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File: 1667338741161.png (946.42 KB, 984x568, poop.png)

No. 1394926

Let's keep the retardation to a minimum!
Last thread: >>1374405
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

>>1374414 , >>1374430 , >>1374454 , >>1374454 Nicki Minaj beefing with a female rapper AGAIN, this time it's Latto. She also bullies Megan the Stallion for have large feet >>1374454
>>1374597 , >>1374599 , >>1374601 Azealia Bank provides much needed commentary on the Nicki situation
>>1374456 Robbie Coltrane aka Hagrid passes away at 72
>>1374624 , >>1374625 Halsey releases a mediocre album and is seething that people think it's mediocre. She also has really painful looking bolt-ons on full display as her album cover.
>>1374709 Nicki Minaj reaps the rewards of marrying a degenerate rapist-murder
>>1383684 , >>1383686 , >>1383687 , >>1383691 She also threatens the woman who was a maid that had allegedly been raped by her rapist husband and punches down at poor people, the ones she supports, whilst she is at it.
>>1374795 Common Jk Rowling W
>>1374847 Mindy Kaling gets heat for liking Jk Rowling's tweet
>>1375209 Paddington bear actor buys 4 bananas and leaves
>>1375263 Aaron Carter continues to deteriorate
>>1375362 Elon Musk continues to exist
>>1375723 Billie Eyelish is allegedly dating a 31 year old scrote she met when she was 15
>>1375727 Jamie Lee curtis's troon son curses the world with his continued will to live; Anon makes an amazing observation about him >>1377420
>>1376459 Kanye West continues to be a loony
>>1376708 Hailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez are pictured together possible to defuse any ideas that they are beefing of Justin Bieber
>>1376884 Janelle Monae being a cringey pick-me
>>1377388 Kanye wants to buy a right-wing social media app bonus >>1385015
>>1377605 The BTS boys are being forced into battle
>>1377790 , >>1377801 Jason Sudeikis fears being cucked by local hetrosexual Harry Styles
>>1377809, 1378241 Ezra Miller pleads not guilty to burglary charges in a Vermont. Let's see how much more shit he can get away with! >>1378248 (keep scrolling from here i won't post them all) Ezra-fags also lament the potential downfall of their special boy
>>1377833 Fatty James Corden gets banned from a NYC restaurant for being a cunt HOWEVER
>>1378006 The owner is a psycho who defends ghislaine Maxwell and forgave James Corden after a single phone call >>1378177
>>1378905 Kanye west gets sued by George Floyd's family. clap if you care
>>1378937 Billy Ray Cyrus' scrote brain causes him to leave his wife for a woman who is 1 year younger than his Daughter Miley Cyrus and looks exactly like his aforementioned wife.
>>1380158 Brittany shows us the goods
>>1380430 Lana Del Ray gets her music stolen and leaked for the millionth time
>>1380608 Anon kindly provides us all with a free copy of Taylor Swift's 5/10 album
>>1380839 Chance the fapper liked troon porn
>>1380858 Jared Leto sells his bottled up morb juices
>>1381256 Drake is upset
>>1381882 , >>1381960 Kanye mad about Pete Davidson's dick
>>1381985 , >>1382964 Ariana Grande and Khloe Kardashian looking weird
>>1382010 Ugly Johnny Depp, open at your own risk
>>1382098 More ugly moids
>>1382240 Kanye west hires Camille Vasquez and the Brown Rudnick firm, same ones who defended Johnny Depp
>>1383023 The Danny Masterson rape trial
>>1383094 , >>1383099 pathetic bulge
>>1383692 Madonna thinks she doesn't get enough credit for being daringly sexual at a time where it wasn't ok, despite the negative repercussions it had down the line for female artists later on. Cardi B refutes the notion she doesn't pay homage to her and is clearly upset. >>1383906
>>1384099 Ben Whishaw siting
>>1384434 Sacheen Littlefeather is allegedly a fraud
>>1384448 Lana Del Ray's cringey brother is a real estate agent
>>1384981 Leslie Jordan passes away from a car accident
>>1385686 Doja cat posts nudes and then deletes them
>>1385802 , >>1386001 , >>1386066 , >>1388302 Kanye west loses EVERYTHING and gets thrown out of the skechers headquarters >>1387595
>>1386934 Zac Efron is built like a Ninja turtle with a amish haircut. >>1387283
>>1387457 Keira Knightley Looking stunning
>>1388308 Drake makes up an excuse to push his album because he is threatened by taylor swifts selling power
>>1388579 Taylor Swift's valid commentary on weight gets censored.
>>1389046 Rihanna releases he first song in 5 years
>>1389649 Brace yourself, doctor who is getting a burger version and it looks shit

what I did not include: sperging about jews, (c)rap-chan tier takes on Kanye West which revolve around misinterpreting his lyrics, bullying the appearance of women who haven't done anything questionable to themselves, sperging about Taylor Swifts' mid album, because who the fuck cares tbh and lastly, references to very old milk.

No. 1394929

File: 1667338915137.png (519.59 KB, 871x715, takeoff.png)

Takeoff from the Migos is shot to death at 28.

No. 1394932

a win is a win

No. 1394934

Kek, that's why i posted this, i knew somebody would take some joy in another degen rapper kicking the can.

No. 1394939

I had a hunch! I wonder who did it and why but I'm gonna guess drugs and money were involved because it was a party.

No. 1394940


No. 1394943

Since the thread is open post some celeb halloween looks.

No. 1394947

File: 1667339836969.jpeg (550.68 KB, 828x1032, 59DDEDAC-2BEF-44F2-94AA-DC3240…)

Billie & her moid thought it was totally #punk #funny to dress up as a baby & an older man. This was obviously about the concern surrounding her entering another relationship with a massive age gap. She can be so confusing at times u literally wrote a song about being groomed & the abuse of power dynamics in age gap relationships why are u so pissed people are concerned for u

No. 1394951

File: 1667339988130.jpeg (309.26 KB, 1080x1080, DC98BBBE-011C-429C-8CB2-846613…)

No. 1394954

File: 1667340056210.jpg (703.23 KB, 1446x2048, megan.jpg)

Megan was an anime character for Halloween. I thought this was actually very cute. Apparently the creator of this character has drawn her in one of Megan's outfits before.

No. 1394956

File: 1667340217450.jpg (1.39 MB, 3686x2048, nicki.jpg)

Nicki was Cinderella (the ass cut out made it tacky, imo) but she also had a family thing based off of Honey, I Blew Up The Kids. If you look closely at her husband's pants you will see an ankle monitor.

No. 1394959

File: 1667340345661.png (467.52 KB, 624x416, 313672755_8663125210379426_917…)

Heidi Klum as a worm, I'm in love

No. 1394961

File: 1667340398436.jpg (103.2 KB, 990x647, FgdxhbpVUAAzJPW.jpg)

No. 1394962

File: 1667340416686.jpg (520.08 KB, 2541x1406, janelle.jpg)

Janelle Monae was the White Rabbit and Diva Plavalaguna.
Imo, her and Janelle are tied for best costumes this year.

No. 1394963

>(the ass cut out made it tacky, imo)
Objective fact.

No. 1394965

File: 1667340487608.jpeg (63.5 KB, 560x1213, 80BD3995-D644-4387-A29A-CC669B…)

yh i’m surprised she didn’t photoshop it out how embarrassing. i seriously wonder what goes on in her head.

No. 1394968

>literally wrote a song about being groomed & the abuse of power dynamics in age gap relationships why are u so pissed people are concerned for u
Because all this shit is PR and publicity stunts and the fake deep Twitter/TikTok girlies eat it up lol. Even she is tired and embarrassed. It's getting played out.

No. 1394969

What the hell is going on with her hand in the middle pic?

No. 1394975

File: 1667340797504.jpg (557.42 KB, 2526x1593, Kim.jpg)

Kim Kardashian was Mystique.

No. 1394981

The joke is people infantilizing this woman. She wants to NLOG and shuck and jive shoe0nhead style in peace, but they want her to be a lost little angel so bad. She does not care, but it sells.

No. 1394983

File: 1667340958692.jpg (437.91 KB, 2354x1170, michael jackson.jpg)

She also had her kids dressed as various music stars like Aaliyah, Sade, Eazy E and Snoop Dogg, but the most notable was North West being dressed like Michael Jackson and wearing his hat. Very creepy. Kim bought Michael Jackson's clothing a long time ago and iirc North has worn his jacket before.

No. 1394986

File: 1667341154581.jpg (434.12 KB, 1536x2048, harry.jpg)

Harry was Danny Zuko. This one isn't as offensive as I was expecting. I was thinking he would pull out another costume like the Dorothy one from a while back.
Pretty sure her nails are just silver and they are blending into the background.

No. 1394990

I can't express how much I love this. She is a model she could easily had done a sexy costume and be done but she chose to do something goofy. I'm personally just tired of how costumes always had to be sexy so it's nice to see Heidi Klum do this.
Plus there is so much effort put into this. With a joke-y costume you aren't really expected to put much work into it but she chose to have a costume with so much detail

No. 1394991

this one is cute i love it, i don't even like rap or anything but she looks great here.

No. 1394993

File: 1667341427245.jpg (1.8 MB, 4142x2234, megan and mgk.jpg)

Megan and MGK were Pam and Tommy, Link and Zelda, and a priest and I guess a succubus. In poor taste and very tacky.

No. 1394994

This is so embarrassing. What is going on. Is she okay.

No. 1394996

File: 1667341613839.jpg (377.13 KB, 2306x1407, kendall.jpg)

Kendall Jenner as Jessie from Toy Story and a cucumber. Both of these suck.

No. 1394998

No. 1395001

File: 1667341744791.jpg (882.3 KB, 3414x2048, lizzo.jpg)

Lizzo was Marge and Miss Piggy.

No. 1395003

File: 1667341771759.png (4.07 MB, 2001x1334, hk.png)

She has pretty crazy costumes every year but the worm is the best one yet for me

No. 1395005

Her lips are ridiculous.

No. 1395006

File: 1667342011853.jpg (83.03 KB, 682x1024, olivia rodrigo.jpg)

Olivia Rodrigo was Betty Boop.

No. 1395007

File: 1667342130931.jpg (50.03 KB, 896x647, FgLn4u1VIAAwxcF.jpg)

Ariana Grande and Liz Gilles as Jane Lynch and Jennifer Coolidge in Best In Show

No. 1395008

File: 1667342279338.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 5001x1458, Kylie.jpg)

Kylie Jenner as Bride of Frankenstein and Elvira.

No. 1395011

Why!!! Why did she do this? This is obviously to cater for moids. Disgusting and tacky

No. 1395012

Jade from Little mix did it better

No. 1395013

File: 1667342567440.jpg (1.47 MB, 3236x1791, kylie costumes.jpg)

Samefag, and an alien.

No. 1395014

I wish more female celebs were like her and didn’t use Halloween for an excuse to show off their ass! Not like they need an excuse anyways but still tacky as hell

No. 1395016

File: 1667342671182.jpg (1.41 MB, 4331x1800, cardi.jpg)

I guess ass-less costumes is the theme this year?

No. 1395017

I wonder what Ezra dressed up as for Halloween?

No. 1395018

File: 1667342745584.jpg (714.51 KB, 2614x1445, paris.jpg)

Paris Hilton

No. 1395019

File: 1667342808041.jpg (1.05 MB, 1307x1226, vanessa hudgens.jpg)

Vanessa Hudgens.

No. 1395020

She looks lovely but her scrote looks so ugly

No. 1395021

hopefully as a prisoner

No. 1395023

File: 1667342912119.jpg (1.73 MB, 3278x2048, keke palmer.jpg)

And last but not least, Keke Palmer. I really like these. I'm done posting pictures now, sorry for spamming the thread anons kek.

No. 1395024

She's so naturally beautiful

No. 1395028

File: 1667343248329.jpg (494.87 KB, 1638x2048, cinderella.jpg)

I actually would have liked the dress if she didn't choose to have the ass cut out. Even if it's not my personal thing, it's a unique spin on Cinderella that fits Nicki and her style. But she had to fuck it up of course.

No. 1395039

aawww these are so lovely. I kinda wish the nails on the Juliet costume where shorter since I don't think they fit the style but this is a extremely small nitpick an I admit expecting her to change her nail for one night is absurd
I'm so tired of Sailor Moon portrayed in any sexual matter. Takeuchi Naoko wrote a romantic story for little girls but then the creators of the anime decided to get weird about it and now Sailor Moon is seen as sex symbol. Sorry for my off topic sperging.

Anyway why do so many celebs dress up as existing IPs? I guess they are part of pop culture so it makes sense that they are drawn to pop culture icons but still

No. 1395042

Kek this is ugly but also wtf
I missed the original news and spotting of them togethet, I wouldve thought jesse was still with Devon and engaged or married at this point
Wonder if theyll do some angsty collab riding on sweater weather and bag guy or ocean eyes

No. 1395045

Kinda crazy how many celebs wore multiple outfits, what's the point even

No. 1395048

> I'm so tired of Sailor Moon portrayed in any sexual matter
I think this was the least sexualised character itt kek didn’t you see: >>1395016 >>1394996 >>1394956

No. 1395052

File: 1667344038135.jpg (1.15 MB, 1414x2048, benedict.jpg)

Upon first glance he kind of looks like picrel
I think they were just going to multiple Halloween parties throughout the weekend, but some were just for photoshoots like Cardi's. Honestly if I was a celebrity I would probably pay for multiple costumes too.

No. 1395064

File: 1667344439287.jpg (Spoiler Image,19.53 KB, 608x448, 4aca76d4a49c41b58062ccdd225c14…)

I'm not saying it's the most sexual costume. I'm saying that it's a shame that a manga that was originally a power fantasy for little girls is only known in pop culture as the anime with the sexy girls. All because the moids at Toei fucked it up
image spoilered for being off topic but also for being gross

No. 1395065

even though i'm not a huge fan of rap or migos, this death makes me sad because based on what's circulating on social media, he was killed on accident (and maybe by someone he knew)

>takeoff and fellow group member quavo are at a party with friends

>quavo starts playing dice/gambling while takeoff is sitting elsewhere minding his business
>quavo gets mad because he's losing, throws a tantrum and starts argument accusing the guys he's playing against of cheating
>things escalate and suddenly someone with the migos pulls out a gun and starts shooting wildly
>this happens right as takeoff stands up to see what's going on and he's hit by a bullet
>the other group starts firing back and he's hit a second time, one shot was in his neck and the other to his head, he dies pretty much instantly

again this is based on witness accounts on twitter so who knows how true it is, but if real then he was basically at the wrong place at the wrong time and got shot by some idiot associate of his. had nothing to do with the situation yet ended up the only fatality while everyone else walked away free. it's fucked up, and now quavo has to live with the fact he inadvertently got his own group member/nephew killed

No. 1395080

not a huge rap fan either, but yeah its always sad when someone dies so young in such (allegedly) stupid circumstances.

No. 1395105

Saw the video of his uncle trying to drag him out and help(?) acter he was shot. Looked like it was right in the head. I don’t care for any of them but I did not need to see that

No. 1395114

Heidi keeps winning halloween. She's hilarious

No. 1395119

Paris as Capt Marvel is something I didnt think I'd need in my life until now.

No. 1395129

I know degen rappers aid in destroying values of the youth and adult populace but I realllly wish it was someone else instead of Takeoff. Migos is never going to be the same and Quavo and Offset will actually take this to the grave. Those three are like brothers. No, I'm not a current fan but just someone from Atlanta that used to hear their music and felt proud seeing them shout out our city.
I think the worst thing for me is that Takeoff was very tame in comparison to other pieces of shit rappers. There are so many terrible, woman-beating, rapist rappers and yet he had to go instead of them first. Sad. At least xxxtentacion died I guess? That dude was a literal fucking menace to society. He's not a rapper but I'm just waiting on Andrew Tate to fucking die already.

No. 1395133

Both Cardi and Nicki cut out the asses on their dresses. Hmm..what are the odds that they are literally competing amongst each other? It just seems so odd that they'd both come up with assless dresses when no one is doing that (thankfully ew)

No. 1395140

Kendall also did it. I really doubt it's a competition thing. Also, Cardi is wearing Mugler and has been doing so for a while so I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence

No. 1395152

I see your point, his death doesn't pack as much of a punch as Kevin Samuels did, his death was glorious. I am holding out for Kanye being next but it sucks he doesn't have any gang affiliations or anything, the only person taking him out is himself.

No. 1395179

this is so iconic…
she looks cute I think these are great

No. 1395188

Takeoff has rape allegations against him and was spotted stalking a woman in a club - the same woman who made the allegations. Another scrote bites the dust

No. 1395205

yea but at least assless chaps were a preexisting part of that costume, i dont find it quite as egregious

No. 1395211

>at least assless chaps were a preexisting part of that costume
they weren't

No. 1395216

Can someone PLEASE tell me if that disgusting brown thing a literal turd shaped purse she’s carrying I’ve been dying to know

No. 1395217

Oh I def agree on Kevin Samuels, his manner of death was absolutely 10/10. Thank you God for that one! It only would have been better if he had the heart attack after the woman left his place but instead he had it right after he took an erectile dysfunction pill which is still hilarious KEKKKKKKK.
Oops nevermind I take back what I said here then. >>1395129

No. 1395221

Tbh I wouldn't be surprised if Nicki actually does keep tabs on other female rappers, she seems particularly unhinged, esp when it comes to people who have stuff to say about her moid. I legit wouldn't be surprised if someone who was a part of her team did a tell-all and said that they had to stalk other female rappers constantly.

No. 1395222

I love this and I love her.

I genuinely thought this wasn’t real when I first saw it, I thought it was a joke tweet because she always has ott costumes.

I promise you assless chaps were not the intention for a beloved childrens character.

No. 1395313

when i first read the text i thought their costumes were reversed (like she dressed as old man and he as baby), and still thought it seemed gross. the truth is even worse

No. 1395315

cute. i like her

No. 1395319

diva plavalaguna was the cringiest part of an already lame movie.

No. 1395325

File: 1667362514952.png (543.71 KB, 328x743, imnotlikeothergirls.PNG)

sorry nonnies but she's not as based and quirky as u think, this was her actual outfit she wore after she got her pictures taken

No. 1395326

Right I love it so much! Black women always look really good when they do blonde or white brow/hair combos, they pull it off so well. This look is so fun.

We’re supposed to be upset that she wore a nude bodysuit? Shut the fuck up mother Theresa

No. 1395327

Fuck you tasteless bitch

No. 1395330

no u retard, if you actually had reading comprehensions skills you would see the nonnies i was replying to were praising her for not wearing some skimpy sexy outfit and calling it a costume. I was letting them know that she did end up wearing a costume like that after she got her picture taken as a worm. i know this is an image board but god damn learn to read

No. 1395332

Nta, but I still think this is pretty funny lol. It's not as if she could keep wearing the worm suit, and she still has the mask on, though it kind of looks like bacon without the full costume.

No. 1395350

Built like a fridge

No. 1395352

She’s 49 years old

No. 1395382

you're right anon, although i am not one of the "slut shaming" sorry anons but obviously there had to be something underneath the outfit, she wasn't going to wriggle around and be all sweaty.

No. 1395392

She had to have help moving around, it’s completely unfair to get upset that she’s wearing a leotard under a restrictive unwearable costume. Calling a 50 year old woman a fridge for being comfortable wearing a bodysuit and enjoying herself while you sat at home and burned your clit off on Halloween is so stupid.

No. 1395424

And had 4 children.

God forbid a woman's body changes over time.

No. 1395432

A subtle waistline or whatevsr you're seeing isn't a fridge body. You desperately need to take some time off social-media, you've been brainwashed by shooped pics. Her body is really good.

No. 1395476

Nta but agreed. She just looks skinny with good sized boobs and a flat stomach. Women already have a shit ton to worry about on their body now if we have most of the ideals we gotta worry about being a fridge now?

No. 1395483

File: 1667377499174.jpg (48.61 KB, 568x581, FgILgtsWYAIOGJ6.jpg)

this reminds me that she ships naruto and sasuke. She also watched black butler, megan is a based fujo i guess

No. 1395493

Candle should take notes, Kylie looks great and is a better model

No. 1395499

The ass cut out is fucking sending me, it looks so stupid but it's 100% on brand for Nicki.

No. 1395500

Cool, now she needs to read Black Butler too instead of just watching it because she's missing out.

