: 1557245698166.gif (1.52 MB, 332x332, lunagif2.gif)

No. 659108

File: 1557245892120.gif (1.56 MB, 332x332, lunagif1.gif)

No. 659109

File: 1557245945200.jpg (114.81 KB, 704x826, scammin.jpg)

Damn she buys a lot more shit than I thought she did

No. 659110

File: 1557245961469.png (232.5 KB, 484x430, lunamet.png)

>met gala

No. 659111

Im not totally convinced she isn't an animatronic programmed to do the same body movements over and over like the stage show at Chuck E Cheese

Her body in gifs has exactly one pattern of motion, the "boobs, non-curves-ass hand movement or the weird leg thing like its 1750 and legs are still scandalous

No. 659113


I wonder what prompted her mom to rearrange the kitchen? The table used to be where the fridge is now.

No. 659115

I didnt even notice these were in the kitchen! So shes not even containing it to her own room shes literally just waltzing around the house taking hoe pix with her mother probably asleep on the couch 10 feet away.

Every piece of lingerie Ive ever seen her "model" is 3 sizes too small, those types are supposed to drape, not hold your gut in like a pair of silk spanx

No. 659124

Can someone link that tumblr page? For some reason it won’t come up when I search

No. 659128

You have to be logged in to see it.


No. 659131

it absolutely amazes me that she’s had to buy new copics like 5 separate times since these threads started taking off. whoever suggested she nods off and leaves the caps off of them is probably 100% correct.

No. 659132

File: 1557249310428.jpg (83.22 KB, 521x960, bbf8a3e0a47560012703f11f6da6c4…)

Luna is the most narcissistic person I've seen. Can't wait to see what happens next. Also where tf does she get clients, some secret Twitter acc maybe?

No. 659134

File: 1557249451451.jpeg (132.56 KB, 1242x684, C8DA7164-7B71-4D87-BBA2-3CC0CF…)

holy shit she’s really going to try camming and calling herself a sex worker.

also, is this the first time she’s admitted that her amazon account is linked to her dad’s card? i’ve read all of the threads multiple times when i’ve been bored and don’t recall her ever admitting that - but it has been suspected, obviously

No. 659135

A million and a half anons have arm chair diagnosed her but narcissism is the only thing i think genuinely fits

No. 659179

i can see her being narcissistic, but i think she also checks off some marks in histrionic personality disorder(armchair)

No. 659193

File: 1557260016977.gif (1.78 MB, 284x284, tumblr_pr5hal8y8V1w1d39p_400.g…)

No. 659195

File: 1557260228324.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.33 KB, 673x491, X1wbUR1.jpg)

No. 659198

its like an alien trying to imitate human movements and emotion.

No. 659200

does anyone else feel like she photoshopped the shit outta her face in these photos (at least the second one) or did she just shine a bigass light to overexpose it? her jaw in the second pic looks way thinner and more defined than it actually is

No. 659201

yeah my first thought when i saw these pics was "did she actually use filters?". i don't think it's photoshop, i doubt she'd have the skills to use it. imo it's just instathot filter

No. 659202

Hoooly shit she buys a fuckton of stuff what the fuck

No. 659213

Yeah no wonder she has a secret blog for this. Something in her NEEDS to brag about all this junk she's getting, but if she did it on her main accounts it would completely clash with her "uwu 90% of my belongings were lost when I went homeless"

bitch you're literally shopping for furniture. not to mention all the little useless items she's buying (using daddy's card like she's a spoiled 18 year old) for herself is so extra…

No. 659218

Bitch is delusional as fuck. People are going to pay her to stop trying to look sexy and to keep her clothes on. I hope her dad sees all of these payments and cut her off.

Ew gross that smile is viiile.

You guys just don't understand how broke she is. She orders things to prove it!

No. 659220

Do you think her dad knows about these purchases or doesn't care? If he's not the type of person to check their bank balance she could easily get away with purchases like socks and dresses and pens whenever she pleases.

No. 659232

A lot of junkie's families give them gift cards and amazon accounts and shit instead of cash because they dont want the money to go toward drugs. It wouldn't be surprising if he got the account hooked up thinking she is ordering groceries or some shit

No. 659237

God her teeth are darker than her hair

No. 659238

her teeth are way worse when she talks

she used to have videos of her reading her poetry up on her youtube but they’ve long since been deleted

not only does she have bad teeth, but a very extreme overbite and she talks out of only one side of her mouth. she’s really unfortunate looking in motion.

(source: have known this girl for years)

No. 659239

Wow I knew she hoarded useless junk but this girl straight up has a shopping addiction

No. 659240

she wears this same bra every single fucking day and you just know she’s never going to wash it. enjoy your titty acne luna

No. 659262

>Im going to second contesting her having read trainspotting. Luna likes to collect art and things she thinks are cultured but i dont think she actually knows anything about art or literature other than that she wants to be special by making it. She also had that long rant about how people who dont read books are smarter
She uses certain stylistic elements in her "poetry" that she would only know about if she actually read the beats. She probably didn't gain anything beyond a sense of ~aesthetic~ when she read them, but she post likely did used to read at some point. Before she became an addict she was a typical art ho, and it's not some grand achievement to read literature that is lauded in art ho circles.
>all still out of her moms house? Like shes just going to be loudly, exasperatedly be fapping for a camera IN HER MOTHERS BEDROOM?
Her mom's going to have to start mainlining fent to take her mind off of what's going on in her bedroom
>Im shocked she hasnt already, it would fit her "sad junkie poor angel save me" aesthetic to be walking the streets
Luna's desire for the junkie lifestyle stops where her discomfort begins. She seems to be terrified of actually walking the walk and would probably do anything to avoid actually hooking.

No. 659265

File: 1557278622059.jpeg (346.93 KB, 1241x1982, 39034D99-0C8C-4975-AF6A-CD01D8…)

No. 659267

File: 1557278882957.jpeg (651.12 KB, 1242x1795, BAB28491-7CC4-4513-A320-7948B6…)

She admits she’s lazy, lol. Someone should screenshot all of her posts because I feel like she’ll delete this tumblr when she realizes people know about it. It’ll be hilarious if she says she found something and then says on this tumblr that she bought it with her dad’s money

No. 659269

We should go through it and try to find all of the things that she "found in a dumpster".

No. 659281

File: 1557284279151.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x1843, 2FE6AB90-F335-430C-8F17-D568E9…)

Oh my god lol

No. 659284

Can you imagine her doing this to Lurch knowing she doesn't clean her sex toys….

No. 659294

Imagine Lurch in Tuna clothes

No. 659327

File: 1557311262295.jpg (39.62 KB, 606x484, cap1.JPG)

More pics of Luna's shopping blog.
I find the uwu-woe-is-me header hilarious because of what the blog is about: dad-funded Amazon shopping sprees of a NEET junkie.

No. 659328

File: 1557311629072.jpg (23.06 KB, 595x440, cap10.JPG)

No. 659329

File: 1557311750427.jpg (79.96 KB, 572x879, cap5.JPG)

No. 659330

File: 1557311843239.jpg (71.88 KB, 581x817, cap4.JPG)

No. 659331

File: 1557311943101.jpg (52.97 KB, 596x803, cap9.JPG)

No. 659332

File: 1557312479118.jpg (56.22 KB, 603x447, cap8.JPG)

No. 659333

File: 1557312575288.jpg (69.61 KB, 570x656, cap7.JPG)

No. 659334

File: 1557312706325.jpg (41.2 KB, 609x376, cap13.JPG)

No. 659338

the fact that she ordered m&m’s on amazon instead of walking to the store and get some is peak laziness

No. 659343

Who thought we'd ever see the day where Luna Slater may dethrone Dolly Mattel as Lolcow's worst camgirl.

Her justifications for buying half this shit is ridiculous.
>We don't have many pillows
Then buy pillows, not more stuffed animals.

No. 659348

Well she's sure giving Raven a run for the money on this site's worst junk buyer/hoarder.

No. 659349

File: 1557318876151.jpeg (304.08 KB, 1242x398, 121D6941-A15B-4CD7-B976-B1DFE9…)

>some pink furniture to go with the shelves again

the pink end table she posted starts at $29 on amazon. you can get the “lack” end table of equal quality at ikea for $8.99 or a legitimate wooden table at any given thrift store for $5-10.

i know we’ve always suspected that she’s spoiled beyond belief but seeing the proof is just… wow

No. 659352

her dad is a piece of shit for allowing his junkie daughter to buy all of this junk. like other anons have said, discomfort causes change and she’s never had to feel uncomfortable. how do neither of her parents care that she’s unemployed? she’s never had to work a day for anything and truly doesn’t understand the value of the dollar. she could be using her dad’s amazon account to buy shit like kitchen utensils and bulk toilet paper but she chooses wholesale polyester clothing instead. so fucking aggravating.

No. 659370

"mostly homeless" people dont buy furniture holy shit

No. 659388

File: 1557334436416.jpeg (235.75 KB, 750x987, 851C9883-7AA0-42E5-92A1-7324BB…)

Saw this on a random tumblr (image was the creepy polaroid of Luna and Lurch) with about five replies acknowledging the threads (looting the graves, calling Matthew Lurch). Not super milky but it’s always sad when it seems like genuinely nice people got caught up with her.

No. 659391

File: 1557334805601.jpg (212.14 KB, 1280x720, eto_news_daily_demi_lovato_21_…)

Every time I look through this thread, all I can imagine is Demi Lovato playing her in a movie – like, "Charlize Theron playing Aileen Wuornos in Monster" style. Like, the basic resemblance (and drug use) is there, all she would need is a ton of weird ugly makeup to look as crusty as possible

(sage in spirit)

No. 659392

I dont have kids myself (let alone one addicted to heroin and misery) so take this with a grain of salt. I dont think her dads that bad, probably worried if he doesnt treat luna with kid gloves that shell totally go off the rails and potentially die. Does anyone remember that pic of her and evil dad at a restaurant, where shes wearing the same pastel top four days straight and hes got an expression of being completely dead inside.
He does have some sort of boundaries because you know luna'd rather be squatting in his nice midtown apartment.

No. 659393

disagreed, her dad's a stupid lazy parent for giving her direct access to his credit card and not giving a shit that she spends it on crap that isn't improving her life situation. Instead, every time they meet he could take her to buy necessities in bulk and pay for it on the spot as a 'take it or leave it' option, but now it's so far gone and he can't be assed to discipline her.

her spending blog getting found out has refueled my a-log level of hatred for this cunt wowee. i legit wish nothing but the worst for this rancid hoe

No. 659399

She is an adult at this point though. He's not supposed to discipline her at all.

The reason he doesn't supply her with essentials is because she has never needed them. It's always been a lie. She spins two lies at the same time, one to her followers about being omg so poor pls send money help me, and probably one to her dad about how well she's doing in her art/dbt/whatever stupid "Self improvement" thing she's up to to get him to buy her gifts as a reward.

There's no point in getting mad about how stupidly she spends her money, if you are you're falling for a lie. She has enough disposable income to afford a heroin addiction; she's not even a poor person who spends her money stupidly. She's only marginally worse off than when she had the million dollar inheritance.

Asking why she doesn't spend her money more wisely is a self answering question; because she can afford to spend it on whatever she wants.

No. 659427

It's almost word for word of what people who fell for her lies said when she got outed on Facebook. She even took a girl's last two dollars.

No. 659434

spoiling her is enabling her drug habits. she would be less likely to die from a drug related OD if he cut her off IMO. she’d have to use her own money on food and necessities rather than heroin. she’s perfectly comfortable being a junkie and won’t change unless she’s faced with reality. her dad spoiling her is a death sentence.

No. 659436

someone needs to make a documentary about tuna if/when she dies (i say "if" because at this point i'm starting to think this bitch immortal)

No. 659454

she could afford way more drugs if she spent her dad's money on gift cards and cash cards on amazon and then went and got them cashed out at a local place. but she's so superficial or fucking stupid (or both) that she just wastes it all on plastic shit and plushies for her hoard. you can tell she's never been desperate for money in her life by her lack of resourcefulness.

No. 659455

i just looked again because i wanted to go through and try to add up how much money she was spending but it looks like she's deleted almost everything. either somebody tipped or she regularly reads here. sucks. i thought the milk was about to be plentiful once more.

No. 659462

almost all of it was posted here so you could probably do a rough estimate regardless

No. 659463

i just went through and did that. i was able to easily find the amazon listings she bought from for a lot of it, but keep in mind this isnt even everything:
Webcam - 19.99
Snotgirl vol 2 - 10.87
Yoga pants - 18.96
Pig pillow - 17.99
Copic sketchbook - 20.79
Copic montana rainbow set - 24.64
Copic nature set - 25.93
Copic ciao 6 pastel set - 23.40
Little twin stars sticker sheet (this is the second one she’s bought) - 12.99
Purple caboodles makeup case - 16.99
Purple nightgown - 14.99
Pink blanket - 19.99
Party size m&ms (fucking lol) - 8.28
Instax photo album - 8.99
Pink bookshelf - 21.63
Pink usb fan - 13.99

for a grand total of $271.43

No. 659466

File: 1557362173006.jpg (245.35 KB, 1920x795, Dudleyangry.jpg)

Well the new blog reveal made me see a resemblance here.. I can definitely see Luna upping the leeching game with her dad since "it's all cheapcheapcheap so what's another item uwu?"

No. 659474

I think she's way more addicted to shopping than she is heroin. i've never seen anyone as obsessed with collecting garbage as luna

No. 659478

I think its cus like most people like online shopping, you know you look forward to something coming that's p fun lol and for tuna its one of the only interactions she has. I mean getting those xans must be fun, but other than that she has nothing in her life

No. 659480

That's her own fault, though. If she'd get off of her lazy ass, she'd have a lot more.

No. 659481

well duh

No. 659482

What the fuck does she need a $13 sticker sheet for?

No. 659483

Christ she has absolutely dead eyes

No. 659484

Oh sweet jebus. This entitled gross ass blob has a pet drug addiction. She should switch to crack, or krokodil. Oh yeah I think missing a vein and looking like a FallOut ghoul* would fit her aesthetic.

*bonus points for picking best fitting ghoul.

No. 659492

File: 1557377599155.png (455.99 KB, 480x684, narcan.png)

She'll never die from an OD, since she always has free Narcan for both her and Lurch. Guess they talked about her not using when he's gone (except benzos).

No. 659522

How are you still not seeing nothing will make her change? She talks about having no identity because she doesn't want to admit this is her identity. Her parents have seemed to care, ie abusive dad still buys her shit and takes her out for meals and her mom let her move in and spent a whole lot of time getting on her back about getting a job.
I don't think anyone is arguing her parents are great, but trying to blame them for all her problems and attitude is kidding yourself.

Perhaps he's just taking a very misguided approach to trying to stop her stealing shit all day because he knows she wouldn't survive 5 seconds after getting arrested.

This weird stanning, man … what the fuck.

No. 659526

I'm not sure where all the sudden hate for Luna's parents came from, but it's misguided and pretty stupid imo. Her father is probably doing this because he knows it's the only way she'll stay in contact with him, and knowing where she is and whether she's alive is better than the alternative. No (normal) parent likes to worry about whether their kid has OD'ed somewhere. It could also be that he's seen the stuff she's posted about him online and is so horrified that he's attempting to make her not hate him (which will never happen because she needs those Sad Bby ~uwu~ Points).
Also, why are we all assuming Luna's mom is using again? Literally all we have is Luna's word, not even a photo or anything, and we know she lies about everything else.

No. 659528

Damn, her dad must be quite well off if he does not mind hundreds of dollars disappearing from his credit card every week.

Imagine living a life to which this post is relevant (Sorry to any social workers that might be reading this, I obviously don't mean you).
Drug addiction is such an alien problem to me.
Luna is a really fascinating cow to me because she's both relatable and uncanny at the same time.

Personally I don't hate Luna's parents but they are halfway responsible for the nightmare that is Luna (especially her Mother). The rest falls on Lurch for being a predatory POS and Luna for being fucked in the head and okay with being a social parasite that is unwilling to change.

I have no idea how she manages to sleep when she has no income? I would lose my mind if I had to be dependent on my parents and donations of random people on the internet (uh, sorry! I meant buyers of her art and sex work).

No. 659529

>taking video with my partner
Did I understand correctly, Lurch and her are having sex again? Are they using protection? Or are we to expect an… accident? Imagine if Luna got pregnant, oh my God. I hope she sticks to BJ videos.

No. 659547

she has said many times they’re careless with it and she was “shocked” or whatever that she didn’t have a pregnancy scare. but she also has PCOS, and a history of drug abuse and eating disorders - so who knows if she’s capable of carrying a child to begin with…

No. 659548

>discomfort causes change

ODing wasn't enough to make her stop doing heroin. You really think no longer being able to buy loads of useless shit would do anything more than make her whine?

>how do neither of her parents care that she’s unemployed?

It seems her mom was getting on her ass about getting a job for a while there, and maybe she still is. But what is she supposed to do? Tell Luna to get a job or gtfo?

Do you have any idea what it's like to have a loved one that's an addict? It hurts you to see them suffer, so you convince yourself that your support can save them. So you enable and enable and enable.

Luna's parents probably both blame themselves for her addiction, and they have no idea how bad her life would need to get before she would get her shit together. Maybe there is no rock bottom for Luna. ODing wasn't enough. Maybe she'd be living under a bridge and turning tricks for dope and that still wouldn't be enough.

You're expecting them to basically say, "Oh hey, we know you're an addict with a personality disorder and a disgusting fiance largely because we were awful parents, but too bad, fuck off until you get your shit together, and try not to wind up as a corpse in a dumpster before then." That would be especially horrible coming from her mom, assuming her mom is back on dope, because it'd be so damn hypocritical.

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for a second she'll ever get better as long as she can rely on them to help her, but try to have some empathy. Either they keep doing what they're doing and hope she overcomes her problems, or they intentionally hurt her in the hopes that her suffering will be so severe that getting better will be her only choice.

No. 659576


>whether you use or not, EVERYONE should carry Narcan

This may be the dumbest thing I've ever heard from Luna. Does she read what she types?

No. 659582

In a first-aid kit kind of way, I understand. Having it in your home cabinet. Saving it for a rainy day.

Having a fire extinguisher doesn't hurt either!

It's good to be prepared!


Example, maybe grandma took an extra pill and fucked her shit up idk.

>An innocent mistake can sometimes go wrong? No?

No. 659599

thanks for making this point. i feel like the anons whining about her parents enabling her by not putting her out on the street probably don't have much experience having an addict as a loved one. plus its easy for us to preach that here because all of us dislike luna. not so easy when she's your flesh and blood, especially because both her parents are likely enabling her out of guilt since they're both addicts as well. i don't think they're 100% to blame for how she ended up, but im sure they both feel like they are.

yeah, anons before were speculating about how he must rent the condo because it'd be too expensive to buy, but if luna is burning through $300+ within a couple of weeks without him noticing or telling her to stop, maybe he really is super wealthy. it would make sense that she doesn't fully divulge how rich he is since that would interfere with her ~uwu im the poorest poor to ever poor~ pity party

No. 659605

Have addicts in the family, thanks. This behavior is not typical of a parent who genuinely wants to see their child thrive. She has shitty parents for many reasons, there's no getting around it. There comes a point where a parent enabling does more harm than good, especially when your child is like Luna: a jobless adult with no aspirations except to get high and leech off whomever. She is in her 20s, it's well past the point of time where a parent should realize that this enabling is detrimental.

No. 659609

>I'm not sure where all the sudden hate for Luna's parents came from, but it's misguided and pretty stupid imo.
It's just a fact that Luna's parents are doing the wrong thing by enabling her. Junkies don't have a hope of getting better until they're cut off. Plus Luna's shitty behavior came from somewhere.
>ODing wasn't enough to make her stop doing heroin. You really think no longer being able to buy loads of useless shit would do anything more than make her whine?
ODing usually doesn't make addicts seek serious help. They do when they're in prolonged discomfort or when they otherwise are hit with the realization that they are living like an animal. Luna has an identity crisis when her pillows aren't soft enough and she has to skip a meal; being unable to buy comforts, and especially being on the streets, is the only thing that even has a chance at causing her to try and make meaningful change. This is one of the universal things that is told to family members of addicts; when you support their comfort, they don't receive the opportunity to realize that they need to change.

