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File: 1635462899969.jpg (742.06 KB, 800x793, t5.jpg)

No. 1357741

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1234270

Recent drama:
>Valkyrae releases RFLCT and DFLCTs criticism.
>Destiny is still dealing with stalker. Stalker-chan is DMCA-ing and blackmailing anyone in contact with Destiny in order to get him to notice her.
>Mizkif & Maya breakup and Miz is moving onto Emiru
>Scrote watch: Hasan, Gus Johnson, Jikishi
>idubbbz gf evolves into idubbbz wife and shaved her head after a mental breakdown.

No. 1357754

Well, Poki could've just waited a little bit until people jumped on the next drama but she had to announce it a few days after what happened to Rae. Rae considers Poki as a friend and that's why she felt betrayed and alone when no one came to her rescue. The timing of the announcement was 100% planned to make Rae look bad and Poki look professional. Poki is an opportunist after all.

No. 1357760

Even if this is true, why this high school friendship mentality? It’s Rae’s fault she didn’t do her DD and backed snake oil. I see people also saying her friends are fucked for not telling her it’s a bad idea earlier, but the most likely scenario is that Rae was under NDA and couldn’t talk the specifics of her product. Also from clip chimps, poki has been hyping this way before the Rae drama.
Why should anyone pause their life because their friend is being retarded?

No. 1357830


>Also from clip chimps, poki has been hyping this way before the Rae drama

Go on and post these clips here. I don't believe a second that Poki couldn't wait for another week to announce her project.

No. 1357975


ntayrt but asking to be spoonfed on like the fifth fucking post with your arms crossed like the site exists to satisfy your standards lest you get mad about a woman on the internet is highkey scrote behavior

No. 1357984

spoonfeed yourself, retard. it wasn't posted here because it's obviously not milk.
These people need to own their fuck ups. Makes it seem like she thinks that all of her friends need to do nothing but white knight her. It's her own fuck up and she should take care of it.

No. 1358023

asking for proof of anon's claims isn't scrote behavior.
>lest you get mad about a woman on the internet
that's this whole site in a nutshell retard.

No. 1358194

Asking for proof is nowadays scrote behaviour? I think you're an idiot. Truely. Sorry for not licking Pokimane's ass. This is an imageboard btw so videos and pics are more than appreciated - it is even encouraged. You should read lolcows rules before you post again.

No. 1358226

Hard to find the comment thread the clips were from but LSF keeps being overrun by miz/emi. but I did find the podcast where poki briefly talks about her future/current work ventures. This was recorded at least a week before rae drama happened.

This doesn’t change my question though as to why grown women are forcing high school social hierarchy though.

No. 1358327

File: 1635555797560.jpeg (694.5 KB, 1125x1773, 3F87FD97-2E2C-4469-B960-9F1E53…)

Irrelevant idubbbz tries to start a boxing match with rice. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to become the embodiment of soyjack but Ian Jomha keeps at it.
>take wife’s last name
>wife tells him to box, listens to her
>listens to wife’s “plenty educated” nutrition advice to get ready for the match. Looks bloated af

No. 1358330

How can you tell he looks bloated from what he's wearing in that video alone? Unless there are other photos where he appears bloated?

No. 1358333

they got married? holy shit. yeah this guy became exactly what he made fun of.

No. 1358338

File: 1635559626017.jpeg (172.7 KB, 1152x2048, 57A4C804-ACC5-4E43-9AE1-12714D…)

His face looks swollen/bloated I mean, probably from getting punched. His body is looking in bad shape for someone who has been “training for months”.

No. 1358353

It was some cheap Las Vegas wedding and Ian was looking like a pedophile more than ever

No. 1358381

oh man you missed out. they literally got hitched in vegas, wearing the most hideous outfits ever and her making her ugly ass OF content immediately after in their hotel room.

No. 1358472

File: 1635584077903.jpeg (294.81 KB, 3200x1440, Gf2JtKR.jpeg)

accidental leaked DMs from lud show Rae was extremely naively stupid, not malicious

No. 1358482

>take wife's last name
You say that like it's a bad thing

No. 1358484

In the context of the cuck controversy, it’s hilarious

No. 1358504

Something looks really off with his eyes.(sage)

No. 1358582

he 100% has strabismus

No. 1358596

Thank God he covers or crops out those shitty tattoos in every new video he does.

No. 1358647

>Looks bloated af
I'm crying.

No. 1358682

Anisa made it sound like he wanted reveal them all during the boxing match. That’s probably why he’s so buttmad, rice stole his golden moment lol

No. 1358773

That sounds about right. She’s a streamer, not a chemist, she probably wouldn’t recognize a bullshit study. I’m betting they did show her fake shit and that’s why they don’t want to release it to the public. Her reaction was pretty bad but I might lose my shit if a bunch of redditors started lecturing me on skincare too, so whatever.

No. 1358911

File: 1635662733511.jpeg (78.87 KB, 1125x740, CE3CAF26-1518-457D-A72A-6B1F69…)

Anisa is unable to argue with her words so she wants to hurt people physically lmao

No. 1358920

>anyone else
Ronda Rousey is a streamer now. Let's go Anisa. kek

No. 1358931

I still can’t believe some days how far the mighty have fallen. Ian staged one of the milkiest sting operations in internet drama history and was part of a collab team so disgusting that their videos changed how YouTube monetises content. Now he’s standing in front of a bare wall and challenging the same guy he’s been talking shit about back-and-forth with for 5+ years to a boxing match. Do you think he Joji or Max have even spoken to each other since Jojo killed the golden goose and retired Filthy Frank?
It’s so bizarre to me. I was in high school when they were at their peak, and it’s just so bizarre to think that after all the views, all the videos and all the controversy, all he has to show for it is footage of himself eating hair and vomit and getting belt whipped by a fat guy in a diaper, a wife who married him for his ~internet fame~, and most people only knowing him as the “crippling depression/I’m gay/hey that’s pretty good” guy. What an unfortunate use of a human existence.

No. 1358933

''accidental'' my ass, they are obviously trying to save the image with that

No. 1358934

I agree with you absolutely lol
This is probably the only way Rae could get her message out without breeching contract

No. 1358937

So her only real defense here is
>She was too retarded to know uwu
Maybe dont launch a skincare line when you dont know jackshit about it and obviously spent 0 hours even looking into it before putting your entire brand on it for some quick cash, same chick who at launch claimed she had been sooo dedicated to this kekw.

No. 1358939

Apparently the cancer crew still talk in a group chat and Ian/George met up for lunch in LA last year.


But yeah, even at the height of their popularity, idubbbz was always the worst member. Joji quit youtube to pursue music, max made his own podcast and records pokemon. What does idubbbz have? He angrily insults his fanbase for liking his "old" persona, but then never took the time to show his audience who he "really is". At least joji and max have passions(music/pokemon), idubbbz was just some cumrag that attached himself to more talented people. The only thing he had going for him was content cops, but seeing the "internet hate mob" going after anisa made him stop.

No. 1358968

Ian needs to heed the lesson of Lowtax and think of the damage Ricegum would inflict upon his spinal cord.

No. 1359003

File: 1635688439326.gif (28.98 KB, 320x180, BE9F1954-861A-436F-922B-B7735A…)

But I thought she spent two years on it! /s
So you’re telling me she spent two years on this and really didn’t know she was selling snake oil? Countless companies have already tried to capitalize on the blue light fear mongering and failed. What made Rae think she was any different and she would succeed?

And Rae isn’t even that young so she can’t even play the naive and stupid card. She’s just lying non stop now to try to cover her tracks. I love how she’s trying to make herself the victim now that her plan to scam people failed.

No. 1359017

nah Rae really is just that stupid.

You can obviously disagree but it's very obvious when watching her streams & she talks about it herself sometimes.

Honestly her saying she was cofounder instead of just a collaborator hurt her more than she probably realizes. I don't know that people would have had quite the outrage towards the line if she hadn't lied about that. But her saying "I cofounded a revolutionary skincare company" was an immediate sign that something was off.

No. 1359041

File: 1635691634165.jpeg (92.68 KB, 828x1100, 0B6CD92E-1C7A-4300-B7F4-439ACE…)

Anisa woke up and decided the idubbbz boxing match is actually all about her and getting revenge on her BOOLIES. I'm glad people are openly telling her to stop making this about her in the comments.

man even if brit accepted it'd be unfair as fuck. Anisa and Ian have been "training" for months and expect rando non boxers to step into the ring in less than a month and fight?

No. 1359043

i don't think she understands that nobody really gives a fuck about the "boxing event". she needs to stfu about it

No. 1359045

>I will box
No you won't.
My god the desperation. She reminds me of those C'mon, bro! Come at me, bro! breed of males. If she wants to fight someone so badly, why doesn't she fight someone who's more experienced.
Like her local methhead.
Good luck with that, cow.

No. 1359050

looks straight out of the ftm thread

No. 1359060

File: 1635694579493.jpg (57.02 KB, 480x605, Capture.JPG)


>"Brittany fight me!

>blocks her


No. 1359064

File: 1635695153320.png (2.07 MB, 3280x2340, wew.png)

Feeling second handed embarrassment

No. 1359071

File: 1635696423644.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1931, 8B262A6F-43CC-4B0A-A3FB-F87AA3…)

“But no guys, it’s for charity!!!” Man they moved to Seattle and now they’re pulling out Onision tactics.

Anisa and Idubbbz are frugal as fuck when it comes to others and haven’t been charitable throughout their careers, why fucking now. They really want to be on a high horse and sniff their own shit.

No. 1359073

File: 1635696583297.png (35.56 KB, 852x232, lol.png)

Brittany could just punch her in the tit and rupture her implants. Instant KO!

No. 1359083

Do anons Remember how Venti used to self-post / wk on LC all the time, while also taking content from boards…

No. 1359088

Idk about the wking but she put anisa on blast in a digestible format for the masses, so she’s alright in my book. It’s not like anisa/her mom/kailey also didn’t wk/selfpost in those same threads

No. 1359093

File: 1635700331229.gif (1.85 MB, 400x224, anisa pls.gif)

Her fucking hair my god

No. 1359095

>rae is really that stupid
But how is this an acceptable answer for someone her age? It’s not.

Rae should really smarten up because people won’t care once she’s older and she’s already getting there. She can’t cash out on her looks forever

No. 1359097

Makes me think the whole thing is hot air. If she can't even take part in a legit match it's all bullshit.

No. 1359203

My point wasn't about whether it was acceptable that she's stupid but rather surprise that anyone believed she wasn't stupid before this. Or would still be questioning her intellect now when there's a laundry list of examples not related to RFLCT that show her lack of critical thinking.

No. 1359206

I agree, not sure why there's an anon who keeps trying to sugarcoat everything she does and is an obvious fan of hers. I don't know how stupid do you have to be to believe in this shit and start selling fake skincare if it's not about money. There's nothing genuine about this situation, she is a long-time streamer that also used to sign contracts on various things before.

No. 1359208

She definitely needs to smarten up. The whole snake oil release without due diligence in the first place added to her initial response which bizarrely included blaming her friends who didn't reach out to her shows that she really doesn't act her age. I get that most of these streamers are literally just a bunch of people who play games all day, but when you want to branch out into stuff like skincare and try to be a legitimate brand sitting there and telling your audience "I didn't know they were going to do that" isn't good enough. Especially once she labelled herself co-founder

No. 1359211

I’m being blunt. not defending Rae. She’s stupid as fuck and that isn’t me dismissing her actions, calm down.

No. 1359218

i missed so much shit but im curious if anyone can tell me why miz is pissed at maya? there was some clip of him playing basket ball and at the end he thanked everyone but her… i thought they'd ended on good terms. i must have missed a lot.(sage)

No. 1359221

"For charity"
> Sounds like an Onlyfans tax write-off to me

No. 1359225

He’s just trying to ham up the post-breakup content I guess. I don’t think if it were anything serious he’d actually start shit over it publicly, Maya is still friends with his friends and is still beloved by LSF so it’s not like he could turn public opinion against her. He’s just been making jokes here and there. He’s going to the Alveus Halloween party today and everything https://youtu.be/xuTdJ-eGagE(learn2embed)

No. 1359237

File: 1635720853533.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1653, AD642E73-063A-42B3-8E43-CCE425…)

Man those tattoos might be worse than Anisa’s

No. 1359250

the question is where the fuck was her manager and her agent?

why doesn't she have a lawyer?

No. 1359252

and why does miz pee in a bathtub?

He is an ADHD special needs child. Literally cannot help himself

No. 1359254

File: 1635722950530.png (433.69 KB, 1311x788, Screenshot (13).png)

I feel bad for her tbh. Ulta put 4 million dollars into this deal. They told her they had the research to back up the claim. It wasn't until later scrutiny that the company actually producing the product refused to publish research.

She should have been more wary, for sure, but blue light skincare isn't some new unheard of thing (see picrel) and there are other products that make the same claims.

Honestly this whole story only seems notable because she's a streamer and people want to point and laugh.

No. 1359271

I'm watching Maya's Halloween Fundraiser stream right now, did anyone saw the part where Miz made a rude comment about Maya's cooking? Holy shit that was rude as fuck.

No. 1359277

Clip it or sage

No. 1359289

No. 1359306

youre so retarded its not even funny

No. 1359309

exactly. how is calling her stupid a good thing??????? she's a dumbass. not a compliment.

I think it's hilarious she's this dumb

No. 1359324

File: 1635732181178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 501.56 KB, 1536x2048, DF376038-648D-4D15-A315-686D80…)

Anisa’s face is morphing into momokun and it’s gross

No. 1359430

File: 1635748703290.png (368.06 KB, 589x485, 35161.png)

i really don't even hate pokimane but dressing like a child, even as a halloween costume, is just embarrassing. she's a grown woman and i wish she would tone down her uwu schtick. maybe she didn't mean it, but it comes across like lowkey pedo baiting.

No. 1359442

who is she even supposed to be idgi

No. 1359444

i mean pokimane aside, the amount of normies I saw dressing up as the sexy version of the redlightgreenlight girl at parties was too fucking many.

No. 1359446

The red light, green light robot from squid games, it was a pretty popular costume this year.

No. 1359453

Looks fine to me. I don't see anything wrong / sexualised about it.

No. 1359457

good, hope he does

No. 1359462

Hasan wants to quit streaming

No. 1359463

it's a normal costume chill

No. 1359465

How is it cringe to listen to your wife or take her last name? Thats cute. No comment on the rest

No. 1359466

Here’s hoping lol. All I know about this guy is that he’s a glorified reaction streamer who’s admitted to going to brothels that have been raided in human trafficking stings. Nothing of consequence will be lost if he quits. Let’s hope he realises that soon.

No. 1359471

I’m sick of seeing his ugly faux progressive “himbo” face everywhere (barf he looks and acts like a douche and not an attractive one) just because he spews edgy liberal political takes that the majority of twitch viewers will agree with. Whoever subscribes to him is worse than simps who watch girls sit around in inflatable pools.

No. 1359480

He used to sexually abuse women on college >>1335552 and wrote PUA articles for a frat boys blog >>1335549

No. 1359495

No. 1359500


No. 1359508

Keep licking her latinx lard ass, simp

No. 1359511

she's moroccan

No. 1359515

Cringe anon, are you a 15 year old boy?

No. 1359516

>Keep licking her nigger lard ass, simp*

No. 1359560


No. 1359638

Kek good he's a useless male.
I think if she was posing in a sexual way then, yeah, it'd be really weird and gross of her, but I think it's cute.

No. 1359646

Nta but here's the clip.

No. 1359656

This is the most PULL faggot post
Oh nyoo
Scrote privilege is being cavalier af with personal security then act shocked lol

No. 1359694

the charity grift to lift his profile is in keeping with the pedo vibe.

No. 1359901

Man, I'm not a fan of Maya but I feel bad for her here. Of course all the incels like Rich were cracking up, while Malena just looked unimpressed. I'm sick of all the scrotes on Twitch just circlejerking about how shitty they treat the women in their lives.

I swear almost every time Pokimane is posted in this thread its by a PULLfag missing their 200-page thread full of nitpicks about her nose.

No. 1359910

These group events produce a lot of content, but also highlight how insufferable some of these people are.
The hilarious part about all of this is that Miz can never get a handle on these group events.
Malena created ShitCon by herself and called OTK out when they tried to take some of the credit. Then he had to miss ShitCamp because of the breakup. And then they completely botched the OTK anniversary event and got roasted on LSF all week.
He also wasn’t invited to the TwitchRivals event in Las Vegas that all of the other streamers (and Maya) are going to

No. 1359914

File: 1635809887501.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.1 KB, 1440x1835, A0A08F40-A7AA-4C88-A7E1-7A98CE…)

Tfw the cow keeps giving milk

No. 1359915

Apparently someone in the austin group has been spiking drinks

Idk if she’s being vague on purpose or if it’s OTK

No. 1359960

wow she's fucking insufferable

No. 1360114

I hope she never gets a nose job to annoy the Pullfags. No matter how much they nag, everyone else thinks Poki is cute regardless of that small bump.

No. 1360202

So anymore drama on maya ?

No. 1360225

the biker lesbian look makes her look 40 years old

No. 1360233

File: 1635860138029.jpeg (553.4 KB, 828x826, D119E672-A27D-4778-BB6D-F87FDF…)

Did she mean this night? Maybe something happened when they went out.

No. 1360234

Damn those look heavy, probably planning to knock venti out with one swing or whatever sad soul decides to participate in their cry for attention and collabs

No. 1360373

her tattoos look like she just wanted something cool and edgy on her body. call me a boomer, but most tattoos like this are just hideous and ruin young girls' beautiful bodies. there are too many girls like this.(creepy scrote)

No. 1360419

Call me crazy but this is the best she's ever looked

No. 1360421

It's a very unpopular opinion but I agree, nonnie. Some of her tattoos are a little iffy but she looks better and more confident.

No. 1360438

You’re right. it’s probably because she’s not staring at the camera so we don’t see her desperation for validation

No. 1360483

File: 1635893364571.gif (5.06 MB, 740x416, 7627bcb296fb8853089b5d46a06b44…)

Good for her that her boob job ended up looking a lot better now. unpopular opinion, but she looks kind of hot. I will disappear now.

No. 1360508

File: 1635895154119.jpeg (263.35 KB, 900x898, A8656CA7-5C4F-40BA-9F53-11F3A2…)

Do you guys think this is hot or

No. 1360659

File: 1635911077125.jpg (75.72 KB, 500x500, temptatts.jpg)

I mean, Cyr (the greasy moid in the maid dress) has a history of inviting crazy in. He was a long time member of Onision's inner circle and dated Dasha while she abused/skinwalked his ex. Really doesn't surprise me that drinks were getting spiked.

Absolutely not. She looks like poot lovato in a cow bikini covered in multiple sheets of temporary tattoos.

No. 1360665

Are Emiru and Miz really a thing now?

No. 1360668

I can't tell if this angle makes her look more like James Charles or like Sid from Toy Story.

No. 1360669

It has face like pig but body like cow(don't use emojis )

No. 1360677

File: 1635914063849.jpeg (586.58 KB, 693x964, BC5CB366-3501-4FCC-AF02-5D76C3…)

Imagine associating with moids like this by choice. I’d genuinely sooner kill myself.

No. 1360680

lookin like abby brown

No. 1360731

Dude in the maid costume is a massive cow himself

No. 1360752

File: 1635929872446.png (2.61 MB, 2560x1440, BE35A766-6B82-4D07-A2C2-12134A…)

Idubbbz is so irrelevant he’s asking mizkif to box him lmao. Or maybe Anisa told him to ask Miz so she can get close to the Austin streamers.

No. 1360760

Could Idubbbz and Anisa box each other if no one accepts?

No. 1360768

Has any milk on Cyr been posted recently? All I know him as is the clunky third wheel of Jacksfilms and Tobuscus back in like 2013. Even then he seemed like a weird cunt, curious to see what he’s like now that he’s seven years older and catering to an audience of underage tiktok users, based on the grease and the outfit.

No. 1360785

He’s been pretty low key after ditching dasha and onision shit

No. 1360791

No. 1360848

please god don't let anisa leech her way into that circle

No. 1360850

forgot sage mb

No. 1360857

is that devil farting?

No. 1360869

No. 1360874

File: 1635948476860.jpeg (311.66 KB, 1125x479, 025A92B7-5232-4D82-9159-EE0D84…)

This is an autistic nitpick of mine but aria keeps buying purebred cats. Last year she kept getting ones with birth defects and she had to return them. She finally got an able bodied one and she immediately bred it with her other purebred cats, now the kittens are dying off. It’s fun to buy purebred but holy fuck making them breed further to have retard babies is such a cruel thing to do

No. 1360881

It would be one of the weirdest crossovers ever. I hate it already.

No. 1360893

breeders are fucking disgusting, how the fuck are you going to call something "purebred" that can not reproduce viable offspring?

No. 1360912

No one should be backyard breeding their cats, full stop. Get it spayed like a normal responsible pet owner. She's retarded for trying

No. 1360959

Only if Anisa gets to box Emiru. One of Emi's bony elbows would deflate Anisa's tits, KO-ing her, and her resulting fall on Emiru would completely delete all 80s pounds of her.

No. 1360963

LOG TF OFF lmao he fucking has slapfights on twitter all day and reads LSF. Narc behavior.

