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File: 1628700582606.png (281.86 KB, 501x747, 1627827423086.png)

No. 848981

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/

Tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [sw twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and Lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)
>25 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and on-and-off “sex worker”
>Has overdosed thrice
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive besides shitty art and poetry
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her (now 42) year old “fiancé” (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”. They’ve been together now for 7 years
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles, unwashed clothes, etc
>Constantly buys cheap shit on Amazon while complaining about being penniless
>Milks her ex-gf’s suicide for struggle points

Historical Milk
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lost the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Exploited Roger (Lurch’s sick dad) by squatting in his apartment and leeching off his social security until he died. They were soon evicted because they couldn’t pay rent
>Luna and Lurch then move in with her ex-addict mother in her one-bedroom poverty home, ultimately drives her mother to relapse and go to inpatient >>795390
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spreads ashes on her face

Sex Worker Saga
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money, looking more and more dead in every photo
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
>Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, then takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
>“Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turns up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037
>Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
>A year later, anon drops “lurch gyrating Luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491, >>811554

Eviction/Sobriety Saga
>Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker >>811724
>Electricity gets shut off >>813209 and Luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354
>The apartment door lock has broken, Luna and lurch build sad little barricades >>816475, >>815981
>The cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a knife. Charges are filed against Lurch >>819990, >>822424, >>824442
>As a result, Lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and Luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos) >>821718, >>822657, >>823499, >>823823, >>824260
>Luna keeps claiming to be sober >>824858, >>825465, >>827008 despite still taking fucking Xanax >>825462
>”Abusive” dad relapses >>825466, is “dying” >>825993, >>826190, Meanwhile, Luna says it’s a “slap in the face” that her mother dares to be high around her >>826257
>Freaks out incessantly on Reddit about her and Lurch’s stimmy checks as it’s clearly their own income
>Luna and Lurch are attacked by neighbor’s pitbulls totally not while stealing >>831109

Assault Saga/Last Thread's Milk
>Luna claims to have been raped by a stranger in her building >>840784, >>840941 Anons infight about whether or not she's telling the whole truth
>Buys more cheap clothes and posts selfies while claiming she hates her body/blames herself/needs validation/whatever, just a few examples >>841690, >>841703, >>841769, >>842149
>Reports the rape to the police >>841832, >>841834, It seems to go quite well
>Seemingly friends again with @rlyblonde >>841987
>Joins an taxpayer-funded outpatient program >>842284, complains all the weed addicts there don't know tr00 addiction or pain like she does >>842612
>Gushes over new psychiatrist, is finally "officially" diagnosed with BPD >>842775
>Goes to group therapy in a bra top >>843503 and complains about being sent home >>843715
>Police now don't entirely believe her rape story >>843957, now suspect her of submitting a falsified statement
>Posts a new picture of her FILTHY home >>844132
>Continues to complain about her outpatient program not being exactly how she wants it to be when she can't even self-police her own addiction >>844376
>Posts a block of text about her addiction >>844453, tldr medication is the one solution and nothing is her fault
>ANOTHER block of text >>844584, tldr I was such a gifted child waaah and now I won't put in the minimum effort at therapy to get better
>AND ANOTHER this time about her dad being mean to her >>844964
>And another about how much her childhood sucked >>845670, and how about how everyone who does drugs is an awful person but SHE'S just a victim
>Posts about self-harming >>845732, and is OFFENDED when someone calls a wellness check on her >>845746, >>845759
>Posts a picture of her stolen copy of Marx's writings >>845778, Farmers make fun of her for seemingly not knowing the difference between Capital and the Communist Manifesto, she then makes it EXTREMELY obvious she lurks by posting a clarification about the book >>845838
>WE ARE ACKNOWLEDGED >>845847, Luna posts a speech scolding farmers and asking them to leave her alone, swears to never blog about her life again
>Promptly returns to blogging about her life again >>846062
>Seems to finally cut off contact with her credit card I mean dad >>845878, >>845887
>Luna gets psych warded >>846413, Calls it the "worst day of her life" but not explaining why, posts unsettling selfies with her ekg stickers still on >>846458
>Seems to be police-related >>847120, Current theory is she lost her shit when she took all of her klonopin and psych wouldn't give her more

twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
twenty five >>>/pt/689217
twenty six >>>/pt/734529
twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
twenty eight >>>/pt/795757
twenty nine >>>/pt/811991
thirty >>>/pt/824552
thirty one >>>/pt/832421
thirty two >>>/pt/841646

No. 848984

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 848985

That pic. Thought that was lillee jean for a moment

No. 848990

Thank you for making the new thread OP. But, I have to wonder, should we have waited for her to restart her antics before we made this? She weirdly stopped producing any real milk a few days ago. Has anyone been watching her Reddit and Tumblr?

No. 848994

Sorry if this is over dramatic but considering how long of a hiatus this is for her on social media, is anyone else worried she OD’? or something along that vein?

No. 848995

She’s just been making the occasional post on Reddit about the games she plays. Fun summer.

No. 848996

She literally posted on Reddit 3 minutes ago.

No. 848997

My bad I checked her tumblr but not reddit

No. 849000

She used to go on hiatus for 14 or more days before.

No. 849003

File: 1628712362703.png (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1085x2057, screencapture-reddit-r-Instagr…)

No. 849005

File: 1628712517557.png (269.49 KB, 1181x2111, screencapture-reddit-user-fune…)

She's deep in that Chris Chan lore lmfao

No. 849009

Probably why we haven't heard from her or of her infinite sadness. she's squatting in her moms apartment high as fuck enjoying the fact that she neither raped her mother nor has rotting toenails despite the odds.

No. 849014

Hey, that's angeltroon from the egirls thread. When worlds collide!

No. 849017

I also expect with her BPD she is "punishing" her followers/farmers for the most traumatic thing ever police visit & hospital trip a few days later. That's why she threatened to stop posting she wants people to say "Nooo don't go bb!" And fakeboi did kek.
But her need for validation will outweigh her need to punish fairly soon.

No. 849018

Never posted here before. Is this anonymous?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 849026

No Mariah Carey, it sadly isn't. When is your new album coming?

No. 849030

nearly fucking pissed myself
yes newfriend. put "sage" in the email field and type away

No. 849066

The Mr.Robot sub lmao. She 100% relates herself to the main character with MuH AdDiCtIonS aNd MenTal iLLneSs!!!

No. 849246

He’s not addicted on that show really tho, that’s what makes it even worse. He turns it on and off, which Luna can’t.

No. 849260


Luna can also turn it on and off because she's larping

No. 849299

File: 1628962535472.png (67.76 KB, 674x184, haiti.png)

luna's at it again ladies

No. 849337

Anon pls. I cackled irl

No. 849341

File: 1628985587967.png (60.69 KB, 1072x585, luna.png)

No. 849359

Getting btfo by a bingo caller named kawaiistrawberrydreamboi has to hurt. At least she still has has her stalker fakeboi to give a shit about her bait.

No. 849368

muh sidez

No. 849381

wtf is with luna and fakebois

No. 849390

File: 1629038436016.png (48.11 KB, 820x332, luna.png)

No. 849400

i was in an fb opiate chatroom (where people openly sell to each other) before I got sober, and she was a big part of it. Gets consistent donations and drugs shipped to her from the higher ups in the FB group. Group is called Heroin Bunnies. A few months ago there was some issue with her cause Lurch opened a package full of dope and started messaging the leader of the group. They're all disgusting people, but especially her lol. She wouldn't even interact with other people, just rant about how horrible and awful everything is. People would try to give her advice and she'd just keep talking about what she needs or who can give her money while shes "sober" taking 3 xanax bars at a time.

No. 849402

Can anyone post screencaps? I know some anons already did from this exact group

No. 849403

just general beggary, I got kicked out of the group for warning other people about what goes on there. However, I am in still in one with her thats like 10 ppl, I can post screens from that. but she is hardly ever around lol. usually just lonely junkie 20 yearolds sending her money and jizzing over her

No. 849404

File: 1629043312715.png (14.17 KB, 630x136, delusion.png)

heres a good lol tho

No. 849409

oh my god, is that in reply to one of those 'validate me or else' posts?

No. 849411

heres a good lol tho>>849409
Sure is lmao, I got LOADS of those validation replies. Someone posted this thread in the chatroom yesterday, and they all talk about how awful these people are and how shes a beautiful person who deserves kindness and respect owowo

No. 849426

post them i need 2 laugh!!

No. 849457

I can't stop laughing

No. 849543

File: 1629162851003.jpeg (1 MB, 828x1410, 0EBE37C1-E553-4C4A-961D-BCBEE6…)

No. 849544

File: 1629162901387.jpeg (667.16 KB, 828x1214, CB5CD978-D0ED-4AEE-915F-7E0EAC…)

No. 849545

File: 1629163067690.jpeg (414.34 KB, 828x1264, 06F183BD-6758-4CFC-9045-E1B4A8…)

No. 849546

Wow her hair is absolutely fucked.

No. 849552

tits going off in different directions, eyes going in different directions, hair melted off at different lengths…

No. 849559

She looks like she has just escaped a psych ward. She always does, but this time more than usual.

No. 849570

Fuck, she really does. Extra care ward stylin'.

No. 849575

She's mentioning how gross she feels about herself and how depressed she is which means she's about to start begging for pricey shit. Her hair is absolutely ruined but she's too vain to cut it.

No. 849579

File: 1629206886453.jpg (54.27 KB, 500x500, 5jvbc5.jpg)

No. 849581

Least gross she's ever looked actually, but girl needs to brush her hair.

No. 849592

The filters are working overtime

No. 849621

she cant brush it, it would literally break off in clumps. all she can do is cut it. she might even look cuter with short hair.

No. 849623

luna with a pixie cut could look really lovely, i hope she considers it. her poor hair needs a break

No. 849625

and then stop bleaching the shit out of it

No. 849627

>>>feeling down on my appearance
you should
>>>i'll probably delete this cos i feel gross
you didn't have to post it in the first place. there's still time to delete. what happened to hiding your body? nobody needs to see your disheveled ass to know that you're alive. the picture of your nails would have sufficed you attention starved scum

No. 849641

It makes me cringe every time she shows off new nails because of how she jams them under the quick. Her ring finger already looks inflammed.

No. 849655

I agree. Even though she is grimy, she has a somewhat cute face shape imo. Girl just needs to start taking care of herself, dump lurch and get sober. But we all know she won’t do any of that.

No. 849672

Luna and lovely in the same sentence, yikes. She uses her hair to give her an oval shape face, her face is square and her hair is her shield from the cruel world lol.

No. 849685

>>849621 I wish one of her simps would send her a protein treatment. The REAL kind, because I know she would fuck it up and snap her hair off as it dries before she could rinse it out. Its called aphogee from sallys if anyone knows what im talking about. Mega keks.

No. 849731


I don't even think the entire Olaplex line would fix what she's done to that dry straw she calls hair.

And Luna doesn't deserve shit from her sImPs aka people who pity her.

She's better off cutting that mess off her head and starting over instead of waiting for someone to come save the day like she always does. Usually daddy is the only one that comes through for her, yet she still posts that "some guy" or a "fan" bought her something.

No. 849737

File: 1629311855644.png (41.14 KB, 719x311, Struggle.png)

No. 849744


Let's be real, Tuna has no fans, only farmers, fakebois, and people that pity her pathetic bullshit (like Dad).

No. 849833

Nonnie I can't

No. 849841

don't fakebois count as farms?

No. 850082

File: 1629498664419.png (764.69 KB, 614x558, lurch.png)

Sage for ot

No. 850135

Does Tuna have a tiktok? She's interesting enough to get the follows and views and could become a "creator" and make some money.
But I suppose who needs to put any effort out when you can live a cushy life squatting and living off "evil dad"'s money

No. 850196

File: 1629557507339.jpeg (143.94 KB, 828x1262, 7A99B02C-B78B-4471-85D3-0FA4ED…)

She does but doesn’t post on it

No. 850332

File: 1629659876582.png (15.1 KB, 833x212, actual decent clothes.png)

No. 850336

kek does luna even have her drivers license?

No. 850339

>some actual decent clothes
how about a washing machine instead?

No. 850342

The wild thing is these things aren’t that hard to get. Even poor people can achieve some of these things. What she means to say is she wants someone to give her a permanent home and clothes a car.

No. 850388

No, she’s “terrified of driving”

No. 850407

File: 1629751207409.jpeg (611.25 KB, 1241x2281, CC511F71-C092-47B0-BD2C-280BF9…)

Kek looks like she finally cut off some of the straw she calls her hair shame she won't post a pic, it must be really bad, also setting up for begging for more clothes considering she most definitely has plenty of "summer clothes"

No. 850408

File: 1629751343120.jpeg (259.77 KB, 1242x1696, 950CE344-8A7B-4657-A6BD-3C16D0…)

Samefag but unless this is an old pic she really hasn't cut like anything off so that's not gonna do a damn thing, filter working overtime and it looks like her cat has inherited her lazy eye here kek

No. 850412

she has no summer clothes…. but was just begging for clothing with more coverage a couple weeks ago because all of her clothing is too revealing/summery???

No. 850414

It appears to be a constant back and forth for begging with her, one minute she wants to cover up the next she wants revealing clothes, we all know she already has an abundance of clothes with all the cheap cheap cheap shit she's begged for over the years, does she think clothes are one use or something?

