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No. 396455

Read this before posting a new thread.

Post all new cows/snowflakes to /snow/. If applicable, Lolcow staff will move your thread to /pt/. If a cow already has a /pt/ thread, you can post a continuation thread about them in /pt/. Again: if someone doesn't already have a thread, post it in /snow/ and not /pt/. Before posting, check the Catalog in /snow/ and /pt/ to see if your subject has already been covered. Hit CTRL+F (or your OS's equivalent) to search within the page.

Name/Email: Leave this empty. See the global rules
Subject: Name of the cow
Comment: Use this field to include all of the following information:
  • Who is the cow? What are they known for?
  • Social media links, as many as you know of
  • Why are they worthy of being gossiped about? What is the drama? Summarize it for the other users.
  • When posting a continuation thread because the old one filled up, include all the above info, summarize the latest thread and add a link to the previous thread(s) to the post. Simply copy and paste the thread URL and it will turn into a clickable internal link.

    Threads that are missing any of the above information will be removed and the user will be sanctioned with a 30 day ban.

    Examples of good introductory posts:

    Bad post: >>>/snow/297535

    Do not post threads about subjects that fall into any of these categories:
  • under 18
  • known only for ED/Ana/Mia drama
  • Rather than making a bad thread, request one here. >>366110

    That's all, and enjoy your stay!

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