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File: 1635462899969.jpg (742.06 KB, 800x793, t5.jpg)

No. 1357741

Thread for all twitch drama
Last Thread: >>>/snow/1234270

Recent drama:
>Valkyrae releases RFLCT and DFLCTs criticism.
>Destiny is still dealing with stalker. Stalker-chan is DMCA-ing and blackmailing anyone in contact with Destiny in order to get him to notice her.
>Mizkif & Maya breakup and Miz is moving onto Emiru
>Scrote watch: Hasan, Gus Johnson, Jikishi
>idubbbz gf evolves into idubbbz wife and shaved her head after a mental breakdown.

No. 1357754

Well, Poki could've just waited a little bit until people jumped on the next drama but she had to announce it a few days after what happened to Rae. Rae considers Poki as a friend and that's why she felt betrayed and alone when no one came to her rescue. The timing of the announcement was 100% planned to make Rae look bad and Poki look professional. Poki is an opportunist after all.

No. 1357760

Even if this is true, why this high school friendship mentality? It’s Rae’s fault she didn’t do her DD and backed snake oil. I see people also saying her friends are fucked for not telling her it’s a bad idea earlier, but the most likely scenario is that Rae was under NDA and couldn’t talk the specifics of her product. Also from clip chimps, poki has been hyping this way before the Rae drama.
Why should anyone pause their life because their friend is being retarded?

No. 1357830


>Also from clip chimps, poki has been hyping this way before the Rae drama

Go on and post these clips here. I don't believe a second that Poki couldn't wait for another week to announce her project.

No. 1357975


ntayrt but asking to be spoonfed on like the fifth fucking post with your arms crossed like the site exists to satisfy your standards lest you get mad about a woman on the internet is highkey scrote behavior

No. 1357984

spoonfeed yourself, retard. it wasn't posted here because it's obviously not milk.
These people need to own their fuck ups. Makes it seem like she thinks that all of her friends need to do nothing but white knight her. It's her own fuck up and she should take care of it.

No. 1358023

asking for proof of anon's claims isn't scrote behavior.
>lest you get mad about a woman on the internet
that's this whole site in a nutshell retard.

No. 1358194

Asking for proof is nowadays scrote behaviour? I think you're an idiot. Truely. Sorry for not licking Pokimane's ass. This is an imageboard btw so videos and pics are more than appreciated - it is even encouraged. You should read lolcows rules before you post again.

No. 1358226

Hard to find the comment thread the clips were from but LSF keeps being overrun by miz/emi. but I did find the podcast where poki briefly talks about her future/current work ventures. This was recorded at least a week before rae drama happened.

This doesn’t change my question though as to why grown women are forcing high school social hierarchy though.

No. 1358327

File: 1635555797560.jpeg (694.5 KB, 1125x1773, 3F87FD97-2E2C-4469-B960-9F1E53…)

Irrelevant idubbbz tries to start a boxing match with rice. I didn’t think it was possible for someone to become the embodiment of soyjack but Ian Jomha keeps at it.
>take wife’s last name
>wife tells him to box, listens to her
>listens to wife’s “plenty educated” nutrition advice to get ready for the match. Looks bloated af

No. 1358330

How can you tell he looks bloated from what he's wearing in that video alone? Unless there are other photos where he appears bloated?

No. 1358333

they got married? holy shit. yeah this guy became exactly what he made fun of.

No. 1358338

File: 1635559626017.jpeg (172.7 KB, 1152x2048, 57A4C804-ACC5-4E43-9AE1-12714D…)

His face looks swollen/bloated I mean, probably from getting punched. His body is looking in bad shape for someone who has been “training for months”.

No. 1358353

It was some cheap Las Vegas wedding and Ian was looking like a pedophile more than ever

No. 1358381

oh man you missed out. they literally got hitched in vegas, wearing the most hideous outfits ever and her making her ugly ass OF content immediately after in their hotel room.

No. 1358472

File: 1635584077903.jpeg (294.81 KB, 3200x1440, Gf2JtKR.jpeg)

accidental leaked DMs from lud show Rae was extremely naively stupid, not malicious

No. 1358482

>take wife's last name
You say that like it's a bad thing

No. 1358484

In the context of the cuck controversy, it’s hilarious

No. 1358504

Something looks really off with his eyes.(sage)

No. 1358582

he 100% has strabismus

No. 1358596

Thank God he covers or crops out those shitty tattoos in every new video he does.

No. 1358647

>Looks bloated af
I'm crying.

No. 1358682

Anisa made it sound like he wanted reveal them all during the boxing match. That’s probably why he’s so buttmad, rice stole his golden moment lol

No. 1358773

That sounds about right. She’s a streamer, not a chemist, she probably wouldn’t recognize a bullshit study. I’m betting they did show her fake shit and that’s why they don’t want to release it to the public. Her reaction was pretty bad but I might lose my shit if a bunch of redditors started lecturing me on skincare too, so whatever.

