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File: 1681625465481.jpeg (248.81 KB, 1170x1983, 1677079448817.jpeg)

No. 1809563

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors or links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media.

Rules link

Kat/Stormy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> Classic angry posts about men not financially supporting her begin to increase. It starts zero in on romantic partnerships (not clients/subscribers) and lament over emotional unfulfillment. It’s suspected to be a symptom of Pumpy’s growing inner turmoil over not getting the girlfriend treatment from Ty.
>> Hair fallout masquerading as Hair loss saga: It’s not just “muh lupus” anymore, it’s also “muh abortion.”
>> New trophy, a sphnx kitten (Sorrow).
>> Toys with the idea of having her implants removed for health reasons (muh lupus).
>> Claims to have postpartum depression from muh abortion.
>> Pumpy and Ty break up right before Christmas but, don’t worry, they get back together in time for her to spoil him with $5000 cash and $1k sneakers.
>> Genders aborted fetus as a “her” that she was previously so proud to yet, a generally odd move for someone who identifies as a they/them. Reveals feeling in shambles with the upcoming “birthday” of fetus.
>> Olive, one of her cats, has liver failure and she e-begs to pay the vet bills ($2k) while Ty clutches the $5k she gave him for Christmas. She also blames the new kitten, Sorrow, for Olive’s liver failure and claims that it happened because the new kitten has “food aggression” and prevents Olive from eating. Nonas note the new kitten is MIA.
>> Tensions rise and it’s assumed that her and Ty have split again, as he is no longer “baby daddy.”

New milk
>> Pumpy unfollows tys IG and he privates his
>> mY bAbY wAs DuE yEsTeRdAy sperg while begging for rent money
>> Confirmed gives kitten away
>> Ty and Pumpy following each other on IG again but Pumpy angryposts about being single
>> Says on cam she punched a bf for cheating, some anons speculate she's talking about her past with Cody
>> Also says her car depreciated by 30k since she bought it
>> Starts a skateboard company because she "had to stop popping pussy to pull a dead fetus out of it"
>> Streams on MFC tweaking on Adderall and caffeine
>> Dissolved top lip filler, left bottom, looks terrible
>> Uses pillow with no pillow case
>> Ty and ty accessories begin to reappear in the background of pumps pics and stories
>> spotted in crowd pics of a show Ty played and out with his friend group
>> Tries to get hair done and it fries off so she has to cut it to chin length
>> Sleeping on a single mattress on the floor in some dirty looking den despite living in her dream dwellings
>> Now claiming ty as her "japanese bf"
>> Gives spinx cat to tys bandmate


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby Links:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
>> After 1yr+ of couch surfing, crashing at her dad’s, and making up non-existent leases supposedly signed with JJ: Sabrina finally manipulates someone, Kaelin, to let her move in. Sabrina showboats the new accommodations and is clearly feeling like “that bitch” again.
>> Sabrina publicly declares JJ as an abuser and tells followers to avoid him. They are, quite clearly, broken up. She begins posting screenshots of the youtube video detailing the domestic battery incident two threads ago, as well as a link to it.

New milk:
>> Posts old pics of her making out with some guy to distance herself from JJ
>> still scamming on OF
>> Interacting with Rhett on IG
>> Says she gonna post more of her life but not her kids, a few weeks later posts pics with her kids on her sw account
>> Randomly posting and tagging AJ in shit and he takes her to the hospital randomly
>> Flashing pussy on the gram, Instagram immediately get disabled
>> Posts "Day 6 of being sober"
>> But then Immediately posts JJ and announces she's going to Sandras and they post videos clearly intoxicated
>> Sells Sandras phone number to johns on camsoda without her knowing


James Del Toro/Junkie James/”JJ” – Abuser & On/Off Boyfriend:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

>> Resident Bimbro
>> Proceeding to get more low-grade modifications while still looking the same but with slightly shaggier hair.
>> Simps for Pumpy on a few occasions.

New milk
>> Plans to fill breast implants to 6000cc. For reference she is currently at 1000cc and they're about to burst
>> Gets another big forehead tattoo
>> Shaves legs after 4 years
>> Posts new YouTube content


Melanie Martin:
>> Aaron Carter is found dead in his bathtub. It is said that he had been huffing computer cleaner prior.
>> Cue Melanie making Aaron’s death her whole personality.
>> While AC’s dead body is being removed from his home, Melanie shows up in a full face of makeup and with her expired engagement ring to be pictured crying outside by celebrity news outlets.
>> Gains access to Aaron’s socials and follows herself from his profile while unarchiving old photos of them together.
>> Melanie begins to start pointing fingers at people trying to “profit” off of Aaron’s death because oNLy ShE cAn.
>> Left out of the official memorial service held by AC’s family, who also have his ashes.
>> TF that she is already dating one of AC’s friends while playing the grieving “fiancée”
>> Sabrina vague posts about Melanie milking Aaron for his death, Sandra and Sabrina unfollow Melanie and follow each other.


Sandra G Popa:
>> Begins posting menus and showing “food preparation” posts.. unclear if she’s opening up some kind of kitchen or actually charging friends to eat at her place.
>> Fries her hair “blonde” and releases a new song — is this, mania?

New milk:
>> Speculated her and A-why have broken up
>> Follows Brinas social media again
>> Posts her adderall prescription for no reason
>> Realizes not eating causes health issues like low iron
>> Brina and Sandra promise a few streams that Sandra has to carry herself with no Brina in sight. They eventually make shower content together and post a bunch of drunk videos


Random bonus milk:
>> Darcy Nicole is assaulted by random incel at a bar
>> Anafoxx has a new bf who looks identical to her bf who passed away

Previous Threads:


No. 1809567

File: 1681626025728.png (160.86 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230416-011911.png)

No. 1809569

File: 1681626057125.png (584.03 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230416-011836.png)

No. 1809570

File: 1681626092250.png (230.84 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230416-011937.png)

No. 1809572

File: 1681626311197.png (167.56 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20230416-012004.png)

Got bored and was curious to see if Brina made it to Coachella kek. her ig is pretty milky. Looks like she has a new bf, some bmx dude on IG, that anon last thread was right. He posted some weird video of her high kissing and licking his hand but I don't know how to save videos

No. 1809575

His caption makes me think they met at poker

No. 1809581

Also Sabrina's IG is now @sabrinanellieofficial

No. 1809656

File: 1681638089202.jpeg (269.76 KB, 1283x2212, 4813E5F9-CF2E-43B9-9DBB-63AB77…)

First off, thanks nona for making a new thread! This was a few weeks ago, Brina has been camming and scamming consistently again. And yes, that’s a makeup brush in her mouth KEK

No. 1809657

File: 1681638141215.jpeg (Spoiler Image,240.26 KB, 1283x2047, 98E9DC4F-B3CF-40D8-B2B4-F9EB74…)

No. 1809660

File: 1681638196317.jpeg (311.37 KB, 1284x2184, 7922395B-5917-4F5F-8A2D-70F784…)

No. 1809713

File: 1681645428416.png (1.21 MB, 1284x2778, 82A0CC79-6918-45F7-AC62-A1BB6B…)

Pumps still hates her job and still struggles to grasp the English language

No. 1810140

File: 1681700672721.jpeg (42.61 KB, 828x586, 7946DDA1-4715-46A9-A51E-0DE54C…)

Lolz so crazy and silly

No. 1810153

I guess pumpy doesn’t realize she can get a whole new job anytime she wants.

No. 1810160

No because, who would hire her? She couldn't even lift a 5 lb can of basic ingredients at a McDonald's or taco bell.

No. 1810291

She could never change her mindset to equal the value of work for an equal amount of pay because she’s so used to scamming for large amounts of money for no effort.
She wouldn’t know how to support herself on a lower income or even how to be a genuinely good or caring employee anywhere.
I can’t wait until she’s forced to realize the value of money. Dumb cunt.

No. 1810412

File: 1681753259060.jpeg (153.02 KB, 960x1706, D529D615-6FE3-43F7-BF19-64F51F…)

Thanks for the thread nonna!
Here’s Pumpy being retarded. You can only get pregnant during ovulation but most women don’t know when they’re ovulating. Sperm in a good condition can survive a couple days to make it to ovulation if it’s coming up- but you don’t have a small chance of getting pregnant all days of the month. She’s fucking stupid

No. 1810413

File: 1681753312649.jpeg (136.3 KB, 960x1706, 2C671D3E-B57D-4434-AF74-81D2C5…)

No. 1810415

File: 1681753574586.jpeg (229.03 KB, 960x1706, 13794543-E24F-4A2E-8A0D-10DE96…)

glamorous and being treated. So many other hoes can pull an actual sugar daddy and make an absolutely normal dude pay their rent. Millionaire who can’t afford a place in LA solo

No. 1810416

File: 1681753623417.jpeg (195.13 KB, 960x1706, B5233A5A-0DB9-4EC6-9A1C-F0E3B8…)

her bottom lip ready to explode with filler

No. 1810417

File: 1681753694833.jpeg (34.02 KB, 640x1136, 239D6D17-DE56-4AA8-99E1-2717C8…)

Stormy repost, cope for never getting the ring

No. 1810429

File: 1681755214762.jpeg (51.96 KB, 640x1136, 63D2F41C-37DD-4EDE-99AF-479192…)

Hard life

No. 1810430

her hair is so fucking tragic

No. 1810435

File: 1681756346226.jpeg (733.66 KB, 3464x3464, FB765085-A2C3-48C6-AA91-1DF2FD…)

Our (not) favourite pumpkin went from making out with this dwarf to whining about how men abuse and use her in a matter of hours.
We don’t like you, but girl, dump him ffs.

No. 1810443

File: 1681757197532.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.04 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20230412_153004_Twi…)

Wtf Darcy

No. 1810476

Why is she leaving her hair like this kek it needs to GO, it looks like pissed-on hay compared to the other side.

No. 1810515

Damn she deleted that quick. Can’t let anyone find out that she’s actually extremely depressed and second guessing all of her choices.

No. 1810558

They are the ugliest fucking couple I’ve ever seen. Who know a trashy ana mantis and a chubby chinless brown dude wouldn’t go? Probably only compatible in being toxic & short. Maybe she’s spiraling bc Ty didn’t Venmo his half of the coachella tix kek. I don’t want her to dump Ty, they both seem rotten. Date eachother so they don’t go fucking with other people

No. 1810561

Lotte/Charms has some great tits for titfucking, too bad she paywalls it hard. One of the videos looks like an early 2000s video with the quality and she's still charging $10 for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1810582

File: 1681770539237.jpeg (236.28 KB, 674x2467, 47076235-CCA9-45F9-907F-7FDBCC…)

Agree with you nona, they deserve to stay with each other!

Ty looking real rough lately, but how cute is this! They both wanted to match their hair color KEK

No. 1810592

fuck off scrote

No. 1810644

Sad she's basically paying these ugly moids to date her and buying them cars while she can't even buy herself basic furniture and sleeps on a mattress on the bare floor. also kek at the garbage bag full of laundry at the foot of the bed.

Even crazier when you know it's this ugly little manlet she's so desperate to keep.

Scrotes really are pathetic. Imagine finding Charms disfigured frankentits sexy and thinking $10 is a lot of money. lmao

No. 1810651

he looks like Paulie Walnuts gay nephew

No. 1810684

what in the 90's bowl cut is happening over there

No. 1810699

He really should be grateful she’s with him, I wouldn’t even give him my number. No one is going to be obsessed with Ty like Pumpy is

No. 1810736

File: 1681787161971.png (152.82 KB, 720x1256, Screenshot_20230417-220302.png)

Brina is on camsoda

No. 1810748

File: 1681789274612.jpeg (110.49 KB, 1169x812, 30797974-A142-4105-9738-56C87F…)

She values Ty bc he dumped Brina, her former idol. This makes the skinwalker think she is a winner. But no man with options would even date a woman with 3 abandoned kids. And no Stormy, getting a young woman to sleep with him here and there isn’t “options.” Ty can’t get into a relationship he wants, he has to settle with her

I think Sabrina cams a lot whenever she has a new romantic interest, to hide/delay the prostitution for a bit

No. 1810756

File: 1681790195388.png (Spoiler Image,111.48 KB, 720x598, Screenshot_20230417-225026.png)

She's covered in bruises, no one was talking or tipping and she drank a bunch.

No. 1810757

File: 1681790228612.png (112.36 KB, 720x613, Screenshot_20230417-224920.png)

No. 1810768

Could this be the reason why she did her hair after going on and on about letting grow and it having finally “healed” from her alleged lupus?
Her face looks horrific.

No. 1810834

>Her face looks horrific.
it's called makeup

No. 1810844

NTA, but I think they mean her botched lips and overall weird facial proportions now. I always thought Brina was pretty before, but her face looks off now. Almost like everything below her nose is just melting off.

No. 1810849

That’s exactly what I meant. Her fillers distorted her proportions, especially the philtrum.

No. 1810866

File: 1681817053718.png (1.03 MB, 1800x848, C1D468B6-A761-4D96-99BC-0495C1…)

I feel bad for the new guy. Does he not know who she is or her past? Does he even know she has 3 kids?
He seems like a young nobody who’s about to get used up and spit out by this awful scamming witch who got her claws into him quick with her open legs.
Wonder when she’ll get pregnant again.

She also pierced her ears with a thumb tack last night because she was bored. Totally unacceptable behavior from an adult woman. I hope it gets infected.

No. 1810869

It’s called filler abuse and alcohol/coke bloat, a woman as young as her should not look like that nonna…

No. 1810872

Oh she also said she’s 77 days sober from her “antidepressants”. Wtf does that mean? Ketamine? She’s been using Street ketamine as an antidepressant?!
She’s still sniffling during EVERY cam show so I wonder what she switched to?

No. 1810880

Sabrina has always snorted Xanax with her drinking, so most likely that hasn't changed.
It really is sad how she fucked up her face, her chin area looks like a droopy grandma, her new bf just keeps her around for sex and isnt he also the one taking 30% of her income to live there KEK. Sad for a 30+ year old

No. 1810884

File: 1681819956871.png (1.44 MB, 1800x1643, F61C9E83-FC82-4D65-98CB-1CF908…)

Dunno but I do know he’s doing ALL the video and picture editing like Rhett did so that’s the only reason her pics look decent recently, bc she’s not the one editing for now.
He probably takes the 30% as videography pay and now that she’s fucking him he’s probably accepting pussy as pay now and letting her keep the rest.
She literally does the same thing everywhere she goes. If she can pay with pussy you know she’s gonna open her legs.

No. 1810887

He must have zero creativity using a pornstars name

No. 1810920

I’ve never seen something like this on just a 30 turning 31 year old woman. Her skin’s collagen is fucked from alcohol and drug use and sagging. I’ve known alcoholics who age better. And yet she’s still prettier than stormy kek. It seems like she found this dude to date on the street lnao.

No. 1810929

I think it’s a combo of the drug use and weight gain/genetics.
Her mom has that double chin/jowels thing too. It’s probably a major factor for why she starved herself because weight goes to her face/jowels.
Other than that has anyone looked at the skin on her ass? That’s the thinnest saggiest skin I’ve only ever seen on drug addicts. She’s super self conscious of it too which is why she keeps trying to hike her stockings up above the sagging skin right under her boney ass.

No. 1810963

File: 1681833208640.jpeg (159.77 KB, 1435x2048, 882DF0B5-DE58-439B-A463-60CDB2…)

Cocaine makes your skin inelastic. She has dated this guy for 3 weeks and is saying “I love you” publicly. Baby and abortion when? Psycho twitter pic she posted

No. 1810985

Nothing says punk like $600 shoes.

No. 1810995

From the bitch you’re scamming? Idk that’s pretty punk asshole of him.

No. 1811033

Right? I love how Pumpy has a shirt where all the scammers at or something.

bitch, he's in your house

No. 1811054

File: 1681844110780.jpeg (215.01 KB, 960x1706, 32714C48-210B-4E30-93DA-07F21D…)

Doeprudence should have been more discriminating than to let Tyler bust in her, but I can’t think of a worse potential step mom than stormy. Someone with that level of unresolved mommy issues? Crazy enough to already claim Ty’s kid as her “family” to the public. She’s so eager to play house. Yet she is already coping online that marriage is oppressive bc she knows Ty will never propose

No. 1811063

File: 1681844608030.jpeg (105.06 KB, 1169x1353, 8164FFCB-B3D9-4F4E-AE1E-7CDECD…)

No. 1811124

she should just get hit by a car already, Pumpy is one of the most try hard ugly girls i've ever seen

No. 1811158

File: 1681855689087.png (328.83 KB, 750x1334, 582CAA0C-9F43-407E-8BE1-7FC5EB…)

PNP got another lip lift or nose job

No. 1811162

Did she also get some sort of cheek filler, or is that old news? She has that puffy pillowface look in this picture.

No. 1811163

damn she looks goofy. the fuck, pnp. you looked fine many procedures ago

No. 1811167

Good god she legitimately looks like an alien, her face is shaped like one of those depictions of gaunt greys

No. 1811208

Is there a reason pumpy mouthing off to that girl or is it a completely random?

Nothing like a praying mantis lady telling you to lose weight. Girl gets uncomfortable in her own body if she hits 80lbs. Do these eating disorder girls who go around calling people fat really think anyone is gonna take them seriously?

No. 1811223

At least brina hides her hate well. People don’t like pump because she’s openly mean and nasty ew.

No. 1811225

File: 1681862378004.jpeg (79.83 KB, 750x1065, 6A8DFFE0-87AF-437F-9160-40E20C…)

Hair editing isn’t lining up(unsaged nitpicking)

No. 1811230

My guess is either she slid into Ty’s DMs or vice versa (more likely). Remember how last year or so Pumpy critiqued men for following 17 year olds, but was really meaning Ty? And some of you saw that Ty was following underaged girls. Meanwhile, this girl she called fat is 18 turning 19 this year….

No. 1811241

File: 1681864092117.jpeg (183.56 KB, 1169x1987, 05381591-C247-4AF4-9405-9310D3…)

Stormy posted this, bet her tiktok feed is all parenting stuff now. She’s going to SWF Ty’s baby mama just like she did Sabrina.

