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File: 1629981345756.png (1.05 MB, 949x618, Schermafbeelding 2021-08-26 om…)

No. 1308872

Trve Vikings 2: Autistic Placentaverse against the Southrons edition

Varg Vikernes:
>Actual murderer
>Used to spend time on yt sperging about neo nazi crap in his car until his channel got banned
>Now spergs on twitter instead
>Says blonde/blue eyes are superior, autists are superior, refined sugar is superior and what have you
>Shelters his 7 kids from the outside world
>Called one of his daughters a "teenage mistake"

>Married a neo nazi murderer at 19
>Basically Varg lite
>Lies about being a natural blonde kek
>Weird obsession with placenta's
>Diagnosed autistic
>Does all the work while Varg is busy bitching and moaning online

Sorry for the shit tier collage and op lol

No. 1308873

Old thread: >>>/snow/1109625

No. 1308951

File: 1629993392325.jpeg (70.26 KB, 640x577, 8CB86636-4F8D-4DFE-969A-48DE3C…)

Childless placentaverse women are the best spergs for real

No. 1308960

Ahhh yes. The thing I was meant to do that would have killed me and my baby, like countless other women throughout history.

No. 1308966

it’s like these loons have never been into an old cemetery

No. 1308997

>You do not need a doctor's help
Tell that to Marie.

No. 1309395

Only ethnics and brunette losers hate varg, they feel extreme resentment to blonde superiors.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1309434

Lmao, let’s hope this bitch isn’t designed for pre-eclampsia or carrying a baby with a different blood type or anything else that can go wrong during childbirth.

No. 1309454

Natural selection at work?

No. 1309607

File: 1630076598561.png (217.02 KB, 1764x1110, Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 16.02…)

No. 1309609

File: 1630076902622.png (312.8 KB, 940x1468, Screenshot 2021-08-27 at 16.05…)

From some of the comments on their family pic that was talked about in the old thread. Why isn't it surprising there's never an answer from the placenta cvlt guru to comments like that? I wonder if these people are seriously THAT delusional or if they are just lying for attention online while they live a normie life using all the civilization irl.

No. 1309619

All Marie does is look after the children and cook while Varg spergs on twitter and takes manly photos in front of his car. Their "permaculture" is just overgrown weeds with some herbs and vegetables haphazardly thrown in there. They both live on welfare and some royalties from Burzum. Before the pandemic, I think Marie mentioned taking the kids to a sports/leisure centre where they played with other kids, so at least they're familiar with normal raised kids.

No. 1310109

File: 1630124704156.png (712.51 KB, 720x1803, Screenshot_20210828-002314.png)

Varg still cannot handle the idea of people drawing black elves sometimes

No. 1310111

>sperging over nerd shit
Sir, you have seven children.

No. 1310170

File: 1630134107946.jpeg (103.2 KB, 828x245, D38F1DA0-B951-4AC2-90D1-B0AEFD…)

Vargs likes are so chaotic lol

No. 1310173

those are dark elves though, I don't like pointless woke shit but they have been in fantasy nerd shit since the 70's

No. 1310174

Anything new on the red ice radio couple? They've always been pretty heavily into talking about their "nordic" heritage or whatever.

No. 1310179

They have been removed from pretty much every online space, I dislike them but if other retards get a platform so should they

No. 1310182

File: 1630136553816.png (347.04 KB, 599x435, lana.png)

I completely forgot about those two.
Judging from their twitter, they're still doing the same stuff but now they've added a "vaccine critique" on it.

Also, last I remember, everyone on that scene teased Lana for not being a mother yet since she whined about feminism (while having bunch of degrees lol) and white people's birthrate while being childless in her late 30s… now, apparently, she's a mother.
Still whines about birthrate but I doubt she has more than 1 child or if said child even exists.

No. 1310185

File: 1630137159193.png (22.7 KB, 364x349, untitled.png)

samefagging, one correction. Two kids.
Either way it's like the other anon said, they've been deplatformed, now they're on a virtual echo chamber.

No. 1310229

Yeah any genuinely outright Nazis and white nationalists will be completely deplatformed and will either have to give up or go to incredibly obscure online domains with a couple thousand subscribes

No. 1310278

File: 1630152398574.jpeg (122.65 KB, 640x845, F3A82714-0B23-41D0-94B5-7C932D…)

Totally pure feminine European woman. Absolutely no anger issues at all!

No. 1310283

File: 1630152561392.jpeg (93.91 KB, 640x844, 5585DF6E-0116-467B-A213-B919F3…)

They always need to flex on how they are superior people designed for colder climates and complain about beautiful warm weather.. we get it, you don’t like nice weather like “evil South Europeans”

No. 1310286

tbf(not defending them) but Gypsies can be "challenging" and its hard not to hate them

No. 1310291


I genuinely don't understand these people's desire to be a different species. The adaptations different races have to their environment are very real, but they make a pretty minor difference. Like.. black people in the north just don't get enough vitamin d, which they can supplement or even get naturally through certain food.

Leave anyone outside in the winter without a coat or a means of generating heat and they'll freeze to death, pvre blonde nord or otherwise

No. 1310302

File: 1630155491772.png (78.67 KB, 720x557, Screenshot_20210828-085649.png)

Same anon as this post, I do realize it is a joke but people in the comments take it seriously

No. 1310314

Her channel is really comfy but unfortunately there's plenty of spergs and thirsty scrotes roaming in the comments.

No. 1310340

Because they all consider Skyrim lore and the LOTR universe to be part of their heritage. They're always sperging about elves, elves who are tall pure blonde snow adapted blah blah blah, and it literally comes from this alone. Varg thinks achieving pure nordic blood makes them similar to elves which he has directly said in the previous thread. It's super weird and I think they would be happier doing LARP

No. 1310343

again Nerd sperging but Elves in LOTR were depicted as a race in decline, bored and apathetic to the world after centuries of immortality

No. 1310376

File: 1630162163816.jpg (68.96 KB, 536x900, 1630159780923.jpg)

Varg, a gentleman.

(resposting, someone just posted in the old thread)

No. 1310377

The etymology of the word elf means white, but I don't think it means white in the way they're using it. "White people" as in Europeans and, depending on who is defining it, some other groups, didn't exist until much much later. Nords and, say, Slavs, viewed themselves as being as distinct societies in the same way they would have viewed an African. Race was not a concept at the time.

Similarly Gandalf doesn't turn from mixed race to Evropean when he goes from Gray to White. I have no idea why they've latched on to this when it's pretty easy to debunk

No. 1310384

and again it was meant to be specifically an Anglo-Saxon myth, not a whole "Pure Europe" myth

No. 1310442

Is this supposed to make him look bad? I don't get it

No. 1310444

Everyone in Europe is united in one thing: hating Gypsies. If you have ever been in any big European city you would understand this. Gypsies are not people. They literally cripple their own children to make more money begging. They will chase you down the street and harass you, they teach their kids to be inappropriate with strange men to guilt them into giving them money to make them go away cause a strange kid is rubbing their crotch. Gypsies are the fucking worst.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1310462

File: 1630170758666.jpeg (66.09 KB, 640x408, E3924F4E-4EFF-4BE6-9785-146B38…)

No. 1310463

File: 1630170799408.jpeg (71.14 KB, 640x548, 666C3B77-38E3-4F8B-A87E-F424B9…)

This is her reply when someone asked if she has a source

No. 1310469

I didn't know that she had a second child, but I remember when she had the first because it was in a swaddle against her chest during a stream. Her husband was acting like people were attacking their house or something and they had to move, but I don't buy it. I highly doubt anyone cared enough to go bother them.

Lana still looks rough as ever.. I shouldn't be surprised because such a nasty personality would have a nasty face.

No. 1310530

the real question is what do they even go from this ? a couple thousand /pol/tards who call them "based" that's what they destroy their lives over
they have no real platform or audience, their screaming into the abyss and just exercising in futility

No. 1310535

The weird thing is that I never used to see them mentioned on /pol/. I heard about who they were from someone offline who has zero familiarity with the chans, but her boss listened to them. I looked them up and was surprised at how unapologetically batshit they were. The husband also claimed they were based in Sweden at one point, but I don't think they ever actually were and it was just something to impress the viewers for that "nordic" experience. The set was a black and purple room that felt reminiscent of HIM aesthetic and early 2000s "gothic". It was just so fucking strange.

Lana featured that randomyoko girl once, the Japanese nationalist woman, and the stream ended awkwardly because it was clear she and Lana weren't remotely on the same level. Lana tried to grill her for what if a Japanese man dated a white woman and Yoko said she didn't really care and you could see the disappointment in her face.

No. 1310536

Samefag but the disappointment in Lana's face that is. I think she thought Yoko was going to be some ethnonationalist like she and her husband but Yoko didn't give a shit about that sort of thing because her bag was mostly about removing American military presence from Japan.

No. 1310537

I've had similar conversation with certain Korean nationalists, they don't want to outright remove foreigners, they want them to "assimilate culturally" and "become" Korean. give up their names, ethnic history and heritage and start fresh as Koreans
And Historically this has been the case for East Asia, conquered ethnic Groups were "Sinicized" or "Japanized"


No. 1310538

Samefagging again and it's the last time sorry but I also forgot to mention that they were not pleased with the idea of Trump becoming president years ago, despised the Shadilay/Pepe/Kek meme shit, and the alt-right from what I saw during the streams. They were honestly so catty and bitchy about the new "movement" and it was surreal to see this grown ass couple playing a game of #morenazithanthou towards a bunch of shitposters on a weeb board. Not covering for /pol/ and not saying they're not shit. Just saying that red ice very much tried to make this into a pissing contest over who was whiter and more of a nazi. I also can't remember who they wanted to win the election but they were definitely griping about Trump winning because he still didn't meet their weird standards somehow. I don't even know anymore and I feel sorry for their kids. We don't choose our family.(derailing)

No. 1310540

Yep anon that's basically what it is and the sheer silent rage in Lana's face when she abruptly ended that stream has stayed in my mind to this day kek. She really thought she was getting someone who hates race mixing.

No. 1310542

Aren't gypsies like an ethnic group that was forcibly resettled from the terrains of France some century ago or more? It's the same thing with travelers in Ireland e.g. They were forced by the (((great european nationalists and conquerors))) out of their land and now are hated for what they've become. Sorry for ot.

No. 1310547

This bitch is really stupid. I hate people like this. She's now shitstorming about myocarditis and other side effects and fails to understand things like people are conditioned to have reactions like this just out of sheer city lifestyle. I don't think she even knows how the vaccine is supposed to work. Of course soldiers who suffer from post-traumatic stress are gonna be in the risk group for such autoimmune reactions like myocarditis when their heart muscle already endured major stress. But cows like Marie won't comprehend that it's not the vaccine that causes things like that, it's the autoimmune reaction triggered with underlying conditions. Maybe vaccines caused her autism too lol huh?

No. 1310551

Varg autism edition: I have no idea what sarcasm is but I will misinterpret things like toxic masculinity for the sake of proving my point.

No. 1310557

Gypsies are nomads originating from northwest India, their not just in Europe, their around in modern day Pakistan, North west, Central Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and they are hated in all these regions
everyone hates them, their hated in my Pakistan and many people would literally shoot them if they get their near villages or towns

No. 1310578

I can't say I hate them too much for being anti gypsy. I live in Dublin (capital of Ireland) and the gypsies are mainly Romanian. They teach their kids to wait near ATMs and try to snatch cash coming out of the machine, I had to wrestle my money back off some teen a few years ago. Tbh anti gypsy stuff is probably the only agreeable thing these people bark about since they are an actual fr problem in Europe. Saged for blogging, my apologies for slightly derailing(derailing)

No. 1310696

File: 1630189556881.jpg (1.34 MB, 1798x4033, pt2021_08_29_00_20_21.jpg)

Foreskin is to him what placenta is to Marie. Foreskin cult.

Yep, I'm from a country in Central Europe with big Roma population and had similar stuff and physical aggression happen to me a few times when I was a kid and didn't know better (to avoid when you can, don't ever lock eyes). Women, men, children, they'll all go and attack you and shout swears at you.
It can be difficult. There are some good gypsies trying the best with what they have but it's such a rare minority.

No. 1310750

File: 1630192770051.jpeg (95.63 KB, 639x649, 6ED8226A-867A-4F6B-BF3A-C71833…)

i love how they struggle between wanting to flex their edginess for nazi points and claiming to be the most empathetic, kind, pure-hearted, most motherly and uwuest of all people

No. 1310769

Nah, calling someone "foreskinless" or whatever is his way of calling someone a jew or influenced by jews. You know, the whignat logic.
He would be banned if he was openly antisemitic.

No. 1310776

yeah, you can tell when he said “no foreskin and think only about money.” might as well just said “greedy little jew” but he cherishes his twitter way too much to be that bold.

No. 1310994

File: 1630219886295.jpg (57.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

sage for OT but I do hate them for personal reasons, an entire group of Gujjar(Pakistani gypsies) children, started spitting on me and my friends when we didn't give them money
that's how they raise their children, Is it a wonder why calling someone a gypsy is still an insult in South Asia, Arab countries countries as well Europe(derailing)

No. 1311014

Sage for no contribution: is it me or did Varg & Marie’s inner circle abandon them because they felt alienated by Varg’s spergouts about anything and everything?

No. 1311080

>It's whitey's fault these people are awful
Lmao. Come back to me when you have ever traveled to any big European city and had any interaction with them. I have actively caught a young girl with her hands in some tourists pockets and when I called her out she called me a Nazi (no reason other than I am blonde) and spat at me. The Gypsie mafia puts them up in rooms with 20 people that they absolutely wreck and you can never rent out again, they actively make babies for the sole reason that a young child with a baby in tow will get more money begging, then they take that money from them at the end of the day and if it's not enough they get a beating. They cripple kids and women on purpose. All country with Gypsies in it agrees that they are fucking awful.(stop)

No. 1311082

Enough gypsy gagging, this doesn’t change the fact that Nornaaaaaa is a psycho who has “May impure blood water our fields” written in her Twitter description.