No. 659619

this right here.
everyone's saying her parents can't just throw her out on the streets because of guilt are missing the point. they don't have to cut her off completely, but they're doing nothing to help her in the long run.
i don't think any of them are capable of forcing a decent life down her throat (nor do they owe it to her at this point, she's a fucking adult), and her mom is fair in giving her a roof over her head out of a feeling of guilt, but there's no fucking excuse for her dad to keep enabling her by not restricting what his money buys her, ESPECIALLY when it's nearly 300 bucks for plastic pink thot trash.

fucking apocalyptic kek @ the anon whose excuse was "but if her dad doesn't allow her to buy crap on amazon she'll literally kill herself!!11!1"

i think the biggest problem is lurch. he's unambitious and indifferent but it's still someone she interacts with that isn't her mom or dad. they might not even have shit in common but she can project her fantasies onto his soggy tweaker carcass without him being aware of it while he festers away in the corner of her mom's bedroom. but i wonder, if she didn't have him or anyone close to her age to talk to, if she would notice a pattern and clean herself up to try and make normal friends again if she's still even capable of missing what that feels like. realistically she'd probably seek out other junkies, but i suppose this is just me hoping to one day see a breakup saga

No. 659648

I agree about Lurch. Tunas never going to let go of him and he’s a non ambitious, no prospects or any kind of experience and he has no future. Never has had a plan for life and he’s leaching off her at this point. He’s got a roof, food and drugs. No reason to change it. Wow, what a winner!
We sit here and read this crap while on the shitter or on break from work but I’m sure Luna’s life keep some of us very sober.

No. 659698

God i wish there was a sage option in pt because theres something therapeutic about taking a shit and looking at luna/general internet cow shit.

No. 659745

File: 1557487371211.jpg (523.75 KB, 1193x1280, tumblr_pr96zsvP2P1w1d39p_1280.…)

Her legs have foundation on? They look as crusty her face.

No. 659746

Who the fuck puts foundation on their legs? I’m so confused

No. 659748

oh my goddddddd, at first i thought it was just dry skin but it really does look like she’s put make up on her legs/feet

No. 659750


Someone whose feet are swollen, bruised, and riddled with puncture wounds.

No. 659751

I don't think it's foundation because otherwise shed have put in the effort to shave her legs as well, I think it's just crust.

No. 659752

She has a major insecurity about her freckles to the extent she wont take off her makeup before using facemasks to take pictures of them. So putting foundation on her legs to cover them doesn't seem that farfetched.

No. 659753

I believe you but ive never seen anybody with a freckled foot. Those slippers look like they are longing for the sweet release of being one of the 97% of items lost in the next eviction

also, somebody mentioned Lurch is dealing fent/cut dope. hes going to cause an OD and kill somebody and we will get a new Tai

No. 659755

if i’m not mistaken she’s lost a good chunk of followers in the past few days. she used to be at like 3,300 almost 3,400 and she’s down to 3,200… she’s private and has to approve follow requests so i wouldn’t think they’d be spam bots

No. 659757

Nice reading comprehension, anon. And oh good, more excusing Luna's behaviour as Lurch is the problem. But nah, there's no WKs in here.

They're leeching off each other. Where do you think the drugs are coming from (and how)?

No. 659764

Chill out, people are discussing the other factors that may influence Luna's behavior/life path, not absolving her of responsibility for her actions. People like you who get angry about others not shitting on a cow in the exact way that you want them to are fucking weird. It's just a junkie on the internet, m8

No. 659767

If this is the reason why she wears shit ton of caked makeup then it’s super sad. Freckles are cut. Definetly cuter than ten layers of crusty makeup

No. 659787

this picture fucking haunts me lmao, i wonder if she just wiped her hands on her legs while taking crusty selfies and realizing her hands are too sticky on the camera…But it looks too much like it could be a deliberate attempt to blend the foundation.

Something like Ambien can make you do something retarded like putting make up on your feet but if she was on ambien i'm sure we'd have heard about it by now

No. 659793

She wants people to stop making fun of her, but then she uploads shit like this.

Eh, it's easy to understand that anon. This conversation happens in every single Tuna thread.

No. 659802

File: 1557507162302.jpeg (39.38 KB, 600x600, 1_qBNKc1xe34yyBkjO8DgQVQ.jpeg)

What is that huge dry patch on her right foot? Tuna, if you're going to use your dad's credit card, at least order yourself some lotion.

No. 659803

Looks like she wiped some posts from the hellwithin96 blog.

No. 659827

Jesus just look at the edge of the slipper, it's skin-colored whereas other areas appear to be white/pink, of course it's foundation? But why not shave tuna??

No. 659835

File: 1557518264286.jpg (28.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

oh i'll agree with you that there's no WKs, instead of them we now have people like you who sound jealous of the crap her dad buys her, and try to justify it as necessary for her survival

No. 659837

File: 1557518838685.jpeg (1.75 MB, 1242x1876, 99078685-F953-40F8-9938-A1F6EF…)

she finally got her useless $30 end table.

also, i know their bedroom floor is speckled tiles… but that doesn’t look like a design to me. am i bugging or is that possibly blood or dirt?

No. 659910


petty but it annoys me how luna doesn't know/has obliterated the part of her brain that used to hold words for common, everyday objects. "mini table"

No. 659918

i think it's just luna talk for it being small = cheap

No. 659967

I think these are actually covered up track marks/injection sites because track marks are not kawaii

No. 659982

File: 1557542704373.png (746.94 KB, 1060x757, 13.2.png)

No. 659984

File: 1557542935343.png (1.1 MB, 1171x566, 14.png)

No. 659985

File: 1557542998320.png (585.78 KB, 970x691, tumblr11.png)

No. 659988

lol tuna at this point it's the xanax that's making you anxious

No. 660092

2.5 hours is a long time for her to work on a drawing according to her but she wants $50 for one


No. 660127

She's been taking fistfuls of benzos for over a year now; at this point they probably don't work, taking too few of them actually causes her anxiety, and she can't stop using them without risking her life. The benzo addiction probably has a higher chance of getting her killed than the opiates. If she does end up homeless or her supply is otherwise cut off, she's absolutely screwed

No. 660219

File: 1557618934942.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1224x1598, 1556576180168.png)

reposting from the last thread since it was shared at the end and i can't get over this "serial killer taking a photo with his mannequin girlfriend"-tier nighmare image.

No. 660226

File: 1557621176043.jpg (126.93 KB, 500x598, cheap.jpg)

No. 660227

File: 1557621299008.jpg (38.24 KB, 500x376, tumblr_prcpz2X5T51w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 660234

File: 1557621944068.jpg (49.47 KB, 728x546, aid236067-v4-728px-Embalm-Step…)

She looks like a living-dead-corpse!

No. 660251


>/x/-tier cursed image

No. 660252

fucking kek luna's the only ~basically homeless~ person i know who has a side table so overflowing with hundreds of dollars of useless shit that its nearly all falling off. who the fuck is she fooling at this point?

No. 660254

She's actually been posted to /x/ a few times before

No. 660256


That's 6mg of Xanax. Or the equivalent of 120mg diazepam. She must have an incredible tolerance, because that is seriously a massive amount of benzos.

No. 660264

kind of a noob when it comes to pills…how many xans are you supposed to take? maybe her weight comes into play?

No. 660268

no anon its cus she has a high tolerance from abusing them for years, like bars are 2mg and even just half could make someone who takes them occasionally feel calm and sleepy

No. 660320

Do people do that? How does it work?

No. 660364

the idea of lying down caked in that much make up makes my skin crawl. no wonder everything she owns is filthy.

No. 660375


Usual dosage is 0.5mg PRN for anxiety, or 1-2mg nocte for patients using it for sleep. Rarely people have PRN doses up to 2mg. There is no medical justification for taking 6mg of alprazolam, not even with massive tolerance. For comparison, the dosage of benzos used for procedural sedation is 1mg alprazolam or the equivalent (midazolam is preferred as it has an amnesic effect) for stuff like an endoscopy or bronchoscopy, and no more than 2mg for pre-procedural sedation before anaesthesia.

No. 660384

actually, doctors will usually say it's a .5mg dosage but will recommend that they split them in half unless it's an emergency. .5 is for sleep. It's very rare they'll start beginners on more than .5, they'll usually save 1mg TID for people who have been on it before.

No. 660388

the pills she is taking are not her's. Xanax is almost never prescribed anymore, you either get ativan as a PRN or k-pins or long term use. They don't even give out xanax in the mental hospital at least as of last time I was there. She's probably not even buying xanax, its home-pressed fent and benadryl

I know she gets some from her dad but she goes through 3 months worth in a week

No. 660454

>Xanax is almost never prescribed anymore
Work in a pharmacy, this isn't true. Xanax is one of our fast movers, and we get patients of all ages, some of which take up to 8mg PRN/day. She's probably getting legit xans from someone that knows how to play the doctors. Where I'm from, it's only a class four controlled substance, same as ativan and klonopin. Klonopin is actually less common for us to fill than xanax.

No. 660456

>>660256 in her defence, I used to take 150 mg of diazepam after only a couple of months of use. Tolerance builds up very quickly.

No. 660465

File: 1557681235604.jpg (60.63 KB, 432x537, 60185211_2452680638076471_6804…)

Reminded me of these two degenerates

No. 660471

oh my god, even their outfits are accurate. tuna and lurch have truly become textbook white trash junkies.

No. 660477

File: 1557683897551.jpeg (417.26 KB, 1080x1646, 229BB586-6EA2-423D-B46B-5F280B…)

there seems to be a lot of debate over why and how luna turned into the massive piece of garbage we have today. i think while her parents and lurch absolutely had something to do with it, luna unfortunately CHOSE to be a trash person. occasionally some anons will forget that we aren’t just addressing a junkie with laughable tendencies - but a genuinely malicious person. (whether the maliciousness came before the drugs or were a result of the drugs is another argument all on its own)

i’ve been going through old threads when this one gets stale. we all know she looks graves and steals money among other shady things. — but lest we forget that both her and lurch kept roger in filthy conditions, stole his pillows and clean blankets, kept him on a cold hard mattress until he got bed sores, and when the doctors told them he’d be dying soon… luna took over his room the day after.

attached is the very first post in which she mentioned he was dying.

No. 660481

File: 1557683984154.png (409.92 KB, 500x588, mmmm.png)

Amazing accuracy of the pic lol! I also found this meme that relates to Tuna.

No. 660503

It's fucked up that she mentions things that she bought in a post about someone "close" to her being on their death bed. And she didn't give a shit cause she took his stuff as he was dying. Right before he went to the hospice/hospital, Roger's friend gave him blankets and pillows. Tuna took them and took photos of them cause she's a greedy, selfish cunt. She uses the dead as pity points too, it's pathetic.

This is perfect.

No. 660537

lol xanax is not gonna kill her. you need to take a srsly high amount to kill you, you could take 300mg everyday when your tolerance is high enough and not even feel it.

No. 660540

File: 1557697064690.jpg (286.42 KB, 734x1390, messageme.jpg)

No. 660543

File: 1557697868003.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1242x1350, 116EBF4C-A283-4EC6-BDD4-21975E…)

No. 660544

Imagine her dad looking at his recent transactions and seeing that his daughter bought this top

No. 660546

The withdrawals could kill her if her supply was cut off because of how high her tolatance is and how much she takes. Duh

No. 660547

Wait a minute… I don't remember this bra. Am I just retarded? I thought her only bra found in the magic dumpster was red?

No. 660549

Lol cracked out bell delphine.

No. 660552

File: 1557698900571.webm (9.6 MB, 640x800, bell_delphine.webm)

>Lol cracked out bell delphine.

nope. NOPE! nope. NOPE! nope.

Tuna is that you?!

>gurl u wish u looked like bell!

No. 660571

why post this smh

No. 660663

I'm pretty sure her ask thing on tumblr is disabled so whoever messages her must do so on ig… Probably neckbeards saw her threads here.

No. 660732

File: 1557721162364.jpg (669.81 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190513_141638.jpg)

NTAYRT but Belle made a video in the same top and a curly blonde wig, and Luna totally does look like a cheap knockoff.

No. 660749

no-one cares. Belle is not an icon.

No. 660757

who the fuck is bell? how is luna copying someone that people have never heard of

No. 660759


youre dumb as shit people die all the time from thinking literally the exact same shit you just posted. when you go cold turkey from benzos it fucks with your bodies natural electrical pulses to the central nervous system and it fucking kills you out of nowhere, its called the brain zaps, dont spout this dangerous nonsense when you havent got a clue

No. 660767


yeah but they're saying you're very unlikely to die from a xanax OVERDOSE, withdrawals are a different question but when people "OD" on xans it's almost always not actually xanax/pressed with fent/mixing with alcohol

No. 660775

File: 1557727382025.png (2.39 MB, 1106x1344, Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 11.0…)

wow luna sure is making herself at home

they said xanax isnt going to kill her. that's not true. everyone knows the danger of high doses of xanax is the withdrawal and not the od. >>660759 had plenty of reason to call them out for being a dumbass.

stop derailing

No. 660779

Are those cans of dry shampoo? Can't she just…bathe?

No. 660800

File: 1557734644575.jpg (33.05 KB, 720x697, bdd.jpg)

>Can't she just…bathe?

No. 660803


Xanax is really cheap and common on the street, anon, especially if it's pressed rather than a legit pharm. It's not hard to imagine she scammed up the $50 or so that the amount she usually keeps in her container is worth.


In all reality she's probably just posing with the pills and taking maybe 1 whole bar. e-junkie clout is a thing and it's gross.

No. 660807

you can make your own dry shampoo with corn starch or baby powder for a few cents as opposed to buying a $6 can of dry shampoo all the time. this bitch SUCKS at being poor.

No. 660834

I… is this post real? Did she really fuckin say that? I'm disturbed!

No. 660844

thread # 16 >>480001
it covers the entire saga of roger having congestive heart failure and ultimately dying. it really puts things in perspective for newfags here. i recommend reading the old threads; they were much milkier.

No. 660862

Word to all of this.

Ot to your post b/c I know a lot of pills are pressed fent, but for some reason, benzo porn in particular is depressing. Like, congrats, you are now hooked on a drug that is physically harder to kick than heroin, good luck with that. Benzo glorification is stupid as fuck.

No. 660863

LOL me and her do the same fat girl trick where you wear the bottom up high and try to pass off your sternum as your belly.
Game recognize game.

She's chubby enough that she'd have better luck pushing out her gut/taking pics at an upward angle and trying to sell to the fetish market instead. Those guys are also more likely to go for the finsub thing since most guys who like big girls are subs so you can demand money from them and they think its hot and dominant. Not only is it a smaller pool of competition, but since its fetish related it is automatically worth more per set than a girl who looks like somebody you could find on pornhub. Plus, plenty of them are into feeding fetish and would literally just send her 100s of dollars of free food.

Also why does she wear all her bras outside her shirt? A little slippage is one thing but she has the shirt dragged down to where the wire on the bra starts, and did the same thing with the red one. In some of these pics it looks more like a vest than an undergarment.

No. 660865

I think it's one of those things that varies state to state. I live around her, and DRs around me are given financial incentives to not prescribe painkillers or benzos but hand out amphetamines (especially aderall) like candy. People I know in other states describe the exact opposite.

My personal theory is that it depends on if your local epidemic is meth or dope. The doctors in the areas get kickbacks to cut the supply of the pharmaceutical that most closely resembles to drug that is considered the big issue.

Like anon pointed out, if she cant see the DR for a UTI shes not going to a therapist and then shelling out the copay for a months worth of xanax every 30 days, and no dr would prescribe bonzos to anybody with dope in their system because the two have a deadly interaction. Why are we even pretending these might be hers?

No. 660878

Yeah I know they're not prescribed to her. She probably gets them through Lurch or fb groups/tumblr.

No. 660912

ntayrt but i think it does depend on the state and also on your health insurance provider. have plenty of friends who have unlimited benzo prescriptions and have had them since childhood, because their doctor thought it was necessary. it really is up to the discretion of just one doctor who will write you a script. idk about xans but in albany there are "pain treatment center" that prescribe you opiates for almost anything. but luna definitely has fire health insurance from her rich dad so im sure thats how she could get prescribed benzos. if she was doing nyc street benzos + heroin + whatever other shit she does she would be dead by now.

No. 660913

File: 1557776711365.png (846.9 KB, 702x683, room.png)

>#room inspo
But she's practically homeless, guys

No. 660920

Well, if the "2007" in that girl's handle is her birthdate (and I bet it is by the room decor), Luna is inspired by a literal 12 year old. FFS.

No. 660927

I don't think a 12 year old is going to have a closet full of lolita, lol. That just looks like the room of some confetti club kid.

No. 660929

that person just reblogged it they're not the op

No. 660995

This is splitting hairs. It doesn't fucking matter whether or not you can OD on benzos here because Luna is habitually using massive amounts of benzos to the point where there's a decent chance that her habit could actually kill her. Saying 'lol u can't die from Xanax' without factoring in withdrawal is stupid and misleading.
>Benzo glorification is stupid as fuck.
OT but you should visit the Soundcloud thread if you want some real outrage porn. It's disgusting that benzo glorification is so common and being pushed by people with thousands of impressionable teenage fans
Luna is definitely not getting them from a doctor, at least not as the quantities she takes. The last time she mentioned seeing a psychiatrist was for seroquel and at least one other medication that was either a much lower dose of benzos or a non-narcotic medication. iirc she has also complained about losing access to healthcare or having limited healthcare in the past.
>if she was doing nyc street benzos + heroin + whatever other shit she does she would be dead by now.
You need to read the previous threads.
This is a huge reach.

No. 661032

Scene revival is in with the people still on tumblr it’s probably just that

No. 661394

File: 1557903008878.jpg (367.02 KB, 954x1280, tumblr_pretd9hYZU1w1d39p_1280.…)

Look at her eyelashes…

No. 661437

jesus christ, lurch got the Easter Island head look in that pfp

No. 661453

Fucking christ, I came to peek in this thread cause I noticed it gets bumped a lot and I am in complete disgust and shock….which is saying a lot cause I usually lurk the Momokun thread. This chick is a fucking mess and I feel nauseous now just from the photos here

No. 661750

read some of the older threads, tuna in the past was truly a sight to behold

No. 661777

how does she have a mom body but no kids??

No. 661780

Rapid weight loss/gain. She has a lot of loose skin because it eventually loses its elasticity and she's been up and down the same 30lbs every other month.

No. 661818

yup. the combination of laziness, hard drugs, and eating nothing but junk food is quite a combination.

i saw her eat a strawberry like… one time… and it was with a bunch of those hostess mini donuts.

even with her larger figure, she could be more toned if she wanted. she wouldn’t have to go to a gym. most people (myself included) avoid being super saggy despite losing loads of weight because they have active jobs (45 hr/week retail management jobs, warehouse jobs, etc etc).

she sits on her ass all day because she can. all of her skin and fat literally sags off of her, especially on her thighs.

i’m sure she’s also deficient in virtually every vitamin and nutrient, which could cause poor skin quality (and also maybe the horrible condition of her teeth and lips).

sage for not providing anything milky. i’m just a nutrition nerd and find luna to be particularly interesting.

No. 661839

File: 1558030033451.png (1.12 MB, 1173x754, 4.png)


Speaking of strawberries. Posted last week.

No. 662093

im amazed for two reasons:

>doesn't have grime on the blanket or on the bowl or anywhere

>tuna is able to shoot food less disgustingly than the ana-chans

No. 662099

That is not hers, that is not her house. The pink carpet/blanket is pristine, no cat hair eve, and the bowl looks like one of those bowls they hand out at ED treatment clinics to help remind people what a portion is once they are discharged.

None of her cameras are high enough quality for this shot. She totally stole this from one of those ED recovery blogs where they take pics to prove they are really eating for asspats.

No. 662106

File: 1558106925364.png (594.34 KB, 983x698, tumblr9.png)


The blanket was one of her recent purchases >>659333.

No. 662127

maybe a nitpick but I hate how she tries to infantalize herself.
"Girl you'll be a woman soon"

like I know its a song but the whole 1996 thing in all her usernames is starting to backfire on her because shes not "UwU poor troubled precocious girl" shes a grown woman who spends all day putting stickers on shit and shopping on amazon and can't even be assed to take herself to Social Security to get her own food stamps or get a UTI treated at a free clinic like Planned Parenthood.

It would be one thing if she had an actual disability like if she was autistic or still had the ol' Cotton Eye Joe knee but she has no excuse to be this way other than the fact that shes been enabled.

No. 662137

it’s literally an iphone photo taken in natural sunlight aka a window wtf

she just posted about buying that exact pink blanket like a few days ago

No. 662141

A lot of things about Tuna shock me but by far, one of the things that baffles me most is that she has such a huge gap in her unemployment at such a young age. You’d think she would have put at least the smallest effort into finding a job within the past few years.

Lurch is even worse… he’s creeping up on 40 and there’s no evidence he’s ever held down any job, ever

No. 662142

Most jobs in NY drug test (even shitty min wage part time ones) and I don't think she could get the dope out of her system long enough to go through the interview process without being so sick that nobody would consider hiring her, and when she DID have a job she was either robbing bags, nodding off on the job, or shitting herself from withdrawals.
Being a junkie IS her job.

No. 662150


SNAP is not issued by the SSA, and as an able bodied adult she is ineligible for any more. And it's not Trump's fault!


No. 662156

Since she's American, she could at least do the shitty online jobs (polls, posting at boards and blogs, etc.) that get you an amazon card or pay you out via paypal in a few days. It's not much but it's something, and she's sitting on her phone the whole day anyway.

