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File: 1534167589763.jpg (101.35 KB, 1280x720, super serious.jpg)

No. 663556

Discuss cows with poor acting skills pretending to have Multiple Personalities or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) for views.

Videos will usually include:
>Switching personalities on camera in every video
>Awful acting
>Meet all 20 of my personalities that just happened to come out on camera
>Presenting incorrect "facts" about Dissociative Identity Disorder
>Clickbait titles on "serious" issues
>Talking about childhood abuse in an insensitive manner

Here we can share YouTubers hopping onto this trend of faking mental illness for views.

No. 663557

Relocating these from the thread suggestions thread.

Skip to 11:18 to see this one talking about an account of horrific child abuse with a huge grin on her face

No. 663558

Video from OP

No. 663560

Oh like that Autumn bitch. Whay ever happened to her? She get caught lying finally?

No. 663562

The part where she says "What has no arms and no legs and has to crawl to move? A snake" with a MASSIVE grin on her face after telling someone's child abuse story, even if it isn't true, is horrifying.

No. 663595

Is the entropy system legit? It's all kind of hard to believe

No. 663601

Mixing fakeboi snowflakeness and fake "DID"? Doesn't seem very real to me.

No. 663670

I love going through and finding DID videos for some quality cringe content. People pretending to be "little" alters are my favorite, video related

No. 663731

Just admit you're into DDLG at this point

No. 663765

Didn't know this was a thing at all. It's really discusting that people would use such serious mental illnesses as a way to gain attention and to even monetize it on Youtube. wow

No. 663799

There was one girl who did this that I used to follow, maybe two years ago she was only 16 and she made videos about BDSM and these sort of videos too. One of her 'alters' was a puppy and another was a toddler and those were the ones she made 'educational' BDSM videos as. One day her entire channel was just gone. Wish I remembered her names.

I think most of these girls who say they have DID actually have Borderline.

No. 663808

Sounds like she was pretending to have a mental illness as a vehicle for her pedophilia/beastiality fetish, pretty sickening. She really made BDSM themed videos as a "toddler"?

No. 663856

she's still around and still as fake as ever. to me, she is the proto-flake in this mess.


No. 664051

Does anyone have any experience or knowledge in DID (if you believe it is true that is ) she talks about "the inner world" and these "memories" she has. it moves so slowly and I find this one of the most unbelievable of her videos…

No. 664082

File: 1534219946349.gif (211.57 KB, 250x188, 1531452204659.gif)

Eek! Dont arm chair them into a different mental illness. They're just bad actors who want attention lol.

No. 664101

One of her alters is from that Netflix show Sense8, so. You be the judge, I guess, anon.

No. 664119

sage and sorry to blogpost but yeah, i have experience with DID and memories/innerworld is an actual phenomenon but its similar to delusions/psychosis. obviously its not real, its just something that a mentally ill/traumatized brain comes up with, although i am extra skeptical of people who claim they have an extremely elaborate innerworld like she does. most commonly its more like a house or dinner table, as opposed to these huge worlds these snowflakes try to make it seem like.

the most unbelievable things/redflags in these attention-seeking videos are the "nooo i dont wanna switch!" and "i feel like a switch is happening" and "oh i see a switch happened" bullshit that takes place in >>663557.

No. 664130

I'm gonna be like last anon and blogpost a bit, but I've had moments of complete dissociation during extremely stressful times while I was trying to cope with my newly developed PTSD a few years ago and the alter shit is BS. I don't think these people realize your mood is constantly changing ever so slightly and they just chalk it up to "I'm switching." lmao

there are some people calling themselves plural systems and genderfluid that fit the criteria for these as well. i can't find the video anymore but the one with Doug McDonald / VanguardVivian / incantatricks driving in his car and basically just flips his hair to the side and suddenly has a lisp. Then there was a later video of him at home and he was back to normal saying he's a boy now.

maybe OT mostly because they aren't a YTer but seeing this thread reminded me of FreyasSpirit, someone with 104 headmates and counting https://archive.fo/o/962og/https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18mRSv23gzFcxfF8h0qEb95ibZU3r6AG7EJUEuRXv5OU/edit%23gid=0

No. 664160

Thanks for the thread, anon!

I used to watch her videos routinely for a bit while I did stuff around the house. She basically eventually made a video about "was I talking my DID?" And she says the answer is "yes in addition to no". She took the route instead now of being holier than thou, very angelic holistic type, basically what she was trying to pass "iris" off as in her introduction video. She then went on to make videos under the channel name elle stone, in a very deliberately-trying-to-look-casual blog style.

I found her autumn asphodel channel video about her mother one of the most interesting tbh. I don't buy the DID train at all but I bet she has some legit issues obviously. She will always be pioneer cow of this shit for me.

Is anyone familiar with multiplicityandme? I have watched a decent few of her videos and a tv appearance and she seems like a nice woman but I'm not as familiar with her as with the others.

No. 664165


First of all, oh gosh this thread, I've been waiting for this. I try not to blogpost too much.

I'm diagnosed with DID and the first time I heard of an 'inner world' was in therapy as part of an exercise to calm down that inner world, as part of the very essence of how it's like living with DID is that your mind is constantly in turmoil of different opinions and moods. You have to figure yourself out, and it's a painful and long process.

The "I don't wanna switch" thing is total bullcrap. Switching most often does not feel like anything, and it's not like some magical posession moment out of a fantasy novel. These people are bringing dissociative disorders to the mud even more. This pains me because there's already so many doctors out there who doubt dissociation's excistence. There are so many people who struggle to get the kind of treatment they need and just hang on somehow and not make everyone's business to know they have a dissociated personality.

I'd also say 99% of people with DID would not call their dissociative parts different personalities or DID a multiple personality disorder. These are not correct terms in the medical world or correct terms to describe the disorder's mechanism.

The final thing that makes me doubt every single person who has filmed their alters, is that it's impossible to do so. Also the 'alters' itself seem pretty fake. The most common type of dissociative parts is a child part who might or might not remember traumatic events. I'd say in most cases child 'alters' are a crucial part of living with this disorder. Some people might be able to trigger a switch on purpose, however you can't choose which personality is active like that. It's not acting, it's automatic. And dehabiliting. Some people are, or have learned to be very aware of their alters, and can describe them better than others but they can't just choose them yet alone film them. Most likely your parts or alters wouldn't even be aware that the camera is on and just do whatever they like, some might strongly disagree with being filmed. But most importantly you can't just catch your switches on camera unless you film yourself 24/7 in different situations. If they have such strongly different personality parts they would most likely be in a bad state, anxiety, depression and suffer from amnesia quite often. That's how DID feels. Not "oh no I feel a switch is coming".

I hope these disrespectful kids just stop utilizing other people's disorders for views or sympathy. Guess it's easy to pick up DID from a sea of disorders because it sounds oh so cool and edgy. Too bad you can't act it.

No. 664190

I'm so excited for this thread tbh. I've been watching the videos of some of these people for a while and they're absolutely ridiculous.

Oh man multiplicityandme is one of the worst, imo. All of her "alters" are sexy emo boys and iirc two are married to each other…? The idea that these "alters" interact with each other is totally ludicrous to me, it's more like all these chicks have OCs and no one to roleplay them with.

No. 664195

I watched this chick's "alter introduction" video and on the side was recommended that weird ass dude who has a fetish for disabled kids interview with two of these tards. The interview itself is quite long and boring imo

No. 664207

Multiplicityandme is probably legit. I found her off a BBC documentary that basically followed people that had been sectioned or were coping with mental health issues a few years ago, she evens had the trailer on her channel I think.

I do generally agree that her alters basically seem like a bunch of emos but I find it unlikely she could fake the medical screenings and shit so ehhh.

No. 664211

Anon you do realise how easy it is to trick doctors when it comes to mental health, right?

No. 664213

This was the first ever DID video I saw years ago. It's someone interviewing her childhood friend. She comes to the conclusion that she acts that way because she was abused as a child around the same age as one of her "alters" is.

Then I started watching that Autumn Asphodel weirdo whose "alters" were just Mary-sues who wore different makeup? I thought back to the documentary and it made me wonder if the woman from the doc was genuine and AA was making fun of a genuine disorder. There was no doubt that that bitch was fake, I only watched to cringe and see when she'd eventually have to admit to it.

What do you guys think?

No. 664231


You've made a few German-to-English errors.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 664239


i see these vids pop up every once in a while and i'm glad i'm not the only one who is sketched out by them. there's something real unsettling about that guy.

No. 664275

They literally did brain scans with her and analysed them, I think she may actually have a video on it. The fact that she is also being picked up for documentaries would suggest that you know… there is something going on there. It's one thing to fake/over exaggerate part of it and another to do the entire thing fully.
I do think that she is partially playing up the entire thing but at the same time since you know… that's exactly what YouTube is lmao.

No. 664492

File: 1534275060338.png (78.07 KB, 854x964, 2.PNG)

Oh my god, this thread has reminded me of a horrifying cow that I have stumbled upon tumblr. Pic very much related.

It's a 20 years old MTF that claims to have multiple personalities, each with retarded animu chibi character, own mental illnesses and even catchprases.
You can see the autism in whole display here:

Notice how the 14 y/o alter is obsessed over sex? The tranny posts their terrifying nudes on the side blog of the underage character - warning NSFL

The tranny is very much adult, mind you. They ran diaries and 1000 side blogs as each of the alters.

Small picdump incoming

No. 664494

File: 1534275162385.png (82.44 KB, 899x727, 3.PNG)

mentioned above underage alter

No. 664495

File: 1534275241783.png (64.18 KB, 870x791, 1.PNG)

A sideblog of the underage alter

No. 664497

I'm laughing so fucking hard at these

No. 664499

File: 1534275322235.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 697x964, delete this.PNG)


An example of the horrifying nudes posted on said sideblog. NSFL. There are also plenty of disgusting dick gifs below.

No. 664500

File: 1534275474365.png (729.13 KB, 570x974, 5.PNG)


Cooler North takes pics of himself as the alters and (as I mentioned above) also blogs as them. Their alters have retarded writing quirks out of bad anime.
Example above.

No. 664506

File: 1534275896553.png (55.53 KB, 570x400, 7.PNG)

>13 Heterosexual Female
>Personality: Attention Seeking, Bratty, Manipulative, Possessive
>Key Phrase: I Use

Yeah, sure, that's a normal way of seeing 13 y/o girls…

No. 664516


he's trans

No. 664535

why are all of the sentences written like this? so many question marks? it's really retarded to read?

No. 664577

Basically went down a rabbit hole looking into stuff like this and chances are the majority of these people fall into the 'tulpa' categories or of the like. The whole community is basically a mess

No. 664772

thanks for giving your opinions anons,
This video here is also complete bullshit I already know.

Is it even fucking possible to have your alters behave like this and all go to the journal and follow the rules and write to eachother?? also how does one just "discover" a new alter and end up with like 30 ???

No. 664905

I’m happy this thread finally exists! I hope it does well.
Searching for actual information on mental disorders has been more polluted than ever because of these types. Somehow I find it the most hard to believe that people who experienced childhood trauma so severe that they have DID would be so diligently running multiple blogs and vlogs about their condition. Not to mention the “systems” that aren’t trauma-based like??? No doubt y’all are mentally ill but DID aint it…more like Maladaptive daydreaming whilst autistic.

No. 664908

Sage cause not a youtuber but there was a very popular autistic FTM DID (or something) sufferer on Tumblr. I talked to them a few times and it seemed real. I guess. Maybe I'm just gullible or too nice kek

No. 664953

Don't be too gullible anon. Sybil was a faked/manipulated story. it's not a real thing.

No. 665005

Someone had some tea to spill about multiplicityandme in high school/college. Where are them?

No. 665016

Harsh truth but when someone is trans and DID, then they're probably not both.
Those are like the two most popular, ~cool~ attention-seeking "disorders" (quotation marks not because I don't believe in them, but I don't believe people on dumblr) on tumblr so that's usually a critical hit to the story

No. 665027


Oooh yes I remember now. Her two older alters are husbands and her kid alter is their child. And she has a random cringe alter who is like an American celebrity dream boy with an American accent. I can't watch her videos much to be honest because all of her acts except the cockney guy make my physically cringe. Her husband has also pointed out that they still have sex when she is one of the guys because he is bi himself so he has a "lovely relationship" with the guys.

