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File: 1614628086329.png (307.66 KB, 341x510, gruesome twosome.png)

No. 824552

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/offthebone1996 [active]
https://twitter.com/bimbokitten96 [new SW twitter]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420 and lunakittenxxx (to name but a few)

>24 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and former ““sex worker””
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother

>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.

>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seemed to be gaining weight rapidly for a while- some farmers speculated that she may have been on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Roger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again
>Then began a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money
>Made premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK >>730829
> Looking more and more dead with every photo uploaded for her “SW business"
> Anon leaks a ‘commission’ video where Luna calls her dad and says she’s got a stable job, asks if she can live with him for a while, then hangs up, takes her dress off and masturbates for the camera. Dad sounds supportive and happy for her as she uses him to get someone else’s humiliation fetish rocks off >>758647 WARNING: SAD AS FUCK >>758661
> SW CAREER IS OVER >>760386
> “Online acquaintance” of Luna’s turn up after being sent the dad video >>761016, insinuates Luna has sold videos of her shooting up in her legs via her SW twitter. Shares screencap, looks like necrosis waiting to happen >>761037.
> Tuna and Lurch defy the odds and reach their six year druggie-versity >>761830.
> 3rd OD, seems like all is not well in the loveshack >>762698.
> Happy 24th birthday, Luna!

> Luna's mom got taken away to inpatient due to mental health and drug abuse >>795390

> Returns to sex work >>805775, >>810203
> Lurch’s twitter is found! >>810263
> anon drops “lurch gyrating luna’s ass” and “full intercourse” vids that they bought last year but didn’t leak at the time: >>811491 >>811554
> Luna uploads a video where her and Lurch yell at a social worker for kicking them out and not “the old person whose life is basically over” aka her mom >>811724

In the last thread:
> constant fucking arguing amongst farmers about NYC squatter/tenant laws, as Luna and Lurch seem more interested in doing fuck all/internet shopping than worrying about their "pending eviction"

> electricity gets shut off >>813209 and luna continues to refer to the owner of the apartment as "her landlord" despite admitting on facebook that they're not supposed to be there >>813354


> starts posting a LOT about how horrible her living conditions are (apparently the house is infested with violent crackheads who threaten to shoot her >>815695 ), including a video of a junkie fight happening outside of her apartment that lurch partakes in talking loud shit: >>815064 calls himself a "superhero at kicking out crackheads" >>816289

> things are getting dark; the apartment door lock has broken, luna and lurch build pathetic, sad little barricades out of… whatever they have laying around, apparently >>816475 >>815981

> apparently, the new real actual reason for why they're not married is because luna was born in florida, and thus needs to shill out 60 bucks from lurch's stimulus check to get a birth certificate >>815076

> suffering body dysmorphia, still posting body proud selfies >>815410

> like lurch, is now ALSO tweeting at nancy pelosi to get them money >>816326

> is becoming more active on reddit too, calling out "illness fakers" and using Tay's suicide for sympathy points >>817427 >>817438

> huge plot twist: she still isn't willing to settle for whatever home is available, wants a studio apartment she doesn't have to share >>817527

> posts some cute selfies >>820822 >>814948 >>814965

> dyes her hair pink >>821601

current milk:

> the cops pay a visit >>813338 and find drugs, paraphernalia and a weapon (a knife). charges are filed against Lurch >>819990 >>822424 >>824442

> (also don't forget ACAB >>813791 )

> as a result, lurch now has to submit drug tests on the reg, and luna allegedly actually detoxes from heroin as a result (while still using methadone and/or weed, other opiates and/or benzos (which drugs she is and isn't clean from vary a bit from post to post and also how much you believe her)) >>821718 >>822657 >>823499 >>823823 >>824260

> as expected, luna waits .1 second to start "rewarding herself for some sobriety" by online shopping for shit ""for once"" >>821804 >>823472

> also gets pissed at UPS >>823627

2021 might still become year of the milk. who knows. spring is in the air, it's getting warm enough outside for people to get kicked to the curb, lurch might get called to drug court, sky's the limit when you don't give a shit

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873
Twenty five >>>/pt/689217
Twenty six >>>/pt/734529
Twenty seven >>>/pt/767687
Twenty eight >>>pt/795757
Twenty nine >>>pt/811991

No. 824553

Social media:

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account, deleted)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 824570

Here's to hoping something comes of Lurch's court date tomorrow. We need more Tuna freakouts.

No. 824575


2021, the year of comeuppance

No. 824597

I loved the old thread pic and I wish that anon will do some more in the future for our beloved Luna. Thanks other anon for creating the new thread on time!

No. 824607

agree hard, that was a wonderful op pic. Previous one was good as well.
Not a fan of current one tbh but whatever.

No. 824650

Here's the shooting up clip

I'm uploading this to streamable because I never want to see this video again so if someone wants to mirror it go for it. I am not the original person who requested the video from luna, it was leaked in a private discord with a few people from kf last year. they claimed to be an ex addict and was able to get this video out of luna pretty quickly by talking shop about heroin. said he didn't request the father call video and was a huge reason he didn't leak the video on the farms. also claimed tuna would have done FSSW if lurch stayed outside the hotel room if this guy were to visit her, but there's no caps of that so idk take it with a grain of salt

I cut down a bit of the video because she had the spoon on top of some documents that I think were medicaid papers for maybe an application or something. And at least with this clip I guess she could be shooting anything, not just heroin so its not super incriminating, idk, another reason why I'm leaving it up to someone else to mirror

No. 824658

Looks like she’s just skin popping? No wonder her legs look so gruesome

No. 824660

What the FUCK is she doing with her face the whole entire time?????
Also why doesnt she register?

No. 824661

i don't know heroin at all is she getting high from this? does the blood need to go into the needle to get into the system? DARE failed me

No. 824666

She pulls the plunger back like shes trying to register blood (why tho) if anon said shes just skin popping (which I had to Google)
Im more intersted in her fucking facial expressions. Why is she doing that? I work with an elderly/disabled lady sometimes and she has the exact same mouth movements.

No. 824671

Because she's a skin popping moron who doesn't know how to hit a vein.

No. 824672

do you think lurch specifically kept that knowledge from her and she only knows how to skin pop rather than hit a vein? is it possible to OD on just skin popping alone?

i found it disturbing that it seems like a genuine smile…despite the weird twitches

No. 824673

It doesnt look like a genuine smile at all to me. It doesnt even look like a smile. It looks like shes cringing and trying to take a massive dump.

No. 824695

Yea I thought she was crying too. I dunno this is a weird video.

No. 824713

god she really is… something else. I work at an injection site and I have honestly never seen an hit this "ugly" lmao. I mean the clumsiness and all; it seems like she doesnt even enjoy it either. I cannot believe someone who (claims to have) been using so long operates this way.

No. 824716

Yeah what the actual fuck. Ex junkie anon here and that’s an insane way to shoot up. She’s wasting anything she’s using injecting it into her legs almost randomly. Wtf. I’ve never seen anyone do this. All she will get is a mild prolonged high and a massive chance of infection and definite gross scabs. I don’t understand why she is doing this.

No. 824718


i mean… i guess it'd explain how her heroin "detox" was so easy if she's getting a much bigger high from pills etc than actually injecting?

No. 824720


Samefag, but I interpreted her cringing as the shot stinging or hurting, and that's why she's making that face

No. 824721

Is she a real actual heroin addict or is her way of shooting up just larping? I mean, I worked with a heroin addict. She got close to me and pulled up her pant legs on day and showed me her track marks and her legs looked just like Lunas. I thought when you inject your heroin you instantly get high/nodding a bit and it seems like she has no effect from it. Idk what I’m talking about tho lol I just smoke hella weed and that’s it.

No. 824742


Maybe, I don't know… Sage your shit when you don't know what you're talking about?

No. 824746

seriously that's what I was thinking. Makes me think of TND where if no else shoots them up then they can't barely get high and even then so they basically have no tolerance. They'd literally be better off snorting but have to be the junkiest junkies to ever junkie

No wonder Luna's legs are so lumpy and misshapen. I'm horrified skin popping is so awful and just an easy way to seriously fuck yourself up with infection and scars

No. 824749

I always thought she made her face look horrifying when she tried to wear makeup. Guess she looks horrifying without it as well. Not to mention the pancake tits and jelly legs.

No. 824753


She tries to register and misses the vein, hence people claiming she's skin popping when it's really just she doesn't know shit about shooting and misses. The pained faces she makes shows how badly it burns when you miss.

No. 824754


You can get addicted even if you miss all the time, but your withdrawals won't be as bad. She really just has no clue how to shoot dope.

No. 824756


Damn so it's like throwing coke in the air and trying to snort your bump. Guess she's not the junkiest junkie who junked, just some mentally ill fat girl who prefers this life of skin popping, piss drinking, and cat tower security for her squat over any other life direction. Or at least enough to not try for any significant change.

No. 824757

I thought it was weird how she says "oh wow" as soon as she starts injecting as if its in a vein and she feels it right away.
What is she shooting up anyways? It seems like a waste.

No. 824759

I must have missed this part of health class but is skin-popping even worth it? Like wouldn't snorting/smoking it get you higher?

No. 824760

still in her "cassie from skins" phase guess shes just qUiRkY like that

No. 824761

shes posted pics of a "gorgeous register" before and shared harm reduction shit teaching how to shoot up so I don't think she doesnt know to shoot herself up. Is there any benefit to skin-popping over hitting a vain?

No. 824762

Pharmd here: as far as pharmacokinetics go, the absorption of the drug is the same. All of these routes bypass the "first pass effect" of oral routes of administration (aka your liver metabolizing/destroying some of the active drug before it can reach systemic circulation). With IV you risk as many infections as subQ ("skin popping") just by nature of her HORRIFIC lack of hygiene. The skin popping is going to do a fuck ton more local damage (infections, scarring) and look more disgusting/obvious compared to if she properly used IV technique. Thats why nurses and other healthcare professionals who use inject IV or in discrete places like between their toes. That said, really anyone could google how to inject IV, and plenty of users do. Now as far as the benefit of how high you get and how fast I have no input.

Saged because soapbox-y

No. 824766

I think she was trying to pretend to register with the (oh wow) because at that point she had just pulled back on the plunger. Most addicts get a rush when they register because it's go time so i think she was pretending to be excited to get her shot lol.

It's like a missed shot and tbh provides less of a high than snorting. I'm sure she has lurch shoot her up most of the time. She clearly has serious issues for wanting to LARP as a junkie but now I see why exactly you all say she is in it for wanting the lifestyle wtf

No. 824769

>throwing coke in the air and trying to snort
this exactly. also this image made me lol

No. 824771

>Idk what I’m talking about
Shut up then.

No. 824786

Man this video really shows how cringe her body is.

No. 824790

Omg, I told myself not to watch this and dammit I did. This is horrific! She didn’t even use alcohol. I mean everything was gross about it but to me alcohol seems like a given even with gutter junkies. They give it away by the box full at the exchange’s. At least they have narcan on hand but that’s it as far as harm reduction goes.
She couldn’t even put effort into a paying customers request. At least show the process correctly because I’m sure they weren’t paying for you to stick a needle in your gross legs and that’s it. What a lazy sloth.

No. 824813

What if lurch is also retarded and doesn't know how to shoot up properly? I don't understand how she could be this terrible at it after all this time especially if she's watching someone do it correctly every day. It's just shocking.

No. 824824

She looks scared of the needle, just pokes herself like the stunted woman she is. Thanks for sharing, anon.

No. 824825

Never mind her body it was the voice that got me, she sounds so raspy it's like an 80 year old who hasn't drunk anything for a week. She must be the best anti drug/smoking PSA ever

No. 824832

Wasn’t lurch supposed to go to court today? Wonder how that shit went.

No. 824842

File: 1614722236878.png (380.12 KB, 540x1052, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 824858

File: 1614725275234.png (244.41 KB, 750x1334, AC357031-A59D-46A8-8BD7-4424FD…)

lol stfu luna

No. 824863

wow she really wrote more about herself than the op what a self centered bitch

No. 824864

I remember it was like a curse to say “I’ll be this long sober on this date”. Cause one day at a time and shit like that. But she’s obviously not in a program. And detoxing on your own with methadone you saved for this is not sobriety. These people must think she is a joke.

No. 824866

she is not capable of saying a single thing that’s not about her. her entire reddit comment history is just her talking about her problems and her drug use. the times she doesn’t talk about herself, she’s in munchie watch subreddits, trying to feel better about herself.

No. 824877

I can't believe she's been posting stupid outfit hauls today when lurch is supposed to be being getting sentanced today. Surely she should be wining on all her socials about whatever totally "unfair" punishment her beloved easter island head is getting. Also that comment on her reddit has made my hate for her even more intense. Is she so oblivious to other peoples lives and situations she really thinks her 3 weeks of getting high at home on subs methadone and weed and xanax or whatever the fuck else is anything near an intensive 30 day rehab. Does she truly believe she deserves asspats from op likes she's done something of equal or greater merit by being so brave and doing it without therapy from home? Get fucked tuna. Sage for rant.

No. 824901

uwu heroin waif qween

No. 824904

when you take enough to get high, you will nod.
a lot of heroin/fent addicts need it just to function. getting high would be a bonus

No. 824947

I hate her piggy little eyes. Like, most farmers talk about her crusty mouth but it's the weird expressions that do it for me. It's a face I wouldn't get tired of punching. A face only a mother could lov- oh wait. Not even her.

Btw, I have a real juicy cow, pathological liar and munchie, using money for supposed private hospitals on cars and other luxuries, daddy issues, "vegan", "trans", "disabled", a
"Anorexic" put weight on now "fat body positivity influencer", "slut". But she's realising people are figuring her shit out and has made a lot of stuff private

Soz, off topic. I'm an autistic retard.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824977

File: 1614779635041.jpg (287.07 KB, 1439x1026, Tbd.jpg)

Saged for no real update, but next virtual hearing is set for the end of the month. Still no judge, so it looks like he will get fines.

No. 825016


You're correct, she was literally larping as an IV user.


From Tuna's own ugly mouth literally last month: She does NOT know how to shoot herself up. She posts shit about it to seem like a pro harm redux bitch, but she's an absolute idiot. She literally missed her entire shot because she didn't register due to not even being in a vein. In a video though, she figured out didn't matter and shot anyway. Usually Lurch is the one that shoots her up at incorrect angles, but at least hits a vein for a decent mainline for at least part of the shot. You can tell She doesn't inject herself also because she put the needle in and immediately just swung it around to a different angle without even taking it out of her skin. She has no clue what she's doing and is literally larping as an IV user for addict points. Just because someone understands how to shoot dope from pictures doesn't mean they actually know how. Just like there's a difference between posting gun safety videos and how to hit targets, but actually doing it with success is a totally different skill set. Tuna is all talk and no action.

No. 825046

lol people have asked her for tutorials on how to shoot up since like 2017 and she's always declined, I guess she knows she's not doing it right. It's not like she doesn't know what registers are, she glamourises the fuck out of heroin addiction and has mentioned it before.

Is skin-popping even that much better than just smoking it? Is she injecting purely for the aesthetics and fucking it up?

No. 825050


Can she last with no H till the end of the month?

No. 825052

File: 1614809120109.png (653.1 KB, 644x1702, cheap.png)

No. 825106


It's less wasteful to miss a vein and basically just be skin-popping than to smoke it. But she's really be better off even just breaking the needle tip and shooting all that into her asshole. Or muscling it. Missing a vein burns and is annoying and hurts for days, leading to all the ripples and divots in her leg. People that hit veins don't have ripples like that. And even without alcohol being used to prep the area, she could still avoid tons of skin issues by just hitting a vein, ANY vein. Poor Tuna even fails at pretending to be a legit addict. Her actions are literally the actions of someone that isn't going to make it as an addict very long.

No. 825107


Yeah, she's probably still popping benzos behind Lurch's back so he doesn't have to see it and still think she's clean with him

No. 825252

File: 1614945128793.jpg (455.95 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20210305-065029_Tum…)

she posted more junk she bought too, some other anon come thru w that please i can't be arsed to used my laptop to get the full shot

No. 825264

lonely? did lurch actually go to jail? or does she actually consider dope a companion?

No. 825269

I think he's in jail too. She would be spamming us with "we are both struggling but still sober uwu" pics of the both of them otherwise. It's also why she cannot stop buying things. She's bored and can't get dope without him. As soon as he comes back, this sober character she's playing will disappear.

No. 825292

File: 1614964314436.png (432.25 KB, 524x1085, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

I gotchu fam

No. 825298

Has this bitch ever done anything to benefit society? All she does is consume jfc

No. 825303

lurch isn’t in jail. in this picture of the pizza and pumpkin, there he clearly is.

No. 825310


It's so hilariously ironic that she buys every piece of shit item that says "Baby Girl" or "Angel" using her dad's Amazon account and credit card, yet she's more like a linebacker or ogre than a baby girl or angel. There's nothing babyish or girlish or angelic about her. There's just layers of filth on stained, wrinkled, cheaply made and ill-fitting pastel clothing and a lumbering bridge troll/ogre with a horrifying face and body.

I remember those "angel" rhinestone shirts being popular with middle school and pubescent girls that had small, feminine physiques in 1999/2000. I still remember there was an obese girl that came to school wearing an angel shirt and everyone laughed at her because she looked dumpy af and far from angelic- Exactly like Tuna.

She really needs to just embrace her huge size and go for an Amazonian styled/dominatrix look to match her hulk physique.

No. 825314


Wow Tuna, Daddy really came through with letting her splurge on his account. What a nice and generous dad that is as far from evil as possible. Tuna is the only evil one, not her Mom and Dad that are just trying to get by with a piece of shit like her.

No. 825316

exactly. she just consumes, consumes, consumes plastic trinkets and sweatshop clothing all day long to keep her depression at bay. who tf needs cloud lights when you're on an air mattress on the floor and likely to get evicted any day? tbh watching her has made me more mindful of my own self spending.

also she has been "trying" to get back into writing and drawing for months now.

No. 825337

genuinely shook that she didn’t use the word “cheap” once in this post

No. 825350

He has to attend some sort of drug programme at the moment (has to pee clean for a month so no heroin).
It’s only an hour but it’s something like an hours travel each way so tuna gets lonely when he’s not there but he obviously dumpster dives for pizza on the way home (that poor excuse for a pizza HAD to have been found in a bin I refuse to believe anyone would pay for that).

No. 825357

It would suit her a lot more imo if she did away with the pastels and wore mostly black like a good fatty.

No. 825389

Lmfao. She mentions how shes getting a pill organizer because she's seeing her psychiatrist. So she's DEFINITELY expecting scripts and that's the only reason shes going.

No. 825395

Based fucking comment.

No. 825398

Why did she tag the fillas as fairy kei. In what benzo induced nightmare world do those shoes fit that aesthetic?

No. 825402

agreed, pizza >>825052 is very obviously cold. the grease is solidified and dull, not shiny like it would be when hot. who only eats a few slices then fridges it? not tuna.

No. 825413

I never understood how men can tolerate all this pink cutesy shit. It's gotta feel emasculating to be surrounded with Hello Kitty and pink uwu cerbub shit. Or maybe Matthew is too stung out all the time to care.

No. 825415

for lurch its blood and shit covered hello kitty plushies or the streets. i honestly don’t know which is better at this poiny

No. 825418

>for lurch its blood and shit covered hello kitty plushies or the streets.

No. 825458

Of all the criticism she deserves, this is really weird

No. 825462

File: 1615011188349.jpg (347.28 KB, 1080x1692, Screenshot_20210305-231038_Ins…)


No. 825465

File: 1615011928826.png (868.37 KB, 1074x2734, nothing.png)

"absolutely nothing"

No. 825466

File: 1615011961729.png (265.14 KB, 1080x892, papatuna.png)

No. 825469

yup, a completely sober person there

No. 825470

Kek. I can imagine a strung out tuna calling her dad and making an ass out of herself while crying about how much he ruined her life.

No. 825471

tuna you're home go drunk


No. 825474

Here’s hoping the landlord goes by and “fixes” the locks. Such life goals she has- get new crap to replace old crap which she really won’t toss out. What a way to better your life lol. She acts as if they aren’t going to kick her scabby ass back to the streets at the earliest possible time

No. 825475


sry about ur fatness

No. 825478

>fallen off the bandwagon
Why is this mixed metaphor so hilarious kek
Honestly how are they even still there? Is it THAT hard to evict people in NY?

No. 825480

Oh boy, well if daddy's back on the shit, I expect her hauls of baubles to be getting a lot smaller soon. With daddy spending all his money on dope, I don't see there being much left for her. Can't wait when she starts to berate him for his drug use because of it

No. 825481

I really have doubts on this one. First we only started hearing about it (Iirc) right around the time they got
Mom out of there threatening lunas forever squat. It feels and sounds like she’s slinging mud to try to bring herself to look better to whomever and for asspats. We can’t believe anything else she says why should we believe this?

No. 825482

Playing devils advocate for a sec. If hes high out of his mind it would make sense why shes been buying even more shit than usual… he isnt noticing. Which means yeah soon there wont be much left for tuna between her essentially stealing while he is also dropping dollars on drugs

No. 825483

She spent hundreds of dollars on shein and skincare this past weeks, and with her birthday coming up she'll "let herself" buy more.

No. 825485

File: 1615028008518.jpg (1.42 MB, 1080x8740, tunagram.jpg)

No. 825491

That's totally fair, it may not be a thing, but it's possible. Nver know when and if someone who has recovered will dip back into it again. But only time will really tell, and I'm sure if it's an actual thing, we'll hear more about it for pity points.

No. 825517

it’s pretty clear the only reason she cares about her father’s sobriety is bc she’s afraid he’s going to use the money he spends on her to get dope. and that he might lose his apartment that is obviously hers after he dies. she never gave a fuck before and despite him apparently having 17 years of sobriety, she has only regarded him as a abusive junkie of a father. her self-serving narrative is obvious.

No. 825520

Oh anon I can so relate. I spit my coffee out at bandwagon. That entire post has me rolling but bandwagon put me over the edge.

No. 825523

I keep seeing those bathtub laundry stripping videos, and I would literally pay to see those rancid plushies get properly cleaned like that. Imagine how gross the water would be. She's probably been ashing cigarettes on that poor My Melody pillow everyday for the past 7 years. Tuna's squalor makes me feel bad for even the inanimate objects in her house.

No. 825529

It's insane how dirty that poor Korilakkuma (and Rilakkuma) are! I remember when she got that space Korilakuma plushie and it's incredible how different it looks now… you can hardly see that the helmet was supposed to be pink at all

No. 825532


Her dad isn't using. Those are probably his prescribed benzos she jacked. He's probably just taking his meds like normal and she's mad there aren't many left and is making a big deal out of his benzo usage. She's a fucking liar.

And anyone using drugs would be extra careful with their money, not turning a blind eye to their credit card account and bill and notifications about new purchases. Tuna is a biggest liar and isn't remotely believable.

No. 825535

File: 1615055661484.jpeg (39.97 KB, 500x500, 9CA9B2BE-8A33-4EFB-B68D-8321DF…)

This is what her grody-ass rilakkuma and my melody are looking like

No. 825544

So much for being “”sober””

No. 825556

but anon, the xanax are to help her stay off the dope

No. 825557

yeah and its technically a prescription drug even tho she technically doesnt have a script so shes technically sober DUH

No. 825564

omg yes I'd also pay for one of those deep cleaning vid people to clean this apartment and the carpet especially. Like the wall behind the bed alone is vile and the scum on and in the pill container that she swallows ewewew

No. 825575

File: 1615084074805.jpeg (792.4 KB, 1125x2183, 18D5C162-9925-4BD4-8C9E-91A42F…)

Incoming dump 1/3 (she deleted the Xanax pic btw)

No. 825576

File: 1615084098661.jpeg (416.29 KB, 1125x2004, E55E931B-6D9E-4C4A-9212-906B4A…)


No. 825577

File: 1615084130711.jpeg (638.73 KB, 1125x2181, 8730BB5E-1D91-4631-A444-55D664…)

No. 825578

>>825577 embarrassing moments are trauma now are you shitting me

No. 825579

How many hours has she put into AC? That's time that could have been used for self-improvement.

