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File: 1665773322667.png (411.08 KB, 682x672, 1665256179551 (1).png)

No. 1374405

Last thread: >>1362613
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

>>1362645 , >>1362672 A gay romcom flops
>>1363311 , >>1363579 Anons say that Mds Mikealsen was seen at a j. peterson event, no actual caps though.
>>1363583 Lena dun making a tone deaf tweet.
>>1363691 Lea Michele gets some positive feedback after a long time.
>>1363868 A paparazzi who was aggressively taking pictures of Margot Robbie and Cara Delavigne gets brutally beaten by Margot's bodyguard and producer.
>>1363860 Lindsey Lohan making a comeback.
>>1364120 , >>1364479 Brad Pitt allegedly was abusive to Angelina and her children.
>>1364792 , >>1365202 Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen Divorce.
>>1365357 Rihanna performs at the Super Bowl event.
>>1365400 Britney posing nude on Instagram again.
>>1366208 More controversy over the movie ''blonde''
>>1367148 The trailer for new series the idol.
>>1367286 Paris hilton trying to find her missing dog.
>>1367553 geriatric baldwin popping out babies with his trophy wife.
>>1368047 Jennie (blackpink) and Taehyung (bts) are dating. The one who leaked this has the polic called by her label.
>>1368895 , >>1368898 , >>1368901 Bella, Gigi and Kylie looking busted.
>>1369295 Elon Musk says that its ''full on communism'' that some of his kids dont want to be associated with him.
>>1369411 Azealia shades Gigi and Kanye.
>>1370135 , >>1370258 Rex Orange County charged with sexual assault.
>>1370204 Tom Felton shows support for JK Rowling.
>>1370458 Madonna trying to stay relevant.
>>1370975 Harry styles called out for allegedly throwing away the Palestinian flag in a rude way during a concert.
>>1371248 , >>1371378 Kanye west had a private school where he makes kids chant the name of his deceased mother.
>>1371580 Amanda Bynes is in cosmetology school.
>>1372141 Gerard way.
>>1373647 People think Cole sprouse and his girlfriend dressed up as amber and johnny, turns out that was false.
>>1374209 that girl from euphoria (idk how she was called since idiot anon didnt even say her name in the post)
>>1374258 Actor Robbie Coltrane who played Hagrid in harry potter dies at age 72.

All of the kanye milk from last thread:
>>1362668 >>1362669 >>1362729 >>1363281 , >>1363666 >>1363709 , >>1364145 , >>1364553 , >>1365391 , >>1365514 , >>1365528 , >>1365532 , >>1367939 , >>1367940 , >>1367947 , >>1367959 , >>1367965 , >>1367967 , >>1367968 , >>1367969 , >>1368118 , >>1368539 , >>1369956 , >>1369974 , >>1370047 , >>1373149 , >>1373259 , >>1373273 , >>1373274
Kanye west goes off the rails by having a schizo meltdown and trying to offend as many people as possible which leads to his twitter and insta being banned and adidas cutting their contract with him.

No. 1374414

File: 1665773759313.jpg (129.44 KB, 980x653, attachment-Nicki-Minaj-Latto.j…)

Nicki Minaj again having drama with another female rapper, this time its with Latto


No. 1374424

Barb is so pretty. She would have interesting career choices if she care to loose 10-15kgs. I don't know why she chooses to be like this. Are her parents rich?

No. 1374430

File: 1665774182636.jpg (144.6 KB, 1379x387, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-ZYwW…)

(1/6) This woman cant stop herself from starting crap with other women.

>Minaj had been voicing her displeasure about not being considered for any rap categories on Instagram Live and Twitter earlier in the day when she made the ultimatum that if "Super Freaky Girl" wasn't going to be considered for any rap categories, neither should Latto's "Big Energy."

>"I have no prob being moved out the RAP category as long as we r ALL being treated FAIRLY. If SFG has 2B moved out RAP then so does Big Energy! ANY1 who says diff is simply a Nicki hater or a troll. I’d actually LUV 2 c a more street record win- male OR female! IJS rightIsRight," Nicki tweeted.

>Minaj felt justified in her response to the Grammys submission news, saying, "Could you imagine someone telling you not to “complain” about being treated unfairly at your workplace? This is my job. I work very hard. No diff from a 9-5 where you should speak up for yourself if you know you’re a great employee & continue to be purposely sabotaged."

No. 1374434

untalented girl from euphoria who blames her incompetence on muh fatphobia, tries to cape for women while working on horrifically anti-woman show

No. 1374437

how come in the USA, even rich people with bi-polar don't take their medication?

No. 1374445

I really don’t understand why stan fags are so tuned into this. How are you 26 years old with a gas leak and cum socks under your bed posting emojis under Nicki Minaj tweets?

No. 1374454

File: 1665774719214.png (108.27 KB, 1386x575, Untitled.png)



>Minaj then quote tweeted a fan who posted a screenshot of Latto calling "Big Energy" a pop song. The user also added a clip of Latto rapping that she's in her "pop bag." Nicki responded by saying "Yikes."

>A few minutes later, Latto seemingly responded to the conversation, saying, "Damn I can’t win for losing… all these awards/noms I can’t even celebrate." Earlier today, it was announced that Latto had received multiple American Music Awards nominations, including Favorite Hip-Hop Song for "Big Energy."

>Apparently, the two attempted to discuss things privately, but the conversation boiled over into a public back-and-forth. Minaj first posted a screenshot of an apparent DM Latto had sent her, which Nicki captioned by calling Latto a "Karen" and "scratch off."

>Latto then proved Minaj's tweet was about her by quoting it, saying, "1st of all I texted u cause I didn’t wanna do the internet sht w sum1 I looked up to. Just like the 1st time I DMed u asking about ur ongoing subtweets. I wanted to speak up cuz like I said I do agree but the way u going about it seems malicious esp. after how we left off."

>She then followed that up by firing off a solo tweet, naming Nicki directly and calling her a bully. "I’ve ignored countless subtweets since March and instead addressed u in the dm," Latto wrote. "You’re asking why I didn’t speak up in ur defense… it’s the same answer I gave u when u asked why I didn’t congratulate you. Ur literally older than my mom tryna be a bully @NICKIMINAJ."

>Minaj didn't take kindly to Latto's jab at her age, to which she responded in a quote tweet: "All this time I thought you was at least 35."

No. 1374456

File: 1665774825556.jpeg (74.55 KB, 828x514, AA813C60-7AF6-41E1-A949-BC1162…)

Hagrid is dead. I’m not okey.

No. 1374460

RIP but it’s not like I’ve thought about this man since second grade so I’m not going to pretend to be devastated or something.

This woman is 40 years old calling Megan thee stallion Bigfoot. She is in need of an ssri.

No. 1374468

File: 1665775260737.png (232.4 KB, 1287x707, ojojj.png)


>Latto then brought up an old tweet from Minaj that she believed was indirectly aimed at her. She added the hashtag "40yroldbully."

>Minaj quickly responded, claiming the tweet in question didn't have anything to do with Latto and was actually about a creator on TikTok. >"I’m sure the Barbz have receipts," Nicki added. "It goes to show she made up these “subtweets” in her head simply b/c she sent me 2 songs I declined to do features on. They all do this. (See next tweet)."

>Next, Minaj fired another shot at Latto, saying Latto was age-shaming her and bringing up Latto's first-week sales for her recent album, which were reportedly 24,000 total units. "You sold 20K right?" Minaj wrote. "Mad u flopped. That's why u rlly mad."

>Minaj then doubled down on the sales diss and called Latto a "Karen" yet again, but also claimed that the "Big Energy" rapper uses a spray tan and added, "They black when it's beneficial chi."

No. 1374475

I've heard this music. Not impressed, it's just the same old yadda yadda

No. 1374488

i literally looked him up yesterday because he was the answer to a pub quiz question (which actor is the only one to win the bafta for best british actor three years in a row?) and now he's dead… wow.

someone tell me a horrible celeb to look up so we can see if i can use this power for good.

No. 1374501

Harvey Weinstein, ugly and a sex offender

No. 1374503

im not posting 4, 5, and 6/6 i got bored, anyone who wants to read it all can read the article.

No. 1374509

now why did i think he was already dead

No. 1374523

You're thinking of Epstein, the other ugly rapist.

No. 1374524

I also get constantly confused and mix these two up kek

No. 1374531

>being 40 and calling a girl in her early 20s old-looking
doesn't change the fact that she's young and you're middle aged. that's the most pathetic diss i heard in a long time.

No. 1374542

She’s mentally and never leaves the house. That’s what this shit does to you, jarring to see it happen to someone like this though

No. 1374546

people dragging nicki minajto filth on this hashtag


Love to see it.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1374547

File: 1665777819326.png (732.69 KB, 1062x595, nicki.PNG)

I don't know if they are in these photos, but Nicki pulling out the black woman card was fucking crazy to me because around this time last year she was insulting the black woman from Little Mix for absolutely no reason. She also lied about her husband's victim being white. I don't know how her fans can't see that she takes them as fools.

No. 1374548

Jared Leto, please

No. 1374551

I can't imagine Leigh being jealous of this pug looking bitch lol

No. 1374555

Can someone explain to me HOW the balagdeh girl got famous and a solo career? I will never understand it

No. 1374563

Nonny, I can't explain how or why 90% of these people are famous. Except for the "everyone watches a trainwreck" thought.

No. 1374567

I'm not British but she's always seemed like the least popular member so I have no idea. I guess sympathy from all those years of people calling her ugly and the drama of splitting from the group was enough to launch a solo career, but it wasn't enough to make people like her debut (even with a Diddy and Nicki feature).

No. 1374569

Im proud of Latto for defending herself against Nicki Minaj.
Because many rap-girls are afraid to defend themselves against Nicki because nicki has insane fans who worship her and always try to make Nicki look like the victim.

No. 1374578

File: 1665778815957.jpg (186.63 KB, 947x2048, FfAHyf_XkAE4v2W.jpg)

Nicki Minaj calling Megan the stallion ''big foot'' in her dm's with Latto…..

No. 1374582

she did a very highly-watched bbc documentary about being cyber bullied, and got a lot of sympathy from normies, especially from those who thought she was mixed race and the bullying was racial. unfortunately for jesy that support didn't translate into support for her music, especially when everyone realised the only black thing about her is the fact she looks like the creature from the black lagoon.

No. 1374583

File: 1665778926054.jpg (25.72 KB, 594x396, Minaj.jpg)

Lol at this celebrity thinking anyone gives a fuck about how 9-5 employees are treated. Dumbass. She should know better, as she was reportedly fired from "15 jobs before she got famous".

No. 1374593

nicki and kanye are both so fucking dumb. like i know they're mentally ill and all that but imagine being 40, filthy rich, and still being such a fucking twat on twitter all day long for no reason. can they just get a hobby>

No. 1374597

File: 1665779586720.jpeg (231.13 KB, 788x1370, F56CAE47-F169-47A5-BE15-18F3C4…)

azealia banks reaction to the nicki vs latto mess. 1/3

No. 1374599

File: 1665779723127.jpeg (250.43 KB, 811x1367, ABF83928-E4E7-4EF3-B1F5-EBEE70…)

No. 1374601

File: 1665779805961.jpeg (106.65 KB, 838x1357, 3CD352C9-C4FB-4E21-BFD5-1EAC24…)

No. 1374609

broken clocks etc etc

No. 1374610

she's so vile and her fans are worse than kpopstans
there's been so many instances of her shitting on young upcoming female rappers + the fact she supports rapist moids, she's a prime pickme

No. 1374616

here she is right.

No. 1374619

"Famous" and "career" are very generous of you

No. 1374624

File: 1665780831552.png (2.15 MB, 1130x1720, dZXBthI (1).png)

hasley was complaining that her MID album was ahead of its time and thats why no one bought it… demi behavior

No. 1374625

File: 1665780855496.png (Spoiler Image, 3.33 MB, 1102x1856, SR8OJfe (1).png)

she continues

No. 1374626

File: 1665780878403.png (Spoiler Image, 1.18 MB, 1254x1796, bD71zV2 (1).png)

and continues

No. 1374628

Multiple posts of this? Lmao she's so full of herself and needs to realize not everyone's going to like what she puts out. The public's going to feel how they feel regardless of what she does, just weird she's crying about it.

No. 1374634

It's very telling that every person that agrees with Nicki Minaj is just as shitty or not a good person as well. Latto worked with men who abused women as well. Just like MTS was cool with Da Baby after he slapped a woman, killed someone and in general treats women badly, but acted shocked when he treated her the same way. I'm always team fuck everyone in Nicki or Cardi's weekly meltdowns. They all are shitty

No. 1374635

*agrues not agrees. Mulatto was kissing Nickis ass knowing she's disgusting but now wants to bring up her rapist husband or her rapist/pedo brother. You knew that when you were singing her praises. Just like she knew Kodak is a woman abuser and about Dr. Luke

No. 1374642

She is 100% right, but Nicki won't listen ever. I suspect nicki will be in so trouble in the law in the future for trying to fight another woman and even then she won't get help, she will just blame it on the legal system. There's not hope for her, she is just an awful bottom of the barrel pick-me who hates other women with all her heart and soul because they are competition to her. Btw, big energy is a very catchy and fun song. Fuck Nicki and fuck the barbs.

No. 1374644

All female rappers are trash. There isn't a way to get into the industry without having to work with nasty scrotes unfortunately. Even a lot of female pop singers aren't immune. Find me a female rapper who isn't a rampant pickmeisha, i'll wait.

No. 1374660

I can't. Just like I can't name a male rapper who isn't a piece of shit, very few actors as well. Honestly it's kind of crazy when you think about it.

No. 1374667

………i hope this isnt self-promo

No. 1374668

>big energy is a very catchy and fun song
kek no

No. 1374669

Having any expectations for famous people is misguided or retarded. You generally have to be a specific type of kiss ass to become a celebrity, otherwise there would be more talented and virtuous people who are famous.

No. 1374670

I'll give her a look thanks nonnie. I can't be the only one who wants to see genuinely talented women make it but at the same time afraid they'll get sucked onto the hellhole that is fame, especially in the rap industry. I bet the ones nonnies can name aren't very famous or are older, like Queen labia. I can't think of any weirdness with her

No. 1374672

You gotta try listening to Tierra Whack or Noname

No. 1374677

Ugh I give up, not "Queen Labia" I meant "Queen Latifah ". Ugh I hate being fat fingered.

No. 1374680

for me its queen clitoris.

No. 1374683

File: 1665784232896.jpeg (879.23 KB, 4176x2349, Latto-e1647363970561.jpeg)

She's not exactly wrong imho.

Curious, did Nikki diss Lil Kim as old or irrelevant? Tis the cycle for female entertainers…

No. 1374684

All the female rapper your are talking about are nowhere near as famous as nicki or Latto though, why should I have to dig to find a female rapper who isn't a fucking pick-me? Why doesn't that say something to you?

No. 1374686

File: 1665784291569.png (1.12 MB, 984x568, poop.png)

No. 1374689

>did Nicki diss Lil Kim as old or irrelevant?
she did , she also copied her style while and stole some of her features.

No. 1374693

am i retarded or has her nose been looking really botched the past year

No. 1374695

it's true. it's just a fact that to get above a certain level of income (without being a mathemtician/theoretical phsyicist), you have to either fuck a kid or cover for someone who fucked a kid.

No. 1374696

ok well sorry that good music is not the same as top 40 popular music? it's been that way since 1968

No. 1374699

File: 1665784780949.jpg (589.72 KB, 3000x2197, 00_story (7).jpg)

Definitely stole from Lil Kim. Lil kim will always be Queen Bee. I wish women would stop this cycle actually, alls it does is feed misogyny. Every young woman will either die or grow old, then someone younger than you will diss you

No. 1374703

Nta, but why does an artist need to be as famous as Nicki for you to listen to them? I've never in my life seen someone complain about being recommended artists that aren't mainstream. If you want a specific type of music, you search for it instead of expecting the radio to spoonfeed it to you. That's how it works in all genres.

No. 1374709

File: 1665785196650.jpg (124.83 KB, 1600x1600, FfALoLLUoAARZnv.jpg)


No. 1374710

was just thinking the same thing

No. 1374712

A while ago, you didn't need to "search" for non-pickme female rappers, there were more mainstream options than just city girls and baddies

No. 1374721

File: 1665785560004.jpeg (237.24 KB, 1974x987, 0B490157-1A95-46F0-A5DC-5A213D…)

Idc for anything Harry Potter or Halsey but idk how I thought of this when I saw that first screencap. I swear this could be shopped on top of each other.

No. 1374722

why so salty tho?

No. 1374723

Kek are you high.

No. 1374763

File: 1665787453764.gif (6.87 MB, 480x731, 595AA5F0-5329-4CF9-B438-334202…)

No kek but I know it was a stretch. I was looking up who Voldemort was not long before seeing anon post Halsey's story earlier tbh

No. 1374769

she looks so sweet and cool here. fucking bullshit how moids tore her down mentally, beat her physically, and now mock her after she made so much money for them.

No. 1374780

Yungblud and Evan Peters both dodged a bullet by dumping her unstable attention seeking ass.

No. 1374795

File: 1665789129239.jpeg (391.4 KB, 1170x1113, 4CA2BBB0-4E64-4B88-A504-E32AB1…)

Absolutely based J.K. Rowling. Stacy energy

No. 1374796

Why are you implying yungblud is a some sort of highly valuable man who deserves any less than that

No. 1374821

Damn her boob job is horrible. Look at those bolt ons. It looks so out of place.

No. 1374829

she counting them bands everyday while the trewns are malding

No. 1374836

Nonna you killed hagrid

No. 1374839

File: 1665792213025.jpeg (63.25 KB, 639x787, 8AE86C63-55F6-467A-89AC-429431…)

Sometimes I miss this era.

No. 1374847

File: 1665794434426.jpg (245.01 KB, 720x1190, 20221014_193622.jpg)

Now mindy kaling is getting backlash for supporting jk rowling

No. 1374848

She better not apologize. In general people need to stop giving power to these delusional people. You can't cancel somebody if they don't care.

No. 1374852

She unliked the tweet after all the bullying.

No. 1374857

Who is the woman on the left?

No. 1374868

Agreed, but I gotta add that Evan Peters is a freak too.

No. 1374870

vani. she’s a 6% dokidoki staff kek a blast from the past. i can’t believe that brand still exists.

No. 1374882

No. 1374884

the way black moids made her think she was anything less than gorgeous makes me so feral. fuck biggie and 2pac. both were terrible pieces of shit.

No. 1374887

mento illnes is strong with this one. what part of that bland pop "punk" album was ahead of it time??

No. 1374889

AB telling anybody to get mental health services when she was killing chickens in her closet and boiling cats is LAUGHABLE

No. 1374891

>as the parent of a trans child and a non-binary child

Jenn Hoppe has never heard of internet parental controls

No. 1374936

This is probably an unpopular opinion, but recently, it seems like she kind of has herself under control, so maybe she did take her own advice.

No. 1374957

Velma: a confirmed terf now? kek

No. 1374959

>as an admirer of yours
I have never come across anyone who's said they've admired Mindy Kaling before.

No. 1374960

I have and they're always the white overweight tra libfem type. Every single time.

No. 1374968

No. 1374970

I know this is way too early but I'm already seeing a bunch of potential thread pics for next thread. >>1374839 and >>1374686 being two of them

No. 1375006

>two children that identify as troons
Some people shouldn’t be allowed to breed
I know right, it’s so upsetting. Imagine being so talented and beautiful and still having a gaggle of scrotes telling you that you weren’t good enough

No. 1375007

kek, this is so true

No. 1375019

File: 1665815699959.jpg (146.8 KB, 600x900, TK-2011-06-26-001-003-Harajuku…)

She used to be 6%DOKIDOKI shop staff, Vani. Can't find her full name though.