No. 1311089

Someone from the previous thread suggested a lot of them have BPD anon and it makes sense to me. So when they obsessed over some Burzum fan with a minimum wage, they absorb his ideas to become the ideal girl he wants. Funny how they can go from “I bake bread with artemisia to keep muh family healthy” to “idk might exterminate all non whites later” real fast

No. 1311178

File: 1630252062538.png (1.64 MB, 720x1885, Screenshot_20210829-114605.png)

I can't get over how edgy these people are, imagine having this in your living room

No. 1311191

i can't resent him, i find his retardation quite hilarious.

No. 1311216

I'm a brown girl and I love Varg, I would love to date younger version of him and live be his homestead wife
I resent the men of my own culture and wish they were all dead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1311217

maybe get help. varg is a raging misogynist on top of everything else

No. 1311234

he's still better then 99% of men in my country tbh, he'd be considered by progressive by Muslim standards in genera;

No. 1311240

what type of muslim men do you live around? because the ones i grew up with were exactly like varg but brown.

No. 1311241

…….Pakistani, just kill me already

No. 1311243

Not sure if you’re a troll but if you’re speaking the truth, then your best chances are liberal white men. Effina’s husband married a brown girl tho

No. 1311246

I wish you the best anon. I hope at least they don’t force you to marry a cousin… I wish we could save all willing women from Middle East and leave the scrotes to rot and fuck each other.

No. 1311247

File: 1630258025759.jpg (39.61 KB, 820x547, hindu-symbol.jpg)

>husband is just steadying her for when he reveals he's not actually white but an indian hindu

No. 1311257

File: 1630258955376.jpg (91.66 KB, 627x640, Pashtun_Swastika.jpg)

not defending him, but the Swastika is found literally everywhere, in both Indo-European culture, Hinduism, Buddhism and even Finnish culture
You will literally the Swastika everywhere and in religious iconography including Islamic ones

No. 1311258

i always found it funny when white supremacists use symbols from cultures they deem "lesser." just proves they have nothing going for them other than (barely)slightly better women rights

No. 1311263

There are white guys who want to live on a farm who aren't as autistic and fat as Varg. I'm not gonna kinkshame you if that's what you're into, but like raise your standards a bit or you're gonna end up with a husband who sits on Twitter eating KitKats all day while you work as a full time farmer, mother, teacher, and cook

No. 1311264

then they must love oli london

No. 1311265

The account with the rug pic is a Varg orbiter so I highly doubt they got it for one of the other meanings in this case

No. 1311325

margaritaevna is that you?

No. 1311647

File: 1630313141016.png (278.26 KB, 1080x1238, Screenshot_2021-08-30-15-35-46…)

Did he really fucking hopes vaccine will cause mass death, so that he and his sauronic horde can finally get free lands for their autistic permie neanderthal larp?

No. 1311654

Ah yes because when said farmers magically die the actual retards who currently cultivate weeds in their backyards will be able to just move into the farms and properly operate them.

Does varg even know how to change out a tyre?

No. 1311789

They get wet dreams about pretty much any post apocalyptic scenario.

No. 1311863

it’s so fucking hilarious because their candy-munching asses will be the first to die

No. 1312005

File: 1630355028193.png (630.77 KB, 1008x1070, Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 21.17…)

Blessed? Arent starlings considered pests?
He'd be surprised to find out that if vaccinated people were to magically die then nature would have no mercy on these cvnts and all the diseases they didn't vaccinate their kids for would quickly take reap and that would be it for their muh neanderthal tribes.
Wouldn't say it's surprising all their beliefs are basically just to negate reality or convention. Don't get me wrong it's good to challenge convention but if you only do it for the sake of getting a hate boner then you're just mentally ill.

No. 1312013

File: 1630355244793.png (744.25 KB, 1008x734, Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 21.18…)

Interesting Varg never has to write such things online. Fucking noob with his under-foreskin cheese barely washed once a week when he decides to splash in the water. I'd like to feel sorry for Marie but she's a handmaid and extremely brainwashed. What the fuck went wrong in her teens kek

No. 1312051

File: 1630357479652.png (2.01 MB, 2057x1457, Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 21.53…)

Sorry, reupload bc I had to crop it!
No comment.

No. 1312198

File: 1630369707521.png (768.58 KB, 720x2251, Screenshot_20210830-202124.png)

All I'm picturing tbh is one of Varg's kids being like a 25 year old virgin and meeting the like only pure blonde nord who doesn't run screaming from their house once they see the shit bucket (aka the "dry toilet"), and then attempting to figure out if they're compatible though badly improvised viking dance to no music because heavy petting is a Jewish conspiracy and so is all (((media))) except for Varg's weird spoken word neofolk albums

(I'm not making fun of Varg's kids, just his parenting and world views, honestly if that happened to any of them I would just feel bad for them.)

No. 1312299

It's a general pagan LARP thing independently from the Nazi edgelord thing (not that people can't be both a pagan LARPer and a neo-nazi). It was actually used fairly widely in the 20th century until it became associated with the Nazis in everyone's mind and most normal people dropped it to not give the wrong impression.
It's still used in some context where it's obvious that it is NOT used in the Nazi sense (e.g. fairs where people dress up in period clothes and use traditional patterns and such).

This obsession with race is so American. It virtually didn't exist in most of Europe until all the edgy autists started to consoom American media. European traditionalists are more interested in their culture and language than anything else (not because they like foreigners, but because the biggest sensible social unit is ethnicity, and brown people's exclusion is axiomatic). Of course these spergs don't get along with "their people", so they mix into this autistic internet melting pot.

No. 1312437

File: 1630398827281.gif (4.54 MB, 312x250, soultrain-1.gif)

>That's what DANCING is for…
brb, going to the club to find my perfect match

Jokes aside, if they aren't autistic, they're gonna find a way out of the placentaverse. I'm rooting for them.

No. 1312481

File: 1630406964490.png (215.29 KB, 1080x1273, Screenshot_2021-08-31-17-44-29…)

No Christian, you probably got an unchecked brain damage

No. 1315462

File: 1630748605447.png (233.22 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_2021-09-04-16-41-11…)

No. 1315474

I mean as shitty as it is a lot of early abortion science was based on Eugenics i.e removing the "inferiors" from even being born

No. 1315500

People still do it today albeit for ethical reasons. If doctors detect horrific diseases/deformities in a fetus, they will give people the option to terminate the pregnancy. I think Varg sees this more as "good we are removing muggle blood from our magical elf race" and less as "this is to prevent misery/is the most ethical thing for the baby"

No. 1315610

File: 1630764210670.gif (873.14 KB, 320x180, varg-kickboxing.gif)


varg attempting to dance is probably one of the funniest things ever. guessing it's like this, minus(?) the kicks.

No. 1315812

are they pregnant again? marie is such a good girl for ripping her crotch apart every two years for the master race… varg is such a beta. even primates don't reproduce on that scale. it takes way too much effort and resources for the female to bring one young up. sperging on muslims and other moids out of sheer jealousy that the whyte pack don't have as much offspring is so ironic for varg to do. why regressing like that kek. tragic. muh elven superiors.

No. 1316945

Possible since they don't use any birth control but I doubt it, they're pretty careful to space their children out. Varg has expressed these thoughts before though, it's not really a weird opinion for a eugenicist to hold

No. 1317014

File: 1630928339377.jpeg (136.84 KB, 640x806, A675910D-B71B-4296-B54D-1D9357…)

varg tweeted this and when his follower asked him to explain in the replies he just said no. what an absolute retard, hard to believe he's nearly 50.

i can't believe actual women fall for his "pro-women" bait. forced sterilizations and "racial hygiene" like in the third reich would in reality affect most of his followers as they are all mentally ill and most of them not actual "aryans", not to mention varg himself and his wife are autistic (and brown haired) which would make them genetically defect as well.

No. 1317023

Women have been having herbal abortions for much longer than that

No. 1317036

Kek he always post these “gloriously depicted norse” men and women but when you check the candid pictures of Varg and Marie the truth hits

No. 1317052

His twenty year old photos that he has been recycling since forever

No. 1317085

The Ebers Papyrus (1600 BCE) has several recipes for abortifacients. Pretty sure there are Chinese documents about chemical abortion that go back even farther.

No. 1317206

File: 1630950030549.jpg (554.73 KB, 696x960, black-metal-thinspo.jpg)

kekek and the fact that the lady on the left looks like she's the exact bleach blonde like Marie I can't even

it's actually not that hard to believe when you look at what level of retardation the majority of scrotes from this age group represent kek

made me think about the pic attached, topkek but I have to admit from the root regrowth he actually does have dark blonde hair underneath the dye. another thing with his kids brunette hair coming out, tbf I have cousins in Norway and this shade of brown hair is rather common there. Norwegians and most of Northern Europe aren't as blonde as varg fantasises. he needs to ditch sugar fat walrus

No. 1317214

File: 1630950703952.png (102.75 KB, 1070x346, Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 18.42…)

where does he even get these ideas from? I won't believe that Oxford's Tolkien would have anything like that on mind when he created his books. varg trying to larp as his idol but without actual education oh irony. kek

No. 1317260

Girl I was about to mention the L’Oréal behind the seedbox but I didn’t want to be hair dye fagging lmao it really looks like the artist just traced a bleach blonde as a reference

No. 1317265

It’s dark blonde hair that gradually turns into mousy brown or bronde as people grow older. It’s the most common hair type in Europe tbh. It’s not like he has dark brown hair but his screeching over how blonde he is just makes the whole thing laughable

No. 1317267

He looks like a very angry surfing board

No. 1317286

File: 1630955835594.jpg (65.05 KB, 700x686, b88c43fbd1d2d239dc60d6742717b4…)

kekeke as someone who used to highlight their hair I will see it from miles away can't help myself at that point

my sides lmao

it's for (((((camouflage in the forest!!)))) trve camo blond, pretty sure the l'oreal shade too improves hiding in the trees

No. 1317293

File: 1630956331755.png (289.24 KB, 1070x1336, Screenshot 2021-09-06 at 20.21…)

i have no life I should go to sleep or do sth productive

concepts as who actually finds 'hyper masculine' moids attractive and why it might be the opposite on women's side I'll just omit just like it happens to be in these brilliant minds
not sure if I've seen fat eskimo or Sami men if we talk about traditional hunter gatherers, not sure you're gonna witness anything like that neither in northern hemisphere nor anywhere else in the world where indigenous people live but what do I know kek

sage bc its mostly my spergs

No. 1317298

File: 1630957255185.jpg (106.97 KB, 993x609, Sami-family.jpg)

Yeah hunter gatherers who eat mostly meat/fish and move a lot in difficult terrain are sinewy and lean. It's a lazy modern lifestyle and things like his beloved refined sugar that really fattens people.
He probably doesn't think Sami people are white aryans though.

No. 1317305

probably not but that doesn't stop him from trying to get sympathy of Indigenous Americans. isn't his whole point the return to nature and such after all? old hypocrite will look down on Sami perhaps but look at him with his AUTHENTIC natural barbarian European and whatnotTM 'old fashioned survivalism' life style from CIVILISED XX century Europe with a mix of some medieval cosplay and ton of naz1 Germany pictures in his likes on twitter. not even mentioning sugar. bitch wants to live authentically, he should drag his ass to the arctic circle and even fucking volunteer for Sami ppl once in his lifetime. what a clown.

No. 1317313

>volunteer for Sami ppl once in his lifetime
That would involve physical work, including working together with other people for the community's benefit. You know selfless things you need to do to survive in a traditional community - he wouldn't be able to do it.

No. 1317335

I’m hunter-giggling Anon

No. 1317338

We need another edit with Marie’s face on it if you want to waste more time anon

No. 1317452

File: 1630975039218.jpg (249.91 KB, 554x945, Schwarzkopf-Nordic-Blonde-Hair…)

No. 1317555

when has he looked down on samis or said they aren't white? I've only ever seen braindead woke americans claim sami are people of color.

No. 1317572

didn't say he looked down on them just that it wouldn't be surprising if he did. I don't know anything about it tbh but I've seen him engaging with native americans on twitter. the way he cherry picks which groups are good or bad doesn't make much sense anyway.

No. 1317677

i would think he doesn't considers them white/nordic because he is probably in denial that they are actually the real native people of northern scandinavia and not him lmao. nazis have always hated them and considered them inferior.

No. 1318604

It is true that muscle weighs more than fat but unless you're Dwayne The Rock Johnson, if you're really heavy you're probably just fat. His BMI is ~28.7, placing him nearly at obese. (Some sources say 5'9", he says he's 5'11"-6', I split the difference and calculated it at 5'10").

cope, Varg. I would respect him more if he weren't so in denial about how it's muscle and how trve Evropeans are fat. No shame in getting a bit heavy in middle age, but this is like, pixyteri workout lines levels of cope

No. 1319083

File: 1631132305939.jpg (235.07 KB, 1722x1020, symptoms-metabolic-syndrome-ob…)

Fat bellies are gross, a strong, lean man looks much better imho. Moids like Varg with fat bellies just tell themselves this to feel better about their disgusting gut. Large bellies indicate potential higher risk of heart disease and such ailments. It's not a positive trait. A lean strong man is able to move quicker and more efficiently- less dead weight he's carrying

No. 1319084

But they originally weren't white. They look white now because most of them are mixed with white like how a lot of Native Americans are mixed with white. My grandfather was a mix of white an Sami and he was very dark and didn't look white.