No. 825580

He 100% relapsed because of her.

No. 825581

Wasn’t she also the reason for her moms relapse? It seems both parents were clean at one point but once she moves back in with them they relapse.

No. 825582

I don't believe her about her father. There might be bits and pieces of it true but tuna is a huge liar and this is set up for some other story/pity party/reason.
Just like her "getting clean" was only bc lurch has to piss clean, so obv he isnt gonna go out n get her drugs when he can't do them himself so she was forced into sobriety by him.

No. 825584


i hate her for using all this shit about her dad for pity and her whole "i love my father this is so hard" since it suits her now, when her whole entire internet history has nothing but hate for her dad and shitting on him for… buying her stuff, feeding her and housing her when she wants?
she switches between "my parents are evil drug addicts, they're so mean uwu and they made me the way i am" to "my parents are in a rough spot rn but feel bad for me because i have to deal with it waaaah"

No. 825585

most people cringe in the shower about them not become heroin addicts

No. 825587

I agree. She's probably getting ready for another sympathy ebegging attempt and pulling this out of her ass.

No. 825596

that’s what I think happened, it’s plausible that a former/recovering heroin addict relapsed when his daughter has been strung out around him and has probably used heroin in his vicinity countless times.

No. 825598

I honestly don't know if I should laugh or feel sad at those awful replies she got. Then again, that's bound to happen when you ask for advice on social media.

No. 825606

Stating the obvious but she's such a selfish hypocrite. Now that she's decided to get "sober" e.g. Lurch isn't bringing home the goods right now, she's mad that her parents are drug users when she moved into her mother's house and used heroin around her causing her to relapse, and likely playee a role in her father's relapse too. It just sounds like she's annoyed and jealous of what is a devastating loss of sobriety to both of her parents.

No. 825608

Her mother relapsed because she couldn't escape Tuna and her Easter Island statue head fiance. Now her dad's the next victim. Hope he can cut the ties with Luna soon. Then it's homeless saga for her.

No. 825610

File: 1615130074976.jpeg (58.18 KB, 500x423, 8DE60E8A-ADE2-473B-91D7-D4F37A…)

Wouldn’t she be happy if her dad would have to be moved to a home tho? She’d finally get her New York apartment of her dreams to fill up with moldy rilakkuma & graveyard candles lol.
Poor dad, maybe that’s why they’re still squatting in hopes of her dad getting fucked over.

No. 825611

They're squatting because no-one else would take them (if they even tried looking)

Her mom relapsing is easy enough to believe with her former dealer being there all the time and still slinging. But with her dad, I'm taking it as just another lie / scam unless there's some actual evidence. Miss Sobriety '21 is always spinning shit about her dad, why should this be any different.

No. 825614

Frankly? I felt bad for the people that were actually trying to help her and give a good (in their opinion) advice. That's a waste of time.
NGL, I was horrified by the girl telling Luna to get naked online. Not only it's a horrible idea to raise your self-esteem that way, Luna definitely doesn't need an encouragment in that regard!
Same when it comes to purchasing ANYTHING, video games included. >>825576 materofsights shouldn't mention it, unless she is willing to shell out on a CHEAP CHEAP game for Luna.

No. 825615

File: 1615136261760.jpg (385.72 KB, 1080x1674, tunacalico.jpg)

Oh my god, she either already bought it or had a simp buy it for her. Unless there is a demo available?
It kills me how she is unable to find new content unless someone spoonfeeds her. But I guess that's what happens when heroin is your main hobby

No. 825616

>dad relapsed on drugs
>’they’ want to put him in a nursing home

That doesn’t even make any fucking sense.
Tuna is high out of her mind trying to spin a sob story.

No. 825620

Exactly. They don't put drug addicts in nursing homes when they find them wandering around. It makes zero sense and she's just spinning a sob story again.

No. 825623

>> the whole AA/NA stuff doesnt apply to me
of course it doesnt, Luna, because the first step is to admit you have a problem and be humble enough to ask for help, which you never will. god she is so scummy.

No. 825628

Ddooooooooo it. Put his ass in a nursing home. Then the state will take his apartment as payment collateral.

No. 825695


I agree with you completely. Her dad hasn't relapsed at all. They don't offer nursing homes to disoriented old people if it was due to drugs. They'd put him in a psych facility or a rehab through an outreach program for addicts. I am 100% sure he hasn't relapsed on drugs and just takes his own prescribed meds. Tuna just wants sympathy money.


This is most likely a partly true story like all of Tuna's stories. Her dad maybe had a seizure or other medical condition that caused him to get disoriented, hence him being brought to the hospital and the suggestion of a nursing home. They would take a disoriented addict to a psych facility at the most and release them when they're not a danger to others and themselves.

Tuna is so fucking full of shit and it bothers me how she's throwing public accusations at her dad when those benzos she's been proudly showing off on IG are most likely jacked from Dad when he wasn't around. Plus all of the Amazon/Shein shit came from Dad's account and credit card. No addict would turn a blind eye to their credit card bill and email notifications about purchases. And Tuna's way more of an addict than her dad so she needs to stfu. The only reason she'd be sad to see him put in a nursing home is because she probably wouldn't be able to use his Amazon account anymore or steal his benzos and weed… but she would be stoked thinking she'd get his apartment- Followed by angry ranting on social media when she realizes rented apartments don't get passed on to family like that, especially when she couldn't pay rent.

No. 825698


Exactly. It's infuriating that she bad mouths both of her parents constantly when they constantly let her stay with them despite her rude attitude and lack of contribution to the household in any way. Yet she claims to hate them while staying with them or hanging out with them. Then turns around and uses their misfortunes as her misfortunes, asking for sympathy and handouts when her parents (or anybody she knows) are having a hard time.

Judging from that pathetic video previously shared (or I guess commissioned) where she calls her dad to say she has a job as a "CEO of content for this guy's tech company" then hangs up and takes off that cheap cotton slip and creepily touches herself, her dad seems overwhelmingly supportive, kind, and willing to let her stay whenever she needs. Even though she even sounds high af and doesn't make sense and says "some shit went down here and everything's fucked up real bad here and, and, I um, need to stay with you for awhile…" her Dad STILL was willing to welcome her back with open arms and set up a room for her. I don't know about other anons, but a lot of us would never even be allowed to stay with our parents after we turned 18 because we're considered adults that should be self-sufficient. And the Gruesome Twosome stayed with Tuna's mom for a couple of years and risked her getting kicked out due to their own lack of effort. Her lack of gratitude is one of the most upsetting aspects of her shitty personality for me.

No. 825719

the worst thing about luna is that, honestly, being an NYC heroin addict is kind of a cute aesthetic for your 20s provided that you kick the habit by your 30s etc. but she's too fat and ugly to pull off the Nico or Edie Sedgwick vibe. I always get so annoyed at these threads and lowkey jealous that I don't live in New York and she does - im so much skinnier (5'11, 150lbs) and prettier but cant afford to live there while she's got everything handed to her and all she needs to do to be cool is just lose some weight…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825720

>>825719 inb4 ban
fuck off cow no one gives a shit

No. 825721

Lofl. You are in the wrong place.

No. 825722

Im not a cow im skinny maybe you are fucking ugly loser bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825723

Oh it’s a rental, so it wouldn’t be passed to her? That’s a relief. It may be sinister to think becoming homeless is what she deserves.

No. 825724

sure jan

No. 825725

Do you expect asspats for being an ana-chan? Get over yourself. Luna's problem isn't that shes fat, its that shes a lying scamming dirtbag who takes advantage of everybody around her. She wouldn't be any better of she were skinny. Also being a dope head through your 20s is not "kind of a cute aesthetic" go back to the nicole threads with your weird body bullshit, if the only way you are "better" than Luna is that you are thinner I have some really bad news for you

No. 825727

brah dont take the bait just report

No. 825729

fuck it, you want attention so bad? drop your @s we'll start you your very own thread, sweaty.

No. 825730

Oh I know Im fat, I have no problem with being fat, but compulsively listing your stats to infer that you are better than somebody is an ana move. 150lbs at 5'11" is small but not much smaller than luna, she's listed her weight multiple times as being at or around 150lbs and is only an inch or two shorter. Again, if all you can say about yourself compared to Luna is "im skinnier than her" you aren't exactly speaking from an ivory tower. Im fatter than Luna and Im still much better than she is in every way, and it sounds like Im better than you as well.(no1curr)

No. 825740


This is as cringey as Luna's makeshift pad falling out of her undies.

Heroin is not an aesthetic and it's not cute.

Luna doesn't live in NYC. She squats at mom's old place outside of NYC.

You and your "I'm so skiiiinnny" yet totally normal weighted self can go to NYC and squat somewhere or live on the streets so you can live out your fantasy heroin aesthetic in your favorite aesthetic city. Quit wasting your time telling us and being jealous of Luna. I'm sure Luna thought the NYC heroin shit was aesthetic, too. Link up so we have 2 cows to laugh at. Live your dreams, kid.

No. 825747

if it is a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized rental, the lease can be passed on within the family without breaking the rent control or stabilization. Which can mean a savings of hundreds or even thousands per month over market rates.

No. 825763

There’s no way that Luna is 5’9 and 150lbs, easily closer to the 200lb mark. Not that that’s the worst thing ever but let’s be realistic, also not trying to start a debate but that is so outlandishly incorrect

No. 825765

Cool to know? Ayrt's point still stands, she couldn't afford fucking afford it and no place would be willing to rent to her unless her dad co-signed or lurch, and his credit/renter's history must be dogshit
>Tuna's an amazonian lardass

No. 825798

wouldn’t they also do background checks? even if they wouldn’t do one on lurch, didn’t luna herself get her grandma’s house foreclosed on by not paying the taxes? i would think that would come up.

No. 825817


Tuna and Lurch can't pay any money in rent, so they could have $1000 off rent and still not be able to afford it. Just like her grandma's house that she couldn't keep because she couldn't pay the taxes with the money she was gifted to pay it.

No. 825825

i couldn't even fucking imagine being gifted an entire house and then just throwing the opportunity away like that.

No. 825872

File: 1615326742312.png (923.4 KB, 1176x1952, luna.png)

No. 825880

definitely, but it’s yet another incredible opportunity lots of people would do anything to have, yet Luna is going to flush it away

No. 825884

All her clothes like the lettuce trim shirts and that fugly new dress And her "cute" pastel colored tracksuits n pink shit and jumpers with really ugly cheesy bad designs on are so tacky and old fashioned not in a good way. More like the clothing my 80 year old grandma would wear when she was coming to the end of her life and had given up on trying to look good cause she was sick instead wearing things for comfort other aesthetic and not wanting to waste money on good clothes yet this is tunas aesthetic!
Sage for bitchiness

No. 825892

Jbl headphones aren't cheap, wonder where he managed to steal them from

No. 825896

not the greatest idea to prescribe her both seroquel and clonidine. that’s some dangerously low blood pressure. add xanax into the mix and i’m really surprised she won’t drop dead soon.

No. 825897

"Got all my meds and I'm TOTALLY SOBER GUYS"
>only posts the controlled substance not the mood stabilizers and shit

No. 825899

PharmD here, theyre probably giving her clonidine for the alleged "withdrawal" since she is DEFINITELY bitching that its so bad that she needs benzos. Her psychiatrist is a crackpot for giving her fucking 2mg alprazolam and not a longer duration benzo with a flatter pk curve. Quetiapine and clonidine wouldnt make a fat whale like her drop, it would probably just level her blood pressure out. Shes gross. I feel bad for her local pharmacist im sure she smells like shit and they have to febreeze the place when she leaves.

No. 825906

eh, you might be right. withdrawal with the added effect of her absolute shit diet and lack of exercise might have her already pre-hypertension.

on another topic, i’m wondering if luna is going to have a pregnant saga soon. i know she has the dreaded PCOS but there’s no doubt that heroin absolutely wrecked her hormone production and probably stopped her ovulating altogether. she could actually be fertile now. what a crazy ass update that would be.

No. 825920

>stopped her ovulating

No. 825926

Honestly, junkies get pregnant/pregnancy scares all the time when they get to the point that they’re out of their minds and can’t tell what day it is. So they can’t take their birth control properly. I really wouldn’t expect Luna to be responsible enough to take one pill a day, unless it was aesthetic and tumblr-glamorized. She probably is infertile from her drugs ands pcos, or has pregnancy scares all the time from sheer irresponsibility

No. 825937


I highly doubt she has sex with lurch anymore. His spunk is more than likely empty blanks because of his age and years of drug addiction

No. 825943

the poster was saying that now that she’s not using h she might be fertile, but back when she was using regularly she probably wasn’t ovulating

No. 825947

I see, my bad. I don't think she completely stopped ovulating, remember the makeshift toilet paper "pad" falling out of her underwear in that vid with lurch? Either way, her body will be going through massive changes, that is IF she actually stays sober. Luna has lied about sobriety before and tbh I'm not convinced this time. I don't even think a pregnancy and baby would convince her to be fully sober.

Luna likes to pretend they're crazy about each other and fuck all the time like twitterpated teenagers, but I really get the impression that they can hardly stand each other without dope

No. 825960

I don't think that "pad" was for her period, it wasn't red, it was probably for her chronic uti discharge.

No. 825961

tbh i thought that she only has like three pairs of underwear and the pad is her trying to be “hygienic”

No. 825962


>1 a day to relax

lol 2 mg a day won't do shit. She's bragged about popping xanax like candy for years, her benzo tolerance must be through the roof.

No. 825970

Pharmy anon can you explain why a longer durated benz would help her / be more beneficial? Is this because of her addiction or just to help in general with the withdrawal?

No. 825971

Heyyy. A benzo with a longer half life does its job over a slower period of time. Any legitimate psychiatrist knows this, and knows that a long half life is what should be given to addicts. Think of a hill. A hill that is steep on the way up gives the brain a nice quick boost, and a steep way down causes a worse crash. Those are drugs with shorter half lives such as xanax. This "steep hill" pattern of quick high and quick crash makes it easier to become addicted and to stay addicted (luna's case). Its not the dose thats the problem even though 2 mg is still fucking ridiculous and an obvious flag because addicts want xanny bars and lower doses are just regular shaped tablets. Diazepam is the go to in this situation, then clonazepam, then lorazepam (valium, klonopin, and ativan if you're more familiar with brand names). These are actual clinical practice guidelines that i am referencing, not my own clinical judgment. As such, luna is a drug seeker and all her docs know it. They will fire her as a patient if the behavior continues or gets worse its only a matter of time.

No. 825993

File: 1615397729395.png (277.62 KB, 828x857, 829E6B79-9012-470D-A6CC-94F27B…)

No. 825994

I wouldn't be surprised if Luna lied to her psych about what drugs she's taking/withdrawing from in order to get her benzos. It's really suspicious to me that her doc gave her something you would give to someone who suffers from short panic attacks, and not something for withdrawal, like you were explaining.

Docs are usually very skeptical on giving benzos in the first place. Especially to someone with a drug abuse history, history of suicidal thoughts and anxiety issues because of it's addictive nature. I really have to wonder if her psych is just inexperienced or just taking everything Luna says as truth until they learn more about her.

No. 825995

Called it. It’s the 2021 beg-a-thon! Starring Luna Slater! Call now and gimme sum REALLY REALLY CHEAP CRAP! The number is 1-800-LUV-LUNA! Have your credit card ready!

No. 825996

theres no way she actually gives a shit. the only reason she'd be sad is because his card is on her amazon account and now she can't spend $400 a month on pastel trash. her dumb ass really thinks she's going to inherit his apartment so in reality i bet she's excited as hell because this couldn't come at a better time for her and lurch. she's stated multiple times before she's eager for him to die because of that.

No. 825997


"Just found out my dad is gonna die, also i want to play with makeup and markers and cute clothes, pls send!"

Fucking christ is this girl a sociopath? Not an ounce of genuine concern or care for her father. Pretty sure she made a bigger stink over Roger rotting on the floor and his "sUrPrIsE dEaTh".

No. 825998

This is emergency. I'm gonna throw $100 at a useless plushie… for myself! And I hope everyone that reads it does the same.
Seriously, get bent Luna. You just ordered a bunch of shit and yet you want more and more? I mean I get it, but you gotta support your shopping addiction yourself at least

No. 825999

Real humans - “I just found out my father is not well. If you don’t hear from me on social media, it’s because I’m spending time with my loved one while I can.

Luna- my dads dying OUT OF NOWHERE AT ANY TIME here’s my Amazon wishlist make me happy give generously.

What a piece of shit. Junkies are shit but she’s spechul.

No. 826004

If I was going to send her something I would send some mental health/sobriety workbooks and some Bic pens since she seems unable to save up money and walk to the store herself. Does NYC not have dollar stores?

This shit enrages me, she didn't even lie and say she needs the money for the end of life care and funeral arrangements. I hope no-one sends her anything, but it seems she has a simp or two that eat up all of her lying and begging.

No. 826006

She's such a cunt. I'd feel bad for her dad if I believed any of this shit but instead it's just hilarious. "I'm trying so hard" has me deceased.

No. 826007

File: 1615403035014.jpeg (798.94 KB, 1125x1109, C063B2D8-08F9-485F-AD9A-B29811…)

>My dad is dying, please send sanrio.

My bets are still on ~Luna sending dad to hospice to try usurp thy luxurious upper east side apartment-saga~

No. 826021

as a community, we dont do ENOUGH to troll this bitch. someone send her a big creamy shit in a box.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826022

Read the rules you knob, we don't cowtip here.

No. 826023

She clearly wasn't prescribed the Xanax. Clonidine mildly helps some people with opiate withdrawals. And Seroquel is very common for people who complain they can't sleep. And Lamictal is basic BPD shit. Glad he doctor didn't actually give her meds she can get high on.

No. 826026


This bitch… she could easily steal markers and notebooks.

And she just bought more ugly shit on Amazon with Dad's credit card so asking for more and saying she has nothing is infuriating.

Also, pretty sure her dad isn't dying out of nowhere because she clearly thinks he's going to die just because he had a medical crisis and went to the hospital. That's not "out of nowhere".

Her begging isn't a junkie thing. It's a Tuna thing. You'd be surprised how many drug addicts of any kind aren't as narcissistic and needy as Tuna.

No. 826027

>t. junkie

No. 826029

Yet again tuna just amazes me. Now lets entertain the possibility this isn't all hullshit for one second and that her dad really is sick. This bitch really just made a post about her dads potential passing and told us more about her wanting to get back into drawing and updates thst she really is just 'trying so hard ' and how she desperately needs more sanrio shit to ruin. She didn't give any meaningful update on what's going on with papa tuna or any real sign she even cares that this is happening other than s means to a end of getting more cheap trinkets that will be about as useless as she is to society to her when she's homeless sooner or later. She's so stupid she doesn't even realize she shouldnt be happy hes gonna die cause she's gonna get his flat because she won't, and now if she ever wants to leave cheif easter island she won't have the comfort of her dads nice kushy house and benzo supply. She didn't even try and scam people by saying send me money for meds bills or travel money too and from the hospital to make it seem like even somewhere she cares and wants to be a good daughter nope just straight in with the send me sanrio. Its like she has total given up with even trying to not come off as a selfish black hole who's only purpose in life is to disgustingly consume as much cheap crap as possible. Her parents may not be great but she doesn't even deserve the ones she has. I hope papa tuna is okay.

No. 826030

Also " i wanna mess with clothes and makeup but i don't have much of that" fuck off tuna your closets are full of more cheap ugly clothing than most good will stores. The delusion. The entitlement. The audacity.

No. 826031

Honestly i think this whole dad relapsing\dying saga is just her setting the scenes for excuses to relapse fully and go back to the way she was before after lurches trail when he doesn't have anymore pee tests. Especially the way she started the post about her dad about how rough it has been on her sobriety even though she's always high on methadone and xans so her sobriety doesn't mean shit really.

No. 826035

If her Dad does die I think Luna will be really and truly fucked. There was always that option of her leaving Lurch and her dad taking her in and maybe getting her life back. Her mom's mental health team won't let Luna within 50 feet of her after her abusive display on video. The homeless saga is looking more and more inevitable.

No. 826059

She did the same thing with Roger. When Roger was either dying or dead she posted how sad she was then posted selfies going "I feel sexy" or something like that.

No. 826063

Her dad isnt going to die.
Shes lying ofc and what a fucking sick thing to lie about.
She would have given details and not just glazed over it (or at least not have been so fucking vague). So he went from relapsing, wandering around the streets without a coat, nearly being put into a nursing home by "them", and now hes randomly suddenly dying? ……….HIGHLY doubtful.
She turns into a bigger and bigger piece of fucking shit as the weeks go by.

No. 826068

exactly what this anon said.

also when you do benzos, even at therapeutic doses, you can have 'rebound anxiety' upon stopping the drug.

for example, if you take xanax regularly and you/your doctor wants you to taper off, they might switch you to a longer acting benzo like klonopin to make it a smoother taper.

sage for drug sperg

No. 826093

File: 1615438174047.jpg (709.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210310-234717_Fac…)

Luna is posting in a bojack horseman group I am in


No. 826094

File: 1615438198742.jpg (631.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210310-234747_Fac…)

No. 826108

File: 1615440807121.jpeg (217.14 KB, 750x675, 041736FF-2D8F-4E8F-A842-A68A45…)

is this what she means by PHD? it would explain a lot

No. 826111

The way Luna will spill her shit online for anyone to hear literally anywhere is so engaging. Her commenting on that ladies 30 day sober reddit post was annoying as fuck and really rude and immature but the fact shds posting a long fucking list of all her problems and her hobbies and interests and what to buy her and also ugly fucking selfies nobody wants to see know on a group where people come to post memes and laugh and joke and talk about a comedy cartoon about an anthropomorphic horse. Her need for attention and approval from anyone who will give her even a second of there time is so desperate and pathetic. She is so delusional to think anyone cares beyond using her as a cautionsry tail of how not to present online

No. 826117

lol @ how luna's total lack of self-awareness allows her to watch that series over and over ad infinitum and absorb absolutely none of it. she thinks she's sarah-lynn but she's bojack

No. 826122

Upping her begging for her birthday like I said here >>825483. This is what happens when you're addicted to social media and showing off.

Must be that doctor Matthew left a review on Google using Luna's account, "Gluck Solutions".

No. 826127

It’s a sick thing to lie about, and not like she deserves good things, but I really hope she’s just lying about her dad, for her own sake. With her dad being around it means she possibly has an escape route if one day the light does go on and she realizes how awful her life is and what she’s done to herself. If her dad really does die then she has no one left who actually cares for her, Lurch sure as hell doesn’t.

I always hate the way Luna goes on about how “hard she’s trying” and how she always says shit like “I’m trying to get back into writing and poetry” and “gonna work really hard on some art”, acting like this is what’s going to bring her happiness and all she needs to do is just do the exact same shit she’s comfortable with and that will eventually bring some sort of revolutionary inner peace. The only thing that’s going to truly make Luna happy is heroin. That is if she never gets a job or cleans her act up and apologizes for the shit she’s done. What a waste.

