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File: 1637092734270.png (557.56 KB, 2190x1536, 1635637127936.png)

No. 859618

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/

Tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk:
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga:
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga:
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga:
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

Last thread's milk:
>Goes MIA for a while, complains because her followers were worried >>>/pt/849545
>Makes a big deal about "just wanting to hide" but posts countless selfies, wears revealing clothes and general attentionwhoring
>Goes looking for a new psychologist to replace the one she supposedly loved >>>/pt/850862
>Shaves off half her eyebrows, either for attention or because she was high >>>/pt/851085
>Gets a "job" at a company (fundie project) called Altered Spaces, they make products to help with sensory overloads. >>>/pt/852320 Needless to say, it's just her sitting around >>>/pt/851095 >>>/pt/851799 >>>/pt/852209 >>>/pt/852217
>Still e-begging >>>/pt/852537

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421
thirty two >>>/pt/841646
thirty three >>>/pt/848981

No. 859620

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 859624

File: 1637093439557.jpeg (772.53 KB, 828x5096, 308AC6F5-3E29-4603-B33B-0B5012…)

ty for the thread anon!

>fuck it I treated myself

Is it still a treat if you’re doing it every single day?

No. 859625

File: 1637093910472.jpg (228.08 KB, 1080x1549, Screenshot_20211115-163123_Ins…)

Ty for the new thread!

Lurch is looking worse than usual

No. 859626

File: 1637094075961.jpg (699.9 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20211116-103619_Ins…)

The squat is grimey as usual

No. 859629

File: 1637094681486.jpeg (267.17 KB, 828x1133, E0111B01-C9DD-4A2A-B8AE-739E48…)

Good god those plushies are flat as pancakes and absolutely fucking filthy

No. 859632

He's gotten so fat. He has Tuna's big body and peanut head. Guess they aren't "starving" anymore.
That setup looks so damn tiny. It'd be cute if the rest of the background wasn't so disgusting.

No. 859633

>I only bought 2 useless pieces of crap!
>actually fuck it I’m gonna buy a bunch of shit
>but it’s ok because I’m in debt now

wow sounds like you’re gonna have some savings in no time

No. 859634

File: 1637100515586.jpeg (1015.17 KB, 1242x1291, 6BC575EF-8B4B-479C-87AE-3A12B1…)

Jfc that pillow looks like it would give you cancer.

No. 859644

File: 1637110617191.jpeg (681.92 KB, 828x1419, DD7B76BA-8F70-461E-B64D-9DEE33…)

pumpkin deserves a lot more than a cheap holographic food bowl, tuna. the poor thing has to live in your filth and eat the cheapest of food so that you can afford regular shein hauls

No. 859647

And a heap of meow mix, the absolute cheapest food. Poor pumpkin no wonder he looks so greasy and sad

No. 859653

I find it ironic that Lurch has the audacity to call Luna fat when he himself looks just as tubby

No. 859654

File: 1637117758428.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1242x1491, 6F73CA83-EA26-44A0-A019-9A2514…)

how is her hair so brassy when it was toned BLUE merely days ago?

No. 859659


this looks like one of those AI-generated images that are just nothing-blobs.

No. 859661


Thanks for the thread nonny! Nice work, was wondering if one would pop up soon.

jfc it's BLACK with grime

No. 859692

File: 1637146405163.jpeg (977.07 KB, 1241x2029, 233F4974-EF44-43AA-83D7-1C8874…)

Ty for the new thread nonnie!

The place is fucking disgusting, the absolute state of the floor, imagine vacuuming hey Luna? I am intrigued as to what's written on the bit of paper taped to the wall, all I can make out is that it begins with "I"

No. 859699

This looks like an old pic of her hair

No. 859700

Someone take that my melody out of her misery.

No. 859709

His head is too small for his body. Neither of them look real.

No. 859714

i don't even frequent this thread but everytime i see the pics i gag. why are all the plushies so dirty!? it gives me anxiety

No. 859718

File: 1637168972014.jpg (20.96 KB, 473x212, Screenshot_20211117-100703_Ins…)

Here it is in another post. Looks like a note from Lurch.

No. 859744

Rhetorical? In case it isn’t, it’s just a reflection of their overall hygiene. For a while Luna would only shower when she visited her dad every other week, if not longer. Whenever she discusses cleaning and tidying, what she means is she’s moving her hoard around her flat. They’re both just disgusting people

No. 859747

lol it looks like she scanned this into note documents

No. 859759

File: 1637195113586.jpeg (538.49 KB, 1242x2133, 73B2FEDA-EAC3-422B-803D-69874E…)

No. 859770

File: 1637199396186.jpg (273.27 KB, 1080x1834, Screenshot_20211117-172742_Ins…)

No. 859772

File: 1637199831636.jpeg (638.25 KB, 828x1430, 498B84A6-6FFE-42F8-9077-58EB7C…)

She looks like she’s balding kek

No. 859784

lol that he writes in caps like a typical boomer cause he's so fucking old

No. 859802

i still cant comprehend what she did to her hair and how the asymmetry doesnt fuck w her

No. 859808

File: 1637210238613.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20211117-182231_2.p…)

allegedly lost weight and decided to treat herself to 1200 calories of ice cream

No. 859814

Poor Pumpkin. Her lungs are probably ready to give out between the second-hand weed and cigarette smoke. Vile shit right here.

No. 859845

>smoking around her new furniture she didn't have to pay for
What is wrong with druggies

No. 859857

File: 1637245142357.jpeg (325.24 KB, 862x791, 4944FF46-9427-404B-BE23-97FBBC…)

her hairline has been really bad lately. i think she fried off some hair where her bangs used to be and is attempting to cover it up with a combover circa 2007. she reminds me of this scene from atlantis where you can very clearly make out the shape of kida’s skull>>859772

No. 859892

Wow, I haven't checked on Luna since #32. Holy shit, more milk than I expected.

Why the sudden change from oversized toddler to Killstar Queen?

Also kek at Lurch giving off racist boomer vibes.

No. 859894

File: 1637265924237.jpg (824.05 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211118_200148.jpg)

Kek "Peanut head"

Her head is particularly out of proportion, especially when her thighs are like Squidward's when he eats all those patties.

No. 859897

File: 1637266853651.webm (1.98 MB, 827x1528, FullSizeRender.webm)

she has the voice of a 60 year old smoker

No. 859902


The raspy voice is caused by (smoking) heroin. I'm not sure if your voice still sounds that way when you're clean, but heroin depresses your lungs/vocal cords or something

No. 859905

Lol, but she always injected, didn't she? I was a heroin user for 17 years, mainly smoking it and it never affected my voice. All of my friends during that period were users and none of their voices sound like that. I mean it's not out of the realms of possibility, but I've never met anyone whose voice has become raspy because of it, myself included.

Sounds like she puts it on, tbh. You know, she probably thinks the "junkie drawl" is really cool.

No. 859907

She sounds the same in the video of her harassing the care worker.

No. 859909

She's a whole jumpscare when in motion.

No. 859910

Honestly it just sounds like vocal fry and a hell of a lot of it.

No. 859915

Whats with the head drop/twitch right before she makes the duck lips. Part of the whole uncanny valley thing

No. 859916

Samefag but also how you can see her tongue peep out behind her butt lips… and is she missing a bottom tooth?

No. 859917

ur right anon it kind of looks like either shes missing a tooth or has a huge gap in her bottom teeth

No. 859919

No. 859921

if she is I called it, kek >>854947

No. 859922

File: 1637279564117.png (137.63 KB, 750x1143, 1489713670143.png)

sage for old pic but I was bored and flipping through the old threads. I know she's good at angles sometimes, but I was questioning my memory and wondering whether she rly gained that much weight recently. But whew, lads. Looking at her recent pics it seems like a crazy difference to me.

No. 859923

File: 1637280100110.jpg (Spoiler Image,324.25 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20211118-155652_Ins…)

No. 859926

when she was smoking crack every day she was about 175 lbs. i think this was in 2017? i’m not saying that was a healthy way of achieving that, but that’s a lot of weight gain for sure.

No. 859929

File: 1637282391291.jpeg (727.34 KB, 828x1405, 91B0EBB0-7847-4567-B9FA-7C3411…)

I don't understand her hair. it doesn’t look so greasy like it hasn’t been washed in months, but it looks like she hasn’t brushed it in months. Does she underbrush it to look like that? That can’t seriously be just from damage??

No. 859931

File: 1637283722413.png (Spoiler Image,2.55 MB, 1100x2048, 84A7593C-70D4-4A82-B010-A0EDC7…)

from her tumblr, caption is “this isn’t even meant to be sexual”

No. 859934

it's dehydrated and dirty.

No. 859938

Is that Lurch also talking? I made out the words "bodega" and "buy cigarettes."

No. 859943

Probably poor nutrition too

No. 859945

luna says "fresh weed from- where Matthew?"
lurch says "from the bodega where i buy cigarettes"

No. 859946

i hate that she pokes her tongue behind her teeth in all her pictures. looks like a toad

No. 859947

I hear him say "who cares" in the beginning too, sounds cut off from "fuck, who cares"

No. 859950

>especially when her thighs are like Squidward's when he eats all those patties
kek anon, i laffed

No. 859952

Good ear. Or "who the fuck cares". Damn he must be so sick of dealing with her. Imagine having to listen to whiny vocal fry all the time.

No. 859963

>Damn he must be so sick of dealing with her
Or maybe he is an disrespectful piece of shit that is aware that he can treat Luna in whatever way cause she will not drop his ass.
>Imagine having to listen to whiny vocal fry all the time.
Nobody forces him, he's free to move out on the street any time. Anyway he deserves that and worse for an eternity for his "drop your school or I will kms" stunt

No. 859964

File: 1637317152415.jpeg (354.27 KB, 1031x1920, 2ECFEB49-BDBE-48E5-8F2F-E0940A…)

What the fuck has she done to her hair like how does one manage this simply with toner?

No. 860003

Nothing really says "Tuna photo" like an empty jug in the background and stains all over her shirt and skirt. She has a job but still takes a ton of photos and does fuck all else all day long, every day.

No. 860015

that looks like she left purple shampoo or a purple mask too long and only washed out one side well lol.

No. 860030

File: 1637355699191.jpeg (709.11 KB, 828x1437, 5EA2938A-ACAC-47A2-9067-F8BF9F…)

why would you write that caption about yourself

No. 860031

You could make an argument about Luna blaming everyone and everything but herself for things that go wrong

No. 860033

I hate that stupid pose she constantly does where she holds her hair back

No. 860041

Yeah… baggy probably on a size small, dumbass. Not meant to be baggy on someone who wears wears 2x clothing

No. 860047

File: 1637364948891.jpg (976.68 KB, 1080x2187, Screenshot_20211119-172928_Dep…)

Tuna I know your brain is rotted from drugs but it was never advertised as baggy kek. It DOES say the model is 5'2" and wears size m. Quite different than your Amazonian frame. Even gives exact measurements. She's dumb and a liar.

No. 860052

must suck for someone to crave the uwu life but have fat tranny proportions

No. 860062

holy shit i’m pretty chunky but even that would fit me pretty easy. she’s gotta be what like 300 at this point?

No. 860100

comparing how the sleeves fit the model next to Luna is crazy, her arms look so untoned and huge.

No. 860106

>Amazonian frame
topkek anon

No. 860107

It's weird that she talks with her lower lip moving downward so much, since most people don't expose their lower teeth thaaaat much when talking. It's like she's primarily using her bottom lip to form wordsi guess all of her teeth are so bad that she can't figure out whether the top or bottom teeth should show more.

No. 860109

You know Tuna probably uses a footlong Subway sammich as her unit of measurement, since we all know the apartment stolen from mom doesn't have forms of measurement.

No. 860113

LOL she doesn't realize she's plus size??!!!! Wtf! Out here trying to shove herself in a medium ffs

No. 860117

at her height and weight her TDEE would be about 2,800 calories per day to MAINTAIN
they 100% aren’t starving

No. 860123

Sage your shit retard

No. 860129

Ignore the scrote spamming porn and report him. Don't reply, it's exactly what he want.

No. 860131

File: 1637429489194.jpg (504.71 KB, 1080x1994, IMG_20211120_182534.jpg)

Don't remember this being posted in the previous thread, apologies if it actually was. I just can't get over their business plan
>hey folx give us your dirty socks for free so we can sell them for a profit xoxo
Also I'm losimg my shit at an assumption that anyone is dying for socks to put on their plants. How is that supposed to help spergs?
Can't you tell it's a porn-spamming scrote? No farmer would post that pic

No. 860133

it's to keep the roots warm in the winter

No. 860139

But it's indoor…Shouldn't the roots be warm on their own? Anyway it still doesn't answer how it's supposed to help autists and other mentally ill "folks". Unless it's some retarded plant mom meme. I don't understand why Alisson sounds like she singlehandedly cured world hunger in that caption lol

No. 860142

Even if that would be a practical use for it, she presents it as being for sensory purposes and like she's doing a massive favor for all disabled people.

No. 860143

indoors gets cold too, especially if they're by a window or something

No. 860146

you guys are being annoyingly nitpicky. Yeah the idea sucks but it is what it is. Lots of people use socks to keep houseplants warm in winter. Miracle Gro were doing a giveaway of "plant clothes" a while ago which had the same concept.

No. 860166

I admit I know nothing about plants, so I was wrong about the cosy thing. But it still has nothing to do with autists and other people with sensory issues lol. Same as the badly painted ukuleles

No. 860174

I still don't understand what this business is. Is it making shit and selling it at craft fairs? Something to do with interior design? Growing plants? Autistic people?

No. 860179

If it was anyone smarter I'd assume it was a front for money laundering.

No. 860182

No because anyone smarter would know that a business front would have to at least appear to make money, not be an obvious failure like everything Tuna and clearly Allic-in-Fund-erland partake in.

No. 860183

Oh you mean the custom mini guitards?
They should just make this a non-profit arts and crafts group for other mentally challenged people besides just themselves since that's all it is anyway. They can then just keep doing what they're doing and Tuna can keep letting Acne Allicin donate poorly fitting outfits to her while they play their cutesy little tard games that help them escape from their painfully pathetic realities.

No. 860188

File: 1637526976430.webm (3.88 MB, 720x1280, received_1258301378020772.webm)

dont forget whatever this is

No. 860191

Moderate houseplant fag and I’ve never seen anyone use pot cozies to insulate plant pots as a way to keep the plants warm during winter. That’s what propagation boxes and plant lights are good. I could even find anything online about it other than being for decoration. This just seem like a cheap cash grab for them. I’m still lost on how this ties in with sensory disabilities?

No. 860192

I think if I wanted to put a sock on a plant pot I'd just put a sock on a plant pot, I wouldn't go out and find a pair of visibly dirty drug addicts and ask to buy a gently used sock from them.

No. 860195

File: 1637535059877.jpeg (194.99 KB, 1241x1036, 376CEBA4-D81A-4417-8725-5C1BC0…)

No. 860197

>enjoy (my) love life
does it mean what I think it means

No. 860199

He's never going to marry you. And any place where you can give yourself a three day vacation whenever you want without being self-employed, is not a job, it's a hobby.

No. 860200

Being nitpicky here but I worked at a small admin firm for years, full-time, 8:30am-5pm Mon to Fri, and we could put holidays in the day/night before for up to 4 days, it would be approved by the manager as long as too many others weren't off. It was a small firm and we all knew how to do each other's job. But yes, I don't think what Luna is doing is exactly a "real job".

No. 860202

looking for logic or something of value in this juvenile, half-assed ‘what if we like, helped autistic people, man’ vanity project is a waste of a post. It is abundantly obvious that a five-year-old running a lemonade stand has a more legitimate job than this.

No. 860204

File: 1637548154292.jpeg (805.97 KB, 828x2829, F8553E5E-F76A-4977-9B2D-971CED…)

holy fucking clutter, wonder how long she’ll let that pumpkin rot on her desk for?

No. 860208

What the fuck was that supposed to even be

No. 860209

This is an assault to the senses, holy shit this is worse than awful.

No. 860210

those poor succulents reaching for the sunlight. It's ok though, she can just put a pot cozy around the plant and it will be good as new

No. 860213

if luna is going to have so much decorative stuff she should just have a shelf above or next to her desk so she has more room to do stuff while also enjoying her items

No. 860216

File: 1637557992453.png (323.4 KB, 1075x969, 1111.png)

>putting shelves on the wall of her squat
she doesn't even own a screwdriver anon, pic related. it's desk storage shelves she bought, it's not even on her desk so I assume it fell apart.

She's too stupid to build flatpack furniture, watching her try and put a shelf into a wall without a drill would be hilarious

No. 860225

Tuna could have just bought or stolen a screwdriver instead of her other unnecessary trash. At a flea market she can get a screwdriver for $1 or less and a hammer and nail to make a pilot hole for less than $5. Or Lurch can show off his street skills by breaking into a work van/truck and stealing tools.
BTW anons, Tuna might look like she lives in a squat, but she isn't squatting. I mentioned it like 2 threads ago, but Tuna told me the program that runs the building agreed her and her droopy-faced twin can stay since they pay rent. So they won't be getting evicted unless they simply stop paying and the program decides to continue with filing a complaint and trying to evict them

No. 860226

Samefag, but I also believe she said one of them qualified for the program also so that's mainly why they're staying

No. 860227

I'm sure the desk always looks messy, but you know this fake bitch piled on the junk for her aEsThEtIc picture.

No. 860229

Such a hoarder. Always buy, buy, buy.

No. 860240

The children's toys with varying levels of filth get me every time.

No. 860241

she definitely did just that. you can see all the other shit she had piled there that isn't pink or hello kitty themed got thrown on the floor underneath her desk lol

No. 860249

kek are you the retarded "animal cop barbie" who is always in her comments on instagram making it obvious you're a farmer?

No. 860252

Why are you cowtipping and why there is no proof of what Luna supposedly told you?

No. 860256

File: 1637614711892.png (44.43 KB, 600x239, Screenshot_2021-11-22-11-06-29…)

From KF.
So the woman killed herself two weeks ago but wasn't found for a month? What?

No. 860257

File: 1637615095690.jpeg (253.47 KB, 828x872, 050A34A1-1C69-4005-8532-5BB89F…)

No. 860259

So she's hoarding even though she knows she has to leave soon and still calls herself responsible huh

No. 860261

File: 1637618828918.jpeg (954.43 KB, 3464x2589, D77B6B1A-4617-4C04-83A1-CCCBB6…)

No. 860264

I guess she was trying to say no one had checked on the woman for a month, and when they did she had killed herself two weeks ago. Tuna just can't type a coherent sentence to save her life.

No. 860266

Either that or 2 weeks ago they found her but she had already been dead for over a month

No. 860272

File: 1637636508621.jpeg (474.39 KB, 828x1112, 901B4E30-ABE0-4EA5-8905-92591F…)

No. 860273

File: 1637636535329.jpeg (366.04 KB, 828x1227, 051C35BC-C02A-419E-9369-771A7A…)

No. 860296

I'm not animalcopbarbie, which is the dumbest name ever. I don't even have an IG and I don't cowtip either. Tuna told me that when I asked how her housing is. The only proof I have would tip Tuna off that her fRiEnD actually hates her and just talks to her for lols.
That smile and her jagged shards pretending to be teeth terrifies me

No. 860298

god she is ugly

No. 860299

>I don't cowtip either.
>Tuna told me

No. 860300

>The only proof I have would tip Tuna off that her fRiEnD actually hates her and just talks to her for lols.
post it

No. 860310

If someone said she's in her late 30s in this pic I'd believe that

No. 860316

she has t.rex arms lol

No. 860321

File: 1637687899244.jpeg (15.14 KB, 486x168, 1330694E-BC1E-41F5-8D25-F1147C…)

>me and these three piece outfits, name a more iconic trio
> Luna plus outfit is two things, a duo
> Luna plus a three piece outfit is four things, a quartet

No. 860327

File: 1637694433840.jpeg (42.03 KB, 600x315, 759E03B9-BE2E-4ACB-89E2-3572AA…)

No. 860333

File: 1637699326510.jpg (325.82 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_20211123-132637_Ins…)

No. 860349

god her proportions are so sad. her being pear shaped and chunky could be kinda uwu cute or whatever if she were like, 5’2”… but she’s literally a giant. that’s the weird thing. to appear obese at her height she must be like 300 lbs… it’s hard to appear that big when you’re likr 5’11”

No. 860355


sage because I missed this before, and for the petfag sperg blogpost, but she's a fucking idiot. Damn how much did that bowl cost? I imagine even if it was less than $20 w shipping she could have put that money towards some actual cat food. I only fed my cat that Meow Mix level shit on rare occasions when I couldn't afford the better kind, and I was a poor as shit teenager. You can easily find cheaper sources for the decent stuff, even if you need to walk or bus across town to get a sale. You can be sure as shit I wasn't buying fucking custom trinkets if I couldn't afford proper cat food. Even homeless people I've spoken to tend to feed their animals before themselves, fuck.

If she skipped even 25% of the useless "aesthetic", or even started wiping her garbage pile down with a rag instead of constantly replacing menial trash when her gross fingers and general grease grub it up, she could feed her cat properly. God she proper pisses me off. If she never gets another animal she'd deserve it.

No. 860371

linebacker in Lolita
it’s not great

No. 860388

She must be watching too many of her bimbofication hypnosis videos.

Or the trio is her ass that's equivalent to 3 normal sized people.

Good thing she lost 10 lbs recently and treated herself to Ben and Jerry's Half Baked.

No. 860418

kek. i think she just has too much fat for her arms to lay flat against her body

No. 860469

File: 1637891796481.png (660.32 KB, 680x1804, stuff.png)

No. 860485

She's really stripping her nasty skin, between the constant cheap sugar scrub with ecosystem exfoliation gloves. Her skin barrier is fucked.

No. 860487

Same fag, ignore the word ecosystem… my phone was autocorrecting exfoliation

No. 860494

how is she affording all of that? this single order is going into the 100s.

No. 860497

small baby sperg, but if you go on ulta and add up the prices of this, it's only $66.35. Not expensive, but definitely not a necessary purchase, and still a waste of money when she already has so much shit.

No. 860501

That's expensive for a squatter with no DL or legitimate work history. I wonder when she's going to exhaust through Alltard's junkie charity funds.