No. 1375128

Thank god. But tbh, with all the stupid names nowadays, it's not unthinkable someone would use this name.
Rap/hip-hop was just different back in the 90s.

No. 1375134

Cute of you to think that Mathematicians or Theoretical Physicist are prone to be filthy rich. In Academia you earn peanuts compared to the open market but it still wouldn't be filthy rich, like music stars, famous actors, footballers/soccer, US sports, or people in powerful positions who are usually not famous.

No. 1375135

Pahaha, the last line about not opening the doors except for law enforcement officers…

No. 1375160

you are probably the anon who tried making the minaj edit into a thread pic. lol

No. 1375164

Ayrt, no I haven't bothered with a Nicki pic before. I have done some other edits though

No. 1375209

File: 1665830078936.jpg (62.36 KB, 640x360, whatdoesitmean.jpg)

This isn't really interesting or gossip but every morning this week I have seen the actor who plays Paddington Bear come into our shop and buy 4 bananas (and only 4 bananas) and then leave.

No. 1375240

is this giovanni ribisi

No. 1375259

google tells me it's jason greene, an actor who uses "it/they" pronouns and starred in well-known classics such as.. uh… "When Your Gender Fluid Friend Gets More Attention from Straight Guys Than You".

No. 1375260

and he's playing the "genderfluid friend"? kek

No. 1375263

So this is a little old and may have been posted already, also he's not exactly a celebrity anymore. But holy shit I've never seen Aaron Carter so fucked up, he's literally talking like a sped in the first few seconds of this video. Then proceeds to spill coffee all over his shirt, then his computer as he falls out of his chair. It would be sad if it weren't so damn funny, and if he wasn't an animal abusing piece of shit.

No. 1375271

They're not, im the one who made it and I made this thread too, ill probably use that in the next thread if more anons nominate it.

No. 1375302

Mindy Kaling has backtracked from liking the ‘TERF’ tweet of JK and liked a post that said her child did it instead.(post caps)

No. 1375305

That's the lamest excuse ever but if it did happen, based toddler.

No. 1375307

That's how JKR herself started, she was caught liking gender critical tweets and at first she blamed it on having an "old woman moment" but at least she's finally open about it unlike the rest of these cowards such as Mindy Kaling or Mark Hamill (he's actually been caught more than once liking JKR terfy tweets and he backtracked every time and still did not get hate because men are always given the benefit of the doubt).

No. 1375309

No. 1375311


No. 1375313

Oh christ kek ty

No. 1375353


Troons seem to like to track women more than men, they actually said Mindy deserved the “natural consequences” aka abuse and rape threats from girldick-havers and chaser moids and dumbass handmaidens while Mark, they just post disgruntled disagreements but not as harsh.

Fuck troons, Im convinced that this is an antifeminist incel hon mob. They hyperfocus on women too much, how to not label them as predatory and female-attracted sex pests?

No. 1375362

File: 1665845743484.jpeg (53.05 KB, 306x647, 1665845583271.jpeg)

sawn this in the elon and grimes thread.

No. 1375363

trannies that want men are way less predatory than trannies that go after women. the former are just gay men deluding themselves that they're women, the latter are literal freaky predators

No. 1375368

is that really a corset? He does look weird

No. 1375369

He looks like he is struggling to breathe lol

No. 1375373


Female-attracted troons are just as bad as the manosphere men, they have a predatory agenda to get free access to women and the same “rapemaxx as many women asap” mindset those manospherians have.

No. 1375377

wouldn't that be great

No. 1375395

Gay trannies still hate women, all trannies do (actually all moids but with trannies it's even more obvious) it's just that they want to replace us rather than rape us.

No. 1375407

her bolt on tits are so uncomfortable to look at

No. 1375430

File: 1665849999965.png (459.4 KB, 330x719, 1906.png)

No. 1375437

onision in a lift

No. 1375442

Celeb-killer anon, please do your magic!

No. 1375450

feels good man hope he spirals even further

No. 1375465

How is Evan Peters a freak? Only thing I’ve ever heard about him is he’s gay and in the closet. He seems like a pretty normal guy.

No. 1375471

Nta, but maybe anon means because he plays so many murderers? I remember he talked about needing to take a break from acting because he was becoming desensitized to violence, but I'm not sure if that's what she means.

No. 1375723

File: 1665867672036.jpeg (408.67 KB, 828x1325, 44FEFFB8-8143-4D6B-AC0D-D695B6…)

Billie eyelash was seen holding hands with jesse rutherford (31 year old lead singer for the neighbourhood). they first met when she was 15. i’m on my phone so i can’t be bothered to post the vid someone else can do that kek.

No. 1375727

File: 1665867997134.jpg (74.73 KB, 820x1052, FB_IMG_1665867784912.jpg)

I know jlc's troon adopted kid is old milk, but it's so jarring seeing images like this

No. 1375734

Yeah, that's what I meant. I understand it's acting and I like dark movies and stuff too, but c'mon man. It's starting to be too much. Is there something you want to share?

No. 1375735

lmao he looks more like Jlc's sister or a aunt that he does like her child.

No. 1375738

I can't get over how fake-looking the troon's hair looks. Look almost like it was photoshopped in later.

No. 1375743

Who the fuck has ever claimed that Evan Peters is closeted?

No. 1375746

I meant if you're a GOOD one. like the guys who get features in Quanta or who get cited in fucking everything or who get those all-reasearch-no-teaching jobs

No. 1375750

samefag- also i meant that those are the highest earning ones where you don't have to fuck a kid. all the ones you listed still have that caveat

No. 1375752

>When Your Gender Fluid Friend Gets More Attention from Straight Guys Than You".

No. 1375756

holy shit jamie take your kid to porn rehab. he's a porn addict

No. 1375760

i feel bad for her. moids her age are so poisoned by porn and photoshop that they likely won't date her because they think she's too ugly.

No. 1375763

I'm sorry but what? Even pornsick men date women who don't fit those porn standards. Billie could find a scrote her age who may or may not be porn sick. It has nothing to do with her looks when she's completely averagely cute.

No. 1375779

This is a v lukewarm take I’m sorry sweet nonna as you are half right re many young moids being totally pornsick. She is cute enough for plenty of them, tho. The point is her dating someone that much older would be (to a lot of people at least) super gross considering he met her as a young teen and he is in his 30s. Feels predatory af.

No. 1375786

You’re the one being weird. What are you even talking about? She’s 21, she can date who she wants.

No. 1375798

how the fuck did you get that out of the tweet kek?

No. 1375800

she's 20 not 21, the guy is 31 and she has dated a guy who was 28 when she was a teenager and she also has a weird relationship with her older brother phineas.

You must be naïve to not see how weird that is.

No. 1375802

kek, one of his biggest stans has a whole kf thread because she's fucking insane. she larps at being a puerto-rican indian jewish immigrant who is in law school and a psychologist and a nazi-hunter historian who buys hotels. kf dug up her deets and discovered her ex was a pedophile who raped her kids and she protected him so she got charged too, and now she's living on the poverty line in a green card marriage to a guy who works at a petrol station. whenever i see aaron carter i just think of her.


No. 1375803

File: 1665872093832.jpg (130.59 KB, 1039x1390, west-hollywood-los-angeles-cal…)

this is the guy she is dating currently

No. 1375808

File: 1665872243666.jpeg (252.61 KB, 828x831, E44064C9-2CC9-46EB-8665-80432E…)

>she can date who she wants
nta but ehhh even though shes 21 people have a right to be concerned about a young woman who has a history of being in massive age gaps (since she was 16), writing fucked songs about it with her brother (picrel) & her parents not giving a single shit as long as the checks clear.

No. 1375809

Oh no… Billie… girl why?

No. 1375810

File: 1665872424738.jpg (160.86 KB, 1500x998, Shutterstock_9628692dr.jpg)

I wonder if piggy eilish will finally lose some weight now since she obviously will be doing drugs with her new worn out druggie boyfriend.

No. 1375814

You have to be 18 to post here, or 16 or whatever. Anyway you sound 12.

No. 1375820

Haha yeah it's so funny when a near middle aged druggie moid dates a girl a decade younger than him and runs her life with drugs, that's mega lolz nonnie

No. 1375825

I'm not new retard I've literally been here like 7 years now (unfortunately.) I just don't spend every waking hour on this thread, I come and go throughout the year and if I had seen some faggot retard say stuff like "piggy eilish" or "numbskull" I would've said they sound 12 too. If you really are above 20 well girl, that's just embarrassing.

No. 1375828

Nta but you're clearly new if you think the weird moid dating a girl (who admitted that being exposed to certain things in her youth caused her to drift towards uncomfortable relationships with older men and is heavily speculated to have been pimped out to older male celebrities in her early career) ten years his junior giving her an irl drug problem was going to get a good reaction here. People weightsperg but they don't laugh at predatory men hitching a young woman

No. 1375832

i wasnt that anon and i deleted that reply, i just mean that anons always weightsperg about billie and about other celebrities too who dare be over 24 bmi so i dont get whats the big deal now. I didnt get the vibe that anons were laughing at billie for that.

No. 1375835

File: 1665873356896.jpg (250.87 KB, 695x562, Screenshot_20221015-184025_Chr…)

No. 1375837

Did one of the summerfags stick around or something? Shouldn't you be back in school by now?

No. 1375838

Yeah we're used to weightsperging not elementary school insults like "piggy"

No. 1375845

File: 1665873872810.jpg (66.08 KB, 729x1100, Screenshot_20210731_010459.jpg…)

leave her alone or im catapulting her to where you live.

No. 1375847

And she defended her choice. The used the daughter that she doesn't have custody of and didn't believe when she told her. Her pedophile husband molested her, to try to shame Onision, I think she pretended to be her daughter or said her daughter was hurt by what onision was saying about Jodee

No. 1375851

File: 1665874003731.jpg (78.41 KB, 771x766, Y7SKxe9.jpg)

Paul Walkers daughter crying in public, she's been looking sick lately. i hope she's ok.

No. 1375852

File: 1665874032473.jpg (67.82 KB, 736x778, uEUDNKh.jpg)

No. 1375855

File: 1665874175260.jpg (20.67 KB, 474x315, nigella.jpg)

these give me the same vibes as those photos of nigella crying and being choked by her scumbag husband. idk who this girl is but i hope she's ok.

No. 1375859

File: 1665874500773.jpeg (798.24 KB, 1440x1440, 401E495C-AA12-483E-918F-B8018C…)

the weightsperging is so weird because billie has clearly lost quite a bit of weight.

No. 1375861

wtf happened to him? years ago my friends and i went to his concert just because of his looks and now he spiraled to this?

No. 1375864

File: 1665874895555.jpeg (99.23 KB, 584x1100, F787A269-857D-4285-816D-8B08B0…)

oh im suprised is that recent.

No. 1375867

File: 1665874999617.png (486.36 KB, 455x1057, 909698495_ScreenShot2020-01-28…)

good for her

No. 1375868

Sorry but its absolutely awful what gets passed as alt fashion taste these days. Throwing together the most unfitting and unflattering garbage for the sake of being different and oh so quirky. Cringe.

No. 1375871

I'm glad she lost her boobs too, not because she looks better or not but for a short time she revolved her entire personality around them and it was unbearable

No. 1375886

tbh a lot of big-chested girls do that simply as a defence mechanism. "the world can't treat me like a walking talking mommy milker if i do it first" etc. but yeah, i'm glad she seems to be past it so quickly, especially since she admitted to watching a lot of porn as a kid.

No. 1375899

I'd agree but I only ever see chubby/fat women do this but never skinny women with large breasts

No. 1375902

File: 1665879128087.jpg (119.25 KB, 1080x1080, 306284904_589876126170311_9185…)

I don't know what aesthetic she's going for now but I'm here for it lol

No. 1375904

I love that she seems to do whatever she wants with her clothing, pinterest kids stressing out about what aesthetic blank is could never.

No. 1375907

The weight sperging is justified because jesse had his other ex devon on drugs too
Crackhead chick

No. 1375912

im sort of into this look kek, being cool without needing to be sexualized

No. 1375913

Girl I- have you seen a crackhead before? They don't look like that lol

No. 1375925

Never cared for Billie Eilish as she’s my younger sister’s age and I make it a point to not listen to musicians younger than me (mostly bc i find most gen z music derivative) but the trajectory of this girl’s personal life had been sad. I know that goes for most celebrities and it’s not like anyone had a “better” experience being groomed in that industry but everyone’s watching this happen and no one’s doing anything because they know they’ll eventually get to know all about it in Billie’s future tell-all book/documentary. I know it’s generally stupid to think about but if young people under the spotlight can’t be protected, I have much less hope for everything else.

No. 1375940

is she sitting on a toilet with her tights pulled
down and TP in her hands? why?

No. 1375956

File: 1665884460498.png (535 KB, 495x470, xoxo go piss girl.png)

No. 1375966

How can this person have JLC-is-my-mom money and be this bad at passing, or even looking clean. The swamp witch hair is sending me

No. 1375972

who's celeb killer anon and how do we summon her

No. 1375994

I took the others as example for people that are actually rich and that all of them are corrupted to get to that level.
Still don't believe that being featured in magazines and getting research jobs thrown at them makes them comparable richer than their peers (in the mean). Even my clowney ass got the opportunity to publicize something.
Academia is mostly having a passion for the subject, then comes the money. But I can't speak for people in any way or form associated with finances (you know where the money is, like in consulting, banks, advertisement, etc.)
I get what you mean, but for M and P's becoming very rich it means the same as for anyone else. For them, the money would be in financial sector or war sector.

No. 1375995

she doesn't look like she dressed herself at all in this photo. it looks like a 12 person focus group wrote like three memos about every single item of clothing she's got on

No. 1375997

Will you only pick one or would it be a collage?

No. 1376173

Jesus, I was gonna say, didn't The Neighbourhood's big single come out like a decade ago? When Billie would have been 10 years old? Dude was already famous and singing about sex and fucking groupies when she was a 5th grader. Creepy.

No. 1376226

File: 1665911990244.jpg (226.38 KB, 1200x1800, 7a8d7a216cdb17e9bac60d77be8933…)

I remember discovering their music in 2014 and was hooked

No. 1376254

I always mix up this guy and the singer from
The Maine

No. 1376358

My thoughts exactly. I feel like the video where she reaches for the old man's hand is very "The cameras are rolling, hurry up" too

No. 1376382

> he’s gay and in the closet
Anon not every celeb male is secretly gay kek
I saw in an interview he likes playing dark characters as they are so different from himself. He is so cute irl. I do hope he can take a break from these kinda roles, playing Kai from ahs was very hard for him.

No. 1376383

What the fuck happened to him!!!!!!!

No. 1376424

File: 1665927885634.jpg (204.17 KB, 606x481, Screenshot_20221016_094323.jpg)

it's not like this guy is actually dating her. they're all just a beard for her creepy incest relationship with her brother

No. 1376459

File: 1665931863562.png (218.55 KB, 516x302, ihuhu.png)

Kanye did a 2 hour podcast where he makes himself the victim and spouts some delusional garbage.

No. 1376468

it's kinda weird to see outfits like this being worn on purpose. it reminds me of 90s/early 2000s alt kids wearing whatever they could find in their local mall, their home and whatever they could custom sew even if it didn't match perfectly because they had very little options… except now it's literal millionaires like billie wearing it as well. like mismatching on purpose.
anyway, i kinda like the outfit even if it's a cosplay of actual cool kids

No. 1376472

A rich parent and tons of money and this scrote still can’t look presentable. He looks so sweaty and pale, like he’s about to die of consumption.

No. 1376476

like someone else said on the mtf thread… jlc's daughter is 36, her troon son is 26 and busted. yet men say women hit the wall, kek

No. 1376484

Moids are always projecting on to women. Once you start noticing it, it's very freeing to see how pathetic the average internet scrote is.

No. 1376489

He's only 26? Wtf. JLC herself looks great too.

No. 1376497

this is so funny because all the handmaidens on twitter and elsewhere on the inet are telling you that you can't spot the difference between a woman and a tranny because "all of them pass so well!!1" KEK. The ladies next to him look beautiful and stunning, while he still looks like a smelly and sweaty man, even makes a face like he can't stand his own odor.

I was about to say the same thing because I was under the impression that he was in his late 30s/early 40s.

No. 1376501

its dat coke metabolizzzm

No. 1376508

new maneskin song is out

No. 1376517

Have they abandoned the italian language?

No. 1376526

I feel so bad for jlc. I would've abandoned him if I could and I feel sorry for her for picking that one to adopt out of all the others. If she even tried to distance herself from him she'd be dragged to hell and back.

No. 1376595

File: 1665941835190.jpg (122.88 KB, 677x619, azealia.jpg)

Old milk but… PICASSO

No. 1376606

I guess they have, blame it on the anglos that refuse to listen to anything that isn't english or maybe spanish. Anyway I like the song and the mv is cool.

No. 1376708

File: 1665948154089.jpeg (99.8 KB, 506x600, 18EE98CD-A066-4E06-908D-D3272D…)

No. 1376710

File: 1665948259662.jpeg (89.8 KB, 476x600, CBA0BA5A-513C-4A63-BC94-B8F69B…)

No. 1376717

File: 1665948679027.png (505.42 KB, 585x767, 3odj4oj4d.png)

Its crazy how many selena fans have made hating on Hailey a part of their fandom or identity.
Some of them are in shock in the replies in the tweet and some of them are still hating on hailey even in the replies.
Selena fans are so weird, they remind me of nicki fans but atleast nicki fans are funny meanwhile selena fans are the most boring mean bitches you will meet.

No. 1376719

File: 1665948766954.png (26.7 KB, 382x282, Screenshot 2022-10-16 213213.p…)

selena fans have no chill, if hailey is a hag then what is selena be honest

No. 1376722

They are both equally beautiful to me. I don't get why people even shit on their looks, they are both very beautiful women in my eyes.

No. 1376748

i’m sorry but Selena looks busted as hell

No. 1376802

Hailey looks gorgeous here though and she got the dude and still has her original liver

No. 1376884

File: 1665958581891.png (265.94 KB, 910x841, janelle.png)

janelle monae is so pretty but she's so misogynistic and dumb. tbh i lost all hope for her when she came out as nonbinary by posting a steven universe meme and then said that "i'm not a boring dumb female, i'm a god" bullshit. but god, imagine being an annoying wokey mcwoke and still gushing about johnny depp in 2022?!?

No. 1376888

selena is an asshole if she kept drinking after getting the new kidney but justin really seems quite mean to hailey so idk if that's a flex at all. i'd rather be single

No. 1376921

Oh my god, is she kidding? I used to love her music and I haven't listened to any of it since she 'came out'. Not just because of the nb shit (if it was just that then maybe I could've continued listening) but because of that dumb shit she said about being a god. That's just embarrassing, I can't be involved in that.

No. 1376925

Is that Judd Nelson?

No. 1377018

he looks like joe lavery (a 38 year old troon who looks 58)

No. 1377025

haha are you their PR team?
anyway, i don't get these factory-made pop acts that put so much effort into pretending they're some kind of four piece band where the members actually know&love their instruments. it's ok to have a brill building/idol factory, why did everyone suddenly add a whole extra level of work to it

No. 1377026

selena's eyes and brows are botched and hailey's face from the cheekbones down is botched. they're blown out and filtered to hell in this pic and you can still see it. what the fuck kind of parents do they have? they were both born very pretty and someone was just like "yeah, totally get that shit surgeried"???