No. 826128


It doesn't seem like she really wants to write, but she wants to be a writer. Deep down she doesn't really care about making art but she wants to be seen an artist. She doesn't even want to read books but she wants to be somebody who reads books. Doubt she will ever be happy unless she moves past her tumblrfamous era and figures out what she actually enjoys and excels at, even if it doesn't fit the Courtney Love sadgirl image. Maybe it's something that isn't tragic and aesthetic like accounting, who knows? Certainly not Luna.

No. 826129

I don’t think she has any real interests. She only likes things on the surface level a lot of the time, like just because they’re cute. Or she only likes Alice In Chains for their heroin aesthetic or whatever. And God forbid Luna enjoy or excel at something that doesn’t show much of a tortured uwubby angel she is

No. 826132

>the fact shds posting a long fucking list of all her problems and her hobbies and interests and what to buy her and also ugly fucking selfies nobody wants to see know on a group where people come to post memes and laugh and joke and talk about a comedy cartoon about an anthropomorphic horse
To be honest, a lot of people do that on Bojack Horseman groups. You come for memes and show discussion and end up having to scroll through stories of depression of random people.
I get why this happens, but wish those posted were tagged so you can filter them away.
TLDR people in Bojack groups do it all the time (maybe except ebegging)

No. 826140

If her dad actually dies then it's game over for her. He's her safety net and has been for years.

Her dad financially supports her, gives her a spare place to live, and buys her things. If he dies then all that goes bye-bye.

She can't squat in the housing facility forever. Once the temperatures get warm enough they're going to be more forceful in getting her and Lurch out. Lurch already blew through anything Roger left him and they lost Roger's place. Luna's mom can't hide them a second time in her new government place. There's no fucking way she'd be able to afford her dad's place if she was able to secure it. Not with how fast she blows money on cheap shit and drugs.

Luna is screwed. Best case she'll wind up like Margaret, flitting from hostel to hostel (or shelter to shelter, without Lurch) with all her mangy plushies and her dad's leftovers in store facilities.

I fully see Lurch abandoning her when she's not got anything left to give unless she starts prostituting properly.

No. 826152

It's already getting pretty warm here so hopefully she'll start mooing soon.

No. 826153


Honestly her dad deserves better than being used by someone who shit talks him like he's a bad person while she runs around with the worst people doing the worst shit. He shouldn't be an escape for her when life gets too hard and addiction is too much for her.

I hope she finally doesn't have anyone to use for her escape from addiction, because she'd probably take it much more seriously if she had no rich Daddy to rely on. She can join the rest of the addicts of the world that either sink or swim, not get a rich Daddy to throw them life jackets and haul them into safety.

No. 826157

It would make sense but I doubt she has it. She’d have had complications from her drug abuse. It’s another munchie thing she has stuck on for more sympathy.

No. 826168

Daddy might be able to continue financially supporting her from the grave if he leaves her a decent bit of inheritance money, which Luna can shoot straight into her arm, just like she did with her grandmother's money.

No. 826180

omg i almost forgot about this cow. somebody pls tell me what happened to her cats?! i

No. 826187

They died and she got a new one.

No. 826188


No. 826190

File: 1615485033775.jpeg (175.23 KB, 828x1329, EC3DBA14-569F-4756-8C47-E6F28C…)

Stole this from the other farms.

No. 826191

"Someone help! Something is wrong with my dad! He can't be ill or dying, I still need money!

By the way, my markers are all dried up and I really want to get back into art, can someone send me some markers"

No. 826203

God, I pray her dad doesn't die, the thought of his earthly remains in a shoebox under Lurch's wallet and other junk is too much to handle…

No. 826206

lol funny how her dad's "relapse" is now only benzos, she's been selling benzos to her dad for like 5+ years and never had a problem with it.

Been following Luna since the first few threads and I'm glad this is finally happening. She has nowhere to live, all her friends stopped letting her mooch off them, her dad can't bail her out, and she's panicking because it's been days since he gave her money and her pills have now ran out. The doctors won't tell her shit because they've dealt with people like her before - doped out retard who won't accept that her dad can't leave hospital and send her $40 right now.

tinfoil, but none of the pills she's been listing are prescribed to her, she always gets seroquel which is nicknamed "baby heroin" because junkies buy it to help with withdrawals. Luna stopped seeing any therapists for years, and only got medicaid a couple months ago. What the fuck sort of therapist is gonna give her a script for Lamictal, Seroquel, Clonodine and Xanax all at the same time? In the span of like 2-3 months? She's buying them off the streets like she always used to.

No. 826207

samefagging to add that when Roger died, the hospital called them and told them he was in hospice and they should probably visit him. They didn't. And then they ignored the phone call about him dying.

Maybe I'm being horrible for implying she only cares about her Dad's wallet, but she's much more invested in her father's health than she was Rogers. They didn't call around and ask the nurses how Roger was doing, they just let him die.

No. 826212

With how often she badmouths her father and said that Roger was like a father to her (or her mom's ex junkie boyfriend was a father to her), all she cares about is his money.

Luna sees her dad as a walking credit card. If something happens to him then that's her money gone.

No. 826214

File: 1615494005470.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2073, 18164A14-94B2-45A7-98C6-469AE0…)

jesus christ is that my melody FILTHY

No. 826218

She acts like she found her forever home, meanwhile they're just parasites.

No. 826222

She's actively talking about going to IKEA for furniture as if they really live there. They're sleeping on an air mattress on the floor and squatting with a broken lock.

God just all at all those bodily stains on the blue comforter and how nasty everything looks. A fire would be a blessing to that bedbug infested hellhole.

No. 826232

File: 1615500056770.jpg (352.14 KB, 1080x1874, 20210311_215613.jpg)

Luna copy pasted that post one of u pulled from KF and posted it on her insta cause everyone in her orbit has to hear this bs apparently and shes too souless and doesnt give enough fucks to write something original to go with the pics. Imagine being so lazy you can't even write a separate post for another account about something so big as your dad being really sick\dying. Its probably cause it's a lie but even if it wasn't id expect that level of lazy behavior. Papa tuna doesn't seem to be very happy to be next to her but who could blame him. Just look at the pics of her flat. She looks like she smells like the inside of a ferret cage

No. 826234

File: 1615500277387.jpg (502.08 KB, 1080x1882, Screenshot_20210311-150112_Ins…)

tuna isn't your dad dying? This and >>826214 were posted an hour after >>826232

No. 826236

File: 1615500586540.jpg (226.4 KB, 1080x1183, 20210311_220411.jpg)

What a delusional bitch. I can't imagine facing homelessness and spending money on cable and cheap!cheap!cheap! Furniture. She's not gonna have a house to put that furniture in by summer. She is on borrowed time as is in that building and her selfies show off the fact they still haven't got a fucking locksmith. And she loves to remind us how her building is full of angry crack heads who hate her. She is so delusional she has no sense of danger. I can't understand why she doesn't get a lock because she loves buying cheap things but whatever i doubt she wants to buy any furniture really she just wants to cry online about how she doesn't have any furniture in the hopes one of her Simps will be kind enough to donate some

No. 826241

Tuna is under the impression she’s getting her father’s apartment when he dies, this is probably thrilling for her.

No. 826246

I can't wait for her to come crashing down to reality with no dad and no appartment.

No. 826250

>the tv guy is coming to set it up today
is this bitch really setting up cable in a property she's squatting or is this one of Lurch's friends illegally hooking her up?

No. 826254

Oh my god the boxes of brand new stuff just emphasise how disgusting that plushie she's put them on is. Why the fuck would you post that

No. 826256

So tuna finds her mother twitching when she nods even though tuna herself isn't sober she is using anything she can get her chubby hands on that papa lurch signs of on her doing and her mother is making it soooooo hard for her and putting that at risk yet if tuna hadn't been a inconsiderate bitch and shoot up and do drugs right under her mothers nose and flaunt her drug use off infront of her mother when she was in very early recovery she probably wouldn't have relapsed and be causing any problems now so she really has no right to complain karmas a bitch, ayy tuna?

No. 826257

File: 1615505074869.jpg (186.36 KB, 1080x1448, 20210311_231613.jpg)

*triggering sorry i forgot attached the picture

No. 826258

She's squatting with a "dying dad" as if funeral costs ain't gonna hit her and talking about fucking IKEA?! This smelly fucking cunt is delusional as hell. More delusional than her dad apparently is.

Exactly. I hope the crackheads in the building see the cable guy there and rob their asses. She seriously thinks they're just going to stay there forever on daddy pity bucks and Lurch's junkie bullying.

I'm surprised her mom showed up at all. And invited over? Girl, it ain't your place it was once hers.

No. 826259


that's some karma.

No. 826274

"how hard I / we are working" seems to be the new "cheap"

She gets a 5 minute taste of what she put her mom through for months and "it felt like a slap in the face". Absolute piece of shit.

No. 826275

File: 1615509147385.jpg (1.39 MB, 1080x8967, 12032021012632.jpg)

No. 826276

Get fucked Luna. This is exactly how your mom felt when you and lurch stumbled into her home, stole her bed and started taking heroin in front of her.

Weird that she switched target to her mom after being able to contact her dad, even weirder that luna worded it like "a few DAYS ago I invited my mom over". What her mom's been nodding off in front of her for days and this is the first time she mentions it?

Bullshit, she's trying to get more sympathy bux.

No. 826277

File: 1615509301073.jpg (332.98 KB, 1080x1662, IMG_20210312_012238.jpg)

No. 826279

cute character

No. 826320

File: 1615523606978.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2606, luna tumblr.png)

No. 826321

File: 1615523637907.png (1.05 MB, 1024x4256, luna chat.png)

from the other farms

No. 826330

This is literally the only time I've seen Tuna's lips look decent. I hope that lip butter is cheap cheap cheap because she should be buying it in bulk.

No. 826331

Lay off the filters, Tuna. She looks like one of those bad, shiny "3D" drawings you normally see in the bad art thread.

No. 826334

There are people complaining on Twitter that snap filters make nose smaller, but eyes and lips bigger, not just smooth the skin out. No wonder Luna's obsessed with these filters.

No. 826339

interesting way of saying she literally kicked her mother out of her bedroom so her and lurch could have a free place to shoot up and sleep. tuna talks about her mom like she was an inconvenience to her living in her own fuckin apartment. god damn.

wtf do you mean anon? this is better than how they usually look but it's just the filter imo. my main problem with her lips isn't even the fucked up shape, it's that she smears lip product all over her face.

No. 826347

What? Are you high by chance?

No. 826397

File: 1615544601499.png (544.84 KB, 750x1624, DAEC428D-059B-4F21-B42F-0D21A0…)

She’s just posted on her Instagram that a family friend just bought her a bunch of shit from IKEA, in a house she’s SQUATTING IN! This bitch infuriates me so fucking much. Your dad might be dying, but YOU are the one who needs new furniture! Jesus fucking Christ. Has this bitch literally ever bought anything herself?

No. 826399

File: 1615547694270.png (3.93 MB, 1080x13552, IMG_20210312_121419.png)

No. 826401

Scribbling with markers is not a "strategy", it's lollygaging. Who told her she needs distractions? Not the therapist, I'm sure. She needs the opposite, to get her head out of the sand and get focused for once. Get a job before markers. Get an apartment before Ikea.
The only thing she got from that time in therapy a few years ago are new excuses. Since then, every stupid trinket she wants and every time she lollygags around are proclaimed to be therapeutic. Instead of using the therapy to better herself, she used it to entrench herself in her ways.

No. 826403

"My apartment" is really messed up for her to say, even if they squat for the 10 years necessary to obtain ownership they will never have it because they would've have to pay the apartment taxes for all the 10 years, which they never did or will do.

No. 826405

This is absurd, I get a family stepping in and buying necessary furniture but throw in clothes and nail polish? It’s so odd, who are these people? It’s like they’re too polite to say no to Luna barging in their dm’s with her poorfag story. Does her followers never call her out?

No. 826407

I fucking hope she honestly didnt finagle this useless shit out of a poor old lady. I know how she loves to take advantage to people. But maybe shes lying and she just used evil dying dads credit card.

No. 826408

>maybe shes lying and she just used evil dying dads credit card.
i suspect this tbh

No. 826415

it’s a public housing complex, you can never attain ownership by adverse possession

No. 826427

The way she says a family friend of my grandmas makes me think she really did confuse be pushy and bamboozle a poor old lady outta her cash just to get her outta the way

No. 826429

Probably both conning an old lady and using her dad's credit card while he's ill. We know that she thinks old people have lives that are "pretty much over" and she proves this by her treatment of elderly people. She straight up stole from Roger, a dying man. Why wouldn't she steal from her "dying" dad?

Karma is long overdue for this useless cunt and I hope it hits soon cause next to Onion and Moo, Tuna needs to get a huge punch in the gut from reality.

No. 826431

I'm thinking she somehow managed a deal with the housing complex to pay rent and take her mom's vacant spot, at least until Covid is over/Spring comes. Technically if she was showing signs of recovery and sobriety and reached out to the project they may have worked something out for her. It also would give another reason as to why she's suddenly so "recovery-focused", her apartment relies on it. Plus, it probably looks good for Lurch to be say they're recovering while he has his court appearances.

No. 826434

I doubt it. Tuna's treatment of the woman that helped her mom was disgusting and they offered her help before. Tuna was too lazy to even answer the phone because she had just woken up. I doubt they're going to put in effort to talk to housing. They're probably just waiting until it's no longer cold.

No. 826436

I'm aware of her treatment of the social worker and such.. but this is Luna and she will say anything to get what she wants. Knowing her she sought out another worker who didn't know her, gave them a sob story about how she's recovering and kicking her out will only make her relapse + her dad is dying + her mom is using again, etc and worked out some sort of deal. Places are desperate to get any sort of rent atm,and we have not heard her mention any sort of workers coming to change the locks or notices on their door. If anything, it seems the housing complex is perfectly fine with them living there.

No. 826448

Yeah how the hell does she just get people to buy her stuff?!

No. 826483

She's occasionally called out in the response to her posts on tumblr and Twitter, but I have yet to see her ig posts or the screenshots from her fb posts get the same treatment.

No. 826525

File: 1615590715735.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1125x2042, B9213C4C-281B-46E6-AEAE-0F36C7…)

the magic dumpster is now a magic thrift store

No. 826527

For someone begging for furniture and markers, she sure is buying a lot of stuff.

No. 826528

File: 1615592217708.png (1.54 MB, 1716x1360, luna tumblr.png)

No. 826531

I hope she gets kicked out before her new items come in.

No. 826535

How the fuck does she have money for all this shit

No. 826537

File: 1615594246135.png (384.03 KB, 640x1136, 95010D72-3725-49D9-B49D-2AB109…)

This bitch is always lying. There’s no way any thrift store would have these shoes in her beast foot size.

No. 826538

Lmao at the "cute mug" with the opium poppy on it

No. 826539

>I treated myself to this a few weeks ago
You "treat yourself" with ten items of clothing every week (even though you're perpetually "almost homeless!!1!") that you'll wear for half a month and then throw in the corner to collect dust because you're too lazy to wash clothing, Luna.

What is she "treating" herself for doing? Completing another day of sitting on her cellulitic ass, begging strangers on the internet for money, never accomplishing anything with her life?

No. 826545

She seems to have endless money recently, maybe they did have that $10,000 dollar “nest egg” from somewhere, probably evil, dying dad. But now she knows they can’t evict until the moratorium is up she has a place to live for a few months. How does she not have any foresight? That money won’t last long buying all this stuff and I’ll bet an old family friend did not buy her furniture. Daddy dying was another set up grid for sheckles and junk.
I don’t care what her teachers told her, she probably went to a high school where failing is in the top third of the class, but I really think she is on some tard spectrum.

No. 826553

Maybe she got stimmys

No. 826557

File: 1615602833436.png (1.03 MB, 993x1761, cheap.png)

No. 826561

This makes me think that she had a weekly allowance from her dad to spend on groceries, essentials and she just used to spend it all on smack. Now she's replacing one addiction for another, compulsive shopping and hoarding.

No. 826563

She’s on lamictal which is used for bipolar disorder, she could have more energy since she’s sober and be on a manic shopping spree. She’s always bought a ton of useless stuff but this is a lot for her

No. 826567

ya see I knew I was fucking right about her being all by herself. lurch is in jail or something. she's so fucking insecure. her dad dying does suck but why the fuck broadcast ur impulsive and- at this point- DESPERATE spending sprees at such a time like this? it's just sad. she's so shallow.

No. 826570

What makes you think shes without lurch…..?
She's not.

No. 826574

NTA but probably the conditional discharge part. TBH I do net get how the criminal system works in USA so I have no idea where Lurch is atm

No. 826575

I saw her “haul” post in IG and immediately thought it’s from grave robbing spree.
They are not as grimy as usual but usually she mentions the price (CHEAP) if she’s shopping with daddy’s credit card or stealing from physical store.

No. 826579

Maybe her dad actually is in the hospital for some reason and shes just going ham with his credit/debit card or something cuz hes not able to notice at the moment

No. 826597

The conditional discharge would mean no drug court, testing, probation, community service, unless he screws up again in the next few years. It definitely doesn’t mean he is in jail.

No. 826600

File: 1615651504803.png (188.19 KB, 998x250, 1993661-1c8869d99d20df2acde166…)

No. 826617

There’s no thrift store, especially not in NY, that would sell tuk for for $11. Especially not a popular style.

No. 826632

the way she keeps talking about his court stuff idfk im just a retard

No. 826640

File: 1615669185536.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 0D0A0815-2BDB-453E-BA74-D1D3E2…)

new fb profile pic… those filters though

No. 826700

File: 1615680390776.jpg (66.17 KB, 553x868, old-english-sheepdog-2.jpg)

No. 826717

Jesus Christ that fried hair has me dead

No. 826729

Holy shit I didn't notice. Those ends are CRISPY. Theyre 100% going to break off and she'll have short hair again kek after all her "hard work" growing it out

No. 826740

Holy fuck she's turned her hair into spaghetti, that will literally be bubblegum when it's wet

No. 826766

she will have to cut her hair off…otherwise enjoy those dreds tuna

No. 826794


She's been taking her dad's benzos for years, not him taking hers

No. 826796


The Xanax is not prescribed. And Seroquel doesn't help with withdrawals, it just makes people sleep. Doctors give it out easily on your first visit. You don't know wtf you're talking about

No. 826797

I think anon might be talking about Gabapentin or Wellbutrin, which they give to addicts to help with withdrawal and mood. You have to take handfuls of pills to get high on them. But I think that's the "baby heroin" anon was trying to talk about.

No. 826806

File: 1615744389741.jpg (687.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210314-175206_Fac…)

Her showing off her hair like she's really proud of it in the caption like the really thinks she's done something other than frazzle it and turn it into straw. Everything about this girl from the way she sees her hair, to herself to other people and the world is pure delusion

No. 826810

Since she follows J* she should see he shaved all his dead bleached hair, maybe she'll be inspired lol.

No. 826813

She is so infuriating. Luna should have learned from the last time she was evicted, after all she spent months afterwards crying and moaning about “losing 90%” of her stuff. Her shit should be all in garbage bags for when the police or landlord inevitably come in and tells her she has 5 mins to get out. I think she’s hoping Papa Tuna will croak soon and she will get his apartment. All of this new furniture and she will have absolutely no way to bring them with her when she’s kicked out.
Zero foresight or sense of future planning, like others have said

No. 826836

Seroquel is mainly prescribed as an anti-psychotic in high doses and not easily attainable by doctors. You’re NOT going to start off getting seroquel for sleep. It is sold on the street, for multiple reasons including withdrawals.

No. 826847

Her hair looks like dirty old fringe on a ruined carpet or something, it looks disgusting.

No. 826850

LOL - I thought it was a picture of worn, dirty nylon rope!

No. 826857

yeah, I’ve been prescribed everything under the sun for insomnia and seroquel has never been brought up. i think she gets it for BPD (or some sort of bipolar disorder) primarily and just tells her doctor it helps her sleep. there are plenty of meds that are definitely not prescribed for insomnia but are given because sleepiness is a big side effect and its actual use can benefit a patient as well.

No. 826865

I dm'ed her once to try melatonin for her insomnia but she just ignored it/left me on read lmao(cowtipping)

No. 826870

What the fuck? Very weird comparison but it looks like what happens when a snake vomits up a white mouse it ate before it was fully digested.
Inb4 Luna ebegging for deep conditioning treatments or biotin gummies because her hair's breaking off

No. 826871

waiting on a brad mondo reaction video

No. 826872

The fact that she bought this like, edgy joke ceramic urn to decorate "her" living room with, while her "more of a father to me than my real hep c dad" rodger presumably still sits mouldering away under mountains of hoard in a government issue cardboard box is….a lot, even for tuna.

No. 826874

File: 1615759048159.png (1.57 MB, 1230x1922, luna1.png)

No. 826876

File: 1615759089223.jpg (164.99 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ebe48e3bb141dda82ae3c83…)

No. 826877

Maybe you can distract yourself from those demons by getting a job, Tuna.

No. 826895

Looks like something a sick dog would vomit up.

>How do I face these demons that I've surpressed for so many years?
Have you tried growing up? Being a normal, functional adult?

No. 826897

File: 1615762999620.jpg (415.77 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210314-225842_Fac…)

I really can't wait till this bitch doesn't have a roof to store all her cheap cheap cheap useless shit in. Her constant begging is like an addiction in itself cause she never goes a day without posting online on one of her accounts asking for some really useless dumb shit. Her posts are so fucking annoying i lowkey can't believe she's a real person and not a troll with her lack of self awsrness. Idk if u guys agree but i find this beg particularly annoying though. I think its because outside of begging all she has done lately is post her cheap buys or poor me scenarios to benifit off i.e dad. Fuck this bitch. One day she will wise up and beg for a shopping trolly and cases to pack up all her cheap plastic crap so she can take it with her when she finally ascends to true street junky level when she Looses her house when its a bit warmer

No. 826899

File: 1615763303028.jpg (33.05 KB, 720x697, bdd.jpg)

>would anyone wanna buy me cheap -

No. 826901

There's a lot of "and" in this entitled post. I don't get why people don't tell her ass off for always begging for shit but refusing to get a job.

No. 826904


Seroquel is very easily prescribed by any psychiatrist. Any. If you have a history of addiction and can't sleep or have anxiety, Seroquel is given. To show how easy it is, California, Washington, Florida, and New Jersey psychiatrists have all offered me Seroquel on my very first visit, either to take at night in a larger dose or smaller doses 3 times a day to control anxiety. It isn't used as whatever tf Dateline watching anon is calling bAbY hEroIn, which I guarantee you can walk around any hood asking for and they'll know you know nothing about drugs and ask wtd you're talking about. Tuna wasn't given gabapentin, but gabapentin anon mentioned is given to addicts kicking dope. It gives you energy in regular doses and really high doses just make you sleepy. But it takes away your anxiety and is easy for people to abuse because it creates feel-good feelings. It's easier getting high on that than Seroquel. Seroquel makes you sleep and doesn't give any euphoria at all.

No. 826905


Seroquel will never get anyone high, but it'll knock you tf out and if you try to walk around while heavily sedated on it, you'll just fall and hurt your face

No. 826907

lol is that supposed to be a methadone bottle next to her foot on the right side (left foot from the character's perspective)

No. 826909

Going on 25, and no growth as a person since she was 17. Sad.

No. 826910

That angle next to her switch on the 3rd pic looks alot like something fresh off someone's grave, wonder if she's been grave robbing again or if its old loot

No. 826911

I swear since the dawn of tunas lowcow threads and her art was first posted she just draws the same thing over and over again. Bitch is so braindead she cant even figure out how to do a new doodle. All the stuff is placed the exact same, she has drawn this piece so many times over im not sure why she thinks she needs art supplies when all her drawings turn out the same shitty thing.