She doesn't need tho, because her parents and Lurch provide her with anything she wants.

No. 662157

Arrested development is so real with addicts.

No. 662158

Why would she do that? she already has what appears to be unlimited amazon money

No. 662227

Lurch has it too I think… whenever he’s spoken in videos she’s posted he always seems to have the demeanor of a 20 year old

No. 662326

Lurch nearly had a $75,000 a year a job working for a baseball team, but then they realized he is a baseball and mathematics genius

No. 662332

ugh, the tessa days were the good ol days

No. 662493

File: 1558168962027.png (1.4 MB, 974x1119, tumblr9.png)

No. 662494

File: 1558169055597.gif (1.28 MB, 500x500, tumblr6.1.gif)

No. 662495

File: 1558169098423.gif (1.29 MB, 500x500, tumblr6.2.gif)

No. 662496

File: 1558169136452.gif (1.27 MB, 500x500, tumblr6.3.gif)

No. 662497

File: 1558169175292.gif (1.2 MB, 500x500, tumblr6.4.gif)

No. 662565

i’m still weirded out that she insists on posing with her plushies/generally infantilizing herself on the exact same blog where she’s trying to sell her nudes.

i know there’s a million other girls doing this on tumblr but god, it’s awful.

No. 662567

Is this just a gif of her sucking it in?

No. 662684


No. 662799

Oof, she tries so hard to be "sexy" it's sad.

No. 662819

File: 1558268997225.jpeg (1.88 MB, 1242x1963, EE54841B-39BB-4F26-ACFE-774E5B…)

not milky, but recent

No. 662822

She uses her hair to hide her arm chub

Also the bra is so high because it is a push-up but she is still trying to keep the shirt low enough to hide her pudge.

At least Ginger Bronson didn't pretend she didn't get fat, Luna is almost old enough to rent a car and still trying to pull off the delicate nymphet thing

No. 663212

i think the reason she mentioned "girl you'll be a woman soon" is because that's the song that plays in the background of mia wallace's overdose scene in pulp fiction. i don't think she's suggesting she's going to overdose, but more like glamourizing the scene like a lot of junkies do.

No. 663323

File: 1558479518560.jpeg (709.39 KB, 738x1185, 2E046B80-C411-4F13-B2FB-62FF01…)

Was searching luna’s old url names on blogs that reblogged some of her pictures I could find, and not super milky but she used to be a lot more open with her shoplifting. This was reblogged in June of 2014, so she would’ve been 18 I guess? But here it’s obvious she’s stealing from stores and not from cars/graves so maybe that was more acceptable to share

No. 663325

That makes sense, there was that whole shoplifting phase that tumblr went through around that time.
But damn, she looks healthy here. A little chubby but her dark hair is cute and she looks like she bathes regularly.

No. 663340

I'm searching for these pictures mostly for nostalgia's sake cause I used to follow her in 2013/2014 when I was in high school and she was slightly older and really looked up to her, I seriously think of funeralhome420/hipsville Luna as a different creature than the Luna we know and hate now, but yeah it really is amazing to see pictures of her with cute healthy hair, nicely done makeup and clean clothes that actually fit and look right for a young adult.

No. 663345


If you find any more Luna relics, please post them! So interesting.

No. 663355

File: 1558484234536.png (238.17 KB, 750x1334, 7E965316-CEDD-4397-8507-E366DE…)

This poem was written in July of 2014 which is 2 or 3 months after she started dating Matthew iirc, the stanza with “I’m nervous about sex I’m nervous about drugs” and the ending about being 18 makes him even more creepy, uggh

No. 663356

It is SHOCKING to read things that Luna wrote before she rotted out her brain with junk. Really sad too

No. 663357

File: 1558484385576.png (241.73 KB, 750x1334, 155BC5B3-DAFC-4E4B-BDE7-D21B0D…)

This poem is from September 2014 so also about Matthew, the part about “clean for months” is odd if they’d only been dating for 4 or 5 months. Kind of sounded like he lied and said he was off heroin when they started dating.

No. 663358

File: 1558484554396.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 87FCAA7A-BD32-42BD-BBF2-004990…)

Last pic I’m gonna dump for now but here’s Luna as a functional working teenager, again it’s really odd to me that some people don’t know what Luna’s original appeal was but she really had that burger records stoner art ho look that was popular on tumblr at the time, like was just a cute stoner girl.

No. 663376

File: 1558490955501.jpg (147.29 KB, 423x750, skwisgaarskwigelf luna .jpg)

i also looked up to her in the past, i have a bunch of her old fashion posts from 2012 (when she was skwisgaarskwigelf on tumblr) saved to my computer. not sure if any of them would have been seen before though. none are milky, they're all just fashion. still quite a dramatic change though

No. 663377

sorry if this is an incredibly stupid question. i have read all the other threads but i just don’t recall seeing it. was matthew the only guy she’s ever had sex with? cuz she dated that girl and then she dated that peter guy but they never met up irl. it just occured to me that lurch’s probably dude she’s ever fucked

No. 663378

What happened to her?? These pics and poetry are so incredibly different from the Luna we have now. Is this really just a horrifying example of the damaging things drugs do?? I mean, I've met people who've had problems with heroin and none of them seemed to have utterly destroyed the person they were before they were addicted.

No. 663385

my b replying to something ancient, but from this and a few choice pics in the previous threads (the one of the two lovebirds at chipotle comes to mind) lurch really is the human embodiment of autism.

No. 663396

I don’t have any caps because this is just what I remember from following her since hipsville but she lost her virginity when she was really young, 14 I think? She wrote about a few poems about giving guys blowjobs at parties and stuff too so she had sex before, just no real relationship with a guy before Matthew

No. 663399

what the fuck is going on with her left eye here? is this an effect of rolling shutter, or did she used to have a giant tumor causing her eyes to be totally asymmetrical?

No. 663406

No. 663410

Are these considered good poetry? It just reads like a blog post with random line breaks to me.

No. 663418

yeah for real, this is still shit to me.

No. 663426

I’m op and I didn’t think it was good but she was just an 18 year old, I just posted it because of the content in relation to the timeline of her dating Mathew

No. 663500

she’s just ugly

No. 663520

It's so hard to imagine her going to a party or socializing with anybody, all I see in my head is her sitting by a beer keg with a tin cup and a cardboard sign reading "my grandma died gib sheckulz". Its honestly impossible to imagine her as anything other than a fixture in a dirty room.

Also 14 is the magic number for all the worst girls for some reason.

No. 663523

She used to go to a lot of parties actually before Matthew, it seemed like every other weekend she was partying or going to a concert. Nearly every third picture of her I could find was with friends back then which is pretty Fucking sad now. I didn’t cap it but I’ll try to find it again, it seems the last time she went out was September of 2014 which was four or five months after she started dating Matthew, she went to a ty segall concert and posted pictures of herself before she left, but no pictures with friends. Maybe she had bought the tickets ahead of time and ended up going alone, I’m just speculating on that one.

No. 663526

Wow, what a way to squander the best years of your life away by spending it with a wooden mannequin. I can’t imagine she just turned into a shit person as soon as she met Lurch so Im going to believe she already had some tendencies beforehand and he just pushed her over that edge. And now this is her life, the life she dreamed about and glorified. Good for Tuna, she got what she wanted!

No. 663530

I get that she was better back in the day than she is now (poetry,art, skincare, general cleanliness) but the photos that people show of her from that era of her life still show someone who looks deeply insecure, and mediocre.
I guess it’s fucked up because we all start out mediocre before we do anything with our lives, and she just squandered any and all ability to grow as a person.

No. 663535

haven't we been over this several times?

No. 663537

File: 1558538827127.png (297.16 KB, 480x598, luna.png)

In her words…

No. 663542

It is so sad to see the backslide from "My body is a political statement" to "wanarexia bimbo fantasy". I wonder if something happened to her or changed in her life that caused that switch, because usually its the other way around with ED girls recovering and getting into 'body positivity' Im not sure Ive ever seen another case of it flip-flopping this way.

No. 663558

god i remember this post, but never found a cap so i thought i may had been making it up.

pre-lurch tuna was very different from
the post-lurch tuna we know today. she often had a much darker aesthetic and had an overall tough exterior (see: this post)

it wasn’t until she met matthew that she got into the “uwu i’m just a small fairy child please don’t hurt me feelings i need my binky bby” bullshit

it’s very likely she changed herself to fit what he desired: a dull, childish, blonde ditzy girlfriend.

No. 663739

I guess you’re right we certainly have. Here’s to mildly hoping she’ll grow up one day or at least those around her will stop shoving money into her and wise up.

How do we know she’s not just absorbing the aesthetic of the time? I remember tons of wack people trying that “soft grunge” or whatever. Tumblr was full of that bullshit back then and still full of the one she’s poorly ripping off now?

No. 663752

I think the difference is that she had like… friends? So it seemed like the aesthetic was less a facade, she really seemed to enjoy dressing up crazy with her friends and going to parties and shows, so while it was a popular aesthetic online she and her friends were also kind of living a similar lifestyle. Her complete 180 shift happened when she got with Lurch, like someone mentioned a few posts up, like her fucking bimbofication? So idk, old Luna just seemed a lot more authentic even though it was what was trendy on tumblr at the time.

No. 663757

Lurch is such a monster that he makes me want to sympathize with Luna (and shes a monster herself). He prowled around his customer's house grooming her teen daughter and pounced the second she was legal (if he even waited that long). He isolated an 18 year old girl from her friends, gave her dope (IDGAF if she 'asked/wanted that life' he was a grown man with years of addiction who knew what he was dragging her into), forced her to drop out of school, broke her down mentally, caused her to sever all remaining ties through scamming and e-begging to feed his habit, let his own father rot to death, and now he's got her turning e-tricks. And Tessa showed us he can't even be faithful to the girl whose life he destroyed.

Luna would have always been a self-serving self-obsessed spoiled brat and a bad person but Matt ruined her life when he made her drop out of school (and yes, he made her, his manipulative ass puled a suicide scare because she left). She'd be shitty person but shed be a shitty person with a (useless) degree and a social circle of other art friends from school and 4 years of fun memories growing up and becoming a full-blown adult.

Id really like to hear from people who knew her around the time she changed. Did anybody warn her that Matt was a predator?

No. 663759

No. 663760

I might be remembering wrong but in her old blog posts when I used to follower her she alluded to knowing how fucked up lurch was in the beginning in diary post but basically saying she’s gone this far why turn back.

No. 663769

No doubt her screwy family life growing up helped contribute to something as basic as sunk cost fallacy allowing her to chain herself to a mummy reanimated by magic heroin

No. 663771

I know she posted a bunch about him screaming at her about spilling water because "thats how mold grows" (like he cares about living in filth) and being really rudely dismissive about her alleged PCOS symptoms and hanging out with his stripper Ex who he outright told Luna was hotter than her. And he showed his rich guy dick to Tessa so I doubt he's been faithful IRL.

She doesnt talk about him other than vague statements of "I love him I need Him I love Him I need Him" and once and a while posts some material thing she claims he gave her but she's never in all this time bragged about anything regarding his personality or like actual acts of love/affection. Every time she posts anything of substance about his behavior or personality it is a muted suggestion that hes a fuckwad but shes not willing to see or admit it, and slights by him are one of the only events she doesnt over-dramatize and in fact sort of downplays and hints at.

No. 663778

she used to be soooooo open about his abuse (even though she didn’t call it abuse, that’s obviously what it was). she would post about how he would scream at her constantly and treat her like a bimbo (there’s that word again).

i also find it interesting how she came from being such a big feminist presence on the internet to dating a VERY clear and open misogynist.

the way she posts about him is fucking weird. i’ve never know anyone who has to constantly boast about how good of a person their s/o is, how caring they are, etc, and post that shit all over the internet unless they were trying to fool themselves into thinking their own relationship isn’t a dumpster fire.

No. 663782

No doubt to all of that. Honestly some of those posts might be back in old threads like the only of her writing about spilling water on the floor.
I might try to find the posts because it’s crazy on how it borders on self-aware “I know he’s a piece of shit” to the lunacy of “I don’t care I love him and I need him and he needs me uwu”

No. 663795

In the junkhun days there was a private blog (was it junkhun maybe?) but separate from her heroin and main blogs where she’d be very open about the gross parts of addiction and Lurch being abusive. The whole blog was archived in the early threads if you care to find it.

No. 663799

I think that was it. It’s hard to remember she’s made and trashed so many blogs to keep up with her online antics.

No. 663802

i know we talk about the drastic dif between luna then and now but it legit makes me sad to see a legitimate regression purely over a easter island head which made her a scummy person as well.

No. 663838

there’s no doubt she chose this life and isn’t entirely innocent… but matthew is indeed much, much worse than her in every sense. he groomed the fuck out of a minor, regardless of whether she was willing or not.

No. 663878

File: 1558664875103.jpg (Spoiler Image,107.04 KB, 700x594, qsresdftyoubi.jpg)

No. 663879

i regret clicking this

No. 663883

that bra is not her size like, at all

No. 663886

File: 1558666152348.png (177.96 KB, 636x1077, 1473128514356.png)

It was junkhun1996, pic related are the posts she made about Lurch (and Roger apparently?) bullying her. The full caps and archive are at >>/snow/171004 if anyone wants to relive the golden days.

No. 663887

reading the old threads simultaneously when this one is slow is honestly so enlightening and i really recommend it to any newfags here or farmers who’ve forgotten how miserable her situation really is/has been.

just coming to the new threads (this one) i can see why luna doesn’t seem particularly remarkable and milky, but what she does in the present in relation to her past is usually what makes things interesting.

the first 17 or so threads are phenomenally interesting and they’re a quick read since they’re so milky. if you have some spare time or want new material to read while you’re taking a shit.. it definitely makes this thread a lot more intriguing…

No. 663890

I’ve seen very few people manage to be soooo incredibly unsexy

No. 663896

>i can see why luna doesn’t seem particularly remarkable and milky, but what she does in the present in relation to her past is usually what makes things interesting.

this. i started reading luna maybe around thread 10 or so and i didn’t understand why people were so quick to assume she was scamming people until i really went back and read the old threads. also, as scary as we probably thought tuna looked then, she looks a million times scarier then. it’s so sad to watch the way it all progressed and i don’t see it improving whatsoever

No. 663914

File: 1558677403351.jpg (47.35 KB, 749x744, IMG_20190522_163721.jpg)

She was definitely on the toilet before taking the ass pic.

No. 663922

Oh yeah for sure. I’ve been reading on here for a hot minute now damn I think basically two years (holy shit). The only part where I really felt fucked up was when roger died. Reading those updates after everything that man had been through was insane. Reading her old posts about her saying he’s mean and abusive does make me wonder if we jumped the gun on him. I mean he did on some level co-sign his old as fuck son living with his young girlfriend but it’s so hard to tell at this point what he had control over in that rat hole of an apartment when he was sick. Plus Luna’s recounts of actual events are so iffy when it comes to those around her.

No. 663923

Lurch is a piece of shit but I doubt he's abusive, his outbursts seem rare and just normal couple stuff for the most part.

The mold thing, well just look at lurch's clothes compared to luna's - his generally look clean, hers are a disaster within minutes of acquiring them, I can see how they could have a fight about that keeping shit clean. Normal couple stuff really.
Addiction makes people very boring, it's all fun until it isn't, it's all they care about and that's why she's boring now, the end.

No. 663928

>Luna’s recounts of actual events are so iffy
This. So she said her boyfriend (whom she uses for dope) and Roger (whom she used for shelter) were "mean"… She also said the exact same thing about her dad (whom she uses for money) and her mom (whom she uses for shelter) whenever they failed to appease her selfish spoiled desires.
Dad is EVIL because he won't give money, just gift cards! Mom is abusive because she wants me to get my own appt legally!
And now I am to believe her when she paints Lurch as a meanie? Nah. She probably just went off on Lurch online because he was late with her drugs or something.

No. 663945

If neither her or Lurch get a normal 9 to 5 job for more than several months they won't be able to get a place to stay, me thinks. I doubt her mom sits at home all day, she must work somewhere.

No. 663946

It is government housing. If it got out that all three are there they would be on the street. I know her mom is on the tugboat (she very well could have some legit health reason so not my place to judge) but Luna and Lurch have just been living off her mom's welfare and whatever fent-dealing money Lurch and Luna don't put in their arms

No. 663947

What does this bitch not understand about supply and demand? If you are giving away pics for free, why would anybody pay? Fuck how bad the pictures are, this is a horrible business model

No. 663961

She won’t get a job she’s got a bum knee remember lol
She no longer has any real skills to operate among actual adults. She’ll continue to be a coat-tail riding bum leeching off the general public and her parents. If her mother and father were smart then kick her out but I suppose they think it’s a death sentence for her if they do.

No. 663963


>It is government housing.

Has that been verified?

No. 663964

yes she said it herself when they first got kicked out. she said her mom told her she couldn’t say long since they do “inspections”, but tuna didn’t believe her and stayed anyway

No. 663970


>Luna is a known liar

>taking her word as confirmation

Verified outside of what Luna has claimed?

No. 663971

She’s definitely notorious for lying but if we’re automatically going to disregard everything she says and does then there’s no real use in having 24 threads about her.

No. 663974


NTA but went back to the 1st thread when she became ~homeless~ and unfortuntely there is no proof there either. Wish we could find source

No. 663976

File: 1558721075792.png (125.15 KB, 720x1024, 1525911358143.png)


All we have is Luna's word >>>/pt/521563

No. 663977

File: 1558721331170.png (133.57 KB, 800x642, Screenshot_2019-05-24-10-37-38…)


Luna's post screenshot >>>/pt/516781

Anons speculating >>>/pt/521563

No. 663979

File: 1558721510264.png (45.23 KB, 720x225, 1527043236940 (1).png)

No. 663980

Hm, the first one doesn't say much. Her mother might have just said Luna can stay for two weeks because she attempted to force her to get her shit together. It might not be related to mom's housing situation.
TBH now we do have her address somewhere because she doxed herself in her poem. Dunno if it's possible to find by an address if the flat is section 8 one. Can amerifags say something on the topic?

No. 663981

File: 1558721555340.png (66.22 KB, 720x362, 1527044461959.png)

No. 664065

File: 1558752228603.png (4.53 MB, 1242x2208, 0ED96401-6459-4444-9A7A-34B494…)

What is this

No. 664069

File: 1558752915108.jpg (114.62 KB, 707x551, 2o42pi2po4i2p4.jpg)

Just me or does her face look different?

No. 664070

Definitely weird photo editing going on. Her eyes are always small, beady, and really far apart… but this is greatly exaggerated. Possible shopping at her waist too (or a really weird stance?) but I’m no expert.

Any photo editing geniuses up in here that would like to contribute?

Also, how cracked out do you have to be to continuously post severe camel toe photos?

No. 664118

Maybe it’s just me but she gives me cracked out iggy azalea in the first pic. Idk her jaw line looks strong af from some reason in those photos. Idk why she shows off her bisected fupa also. God the dudes buying photos from her must be the ones that enable the tweaker community on tumblr and enjoy watching girls do hard drugs and take shitty nudes.

No. 664122

That fucking fupa, my God

No. 664170

i think the eye situation is bc we’re used to seeing her with heavy eyeliner but it looks like she’s just wearing heavily applied mascara instead there. but her face does incredibly weird shit without editing so who even knows

No. 664235

File: 1558855783428.jpg (267.12 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ps2qp2yBde1w1d39p_1280.…)

Looking like a mannequin jfc.

No. 664247

Did tuna take her engagement ring off?

No. 664253

Who is gonna tell this anon how mirrors work

No. 664262

Its not here. Maybe she took them all off for her monthly shower?

No. 664265


And those are still mirror shots.

No. 664266

She wears her engagement ring on the hand that has the tooth tattoo on her middle finger. See the thread pic.

I just read a post about her grandma raising her and she must've died when Luna was 14. Perhaps the trauma left her mentally at that age.

No. 664272

No rings on either hand. She usually wears a few.

No. 664284

File: 1558900593595.jpeg (649.55 KB, 1140x891, 927592EC-7AE7-4326-965A-D7F893…)

lemme just glue my eyelashes in the middle of my eyelid real quick.

also, i know she can’t help it but holy fuck she’s got the MOST unfortunate nose.

No. 664298

idk, i do sort of believe the stuff she says about lurch because she writes about it so differently than when she writes about her parents "mistreating" her. with lurch on her old junkhun1996 blog she describes his attacks way more specifically and less dramatically than usual. maybe its because she thought no one would read it? but the things she says lurch does to her just seem more realistic, like i could see it happening. usually anything luna says makes me feel the opposite. whenever she lies, she is usually much more dramatic whereas in those posts she sounded matter of fact for once.