No. 1358911

File: 1635662733511.jpeg (78.87 KB, 1125x740, CE3CAF26-1518-457D-A72A-6B1F69…)

Anisa is unable to argue with her words so she wants to hurt people physically lmao

No. 1358920

>anyone else
Ronda Rousey is a streamer now. Let's go Anisa. kek

No. 1358931

I still can’t believe some days how far the mighty have fallen. Ian staged one of the milkiest sting operations in internet drama history and was part of a collab team so disgusting that their videos changed how YouTube monetises content. Now he’s standing in front of a bare wall and challenging the same guy he’s been talking shit about back-and-forth with for 5+ years to a boxing match. Do you think he Joji or Max have even spoken to each other since Jojo killed the golden goose and retired Filthy Frank?
It’s so bizarre to me. I was in high school when they were at their peak, and it’s just so bizarre to think that after all the views, all the videos and all the controversy, all he has to show for it is footage of himself eating hair and vomit and getting belt whipped by a fat guy in a diaper, a wife who married him for his ~internet fame~, and most people only knowing him as the “crippling depression/I’m gay/hey that’s pretty good” guy. What an unfortunate use of a human existence.

No. 1358933

''accidental'' my ass, they are obviously trying to save the image with that

No. 1358934

I agree with you absolutely lol
This is probably the only way Rae could get her message out without breeching contract

No. 1358937

So her only real defense here is
>She was too retarded to know uwu
Maybe dont launch a skincare line when you dont know jackshit about it and obviously spent 0 hours even looking into it before putting your entire brand on it for some quick cash, same chick who at launch claimed she had been sooo dedicated to this kekw.

No. 1358939

Apparently the cancer crew still talk in a group chat and Ian/George met up for lunch in LA last year.


But yeah, even at the height of their popularity, idubbbz was always the worst member. Joji quit youtube to pursue music, max made his own podcast and records pokemon. What does idubbbz have? He angrily insults his fanbase for liking his "old" persona, but then never took the time to show his audience who he "really is". At least joji and max have passions(music/pokemon), idubbbz was just some cumrag that attached himself to more talented people. The only thing he had going for him was content cops, but seeing the "internet hate mob" going after anisa made him stop.

No. 1358968

Ian needs to heed the lesson of Lowtax and think of the damage Ricegum would inflict upon his spinal cord.

No. 1359003

File: 1635688439326.gif (28.98 KB, 320x180, BE9F1954-861A-436F-922B-B7735A…)

But I thought she spent two years on it! /s
So you’re telling me she spent two years on this and really didn’t know she was selling snake oil? Countless companies have already tried to capitalize on the blue light fear mongering and failed. What made Rae think she was any different and she would succeed?

And Rae isn’t even that young so she can’t even play the naive and stupid card. She’s just lying non stop now to try to cover her tracks. I love how she’s trying to make herself the victim now that her plan to scam people failed.

No. 1359017

nah Rae really is just that stupid.

You can obviously disagree but it's very obvious when watching her streams & she talks about it herself sometimes.

Honestly her saying she was cofounder instead of just a collaborator hurt her more than she probably realizes. I don't know that people would have had quite the outrage towards the line if she hadn't lied about that. But her saying "I cofounded a revolutionary skincare company" was an immediate sign that something was off.

No. 1359041

File: 1635691634165.jpeg (92.68 KB, 828x1100, 0B6CD92E-1C7A-4300-B7F4-439ACE…)

Anisa woke up and decided the idubbbz boxing match is actually all about her and getting revenge on her BOOLIES. I'm glad people are openly telling her to stop making this about her in the comments.

man even if brit accepted it'd be unfair as fuck. Anisa and Ian have been "training" for months and expect rando non boxers to step into the ring in less than a month and fight?

No. 1359043

i don't think she understands that nobody really gives a fuck about the "boxing event". she needs to stfu about it

No. 1359045

>I will box
No you won't.
My god the desperation. She reminds me of those C'mon, bro! Come at me, bro! breed of males. If she wants to fight someone so badly, why doesn't she fight someone who's more experienced.
Like her local methhead.
Good luck with that, cow.

No. 1359050

looks straight out of the ftm thread

No. 1359060

File: 1635694579493.jpg (57.02 KB, 480x605, Capture.JPG)


>"Brittany fight me!

>blocks her


No. 1359064

File: 1635695153320.png (2.07 MB, 3280x2340, wew.png)

Feeling second handed embarrassment

No. 1359071

File: 1635696423644.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1931, 8B262A6F-43CC-4B0A-A3FB-F87AA3…)

“But no guys, it’s for charity!!!” Man they moved to Seattle and now they’re pulling out Onision tactics.

Anisa and Idubbbz are frugal as fuck when it comes to others and haven’t been charitable throughout their careers, why fucking now. They really want to be on a high horse and sniff their own shit.

No. 1359073

File: 1635696583297.png (35.56 KB, 852x232, lol.png)

Brittany could just punch her in the tit and rupture her implants. Instant KO!

No. 1359083

Do anons Remember how Venti used to self-post / wk on LC all the time, while also taking content from boards…

No. 1359088

Idk about the wking but she put anisa on blast in a digestible format for the masses, so she’s alright in my book. It’s not like anisa/her mom/kailey also didn’t wk/selfpost in those same threads

No. 1359093

File: 1635700331229.gif (1.85 MB, 400x224, anisa pls.gif)

Her fucking hair my god

No. 1359095

>rae is really that stupid
But how is this an acceptable answer for someone her age? It’s not.