No. 1377028

what the fuck? wasn't she just a normal lesbian back in 2009? she wore her little tuxedo and danced and wrote sick r&b jams, what happened

No. 1377061

She was never a lesbian, she's bi

No. 1377079

i like it she looks cute

No. 1377083

Same, I’m so disappointed in her. I fucking hate genderspecials almost as much as troons. Especially when they’re celebrities, like you’re already famous, you don’t need to do dumb shit for attention. Or maybe they do dumb shit because they’re famous.
They’re all pieces of shit. Bieber is an ugly ass carnival float of cringe, she’s just getting what she signed up for

No. 1377113

JD acting career is three distinctive types, 21Jump Street Depp, Edward Scissorhands Depp and finally we ended on Fear and Loathing Depp that stayed into all his films after that. (Ok, maybe the mystery movie Depp, a short stint in-between ES and FnL)
Yes, Janelle, what a great and diverse actor to look up at, wow.
Did she fry her brain with drugs like he, too?

No. 1377119

When you live in L.A. ps is so normalised it comes naturally.
Back in the late 90s/early 00s huge tits was the thing, and every actress and singer had to get their breasts enlarged. Now they focus more on the face and leave their breasts alone or at least have realistic implant sizes.

No. 1377296

Wait, wasn't he the one who wanted to abort his first kid with Kim? I don't remember the details but ether he wanted it or talked about discussion of abortion or something

No. 1377298

I always found it weird how they called Hailey a horseface as if Selena is not a pugface by same standards

No. 1377318

Personally I think both he and Leo peaked artistically in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.

No. 1377322

No. 1377382

he had a public freak out over kim considered an abortion iirc

No. 1377383

not fond of Depp as a person, but I will admit that I like his many of the films he's been in, up in till the early 2010's, the 2000's was the peak for me, so I'm not gonna stop liking sweeny todd over depp and unlike troons can separate the art from the artist

No. 1377388

File: 1666016871199.jpg (490.19 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_2022-10-17-07-26-26…)

No. 1377391

love the add above kanye that makes it look like he is one of the best halloween costumes right now kek

No. 1377399

People who are like “umm mentally ill people don’t do this stuff!1” but if this isn’t impulsive manic behavior, then idk what is.

No. 1377403

People who act shocked when mentally unwell people with no actual support system and only yes-men do unhinged mentally ill shit are so annoying. Every man that has ever been around that family has gone insane. He was already unstable and now he’s flying off the handle, why are people acting like it’s left-field. Man needs real help, and since he’s rich and famous nobody will ever give it to him and will instead say whatever they can to drain his pockets.

No. 1377404

You mean terminally online people who self-diagnose and think they’re armchair doctors that decide what certain mental illnesses ‘look’ like. People who are like “uuum I’m so x and I’ve never done y like that before so he’s something else entirely sorry” are some of the dumbest people alive.

No. 1377420

File: 1666020651250.jpg (155.76 KB, 824x825, erin-cinkant-cpillosartstation…)

everytime i see him he looks like he could be on the cover of penguin style magazine

No. 1377436

Same, I think Sweeney Todd was the last role of his I genuinely enjoyed

No. 1377533

i wonder how long it takes her to come up with such insanely creative insults

No. 1377573

No. 1377596

nonnie this is fucking killing me lmfaooo

No. 1377603

i like to believe that in the distant future we will unearth Azealia's insults and it will be viewed as a masterpiece in writing like Shakespeare was

No. 1377605

File: 1666033639711.jpg (233.22 KB, 840x844, 8E3h1uMfF6TflZ4.jpg)

I know kpop shit is usually not allowed but this is pretty big news, BTS members are finally being conscripted for military service, first one is Jin and then other members will follows according to their schedule, and BTS will be back as a whole group in 2025, on twitter hundreds of thousands of ARMY stans are calling for the elimination of military enlistment in south korea, comparing it to Putin's war in Ukraine


No. 1377622

bts have already been dethroned by stray kids (another shit group with a cringy fanbase and hideous men), it showed a week ago that Stray kids beat their highest chart. You can see people already forgetting about BTS and moving on to other 4th gen groups.

Also Jungkook is a retard for not making a solo song, considering he is the youngest and it would be smart to gather solo fans.

No. 1377625

which one is the one who looks like the missing link between humans and apes? i hope he gets shot by a north korean just so i never have to see his ugly face again

No. 1377626

that one is namjoon or jimin.

No. 1377628

I don't wanna kpop sperg too much and honestly I'm not really a kpop fan (just a casual listener) but god Stray Kids gets on my fucking nerves kek. BTS has some earworms that I begrudgingly like and listen to and will admit are catchy, but everything Stray Kids has put out has been mediocre as fuck. I genuinely wanted to like them or at least find one song to listen to when I saw them popping up more and more but I seriously can't find a single song that doesn't suck.

No. 1377632


No. 1377636

stray kids have been created to be the dollar store replacement for bts. But since Stray kids are a copy their music is infinitely times worse and somehow the parasocial relationships that they encourage their fans to be in to make up for the shitty music is even more obvious.

Either way EXO are the kings of kpop.

No. 1377647

It has always been a normal thing in Korea. People who listen to indie Korean artists never threw tantrums over their duos/bands having to go on hiatus because of military service. Stans are deranged.

No. 1377654

No. 1377655

Azealia Banks has been banned from IG because of Nicki Minaj feud with others, it seems.

No. 1377659

I love Ben Whishaw. Tell him I said hi next time he comes in for bananas nona.

No. 1377662

Their fans are idiots. If BTS didn't serve, they'd be hated on by everyone in Korea except their stans. On the other hand celebrities who serve well (ie not in the easy celebrity units) get massive brownie points from the general public, men suddenly start respecting them even though they usually hate male idols. They'd be stupid to lose a chance for that sort of goodwill.

No. 1377663

hybe was bending itself in all directions to get them an exemption and im so happy they failed
jungkook is smart and he knows the public doesnt care about individual members and he doesnt want to embarass himself. look at how much effort jhope put into his solo and how it failed. biggest bg indeed.
all of them.
man i need a kpop sperg thread, im holding so much hate towards male idols.

No. 1377667

and are these women married to the usual rapist misogynistic scrote women in rap tend to be married too, or are they pedophile rapists as well

No. 1377668

they already lost the goodwill, jin shouldve gone 2 years ago and be done with his service already. now they are in their gaslighting era.

No. 1377678

its silly the fans act like the idols are going to be on the battlefield and shit. kpop idols or actors get extreme special treatment when they do their military service. the government knows itd be retarded to let those men get hurt so they are extremely protected and dont do anything that would even potentially put them in danger

No. 1377693

File: 1666038801978.jpg (201.6 KB, 1170x863, ben k2.jpg)

nonnie did you watch "this is going to hurt"? you know his nemesis doctor, the tall beefy black guy? dr julian? they're dating irl now!

No. 1377702

This is unrelated as fuck but I've been reading the book it's based on and I love it so much. I sincerely wish I could erase it from my memory so I can experience rereading it for the first time over and over again. Genuinely love the book so much and I want to watch the show eventually!

No. 1377704

Yes I did, but I didn't know that! I love him even more. Saged for Whishawsperging

No. 1377705

touch grass

No. 1377708

File: 1666040108811.jpg (143.8 KB, 1169x965, ben k.jpg)

omg you're gonna LOVE the tv show. it literally had me irl sobbing at one point and also contains one of the most cringe sex scenes i have ever seen in my life lmfao.

and don't forget to read the follow up if you haven't already ("twas the nightshift before christmas"), which is more of the same but xmas-themed (i'll never look at candy canes the same way again kek). there's a third one called "undoctored" that's just come out but i haven't read it yet so i can't rec it to you in good faith. but i'm sure it's good!

i wish ben had social media because it's really annoying having to stalk him via his friends' photos kek. it makes me feel like a freak. why can't he be a normal celeb?

No. 1377719

>tend to be married too
It's one woman who married a rapist, but why even complain about not having female rappers to listen to just to keep complaining when anons give you good suggestions?

No. 1377720

Is that Sophie Duker in the middle? Massive lezzer crush on her

No. 1377723

This. And we all had to wait for our favs to come out. Jin should have gone in during the pandemic if he were smart. I am reading articles about armies who are boycotting going to korea for this move. I'm dying–they are actually insane

No. 1377728

get the fuck out of the thread
no one cares that you got your first boner for an asian male and think you invented being attracted to them
no one wants to fuck a fat uneducated baloney-smelling white girl anyway

No. 1377732

holy shit go to your quarantine zone already

No. 1377743

yeah! i love her so much. did you watch her on taskmaster? i keep waiting for her to properly blow up. there are so many unfunny moids who get so many mainstream opportunities and it's just not fair tbh.

No. 1377750

choachan is there for you

No. 1377758

File: 1666043617567.jpg (54.55 KB, 980x491, actor-jussie-smollett-arrives-…)

i feel like we haven't had a proper celeb scandal in ages. i'm not counting boring repetitive shit like kanye or nicki being retarded on social media or taylor flying her jet to get groceries. can someone rich please do something very dumb so i can laugh at it, thanks.

No. 1377760

Tbf anon, she did leave the show after not getting along with the showrunner apparently

No. 1377765

can name me two female rappers(that are actually popular and in the mainstream) that aren't married to rapists or awful people

No. 1377768

i think there was some update on kevin spacey's trial if that counts, but that's more of a horror scandal than the amusing kind. forgot what the new details were tho

No. 1377772

megan thee stallion for one

No. 1377774

I love Aisling Bea I think she’s so pretty

No. 1377785

>Megan Thee Stallion
The woman who got into a relationship with an angry black midget who literally shot her and who she fucking defended cause she didn't want to risk him get shot, that's your feminist icon

>She has six dogs: three French bulldogs named 4oe (pronounced Four),[158] Dos, and Oneita; a Cane Corso named X; a Pitbull named Five; and a Merle Dog named Six.[159]

No. 1377790

File: 1666045236729.png (435.63 KB, 767x852, xtpr6o9f8fu91.png)

No. 1377792

tbh i think the world would be a better place if all three of these people died in a freak accident. like i have never heard anything good about any of them

No. 1377797

File: 1666045697992.jpg (275.25 KB, 902x825, Screenshot_20221017_182711.jpg)

jude law is what harry styles fans think he looks like (male pattern baldness and all)

No. 1377798

File: 1666045701488.jpg (57.12 KB, 723x325, 14582.jpg)

>Jason Sudeikis 47 years old
>Olivia Wilde 38 years old
>Harry Styles 28 years old
Obviously Olivia is an abuser, adult men don't have agency.

No. 1377799

hairy's retarded fans piss me off so much. they always try to make him out to be some type of victim. are they trying to imply that olivia is some kind of pedo for dating a grown man whose almost in his 30's?? god give me a fucking break.

No. 1377801

File: 1666046004465.jpg (71.4 KB, 828x461, FfSM46BWYAUVIOB.jpg)

No. 1377802

At the risk of sounding like a handmaiden, bragging about how much money you have is always pretty tacky

No. 1377803

i hate people like this because i find olivia so annoying (that malala safeword joke in booksmart was just peak libfem lmfao) but 90% of the people hating her with me are just 1d fans who have arrested development from spending their teen years reading shitty larry fanfiction. harry isn't the victim here. the only victims are the kids who have to deal with the fact their parents are idiots.

No. 1377804

if you're doing it apropos of nothing, then yeah. but doing it directly in response to a troon laughing at how you're broke and your career is ruined? how is that a bad thing kek

No. 1377805

imagine being so cringe you make jordan peterson seem rational in comparison, honestly hollywood libfems just should not bother trying to be police, while most are often abused victims of the industry their also massive idiots

No. 1377806

i really hope "Special dressing" isn't a euphemism kek

but sorry i'm dying at a man who is nearly FIFTY having a breakdown over a salad and then lying down underneath the car. olivia has such tragic taste in men.

No. 1377809

File: 1666046696010.jpg (78.2 KB, 680x680, 20221018_004226.jpg)

>“The Flash” star Ezra Miller pleaded not guilty to burglary charges in a Vermont court Monday morning. Miller, who’s charged with burglary into an occupied home and petit larceny, faces up to 26 years in prison if convicted of both charges.

No. 1377812

throw that themy in jail and throw away the key!

No. 1377814

I agree he should be imprisoned and gagged but he should be in my basement not state penitentiary

No. 1377815

legal question: is the punishment worst if someone pleads not guilty but is still found guilty?

No. 1377824

Usually yes since it usually means they rejected a plea deal

No. 1377826

yes. you're wasting court time and causing extra pain for your victims by making them wait longer for justice / relive their trauma on the witness stand etc. judges hate that shit.

No. 1377827

Megan hasn't defended him, and has talked about what Tory Lanez did to her even earlier this year. There's still a case against him. Once again, the only female rapper married to a rapist is Nicki and most mainstream female rappers aren't even married. You could easily find this out by googling it. Other anons already gave artist recs for good female rappers if that's what you want.

No. 1377833

File: 1666048213324.png (500.47 KB, 748x859, popcrave.png)

kek get him

No. 1377836

He could be decent looking but he chose to be a neckbeard fatty who throws tantrums over eggies

No. 1377837

He does seem like a huge, fake sweet asshole

No. 1377845

Megan didn't defend Torey Lanez but she IS a pick me. She was cool with Da Baby after he slapped a woman. Killed someone, and only dropped him when he treated her badly while ignoring he was a piece of shit in general.
But shes not as bad as the others. If anything she's one of the more chill ones. Sure she was around TL who was accused of abusing a woman. But then sleeping together has never been conformed and mts denied it

No. 1377847

omg i remember somebody putting him on a 2022 bingo list where he would be cancelled. get him !!! hate this fat retard

No. 1377852

>Killed someone
To be completely fair, up until recently it was thought that he did it in self-defense or defense of his daughter. But you're right about the other stuff.

No. 1377859

Fucking knew it was all an act with his faggy singing and dancing. Good riddance.

No. 1377872

wait so was it shown that da baby was completely lying about self defense? i thought it was weird as fuck the way he'd write about it

No. 1377883

File: 1666052178077.png (57.69 KB, 850x472, dababy.PNG)

For a long time the story was that the man he shot tried to rob him while he was with his daughter, and a judge ruled that it was in self-defense a few years ago. Earlier this year footage was released of the incident that says Dababy was actually the aggressor.
Kirk is Dababy for anons who don't know.

No. 1377902

she thinks it's normal to have men twice your age catcall you and go "ohh, you a stallion" when you're in high school, and then when you ask your uncle he just says "it means you're tall and fine" and acts like it's a compliment for girls to be harassed like that.

No. 1377905

neckwear from the era of no running water and toothpaste makes you look like you smell of the era of no running water and toothpaste. men stop wearing cravats without a collar please.

No. 1377906

what a weird picture, he looks like he's taken a shower

No. 1377910

i feel like he should be in a mental institution before they try prison? like one of those high security ones where your guardian has to sign you out

No. 1377913

omg thank you so much for letting me know about the follow up and undoctored!!! I'm definitely going to check them out! mwah mwah I love you nona!!

No. 1377933

can't do the time, don't do the crime

No. 1377943

Hes not even putting effort into wearing heels, fucking fag

No. 1378006

File: 1666062314709.jpeg (882.71 KB, 1125x1607, 3C63AF82-1EA5-45CF-9138-EDA5BF…)

I hate this fat fuck like you wouldn’t believe, but the owner of that restaurant is a clinically insane weirdo, like posting full on rants defending ghislaine maxwell (the restaurants address was in the black book, so make of that what you wish)

No. 1378025

Isn't this Candace Owens' husband company?
Jesus.. her grift is on another level

No. 1378028

It's old, nonnie

No. 1378049

File: 1666067610641.jpg (152.9 KB, 1277x470, gets really threatening and ag…)

This one reddit AMA comment about him never fails to make me cackle

No. 1378069

You called that bitch uneducated and you can’t even spell bologna

I am SICK of hearing about these stupid people

No. 1378131

Nta but I’ve seen “Bologna” spelt as “baloney” before when they’re using it to mean “bullshit”.

No. 1378136

It was a joke please do not start it’s already so dismal here now

No. 1378147

Leonardo DiCaprio dating women he's known since their childhood as soon as he's legally able to is just joke worthy and makes him a Chad but a woman likes a 28 yr old man and she's a pedophile? Imagine if media called a moid a pedo for liking a 28 yr old woman. Moids would have a mental breakdown and be sent to the mental hospital

No. 1378157

Fat entitled fuck. I can't believe no one ever punched him. Imagine being a waitress, being paid minimal wage or slightly more and having to handle the inflated ego of a shitsack like that? I'd throw hands real quick i swear to God, this money i'm getting paid is not worth being ridiculed by a worthless, talentless celebrity.

I wish the cancel era would be targeted at worthless millionnaires like that. I spent my time shitting on Elon in here but he is infinitely more useful than most of those celebrities. Those good-for-nothing fucks should be bullied out of existence.

No. 1378161

Harry Styles fans have always been like that

No. 1378177

File: 1666079860271.jpeg (142.31 KB, 1170x615, FfUPxj_WAAIGdfn.jpeg)

and he forgave him after a single phonecall. they're both pathetic bastards

No. 1378188

"James Corden is not rude in an intimidating way. He's rude in a small penis and a lot of money way"- Robert Welsh

No. 1378199

Nta but you're right. Harry Styles fans have this weird way of infantilising Harry and it's been going on since 1Direction. Mans is almost 30 and they think he's a puppy. Actually, I've noticed this a lot with people who are really big fans of a guy (Johnny Depp stans fawning over him bringing gummy bears and colouring books to court, John Mulaney stans making headcanons about him being a complete wholesome heckin man child off screen instead of a coke addicted fiend, etc)

No. 1378206

>bringing gummy bears and colouring books to court
>colouring books
you've got to be kidding me

No. 1378222

Oh. You know she loves having him wrapped around her finger like a poor abused lapdog. Dude is whipped. I don't know about those two characters so I'll keep from feeling bad for him because some fuckers deserve it SOMETIMES!

No. 1378228

Teenage girls are never taught that their infantilizing behavior is creepy even though it is, because it’s wholly harmless compared to predatory male behavior—but it really does a number on how they worship male celebrities even into their late 20s and 30s. They’ll call all men their precious cinnamon rolls or whatever but call women mommy etc. it’s super weird and honestly just an animorphed version of the creepy 1-D stans and how possessive they were over them, especially harry and the one that looks like a rat. It’s kind of baffling to see women that are far too old to be indulging in the “omg he’s sooo baby and every woman who preys on him is an evil old succubus broad” thing doing it so shamelessly. These are grown women that used to have full-on gigantic meltdowns when any woman online was seen with him in any capacity, practically bullying them off of the internet.

No. 1378230

He’s so quirky and different you wouldn’t understand. He’s like on another level you basic turd supporters could never reach, seethe and cope. The gummy bears represent him bearing the pain of spousal abuse and the coloring books represent him getting to make his life more vibrant again. You’re too low-vibrational to get it.

No. 1378231

She said they’ve been split since the pandemic started and chose to co-parent in separate homes. Either she’s a liar or he’s unwell. Probably both.

No. 1378241

File: 1666087595885.jpeg (682.36 KB, 1170x1338, E765FFA5-659B-4D24-9E96-7E5ABD…)

What the fuck ezrafags!!!!!

No. 1378242

urgh i'm so happy that this fat loser isn't on britbong tv anymore. there are so many stories about him being an unfunny, rude piece of shit. warning: this video may make you cringe to death

No. 1378243

File: 1666087680333.png (201.97 KB, 420x537, 166608658935378428.png)

That's fucked up. I will now and forever silently boycott his ass.

No. 1378245

Good, imprison crazy violent moids.