No. 1811280

I swear if he turns out to be a pedo and has his kid involved in some bullshit pedo case I’m not coming back to this thread. That’s too much. But that would explain his attraction to pumpy and her ddlg fetish. Pumpy is supporting a fucking disgusting human if that’s the case. Two pedos supporting each other, kys.

No. 1811293

File: 1681868343060.png (150.68 KB, 669x762, lmaoimsorry.png)

she's botched her face so bad her eyes look flipped the wrong way now wtf

No. 1811299

Cheek bandages too… not sure what causes that, but they’re on both sides

No. 1811303

Sabrina also calls her boyfriend "daddy" and she also dated Ty, I think it is most likely his sick thing and what connects them all. Pedos all around

No. 1811304

Kids having sex at a young age thinking it’s ok to expose their own kids to sex.

No. 1811320

File: 1681872685749.png (Spoiler Image,56.82 KB, 401x396, Screenshot 2023-04-18 10.46.33…)

Brina on cam tonight, no one talked or tipped and her ass was even more sad than usual. She should have put the filler there instead of her face

No. 1811321

How are you going to call a man daddy when he doesn’t even have full custody and a home for his daughter? Stormy shared early last year how she has conflicted feelings about calling Ty daddy since his daughter calls him daddy. Sorry I don’t have the screenshot (and didn’t get it back then either). Some of the posters here saw the post too. Stormy is closer to 30 than 18 calling a man her father and doing age play. Walking around with her livestock/devour tattoos in front of a child.

No. 1811322

File: 1681873106517.png (Spoiler Image,154.53 KB, 695x749, Screenshot 2023-04-08 1.21.34 …)

No. 1811324

File: 1681873276395.png (Spoiler Image,332.19 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2023-04-08 1.33.24 …)

Sabrinas real body not photo shopped

No. 1811332

>Walking around with her livestock/devour tattoos in front of a child

Kek say you don’t leave the house without saying you don’t leave the house pumpy.
It’s not normal behavior to brand yourself a hoe for everyone to see.

No. 1811369

File: 1681880647694.png (283.7 KB, 750x1334, E41DD8C6-0330-4963-AA0E-368BA2…)

Did they try to blur her scars out but were unsuccessful like

No. 1811405

Go back you pathetic scrub.
Ew what the fuck kek. I know I'm in the minority but I actually used to be so envious of her body. What a strange shape and weird udders.

No. 1811448

Don’t forget money slut and babygirl, daddy on her elbow too

No. 1811474

File: 1681910245314.jpeg (242.52 KB, 1284x1596, F83133B2-8F4C-4815-8210-15D5B2…)

The shoop on this pic is overall a disaster kek

No. 1811524

Her new amateur videographer bf is filming her clips for OnlyFans. (Check her twitter, too porny to repost here). They’re ugly, super filtered, and have weird sounds and images but I guess it’s better than Sabrina’s current production quality. Plus she needs her hand held to produce content. He’s probably too much of a simp to negotiate a cut of her earnings for his trash but laborious editing

No. 1811589

File: 1681924942818.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.06 KB, 1080x1251, Screenshot_20230419_074213_Sam…)

Someone has a high opinion of themselves. $100 for a ketamine induced bruised up body, peeing all over the place? kek

No. 1811605

Wow someone needs to post that shit publicly. It’s such a scam to advertise to subscribe to your page and not even be able to see any content unless you pay more. Queen scammer.

No. 1811627

She has some big ol balls to be posting this kind of shit lmao. You’ll never have kids of your own, Pumpy. Cry about it.

No. 1811656

File: 1681931340653.jpeg (224.9 KB, 960x1706, 43898CCB-F3FD-407A-B376-CC7D00…)

No. 1811658

File: 1681931406180.jpeg (52.43 KB, 960x1706, 3A5F8CD4-B100-4BF6-82EA-19FBA6…)

Followed by: (on Stormy’s other account). Ty is hitting on girls while you sit at home Stormy

No. 1811663

File: 1681931591198.jpeg (223.03 KB, 1170x1975, 41CEFBB7-7B25-4010-B167-AD3741…)

Some screenshots from before the new thread was made

No. 1811669

File: 1681931872669.jpeg (194.87 KB, 1170x1996, 5CDEAA71-907E-4AB5-8B29-A726DB…)

You know for a fact Pumpy holds A LOT of resentment towards Tys daughter for it being a kid he chose to have with Sam and encouraging Pumpy to abort. Another anon already said it, but he had a kid too young and he’s going to be hard pressed to ever want another and has shown that will honestly never be with Pumpy. The more she comes to realize this the more she will treat his daughter with resentment as soon as she’s out of the eyes of Ty. The way she’s gone after Sam in the past to attack her for being the ex, the way Pumpy lurks every step of her life, the kid is in a situation Ty should have never subjected her into. Pumpy will always spend her time hating that kid while trying one up her mom with monetary things. It’ll be a facade on the outside filled with deep hatred on the inside. It’s already showing.

No. 1811704

I was envious too; in 2013 she was gorgeous under a ring light, the right angles, and extremely skinny and delicate looking. I never thought she’d let herself get this heavy, she’s always been so careful about not eating and substituting food with drugs etc

No. 1811725

>so careful about not eating and substituting food with drugs etc
What the anachan fuck did I just read? Envious of nose candy, lack of eating and looking so skinny you think they’re “delicate”? Anachans and moids all over in here lately yuck.

No. 1811742

File: 1681935766562.jpeg (183.13 KB, 1170x1993, 0823E90F-6E32-472A-B524-163B9A…)

I haven’t seen it posted here but pumpy ended up bleaching the other half of her hair and having it dyed red

No. 1811753


How the fuck does it not look damaged as fuck? You can kinda see the damage but not really? Maybe I am blind. I expected that shit to be falling out in clumps.

No. 1811758

File: 1681937147846.jpeg (184.36 KB, 960x1706, D9A75EB7-C775-494F-9CF8-2AB018…)

When you bleach you strip hair of pigment… dye esp darker dyes gives some pigment. My hair feels like straw when I bleach but once I dye it it feels much healthier.
Exactly nona. Ty does not want another child, not when he had to be a dad at 22. Stormy is going to trap him again by pretending she’s on the pill, when she’s like 29/30. That’s the only way she’s getting a baby. He has knocked up 3 diff women (Sabrina, Morgan, and Sam) so it’s a high chance stormy gets knocked up again

No. 1811775

>you’re supporting a lifetime of a little girls trauma

That doesn’t read how she meant it or mean what she thinks it meant at all… woof. I’m sure tons of her supporters actually enjoy supporting never ending duress tho kek. This bitch needs to learn how to talk and write cuz she comes off more brain dead than Brina does when she’s drugged out.

No. 1811852

Sorry if this is retarded, I don't use twitter anymore but doesn't the "add another tweet" and her icon next to it mean she took this screenshot? I don't wanna outright accuse Pumpy of selfposting but it does look weird.

No. 1811863


It's from her Instagram story, chill.

No. 1811945

File: 1681953492165.png (486.13 KB, 828x1792, 36FDB4F3-70FA-4DA6-812A-F7C572…)

Brina posting more old ass pics on insta, but this one actually shows how bad her teeth are

No. 1811949

File: 1681953891675.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.47 KB, 1284x1213, B3763083-3198-477D-8219-8F63F3…)

Oh it’s damaged alright. Didn’t doeprudence just dye her hair red recently too? Nitpick but forehead is giving Klingon vibes KEK

No. 1811950

File: 1681953971616.jpeg (78.04 KB, 1284x845, D297DB78-F452-4D8E-B22E-F3BF87…)

Same anon, but didnt mean to spoiler that last one

No. 1811951

File: 1681954030779.png (65.88 KB, 828x1792, E818A2C8-9259-4D7D-B159-17FE0D…)

Story is a couple days old but Pumps claimed she only pretended to break up with Ty.

No. 1811955

I think the 18 year old she called fat is one of them.

No. 1811956

File: 1681954585476.png (439.04 KB, 1800x724, 888EE352-C8D6-43E7-AA3D-9347EC…)

Mmm it looks so crunchy

No. 1811959

Ew I hate that look. When botox starts breaking down but some remnants remain

No. 1811961


Buhahahaha I take it back. It looks damaged and the color is so uneven.

No. 1811963

File: 1681955917143.png (27.21 KB, 288x359, Screenshot 2023-04-19 9.39.08 …)

This is the girl Sabrina and Sandra are live with on their lame ass OF, I can't with this awful shoop anymore, this is comical

No. 1811999

Ew! What the fuck is that???? Her face looks so bad, oh my god.

No. 1812039

File: 1681966937994.jpg (12.11 KB, 295x369, Gross.jpg)


No. 1812105

File: 1681987086600.png (663.05 KB, 1170x2532, 3918E015-596E-411A-9AF4-9946EF…)

I gotta upload the clear version. It’s my new favorite pic of her man face.

No. 1812122

File: 1681992317124.png (2.11 MB, 1800x1214, A8155AD2-2762-43CD-BBB7-1D52BB…)

Damn, no boob job or fillers and this girl is just some average Mexican giant. No wonder she’s a pick-me.

No. 1812126

I forgot to mention the anorexia and photoshop too.

No. 1812224

File: 1682013566392.png (128.08 KB, 1080x1623, Screenshot_20230420-135451~2.p…)

Don't be shy pumpy, share your current bank account.

No. 1812235

You can just say you’re fat and go Ma’am with your type 2 diabetes

No. 1812263


Sabrina and Sandra acting like 14 year olds, but what else is new.

No. 1812295

Stop referring to her as a Mexican. She’s just a typical 30 y/o anachan white girl from Cali trying to cling on to her prime…who happens to have some Mexican blood.

No. 1812324

Have Sandra's parents just let her bf live with them now? kek

No. 1812338

people who think ur a clown for being envious of drugs in substitution of food are fat? just say ur brain is fried n go. retard anachan kek

No. 1812406

File: 1682036588513.jpeg (232.45 KB, 1283x2242, A7299C85-853B-495C-A919-24FC7A…)

No. 1812409

File: 1682036672910.jpeg (232.34 KB, 1283x2224, CB9BC4D3-A141-484F-A40F-956373…)

No. 1812420

>"Doesn't put other women down"
Dumpy you literally called an averaged size girl fat the other day out of jealousy because shes much younger.. calm yourself

No. 1812456

File: 1682041843379.jpeg (108.22 KB, 1169x947, 72A2091F-9D3E-4568-BFFC-BD7792…)

Botox and fillers aren’t going to hide the fact your already weak skeleton is going to shrink and lose bone density at a higher percentage than a healthy well fed woman, and your skin and fat pads will shift downwards. Aging anorexics look like shit because of weak bones. Plus a 35 year old with fillers and Botox never looks 20.

No. 1812473

She’s already got that weird anorexic mouth/neck with thin skin that makes them look mad old. It’s not super prominent right now but there’s no way she’s gonna be able to use surgery to fix it. There is no way to fix it except eating and being healthy.
Kristen has it too.

No. 1812532

File: 1682055155390.png (16.23 KB, 1204x196, Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 11.3…)

Sober, yet drinking wine on cam every time she's on.

No. 1812572

Seriously, wtf is she ‘sober’ from

No. 1812610

File: 1682070674460.webm (5.13 MB, 332x720, Sabrina and Sandra acting like…)

No. 1812621

File: 1682076316782.png (377.17 KB, 1800x1562, 3AD97FF2-8E44-4848-A84F-56B5A7…)

“I’ve never touched a drug in my entire life” but they should celebrate prescription drugs because prescriptions can’t be classified as drugs in her underdeveloped meth baby brain.

I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with holes in my brain or underdevelopment. I can easily remember the truth from day to day and develop real meaningful relationships with people who care about me at 0% or 100% of my best self and not just the version of me that tries 150% every day. Ah life is good.

No. 1812638

Lmao she is deluded if she thinks she doesn’t already look like hot dogshit. And the fact still stands that she wasn’t even remotely cute before all the work she had done, nor is she after. She’s out here thinkin she looks like Madison Beer or some other plastic but pretty young chick but in actuality she looks like >>1812039 kek

No. 1812683

File: 1682089492066.jpeg (258.98 KB, 960x1706, 2DF8B569-C13C-476C-8663-F486C6…)

It doesn’t count & you wouldn’t post this if you were secure in your attractiveness either. Let’s remind stormy: Rhinoplasty, Botox in her forehead, countless ml of juvederm in her lips, jaw, cheeks and chin. Stfu

No. 1812690

File: 1682089918914.jpeg (31.25 KB, 640x314, 6540E57A-2F77-4433-BC23-1C6C0F…)

It took $50K minimum to go from this to this and fake having bone structure. She’s unrecognizable yet still unattractive

No. 1812691

Samefagging still but fuck it looks insane how her face has all that gel filler in it yet her body has 0% body fat and is gaunt. Fucking freak

No. 1812709

File: 1682093088915.jpeg (234.65 KB, 1170x1859, FC2C56E1-7483-476F-9FF0-53C2B9…)

Pumpy naturally

No. 1812710

File: 1682093057220.jpeg (234.65 KB, 1170x1859, FC2C56E1-7483-476F-9FF0-53C2B9…)

Pumpy naturally

No. 1812711

File: 1682092975811.jpeg (234.65 KB, 1170x1859, 7296C833-1561-446E-A7C3-CA056E…)

Pumpy naturally

No. 1812712

File: 1682093021970.jpeg (234.65 KB, 1170x1859, 7296C833-1561-446E-A7C3-CA056E…)

Pumpy naturally

No. 1812753

I swear I didn’t spam that the server fucked up and now I can’t delete them lol

No. 1812761

File: 1682099629148.jpeg (15.12 KB, 181x320, IMG_5954.jpeg)

Stepdaughter. Pumpy, you’re not married.

No. 1812768

Be careful of the babysitter you all hire. I’m sure Ty will really like her.

No. 1812770

Gosh this is PSYCHO. If you’re dating a parent you should never call the kids “yours” or “my stepdaughter” until all three>> the kid allows it, marriage, and formal adoption. Until then you’re an unstable force. Especially considering how often she breaks up with Ty and vice versa.

No. 1812785

imagine undoubtedly smearing blood all over your phone and god knows what sort of germs into an open wound just to take a quirky pic for insta stories. amazing

No. 1812796

Agreed this is absolutely unhinged behavior. She’s really putting the whole cart before the horse rn as if Ty is ever going to marry her topkek. Imagine the girls mom seeing this I would flip my shit if some anthropomorphic pencil/grasshopper looking bitch called my kid her stepdaughter without papers.

No. 1812804

If I was Doe I’d be concerned over who’s around my daughter. Pumpy has anger issues and snaps at people in a overly vicious way. If she’s fine with hitting her romantic partners and other women, it’s not a stretch she’d be verbally abusive and snarky towards her enemy’s daughter. I think she’s making a big show out of taking care of her family to rub it in Doe’s face. It’s not out of love, kindness, or whatever.

No. 1812815

Do we think she’d ever lay hands on the child? I know it’s tinfoil but I don’t feel like it’s a stretch if she thought she could get away with it of course. She’s an absolutely terrible person to allow around your child, especially a daughter. Ty is even scummier in my eyes than before.

No. 1812824

Anyone ever seen those Thai/Asian videos of stepmothers who look and act just like Morgan (wanna be high class) and end up abusing their husband’s kid in underhanded ways like pulling hair, pinching, forcing them to clean or trip on things, refusing them food, etc.?
I bet she’ll be just like that.
So yes I do think she’d lay hands on anyone and say it’s acceptable control techniques because she’s never in the wrong and she’s a psychology genius with a degree on how everyone and every situation should be treated correctly. Kek

No. 1812825

Pumpy smacked her kitten so hitting innocent beings isn’t outside the realm of possibility for her.

No. 1812832

Pumpy will 100% escalate to blatant child abuse, IF she hasn’t already. She’s unable to control her emotions and has a well-documented history of hostility, aggression, and disrespect towards others. It’s crystal clear that Pumpy is absolutely comfortable treating people with degrees of disrespect that are completely frowned upon from a societal standpoint. You also can’t convince me that Pump is able to separate child from parent. Her hate for Doe/Sam is all-consuming and the child is a reminder that Ty was happy & willing to have a child with someone else — but not her. If she’s ever mad at Ty then that kid doesn’t have a hope in hell because I can’t fathom the ways she’d take it out on that little girl. Ty is a disgusting loser, not only for all he’s done but especially for subjecting his daughter to Pumpy.. knowing exactly what she’s like and capable of. The DEFINITION of selling your soul for $$

Hopefully, the girl has a safe person involved in her life that she’d feel comfortable communicating with. If not then, at very least, a teacher or something that skilled at picking up when things are amiss at home.

No. 1812835

If she can hit a kitten, who can’t even talk back or say anything to TRULY upset her, then she can easily lose her cool on a child. Her instagram is a daily testament to her inability to manage her emotions, remove herself from conflict, and control her temper/reactions. Bet that it’s worse IRL, she only shares what she perceives to be “wins.”

No. 1812844

This is about to come to fruition

No. 1812868

File: 1682112539038.png (471.76 KB, 1284x2778, 4EBF83DB-0816-4BE3-B21C-C5F8E0…)

Some Charms screenshots coming, I couldn’t put them in one layout without losing whole image visibility. Charms has been kissing Pumpy’s ass for quite some time now so I think this is her trying to emulate that big Pumpy energy haha.

No. 1812870

File: 1682112570407.png (403.94 KB, 1284x2778, 04194C84-C193-42BE-A17A-DE5431…)

final screenshot

No. 1812872

Not to be a moralfag bc I post a lot in this thread and take glee in this cunt’s broke era, see her cope about being unable to buy a house, and come up with her 50 fake illnesses. but thinking about stormy as a stepmom makes me uneasy. Plus Ty’s daughter is a cute kid and unhinged jealous stepparents are real (I’m sure some of you had/have one too). Esp since— not to make anyone dry heave— both are treating Tyler as “daddy.” On top of it, this poor child has to have a former cam girl mother and a cam girl step mom? Her life will never be normal

No. 1812873

File: 1682112753081.png (Spoiler Image,486.67 KB, 1284x2778, 71B6F4FE-A38B-40BA-B6E3-5286B2…)

also might as well post this.. did anyone stomach trying to watch this collab? honestly, charms somehow manages to feel underwhelming even when she’s really doing the most to be shocking. i’d imagine the video is hard to watch but not in the scandalous way, just tough to continuously pay attention to.