No. 860507

File: 1637950718327.jpg (299.05 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20211126-111729_Ins…)

No. 860508

File: 1637950749468.jpg (760.88 KB, 1080x1812, Screenshot_20211126-111716_Ins…)

Mooching off of rlyblonde again

No. 860515

Did Luna get a haircut?? Her friend probably paid as usual their relationship is entirely transactional from our cow’s perspective.

No. 860516

So she finally looks decent and decides to make her bra the center of the picture. K

No. 860519

Yeah it looks like rlyblonde or her mom got sick of looking at Luna's matted dreads and got her haircut. Like you'd do for the stinky, elderly stray dog in poor health. I know it's said but I just don't understand how she lives the lifestyle she does by grifting.

No. 860521

File: 1637956126954.jpeg (729.9 KB, 1241x1781, 6E26DACB-4C31-4990-A47C-82A990…)

No. 860522


No. 860523

It’s rlyblondes car, chill out

No. 860525

that poor bra has never been washed

No. 860526

File: 1637961182208.jpg (753.1 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_9f7dde31dffad35461194c8…)

she also posted this one on her tumblr. Kind of weird to see her without a filter.

No. 860532

>>860526 i would ask walmart security to escort me to my car if i saw that shit in the parking lot

No. 860533


No. 860534

File: 1637970646972.jpeg (7.61 KB, 213x237, download (5).jpeg)

No. 860536

It's easy to forget how big this broad is, she is car sized god damn

No. 860554

File: 1637993268457.jpg (293.23 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_e4e17a8932e3ce48f9ffae4…)

Ho smoking a blunt in Carina's car. Her ability to not give a damn about other people is always impressive…

No. 860569

Is this recent?! Omg she looks good (for Luna). Good for her

No. 860579

are we not gonna talk about how carina looks like she was forced into this?

No. 860583

why does rlyblonde look so unimpressed and bored

No. 860585

I think she's looking quite good in those… Damn that's a cute car, Tuna wishes it was hers. It is weird seeing her regular, small-eyed face though
I would say 'you would too if you realized that once, more you ended up being roped into spending money on your grifting friend' but honestly? At this point she has to know the drill

No. 860587

She's really got the 40-year-old lot lizard look down

No. 860600

File: 1638046346757.png (1.29 MB, 1270x1774, cheap stuff.png)

No. 860603

how much do we bet she changes her nails more often than her underwear kek

No. 860607

File: 1638050204515.jpeg (347.46 KB, 1241x1909, 15748FDF-3829-4094-9032-90EEB0…)

No. 860625

So her eyebrows never grew back from her failed attempt at the trendy shaved notch thing, huh? Kek

No. 860626

Some of those flowers look like they're a few days old. Bet he stole them from a grave or somewhere.

No. 860627

She's such a skanky looking creature… Everything about her looks disheveled and filthy - and the faces she pulls makes it even more punchable.

No. 860628


Is there anyone she won't use? Bet she was telling her "friend" how she loves looking after plants and they make her feel useful and independent, when in fact the poor plants will be shoved with the rest, dying for light and being overwatered. I bet if rlyblonde stopped buying her stuff she wouldn't hang with her.

No. 860629

I'm sure if she had a problem with it Tuna wouldn't be taking pictures for Instagram. I don't get why she still hangs out with her though, outside of pity

No. 860630

File: 1638073676115.jpg (61.86 KB, 1080x471, Screenshot_20211127-164124_Ins…)

Her Instagram caption for this seems like more of a brag and she changed her username again.

No. 860631


What is the jewelry in her lip piercing supposed to be? It looks like a cold sore covered in concealer

No. 860632

>perfectly clean
>still using the sparkle filter to hide the grime
>makeup still visible
Are we sure that her eyebrows are intentional? She's filling them in when she's hanging out with rlyblonde (there's still some brow liner in them in this pic), and they kinda look inflamed and scabby? She's blurred the pic so much it's hard to tell what is going on with them.

No. 860642

they look like trich eyebrows to me, but I don't know shit about junkies

No. 860648

tinfoil but maybe after last week's comment lovebombing she doesn't want lurch to see her ig

No. 860651

i've had a bit of tinfoiling on this too

she seems like she's lovebombing lurch less herself and going out with actual people that aren't him. i wonder if she's gearing up to drop his ass.

No. 860654

File: 1638117383812.png (214.8 KB, 480x854, retardsstfuaboutlunaleavinglur…)

Can you retards stop these retarded Luna leaving Lurch and getting her shit together tinfoils? He is her BPD favorite person, trauma bonded and groomed. You look like retards constantly bringing up some stupid wish fulfillment yaaas queen empowerment fantasy about this lumpy white trash drug addict. Do you even follow the cow or just glance at her thread sometimes and decide to shit it up with newfag levels of tinfoil?

No. 860658

jesus fucking christ calm down you sped. learn how to sage with your spergs.

No. 860659

why would she sage when she posted milk? butthurt sperg.

No. 860660

that's not even milk, it's luna's same "we're getting married!" bullshit she always posts

No. 860661

File: 1638124739751.webm (1.37 MB, 720x1280, received_427128782185237.webm)


No. 860663

her movements are so bizarre and awkward. i believe that she's off heroin and aside from weed and pills, she's been sober off her DOC. but i also think that the drugs have fried her brain and stunted her mental growth to the point where might actually be retarded. she doesn't think, talk, or act like a normal 26 year old adult. it's like she's stuck as a 16 year old tumblr child

No. 860664

Them grey teeth

No. 860673

Lmao. Embarrass yourself some more. This is so weird and awkward looking

No. 860680

She moves like an animatronic Halloween decoration. Why wouldn't she just re-record it or better yet not post it at all

No. 860683

File: 1638147089005.jpeg (90.74 KB, 1242x633, original.jpeg)

No. 860686

A gold chain? Lmfao keep dreaming tuna. Gold plated maybe

No. 860692

OT but its nice to look at look at a pic of Dacre Montgomery after having to scroll through Luna's tragic eyebrows.

No. 860697

File: 1638215951267.jpg (147.11 KB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20211129-125440_Sam…)

Allison now has one product available in her shop: a $50 fidget spinner.

No. 860701

Kek are they joking jesus christ. Used sock plant cosies and now this, what other bright ideas will they have I do wonder

No. 860711

>Copper fidget-spinner with inlaid stone. Hand-crafted by Steph the Boss, a wire-wrap artist from Washington Heights, NY.

I was like, no way Luna made this, kek.

No. 860717

We're one step closer to a drop-shipper arc

No. 860719

Are they fucking joking?
Is that supposed to be soothing?
Metal is one of the most unpleasant textures ever and having just a mess of copper wire makes my brain go bonkers. All I can think about is how pliable that wire is and how it will break when fidgeted with and get sharp wire edges poking out. That's just tetanus waiting to happen.
Also wouldn't that messy shit catch on anything you carry in your bag or even possibly getting caught in your hair?
Literal hell fidget.

Wire jewelry is notorious for bending and breaking as you're not supposed to interact with it really not to mention FIDGET with it, you only ever have it as a decorative object.

No. 860726

And it makes your hands reek of pennies, not great for their target audience who experience sensory overload and such.

No. 860728

File: 1638284226144.png (117.57 KB, 480x675, Screenshot_20211130-075307_1.p…)

I've discovered why All-tard can spend time with Luna. She spends time with young kids, so she is used to dealing with idiots who have no emotional maturity or control. But kids can grow up, Luna will only grow larger.

No. 860733

That 13 year old who wants to sell emo gloves on Etsy has a better business plan than Altered Spaces. Probably more likely to be successful too!

No. 860736

>35 y/o autists who like tech
I wonder how many of them are trannies.

No. 860737

File: 1638288991673.jpg (211.14 KB, 1080x1508, Screenshot_20211130-091517_Ins…)

No. 860742

File: 1638289706446.jpg (74.08 KB, 250x323, 1638027824614.jpeg.jpg)

>Luna will only grow larger

No. 860744

Why would you get tetanus from it? Isn't tetanus a standard vaccine? Like seriously I thought tetanus is only a third world country thing

No. 860749

I love wire wrapped crystal jewelry and this style is hideous. It's a bit over-saturated for the niche it is, but whoever made this has zero talent for wire wrapping. And as >>860719 said, wire bends and breaks so making a fidget spinner is so fucking stupid. They used a cheap tiger's eye bead with messy wire work and a shape that doesn't make sense. 40 bucks is nuts when you can find more expensive crystals and intricate wire wraps for 30.

No. 860752

>That's just tetanus waiting to happen.

Fyi it's a myth that metal is especially likely to give you tetanus. The bacteria that causes tetanus has no particular affinity for metal, and is usually found in dirt. Also you're probably vaccinated for it anyway.

sage for tetanus digression

No. 860753

File: 1638296183878.jpg (236.09 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20211129-125816_Ins…)

The fidget spinner profits sure are going to a great cause, provided anyone actually buys them.

No. 860755

I left the lunaverse for 6 m/ and I’m glad to see some things never change. I just keep waiting for her and lurch to finally move out of westchester to a crust punk crackhouse in Bronx/Harlem so she can finally live her best Alice In Chains junkie life

No. 860768

I dunno, nonnie. That would take actual effort to manage and I doubt our Tuna is willing to part with her piles of stinking clothes, skincare hoard, and 4 weird pieces of furniture to do so.

No. 860773

Kek at the inaccurate description. Allic-in-Tardland doesn't know what an inlay is apparently because there's nothing for that marble looking tiger's eye to even lay in. And she also must not realize that people will be scratching their heads at this not looking like the actual toy "fidget spinners" that were popular years ago.

No. 860793

>>860755 bored of the (shut the fuck up note the quotes) "sobriety" arc, personally tbh. i need some spice. otherwise yep, nothing has changed.

No. 860799

$50?! For THAT? Can someone tell me if that is actually justifiable and it's just me being a cynic? No, it can't be, I refuse to believe it.

No. 860805

Not justifiable, just a privileged fundie with no concept of money or value

No. 860806

Soz, it's just that my country doesn't vaccinate from tetanus unless you're at risk and the last time I got cut on barbed wire while urban exploring, I had to get shots.
I just think that stabbing yourself with anything is really unsafe. Especially if you're mentally ill and struggle with hygiene and cleaning your things/house (or like Luna have entire soilbeds under your fingernails because you're a lazy disgusting piece of shit)
Guess should have phrased it better.

No. 860827

File: 1638393536993.png (3.08 MB, 2154x1346, earplugs.png)

the thought of luna and her disgustingly grimy nails rolling beeswax into earplugs between her fingers legitimately makes my stomach turn

No. 860828

Call me retarded but won’t the natural heat from your ears cause the beeswax to melt and lose its shape over time?

No. 860829

This is fucking unsanitary. This kind of things should only be made in a sanitary environment, not in some crusty hippy's house.

No. 860830

File: 1638397928725.jpg (451.55 KB, 1079x1787, Screenshot_20211201-173004_Ins…)


The comments

No. 860831

Ear plugs are classified as a medical device and regulated by the FDA. They do not require pre-market approval, but they are held to specific manufacturing standards. Legally, they cannot market these as ear plugs. They could be sued for doing so.

No. 860832

She washed her hands at least 50 times? TUNA PLEASE. At least make your lies somewhat believable. I work in a kitchen 7 hours a day and not even I need to wash my hands 50 times.

No. 860833

An Industrial AuD once told me about an inspection she did at a factory. Apparently a worker wasn't wearing his hearing protection (ear plugs) and used tootsie rolls as a makeshift pair.

No. 860834


No. 860835

I've been missing Luna's felt-tip pen sadgirl drawings, but her increasingly grimy arts and crafts are the next best thing.

No. 860836

File: 1638402105635.png (120.64 KB, 740x554, earplugs.png)

No. 860837

File: 1638402214836.png (74.85 KB, 825x431, yum.png)

samefag, sorry, but of course she wanted to eat them. can't resist an opportunity to be disgusting!

No. 860839

Fortunately anyone who would buy them would probably just be Alltard's friends doing it out of sympathy and not using them

No. 860840

bitch, they're earplugs. they go inside the ear.

No. 860843

At first glance of these I thought tuna was drug posting again and that we were in for some excellent Christmas milk.

No. 860844

kek i appreciate the ref nonnie

No. 860850

File: 1638409909083.jpeg (1.85 MB, 3464x2883, 7E94D413-08F3-4736-B6FF-58A89C…)

Everything is so grimy despite all the filters she adds, those strawberries that she most likely arranged for the photo just put on a coaster(?) kek gross, and of course we need the classic Tuna pill bottle and mention of benzos

No. 860851

Wouldn’t it be better to wear medical gloves than use her bare hands (that she definitely “washed” “more than 50 times”) considering that this is an organic, porous material designed to go into the human body? Also this shit looks like paying to put extra earwax into your ear canal. Insanity.

No. 860853

Wearing gloves is such an easy solution if they really wanted to make earplugs that neither of them would actually think of on their own. This is so gross.

No. 860857

File: 1638414288945.jpg (69.8 KB, 629x480, biscuit-dough-ear-plugs-sg-2.j…)

these remind me of when Marge made biscuit dough earplugs

No. 860860

Cows doing cow things. They're both retarded. Holy shit…

No. 860863

it’s hilarious to read her comments from her “business account” written in a serious manor when her business is just selling whatever random crafts she made with her junkie friends at adult daycare that week

No. 860864

Omg…I work a pretty nasty job where I need earplugs all day long. I’d rather put marges’s biscuits or even my own oily earplugs back in rather than a tuna beeswax ear plug any day. I am grossed out rn.

No. 860876

I’m kind of loving the adventures of tuna & this autist and I can’t wait to see what crafts from hell they make next

No. 860901

File: 1638444133623.jpg (122.53 KB, 1453x1447, 71TeSY60g3S._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Actually, the soft moldable silicone putty kind aren't meant to go inside the ear canal. Rather, molded to fit over the opening of the ear canal. If you stick them inside, there is a very high chance that they will get stuck.

No. 860903

NGL but same. I wonder if they sell anything though. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but I don't see why would someone buy those handmade ear plugs when you can buy ones made by some bigger company that don't have bacteria in them. I'm sure there is some legit vegan hippie business providing this kind of product. I don't think you should be making something like this at home. I absolutely don't trust Luna and her handwashing lmfao

No. 860904

How do benzos make her clean? Aren't they supposed to make you sleepy?

No. 860910

My thoughts exactly, but she's been abusing them for years so I cant imagine they affect her greatly, although I doubt they'd really bring on any sort of cleaning spree like her past experiences with crack kek, it's probably just a case of her "needing" the benzos to even do the most basic household tasks

No. 860915

I dont understand why they don't pick some yarn from the dollar store, get a 5 hook and watch youtube videos to learn crochet. It's such a cheap, easy hobby and people actually buy scarves and hats.

No. 860931

No one believes that, Tuna. Her hands would be filthy after washing the moment she touched her phone, clothes, body part, literally anything that came from her bacteria infested closet that she's squatting in. She doesn't wash anything and I highly doubt she cleans her phone, which is surprisingly more filthy than she is.
How in the world is this clean? It's fucking cluttered like a hoarder's den. Why are there face products there? Does this bitch not have a bathroom that she can put them in? That plant in the middle is fucking dying too. It's stretching to the light and the pot is looking super dark like she just gave it a soak for 12 hours.

No. 860937

Benzos have definitely put me in a cleaning mood. Something something anxiety something something feelin better n ready to tackle bullshit

No. 861023

File: 1638557368687.jpg (421.95 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20211203_184707.jpg)

umm is that dirt along her jawline

No. 861037

I think it's the mask of foundation she puts on thick as wall plaster.

No. 861041

Mixed with dirt… Tuna is dirty so it's not surprising.

No. 861043

Maybe dirt+foundation that is caught in her PCOS facial hair so it defines it more.

No. 861044

An attempt at contouring that she forgot to blend in?

No. 861056

File: 1638579883069.jpg (128.66 KB, 1017x1016, Doris.jpg)

Ah… I knew she reminded me of someone in this pic

No. 861065

File: 1638591897776.jpeg (552.51 KB, 828x3249, 8F8A394C-9036-40F3-9413-1BDDD1…)

No. 861068

99.9% sure it’s a bronzer, looks like she attempted to contour her jawline but a bunch of powder got stuck in her peach fuzz. (source: have done this before)

No. 861074

I like her angry cartoon cricket leg eyebrow she drew onto her bald eyebrow. I guess she's too tIrEd after playing with Allic-in-Fundie-Land that watching a simple makeup tutorial is too taxing.
I've seen the kids on ShitTok even put on makeup better than her.

No. 861076

lolwut? Allicin is a lot of things but not a fundie…

No. 861079

File: 1638618737330.jpeg (403.96 KB, 1241x2003, FC1EB894-7097-4AA8-A89C-FC8B6A…)

The comments kek it's gotta be just pure filth how disgusting

No. 861080

9pm to 4am event in the city? wtf kind of time is that to sell used sock cosies?

No. 861099

File: 1638637455074.jpg (110.29 KB, 882x875, IMG_20211204_180121.jpg)

No. 861101

File: 1638637852167.jpg (413.57 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20211204-100724_Ins…)

No. 861107

fundie as in trust fund baby, not christian fundamentalist…I don't think it's been officially confirmed, but the fact that she is messy as Luna but still able to afford a house and run a "business" is evidence

No. 861108

All I imagine when I read that Luna wants to be That Bitch. WTF does it even mean?
Whew thank you, I thought I hallucinated the meaning of the word when I couldn't find the exact definition on Urban Dictionary. Hate how the word means 3 different things and not everyone knows it, leading to confusion:
>fundamental Christian
>trust fund baby
>fundamental art skills

No. 861113

jesus christ etienne sin always brings me back to my cringey long island scenefag days. goddammit anon i just want to forget

No. 861130


You can tell she never leaves the house. Who the fuck goes for all out glam just for a small event at work, much less one selling sock cozies made by addicts?

No. 861141

File: 1638665439045.jpeg (318.8 KB, 1242x1589, B582217B-4099-4E73-990E-FCD94D…)

Well i'm sure this is going to be a complete shit show kek she'll be there doped up on benzos dressed like a cheap prostitute more than likely, very curious as to what sort of event this may be. The time frame sounds like some sort of work party but i'm under the impression they're taking their "products" to show off

No. 861143

Jesus wept, being able to be upright after 6 mg Xan is not being sober

No. 861146

I wonder if they are trying to table at some house party or rave lol

No. 861148

>>861141 just casually thinking about taking 12mg of xanax in one night uwu

No. 861149

Maybe if you stopped abusing your benzos, they would actually work for your anxiety.

No. 861151

Holy shit that is a massive dose. The audacity to call herself sober.
Better yet, actually apply the coping skills from her "workbooks" that she loves posting aesthetic pics of. Or face the reality that sometimes life is uncomfortable.
God it is so hard not to a-log in these threads.

No. 861154

File: 1638681236547.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1170x1765, 6E2E8530-782A-4848-986A-D1F837…)

She looks surprisingly normal

No. 861155

File: 1638681261457.jpeg (877.32 KB, 1170x1532, 931FF2DA-9DDB-48FF-A3E8-4E488A…)

No. 861158

God she's so massive when she isn't taking her edited timer selfies.

No. 861159

File: 1638684087720.jpg (332.38 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_44e97a54066ff4842e52250…)

No. 861160

File: 1638684108697.jpg (488.24 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_62cbd785f5fa2377b9a96fa…)

No. 861161

File: 1638684164827.jpg (476.72 KB, 1080x1720, Screenshot_20211204-230033_Ins…)

"Legalize drugs" lol no wonder she went to this

No. 861163

File: 1638684213772.jpg (297.51 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_e168d1e7bb3f2e6adeaa0b3…)

No. 861164

File: 1638684504902.png (394.37 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20211204-215616.png)

So, it's an afterparty event for Students for Sensible Drug Policy, specifically a psychedelic conference…and I guess they are there to sell earwax, but more importantly, to hang out? Who knows. It's cool that Luna has a place to go, I guess, but like, going from doing nothing social ever to being out from 9 pm-4 am in a room full of strangers is quite a large swing…we may hear about how tired it made her for weeks…

No. 861165

every stuffed animal she captures and takes home is a prisoner of war

No. 861167

File: 1638691351920.jpg (459.35 KB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20211205-003928_Ins…)

No. 861168

Wow, they'll never have a real venture capitalist fund their project because there's no actual business plan.
"Let's upcycle shit!"
"No, let's make stuff for neaurodivergent people"
"And we can go to pro psychedelic drug parties to sell crafts for autistic/neurodivergent people despite not having any to test it on other than Tuna Sandwich!"

No. 861171

File: 1638695086076.jpg (522.4 KB, 1242x1968, T-Rex strikes a pose.jpg)

No. 861172

She looks so normal here. She’s showered, washed and brushed her hair, looks to be wearing clean clothes that actually fit her. Why does it take some event for her to do what most people do every day?

No. 861173

It also helps that it's not a well lit room

No. 861174

Her backcombed hair and bad makeup are hidden in the dark, she's not wearing one of her usual her fat girl slob outfits, and Allic-in-Fundie-Land looks like a dude.
If Tuna could just stfu and quit ratting her hair, only be seen in low light, and keep her manly rich kid friend by her side all the time, she'd always look normal!

No. 861175

Well damn she looks miles better than I would've ever expected, it appears she isn't as incapable as she was in the past. Although she's still abusing benzos like there's no tomorrow, i'm curious as to how her tolerance has crept up so slowly, when I was addicted to benzos in the past my tolerance increased pretty quickly, if she's using benzos to cope with everything now its only a matter of time before she's popping 10mg at a time imo. At least this job seems to be positive and at least gets her out of the house, seems to be the only solid thing actually improving her life.

No. 861187

It's nice to see Tuna's derpy art again. She never did figure out hands.

No. 861188

File: 1638718659481.jpeg (36.4 KB, 685x296, 695B9CCC-B1A1-4022-BF22-53C3B5…)

Fundie confirmed. Looks like Allison's dad also worked in finance. Funny to see her talking about working on the house like it's some charming thing when the average price of real estate on her street is almost 2 mil. No wonder Luna loves being there, quite the upgrade from the squat.

No. 861200

File: 1638743334501.jpg (211.94 KB, 1080x765, Screenshot_20211205-172822_Sam…)

No. 861201

File: 1638743425851.jpeg (510.9 KB, 828x1431, CA881393-81E7-4639-8DE2-4CC57F…)

No. 861202

Ew gross, she looks like Lurch.

No. 861203


I might be delusional but best shes looked..ever.