No. 1361045

crying at this

No. 1361246

Emi stupid neck out peace sign uwu makes me want to punch her in the neck. Like extending your neck out like some hungry hungry hippo bitch. I can’t put into words how stupid the pose looks. The retarded wig an ears makes me want to alog further.(a-logging)

No. 1361293

This is what happens when you go to a backyard breeder who is in no connection to any cat groups or breeding associations.
Most people are so stupid and impatient when getting a pet they will do no research into breeders and will go out and get one as soon as they can.

If she was responsible she would find a breeder with health guaranteed and actual pedigree papers. but that normally results on you being on a waiting list of up to several years.
Purebreed is just retard talk for idiots who buy backyard pitbulls.
An actual breeder will not sell their kittens unless its desexed.

No. 1361299

Sorry for Double post.
But looking into her cats she has a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin.
Both of those breeds have MAJOR health issues to the point they are banned in some countries and refused into cat councils, more so the Munchkin though.

I don't know much background of her though, did she breed them together or what? either way it's disgusting.
Both cats regardless of their major flaws should be desexed before being sold to her.

No. 1361326


More in the news: water is wet.

No. 1361329

This looks fine. The tattoos are questionable but that's a matter of taste. Her body and tits looks nice.

No. 1361349

There was some talk about him acting friendly with Dasha online or in person somewhere on the farms recently, can't seem to find it now.

He's still the same old greasy and annoying guy except now he lives with Andy milonakis. kek

No. 1361354

File: 1636001705984.jpeg (513.29 KB, 1125x1179, DB58FB91-24A8-404F-A7D5-C8874F…)

She got a cat last year that had so many problems she just returned it. Who the fuck returns a cat and demands a refund? It’s crueler than putting it down at that point

No. 1361369

Fucking loathe when people adopt aesthetic breeds of any animal and don’t give a fuck enough to care for them properly. Watching your cat throw up is really hard not to care about and attach to? They’re so tiny and are probably on so much pain and can’t communicate other than depending on their people and submitting to everything going on. It’s fucked up that the breeds exist to have so many very painful health issues for a “look”, it’s not asking much to correctly care for them. How could you just “throw in the towel” because your cat is throwing up so much they’re scared and delirious and therefore not bonding with you in the way that you want? It’s so hollow and gross. Cats are domesticated to depend on humans. Nasty person should just donate to shelters and leave it at that

No. 1361443

File: 1636017377528.png (45.72 KB, 598x590, kd93nfk3.png)

In true Aria fashion, she was an idiot.

No. 1361724


I don't own a cat, but when do they typically get spayed? I always thought that was the first thing pet owners would do

No. 1361778

Anytime between 8 weeks and 5 months but she clearly says she intended to breed them and that’s why she didn’t get them fixed.

No. 1361887

File: 1636069168546.jpeg (273.75 KB, 1080x1318, BC6CC982-42C9-4DFA-BE59-11C522…)

After acting like a tough guy saying she’d fight venti, Anisa is going onto Reddit to find excuses to get out of boxing

No. 1361920

Normally a responsible breeder will not sell unless its desexed so 12 weeks is about average.
It's 12 weeks or 6 months basically before puberty and before they start wanting to fuck, it also prevents a lot of behavioural issues.
This is so fucking revolting.
The emojis and the "only 9 months old".
Twitch streamers need to be banned from having pets.

No. 1361933

is she actually retarded? the concussions explain a lot but if she can afford tit surgery and flash tattoos all over her body then why couldn’t she ask an actual doctor irl

No. 1361952

Because of the concussions, nona. Bitch is brain damaged.

No. 1361959

What’s even the whole appeal of the boxing idea? Is idubbbz trying to compensate for his cuck status by channeling Jake Paul

No. 1361999

Don't even get how this is so funny yet Hasan is there laughing like the chimp he is.

No. 1362061

There's a lot of money involved in boxing. He's most definitely broke and wants to be part of this money laundering scheme.

No. 1362119

Lol she is literally brain damaged. She wouldn't be allowed to box with her implants anyways because there is a serious risk of rupturing them or injuring your breast tissue. Idubbz paid a lot of money for those sandbags and she just wants to have them popped by Venti.

No. 1362266

This is all so grimy. Maybe Onision and Lainey will take them up on it. Hansen can referee and Lowtax can give commentary.

No. 1362267

I don't understand how people can return animals as if they were a pair of shoes. If you're willing to spend a lot of money on a specific breed at least invest in giving them veterinary care instead of sending them back to a mill

All bark and no bite like her boyfriend. The boxing gimmick is only going to reveal how desperate they really are

The guy is an ass, but posting him laughing at a flat joke is getting nitpicky

No. 1362376

people like aria can return pets easily because they see them as accessories and not a living thing

No. 1363483

File: 1636266926273.jpeg (366.42 KB, 1440x1800, 76D4C5E1-5A67-412B-98CE-E4FE56…)

She looks like timmy thick but somehow Timmy is still more attractive than Anisa

No. 1363607

i will never ever get over my favorite cow
>never had relevancy
>trying to box random people for attention bc her onlycows didn't pan out the way she wanted
>bc her cuck husband bought her terrible implants she didn't take proper care of and are now lopsided
>and she still can't dress or style herself
>allowing us endless joy from her coin machine tattoos and bpd haircut

anisa never change please i beg of you

No. 1363716

And yet she is not "milky enough" to have her own thread

No. 1364185

It’s fitting and ironic she doesn’t, she’s relevant enough to laugh at but not relevant enough to be her own thread(person)

No. 1364399

File: 1636375621666.jpeg (238.6 KB, 750x461, AF5C8618-14B3-43AD-9600-95B838…)

Here she goes again

No. 1364845

I wish you could report people like this to some animal organization. or that her twitter followers/otv fans would care enough to tell her to fucking stop.

No. 1365139

Poki has always been jealous of Rae, even the Kiwi thread on her still has those many jabs she made at her back in the day. Snarky fake bitch has always wanted to one up others(sage)

No. 1365149

File: 1636469405577.jpg (4.08 KB, 235x215, download.jpg)

Poor thing. I know newborn kittens can look kind of sad, but it looks like one of those crying cat memes

No. 1365252

Is that the editing or did they totally butcher her areolas? Wtf.

No. 1365306

Ofc the cat abuser is asian…(racebait)

No. 1365346

She really needs to take modelling classes, she only has like 3 arm poses and they both emphasise her fridge body

No. 1365386

She edits them so they look worse in motion. She’s been researching aerial tattoos lately so she’s very aware. The scarring is her fault though, the doctor’s other patients healed perfectly fine.

No. 1365809

Miyoung cheated on toast, he found out on Sunday. Only a few know it's being kept hush hush for some reason but shits gonna go down. They were supposed to move in together next month.

No. 1365814

wasn't he into pegging,sissy shit ect? good for her

No. 1365851

How do you know? Also isn't there a clip of her crying about being cheated on? Not a good look for her lol

No. 1365868

File: 1636531322636.jpeg (114.85 KB, 1125x473, E2CC8C83-C09A-4465-900F-B20472…)

Nice schizo post on her birthday. I doubt all of toast’s closest friends would continue to party with her and he continue to follow her if that was the case. You’re probably one of the joast fags that IRL stalked Janet.

Take your meds, get therapy, etc

No. 1365922

Are you the same nutjob that keeps hounding her in every single Twitter post she makes?

No. 1365943

she is getting nonstop harasment on twitter, with messages like: she is cheating on <insert name> with <insert name>

and I've seen so many variations of this

No. 1365977

he is literally on her stream right now, go take your meds

No. 1366130

Any source on that? Didn't know toasts kinks leaked

No. 1366234

You have to be 18 to use this site nonnie

No. 1366284

I know people say OTV fans are cringe but their antis are something else.

No. 1366514

File: 1636597541878.png (3.7 MB, 2484x2012, thinkingemoji.png)

No. 1366519

File: 1636597908009.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1772, 63D7C958-4937-4018-9D1D-E08478…)

It’s so funny anisa has brought down idubbbz social cred so much that a picture of him can’t even pull 1k likes anymore

No. 1366520

File: 1636597998850.jpeg (357.43 KB, 1125x657, 474CFF5D-BB7A-4044-82A5-1E506A…)

I think her other post was more funnier, she called her own pussy a bussy. Idk if she’s stupid or out of touch but that clearly means a boy pussy. Anisa trans finally confirmed? Lmao

No. 1366547

her face looks like it was just run through one of those forced smile apps

No. 1366580

she looks like she was her ACTUAL self in the old pic. now it looks like ian slipped up and said he was into ~alt~ type girls and now she’s trying too hard

No. 1366595

i think he said it here, i watched it long time ago (out of boredom) so i don't know the time stamps. i also don't really like him so im not gonna waste 4 h on finding it

No. 1366998

Whatever. They look happy together. He should just drop the cringe boxing thing at get a real job somewhere. His time in the spotlight is clearly over.(sage)

No. 1367013

shannan and chris watts vibes

No. 1367035


Most streamers say stuff which would get you punched in the face or at least excluded in most parts of the world for 'content'. I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously.

No. 1368481

File: 1636856142321.jpeg (331.29 KB, 646x749, 864063F9-B444-4C98-96DC-685637…)

>only 15% fat guys


No. 1369287

File: 1636979379076.jpeg (440.16 KB, 1634x1654, 11ADB5D9-D43C-43FD-A96A-731EDB…)

What happened to Cyr’s face? He looks completely different

No. 1369840

Bruh that's just a filter, you retarded?

No. 1369852

File: 1637076774816.jpg (31.34 KB, 543x492, Screenshot_20211116_163223.jpg)

no she's right, that pic is bad example but he actually looks botched. This is from the mogul money episode with xqc

No. 1369855

That man lives in a hell of his own making every single day. He can't even fake a smile.

No. 1369860

The coke and Juvederm are plentiful in Austin.

No. 1369913

Is it me or do mr beast is zoomer's dead ringer to tobuscus?

No. 1369921

what happened to him he looks like a bloatfish

No. 1369968

Did he change race?

No. 1369969


No. 1375243

Idubbbz is so desperate for for a fight he’s resorted to asking critikal to fight him(@4:00 in)

Even ricegum wasn’t this desperate in clout chasing, idubbbz fell off

No. 1375257

right? like for example hes been friends with h3h3 for years, who is not really relevant either. and even h3h3 flaked, he just made one of his interns sign up to be in one of the filler fights. then talked about it for like 5 minutes. it was obvious his excitement was pity and he moved on quickly.
sad! he shouldnt have ended his content cop shtick, or at least should have gotten something decent to replace it.

No. 1375260


maya talking about the resentment she feels towards mizkif for letting emiru move in to "replace" her(embed)

No. 1375521

I don't know much about him but I feel bad for her.

No. 1375534

no a good look for QT to use private conversations for content

is Maya implying Miz has yellow fever?

No. 1375558


its not just the race, emiru basically does what maya used to do (sits next to miz as a cute object that occasionally reacts while chat fawns over her)

having shitloads of people comparing you to this new person (including your own friends) only two months after a breakup has to be weird as fuck

No. 1375560

i think it's weird how quickly it all happened too. i know maya said in the video that she doesn't dislike emiru or anything like that, but i can't help but feel she maybe has some kind of resentment because of how fast miz basically replaced her. i feel bad for her

No. 1375641

this is going to sound like racebait, but im asian myself and the comparison thing they do with maya and emir has always irked me. i remember this was posted on lsf, central base for mizkids. post didn't get much traction though since the stream was deleted, but wish it didn't since the losers there always argue against parasocial relationships, but are the same weebs/creeps calling emiru new waifu and comparing her to maya just for being asian. they did that with quqco, who is also asian, when her dm leaked with mizkif and they started coming on to her stream telling her she should date him when she already stated she was only acquaintances at most.

it's lsf that has yellow fever. lsf also happens to make up a majority of mizkif stans. i dont think this would even be a problem for maya if lsf wasn't a bunch of yellow fever creeps who project their race fetishizing on mizkif. alinity, botez sister, and amouranth were on his stream after the breakup too, but i don't recall any references to maya. when any video of an asian appears, scrotes talk about how they love korea and japan (even when the streamer was taiwanese), and how they had a thing for asians that do whatever trivial thing.

No. 1375643

I saw people comparing them in such dumb ways, people saying they have "the exact same voice" which is not true at all, they just both speak in a lower non-cutesy register so people lump them together. Must be really annoying and exhausting for Maya to be going through that.

No. 1375648

i own a pet too. i cant believe im literally emiru.

No. 1375649

I think of this with the animals too. They’ve both have a lot of animals but most people have pets and like animals.

Maya has a sanctuary and cares for all kinds of animals. Emiru has 10 rabbits. But no they’re totally clones of each other

No. 1375663


I think the difference between Emiru and the other girls you mentioned is, as Maya stated on stream, is that she's in a different category than 'girl content'.

I'll also say that Maya and Emiru don't look at all alike, other than perhaps both being on the small side.

Miz is obviously trying to branch out into the OTV market- morons in his chat spamming 'Miz has yellow fever' ain't gonna help.

No. 1375688

Does anybody else think it's strange that Emiru met up with Miz in LA for several days two weeks after his breakup. Miz claims she just happened to be there, but she says he invited her- I'm inclined to believe her, TBH.

No. 1375699

Even if they’re not romantically or sexually involved, meeting up with another girl and inviting her to live with you is pretty telling. She’s now using Maya’s old rooms and sitting next to Miz for content the same way.
Even if it’s just a ploy for content, there has to be a little bit of resentment. Maya probably broke up with him and in typical hurt scrote fashion he decided to show her she’s replaceable.

No. 1375708


TBH, inviting Emiru to move in makes sense even if there's nothing going on between them. She had a reason to move out of Kansas quickly and Miz benefits in terms of content, the potential to expand more into Tiktok, and a bigger audience. He could have also decided to find a 'replacement' to keep his chat happy and to feed the shipping frogs. Who knows.

Again, I find it stranger that Miz invited Emiru out for several days at the last minute, she said yes to flying out to LA at the last minute, and he decided he needed to lie to his chat about her already being in LA for some reason.

No. 1376553

I agree Miz was lying, it doesn’t make sense for Emiru to say he invited her if she was already there? It makes more sense that he was trying to play it off like she “just happened to be there.”

But then I wonder why he would lie, especially if she openly told her stream and didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. Doesn’t seem like they were mutually trying to hide something.

No. 1376882


Maybe he was just trying to avoid giving shippers material?
Like, if he said "I invited Emiru to come hang out with me in LA for a few days" two weeks after breaking up with Maya then shippers would have gone wild(learn2sage )

No. 1376898


That honestly makes a lot of sense.

That stream Maya did on her alt, the one where she talks about Emiru etc, is making the rounds on LSF.

No. 1376913

What is Maya's alt stream name?(sage)

No. 1376950

there’s definitely a jarring difference between the way anons here are sympathetic for maya and LSF responding by saying that it’s “none of her business anymore” wew

No. 1377010

LSF will always take the side of the scrote. Any post about sexual harassment is flooded with the bitter nerd stereotype. And LSF is also notorious for being made up of Miz and OTK fans so it’s probably even worse for her.
It’s hilarious that they all give themselves a pat on the back for becoming “kinder” after Reckful, but they’re just as angry as ever

No. 1377048

This. LSF is moid cringe all day every day.

No. 1377051

why did Aria even go to his stream? cringe as fuck

No. 1377221

Like every woman that goes on his stream, to farm simps. He's looking roughhhh tho.

No. 1377302

No. 1377578


They are acting like Miz is mature and took Emi in out of the goodness of his heart when in reality his only "content" is having a girl next to him and farming reacts. The whole point of bringing her in was to replace Maya and have weirdos ship them.

No. 1377853

QT is so annoying. Why is she always involved in drama with another girl streamer. Could never be around someone this miserable.

No. 1378161

the anons who were saying lsf kisses mizkif's ass weren't kidding damn

No. 1378208


>I wonder if his next gold digger is going to be asian as well

lol I called the mizkif/yelow fever drama angle a month and a half ago

kinda hypocritical of chinky maya to be the one to point it out publicly as if it wasn't a two-way street. She wouldn't lay a finger on a fellow oriental, or any non-white for that matter.(racebait)

No. 1378223

imho Maya didn't need to apologize

No. 1378234

File: 1638206735127.png (4.71 KB, 626x77, johhnyderp.PNG)

Someone unironically typed this out in a LSF thread lol

No. 1378368

I agree shes allowed to vent. It was just QT overblowing things for no reason. Miz usually drama farms the fuck out of things and it’s really telling when he’s so quiet about this.

No. 1380748

File: 1638385375897.jpeg (982.08 KB, 1125x1890, 6DEDB11E-ABBD-4ABE-A00D-E3A954…)

Jisu is being sued by Zero https://twitter.com/jisuartist/status/1465835613953744898?s=21

I wish I could feel bad for Jisu but both people in this situation are fucking awful

No. 1381162

it's over

No. 1381218

what's wrong with Jisu?

No. 1381224

her stanning of NFTs killed her burgeoning art career lmao. can’t see her without thinking about that

No. 1381242

omfg she has more than $80k in Ethereum, how can she not afford her own legal fees

No. 1381758

off topic but JustaMinx has gotten so unbearable to watch since moving to Austin. used to enjoy her content but now she’s just being annoying and providing LSF with plenty of controversy lmao

No. 1381834

NFTs, Leffen, she’s just any other smash player but in female form(that’s bad)

No. 1381867

I lmao'd
I don't see how being a shill is just as bad as being a pedophile

No. 1384578

I loved her on the Rajjchelor and she was entertaining throughout Shitcamp but since moving to Austin it’s been unfunny high school jokes. Which is all of the LSF crowd but it’s painfully unfunny with her. Asking random streamers she just met to fuck her, shouting out that she’s on oxy and selling oxy in public places, getting shitfaced with Malena at OTK events. I don’t know what’s changed with her other than location. I assumed hanging with other streamers would make her content funnier again, clearly I was too optimistic.

No. 1385195

Toast is a cuck LOL, how are you gonna let Mizkif shipbait your girl at 1 am at her house lmao

No. 1385200

Back to reddit faggot

No. 1385619

how is it even a shipbait? she looked uncomfortable the whole stream and there was zero chemistry between them.

Only people "shiping" her with mizkif are her stalkers on twitter

No. 1385766

Mizkif tweeting a pic from his hotel bed with it looking like someone else was in it with him, while watching Shrek, Toast's favorite movie, raised some eyebrows. Mizkif is exactly the kind of guy who would let you know he's fucking your ex by tweeting a pic like that.

Miyoung also ditched a game lobby with Rae, Sykkuno and Toast last night to pick up Fuslie and never came back. Fuslie is rich. She can afford an Uber.

That was Mizkif's last night in LA. Do the math.(post screenshot )

No. 1385786

Twisting a picture of him watching Shrek into some sort of underhanded public sexual humiliation towards Toast is reaching. And clearly it wasn't his last night since he went to BrookAB's party.
The guy is a scummy and I have no doubt he's fucking around, but this is pure tinfoil

No. 1385792

Take your fucking meds and keep your cuckhold fetish to yourself

No. 1385872

you are either trolling or you have a mental illness

>Fuslie is rich. She can afford an Uber.

She drives her friends all the time. Lud and QT are also rich and yet he drove to pick her up

and doesn't Mizkif have erectile dysfunction because of adhd meds

No. 1387883

File: 1638948186904.jpeg (772.55 KB, 1125x1475, 39146101-0C80-4C11-B955-EBCF02…)

Some rando acknowledging anisa IRL makes her day

I know it’s been said so much already but holy fuck just put her in therapy already.

No. 1390717

I don't know if him and his girl have any boundaries, but she looks like a huge dumbass sitting behind and watching her coomer scrote jizzing his pants over a cosplayer knowing his existence.

No. 1391366

File: 1639350310269.jpg (588.35 KB, 2753x2911, Dyrus' Tumblr vent.jpg)

Why is this so cringe to me… Also, his Tumblr likes (that are public) is filled with hentai and overly edited lewd cosplays.


No. 1391385

Yikes I hate Tectone and how popular he has become. Such a narcissistic bald ugly scrote with shit opinions.

No. 1391396

Literally dated Emiru only because she was the only girl to send thrist tweet under his every tweet and moved out of her parents house in less than 6 months of e-dating, her pictures are SNOW filtered and she would always wear two bras on photos and stream. (Was mentioned before that she has a kek worthy thread here) Both deserve eachother
I wonder how happy Dyrus would have been if he actually kept improving in his basketball "career" instead of turning into a depressed autistic Pro LoL player. His ex (before Emiru) was a nice lady that would actually seem to be down to earth and they both had a healthy relationship, who knows why they broke up…anime tiddies?

No. 1391398

I'm sure he's fucking retarded idk who he is and he looks like he smells but wouldn't it make sense for an internet-based "entertainer" to be excited that a much more popular person than them knows about them? Just means they'll potentially get more eyes on them.

No. 1391449

How do you even find this website go back to LSF faggot

No. 1391458

begone, scrotum

No. 1391748

In a kinda recent stream where she was reacting to a video showcasing her life, she saw a clip from this video in it and talked about how before filming this video, he told her to just sit there and say nothing. Gross vibes.

No. 1391777

>>1391748 again and I forgot to mention that she also talked about how she would have to repeatedly tell him to not eat her leftovers, but he would still do it anyway.

No. 1392129

> who knows why they broke up
The other month emi was making jokes about how someone doesn’t have to pretend to love her anymore, so Dyrus probably did it

No. 1392476

File: 1639465798675.jpg (391.17 KB, 1073x1431, 20211214_000136.jpg)

Hasan got banned after spending the past 2 days losing his mind that he isn't allowed to call people slurs

No. 1392488

God, why do very pretty women shack up with these moid swine?