I remember this doc. Definitely a very ill woman, it made me sad how much of her life she had just… lost. There was a hot minute in the doc where they introduced some satanic panic if I remember correctly?? But other than that it's a decent watch.

No. 665504

I didnt think of screenshotting, but Cooler North posted an explanation or whatever and apparently deleted that, 'cause it ain't here no more
Nothing interesting tbf, but the "ask me questions" part made ma laugh. No one cares dude

No. 667597

(>>664165 here)
It does seem like it could be rfake. I am from Europe so our therapy system and my experience' might vary slightly. However there is NO way this girl would be in such a good touch with her personality parts without therapy. And the goal of therapy for a person with DID is ALWAYS to get in touch with your alters so you can integrate them. What this community is doing is just focusing on how different their alters are and how they wanna live as a multiple. It's kinda like Pro-Ana for Dissociative personalities, snowflakey, possibly fake and first of disrespectful to people who are fighting for years to get an integrated personality, to live safe and solid life. Some people might find out about their alters from something they've written to a diary, and letters, e-mails or messages they've sent. This can provide a good chance to have a written down discussion with your alter. It's important to recognize and keep in touch with your alters in any way you can. But it does seem near impossible to me the alters would all know about the diaries, recognize their names and be willing to write to them. DID is a whole lot more random than that, and most likely many alters will not agree with the idea of co-operation so easily. Also it puts me off when people call themselves hosts. I'm not a fucking hostel, I am a SINGLE person living with a fragmented sense of self and trying to cope with it.

No. 667740

>No doubt y’all are mentally ill but DID aint it…more like Maladaptive daydreaming whilst autisti
I fucking died reading this

No. 667890

>I’m a cisgender male
>feel free to hate me for some reason
>but I’m gay as fuck

This a fakeboi lol@whut, when will they learn that no “cisgender male” whose born a male would ever refer to themselves as a “cisgender male”…. they just say “male” or don’t even mention male bc it should be obvious. What’s the purpose of this?

This is by far the cringiest “meet my alters” vid, thank you anon.

Multplicityandme is the worst out of the lot imo and encoured others to make those stupid fake videos.

No. 674306

Anonymous now No. 674303

As someone who also has a legit dissociative disorder, reading this thread just made me feel angry. It's sickening how someone could glamorize or romanticize DID as if it's some cool new trend like Microblading eyebrows. This is someone's deepest struggle being faked for entertainment purposes. True DID is not easy to cope with. It's downright terrifying at times and so confusing. Imagine blocks of your time is spent doing things you don't remember doing and going places you don't remember being at before. You're literally questioning your entire existence and reality every second of the day. You have to blindly rely on eye witnesses to tell you what you did, said, where you went, how you behaved… You have so much trauma and broken pieces in your past that you become a bucket of broken pieces yourself. It's not fun. It's not cool. It isn't trendy. It's life-shattering and incredibly difficult to live with. That's what these assholes need to hear. My mental illness is of the most severe and difficult to treat. It shouldn't be a form of entertainment to the masses, whether real or fake. This entire concept in this thread and all the cows mentioned in it are only further stigmatizing an extremely misunderstood and devastating mental illness.

I can't just announce I have a dissociative disorder to people without them immediately thinking of Hollywood fear mongering films like Split and Sybil. I'm not dangerous. Nothing about any piece of me is going to harm anyone. We aren't always manic psychopaths who go off on rampages terrorizing everyone in their path because we are ill. I wish this trend would die. First, anxiety disorders are glamorized and then depression and schizophrenia and now this. Thanks, Hollywood. Ya ruined ma life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 674363

yeah i highly doubt multiplicityandme is fake tho, she's seeing an expert of did for therapy and he's appeared in some videos/docs that she was in. ive been following her for a while because did is a very interesting disorder imo, her story holds up. she used to be very vocal on tumblr about ppl faking did and how it's impossible to have it without childhood trauma. i don't think she's a cow

No. 674679

Isn't DID highly controversial in the psych community?

No. 674698

like any other thing there are people who think it's not real, but ime in psych classes it's talked abt as a real thing and it's in the DSM, i wouldn't say it's controversial. more like a few ppl being very vocal about it

No. 674864


>my fictives tend to come from creepypasta

>hilarious fake "cisgender male" voice

No. 674990

Autumn asphodel and her bf broke up, but more jarringly, she has changed her eyebrows.

No. 689687

I found this girl named Katie McDonald who has 24 different alters. One of the alter's name is Null, described as a databank kek. Another is named Glitch, who has a stutter. 5 of them are "littles" basically stereotypical toddlers.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tbz2YwK2OMw Here's a video of some of the littles opening their Christmas gifts.
She's fooled her mom and girlfriend into believing her or at least play along since most other videos where she's around more people she's always the host, Katie. The only time she switches away from home on vacation is in her parents' car or around her younger siblings.
She started off her YouTube channel pretending to be some British guy and quickly realized it wasn't ~unique~ enough.

No. 690119

oh god theres so many "systems" like this on tumblr. just search did system and its a goddamn landmine

No. 690282

switch caught on camera–meet my alter!

No. 690285

Thigpen and Cleckley, two American psychiatrists, studied an unusual case of multiple personality. This case study introduces the behaviors of Eve White, Eve Black, and Jane, three distinct and contrasting personalities residing in the same woman. Gives background information about the case, and includes interview scenes with a psychiatrist eliciting each personality. Shows the patient after recovery and a psychiatrist discusses the possible etiological and therapeutic factors in the case.

No. 690308

god i remember watching her in 2009 and cringing so hard. I can't believe shes still around

No. 690361

The "Eve Black" personality seems like the personification of a Lana Del Rey song or something. Even the narrator describes her in a weirdly poetic, cinematic way:
>"Lovable, lying, scampish, little harlot. Shrewdly deceitful, but without real malice. She forever carries disaster, lightly in each hand"
What the fuck is this? Lolita? Lmao. What a clinical, scientific evaluation. /s

No. 690429

Didn’t she later admit to lying about the whole thing? She just wanted to kill her daughter and cheat on her husband

No. 690569

Imagine being this bored with your life. Why don't these people learn something productive instead of living their lives as a lie with horrible, obvious acting? Don't they have jobs or hobbies…?

No. 690620

They live for attention. Unless said career or hobby involves getting it, they don't care.

No. 714241

not sure if this girl has been posted on lolcow before but thought someone might get a laugh out of her sad content. she was in one of shane dawson's sociopath videos for like 5 seconds and made a 20 minute long video after not posting for an entire year on how shane is using her content to make money kek.

anyway i found this little gem on her channel and it was cringe. 5 minutes of her dying some hideous hair extensions and a few seconds in the middle where she pretends to "switch" lmao

No. 714259

All these "DID Switch Caught on Camera" videos have the same formula. Normally talk, "disassociate" (AKA thinking about what they're going to say next so there's a slight delay in the flow of speech,) then put on their little DID act.
Her "disassociate pause" was so hesitant and the emergence of her "alter" was so forced. The only change was more influxion in her speech and talking fast.

No. 714265

Yeesh, just discovered this thread and it's gold. Going down this YouTube rabbit hole now

No. 714295

Saw something about multipersonalityandme having a baby recently I want to see more information I find that really interesting omg

No. 716136

File: 1539886535074.jpg (789.62 KB, 1440x2030, Screenshot_20181018-191559_Ins…)

Huh, you're apparently right

No. 716306

I have diagnosed DID by multiple doctors including a neurologist and haven't been able to relate to any of these people, its so theatrical. maybe mine isn't as extreme but I just take them as borderline out the ass

No. 716311

I have diagnosed DID by multiple doctors including a neurologist and every time I see things like this in text or otherwise its so theatrical. ask me anything otherwise, my experiences are vastly different than these people. I suffer from severe dissociation and partial amnesia(don't blogpost)

No. 716313

File: 1539900567877.gif (Spoiler Image,35.72 KB, 172x108, tumblr_penalgtIy81xbbkv7o1_250…)

double post

No. 716326

did you dissociate and forget you already posted

No. 716345

her baby is all over her tumblr and instagram. she even made a q&a on her youtube recently where she talks about being a mother.
i genuinely believe that she has DID tho. she's not nearly as theatrical as other cows on this thread and her story consistently holds up. she's not a cow.

No. 716366

You didn't post the best one. Peep the badly drawn oc art for her little rp character at 4:05. That fucking lowered voice and style of talking is hilarious.

I laffed

No. 717451

this was cringe from start to finish and is known for self diagnosing.
this creature also has it's own thread on here.

No. 717527

Living in a hovel seems to be a theme.

No. 720314

this shitty video reminds me so much of that pro-ana fuckery a few years back. girls who glamorize and fake having a mental illness are always doing this type of summer camp bullshit.

No. 729614

I actually know this girl, ( as does a close friend of mine) does anyone want me to discuss her? or is this old news? she was in a docu on the BBC and was on goodmorning britain ( popular TV show in the UK), what is worrrying is that she is training to be a psychotherpist ( she has a BSC hons in psychology) and was post grad in 2015/16 so I expect she will be let loose on patients, she was no dx by the NHS, she was dx by a specalist miles away from her hometown and he obviously had ulterior motives. what is worrying is one youtube vid she was switching alters when she was driving ( one of her alters is 8 years old), when people mentioned the dVLA as 8 years old cannot drive , she pulled it, if anyone is interested I will spill some tea.
basically she is full of BS loves the atten her husband is nearly as crazy as she is and loves the facts that one of alters is a horny males as he Bisexual and looks like a twink, she changes clothes and make up for each alter. she does have a talent for faking accents tho and is a good singer. The most worrying part is that she will be soon be treating people with mental health issues ( she got sacked from being a basic carer and tried to sue them) I have interacted in with this cow and she acts normal, it is only on youtube and interviews she pulls this crap. her docu was full of lies. anyone interested?

No. 729619

nah NHS did not believe her she payed a private psych to get her DX. Her family is furious as she implies she was abused by her dad ( yet spends christmas etc with her family while saying she never speaks to her family who she lives about 10 miles away) obvs her family was furious and her dad begged her to set the story straight)

No. 729624

no one in her uni ( she studied psych) knew of her bullshit and she was in student housing and the doc who dx her is shady DID expert meaning her needs patients, her' abusive' parents paid for her to see private after the nHS did not fall for her lies.

No. 729638

sorry for non sage and spelling I have a cluster headache what pisses me off is that I know someone who was on track to be a lawyer, had therapy for DID which unstabled her and now she is unemployed and did thigs like strip naked, urinate in the street, sleep with random men and got sectioned, this girl was gang raped and her mother blamed her for her baby sister death ( she was about 3 years old at the time). she went from being a trained lawyer and is now stuck in the NHS system which seems to have made her worse, so it annoys me as she is someone that does deserve therapy and she had no name for her alter, she wakes up in prison cell or hospital and NO she is not a drinker or abuses drugs sorry for not saging usually just read here. and forgot to sage.I also have a cluster headache so cannot concentrate but I will spill some tea when I am better. Jess would make a great actress and she was good in drama at school and was often chosen, she lives in an affluent area which I happen to live in, and everyone knows each other, the local comp is rated very highly due to the area, If she wants fame and attention she could go on the x factor or pursue acting. her husband knew her since she was a child and she slipped up in the doc, saying she was scared of men and spurned them ( they are childhood sweethearts) so was she spurning MEN in at age 11 when they met and dated at around 13 and been together ever since?) Some people found it a laugh, but since In a way I lost a close ' friend' to this illness it infuriates me.

No. 729657

Wow never post again because that was a wall text of incoherent blogging nonsense. Do you have low IQ or is it just DID

No. 729706

You definitely don’t know this girl as so much of that was not only bullshit but incoherent bullshit too. If you follow her shit you’ll know she’s currently being treated on the NHS for trauma therapy. She’s never once implied her father abused her but that’s she’s faced CSA from an unknown source and her job sacked her because they discriminated against her after she was on the morning program. No one likes a bullshitter. Take your drama and shit spelling elsewhere.

No. 729864

yes please keep going, ignore >>729706 as we are CLEARLY a place for drama.

just… don't post? don't blog about your headaches, at any rate.