No. 861204

It's actually worse than being a fundie, but Allison lives at home still. She's never lived anywhere else. I guarantee Daddy David told her to put together a business plan so he's not just helping her with another failed "business" and then agreed to fund "business expenses" like paying Tuna. He's the investor she was stoked about because there's no others and there won't be.
She's making Tuna look good because at least Tuna ran her mom out of her apartment. Allison can't even chase Daddy out!

No. 861206

"No filter, just a bad quality photo where all of my skin is blurred! I feel so naturally pretty! Validate me!"

No. 861208

I would've said at least Tuba doesn't live at home, but then I realized it's because she chased her mom out like the pos Tuba is.

No. 861210

why does she feel the need to mention how much her headband cost. everything she buys is cheap cheap cheap anyway

No. 861211

wish she’d shut up

No. 861215

I really hope that Luna and that dude Allison get together and she leaves Lurch. That would be so funny. He'd be really pissed being left for a woman.

No. 861217

Wishful thinking but I ship it as well. She's cleaned up slightly since meeting Allison, it could be good for her.

No. 861220

i guarantee they've already fucked but Luna will have convinced herself it 'doesn't count' because she'd 'never cheat on matthew uwu'

No. 861222

but she’s ~repulsed by sex~

No. 861227

not delusional, it’s just that the bar is in hell.

No. 861228

Glad I'm not the only one. Luna is a trash person, but Lurch deserves no kindness in his life. Plus a burn out lesbian romance story arc would liven her threads back up a little. kek

No. 861230

Wow she actually looks quite pretty in these pics and she's actually doing something in them, not just vacantly staring trying to look hot like everyone does in selfies. She looks healthy

No. 861234


damn its like a glimpse of what she would look like if she were maybe off drugs. almost like a normal 25 yr old. kinda makes me sad i think she could be really pretty if she took care of her skin, hair, and stopped doing that whack makeup

No. 861235

Luna loves a caretaker and I feel like Alltard gives me Tai vibes (though not as cute as Tai by half) so I wouldn't put it past her. Honestly, I ship it. Even if Alltard seems like a fool.

No. 861238

Why are you so sure? She has wrote an entire article how she isn't into woman after all. It could have been Lurch's effect, but she didn't seem very interested in pussy the last few years. I ship Luna and Allison too, mind you. I don't expect it to actually happen, but it would be so good for her. Allison has already been better for her than Lurch, and they only know each other for a few months
Seconding the Tai comparison, especially with how she seems crazy about Luna. lol
Yeah she reminds me so much of pre-Lurch hipster Luna. Big improvement.

No. 861239

How tf does Luna keep stumbling into these women who want to be her mommy?

No. 861243

File: 1638811763795.jpeg (610.92 KB, 1241x1888, 202F90C0-3211-46E7-B86E-39C40D…)

No. 861244

Save your money and leave, you lazy git! Maybe if you stopped buying trinkets and moved further away from da big city~ you'd have a chance of… Not this? I want to see a receipt of every useless thing she's bought since this job and see what it totals out to. I'm usually sympathetic to this. I've lived in some pretty shitty, scary apartments and barely scraped by in my time, but I never bought trinkets during that ohase and every dollar I had went to rent and bills. I don't get how she doesn't get it.

No. 861247

Tuna. Never forget this isn't even your apartment. You moved yourself into your MOTHERS home, kicked her out of her own bedroom and eventually you fucked it up so much that she had to leave. You choose to live there because it's apparently better than any other option you have kek. Be grateful you're not on the street I guess. How can she complain when she's choosing to squat there

No. 861250

She apparently has money, it was few threads back she said she had like enough rent money to last a year or whatever.

No. 861251

Does anyone really believe that? Come on, it's Tuna.

No. 861252

She's probably going to start posting shit like this so her friend Allison can feel bad for her and move her into her house with her. Luna is a leech.

No. 861253

I promise you that she actually meant Daddy was willing to pay her rent for a year. Chubs didn't have a job and even now she just spends most of her paycheck on more junk.

And of course Allison has done more for Tuna than Lurch because Allison pays her with her parents' money. But Tuna won't ever leave Lurch because she likes his benzos. An anon asked earlier how Tuna has managed to keep her Xanax tolerance down compared to what it could be and the answer is because she can only pilfer so many from Lurch and Mean Mommy and she can't afford to buy as much as she'd like to. Now if Allison was her enabler, she could finally get all the benzos she wants!

No. 861257

I feel like this would only be okayed by Allicin if Tuna left Lurch. He is like 40, there's no excuse for his behavior and I doubt he's clean or PC enough for her to allow him into her 2 million dollar crunchy granola home. Honestly, I love this idea sans Lurch, though.

No. 861260

Honestly same. I can't tell if she actually looks nice or if I should put the bong down

No. 861262

her hair always looks so nice. i actually like the silver grey look on her. idk how she can be so fucked up she doesn’t shower but her hair still looks thick and somewhat healthy

No. 861263

Why are you retards shipping Luna and Alllison kek. Tuna is too deranged to be in any relationship.

No. 861266

if those last few images were enough to impress you ladies, shame. the bar is so low. luna spends one day documented out in public not looking like a dope whore and suddenly shes thriving and healthy.

i wonder how long itll take until the dopamine high from human interaction combined with some of her favorite pastimes (drugs and art) subsides. the only time she ever feels optimistic, happy, productive etc is when shes scoring or acquiring more junk. like clockwork lurch will make her feel like shit about something and shes gonna doompost on on tumblr about how shit he is

No. 861276

does anyone have any updates from that KT girl she was friends with?

No. 861277

I really don't think Lurch, let alone his age or the rare glimpses we get of his "behavior" is the issue. Tuna would be fucked up taking mom's benzos and getting ripped off buying pressed pills without Lurch. She's had a million opportunities to change her life and she never does. Allison would just enable her to buy more drugs.

No. 861278

Luna always has nice comments unlike the other cows. This is really becoming her fan forum, with the chicks that comment under her pics.

No. 861286

I think many anons are from that side of tumblr and there are also a lot of (ex) addicts. Cow attracts cows.

No. 861287

Uhhh, are we talking about the same heifer? The heifer who fried her hair so bad it's broken off in chunks and finally got a fresh haircut with her charity change? You can still see all the short flyaways from all the damage, but the low light is hiding that part.
If you really think her hair looks "nice and healthy", your hair must be a travesty.

No. 861288

This. I wish that posting these "What if…" retarded fanfiction was a bannable offense.

B-b-but nonnette, Luna is such a beautiful, talented artist. Herman Munster is obviously the only thing that keep her down and not her gross, heavily documented personality.

No. 861289

100% agree!

No. 861295

File: 1638887044403.jpeg (727.51 KB, 828x1395, C04CAB82-7132-4969-96C6-84ABC4…)

>where my neighbors smoke crack

I guess doing benzos and getting high all day isn’t the same as getting high off crack to you, Tuna. Just because you have a “job” doesn’t make you any better than them.

No. 861301

Please at least sage if you're going to post things that have already been posted. But yes she's always thought she was better than everybody else and seems to have a particular hatred for crackheads, despite being one herself for a short period of time. She's lucky she didn't get put out on the streets but of course she'll never see it that way because she believes she's entitled to anything she wants clearly

No. 861307

jesus, i didn't realize it had been posted, that's definitely my bad. would delete but it's too late.

No. 861318

File: 1638906738073.jpg (259.18 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20211207-124852_Ins…)

(1/2) Tuna posted a long winded comment on >>861295 giving excuses as to why she can't move. Still claiming she has money saved up.

No. 861319

File: 1638906870937.jpg (244.22 KB, 1080x1561, Screenshot_20211207-124903_Ins…)

(2/2) brining up Lurch getting attacked by pitbulls again

No. 861320

another mention of that poor woman who commited suicide

No. 861322

Do not understand why she's so set on staying put where she is when there's nothing really tying her there, would make more sense to move somewhere cheaper but Tuna never thinks about anything logically kek, she'll probably continue to rot in her current shack with the (i assume still) broken lock complaining about everything but never making changes.

No. 861323

File: 1638910669500.jpg (23.49 KB, 400x222, pods-driveway.jpg)

If she can afford sweat sets and trinkets, she can afford a Uhaul or get a moving truck to take her junk across town to a more cost effective address. It's honestly really cheap to hire if you're not traveling 1000 miles like I did without a car. Like a skipping container move. I bet their shit would literally fit in a subtle shipping container. She just needs to let go of the expensive area she's in. I'm sure Allicin could arrange a ride somehow to link up and "work" or with the money she's saving not living in Mamanorek she could use it to get Ubers there. Things are only impossible because Luna insists they're impossible. She's not the only broke, car-less person in the world despite her bitching. FFS even Shayna can manage this.

No. 861334

if she was really serious about it she could easily post on facebook or craigslist and find someone with a truck willing to help her move the few pieces of furniture that they have for a couple extra bucks and gas money. she would just have to skip 2-3 trinket hauls and that would probably cover the cost. If she can find people willing to buy her nudes surely she can find people willing to help her move for a little $

No. 861341

File: 1638919835756.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2252, A1402FAC-CECA-4AD1-BBB7-9ADB21…)


No. 861342

File: 1638919887407.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2281, E02EED99-7056-4BE4-ABBC-15D176…)

I guess we’re ignoring the mountains of pills she takes

No. 861343

File: 1638920038310.jpg (290.44 KB, 1080x1715, Screenshot_20211207-163247_Ins…)


No. 861345

She's morphing into an alien now.

No. 861347

That scarring on her bridge piercing. We all know she's too lazy to take care of her piercings properly. Fuck, she doesn't even wash.

No. 861355

Can this be our next thread picture

No. 861357

File: 1638926931646.gif (552.89 KB, 400x227, CB3E1D8F-F93F-4AD3-94D7-13E197…)

No. 861361

I've been reading luna's threads and I have to say that I'm just totally fucking disgusted at the fact this bitch can shoot up and fill her ass with drugs all day and still have people give her nice ass things like this table and the chair. All she does is complain about her life while getting everything she wants. I'm in a third world country, I work as a teacher of 2 languages while getting a degree and I still can't afford all this dumb shit or to move to a better country. Luna get your fucking head out of your ass, get your act together and start being gratefull for the people who help you. I hope you read this and stop excusing your poor behavior. sorry for the rant, life aint fair.

No. 861368

Jesus Christ, you can be off heroin without being sober
using weed is healthier but it’s not being sober

No. 861373

Is that a keloid scar or is a new infection? I've never noticed it being so gross before

No. 861377

I think she deleted her tumblr or changed URLs idk, I went to look and it's gone for me

No. 861379

File: 1638934750266.jpg (114.66 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_20211207-203814_Tum…)

Found it

No. 861380

File: 1638934908467.jpg (343.12 KB, 1100x2048, Tumblr_l_687637024988988.jpg)

No. 861381

File: 1638934973792.jpg (123.25 KB, 1080x1752, Screenshot_20211207-204056_Tum…)

No. 861382

File: 1638935031780.jpg (100.1 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20211207-204111_Tum…)

No. 861386


No. 861387

You talked about it with the whole internet.

No. 861389

Not to sound like an ana-chan but I can't imagine being so big that you can casually say you lost double digit pounds 'again'.

No. 861390

Even if he is 6'6 which I doubt, 6'6 and 240lbs is a BMI of 27.7 haha fatty

No. 861392

"I don't have family to easily move to another state"
what does this even mean? The point is to be independent, not live with (mooch off of) family, so if you don't have any, all the more reason to go anywhere you want. But you do have family, and you do completely depend on them, so stop lying.

Also, how would she possibly have credit at all, much less good credit? Does she use a card that her dad pays off?

No. 861394

Moving with PODS is waaaay overpriced, but as someone who has moved cross country 4 times in 5 years, I can promise Tuna it costs a fraction of all her junk purchases to move within 30 miles of her current location. Not only do people on Craigslist and other pay by the hour movers charge no more than $30/hr to move (and they bring their own pickup truck), but most Home Depots in cities have undocumented workers out front eager to help for money. A lot of them have access to their own work truck too.
Tuna just likes making excuses on why she can't do anything, when it's actually just her fat body being unmotivated.

No. 861398

What the fuck did she actually do to her eyebrows to make them grow in like this?
Funny how she never mentions her oh so helpful benzos in posts like this, she clearly knows she's not truly sober, she will never be truly sober she doesn't want to put in any actual hard work to actually improve her life

No. 861399

what's all over her legs? bug bites?

No. 861440

that is not a sober human

No. 861478

Some people speculate she pulls out her eyebrow hair, but she’s commented on IG and Tumblr telling people she shaves her eyebrows and sometimes accidentally shaved the wrong parts. I cannot shed anymore light than that because I don’t know why on earth she would take a razor to her brows instead of tweezers.

No. 861479

This comment fucking sent me.

No. 861480

She probably does over pluck or pull them. Plucking/pulling of hair over time damages the hair follicle and it won’t grow back in as healthy/if at all. I mean maybe she for some reason razored them off in that weird pattern and they’re growing in slow but that does look like brows that have been severely over plucked.

No. 861529

She yo-yos, its well documented, shes gained and lost the same 40lb every few months for 2 years now. She gains/loses seasonal weight and also goes through periods of binging and fasting (which is actually a form of bulimia, if she labeled herself a "non-emetic bulimic" she wouldn't be incorrect but shes not ana, her restriction periods are short extreme bursts not a daily neurosis) but its not unusual for all kinds of bulimics to have unstable weight and regularly gain/lose large amounts.

No. 861540

File: 1639094335199.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x2742, BA801931-CA78-4445-83AE-E0AEEB…)

Oh look another medication Tuna isn't happy about because it isn't something "fun" to abuse

No. 861545

Don't worry Tuna, I'm sure you'll be just fine popping your usual 40 pills.

No. 861582

not to blog but hydroxyzine sucks and just made me feel loopy and confused but not calmer, i don’t really understand why her psych would add that on top of xanax, they should probably just lower her dosage and let her adjust to that so she doesn’t need that much benzo to calm down since her tolerance is so high

No. 861583

She's not prescribed Xanax. That's from evil mom and Lurch and street dealers. Her psych knows she's hunting for benzos and isn't s stupid enough to give them to her. I bet Tuna's chart documented how she was asking for more benzos last time with her last doc.
Just find a new drug to abuse, Tubba Wubba.

No. 861584

File: 1639132519865.jpeg (145.39 KB, 828x874, F68A7093-A37E-4466-BAC5-4FDCA7…)

She actually wants Klonopin to have with her Xanax. Fortunately it seems her psych isn’t an idiot.

No. 861585

File: 1639133076671.jpeg (165.65 KB, 828x806, F4736C01-90D8-4341-8984-59DA80…)

Even though she’s told her psych aaaalll about the flashbacks and the panic etc etc she’s still not getting that sweet benzo script.

No. 861586

File: 1639133224402.jpeg (136.15 KB, 828x428, 6AF34F27-1798-425C-81ED-D436DE…)

But whilst she waits til her next appointment to list all the reasons her followers have just given her to describe why vistaril isn’t working for her, why not start making monthly payments of the second most expensive tier on an animal crossing Patreon.

No. 861587

Kek wasn't she previously prescribed klonopin? I recall her abusing it at one point but I don't recall seeing her make a big fuss about not being able to abuse it anymore, I wonder what has made her suddenly want to get that prescription again, perhaps Lurch doesn't want to share his xanax anymore

No. 861590


…Why would she be lazy and waste money like this when there are treasure islands available for free that require just a small amount of effort?

Oh yeah, it's Luna who wants everything handed to her or she throws a sad girl tantrum.

No. 861591

enjoy Prasozin, then (honestly she could probably use the help with blood pressure at her weight)
there are a lot of different things to try before benzos, girl

No. 861594

oh you’re right i was confused because she always tries to make it sound like they’re HER rx and everything she says is a jumbled mess. fair enough of the psych to not give her any more benzos as an obvious seeker. tuna is probably a walking liability when it comes to prescribing meds

No. 861595

She replied to everyone who validated her idea that her new prescription is “just an anti-histamine” and therefore won’t help, but didn’t respond to the person who suggested Prasozin for the issues she’s describing. Because I’m sure with all the weed she smokes she probably sleeps fitfully and dreamlessly and doesn’t really need a medication to support her sleep. Especially if it doesn’t have any recreational value.

No. 861596

She was prescribed pins but remember she didn't like that psych since he didn't give her more so she went to look for a new psych and found this lady. She didn't bitch about it because she still has Lurch and evil mom to pilfer Xanax from. She just wants pins so she can recreationally use benzos more often and not have to ration them. She's just boosting her tolerance and will actually give herself real panic attacks that are way worse than what she thinks of as panic attacks.
She's stupid as fuck to think just going to some dumb program for addicts at the same hospital is what's preventing her from getting her own benzo script and not think of how all of this asking for drugs isn't documented in her medical chart.

No. 861611

File: 1639178883070.jpeg (310.04 KB, 1241x1455, 5C6F1D88-B0CE-4F99-A679-70F2B4…)

Good point, it seems she can always get some from her Mom or Lurch no matter what.

No. 861612

sorry for mega late response but this has the strongest "mom i just threw up" energy

No. 861616

File: 1639186702296.jpg (51.9 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20211210-193732_Tum…)

No. 861623

Ohhhhhhh shit trouble in paradise. OF COURSE she's not happy with what she's getting from Allicin and wants more kek. Don't bite the hand that feeds you tuna

No. 861625

File: 1639192217539.jpg (159.43 KB, 1080x1179, Screenshot_20211210-210841_Sam…)

Sorry to tinfoil but these posts seem more similar to the way Lurch types than luna. Wonder if he's using her account

No. 861632

That 100% reads like Lurch. It's unmistakable
Looking forward to drama

No. 861634

first of all, not necessarily, secondly, how would this apply to tuba considering she appears to be paid in sweatpants, plushies and plants?

No. 861651

File: 1639218867701.webm (12.99 MB, 720x1428, mobizen_20211211_042804.webm)

No. 861652

File: 1639218895557.png (2.05 MB, 1433x2845, Capture _2021-12-11-04-29-40.p…)

No. 861653

File: 1639219452431.jpg (610.54 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20211211-034300_Ins…)

What the fuck did I miss? Who is "he"?

No. 861655

Seems like karma for stealing xans from your mom lmao

No. 861658

From what Tuna claims, “he” is a tenant in the building/neighbour with mental illness. She says she usually gives him cigarettes but for some reason tonight he freaked out and put her window through. Sounds as if she’s omitted some information there. Can’t exactly imagine Luna giving away cigs for free every time some wacko comes knocking on her window.

No. 861659

File: 1639221067487.jpeg (249.38 KB, 828x930, 65C0CB3E-63A3-4C73-96FF-946009…)

Sure Tuna, you and Lurch are such bleeding hearts who give money and cigarettes to the needy

No. 861660

Maybe don't blow off drug debts when the person you owe is unhinged and KNOWS WHERE U SQUAT. Idiots. You can't tell me this wasn't her fault, somehow.

No. 861662

So this is someone who actually needs their meds but has been selling them to these junkie fucks and now it turned sour. Or even better, they've been scamming him with ciggies and the occasional coin to get his pills and then this happened kek.

No. 861664

Lmao honey bunches of oats on the bed. Why is she laying in bed closest to the window during this? Looks like Lurch leaps up and over in response but Tuna has zero street smarts. Thinking back to the time she recorded Lurch arguing in the hallway with other junkies.

No. 861666

Kek funny how she uses mental illness as some derogatory thing here yet whenever it's about her own mental illness she expects sympathy and asspats, what a joke.
The absolute state of the place jesus christ the dirt everywhere, it's honestly surprising that even without heroin they can't clean. I wonder what caused this because Tuna always twists stories to fit her narrative, i'm sure they were the cause of this situation somehow.

No. 861668

Omg I know it's not the point but…the filth on that windowsill at 0:33

No. 861673

I love how she’s always saying ~ACAB~ then calls the cops whenever anything goes awry. These types of performative snowflakes are all the same lmao

No. 861679

Can someone transcribe this? I hear - suck a dick, dumb bitch, SCIENCE, your psyche is fucked up….then Luna's insane creeching as if this is a surprise?

No. 861682

“Protecting me” lol really tuna? Because the video kind of sounds like he’s instigating. Why go back and forth with someone you know to be mentally ill and off their meds?

No. 861684

File: 1639245284881.jpeg (662.53 KB, 828x5149, 80497107-36CC-4BC1-83E3-79778A…)

good fucking god. she SLEEPS here. Tuna, all those skincare products are a waste when your rubbing your face in literal filth every night

No. 861685

File: 1639245517752.jpeg (768.41 KB, 1242x1211, 50A59CF0-D9F8-4999-B304-9DA5E4…)

It sounds like (the video) starts with Lurch saying "get the fuck out of here" then the guy responds something hard to make out, he says something about possible buting a window and then says "call them call the police" then he rambles a lot all I can make out specifically is him mentioning a "day" and then calling Tuna a dumb bitch kek. Then Lurch says the guys "psyche is all fucked up" while it sounds like the guy is saying he wants to smoke (?) or something about smoking, then tells Lurch to eat a dick, Lurch responds saying "suck a dick". The guy outside says "I know", proceeds to then smash the window, Tuna screams and mutters that she has it on video and end scene.
Window has now been boarded up and Tuna is complaining about having to pay for it, surprising to think she even has a few hundred to be able to pay kek.

No. 861686

Samefag but I meant breaking* a window, definitely seems like this guy at least gives a warning to what he will do and they just keep going at it verbally

No. 861687

Man: How you do at 7 day (something)… charges, dumb bitch. No science! (Something) college When I'm smarter motherfucker (something).
Lunch: No. You're not. You're not though.
Man: You made me look like this.
Lurch: Your pshyche is so fucked up.
Man: Eat a dick.
Lurch: Eat a dick. Suck a dick.
Man: I know (inaudible)
Luna: There's(?) a fucking ???, you fucking psychopath!

No. 861688

Ew absolutely repulsive. Whats on top of the radiator?? Is that blood or did they put cigs out there? Good god talk about trashing a place

What really gets me about this is that this isn't even their apartment! They caused her mom to relapse, kicked her out her own bed[room], and then got her evicted with basically nothing. Fuck them. I know they're actually going to squat there as long as possible but the whole situation is so selfish, I really want them to get a taste of their own medicine and be evicted. Obviously they're nothing but trouble. Even this whole window situation - they get people angry and then act surprised when they fight back! Scumbags to a T

No. 861690

Luna says “That’s a fucking camera you fucking psychopath”
I wonder if this is the guy she says raped her in the summer? It sounds like they’ve called the cops on him before from what’s being said.