No. 1392490

File: 1639467925396.gif (205.1 KB, 220x124, 1616748040457.gif)

You think crackers a slur?

No. 1392499

cracker isnt a slur retard

No. 1392505

No I don't but twitch does apparently. I'm surprised they actually banned him

No. 1392555

What happened? He's being racist against white people? I thought that was celebrated in today's society.

No. 1392574

Cracker in itself isn't a slur but the way he used it was definitely pretty racist

No. 1392601

law of unintended consequences. when they censor the Bad Things it follows that eventually using phrases like "white male tears" is going to get the banhammer.

No. 1392614

Definition of slur
1a : an insulting or disparaging remark or innuendo : aspersion


Are you going off a different definition of "slur" that isn't in any major English dictionary? "Cracker" is definitely a slur and definitely predicated on race. You might not think its offensive but it is definitely a racial slur and therefore against Twitch's rules.

No. 1392617

Whatever you say, cracker.

No. 1392627

Don’t care about the ban, but I do find it hilarious that LSF types who complain about missing the old CX-era and how Twitch is becoming too SJW-friendly were really upset about him saying cracker. Never mind that they complain when a streamer who says nasty shit about women gets a slap on the wrist.
If cracker hurts your feelings you need to go outside.

That being said, he deserves it after farming that stupid topic for almost three days. If he learned how to shut the fuck up while he was ahead he would have coasted through.

No. 1392663

I think it is pretty funny when people who oppose free speech have their own rules fairly applied to themselves. If you ban racism you have to ban anti-white racism too, otherwise you are just being a hypocrite.

No. 1392717

Destiny is jizzing in his pants

No. 1392728

No. 1392736

as non-american this has to be the most retarded LSF drama this year
it seems redditor are also trying to go after 39daph

No. 1392758

LSF is full of white scrotes who aren't victimized by crackers, they're just trying to own da libs. They haven't gotten over BLM. It's so transparent.

No. 1392771

First 30 minutes is daph showing how redditoids cut and paste her chatlogs out of context, reportedly seething about how an asian woman prefers dating inside her own race instead of fetishist white weebs.

No. 1393264

File: 1639566312356.png (538.85 KB, 1399x1625, 1494487113262.png)

i wouldn't place too much faith in emiru's word but this reminded me of a video where she cooked a meal for v day. it's private now but she made mac n cheese and gave him a porkchop and just gave herself a portion of mac n cheese. dyrus asked her why she didn't have any porkchop and she awkwardly protested that it was too much food. she always gave me ana chan vibes with the snack-sized doritos she'd eat on stream so she could pretend to fit the cool girl monologue effortlessly.

No. 1393463

File: 1639585495915.png (48.29 KB, 740x464, lol.png)

lol Hasan thinks he is white. Sorry but you can't sit with us crackers, turkish man.

No. 1393486

This guy continues to be exactly as retarded as expected.

No. 1393506

File: 1639589431898.png (426.36 KB, 809x558, r.PNG)

1.2k comments. love to see lsf fume. funny how they were talking about racism and slurs just a few days before, but they default to racist jokes about this girl for being chinese.

No. 1393509

Uh Turkish people are literally Caucasian, nonna. If Hasan isn't "white", what is he?

No. 1393518

nta but are turkish people really considered white? caucasoid sure, but here in eastern europe we consider them west asian, probably the rest of europe does too

No. 1393523

File: 1639590870412.jpg (115.15 KB, 602x418, 1639020976819.jpg)

I don't wanna agree with Hasan but he is right in this case, whiteness is a made up category and moronic way to view race
If Hasan isn't considered white then neither is any Italian, Greek or Spanish people either

Using identifiable phenotype to measure race would more sense overall

No. 1393527

North African could get this for sure

No. 1393541

imagine picking north african over arabian you’re insane

No. 1393575

Afghan and Southern European are clearly the best one's, Arab looks sleazy(racebait)

No. 1393586

What are you talking about? Most of the top comments rightfully call her a idiot for thinking fat people should be separated in a shame corner while all the controversial ones are people just straight out saying they are for fat shaming.

Literally see nothing about her race

No. 1393593

The Arabian one is literally a prince, he can get it first and foremost (and his daddy too). Too bad he's a manlet tho

No. 1393610

also like 90% of Arab are fatties, american burgers have killed more arabs then american bullets(stop racebaiting)

No. 1393620

He's literally white and a POC when it's convenient for him. I've heard him make fun of whites and say he is middle eastern and not white on streams many times before. But now he's a fellow cracker, fucking grifter.

No. 1393634

When did ever claim he's a poc ever? I always hear him refer to himself as white?

No. 1393636

Turkish people are not white.

>If Hasan isn't considered white then neither is any Italian, Greek or Spanish people either
Correct. Only northern Europeans are white. Italians, Greeks, Turks are Mediterranean.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1393641

Anon please, whenever someone in chat says "shut up you're white" he would be like "I'm literally turkish and muslim"

No. 1393644

no only Denmark is white, everyone else is poc

No. 1393647

I know you jest, but Italians have literally cross-bred with Moroccans so much that they have become significantly darker than they used to be. They used to be white back in Roman days, not anymore.

No. 1393665

They hated her cause she told them the truth. Sad!

No. 1393667

The "darkness" of southern europeans was present even in antiquity, Aristotle described the northern "pale" races as being strong of body and great warriors but savage and barbarians, he described southern "dark" people as being too passive and materialistic

from Aristotle
>Those who live in a cold climate and in Europe are full of spirit, but lacking in intelligence and complex skill; and therefore they retain comparative freedom, but have no political organisation, and are incapable of ruling over others. Whereas the natives of Asia are intelligent and inventive, but they are wanting in spirit, and therefore they are always in a state of subjection and slavery. But the Hellenic race, which is situated between them, is likewise intermediate in character, being high-spirited and also intelligent.

and nearly 200 afterwards roman authors like Vegetius often compared Italian romans to the people they conquered, they would lump Gauls, Celts and Germans together as being strong of body, while Africans are supposed to strong of mind, implying that Northern Europeans are dumb and Africans kinda wimpy and the Italians were just right, being both strong of body and strong of mind

from Vegetius Book I

>Without these, what chance would the inconsiderable numbers of the Roman armies have had against the multitudes of the Gauls? Or with what success would their small size have been opposed to the prodigious stature of the Germans? The Spaniard celts surpassed us not only in numbers, but in physical strength. We were inferior to the Africans in wealth and unequal to them in deception and stratagem. And the Greeks, indisputably, were far superior to us in skill in arts and all kinds of knowledge.

they were always "swathy" and light brown-ish cause people living in the Mediterranean will be darker then people in Scandinavia

No. 1393695

File: 1639605158173.jpg (38.44 KB, 700x366, 1597848690_d5ca322453f2986b752…)

Kek, how wrong he is. Considering that people who live in cold climates have documented higher IQs because they had to figure out ways to survive the winter when food was scarce, meanwhile humans who live in climates where food was always available year-round have documented lower IQs because they never had to learn problem-solving skills to survive. And that's why Africans still live in huts made from cow poo.

But anyways, you can literally look up depictions of Romans in old oil paintings and statues and see that they were considerable whiter than modern day Italians, while not as white as Scandinavians obviously.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1393696

File: 1639605350337.jpeg (52.34 KB, 640x347, 1570244730586.jpeg)

Back to your containment site scrote

No. 1393697

File: 1639605370789.png (175.79 KB, 1888x766, emperors.png)

To add to this, many roman emperors were documented blonde with blue eyes.


No. 1393700

Please fuck off

No. 1393701

File: 1639605742953.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg)

you guys this is why avoid race discussion, it just brings the retarded femcels/incels to sperg

No. 1393704

I'm not saying that's the right view, I'm saying that's the view the Romans and the Greeks had about the world, they considered themselves superior to everyone else

No. 1393716

Back to pol filthy scrote

No. 1393739

File: 1639609835510.png (199.7 KB, 589x573, seemslegit.png)

>And that's why Africans still live in huts made from cow poo
yeah totally bro. not because they live in poverty with no education or resources

kek this source

No. 1393742

File: 1639610067937.jpeg (72.96 KB, 800x472, Living-in-Abuja.jpeg)

Imagine being an idiot moid from /pol/ and not knowing "Africa" is one of the most diverse continents in the world and has poor areas as well as major cities just like everywhere else.

No. 1393750

Wow nonnie, 10 bad people out of 1295. What a truly horrid place.

There's lots of things to shit on LSF for but this ain't it.

No. 1393765

you right, but the reason i can bring it up is from previously removed threads about china that consisted almost entirely of racist jokes. i dont care about fat people, so i guess i hone in on other comments more.

No. 1393778

File: 1639612238736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 890.12 KB, 2926x965, Iniziazione-di-una-fanciulla-a…)

>old oil paintings
kek tell me you're an ignorant amerimutt without telling me. there are no oil paintings from ancient rome. this is literally the first actual Roman fresco I found on google, look up frescos and mosaics from ancient Rome yourself and you'll see there's barely any Nordic/aryan looking people

No. 1393862

File: 1639618591881.jpg (233.71 KB, 1189x649, daph.jpg)

Daph was banned from lsf for brigading, needless to say Hasan, Destiny and Miz will not be banned

No. 1393885

>old oil paintings

This idiot literally thinks Renaissance-era European paintings & sculpture are historically accurate depictions of ancient Roman people. Next he’ll claim they were working from photos. Kek @ the stupidity, why are people who sperg about IQ and claim to be part of some “master race” always so fucking dumb?

No. 1393893

I don't know that much about 39Daph, but being banned from LSF probably won't hurt her as much as an "LSF Streamer" like Hasan or Mizkif. Same with streamers in content groups that can draw on a completely different audience.
I guess the downside is not being invited to collaborate since most events are designed around clip farming. But even with all the negatives, there has to be some sense of relief in being free of that drama circle jerk

No. 1393946

LSF made 39daph what are you talking about? She gained popularity with titles like “Hentai artist has <shit opinion>”

Honestly I’m glad this means there will be less of her, her art is shit, her attitude is shit, she gets into fights with other streamers for not fucking reason

No. 1394028

Valkyrae broke up with sonii and now after he moves out, she’s making Toasts girlfriend move in with her because “new bestfriends” this fake bitch has had 6
Different bestfriends in the last 2 months who have all stopped or barely interact with her. Toast gonna lose another relationship because he doesn’t have the balls to stand up for himself

No. 1394043

Good for her using LSF moids to blow the fuck up and then openly shit on them. Who has she gotten in a fight with? Don’t say poki.

No. 1394046

The babying of grown men by simps like you is so creepy and mentally ill. If he can’t keep a woman it’s his own damn fault. She’s not his fucking property, she can live wherever she wants.

No. 1394087

I used to think the people stalking janet/toast were janet simps but it's real obvious now these people really just wanted to fuck toast.

Just be a cute gamer girl nonnie, the barrier to entry isnt that hard

No. 1394089

even if she gained popularity from lsf, she doesn't need them anymore. i caught the stream where she was making fun of the debate lords on there and most of chat were agreeing so it's safe to say her fandom has branched off. i imagine her no filter attitude drove them off.

No. 1394150

>I guess the downside is not being invited to collaborate since most events are designed around clip farming. But even with all the negatives, there has to be some sense of relief in being free of that drama circle jerk
I’m pretty sure she can still be posted in collaboration content, just not clips focusing on her and her channel directly. She doesn’t do much collaboration anyway. I think Macaiyla clips still get posted from time to time but only when she’s with Tyler/on his channel.
Also this isn’t her first ban from LSF. I think she requested to get banned, was denied, then straight up told her fans to brigade and downvote her clips because she didn’t want anything to do with LSF. I have no idea when that ban was repealed but this second ban probably comes across as relief to her.

No. 1394223

File: 1639649187280.jpg (269.31 KB, 1080x1418, Screenshot_20211216-100101_Twi…)

Ludwig, who recently moved to YouTube, is whining that he's not in people's Twitch recaps for 2021, even though he constantly complained about Twitch's dmca system (immediately got a ban when moving to yt for dmca btw), blew up a purple car to symbolise him leaving Twitch in his announcement video, and generally shittalked the website on a public forum. This is the man who slept on stream for a month to beg for subs, and had the most subs of all time, but nobody seems to be able to bring up anything else of note he's done other than "be big streamer".

No. 1394233

He thinks he's more important than he actually is and twitch has told him this, figuratively and literally, multiple times. The reason he went to YouTube is because twitch wouldn't give him any special treatment lmao. Everything about his streaming "career" is a giant cope for being just a tad too boring, ugly, short and chubby for TV. You will never be famous, Ludwig.

No. 1394253

eh good for him tbh, I enjoyed some of his content earlier this year, though most of it is pretty lazy (reddit recaps, tiktok reactions etc). I get why he's upset but what else did he expect lol

No. 1394274

Really immature of him. This tweet reeks of Redditor soyboy energy

No. 1394279

Isn't that a foruth time she broke up with him KEK. Both are pathetic. Can't wait for her to whine about getting a boob job again.

No. 1394308

It's funny because they literally did give him the special treatment. He was one of their favoured streamers.

It's wild that anyone can be paid millions of dollars by an organisation, complain about being "mistreated" (because YouTube offered more millions), shittalk and burn bridges on their way out and then cry about not getting an end of year bonus from that ex-employer.

No. 1394313

File: 1639661672558.jpg (248.63 KB, 1079x1113, Screenshot_20211216-133310_Twi…)

Adding to this, other big streamers are throwing the pity party for him. Very bold of Disguised Toast, who left twitch for Facebook because the price was right and came back to Twitch once his contract expired, to weigh in on this at all.

No. 1394408

Ok, Nigger(retard racebait)

No. 1394414

At least bump the thread coward

No. 1394563

What took you so long retard?

No. 1394574

Took him two days to gather up the courage to say it kek

No. 1394771

Because cavemen in Europe had money and resources given to them by… uhmmm whom exactly? Oh yeah, nobody. They worked to build a society from absolutely nothing in way shittier conditions and now are actively working to support blacks as well with charity donations so they don't have to live in the mud huts anymore.

You are just proving my point by showing a bunch of fair-skinned white people with delicate features who look nothing like current day italians, kek.

No. 1394905

File: 1639705649138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 2378x1598, Governo_Draghi.jpg)

current day Italians look exactly like that retard. picrel is the current italian government, wow look at all those stunning and brave poc

No. 1395101

There's a twitch recap? Does it tell them how many DMCA strikes they had this year?

No. 1395349

What? Leases for Leslie's house and the OTV house are ending soon. Toast is going back to Canada for 2 months to visit his family. Why would it matter if Miyoung will live with Rae, if he won't be in the country?

No. 1395352

File: 1639757477299.jpg (153.2 KB, 1000x1333, photo-1598627446792-5d89ab3e35…)

Average italian moid looks like picrel. Idk why you are trying to deny this, Italians imported slaves from Africa and racemixed with them. Hence why most italians have black hair, tan skin, curly hair, brown eyes, tons of body hair and clear non-white features. I know that to black and asians everyone who is not black or asian is "white", but that does not make it true.

No. 1395430

Just go back to /pol/ incel.

No. 1395551

Stop sperging about italians and their race. Continue it and youll get a ban.

No. 1395621

enough with this one drop rule bullshit

No. 1395898

File: 1639796397508.png (232.77 KB, 932x1031, FG2xJXTXMAI15C.png)

he's not taking the breakup well
>sacrifice my career
what career? he cant even get 500 concurrent viewers

No. 1395996

right? honestly he's so fucking insecure being around rae and OTV, what a fucking joke.

No. 1396926

File: 1639906658767.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1125x1901, 5DAF7842-F67D-4EEF-8DE8-3340DC…)

Idubbbz and Anisa think they’re boxing pros now and attended jake Paul’s match

I hate the Paul’s but idubbbz would get fucking wiped if he tried

No. 1397005

it's so cringeworthy. obviously jake paul is fighting 40 year olds but either one of those guys would put ian into a coma forever.

No. 1397013

Isn’t the fight trending because most people agree it was staged? Wouldn’t be surprised if Ian tried to pay someone off to save face, but I don’t think he has the type of hush money the Paul’s do.
And who has even agreed to box him yet? All of the relevant Twitch streamers just ignored him. Even Mizkif, who has eaten pig brains on stream for attention, declined. The only people I could see being interested are clout chasers even further down the food chain than Ian or someone who hates him enough that they want a legal loophole to punch him in the face

No. 1397953

LOl he should ask Onision to do it, it will be a win win one is a has been youtuber and the other one is a groomer, I bet onision will do it for the clout and the views and the money he might earn for this.

No. 1398563

I'd probably pay to see mrs onision fight mrs idubbbz. Anisa is built like a fridge but Lainey was a gymnast.

No. 1405969

Interesting watch.

No. 1407169

I like her a lot more knowing a majority of that money is going to animals. Also how her true dream was to cosplay hot dudes but unfortunately sex sells more.

No. 1407503

Sage cause not really milk but does anyone remember triciaisabirdy? She was a cooking streamer who got kind of popular during the love or host resurgence. She’s on the new Gordon Ramsay cooking competition show, the first episode premiered tonight and I knew she looked familiar. Nothing crazy happened, just thought someone else might find it interesting too.

No. 1407551

File: 1641194572798.jpg (159.78 KB, 1222x1521, IMG-6809.jpg)

I'll just leave this here…

No. 1407632

her brain is fried from weed, i wouldn't put much trust into her

No. 1407685

nah, this was basically already mentioned in maya's deleted stream. chatter asked why maya was pissed at miz and emiru if she was the one that broke up with him. maya responded that the chatter doesn't know how wrong they actually are. you're also forgetting that kacey actually has connection some of the parties involved. maya, qt, and malena. dont know how real this screenshot is though.

No. 1407712

Did someone save the vod or did you watch it live?

No. 1407720

nta, it was on lsf but it might have been nuked. but it has to be saved somewhere. search for maya's alt stream or deleted stream.

No. 1407769

No. 1407842

Bleak, this type of “job” is so glamorized for the very few who are successful but it must take some real disassociation to live with the fact you’re just existing as a purposeful sex object for millions of randos online. She’s self aware but that somehow makes it worse.

No. 1407848

where’s this from?

No. 1407860

this website is not for teenage boys

No. 1407918

Agree that it's bleak but I'm glad that she at least has goals and a dream, I can't imagine how many people in her situation just blow all their money on stupid shit and then have fucked mental health, nothing to look forward to, and nothing to retire on.

No. 1408181

I saw the edited clip, but I was wondering if anyone had the whole vod

Someone posted it in a thread on lsf

No. 1408200

Lainey is a skeleton and people have gone on record saying she sometimes will only eat tiktaks all day. Anisa would body her

No. 1408348

Is this even really a secret? I remember miz himself casually saying on a stream a while ago that one of the reasons he and maya broke up was because she invited Carson over without his knowledge or consent. He always acts pissed and bitter towards her so it seemed pretty obvious that he left her despite the self pity act. IF the cap is even legit, wouldn’t matter if he’s disliked by every big female streamer in his circle. I doub it could put a dent in his reputation because of his size and sociopathic scrote fanbase. Sad.

No. 1408566

File: 1641318791674.jpg (42.74 KB, 718x337, Screenshot 2022-01-04 095228.j…)

> Leases a $140k car
> Does $100k damage to it
fucking lol

No. 1408606

Eeeewww @ that blacked porn pfp. I can't believe some of you on here are actually fans of this disgusting scrote.

No. 1408609

While I think she’s smart and I want to like her, I just hate her schtick. I get her audience are the ones with the issues but all involved are gross tbh

No. 1408615

it's an edited pic of himself

No. 1408646

File: 1641325883413.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 990x1146, 85a.png)

I know the original image since it is a meme. He photoshopped his face onto a girl from BLACKED porn. Who does that? Is that peak degenerate scrote humor?

No. 1408654

agreed with you. at one point he even said he lost sponsors because of his pfp and still leaves it

No. 1408811

Where in these posts do you get the impression the majority of people actually like miz

No. 1409579

not only did he photoshop his face onto BLACKED porn, it's his picture as a BABY. a scrote can just casually be a pedophile yet noone bats an eye

No. 1409746

I dont know.Miz was always saying that him and Maya barely saw each other after she got Alveus,and the growing responsiblilities that he as with OTK,it makes sence that this conflict caused by a new focus on new things in life would lead to a break up.But again i dont know(sage)

No. 1409793

File: 1641440007421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.05 MB, 1125x1525, B72861C4-B903-490F-A832-3C49CE…)

Why does Anisa’s nipple look like a molding pepperoni

No. 1409915

that jaguar tattoo is the worst lmao look at that tail

No. 1410012

looks like miz has moved on from maya to a mtf stripper

No. 1410047

the implant stretched it way out

No. 1410081

It's scarring because they inserted the implants through the nipple and made her nipples smaller during the surgery. She has a round scar all around the nipple. Usually she tries to blur out the scarring.

No. 1410083

A lot of anons on here seem to watch his content. I honestly never even heard of the guy.

No. 1410440

he’s one of the most popular streamers on the platform and gets posted to LSF tons. if you watch at least one of the austin streamers, you know about mizkif and whatever his latest retarded escapades are.

No. 1410746

anytime he's discussed here he's shit on, anon.