No. 826912


Maybe a really distorted, poorly drawn one. The top is similar, but the bottom is much larger than a real one. Who knows though, Luna's aRt is just shitty doodles.

No. 826913

File: 1615767459215.png (323.07 KB, 793x299, 1.PNG)

Those chairs straight up look like they got stolen from a church.

No. 826915

File: 1615771067816.jpg (642.66 KB, 1080x1715, 20210314_211717.jpg)

Luna doesn't look very sober in this photo

No. 826916

Texture aside, the colour turned out okay. Shocker

No. 826917

i wonder how long she left the bleach in kek

No. 826919

Implying she washed it out…

No. 826924

No tuna, it doesn’t sound silly…it sounds pathetic and stupid.

No. 826926

The color looks so bad on her. She looks like a 50yo cougar.

No. 826928

Her expression plus the typing are a dead giveaway. inb4 she claims it's just her prescribed meds.

No. 826930

Sage for blog but I’ve definitely been prescribed sero strictly for sleeping by my psych at a low dose without a bipolar or BPD diagnoses.

No. 826931

Yeah you fucking wish that was you ya saggy tit bittch

No. 826935

>It isn't used as whatever tf Dateline watching anon is calling bAbY hEroIn
My bad, I was reading this study where they refer to it as such https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2848462/
Didn't know it'd trigger so many anons days after I wrote it. I tend to look up the shit she's taking so I am talking out of my ass.

No. 826936

Someone had asked how she gets this stuff, if you look at the comments, it’s a bunch of middle aged Instagram ladies who are also “recovering addicts”. The people who follow her are very gullible and I’ve seen others try to tell them about who she is in the comments, but they get aggressive and say this site and kiwi farms is “fake” and “hateful.” She probably posts her son story in recovery groups on Facebook filled with people like i just said occupy her comments on Instagram. She deletes and blocks and negativity in her comments, they may sit there for a minute, but once she’s out of her dope filled head and it’s sort of clear she is sure to get rid of it.

No. 826937

Do these people have milk? I don't have insta or fb so I can't look at their profiles.

No. 826938


Some lady who just commented they were gonna send her trinkets from England, on her newest ebeg post, has recovering addict in her Bio. I looked back at some old photos as well and similar ppl comment getting stuff fit the same profile. They seem older and gullible, barely even know how to use the internet.

No. 826939

I'm not sure how it is with docs in NY State, but a lot of other places require you to piss clean before a new script for a controlled substance such as Benzos, can be prescribed. Some will even routinely test you every couple of months.

No. 826942

New Yorker here. Doctors are strict with prescriptions. I have literally had to sign a contract with a doctor that stated if I popped dirty for anything other than what I was supposed to be taking, I would be terminated as a patient.

No. 826949

File: 1615809197101.jpg (243.54 KB, 1080x1893, 15032021125217.jpg)

I feel bad for those poor souls. Honey, Luna will not be your penpal. She's only interested in your money

No. 826952

File: 1615810651751.jpg (574.1 KB, 1080x1310, IMG_20210315_131411.jpg)

idk anon, those all seem like egirls simping for Tuna. No elderly ladies in sight

No. 826953

File: 1615810846494.jpg (707.49 KB, 1080x5462, 15032021131627.jpg)

meant to post this pic first, but whatever

No. 826955

tuna, how's that baseball journalist thing going? damn I really hope she loses her place to stay, what an entitled bitch

No. 826957

I can back this up too, same thing with a contract. Luna probably has a lead on a quack Dr. that doesn’t care.

No. 826960

They're also hiding behind a thousand filters and look like blimps in clothes that are about to burst. They're also really dumb as hell for falling for anything that Luna says. So in a way, they are relatable to Tuna.

I'm kind of hoping that her dad does end up dying just to cut off her main supply of money. She'll have these idiots to fall back on, but there aren't many of them.

No. 826961


A lot of Medicaid and regular psychiatrists do telehealth and don't even drug test anymore. Of course it depends on the doctor, but my NY psychiatrist was through Medicaid and all psychiatrist appointments and meds are done via telehealth, like Zoom. No drug testing necessary. But they're all not going to prescribe benzos to an addict.

No. 826962

File: 1615816961020.gif (1.12 MB, 477x250, FlippantSpottedEmperorpenguin-…)

>these demon

No. 826965

I like the color. But I’d like to see it brushed

No. 826969

File: 1615822517476.jpg (396.67 KB, 1080x1575, 20210315_152208.jpg)

I find it fummy her talking about making things for friends probably to convince someoke to buy her stuff when we all know luna doesnt have a giving bone in her body and would be to selfish to part with anything she made even if it was completely crappy cause she would be uwu so attached to it

No. 826971

How are you going to gift things to friends when you don't have any?

No. 826972

wow she has fucking copics. absolutely wasted on her. just stick to cheaper markers til you get better luna. Its not worth the cost until you can actually USE them

No. 826974

Yep, she’s been begging for copics for years. Because she can’t create her visual masterpieces with a CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP marker. I’m reading through Luna’s threads and I just want to shake her. It’s hard to believe she’s even a real person. She is almost 25, and she has achieved literally NOTHING since she was 16.

No. 826975

Is she too retarded to look online for embroidery tools? There are probably millions of tutorials online.
She’s probably hoping somebody will send her a start up kit. I can’t wait to see her embroidery “art”. Most of what she is probably seeing that makes her want to do it is either done by a seasoned, talented artist or a machine that costs as much as a car and she will never be able to afford.

No. 826978

I hate her art. What's the point if it's indistinguishable from a 3 year old's art?

No. 826984

Short answer- yes she is too retarded. I mean not really- if she went looking online for everything how would she be able to beg for people to buy this shit for her? Further she seems to think being spoon fed information is her right- “only plebes google things! Also don’t just find the information for me but autopay for me to have cheep cheep cheep “ etc etc

No. 826987

Her way of setting up these "shrines" for photos is so … weird, like I don't know how to express that it makes her look like she's in the mental state of a 14-year-old first discovering internet.

No. 826993

She probably is mentally stunted around that age. No excuse for her whacked out behavior though.

No. 826998


There ARE tons of free tutorials on every kind of craft, especially embroidery and stitching. There are even blogs devoted to newbies explaining what you need to get started, how to practice, and tons of videos showing all of this. Luna is just lazy and only Googles things related to drugs and drug addicted celebrities because she's got a 1 track mind

No. 827001

File: 1615835111710.png (624.49 KB, 828x1792, 867048E2-DEF8-48C9-BE69-A3434F…)

No. 827002

Lmao what did she expect? What a loser

No. 827004

Well, one out of four ain't bad. Kek

No. 827006

It's almost as if renters don't want scum like Luna getting into their units and squatting. Anyone who works fast food part time can provide everything on that to at least get a look at an apartment, even if they can't afford it.

No. 827008

File: 1615838391467.jpeg (25.36 KB, 430x250, 7C2057FD-BB32-4EB1-9699-5FD109…)

Stfu Luna

No. 827011

Omfg I scream laughed

No. 827019

Right? Like, wtf did she expect them to do, say "oh yes pls just come on by and I'll hand you a ring full of apartment keys so you can browse our selection at your leisure, rly rly nice of you to apply for my apartments!"?

For someone who has had six months' notice to move at this point, and has allegedly been apartment hunting all that time, how can she not expect the basics? They didn't even ask for a credit report, which is usually mandatory as well.

If she's looking for a handshake deal she needs to be looking for Craigslist roommates.

No. 827020

Yeah, it's become a pattern for Luna. She literally NEVER does her own research. She has an entire internet to pirate books, games, comic, films etc. at her disposal. Yet she always takes out the same 5 grimey books for inspiration. Anytime she's supposedly interested in something, she asks her IG followers about it. Not only she expects them to do the research for her, she also wants people to buy her the games, books, supplies etc.
She is completely incapable of showing the bare minimum of interest in things that she wants to do. I don't get this. Yeah I know, blablabla depression. Even then most people at least look up something of interest like once a year.
Weird how she's always able to google things to buy for herself!
I kind of like those photos. Or would if they weren't so tryhard, grimey and repetive.
NGL USA is crazy when it comes to renting apartments but Luna should be well aware of that by now lmfao. She is an amerifat, after all. Always been one. This isn't her first rodeo.

No. 827034

She literally posted a picture of herself high as fuck so she shouldn't be proud of herself.

I'm assuming her time is running out if she's looking for an apartment. It's getting warm here in NY so the landlord can kick her out soon.

No. 827048

do luna and lurch have like, any junkie friends? bc it’s surprising to me that she’s never gotten an offer online by someone that they’ll let them crash on the couch.

No. 827050

I highly doubt it. As far back as I can remember we have never seen her and lurch doing anything with anyone- no couple s hangouts or her talking about friends coming over- nothing. The only time we ever hear about anyone in her orbit they are dead or “hateful ebil family uwu” so no- I doubt she has any friends only lurch which does fit the narrative of grooming from when she met him.

No. 827051

Nope, no friends. My guess is that one would rob the other.

No. 827053

lmao at her weak ass attempt to hide the address and email. Probably intentional. Even if they could get in there is no way they could afford an apartment in fucking midtown. She's seriously stunted like a 17 yr old who's looking for their first apartment except they at least have an excuse to be cluess she's just a parasite

No. 827054


More like she begged him to groom her and he finally relented (supposedly when she was 18 she says), but said he'd take her as she is because she's too pathetic to even try to groom.


Not to give Tuna any scam ideas, but other than apartment managers who actually run your credit themselves through their creditor(s) of choice, all of the things she listed to get an apartment is extremely easy to create with a little document knowledge, a little editing, and knowing how to set up alternate numbers to represent anyone the apartment management will call. How do to NyC jUnKiEs not know how to get around shit?! However, the fake documents will get them in deep shit of they can't pay.

No. 827056

File: 1615853478887.jpg (313.54 KB, 1080x1813, 20210316_001000.jpg)

For someone sober she looks like she just did a shot looking at her eyes and how doped she looks. Maybe this is the beginning of relapse saga? Since she made it a month and can now get her shitty tattoo and piercing

No. 827057

yeah this makes me wonder if she actually did go through a albeit minor detox and is back on the horse and high af. I've never seen this faded except for maybe in the beginning. This doesn't just look like xans to me

No. 827058

i’m compelled to believe it’s just xans since she is probably overusing them to compensate for no dope. but considering how many xans she’s taken over the years, i’m not sure that she could ever get this high without stopping for a while.

i’m wondering if she’s getting painkillers and doesn’t consider it using.

No. 827060

Loving the eyelashes over her hair the filter gave her. Very anime.

No. 827061

File: 1615856772338.jpg (247.73 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-010514_Fac…)

Stfu tuna, stfu

No. 827062

File: 1615856868500.jpg (309.4 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210316-010533_Fac…)

Your bpd isnt the problem. The fact you blame everything around u but put 0 effort into bettering yourself as a person\writer\artist whatever then blame everyone and thing else because your sad about the results of your lazinessm

No. 827063

File: 1615858055345.jpg (215.04 KB, 1080x1788, 20210316_012548.jpg)

Posted twice with a slightly tweaked caption she's probably sulking because nobody bought her embroidery stuff or a apparentment yet

No. 827064

File: 1615858173596.jpg (178.04 KB, 1080x1599, 20210316_012602.jpg)

No luna, pumpkin hates you too, she's just using you for food how you use everyone else for cheap! cheap! cheap! trinkets

No. 827070


it's not much but at least she doesn't have crusty concealer mouth anymore that shit was killing me

No. 827071

I checked out some of their apartments and they are way above tuna league. Even the cheapest is $1500, small and meant for singles that make decent money in the city. Tbh, if I worked in the city and had to commute I’d rent one of these.

No. 827072

these cows all thing their mental health will improve with no work or counseling at all. Like they can just sit there and manifest it and wake up one day cured

No. 827073

and then she self medicates herself with dope and benzos which do nothing but keep her lazy, content with her shitty life, and unproductive. in a previous thread, it was theorized she was probably awake for like 6 hours a day with all the drugs she does. she thinks a miracle is gonna come and save her but even if she got an amazing opportunity, she’d be too high and lazy to take it.

No. 827074

Amazing she feels like a loser…that’s normal she is a loser. And it feels like she is lurking since we were talking about how she has no friends and voila her cat is her only friend. So she’s dealing with a level of reality all the sudden lol

No. 827075

File: 1615862890457.jpeg (1.49 MB, 3464x3464, B0509EE7-8FE6-49C7-A42E-B05C1B…)

either a farmer or people are catching on

No. 827076

Just bite the bullet and get roommates Luna. That’s what life is like for most twenty somethings here in NYC. There is no privacy, no glamour, no LOWER EAST SIDE APARTMENT in your future if you wanna live in this fucking city at this point in your life. Take the scraps you have and consider yourself blessed because it seems like things are only going to get worse for you.

I can’t with her sometimes. She barely even leaves her apartment… what difference does it make if she lives here or in Wisconsin? So delusional

No. 827078

File: 1615863486481.jpeg (374.23 KB, 717x723, A2E8A15D-B2B9-4401-818B-B9AD8F…)

> “I’ve never mentioned sobriety”
yeah okay, kek

No. 827079


Not a doctor but I'm pretty sure you don't suddenly develop a "lazy eye" for the first time in adulthood unless a really serious, hospitalization tier event happens, like a stroke.

No. 827080

yeah she’s lying about the lazy eye obvi

No. 827083

File: 1615864878753.jpg (163.44 KB, 1080x1200, 20210316_031842.jpg)


No new milk but someone else was catching on on another selfie earlier. Lol at the lazy eye excuse. Luna lazy eye who was such a lazy person even her eyes went lazy and rolled back into her head (she's totally not on drugs) sounds like a cautionary tale u would tell toddlers to make sure they don't grow up lazy and be a leech like luna

No. 827084

File: 1615865645187.jpeg (429.63 KB, 750x1278, 970EFF63-8578-4726-A50C-ED0BB6…)

Girl don’t even start lol, all you do is consume

No. 827086

live in ny and moving atm. because of covid shit is much harder there is no way in hell she and lurch are going to get a place. i would legit be shocked if they found anything willing to even be shown to them(no1curr)

No. 827087


lmao i don't think they make environmentally friendly sanrio pill cases even for rich people

No. 827088

Her eyes have been watching two different galaxies since she started heroine.

She has a million people buying her things, she can afford environment friendly things since she's not the one paying for them.

No. 827090

How about not buying a mountain of useless shit shipped straight from China, like cheap cheap clothes and cheap cheap plastic lights?

Especially since the moment they get kicked out she will just throw everything in the trash and start back up again buying dollar store crap. She knows she’s going to get kicked out and trying to squat as long as she can. It’s ridiculous that’s she’s trying to buy furniture and decoration that will end up too disgusting for it to be re-sold or donated.

No. 827099

only time I've seen a lazy eye develop in adulthood was with a girl that smoked a shit-ton of k2. Maybe her xans are represses from the street or she is doing dope again and it's cut with some nasty shit

also have to agree I could've sworn she has had a very slight lazy eye for quite some time and it only comes out when she's really fucked up. It's not uncommon for dope users idk why

No. 827105

It's because when you're fucked up on something often you can't focus your eyes, the muscles relax too much. I've seen it happen to chronic drinkers too, since alcohol is a depressant. That's why they say someone is so drunk they see double, the eyes are out of focus looking every which way and can't produce a merged picture.
Since she doesn't drink, she must be on some heavy depressants, ie this "new medication that makes me sleepy". Any guesses what that is?

No. 827122

Nah, it's just the drugs. She's really out of it and it's obvious. Her sober schtick is bullshit and she knows it.

No. 827127

I knew a month ago that it was just a grift to get people to send her presents because only endless junk and literal junk make her happy.

No. 827132

I will only believe Luna is sober if she livestreams a pee test and proves that there's no condom filled with clean piss in her vagina.

No. 827148

She’s zonked out on benzos as per usual; she was showing off five 2 mg Xanax bars just yesterday and claimed she HAD to take a bar because her hands shook.

But don’t worry! She definitely isn’t physically addicted to benzos. It was just her anxiety and The Sad. Send presents immediately..

No. 827164

Except she's seen them and none of them fit her 'aesthetic'. She doesn't want bunkbeds, she doesn't want a studio/one bedroom. She wants an entire penthouse for under a studio price.

No. 827165

to be fair, I can't think of many couples who would be okay with the sleeping arrangement of a pair of bunk beds over a bed that they can share

No. 827168

At this point beggars can't be choosers. Then again Luna's posts could fill the entirety of r/ChoosingBeggars

No. 827169


No she wants an entire house for free lol. As long as it’s cheap cheap cheap. God every time I read her shit I hear a canary

No. 827176

>tfw I just watched George Carlin's "Saving the Planet"

No. 827178

OT a bit but how exactly is 1 phone 1 battery worse than 1 phone multiple batteries? Maybe I’m missing something but I thought batteries were the real problem.

No. 827187

luna is so bad at lying it’s incredible. “oh i was looking at my window” bitch what?

No. 827188

Actually manifest esotropia related to opiate withdrawal is surprisingly common, I read a study about it because it happened to me.

No. 827190

This is for sure what she wants. She wants it under $10 or free. With her dad having health issues and now health bills, how the hell is she going to afford it? With Lurch's stimulus check? That's probably not even enough for a security deposit on a $1500 place.

No one cares about your lazy eye.

No. 827192

Weren't Luna and Lurch collecting unemployment for a bit as well? She's going to have to pay taxes on that so girls in for a treat.

No. 827193

File: 1615926495582.png (310.93 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_20210316-212347.png)

So I just glanced upon one of the papers, and it says esotropia (cross eyed) was present in opiate withdrawal, but exotropia (wall eyed) was present in opiate intake.
Luna has the second thing going on.

No. 827222

I think the concept that either of them have decent credit or enough money to back a larger down payment due to poor credit seems wild to me. What apartment application isn’t doing a credit check and confirming steady income?? They’d have to find the sketchiest of landlords and that doesn’t seem feasible for all her hearts desires inan apartment.

No. 827223

>What would you buy to start

Literally a needle, thread and a hoop.
I know she's asking so people would send her shit but this is such a stupid question

No. 827224

Agree! What she is actually saying is “what will YOU buy ME to start?”

No. 827227

Its not even subtle. I can't believe people dont call these posts out for the blatent begging but the drama isn't worth it because she wont change thats for sure. It would be like calling out a brick wall.

No. 827235

Kinda related but looks like she deleted the birthday ebeg post. Looking forward to seeing what she manages to make those retarded girls send her.

No. 827236

File: 1615949500877.png (392.1 KB, 1078x2424, IMG_20210317_035103.png)

No. 827239

What happened someone call her out for her obvious bullshit begging?

No. 827240

>you just get to drink juice and draw like preschool and pretend real life and your issues don't exist for a few weeks

Luna, you've been drinking Matthew's piss from a carton and drawing the same shitty doodles while pretending nothing outside your grimy hoard of plushies exists for the past few years.

No. 827250

Yeah, when her begging gets called out or she doesn’t get any suckers to bite she usually puts out manipulative “I’m going to kill myself if you don’t send me gifts”… umm I really don’t know what to call this, poetry(?) is what tuna calls it. She’s been doing the exact same thing for years now.

No. 827251

Yeah, this time last year she was suicide baiting constantly until someone bought her the Switch she wanted so much.

No. 827252

I didn't even think about that at the time but you're right. Landlords usually run a credit and background check. Lurch's background check alone will be a huge hell no for landlords.

A couple of years ago she said that she begs because it works. So yeah, she's not going to stop. Even when she got massively called out on Facebook, she disappeared for a long while and started begging in private. Now she's doing it out in the open again.

No one cares Tuna, you're an adult not a teen, shut the fuck up.

Still can't believe someone got her that. You'd think that naive person would look at Tuna's situation and tell her to get her priorities straight.

No. 827264

at this point, her whole shtick of being the most fucked up skinny cute blonde addict is worn out.

imagine thinking your life of getting to skate by with no job or degree as people send you gifts is the worst and no one could ever understand you.

No. 827268


No. 827270

Ffs Luna, you've been taking your meds for about two days and the last (one) time you've been inpatient you also left after a few days, of course both won't do shit. Especially when your psych prescribes you THREE new meds at once, this might fuck your brain even more than popping Xanax bars and letting Lurch shoot H into your wobbly thighs where it gets lost anyway kek. Even the brattiest teenager has more mental strength than this bitch

No. 827278

Lets not forget the reasons she left impatient -cause they didn't have pizza and the food was bad

No. 827281


No. 827282

File: 1615990358617.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 1495585820885.png)

It's ridiculous but that's not the real reason. The real one is even sadder than that.

She pitched a fit because the portions were 'too small' and said "An average person would eat at least two of those if not three"

She made an entire blogpost about how little food they got for lunch. On top of that if I remember right, she got some hard truths about Lurch and called it quits soon after. Not that she was doing much but taking OOTD selfies in the bathroom and complaining about how the program was starving her.

No. 827283

File: 1615990977989.jpeg (235.4 KB, 750x499, 7A4C3476-8B88-4D20-ACAA-01E45A…)

No. 827284

File: 1615991051068.jpeg (713.89 KB, 750x1187, E8B3BF31-4104-4367-AD62-61314B…)

Poor Luna is miserable! Thank god she gathered enough strength to take a selfie.

No. 827286

lmao she doesn’t pay jack shit for her insurance. get real luna. literally a choosing beggar.

No. 827288

lmao that is so embarrassing, what a fatass

No. 827289

What truths did she learn about lurch?

No. 827295


Luna would love to have ever been inpatient, outpatient isn't tragic or special enough.

No. 827297

Well, what do you think? Basically that she will not get mental help until she becomes clean and she cannot do that as long as she's with her dealer

No. 827299

She is such a selfish twat, guaranteed there were people in her group that were literally, visibly malnourished and here is this 6’ tall, blond Bigfoot wearing slippers complaining about the portions. This may have been their only meal for the day. She has never starved, she may have been hungry a time or 2, just like the rest of us, but she has never been grateful to get a small meal to take the pains away.
Luna is the only cow on here that can make me want to a-log.

No. 827302

She didn't drop out of therapy because she didn't like the food, she dropped out because they refused to work with her while she was an active addict. And for what americans pay in medical bills/insurance, the food at hospitals IS fucking abysmal.

No. 827306

> “So you’ve become bffs with your old pals scissors, knives, and razor blades”

Of course she cuts herself for attention. Or so she says. Has anyone ever even seen any self harm scars on her? I feel like she would be the type to take pictures of it.

No. 827313

>Has anyone ever even seen any self harm scars on her?
lurk more

No. 827336

File: 1616016741939.jpeg (29.54 KB, 208x275, 32ACEDC0-70F2-4138-A49C-5DBD25…)

I was going back through the threads to look for evidence of self harm because I couldn’t remember seeing anything other than her writing shitty poetry about relapsing on it. But I found this pic all the way back from the first tuna thread, 5 years ago.
She just realized she was wall eyed though, kek.

No. 827339

Yikes lol. Yeah I don’t remember seeing any scars either. I’m sure if she cuts it is very superficial and wouldn’t leave too noticeable of a scar.

No. 827345

I am still searching but this is a womanchild that can’t shoot herself up with her own beloved “medicine” so I can’t really picture her with a razor to her skin. Most of us watched that video and she seemed very hesitant, almost scared to put a mostly painless needle in her fat legs.