No. 861691

File: 1639248917745.jpg (272.01 KB, 1015x833, Screenshot_20211211-124101_Sam…)

Pic related… am I reaching or is that an (empty) syringe? Left side would be the top of the plunger, then the black end of the plunger towards the right and then a white cap?

You know she's just gonna milk the absolute shit out of this situation so she can be a poor little victim. Tuna let me remind you again that's not even your apartment, it was your mom's and you decided to squat there.

No. 861692

I think you’re right. I would say this is proof of her not being off heroin but god knows she wouldn’t take the time to clean up after past use. You would think she would if she really wanted to get clean.

No. 861693

If someone's serious about being clean and sober you'd think they would get rid of all their paraphernalia because that's triggering and seeing it is gonna make your cravings harder to deal with. I guess she could be shooting the Xanax but still fucked up to be running around saying she's sober when you're shooting ANYTHING up. Still a junkie sorry tuna.

No. 861696

File: 1639250270841.jpg (241.33 KB, 1080x1716, IMG_20211211_191707.jpg)

I'm gonna say no

No. 861697

you fucking retard. the area anon indicated in the photo isn;'t even in your post idiot

No. 861698

ntayrt but yes it literally is blindchan, the "syringe" is the edge of a pill bottle behind the can

No. 861702

Would it kill her to drink some fucken water? Slugging tepid diabetes in a bottle isn't very anorexic, tsk

No. 861704

it is. Look at the can in both images and the clip. Fucking retard

No. 861705

I love how they talk so tough (and are most likely buying extra benzos from this guy) from inside, Lurch is egging him on, he punches the window in as Tuba shrieks, then shrieks again when nothing is happening, and these anti-cop phonies stay hiding inside when there's 2 of them (a fat linebacker and a tall pot belly boar) that could eat this man. Meanwhile they call the cops and somehow Lurch is finding the courage to protect Tubs. Then they take videos and photos showing they're snitches.

No. 861706

*Lurch "protects" her while the cops are there

If building management doesn't break the window, they don't have to pay for it. Maybe if mom still lived there and not 2 able bodied adults, they might be nice and agree to. You'd still have to put up a temporary piece of wood to keep cold air out while you wait until a glass company comes.
Tuba, you weren't woken out of a dead sleep when you claim you can't sleep without more benzos and you're filming this.
Move to the 'burbs, sheltered snitch bitch and her all talk no action Chief Bromden.

No. 861707

They're both clearly sheltered. Matthew survived by mooching off Daddy (and wishes he still could) and Tubs still mooches off both Mommy and Daddy. They refuse to improve their lives until they're forced to, then they cry about it and how "unexpected" change was.

No. 861708

That’s absolutely a syringe
I can smell the mushrooms growing from here

No. 861709

File: 1639261218582.jpg (398.32 KB, 1080x1817, Screenshot_20211211-151150_Ins…)

bet she didn't clean any of that grime off before putting her filthy trinkets on the ledge

No. 861710

File: 1639261298579.jpg (509.29 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20211211-151135_Ins…)

Carrying on as usual despite her ~traumatizing~ night

No. 861711

So lurch picked a fight and then called the cops and had this dude arrested. He'll be released and then go back home pissed off at both of them. Smart move.

No. 861714

File: 1639263500097.jpg (191.71 KB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20211211-165633_Ins…)

Why would you cut out him supposedly threatening rape

No. 861715

Because he didn't and Tuna lies like she eats… a lot.

No. 861717

I see Lurch is still keeping piss juice jugs nearby.

No. 861719

why does she have to decorate everything? that board is probably only temporary and they're going to replace the glass soon so she'll have to take all that shit down.

No. 861720


Engaging with a mentally ill crackhead isn't smart, calling the cops is the best thing those two could have done. They're white people in the hood, not gang members, they're probably expected to snitch even if they're also addicts.

That experience would have scared anyone and only a complete idiot would handle it without the police. But they probably pissed this guy off somehow. Matthew didn't de-escalate the situation at all and made it worse. Should have just given the guy his drugs back or refused to engage. Threaten him with the police until he leaves or something.

No. 861725

File: 1639273825575.png (14.82 KB, 798x199, relapse.png)

No. 861726

This is part of the reason why no one believes her whenever she cries rape. She never has any proof.

No. 861728

Pretty much this. It's just funny that Luna is always ACAB! and tells stories about Lurch being A Tough Guy and taking on anyone, and then this. And there's no probably about it, they 100% ripped this guy off.

That and she lies all the fucking time. And changes her story constantly. And then goes from crippling trauma, please give money to forgetting about it in a very short space of time.

And kek at the anon who thinks fatso has any money saved to pay for the window fix. Abusive dad or Allitard will be paying for it.

No. 861735

She just posted a longer video of this on Tumblr and at the beginning, tuna slides open the inside window so they can hear him better. The guy outside is saying LURCH is raping tuna. It also sounds like the guy walks away at the beginning and lurch keeps yelling at him (where this video here begins) and he comes back, starts arguing again, and punches the window. Oh yeah and this man says that tuna likes black men kek

No. 861736

File: 1639285270351.jpg (750.34 KB, 1076x1829, Screenshot_20211211-205901_Ins…)

bold face lying to her followers on instagram. why even post it?

No. 861737

File: 1639286350524.webm (5.32 MB, 404x720, tumblr_r3za8y9YWK1xxzxb4_720.w…)

No. 861738

So the guy wasn't threatening to rape her, he was calling Lurch the rapist?

No. 861739

anon most women don't have proof of rape. Can we not start this shit again? Casting doubt on her because of lying in the past etc is one thing, but you don't have to sound like a reddit scrote about it

No. 861740

File: 1639289224602.jpg (367.33 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20211212-000513_Ins…)

Like another anon predicted, her neighbor is already out

No. 861743


legit sounds like the dudes voice is trailing off like he's walking away when lurch keeps fucking squaking. Jesus

No. 861744

Chill the fuck out. I could have worded it better, but I was pointing out how she says something, but her proof is usually proving the opposite. Last time she said she was raped but said that there wasn't any penetration when pressed for more information. This time she said the guy was threatening rape but it doesn't sound like that in >>861737

It's like the time she said that the care worker was verbally abusive to her and Lurch but her proof showed the opposite.

No. 861745

File: 1639291708712.png (503.95 KB, 671x835, Screenshot 2021-12-12 014724.p…)

No. 861748

File: 1639299791397.jpg (291 KB, 826x1458, Screenshot_20211212-035557_Sam…)

He doesn't seem anymore mentally ill than Tuna. He warns them "Keep talking and I'll bust your muthafuckin' window in!"
Lurch keeps talking. Window gets busted in.
You do not call the cops over an argument you're triggering. They don't even live in the hood. It's a pussy snitch move to call the cops over something you're instigating. Doesn't matter what ethnicity you are, you'll be labeled a snitch of you pull manipulative shit like this.
BTW, syringes never have a white cap. The Needle Exhange and even drugstores provide syringes made by BD, and every cap will always be orange.
Femoral syringes have a clear cap.
Like 2 anons confirmed and this picture confirms, it's a pill bottle. Don't tinfoil syringes if you don't know wtf you're talking about.

No. 861751

Who the fuck prescribes 300mg seroquel for sleep?

No. 861755

anon that is not the same thing people are looking at. i don't know how you can't see it from the first picture >>861691 it's extremely obvious where the anon drew an arrow.

also syringes can have white caps. they can also be pink, blue, purple, yellow etc. also i'd bet that at least half the people in this thread do know what they're talking about.

No. 861756

At the very beginning lurch says something about the guy "raping his girl" and the guy responds "I said you're raping her… you know you're fucking raping that girl"

I love how tuna posts videos that keep proving her wrong and prove that they're the ones fucking up. Lurch didn't need to keep egging the guy on and the window never would have been broke.

No. 861758

nayrt but its clearly the same place? look at where it is compared to the window

No. 861759


this is my first time commenting on this syringe bullshit tinfoil. I literally work at a supervised consumption site and that is not a needle FFS. if I wanted to derail I'd ask where your dumb ass has ever seen a syringe with other coloured caps, nevermind WHITE. but I don't want to do that.

let's move on. there is more than enough evidence that tuna is at the very least orally abusing benzos/possibly hydromorphone pills; we don't need to argue about some anon's reach.

No. 861760


BD Precision Glide 27g 1/2in 1cc syringes are just one example of a needle with a white cap, calm down

No. 861762

Damn, you guys are talking syringes like military spergs talk guns. Love it

No. 861763

File: 1639322735842.jpeg (760.4 KB, 828x1370, 6263B601-8497-4123-9D4E-3482CA…)

No. 861765

File: 1639325410040.jpeg (277.92 KB, 646x684, 13D6F4CF-F9A0-4868-B670-F6FD56…)

jesus christ

No. 861767


My point is they're soft and no one cares if they're snitches. They started it, but at the end of the day the dude broke their window and Matthew continuing his tough guy act would have led to a way worse situation. Calling the cops was the smartest thing these two dumbasses did, even though it seems like they started it.

No. 861768

File: 1639331286042.jpeg (143.69 KB, 828x477, 9209ED95-76D6-4549-B233-E97ECA…)

pure tinfoil but she took “workin hard” out of her bio lol, wonder if she stopped working with alltard after that “should I be paid for travel time to work” post lol

No. 861776

if my husband kept instigating a man threatening to break into our home to the point where our window was punched in to attempt to prove himself as some big tuff guy, that would be the end of our relationship. there’s a time and a place to shut the fuck up. lurch put them in significantly more danger.

No. 861777

Fully agree. They should have called the cops without responding to the guy. What if the guy had gone further than breaking a window because of Lurch's big ass mouth? He could have climbed through it or tried the door. They don't even have a lock on it.

No. 861782

I'm glad you've never seen a real needle, but that length and gauge used for skin popping is still an orange cap from the Needle Exchange. Even if they were to use their meager harm reduction budget for those overpriced pieces of shit, the precision glide ones you're describing have clear caps. Sorry whatever image you found on Google didn't make it obvious.

No. 861783

File: 1639343729510.jpeg (236.74 KB, 828x1397, 33C6A99F-3F13-456E-B31B-183142…)

Big surprise they still aren’t paying rent. Yeah tuna he still won’t take the money cause he wants you and lurch out, take a hint. You forced your way into his property and are squatting, who would willingly let you stay after that? I assume he’s going to end up suing them at some point but idk how it all works when it comes to squatters and then the moratorium, if that’s still in effect.

No. 861784

Caps don't come in other colors for safety reasons. Besides orange, you'll only ever a clear cap which is solely for specialty syringes like the femoral one. What you're probably looking at online is the clear or tinted yet still clear plastic base that goes around the needle connecting it to the chamber.
I can assure you it's the same pill bottle the original anon posted while tinfoiling it was a sharp. I know that because while slowly scrolling to freeze the frame, I saw the exact same image before I stopped on the full image.
And I know other anons know what syringes look like… but they're not the idiots claiming there's white caps and that a pill bottle is a syringe. You want to be right so badly despite not knowing shit.

No. 861785

She means the day they're forced to move since we all know change only occurs for Tuna if she's forced into change.

No. 861787

She's got one leg up and hunched over like a heaving cow… to show off her ugly cheap cheap cheap pants and mismatched outfit. All of this shit she bought with Daddy's Amazon account could have gone towards a few classic, well-made things that would flatter her better than noisy pants that draw attention to her tsunami-causing thunder thighs.

No. 861794


Ffs OP here and after the zoomed screenshot the other anon posted I can clearly see that it's a pill bottle behind the can. I take it back it… it's clearly not a syringe can we shut up about it now.

No. 861801

>i cleaned up everything
The fuck you did.
Lurch is a dumb motherfucker. He's clearly instigating and putting himself and Tuna in danger. And then Tuna herself tells Lurch to throw the broken glass at the guy. They are getting into petty fights with the mentally unwell and then crying about their innocence when they lash out. Just mind your own business and look the other way ffs.

No. 861813

great, if you have 7k saved up you can afford first months rent somewhere else. so shut the fuck up and move already.

No. 861814

Needles often have different coloured caps; they're not always orange. Various needle exchanges offer different needles. Also, this bitch doesn't clean, look at the state of the room. If it is a needle, it's likely to be an old one, I mean just look at the place. I've seen people live in filth, and they never move anything, it just becomes a part of their mess. Normal people would discard their dirty works via a "sin bin" and getting clean wouldn't be the reason they get rid of needles, but rather because they follow the junkie-etiquette and discard of their paraphernalia properly and safely, via the sin bins provided by exchanges and substance support services… But this is Luna we're talking about. If it is an old needle it'll just be part of the room now, she'll just be used to it being there, nothing more and nothing less. However, I think it looks like a pill bottle or methadone bottle. I don't think she's on a script but I'm sure Matthew was, or they may have bought someone's take-home script from them. I dunno, but let's not speculate too much… We know this bitch is high on benzos constantly, and she lives in utter filth. There's probably loads of old used needles lying around, because she lives in a grimy-filth-infested den with no care or consideration for cleanliness. Used needles just seem like part and parcel of being Tuna, like sometimes I'll leave sweet wrappers around for a few hours after snacking, but with this girl it's used works.

No. 861828

It gave me fecalmatter vibes

No. 861831

Go to any US Needle Exchange and I promise you you'll only get orange or clear. And they're called sharps containers, genius. I work for the harm reduction center in Harlem and not 1 addict has ever uttered the words "sin bin" because most people aren't idiots using terms like that for the stigma of addiction.
You clearly don't know what you're talking since US methadone bottles in the 2 east coast states and 4 west coast states I've worked at don't look anything like this. Some use rectangular bottles and some round, but the cap is always smaller than the bottle. That's a pill bottle you're looking at.
You can play pretend all you want but all of the Needle Exchanges and methadone clinics are federally sanctioned so they use providers that carry the same syringe company- BD.
Thank you for never struggling with opiate addiction enough to know about syringes and methadone. Unless you have proof of BD making different color caps and Needle Exchanges anywhere in the US handing them out, how about you just stfu and trust the safe consumption site anon and now an anon that works harm redux for NYC instead of being willfully ignorant so we can move on to fatty Tuna so I don't feel compelled to correct uninformed idiots? Thanks.

No. 861833

This endless debate over a needle or no needle it's tiresome. She probably has some all over the place, like the time she posted a bucketful she cleaned only because she had to leave Roger's place.

No. 861834

At least she's not shooting fentanyl anymore. You can tell from her legs since that's where she'd muscle (she never skin popped, which you can tell from the video she sold/shared that one time… or she just did it so badly it was wrong)
If anons didn't tinfoil with no knowledge of what they're even talking about, this wouldn't be a debate where anons working around syringes even have to chime in and correct them.

No. 861838

The anon you replied to is 100% from the UK. sin bin is a very common term here. also colourful pins are very common. this is all just a cultural misunderstanding and now that we know that, no one needs to accuse anyone of anything (I also wasn't aware that it was different in the US but now I am so thank you).

No. 861839

is luna still on heroin? what's the situation these days regarding that?

No. 861840

File: 1639401771143.png (1.56 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211213-064513.png)

In the infamous pic of tuna and lurch's first apt together there was a bunch of capless syringes. However the caps around were orange. They dgaf. Which is what I thought was the case so I watched the video back extremely slowly & changed my mind its def an optical illusion between the can and pill bottle

BUT while watching it back I caught this. The cops were at the intersection literally as the guy broke the window and had started getting out the car already. So was it just a coincidence that they arrived at that corner at the perfect time? Or had this argument been going on a while and tuna, lurch, or a neighbor had already called them to come?

No. 861846

yeah i think it was a coincidence

No. 861853

Been going on for a while then decided to record it imo.

Can't they move in a trailer park with their saved money? It's not like they shower daily or wash their clothes.

No. 861855

they want to be near their drug connections and a quick train into Manhattan
also a trailer home anywhere near Manhattan would cost at least $1200/month between mortgage and site fees

No. 861858

File: 1639417165927.jpg (146.29 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20211213-103757_Ins…)

Shes got an excuse for everything

No. 861859

7k is more than enough for a move, she's fucking crazy. It's not like she had furniture to move at the time anyway.

No. 861860

On what planet is 7k NOT enough to move? Why is Tuna so shit with money??

No. 861861

>Has 7k$
>Do I still have 7k$

No. 861862

how does she not know how much money she has lmao i feel like she has a general idea that she has money, no actual idea how much exactly. plus she wants to act like she has no idea if she still has that amount (likely never did, probably had around 1k from selling nudes) because of the landlord when in reality she likely doesn't have that amount because she goes on a shopping spree for cheap shit every single day.

No. 861875

Yeah sorry, that's exactly what I wanted to say…
>or do I have the full amount anymore
??? So does she have the 7k or not? WTF. I also don't understand her bitching for having to pay for the piece of cardboard nailed to her window. She's living there for free so what's the problem of paying whatever amount for that lol

No. 861881

From her Tumblr I understood it like she thought they would replace the window and she's disappointed. I think the owners should block all the windows, so they won't pick a fight anymore kek.

No. 861882

I think it was a typo, she meant "nor do I have…". That money was all blown on fake nails and xannies

No. 861885

This bitch makes me want to a-log so bad. She should actually go live on the streets, that's what that fat entitled pig deserves. Spend the rest of her days rolling around in the dirt on the streets, she already finds a way to roll in her own filth wherever she is. It's what she wants and it suits her.

No. 861929

Renting a u-haul and moving across the country plus first and last month's rent plus security deposit is no more than $5000, Tuna.
And you know you never had $7k… Daddy did and offered to help you so you wouldn't get evicted.
Plus remember she said money wasn't the issue (since that's what a Tuna dad is for apparently). She had complained she didn't have the qualifications to get a place and couldn't convince anyone to be a cosigner since no one would want to be forced into paying for an apartment she'd obviously stop paying rent on.

No. 861930

$7,000 is enough to move a family of five across the fucking country. luna has absolutely no concept of money. she blew it all to add junk to her squat hovel

No. 861936

Here's the problem. She lies. The bitch lies when she posts videos about what's happening THAT SHOWS PROOF SHE'S LYING. Remember the case worker telling her to quit squatting? The lady didn't threaten her. This last video? Dude didn't threaten to rape her, he was slinging crazy ass insults with Lurch.
She's either so fucking drugged up she can't decipher what is reality, or she wants asspats for her shitty life and her dumbass narc personality thinks people are that dumb.
I'm just waiting for her to start shit talking her trust fund boss.

No. 861938

She hopefully will never bash Allison since they both have something in common: Mooching off their Daddies for money. Just Allison is more successful at mooching bigger amounts for fake businesses she "runs" since she doesn't post about drugs on social media and throws out phrases full of idealistic bullshit. Tuna could learn from her, like a successful scammer in training kind of thing.

No. 861946

Ha! I knew this liar was never renting the stolen apartment for real. Again, there is no eviction moratorium for squatters. Her landlord is just too lazy to have her physically removed, but if they're instigating fights and damaging his property he might.
Even less than 7k with no income is absolutely enough to move on and frankly, she needs to. Now. But she won't until she's forceably removed with her shit in garbage bags again. If the two of them had a real permanent address they could actually apply for real jobs.

No. 861948

She doesn't have 7k. She never had 7k. People, come on.

No. 861949

they don’t want to move
they don’t want to apply for real jobs
this is the life they’ve chosen, high and filthy forever

No. 861955

>She hopefully will never bash Allison since it will be difficult to find another Friendship Experience sugar mommy with more money than reason

No. 861958

File: 1639514241179.jpeg (377.46 KB, 828x3388, BBE8492C-001E-4A76-9D22-C12431…)

She looks bigger in the pic from this year

No. 862003

how can someone be so deformed nd misshapen

No. 862030

She's gained weight, but lost eyebrows and although it doesn't seem possible, she's lost even more dignity.

No. 862094

Gained 20lb of fat, lost 1lb of hair and any visible wrist bone. Gravity continues to drag those mournful tiddies to the floor.

No. 862146

File: 1639729248063.jpeg (173.47 KB, 828x1199, 3A9A6C7A-92A1-470E-BBC8-F8D74D…)

No. 862154

Great…. now she's got a wart on her eyelid… Our cow can never catch a break. Kek

No. 862166

why do the shorts look wet

No. 862170

i think its shadowing from her gut sticking out

No. 862212

File: 1639790375369.jpg (Spoiler Image,382.47 KB, 1080x849, Screenshot_20211217-191519_Sam…)

Seen this and thought I'd leave it here for Tunas next lurk of the board. You're welcome tuna.

No. 862248

File: 1639842646520.jpeg (674.36 KB, 1242x1985, 27672B32-3E12-407D-A20B-CC71F3…)

Looking forward to laughing at how badly this will inevitably turn out if she goes through with it

No. 862252

that is gonna turn out absolutely bright cherry red on her weirdly toned bleached hair. it’s not gonna turn out a warm copper like she thinks. she’s gonna hate it and then try and remove it which will result in her hair falling out (again.) and red is very difficult to remove from hair, so she’ll be fucked for a few years unless she shaves her head.

No. 862263

At this point she should just shave her head

No. 862266

File: 1639862006464.jpeg (97.24 KB, 750x911, 6EB5F5A6-2D77-4A7B-B501-26145E…)

She posted a video where she’s clearly feeling herself on Instagram. She turns around and bends over like she’s trying to show her ass but she’s so tall that it remains out of frame lol. Her makeup is so orange compared to her body.

No. 862268

File: 1639862088764.jpeg (94.02 KB, 750x918, FB359F5B-8840-497A-8E87-B1A8F1…)

No. 862269

I've seen her natural color in her old photos and it is mousy brown, not auburn. A realistic red is incredibly difficult to achieve with just box dye, and it is super difficult to keep from washing out/fading super fast. She doesn't even know how to properly tone bleached hair without it turning blue, this is going to be a nightmare.

No. 862276

Don't worry Tuba, your newly orange/brassy hair will go just fine with your mismatched outfits and will go great with your bad makeup! Then it'll fade to a brassy dead color, but it can't look worse than you already do, trust me!

No. 862278

I love how she's so proud of this adolescent Torrid (Hot Topic's fatty company) look that she's grinning like a dead toothed tard!
And actually, if she was taller, her fat ass would fit in the frame. She put the camera up too high so it wasn't showing her disastrous tsunami-causing thighs!