No. 1410856

File: 1641550705259.png (599.12 KB, 1738x956, cont.PNG)

I found a bit more of the conversation on LSF today. I know these screencaps are from LSF but I’m curious as to… how they originated, I guess? Like if there’s a specific subreddit or imageboard where someone leaked this.


No. 1411011

File: 1641571856648.png (80.8 KB, 377x687, UeAeu8E.png)

No. 1411592

>a porn addict that happens to be a closeted homo in denial is dating a tranny
is anyone even surprised

No. 1411702

File: 1641626413723.png (298.04 KB, 925x1191, ultimateswaglord.PNG)

for a second i thought justin bieber was buddies with idubbz and the idea made me cackle

can you imagine anisa x hailey bieber collab

No. 1411761

File: 1641635378571.png (65.19 KB, 596x466, pokimane.png)

Pokimane has been banned from twitch for watching episodes of Avatar The Last Air Bender and finally getting DMCA'd for abusing the copyright system by never providing transformative context to her "content". She would go 30-40 minutes without saying anything besides reacting or doing anything besides making noises, sometimes eating food for whole episodes.

Being a dumb brainless thot on twitch is so low effort, it is truly impressive what scrotes are willing to pay for.

No. 1411763


it's 48 hour slap on the wrist but at least a wake up call. streamers getting away with their lazy shit

Miz was also watching avatar, but after poki's clap, he instantly turned off his stream and deleted his vod hahaha

No. 1411764

I mean it really sucks for her because what is she going to fill the empty void with if it's not content someone else created? I guess all she can do now is buy a hot-tub.

No. 1411767

It did always feel shit to see big streamers breaking the rules and getting away with it, hopefully this'll keep them in check for a few days.

No. 1411768

Poki mostly plays video games

No. 1411773

Oh yeah, I bet she plays brainless bullshit like Amogus and it's so ADORBZ how bad she is at it. That is some real effort high quality content.
>DMCA? >w< i-is that like MDMA? I love it! teehee! UwU

No. 1411801

Idk how to say this without sounding like a wk for poki but this is a cringe take

No. 1411811

Actually. No one gives a fuck about your problem with her, vendetta-chan.

No. 1411815

not to wk poki but she plays a lot of mainstream games so its not like she'd run out of content

No. 1411827

every thread there's this one one vendetta-chan in particular. honestly seems like they're using poki as a scapegoat for hot tub streamers without actually knowing her content just because it's easy to do so as she's one of the most known of the female streamers. reeks of scrote to me.

No. 1411829

Hope she sees this, kings. One day you will be more to her than just a paypig. One day she will realize that she wants a nice guy who gives her twitch bits and not a chad.

No. 1411840

How am I a vendetta chan but don't know anything about her content? And then suddenly I am a scrote? A scrote-vendetta-chan that doesn't even know what games she plays? Kek, poki-simps literally throwing their back out whiteknighting this dumb talentless thot. You know the word simp comes from "simpleton" for a reason.

No. 1411855

>muh real gamers
>sees her solo queueing in Valo constantly
You’re a fucking retard. Implying women are moids just because we see right through your misogynistic hate boner for pokimane when there are literal whores on twitch. Fuck off forever and go seethe in whatever cum dusted discord you came from.

No. 1411857

I knew you would come here to foam at the mouth lmao kill yourself male, it doesn’t matter how you coopt our language, the redditoid autism that is your entire essence is obvious and revolting

No. 1411867

Pokimon will literally never have sex with you. Even if you defend her honor of being not-like-other-twitch-whores all day long.

No. 1411897

Not the milkiest thing in the world, but Lily posted a tour of the OfflineTV house and I can't believe how much they trashed that place. Streamers really don't know how to clean up after themselves. All the garbage and clutter everywhere…

No. 1411949

Nta but take a deep breath and get a grip. I hear they have greats meds for whatever you're experiencing right now.

No. 1411950

do they not have a maid?

No. 1412008

Yes, but they trash an area much quicker than anyone can clean up.

No. 1412075

File: 1641669982187.png (15.93 KB, 753x133, 168423.png)

The sink in the bathroom cluttered with products made me grind my teeth a little ngl

No. 1412118

According to scarra all of them are in the middle of moving out so the clutter makes sense

No. 1412144

File: 1641674243104.jpg (258 KB, 924x2048, FIlftHXX0AYUEmf.jpg)

Which one of you is this?

No. 1412185

File: 1641677503626.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1516, 9E6F005E-3664-4631-B1AB-C2B175…)

Is this it? Idubbbz troon arc?

No. 1412186

No one, because we aren’t Reddit fags

No. 1412188

File: 1641677645057.jpg (19.08 KB, 480x272, AT36898788.jpg)

cuck jokes, watches tranny porn, trans strippers
How soon will Mizkif going to troon out?

No. 1412264

Pedicurist gets a nice view of his stained Hanes briefs thanks to the Target clearance shorts Anisa bought him.

No. 1412321

He fits the repressed chaser archetype on every level

No. 1412685

I usually dislike poki “drama” cus it just goes “hurrdurr woman gaming” but holy fuck I’m so disappointed in her and toast. I thought they were just watching clips not whole ass episodes.

This isn’t “testing the meta” they are literally fucking a beehive. These companies can literally make these fuckers bankrupt what were they thinking??? Honestly I hope the companies humble the fuck out of them; money has corrupted all twitch steamers

No. 1412799

This comment gives very “hurr watch party is stealing and piracy is bad” energy. It’s quite literally the same thing as reacting to YouTube videos. DMCA is fucking bullshit on every level and only serves greedy execs who can’t see a business opportunity if it kicked them in the balls.

No. 1412823

its >>1411855. Imagine calling someone misogynistic on a website dedicated towards trashing other women.

No. 1412862

nothing is stopping me from hosting an irl watch party where i charge people 5 bucks per head, what's the difference between that and internet watch parties?

No. 1412880

the copyright holder could sue you if they found out. Also you would owe tax on all those 5 bux.

No. 1412889

Shit up tranny

No. 1412900

yes your watch party with your 2 friends IRL is equivalent to livestreaming to thousands of people

I hope I don't need to clarify the sarcasm

learn to fucking sage

No. 1412905

pot calling the kettle black

No. 1412953

you can say that all you like. they'll take your money regardless.

the law sucks. the corporations suck. they still make the rules and have the money. what's not connecting

No. 1412960

Streaming is in fact less of a threat to megacorporation bottom lines. People aren’t there for whatever media happens to be playing. They would watch paint dry with their fave streamers. You and your friends are arguably more nvested in the content itself. You will never convince me that it’s unethical because suits feel entitled to the revenue that they would have never had in the first place anyway. Not like the actual creators of said media is getting profit from the corporate right owners either.

No. 1413061

we're not discussing ethics. we're talking about the law. they are not the same thing.

No. 1413136

Okay but the difference is they recorded themselves sharing the content with thousands of people. This is easily an open/shut case for companies if they decide to pursue a suit.

Why do you think piracy sites hosts in countries like Russia and shit? For fun?

No. 1413553

anyone knows who the ''beautiful'' troon is? he said most guys wanted to fuck it, also he bringed it home so his friend have seen it too

No. 1413607

what a freakshow. people actually watch these retards and give them money?

No. 1413720

my tinfoil is that some of them are laundering money somehow. Oh I am a random office worker but I'll 'donate' thousands and thousands of dollars to some russian.

No. 1414377

What business opportunity when those so-called potential partners don't respect you or or copyright enough to ask for permission first?(sage)

No. 1414423

File: 1641895226161.jpg (90.2 KB, 1079x331, Screenshot_20220111-095741_Twi…)

DisguisedToast has been banned for a month for watching Naruto on stream.

I have no sympathy for these low-effort streamers getting strikes, especially OfflineTv. They have been in the game long enough to know how risky it is, but they're so big that any suspension just means more hype around their return.

No. 1414428

My bad it was Death Note. Some anime at any rate.

No. 1414440

Nobody should respect copyright, it's absolute bullshit and should not exist.

No. 1414446

why? do you want a bunch of coom content like japan? because that's how you get a bunch of coom content like japan. besides, it's supposed to go into the public domain after the original creator has had a lifetime to benefit from their ocs (if disney would stop being faggots.)

No. 1414451

NTA but coom content gets created anyway

No. 1414454

Another idubbbz cuck song dropped.

No. 1414456

ofc it gets created, but at least lolicon isn't as easily monetized

No. 1414460

Because big media companies shouldn't be able to own everything forever and profit off of it for eternity. Hollywood and the music industry needs to die. Fuck all these rich pedophiles.

No. 1414492

Based. Copyright zealots very much give underage failed artists who put watermark on every piece of dogshit content lol

No. 1414513

No, they are always a mess. This is one of their old houses, my point still stands. None of their houses are ever clean. There are other videos where you can get a glimpses of areas of the house they just moved out of being disgusting, but I just picked this one since you can see so much more.

No. 1414686

No wonder Pokimane moved out to live with a bunch of girls. Minimalism is boring and rejects sentimentality half the time, but I’d take that over seeing boxes and garbage at every corner.
I get that they lived with a lot of people, but why didn’t they ever invest in more proper dishes and cups rather than rely on plastic ones all the time? It’s wasteful and trashy.

No. 1414889

File: 1641947170280.jpeg (166.43 KB, 1125x830, D8FB3DFD-29C0-42DA-9AC1-99E22B…)

You guys think it’s kris that was dropped mentioned up thread?

No. 1414917

they still follow each other on twitter and on twitch
peter is a mod on kris's channel
kris is a vip on peter's chanel
its someone else

No. 1415129

It's been heavily speculated it's his father, as he's attempted to cut him off in the past.

No. 1416558

File: 1642116860290.png (204.8 KB, 886x730, 5lpsAL6.png)

The fighting game community should have their own thread, but they belong here too with all the other streamers

No. 1416907

>I jerked off a girl.
Good riddance for Maya. If I was her I'd be grossed out but relieved. I kind of don't believe he was shocked though. He most definitely knew. I remember in the past he mentioned he jerked it to Asian tranny/tranny porn.

No. 1417052

Sonicfox is based and isn’t fucking minors unlike most FGC players

No. 1417100

Turns out Michael and Lily are living separately now.
Who could have seen it coming, right.

No. 1417205

FGC players don't count because most of them do streaming on the side, not a total career. But a thread for them might be good for a bit.

Also SonicFox isn't as bad as most players but he's still a massive attention whore and degenerate.

No. 1417206

1. I don't see how copyright laws stop porn from happening

2. Japan isn't Coomer Town. That's bullshit spread by otaku degens who think everyone living there reads tons of manga and play video games all day when the majority are just normal boomers and millenials

No. 1417207

His humor is like a junior high student discovering memes for the first time. It was going to get stale eventually.

No. 1417210

File: 1642186798564.jpeg (200.51 KB, 828x602, 084BAA38-24F3-4D53-B121-299E25…)

No. 1417216

Eh, I wouldn't take it as a sign of a break-up considering another couple in OTV (John & Jodi) lived together before then didn't but now are living together again and their relationship has been fine. Also Lily showed in her new apartment vlog that she has lots of art of him in her room so they're definitely still together.

But also it will be interesting to see how this works out, considering they have lived together their whole relationship. Maybe it'll be good for them to be apart for awhile. Lily can be a bit co-dependant so I hope this is good for her to focus on herself more.

No. 1417228

Oh no. Lily better prepare her ass for all the Michoomers flaming her the entire year.

No. 1417273

why the fuck is she surprised? she cultivated this type of fanbase by making her relationship content

No. 1417320

These streamers can't be that dumb, they know their content style creates parasocial relationships with their viewers but by criticizing their fanbase for being TOO parasocial, they can play the victim without seeming like they're pushing for that type of relationship to begin with

No. 1417334

no way is she this retarded they must have secretly broke up fuslie and edison literally broke up over a similar situation

No. 1417336

Sit in front of spergs who try to buy your attention/friendship/love for hours on end. What could go wrong?

No. 1417341

did anyone really freak out? i'm a casual otv fan and this is the first i'm hearing of it. she's probably just farming engagements.

No. 1417360

Parasocials are still the problem. Don’t be cringe.

No. 1417373

>dont be cringe
Don't be stupid. They're parasocial because otv encourages that behavior from the fanbase.

No. 1417374

so much for screaming that she wants babies from him after 10 years of pretending to be a fragile NEET loli on internet and claiming to be child-free.
this. all of the 'streamer house / irl streaming' are the same shitty tier as Family Vlog channels. I dont know how anyone can be stupid enough to not understand that OTVs always been blowing up throughout dramas (cheating scandal, taking care of womens safety ONLY when #metoo went viral on twitter, et cetera)

No. 1417449

File: 1642203004916.jpg (33.3 KB, 480x360, zxvPrzo-Isk-HQ.jpg)

https://clips.twitch.tv/PrettiestFlirtyTeaLeeroyJenkins-kaITVb6tAogrkr5B https://clips.twitch.tv/LivelyManlyLionNononoCat-fye9eCCbNljfH-8x This clout chaser is so desperate for views and attention that she is fake flirting with the scrotes from OTK

No. 1417468

she would be half less insufferable if she didn't let scrotes like Hasan or Mizkif step all over her for clout.

No. 1417575

Smart for choosing cyr. Miz only likes trannys.
And whats up with her weirdness. Is she autistic or does she do it for content?

No. 1417597

Hasans chat always calls him out when he obsesses over (average) blonde white women. He says they’re exotic to him because he’s Turkish. Creepy

No. 1417644

he's not even from fucking turkey rofl, he grew up in america. how are they exotic to him?

No. 1417689

She's a clout demon, flirts with all the high viewership scrotes to bring their viewers to her twitch/youtube/tik tok channels
It is smart choosing Cyr and it benefits her because Mizkif hosts him all the time, she could be autistic but hard to tell with how fake she is

No. 1417691

remember when she used to be a "lesbian" kek

No. 1417694

she has zero chemistry with any of the friends she has on her stream, it's so awkward

No. 1417702

I can't imagine that Lily was the one who suggested they should live separately. Especially not since she's talked about how she would sleep on the cold metal table of the garage while he worked and other clingy behavior. I think that this is what will lead to michael breaking up with her probably before the end of the year? Shes either going to get extra clingy, or finally learn to be her own person outside of her relationship. But I have a feeling that it'll be the former and she's going to be over at his place and sleeping over super often, but we'll see.

No. 1417707

Faked being lesbian now she fakes being interested in OTK streamers

No. 1417754

I wonder if she actually wants kids now and is realizing her fuckup in dating an immature man so much younger than her that isn't even hot lmao

No. 1417776

how is he "so much younger than her?" they're three years apart. you read like a scrote implying you can only have kids with a man older than you or something. disgusting.

No. 1417787

Three years? We're talking about Lily and Michael right? He's 24 and she's 30. I'm not trying to imply that I think their age gap is inappropriate or anything, it's not, I just simply cannot imagine a 24 year old man would be an equal parent to a 30 year old woman.

No. 1417808

I like as soon as she stopped chasing clout with NSFW she dropped a heap of callout posts on people and then dumbed her "gf" that was clearly just part of the prop for attention.
Guess she really moving up by doing nothing but sucking people off.

No. 1417850

sorry i didn't realise you were talking about lily and michael.(learn2sage)

No. 1417888

I member when she used to fake flirt with Toast on Twitter too.

No. 1417891

Lily treats Michael like he's a small cute dog. I would have lost my mind ten seconds into the relationship.

No. 1417900

talking on stream about it
Lily obsessively reads every comment, tweet, thread about her. Wont be surprised if she found one or two

No. 1417909

i only knew of her from the momo threads so i only remember her calling out momo. genuinely curious about the other callouts if you care to share?

No. 1417912

She sounds like she's trying to convince herself that they're not going to break up. Imagine dating a younger man because you have "so much in common" and then losing them because his baby brain finally matures as expected.

No. 1417916

we all know Micheal probably already had put a down payment on doomsday bunker.

No. 1417918

No. 1417943

thanks, I had no idea what you were even talking about before googling it

No. 1417954

Lily's always been like that, she used to cry to her moderators and in ask.fm about her LC and PULL threads, complaining about them on Tumblr while saying 'I will never read anything from haterz ever agen!!' on Tumblr and doing the same shit over and over again, while responding to all of the 'hater' Tumblr asks and involving herself in any drama, was reading Lily and Poki threads on PULL before the website got closed. Doubt she reads LC even now, but both her and OTV are obsessed with Twitter dramas (not that you do not know by now; they are always the first people to throw their beef in public for exposure).
Plus she started having a crush on him the second she broke up with her ex, everything was way too obvious and they've been milking the 'shipping saga' the whole time until they actually said that they were dating. A big part of Lily's persona always revolves around a man she's dating (not counting her very first e-bf who she ditched for HSGG): HotShotGG that broke up with her after a month of living together (during the time they were dating he was the most popular NA player and turned into a millionaire and owner of NA LoL team), Albert that was a fan who wanted to collab with her, now this.

No. 1417964

Did any OTV&F girls not start out as League pro groupies? What an eclectic group.

No. 1417973

She's crazy lol. Making your boyfriend move out after you'd already been living together is weird. She's acting like that's a thing couples with good relationships do regularly

No. 1418018

Jodi and Sydney I assume, I watch OTV stuff pretty rarely but they come off as normies tbh

No. 1418029

All the people defending them are probably 13 years old and don't realize that the average person in a good (and STILL NEW) relationship isn't going to want to stop sleeping next to their partner every night. They've been cohabiting for their whole relationship though so I can see one or both of them feeling smothered and wanting space. I guess time will tell.

No. 1418038

You sound like a clingy bitch LOL not ALL women. Taking breaks from your so is healthy and should be normalized wtf

No. 1418045

NAYRT- Having time alone is healthy but if you ~need space~ away from someone you are with the wrong person. Don't get with someone you feel like you need to escape from kek. Pick better partners or learn how to make a meaningful connection with another human being.

No. 1418062

I know Ian is a skinny bean. He doesn’t even have the build or taken any of it seriously. Austin Mcbroom level of effort.

No. 1418070

I didn't say ALL women, big brain. Read the comment section, it's full of kids lmao.

No. 1418202

calm down otvfag

No. 1418240

I think it's a few things.
Lily released that one song about "the last coffee" where she sings about how someday everything will end. To be honest, that instantly made me think she was considering breaking it off with Michael. She's been posting slightly more confident selfies than usual the past 2 years which tells me she's finally seeing some worth in herself too (as she should, we need to stop pretending every girl we dislike needs to lay down, hate herself, and die). but the more you see worth in yourself, the more you'll notice how your partner isnt appreciating it enough.

Michael is very sweet and obviously caring toward her, but he's insanely immature and not at all the type you can have children with yet. I think when they talked about moving, she at most might have suggested they move in together, but him being young and wanting to have fun probably said he wanted to still live with friends (likely the more rowdy friends at that, which who wants to live in a trash heap with a bunch of noisey moids). Lily probably then agreed to live with the other girls instead. but I think ultimately this will break them up. Because the girls will gas lily up and she'll realize she wants a man now, not a boy. Which all men are whiny boys but she doesnt know that yet. I think they were cute but they really don't want the same things in life right now.

No. 1418298

> you can have children with yet
Lily doesn’t want kids so how is this an issue

No. 1418312

>Claiming lily is not an immature fucktard
Lily always wants nothing but a pillow to cry and depend on

No. 1418347

I think its more likely that Michael wanted to move out of LA to find some place where he can have a large workshop like he did in the OTV garage, and lily wanted to stay close to the rest of her friend, so they are living separately now.

No. 1418455

When did she last say that?
That's also possible. It's a shame they couldnt stick it out and just move out together as the two of them, but I guess career-wise it'd be a bad move since their fanbase seems to love them living with other friends. Hoping it doesnt turn into a situation where career trumps the relationship

No. 1418484

She's definitely said it in the last month. There's a clip out there where she says it's a deal breaker.

No. 1418767

she said she wants kids at one point, not that she is looking to have kids now?

No. 1418910

I can't imagine Michael ever choosing to not be there for her. Not in the "I'm giving him credit" way, more in the "he's too much of a simp".
There's also the fact that if lily was ever crossed there's no way she wouldn't let it show on social media. She's that kind of girl. She's WAY too detached for this not to have come from her.
In the house tour video you can see how her room initially had the lily+michael poster thing but she ditched it.
Sanest bet so far imo. These things (learning to actually value yourse, living separately, etc) will inevitably push them too far. They will literally grow separetely.

Where the fuck is michael though? Has he said anything about this shit or who's he living with?(sage)

No. 1418975

Fucking this kek this is the type of pickme who believes that their “boyfriend” isn’t cheating on “break”. It’s not like they are a poor isolated couple who gets cabin fever.

No. 1419674

“Break” as in Hanging out with your friends or doing things on your own retard. Not the Ross friends bullshit.

OP was acting like not sleeping in the same bed with your so is the same as getting divorced. Serious projection over nothing

No. 1419702

good one anon. What exactly is anon projecting? Her desire to remain close to her partner? Here's another buzzword for you: cope.

No. 1419769

Can you even read? How did OP take someone living separately as immediate break up? It reeks tradthot pickme logic

No. 1419886

Do you even know what those words mean? You clearly don't understand "projection".

No. 1419959

>OP was acting like not sleeping in the same bed with your so is the same as getting divorced. Serious projection over nothing
Rofl no I wasn't. I was making fun of her naive teenaged audience blindly defending her. I even said I understood they probably felt smothered being around each other too much. Also – you can spend time away from your partner while still living with them.