No. 850420

she's been hiding her face for a month? interesting. who is this from one week ago? >>849545

No. 850429

File: 1629777784467.jpeg (277.71 KB, 828x906, D9C6B8FC-1F61-4DAE-9AB9-89F01B…)

No. 850433

wtf is she on about? she just swallowed a bunch of klonopins like three weeks ago and got a welfare check for it. she’s been getting prescribed klonopins for months now.

No. 850488

tinfoil but I’m imagining she took her whole prescription, used some excuse (i lost my bottle/bottle stolen), wasn’t able to get a refill early, had to go cold turkey (absence from social media) and wait for a new refill.

No. 850491


This sounds accurate.

Although you get 1 free early refill a year through Medicaid, controlled meds require a new RX and don't stay on file to be automatically filled every month like most meds. She was definitely feeling antisocial due to having to wait to reup with the doctor.

No. 850504

She isn't entirely gone, ever. She looks to have been continuously baseball sperging on reddit (it's starting to appear geniune at this point, good for you Luna!) and playing video games for a month. Her little "depressive episodes" are her just sitting around taking pills and playing vidya. The only difference is she isn't caling on makeup, begging, or documenting it.

No. 850545

That's not how you fucking hold a cat

No. 850567

It's the only way she can keep it near her for a pic because I'm sure it's trying to get away from her toxic sweat stench and desperate vibes.

No. 850570

File: 1629838468675.jpeg (534 KB, 2048x2048, 236380D6-7C54-482E-ACDA-5BB255…)

Poor pumpkin. She’s going to hurt him holding him like this when he clearly doesn’t want to be held

No. 850581

i’m just realizing now though that klonopins don’t come in sticks. so she probably got her script taken away for her little stunt (or is still waiting on her reup) and is back to popping xanax like tic tacs.

No. 850604

I stg her bun looks like a ball of yarn, its so damn matted

No. 850623

Anyone know what her sw fb group(s) is (are) called? Claims she forced herself to do some sw for a $100+ shopping spree.

No. 850672

File: 1629888441102.jpeg (1.42 MB, 3464x3464, 8B4A0BC7-E7E5-4387-92E2-C033E6…)

Kek she's unreal what's she gonna do with all this useless shit when she's out on the streets

No. 850673

File: 1629888503076.jpeg (326.45 KB, 1242x2082, 732E0AAE-E1AB-4F80-BC33-76E723…)

Samefag but a whole bunch of shit off etsy too what a joke the bitch doesn't even shower anyway

No. 850678


I guarantee she just parrots everything Lurch says about baseball to Reddit and then reads what people comment or reads what other people post and then parrots it back to Lurch to act like she's more knowledgeable about baseball now. It feels like this is her method for "bonding" with him. I can't imagine either of them have much to say to each other besides Tuna complaining about The Big Sad or her tRaUmA or mean Daddy or Layne Staley dying alone… or on positive days, ideas for scamming money from people who pity Tuna

No. 850682


Tuna most likely overexfoliates with shit like this abrasive sugar scrub and shower gloves, instead of simply washing with non-abrasive cleansers… then wonders why her skin sucks and looks dull.

No. 850703

Luna's brain said Etsy when it's Ulta, I was skeptical she got that from Etsy at first.

No. 850718

File: 1629908126709.jpeg (146.24 KB, 824x1254, CC793639-A0DE-4E51-86E2-0F310A…)

No. 850723

File: 1629909727182.jpeg (537.5 KB, 828x1265, 29BDFAB4-ECAB-4BA5-AFC2-E4D5C5…)

The guy who commented, looks like Luna made the first move

No. 850732

Luna hasn't mentioned Lurch much lately and is thirsting after other dudes. Trouble in paradise?

No. 850741

She's got like 3 documented cases of her drooling over other dudes in the last 6 months. Single and ready to mingle Tuna saga when?

No. 850766

Saged for Nostradamus moment: the next Luna arc will be her claiming Lurch was a massive abuser, there will be a "boyfriend" who is actually an uncomfortable Tinder hookup who ghosts and creates more trauma, and her new ebegging technique will be "I had to leave the apartment without all my stuff to escape the abuse with my life"

Place your bets anons

No. 850770

luna doesn’t take chances in her life unless it’s with drugs. she’s with lurch out of convenience. i doubt they even love each other at this point. why try to make it in college or go to an interview and possibly get the job when you can stay home with your 40 yr old caretaker and know for sure each day will be the same thing over and over? she won’t do anything with this guy or any guy. she didn’t even try to do anything with her ex because it was a risk she wasn’t willing to take. better to be with the ancient weirdo that you know is an asshole and you know is gonna treat you like shit.

No. 850799

and it's a damn shame and waste, because she would probably benefit so much more if she were with an artsy alternative looking dude (assuming he is sober).

No. 850803

File: 1629948813659.jpg (233.29 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20210825-223112_Tum…)

No. 850824

I know it has been said a million times but I just love how she is never too afraid to be beg for the most useless shit over and over again. even if we disregard the fact that no amount of cream will ever help with the absolute state of crustiness, like wtf how much face product can an individual use? that shit lasts usually longer than 2 weeks. it feels like she's begging for ointment every other week

No. 850838

File: 1629983428811.jpg (216.06 KB, 720x1098, Um what.jpg)

I take it she was selling coochie and the John stole her slippers???

No. 850839


Dressing like an elementary school kid when you're an overweight woman in your mid 20s… what a lEwwKk.

And don't get your hopes up, Brat Michaels. Tuna is disgusted by sex and you'll be disgusted at what she looks like IRL without the filters. And there's A LOT more things about Tuna thst you'll find disgusting.

No. 850840

I swear fakeboi has an endless amount of friends that are constantly dying or getting sexually abused. What the fuck. Is that normal in the glorious USA?

No. 850842

I truly don't think Lurch treats her like shit. I think she treats him shitty and when he responds in a similar way, she goes crying to the internet and makes it seem like she's soooo afraid and he called her names and made fun of her weight.

It's probably more like she was bitching and yelling at him and before he walked away, he muttered "Fat bitch." But Tuna will claim she didn't do anything to provoke him, just so her "fans" know she's innocent.

No. 850843


Nah, she's going to say Lurch hurt her feelings and she had a panic attack and ran out to get away from him, and was in such a panic (or so afraid) that she forgot to put on shoes.

No. 850844


I get the feeling she's trying to make Lurch the bad guy. Then she can claim she's a survivor of domestic violence and ask for donations since he took everything from her.

No. 850848

Okay but Lurch is the bad guy

No. 850851

depends where you live but yeah, if you run in drug circles it's not uncommon to know people who die. i would kinda assume fakeboi is talking about acquaintances and not very close friends when they said they have two friends die. especially with fentanyl out in these streets it's really not unusual in parts of the USA to know users in your group who drop dead, it's pretty sad

No. 850852

The worst. No way a junkie who groomed a young teen and keeps her in squalor isn't an abusive monster. Shes stuck at home with no friends, mentally ill, lazy and has been gaining substantial weight. He went in for a fresh young teen and now that she's an adult with no loli features left, I'm sure he trashes her every chance he gets. All groomers need to use some sort of abusive tactic to keep their subject submissive. Everyone needs to remember that victims aren't always perfect or even good people for that matter.

No. 850855

I think it's a mix of both because they're both terrible people who lie more than they avoid soap.

No. 850856

They're all on heroin anon. Junkies are constantly randomly dying of overdose

No. 850857

vowed to never use shein again, but still uses forever 21 and amazon? girl they all use child labor and might even be from
the same factory

No. 850858

vowed to never use shein again but ordered anyway uwu

No. 850862

File: 1630000695378.jpeg (757.14 KB, 1241x2156, 67FF50B6-B6A2-46E3-9385-9B7D13…)

Of course she's looking for a new psych kek

No. 850863

She probably went "I know better with no education and you're wrong" to her outpatient staff, her psych and therapist… kek

No. 850864

Why is she immediately looking for a new job if the friend is giving her one (despite every reason why she shouldn't) and it pays well? Wouldn't it be better to work there for some time so she has something to write in resume?

No. 850874

Exterminator… For a house you do not legally rent? Sage for ot but I asked a lawyer I know how the fuck Tuna does this and what the legal repercussions are for her squatting and she has literally no claim. We talked about it for over an hour kek. Tuna is lucky Covid keeps her and Lurch from being entirely thrown out onto the curb.

No. 850876

Benefit from someone who can't fulfil any of her needs because … ?
Here we go again with luna the perfect victim. Fuck off, fakeboi.
What a surprise she has no proof of the supposed job. Still, now she has gotten over The Big Sad and gone back to sex work because she desperately needed … shit from Shein kek, she at least has a fallback.

No. 850881

File: 1630012424092.jpg (298.57 KB, 1080x1970, Screenshot_20210826-160943_Tum…)

This is from a Tumblr video she just posted and idk what's going on with her teeth or why she would post them publicly like that, but they deadass startled me when she opened her mouth

No. 850882

>"two of my friends have died in the last month"
>aha no worriez i dont have to buy my stix i get them in a script uwu lolz
she seriously doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself. i think drug use fried any empathetic part of her brain. any normal person would at least acknowledge that loss or say sorry? even to someone as annoying (and whose probably lying) like fakeboi.

No. 850895


what fucking doctor prescribes 120 benzos to addicts? None.

Honestly who even prescribes sticks anymore in general. They've cracked down hard on that.

No. 850896

She looks healthier but those teeth. Now to actually get sober, leave Lurchs ass and get a job. At this point I'm rooting for her.

No. 850904

Lol, if the whole building has bugs, they’re just wasting money trying to exterminate their squat

No. 850908

That's the thing, there are no perfect victims. OP is right.
I haven't even noticed how rude was that, partially because I was surprised by more dead friends and probably I got used to Luna's selfish bs

No. 850914

At this point she's getting a little boring tbh
Posting random trinkets she bought online and the same faces in the most recent selfies. Same old shit.

Waiting on some real fresh milk.

No. 850919

the supreme court has ruled against extending the eviction moratorium so we might get milk soon, idk. i really want a saga of luna living with her dad. drama for months.

No. 850927

We're on the edge of an eviction and potentially a Lurch break up. Hold tight, anon, this is going to be interesting

No. 850932

Don't waste your time, Luna will never change

No. 850940

mlm saga PLEASE lord we deserve this

No. 850941

I didn't even think she may get an mlm job, i assuned rlyblonde is opening some hipster startup

No. 850956

I mean even the eviction moratorium doesn't really apply to her as it stands because it's not that she is on the lease and let her rent lapse. She and lurch are NOT on the lease and have paid no one. She has no recourse because she's not even a tenant. Even if her mom "says it's ok" she is not legally allowed to live there. If the property owner wanted to call the police and demand she left today he could do it. I cannot believe she is unaware of how precarious her situation is. Her first order of business should be looking for a real apartment to rent because squatter's rights doea not actually extend to active rental properties lol.

No. 850959

File: 1630076304119.jpeg (529.86 KB, 828x1218, 000580DC-DF83-4353-ABE5-8DBB76…)

Meanwhile, she's scamming more trinkets out of the few braindead stans left.

No. 850982

Oh my god, are we just gonna over look this? What the hell happened to her bottom teeth. They weren’t always like that were they?

No. 850983

There’s gotta be some loophole they’re under because I refuse to believe a landlord is just letting them stay there for free or that they “forgot” they’re there. That or they’re actually paying rent.

No. 850984

>> they’re actually paying rent

I haven’t laughed out loud at this thread in a minute thanks Anon

No. 850987

I was sort of under the assumption that they’re getting some kind of assistance including housing assistance. She hasn’t been openly begging as hard recently and I’ve been suspicious about her shopping sprees and her “clients”. Seems like she’s had money to toss around.

No. 850989

She's said in shady and confusing Tumblr posts that her big meanie landlord has removed the lock on the door and called the cops in an effort to get her to leave in the past. That is what preceded the sexual assault. She used to repeatedly say "I'm not actually allowed to be here, we need to leave soon help us with your money bby" but has just sort of… stopped caring now that her mother is no longer renting the place. Clearly the landlord is a slumlord who gets a government subsidy for housing people on assistance and probably doesn't check in with the building much, but Luna is not on that lease. I bet you $100. Anyld it's gonna come back on her at some point when he wants that apartment back to rent to a prospective tenant. Moratorium isn't for her. Why else does she occasionally moan about "a place of our own uwu" so often?

No. 851015

her bout of apartment shopping ended just around when the moratorium got extended so i assumed the moratorium was applied to her situation. if there’s really nothing stopping the landlord from kicking them out, I’m confused why not. have they somehow slipped through the cracks? did luna somehow apply for the apartment and get it? I don’t understand. isn’t it section 8 housing? how is she possibly taking up a unit without anyone noticing?

No. 851054

File: 1630164693809.jpg (200.33 KB, 720x1192, new bio.jpg)

She deleted her last post in this sc, it was captioned something like "I got a job :)". Didn't screencap it because I was having a chuckle at her new bio.

No. 851055

Cannot wait for the job saga

No. 851066

i’m dying at “gamer” my god, the girl plays Animal Crossing/Hollow Knight during quarantine and now she’s ninja

No. 851069

Honestly? I thought the same about
She barely touches something, barely has skills for it, and yet she presents it as a part of her identity. Does anyone know what I mean? I guess anyone can think they are a writer even if they casually write diary notes, but it looks like she considers herself a pro… at least that's how it feels to me when I see it in someone's instagram bio.