No. 862281

File: 1639866676983.jpg (13.66 KB, 250x372, tumblr_6e51d048bf650ad51f8bb55…)

weirdly looks like the Cinema Bizzare dude

No. 862288

What the fuck she’s obese

No. 862304

Old comment but when/where has she said she doesn't like women anymore?

No. 862310

File: 1639877054336.gif (Spoiler Image,2.02 MB, 368x654, Luna Slater _ funeral1996 _ ro…)

No. 862316

Ok, I feel insane because I thought it was in the Pulp magazine – but turns out that article was her love poem to Tai (while not amazing, much better than what she is writing nowadays). I'm sure that she made some more or less subtle statement about being mostly into men. I felt like she pretty much retconned that "sexuality is fluid" bs… Maybe in an ancient blog post? I'm tempted to look, fuck

No. 862317

Is she still pretending to be sober while doing this Simpsons cosplay makeup? Jesus.

No. 862318

File: 1639879062778.jpeg (746.97 KB, 1242x1978, ECA5708A-B5B6-4551-B4DC-7FE090…)

Absolutely vile how is she not embarrassed to post things like these videos kek

No. 862319

"enough to move on and frankly, she needs to … they could actually apply for real jobs."

God I wish the fucking fan club would leave already.

No. 862327


wow, I don't like commenting on weight so much, trying not to say this in such a negative tone, more observational. after reading so much I don't feel as bad saying bad things about her I guess, she's got such a record on her of being a terrible person.

but damn she got huge. I guess her sugar mama is paying well and she's not starving all the time anymore.

I think I'm a little shook because I've been floating through the old threads and when frantically begging all the time she actually did seem to fluctuate in weight down a bit more than up, sometimes prioritizing drugs over decent food afaik, but in times of stability (ex. when first moving into mama tuna's house) she seems to gain a lot of comfort weight very quickly. it's hard not to spend a lot of quickly gained money on comforts like favorite foods but…dang.

No. 862333

her TDEE is already really high as is, because she’s so tall. eating 3,000+ calories per day is NOT cheap. especially not in this economy with all the supply chain issues. food is so expensive.

No. 862357

What the fuck Luna. You have so much crap you lose shit in that tiny hovel?

No. 862361

File: 1639934504510.webm (Spoiler Image,7.13 MB, 656x1166, 2731530802886480354.webm)

I have the video. I can hear her mouthbreathing.

No. 862363

Kek I imagine that's what happened to the host of clothes and useless trinkets that just seem to disappear into the abyss, it's like she has no object permanence, if she can't see it then it doesn't exist

No. 862365

PT vibes

No. 862377

This is Shayna tier level of sexy. Is this a preview for her uwu sex work?

No. 862382

lmao she sounds out of breath just standing up

No. 862384

why couldn't she at least have played music over it? jesus it's like tiktok for deaf crackheads

No. 862390

She moves inhumanly. Who the fuck moves like that? The disconnect from her brain is major.

No. 862403

shes just so… unsexy. she moves so frigidly. i’ve never seen someone just so unattractive. i’m not even talking about her weight or dead tooth or whatever. just like…. her whole vibe. ugly.

No. 862417

How can an obese heifer STILL manage to have a flat af ass?!

No. 862418

It's cheap when her usual slice of pizza and a soda for no more than $5 is over 1k calories already!

No. 862420

Jerky movements, creepy half smiles until the finale smile at the end, self-conscious staring at herself… just another day being high af on benzos!

No. 862421

She said before that her real smile looks like that but it looks so unnatural.

No. 862423

File: 1640004485126.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.34 KB, 306x379, 119DB20B-134A-4441-B5DD-A8F06D…)

it is very possible

No. 862478

>Who the fuck moves like that?
People high off benzos. It's so clear when you look at this video that she's popped like 6mg of xanax yet again.

No. 862487

File: 1640060260980.jpeg (111.72 KB, 482x396, 382C1E6A-84DE-408F-BF36-27CBFD…)

is this tartar build up?

No. 862498

I don't think so, pretty sure it's just her fucked up lip.

No. 862499

It's cheap when her usual slice of pizza and a soda for no more than $5 is over 1k calories already!
While that's not tartar buildup, we all know Tuna has tartar coating her teeth and her breath smells like rotting teeth.

No. 862551

Oh you tickle me anon

No. 862553

File: 1640171431286.jpg (176.9 KB, 648x1820, Mind your beeswax.jpg)

Alltard removed the fidget spinner >>860697, and they're selling just the earplugs now.

No. 862559


Lmao I used that for chapped nipples while breastfeeding, why are they telling you to put it in your ears?

No. 862573

File: 1640202938811.jpeg (216.22 KB, 828x1080, 04E6BC78-2B7C-41BD-91EA-FAC087…)

Luna realizing you can’t buy a real gold chain for $10 on Shein

No. 862578

lmfao. $592 for a 18” 14k gold chain IS cheap, tuna. How much cheaper does she think a real gold chain is going to get?

No. 862604

File: 1640221186256.jpeg (424.58 KB, 1242x2019, 8C0D9304-CE71-411F-8E96-7A9B7E…)

Scripts all arranged on display kek how sad

No. 862607

nice job leaving your psych's phone number in the photo, luna. at least it wasn't your own address this time.

No. 862624


gee I wonder why she can't afford to move out of that hellhole, what with her brain prioritizing things the way it does

No. 862625

All Turd Spaces is a company comprised of 2 turds selling piece of shit ear canal covers designed to complete the turd aesthetic! For only $9.99, not only will you get these turd-looking ear balls, but you'll also get a bonus mystery bacteria with every purchase! Have you always been curious to see what kind of bacteria is growing in our turd facilities and on the unwashed hands and under the glued on Kiss nails of my personal assistant Tuna Tard? Get yours now and start growing your very own mystery bacteria in a petri dish in addition to introducing them into your ears, then take a picture and tag us at #AllTurdSpaces !

No. 862626

And part of the cannabis bag on the left of the picture. Medication necessities!

No. 862633

Kek. I love you nonna.

No. 862638

There's a stem to the right, too

No. 862643

File: 1640279880215.jpeg (675.73 KB, 828x2747, 435E179B-984E-4835-ABD4-90DF97…)

wow, looks so much cleaner and less disorganized now!

No. 862645

File: 1640279910620.jpeg (707.5 KB, 828x1423, 0723B50B-D774-46EF-BA3E-05B291…)

No. 862647

The mask is so filthy and covered in cat hair.

No. 862648

the dirt on that book cover and on that piggy bank, damn, she cleaned very hard as we can see.

No. 862652

File: 1640283002105.png (64.39 KB, 573x892, Screenshot 2021-12-23 10.08.57…)

No. 862668

i’ll never understand how she can get infinitely fat and never develop a double chin. makes me angy

No. 862669

oof the way he's just staring at her in disgust…honestly he always looks like he despises her

No. 862670

ngl i can't really see his expression with that mask/sunglasses/hat combo in the way, but i do think it's telling that he would rather keep the mask on to kiss her. wonder if he's just as grossed out as we are by her crusty, misshapen lips

No. 862675

maybe the mask is to try to hide the dead tooth smell

No. 862677

I just don't get how she doesn't understand that she could have blonde hair without bleaching your whole entire hair regularly? Like just bleach the roots and use toner. There's literally zero use to bleach the ends of your hair that are already blonde again and again

No. 862680


NTA but the accumulation of filth she manages to collect on all her things is unbelievable.

Wash. Your damn plush shit and learn what cleaning wipes are at least please Luna we are begging you.

No. 862705

putting your spit on the outside of someone else’s mask is totally covid friendly

No. 862728

File: 1640327626561.jpg (148.65 KB, 1080x1159, Screenshot_20211223-232712_Red…)

it took her years to get housing only for her junkie daughter to kick her out of her bedroom. good job Tuna.

No. 862745

Luna would drop mad elbees without even trying if she just stopped popping seroquel and washing it down with tepid Hawaiian punch lmao

No. 862746

File: 1640360217744.jpeg (791.83 KB, 828x1408, CBD37BC6-0131-404B-A99E-345604…)

it drives me nuts how much she soaks her succulents. Even the adansonii is starting to yellow from her obsessive overwatering

No. 862747

agreed. doesnt even have to cost a lot or be THAT healthy. she just has to TRY.

a yogurt for breakfast $1 (max 200cal), can of soup for lunch $2 (max 400 cal), and literally anything she wants for dinner even dumpster pizza $0 - $5 (800 cal). boom $10 (as a HIGH estimate) and 1400 calories.

bitch is just a fattie.

No. 862748

those poor soaked yellow plants ffs and she thinks people need a video of her introducing them? It would be great for her to have an actual hobby but she's shit at this, and wanting to do videos on it for asspats

No. 862749

File: 1640368292212.webm (14.1 MB, 828x1480, RPReplay_Final1640367438 (1).w…)

No. 862750

That and 15 min of yoga a day would change her life.
>I’m trying so hard~

No. 862751


She's sounds like she needs an inhaler with all that heavy breathing. Lifting a few plants up shouldn't make you breathe that hard.

No. 862752

Sis forgot to finish getting dressed

No. 862754

Same, Nona. The first place I usually gain weight is in my face but not this cow with her infinifat weight all over the place

No. 862756

It's jarring to hear her try to do the influencer voice. Hope she makes more vids though, maybe we'll get some actual milk from her.

No. 862757

thisss. seroquel makes you gain mad weight bc it fucks up your thyroid.

No. 862760

she just wanted a way to show her tits flopping around

No. 862765

she cant breathe for shit. listen to her wheeze.

No. 862771

File: 1640381478624.png (758.55 KB, 1064x1930, Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 4.29…)

her heavy breathing and jittery movements and tits flopping around and the way she seemed to rush through this felt so fucking stressful idk

and then she bends over and you see the bleak ass room she keeps these bleak ass plants in. ugh

No. 862772

The scale lmao. Is that a litter scooper just… out in the open… touching the wall and carpet? Next to where they hang out?

No. 862781

where was this posted?

No. 862785

that door's looking worse every time we see it. entropy in action

No. 862788

One of my fav parts of the video is the fact that she brushes the sides of her hair but totally just ignores the rats nest going on in the back. She needs to start a youtube channel.

No. 862790

Idk, that vid was weirdly.. endearing to me? She wasn't acting like an asshole, whining, begging or bragging about drug use which is refreshing. Yeah, it was awkward as hell and there's a lot you could say about the way she presented herself, but awkward and cringy is infinitely better than ~tragic uwu~ and trying to be sexy or whatever.

No. 862791


she's on amphetamines 110%

No. 862794

Yeah I agree. Not to wk or anything, but honestly, my first feeling upon hearing her was some sense of delight and honestly wishing she could get herself together because she could be a decent looking (and acting?) person if she tried.

No. 862797

File: 1640423932434.jpeg (1.16 MB, 828x1348, 4AE8843E-A12B-4983-826A-DFF46D…)

Agreed. Last weekend she posted those 2 videos of her writhing around, and made 4 other posts within a couple of hours. This weekend, since posting her plant video just 17 hours ago, she’s made 14 IG posts, mostly of useless trinkets. Her and Lurch are definitely feeling the festivities with uppers this year.

No. 862812

Nah I really doubt it lol. She seems quite sober in the vid and I can't see anything that would point to amphetamine use. And she always posts a crazy amount to social media, I unfollowed her on ig because it got annoying seeing her 10 posts a day.

No. 862821

that looked like a sober person to you?

No. 862856

She's definitely on something. My bet is Xanax since she says it gives her a ton of energy to "clean" (as in rearrange her dirt pile) and she's got a lot of drugged up confidence to be showing off her udder bralette.
And she definitely is attempting to be sexy. She scrunched the side of her hair and keeps shifting her weight while swaying her hips. Plus she has that stupid filter on. Looks to me like a benzo-induced, please validate me kind of video.
You know she wanted people in the comments saying "that's not embarrassing at all! You're soooo cute/ pretty/ look great/ should make more videos!"

No. 862872

I know caffeine is different, however same "energy" thing, but she sounds like me after I drink a Rockstar. It's nice to see her find a hobby and talk about things she likes, but 100% shes on something, like the other anon said it was so stressful watching that video.

No. 862878

>this one is more interesting and I put this little cat on it
She sounds exactly like an 8 year old showing off their favourite toys lol

No. 862879

Hope she does more videos, but puts some shirt on.

No. 862880

Maybe she was hanging out with the crackhead who broke her window. The constant twitchy body movement, playing with her hair, forgetting words (he grew this nice long…. you know….. monstera….), shaky voice/shortness of breath,, and the confidence to make and post a video screams crack/upper to me

No. 862889

Sounds like junkie show and tell lol

No. 862910

I know the bar is super low with her but what was “endearing” about that? lmao

My favorite part is a toss up between the filthy litter box in the background and her being out of breath bc obesity lol

No. 862911

File: 1640567506296.jpeg (505.93 KB, 1289x3464, 7CAA2908-C4F6-416C-A179-99F7CC…)

She's definitely feeling more confident lately, still looking a mess as usual though. "Borrowed" kek wonder who or where she swiped this from

No. 862914

File: 1640570952195.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, 9F7F9268-496C-4901-BC4A-468C08…)

Wow she made this her FB profile picture, how is she not embarrassed that her SO wouldn’t kiss her without his mask on? Wtf

No. 862917

Does she know her eye is like that or

No. 862918

Yep. She got glasses to "correct" it but never wears them.

No. 862919

And not just the mask but it looks so awkward the way his eye is open and he looks like he's just staring into the void.

No. 862932

No makeup, just a strong filter!

Her and that cow Amanda should start a pursed lips club since they think it's solid look.

No. 862933

Tuna could really use some push ups to tone her pecs because those udders are low hanging and could use some muscle tone on her pecs to mask the saggy tits.
Why would someone show their saggy tits in a bralette instead of creating the illusion of perkier tits with an underwired bra?!

No. 862951

File: 1640615159507.jpg (2.13 MB, 4800x3000, tuna_archive.jpg)

sage for VERY old milk (all of these are from 2014-2015, so right when luna went to and then dropped out of pratt and the very beginning of her relationship with lurch).

I found these looking through an old email account associated w an old facebook profile of mine which happened to be in a private vent group made up of some tumblr mutuals. little did i know despite my lack of participation in the group (now long-deleted, so no photos just text posts), FB's emails make for a wild archive of the very early days of lurch + luna. I stopped here for now but if anyone's interested in pre-lurch, pre-college stuff I can keep looking through these.

(read in reverse chronological order)

No. 862952

File: 1640615808380.png (83.57 KB, 1034x422, Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 9.36…)

sorry, not pratt– brooklyn college, mea culpa. evidence herein

No. 862955

This shows how gross lurch is… how he swooped in as soon as he seen she was depressed about Peter and acted like he was in love with her. Then contacted Peter to further fuck things up? Lyrch ruined tunas life, but she let him do it. This is interesting, anon.

No. 862956

Please give more info if you can! Thank you so much for this, it's extremely interesting to me

No. 862957

File: 1640618165809.png (174.1 KB, 1092x760, Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 8.00…)

yes, especially considering how much she insists she pursued him and therefore he's not a creep– something that surprised even me while going through these was how tepid she seemed to feel about lurch until the peter thing was good and over with. then he 'validated' her college woes (turns out it was a roommate who didn't like her smoking weed in the dorm + not getting the classes she wanted) which emboldened her to drop out. this post was the most tragic to me because whether or not she would've actually followed through on this, matthew certainly didn't encourage her to try and transfer.

No. 862959

>we talked about columbine (we're both obsessed with school shootings)
this is horrifying, I don't even know what's creepier: Lurch genuinely being interested in the topic or doing it just for Tuna (though I don't know if columbiners were a wildly known about thing in 2012-13?). Lurch has some kind of degree in adolescent psychology or something. Honestly his obsession with teenagers is disgusting
>my moms friend is literally like really into me and he's kinda a womanizer
JFC and some anons whined about poor lurch stuck with awful Luna
>like what is happening with my life i like him too but like what
that was Tuna's danger alarm going off, but she didn't realize it

No. 862960

File: 1640618615650.jpg (3.85 MB, 2552x9952, tunaarchive3.jpg)

this is from 2014

No. 862961

the boyfriend is peter callan btw, she was mega in love with him literally days before lurch swooped in

No. 862963

Nice to finally find out wtf happened between Luna and Tai
>Peter Callan
He contacted her like half a year ago and she was reminiscing about their relationship. She clearly still has feelings for him.

No. 862964

File: 1640619724526.png (197.16 KB, 2000x506, Screen Shot 2021-12-26 at 7.53…)


i won't include all of them because it's post after post after post but she had been writing about peter for a solid 3 years before lurch appeared. wouldn't be surprised if she still had feelings for him. he was comparatively much more age appropriate and even though he was a junkie he did make it very clear that he had no desire to let her start using. this post is from 2016 i believe, so post-lurch

No. 862965

Does Peter have any social media accounts? Like… what does he look like and where is he at in life now?

No. 862967

The way she talks and acts is exactly how she talks now. She's never going to change. She didn't even give college a chance.
What a surprise. She was addicted to Klonopin and Xanax then too.

No. 862968

Sad, I'm not really buying that she loves Lurch more than him… or ever loved, tbh. Didn't know they were together (in a LDR?) for so long.
Good question. In case someone hasn't seen him at all, he has an Encyclopedia Dramatica. Sorry, cannot screencap now.

No. 862969

yes, it was long distance. i don't know that they ever actually met IRL but it seemed at the time to be fairly serious considering how young we were (and the fact that peter sustained his end of the relationship in spite of his drug dependency)
also, i just went looking for his ED page and uhh it looks like ED is just gone for good. peter did have a few socials ( notably fb, but that was a long time ago) but they mostly stayed in touch via phone calls and texts

No. 862970

he was also frequently in and out of jail during their LDR, wrote her letters and stuff. she posted pics of those but since the group is gone i can't get you those, only thing that shows up is the post where she says he sent her a letter from jail

No. 862971


I know it's a lot of work nonny, but I love this historical trove of well-aged cheese. Thanks for your efforts! Can you upload an imgur album/dropbox/pasteboard/whatever for posterity and Luna Farmers?

No. 862972

will do, i'm just clicking thru all the posts now and taking screens of anything interesting. i think what i'll do is dump everything into an imgur thing and share it here. gimme a few hours i gotta take my Do Things pill and refill my coffee. be with you all shortly

No. 862974

File: 1640621858619.jpg (148.52 KB, 1441x543, LunaPeter.JPG)

God bless you nona. We will be extremely thankful for all that cheese. You are the real MVP for all of us interested in ancient Luna lore. The ED is still working with Peter page's on it.
Warning, it's fucking vile as ED tends to be. Luna has entire section dedicated to her. Even from the biased ED description, Peter seemed like a much better person than Lurch (and cuter for sure).

No. 862975

hey nonnies the cheesemonger has returned

i may go back and trawl thru the more recent stuff (2016-2018) for early lurch content but for now this is a collection of our most aged delicacies

No. 862976

3,000+ calories a day is ETREMELY cheap if you're an American. 1500 calories a day is what is expensive. Fresh and even frozen produce costs are off the charts, especially now with all the supply chain issues. It's cheaper to live on Hawaiian Punch and snack food that never goes bad than it is to eat a balanced diet of perishable foods. Pretty sure the area shes staying in is also considered a food desert. In the USA the rich are thin and the poor are fat. She looks malnourished (thin hair, sallow skin, dull eyes, no muscle tone) even if she's heavier shes not getting proper nutrition. You can be obese and malnourished at the same time (although shes far from obese, shes SLIGHTLY chubby maybe to all you eurofriends shes fat but she looks around the same size if not a little smaller than an average American woman, especially given her build)

No. 862977

TBH for somebody with PCOS and a Seroquel prescription shes quite small

No. 862978

She thought she was good enough to get into fucking Purchase? She might as well have tried to get into New Paltz as far as SUNY schools go. Those are the two "art" SUNYs and Purchase, the easier one to get into, still requires a portfolio for art/writing students and nearly everybody I know who applied from my high school got rejected, including some really talented artists, and we had a great art program so these kids had great portfolios. Her 50 scribbles of a sad fat girl with a pill bottle would have been laughed off the admissions desk.

No. 862979

she admitted that her mom would give her xans as a minor to make her nap/when she didnt want to parent, I wouldnt be shocked if shes had a physical addiction to them since childhood. Also that series of posts about Lurch made me feel viscerally ill, he really did pick her out and groom her, he ruined any chances she had of a normal life. He tried to kill himself to get her to quit school. He talked to her about fucking columbine and other edgy teenager shit and broke her away from her other, more age-appropriate relationship with peter, as dysfunctional as that may have been it was better than what Matt did to her.

No. 862980

yeah, those were the ones that struck me as the most scary. and it happened so quickly, her going from "oh he's there and seems to really like me but i love peter so w/e i guess i'll entertain this" to "i love him forever" in just a few weeks. i think the whole turnaround was about a month (expedited by peter breaking up with luna)

No. 862985

File: 1640626696995.jpg (312.38 KB, 1080x1286, IMG_20211227_183609.jpg)

what the fuck

No. 862999

Ahahhahahahahahhahahaaha I got caught sending nudes and Lurch yelled at me.. WWWHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 863005

There were SO FUCKING MANY red flags at the beginning but she ignored them because she was so desperate for a man and/or drugs.
And if at that point they were barely dating and he's gonna flip out that she sent nudes to someone while they weren't even dating.. and then he used/relapsed and blamed it on her. BITCH WHY DIDNT YOU RUN!!?? Omg

No. 863014

He wanted an excuse to get high and went snooping kek

No. 863021

Her being so afraid to live on Flatbush is so funny to me. White bitches love Brooklyn until they leave Park Slope

No. 863026

Fix your eyesight, anon.

Yeah, she missed every single red flag that slapped her in the face.

No. 863030

Thank you for these journal entries, anon. They are quite depressing for cringy teenager stuff.