No. 1319181

>it's racist of varg if he doesn't include sami in his white elf larp
>sami aren't white they are precious people of color
pick one

No. 1319284

But he can sure feed his tribe! If he grew so much fat he sure must have a skill to hunt a lot of nutritious game! kek

The fact there's dementia connected to this kinda shows already in Varg. When he was still on YouTube he would say nothing about other races or whatever groups being this or that, just tribalism and shtf. But now, he forgot he wasn't a nazi apparently and his twitter is rich in his appreciation for it. He likes pics of hitler and all posted by other spergs. Non-europeans suddenly are orks and Tolkien didn't write a fantasy series with inspiration going back to his linguistic studies but on whatever interpretations varg spergs in his tweets.

But anon >>1319084 is right about the Sami. They belong to the same linguistic group as Finns and it is proven that their roots go back to Asia. We don't know what varg thinks about them tho but if it is like anon >>1317555 says and varg is a nazi then why wouldn't he hate the Sami too? Especially that they live more with nature than he ever would and don't grow fat bellies from refined sugar. But he has some weird affinity to Native Americans through paganism. Who knows how he really explains and excuses things to himself in his head.

No. 1319302

Varg looks down on southern europeans such as the spanish and italian for being "too dark" and hates to share a race with them, why would he consider the Samis as pure whites like himself kek, only blonde elfs can be part of the masterace.

No. 1319309

>They belong to the same linguistic group as Finns
exactly, finns are still white.
>it is proven that their roots go back to Asia.
you go back far enough and everyone is african.

No. 1319314

The level of cope and delusion from these bottom barrel men is insane. No woman (of any race) prefers a fat man over a fit one. If you have to lie to yourself and the world in this way to twist your self image in your favor, you are absolutely pathetic. Just accept you are fat and do the work to change, have some dignity.

No. 1319431

I'd choose an overweight man who I connected with over a thin/muscled asshole.

No. 1319572

File: 1631181281492.jpeg (163.32 KB, 640x863, 383F2F61-BCE2-410D-AE8F-028B91…)

idk maybe these paganthots are some kind of autist/chubby chasers with a fetish. picrel is the boyfriend of nornaaaaaa/norna88 kek. not all of them seem to be as fat as varg but absolutely none of them are muscular in any capacity, most are typical skinnyfat nerds such as picrel.

No. 1319586

>No woman (of any race) prefers a fat man over a fit one.
This is flat out false, no need to exaggerate when you already have a point

No. 1319674

Nah, some of us like chubby men or are ok with a little belly. I definitely would never date a guy who was very skinny tho. Little belly > skinny twig any day. Most women just want the guy to be bigger, if it's muscles or fat or height, it feels comfy to be next to a bigger man. Saying you will only date men who are super in shape and have muscles will leave you with a very small pool of men in current year since most work office jobs and the men who fit your ideal are mostly /fit/ level retards and completely full of themselves. Chubby guys at least have to find ways to make you laugh.

I don't think it has anything to do with thinking the man is a "good hunter-gatherer", but feeling protected by a larger male and feeling more small and feminine in comparison. Sure, it sucks that standards for men are so much lower than for women, but that's just because women prioritize different things when looking for a partner and we're just less shallow overall.

No. 1319689

I don't think the point is really whether or not women can be attracted to chubby or fat guys. People are obviously attracted to all kinds of people, I'm sure plenty of women do like Varg's body type and if that makes them happy, that's fine. And we do all understand that being fat isn't healthy.

What's dumb is how Varg can't handle anything about his life being less than flawless and everything has to be him being a pvre Nord. He can't just be like "yeah I got a little fat, I guess all that cake snuck up on me"

He goes, "I eat cake like my European forbears! (((They))) don't want you to know that refined sugar is native European! I am not fat, I am 200 pounds of muscle and Europeans need fat to store vitamin D! Muscular guys with low body fat are an African ideal and ((((they)))) promote it to encourage race mixing"

Like calm down Varg, just eat a salad, have cake only sometimes, and go chop some wood and take your kids to the lake and you'll lose the weight

No. 1319692

File: 1631195582954.png (278.07 KB, 720x1499, Screenshot_20210909-095226.png)

Lol he has said variations of this before but I didn't realize he had literally just tweeted that exact thing today

No. 1319700

File: 1631196041349.png (600.78 KB, 720x1562, Screenshot_20210909-095851.png)

Has Varg even read Tolkien because that isn't what this poem is about even slightly

No. 1319721

Bottom of the barrel bait

No. 1319724

> This obsession with race is so American. It virtually didn't exist in most of Europe until all the edgy autists started to consoom American media.
I'm not sure which part of Europe you're from anon, but western Europe is full of race spergs.

No. 1319738

File: 1631198769480.png (713.51 KB, 1196x1458, superior fatties.png)

he and marie make so many exaggerated and retarded claims that always come back to bite them in the ass later. the fat vs fit hypocrisy has been very entertaining to follow as they cope with the fact their family have gotten more and more unhealthy over the years.

No. 1319752

Apparently you haven't read Tolkien either. My FAVOURITE part of The Hobbit is when Bilbo plants a pipe bomb somewhere in Long Lake Esgaroth and starts phoning up the government about why elves aren't black

No. 1319771

Ah, yes. I remember this happening on chapter 6 — Out of Prison into the Placenta.

No. 1319776

> Tolkien: sweet poem about an old Hobbit longing for absent friends and his days of adventure
you may not like it, but this is what white supremacist excellence looks like, kek

No. 1319805

I want a neo nazi fat acceptance movement and I want it now

No. 1319952

Thank you anon, that's exactly what I meant. My point wasn't to shit on fat/chubby men or the women who are attracted to them but like you said, Vargs innability to deal with the truth in a way that takes accountability and is honest, but of course that can't be expected of him.

No. 1319959

The infuriating part is this idiots want fat men to be accepted but god forbid a woman doesn't look like a fairy book elf after 8 pregnancies.

No. 1319980

>Like the little kid in our street that called me fat in an argument
Because having arguments with little kids that live next to your home is perfectly normal Varg kek

No. 1320076

File: 1631219577424.jpeg (211.33 KB, 946x1200, D3947E73-B55E-4761-9715-0DDC88…)

anon, he was obviously just defending his own tribe from the evil orcish spawn of the sauronic clan next door. we should applaud him for his manly bravery.

No. 1320360

Imagine trying to have your little house in the French countryside, just minding your own business and eating baguettes or whatever, and your closest neighbor is Varg who occasionally pauses his favorite hobby of using a camera and a timer to take hundreds of nearly identical selfies with his truck, to come and argue with your small child about elves. Your child calls him fat, and you will talk to your child about name calling later, but then much to your shock Varg, an adult man, calls your child fat himself and stomps off in his Crocs

No. 1320419

My sides

No. 1320437

File: 1631263965995.png (925.49 KB, 1070x1336, Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 09.51…)

Tell me you're mentally stuck in your teens without telling me you're mentally stuck in your teens. Also, the way he keeps talking himself up publicly online that he's so cool and shit is such pathetic narc behaviour. What an old disgusting scrote.

No. 1320439

File: 1631264159794.png (996.2 KB, 1070x968, Screenshot 2021-09-10 at 09.54…)

It's really funny with this war against christians and all and how he and his followers look up to hitler who was a devote catholic man, and swallow up all his hypocrisy for the germanic pagan aesthetics of the third reich…

No. 1320457

File: 1631266353564.jpg (563.61 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_09-10-04.26.14.jpg)

They're incels

No. 1320487

>women aren't allowed to have hobbies and interests that aren't their idea of feminine

No. 1320568

File: 1631283465945.png (765.29 KB, 1240x1534, rip farm.png)

okay, this insane vargtard and his recent family drama is very entertaining. i will try to summarize, but i encourage anyone interested to go and read his blog posts on the whole ordeal, they're very funny but too long to be included in screenshots.

part 1
part 2

summary of events
>fat white trash ex-convict nazi junkie in minnesota wants to inherit big family farm, apparently feels entitled to it because he played there a lot as a child
>his uncle buys the farm once former owners, vargtards great-uncles, pass away
>vargtard is just out of prison and has no money to buy the land/parts of the land from his uncle
>uncle kindly suggests he can buy the farm once he can afford it, he can even live there for free in the meantime
>vargtard saves up to buy the farm, gives his uncle the money
>uncle and grandparents still own everything as there's never a legal process to make vargtard the landowner, and they still live on and use other parts of the farm
>this is because they don't want to waste money on lawyers and he might buy/inherit more farmland later down the line
>so in the yellow pages he's the resident/"owner" of the farm, but essentially this means nothing as there was never an official transaction
>vargtard moves in
>he is still a junkie, criminal and a nazi retard, uses the farm to create "permaculture", grows hemp to make CBD oil
>grandparents have to call the police on him and have him arrested on occation
>uncle obviously regrets his decision, fights with vargtard
>vargtard wants to finish the legal process of the transaction and get a restraining order on uncle to ensure he'll get to continue his LARP undisturbed
>there's a big family reunion, everyone is there, grandparents and uncle announce vargtard won't keep the farm, they will sell it to his cousin instead
>vargtard flips out because apparently the cousin is half-black
>they go to court, cousin gets the farm, vargtard gets financial compensation though because he payed for the farm and payed property taxes during the years he lived there
>court puts a restraining order on vargtard after him threatening to kill the cousin and overall batshit behaviour
>spergs out on twitter, all the other larpers send their support in typical cringey fashion, pic related
>he's now in some other cabin he owns 20 miles away from the farm
>plans to move in with his mom in wyoming because apparently his viking barbarian nature compels him to go and murder his cousin as long as he stays in minnesota
>blames all of it on his uncle and cousin, decides his uncle is a jew and his cousin is a nigger and they have somehow "infiltrated" his family
>can't understand why his viking grandparents would do this to him, a purehearted viking warrior??
>claims his grandparents were coerced into their decision, that they're too old and weak etc
>at the same time he posts pics of them in tractors farming the fields on twitter, talking about how healthy and strong they are even in old age

No. 1320576

>his viking barbarian nature compels him to go and murder his cousin as long as he stays in minnesota
Fucking hilarious, thank you for compiling all this

No. 1320582

Thanks for the entertaining compilation and summary anon. Love these kind of posts

No. 1320584

God, the comments are even more hilarious than the original story.

“Poison the wells. Burn the crops. Don’t leave anything to the hands of your enemy.”

Such nature loving honorable pagans they are!

No. 1320594

File: 1631288130833.jpg (48.22 KB, 483x561, 20210910_123733.jpg)

I'm partial to "sending thunderbolts to hit your enemies"

No. 1320611

File: 1631289399154.jpg (673.86 KB, 1780x2031, 'David'_by_Michelangelo_Fir_JB…)

Idk, we all have different taste. I work out and am fit and just always liked guys who also worked out and are fit. It's a lifestyle for me and I like a guy who shares the same lifestyle.

Moids like Varg who say this sort of stuff appear to be coping. Any guy looks better fit. I think my perception is common as most ancient statues depicting the ideal male form are of muscular lean men.

No. 1320629

The ironic thing about that is women can actually have a higher body fat %. Estrogen is produced by fat cells & women are most fertile with a little fat. You see in old European art, the men are depicted muscular and the women typically have a little fat (not by today's overweight/obese acceptance but not like the 90s herion chic standards)

Has Varg made fun of "fat feminists" before only to now excuse it since his wife is getting bigger? That would be funny

No. 1320744

>i can be mad at a man, but not at a woman bc women aren't responsible for themselves!

>why can't i find any women to date?

gee i wonder.

No. 1320755

Why are the women in those pictures so thin? Isn't that what he calls the African ideal?

No. 1320765

These statues were made by men and they also have tiny penises. I don't think this is a great point to make in your favor. If you have an active livestyle and want your partner to share it that makes sense, but that doesn't mean all women want that. A lot of women would prefer spending a comfy evening at home with a dude who has a bit of a belly over a guy who spends hours a day at the gym (around barely clad gymbunnies). I have been with guys of all shapes and sizes and muscular guys are not comfy to cuddle. Nothing against women who prefer a sixpack, but let's not pretend that everyone thinks this is the ultimate "ideal" and every woman secretly wants it. As long as the man is healthy and not obese theres nothing wrong with having more than 16% bodyfat.

No. 1320767

that and as far as i remember the men with more fat have lowest testosterone levels and viceversa, though of course any healthy body needs the minimum fat reserve to function, male body too but it's a lower percentage than for women. also, don't men who bodybuild also have to take testosterone shots to maintain the muscle? at least i heard something like that. varg is an old delusional fat scrote.
on that note, varg used to talk about how traditional, romantic, old fashioned gentleman he used to be since ever and that he wouldnt fuck around like other dudes but what common sense tells me, he was a fat autistic incels and it were other girls that didnt want to fuck varg and not varg not wanting to fuck those whores whoreing around. sike

No. 1320909

You're forgetting the most important thing, that's a Jewish fag made by an Italian fag, so of course he's a twink inferior to magic nordic warrior men

No. 1321126

File: 1631349889921.png (295.95 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_2021-09-11-15-34-00…)

>As you know, the flora and fauna on this planet survived that just fine
And that's how my brain committed suicide.
I Also wonder what makes him so cocksure in surviving new ice age better than the swarthy sauronic orcs?

No. 1321158

No one has to spend hours at the gym just don't stuff your face like an amerifat.

No. 1321205

File: 1631366810781.jpeg (134.13 KB, 640x711, 2F8D14DA-23C6-4E82-A06C-12399D…)

there won't be another ice age, he is just living in his own viking fantasy survival rpg delusion. all nazis have an idea of impending apocalypse or "civilization collapse" (in this case ice age) that they are preparing for. it lets them larp as military or warriors or whatever type of "survivalist" character they choose to be. it's also typical for nazis to just go against whatever science is saying out of spite, that's why there's so many global warming deniers, flat earthers, antivax, etc, among then.

No. 1321208

I think it's funny whenever he larps as someone who would totally make it if Earth freezes over again while the Cachets are NOT self-sustained; they survive on french welfare and the goodwill of Marie's parents for letting them stay on their land.
If civilization as a whole collapses, so will they.