No. 1812874

“It is an extremely oppressive life to live with and maintain the monstrous inhuman breast implants I chose to buy for thousands of dollars” the true oppressed class, the BDD bimbo he/they

No. 1812877

I agree. Honestly, no one fetishizes youth more than Morgan so she’ll easily feel threatened by his daughter (despite the fact that she is a literal child). A prettier, younger female who Ty actually posts. This is a recipe for disaster.

No. 1812879

our bimbro hero

No. 1812881

Yeah ok I’m glad there are other nonnas thinking along the same lines as me. I have a really bad feeling about this kid being around Pumpy at all, and for reasons stated in all of the tagged anons’ posts I’m kinda concerned. Hopefully she (the kid) does have someone she can reach out to or who will notice if something is up. I think the anon who mentioned how the kid is a reminder of Ty actually wanting a kid with someone else while he forced her to “yeet” her fetus by him is spot on. There’s sure to be milk but it’ll likely be curdled and sad.

No. 1813162

File: 1682161508181.png (1.84 MB, 1800x1069, 4ED592CE-DC9F-4C95-AFC3-FC818E…)

Shhhh don’t say anything about the eyebrows.
5lb is a normal fluctuation of weight, she didn’t “gain” anything.

No. 1813163

File: 1682161766079.png (1.18 MB, 1800x953, BDB4C419-AEBA-4C0B-85F0-558B39…)

Aj said he was sober last month too.
Looks like they’re both back at it.

No. 1813169

File: 1682163705674.jpeg (119.1 KB, 1125x1498, 4ABE2C1A-B83A-4941-92C7-7971E0…)

Tha pure audacity of this bitch to try and claim she’s good looking/looks younger than her 28(?) years is so funny to me. Sometimes I wonder if she actually gained REAL weight, like 20 healthy lbs, would it make a difference or would she still be a bland ugly worm girl?

No. 1813193

She’s starved herself her entire life to the point where she doesn’t even know she’s hungry cuz she probably doesn’t feel it and probably feels over full when eating the smallest amounts. If she were to gain 20lbs it would all go to her gut and she would freak out and starve herself again. After you’ve been an anachan for so long you gain all your weight into the most unfavorable places. After a while your body will regulate, but most anachans won’t wait for their body to balance out with proper diet and exercise. Not only is pumpy an anachan, but she’s also one of those out of shape “skin and bone” skinny people. What I mean by that is she would probably be fatigued on a mile walk and her body wouldn’t be able to tolerate normal exercise because it would attack itself. She doesn’t have the proper nutritional intake to handle real exercise or to really exert herself.

No. 1813197

File: 1682172120711.jpeg (191.66 KB, 960x1706, EDF9FCF8-D8D3-4636-9E89-3F753A…)

No. 1813201

He has a kid you unrealistic twat, SHE should be at the forefront of his brain. I hate pumpy. For her to even say shit like this while trying to come in on a family and play wannabe stepmom to a kid she hates with a mother she hates even more is really gross.

No. 1813292

File: 1682186584908.jpeg (223.33 KB, 960x1706, 73E7E45C-7B66-46C8-9152-BE0DCD…)

It’s very BPD of her…since she’s not posting things like getting black out drunk then claiming someone sexually assaulted her anymore, we can’t see all her BPD antics. Just her opinions. BEC but here’s her with 31 inseam pants hiked up to her ribs that still puddle on the floor. So much for long legs. I will give her that her arms and hands are freakishly long kek

No. 1813295

She looks like a sad roach

No. 1813337

She really couldn’t even be bothered to make her bed before posting this?
Ty, this is who is influencing your daughter.
Do better. smh

No. 1813400

Why is nobody talking about swaggle?? Lol

No. 1813417

This is why I know she’s gonna end up acting full on wrong towards that child. She is so unhinged she thinks this is a normal dynamic to want in a relationship. Ty’s DAUGHTER should be number 1 in his eyes at all times because that’s what a parent is supposed to do. Fuck this dumb piece of shit fr.

No. 1813425

I want to see his face but it seems like he’s anon. So probably uggo

No. 1813433

he has nice eyebrows but a huge nose that looks like a tropical bird, Sabrina is def using this one for a place to live kek

No. 1813436

File: 1682205425963.png (168.55 KB, 555x467, Screenshot 2023-04-22 7.15.50 …)

looks like a bird of paradise flower

No. 1813438

File: 1682205612221.png (61.71 KB, 555x373, Screenshot 2023-04-22 7.19.38 …)

No. 1813441

File: 1682205925589.jpeg (264.96 KB, 1284x1868, 4C8F1A4C-7E0C-4A4F-868A-8481DD…)

No. 1813460

She tweeted “braces are cute” a few days ago, I see he has clear braces

No. 1813464

File: 1682209906490.jpeg (Spoiler Image,164.19 KB, 1284x2282, 5A0A91E9-71E9-4545-88D5-791EE7…)

No. 1813466

File: 1682210334801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,307.85 KB, 1449x2048, A4D7F1A5-E690-40E1-BAAE-1F2F3B…)

You miss the Twitter one?

No. 1813488

File: 1682212525202.jpeg (191.4 KB, 1170x1976, 706DF416-94E5-4E3C-95EA-B13775…)

Pedo pandering to the “I bet it’s bubblegum pink” crowd. She is so disgusting. She knows that trend is something pedos started whilst sexualizing very young underage girls. Stepmom of the fucking year.

No. 1813510

God I wanna a-log sometimes no lie. Look how dead her eyes are tho like there is absolutely nothing there. Scummy asf.

No. 1813516

Grooooosssss and the waist shopping is atrocious

No. 1813631

I actually feel bad for Sandra. It's clear she's genuinely mentally ill.

As weird as it is to say, Kristin is probably making the best life choices of the bunch as an escort. She was way cuter as a blonde though.

Brina's new guy is a film major and taking a lot of creative liberty lol. He also claiming he's sober. I'm giving it less than 6 months. It seems like she could literally make more bartending or serving than what she is on camsoda.

No. 1813651

File: 1682244810451.png (760.28 KB, 1800x1486, DF94217F-3C7B-4CC3-B113-01792B…)

“Must become walking skeleton” - Morgan Hoffman

No. 1813652

Ew looks like the tranny hand poster from /ot/

No. 1813667

(Deleted and reposted bc i typed sagw instead of sage kek) but LMAOOOOO WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE!!!! It’s bad enough her hands are the desiccated, frail hands of an ancient mummy, but the NAILS KEK. If she thinks these are in any way better than Shayna’s hot dog nails I’m double dead

No. 1813679

Yuck!could have looked ten times better with a normal length almond shape this is honestly creepy

No. 1813815

File: 1682272571429.png (Spoiler Image,55.04 KB, 400x396, 1681872685749.png)

I'm late to the part but brina, FFS! These bruises are giving major crack whore galore(please spoiler shit like this)

No. 1813817

File: 1682272757522.jpg (70.24 KB, 888x678, SmartSelect_20230423_200008_Fi…)

It won't let me delete, I'm so sorry I hit reply instead of "spoiler".

No. 1813825

Wtf is this alien?!?! I was wondering what PNP was doing nowadays. Complete ufo

No. 1813883

YOWZA, I’ve never followed AJ or had much exposure to his social media post-Sabrina and I had zero idea that he so shamelessly posted his lean.. the last fucking screenshot!?

No. 1813884

File: 1682282280397.png (54.3 KB, 1208x520, Screen Shot 2023-04-23 at 2.37…)

Can anyone help Brina? She's tired of paying for bots and can't help but get her accounts deleted for nudity.

Her twitter interaction rate is hilarious.

No. 1813885

File: 1682282462883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,296.1 KB, 1284x2092, EF6C4093-FEA0-4568-AA5D-E46111…)

cows just wanna be cows

No. 1813886

File: 1682282566046.png (1.45 MB, 1800x755, 6BA2FD5D-A34B-425A-8711-E7DE47…)

Can you spot the real Sabrina face?
Trick question, they’re all fake.

No. 1813887

It’s literally the only thing he posts about every day if he posts. It’s very sad.

No. 1813897

I just want to say the thread summary is so funny. Thanks to whoever made it.

No. 1813907

File: 1682286021859.jpeg (157.96 KB, 1169x1370, 26E47223-1924-4B5B-9645-F94656…)

You had maybe $2K in veterinarian bills and you were begging for money. A $800 abortion Tyler wouldn’t pitch in for ruined your finances for the month. You may get $10K-$13K a month pre tax but you burn through it so fast any emergency ruins you and you have straight up said you can’t afford to live alone in SoCal. You don’t even save at the rate a normie with that salary does. Truly paycheck to paycheck for a “rich” woman who’s been working for 10 years

No. 1813911

Stormy is going to be royally fucked when she’s 32 and men don’t buy her pedo pink pussy shit anymore. It doesn’t matter if she claims 22, they know she’s closer to 30 than 25, much less 20. Hope the money you have saved Pumpy is enough to live at your cost of living ($130K a year?) for another 40 years. $1000 a month on groceries for 2 and the times when Ty’s a part time dad and hosts, kek.

No. 1813940

Jesus fucking christ

No. 1813982

File: 1682294006562.png (570.6 KB, 994x1771, Screenshot_20230423-195233~2.p…)

The shadow from her eyelashes make her look more like a skeleton kek!

No. 1813987

Sabrinas giraffe edit in the 3rd pic I'm dying. She naturally has a huge chin and double chin now kek

No. 1814008

File: 1682298307400.png (680.98 KB, 1170x2532, D88C3205-475A-4B82-B995-289DBC…)

Her closeup of her skin showing her anorexic face fur…. Fuckkkk

No. 1814030

File: 1682301853419.png (Spoiler Image,109.99 KB, 749x700, Screenshot 2023-04-23 10.02.04…)

pedo stormy forever

No. 1814035

tf is this

No. 1814040

She looks like she has cigarettes attached at the end of each finger.

No. 1814049

Pumpy loves to rave about her skin, but I've never once seen her with the hallmark butterfly face rash from lupus.

No. 1814084

File: 1682312997737.jpeg (88.04 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpeg)

Christ, this is one of the worst horrorcow pics ever. Only Soren (rip) evoked this much disgust in my full body.

No. 1814094

I never knew Nick did an article on her on the dirty. Brinas were funny.

No. 1814106

File: 1682315282005.jpeg (112.08 KB, 679x1252, 1F3255F7-8C02-45D0-BE16-9F7352…)

The bra looks like two face masks connected. Body horror cow. Can’t believe this is the same person separated by nothing more than a span of 10-12 years.

No. 1814111

Is this charms…?

No. 1814168

File: 1682325247618.png (534.7 KB, 1794x1058, Screen Shot 2023-04-24 at 2.33…)

9 years ago

No. 1814169

No. 1814215

File: 1682331279667.png (320.21 KB, 828x1792, C95E9724-CA9A-4FC7-9D32-D7B6C5…)

No. 1814271

File: 1682339588504.jpeg (261.19 KB, 1284x2240, 8FAC8F58-A9C8-4A6B-A286-A35031…)

“i lOok tWEnTy yEArS oLd” haha

Sabrina’s shotty dental work on semi-blast. I almost forgot that she had wonky teeth, she’s been going so hard with the shoop in the past year or two.

No. 1814272

File: 1682339784761.jpeg (170.41 KB, 1284x2216, 754B4848-FE8D-4C97-9E7D-E96658…)

Samefag for second picrel, not a person in this world can convince me that Junkie James wasn’t jealous of the sloth. I don’t know if it’s been mentioned yet but they finally unfollowed each other recently, I wasn’t staying UTD with the threads for the past couple of months.

No. 1814273

There was a single story post (over a year ago) where her pale ass was outside in the summer sun and she had the faintest pink tinge to the bridge of her nose (ie. typical caucasian sunburn) and it was mUh bUtTeRfLy rAsH

No. 1814274

File: 1682340065788.png (1 MB, 1170x2532, 4976E835-C2E2-4BE6-B2B1-A2E9BA…)

This is a throwback picture for anyone who doesn’t know. Before the dental work. I noticed she unfollowed James. She moves so fast.
Finger guns for life. Whatever forever. Can’t wait to see the pics they supposedly took on the beach last night.

No. 1814275

This is funny I didn’t notice until now that Sandra moved her hand up to cover up the fact that Sabrina can’t bend her finger.

No. 1814389

File: 1682354651266.jpeg (187 KB, 1179x2106, IMG_6072.jpeg)


No. 1814394

He looks like every other Mexican dude with an underbite in LA. Most interesting is how much younger he looks than her. Maybe that’s the washed up cam hoe life plan, just like a gross old man, find a younger partner stupid enough to believe your excuses. (OR single father, or drug dealer or SoundCloud rapper..) these girls, from stormy to Sabrina to Sandra, have zero options.

No. 1814506

She got those nasty nails and unflattering extensions for Coachella, of all places

No. 1814509

File: 1682366716500.png (11.66 KB, 663x187, Screenshot 2023-04-24 4.03.24 …)

she must have to pretend to not do drugs to live with her boyfriend kek

No. 1814511

Her mom is holed up in a 32 year old Mexican man’s house. Like mother like daughter. I bet if I posted a pic of her mom and her boyfriend you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Sabrina and her boyfriend right now and them.

No. 1814516

Being off ketamine, brina. Let’s be real. Everything else is still on the table.
We all know she tried to do “monitored ketamine treatments” for her depression last year and went right back to street drugs because therapeutic doses don’t get her high enough to forget. That’s why she’s saying she’s off her “antidepressants” kek

No. 1814521

No. 1814522

Last time I did I got banned for days. No way. Do your own research. Sorry but blame the person who reported me.

No. 1814533

Yeah she’s not a cow. Maybe a mediocre parent but nowhere near what Sabrina is. ESP since she watches one of her kids. Sometimes kids like Sabrina just turn out wrong

No. 1814541

It says in the rules you can’t post family members of cows when no milk is related.

No. 1814577

Her hair is so fucked kek I love how the one side is all stringy like the Crypt Keeper's.

No. 1814586

File: 1682374054159.png (1.13 MB, 1284x2778, 16F83798-9862-4E33-849A-918619…)

I love how hard she projects and uses the past tense like this isn’t her current situation (which is why she’s so triggered).

No. 1814607

>”still got cheated on and abused”
>claims to be in loving relationship with same person who did those things to her
Topkek as always, Morgan

No. 1814614

Her exes live rent free in her mind 24/7. Isn’t she supposed to be pretending to be a happy stepmom or whatever why the fuck is she so hung up on talking about her exes endlessly? It’s giving weird and never moved on and still obsessed. Also Ty did all those things to her and she’s still his paypig, he’s holed up in her house and moved in a kid while still wanting nothing to do with her aside from her money kek. If Pump didn’t have the cash flow Ty wouldn’t be there and she knows it.

No. 1814905

File: 1682425704965.jpeg (224.54 KB, 1800x1488, 39B318C0-F4AA-43BC-9C1D-805A58…)

Hey all my moid followers and other sex workers, I just wanted to show you all I’m a fucking whore who opens her legs for anyone to pop out these humans that I definitely see at least twice a year. I love my family so much I can’t keep them separate from my sex life.

Jesus Christ I need someone to tell her to stop.

No. 1814941

I don’t know why but I expected Big C not Little C dang she’s big now. I didn’t even recognize her at first I was wondering who let Brina around their kid till she said I love you. The way she threw that in randomly was staged and weird. It didn’t seem very maternal (neither is putting her on the same ig she posts pussy on) it seemed a lot more like when a friend comes to visit and your kid goes to say hi and talk their ear off, I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone else srry. I wonder what she wants from AJ cuz it’s not Little C.

No. 1814943

Drugs. He’s a drug dealer.

No. 1814953

Second anon with the big bingo. The juicer question is not what Sabrina wants from AJ, but rather why AJ cares to give it to her. There’s obviously some messing around going on there and Swaggle or whoever is still too naive to see it. Granted, he could be a cuck.

No. 1814957

File: 1682438860561.jpeg (115.98 KB, 1170x697, IMG_9361.jpeg)

Sab has some stuff on her story right now making it seem like they already broke up

No. 1814959

Morgan truly believes that a greater audience exists for her of people who don’t know her history. She hasn’t adjusted to the fact that she’s not regularly entertaining fresh meat on her accounts. Hell, she hasn’t even adjusted to the fact that she’s been just another needle in a haystack on the web for quite some time now. It’s been repeated like a broken record, but the girls that she is lining herself up against are prettier, more interesting, and much more desirable. Pumpy’s audience is mostly hate-followers, point blank period. Yes, she had her early days of successful pedo pandering and it’s possible that she could have stretched that out.. had she not given herself the edgelord “pick me” makeover.. but that’s long done. Her current appearance only appeals to a not profitable demographic of washed up punk boys, who need someone to coddle and still make them feel cool.. while they fuck whatever ramp tramp lets them hit on the side. Do you think that Ty goes out with the intention of being loyal to Pumpy, like ever? He’s taking everything that comes his way while Morgan stays at home, rage-posting on her stories, HOPING that he’s paying attention.

No. 1814978

Nah she’s still hung up on Aj and Jj. Too bad she can’t get both of them to rail her at the same time.
Also she may be “sober” from ketamine but she’s still brain dead. She’ll never be able to grow a new brain. She already put holes in hers.

No. 1814996

File: 1682445939592.png (801.73 KB, 1170x2532, 4FF66041-0865-46A2-84B5-B58C63…)

A close up of what Sabrina posted. This is after she got two of her teeth “fixed” with the bulkiest cheap veneers on top. She would have been better off with braces like Stormy and adding bonding

Ty would still be living in his momma’s house without Stormy’s money.