No. 827350

File: 1616020406143.png (8.22 MB, 2048x1536, 7512137B-4E97-429D-8771-B9532A…)

So I did find a pic in the 10th thread of “the worst self harm relapse ever”. It’s honestly the only evidence up until then of self harm other than the super desperate poetry mentions.
The other anon mentioned it and I didn’t remember either but here is the proof that Tuna, in fact, self harms.

No. 827354

File: 1616021825256.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2880, 1503176820277.png)

there is plenty of proof but she shows them off casually.
Have another pic fron thread 13, I don't feel like looking for more but there you go

No. 827360

File: 1616029095193.jpg (496.42 KB, 1080x1714, IMG_20210318_015741.jpg)

the secondhand embarrassment is too much

No. 827362

File: 1616029183532.jpg (381.39 KB, 1080x1709, IMG_20210318_015938.jpg)

No. 827363

File: 1616029533995.jpg (312.38 KB, 1080x2072, 18032021020412.jpg)

How the fuck does she get all those female simps thirsty for her attention?

No. 827369

those eyebrows are hanging on for dear life

No. 827370

File: 1616030938807.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 70F02A7E-B544-4837-AA2E-4B035E…)

They say birds of a feather flock together…

“I got a V8 pussy with a Cadillac ass” lmao what???

No. 827372

File: 1616032214490.png (96.9 KB, 808x924, stimulus.png)

No. 827373

Kek, she says husband and then fiance. They're already cheating the government with the unemployment money, so I hope he doesn't get one.

No. 827376

InB4 “we never got our stimmies the awful crackheads next door stoled it! Send me cwute stuff I’m sooo sad rn need coptics and Sanrio…

No. 827378

Getting some real Vicki vibes here.

No. 827382

>links photos of multiple things
"I was going to get these really cute and CHEAP stuff with the money! It would really cheer me up if someone could help"

She's so fucking irritating. Also, how much do you want to bet that they're relying on that stimulus check to try to get an apartment? Tuna knows nothing about the requirements necessary to get a place cause all she ever does is squat.

No. 827386

im fakeboitherottengirl, I lurk here. Im not a simp, I have never sent her money or material possessions, I literally am that nice to anybody who I see post about struggling, shes just very public with her struggles and so I feel compelled to be kind to her because I know that anybody posting that candidly about their struggles needs reassurance and support and if I can make somebody in a shitty situation feel a little less shitty at no cost to myself other than the 2 minutes it takes to reply to a post, then I do. I know she has BPD and attention/reassurance is important to her. I don't expect anything in return, other than the fact that being nice to her makes me feel a little less guilty about snooping in these threads (but im not above it and Im not going to pretend like I am).
I promise that im the least interesting person, Im sorry that the milk is dry but I thought as far as these threads go Ive already been designated "fat and unimportant" and I'd prefer if weirdos didn't post screencaps of my tumblr on hate forums for the crime of being too kind.

Also "v8 pussy and Cadillac ass" is a reference to a line in the movie "Gummo" I swear im not interesting, or worth posting here, Im not worth discussing, I'm literally just a retarded kid who spergs about horror movies and reblogs gay GTAV fanart and if this could be the last time I had to post a message like this in one of these threads that would be really swell. I know Im probably going to catch a b& for this novel of a post but I'd prefer to stay a spectator in all of this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827388

> I don't expect anything in return, other than the fact that being nice to her makes me feel a little less guilty about snooping in these threads (but im not above it and Im not going to pretend like I am).
Find another way to cope though, this is embarrassing. I wonder if she doesn't reply because she knows that you post here.

No. 827389

It’s been mentioned numerous times but she’s aware of her threads but apparently doesn’t read them, and Luna is one of the rarer cows that I can actually believe doesn’t and wouldn’t dare to read about herself online, she wouldn’t be able to handle it and she knows that. I’d honestly be incredibly surprised if she ever actually read any of her threads.

No. 827391

File: 1616048212601.jpeg (957.75 KB, 1125x1841, 08F6C522-1183-44C6-A6A5-8DF915…)

Stocked up on more cheap garbage she absolutely needs

No. 827392

This is some manipulative shit and I’m not here for it lol. Your Tumblr is straight up embarrassing. Idk what’s wrong with you but it doesn’t need to be your whole identity (I say that as a fellow crazy).


No. 827393

I know that it's been mentioned but who knows.

No. 827405


lol damn methany you shady two face. If you don't wanna get screencapped don't publicly simp for luna every chance you get

No. 827407

Guys I just realized it’s not her daddy’s credit she might be blowing. It’s the stimulus she probably received right?
Maybe acting like she didn’t get it and is basically wasting it on cheap cheap cheaps so ppl can still “donate” to her cause.

No. 827409

Probably both.
Shes not hurting for money, ever.

Also how funny there has been ZERO posts from her about her "dad dying" since the first copy-paste ones she posted everywhere. Knew it was fake.

No. 827410

>makes me feel a little less guilty about snooping in these threads (but im not above it and Im not going to pretend like I am).
>I'd prefer if weirdos didn't post screencaps of my tumblr on hate forums for the crime of being too kind.
Anyway weirdos gonna weirdo, you should have learned that by now. Your hypocritical bitching only makes me want to keep a closer eye on you. It's embarrassing to see you throw yourself at a junkie that doesn't give a single fuck about you. Read the room or spam her with dms at least lmfao. And if you really care, throw your money at her or at least stop browsing 'hate forums', you weirdo.

No. 827411

I’m amazed there’s even space in the house for the sheer amount of crap that she has. I have followed Luna since the skwisgaarskwigelf days and have always believed her shopping addiction to be way more intense than her heroin/drug addiction. She’s literally not been sober for the past five years, I know, but she cries within hours of getting something new that she NEEDS another shitty pastel pink top for her to crust it up in. Drugs have ruined her in countless ways, and her crippling shopping addiction that people SOMEHOW keep enabling is what’s keeping her a spoiled brat.

No. 827412

Luna doesn't reply to her because she's not offering money or cheap cheap cheap gifts.

No. 827413

also princess feel nothing in her bio is from a ginger bronson song…… maybe step away from the farms lolol

No. 827414

She also followed Soren on here and is an extroon radfem. All this while obsessing over Luna. Pretty sure she also posted her trauma story of being groomed by a bdsm lesbian both here and on her blog also bet she's responsible for thirstposting about uggo GTA. guy in husbandos or unconventional attractions
Imagine recklessly showcasing your farming and yet being offended when you are capped for interacting with a cow like a thirsty yandere

No. 827415

If memory serves, her obsessive simping was pointed out in one of the last few threads and she came here to defend herself with the same response from other farmers. She still interacts with anything Luna posts and gets ignored, probably because she's a desperate creep and even Luna would be able to notice. She's almost cow status herself.

No. 827420

I'm pretty sure this is a mtf. They used to obsessively comment on my tumblr and always ask weird questions. They stalk anyone that has an alt-ish tumblr. It's creepy.

No. 827421

File: 1616077959205.jpg (559.98 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_70a2bf244e8cf41bf9e255e…)

im sure its detrooned ftm though its kinda hard to tell in some photos

No. 827422

Absolutely disgusting

No. 827424

well would you look at that? ur probably right. total weird troonish vibes all over the place though. i've never seen a pic of them. thanks for blinding me anon.

No. 827430

File: 1616082103468.png (Spoiler Image,403.82 KB, 450x626, Screenshot_20210318-102107.png)


No. 827431

Please tell me this isn't actually a photo of fakeboi. I beg you

No. 827433

A glimpse into Trisha Payta's future in a group home

No. 827434

File: 1616084411922.png (457.33 KB, 1125x386, Screenshot_2021-03-18 Basement…)


No. 827435

File: 1616084736866.png (451.72 KB, 1974x2048, Screenshot_20210318-034650.png)

No. 827436

>She's almost cow status herself.

Well she definitely is now >>827434 So does she go in the fakeboi/transtrender thread now?

Damn, no wonder Tuna ignores the hell out of this thing.

No. 827437

Maybe we should have a tuna calves thread on /snow/? She's a tuna calf anyway more than a FTM (which she no longer is). Worst case the thread dies. Could be useful in case another crazy case like the ex-USSR girl starts orbiting Luna.

No. 827438

Good idea.

No. 827439

What the hell did you expect when you outed yourself here? If you hadn’t commented I can 100% assure you we would’ve just moved on and never mentioned you again.
Maybe don’t bring attention to yourself on an anonymous forum. It’ll never end well.

No. 827440

Trisha is also trying to be funny

No. 827442

I'm not her anon, I just posted the ss.

No. 827444

i guess she likes the attention bc if she was embarrassed she would’ve changed her url or made her page private

No. 827445

File: 1616085786092.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1439x2236, 811A9DC1-ED5D-4F37-A1B5-A7626D…)

anyway, I went looking in the past threads to see if Luna ever actually acknowledges this thread (nope) and I found hilarious old milk that’s actually aged like milk.

>”I don’t want roger to sleep on the couch”

or like, the dying old man could have had the bedroom and you could have used a futon in the living room? guess that’s not her style since despite saying this she made her mom sleep on the couch for two years.

No. 827446

OP here. She never specified. Just vague posted about how (to the best of my knowledge) the person said things about her relationship that made her cry and she quit soon after.

It's a bit weird how she can look like two different people sometimes. You see her strung out and zombie looking and then in this she looks like the typical stoner art student. A bit weird but not nightmarish like in >>827360

Daddy's credit card is going overtime. Then again she's not paying rent or bills because she's squatting. That stimmy is going to be spent in 24 hours, if not earlier.

No. 827447

I mean since she’s a dependent the money is going to her father. I wonder if she’ll have the nerve to ask him for it. If she’s using his credit card to buy things then she really does not deserve it. Lurch will be getting his though and I’m sure she’ll mooch off him.

No. 827449

File: 1616086426182.jpg (234.51 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_7fb186ff1318b7c3daef3d8…)

Are you sure that's a she, anon?>>827420
The shoulders and legs seem mtf to me.(derailing)

No. 827451

Stop shitting up the thread ffs

No. 827453

File: 1616087193204.png (586.05 KB, 1548x2048, Screenshot_20210318-100359.png)


I think this counts as a mention. She's definitely peeped her thread here or kf before.

No. 827455

Knowing Tuna, she'll tell him that it's her money anyway and will guilt him into giving it to her.

No. 827457

Kinda looks like chris chan as "christine". Somthing about the face and lack of awareness

No. 827459

I remember her saying she's gonna show the doubters how great she'll become. She definitely reads here

No. 827464

Oh I was replying to the screen cap

No. 827465

File: 1616090558373.jpg (123.4 KB, 720x1156, Luna poetry.jpg)

If anyone was shocked Luna told the social worker her mom's life is over, this is the poem she wrote half a year before the incident. https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/post/624852230661619712/my-mother-doesnt-deserve-to-be-fucking

No. 827466

Wow that’s fucked up

No. 827470

File: 1616092817476.jpg (108.18 KB, 720x918, Evil parents, Lurch good.jpg)

And without her parents she wouldn't have been living her extended adolescence, but she lacks the optics to see she would've been homeless by now. https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com/post/619780907781537792/i-feel-so-trapped-with-my-parents-they-treat-me

No. 827483

File: 1616098876876.jpg (302.55 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20210318-132010_Ins…)

Jesus that hair is fucked

No. 827484

File: 1616098899249.jpg (249.68 KB, 1080x1655, Screenshot_20210318-132002_Ins…)


No. 827485

I can’t get over her taking about a laundry room and not being able to do laundry in months….as if laundry mats don’t exist every where?! Can’t even be bothered to spare $10 every once in a while to not wear crusty knickers. Yikkkkeeeeees.

No. 827486

I see we're back to the shitty eyeliner

No. 827542

make this fucking make sense. she hates her parents because they’re addicts who neglected her as a child. so she becomes an addict who neglects everything but getting high and buying or stealing cheap trash. yet she’s embarrassed by her parents?

No. 827561

Good lord that's a big bitch

No. 827574

File: 1616125598460.jpg (105.74 KB, 910x724, luna2.jpg)

No. 827595

File: 1616140477474.png (148.03 KB, 625x315, cheap.png)

No. 827596

Saved up what? She literally has no income and has a million chairs in that crackden now.

No. 827599

Am I the only shocked she buys shit that doesn't even fit her uwu babydoll image? She must be really desperate for furniture to accept shit that isn't pastel pink

No. 827619

"I'm out of seroquel™" well you wouldn't be if you took one pill a day for 30 days like you're supposed to, by the time you ran out you'd have a new prescription. She literally just keeps outing herself for still abusing medication. Also, why the fuck would you abuse seroquel? This stuff is heavy and does nothing but put you to sleep. There are no recreational side effects from Seroquel.

No. 827626

That post was from 2019 but your point is still valid. It’s dumb she overtakes seroquel and runs out of it. I’m leaning more towards she was never actually prescribed it and got it from someone else (her mom? Her dad? Roger predeath? A weirdo drug dealer?)

No. 827642

how about instead of spending $50-200 on a fuzzy bean bag chair Luna you buy a gym membership for $20 a month.

You get access to the gym AND a shower and it's cheap cheap cheap. It blows my mind that she doesn't have any sense of self preservation or self improvement, even if she is an addict.. I've seen bag ladies/men use the local gym and bring their hoard with them (they put their stuff in the lockers). Fuck, she loves the idea of being a writer and artist so much but she can't even save $300 of the stim check to take a creative writing course at a college.

No. 827649

It's under $50, but the reviewers said they took it for their kids and that it's smaller than expected. Lol might not fit her lardass.

No. 827652

File: 1616171061240.png (537.27 KB, 1352x2048, Screenshot_20210319-091908.png)

Don't think that's going to fit her fat ass and if it does, she's going to squash it like an ice cream cake and ruin it's structure. All the reviews across JC Penney, ebay and amazon all say the same thing; super small, uncomfortable and cheap.

No. 827654

Because she’s literally never sober, anon, and hasn’t been for the past six or seven or however many years. ANY drug she gets her grubby hands on, she abuses. She legit cannot handle being sober at all. I don’t believe at all she actually was recently.

No. 827655

Omfg it's a tiny baby chair, this is so funny

No. 827657

even just looking at the picture against the wall, you can tell it's a small ass chair for a small child, not an adult, let alone a tall obese woman. she just buys shit carelessly all day everyday clearly, without taking into account if this is an intelligent purchase in the long run, as opposed to what she COULD be spending towards (a place to live, or like above anon said, a gym membership)

No. 827658

That chair is terrible to draw in. why wouldn't she get a desk and a real chair for drawing? I mean we all know why, but she acts like her art is so important and then does this

No. 827659

She’ll be able to fit like one cheek in that chair lol

No. 827660

Nice asscrack tits kek

No. 827669

File: 1616180983729.jpg (354.64 KB, 1080x1664, 20210319_190859.jpg)

I laugh at the "goddess" in diamonds on her ungodly body. The delusion

No. 827671

The ass in this picture looks twice the size of that chair just but proportions. This is the funniest shit

No. 827672

Damn baby girl has been eatinggg. Living in poverty and addicted but still somehow obese, impressive. The visible panty lines are my fave part of this look, A+

No. 827673


The visible cellulite is mine

No. 827688

The strands of dead fried hair that look like she’s forming dreads is mine

No. 827689

File: 1616186862505.jpeg (906.45 KB, 1125x1279, AEBFD658-8538-4D0F-9246-461A00…)



No. 827695

Luna would be kinda hot if she didn't do heroin, wasn't crusty, lost maybe 20 pounds and toned her body up… But that'll never happen.

No. 827699

File: 1616188791208.jpg (627.41 KB, 854x1280, 560ee5cc24e4b307bf008235-14438…)

>that hair

No. 827703

The middle seam of those pants - which are meant to fit loosely - is visibly pulling with the pressure of Luna’s massive ass. That’s my favorite part.

No. 827707

Who the hell is appreciating a crusty, saintless junkie in a sweat suit?! Even Lurch doesn't think that ass belongs to a goddess

No. 827714


I was hoping she's trying to be ironic with her hippo gOdDeSs ass, but it seems more like a misguided attempt to practice self-love.

She looks like she's trying to be cast as the dusty, dumpy version of Paris Hilton in the early 2000s on for a spoof movie.

No. 827738

Thank you Luna, god’s gift to this world, for allowing us peasants the chance to ~appreciate~ this breathtaking, life changing photo of you cramming your fat ass into a fugly outdated fast fashion tracksuit manufactured by exploited girls and women in some third world country making about a dollar a day. How generous of you to offer these photos to us. I for one really appreciate it! What an absolute angel and GODDESS! Ffs…

No. 827746

Too funny. Hopefully she posts about it arriving. Even funnier if she denies anything wrong and posts photos of herself wedged into it.
I wonder if she’ll attempt to return it (doubt as she’s lazy) or if the poor cat will be gifted it as a bed (I hope so).

No. 827751


From the back she looks like that 60 year ago old grandma who escaped from the home to spend what money she has left at the casino. Walking around chain smoking and lookin “for a thrill before curtain call”

No. 827763


I'm not being hyperbolic she looks like she's wearing a cheap party city wig. That bleach completely fried her hair.

No. 827764

File: 1616214323586.jpg (305.19 KB, 2390x1800, 8pxcvt27nq621.jpg)


Goddamn there is literally no ass to her. It's like she flattened it to the point it's bulging out the sides. Her proportions are so weird to me. She's the literal embodiment of this.

No. 827767

Top fucking kek anon, I noticed it, too. She’s developing major chair booty.

No. 827770

File: 1616215179231.png (469.32 KB, 2048x1232, Screenshot_20210319-213522.png)


lol you're right. Every single positive review is from someone who bought it for their toddler.

No. 827780

File: 1616226306690.jpeg (271.42 KB, 1790x923, C1BA4C8F-FB91-413F-9DCA-81A68F…)


No. 827792

I can’t wait to see what happens when she buys it. She obviously doesn’t read reviews.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 827799

it's the fact that she tried to make herself look thinner by pretending she doesn't have arms for me

No. 827852

I misspelled “sage” so I shouldn’t have been put out to pasture. It was an accident :((ban evasion :()

No. 827859

File: 1616281460353.jpeg (167.98 KB, 860x417, BD4B54A2-8DAA-44D2-880A-07B832…)

Did you put it in the name field or the email field?
picrel: http://lolcow.farm/info

No. 827870

i wonder if any of the "crackhead" neighbors will chase them out when they see them bringing in furniture just like lurch did to the other "crackheads"

No. 827871

It's so unfortunate because if she wasn't so completely disgusting and unkempt I think she could make OnlyFans money off of her weird figure. There's always a market of scrotes who are into super exaggerated body parts like her hips (plus her height) and although anons might disagree with me it seems like her face has held up decently well under the crusty makeup. I know they're filtered but she looks surprisingly good in >>827360 and >>827362. Wild that she might be the only person who I would recommend sex work to as a positive choice compared to what she's doing now. Too bad that she's too much of a bartard to even be capable of that

A cheap Party City wig that someone put on a moldy styrofoam mannequin head and left out in the rain for a few days.

No. 827881

Not that anon but I think it was an honest mistake until they posted this >>827852 tbh.

No. 827890

A not honest mistake by the poster? It’s obviously it was a mistake because you can see they wrote “sahe”. Either way it has nothing to do with thread but seems unreasonable to ban every little mistake made here.

No. 827959


made a snow thread on fakeboi. will never get back the braincells i lost going through that fucking tumblr, hopefully there will either be milk or at least they and we can shut the fuck up about them in luna's threads now

No. 827975

can someone repost the "when u see da big areola" pic? I tried finding it in the older threads, but no luck.

No. 827985

No. 827988

Everyone's favorite cursed image. >>817451

No. 828001


Sage belongs in the email-field so the typo doesn't matter and she didn't even try to sage the second post which was ban evasion on top of that. You didn't bother to sage either.

No need to derail but ffs could people lurk moar before bumping the thread with their useless bs. Sage if you haven't got milk.

No. 828005

File: 1616349015028.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x6492, 21032021184346.jpg)

A small animal crossing update in case someone wants her dream address

No. 828021

Why am I so shocked that her switch isn’t permanently grimy yet? It’s the cleanest thing she owns.

No. 828030

sorry for AC sperging but i really don't get how she manages to get all the newest popular shit so quickly. does she pay for it or has anybody caught her in AC groups on facebook begging for her favourite emotional support squirrel and the celeste furniture and her uwu cute pink stuff? i've been assuming she's paid for it because she used to drop a ton on pocket camp but tons of AC normies are gullible as absolute fuck and would probs give it away for free.

peep the filth on her screen and the nasty grime somehow wedged under the L/R button on her joycons though. you're still right though, i have no fucking clue how the back of her switch is still actually white.

No. 828033

She definitely buys bells and items online with real money, there’s tons of different websites that do that. She could also be using Nookazon but I doubt it as that requires more effort and time in contacting other players and bidding and inviting them to her island

No. 828049

she has bought the bootleg Sanrio amiibos, as always

No. 828058

Yes, a few threads back. She got ACNH and immediately just started begging for bells and cute “popular” villagers. She can’t even earn anything in ANIMAL CROSSING herself. Her taste in villagers is also completely bland, even though it’s hardly a problem.

No. 828072

File: 1616372369428.jpeg (28.58 KB, 250x285, 65F3DAB6-D70E-42A4-B228-E27004…)

Stolen from the other farms. Tuna is still whining away about the stimulus check. Had she both to google she would have found that SSI, SSDI and VA benny’s have not yet been slated for release. But she’s a scammy type and probably hoping somebody will donate to her to get through these next few days because she must be starving.
And wasn’t lurch born in 1979? Wouldn’t that make him 43 or so?

No. 828074

File: 1616372412137.jpeg (30.27 KB, 250x252, 826B76DB-6C78-4B9C-B280-82C3EE…)

No. 828075

Nah the age is right, in the first thread she was 19 and he was 33, so he’s turning 38 later in the year. The 1979 mistake came from a mistype of roger’s birthday where it should have said 1959, not 79 but then anon’s assumed it was Lurch’s bday.

No. 828078

File: 1616375738034.png (1.25 MB, 1536x2048, 3BBBAD06-616D-4E99-86B7-54F9D2…)

Really? Does NYS know that?

No. 828084

Tuna doesn't even know how old her fiance, love of her life, her moon and stars, husband when she gets her birth certificate is.

No. 828085


Yeah this is scamming. She immediately started going into the pity party of how she needed the stimmy just to order her birth certificate but in the posts about not getting rented to, she said they had a bunch of moving $$ saved up. Which is it Tuna?

No. 828088

This is what happens when you don’t even have a place to live and keep guessing at what address you filed from. Also not knowing how old your boyfriend is or needing to know a social security number.

No. 828162

>been together for 7 years

No. 828171

Shes getting sloppy with her math, she used to insist that he was "such a gentleman" that he waited until the day she turned 18 to ask her out

No. 828192

which is funny because according to >>771858, their sixth anniversary was 10 months ago.

so how old is this scrote and when tf did he get into her pants?

No. 828204

I mean she literally doesn't have anything to do all day, so it's not like she doesn't have the time to be on nookazon all day.

No. 828212

If he was born in 1979, he will be 42 in 2021, not 38. Unless I misread your comment and you are referring to a different time frame.

No. 828223

hm, I wonder what her AC character name and island name is. probably could see what she’s buying or selling.

No. 828227

I think her name is just Luna and her island name is Heaven. I've visited before, it's just a jumbled crowded pastel mess

No. 828230

File: 1616465332639.png (2.9 MB, 1485x2048, Screenshot_20210322-190811.png)

Wants to see a couples' therapist with Matthew lmao

No. 828231

File: 1616465373067.png (2.83 MB, 1472x2048, Screenshot_20210322-190743.png)

Not included in her list of lil projects: getting a job.