No. 863050

I'm still not buying the Lurch gRoOmEd Tuna storyline. She was getting over an INTERNET bf. She wanted to move on. So are we expecting emotionally and mentally stunted Lurch to be like "Oh, well she graduated from high school and is over 17 (which is the age of consent in NY) and she flirts with me, but let me just go the other way and wait for another ho to come be with me"? Plus Tuna doesn't look that much younger than Lurch so I wouldn't consider him a "pedophile." Like he has options? Tuna was obsessing over a boy she never met. Who knows if eventually he would have encouraged her drug use.
Tuna has been wanting to be a heroin chic addict for far too long. If she didn't meet Lurch, who knows what other shit she'd have been into… or homeless AND using with Petie. Lurch fueled her dreams, but those dreams would have manifested themselves in plenty of other ways. Anyone determined to get on heroin or drugs will find a way to use.
I know it's a controversial opinion, but I still don't think Lurch is a paedophile for dating someone who's the age of consent. Some anons create a version of Tuna they want to see "she never stood a chance/ she's a victim/ she could be successful without him/ Lurch made her do _."
Just like guys that buy "barely legal" porn, it's socially and legally accepted because the girls are of age. They're not actually under the age of consent. Lurch was getting legal and free real pussy and Tuna got her 90s alt dream boy and heroin fantasy. I'm just glad they're not out hurting others and keep in their own insular world of infection.

No. 863052

There is no need to WK a man almost 20years older than her, you probably have no problem with steep age gaps and even if 17 is the aGe Of CoNsEnT it doesnt make it any less vile or reprehensible on Lurch’s part, ofcourse she doesnt look like the epitome of youth when shes been guzzling drugs for the past 7?+ years but if you cant clock the age differences between them even with a filter I feel bad for you anon. Get some glasses. Btw a man who goes after teens (she was a TEEN and lurch was around her before 17 cause of her mom) is called Ephebophilia, so hes the next step beside pedo, congrats nonny, all to defend “legal pussy”. Totally not scroteposting.

No. 863053

Ayrt- Maybe I'm just sick of all the Tuna wking from anons. "If only she could get away from him, then she'd be off drugs and going to college!" "Peter really loved her and would have been so good for her!" "Lurch got her hooked on drugs!" "Tuna was sooo not fat before they met and was soooo cute in her outfits and look what Lurch did! I bet he pimps her out!"
What I'm saying is more like playing the devil's advocate as opposed to "scroteposting" or whatever anti-male-anything term you want to use.
I'd rather just agree that she's been a cow long before Lurch and long after him and for good reason. They both suck clearly, but I'm really sick of the Babygirl Brigade pro-Tuna bullshit.

No. 863054

File: 1640688376812.jpeg (7.92 KB, 225x225, images (9).jpeg)

>I'm still not buying the Lurch gRoOmEd Tuna storyline

No. 863055

Thanks for wasting a post on a Googled image and my own quote.
You're happy wking your poor, misunderstood Tuna that's been trapped by the evil man so start a thread on that where I'm sure your random pictures to express your feelings will be appreciated.

No. 863056

Says the moid brain whiteknighting Lurch and pedo porn. Again, all opinions discarded lol. BTW, you have "wasted" a post replying too, so shut up.

No. 863057

Are you retarded? Obviously she isn’t a good person and you don’t have to like her to understand that a GROWN MAN introduced by her mother as a teenager is bad. He was twice her age afaik and an adult man pursuing a teenager IS gross, and you’re pornsick if you think otherwise. What sane 30yo can relate to a 17yo. Tuna is vile and has done some horrible things but being groomed is not one of them. Never have children if you think this shit is okay: why are girls/young women aged up and GROWN MEN are infantilised.

No. 863058

I guess I shouldn't be surprised a Tunafag hag got that out of my clarification comment saying I'm sick of people wking Tuna. I'm surprised you didn't write "Mooooom" after your "shut up". Let me break it down to you in a way that your simplified brain might understand: You're too busy thinking male = predator and female = victim that you can't understand that both = equally deserving of a shitty life that they both chose. Sorry I don't have a Googled image for you to simplify that even more.
For anyone that isn't the above-mentioned tard, I do not for 1 second think Lurch is a solid dude and wanted to Tunafag hags to see there's a version in which she isn't a victim at all. Tuna is far from a victim and we have a whole backlog of 5+ years showcasing Tuna's heifer status for a reason. Her lardass is just as much of a piece of shit as Lurch is imo.

No. 863059

Pretty sure they're both mentally toddlers that found each other while collecting filthy plush stuffed animals. Just now they dress up the stuffed animals in baby clothes and call them their "children".

No. 863060

You have a major communicative issue if you can't have a debate with someone about 2 addicts without suddenly saying "NEVER HAVE CHILDREN!" That's taking a passive subject and making it personal aka showing a lack of logic and reasoning. Stay on topic.

No. 863062

Do you know where you are? Seems like you have a major anger issue with how you are seething over something that wasn't said, or at least I didn't (Luna isn't an angel, but Lurch is a vile grooming scum… which you agree on, apparently). Take a chill pill instead of sperging and projecting.

No. 863063

Ntayrt but there has been way too much Tuna wking in here. She's not a victim at all. Tuna and Lurch are both pieces of shit. Some anons really do think Tuna is a victim, but to those anons, stop wking her. No amount of infighting will change anyone's mind so let's move tf on to laughing at the cow or wait until someone can squeeze a drop of milk out and serve it up.

No. 863064

Ntayrt but fag hag has been a term for a long time.

No. 863065

Lol I was responding to anon saying she didn’t believe Lurch groomed Tuna when by definition he literally did. Tuna is horrible (I.e. the dad phone call, grifting, etc.) why would I WK someone I despise? I just hate that people stick up for pedo men because they personally don’t like someone. Yeah maybe that comment was personal but this isn’t a serious debate lol we are on a gossip forum talking about addicts. If my comment is where you draw the issue of ‘off-topic’ then maybe this thread isn’t for you lol. And I don’t feel bad for it because if you genuinely think a 17yo is an adult who can be involved with a 30yo I think you’re weird.

No. 863067

Feel like adding I didnt read the comment >>863053 by the time I posted >>863054 cause I didn't see it, so of course I didn't get anything out of it.
Sorry, I don't get what you mean (which comment you wrote) but only the opinion discarded comment was mine from the two you shared.
I see it's a play on words, but comes off as typical scrote misogyny from someone sperging how legal pedo porn is beyond scrutiny and whining not all men. NGL, the instantly aggressive tone reminds me of whoever was shitting up /ot/.
What you said is what I think.

No. 863068

Ayrt, sorry I sounded like I was defending Lurch. I think him and Tuna are both equally shitty. My comment came out of being annoyed about anons acting like Tuna is a victim so I went a little overboard and I'm sorry about that.
I think they're both pieces of shit that deserve each other and the only victim in their great love story is anyone that gets caught in crossfire… and those innocent plushies and cats that don't deserve to live amongst that grime and smoke.

No. 863069

No worries, I am sorry too for responding rude/aggressive, I just struggle to keep neutral about grooming because it’s so normalised.
Free those poor rilakkumas kek.

No. 863071

Omg those poor plushies… I will never understand her filth! Since Tuna Daddy lets her use his Amazon account, why can't she just get a $5 tub of Oxiclean and a $10 bottle of detergent, fill up her bathtub she never uses or a large bowl, and throw those plushies in along with her clothes?! She could even just sweep her cheap carpet during one of her Xanax-fueled cleaning binges. She claims to clean, but it really is just rearranging her filth coated tchotchkes for grime aEsTheTiC photos.

No. 863072

Wow thanks for this anon. Surprised to see all that bitching about tai. Maybe I missed stuff but I feel like I've only ever seen Luna talk about how wonderful tai was so I thought they had a good relationship

No. 863074

With all she writes about Tai's ED, you'd think she wouldn't WANT to have an ED so badly. Although I do believe she has an ED (just not anorexia). Maybe it comes from wanting to be taken care of in the way she took care of Tai. Still, im not sure its respectful to their memory to share the posts about them on here

No. 863075

I also misunderstood that you (if I get it correctly, if it's the other anon, the point stands) denied lurch being a groomer, so sorry for that. I am happy that we 3 are all on the same page. My personal annoyance is when anons deny that certain people in her life have been shit, that doesn't change that Luna has become an awful person (all one needs to think is the entire Roger situation). Both things can be true. No matter the past, it's on Luna to change for the better, which she won't.
I'm thankful for the Imgur anon for giving as access to more information on the early Lurch days. They are illuminating on his awfulness (as another anon noted, interesting how even Luna has been rewriting history to make him less creepy.

No. 863076

WTF is even happening in this thread? Anon brings some exquisitely aged cheese that provides some deep Tuna lore, and 2-3 retards are going off on each other about "legal pussy" and grooming. Nobody here thinks Luna is innocent, we all know she is a cow. The BPD fags defend/excuse her behaviors because they are defending themselves & their choices. Just ignore it if the "WK" from other terminally online bpd thots is bothering your enjoyment of milk.

No. 863079

File: 1640702223501.png (307.86 KB, 1038x1404, EV1ivrS.png)

>Surprised to see all that bitching about tai
When she was bitching, relatively not much time has passed since their break-up. She was venting after an unstable/unhealthy relationship ended (note: probably still healthier than Peter and Lurch, of course). When Tai died, some time has passed. It's so easy to mythologize a dead person, especially if you are like Luna and constantly seek more opportunities to mythologize yourself. A Tai who wanted Luna to be her therapist, with whom Luna broke up (supposedly amicably) and didn't speak much to, got turned into a tragically lost soulmate, an angel-like figure. With how she speaks about her, you could forget that Luna broke up with her in the first place. Plus, even "normal" people tend to speak kindly of those who died (which sometimes really isn't warranted, but that's a topic for another day and place).
It's shocking to see so much vitriol as in picrel. I'm relieved at least the boy in question isn't Lurch.

No. 863080

File: 1640702631953.png (63.07 KB, 1050x360, plqH8Ag.png)

Samefag, shocked to see how much insight she had. I know it's a post-drug revelation, but still! She should take advice from herself years back (of course she doesn't want to).

No. 863081

The 2-3 anons resolved their differences. Lurk more.

No. 863083

I think the WKing is coming from the fact that, looking at pre-scam pre-lurch luna, she WAS innocent. She was a little girl experimenting/curious and an adult man seduced her, manipulated her into dropping out of school, alienated her from all her friends, and then fed her heroin addiction to keep her dependent on him. Lets not forget that lurch is not innocent in the Roger saga, that was HIS father. There's no way to twist him into anything but a monster. Its also interesting how she first describes him as "a womanizer" and how he purposely engaged her in topics of interest to an edgy teen in order to win her trust. I think, seeing the texts of it playing out almost in real time, those of us who were groomed as little girls feel the panic of seeing a fellow lamb lead to the slaughter. He stole and continues to steal every chance she has to make something of her life. IMHO this sperg-spaces lady is her only hope, maybe a guiding woman figure will help her see just how bad lurch is for/to her.

No. 863084

late response but i supposed youre correct. i think i’m comparing it to my own shopping experience (fresh meat, dairy, veggies, bakery, snack foods etc) which is like $500 a month to keep my husband fed (he’s tall and active and needs about 3k calories) - but luna and lurch aren’t buying those things. they’re getting hawaiian punch, party pizzas, candy bars. they don’t cook. grocery prices are still very inflated but i think you’re right and i take my initial comment back.(no1curr about ur fat husbands diet)

No. 863091

Thanks for posting these nonnie. It's kind of sad to read these posts from her time in school knowing that her life becomes a trainwreck shortly after. It does seem like Lurch has a major hand in ruining her life; I don't think she would have finished college even under the best circumstances, but she could have at least hopped around the NYC alt scene and scrounged a living selling her shitty art instead of trapping herself in a shitty apartment with a school shooting-obsessed, heroin-addicted middle age man.
There are very few perfect victims. Luna had cow nature before meeting Lurch and also was groomed by Lurch. The two aren't mutually exclusive and it's not wking to understand that any potential she had to lead the best life she could as a natural cow got snuffed out when she shacked up with a disgusting junkie.

No. 863107

Did you miss the part where she was doing cocaine, Xanax, Klonopin, and drinking like crazy before Lurch gave her heroine? This "innocent little girl" shit is so stupid.

No. 863108

I grew up in the same area (white plains) and thats not abnormal for your average high school student to experiment with. There was coke and pills at every party I ever went to there. There were always girls passing out drunk making asses of themselves. Luna was a slightly rambunctious but unremarkable party kid before Lurch put a needle in her arm after whispering sweet nothings of harris and klebold

No. 863110

>Luna was a slightly rambunctious but unremarkable party kid before Lurch put a needle in her arm after whispering sweet nothings of harris and klebold
What a sentence, I am unironically in awe. Though the problem is that she sperged how much she begged Lurch to shoot her up with heroin, and Lurch said no until she wore him down. Personally IDK how true is that, now that we see how their romance became a thing. I think that Luna being a heroin addict was useful for Lurch, since it made her dependent on him

No. 863111

No amount of "begging" and "wearing down" excuses grooming a minor and then shooting her up once she turned 18. If he hadn't done that, she would have gone through college and grown as a person and not be perpetually a teenager. He, knowing the hardship of addiction, shot up a barely legal teenager. Of course she was begging him to try it, she was a curious kid and she "loved" him and he loved heroin

No. 863137

File: 1640743368351.png (28.15 KB, 1328x234, plasticsurgery.png)

No. 863141

Who lied

No. 863145

>my face is pretty
says who

No. 863154

A lot of farmers, actually. I remember "wow Luna's pretty cute under the shit make-up" being a common reaction when she posted a bath selfie some time ago.
I myself think she's pretty, but living in filth and whatever is going on with her tooth and hair kind of put a damp on it. Luna would also look better if she lost weight, but I don't think it's anywhere near the biggest problem, even in the looks department.
>inb4 whiteknight
There is no rule that you have to trash cow over everything they are are and do.

No. 863161

"If he hadn't done that, she would have gone through college and grown as a person"

God I hate this fucking thread since it went full tumblr.
Yeah, the stupid cunts who want to stan her for some reason. She's plain at best and that's before the crustiness.

No. 863164

NTA. I don't know what Luna would or wouldn't do without Lurch in the picture, so I am not commenting on that.
>God I hate this fucking thread since it went full tumblr
You can hide it and just visit Luna's social media or Kiwifaggot thread. The atmosphere on the 2nd one may fit you more.
>She's plain at best and that's before the crustiness.
You do realize that beauty is in the eye of beholder, right? Some people do find her cute, same can be said about every person with a social media presence or known to a population at large. Not something to get bent out of shape over. Also finding her more than hideous or plain doesn't mean justifying her shit.

No. 863165

All the other cows like TND, Vicky, Kiki, Lillee, Mariah look way more attractive than Luna. But Luna always has her fans for some reason. Just because she uses filters that change her whole face shape, doesn't change that she looks like a jumpscare the other times she doesn't use them.

No. 863167

You don't have to trash anything about a cow, but pretending she was so sweet and innocent when she was literally trying to figure out ways to do heroin pre-Lurch is delusional and wking af.
Most people in the midst of heroin addiction are stuck on enjoying the high and not thinking "I can introduce this 18 yr old to heroin, she'll get hooked, and then I'll get her to take her mom's apartment, mwahahaha!" If anything, I'd say her addiction and her presence have been nothing but a burden on him. They don't have sex, she's needy, annoying, ugly, can't even cop or shoot herself up, and takes his benzos and methadone.
For all you wks that think Tuna's innocence was stolen, rest assured Lurch is getting his comeuppance by being stuck with that monster. And for the rest of us, they deserve each other and I'm glad they're not out ruining anyone else's lives but each other.

No. 863169

>All the other cows like TND, Vicky, Kiki, Lillee, Mariah look way more attractive than Luna
i can agree with kiki and tnd but i draw the LINE on lillee and shingles. they are equals in uncanny-valley-face

also sage for being retarded and it's not rly important, but i missed it, what social media are these old luna posts originally from? it looks more like facebook than anything but the way she writes is like she's posting somewhere more private like a tumblr journal entry text post kind of deal. it's insane to me that she'd lack the self-awareness to not overshare like that on a platform that everyone's old boomer family members frequent… i guess i'm giving her too much credit. i just can't imagine, even if i had sad stunted fried permateen brain, waxing poetic about my eating disordered drug addicted exes right in front of all my old middle school classmates and 80 year old meemaw

No. 863170

I agree with you that Luna has strayed from normalcy before Lurch. Just in case, I didn't say she was innocent, that was another poster.
>Most people in the midst of heroin addiction are stuck on enjoying the high and not thinking "I can introduce this 18 yr old to heroin, she'll get hooked, and then I'll get her to take her mom's apartment, mwahahaha!"
I'm not saying he had a giant master plan, but he did everything to get his hands on Luna after the Peter breakup and had sex with her asap meaning after/on her 18th birthday. They have also filmed/took photos of sexual situations between them (Luna with Lurch's penis in her face). That was thread #1 or #2, long before Luna's sex work "career". His feelings toward her could have changed in the meantime. Wouldn't he be homeless now without Luna's stolen apartment or do you think he would have found another person to depend on?

No. 863171

shes a bad person who was groomed but being groomed doesn’t make her a good person. she would have gotten herself in this situation no matter what. if it wasn’t lurch, it would have been someone equally as awful.

No. 863183

cheese anon said they were posted on a private fb group for ranting

No. 863189

Jesus fucking Christ. Late reply, but I used to not understand why some people had a natural hate for her. Felt bad for her, even. But seeing such vitriolic shit she'd publically post about others she "loved, is still in love with, misses to death"? Karma's a bitch. What a nasty attitude. Luna can keep waxing poetic all she wants but until that weirdly selfish attitude goes away, nothing's going to change. Being sober or not.

No. 863211

just wait until i finally get around to gathering all the many, many posts she had made begging for compliments/attention/validation/to be told not to do something bad

No. 863216

She displayed the same shitty attitude towards her mom too. Tuna is always the main character, other's don't matter unless they give her money, drugs or stuff for her hoard.

No. 863221

File: 1640856126777.jpg (393.04 KB, 764x1323, Screenshot_20211230-041907_Sam…)

From the first thread, Tuna waxing poetic about "sweet heroin".
This bitch has always wanted to be on heroin. I bet Lurch was always thinking stfu while she was talking about being "held" by the loving arms of dope.

No. 863222

shes so fucking retarded

No. 863226

Please post them!!!
I feel worse about her retconning Tai into her soul mate, love etc. after she died for tragic bbydoll points when this is how she felt about their relationship. IDK if I would write something so vitriolic, but being with Tai must have been hell. This is why they say not to date mentally ill people unless they are in remission or taking care of whatever is wrong with their mind (and not to date when you are mental)

No. 863228

File: 1640863615617.png (314.85 KB, 600x992, Screenshot_2021-12-30-06-11-31…)

No. 863229

>I was born into this
Shut the fuck up luna you got multiple chances at life but chose a Easter island pedophile, being lazy and drinking piss for pennies. You are a bad person, rotten through and through. I’ll take the ban for a-logging but this cow pisses me off like no one else.

No. 863231

Sorry for my turbo autism, but there's nothing Pastel Goth or Kawaii in that ""outfit"" (plaid pattern+stripes…such a uwu alt fashion icon) just a grimmy, dusty narc believing she looks cute.

No. 863233

If you look very hard, the sweater may be pink-black and not white-black. That's the only connection (albeit vague) that I see. I know the "validate me!!! Call me cute!!!" posts are a bpd thing, but I don't get how pity compliments can make someone feel better. Maybe I get if you post a photo and people compliment you then, but still… you shouldn't rely on validation of strangers to feel good about yourself. It's unhealthy and those words don't mean shit anyway
this isnt what a-logging means

No. 863245

>y'all only care about addicts if they're your favorite musician or actor.
She's always been the biggest hypocrite. She can't stop jerking off to Layne Staley and Courtney Love and how their art is so ~perfect and beautiful~ because of their addictions, but will constantly throw her own parents under the bus, other drug users for using what she perceives as "lesser" drugs, etc. Who knows where she stands now in terms of using but her pretentiousness about what poison she loads into herself will always and forever be rotten.

No. 863251

The funny thing is her parents used to do her "cool drug" and now take her other favorite, but not as cool, drug Xanax and she STILL trashes them for being aDdIctS when she's more of an addict than anything. She just does benzos and weed now, but she's shady when she tries to obtain them, pulling typical addict shit.

No. 863268

>i was born into this
>i made the choice
>and then i chose
kek pick one retard

No. 863276

Some of you are really retarded about men, and honestly just life in general. This whole comment has to have been typed by a teenager because it's so fucking naive in every way. Tuna's smack habit isn't a burden to Lurch. He's fully in with it. Honestly, it seems like Luna gets so many a-loggers it's impossible to actually discuss her because as soon as you say something even mildly neutral you get a moron like this one that needs to remind us all that they think Luna is UGLY and FAT like we all aren't well aware.
I know this is hard for you, but it's entirely possible for Tuna to be a useless sack of shit and ALSO have been groomed by her mother's dope dealer. Black and white thinking is a symptom of BPD and you are showing it, anon.

No. 863279

sage for literally no one cares but yeah it's for sure pastel pink and black. i have the same exact one but the longer sweater dress version (i think it's a killstar or wildfox knockoff?) and i have still never worn it anywhere because i'm her age and feel like a ridiculous dated tacky 2014 tumblr soft goth in it. her kawaii uwu selfie is singlehandedly making me wanna just donate mine lol

this is SO sad and bleak and retarded. she was so goddamn happy that her dollar tree irl courtney love life was finally real but this was back when she still could have gotten out of it and had a morsel of a chance at a somewhat okay, not AS shitty life. looking back i guess it's what she really "wanted" though, so…

No. 863294

File: 1640951951460.png (Spoiler Image,550.13 KB, 703x730, 1640931070122.png)

Haven't seen this particular screen grab, but… wore this for a few DAYS?!?!?!? Does she not work anymore?

No. 863298

She's so fucking nasty. It wouldn't be so bad if she washed her clothes, but none of her clothes have ever seen soap before.

No. 863300

She works from home for a few hours a week. I hope she doesn't make the earplugs at home, yikes…

No. 863301

>I know this is hard for you, but it's entirely possible for Tuna to be a useless sack of shit and ALSO have been groomed by her mother's dope dealer.
NYART but that's not what luna white knights are asserting. People a-log so hard in the opposite direction in response to whiteknights absolving her of all blame. "nothings her fault because when she was 17 she hooked up with a 40 year old" is flawed logic. 17 year olds aren't children, lurch wasn't grooming her from the age of 14 unlike onision and Sarah. Having a crush on your parents friends and making a move at SEVENTEEN isn't as serious as a lot of anons are acting in here. Luna should have had an established moral compass at 17, she wasnt a child convinced to take heroin because she didn't know any better. She would still be taking heroin if she had any idea where to get it, despite being long free from physical withdrawals. She knew exactly what she was doing, and would have been fine with living like that forever if they didn't run out of money.