No. 1378247

kek at the fact burgers have to deal with him and not bongs. he wasn’t that bad over here though? i literally just remember him being the fat one on gavin and stacey

No. 1378248

File: 1666087859351.gif (563.34 KB, 300x284, oh.gif)

It's really over, isn't it?

No. 1378249

I will be surprised if he does actually go to prison though. He needed to be sectioned ages ago and maybe this wouldn’t have happened

No. 1378250

File: 1666087939064.gif (844.84 KB, 245x129, DB412B72-70F6-4C2F-9334-13D5A1…)

No. 1378252

File: 1666088382628.gif (1.14 MB, 540x210, light.gif)

I'll ask him: Was it worth it?
He'll reply by chucking the prison bible at my head

No. 1378253

File: 1666088508884.gif (1.6 MB, 240x270, 782FC038-C213-4F26-8CD7-B6A9AE…)

How am I going to continue update my Ezra Pinterest board if he is in prison for 26 years!!!!

No. 1378254

have you seen how many prisoners are on TikTok and other social media platforms? They just smuggle phones in, dw nonna

No. 1378255

apparently he was also a total cunt when he was hosting a league of their own on sky. i heard romesh ranganathan (new host) speaking in a stealthy way about how he is so surprised that the crew is so nice to him when all he does is treat them with respect (something that they were not used to)

No. 1378256

File: 1666088639930.jpg (69.3 KB, 769x960, 4e274638523625ade14cb3b7c1c5e3…)

How long till he ropes or goes on a murder-suicide bing before eating lead?

Any guesses?

No. 1378257

File: 1666088895856.png (56.56 KB, 329x488, FfELmBbX0AAzTwY.png)

I think this can partially be blamed on the "goddesses femininity" crap, they think their desire for men somehow gives them power over them, they don't have the necessary "gift of fear", and for predators an underage girl that isn't afraid of them is a perfect target, cause they won't run away or inform an adult

No. 1378258

File: 1666088914825.gif (456.94 KB, 250x250, attack.gif)

He's going to convert the other inmates into his cult to form an army.

No. 1378259

File: 1666089057685.jpg (636.48 KB, 2334x3500, NINTCHDBPICT000447867168.jpg)

If you mean by him doing the bend&snap 24/7 @ all of the inmates then.. yeah, totally.

No. 1378260

He won't be able too, he's going to be passed around as everyone's ass candy lol

No. 1378261

File: 1666089236325.jpg (171.41 KB, 736x933, 0654b7992e67d03b4a5cac045dedc9…)

No. 1378262

File: 1666089350995.gif (Spoiler Image, 987.43 KB, 245x160, chrysalis-writes.gif)

He's prepared.

No. 1378263

File: 1666089441298.gif (588.97 KB, 245x160, chrysalis-writes.gif)

rip I guess

No. 1378266

File: 1666089659174.jpeg (43 KB, 313x500, 1_aAlCYETTerjCKoE6owLt9A.jpeg)


No. 1378267

File: 1666089659954.gif (952.5 KB, 498x199, 67D5BF7C-A85A-42BD-AA12-AA465A…)

omg nonas

No. 1378269

File: 1666089751233.gif (1.86 MB, 240x240, 9A95C592-4670-4F53-AA34-5BA72D…)

Yes he is too pretty for prison

No. 1378273

File: 1666089896053.jpg (89.57 KB, 960x1200, mdys9x8sodm21.jpg)


No. 1378274

File: 1666089900147.gif (927.43 KB, 245x160, chrysalis-writes.gif)

I wonder what his prison mugshots will look like.

No. 1378278

File: 1666090046863.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.43 KB, 540x810, 731bkclw8gm41.jpg)

Pretty. (S)he'll look like a pretty-pretty princess!

No. 1378279

No. 1378281

Are you the troon? It's giving… y chromosome

No. 1378282

no offense anons but Ezra will look like shit in his mugshot. He looked like a hobo when he was getting more and more in trouble with the police, I doubt he decided to shave and get a normal haircut.

No. 1378290

File: 1666090961068.jpeg (879.84 KB, 1170x744, 15CBCE77-1AB6-436C-9F17-4DDA03…)

This is a recent pic of him

No. 1378291

Spoiler this, and I’m an ezrafag

No. 1378292

File: 1666091127544.gif (3.16 MB, 500x500, 89AC70B0-AFD1-4A54-AFC9-8D35A4…)

Why did he do this anons? He was cute with an angular face

No. 1378294

File: 1666091265199.png (339.91 KB, 540x650, by Mikael Jansson for Intervie…)

I wish we had the answers we seek.

No. 1378296

Why won't he shave that fugly mustache. He deserves jail just for this.

No. 1378299

Because he's a spoiled privileged psycho scrote and it'd unironically be more productive to ponder how Jeffrey Dahmer came to be a cannibal?

No. 1378300

it takes a hell of a lot to be found incapable and sectioned as an adult who refuses treatment. there are people far far far crazier than ezra miller who are living independently. remember chris chan of all people was never sectioned in all his years of public degeneracy and crime, and ezra is basically normal compared to him.

No. 1378319

not surprised to hear it, always had an inexplicable negative reaction to seeing his face or hearing his voice. I'm glad they banned him and put him on blast

oh. what a bitch

No. 1378367

Jameela is having such an erratic breakdown on twitter. A radfem account made fun of how she forgot to edit her pronouns back in, and she has been losing it for like three days. "she can't see my replies because she went private"

Now people are calling her a bully, she's getting ratioed on every tweet and goes to respond to people with like 10 followers who call her out on it. And she's still going.. Even pulled the race card already. Its fucking beautiful.

But she got to "tell off" a bunch of women. Kek.

No. 1378368

File: 1666100045411.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x9487, Screenshot_20221018_152927.jpg)

Lost picrel

No. 1378374

I would love if Ezra goes to court it would be publicly streamed like the amber vs Johnny thing

No. 1378393

ever since epstein got arrested, every article about maxwell talks about how SEXY she is, everyone interviewed about her says she was so SEXY and ALLURING but she's looked like a fat british daycare owner for 100% of her life. it's fucking surreal how people talk about her, like did epstein throw acid in party guests' eyes or something?

No. 1378395

No. 1378396

yeah i'm in agreement with the nonnnie who said he should be in a crazy house. like don't they have mental prisons in the USA? we have them in UK and australia

No. 1378398

oh kek isn't romesh the guy who told the free pizza story on WILTY? where he pretended to be a huge fob so he could charge his phone and then the guy gave him free pizza and he's still ashamed about it? i love that guy

No. 1378399

wtf is up with burgers and their prison rape jokes? miller's a crazy piece of shit, but the point of serving the time is supposed to be serving the time. it's really gross that you're basically considering prison as "sentenced to 26b years of rape". that's not how it should be working and you should be outraged at your governments, not accepting this.

No. 1378400

chris chan was high functioning. he came off as a guy with a weird personality and also never left the house. ezra is a physically violent danger to himself and others, who is rarely lucid and does not understand the consequences of his actions. he needs to be locked up, but he honestly fits criteria for "criminally insane" and so could probably be sectioned instead of just sent to prison.

No. 1378402

samefag; ezra also goes out of the house and travels, i.e. is regularly around other people, so he's far more dangerous than chris chan. imagine how ezra would react to a julay situation vs. chris just crying about it for weeks.

No. 1378423

Chris Chan is a plague on society and women. They're both trash. Hope erza gets locked up.

No. 1378424

Ha! You expect me to give a fuck about men who have done stuff terrible enough to warrant prison getting raped? Not me lol, and no man in there would give a fuck about women getting raped so save your empathy for those who deserve it. also I'm not a burger I'm a canadafag, and ezra assaulted women and possibly groomed little girls who lived in his house so I truly hope he gets raped in there, clutch your pearls bitch lol

No. 1378425

Most moids who go to prison need to killed off. They learn nothing and do the same thing or worse once they get out. The erza fags in thus thread are embarrassing

No. 1378430

Based, they only care about his wellbeing because he's attractive, if he was an ugly fat balding scrote they wouldn't give a fuck they'd be waving him off to prison and laughing

No. 1378432

1000% this

No. 1378433

dangerously based

No. 1378440

i dont agree with the ezrafags (they are idiots) but can you make it look less like you are seething ugly male?

No. 1378447

Of all the times I've gotten accused of being a man or a tranny on this site that is one of the dumbest reasons. So because I hate a moid who assaults women and potentially groomed childen living at his house I'm a scrote? Lol okay

No. 1378453

no its because of youre women care if he is hot rhetoric. What the fuck ezra or ezrafags got to do with this.
Same goes at the other anon getting mad at that anon getting mad at moid tier prison jokes, when the person making those prison rape jokes sounded like a moid masturbating while making those posts.

No. 1378458

Whatever man I'm tired, accuse people of being scrotes because you don't like what they say it really doesn't matter does it lol

No. 1378467

>What the fuck ezra or ezrafags got to do with this.
nta but it's pretty obvious why ezrafags continue liking him despite what he did, it's not because of his personality kek

No. 1378484

NTA but clutch your pearls elsewhere
>oh noo the poor scrote and his fans nooo stop being mean nooooo this isn't ladylike of you

No. 1378498

Kek true and based I am an ezrafag and I don’t care about sharing it here on lolcor anonymous image board

No. 1378501

>prison jokes

No. 1378539

What are the odds he’s going to make it into a women’s prison. I think it’s unlikely but I can’t say zero because america is kinda crazy right now

No. 1378547

imagine sharing a prison cell with ezra-kun… *~uwu~*

No. 1378578

Didn't chris-chan once try to run over someone tho. and then there's the thing he did to his mother..

No. 1378580

Yeah he'd choke slam you into the ground like he did to that woman in a department store lol

No. 1378617

I just know he can't keep the colour in line. It probably looked like a toddler's first attempt at crayon.

No. 1378620

He was probably there for the kids or just to talk.
Insane dynamics still.

No. 1378622

Ezrafags buying cutsie letter paper and pencils just in the case of..

No. 1378663

I hope extra kills himself in jail(a-logging)

No. 1378729

lol, he won't. He'll get a slap on the wrist or stay at a "rehab" retreat and be back working on movies in a year

No. 1378731

File: 1666121704559.png (507.81 KB, 1166x1294, Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 12.2…)

Ever since I first saw James Corden I hated him with a firey passion and I'm just so glad that my feelings are finally justified every time I hear bad shit about him.

No. 1378735

Oh my god, who seriously expects egg whites and yolk to be completely separated. That's basically impossible. I swear being entitled makes you retarded.

No. 1378737

to me, the fact that he thinks its ok to groom young girls and boys he could as well die jailed.
Too bad he probably got connections and money, besides the sympathy from lots os people just because he's not abhorrent looking, not to mention he will play the "I was in a bad place mentally" card.

He's a scrote, just like any other scrote

No. 1378739

Man with cock hidden by layers of fat treating people like shit to overcompensate, nothing new

No. 1378741

File: 1666122239852.jpeg (391.48 KB, 1170x2905, 0849D413-D6B5-4537-84AB-FBACDA…)


This is another story that I 100% believe, he’s an asshole to his wife too

No. 1378746

I have literally always just thought he was the fat Billy Eichner so finding out he was straight was a surprise for me

No. 1378751

SAME. When I first read this story I was fucking flabbergasted that 1. he wasn't gay and 2. a woman willingly married and had sex with him

No. 1378755

I cannot imagine his rotund slipper body being able to put his penis inside of a woman let alone any hole at all. He looks like he’s meant to be a slampig at a truckstop no loads refused cumdump.

No. 1378762

I’ve only ever heard negative things about him and while I’m definitely not complaining I’m just surprised this is the straw that broke the camel’s back kek.

No. 1378771

That's nasty nona. Moid level.

No. 1378795

File: 1666125181843.gif (2.68 MB, 640x260, 7FFCFE84-789A-41C6-AB09-85B53C…)


No. 1378796

>He looks like he’s meant to be a slampig at a truckstop no loads refused cumdump.
Sorry but KEKKK

No. 1378800

He’s nasty. Fucking cry about it.

No. 1378844

Nta but can you fucking stop accusing everyone of being a moid just because they use language that triggers you? Go seethe about it in meta and shut the fuck up

No. 1378879

We aren’t allowed to make jokes anymore evidently, that’s a male trait. Only XY call a spade a spade.

No. 1378905

File: 1666130084550.jpg (564.58 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_2022-10-18-14-54-20…)

No. 1378915

Haven't they milked his death enough

No. 1378917

No amount of lawsuits could stop this lunatic

No. 1378933

No she did defend him at first. She protected him when she was initially taken into the hospital and said it was glass and not a bullet in her foot because she didn't want a black man getting oppressed by the police. Considering she still worked was Dababy, i don't think her pick-me days will ever end.

No. 1378937

File: 1666131236970.jpeg (782.24 KB, 828x978, 64170F54-0A7D-43C5-AFF0-6173E2…)

Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife recently divorced after 30 years. Immediately after, he started being seen around a 28 year old Australian singer who he allegedly met on the set of Hannah Montana when she was a teenager.
They just got engaged. He’s 61. She’s one year younger than Miley Cyrus. Disgusting scrote.

No. 1378940

Why does this photo look so shooped? They both look like they were edited in over a autumn stock photo.

No. 1378941

He looks so gross wtf

No. 1378944

File: 1666131509988.jpeg (345.96 KB, 828x1025, 69DB67EB-392B-4418-84AD-16C336…)

What shoop, anon? All of their photos look very authentic and normal.

No. 1378945

He looks like a neglected sheepdog

No. 1378948

File: 1666131634261.jpeg (757.58 KB, 828x953, 14E1B1D6-CD8D-4143-938D-F54E4E…)

No. 1378963

She looks like just like tish

No. 1378989

This is so fucking evil. I hope his kids come together and make him go missing if you know what I mean

No. 1378990

Why is he so matted and disgusting? This plastic surgeried up little girl looks fucking miserable and unwell.

No. 1379017

File: 1666136242269.jpeg (240.15 KB, 1000x1000, 16C0F018-EF7F-4873-9390-261B5C…)

It’s creepy. There’s a difference between having a type and then just looking for a clone kek. Reminds me of Projared and the e-girl he’s stalking.

No. 1379026

File: 1666137083844.jpeg (56.93 KB, 640x415, E6F3CB3C-84B9-4CE9-982B-844E64…)

Lmao these filters are boomer-tier, reminds me of the smooth yoda meme. Also kek @ that square chin

No. 1379038

Timothea Femlamet

No. 1379052

Oh there’s a reason Miley does not associate with him

I hate the way he smizes like Tyra Banks. I hate I hate it

No. 1379094

kanye has a female child and realizes he's been the kind of shitty moid he'd warn his daughter about his entire life, fathered her with a pimping dynasty, has ushered black kids into a shallow and materialistic impossible dream, does nothing for his community, and his brain breaks and has to go into dippy world just to cope with it.

No. 1379096

File: 1666140877788.jpg (14.55 KB, 499x478, 31ptfaBOtsS._AC_SY1000_.jpg)

No. 1379097

why aren't people crying for this dude to get jail time and parental conservatorship? oh yeah because scrote.

No. 1379112

re-affirms how everyone on Pedowood is a pimp or a pedo and everyone else are just collateral damage and trainees to become groomers.

Idk about an evil cabal but the industry as a whole just normalized itself into this moral state that it’s pointless to “cancel” regular celebridiots because most of them are just too uneducated and indoctrined to see otherwise.

I just meant to nitpick on this deceased dish rag looking scrote but it’s always gross when old peds are so open about how gross they are. His kids are probably happy for him and wouldn’t bat an eye if the same happened to their future kids in Hollywood.

No. 1379121

File: 1666142165237.jpeg (573.29 KB, 1920x1920, 8B4A917A-3AAC-48D2-BC0E-8FAEED…)

Wheezing can’t look at a bicycle seat without thinking of dojacat lmao why of all roasts did that specific one stick…. She actu looks like a cute autist egg

No. 1379155

bro its an engrained prison culture thing in the american penal system. conjugal visits are quite rare, so you have a bunch of horny apey scrotes who are desperate to fuck and it happens. this has been an ongoing political issue for decades and will not change anytime soon, don't even get started into looking at privatized prisons.

No. 1379180

Black Mizkif

No. 1379228

Chris chan raped his mother wtf are you even talking about

Because autistic gay men would much rather fixate on how annoyed they are that Britney Spears is posting nudes on main instead of being chained to a vox box pumping out autotuned singles. Nobody ever cares about men the way they do about demonizing and hating women.

No. 1379232

File: 1666153252479.jpeg (25.28 KB, 600x255, 770B23AD-AF1F-40F5-A5AC-4D1A1C…)

No. 1379262

Three way bastard child of Rick Grimes, Bill Nye and Charles Manson

No. 1379316

File: 1666164523250.gif (630.41 KB, 1200x800, 36227406-09AD-4686-8E62-FDFF63…)

He doesn’t look human in any of the photos she uploads omg why does he look like something from house of wax

No. 1379319

Kek he was literally a criminal, who cares anymore. He got his gold coffin or whatever

No. 1379321

She looka likea man

No. 1379343

Off topic but having Floyd die is the best thing that could’ve ever happened to that family, they keep on winning the equivalent of the lottery, have a community of people all over to cater to them and still cry it isn’t enough and people would agree.

No. 1379378

That woman has the weirdest chipmunk cheeks. And you are right, he looks like a wax mask in some horror movie. And it's already melting off his face.
She looks like she is one of his daughters, too. But what is new.

No. 1379390

Neither of them do. I hope she lays off the fillers and meets a guy her own age. If I was Miley or Noah I would commit patricide.

No. 1379610

File: 1666193389812.jpeg (106.03 KB, 1200x630, 72944669-D320-4628-AB1F-814392…)

No. 1379711

I knew they reminded me of something lmao

No. 1380101

File: 1666220752825.jpg (129.32 KB, 730x1200, FfdlU-bWYBwMXPH.jpg)

washed-up leftist singer billy bragg is being a retard on twitter again. this time he's acting like a woman having her life-saving colorectal surgery cancelled by the hospital because she asked for female-only nurses isn't being mistreated because she hasn't been fired, had her reputation ruined, or been kicked off social media.

No. 1380104

oli london looking ass

No. 1380146

sorry that i think it's bad to create a male-only society where they're free to rape however much they want, and after a few years doing that are let back into regular society.

No. 1380148

his achy breaky heart song is so retarded. the lyrics sound 100% literally like something you make up on the bus while on the way to a field trip. i can't believe he sings that chorus with a straight face, it's such poor word choice contrived to fit the rhyme. like they second he first thought of it, that should have been a sign to him that this song wasn't working out. like in vidrel, he should have cut his losses but no, he really takes himself seriously after creating the adult male version of what a nerdy ten year old girl sings to her weird friend who's always sick while they're on the bus to the children's theatre.

No. 1380155

ok billy, go wrap your lips around a "girldick" then, if they're such women. you wouldn't want to be a genital preference bigot now would you?

No. 1380158

File: 1666224828755.jpg (513.03 KB, 888x945, 1666206003061020.jpg)

oh no britney what are you doing

No. 1380160

random but I hope that woman got the surgery at a better hospital, because there is nothing wrong with requesting female only doctors and nurses. Especially in her case.

No. 1380192

Aren't a decent amount of moids in USA prison guilty of either nothing, or some bullshit crime like marijuana possession? I thought there were a lot of nonviolent not-really-criminals in there, getting turned into monsters by the ones in for violent disgusting crimes.

No. 1380193

i blame her weird new golddigger husband

No. 1380213

i know everyone here just wants the best for her, and is glad she's away from her scumbag parents, but the reality is britney is very very unstable. she needs to get off social media, get some people in her life that actually care about her as a human rather than a bank account, get some meds that work, and just idk run a llama sanctuary or something.