No. 851078

It really doesn't apply to her she probably just thinks it does. It's not "being evicted" if you aren't on the lease. It's someone else's property and there is no legal contract to protect her from the cops dragging them out. She isn't entitled to any benefits and I hope she's reading here because she should be looking to leave soon. The only reason she's not being dragged out of there is because the landlord probably manages so many slums it's hard to keep track of the squatters. Slumlords tend to buy up loads of cruddy properties and never check in much. This is probably the only thing saving her. If he removed the lock on the door, he's probably not above physically removing them. Sorry for lawfagging, nonnies.

No. 851085

File: 1630199788665.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20210828-210706~2.p…)

1. what in the fuck are her eyebrows
2. lol @ the wild Lurch spotted in the top right

No. 851088

That must be where her dad's apartment fire burnt her eyebrows off and they never grew back… uwu send monies bbs

No. 851095

File: 1630206848501.png (278.34 KB, 672x810, job.png)

No. 851096

File: 1630206910952.png (604.22 KB, 685x895, hair.png)

No. 851097

File: 1630207009766.png (109.79 KB, 671x335, too young.png)

No. 851098

File: 1630207479194.jpg (100.28 KB, 511x960, tumblr_0ef7e7903d2c42d71dfec79…)

No. 851101

She didn't go to no job yesterday. She would have posted selfies. Lol

No. 851103

The top right pic made me jump cause I thought for a sec it was a photoshopped pic of how Luna might look if she was healthy oof

No. 851113

>I'm scared… I've never come out of a hair salon not crying
Does she think it's possible to ruin her current "haircut"? Like, does she think it's possible that she comes out of the salon with worse hair than it already is? Ahahaha

No. 851114

i dare her to go to her hairdresser with her "haircut ideas" (as platinum as possible, no less. because, of course!). the only way to fix her hair is a buzzcut. and than she will whine about the mean hairdresser who will deservingly ask her if she is insane.

No. 851115

A kind hairdresser could potentially have a go with a deep conditioning or keratin treatment, a brutal cut and a shitload of toner and rectify the situation somewhat. But it’d cost a lot, so daddy better have the credit card ready. And once the professional blow dry has dropped out I don’t know how much it could resemble the reference pictures.

No. 851125

Not to mention the sheer amount that’s going to break off and fall out when that stylist approached that hair with a comb. I can’t wait to see what we get from this, she’s going to have to have SO much cut off to do anything presentable with it.

No. 851126

She's been talking about a professional haircut for months now… she'll never actually do it.

No. 851132

I don’t have the pics but I’ll try and get them. Her last Instagram picture what the fuck has she done to her eyebrows

No. 851133

File: 1630269519296.jpeg (562.47 KB, 750x1033, AC1EECDA-16D6-479E-A152-9BDA6C…)

No. 851136

I can't believe she has a new job either. Literally can't. And still babbling about becoming a journalist kek.

No. 851137

>>851126 her budget is great clips but with olaplex, a cut, color correction (they would have to ADD pigment, she aint going any blonder) she is looking at at least $100 before tip if she wants to walk out with any hair at all. and thats if the salon takes pity and gives her a discount. my salon would charge $300 as a STARTING estimate.

No. 851145

I wonder if her eyebrows are the result of her trying to do the trendy shaved eyebrow notch thing kek. Or mange.

No. 851148

Neither. Whoever gave her the job is in for a shock

No. 851151

You forgot the caption where she claims this is her with zero makeup. I legitimately laughed when I read that. The filter abuse is real.

No. 851162

$100 dollars would be mates rates, your salon estimate is a lot closer to what I was thinking she’d need to fix it. I don’t know how different hairdressing is in America but yeah it’d take a few hundred quid at least to try rectify even a fraction of the damage done to her hair and to be even close to what she wants.
I thought that too but there’s just straight up gaps all over. Maybe she made the mistake of plucking them whilst off her chops.

No. 851166

She may also have trichotillomania, but not mention it because it isn't ~uwu kawaii soft bby angel tragic~ like bpd or depression

No. 851192

File: 1630332313415.jpeg (134.82 KB, 750x1084, 880D27A6-70C5-47A9-B743-B56E9E…)

Why is this the only filter she uses? It looks retarded

No. 851195

Her brows were always kinda mangy so she covered them up with bangs. She seems to pencil them in most days but I imagine they look really odd irl. Her new employer is in for a shock when she rolls up but I'm actually glad she might be gainfully employed. Next step is new apartment with a real lock on the door! Though I'm sure when the paycheck hits she's going to blow it all on pink plastic trash instead of saving.

No. 851198

Implying the job she has is even real and that she isn’t just lying, or it’s an MLM. Luna MLM arc plz

No. 851224

if memory serves me right didn't she pull that exact stunt yrs ago when they were living with rodger? I swear she pretended to have a job at one point but accidentally outed herself at some point

No. 851228

File: 1630345893171.jpg (358.33 KB, 1080x1860, Screenshot_20210830_184845.jpg)

her "hand slipped" while shaving them apparently lmao

No. 851232

oh, she fucked them up for attention, then

No. 851234

Her hand slipped? Repeatedly? On both brows?

>>851162 called it, bitch was strung out.

No. 851238

File: 1630350929106.png (Spoiler Image, 5.09 MB, 828x1792, 9D5FBD32-0E78-4A5B-B2D2-5DAD52…)


No. 851239

I hope this isn't what she wore to "work" cause it's fucking filthy. Then again, all of her clothes are filthy so of course she did.

No. 851240

File: 1630351461868.jpeg (692.57 KB, 828x1420, 3A20E8F8-C4D1-4E10-977B-DF0DEF…)

she wore it to go thrift shopping for more tank tops

No. 851243

No way she has a real job that pays taxes when she doesn't have an ID.

No. 851244

The filter is doing a ton of heavy lifting but this hair length looks better on her

No. 851245

File: 1630353756335.jpg (95 KB, 600x791, a_ghost_with_a_big_nose_by_se_…)

I literally stared at this for a full minute before the apparition emerged, nightmare fuel. PT status: haunted

No. 851247

it’s probably that mural job she’s been after for like two years now. or some under the table job like cleaning up a restaurant or something. if there’s a business owner who’s refusing to pay a decent wage, i would guess that they’d hire a few junkies around the area for weeks at a time, fire them, and then hire more. could be what she’s getting into.

No. 851250

You guys are being too nice, she's probably street walking. She isn't going to be working any semi-normal job, even if it is bussing tables or scrapping gum off benches.

No. 851263

File: 1630366518714.jpeg (682.16 KB, 828x1554, 7E6E40B6-8AEC-43D0-BF67-14E076…)

No. 851264

File: 1630366965044.jpeg (1.2 MB, 828x4246, 976B533A-9533-43AA-A8F6-47FD05…)

No. 851265

File: 1630366988779.jpeg (605.06 KB, 828x4156, ABB4B665-6AE2-4334-8D56-1F8804…)

No. 851267

Totally wasn’t expecting this and took me way too long to see it even with your picture, ty anon for the laugh

No. 851274

That last picture is nightmare fuel

No. 851292

it took her this long to get vaccinated??

No. 851308

File: 1630398136836.jpeg (319.27 KB, 1241x1708, DBB70B9E-4BF3-43CC-9221-A6A91B…)

Such a mess

No. 851313

I assumed that she didn't care to ever get vaccinated but either A: Rlyblonde wanted her to and Tuna took that as an opportunity to be taken shopping afterwards or B:Used "wanting to be vaccinated" as an excuse to be taken out shopping by Rlyblonde (and her mom)

No. 851314


Didn't she say it was rlyblondes "new company"? That's what I gathered when she first mentioned her friend starting a company and said she was going to hire Tuna. Which would explain why rlyblonde and her mom are taking Tuna shopping to look more normal. Although those clothes are going to get filthy too.

No. 851323

she didn't, but anons suspect rlyblonde cause they recently reconnected and she seems like the only irl friend who could help Luna. She's been going the extra mile for Luna for the longest time

No. 851337

Tuna’s latest identity crisis is really confusing me. She seems to be moving away from her kawaii tumblr arrested development pastel thing and towards a more wholesome, laid back, salt-of-the-earth type thing. Less makeup and focusing on her skin health more than what foundation she can slather on, cutting her hair, donning clothes in more neutral colours as opposed to pink or lilac or black. Probably copying Rlyblonde and her vibe. It confuses me because by all accounts Luna should look better, but somehow she looks just as bad with minimalistic makeup and shorter hair as she did with her false eyelashes and fake nails and nude lipstick.

No. 851347

File: 1630420638474.jpeg (373.15 KB, 828x1752, 99D81229-7C98-4532-8044-7A6AA7…)

I’m gonna go with B. She’s so ungrateful

No. 851348

a plastic toddler hello kitty hairclip and velvet Claires scrunchie isnt really salt of the earth lol, idk she looks the same to me. Just not wearing makeup much anymore.

No. 851349

she looks the same to me too. it seems like she just takes her makeup off at night more often now and occasionally does a skin care routine with all the uwu kawaii skincare shit she buys online.

No. 851352

File: 1630423378212.jpeg (349.15 KB, 750x926, DEEC620A-DC94-457C-86A9-CE78E8…)

No. 851357

Yeah true you’re right,I guess it’s mostly her not fucking up her face with badly applied makeup that made me feel like she was trying to switch it up. it was also the sudden emphasis on sweatpants, getting glasses and buying houseplants too that made me think she was trying something different.

No. 851359

File: 1630425755813.jpeg (9.72 KB, 221x228, pobrane (1).jpeg)

>pretty cherub like face
I do think she's cute, but cherub???
>muh empathy
omfg, Luna's giving real Chris-chan vibes. I hope she's proud.

No. 851366

File: 1630432912934.jpeg (201.66 KB, 750x530, 88AC8A8C-B200-411A-B27F-9837C4…)

Good luck. Westchester is expensive af

No. 851367

The only way Lurch will marry Tuna is in words alone.

No. 851374

Just like with Lori, I await the eviction saga. She deserves it after the shit she pulled on her mom/that social worker who she was too lazy to talk to/work with into getting her own section 8 housing with.

No. 851380

File: 1630436696896.png (51.88 KB, 818x506, doctors are fucked up.png)

No. 851382

wow i'm impressed - looks like she has started planning for when they're homeless! I mean it's the bare minimum but still surprising! I think if they do break up it'll take being homeless. Like on the street, poor sleep, can't really be comatose all the time type deal. Then again a lot of addicts don't care about doing that stuff in a half burnt down bando! But hey she's getting her wish right? Living the junkie life when she could be in a snazzy apt with her dad.

Also lmao she thought she could OD and the dr wouldn't realize what's up? Well good luck to her that's on her record for good now they know she's addicted. Tbh a bit crazy if she went cold turkey but I mean I don't think she has insurance. She could have drank to help that though it works on the same receptor in the same way.

No. 851383

But anon you don't understand, she needed that fistful of klonopin! Her anxiety was too high for her to call her therapist! That doctor is just an asshole for doing his job right when Tuna has needs.

No. 851384

How is she going to rent a place without having any kind of government id?

No. 851386

Or money, credit, a pet deposit, renters insurance, security deposit, and utilities.

No. 851388

No way she’s going to find a studio in Westchester for only $1200. It truly baffles me how out of touch she is with reality. Even if she was able to find a place, who would rent to her? She had the whole pandemic to get her shit together (ie apply for Section 8 housing, get a new ID, save up money by idk, getting a job?) and she wasted all that time playing video games and e-begging for plastic trinkets. I wouldn’t wish homelessness on anyone but it is hard to have sympathy for her. I wonder if she expects her father to take her in when she inevitably gets evicted? She said some really nasty things about him a month or two ago, it seems like they may not be speaking to each other anymore.

Anyway it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. The only one I feel bad for in this situation is her cat because we all know when it comes down to it she’ll abandon him there.

No. 851394

>Great facial structure

No. 851396

wait, i'm confused. is she against sharing a bathroom with lurch or is she in an apartment where there's a communal bathroom?

No. 851397

She tried looking for an apartment before, but a lot of places were for room rentals, where there was a communal bathroom. I think that's what she's talking about.

No. 851400

It doesn't really matter where the place is if she manages to find one. It's not going to last long because they won't pay rent or bills and just trash the place.

No. 851406


That kind of style whiplash shows exactly what kind of trend-following poser she is… not that we didn't know already.

No. 851407


Tuna, your fingers ARE stubby. I think you mean to say you stole fake nails to attempt to make your stubby fingers look less stubby.

No. 851410


I get the feeling like she stole most of these while homegirl's mom was at CVS with her, since they effectively acted like a screen for her. Maybe they are just super nice people to buy a friend from almost a decade ago shit that can't even seem to be a necessity, but Tuna tells us herself she has "sticky fingers" so I'm kind of on the fence about whether all of it was stolen, some was, or it was all gifted from "a friend's mom".

No. 851412

She likes stealing cherubs so much that she's convinced herself she's one because she's curvy with long blonde hair (although she actually has dark brown hair that she bleached to a crispy blonde) and a round (fat) face.

No. 851416


Actually, homeless couples usually don't split up since it helps to panhandle separately and join your money together. Even couples that hate each other don't split up, they just spange separately and cop together or on their own, but go back to their sleeping spot together. They wouldn't be lucky enough to find an abandoned place to break into in their town where no one would report them right away. If they truly had to be homeless, which I don't think will ever happen because of Daddy, they'd get a donated sleeping bag/tent setup from the church, and switch up doorways, probably in NYC where the money is.

No. 851417


Knowing Tuna, she'd just take more Seroquel to combat benzo withdrawal. Even though plenty of other drugs would help more.