No. 1815110

File: 1682455664908.jpeg (45.27 KB, 1169x408, FB5F3786-DDCC-4E12-8163-83F2FE…)

You wont film or cam when Ty is at home and you won’t sell new bg content anymore since moving in but you’ll share Tyler’s sex nicknames. Not to mention you’ll talk about your “family” and that you have a stepdaughter on your socials filled with subscribers you claim are pedophiles bc they complain about your implants???? (That you still take money from) This bitch will always be a cow because she has no concept of privacy.

No. 1815118

Plus her pussy only looks huge because she’s skeletor kek it’s not a “”””fat pussy”””” in the classical sense (hate that term bc it’s so scrotey but you know what I mean)

No. 1815148

File: 1682458277537.jpeg (198.88 KB, 1284x2244, 2C07810C-3BFA-4AB8-B4B5-2DF29B…)

I actually came here to pose a genuine question about Pumpy/boundaries: Do we think that Pumpy subjects Ty’s daughter to her endless abortion monologue? I could see it. Her screwed up sense of self-worth would NEED Ty’s daughter to know that she could have also had Ty’s child. Pic unrelated, but it got me thinking.

No. 1815149

That’s a good question, nonita. I’ll take the tinfoil even a step further and posit that she probably would be telling Ty’s daughter how she’s already been pregnant with his kid once and WILL be again—only this time she’s keeping it kek

No. 1815150

File: 1682458450279.jpeg (127.77 KB, 1170x1866, 0E3F8801-976D-44D3-A17B-FFA800…)

Body check. I’m still an anorexic worm.

No. 1815152

File: 1682458581296.jpeg (270.58 KB, 1284x2276, 78A69B44-B3CE-4077-89B1-C45F5A…)

dream on, morgan.

No. 1815155

File: 1682459071168.jpeg (49.24 KB, 798x847, C623A168-88A9-4825-ADD8-A34FA4…)

She’s blind bc she looks NOTHING like Miley. Not now, and not before Miley’s buccal fat removal

No. 1815174

She’s gotta be baiting for compliments. She’s always saying extreme or controversial statements publicly so people will engage with her. She’s a troll. She’s admitted it before.
And that’s on brain damage folks.

No. 1815221

This is so egregious kek Miley is actually attractive, Pumpy. And she has actual muscles on her body to boot.

No. 1815227

How do you know he's hitting chicks on the side?

No. 1815249

Cuz pumpy can’t keep anything private. She told everyone he was hooking up with a side chick and got the side chick pregnant. She also said while live that she “punched him in the face” after it happened, read the threads a little nonita. She said she cancelled moving plans but ended up moving into a house and moving Ty and his daughter in with her anyway. She says having “family” hinders her from working and has fucked up her income. Tinfoil the only reason she moved Ty and his daughter in with her is to know where Ty is at all times and also to hold financially taking care of his daughter over his head whenever he pisses her off. She did make a post recently that I didn’t screenshot about being depressed and poor cuz of her hair situation and living off of Ty’s finances. She mentioned needing him to pay her portion of rent.

No. 1815251

So cause he cheated with one chick and got her pregnant he's currently hitting any chick that comes his way? Logic.

No. 1815261

NTA but ok Pumpy(hi cow)

No. 1815263

Ok pumpy validate your choices. He cheated 3 months ago and on every chick he’s every been with before Pump (multiple times) but suddenly changed to be faithful to her, get real topkek he doesn’t even call her his girlfriend and calls it a situationship so I guess the only logic you have going for you is he can’t cheat on a girl he’s never claimed to date.

No. 1815264

Ty’s a serial cheater. He cheated on Sam (while she was sleeping), Pumpy. Maybe he’s not hitting on every woman he sees but he isn’t trustworthy. Come on.

No. 1815266

He was in the same bed as Sam while cheating on her with Brina too

No. 1815269

I wish you had SS nonna! She’s posted alot about the princess treatment and said some posts ago that Ty was paying the rent this month as payback for her “taking care of him.” I think she gave him a lot of money last year and said, I’ll only move in with you and pay our $8K deposit or whatever if you pay rent for a few months. We know he wouldn’t be able to afford the first month’s rent and deposit

No. 1815276

He’s literally in a punk band and hangs out with others trying to be in the music industry. He’s walking around advertising that he’ll hook up with a groupie just by association.

No. 1815370

File: 1682484373815.jpeg (180.23 KB, 960x1706, 0DCC66CC-0D78-494E-9BA8-BD922F…)

God these lashes are tragic and give her major undereye circles. Tyler won’t marry her but she knows that

No. 1815371

And ofc she wears this around a child. Fucking creep

No. 1815383

Why can she not help but turn herself into someone who looks like they do meth every day? She looks like the hooker in the bad part of town where they sell crack at the gas station. No one wants to marry that. They wanna get high and fuck it and go home to their real family and never admit the shame they have for dipping their dick in trash.

No. 1815384

File: 1682487050816.jpeg (494.39 KB, 1170x1960, IMG_9376.jpeg)

Another new one: hunter pumpy arc. It’s steak. Apparently she used to hunt cows or something kek

No. 1815388

File: 1682487782086.jpeg (254.92 KB, 1170x1998, IMG_9377.jpeg)

The cuts of meat are huge and fucked up cooked uneven as hell on a $10 non stick pan. Soggy nasty fajitas with huge ass chunks of meat, girl no, go sit with Sandra

No. 1815389

File: 1682487839562.jpeg (46.57 KB, 400x600, B8177F25-23A0-4535-B433-B9313F…)

Same girl kek

No. 1815463

LMAO this is so tragic. Imagine gassing yourself up about something that looks like this.

No. 1815496

No one on this thread can attract a dude that isn’t tragic looking, not a shocker really but WOW

No. 1815505

File: 1682511340614.png (837.11 KB, 367x1800, D04FC726-105E-4088-BD81-E56699…)

Look at me, talk to me, no one likes me anymore cuz I don’t flash pussy every day waaahhh.
Her definitions for everything are so messed up. Being on the pill isn’t hormone replacement therapy you fucktard. And what therapy did you go to to talk about how you use your underdeveloped body to trick pedophiles into supporting you? That’s the therapy you need, Morgan. Not your fucking sexual identity.

No. 1815524

Okay so, while she still looked absolutely busted, I would say that last year she was starting to look the most decent that she has ever. Again, nothing special but “looking good for Pumpy” kind of thing. I’m sure others can agree. Buuuuuut she’s completely shit on any progress she made lol and is completely self sabotaging, I love how lost and confused she is haha. The hair, the lashes that make her eyes droopy, losing whatever weight she managed to put on because mUh pReGnAncY.

No. 1815533

File: 1682515477399.jpeg (416.86 KB, 2048x2048, 98492CCD-63F8-4B7D-84D8-47C846…)

Dumb Girl Energy — love how she’s still not once considered just leaving it the fuck alone. In a month, she’ll be posting about how much hair she’s losing from her “lupus.”

At risk of giving her any ideas, I’m genuinely shocked that she hasn’t claimed “post partum” hair loss in her little munchie rants.

No. 1815537

File: 1682515599359.png (115.82 KB, 1717x620, 8C7C1E6F-EAA8-422B-A08F-DF1CDA…)

I wonder if she knows that humans start aging rapidly after 25. That’s probably why last year was her best looking year. Can’t wait to see what 30 looks like on this anachan.

No. 1815557

I don’t agree. I think she looked best back when she was dating that Jeremiah guy years ago. She had something healthy going on with herself back then and he was getting her to eat and teaching her to not be a stick bug. Her face, skin, body, everything looked better.

No. 1815571

I honestly see no difference between her this year and last year other than weirdly dissolving just her upper lip. She turns 28 this summer right? Meanwhile she quite recently called other women old hags

No. 1815572

Samefag but It’s weird how round her face is from fillers yet how angular and sharp her body is

No. 1815598

I believe she did claim postpartum hair loss at one point when she said that six months after her abortion she learned all of her “lupus” symptoms were actually post-partum symptoms. I don’t record her stories because she’s so one-note but it was a video she added sad backtrack music to while she spouted misinformation about medical abortions for 10 slides.

No. 1815639

I literally hate giving shitty cows like her any good advice but legit she should use some of her ~big money~ and get on nutrafol. The extra vitamins would probably do her malnourished ass good, too. It literally plumps your skin too because of the collagen and other ingredients but I’m sure 88$ a pop is too steep for her now that she’s a “step mommy” with a family to provide for kek

No. 1815640

Samefag I said literally twice in one post and I hate myself ugh

No. 1815643

File: 1682529471636.jpeg (237.3 KB, 960x1706, 97F65EF3-2538-4A79-9CE3-967A6C…)

If she just ate 1500 cal a day she wouldn’t need nutrafol as bad. She’s def gonna spiral or restrict now that she’s eating 2 meals a day with Ty

No. 1815648

It’s a fact. Get your head on straight and start taking advantage of every moment of the day because it’s ending after 25 baby. Anyone who denies the body dying after 25 is an idiot.

No. 1815679

Just say you’re bald and go kek!

No. 1815682

Kek true. Can’t wait for her to get even skinnier with those ridiculous implants and her filler pillow face as she loses what’s left of her hair. Couldn’t happen to a nicer cow.

No. 1815704

File: 1682535352278.jpeg (159.33 KB, 960x1706, 3CC99A22-733D-4653-9561-70DA41…)

Retinol can’t fix this

No. 1815751

I audibly gasped this is the hand of Baba Yaga not a 28 year old woman holy fuck lmao

No. 1815775

File: 1682542304396.jpeg (146.69 KB, 1170x1958, IMG_9389.jpeg)

Pumpys on ig trying not to cry cuz she put oil in her eyelash extensions she got 3 days ago n now they’re all falling off. Says with her voice cracking n holding back tears “I can’t have anything nice”

No. 1815863

File: 1682549739337.webm (1.94 MB, 720x1280, fHNQcx2Hv4B02U95aP2ud57rWg==.w…)


Here is the webm of that story.

No. 1815870

File: 1682550445080.jpeg (428.21 KB, 1284x2258, C41B9973-28A7-4D4D-9A20-1E9B89…)

I’m honestly shocked that Queen Anachan Brina would expose herself wearing a size Medium.

No. 1815871

File: 1682550753987.jpeg (270.89 KB, 2048x2048, 8072DCB9-31A2-4249-95BD-BFC71F…)

When I was watching, I couldn’t help but notice the flabby chin/jowl she has going on (likely a combo of genetics, aging, and prolonged ed). She can get all of the filler and use every filter & angle that she can muster.. she’ll continue to show her age, one way or another.

No. 1815880

Let's be fair though; the eyelash extensions looked hideous from the start.

No. 1815890

It’s her chin filler moving around too

No. 1815903

Wow yeah I’ve only ever seen her explicitly post XS and 00 throughout the years. Maybe she’s finally learning that a normal healthy weight doesn’t look bad. Good. I don’t want her influencing any young girls (big and little C) into thinking starving yourself is the correct choice.

No. 1815983

She is just so ugly and stupid, I love to see her lose at everything.

No. 1815988

What? Lmfao, they already know their mom is a full blown whore who fucks random men for money and drugs. Anorexia is the last on the list of shit that they already have been well aware of. These girls deserve so much better than a bruised up ugly, trashy, fake, dirty, prostitute mother. She isn't sober either no matter how hard she tries to front. Imagine that was your mom?

No. 1816156

File: 1682593441967.jpeg (154.32 KB, 1170x1754, F0B4EADB-B305-410A-8338-AAFC50…)

Anyone else see the ig story where she waxed her mustache last week?
Or the story where she talked about how she’s a hairy beast because of her low estrogen?
She really be focusing on that hair of hers.

No. 1816186

Sage for OT
Makes me want to scream anytime women make excuses for the jannies “look up PCOS” bitch Dyldo was born a MAN and isn’t on estrogen!
Totally different than anachan body fur!

No. 1816198

Incoming pumpy claiming to have PCOS next week

No. 1816210

File: 1682602125352.jpeg (209.51 KB, 1170x1993, EC32DA45-2520-4D5E-AFB2-27F9CC…)

She can’t have any more estrogen because of her lupus though. So she’s not allowed to produce any estrogen according to who, her doctors? This doesn’t make sense. She says her body doesn’t produce enough but she’s not allowed to produce more because it will kill her? Am I getting this right y’all? Help.

No. 1816240

What is with her and ugly fucking cum nails. God she's fucking vile.

No. 1816250

More self diagnosis because she is an idiot

No. 1816326

File: 1682616918423.jpeg (319.39 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_3486.jpeg)

A lot to unpack in this rant of pure protection

No. 1816331

I’ve experienced shit like gender and sexual harassment at work and an abusive relationship like many women, but like…. What is she trying to say lol. She got multiple fucking face tattoos and body mods for attention and she walks around in a bikini top, no wonder she’s leered at. People expecting DMs from her is just part of her job, ignore them. She should see my email inbox at my white collar job. I’ve had HVAC and electricians come in and they didn’t act creepy at all. They visit 10 houses a day. Victim mindset. I believe in feminism but not Stormy’s 2 brain cell version of feminism where she wants people to stare at her but they’re all perverts for staring at her, and every man even service employees doing their jobs are shitty moids, yet she is with a known abuser and cheater? But she has done this bratty act for nearly a decade. She was entitled as fuck in 2015 and it’s never stopped growing. So many women go through so much worse and don’t have nice indoor online jobs and actually experience shit like creeps on the bus stops and customers that grope them.

No. 1816333

Truth is, she has no life and no individual friends and no hobbies and no reason to leave the house, AND she’s obsessed with Tyler. So that’s why all she does is sit at home and online shop and wait for Ty to get off work. It’s not her anxiety of men. When Ty leaves the house all she does is spend $700 on clothes and stare at photos of herself over the last 15 years and repost about how cute she was (narc). Maybe some gaming thrown in.

No. 1816341

She needs a therapist. She needs to go outside and touch grass and experience life outside her home. She’s an echo chamber for issues popular on Twitter and tiktok that day. She is a pick me… with fake tits and a fake face she literally got to make men find her more attractive. She complains all day about how both men and womens existences make her life harder and she struggles to decide which she hates and resents more that day. She doesn’t tip toe around anything, she’s loud and annoying 24/7 cuz she has no life or hobbies. She makes her own life miserable. Literally go touch grass and experience life outside the comfort zone Dumpy, not everyone in the world is out to get you. She has got to be the most negative woe is me chick on earth.

No. 1816352

I thought the same. She needs to touch grass.
She’s hanging out with her supporter moids online so much she’s turning into what she hates and complains about every day. She’s manifesting her hate to her reality.

No. 1816357

I cannot with her unhinged ranting. She IS a pickme as others have just said. 100% agree she needs to get actual therapy and touch some real grass. Go on a fucking hike or something, Pumpy. The amount she contradicts herself between words and behavior is comical and honestly mind-boggling.

No. 1816366

This is what happens when a deeply mean, bitter person is also too online and never goes for a walk or tries to meet people by taking Spanish classes at the community college, she spends her life putting on makeup and doing her hair and recording herself. It’s not just onlyfans either bc other creators have friends and a personal life and hobbies. Ty sucks and probably spends his free time DMing other girls but he has a band, practices music and has friends and fam. Stormy has NOTHING

No. 1816384

File: 1682621583169.jpg (114.62 KB, 1046x677, collage~2.jpg)

She is just mad no one has been giving her money.

No. 1816402

Sometimes I feel bad for following Pumpy’s life bc it’s so, so dull and she’s a stagnant terrible person. But every once in a while there is a dramatic spiral or rage, or a situation where she can’t help but reveal her actually embarrassing private life to brag, making it worth lurking. Notable recent instances include the abortion, cat drama where she described being poor, punching Ty, the blackout drunk and rape accusations at Ty’s birthday

No. 1816499

File: 1682632491088.jpeg (235.06 KB, 1170x1859, 0CA10D84-26B8-4439-AF61-7635FA…)

Say you read your own hate page without saying you read your own hate page. That was quick.

No. 1816526

Of course she does. Where do you think she even learnt what "Pick me" meant? Now all she does is use it in every rant.

No. 1816538

File: 1682636107548.jpeg (34.34 KB, 1170x295, IMG_9449.jpeg)

Tone deaf, all she does is rant about other people all day kek

No. 1816559

>the worst it got
She totally is worst-chan kek

No. 1816585

File: 1682642559837.jpeg (34.56 KB, 1170x312, F815E7F1-955B-4245-A7A0-7DC851…)

KEK it was her.
Stormy since you’re here and don’t do anything all day, tell us why you took Ty back after he cheated on you

No. 1816607

>"the worst it got"

No. 1816631

What about “it just got worst” she did it twice in one post.

No. 1816641

File: 1682647910703.jpeg (164.96 KB, 1170x1963, 4F6C546A-AFCB-4E88-BF8F-A4EFA9…)

Don’t worry y’all, she’s going out tomorrow night. Question is, who is she actually going to see (tinfoil but I think she’s lining up the drummer as her backup dick in case Ty dips) and who is she keeping an eye on?

No. 1816665

Wow congrats to Stormy. Weekly outing secured. Let’s predict her content tomorrow night. -some post of her getting ready saying “perfect skin no foundation” -deceiving mirror video that makes her look taller than the spindly midget she is -20 stories of her discussing her damaged hair.
Remember that content where you posted how you had your hand on Ty’s friend’s arm last year and deleted within a hour? Give us more of that!

No. 1816719

File: 1682657400488.jpeg (134.79 KB, 1283x2227, 678BD6DD-CB13-41AB-958F-7B058A…)

“muh perfect skin” KEK go wash your face pump

No. 1816737

Tyler is busted. You could find a more attractive guy literally anywhere. And chances are he won’t ask you to buy him $600 shoes. But it’s not as if Pumpy could get any of these men.

No. 1816835

Those are large pores, can you remove them by just washing your face?

No. 1816857

NTA but her pores look like they’re literally full of dirt. Plenty of people have wider pores and they don’t look bad because they actually take care of their skin and overall health kek

No. 1816864

Yeah I’ve genetically got large ass pores and you can see them in pictures but they don’t look like blackheads because I wash my face twice every day. Hers are always black for some reason even though she claims to have the best skincare routine.
I’m not giving advice but I know a specific facial that deals with large pores and I’ve never seen pumpy even talk about it before. Dumb bitch thinks anything overpriced is the right option kek. No wonder she can’t keep any savings.