No. 1419974

I could buy either of these speculations due to them both being plausible, but I think the simplest answer really is that it was a mutual decision born from their different needs. I'm not sure where this idea where Michael is immature comes from, given that he seems calm and is arguably the most emotionally mature out of the OTV crew when he's not on content mode. Which isn't saying much, considering one of his only other comparisons is Toast, whose compassion seems performative sometimes.
Michael was on the Chuckle Sandwich podcast a while back, and he seemed almost politely reserved towards their banters and absurd "what-if"'s, like they were all things he'd thought about before already. And unlike the others, he didn't seem to have much insecurities when speaking to Dr. K - unless he's good at repressing his emotions.

No. 1420228

File: 1642480857343.jpeg (566.38 KB, 1170x1058, 892F9032-C734-45C6-98EE-1B8B9D…)

Anyone knows what’s the deal between pokimane and ninja’s wife?

No. 1420293

1. one of ninja's friends (dejion?) got a 14 day ban for hate raiding poki
2. he asked ninja, while he was on stream, to help get rid of the ban
3. ninja pretended to end stream and call his twitch rep to get rid of said friend
4. poki got word of this and also called her twitch rep, thinking ninja might get the ban reverted
5. ninja's friend ended up with indefinite ban for continued harrasement
6. ninja's wife, and manager, went full Karen-mode on poki for dragging ninja into this when she talked to her twitch rep

No. 1420362

File: 1642499938118.jpeg (534.18 KB, 1125x1529, 86F9F197-D33E-4F2B-B5D5-2C716A…)

Clearer screen cap

TL;DR ninja’s wifemanager is gaslighting poki and trying to silence her with a lawsuit for calling out ninja’s shitty behavior

No. 1420363

File: 1642500119416.jpeg (953 KB, 1692x924, FCCBDB2B-2555-460C-941E-ED494D…)

Ninja swears on his grandpa’s life, who just passed away(doesn’t this Null his swear? anyways) that he didn’t do it and threatens pokimane in the dms

No. 1420376

Ninja and Jessica are retarded, whats new

No. 1420397

You forgot to mention that he hate raided her for saying the n-word 7-8 years ago. Poki apologized ages ago. There are male creators who said the n-word several times and gave a hush hush apology statement and nobody bothers them. But if a woman makes a mistake once and never again, she gets slaughtered for it until the end of time. I hope this Dijion stays banned forever. He's still harassing Poki. He's a disgusting woman hater.

No. 1420402

Isn't she Moroccan? She should have an n-word pass anyways, she's literally african-american.

No. 1420410

rapper French Montana is Moroccan and people have no problem with him saying the n-word

No. 1420433

I watched the clip, and she wasn't even using it as a typical slur, more as a "my niggah" type statement.

No. 1420454

Considering how she gushes about Jamie being a "cleaning fairy" and always keeping the kitchen clean and cooking all the time, maybe it's better they don't live together kek. Michael's garage wasn't the worst kept place in the OTV house but considering how much shit was in there that all (presumably) belonged to him, I can't imagine how awful it'd be for them to live together. It'd be nasty and the piles of takeout could rival the height of the burj kalifa. How do you get to 30 without realizing how to simply clean up after yourself or do basic cooking?

No. 1420500

what Ninja and his mom-wife-manager hybrid is doing is super shitty, I cant help but feel like Poki is relishing in this drama and loving all of it.

No. 1420517

you'd be surprised the amount of people who actually think she's asian or white. when she showed her natural curls on stream she was accused of blackfishing too kek

No. 1420594

It’s so funny Dijon is saying he did it because pokimane said the n-word but ninja’s wife has said it more than pokimane on stream lmao

Anyways ninja fell off fuck that has been with his sister looking ass wife

No. 1420632

Ninja is irrelevant now, but it still surprises me that someone with his amount of money doesn't have an actual manager. It would have saved him all of the public humiliation every time his wife tries to fix his problems.
People have also said that he doesn't play with or talk to female streamers because his wife doesn't allow him to? It could be BS but if so he is truly spineless

No. 1420651

Ninja said in an interview this: "That was not even her. She had nothing to do with it. That was me being, 'I love our relationship,' and, 'No — I'm not even gonna put you through that.'" He elaborated that he's seen how other channels will clip streams of a male streamer and a female streamer together, regardless if they're in a relationship or not, just to farm content. Granted, he could've said she wasn't involved with this decision to protect her, but take that with what you will.

No. 1420653

Based Poki, using her stacy power to clap moids and their pickme ho’s

No. 1420759

I knew I liked her for a reason. I always found Ninja and his crew insufferable

No. 1420762

File: 1642541060710.jpg (429.22 KB, 828x1152, sxzlhryrsxy61.jpg)

dont forget he unironically thinks and types out shit like this

No. 1420831

No. 1420846

HotShotGG was her long-term partner but he broke up with her a month after they started living together. Truly tells something LMAO

No. 1420867

Thought this tweet was from, like, around 2014-2018 or something and then I saw '21. Jesus Christ.

No. 1420949

Jaime never dated hotshotgg are you talking about kimi who dated/lived with him and had an explosive breakup?

No. 1420955

Ntayrt but she means lily

No. 1420987

how many asian streamer girls has hotshotgg dated?

No. 1420994

Was Kimi's and hotshotgg's breakup that bad? I don't remember hearing much about it.

No. 1420998

The fact hes not mentioned within gaming communities or friend groups anymore should speak volumes on what type of person he is. People love to blame the girls but not the millionaire socially retarded gamer with a streak of broken relationships

No. 1421006

Heard about Kimi's relationship from a friend of a friend, I don't know how accurate it is, but if what they said is true, I feel very bad for any girl he's ever dated.(post receipts or sage )

No. 1421013

Any details you can share? She seemed depressed after, but I assumed it was the normal breakup sadness.

No. 1421026

was it at the same time as the whole insane stalker thing happened? or was it after?

No. 1421173

File: 1642572543715.png (331.34 KB, 528x396, 90-0864345678907845.png)

No. 1421230

>Unsaged shit
>t. Source trust me bro
I love newfags. Kimi and her friend are also the same people who are known for never taking care of their room, hoarding it with trash and creating a whole mess around the house if we are going that far. Anything to protect your queen

No. 1421233

if we had the choice between a man child scrote and retarded female, i'll take the retarded female every time.

No. 1422289

Ninja's wife is a total twat it's no wonder she gets along well with her creature. Anyway a bunch of males with no jobs on YouTube are making videos about this situation like vidrel, so I don't think the harassment for Poki is going to end anytime soon.

No. 1422339

good. Deserved.

No. 1422458

only thing Poki did in this case was exist. Hardly her fault people are unable to follow Twitch ToS.

No. 1422556

File: 1642704153817.png (515.89 KB, 1024x2742, 323247687234.png)

does her clique always sperg this hard?

No. 1422561

these people dont live in reality and are perpetual children

No. 1422562

File: 1642704675255.png (1.3 MB, 1024x5424, 5368156318687461.png)

No. 1422615

Getting a communications degree and then not using it for years just sitting around playing League and talking to children online is not going to make you very smart. There's nothing wrong with her defending her friend online but she sounds like an idiot and she's just going to have this behavior reinforced by her fans and friends.

No. 1422617

File: 1642710750489.jpg (114.01 KB, 603x361, lmao.jpg)

imagine engaging in retard moids that unironically have profiles like this lmao

>Getting a communications degree and then not using it for years
this education shit is so stupid lmao. so she'd ditch her current 6-figures to get some menial 5-figure 9-5 just so she can "utilize" her degree? tell me you wouldn't do the same if you had the chance.

She should've kept her mouth shut and not sperged on twitter, but get off your education highhorse shit lmao.

No. 1422619

I wasn't trying to shit on her for her degree, I'm a dropout myself lol, I was mostly shitting on that person for defending her by bringing that up because it's pretty much irrelevant now. It's just annoying stan behavior bringing up gotchas when they could just ignore that dumbass instead.

No. 1422625

communications is one of the most useless degrees to get. Flaunting it is embarrassing.

No. 1422809

>There's nothing wrong with her defending her friend online
Why even bother replying to one of them? I could understand if she was defending against somebody who had 10k followers, but some rando with 7, just ignore them

No. 1422821

my bad, I'm just tired of people going off in other threads that they are better than a cow for having a stupid expensive degree

No. 1425223

File: 1643008633544.jpeg (843.62 KB, 2880x2439, 1FA9715D-088B-4DAC-9700-2DCBA7…)

Why does anisa lie and attack the few simps that are her fans

No. 1426099

because she probably hates them like most or all people with an onlyfans hate their fans

No. 1426515

File: 1643134520192.jpeg (229.32 KB, 828x1458, 1B6E6516-356B-407B-94A8-B38EBA…)

From her IG story.
So she definitely reads this thread then?

No. 1426517

Pok definitely googles herself everyday to read what people say about her

No. 1426791

Most girls have grown to live in clean environments and can actually cook well and have grown leaps as a human unlike the incels who bring others down for no reason.

No. 1427633

This thread has been surprisingly slow lately

No. 1428819

definitely not. People in this thread simp over her whenever she's mentioned.

No. 1429846

master chef Kimi makes the recipes I like to eat. She’s grown to be super clean and always love her genuine vibes. Heard she’s happier too

No. 1430060

If disgusting gaming bros stopped attacking her for clout maybe we’d find reasons to dislike her

No. 1431040

Right on cue.

No. 1432031

File: 1643698082671.jpeg (237.6 KB, 1125x1906, CAE2D32A-7A59-465C-B021-415040…)

Quick update on idubbbz wife. She wasnt vaccinated for HPV and might have actual cancer pretty soon.

No. 1432033

Forgot to mention she refuses anesthesia for the biopsy because "its too much money" while buying 1k boots in the same week

No. 1432034

this bitch is so retarded. covering your body in ugly ass tattoos within a year is worth spending money on but cancer screening?? nope because ~muh anxiety~ maybe she’ll get cancer and refuse chemo over the side effects

No. 1432042

Is she using potential cancer as a way to wring sympathy and money from her subscribers wtf

No. 1432050

Geez, what a dramatic cunt.
Cervix biopsy is standard shit if your cells are abnormal during pap smears. Even having abnormal cells is standard, she’s just trying to make it into a big deal. I went through this too and it wasn’t a big deal at all, just lots of bleeding.

No. 1432060

Clean the Vaseline off your camera lens, twitchwhore.

No. 1432062

His wife must not cook a lot if a sandwich (with chips? eewww why are Amerimutts so gross?) is a big deal to him that he brags about on the internet. I guess it's frozen pizza and take-out for Ninja every other day of the week.

No. 1432088

It's called a colposcopy Anisa and they're a ten minute outpatient procedure. They hurt like fuck but millions of women get them every 6 months. Just wait til she cries about having to get LEEP.

No. 1432123

Clean your ass, scrote

No. 1432353

Kek you have to be stupid if that's the reason you think JiDon hates her. It's because she can do anything on the platform and not get banned for shit others do, in addition to her constantly copyright striking anyone who criticizes her while she does the same thing. The n word clip was just another way to troll her.

No. 1432475

you call it trolling, twitch calls it harrassment and calls its a bannable offence.(sage)

No. 1432579

Yea and twitch has such a great track record of fairly giving out bans and never protects its interests.

No. 1432596

She was literslly banned last month wtf are you on.

No. 1432702

He says, after she just got banned. Seethe more incel.
>muh unfair bans
>muh strikes
How to spot a Reddit moid in 0.5 sec, literally do you retards ever say a different set of words. Scrotes say sexist racist shit, orchestrate harassment, engage in dumbfuckery all day on twitch and are only ever punished if a large group people outside their community bother to raise a stink. Look at Quin69 recently, got away with it for years, but he’s fine now and welcomed back with open arms.

No. 1432845

>seethe more incel
>do you retards ever say a different set of words
Do you? You're using the same fucking cringe reddit lingo. Imagine defending some fake twitch thot and calling everyone who criticizes her incels. Scrote behavior.

No. 1432857

Oh please, you're whiteknighting hard. She got banned for 48 hours for streaming anime after companies essentially harassed Twitch into doing it. Prior to that she was untouchable. She attacks other streamers for criticizing her and copyright striking them, yet her whole channel is eating, talking shit, and watching tv shows on stream in silence. Keep defending your queen. Should JiDon have gotten banned? Sure, but Poki isn't innocent either. Her hypocrisy is the problem.

No. 1432927

Males aren’t allowed on this site.

No. 1432934

Nice larp. you either have a penis or you're underaged.

No. 1433018

File: 1643827301431.png (48.72 KB, 589x467, aria achieves self awareness.p…)

Wow, she finally figured it out after this being glaringly obvious to anyone who knows about her. Aria 2022 success arc ft. Lithium?

No. 1433023

sorry if this sounds dumb, but what's the context of the time stamps in the tweet? i have to admit i don't keep up with aria so idk what the tweet is referring to

No. 1433026

It looks like she's been keeping track of (and/or scheduling) times she can talk to her friends. Presumably to help keep her from going completely off the rails.

No. 1433123

File: 1643833557902.jpg (46.83 KB, 800x531, c58b0-15954376074489-800.jpg)

Imagine simping for this twitchwhore doing sexwork light for a bunch of desperate scrotes while acting UwU innocent. Couldn't be me, nonnies.

No. 1433130

File: 1643833995485.jpg (1.49 MB, 2008x1486, pokimane_feet.jpg)

Truly a wholesome girl who doesn't need to use her body for views. People just watch her for her great content.

No. 1433138

Feet!! The horror of women not covering their toes!!

No. 1433141

no one thinks that she is a "wholesome girl"
you literally wont be happy unless every woman wears a burka

No. 1433144

ok i'm willing to give a pass to most of these. but the top right corner one is really sus. almost like she's even into it herself.

unrelated nitpick but damn, i did not expect a petite girl like her to have such massive feet lmao

No. 1433187

wow she has feet, what a whore. no one itt watches or cares about her but we also don't have an autistic hateboner for her existing and being cute. I wonder if you have the same energy for every male teenage heartthrob celebrity for "using their bodies" to attract an audience

No. 1433199

>hateboner for her existing and being cute
simp harder scrote

No. 1433229

Can the pokisperg get fucking banned already

No. 1433232

Calling everyone scrote while having a folder of her feet to hate fap to, truly couldn’t be woman

No. 1433295

you are so fucking embarassing. I hope sounding like a retarded coomer gets you all the validation you want from the pathetic manchildren who unironically follow and seethe at entertainment for twelve year olds because a woman is attractive and won't suck them their penis

No. 1433299

File: 1643847028720.png (295.27 KB, 305x354, poki.png)

kek go back to her twitch chat and tell her how beautiful she looks today. I'm sure she'll read the message this time and give you the 1 second of attention you've been craving all week.(Nitpick)

No. 1433301

cope seethe dialate, fag

No. 1433314

i genuinely don't know how people like you survive being this deeply stupid

No. 1433326

how many watch hours do you have?

No. 1433363

Idk nonnie, how much time does your mom have

No. 1433392

Nice projection of your own dead mother. Hopefully you didn't spend the last of her inheritance on donations.

No. 1433433

mom come pick me up pls I'm scared

No. 1433440

Kek what is this PULL? She looks normal, go outside for once nonnie. You don’t have to like her but please fix your brain rot.

No. 1433455

by your definition of normal, you must be one ugly bitch.

No. 1433568

She looks like Ariana Grande here

No. 1433589

Ian interviewed Sam Hyde I guess

No. 1433653

>literally everyone in this thread is a simp except for me

No. 1433903

File: 1643919229422.jpeg (71.23 KB, 986x617, C4C506AE-01D3-4B0C-9E7B-A235F7…)

unintentional genius

No. 1433909

File: 1643920425371.jpg (93.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

She knows indulging her footfag fans will make her more money and get her more loyal paypigs. Just like she knows bending over and showing her ass on camera does. She's just a camgirl who keeps her clothes on. It is funny how much simps ITT seethe about it tho. Either this thread attracts a lot of scrotes or lesbianons are simping hard for Pokimon.

No. 1433927

Damn she's got some boats

No. 1433989

Has ImJasmine ever been a point of curiosity here?
It's rotten aged milk at this point, but she was a streamer who would livestream her walking around Japan and was notorious for frequently experiencing sexual harassment while doing so. She got some shit for apparently deliberately going around shady areas and wearing skimpy outfits (dog collars, fishnet tights, etc). She was banned for three months after a nipslip during a hot tub stream and of course came right back after a while. There hasn't been an update from her since September.

No. 1434010

Jesus clam down

No. 1434012

Does anyone even prescribe xannax anymore with all the other anxiety meds out there?

No. 1434015

I remember she was dating another streamer Devin Nash but searching their names together doesn’t bring up any updates either. Weird.

No. 1434056

She hasn't posted on insta since September and people are asking if she's dead. Hopefully she's taking a break to rethink her life.

No. 1434286

Holy shit men (you) are retarded. This pic is photoshop to hell and back. Just has her edited ass and feet saved to own the simps lmao

No. 1434310

Dude for real you have issues

No. 1434321

i could not care less about pokimane but lbr, she absolutely does indulge the footfags. like no doubt. it's whatever but she's obviously intentionally showing them in very particular ways that footfags request. if youve had unfortunate runins with footfags you'd know

No. 1434435

I'm a male? You wish. Not everyone who dislikes someone who happens to be a woman is a scrote. Keep thirsting over her like the scum moid you are. Your woman larp isn't that good, you'll end up in the MTF thread yourself one day.

No. 1434520

Aria used to be a normal and decent streamer who cooked and never pandered to anyone until her bf broke up with her. obviously, her precious friends didn't want to deal with her shit and here we are.
What a fucking mess

No. 1434532

He even explicitly says her hair looks like she needs help lmfao. I didn't think Ian would actually post his after Sam posted the video clowning on him. Ian's was honestly pretty pathetic. He really thought he was just going to walk up to Sam and tell him "it's okay buddy" and then they'd have a heart-to-heart. Right to the end, Ian's saying "boohoo I wish Sam would have been real with me". What did you expect, dumbass?

No. 1434877

I think she had those episodes every few months long before she broke up with her bf (or he broke up with her idk)

No. 1434923

Pokimane hired a company to bully, harass and copyright strike thequatering. I guess Poki didn't learn jack shit from all the other times she tried to copyright strike other youtubers

No. 1434924

Thequatering was willing to go to court and Poki quickly withdrew kek

No. 1434936

didn't he celebrate like 2 weeks ago that she will be "sued" by ninja

No. 1434947

feet aside, there's something about her face that feels uncanny valley-level that I can't quite process.

No. 1434981

I would give a shit if it weren’t the fucking quartering. That faggot is so annoying

No. 1434996

I'm sure this fat sex pest woman hater is totally giving us a completely accurate account of the situation.

No. 1435018

When did they break up? The first time I heard of Aria, which was a couple of years ago, people already called her a leech.

No. 1435107

kek, ty anon. I didn't want to watch the video

No. 1435225

I've only watched the beginning and it's hilarious. Everything Sam is doing is scripted and Ian has no idea he's getting trolled.

No. 1435328

lmao based

No. 1436124

Based and girlbosspilled. Idgaf who these niggas are.

No. 1436196

File: 1644169103392.png (40.91 KB, 603x201, aria.png)

looks like September2020
>people already called her a leech
Honestly I don't understand the "leech" complaints. This is twitch, the only way to grow and stay relevant is to leech, network and collaborate with other streamers

No. 1436201

also she had a breakdown yesterday on stream

No. 1436216

Boohoo for the fat scrote being "bullied." He's delusional if he thinks she hired a company to specifically target him. Celebrities and large content creators have agencies that do this shit all the time. He's whining about it being unfair while milking it for all he can.

The resemblance is hilarious.

No. 1436768

Thank you very much, anon.
I never understood it, either. They're just networking. If the viewers like them, they'll go follow them. If they're boring, shame on them.
That being said, I only knew her in 2019 as the girl who would cook with fan-service. She did things on stream to poke at her audience, like literally moaning while watching a cooking video, but I don't recall much of her otherwise.
She did intentionally dye Lily's hair a very terrible ombre one time when she was angry with Lily, but that's about much I got.

No. 1437087

>She did intentionally dye Lily's hair a very terrible ombre one time when she was angry with Lily
Do you have photos and/or remember why she was mad at her? That's pretty messed up.

No. 1437447

File: 1644283670641.png (1.48 MB, 1174x1016, lily.png)

Nope, it was just brought up briefly unfortunately.

No. 1437453

((fuck forgot to sage, sorry))

No. 1437722

>, i did not expect a petite girl like her to have such massive feet lmao

How camera angle work? thing close thing big! hurk!

No. 1437755

Based af. Literally everyone, both left and right, hate Quartering and want him bullied into oblivion

No. 1438095

Wtf lmao that's terrible.

No. 1438113


It's so shitty and spiteful. Why did she do this to Lily?(sage)

No. 1438501

Lily seems dedicated to surround herself with awful trashy people

No. 1439446

File: 1644489195066.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1497, 28A1BE89-5856-431D-B865-8A18BA…)

This was it a month before she grew it out. Still pretty bad. Aria was also the one who did her shitty ombre in the same year when it was black to light brown/orange to pink. She fucked up Lily twice. And in the time period where Lily didn’t know shit about hair or makeup on her own.

No. 1439832

>And in the time period where Lily didn’t know shit about hair or makeup on her own
she is a grown ass woman who is 30 years old.

No. 1439873

clearly one who doesn't know shit about hair and makeup rofl why else would she let Aria touch her hair twice

No. 1439930

And? Women = automatic fembots hooked into beauty youtube 10 hrs a day?