No. 1380220

>get some people in her life that actually care about her as a human rather than a bank account
this seems near impossible for anyone with parents who used them as a meal ticket, or anyone with dead parents. makes me sad idk. i'm so glad amanda bynes has family that seem to actually care about her

No. 1380227

taylor's new album leaked. it's on westsubever on reddit if you wanna download it.

No. 1380235

Are you really going to say that and not drop a link?

No. 1380237

dont wanna listen can you say if its shit or cool

No. 1380239

Lazy bitch with bad taste.

No. 1380241

Because >>1380227 is lazy and won't link, here's the reddit post for her album: https://www.reddit.com/r/WestSubEver/comments/y8i2pz/fresh_albumleak_taylor_swift_midnights/
Paste the code into a base 64 decoder website then open the google drive.

No. 1380249

she's making a joke about her own body/rights to show it? what's wrong with that? and she looks great in the pic. where's the problem

No. 1380250

the only good thing about taylor swift is that she got the usually-unskilled/uninterested in DIY/unable to fix or sew anything generation Z into knitting.

No. 1380252

It's not very good. Looking forward to seeing her piggies lick this slop up.

No. 1380268

What a stupid prick

No. 1380319

Yeah they’re just slave labor. Plus in the prison system, many of the ones who are already there become super wrapped up in all of it and take it extremely seriously and have entire protocols to make fresh meat do their dirty work in order to lengthen their sentences and keep them there with them longer. Really sad stuff.

No. 1380381

lmao @ u thinking moids moiding each other in moid only places is a FLAW OF THE BURGER JUSTICE SYSTEM UWU

No. 1380382

>all these ezrafags

wonder what happens to these threads when it turns out that the long dog kylo ren dude is a rapist or whatever it is most celebrity moids are

No. 1380408

Kylo Ren dude has been with the same woman for 13 years.
I think mostly nepotism moids have no sense of decency or boundaries.

No. 1380430

File: 1666257635005.jpg (232.7 KB, 720x839, 20221020_103606.jpg)

The amount of times Lana Del Rey has had music stolen or leaked is incredible. A few years back someone hacked into her laptop and leaked a bunch of unreleased tracks kek something about Lana makes her a magnet for people who literally can not wait for her to release music. Tbf they're doing us somewhat of a service, her unreleased songs are some of her best

No. 1380508

the tech savvy faggots got her

No. 1380512

The faggots don’t just do it to Lana, they do it to literally every pop girl.

No. 1380608

File: 1666275488175.jpg (15.22 KB, 221x300, taylor.jpg)

taylor's new album is really putting the mid in midnights. most of the tracks are just ok but the production is very boring. it's like an album of lover reject tracks. and it's got some very clownable lyrics kek ("sometimes i feel like everybody is a sexy baby"?!? "karma is a cat purring in my lap"??). the lana collab is just lana humming the background kek.

it's also got her worst song ever (vigilante shit) which is so bad that it's retroactively turning me! and you need to calm down into musical greats.

don't stream it legally, she doesn't deserve your money for such mediocre work

No. 1380610

She don’t give a fuck anymore huh

No. 1380634

She has such a devoted fanbase that there was no need to promote the shit out of it.

No. 1380821

File: 1666287406105.png (632.82 KB, 581x773, GIRLBOSS.png)

No. 1380839

File: 1666288300379.jpg (139.56 KB, 714x712, 1666287458000.jpg)

Chance the Fapper caught liking tranny porn. Of course weirdos are going in on his wife going "his wife looks like a man, so.."
Reminder this scrote is-
>>cheated on his wife
>>defended/worked with r Kelly
>> friends with that scrote who dated the TIM from pose. The Scrote was accused of abusing women, the TIM would allegedly keep tabs on the women accusing him
I hate Chance the father. All men liking porn, ESPECIALLY Troon porn need to be shamed and blamed and laughed at. It's crazy that so many are going "so" and "no shame him!!" He's fucking married and doing this on his public account.

No. 1380846

eh, he's a psycho and harry is smelly, ugly, and thinks he makes anything worth listening to or looking at. cuck those retards, olivia.

No. 1380847

he's one of those "wife guys" and they're all super fucked up.

No. 1380858

File: 1666288818427.jpg (80.85 KB, 791x900, getTfOuttaHere.JPG)

Our most favourite pos is joining the other pos-with-skincare-club

No. 1380862

The ingredients? His fellow cult members' DNA.

No. 1380879

she should make them fight each other.

No. 1380886

damn that sucks, i loved the reputation and evermore albums. it does seems 'eh', reminds me of grande's generic pop songs.

No. 1380888

Who doesn't want to use a shampoo named "Tumbleweed"?

No. 1380918

File: 1666291852964.jpeg (161.33 KB, 634x1024, F0953A60-298A-48F7-905D-D753BE…)

I try to be respectful towards women who have unconventional features and just because a woman has strong features doesn’t equal manliness or masculinity but.. chance the rapper’s wife is built like my dad I haven’t spoken to in months kek

No. 1380925

so when he said 'on the mic like it's a dick' on everybody's somebody, he was being serious?

No. 1380930

She doesn't look like a scrote just a fridge shaped woman with stronger features. Claiming that any woman built a certain way equals troon attraction is weird. Men are attracted to troons because they like feminized men with ducks, not masculine women with vaginas. It'd make more sense for a man into masculine women to date a TIF then a Tim. At least a tif is a woman. A Tim is a man, Chance the Flapper is gayer then "Drake". He's not a lesbian he's a bisexual idiot

No. 1380935

Also important to consider that she looks pregnant in that photo.

No. 1380938

>I try to be respectful towards women
well you are failing

No. 1380942

wtf? she doesn't look like a scrote at all, she's just fat (or pregnant?) and wearing a really ugly dress that would look stupid on anyone older than 20

No. 1380976

unfortunately celebrity moids still dump women they've been with for decades for women young enough to be their daughters or even granddaughters, see billy ray cyrus for a recent example. if you think the forbidden man is sexy you do you whatever, but don't put too much faith in him because he's still a celebrity scrote and it's never worth crying over those.

No. 1380988

Oh fuck off, I have the exact same build of broad shoulders and narrow hips. Some women are just built a little unfortunate, also it's not that hard to respect women but the fact it's a struggle for you is just sad.

No. 1380990

>Men are attracted to troons because they like feminized men with ducks
I too like a feminine man with ducks lol

No. 1381004

quick someone post some anime bishie holding ducks

No. 1381005

nta but i think adam driver probably fucking hates most people on this planet of earth. i don't get why anons want to fuck him however he does seem like he probably doesn't actually hang out with anyone besides his wife. now that star wars is over i bet he only takes movie contracts like every 5 years when he wants to add money to his veterans' charity.

No. 1381006

>has daddy issues
Like clockwork.

No. 1381011

I guess she's just tech illiterate. And who keeps valuable things in the car.

No. 1381019

ducks > men

No. 1381024

Yes because the shitty dad is the child’s fault. YWNBAW

No. 1381025

this is the most based type of man to me. need one of them

No. 1381027

interestingly both moids with "daddy issues" and moids with "mommy issues" end up blaming and hating women. if it's a deadbeat father it's mommy's fault for "chasing him away" if it's an abusive father it's still mommy's fault for staying

No. 1381107

There's someone on the mtf thread who posted a screenshot of chance liking a Twitter post of troon porn. Unfortunately I'm a newfag so idk how to upload pictures by phone but it explains why he chose her

No. 1381114

already posted ITT >>1380839

No. 1381130

She looks like Shailene Woodley in that pic.

No. 1381131

File: 1666302727330.jpg (110.44 KB, 1284x1281, candac.jpg)

How does Candace keep doing this

No. 1381135

All male rappers have gay inclinations. This is only news to struggling scrotes

No. 1381136


No. 1381141

File: 1666303151785.png (42.74 KB, 581x487, mia.PNG)

It's just Candace Owens asking to work with her. I just think it's interesting that she's got Kanye and now M.I.A.

No. 1381154

I don’t care what mia does she wrote Bucky done gun

No. 1381176

Excellent taste.

No. 1381179

He needs a crisp sucker punch to the face again I fear

No. 1381183

They expect me to rise against the woman who sang Yala? It isn’t going to happen.

No. 1381231

File: 1666306915112.jpeg (65.94 KB, 512x512, download (1).jpeg)

No. 1381249

There was a youtuber i watched called its Kenya and she talked about how she used to send a barrage of hate to chance the rapper for no reason. She had no idea she was fighting a battle for the gods. Retardation aside, it's a combination is his bullshit image as a good ol church going boy and the fact that rappers have a predisposition towards heavily surgically enhanced women who blur the line between woman and tranny.
This trends needs to end expeditiously. Who the fuck wants to smear Jared Leto's gunk on their face?
She is clearly a woman nonny, it's not unusual for a man to use a normal woman to hide his degeneracy.

No. 1381256

File: 1666308133049.png (395.06 KB, 450x466, Im just worried about her.PNG)

"Drake" is sadposting. Trying not to read between the line, I'm hoping he's just doing this because he maybe wants to sell some music. he's going to regret what he's doing to his hairline. As much as I hate scrotes *he just looks so sad and dead behind the eyes. yuck. It's all in the eyes.

No. 1381281

it’s a retarded LSAfag self-censoring themselves, they replace the word “dick” with “ducks” like the couple of ghetto retards they are

No. 1381283

or maybe just phoneposters with autocorrect jfc

No. 1381285

missed you ftm-drake-chan, are you and ftm-gackt-chan the same person?

No. 1381287

no it’s actually what they do on that website, they love to come here and post in this thread as well. at least they aren’t stupid enough to expose themselves

No. 1381292

or just as likely could be a phoneposter with autocorrect, phone autocorrect does change dick to duck. who cares where anons come from as long as they're not being disruptive.

No. 1381293

It was my my auto correct I'm on a phone.

No. 1381294

Have no idea who that is, no I'm not she

No. 1381295

Same anon, I don't know who gachtk is

No. 1381296

I'm tired of the racebaiting LSA hate-lurkers (honestly just LSAfags in denial) who come here and try to turn everyone else into spergs like themselves. Your obsession is not normal. Look at your keyboard and see how close "u" and "i" are retard

No. 1381297

nigga look fruity as hell

No. 1381301

love all my ftm truther nonnies, however many of you there are on here

No. 1381344

Oh shut the fuck up, you just sound stupid as hell. It's natural for people to go from one gossip site to another, the topics in here would attract them. Without them, a lot of celebrity milk wouldn't even exist, i.e the doja cat stuff. Maybe i am biased because I used to use LSA until i couldn't stand the pickmeism there anymore, but you just sounds like you want to race bait and it's fucking irritating. They probably just think you are a bitter great white.

No. 1381346

No. 1381349

Your trolling only goes so far before it’s beating a dead horse.

He just looks like an annoying metrosexual

No. 1381367

File: 1666315314675.jpg (141.75 KB, 1500x1992, chance-the-rapper-kristen-corl…)

Nta but you're reading into this too deep. She's obviously a woman, nonnie didn't say she was a man. She has slightly masculine features (a little bit reminiscent of Taylor Lautner back in his classic days) and an unflattering dress that accentuates how broad her shoulders are making her look a bit mannish. God knows celebricows jumps all over womens bodies and appearances constantly idk why a relatively tame comment about a random woman looking mannish would get this response kek

No. 1381374

I just get annoyed with how so many people are focusing on her looks instead of her husband's actions. She's cute in this picture though.

No. 1381382

She needs a better stylist, but other than that I want to take her out to dinner Idc.

No. 1381398

y'all so fucking fake smh

No. 1381400


No. 1381402

She's gotta be a beard-for-hire, right?

No. 1381404

All my fav girls end up problematic and I love them for that.

No. 1381405

idk would a gay man do this >>1377790?

No. 1381407

File: 1666318023038.jpg (35.03 KB, 706x706, 1653850652786.jpg)

He looks like Lurch with the feminine snapchat filter in the Luna threads

No. 1381409

Here we go again. Just because you think she's ugly and mannish doesn't mean we all do. IM GAY

No. 1381416

yeah yeah whatever, you aint that ~gay~ if you feel attracted to a woman who has a sharper jawline than her husband and who also towers him pff(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1381421

Tish is so stunning. Miley really lucked out by looking so similar to her. Noah on the other hand looks so much like Billy… unfortunate.

No. 1381440

she's a woman, i used to make her lattes cause i worked near her house in downtown Chicago. shes a huge bitch with a palpably toxic and haughty ass attitude but def female.

No. 1381442

File: 1666320875358.jpeg (93.3 KB, 800x629, 9CFACA9E-7E68-466C-8BC2-45C8E4…)

She was literally pregnant

No. 1381451

I think she’s really pretty

No. 1381458

She's running a nude sanctuary, let her be.

No. 1381470

chance is so ugly

No. 1381472

Now that I think about it, idk why he would want to date him, all she is doing is highlighting how much of a fugly manlet he is.

No. 1381484

That's what i was thinking too. The fact she has strong features just highlight how much of a soyboy he is.

No. 1381563

Her stans will still hype this up and make it top in charts

No. 1381581

>cuck those retards, olivia.
Stop yass queening olivia as if she is not a misogynistic pick me even when she tries to paint herself as a feminist icon.
By her demand Florence was forced to perform sex scene with Harry without an intimacy coach.
She was the one who hyped up sex scenes and made big deal out of it when no one else cared about it, but when florence said discussion of sex scenes is overshadowing the movie, Olivia went full 180 and said how she agrees with florence and everyone who is focusing so much on sex scenes is sexist.

All 3 involved in that drama are shit and deserve each other.
Hope they will create a swedish family in a volcano.

No. 1381585

imagine being such a retard that you'd support olivia "queen libfem" wilde of all people

No. 1381703

aight well i didn't know that because the first i hear of any celebrity news is this thread

No. 1381751

Girl read her post again, she's saying his wife is a secret troon. What else could we possibly take away from her post? That she's just shitting on this woman's appearance and saying she's built like a man for nothing? Get real

No. 1381791

not the other nona but I will never hate this woman- Arular was fucking years ahead

No. 1381803

i know we'll never get leaked songs like serial killer/kinda outta luck again but i hope we do with this inevitable next round of leaks

No. 1381882

File: 1666369714706.jpeg (290.77 KB, 1080x1418, E0F2E59E-5627-4964-8AB6-6DD5F1…)

Kanye apparently had this weird argument last November with Charlemagne, about Pete Davidson’s penis KEK

No. 1381889

Kim's birthday is today so I wonder if he's going to do any weird shit.

No. 1381907

He hit on me when I was 17, he was probably 19-20 then? But it was a weird experience, he was very forward about wanting to take me home. I didn't even know who he was til one of my friends told me. He had a whole posse of like 4 or 5 very dressed up women with him. Not to blog post, he's just a weird guy

No. 1381928

>my wife’s out here fucking a white boy with a ten inch penis and you won’t help me
Oh my god

No. 1381960

No. 1381961

It's your EX-wife. What is that weird thing with dudes calling their ex-wives still wife, as if they were still a thing? Creepy.

No. 1381985

File: 1666376458548.jpeg (78.93 KB, 960x1079, FfmeHDQXkAIxokv.jpeg)

for a long time, i thought ariana didn't look that bad but now she looks awful in a lot of pictures. mix of skelly and facelift abuse is really uncanny

No. 1381991

Working as a child actor should be illegal, look at what it does to people when they grow up

No. 1381995

in motion her eyes seem super botched. they don't look like they can close all the way, like her blinking seems really obstructed

No. 1381996

File: 1666377072758.png (463.87 KB, 578x766, depp.png)

>still gushing about johnny depp in 2022
They walk among us

No. 1381997

from the main page i thought this was a tranny in the mtf thread

No. 1381999

Me too, he's got that greasy unwashed grandma fashion hon look

No. 1382010

File: 1666377888199.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.68 KB, 768x897, he_is_melting.jpg)

I found an even worse pic of that day, but I think I'll have to spoiler it.

No. 1382019

the NEVER FEAR TRUTH necklace is killing me

No. 1382022

File: 1666378221317.jpg (45.38 KB, 620x349, 1548801838774.jpg)

This seriously looks like a creepy Japanese robot that would help you at a novelty hotel's check-in area.

No. 1382036

he looks like an elderly female alcoholic with a dead wife who rails meth in the corner of an after hours club

No. 1382067

Jesus he looks like Chris-chan.

No. 1382098

File: 1666382057692.jpeg (86.91 KB, 795x707, 1576E332-0BC5-4837-851A-CC5339…)

Harry Styles’ gay movie My Policeman came out today and as fugly as he is, I genuinely cannot believe they casted this balding, sex offender looking moid as his love interest

No. 1382102

The gays are dragging her all over twitter and it’s so funny because the only thing that’s changed is that she stopped applying fake tan and bleached her eyebrows. That’s all it took for them to turn on her LOL.

No. 1382106

But it’s about the tenderness of it anon. It’s about the beauty, the softness, the restraint in deepdish dirty sweaty assfucking. Also probably because if they cast someone attractive it would show how ugly Harry Styles is in stark contrast.

No. 1382109

It’s so embarrassing that he went from being Edward Scissorhands to this. Yes, all men.

No. 1382139

he looks like that creepy little man people see in their dreams

No. 1382145

this guy can actually act though. i prefer uggo good actors to handsome bad actors. (harry is obviously neither of these kek)

No. 1382154

File: 1666383948685.jpg (54.73 KB, 567x689, harry.jpg)

I don't understand why or how Harry keeps getting casted in films. I always just see people saying they don't like his performances in movies, or that he was just unnecessary.

No. 1382155

not to armchair diagnose but she looks like she's in cachexia from gastro cancer. she doesn't look like an anachan to me, this looks like wasting. hope she's ok

No. 1382157

idk he looks exactly like the kind of gay nerd that a man who looks like harry would date irl

No. 1382160

I’m cracking up, you people and your concern trolling. She just isn’t wearing fake tan and has bleached brows. She looks exactly the same.

No. 1382164

File: 1666384146582.jpeg (471.02 KB, 3459x2232, ED578FB9-63E1-4F1D-A366-1FE66B…)

NTAYRT but not really

No. 1382166

youve made the same comment twice are you going to reply with the same thing to everyone.
She is BOTCHED its the facelift, eye fox lift and too many fillers she had in 2021-2022 that makes her look bad and not the lack of tan.

No. 1382167

Khloe Kardashian really is the scum of the earth for using a more economically disadvantaged woman to have a cheating man's baby. I really want to wish the worst on her (like death) but I must trust in the universe to take care of it.

No. 1382168

She’s been really skinny for a long time. The only time she’s ever been seen at her natural pale skin tone was before she become underweight. This picture shows nothing. Give her a tan and heavy brows again and they’d only be complaining about her facelift.

No. 1382171

im not talking about the weight im talking about her face which looks botched. She looks bad because she had too many fillers, facelifts and a fox eye-lift at a too young age.

No. 1382172

File: 1666384613444.png (129.57 KB, 1407x601, IHECJIHE3IHFF.png)


No. 1382175

File: 1666384814271.png (19.62 KB, 730x157, IEHWDXHEIUH.png)

No. 1382183

She’s been looking botched my comment was directed at saying she looks like she has terminal illness. She looks just as botched as she has the past year, it’s like when people freaked out when Bella Hadid bleached her brows.

No. 1382184

i'm so tired of replies like this on twitter

No. 1382194

she has more than enough money to get treatment. she looks disgusting lol

No. 1382196

File: 1666385738223.png (697.86 KB, 1144x730, WTF.png)

not milk but I saw this schizo guy talking about ''pussy scent'' multiple times on a random video of ariana , and his account was even weirder.