No. 1395513

i've hated this moid for years because of his shitty music and i hate him even more because of this, i hope twitterfags hurry up and find some racist tweets from 2009 to cancel him over so i never have to hear about him again

No. 1395516

nonna, every single #girlpower is basically a paegant dog doing whatever their producers tell them too, anyone dumb enough to look up t0 pop-idols as a source of female empowerment is a fucking moron

No. 1395519

Okay but can someone please tell me what the brown thing that looks like a turd is in that pic

No. 1395521

I think it's a fuzzy brown purse shaped like a teddy bear but the camera makes it look like it has the texture and shape of a turd lol

No. 1395524

Thank you, I’ve been confused and disgusted by it since I saw it

No. 1395542

She's extremely based and it's the worm costume that counts, not the fact she actually wanted to move her body for the rest of the party

No. 1395545

meh I don't really think this is sexualised. It's a standard body suit you often see used in modelling or dancing.
And as >>1395542 said it's makes sense that she wants to be able to move forthe rest of the party

No. 1395547

You can possibly think a skin tight, see through bodysuit isn't supposed to be one sexualizing themselves right? Would you be okay with a child wearing this outfit?(mental disability )

No. 1395551

do you want her to wear a niqab? don't be retarded anon

No. 1395560

That is an adult you stupid bitch omg do you ever get bored of trying to shove women into turtlenecks and floorlength skirts? Wtf does a 50 year old woman have to do with a child

No. 1395562

The only two fashion options. A niquab and almost naked.
Well since it's totally not sexual and anything else would be asking her to dress like a literal nun, then it's okay for kids to wear this? That's my point. If your answer is no, that this is too revealing for a child, and then you magically understand that trying to look literally naked and dressing in garbage bags isn't the only two pieces of clothing that exist

No. 1395563

File: 1667387952386.jpeg (561.28 KB, 828x1302, F3687F28-2F14-4845-BF2D-AB65A1…)

No. 1395564

I also want to add - I don't care that she wore it, but you don't have to lie and say it's not sexual or revealing or pretend that it's this or literal burkas and absolutely nothing in-between. I think the outfits pretty cool,. But "totally not sexual" is just dishonest

No. 1395565

File: 1667388055631.jpeg (147.27 KB, 1170x1156, 9BEA4246-319D-421D-8671-E2E1C3…)

No. 1395566

>Would you be okay with a child wearing this outfit?
girl what are you talking about. thats a grown woman

No. 1395567

>Well since it's totally not sexual and anything else would be asking her to dress like a literal nun, then it's okay for kids to wear this?

the point that we're making is that we don't care if the outfit is sexual or revealing because she's a grown adult with agency who can make those decisions for herself. also why would any grown woman compare her clothing choices to a child's? clutch those pearls anon.

No. 1395569

I don't even care about the age gap but this dude is so ugly. Aren't there any better looking 31 year olds in hollywood?

No. 1395570

That's not the point… If you're not okay with a child wearing the outfit then it's probably revealing or sexual. That was my point. I don't care that she's wearing the outfit, but claiming it's not revealing or sexual is lying
>the point that we're making is that we don't care if the outfit is sexual or revealing because she's a grown adult
Then why did you butt in when I was responding to an anon saying it wasn't sexualizing and just a normal dance outfit? Did you even bother reading the comment chain? Speak for yourself, not others. (At least not without reading the comment at least)

No. 1395571

Aren't you all tired of pointless arguing? Didn't you fuckers just wake up anyway

No. 1395572

Holy shit shut the fuck up already, we get it. Women need to keep themselves covered as not to hurt the sensibilities of men, blah blah blah, women cannot appreciate their own bodies, cover them!

No. 1395573

It's been less than an hour and most anons are in different timezones from you kek. You should see the infights that last literal months

No. 1395575

Literally point to me where I could have even slightly implied women need to cover themselves and I'll send you $100

No. 1395579

No I mean aren't they tired of arguing in general, not just this specific argument. And no shit we're in different timezones it's 4:30 am here, I've just noticed a lot of activity seems to start up around this time so I've always assumed a bunch of them are from a timezone where this is morning for them.

No. 1395582

Bored students waiting on class to start, people going into work and waiting for something to happen and moms are usually up at this time lol. I promise you no one is waking up in the AMs just to fight on lolcow.

No. 1395587

I don't know I'm usually up for 24 hours or more and got at least 10 or so lc tabs open and there will be arguing for hours and then it'll quiet down for like 8-10 hours and then suddenly start back up again with the same argument they left off on lol, the vent thread especially

No. 1395588

Why aren’t you saging? Fucking sage. Annoying as shit that your comments are the one bumping the thread instead of anything of substance.

No. 1395595

File: 1667390190327.jpeg (426.78 KB, 1600x2400, rihanna-im-nacktkleid-bei-den-…)

Come on, I'm not bothered by the costume (I like the worm one) but this is a cope. It's not much different from when Rihanna dressed in pic related, which people freaked out over kek

No. 1395598

"But anon! How dare you force her into burkas!"

No. 1395600

Damn RiRi looks so cute in this pic, anons really need to stop freaking out whenever women are in tight/revealing clothes, not everything is a feminist fight it’s just a woman wearing clothes, especially for Halloween where people are going to dress as dark edgy characters or themes?

No. 1395604

>no google results for image
We got insiders?

No. 1395607

Nta but it looks cropped from a larger image, so that's probably why the search results aren't showing

No. 1395608

You got to be baiting at this point right? Let me spell it out for you
I don't care that anyone wore revealing clothes, the anon who posted Rihanna doesn't care that she wore revealing clothes. Are we on the same page?

It's simple. Claiming that it's not sexualizing is just dishonest, acting like the only other outfit options are burkas is stupid(ok enough derailing over modesty or whatever , its not milk.)

No. 1395609

It's Rapunzel, not Juliet.

No. 1395614

Do you know how to sage your sperging or are you just retarded?

No. 1395617

NTA but you don't have to sage on /ot/. Just don't reply if you don't like a post.

No. 1395618

I’m so sick of all your posts, you never sage and you always have a weird confidence in your completely pointless and meaningless commentary(continuing the derail)

No. 1395620

He looks 20 years older than his actual age.

No. 1395621

If they’re filling up the thread with their shitty spergs, yeah, maybe they should sage.

No. 1395625

File: 1667391750821.jpeg (Spoiler Image,797.3 KB, 713x958, 55BE83ED-EF42-45DF-8B52-0FDF56…)

I agree with you on the last thing you said but honestly not everything is sexual to people. There’s an difference between sensual and sexual and I just love the way she dresses idc kek. Let me spoiler it now since boobs are now shocking and horrifying to the alleged 95% female posters. More and more I’m convinced trannies and mean-mugged hunchback women love going into this thread to derail it

No. 1395626

I cannot believe you’d post something so abhorrently sexual to this thread. How dare you.


No. 1395627

You don't have to sage in ot but you're right her posts are really irritating and smug

No. 1395630

I think anon was just misunderstood. It's just a typical sexualized Halloween outfit, doesn't mean it's bad or that she has to wear a burka or anything. Paris Hilton wore one too, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj (lol), etc. Just that it's dumb to claim it isn't sexualized. It absolutely is, she wanted to look "sexy". She's a celebrity. Why are we arguing?

No. 1395635

That’s me, yeah I forget we don’t have to sage in OT. their posts are just annoying.

No. 1395641

There are plenty of sexual Halloween costumes that are tacky/inappropriate and honestly there was nothing that far-out about any of the costumes these female celebrities have worn, at least none of them busted out a sex-ified schoolgirl uniform. I’m still going to be a retard and say that not everything is sexual

No. 1395643

Tranny perverts would be the ones fighting on their life to encourage women to show their boobs. What are you talking about?

No. 1395644

This is the first time I posted in days

No. 1395646

Well then can you go back to not posting

No. 1395648


Heidi could’ve come back out to the party with pasties on and nothing else and I wouldn’t have fucking cared because the worm was so good.

No. 1395650

File: 1667392683521.gif (1.22 MB, 900x600, 6E18518B-AB78-42EF-80C9-2E03D5…)

So what I meant to say was

No. 1395655

When you stop thinking every anon you don't like is all the same person

No. 1395661

Well then stop posting like you're living out your highschool "gossip girl" phase lol, it's cringey as fuck

No. 1395665

File: 1667393065871.jpg (772.97 KB, 1333x2000, ezgif-2-2cd2c78f07.jpg)

It really was

No. 1395668

schizophrenia, leave that anon alone kek

No. 1395669

Nothing I said was "gossip girl phase" at all lmao. I just said the outfit was pretty sexualized. That's it .

No. 1395670

omg girl shut up already, fuck you are so annoying

No. 1395671

For.. responding to you? Maybe fuck off is responses are annoying?

No. 1395684

Unironically brilliant. So tired of people using Halloween as an excuse to dress up as sexualized versions of movie/cartoon characters

No. 1395688

I agree, lolcow seems to be getting raided with libfems and gay moids who think dressing slutty is empowering when all it does it just makes you cold and you end up on moids fap folders.

No. 1395708


No. 1395715

Holy fuck he is ugly. Without context I would've thought he was well into his 40s.

No. 1395722

Shut the fuck up. Imagine Heidi Klum being the hill you die on.

No. 1395727

>Continuing a 3 hour old infight over literally nothing
We get it. You're still butthurt. Go rant on Twitter or something

No. 1395734

File: 1667398271361.png (11 MB, 2224x2834, paulkomoda.png)

Picrel are first concepts of the worm, makes me appreciate even more that she must've seen these and be like, no, that's way too sexy, worm it up

No. 1395742

>burned your clit off


No. 1395750

really hate seeing boobs on non-mammals good thing she didn't go with that

No. 1395781

Somebody is getting horribly mad just because you describe what she wears. They act like you're trying to convert all women to Islam for making a basic observation

No. 1395784

>at least none of them busted out a sex-ified schoolgirl uniform
imo costumes that sexualize children's movie characters (like kendell's) are just as bad as that

No. 1395798

I can't love this any more. Her being interviewed like that is hilarious too. I also love when celebrity women do non-sexy costumes. Why are women encouraged to go the "sexy" route for every damn costume even if it doesn't make sense? I literally saw a sexy deer costume at Walmart. Wtf??

No. 1395847

Back to twitter

No. 1395864

>they connect on so many different levels
Yep on so many levels like how she wasn't alive when 9/11 happened and he was born before the Soviet Union dissolved.

No. 1395882

File: 1667409494885.jpg (677.92 KB, 1073x1312, soenW4Y.jpg)

NBA player Dwyane Wade's ex wife says that he is forcing their son to be trans for media attention, this text is copied from the daily mail before nonnies respond thinking i wrote this:
>Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn Funches-Wade filed paperwork this week
>She is begging a judge to intervene in their daughter Zaya's transition
>Zaya (formerly Zion) came out as transgender in 2019 at the age of 12
>Since then, she has won lucrative modeling contracts and social media deals
>Siohvaughn fears her father is pushing her into the decision for financial gain
>She wants Zaya to wait until she is 18 before she legally changes her gender
>Neither Wade nor his wife Gabrielle Union have responded to the claims
>Dwyane petitioned a court in August to allow his daughter to change her name
She probably wanted to change into something easier to dance and party in.

No. 1395887

File: 1667409613195.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.68 KB, 615x816, 1667399864807534.jpg)


No. 1395890

File: 1667409947720.jpg (579.92 KB, 1064x1570, x8THvcY.jpg)

Samefagging with old milk, his ex wife also tried to sue Wade's then mistress and now current wife Gabrielle Union for bjing him in front of their kids. She lost the case but Gabrielle is still a homewrecker.

No. 1395894

this is a serious topic and belongs in the child abuse thread

No. 1395897

I don't want to nitpick her body, but it looks like she's wearing a chest plate.

No. 1395900

finally some genuinely scary looking halloween costume

No. 1395907

Ugh sage for useless sadposting but I really wish she would never have touched her face/body. She would have been a goddess even at this age I know it. Fucking moid driven society. Feels so bad.

No. 1395912

File: 1667411662780.jpg (102.3 KB, 1080x1350, 148065634_752595688693016_2313…)

she looked great at 54 and then after that she became addicted to getting too much surgery and now she looks weird.

Someone needs to tell these celebrities' about moderation and getting moderate surgery fillers.

No. 1395921

I really hope their relationship will be "fine" (as in not abusive) but come one now, he's 11 years older and the fact that Billie has been in relationships with sus moids makes me think that she'll open up about how toxic their relationship is/was in a couple of years. "Connect on so many levels".. she has no idea. I really wish her well but I smell a dumpster fire. She's open about her mental health, porn addiction and insecurities and it makes her a prime target for creepy moids. First they'll shower her with love and make her feel safe, then alienate her from everyone and abuse her. Maybe I'm reading too much into this but I've seen it happen waay too often with people with such an age gap. No mentally mature moid (I know it's an oxymoron kek) is going to get with a 20-year old unless he has ulterior motives, especially if he's known her ever since she was a teen or child.

No. 1395922

yeah seriously this is so sad she could be such a legend. she seemed so with it up until then and it's like after that she got seriously mentally ill, she got divorced around that time and idk if she became really lonely and ill.

No. 1395923

File: 1667413046967.jpg (279.79 KB, 1080x1350, 1284012.jpg)

Yikes, she is really botched. She literally has a uniboob.
I feel like everything when to shit after madame X

No. 1395979

It's extremely funny that youtube video essayists did such strenuous mental gymnastics to girlbossify this stupid woman and she immediately went and got into the most pathetic BDSM relationship in contemporary public consciousness. They really gave her far too much credit.

No. 1396004

File: 1667417322013.jpeg (357.57 KB, 1232x2048, CE221FFB-37F4-40F7-80CA-1AFB8F…)


No. 1396006

She was so iconic. She has ruined herself.

No. 1396016

yo how the fuck was she supposed to walk around and be a host in that worm costume? this is just the rich person version of if you had that costume and wore a tshirt and jeans underneath for the party.

No. 1396017

black butler and death note were both really dull as animes. i tried to watch both after reading the books and never finished.

No. 1396018

he's so ugly

No. 1396021

Nta but when you have a distinct, odd posting style and sperg about the same topics it’s really easy to deduce that it’s the same individual because it isn’t like multiple people feel it necessary to do that here.

She looked so good in this era, and even then people were making fun of her body.

She is still a legend. It is kind of sad that there’s an entire generation that only knows her as the weird, bloated old lady abusing photoshop and trying too hard to appeal to gen z.

What I want to know is why she is on her knees on the floor as an alleged succubus when they would absolutely not be on their knees on the floor for some blonde man in a toupee.

How did he manage to stretch the entire length of his mouth half an inch on each side like a Dahlia grin.

No. 1396028

No. 1396030

>born before the Soviet Union dissolved
fuck, me too. i swear i wasn't 32 yesterday wtf

No. 1396031

File: 1667418835825.jpg (90.28 KB, 1440x1080, 607f3de06a30f.image.jpg)

anton chigurh lookin ass

No. 1396032

seriously? "go to the gym every morning + drink a lot of water" is too much work for him? fucking LA people

No. 1396039


I’m guessing that it’s supposed to be an alternate spelling to Siobhan, but what’s the point of using an Irish name if you’re just gonna botch it and destroy the meaning of it

No. 1396046

>born before the Soviet Union dissolved
I hope you're not implying that makes someone old. nonnie

No. 1396053

is this her halloween costume? was she scrambled eggs?

No. 1396055

proablaly a mid 20's zoomer

No. 1396056

File: 1667420297801.png (193.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

I am ashamed to say i was one of those people. I take back every ounce of praise i gave her, she is no better than a kardashian.

No. 1396057

File: 1667420355663.jpeg (41.88 KB, 379x640, 539A677A-6913-46AB-B871-B022E7…)

I’m so offended. Reminder that we could have got a slightly older version of this Zac Efron but body dysmorphia ruins yet another attractive person.

No. 1396061

AYRT and she really did look lovely in the pic you posted. Agreed that subtle fillers are not bad and can look nice/keep you looking fresh if that’s your thing; it’s goddamn tragic how common it is now for women far younger than Madonna to already be filler botched.

No. 1396064

File: 1667420646039.jpg (26.6 KB, 600x450, 595b91b3acaa2f706ffbd5f6b713eb…)

see point >>1395516 why do you expect anything from Hollywood celebs, their whole job is to look pretty and do whatever their bosses tell them too, I'm not disappointed in Megan Fox acting like this cause I knew she was a moron, MGK is also a moron, like all of them are good looking cattle basically, that doesn't mean I don't feel sympathy for them, but I don't look up to them, in fact I judge people heavily if they look up to hollywood celebs and pop-stars as idols

No. 1396069

People are so weird about her. My theory is that a lot of them are millenials who hated and made fun of her during her first peak of popularity to seem cool, then they felt really guilty because that's not very girls-supporting-girls, so they projected this mysterious cool bi secret genius femme fatale persona onto her, and now they're freaking out because she's closer to what they originally mocked her for.
This whole cycle never would have happened if people could just see her for what she is, nothing more nothing less.

No. 1396071

sorry anon. he's not fat, i'll give him that, but he was born with a face that looked like This Man got too much botox. he went from meh to botched. not a big loss.

No. 1396073

this picture was taped to my mirror in my early teen years kek. Zac my love why

No. 1396101

File: 1667423035152.png (281.43 KB, 464x296, Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 2.03…)

horrifying. never was attracted to him but he was conventionally good looking. the man is only 35 and now he looks like he should be drunkenly arguing at the dinner table with the real housewives or something. is it like a really bad jaw implant? can he fucking take it out?

No. 1396126

How did he end up like this!? Is he compensating for something, feeling bad about being short, or what? I don't get it, you wouldn't expect him to be a Bogdanoff heir because he was a successful teen heartthrob. Before the surgeries he was still attractive as a grown-up man. He didn't hit puberty and turn ugly like some child actors do, so… what's good, Zack!? Nonnies, what are your psychoanalysis verdicts?

No. 1396129

File: 1667425296238.jpeg (60.16 KB, 634x1024, R.jpeg)

picrel from 2019. The styling is obviously shit but he is still attractive. If he wanted to roid out, why did he feel the need to touch his face? His jawline isn't even that weak I don't understand what he's trying to correct in his public perception.

No. 1396138

She literally is

Am I the only one who feels like her liking anime is a PR move? Her favourite anime are basically the top 10 most popular anime. I know they're popular for a reason, but it seems really fake to me.

No. 1396139

I think he just gets type casted as a muscular “hot” guy now. He absolutely wrecked his body for bay watch with steroids, diuretics, eating disorder and what not. Now he’s evidently using hgh and his face looks uncanny Due to “jaw surgery” but he got jaw surgery in a similar way to women who get nose jobs for their deviated septums.
After bay watch, he said he probably wouldn’t ever abuse his body like that again unless it’s for a special role, but he doesn’t really get any good roles, does he? He knows he’s stuck playing roles that focus on his body instead of his acting skills, and after everything he did to himself it would be sort of a waste of suffering and pain to reject them.
I mean. Does he even get normal ones? I doubt he’s getting casted very much because he is very unfortunately botched.

No. 1396141

AYRT and old in the general sense? Not at all. Too old to be dating a 21 year old? Yes.

No. 1396150

File: 1667426717882.gif (935.89 KB, 500x282, F2977AC9-8C72-4300-AE78-B04979…)

>aged great at 54

No. 1396152

File: 1667426993843.png (451.55 KB, 526x753, E94WOzPUUAcq55Q.png)


I dont think its PR, back in 2020 she did a photoshoot inspired by a different mha character, she also references anime and ships in her songs pic related. Anime has become pretty main stream and like you said it are all popular animes she watched so i dont think its that far fetched

No. 1396160

nowadays tons of anime fans mostly watch the popular stuff, though i remember her watching some stuff outside of top 5 shonen-of-the-week on her ig stories. even if she's a normie i like that she keeps up with anime instead of just claiming decades-old dragon ball/sailor moon nostalgia like everyone else

No. 1396162

A lot of normies who are black/Mexican like Naruto/DBZ/One Piece.

No. 1396180


regular guy.

did his brain break when confronted with "aging"? is he one of those hollywood men that has the twink death freakout even when they're straight? i don't know him.

No. 1396181

i think she's just enjoying the ability to admit you like anime while being black. nerd shit gets majorly shit on in this community.

No. 1396202

can't tell you how much you spoke my mind nonna, dumb millennials really tried to rewrite history to sell us the lie that Megan was an avant-garde feminist of some sort. I never bought into it, but her clownish relationship really highlighted how stupid the internet was to ever think that this woman was anything but a retarded pickme (or should i say THE retarded pickme, because she really is winning this game even though the competition is fierce).

No. 1396250

I’ve never heard this about Megan. I just know she got black listed for i can’t even remember some shit with Mel Gibson or something. Then she showed back up with mgk. I do vaguely remember references in regards of “ohhh no she’s such a girl next door” but that’s it. Can I get a link to the “essayists”

No. 1396320

The longer you looks at this the more surreal it gets.

No. 1396351

Ik it's for Halloween, but damn, that is so much makeup on a child. >>1395005
& She used to be the most natural looking Kardashian! She shouldn't have, would've made her look so much better than her sisters to be the one natural looking one.

No. 1396364

Are these even costumes? These two look like 98% Photoshop.

No. 1396421

>How did he manage to stretch the entire length of his mouth half an inch on each side like a Dahlia grin.
In an interview a few years ago he said he shattered his jaw in an accident and had to have reconstructive surgery that made his face look different. Maybe he was insecure about the potential of losing his looks so he overcompensated with fillers and whatever else he has going on.