Rae should really smarten up because people won’t care once she’s older and she’s already getting there. She can’t cash out on her looks forever

No. 1359097

Makes me think the whole thing is hot air. If she can't even take part in a legit match it's all bullshit.

No. 1359203

My point wasn't about whether it was acceptable that she's stupid but rather surprise that anyone believed she wasn't stupid before this. Or would still be questioning her intellect now when there's a laundry list of examples not related to RFLCT that show her lack of critical thinking.

No. 1359206

I agree, not sure why there's an anon who keeps trying to sugarcoat everything she does and is an obvious fan of hers. I don't know how stupid do you have to be to believe in this shit and start selling fake skincare if it's not about money. There's nothing genuine about this situation, she is a long-time streamer that also used to sign contracts on various things before.

No. 1359208

She definitely needs to smarten up. The whole snake oil release without due diligence in the first place added to her initial response which bizarrely included blaming her friends who didn't reach out to her shows that she really doesn't act her age. I get that most of these streamers are literally just a bunch of people who play games all day, but when you want to branch out into stuff like skincare and try to be a legitimate brand sitting there and telling your audience "I didn't know they were going to do that" isn't good enough. Especially once she labelled herself co-founder

No. 1359211

I’m being blunt. not defending Rae. She’s stupid as fuck and that isn’t me dismissing her actions, calm down.

No. 1359218

i missed so much shit but im curious if anyone can tell me why miz is pissed at maya? there was some clip of him playing basket ball and at the end he thanked everyone but her… i thought they'd ended on good terms. i must have missed a lot.(sage)

No. 1359221

"For charity"
> Sounds like an Onlyfans tax write-off to me

No. 1359225

He’s just trying to ham up the post-breakup content I guess. I don’t think if it were anything serious he’d actually start shit over it publicly, Maya is still friends with his friends and is still beloved by LSF so it’s not like he could turn public opinion against her. He’s just been making jokes here and there. He’s going to the Alveus Halloween party today and everything https://youtu.be/xuTdJ-eGagE(learn2embed)

No. 1359237

File: 1635720853533.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x1653, AD642E73-063A-42B3-8E43-CCE425…)

Man those tattoos might be worse than Anisa’s

No. 1359250

the question is where the fuck was her manager and her agent?

why doesn't she have a lawyer?

No. 1359252

and why does miz pee in a bathtub?

He is an ADHD special needs child. Literally cannot help himself

No. 1359254

File: 1635722950530.png (433.69 KB, 1311x788, Screenshot (13).png)

I feel bad for her tbh. Ulta put 4 million dollars into this deal. They told her they had the research to back up the claim. It wasn't until later scrutiny that the company actually producing the product refused to publish research.

She should have been more wary, for sure, but blue light skincare isn't some new unheard of thing (see picrel) and there are other products that make the same claims.

Honestly this whole story only seems notable because she's a streamer and people want to point and laugh.

No. 1359271

I'm watching Maya's Halloween Fundraiser stream right now, did anyone saw the part where Miz made a rude comment about Maya's cooking? Holy shit that was rude as fuck.

No. 1359277

Clip it or sage

No. 1359289

No. 1359306

youre so retarded its not even funny

No. 1359309

exactly. how is calling her stupid a good thing??????? she's a dumbass. not a compliment.

I think it's hilarious she's this dumb

No. 1359324

File: 1635732181178.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 501.56 KB, 1536x2048, DF376038-648D-4D15-A315-686D80…)

Anisa’s face is morphing into momokun and it’s gross

No. 1359430

File: 1635748703290.png (368.06 KB, 589x485, 35161.png)

i really don't even hate pokimane but dressing like a child, even as a halloween costume, is just embarrassing. she's a grown woman and i wish she would tone down her uwu schtick. maybe she didn't mean it, but it comes across like lowkey pedo baiting.

No. 1359442

who is she even supposed to be idgi

No. 1359444

i mean pokimane aside, the amount of normies I saw dressing up as the sexy version of the redlightgreenlight girl at parties was too fucking many.

No. 1359446

The red light, green light robot from squid games, it was a pretty popular costume this year.

No. 1359453

Looks fine to me. I don't see anything wrong / sexualised about it.

No. 1359457

good, hope he does

No. 1359462

Hasan wants to quit streaming

No. 1359463

it's a normal costume chill

No. 1359465

How is it cringe to listen to your wife or take her last name? Thats cute. No comment on the rest

No. 1359466

Here’s hoping lol. All I know about this guy is that he’s a glorified reaction streamer who’s admitted to going to brothels that have been raided in human trafficking stings. Nothing of consequence will be lost if he quits. Let’s hope he realises that soon.

No. 1359471

I’m sick of seeing his ugly faux progressive “himbo” face everywhere (barf he looks and acts like a douche and not an attractive one) just because he spews edgy liberal political takes that the majority of twitch viewers will agree with. Whoever subscribes to him is worse than simps who watch girls sit around in inflatable pools.

No. 1359480

He used to sexually abuse women on college >>1335552 and wrote PUA articles for a frat boys blog >>1335549

No. 1359495

No. 1359500


No. 1359508

Keep licking her latinx lard ass, simp

No. 1359511

she's moroccan

No. 1359515

Cringe anon, are you a 15 year old boy?