No. 1382211

Most normal gay stan twitter account

No. 1382218

skull with filler lips that resemble a butthole

No. 1382240

File: 1666387747140.png (424.79 KB, 503x583, kanye.PNG)

>Sources close to Ye tell us he's recently hired Camille Vasquez and the Brown Rudnick firm. Vasquez should be a very familiar name … she's the same attorney who gained global attention for her legal skills in the Amber Heard Trial.
>We're told Camille will be among a group of attorneys representing Kanye's business interests – contracts, deals, the works.
>TMZ broke the story, Ye recently hired Melinda Gates' former divorce attorney, Bob Cohen, to represent him in his ongoing divorce with Kim Kardashian. We're told Camille and team will not be involved in the divorce.
>If Kim and Kanye can't come to an agreement by December, the divorce will go to trial … and given Kanye's actions of late, Kim will likely get much of what she asks for from the judge.

No. 1382250

this is taking pickmeism to a whole new level. queen pickme.

No. 1382272

she has "Southern Face"

No. 1382281

looking like a withered pumpkin, jesus

No. 1382309

> I make it a point to not listen to musicians younger than me (mostly bc i find most gen z music derivative)

Holy shit I cringed so hard it actually hurt physically.

No. 1382324

Olivia and Harry look like a brother and sister. Same face shape, same color skin/hair/eyes colors kek

No. 1382328


No. 1382370

File: 1666397160981.jpg (2.42 MB, 3264x3264, arianachan.jpg)

Ariana has always been an Anachan, there were lots of tinfoils when she started losing weight like wearing the red string (in its fame- standing for anorexia) on her wrist, she was known for posting thigh gap pics a lot in her 'sweet' era, and has a habit of posting her xylo. Sage because not milk.

No. 1382418

he looks like a bad taxidermy of his own typical fangirl

No. 1382435

File: 1666402775511.png (60.05 KB, 663x662, ULmWPqJ.png)

she dropped a deluxe edition 3 hours after release with 8 extra tracks which is a surprise. they don't sound better than the main album from what i've heard but she has a song about dating john mayer (12 years her senior) at 19. it's pretty rough.
she already had a song (dear john) about john over a decade ago but it didn't spell it out that clearly.

No. 1382553

Kekkkk nona

No. 1382557

Ew her chest plate showing is ugly af

No. 1382838

is she out of human races so she's aiming for alien this time?

No. 1382840

I think she could pull off a buzzcut.

No. 1382843

knowing kanye's porn addiction, I am willing to bet that he's insecure of his size and thinks the rumors about pete davidon's penis are likely true

No. 1382862

File: 1666439176180.jpg (102.64 KB, 750x920, flat,750x1000,075,f.jpg)

>looking good as always
get some glasses

What a devolution.
When being a shithead follows up on you.

No. 1382866

File: 1666439844317.gif (8.22 MB, 500x330, theblackpearl.gif)

It's amazing how his fans still see him so young. What is this curse? It's over for him.

No. 1382894

ok mario

No. 1382915

Absolutely looks like a tranny these days. Drugs are a hell of a drug. Oh and megapints don't be doing him any favors either.

No. 1382961

Concentration camp chic

No. 1382964

File: 1666448628073.jpeg (134.68 KB, 919x706, DA6D6554-2021-405E-B8A8-5D47D9…)

The kardashains in their Ana era. She’s gotten even small than the last time I saw her.

No. 1382976

File: 1666449892050.jpeg (191.79 KB, 634x1168, AE314D62-75B2-405C-97F5-0BADE9…)

Facially he looks about how id expect him to at 59 years old. He rly needs to dial back the 2007 indie rawker style though, it doesn’t suit him at all at his age. You can be cool and weird and still clothe yourself in an age appropriate way. He should dress like a neo victorian bag lady wraith like HBC does. Helena sweetie you’re doing amazing

No. 1382995

she looks so transgender with that big ass head

No. 1383001

Soup kitchen chic.

No. 1383009

I've always felt like zoomer celebs are going to age really, really poorly because they get so much pointless botched plastic surgery at such a young age, and I think I was right. Her face is fucked. What a shame since she had such beautiful natural features. I don't get why she keeps fucking with her eye area. Years and years of anorexia + a PS addiction is a recipe for disaster.

No. 1383020

As someone who never followed what Ariana Grande was doing, what the hell happened to her?
She used to be SO cute.

No. 1383023

File: 1666452810880.jpg (1.35 MB, 1920x2792, InShot_20221022_113136838.jpg)

The Danny Masterson rape trial began a few days ago, he can and should go away for 45 years. Violent rapist

No. 1383037

He will never fuck you lol. Cope, seethe menstruate(the male who spams cp )

No. 1383039

nta but go get phimosis.

No. 1383040

lmao moids are so unoriginal that they have to steal insults from women and others.

Did the dilate insult hurt your tranny feelings.

No. 1383047

File: 1666455554554.gif (1.37 MB, 264x264, 1609444396114.gif)

>cope, seethe menstruate


No. 1383051

File: 1666455655245.jpeg (30.54 KB, 540x360, 82028BD6-B9A4-4304-AF42-68576A…)

Spamming here is the most attention you get from non familial women. You’re such an unbearable failure no one can stand to be around you. Find the rope you birth defect.

No. 1383091

>he will never fuck you
Thank god

She took off all her fake tan and now everybody is scared

No. 1383094

File: 1666457514673.png (447.15 KB, 693x603, LMAO.png)

im laughing, who in their right mind decided to make a article about this.

No. 1383099

File: 1666457591195.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.86 KB, 447x792, Hyunjin-de-Stray-Kids-se-viral…)

the bulge in question

No. 1383100

I want to be this as an older lady.

No. 1383109

Wow males have dick and balls?? Scandalous

No. 1383124

oogling and slut-shaming men should be more normalised and widespread, so I support this

No. 1383125

KEK ok my 60 year old mother has been doing this and i thought it looked good but honestly wasn't sure if i was crazy or not. good to know elderly goth farmer is a real fashion trend

No. 1383129

this reminds me of dylan meyer (kristen stewart's wife) who said that max landis did things to her that were "so humiliating i can't even write them down" and that's why she wasn't involved in the court case/formal settlement/whatever americans call it

No. 1383130

Is he supposed to tuck

No. 1383131

go to the containment thread, roundeye

No. 1383137

something's wrong with those pants if his dick and balls are getting caught on the crotch seam. they're either not meant to wear while dancing, or way too small in the waistband for him. or, he should just start wearing underpants on stage (i know no one likes to do that but if he's doing kicks or b-boy moves maybe his dick won't get stuck on the 3 layers of serged denim between his legs).

No. 1383139

The answer to your paragraph is simply that he has cock and balls

No. 1383142

Is this the guy that some anon used to always spam pics of? I think she kept replying pics of him in the Kaitlyn Tiffany thread but he had long hair. He looks like he would melt if you put him next to a flame

No. 1383143

Looks like a small cock to me but won't be surprised if kpoopies are gradually shooping it bigger the more the pic gets posted

No. 1383149

I was that anon kek.

No. 1383166

She’s going to have a hard time going up against the Kardashians. Amber Heard is small fry compared to their league of lawyers.

No. 1383167

It's giving We Heart It 2014

No. 1383189

File: 1666461667193.jpg (1.39 MB, 1920x3389, InShot_20221022_135933245.jpg)

No. 1383193

File: 1666461894445.jpg (869.13 KB, 1920x2341, InShot_20221022_135909707.jpg)

No. 1383199

File: 1666462452709.jpg (15.8 KB, 387x258, Hannibal_Lecter_in_Silence_of_…)

he reminds me of hannibal lecter here

No. 1383261

File: 1666467373503.jpg (148.59 KB, 540x700, tumblr_45d0c71a91d35ff187737d9…)

taylor's projected to sell ~1.2m copies of midnight this week. hdd thinks she might even beat her own record for 1989 (1.28m). swifties are insane lol, i didn't even know these kind of numbers were possible after billboard banned bundles. adele couldn't even break a million.

No. 1383265

Adele is a jaded divorcee mother who acts mid forty at 33 and makes boring songs about her child and her marriage.
Not many will relate to that.

No. 1383268

ok true but she didn't have song about karma being a cat purring in her lap so she still wins igss

No. 1383283

No matter what she does to her body, her face still looks off and now, additionally, her head looks gigantic compared to her body.

No. 1383293

>that pic
please don't tell me she actually sees herself as an anti-hero kek

No. 1383295

If 21 Jump Street Johnny Deep could see that pic, he'd swear off drugs and alcohol for life.

No. 1383308

lol the lyrics are actually her confessing to being a scheming and narcissistic piece of shit who only does nice things when she knows people will see it. it's more akin to the self-aware tone of blank space than anything.

No. 1383320

jesus christ i'm so tired of her woe-is-me perpetual victim complex. the fact that taylor fucking swift thinks she's an anti-hero is so laughable

No. 1383321

Oh it’s that dude from the 70s show! Shit i had the biggest crush on hyde

No. 1383327

HOW? I tried listening to it and had to stop after song 4. It’s so bland and boring. Why??

No. 1383337

I liked lavender haze bug album was so underwhelming but again I feel this way with every new taylor record lol, I think her voice is just not charming at all regardless if the song is good or not she lacks something

No. 1383338

Tbh i dont think its even about swifties, her previous album was popular -everywhere-.

No. 1383364

>Did you hear my covert narcissism / that I disguise as altruism / like some kind of congressman?
>I wake up screaming from dreaming / one day I'll watch as you're leaving / 'cause you got tired of my scheming / (For the last time)
>It's me / Hi / I'm the problem, it's me

kek for once it's not a victim complex, it's her admitting to being awful and the problem in all her failed relationships

No. 1383365

a thousand-yard stare. And i'm not one to say this lightly but: meth.

No. 1383366

Walk to an overpass and jump off

No. 1383368

nah her skin is too clear for meth. she'd be scratching that shit right off the bone.

No. 1383372

Wrong it’s clearly coke

No. 1383373

You're right kek. Maybe she's consuming even more coke for ana purposes?

No. 1383393

File: 1666478487247.jpg (60.1 KB, 540x541, FfsHD9tVQAAsBCJ.jpeg.jpg)

Everyone who said the When We Were Young tour would be another Fyre Fest called it kek

No. 1383396

File: 1666478510616.jpg (90.81 KB, 540x541, FfsHD9tUYAAP0zA.jpeg.jpg)

No. 1383406

she looks like she smelled a fart, her lip liner looks like it went way over her upper vermillion border, and her long face is unfortunate

No. 1383417

Sucks for the people who have tickets for today but this is nothing like Fyre (yet)

No. 1383452

The funny part is that this shein thot is gonna do corporate litigation with Balenciaga for him, not the divorce

No. 1383473

It was never going to happen, just like the first one with the impossibly long roster

No. 1383496


this is the first one, the line up has just been announced for the second but that's meant to happen next year.

No. 1383523

When it happens are you going to start claiming everyone who says they went is delusional or what? Bands have already had festival specific merch made for this so if it’s all a complete scam (doubtful) bands have been fucked over along with their fans. Music festivals are not my thing but I hope everyone has a great time.

No. 1383552

File: 1666489154738.png (241.86 KB, 640x535, FCBE7DC3-61EA-4052-9996-A814AA…)

Ok be honest. which one of you wrote the genius interpretation of her song vigilante shit

No. 1383572

i know im late, but could the mods actually ban the kpopspergs and delete the kpop posts please
I really wish you insecure, retard bitches would stop trying to force this shit down random peoples throats

No. 1383581

She can still go full Scandiboo with Grimes

No. 1383596

Camille Vasquez looks so off. Like she got her face burned. Looking like that monkey kid from jumanji

No. 1383601

its almost like people have been warning them those aging emos that it was never going to work lol

No. 1383610

They get their own website and that's still not enough.

No. 1383613

she looks like camille grammer wearing whitney cummings face

No. 1383624

old pics of taylor reminds me how shes had some of the best lip augmentation ever

No. 1383684

File: 1666504393108.jpg (131.02 KB, 900x881, FfspK4UXkAAIows.jpg)

Nicki Minaj is allegedly threatening a woman that her husband recently raped. She claims to be their ex-maid.

No. 1383686

File: 1666504427284.jpg (116.64 KB, 1125x1219, Ffsz-3AXoAAitmj.jpg)

No. 1383687

File: 1666504648826.jpg (181.58 KB, 1125x1859, Ffsz-3GXEAA7_2W.jpg)

The link also has a video of her scrolling through these DMs to prove they're real

No. 1383690

She literally has so many options for moids yet keeps standing by this scumbag. What the fuck is wrong with her? I hope he fucking rots.

No. 1383691

File: 1666505421533.jpeg (305.61 KB, 1225x767, 0930A0E1-1E25-458B-9745-13DA7A…)

This is why I don’t trust men or other women. Sorry Nona’s, but some women are just like Nicki Minaj. They will stand by their shitty Nigel’s, pedo brother’s, and woman beating father’s.

No. 1383692

File: 1666505900476.jpeg (513.75 KB, 909x1141, 250DFABD-C5FA-4E20-8C80-52A420…)

Does she want another award or something? I adore Madonna. I accept her shaved brows and pink hair. But there’s no way in hell I am begging for women 20 to 30 years younger than me to kiss my ass for their ability to be sexual within their careers.

No. 1383693

>for people like u
Does she mean middle/lower class people? lol

No. 1383694

Wait, I'm assuming she means victims, or both.

No. 1383696

She has some really, really bad fillers. Also, her features are just unfortunate and kind of evil looking. She looks like a Shein egg with tiny, close set, beady eyes.

No. 1383699

>muh MARRIED MAN can't be expected to behave, it's your fault!

Shit like this is why every bitch who thinks "homewreckers" are a thing deserves a bullet

No. 1383712

It's giving "questions for the culture" lol

No. 1383744

Is this solid proof though? I wonder if Nicki really is stupid enough to write these things using her real profile. She basically admits to what allegedly has happened and the insults are a bit over the top even for her. I can totally see something like this happening (as it has in the past with other celebrities), but I guess bribing and "compensation" usually is done privately and not through Instagram DMS.

I don’t think it was her alone who paved the way, but she is not wrong. However, she has been praised a lot for that, most recently by Beyoncé herself who did a Vogue cover/remix calling her "Queen Mother Madonna".

No. 1383761

I think seh really does not give a shit if anybody finds out because she can always play the false allegations card and if these messages are real, she clearly thinks she and her piece of shit husband can get away with anything. it’s very nicki to do this shit and think she’s above everbody else.

No. 1383821

>offered you insane amounts of money (for people like u)
She definitely means middle/lower class people. God, I hate how smug richfags are and how they keep buying their way through consequence-free crimes.

No. 1383823

She reminds me of Jodi Arias, and whilst saying this, I feel like I am insulting JA.

No. 1383831

File: 1666527420803.jpg (230.87 KB, 960x1280, mia.jpg)

She's just a silly gal.

No. 1383836

She wouldn't exist if poorfags weren't supporting her. I hope these people get robbed.

No. 1383841

yeah i dont like Nicki but this seems very fake.
Nicki is a pickme but she isnt dumb enough to go and use her insta to talk to a maid, also the typing style sounds nothing like her and there is barely any proof.
Im going to wait if more info comes out on this before i give my opinion.

No. 1383866

sage for no milk but people are saying emma d’arcy (rhaenyra in hotd) looks like hunter schafer as a fucking COMPLIMENT!

No. 1383891

It says the 23rd and 29th dates are still "moving forward accordingly", big if true

No. 1383896

she's not wrong though. The women from the 70s and 80s did a lot for women today to be openly sexual, and do shit that would have isolated for only 20-30 years prior. She can go about it a bit classier, but a lot of artists like, Joan Jett, etc paved the way for a lot of female artists.

No. 1383899

I first looked at the picture, didn't know who it was, read the text, still didn't know who the picture was, noticed that Madonna posted this, then realized the pic is supposed to be of Madonna. What a ride

No. 1383903

At this point, people who stand by and are fans of Nicki minaj are rape apologists. i dont care

No. 1383906

File: 1666537449486.png (520.24 KB, 762x640, ioji.png)

cardi responded to this

No. 1383938

emma d'arcy is a they/them misogynist who will throw all other women under the bus in her haste to worship dicks, so she deserves it.

No. 1383939

I'm not sure how to feel about these honestly. I wouldn't put it past Nicki, but this doesn't seem like how she types (in her tweets or text messages we've seen) and the video is strange. If it's real I hope she can drop more solid proof

No. 1383980

>The women from the 70s and 80s did a lot for women today to be openly sexual
Not trying to rain on your parade, but the music industry's "sexual revolution" was a mistake that only benefited scrotes on the long run. Behind every Cardi B there is a group of moids using that image to shill hypersexualitation and sometimes borderline prostitution to young girls, i don't see this situation as a win and i assure these women are not earning the same money as scrotes on their own teams

No. 1383988

ntayrt but she never said it was a "win" or implied it was a good thing so chill with your feminist screeds. we already know all that.

No. 1383993

retard, gtfo containment thread NOW.

No. 1384011

She said it like it was some kind of milestone or something, "paved the way" to what? shit got worse if anything
did you have a stroke?

No. 1384016

NTA but you’re the retard. Anon made a good point. Pop stars are so absurdly hypersexualized that no one even bats an eye to them using stripper poles and wearing ridiculously revealing outfits. I’m glad the Spice Girls were a thing when a was a kid and not whatever pants-less (when did they all stop wearing pants???) twerker is currently popular.

No. 1384070

I don't get her reaction honestly, we are all allowed to comment on celebrities itt and i was just sharing my opinion, so if i don't asslick these artists and their shady teams i'm writing "feminist manifestos" and should "get out"? wtf

No. 1384078

Yeah i don't get the aggression. Nothing she said is wrong. And it's true

No. 1384083

File: 1666549626161.jpg (214.41 KB, 500x500, Natalia-Kills-Boys-Don-t-Cry-n…)

People who still hate her in 2022 are retarded. Its been 8 years so get over it.
Yeah we get it she was mean once like a decade ago but male celebrities act like jerks all the time too yet they never got their career completely destroyed.

Idk i liked her music its a shame she never became a bigger artist because of her scandal.

No. 1384087

Damn anon, are you me? I just started to listen to her again after some years because I remembered her having some hits here where I live and I always thought that the xfactor shit was blown out of proportion. Yeah, it was cringe but damn move on. The sad thing is that I she has some real talent for writing music and has an eye for nice visuals. I checked her socials and people still write really hateful things in her comments, so she keeps a low profile because of that. It's overall really sad what happened to her, she def had the potential.

No. 1384089

She was extremely cringe for caping for her extremely unoriginal husband but I've been listening to her nevertheless. I didn't know for a while though because the name change.

No. 1384091

i can't stand JRR Tolkien pretending to be "literature", but at least he put the work in to make up languages and grammar that stood behind his made up names and other words. Fat George just cobbles together some vaguely celtic or ancient briton-esque spelling and uses it for everything from tropical sex pests to desert warlords to arctic cavemen, and then acts like his dragonriders of pern rape slashfic/anti-woman murder porn is intellectual scifi.

No. 1384092

yeah no. it wasn't "women are free to be as sexual as men", it was "put out or you're an uncool prude". men can get laid a lot, or get laid very little, and the judgement of their chracter isn't solely based on that. women, however, have to either make fun of themselves for being "sluts", or accept everyone else making fun of them for "not hooking up ever".

No. 1384094

its a shame her career got killed (heh get the metaphor) because of a incident that turned out to be staged and fake years later.