No. 1396449

just looks like some shit they'd wear any other day for attention

No. 1396451

No. 1396456

damn i had this pic saved onto the family computer as a child and when my mom found out i got grounded

No. 1396470

This is probably my favourite celebrity Halloween costume, it’s pretty niche and way more clever than what everyone else did. I fucking despise the kardashians but kylie did look really good as the bride of frankenstein, even if it’s not original.
I wish these two 3edgy5me white trash degenerates would go away. Megan is such a pick me piece of shit, dressing up as an abused woman with her abusive ex husband, real fucking classy

No. 1396471

This is one of my all time fave Rihanna looks, I mean she looks amazing in literally anything and everything but this is just iconic. Nudity isn’t inherently sexual, the pearl clutching over fashion as art (which is what this is in my opinion) is absurd

No. 1396559

Lorry Hill made a good video about him. The first changes to his jaw he made was already wayback in 2013. To give a summary what he supposedly done to his face
>hair transplant to change his hairline
>did some work on his eyelids
>multiple surgeries on his nose throughout the year, you can see the scar on his nostrill
>before getting a jaw transplant used fillers on his jaw but looked like shit and bumpy
>suddenly disappears, few months later returns and says he slipped on the water of his fountain and broke his jaw. During the months he was gone the fillers in his jaw disapeared
>in 2021 he has gotten new jaw and chin implants which are larger. Also has gotten lip filler.
>changed his jaw and chin implants again with a different shape thats less bulky.
>also has gotten small cheek implants
the steroids probably also fuck up his face

He already changed his jaw before the "accident"

No. 1396569

File: 1667471416084.jpeg (518.95 KB, 828x1222, 01EFFA7A-215C-488D-B487-770BBD…)

depp will be apart of savage fenty 4 according to tmz

No. 1396571

File: 1667471511129.jpeg (423.39 KB, 828x1057, 8C592464-D83D-4D3D-B1EF-04E8C1…)

rih picked him & his segment is described as “cool & chic”

No. 1396575

I've lost all respect for her right now. You'd think she would know better given what happened to her with Chris Brown but I guess not.

No. 1396583

why though? like i get this is a media stunt because depp with his ballsack wrinkles has fuck to do with fashion and beauty but she really couldn't find another moid? why risk losing part of your current client base?

No. 1396585

Please tell me this is fake

No. 1396586

Why did it fucking stretch his mouth out like Willam Defoe

Years of being seen as a twink pretty boy, advances from lecherous hollywood men, and constantly being the brunt of jokes for HSM clearly gave him quite a complex

No. 1396588

She’s been talking about anime on her twitter for like 8 years, I don’t think it really matters

No. 1396591

She's a weeb with normie tastes, it's not that uncommon otherwise these shows wouldn't be so famous in the first place.

No. 1396593

These channels are so dumb, he clearly has a lot of work done and a mixture of implants and fillers but she's comparing photoshopped magazine pics and candid shots of him where the angles don't even line up and then tinfoiling shit like "hmm yes he seems to have had the filler removed for about 6 months here." So dumb.

No. 1396595

Falling to my knees and screaming crying vomiting throwing up clenching fistfuls of grass and ripping them out of the ground

No. 1396616

cause she's a moron, how is that hard to grasp

No. 1396622

lol what, really? since when?

No. 1396625

There's being a normal moron and being an extreme moron, and she's closer to the latter now that she invited this guy.

No. 1396640

Finally a real reason to cancel this bitch i hate her

No. 1396644

every celeb is a moron and pop-idols are a special favor or retards, its a requirement

No. 1396647

omfg I am so dumb I thought it said "mormon" lol I'm embarrassed

No. 1396690

I mean she did have a baby with ASAP Rocky.

No. 1396720

The Chris Brown incident and her response after told me everything I needed to know about Riri

No. 1396751

File: 1667483931274.png (66.83 KB, 622x251, 3C7AB1FF-A44A-4FEB-8DD1-ADCADF…)

Johnny depp is being platformed by Hollywood and Amber Heard is legally stateless to avoid losing everything.

No. 1396763

Richard Ramirez lookin ass

No. 1396810

Why are nonnies shocked?
>>worked with rapper fabolous a year after he knocked his girlfriends teeth out and apologized for it, put him in her fenty show
>>supports r kelly
>>defended Rachel doizel
>> defended that Slave Play movie
>> made racists comments about Chris Browns newest victim (karracchue tran) for dating him.
>> was a huge asshole unprovoked towards her fans back in the day

Then she cut contracts with two ig girls for making disgusting comments on domestic violence,but she worked with scrotes whonare violent.

No. 1396817

I don't get it either, the worship of pop-idols is so utterly bizarre to me, cause every single one of these women are turbo-pick me's

No. 1396828

ok but what does this mean

No. 1396833

>legally stateless
That is pretty extreme, how can she even have a bank account then?

No. 1396839

All hollyweird celebs are pedos change my mind

No. 1396851

All men are pedos change my mind

No. 1396855

File: 1667493136433.jpg (141.03 KB, 772x501, Lizzy-Yu.jpg)

sage for not the least bit of milk but Dustin from Stranger Things is dating the actress set to play Azula in Netflix's live action ATLA

No. 1396860

File: 1667493318487.png (2.82 MB, 1614x1390, scared.png)

he is so ugly

No. 1396862

he is so damn ugly, wtf

No. 1396867

An actual cabbage patch retard. "Azoowa, wiww you gib mi you hand in marrooj?"

No. 1396875

He's a lovable teddy bear.

No. 1396880

File: 1667494309055.jpg (178.88 KB, 1080x992, IMG_20221103_194951.jpg)

He should go ahead and step inside if he's such a bear

No. 1396891

dont want to sound rude but is he…..special?

No. 1396893

he looks like a retarded hobbit wtf

No. 1396894

he was born with cleidocranial dysplasia according to wikipedia

No. 1396895

He has a genetic issue, but it's said to not affect the brain

No. 1396899

I remember when she came out with “bitch better have my money” and the video was disturbing showing some woman being kidnapped and abused while fully nude. She made some good songs a decade ago but now she just sells bullshit lingerie and makeup and became a billionaire. Idk why people praise her so much just because she seems cool, it always seemed like a bandwagon thing to me.

No. 1396904

File: 1667495659028.png (681.1 KB, 807x763, byebye.png)


No. 1396909

File: 1667495814436.jpg (170.32 KB, 1000x600, WinXftr-1000x600.jpg)


No. 1396911

didn't know this was gonna be a thing but I'm glad it's canceled.

No. 1396912

>based fujo
Go outside, I beg of you

No. 1396913

doesn't netflix only have a 1 or two season formula, like it will green light everything but unless the series does exceptionally well, it will always cancel it with in 2 seasons

No. 1396924

i think hes a cute kid

No. 1396925

You couldn't pay me to understand Rihanna if you tried. She grew up with her dad beating on her mom and being terrified she would end up with a man like him, then she hooked up with Chris Brown, got beat by him, then got back together with him years later like it never happened, and now she's supporting another abusive POS. Either she is retarded or really hates herself

No. 1396933

Í recognize Bloom and Layla. Who are the other four supposed to be kek. Who's Flora? Stella? Musa? Techna? Why are they this irrecognizable.

No. 1396934

>grew up with her dad beating on her mom
unfortunately those who grow up in such environments often do internalize this as the norm

No. 1396939

Holy fuck men really get a pass when it comes to looks huh. Heidi with a stunning body at 50 gets called a fridge upthread and this horridly ugly ballsack gets called a lovable teddy bear. Can't make this shit up.

No. 1396941

Please, he's a hideous retard

No. 1396964

why's everyone being mean about a random actor with an obvious physical disability?

No. 1396967

The hate on him always strikes me as really weird and mean on here, he's not plain ugly, he genuinely has a disability and it seems cruel to dunk on that.

No. 1396971

I tried watching his scary prank show to fill the void scare tactics left in my heart and it was so bad I was offended. He has no talent or charisma whatsoever

No. 1396975

it's less about himself and more about the double standard between (men like) him and similarly looking (disabled or not) women

No. 1396977

oh please quit the fake sympathy. Do you know where you are? Have you taken a look at snow? If a woman looked like that you know damn well more people would be shitting on her.
He isnt even a good actor.

No. 1396988

I 100% believe he's taking HGH (human growth hormone) and had some botched jaw Botox, HGH has in the last 2-3 years started being pushed as a "de-ageing" thing specifically at men over 30 in the bodybuilding, modelling and film industry, with it you get extreme muscle growth so for the rolls he gets offered it would help a lot and unlike steroids it has less visible side effects

No. 1396994

What is it with Asian-American women choosing the craziest looking white males.

No. 1397010

he's white ? I thought he was mexican or something

No. 1397013

It's so she doesn't pay Johnny Depp and lose her assets.
I have no clue maybe she has offshore assets or her parents have the money???

No. 1397021


No. 1397025

Why does an obviously ugly man get a pass just because he's physically disabled? What's the difference between an ugly man and an ugly disabled man? They're both ugly because of their genetics and they both can't help it. If calling a disabled man ugly is cruel then so is calling a regular ugly man kek.

Big fat reminder that the girl would've never even made it into Hollywood as an actress in the reverse situation.

No. 1397028

File: 1667500585029.jpg (124.85 KB, 470x975, 63888807-11358987-Flower_power…)

people on twitter are currently speculating if gwen is pregnant. IF she is in fact expecting a child with blake, then it would mean that she would become a mother at the age of 53.

No. 1397030

Holy shit I had never seen the video but what the fuck, I thought nudity was banned off youtube? And is this after Chris Brown beat her, why would she choose a woman to play to her victim and not a scrote? He brutally assaulted her and she doesn't make a fucking peep about it, she's such a dumb pick me.

No. 1397034

File: 1667500801551.jpg (1.37 MB, 2871x1783, doja.jpg)

Doja's late halloween costume. I think it's really cute

No. 1397035

Her lingerie isn't even that good. I wanted to buy more bralettes I got from her, the most basic ones because bralettes the right size for my tiny breasts are very rare and never the right cut, and all her shit is some kind of limited edition. I also really doubt people buy from her high fashion brand, it's unheard of.

No. 1397039

to be fair, I'm not sure I consider this kid to have made it in Hollywood. He's on one very successful Netflix show, and once it is gone, I doubt we'll see him again.

No. 1397041

How is anyone surprised? Rihanna is notorious for supporting abusive men. Didn't she defend Chris Brown and work with him after he beat her black and blue?

No. 1397042

>I 100% believe he's taking HGH (human growth hormone)
Aren't you supposed to have a prescription with an endocrinologist to be able to even have access to it though? I'm not sure what the consequences would be on a healthy adult and I'm not American so maybe it's a bit different for that specific treatment but I remember having to take monthly medical exams for a year as a very obviously short kid to be allowed to start my treatment, so I'd assume that's the same delay for a sick adult and I doubt he's lack growth hormone.

No. 1397043

With enough money and the right unscrupulous doctor you can have access to anything in Burgerland. The Kardashians (and other rich people) are on some diabetes medication to lose weight, while that medication is in short supply for actual diabetics. You can definitely get HGH from some Hollywood pill doctor.

No. 1397046

Well damn. Then again I think it was Robert Pattinson who implied a shit ton of male actors are taking steroids for their roles in action movies and he implied he wouldn't do it for Batman so I shouldn't be surprised.

>The Kardashians (and other rich people) are on some diabetes medication to lose weight, while that medication is in short supply for actual diabetics.

I'm trying to hard not to alog right now you have no idead.

No. 1397048

Medication can be prescribed off-label and endocrinologists are not the only people who can prescribe hormones and steroids. There’s a whole industry of weird ass “integrative medicine” and anti-aging doctors who will prescribe pretty much anything you or they think will make make you feel better.

No. 1397049

File: 1667501335727.jpeg (462.26 KB, 1536x2048, Dt2OGqpVsAAErkY.jpeg)

he's literally in the same situation as the girl in hereditary. same disability as well. type casted because they have a weird face, which hasn't exactly translated into tremendous success. calling her ugly when she hasn't done anything would be just as counterproductive as calling him ugly, which is the difference between them and the cows in snow.

No. 1397052

File: 1667501430642.jpg (84.34 KB, 725x424, fujhf75hgdgh.jpg)

No. 1397053

Sorry if you were not present for the start of Rihanna's career. I still play if its lovin that you want almost daily. Rihanna was a pop queen. She has an amazing videography. So many singles. Her albums are great too. She's been around since she was 16/17 so what if she took a break in her 30s. She's gave so much lol

No. 1397054

average telephone pole appreciator

No. 1397059

Omg adorable, absolutely love it

No. 1397060

Aww I love this!

No. 1397069

Yes she forgave him and then that was used as a justification to ignore his abuse because “well she’s over it now so why should you care”. Not that I’ll judge her for that but I will judge her for supporting other pieces of shit and glamorizing abuse/abusers. But fenty and swarovski boobies and weed isn’t she so relatable and iconic!

No. 1397070

should've gone as a worm

No. 1397083

Lost all respect for Rhianna, but this is the final nail

No. 1397100

File: 1667504329190.png (648.57 KB, 882x712, milly.png)

she doesn't look like that anymore, she looks like picrel now. i kind of feel bad for her, she obviously is struggling with the way that she looks, and has decided to make herself even more ugly

No. 1397107

File: 1667504514513.png (359.85 KB, 566x328, 164031099981.png)


No. 1397113

She has what Grimes wants

No. 1397117

He's already starring in another upcoming show. He'll be around. You don't just do a big role and then disappear.

No. 1397122

Is she a themlet or enby now?

No. 1397124

seems pretty normal for women of her body type pre-bbl trend, honestly

No. 1397125

>I hope their relationship will be fine
>a 31 year old preying on a 20 year old
What the fuck? I dated a 30 year old when I was 23 and the life experience was astronomically different and guess what, he used me because I was naive. The power imbalance was so strong. Fuck this guy.

No. 1397132

"she/they lesbian"

No. 1397133

Like I said, she worked with a man who punched his girlfriends front teeth out of her money a year after it happened. Then she picked at Chris browns girlfriend race, she's a pick me, a huge one. Yet just last year she made a bug stink removing some love and hip hop girls from the Fenty site for their comments to on Domestic violence, but now is basically dedicating a part of her show to JOhnny or whatever the fuck. It's random and I don't get why she wants to do it besides wanting a headline and being a pick me. Even if she's doing the superbowl. She can Barley sing live and can't dance either

No. 1397134

>>1397034 it's so cute but was half expecting her to go full on with the bicycle seat thing.

No. 1397137

she's honestly super cute imo. I hope she doesnt get surgery and change herself and become some Tiktok thot.

No. 1397139

was going to say cute but then i realized it's animal crossing… why US celebrities have to sexualize everything…

No. 1397140

wtf. This is so disheartening. A lot of people thought she grew stronger because of the horrible abuse, but i guess she's just a super rich woman who advocates for it. fuck Rhianna.

No. 1397141

How the fuck is this sexual? Touch grass

No. 1397142

Something weird and/or quirky would've been so predictable. I was not expecting her to do something so adorable

Like… yeah, I get it's latex, but it's in no way sexual. Girl, come on

No. 1397149

File: 1667506393376.png (326.87 KB, 894x894, animal_crossing_villager_girl_…)

Oh come on nona it's a dress and stockings. What was she supposed to do wear a frumpy oversized shirt instead? She looks like the animal crossing villager but a human version, it's cute.

No. 1397150

how desensitized you have to be to not see the point was clearly to make the costume look sexy? like yeah she could've gone naked, ill give you that

No. 1397151


No. 1397155

the jaw story isn't true. he fucked with it way earlier than that.

No. 1397157

Nta but like who cares? She's a grown woman she's allowed to dress sexy if she wants. What's the problem, women have to be modest in order to be respected or something? It's a holiday and it's fun to dress sexy during it, chill out miss hall monitor.

No. 1397159

>miss hall monitor

No. 1397163

At least she didn't have her whole ass out like Nicki or Cardi. Or even something like Kendall. That's actually trying to make it sexy

No. 1397170

I don't even like Doja, but that costume isn't sexy at all. She's curvy and I feel like that's the only reason you're saying it's sexual.

No. 1397174

youre so weird are you also the one who was previously sperging over heidi klum too?
Do you gasp when women show their ankles???
STFU u are just as retarded as libfems.

No. 1397191

I don’t care for Doja Cat and I’ve never played Animal Crossing but this looks so cute! It’s one of the best celeb costumes I’ve seen this year. I think she must have done it as an afterthought too, whatever she wore on actual Halloween had people confused as to what she was supposed to be
> The Kardashians (and other rich people) are on some diabetes medication to lose weight, while that medication is in short supply for actual diabetics
Really? I mean I don’t doubt it but I’ve never heard about diabetic meds being used for weight loss. I’m not in the slightest bit surprised that morally bankrupt burgers would supply it to rich parasites instead of the people who actually need it. Also trying real hard not to a log

No. 1397214

Twitter people are so terminally online two have never seen a woman that isn't on a screen. That is literally just a normal tummy bulge
inb4 "fatty"she's 53 just let her have a non flat belly

Why do the facially unfortunate have to be some flavor of gendie? She looks like every they/them ever

No. 1397215

Lmao anon, that is so sweet & innocent. I was a terror & my walls were COVERED in posters for a couple years in middle school.
Right? I think Musa is prob the one with brown buns & I'm assuming Stella would be then the blonde next to her on the far right >>1396904 but who'd they make the fat one?

No. 1397217

File: 1667510465280.png (1.32 MB, 633x948, this_was_not_the_meme_though.p…)

after "having been a recluse", chloe grace moretz's pr team digs up a 5 year old stale meme. an article claims she has been hiding because of the family guy "legs go all the way up" joke made her insecure. after claims of bullying having made her into a hermit, she says that it's just her "fuck it era", that instead of fading into irrelevancy because of thin skin or laziness, she is deliberately selective with her roles.
one of the articles posted this image of her, which is only slightly disproportionate, quite flattering actually. it is also attempting to advertise coca cola, and paint her as the "touch my butt and buy me pizza" girl. the original picture the meme was based on is of her in a black top and blue leggings, edited to look like the gondola spurdo. later there was another meme of her wearing a light blue t-shirt, with her upper body edited to look super buff. it would have been funnier if they went with that, and turned her into a bigorexic fitness influencer.

No. 1397225

He's 20 years old. He's not a kid.

No. 1397227

When you're in your 30s, 20s look like kids.

No. 1397230

She has a great body. The dress isn't the most flattering cut/fabric imo
>>1397054 Kek

No. 1397232

she just needs to stop wearing clothes that make her waist look shorter than it already is

No. 1397233

Long legs are literally the beauty standard lmao her dramatic ass

No. 1397237

damn it sounds like she has that amy winehouse thing where people feel really guilty for feeling hurt by their abusers then try to make up for it (make up for something that isn't even wrong) by being nice to other abusers.

No. 1397240

if you're enough of a dumbass in the asian community that you have to date a white man, you're probably too dumb to get a high quality one.

No. 1397241

i won't make fun of him if someone can find me a picture of a woman actor this fucking ugly who's made as much money as him.

No. 1397242

wtf all of them except the fat girl and the black girl have obvious PS and injections. how old are these people???

No. 1397243

here nona maybe this will help

No. 1397244

Nona she's shaped like mike wazowski, I'm not trying to be harsh I really like her but she's allowed to be insecure about it. Just because she has something that falls in line with beauty standards doesn't mean she can't be insecure about other shit. The beauty standard for women is an hourglass shape with wide hips, small waist, narrow shoulders, and big boobs. If you think her body is the beauty standard in hollywood you haven't been paying attention.

No. 1397247

he was a cute little kid on the first few seasons of stranger things but yknow he just got older and the cuteness faded away

No. 1397249

because gen z womanhood is so pornified and cartoonishly regressive that if you're slightly unusual looking you are no longer a woman by their insane standards.

No. 1397250

not anymore. a flat stomach is way more important and too-long legs is a common insult now.

No. 1397252

in addition to a small waist yeah but she hasn't got that has she hers is short and wide. not trying to be mean i got the same as hers it looks awful one desirable feature does not make up for the rest especially if its disproportionate in the most unflattering way. like even surgery cant fix this same with for example if somebody has a naturally longer than average face

No. 1397255

This. It's like everyone forgot about those 'fridge' memes from a few years ago. The moment she was no longer a teenager every man online complained about her being ugly.

No. 1397256

nta but i think skintight latex animal crossing character is a weird way to do it. it's pandering to internet males/troons who all jack off to animal crossing characters.

No. 1397258

File: 1667512433802.jpg (67.99 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-762104168.jpg)

what makes injections obvious? i think they all look very natural, and the light on the left side is coming from an angle that gives the women on that end more shadows on their faces.