No. 1359516

>Keep licking her nigger lard ass, simp*

No. 1359560


No. 1359638

Kek good he's a useless male.
I think if she was posing in a sexual way then, yeah, it'd be really weird and gross of her, but I think it's cute.

No. 1359646

Nta but here's the clip.

No. 1359656

This is the most PULL faggot post
Oh nyoo
Scrote privilege is being cavalier af with personal security then act shocked lol

No. 1359694

the charity grift to lift his profile is in keeping with the pedo vibe.

No. 1359901

Man, I'm not a fan of Maya but I feel bad for her here. Of course all the incels like Rich were cracking up, while Malena just looked unimpressed. I'm sick of all the scrotes on Twitch just circlejerking about how shitty they treat the women in their lives.

I swear almost every time Pokimane is posted in this thread its by a PULLfag missing their 200-page thread full of nitpicks about her nose.

No. 1359910

These group events produce a lot of content, but also highlight how insufferable some of these people are.
The hilarious part about all of this is that Miz can never get a handle on these group events.
Malena created ShitCon by herself and called OTK out when they tried to take some of the credit. Then he had to miss ShitCamp because of the breakup. And then they completely botched the OTK anniversary event and got roasted on LSF all week.
He also wasn’t invited to the TwitchRivals event in Las Vegas that all of the other streamers (and Maya) are going to

No. 1359914

File: 1635809887501.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 439.1 KB, 1440x1835, A0A08F40-A7AA-4C88-A7E1-7A98CE…)

Tfw the cow keeps giving milk

No. 1359915

Apparently someone in the austin group has been spiking drinks

Idk if she’s being vague on purpose or if it’s OTK

No. 1359960

wow she's fucking insufferable

No. 1360114

I hope she never gets a nose job to annoy the Pullfags. No matter how much they nag, everyone else thinks Poki is cute regardless of that small bump.

No. 1360202

So anymore drama on maya ?

No. 1360225

the biker lesbian look makes her look 40 years old

No. 1360233

File: 1635860138029.jpeg (553.4 KB, 828x826, D119E672-A27D-4778-BB6D-F87FDF…)

Did she mean this night? Maybe something happened when they went out.

No. 1360234

Damn those look heavy, probably planning to knock venti out with one swing or whatever sad soul decides to participate in their cry for attention and collabs

No. 1360373

her tattoos look like she just wanted something cool and edgy on her body. call me a boomer, but most tattoos like this are just hideous and ruin young girls' beautiful bodies. there are too many girls like this.(creepy scrote)

No. 1360419

Call me crazy but this is the best she's ever looked

No. 1360421

It's a very unpopular opinion but I agree, nonnie. Some of her tattoos are a little iffy but she looks better and more confident.

No. 1360438

You’re right. it’s probably because she’s not staring at the camera so we don’t see her desperation for validation

No. 1360483

File: 1635893364571.gif (5.06 MB, 740x416, 7627bcb296fb8853089b5d46a06b44…)

Good for her that her boob job ended up looking a lot better now. unpopular opinion, but she looks kind of hot. I will disappear now.

No. 1360508

File: 1635895154119.jpeg (263.35 KB, 900x898, A8656CA7-5C4F-40BA-9F53-11F3A2…)

Do you guys think this is hot or

No. 1360659

File: 1635911077125.jpg (75.72 KB, 500x500, temptatts.jpg)

I mean, Cyr (the greasy moid in the maid dress) has a history of inviting crazy in. He was a long time member of Onision's inner circle and dated Dasha while she abused/skinwalked his ex. Really doesn't surprise me that drinks were getting spiked.

Absolutely not. She looks like poot lovato in a cow bikini covered in multiple sheets of temporary tattoos.

No. 1360665

Are Emiru and Miz really a thing now?

No. 1360668

I can't tell if this angle makes her look more like James Charles or like Sid from Toy Story.

No. 1360669

It has face like pig but body like cow(don't use emojis )

No. 1360677

File: 1635914063849.jpeg (586.58 KB, 693x964, BC5CB366-3501-4FCC-AF02-5D76C3…)

Imagine associating with moids like this by choice. I’d genuinely sooner kill myself.

No. 1360680

lookin like abby brown

No. 1360731

Dude in the maid costume is a massive cow himself

No. 1360752

File: 1635929872446.png (2.61 MB, 2560x1440, BE35A766-6B82-4D07-A2C2-12134A…)

Idubbbz is so irrelevant he’s asking mizkif to box him lmao. Or maybe Anisa told him to ask Miz so she can get close to the Austin streamers.

No. 1360760

Could Idubbbz and Anisa box each other if no one accepts?

No. 1360768

Has any milk on Cyr been posted recently? All I know him as is the clunky third wheel of Jacksfilms and Tobuscus back in like 2013. Even then he seemed like a weird cunt, curious to see what he’s like now that he’s seven years older and catering to an audience of underage tiktok users, based on the grease and the outfit.

No. 1360785

He’s been pretty low key after ditching dasha and onision shit

No. 1360791

No. 1360848

please god don't let anisa leech her way into that circle

No. 1360850

forgot sage mb

No. 1360857

is that devil farting?