No. 828241

>I have a faux fur bean bag kinda chair to finish the space coming
Oh god… so she really did buy the toddler chair?

No. 828243

Ngl her penmanship is beautiful

No. 828244


No mention of: cleaning her apartment, helping clean the communal areas of her building, working with a charity even with simple tasks like spending some time with some lonely seniors in the neighbourhood or welcoming people into blood donation centers…

Or how about stop siphoning away all the funds she receive from tax payers into Shein useless trinkets? There are so many things unemployed people can do to help out their community but no, all she can think of is “maybe journaling will make me a good person uwu”

No. 828245

File: 1616475086754.jpeg (637.79 KB, 750x1249, 6A07CA1A-353C-46AC-94A6-2A0C16…)

She’s been busy taking pictures of her fupa and playing video games, just like all productive members of society do (1/2)

No. 828246

File: 1616475113781.jpeg (Spoiler Image,607.81 KB, 750x1255, 7FD7BD2A-278F-4BCF-A548-BE36D7…)


No. 828250

Who refers to getting a script from a psych as “buying”? I know it’s rather nit-picky but I feel that it’s a slight indicator that she’s not getting seroquel from a psych.

Wouldn’t you say “I’m going to request more”?

No. 828262

Shit, Fuckin Wat? The last I could read was “me stiff(?).

No. 828263

File: 1616480634980.jpg (236.56 KB, 1242x1990, tumblr_bd011170c939d0308907bb5…)

from her tumblr… why the hell is the back of her arm so scratched up/bruised?

No. 828264

we just gonna ignore the track marks or

No. 828268


Could be cat scratches or "cat scratches".

No. 828269

She "self-harms" on the back of her upper arms.

No. 828278

why the quotation marks? She either does or doesn't

No. 828279

Surely any half decent couples therapist is gonna disapprove of your creepy boyfriend who groomed you as a teenager and got you addicted to heroin??!

Not sure if it's just the filter but she looks 40 here

No. 828280

Quoting her.

No. 828281


I like how she says she wants to be a good, productive member of society and then her lists of tasks to work towards that is literally just the exact same shit she’s been doing for the past I don’t know, four years lmao

No. 828284

I thought the same thing at first, but then reread it as she ran out of seroquel and is going to buy some, AND when she sees her psych she's going to request more seroquel

No. 828299

This is horrific penmanship. An actual sign of good penmanship is consistency and nothing about any of these letters is consistent. And she's taken all of her Seroquel for a month in only 2 weeks. Pathetic sleeping loser.

No. 828302


She's going to buy more now and then ask her psychiatrist for some, is clearly what she's saying.
This anon also read it the same >>828284

No. 828303

File: 1616504817549.jpg (127.43 KB, 1080x657, Screenshot_20210323-090642_Sam…)

Tuna has to weigh at least 190, based on her body size.

No. 828307

haven't heard about her poor dying dad in days so she must not be getting any sympathy gifts. it would be just like rodger's death if it did happen.

No. 828312

>Hope to get a sex life back too

No. 828313

Im about as tall as her and she looks closer to how I looked at 150-160 than 190, she just has a lot of loose skin but she is pretty small for an american woman who lives off snack food and spends all her time sedentary

No. 828314

Based on her lovely track marks she probably busted her ass while high

No. 828315

those are self harm marks, she cuts her arms during episodes

No. 828318


The purple bruising in the crook of her elbow? You've got to be kidding, those are obvious track marks. I know she self-harms too but that ain't it, girl's been shooting up. recently.

No. 828320

I don't think thats a bruise i think it is just filth. And track marks don't look like parallel slashes to your upper arm, those are the injuries from the cutting she posted about the other day

No. 828322

File: 1616516011538.png (1.3 MB, 1541x2048, Screenshot_20210323-091217~2.p…)


Oh I see now, we aren't talking about the same thing. She's been doing both. I promise these are track marks I would bet my whole stimmy on it.

No. 828324

File: 1616516057102.jpg (309.86 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20210323-101339_Twi…)

No. 828326

It still just looks like filth/scarring to me. Doesn't she shoot in her legs? I assumed she blew her arm out at this point. I really don't think she's still shooting up but can't abscess scars/track mark scars last for years? They don't look pink or irritated, which is how fresh marks would look. Id believe that it was from shooting up, but I don't think it is fresh. I don't believe that she's totally clean, it sounds like shes still abusing pharmaceuticals, but I believe that she hasn't done dope in a month.

No. 828328

File: 1616518291015.jpeg (573.63 KB, 750x912, 3BAC2041-E1BE-46D6-B4FB-CF7063…)

considering this photo is from 20 days ago and shows no scarring, i think it’s safe to say she’s shooting up in her arm.

No. 828330

the discoloration is still there, its just harder to see because of the lighting/the way shes bending her arm (shes scrunching it up in this picture so her chub folds over and hides it where the other pic she was stretching it out flat)

Also if she actually is getting on an antipsychotic like Seroquel and taking it with any regularity she is not going to be happy about the weight gain side effect. i think thats how you can tell shes just popping/abusing them, if she was taking them as prescribed shed be gaining significant weight

No. 828331

i don’t see anything but the crease. idk you seem to be convinced it’s just scarring. i think she is def shooting up.

No. 828334

Like I said im prety sure she stoped shooting into her arm/hands quite a while ago, with her lack of harm reduction in her shooting up I would expect her arms to be blown out by this point, thats why shes using her legs/skin popping. IDK, to me all of her marks look old, none of them have the fresh reddish color other than the self harm slashes on her upper arm. The scar is right where her arm creases so it just looks like a deeper crease but to me it looks like an old abscess.

No. 828337

I just hope she doesn't decide to make more sex videos to scar the world with.

Consider getting your eyesight checked.

You're not sober, Luna. You shove a fistful of pills down your fat throat every day.

No. 828342


Jfc I thought this was Vicky

No. 828344

File: 1616523425216.png (463.08 KB, 487x857, Screenshot 2021-03-23 141649.p…)

No. 828345

File: 1616523484117.png (221.6 KB, 775x697, Screenshot 2021-03-23 141811.p…)

No. 828346

What a cute set of priorities she has 3 months or so into her squat, with her dying father, falling out with her mother, and boyfriend facing charges.

Also lol @ asking for friendships. Bitch you is alone for a reason. Advertising you have no friends does not bring sympathy like you'd think.

No. 828352

>she LOVES to rip things off the wall
>she also hates being held
You can tell that poor cat doesn't enjoy living there.

No. 828354

Speaking of dad kinda funny how nobody bought it and we tore it apart all the sudden she doesn’t mention it, as if it was a ploy or something…

No. 828356

luna "doesn't go on lolcow" but organically came across tnd? Yeah I have serious doubts however I love a good cow crossover especially my two fave junkie cows

No. 828360

luna religiously follows other heroin addicts, esp ones more popular than her. theres no way she didnt come across tnd's videos about her relationship with jc and her addiction.

No. 828361

you're the best thx anon

No. 828362

She's following a munchie subreddit. Could she be getting her TND info from that website? I could see her browsing lolcow though, just hiding her thread… or not. I think having it stare her right in the face would be too unpleasant.

No. 828364

File: 1616534592743.jpg (54.2 KB, 708x404, external-content.duckduckgo-9.…)

>wanna feel like a stereotypical "good housewife"
How about you actually maintain a decent home instead of your filthy squat hovel? Oh wait that would require being a decent person and having a home and presumably a gainfully employed husband to pay the bills for said home. Luna tradwife wannabe arc when?

No. 828365


She's holding the cat like a moron by squeezing its stomach instead of supporting from the bottom, big surprise it doesn't like being held. I know some cats just don't like it but you can get young ones used to it pretty easily if you do it right.

No. 828381

I believe thats a scar from a disgusting abcess she had ?maybe? about 2 yeas ago

No. 828385

There's like a good 90% chance Luna was very active in the Abby Brown thread back when it wasn't dead.

No. 828394

I noticed, at the time, she started posting in the subreddit about that Kelly woman right after a link to it was posted in the munchie thread.

No. 828396

File: 1616571989992.jpg (349.6 KB, 1774x1270, Kelly thread.jpg)

Ok my bad, not the munchie thread but the Kelly and Chompurrs thread. Someone posted a link to reddit on January 17 and Luna posted on reddit on January 20 (62 days ago) saying she started reading 3 days prior. So she lurks the farms.

No. 828397

I always kind of thought it was Luna lurking the threads that exposed the Tessa saga on here (ancient milk I know, but god that was too good)

No. 828398

>>828396 she posts in the /r/illnessfakers and /r/MunchSnark subreddit. In addition to that we've also caught her in Abby Brown Facebook groups talking shit about how Abby doesn't deserve her cute clothes because they'd look better on Luna. I think it's pretty clear she reads here, she probably just doesn't visit her own thread often (tbh I wouldn't, either) b/c she can't handle the image of herself she sees here; she sees her true reflection and the honest, unfiltered, non-sugar-coated thoughts of people reacting to her.

But I imagine, like any cow, she got curious about her surroundings and her fellow cowesses on here and KF. She clearly browses the farms and these munchie subreddits to feel better about herself, which is hilarious because she has literally nothing to feel superior for. She's probably the worst-off of all the non-deathfat/ED cows in terms of health, risk of becoming homeless and/or incarcerated, not to mention her total lack of income. At least TND has a stable home, some income, and an insane-but-supportive family with enough money to keep her from having to face any real consequences for her behavior. Hell, even 2x Cow of the Year Shaynasty finally got a bed and isn't immediately facing threat of eviction. Even Shay's absolutely disgusting biohazard of an apartment/wardrobe are nothing compared to Luna's taupe-turned-black carpet, bloodstained, pastel-brown clothing, and her collection of sepia-toned My Melody/Sanrio plushies.

Luna has absolutely NO room to brag or feel superior to any of her fellow cows.

No. 828410


Sweet, innocent anons and their tinfoils… these are not active, current track marks on her arms. She also doesn't actually know how to shoot up and Lurch's technique is pitiful and extremely damaging. Even if he perfectly shot her up every time, her veins in the crook of her arm would be done after a month if she's lucky. You have to rotate spots because the vein builds up scar tissue. There's no way she's still shooting into the same area of her arm she started using at least 2 years ago. With Lurch's phlebotomy technique, she'd be lucky if he could hit the same vein for a week.

She hasn't posted any recent pictures showing actual current tracks. Even the discoloration on her legs that look bruised aren't current, but damage she did under her skin from missing a vein since she can't mainline even if her life depended on it.

Stop with the stupid "I see track marks!!" tinfoil. Making baseless claims just based on what you think track marks look like is stupider than Tuna calling herself sober while popping Xanax that isn't even prescribed to her.

No. 828412


Ironic she's against using words like "clean or dirty" to denote her sobriety… while she literally is dirty af in terms of grime and hygiene.

No. 828413


"Good housewife"?! She uses her dad's Amazon account to buy shitty toddler furniture, puts on makeup and clothes to go nowhere, her bf (not husband) never works besides being a middle man to rip off people for dope or beg for a kick down, plus Luna has no kids, no real goals, and no life, but she wants to play the role of a good housewife today?! An unemployed bum shuffling around piles of junk and taking gross pictures while dressed in ugly, cheap outfits is never going to play good housewife because she has no idea what being a partner actually entails.

No. 828414

File: 1616602758367.jpg (465.06 KB, 1080x1857, Screenshot_20210324-091716_Ins…)

The bean bag chair arrived (1/2)

No. 828415

File: 1616602782451.jpg (442.8 KB, 1080x1801, Screenshot_20210324-091658_Ins…)


No. 828421

??? Her obese ass is twice the size of that how can it possibly be comfy.

No. 828423


I won't believe it's comfy until she posts a selfie sitting in it. I think she realized she fucked up, but has bragged so much about it at this point that she's gotta double down. Especially since she's in light begging mode right now, can't let any of her purchases (that she spent her own money on) seem like a total waste. She labels all the "fun" stuff that she can't justify as gifts from others.

No. 828425

I have that same pig, it's not as big as it looks here at all. There's probably a foot and a half max between the two arm rests KEK

No. 828426

File: 1616609279690.jpeg (675.48 KB, 750x1260, A102BB33-90AC-4C85-98BE-B7F2DB…)

All of this crap is gonna get thrown in the trash when she gets kicked out of her apartment. It’s almost April Luna, you’ve gotten lucky these past few months but it’s only a matter of time…

No. 828427

Unless it's just different lighting for the darker one, it looks like she bought two so maybe one for each ass cheek?

No. 828428

this looks like shit and she shouldn’t have posted it.

No. 828430

File: 1616611077908.png (2.17 MB, 1397x2048, Screenshot_20210324-113648.png)


filthy My Melody is Luna's Where's Waldo

No. 828432

Korilakkuma looks like it's molding away. I bet she puts the plushies from the bed on the filthy floor every night.

No. 828433

File: 1616613240719.png (19.52 KB, 1231x118, Screenshot 2021-03-24 151333.p…)

She's going to be buying more useless shit now that Lurch has a date for his stimulus check.

Here's to hoping their worthless asses get tossed like the trash they are soon.

No. 828434

File: 1616614721447.jpg (76.92 KB, 1063x924, 20210324_193714.jpg)

So i guess it's p clear shes given up saying her dad is dying then ?

No. 828436

I just want to mention to everyone saying it’s only a matter of time til she gets evicted; conventional wisdom would seem to agree with you. However the shit Luna has been able to sort of Forrest Gump her way thru has been incredible over the years.

Hearing people talk about her getting kicked out like it’s just around the corner makes me think about when she first moved into her moms section 8 flat: for months, people we so sure that she was gonna be kicked out any day now, since the second she moved in there! And how long has she ended up staying? 2 years? So remember to expect the unexpected with this cow, because she has some kind of autist savant extremely lucky survival skill thing going on

No. 828437

She told her mom that her life was already over and didn't deserve any help which is pretty equal to what her dad said. I'm glad one of her parents won't just let her say off the wall shit to them. And why would he tell that to Lurch? He doesn't even like Lurch.

I think it's mostly people just impatiently waiting for Luna to get what she deserves after all the shit that she has done to other people and getting away with it. I don't think many of us actually think she's going to get kicked out, but we're hoping that she does.

No. 828438

File: 1616616310457.png (2.18 MB, 582x5383, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 828439

Why would he tell Lurch that though

No. 828441

File: 1616620520680.jpg (201.24 KB, 1080x1280, 20210324_211220.jpg)

I really love it when luna complains about how badly covid ruins her life because its proof she literally chooses to be upset because before lockdown she literally did none of this shit. She's only bitching about it because she can't do it. Lets be real, covid or no covid shes to fucking lazy to go to the library. Shed sooner cry online about whatever book or manga she wants till someone buys her it to shut her the fuck up already n go away for a second till she wants some other cheap cheap cheap

No. 828442

Its luna so she might just be using her dad again to get people to buy her sympathy gifts to cheer her up because she seems to think people actually care. She shamelessly used him "dying" for cheaps.

No. 828443

She has no moral qualms with theft so IDK why she doesnt just use one of the 1000 "free comic/manga" websites out there. Is she literally too dumb to pirate? As a fellow broke internet addict I haven't paid for a piece of media since I was 14 and Limewire went up

No. 828444

Yeah but its luna she has always had a weird obsession with having hard copies of media. Books, dvds, games, mangas for her weird photo shrines. Shes basically just being sooo uwu sad so people send her whatever manga she wants. Shes using covid for free shit from scrotes basically

No. 828445

She loves objects/materials in general. No matter what it is, she wants it. I think her shopping addiction may be worse than her actual drug addiction because she's willing to use other people to get it.

No. 828447

She was willing to use people to get drugs too, until it stopped being possible. Probably it's much easier for her now to make some bleeding heart buy her a comic or a Hewwo Kitty pwushie than to get them to send money for drugs.

No. 828448

Yeah, she does it so often that it's hard to believe people keep falling for it. It's literally every few days and has been going on for years.

No. 828452

Yeah I don't think these anons realize how fucking gross that abscess was but that scar will last for like a decade, easy. That was down to tissue, maybe even to her bone. I'll try to find the pic.

No. 828454

Please no more old milk from the old threads. We believe you.

No. 828457

Yes she’s been squatting there over 2 years but I’d like to think her pissing off some social worker will help in her inevitable gtfo notification. I’m pretty sure she didn’t piss off anyone at Rogers and flew under radar as “just visiting” if social services visited before mom left. That could just be me being hopeful

No. 828458

File: 1616627152093.jpg (678.93 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210324-230417_Fac…)

Luna really thinks strangers want to buy her stuff for her birthday. Honey no, your not worth $2.3 let alone $23.38. And anyone who buys this just wants to fuck a fat chick. They don't actually care about her lmao. I don't even think lunch cares about her

No. 828466

The best kind of milk and karma would be if they got kicked out before the stimulus check showed up.

No. 828470

i don't know if her taste in stuff is just predictable and boring but i swear everything she posts begging for someone to buy her she already has

No. 828486

is it just me or is bad spelled wrong on the shirt

No. 828488

>baby bab

No. 828493

File: 1616654924937.png (734.43 KB, 885x577, glow up.png)

No. 828494

Girl, that's a dim down.

No. 828496

She has said multiple times that her dad likes Lurch more than her.

No. 828498

She says lots of contradictory shit, anon.

No. 828502

File: 1616667660432.png (2.67 MB, 1080x5413, IMG_20210325_111856.png)

No. 828503

File: 1616668247101.png (4.97 MB, 1080x9799, IMG_20210325_112902.png)

Junkies spending money they don't have on something else but drugs? Doesn't compute. He must have stolen it or traded for a cut of drugs, right?

No. 828504

File: 1616668477056.png (2.68 MB, 1080x6871, 2021-3-25_11-34-30.PNG)

No. 828508

she literally has nothing going for her besides her shopping and drug addictions, huh?

No. 828518

If this is sobriety I don't want it

No. 828519

I probably shouldn't be, but I'm surprised that Luna is not concerned about her constant shopping cravings. I feel like she has bought one item for every day of March. Maybe drugs stop her from having those kind of self-aware thoughts, or maybe it's the only thing that makes her forget about her miserable life, but still… If you buy that much trash and immediately want even more, something is clearly wrong with you.

No. 828520

No one who actually has class uses the word “classy”. Ever.

No. 828528


I don't think anyone anywhere ever has thought of Tuna as classy.

No. 828533

File: 1616691919778.jpg (134.77 KB, 1065x1016, 20210325_170530.jpg)


No. 828538

You’d think she’d buy stuff for her “apartment”. Like a lock or something. I wonder where all this money is coming from. However she’s getting it she’s blowing it. It’ll all be gone soon enough.
I can’t wait for her to finally get hers through karma.

No. 828542


impulsive spending is a BPD thing so since she doesn't have downers to knock her out it's probably being amplified more

No. 828544

File: 1616697638742.jpg (582.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210325-143938_Sam…)


Oh come on. We all know she doesn't leave because she's afraid the landlord is gonna come ans she's gonna get locked out. Fuck this lying, thieving, full of shit scammer.

No. 828547

if you look at the website, it's only open for curbside service. so i mean she's not lying.

No. 828550

File: 1616700259394.jpeg (192.44 KB, 750x1275, 1E8EA532-1E3B-4109-ACA6-053675…)

How many plastic trinkets and stuffed animals will it take to fill the void in her soul?

No. 828552

Wouldn't even a BPDfag (especially a diagnosed one) realize one day that those everyday shopping sprees are concerning? She literally never has complained about being unable to stop herself from buying crap, wanting more shit etc…
She ordered HOW MUCH shit? Jesus christ

No. 828553

No, no they don't look great, Tuna.

Exactly. I hope they get robbed for being retarded with money.

That's a Tuna thing.

May it all end up in a dumpster.

No. 828557

no bc she's a bpdfag

No. 828561

Apparently her grandfather sent her an Amazon gift card for her bday so that’s how she’s affording all this crap. Her ability to squander money as soon as she gets it amazes me.

No. 828564

But there are plenty of BPDfags that at least try to work on that issue (and other ones). Is her complete lack of self awareness a Luna thing or a junkie thing?

No. 828567

File: 1616704843564.jpeg (779.92 KB, 902x1464, 85F66875-201C-4A4B-88F9-6254A4…)

I like how she brags as if she has a small waist and a big round ass, when this creature looks like something from the people of Walmart.

No. 828571

This is her way of coping with a body she hates but is too undisciplined to do anything about.

No. 828584

File: 1616707126169.jpeg (56.34 KB, 750x251, CBB3FF98-855D-45CE-B5DC-B2044D…)

She’s posting lolita style clothing that she wants to buy on Tumblr and complaining that some of the brands “only” go up to size large kek.

No. 828586

File: 1616707381703.jpeg (326.86 KB, 750x1140, E6AA54B6-309B-422F-A8DE-82BA4B…)

> “My ass has become my money maker” Girl stoppp lmao

No. 828587

She's lying her ass off. Liars always give too much information and her ass has never been her money maker. She quit sex work because she couldn't make any money, who is her nasty ass kidding.

No. 828588

> I have never worn nor owned a thong in my life

what?? isn't she wearing ugly thongs in every other picture?? didn't she wear one when her makeshift pad fell out of her ass?

No. 828589

I think she just shoved her panties up her ass.

No. 828591

File: 1616708763172.jpeg (565.46 KB, 750x1090, CA698C3D-4B0D-45B7-AC33-3894CD…)

Jeez how long has she been pretending to do that bpd workbook?

No. 828592

Does she knows snow bunny is a raceplay term or…? Not very progressive of you Luna

No. 828593

It's not even that big of a book, but she's been pretending to work through it for years.

No. 828604

Ah yes, thongs will be perfect for someone without access to a washing machine. Have fun handwashing your dingle berries out of your buttfloss, Tuna.

No. 828606

File: 1616712862344.png (2.35 MB, 920x8503, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

jesus christ

No. 828607

We can tell she's fat just by looking at her, we don't need a Gil Grissom-tier 3D model of her body to understand that. The past few threads have gotten worse with anons trying to determine her weight right down to the ounce and I can't understand how that could possibly be interesting anymore

No. 828609

File: 1616714839593.jpg (192.42 KB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210325-162256_Ins…)

Luna goes on a long winded tangent to someone who asked her about doing heroin and is offended that her friends got tired of dealing with a scammer (1/3)

No. 828610

File: 1616714891090.jpg (271.88 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20210325-162301_Ins…)


No. 828611

maybe the dude supposedly purchasing gross pics from luna is black and living up to the stereotype that black dudes like large white women?

No. 828612

File: 1616715049351.jpg (237.24 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20210325-162310_Ins…)


No. 828613

They ran off when you started begging them for money. I mean, you took a girl's last $2.

No. 828628

File: 1616718960048.gif (3.27 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

> my ass has become my money maker
kek my sides are in the cosmos

No. 828637

For how much she loves ~CHEAP~ crap & destroys all of it anyway, surprised she doesn't shop on aliexpress or alibaba or anything. Just always more marked up shit from China on Amazon.

Loving the new PERFECT & looking for YEARS bs. Also that white blouse would be disgusting as soon as it left the package. Why buy shit that needs special care you'll never give it?? Sorry I'm just completely amazed at this spending/shopping spree she's been on. How long can she possibly continue spending?

No. 828642

I think bad dad's card may be connected to an amazon account. It doesn't make sense for her to buy the same crap on amazon rather than on ali otherwise since she has to wait a month or so anyway.