No. 1397262

do you really not see the difference between your pic and >>1397034

No. 1397265

i should have specified "obvious poorly done/cheap PS and injections"
all four of them have the mouth corners you get from injections (possibly in combination with lip lifts). far right looks like she might have had a nose job too but the picture is small.

No. 1397272

I said she looks like a human version of the villager, I was posting for reference to the costume she was imitating. I obviously didn't expect her to look as frumpy and boxy as the cartoon, that's why I said "what do you want her to do wear the frumpy oversized t-shirt instead." Some of you have the dumbest arguments I swear you just come here to bitch about anything you can grasp at.

No. 1397274

File: 1667513163222.png (1.2 MB, 634x1024, chloe_red_dress.png)

agreed. actresses already have access to stylists. picrel looks pretty. she could take inspiration from her red carpet closet. it's not that she looks extremely off, just the outfit was not flattering on the paparazzi photos. she could pull off summer dresses and those trendy cotton tracksuits in single colors.

No. 1397283

Shit, not even when she was no longer a teenager…. it happened when she turned 18 which is beyond telling

No. 1397306

It's because he's a bottom. They're much more concerned with staying youthful looking.

No. 1397309

File: 1667514327631.jpg (103.63 KB, 640x661, 067c4eab818ab2c9ed93a1ef0322c4…)

there are so many ways chloe could have been pulled off is she embraced herself with body positivity. that is difficult to do though when scrotes have been salivating, joking, and scrutinizing her every move since moretz was a child actress. i think she indirectly got groomed on the internet reading their retardation. she is mentally stunted from pedowood, seems to be stuck in learned helplessness. i read some article from 2019 saying she tried waitressing in dublin, and that "it was the hardest thing she has ever done", she couldn't take notes that fast. this happened around the time waitress memes went around, so it's still unsure if her own team made those shoops of her in the end or was that some scrotes doing. pedowood might be PRing her with a childish charm given these lukewarm memes and her response to them.

No. 1397310

>It's because he's a bottom.
go back

No. 1397317

File: 1667515021243.gif (2.79 MB, 476x480, 1653944175431.gif)

I've never cared about her shit lingerie, i'll buy from victoria's secret 50 times before i ever buy her trash. I have bought her makeup before i this is the final straw for me, I will never give her money again. Such a gross pick-me with her thug husband/baby daddy.

No. 1397321

Most of the shoops started on 4chan, she was their golden girl when she was a child and as she aged into her late teens they turned on her like rabid dogs. Started posting candids of her unposed and saying shit like "oh she hit the wall at 16" "built like a double wide" "aged out before 18" "oh she used to be so cute what happened" typical scrote shit. Look at the movies she was put in as a child; Hick (underwear scenes, sexualized role, rape scenes) The Poker House (underwear scenes) Kick Ass (skin tight suit and a "dominatrix" personality) Let Me In (underwear scenes, romantic scenes with an old man.) Hollywood groomed her and average perverted moids helped.

No. 1397327

File: 1667515707744.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1170x1782, 0B24491E-DC84-41B1-8638-E04196…)

no better then a moid or a moid itself or a weird skelly bitch kek. yes she has a short waist but in no way is she built like mike wazowski you weird cunts, pap photos make 90% of ppl look overweight and weird. she has a extremely normal average body type and you fags scrutinising her are literally male aligned weirdos. leave women alone and get therapy for your own deep rooted insecurities

No. 1397329

File: 1667515765986.jpeg (585.79 KB, 960x1155, 71AD1A74-12E8-4D78-A90F-9F50B4…)

Speak of the devil. Can’t he just leave her alone? He’s got his underwear gig with Rihanna isn’t that enough?

No. 1397331

Her makeup sucks.. only foundation I've ever used that pooled into pores and somehow reverse-oxidized in them.

No. 1397332

File: 1667515790346.png (60.73 KB, 243x270, bruddar.png)

hollywood makes it impossible to tell if a celebrity is being themselves, or a puppet. their whole work is basically faking things.
>these lukewarm memes and her response
if she was really a gamer then she would have ran into more toxicity than that.

excuse my sperging. i think the issue behind irrelevancy is really her sensitivity and chloe not being a big pickme, not pushy enough for this industry. she is probably being herself, taking things casually because as a rich girl she can. actresses that popped back up from hermit status have been pandering to trends on twitter and instagram. megan fox is behaving like a highschool girl in her freshman year dating a senior. it is mega cringe with the outright bdsm, but it is working.
sure, chloe tried gaming, and tweeted about it. but she did not make it her whole personality. no cat ear headsets and e-girl hair. she aged out of the teen and pedo fandom, and is not sparking enough controversy with older zoomers and millenials yet. even the quirky ice cream and pizza personality that worked for jennifer lawrence has been outdated for like 8 years now. does anyone know what actors and actresses do when they are not working on a set?

No. 1397335

Uhhh I’m a woman and made mad fun of her because her body is ugly and it suck’s to suck but it happens, those memes were funny and accurate. You don’t see women with amazing bodies getting made fun of here and if they are they’re met with opposition. She should go back into hiding because no one cares and we all would’ve “forgot about it” if she didn’t feel the need to keep bringing up her weird body.

No. 1397337

He rode the high of his life during that trial and is probably experiencing withdrawal. He's grasping for a bit of that attention again.

No. 1397338

I like her makeup, but i don't think it's better than mac.

No. 1397341

But yea its mainly styling she’s got all the money in the world to avoid it. She can go use $100 bills as tissues because some losers she doesn’t even know think her body isn’t that great. Get over it.

No. 1397342

The communion one is so embarrassing. It's like seeing the community college theater kids at the goth club

No. 1397344

> im a woman!!!

kys moid

No. 1397345

that is so fucked up. they really groomed her.

No. 1397353

File: 1667516529821.jpg (197.36 KB, 636x900, link.jpg)

the only time i thought this rat was hot when he dressed up as link lmao

No. 1397357

I like how fucked up he looks now, but that’s probably because I’m weird about males with botched plastic surgery. All he needs to do now is get a stupid blonde haircut and overfill his lips. Rubbing my hands like an evil fly rn

No. 1397360

It's a joke nona relax, I'm saying that because I have the exact same body; fridge waist, small boobs, narrow hips, broad shoulders. Also I believe she was 17 there, her body wasn't done growing yet and she does have a short waist and wide frame. And that's fine, I was just responding to a nona who was acting like she had no reason to be insecure because she has long legs.

No. 1397363

And a tan? Just wondering if you're the nonner I think you are.

No. 1397367

Oh no, I like ‘em pink.

No. 1397370

Her body isn't even ugly, you're either a moid or someone who spends too much time on instagram because she literally just has a normal rectangular-shaped body. I swear you retards look at any woman who doesn't have massive birthing hips and a tiny waist and think they're some sort of freak of nature. Go outside and you will see plenty of women with bodies like this, it's not ugly unless you've got one brain cell and spend all your free time obsessively measuring your waist to hip ratio

No. 1397379

>I'm a woman!
No you're either 14 or a scrote. My bet is on scrote. What self respecting woman speaks like this in this level of objectification unless they're mentally retarded, how cringe. Touch grass.

No. 1397384

Not replying to all of you, I’m a 25yo woman and I have no social media. Get fucked she’s ugly.

No. 1397401

kek i like your boldness

No. 1397405

There’s a special place in hell for her parents and every other degen involved in those movies

No. 1397424

What the fuck, do people actually think her body looks ugly?

No. 1397432

25 going on 14 for real. Have fun having shit self esteem because you objectify everyone like a moid. Very bold of you NLOG, such a unique snowflake for not having social media.

No. 1397439

> attractive woman is ‘ugly’
on the off chance you are actually a woman, no amount of hating on other literally attractive women is going to fix how busted you are faggot. ur a weird skelly bitch and i hope the malnutrition and hair loss is worth it! maybe pick up a fear food or two so you don’t continue to starve urself into complete retardation???

No. 1397445

File: 1667521623119.jpg (197.5 KB, 666x734, 1667517421549918.jpg)

Kanye the new Britney? #freekanye

No. 1397453

Apparently this message is from his personal trainer, which I find very strange.

No. 1397455

What did I say about Jew handlers(Retard)

No. 1397461

Hmm even all the normies I knew that sided with Depp were getting sick of hearing nonstop about the trial. Wonder if this will backfire for him.

No. 1397465

yours need to keep you on a tighter leash tbh.

Anyway, I don't understand why people keep trying with him. Why send this to Kanye of all people and not expect him to post it when you yourself sound deranged. Also what I assume is a grown man telling another grown man to not use "cuss words" is absolutely hilarious.

No. 1397470

He's probably a fed. A lot of CIA agents have public personas.(tinfoil)

No. 1397473

Which one? Kanye or the trainer?

No. 1397479

File: 1667523095839.jpg (139.02 KB, 803x1567, Fgrc1KYXwAA-Ev5.jpg)

No. 1397482

File: 1667523440358.jpg (110.91 KB, 737x615, cdcd5.jpg)

Is he a perv? He's 48, Kiernan is 22

No. 1397492

Then this is not the first time, oh my lord

No. 1397498

The trainer. He is a bestselling author, nutrition expert, fitness gym facility designer, and motivational speaker.

No. 1397500

…He's also jewish, coincidentally. In fact, is kinda crazy he's going to get institutionalized for a 2nd time just cause he insulted them(tinfoiling, racebait)

No. 1397513

yeah her generation is into that wisdom tooth shape, or ana-with-super-long-torso. it's weird, anything else is just grouped into "ugly".
trainer might be his only actual friend, and since he has no other friends and no family, the closest thing to a family member he has. kanye's a pornsick jerk but tbh he never had a chance once his mom died.

No. 1397514

kind of sounds like a psycho gay man to me

No. 1397522

As much as i like engaging in this thread, let's not pretend some anons here love ripping women apart for their looks and have a very low standard in regards to what is ugly.

No. 1397526

kanye has a trainer and he's still that chubby? trainer deserves a kanye freakout.

No. 1397529

File: 1667525102919.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.14 KB, 1125x1955, 1BDDF152-E0D5-4FE2-8F4D-B096FC…)

Drake posts hentai on his Instagram story to anticipate his toxic moid “Her Loss” (ft. Future, another misogynist rapper) album dropping tonight.

No. 1397537

How do you do, fellow kids

No. 1397547

why did i think this was Alex Turner lmao

No. 1397548

I wish anime was for nerds again anime becoming cool was the worst thing that happened to it since SAO

No. 1397553

such a pick me

No. 1397555

anime has now become the number one red flag for scrotes. i'll accept maybe liking naruto and that's it. after seeing how sexually violent anime is, i don't think i'll ever look twice at a guy who publicly admits to watching it.

No. 1397557

Anime is super coomerish now, before there used to a distinction between the wannabe elites and the coomers/normies. Nowadays the anime aesthetics is big tits and cute girls and thats it. Honestly you do, animetards are obnoxious.

No. 1397574

File: 1667526648954.png (599.32 KB, 494x486, Capture.PNG)

i really really really dislike "drake".
Anyway, Beyonce and her kids look cute in their halloween costumes.

No. 1397576

oh i adore this. this is how you dress up your kids for halloween.

No. 1397577

Aw, this is really cute! I remember seeing someone say that she should do a Proud Family costume a few days ago, what a coincidence. I also like that they seems like actual costumes and not just something for photoshoots like what other celebs were doing (except for Beyonce wearing 2 costumes lol).

No. 1397579

this is just litigation abuse. that scumbag needs to leave her alone and crawl back up tim burton's asshole and beg him to make edward scissorhands 2 or something

No. 1397580

File: 1667526848689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,953.48 KB, 1125x1992, 509199A9-3F60-4637-9D1B-C4D3A6…)

Drake posts even more hentai. Do you think he’s hacked or is he genuinely just this disgusting?

No. 1397581

I like this. It's cute and perfect for the kids.

No. 1397582

File: 1667526928367.jpeg (Spoiler Image,919.12 KB, 1125x1942, D615ED2A-3107-48A1-BF7A-42F7EF…)

No. 1397585

Just genuinely disgusting and mentally unwell, people were focused on Kanye but drake has mini mental breakdowns every two weeks or so. This will be seen as "promotion" but it's just basic coomer and gd

No. 1397586

File: 1667527041792.jpg (305.48 KB, 1132x868, savage fenty.jpg)

Abuserxfenty started trending and…yeah. Are they launching a mans line or something? Either way be interesting to see how this develops as I was surprised to see so many people mad about this

No. 1397587

no but really why is he? Is it's so random and odd. Even if this is a stunt for Rihanna (which she doesn't need, her fanbase is annoying and very alive), it's weird. Out of all the scrotes to "spotlight" why Johnny?

No. 1397588

File: 1667527301463.jpg (349.76 KB, 1546x989, anok yai.jpg)

A little late, but posting for all the Anok Yai lovers itt. This was her Halloween costume, and this was at Heidi's party too!

No. 1397590

File: 1667527354472.jpg (130.26 KB, 1024x1024, FgbD1WZXoAEM3bx.jpg)

This made me look up more pictures of them and such a cute family minus Jay Z

No. 1397592


No. 1397594

>Heidi getting all the attention when this person was attending

She looks amazing

No. 1397598

This is the coolest woman I've ever seen

No. 1397604

we need a gender swap blade movie right now immediately

No. 1397607

she's so fucking hot and her face is PERFECT
but also i like how she's not a memer/panderer/internet addict. she's the only old-school supermodel rn. and she makes me feel better about my body because she's athletic/80s fitness body instead of no boobs ana or super wide hips

No. 1397612

Jesus she's attractive.

No. 1397613

This right here is proof that if god does exist she is indeed a woman, fuck me. She’s beyond stunning. This is giving me Grace Jones vibes too, another perfect specimen of womankind.

No. 1397615

I genuinely hope she’s a lesbian because no moid is worthy of this majesty

No. 1397621

Holy fuck

No. 1397633

Samefag, the amount of replies to this post is making me believe that Anok Yai pics is all we need to achieve peace itt.

No. 1397655

No. 1397661

But anon, how can people infight if they're all too busy talking about how hot she is?

No. 1397669

Ignore, it's probably (c)rap-chan lol. Anok looks like a goddess.

No. 1397681

File: 1667533508055.jpg (77.79 KB, 1024x566, MJ0TCDL.jpg)

the "trainer" aka handler is a military op, literally trained at Canadian Defence research institute.
btw, he was also mac miller's "trainer"
this guy kanye named seems to have a wide ring of influence over some very notable celebrities(this is not the tinfoil thread)

No. 1397682

File: 1667533651346.jpg (467.17 KB, 592x2252, UmQRm1a.jpg)

harley pasternak's clients

No. 1397685

File: 1667533893913.png (1.87 MB, 750x1334, 32028F27-2DB5-49F3-8B58-11D770…)

Hey, he has to figure out a way to get the snot-nosed suburbanite teenage scrotes with perms to listen and stream his album somehow

No. 1397687

I'm not (c)rap-chan, you guys are so over the top and obvious.

No. 1397688

How is she real

No. 1397697

Not that anon but who are “us guys”? Don’t be shy. You know you want to say it.
She never looks bad. Ever. That magnitude of natural beauty is fucking insane.

No. 1397698

I can't believe she is real. She has the most perfect proportions.

No. 1397699

Anon, she was making a light hearted joke lmao, i forgive you.

No. 1397701

File: 1667534551341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.36 KB, 1170x2125, 805480C1-77D8-40A9-91A3-F493DD…)

It makes me legitimately sick that children will be seeing this. He’s 10th in the world on global Spotify charts…

No. 1397704

I fucking hate moids. Especially this degenerate piece of shit.

No. 1397706

Thanks ♥
Nah, I find alooot of unconventionally attractive women beautiful, that’s my favorite tbh. Definitely not nlogy because I don’t have sm, it was just said that I must be fucked from instagram so I I gave the facts. I refuse to even take pics with a filter.
>how busted you are faggot
>malnutrition n hair loss skelly!!
>pick up whatever
Woah, that seems like that personaly offended youl. You should hit up snow I’d love to see how you react there. I think her and her body is ugly, I’m a normal sized, and happy with my body, woman with an opinion. For the love of sanity integrate, please.

Anyways referring to >>1397445
Has anyone watched the bj investigates videos on bam margera and the soft white underbelly, Amanda/Lima woman shit that’s going on? This is you if me major conservator vibes. I’m pretty sure she had a video on him already but it was less in his favor.

No. 1397711

She's beautiful but all of you sound like retarded plebbitors

No. 1397712

Oh take the stick out of your ass anon kek

No. 1397716

File: 1667537309849.jpg (20.34 KB, 600x186, OOP.jpg)

Its getting real interesting now some people are trying to pull the race card/say you cannot say anything bad about riri because shes a black woman, despite the fact this thread was started by a black woman, we in for a wild ride! I doubt this will affect her sales though she has way too many fans https://twitter.com/SassyE/status/1588161077439000578

No. 1397726

Gotta make everything a race issue huh

No. 1397733

NTA but you sound exhausting kek, take a break

No. 1397735

I just got here kek, should of said nta I guess

No. 1397776


So cute! Except for Jay-z, obviously.

I can't believe nonas are saying this is "not sexual" kek go back to twitter. The photo set is really cute but it's clearly a sexy version of the character, don't be retarded. She's a grown woman, she's allowed to do a sexy costume. And celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B did sexy costumes in a far more tacky way, at least Doja's is cute and fun.

No. 1397782

Whenever she’s posted it’s with some 40 something year old moid
And she’s his client.. is it normal to speak of your clients like this or is it an LA thing

No. 1397795

God I hate the new wave of rappers larping as anime fans and hentai coomers so fucking much, it's as "how do you do fellow kids" as it gets now that anime is mainstream. Blatantly obvious cringeworthy PR.

No. 1397827

this is so insanely creepy.

No. 1397829


That 5head ogre is probably elated that Depp abused a Hot White Bitch, that's why. She certainly has a complex about Asian and white women.

No. 1397833

rihanna supported r kelly despite his victims mostly being black girls. she just doesn't give a shit about women full stop.

No. 1397837

Oh she definitely wants all women to die, but there's undeniably something with her and women of other races.

No. 1397838

File: 1667556058336.jpg (48.21 KB, 498x456, 1610026728318.jpg)


No. 1397839

Rappers stay behind on every trend. Just like when Coomye discovered dad rock and it was called "revolutionary".

Soon they'll start sampling anime openings kek

No. 1397840

What did she do to make people hate her so much? They treated her like shit over those photos.

No. 1397841

I, for one, am excited for Gwen Stefani’s potential autistic child. It might make music.

No. 1397842

>Her Loss
>posting hentai

top kek, moid bootyblasted after a breakup energy

No. 1397843

Lol celebrities could get ahold of anything medically, generally anyone with money can.

Nta but she’s right. That medication is being labeled as “anti-aging” and is popular in Hollywood.

No. 1397845

It’s awful but not surprising. We want Rihanna to be a good public figure because she’s beautiful and fun and fashionable, truly a unique face and one of the few famous women atm that still go out and serve looks. I don’t hate her, and most people don’t think she’s a talented singer or anything, but she’s put out great music and she’s an icon like of course we are disappointed.

No. 1397849

Lol I bet it was Khloe Kardashian

No. 1397852

Taking your BDD out on other people is a fruitless endeavor. She was ostracized, mocked, and nasty edits of her were really popular. Wanting other people to be as self conscious and as restrictive as you in order to exist in peace is retarded.

No. 1397853

It's funny because anything that promotes anabolic growth is actually aging you faster.

No. 1397856

File: 1667558126524.jpeg (68.72 KB, 600x800, B6B2AE3E-FDCD-4946-8D1A-223F38…)

He looks like he has a shelf that is filled with books about kama sutra and mk ultra

No. 1397858

Anime has literally always only been that

No. 1397860

File: 1667558498241.jpeg (Spoiler Image,251.19 KB, 1200x1600, F6AF1B8A-13F7-4912-8447-FD2E8E…)

They’ve had ~male lingerie~ for awhile. I need her to go back to only using men that look like this.

No. 1397871

I think it signals their sex addictions which all rappers have. They are constantly always seeking orgies and hedonistic sexcapades with a warm body they will never truly connect to, that’s why people are starting to find out that these scrote rappers are definitely going as low as fucking other men and even trannies. Drake is bisexual in plain sight, so is Kanye

No. 1397874

kek anon

No. 1397876

Weird one-sided race war with Rihanna lol

No. 1397879

no shit she doesn’t care about any women, she also probably owns very little of her own company as well so who knows what shadow scrotes are making these decisions

No. 1397929

mods get him out of here please. his dick is stinking up the whole thread.

No. 1397930

I’d rather have male lingerie over brands force feeding us men in regular female lingerie like they’re doing now

No. 1397931

having a round face is enough for the internet to disown you if you're a woman
it's REEEE JOWLY all the way down

No. 1397938

Fenty Beauty is white label. Savage x Fenty is cheap fast fashion crap. There are hundreds if not thousands of people between the both pulling the strings running it all because she only slaps her name onto it all.