No. 1360869

No. 1360874

File: 1635948476860.jpeg (311.66 KB, 1125x479, 025A92B7-5232-4D82-9159-EE0D84…)

This is an autistic nitpick of mine but aria keeps buying purebred cats. Last year she kept getting ones with birth defects and she had to return them. She finally got an able bodied one and she immediately bred it with her other purebred cats, now the kittens are dying off. It’s fun to buy purebred but holy fuck making them breed further to have retard babies is such a cruel thing to do

No. 1360881

It would be one of the weirdest crossovers ever. I hate it already.

No. 1360893

breeders are fucking disgusting, how the fuck are you going to call something "purebred" that can not reproduce viable offspring?

No. 1360912

No one should be backyard breeding their cats, full stop. Get it spayed like a normal responsible pet owner. She's retarded for trying

No. 1360959

Only if Anisa gets to box Emiru. One of Emi's bony elbows would deflate Anisa's tits, KO-ing her, and her resulting fall on Emiru would completely delete all 80s pounds of her.

No. 1360963

LOG TF OFF lmao he fucking has slapfights on twitter all day and reads LSF. Narc behavior.

No. 1361045

crying at this

No. 1361246

Emi stupid neck out peace sign uwu makes me want to punch her in the neck. Like extending your neck out like some hungry hungry hippo bitch. I can’t put into words how stupid the pose looks. The retarded wig an ears makes me want to alog further.(a-logging)

No. 1361293

This is what happens when you go to a backyard breeder who is in no connection to any cat groups or breeding associations.
Most people are so stupid and impatient when getting a pet they will do no research into breeders and will go out and get one as soon as they can.

If she was responsible she would find a breeder with health guaranteed and actual pedigree papers. but that normally results on you being on a waiting list of up to several years.
Purebreed is just retard talk for idiots who buy backyard pitbulls.
An actual breeder will not sell their kittens unless its desexed.

No. 1361299

Sorry for Double post.
But looking into her cats she has a Scottish Fold and a Munchkin.
Both of those breeds have MAJOR health issues to the point they are banned in some countries and refused into cat councils, more so the Munchkin though.

I don't know much background of her though, did she breed them together or what? either way it's disgusting.
Both cats regardless of their major flaws should be desexed before being sold to her.

No. 1361326


More in the news: water is wet.

No. 1361329

This looks fine. The tattoos are questionable but that's a matter of taste. Her body and tits looks nice.

No. 1361349

There was some talk about him acting friendly with Dasha online or in person somewhere on the farms recently, can't seem to find it now.

He's still the same old greasy and annoying guy except now he lives with Andy milonakis. kek

No. 1361354

File: 1636001705984.jpeg (513.29 KB, 1125x1179, DB58FB91-24A8-404F-A7D5-C8874F…)

She got a cat last year that had so many problems she just returned it. Who the fuck returns a cat and demands a refund? It’s crueler than putting it down at that point

No. 1361369

Fucking loathe when people adopt aesthetic breeds of any animal and don’t give a fuck enough to care for them properly. Watching your cat throw up is really hard not to care about and attach to? They’re so tiny and are probably on so much pain and can’t communicate other than depending on their people and submitting to everything going on. It’s fucked up that the breeds exist to have so many very painful health issues for a “look”, it’s not asking much to correctly care for them. How could you just “throw in the towel” because your cat is throwing up so much they’re scared and delirious and therefore not bonding with you in the way that you want? It’s so hollow and gross. Cats are domesticated to depend on humans. Nasty person should just donate to shelters and leave it at that

No. 1361443

File: 1636017377528.png (45.72 KB, 598x590, kd93nfk3.png)

In true Aria fashion, she was an idiot.

No. 1361724


I don't own a cat, but when do they typically get spayed? I always thought that was the first thing pet owners would do

No. 1361778

Anytime between 8 weeks and 5 months but she clearly says she intended to breed them and that’s why she didn’t get them fixed.

No. 1361887

File: 1636069168546.jpeg (273.75 KB, 1080x1318, BC6CC982-42C9-4DFA-BE59-11C522…)

After acting like a tough guy saying she’d fight venti, Anisa is going onto Reddit to find excuses to get out of boxing

No. 1361920

Normally a responsible breeder will not sell unless its desexed so 12 weeks is about average.
It's 12 weeks or 6 months basically before puberty and before they start wanting to fuck, it also prevents a lot of behavioural issues.
This is so fucking revolting.
The emojis and the "only 9 months old".
Twitch streamers need to be banned from having pets.

No. 1361933

is she actually retarded? the concussions explain a lot but if she can afford tit surgery and flash tattoos all over her body then why couldn’t she ask an actual doctor irl

No. 1361952

Because of the concussions, nona. Bitch is brain damaged.

No. 1361959

What’s even the whole appeal of the boxing idea? Is idubbbz trying to compensate for his cuck status by channeling Jake Paul

No. 1361999

Don't even get how this is so funny yet Hasan is there laughing like the chimp he is.

No. 1362061

There's a lot of money involved in boxing. He's most definitely broke and wants to be part of this money laundering scheme.

No. 1362119

Lol she is literally brain damaged. She wouldn't be allowed to box with her implants anyways because there is a serious risk of rupturing them or injuring your breast tissue. Idubbz paid a lot of money for those sandbags and she just wants to have them popped by Venti.