No. 1321238

File: 1631372259956.png (281.36 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_2021-09-11-21-56-20…)

Global warming doesn't exist, anon

No. 1321278

does he have a bunker full of Kit-Kats ready for the coming ice age? kek

No. 1321340

Idk, I've seen science documentaries talking about possible ice age in the northern hemisphere. The problem with varg and climate change is that he doesn't take to account that humans added to the change and it's proven, also that before any ice age there is a global warming. In this case caused by accumulation of CO2 and other greenhouse gasses in atmosphere. Sure, the earth will probably try to cool down once all ice melts but that kind of ice age will be long after humans went extint. I'm pretty sure southern europe isn't gonna survive the climate change, it's not ice that should be varg's worry, it's the rising temperatures over there. kek

No. 1322015

File: 1631453200855.jpg (67.92 KB, 640x800, Snapchat-95294017.jpg)

I see what you mean about the ancient statues and all that, but ya gotta understand that most people who are obsessed with being Nordic often think of picrel as the peak moid body. I think they just see the thick joints and equate that size/build with power. Either that or they think this body is extremely muscular but with insulation fat for snow, and then think their obesity with 0 muscle tone is the same

No. 1322164

anon please, there's no logical reason why this type of body would ever be desirable, it's only ever depicted to give validation to fatass neckbeards consuming this kind of media and twitter bullshit who look exactly like that themselves

No. 1322586

File: 1631492512869.png (149.23 KB, 1070x508, Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 01.20…)

jeez, even for that he's got to find someone to blame outside of himself. peak scrotery.

No. 1322900

File: 1631532079692.jpeg (67.98 KB, 737x885, 083E0FFF-A036-4A4C-9580-C8681B…)

god it's infuriating how he spergs about "boomers", it's so dumb coming from someone who has literally never contributed to society. it's completely his own fault that he has no education. his parents are rich as fuck so he's had all the possibilities to do something good in his life, instead he chose to do cringey satan music, destroy beautiful old churches and murder a young man, and then spend the rest of his life blaming other people for his own choices. someone like him has no business complaining about boomers. sorry for the sperg i just hate him.

No. 1322908

you say he hasn't contributed anything to society, but to be fair the other young man he murdered was equally (if not more) of a spergy dumbass so at least he took one out for us kek

No. 1322929

this man is a literal case study kek his activity on twitter is something else

No. 1322950

She sounds like a jihadist. Whats the difference at this point?

No. 1322954

File: 1631542089832.jpeg (74.23 KB, 640x443, 2F067DFC-EC32-4796-89CE-46DA09…)

this actually made me laugh out loud. there should be some kind of diagnosis for nazi delusions specifically, they're on another level

you sound like one of those hybristophilia tumblr edgelords

No. 1322955

>people with blue eyes have night vision
people with blue eyes are also weakened by kryptonite and can shoot lasers out of their eyes

No. 1322966

Streetlights are actually pretty bad for insects. The halogen streetlights are way way better but I guess people don't like them because they're yellow. It's a pretty obvious and sane solution here though that isn't "just use your magical elf night vision powers"

Blue eyes do give you better night vision, but they won't let you see in the dark. No one has night vision pUrE eLf or otherwise but yeah blue eyed people do see slightly better in the dark and have eyes that are more sensitive to sunlight.

Tl;Dr: they're half right but the truth isn't ecofascist or white supremacist though for them

No. 1322967

Do you think they drive with their headlights off at night too? Tfw you cause a collision and try to tell the officer that it's because the other driver didn't have blue eyes

No. 1323081

i hate him too, anon. he's my scapegoat for all scrotes from this breed that i've ever come across, my case study for deconstructing the brainwashing of patriarchy i've been subject to. the level of dumbfuckery and narcissism he represents… i don't get how old, disgusting men like that have the audacity and such immense lack of self-awareness to be sprerging on twitter every damn day their lunatic theories and nazi fantasies without shame, to publicly embarass themselves in their age and to be so delusional that every thing has to be twisted in their mind to make them look good and everyone else bad. i dont even want to start on what a pathetic incel he is and his kind. disgusting man-child that doesnt even look decent enough to be in position to tell anyone what to do and what is right. but that's the rotten charm of narcissists. no matter how ugly in and out, they'll convince every available victim that they have something special to be envied by the rest. varg is just another blonde breeder fetishist that only seems special because he managed to get enough publicity going on about him. it boosted his ego to even more size than it already was to begin with. the only thing he does is lie and manipulate. he coerced a teenge pick-me marie to house him, groom him and breed with him and follow blindly his doctrine, he even took her last name, and he's audacity to tell impressionable people on the internet how to live.

No. 1323163

He makes like 10 shitty points interlaced with 1 decent point. Boomer lawns are pretty useless and pretty much only good for the HOA and not the local environment. But planting a couple trees isnt gonna stop shit. Also lul about the overbreeding comment, its only ok to be a breeder if you have blue eyed blonde hair trailer park genes

No. 1323166

Fat ass neckbeards and skinny chinless men are the Nordic fanboy demographic. The point I was making is that they idolise this body and they're retarded for thinking obesity is equal to power

No. 1323324

File: 1631573700687.png (115.13 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_2021-09-14-05-48-16…)

But you're using Twitter and internet?
His anti-science sperg is so funny.


No. 1323599

File: 1631602803350.jpg (945.1 KB, 2318x2898, PicsArt_09-14-01.58.36.jpg)

Sage bcs just some nobody varg orbiter but this is just sad

No. 1323787

kek, what do you mean, he is the biggest proof for this theory we have
I'm speechless

No. 1324605

Kek thank god he’s not gonna reproduce, no need for retard scum genes to be preserved, all going well according to vargtard logics, too bad some of them manage to be narcs and manipulate their way into getting laid. I’ve a theory that it’s probably why moids have such affinity kek, otherwise women wouldn’t even let things like that to touch them.

No. 1324636

File: 1631706081215.jpeg (498.85 KB, 717x800, 72A4CD3E-C0B5-4AC2-8509-24C6A3…)

These two paintings are depictions of Circe from the Odyssey, right after she turned most of Odysseus’ crew into pigs. I would love to follow my intuition and turn men into animals but I don’t think that’s what OP was going for kek

No. 1324725

Having any knowledge on history of art is a Jewish conspiracy

No. 1326310

File: 1631862763147.png (93.99 KB, 1080x634, Screenshot_2021-09-17-13-46-50…)

>No violence
Says one whose infamy is caused by committing a murder
>No debt

No. 1326512

he wants a cookie for that? big fucking whoop

No. 1328589

File: 1632091535676.png (290.82 KB, 1080x1391, Screenshot_2021-09-20-05-34-53…)

Marie went to college?

No. 1328956

Yeah I remember him mentioning they met through her art project while she was asking for permission to use his music.

But he is behaving like a totally insecure scrote who cannot compliment his wife without putting down other women. “40 year old artists” wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole Barg

No. 1329177

They look poor

No. 1329623


Varg trying to dunk on artists as though he has done anything besides sit in prison and sit on Twitter since Burzum

No. 1329864

Tinfoil but do you think Varg convinced Marie to drop and elope with him to have kids?

No. 1330101

I wouldn't be surprised and I don't like this patronizing "she NAIVELY thought…" in his post. I get the impression Marie is super impressionable, also from the way she writes her posts. For me, it's a definite Narc+Autist tandem. She seems too naive and so manipulated to be in this 6 kids deep, with this disgusting keyboard fighter that got her isolated from her family and stuck working nearly 24/7 as maid, farm-maid, fuck-maid, hand-maid, whatnot-maid, schoolteacher, parent, everything with a scrote, mentally stuck in his early teens, liking posts of hitler pics on twitter and constatnly hyping himself up online. I would like to know what was the art project she was working on that she needed his music for. And yes, I think he coerced her somehow, either covertly or overtly, somehow, because look - he was in prison, for murder, with debts to his country for destroying cultural heritage, and her - young freshman, from well-positioned family of engineers, she inherited the land and house they live on, her parents supported her financially all through. Of course, sociopath such as Barg would seize the opportunity. And stupid incels praise him on the internets like he wasn't just another rotten fucktard.

No. 1330114

File: 1632237295496.png (1.4 MB, 1054x1228, Screenshot 2021-09-21 at 16.13…)

for reference. I tell you, from all that sugar and bullshitery, he forgot he wasn't a nazi like he claimed previously kek (that's sarcasm ofc)

No. 1330212

File: 1632245761515.jpeg (146.69 KB, 640x856, 7556360B-0FBB-4ECF-A3D0-B32B2D…)

The placenta

No. 1330371

do you guys think marie eats her placenta after each baby like a real cavewoman?

No. 1330457

what is it with these guys that see placenta everywhere?

No. 1330535

File: 1632260512111.png (371.58 KB, 720x1522, Screenshot_20210921-173339.png)

Ah yes a Totally Real Review that happens to touch on a bunch of selling points that Varg pushes (Myfarog as a home schooling tool, hamingja, not SJW like other ttrpgs)

He also deleted this literally minutes ago right after I took the screenshot, I wonder why he would delete a post about a definitely 100% real Amazon review

No. 1330536

File: 1632260543700.jpg (333.03 KB, 2110x1319, 20210921_173947.jpg)

The image, to save your eyes

No. 1330550


Sage because not adding anything new but I wanna correct my mistake, he didn't delete the tweet. I think my Twitter app was being weird. Still an extremely fake review honestly, I was looking at that Amazon account and I don't think it's an alt of Varg's, I wonder if it's any of his orbiters. It's a person obsessed with Japan.

No. 1330618

File: 1632264447734.png (59.35 KB, 769x217, Screenshot_2021-09-22-05-40-57…)

IDK Anon, many Barg and Mary's products have mostly good rating too. Some of them are real but I don't check them all. Maybe there's some manipulation going, or those who buy off Amazon are simply varglets.

Picrel is part of the blurb of Marie's book, unrelated but makes me kek.

No. 1331029

File: 1632294063249.jpg (185.78 KB, 494x613, Untitled876.jpg)

No. 1331045

keeeekkkk I am deceased, thank you anon

Idk I went on goodreads to find about this book of marie and people rather criticised it and in a constructive way. i'd say only the amazon reviews are positive and prob mostly coming from some orbiters or barg's alts. i'd say this one too is written by him. i rememeber him talking sth about japan in his yt days. the only complaint he had was the hentai and other stuff or other inbreeding kek but generally he was quite appropriative of japan. hitler too was. japan is a perfect ethnostate in barg's eyes. tinfoil but nothing stays in the way of barg being secretely obsessed with it. we've seen him interacting with different kinds of ppl on twitter. who knows.

No. 1331215

Anon my sideeees

No. 1331337

it's depressing that Marie looks almost as old as varg does now, shows how much more of the work she must be taking on

No. 1331522

Must be why so many women died in childbirth throught history and still die in 2021. Dumbass should be aware that evolution wasn't exactly kind with us when it comes to giving birth. Don't glamourize it.

No. 1331810

Yes, she studied textile design.

No. 1331835

i mean she had seven fucking children are you serious

No. 1331877


Marie honestly looks pretty good for someone who has birthed seven children and also does manual labor all day. She's squinting because it's bright so it's a pretty unflattering photo and she definitely is in her 30s now and not aging gracefully either, but she doesn't look as old as Varg.

Honestly if anything that photo makes me worry for her. That hairline makes me wonder if malnourished on their cake and sorrel diet, or if the stress is getting to her. I would almost feel bad for her if she didn't refuse to leave

No. 1331885

It's her land. Just kick Varg, it's not like he helps with the children anyway.
Wishful thinking, I know. Placenta-chan will never leave nor kick Varg.

No. 1332028

She doesn’t look as old as Varg, she’s just squinting and doesn’t wear any makeup. I mean Barg looks in his seventies now and cmon, Marie looks about 35 here. Her weird down turned eye socket shape and lack of eye brows doesn’t flatter her.

No. 1332029

Tbh that pic looks like an old man visiting his daughter and seven grandkids

No. 1332087

kek nice

No. 1332583

Varg looks 60 and Marie looks 40(sage )

No. 1332640


she looks nice imo, I hope the children aren't too mentally scrambled from their freak parents and can go back to the modern world if they want

No. 1333539

File: 1632528130459.jpg (56.15 KB, 1200x236, Screenshot_20210924-205729_Twi…)

Varg liked this tweet kek. This nazi larpers are so embarrasing.

No. 1334333

File: 1632617009650.png (785.86 KB, 1186x1016, yikes.png)

it's so funny to me how these pure aryan pagans who talk down about mental illess etc obviously suffer from extreme BPD

that's a lie. marie met varg in 2004 when she worked summer job in norway, she was 16/17 and in high school and started popping out the kids not soon after. varg did take some university classes though but never finished anything.

No. 1334551

How does that make any sense at all? Like, she sees a picture of an old bearded man and mistakes him for one of the most infamous, distinctive faces of all time? She sees his tweets and assumes she's on Hitler's twitter instead? She mixes up their respective crimes, even if one of them involved genocide and a world war? An absolutely desperate, pathetic bid for his attention and it says a lot about him that he fell for it.

No. 1334678

That explains loads, thanks anon. It makes it more acceptable that they claim she was like 19 and in uni. Classic grooming setup. And how they both bitch about higher education. Ridiculous.

Chill, anon. I'm sure it's metaphorical. She probably meant that his posts sound like Hitler's propaganda and gave her that impression. Tbf they do. If it's a positive thing, I think we all rather agree it isn't.

Either way, there was someone here previously saying that Varg is kinda fading into obscurity but I can't find the post now. Just wanted to add to that, I get the same impression. He won't post on youtube because he knows he'll get banned again. His main Twitter account is restricted and he doesn't have many followers or interact with many people on the one he's currently active on. I'd say he just posts back and forth with a small group of people and they're now their own isolated club of adoration. Maybe the fact he started openly liking hitler-related shit on twitter is some of his last desperate moves to get attention because people are rather unimpressed at that stage. He claimed so long to not be a nazi, why not pull the unhinged act now the attention's fading. Tinfoil but maybe you've some thoughts.