No. 1397942

Am I crazy or are their kids tall as hell? people have commented on blue's height and she's always seemed tall for her age but damn, not even a teen and she's already catching up to her mom. And the twins seem big at only five! Bey and Jay are both tall so it makes sense but every time i see a picture i'm shocked they grew so fast

No. 1397962

Yeah. I sperg sometimes about how we should objectify men more, and part of it would be having clothing specifically made to show off the male body in a sexual way. Idk what that would look like, but it's definitely not corsets or thongs. The fact that we don't have that as a society shows that everything is built for the male gaze.

No. 1397967

Yeah I remember that video really disturbed me. The husband (played by mads mikkelsen) was the Bitch in question who fucked her over yet the whole video is focused on torturing his wife. She did end up killing mads but he's fully clothed and it's never actually shown on screen. Meanwhile the wife is hanging upside down naked from a rope, kidnapped, drugged and heavily sexualized the whole time. It's never implied that she personally fucked Rihanna over either. She's just presented as a spoiled Paris Hilton type and this makes it justified apparently.
Kek I keep reading this as "Hair Loss"…straight from my lips to God's ears, keeping my fingers crossed
Yes please. Surprised "she" hasn't been redtexted yet for the emoji
Jay is 6'2" and Beyonce is 5'7" so their kids are bound to be pretty tall

No. 1397975

wow i am 5 inches taller than beyonce i feel like a tree
Also wow this makes me feel personally better about my body. I wonder how much this trainer charges these celebs

No. 1398005

Male lingerie has existed for quite a while, it's just that it's mainly worn by gay men.

No. 1398020

You people are so pathetic for this loser ass bitch. Everything she does is sO cUtE, like? where????
I cannot stand doja or anything she does ffs she just pisses me off, no talent, atrocious style and appearance, try hard as fuck.

No. 1398027

Sounds like a you problem. Why don't you go necro that pointless Doja thread on /snow/ then.

No. 1398087

> women want to fuck someone who isn't meeeeeee

No. 1398101

File: 1667583097669.gif (470.94 KB, 250x151, tumblr_lp02dl0iUk1qie3i0.gif)

good shit

No. 1398131

File: 1667584982607.png (191.97 KB, 553x315, Capture.PNG)

Drake showing his jealously towards another woman and his hate towards women.
" “This bitch lie ’bout getting shots but she still a stallion,”"
Megan did nothing to him, like nothing. Even if it's about the thing with Torey thats weird or about her issues with her record label, Drake is such a weirdo and I hope his identity issues continue to eat him up.

No. 1398138

File: 1667585171217.jpg (43.95 KB, 416x900, 20221104_190533.jpg)

Have none of you nonnas seen Drake literally posting NTR hentai pictures on his instagram stories to promote his album? He is so lulzy

No. 1398141

Samefag, other pictures he posted were screenshots of ntr hentai where a wife is getting screwed by her lover. What a time we live in.

No. 1398145

They were all already posted

No. 1398147

It was already posted, nonnie.

No. 1398148

I was literally just posting about this same thing, I don’t listen to his annoying whiny voice rap but he annoys me so fucking bad. Some privileged ass Canadian who was a child star now getting in with the rap crowd thinking he’s hard for it. So tough it must’ve been sitting in that degrassi wheelchair. Same old genre, same old bullshit misogyny proving their inherent worthlessness materialism and inability to learn. Shit, a guy from a hugely successful group Migos got killed this fucking week by random gun violence but Megan is lying?

No. 1398149

File: 1667585495646.png (129.12 KB, 412x149, e.PNG)

The hands say it all, YNBAM "Drake" fuck you forever

No. 1398150

File: 1667585496447.jpg (136.78 KB, 826x1146, FGqLC16XMAE8phG~5.jpg)


No. 1398152

>sitting in that degrassi wheelchair
Topkek nonna ily for that. Drake is full garbage.

No. 1398169

Funny thing is that MTS has drama with her record label, one of those guys is some kind of thug/gangster from Houston. That same guy discovered "drake". "Drake" is very loyal to the record label guy and the guy also has talked shit about MTS on instagram all this year.
Plus "Drake" is friends with Torey Lanez. The guy that Discovered "Drake", Son was at the party thing, that Take Off from the Migo's was killed at. I believe it was his birthday party.
So the beef he may have with MTS may be multiple things. Either way he's weird and needs to stop projectioning his mental issues on everyone else

No. 1398174

same anon, and all those things don't involve "Drake"but actual scrotes that actually have history with MTS. So unless he's mad about something else, he's mad at her because other scrotes are mad at her that he likes. Pick me shit.

No. 1398177

fit jeff bezos??

No. 1398182

More like slightly younger jeff without as much cosmetic alterations

No. 1398188

>see pretty black woman
>act like you're literally cumming at the sight of such an Ebony Goddess Black Quh-ween

No. 1398196

i mean, i feel that way about scarjo too. some lesbianons are just into the whole celeb thing

No. 1398206

This really has become libfem pansy central.

No. 1398212

Didn’t you get banned multiple times?

No. 1398217

Chill hettie anon, remember when that some dudes cock pics were posted? Anons were all over that

No. 1398229

Okay I change my mind, she's ugly

No. 1398232

Anons who sperg out just because people called a black woman attractive are pathetic. You look insecure.

No. 1398243

File: 1667589506780.jpg (78.65 KB, 1002x790, 1667572688096867.jpg)

No. 1398246

I'm crying. She's so hot. I just want to kill all men. I would fight crime along side her.

No. 1398255

everyones gonna call you racist for this but you're right its cringe, she's good looking but jesus LOL imagine worshipping celebs this hard.

No. 1398260

She's cool but not gonna lie, you guys here are doing the maximum and is just…weird? feels kinda fake

No. 1398263

I'm a lesbian and she's hot af. Hetties stay mad. She has really amazing proportions and long legs and a beautiful face.

No. 1398265

nta but true. i just think the outfit is neat, but people who worship celebs are insane, especially that all of the pictures from their parties are photoshoped to hell and back. celebricows thread seems to be reeking off twitter and lsa fags.

No. 1398266

go fucking back

No. 1398269

Worshipping is stan blogs and buying copies of everything they've ever made. Beautiful women inspire awe. They've been doing that and inspiring works of art since forever. If you think being able to acknowledge the ethereal beauty of a black woman seems performative maybe you need to do some self-reflection.

No. 1398273

ayrt and yeah they're making themselves obvious at this point, they won't get it though because they're so used to everyone pretending to agree with them out of fear kek so its useless to argue with them.

No. 1398274

>another 9302329 racebait topic of the week
>anon above tried baiting an infight by larping as a lesbian
oh well

No. 1398275

This is true but this is also the same thread where anons nitpick every little thing about a woman, so who can be surprised that the insecure ones are getting mad at a beautiful woman being called beautiful.

No. 1398277

Next they're going to say is that you should just get out of this thread

No. 1398279

>ethereal beauty of a black woman

the dickriding (pussyriding in this case?????) is crazy. anok yai is pretty but wow this is embarassing KEK, idk why anons in this thread always sperg out when she's mentioned bc i've never seen such a reaction for any other female celebrity mentioned here.

No. 1398280

yep, classic.

No. 1398281

File: 1667591229209.jpeg (35.78 KB, 660x660, 49724.jpeg)

I know it's Drake who said it, but I was actually kind of surprised at the line because 21 Savage tweeted that he was praying for Megan and wanted to give her a hug after she got shot, plus there was this photo. The people theorizing that Drake is upset because Megan wouldn't have sex with him are probably right. He also called Serena Williams husband a groupie.

No. 1398284

Samefag, but Drake also lies about his body being real so the "wordplay" in that line doesn't even make sense. Also, 21 Savage used an interpolation of Megan's flow on this album.

No. 1398285

i am so tired of drake and in my mind believe ftm tinfoil nonny as bad karma towards him

No. 1398291

>dick posting
A lot of gay scrotes from Twitter/Lsa are larping itt, it's obvious.

No. 1398296

I don’t doubt that, but have you seen the amount of husbandofags we have in lc? There are definitely straight women here that thirst after some celeb scrotes junk. I just don’t understand why people are upset about SSA women finding a woman hot

No. 1398297

good effort but not quite believable yet, my man.

No. 1398301

husbandofags don't stan 3DPGs dumbass

No. 1398302

yah while its true there are performative posts ITT in the vein of the straight girls simping for lupita nyongo in 2014, most of the lesbian waifufagging is honestly just lesbian waifufagging.

No. 1398303

drake is so ugly. he can't even get good looking prostitutes with his money, that's how ugly he is. he looks like an inbred pakistani autist who smells like tide detergent and has good grades in math but nothing else and wears the same red sweatshirt with two blue stripes every day.

No. 1398304

There’s 3D husbandoposters in /g/? At least I think so, I dare not venture there

No. 1398309

we get it she's ~extremely beautiful~, move on

No. 1398316

Yes, you can have IRL husbandos. I'm pretty sure that's even what one of the threads was called.

No. 1398335

She's so pretty.

No. 1398339

celebrities are fictional characters therefore they can be husbandos/waifus

No. 1398355

File: 1667595661964.jpg (44.38 KB, 750x1334, o6kp3v3jgyx91.jpg)

Twitter removed it

No. 1398358

The creepiest thing about this is the fact he has so much power over his clients that he can get Kanye admitted to a psychiatric facility and put on medication. And using his kids as leverage is so fucked, he definitely has more authority than a personal trainer if he's able to decide those things for his clients.

No. 1398359

I thought he said he was taking a vow of silence for 30 days

No. 1398371

He's gotta stop saying stupid shit like that it damages his credibility and takes attention away from the actual issues he brings up

No. 1398372

I guess it'd be for the best if pretty black women aren't brought up in these threads anymore. It causes such a divide it's almost sad who you share this board with.

No. 1398374

He's always been so ugly and I thought I was insane cause all the others girls in hs and grown women loved him. And he's such a joke now with his sissy antics. Do straight men even take him seriously anymore?

No. 1398379

How is it even possible for a woman to be so physically perfect?

No. 1398382

its just two salty anons, nonnie. everybody else is having a blast

No. 1398383

Well anon, she is a model for a reason. Maybe nonnies should take their worship or her to /g/ where other female celebrities are also drooled over. I don't see anything wrong with acknowledging her beauty and keeping it at that.

I just want lorry hill to make a video on him because i know for sure he has had work done. And still looks funny looking. Kek.

No. 1398391

Nta but I think it's not about the acknowledgement but the over-the-top reactions/descriptions kek

No. 1398392

File: 1667598211150.png (574.46 KB, 1420x1350, oiuhgfcdghjkljhgf.png)

What's kind of creepy about the Kanye thing is the media bias, I googled Kanye's name and that Harley guy and very few, non trusted news sources are covering Kanye's accusations of involuntary inpatient stays and medication when I searched for Harley's name. And then Kanye's name has no one covering the story and even supposedly reputable news sources like The Times, CNN, Forbes, NBC, Psychology Today, The Guardian, USA Today, etc are all just covering the stupid shit he says online. The first 4 pages of searching under "news" on Kanye's name only has one news source talking about the Harley accusations. I hate the media bias, it's like how none of the news sources covered Ghislaine's trial. It shouldn't even be about the stupid "Jews run everything" theory it should be about the power certain companies and people have and how they misuse it.

No. 1398403

Doubtful. I interpreted it as the trainer saying he’ll call the cops for a wellness check with would result in Kanye being committed like he has in the past. You can’t just tell a hospital to place someone under a psych hold, they’re evaluated by a psychiatrist and then a judge signs off on it. The TMZ article says that Kanye was picked up from the trainer’s home so I’m assuming he simply called an ambulance knowing that he’d be admitted in his current state.

No. 1398408

The celebricows thread has always been ruthless and unnecessarily harsh so I don't get why some people are surprised. I always thought it was a bit much but all this "don't be mean!" "Why do you care" behaviour and slyly accusing people of being racist because they don't find a black woman attractive is even less bearable than the nasty anons imo. It's gotten super faggy in here lately. And before someone says it's because I'm white that I just don't get it, I'm not white.

No. 1398418

Nta but psychiatrists can't put someone in an involuntary stay unless they're a danger to themselves or others or if a family member signs off on them being committed, and hospitals can't force medication on someone once they leave the hospital. That's the weird thing. I honestly wouldn't doubt that the Kardashians or Kanye's record companies or managers or whatever would have some shady psychiatrist willing to be paid off in order to have Kanye committed. I mean look how many layers of corruption were involved in the Britney issue, and the Epstein and Weinstein thing.

No. 1398424

I agree but I also don’t think it’s nonnas thinking anok Yai is ugly or anything, it’s the incessant sperging followed by “let people enjoy things!” moralfagging. It’s Twitter behavior
anokfags, make an anok yai gorgeousposting thread in /g/ or something. Ezrafags, danofags, rpatzfags and dr1v3rfags were told to do the same

No. 1398436

That's because Ezrafags, Danofags, Driverfags, etc… were posting about them and spamming a lot. Anok Yai is rarely brought up, I actually can't even remember the last time she was posted here. Sure maybe she should just be posted in /g/ or /m/ if it upsets anons so much, but this amount of ree-ing and sperging over anons calling a woman pretty that didn't even disrupt other discussions in this thread is just stupid.

No. 1398438

File: 1667600884277.png (401.55 KB, 770x650, embaressing.png)

why is she still obsessed with him in the year 2022, im begging Sel to get a life and stop name dropping him everytime she needs clout.

No. 1398439

I thought Hailey was the one that kept namedropping Selena? I can't keep up with them at all.

No. 1398440

why did you remove the (especially ezrafags) part lol.

No. 1398441

Only a moid can be racist while also playing wounded gazelle "oppressed muh nority!" in the same breath kek

No. 1398443

she namedropped selena once in years and that was when she was talking about receiving hate from her fans.
Selena needs to stop with her Justin clout-chasing.

No. 1398445

I didn't want to upset them. You know what happens when you mention him

No. 1398451

This. Also this thread currently reeks of moids and moids from 4chan because who else would defend kanye so much like this, there have been multiple anons who said britney deserved to be forced to be in a conservatorship just because she was a party girl in her 20's meanwhile Kanye is misogynist schizo and was threatening to kill pete and jews and that is totally okay with those people.
All the ugly hideous failed abortion XY really need go fuck off and go back to their shitty cancerous places. (and before some male gets mad after reading this and he starts spamming cp all over the place like they always do)

No. 1398458

File: 1667601762388.png (357.18 KB, 673x547, wni.png)

Megan Thee Stallion’s lawyer tells TMZ that Drake and artists doubting her will ‘look silly’ when the facts come out.

“I know the profound regret they’re gonna have when the facts and truth come out. Truth usually comes out in court rooms, and I’m confident that it will here.”

No. 1398461

He looks like a mole rat

No. 1398464

File: 1667601945900.png (856.85 KB, 962x697, ejidjire.png)


No. 1398467

>Aren't there any better looking 31 year olds in hollywood?
Right? And one whose career didn't peak a decade ago. Everyone loved the Sweater Weather song and then literally nobody cared about The Neighbourhood after that

No. 1398469

File: 1667602124313.jpg (143.18 KB, 1170x1156, FgsjGlSUYAECn3N.jpg)

No. 1398470

File: 1667602133850.png (101.82 KB, 600x327, R.png)

>Flashbacks to the clown parade that was 2014 Tumblr

No. 1398474

File: 1667602429225.webm (1.35 MB, 1278x670, HDR04NkRDlDM65ll.webm)

when heidi klum was trying out her worm costume for Halloween for the first time kek why does it look so scary.

No. 1398485

There is a lot of anons here that lose their fucking minds when a woman they don't like is called beautiful. It happens with Anya Taylor Joy for example.

No. 1398502

you said what about Anya Joy Taintlor?

No. 1398510

does anyone else think its weird that drake has never had a longtime girlfriend? like at his age and popularity you'd think someone would date him even if he was miserable to be around?

No. 1398512

I think he's too much of a fuckboy coomer to want to settle down. Also, he's stuck on his exs and probably has a Leonardo DiCaprio thing going on.

No. 1398524

mass report him

No. 1398525

File: 1667605784914.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x2015, 0BF9A44E-3B34-4A0C-8693-599E26…)

In news that I didn’t know was news, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman are divorcing. Why did I think they were already separated?

No. 1398526

why would Rhianna do this after she got beat by a scrote too?

No. 1398530

File: 1667606106348.jpeg (530.09 KB, 1170x1184, 6C9FA652-B376-48E7-93CA-D09963…)

Oops, it’s me >>1398525 again, I spoke too soon. I guess they already separated during quarantine but hadn’t officially divorced, kek. Carry on everyone and apologies for the old milk

No. 1398540

Okay. And who does the burden of proof fall on? It’s not like looney bins require proof to lock people up, look at /Antipsychiatry /TroubledTeens and similar subreddits to see many accounts of people being involuntarily locked up or kidnapped against their will, at that point the person has to “prove” they arent crazy.
Psychiatry has a literal history of locking opposition up(mostly political) and was used often by the USSR, this isnt news. No one will take anything a person labled mentally ill has to say, and this is used tactically. I mean fuck, look at what happened to Britney as a famous example.

No. 1398541

No. 1398544

And Halle bailey

No. 1398547

This is amazing. I'd have so much fun in that outfit. Based Heidi.

No. 1398549

Wow, that's pretty shocking. Why divorce after so many years of marriage and a child involved? There has to be another reason behind this.

She's an NLOG. The worst type of woman, who will keep flocking to abusive scrotes and throw other women and general logic out the bus for dick and validation.

No. 1398559

drake is a pedo

No. 1398571


No. 1398572

Women are being dragged for being unusual-looking women, yet giant hulking scrotes in party city wigs are applauded for being 'real women', jesus i want off Mr. Bones Wild Ride

No. 1398593

During the pandemic Neil sent Amanda and the kid off to the other side of the world (new zealand?) and said he would join them soon and then ghosted her. That was when she left him the first time and wrote a really personal blog about the whole thing and said she was feeling abandoned. I'm surprised they tried to work it out because she really gave away a lot of personal information about him.

No. 1398634

File: 1667617990777.jpg (60.46 KB, 736x915, ac1375aec76bdb9f62a9208e6186a9…)

Posting rage fuel for some of you

No. 1398635

Extensive thread about Harley Pasternak aka Kanye's handler:

This shit literally runs so deep, and no it's not tinfoil. Man was literally a military op, there's even a video of him talking about how he was able to get around real laws experimenting w/ these drugs because he worked in the military: https://twitter.com/restoreorderusa/status/1588564190427459584(imageboard, tinfoil)

No. 1398637

>And she’s his client.. is it normal to speak of your clients like this or is it an LA thing
she's obviously being exploited, as most hollywood "starlets" are and have been since the beginning of time. e.g. marilyn, shirley temple, judy garland.

No. 1398640

Anyway I'd just like to point out while all this shit is happening with Kanye, not a single pedophile client who went to Epstein's island has ever been put on trial.

No. 1398641

File: 1667618324263.jpg (539.71 KB, 2000x3000, mymindandme.jpg)

has anyone seen selena's documentary yet? i just watched it. it seems pretty honest and i do sympathize and relate to her in some ways, but they make sure not to name drop anyone or get into any drama. iirc selena is mentioned in demi's documentary and selena does not mention demi despite demi being seen in the clip of barney.

No. 1398644

Insulting jews is a lot worse than anything epstien and his cohorts ever did. Jews have a history of persecution but those lolita express girls are fine now and likely living privileged lives(Tinfoil racebait retardation)

No. 1398646

That's Selena? I did not recognize her at all.

No. 1398659

>Insulting jews is a lot worse than anything epstien and his cohorts ever did
nah i think operating a global child sex ring for the elite to frequent is much worse. but that's just me
also epstein was jewish and was conveniently murdered, for whose benefit exactly?
i'm not even gonna get into harvey weinstein.

no sane person texts another human being shit like this. its satanic. not a peep from the media, not even TMZ.

No. 1398661

it absolutely is tinfoil to suggest that the man somehow drugged and killed Brittany Murphy and Mac Miller. to insinuate that he got drugs from a research center and staged two overdoses to look accidental is a giant fucking reach. that thread reeks of some shit Kanye would say.

No. 1398664

File: 1667621417985.jpg (187.98 KB, 1074x874, YLNwXoq.jpg)

how is it a giant fucking reach when he literally threatened kanye in a text message with the exact details of what he would do? and already did DO it to him in 2016.

i genuinely don't understand how, after witnessing a case like britney spears, people don't believe in these handlers and their complete control over celebrities. this pasternak guy kanye named is absolutely on some mkultra type shit. it's not even tinfoil when the record is literally on his wikipedia page & we know devious shit is happening constantly in hollywood (e.g. weinstein, epstein)

dave chappelle talked about it when he left chappelle show and there the same thing happened, media called him crazy/on drugs. they sedate celebrities into submission and the result is often death(not the tinfoil thread)

No. 1398671

Your post is not convincing enough, try again

No. 1398672

go to the tinfoil thread, nonnie. not everything has to do with pedophile rings, kanye is a schizo who’s off his meds and this trainer is run of the mill professional tard rangler.