No. 1362266

This is all so grimy. Maybe Onision and Lainey will take them up on it. Hansen can referee and Lowtax can give commentary.

No. 1362267

I don't understand how people can return animals as if they were a pair of shoes. If you're willing to spend a lot of money on a specific breed at least invest in giving them veterinary care instead of sending them back to a mill

All bark and no bite like her boyfriend. The boxing gimmick is only going to reveal how desperate they really are

The guy is an ass, but posting him laughing at a flat joke is getting nitpicky

No. 1362376

people like aria can return pets easily because they see them as accessories and not a living thing

No. 1363483

File: 1636266926273.jpeg (366.42 KB, 1440x1800, 76D4C5E1-5A67-412B-98CE-E4FE56…)

She looks like timmy thick but somehow Timmy is still more attractive than Anisa

No. 1363607

i will never ever get over my favorite cow
>never had relevancy
>trying to box random people for attention bc her onlycows didn't pan out the way she wanted
>bc her cuck husband bought her terrible implants she didn't take proper care of and are now lopsided
>and she still can't dress or style herself
>allowing us endless joy from her coin machine tattoos and bpd haircut

anisa never change please i beg of you

No. 1363716

And yet she is not "milky enough" to have her own thread

No. 1364185

It’s fitting and ironic she doesn’t, she’s relevant enough to laugh at but not relevant enough to be her own thread(person)

No. 1364399

File: 1636375621666.jpeg (238.6 KB, 750x461, AF5C8618-14B3-43AD-9600-95B838…)

Here she goes again

No. 1364845

I wish you could report people like this to some animal organization. or that her twitter followers/otv fans would care enough to tell her to fucking stop.

No. 1365139

Poki has always been jealous of Rae, even the Kiwi thread on her still has those many jabs she made at her back in the day. Snarky fake bitch has always wanted to one up others(sage)

No. 1365149

File: 1636469405577.jpg (4.08 KB, 235x215, download.jpg)

Poor thing. I know newborn kittens can look kind of sad, but it looks like one of those crying cat memes

No. 1365252

Is that the editing or did they totally butcher her areolas? Wtf.

No. 1365306

Ofc the cat abuser is asian…(racebait)

No. 1365346

She really needs to take modelling classes, she only has like 3 arm poses and they both emphasise her fridge body

No. 1365386

She edits them so they look worse in motion. She’s been researching aerial tattoos lately so she’s very aware. The scarring is her fault though, the doctor’s other patients healed perfectly fine.

No. 1365809

Miyoung cheated on toast, he found out on Sunday. Only a few know it's being kept hush hush for some reason but shits gonna go down. They were supposed to move in together next month.

No. 1365814

wasn't he into pegging,sissy shit ect? good for her

No. 1365851

How do you know? Also isn't there a clip of her crying about being cheated on? Not a good look for her lol

No. 1365868

File: 1636531322636.jpeg (114.85 KB, 1125x473, E2CC8C83-C09A-4465-900F-B20472…)

Nice schizo post on her birthday. I doubt all of toast’s closest friends would continue to party with her and he continue to follow her if that was the case. You’re probably one of the joast fags that IRL stalked Janet.

Take your meds, get therapy, etc

No. 1365922

Are you the same nutjob that keeps hounding her in every single Twitter post she makes?

No. 1365943

she is getting nonstop harasment on twitter, with messages like: she is cheating on <insert name> with <insert name>

and I've seen so many variations of this

No. 1365977

he is literally on her stream right now, go take your meds

No. 1366130

Any source on that? Didn't know toasts kinks leaked

No. 1366234

You have to be 18 to use this site nonnie

No. 1366284

I know people say OTV fans are cringe but their antis are something else.

No. 1366514

File: 1636597541878.png (3.7 MB, 2484x2012, thinkingemoji.png)

No. 1366519

File: 1636597908009.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1772, 63D7C958-4937-4018-9D1D-E08478…)

It’s so funny anisa has brought down idubbbz social cred so much that a picture of him can’t even pull 1k likes anymore

No. 1366520

File: 1636597998850.jpeg (357.43 KB, 1125x657, 474CFF5D-BB7A-4044-82A5-1E506A…)

I think her other post was more funnier, she called her own pussy a bussy. Idk if she’s stupid or out of touch but that clearly means a boy pussy. Anisa trans finally confirmed? Lmao

No. 1366547

her face looks like it was just run through one of those forced smile apps

No. 1366580

she looks like she was her ACTUAL self in the old pic. now it looks like ian slipped up and said he was into ~alt~ type girls and now she’s trying too hard

No. 1366595

i think he said it here, i watched it long time ago (out of boredom) so i don't know the time stamps. i also don't really like him so im not gonna waste 4 h on finding it

No. 1366998

Whatever. They look happy together. He should just drop the cringe boxing thing at get a real job somewhere. His time in the spotlight is clearly over.(sage)

No. 1367013

shannan and chris watts vibes

No. 1367035


Most streamers say stuff which would get you punched in the face or at least excluded in most parts of the world for 'content'. I wouldn't take anything he says too seriously.