No. 1384099

File: 1666551062879.jpg (19.86 KB, 413x413, benny.jpg)

Are my Ben Whishaw nonnies here right now ( >>1377659 etc)? I saw him again today kek. (sorry this photo is so creepy I swear I am not an axe murderer)

No. 1384103

Expand more on your anti-Tolkein stance nonnie I'm very curious as to what you have to say. Never read LOTR and I've never seen anyone have your same opinion.

No. 1384105

nta, bit of a stan, but I'll admit that he's a better world builder than a writer

No. 1384107

it's not "literature", it's spec fiction or world-building as >>1384105 says. novelists and writers of literature are not always the same thing. you wouldn't call artemis fowl novels literature, right? or dan brown novels? Tolkien uses better language and more complex plots than those books, yes, but that doesn't make his work literary. it just makes it high-quality from a technical perspective.

No. 1384108

nonnnie just let him smoke in peace

No. 1384134

this is lowkey creepy.

No. 1384137

i fucking hate fujos

No. 1384156

What do you mean? What has she done?

No. 1384180

Really proves how people have zero tolerance for women acting out of line a little. Like Chris Brown fucking beat Rihanna, even bit her like a psychotic piece of shit but people forgave him and don't even talk about it anymore. People wept over xxxtentacion calling him "good man with a bad past" like he didn't have about 50 instances of him being a sociopath including him threatening to rape his ex with barbeque utensils. But god forbid a woman acts a little bitchy and she's cancelled forever and her reputation ruined.

No. 1384182

Why are you using the groomer arrow?">"

No. 1384187

Nta but the issue with porn sick moids is that it's practically impossible to meet their beauty standards. Even an objectively beautiful girl like Billie would be called ugly and gross by a good chunk of them like they are currently. Even if they were to date her they'd insult her the entire time or just act disinterested and watch porn. I can't believe anons actually think dating a gen z porn addict is more favorable than dating a 31 yr old man

No. 1384188

>Even if they were to date her they'd insult her the entire time or just act disinterested and watch porn
this has been my experience with every male i dated. one was not like that, but he was 36 when i was 20+in school and made a lot of money and i couldn't keep dating someone that different from me, it was too weird.

No. 1384194

Same. If it's not that then they just obsess over other girls the entire time. Idk why moids and "just date a porn addict anyway" folks think being run to the ground until you develop multiple body complexes and eating disorders and somehow more favorable than not dating anyone at all

No. 1384195

youre confusing literary fiction with literature in general tardo

No. 1384196

what the shit are you talking about?

No. 1384203

On your offended by everything tumblrina word salad shit

No. 1384214

one of my cats smells like shit and I am dreading cleaning her up. i love them but it’s so much work for one person.

No. 1384217

Wrong thread, anon.

No. 1384219

i still love her music. she's so talented, it's fucking stupid how one cringey moment ruined her career. men truly get away with everything.

for anyone who isn't aware she goes by teddy sinclair now and has a band called cruel youth. she's also still writing for other big artists.

No. 1384223

There was a groomer moid who was fucking around with multiple farmers. He always used those arrows for some reason

No. 1384224

File: 1666559961511.jpg (72.35 KB, 1024x338, right next to each other.jpg)

anon obviously meant to type "?" but made a typo, have you never seen a keyboard?

No. 1384228

>60% layout
I see you're a woman of culture as well

No. 1384242

it's true, that stupid meme where they're like "oh i said an actress looked hot and my girlfriend got so mad" that's because "she looks hot" is all they want from a woman and it's enough for them to instantly break up with you.

No. 1384243

no i'm not. lotr is just fiction. it's not literature OR literary fiction.

No. 1384245

agree. men will actually have no interest in sex, and you can feel like you are digusting or unattractive because of multiple men acting weird or pushing you off of them when you try to initiate sex or take the lead during intimacy. the fact is that they are not attracted to real sex, if they have a porn addiction, and will behave as if disgusted by you. then you wind up ashamed and embarassed of enjoying sex on the off chance you wind up with a male who isn't pornsick. men born after 24/7 available internet porn are really messed up and are messing up other people because of their problem.

No. 1384258

I still Stan Natalia/Teddy after all this time. We all knew reality TV is fake as hell.

No. 1384262

File: 1666562142306.jpg (520.23 KB, 2495x1403, ezgif-2-8f5f8615f1.jpg)

I think it's just lip filler, it does look more natural than most celebrities though so I guess she's careful about not overdoing it.

No. 1384265

Aw fuck, sorry I don’t even know what thread I thought it was in and now it’s too late to delete.

No. 1384289

File: 1666563554605.png (242.53 KB, 1059x1861, Screenshot_20221023-171617~2.p…)


Sacheen Littlefeather (who passed away recently) apparently lied about her heritage as well as other aspects of her family.

No. 1384296

this has been known for a while. i think anne helen petersen (i know she's generally useless) wrote an article about her and brando.

No. 1384300

Yeah, a lot of people are saying it was common knowledge in the comments. I just thought some anons here might be interested since there were a few posting when she died about what an inspiration she was. Also I just personally find obvious race fakers (especially celebrity ones) super milky

No. 1384302

She looks like a bimbofied hybrid of K-Stew & P!nk in that picture. Scrolling fast, I thought maybe Kirsten had gone crazy on fillers

No. 1384303

File: 1666564398016.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1939, 8EDD83D6-AFE7-4E30-A33D-2E4CFC…)

A girl on TikTok is implying that she has Adam Levine-style dirt on Justin Timberlake. I feel like we already knew or heard he fucks around, right? Also I hate it when people vaguepost this kind of stuff for attention. If you can’t give us anything more concrete than this then I’m going to assume you have nothing to say. I feel so old and “get off my lawn” with these Tiktok dance guessing games.

No. 1384306

Yeah. I never was able to figure out why it pissed me off so much, it's also why men and women get so worked up over women who get plastic surgery then deny it. A lot of men have the mindset that if x thing is fake it's no longer attractive, but if they have it in their mind that it's real then they will compare natural women to something unrealistic and then dump or cheat on her over it.

No. 1384350

They look pretty fake and on the verge of being overfilled in that pic

No. 1384383

This reminds me of those articles that are like "these pics of women will make you hate your girlfriend" yet men act like women are overreacting because women get upset if a man calls and actress hot. At least women can simp over hot guys and still be happy with their partners, men think if other beautiful women exist then their own gf can't be hot I can't understand that logic

No. 1384389

yeah women simp/masturbate to a celebrity for like two days, then forget about it. men will legit stop having sex with you to watch camgirls every night instead.

No. 1384405

Wouldn't be surprizing at all, there's been rumors of him cheating for decades.
I hate his annoying rat face and hope he gets dragged.
Too bad wives in these kinda cases pretend like nothing's happened. Case in point, Behati.

No. 1384434

File: 1666575204963.jpg (616.37 KB, 962x1406, Screenshot_2022-10-23-18-32-54…)

No. 1384448

File: 1666576100496.jpg (150.85 KB, 828x1254, plxisjmi9iv91.jpg)

>real estate is in the blood
- Lana’s brother

No. 1384455

hmm…why did they wait until after her death to share this i wonder

No. 1384461

the sisters have spoken about it before, years ago, but it never made it to mainstream news. it's been known for decades in native circles that littlefeather was a dolezal.

No. 1384472

I don't understand the surprise, she looks white as fuck, are Americans this gullible?

No. 1384477

it's a country with 300 million people and like a thousand indian nations, natives can look like anything pretty much.

No. 1384480

She does not look white kek

No. 1384482

Ahahaha what the fuck

No. 1384487

She doesn't look native neither, in fact she had white and Mexican blood which you can actually notice on her features, so yeah

No. 1384489

She wears wigs.

No. 1384492

She looks native to me tbh.

No. 1384495

This junkie better be joking. His insta was full of videos of him cold-calling people to scam not too long ago. That family is truly pure white trash.

No. 1384497

Wow. That's so disappointing. The article is really interesting though. Clearly a BPDchan who hated herself.

No. 1384499

File: 1666580651840.png (190.8 KB, 360x361, Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 8.07…)

Fuck he's not joking

No. 1384500

Tbh with the way the spanish colonized Mexico its safe to say that unless their the "white" brand of mexicano they have a pretty good amount of native blood but again the colonization has caused ancestral and traditional displacement leading to many claiming Aztec instead of other unpopular in media native tribes belonging to the region of Mexico/Central America.

No. 1384503

if you search her name on twitter, 100% of people are saying this article is trash and fake bc sacheen "was half mexican and that counts as native" which like yeah, but the point was she was not actually from the tribe she was claiming to come from and lied about her entire life story. I don't understand why people are putting this article down without offering any actual arguments against it. Just a lot of "if you're not native you do NOT get to speak on this so shut up." WTF? Is it some sort of damage control?

No. 1384507

And what does native look like, anon? There are thousands of native people who look white. Many who look black, too. Loads of mixing has happened. "Looking native" is a source of strife in communities for many reasons, and also the reason why fakers can get away with it

No. 1384508

File: 1666581444701.jpg (68 KB, 748x665, answerthefuckingquestion.JPG)

picrel is what i mean. no one is actually refuting the claims of the article, just telling people to shut up and it's not their business. IDGi how are people this stupid?

No. 1384510

I've found my people. She still gets a disgusting amount of hate comments and death threats on every Instagram photo she posts, but literal rapists and abusers have perfectly thriving careers.

Nonnie, Teddy Sinclair is just her actual name.

No. 1384513

She just looked like a regular, white-ish Mexican model, which she literally was, I would know cause I'm mestizo and recognize my own, she had native blood but not from America kek

No. 1384514

HAHA OH MY GOD what is it about people who do heroin permanently looking like they're people who do heroin? i know nothing about this guy except for this picture that i just saw but i can tell you with 100% certainty that he loves heroin.

No. 1384517

do they not know that mexico was also colonized by europeans who smashed up all the natives?

No. 1384522

That whole family is made up entirely of methheads

No. 1384526

File: 1666582665751.png (111.41 KB, 332x343, untitled~2.png)

Holy mother of filters. All his photos are blurry af. Wtf?

No. 1384527

I think a lot of Americans don't consider the Spanish white tho

No. 1384529

Yes we do

No. 1384530

wh…what? i don't mean to be a stupid eurochan but nonny please tell me what this means

No. 1384540

Because they're race-fakers as well, they're just protecting one of their own.

No. 1384546

Native fakers seem freakishly common, like that old guy who was part of the Coventry Catholic school debacle years ago.

No. 1384549

Are you ESL Nona? Not trying to be facetious, I just want to know what your definition of literature and literary are. Is it not 'any collection of written work'?

No. 1384555

Because there is no one to reveal their larp, no one with power at least. The tribes that she claimed to be are almost gone so she played with plausible denialy.

No. 1384563

holy fuck no. ayrt and no, that is not what those words mean. in an autistically technical sense yes, literature is "any written work of superior or lasting merit" but a man's stated intent to create a myth cycle for the 20th century is just scifi/fantasy. lotr or harry potter is not literature in the way that the god of small things or the moor's last sigh or mrs. dalloway are.

No. 1384591

This is how some types of people would've defended Dolezal, if it weren't for…

No. 1384595

Her Mexican father was from from the South West, so she probably did have native blood from what is now modern day United States. Mexican natives don't all look alike because it depends on region N. Mexican natives vs S. Mexicans like Mayans and the variety of Natives in the states etc. She probably wasn't Apache but it was pretty common to lump all South Western natives in that general area of Northern Mexico and SW USA as "Apache."

No. 1384597

ironic since he made a whole career out of being the "poor victim of that evil Britney cheating". moids gonna moid I guess.

No. 1384598

That means nothing. You’re really not considered native unless you’re recognized by a tribe and actually apart of the community. By your logic I can claim to be native, too!

No. 1384602

There are plenty of natives from the modern day United States who chose not to cooperate with the United States government and fled to other areas like the Caribbean and Mexico. If you're Mexican mestizo anon, you're indigenous to Mexico, Sacheen's indigenous ancestry comes from an area encompassing modern day Mexico and modern day USA.

No. 1384603

Indigenous ancestry is not used as a way to measure tribal affiliation so I’m not sure what you’re trying to argue. It doesn’t matter whether or not she had indigenous blood, she claimed to be part of something she wasn’t. Oh, and there’s plenty of families who’ve been in the southwestern US since before it was part of the US who are 100% European, my own family included.

No. 1384604

I'm arguing that she had Native American ancestry. I've made that pretty clear. Sacheen didn't look white to me, so I don't see what your last point has to do with anything.

No. 1384606

Are you guys still arguing about race as if any side is going to win lol

No. 1384607

The point is her ancestry literally doesn’t matter. Her not looking white to you does not make her Native American. She claimed a culture that wasn’t hers.

No. 1384609

Ok, she still had substantial Native American ancestry.

No. 1384614

Native American cultures are not a monolith and she claimed a tribe she wasn't actually part of.

No. 1384615

This is an argument you only started making 2 posts ago. The only thing I've argued is that she has Native American ancestry from regions around Northern Mexico and the American South West.

No. 1384633

I remember checking out her music as everyone on twitter prised her as one of the best lyricist of modern times and holy shit I will never trust people's opinions on something being good.
She is mediocre at best, but being so overhyped makes her irritating for me.

No. 1384636

I hate how Britney got harassed because of that ugly fuck for years, everyone treated her like a shit because she dared to break his heart when in reality he was the one who cheated first. Later on he went out and bragged about taking her virginity.

I hate how now he has such a beautiful wife like Jessica, that he doesn't deserve but he has guts to cheat on her as well.

He doesn't deserve anything good in his life. I fucking hate him so much

No. 1384647

Cringing at the stan comments to this. She's obviously a very talented writer but she was one of the hundreds of gaga calves at the time who immediately adopted the whole artiste larp and managed to take herself even more seriously and with massive arrogance as if she was at all original.

>She was extremely cringe for caping for her extremely unoriginal husband
this, the reason those two were cancelled so severely was because both were trying to generate a perception that they were high-brow established well loved stars when they had barely had a come up.

No. 1384674

lmao you are dumb as hell my friend. you are trying to sound smart by giving your opinions but said opinions are dead wrong.
im almost hoping you're just trolling

No. 1384677

NTA but a lot of Americans assume Spaniards are Mexicans because because both groups share Spanish surnames like Lopez and Sanchez, etc.

No. 1384718

American tourists go to Spain then go on Yahoo answers to find out why everyone is speaking Mexican

No. 1384749

this plus some americans (or at least where i live) even mistake biracial/mixed people (specifically black and white) for spanish for some strange reason

No. 1384761

genetics aren't culture

No. 1384767

> I think a lot of Americans don't consider the Spanish white tho

No. 1384770

an overwhelming amount of americans refer to europe as if it is a country, what do you expect

No. 1384775

File: 1666625188131.jpg (70.55 KB, 321x500, photo_Keeler_Jacqueline.jpg)

The specific anger has more to the with the author of the article rather then "Littlefather's" claim, the author has a history of discounting "black natives" and the author(a native american woman) has been called a racist blood purist


No. 1384837

File: 1666628166078.jpg (2.36 MB, 4096x4096, avatar cast.jpg)

speaking of Native Americans, the full cast of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender was released a few days ago, seems like the characters in the fire nation are going to be played exclusively by east asian actors, earth nation seems to have more diversity and the water tribe characters are played mostly unknown native actors of various tribes

No. 1384841

Racebait general. Is it LSA?

No. 1384861

Couldn’t give less of a shit about live actions in general but at least they’re trying this time kek.

No. 1384879

They haven't found a toph yet?

No. 1384981

File: 1666637902072.png (489.54 KB, 587x566, Untitled.png)

Leslie Jordan dead

"Jordan was driving in Hollywood Monday morning and crashed into the side of a building at Cahuenga Blvd. and Romain St. It was suspected he suffered some sort of medical emergency."

No. 1384986

Oh, damn.

No. 1384992

No. 1384993

Wtfff. 67 is pretty young too.

No. 1384995

Good. Fuck that little pedo faggot.

No. 1385001

File: 1666638741295.jpeg (33.35 KB, 561x546, images (3).jpeg)

super late but i cant cope with an adult man actually going by "da baby"

No. 1385015

File: 1666639509033.jpeg (241.92 KB, 835x431, 5AEF6E12-6A20-443C-891D-3BB974…)

Sage, because I’m really not trying to racebait. This man will run for president as a black white supremacist in 2024.
>>Kanye said “I empathize with the position of the straight white male, because I know I’m headed to that position. And do you know what position that is? Top power position.(smiles like a goofy child)

No. 1385033

Irrelevant but I saw him in berlin once. He was getting out of a cab and into an Airbnb (I think). We made eye contact and he looked at me with such a pained expression, like he was saying "please just leave me alone I'm exhausted and don't want to play celebrity for you right now" so I just kept walking lol

No. 1385039

Pedo because he’s a gay moid or pedo because something actually happened? Share with the class

No. 1385054

No. 1385178

Wasn’t the guy cast as Sokka was confirmed to be just a white guy?

No. 1385213

I hope Kanye goes further down the anti-establishment rabbithole and ends up as a flat earth truther or maybe a yakubian believer black supremacist type, it would be even more hilarious

No. 1385245

Ok, she's still genetically part US Native American the same way a black baby adopted by white people is genetically black.

No. 1385335

You guys are cold he’s a true treasure.

No. 1385346

File: 1666660908971.jpeg (291.77 KB, 1242x706, 43D91279-B337-4C6C-B6A9-AF86F9…)

Did taylor pay pitchfork for this review? How the hell did carly get 6.5 but taylor’s mess of an album gets a decent 7 wtf

No. 1385450

they probably deducted points from carly because she made us forget she existed for the past 6 years

No. 1385453

this fucking asshole was driving around while being old as shit (67 year old men are in BAD shape compared to women) with some sort of medical condition that made him crash. these are the old people killing people with cars that they made fun of on south park.

No. 1385474

the bonus tracks on midnights bump the album up tbh, espesh the one about her miscarriage. i do not understand why the shit song about scooter's wife made the final album cut but that one got stuck as a bonus. taylor is retarded.

No. 1385484

>because she made us forget she existed for the past 6 years
Wrong! she has a very dedicated fanbase and is a critically acclaimed artist who deserves more than to be surpassed by fuckass taylor swift

No. 1385487

This is the worst 67 Ive ever seen someone I’m shocked I thought he was at least 80

No. 1385490

yeah exactly. something was clearly up with his liver and kidneys. he was clearly physically sick or deteriorated enough for it to be affecting his mind. that picture is of a dude who shoudn't be driving.

No. 1385506

File: 1666669477075.jpeg (43.92 KB, 389x500, 36C0AFE4-F0C7-4507-8776-BBAAC5…)

Is it me or does he kind of looks like christoph waltz

No. 1385507

Holy shit when I saw this thumbnail on the front page I thought it was Christoph. I always thought he was hot)

No. 1385508

He’s a fucking midget what are you expecting

No. 1385511

I think living to 67 when you’re three feet tall is pretty impressive

No. 1385520

5 feet tall isnt a midget. that's one inch shorter than danny devito. it's just a short unhealthy man.

No. 1385545

That man is 4’9 at best

No. 1385562

the mans been 67 since the mid 90s i s2g. im still bummed tho, he was funny for man, and he was in my favorite indie comedy

No. 1385563

Taylor Swift accused of copying another artists visuals with anti hero
music journalism is just an advanced version of stan twitter. the first few songs on taylor's album are really hard to get through, i'll try listening to it again.