No. 1398674

File: 1667622251839.png (170.18 KB, 536x324, Screen Shot 2022-11-04 at 9.23…)

yeah bc this is a totally normal thing for a fitness "trainer" to say.

No. 1398675

File: 1667622347360.jpeg (100.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)


to add even MORE reasons that this is creepy as shit. billie first met him as a fan of him when she was 15. around the time this ugly moid had released a song called "DADDY ISSUES". Lyrics in pic related. He is absolutly getting off to this grooming shit.

No. 1398679

nta, fuck off. This man shouldn't be allowed to threaten nobody like this

No. 1398686

Literally just sounds like he’s intentionally being provocative towards a man he knows is mentally ill and could seriously believe in his own delusions that this will happen.
Kanye being a nazi is overblown and he’s clearly having one of his yearly meltdowns, but you guys sound like qanontards

No. 1398689

These are no speculations anymore this man already institutionalized Kanye years ago, >>1398674 are not empty provocations and a fitness trainer shouldn't have this amount of power

No. 1398695

these post glow lol

but seriously if you don't think this personal trainer who has connections to major news companies, is military trained with expertise in drugs that in his own words "the public doesn't have access too" is threatening to have someone medicated into a zombie like state and involuntarily institutionalized is at least a little bit suspicious especially in the post Epstein/media corruption era, well then you're just retarded and gobble up everything CNN tells you. and if you don't care because the victim is Kanye fair enough I hate him too, but if it's happening to him it could be happening to a young woman that most certainly doesn't deserve treatment like that.(''glow'')

No. 1398710

>My Mind & Me….. (i battle all these demons)
>muh "bipolar"
>muh "lyme disease" or whatever celebrity disease
>muh kidney transplant waahhh
>la la la la i'm definitely not a drug addict and an alcohol la la lala

There, saved you 1.5 hours

No. 1398734

are you being willfully retarded? that was the met gala and it was made by a chinese designer

No. 1398740

File: 1667635561735.jpeg (79.12 KB, 933x1242, 253435318_4535566896520351_790…)

crying because i had this poster above my bed during high school and college, the cope is real for us zacfags

No. 1398745

Whom she called "some Chinese lady" in an interview iirc kek

No. 1398776

why do these fitness fucks always have to be bald, did the steroids shrivel their nuts and take away all their hair?

No. 1398778

No. 1398788

whose baby is Adonis then

No. 1398797

I never forgot his stomach in that picture, ever. I kept it folded up and hidden away so I wouldn’t get my ass beat.

Ftm drake joke is funny when it isn’t being beaten into the ground but I love the homosexuals trying to claim drake as a major closet-case most of all, like some of them truly believe it.

Drake is a little bitch trying to do the 2edgy5me disses because he needs to get attention somehow.

No. 1398800

i regret to inform you that that anon is probably not joking

No. 1398804

It’s an elaborate troll. You can tell in a lot of their past posts that it’s satire, they’re just overusing it

No. 1398822

File: 1667644666120.jpeg (1.33 MB, 4032x3024, B48E1F4F-6734-41E5-88B5-5AC2A0…)

Reminds me of Chris Evans. He claims to want to settle down and shit too but there has to be some reason women don’t stay with him. It’s fishy af to me. I don’t have any personal tinfoils other than maybe he’s a big weirdo behind closed doors (and not the harmless kind) Sage for OT

No. 1398823

You say it's not worship but you talk like a brainwashed cult member tbh

No. 1398827

Everyone saying he’s DL but really he’s just a peterfile

No. 1398830

Yeah I feel like that’s preeetty likely the case too. The gross hentai posting (even tho it wasn’t loli shit thank fuck) more or less confirms it for me kek

No. 1398836

They’re like “omggg he texted MBB when she was 14 like a gunclee XP” “he’s never had a gf cause he likes boisss” “he so gay” like it would ever be normal for gay men to text 14 year old girls “I miss you”

No. 1398884

I dont belive for a second that he is mentally ill. Jews DO control the media, thats a fact.(take a break from the racebait)

No. 1398897

honestly i think predatory straight men actually love and thrive off gay rumours because they distract the public from their actual depravity

No. 1398906

You could not be more correct. When I was a kid there was a scrote that lived in my neighborhood and everyone thought he was a harmless old school queeny gay. Turned out he was molesting little girls for years. He killed himself the day before he was due in court tho did everyone a favor Sage for derail/blog.

No. 1398930

nta, the fact that kanye can insult every race and every religion and not be punished but the second he says something about jews he gets censored to shit and threatened with meds and insane asylums says enough kek, the double standard is too obvious

No. 1399015

Why the fuck do all celebrities have Lyme disease now? Is this just a fancy term for plastic surgery side effects?

No. 1399020

Do you know this specific person?

No. 1399051

JESUS CHRIST. If humanity became one of those sci-fi stories where we mass produced beautiful people and weeded out imperfection I feel like she would be a popular template. Agreed with Halle Bailey, Anya Taylor and add in Elle Fanning as some of the women who get visceral reactions on this thread.

No. 1399060

again? dude its been hours

No. 1399065

iirc she was one of the OG lyme disease celebs

No. 1399070

File: 1667667468523.jpeg (360.26 KB, 1920x1090, EB987061-EF53-454E-BAF3-8FFF7E…)

oh no the poor widdle bipolar male celebrity won't take meds, willingly acts like an imbecile in public and then expects that people won't threaten to institutionalize him? he is adamantly doing this to himself

celeb scrotes are prescription opioid addicts, cokeheads, psychedelics users and weed obsessed wackos but they won't touch psychiatric medication with a thirty nine and a half foot pole.

their problems have solutions, they just don't want to hear them. they want to remain tortured artists forever until their brains melt and they die in a puddle of their own bile

No. 1399080

Continuing to tinfoil and racebait will result in 1-3 day bans.

Obviously /pol/fags and moids will be permabanned. Go back.

No. 1399093

More like side effects of being a drug addict

No. 1399132

How dare you get my hopes up like this! Amanda is an insane cow and those two seem perfect for each other. I feel bad for their kid.

No. 1399137

selena claims to have lupus, not lymes disease
avril lavigne has lymes disease

No. 1399138

File: 1667672869805.jpeg (157.62 KB, 800x1026, F50B0F49-4FAA-48D9-A0F7-407299…)

You’re right. Her parents rented her out to a tv show at 5 months old and moved to cali when she was 6 to “further her acting career”
>6 years old
And they were rich too so they didn’t even need another breadwinner
I always thought he was a bit gay and his face gives the same vibe a Drake to me. I’m not sure what it is, maybe the beard, lips and skin, the clean look sort of. Idk maybe some men just need to look a little rougher or it’s the cosmetic procedures (looks like botox & filler to me?) that make him look off.
Something about him is just weird to me.

No. 1399146

File: 1667673716223.jpeg (290.45 KB, 1182x1415, 27342E36-04BF-43D7-B1D5-93ABAD…)

Hillbilly troon to the rescue kek

No. 1399159

File: 1667675370072.jpeg (926.22 KB, 1242x1378, 47A93055-594E-4D4C-8321-E9BC46…)

Some of you nonnies need to go to porn addiction rehab too.

No. 1399160

The Amish would burn that tranny at the stake.

No. 1399162

Yeah that’s kind of what happens when Europeans go around chasing you with pitchforks for centuries, murdering your people and forbidding you to work any sectors except finance and entertainment…and then chimp out because you’re overrepresented in those sectors. I’m not sure why goyim expect Jews to be sympathetic to their plight, they certainly weren’t sympathetic to the Jews plight.

No. 1399164

She’s so racist towards Asians and obnoxious.

No. 1399165

I like how literally every person loves Megan. All humans have so much goodwill for her, it's heartwarming.

No. 1399166

File: 1667675801705.jpeg (950.57 KB, 1242x808, 83CB86DE-F39E-4DA3-82F5-0C56D8…)

She literally stripped off at the party 10 minutes later lol.

No. 1399167

The designer and her grandparents probably call all black people (including her) worse, don't be so sensitive lol

No. 1399168

>someone might do x so it’s okay to be racist towards them
God you’re disgusting lol.

No. 1399172

We literally had this discussion already.

No. 1399173

Go cry on Twitter lmao

No. 1399175

File: 1667676072428.jpeg (50.6 KB, 600x428, 084CD16E-3092-4274-B03F-F173ED…)

OMG…you don’t need to have any ‘power’ to have someone Baker Acted/5150’d. Literally all you have to say is call emergency services, say you think someone may harm themselves or others and they’ll get locked up for 72 hours.

Enough with the Jews have spoopy powers BS.

No. 1399177

Between this and the Rihanna racespergs, the thread is dipping in quality

No. 1399178

Mad cuz an Asian girl cucked you lol.(infighting)

No. 1399179

Tbf, this is how the celebcow thread has been for a very long time

No. 1399180

Cringe. Are you like, a fat gay moid mad Rihanna didn't cast you for her white-owned business? We don't care luv

No. 1399183

Yeah it’s almost like this is all staged and bread and circuses bullshit to distract people from the real issues in the world, just like the Heard vs Depp case.

As if someone is gonna threaten a famous schizo over text and not know they’re gonna be put on blast. I genuinely can’t believe people are falling for this.

No. 1399191

File: 1667676698702.gif (3.85 MB, 498x379, 311967DD-9554-49DD-8B50-8E8291…)

The fact you actually typed that all out and still thought it was a good idea to press post…cringe.(first time on a imageboard?)

No. 1399194

I’m far too ashamed and disgusted with myself to do it, but it’s nice to know the option is there.

No. 1399195

So, it's a yes? The reaction gif is so embarrassing too. Can't wait til you spergs throw a shitfit about the transphobia here and crawl back to Twitter kekk

No. 1399201

File: 1667677160460.gif (935.47 KB, 220x198, 20AFAFD7-819C-4C54-B25A-D30EC6…)

Cringe. Literally wtf are you talking about you projecting manbeast. Take your meds.(STOP)

No. 1399202

Rihanna stans are so mentally ill.

No. 1399204

Male chimpout moment(why cant all of you retards stop infighting in this thread, is everyone in this thread a retard)

No. 1399205

Them and the racebaiting twitterfags who call everything (x)ism are the same kind of creature.

No. 1399207

The article states the majority of sexual assaults are carried out by other patients in patients.

I’m sure predators exist like they do in every authority sector (police, religion, education, care homes, prison, hospitals etc) but the biggest threat is other male patients not psychiatrists.

No. 1399208

There are troll anons who keep stirring up every thread with the same racebaiting topics over and over again all over /ot/ for a month or two now, only a blind retard wouldn't notice that.I am tired of this crap and wish all of these fags to go back to twitter.

No. 1399210

oh brother YOU STINK

No. 1399211

Stop samefagging lol.

No. 1399212

They have an open marriage. Gross.

No. 1399215

I'm one of the anons you quoted. Get help for your mental illness, seriously.

No. 1399227

That weird girl who made up the rumour about Kanye funding Jeffrey Star and licked a toilet seat on am airplane is accusing Black Chyna (the ugly ron kardashian woman) of sex trafficking. This isn't the first time Black Chyna has been accused of sex trafficking. This whole thing is a shit show, almost nobody believes thia girl because ber internet presence is built around lying for drama and making porn. imo I do actually believe her because of past accusations against Chyna

No. 1399228

The Kardashians and pretty much all the people involved with them are very likely to be sex traffickers imo.

No. 1399230

this is a complicate situation where you dont know who to believe because the person making the claims is known for making fake claims about multiple celebrities for some relevancy.
This is kind of a ''boy who cried wolf'' situation because even if she is saying truth about Chyna no one will believe her because she is a known clout chasing liar.

No. 1399231

File: 1667678760154.jpeg (652.47 KB, 828x1426, AC1FD8DC-CFDD-4908-96AE-ABADE6…)

this was a long time coming unfortunately.

No. 1399232


No. 1399233


No. 1399234

I'd say I didn't see it coming, but his life was a total trainwreck tbh. RIP.

No. 1399235

he is 34???? i thought he was older because of his well….

No. 1399236

who is he

No. 1399237

I want candy guy

No. 1399238

I'm not surprised at all. He was very self-destructive. His thread on the other farms was sad.

No. 1399239

He was a child star too after all

No. 1399241

never heard of that

No. 1399243

he did some movies and music in the early 2000's, then he became a violent,selfish, drug addict with alot of drama and there were threads documenting his drama.

No. 1399244

also he was the brother of nick carter who was a member of backstreet boys.

No. 1399247

File: 1667679332481.jpeg (162.27 KB, 821x814, CFAB971B-DBA7-456D-B9FC-1B3353…)

Rip I definitely thought he was closer to 40.

No. 1399248

also his own brother has a restraining order against him because Aaron wanted to murder his pregnant wife.

No. 1399251

just more proof that "child star" should not be a thing. RIP.

No. 1399254

lmao he was barely a child ''star'' , his brother was the one who was a child star.

No. 1399255

Holy shit whaaaaatt??! He'd get posted in the camgirl threads every once in awhile. Sad to say but yeah, long time coming.

No. 1399256

Chris Evans-AYRT (kek I hated calling myself that) and I think you’re right like his face is uncanny especially these days. I never considered he might be on the filler train. I did think he was quite handsome in a boring way as Captain America for a few movies but yeah idk. I think there’s gotta be something wrong w him. I’m sure all the rabid shippers would LOVE for him to be gay. I just think he’s a straight guy and a lemon somehow as they say in used car sales lmao

No. 1399257

he was a child actor and singer, anon

No. 1399259

i know, he was no star though lol. More known for his scandals than some song he did 2 decades ago.

No. 1399260

File: 1667680023802.jpeg (622.66 KB, 1728x1358, 53D7DA80-9474-44CD-94EF-B7E13D…)

He had a scandal in the 2000’s for dating Hillary Duff and Lindsey Lohan at the same time.

No. 1399261

i mean he did have an album go 3x palatium when he was a child and was on disney and nickoloden a lot so yeah he was a bit of a star

No. 1399262

tbh when the only things you are known for is the people you are associated with (ex-girlfriends and your more famous brother) and you being a crazy addict.

No. 1399266

>retard cant learn how to sage
Oh deer

No. 1399267

File: 1667680331675.jpeg (877.29 KB, 1079x945, 5FA9E007-7B28-496C-B7A1-1DAF1F…)

No. 1399269

I’m not surprised but it’s still very tragic. I remember last year I saw a documentary about his life and how paranoid he got. His wife/babymomma had guns, he had guns… rip

No. 1399271

Surrogacy incoming?

No. 1399274

Does she even have a partner? But yea i thought the same. May another women suffer for her.

No. 1399276

the anons with the fake sympathy are so obvious in the replies, like we all know what you thought of him before this happened. Like this man was a cow with his own kiwi thread.

No. 1399278

>nonnies saying RIP
The guy was a narcissistic piece of shit. Being a child star blew his ego up to insane proportions, and once he was no longer the center of attention everywhere he went he flipped his shit like a true narc.

No. 1399279

I dont know why and i cant pin point it but there is something about selena that gives me closet narc or closet psychopath vibes, like there is something about the way she tries so hard to ooze empathy or always strategically try to make herself the victim of everyone or use everyone around her.
also the fact that her and her pr take down anything that makes her looks is another thing that makes me look at her side ways.

No. 1399280

He came from a really shitty abusive neglectful family, even a few months ago he and his mom were laughing about how she allowed lou pearlman to rape nick. Really sad life. Now Aaron's party is truly over.

No. 1399283

She’s absolutely insane. I was a big Amanda Palmer fan in middle school until I realized she’s a total narc. I wish her /snow/ thread was more active. Idk if she still blogs but she used to write highly personal blogs regularly and I thought she was so cool and open until I matured a tiny bit lol

No. 1399287

same, anon. never really liked her that much

No. 1399289

already posted before, check before you post

No. 1399290

kekkk yeah but ill admit i do feel a bit sad, i had a crush on him as a kid so its sad to see what has happened to him even though he was a total shithead. its worth noting everybody online posting RIP is posting pics of him when he was a kid, everybodys just grieving the past, me included

No. 1399291

ive always had sympathy for him. i knew his behavior was just the unfortunate symptom of growing up in hollyweird

No. 1399292

Regardless of how chaotic his relationship was with his older brother I’m sure he’s going to feel like shit about this

No. 1399296

Nta but other people who grew up in hollyweird don't usually do >>1399248 tho, that's no excuse

No. 1399303

Agreed. They’re completely feeding into their horrific treatment of women by tinfoiling it as some sort of homosexual statement. “OMG he’s sooo femme tendencies he’s just like me fr!” Okay so you’re admitting that you love to objectify, shit on, and manipulate women for fun even though you don’t like them.


No. 1399309

She obviously does. And it isn’t like her and Avril are some wilted, has-been obese f-listers. I’m actually very inclined to believe them because why would they lie about that? It doesn’t give them any extra attention or accolades, people don’t give a shit. Like yeah I’m sure Selena drank herself into her situation as people love to say, but she still very clearly has chronic illness.

No. 1399312

the truly saddest thing about this are the amount of people sympathizing with a violent scrote, but that's nothing new

No. 1399313

Haven’t they been saying Kris Jenner has been a madam for many years, I think they started circulating this in like 2016 after she was found associating with a fake water bottle product that is really just an escorting service. Other anons probably know, I can’t really remember.

No. 1399330

No. 1399336

File: 1667685960539.png (81.04 KB, 853x294, ac.png)

can't say it was unexpected the last big thing I heard about him was him threating to kill his brothers son and pregnant wife, I'm more surprised he didn't go out in a more violent way considering his drug abuse and mental health problems, he was constantly making threats to his own family when they were trying to get him help no wonder they all cut him off

No. 1399339

They’re about to start using it for obese teenagers, too. Anyone could lose significantly more weight by accurately counting calories but all the anti-ED propaganda from the early 2000’s has so many people convinced that you’ll catch anorexia by monitoring your food intake. I can’t wrap my head around why someone would want to take this medication and risk side effects when the weight loss is pretty minor.

No. 1399340

RIP MC Pee Pants

No. 1399343

Same, I was one of those theater girls who loved The Dresden Dolls back in the day, lmao. The magic was ruined for me after her crowdfunding campaign where her fans raised over a million dollars (for her $100,000 goal), and then it came out that she was expecting musicians to play for free/“for beer and hugs” on her tour. (Give me a break.) Acting like she was still a struggling, starving artist while she was famous, well-off and married to a multimillionaire author, kek

No. 1399346

Obese teens??? Holy shit that is bleak.

No. 1399348

> claims
The worst thing about this website is the constant tinfoiling that celebs do or don’t have something. Why is it so hard to believe?

No. 1399351

except chronic lyme disease isn't a real thing? no one has it, including avril lavigne

No. 1399358

I don’t really like her music or content as an actress but I feel like she’s probably someone who would’ve still been mentally ill as a normal person who’s just off the rails completely as a famous person

No. 1399365

She’s really weird, and they made themselves a designer bunker that they hunkered down in during the duration of the pandemic like it was ww3 or something. Weren’t there lots of stories from people she stayed with during touring too, because she’d complain about their homes or something? She expected to stay with strangers the entire tour for free and would post pictures with their kids and make prose about the dirty Lego-strewn carpets or something.

No. 1399366

everything is fake. From pigeons to lyme disease

No. 1399370

I went to google academy to substantiate your claims and it’s saying chronic Lyme is a fake diagnosis but not a fake disease. Lyme is serious and can wreak havoc on your body and basic functions when left unchecked, which it often is. Nowhere does it say she labels herself as having chronic Lyme, just that she still struggles with the aftermath of catching it in 2014. Sounds pretty realistic to me, given the nature and the longterm effects it can leave behind. I think it’s petty cruelty to pretend you know the health complications of complete strangers and dissect it like you’re some sort of expert. But, according to Avril, "[The Lyme disease] went undiagnosed for so long that I was kind of f*cked." That’s the closest thing I can see to her mentioning it being ‘chronic’ which again, undiagnosed yeah the complications can destroy parts of your body so I don’t see the need to be such a hater.

No. 1399383

i'm gonna be a loser here but i can't help it - lol you went to google academy, i went to nursing school and have a masters in epidemiology.

chronic lyme isn't real. sorry, avril.

No. 1399386

what type of nursing school did you go to? your license backdoor alley for 100$ by kelly doesnt count…

No. 1399427

Bitch when did I say chronic Lyme was real? If you could read you’d see I said she never claimed chronic Lyme was real

No. 1399433

It's for the best that his time is cut short.
I agree, but he is also a confirmed schizophrenic and was genuinely mentally ill. He should have never become famous, but tbh i think there was no hope for him either way.
The kidney transplant incident continues to rub me the wrong way. At least she sells pretty blushes… that's the only thing about her i like.
Good for her for speaking about this tbh.
She forgave Chris Brown after everything. Also A lot of women from her culture are hardcore pickmes unfortunately. I wouldn't be surprised if her family insisted she forgive him or she witnessed another woman in her life do the same thing as a means to not appear to be the bitter black woman. There's no hope for Rihanna.