No. 1440034

jesus fuck, way to out yourself as a dumb bitch reeling from PULL's shutdown in three ways. how do you look at a post from summer 2015, see someone describe it as "in the time period where she didn't know shit about hair and makeup", greentext that shit, and your brain cells still come together to squeal out the sentence, "She is a grown ass woman who is 30 years old". she was 23. there's a different level of shitty shelteredness from between a 23yo not understanding cosmetics and basic aesthetics versus a 30yo woman.

No. 1440570

File: 1644587089181.webm (Spoiler Image, 587.81 KB, 640x360, twitch.webm)

Average woman streamer on twitch.com. Child-friendly platform for sure.

No. 1440573

File: 1644587235150.jpg (277 KB, 1650x784, FLQTB5MWUAED5Rd.jpg)

More from the "ASMR" category. Ladies, if your boyfriend tells you he doesn't watch porn, make sure you also ask him if he watches ASMR. They think this doesn't "count".

No. 1440577

god, these women are so tacky. do they not have self-respect or modesty anymore? it truly makes me sad. literally all they do is for the pleasure of undeserving moids(no1curr, lrn2sage)

No. 1440580

>do they not have self-respect or modesty anymore?
Similarly to signing your soul away to the devil in order to become a witch, modern women sign their dignity away to Twitch to become rich.

No. 1440583

those are some pretty shitty views you hold on women, anon
tldr. Go back to sperging on reddit.

No. 1440590

>no sage non milk
>average woman
>obvious samefagging
Holy shit go back to Reddit scrote. Most female streamers aren’t doing asmr. Maybe if you stop exclusively watching titty streamers then you’d see that. Kill yourself immediately.

No. 1440591


these aren't women, they are handmaidens

No. 1440593

You’re fucking stupid

No. 1440596

Lock this useless fucking thread already because it’s only infested with subhuman males.

No. 1440614

I said average woman STREAMER ON TWITCH, not average woman. Because it's true. Twitch is now a softcore porn site for children.

No. 1440615

How many donations do you get a day for farting into an ASMR mic?(hi cow)

No. 1440644

Kek anon taking the criticisms a little too personally

No. 1440678

She literally went to /meta/ demanding this thread be closed because I made fun of ASMR twitch whores who deepthroat mics for donos.

No. 1440686

yeah def a twitch thot or some coomer

No. 1440689

You cant read tranny? An average female on twitch isn’t a titty Asmr streamer.
>Twitch is now a softcore porn site
You exclusively go into the titty section, seeing thots and random video compilation channels with 500 bot views and somehow that tiny brain simply decides that ah, this is where most of twitch viewers and women go. Stupid fuck. Why don’t you go to the top 200 streams live at any given moment and tell me exactly how many of them are women with tits out. I know facts and statistic are way too much of cum for brains like you but I ask you try.
Nice deflection. I will never stop shitting on you for bringing zero milk but only ever drop in to say Wahmen bad.

No. 1440705

amouranth is one of the top watched female streamers on twitch. You aren't fooling anyone scrote. Go inject yourself with more horse piss.

No. 1440753

File: 1644605902600.png (322.9 KB, 1342x1062, Screenshot_2022.png)

Here are the top 20 most watched female streamers in the last 7 days. There are only 3 asmr streamers Amouranth, pekeasmr and ElisabeteTV.
All of them are so high for only one reason: they stream non-stop. Actual average viewership is only high for 1 asmr streamer.

No. 1440776

it's the undwear section of the Sears catalogue for zoomers. Be more worried about them watching people getting their heads sawed off.

No. 1441295

The scrote's right though. While egirls bring in big money, there's always a ton of other streamers making the same viewers not doing that. Fucking Jerma outstreamed hot tub Amouranth with a bizarre live action skit show. That's not even counting different times of day and who's big at what times

No. 1441298

You sound like the retards at LivestreamFail who obsess over 12 streamers at any given time and act like nobody else is on Twitch

No. 1441366

yes retard, she's ONE of the top female streamers the same way someone like Hasan is one of the top streamers, it doesnt mean every top streamer is some politics-addicted grifter

No. 1441384

You just have to be seething this hard because you sell your dignity for superberries on twitch, lmfao. Sorry but there is only one reason that people watch female streamers and it's not about their talents or personality.

No. 1441385

File: 1644668911907.png (1.47 MB, 1584x672, Untitled.png)

Let's randomly go onto the frontpage of Twitch and see what is on there. I never go on Twitch so this is not influenced by anything I watch. Straight away we got:

- 2 anime streamers that cater to anime lolicon coomers by talking like 5 year olds
- 1 ASMR headmassage girlfriend experience
- 1 titty streamer with her boobs hanging out

Hmm yeah… I think the assumption that women on twitch whore themselves out to coomers is pretty fair.

No. 1441444

4chan lolicons def not waching Lily. Ironemouse on other hand kinda agree.
Wolfabelle is a GTA RP streamer, she doesn't do asmr. Why are you so set out to prove that all women on twitch are whores?

No. 1441503

you honestly reek like a scrote, especially with how hard you're reaching. i find it difficult to believe a woman would think a woman in a spaghetti strap was scandalous. as for wolfabelle? that's her leg lmfao not those asmr dummies.

No. 1441584

i'm fucking dying that you took one look at wolfabelle's KNEE and decided that she was doing some horrible slutty whorish asmr head massage stream.

No. 1441587

the point of the post flew over your smooth brain.

No. 1441592

when too much misogyny gives you brain rot kek

No. 1441601

Who the hell else is watching vtubers who talk like toddlers, if not coomer scrotes? That shit makes any normal person who is not a peodphile's ears bleed and die from cringe. Vtubers are perfoming as loli characters to attract lolicons.

No. 1441603

I don't think anything of a woman in spaghetti straps walking down the street, it's different when you sit with half your tits hanging out infront of a camera talking to moids for money donations. If anyone is a scrote it's you for white-knighting your favorite twitch-thots cause they make your dick twitch, hence the name of the site.

No. 1441608

File: 1644685765700.png (195.44 KB, 352x300, twitch.png)

why are you so set out to prove they arent? Twitch is incentivizing young women to whore themselves out online for "easy" money, and you don't think anything is wrong with it?

No. 1441611

This is all accessible to minors too. It's so weird when other girls come to defend these women. They have no fucking morals.

No. 1441623

twitch drama has to be boring now you “people” are bumping up the thread just to say wahmen bad

No. 1441649

>wahmen bad
you're making it easy to tell who you are.
It is. it's either women who are actively partaking in this type of behavior, or it's a bunch of coomers who are assblasted that their egirl is being criticized.

No. 1441653

Amouranth is an exception, not the rule. You are deranged, if you think that majority of young women would want to sit in a kiddie pool for 10 hours a day

No. 1441655

if you don’t have any milk to add just say that. the scrotes making the most money on Twitch are advertising gambling to children but we need to talk abt the hoars on twitch every other post ok

No. 1441659

So is real porn. grow up, its not the internets mission to parent kids.

No. 1441661

Nta but shit the fuck up you didn’t even sage fucking retard hoar

No. 1441667

>women bad
Sorry, but sexworkers don't represent our entire gender. If you chose to whore your body out for males, you are a disgrace in my eyes. If you haven't noticed yet, there are a lot of SWERFs on here. It seems you are quite hung up about others judging your profession, maybe you should just get a real job.

No. 1441671

Twitch created a whole section for these types of streamers called "Pools, Hotubs, and Beaches." Doesn't sound like an exception to me. Deranged people are the ones defending this degeneracy and acting like it's liberating for women.
"real porn" has websites that are solely dedicated to it. You go there for a specific reason. Twitch is advertised as a streaming platform for gamers. Kids go on there to watch a Fortnite streamer and see ass and titty streamers recommended on their front page. Once they're exposed, they will want more, and will most likely start looking at actual porn.

No. 1441675

I think you responded to the wrong anon…

No. 1441676

File: 1644692313809.jpeg (168.63 KB, 828x586, 4A733BB6-51E6-4445-B9C3-14EF0E…)

speaking of scrotes

No. 1441680

ngl i laughed

No. 1441681

Ikr, these whores need to cover up and stop wearing spaghetti straps, they're distracting the male kids just trying to learn

No. 1441682

File: 1644692720340.gif (56.82 KB, 112x112, 87C67636-C567-4A09-96FF-BB0BC1…)

No. 1441685

literally no one is scared to say that

No. 1441686

You probably don't understand the difference between wearing a bikini on the beach versus wearing your underwear to the grocery store. Context matters.

No. 1441691

I understand perfectly, school is no place for harlotry!

No. 1441699

hows your relationship with your dad?

No. 1441700

Literally nobody is talking about what women wear to school. We're talking about twitch. I see now why you had to resort to being a camwhore, you're not the brightest.

No. 1445178

File: 1645074403883.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1850, C4BD1E95-DC1B-4972-ADDE-E37EC2…)

I thought her shirt was edited on yike

No. 1445317

File: 1645104956836.jpg (144.15 KB, 945x1053, lol.JPG)

this cant be real

No. 1445333

Everyone knows more subs = more health points!!!!!!!!

No. 1445349

What’s the problem here?

No. 1445428


Medical care for a chronic illness is expensive in Kkonaland, so yes more money does equal more health points.

No. 1445662

Is it just me or is it extremely obvious that she was offered money to shave her head.

Does anyone really believe that she randomly thought this would look good and then spend months hiding it under beanies.
Anyone can get a few hundred dollars for shaving their head on video for a hair fetishist, more if you send the hair to them. Online infamy might get you a better deal.

Sometimes I feel sick about even knowing these people, they really are slaves to money and think they're so business-savvy and clever because of it. What kind of loser do you have to be to choose this life and think you are winning.

No. 1445804

I've seen people claim that she has a kid. Is there actual proof?

And why does a streamer who makes 50k a month need a subathon?

No. 1445813

probably cause they want to make millions

No. 1445864

When are you guys gonna talk about the Qtcinderella vs Enya Umanzor drama?

No. 1445873

1:02:38 Maya and QT talk about what happened at the party w/ Enya
>who? Washed up vine star still making yt videos, talks about stealing from house parties on her podcast like it’s quirky, innocently jokes about “trolling” people but in reality she’s just an insecure bully with vile behavior
(Minx confirmed it was her on her stream, will post when I find a link.

No. 1445891

Do you have anything else to say that’s not accusing people of being scrote and a twitch whore at the same time? Which is it?
You got multiple people sholved facts and statistics in your face so you’re trying to distract from the embarrassment of being wrong with those sick burns.
I can’t believe you’re saying twitch is the gateway drug to porn, holy shit the brain damage is comical.
>platform for gamers
Tfw top streamers aren’t even Gamers, they’re just online personalities a) playing games casually, b) doing IRL/commentary shit.
Fuck them kids, letting kids rot their brains with hours upon hours forming parasocial relationships with stinky washed up 30 years old scrotes, gamblers, and loli LARPers are literally just as bad as seeing a pair of tits.
Never forget, It all started because you said “average woman on twitch is an asmr whore” which is the wrongest and malest take. I still don’t see an actual SWERF talking point. Only pure sexist hatred. One doesn’t have to support whoring on twitch to see that you hate it for extremely different reasons than feminists do. Same with tranny shit.

No. 1445928

daaaang this was crazy to hear about from QT and maya. i watch enya and drew's podcast so now i am looking forward to hearing their side whenever they inevitably discuss it

No. 1445975

the guys say their version of the party here around the 30 min mark. apparently enya lied about being invited to the envy party so she could tag along with another guest, to steal im assuming since she's talked about how she loves to steal from rich people on her podcast. as a warning, these guys digress ALOT.

No. 1446090

File: 1645182839534.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 300x169, alinity.gif)

Twitch whores like Alinity and other ASMR earlicking thots are building parasocial relationships in form of a "girlfriend experience" with KIDS. They are introducing kids to pornography and graphic sexual content on platforms that market themselves as child-friendly (Twitch is 13+). They are on the FRONT PAGE and kids looking for Minecraft content will click on this shit. They know kids are watching as they are licking the ear-mic in a bikini and farting into it. And you don't see any issue with this? It's literally grooming an entire new generation of zoomer coomers and future sexworkers. Yeah, I think that's fucking disgusting. I think tonguing an ASMR mic like picrel is sexwork and should be locked away on an 18+ site and the women who engage in shit like that are selling their dignity for cash and since they are doing it on a platform for kids it's even worse than just being an Onlyfans whore.

No. 1446109

File: 1645185118706.jpeg (99.43 KB, 762x828, 492133D0-A832-4769-AB17-3EC7C4…)

Did Minx get fillers or are her lips just overlined?

No. 1446112

can you shut the fuck up? the scrotes talk and promote all sort of degenerate shit and they are on the front page too. Most kids literally go to pornhub.

No. 1446116

Lmao when worlds collide. QT calling Enya a nobody is funny when she, herself, is a nobody. In fact all of these people are.

No. 1446117

You have kept up your defense of sexworkers on platforms for children for weeks now, I am forced to believe you have a personal investment in this topic.

Also, nobody is stopping you from exposing the male degenerates as well. Go ahead and post whatever it is they do. You won't stop me from criticizing women who deepthroat their microphones in front of a bunch of kids. They are vile.

No. 1446138

Daddy issues.(infighting)

No. 1446144

cope harder. if you aren't a scrote then you are one of the handmaidens. do you sell yourself and feel empowered?

No. 1446207

she's somebody that has severe identity issues and has no one in her life to tell her that her ideas are stupid, hence the OF. her cuck husband enables her, and I think told her to at least wait until after their wedding because she got caught up wanting to do it for months. so, no, I don't think it's wild to think that somebody sees others getting positive attention for similar things then wanting to try it herself is outlandish lmao. this is Anisa we are talking about. she's not motivated by money, she's motivated by attention.

No. 1446209

she's somebody that has severe identity issues and has no one in her life to tell her that her ideas are stupid, hence the OF. her cuck husband enables her, and I think told her to at least wait until after their wedding because she got caught up wanting to do it for months. so, no, I don't think it's wild to think that somebody sees others getting positive attention for similar things then wanting to try it herself is outlandish lmao. this is Anisa we are talking about. she's not motivated by money, she's motivated by attention.

No. 1446256

nta there are multiple anons replying to you. not in defense of twitch thots but against your autistic obsession with them, and generalizing all women as thots
>inb4 I'm a simp and an onlyfans whore and pokimane herself and also in your walls

No. 1446271

>generalizing all women as thots
??? tell me where I did this

No. 1446278

sorry i meant generalizing all female streamers*

No. 1446352

the female streamers = sex workers arguments is so tiring with how often it goes on in this thread. can you just go to the sex work thread in /g/ where you can sperg about it in peace with other swerfs where you don't have feel like you have to get triggered and defend yourself against everyone else?

No. 1446409

>against your autistic obsession with them
funny you're not replying to the sperg who started this shitfest again after a week, and then bumped the thread.
and yet here you are continuing the conversation.
You have no self worth.

No. 1446447

How can you assume her motivations have nothing to do with money. I'm sure she likes attention too, but come on the woman literally sells pictures of herself.

>No! the reason she sells herself out is for attention and attention only!

People are just not like this, even if they're mentally ill

No. 1446469

Guys like Mizkif build parasocial relationships, but I don't see you complaining.

No. 1446480

>who? Washed up vine star still making yt videos, talks about stealing from house parties on her podcast like it’s quirky, innocently jokes about “trolling” people but in reality she’s just an insecure bully with vile behavior
enya’s annoying but she’s way more relevant than QT kek

No. 1446807

Nta but it’s more like

> the reason she [constantly does stupid shit] is for attention and attention only

She has not updated her onlyfans in a month, her latest set is just her staring at herself in the mirror. Her “yas queen sexwork” arc is already over and she’s moving onto a “boxing fitness guru”.

Anisa wants to be idolized for being smart, funny, and beautiful. However she doesn’t want to work for it, she feels entitled to fame.

Unless she gets actual therapy, she’s doomed for an embarrassing internet validation loop forever.

No. 1447051

I didn’t say they were ONLY based on attention. just that attention imo is a bigger driving force than the money aspect, I was speaking on the head shaving thing in particular, too, saying that she is stupid enough to do something like that because she got a wild hair (lel excuse the pun) BPD impulse, like most things in her life, like her implants. she loves male attention, and the money is a plus, sure, I’m not saying she’d turn down money just that I think her shaving her head was all her own idea. I mean, from what it seems, none of her scrote fanbase likes it short, so it was a dumb move if money is what she’s after.

No. 1447463

File: 1645325124552.jpeg (402.2 KB, 828x802, 5BE971D1-0840-4011-A2A6-E5DAB8…)

Why is pokimane so annoying and unlikable?

No. 1447485

I dont like poki but the fact she posted this as a joke and managed to trigger so many scrotes made me laugh.

No. 1447560

based /ourgal/ poki

No. 1447562

Honestly cant get mad at her for this. I love seeing scrotes go into nuclear meltdown mode when their porn sick brains find out women are actually humans and look like humans when theyre not glammed up

No. 1447567

Found the bitter broke bitch kek

No. 1447623

A bit tasteless to post this during a pandemic when people are in economic crisis, doing borderline slave jobs where they die at work, and living in their cars, but considering her audience are mostly coomers they probably deserve the L

No. 1447649

What's your favorite flavor of copium?

No. 1447671

It's tasteless out of context but I'm sure a lot of her viewers are familiar with the recent drama and don't think she's talking to them.

No. 1447810

>i dont like poki and I know this is tasteless but…u go gurl! luv u!

No. 1447813

kek I love that men seethe at her mere existence

No. 1447831

What do you want? Us to start popping eye vessels because some chick on twitch posted a picture without make up to troll? I see scrotes bragging about their money all the damn time, honestly this isn't a big deal. It's childish and retarded but this isn't pull.

No. 1447837

you clearly already are. You didnt even respond to the right anon.

No. 1447911

Not referring to any anons in this thread, more-so asking about the regulars in her tweet replies - do people who vehemently hate Poki also follow her on Twitter so they can clown on her and any supporters in her replies immediately? Or are her posts just showing up because they follow a streamer engages with her tweets? I'm following half of the OTV members, and I never see Poki's shit on my feed. I wouldn't have known about that recent shitfest Poki had were it not for this thread being bumped at the time.

No. 1447915

Your right I'm a idiot. I was talking to >>1447810

No. 1448387

File: 1645423882767.jpeg (599.66 KB, 1125x798, E78071AD-876C-4BCC-8C49-3A8B3B…)

It’s so funny Anisa keeps moaning about how hard she works and how she rarely gets a day off. She doesn’t even post on of anymore

No. 1448521

a lot of ropey old streamers take a 'day off' from their alcoholism/drug addictions to stream themselves crying.

No. 1449426

File: 1645545617067.jpg (220.33 KB, 1080x1011, IMG_20220222_155945.jpg)

Does anyone here follow GeekRemix on twitch? They had a falling out and Mari kicked out her long time friend from the channel and is making a huge drama from the situation

No. 1449442

It’s odd when two separate e-circles collide. I like listening to Enya and Drew’s podcast, but they would be the annoying group at a party. She’s a sloppy drunk with sticky fingers and they both talk a lot of shit.
Enya isn’t completely irrelevant because she still gets designer brand deals and has connections with zoomer LA celebs, but in the Twitch bubble and at a streamer party she’s a nobody.

No. 1449473

Wow, that's a name I haven't heard in a while. I used to watch their Life is Strange LP. Is there any info on what happened or is it all one-sided and vague?

No. 1449496

I assume partly because she feels insecure of her botched tit job that she no longer wants and partly because she always "works" on making up a new useless personality for herself instead of the kind of work that comes with actual end results.

No. 1449513

Not really. Mari is just throwing Stacy under the bus and being overly dramatic, while Stacy is M.I.A.. According to the last post on her Twitter, Stacy went to the hospital.

No. 1450091

Her tattoos do not suit her at all.

No. 1450661

her eyes…

No. 1450884

File: 1645692955150.png (118.26 KB, 597x593, annoyingisright.png)

I don't really follow Aria but her tweets end up on my tl and I'm really starting to dislike her dumb ass. For context, QTCinderella made a tweet talking about Ukraine and how the situation had her worried, and Aria made one of her stupid baby posts in reply which people rightfully saw as reply/engagement farming and criticized her for. She deleted it but then immediately made it about her feelings. Why even post about a serious current event and then immediately make it about yourself?

No. 1451315

She's a tone deaf moron.(sage)

No. 1451805

her handle is pretty accurate at least

No. 1453511

File: 1646004187517.png (1.57 MB, 732x849, Screenshot_20220227-181733.png)

yummy yummy look at that tummy(thirst)

No. 1453555

mari is so dramatic i am hesitant to believe anything she says isn't exaggerated

No. 1453692

Are twitch streamers gonna be the new kpop in terms of giving young people eating disorders?

No. 1453899

id be too embareazed to wear a crop top of my gut was that big holy shit ewwww(sage)

No. 1453905

File: 1646053654171.jpg (125.08 KB, 1080x942, DtMr3XxXgAEPOJn.jpg)

Ana-chan your brain is eating itself already. Have some delicious cake.

No. 1453906

File: 1646053894990.jpg (61.64 KB, 639x634, EDShIOpWkAAL2l6.jpg)

Maybe a delicious grilled cheese sandwich too so your brain can get enough carbs to function.