No. 664305

i mostly believe it too, although i think being skeptical is completely fair. IMO most of the lies and exaggerations she spews are for sympathy points - her junkhun blog wasn’t a place to ebeg. in fact, on this blog she talked about spending her donation money on dope.

when she exaggerates about being “homeless” or her “evil father” etc etc, it’s always followed by “please send money if you can uwu”

there’d be no benefit for her to lie about lurch being cruel to her. especially on her secret blog.

No. 664351

File: 1558920547162.png (1.18 MB, 1036x970, Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 8.27…)

No. 664352

File: 1558920638270.png (27.65 KB, 1028x170, :::.png)

No. 664354

holy shit are her toes actually rotting at this point. i remember the fungus medicine on her cabinet a few threads ago

No. 664356

File: 1558921253074.jpg (50.23 KB, 537x525, ew.jpg)

No. 664360

well this is something I wish I'd never seen.

She says it's 'sex work' but it doesn't count if nobody is buying. Cos let's be real, who would buy this shit?

No. 664361

If Luna has foot fungus Lurch and Ma Slater probably have it too. Sharing is caring.

No. 664377

ugh. let's remember this as a new low

does it count as work if you don't sell anything and only advertise on your tumblr that has 3 followers?

No. 664379

There is about a 0% chance those socks have ever been washed too. Absolute filth

No. 664380

when you wanna be ddlg but you shaped like a 45 year old divorcee with 3 kids

No. 664395

File: 1558929787862.png (18.38 KB, 517x122, Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 9.01…)

unable to attach the godawful video that was included

No. 664396

File: 1558929726558.png (18.38 KB, 517x122, Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 9.01…)

unable to attach the godawful video that was included

No. 664405

File: 1558931045750.png (19.08 KB, 719x535, oof.PNG)

she must have deleted it already but heres whatever these are aka the follow up posts

No. 664407

what was the video??

No. 664408

File: 1558931189091.jpg (110.7 KB, 694x708, maeeybyou.jpg)

No. 664421

just looked at her tumblr and didnt see a video…? Shes def high out of her mind though

No. 664423

File: 1558934025832.png (26.01 KB, 1030x148, Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.13…)

No. 664425

yeah she's def high off her ass

No. 664443

File: 1558938443528.gif (1.9 MB, 332x332, tumblr_ps520isu7j1w1d39p_400.g…)

Dirty feet on the wall, hitachi wand on the dirty carpet. Whoever is her sw buyer must be desensitized for this to do it for them.

No. 664444

how is everything around her so dirty?

No. 664462

Free online webm converter is your friend.
Low level of WHAT? Donations?

No. 664489

>Legs dirty
>Socks dirty
>Walls dirty
>Carpet dirty
>A lone vibrator just lays on that nasty floor

No. 664536

i was thinking this too. maybe its a stretch but do you think it’s possible she’s doing irl sex work and that’s what she’s referring to?

No. 664595

how do we know nobody is buying? I would honestly be surprised if she did actual sex work irl, and I feel like if she did she would either brag about it on her Tumblr or not mention it at all

No. 664596

she’s probably active on chat rooms and sites that we’re unaware of. she did mention making money off of a blowjob video recently. i’m assuming that’s what she’s referring to.

No. 664598

anyone wanna take one for the team and try to find tuna on one of those chatrooms by brute forcing all the potential uwubabby usernames she'd use?

No. 664608

File: 1559004867087.png (Spoiler Image,323.12 KB, 561x729, Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 5.53…)

>>664407 >>664395

No. 664610

she deleted these fwiw

she could barely sell her shitty art work without begging/guilt tripping people through DMs. idk anything about sex work but i can't imagine there's a huge market interested in what she's selling.

No. 664820

New to luna so mea culpa if this has all ready been mentioned, but am I the only one who gets a strong Tonetta vibe off some of her pics? Earlier in the thread, there's several of them where it's uncanny.

No. 664821

File: 1559062767480.gif (7.68 MB, 480x360, giphy (27).gif)

Anon, I love you for reminding me of this cultural icon. Tuna is Tonetta's spiritual daughter.

No. 664824

File: 1559063641510.png (89.88 KB, 640x1081, IMG_6306.PNG)

>Does nothing but get high
>"I am very overwhelmed"

No. 664828

I just realized by the way that her chain thing is hanging that her legs are hiked up on a wall above her. I don't get it but I don't like it. Is it to make them look thinner or something?

No. 664856

If by overwhelmed she means stressed/depressed selling porn or being a camgirl is a bad choice which for a girl with an unfortunate body will not give her a steady income, and lack of sales will make her feel worse.

No. 664883

they even have the same big areolas. its quite sweet actually.

No. 664943

File: 1559092474461.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1813, A2ACBF79-D2B6-48C7-A047-EB941C…)

No. 664945

yea outpatient will totes help whilst you keep doing drugs that fuel any underlying mental health problems that you have

No. 664955

File: 1559095814724.jpg (239.4 KB, 702x1402, luna.jpg)

No. 664971

How high is she rn Jesus Christ

No. 664973


you would have a "schedule and stuff" if you got a job or went to school

No. 665053

File: 1559115354425.jpeg (399.79 KB, 1236x1850, 6340E2D9-A9E7-4001-80FF-E69942…)

Comments on her latest Instagram post.

No. 665063

>if you love me root for me
Maybe root for yourself once
>trying to survive. Trying to escape
She's sooo hard trying to survive by eating regularly, having a bed and clothes (which are dirty, but that's her fault)
And "escaping" from what? She's acting like she has no choice but to stay at her moms. I'm sure she'd be incredible happy if Tuna and her corpse of a boyfriend would leave.

I wish she'd know what it's like to actually be homeless. No internet, no stuff to drain in dirt, no amazon shit, no nothing.
She acts like she's suffering soo much, but she's just a filthy girl living with her mom.

No. 665071

I’m very confused as to why being in a public restroom would prevent you from messaging someone back? The tuna logic

No. 665075

Damn you're right, no wonder she fits in as an /x/ subject. Tonetta is much more talented though

No. 665084

File: 1559135606826.jpg (19.98 KB, 158x191, 20190529_091302.jpg)

What the acutal fuck

No. 665087

File: 1559136390461.png (166.65 KB, 718x818, 1527043131247.png)

She said the same thing a year ago, about how she's a victim, how she's laughed at and how she'll gonna do better. Attaching pic from >>521950

No. 665088

"I wana get cwean but i dont wana by umcomfy uwu"

Another thing she just expects to be handed to her

No. 665090

her saying shit like "losing the man who was like a father to me" and stuff is so funny it's like a meme to me

No. 665091

This is the second "real" father she lost, have pity, all she has left is her "bio dad" and his endless amazon account.

Also, with her Amazon hookup and endless free time, she could be doing so much. She could be getting learn-to-draw books, she could be getting books to help with her writing, she could be learning another language. Instead she spends it on clothing she wont wear out of the house.

No. 665093

interesting how she’s known about these threads for so long and she says they “hurt” and yet she’s made no effort whatsoever to stop doing the horrible things we criticize her for.

luna.. if you want people to stop calling you a lying, scamming, addict… stop being one. and take a shower. wash your clothes. learn from the criticisms.

No. 665102

the sad thing is that half of these thread are either WKs frothing over the idea of how she could get better and the other half is people telling her to vacuum the damn rug an still that is too much hate for her.

No. 665107

i don't think you understand what a wk is

No. 665125

Yeah her WKs are mostly on her tumblr. Go into the blogs of any of her asspatters and it's all sad junkies even more pathetic than she is telling her how shes so stwong and pretty and acting like shes something to aspire to.

No. 665156

They should post the screenshots anyway. I think there was another girl a few weeks ago that said Tuna owed her $20. Tuna needs to be put on blast a lot more for her scams.

No. 665237

File: 1559180817987.png (1.51 MB, 1218x1014, asdkjas;d;as.png)

No. 665238

File: 1559180904859.jpg (369.62 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_psalo7H90l1w1d39p_1280.…)

No. 665239

File: 1559181049851.jpg (410.93 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_psalo7o89j1w1d39p_1280.…)

continually fascinates me just how much shit she owns

No. 665248

she is just… so large and unfortunate looking

No. 665251

she has so much stuff omg
I'm glad she doesn't get a lot of donations and stuff anymore or at least I hope she doesn't

No. 665274

It looks like she used a bowl to cut her bangs.
Can you imagine your adult daughter moving into your one bedroom apartment with her grody 30-something ~daddy~, stealing your bed and covering it in shit and grime caked stuffed animals? No wonder her mom is doing drugs again.

No. 665277

is he 40 by now? he was like 38 when these threads began

No. 665318

She deleted this or made it archived, it had over 200 likes and 18 comments, most of them supportive. Maybe she woke up and realized she can't commit to outpatient or she was getting heat for bullshitting.
She definitely reads every post here.

No. 665324

File: 1559191093015.png (3.56 KB, 518x140, Screenshot_13.png)

No. 665327

Hope that's real and she does what she's considering. I mean, she's basically doomed without changing her life entirely, but I guess getting into a Partial program can't hurt.

No. 665328


iirc he was born in 1979, meaning he turned 40 at the end of april when luna gave him the white airforce 1s

No. 665338

Partial is outpatient, correct? Hasn't she done that,like, 30 times all ready?

No. 665340

Yeah, Partial = partial hospitalization program. It's outpatient but usually something like 9-4, every (week) day. (Or she could go even less as an Intensive Outpatient). I don't know of any Partial or IOP that would welcome any active drug users into the program.

No. 665345

Didn't she do this before, just rewrite the notes they gave her, and then quit after complaining they "only" gave her a pizza and she was starving? Or am I thinking of something else?

No. 665359

File: 1559198846305.png (258.01 KB, 750x973, 1495585794085.png)


That's the one! She wore slippers and took sad girl selfies in the bathroom and smoking outside.


No. 665361

File: 1559198979793.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 1495585820885.png)

Coincidentally (or not) this was exactly two years ago.

No. 665363

File: 1559199425305.png (217.84 KB, 750x1082, 1495585940258.png)



When she wears those breads is she in "little" space? Or is will she commit fulltime?

No. 665382

If it's to the day she could have gotten a Facebook "On This Day" notification and that's the reason she decided she needs to go in.

No. 665395

I love that she assumes a “normal” person would eat 3 mini pizzas for a meal

No. 665398

Well assuming it's for dinner then I agree with her that 1 is quite little, but 2 would probably be enough for most people. Weird choice for a hospital to serve mini pizza's though

No. 665408

Hospital food is notoriously gross. but it's just another bullshit excuse for get out of going to treatment. 'uwu they literally starve us, i'm suffering so much.' priorities, tuna.

No. 665419

I would understand her if that's supposed to be her only meal in a day, but since she's in partial treatment she can eat breakfast, go there, eat what she gets there for lunch which is probably less but not a big deal, go home at 4 pm and eat dinner as much as she wants! It's probably also not a big deal to bring small snacks like an apple with you. but since she's a lazy cunt that won't cook and so ~poor~ she demands that they feed her for the whole day. That's not how it works.

No. 665420

How would partial help her when she lies about everything?

No. 665457

File: 1559242344944.gif (460.96 KB, 245x200, giphy.gif)

Oh fuck you're right. I knew he was getting up there, but I didn't realize he went and turned 40 already. He's such a fucking creep, really hope Mother Tuna keeps him out of the house as much as possible but that might be tough since she's using again. What a shitshow.

No. 665573

File: 1559255956625.jpg (10.52 KB, 704x135, obdqljqefe.jpg)

No. 665599

One of the few sensible comments she's made

No. 665670

I actually can’t believe tiny pizza problem was 2 years ago already. I’ve been reading these threads for so long omg

*imaginary sage for just pure shock over how long it’s been but no real contribution

No. 665679

While I agree that all of Luna’s issues and endless problems are 100% her own doing and even if her and Lurch never met she’d find someone else to get her hooked on drugs, I can’t help but hate Lurch because he really did change her for the worse… I used to know Luna as a teenager and for all her faults she WAS quite intelligent, opinionated and interesting to talk to. She had obscure interests and she read a lot of literature. But from what I see now she’s turned into the kind of woman Matthew wants: dumb, ditzy, shallow, only concerned with being pretty, and hyper feminine. Her obsession with pink and childish stuff is completely out of character, she clearly developed this taste to fit the bimbo role she plays for Matthew. It’s tragic to see that her once interesting brain turned into a mush of pink glitter and bimbofied submission…

No. 665690

Mid-key I believe tumblr is the cause of the gross ddlg thing. Not in defense of lurch ofc, he is most likely a very big source of her self hatred wether she notices or not because we have had the orange juice piss jug, the few times she would post about him shouting at her over basic situations like spilling water. Its hard to not write paragraphs, shes shitty and is most likely screamed at alot just bc shes lazy and inept but that is still a man who could have been her father in age. He is still very much a gross junkie and I think Luna deep down is very aware of it, which is one of many reasons to keep the drug abuse going to this extent. Xanax also tends to rot your brain in comparison to heroin and ever since she started this life style,the amount she circulated has increased by a metric fucktonne. Her whole tumblr is the ancient pink blog tumblr trope and media has always influenced her more than real life. The past years nothing has made more of an impression on her than what gets notes online, everything from ddlg to sw came from tumblr. Matthews interactions on fb show hes your average gross male who wants an IG model gf and lots of money. Most dudes dont exactly enjoy the ddlg shit but enjoy taking advantage of somebody so fucked in the head they feel the need to add a morally dubious dynamic at best that leaves all power with the other person.
(rip tuna and the years to come tbh)

No. 665709

the ddlg isn't even the worst thing about her though, and I don't think lurch has any deeper levels or thoughts other than "me need to wear hat" and drugs. I doubt he's forcing her to buy an adult onesie lol

No. 665715

>might have enough change in my puffy bank die it tmrw

What is she trying to say? Something about a piggy bank? Is she seriously insinuating she'd have to split her piggy bank open to get a meal in order to get some pity points or possibly $$$ from her FB followers?
Pathetic. She hasn't changed at all and it's been a YEAR.

No. 665725


>die it tmrw

I think she's talking about dying her hair.

No. 665728

the arrested development is so legit. she’s been the same piece of garbage for years. it’s like she’s incapable of learning lessons.

No. 665746

File: 1559324061994.png (1.03 MB, 1536x1162, khlfdsasdf.png)

No. 665751

Didn’t she just buy a webcam? She could make $10 in just a few minutes probably, if she were actually camming. So I guess that’s not what she means by ‘sex work.’ Is she just selling videos? She keeps saying it’s going well, but $10 isn’t really a lot, especially when you don’t pay rent/bills.

No. 665752


That's an easy item to steal, ffs.

I almost said this when she posted the pigtails and onsie pics, if she dyes her hair pink again she and Shayna will be one step closer to merging. Shayna is stepping it up by drinking while popping anxiety meds…

No. 665754

Her biggest problem lies in doing the same thing every day for years (cake on makeup, take selfies, draw, write some poetry, read from some book), that or not doing anything but staying on her phone.

No. 665760

>i need a self confidence boost
bitch you need a job.
she’s been whining about this “muh self care” shit for ages and justifies her hoard and buying bleach and toner this way. i know im just saying what everyone else has been saying for the last 20 threads but it’s absolutely repulsive. what is it going to take for this bitch to grow up and do something with herself

No. 665811

File: 1559336372204.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 59AB1BDE-6B95-42A9-8C3D-C90918…)

his legs

No. 665813

File: 1559336490162.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 9F7007F6-F314-407D-AF96-BE1736…)

No. 665815

Oh shit. I hope he enjoys jis future necrosis.

No. 665818

Holy shit, she gained so much weight…. and looks like a fucking corpse. She never looked that bad wow

No. 665819

That pic explains how are her boobs so saggy tho, she takes so much weight in her breasts, they’re literally deflating each time she loses weight

No. 665821

holy shit is it just me or did she get huge since moving in with her mom?

No. 665825

File: 1559338839919.png (405.25 KB, 462x479, 1559336372204-1.png)


Cigarettes, ash tray, and candle in the bed. Classic junkie mistake!

[pic related] safe for life edit

No. 665836

Qaha oh my god this is like it was staged as a poster for DARE

What on earth on all those white splatters over the bed? What exactly is happening on Lurch's leg? What do you think lives in the corners of their hovel? How many of Lurch's little nipples would fit within one of Luna's areolas?

No. 665840

Regarding his leg: These are track marks mixed with blood and the usual grime. Yikes

No. 665854


Heavily scarred tracks. Those are scabs rather than dried blood. Trying to hit scarred veins leads to a lot of blow outs and misses, blood and drug an inflamed knot under the skin. The pitting could mean he is a picker. He's had at least two severe abscesses in his legs that put him on IV antibiotics and left gnarly scars.

Those are some homeless junkie level legs. And they fucking live indoors!

My first thought seeing the purple sup on the radiator was, he replaced the juice carton, good for him.

No. 665878

nah her boobs aren’t that big. they’re still the same weird “small for her frame” size that she’s always had. she’s just wearing that weird stolen dumpster bra that is WAY too big for her and has a ton of padding. (see: the gapping in her cups and still saggy cleavage)

she’s just wildly fat and wearing a huge bra. i’ve followed her since the hipsville day and she looks bigger than ever. (keep in mind she’s 5’10”!!!!)

No. 665908

File: 1559353563934.jpg (208.51 KB, 704x1152, glehasdbaskdhas.jpg)

No. 665910

File: 1559353728706.jpg (275.21 KB, 691x863, rtpojrtykrty.jpg)

It looks just like Roger's now

No. 665914

File: 1559354435103.jpg (Spoiler Image,126.32 KB, 708x651, two dollars.jpg)

No. 665939

Her body or the nightgown?

No. 665942

File: 1559358762356.gif (489.06 KB, 500x280, burn.gif)


You're good!

No. 665982

This made me so angry, it really shows the extent to which she literally took over her mom's space. Guess she finally dropped the pretense of being "basically homeless uwu" for the aesthetic?

No. 665999

File: 1559365246696.png (81.79 KB, 477x573, same old habits.png)

It's laughable to expect her to change when her daily goals consist of drawing shitty art, writing shitty poetry and moving her piles of hoard from one place to another for the past 2-3+ years.

No. 666020

Everything on this list could be done in an hour or two. I understand small goals feeling like a big accomplishment when someone is going through a hard time but Luna is in that mindset 24/7…she is doing less than the bare minimum

No. 666061

she could have swept and tidied up “that one corner of her room” in the time it took to type this out and post it

No. 666078


there's no way her and lurch sleep together on that bed, right?

No. 666083

File: 1559398511788.png (7.63 KB, 990x195, tumblr8.png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 666084

File: 1559398656851.gif (1.36 MB, 500x500, tumblr1.1.gif)

No. 666086

File: 1559398704589.gif (1.37 MB, 500x500, tumblr1.4.gif)

No. 666087

File: 1559398740144.gif (1.03 MB, 500x500, tumblr1.3.gif)

No. 666088

File: 1559398787431.gif (1.37 MB, 500x500, tumblr3.1.gif)

No. 666089

File: 1559398856935.gif (1.42 MB, 500x500, tumblr3.2.gif)

No. 666090

File: 1559398914649.gif (1.41 MB, 500x500, tumblr3.3.gif)

No. 666092

File: 1559399010239.jpg (59.94 KB, 500x376, tumblr11.jpg)

No. 666099

File: 1559401708904.jpg (233.54 KB, 977x719, dogs.jpg)

Taking pics of stangers dogs and posting them in facebook group, while she wears a leash at home…

No. 666100

File: 1559402228708.png (373.56 KB, 480x812, corgi.png)

No. 666102

and? what's the correlation there

No. 666104

wearing a collar and a leash is dog culture. she is not a dog nor an dog owner. she's secretly appropriating the dog culture while attempting to suck up to dog people. Truly despicable.

No. 666109

There isn't one, it's probably the person from the shayna threads who was obsessively trying to convince everyone that someone was fucking their dogs lol

No. 666154

File: 1559409578034.jpg (20.49 KB, 275x211, 1541791761594.jpg)

No. 666190

BA looyzv

No. 666201

I think the most bizarre part of this is that a 40+ year old man lives here. Like how does he tolerate all this pink Barbie doll shit? I get interior decor isn’t a junkie main priority but this shit literally looks like a 7 year old’s room.

No. 666229

File: 1559418449348.png (Spoiler Image,706.45 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190601-204418.png)

Gagged so hard. No wonder lurch is riddled with infections their bed is a giant cum dirt and shit stain

No. 666423

The marks on his legs are trackmarks and you can see the scar from his abscess

No. 666427

File: 1559439388745.jpg (260 KB, 708x1397, sk;fmsa;lmas;mflasfl;sam.jpg)

To him it beats being homeless, which is pretty much Lurch's only other option.

No. 666428

File: 1559439507298.jpg (154.44 KB, 737x1215, ;qrnpqwie.jpg)

No. 666457

wow tuna it must be so hard taking over your moms house and spending your dads money whenever you want

No. 666540

Exactly. For someone who is depressed etc those things could be considered small victories. But she considers them just….victories, period. Like that’s her Idea of peak productivity. instead of recognizing she’s ill so sometimes it hard to do more, but still wanting to achieve that eventually.