No. 1368481

File: 1636856142321.jpeg (331.29 KB, 646x749, 864063F9-B444-4C98-96DC-685637…)

>only 15% fat guys


No. 1369287

File: 1636979379076.jpeg (440.16 KB, 1634x1654, 11ADB5D9-D43C-43FD-A96A-731EDB…)

What happened to Cyr’s face? He looks completely different

No. 1369840

Bruh that's just a filter, you retarded?

No. 1369852

File: 1637076774816.jpg (31.34 KB, 543x492, Screenshot_20211116_163223.jpg)

no she's right, that pic is bad example but he actually looks botched. This is from the mogul money episode with xqc

No. 1369855

That man lives in a hell of his own making every single day. He can't even fake a smile.

No. 1369860

The coke and Juvederm are plentiful in Austin.

No. 1369913

Is it me or do mr beast is zoomer's dead ringer to tobuscus?

No. 1369921

what happened to him he looks like a bloatfish

No. 1369968

Did he change race?

No. 1369969


No. 1375243

Idubbbz is so desperate for for a fight he’s resorted to asking critikal to fight him(@4:00 in)

Even ricegum wasn’t this desperate in clout chasing, idubbbz fell off

No. 1375257

right? like for example hes been friends with h3h3 for years, who is not really relevant either. and even h3h3 flaked, he just made one of his interns sign up to be in one of the filler fights. then talked about it for like 5 minutes. it was obvious his excitement was pity and he moved on quickly.
sad! he shouldnt have ended his content cop shtick, or at least should have gotten something decent to replace it.

No. 1375260


maya talking about the resentment she feels towards mizkif for letting emiru move in to "replace" her(embed)

No. 1375521

I don't know much about him but I feel bad for her.

No. 1375534

no a good look for QT to use private conversations for content

is Maya implying Miz has yellow fever?

No. 1375558


its not just the race, emiru basically does what maya used to do (sits next to miz as a cute object that occasionally reacts while chat fawns over her)

having shitloads of people comparing you to this new person (including your own friends) only two months after a breakup has to be weird as fuck

No. 1375560

i think it's weird how quickly it all happened too. i know maya said in the video that she doesn't dislike emiru or anything like that, but i can't help but feel she maybe has some kind of resentment because of how fast miz basically replaced her. i feel bad for her

No. 1375641

this is going to sound like racebait, but im asian myself and the comparison thing they do with maya and emir has always irked me. i remember this was posted on lsf, central base for mizkids. post didn't get much traction though since the stream was deleted, but wish it didn't since the losers there always argue against parasocial relationships, but are the same weebs/creeps calling emiru new waifu and comparing her to maya just for being asian. they did that with quqco, who is also asian, when her dm leaked with mizkif and they started coming on to her stream telling her she should date him when she already stated she was only acquaintances at most.

it's lsf that has yellow fever. lsf also happens to make up a majority of mizkif stans. i dont think this would even be a problem for maya if lsf wasn't a bunch of yellow fever creeps who project their race fetishizing on mizkif. alinity, botez sister, and amouranth were on his stream after the breakup too, but i don't recall any references to maya. when any video of an asian appears, scrotes talk about how they love korea and japan (even when the streamer was taiwanese), and how they had a thing for asians that do whatever trivial thing.

No. 1375643

I saw people comparing them in such dumb ways, people saying they have "the exact same voice" which is not true at all, they just both speak in a lower non-cutesy register so people lump them together. Must be really annoying and exhausting for Maya to be going through that.

No. 1375648

i own a pet too. i cant believe im literally emiru.

No. 1375649

I think of this with the animals too. They’ve both have a lot of animals but most people have pets and like animals.

Maya has a sanctuary and cares for all kinds of animals. Emiru has 10 rabbits. But no they’re totally clones of each other

No. 1375663


I think the difference between Emiru and the other girls you mentioned is, as Maya stated on stream, is that she's in a different category than 'girl content'.

I'll also say that Maya and Emiru don't look at all alike, other than perhaps both being on the small side.

Miz is obviously trying to branch out into the OTV market- morons in his chat spamming 'Miz has yellow fever' ain't gonna help.

No. 1375688

Does anybody else think it's strange that Emiru met up with Miz in LA for several days two weeks after his breakup. Miz claims she just happened to be there, but she says he invited her- I'm inclined to believe her, TBH.

No. 1375699

Even if they’re not romantically or sexually involved, meeting up with another girl and inviting her to live with you is pretty telling. She’s now using Maya’s old rooms and sitting next to Miz for content the same way.
Even if it’s just a ploy for content, there has to be a little bit of resentment. Maya probably broke up with him and in typical hurt scrote fashion he decided to show her she’s replaceable.

No. 1375708


TBH, inviting Emiru to move in makes sense even if there's nothing going on between them. She had a reason to move out of Kansas quickly and Miz benefits in terms of content, the potential to expand more into Tiktok, and a bigger audience. He could have also decided to find a 'replacement' to keep his chat happy and to feed the shipping frogs. Who knows.

Again, I find it stranger that Miz invited Emiru out for several days at the last minute, she said yes to flying out to LA at the last minute, and he decided he needed to lie to his chat about her already being in LA for some reason.

No. 1376553

I agree Miz was lying, it doesn’t make sense for Emiru to say he invited her if she was already there? It makes more sense that he was trying to play it off like she “just happened to be there.”