No. 1334751

File: 1632661846169.png (998.21 KB, 720x1666, Screenshot_20210926-074540.png)

From Varg's likes. I'm honestly pretty amused that all you need to do to get senpai to notice you is have light brown hair and throw on some random hippie clothes

No. 1334877

Now that Marie has "gone downhill" as "women quickly do after 25" Varg is lusting after any blonde under the age of 25

No. 1335036


Not to tinfoil hat but I think you're right. This girl only has like 20 followers (and only 300 tweets since 2017) but Varg is one of them

She also doxxed herself on her Twitter but I'm not sure she's relevant enough to post it here since it's all speculation, she could be (and probably is) some random orbiter he liked a tweet of

Onision Trinity when

No. 1335418

I never understood why girls go for guys that specifically go for younger girls. Do they not realize they will age? I always saw that as a huge red flag bc I wanted to find a guy who'd love me when I get old & wrinkly

No. 1335427

They're not thinking in the long term and have low self esteem. They don't think they have anything to offer anyone at all (and honestly, maybe sometimes they don't) so when a guy comes along and goes "you're special and important because you're young"

what they hear is just "you're special and important" and they don't care about the implications of the rest of it, they're just dying to hear that part at all

No. 1335508

I don’t want to believe Barg has 20 year old female stans. The man takes one shower per week for Odin’s sake.

No. 1335509

Going downhill? You have to fly off a cliff to reach Varg’s level of unattractivenesss

No. 1335647

Kek, yes you would. I'm just quoting Varg. That's what he's said and when a guy feels that way, his wife will be no exception. He will only lust after young women

No. 1336257

File: 1632813608850.png (90.93 KB, 677x625, Screenshot_2021-09-28-14-13-46…)

Blond hair, blue eyes, autistic, fat, and colorblind are peak placentaverse male form

No. 1336330

He'll claim paranoid schizophrenia is actually a viking trait soon because it makes you less likely to believe what (((society))) tells you.

No. 1336392

this is ridiculous, i don't understand how colorblindness would be an advantage for hunting… wouldn't the opposite be? if animals have shorter vision spectre to not be able to see camo doesn't it mean that a colorblind person would also have problems telling shapes apart and fucking miss his targets?? kekekeke barg is seriously going more and more moronic with age

No. 1336981

File: 1632880351885.png (318.25 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_2021-09-29-08-47-52…)

No. 1337107

>women liking guns is bad and masculine
Youd think these pro nordic scrotes would love to hear about shield maidens but tough women that want to defend themselves with weapons make them feel weak I guess

No. 1337111

I mean autism aside, men(regardless of race) are more prone to color blindness then women, my brother and a couple of my male cousins are color blind. its not really a big deal for them

No. 1337128

Wait. Is this the actual Varg Vikernes from Burzum?

No. 1337153

Yes. He is now a fat old man who breeds multiple offspring with an autistic nazi while eating refined sugar and trying to be Hitler

No. 1337199

File: 1632905864613.png (145.45 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_2021-09-29-15-53-48…)

This is what he said about shield maiden. Also wasn't Marie in a shooting club and/or own guns?
Him treating it as a proof that men used to hunt is laughable IMO, like there isn't genetic reasoning behind it.

No. 1337245

Its likely that color blindness was an advantage more that it was a trait that wasn't that much a hindrance in males, sorta like humans having a tailbone and he is somewhat right regarding "shield maidens" women warriors is more or less a meme concept and has historically never been proven, even in semi-egalitarian societies it was never the women's role to fight on the frontlines but they did serve in crucial support roles which did help in battles to defeat enemies

No. 1337442

how would you prove the existence of women warriors without relying on the same evidence that proves the existence of men warriors?
like grave goods, legends, oral epics, visual depictions of combat?
evidence of women fighting appears in all of those

No. 1337507

Ireland famously had female warriors. A lot of cultures did, and I imagine the Scandinavians did too even if it was a small number of women warriors.

No. 1337603

File: 1632944706855.jpg (101.89 KB, 736x488, boudica.jpg)

most of those "warrior" graves were tied to an aristocracy with on those societies, common soldiers who did 99% of the fighting didn't get them
and actual female researchers who studied Nordic and Viking History such as Judith Jesch and Caitlin Green(who have devoted their lives to the history of specifically studying the stories and role of women in those societies) pointed out the more logical and actually plausible explanation that the skeleton likely belonged to noblewoman who was buried with her artifacts as mostly a display of her class not her occupation
It just seems such a stupid hill to die on. of wanting to prove that female warriors who could fight just like men existed, Its not about progressiveness but just physical reality, even semi-Matriarchal societies had males being the warriors (it was just that in those societies fighting was viewed as necessary jobs but also a less then noble job. like taking the trash out or cleaning toilets)
I also think that by trying to peruse the "warrior" role of men, we greatly undervalue and ignore how much women already contributed in times of warfare

its true that women have never significantly fought in the front lines in combat but they have always contributed greatly in wars and battles, everyone seems to downplay the importance of support roles in war. women made up 40% of the USAF in WW2 rear echelon support roles. That’s just under half an army, and still doesn’t account for the millions of civilian women contracted by the army to help keep it running.
Arguably every siege of a city saw women fighting as well, they knew what was coming for them when the walls fell, they didn't sit in cave and hope, they hauled rocks, carried spears, tended fires, pulled injured away. They were organizers, and strategists. They manned the bulwark. They held the breach. They fought with their lives
We have direct accounts by the Romans who wrote that during Battle with the Celts, the Celtic women would be throwing rocks at the Romans and insulting them(calling them Ugly, manlets and insulting their manhood) to distract them, while they took the gravely inquired men away from battle and made sure to berate any Celtic able bodied who attempted to run away so that they

No. 1337604

Necessaryspeed/boudica56 is that you?

No. 1337607

File: 1632945185549.png (715.99 KB, 1056x762, Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 20.45…)

from the breeding kink chronicles

No. 1337623

How they always cherry pick the 1% of white women who actually look like that model to represent them is so retarded.

No. 1337630

File: 1632947129675.jpg (602.38 KB, 1305x986, 2.jpg)

You what what, I would actually slightly respect these people more if they were actually consistent with their own bullshit, this is what most of their Aryan female ancestors looked like
they were tough and hardy and didn't look like models posing for a shoot

No. 1337635

14 children and live to the age of 88 … hmmm… i wonder what this could possibly allude to…

No. 1337637

muh pagans but the ideal is still the same virginal anemic female and expectation that she's gonna be able to push out any amount of kids without repercussions for her body
idk what 14 means but well spotted anon

No. 1337646

>and you say just this alone will make us perfectly healthy and happy?
Meanwhile, Varg thirsting on blonde 20 year olds on twitter and Marie slaves away on their land…
>idk what 14 means but well spotted anon
The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.
Jk, it's that nazi phrase about ~securing a future for white children~, it has 14 words.

No. 1337650

File: 1632948771984.jpg (81.3 KB, 792x560, 12.jpg)

shouldn't this be the Ideal for these LARPers anyway
unless they strive for the actual German peasant aesthetic they are nothing but LARPers imo

No. 1337663

unless they understand why women don't want to have anything to do with them they're betas to put it in their own language. it's this larping as the gentleman and honourable men while still preaching christian ideals and expectations for women and acting exactly the same way the middle eastern scrotes do but saying they're their enemies for me. the pinnacle of hypocrisy. no woman anywhere in the world no matter the "tribe" or religion should be subject to breeding kink fantasies of some delusional scrotes for any reason. they wonder why we don't want to have many kids or kids at all with them. idiots. calling them larpers is too kind. they're just fucking idiots.

No. 1337668

I can somewhat understand these people and if they actually stayed true to their ideals without hypocrisy I could almost respect them even though I would still disagree with them, but they can't even be bothered to do that
I believe If I was white I feel I could fallen down the same path as most of the cows posted on this thread, I don't blame them for despising the modern world and well the degeneracy and mass hypocrites that were expected to just with, its maddening really

No. 1337673

>I don’t blame them for despising the modern world and degeneracy

read a history, there was never a time or society without degeneracy and exploitation

No. 1337678

in many cases I don't think their intentions are vile either and I get the whole modern world hate too but the problem is they're pretending to be pagans and create some fantasy about how it was in the Stone Age or other crap but fail to notice they're programmed by thousands of years of civilisations and religions that went through it just the same. it shows most in their expectations for women. they blame feminism but don't see the problems they cause that have nothing to do with wage slavery and other shit. it is natural for people to want to belong somewhere and have their kin or whatever but how men overall make it traumatising for women to maintain it is not exclusionary for vargtards. the women that stick there are desperate and accept their shit out of fear of not belonging or being useful enough. it's so fucking sad, it's revolting. and their tactics for different types of women functions, the midwifes, the druids or other whatnots - it's all an extension of another holy Mary. another thing, sure there isn't many white ppl in the world and worries about population are understandable imo but in the long run of using these archaic tactics of forcing women to bear children (be it ban on abortion, social exclusion in different forms or other stuff) and not improving the way the world works and the way women are treated, there isn't anything positive that will remain in the future.
that. the way they romanticise things they know nothing about. everyone longs for a utopia of some kind…
coming back to that - it is also sad how they fail to see how brainwashed by the blonde fetish they are and how it distances them from women more and more. it's almost pornographic the ideal they keep in mind and how far it is from reality. but of course, it's a fault of the women!

No. 1337682

File: 1632952104884.png (477.02 KB, 1056x812, Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 22.47…)

just came across this orbiter in varg's likes. SO, as I said previously….

No. 1337701

File: 1632954142944.png (1 MB, 1056x1386, Screenshot 2021-09-29 at 23.19…)

did I just witness common sense in one of varg's orbiters? do you think Marie Placenta Cachet would be capable of expanding her vision like that or is it too risky and the fantasy world would collapse?

No. 1337801

Nazis are not prone to subtlely so it seems kek

No. 1337816

Speaking of this loosers larping as supreme gentlemen who care so much for their women it made me remember this couple I met on a discord server once. A young marriage, both of them met through following Varg and just being white nationalists. They met online and he traveled from Russia to the US to marry her. They both preach the same bs Varg does, muh Hitler and traditions. The guy started talking to me because he said his wife needed female friends. Then he got drunk and was cry texting me how his trad wife was physically abusive and was pregnant but was getting an abortion, right before he asked me if I'd date him if he divorced his wife.
OT but my experience with a nazi was he was even sadder than a regular man, and jarring.

No. 1337825

>Also wasn't Marie in a shooting club and/or own guns?
yes she did, i'm guessing varg made her do it since most likely he isn't allowed to own guns himself, but he still needed to have them for his photoshoots so the fatass had to get his pathetic wifey to run his errands for him like always. but the police took them away since he couldn't keep himself from posing with them while making edgy posts online to show what a tough guy he is. now he has to make do with he toy guns his kids make.
jeez who gives a fuck, war is completely useless no matter who participates. scrotes should not be revered for being more physically violent and neither should female soldiers/warriors whenever they have existed. the reason varg is so assmad about women hypothetically being warriors is that he had a huge inferiority complex and can't handle the thought that women would be independent. why else would he get with a dumb teenager as an adult. he loves to feel he has power and control.
you should doxx him in the thread anon i'm sure they're on pagantwitter as well

No. 1337929

>what are Dahomey female warriors

No. 1337934

I mean pretending this isn't the most degenerate era in all of human history is just as delusional as most of these people in this thread, were expected to think of men with fetishes as brave and stunning women, pornography and vile fetishes are in the mainstream, women twerking is considered the ultimate feminist act and open child drag queans are a thing, meanwhile the good aspects of european culture and heritage is being replaced if not insulted to suit a bunch of arab pedophile worshippers
I can't fathom not going insane in this society and I almost think its insulting that you think a woman wouldn't also hate this society just as much as men

I don't wanna defend these morons but I understand them, even though Im a disgusting mongrel non-Aryan in their views, either way I prefer them over worshippers of the arab pedophile

No. 1338159

>pretending this isn’t the most degenerate era in all of human history
do you know how many child brothels operated openly in London and New York in the 19th century?
do you know how many enslaved women were raped by their “owners”?
read a fucking history book

No. 1338171

Anon, chill. You could as well say the society is just as degenerate today as back in the past but in different ways. Also, the problem are the scrotes so please don't forget. Pedophilia and objectification of women is present now the same it was in the 19th century. Maybe it's just spread geographically a bit different way and without the official brothels because they were banned ofc. It doesn't mean these things don't exist anymore. I'd say the fact the creeps have to creep in the shadows more than ever makes it even scarier and harder to do anything about it. Scrotes are just as rotten as they were in the past, only now they have to use covert ways. It doesn't change the fact capitalism enables them big time and is in itself - a scrote invention. In the end it's just scrotes bitching about other scrotes and the circle runs around. They don't fix anything and don't do anything new but repeat old, even ancient in the case of vargtards and other naz1s, patterns, that don't improve anything. But you could argue it's the nature of scrotes to be unable to create or sustain anything new that isn't some parasitic form on others.
I understand and share your frustration, and keep coming back to these vargtards and shit and think. And keep thinking of we've been fucked up with the EU and other stuff when we still had our folk memory going on etc. and how the will of people to live in peace after never ending wars was hijacked to wipe out our cultures whatsoever! If I wasn't taught some of the little folk songs and history when I was a child, I wouldn't know anything about it and I think I was lucky enough and probably a last generation to be raised that way. Today kids aren't taught much about any of these things. Our culture is ridiculed and forgotten. The question is - do we really need movements like vargtards to preserve these things? I think it only gives it even more excuses to forget the tradition. It's a weird psychological loop in behaviour I think.
About pedophilia again - I haven't seen any other species to be such weaklings as human scrotes to have to resort to coercing and raping teenage girls and promoting it as good. Pedophilia in Europe is still a thing and vargtards and other naz1s aren't behind in practicing it like their Arab enemies. Personally, I see no hope for European women if the men won't fucking change but then sinking this ship is on them.