No. 851418

I mean she did tell fakeboi the eyeshadow was free (assumed stolen)… but she's so grimey that she may consider it free just because it was bought with someone elses (rlyblonde/s mom) money. And their money doesn't count, right?
Hilarious though if she filled out forms with all her info for her vaccine and then proceeded to steal from that same drugstore right after kek

No. 851420

“somewhere i can swim” no she’s about to be homeless and she needs a place she can shower at and hide out in during bad weather. i bet lurch had this idea, it’s difficult to be a 40 yr old junkie without knowing the typical life hacks to being homeless.

No. 851421

Just like >>851396 says, she doesn't want what San Francisco calls a Single Room Occupancy, where you get a room with no refrigerator, no kitchen, and you have to share a bathroom and sometimes a separate shower with the whole floor or 2 floors.

I like how she thinks she can get a 1 bedroom for $1200 when you can't even find a 1 bedroom in the rural parts of NJ for less than $1300, not including utilities.

No. 851422


It's actually not even important that she gave all her info for a vaccine and then stole shit when #1, the cameras usually just record in case they need to go back in the event of a serious crime or someone glances at them out of boredom, and #2, by law they couldn't even stop her from walking out with a trash bag full of stolen shit. They wouldn't even call the cops for a dollar amount that low even if she was dumb enough to stop when they try to stop her theft attempt. So you're good Tuna and your stubby, I mean sticky, fingers.

No. 851424


Homeless people usually do the free YMCA shower or pay the $10/ month cheap gym membership for the same shower amenities. There also are a lot of programs now with shower access since cities are tired of unshowered homeless people using the street as a toilet. So it seems to me that she really wants to swim. She's also been talking about wanting to swim for almost as long as wanting to get an ID to get married.

No. 851433

File: 1630458996342.jpeg (2.19 MB, 3464x3464, 37694CDF-037D-498D-96E1-924BEB…)

Wonder where she read that post

No. 851434

File: 1630459024735.jpeg (438.36 KB, 1170x2274, CAEAF1C0-FFFC-4938-867A-0C8137…)

No. 851435

And yet she decided to post to continue sharing her life on the internet to whine about the internet.

No. 851436

she could just stop any second though?

No. 851437

File: 1630461030285.png (88.81 KB, 480x737, tumblrpost.png)

Tumblr too

No. 851438

>severe arm pain from the jab yesterday
get a fucking grip girl, good lord. has she forgotten literally everyone else knows exactly what she’s talking about since it’s a common symptom? she’s acting like it’s another uwu sad girl disabled spoonie experience and not a sore arm that disappears in a day or two.

No. 851452

Love how she likes to constantly call herself sober when she still abuses xannies that aren't even prescribed to her and literally just admitted that she buys klonopin bc her therapist cut her off.
I still don't believe she actually has a job… let alone a potential 2nd one.

No. 851474

She's gonna use the job card to act morally superior every time from now on, even tho there's no proof of it. She's playing video games all day like before.

No. 851475

kek @ "severe arm pain" from the vax
bitch just take some tylenol like the rest of us

No. 851479

>i e never tried to hard in my life

when your super sober cry-typing is a lil Freudian slip uwu

No. 851485

Not American so don’t know the area, but why on earth does she need to live in this town that she does? It seems to be ridiculously affluent and expensive, is it bragging rights of some sort that she lives “just outside NYC”? Why can’t she move somewhere that is cheaper? Does she “have” to live in New Rochelle/Mamaroneck/wherever? Does she even know that you can just like…move out of the town you were born in?

No. 851488

She was born in Florida, she wants to be in the area to be close to her evil dad and mom.

No. 851492

coincidentally, that's why Kurt Cobain supposedly started using

No. 851505

lurch’s “job” (dealing) is why they don’t move
also she needs to be able to hit up rlyblonde and her mum for shopping sprees, not to mention getting her own parents’ pills on the reg

No. 851513

Fair, if she wanted to live in bumfuck anywhere she could probably manage and find a job/rental. She has almost no stuff worth saving to move. I think the issue is that neither of them have a car and they need their easy marks to scam from. Lurch is such a mystery, who knows why he stays in NY.
Glad to see she at least lurked long enough to realize she needs to move now.

No. 851516

Lurch may be a gross grooming, drug dealing creep, but he has the street smarts and survival instincts of a cockroach. Cockroaches live the city because of the ample opportunities to take advantage of. Same with Lurch. Dealing, stealing, etc is all made easier by more marks and greater anonymity.
If they moved to a medium sized city or small town, they would be known and labeled fairly quickly by locals and local law enforcement. In NYC they are just a small drop in the grimey, drug addicted, unwashed masses. Along with more social services, easily accessible liquid handcuffs and public transportation. I don't know if he could survive outside of his natural junkie crusty habitat.

No. 851517

Shame on you, everyone. Saying she became a junkie to be like Courtney! She did it to be like Layne, stop insulting her intelligence with these wild accusations.

No. 851547


They're not far from Philly and can easily move there and pay much less if Lurch wanted to go back to middle-manning. He never was a dealer. That would require the funds for him to pay up front for a larger quantity of dope and cut it with fillers or fentanyl. Which he never did. He just used to middle man dope for out of towners for a kick down (when someone breaks you off some dope). He can do that in Kensington in Philly if it really was about dealing.

Tuna just wants to keep mooching off Dad and rlyblonde's mom. I guarantee Lurch isn't begging to stay outside of a city when there's hardly any hustle opportunities there.

No. 851559

the thing is though is she isn’t sober and she really isn’t doing better. it’s hard to feel bad for someone when at the root of everything they are a pretty evil person

No. 851578

Why is she so quick to assume the people talking about her have never been addicts? Is she the only one in existence?? Because someone is or was an addict then they would automatically feel bad and have sympathy for her?
Tuna people react the way they do to you because you're a gross person who is Willing to fuck EVERYONE over. Remember when Roger was dying and his friend brought over blankets for him that you immediately took. Kicked your mom out of her bedroom, squatted in her house for over a year before getting her kicked out and saying she's an old addict who doesn't deserve help? The list goes on.

No. 851640

remember when she openly admitted that while Roger was dying in the hospital and the nurses were calling them to come say their goodbyes, she ignored their calls?

No. 851657


I mean, you see it in every sober meeting in the world, regardless of what the organisation is. barely-sober addicts who come in and cry and cry about how sad their life is, and then get furious when they aren't treated like special unicorns. clearly it cannot be because the other sober people recognise an overgrown child who refuses to take responsibility, but because those people just DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIIIIKE

if she never honestly owns up to all the shit she's fucked up, she's never gonna get better. it's the same story every time – her "i'm so horrible"-posts is never about accountability, it's about making people feel sorry for her for being a shitty person. if people are sorry for you, you never have to face responsibility. it's addict manipulation 101, and as long as she sees herself as a victim and thus someone who cannot be blamed for anything (unless it is in a self-loathing manner that will make people feel sorry for her and her self-hatred), she will never be able to live a decent life.

it's not complicated. in fact, addicts are better at calling out all the bullshit because they used to be there themselves. why else would luna, the professional victim and manipulator, hate every organisation that helps people get sober? Because they see through her shit.

anyway, her threads have always been full of addicts, sober and using alike. that's the whole point. she's what you don't want to be. a good role model, in that sense.

No. 851671

At the end of the day, Luna is sober from her Drug of Choice~~ but she isn't "sober" from the behavior that always brings her back to using when times get hard. Homegirl needs to learn to cope and become an adult. She had a whole pandemic and lockdown to learn without having to worry about finanves and she didn't take advantage. Now is the time. Hopefully having a modicum of responsibility at work will start her off.

No. 851694

File: 1630601489843.jpeg (164.04 KB, 827x1212, 202DF058-C481-420F-9694-09D728…)

She clearly doesn't have pockets in those pants. What job is she "working" where she's holding onto her phone the whole time?

No. 851696

Yeah it’s called having a backpack or purse, nonny.

No. 851698

Does her apartment have a yard/communal outdoor space?

No. 851699

It didn’t appear to when I looked at it after she doxed herself for the nth time; and if it did I very much doubt it would have any type of fence other than chain link.

No. 851700

It's probably her fake job.

No. 851701

File: 1630603598282.jpeg (128.34 KB, 750x373, 9D5F8DAB-3D00-4CF3-B586-E62FD5…)

Screenshot from KF

No. 851702

File: 1630603624163.jpeg (36.05 KB, 750x205, 4991AD2A-FA52-420F-92D6-5F72A8…)

Kek at Lurch having BPD

No. 851703

Kek, Lurch cheated on her and she believed the bullshit he told her.

No. 851705

Absolutely, if he didn’t hook up with her and Luna trusted him then why would she respond by cutting herself that deeply? Plus we all remember the Tessa saga.

No. 851707

ew what self respecting woman would be "obsessed" with lurch unless she was totally blind with no sense of smell. He's vile

No. 851710

Luna the farmer

No. 851713

Lurch really is a scumbag. He's clearly cheating on her; wonder what he thinks of her manipulation with the deep cut? I have a feeling he won't care at all.

No. 851716

File: 1630607681005.png (4.35 MB, 1311x2048, Screenshot_20210902-112448.png)

this has to be somewhere else…no wonder she feels better being there than being in her moldy nest…

No. 851717

Probably reallyblonde's place.

No. 851725

Must've hired her as a housekeeper or help around the house. Until Luna goes for the five finger discount.

No. 851726

File: 1630611258714.png (31.51 KB, 909x445, chonkers.png)

No. 851727

File: 1630611299101.png (50.02 KB, 792x284, trauma.png)

No. 851734

File: 1630614263941.jpeg (293.22 KB, 750x1067, 1852B436-11B1-4A75-9249-DE0187…)

No. 851741

File: 1630617508404.jpg (194.47 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20210902-141450_Ins…)

What a productive day of work.

No. 851744

>>851741 Like, I know she doesn't actually have a job (clearly some friend taking pity by paying her for yard work) but imagine calling up some landscaping company to have your grass mowed and you look out the window and the see this shit. I can't stop laughing, why is this so funny lmao

No. 851745

maybe you should stop posting on the internet then and maybe come back in 3 years when you have your shit together

No. 851746

>>851745 What even is that picture? It's cursed-AF but I can't tell if that's their apartment, an old photo of somewhere else, or some shit she just found on tumblr. Those muffins look haunted.

No. 851749

oh pssh yeah they may never have been chonkers but they've all been trapped in her junkie den with uncapped needles and empty bags literally all over the place. Not to mention the two of them chain smoking inside; previously her mom also smoking inside. Her cats have 0 enrichment and like tnd she thinks cats will play with the toys you get at the store and most cats aren't into that. They get bored and prefer when a human plays with them with the toys. So many cows have the common thread of not thinking they have to play with/attend to a cat. They bought into the whole cats just sleep all day and you don't have to do shit and they're soft and cuddly bs. Grow up.

She's so bitter and hostile for what?! Luna you've surely traumatized your family too. How do you think they feel having a daughter end up more of a piece of trash than they were? Hopefully she never reproduces. I can't remember if she's ever said she wanted kids. Hopefully not.

seriously, like do something about it or shut up and accept your reality. incapable of accountability

No. 851779

i thought it was a tumor and not a cyst, tuna?

No. 851793

Tuuuunaaaa…. is this a pretend job because you needed something to put on apartment applications? wink wink

No. 851799

File: 1630636337073.jpeg (328.32 KB, 828x956, 53F999D4-8589-4DE9-A5FF-9F91F7…)

she’s worked 2 days and already is planning to spend all her money on more clothes. it’s been literally 3 days since she went thrift shopping and 9 days since her last cheap online shit haul. and what happened to the professional hair cut and color?

No. 851812

yeah this isn’t gonna last. she’s also being super vague about what it is. you get paid for your ideas? ideas about what, luna? nature and plants? way to make it seem super non legit.

glad that she gets to go touch grass though. she needed it. fresh air should be good for her.

No. 851819

Sounds like a landscaping job.

No. 851820

B-but her cotton eye Joe knees and uwu chronic dislocating joints

No. 851821

But that's Lurch's cover story.

No. 851832

late ass response but god it took me forever to realize that is in fact lurchs caveman face and not one of his creepy big arms

No. 851844

File: 1630665709242.jpg (164.66 KB, 2270x609, IMG_20210903_124127.jpg)

love cow on cow violence

No. 851845

File: 1630666462855.jpg (247.15 KB, 600x1712, ZomboDroid 03092021125232.jpg)

No. 851849

I think the thing that frustrates me most about Luna re: work is that she thinks she has earned "working with my brain and my creativity" jobs because she's above slaving away in a kitchen or retail. Whenever anyone offered up a job that didn't feel up to her taste she would whine about not wanting to do something soul-sucking. Pretty haughty for a squatter if you ask me. Luna, save your paychecks!

No. 851883

File: 1630691142451.png (118.42 KB, 591x346, Screenshot (486).png)

kek cry some more

No. 851888


I really don’t understand why she and lurch won’t just share with some other junkies/burnouts in a multi bedroom apt in the Bronx. She wouldn’t be able to bring all her junk with her but it could cut the costs down to as much as 6-700. She and lurch are zonked most of the time anyway so does it really matter if someone else is there?

No. 851895

Who's the dude tho? Or is it a girl? Idk

No. 851912

Imagine being so BPD you blame the hospital for not finding a wound you did not disclose.

No. 851913

File: 1630710370159.png (288.49 KB, 1080x458, Screenshot_20210903-160437~2.p…)

Dropped the pic, whoops.