No. 828643


Fair, I'd just assume the goddess of cheap would be a lil more patient if it saved her $15, but ig that's not her concern when it's not her money being spent anyway

No. 828650

Is she just buying this new shit with the money she'd normally spend on drugs? I thought before drug money was mostly thru Lurch's hustling. Or maybe it's that sweet stimmy? Sorry, just really curious where tf all this money is coming from. Idk why or how her dad would be fine with this, it's past excessive

No. 828652

if she doesn't accept that she was a shitty person on heroin and that it made her life worse in every way, she's never gonna commit to being sober.

like your friends left because you never interacted with them beyond begging for drug money or lying about how you haven't ate in days. you isolated yourself and matthew from the world because you were getting high constantly. you ruined your body with the constant weight fluctuations. even if you weren't always the one doing it, dope wrecked your childhood and familial relationships. you can't even get a job because you made a complete circus show out of your life online as you shot up and nodded out while taking selfies.

there was absolutely nothing about you that improved bc of dope. to make it seem like the downside of heroin is the withdrawals and having no friends is disingenuous and completely downplays how much it can ruin your life.

No. 828679

i understand buying fake chanel bc no one can afford that but fake coach? that's one of the more accessible 'brand names' and is sold at most department stores. she spent 65$ on that but regular purses are like 100-200$??? and the resale value on those bags are pretty good, i've found real coach bags at the thrift store for a reasonable price. don't understand why she would waste money on that

No. 828680

I don't know why she spends money on any purse, she doesn't go anywhere.

No. 828689

File: 1616745460087.png (525.43 KB, 625x1910, ebegging.png)

No. 828705

get a job

No. 828706

The used coach bag is real, anon. At least that's what she's implying.

No. 828709

Literally. She doesn't seem to realise that the answer to her chronic rumination and narcissistic melancholy is to have some some kind of vocation.

She also doesn't realise the answer to her "chronic pain" is getting off her fat arse and exercising. I could actually believe that she feels like her knees could dislocate, because if you sit around doing fuck all for years at a time, the ligaments around your knees along with the rest of your muscles will weaken and atrophy. If she did some squats she'd eventually feel stronger and wouldn't look like a sack filled with marshmallows.

But no, to Tuna, the answer is… Succulents. She's years behind emotionally, and apparently also years behind in terms of Internet trends. That's what happens when you date middle aged people.

No. 828710

Why would tuna or anyone care about internet trends? She's too old for that anyway.

No. 828711

Because she lives on the internet

No. 828718

Because it's literally what she does? Where have you been?

No. 828724

She literally doesn't, most of the things she likes are not trendy at all.

No. 828725

Those ita as fuck lolita dresses from Amazon. She's going to try and join a comm on Facebook and get ripped to shreds.

She'd rather someone else pay $25 for a $3 item than wait a month for it to arrive.

No. 828729

>most of the things she likes are not trendy at all
that would be based if we were not talking about Luna who is unable to find the next comfy video game to play unless some sycophant tells her about it first
The weird thing is that sometimes she still has to wait for the amazon items, like she mentioned in one of the last shopping sprees posts. But I guess in general she cares more about getting shit fast and the convenience (using daddy's card) than about not overpaying for chinese garbage

No. 828736

File: 1616778747036.jpeg (307.13 KB, 1152x726, B784090C-5854-4B81-B5F8-B58E23…)

felt inspired by his easter island mug

No. 828740

i think lurch (or luna) is just trying to stir shit up.

No. 828741

Sorry anon, awesome pic, but I’m just jumping off your post about lurch.
I have seen multiple people on both farms believing Luna’s post saying that lurch is 37. He was born in 1979, it says so on his court records, he is not 37, he is 42. She lies about everything and unless he lied to her and she is too dumb to know his true age, she is obviously aware enough to know that it was inappropriate. He was 35 and she was 17/18 when they got together.

No. 828744

That wasnt me :((:()

No. 828746

next thread pic

No. 828747

No anon that’s what I meant about jumping off. I wanted to acknowledge the pic, it’s definitely in the running for the next thread. I know it wasn’t you that was confused about his age I was just referencing lurch because of your hilarious Easter island pic.

No. 828753

Luna's reporting of his age has been kind of inconsistent over the years which makes me wonder if she is secretly ashamed of having a creepy old bf or she just genuinely doesn't know how old he is lmao

No. 828757

Someone mentioned 1979 being a typo from Roger's actual DOB (1959 or something). Does anyone know for sure?

No. 828760

No. 828762

Exactly! That was kind of my point but I wrote it in a confusing way, sorry. she knows it was inappropriate so now she’s changing his age to suit her.

No. 828766

She keeps bringing up Haiti earthquake thighs, one day she'll say it's one the reasons she became an addict.

No. 828770

Tuna may have many cow-like qualities but she isn't the same kind of nasty narc junky that TND is to be constantly gaslighting and placing blame on other people and events for her choices.
She can't let go of that comment bc of her BPD rumination.

No. 828773

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic.

No. 828774

Are you new or

No. 828793


I didn't think of the consequences until after I got intense therapy (diagnosed bpdfag - i didnt care) so she absolutely is not thinking about it.

She's never had to face repercussions for anything so I have low hopes for her.

No. 828805

lmao good one

No. 828832

I cannot comprehend her constant spending on the cheapest clothes just to never clean them and beg for almost exact replacements, surely this influx of money could at least go to a stuffie load at the coin op

No. 829146

Just a reminder, hope that's okay (i saved) that its lurchs court date tommorroe

No. 829169

File: 1617030557369.png (413.66 KB, 815x598, Screenshot 2021-03-29 17.08.20…)

she has also uploaded some milkless selfie

No. 829170

it is tragic how Matthew's weird bimbofication fetish completely overtook what used to be her interesting aesthetic and stifled what could have blossomed into an interesting personality had he not ruined her life by pulling a suicide attempt when she left to go to school and convinced her to drop out

No. 829173

>wearing sanrio at 25
Grow up.

No. 829179

That is your problem with Tuna? Come on

No. 829181

Oh wow I'm pretty new to Luna and I had no idea that happened

No. 829182

yeah he ODd on her as soon as she left for school and between that and not being allowed to smoke pot in her room she dropped out after robotripping for like a week Im not even sure if she made it to any classes

No. 829184

Why the hell at 25 does she still deserve presents for her birthday like it’s the most important day of the year. Most people stop “celebrating” their birthday when we realize that the world doesn’t revolve around us. Her birthday month present begging is embarrassing. I truly think she is mentally retarded.

No. 829186

Because she's a spoiled, entitled piece of shit.

No. 829192

She hasn't posted in three days after a fairly prolific stint of selfies and begging. 20 bucks says relapse.

No. 829194

Is this the first time she mentions her grandpa?

No. 829195

No “grandpa/Luna” bought her/herself other things in the past. Them ugly slippers, Amazon cards.

No. 829199

Yep, and I have no doubt that "my friend" is also Luna aka dad's credit card. Just wait until after tomorrow when Lurch doesn't have to be clean anymore and when he gets his stimulus check. It's going to get so much worse because then she doesn't have to hold back.


You must have missed the past 29 threads if you're rooting for her after all that she's done to other people. Luna hasn't changed and she isn't going to.

No. 829211

File: 1617051033059.jpg (242.53 KB, 720x1806, Reddit.jpg)

Not much happening on reddit. She replied to the first comment here. And currently she's freaking out over not receiving the stimulus check today.

No. 829276

Yeah I think a relapse is imminent, if you can call someone who was never sober 'relapsed'. The second Lurch comes home with a bag she'll be smacked out again.

No. 829294


>Amazon gift cards

Would not be surprised at all if Lurch was doing that gift card scam… Although I don't think he has the brains or willpower.

I wonder where he goes each day though now they're supposedly sober, Tuna still seems to be by herself a lot of the time

No. 829297

Without a doubt. The fact that she's popping pills like candy but calling herself sober because she's doing one less drug at the moment, just proves that she's not serious about her "sobriety".

No. 829311

Kek is this like the east coast version of “California sober”

No. 829344

Holy crap anon I had no idea what you were talking about until I looked it up and you are 100% right. California “sober” with weed a a shit ton of benzos though.

No. 829345

File: 1617150258164.png (164.9 KB, 1507x850, itsnothermoneyandsheneedsitnow…)

Luna knows nothing about patience. It's not even her damn money.

No. 829346

File: 1617150344069.png (93.7 KB, 1403x733, scaredwewontgetmoneyfordrugs.p…)

No. 829356

>should I be scared
>should so be freaking out
Lmfaoooooooooooooo. For what? Not like she has bills she needs to pay. Shes a skummy bum.

No. 829370

My bet is on she totally got it but is setting up for pity points

No. 829380

File: 1617175037775.jpeg (989.12 KB, 1125x1674, AF2B957E-C616-465C-A0F1-B35E6B…)

Now she needs her nipples pierced

No. 829381

I can't wait to see that shit show if she gets her nips pierced. They will 100% reject from improper aftercare and it will be hilarious to watch.

No. 829382

Why would she show this with that layer of dirt caked on her face next to her ear? And Tuna, you're one of the many people in the world who needs to wear a bra. For the sake of the world.

No. 829383


We all thought that crusty fucking lip piercing was going to be rejected too though.

No. 829389

I had no idea people are still doing that thing with their ears. I thought we left it in 2012.
Can someone explain how nipple piercing helps with tank tops? Is it because the fabric gets caught on the piercing and it prevents from the top sliding or nipple showing? But I imagine that your piercing would be slightly visible under your tank top… how is that supposed to look good. Better to buy those silicon pads that stick to your nipples and hide them. Much cheaper as well!

No. 829390

Its so you can show off your nipple piercings. That's the only reason.

No. 829391

I’m gonna assume you’re not from America/older kek but the whole point of nipple piercings is to wear them with no bra so they poke out in tank tops/tube tops/thin shirts. It’s a really tacky look but it’s super popular, and it barely works for anyone but really only really hot skinny girls with perky tits, would kill to see tuna ruin that look.

No. 829404

Thanks anon, indeed I'm not a burgerfag. I had no idea that this is a thing. I suspected she just wants the look, but her statement confused me cause it made me think she cannot wear tank tops without bra unless she has the piercing. Hope this stays a pipe dream for her since it sounds like a medical and aesthetical nightmare.

No. 829406

Not to worry anon- for her nipple piercings to show they’d have to be pointing out, not down. When I saw that post I seriously imagined the golden girls going to get their nipples pierced.

No. 829409


I hope it doesn't stay a pipe dream lol. Migrated nip saga would be pretty funny.

No. 829430


I feel as if I am watching Requiem for a Dream whenever I read this thread. This womans life is the ultimate cautionary tale. A reminder to stay in school or develop skills, to not take huge gaps in employment, to stay away from hard substances.

Thank you, Tuna.

No. 829432

File: 1617218530006.png (21.4 KB, 1123x132, Screenshot 2021-03-31 152143.p…)

Yeah, because of squatting leeches like you and Lurch, Tuna.

No. 829439

Omg, landlords ask for the same amount of proof during non covid too Luna. You’d know that if you ever had your own apartment.

No. 829441

As a landlord, what they’re asking is typical. I ask for a 650 credit score and paystubs /tax return. Trying to get an actual verification of employment from HR can get costly. When bringing up your credit report, some renters will only pay off the debts that appear on the credit report so that they look good on paper. You’re not able to see accurate rental history, so you are heavily relying on proof of consistent income. There are some landlords, now, who do a reevaluation WHILE they’re renting. Lastly, Luna may very well face a background check on the both of them. I guess isn’t not surprising she hasn’t thought of that, considering she’s never lived on her own.

No. 829443

Love not being a burger. Renting seems like a nightmare there.

No. 829444

It's a nightmare in many places, even outside of the US. The good thing about it is that it's going to lead us closer to Luna's homeless saga and if I recall, she has about one month left before the winter protection stops protecting her and she can be kicked out.

No. 829446

Idk what it takes to rent an apartment outside of Burgerland, but the aforementioned requirements are standard here (at least in NY), which Luna should be aware of by now. At this point she should spend some of her government bux on a solid tent so she had a decent shelter when her dumbass gets kicked out. Maybe she can find one that is pastel pink.

No. 829448

Her new toddler chair is the perfect size for a tent.

No. 829450

I thought they extended the moratorium until June? I’m curious if because she is squatting when they go to evict does that mean Luna Slater, Mathew Schumacher will have an eviction on her record? Or will it be under moms name? Because my landlord has a way to find out about prior evictions and we are also in NY.

No. 829451

Lurch already has an eviction on his record from the last place. The covid moratorium only protects them if they apply for covid hardship which I doubt they did because they're lazy and aren't on the lease in the first place.

No. 829453

File: 1617229077570.jpeg (353.47 KB, 1125x776, 8B41437C-987A-4C12-AAF1-8A36A1…)

No. 829456

Luna and Lurch aren’t tenants so this does not apply to them

No. 829459

File: 1617231574448.png (519.27 KB, 2048x1154, Screenshot_20210331-155826.png)

They are legal tenants.

No. 829460

I am so curious as to how this is going to work out. I hate to see people homeless but if there is anybody deserving of it then it’s definitely these 2. I just hope they don’t sucker another landlord into giving them a squat. They act like this is their forever home, smh.

No. 829461

Oh, I stand corrected. I doubt they bothered to sign the form though

No. 829463

There isn't a form. If you can prove you've lived in a place for over 30 days (the burden of proof is low, like a piece of mail sent to that address in your name) you automatically get all of the same legal protections as someone who signed a lease. It's a law that exists to keep people from getting completely fucked over in bad situations but of course tuna and lurch take full advantage of it whenever possible.

No. 829467

> a law that exists to keep people from getting completely fucked over in bad situations
is it? i feel like its' because cities don't wanna deal with their homeless

No. 829474

idk, I was thinking of situations like a relationship ending badly when only one person is on the lease. You probably have a point but it's a whole conversation beyond the scope of lolcow farms.

No. 829482

she's really proving herself to be a clueless dope fiend here. It's been almost a yr of the usps being slowed down for covid & political bs reasons. If she ventured on a news site in the last yr more than 1/2 a second she'd know this. Also if she'd researched about missing stimulus cheques she'd know this. She really does all her research by asking followers on tumblr or randos on reddit or fb. cringe

No. 829494

I feel like she only talks to people on Reddit or Facebook as a means to get sympathy and potentially find someone willing to gift her money. She’s an idiot but intentionally limits herself searching for the answers herself because she wants validation from other people online.

No. 829498

File: 1617258263107.jpeg (945.81 KB, 1125x1469, 9E4A1B9E-57A3-4963-B684-E470F6…)

More ugly clothes she can’t squeeze her fat ass into

No. 829499

>having big hips
No, that's called being fat. You have big everything.

No. 829512

File: 1617268353860.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2020, 8CA4D79C-868F-4963-9EE8-262EC3…)

cheap cheap cheap $30 skirt that i’m sure she just NEEDED to have

No. 829520

I'm surprised she never buys any kind of leggings/nylons to cover her heavily dimpled thighs tbh. With all the filters thrown on she could look half decent.

No. 829523


I'm more grossed out she's larping as a daddy kink kid by shopping at LittleForBig. She probably bought one of the toddler-style onesies to wear while she's sucking on her pacifier.

And the absolute irony of the company name LittleforBig, while she's literally buying little clothes for her big fat ass. She literally makes me nauseous.

No. 829524

File: 1617274194144.jpg (453.45 KB, 1439x1700, Shakedown1979.jpg)

Next court hearing. Unless they got their info wrong, Lurch is 41, unless hos birthday has passed, then he is 42.

No. 829536

File: 1617278347221.png (124.29 KB, 1049x412, reddit.png)

No. 829544

I kind of want her stimi check stolen. Does this make me a bad person?

No. 829553

Tuna is not larping, she's referred to Lurch as daddy plenty of times.
Remember how her actual dad was allegedly dying a few weeks ago? No better time than to spend $30 on a skirt that doesn't fit.

No. 829555

No, just means you believe in karma. It's Lurch's check, not Luna's. Lurch kicked people out of the building so the greatest thing that could happen to him at the moment besides jail is getting his check stolen by the same "crackheads" that he kicked out.

No. 829559

youtuber pleasant green made video on fraud going on with stimulus money. basically people buy from TOR people data and pretend they are them. i didn't watch whole video, but lots of money was gone this way. so keep fingers crossed.

No. 829561

I think the skirt is adorable despite the cringe brand, at least on the promo photo. It does look absolutely horrible on Luna. Not sure if it's a matter of it being too small or of a poor quality as well. Those hanging straps (?) look uncomfortable though, like they would catch on anything possible. It is too fucking expensive for Luna though. From her photo I thought it was like $5 or $10 max on aliexpress (forgot she doesn't buy there). $30 for a mini skirt isn't cheap at all, but all niche subculture clothes are. Luna is a filthy liar.
She kind of stopped with that and said it's disgusting so who the fuck knows if she still is into ddlg or not.

No. 829563

File: 1617291083771.png (32.33 KB, 1188x223, Screenshot 2021-04-01 113008.p…)

She overshares so much. No one asked her about her nasty UTIs or about her trying to do embroidery. Someone asks for help or shows their achievement, and Tuna makes it about herself.

No. 829578

The whole point of reddit is to overshare, her only mistake is attaching her face and name to it.

No. 829588

Kek that is definitely not the "whole point" of nipple piercings. Maybe for zoomers?

No. 829590

File: 1617302373494.jpeg (992.5 KB, 1125x1655, 03306FCF-BC87-43B4-912F-971DF3…)

More useless shit. Why would she need a bag when she doesn’t go anywhere. She should have gotten a new bra with her “gift card”. Never seen a dusty broke bitch get so much useless trash

No. 829592

She is acting so childish, I hate bpdfags.

No. 829601

Omg I hear you. She is 24 going on 15. If most of us were even close to this age we’d probably have been homeless years ago. I am disgusted that she buys toys instead of necessities. She obviously has money coming from somewhere.
I am going to tinfoil that she actually got $10,000 from her dad to find an apartment and she can’t help herself because it’s burning a hole in her pocket. She’s spending money like she has a stable supply of it.

No. 829602

I scrolled past this and deadass thought she was wearing sweats under the skirt.

No. 829632

luna quarantine has going on for a year now. you haven't even started to learn embroidery. you literally have done nothing during quarantine but get high and buy shitty clothes.

No. 829643


Lol she needs the bag because whether she likes it or not she IS going somewhere in the future- another place. Cant be a bag lady with no bag

No. 829651

that bag is going to get filthy so freaking fast. Not only is it fake plushy fur, but it has WHITE fake fur.

No. 829665

File: 1617327580780.png (19.21 KB, 1007x106, Screenshot 2021-04-01 213948.p…)

No. 829681

wasn't it just 30 days like last week? Luna can't fucking count

No. 829690

She said she was at 40 days 10 days ago >>828324 so she should just be hitting 50. She's probably too fucked up to remember properly and just guesses.

No. 829693

If she was nearly as much of the #poor and #struggling working-class icon she pretends to be, she wouldn't be able to regularly buy random $25-$30 shit on Amazon just because "it looks cute". She has no concept of the value of money.

I honestly don't think she's been consistently sober (that is, her definition of sober) for more than a month. In the first few days she was claiming to be, she said she'd been sober for almost a week, and then a few days later said she'd been sober for 11 days. She seems to just be making up random numbers.

No. 829701

i’ve been getting the feeling that the numbers aren’t adding up but I figured it was a nitpick. she’s skirting by with the whole “it’s about to be” or “close to” phrasing but she’s clearly exaggerating the amount of days.

No. 829720

It's her birthday weekend and still no stimmy. Sucks to wait on the world to constantly owe you gifts for existing.

No. 829735

ngl I'm surprised how nicely she can clean up.

No. 829739

Her photos are heavily filtered. She looks crusty 24/7.
All of the purchases seem to be coming from Amazon. I guarantee you Tuna's dad would NOT give her access to an account with 10k in it. She's probably using his credit card that's been saved to the website. I genuinely believe her dad is in the hospital. I think that's why she's spent several hundred dollars on Amazon. I really think she believes he is going to die so it won't matter at all. To me it sounds like dementia or maybe the beginning stages of Alzheimer's.

No. 829743

I just thought it was convenient that lurch was talking about a $10,000 “nest egg” or whatever, prior to papa tuna going in to the hospital and now this uncontrolled spending is going on.

Sorry this doesn’t have anything to do with the above but there has been speculation that lurch is on ssi for something. Possibly his nasty infected leg? Or substance abuse, mental illness. In my experience if you are on ssi/ssdi and have a substance abuse disorder, it doesn’t matter how long ago either, that social security makes you have a payee for that money. It can be anybody but in some cases where there isn’t then you have to pay somebody to distribute the money. Obviously SS doesn’t want you spending the money on drugs and living on the street. That being said I wonder how this most recent arrest will eventually affect the SSI? Surely Luna isn’t his payee. Any anon able to shed some light on the possibilities?

No. 829744

SSI/SSDI are only suspended while you’re actually incarcerated (the idea being that the government is paying your living expenses then, so no need for benefits)

No. 829748

What about in reference to having a payee? Will he be forced to use one now that he has 2 drug related arrests? Because I hope so. It would be some sort of small justice that they would be forced to pay their way in life by somebody paying the bills for them.
I can’t understand why getting ssi/ssdi is so damned hard to get for severely disabled people but so easy for a lurch type.

No. 829750

He doesn't need a payee to manage his money, it's not mandatory for every beneficiary.

No. 829752

we don’t know if he’s on SSI or SSDI at all
also, he was in an accident with a court case; if he is on benefits, that’s one of the easiest pathways to them, because the medical reports are all there

No. 829767

File: 1617380434198.jpeg (339.54 KB, 750x1194, 46C6ABEE-3676-44D2-B63A-CF39BA…)


No. 829770

>oh my god this is so fucked up
Shut up you absolute victim. Maybe you should have updated your information in their portal WEEKS ago or better yet file your taxes. Doing exactly what a druggie does, seething about money they feel entitled to

No. 829773

I doubt his names on the mailbox because their names not on the lease ffs. I’m wondering what part of this is the lie.

No. 829776

Mmm sweet delicious karma

No. 829778

I wonder if a pissed off landlord had something to do with this?

No. 829780


I get that she wants the money, but why is she so frantic over it… just junkie things or is there some other reason?

No. 829781


Well she's a couple months into her squat, so she needs that money for important things like cheap cheap cheap naill press ons or her 50th "cheap" velvet jogger.

You know. The important things in life.

No. 829782

She probably blew a ton of money thinking she would get more soon. She’s such a dumb ass.

No. 829783

File: 1617385619068.png (77.27 KB, 825x761, stimulus.png)

No. 829784

I like how she posted an update post as though anybody on r/stimuluscheck was waiting with baited breath to hear the outcome of her saga

No. 829785

Everyone here smokes crack and steals, especially me.

No. 829786

"it was mailed to a kind honest person by mistake" and now it's in the hands of two freeloading assholes

No. 829787

The sheer audacity it takes to call everyone else in your building crackheads when you're the druggie that's squatting and sleeping on an air mattress.

No. 829788

Chances are she's lying, just like when she totes had a German sugar daddy just to troll us.

No. 829789

>somebody paying the bills for them

What bills?

No. 829793

Junkies and upper fiends love to talk smack on each other. Usually the same junkies like to smoke a little meth or crack sometimes and vice versa. I guess everybody needs to feel superior to somebody

No. 829795

i barely recognized her in that pic, it's filtered to the pits of hell

No. 829800

Well if he “did” have a payee they would occasionally have to submit banking records stating that the payee is making sure the recipient is actually not homeless and has water essentially. Basically paying bills to survive instead of drugs. It doesn’t seem like that is the case though.