She’s so fucking delusional.

No. 666541

ok sorry I’m double posting but fuck hahaha “why did they do this to me” “fucking on detox stairs” first of all she’s always been very fucking proud of this fact and second, your parents are only partially to blame for this hell you live in. Maybe you should take a look at yourself and the monster you decided was your savior

No. 666592

Aw Luna I feel real bad you didn't get to grow up in a upperclass suburbian home, and now at the age of 22/whatever you ONLY get free access to your dad's credit card and have never known having to pay rent, or a phone/utility/credit bill before.

I'll front, no, I will donate 1 million USD to you so you can rent a nice place in New York to fill with your remaining 5% belongings from when you were oh so wrongfully evicted. On top of that, I will make a GoFundMe go viral, to supplement your lifestyle for the rest of yours and Lurch's life.

Sweet uwu babydoll you should never have to lift a finger ever again in your life.

No. 667175

the crazy thing is even though she didn't grow up in suburban life, just a few years ago she had all that inheritance money from her grandmother and got into college (albeit not a great/useful one). makes it even worse, because she did have opportunities and advantages but acts like her life was always poor.

No. 667230

File: 1559608732617.png (1.28 MB, 1748x1162, dfsdflsa.png)

good thing i can interpret wasted tuna language
seven day facebook ban?

No. 667272

File: 1559613998582.jpg (51.22 KB, 701x361, too talented.jpg)

No. 667306

You sound like an elitist lmao. Brooklyn College isn’t as bad as you’re making it sound.

No. 667334

Brooklyn College is a perfectly decent school, but wasn’t she majoring in poetry or some shit?

No. 667366

File: 1559631608184.jpg (155.8 KB, 814x1280, tumblr_psjz1tYKJp1w1d39p_1280.…)

No. 667367

File: 1559631634246.jpg (218.44 KB, 1280x1036, tumblr_psjz1fKSeM1w1d39p_1280.…)

No. 667373

im high idk but the whole hiding her arm thing is killing me like…you're fat luna rock that shit goddamn its just so pathetic that you try to hide it

No. 667389

Digged up a comparison photo from the first thread. Added a rescent photo.
Maybe she climb up to to lvl 10 by the end of the year. What will await us? Oh Luna..

No. 667391

File: 1559649681350.jpg (1.85 MB, 1500x2129, 14683031282931.jpg)

whoops here it is

No. 667416

imagine spending all that money to buy an instax and film refills and having your 40 year old pedophile boyfriend creature take pictures of of yourself on a leash in your filthy bedroom instead of taking cute photos of yourself out with friends like a normal 22 year old

No. 667452

anon who sounded like an elitist here, and wasn't she at Pratt? i swear she went to pratt and majored in poetry.

No. 667472

She got accepted to pratt but couldn't afford to go so she went to Brooklyn college instead (aka hell) according to one of her posts about why she dropped out later

No. 667480

File: 1559674960051.jpeg (298.06 KB, 750x1174, 04D49F7D-A0DB-4341-9657-09A9B3…)

Luna made a new Instagram

No. 667481

Not only does she have a dragon's hoard, its all brand name shit. Sanrio shit isnt cheap.

No. 667485

hes got pedo-ish bullshit going on so i wouldnt be surprised if he encourages it

No. 667493

File: 1559678740102.png (183.08 KB, 480x697, bleurgh.png)

No. 667501

how did we find out about this?

No. 667505

people were calling her out on her bullshit on the old account so she up and made a new one. l o fucking l

No. 667510

but you have created something to be remembered by luna, 24 of them to be exact

No. 667570

File: 1559693807132.jpeg (48.85 KB, 540x516, 1557384778655.jpeg)

This bitch doesn't shower regularly and has posted an ass pic with her crack lined with dingle berries. And she wants to put stuff up her ass. If she gets one of these it's going to be dirty Hitachi 2.0.

No. 667635

I don’t even want to think about what discolored putrid substances that fur would be matted with

No. 667674


god DAMN thats depressing

No. 667696

she’s so broad compared to her head size, it’s actually fascinating

No. 667737

File: 1559753950628.jpeg (Spoiler Image,300.13 KB, 961x1280, 21B37A59-46CD-49EB-8DA8-1371DA…)

The camel toe returns

No. 667761

She must have some serious BV. You gotta let your tuna breathe, Luna. These ~cheap~ two-piece sets come in bigger sizes.
Jokes aside, it's astounding to me how fat her pussy is.

No. 667957

It's an ED thing to buy the smallest size you can cram yourself into. All she has left to take even the mildest pride in since shes smaller than she was as a teen was is her mediocre unwashed body to use as a trashy mannequin and display the wardrobe that daddy's credit card brings in. She has nothing left in life but that, Lurch, an dope.

No. 667982

… Or just doesnt know how to dress herself? Not just an ed thing lmao. Go to your local walmart. 99% of trash dresses like this. Not everything has a deep and hidden meaning.

No. 667986

i think there’s definitely legitimacy to this, but also most of her clothes are thin chinese wholesale clothing in which a 2XL is equivalent to an american medium (and she’s a solid american 1-2XL so it’s likely that her sizes straight up aren’t available)

No. 668106

Did she change her handle again? I can’t find this acct

No. 668154

No, it's still the same. Maybe you got blocked?

No. 668246

Did she publicly announce this new profile? If lolcow is the only place it’s been discussed I’d imagine most of her followers are farmers, therefore easy to narrow down and block

No. 668300

File: 1559942488304.jpg (23.56 KB, 704x728, download.jpg)

Those days when the milk dries up.

No. 668315

You people are so fucking boring.
Her tits aren't saggy and even if they were - so fuck?
She ain't fat - she's average sized. To the uneducated swines who think heroin makes you lose weight. It doesn't. It can actually make you hungry, especially for sweet things, it's usually lack of money and chaotic lifestyle (therefore not eating) which cause weight loss.
She's struggling with a heroin addiction yet y'all expect her to have an amazing home. Lol
She's not ugly, and besides, beauty is subjective anyways.
Luna may have done some bad things and be struggling with an addiction but she's got more personality than the the lot of you put together. You people are literally obsessed with what she does and bitching on this site fills a teeny tiny gap in your life. Christ, I'd rather shoot smack than have this as my main source of entertainment. Maybe try read a book or something, someone posted a picture of Luna's bookshelf, maybe try some Burroughs or Vonnegut and stop using a vulnerable woman as your "entertainment".

No. 668321

yeah you lost me at “her tits aren’t saggy”

No. 668326

way to miss the point entirely.

nobody uses Luna as their main source of entertainment, i can assure you.

the exit is that way.

No. 668332


white knight a little harder pls

>her tits arent saggy

>beauty is subjective

her tits are objectively saggy and she objectively looks like a corpse/mannequin lmao

No. 668339

File: 1559952267633.png (1.34 MB, 1125x831, 1 (1).png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 668341

File: 1559952341752.png (761.36 KB, 1122x832, 2.3 (1).png)

No. 668342

File: 1559952397867.png (903.54 KB, 974x653, tumblr2.png)

No. 668344

File: 1559952530235.png (1.34 MB, 1291x626, 6.2.png)

No. 668346

File: 1559952588728.png (9.73 KB, 995x169, tumblr4.png)

No. 668365

yeahhh… that's a bit more than I'd be willing to pay, even during a terrible dry spell

No. 668368


she's talking about the négligée

No. 668377

Did u know this was posted a week ago >>665914

No. 668395

All this while her mom is sleeping on the couch

No. 668430

No, anon. She's talking about herself.

No. 668451

This can't be serious. Maybe we should all read naked lunch and manga 101 draw books instead of browsing lolcow.

No. 668452

her personality is a 24 hour loop complaining how hard her life is while posting tacky shit she stole or bought with daddy's card. some personality.

Would say 'hi Tuna' but you didn't beg for a handout so couldn't be her

No. 668468

>struggling with an addiction
That she wanted to have, despite seeing first hand it's negative effects. Does your arm hurt from reaching that much?

No. 668477

File: 1559985885834.jpg (12.55 KB, 318x335, bd3.jpg)

No. 668497

Have you read the studies about children who grow up around drugs, (whether it be family, neighbours, carers) are more likely to use drugs themselves?

So possibly she's normalised and internalised seeing her parent using and has inevitably gone down the same path.

No. 668501

all these gymnastics to avoid admitting she's a full-time junkie who sleeps in her mother's bed. I doubt she's opened those books in a long time.

No. 668502

I think she means that the gown and her body are $1 each.

Yep, happens in every single thread on Tuna. Seems to be that time again.

No. 668537

it’s summer, after all. newfags have a lot of time on their hands right now.

No. 668538

>Her tits aren't saggy and even if they were - so fuck?
they are saggy
>She ain't fat - she's average sized.
She's not fat by American standards but she's certainly overweight.
>She's struggling with a heroin addiction yet y'all expect her to have an amazing home. Lol
Nobody expects Luna to do anything buy live in filth
>Luna may have done some bad things
She's a career grifter and may have possibly contributed to at least one fatal overdose
>she's got more personality than the the lot of you put together.
She's as shallow as a bedpan, everything she does she does to maintain an aesthetic. Hence the heroin addiction.
>Christ, I'd rather shoot smack than have this as my main source of entertainment.
Then fuck off and resume spending your day reblogging/retweeting pictures of fatties and tired woke one-liners as I imagine you normally do
That anon was right though; addiction is a social contagion. If you have friends or especially close family members who are addicts then you're far more likely to become one yourself. It's the same deal with obesity

No. 668552

Pls forgive the major derail but >y’all >goback2tumblr what the fuck? Is tumblr appropriating the goddamn south now??? Anyway the whiteknight is clearly someone Luna tattle taled to about her big mean trolls. Probably got a good $5 out of them as well.

No. 668557

I'm surprised nobody starts blaming her mother for Luna whoring herself online. Plus she's got the personality of an amoeba, copying what she saw from her years of tumblr addiction.

No. 668614

Why would they blame her mother? She's been reasonably irritated at worst throughout this whole thing. He'll she managed to get clean til tuna got her back on heroin.

No. 668618

social influence goes both ways: luna and lurch's drugfucked presence got her mother relapsing

No. 668697

Can you believe how fucking disgusting it is tho. Her mom was clean. Maybe she’s a terrible mother and terrible human being (but seeing how Luna talks about her eViL DaD which looks like a pretty okay ish dad imo…) but she was clean. It seems she had a huge past of addiction and managed to stay clean. Addiction is forever. You fight your whole life to contain your addiction. Of course she’s using again. You put alcohol in a alcoholic home OF COURSE he’s gonna drink. It’s the same. That fucking tuna bitch was too lazy to get a job and find her own place, same as her FOURTY yo crusty ass bf, and decided that going to her moms house was the easiest way to continue her boring life. What a cunt. She made that to her mom. She stole her bedroom, her bed, made herself comfortable in her ocean of trashy made in China shit, and directly caused her mom to go back on heroin. While complaining. And if her mom finishes her life like roger, living in filth on her couch without any help, who will be surprised? Tuna has always been a fucking mess, a scammer, a liar, a thief. But now with her mom situation and the fentanyl situation? She’s straight up evil. Because of my own past struggles with addiction I always had a soft spot for her, because she’s so young and have so many many many ways and opportunities to goes on a different path. But she keeps victimizing herself whatever happens and HURTS other people while being completely aware of it. She’s literally a person that would make the world a better place if she just disappeared. Fuck her

No. 668713

Yea, wasn't she stealing Roger's meds and selling some of his medical equipment home health probably gave him? she's evil and she doesn't care who she hurts. The fact that she cannot be bothered to maintain even the lowest modicum of hygiene really tells you all you need to know.

No. 668716

"Y'all" has been tumblr andd stan twitter speak for a while. It's basic white girl for trying to be sassy in a similar vein to "ok karen" or "but go off i guess".

I hope Luna's mom kicks her out soon. At some point you just gotta cut ties. A mother might be responsible for her children, but Luna has proven time and time again she doesn't want help: she glorifies being a junkie and is willing to leech off people as long as she lives for this.

No. 668750

considering luna has been hauling more and more shit into her mother's house (honestly I was shocked those plush-cluttered room pics were hers, I thought they were still her "goals" reblogs), i wouldn't be surprised if they have a deal going by now where lurch is paying for their stay by cutting luna's mom some % of whatever hustling thing he's got going on, either in money or drugs (likely drugs though let's be real)

No. 668789

File: 1560121101390.png (144.61 KB, 726x1406, serjsepiejosf.png)

No. 668800

it never ceases to amuse me that she refers to heroin as her medicine when it’s quite literally the root of all of her problems

No. 668801

Heroin Good
Mommy n daddy Bad
Luna Sad

Every Luna "poem" ever, condensed into one.

No. 668807

>my parents don't get me
>my friends should feel guilty for getting sick of me
>I'm judged for being a useless scammer junkie
>money would fix all my problems!!

Cry us a river, Luna.

No. 668817

you'd think there would be something about the real feelings behind why she abuses drugs that she could access instead of just "waaa my parents are mean i like money"

No. 668830

>and one day when we live alone

she and lurch havent made a single effort to get their own place. no jobs, nothing. she really is banking on her dad to die to get his apartment… she used to post all the pics of it and say “one day this will all be mine”

No. 668836

It's pretty funny because she won't afford or care for the place. Life is so unfair in her mind that she isn't living in a pink aesthetic hotel room with food service for her eating disorders. But squatting at mama Tuna and Amazon Prime will do for now.

No. 668844

She is so fkn delusional, even if this DID happen and the place was left to her she would probably never be able to afford the property taxes, possible HOA, etc. I used to think that owning a home must be so great because you lower your cost of living once you pay it off but in a lot of cases that’s not so and renting would be smarter. Basically she thinks she will just own the house and get to magically live there for free lol.

No. 668860

So disgusting of her to talk about her parents like that while she occupies her moms home and bed and spends her dads money on cheap crap.

She wants doctors but doesn't wanna go to one.
She wants a home and to live alone but doesn't even think about changing her life to move out.
Wtf is her plan? Live with Lurch at her moms until her mom overdoses?
If she does, she can't stay at her moms. What she's gonna do then, move with Lurch to her dad?

She seriously must expect someone just offering her a place to stay, rentfree, billfree.

No. 668886

It’s so amusing how she got the whole “heroin=medicine” idea from kurt cobain, she literally appropriated his reason for taking heroin and adjusted it to her own (made-up) circumstances. How absolutely pathetic, to start taking a potentially fatal substance just because someone who you thought was cool did that too. God she’s laughable

No. 668911

Its funny because she laments being "internet famous" but constantly posts selfies and uses her real name/the same handle (some combination of kitten, heaven, 1996, etc). If she didnt want the attention she could change her username, keep a camera out of her face while she still looks the same, and start anew as is the beauty of the internet.

No. 668912

Hold on, what fatal overdose? This is new

No. 668914

she also attributed it herself in the junkhun blog to layne staley

No. 668915

She only interacts with like 5 people I doubt she even has anybody who would read this thread and then think "stop bullying" instead of running for the hills but if it was one of her few remaining asspatters it would be pretty easy to narrow down

No. 668916

PRIVACY??! she walks around in sex outfits and leaves her dirty hitachi strewn about the place and is fucking a mummy in her mother's bed behind the only shutting door in the house other than the bathroom and shes complaining about PRIVACY??!?

No. 668917

It used to be medicine for her the Cotton Eye Joe knee but I guess thats cured since now it's for medicating her BPD. IRL its medicine to keep her from dope shits and gooseflesh.

No. 668938


A few threads back there was a rumor someone ODed on fentanyl Luna and Lurch sold.

No. 669141

File: 1560259924846.jpeg (28.73 KB, 480x360, 80907451-F77C-4FC5-A83D-ED69C9…)

>if only they understood I’d be saved by wealth

No. 669191

i would hypothetically like to see luna come across a large sum of cash just to see what garbage she spends it on. would she put a down payment on a home, get her drivers license, and seek therapy? doubtful.

she acts like money is something that just falls out of the sky. it’s as if she has no concept of having a job and making money by the hour. last time i checked, that’s a whole lot more effective than just hoping you randomly get rich someday.

No. 669196

this exact scenario happened, thats her origin story.

No. 669199

She pissed away her inheritance which iirc was pretty substantial. As far as therapy she’s eligible for Medicaid being broke af and all or she’s young enough to be on EvilDad’s™ Insurance but she has tried nothing and is all out of ideas>>669191

No. 669274

Did this actually happen though? I feel like it's just an urban legend on here that she got a million dollars or whatever

No. 669325

File: 1560311163438.png (42.41 KB, 849x415, 1541781286293.png)

She def got an inheritance and pissed it away, pic related.

The million dollar figure was mentioned in the first few threads by a follower of Luna but was never confirmed. I've seen other anons claim she "only" got $100,000.

No. 669326

File: 1560312106757.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x2688, F4E37955-EDB4-446A-BBA8-18227A…)

Sex Worker Anon here, she started posting in this group I'm in to hustle cucks for the simplest tiddie pictures. She looks like absolute trash and everyone secretly makes fun of her. Found this thread from a google search, she's Momo levels of disheveled and rotten, and her fucking grundle makes me sick.

No. 669341

Luna can you please wear even an ill fitting bra to lift those sad pancake tits

No. 669440

I know nothing Luna says can be trusted but IF that's actually true that she paid her Mom's rent, maybe that's why she feels no shame taking over her only sleeping room for over a year?

No. 669447

If I recall, the full story was that she was given the inheritance as a college fund, and when she dropped out, her mom used it to pay bills

No. 669460

Tuna always looks like she's coated in a film of dirty dishwasher. I still can't believe she thinks she looks good enough to sell nudes.

No. 669464

File: 1560354554487.jpeg (172.81 KB, 340x336, 1540459306499.jpeg)

No. 669465

poor luna her body is the absolute worst lmao all that lumpiness stuffed into her leggings

No. 669698

File: 1560421011604.png (9.04 MB, 1242x2208, 7B3BCF33-D3DD-412D-BA88-E6A597…)

Oh god

No. 669708

File: 1560428609832.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 1242x989, 875FCC01-F4C9-4956-B678-51D317…)

shocked & upset by this eyeliner job

No. 669712

how does she not feel her hair? It is halfway to dreads by now, the grease has separated her hair into defined sections as if the tied it with rubber bands

No. 669719

How is she still unable to cut her fringe?? I get that you can fuck it up the first times but it’s her hairstyle for years ffs

No. 669722

The colors clash in such an offensive way and make her skin look jaundiced. Theres nothing wrong with either piece of clothing on its own but the combination of the two combined with the cut of them makes it look like a maternity photo.

No. 669724

i hate her and I am genuinely embarrassed for her right now. she is using a pic with her stretch marks, fupa, and saggy boobs to entice guys to buy pics in a group of presumably cleaner, prettier girls.

I really don't wish this on even her but given how desperate she's getting, what's the odds on her hooking by end of summer?

No. 669727

idk that would involve actual work. rn she's just taking pics which is what she does everyday anyway

No. 669887

I’m kinda interested in the group name

No. 669891

No. 670010

What's the name of the group? If it's so top secret how does she know about it?

No. 670174

File: 1560551173053.jpg (95.03 KB, 500x666, tumblr1.2.jpg)


Pic dump from KF.

No stuttering gifs? Disappoint.

No. 670175

File: 1560551406975.png (704.22 KB, 978x1085, tumblr2.png)

No. 670177

File: 1560551647265.png (831.37 KB, 973x681, tumblr3.png)

How many junkies does it take to tip a few seeds into a pot of dirt?

No. 670178

File: 1560551679282.png (433.24 KB, 970x633, tumblr4.png)

No. 670179

File: 1560551717411.png (1.06 MB, 1020x504, tumblr6.png)

No. 670180

File: 1560551765461.png (950.47 KB, 973x608, tumblr7.png)

No. 670320

File: 1560636862703.png (10.46 MB, 1242x2208, C6FF2CF3-3095-40CD-B8E0-2E0753…)

She posted photos of her room and I can’t help but notice how obviously filthy it is?? How hard is it to wipe down your window???

No. 670321

File: 1560636944119.png (10.3 MB, 1242x2208, 163462C8-FE76-4013-B4E8-4CE4E3…)

Also, I know this is talked about a lot, but I still cannot get over how much shit she has, and the fact a grown man lives here

No. 670322

File: 1560636977805.jpeg (217.82 KB, 749x1051, 127551F0-DFFC-4AE7-8C77-6DECCF…)

No. 670325


Her hair looks like a shitty wig

No. 670335


Whenever I think of this, I remember that Lurch is barely sentient and it suddenly makes a lot more sense.

No. 670336

what the fuck is that brown lump? an owl pellet?