No. 1816897

Right!! I can name like 10 products off the top of my head that will help keep wide pores clear and as minimized as possible, and not one of them is over 50$ maximum. I won’t though because I genuinely enjoy her failing at everything kek

No. 1816978

File: 1682696578929.jpeg (353.68 KB, 2048x2048, 39164405-F3DC-41DA-A7A1-240767…)

Sabrina is using some busted, Snapchat-quality filters lately.. her state of deterioration is just beaming through and she’s really giving cigarette trailer park mom vibes. The stomach holding at the end was a weird, interesting move. We’re all thinking it - let’s hope not.

No. 1816983

>we’re all thinking it
Oh please Jesus not another life to be ruined

No. 1816988

She looks exactly like her mom.
I think she was just trying to show off that she’s skinny because that shirt covers too much to be able to tell.

No. 1817002

File: 1682700014195.png (386.61 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1443.png)

So you’re gunna be walking around the house with a cup that says “Daddy’s Girl” and mean yourself in front of his daughter? This one gave me the ick extra. Batshit crazy.

No. 1817005

Ew. She’s not even subtle in the slightest. I hate how all these degenerates have literally destroyed the idea of a nice father daughter relationship by hijacking the phrase “daddy’s girl”. This is why her uterus should honestly be shriveled and fall out of her body by gods will kek

No. 1817091

Pump n dump you’re 30 kek

No. 1817148

File: 1682717080794.jpeg (187.2 KB, 960x1706, F2FEE06E-046E-45E5-97F8-76F7F5…)

No. 1817162

File: 1682718273254.jpeg (125.02 KB, 960x1706, 49F0CEC9-9DCA-405C-945E-1D7E5B…)

No. 1817165

File: 1682718551635.jpeg (31.63 KB, 398x620, IMG_9749.jpeg)

Can you spot the difference?

No. 1817167

I feel like she’s just posting this weird baity shit so she can read what we write about her here because we’re the only people talking about her.

No. 1817170

Kek I think so too. That being said, I just wanna laugh because if she were actually built like a runway model she’d be 5’11 and naturally gangly. We have no idea what her real body type is because she’s been a skelly since she started. Her face………humongous kek. Her natural face is pure Eminem. Her filler face is so forgettable and ugly at the same time. Dirty ass pores and all.

No. 1817175

bed frame?

No. 1817180

File: 1682719673123.jpeg (279.32 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_9750.jpeg)

This is more accurate since she’s becoming a fatty who sits at home and eats all day.

No. 1817192

I don't know why I'm surprised but I can't believe how fucking trashy her room is. Laundry, garbage bags, pillows that probably stink of hair bleach and her fat dude's greasy pomade.

No. 1817212

Right kek this looks like my college boyfriend’s first apartment when he got his “big boy job”

No. 1817215

File: 1682722164435.png (256.89 KB, 352x589, Screenshot 2023-04-28 3.48.38 …)

Ummmmm…no, not even close. lol

No. 1817246

This sounds fake but it’s amazing how every single real model (or hell, normie woman working a normie job) is a million times tougher and goes through this countless times their career— Pumpy fails at first try. What a resilient woman

No. 1817269

Runway models actually work out, pumpy. You're just anorexic and short

No. 1817272

That is the room of a teenage boy living at the divorced dads house, mattress on the floor, one window with those exact blinds, most likely tv on the floor with video games right across kek

No. 1817281

WOOF kek you utterly nailed it. Looks like it has that musty funk smell too.

No. 1817305

File: 1682730246840.jpeg (95.15 KB, 604x453, 85DE22DC-C703-49E4-91AC-1EC1B5…)

She said this yet if you put your thumb over her shoes her torso is fucking long compared to her stub legs. Visual illusions related to her thinness. An actual “high fashion model” would mog her like crazy

No. 1817314

File: 1682731167153.png (258.61 KB, 640x275, B5089EC3-F3F9-42EF-ABE0-70C1C9…)

What Vogue missed out on

No. 1817326

File: 1682732416217.png (114.33 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20230428-213927~2.p…)


No. 1817351

Holy shit Sabrina looks like a shit show at Ricky's house on trailer park boys. She looks 39 and I hope she's not going to have a 4th abandoned child while sucking a losers dick for money and a place to live. AJ Sega pt. 2

No. 1817398

KEK the rainbow lollipop dress never fails to destroy me. She really does have a long ass torso her legs look a whole 1.5 feet long

No. 1817484

File: 1682764088914.png (888.83 KB, 1787x1599, IMG_9754.png)

Someone got a picture with their situationship last night.

No. 1817489

File: 1682767613471.jpeg (83.18 KB, 1170x1473, IMG_9752.jpeg)

Best scammer of 2023 goes to … we’ll have to wait and see at the end of the year but my money’s on Sabrina.

No. 1817514

File: 1682776012049.jpeg (300.97 KB, 2048x2048, 11601060-B7FF-4AC9-8F44-858086…)

Excuse me, nonnas — I’m about to samefag a bit to include all of screenshots.

TAKE ONE: Sabrina sharing one of Schwaggle’s videos again of her borderline breast-feeding off of his knuckle but the successive shares included one of her “relating” to an astro tik tok (“Why the signs are single this year - Cap Afraid of getting hurt again”) and this last one shown in my picrel. She’s so supremely fucked up with absolutely zero self-awareness that she’s both abandoned three children and lost everything she’s ever owned BUT WILL ATTRIBUTE THESE EMPTY, GNAWING DEPRESSIVE FEELINGS TO HER SPLIT WITH JUNKIE MICRO PENIS JAMES.

It doesn’t matter if she somehow scams her way, and/or this new guy, into rebuilding herself. The repercussion of ALL the many terrible things she’s done in her 30.5 years won’t allow her to ever rest easy. Whether she can accept or acknowledge the actual issues or not, this will be her reality going forward.

Sidenote, Schwaggle’s videos remind me of back in late elementary days when we were all making powerpoints on our dial-up computers and just figured out how to add transitions to slides and stuff. Anyone else?

No. 1817515

This pathetic idiot is really on a "road trip" aka following around her loser bfs band so she can make sure he doesn't talk to any girls. Oh my god she's so embarrassing. Also lol @ that pic he's literally flipping off the camera trying to hide his face.

No. 1817516

File: 1682776335932.jpeg (481.36 KB, 2048x2048, FCEC344D-7001-440F-AFC2-336ABB…)

Sabrina’s current dwellings vs. past, a quick “life check” to balance out her “doing good, doing great” stories.

No. 1817521

File: 1682776881242.jpeg (256.41 KB, 1284x2265, A1F9C6DA-3EFF-4767-B16E-A5F441…)

Semi-expanding on this but generalizing beyond Pumpy (and to all of these cows) — These girls truly do go through the bare minimum of friction and the majority of their shortcomings are self-inflicted. They have a normal experience and it’s become so blown out of proportion because they are all so self centred & obsessed that they can’t relate to others or shared experiences. They fixate and ruminate for hours, days, months, and YEARS over the smallest things. On a lesser end, screenshot is Charms still obsessing over having to walk up a hill because regular parking was unavailable. Aside from being terminally online, none of these idiots can move on from anything.. which is why they are all 30+ (or pushing it) while trying to pat their own backs online to convince themselves they have done something with their time.

I’d bet some pedos still fw Pumpy because she’s so far from possessing an adult mindset or capabilities.

No. 1817522

Right? Homegirl will say it’s for the support or play it’s the music.. but then why is she always hanging in the back? It’s because she’s strictly there to watch Ty’s behaviour and take inventory of the women who attend.

No. 1817525

Those are normal pores anon. Get off of instagram.

No. 1817527

Agreed that fixating on her pores is a little moot. Yes, it’s annoying that she boasts about being a skincare guru in her cycle of rants but it’s hardly the milkiest thing about her. If we’re going to nitpick, let’s focus on something that actually hits below the belt.. ie. her hair

No. 1817528

Those don't look like black heads at all, they just look dark because they're larger pores than what's typical, and no you cannot wash you're wash to fix that.

No. 1817533

File: 1682777673404.jpg (101.86 KB, 768x768, Blackheads.jpg)

Blackheads look like they are coming out of the skin slightly, like this. Not like >>1816719 where they literally just look like holes, aka pores.

No. 1817538

She's anorexic so she's honestly pretty unlikely to actually get pregnant in the first place, and if she did she'd struggle to carry a baby all the way through without it dying.

No. 1817541

but no, nonna, it’s not her ED.. it’s her lUpUs..

No. 1817553

Yeah I still am shocked she got pregnant in the first place but she supposedly did and now she’ll never shut up about it. I agree she’d never be able to carry to term though, she literally cannot stop restricting.

No. 1817557

Beautifully put nonna. It’s not normal to ruminate for a month on a bad bleach job or claim you can’t leave your house bc of men. Or bring up every trauma you went through as a child on a weekly basis to prove how you deserve your frivolous, empty lifestyle that only has meaning if you anchor it to Ty’s
It’s why she got a huge car… to carry around his band equipment and be psycho stepmommy with a bdsm fetish walking around in whore clothing and slutty tattoos. You’re not beating the pedo allegations stormy, this is pedo behavior.

No. 1817565

When Pump is a 40 year old anachan working a traumatic gas station clerk or drive thru job then you’d better bet her predatory ass is going to have some 18-20 year old boyfriend who uses her.

No. 1817620

I thought the same thing kek. I used to be in a band and one member’s gf (who was legitimately gorgeous unlike Pumpy but also was unhinged af) would come to every show and every party and positively cling to him or watch like a hawk. She hated me simply for being the only girl in a band full of dudes, never mind that I didn’t want to fuck any of them and never did. Pumpy seems like the type to come awkwardly and menacingly insert herself into any convo Ty might be having with anyone who isn’t her.

No. 1817623

Where did all that nice furniture and stuff go? I know it's been a long time since she lived there but I forgot how she lost the strata place

No. 1817630

Please understand that Morgan and Sabrina read these threads daily. They take what we say into consideration whether it’s good or terrible advice. Let’s all try to stay on the same page and if someone nitpicks, just know it’s sticking in the back of these girls heads.
We’re influencing how they think and act.
Like all you said, these girls ruminate on things to a fault.
This is a hate thread. Influence them to ruminate on anything you choose to address here even if it’s just stuff we think of as normal.

No. 1817637

File: 1682794472124.jpeg (Spoiler Image,9.52 KB, 268x285, IMG_1828.jpeg)

Pumpys vag looks like a micro dick w an enlarged ballsack and her boobs remind me of mtf implants.

Even though she’s in a rapid state of decay I’d rather look like brina and live brinas life over pumpys in a heartbeat.


No. 1817653

File: 1682797108731.jpeg (278.11 KB, 1800x1567, IMG_9757.jpeg)

Maybe they’re getting the hint.

No. 1817654

Oh hey pump KEK

No. 1817671

She has a storage space, she once posted picking up some stuff from there. However I’m sure she sold most desperately

No. 1817674

KEK stormy looking through Brina’s likes will never get old

No. 1817680

I thought the same. She keeps complaining about PMDD and she doesn’t know why she’s depressed even though she’s been putting effort into making money for what? Two months?
Bitch it’s because you have three human beings that came out of your womb who you have no contact with. I’m sure your dna is craving interaction with them and you can’t get it because they’re not there. Wake up.
Once your attention goes towards providing and being there for them you’ll be happy. Until then you have to work extra hard to get back on track because karma always comes back around.

No. 1817711

Went to stormys Insta @sixginnshawty and man modern day punk shows are fucking embarrassing. There’s no one there but half of who showed up is staring at their phone (including her).

No. 1817758

Wow that ‘spank me’ tattoo is beyond blown out. It’s basically a huge black blob.

No. 1817801

File: 1682820674878.webm (7.63 MB, 768x1024, Always at a “hardcore show” w…)

I have so many questions. If they read here, as you say, wouldn’t they also read your master plan to influence them into hating normal things about themselves? Aren’t you foiling your own plan? What do you think you’ll ultimately achieve? Aren’t the 13 threads here proof that these girls don’t need our “help” to destroy themselves? Why admit to us that you’re this sad and pathetic? The last question is rhetorical.
Image. Board. Here’s are all the stories (3) compiled into one. Anyone else gets the feeling that Morgan was filming the last girls purely to be mean?

No. 1817810

They’re so desperate and easily influenced it literally doesn’t matter if it’s written in front of their faces. It doesn’t click.

No. 1817851

Is Tyler Arenas one of Sabrina’s baby daddies?

No. 1817858

No but when he dumped her for being an escort, she claimed he knocked her up. I believe it tbh, he’s done it 3x at least otherwise.

No. 1817915

File: 1682849775547.jpeg (185.86 KB, 1170x2049, IMG_9760.jpeg)

Sabrina’s new fuck buddy is now boyfriend according to him

No. 1817939

>Why admit to us that you’re this sad and pathetic?
This. These threads are here to document and laugh. Whoever that original anon was sounds unhinged and honestly kind of jealous of the camwhores which is extremely pathetic kek. Why would you be jealous enough of these losers to have this weird manipulative plan to make them hate themselves? I'm sure they already do.

No. 1817947

File: 1682861945831.jpeg (129.63 KB, 960x1706, 5DFC3F4A-09FD-4350-86AB-9ADDDF…)

Stormy posted this. It’s about what a man should do for you stormy not vice versa

No. 1817949

Wtf why are all the overhead lights on? Terrible vibes

No. 1817953

definitely posted the last vid to roast those girls but like… they're interacting with other human beings in public, as they should. the person filming them like "???" is the weirdo in this equation.

No. 1817956

It says in the rules no nitpicks retard. Some of y’all just say shit and don’t realize this is an imageboard for milk, not a fucking hate thread. Vendetta posting cuz you’re filled with hate is also not permitted. They do read these threads and so do a lot of their past supporters, these BPD cows are insane and they do this stuff to themselves and did long before these threads existed. Milk flows naturally. Your influence on them is minimal to none but you just told both Brina and Pumpy you’re trying to manipulate their actions through this thread (by aggressively hate posting nitpicks?), actually retarded.

No. 1817958

Did any of you read what this says? Where does it say that they participate in that behavior? It doesn’t.

No. 1817969

I mean, >>1817637 was written right after and likely by the same nona.

No. 1817972

Here comes the classic infighting that absolutely shits up the thread. If you don’t like what someone said once, move on. Don’t be Morgans clinging and dramatizing it for 5+ more comments. Yes, nitpicks on her pores are fucking retarded and technically not allowed. If it bothers you, report it, otherwise let the farmhands do their thing.

Thank you for this find, nona! These tweets had me cringing in every direction. The poor sap is absolutely in love with Sabrina’s homeless, narcissistic, drug-addicted, deadbeat mother ass.. which really makes me question what’s wrong with him. Rhett and AJ are scum, Ty is a predatory douchebag (preys on SWers), JJ had his brain injury.. honestly, with this new one, I’m getting the vibes that he just never gets female attention and now he’s simping hard for the dark lord.

No. 1817982

This is so disgusting. They've been seeing each other a few weeks (?) And already posting content about squirting???
Jesus Christ this woman is the most disgusting pile of shit on earth. I'm ashamed as a woman that these people exist and go through life with no regard for anything but money and sex. Absolutely repulsive.

No. 1818029

File: 1682874950872.jpeg (57.64 KB, 1169x531, DCB7CAD8-DB72-44EC-BECC-7E8C32…)

She’s so down with La Raza… a true ally. But for real she should actually flip the lens and consider that Ty serially dates white girls and has never dated anyone even close to brown. Plus the whole sex worker fetish

No. 1818030

Samefag has stormy ever dated a nonwhite man that wasn’t Ty?

No. 1818096

the asian body builder guy she dated for a while. the guy with the blood fetish she had a thing with was mexican. she also slept with trophyazn.

No. 1818101

I think his main purpose is being the stunt dick in the poor quality porn she's posting to OF. She seems to really be trying to scrounge up money right now, wonder why

No. 1818110

Does Ty not care that Stormy fucked people in her room? He dumped Sabrina for being a prostitute

No. 1818177

She’s not fucking clients rn bc she’s in a new relationship. Give it 2 months. I’m sure she’s on a fixed payment plan to the IRS that takes directly from her bank account earnings (eg $5K a month for 10 years though I have no idea what her IRS debt is), she needs more subs to have more cash outside of what the IRS takes

No. 1818198

File: 1682898650445.png (1.04 MB, 1800x809, IMG_9768.png)

Idk this guy looks pretty white to me.

No. 1818208

File: 1682900124675.png (275.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1469.png)

Sabrina’s 1k helmet

No. 1818209

Guess she had to get that helmet before thinking about money for anything else. Priorities.

No. 1818211

Please, I’m certain she conned Schwaggel into buying it

No. 1818214

File: 1682900954946.jpeg (51.62 KB, 640x1136, 7B5F3A2D-3726-4299-AE78-8C6CDF…)

Stormy hates that Tyler vapes and keeps bringing it up (shared this tiktok on stories)

No. 1818277

File: 1682910962291.png (Spoiler Image,264.1 KB, 828x1792, 4AD1BE31-743A-449E-8DA4-1D13D8…)

the bruises on sabrina

No. 1818283

JFC you couldn’t spoiler this?

No. 1818301

Nobody gaf

No. 1818355

most onlyfans/camwhores are fat or really busted in the face so now she thinks shes a fucking model lmao. youre just skinny and in any other profession you'd be nothing special. this could easily be the trashy selfie your facebook friend who is a nurse posts on the weekends before going out. nothing out of the ordinary let alone high fashion.
surely a chronic ana chan has very valuable opinions on health

No. 1818462

It’s funny bc Ty is perfect and her dream man but every week she subs his vaping on all her socials. when she gets really mad she’ll full on tweet rant about vaping. She is disgusted by it and keeps nagging but is too stupid and codependent to dump him

No. 1818484

Where to even start? First off, congrats on not vaping to get through the day or whatever your pea brain is trying to establish. But instead you act like a gigantic cunt to every single person you come in contact with, have no friends, a man who has still NEVER claimed or called you his gf, you're broke, dirty, ugly, hair is falling out, looks like a stick bug with fungus growing on it, you're losing all your customers and no longer do your pathetic "job" pedo pandering to disgusting men who don't value you as anything but a cheap whore to stare at with nothing to offer but a smug face that looks like you just smelled shit. But yeah, you're doing better than everybody and posting passive aggressive tiktoks is all you're about, lmao corny ass broke bitch. Go do Tylers laundry or something. Also I hope that ugly "daddy's girl" mug slips out of her boney fingers and smashes into a million pieces.