No. 1338203

young varg looks exactly like asmongold

No. 1338285

and now we have child drag queens barely legal female entertainers who twerk in front of millions and so called modern feminists defend this as being progressive
I guess I have a advantage over most people here, I'm not white so I don't think I'll ever fully submerge myself into delusional about all this and I've witnessed the horrors of Islamic and Arab misogyny and the degeneracy of the modern western world
I think if Varg and his ilk focused more on culture and civil nationalism other then race they could actually be a positive force, to help foreigners integrate and helps locals have a sense of identity as well as some civil values

No. 1338315

being frustrated over western cultured being "insulted" or "forgotten" or whatever is such a misguided sentiment, most of the ridiculous claims from nazis about european history, culture and religion are completely made up. of course you dumbass gullible /pol/tards can't be expected to actually care though.
>I haven't seen any other species to be such weaklings as human scrotes to have to resort to coercing and raping teenage girls and promoting it as good. Pedophilia in Europe is still a thing and vargtards and other naz1s aren't behind in practicing it like their Arab enemies
god you're retarded. have you even read these threads? all nazis do is promote pedophilia and try to justify it. varg literally groomed a teenager out of prison for fuck's sake.
but anon, they didn't have cardib and onlyfans back then so obviously it was all based and trad! all you modern feminists wouldn't understand

No. 1338385

>god you're retarded. have you even read these threads? all nazis do is promote pedophilia and try to justify it. varg literally groomed a teenager out of prison for fuck's sake.

kek, you're retarded, that's exactly what I said above, learn to read

No. 1338388

besides, I never claimed I refer to European culture as insulted and forgotten in the context of the nazi thinking. you clearly know nothing about folklore and what Europe looked like at times of early eu before most countries joined. nothing to do with nazi fantasies.

No. 1338440

take your cringey sperging elsewhere you're so embarassing. it's so obvious you're just another larping ~pagan~ tradthot reject. it is literally painful to read your posts. folklore lmao. anyone who claims the things you do does it in the context of nazi thinking because that's the ideological context in which most of those subjects (anthropology, european prehistory etc) have been developed and studied historically and that has consequently always been the origin and context of those sentiments.
and yes you did say all those things. here i'll quote for you.
>Pedophilia in Europe is still a thing and vargtards and other naz1s aren't behind in practicing it like their Arab enemies
>Our culture is ridiculed and forgotten

No. 1338490

I know it's hard to believe there are people out there that are capable of seeing both sides of the coin, and you still are proving you know nothing about European culture and how it has nothing to do with nazi sentiments. Believe it or not but Europeans had culture without the nazis and any kind of neopagan ideals. But your biggest point is that there was also degeneracy before 21st century. People had group identity and common traditions on this continent. It's been replaced by mass produced cheap shit and now the world is laughing about white people having no culture. People here too had things like traditional dresses and a whole range of rituals that have nothing to do with paganism or other religions. But people like you don't like this idea. - Also, I stated a question - do we need neonazi vargrard movements to preserve anything? If you had more than two braincells working you'd deduce from my post that I imply I don't agree with these people and I'm well aware how distorted their views are and of their origins. But it's hard to think, I know.

No. 1338721

nta my family are immigrants and even then most of my entire family despises everything about our host country especially the natives, they actually hate it and wish it would replaced with ours and for whatever reason left-wingers are ok with this
I know it sounds racist but there is no good "culture" beyond europe, only in europe do women have any semblance to human rights, even in the dark ages women still had rights then most modern countries and if it weren't colonization the world still be even more backwards, so I think civic nationalism where cultural superiority is promoted over racial one is the more ideal option(racebait)

No. 1338897

first of all i never claimed there is no european culture or whatever the fuck, you're arguing against your own strawmans. what i said was that your sentiments concerning how european culture, of which you claim to be so knowledgeable - is "degenerating", being replaced, insulted or laughed at by the rest of the world - is a typical conspiracist sentiment rooted in nazi tradition of thought, and claiming you "can see both sides of the coin", or that you think your claims don't have anything to do with nazi ideology, is doing absolutely nothing to make it less so. and no, just because you're backpedaling on what you wrote doesn't make you any less transparent. and if you feel you were misunderstood maybe try to learn english so you can express yourself more clearly in the future.

second of all, i wasn't the anon who posted about child brothels, my biggest point is not that there was also "degeneracy" in previous centuries (however arguing that there wasn't is just plain retardation), my biggest point is that you're a cringey dumbass who should stop drinking the right wing coolaid. just like the vargtards you live in a fantasy world that you project onto everything instead of simply facing reality.

jesus, please stop consuming /pol/ bullshit immediately and you won't have to be a self hating weirdo pickme anymore.

No. 1339439

The audacity when he lives on his wife’s farmland and his livelihood literally depends on her. Stop being such a hand maiden Marie.

No. 1340643

>only in europe women had human rights
Absolutely false. Consider actually learning something about the topic before talking about it. For instance, in the ancient world Persia and India were the most woman-friendly cultures, medieval Russia respected women to the point of children bearing their mother's names ("matchestvo") - compare this to medieval europe, and that's just examples I can get at the top of my head.

No. 1341125

File: 1633372726670.png (58.37 KB, 603x547, wut.png)

yeah I can't come up with anything snarky, this is just insane.

No. 1341138

Genghis Khan of Europe respensible for Eurobean children!

No. 1341152

sources for Russia? All hits I can find for matchestvo are about current times (and you still need to find a male variant of the mother's name for it to be officialy recognized) or in olden times it being given to bastard children

No. 1341312

File: 1633396929693.jpg (46.23 KB, 1200x263, Screenshot_20211004-221558_Twi…)

This is the crap Varg likes on twitter publicly. This man is near 50 and he's liking this. How can you be this embarassing and cringe. Out of all cows Varg makes me want to alog so bad.

No. 1341323

That poster is the weird Arab chick who's constantly talking about how she'd love to be a tradwife to a racist white man, lol

No. 1341325

That Twitter user is an obvious moid.

No. 1341892



>Russian matronymics

It says those were given to bastard children kek

No. 1344173

File: 1633748354980.png (56.79 KB, 572x383, xorsw.png)

Varg liked one of these tweets about how poor that Xorsw girl he simps over is… something about that seems really sad and weird to me, idk. I'd make fun of her for having brown eyes and brown hair if she seemed more of a lolcow but that's not worth posting I think

No. 1344221

File: 1633751624222.png (105.04 KB, 583x866, thesaurus.png)

the thesaurus screenshot is sending me

No. 1344316

File: 1633776711954.jpeg (65.25 KB, 640x379, 0E6589DB-0931-4B2B-BF87-0B8F77…)

cue a billion replies with people telling her that she's better than everyone else and to always ignore criticism. even if some people weren't insane egomaniacs before joining pagantwitter it surely only takes a couple of months before their personalities inevitably morph into another crazy varg copy.

No. 1344330

The audacity of this man while his livelihood depends on his wife and her assets. Is she too autistic to realize what’s going on behind her back or is she too much of a hand maiden to care?

No. 1344352

Man you really have something against that girl

No. 1344404

Both. I think she knows he’s a piece of shit but drank the Koolaid already. He also baby-trapped her young, a favorite strategy of scumbag moids. If she leaves him now she’s stuck raising 8 kids aloneand he’s back on Twitter trolling for the next deranged placenta groupie with a family farm. She knew what she was getting upfront though. Nobody marries an infamous Nazi murderer and expects to get a man with good character and a strong moral compass kek

No. 1344437

She’s already doing all the child rearing, actual farm work which is physically demanding, homeschooling, cooking etc. while Vrag is busy posting sperg on Twitter, fixing his truck or occasionally helping out with the solar panels. Her list of daily tasks wouldn’t change that much if she had the guts to kick him out. It’s ridiculous that Barg humble brags about being an honorable man while he slides into the Twitter of younger more naive placentaverse girls.

No. 1344439

File: 1633795276138.jpeg (93.43 KB, 640x594, 53935356-7E38-43B2-BDF5-FBF3C2…)

Marie wears glasses so all of a sudden stocking up on glasses are fine in case “civilization collapses”. I thought placentaverse people were 100% healthy with perfect elven eyesight?

No. 1344441

Major tinfoil but, I wonder if Vrag’s occasional self loathing and praising his wife has anything to do with getting caught red handed by his wife?

No. 1344615

Probably, or (in his head) “keep up” an image of whatever white man father patriarch he has by feigning some sort of appreciation or bond that would attract broken girls. He’s so fucking insecure, I feel really bad for Marie. I’m happy she has her children.

No. 1344687

File: 1633834796337.jpeg (120.21 KB, 717x885, D3599B66-F1D1-4AE2-A096-AA19CE…)

i feel like a lot of accounts just make these posts to bait varg for attention… but they might as well be serious considering how crazy they are

No. 1344733

File: 1633845227719.png (694.68 KB, 720x1828, Screenshot_20211010-004046.png)

Just Varg having a totally normal and healthy meltdown over a fantasy character in a wheelchair.

No. 1344735

File: 1633845335218.png (297.62 KB, 720x753, Screenshot_20211010-004400.png)

His likes are a really wild adventure but the highlight of it is really the boomer humor

No. 1344743

Honestly all of the people apart of this are fucking retarded.

No. 1344775

your doubts dont change objective reality, india was actually better when it came to female status in ancient times, you shouldnt judge it by what we see now - times change. matronymics werent given to bastard children only and were actually respected in russian culture, if your misogyny doesnt allow you to imagine such social order its only your problem.
i wish i could give it in english but i have proof only in russian, sorry http://womenation.org/materinstvo-v-drevnej-rusi/
>Сравнительно долго (почти до XIV века) держалась на Руси традиция давать некоторым детям не «отчества», а «матерства» (Олег Настасьич, Василько Маринич), так как род­ство по матери считалось не менее почетным, чем родство по отцу. Так ощущались отголоски матриархальной ори­ентированности семейно-родового сознания, и вместе с тем это была форма проявления уважения к матери и женщине в обыденной жизни, аналоги которой трудно обнаружить в Западной Европе.
>For a relatively long time (almost until the XIV century), the tradition of giving some children not "patronymics", but "matronymics" (Oleg Nastasich, Vasilko Marinich) was kept in Russia, since maternal kinship was considered no less honorable than paternal kinship. This was a way of expressing the matriarchal orientation of the family-kin consciousness, and at the same time it was a conventional sign of respect for motherhood and womankind, the analogues of which are difficult to find in Western Europe.

No. 1344918

late but imagine if men did this saying that random spiritual symbols resemble big dicks

No. 1344942

Jesus Varg, just let the disabled have their fictional disabled fantasy character they made up. Grumpy old man Varg has such a stick up his ass, kek

No. 1344948

I'm not sure why Varg and co are always using references from the Third Reich Germany. I'm reading a book on it right now and apparently they treated their farmers pretty badly.

No. 1345032

he likes it because of "muh blonde blue eyes white european aryan supremacy"

No. 1345100

because Varg thinks the Nazis were cool and good
any information on the regime’s actual policies that weren’t “kill Jews and Slavs and whoever” doesn’t register with him in any way
because he is dumb and ignorant

No. 1345155

I mean they do, constantly, not just about religion, but their religious experience is entirely sexual as well. No one has to imagine that, imagining a world without men obsessing and worshipping phallic imagery is actually a trip.

No. 1345162

Kek glad to know I'm not alone enjoying his boomer humour

No. 1345289

well they dismiss any criticism or actual history or information as "jewish scholarship"

No. 1345302

I remember reading a reddit post about how the Nazis found what they believed to be a perfect Aryan village, where the majority population were all blonde haired, blonde eyed, fit and above average height
the nazis wanted to use these villages as an example of aryan supremacy and also wanted to start "breeding programs" with these farmers, but these farmers told the Nazis to fuck off
they were very rural and religious people, they didn't even know what an Aryan was and they didn't fucking care, most just wanted to live normal lives

No. 1345337

File: 1633960988178.png (331.44 KB, 1043x591, Ataturk.png)

other cultures had potential, Egypt and Persia being the best examples but they were ruined due to the religion of the arab pedophile, India's Brahminic sect which was strengthened due to islamic invasion ruined any hopes with Hinduism
I have lived through and witnessed misogyny that you wouldn't believe in, irrational and seeped in to all aspects of society, there is no hope to better these cultures
I think Vaug and thse people are wrong but they come from a better place then 99% of the arab pedophile worshippers in this world(racebait)

No. 1345435

His male brain degenerates everything into the most simplistic porn plot. He sees power and control dynamics over women and other races he otherwise feels intimidated by, and uses the horrific reaction and fear towards nazi war crimes to internalize as fear of his power specifically through association. I feel like white incels all have a nazi phase or seriously consider it/hide it.

It’s very ironic because alpha males unite packs and are not intimidated by women to need to control them, women are in turn naturally appreciative and socially positive. I don’t care about any of this either it’s just painfully obvious and I don’t understand what he thinks he’s accomplishing. I do think it’s hilarious that he really thinks his young twitter followers are attracted to him and don’t have a very separate and unrealistic fantasy of him that he could never live up to, and that they will grow out of and be very embarrassed by. I feel bad for Marie but she has her autism and kids so maybe she doesn’t care.