No. 729943


I’m a mate of the husband. Knew him at school and met his missus a few times. That’s why I know what you’re saying is bullshit.
Firstly dipshit the program was called This Morning. She and her sides still hang out with uni friends since they lived together. One of her uni mates even lodged with them both until last year.
She’s two miles up the road from her parents and they weren’t the ones to abuse her so that’s all your made up bullshit. And her and the Mr didn’t get together until he was 18. I remember it.
And you mean Llantarnam comp is highly recommended and known to the area? It was knocked down to built houses on several years ago you cretin and if it taught you it’s clear now why it got smashed to rubble. And what part of this shit hole of a town is affluent? If you call their terraced house living it up I’d hate to see your shoe box mate.
So no, no one wants your bullshit tea. It’s a strange show aye, but she’s a genuine lass and there are plenty of other cows to pick apart here.

No. 729994

Ehm, does anyone else find it strange that suddenly everyone knows this girl or is friends with her or with her husband? Suspicious.

No. 730051

it's almost like


might be lurking

No. 730076

This tbh. The post above yours would have almost seemed like a valid defence if it wasn't completely laced with a little bit too much profanity and like they took it way too close to home

No. 730084

i'm not any of these anons and don't know her irl but if you've followed her on social media and actually watched her vids you'd know most of this is fake.
the kid alter is not allowed to drive, she pulls over when she feels a switch coming on and if it's the kid she doesn't drive.

also she did work as a therapist for a while, she's on maternity leave right now. seems that she was a good therapist. i don't see why it's "dangerous" for her to be one? she's got a routine set up with her alters and it's not like they're the ones doing the therapy?

idk it's just frustrating that jess would be discussed here as she seems to be genuine and not a cow. there are plenty of did fakers out there that we could talk about

No. 730086


You are obviously one of Jess friends, if i did not know her, why did you agree with me that she lives up the road from her parents? she was no dx on the NHS, No one as ever seen her switch in real life only put on accents which she is very good at. I am not going to say where I live obviously. A lot of youtube vids have been pulled. she has her ' supporters' and you are clearly one of them. so i got ' this morning' and good morning britain mixed up. she was sacked the before that interview that is why she said she works as a receptionist on that programme, if you knew her, you would know that her job was to check in on the vulnerable. She is faking her DID nonsense, she probably changed her story as I mentioned earlier her dad was pleading with her and her family was angry. I mentioned she still visits them which is why I knew her dad abusing her was Bullshit. You are clearly a fan of hers. I just hope she is never allowed to ' treat' vulnerable people.

No. 730096

Most cows are not let loose on vulnerable people. I lot of her videos got deleted and when people mentioned the DVLA OFC she is going to say her child alter is not allowed to drive. She deleted a lot of her vids and took a break from social media for a while, then went back and dis some damage limitation. So you are saying she is good psychotherapist? I doubt that. I never knew she was pregnant and I pity that poor kid if she switches. As Jess she is nice and I never said anything bad against her character I am just annoyed over her faking this DID. The other anon was clearly angry and abusive towards me the fact that he/she are so pressed about it makes me wonder who it is.

No. 730109

This is what DID really looks like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2atzoaA2NI Some of these youtube DID even have a pateron FFS.

No. 730113

Most of this thread is attention seeking females. I wonder if they will be like the fake boys and suddenly just stop/delete their accounts

No. 730183

when was she supposedly called out and subsequently deleted her vids? i've been following her for about 2 years now on youtube, tumblr and insta and haven't seen that happen. i'll admit it. i like her content and i think did is a really interesting disorder.
i'd like to see some proof of what you're saying because from where i stand jess seems legit. also you seem to think alters are evil or something? they all love the baby and take good care of her which you would know if you had looked at her social media recently. her baby and thoughts about parenting with did is all over it

No. 737510

what do you guys think about that interview on medcircle that seems to always be showing up in the yt recommended feed lol it seems more convincing than a lot of the others but i just get skeptical when they're able to "switch" so easily into their alter on cam. they always seem like an adult acting as a child, there's just something off about it that doesn't have me convinced lol

No. 737555

I'm not quite convinced DID even exists yet? The only people I've ever known or seen that claim to have it are drama feeding, attention seeking cunts. Seems to me like they just convince themselves they have a problem that makes them "better" than other people struggling with mental illness. Like multiple personalities? I don't know, something is wrong with these people and they deserve help as much as anyone else but I'm not sure it's what they say it is? I admit I am basing my opinions solely on those that I have known and seen on youtube or social media but bloody hell… I want to be open-minded but this DID business is so strange to me.

She seems sort of genuine but I feel like people who say they have DID are also just really well-trained manipulators much like narcissists. They know exactly what to say and how to carry themselves to benefit them the most.

No. 737825

The “we’re back” video goes over some stuff about her job and getting fired. I remember her posting on her tumblr years ago about the Sun article only saying “receptionist” because she felt they downplayed her work on purpose. She was working 7 days a week and the receptionist position was only on weekends. She was fired after the sun article was published despite them never mentioning her other role. I’ll try and dig up the old post on her page although she did delete that too after her first YouTube channel smh so I’m not sure if it’s still there.
She’s also a manager at her support job now so she can’t be all that bad at what she does.

No. 739250

one of the reasons i think that DID isn't even a thing at all is because literally no movement exists to run these fakes off the internet like they did with pro-ana. maybe there just isn't enough people faking this supposed illness for attention? when they say bullshit like how they see their disorder as a "superpower" its like the epitome of glamorizing or romanticizing a mental illness and yet nobody calls them out on it lol.

No. 739484

I think that's part of why some of those who say they have DID do it. They know there's not enough information out there about it and they know people won't question it for fear of becoming an asshole in that situation. If someone does call them out they can use their "illness" against them easily for pity points from others who are most likely uneducated and trying to be as PC as possible.

No. 781325

I have been officially diagnosed with DID by the NHS and have watched a lot of these people I believe jess is legit but most are fakers and it annoys me so I was thinking of creating a YouTube channel to seriously discuss DID I am not anywhere put together as these youtubers I struggle daily and am in long term therapy with the goal of intergrating would u like me to do this and if so what would you like to see I can't "switch " at will and have server amnisia hope to hear from you thankyou(Absolutely no one cares.)

No. 781367

Jess was subject to a child in need conference ' A child in need' meeting can quickly end up being a ' Child at Risk' so of course her alters changed and she suddenly developed new alters and her other alters matured, she made sure none of her fake alters would ever put the baby at risk. She has no real psych history, when the NHS shooed her away she got dx by her private DID specialist, That wat she could ask her GP to a referral. If you know Jess, you would know that they closed down the East and West teams into one team and as a results there are less Psychs, nurses etc. They are not worried about Jess as they know she is faking but not a danger. Hopefully she will close down her channels and concentrate on the baby and grow out of all this.

No. 781387

I know someone with actual severe DID and it’s not actually outward personality switching at all. Amnesia is a key aspect of DID because your personality becomes fragmented by amnesiac dissasociation. Oftentimes she’ll just trail off mid-convo and it seems like her mood changes noticeably, but that’s it to outsiders. None of her “alters” (which dont really announce themselves) are ever named by her or announce themselves. It’s definitely real, it’s just more akin to PTSD which severely fragments your experience and makes it “multiplied” than YouTube DID.(for you too, no one cares)

No. 781392

Also I didn’t even tell that she had DID before she told me like 5 months later and the way she describes it is totally different from YouTube DID people. I just thought she had PTSD for various reasons(what part of "no one cares")

No. 781560

No. 781586

If someone is under the CMHT and they fall pregnant a ' Child in Need. conference is held. This is to see if the mother needs extra support etc. These conferences can turn into a ' Child at risk' whereby her child and her parenting skills would be under scrutiny. Jess is no dummy, her alters behaviours have changed and matured and rather convenient she has new / split alters who ALL LOVE THE BABY. The area where Jess lives has reduced care due to NHS slashing the funding. Instead of 2 MHT in a small area, there is now only one. They are trying to make it as close to Community recovery Teams. Only people in crisis gets help, then gets discharged. There is a specialist therapy place for patients with severe BPD. These people are only sent there because they cannot functional in life. By that I mean In and out of hospitals, no job, self harming, no close friends, interpersonal difficulties, stress on the family etc. It is a last resort, It is extremely unlikely like one anon said jess has therapy for her CSA, while according to the same anon, she is able to hold down a responsible job, graduate and lives a good functional life. Why would G**A Therapy service that only accepts patients that are non functioning accept Jess? makes 0 sense. I have met Jess and she comes across as completely normal, The only time anyone has seen her switch is on YouTube Vids. She had a great interest in Drama/singing when she was younger. I find her switches on you tube cringy, but she does have a good singing voice/ good at accents and comes across as very likeable. She should have stuck to Drama Now that she is married with a child, I just hope she concentrates on that. There is no way she will risk her child for fake DID persona. With regards to her father, she talked about 'suing him' but never went into detail. Her father had no idea until about a year later this caused some fall out with her parents. Lots of vids got deleted and now she is all friendly with her father again. Her 'Husband' is a bit off and rumours are he is bisexual. TBH I find her tedious and I predict she will drop this you tube nonsense.

No. 781590

most people with DID cannot switch at will for a youtube vid. My advice to you would be to stop watching these vids and seek help with your therapist. DID is dramatized on youtube for views. Most DID sufferes like another anon said just come across like they have amnesia and act confused. This would not make an interesting youtube vid. It is NEVER a good idea to mention any mental illness on Social Media.

No. 781779

you're misinformed… jess doesn't have any new alters, she's had the same 4 ones forever - Jake, Jamie, Ed and Ollie. They haven't changed overnight when she got the baby. They've all stayed the same except for ed, who has been calmer since a long time before she even got pregnant. Even when he was acting out he loved children tho.
It's not a rumour that her husband is bi, he is very open about it and i don't see how it's relevant to anything.
youre allowed to not believe that shes sincere but at least get your facts straight if you're going to scream it from the top of your soap box.

No. 789432

Sauce? I’ve watched her and her system since her original channel and she’s never made a video on suing her family? She’s never talked about family and has stated that’s her personal life. Also if you know her in real life does she know you’re saying all of this stuff about her? You seem intent on finding an issue without a source other than “going to school” with her. Were you one of the bullies in her most recent documentary?

No. 798946

I found this website/ thread after watching someone of those youtubers, to see if there was any info online about how obviously fake they are. The comments under those videos are sickening too. Not only do you have misinformation spread, but people are believing it, which is just making this diagnosis even more misunderstood.

I’m not diagnosed with it, but I do have a history of child abuse/ trauma, so that I understand. And do have a friend who was diagnosed with it (and a couple of people who I have known long term, and suspect this might be the case for them too).

None of these people are on social media. They’ve had life long struggles with relationships, employment, substance abuse, memory problems, stability. Even with my friend who was officially diagnosed, I never heard her refer to “alters”, or ever heard her refer to any kind of an official “switch”. She had therapy and said she was integrated, but sometimes I wondered, because mid conversation she’d suddenly present differently. It wasn’t some kind of official “switch”, which is why when that girl on Medcircle “brought out” her “alter” Minnie, it raised a red flag for me.

Honestly, I’ve never seen this diagnosis accurately portrayed on tv or movies, or YouTube. Those fake videos just make me sad and angry. The people who actually have this disorder are struggling in real life with complex PTSD, depression, anxiety, identity confusion, memory problems, relationship problems. The people living with this, particularly if they aren’t in therapy or haven’t found a therapist who understands, are just regular people, struggling day to day. You probably wouldn’t even know it, unless you were familiar with someone is real life who has this, it’s really not theatrical like you see on YouTube; these phonies parading a cast of characters for attention. It’s just not like that in real life.(blog)

No. 799007

For such a rare disorder there sure are a lot of people in here that claim to have DID or know someone who does.
A quick google search shows a recent study claiming approx. 1% of women in the US have been diagnosed with this disorder. And apparently they're all in this thread.

No. 799104

Between those being like:
>X girl is totes legit guys! I'm not X girl by the way, I'm just one of her many white knight alters, tee hee!
And those seeking validation with their awful blogs…that thread is a mess and not a entertaining one. Autosage when?

No. 799194

Well 1% is 1 of every 100 people in the general population, so that makes it over 3 million in the US. And it’s 11% among people who were severely abused. Considering that child emotional, sexual and physical abuse spans all socioeconomic & ethnic groups, chances are, we all probably either know, or have common across, people who have this disorder. And boys are victims of abuse too. Let’s not forget, men aren’t as likely to seek help for mental health issues. They oftentimes struggle on their own, fall into substance abuse, get incarcerated, etc. But there are men with this too.