No. 1453907

Nayrt but God that looks good. My recovered ass is gonna partake

Who is this supposed to be? Looks like starpowerrr sooner edition

No. 1453920

that's from Emiru's DDR stream yesterday

No. 1453985

emiru looks cute here

No. 1454004

that's from a stream and bitch actually looks like that? damn i'm jelly

No. 1454022

File: 1646070003658.jpg (45.81 KB, 960x540, DkMixWW.jpg)

NO idea how to post videos here, does this work?

No. 1454024

Obviously not… Maybe a link: https://imgur.com/DkMixWW

No. 1454040

Anachan kys

No. 1454347

Its called having organs, go eat a rice cake and mustard, anachan. Youre not you when youre hungry

No. 1454445

God, why couldn't she have just gotten cool blackwork tattoos instead. The bright ass traditional looks so tacky on her, had she gotten some modern blackwork stuff she could have actually looked pretty cool.

No. 1454733

I know it's been said in her own thread Emiru stuffs her bra/wears 2 bras but how does she stay so skinny? Doesn't she eat a lot of junk on cam?

No. 1454737

A good pushup bra (or two?) does help a lot with clevage.

She has said on stream that she is really worried about "wardrobe malfunctions" so I wouldn't be surprised if she does what she can to avoid them.

She hasn't been living in the house of fast food delivery too long. I am guessing she didn't do as much fast food etc before moving into Miz's house. It's a den of debauchery.

No. 1454796

Eating junk on cam is probably the only time she eats lol.

No. 1455403

File: 1646201691739.jpg (1.1 MB, 1440x1824, 20220302_011137.jpg)


No. 1455408

what the fuck is going on with the leg in front

No. 1455414

How do I achieve this body type healthily?

No. 1455448

Photoshop but you have to become a total recluse so no one sees you irl.

No. 1455508

File: 1646213337214.jpg (137.28 KB, 1080x723, Screenshot_20220302-092815_Twi…)

You can thrive right now by dumping your abusive bf's ass and not dragging this out for months whining about how you miss streaming, dumbass.

No. 1455512

You won't. It's not possible to have huge boobs while being this underweight. Plastic surgery/stuffing/Photoshop.

No. 1455609

if you look on Emiru's tiktok you can see her real size boobs when she's in the jinx/link cosplays (flat). she puts padding in bras

No. 1455661

File: 1646229649932.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1079x1405, Screenshot_20220302-085518.png)


>doesn't know what a compression shirt is

She has normal sized tits, they're just more noticeable with how small her frame is.

No. 1455662

Lol those are implants

No. 1455684

Those are obvious implants. You can literally see the outline of them.

No. 1455688

>posting one of her nudes
>'normal size tits'
>'how small her frame is'
at least try to be subtle about the fact you're a scrote

No. 1455709

seems unlikely that she had implants at 17 years old, but who knows.

No. 1455718

Why would it be unlikely? Lots of women get them in their teens.

No. 1455737

File: 1646236406175.png (539.34 KB, 457x788, 1497620951636.png)

from an old lolcow thread of hers. either implants or strategic stuffing.

No. 1455781

File: 1646238924462.jpg (297.25 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20220302-163448_Tik…)

You're 100% a male or delusional.

No. 1455807

That's not even a ~~compression~~ top lmao. This is what being a male gets you: pure cope & stupidity

No. 1455824

What's weird is here she looks flat but here it looks like unnatural implants >>1455661
Was the photo badly photoshppped or something?

No. 1455842

File: 1646242756134.jpg (119.4 KB, 1080x1350, k8jds7d.jpg)

Who knows…

No. 1455848

Here they're probably just taped together to create cleavage with the structure of the top providing all the volume, you can literally see on the left side that her chest goes straight down lmao.

No. 1455857

File: 1646243477375.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1350, goBavQC.png)

Likely. I mean, cosplay is about making you look like someone else, so would make sense.

No. 1456723

File: 1646326689028.webm (4.88 MB, 576x1024, emiru.webm)

pretty obvious here imo

No. 1457525

her waist isnt even skinny in shoooped pics sad.whod evemnwant bigntits? They nake girls look fat(sage your shit)

No. 1457527

File: 1646398321057.jpg (2.56 MB, 3264x2448, 20210324_171903.jpg)

Alot skinnier than this shooped up cow

No. 1457571

Who cares about this mystery meat bitch and her fake tits? Honestly.

No. 1457624

didnt know you were into twitchthots lucinda

No. 1457645

kek holy shit anon

No. 1457673

why do people hate pokimane so much? It really does feel out of jealousy or misogyny. Most Twitch streamers pander to their audience and most female streamers make money off scrotes that find them attractive. Pokimane does the same shit yet she's persecuted like some demon. There aren't even any arguments besides targeting her out of a subjective hate. She doesn't do anything out of the ordinary. As a male streamer it's so much easier because you're being given money simply for being one of the bros while as a woman you have to make the men get a crush on you to give you money or watch you stream

No. 1457680

it's angering and sad that guys find uggo chubsters and shooping liars like this thot ans poki to be "hot" when they dont workout eat healthy or promote ideals like in the 1950s. look at a statue by Arno breker…THAT'S AN IDEAL not these facetuned uggos. sad they need filters to feel remotely relevent.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1457699

yea wake up in the modern world real beauty is irrelevant. Most female online figures photoshop to hell and back or are average in looks. It's all about building an internet persona which is approachable by most moids. Beauty is absolutely irrelevant and most modern moids are brain dead coomers that cannot spot photoshop.

No. 1457700

it's because she has this 'girl next door' image and presents herself as just a fun regular girl who likes to play games and then she posts dirty feet pics and all the usual coomer bait. she gets a movie cameo because she has such a sanitized image but she isnt any different. plus her personal brand of coomers are way too loud and annoying, they act like they're better than someone who jerks it to amaranth licking silicone ears but they are there for the same reasons. poki is top level fake and bad at hiding it and her fans are sanctimonious cumbrains.

No. 1457707

but this applies to almost all female Twitch streamers which make a career off streaming. They all do waifu pandering or use their sexuality at some point. It's unfair to persecute her for something everyone in the industry does. A lot of asian female streamers do waifu pandering or do sexual stuff then they act all innocent and their coomers are the same. You also have to put on a fake persona as an entertainer.

No. 1457718

>It's unfair to persecute her for something everyone in the industry does.
Oh boohoo it's unfair. You want to appeal to the conscience of a fucking twitch cumbrain? Get a hobby.
Poki is just better at pulling off the innocent act and that's why it's more gross when she posts pictures of her dirty feet. Yes they all do the same shit but you wonder why she gets ire, that's why. The thing about pedopandering is once you're good at it you're left with the pedos because you've grossed out everybody else.

No. 1457726

No, I dont't want to appeal to Twitch cumbrains, it's just unfair so many other girls do the same shit and have pedo fans and they are not persecuted but Poki is persecuted for the same shtick other streamers are pulling. Most moid Twitch streamers are far worse than Poki and they recieve no persecution. They can do and say whatever at all times. As a woman you're forced by the industry to rely on your sexuality. Absolutely all female Twitch streamers do waifu pandering but in different niches. Some are the kawaii asian waifus, some are the big titty GF streamers and so on. It's a parasocial relationship you form with an audience of mentally ill manchildren, so why is Poki persecuted for the same shit everyone does? I think it's because she's gotten super popular. Most female streamers are as ingenuine as her. The hate for Poki really does come from a place of misogyny. I think this thread is the most misogynistic thread on the entire website. It feels like it's full of incel moids that hate on thots or by other female streamer which are filled with jealousy

No. 1457804

I don't really watch any twitch streamers, I just keep up with them through here and twitter so my opinion isn't relevant. But, my first impression of poki was that she was a bit arrogant and likes to be the center of attention? I've also seen her interacting with a few streamers like mizkif and xqc which had/has girlfriends at the time and its really weird and flirty. Again, I don't know if it's part of her persona but I find it very annoying to sit through plus her voice.

No. 1457814

Link us to your waifu twitch account babes

No. 1457823

I don't respect any women who base their career on sex-appeal and simps. It's pathetic and makes all women look bad and helps foster the image that all women are sluts who want men to give them money just for existing while being pretty.

No. 1457825

You really need to stop projecting so much, sex-work-chan. I hate all twitch whores equally, doesn't matter if it's Anisa, Alinity, Pokimane or that one that fucks her dogs and spits vodka in her cats mouth. They are all trash and they base their worth on their fuckability to scrotes. Get a real job if you want to be respected by others.

No. 1457837


No. 1457894

File: 1646425506803.jpg (175.1 KB, 1080x1085, dcd642ccd1817045f42180585e6f1d…)

Damn, calm down and have a delicious donut. Your sugar is low.

No. 1457922

men would assume that about women, regardless. women in countries where they're not allowed to show any skin are raped and demeaned. men all over the world force women into prostitution. it could happen to any one of us. so if a women, on her own volition, wants to make money on how attractive she thinks her body is, i say go for it. if she crashes and burns, that's on her. if she makes good money, great. but she's doing it of her own free will. i'm not one for the idea that we have to hide away our bodies and be perfectly modest and proper so men don't have any ammunition against us. fuck that. they're gonna look, they're gonna call us sluts. might as well make them pay for it.

No. 1457937

Literally comparing women FORCED INTO PROSTITUTION with twitch whores. You are braindead.

No. 1457939

>they're gonna call us sluts. might as well proof them right
Ok sexworker-chan. Keep selling your holes and thinking you're empowered and owning men.

No. 1457954

Something I've noticed about Poki is that she doesn't always outright pander to men, but she does PASSIVELY appeal to men by avoiding appealing to women, something other women in her circle aren't afraid to do. Valkyrae for example is beautiful and has simps but she has a ton of young female fans because she (from what I've gathered, I've never actually watched her LOL) does the whole "I'm your cool big sis!!" schtick. QuarterJade similarly is beautiful but she has a public relationship which is appealing for young girls ("omg I love my internet mom and dad!!" "relationship goals!!"), and she plus a ton of other OTV+friends women will talk about sexism, periods, birth control, makeup, etc., all stuff that allows them to garner a female audience (this can come off as oversharing to foster a GF experience when some streamers do it, but sometimes it just feels like girl talk). Poki only talks about misogyny when she's the target and I've never seen her talk about anything that could alienate male viewers too much. This is all based on passive observation so one of the pokistans ITT can correct me if I'm wrong kek.

No. 1457967

I don’t really watch poki or Rae, nor do I have strong opinions on them but I hate the idea that not talking about feminine stuff, feminism, female biology and GIRL POWER means that a female streamer passively panders to moids. Not that there is anything wrong in engaging in that stuff as a creator but there really is no male streamer equivalent of “boy stuff.” Poki is obviously great at marketing and probably make choices to keep her content relatively neutral but damn, I don’t think not making an effort to pander to either gender means it’s all for the sake of attracting males.

No. 1457979

my point is why is Poki persecuted for this when the average female streamer does the same shit? Have you watched the average female streamer on Twitch? Even Lilypichu or whatever her name is. They all do "waifu" pedo pandering streams just like Poki does and try to appear more childish. The hate towards Pokimane is completely unjustified. If you persecute her for pedopandering then why not persecute all female Twitch streamers that act like waifus which is most of them. It's hypocritical to point at Poki when everyone does the same shit. It's called demonization or simply jealousy.

No. 1457982

was your post really necessary? In my post I expressed the fact that I think Poki is unfairly targeted for something that the average female streamer does and you have me a completely unrelated answer. I don't care what is your opinion about le sluts or women that choose this job. Keep it to yourself.

No. 1457984

Your post makes 0 sense. The point of my post is that Pokimane is targeted unfairly for something that the average female streamer does, yet you have to carry this entire thing into another realm quite literally and make it about sex workers or whatever. What I was pointing out is entirely different, but it seems your hatred and fake radical feminism is blinding you with rage and making you incapable of having basic reading comprehension or understanding how different points are made. What you posted has nothing to do with what I posted, you're just spilling your contents over here. I don't give a fuck about your personal take.(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1458022

>they're gonna look, they're gonna call us sluts. might as well make them pay for it.

Might as well simulate sucking cock on Twitch since they think I'm a whore anyway - thot logic

No. 1458057

Im no fan on the women deepthroating mics on stream or anything but a woman once upon a time posting feet pics just doesn’t inspire this kind of anger in me. Markiplier used to take his shirt off for subs and donos and no one is sperging about how he shouldn’t be allowed to portray himself as an innocent family friendly kids streamer. I just don’t get why we always have to have this repetitive pokimane shitfest

No. 1458128

what a reach. go be a tradwife somewhere, my god. i don’t know how you can even post on this thread, anisa’s boobs must give you a brain aneurysm every time.

No. 1458137

Anisa is a fat uggo anyhoe shes like a deathfat

No. 1458142

go back to onlyfans

No. 1458144

why do you think nazi art is peak beauty lmao
also beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there's people who find twitch thots pretty, and that's okay(sage)

No. 1458199

lol brainrotted whore thinking we have to be retarded sluts or "tradwives" holy shit kys

No. 1458267

Not talking about menstruation is subtle male pandering? Maybe some people aren't cool with sharing intimate details. Not talking about your body, if you're a woman, is about men. Lol. Who goes to a streamer to hear about birth control and sexism? People want entertainment. What are you smoking?

No. 1458358

Tbf I should have mentioned that these streamers usually post stuff like this on their second twitter accounts, they aren't interrupting Valo gameplay to talk about their IUDs kek. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to talk about your body on the internet, but I made my post on the assumption that Poki chooses what to talk about/not talk about with the intention of appealing to or baiting her audience, not because she's personally uncomfortable. Obviously I can't know if that's true but I can't help but view very successful Twitch people cynically. I think when female streamers make the decision to tweet "ouchie my cramps, girlies what do I do about my cramps??" to thousands of people they are also pandering and baiting engagement, just to a different audience.

No. 1458359

The answer is simple. Poki is the most popular so obviously people will notice and nitpick her more than the average female streamer

No. 1458379

You know there's something called dignity right? In other words, selling your sexuality is kinda uncool, especially when you randomly choose to do it, despite having other options and think you're so clever for it. What kind of people do you think are tuning in? These people think they're so clever for sexually pandering to complete loser coomers (many of which are mentally challenged) and literal children. Alternatively if the donors are just hateful coomers as you portray then why enable those freaks and even make content especially for them?

Why are you defending any of these people? You think they're a good person because they have vested interest in appearing that way. Even if you forget about the blatant sexual aspect is it really okay to accept money from retards that think they are your friend? There are real people out there itching to be a good friend, spend your energy on them and stop defending fake trash online.

No. 1458392

Imagine whiteknighting your favorite twitch thot this hard that you are trying to shelter her from all criticsm on some website she probably never heard of. How many thousands of dollars have you donated to your barefoot queen?

No. 1458404

I think it's out of jealousy. She has a battalion of simps for simply existing as an average girl and doing next to nothing while others have to show their tits on camera for a crumb of attention and a couple of bucks or go out of their way to humiliate themselves. This thread is full of Twitch thots foaming at the mouth and projecting by calling others sex workers or sluts.

No. 1458405

Why do sexworkers always think that other women are jealous of them? We pity you.

No. 1458413

You're lying to yourself. Pokemon does less humiliating stuff than you do and has a battalion of simps. You're just coping. You cannot run away from the truth forever. You're jealous an uglier, dumber girl than you makes more money and has more fame while you have to humiliate yourself and turn yourself into the nation's laughing stock for a crumb of attention and a couple of dollars.

No. 1458424

Gonna be honest, I have no idea why Poki is hated either. 'Shes arrogant' ok like all male streamers arent?? Hello?? 'She panders to men' How? By not sitting there cursing them out each and every day? Do you sit there and blast men at your job everyday too? Or do you just expect others to do it? Literally every woman is accused of pandering to some man-especially in the geek world. Everything we like, we're told we only like it for them. That we're trying to get their attention. You can be sitting there eating a sandwhich and some moid will walk up and try talking to you because "you made yourself look available by sitting alone".

I dont know if maybe I've missed it? but I havent seen Poki shoving her tits in the camera or doing ear sucking asmr streams. The girl just sits there talking and watching something or playing a game. Same thing they all do. If being friendly to everyone means she's pandering, then you're borderline an incel that claims that women being friendly while working or in general means that they're intentionally leading men on.

No. 1458427

you are both delusional. paid entertainers are not your friend or your role model. grow up

No. 1458462

you're the delusional one. You cannot even argue your side and everything you can do is throw ad hominems at everyone . I literally don't even watch pokemon, but the hatred towards her comes from a very ugly place. She's not doing anything wrong besides becoming famous and making money. She does nothing out of the ordinary compared to other streamers. Male streamers do way worse shit and they do not get persecuted. It really shows how women are simply held to a different standard than men. No popular male streamer which does way more questionable shit has ever been persecuted like Pokiman has for simply being a woman with a following. Amouranth is literally less controversial and hated than Poki and she does porn in front of children. Society expects you to completely degrade yourself as a woman and if you don't do it then you are hated and leading people on

No. 1458468

take your meds

No. 1458475

File: 1646488970661.jpg (134.65 KB, 1080x889, Ds8WVf8WwAIqFlN.jpg)

Have some cake, you must be hungry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1458476

File: 1646489075657.jpg (131.15 KB, 768x960, 0059c9b804f1b56c2a534909f27643…)

Or maybe some cheesy pasta

No. 1458477

File: 1646489149812.jpg (75.51 KB, 478x720, 2588acc560968da1d4d007dd64f52a…)


No. 1458481

File: 1646489439556.jpg (120.43 KB, 1200x1200, Chocolate-Chip-Cookies-9.jpg)


No. 1458556

Why the retarded mods haven't banned this person yet?

No. 1458597

It's really just her personality - "girl boss", "twitch queen", "i make more money than you", "I actually play games instead of sitting here looking pretty for men", fake ass rehearsed siri voice. If I had to choose, I'd rather watch Amouranth sucking on a microphone ear than watch Poki play valorant with her legs up on the table. Poki acts like the popular girl from high school everyone loves because she's fake nice instead of being mean. She doesn't come across as genuine, it's arrogant. I don't care if other male streamers are the same way, I also don't watch them and they're all entitled.

No. 1458606

This sounds like PULL projection bullshit, She's not the mean girls from high school.She's a boring twitch girl making money. I'm not getting why she invokes so much anger in some of you

No. 1458628

100% well said
Learn2read anon never said she was a mean girl, quite the opposite actually. She’s just fake nice because she thinks it makes her superior and feel like she’s above shit. Inb4 wHy u sO mAd, I’m not and I’ve never even commented on poki in this thread

No. 1458762

Meds. NOW.

No. 1459245

are you a skinny stacy?

No. 1459254

With the way you type, maybe you should focus on reading a fucking book, you vapid bitch.

No. 1459258

you look fine

No. 1459259

this is one of the ugliest bodies i've ever seen

No. 1459261

You’re clearly covering your fat gut with the blanket. Love the og “im skinny” pose laying on the bed sucking in. Also, you have no ass I bet your jeans sag in the butt. Ewie

No. 1459262

You can barely even see it kek

No. 1459264

true. give us a better shot to judge by

No. 1459282

File: 1646571866346.jpg (609.54 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20220306-130413_Twi…)

Can you say…attention seeker?

No. 1459283

Apparently Esfand and Justaminx are going to be in Ian and Anissa’s boxing tournament. It sounds like they don’t have a partner for Esfand yet (he’s in a different weight class than Ian), but presumably Anissa is going to be fighting Minx. I’m guessing Esfand was added because Mizkif and most other streamers declined.
It’s probably going to be an absolute shit show.

No. 1459300

They too scared to ask the methheads from ip2? I bet at least one of them can box.

No. 1459306

Well, if the idea was to get people to pay to watch Anissa get battered then it's going to plan.

No. 1459884

Jesus christ. I can admit that poki got a slew of obsessive/boring nitpicky criticism before…. but now you can't even say something as mundane as "poki appeals to men" without being called jealous or an incel. Why is there so many damn poki wk on this site.

No. 1460042

File: 1646637230922.jpeg (388.57 KB, 1125x1276, 227165A1-60A8-4EAA-8CC0-9D8534…)

Can’t believe anisa doesn’t delete her account when she gets roasted like this on the daily lmao

No. 1460047

It’s PULLtard logic and the convo invites pickmes. Unless poki does something milky again like NFTs or hurts someone literally who cares if disgusting scrotes find her attractive.

No. 1461139

PULL hasn't been relevant in years you fucking nitwits. The discord actively praises her.

No. 1461164

I usually don't cackle at mom jokes but damn

No. 1461648

nta but they prob mean pre-PULL apocolypse. Glad to hear current PULLtards aren't being insane pickmes like before.

No. 1461788

You can’t, she has had (and still has) an eating disorder for years and she has implants in or stuffs her bra

No. 1462088

File: 1646838101856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 239.61 KB, 2405x1603, sarah-sapora-gen-x-body-positi…)


>posted by

No. 1462096

Low-quality bait. Go instigate infighting elsewhere

No. 1462115

>Glad to hear current PULLtards aren't being insane pickmes like before
yeah you have no idea what that word means.

No. 1462326

can males be any more obvious this is so pathetic

No. 1465802

Hasan looks like shit at the streamer awards.

No. 1465898

god this streamer awards show is so bad holy shit. 300k production for this????

No. 1465925

Maybe next year we can have an awards ceremony for equally-unemployed people, kek.