No. 1345518

>alpha males unite packs
“alpha males” are just dads, and they don’t dominate the “alpha females,” who are just moms
every wolf pack is a family with mom and dad and the kids and maybe a weird uncle or aunt who never fully launched

No. 1345519

link to post pls

No. 1345549

This. it's like watching a human dad playing with his child by picking him up and swinging him in the air and saying, "ah, you see how the Alpha Male is the largest and most aggressive? He is demonstrating his superiority over the smaller, weaker Beta Male and that's why he is the only one allowed to mate with the female member of the pack"

No. 1345789

Latefag but wasn't hitler pro islam and called Christianity a wuss religion wanting a religion like islam takes over Europe so Europeans don't become sissies or something

No. 1345808

File: 1634050384798.jpg (28.72 KB, 320x374, p03hdh6j.jpg)

Its complicated, he hated Christianity mostly cause of the undeniable fact that Jesus was a brownish Semitic man and the entirety of the old testament was about jews, he believed Chrisantiy tied Germany too much to untermensch races, he also viewed Arabs as being subhumans but liked Islam cause it was a religion made for Arabs(I mean it is) which would always preserved Arab culture, heritage and language
to him Islam was almost the perfect religion, you just needed to replace all the arab aspects and history with that of Germany
a lot of this pro-Islam comments were made for the sake of encouraging anit-colonial Independence fighters to side with him and become a distraction to the Allies
he never even viewed non-white races as a threat though, he viewed them being so sub-human that they couldn't possibly be threat, his main hatred was towards the Slavs he viewed as existential threat to the Germanic race

No. 1345814

>his main hatred was towards the Slavs he viewed as existential threat to the Germanic race
Interesting, can you elaborate?

No. 1345820

nta but like she said not white = no real threat, so
>france and small euro countries -> easily defeated
>italy -> allience
>britain and usa -> there's an ocean between us
>russia -> huge, powerful, white and right next to us

No. 1345824

What is that name
Swear to God their use of these alphabets is just cringe

No. 1345838

Indians like many other were forced to obey and follow the ways of the muslims they weren't influenced nor there is a brahminic sect
When invasion became successful after many tries laws changed overnight and many customs that were not as per islam git wiped out
That's why we can see parallels in islamic mysogyny and indian mysogyny
From rapes /eve teasing, harassment to acid attacks are common between muslim countries and india

No. 1345967

the ss had their own "religion" that was worshipped secretly within ss circles which was a big schizo mess of eastern religions like hinduism, occultism, esoterism, a bunch of "pagan" ideas, nihilism and other random bullshit that fit their ideology. in the third reich hitler outwardly preached something called "positive christianity" which was meant to be like nazified christianity. because a big part of the german population at the time were christians the nazis tried to be on good terms with the church. hitler also liked catholicism because he thought the harshly enforced discipline of the catholic church could act as a gateway into fascism.

No. 1346363

File: 1634137789430.png (222.05 KB, 593x423, moon.png)

I guess Varg thinks the moon landing was faked, he's liking a bunch of tweets about it. a LOT of them, actually.

No. 1347855

Look carefully at the wording of the tweet. In particular quotes like "different people exploit it"… "it came to represent something useful in the mythological layer"… "justifies incredible evil".

Also keep in mind that for example in the Third Reich words like "Special action" "resettled" etc. were often substituted to describe cold blooded mass murder and genocide in their extensive records captured by the Allies after the war and used as evidence later.

Also consider that someone like Varg is cautious on Twitter generally because might get banned from say Twitter for spreading certain ideas and theories. Also consider that liking at tweet denying something like the American moon landings is considered a fairly benign "thesis".

Just something to think about.

No. 1351041

Do you guys seriously not understand how pathetic this is? Sitting around and psycho-analyzing strangers on the Internet? There is very little substance ITT. Posts like >>1309619 >>1321208 are completely pulled out of their asses. It reflects more on you all that you would talk about actual STRANGERS in this way. Take a step back and realize what you are doing. It's pointless.(welcome to lolcow )

No. 1351049

Varg, maybe quit the internet and help your wife with all the farm work?

No. 1351051

File: 1634640863782.jpeg (109.17 KB, 640x737, 83BA27F5-21B0-4213-AD29-331A73…)

>> We don’t need to take any vitamin D pills because we are pure white elves unlike those brown immigrants!!!1

>> Well, ackthually…..

No. 1354070

I first unironically thought he is measuring the old man's mustache to make sure they're the same width as Hitler's

No. 1360120

File: 1635831710079.jpeg (115.6 KB, 640x852, EAD66C2D-7A4D-4551-AB35-9BB41D…)

No. 1360122

File: 1635831838133.jpeg (69.75 KB, 640x524, 75400B96-5068-4309-870C-096F9C…)

No. 1360125

She’s now a birth adviser?

No. 1360130

File: 1635832791266.jpeg (136.02 KB, 640x862, 9A12877E-8472-4EBD-B0B5-F98093…)

She has these crazy ideas about birth and is now having heated arguments about birth & women’s bodies with Marie Cachet, an experienced mother of seven.

No. 1360136

if our bodies were perfectly designed for pregnancy, c-sections wouldn’t be a thing. fucking stupid.

No. 1360187

File: 1635847886057.jpeg (81.62 KB, 640x1100, C4A47D80-9AF8-4C7C-A532-195553…)

yeah she must've gotten one of these crazy scam classes lmao. there are several companies like this who offer "education" for doulas but sprinkle some new age ~divine feminine wild nature~ bullshit on top to charge even more. pic related.

on another note, nornaaaaaa deleted her account. a couple of days before it was gone she tweeted askig why varg had unfollowed her. i wonder if she deleted because she had some bpd breakdown over varg unfollowing, or if her new psycho boyfriend made her delete it. she recently broke up with her last boyfriend, who rented a small house that she lived in, to get with another laughingly bad black metal musician who's on the same cringey indie metal label as her now ex. her last bf was only 2 years older than her but this new guy is literally in his 40s and used to be a drug dealer (might still be) and have been sentenced in court several times. he lives in northern sweden while she's currently renting a room outside of gothenburg after being kicked out of her ex's house. i expect she'll move in with the new guy soon enough since she can't continue the LARP without having someone else provide a house for her to take her pagan ~homesteading~ twitter pics in. he actually got on twitter too thanks to her but deleted his account after only some weeks.

No. 1360205

Hey anon, I’m curious cus I noticed she deleted her account too. What’s the exes name/band and what’s the new guy? And the label? Cringe but I am a black metal fag and keep abreast of these things, im curious to follower her drama if I can hunt down their other social medias outside of twitter

No. 1360220

her ex is simon johansson in a duo called BHLEG, new guy is stefan sandström or "graav" and he is moslty active in his solo project ehlder. he's been in a few other bands, two with andreas pettersson (lönndom and armagedda) who is also the owner of the nordvis label under which these bands are signed. his label is a big circle jerk for all the swedish megacringe neopagan retards (skogen, grift, lustre, forndom, etc), who are all of them more or less nazis too.

here bhleg is live with some of the other guys from the label. you might recognize their props from pics on nornas twitter lol.

here is ehlder, yes that's him on the picture, lmao.

i don't think you can find much more of their socials, nornaaaaaas instagram is heleaaane and her fb was lea favrå (she spells her last name like this to make herself sound swedish, it's actually favreau), but i think it's deleted now or maybe privated. same goes for her insta, she has either deleted it or maybe changed the name or made a new acc. it's sad cause there was a ton of cringe on her fb before, RIP. i would appreciate any info if you have something interesting.

No. 1360251

Her renaissance fair photos with her buddies will be greatly missed.

No. 1360263

has she never been to a cemetery?
you can walk through any cemetery and see all the women and babies who died in childbirth in the 19th century and earlier

No. 1361462

File: 1636023475815.jpeg (83.41 KB, 640x556, 14734C19-B1F3-432C-8415-0AA549…)

she posted this idiotic rant comparing her alleged miscarriage to an actual birth some days ago, pic 1/2.

i really don't believe she had a miscarriage, i think she had an abortion. she has previously said that she is not trying for kids with her bf and they are not planning to, so why would she get pregnant, miscarry, and then stop trying and cancel all plans to get pregnant? makes no sense to me. and she has also talked about using "natural cycles" as birth control around the same time. i think it's obvious she got pregnant by accident from not using birth control and then got an abortion, and then lied about it being a miscarriage for twitter pity points from marie. just a tinfoil though.

No. 1361464

File: 1636023552764.jpeg (129.9 KB, 640x754, FD3158A2-94BA-4634-8F34-2263A6…)

here she basically confirms taking those scam "midwife" doula classes lol

No. 1361591


I love how she wrote “even in the wild” as though sitting alone in the middle of a forest is somehow fundamentally preferable to a hospital and no one would ever go to hospital unless ebil govt jews didn’t literally force them to at gunpoint. Also I wonder if these people are so far removed from reality that they don’t know “giving birth in the bathroom” is strongly associated with like teen drug addicts that then throw their baby out in the trash and not something to brag about it even if it wasn’t the case with her

No. 1362076

Kek you posted it before me anon. Looks like she bought into the idea of birth control being an evil Jewish conspiracy and ended up pregnant IF she is telling the truth.
It’s disappointing that she still doesn’t realize the Nordic pagan bs is just another cult organized by old men to control women and turn them into hand maidens.

No. 1362077

They always have a meltdown after the slightest argument with someone in the Nordic pagan community and come back under a different name. BPD fags will BPD fag.
Only true autistic women will tolerate men who shower once a week and multiple screeching children.

No. 1362122

File: 1636108920772.jpeg (94.88 KB, 640x785, 18174897-4BB7-4686-89E2-FD16F3…)

She post ten times a day

No. 1369316

File: 1636987246119.jpeg (55.75 KB, 640x406, 2025125A-27F2-4974-AD65-0A2EF1…)

"native" european traits according to varg: fat, autistic and bald

No. 1369317

Marie says the homeschool inspection went well and they got the permission to homeschool for the next couple of years

No. 1369318

File: 1636987522260.png (119.25 KB, 1407x667, Screenshot (247).png)

Ha Meds beat him even at baldness

No. 1369321

yeah it's expected, homeschooling restrictions in france seem extremely slack. it might change in 2024 because of new law though, i wonder what they will do if their homeschooling gets interfered with? varg said they moved houses after police raided their house for weapons. maybe they will move again.

No. 1369322

I don’t think their previous moving helps tho, he is an ex convict who does nothing to hide his Nazi views. They must be on the radar. They probably moved because of the problems with neighbors and stuff. Also the current home belongs to Marie’s family if I’m not mistaken. How are they going to afford rent if neither of them work?

No. 1369325

File: 1636988811187.jpeg (136.21 KB, 640x556, 278DAF6E-128E-437B-BD4C-DC5FB6…)

mommy and daddy are paying for them of course. vargs mom literally bought them a house in norway when he was first to be released from prison. i think his parents paid his (very large) fines to the norwegian government as well, or maybe he fleed to france to avoid those? idk but he lies about never being in debt etc all the time, picrel.

No. 1369361

living in poverty to own the mediterraneans

No. 1369381

that’s not very neanderthal of him

No. 1370343

File: 1637158513561.png (1.29 MB, 748x1401, psychichair.png)

this is bordering on schizo territory

No. 1370348

Hair consists of dead cells, Robert.

No. 1370848

>she's a turbo slut if she has short hair
is all this post is trying to say lol

No. 1370883

File: 1637218259441.jpg (63.43 KB, 600x600, rejected_his_message.jpg)


No. 1370911

gypsie jannie is among us(pure retardation )

No. 1372039

File: 1637362667216.png (166.99 KB, 595x839, poorbbyvarg.png)

varg applauding kyle rittenhouse and crying about how he didn't get away himself with stabbing his bandmate to death in cold blood

No. 1372048

Varg is so delusional, his situation is in no way the same thing

No. 1372088

File: 1637368608147.png (1.25 MB, 1818x1574, elf sperg saga.png)

here's a random comp of the placentacults funniest sperg posts about elves. also featuring some schizoid takes from varg himself.
>elves aren't fictional
>they're dead europeans
>i am a real life bard

No. 1372452

File: 1637434725262.jpeg (127.12 KB, 640x718, 1681A89A-C918-4651-AC9C-FB3923…)

>> even when you leak urine after many births never stop having Nordic children

No. 1372910

File: 1637484784434.jpeg (141.72 KB, 640x864, A8BE4F91-9EF5-4C4A-B06F-D4D324…)


>> Have this tea if you have a serious medical problem

>> I don’t even need it personally because I am a perfect Nordic elf

No. 1372963

>Beware sensitive topic!!
lmao she knows her followers are all larping teens and incels who can't handle being exposed to a bit of reality on their timeline

No. 1372986

Natural remedies are cool for some minor things and all, but not a damaged fucking pelvic floor. Eating a raspberry bush <<<<<<< physical therapists

No. 1375675

Marie used to get 30-40 replies per post, but lately she gets no more than about 4 or 5 replies.. Did they scare away the rest of the placenta verse with their muh blue eyes sperging and gatekeeping of who qualifies as a true honorable Neanderthal elfling?

No. 1375679

"elves aren't fictional they're the spirits pf my dead ancestors" deserves its own post omg

No. 1375683

File: 1637845508928.jpeg (208.96 KB, 640x863, 777588C2-F8B1-4773-852C-E304E6…)

i don't get how these guys think they are superior when lookswise they are average at best and need portrait ai to make themselves look presentable for their twitter avatar.

they have probably blocked or "bogged" anyone who have ever questioned their retardation even within the cult itself. they have many disputes with their own. especially covid have been a watershed within their twitter circle. varg and marie and their die hard stans are antivax but think covid is real, the rest are antivax but think the illness is a hoax/not real.

No. 1375693

Racial purity is a myth, the average “white” person is a melange of different ethnic groups just like everyone else. Like much of what’s posted on lolcow, this is cope from ugly people.