No. 1399440

Are you high? Staying together for the kids was proven to be extremely bad like 20 years ago.

No. 1399444

Abril thinks she has "chronic Lyme" which doesn't exist. It's a munchie/morgellons kind of thing

No. 1399445

go and get bitten by a tick, thanks.

No. 1399448

I'm gonna guess pedo OR possibly huge fucking benzo and booze problem. Save this post for when I'm proven right!

No. 1399459

Holy shit didn't expect that, I literally just posted that video of him zonked out on benzos either this thread or the last one. I try not to be a sociopath and celebrate deaths so I'll just say at least there's one less drug addicted animal abuser around to breed dogs unsafely, deny them veterinary care, starve them of food and water, and leave them crying outside to come in with nothing to hydrate them in extreme heat but dirty chlorinated pool water. Rip I guess but also good riddance.

No. 1399462

His face looks like mine did back when I drank a case of beer and spent my tips on cocaine every night. He's got serious party bloat

No. 1399464

She needs to go to filler rehab now

No. 1399467

Why do moids have to get angry at women they can't fuck? I can't fuck Merlin sheldrake but I don't hate him. It's not his fault I'm poor and fat

No. 1399470

Ohh nooo a famous model showed her figure?!?! How dare she?!?! What a harlot!!! seriously though anon are you amish or just angry at women for having bodies

No. 1399472

Ayrt Chronic Lyme is not the tick one. It's a made up thing claimed by people who've never been bitten. Lyme disease is from tick bites -"chronic Lyme" is like a fibromyalgia thing

No. 1399495

Haha, exactly the same here. I was super into the shadowbox forum and wound up being pals with her assistant at the time. The Who Killed Amanda Palmer shit was a huge disaster but the the eventual merch was really pretty.
Yes, she always arranged to stay with fans and local friends during tours because hotels are lonely and soulless or something. I don’t recall her bad mouthing anyones home but I wouldn’t be surprised at all. She got the idea to do this because when she was a teenager The Legendary Pink Dots stayed with her at her parents home and she thought it was super cool. I stopped paying attention to her right after WKAP came out so I’m out of the loop with pretty much anything after like 2008.

No. 1399512

some anons found a way to get mad at this >>1397034 they're either moids or women with moid logic. either way they need to fuck off

No. 1399517

Yeah people saying the costume is sexual have not said what aspects of this costume they find sexual.

No. 1399521

I would assume it’s the outfit looking like skin-tight latex, do you really need that spelled out

No. 1399524

I guess so because it doesn't look skin tight aside from her stomach and hips. God forbid an adult woman wears an outfit that clings to her lower body on Halloween.
And those poses where her arm is covering her chest…so NSFW

No. 1399528

Nta but Oh my god shut the fuck up. Stop acting like such a libfem(infighting)

No. 1399535

File: 1667699661567.jpg (111.55 KB, 665x1201, ih7gufmbd8y91.jpg)


No. 1399571

It’s more sad how so many child stars end up with similar fates rather than the individual loss. Honestly his loved ones are probably better off without him but it’s unfortunate he didn’t get the help he needed.

No. 1399577

She called Francia "that girl" a while ago, what did she expected. Must feel bad to give someone your kidney only for them to still drink alcohol.

No. 1399594

ever noticed how women who were abused as children in hollywood and women with mental illnesses still manage to not treat animals and women like shit? gee i wonder Y why

No. 1399595

File: 1667704629685.jpeg (35.75 KB, 460x374, taylor-swift-and-selena-gomez-…)

yikes what? nona they've been friends for around 15 years now. they met during their breakup with the jobros. they seem actually close and never made a song collab or makeup collab. i can totally see this

No. 1399598

The yikes was in response to Francia's comment, she also unfollowed her. Sorry for the confusion nonnie.

No. 1399599

moid detected. go back.

No. 1399600

i would snatch my kidney back so fucking quick. what an asshole.

No. 1399602

im sad but mostly because im getting older and im seeing the famous people from childhood and my teen years biting the dust or spiraling. time waits for no one and im not ready

No. 1399605

Right?? Didn’t Francia also say her life was completely fucked after donating her kidney to Selena too? Like obvs when losing a fucking organ but still I vaguely remember her saying that Selena started to ghost her afterwards
I agree w nona who said Selena has weird vibes… like I truly do not understand her fan base and why people obsess over Selena

No. 1399608

You're reminding me of the quote "When did the future switch from being a promise to being a threat?". It is sad and social media makes it easier to witness the breakdowns.

No. 1399610


No. 1399614

hollywood makes me so sick to my stomach sometimes yall. i'm glad celeb culture, in the conventional sense, is on the decline

No. 1399616

No shit, you didn't have to reply to him.

No. 1399618

KEK I shall think of you when the news inevitably breaks, nonette. Honestly I really hope it’s just drugs and booze…but like my gut kinda says it’s a weird/Not Good sex related thing.

No. 1399619

File: 1667706929221.jpg (93.64 KB, 745x1024, O4TYu3d.jpg)


No. 1399624

These two deserve one another and i'm actually disappointed they're splitting kek. I wish we had more neil gaiman milk. He's so far up his own ass. (Not so much Amanda, she has overshared and provided plenty over the years)

No. 1399629

File: 1667708226048.png (1.44 MB, 1234x784, lol2.PNG)

if the blanket wasn't gucci I would have mistaken them for crackheads.

No. 1399632

Pretty sure she’s saying yikes because the girl who literally gave her a KIDNEY commented “interesting”.

No. 1399635

>found associating with a fake water bottle product that is really just an escorting service

No. 1399636

Laura Palmer from twin peaks was murdered?

No. 1399637

No. 1399639

File: 1667708529452.jpg (59.97 KB, 1200x800, twin-peaks-laura-palmer.jpg)

No no no, you're thinking of Laura Palmer

No. 1399642

Also Amanda Palmer jacked the popular “who killed Laura Palmer?” slogan and made it into an album, who killed Amanda Palmer

No. 1399649

Billie looks cute, shame about her choice in men. He looks shockingly old.

No. 1399652

How is celeb cultrure on the decline? If anything, social media is just making it worse

No. 1399655

nta but imo culturally we are in such a depressing dead zone. i dont think it will last forever but right now everything is boring or recycled. if i were smarter i would go more into it lol

No. 1399656

I think people are just looking at smaller social media stars like streamers or youtubers or straight up following politicians as celebrities
Celeb culture is gauche now that we can follow them parasocially on social media. We used to have to thumb through a magazine to get what stars "think."

No. 1399663

What about what I said makes you think I'm a scrote? Or are you just dumb.

No. 1399668

nta but a nurse with a bitchy high school mean girl complex, an ego, and doesn't read or pay attention to what someone is saying. wow, shocker, how rare

No. 1399673

I think she chose latex because the material matches the animation style of the video game, that fake plasticky look

No. 1399674

this. it’s despicable

No. 1399676

i feel like i’m missing something. why are people posting random pics

No. 1399678

Billie looks really cute with that hairstyle and the makeup she's been doing lately

No. 1399681

She seems like one of those people who is so depressed that they’re completely self absorbed. Like they hate themselves so much they can’t even fathom that other people exist.

No. 1399688

I watched a bit of her cooking show and my god her hints of attitude lmfao. I feel bad for her friends. It looks like she doesn't even want to do her own show because she makes them do most of the work.

No. 1399695

if you're not one then that's even worse. sad.

No. 1399699

This thread has a lot less moderation now and people are getting too comfortable replying like it’s twitter

No. 1399702

Wait what, are you talking about Francia? I feel like anyone would be bitter if they were ghosted by the person they gave a kidney to, especially when right after they got it they continued to drink and do drugs

No. 1399705

I think nona might be talking about Selena here, hopefully… cause agree, Francia has every right to feel upset/betrayed after doing something so extreme like that. Despite Selena having the means to afford another donor or whatever.
But it’s wild how much many people are infantilizing Selena after her doc and how her group of friends aren’t really her friends.. but idk I’m a believer of you attract the type of people you are or like. Like one nona said, she has the vibes to victimize herself when it benefits her

No. 1399707

Stan twitter is impressionable and obsessed with digesting whatever easygoing manipulative garbage is put in front of them and then moving on to the next thing. Selena is releasing content they can consume, they adore her. They’re bored and it’s something to drool at.

No. 1399716

No, Selena

No. 1399719

File: 1667716520047.png (26.13 KB, 683x218, Screenshot 2022-11-06 013511.p…)

Just remembered this old story. The time it was revealed that Bruce Willis spent $1mil on gifts for underage Aaron Carter.(rumor)

No. 1399721

Bruce Willis has been seen picking up twinks all the time for years now, I think he’s up there with John Travolta as far as “extremely obvious open secrets” in Hollywood goes.

No. 1399731

That's suspicious and creepy, is everyone in hollywood a pedophile?

No. 1399733

I mean… basically

No. 1399747

The truth is all men are pedophiles and some women enable them

No. 1399753

I genuinely used to think the “Everyone in Hollywood is a pedophile!” comments were just a meme, like an Alex Jones-esque conspiracy schizo rant. Now I just assume everyone has dirt on everyone else, to keep people quiet out of fear of blackmail lol

No. 1399756

more like everyone in hollywood is either a pedo, a pimp, or a victim

No. 1399767

As much as I would love to say that it takes talent and merit to get an acting career I would say that’s less true than it ever has been atm. Just look at someone like Joey King for example. Completely average in every way and there are plenty of actresses just as talented as she is—yet she keeps getting tons of roles. Try and tell me she isn’t blowing her way through Hollywood, I’d attach the pic of her underage at that creepy celeb game night thing. Either exploit or be exploited lol.

No. 1399781

They both look at least 10 years older than they are.

No. 1399788

Please say you're joking.. She looks legitimately like she needs help determining left from right.

No. 1399789

And sometimes all three

No. 1399791

Chris Evans is Armie Hammer 2.0

No. 1399792

What? I'm not talking about the poor decisions she's been making I'm saying her stylist is finally doing something right lol

No. 1399803

Pretty sure anons just saying she looks cockeyed.

No. 1399814

I didn’t want to say it, nonna!!! LOL it’s also weird that he’s super obsessed w Disney World…like it’s bad enough when 30 year old women are, he’s a 40 year old man so that sets off…particular alarm bells. This was fun to tinfoil kek I’m glad he was brought up.

No. 1399817

if she keeps getting roles then how come i never heard of her. who is this

No. 1399821

Google exists

No. 1399822

Maybe he’s just boring

No. 1399835

You might be thinking of Amanda Berry, the girl who escaped after being held captive along with two other girls in Ohio.

No. 1399843

File: 1667739810062.jpg (87.63 KB, 744x1024, Fgxa0unVsAAmiKr.jpg)

the kardashians dressed up as kris for kris's brirthday

No. 1399844

File: 1667739823042.jpg (83.45 KB, 827x827, Fgxa0sKVsAAq1cP.jpg)

No. 1399846

File: 1667739947771.png (319.18 KB, 683x571, WTF.png)

Turns out bella poarch was married all this time

No. 1399847

File: 1667739963280.png (468.91 KB, 733x567, Screenshot 2022-11-06 135918.p…)

No. 1399849

File: 1667740033107.png (663.92 KB, 795x660, joj.png)

i wonder if it has something to do with this.

No. 1399852

Was that really his last tweet?

No. 1399855

what was the point of this red text? the majority of these threads are tinfoil and rumours anyway kek

No. 1399864

people said it's the habitual spouse-change that happens when celebs blow up but imo it's more because they got married at 21 kek. crazy how she managed to keep him completely hidden tho

No. 1399877

No. 1399878

Yeah the jannies and mods are really showing their retarded bias lately.

No. 1399882

no theyre not, tinfoiling was never allowed in these threads, and tinfoils always got banned here. Newfag stop bitching and just go post at tinfoil thread. That thread exists for a reason so go use use it there and stop complaining.

No. 1399887

Nta but it's not tinfoil it's just an unsubstantiated rumor, it's weird for the mods to care that much about it when so many rumors have been thrown around on here without redtext.

No. 1399891

File: 1667743419773.jpg (61.15 KB, 449x700, untitled (2)~3.jpg)

"Taking a bath and time to relax" - Aaron Carter


No. 1399892

This is from 2018.

No. 1399893

File: 1667743521985.jpeg (338.8 KB, 1536x2048, DuclEqPUUAA0fJZ (1).jpeg)

No. 1399894

No. 1399895

and your retarded.

No. 1399897

That's his old house, it's not even the same tub he drowned in.

No. 1399899

People do drugs in the bath, nonnie. The fact that a pedo, wife beater, animal abuser and drug addicted scrote is off the streets is a win for society. Kid never had a dad but at least now he has a chance of living a semi normal life.

No. 1399901

unfortch the mum is also a huge mess, so i still don't have high hopes for the kid. she'll probably find a new abusive crackhead to settle down with before the end of the year.

No. 1399904

Such a shame she’s a mess too. I at least hope the kid has some sort of positive role model.

No. 1399909

He's a literal faggot kek

No. 1399910

File: 1667744373561.jpeg (116.32 KB, 1080x1920, EH65AeBX4AANso3.jpeg)

No. 1399911

File: 1667744403971.png (2.83 MB, 1440x2606, Screenshot_20221106-081935.png)

Is this sufficient?

No. 1399912

File: 1667744565418.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2584, Screenshot_20221106-082233.png)

No. 1399913

completely off topic kek but i have to ask because it's bugging me: does he have a really tiny bath or is that standard size in america? cuz i swear baths in my country are literally twice that length and now i'm not sure if we have weird long baths or if americans have weird short baths or if aaron carter just has a shit bathroom.

No. 1399916

Uh. There's an infinite amount of every different kind of bath in burgerland. There's nothing wrong with your bath, I am sure.

No. 1399919

Spoiler this shit for fucks sake. Had to come over here all the way from the homepage.

No. 1399933

i lurked the reddit thread on r/popular about his death and it was jarring seeing how many scrotes insisted he was "such a nice guy!" based off of a 5 second conversation. for some reason i can't find most of them anymore, but this one fucking tard redditor unironically said aaron was a super cool/nice guy because he waved or said hi to him at some random shop? literally a .05 second interaction and scrotes go "HES SO NICE!!!!!!!!!" meanwhile he's abusing dogs and harassing women. men are so fucking retarded

No. 1399934

Ayrt and now i think of a third option, he might have a huge porn problem. But those three are the only choices. Hes not gay

No. 1399935

I mean..at least hes not fat? I guess?

No. 1399937

men will overlook another man sending a 15yo girl nudes, while women will tear each other down for perceived slights. it's why men have such good class solidarity while women can't even manage class consciousness. it's sad tbh. imagine what we'd achieve if women were so positive and optimistic about other women the way scrotes are about pedophile crackheads.

No. 1399941

File: 1667745941486.png (404.96 KB, 444x827, 166774190318183505~2.png)

The "jacuzzi" he drowned in?


No. 1399943

It wasn't popular at all at the time. No one watched or remembered twin peaks except for nerds or older serious david lynch fans (ask me how i know kek). The twin peaks revival didnt start till late 2013 and if you brought it up before then people were like "why do you watch some OLD show" unless they were turbo mustache-and-non-prescription-glasses hipsters. Amanda pisses me off hardcore but she was just making a reference to something pretty obscure at the time that only her older fans wpuld have even caught

No. 1399949

Haha weird, ive always thought he has the face of a bisexual methhead who lets homeless 19 year old boys crash on his couch all the time

No. 1399951

When were these taken? They are clearly two different baths. >>1399910 may be the same as >>1399912 but I can't tell.
>>1399941 this is also a different bath than the others.
Did he like posting stories about his bath time, or are you trying to say he was posting stories of the bath he actually died in.

No. 1399970

File: 1667747608288.webm (2.37 MB, 1022x490, ezgif-5-7918fafd0a.webm)


No. 1399986

Where do you live, denmark? also in newer buldings theres a lot of small baths cause most people shower nowadays

No. 1399995

File: 1667749024976.jpg (356.44 KB, 2400x1600, lindsayhilary-grid.jpg)

Lmao Hillary Duff tweeted about him and Lindsey Lohan hasn't said anything.

No. 1400011

burger here, no that is not standard size, his is tiny.

No. 1400016

File: 1667749893109.png (1.26 MB, 751x733, Screenshot_20221106-095000.png)


A plaster cast was taken of lady di's hand/wrist and is up for auction. Yep.

No. 1400050

i want it

No. 1400051

File: 1667751942363.png (74.46 KB, 416x438, 166774190318183505 (1).png)


Damn, I take it that the news hasn't hit the beibs and others as of yet…

No. 1400057

File: 1667752172621.gif (1.87 MB, 352x283, 1667144854815183.gif)

They should re-cast that cast, carefully and make sure it's as detailed as the original and sell non-stop copies (preferably made out of unbreakable, water resistant material ect.) Hell, I'd buy one.

No. 1400067

File: 1667752626881.png (134.31 KB, 384x566, 166774190318183505 (2).png)

No. 1400087

Ew. Fucking let the woman rest you creeps. Youre like that kardashian woman molesting marilyn's dress.

No. 1400097

File: 1667753962814.jpg (353.16 KB, 1002x621, 1667368575491534.jpg)

She died when I was in elementary school and it crushed my soul. My parents were going through divorce, I had learning disabilities, I was in catholic school, my mother was nuts and the list goes on. YOU BACK THE FUCK OFF!

No. 1400102

shut up loser it was a joke

No. 1400112

File: 1667754470234.png (134.14 KB, 264x438, 1667718131526539.png)

Except for me. I wasn't joking.

No. 1400114

File: 1667754482972.jpg (67.97 KB, 933x674, 8JX9fyE.jpg)

and then she unfollowed kek. The people who think selena is an alcoholic and just lying about her disease must be so happy rn kek.
Demi used to be friends with Selena for years but also said she was a bad friend and didn't have good things to say about taylor. she supported scooter braun to spite taylor i think.
Taylor and Selena just give me mean girls vibes. I will never forget Taylor seething about Katy Perry getting her background dancers and making a song all about it.

No. 1400126

i am not surprised. Bella gives me trailer park vibes and her life is very sad
>lived in slums as a child
>got adopted by army family
>military dad was abusive to her
>joined the military at 20
>now she had a secret husband
wish her luck in her single life. glad she didn't have any kids in that relationship

No. 1400130

File: 1667755316524.jpg (41.89 KB, 693x866, E9A3N12.jpg)

Gisele Bundchen back on the runway after retiring to be a stay at home wife and cast spells for her husband to win matches. Notice how he's started losing matches again? Gisele stopped casting spells

No. 1400136

2018 retard

No. 1400142

File: 1667755634986.jpg (201.37 KB, 1053x1025, 1667509295771551.jpg)

You know, families going their separate ways is difficult. My condolences to them all. A break up of a family.. is tough, to say the least.

No. 1400151

This is an image. post the fucking twts

No. 1400152

File: 1667755866409.png (276.94 KB, 2560x1440, 1667223627777522.png)

Spiteful Demi. Tard-rage incoming in 3..2..

No. 1400154

File: 1667755926690.jpg (142.87 KB, 749x508, 1667311090717156.jpg)

CALM DOWN! I will post them!

No. 1400159

File: 1667756115419.png (138.77 KB, 392x529, 166774190318183505 (3).png)

Oh sorry, Instagram.


No. 1400160

aaron carter was killed for wanting to talk to Hollywood’s current retarded black sheep kek

No. 1400161

She said in the industry though the kidney donator isn’t a singer so what’s her problem

No. 1400162

Selina used her and ghosted. That's her problem. She outright abandoned HER!

No. 1400169

File: 1667756837907.jpg (99.91 KB, 634x634, 87346fbfdc590297a8f3a6f3ea8e19…)

Selena is an actual narcissist. You cease to exist once she's gotten what she needs from you and you don't have anything left to offer. Taylor will always be leagues above her, talent and fame wise so she's never going to waste that connection.

No. 1400171

File: 1667756887428.jpeg (465.49 KB, 1123x2075, CD5CFCDE-7445-4359-8A3F-39D691…)

No. 1400173

And he probably thinks he gets jobs only for his looks instead of talent because he was reduced since childhood to being the pretty boy. Did he play any serious role despise that of a serial killer?

No. 1400175

he did charlie st cloud and paper boy, just the two off the top of my head

No. 1400178

Does that biopic about the circus guy count

No. 1400183

File: 1667757740670.png (251.27 KB, 782x667, 383472895271244719145-37467194…)

he was huffing duster on Instagram live and drooling on himself even if you are joking I've seen many people on the conspiracy train about his death already claiming he was "killed for knowing about paedophilia", I remember I caught one of his lives once and he vomited on himself and ended the live presumably after huffing duster again, he was going to die one way or another and I'm surprised no one here has mentioned these lives yet

No. 1400184

I know this is late, but their mom seriously laughed about the abuse she put Nick through? This bitch not only outed his assault but basically made it happen? I'm never letting my metaphorical children go into entertainment. Shirley Temple and Corey Haim should be at the front of everyone's mind.