But at any rate, if we know someone, they probably are more like Lilian Nattel (the woman who wrote Web of Angels), and not these youtube actor-scammers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 799244

No one cares and DID isn't real

No. 799257

you know Sybil wasn't a true story, right

No. 800229

oh wow a Betty Cooper from Riverdale alter "fictional introject"

this weirdo has a thread of their own too >>>/snow/412346

No. 800865

I know exactly who you're talking about, i saved the meet the alters video she made.

I thought i was going crazy, i couldn't find the channel or anything, i remember the channel name was something like nixie or something like that. Caitlyn (i dont know how she spells it)

The last video i remember seeing before the channel vanished was titled how to change your own diaper as a little, relating to ddlg.

No. 801461

realstream news?

No. 801655

These people should just go into acting. The switch where the alter comes out and immediately announces being a lesbian is ridiculous.

No. 801987

If you go to her thread, she recently got a God awful Danny devito tattoo all over her thigh lmao

No. 802513

File: 1557094767030.jpg (767.98 KB, 1440x2886, Screenshot_20190505-180513.jpg)

Somehow didn't see this thread earlier. I've been going down the DID rabbit hole which seemed to pick up some traction again on YouTube ever since that Autumn Asphodel chick.

I've been lurking the DID subreddit and some other forums and am getting more of an impression that those forums have a lot of teenagers posting and faking DID.


>>Bunny:Singing Little
>>Shade:Shadow Teen/"Host-Apparent"
>>Kenshin:Fiery Warrior
>>Paladin:Cold Warrior
>>Stringress:Sensory Collector
>>Tech:Structural Analyst
>>Wolf:Wild Gourmand
>>Gemini->>Black/White/SPAZZING!:Abstract >>Comedian
>>Fluff:Winged Cat

>>*Void will likely only be quoted.

I don't know how some of those posters expect to be taken seriously when they claim to have Mary Sue Alters that came straight out of Tumblr.

No. 802521

File: 1557097443653.png (115.85 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190505-190135.png)

Some of the sigs are full of cringe. Here is one poster which had MLP type alters in his siggy.

No. 802525

I love that she captions her eyes scanning right as “dissociating” instead what it really is: inventing a memory and one of its most obvious tells lol

No. 802526

I used to be massively interested in DID before tumblrinas because of the MK Ultra thing, SRA, etc but can't watch these youtube people be all like OMG WATCH ME SWITCH 100 TIMES ON CAMERA!!!1

Anyway, for those who DO follow this shit on YT or elsewhere, do any of them talk about how other DID people glamorise DID on the internet (kinda like how EDs can be glamorised)?

I was listening to a true crime podcast and the hosts mentioned how there's been a rise in people claiming DID since it's been featured more in films and on tv.

Youtube link related. New film Rupert, Rupert & Rupert, a COMEDY about a guy with DID. Looks like a fun mental illness to have.

The way they describe their ~alters~ reminds me of Pokemon cards or Top Trumps. It's really weird watching docus of people who're elderly or middle aged who claim DID. It's so different from these kids who have a wardrobe for every ~alter~

No. 802531

There is this person who has a channel and who talks about the experience of dissociative identity disorder. They made a video reminding viewers that the disorder comes from trauma and seems aware that people are glamorizing it.

I think this YouTuber in particular seems genuine because at one point he even vlogs his experiences while being admitted to some kind of psychiatric facility. I think it's this very same YouTuber that seems to be in some sort of relationship now with Disociadid, the girl who is featured in the OP and one of the ~OMG switches caught on camera~ YouTubers. I'm really not sure about her, not sure if she's for real or faking for views.

No. 802553

Thanks, anon. I'll watch some of his vids.

No. 802719


this girl Hannah Lussenden used to post videos of her switches and videos of her alters filming. it was very cringy stuff. i think she like moved out of her parents with her boyfriend halfway across the country and then they broke up because she was camming or some shit. it was entertaining. though i don't believe any of her stories or that she has did.

No. 802727

NONE of these people are “real” anon. they’re all attention whores claiming an illness that literally doesn’t exist.

No. 802738

Everyone's entitled to their opinions, however personally I am inclined to believe it exists. It's in the DSM-5. I am a nurse and I've seen it only one time. Interesting like this anon >>802526 says, the only time I've seen it was an old person. Just like this anon said, she didn't have special clothes or whatever.

No. 802749

anon i respect your opinion as a medical professional, but being in the DSM isn’t necessarily proof that it exists. plenty of things that were in previous iterations of the DSM have been removed altogether. if it really is real, i think it’s even rarer than stated in statistics because the shit just doesn’t add up for 95% of the people publicly claiming to have it. thus far i’ve seen literally only one case i thought was possibly true and that’s of an elderly woman who paints canvases in different themes under all her different personalities. but the average person claiming to have it seems way too ridiculous to take seriously especially when they insist on making it their entire identity in online spaces

No. 803148

NTA but the existence of munchies doesn't mean fibromyalgia/cystic fibrosis/etc are fake, it's way more likely that they're ripping off a real disease like spoonies do than inventing a whole new one from scratch.

They're not that clever.

No. 819579

That's not even comparable. DID is not a physical condition and if you think it's a real mental illness you're delusional.

No. 870407

It is a real mental illness, it's just not like the way it's portrayed.

No. 908311

Revive this thread pleaseee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 919847

TeamPinata and DissociaDID got engaged. Nan age slid into a kid at one point. everything and i mean everything is unbearably cringey. nan proposed in what looks like a hotel lobby. also DissociaDID now goes by Nin? and doesn't seem too excited about the engagement.

congrats to thing 1 and thing 2 though

No. 919856

So basically this girl is LARPing her OCs and found someone else who LARPs their OCs as well? A match made in heaven.

No. 919859

my question is why dont they make their OCs cooler. all of theirs are fucking weird. kids, canadians, im pretty sure one of their's is a black woman and another a trans woman but i could be mistaking them w someone else

No. 919894

umm noe sure if this cow Jess/ Multiplicity is still relevant, but like I said she dropped her child alter, and created a new one. She is perfectly able to function in real life. She started this DID bullshit when she was an undergrad in uni, she did not have many friends, and her youtube channel did not blow up, until a DID got more popular. Now she has a child, she has dropped the DID crap. I don't keep up with her, when I go back home, she is brought up in convo when I meet with my old friends. One of whom works in the very small Mental Health Team in her area of S. Wales. She has never received Therapy or a DX under the NHS, she traveled about 150 miles away to get a DX from a DID specialist.( Who has agreat incentive to DX her and receive money for seeing her. She studied psych at uni. As I said before she deleted a lot of vids and deeply regrets it all blowing up. She and her parents especially her dad. He forgave her and a lot of the vids were pulled. In short she just wants to focus on her child ( as she should). She is going to distance herself from the whole DID scene. I predict ( well I have been told) She is going to make a goodbye vid, saying that she is fully integrated and cured. Ollie is gone lol. She very conveniently said she had new alters, when she was pregnant. I have little interest in her. I just find it amusing to talk about her when I go back home. What annoys me is that I do think DID does exist, but like another anon said they tend to bouts of blackouts, and cannot function well in society. The G*A therapy team who mainly focus on BPD. Severe PTSD, and DID, is about a 20 min drive away and available for free on the NHS. Jess never had treatment on the NHS, she had to pay for Private DID DX and a few therapy sessions. She is fraud and makes a mockery out of the whole thing. It blew up and bit on her on the ass. Now she is Married with a child, she outgrew faking DID for attention as the consequences are too severe . Social services can step in. Hence her getting rid of any problematic alters. The fact that people think she is genuine and get so angry towards anyone that calls her out ( not just me) Is a bit concerning. People with DID, don't switch on cue. Sorry for any Multiplicity and me/ Jess stans, but even her bisexual husband knows she was faking. To the skeptical anon, anyone that knows Jess knows her Husband. The area she comes from is quite small, so of course, she was the talk of the town. The local paper reported it and the anon comments were hilarious. 60% ha ha I know her, 30% what the hell is this, it can't be real etc. 10% Angry stans. " shithole" is a word I
I have heard coming out of Jess mouth. So if you are one of the Anons Jess. Have some integrity and admit the full story aka you were a teen that made it up and it backfired. Not saged as Jess is planning her retirement vid so signifying the end of this cow retiring. She is going down the " I am cured/integrated route". Thx for all your support, attention, stanning and money guys! I am glad the NHS saw right through her.

No. 920007

where is the proof? not trying to defend her, but last I say (at the very end of last year/beginning of this year) Multiplicityandme is still saying they have DID, etc, and has been, even after she had her baby, etc? I'm just curious as to where you found this info, that's all.

No. 920011

just watched this and came here to see if anyone else saw it LOL
holy shit what's up with the voice she does for "jeremy" and why is one of his personality traits being canadian

No. 920021

i'm losing my mind

No. 920056

Not trying to defend her either but this seems to be a massive… idk mess?

I can't see her making a 'goodbye' video saying she's integrated because she made a… film or something dumb?

Everyone in the community has been 'intergrating' this December hence the name change to match with her fucking fiance lool. They were talking about crowdfunding a visa at one point too.

Jess actually seemed to take a jab at Pinata because they were talking about how their integration was not consensual but she share something that said all integrations are consensual.

No. 920109

oh god i really don't want to watch this again to see the jab

No. 920568

She has actors playing her alters, as in literal male actors. Another one of her Vids is like a cartoon/SIM style. Her priority is on her daughter. She gets to distance herself from her " Alters" . Look at her recent you tube vids. They are Jess meeting actors who portray her alters, and a cartoon/sim vid of her alters. Jess as a Mother is no longer switching on camera, or acting like a little boy. Her Hubby is the crazy one. He likes role play and Men. In their private/ sex life she may switch things up for her gay boyfriend. As a MentalHealth Mummy Blogger she is doing all she can to save face. Last time I linked a vid I got banned. The people taken in my Jess will never admit she has been faking it. I have predicted what she will do before she announced it on youtube because I was told my her " Friend". I am just glad she is giving up her performance. Hopefully, the DID phase trend will pass. I am not outing my self or my sources. Jess does not switch in real life. Only on Youtube and sexy times with her Boyfriend. Their sex life was mostly Anal. Look at her very recent youtube vids on you tube, where she has several men playing her alters and a cartoon/ sim version. As well as explaining what someone already explained before her, about social services. She admits it and explains in more detail. People with DID, don't have a " Oh fuck, social services we have to just keep Ed, Jake in
the bedroom babe" and do some damage limitation.

No. 920702

honestly this is smalltown gossip that can be immediately disproved by looking at her tumblr/twitter/youtube. just because people who went to high school with jess are saying this shit at the pub, it doesn't mean it's true anon.

No. 920814

The video of her discussing the whole social services thing mentions how having a child keeps her grounded. Her Tumblr is generally full fo recovery posts right now but I see how or why she'd want to fully 'integrate' and work on recovery, it really isn't that deep.

She also rarely (if ever) switches on camera in general compared to your Pinatas and Jades.

That and she is literally doing some meet up/conference thing soon?

Also, I love the fact that you want us to general believe this yet you're going by word of mouth and someone telling you that her significant other is gay and that they openly discuss their sex lives to friends. Maybe if you came back with more than a rant, there would be some truth to this but lol

No. 922193

ive always found jess extremely believable, but things people are saying could make me question her. BUT none of ya'll are providing any links or anything. so like. maybe provide proof.

No. 922415

I honestly can’t believe anyone finds Jess believable. Aren’t 2 of her alters married and have a son who is also an alter? Kek

She claims to have ONE traumatic event (that she refuses to talk about…prob bc it never happened), and she got DID from it.

Whether you believe in DID or not, what these fakers like Jess and others fail to demonstrate is the egregious self-harm and inability to function that people with “legit” DID have. They can’t control their switching, they don’t make fun videos about what their alters favorite color or wtf ever is, and they’re in serious danger of being exploited by others, injuring themselves severely, and sometimes killing themselves.

Maybe I’ll link the video later, but almost all cases of properly diagnosed DID include severe self injury. They’ll cut tendons and arteries. One woman overdosed on pills and set her car on fire while she was in it (done by an alter/under amnesia, she said). She also broke her hand in several places from punching a brick wall.