But then I wonder why he would lie, especially if she openly told her stream and didn’t seem to think it was a big deal. Doesn’t seem like they were mutually trying to hide something.

No. 1376882


Maybe he was just trying to avoid giving shippers material?
Like, if he said "I invited Emiru to come hang out with me in LA for a few days" two weeks after breaking up with Maya then shippers would have gone wild(learn2sage )

No. 1376898


That honestly makes a lot of sense.

That stream Maya did on her alt, the one where she talks about Emiru etc, is making the rounds on LSF.

No. 1376913

What is Maya's alt stream name?(sage)

No. 1376950

there’s definitely a jarring difference between the way anons here are sympathetic for maya and LSF responding by saying that it’s “none of her business anymore” wew

No. 1377010

LSF will always take the side of the scrote. Any post about sexual harassment is flooded with the bitter nerd stereotype. And LSF is also notorious for being made up of Miz and OTK fans so it’s probably even worse for her.
It’s hilarious that they all give themselves a pat on the back for becoming “kinder” after Reckful, but they’re just as angry as ever

No. 1377048

This. LSF is moid cringe all day every day.

No. 1377051

why did Aria even go to his stream? cringe as fuck

No. 1377221

Like every woman that goes on his stream, to farm simps. He's looking roughhhh tho.

No. 1377302

No. 1377578


They are acting like Miz is mature and took Emi in out of the goodness of his heart when in reality his only "content" is having a girl next to him and farming reacts. The whole point of bringing her in was to replace Maya and have weirdos ship them.

No. 1377853

QT is so annoying. Why is she always involved in drama with another girl streamer. Could never be around someone this miserable.

No. 1378161

the anons who were saying lsf kisses mizkif's ass weren't kidding damn

No. 1378208


>I wonder if his next gold digger is going to be asian as well

lol I called the mizkif/yelow fever drama angle a month and a half ago

kinda hypocritical of chinky maya to be the one to point it out publicly as if it wasn't a two-way street. She wouldn't lay a finger on a fellow oriental, or any non-white for that matter.(racebait)

No. 1378223

imho Maya didn't need to apologize

No. 1378234

File: 1638206735127.png (4.71 KB, 626x77, johhnyderp.PNG)

Someone unironically typed this out in a LSF thread lol

No. 1378368

I agree shes allowed to vent. It was just QT overblowing things for no reason. Miz usually drama farms the fuck out of things and it’s really telling when he’s so quiet about this.

No. 1380748

File: 1638385375897.jpeg (982.08 KB, 1125x1890, 6DEDB11E-ABBD-4ABE-A00D-E3A954…)

Jisu is being sued by Zero https://twitter.com/jisuartist/status/1465835613953744898?s=21

I wish I could feel bad for Jisu but both people in this situation are fucking awful

No. 1381162

it's over

No. 1381218

what's wrong with Jisu?

No. 1381224

her stanning of NFTs killed her burgeoning art career lmao. can’t see her without thinking about that

No. 1381242

omfg she has more than $80k in Ethereum, how can she not afford her own legal fees

No. 1381758

off topic but JustaMinx has gotten so unbearable to watch since moving to Austin. used to enjoy her content but now she’s just being annoying and providing LSF with plenty of controversy lmao

No. 1381834

NFTs, Leffen, she’s just any other smash player but in female form(that’s bad)

No. 1381867

I lmao'd
I don't see how being a shill is just as bad as being a pedophile

No. 1384578

I loved her on the Rajjchelor and she was entertaining throughout Shitcamp but since moving to Austin it’s been unfunny high school jokes. Which is all of the LSF crowd but it’s painfully unfunny with her. Asking random streamers she just met to fuck her, shouting out that she’s on oxy and selling oxy in public places, getting shitfaced with Malena at OTK events. I don’t know what’s changed with her other than location. I assumed hanging with other streamers would make her content funnier again, clearly I was too optimistic.

No. 1385195

Toast is a cuck LOL, how are you gonna let Mizkif shipbait your girl at 1 am at her house lmao

No. 1385200

Back to reddit faggot

No. 1385619

how is it even a shipbait? she looked uncomfortable the whole stream and there was zero chemistry between them.

Only people "shiping" her with mizkif are her stalkers on twitter

No. 1385766

Mizkif tweeting a pic from his hotel bed with it looking like someone else was in it with him, while watching Shrek, Toast's favorite movie, raised some eyebrows. Mizkif is exactly the kind of guy who would let you know he's fucking your ex by tweeting a pic like that.

Miyoung also ditched a game lobby with Rae, Sykkuno and Toast last night to pick up Fuslie and never came back. Fuslie is rich. She can afford an Uber.

That was Mizkif's last night in LA. Do the math.(post screenshot )

No. 1385786

Twisting a picture of him watching Shrek into some sort of underhanded public sexual humiliation towards Toast is reaching. And clearly it wasn't his last night since he went to BrookAB's party.
The guy is a scummy and I have no doubt he's fucking around, but this is pure tinfoil

No. 1385792

Take your fucking meds and keep your cuckhold fetish to yourself

No. 1385872

you are either trolling or you have a mental illness

>Fuslie is rich. She can afford an Uber.

She drives her friends all the time. Lud and QT are also rich and yet he drove to pick her up

and doesn't Mizkif have erectile dysfunction because of adhd meds

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