No. 1400190

how many former child stars have to OD or kill themselves before that industry changes? now parents are shoving cameras in their kids faces to become vlog influencers, ignoring the extensive history of child stars becoming fucked up from the lack of privacy, expectations, sudden fame/wealth, etc.

No. 1400197

he took a bath while nodding out and drowned. happens often.

No. 1400198

Stfu brady doesnt give a shit about being there for his kids, they and she will be better off amd happier without him. She's based for using divorced status to focus on her own career instead of giving up life for some zero personality amerimoid

No. 1400210

File: 1667759516277.jpg (42.46 KB, 617x463, 1667496332830962.jpg)

Yeah, I know. He got slammed in the head too many times(HAS BRAIN TRAUMA) but I assume he STILL actually cares about his family, tbqh.(Stop avatarfagging)

No. 1400222

honestly i know demi is a cow but selena was a bad friend to her, selena literally ditched her childhood best friend demi when demi was going through her first rehab in 2010 so she can hang out with taylor.
It seems like selena discards people once they are no use to her or have problems.

No. 1400224

Sorry you’re off on this one nonnie. Since it’s a n Irish Gaelic name variant of Joan (“god is gracious”) the meaning wouldn’t change. As far as spellings, of course there are many different anglicizations and other spellings do exist. I doubt they were going for the Gaelic meaning of fairy woman, so the point stands that the spelling is valid and you’re jumping to conclusions

No. 1400226

She looks great. It's good that she's working again.

No. 1400228

>>In a new interview, NFL quarterback Tom Brady revealed his son Jack, 15, is playing high school football.
>>“I could never imagine he’d be in high school. I never imagined him playing football,” Brady, 45, said on the October 3rd episode of Sirius XM’s podcast “Let’s Go!". “So getting out there and watching him play has been so much fun for me.”
>>“I love watching him play quarterback, because I think there’s very few things in life that I could probably help him with,” Brady said.
>>“I don’t have a lot of specialties in life other than probably throwing the football. He’s way smarter. He’s got a great work ethic. He’s just a great kid. But I can definitely help him at quarterback.”
Kek he loves his kids but the man really does live for football.

No. 1400229

File: 1667760607386.png (183.88 KB, 867x422, ihuhu.png)

Trisha also showed her condolences to Aaron.

They had a short relationship back in 2019 which consisted of the two of them being on drugs and drama.

No. 1400234

>“I could never imagine he’d be in high school.
Am I misunderstanding this? He didn't think his kids would make it high school?

No. 1400237

What did she think though? She bought Selena forever with her kidney? That’s not how it works. Sadly friendship can end no matter how many organs you give your bestie.

No. 1400239

…so you want to buy body part cast merchandise that is being made and sold after her death without her consent?
Dead women dont belomg to you jfc

No. 1400240

Doesn't the Hadid mother and one daughter "have" the same? I remember that they are big in awareness and do/go on fundraisers? I always thought they got it through a tick. TIL How embarrassing for them.

No. 1400241

its the fact that selena went back to becoming a alcoholic again right after the new kidney and cut off francia.

Also Selena planned to have Francia ad her donor and guiltripped her with the doctor by letting Francia know that it was positive and francia could be her donor.

No. 1400244

I thought Kim was a troon.
People will always be so disgusting. Women can't rest even in death.

No. 1400245

her daughter malibu barbie is probably going to go through the same shit when trisha and moe whore her out for those sweet youtube bucks

No. 1400261

Yolanda had breast implant illness and pretended it was something serious/chronic. She was fine once she got them removed. Definitely projected the munching onto her daughters though.

No. 1400281

Samefag, but does it seem like they got divorced super fast to anyone else?

No. 1400294

Chronic Lyme is just CFS/ME but for some reason they wanna be special and can’t just say they have chronic fatigue syndrome.

No. 1400306

tbf who the fuck wants to hang out with Demi

No. 1400323

File: 1667767078118.jpg (19.35 KB, 370x757, 137345410_197544268758928_7353…)

It's funny seeing people say they didn't know when this info has always been out there she even has a tattoo of his name on her arm Honestly seems like she's getting a divorce because she wants to date famous men no doubt the dwindling tiktok fame got to her head but I agree that getting married at 21/22 is stupid. What I wonder though is if her husband can demand that she stops using 'poarch' considering that it's his last name.
There's a tinfoil that bella botched and her husband have a son.

No. 1400326

He’s like a chad Nathan Kress. Honestly they probably just had one of those military weddings 19 year old recruits do to get out of the barracks. They always seem to peter out after five years max.

No. 1400372

Twin Peaks was a genuine mainstream hit anon.
Source: I'm fucking old

No. 1400379

twin peaks was huge even back then among the "arty" crowd that the dresden dolls/amanda palmer targeted and was popular with. i guarantee you the majority of her audience knew the reference

No. 1400389

File: 1667770082915.jpeg (387.43 KB, 1283x1555, BC6F9A94-32CF-434F-BFA3-5C2D42…)

francia also unfollowed her on insta, but selena still follows her

No. 1400397

In Selena's defence I doubt she knows where she is or what's going on at any given moment

No. 1400409

Armie is boring too lol

No. 1400434

well was until the whole cannibalism thing

No. 1400446

Eh still think he’s boring because imagine larping as a cannibal being your only personality trait kek

No. 1400471

File: 1667773691113.png (26.67 KB, 595x286, pc.PNG)

According to this twitter user, she's not been following Selena for longer than that, idk if there's any way to fact-check that

No. 1400482

This thread is for celebrities

No. 1400488

Uh okay you took my post too seriously, let me rephrase: the slogan was popularly used in context to twin peaks, as I remember there “who killed Laura Palmer?” posters. Really did not imagine my comment would garner pushback for something so slight and meaningless kek. Either way she referenced it.

Nobody let Kim Kardashian see this

No. 1400493

Sorry but what kind of sad stan faggot do you have to be to know all of this?

No. 1400543

How did they take your post too seriously, you were just wrong

No. 1400556

She isn’t wrong there’s just a lot of weirdos in here looking to fight. Twin Peaks has always had a cult following and Amanda Palmer’s album title was a direct and deliberate reference to it. Her fans weren’t teeny boppers but mostly middle aged people who were absolutely familiar with Twin Peaks. The show was fairly unknown among young people at the time but everyone knew what she was referencing.

No. 1400564

No I wasn’t. Twin Peaks was popular. There are several other anons that were actually around during its popularity confirming this upthread. Are you a zoomer pretending you’re an expert on pop culture or something? Twin Peaks was annoyingly popular among hipsters.

No. 1400581

Who the fuck are you trying to argue with

No. 1400585

File: 1667778096420.jpg (46.49 KB, 622x565, 6gf5cadqoey91.jpg)

No. 1400588

You’re the one who keeps replying to my posts with a weird amount of vitriol. Calm down cunt.(infighting)

No. 1400590

You’re an idiot and anon is defending herself. Everyone knew/knows that Who Killed Amanda Palmer was a reference to Twin Peaks, even people like myself who’ve never seen it. I’m not sure why we’re talking about the title of an album that came out in 2008 but that’s what’s happening.

No. 1400593

They’re just pissed that they’re wrong and pretending to be aloof now

No. 1400609

Ayrt she made refernce in 2009 to a show from 1989 - i just meant she didnt rip anything, references and referential phrases and quoting other artists is a common thing in music. Shes a cow but i dont think "quoting david lynch 20 years later" is much of a criticism kek.

No. 1400631

Yep, her actual cow behavior includes things like stomping a baby bird to death and writing in detail about how she once forgot a tampon inside of her for an extended period of time. Oh, and she claimed to masturbate in class in high school.

No. 1400672

>calm down cunt
Clearly not seething

No. 1400694

Ok so is no one going to talk about how much of a fucking idiot Selena Gomez is? What the hell are you going to do when your own organs fail? Puta.

No. 1400695

It’s been discussed countless times over the years…

No. 1400696

I wasn’t claiming it as a criticism either, just pointing it out as referential because it was on subject to what anon was asking lol.

We get it faggot, you’re so aloof. You were still wrong tho

No. 1400713

I agree she is a megaputa and even a gigaputa

No. 1400730

Not that anon, but it's not unreasonable for a lot of anons to have stanned her in the height of Demi's disney channel era, which would therefore lead to them having that extensive knowledge about her early dramas.

No. 1400731

>liked and unliked
what a coward kek. how do celebrities keep doing this like they don’t know their liked content shows up on the feed?

hopefully less trashy than the live action version.

honestly they’ve all engaged in cow-ish behaviors. it’s possible they may all just be as bad as each other.

No. 1400735

It’s probably fake. Since when does Jayz use twitter?

No. 1400736

Nta, but he was speaking in a twitter space not to long ago.

No. 1400748

Wtf does jay z have to say on a twitter space? “Ahahaha”?

No. 1400753

He essentially just said that people saying "eat the rich" or being against capitalism makes him upset. I honestly don't really want to post the full context or clips because some of the things he said will make anons racesperg and bait. I was just surprised he was allowed to do something so stupid like that considering how tight Beyonce is about the image of herself and her family.

No. 1400757

maybe, he does have a twitter account though just barely seems to use it when looking at it. celebrities do get shady on twitter though. i remember when lana del rey liked a fan tweet with a thumbtack bracelet pic and allegedly she hardly ever liked tweets at that time.

No. 1400814

eh, normal people suffer from addiction, OD, and die, every die. it’s awful but not exclusive to Hollywood, though I’m sure his experience there contributed to his issues.

No. 1400854

the real story here is that Selena committed an entire HIPAA violation and told Francia that they were a blood match before the doctors did. And she was the one to approach Francia about the kidney donation first.
Predatory manipulator, her stans can seethe about Selena not "owing" Francia anything. But anyone without stan goggles can see she's a narc.
Francia should sue Selena for getting information from the doctors before her.

No. 1400857

>stomping a baby bird to death
What the fuck? Details on this?

No. 1400863

File: 1667793959644.jpeg (258.81 KB, 634x1024, E0E7D1A8-3976-4562-9564-87DCC0…)

In other news, Robert Downey Jr has really hit the wall.

No. 1400870

God fuck Selena Gomez. Just threw this chick to the curb completely after she manipulated a literal organ out of her and now she’s physically scarred for life.

I always thought she seemed sweet but never looked into her. Puta for sure.

No. 1400875

I don't think he had any controversies like Depp or Pitt had, no? Always seemed like an okay guy but hell do i know still looks better than Johnny Depp does right now.

No. 1400876

He just shaved his head, I can't see a big change.

No. 1400878

Agreed, and you know it's just going to be bought by some gross scrote for masturbatory purposes. The cast shouldn't be sold to anyone, maybe just donated to a museum where no one can touch it.

No. 1400902

How old is he now?? I mean he does look better than a lot of ex addicts in Hollywood and as other Nonas said, he hasn’t (from what we know so far) isn’t a total fucking narco weirdo like depp.
I feel so bad for Francia cause unless you’ve been friends/in a relationship with a narc, you don’t realize it till they leave you to the curb. Sucks Francia could’ve had a decent tv career if Selena didn’t completely fuck it up for her, she was good as the hot mean girl in cheesy shows

No. 1400905

File: 1667796505793.png (187.17 KB, 595x618, catboyHowie.png)

He looks like Howie, kind of.

No. 1400936

how widespread is this info? i can’t fathom how anyone would like or even be a friend to selena given she manipulated a whole organ out of someone, yet taylor is still her friend and she still somehow has fans. yeah, you can’t use an organ donation to have someone stay friends with you but it’s the way selena treated the whole situation that makes her a despicable person.

No. 1401003

It was in an old blog of hers like 15 years ago. She said she did it because it was dying and she wanted to end it’s suffering but it really rubbed me the wrong way. I’ll see if I can dig it up. She’s a narcissistic open book so I highly doubt she’s ever deleted her long ass blogs.

No. 1401053

Lmao why is this so funny to me. “Thx”

No. 1401068

He's never been attractive

No. 1401072

File: 1667812209890.jpeg (92.53 KB, 1024x768, E4486B1F-166A-4493-B8E3-BC094E…)

Kek cold hard facts tbh

No. 1401118

rehab was for coke addiction, did any of you read the article? she mentioned the porn thing which is okay but she's still showing her tits and ass, and even promotes her onlyfans in that article. it seems like the 'toxicity' about the pornography she's talking about is about how it's all staged and made her more interested in sex at an early age. its a start i guess but don't give her too much credit.

No. 1401131

Ew I didn’t even think about this. Any climate activist who wants to throw soup at it or just straight up smash it with a hammer?

No. 1401171

So snarky. Ew

No. 1401187

Not to infight but can someone please explain to me where anyone told her to cover up? From what I've seen its just anons pointing out she is dressed revealing. The reactions are acting like people are calling for forced burkas or something all because someone simply described an outfit

No. 1401197

File: 1667823993536.png (73.08 KB, 586x215, Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 4.23…)

She proclaims on her OF that she is PROUD to be on there. She is sadly brainwashed and her future looks bleak. Kate Moss being a half-sister isn't going to get her far. Neither is the $66,000 she's made since joining like two years ago.

No. 1401199

File: 1667824217510.jpg (885.17 KB, 1200x865, stanley-tucci-la-presse.jpg)

Kek it's like he's cosplaying Stanley Tucci or something

No. 1401200

If she dated John this wouldn't have happened. He is an educated Brit that is nuanced, he was at BLM rally and went against abusers, there is no way in hell he wouldn't have told Riri that this is awful idea.

No. 1401201

I feel bad for her as well, she gave up an organ for an ungrateful person who was not even sick, just self destructive, if the rumors are true. It was wasted on her

No. 1401216

was he ever considered attractive ? before Marvel he was known for his comedy films

No. 1401221

You're joking right? He was a crazy drug addict and did prison for it, the difference between him and these other guys is that he got his shit together at some point and he became a drug addict before he was 10 years old because of his father so it's not entirely his fault.

No. 1401234

Its so heartbreaking because her ex boyfriend tattoo shows that she simply is the kind of person to be lowkey impulsive but also so inclined to give everything to the people around her. Classic people pleaser behavior, I feel so sorry. Of course manipulative narcissists love to get their hands on these types of people to enable them.

No. 1401239

Honestly not sure. I think for a hot second in the 80s maybe? But I have asked my mom that very question before (she was a teenager back then) and she said ‘ew not to me’ so kek who knows

No. 1401247

Eh, still better than a bottle rapist and pedo.

No. 1401251

File: 1667831722068.gif (742.94 KB, 395x474, 166783090372626738.gif)


No. 1401264

What a cunt

No. 1401272

Ew gross, this feels pedophilic

No. 1401278

I think you're overthinking things, anon. That's clearly some seapunk/vaporwave edit from years ago, probably made by a Tumblr girl who wanted to have a 90s/early 2000s vibe kek

No. 1401285

File: 1667834473232.gif (7.55 KB, 500x194, online-now.gif)


No. 1401287

Men should not be bald

No. 1401289

File: 1667834764146.gif (1.28 MB, 410x410, 166783090372626738 (1).gif)


No. 1401295

File: 1667835122648.jpg (37.46 KB, 634x357, Cody-Simpson-and-Emma-McKeon-l…)

either way I fee bad for him and other child celebs, honestly I'm glad my personal childhood crush cody simpson ended up alright, he's a pro-swimmer and dating another pro-swimmer
a lot of pedos use stylized "edits" of kids, using it both as a legal defense and an aspect of their fetish, their was an actual pedo who made similar style edits to >>1401251 where he'd use edited pics of young children next to demons or monsters, it was really disturbing(get help)

No. 1401303

Yeah but look at the texture of the human faces and hair in the game, latex is the closest fabric that would match that texture. Also I'm not entirely familiar with the new versions of animal crossing but they're not fabricky in the game are they? In the og animal crossing the characters and layout has the same look as what I posted here >>1397149 which was the costume she was going off of. But anyway it's been days can we stop analyzing her costume?

No. 1401305

you need to get off the internet and touch grass

No. 1401310

File: 1667835772496.jpeg (48.57 KB, 800x888, 166783090372626738.jpeg)


No. 1401312

Who are these newfags that keep posting unrelated photos? We don't do that here it's annoying, knock it the fuck off

No. 1401315

bet you believe Epstein killed himself ?

No. 1401317

File: 1667836030581.jpg (205.74 KB, 928x1000, 1719459614453515615.jpg)

That's Aaron Carter (WHO JUST KICKED THE BUCKET) you fucking zoomie-tard!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1401323

I think you should loosen your tinfoil a bit on this case

No. 1401328

Isn't it a common practise on image boards?

No. 1401331

Maybe in other threads like dumbass shit or whatever but not in specific threads, you post stuff related to the topic not random bullshit

No. 1401340

i don't even like selena gomez or follow her doings but isn't it possible that the woman that donated her kidney wasn't even close to gomez in the first place and only did it for clout/to get closer to her? i saw her get interviewed by steve harvey and other people meanwhile gomez just referred to her as "the girl" that donated her kidney so idk it doesn't sound like that woman has any right to be calling out selena for not including her in her list of best friends in the industry

No. 1401348

Anon people just don’t give their organs to people for clout. It’s well documented that they were at least good friends.

No. 1401351

Then she can give the kidney back. Apparently, Selena literally asked her for it first, see >>1400854.

No. 1401364

sure but once you give someone your kidney it doesn't automatically make you the forefront of that person's life, that's just being selfish and the opposite of generous when you do something for someone and then make them think they are eternally indebted to you. to an outsider is just seems like a situation of selena getting the kidney, they were close for a while after that, started drifting apart after the initial high wore off, and then francia started acting out when selena wouldn't publicly talk about her anymore. i think it's an asshole move to not say "taylor and francia" are my friends but it's also an asshole move to publicly stir drama after you willingly gave your kidney. probably gomez just wanted to name drop taylor swift specifically so bad and it backfired.

No. 1401368

I think it's really easy to not ask for someone's organs and engage in weird, invasive HIPAA violation shit if you don't actually care for them.

No. 1401374

She's not forced to be in a romantic relationship with her but I mean if someone gives you a kidney surely it wouldn't be too much to just talk the them once in a while?

No. 1401385

What are you even talking about that woman was even living in the same house as Selena, they were close.

No. 1401386

File: 1667838705606.gif (143.05 KB, 220x220, IMG_20221107_103147.gif)

Knowing that Selina Gomez is such a peice-of-shit is starting to make me question if Taylor is such a nice-girl, you-know that whole guilty-by-association THING.

No. 1401391

I would feel indebted to someone for the rest of my life if they literally saved my life, yeah. No one is saying that Selena needs to worship the ground Francia walks on or anything, but to me it absolutely seems like Selena discarded her after the transplant and is spitting in her face by continuing to drink heavily and destroying the kidney that Francia gave her.

No. 1401450

Yeah but why keep being a alchy if someone gave you a kidney? I wish the chick could take it back based on that. Selena is obviously not interested in living her healthiest life, she wasted everyone's time and is now wrecking someone else's organs. Selfish cunt. No way of justifying it in my mind tbh.

No. 1401451

Not for every single little post tho
I heard that taylor was a typical mean rich girl type in highschool

No. 1401452

Here's a hint: all famous people are assholes. It's one of those fields where they excel and genuinely nice people get stomped all over and tossed to the side.

No. 1401460

yeah Selena is a bitch, no one should deny that, but how can we be sure the girl didn't get paid a lot to donate and then got butthurt they couldn't be besties anymore

I'm sorry but you have to be a weakass dumbass to simply donate an organ to a celebrity just like that and I don't trust people just have pure intentions

No. 1401463

she's a dumbass for not demanding a monthly payout

No. 1401487

I'm not sure why her intentions matter? She did a good thing for Selena and Selena was ungrateful. You sound like a psychopath.

No. 1401488

if you have the gall to approach someone asking for a kidney and violate their privacy by cutting corners to get medical information before them to make sure you two match. you owe them way more than just a name drop. >>1400854

No. 1401492

Taylor has always been a passive-aggressive bitch, see: the drama with Katy Perry.

No. 1401496

>someone and then make them think they are eternally indebted to you
Uh well, you kind of are. Unless they did something fucked up, I would totally feel indebted to someone if they gave me an organ. The least she could've done is just take care of her body.

No. 1401500

File: 1667844243366.jpg (34.15 KB, 1024x571, s9OGHFC.jpg)

old milk but selena made a joke on tiktok about being a heavy drinker then got mad when someone pointed out her kidney transplant. she was a sloppy drunk at the AMAs even though she had to perform. I hope she finds a new spineless friend to coerce a kidney out of.

No. 1401502

samefagging her at the AMAs

No. 1401506

if she pays me enough I'd do it tbh

No. 1401537

He just hopes his next Adidon is aborted