No. 670340

Looks like cat poop

No. 670368

i dont remember her ever ordering THIS much amazon shit in so little time. what happened? wheres the money coming from? is papa tuna just paying for it? jesus. her room looks so clean for once and then you realize its because everything is brand new and isnt covered in grime and shit yet

No. 670382

File: 1560661443358.jpg (730.41 KB, 1080x1703, 20190616_005111.jpg)

what the fuck is happening here in the hip area?

No. 670384

File: 1560662032451.png (351.92 KB, 480x662, Screenshot_2019-06-16-00-58-02…)

She has potential but she just won't improve anything, not even her eyebrow plucking routine

No. 670390

fupa shuffling in constricting pants. Not unlike the thread title pic where it looks like she folded it into too small shorts.
I really like seeing her hair off of her face. Tuna, more of this. It's a better style for you.

No. 670392

Someday she can fix her eyebrows but she needs to wear less makeup like this.

No. 670395

She has potential to OD

No. 670397

i don't follow her much but why does she look completely normal and even kinda nice here and in all of her other photos like a bloated soulless whale? she looks waayyy better without makeup

No. 670399


has her nose always had that bump at the bridge? does heroin just make you look more and more like lurch? and her poor mouth….

No. 670406

File: 1560666413494.png (5.7 KB, 707x133, qjenlqwenqmwlenk.png)

No. 670411

when is she not? lmao

No. 670421


she's wearing her hair different (i guess pulled back with a slight poof is more flattering to her face than blunt bangs that cut her across the forehead), her head is at a 3/4 angle and her mouth is open which slims the face a lot, her neck is not covered with hair and held in an elongated pose, her eyes aren't buried in dark makeup and her lips aren't blended into her face which doesn't fuck up her facial proportions. and she's not staring directly into the camera which normally gives away how out of it she is.

>when looking like a basic white girl doing chores with her hair in a ponytail is an improvement

No. 670437

File: 1560688655865.jpeg (424.17 KB, 828x1458, EFB498F5-0B52-4D03-BE6D-B84117…)

No. 670446

yeah i knew her when we were kids and she always had the bump in her nose. you can see in some of the mega old pics people posted in earlier threads. idk i think its kinda cute tho

No. 670450

haha these gross bitches

No. 670453


100% agree. She looks better with nothing on her face than with caky foundation in the wrong shade and a frankly upsetting eyeliner/eyeshadow job. Fuck those foundation lips too. But she purposely looks like shit bc ~uwu junkie bby~ smh

No. 670469

Crazy how a "homeless" person living on their mom's welfare has more stuff from Amazon than a person with a full time job and spending money.

Girl's really looking like Lurch these days.

No. 670586

File: 1560765375140.png (93.25 KB, 480x503, cleanliness.png)

She's really obsessive about taking care of her skin she says.

No. 670614

Watch her start bawwwing about eczema and "please send money for my ointment T_T"

Luna, you have a rash because you live in filth and rarely wash yourself. You dont need a facemask, you need a SHOWER and to not cover your face if you arent even leaving the house

No. 670634

>Whenever I think of this, I remember that Lurch is barely sentient and it suddenly makes a lot more sense

Nah, that's not why it makes sense. Did you forget Lurch would be homeless without Luna (and her mom's guilt tripped charity)? That is why the fuck he doesn't mind living in what looks like a thirteen years old girl room (that and probably the fact that he's a pedo, remember when Luna found him slurping all over her childhood photo in secret?)

I know that's not as funny as 'he's barely sentient lmfao', but it's probably closer to the truth.

No. 670635

It probably turns him on so he can imagine fucking a kid. Was she into all this "plushies soft bby" stuff before she met him?

No. 670656

lol wasn't she 17 when they met/got together? I kinda doubt lurch is into actual children

No. 670659

Umm yeah, but actual children will get you put on a registry for life which I’m sure a junkie, heroin dealer definitely doesn’t want. Luna is a safe bet because she reverted back to 12 when she met him.

No. 670669

No she was a lot edgier before she met him. Thrifted clothes, pop punk bands, 90’s grunge, she still incorporated feminine courtney love-esque aspects into her aesthetic, but the bimbofication process didn’t begin until she began openly dating/fucking her mom’s heroin dealer.

No. 670672

I said in a post before that since her grandma that raised her, so her parents could get clean, died when Luna was like 14 it's likely the trauma stunted her development.

No. 670681

File: 1560786528425.png (14.79 KB, 706x211, rip.png)

No. 670682

Poor kitty. I’m sure her passing was not humane unfortunately. And of course tuna is looking to scam money from people.

No. 670683

damn… rest in peace little cutie. that’s like, really fucking upsetting. those cats are completely innocent old little creatures. damn.

fucking absolutely tasteless post coming from her. jesus.

No. 670684

"My X is dead and everything is worse now" is a Bojack quote, shes never had an original thought in her life

No. 670685

that makes me hate her on a whole new level ?? the most disrespectful way to announce the passing of a beloved family pet. what the fuck

No. 670692

At least the cats were well taken-care of/lucky enough to live very long lives. But let's hope to God that she doesn't get another cat

No. 670694

Weren't they Lurch's cats? She had another cat as a teen.

No. 670696

I am going to speculate that roger actually took care of the cats and then he passed. They probably haven’t been to a vet and from experience cats and dogs usually don’t just pass quietly in their sleep. I’ve always had to go to a vet to make sure my babies didn’t suffer when they passed. But this is lurch and tuna we are talking about. Amazon junk is much more important than a living beings pain and suffering, cremation or burial. She’s a selfish slob.

No. 670698

is there just a rotting fucking cat corpse laying about her mother's house now? Because that's… a lot.

Where is she keeping it? On her bed? her shrine? The floor? Furniture? The kitchen counter/table? It's hot in NY today and that thing is likely bloating with all sorts of nasty death fluids that im sure shes not making an effort to contain.

No. 670708

>cats and dogs usually don’t just pass quietly in their sleep

??? What

No. 670714

incoming 80 posts from Tuna needing money for the cats final disposal.

No. 670716

I’m just saying that if you are in tuned to your pets they usually show signs of being ready to pass. Whether they are sluggish, hiding in quiet places, have a terminal illness that escalates, some have seizures. A good attentive pet owner knows when their babies are ready. So they have minimal suffering. It’s usually not a surprise.
How old exactly was that kitty? Pretty old as far as I know. Imagine being 80 years old and never going to a doctor.

No. 670717

Good point- there's no way that Lurch took care of the cats while Rodger was mobile. That said, Rodger was at a fraction of normal capacity for his last couple years, Luna does/did seem to put some degree of work into taking care of the cats, and iirc she has taken them to the vet at least once. She should not take on any more cats by any means, but she managed to keep a couple of ancient cats alive as the primary caregiver for at least two years, so they probably weren't suffering too much.
How long until she puts up a gofundme?

No. 670725


it's also like… in the context of Bojack's mother, who was in a loveless marriage with a man she hated and resented, getting up to speak at his funeral and simply saying "my husband is dead, and everything is worse now". it's so boring and disingenuous of her but it also goes to show how rotted her brain is she can't comprehend anything that isn't surface level obvious, like when she posted that screencap from Aggretsuko everywhere bc she thought it was uwu kawaii even though it was very much not with context

No. 670726

Idk if anyone capped it, but she made and deleted a really fucked up pic of her cat before someone commented to take it to the vet hours before this happened. Sorry no caps, didnt want to add to this but that poor cat.

No. 670741

what was the pic? like what was going on in it

No. 670754

Her cat was drooling and staring off and she said something about asking for advice bc she couldn’t stand up, someone commented she needed to take to a vet ASAP and then next time I looked the post was gone I saw R.I.P. Pepper :(

No. 670768


What the FUCK. God, what a bitch. If your cat is spaced out and can't move, why do you gotta wait for tumblr's opinion before getting it to an emergency vet? What a fucking piece of shit she is. Absolute garbage. She doesn't care about anyone but herself and her next fix.

No. 670777

She spends her dad's money for non-important things, why can't she use it for this important thing? Oh wait, cause it's Tuna. Money can only be spent on her.

No. 670791

File: 1560813191899.jpeg (204.57 KB, 1242x481, 6C91404C-1AB0-4030-8761-3953B7…)

Are you fucking joking? Asking people to sympathy buy you more shit as if you need anymore

No. 670795

>(i'm serious)
Just when you think she can't get any scummier.

She's a parody of herself at this point.

No. 670796

Ho ho hooomy goooddddd oh my god this bitch, this fuckin bitchhh

No. 670798

i feel like this is where luna is officially gone. you'd think her grief about her cats would be genuine (more so than for roger, idk if that's just me) but nope..i've read all her threads on here and this somehow feels like the point in her life where her ability to feel empathy is completely gone, not just messed up from bpd. her humanity is fucking gone. great job luna, if you're reading this, you're officially subhuman scum. literally within fucking hours after complaining that removing the poor cat's body would cost money. so hard not to a-log right now..

No. 670800

Yikes! Luna, call your dad and make him pay to have the cat cremated.

No. 670801


Jesus christ wtf, get a job and buy your own doodads. If those poor cats hadn't lived in essentialy a dumpster this might not have happened

"Something happened, buy me stuff :("

No. 670805

File: 1560814105957.png (Spoiler Image,648.17 KB, 705x603, hate.png)

No. 670807

Her Facebook is a disaster. Photo of her smiling. Post about cat. Half naked photo. Post of how sad she is. Two photos of her half naked. Post asking for people to buy stuff.

No. 670808

File: 1560814267133.png (8.68 MB, 1242x2208, 66B88C59-C61F-4226-B9BF-E41AB6…)

Weren’t these new??? Lmao

No. 670811

File: 1560814449796.jpg (84.51 KB, 480x368, 022.jpg)

>That huge, faded brown stain running up her thigh from under her ass

No. 670818

What a disgusting, horrible person Tuna is. Maybe ebegging for proper remain disposal would garner more sympathy. They probably threw the poor kitty in the garbage instead of treating him like a pet and appropriately burying or cremating him.

No. 670822

if she hasn't thrown it in a garbage bag and gotten it out by now that means the remains are just decomposing in her house

No. 670823

How does someone jump from “my cats dead I’m so sad” to “buy me something to make me feel better” then to posting pictures of herself in her underwear that are most likely hard as a rock in the middle from her filth.

No. 670835

File: 1560816082900.jpeg (205.31 KB, 750x1128, 9C027C81-9EE5-4E22-840F-D6202F…)

No. 670836

File: 1560816331647.png (767.14 KB, 1103x735, ldknaflsndf.png)

>everything around this part of town is ugly

Then move

No. 670839

Yeah she looks really upset. I’d be too devastated to post crap selfies online. This bitch is using the death of her pet to beg for plastic shit. What a whore.

No. 670853

File: 1560819975280.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1533, D0970DEE-1C05-42BF-B568-4A4158…)

the full photo

No. 670854

Can buy an endless supply of stupid pink shit from Amazon but it's too much money to get your pet medical care? You can call around, some places do sliding scale fees based on income or can at least refer you to help. This bitch let a poor cat suffer.

No. 670857

her cats body is still warm and she already begging for money so she can buy more stuffies to fill her mother's bedroom, that will collect even more mold in their dirt den that will eventually give her and lurch a nasty respiratory infection. that's my prediction.

No. 670860

I know people “grieve differently” but this is clearly not it. She just uses every tragedy in her life to capitalize upon it and tries to make people feel bad for her but at this point is she even trying?

No. 670865


It appears Tuna has washed (and properly toned) her hair. le gasp

>>670860 agreed

No. 670876

Usually people don't take selfies and beg for people to buy them things when they're genuinely upset, Tuna.

No. 670877

File: 1560822430286.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x1760, 9B03B239-6CD4-4970-A19C-C1CFA9…)

No. 670886


Please use it.

No. 670903

is luna like…a sociopath? I'm not even kidding. does she ever have genuine feelings about other people? (or cats)

No. 670916

File: 1560826303197.jpg (194.27 KB, 694x1360, dym8z4n.jpg)

No. 670917

File: 1560826334109.jpg (35.02 KB, 704x356, YxOnhTm.jpg)

No. 670920

File: 1560826866526.jpg (1.21 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1560826811894.jpg)

No. 670921

She's a junkie so it's the same effect. she has feelings about herself only. Gib monies bb I'm hurting.

No. 670923

Tuna, you will be remembered for being a piece of shit kitty cat owner. No need for ~art.

No. 670975

She actually looks less horrid wearing a bun. She should put her hair up more often if she actually wants to look attractive lmao

No. 670976

File: 1560832067318.png (190.81 KB, 479x721, nancy.png)

OT af but I started reading the MM biography Luna posted before, as wk anon suggested we read a book Luna has. And I found he described Luna with her attitude, floppy tits and the next page was "a permanent stench that was half flowery, half noxious" lol

No. 670978


That first pose. What the fu

No. 670980

>that pic
Is she doing more grave robbing?

No. 671011

Rest in peace Kitty.

Luna please, for the love of god, burry it's body if you can't afford anything and don't keep the body.

Disgusting even typing this but I totally believe she'd keep the dead body just to be like "bby pls donate, I still got Pepper's dead body, but I can't afford to do anything with it other than keep it"

Human garbage. Maybe use money to get the cat cremated instead of getting "meaningless shit". Meaningless shit is more important than the cat she allegedly loved so much.

No. 671015

apparently the vet is burying Pepper…? >>670917

No. 671021

pepper was lurch's cat, why didn't he have to figure out what to do with her remains

No. 671022

Yeah, thank God. I wonder how long she kept the body lying around… that must have been horrible for Smokey…
Bet she didn't clean where the dead cat was and the other one has to suffer cause it will smell it for a while. Poor thing.

No. 671023

What book is this from?

No. 671027

>omg i’m sobbing
>wearing a full fucking face of makeup, no redness or puffiness or tear streaks in foundation in any of her pics whatsoever

fuck you tuna. just fuck you. i’ve never in my life seen someone so comfortably lie about serious fucking things like grieving a dead pet.

No. 671036

It's "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", it's free online if you search it adding epub or pdf at the end.

I'm quite enjoying it so far. There's a part at the start of chapter 5 where he says "When you have friends, you form a band. When you’re lonely, you write." It reminded me of Luna as well.

No. 671042

It wouldn't surprise me in the least bit if Pepper ate some of the pills scattered around for her sadbby pastel angel photoshoots, thinking it was dropped kibble. Poor thing.

No. 671044

Pepper was very very old, as are her other cats. I don't suspect the others are long for this world, especially since they are being medically neglected and living in filth.

Junkies tend to keep close track of their pills

No. 671049

Yeah I've never heard of a vet burying an animal. Even if you find a cat/dog/any animal injured and dead/near death (which Luna could've done if she had half a creative brain cell left), it goes into the freezer for mass cremation. And being that Luna's in a city, they're often zoned that you CAN'T bury within city lines so…I'm not sure what sort of fairy tale she's expecting us to believe here.

What more than likely happened is this vile bitch just lobbed the poor cat in a dumpster and there was no actual vet involved.

No. 671051


This was honestly my first thought. And while normally yeah, junkies do keep pretty good tabs on their pills, this is Luna we're talking about. She leaves her damned needles and spoons scattered about the floor with her dirty Hitachi wand.

A prior poster mentioning the cat drooling and staring off into space kinda added to that theory for me, IDK. We also don't know how long if at all the cat had been sick or if it was just being old and maybe the kidneys failing as they often do in old ones. Had she even posted pictures of them recently or nah?

No. 671052

From what I can tell >>665825 is the most recent picture of them we have

No. 671076

What a piece of shit. I'm not joking, the world would be better off if she was dead. At least her cats might be able to get a better home.

I've always disliked her, but this makes me hate her. >>670798 is right. She's subhuman trash. Literal filth.

No. 671077

Less than a few hours after her pet dies:
Luna, posting fashion shows on tumblr and laughing in the picture while showing the middle finger.

Uh huh. Cat mom of the year, y'all.

No. 671095

She's even putting her dirty feet up walls in public, besides her filthy den. What a ray of sunshine. /s

The poor cat is in a better place than with Tuna smoking her "free weed", both her and Lurch smoking cigs indoors, filth and drug paraphernalia spread around… God knows the things she saw living with them.

No. 671133

this absolute fucking cunt. How has no one in the comments called her out for >>670791
this? You would think if she cared for her cats, she would be asking for some money to take her other cat to the vet for a checkup. Or fucking pretend in the post that she's asking for donations towards a vet but no, she can't even be bothered not to appear like scum anymore. I can't wait until she drops dead

No. 671144

Pepper was an ancient cat, I doubt it was anything else than old age. But like was mentioned upthread, a cat owner would likely notice their kitty waning and do the humane thing, not wake up one morning/evening and go oh no bby kitties is dead. Especially if you already noticed the drooling/staring off into space. Good grief, Tuna.

No. 671181

i also tend to doubt pepper’s death was tuna-induced since he was old. HOWEVER… his symptoms do sound like kidney failure, which could be brought on by ingesting toxic plant matter (which, as we know, is not much of a stretch)

regardless of why this cat died (which we may never know)… her reaction to it is what’s truly disturbing. she has always acted like those cats were the purest and best things in her miserable life, but when dies, she feels nothing? would she even care when lurch dies?

No. 671183

Yes she would care that her junk dealer was no longer supplying her.

No. 671193

File: 1560909207940.jpeg (179.62 KB, 640x468, 4B92A3DB-1A03-4CC2-AF1E-273593…)

No. 671195

this bitch needs to get on indeed.com or something. I can speak from experience that as long as you submit a lot of applications you WILL get hired, even if you don't have a lot of experience. I mean I do question if she actually wants a job vs wants to appear as though she's trying, but man….this is just not how people get jobs.

No. 671196

wahhh please give me money and job cus me feel sad. shes so fucking stupid

No. 671197

She's acting very manic.

What self-respecting employer would give a chance to a drug addict with a huge gap in her resume who would probably steal from them? Just because she's begging for one? That is what's supposed to make her a more qualified candidate over others who would actually apply?
She could start by volunteering at a local animal shelter first but I doubt they'd give her a paid position unless she proved herself; would require responsibilities like showing up on time and focusing on tasks other than her amazon wish list for a shift.

What kind of office could she even get hired at? A trap house office?

No. 671203

110 words per minute? she could so easily apply to volunteer this is just for show

No. 671206

File: 1560913565385.jpeg (151.47 KB, 640x531, 4BA27832-6555-4C64-A193-F919B3…)

No. 671208

>my knees hurt
They'll give you a chair in retail if you make it clear from the start that you need one.
>I don't wanna work with people
Then enjoy your continued unemployment and eventual homelessness. And she thinks in an office or animal shelter she won't have to deal with people, hehe.

No. 671218

Wasn't she bragging about her "sex work business" taking off lol

No. 671220

Damn, anon… You must have worked in a nice place. Where I'm from, most retail places straight up won't hire you if you need special accommodations. I honestly can't see Luna being hired anywhere. Her whiny junky grunge pastel princess bullshit would get her fired from most jobs within a week.

No. 671228

Not sure how it is in U.S. but don't most jobs do a cursory background check and online search of new hires? I can't believe she could pull in any better than a McJob.

No. 671229

what animal related job would keep you off your feet lmao?

No. 671230

did she actually graduate high school? even fast food places typically want you to finish that. but like another anon said there’s no way she’s getting an easy cushy office job like she’s dreaming of with that big gap on her resume and she can’t list her past jobs as references because she fucked all of them up completely.

this bitch seriously thinks her self diagnosed ~bad knees~ and being too high to talk to people means she deserves an easy job to keep her habit going. hilarious. guess what luna? millions of people every day work jobs they don’t like because they need to pay the fucking bills, because they don’t have parents that’ll allow them to mooch forever.

i honestly fucking wish she’d really become truly homeless. maybe then she’d learn to suck it the fuck up and stop fucking bitching about her self induced problems.

No. 671276

She just thinks she could sit on a couch petting kitties all day and call that a job. The first time she's asked to walk like 5 dogs and she cries about her wobbly knees, or god forbid she's asked to clean up poo.

No. 671291

somebody said in a previous thread that she had no idea how to apply for financial aid or student loans to get into school. Im not shocked that she doesn't know how to find a job.

although a little while back wasnt she filling out "piles of applications" and getting no callbacks?

No. 671294

you'd think that after all this time maybe lurch would even insist on helping her to file for financial aid, but I guess his own + him hustling brings in enough for them both to be comfortable

No. 671300

Haha, finally her cotton eye joe knees make a comeback

No. 671317

Surprised she hasn't started ebegging for a wheelchair (like fellow lolcow Phoebe Tickner) for her poor knees.

No. 671327


Funnily enough, her local shelter is part of the community service program. If druggies working off their arrests can handle it, she should be able to.


No. 671341


What makes you think he would know anything about applying for financial aid? She got into college, at least.

No. 671391


"I can't afford food and haven't eaten in days but I'm too good to work retail."