No. 1818621

File: 1682968849981.jpeg (130.02 KB, 1169x1207, F2A5B5E4-5EF7-42F3-967F-1D2BA9…)

No. 1818629

You sound personally invested and mad.

No. 1818647

Yet there she sits having not taken very good advice to shave her head.

No. 1818665

Sure you do, Jan.

No. 1818688

If she was truly inspired to do anything “cuz the haters” as I’m sure she has said at some point, she wouldn’t say every few days how “I haven’t worked in months” {bc of A, B, C excuse}

No. 1818695

File: 1682974452209.jpeg (30.44 KB, 640x1136, 8E68A9B5-F878-4A38-9AB4-6AD66D…)

KEK how every guy Sabrina’s with flaunts her still, Stormy’s been with Ty for years in/off and showers him in $$ and could never get this type of affection publicly

No. 1818830

File: 1682986399645.jpeg (95.68 KB, 1170x792, IMG_9782.jpeg)


No. 1818864

File: 1682990539365.jpeg (57.09 KB, 1170x473, F8635821-7A01-4656-B644-A12E52…)

Ty demanded she take down content that isn’t her masturbating

No. 1818865

Samefag sex work is shit ofc but nothing like a dude who serially dates hoes but tries to get them to not hoe… come on

No. 1818886

They all do this. Ty is going to ruin her career and she’s going to let him do it.

No. 1818908

And then he will dump her when she’s broke

No. 1818950

No. 1818959

File: 1683004847627.jpeg (148.54 KB, 960x1706, D9D54CE6-C04A-4B9F-8C02-FCF97D…)

You let a man who wouldn’t claim you fuck you for 2 years and think it’s a win? Guess how much longer you’ll have to wait for a ring (hint: forever)

No. 1819062

File: 1683029200061.png (303.98 KB, 1721x922, IMG_9799.png)

A new fitness freak era

No. 1819064

File: 1683029444978.png (456.86 KB, 1800x857, IMG_9800.png)

And butt implants next

No. 1819067

He still hasn't claimed her.

No. 1819068

Can't wait till she pops a tit kek

No. 1819098

It kills me how she’s so desperate for him to claim her and he NEVER will. The anon who said he’ll dip when the money is gone is 100% correct. She needs therapy for real, clinging to someone who shows over and over they don’t respect or want you is insane, damaged behavior.

No. 1819135

File: 1683038519856.jpg (134.75 KB, 784x707, collage (1)~2.jpg)

She is so desperate to get money.

No. 1819145

“Illegal” porn. I think by the time you distribute your nudes over public openly and have pornhub videos and a free onlyfans it’s your fault that your nude selfies are sold by someone else. For example if you give a nightstand away for free that someone else resells you can’t fucking rage that it’s illegal. Dumbass

No. 1819148

Samefag e-thots acting as if their subscription porn is protected by the law in any way. I hope he keeps making money off he, he probably fucking works more than her and posts more frequently lmao

No. 1819227

Nah porn is absolutely covered by copyright laws…in the United States, which this guy clearly isn't

No. 1819229

No one cares. Shut up stormy.(hi cow)

No. 1819233

How can I upload a video? She has an extremely unhinged rant about how she is one of the best women with one of the best personalities and intellect, and is a “good girl” even if she’s a pornstar who dresses slutty. She’s obviously hella projecting how Ty wants her to quit sex work and judges her for it and lashing out at some token men dragging her for onlyfans. Hey dumbfuck, it’s the man in your own bed

No. 1819245

Upload from your phone to
Then copy the link it generates and paste it in a reply here.

No. 1819246

File: 1683049890560.jpeg (103.63 KB, 1170x998, IMG_9810.jpeg)

Well well well. I wonder who did some research on their own and is now getting posts based on their search history.

No. 1819248

Hope this works:


<div style="width:100%;height:0px;position:relative;padding-bottom:216.867%;"><iframe src="https://streamable.com/e/q845qt" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="100%" allowfullscreen style="width:100%;height:100%;position:absolute;left:0px;top:0px;overflow:hidden;"></iframe></div>

No. 1819250

Ok I couldn’t get the embed right but the link works.

Part 2 https://streamable.com/3hbx34

No. 1819270

Yes pumpy get your money from someone pretending to go to med school in Argentina…

No. 1819283

You gotta love how she says she isnt a pickme bitch but says shes better than all those bitches kn debt

No. 1819288

File: 1683056762128.jpeg (144.9 KB, 960x1706, AD5AA160-FA6C-4D4C-B46E-797427…)

Umm he’s missing 40lbs in this photo

No. 1819290

File: 1683056802833.jpeg (238.19 KB, 960x1706, D6D0EFEF-670F-41A9-9632-DACF38…)

No. 1819296

File: 1683057705604.jpeg (265.35 KB, 960x1706, A2D7F65E-D1AC-45D4-8F21-2CEE4D…)

No. 1819321

It's from September 2018 kek post him now dumpy is he still your type

No. 1819332

For someone that claims she likes money so much, why does she simp for broke losers?

No. 1819342

File: 1683064954915.png (Spoiler Image,331.19 KB, 1061x1004, Screenshot_20230502-180038~2.p…)

Jesus why would she repost this. She looks so busted.

No. 1819343

File: 1683064889394.png (Spoiler Image,331.19 KB, 1061x1004, Screenshot_20230502-180038~2.p…)

Jesus why would she repost this. She looks so busted.

No. 1819344

File: 1683064852112.png (Spoiler Image,331.19 KB, 1061x1004, Screenshot_20230502-180038~2.p…)

Jesus why would she repost this. She looks so busted.

No. 1819377


Shit I am a retard,Sorry I didn't mean to post this a thousand times. The site was glitching for me.

No. 1819382


Maybe take that hella money to IKEA and buy a fucking bedframe

No. 1819535

kek at pumpy trying and failing to make her trashy bedroom look more presentable by putting down the world's tiniest rug and moving the garbage bags out of frame.(Sage your shit)

No. 1819670

File: 1683112454149.jpeg (179.34 KB, 1170x1114, IMG_9815.jpeg)

That was fast. That’s what happens when you don’t eat. Stay healthy everyone.

No. 1819672

File: 1683113010535.png (1.69 MB, 1800x996, IMG_9823.png)

I wonder if jj still checks here and what he thinks of the love of his life moving on to a new man after one day.

No. 1819675

File: 1683113079731.jpeg (80.69 KB, 1170x666, IMG_9822.jpeg)

No. 1819679

Worlds smallest nose meets worlds biggest nose

No. 1819727

File: 1683124960620.jpeg (168.98 KB, 1082x1843, 87C0B1F9-2F1A-4B6D-88C9-9E148E…)

They’re so disgusting in public, I must assume Schwaggel never dates. Poor dude in the back

No. 1819728

File: 1683125086828.jpeg (142.07 KB, 1076x1878, B326E3D7-0CEF-4A89-A61D-D064C9…)

I noticed as she gets older the Mexican in her really jumps out (her Whoville looking/pug face).(racebait)

No. 1819745

It's continually embarrassing (for her) how much she publicly simps for this man who doesn't claim her. Plus she looked all the way back to 2018 to find a picture where she felt he looked good enough in to post. Kek she's so cringy

No. 1819977

Schwaggel is hilarious looking to me. He looks like a villain from a Disney movie with his pencil thin mustache and creepy smile

No. 1820008


Who is the guy? He looks like the spoiled son of a moderately successful real estate agent who is looking for their next entrepreneurial venture after the attempts at being an urbex youtuber and cryptobro didn't pan out

No. 1820011

“He’s mine” well good because literally no one else wants him

No. 1820028

No. 1820056

I’m so shocked by his hair style I just wasn’t expecting that. He looks like he sells perfune at a mall kiosk

No. 1820089

no one except Stormy anyway kek

Swaggle looks like he maybe more of a narcissist than Sabrina. Hope he likes being a single dad in the future if she tricks him like she does every guy

No. 1820154

File: 1683168587514.webm (7.76 MB, 720x1280, 01.webm)

Here is the series of Instagram Stories that go along with these for archival purposes. The order of these might be off as she shared some in one account (@sixginn.jpg) and some in the other (@sixginnshawty)
> tl;dw Morgan Hoffman is better than everyone in every aspect that has ever existed
It feels like this are more of a pep talk. It’s obvious she was feeling a bit insecure about something.

No. 1820155

File: 1683168645539.webm (3.09 MB, 720x1280, 02.webm)

No. 1820158

File: 1683168816359.webm (1.36 MB, 720x1280, 03.webm)

No. 1820159

File: 1683168923322.webm (5.32 MB, 592x1280, 04.webm)

No. 1820160

File: 1683169066019.webm (3.13 MB, 1080x1920, 05.webm)

No. 1820162

File: 1683169305400.jpg (193.92 KB, 960x1706, Hair Realisation.jpg)

Here are other somewhat funny things she has shared.

No. 1820163

File: 1683169398925.webm (4.39 MB, 720x1280, Haircut.webm)

Immediately followed by another hair reveal.
> can’t help it; is impulsive

No. 1820166

File: 1683169628546.jpg (123.16 KB, 960x1706, “the worst women in history”.j…)

She also has admitted she visit and reads, again. She seems to like us because we help her further harm herself.

No. 1820168

File: 1683169828087.webm (496.26 KB, 720x1280, woof.webm)

> Tyler Arenas, your girlfriend, woof!

No. 1820182

its so satisfying to see her ugly fried hair. she destroyed all her shit over the most basic ass tiktok haircut ever and now has nothing but that short ugly fried mess to show for it. the half blonde half black shit she wanted isn't even that hard to do. its not like she wanted bubblegum pink or something. its always so funny.

No. 1820218

>Add another Tweet

No. 1820223


No. 1820226

Holy shit it happened LMAO

No. 1820231

File: 1683180913584.jpeg (54.96 KB, 640x379, 21CD89CC-50A7-41BA-934D-091B0F…)

First pic is from thread 8, last 2 from today

No. 1820232

Samefag she’s just like Sabrina, faking a pregnancy (with Cody I believe) for pity

No. 1820236

Nice victim complex, it must really help your uWu fragile mental health to lurk and post here. Now if a kindly mod could ip check to see how frequently she posts… that'd be great.

No. 1820238

Holy shit this wasn’t posted to any of her socials like this either. Self posting and still can’t figure out the difference between worst and worse kek

No. 1820241

Samefag can anyone else confirm this was never posted on her story anywhere today prior to the last 4 hours?

No. 1820245

File: 1683182849199.jpeg (974.5 KB, 4917x4917, 25B9C293-A386-4037-9D80-BB3FBC…)

You guys really think pumpy can type in complete sentences? Tsk. Anon forgot to pluralize “visits” but otherwise was way more coherent than pump lol. I screenshotted these but was too lazy to post, included time stamp.
If she posts here it’s probably about Brina, not herself

No. 1820247

Just editing history as if it isn’t archived for anyone to see. She probably lied because Kira actually had a miscarriage/abortion with Cody right before pump hooked up with him.

I feel like she has such a complex over that girl, still. Every time she reposts her modeling photos I think about how much she looked like a hillbilly Kira before she (pump) inflated her whole face. And Kira was an actual paid model.
Pumpy has never been paid to model a day in her life unless it was showing her pussy to bottom of the barrel men.

No. 1820274

she should be inspired to buy herself a damn bedframe and some dressers so she can stop living out of garbage bags. kek

No. 1820295

Post history reveal would be great! It’s tinfoil but I’m convinced Stormy was the anon calling Sabrina fat a few threads ago. She admits to lurking so it’s not a stretch she also posts digs at Sabrina here.

No. 1820298

Holy shit her lashes are tragic, it's like she put glue lashes on without cutting them to fit her eyes. She's such a try hard talking about "how hot" she is keeeeekkkk

No. 1820312

File: 1683193160947.jpg (262.9 KB, 1668x2224, sixginn sreenshot .jpg)

Sorry to spoil the fun but it was from her Instagram Stories, the same day she posted >>1819248 . She constantly shares her tweets on her stories and they’re all like this, attached are the ones from “today”.
I’m glad you also caught it, Nona.

No. 1820331

Her level? Her bed is on the floor and she's always alone

No. 1820347

Thank god that’s over. It’s a screenshot from her stories, I saw it too and we all went over this already earlier in this thread because she does it all the time.

No. 1820450

File: 1683213151754.jpeg (139.66 KB, 960x1706, 395F6D6B-5795-475A-BF51-6D5D2A…)

I hate Ty but I hope he sees this and knows Stormy is just as crazy as Sabrina and will pull the same shit (manipulation over phantom baby). It doesn’t matter how much BG content Stormy removes to pretend she has no bodies and that there aren’t videos of her being creampied by different dudes, or that she hasn’t fucked a fan for money.
Btw that’s why stormy is posting those videos on her stories someone put above, about how she’s the best woman. Bc she’s taking some of her content down for Ty and right now is acting all fine about it but the fact she is ranting on IG stories about being a good woman despite onlyfans is a sign of things to come….

No. 1820507

So I'm co fused did pumpy have an abortion or miscarry? Why not both? Kek

No. 1820509

I doubt both, I just can't believe she was ever pregnant.

No. 1820548

She claimed she had a miscarriage in 2020 or 2021 with Cody. Now she’s pretending like she never claimed it and she’s “never been pregnant before.” She got pregnant when with Ty and aborted in 2022

No. 1820552

She faked her miscarriage with Dean, not Cody. She said it when she got with Cody, but she kept saying “earlier this year” referring to her breakup with Dean shortly after Christmas. She knew it would hurt him if she said it cuz he already has a daughter he’s not very involved with due to his lifestyle choices.

No. 1820684

So this isn’t the first single dad with PT (or less) custody she’s dated

No. 1821004

File: 1683262655108.png (300.16 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1537.png)

Oh this angle

No. 1821015

She needs to lay off the filler, she's starting to resemble a blowfish

No. 1821154

been taking lip care advice from Shayna i see

No. 1821247

Pumpy is for sure posting about Brina but also herself — any of the soft bad press, that isn’t totally unflattering, is also likely her.

No. 1821252

Agreed. she’s definitely the “worst” commenter and the “Sabrina is fat and disgusting” one. Brina is out of shape (same as Pumpy) and has loose drug addict skin but isn’t fat by any means. She has a genetic double chin bc her chin doesn’t project much, and so would Pumpy without all the chin and jaw filler faking bone structure. Most of all, Pumpy’s abuse of filler is going to lead to ugly loose skin all over her face. Pumpy’s only saving grace is she doesn’t use drugs but she’s crazy enough she doesn’t need them to be a BPD whore.

No. 1821298

Adderall is literally meth and she drinks alcohol.

No. 1821346

I hate when women with sooo much plastic surgery and injectables and cosmetic procedures brag that they look good without makeup. You got cheek filler to fake high cheekbones, of course you don’t need blush:contour:bronzer—you changed your damn face shape. You got lip filler for plump lips, ofc you don’t need lip liner and gloss. Plastic surgery and filler does what makeup does, (semi) permanently.

No. 1821717

File: 1683373005749.png (977.66 KB, 1800x1446, IMG_9861.png)

I wonder why she deleted this. And she was crying about some shit on her ig stories, not explaining why she’s crying but focusing on how pretty she looks when she cries.
Vapid narcissist. Who turns on a camera when they’re crying? Ew

No. 1821722

File: 1683374316646.jpeg (78.5 KB, 1169x744, IMG_9860.jpeg)

Great job Sandra

No. 1821777

File: 1683384568896.jpeg (132.34 KB, 1169x1892, D028D669-EDF7-48CD-BAAD-FDC389…)

I’m sure she and Ty were fighting

No. 1821785

I used to think pumpys a narc, but she’s not. It’s easy to say she is one, but if she was she wouldn’t take these men back or let them walk on her and take advantage of her the way she does. That’s not a thing with real narcs. She’s vain and self absorbed to an unusual degree, but doesn’t show majority of narc qualities that really make one. There’s something going on, but not NPD.

No. 1821802

Well yeah if anything histrionic personality disorder traits would fit better.
>Dramatic, unstable relationships perceived by the sufferer to be closer than they are; excessive displays of emotion & sexuality to draw attention to themselves, particularly with body/clothing; obsessed with their physical appearance; gullible and easily led; shallow; bored/frustrated easily; inappropriately sexual… etc.
There’s some overlap between all the cluster b disorders and it’s also possible to have these traits without it being pathological. She’s definitely a histrionic person/persona but we can’t tell from here if she’s personality disordered or just regular dramatic.(armchairing)

No. 1821815

I call Pumpy narcy too but I mean narcissistic like an adjective, not the disorder. If she’s a cluster B, she is BPD. Or simply a terrible person with terrible taste in men

No. 1821819

File: 1683387107353.jpeg (50.95 KB, 1170x601, IMG_9862.jpeg)

I agree. I was just using the term simply. Not as a reference to the psychological personality disorder.

No. 1821877

File: 1683391114601.jpeg (129.62 KB, 1284x2106, IMG_7624.jpeg)

Pumpy’s morning affirmation, probably.

No. 1822280

Bump for cp, don’t scroll and avoid post leftist thread

No. 1822326

Adderall is not "literally meth" retard. Having a somewhat similar chemical structure does not make it the same thing or even that comparable.

No. 1822345

But we agree that she (a meth baby) is dependent on it just like meth.
It’s not literally meth but it’s definitely a very comparable controlled dose of amphetamines (I’ve done both and I have adhd).
She’s done drugs whether she thinks prescribed drugs count or not.
A heroin addict is no different than someone addicted to synthetic opioids. Adderall is comparable to meth in the same way.

