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File: 1487591504075.png (425.72 KB, 726x523, idiot.png)

No. 254884

So shocked this idiot doesn't already have a thread. She's basically a dependopotamus turned actual whore. She's married to a man in the military yet throws her lard ass all over men any chance she gets. Until recently her thing was body positivity but it wasn't working anymore for her because she consistently lies about her size. She claims to be a size 14, but looks more like a 22. Now she's grabbing people's nosleep stories off of reddit and passing them as her own with parnormal stories. The girl is a flat out liar and annoying af.

No. 254885

yess!! I CANNOT stand Lauren.. there isn't a genuine thing about her also lol at the comparison pictures. at that point it's just a fucking scam

No. 254886

Literally who?
Got any links? Screencaps?

(and why do so many threads start with "I'm surprised x doesn't have a thread!!")

No. 254887

File: 1487593309688.png (508.08 KB, 857x642, 9a1nZWQ.png)

omg shut up you're irritating AF. isn't like lardy lane has 10k subs

here's a screencap from another youtubers channel that shows her in a true and unflattering light for OP

& yes this girl is fucking awful and basically morphs her personality into whatever youtuber she happened to meet that month. I am so tired of her calling everything lit.

No. 254888

I have no idea who this person is either. The first post is shit. Where's the proof for all the stories etc?

also this belongs in snow. idc about this nobody, with seemingly no milk.

No. 254889

>omg shut up you're irritating AF

You're calling people irritating but you're the one shitposting. Unless you can prove to us that this girl is deserving of a thread (being overweight doesn't automatically make someone a cow), you're just wasting people's time.

You're so aggressive it makes me feel like this is a vendetta.

No. 254890

Agreed. Basic fat girl who shoops herself =/= lolcow. This reeks of either vendetta or selfpost. Is there milk? OP should post screencaps of proof or drama. Otherwise, this is just another literally who youtuber who doesn't need a thread.

No. 254891

Well I'm interested in a plus-size youtubers thread. People tear down a thread before it even gets going - i agree it is annoying as fuck. This should definitely be on snow though

No. 254892

Why is she a lolcow? This person could've been posted about in the general fatties thread in /snow rather than getting her own thread in /pt (and you've provided zero proof twice now when asked) if you're so mad about her.

No. 255136

k yeah the op didn't give us anything to go by

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/LoeyLane

as far as proof, eh don't care that much someone who does can go find it

No. 370934


Lauren is a very genuine person, and all of you are fucking pathetic and have no lives. You must be really, REALLY sad human beings to sit and negativity gossip about someone's appearance and personality. I also think it's funny how all of you can sit and gossip about someone's weight and thinking that you're better than them, yet you are the ones pathetically sitting being a computer screen BULLYING someone. Go see a psychiatrist because all of you have got mental issues you need to resolve.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 370936

um hun, no one even posted here

No. 370987

File: 1502502468593.jpg (109.1 KB, 1080x1350, 20347423_257633581405715_79193…)

i don't see how she's lying about her weight since pic related is the 5th pic on her ig when you visit lol.

this reeks of vendetta. if she has milk provide it with links. otherwise she doesn't deserve a thread.

No. 371002

lol how dare she have one slightly posed/flattering pic along with many easily viewable regular pics

No. 480329

>lying about size
>knowing how to pose
>She's married to a man in the military yet throws her lard ass all over men any chance she gets (what)

typical fat girl behavior, nothing really milky enough for a thread, only thing really milky is her grabbing peoples nosleep stories and thats about it, too bad most this thread just whines about her being fat

No. 567589

she clearly says they are not her stories and that she got them on reddit. so what she's fat, her weight is none of your fucking business nor your fucking problem.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 615217

Why are all your lowlifes and rejects and failed abortion’s talking shit on somebody for their weight and making it like up excuses saying that she’s a whore and a cunt. When probably half of you live in your grandmothers or parents basement and can we get fucking laid unless you use your own fucking hand or literally chloroform a bitch. Maybe get a life and a better personality and you guys might actually have someone as nice and sweet and caring as Lowey maybe get a life and a better personality and you guys might actually have someone as nice and sweet and caring as Loey.(shoo)

No. 615221

lol most of us are women, sage your autism

No. 615236

She's only mildly annoying. Mostly for changing her channel to focus on creepypastas and reddit creepy stories at a time when the people actually invested in being creepy channels were being demonitized. I much prefered her when she stayed in her lane and did beauty and fashion.
She's not much of a cow tho.

No. 615345

You people(blood thirsty slugs) are the reason why the fucking world is the way it is(k)

No. 615363

her guru gossip thread is way worse than this one, go sperg at them.

No. 615365

This thread was dead and buried until your lard ass brought it back to life. Size fourteen my ten sizes small ass.

No. 615503

It's kinda hilarious how this thread ended up being 99% wk's turning on each other and trying to sniff out who made the thread, even after a year.

No. 667321

I really don’t understand this. If you all dislike her so much, why are you even watching her? It’s as simple as insubbing & moving on with your life. It’s clear to me this is a post made by someone who’s clearly unhappy enough in their own lives that they feel the need to drag down someone who’s done absolutely nothing to them. Pathetic.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 667330

kek great job, Jordyn Beadle.

No. 698009

File: 1538016322114.png (565.2 KB, 487x607, loeylane.PNG)

There's no way this pig is a size 16.(necro)

No. 698555

No. 698563

We desperately needed this thrilling update of your opinion!

No. 698580

File: 1538067977182.gif (729.69 KB, 480x262, wherethedamnmilk.gif)

No. 700180

I'm pretty sure she's divorced from her husband but can't admit it to her followers. She's gained a lot of weight too. Basically looks like a cow now(necro)

No. 746863

You are all so rude. Nobody is perfect, not everyone can be a size 8 in clothing and not everyone is comfortable with sharing every tiny detail in their lives. Most of you choose to be anonymous and why? Because you don't want people figuring out who you are. If you're depressed, self conscious or having problems in your own life then don't put others down for your own problems. Listen to Loey, listen too what she says and you will figure out answers which will show you she is exactly like the rest of us. We will allet have rough patches in out life but doing this isn't going to make it any better.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746889

no one has talked in this thread in months and those who did said this thread was dumb. shut up.

Also, we can see your email address, holly

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