No. 851916

Not the fatass agere bitch who lives surrounded by crusty plushies complaining she was being babysat, kek

No. 851917

anon i think you've hit the nail on the head

As far as worst bpd one from the "been together 8 yrs" it's clear the cut was recent. Have we seen it? I can't even remember but I swear her upper arm doesn't have some giant scar like a cut that goes that deep would look. then again she is back to wearing long sleeves which of course only totes sober addicts due during the summer!

um lmao "it took them three days for them to even look at them" Well idiot if you don't say anything about your wound then no shit they won't be looking for one. Sounds like despite hating it that she needs babysitting if she's incapable of taking care of her needs!

it's interesting to see her ramble on about lurch and their 8 YEARS OF LOVE. Tell us more about how in love you are lol. Clearly she's really insecure about their creepy relationshit

No. 851918

File: 1630713044798.png (291.45 KB, 480x782, lunasi.png)

She does cut regularly on her upper arms. I don't know about this specific story but I do believe it. It's 100% BPD.
This was from her "I'm so cute today look at my outfit" video from Aug 28th. The blood stains are newish, as they weren't in previous pictures in this stupid, ugly, retarded overpriced dress.

No. 851920

File: 1630713443927.png (31.32 KB, 480x313, lunaungrateful.png)

Same fag. Other retards like the retard dress. But I chuckled because everything people buy for Luna is "Cheap! Cheap!" but the minute she has to spend any of her (dad's) money it's suddenly overpriced, like her complaining about the cost of this dress & those kitty cat shoes she claimed to buy.

No. 851922

File: 1630719574853.png (558.28 KB, 480x723, Tunasjobnotjob.png)

Taken from KF. So… she doesn't really have a job?

No. 851927

Sorry Im not a plant expert like Tuna but is it normal to plant these things outside at the end of summer in New York?
How is this a "business"? What a joke… tuna you shouldn't have hyped this up as a "job" kek

No. 851928

Lmaooo no way, her friend got her to come help plant her garden and she was calling this a job. Incredible

No. 851941

thank god fakeboi cannot afford it, that dress is absolutely horrid and would look retard even on a supermodel

No. 851944

Well I for one am shocked. Who could have known this pathologically lazy fatass didn't have an actual job.

No. 851946

No. It is not. Besides that, em didn't she say she got a job working for the city?

No. 851948

As above, not normal, it’s the end of season. They’ll be lucky to get a tomato or two. I doubt the tomatoes or lavender will even root. Strawberries fruit in their second year but these have likely been planted too late to be established by next year. Waste of time, effort and money.

No. 851949

She said she can't wait to taste the fresh strawberries she planted, bitch just go to a store. Anyway I'm sure the business will be booming when winter is coming lmao

No. 851950

In the caption she says she planted lettuce, but there’s only chard and kale in the pictures. So not only has she never eaten any leafy greens, she couldn’t even remember two one-syllable plant names. A thriving start to her horticultural career.

No. 851966

Friend may want to learn what you can plant in the fall before she starts a landscape company. The tomato and strawberries are an odd choice. I’ll bet tuna are all of the ripe tomatoes too.

No. 851972

It’s good to see she’s out of the housing and actually touching a plant that provides nourishment (no way she ever eats fresh anything) but this doesn’t seem like a job?? Idk curious to see where this saga goes.

No. 851990

Likely arc for this story: Luna steals everything then blames her friend for 'being abusive'

No. 851994

Shitty tinfoil but I'd like to think her friend asked her to hang out and help her garden and transactional Tuna said "hmmm no this is work and labor, pay me." Obviously there's no proof but I just feel it in my heart that this was her way of weaseling stuff out of people. She can't simply hang out around people, they have to take her places or buy her things and almost always usually both.

No. 851995

Woops dropped the post - so in Tuna's mind she's working a job and being productive because this time she's trading "help" for rides and shopping trips rather than outright asking/guilting people into it. Either way it's… Honestly a step up for her. Glad she got to lay in grass and do something other than stay inside all BPD'd out.

No. 852001


this is my favourite detail lmao, because imagine an employee at a landscaping firm telling you she can't wait to come back and eat your strawberries

No. 852012

So are we now to assume cotton eye joe knee is magically healed from being outside in nature? Based on her “job pics” she seems to be doing just fine digging on her knees. Jk, that was obviously never real. Just pointing out the ridiculous fallacy in her constant uwu poor me narrative.

No. 852020

Even as hilarious as it is that she considers this an actual job, I’m glad she’s outside, with people who care about her well-being to some degree, and away from lurch. It’s a slim chance but maybe these are the steeping stones to finally leaving lurch (unlikely I know but it’s refreshing to see her touch some actual fucking grass and be outside in the sun away from all her filth)

No. 852024

Yes, it's very positive. Now if she could just stop. fucking. lying. about every. single. fucking thing.

No. 852035

Just scrolling down /pt/ I thought OP pic was a fucking dolphin

No. 852155

File: 1630989823969.jpg (164.51 KB, 720x1264, High horse.jpg)

Shitty Luna loves feeling superior to others, meanwhile little miss ACAB was taking selfies in the police car.

No. 852170

God, this is hilarious since she ALWAYS does that. She used to take BPD validation selfies with ambulance taking Roger to hospital. How can one be so lacking in self-awareness? Pls explain

No. 852175

Lmao, there are literally cringe hospital selfies and videos she took late last thread! She has no long term memory, huh?

No. 852189

Honestly I'm kinda just floored she's not milking Ida for all it's worth. I know she doesn't live at Roger's old place anymore, but people are literally being rescued by boat in that area, Mamaroneck got hit hard AF. I know she lives in an apartment now (not sure what floor, but clearly high enough or far enough away from the worst of the flooding) but since when has the truth ever stopped her from co-opting national crises for use as a sympathy magnet?

TBH, I'm shocked she's not out here like, "Plz send money, my mom/dad/dead grandma's house is flooded and I need money to buy CHEEP furniture for them and other necessities, like fake nails and stuffed animals!" Progress is progress, I guess.

No. 852204

What's the obsession with her leaving lurch about? At least 5 years too late for it to make any difference to anything.

She finally feels like she can take a shot at someone else … and it's this. Fucking kek. What an absolute winner.

No. 852209

File: 1631044982950.jpg (399.92 KB, 1080x1829, Screenshot_20210907_210126.jpg)

i wonder what her "job" actually is

No. 852210

File: 1631045074177.jpg (196.79 KB, 1080x1892, Screenshot_20210907_210045.jpg)

the possibly related Instagram page with no actual info

No. 852214

Decor for autistic people maybe? I'm seeing "sensory"

No. 852216

File: 1631048971187.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20210907-140624~2.p…)

No. 852217

File: 1631049083759.png (374.64 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210907-140814.png)

It's pretty vague. Looks like some fundie wanting to do good by her neighbors. Some organization focused on autism/mental illness/addict support via art and education.

No. 852218

>What's the obsession with her leaving lurch about?
If anyone wants to get clean from anything, they need to cut ties with people that enable their addiction.

No. 852219

charge your phone it's giving me anxiety

No. 852248

from that description Luna is probably a tragic addict personal project

No. 852257

>what do you have to lose? pay your neighbor's rent
kek. i can see how this friendship works

No. 852284

there’s a weird group of anons who seem to think tuna would magically do better if she isn’t with lurch.

No. 852296

Oh, it absolutely makes sense now. Luna doesn't even have to grift if she's about to be on some well-meaning dummy's payroll. New Luna era is interesting even if it brings in less milk. I wonder if she'll start claiming autism since it seems to be this Altered Spaces lady's raison d'etre.

No. 852305

it would be a start, even if it wouldn't magically save her
>what do you have to lose? pay your neighbor's rent
What do you have to lose? Oh, IDK, just your hard-earned money that could save your ass in the future? That girl, while well-meaning (and I respect that), seems retarded as fuck.

No. 852311

File: 1631115170425.jpeg (422.67 KB, 1241x1910, 5856849F-0583-4220-9F64-DB9434…)

Wonder what those red dots on her neck are

No. 852313

god her lips look disgusting. the amount of makeup…jesus.
red dots are probably some type of rash. i wonder if she's showered since she's been outside in the dirt kek

No. 852314

that's a whole cake face

No. 852315

true but she was shitty before lurch. it isn't like she'll suddenly become a functioning member of society.

No. 852316

She said that they had bugs and were going to call an exterminator >>850862

No. 852320

File: 1631119902955.jpg (65.27 KB, 751x432, screenshot.jpg)

I did a deep dive because I couldn't figure out what the hell this place was and yep, it's interior design based around preventing autistic overstimulation/soothing autism. So shit like "smell this dried lavender so you don't have a meltdown". Or "muted colors will keep you calm".

If you go through the owners twitter she has a lot of support addicts/drug reform/"there should be safe spaces for people do do drugs if they want to" rhetoric so Luna is probably like her dream employee. Recovering addict (but not really) and autistic as hell. There's so much virtue signaling, she'll get major cred employing someone like that lol.

No. 852323

Bugs from her squat or chiggers from rolling around in the brown grass.

No. 852328

Wow Luna has hit the goddamned jackpot in this uggo broad with more money than sense. Luna has to be the luckiest person I’ve ever heard of. Every time you think she’s gonna be homeless or her grind is done she stumbles into some new scheme…

No. 852338

File: 1631123944731.jpeg (260.67 KB, 1241x1699, C9F3B1AA-EC2B-4F6C-B5AB-5951EB…)

Does she just forget every damn outfit she's worn outside before? Jesus she's been out in less than this and if i'm not mistaken it got her kicked out of rehab but she wasn't bothered about it then

No. 852340

It's gonna spiral tbh. Luna is gonna latch onto this paypig and beat her with BPD. The thing with these artsy fundie do gooders is this is more about them than the people they're helping. They want results and the ugly traits of mental illness, addiction, and autism are not taken to too kindly because it goes against their carefully curated image of themselves. It's a pet project and it will be treated as one. If she's taking Luna on as a project she will only encourage her inability to face failure and consequences. I've seen this before and it's rarely ever successful or even really effective.

No. 852344

this outfit is miles more flattering than anything she usually wears

No. 852361

The thing is I’ve said that exact same thing so many times yet she always weasels her way out somehow. Everyone keeps expecting things to finally catch up to her but it never happens. Moratorium lifted and it seems like she’ll be homeless as she scrambles to find a nonexistent apartment she can afford? Then, just not a peep on it.

No. 852363

Luna will be her greatest challenge, I'm sure. Given her legitimately sad backstory we have all seen every one of her friends lose sympathy for her overtime. The grift ia very interesting, though! I wonder what she'll do to this lady.
She'll start begging the Altered Spaces lady to pay her rent or find housing. I'm sure of it.

No. 852372

So our dear Tuna is going to be going into vulnerable individuals homes to help them decorate? She will be aware of their address and their belongings and their mental illnesses. That sounds fine. They're totally not going to get burgled.

No. 852374

Let's just hope "Altered Spaces" is just some twee rich girl larp and not actually allowed access to vulnerable individuals. No matter how this ends, it is not going to end all smell some lavender calm when it comes to Lunas case.

No. 852375

wtf did she do to her face here, that's more than just a filter

No. 852379

If the biggest problem a sperg has is that the paint color is giving them panic attacks you know it's for larping munchies

No. 852387

>>>i can't imagine leaving the house like this tbh
so you post it online for the whole world to see…ok. fucking log off already

No. 852388

where is the tumblr post(s) where she says she was literally meant to be an addict like her idols?? that she always wanted it?

No. 852397

samefag but i found one of her professions of love for being like her heroes


No. 852400

Moratorium was put back in place by Holchul. Until who knows tbh.

No. 852404

See?! She’s like some junkie mr magoo I swear to god I’ve never seen anything like it

No. 852406

File: 1631160273444.jpg (686.48 KB, 1516x2220, 21-09-09-00-00-24-047_deco.jpg)

Literally what is she doing that every item of clothing she owns gets these disgusting white crusty stains on them SO fast

No. 852415

Maybe she lies in the litter box like she lies in the grass.

No. 852418

Its probably from all that makeup she cakes on her face. It rubs off on her hands every time she touches her face and she never washes her hands so everything else she touches gets covered in greasy foundation fingerprints

No. 852421

Smelled this comment scrolling by… loonie needs to buy a lint roller before taking a million of selfies to over edit.

No. 852427

Shoes on a side table or whatever that is, shoes in the cupboard, I'm sure shoes in bed too..

No. 852430

That nice crack on the bottom left of the door and whatever the hell that cardboard is covering up kek I dread to think of what the bathroom would be like

No. 852435

All the loose strands of hair that are hanging off the ends of her other hair… Yikes. Between her and lurch you just know there's hair caked onto the carpets and hair tumbleweeds rolling across the kitchen.

No. 852438

File: 1631195496144.png (30.42 KB, 600x165, C0F86641-321E-45F8-84FA-D5449F…)

From the other farms, Tuma confirms what had already been guessed.

No. 852439

File: 1631195538036.png (14.18 KB, 600x142, E61C43CA-F70D-4117-8C6A-8D15A2…)

No. 852442

File: 1631195740966.png (20.17 KB, 600x150, 059158D9-0029-46B8-8553-869913…)

Lucky for you, she’s grifting for a vacuum cleaner on Reddit. Confirms the place has never been hoovered in all their time living there. The floor must be a carpet of human and cat hair.

No. 852445

I have vague memories of what it looked like right as they were moving in with her mom and it was pretty sparse but not filthy. Now it's a shoe palace with dirty Lurch tennis-shoes bursting out of every cupboard, brown spotted towels, and carpet so gross even Luna is starting to notice.