No. 1385565

its picthfork what do you expect, they do whatever the unhinged twitter masses tell them to do

No. 1385568

File: 1666676263814.jpg (425.98 KB, 1920x1080, G5BVpc2.jpg)

they should've swapped Sokka's and Hahn's actor. He was good in trickster and doesn't have the fake cherokee drama Sokka's actor keeps getting kek

No. 1385575

she needs a photographer these boomer tier quality pics make her look medicated

No. 1385578

can't stand her but this video is a huge reach

No. 1385596

File: 1666678849950.jpg (159.93 KB, 1200x1200, E8I4AGsVIAcwyqH.jpg)

its actually a bit more complicated then that, sokka's actor is from a partially recognized tribal organization that has a history of allowing of people that had less then valid claims of entering the Cherokee nation, his native american ancestor whom he claims was a Willaim james Hicks, a mixed race cherokee confederate soldier
one thing for sure is that he isn't the full dreaded "white man" twittertards are trying to make him out to be, like he's clearly mixed

No. 1385654

Kanye isn't a white supremacist he's just trying to do performative art again and failing badly. He paid for George Floyd's daughter to go to college and now they're suing him for like 2 million over a shirt he wore, this "lmao I'm white I'm going to be in a white people position" is going to turn out to be him just making a faggy art statement about how he feels he is treated. He's not particularly good at this but it is really funny

No. 1385660

I don't agree with him on his schizo nazi rants, but he has a point when he talks about BLM considering how higher ups in the org went and bought 2m houses in white neighbourhoods

No. 1385665

Lol are you new here? Most of the users are complete assholes and the anonymity only brings out their rabid thirst to shit on everyone and everything. I agree though it's sad he died, he seemed like a nice person.

No. 1385686

File: 1666686489797.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 159.15 KB, 828x1792, 1741F1CE-5FF0-4F4E-9997-A9E403…)

haven’t seen anyone post about this yet but doja cat posted and deleted nudes

No. 1385709

wow, that's what her tits looked like? i thought they'd be perkier given the lifts and reductions she's had. they do look natural though, i just expected them to look amazing.

No. 1385719

damn, 67 is far too young. always liked him. RIP

No. 1385723

she's hot

No. 1385732

Why did you expect that? They always look saggie in many of her looks, tbh they look way better than I expected

No. 1385735

tbh im not a big doja fan but i know she's gotten work from lorry's video so i haven't really been looking at them apart from that. i thought breast lifts reshape them to look perfectly round.

No. 1385741

I think her boobs are nice. Not a fan of the porn star melons look so many female rappers have going on.

No. 1385763

It seems way too similar, very likely copied. Taylor Swift or her people also copied this Kenzo ad with Margaret Qualley for one of her music videos.

No. 1385767

No. 1385784

Nta but I don't know about this one I mean it's similar but the whole premise is different. And if the copy is just her dancing crazily in a high society atmosphere that's been done hundreds of times before.

No. 1385802

File: 1666702159495.jpg (122.31 KB, 1080x1015, Screenshot_2022-10-25-05-45-04…)

Adidas just dropped Kanye. He lost his talent agency, lawyer, Balenciaga, his documentary was cancelled, and now adidas. He's officially blacklisted.

No. 1385803


No. 1385811

Watch him do some attention-seeking violent unhinged moid shit after this. Hope his kids and the people close to him are safe away from him.

No. 1385812

I bet he just kills himself.

No. 1385817

I believe Margaret posts here, btw

No. 1385818

I wouldn't be surprised, but why?

No. 1385820

I hope for this during every one of his manic episodes

No. 1385822

I mean, Lorri just speculates. Doja used boob tape and tight clothing a lot and you could tell cause they kept switching between perky and saggy. She also said she went to a doctor to get a boob lift but ended up not getting it cause she had to quit smoking for a while, and given what ended up happening to her tonsils due to vaping, I don't doubt it was like that

No. 1385852

good. he was so fucking annoying

No. 1385863

Troon mindset.

No. 1385869

He's not being sued for the shirt, he's being sued because of what he said on a podcast (a police officer didn't kill him or whatever the fuck).

No. 1385874

Which is true, he died due to Fentanyl overdose.

No. 1385886

Now THAT I would love to see.

No. 1385893

Nta but what

No. 1385900

AYRT and excuse me, but ???????

No. 1385920

Love you nonnita!

No. 1385922

You are celebrating getting someone fired and blacklisted for speech.

No. 1385923

You're empathising with an unhinged millionaire who would leave you to die in a ditch

No. 1385924

File: 1666714578942.jpg (63.58 KB, 827x803, 1665858056230.jpg)

NOPE!!! Let me explain. People don't like certain celebs for particular reasons and are joyful that they are failing+hitting a brick wall @ full speed. Ya got it?

No. 1385926

File: 1666714654467.jpg (34.27 KB, 633x738, 1665677041524835.jpg)


No. 1385946

Not just "somebody" dumbass, he's the most obnoxious person on this earth and I've never, ever, been a fan of his. So yes, I am celebrating the fact that he should be getting the hell out of the spotlight he never deserved to be in in the first place.

No. 1385948

It's called stop using the "muh free speech" argument to say retarded shit

No. 1385976

File: 1666717791859.png (52.13 KB, 566x577, free_speech.png)


No. 1386001

File: 1666719814894.jpg (77.23 KB, 728x722, yeeee.JPG)

No. 1386005

Pretty sure he never was

No. 1386009

Oh shut up. I can't wait till some of you realize that free speech doesn't mean you're free from any consequences of what you say.

No. 1386010

How long until suicide watch? Place your bets, nonnas.

No. 1386013


It’s kayne west bitch every dollar he loses the harder I laugh

No. 1386021

Are you autistic? Neurotypical people have many separate values. For example, they don't consider antisemitism to be literally identical to extreme gender theory. Hope this helps you navigate the world better!

No. 1386022

I don’t know shit about Doja but I highly doubt she’s had a breast lift. Unless they’ve changed the technique since I’ve seen them, breast lifts are done with a big anchor incision that would be visible.

No. 1386066

File: 1666723093177.jpg (134.25 KB, 1561x656, yeeeee.JPG)

No. 1386074

The English muffins shot at the end… schizo shit

No. 1386076

might get banned for racebait, but he had to know this would happen, Hollywood and the music industry is dominated by jews on the top and yeah this is what happens when you speak against them

No. 1386080

where i live in canada if you grew up on a res and/or as part of a band/tribal community, that's more what makes you mohawk than your "blood percentage" which tbh sounds a bit creepy to me. with a native mom, i have more "native blood" than my friends who have status cards and describe themselves as mohawk, nish, or ojibwe, but i was raised as a white person in europe and never lived in canada until adulthood, so i don't call myself native.
thikn of plastic patties in the states - having an irish grampa isn't the same as being born and raised in county cork

No. 1386083

she's lost a lot of weight pretty quickly, that's how they look after that.
i will say though i am actually liking them more than fake ones just because i can't remember the last time a celebrity had natural soft boobs. bolt ons are pretty masculine if you think about it

No. 1386084

it might be the only case in history where a father killing himself improved the mental health outcomes of his children

No. 1386085

scrote alert!
xkdc fucking sucks btw

No. 1386086

yeah but he can make all the money back selling his cars and clothes, and still have a better wardrobe left over than any of us, plus enough money for a $1k/month apartment in one of those parts of town where everyone has kids in catholic schools because they can't afford private, and they all go to bed at 9pm so paparazzi don't bother to look for anyone

No. 1386121

Narcs don’t kill themselves.

No. 1386123

They do, but they will take others with them.

No. 1386139

good, he is such a plonker

No. 1386149

shut the fuck up KEK this is kanye west we are talking about

No. 1386167

Good point. It’s so all or nothing with them.

No. 1386210

She's so fucking dumb and retarded, can't even spell properly, why do we as a society allow these people to become literal millonaires and billionaires? Kek

No. 1386229

I know it's very taboo here but some women (wrongly or rightly) genuinely do prefer older men.

No. 1386254

File: 1666735468871.png (86.09 KB, 875x787, billboard.png)

955k in pure sales in the usa in the first 3 days alone, not even counting streams. how the fuck is this mid album outselling 1989?

No. 1386258

taylor swift fans are brain damaged

No. 1386263

It’s all organized and planned out and none of it actually means anything.

No. 1386272

Well she's a massive nepo baby so I'm sure she has the connections to make these numbers

The album is dull af though but it's better than arianas garbage (slightly)

No. 1386284

This all should have happened years ago tbh

No. 1386287

that would be valid if this was 2008 but she just has a huge fan base of young girls and millennial women. she’s infinitely richer than her family now

No. 1386384

Whoa this casting actually looks pretty good.

No. 1386394

File: 1666747793300.jpeg (90.22 KB, 955x525, 1572419473511.jpeg)

I hope to god commits by the end of this year, fuck this bitch. I hope Kim hires extra security, he needs to GO.

You're right. He should have stuck to saying awful things about black women 3because nobody would have given a shit.

No. 1386441

I’m not going to feel sorry for a rich idiot but it’s kind of sad how his mental health is going to continue to rapidly deteriorate until everyone has completely depleted all of his money and exploited him for entertainment until there’s nothing of him left. Bloodsucking family he was married into, I doubt it was any help at all.

No. 1386442

I think it’s funnier to assume Taylor is the one that comes up with any of this in the first place. She doesn’t direct her videos.

No. 1386526

File: 1666757157551.jpg (157.69 KB, 849x940, 1665886193671635.jpg)

Well. Whatever she's doing…it's working. Idk what her formula is but she's sticking with it & hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it!TAY-GET IT GURL!

No. 1386530

Did my aunt type this post

No. 1386561

File: 1666759643961.png (144.54 KB, 420x477, 166675788676947681 (1).png)

Yes, sweety.

No. 1386571

I like Madonna but this was actually a really bad thing for music in the long run. Now every female artist is expected to be sexualized and music has become more about the female artist being sexual vs it being about her music. Not something to brag about

No. 1386784

thank you Balenciaga. Now drop the kardashian trash and then I can start buying stuff from you again.

I can't believe he brings so much money to these brands with his ugly ass designs. Why do people buy this shit????

wtf are you talking about with this pedo allegation? post info pls.

No. 1386861

He could stop being a retard and take his meds, uwu poor baby tho

No. 1386869

Ew who buys balenciaga when they just copy ali express shit designs I feel sorry for you anon

No. 1386880

looks like Carly Rae Jepsen is in her anachan era

No. 1386927

I mean isn't every celebrity "in her ana-chan era" these days

No. 1386932

it's nice to see a celeb rock her pale skin instead of being a fake tan victim

No. 1386934

File: 1666794557740.png (866.19 KB, 967x807, ze.png)

No. 1386936

what the fuck, he didn't have to do this, even brad pitt lasted till his mid 40's, does he think he can be an action star or som

No. 1386947

File: 1666795288552.jpg (49.26 KB, 800x450, sings.jpg)

Was he cast as he-man or something? What is that haircut

No. 1386949

nah that's human growth hormone if anything, rip his organs

No. 1386966

File: 1666796365926.jpg (34.91 KB, 600x372, Von_erichs.jpg)

he's playing a wrestler
>Iron claw
>Follows the story of the Von Erichs, a dynasty of wrestlers who made a great impact on the sport from the 1960s to the present day.

I mean he actually looks accurate to the real life guys

No. 1386970

File: 1666796690888.jpg (13.75 KB, 400x266, HGH-Gut-The-Risks-And-Reasons-…)

Nah, look at his abs, he's taking hgh. Those three guys didn't have a bubble gut iirc.

No. 1386973

File: 1666796966671.jpg (133.82 KB, 1200x941, D5GCDzEUwAAfnrG.jpg)

true, looking up some pics of the family and they seemed to be more natural I guess, though still retarded looking, but the guy zac is supposed to be playing was more decent looking the rest of his family

No. 1386980

Looking them up and the pic you posted is probably the most flattering of them all, they have such unfortunate faces but I guess their bodies are natural.

No. 1386985

Streaming maybe? She refused to let 1989 on Spotify so only radio and pure sales counted.

No. 1386986

was this the family that had very tragic tales, like they all were into the sport and they all had shitty endings or whatever

No. 1386988

File: 1666798018135.jpg (296.33 KB, 1800x992, hghface.jpg)

I suspect that Zac Efron's face has been affects by the HGH

No. 1386991

Why couldn't the movie cast someone who's already naturally buff

No. 1386996

yeah, the youngest brother died in the ring, injuries, hospital bills, getting screwed over by Vince McMahon

No. 1386998

File: 1666799023314.jpg (197.43 KB, 1205x916, Zac_chicken_legs_Efron.jpg)

they should've casted an actual pro wrestler, one of those would already have the right physique and being a pro wrestler is already being an actor. Probably not from WWE though because of >>1386996 , but they could've gotten one maybe from AEW? Never mind that you can already tell that Zac has kept his chicken legs and he's not going to get the right size in time.

No. 1387006

He legitimately looks like he's in his 50s despite turning 35 not even a week ago…fucking tragic lmao

No. 1387015

i know its perspective probably but his leg looks hilarious all skinny and small like that in contrast with the actual beeflegs one he's meant to be playing KEK

No. 1387019

I am so confused as to why I knew that, as an eurofag who has never watched wrestling but maybe it was in some youtube video. I wonder if this is gonna be a true depiction and if the family, I assume there are some left, will profit? I swear to god, there must be actors who could buff up easily or maybe even actual wrestlers or at least the with the build of one, like are they trying to act like there isn't a bunch or bg actors build like brick houses who could be coached to do this instead of the ex twink doing it and looking like it's gonna kill him

No. 1387038

File: 1666800943730.png (32 KB, 748x318, Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 17-14…)

this is pure sales! streaming doesn't count towards pure sales. if anything, the album breaking the spotify streaming record means it should be being purchased less, because it's available for free. swifties are just insane kek.

No. 1387044

This is fucking disgusting. Any moid who takes steroids is a lazy piece of shit in my opinion. Moids already have the natural testosterone boost required for low body fat and muscle gain…why the fuck would you ruin your body when you already have a good starting point? Oh yeah because most of them are lazy retards who cba to build muscle naturally.

Hence the state of the legs here. So fucking dumb, he looks like shit now and it's sad to see considering he had a good body previously.

No. 1387062

He's not just taking steroids, he's also obviously taking HGH, look at the gut. That will fuck up his body much more than steroids ever could. It will grow his organs to an unhealthy size, it'll also grow his nose, ears and other facial features.

No. 1387082

He is far too narcissistic for that. He thinks he is doing the world a favor by just existing

No. 1387091

why are men so disgusting

No. 1387097

Im the nonnie who said he was gonna kill himself and I wasn't even being flippant. He's lost his mind at this point and needs in patient psychiatric care. Since he seems resistent to treatment, I'm betting he commits suicide. He'll be lucky if he ends up just a crazy has-been celebrity holed up in some remote compound.

No. 1387113

No, he's not. I think people don't realize the guy has straight up lost touch with reality and it's only going to get worse. I mean, he might kill a few people too on his way out, but this isn't just narcissism.

No. 1387144

bro went from jared leto to john cena

No. 1387145

Did a 37 year old gay man stumble into this thread.

Ew that’s a yes.

I don’t think he’s a uwu poor baby uwu but I do fully believe that his delusions are absolutely being encouraged and nobody around him really cares about him. I’d feel the same if it happened to a manic bipolar woman that just went through a divorce with a high-profile, soul-sucking family that manipulates, uses, and discards everyone around them. I don’t believe he deserves to be absolved, I just genuinely believe that they’re purposely making him fly off the deep end.

No. 1387148

She’s… been like this for a long time where have you been?

No. 1387152

How is it even possible to bulk up your upper body to that extent while having Wendy Williams legs

No. 1387161

t. never seen a indian/arab gym bro, they are like this(derailing)

No. 1387164

File: 1666805799080.jpg (88.35 KB, 571x757, dont_skip_leg_day.jpg)

it's called "always skipping leg day"

No. 1387167

Nonna it's a worldwide gymbro meme, it's a pervasive problem. Scrotes hate training their legs.

No. 1387169

I feel like being called a twink and pretty boy and being hit on by men throughout his formative years has given him a major complex because what other reason as a supposed health and fitness guru would you leave your legs this malnourished looking unless you were afraid of having thick thighs and calves.

No. 1387172

Didn't know there was a name for it. It really looks bad. Usually you get muscles to lose a fat stomach, not to gain one.

No. 1387184

No, my ex back in the day also had frog legs. I even told it to him after he was too keen on himself, that really gave him a hit, he probably never considered that his body considered of more than arms and torso.

No. 1387203

it seems to be more of an issue in certain demographics of moids though. ngl none of the indian or arab moids in my gym ever even touch leg machines or the squat racks yet all the white moids in the gym use them quite often. not meaning to racebait, i just wonder why that is.

i do find it very satisfying to know that in 5-10 years time these chicken-leg moids in general will find themselves extremely weak and with knee/hip/lower back problems because they never bothered to do a squat, leg press or deadlift. it's what they deserve i can't even lie.

No. 1387208

File: 1666808949532.jpg (154.37 KB, 1266x1170, Ff_8DK0X0AEAi75.jpg)

ariana blonde

No. 1387212

I just think their not that knowledgeable about fitness overall, ironically squats as an exercise literally came from India in the first place

No. 1387213

because training legs is generally harder, you have to lift objectively more weight, thus stimulating your CNS more and you have a higher likelihood of feeling like you were hit by a truck the next morning. Men also don't think training legs is fun, they see it as the most boring part. They generally only train chest, bis and abs because they think that is what gets them women. The only way you get them to train their legs is with memes like "don't skip leg day" or "glutes for the sloots". It's like trying to convince a female Instagram influencer to train her upperbody, but then 100 times worse.(enough derailing)

No. 1387220

Those hair extensions make up half of her weight

No. 1387222

I think the difference between your ex and Zach Effron is that the latter has had tons of plastic surgery and devotes all his time and thought into his body so not working out his legs is wild all considered

No. 1387223

Motherfucker is on roids

No. 1387249

She's always been tiny but she's significantly thinner than she was a couple years ago. That Beach House video was shocking tbh. Like I hope she's doing okay

No. 1387283

File: 1666812539357.png (92.83 KB, 248x365, 166681232517410010.png)

Zach answered the call and now he knows what he must do.

No. 1387290

She looks fine, just thin. Everyone else in the video are significantly larger than her which makes her look tiny. People on this website calling everyone with a BMI under 22 anorexic is getting annoying as fuck. You could’ve at least said something about her music or the video instead of just commenting on her body.

No. 1387298

iirc with bipolar, every manic episode fucks up your brain a little bit more.

No. 1387310

dyel legs

No. 1387313

File: 1666814170414.png (89.8 KB, 858x743, antihero.png)

apple music edited out the eating disorder part of the anti-hero video because fatties complained about taylor calling herself fat kek.

No. 1387315

File: 1666814234066.png (28.77 KB, 588x263, kj.png)

No. 1387322

why do fat asses hate art and make everything about themselves? bleak.

No. 1387328

do you even leg

No. 1387335

File: 1666815158773.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2097, AFDDD320-E4AA-41B6-B538-021351…)

No. 1387341

maybe his MK Ultra programming is backfiring
maybe he is a terrible person
maybe both
only time will tell

he's too pornsick to exist, put him down like a pitbull imo

No. 1387346

then why they still fat

No. 1387354

not eating for 10hours is not starving

No. 1387362

File: 1666817074763.jpg (29.92 KB, 720x514, 1595488756114.jpg)

No. 1387383

I also saw fat people complaining about this on Twitter (surprise), and I don't even like Taylor Swift, but this is the dumbest shit ever. Why should she or anyone else for that matter cater to random entitled people and not talk about her mental health issues as she experiences them - out of fear of offending morons who are permanently offended by everything anyway? Not to mention having a distorted body image and anxiety about eating and thinking you're fat when you aren't are literally all symptoms of anorexia kek

No. 1387389

File: 1666818290970.jpeg (167.54 KB, 412x841, 166681232517410010.jpeg)