These faggots on YT playing dress up and moving out their fantasies of being fakebois don’t even know anything about DID except for the “alter” part, which isn’t even multiple personalities, it’s LESS THAN 1 personality bc it’s a fragmented identity. All these elaborate backstories they have for their alters don’t exist in those actually diagnosed. Alters are fragments, not well-rounded personalities.

No. 922474

I'm not defending or anything but I think working on those conditions is flawed because in reality, what are the chances that someone who is suicidal, self-harms and probably remembers close to nothing is going to start a channel?

I don't think you'd ever see the worst of the worst if one of these people was actually diagnosed

No. 923276

real(?) DID
>first woman: older student (30s), poor, no custody of kids, life threatening SH, alters recall sexual abuse
> guy: cop, co-conscious with all his personalities, recovering alcoholic, anger management problems, multiple divorces, almost no childhood memories, child alters who recall abuse and only show up in therapy
>second woman: married, 2 kids, no specific memories before the birth of her first child, total amnesia, life threatening SH, documented sexual abuse from her father including multiple abortions, alters recall sadistic sexual abuse

No. 923715

it's almost as if mental illness presents itself differently in different people and is easier to manage for some people while it's a lot harder for other people! weird

No. 923761

go back to tumblr, we all know that edgy girls love exploiting mental illness because it's surrounded by ~mystery~ for pity/fame points even if it's entirely made up

No. 923764

forgot to sage soz

No. 923827

yeah, doesn't make what i said untrue. they might be faking, they might not, but your standards for what is real/fake did are just wrong and, honestly, ignorant

No. 923846

File: 1580002743593.jpg (55.68 KB, 300x200, m6dRqER.jpg)

No. 923852

this is really interesting, thanks for posting anon

No. 924494

File: 1580120478520.png (152.66 KB, 720x805, Screenshot_20190923-132937(1).…)

Not a YouTuber, but I found this gem in the Don't Hate on This Unfiltered Wholesome Content Facebook page.

No. 924495

File: 1580120530384.png (21.58 KB, 448x139, Screenshot_20190923-133102(1).…)

Also the aftermath, a few hours after writing the original post.

No. 924499

that's mediocre bait

No. 925597

I'm a very close friend of MultiplicityandMe. I hang with them all the time and I've met their parents and can confirm you are quite bluntly full of shit.
First things first, the anal disclosure - really? You know nothing about their sexual life nor is it any of your business. The repeated mentions of her husband being bisexual, so? Why does it matter? :/
Diagnosis wise, yes they do have a diagnosis from a DID professional but they also share the exact same therapist that I have on the NHS for DID. Gasp! Yes, I have DID too, and no I haven't bullshitted, I've got my diagnosis through seeing various professionals on the NHS, not that purely NHS route should invalidate any form of private route.
Jess' family are not responsible for any of their CSA. They have friends that visit them regularly from university as well so, the accusations of no friends from there is quite amusing.
And before you accuse me of being them 'lurking' nope, I'm a genuine friend, my names Stacey and I don't care about you knowing who I am because I've got nothing to hide.
Jess doesn't only switch on youtube or half the rest of the crap claimed in this thread. I've met and hung out with all of her system and her little baby who they are an absolute gem at caring for by the way. She's an incredible mum and is an amazing person, so before trying to comment shit about someone else's life, maybe you should take a look at your own.
Feel free to message me some time on my social media or whatever because I'd happily show you my therapist, diagnosis letter and get my NHS Professional to confirm everything :)(:))

No. 925599

Good to know stacey ashford from chester

No. 925600

ok stacey ashford simmer down this is a gossip website

No. 925893

File: 1580400519404.png (58.03 KB, 695x320, screenshot02.png)

From reddit

No. 925894

File: 1580400555214.png (145.84 KB, 652x737, screenshot01.png)

No. 925938

which sub?

No. 925943

nevermind, found it. this thread is pretty old but here's the link for the curious: https://www.reddit.com/r/IsItBullshit/comments/bkm1hq/isitbullshit_chloe_the_dissociadid_youtube_girl/

No. 929249

File: 1581083666435.jpg (12.6 KB, 206x275, 1580974227527.jpg)

Copy pasting from personal lolcow thread:

I stumbled upon this person on tumblr thanks to some weird drama about a 40 y/o with a piss kink.


A ftm fakeboy furry with kins (including two from Rick and Morty) and self inserts that claims to have autism, BPD and DID and is in a poly relationship with some other furries. This person even has tumblr blogs for different personas and makes long paragraph stories about her "system". Says she is masculine while everything points at her being girly as fuck, including main blog, gets defensive if called "afab". She's 26, has a low income job at a fast food place, and lives with Bogleech (Jonathan Wocjik), a known bald and autistic plastic hoarder married to a "transmasc" woman.

Doctorguilty also wants to make merch out of her presumed DID characters that live in her head.

No. 948896

File: 1584993670452.jpg (175.63 KB, 1076x1343, 90509601_146660536876903_28350…)

You've probably already heard about the drama between DissociaDID/Chloe and Trisha already, but if not, some anons already posted about it in the Youtuber thread. >>948740 >>948701

I didn't know who Chloe was until their catfight, but after lurking more, everything about her rubs me the wrong way. From the fact that her diagnosis story is incredibly inconsistent and the fact that she promised to never show her children alters on camera so she can 'protect' them but changed her mind because her current partner (PiñaDID/Nan) is an age-slider. Chloe and Nan even LARP as toddlers in public. Nan has said in one of her age-sliding videos that views age as a state of mind and doesn't relate to her body anymore because it's aging. Nan's alters range from the age of 4 to 27 (Nan is in her 30s).

And not only does Chloe claims to have DID, but she also has Chronic Fatigue and PTSD. Let's say Chloe is telling the truth…how is she functional? She's too exhausted to leave her bed and everything and anything triggers her (toy stores, loud banging noises, people criticizing her or calling her a mean name, to list a few). That means, instead of getting better, she glamorizes disorder for ad revenue and her subscribers encourage it by shipping her alters and making fanart of them. I was always under the impression that if someone is mentally ill, you're not supposed to condone their behaviors or delusions.

Pic related, fanart I found. The characters are supposed to be Chloe's alters.

No. 948899

Same anon, here's a video of Chloe and Nan LARPing as toddlers at DisneyWorld. This was weirding out the other people at the park to. One woman was so concerned about Chloe crying that she checked on her and gave her a bottle water (19:34). Worst part about this video is that Chloe wishes she had a literal child's body because hers is too big (18:11). She mentions this because Nan (who is now larping as 27 Canadian man lol) said it's important for other little alters to interact with each other because they're too big to interact with actual children. At least there is some self-awareness but that's not saying much.

No. 948908

Yeah, this girl legit seems as though she's acting. It's so fucked that people believe this lmao

No. 948910

why does her male alter have such feminine mannerisms? i mean, it is possible for a man to behave this way but it seems like she just sucks at acting.

No. 948928

JFC this is so hard to watch, they come off as those atismo anime kids in highschool, the fact that they're adults makes it even worse. Thank god none of their "alters" is a dog, imagine them running around Disney World barking at people.

No. 948932

i can't cope with her pretending that a dissociative personality formed to protect her from trauma would go redo the makeup and come on and do a potter more quiz LMAO

No. 948933

Why are the thumbnails so goofy looking? Why can't any of her alters dress up like a basic person? Why can't she fix her teeth?

No. 948935

one of nan's alters is a cat lmao

No. 948936

There's also a ghost called Omega. Fuck me

No. 948939

wtf. nan and chloe definitely deserve each other. they're both so fucking weird. i hope they never have children.

No. 948942

She has studied psychiatry and knows everything about DID but she still isn't able to merge her alters? It's almost as if she doesn't want to lose them…

No. 948962


What the fuck is this

No. 948973

Does anyone have an opinion on Katie Groves (now Dylan Groves) on YouTube? They are a DID person with a terrifying story and many videos. I don't know what to make of it? They also said they were raped as a child by both parents and named both parents in one of their videos.

No. 948974

She also has a Native American "spiritual protector" alter and an alter that's a middle-aged, balding Asian man with anorexia.

No. 948976

>18.5K subscribers
obvious self post

No. 948978


Lol no. Please stop. I'm not Katie/Dylan. I just stumbled across their videos after searching pizzagate stuff and couldn't decide if I believe what they're saying or not. Hence asking for opinions.

No. 949045

can we also post cows from tumblr? it's a fucking gold mine

No. 949061


Of course

No. 949104

Is her name Nan or Nin? And who's Chloe, I thought she had a boyfriend?

All of those DID youtubers are fake as fuck. I'm glad Trisha is making them so angry by just doing what they do - change her voice and pretend that different moods are different persons.

No. 949125

Chloe/DissociaDID goes by Nin now because she "integrated" with another alter. Nan/the "pinata system" is her fiancee.

No. 949138

Found her on tumblr, she goes by the cringe system. At least she's self aware

No. 949141

I don’t know if what she’s saying is real but I feel like even if she may not have gone through that there is something wrong with her. Her speech inflection and dead eyes makes me think something must be wrong. Maybe she is schizophrenic or has severe ptsd.

No. 949178

File: 1585075535189.png (28.92 KB, 399x585, Listen here motherfuckers.png)

No. 949374

What gets me the most are the voices they put on. Nan's Jeremy voice sounds so weird, like a mix of different accents.

No. 949406

How can they speak like that without laughing lol
That there's no people calling them out in the comments is truly mind boggling to me.

No. 949431

File: 1585140459021.jpg (82.44 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot_20200325_124611.jpg)

Weebthot penny underbust also fits here and is clearly amping it up with the current drama

No. 949513

literally 3 minutes in and i want to crawl out of my skin. this is horrible. this many people not in their teens and early 20s doing this is so shameful…

No. 949656

File: 1585194131874.png (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 771x1024, 1585190782607 (1).png)

I took this from the KF thread on Chloe and Nan:

Nan draws and writes sneezing erotica and post sneezing videos on her DID Youtube channel (it's disguise as an 'informative' video about her alters). One of her stories was about three little women living in a woman's nose and tickling her with feather dusters. Another story was about an adult dog sneezing on a baby dog (image attatched). Her sneezing fetish gallery is here: https://archive.li/8kpnq

Would not be surprised if one of the reasons Nan and Chloe diagnosed themselves with DID is to get away with kink shit.

No. 949657

Here's the video.

No. 949662

File: 1585194871818.jpg (45.33 KB, 500x459, c5c8ecce2a644136f21d1ec4e52e35…)

And since I didn't see it here, Chloe got in trouble with the tumblr crowd (of course) a while ago because one of her alters, Nadia, was a racist indigenous stereotype and a sexualized 17 year old . Here's Chloe's tumblr apology and a couple of negative responses to it: https://archive.li/ySMUl

Here's a quote from her apology. I thought it was funny
>Inside, my skin may look relatively dark. I may enjoy doing things similar to vague stereotypes, like loving to be in nature.
So she can't be racist because she's mentally ill lol. Keep in mind, several of Chloe's alters are still minorities. Another one of her alters is a 40 year old Asian man with anorexia.

No. 949878

This is beyond disgusting
Is Nan actually a woman?

No. 949880

yes but they identify as non binary

No. 949883

I know this post is 10 months old, but this person also uploaded videos talking about how their own made-up character from their graphic novel is now one of their alters. They didn't talk about any trauma that arose to cause this.
I do believe DID exists, but many people on the internet are faking it for clout and misrepresenting what it's like (much like with other disorders).

No. 949884

Here Nan is as Riven, apparently a "were-cat." With a redneck accent?

No. 949901

In this video she claims its as common as bulimia? Have any of you known someone with it.
She also advocates self diagnosis if you can't see a therapist uh

No. 949917

And people got mad at Trish for saying she's crazy? Bitch is crazy!! WTF

Depression wasn't enough for quirky girls to feel special and different, now they all want different personalities inside of them? Is this the new trend?

No. 949922

Jfc this is so fucking dumb, how does ANYONE believe that

The indigenous girl and the Japanese guy, omg how pretentious can you possibly get

No. 949940

>We are a 23 year old queer, autistic survivor of Monarch/Mk Ultra, CIA child trafficking and Satanic ritual abuse
Do you really have to ask whether or not this is bullshit

No. 950007

It's weird how people are blindly supporting DissocialDID with out doing any research on the condition beyond what she spoon feeds them. If they were to do minimum research they would find out that people like her are the reasons why most psychologists want DID removed from the DSM.