No. 1822348

Yes, exactly! This is why people even buy Adderall off the street because it is highly abused.
She's also gone through an alcoholic phase so for her to act like some straight edge freak is such a reach

No. 1822379

Lmao “having the same chemical structure doesn’t make it comparable” you literally just said it has the same chemical structure kek. That doesn’t make it comparable? You sound like a retard addicted to adderall. Maybe get some help, anon. I clearly stuck a cord.

No. 1822535

Can you retarded inbred read? Having a COMPARABLE chemical structure does not make it the SAME. It is no where near the same other than both being stimulants.

No. 1822536

Also I say that as someone who has never done adderall or meth in their life kek. I just hate retards spouting this shit as fact.

No. 1822538

Just because both are abused does not mean adderall equals meth. Sorry but I'm a chemistry major and this shit drives me bonkers.

No. 1822540

>you literally just said it has the same chemical structure kek.
You are a retarded ESL who cannot read. She did not say they have the same chemical structure.

That's like saying "our DNA is a 98% match to banana's, therefore we are the same as bananas."

No. 1822608

can you all stop having a meltdown over Adderall and move on with your lives, maybe snort some Adderall and go redecorate your bookshelf. So annoying

No. 1822880

idk maybe it's just me but i think maybe yall are too hard on stormy. so she has some issues. who doesn't? she's overcome so much and really made something of herself! i mean she's practically a household name at this point and that's more than any of you guys can say for yourselfs. and who cares if she's had work done? there's absolutley nothing wrong with that. she looks great and i think you are all just really jealous of her. i bet none of you can even afford to get work done like her. if anything she's the prettiest girl in this thread. way prettier than brina. and at least stormy doesn't have a ton of kids running around. maybe you all should get lives and quit being mean to a girl you don't even know. she's literally the strongest girl i can imagine honestly and considering she was born addicted to drugs and was homeless that's saying a lot. lol get a life losers(sage your shit)

No. 1822886

> i bet none of you can even afford to get work done like her
Spoken like a true uggo

No. 1822907

Practically a household name?? Come on lmfao

No. 1822915

Bahahahaha, facts!

No one wants Schnozzle lol, Brina you can definitely have him, and his 2014 flower trucker hat and massive nose

No. 1822934

A household name!?!? I’m goneee! Kek, thanks for the trolling attempt, move along now you fucking weirdo.

No. 1822936

The adderall shortage clearly has a bunch of you fully losing your minds over it

No. 1822983

You’re obviously a simp and ignore all of the ridiculously negative things stormy does and says every day.
In fact we have solid evidence of it all in these threads.
Awful person gets treated awful because that’s how she treats everyone else who isnt giving her money. If she’s nice to you it’s probably because you paid her.

No. 1822994


Get the fuck out of here with that white knighting.

No. 1823022


You must been in some sad fucking houses lol

No. 1823027

“way prettier than brina” KEK

No. 1823040

Ok this is either bait or this is Pumpy herself lmao I can’t

No. 1823051

I can’t tell, the poster is illiterate like her — “yourselfs” — plus lots of kentucky “y’all’s”, mentioned Pumpy being homeless and addicted to drugs which Pumpy mentions every 48 hours. But it doesn’t sound as mean and rude as she is

No. 1823052

Samefag if it is an ugly simp, I do hope Tyler comes here and sees how these fans talk about Stormy parasocially and pushes her out of sex work faster and makes her broke kek

No. 1823079

File: 1683558277657.png (Spoiler Image,290.01 KB, 878x1556, Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 8.03.…)

Fire in the hole. Learn to wipe better girl

No. 1823083

File: 1683558822769.jpeg (175.38 KB, 960x1706, F18C9BAC-C833-46C3-839C-658222…)

Bet Ty’s out of town

No. 1823085

What the fuck is up with those bruises???

No. 1823086

Girl what the FUCK!? the nails look like the tech just pulled the fakes out, glued them on and didn't even shape or file. Absolutely hideous.

No. 1823092

GROSS that looks like an actual disease, what the fuck!!

No. 1823100

Lmao her nails right now are so fucking funny to me they’re even funnier than Shayna’s hot dog nails. It’s giving Salad Fingers kek

No. 1823116

File: 1683563070157.png (828.53 KB, 3465x3465, 8284CFD3-4537-433C-B2C3-5B8B19…)

This is some of the saddest shit I’ve ever seen. Showing your asshole and pussy cannot be worth it kek.

No. 1823118

I feel like this was a bored anon larping as Stormy to try and make it look like she posts here kek. I do agree Stormy is the prettiest girl on lolcow for sure though even if OP wasn't serious.

No. 1823122

Ayrt lol at salad fingers!
Also this thread and Shayna's are the best to follow, these bitches are broke and have the worst nails, style, taste in everything,pedo pandering losers, scammers, etc. It's funny Shayna is a notorious cow and probably one of the famous on here, I bet ugly Morgan is jealous she doesn't have a plethora of threads like shay does.

No. 1823123

Can't even feel bad for these types of people. Sad, but true. No amount of money is worth that, and yet they're all still fucking BROKE.

No. 1823126

No one could say she’s the prettiest cow on the farm unless you are her.

No. 1823140


This. I think this anon is still lurking. Either it's Pumpy or one of her simps.

No. 1823162

kek saying adderall is "literally meth" is like saying vicodin or morphine are both "literally heroin". Similar chemical makeup and they are both opiates but no where near the same thing people.

No. 1823165

Who is the prettiest cow on the farm then? Cause I'm not stormy but I do think it's her.

No. 1823167

Stfu and go buy illegal adderall you fucking fiend. Your post is giving pathetic junkie vibes

No. 1823168


No. 1823173

I've never done adderall in my life. I just want to save this thread from sounding like high school drop out retards.

No. 1823181

File: 1683568975663.png (Spoiler Image,362.63 KB, 870x1462, Screenshot 2023-05-08 at 11.03…)

You sure bout that?

No. 1823208

You have to be baiting or joking lmfao. Shoe is definitely prettier than Pumpy, so is Niamh in all her anachan glory. There are plenty of cows who are objectively pretty and Morgan is NOT one of them.

No. 1823214

Agree to disagree personally-invested-chan

No. 1823222

I'm cryinggg

No. 1823225

Basically every woman posted in this thread alone looks better than stormy. Sabrina, Sandra, Stella. Not even going to go into other threads

No. 1823240

I love how confident they were saying "Sabrina" right after her poopy stretched diseased butthole was posted KEK
Sabrina looks like a fucking oopa loompa with stilts

No. 1823246

Ntayrt but even with drugs, aging and unwashed, brina is still significantly hotter than poor pumpy. I almost feel bad for her tbh.

No. 1823258

They all look bad but Pumpy is the over delusional one who thinks she doesn't need filters like the others

No. 1823261

Sandra? Cmon man.

No. 1823263

Brina was really attractive maybe 5-10 years ago. She's a horror show now. Pumpy is rotten in her personality but saying she's ugly is a stretch.

No. 1823264

I agree she's delusional but calling her ugly just cements in her pea brain that this site is full of ugly overweight jealous women. And calling her ugly kind of makes anons look jealous. Her looks aren't whats wrong with her.

No. 1823267

Idk ladies I really don’t find Pumpy attractive. Especially in real photos taken of her, not her selfies. she’s barely normal pretty, and she used to be fucking ugly. I would hope she’s that after $75k in procedures. She’s unrecognizable

No. 1823270

Yes. Especially to men. 100 out of 100 dudes would prefer Sabrina (not that they matter). Only dudes with an ana fetish prefer stormy

No. 1823271

She's normal pretty and not anything special so calling her ugly just makes the thread look like bitter hags kek.

No. 1823272

Why do you center men and what they think in your life so much anon? Its really weird in your post history.

No. 1823278

she's really plain, not ugly, not someone you'd stop and look twice at. Definitely wouldn't think she'd spent that much money on her appearance, you can find people that look like pumpy anywhere. She's just some normal underweight chick with a very forgettable face, thats why she starves herself because she needs a draw

No. 1823286

Kek don't break the rules anon

No. 1823358

What kind of ED does Pumpy have? I see it presented as fact but hasn't she been rail thin the entire time? Some people just have cracky genetics

No. 1823375

You know, I think we can all clearly see that she restricts, but I’ve been wondering recently if she’s EDNOS and has bulemia too. Her gag reflex is basically zero, I wouldn’t be surprised if she used to shove her whole hand down her throat to eject what little she did consume.
She’s always saying throat goat but I just think it’s because she is or has been bulemic. Gross.

No. 1823403

File: 1683589912110.png (62.47 KB, 1028x718, Screenshot 2023-05-08 7.26.59 …)

a google search for Sabrina Nellie and this comes up kekkk. "there was an old lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many kids she didn't know what to do"

No. 1823422

File: 1683592247685.jpeg (229.35 KB, 1170x2015, IMG_9881.jpeg)


No. 1823477


I had no idea she was so flat-faced. She should pick another hairstyle for her biker larp, anyone with hair who has ever ridden knows a high pony prevents your helmet from fitting how needs to

No. 1823550

she probably doesn't even drive the bike shes pictured on, besides she doesn't even have a license, def not a bike license

No. 1823668

Belle thread is locked and directed here. The cancer faking clip anons asked for. At 8 mins in

No. 1823683

File: 1683624128469.png (412.38 KB, 828x1792, E9DC3C92-8AB5-4680-B7A8-3134E9…)

Lolll… a therapist and some friends and an ounce of self awareness/respect is what you need, ya dumb goofy delusional weirdo.

No. 1823725

File: 1683631695755.png (1.02 MB, 1800x1666, IMG_9886.png)


How can someone be aware of their faults and not be compelled to fix them?
Self admitted narcissist to a fault.

(Picrel) I thought she was saying she picked her freckles off but I see that it’s her eyelashes.
No wonder she’s blowing through cash. Bitch can’t even keep the expensive things she pays for: boyfriends, pets, apartments, jewelry, nails, hair, filler, lashes, cars, etc.

No. 1823733

Belle? Delphine??? Who is Belle and why are they directed here?

No. 1823742

>picked them off
As a heavily freckled nonna I…am pretty sure it doesn’t work like that??? Lmao

No. 1823747

Which is exactly why I was like wtf? But decided to post the before and after eyelashes anyway because of her big ugly bean head.

No. 1823779


Wouldn't a bulimic be the opposite of a throat goat? Like instead of no gag reflex it would be an easily triggered one. Her knuckles don't show any wear and tear from stomach acid. Her hair certainly screams "long term malnourishment" in any case

No. 1823782

Speaking as an ex ednos, you can use tools to throw up instead of your hands, and after a while of doing it your gag reflex gets worn out and goes away, that’s why they gotta keep going deeper and deeper to get the effect.

No. 1823783

Also the scars on the knuckles are from teeth not stomach acid.

No. 1824180

File: 1683683448416.jpeg (46.32 KB, 474x603, CA2EFB08-F27E-4356-951C-DEC82D…)

That side profile is really unfortunate, wow. You can see that her forehead sticks out as much as her nose does… never seen that before. Her philtrum is also really long, which is a sign of aging - she’s always had a longer philtrum but the length of it here is way longer than it should be for her age… it’s almost as long as the nose itself which is pretty crazy. Overall it’s giving chimpanzee

No. 1824294

ummmm wtf

No. 1824466

File: 1683733537222.jpg (165.41 KB, 960x1706, 346089785_805040851205063_8439…)

Love that she keeps trying to say she loves her hair when everyone can plainly see she completely fucking ruined it.

No. 1824489

File: 1683737052986.jpeg (174.86 KB, 1170x2089, IMG_9973.jpeg)

Hmm curious if Morgan checks here right when she wakes up (9 to 11am cali time)
There go the nails she just paid for.
This disc is scratched and it’s getting repetitive and boring. Might dump it for a better cow.

No. 1824513

File: 1683739550057.jpg (366.95 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20230510_182301_Mic…)

Sorry I'm late and the screenshot is dog shit but I did a Google of Pumpy's medication and kek birth control made me bald arc when?

No. 1824579

Ok I can’t resist kek
>hot lesbian hair
LOL. No. Also how many filters is she using to make her face a neutral level of cute? We all know what you really look like, Pump n Dump.

No. 1824696

Its fully 90s mom thinking she's wild for going red hair

No. 1824815

Probably broke it wiping her ass first thing in the morning. Hopefully she does a better job then Sabrina kekoo

No. 1824848

File: 1683776119762.jpeg (131.06 KB, 1169x948, IMG_9982.jpeg)

You can’t sage people? Oops isn’t that a coincidence to be in your suggested autocorrections.

No. 1825191

File: 1683820870395.png (107.04 KB, 447x605, Screenshot 2023-05-10 7.53.54 …)

Sabrina looks like a goofy moon face now kek. Screenshot from her video post on ig

No. 1825192

File: 1683820936641.png (107.04 KB, 447x605, Screenshot 2023-05-10 7.53.54 …)

Sabrina looks like a goofy moon face now kek. Screenshot from her video post on ig

No. 1825193

File: 1683821264561.png (107.04 KB, 447x605, Screenshot 2023-05-10 7.53.54 …)

Sabrina looks like a goofy moon face now kek. Screenshot from her video post on ig

No. 1825194

File: 1683821264794.png (107.04 KB, 447x605, Screenshot 2023-05-10 7.53.54 …)

Sabrina looks like a goofy moon face now kek. Screenshot from her video post on ig

No. 1825205

Wow, we farmers are so fortunate to have an image of Sabrina's face posted four times for all of the front page of /snow/ to prostrate toward KEK

No. 1825243

Probably pumpy posting

No. 1825376

Chill, the site is acting up. She didn’t multi post on purpose.

No. 1825414

File: 1683843698555.jpeg (91.94 KB, 1170x671, IMG_9711.jpeg)

No. 1825529

What stay at home mom stuff is she claiming to do? Shes posting on ig 24/7 inside her bedroom so I doubt shes watching a child. She just doesn't have any friends to go out with is all

No. 1825691

What do you think she’s gonna get herself for Mother’s Day now that she’s a mother of two, one child that she yeeted and another that just lives with her.
Should I include Ty too? So a mother of three? Just like Sabrina. Goals achieved.

No. 1825723

What happened too her only friend Loretta rose? That girl was funny and cute no wonder she's not friends with pedospice anymore

No. 1825783

They are still friends, she reposted a pic of Loretta on her story the other day. They did unfollow each other for a while but started again a few months back.

No. 1826009

File: 1683922701350.jpeg (266.47 KB, 1170x1859, IMG_0035.jpeg)

Please no one post Sabrina’s throwback i II mage of her and Sandra from her story. It’s old.
Imagine this is your daughter. At least her mental health is all fixed now.

No. 1826070

So glad Belle's thread was closed and you have to discuss Belle in this thread now. She's as irrelevant as the rest of these bitches. She's no longer interesting, aging quickly, and there's more interesting/way prettier girls out there now.

No. 1826168

File: 1683939438741.png (928 KB, 1800x1402, IMG_0045.png)

Can’t tell if the op was her but this is why I think it was.
She only down talks her own hair. She’s obsessed with the disaster.

No. 1826174

Who the fuck is belle? No pictures or summary? Thanks a bunch. Good luck integrating without ANY information on who this chick is.

No. 1826176

who the fuck is belle? why is she relevant in this thread?

No. 1826235

They’re talking about Delphine based on the video posted upthread but I don’t think she’s ever been a camgirl

No. 1826239

File: 1683948150004.jpeg (213.37 KB, 1800x712, IMG_0046.jpeg)

Riiiigght. Not the body checks you literally do throughout every day while also mentioning how your baby belly is finally gone. Reality check anyone?

No. 1826242

File: 1683948664217.png (813.48 KB, 1800x1602, IMG_0050.png)

body check

No. 1826256

She is stupid so she doesn’t know progestin is not the same thing as progesterone, and she has taken the “birth control tricks your body into thinking you’re pregnant” doctor blurb literally. She is gaining move in weight, she posted this happened while living with Dean “when you gain that relationship weight” if anyone recalls. And she was mad about it. She is not body conscious and hides, she walks around in stripper clothing and mockingly posts normal sized and plus sized girls as we saw at Tyler’s show and cyber bullies the curvy girls Ty DMs. Lastly, for her hair, one inch of regrowth is normal in 2 months. Maybe it’d be faster if she didn’t dye it every two weeks and straighten it every other day

No. 1826609

File: 1684012633119.jpeg (206.8 KB, 1788x547, IMG_0067.jpeg)

Funny coming from a meth baby with an underdeveloped brain. This girl needs to be humbled asap.

No. 1826611

File: 1684012895646.png (435.77 KB, 1800x1275, IMG_0068.png)

You didn’t almost die from withdrawals stupid.

No. 1826614

File: 1684012976236.jpeg (252.4 KB, 1170x2064, IMG_0020.jpeg)

“I’ve never touched a drug in my life”

No. 1826757

File: 1684030178642.jpeg (48.46 KB, 640x380, EC8C2029-012D-42ED-A687-7EE6BE…)

“I’ll have more tonight” >> Ty owes Stormy rent money. Also, “stay positive”, what a coworker or neighbor would say when you’re upset. Finally, this deranged hoe calls herself a stay at home mom yet calls Ty “daddy”… you’re literally almost 30 and are the bread winner but ok

No. 1826765

File: 1684030829541.jpeg (187.53 KB, 1169x1597, FCC5C797-36E0-4018-A19A-493DF4…)

Can’t ovulate on the pill retard. She has a child in her custody at times….it would be fucking mortifying for your dad’s girlfriend to make porn and tweet about your dad like that.

No. 1826840

Having her thread locked killed off so many spergs because where are they now? kek

No. 1826903

Yeah I’m sorry but my boyfriend of 3 years is more supportive than that. We work as a team dynamic that loves and cares for each other not as an owner pet relationship where we beg each other for gifts and affection.
So sad.(blogposting)

No. 1826921

File: 1684060401308.png (1.06 MB, 1800x1631, IMG_0073.png)

Ok so she thinks her pedo kink is age regression. Those are normal adult emotions you fucktard, not age regression.
Second picrel is hilarious because she just described herself surrounding herself with sex and music industries which have completely ruined her perception of reality.

No. 1826924

File: 1684060571409.jpeg (344.41 KB, 1170x2208, IMG_0070.jpeg)

Daily morning body check. You’re definitely getting fatter little square peg.