No. 852446

And here's why I have so much god damn trouble getting a modest prescription for benzos. Her kidney's must be sobbing. Prescribing Tuna, a woman in her 20s, a life sentence of opiate addiction and kidney failure is malpractice. She can't be taking 10mg of Klon a day to be a "little more talkative!" If this dumbass worked hard for anything in her life she should realize how her doctor put herself on the line just giving her Clonzapam prescription. Its not the docs fault that she built up a tolerance and now can't take medically prescribe doses.

No. 852451

I have no idea how these junkies do it. There are plenty of good, responsible, sensible people out there who would benefit from small benzodiazepine scripts but ostensibly they cope okay without and they’re therefore denied prescriptions and fobbed off with a strong antihistamine. But sure, give benzos to junkies by the bucketload. Bizarre. If anybody has insight into the clinical rationale there I’d like to hear it.

No. 852470

It's a numbers game. Normal people are likely to "cope okay" with suboptimal meds, since they're just doing the best they can to get on with their lives. But for junkies like Luna, drug seeking is their life. They persist in visiting doctors until somebody buys their sob story, or they find a questionably-ethical prescriber who doesn't give a shit.

No. 852473

Additionally, at a certain sort of "rock bottom" junkies can get exactly what they want for the rest of their lives on the government dime. Methadone is done just to keep them addicted but compliant. Same with benzos. There is no hope for these people who want to be addicts. At least if a worthless junkie like Luna is taking benzos or methadone then they are probably nodding off somewhere in a squat and not causing crime and general disgust among the normie population. They aren't shooting drain cleaner into their veins or hooking and getting stds or children that will have to be paid for by the government. Or hooking and then wasting police resources like Luna. Just fill them with quasi-legal drugs, give them enough food stamps to fill their junkie bellies and wait for them to die or end up in jail.

No. 852475

Methadone is also a useful tool for getting sober over time as you build your life back. Blog but I watched it work for a friend. Not everyone is there just to wear the handcuffs for life.

No. 852477

All those cheap cheap cheap clothes and baubles but no money for a cheap small vacuum

No. 852483

wrong link
>im super broke but i can pay for gas… if i really have to… how dare you fucking make me though. drive to me and gib free vacuum cleaner asap

No. 852485

Good thing I wasn't talking about your "friend" anon. What is it with all the BPD bitches in Luna's thread thinking a comment on a cow's behavior is a comment about them? I stated multiple times I was discussing how a "certain sort" "people who want to be addicts" "worthless junkies" can get by and keep getting huge benzo scripts like Luna, her mom, her dad and Lurch. Learn to comprehend before you take offense.
Luna is a multigenerational drug addict. She isn't some middle class woman trying to get her life back together after a rude wake-up call at a heroin den, or someone wanting to get/stay clean on methadone for their kids. The system has been supporting her family's failed genes since before she was born and will continue to support her. (The best thing Luna has done for the world is not getting knocked up, thank God for PCOS.) She knows the system won't let her starve and she doesn't have to even get sober to keep playing "Girl, Interrupted" for psych doctors and IOP counselors. If she can't scam for benzos herself right now because she fucked it up by eating them all in one day…no worries! She is surrounded by other failures who get scripts for the same reason.

No. 852493

she's so fucking dumb. does she not know that klonopin is a long acting benzo? it's not like xanax where boom, you're high

No. 852523

I still chuckle remembering she "saved money" for the crappy toddler bean bag chair, when she could've buy a vacuum instead. Priorities…

No. 852537

File: 1631283427143.jpeg (119.52 KB, 1242x613, B0D07603-7F48-4222-A8A4-C794C6…)

What specific furniture does she NEED to work from home? Pathetic

No. 852540

Oh man, Luna hit the actual jackpot with this lady!

No. 852543

can't wait until she buys luna home

No. 852551

her luck is literally insane, she should really just grift a couple lottery tickets at this point

No. 852552

The rash on her neck screams bedbugs. I appreciate how her answer to bedbugs is asking for a shitty used vacuum cleaner and new bedding.

No. 852553

>buy a junkie a house! What's there to lose.

Seriously, what a score. These hippie trust funds aren't easy to find. Devil's luck.

No. 852557

Lmao at her working from home when anons thought she'll be frolicking in the grass and it will help her mental health to leave the crackden.

No. 852575

I think the WFH gig is her "second job"~ I think she only does the gardening a couple times a week. Still fun to watch her cavorting around town instead of shaking down e-friends for copics for the billionth time!

No. 852578

does the friend realize that luna's about to get kicked out? i mean, sooner or later. that can turn out to be a great loss of money

No. 852586

It's got nothing to do with luck. Ever heard of the saying "a fool and his money are soon parted"? Well, the world is full of fools. In fact, it's hard to avoid them.
While there's many of us that don't want to exploit them, there's even more of those who do.

No. 852590

OR… maybe if she actually did some laundry for once she wouldn't have to treat actual bedding and clothing as disposable

No. 852619


Just go to the right doctor or keep switching until you find one… like Tuna.

No. 852629

File: 1631315718105.jpg (571.48 KB, 1080x1610, Screenshot_20210910-191242_Ins…)

If you look in this pic from her Instagram there's a needle she forgot to hide to the right.

No. 852631

What an ignorant take on medication that helps most people. No one besides Tuna wants to be an addict. I'm positive that even Tuna doesn't want to be one once she realized what it encompassed. She uses it as her identity because she lacks a real one. But we can all tell she's not having a good time.

Clearly you have no idea of the importance of methadone clinics, which extends far beyond being "compliant" (compliant with…?!). Most people at clinics are normal people with full time jobs (which is why clinics open at 5:30am and close no later than noon depending on what state) and they aren't nodding off all day because methadone doesn't give you an actual high let alone make you crash. You simply feel normal and don't have cravings to use or abuse opiates or anything. At high doses you sleep. There's purposefully no euphoria at all regardless of dose.
You're probably generalizing anyone at a clinic based on the people you see loitering out front or at a nearby bus stop, but what you don't see is all the shit they're getting high on. Even the worst "junkies" (which anons seem to use as a synonym for any drug addict) aren't on methadone for the non-existent high. Make your generalizations, but your lack of real knowledge on what medication assisted treatment is is showing.

For anyone curious about methadone clinics (which Tuna isn't enrolled in due to Lurch repeating the addicts slang of "liquid handcuffs"), they handle a lot of social services and referrals and are a federal program that employs counselors for each client and doctors and nurses for everything from TB testing to dosing titration.
The majority of patients are grateful to be able to live normally, reduce the chances of od's and disease, and earn take homes for every 3 months of clean drug tests. If you research it, you will find methadone is the form of medication assisted treatment with the highest rate of success.
Tuna would actually show progress if she went to one, but she's not into being addicted to something she has to get from an clinic daily, especially when she can buy benzos on the block!

No. 852632


Pretty sure anyone that reads your post will see only you generalizing addicts bc that's what you did

No. 852633

Most likely an older picture since she was using earlier this year.

No. 852646


these are her current nails sadly, but I wouldnt put it past her to have old needles still lying around in the hovel

No. 852654

File: 1631332359606.jpeg (717.46 KB, 828x1430, E7CFE6EE-353C-4DC4-B248-6444FF…)

obviously she spent $40 on a non refundable game rather than putting it towards one of the things that would “make everything feel like less shit”

No. 852660

You can get a vacuum, bedsheets or a desk for 40$.
She's already spending the money on things she doesn't need and she'll be begging tomorrow for some furniture or ugly china made clothes from Shein and Amazon and she will get them.
Must be fun to have no bills to pay and get to spend every dime you make/beg for on useless shit with no repercussions.
Meanwhile, some people work two shit jobs and struggle to put food on the table and can never buy nice things for themselves.
I hope her Switch breaks even if some dumbfuck would buy her another one as soon as she complains.

No. 852661

The Kuromi journal should be the bigger notebook because our gorl loooves to write stream of thoughts, and the smallest should be the planner because she's got nothing to plan when shes lounging all day.

No. 852665

Luna's friend/"enployer" ig: https://www.instagram.com/allicinr0se/

No. 852672

Not exactly a surprise, but good spot anon. It’s funny that with the inclusion of her planner in that picture there’s essentially a time stamp alongside the needle and there’s no denying she’s still on heroin in 2021.

No. 852716

File: 1631377086152.png (61.24 KB, 819x721, chrischan.png)

No. 852733

she's going to suck so hard at that game

No. 852737

Doesn’t she complain about the winter too if I recall. Next will be the “I have no warm winter clothes” grift.

No. 852752

Just another rich fundie taking people on as a project - I think she'll get tired of Luna pretty quick. Just a cursory glance at her IG shows she's trying to look worldly by having many diverse interests and doesn't seem to stick with them long. The way she used that crowbar as a hammer stressed me TF out though.

No. 852792

Yeah, I noticed that too. She already has a string of failed projects behind her and this looks to be the next one.

No. 852797

Tuna's sugar mama will dip when she realizes what a bottomless pit of needs Tuna is.

No. 852801


You'd be surprised then that a lot of former iv users have old unused needles in their homes

No. 852802


Uhhh we all know she was on FENTANYL with a bit of heroin in 2021. Then she quit because of Lurch about 4 months ago (not the 7+ months she's claiming)

Like the other anons said, these aren't her nails now and it's obviously an old picture

No. 852803


Then do what the rest of us do when we're not happy where we live: Move with the money from your new jOb and get a new job landscaping. It's annoying how she acts like she's trapped there.

No. 852804


Anyone struggling that hard with 2 jobs doesn't have a clue how to cut unnecessary expenses, is too incompetent to get free basic food, or are living beyond their means. I think Tuna is a dumbass, but thanks to Lurch, the grift game is strong.

No. 852814

It's not an old picture, she got the Kuromi notebook very recently, a dumbass tumblr follower bought it for her from etsy. >>844817, >>844891, >>844894 and here she writes in it >>847000

No. 852821

File: 1631460284557.jpeg (405.68 KB, 828x1872, 6DECC574-F50B-4595-BF91-0CB681…)

They look the same to me anon.

No. 852822

File: 1631460468908.jpeg (635.23 KB, 828x1223, C212A948-5E29-443E-978F-805D1D…)

Unless she’s been photo dumping old pics, they’re her current nails.

No. 852823

Samefag but I just realized that blanket she just thrifted on aug 30. they are 10000% her current nails and not an old pic

No. 852835

kek tuna hasnt seen an unused needle in her life. but agreed it COULD, MAYBE just be an old one that hasnt been tossed out. MAYBE.

No. 852865

this is only a reasonable thought based on how filthy her whole life is. Just hard to believe it is old though. But maybe….just maybe.

No. 852867

bc i think its a part of bpd. emotional instability due to attaching to everything in life, including comments on internet threads. they just take everything so personal because it is personal to them. lack of identity is another part of bpd, so i imagine that it hits too close to ppl who have identified with it too. a hit dog will hollar.

No. 852868

Occam's razor beats wishful thinking guys.

No. 852880

File: 1631520162389.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3464x3464, C33B53C4-3F8B-45B2-8CA5-F56CA1…)

Nice bit of furniture dragged into the middle of the room there Tuna

No. 852882

the only way the needle isn't hers is if it's lurch's. and if that's the route one wants to believe, you have to ask yourself how likely it is that tuna will be able to stay off whatever it is that lurch is shooting up next to her

i'm personally surprised though, and i wonder if she's actually on heroin or something else? mainly bc, as much as her being "sober" is bullshit, if you compare her posts to the ones she made a year ago there IS a rather drastic difference. just compare with the shit from this thread >>>/pt/767687

so, something definitely happened. what do you guys think? heroin or something else?

No. 852885

Notice how she's been hiding the crook of her arms. Even with her friend she was wearing long sleeves.

No. 852886

File: 1631526522247.jpeg (291.45 KB, 1241x1836, DAA292FE-8637-4D07-A5E3-6A455B…)

Kek good point, the last time I could find it in a post was towards the end of August (pic rel) and for some reason in these pics it looks black and bruised however in the video she posted on this same day it looks reasonably free of any marks

No. 852887

File: 1631526626224.jpeg (908.43 KB, 3464x3464, F56B49B8-CE93-4742-B7B7-5B4448…)

Screenshots of the video posted on the same day, her dress is absolutely disgusting covered in blood and god knows what else, but somehow the crook of her elbow here doesn't look as bad as in the photos?

No. 852890


Dumbest pRoOf of iv use since Tuna doesn't know how to mainline and she just misses into her thigh. Considering Lurch and his vein destroying phlebotomy technique started on her arms, her arm veins were demolished years ago. They don't come back after all the scar tissue that Lurch's technique would have quickly caused.

No. 852908

File: 1631557319366.jpg (260.69 KB, 1080x1509, 20210913_142153.jpg)

No. 852911

>I've never bought a xan in my life
> A dude I know sells them for $2

Kek. At least she's honest. It's not her money going to xans if she buys, probably her dad's.

No. 852913

she’s saying the guy sells kpin which is klonopin not xanax

No. 852925

Why hasn’t she just gone to one of the doctors that writes these other scripts? No wonder she was incensed by a small klonopin rx.

No. 852929

File: 1631572017934.jpeg (121.59 KB, 1241x645, 8C78063F-AD42-447F-B283-7E0642…)

I wonder how much she's getting paid

No. 852930

File: 1631572080403.jpeg (406.92 KB, 1241x2088, 5DBF074D-297F-4503-A286-5C7955…)

Samefagging just to add this terrifying pic, whatever filter she's using is not it, i'm sure i'll be seeing this shit in my nightmares

No. 852931

Shouldn't Lurch already have pay stub to find a place with his "landscaping" job?
Also good luck finding a place in or around NYC working only 25 hours a week.