No. 950033

File: 1585259897540.jpg (423.5 KB, 836x1271, d4d25pa-ffb852fa-f39d-478b-8d2…)

Nan has almost 400 pictures sneezing fetish art in her deviantart gallery too https://www.deviantart.com/ggolddduck/gallery

Surprise, Shasta is actually a character from her sneezing fetish comic.

It's convincing to teenage girls who think having a mental illness is ~*QuIrKy*~. Every 14 year girl diagnosed themselves with sociopathy/ASPD when Shane Dawson did a video about it. It's also convincing to community college dropouts who took an intro to psych course.

No. 950036

File: 1585260766519.jpg (606.69 KB, 700x800, dboc735-e35d3278-7bf0-4299-988…)

Why Rainbow Brite? What the fuck?

No. 950037

This stupid fucking bizarre fetish and her inserting it into her videos is just so fucking funny albeit disgusting. Reminds me of nemu

Nan in general makes me the most uncomfortable out of all of them and they all make me pretty fucking physically cringed out. Her too-big nose ring that's not even the right jewelery and her gawky face and body but mostly the fucking autistic voices she puts on, plus that one story of her flailing around on the ground yelling "iM jUsT bEiNg DraMaTic!!!" And the doctor saying "I can see that" just fucking sends me every damn time

No. 950040

>This stupid fucking bizarre fetish and her inserting it into her videos is just so fucking funny albeit disgusting. Reminds me of nemu
Her art felt familiar to me and I wasn't sure why until you said that lol. It's very nemu-esque.

No. 950048

Apparently, they also have a blog. I can't help but notice the drawings in the original characters tag where Nan says the character belongs to someone else. (Usually their brother.) https://outoftissues.blogspot.com/2015/06/nakedsneezecigarette.html

Her brother is in several of the videos on her channel looking distinctly uncomfortable.

No. 950053

Which alter has the sneezing fetish?

No. 950064

nan's gnarled arm makes me uncomfortable too, and that scar on her face she probably gave herself

No. 950072

I think the mk ultra and such is bullshit but I think she may actually believe it and is crazy.

No. 950074

Is that a scar? I thought it was a vein. Like an elderly persons face.

No. 950174

Is that what that fucking mark on her face is?? What is that from?

No. 950175

Samefag but I watched a video of hers to see again and her chest actually has scars like that too? If they're scars?

No. 950190

File: 1585311346606.jpg (122.85 KB, 630x447, image.jpg)

Sometimes you can see the self harm scars in some of her videos.


No. 950203

I knew about her arm, especially since you can see it mostly in her makeup videos where she wears tank tops, but never realised that's what's on her face and chest. The face and chest scars seem really performative which fits the bill I guess

No. 950213

I cant watch her vids, nan is way too fucking ugly

No. 950215

Ok jesus Nan is way more fucked up than i initially thought, i assumed she was just another tumblr fakeboi but those gnarly self harm scars and weirdass fetishes paint a weird weird picture.

No. 950219

wow. could she be like, schizo and autistic or something? the sneezing fetish screams autism.

No. 950222

Ew, Jesus Christ.
No wonder she acts like a retard and pretends to have DID. There's no way she could ever live a normal life.

No. 950240

File: 1585337219438.png (1.02 MB, 1714x1136, doeblekeke.png)

No. 950242

Dr Grande made a video about the Trisha/Nin situation. He basically sides with Nin and roasts Trisha but also criticizes some of the things Nin has said.

Sidenote but I don't really like Dr Grande. Not that Trisha didn't deserve it but he keeps hearting comments about him 'roasting' Trisha which just seems unprofessional.

No. 950245

these so called youtube doctors are mostly 100% fake bullshit.
Of course he would side with Nin when he also provides misinformation for 12 year old girls who want to be edgy.
Oh…and what a surprise he has his patreon listed in his description.

No. 950246

he's annoying. basically anyone that's a "professional" in psychology or even psychiatry is a bullshit artist anyway. it's a bullshit field for the most part. i hate when people try to lend legitimacy to it when it's almost all guesswork and garbage. sidenote but his comment "i needed to cleanse my brain with scientific literature after i watched trisha's videos" is pathetic.

No. 950248

the only people who are so attacked by trishas video are children or con artists who fake mental illnesses or use them for profit and they feel called out by trisha which is why they react to aggressively.

On a side note i respectfully messaged the Tatiana account on twitter and trisha confirmed that she is doing this to troll and expose the fake DID people. Her youtube videos of her DID was her parodying the faker DID accounts.

No. 950254

Would you mind posting those dms?

No. 950276

>and what a surprise he has his patreon listed in his description
He also sells merch (or did at one point). He is totally just in this for money.

No. 950334

No. 950337

Why do all DID tubers have genderspecial-colored hair? It's almost as if they were attention seekers

No. 950338

And apparently Trisha created a channel to mock DissociaDID.

No. 950340

And she has a fairy alter. Of course teenagers are going to eat this shit up

No. 950374

I see no difference between having "alters" and identifying as otherkin, gray gender, genderless etc.

No. 950403

I don’t think this is Trisha? I think it’s some random fan. The editing style is really weird and incomprehensible. I feel like Trisha has been on Youtube for a long time so she’d be able to edit better?

No. 950409

Wtf is DID just larping as OC's or what?

No. 950411

literally yes

No. 950412

Lol I am not buying this shit. Fairy alter?? It really feels like otherkin have found a way to validate their larping. I can see DID existing, but not in the way most of these YouTubers present it. This feels so middle school.

No. 950490


oh geez…yt has already gone to his head. how can any of his patients or consults takes him seriously now? he used to do mock therapy vids for clinicians, which isn't that uncommon for therapists to do, they just have small channels (my therapist has a channel, but it's for his patients only to help them understand cbt techniques).

i hope his patreon and merch are at least charitable. he's going to the become the next kati morton.

No. 950491

These people having "ghost" and "fairy" alters is really top kek.

No. 951057

This one was on the titanic lmao

No. 951080

File: 1585528462877.png (34.69 KB, 598x403, Screenshot_2020-03-29 Hufflepu…)

Because an online troll is as bad as the people who sexually abused you during your childhood (if this person does have DID)

No. 951143

My best friend has DID so this page is highly offensive. I have seen the trauma that DID causes and how it effects every day activity’s especially when your in school so y’all hating on Nin is so disrespectful to the people with DID and the people who are here for those with the disorder and are the only person they trust enough to tell about it. This page is a disgrace to humanity and should be deleted. Also I understand why people hate on being a little but it’s a life style that requires a lot of trust so stop hating on it because you and you dick of a SO will never have that amount of love, trust, and affection doesn’t mean you can hate on us. You and your imaginary sky being of a god ,witch is just a nightlight for people who can’t face the fact that the world is full of different people and the fact that you fucked up, can suck my nonexistent dick. Another thing about your “god” is the Bible it states “Men shall not lay with men” which is a mistranslation, it originally stated in the Latin version “Men shall not lay with boys” so the next time someone tries to tell me being gay is a sin go check some facts because the quote “Men shall not lay with boys” means that grown men can’t fuck little boys which happens back in those days so go fuck your god up the ass. Thank you for your time go die in a hole and burn☺️(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 951156

I'm sorry you're a retard that believes your lying ass attention whore friend. Enjoy being a tissue, gulliblefag.

No. 951171

DID is not a thing

No. 951172

We hope you have DID too bitch.

No. 951179

Exactly, >>951143 is clearly underaged or developmentally challenged. People who actually believe people can have multiple “alters” in their heads are either extremely gullible, naive, too trusting, or actual children. I really thought there would be more skeptics but seeing all the people siding with DissociaDID on social media is disappointing.

No. 951208

Finally! I've been waiting for this shit storm to pick up. Apparently this isnt the first trend DID has tried to jump on to get famous over the years but got lucky with the 'quirkily damaged' thing. Also she blames her ex boyfriend and death of a family member for originally triggering her DID at uni however both events happened like a year prior and didnt actually happen during her time at uni. So the likelihood is she is chatting shit and using it as an excuse.

No. 951209

Anyone notice how the views of her first three videos jumped from 200 to 600k after her first "watch me switch on camera" act? No wonder she stuck to it when she found a recipe that works

No. 951223

>Also I understand why people hate on being a little but it’s a life style that requires a lot of trust so stop hating on it because you and you dick of a SO will never have that amount of love, trust, and affection doesn’t mean you can hate on us.

No. 951252

lmao i saw that tweet, later a kpop fan trolled them.

No. 951253

Oh thats interesting do you mind telling us more?
Ive also heard that she used to silence and threaten anyone who said anything about her.

No. 951378


I dont know for sure but that's what someone said over at KF.

No. 952042


What Welsh family in the 1900s would name their child Texas? This is very fourteen year old drama student vibes.

No. 952047

Right? Also I was nearly holding it together until she got to the whole vampire reincarnation stuff and then I fucking lost it. I could almost believe some delusional retard thinking they had a historical figure in their head but having them be in your head because they're some demon vampire being reincarnated into new bodies to find their uwu true love… lay off the fanfiction and go outside. I don't know how there are so many people in the comments treating this with any ounce of respect, unless they're all literally eleven years old.

No. 952090

i honestly wanna believe she’s just an elaborate troll. the video was deeply entertaining. the fact that she didn’t even bother to do a little research on the time period to make the “alter” more believable makes it that much better

No. 952228

Lmao, why do these retards do what they do?

No. 952320

I don't think she's trolling. She was in a video with Nin from Dissociadid and her weird pedo boyfriend and seemed pretty engaged in the conversation. She calls herself Bobo in that one.

No. 952322

She is also talking like a normal teenager or young adult while saying she is 114 years old. What old lady says things like "wow not cool" and gives a thumbs up while tsking?

No. 952351

Based on her description of her seemingly working class upbringing she would have died on the Titanic anyway. What makes her so special she got on the boats? Wonder if she's ever looked up the name Texas on the passenger lists and had an existential crisis when she found out she was imaginary.

No. 952398

for some reason i believe the girl in this interview. i watched another interview of her from a few years ago in a class in college (lol) and she seemed very legit, ie not remembering when she had "switched". her alters seem way more believable than any of the bitches larping as their OCs.

i think it's conceivable that a victim of CPTSD with dissociative disorder could dream up a fairy or supernatural alter as a child, as kind of a protector. the OC "ghost alter" shit that Nin pushes is no doubt bullshit. but this girl seems more lowkey, not trying to profit off her mental issues (for now, at least.)

i feel for people who actually have DID who might possibly look it up and come across these attention whoring youtubers. ugh. i think DID is real but it looks nothing like these girls portray. sad!

No. 952449

not youtubers but this thread prompted me to lurk DID tumblr ocfag blogs, and jesus christ. do you guys think it's possible to be so autistic you convince yourself you have DID? these people seem truly deranged.

No. 952464


No. 952716

File: 1585759120220.jpg (388.21 KB, 1077x1141, Screenshot_20200401_173503.jpg)

Found this on KF. Anyone find it weird how they use the exact same terminology as the ddgl Community, yet are referring to what they consider to be actual children?

No. 952799

From what I’ve heard the DID community used the term littles before the ddlg community

No. 953787

File: 1585948133338.png (50.31 KB, 596x371, IMG_20200403_220747.png)

i found this interesting


No. 953793

also in one of the dissociadid livestreams/fan unboxing videos chloe got a wristband from a fan for her another alter ruby. she put it on her hand and later her other alter came out and read a comment saying something like "do you like that bracelet for ruby?" and she started to look around and asked "where is it?" despite it still being on her wrist. i think these little things are really interesting and it sounds like a lot of work to not even pretend, but to remember to pretend to not remember something

No. 954013

File: 1585974835191.jpg (72.63 KB, 600x900, 2ON1075.jpg)

I remember seeing one or two anons saying that they believe Encina Severa might actually have DID, unlike Nan & Nin. After seeing this pic on KF, there's no fucking way she isn't roleplaying. It's even more disturbing when you watch the videos where she behaves like a little in her system.