No. 1375799

Genetically speaking the most “racially pure” people in the UK/Europe are the Welsh, and that’s only bc Wales is such a damp shithole that no one ever bothered to pillage and invade and expand the gene pool because it wasn’t worth the effort. That’s why Welsh is such a unique language and the Welsh phenotype is so distinct from other people in the UK. Meanwhile the Vikings were international traders picking up women in every port they traveled to and diluting the line with every trip abroad. “Pure whiteys” are the biggest mutts around, and “racially pure” is a title that can only be claimed by the most inbred backwoodsers from the worst old world countries there are. The average person from Sub-Saharan Africa has a more consistent lineage than even the most racially pure half-Pole half-Italian “true viking.”
Sage for genetics sperg

No. 1376107

File: 1637919222596.jpeg (59.45 KB, 640x444, 394A8232-409E-47AD-813E-C132C2…)

It’s almost because more children have autism because more kids actually gets diagnosed compared to past

No. 1376113

File: 1637919646366.jpeg (104.26 KB, 640x780, B48ED408-1C5C-4735-B9A8-82301C…)

No. 1376126

It's also because the age of parents is going up.

No. 1376130

Funny that she’s subtly shading Marie who is unapologetically autistic after their Twitter argument on childbirth

No. 1376146

File: 1637925798419.jpeg (75.34 KB, 640x584, 8D8F551A-4130-44CC-8C41-FEC5E4…)

i get the feeling most of them are secretly unhappy in their marriages/relationships

why is it only other women and not men?

No. 1376150

AFAIK autism is linked with paternal age and I'm not sure if that's going up as much as maternal age. It's probably just being diagnosed more.

No. 1376965

File: 1638010632439.jpeg (66.81 KB, 482x677, 54209E49-CD0A-4710-AD92-DD29AA…)

Marie caught up on a cosmic frequency and Varg has been posting like ten times on Twitter for the past couple of days, sperging about Saruman being a Jewish conspiracy teaching Christianity to Europeans kek.
I wonder what’s going on in the Cachet household.

No. 1376968

I would literally say this is a guy from an amateur Swedish metal band until she started talking about her high school sweetheart. Such superior genetics!

No. 1376977

I wonder how will Varg's children react when they grow up and read their father's edgy tweets.

No. 1376983

Varg is trying so hard to convince us that blonde Scandinavian people are the most advanced and perfect humans. But why? In reality those "swarthy southrons" of the Middle East developed writing systems, literature, math, astronomy, irrigation, advanced stone architecture, iron-working etc. by 1500 BC, while Scandinavia remained an irrelevant shithole until the Viking Age of around ~800 AD. To this day Scandinavian countries have zero influence on the global stage. Even in Europe they're playing second fiddle to more powerful countries like France, Italy, Germany or Russia. "Muh blonde hair" is just pure cope.

No. 1376984

File: 1638016593476.jpeg (142.22 KB, 514x974, 15CC66D0-C711-49AB-98BF-10CC08…)

Another cope post from Vrag

No. 1377008

File: 1638022262944.jpeg (95.68 KB, 640x551, 70C4978A-801E-4E0D-9EA1-4DE95A…)

Apparently. There was a major fallout between different members of the placentaverse

No. 1377009

File: 1638022359311.jpeg (62.81 KB, 513x567, 686DCA5E-389A-4A08-80C3-808F35…)

Looks like this one is an expose account of right wing & pagan community
“Property” kek

No. 1377011

File: 1638022934681.png (469.13 KB, 679x508, shieldmaiden.png)

It's funny how they never actually embrace traditional viking femininity as shieldmaidens or rulers of the household.

No. 1377264

File: 1638065421805.png (59.57 KB, 596x706, muh masculine sportsball.png)

do they not realise male football fans are unattractive as well then, because they behave like absolute retards? do they seriously think women find it attractive or even tolerable? jesus they need to check themselves

is she refering to anyone in particular here?

No. 1379168

File: 1638299894590.jpeg (138.2 KB, 640x864, 485182F4-056C-4F7C-A240-365E0B…)

No. 1379171

File: 1638300031482.jpeg (72.74 KB, 640x501, 0447C0EE-875A-499B-8B4E-F70126…)

I wonder what happened


No. 1380505

File: 1638368636383.jpeg (78.61 KB, 640x474, E8727BD2-D9B7-42AA-AD75-52D57E…)

>> I always got to eat

I love how he humble brags about being the tough guy in every way possible.

No. 1380517


This is gradually becoming a pattern in their relationship:

1. Barg does something that offends Marie. (She already does most of the child rearing — even shortly after giving birth, gardening, farming and housework while Barg is busy promoting Myfarrough or sperging on Twitter. She doesn’t see any problem with this and puts her husband on a pedestal. I wonder he does to rub Marie the wrong way)
2. Barg doesn’t know how to confront, instead goes sperging on Twitter about Jews and brown eyes, posting 5-10 times a day and retweeting like minded people.
3. Mari, exacerbated by her autism posts stuff about reincarnation, muh ancestors, spirits, space travel and whatever she’s using as an escape route.
4. Barg, realizing his life depends on his wife’s assets, posts a half assed public apology on Twitter, justifying his actions by using his incarceration as an excuse. Talks about how broken he is despite being a free man for more than ten years.

No. 1380527

>Scandinavian prison

Lol the worst thing that happened to him is he had to elbow his way to food how sad

No. 1382219

File: 1638462536966.jpeg (131.57 KB, 640x852, 6F5FF99D-389B-4B07-8B4D-4C0B7F…)

the "tolkien was pagan" turbocoping is the funniest yet most infuriating shit to me. it's obvious they just like their own nazi projection on his persona and not actually him as an author or his writing.

No. 1382407

vrag just posted a total of 9 comments on Twitter comparing Gargamel to Jewish people lol. Turbo sperg

No. 1382575

Varg has an unhealthy obsession with Tolkien, which is curious considering that Tolkien himself was a devout Catholic - a religion that Varg despises.

No. 1382826

Of all the dumb opinions that Varg has, thinking that Tolkien was pagan has to be one of the worst imo

No. 1382858

File: 1638486788602.jpeg (143.54 KB, 640x863, 100E5FAD-6C18-4AC8-B93B-A702DB…)

i know, it's crazy how far he and fans will go to argue this too. one of his megastans posts miles long twitter threads about how lotr is a "pagan revival story" and other dumbass shit and is constantly screeching and fighting random christian larpers. it's like the epic atheist skeptic era never died among these neckbeards.

also, this fucking tweet.

No. 1382906

Tolkien’s ancestry was Prussian on his father’s side, English and Welsh on his mother’s side. Scandinavian my ass.

No. 1384697

File: 1638622272629.jpeg (127.3 KB, 640x871, 66D80E50-0030-4FE4-A6F8-F0EB3E…)

Someone was being nice to her children, but she still has the audacity to call this seemingly harmless person a “boomer”. What a nice way to show gratitude.
Also the fearmongering about the end of the civilization kek

No. 1384754

You know the world is a fucked up place when this absolute cringy dork of a man has fans and followers

No. 1384804

she is mentally stuck in her teens, constantly mad because her parents tried to put their foot down regarding vargs grooming and brainwashing. varg is also stunted in the same way. that's why they direct so much anger against "boomers"

No. 1386426

File: 1638808621936.png (901.02 KB, 720x2188, Screenshot_20211206-113349.png)

Varg quote tweeted this to remind everyone that Christmas is a holiday about placentas

No. 1386467

File: 1638810736219.jpeg (103.82 KB, 640x833, BB05F29B-2881-4B3B-8C7D-58696D…)

A wild 1488 appeared on his Twitter

No. 1386493

How subtle Varg kek

No. 1386498

he’s just sick of being mistaken for Père Noël

No. 1386669

Sage because I'm not linking to it since it's just a video of the kids. Two of the boys have a YouTube channel together where they make videos. It seems really fun and I'm glad for them, the Cachet kids seem sweet and seem to get along really well. But I do feel sort of sad for the kids, especially the older ones. I know Varg and Marie take them to play sports or something, but Varg only talks about the kids playing and doing activities together, never having friends over or anything. Or even online friends.

They talk pretty openly about what the kids are doing for fun, studying, etc, but they never mention their kids having friends. You just know if they did Varg and Marie would have a lot of self-congratulatory tweets to post about how pure friendships between neanderthal elf children are or whatever…

Surely there are weird Twitter racists with kids the other ones could play myfarog with online or something?

Anyway I've posted stuff to this effect before, but it was another sad reminder.

No. 1386677

Same here anon. The kids are cute and sweet and somewhat well adjusted. Besides the couple being whack job racists, they seem to take care of their children.
That said what do you expect from a woman who posted the below comment on Twitter:
Someone was being nice to her kids and she just called them a boomer. Who would let them have their kids over? And get judged all the time by these two? It’s also a possibility that they don’t want to have anyone over who is not part of their “tribe”. None of their online placenta verse friends live in France, very few of them are actually married with kids.

No. 1386680

Also ummmm I think you’re forgetting that their one single desktop computer is mostly occupied by Varg lol
The kids can’t have online time because daddy has to tweet

No. 1386863

File: 1638840749470.jpeg (124.15 KB, 640x768, D30F76A3-31EE-497F-9444-9E857F…)

is she retarded for real? the oxygen travels through the blood which is cut off from the baby's brain when the cord strangles the neck. why does she insist on denying basic physiology?

No. 1386918

homebirth seems to be a big topic and trend in the rw pagan community. even outside of it, robyn (christian tradthot) pushes it hard.

No. 1387145

>baby being choked by umbilical cord is a variation of normal
Jeepers creepers

No. 1387176

Idk man something is wrong with her eyes

No. 1387231

The kids look so sweet and well taken care of, it's very sad that their parents are instilling such hateful and racist beliefs to them. Hopefully some of them will choose to go against it as adults.

No. 1387289

File: 1638898720064.jpeg (143.79 KB, 640x831, 86776A08-9FD2-4A1F-B0C3-13BB4A…)

it seems to me that they actively try to make their kids hostile to their surroundings instead of curious and social. they really encourage extreme cult-like behaviour. i think the kids are deeply brainwashed. the fact that their own parents make themselves enemies to their neighbors and their community (and other kids within the community - like when varg is picking fights with and calling his neighbors kids gypsies etc) is probably making the situation even worse. like the parents are burning bridges between their own kids and potential friends. and keep in mind they behave like this on top of already keeping them from going to school, the main social outlet for children their age. very isolated. also, let's presume the alledged sports centre and similar places starts requiring vaccination passes, then activities like those have to go as well.

i wonder what will happen when their daughters turn 16-17, will marie and varg finally let them leave the property to take them to the nearest prison and hook them up with some balding arsonists or murderers?

No. 1387302

She’s really Varg lite, isn’t she

Marie already proclaims her second youngest daughter has a motherly personality. They already have assigned the muh feminine motherly nurturing personality traits to her daughter.
They have seven kids and counting, some of them will rebel and will break free with the racist ideology that’s been imposed on them. I want to see Varg’s face when one of the sons come back with an Asian daughter in law kek.

No. 1387309

File: 1638900724985.png (516.89 KB, 1080x903, C1793CB9-09BA-4549-BE00-3F6F7C…)

>I want to see Varg’s face when one of the sons come back with an Asian daughter in law kek
then i guess they will be disowned and called a mistake or just flat out denied to be his kid like his first daughter when she was spotted standing next to a black guy

No. 1387311

Could it be Varg behind the screen typing Marie’s tweets? Their tweets can sound eerily similar at times. Or could he at least be proof reading? I’ve never heard Marie speak English and Varg has mentioned her English is not very fluent.

No. 1387313

>I’ve never heard Marie speak English
Have you ever heard her speak at all?

No. 1387319

He was so rude his first daughter. First off, it’s not even his daughter. He took zero part in her upbringing due to his incarceration and it was totally unfair for her to be plastered on his neo Nazi Twitter like this. He only benefits from her image as another “muh blonde haired blonde eyed Nordic daughter” and goes radio silent / flat out denies her existence when someone mentions her collab with a black artist. His fragile ego must be shattered into pieces after he saw that.
I feel for Rebecca. I hope she doesn’t let her sick biological father’s opinions get to her.

No. 1387321

You can check out her YouTube channel, plenty of videos of her in French

No. 1387322

>it’s not even his daughter
It's confirmed it's his daughter though.

No. 1387324

What I mean is, he’s only her biological father. He has no fatherly rights on her.

No. 1387332

I wonder how she feels about the fact that her biological father is a convicted murderer turned neo-nazi.

No. 1387335

After Varg posted her on his Nazi Twitter, she was harassed by Varg stans to the point she gave up altogether and decided to nuke her whole musical career. Poor Rebecca. He was a deadbeat father, and he took part in destroying her career.

No. 1387342

>she was harassed by Varg stans to the point she gave up altogether and decided to nuke her whole musical career
What the fuck? That's awful, what a waste when she's probably just a normal person who wants nothing to do with this shit

No. 1387350

Yeah they were making stupid comparisons of her lyrics to Varg’s music.

No. 1387380

File: 1638904848314.jpeg (180.65 KB, 1536x1536, DBB6CEE0-700C-4368-BC68-F9573B…)

Some of the harassment under the comments of one of Rebecca’s MV on YouTube

No. 1387385

File: 1638904950674.jpeg (139.48 KB, 640x802, 5BE79EB6-D457-4971-80B5-21CA4C…)

Varg stans are insufferable

No. 1387683

1. He’s not a murderer it was self defence
2. He’s not a neo nazi, he’s an anti-civilisation permacultureist pagan(learn2sage)

No. 1387725

Here's your dopamine shot reply, since you asked so nicely.

No. 1387851

Are kidding, or naive, or flat out trying to deceive people?

Here is some not very subtle imagery from Varg. You can dig into his Twitter and find many more. His “placenta cult” occasionally shares swastikas and shit on Twitter. The guy has interviews where he admits he sympathizes with national socialism.

He limits his sperging to these symbols and imagery because he knows the French Police will make a move when he crosses the line.

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