No. 852932

No one is renting apartments to people who work under 30hrs a week, without being on guaranteed income like disability or social security. Imagine that…planting tomatoes outside in September for some trust fundie with a slumming fetish isn't a real job.

No. 852935

"Our company" oooo the BPD is already starting to rear it's head. Countdown to when trust fund kid kicks her off payroll starts when.

No. 852936

This is fucking terrifying.

I doubt she even filled in a W4 form.

No. 852964


but luna helped start the company!!! they would be nowhere without her!!! she entered a startup and put her LIFE and SOUL into it, how would they dare kick her out!!!

lol this is at the same level as when she said she can't wait to taste the strawberries. that she planted in late september. in what's supposed to be a client's garden.

No. 852966

Work? Paystubs? Hmmmm.
Do you think it's possible she was somehow getting the covid unemployment benefits but now she'll have to stop collecting them because she's "working" now? Otherwise it's fraud??

No. 852967


She wouldn't have qualified for unemployment since she didn't lose any income due to covid and she's not smart enough to figure out how to fake having her own business.

No. 852968


This isn't even relevant since she wasn't getting unemployment from her lack of ever having a job (you have to pay in to unemployment through the jobs you worked in that state and Luna certainly hasn't worked recently enough to pay into any unemployment fund), but you can still get unemployment when working less than full time. They just adjust the amount. Not sure how your country works but that's common knowledge for anyone who works in the US.

No. 852969

I wonder how many hours she's actually doing, if any.

No. 852972

>she was shitty before lurch
She was a literal teenager. Late but this is just a retarded take.
It's no wonder she doesn't know shit about employment or housing or any normal adult shit when she was stunted with hard drugs so early.
She should cut ties with all enablers like Lurch and that personal project chick and get closer to people who actually want the best for her. She's not going to ever get clean and functional alone because she never developed what is required to do that. She needs to accept help. From her dad, from groups she dissed because their pizza is too small.

No. 852973

Nta, but yeah it was a shitty take but it isn't now. She is a shitty person now and would just end up using and abusing the people who would try to help her. Pretty much what she does now.

No. 852974

Like she did with her mom. I totally agree on that.
But let's not pretend she's inherently shitty, and let's not pretend Lurch had nothing to do with it.
And let's not pretend she cannot stop, and let's not pretend she can stop without any help.

No. 852975

Luna was never a normal teenager, she has been deranged even compared to the average rebellious teenager. Age can only be an excuse up to a point. Luna's behavior was beyond that.

No. 852976

Deranged? This is absolute bullshit.
I hate this recent twitteresque trend of having to have all cows painted as some Disney villains just for you to feel good about gossiping about them.
I'm gonna gawk at the paper towel falling our of her crotch when trying to film a porn with Lurch for dope money and I'm not going to feel morally superior to her about it.

No. 852978

We don't all have to agree, anon. This "Let us all" bullshit is retarded. You must be one of the BPD girls in this thread that feel attacked when people discuss cows. I can think she is and always was a shitty person. Do I think she is evil? Not really. But she is a drain on society and doesn't benefit anyone either by her presence or knowledge or work. Luna makes the world a worse place by being in it. She does nothing positive for anyone, so I can think whatever I want about her.

No. 852981

I discuss cows here all day kek (weird flex, I know). And you can think whatever you want, but it doesn't make you right.
I don't think she's a good person either, but it's ridiculous if we can't even have a discussion on why that came to be and how it could stop.

No. 852990

No one here is psychic so how is it pretending if she hasn't proven at all that she can get better? She had help many, many times. She abused it and threw tantrums even while medicated. She abused her doctors like she abuses her drugs. We're not judging her based on her childhood, we're judging her and every other cow on here by their current actions.

Then go back and read the previous threads where that same tinfoil has been vomited multiple times in every single thread.

No. 853001

soooo late shut up but looks like luna found the "skinny filters"

No. 853020

File: 1631719947693.jpg (17.89 KB, 329x330, hqdefault-1-329x330.jpg)

rexella van impe vibes

No. 853028

TIL that no 'literal teenager' can be a shitty person. Hot take, anon.
She actually is inherently shitty. Lurch made it worse but it was always there. And it's clear she cannot stop.
This endless what if magical thinking that ignores everything about the cow is so tiresome. If you identify with her enough to project this narrative of change, it's time to take a break. Be like Tuna and go touch some grass.

No. 853070

> she provides no benefit
> as I comment in thread 33

No. 853098

I definitely think she's using again. I do agree there's a big difference in her writing but I'm guessing it's because her tolerance is lower so she isn't using as much and therefore is more "with it". this post confirmed it for me >>843548 . That's a common symptom with all opiates - having trouble peeing. Usually passes after a week or two of habitual use which would also be long enough for physical dependence. Also her face is back to always having that high on opiates look - droopy lids and slack jawed. it's not surprising given her getting kicked out of iop and dropping therapy. The "sober from heroin" (lol) saga was interesting and clearly did her some good - for a shit tier human that is.

No. 853161


What you're describing are symptoms of benzo use, which Tuna is on because she says she is. If you've been on fentanyl, quit for a few months and go back, you'll only look sleepy for a couple of first time uses.
When she starts posting about using opiates on some subreddit for opiates, then she's on fentanyl (or heroin she likes to call it for the glamour of it all). Tuna thinks invisible on Reddit and always outs herself for what she's on through there.

Read through her other threads if you don't know this by now because the hErOiN tinfoils are hilarious.

BTW, Lurch is on his court program still and has a prescription for benzos, meaning those can be in his system. Tuna only does what Lurch gets because she's a fat lazy mooch.

And whoever said Tuna doesn't know about employment and housing because of hard drugs is full of shit. Addicts learn all of that fast especially when she started at 18 (according to her "anonymous" reddit post) when she started dating Lurch. She just doesn't know shit because Lurch handles the hustling. Even though she exaggerates, she tells what she truly believes is the truth from what she believes is her anonymous reddit username. Based on my conversations with her, this thread, and reddit, I've never found her posting anything she doesn't believe (benzos don't kill people), mistakenly believes (7 months clean!), or exaggerates (like getting married to her fiance once she gets an id). She doesn't tell an outright lie since she's "anonymous".

So check her reddit if you really want to know what she's on. Which, you'll find, are benzos.

No. 853169

anon are you stupid? No shit she never stopped using benzos so no it can't be benzos causing it. There was a clear sudden difference in her looking high again consistently since the end of the last thread/beginning of this one. Not to mention, as I previously stated, having trouble peeing is not a symptom of benzo use - it's a symptom of opiate use. She never stopped benzos so how on earth would it be all caused by benzos? Are you her, her "friend"/boss, or are you just tnd level stupid and think people can't tell unless it's blatantly admitted to? Tolerance doesn't take "a couple first time uses" to come back. Yes, it drops very quickly (why do you think so many die when they relapse even right after leaving detox), but does not come back as quickly. Anyways she outted herself by posting about having trouble peeing, as a bonus she also posted a rig on accident. If you think something's only happening if a cow says it is then you're incredibly gullible and on the wrong website to be so sure of yourself.

No. 853175

Well excuse me for having a nuanced take, I promise it'll never happen again. I'll just see it all in black and black from now. That's what gossip is all about, right?
What sealed it for me is the needle. There is no explanation for the needle other than shooting up that wouldn't require mental gymnastics. Everything else is pure cope and blind hope.

No. 853211

I’m just thinking out loud here and responding to nobody in particular obviously, but could she have moved on to shooting her benzos to get more from less? I’ve never done it but maybe some of you anons could enlighten me as to if it’s possible. I googled it, it is possible, but I can’t tell with tuna.

No. 853226

Yes you can shoot anything for the rush, including benzos. You can always separate the fillers in pills and the Needle Exchange gives you info on how to do it correctly as well as provides the necessary ingredients.

You're awfully rude for someone who clearly has never been an iv opiate addict, let alone opiates cut with fentanyl based on your lack of knowledge of how quickly your tolerance gets back to where you were before you got off opiates. Not sure what opiate addict you met has had trouble peeing, but that would be a problem that should be looked into since that's not a common symptom with most opiate addicts. We also know Tuna gets UTIs and frequently struggles to pee. You'd be surprised how hard it is to tell who is really hooked on opiates, unless you heard their voice or saw their pupils not change in size going from a dark room to the sunshine. And no, pictures of someone's eyes won't help you determine drug use. You sound as knowledgeable as a DARE "educator" in the 90s.

Gossiping badly is assuming incorrect things and spreading the misinformation. Gossiping usually involves sharing information about someone, and can sometimes be inaccurate, but will typically be corrected in gossip publications when the truth is learned.
I apologize to any anons for trying to be factual. It's just annoying to see how incorrect these tinfoils are when I can't post the proof I have without outing myself. But sure, keep saying whatever you read on Google applies to Tuna. Keep saying Tuna is on heroin when she was actually predominantly on fentanyl cut with a bit of heroin. Keep saying Tuna is going to be put out on the street when she's not. Keep saying Tuna is squatting when she's now a legal tenant. Keep saying she's a street walker when she's only done online sw. Keep pretending you know things that you insist you're certain of, when it's just embarrassing to see how wrong some anons are.

No. 853234

I say this with kindness, your posts are coming off like this is a very personal issue for you, maybe take a break. There’s threads that make me want to step in and correct everyone all the time but it’s just not that important.

No. 853259

Go touch some grass. Stop taking lolcow so seriously & shitting up the thread with your no milk sperging.

No. 853260

You could have just called her out for being wrong and left it at that, but the junkie elitism is just…lol

No. 853263

File: 1631914230737.png (16.76 KB, 661x184, just a 90s dare educator here.…)

Thanks for the good laugh anon, and nice try but I’m not going to a-log. Funny you talk about misinformation but spread it yourself. Just because something hasn’t happened to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t true; that’s just plain ignorant.

>“You'd be surprised how hard it is to tell who is really hooked on opiates"

Now that’s a good one anon! Lmao, you can usually tell from a mile away and no it's usually not the eyes and voice. So many addicts delude themselves in this way, to their own detriment (see: many cows on this farm). Anyways, hope you can get off the fent!

No. 853276

File: 1631923818754.png (870.07 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20210917-200254~2.p…)

both of the junkie sperg anons above are the worst. anyway

who tf gonna pay for this Luna?

No. 853283

This must the totally necessary office stuff she’s grifting from her new boss/friend here >>852537

No. 853285

and she wants a gaming chair
my fucking sides

No. 853288

How long until this desk would turn brown? Why not get a colour that hides dirt?

No. 853334

>Keep saying she's a street walker when she's only done online sw
I'm not saying she is a street walker, but do you have a better explanation of the rape story than a for-profit arrangement of some sorts going awry? I don't think she's a regular, but IDK what other explanation could be of the whole narrative (her letting the dude in, 'worth only 20 dollars uwu', police claiming she consented, other stuff not making sense that I don't remember atm). Unless the whole thing is a lie and she reported a lie to the police.
I don't think so, she said 'hopefully' so I think it's one of her shopping dreams like the many engagement/wedding rings. I wouldn't be surprised if she got someone to buy her this shit if it wouldn't be over 100 USD, closer to 200 in fact (an educated guess, since this desk is sold out).
not uguu kawaii babydoll enough

No. 853379

File: 1631987938286.png (79.27 KB, 521x519, Screenshot 2021-09-18 19.57.24…)

just got the 'job' and already spending money and planning to do so more (on the pink desk)

No. 853380

The delusion. The fact that she even has these thoughts for dream furniture when she's squatting in an apartment with no lock on the door

No. 853400

Ah yes, killstar. Known world-wide for their top quality fabrics and detailed construction.

No. 853404


"I deserve something new…"
This bitch gets new shit all the time because she claims to "deserve" it. She doesn't care if it's new because someone's mom buys it for her, because her dad (disguised as a client in her posts) buys it, or because she stole it from someone or somewhere, but there's always a justification for why it was so necessary for her to have.

No. 853407

I miss the 90s and early 2000s when bitches were honest and called it retail therapy knowing they wanted to spoil themselves. Now it's all about "self care!" and "deserve!"

No. 853409

she buys new shit for herself nearly everyday, what is this "i feel sooo guilty for this" coming from? does she think it makes her look less like a greedy materialist? she got so much new shit this year too. she just buys new stuff after wearing an outfit for 2 weeks straight and getting food, sweat, cigarette and blood stains all over it when most people who understand working for their money WASH their clothes so they can wear them longer…

No. 853411

File: 1632006834173.jpeg (83.86 KB, 750x706, CC0DAFF1-AEF5-479C-BF31-CE2C34…)


No. 853412

who needs a nice flat or good mental health, well, no one, as long as your hair is white and you have new clothes

No. 853413

File: 1632006921850.jpeg (544.92 KB, 750x1067, 51E7149F-DC43-498F-9BCE-5E12E0…)

this is… a look

No. 853414

This woman is a hopeless case jfc

No. 853417

The litter scoop next to what looks like a bathroom scale behind her really ties the room together.

No. 853418

Please let her get enough shit to satisfy her greed, every day, I don’t care, except for the dog. Please tuna don’t ever get a dog or another cat. Them getting a dog or another cat may make me feel like a-logging and I definitely don’t want to feel like that.

No. 853419

She feels guilty because she's spending her own money now. When she spends her own money on her stupid fashion she talks about the expense vs when people but her things it's always cheap. See the stupid purple heart boobie dress and I think that sailor costume?