Fucking tuna and her thinly-veiled begging.

No. 671421

he's on food stamps, and i could be wrong but isn't he getting something for his actual bum leg with the metal rod in it?

No. 671470

File: 1560986899658.jpeg (91.82 KB, 500x667, F0ABD955-6CD1-4026-B6BD-BD6B1F…)

it never ceases to amaze me how the severity of her knee injury varies depending on what bullshit she’s trying to pull in that moment. (when she’s called out for being unemployed, she’s suddenly disabled. when she wants to be involved in the cripple punk movement, she’s suddenly using a cane. and yet, she talks about walking places all the time and depends solely on walking for transportation.)

photo related

No. 671473

There are counter/secretary type positions at many veterinary hospitals that don’t require any veterinary background. However with her employment gap, visible track marks, filthy white trash appearance, cracked out voice, internet presence, and (I am assuming) horrible stench… she would never pass the interview.

She wouldn’t have many valid references since she was fired for stealing at previous jobs.

Can you imagine how she’d answer the interview questions?

“So why do you have such a large gap in your employment?”
“The man I consider my real father died and I need my ~medicine~ several times a day or I get very sick and I also can’t put any physical effort into anything because of my ~disabilities~ people are just so mean to me uwu”

No. 671475

the fact that she ditched the cane was mind blowing, given that it was another accessory she could have gotten a stupid version of or cover with stickers

No. 671478

It would be ironic to see Tuna working in a vet clinic given how badly she's needing the flea and tick bath.

No. 671481

In NY there are people who help with that sort of thing. It's even super easy to get on medicaid here and there are people that help with it. Medicaid and financial aid are two things that she can do online and even then she's too lazy to do it. She wants everyone to do it for her so she doesn't have to and even then there's a 30% chance that she'll actually do it.

And her knees didn't seem to kill her in this pose >>670916 or this one >>670808 or when she's standing around taking 99999 selfies all day long.

No. 671513

tbf wouldn't your knees hurt if you were a fat bitch who just sat around all day?

No. 671535


ie. Case workers at the Dept of Social Services


No. 671553

there’s no way she can type 110 words per minute lol. At least make it a believable lie like idk.. 94 wpm, still sounds fast but not like inhuman

No. 671555

If she really wanted or needed a job and had no experience she could get on taskrabbit, anyone can work that gig economy shit to make some cash and get a little experience if you’re totally unemployable

No. 671590

i don’t think she actually types 110 wpm, but it’s far from inhuman. if she really does have that speed her accuracy comes into question too. it’s about more than just speed, and her typos are weird as shit from what we’ve seen

No. 671748

Lmao, I forgot about her cane/cripple phase. I wish she would be this milky nowadays.

Of course she can't, she's way too drugged out to type fast/correctly. Even if she could there'd be multiple errors in every word.

No. 671784

I'm a stenographer and there's no way she can type that quickly verbatim. If she somehow can it's not accurate and probably full of typos like you said. Tuna could apply to a school offering court reporting and make a very comfortable life for herself, but she won't have the drive if heroin isn't involved.

No. 671821


anon give us the group name i wanna lurk

No. 671937

what ever happened to Pat, the cancer-santa? If she died Luna would have "mourned" for a year and begged for money to throw a funeral. If there was some falling out we would have gotten an abuse story. She just vanished

No. 671955

her and carina probably don’t talk as often these days and thus her mom isn’t really in the picture very often. i don’t think it’s any deeper than that truthfully.

No. 672000

At least the bottoms fit her properly. Good job Tun

No. 672004

Hasn't she and her daughter (rllyblonde or something like that?) cut off contact with Luna many threads ago?

No. 672070

i don’t remember that? but i could definitely be wrong… i know luna follows rlyblonde on both her old and new instagrams but you can tell they don’t keep up with one another.

No. 672129

What it sounds like to me is that the poor kitty had a stroke. "Staring off into space, drooling and unable to move" describes pretty exactly how my first kitty went. On the positive side, mine was a healthy old lady and then she suddenly…wasn't. So there's a chance poor Pepper didn't suffer too long beforehand (although I also remember my parents caring enough to, y'know, RUSH HER TO A VET).
Rest in peace, Pepper. You were a cutie pie.

No. 672149

That is probably what happened, but who the hell watches their cat staring off into space and drooling and posts about it on the internet rather than taking it to a vet. Even if she can't afford it in the moment, many vets will work with you if an animal is in distress. This particular saga is amazing to me. To think there are three adults in that household and apparently not one of them thought to go to the damn vet.

No. 672156

The final decline might have been sudden, but Pepper did live in a disgusting drug den for far too long beforehand, with possibly dangerous plants/pollen to ingest… was no life for a cat, particularly an elder one with possible special needs. RIP Peps.

No. 672158

This! 100%! It astounds me that Tunas first reaction was asking the Internet what to do and going to a vet wasn’t even in her diseased brain. Some pet mom. She should never have an animal, she’s way too selfish.

No. 672167

tuna was probably staring into space and drooling too

No. 672217

File: 1561244596154.gif (1.38 MB, 242x270, 1525729103934.gif)

Godfucking damnit.

No. 672309

the cat was super super super old even in the first few threads. Plenty of people would rather have their animal pass if familiar surroundings if they are not in obvious pain, which is doesn't sound like pepper was, just that he was behaving like an elderly animal at the end of its life. There would be no sense in taking it to a vet other than to have it put down. She could have provided a cleaner space, but when it comes down to it a cat that was like 15 years old died of old age. Its not that deep, yall.

No. 672315

pretty sure more people are appalled by the way she acted/continues to act after his death and less about an elderly cat dying

No. 672333

Who wants to take bets she just double bagged the cats corpse and threw it away in a NYC dumpster rather than "a vet performed a proper burial at some pet cemetery in the middle of the goddamn city…. for free"?

No. 672338

the girl robs graves and kills people with fent. Tossing a dead animal in the dumpster is a non-issue at this point. Plus she lives in the city, tf is she going to do, bury it on her porch? I assumed most people in the city do that, if you dont have land to bury the remains you arent going to buy a plot that is some genuine white nonsense

No. 672340

>>672338 not for nothing but the graverobbing occurs in actual cemeteries. Which would be a great spot to bury your beloved pet. It you weren’t a lazy pos. She obviously doesn’t care about doing it legally, so why not find a way to have a place to visit for pity points?

No. 672349

She could even take her shot at writing a poem about it on one of these many blogs she still has for some reason. I always knew Luna resorting to sex work instead of e-begging alone on pity points to earn cash was going to happen. But some part of me was like, maybe, just maybe her father will save her or some shit… She will go back to college. Lose weight. Self-actualize. And this would all be a distant, distant dream (or nightmare, rather). She could resocialize if she got clean and had nothing else to do but school work (well, art degree work) in her daddy's lofty apartment all day. Um. That's a dream life many would kill to have. Yet, here we are.

No. 672523

Often, pets are cremated unless their humans specifically request otherwise. Although that would have necessitated actually, y'know, taking the kitty to the damn vet in the first place.
(Now that I think about it…I'm surprised she didn't? I'd have expected her to do a Roger's Ashes Saga 2.0.)

No. 672566

the cat didnt provide her with a living space rent-free, so i wouldn't be surprised if she didnt pretend to care as much about it dying

No. 672620

File: 1561412531645.jpg (266.52 KB, 1080x1509, Screenshot_20190624_224003.jpg)

That deep pit in the crook of her elbow… How long has that been there?

No. 672623


She's too fucking high to blend her foundation correctly. Check the area between her eyes/nose. Stg she looks worse every day.

No. 672624


She's too fucking high to blend her foundation correctly. Check the area between her eyes/nose. Stg she looks worse every day.

No. 672631

File: 1561415432717.png (1.12 MB, 1130x835, 1.1.png)


A while. She's banged the fuck out of that spot. Certain arm positions will reveal it more.

When did the fridge get replaced by a TV?

No. 672632

File: 1561415476873.png (2.8 MB, 1242x2208, 8AC0465E-FCE9-4499-B8E2-1AE175…)


No. 672633

File: 1561415487650.png (640.03 KB, 1123x810, 3.png)

No. 672635

File: 1561415649940.png (1.07 MB, 1123x828, 5.png)

No. 672646

how does she STILL have "fans" shes not known for anything but being a junkie scumbag who is still kissing her dingelberry covered ass

No. 672670

I bet multiple employees have lost their jobs because Tuna can't go on without a handful of cheap cosmetics to make herself feel better for ten minutes. Total parasite.

No. 672684

File: 1561424210801.jpg (19.21 KB, 711x162, pelk;eg'k,l.jpg)

Anyone know who this is about?

No. 672685

File: 1561424351659.jpg (205.06 KB, 700x1314, xanny.jpg)

No. 672687

File: 1561424816017.jpg (75.58 KB, 500x375, tumblr_ptmlxkAhc01w1d39p_500.j…)

No. 672710

File: 1561433230275.jpg (299.76 KB, 716x1664, lurch.jpg)

No. 672721


>she has no eyes

Of course not, tuna, you're so rough with your belongings. She got this what, 3 months ago max?


Jesus christ the typos. Is she literally always under the influence?

No. 672726

>boys boys boys
>no like me cuz i'm TALL (and also fat)

v bisexual and v My Body Is A Political Statement of you, tuna

No. 672727

>pictures of lurches disgusting armpits and old man looking flesh
ok fam

No. 672732

How tall is she?

No. 672735

from memory shes stated shes 5'8-5'9?
its hard to be that fat too when your that tall

No. 672736

tall almost always corrects to y’all on iphones. for once the typo isn’t her fault.

No. 672737

crazily enough tall fat people exist. i know, shocking. please for the love of christ can we not start this shit up again for the 30th time

No. 672755

Tall girls go one of two ways, either end up rail thin or bulky and there's not much you can do to control which one your body swings to at puberty. It has less to do with eating/exercise than to do with how your body reacts to growth spurts (either it burns everything or overcompensates by storing everything)

No. 672756

he and his yacht and his rich guy dick are so loyal

No. 672757


The eyes and nose started scratching off immediately when she got the pill box. It's not very well made, but if you don't mistreat it the paint will not come off for a long time.

No. 672758

At most places, unless you are specifically employed as Loss Prevention, you are actually not allowed to stop shoplifters. You can't even point them out to security until they physically pass the checkout counter/store doors. Maybe it's a New York State thing? You also don't get in trouble at all most times if its something under $30, they just make you put it back (possibly why ~30 is her cutoff for "cheap").

Not only have I never heard in real life of somebody being fired for missing petty shoplifters, Ive never worked anywhere where we were allowed to approach them in any way other than to approach and ask if they needed help finding anything.

The big thing that gets retail employees in trouble these days is fake returns/coupons which are getting super common bc of the internet. Nobody is getting canned over $10 worth of stickers and body spray

No. 672769

File: 1561467033473.jpeg (231.37 KB, 750x1089, 6E290106-86EA-49F5-A26D-5422D0…)

matthews looking particularly rough

No. 672773

have worked retail since i could work (associate to high management) and can confirm that if you try and chase or approach a shop lifter you can get fired. mostly at bigger stores like f21, express, etc. smaller accessories places have more lax rules. but yes most places have a strict “no chase” policy.

i don’t think you can get fired for not directly stopping a shoplifter, however frequent thievery affects jobs in indirect ways. higher shrink percentages affect bonuses and promotions. stores often will close due to shrink percentages.

sage big time for not really providing anything except answering a question.

lurch is looking a lot less doughy these days while luna continues to gain weight. i don’t think i understand this dynamic.

No. 672775

It seems Lurch prefers his leg veins to his arm veins for some reason. I’m actually surprised the veins in his arms arent blackened cesspools. I understand rotation but his legs look gangrenous and he’s been using for a very long time. I wonder why? I mean I’m sure he never thought about getting a job or anything like that.

No. 672778

What the hell is going on in his lap, it looks like he peed himself or something.

Gross, whatever the case.

No. 672781


Jesus look how grey and dead his skin is. Has Tuna actually uploaded a photo where he's pissed himself?

No. 672789


They've gotten a good start on rebuilding the mile high pile of filthy laundry they accumulated at Roger's.

Whose Chase bank account are they raiding?

No. 672792

File: 1561476104342.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1432, 29086938-592C-45F6-9E30-BF9F98…)

the human fupa and gollum

No. 672795


I find it ironic that this "corgi with wings plant holder" looks a little like an angel pet statue that you would find at a pet cemetery… Anybody else suspicious there?

No. 672796


Oops, wrong corgi post.

No. 672801

File: 1561479459748.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, C9173FE4-3AC9-479E-85EE-FD117A…)


No. 672802

File: 1561479742401.png (273.39 KB, 613x309, yikes.PNG)

someone commented on Chief Pisspants

>>672801 I really hope she didn't steal that from a child

No. 672803

Some little kid dropped this outside and is missing it and now it's been swiped by Tuna who absolutely doesn't need it and it'll be covered in a film of cigarette smoke and have blood and poop in its hair.
Worse yet she lifted this from a grave like they're known to do.
I hate them so much.

No. 672804

looks far too new for either of those options. she probably just cut barbie free from the box in walmart and shoved her into her purse

No. 672848

File: 1561489326170.jpeg (610.31 KB, 1242x1596, 0A189DF7-023E-4BA9-B2FE-2DFD5C…)

Looks too new and fun to be in a graveyard although there’s no doubting that she swipes from graveyards at all. I googled “corgi pot holder” and the first thing that came up was the exact product on amazon. Looks like she bought it with her dad’s money…shocking!

No. 672856

that has very clearly been out in the weather for more than a day, id bet money she took it off a kids grave

No. 672861

he looks like that because he is dying. She is a young girl at the pique of her fertility, her body is going to try to keep itself alive despite her best efforts. A lot of the time, that means accumulating tissue as a reaction to stress. She is totally sedentary so that tissue is going to store as fat, not muscle.

He is an active junkie in his (40's?). He has epileptic fits and a leg with a rod in it that he shoots up into and is constantly getting infections that his body takes months to fight off. His hair is falling out (he has less in every pic she posts of him). He is filthy and Im guessing the only reason hes not got some sort of needle-sick is because he hasn't been tested. I would not be shocked if he doesn't see 2020.

also weird nitpick but he dyes his hair and not his beard? Is that jizz from earning his last fix or does the man have fully white stubble?

No. 672873


His age should have been updated to 36 in the OP.

No. 672874

Does anyone actually believe Lurch is 36 though?

No. 672875

wasnt he almost 40 when they started dating? Hes not only 10 years older than her, he was in his mid-late 30s when she was a teenager

No. 672876

Yeah there’s honestly no way in hell Matthew is 36, dude looks 46

No. 672882

he claimed he was in his "early to mid 30s" to Tessa and it was an obvious lie and that was 2 or 3 years back now

No. 672886

If I recall, he's 40 now.

No. 672899

File: 1561499603640.png (68.74 KB, 796x333, Screenshot_2019-06-25-14-51-25…)

No. 673016


>Reputation Score of 1.73

Wew, not good. pretends to be shocked

No. 673170

Can an amerifag explain what is mylife and why Matthew goes by so many names as well as why he is single despite knowing Luna? And what is the Reputation score?
I am reading the wikipedia page but it doesn't explain everything

No. 673172

Can an amerifag explain what is mylife and why Matthew goes by so many names as well as why he is single despite knowing Luna? And what is the Reputation score?
I am reading the wikipedia page but it doesn't explain everything

No. 673182

mylife is one of those background check websites that supposedly tells you thinks like arrest record, birthday, address, etc. in reality it isn't that accurate - for example, it says that several of my family members are african-american and the relationship information isn't up to speed. the Reptuation score also seems like a total scam; it's like they give everyone a mild/sort of bad score so you want to pay and see why. basically no one uses mylife, especially not to rate people, so i would take it with a grain of salt. my dad is a meth addict who has been arrested for violent crimes and while the arrests did show up on his page, he had a reputation score of like 4.2.

No. 673184

the different names are probably because he or government officials either intentionally or unconsciously misspelled his name on paperwork

No. 673186

File: 1561591106001.jpeg (183.47 KB, 1242x538, 88D77858-7133-4619-893F-504AFE…)

From an ex friend of Luna who just was informed that she was being scammed by her. Anyone else find this really creepy that Lurch is making Luna to the bare minimum with rewards of sex?

No. 673192

nasty bitch probably enjoys that

No. 673208

backward pimping. Just when I thought Id seen it all.

No. 673209


So he gets her addicted to drugs when she's young and dumb, makes her pay everything and her reward is sex? Even though she said she barely has a drive. Luna scams people but man, that kinda makes me feel bad for her.

No. 673219


Yeah, honestly it makes me feel bad knowing how much Matthew has fucked her over but honestly? She wanted it that way, she gave into the lifestyle and always wanted the life Kurt and Courtney had despite not even having half the talent. I’d be surprised if she’d make it to 25. She should try to get off the drugs and go back to school but that’s wishful thinking. She’d just end up making excuses for that too.

No. 673223

Also, this mutual friend of mine and Luna’s who was just informed on the type of person she really is has has a small child and was giving a shit ton of her paycheck to Luna. It’s a new low that Luna would be scamming a woman with a baby but we all know Luna steals off of children’s graves anyways so what does it matter to her? She doesn’t care. It’s just disgusting how she leaches upon people and gives someone this false hope of friendship all while using them for money. She’ll go off about how everyone on the internet is trying to ruin her life instead of taking a good hard look at herself to realize what a genuinely awful person she is at her core that she’d lie and manipulate someone for years just to use them.

No. 673242

Is that baby the one Luna was flipping shit over on Instagram and had pictures saved of? That would make it even more pathetic and depressing.

No. 673243

Sex = love = attention in her addled head, most likely. Sad.

No. 673253

I haven’t followed Luna in years but I’m pretty sure since I don’t know many of people from that friend group who have kids. If you want to know how worse it gets, apparently Luna had a hand in choosing a middle name for the child, which makes that betrayal even more awful.

No. 673263

taking food out of a friend's baby's mouth huh. imagine what she'd do to one of her own

No. 673264

File: 1561611950667.jpeg (164.3 KB, 906x587, A6130F20-8434-45D0-AC4B-1A76A7…)

No. 673265

File: 1561611971170.jpeg (82.24 KB, 866x333, ABD7F22B-9A26-4634-870F-DCE481…)

No. 673268


No. 673270

Same person from before, the friend with the baby who was probably Luna’s last cash cow.

No. 673273

She’s just really fed up and upset about it because she was oblivious to it all and didn’t know how deep Luna’s addiction was that she’d be scamming a supposed friend of 10 years to such an extent. Apparently Luna was sending photos of her moldy vagina to….I don’t know…..prove how….poor she is? That she can’t afford soap or something but by golly can she still afford non-need items like plushies and clothes she says she “finds”

No. 673275

I keep hoping for the day she scams or fukks with the wrong person and they lay her out. But it hasn't happened yet and she's stealing from children, dead and alive, so….

No. 673297

im assuming the person in those caps is the person she's talking about here >>672684 ?

No. 673298

She really is a horrible person and only wants friends to milk for cash. We both followed each other a while back and I saw we had a lot in common and I hit her up to her and be her friend because she lived super close to me and Id just moved to the area. At first she was really nice and we kept making plans to meet up just to chill and she insisted her geriatric boyfriend come along (I have a PD too so I get needing to have a comfort person so I didn't question it) she was always suggesting going places like restaurants and doing shit where you have to pay and then being like "oh and can you pay for me AND MATTHEW?" and Id have to say no (i couldnt even pay for myself lol) and wed cancel the plan and never wound up meeting face to face. I sent her money for cigs once and she acted like we were best friends and talked to me every day for a week and then started trying to get me to buy her art and getting weird and aggressively oversharing why i had to buy it from her and guilt tripping me because I do art too and Im genuinely broke so I had nothing to scam out of me (which I guess doesnt matter to her anymore since shes escalated to stealing from babies) and so once she realized I (unlike her) genuinely had no money she ghosted me. Back then she was more over-pushing her art than straight up begging. I didn't think about it for forever until I saw a facebook post warning about her.

No. 673301

Yeah, that's her spiel for anyone. If you don't give her money or gifts you aren't worth talking to. She's boring to talk to anyways.

No. 673302

Sorry this happened to you. You're not the only one, she has a history of doing exactly this. If you have any pics, screenshots, convos you can share - that show her true colours - please post it, you'll be helping to document her shitty antics so less people get scammed by her.

No. 673303

>It’s a new low that Luna would be scamming a woman with a baby

Ugh come on now. Luna's always been a scammer but your friend chose giving Luna the money instead of spending it on her child.

No. 673325

There are two photos of my infant daughter on the /snow/ thread for Luna and I want to know how to make them go the fuck away

No. 673326

Yeah I get it I’m stupid. I just want the pictures of my daughter taken down so I can start moving past this

No. 673327

Can you link them?

No. 673328

I just checked and they’ve been taken down. My friend and I reported them earlier, I was just very impatient to see them gone.