No. 829805

File: 1617403876090.png (49.93 KB, 1116x346, Screenshot 2021-04-02 185130.p…)

No. 829810

She'll never move until she's forced out. I mean she's been talking near nonstop about redecorating their living room as if the building owner is just going to let them stay there forever without paying rent/bills.

No. 829814

Here is to hoping that they get kicked out soon. They've been freeloading for far too fucking long.

No. 829815

File: 1617410227682.jpeg (56.54 KB, 188x275, 1527692287349.jpeg)

>be nice to drug users uwu

No. 829835

She sure loves that "junkie" aesthetic and preaching about how people should respect drug users, until it comes to other drug users, at which point she has to conveniently omit that she is one of the "crackheads" she's talking about.

No. 829878

Seems everyone who has ever followed her gets to hear about “uwu it’s my birthday so saaaaddd send me stuff”. Bitch you are 26 not 5. Nobody cares

No. 829887

File: 1617489504812.png (1.11 MB, 1302x1470, luna2.png)

No. 829888

File: 1617489550513.png (807.31 KB, 666x1374, luna3.png)

No. 829889

File: 1617489678406.png (222.26 KB, 648x1414, luna1.png)

No. 829892


My only takeaway from this shit tier long ass rant is “things to pretend to do until I can get more dope” and “shit suggestions for people to send me so I don’t have to get off my fat ass and steal it myself”

No. 829893

File: 1617490109007.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x2169, C8C03978-9BB7-490E-A28C-62BD45…)

She tags rllyblonde but she doesn’t follow Luna back. Thought they cut her off long ago

No. 829895

What is the point in buying furniture if she’s being kicked out soon and has no place to go? Also wayfair is not ‘cheap’ for someone with no income lol. Luna is the most deluded cow.

No. 829896

Luna acting like google hasn't been invented yet in her drug den triggers me. Also those goals are fit for a 15 year old, not someone in their middle twenties. Also since when are pigs Luna's favorite animal? I remember the genderfluid Schumacher pig plushie, but I would never come to the conclusion. I thought cats are her thing?
Oh no, that lady is too good for Tuna. I wonder if rlyblonde tried to explain to her how vile Luna is, but her mother is the type that believes in giving 5th chances. I hope she is at least as generous with her daughter as with Tuna. Would hate my mom to waste money on an junkie ex friend that I dropped (presumably) for being a selfish leech.

No. 829900

I love how none of these goals include getting a job or finding an apartment. She loves to pretend she’s trying to “get better” without actually doing any of the work. Never change Luna (not like you would anyway).

No. 829901

File: 1617493151151.png (2.22 MB, 1321x2048, Screenshot_20210403-163747.png)

apparently her dad is doing fine

No. 829902

Boo fucking hoo Luna, you’re lucky your parents even talk to you anymore at this point. She’s disgusting

No. 829903

I hope he does turn her phone off. She's far too old to be having her fucking phone bill paid by her parents and she's an ungrateful asshole. Maybe they didn't want to talk to you, Luna. You and your pedo boyfriend are cunts who can't stop talking shit about them despite mooching off of them. To me, it just sounds like they were only calling her parents to get money out of them. And Tuna is high 90% of the time, she has no room to talk shit about her mom being high.

No. 829909

why is she complaining about her parents. she literally kicked her mom out of her own spot and haunts it, whilst trashing both her father and mother.

this bitch really needs to face the music because hot damn it's so discouraging that she is able to comfortably continue being a piece of shit.

No. 829910


actually, no, it's worse than that. her mother had to be fucking removed by an outside party because luna was a fuckin parasite that led to her mother's eventual relapse and would have continued to ruin her mother if someone had not intervened.

and now she's crying that they didn't give her a good birthday like lmao. goddamn tragic to be that old and entitled.

No. 829911

Right? She's complaining about her mother relapsing while being the cause for it.

No. 829914

“My moms life is over and mines just begun!!!! I need more gimmes and plastic useless crap! Give me all her stuff! I deserve to live the life of a pwincess with my most greatest fiancé/boyfriend/husband/groomer/dealer! Donate now or I’ll cry and show you my huge nasty ass!

No. 829915

lmao those goals gave me inpatient psych ward vibes. like you know you're never going to do that dumb shit your just going to get high asap

I'm also triggered by her google aversion

No. 829928

File: 1617503227404.jpg (380.18 KB, 1080x1450, 20210404_032652.jpg)

These are not the ramblings of a sober woman. But who's surprised

No. 829929

how is she already out of lamictal as well? is she abusing it also? can you abuse it?

No. 829930

File: 1617503265031.jpg (341.07 KB, 1080x1292, 20210404_032701.jpg)

No. 829932

She's 25 and having her phone paid for her still your right, these aren't real world issues these are tuna issues. Most people started paying for there own phone as teens and see it as a normal thing. Idk why this is such a massive deal to her,but everything has to be apparently. she could stand to pay her phone bill instead of buying cheap cheap cheaps

No. 829933

Jeez tuna, the ONLY thing most parents pay for after 18 is the occasional big family meal, on holidays, or ~maybe a special birthday. Anything after 21 isn’t special anymore. What an entitled spoiled brat.

No. 829934

I think she’s literally retarded. Every piece of writing I’ve seen of hers (including her “poetry”) reads as if it was written by a 15 year old. How sad, or something

No. 829935

File: 1617504252063.jpg (141.47 KB, 500x667, tumblr_186f7e0027c00c96257ca88…)

No. 829936

She refuses to grow up and those around her make sure that she never faces responsibilities like a normal adult.

No. 829937

yes, it’s the nonstop drug use, dumbo

No. 829938

File: 1617504308967.png (699.62 KB, 678x1464, gifts.png)

No. 829940

Kek. She better be careful, dad might really cut off her phone if she keeps acting like an entitled cunt. Plus, without her phone data how will she be able to pity beg for gifts, shop for chinese crap, or enlighten redditors with her wisdom?

No. 829943

She’s literally stomping her feet because she didn’t get the big Happy Birthday she thinks she deserves at 25. Basically nobody showed her the world only revolves around Luna today. She is so pathetic.

No. 829944

File: 1617506691078.png (554.02 KB, 647x770, what.PNG)

There is no fucking way lurch is 6 foot 6

No. 829945

Tuna's not good with numbers so I doubt it.

No. 829946


What disgusts me the most about her recently is she kicked her mom out… she never talks about if her mom is okay? Where is she living now? This is a pattern with her… she is a fucking parasite. Not saying much but I think I'm more worried about her mother than Tuna is.

No. 829948

It's funny how she never grows out of being an annoying brat with every birthday

No. 829951

i’m pretty sure her mom cut off all contact with her and didn’t even tell her where her new place is.

No. 829952

I can almost guarantee that the only reason why they call her or "invite" her over is to find out where she lives so they can show up on her doorstep when they get kicked out.

No. 829957

That or Lurch still deals to her, all while Luna turns a blind eye and has the nerve to post shit like this: >>829901

No. 829959

I would rather think that whatever sober living place they moved mom to has rules about calling people that would trigger a relapse, or indeed was the cause of it. Add to that lurch was her dealer, tuna took after the social worker, and I’d bet a days pay that’s close to the truth- in addition to mom probably overhearing her shit about being dead already (mostly)

No. 829964

just wanna point out that luna is constantly spouting this bullshit about being nice to drug users when she:
>constantly bitches and gossips about the crack users in her building
>constantly bitches about her mom’s drug use
>constantly bitches about her dad’s drug use
>brags about her sobriety despite telling followers in private messages that she’s not really sober and plans to go back to dope as soon as she’s able
>whines about how she needs all her drugs to function and not have bad mental health but shows no sympathy towards any other drug addicts

luna is a complete hypocrite. its okay for her and lurch to do drugs bc they need to but anyone else using drugs are considered filthy junkies who aren’t worth jack shit in her eyes.

No. 829965

>No, you see, I just do whatever I can get my hands on to achieve that Courtney Love junkie girl aesthetic, and post kawaii pictures of pills next to my Sanrio plushies on Instagram! I'm not like those actual poor filthy drug addicts!

No. 829966

What is sad is she could be decently pretty if she cleaned up and got her act together. But unless that happens, her face and body will continue to literally rot.

No. 829969


nah she's inside ugly dude. that shit rots you from the inside out. no amount of self-care will fix the inevitable tell-tale signs of someone who is dead inside. it's pretty grim but she's doomed if she doesn't get mental health help stat.

No. 829975


As far as I know, lamictal will not get you high. Of course, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t tried.

No. 829976

>nah she's inside ugly dude. that shit rots you from the inside out
>it's pretty grim but she's doomed if she doesn't get mental health help stat.
that's what the other anon said

No. 829977

File: 1617536118663.jpg (262.99 KB, 1080x2251, 04042021133504.jpg)

No. 829981

File: 1617537326497.png (49.34 KB, 547x578, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

No. 829989

No. 830006

The thought of lurch being a towering 6'6" is truly a terrifying thing to picture

No. 830010

>refuse to take responsibility

No. 830020

File: 1617563829312.png (1.77 MB, 723x2125, A5ED81A9-A766-4B5A-B7F1-F0E64D…)

Found it, Lurch is almost 6'7, Luna is 5'9 supposedly

No. 830025

God, he is such an unfortunate looking man

No. 830026


>sadness isn't beautiful

proceeds to write a literal sadgirl poem

he looks like a fucking cryptid, if I saw that man on the street I would RUN

No. 830029

two fucking titans

No. 830030

i feel like you'd be more likely to find him lurking in a dark corner of your room or under your bed than roaming the streets. slenderman lookin ass

No. 830035

Does anyone have that pic with them sitting of her dad's couch? Luna looked huge but they seemed of similar height (he could have longer legs tho).

No. 830040

He does not look 6'7 or 6'6, Luna is once again delusional as hell.

You're more likely to find him lurking in the backseat of your car when you look in your mirror since he likes to break into them.

No. 830044

went from third person to first person to second person for absolutely no reason

god i hope luna never stops writing poetry

No. 830049

What made her take the top photo? Why would she want to show off Lurch being an asshole and walking ahead of her? And also how crusty she looks out in public? The way she romanticizes only certain aspects of her life makes no sense.
>"my evil dad let me use his amazon account to order this kuromi bag but he's so evil and i hate him uwu anyway look at my handsome and sexy drug dealing pedophile fiancé, isn't he the best uwu

No. 830053

I call BS, he looks tall but not freakishly tall

No. 830058

Anon lurch is 8’5” and Luna can’t math. Also she’s a princess.
Her delusional life is as bad as vickys.
So has she spent her entire … I mean lurch’s entire stimulus on crap yet?

No. 830060

Can you please tell how can you tell his height? Now that I think, maybe the video in which he's screaming at a "crackhead" would be of some use, since it happens in a corridor… but I suck at this shit, so I will reserve my judgment.

No. 830062

your "nagging feeling of guilt" is just pure shame, tuna. if you were capable of feeling guilt your life would look a lot different.

No. 830065

i think the chances of finding lurch roaming the streets is extremely high because he looks like every other weird middle aged white junkie out there. i can already tell you he smells like piss and sour milk.

No. 830066

Can't forget mildew and straight up stank cause they don't wash their clothes.

No. 830071

File: 1617581807946.jpg (199.17 KB, 887x1567, IMG_20210405_021634.jpg)

No. 830086

it’s Luna so it’s def embellished, he’s 6’4” max

No. 830092

She wants to be tiny so fucking badly that she constantly goes on about how uwu slow she is because she can’t keep up with tall tall TALL Lurch! Even tho she is way above average height for women. Nothing tiny about her honestly, but she sure wishes there was.

No. 830093

She could be smaller width wise if she ate a fucking vegetable. She eats junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I recall, she even ate a cake as a meal a few times.

No. 830094

I work in a shittier part of the Bronx and have run into Lurch a handful of times. Can confirm Tuna is full of shit, he's tall but nowhere near titan status. He does indeed have a general homeless funk on him at all times. He seems to be somewhat polite, but the times I've seen him act like an asshole are with my black coworkers…

No. 830095

That makes sense. The only times we've ever seen him speak was when he was yelling at black people.

No. 830098

women acting like it’s super hot to be shortarses are so goddamn weird
be whatever height you are, short or tall, just don’t be a waste of oxygen like tuna

No. 830130

Yeah for real, she would be much happier if she accepted these things about herself instead of trying to be something she's not. You can dye your hair and put on makeup but you can't become shorter. She can still be feminine and a tall girl.

No. 830141


Sage for armchair diagnosing, but what if her dad has Alzheimer’s or dementia? Not making sense when speaking. Wandering around at night with no coat on not knowing where he is, that’s what all the dementia patients who go missing do. Why would they take a guy whacked on drugs to a nursing home instead of detox or fine him for public intox?
But Luna’s gonna drug shame him for uwu my dad relapsed on drugs just as I get sober and need him the most wahhh please donate to his nursing home/my cab fair to visit him/lawyers fees to prove the apartment is legally mine lmao

No. 830147

Yup, usual is 0.25-0.5mg tablets 2-3times a day bc it wears off. And that’s if you have a severe panic disorder. Not one mega 2mg to “take the edge off”. I know you’re a pharmacist and don’t need it, just confirming regular psychiatrists who prescribe Xanax do so cautiously and try Ativan/clonazepam first. Xanax is the last they’d go to, not the first. Her Xanax is bought off the street/stolen from dad for sure.

No. 830153

She comes up with these non-issues to worry about and forgot about the real problems in her life: that she will soon be kicked out of the basement she squats in, has no money, no job and she will have a hard time finding one considering everything.

No. 830168

yeah it makes no sense to me. So much more could be wrong i thought the same even wondered if he had a stroke or even low 02 from covid or something. Also don't most nursing homes have waiting lists and you have to go through a whole process to be admitted? Just like going to rehab they don't just let you in off the street you have to call in be accepted and then wait your term. And with covid I thought they were limiting admissions to nursing homes if not closing them all together. Her story makes no sense I think she just wants pity money as usual

No. 830177

Some nursing homes accept short-term rehab patients. If Luna’s dad has something neurological going on, it’s possible he could be admitted to a nursing home as a rehab patient so as not to take up a hospital bed, but still be monitored by a 24/7 nursing staff.

No. 830183

UTIs aren't as common in males as females, but they do happen–especially with seniors. Given the fact that her dad fell asleep and set his place on fire (via cigarette, I think?) makes me think that he isn't taking great care of himself, which can make him more suspectable to an infection. People with UTIs or kidney infections can develop disorientation and overall confusion.

Luna, being an attention whore, would more than likely latch on to the idea of 'MY EVIL DAD IS DOING DRUGS!' Plus any dementia/Alzheimer's can be exploited to pity bucks. Something as common as a UTI/kidney infection, not so much.

No. 830186

to be honest, her mom seems to be disoriented and confused too. it's not impossible that they both are burnt out from the drugs they used. i've known older people who just don't have any mental facilities left after clouding their minds with dope for decades. combine that with the fact they both seem to be a bit older than most parents with children luna's age and I think there's the answer.

No. 830252

He didnt fall asleep with a cigarette.

No. 830254

I find it strange to even speculate what her parents are like tbh. We've seen probably a minutes worth of video of her mother, if that. Other than that, we only have Luna's word to go on as to what their personalities are, and she's a personality-disordered, drug addicted, lying ogre.

No. 830255

"How do I WRITE my wrongs"?

Is English even her first language thats a mistake a 3rd grader would make?

No. 830258

it's a fraudian slip or however you wanna call it (may have forgotten the correct term). All she's gonna do is 'write her wrongs' over and over again

No. 830262

I’m sure Luna exaggerates some things about her parents but truthfully I have no sympathy for them. They were too fucked up to be effective parents to her when she was a child and look how she turned out. Her mother is extra disgusting to me because she brought pedo Lurch around when Luna was a minor. They created a monster and now they have to deal with the consequences. Not excusing all the fucked up things Luna has done but they are definitely not victims in this case.

No. 830265

It's freudian, anon

Based. Most people defend tuna's parents just to make her look worse, because it's her thread, but they really don't deserve it.

No. 830266

It's funny because she wants to be a professional writer.

Can we skip this repetitive shit this time around? We know her parents are shitty parents.

No. 830272

this entirely. even assuming Luna embellishes the shit out of the stories, her parents are useless, taught her nothing, used substances regularly around her, let Lurch around her, and sound exactly as lowlife as she is. She's a shit person too for not turning her life around and for blaming them, but they're also garbage. It's a big garbage loop.

No. 830273

Hopefully she never reproduces because it will just continue this cycle

No. 830278

Yeah I know, made a typo. I wasn't sure if it qualifies as freudian if it's not about wanting to kill your father and fuck your mother KEK.
>Based. Most people defend tuna's parents just to make her look worse, because it's her thread, but they really don't deserve it.
Seconding this. Really hate this black and white thinking that sometimes happens on the farms, where the cow always has to be the most evil person in the room.

No. 830280

She’s been quiet on social media since Lurch’s stimulus check showed up. Wonder if she is back on smack or if she’s sticking to “just” xannies and weed.

No. 830285

do you even have to wonder………..

No. 830307

File: 1617752387869.jpg (320.51 KB, 977x697, Screenshot_20210407_003912.jpg)

from kf.

No. 830308

How to know someone is a douche: They have their own name tattooed on them

No. 830313

"sober" long enough for the money to come in.

No. 830323

she OD'd a day or 2 ago and likely died
not sure if Lurch is gonna post anything about it on her socials but I doubt it since he's a boomer junkie who can't even work his flip phone

No. 830324

Post proof or at least a source??

No. 830325

Yea proof is needed here for this kinda statement or gtfo

No. 830328

File: 1617760498180.png (44.93 KB, 765x233, Screenshot 2021-04-06 18.49.23…)

lies. shes just playing hollow knight

No. 830335

You’re a cunt lol

No. 830358

“Likely died” clearly not though if she’s still using reddit, how’d you hear about this information anyway?

No. 830359

They’re trolling

No. 830361

semi-OT, but I'm bored and Luna makes me want to be productive, so working on the next thread writeup just to be ahead of schedule. Anyone got any wants/suggestions for thread pic? I can do another one like last thread again, unless people have a suggestion.

>>828736 is the only suggestion i've seen so far.

No. 830372

Your pic was the best! Please make a new one

No. 830373


You clearly don't understand what a Freudian slip is, considering you're describing it as basically an Oedipus complex.

Don't worry, I'm sure both you and Tuna can write your fraud-ian wrongs.

If you can't spell it and don't know what it is, maybe just refrain from mentioning it since this shit makes anons look as dumb as the cow we're laughing at.(infighting)

No. 830376


Tuna was raised by her grandma, not her parents. And even if her grandma and parents were evil child abusers like the mom from "A Boy Called It", Tuna is STILL an adult with the ability to get help to better her life and learn life skills. If every kid who didn't even grow up living with their parents could use their mean parents to avoid working and use drugs all day to escape from their pAin from childhood, we'd have a ridiculous amount of useless Tunas in the world.

Tuna always had a roof over her head. She went to school and had nice clothes that her family paid for. A lot of kids in poor neighborhoods only get to wear ill-fitting free clothes, like hand-me-downs or donation clothes. She was allowed to go out with her friends and be a normal teen. Her parents, who she didn't live with, were supposedly on methadone for many years while Tuna was growing up with grandma. Clinics will keep raising your dose if you keep getting high, until you stop using. After about 60-80mg, dope won't even get you high anymore because the methadone blocks the opiate high. Tuna tries to make it sound like she's such a natural addict because her parents were addicts and implies they're to blame for everything wrong with her.

Stfu, Tuna. A lot of kids grew up living with full blown heroin/crack/meth addicts and are doing just fine. And tbh, I'd blame Tuna's addiction issues on all the movies, songs, singers, and other celebrities she idolizes that she believes glamorize drug use as opposed to blaming 2 people that didn't even raise her.

No. 830384

File: 1617802874467.png (77.64 KB, 375x360, freudian-slip.png)

My comment about oedipal complex was tongue in cheek. Are you autistic? Even if I made a dumb typo, I used the term in a correct way. Congrats on flexing your basic psychology knowledge on a Luna thread. Hate to break it to you but you don't sound smart, just like a big asshole.(infighting)

No. 830386

Calm down anon

No. 830404

She had material things but she didn't have loving, involved parents. Her mother let her drug dealer molest her teenage daughter (I don't believe for a second that he waited until she was 18 to do anything intimate with her) and her father oscillates between enabling her and emotionally abusing her. I believe what she says about her parents because if it was a lie it would be more melodramatic and probably include some tumblr-friendly CSA backstory or actual physical abuse. I have no sympathy for Luna's parents, they did nothing to stop their daughter from ruining her life, emotionally abused her, and allowed her to be groomed and molested by an adult drug dealer. Luna's actions are her responsibility but she really never had much of a chance to turn out any better than she did. I think the real villain of the Luna saga is Lurch, who took a bright little girl with a promising future and turned her into a junkie bimbo.

No. 830408

Dick move to scare us like that, especially when some of us are still getting over the loss of Soren

No. 830415

No. 830420

Yeah morbid and fucked up but kinda wish Lurch would just OD already. He’s basically middle aged and has contributed absolutely nothing to society. Only good thing he’s ever done is not knocking Luna up. He’ll forever be a scumbag and a loser.

No. 830425

don't you worry, tuna will be playing kingdom hearts in the sky with soren soon enough

No. 830427

She had plenty of opportunity to turn out better than she did. Play the world's smallest violin for this fat cow all you want, she had plenty of agency in her decisions, including the relationship with Lurch.
>a bright little girl with a promising future
LMAO who??? You sure aren't talking about this cunt.

No. 830437

Have you seen pre-lurch luna? She as a cute, slightly chubby AP student with plenty of friends who she regularly collaborated on zines/art projects and was into radical body positivity and was a minor tumblr celebrity known for being sweet and creative and all-around likable. lurch turned her into this

No. 830440

File: 1617830387114.gif (464.58 KB, 201x275, 1500164893978.gif)

No he didn't, he only made those qualities worse. She was always an entitled brat. No matter what you whiteknights say, Luna is mostly to blame for the person that she is now.

No. 830441

File: 1617830879257.jpeg (378.63 KB, 1125x1537, D2815F7E-FF14-40AD-87EA-374B7A…)

Quick small dump. Those pants already have blood on them kek

No. 830442

File: 1617830917312.jpeg (46.35 KB, 540x960, AAFCA0BD-4B42-43F6-9657-A95DA2…)

No. 830443

yea she was always this self absorbed. no need to romanticize her image more than she already does

No. 830444

File: 1617831044920.jpeg (80.52 KB, 540x910, A6CA0885-A053-48BC-800A-B156B2…)

No. 830445

I know we all know her hair is a mess… But you can tell her last bleach she did herself melted her hair on the back. The left side isn't as long as the right side.

No. 830446

holy shit, how did i not notice that until now. what the fuck did she do to her poor hair?!

No. 830449

I think those are the bangs that she grew out, both on the left and the right. The rest is just her normal hair on the side.

No. 830457

Nah, it's not. You can clearly see it. I only noticed it myself because I was a dumbass and melted my own hair with bleach exactly like this recently.
Knowing luna too, this really wouldn't be a stretch.

No. 830458

Insane that she's jobless and squatting and her priorities are ordering bandaids to put on her nose for photoshoots. This bitch is fucking retarded.

No. 830469

omg too funny I didn't notice either!

I went back and I guess it's actually her right side but lmao she totally did! >>827669

No. 830470

File: 1617841212718.png (3.45 MB, 1435x1428, cheapcheapcheapbleach.PNG)

For anons who don't see it, here's the chunk that's been melted off from this photo.

No. 830475

Bitch needs to lay off the bleach. What’s her natural color anyway?

No. 830481