No. 1465976

i think she just pressed them really hard so they would look like that

No. 1466079

it was hard to watch emiru. Barely said anything, constantly got run over by the other OTK guys, always in the background, was incredibly nervous and upset when she gave her small speech, not to mention the awkwardness with maya. maya stalls on the mic when emiru was walking up to present, it was obvious there is such bad blood there.

No. 1466108

File: 1647164996976.webm (3.24 MB, 1920x1080, 45827895421-offset-15358_Trim.…)

>maya stalls on the mic when emiru was walking up
i actually clipped this bc of the face emiru made when she walked past maya lmfao. bad blood indeed

No. 1466129

File: 1647171733317.jpg (353.06 KB, 1080x2019, Screenshot_20220313-113937_Chr…)

Emiru looks more of a healthy weight here. I wonder if that anon will be right and she'll balloon up after living with these pigs

No. 1466322

God that awards show was the biggest cringe i've seen in years, qt was just Dee Reynolds mode the whole time, talking over maya every chance she could, trying out all her shitty paid-for roast comedy bits to complete silence (gamers are virgins amirite? we're all rich amirite?), even just telling maya to read her line out for her at multiple points.

Then her bf wins the most comically rigged vote ever, lud spent multiple yt videos begging for it whereas the other streamers didn't care because it wasn't their gf running the vote, the girl's a fucking laughing stock, no wonder she was up all night blaming it on lsf

No. 1466341

Every time they cut to the audience and did a "please clap" moment she looked miserable, looking at her phone and not clapping at all. Props for not faking enthusiasm I guess.

No. 1466386

Emiru has always hated other women, so no surprises.
Newfags, please check the legend of Emiru out: >>>/snow/336086 (Just don't necro it)
She was the most hilarious cow in LoL groupie scene and looks like still is.

No. 1466439

I think ShitCon was more enjoyable because it was a handful of streamers in a low stakes setting. There wasn't a lot of awkward moments or dead air because it was friends playing party games.
QT tried to expand on Malena's idea with ShitCamp and it was fine, but you could tell she was overwhelmed with all of the planning and adding even more streamers. The awards show was definitely a case of biting off more than she could chew (or afford apparently). Her production team tried to iron out a lot of the problems that came up beforehand, but she wanted things to be "scuffed" because it would be funnier. Bet she regrets that now.

Is Emiru LSF's new it-girl? I only see positive posts about her, even with the past milk

No. 1466660

File: 1647212961628.jpeg (362.71 KB, 1514x1145, 4183424D-FC6C-453D-B1F2-83E182…)

Poki looks like she’s hiding a gut kek and the fashion here is laughable ranging from wrinkly suits to whatever the hell xqc is wearing

No. 1466664

they all just look like last minute get ups, they all look awful.
xqc not bad but thats just because hes wearing casual clothes lol

No. 1466691

She gotta hide the fact that she isn't tHiCc waist-to-hip like her photos.

No. 1466695

The whole Top Streamer on Twitch circlejerk is so gross, I hate it. Add Lilypichu, Aria and whoever else is there.

No. 1466707

File: 1647214673504.jpeg (243.59 KB, 1536x2048, E323E8E2-DCC3-4981-B328-9C71F6…)

Say less

No. 1466708

why is she wearing shoes that are too small for her? kek your toes are supposed to be in the shoes poki.

No. 1466712

File: 1647214853870.jpeg (345.88 KB, 828x618, 3FD593BB-B0F5-44DC-B5D6-517F0A…)

These people are so out of touch with reality

No. 1466724

the cringe is unreal


No. 1466727

who is this

the shoes, yikes

No. 1466731

Doesn't she have tourettes?

No. 1466734

Yeah yeah sure “Tourette’s”

No. 1466738

I watch a lot of gta rp and part of the joke between their gang is dressing like soy boys. Idk why they do it irl though, they look like tey hards.

No. 1466800

I don't expect people who play video games in their room all day to know how to dress for a red carpet, so I'm not surprised. Sykkuno's wrinkled, untucked shirt stands out the most for some reason. He looks like a middle schooler at his first school dance.

No. 1466827

> Then her bf wins the most comically rigged vote ever,

Nah, it’s just Lud told his audience about voting. XQC should have probably won but he and Syk’s audience didn’t know at all. Their offline chats were filled with people joking they didn’t know about it.

No. 1466881

no way, mean girl is Yvonne from OTV. She thinks she’s overseeing stepford wives in try hard designer clothes. Heard last night she keeps couple girls out of OTV even though they did absolutely nothing wrong, gasp!?, and the whole group knows about it. Yo, fools who’s in charge here?

No. 1466933

File: 1647229821515.webm (6.09 MB, 884x478, 87fuXnYQK3TdyvAq.webm)

>"chilled with emiru, she was also in LA"
>"miz asked me to go"
they can't even get their stories right lol

No. 1466955

xqc looking radiant as always, especially next to the fucking mafia ogre with autism face to his left and jimin to his right

No. 1466961

i haven’t seen him in a while, he cut his hair a little! atta boy

No. 1466964

File: 1647232021566.gif (2.65 MB, 333x250, hasan piker getting ready to e…)

Azan looks like the retard from this gif

No. 1466976

She lied in the vid taking about how she and Dyrus met, not surprised it’s happening again

No. 1466981

Poki is not fat at all but that dress didn't fit her remotely well. She said there was a zipper issue which is why she was wearing the jacket but I think the issue is that it was too small. A few people were dressed well but the most part it was a bunch of crusty millionaires who didn't even bathe.

No. 1467015

i think its more miz lying this time tbh, not her. its fucking impossible to know which story is right though lol

No. 1467026

pls spill more about yvonne, as someone who follows OTV very passively I thought she was the least problematic. Tell me everything you know pls.

No. 1467171

File: 1647256711323.png (25.44 KB, 126x85, these little piggies went to t…)

No. 1467177

You mean Dyrus, the now irrelevant fuck who dated an underage girl?

No. 1467212

Could you be more specific? As far as I know OTV has good on neutral relationship with all big female streamers. There is bad blood with pink_sparkles, but she doesn't stream on twitch

No. 1467289

i feel like hassan hides his body with camera angles but god he is such a meathead fat doughboy. you cant wear anklebiters with thunder thighs like that you doughy soyboy. why dont you do some intermittent fasting inbetween your male feminist pro porn diary entries you doughy loser

No. 1467308

Whoremiru dropped Dyrus like a hot potato the second he became irrelevant kek

No. 1467357

She’s definitely been a problem for OTV before when Poki tried to get rid of her back in the day. So Yvonne being the mean girl makes sense. She calls everyone a “loser” and gives off bad vibes

No. 1467370

Literally this. They both never worked together at all, so he ended up going even deeper into depression, and when he told that he will stop being LoL content creator altogether because it makes him that unhappy (and he lost numbers by a lot), she broke up w him. what a kek. his ex was a great woman that always supported him and he loved her very much, he looked healthy too. Not Dariusfag, just a person that was in Lol-Esports scene since beta

No. 1467386

>> 1467357
Was there in Vegas when Fuslie totally shitted hard on a friend who did nothing to her too. Sad thing is it got out to everyone! She’s always been me, me, me about everything, including the betrayal of Edison. I can see why she’s Yvonne’s sidekick.

No. 1467391

God, Hassan is such a faggot

No. 1467422

>> 1467391

Yuck! Yvonne snd Fuslie are my least favorites

No. 1467455

samefag who doen't know how to link correctly? Now how did Leslie betray Edison? You have still not provided any info about Yvonne

No. 1467473

seriously like at this point they’re basically using a trip lmfao

No. 1467518

>> 146755
Rude, dumb sandbagger. Try asking a nice question a 14 year old may respond to.

You’ve been under a rock, obviously not new news

No. 1467523

I’m not surprised at all, she only wanted him because he had fame, money and the means to get her out of bumfuck no where Wichita. I’m still laughing at how hard Emiru tried to convince everyone it was true love , love at first sight, and meant to be. I remember she was calling herself the girl version of Dyrus, she’s just another nasty lil e-thot

No. 1467796

lmao holy shit, she really put that on and thought "yeah, i'll wear this out to a event"

No. 1467938

lmao okay scrote-apolgist

No. 1468000


in my opinion she seemed to have betrayed a guy who invested years and helped her immensely

No. 1468165

why is there bad blood with pink sparkles?

No. 1468170

Her speech was unreal, she used a baby voice it was very painful

No. 1468207

you seriously went "all asians are the same" kek. im assuming you're talking about lilypichu since aria didnt give a speech being that she didnt win anything

No. 1468213

No I really did mean aria, sorru instead of speech I should have said “when she presented the league award” but she 110% used a fake voice that is not her normal voice and it was cringe.
I am also infact Asian.

No. 1468286

Speaking of Yvonnie. She's moving out of the apartment she's been sharing with Toast and Scarra for less than two months. Drama?…


No. 1468458

aria presenting award at 51:42

No. 1468479

I was under the impression it was Edison who broke up with her

No. 1469026

>> 1467387
Meant she asked to block a friend in the group without talking to her first but took it upon herself to deeply hurt an innocent friend

No. 1469052


refer to >>1467386 too

No. 1470305

I am so confused about all the moving going on, and also what is up with her relationship with Sean? I know they broke up in like 2020 but it seems last year they got back together because they were always seen together, but just a few weeks ago she posted a video (the 2021 recap) where he kissed her in a clip of it, but then she reuploaded or edited it out and now it's not there, then she said she was single on Valentine's Day. Are they just trying to hide it like Toast and Miyoung (which wouldn't make sense because they were already a couple before, why not want to reveal it again?) or did they actually break up?

No. 1470469

>> 1466881
>> 1467308

actually Yvonne and Leslie seem more toxic and manipulative at this point.

No. 1470715

>> 1470469

Sorru don’t like using “toxic” on above post

No. 1470999

To clarify, didn’t mean “betrayal” of Edison, but Leslie asked to block a “friend” in the group, without any remorse, as she is close with Yvonne. She meanly decided to do this without talking first with her friend and who all knows didn’t do anything wrong. Well, Leslie’s ill plan was unearthed and many found out in Las Vegas last summer. Ouch! Nice this innocent friend who she tried to deceive is a high profile beautiful person in this space who still meets up with friends in and out of this group and is very liked by many.

No. 1471214

>that fucked up quoting
okay newfag, unless you have receipts to back it up you're just LARPing.

No. 1471526


what foreign country are you from?
try newchan, receipts of the good and the bad are imbedded there.

No. 1471535

sounds like you're the "high profile beautiful person" who is very bitter. that or you have developed a parasocial relationship with whoever that is.

either start spilling or get some help.

No. 1471562

Most in the group are “high profile beautiful people” minus anyone who wrongs friends/ others and needs true help. Only “losers” do that but it all comes out in the end and Karma is a bitch.

No. 1471734

File: 1647541929803.png (552.63 KB, 737x782, _Screenshot.png)

Hard to say when exactly it started, but in 2017 boob/titty streamer meta was big on twitch. Also you need to remember 'Just Chatting' didn't exist back then, so you had to play games or do IRL, or at least pretend to be playing a game. So everyone gave their takes on the 'titty streamer' meta and Pink Sparkles didn't like Poki's take and started posting against her (see the screenshot).

Few months later, in one of OTV videos, Pink Sparkles was mentioned as an example of a titty streamer (not by Poki). Pink Sparkles got mad and started posting that there is no difference between her and Poki and that Poki also did a titty stream. Poki told her to show the clip. Pink Sparkles said that Poki deleted clips from a specific day. Poki showed that she didn't even stream that day and accused Pink Sparkles of starting drama. Pink Sparkles blocked Poki.

After that Pink Sparkles continued to subtweet Poki from time to time. It's an old drama and a lot of tweets and have been deleted.

No. 1471771

At the streamer awards Yvonne was alone, although they were allowed to bring a plus one. On the other hand Sean liked photo on twitter, where she was alone on the red carpet and it was the only photo from that event he liked

>but then she reuploaded or edited it out

lol so she will reupload videos for herself, but not for Toast and Miyoung

No. 1471913

You’re probably right that this is some creepy parasocial andy seeking attention. OTV fans have Disney-tier content but create the most obsessed fans, it’s so creepy

No. 1471946

Does anyone have early videos of lilypichu? I remember before her big fame and face surgery, there was this one video of her at a panel where she was awkwardly shy. I think it was the first time she ever spoke in public?(spoonfeeding)

No. 1472070

File: 1647559086223.png (170.97 KB, 275x275, 1496630466446 (1).png)

Btw it's from Anime North, but they've privated the video on their website. Pic related, same event

No. 1472181

>> 1471913
Hate to shatter ur illusions, and ngl but I don’t watch OTV. Nice u seem to be taking your stand though and I applaud it

No. 1472267

newfag scrote leave, if you don't know how to use the site kys

No. 1472428

File: 1647573459730.png (128.93 KB, 367x331, Screenshot 2022-03-18 111324.p…)

It's like he's aging backwards kek
Sykkuno, the e-boy dramawhore

No. 1472597

No, he just started styling his hair, drawing on his eyebrows and using a beauty filter on stream

No. 1472713

File: 1647607109696.jpeg (841.64 KB, 1242x2223, 657FAE0F-5D7E-4AF8-BAE1-C73CBD…)

Oh poor wittle dyrus! He sounds like a great man to be with despite this tumblr post he wrote reflecting on his relationship where he only wants to be with a girl because he gets horny then go back to playing games all day once satisfied! He sounds like a great guy to be with I can’t believe he dated emiru over his perf ex-gf..
you all sound cringe asf being like poor dyrus when he’s just a disgusting coomer video game addict that doesn’t give a fuck about their gfs needs (just like most gamer men, shocker)

No. 1472714

File: 1647607143296.png (1.02 MB, 1242x2688, D16A3416-FFC0-44C0-9776-5F86A8…)

No. 1472747

Dyrus and Whoremiru are both bad and they deserved each other

No. 1472871

File: 1647619943915.jpeg (309.91 KB, 828x889, 48D09AFE-6F2F-42D8-AC55-43FAFD…)

Not sure if this has been brought up in another thread but now I’m wondering how much was fabricated when BunnyAyumi talked about momokun now

No. 1473018

Check the costhot thread in /w/ nona!

No. 1473062

Oop sorry, I tend to stay in /snow/.

No. 1473319

File: 1647644186595.jpeg (389.99 KB, 828x1347, C5113BA5-5109-45EB-B8C7-F38663…)

No. 1473790


I'm connected to someone who works closely with a lot of the Austin streamers and can tell you confidently that this same thing is happening again with Emiru and Mizkif.

They have been secretly together since January and have been doing their best to hide it to avoid drama and any homewrecking allegations, even though that is pretty much exactly what happened. There was a lot of flirting last year, and as soon as he was single Emiru was throwing herself at him and broke him down within 2 months.

Behind the scenes a lot of people aren't really happy with how Mizkif treated his ex and are annoyed at having to keep his new relationship secret, which is a big reason he is now considering moving to LA with Emiru temporarily until things cool off.

No. 1473793

I'm sure it's a long shot but any proof? I'm pretty sure we all can guess he was cheating with her, but it would be nice to have something concrete.
Also sorry but, she didn't "break him down," if he was really committed to staying faithful there are a million things he could have done to shrug her off. He was just biding his time and weighing his options. Moids are moids.

No. 1473795


I can't name my source or leak any messages, believe what you wish and bookmark this message for in a few months time when it's proven true. They think the longer they wait to reveal things the more difficult it will be for people (their fan base) to connect the dots.

For the record from what I was told there was never any physical cheating, apparently Mizkif and Emiru never even met in person until after the breakup, but they grew very close in the months before and then completely blindsided Maya when Emiru basically instantly moved in.

No. 1473899

assuming you’re not just parasocial, do you have insight on emi joining otk? i feel like miz pushed to have her in like i’ve heard with cyr. i remember people asking why maya didn’t join otk but she said something like it would be weird to mix a relationship with business which would make this super ironic

No. 1473913

With the lack of sage/newfaggotry reeking from these posts, they’re probably some LSF stalker LARPing to get their rocks off. kys, nobody wants to read your fanfics

No. 1473936

provide proof or fuck off

No. 1473940

Doubtful. Miz cant keep his trap shut for 3 seconds and would have to brag about being in a relationship

No. 1474023

How is any of this "insider info"? Wasn't it already painfully obvious for everyone that mizkif and emiru are dating without them outright saying it?

No. 1474024

Cringe larp. Die faggot.

No. 1474796

bruh miz can't even get it up lol. I think it's more likely that emiru is dating simply/cyr , but this is just pure speculation. Simply is more her "type" (she has stated before that her ideal man would be husky/big like dyrone). And cyr, idk, he fits in with her whole ex emo/scene kid aesthetic (cyr use to be a cringey emo kid who was bff with onision)

No. 1474936

imagine a world where she isn't dating anyone :o(:o)

No. 1475206

You can fuck off with your vendetta, no one even cares about Dyrus

No. 1475228

She looks good it's just the light are you dumb
No one is saying she's innocent or anything but what do you get from shitting on her so much. She already gets shit on by coomer scrotes 24/7 for existing why don't you focus on those useless scrotes instead of always focusing on the women

No. 1475614

I saw in the comments for the stream awards people mentioning how emiru talks like moistcritcal and I do notice her intonations and inflections are completely different compared to when she was with dyrus. It was quite bizarre as I’d never routinely followed her content so to hear the personality switch in her voice was weird during random vods/clips. Is she just more comfortable now to talk without any insecurity or is she just copying the people around her? I’ve never watched the new group of losers she’s with so I can’t say

No. 1475736

I think she's using her real voice now. If you look at vods pre-miz, she puts on a high cutesy uwuw animu girl voice, although it is still pretty deep

No. 1475746

Back then she was selling herself as the girl Dyrus hence why her voice is different

No. 1476171

Fuck off with your spoon feeding

No. 1476504

Imo the deeper voice is her real voice though I wouldn't be surprised if it was put-on a little to make her stand out, she still does the higher cute voice like in this vid at the beginning01.

No. 1476958

wtf her voice changes every video and stream lmao.

No. 1476993

emoreunis FAR FROM an "uwu anachan" so pls gorl.is so uggo

No. 1477076

sage for no milk but what are peoples thoughts on OTK? I thought it would be more game/gamer focused with asmon buying in so hard but its basically OTV. Watching people cook or hang out at a party is boring.

No. 1477127

an emi gf??!!?! ewwww so you want a bloated uggo with slant eyes who cant dresss for shittt??!?! wwoooowww. l
low standards if ever i heard any(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1477349

Stinky neckbeard version of OTV which is worse in every way. Most of their viewerships are scrotes so that shit is extremely gay.

No. 1477765

When she was with Dyrus she was trying to look as white as possible and now she’s trying to look asian as fuck kek

No. 1477772

i mean she's literally both.

No. 1478149

Actually, wasn’t Pokimane who said that before about Yvonne. Shes pretty loyal

No. 1478186

please fuck off to emiru's thread, you can sperg as much as you want there

No. 1478855

She took all those dicks and wouldn't touch yours and now you gotta big mad post here. So sad

No. 1478967

Who cares how much dick a streamer gets, seriously(ignore males or receive a ban)

No. 1478972

People with dicks and ultra conservative moms.

No. 1479489

File: 1648089916805.jpeg (209.3 KB, 828x752, F0C5A886-9968-4C67-95AD-EBE45B…)

Is everything she says so stupid?

No. 1481792

File: 1648282629553.png (713.11 KB, 960x632, 1D50D62D-A6CD-4898-8AFB-52FD6E…)

“ YouTuber iDubbbz has released the cards for his boxing event dubbed Creator Clash, featuring a plethora of content creators across various platforms. The event is set to take place in Tampa, Florida on May 14.

Initially announced on Jan. 2, Creator Clash will be a charity event featuring an assortment of 22 other influencers fighting. After months of rumors regarding who could fill out the card, as multiple potential boxers fell through, iDubbbz has partially revealed his event’s roster.”

No. 1482648

do you guys think anisa will participate in this since she’s NLOG

No. 1483252

Is the second one fucking dr mike? Kek what is he doing amongst those “edgy” ytubers

No. 1483278

File: 1648374691626.jpeg (1022.64 KB, 1125x1566, D824CF6B-88C8-4CCF-AF0E-125228…)

Anisa has backed out at the very last minute because she’s “injured”. She was supposed to fight Minx, who is taller and heavier than her.

She has now smugly taken the position of mrs idubbbz manager. Funny how they’re taking promo from keemstar when Anisa was ranting on twitch about how they don’t want anything to do with him or his boxing management.

No. 1483293

File: 1648375570974.png (450.39 KB, 656x670, drama.PNG)

>jasonr has his own ninja drama and wont play with girls out of respect for wife
>wife bans every female sounding name in chat
>jasonr gets mad that other valorant player wont defend him
>says he's not sexist but proceeds to says other valorant player is being like a girl by not defending him

No. 1483307

>Funny how they’re taking promo from keemstar when Anisa was ranting on twitch about how they don’t want anything to do with him or his boxing management
It's also highly hypocritical when you consider their refusal to bring Sam Hyde on board their project because he's not "on brand" and doesn't fit the "positive vibes" they're looking for. They're also still harping that he's too uNpReDiCtAbLe and that they need people who "they personally know" (paraphrasing Anisa from Keems twitter interview) who will reliably train and participate. I'm not even a Sam Hyde fan/wk but it's such a hilarious cop out lol.
The full roster is visible when you inspect the coding on the website. Whoever put together the site really dropped the ball.

No. 1483311

>She was supposed to fight Minx, who is taller and heavier than he