Idk if I was supposed to spoiler this

No. 954017

out of curiosity i watched a video where she was her 'child alter' and watching some disney thing, it was really cringy and looked like an adult making fun of someone with special needs. she makes posts on her ig about this alter while also posting lewds.

No. 954075

But then they forget all about amnesia while switching in the middle of sentences and continuing like nothing happened and whatever else.

These small details aren't that hard to fake, it's the "big" stuff that's hard to keep up with

No. 954364

But pretending is exactly what she's doing. I know we're not supposed to blog post but the fact that anyone even considers believing these people is so damaging. I work with a few DiD patients. The one thing these people larping as having the disorder get wrong (and proves they're just larping) is how they switch. Alters don't just switch randomly to come out, there's a trigger that causes them to dissociate and an alter takes over because the individual can't cope on their own with whatever the trigger is. Usually the alters exist to cope with traumatic things that the individual can't do on their own, so the switching occurs when there's reminders of that. What they're doing is very much faking and it's not hard to do when all they're doing is acting.

No. 955463

Someone who knew her in college went to KF and proved she was lying about a lot of shit. One of her exs also came out and said she was a controlling psycho. They've put a timeline together showing her lies in order and it's pretty damning for her so even if she's a good enough actress to think of little details like that I still think she's a liar

No. 955543

Has anyone been following that Tatiana drama? That channel some people kept insisting is Trisha.
Tatiana/Jessekah got doxxed by Chloes fans and filmed herself having breakdowns on YouTube, hysterically crying and even burning herself.
Now she uploaded an apology but Chloes fans still don't stop tearing the girl apart.

People on KF are all up her ass, but Jessekah brought that shit upon herself? She either could've stopped or kept on trolling. Chosing to reveal herself was the worst thing she could've done.
I can't feel any sympathy for her, cause she clearly could have expected this behavior from Chloes fans.

No. 955842

File: 1586346379518.png (29.78 KB, 570x432, cap.PNG)

Chloe promoted this dumb as fuck "DID" event using an affiliate link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/toi-magazines-entitledid-to-life-conference-gala-dinner-tickets-87508583529 (?aff=earlybirdDissociaDID)
It's tickets range from $20-320 dollars and features a bunch of YouTube roleplayers and a wine mom psychologist (and author and public speaker, according to her website) named Shawn.
It's the ultimate spoonie get together. I can't wait to watch these idiots start "switching" live on stage

No. 955852

The difference between Jessekah and Chloe is that Jessekah follows through on her threats to do some wild shit. They're both lulzy but Jessekah seems genuinely unhinged. Chloe just seems like a tumblr girl who got enough followers to inflate her ego and validate her uwu fragile mentality

No. 956022

File: 1586381424064.png (1.31 MB, 1226x2048, PicsArt_04-08-06.27.51.png)

Chloe [allegedly] had a suicide attempt.

No. 956081

File: 1586388097413.png (560.98 KB, 1292x2048, Screenshot_20200408-181802.png)

Was just coming here to post something similar. What is the point in censoring words like that if you're still saying the word? Censoring a letter isn't going to un-trigger someone kek

No. 956101

It’s only to prevent herself from either having her post removed or getting shadow banned, she doesn’t really care about triggering anyone

No. 956305


Why do I feel like this is a manipulation attempt to shut up her "haters".
>I'm gonna kill myself if you keep questioning me uwu

No. 956402

>It isn't our intention to worry you
Yes it is, if you didn't want to worry anyone you wouldn't post about how you -almost tried- to kill yourself on every social media platform, and then spin it so it looks like all the people calling your lying ass out are to blame.
>We'll try to stay alive
What a piece of shit.

No. 956411

Trish's insta is full with her minions accusing her for triggering her suicide attempt. What a huge cunt. You just know that she's gonna use this tactic to prevent criticism.

No. 956431

Yep. Chloe knows exactly what she's doing.
Trisha's a lose canon, let's hope she triggers Chloe even more.
Those DID retards deserve to be called out.

No. 956592

They're so far removed from reality it's insane. According to them Trisha's actions make her the worst person ever, but of course they'd never question the legitimacy of somebody trying to accuse another person of indirectly being a murderer.

No. 956881

And now we find out Nan draws CP and befriended two retards in the community with kids. DID Mom who spends all day making Tik toks dressed as a baby while her kids cry off camera and Fragmented Psych who said they'll keep letting Nan around their kids because they don't think she's a real pedo

No. 956965

Thats so fucking manipulative, but i guess since her fans are literal retards that works. Disgusting.

No. 957025

If these alter things were true how would the other personality remember the password to youtube and upload vids? Or hell wouldn't they just walk away from the video and do something else? Cuz they claim it's another person with their own set of memories. That's why I always think it's bull shit
"Imma put eye liner on. Now I'm a new person, and I switched on camera! I also know some complete strangers passwords!"

No. 957095

It's all bs.
If DID was real they actually had DID, they wouldn't be able to life on their own.
How come they never "wake up" somewhere and don't know how they got there? How come they don't have an alter that's dangerous to society or themselves?
Most of Chloe's alters are depressed and emo, but they would never harm ~the body~
How come an alter doesn't suddenly decide to cut their hair, or get a piercing?

I truly do not understand how these DID youtubers don't get called out, because it's so damn obvious they don't have that disease.

No. 957118

Interesting to note the choice of background for this post. One of her most alluded-to suicide attempts is one that supposedly happened in a forest, which gave her the ghost alter who is afraid of forests and ropes, and has scars around her neck.
Though it's unclear if this is actually how it happened, as chat logs from a 200 person group chat were leaked to Kiwi Farms. It was from after the supposed attempt, where students were discussing "a girl in the lake," and Chloe bragged that it was her and "go big or go home." (Would share here but KF is down currently.)

No. 958018

File: 1586784859866.jpeg (913.44 KB, 828x1636, 0E5727DC-C158-4DAB-8CE6-7E12AB…)

The DID community does more damage to the DID community than anyone else. They really have genderqueer panromantic 15 yr olds out here thinking horror movies are good sources of medical information lol

No. 958051

God, they are so annoying.

No. 958183

>I recommend watching the movie Split
Holy shit these people are stupid. Naive, gullible children.

No. 958803

File: 1586899851917.jpeg (149.91 KB, 750x824, 6E4A1CC0-612B-4D6B-B9D4-196BCB…)

I knew this relationship was never going to last but I definitely didn’t expect it to end this way lol

That is, assuming Chloe has the dignity to end things…

No. 958881

File: 1586906282829.png (165.41 KB, 760x724, Screenshot_20200414-191734.png)

I was just coming here to post their tweet worded the same way. Searching #teampinata on Twitter for more info, does anyone have a clear story? this is the first thing I've found that says what happened.

No. 958883

Where is this so called child porn art cause i aint see proof yet

No. 958885

File: 1586906547517.jpg (63.17 KB, 846x834, IMG_20200414_192032.jpg)

hahahaha and there's this post allegedly from teampiñata's Tumblr. they apparently have a sneezing fetish, which is interesting since they posted a video of "all my alters sneezing". so also exhibitionist fetish???

link to tweet where I found this screenshot, I don't know what teampiñata's Tumblr URL is or if it's even still up


No. 958899

i searched it up and found https://ggolddduck.tumblr.com . there's not much on it though. the oldest post is from 2014, and it doesn't seem to have been used since then. looking through the likes, there's general fetish stuff but also things like danny phantom, tank girl, and digimon.
sorry for no pics, i'm having trouble attaching them for some reason.

No. 958920

File: 1586910106430.png (59.4 KB, 760x539, Screenshot_20200414-202142.png)

No. 958928

Everyone who's interested in these cows better start downloading and reuploading every video on this channel in case Nan deletes.
I'd do it myself, but I have no fucking space on my hard drive, and a shitty connection.

No. 958930

File: 1586911303700.png (93.45 KB, 2298x594, tp.png)

Samefagging. Never mind. RIP. It's a shame they were chased off.

No. 958933

No. 958979

aside from the fact that chloe needs to generate interesting storylines to keep the neetbux flowing in, i can't see why she would even care about this. she claims to have vulnerable underage alters and yet she was in a sexual relationship with a 30-year-old who also has underage alters. but this the last straw? surejan.jpg

No. 959144

Don't worry, KF archived all of Nan and Chloe's content

No. 959146

I fucking love Trisha. She said one quick sentence about Chloe and Chloe, Nan, Anthony and Mykie went off and brought all the attention to Chloe and Nan.
They were going to milk this shit and what they got in the end was an outed pedo, a new ex and so much negative attention and people calling them out, that they had to hide.

No. 959479

Is it me, or are most of these fakers middle class girls, who have never had anything done to them, and are wasting the NHS's time with fakery?

No. 959500

she knew about this and the fact she only cared now to throw teammpinata under the bus to save their image speaks alot.
What a two-faced bitch damn.

No. 959863

File: 1587047241222.jpeg (92.39 KB, 640x640, BAFAB648-3C3A-410C-9E75-2F8C63…)

>sneezing furry fetish community

No. 960262

Wtf I love Trisha now too

No. 960345

my alter is a nigga(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 967629

I've been calling this DID girl bullsh!t for years. I never seen someone who is so mentally ill that she can create clean videos, do decent makeup etc. Nothing about her goes hand and hand with metal illness. To me, they are both confused privileged kids that want to live in a world that their parents don't believe in. Hence why they are alone together, prob two spoiled runaway. Never fall for YouTubers with professional videos that claim to be anything but wealthy. Shes Full of crap just like the rest of the YouTube vultures

No. 967646

You gotta see her video where she has the face of guilt when talking about her creep partner. She doesn't want to lose the revenue she gained through lies. And truth be told, she knew who her partner was, as I've said before, she wreaks of privilege and lies.. both DIDgirl and her Indian bread name weirdo partner are creeps. Please wake up and expose these 2.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 967653

this is a month old post but what the FUCK did i just read

No. 968034

No. 968049

I’ve never followed this thread but I think I might have to start…

No. 968063

>conveniently pulls out camera moments before a "switch"
not sure if this is a weird selfpost or what but the moment she said "it's Pennywise" I lost my shit. what a plot twist

No. 968073

>"the clown system"

there used to be a whole reddit for minor did/multiple system flakes. one of them got infamous because they claimed to be a solar system and a ball of tar.
anyone remember this video?

No. 968249

DID bitches are great cows, too bad this website doesn't care for them

No. 968861

File: 1588614349499.png (449.7 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200504-184937.png)

Found this system browsing Instagram today. Apparently DID alone is not enough anymore it has to be polyfragemented.
Her profile isn't interesting but she has an alter named Kiwi.
Maybe she's a protector against all the 'hate' from kiwifarms.
Good kiwi vs bad kiwi
I lost it when I read her alter description.

No. 968904

Lol “DID” truly is just creating OCs.

No. 968965

File: 1588626369139.jpg (20.52 KB, 534x516, 1523130448693.jpg)

>I ended up having to rewrite my "trauma narrative" because of some bitchy counselor
>Yup…it's comin' now. Here it comes.
>the badly acted and vacant tism stare before she "switches"
>I'm pennywise
Oh fuck, I'm dying.

No. 968966

I wonder if she has another alter named Joshua Sun

No. 971681

File: 1589078133037.jpeg (135.9 KB, 1080x1897, 119D0046-FF42-48E2-81C6-4520A5…)

So found out on twitter someone tried to kill themselves over dissociadids fans and she thanked them

No. 971682

File: 1589078155604.png (170.01 KB, 374x679, C716A043-9DD4-405D-96E0-110F1B…)

No. 971683

File: 1589078184912.jpeg (159.72 KB, 1080x1963, 28F31ADA-4A22-4F64-AD72-2BFE4A…)

No. 971713

>But if people deserve it
wild. i hate zoomers.

No. 971717


god this girl is so dumb

No. 971756

shes such a piece of shit. suicide baiting when trisha paytas triggers her pussy but thanks her fans for bullying others. i wish people on youtube werent fucking retarded and could see through all of her fake, sociopathic bs.

No. 971850


Admins of the group chat are claiming these screenshots are edited, especially the person's own messages.

No. 971854

File: 1589124379415.jpg (142.5 KB, 720x708, EXqdGdTXQAAanYS.jpg)

samefag but their response to the messages.