Its hard not to a-log someone who has lied and stolen for 8 straight years, when anons explain she's only doing it because she was ~groomed, and if she left lurch she wouldn't be a lying thief. She's sold fent to her high school friends without telling them it's fent, that's not something she was groomed into doing.

Luna was groomed in the same way onisions later victims were - she thought she could handle the situation and purposely put herself in harms way because she thought she would benefit. But she was a dumb teenager playing mind games with an abusive adult and got burnt. Luna thought she could manipulate her way into an easy heroin aesthetic, onisions victims thought they could manipulate their way into easy Internet fame, both backfired.

Neither luna or lurch are good people, but it IS naive to say lurch is the source of all her problems and she would have been fine otherwise.

No. 863302

serious question, how many "white knights" actually say she did nothing wrong? I only remember the "innocent little girl one", but I'm not counting and have shit memory. I feel like the other anon, if you point out something fucked that happened to her, someone will seethe that you are white knighting and that Tuna is always the worst person in any situation involving her.
>Luna was groomed in the same way onisions later victims were - she thought she could handle the situation and purposely put herself in harms way because she thought she would benefit. But she was a dumb teenager playing mind games with an abusive adult and got burnt. Luna thought she could manipulate her way into an easy heroin aesthetic, onisions victims thought they could manipulate their way into easy Internet fame, both backfired.
It seems to me like you are judging/blaming the victims even though you call onion/lurch abusive. Maybe I'm not following you. To me, the only bad person in the particular situation is the abuser (I mean the isolated case, not what Luna has done in her life overall).

No. 863305

17 is an undeveloped mind. Americans are weird with their obsession of the legality of ages. Not wking Tuna but it's weird as shit that you maintain an undeveloped mind should have an established moral compass. Stay away from those teens, nonnie. Just because they're legal or close to it and should have a set moral compass doesn't mean that having a crush on, and being pursued by, men in their late 30s/40s is by any means okay. She made infuriating choices but Lurch, who supposedly has a degree in Adolescent Psychology, groomed her. What a weird hill to stand on. "That 17 year old should have had a moral compass and self preservation to say no to the man twice her age."

No. 863309

File: 1640972108936.jpeg (430.55 KB, 828x2468, 1BEF22FA-A7AE-4FF5-9700-255241…)

No. 863310

NTA but why can't we acknowledge that sometimes (like in Luna's case) both sides are bad? Luna was stupid for putting herself in harm's way because most people know better at 17. She was not a normal teenager, she was and is a retard.

No. 863314

weird how the meaning of white knighting went from defending a cow to gain favor with them to…literally having anything fair or compassionate to say about them at all. Now if you’re not angry about a cow 100% of the time some minimod will come bitch at you and call you a wk and it’s getting old.

No. 863315

"Waves like this"

Fried, crunchy, and dead??? Kek

No. 863316

>Luna should have had an established moral compass at 17
>17 year olds aren't children
>But she was a dumb teenager playing mind games with an abusive adult
You must be terminally retarded to type this shit. Close the tab you stupid sped bitch.

No. 863321

Tinfoil: if Luna hadn't met Lurch she would have probably pursued Peter harder, gone to run away to be with him and become an addict that way. I don't think she'd make good choices even if Lurch wasn't in the picture

No. 863323

>Luna was stupid for putting herself in harm's way because most people know better at 17
You lost me there. From what I remember, most 17 years old don't know or didn't know better at the time when Luna met Lurch. 10 years ago warnings about age gaps and groomers weren't everywhere to the point of twitterfags calling adult fanartists "groomers" for daring to exist on the same social media as them kek. Hardly anyone knew the term (mostly victims trying to figure out wtf happened, plus psychologists and the like). Teenage girls totally bought into the whole "cool older bf who is mature and not like pimply boys". Also according to your logic, we should blame both the rapist and the victim, since she "put herself in harm's way" by going out or meeting a man. If you believe this, gtfo from the farms.
Thanks for being reasonable
Luna is about to ruin what little of hair she has left
>my goal in life is to own a real channel bag
Not to become a sport journalist or publish her poems? Grim

No. 863325

I fully agree with literally everything you said.

There's a reason 17 yr olds can legally consent to relationships. Saying they're not able to make their own life decisions at that age is ridiculous. 40 years ago 17 year olds were getting married and having children. Their minds and decision making process are developed. They're still learning about life like everyone else, but they have a solid understanding that their actions have consequences. At 18 they can buy tobacco. These laws exist because actual adults and not coddling farmers understand the abilities of people on the cusp of legal adulthood. Just like in the court of law here in the US, if you understand that there's consequences to every action and you can make decisions with this understanding, you're held responsible for what you do.
You can blame Lurch and wk Tuna, but she made the choice and is still living it. She's not trapped and she still loves every minute of the addict aEsThEtIc- "Us junkies can make something from nothing!! I just hustled $100 and Matthew got 2 extra bags for copping for mAd people!"
Lurch didn't put these aEsThEtIc thoughts in her head. Op is right- Tuna put herself into a situation she desired for years and glamorized heroin on multiple blogs and made her nasty bed that her dirty ass has to lie in.

No. 863326

In all fairness, I wouldn't put any stock in Lurch's fake achievements.
Remember he was a pro minor league baseball player that isn't in any historical rosters and is a millionaire with a boat he's only stood on for a few seconds. He also has a real estate mogul dead Daddy that clearly wasn't rich. Tuna and Lurch both lie to insane degrees.
He probably didn't even take a class on adolescent psychology and just read an article on FB.

No. 863327

I agree with this.
Tuna and Lurch are both pieces of shit. Infighting about who was a piece of shit first is like the "what came first, the chicken or the egg" argument.
You can believe whatever you want but they're both now in the same position being the same snitch losers that deserve their shit karma.

No. 863328

Good idea Tuna! Keep damaging your hair until it all snaps off! You know your hair is gummy when it's wet!

No. 863329

Tuna wanted this life and deliberately chose to seek it out. She's the perfect example of "be careful what you wish for because you just might get it".

No. 863340

it's REALLY not hard to not fucking a-log and I have real questions about why some of you are so 24/7 angry at this junkie yet fine with the animal/child abusers on this site, but then I see plenty of you want to absolve a 40-year-old addict of chasing a teenager so it makes sense. I genuinely think Lurch has some fans here because I see more people talking about him as a poor innocent cinnamon roll than I do Tuna. Some of you are beyond help.
>she purposely put herself in harms way
Yes teenagers DO THAT you absolute mong. That's why grown ass men should leave them alone. This thread is full of jealous girls that want this entire thread to be about how fat and gross Tuna is instead of milk. Go away.
If you can't come into this thread without a-logging you have mental health problems you should be focusing on rather than obsessing over a homeless junkie.

No. 863343

Didn't she get mad at people a couple of months ago cause they said that she idolized Courtney Love and she didn't know why people thought that? Just because she forgot about it, it doesn't mean the internet did.
Her face is orange as hell.
You're getting just as mad as the people you're whining about. You guys need to chill out and go touch some grass cause fighting over Tuna and Lurch of all people is retarded. Start the new year better than this.

No. 863344

nta but theyre talking about a-logging which is getting mad about a cow specifically, newfag. Learn some board basics bfore commenting.

No. 863345

some of you seem borderline jealous of tuna, which is sad because she looks like a bag of mashed potatoes left out in the sun.

No. 863356

>You can blame Lurch and wk Tuna
I wish you tards would exercise your reading comprehension skills because I think a grand total of 1 anon actually wkd. 99% of us are simply pointing out that lurch is a disgusting predator that groomed a child. Would Luna still be a piece of shit? Most likely. Is it fun to tinfoil about how she would have turned out had her naiveté not been taken advantage of by an older man? Yes. No one is saying luna is an absolved angel, only that she was 100% groomed and that the circumstances are gross. Now we have actual brain dead anons ITT wking and making excuses for a literal child predator. Luna may be a peice of human trash but the pedophile scrote will always be worse.

No. 863357

Wait for anons screeching that it's actually an ephebophile and that Luna was almost an adult, so somehow it was okay for a man almost twice her age to exploit her vulnerability. Sane anons saw telltale signs of grooming from what little Luna told us while defending Lurch. Her Facebook posts made it clear as a day, and yet retards are focusing on how dumb Luna must have been and how big of a problem she is for Lurch (who was happy to bang barely legal pussy under the stars and to film him slapping Luna in the face with his dick).
Lurch may have dropped out of the Adolescent Psychology class or didn't even attent I'd, but his interest in the topic is fucking unsettling, especially in context of his relationship with Luna.

No. 863360

File: 1641058864682.jpg (251.33 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20220101-104004_Ins…)

No. 863361

Living the dream tuna

No. 863364

File: 1641061073014.webm (7.08 MB, 828x1492, RPReplay_Final1641060621.webm)

she's definitely really fucked up, lmfao

No. 863366

This is very very embarrassing lmao

No. 863369

The acid she gets her hands on it’s not gonna be real acid, but that doesn’t matter to her. So much shit chemicals go on those tabs.

No. 863374

File: 1641069712521.jpeg (335.82 KB, 1241x2269, F24F81EF-179F-4258-8A10-67A070…)

That tooth

No. 863375

I was terrified she was gonna eat those plants and was living up to the cow status omg

No. 863376

File: 1641071524562.webm (7.12 MB, 828x1472, RPReplay_Final1641071187.webm)

another video

No. 863377

The foundation color? The yellow roots? The yellow tooth? I can’t

No. 863378

do people on acid really act like this and are capable of posting on social media? i always heard acid was pretty crippling

No. 863379

File: 1641077319828.jpg (40.57 KB, 505x913, lunakitchen.JPG)

Garbage bag hung on the doorframe
Missing cabinet door and SINK PANEL
Random blankets in the kitchen

Typical junkie chaos

No. 863380

Yeah you've probably heard that from people who have never done acid. This is pretty par for the course. People on acid aren't just sitting in a room seeing purple dragons or something. It's mostly a body high. and sometimes you can see visuals.

No. 863381

Oh my looooooooooooord this is hilarious but I almost get secondhand embarrassment. The way she really wants those plants inside her mouth kek!

No. 863382

depends how much you take, like anything

No. 863383

File: 1641085133085.jpeg (411.83 KB, 828x2440, EEABE47C-CC4D-4D71-AF93-218311…)

the indoor sunglasses/beanie combo gets me every time

No. 863384

Do we have a dentist anon here? I wonder how severe her decay is and if it’s hurting her, I feel like she’d complain about the pain if she had any. Tbh thought her crooked smile was kind of cute before the rot, and now it’s jarring

No. 863385

She probably wouldn't complain about tooth pain if she does have it imo because it's embarrassing and gross and not aesthetic.

No. 863386

She has to have the saddest pair of tits ever to grace the entire timeline of womankind.

No. 863389

if anything she would be romanticising it because rotting teeth are very poverty chic heroin chic damaged sadbbydoll core, and pain and suffering is cool and beautiful or whatever. i'm surprised she hasn't covered it with a cheap bedazzled tooth gem because that seems pretty up her aesthetic as well and we know how she equates covering filth with more filth as cleaning and fixing things

No. 863402

I’m not a dentist and I’m pretty sure she has some kind of tooth decay, but I think the brownish stuff on her front teeth is nicotine staining.

No. 863405

it's either trauma to her tooth (the tooth begins to die if not treated), or actual decay taking place (cavity). Has she ever spoken about seeing an actual dentist? She has governmental benefits (which covers dental), so I'd imagine it is a shit show trying to find someone who would accept them instead of actual dental insurance. You typically are limited on who you can see, and when you find someone, there is usually a waiting list.

No. 863407

i feel like if it were painful she'd definitely be using it to e-beg. i've known quite a few people with strange tooth staining who don't seem to be bothered by it, so i think it's likely a nicotine/hygiene issue more than anything.

government benefits rarely cover dental care after the age of 21 unless it's an emergency

No. 863417

how can she possibly feel pain with the amount of benzos and weed she consumes though?

No. 863427

You can tell it's nicotine staining because it's yellow and real tooth decay doesn't look like that. Real decay looks darker like a gray color.
Medicaid is through the state and is provided by a regular insurance company which you get to choose. For example, you can choose between Aetna, Horizon, Cigna, etc. There's no difference between whether your work is paying the insurance company or you're paying them directly or the state is paying them, other than the cost of your co-pay. If Tuna is claiming she's completely unemployed with no income (which she is definitely claiming since you know she never updated her income with the state), she doesn't have to pay for any co-pays or prescriptions. And you can see the dentist every 6 months like everyone else and more often if you need a procedure like cavities, a filling for a wear facet or chipped tooth, a crown, even braces retainers, and nightguards. It isn't a long wait for most dentists (around a month, which is the same regardless of your insurance) and she can just call another office if she wants a sooner appointment. The dentist just has to take the insurer she chose. She has no excuse not to go if it was an actual tooth issue, but staining is a cosmetic issue and just her being her usual grimey self.

No. 863428

You just answered your own question. Even if you were a total lightweight newbie and for some reason couldn't feel pain through weed and benzos, regular usage of benzos, weed and even the old days of when Tuna used opiates don't take away pain. People who don't regularly use benzos, weed, and opiates might temporarily ignore their pain because their body is occupied with the new sensation of being high, but regular use of any of those will void any pain control effects.

No. 863435

File: 1641164801832.jpeg (467.62 KB, 828x1414, 4175F5DE-CE99-4EF0-B5D7-0DFA85…)

No. 863436

File: 1641165016853.jpeg (204.73 KB, 828x673, 01624C03-F75E-404A-B66E-E76F6A…)

No. 863437

Have you heard of lillee jean or Lori Cerda? Kek

No. 863438

File: 1641165124252.webm (5.23 MB, 656x1232, tumblr_r53ure3Zfw1xxzxb4.webm)

jfc the dirty ass feet

No. 863439

File: 1641165281796.webm (2.14 MB, 656x1232, tumblr_r53um1xDyd1xxzxb4.webm)

No. 863440

For someone who hates herself as much as she says she does, she spends an awfully large amount of time staring at herself

No. 863441

Cmon tuna. You know it was arts and crafts time and money from a sugar momma and not a real job. Just get a real job.

No. 863442

This (especially the ending) is HORRIFYING. Fucking horrifying.

No. 863443

she smeared her mascara all over her face the same way she did the ashes from her dads apartment

No. 863444

i hate her but i do feel a little bad about the severe overbite. her parents could have taken care of that when she was a child. it can’t be comfortable. she can’t even close and open her mouth normally

No. 863445

Typical bpd, blaming someone else and threatening to kys when you feel slighted. Grow tf up tuna and get a real job. Taking a shower is a positive step for the New Year though. And who (I assume lurch) wrote on her shoulder in sharpie and why?

No. 863446

File: 1641174139957.webm (1.43 MB, 827x1514, RPReplay_Final1641165672.webm)

alltards latest post from this morning vs lunas lmfao

No. 863447

is there a reason why videos never load for me? it just has a line across the play button!!

No. 863448

I think you have to be on a computer, they don’t load on mobile

No. 863451

File: 1641177745390.jpg (106.56 KB, 656x1187, venusdisapproves.jpg)

Holy fuck her feet are BLACK.

No. 863453

So…. I'm confused. Did she lose her job then do her makeup and crank those filters to 11? Or the other order?

No. 863455

the videos with the pink eye makeup are from yesterday, when she was (clearly) tripping balls. lost job/mascara smear post is from today

No. 863456

Alltard is sayin good riddance to tunafish! kek

No. 863458

File: 1641182540269.png (40.74 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20220102-200011~2.p…)

I wonder if Alltard is on Tumblr. Just waiting for the BPD rage to hit kek.

No. 863459

but it is literally only on ONE tooth, wouldn't actual staining affect more than one?

No. 863461

This is oversimplified, policy varies wildly between different locations and companies, even in just New York alone. Full coverage medical care does not always include dental or eye exams; there is typically a steep co-pay for any actual dental work and it's not that easy to find a dentist in-network in the first place. You're implying that poor people have no excuse for having bad teeth as if American health insurance actually worked in their best interest

No. 863462

kek ‘job,’ ‘boss,’ ‘contracts’ are some big words to describe what that was.

>1 2 3 beep beep

how can she not love Matt with wit like this

No. 863466

only if you have an iphone
nobody saw that coming. I wonder why Allison was done with Luna's bs

No. 863469

It's not staining, it's a dead tooth that's black inside

No. 863472

that over exaggeration makes me gag, what's with her two colored tongue, disgusting

No. 863473

I'm in awe you could differentiate colors. Alls I could see was her ribbed tongue. I knew Alltard stank but I couldn't pinpoint where. It's definitely the mouth though.

No. 863474

the filter has a lip tint and it thinks the lower part of her tongue is her bottom lip. still cringe tho.

No. 863478

What I'm saying applies to all of the US currently, but I'm referring to NY specifically as I'm also on Medicaid with the same options as Tuna which I found out when I asked if she needed help accessing free programs for low income people.
Most people aren't totally unemployed and get full coverage with zero co-pays and a lot of people don't even know how to navigate the healthcare options. There's a way to get anything done for low cost or free if you know where to look, but most people don't bother and just assume they're sol.
And yes, my description was breaking down in simplified terms how Medicaid works, but in reality it involves a lot of calling around and a lot of time on the phone with the insurance company.

No. 863479

Yeeeaahhh, that's not black. You can tell in the video still >>863451
She's had this stain for awhile and if it was real decay, it'll just get grayer and grayer and need to be pulled within a year or it'll affect the teeth beside it. Her tooth has stayed a consistent yellow most likely due to a lack of enamel/decalcification. The teeth beside it aren't as yellow since the one tooth is more prominently yellow, but that tooth isn't gray or "black" which is the biggest indicator of decay occurring.

No. 863480

Probably because Allison's daddy aka "investor" was tired of paying for nothing and could see the business model was a failure.

No. 863482

File: 1641215470726.jpg (74.28 KB, 1080x237, Screenshot_20220103-080648_Dri…)

No. 863483

Tuna has no excuse for not going to the dentist when there's a ton of Medicaid accepting dentists in her area. Sorry you're out of excuses for not going to the dentist.


No. 863484

I wish she was on some uppers so she'd have an excuse for that scissor-jawing, talking out the side of her mouth thing, but unfortunately that's just Allic-in-Fundieland's face.

No. 863485

That's your face on tiktok

No. 863486

Reminds me of the ash-smeared selfies she rushed to take when there was a fire at abusive dad's kek.

Good. Alltard might be a waste of oxygen but she's not the toxic cunt Luna is. I was really hoping the "should I get paid for travelling to 'work' (ie a night out, no doubt paid for by 'boss')" would see her get dumped on her ass. This dumb bitch had a trustafarian doting on her and all she had to do was not be such a greedy grasping little cunt. Fantastic stuff.

No. 863491

File: 1641225872199.jpg (130.64 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20220103-065301_Sam…)

Subtle dig at Tuna?

No. 863492

what a fun way to say she's unemployed

No. 863494

Subtle way to call Luna a burden/liability. Waiting for Luna to start dissing her like she does with everyone who no longer serve her.

No. 863495

File: 1641227430111.jpg (118.4 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20220103-065136_Sam…)


No. 863497

Lol. No shit. It's called business management. Giving retards money and letting them run around with lost causes is such a waste. And it's so bizarre Luna thought ear plugs and planter socks could employ her forever?

This level of sheltered… Her family should cut funds for 2 days and see how she fares.

No. 863510

some of us live paycheck to paycheck retard

No. 863511


as useless a person Allison is, she's essentially saying Luna is even more useless without an ounce of independence or time/money management. Luna expects money to do absolutely nothing, she's lazier than the laziest person you've ever met.

No. 863512

that is……. very much not how lip syncing works

No. 863514

>do you have no friends or family who would put you up for a few months?

If we quit our jobs with the express intent to live off someone else??? NO, DIPSHIT. What reality is she living in. Sure, many of us would have family that would take us in during times of need but ???? Also bruhhhh there are actual people who DON'T have that support and she's just being a bitchhhh ahahaha the ignorance of privilege is hilarious

No. 863515

Tell us you've only ever lived off your parents dollar without saying so. What performative rich bs is this jfc.

No. 863516

quitting a job and starting a gofundme instead, brilliant idea alltard

No. 863518

I assume that's what started it. Tuna wanted to be paid for traveling to a work event but she also wanted to choose what days she worked while constantly asking for stuff like a new desk and chair. Alltard can get literally anyone else to do the job that Tuna was doing.
I hope this causes a Tuna and Lurch sperg. I wouldn't be surprised if Lurch was messaging Alltard about how much Tuna needs the job and how she's a bitch for letting her go.

No. 863528

Maybe this was directed towards the Tuna Situation before she was "laid off". Maybe alltard no longer wanted/needed tuna but tuna cried and said she needed the job/money to survive.. and alltard suggesting she stay with a friend/family to get back on her feet and that she wanted her out of her hair so bad she'd be willing to help on a gofundme for tuna. She didn't wanna fire her but wanted Tuna to quit. Tinfoil ofc

No. 863535

yeah it probably is indirectly about luna, because the funny thing is she is a rare person who DOES have family to leech off of who would totally provide for her if she really needed it. the "problem" with that is that it's her daddy who most likely won't let her live with him and sponge off his money unless she follows certain terms, i'm guessing things that would actually be good for her like not living with lurch and going to a rehab program or something. that of course makes him abusive though, so we wouldn't want her to be living in an abusive household!!!

No. 863569

File: 1641303288341.jpeg (1.07 MB, 828x1346, 7C5955B3-B250-4BCE-AE3B-7E80E1…)

You sure the water didn’t just solidify whatever grime and dust you had in your switch, Tuna?

No. 863571

KEK, she never faces consequences she deserves but I’ll take what I can get

No. 863573

I hope it never turns back on.

No. 863574

Begging for somebody to buy her a brand new one in 3… 2…

No. 863576


Good. Her fat lazy ass didn’t deserve one in the first place.

No. 863577


It's not a mental breakdown based on trying to find new work or improve her situation, it's a total mental breakdown over her prized video game console she obviously has never cleaned. We all know now that she's forced to put down the Nintendo she should be doing productive things to help herself out of the rut she is in but it's never going to happen.

No. 863579

Of course the loser sees her electronic device get wet and thinks "hmm I will attempt to turn it on, causing it to short out if it is wet." The damn thing might have had a chance to turn back on if she had let it dry entirely for a few days before sending power through it. Juicy.