No. 673338

I'm so sorry for you, I don't think you are stupid. She's a very manipulative person, also the type who, metaphorically speaking, because someone pissed in her coffee she must do the same to others.
I'm glad you aren't going to financially support her in the future.

No. 673340

What platform is she still finding targets on? Almost every major social media (tumblr, fb, insta) has some warning thread going around about her scamming and she still uses her real name for everything instead of making even the mildest efforts to catfish (shit, at this point, her best chance of ever escaping her reputation is to shave her head and become a fakeboi, get a name change, shoot some T and start anew)

No. 673354

Hasn’t Luna faked being trans already? I seem to remember that she was a boy on tumblr back in the day for like a week.

No. 673358

she dated a trans guy and then tried to flip it for lesbian cred

No. 673359

No. 673361

For most of their dating I don't think Tai was trans yet, I don't see any sign of Luna ever being trans though (although WOW it is sad to see that girl knowing shed grow up to be tuna), Im pretty sure they call themselves lesbians but I wouldn't be shocked if Luna they/them'd for a little while because everything else about her personality was just a mirror of Tai but if she went full he/him fakeboi there would have been a binder saga and all that Jazz.

No. 673363

As much as you all hate Luna, please don’t attack her friends for caring about her. I was her friend - not a close friend, but we’d talked enough for me to consider her more than just an acquaintance - and had no idea that ANY of this was going on.
As naive as it may sound, I honestly didn’t even realise anybody used Tumblr anymore… I deleted my account about 6/7 years ago (before she met Matthew so at least 5) when it started to die and I kinda just figured everybody else did too?? Learning that she had/has a blog to document her addiction etc seems totally insane to me, and I would never in a million years have figured that out on my own. She’s asked me for money a few times and it’s always been through Facebook - it always posed a bit of a dilemma for me because I struggle financially, but I hate letting people down or seeing them suffer unnecessarily so I’ve managed to help select friends in the past with what I DO have. I was however reluctant to help somebody who posted pictures of weed and expensive makeup on their Instagram then begged stories of not being able to eat or sleep and I know that sounds petty and I feel horrible admitting it but that’s literally all it came down to - I had NO idea she was addicted to heroin and scamming people on that kind of level. I helped instead by boosting her art posts and sharing my Netflix password with her, which is nothing but I didn’t get much of a thanks. Anyway. We have a few mutual friends who I know have helped her and I really resent that people are going to the extent of posting pictures of their kids or calling them names on here just because their kind natures were taken advantage of. Hell, if I were a nicer person and not as petty, I probably would’ve helped her with money too and I’d hate to think that all it boiled down to was a) whether I was active on tumblr and had a platform to see what type of person she truly is/was, and/or b) that I trusted my friend not to be a total asshole.
It’s a basic human desire to help others and the resentment you all have is supposedly because she scams people, so it seems a bit ridiculous to ALSO resent the people she’s scammed?? Like jesus, have some compassion. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact your friend has been fucking you over for so long so to have to deal with a whole forum of people calling you stupid or to find pictures of your infant daughter circulating the web linked to threads about heroin addiction is really fucking disturbing and a LOT to handle.
For what it’s worth, I’ve reached out to Luna and asked her to publicly apologise to everybody she’s begged to and everybody she accepted donations from. I told her she needs to come clean otherwise these threads and these insults will continue infinitely. Obviously she took that as an attack and tried to guilt-trip me into feeling bad about it but whatever. She’s definitely going to read this and know who I am but I’m past caring after what I’ve read, because she’s really not the person I thought she was. Lost and a little misled by some poor choices/a shitty partner, sure. But I had no idea it was on this scale. It’s so sad because when we first started speaking I adored her - she’s just not that girl anymore and after seeing how much she’s hurt our mutual friends I’m totally done.

TLDR; please don’t be assholes to her friends and please don’t post pictures of their kids, especially when it’s not from their account/without their permission. I asked Luna to apologise publicly before I deleted her off social media but let’s face it, she probably won’t. Sorry for the super long post, I’m feeling a lot of feelings rn

No. 673365

Anon, I've read all you wrote because you sound lovely, and I agree of not attacking who falled for her scams. I think people should be nicer and help those in need, and Luna preys on this, reminiscent of "the boy who cried wolf".

No. 673367


Definitely. It’s heartbreaking because she amassed a big following back in the day due to the very charm that she later used to lead people astray. She used to tell me she looked up to me and I always thought it was so kind/flattering considering she was far more popular than me and had a way bigger presence… now it’s just kinda embarrassing.
I’m still reading through all the past threads and torn between feeling immensely sorry for her and feeling immensely fucking angry that she can be so heartless

No. 673381


hey anon thanks for this post, I'm so sorry Luna has caused you so much turmoil and I totally respect you for wanting to help her, especially considering the way she portrays herself on SM and to her friends.

No. 673384


Those pics violate the rules and should have been reported and removed.

No. 673385


Just to make it clear, I wasn’t referring to myself here. As stated we’ve never been super close and I’ve never given her money but I know people who have and it’s them I really feel for.
I did freak out just a little bit when I realised what she’d done considering she had my Netflix password for so long, because idk how easy it is to lift someone’s details from that and/or what you can do with them… even then I cut her off from that a couple months ago (before I knew all this) because I thought it was kinda rude to ignore my messages but happily log onto my subscription to watch Aggretsuko and Bojack every night (for the record, she instantly messaged me to ask why I’d changed my password). I’m telling y’all I’m a petty bitch lol

No. 673434

bro im truly so sorry to hear that, all of it. it is always heartbreaking to read posts here from people who used to be friends with luna but got dropped/scammed after she started using. i knew her way before any of this happened (childhood friend) and although we stopped talking long before she started heroin, she messaged me once in 2016 asking for money for food and i genuinely believed her. i almost sent her money until she started spamming me with messages asking why i hadn't sent it yet, and i realized oh fuck, she really is on heroin. i didn't want to realize this even though i had heard the rumors of her using. all these stories from her past friends just affirms to me how much heroin will change a person. i know a lot of y'all don't believe this but she really was talented and she had potential. if she ever magically did escape this life and not have brain damage i truly think she could write a book about her life if she ever recognized how foolish she was. luna just had the life of such a normal girl, it even scares me how similar she and i were before she changed so much, and i have known so many teenagers like her except they never chose heroin. so they matured past that phase and are no longer struggling like that. luna on the other hand, prolonged that period of her life and became just one of millions of junkies who have lost all substance. must be why it makes people so frustrated that she obviously chose this life: maybe she could have lived a normal life but she ruined it on purpose as a teenager. and i feel it is especially a loss since she could have gone so much farther as the creative and motivated person i once knew her as.

No. 673439

File: 1561688177801.jpeg (165.13 KB, 1080x720, 2BFF3EC6-09F0-4672-8B52-BE433C…)

I hope anyone who knew her or got scammed by her can heal and learn to trust people again in order to help those who really do need it. I usually scroll through this thread for entertainment but just spent an hour looking through this entire tag that >>673359 posted and it made me feel incredibly sad for Luna for once - she seemed to have a genuine personality and someone who loved her. Tiny trivial things shocked me, like the fact that Luna could somewhat play guitar and actually went out in public and didn’t look like trash. Everything with Lurch seems so …. one sided and not reciprocated. I saved a few pics but I’m sure they’ve already been posted in previous threads so I’ll just attach one…it’s so simultaneously interesting and depressing to see how much she’s declined. Sorry for not contributing anything I’ve just genuinely never looked through that link before and just….man I’m shocked at how normal she was it’s sad

No. 673440

sage is back just fyi

No. 673549

Something magical about the pic. She was looking healthy and clean. It's really sad.

No. 673571

She was only cool/interesting because she was reflecting the people around her, especially Tai. Her personality hasn't been ruined, this IS her personality, shes an amorphous blob of goo that shapes itself into whichever friend or celebrity or character she is fixated on in the moment. Lurch "ruined" her by having no substance for her to reflect back at the world as her own other than being a junkie.

Also, I don't think being a junkie makes people be bad people, I think using it as an excuse does. If her instinct is to steal and scam and lie and use, those traits were part of her before, she just didn't have the monkey on her back urging the frequency of the behavior. Plenty of addicts work, or panhandle, or middle-man, ripping people off isnt the only way to keep from getting sick but she never had the morals in the first place to keep her from crossing that line.

What makes me sad, too, is she isn't even running a good scam. It's the easiest thing in the world to rip off horny guys, she could be getting presents from 50 different "long distance boyfriends" if she really wanted to be a scammer but instead she steals the few pennies that good-hearted actually poor people have to spare because they know what it is like to struggle. Not only are her morals repulsive, but shes even failing at efficiently being a bad person

No. 673583

oh man looking through that tag was depressing, even if Luna is a sponge and morphs into whoever she's with, she seemed like so much more of a real person back then and whatever it was, it was healthier than whatever she is now. I know tai died.. was Luna with her during or did they break up before?

No. 673585

They had broken up but were still friends

No. 673591


How did they die?

No. 673592


No. 673608

i gotta disagree with certain parts of this, simply because i knew luna personally as a preteen and also because i study/have firsthand experience with addiction. i do agree that being a junkie doesn't make someone a bad person, but a lot of the time (especially with a drug like heroin) the addiction can literally change someone's personality. someone who was once sweet and caring can end up killing a family member if they get in the way of their next fix. i watched my sister devolve into a very bad addiction and she went from being the kindest, most sensitive and intelligent girl to being almost unrecognizable in her behavior: throwing tantrums as an adult if someone got in the way of what she wanted, having terrible mood swings where she would suddenly tell me how horrible of a sister i am and how i should move out because my family doesn't want me there, threatening us and not remembering doing it. she sometimes even physically attacked my mom. in the haze of addiction or withdrawal a user's personality changes drastically, that i can promise you. i understand that to say "luna is only a bad person because she's a junkie" would be foolish–like i said i knew luna when we were younger and i wouldn't say that she was like, a perfectly nice person. she has always been dramatic and self-centered, but she didn't used to be evil. scamming and manipulating/losing empathy is something very common in people with drug addictions. i'm not saying that she's completely innocent obviously. but please remember just how much drugs can change a person…even if it's kind of terrifying to think about. you really don't need to have an inherent drive to manipulate or scam someone in order to do those things as a junkie. like i said, many people who are perfectly kind and normal resort to these types of behaviors because of drug addiction, in fact that type of change in personality is a hallmark of heroin addiction. may be different for luna but it's important to remember regardless: addiction can literally turn you into a different person.

it is interesting what you said though about lurch ruining her by having no personality for her to reflect back, i totally agree. lurch has probably the worst personality anyone could ever try to imitate and maybe one of the reasons she chose him (besides drugs) is because she wanted an incredibly low standard to have to live up to, or low-effort imitation for her BPD. it's sad to see how creative she could be when inspired by a person with substance, and then how dull she became when that person was lurch. i still maintain that she was not always completely substance-less: she used to make good art, play music and have a friend group who she genuinely liked. it's just sad that now she seems to need the influence of another person to have any type of personality.(blog)

No. 673625

File: 1561746507132.png (71.98 KB, 480x675, old luna.png)

How Tai described Luna back then.

No. 673652

This is a new one, didn’t know Luna was into occultism lol

No. 673671

She posts pictures of her tarot cards all the time, but just for aesthetics, with the Moon card always on top.

Those posed cards and other trinkets around her hint at interests she had and activities she engaged in once upon a time before heroin became her only interest and shooting it up her only activity.

No. 673678

No caps but I followed her back then when she was 16/17 maybe and every time she'd trip balls she'd read the Satanist Bible and she was super into Laveyan Satanism and I guess that counts as being actual occultist kek she was only like a junior in high school at the time though

No. 673756

File: 1561775588399.png (389.36 KB, 502x430, bbp.png)

is luna even capable of recovery at this point? like it would take a monumental amount of effort/change for her to turn her life back around into something okay. i've kind of lost hope but part of me is still rooting for her.

No. 673759


Only chance she has of recovering is getting away from Lurch AND possibly if her dad intervenes - is he a good influence on her? I know that her mom is shit, so I'm hoping she at least as someone to rely on if she ever decided to stop being a wasted life. She isn't too young to change, and she does have a few moments of clarity but usually that's just a sympathy grab.

No. 673774

it's really shit of her mom to sleep on the couch in her own apartment while luna lives rent free on her bed and triggers her into relapse, I agree.

No. 673778

File: 1561780505386.jpeg (256.46 KB, 640x553, 901C80AA-D42A-40CB-B3E9-61428A…)

No. 673779

File: 1561780527136.jpeg (422.03 KB, 640x808, EE5DD3BC-8842-47F9-8AA0-85745C…)

No. 673787

Maybe one day Lurch, Luna and her mom will take themselves to the methadone clinic and have some free therapy from somewhere like https://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/depression.page
Also Luna could buy a sewing machine on Amazon instead of all the random things to her hoard and take some classes then have a seamstress job where she sits down, because of her poor knees.

No. 673809

File: 1561781832815.jpg (333.25 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_e9ef23a5863fe5cc72eb676…)

Decent nails

No. 673812

File: 1561781930564.png (327.9 KB, 478x592, x.png)

No. 673815

File: 1561782045076.png (116.98 KB, 480x678, z.png)

No. 673820


You must have had fun since you've chosen to become a junkie, too.

No. 673828

She seriously wanted to be a nasty ass and not clean the razor that's filled with hair first?

She always loves to list the faults of others but won't list her own without also listing a list of things people can buy for her. I hope she gets tossed on her ass soon cause she needs a huge wake up call.

No. 673840

Holy shit the razor covered in hair what the fuck hahahah

No. 673844


The toothbrush doesn't even look new…new or either not totally rinsed out.
I hope Luna didn't get these "new" and she just had a random appreciation post for the basics

No. 673872

File: 1561786548538.jpeg (300.04 KB, 640x896, 8E14C5FB-3D83-4717-99BD-75CDE8…)

No. 673895

File: 1561789224120.png (1.03 MB, 1019x897, tumblr3.1.png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 673901

File: 1561789322431.png (209.47 KB, 977x806, tumblr5.png)

No. 673902

File: 1561789349999.png (478.19 KB, 974x624, tumblr4.png)

No. 673965

Well she’s not wrong about that

No. 673970

How come she always breaks her Nintendo handhelds?

Also can't she play it plugged in. Not very comfortable, but a possibility.

No. 673974


Luna has told me and some other people that she’s actually already going to the methadone clinic every Friday. She said she’s been clean for over a year. I asked her to provide proof and well… she said she would, but didn’t.

No. 674019

Methadone clinic once a week? With only a year of supposed sobriety? Maybe it’s different in the southern part of the state but up north even with multiple successful years of sobriety you still only get a few days of take homes. It another one of the reasons methadone maintenance is a pain in the ass, waiting in line at the clinic, every day before work and at the buttcrack of dawn. It’s just another Tuna lie.

No. 674043

File: 1561824130105.png (244.74 KB, 1312x1601, Screenshot_20190629-115744~2.p…)

No. 674047

> leg collapse conlmefelf
was she trying to spell "completely"? also i thought lurch was hit by a car, not a… razor? a razor scooter?

No. 674053

'i don't wanna pay rent'

Lmfao shocker.

No. 674057

I think he was hit by a taxi? If anyone remembers the first thread or so with his “cat scratch leg uwu” she said he was hit by a taxi so I think she was just typing everything a letter off and tax became raz and autocorrected, but I love the idea of Lurch getting hit by a kid on a razor scooter and that being the reason he’s the junkie we know and hate today

No. 674098

they can't open the door when the door is unlocked?

No. 674109

Come on, just because that's IS true, it doesn't negate how shitty her mom is.

No. 674113


She'd actually be reasonably attractive if she stopped wearing foundation and liquid lipstick over her scaly meth skin or you know, stopped doing meth.

No. 674133

The story changes so much that it's now, "He would have been a professional baseball player with a yacht if he didn't get hit by a little kid on a scooter."

You don't pay it anyway, you lazy sack of shit. It's funny that she complains about things as if she has a right to be there in the first place. Maybe going in and out of the window will get a neighbor to call the cops since she and the walking corpse look shifty as hell.

No. 674135

literally nobody here knows fucking anything about her parents except what came out of luna’s mouth. if you’re basing your opinions off that you must be as high as she is.

No. 674194

Did they get evicted/locked out by the landlord and are breaking in and out Lmao

No. 674263

i wish someone on her friends list would ask "what landlord, we thought you were homeless?"

No. 674269

File: 1561859286669.png (64.05 KB, 675x380, yankees.png)

No. 674294

Sounds like it. like she's setting up her victim story.
Also she can't open the door when it's unlocked? What?

No. 674336

Not to trivialize abuse or whatever Luna has said about being abused by her family but I have a really strong feeling that her father knows she’s on dope and just wants her ass clean and back in school. She most likely isn’t living with him because he doesn’t want that shit in his house and isn’t too approving of her relationship with Lurch because he sees it for what it is, predatory, and not a dude you’d be wanting your daughter around. He probably realizes that it’s out of his hands and that she won’t change even if drugs are literally ruining her fucking life but doesn’t want to get clean.

No. 674368

>I don't wanna pay rent
Bitch you're not even paying rent now.
Didn't she say at one point her mom legally could not have her and Lurch living with her due to occupancy?

No. 674397

i think this has been established

No. 674409

she is on heroin not meth. you’d know that if you bothered to read the thread for two entire seconds (it’s literally in the second sentence of the OP)

and nah she’s just unfortunate looking.

No. 674460


Also, (Luna has said) he was also addicted at one point and knows exactly what it is like and what junkies are like, and likely doesn't want to be exposed it, if he has gotten clean (which it seems he has). Unlike Luna's mom, who made a terrible mistake (in so, so many ways) by taking Luna and Matthew in, and has now relapsed due to Luna and Matthew using around her. What a wonderful daughter Luna is.

No. 674583

Shit, I missed her lip piercing coming out. That didn't last very long. Another waste of money

No. 674752

iirc she did it herself

No. 674840

And how do we even know Luna's mom relapsed? All we have to go on is Luna's word and this is a girl who has accused her father (if I'm remembering correctly) of KILLING SOMEONE at some point. (What the fuck, Luna…?)
It's just weird that this, out of everything, is what a lot of people seem to find believable. Of course she'll want to say things to demonize her mother- otherwise she wouldn't be able to say she's living in such a hellhole so PLS GIVE $$ BBY uwu~~~

No. 674843

Im not sure the mother has really relapsed either. I know she gets some of the xans from her mom so maybe shes on a fit that mommy doesn't give her enough to get high on because shes got to treat her own symptoms, she complained once about how "all my mom does is wait for the end of the month when her pills come" and made a bunch of non-specific references to her being high or nodding off which IMHO luna is just mad that theres less of it for her to abuse so she bitches about her om being 'on drugs'

also yeah there was this poem that was just a list of things about her dad and he has a Tech-9 (just like Columbine uwu!) and has murdered people and sprayed a needle full of Hep-C blood at her and slapped her once.

Im not sure who to give the benefit of the doubt to. Luna is an overblown crybaby (remember when she called her mother 'destroyer of relationships, destroyer of worlds' lmfao) but also the parents allegedly were the type of people to fuck in the open street like stray dogs on the steps of a methadone clinic so I wouldn't be totally shocked if they do have some fuckery of their own. We know neither parent raised her so neither could have been stable for most of her life, I doubt they BOTH suddenly became stable people in the 10 years between the grandma's death and today.

No. 675692

I think we should all drop the narrative that Luna was “conceived on the steps of a methadone clinic”. Every thread talks about it at some point as if it’s valid fact that Luna shared with us. Move on, she probably was conceived in an apartment with bed bugs. Stop talking about it like it matters.

No. 676040

agreed. considering her fabricated over dramatic background, she lied so her addiction seems ‘poetically tragic ’ and expected.

No. 676047

does anyone even take it seriously. why are you so mad lol

No. 676106

Nah, not mad sorry I stepped on your toes ;)(;))

No. 676271

What little sympathy I had left for her before is gone

No. 676752

File: 1562349704918.png (677.19 KB, 737x737, twitter1.png)

The sole cap, from Twitter, from the weekly pic dump that had not been posted here yet.

No signs of life on any of her accounts in 6 days…

No. 676754

she's starting to look more and more corpse-like by the day, she'll look like lurch in a few months

No. 676775

She rebloggled some shit on Tumblr like 30 minutes ago chill

No. 676792

Is it contour or a smear of shit? We may never know.

No. 676929


You'd think as much as she's on the internet she'd know how to do her makeup properly. Girl needs to steal a makeup artists'book.

No. 676984

I can't get over how fucking old she looks, especially now that her face is thinning out

No. 677208

It's uncanny in how she looks like a wax figure of a drug addict.
Something about the way her makeup makes her skin and lips appear mottled. How the eyeliner makes her eyes darker and more beady. The way her hair has been proc