No. 971933

File: 1589140508125.jpeg (232.9 KB, 1125x1308, 2075054A-7B1A-47BB-BFD9-01C185…)

Yeah the person who posted the screenshots originally (I’m pretty sure at least) said it ended up being proved to be fake

No. 972147

If this wasn't bad enough the comments are all saying "hi Pennywise!" I cannot

No. 972382

This girl is really cringe. Her alters have relationships with each other. But most of her alters are characters from TV shows.

Isn't this called otherkin or whatever in the "fandom world". Why are all these people so weird

No. 974480

No. 974600

Munchie teaches us how to spot other munchies.

No. 974814

Did we watch the same video? The doctor mentioned at the beginning is the real deal.

No. 979292

This is very cringe. Heavily inspired by Dissociadid,switch on camera,make-up,CFS,integrations and everything.
She even has a video up asking for money to see her idol at the DID conference and people actually donated..

She's German, but that's obviously too boring so they all have exotic names and every alter speaks English even when dissociating. Subtitles suck except when they're describing switches.

No. 980033

The fact that when she switches she yawns reminds me of a bootleg Lunch from DBZ, the girl that switches personalities when she sneezes

No. 980051


this reeks of tumblr

No. 982083

File: 1591043752282.jpeg (426.89 KB, 1125x810, 0C205C94-2AFA-41C7-B617-39C825…)

sorry this is kind of ot but what is this person even saying?


fucking pardon

No. 982084

>the girl that switches personalities when she sneezes
…so nan

No. 984952

there we go, another system with BPD.
Chloe and Nan have BPD too, wouldn't be surprised if these "alters" are just bpd swings taken to the extreme

No. 994666

File: 1593075547437.jpeg (253.36 KB, 1080x1539, did1.jpeg)

so apparently dissociadid have been called out for racist behaviour and (obviously) faking her illness and posted a sob story on instagram stating she will bail on the upcoming entitledid conference and quit social media due to the "hate" she's been getting. pic related. 1/4

No. 994671

File: 1593075622982.jpeg (241.1 KB, 1077x1526, did2.jpeg)

No. 994678

File: 1593075765340.jpeg (252.41 KB, 1080x1543, did3.jpeg)

No. 994684

File: 1593075869157.jpeg (225.3 KB, 1078x1514, did4.jpeg)

No. 995046

good lord anon how do you live with this font

No. 995947

kek it's not my caps they're from her subreddit, but i agree

No. 1001049

This feels so fake.

No. 1001239

Direct quote from the DSM, "Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder do not report the subtle symptoms of intrusion characteristic of the disorder; instead
they tend to overreport well-publicized symptoms of the disorder, such as dissociative
amnesia, while underreporting less-publicized comorbid symptoms, such as depression.
Individuals who feign dissociative identity disorder tend to be relatively undisturbed by
or may even seem to enjoy "having" the disorder. In contrast, individuals with genuine dissociative identity disorder tend to be ashamed of and overwhelmed by their symptoms and to underreport their symptoms or deny their condition. Individuals who malinger dissociative identity disorder usually create limited, stereotyped alternate identities, with feigned amnesia, related to the events for which gain is sought. For example, they may present an "all-good" identity and an "all-bad" identity in hopes of gaining exculpation for a crime."


Furthermore, if you look into the history of multiple personality disorder you'll find many women came out after the book turned movie Sybil become popular claiming to have multiple personalities.

Would also recommend, if you can, that you read "Sybil Exposed" by Debbie Nathan. She explains how Sybil was coaxed into believing fabricated abuse and that she made up the personalities to please Dr.Wilbur.

It's more than likely that DID, if it is real, is rare and most people malinger with it because they can benefit from being the snowflakes they truly are.

No. 1001455

Maybe next time try to integrate before self-posting or trying to use this thread for your personal vendetta.
Provide something milky or gtfo. A random chick just faking a mental illness like millions others do isn’t milk.

No. 1002063

because it is
is this chick not milky anymore? her whole personality is faking DID. and the video was clickbait. the title makes it sound like she remembered her trauma, but no, because that shit didn't happen. she just remembers some innocuous childhood memories.

No. 1003328


Jesus Christ, that girl pisses me off so much. When she switches into her “alter” Joey (6:05 in that video) the cringe hits me like a train.

THE YAWNING. Why? And why make basically the same video over 10 times? “Behind the scenes”, behind the scenes of what? She’s got more behind the scenes videos than actual videos.

Sage for the pissed off sperging.

No. 1003717

I know what you mean.It's supposed to be educational,show the raw side of did.
Educate my ass.
It's badly acted, sensationalized, repetitive misery porn.
If she really switches that often she should be in a hospital and not on YouTube.
I guess it generates views. So more of that. But it gets so boring. Same shit always, except for the recently added borderline freakouts.

No. 1003755

They're superior to the other fakers, since they made up a sob story to go with their larping.

No. 1003890

I… Anon, that's literally the most popular DID claiming YouTuber there is, how are you in this thread calling her a randomer

No. 1084678

No. 1084690


this video of hers is far worse at 6:55 she transitions to "joey" again and you literally see her look at the camera and get into character for a split second it's insane

No. 1087990

Why do these twats always have a cheeky east london/ essex persona?

No. 1088034

lol are all her alters bilingual because this bitch's German accent is coming through in all of them

I'm new to this thread, has any of these nutters ever come out after to admit that they were acting all along?

No. 1093465

DissociaDID came back to YT

No. 1100478

No. 1100520

I feel like it's not necessary to just post each of her new videos without any commentary. I don't see how it's milk. the other farms has it covered anyway, it sort of just smells like self posts hoping for farmers to click for views

No. 1100635

What I want to know is why do these idiots always use goth and emo clothing, for all their characters?

No. 1107188

Sorry for off topic but where can I learn how "real" non attention seeking DID even looks like? Or where can I ask the same question and get an answer lol

Shit got me curious but if you google it all you get is the same 3 hilariously exaggerated for views youtubers and some shitty rephrasings of the DSM criteria

No. 1107199

Your best bet is slogging through a case study, reading articles in medical journals, or diving into books written by psychologists dealing with trauma and abuse. Videos I have never really seen before in this case.

No. 1107201

“DID case study” is a good place to start. Herschel Walker’s personal account of his DID is interesting too, in a way that it’s sort of framed as compartmentalization that spun out of control. He’s also not an attention-seeking 20-something year old white woman, which inclines me to believe him more on a base level.

But he did also threaten/attempt to kill his wife on more than one occasion so you know. Grain of salt and all that.

No. 1107208

This is an interesting documentary.

No. 1107214

Was thinking more about perspective of the sick person and I don't think case studies are good at conveying that but I'll try


No. 1107223

I understand what you’re asking for but I think it might be too tall an order. One of the hallmarks of this disorder (if it exists at all) is generally being unaware of it. I think even in Herschel Walker’s case it’s not remembered experiences; it’s retold accounts from his ex-wife and then input from professionals during his treatment, with him then translating it because he concedes “yeah, I guess that makes sense.” Not every “switch” was a blackout, sometimes it was certain facets of his personality (like anger, tenacity, tenderness) amplified to a point where that personality trait overcame all others and he as a person was unrecognizable to those close to him. But to himself he was just being angry, tenacious, tender, etc. I think he was receiving treatment for it for 10 years(?) before he wrote his book which gave him the time to objectively accept what was happening to him. That’s a perfect storm of platform, money, interest, and treatment just to allow that story to be told, though. Idk how often that happens in a genuine, not “20 switches on camera!!!!!!” fake sneezes YouTube bullshit, sort of way.

No. 1113827

DID or not shes got issues, her eyes look wild

No. 1181924

It's debatable if 'real DID' even exists.

No. 1202162

I recently find out a couple of things about DissociaDID and thought I would share.

>she has been exposed about a month because apparently her alters Jade is based on a book

>the book's name is "How the Illuminati create an undetectable total mind controlled slave" and has lots of parallels with her video Jade and how she explains the inside world
>she also has been striking videos critizing her from small channel GrandadsLounge, almost making him lose his channel
>people apparently are really mad about it
>this all happened around one month, grandadslounb for about two weeks
>two weeks ago is the same time she posted saying she would go for an indefinite hiatus social media for good due to someone abusing her that could potentially harm her in real life
>she won't quit her patreon, though, where she will post art, merchandise and keep a positive community going on
>also old milk, but her partner has been outed for having a seeking fetish and making cp art
>she has commented before that her partner was asexual and the only way to stimulate him was engaging to his fetish

No. 1202192

>the only way to get him off is to engage in his fetish

Is that what people are considering to be asexual now? Kek how pathetic

No. 1202244

File: 1617641749153.jpg (40.51 KB, 320x550, didcringe.jpg)

Something I've noticed is that DID-fakers have a tendency to try to sound "protective but in a badass way" of "their alters" (aka themselves)
Instead of being normal and being like "I hope I don't get bullied in school" they imagine their favorite anime character ranting about defending them.
Anyone else notice this as a running theme?

No. 1202247

File: 1617642038561.png (168.34 KB, 640x529, DIDegeneracy.png)

No. 1203243

Yeah, I mean the core rule of these people's made up fantasy illness is all their larpable OC's appearing in order to protect their uwu vulnerable abused self, so they're doing it to lend legitimacy to their retarded act as well as write prose about themselves from a third person view for attention and to talk about how much they love themselves

not only is this beyond the pale but I've seen it a LOT, not just from creepy larping scrots but from the larping teenage girls as well. This planet has gone too long

No. 1204570

They are all so obviously faking it for attention. None of this seems genuine at all.

No. 1204776

the one at 2:50 is pure autism. How can you walk around and tell people you're a fucking gay mermaid and a goat demon with a straight face ? Fuck this generation in constent need for attention

No. 1205320

Dropping this here because I just watched it and this guy's good. Rage at fake DID LARPers.
The first part is about him so you might want to skip a bit.

No. 1206937

I mean to these people if you dont want to fuck every single person that looks at you, then you must be ace!!

No. 1259012

she gets locked up in a psychiatric hospital. It'd be interesting to see if in that case she will keep up the act.

No. 1648052

Jesse dropped the act, meanwhile Dissociadid refreshed her character roster to appear more appealing to the genderspecials and witchy pagans uwu saying she wants to explore old English spirituality to get away with the fact that she made up one stereotypical native witchy character lmao

No. 1648054

Samefag, Chloe in her full chuuni phase

No. 1648165

That’s good news for the sake of her kid. I always thought her act was one of the least convincing. Not sure how anyone fell for it

No. 1870927

Dissociadid is literally a crazy bur not with did malingering and constantly asking.hef underage audience for donations for her legal feels. She has a tiktok called @thedemoness and its for there sdxuL alfsr mara who is a fucking fictive from tiktok of all places. She said she was getting alot of hate and also watching alof of tiktok vixdos cuz by her own admission she never leaves the house but on her tiktok she goes.ouf but I digress. She also walks perfectly fine except for when she has to go to.cpurf and then she has her cane. I definitely think she is a mumchie due to jow she also pies about cfs and she's just not a good person her channel is nothing like what real did is and ifs teaching and even causing younger people to.fale in a v specific way that you can tell they started acting like that from watching her. Go to the djssociadid or dissociadid discord..that bagks all this up
I know this is a image board but I domt wanna spam when you can find it on reddit. She also recently on tiktok told a minor to work on his gag reflex and and her ex drew kiddie porm and she still speaks about them like they where the love of.gjdir life despite saying they are a victim of csa and she said she had child porn made of her so how she could keep her coop.wjd want to keep her relationship to the point the public p much got on jet ass to break up on YouTube and she choose a. Career living a lie over life off the Internet with creepy nan. If you see the nan and nin go to Disney which I'd on the reddit. They have Google drives with all her videos and shit but you can find if without downloading.it.hut they where totally bdsm ageplaying
Idk how to make pages on here and only have mobile but I think chloe wilkomson\nin\kya\liar needs a page of there own. They even got alot of what they say about there abuse and they where sra Ed that can tie back to a book znd alot of people think she stole alot of alters ans innerworld from there chz if you watch any of her youtube it's easy to see she's not goof at being creative

No. 1870929

Please ensure my spelling mistakes k haven't been up long in my last post guys sorrrrrdf

No. 1870933

I also didn't mean discord I meant reddit. The pages are r/dissociadid r/djssociadiddiscourse and r/dissociadidtf I'm sorry for spam texting I'm tryna help.but morning coffee hasn't kicked kn

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