No. 863580

Lol I was thinking the other day for almost two years of her having it, it was quite durable..

No. 863581

a battery swap might fix it but I guess this fuck is too lazy and stupid to order an aliexpress replacement and watch some yt on how to replace it

No. 863582

If someone actually buys her a new one, I'll be the one that has a mental breakdown!

Ridiculous, I live in a very rural area with barely any work, yet I clean and make a very decent wage. How does she think >>863458 SW is a solution. She hates it and let's be real, no way she makes more than a meal or two.
She could do the same and make good money, especially since she'll do it unregistered…. guess it's just below her.

Overall I'm surprised her adventure with Alltard lasted this long, the tweets were nice, but looks like there won't be much milk from her side.

No. 863583

The timing for this is way too convenient, loses ‘job’ and suddenly needs a replacement for an expensive piece of tech, wonder which of her gullible followers will help her with money now that she’s set the bait.

No. 863585

Whatever happened to the money she "saved" from her paychecks? Glad all that shitty fast fashion was a priority despite her friend's mom taking her thrifting for new "work" clothes.

No. 863586

Good, go read a fucking book instead lol

No. 863589

File: 1641316286326.png (536.32 KB, 412x520, why.PNG)

dont ask why i felt the need to do this(terrible fanart)

No. 863590

Jfc I was casually scrolling this thread and this image popped up the second I reached the bottom and it actually made me jump kek

No. 863591

You think anyone with the money to pay for a cleaner would trust her?

No. 863593

This is a picture of Luna, did you change something?

No. 863594

just some subtle skin blurring

No. 863595

Why does this more like her than the unedited one

No. 863598

Why does she have to pour her drugs all over her filthy surfaces? There's cat hair and shit all over that thing and she's just coating her nugs in it while removing half the trichomes that were left on them. She's the worst addict I've ever seen, she can't even be bothered to preserve her beloved stashes. Sorry for the mini weed sperg, I just hate her druggie LARP because she so clearly does not even care about getting the most out of her highs. Better than those sad excuses for hits she used to do, breaking her skin and wasting her dope.

No. 863601

kek should have put it in rice

No. 863603

This is a good point and you could be right that her switch isn’t even broken but she’s laying the groundwork to beg. Because Tuna is dumb in just about every other way, it’s difficult to remember she’s pretty good at manipulation. Can’t know for sure if it’s working or not, but she has called out for donations for necessities like food or hygiene products in the past and shortly thereafter posted pictures of pills and bundles.

No. 863608

File: 1641321411595.jpg (204.71 KB, 1080x1612, Screenshot_20220104-113519_Ins…)

how long before the "im so depressed, here's my Amazon wishlist" posts start

No. 863609


Poor USA Nona here, sage for blog. I have worse overbite with misaligned jaw and overjet that causes me a lot of pain, medicaid will not cover any bit of orthodontics because it is labeled inherently "cosmetic". Doctors and dentists tell you the treatment for TMJ is just don't eat meat or anything else chewy to try to mitigate flare ups. She has no excuse not to get basic care tho.

No. 863611


I can't with this bitch. She's so 'terribly depressed' but can magically somehow set up her phone and pose for a camera w/ tits hanging out in her filthy hovel with her musty unwashed clothing.

Sorry your Switch broke, go for a walk and search for some work.

No. 863614

taking selfies and getting your nails done is totally depreshun behavior

No. 863617

File: 1641328202938.jpg (455.55 KB, 1080x1829, IMG_20220104_212815.jpg)

Maybe Luna got fired because Allison is chasing after another project of the week?

No. 863618

this made me laugh harder than it should’ve lmfao

No. 863629

Tuna would treat each home like it's a candy store filled with free things for her to take. That's just bad for fake business.
Happy to hear it, anon. Enjoy your day.

No. 863634

File: 1641340623545.jpeg (572.71 KB, 1209x2426, 773F39AF-5CC4-4CDB-A572-18C801…)

Really helping her situation isn't she kek

No. 863637

Luna doesn't deserve her mom kek.

No. 863638


"my mom let me spend"

…Luna, your mother is letting you ruin her apartment while living with your drug addict 'fiancee" that will not marry you but you are so "in love."

You don't clean, you don't care about anyone else besides yourself.

Where's your ID and why aren't you "Legally Married™" to Lurch after so long?

Just shut up and get a job and stop bitching about what a fucking victim you are.

No. 863640

Her evil mom is at it again.

No. 863642

File: 1641345073129.jpeg (322.16 KB, 1242x1961, D24F27E7-D205-4620-B339-B5F2C6…)

Honestly terrifying

No. 863643

“MY MOM LET ME SPEND” girl youre closer to 30 than 20…..

No. 863645

and then she whines and cries when her parents claim her as a dependent on their taxes lmfao

No. 863653

It's funny how she spent it on all this useless shit instead of getting her switch fixed.

No. 863657


Her prized posession.

Her Switch.

Asshole mother who she hates lent her thirty dollars.

Amazon is the playground.

..It is not Luna's fault. Someone will pay for it and fix everything some day when not so sad.

Cannot take it, someone please fix her Switch. She is so beyond depressed.


No. 863664

>>863642 broooooo she got that dead tooth.
>>863618 ditto but I have to agree with the sentiment, something about this made my day.

No. 863665

File: 1641360359797.jpg (Spoiler Image,587.42 KB, 1078x1916, 20220105_062454_535.jpg)

idk how to upload a video, but the ending of her latest video on insta was…unexpected lmao

No. 863666

she definitely edited this using one of those apps that automatically changes facial features because i have never in my life seen her teeth look that enormous before

No. 863667

oh my god how high is she that she doesn’t notice her tits are out

No. 863668

File: 1641361682996.jpeg (684.03 KB, 828x1483, A562C5A4-4B56-45B0-9349-DC66C9…)

her videos are so funny

No. 863669

File: 1641364076527.webm (5.6 MB, 656x1166, 274413391342280962934388013.we…)

No. 863670

File: 1641364181412.webm (2.86 MB, 656x1166, 274412143228975209034388013.we…)

No. 863671

File: 1641364260215.webm (5.33 MB, 656x1166, 274412324497567078934388013.we…)

No. 863673

It was totally intentional. I think she’s trying to advertise for her “uwu I gotta do SW cause I’m so sad…”

No. 863676

Ugh, Lurch's voice sounds just as gross as hers. Hope that isn't the piss jug she's drinking from.

No. 863677


Lol that was exactly my first thought watching that video.

No. 863682


Glad to see the famous ~Lurch Juice~ carton making a comeback

No. 863683

why did she feel the need to post these? and on instagram which doesn’t even allow nudity to begin with??

No. 863684

the “I personally think she’s pretty” anons have been real quiet lately

No. 863686

She started the slew of videos with one that had the caption “going to post more videos of my New Year’s Day trip”. Which to be honest doesn’t really answer your question, but I guess we can assume she was on a different drug at the time of posting.

No. 863687

File: 1641383053478.jpg (659.7 KB, 1080x1480, Screenshot_20220105-124347_Ins…)

No. 863688

File: 1641383112854.jpg (538.25 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20220105-124226_Ins…)

No makeup but the filters are working overtime. Such a natural beauty uwu

No. 863689

This is actually cute ngl. Way more fluid than her usual uwu sadgirl shit

No. 863691

Can anyone fix lurch? She didn’t do him justice.

No. 863692

what does she say when her boob pops out? it's even worse in motion, looks like she noticed but was so high she went out "Oopsie daisy, tee-hee!". Anyway I've always found her pretty, but the extreme close-ups do her no favours. She looks like a retarded fish, and in one angle like Android 18, kinda
This drawing shows some talent, but I can't get over Lurch looking like how Luna wishes he did lol

No. 863695

Yeah she basically said that, she just says “haha my titty fell out”

No. 863698

straight up made him look like disney’s animated tarzan

No. 863702

File: 1641400806503.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1480, 696E78AB-6BF5-4475-8625-A6F97D…)

the happy couple

No. 863710

lol anon

No. 863711

kek, now he's just missing the indoor sunglasses and beanie

No. 863713

Do you understand what she and Lurch are saying in the other video? I'm still weirded out she posted her tit, is that some kind of sw advert? I think instagram bans 'female presenting nipples'

No. 863718

Does that ban apply to female animals too? Because those look more like cow udders.

No. 863721

This is making me want to illustrate a new thread pic caricature, would that be too autistic? Would do it digitally

No. 863723

File: 1641408180924.png (384.32 KB, 921x721, couplegoalz.png)

>>863711(cringe fanart)

No. 863728

>>863723 LMAO this is literally perfect

No. 863730

This is the same outfit/makeup as the day she said she was dropping acid (normally that might not mean anything since she doesn't change clothes/wash her face consistently, but I think in this case it may actually be the same day)

No. 863731

Blessed anon

No. 863732


Her videos are so goddamm embarrassing I can't believe she posts them but thanks for the laughs tunyfish! The crackling "aaah" noise after she flashes her tit!?

No. 863734

I think it's so weird that she took acid and basically her trip is looking at herself on her cell phone and recording herself, rather than going to watch something ir just enjoy the trip. I know this is very personal and each person trips in their own way, but I can't help but think about how self-absorbed she is. She probably sees herself with these filters and thinks she really is that way.

No. 863739

Someone needs to make a compilation of every picture where she thinks holding part of her hair back looks good. It would easily be 95% of her pictures.

No. 863740

She really drew the heavily filtered versions of her and Chief Bromden. She also forgot to draw her crooked, jagged teeth with the yellow tooth turning inward like an obstacle on Wipeout.

No. 863741

why does she always daintily rest her claws on her tit when she poses

No. 863742

File: 1641423643921.jpg (756.73 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1641423635731.jpg)

No. 863743

She looks like a strung out poodle.

No. 863744

Next thread pic

No. 863745


No. 863746

File: 1641424479783.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1641424472086.jpg)

>>863687(spoiler the big areolas)

No. 863747

Why does she think anyone would be interested in seeing this? It's just her staring at her phone talking shit and looking utterly gormless

No. 863748

I actually laughed lmao ty nonnie(s)

No. 863749

File: 1641434466640.jpeg (70.07 KB, 661x500, 449FC903-5852-4D14-B9DE-23FDF2…)

No. 863755

where are you even getting this? it isn’t on her tiktok

No. 863757

these are from her ig

No. 863760

Smh at the red text on this, mods you’re embarrassing.

No. 863764

Idiot mods also banned me for this beautiful areola art

No. 863768

Just like every picture she draws is herself and her "poetry" is all whining about herself.

No. 863770

i thought this was weird too anon. Anytime i trip the last thing i want to do is look at myself lmfao

No. 863771

Idk why everyone is pretending that spastic scribble was funny

No. 863773

File: 1641485093371.jpeg (205.01 KB, 828x1181, 234348E1-C707-4D93-9992-524837…)

Luna posts shitty poetry and espouses how acid is more therapeutic than actual therapy

No. 863774

File: 1641485728872.jpeg (192.99 KB, 828x1196, 44436289-8BF4-4FC8-80C7-F3278F…)

Idk why you aren’t aware humour is subjective, but the post was clearly not fan art.

No. 863775

Seems like she tripped to remember why she's still with Lurch in the first place. Considering they "bonded" over it in the beginning of their relationship. Honestly, wouldn't be surprised if she tried it again after reading >>862975 since it's a blast from the past and we know she lurks. Once she quit H she started sounding significantly less pro-Easter Island Statue.

No. 863777

I didn’t say it was fanart, I just said it was bad. anon seriously needs to hang it up, they always catch a ban for a reason.

No. 863778

lmao couples therapy. she is such a drug addled idiot. i wish we could see this trip from lurch's point of view

No. 863779

In the video she posted of the two of them talking it sounds like he's describing an acid trip he took with someone else and she lightly mocks him for saying it felt like time slowed down, then goes back to ignoring him and staring at herself on her phone. I imagine it was several hours of that and probably not fun

No. 863783

>ive spoken of couple therapy before
Major trouble in paradise, since even Luna notices whatever is going on needs fixing. Extremely sad that she thinks that an acid trip is a good substitute not that I believe that her relationship can be salvaged, the only solution is breaking up
>heavenly creatures
Wow, a never before seen media reference in Luna's poems. Incredible. She and Lurch have nothing on Parker-Hulme though lmfao

No. 863784

Well she does say here >>863773 that Lurch was watching a music video featuring a girl during the trip, so he was probably tripping out by imagining himself in said music video whilst Luna lovingly stared at him high out of her gourd

No. 863786

File: 1641498730950.gif (485.1 KB, 320x240, 6BAA5C27-8AAF-44F6-A8E3-2A4C91…)

I irl cackled don’t mind the grouchy nonnies

No. 863790

I don't create masterpieces for you, Karen of Lolcow. I do it for anons like >>863786 and to document Lurch's love for da big areolas.(infighting about cringey areola cow fanart)

No. 863798

She also says in one of her videos that lurch will be home in 10 minutes. So they didn't even begin the trip together, lurch was with someone else. So uwu romantic tuna. You won't get married this year… you've been saying that for 3 years now kek

No. 863806

File: 1641518943004.jpeg (82.15 KB, 828x917, A071E156-9A20-4165-8A84-AE08B8…)


No. 863808

the titty video got taken down it seems

No. 863810

File: 1641523259324.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 905x1043, 69CA2A16-7F38-4E79-A638-A663F8…)

No. 863813

this comment is so cringe

No. 863819

that lip piercing is so horrible, it looks like an irritated pus-filled pimple

No. 863820

ugh yes, like a whitehead smothered in concealer. why tuna

No. 863824

It's cringey af to get bent outta shape over a drawing of cow udders and then get even more upset that the anon responded to your bitching with a funny comment
You do sound like a karen ngl

No. 863827

looks like she has no fucking chromosomes either

No. 863831

that wasn’t even me, agree on the cringe though

No. 863832

Did she ever mention why she has "BEEP BEEP 123" scribbled on her shoulder in all the trip videos?

No. 863838

I’ve been wondering the same thing. If it’s marker and not a tattoo I forgot about, then she hasn’t bathed in at least four days.

No. 863839

Probably why Lurch wears a mask inside.

No. 863843

You can see her feet are black with filth in >>863451 . That was 5 days ago. How long does it take to get your feet that nasty indoors? Even in her nasty living conditions, it's got to be at least 3 days, right? Meaning Tuna hasn't bathed in over a week.

$10 says Allison fired her because of her stench.

No. 863844

File: 1641576766213.png (1.04 MB, 1074x1459, Screenshot_20220107-123117~2.p…)

mama tunechi makes an appearance lolol

No. 863849

File: 1641578898881.png (114.25 KB, 625x793, mom.png)

No. 863850

And if anybody here that has taken acid before remembers how gross your body feels afterwards and tuna hasn’t showered then that shows us how far she has gone with grime and nastiness. This is a new level that I didn’t think was even possible I couldn’t deal with that coating for a few hours let alone a week. She’s so freaking gross.

No. 863852

File: 1641580859160.jpg (209.25 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20220107-113933_Ins…)

No. 863853

File: 1641581258105.jpg (491.09 KB, 1080x1815, Screenshot_20220107-114619_Ins…)

No. 863854

jfc that blanket is so fucking FILTHY, the thought of snuggling up in that is vomit inducing. poor cat

No. 863864

everything is so dirty… how could anyone sleep in that.

No. 863870

I'm surprised her mom is buying anything for her daughter's ugly mug. She threw a whole toddler tantrum over her mom using her face cleansers and moisturizers.
Sure you will, Tuna. Just like you two have been planning for the last eight years.

No. 863874


I honestly don’t get how extremely filthy her plushies always get in such a short amount of time. Truly astounding

No. 863882

no doubt she throws them onto her disgustingly dirty floor every night and then she and lurch trample all over them with their feet which are completely black with dirt

No. 863887

Jesus Christ, that throw blanket over the bed never seen soap in it's life… poor cat.

No. 863890

imagine if everyone posted everything they bought online. such weirdo behavior

No. 863894

File: 1641595911105.jpeg (239.45 KB, 828x1530, FF85F3DE-99A9-4236-AA30-910CC2…)

from her tumblr lol

No. 863895

File: 1641596094094.jpeg (236 KB, 828x1054, 88A2735C-93EC-4ECB-A0ED-6F9768…)

No. 863896

File: 1641596124630.png (4.11 MB, 1031x1920, CC4F44B1-6F47-41C5-8926-810D28…)

No. 863897

her lips look weird as shit here idk if it's cause the filter or her lips legitimately look like that

No. 863898

File: 1641596912848.jpeg (153.51 KB, 828x333, 5325F744-F2B5-4DF4-AA1C-BC42D4…)

I don’t understand what is happening here but it’s fucking nauseating

I like how DBT is at the end of this list, full of either very basic shit (“work” “write”) or absolute delusions (“get married” “move”)

never change, Tuna ♥

No. 863899

God no, keep your filthy claws off vintage things, they'll just end up in a pile of dirty crusty clothes. Stick to fast fashion.

No. 863901

I can't wait for this smug bitch to get hit by karma. It's long overdue. All she does is takes from people. I don't think I've ever heard a story of her giving anyone anything besides Lurch.

No. 863903

File: 1641598393335.jpeg (Spoiler Image,290.6 KB, 1241x1902, 5B4DBBD0-0ECC-47D6-8E4B-0B84AF…)

Posting this on her instagram kek nice job Tuna

No. 863904

at least she used the airbrush tool this time

No. 863905

who wants to take bets she will start self harming again and blame it on allicin, trustfund baby extraordinaire

No. 863906

File: 1641600896049.png (135.21 KB, 480x550, BE037ED4-AD8C-41D4-8098-E6A8B6…)

From the previous thread, I see she’s pretending she doesn’t throw her mom under the bus every chance she gets. She is such a bratty, greedy piece of shit.

No. 863907

It is so absolutely nasty how she talks shit and hates on her mother until she gets xannies and other shit from her

No. 863908

Especially since her mom most likely bought the "super special expensive face moisturizer my bad cheap cheap" that she supposedly stole.

No. 863910

File: 1641605081653.jpeg (46.29 KB, 344x291, A34B9D55-F161-45D0-822F-759CA0…)

>she has skin cancer so why steal my shit

No. 863912


get a ring? So she sold the one she had?

No. 863915

File: 1641607867133.jpeg (89.38 KB, 828x465, 1A412DEE-68D7-40E9-822C-E0A4EF…)


No. 863918

Is… is her bedding actually low quality, or is she replacing it because she's too lazy to wash it?

Swing low, sweet chariot

No. 863919

So her mom was there to sell her pills lmfao

No. 863923

Lmfao yeah she FOR SURE lurks here kekkkkkkk
Tuna don't count on being able to bleach that away. I don't think it's a stain lol

No. 863926

the fact that she’s more concerned with how her teeth look than the fact that they’re rotting out of her head really says it all

No. 863936

Of course. She's addicted to the attention.

No. 863939

I still find it disgusting that she lets lurch use her skincare products but not her mom.

No. 863942

If her dad finds out he'll be fuming kek
Didn't she and Lurch bully him into giving her a family heirloom ring that Lurch could give her as an engagement ring?

No. 863943


"Get a new job"

You lazy bitch, it's called McDonald's/fast food. They hire anyone. If you really wanted to work. Get off your huge ass and do something.

No. 863944

would you actually want luna handling your food

No. 863947


The filth-queen could still work the lobby. Even Chris-Chan and Kingcobrajfs were able to get fast food lobby jobs.

She doesn't even try because she's too special and unique and needs to do something with artistic like putting old socks on planters tho, it's never going to happen and her ass will continue to spread.


No. 863951

her acknowledging her yellow tooth that she’s always had isn’t proof she reads here. maybe unpopular opinion but i don’t think she has even thought about lolcow in years. her psyche is so incredibly fragile, she can’t handle losing her job or her dad saying she can’t buy xyz amazon item without threatening suicide.

No. 863952

because mcdonald’s doesn’t fit her ~aesthetic

No. 863954

I thought she was given her grandma's ring but I could be wrong. When was the last time she even talked about her dad? I don't follow the threads super closely, has she mentioned him at all since his health issues and hospitalization?

No. 863966

File: 1641661762634.jpeg (249.37 KB, 828x1364, 48A57706-CD8E-4A55-B2EC-B1282F…)

sad day for us all.

No. 863967

i believe it is suspected he cut her off, and thus to her he is Evil

No. 863978

it fits more than she realizes

she will never find a job

No. 863979

vintage mid century furniture is so fucking expensive, plus you probably need access to a truck or at least a big car to transport it.

fortunately for her, it's fashionable, meaning she can easily get her hands on some particle board amazon shit in that style…however, she would have to put it together, and it's debatable that it would hold the weight of her shit saturated plushies and stolen cemetery tchotchkes.

No. 863982

it may still die tbh

No. 863993

She may as well buy a lottery ticket with all the undeserved luck that she has.

No. 864001

Her life is overall shit, a bit of luck here and there is meaningless.

No. 864002

"So excited for marriage" why, you already live together, surely being married isn't gonna change anything

No. 864006

Do you really expect these two fine individuals to have the mental capacity to remember anything, other than when they need to get their next fix? They’re parasites. They rely on each other for drugs. They don’t care.

No. 864014

the only thing it will do is make it harder to leave each other

No. 864015

she probably just had her switch do what mine did, which was solved by hard resetting. the fact that she whined about it before trying things you can simply google is infuriating

No. 864024

“Au natural, that’s how I like em”

No. 864027

I'm sure that's her goal of her entire lifetime. Her real or imagined bpd wants to believe he'll never abandon her. Then someday he'll go back to using and die and she'll be a lonely widow until she kills herself

No. 864028

Her one front tooth is yellow because she's always smoking cigarettes from that side on top of using that one tooth as a cigarette holder

No. 864036

File: 1641735153812.jpeg (104.83 KB, 828x307, DBA24A41-0EB5-42BB-A14C-C322E2…)

as if we needed any further proof that these two definitely won’t be getting married…

Trouble in junkie paradise?

No. 864048

File: 1641745921622.jpeg (694.83 KB, 828x1421, 7B2F54DD-CC98-4DD9-A9E1-68193A…)

I give it a month before it changes color from mold and dirt

No. 864049


No. 864077

File: 1641766022955.jpg (200.33 KB, 1080x1003, Screenshot_20220109-150554_Ins…)

lol yeah ok