No. 853422

the clothes just thrown onto that dirty ass floor

No. 853428

At least some of the other stuff she buys is kind of cute… what is this hideous rag

No. 853443

pft, “her own money.” her friend is clearly just being nice and giving her a few bucks to get her out of the apartment and into the fresh air. luna has earned no money of her own. it’s charity.

No. 853445

Bad charity at that. Fundie doesn't know or care the ramifications of taking people on as pet projects. Tuna will 100% use their inevitable fallout to dig into her addiction/shitty behaviors.

No. 853459

i’ve been a long time lurker here but have never posted. i’m 24 and i have been following luna since i was 15 and she was 16, so i have a looooot to say about the girl. some of the things i’ve witnessed from her have never been mentioned here so i just wanted to give a recap of my 9 years of following her:

luna used to be kind of normal and cute when she was attending high school. i liked her art style but it has drastically disproved over the years. she used to be (semi) involved in activism, have a passion for art, go to shows with her friends, etc. all of this came to a swift haunt the moment she met lurch. not only did he groom her and her her hooked on drugs, he separated her from her life and all of her friends. he is the reason she dropped out of college, he basically convinced her to come spend more time with him and that he would take care of her. fucking gross.

anyway i first started feeling weird about her when she would beg for drug money, and (not verbatim) say if you won’t send her money just because you know she’s going to spend it on drugs then you’re an asshole/junkiephobic or whatever. me being 15 felt very guilty about that statement and ALMOST sent her money, thank god i never did. this is before she was on heroin btw, i think she wanted xanax or maybe even weed, can’t remember but i am certain it was pre-dope.

things started to get really weird when she turned 17. she broke up with her LDR bf, peter, who she had never met before but described him as “the love of my life.” there was definitely something wrong with the dude, (he has an ED page but can’t remember his last name) but he was kinda cute and atl age appropriate. i think he was in jail when they broke up - i think the reason they broke up bc he was in and out of jail so much. i’m not gonna say this dude was good or kind of healthy or anything like that, but you could tell by the texts he sent her that he atl cared about her, in a way that lurch has never shown. so even tho he was a loser, lurch was a huge downgrade and she made it seem like an upgrade. anyway……

so after the peter breakup, she started hanging out with lurch, who she claimed to be her mother’s best friend. obviously he was just her dealer but i didn’t catch that at the time. she would say that he’d come over to hang w mom and they’d all watch movies together and bond or whatever, like a family. she would refer to him as HER BROTHER. i’m not fucking kidding, for weeks she called him her biological brother and he would call her his sister. i swear to god. then they did acid together and made out and her mom walked in on them. didn’t seem like she cared too much but that could’ve just been luna’s POV. i was absolutely disgusted by this and it’s when luna turned into a lolcow for me. this was in like 2014.

i started getting really weirded out by her and would obsessively check her blog for updates on her weird pedo boyfriend situation. he 100% coerced her into doing heroin while she was underage, and while she’s obviously a horrible person and a scammer, lurch is just absolute human garbage. he is a predator and a pedophile, which i’m sure you all know, just reiterating.

i remember once she posted a picture of his penis, and it was fucking huge, which was super disturbing to me lol. she would constantly post about his “10 inch penis” and i thought she was lying until she posted the pic. maybe she’s dickmatized …..

i’m not really sure what the point of this post was, it’s just been such a wild ride watching this girl slowly fall apart and become like… evil. i used to admire her and be envious of her lifestyle going to alt rock shows in NYC and just being a cute teenage girl. but god damn. sorry if this is blogging or whatever, it’s my first post and just wanted to share some things i haven’t seen mentioned here before

No. 853461

>she would constantly post about his “10 inch penis” and i thought she was lying until she posted the pic.
Bitch idk what to do with this information but I'm intrigued?????

No. 853463

LMAO i know right??? i def took a screenshot of it back in the day, could be on the cloud somewhere. truly disturbing image though i’m not sure anyone deserves to see such a thing

No. 853466

Pretty much all of this has been covered but thank you for your personal Luna-history take. We totally needed paragraphs of it.

No. 853467

Cool fuck you too :)

No. 853468

Lurch’s dick and tons of their disgusting porn has been posted in the earlier threads. Have fun lol

No. 853471

I’m not sure what the point of this recap was. None of its new milk?

No. 853473

like i said it’s my first post, i’m just trying to share some stuff that i had never seen mentioned here before. won’t be posting again

No. 853479

File: 1632063553723.jpeg (223.52 KB, 750x865, BD7BADEC-66AA-421F-9C9C-142447…)


No. 853485

lol WUT
we've seen pics of lurch's pp and spoiler: it's not that big and is weirdly skinny? You had me up til there, though

No. 853489

God she's fucking stupid, this question is answered in the game if she bothered to pay attention

No. 853493

How did you follow her for so long and still get so many details wrong. Another junkie princess, I presume.
Missing you already

No. 853494

I didn't say "hard earned money". By "her" money I mean money she has in her hand that could have been spent on drugs, unlike all of her grifting for cheap cheap shit that comes from people sending her crap from Amazon instead of money. (Possibly bc they know she would spend cash on drugs).
She feels "guilty" (not guilt, but BPD is weird) because usually if she had extra cash-in-hand it would be used for H/Fent or pills.
I've seen more than a few female addicts, when they're months sober as Luna claims, take part of a paycheck and buy something nice for themselves from the "savings" that they weren't spending in their DoC. But it's actually a celebration of their recovery journey, instead of Luna's pity me, I deserve this, uwu sad bbgrl schtick.

No. 853495

File: 1632070002883.jpeg (603.28 KB, 1242x1188, 1459D0A6-B913-44C0-97DE-86DD8B…)

huh, how is her “work” paying for this?

No. 853503

Does anyone else feel like that desk looks like a toy for a doll house as opposed to a real desk?

No. 853505

It's in the first thread, newfag. Or the second.
What's the point if she's living in a grimy flat that sooner or later she can get kicked out of?
That girl is truly crazy

No. 853545

Oh god it is, why lie Luna we all know you’re still a neet kek

No. 853551

if you look it up on amazon, it's an actual desk for real humans

No. 853557

she likes the aesthetic and idea of being Little Miss Working Girl moreso than actual working lmao already talking about buying absolutely useless little figurines for her work desk that isn't even hers yet and she lives in a fuckin hovel covered in filth. i have zero hope for her.

No. 853569

File: 1632098148478.png (12.39 KB, 600x135, luna.png)

No. 853572

>so I have the rest of the day to do shit drugs
Also, love how she plucked weeds a couple of times for a few hours and now acts as she's had a stable 9-5 job for ages.

No. 853619

This bitch doesn’t deserve a dog.

No. 853667

No one's mentioned Lurch's "big dick" because #1, it isn't big. There's a difference between big and zoomed in on. You seriously sound like you've never seen a dick irl if you were frightened by the gargantuan size of a zoomed in dick.
I see you also stan Luna so much still that you glossed over how she even admitted to wanting to be a heroin addict à la Courtney Hole (aka Courtney Love) and followed Lurch around asking him to let her try heroin… but to you, that's all evidence of Lurch's coercion. Btw, no heroin addict wants to share their dope. It's not weed or coke or some other sociable drug. Lurch would have been perfectly content getting free pussy without having to also share his beloved heroin. Thank you though for your pointless post full of everything that's been mentioned in old threads and an even bigger thank you if you never post again.

Her benefactor gets to write off these kinds of items since it's considered a necessary cost of doing business. The IRS will thankfully never have to see what this actual piece of shit looks like since even an audit would only require the receipt. I guarantee that the sucker, I mean "employer", is just happy Tuna asked for this basic af desk that's simply powder coated pink than an actual, good quality standing desk that adjusts depending on whether you want to stand or sit.
Tuna actually had the nerve to say she misses "dressing more alt" when there's nothing alternative about her and her baby Sanrio pink shit. She looks like she's in the movie Big and turned into an adult overnight (in face and body only), yet still dresses like the 4 year old toddler she is.

No. 853670

That's what Luna reminds me of! That almost-neglected toddler with ill-fitting hand-me-downs who is constantly sticky & grimy and sucks on their shirt so it's always damp. Self-centered and small-minded. Awkward, tubby body they can't quite get comfortable in so move like a doofus. Drooling in the mirror staring at themselves. Just grabs everything they can see with their dirty hands and cares only about stuffies and toys. Only a BPD adult pink uwu junkie version of it.

No. 853673

>Tuna actually had the nerve to say she misses "dressing more alt" when there's nothing alternative about her and her baby Sanrio pink shit.
I assumed she meant like what she wore many years ago, as a teenager. Her wearing Sanrio shit is why she misses wearing alt clothes.

No. 853701

File: 1632172239223.jpeg (145.26 KB, 1242x583, 93543ECC-7EF3-4F62-AFB0-C2DD4E…)

No. 853705

Planting tomatoes in September & playing video games together…isn't a real job. You are a completely undeserving charity project of someone with little brains, too much money & who has no idea about real life. Just watch when shit goes sideways and all the sudden this person becomes a totally horrible abuser.

No. 853722

cut to when the "company" goes nowhere and/or Tuna gets let go because she's literally a waste of time and space who thinks video games is work lmao

No. 853753

no no no not a fucking dog.
she can't even take care of herself, i really hope this doesn't happen.

No. 853757

>it isn't big

I don't get why anons are acting like he has a small ween. There's a picture of Tuna licking his dick, so you can see the actual size of it. It's long, skinny, and weirdly shaped, just like the rest of him.

No. 853796

Cope harder.

I just don’t get why it’s important. Lurch could have the dick of a sex god—it doesn’t change his melting easter island face.

No. 853804

NTA but I also dislike when people get known cow facts wrong, makes it easier to dismiss the farms as lying, jealous haters. Plus it's just stupid to denu reality

No. 853822

I'm sure we can all agree that if you buy a hot dog from an illegal cart vendor that's long and skinny and misshapen, you won't be raving to anyone that your boiled hot dog is soooo bIg that you were frightened by it.

No. 853824

If anything, you'd tell everyone not to go to that cart and then stress how you're worried you'll catch some incurable sickness from it.

No. 853835

File: 1632238909254.jpg (Spoiler Image, 263.81 KB, 972x2097, 20210921_113442.jpg)

Grimy piss drinking Luna commenting on an other disgusting women with gross fetishes.
My favortie thing about reddit Luna is the irony it brings. She complains about being featured here but talks about other cows on reddit.

No. 853855

…Autistic comparisons aside, nobody was saying that Lurch's dick is attractive. It's not (like most dicks), but it's not baby carrot tier.
She literally drank her own pee, what the fuck Luna
>She complains about being featured here but talks about other cows on reddit.
It's always cows watching other cows, autists following other autists…

No. 853856

Drinking a little pee is nothing compared to Sweet Peaches, she ate feces and claimed to be selling her infant daughter to pedophiles. Everybody needs to feel superior to somebody, Lunas just so far down the ladder that she needs to follow horrorcows like Peaches to feel better about herself.

No. 853879

I don’t even understand what the women is doing. Looks like she’s eating a popsicle

No. 853882

It’s frozen period blood

No. 853917

>>853835 this image is my 13th reason

No. 854046

File: 1632340267246.jpg (130.58 KB, 1080x531, Screenshot_20210921-202121_Sam…)

Guess her new Pepto Bismol pink powder coated "work" desk isn't for her "job" planting stupid shit in between taking selfies… It's for gaming. Now her and her bOsS/fRiEnD can play games properly!

No. 854047


OT but I have 0 reasons to know what tf you're even trying to say.

No. 854054

File: 1632345224204.jpg (315.01 KB, 720x1193, Skinny legend.jpg)

inb4 she complains about her weight and starving herself

Op was referring to the show "13 Reasons Why".

No. 854058


NTAYRT but that anon is essentially saying this image is so grotesque they want to off themselves after seeing it. It's a reference to the book/show 13 Reasons Why.

No. 854066

Looooove how her "work desk" is now a gaming table. Because she needs a whole desk and chair setup to play her (HANDHELD!!!!) Switch? She wants to be taken seriously but keeps doing dumb shit kek. She will never change

No. 854073

she will probably buy a gaming computer with evil dad's money

No. 854094

its pretty insane to me to imagine any "company" reimbursed her desk and gaming chair even if the company is run by a friend…anyone else think she's just lying again and bought it with her dad's money

No. 854116

And if they're reimbursing her, she had to have initially buy it herself before she's paid back for it. So who's card did she use to buy it? Evil dads? Maybe it's just the story she told her dad so that she could make the huge, useless charge and the "company" never even agreed to reimburse her.

No. 854124

I think her "boss" somehow bought those for Luna, or borrowed her money unoficcialy. Tinfoil, but I'm starting to think that the girl is basically paying Luna for the besties experience, including playing vidya together and daydreaming about bs projects. She had few comments on Instagram, and Luna's superpower is attracting people that value her so much they will buy whatever bullshit she wants for a crumb of her attention.

No. 854306

File: 1632529380115.png (647.85 KB, 699x923, fall.png)

No. 854307

File: 1632529454877.png (976.78 KB, 680x928, fakes.png)

No. 854308

HOW many pairs of socks has she stuffed her bra with!?

No. 854321

Why does lurch the landscaper need a fake louis vuitton lmfao tuna

No. 854339

This fake LV definitely going to Lurch’s side girlfriend he sees while she’s at work.

No. 854348

Squatting poorfag with fake bags? You can't get any trashier than this

No. 854426

Seriously her boobs look wild???

No. 854433

File: 1632596610509.png (445.1 KB, 516x449, tuna.png)

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