No. 1827145

Ok I understand now, she‘a ana bc she naturally lacks a good waist to hip ratio.

No. 1827148

Does anyone know what happened to Stefanie Joy on myfreecams? There was some drama between her and the founder guy of MFC several years ago and he banned and then unbanned her several times I think? She used to drink a ton on stream(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1827164

File: 1684089229422.jpeg (68.54 KB, 1170x607, IMG_0074.jpeg)

Still ruminating on that fat ass Ty likes sooooo much.

No. 1827195

Can someone please donate an actual bed to pumpy the super step mom? That tired old air matress really doesn't prove she makes 6 figures.

No. 1827206

File: 1684095193751.jpeg (109.67 KB, 1170x1563, 6F9A6A12-CBF7-45EF-88C4-F9CE3B…)

Sabrina’s boyfriend is petite just like Tyler. Cam girls and their smol kings

No. 1827226

Wonder what Sabrina does on mother's day tbh.. What happens when she wakes up and sees mother's with their children and fulfilling their lives? I can't imagine how pathetic one must feel.

No. 1827251

File: 1684101491912.jpeg (221.46 KB, 960x1706, BD2168A4-2360-4301-8A05-15606E…)

Stormy’s post abortion behavior continues to confirm to Tyler he shouldn’t have a baby with her

No. 1827350

You really think she gives 2 fucks about her kids beyond social media content and a conversation piece?

No. 1827351

She also thought people being urinated on was funny

No. 1827550

File: 1684149715316.jpeg (150.33 KB, 1170x2280, IMG_0072.jpeg)

She sure does claim to be happy and then drops hints like this.

No. 1827606

File: 1684155311621.jpeg (208.48 KB, 1170x1821, IMG_0078.jpeg)

It’s not impressive Morgan. You were a meth baby that went into sex work and has been further abused since childhood. That does fit the bill for meth baby blueprint though. Congratulations

No. 1827836

she repeats the same tired stories and brags over and over. no wonder this bitch is always so miserable

No. 1827943


i will never feel sorry for some ana chan piece of shit who has a miscarriage. YOU did that to your baby. every day that you live your life starving to avoid that ugly rectangle figure… was it worth it?
thankfully it's pumpy who doesn't deserve to raise a child ever.

No. 1827986

File: 1684201388224.jpeg (201.41 KB, 960x1706, 869637C0-4C88-4E76-93FF-7E7664…)

She aborted in 2022. The miscarriage you reference, she faked.

No. 1827987

Samefag even if she had a friend they’d get sick of how she has nothing to talk about but Tyler and being a crack baby. Plus normal people work and she couldn’t have a fellow Onlyfans friend cuz Ty would try to fuck them

No. 1828250

No hobbies no interests no friends,just mooch tyler.whay a sad life

No. 1828258

Shes such a cuck, it's sickening. So she really does NOTHING all day because Tyler told her to stop doing porn???? Absolutely nothing but wait around for him like a dog? Is he working every day now to stop her from selling cheap pussy online? I thought she was a boss ass bitch who does what she wants and has never had anyone tell her what to do! What a life to live.

No. 1828299

Didn’t care when her mom asked her to stop being a whore and moved across country and ignores her mom for 9 years, but for Tyler she drops and bows to kiss his feet, but Tyler is the one “healing her trauma”. Hates her mom for being a survival sex worker that did what she could to get by, but praises Ty for being the type of guy who abuses, extorts, and mind fucks sex workers in order to live off of their profits. Make it make sense.

No. 1828312

She hates women. She shares dna with the woman she hates the most and praises her absent father nonstop. She’s putting all the blame on mommy even though she’s literally turning into her. Ah the comedy is so good.

No. 1828351

File: 1684258573997.jpg (147.19 KB, 1079x1336, Screenshot_20230516_103359_Ins…)

Openly advertising that you're a real life prostitute on Instagram of all places. This vile waste of space brought not one, not two, but THREE CHILDREN onto this God forsaken planet and abandoned them for drugs and sex! how could somebody be so vapid?

No. 1828379

File: 1684260814601.png (324.33 KB, 1170x2532, BC4ED23D-43C7-40D1-A409-5F015F…)

It’s your own home, it’s Ty telling you to take down videos. Not dudes on Twitter you pick fights with. Sorry your man can’t respect you as a sex worker yet expects you to put that money up for groceries and bills.

No. 1828418

The waist shoop on this kek

No. 1828420

Girl was born with an L on her forehead

No. 1828423

Sex workers are lazy, broke, ugly bitches, that's why people treat them exactly as they treat themselves, POORLY. broke, unwanted, dirty, scamming, abusing women wondering why they get treated like the trash they are.

No. 1828425

Ty definitely takes her car to work while she sits at home…

No. 1828463

The last man she dated was a special needs midget. Sabrina can't pull for SHIT.

No. 1828467

She is retarded enough to think that will keep a man with her. It's also one of the only times she was ever doted on, and treated like a special delicate little flower. When she was pregnant- starting at 15. She loves medical attention and has been 5150ed by others and herself so many times for cutting and suicide attempts. She gets off on the attention, fussing and the show if it. Victim forever! Whatever prostitution forever! Literally no maternal instincts forever, and the fact that shes not sterile is a fucking sin.

No. 1828474

How will she buy his love now? He's such an impossibly whiny bitch, for a manlet barber, with bad skin, in a shitty band that noone will ever know of.

No. 1828477

I can't stop laughing at this kekkkkk 'square little peg'

shes like Candle Jenner, only catches an eye because she's skinny asf. Face card declined on the machine. Sorry bitch.

No. 1828600

"Stormy" is live on MFC

No. 1828694

File: 1684298208068.jpeg (204.67 KB, 960x1706, B85C9EEF-29D4-4892-8287-F6DAEE…)

Stormy has medical debt, huh?

No. 1828847

No. You sound 65 years old.

No. 1828851

>never be able to heal
girl get your implants removed and i bet your "lupus" will disappear just like that

No. 1828934

File: 1684331126518.jpeg (165.1 KB, 960x1706, D67924BF-B107-4B85-ACE3-71F58C…)

No. 1829082

File: 1684345537667.jpeg (111.25 KB, 1169x708, 2360C3D0-C7C4-491F-B078-2CDAB7…)

In the last month she’s posted a lot of striptok videos and stripper tweets. Maybe Stormy is considering it

No. 1829179

So all of her limbs could snap the second she jumped on a pole? Lmfao. girl is so lazy she can't even shower for days, and plus ty wouldn't allow her to do that unless he could fuck the girls she worked with behind her back

No. 1829208

She could never. Dancing takes work, effort, costumes, planning. Not just sitting unshowered in front of your webcam touching yourself and talking about your boyfriend cheating on you. I'd love to see her try. Ty let her try please.

No. 1829250

All I think about is that one time she uploaded herself dancing like a sim and deleting it once it was uploaded here. She cannot dance at all besides kicking her legs as she goes around the pole

No. 1829631

upcoming story of how she stripped and broke both of her arms (again) and a left leg kek

No. 1829641

File: 1684432006015.jpeg (105.57 KB, 1170x1003, AA2194A8-B7E6-4149-A613-F0533D…)

if she stripped it’d be less of a digital trail, which is likely Ty’s excuse for making her get rid of more and more content. Esp as his daughter gets older and will google her dad’s name. Esp as the internet world knows Stormy is nearing 30 and she loses subs. it’s just something she’s mentally toying with, she lacks charm and couldn’t walk to a man and sell a dance. Pictured: She will never stop the pedo pandering

No. 1829958

File: 1684448235538.jpeg (193.59 KB, 960x1706, 08EF76DB-FF17-4586-A5E6-41A269…)

All I think when I see these face tattoos on a scrote is, that’s a man who will never make good money.

No. 1830275

sorry i would like to hear them though girly…. </3( emoji )

No. 1830284

Don’t answer her. It’s probably pumpy since she’s banned on twitter for a week.

No. 1830315

Pumpy never wanted that life didn't she constantly bitch she's always wanted a family lord can you keep your story straight. Thank God you yeeted your baby cause clearly you would be another Brina kek

No. 1830390

File: 1684509879673.jpeg (138.12 KB, 960x1706, 440D8FDE-E411-41E1-B3BF-F6EF00…)

She built a juvederm jawline and chin and cheeks. Her chin used to be shorter than her philtrum. None of this stuff sits well without bone structure— Kylie Jenner era incoming soon enough

No. 1830394

Samefag this is also exactly what Tyler deserves, a woman that has had as many procedures as a troon kek.

No. 1830463

File: 1684517673729.png (664.59 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20230519-122736.png)

Kek she posted this to her story last night..lurkin hard. And besides having no rhythm or flow or muscle to ever become a decent dancer she really lacks so much sex appeal when she moves at all..everything she does just looks awkward and tryhard (repost bc forgot to attach pic)

No. 1830489

She claims to hate Sabrina but does everything like her aside from drugs, but Jesus enough with the throwback photos, tweets, videos Stormy. how many can you possibly post and reminisce about absolutely nothing valuable for FFS??? wow, you're broke now and can't do sex work so keep posting old shit. It's so pathetic, how aren't they ashamed and embarrassed?

No. 1830523

what no im legit a rando stalking this XD i barely know who she is and im trying to understand from the thread </3(XD

No. 1830629

File: 1684535164609.png (1.03 MB, 1284x2778, 210CA470-0FF6-4299-82B7-51607A…)

Some girl told stormy on her latest online post to stop playing a victim constantly and this was her response hahahaha

No. 1830645

File: 1684536056022.jpeg (147.54 KB, 960x1706, B34EB5BD-91D9-4794-A92B-ACB175…)


No. 1830653

Thankyou for hiding my name, that girl is ridiculous telling me to get r worded lmaooo(sage your shit)

No. 1830662

File: 1684537455183.jpeg (41.99 KB, 640x251, 3EC4E205-A6D2-467F-9895-27B0F4…)

Reposted with censor. Cowtipping is not good (interacting with Pumpy/read the rules) BUT it appears OP interacted with her before finding this place lol.
Anyways stormy is a fucking psycho who undoubtedly weaponizes suicide in her relationships. her therapist has no idea how batshit she is and probably enables her

No. 1830664

The BPD is off the charts

No. 1830676

Sorry I wasnt here prior and genuinely didn’t know

No. 1830679

File: 1684538954317.jpeg (26.82 KB, 397x297, 11B809FB-467C-4DFC-8604-2696F9…)

YOU are going to be a middle aged white women. I hate when the whitest women date a brown dude and start trashing white people. Ty’s kid literally looks full white too… “Stalking” yet Sabrina and Doe’s accounts stay in Morgan’s search bar.

No. 1830680

Bpd aside that is some vile shit to say..coupled with her punchable smug fugly brat face next to the text in that story post.. nauseating

No. 1830681

Her depresshunnn is probably suppressed guilt and shame over being a reprehensible person.

No. 1830682

I’m the same age as her lmao

No. 1830692

When you post, type the word Sage in the email subject line. You can’t post here and contact her anymore. Hope you’ve learned how awful she is, there’s many threads on her

No. 1830702

I appreciate the tips and don’t worry I will not be. She’s clearly crazy… I was like a fan too so wild

No. 1830715

What a nasty cow.
If she went through these things how could she wish it on anyone else? Even if you don't like someone that's very messed up.

Any normal person knows depression is not comparable from person to person. If we do then we can say pumpy can't be depressed, try living in a 3rd world country where everyone is starving and suffering constantly.

It's a mental disorder

No. 1830726

File: 1684544952918.jpeg (47.45 KB, 640x569, 66048698-B33E-43B3-B39B-04EF1E…)

More stormy rage. “educated opinions” kek educated about what? Cant brainwash people into thinking it’s a depressive symptom to be posting about all the trAUMA you’ve been through 4x a day. thats NPD behavior stormy, or BPD…

No. 1830737

What race does stormy assume she is? She is also white

No. 1830754

Right?! She thinks she’s a poc and is talking from the point of view of one too. I think she posted something about how poor white people think they’re black and it just fits her so perfectly. She wants to be the most victim of all victims so she HAS to claim some sort of color because otherwise she’s got an advantage for being white and skinny.
Though she’s so small she’s the fattest cow mentally.

No. 1830767

Who does Pumpy post for? Does she think coomers care about her hair or injections or how many imaginary diseases she has? I would understand if she would constantly talk about losing weight for skinny fetishists. I don’t understand her.

No. 1830797

“I hate men” comes out of her mouth all day but it’s fine to trash white women (which.. she.. is….) regularly.

No. 1830869

File: 1684575115252.jpeg (753.62 KB, 3264x3264, E42C2B33-77AA-4E53-81C0-06D988…)

From stormys insta, captioned “I hope you guys forgive for giving up on myself”

No. 1831085

Not that I know shit but doesn’t seem like depression, something has triggered her lately. Is it all the time alone despite living with Tyler? And idk why she can’t “work”, she brags all the time that she’s worked less than 30 minutes a week for years. What’s going on?

No. 1831131

Tyler is a ugly weirdo who seems to like whores but tries to change all their hoe ways. Shes miserable she got what she wanted but now she has to listen to him when it comes to taking down her content hence why she removed all her hardcore content despite bragging how much it made her in the past

No. 1831136

File: 1684611698418.jpeg (205.86 KB, 1169x1724, 858D97FE-52DB-44C1-9D13-28565D…)

Pumpy is BPD, don’t let her make you think she’s otherwise. OP saying “You whine online” = “You are the most heartless and inconsiderate human being I have ever encountered.” LOL ok. Look at her try to sound like she’s read a book. I actually don’t think this dumb hoe should pivot work to be vanilla, she is so thin skinned.

No. 1831207

She’s not trying to be vanilla she’s trying to enter the bdsm scene as a findom. I can’t stand her. Another mindless idiot thinking findom is just being a brat for money. Love to see a failure though.

No. 1831208

I just think it’s super funny she suicide baits for sympathy after telling OP to go get raped and beat

No. 1831210

I just think it’s super funny she suicide baits for sympathy after telling OP to go get raped and beat

No. 1831243

Which one of her exes is she claiming beat her cuz that never happened

No. 1831265

I don’t believe her but she’d probably claim it’s Dean, since she also claims he raped her
Some nonna a year or two ago wrote about Pumpy, when fucking both Ty and Dean: “I'm surprised she didn't trap one of them with a baby” KEK psychic. She tried to pull a Sabrina and it didn’t work bc she aborted.

No. 1831281

File: 1684632793182.jpeg (273.98 KB, 1170x1950, 3BD26950-3607-46AF-B3D7-A362D3…)

Old but when she claims “abuse”

No. 1831282

File: 1684632833040.jpeg (199.29 KB, 1080x2400, 750D570D-580C-4AA5-9D26-AF0E99…)


No. 1831287

Holy shit her mind is warped if she thinks that’s normal behavior.

No. 1831291

she’s claimed to love being hit during sex too and says she has a “blood fetish” while playing with cheap knives

No. 1831292

samefag- she also said she punched both Cody and Ty in the face without them touching her back for fucking other girls

No. 1831301

If she was a man saying the same thing it would be taken as an assault charge, she deserves to be arrested and put away for her bullshit

No. 1831303

Pumpy is disgusted by the tiny number of dudes that actually treat her well. She is only attracted to men that treat her poorly because it gives her the justification to treat them poorly too. She once punched Cody for texting a girl he was cheating with (instead of dumping him). This way, she can always claim she is the victim retaliating. The victim mindgames run deep
She literally even posted once about how “I was abused but I’m the abuser now” but that awareness disappeared kek…

No. 1831304

Based on all of her past behaviors there’s no doubt she and Ty are in some insane cat and mouse cycle of passive aggressiveness or explicit fighting then making up. She just won’t post about it cuz she knows he’ll dump her. I’m very happy his scummy ass holds the power kek

No. 1831326

>i can tell people to get raped everyday. i have an auto imune disease.
KEK be for real, she's acting like a dying cancer patient… You are literally just a whore with an eating disorder lmaoooooooooo

No. 1831333

Cody broke up with her and let her rent a spare room till she found a new place while she refused to look for one cuz she was stalking his new relationship with Kira. She admittedly had to break into his room and go through his trash to find proof of her. There’s proof in past threads posted by Cody where pump is begging for a threesum with him and Kira. When she didn’t get her way suddenly Cody was “abusive” and “tried to force her into threesums with other girls.”

No. 1831358

File: 1684648132269.png (79.73 KB, 576x1024, E4C7AA7E-71B1-42B9-B2D4-658502…)

Ah yes this thread >>1463468 Here’s a past gem of Pumpy’s BPD behavior from that thread.
She hates working, so she’ll do what she does best… play victim for $$ from pathetic simps. On Twitter men were defending her whining yesterday. And this bitch claims she hates men? They’re the only ones falling for her act bc they’re horny

No. 1831359

Samefag I forgot how Stormy dated Sabrina’s ex Dean. Completely unhinged BPDchan

No. 1831530

Dean dated Brina? When?

No. 1831659

File: 1684690454246.jpeg (136.6 KB, 960x1706, 0263533A-40A5-4758-90A3-F8AB96…)

Is this how you keep your man from cheating?

No. 1831931

File: 1684719191653.jpeg (336.53 KB, 960x1706, 4D5DA9C0-19E1-4BEE-9319-AAB08B…)

Stormy suicide baited online until Ty was off for the weekend and they went to hurricane harbor and the topless bar. Depression is over now, no posting goodbye letters, bc Ty’s free and can make her his +1. She’s codependent af. She’ll be back to posting about how she wants to die Monday morning when he works kek

No. 1831932

File: 1684719239544.jpeg (202.14 KB, 960x1706, AA753ECB-1BDA-4541-BE57-39EFD7…)


No. 1831991

File: 1684727028246.jpeg (189.85 KB, 1170x1983, IMG_0354.jpeg)

Free fan page

No. 1832006

That's not very "I don't need a man to tell me what to do, I make my own money" LMAO, this bitch needs an L tatted on her ugly puffy face. Her boyfriend who never has and never will claim her wants to go to the strip club. What a loser ass bitch.

No. 1832009

No one wants to see this broke, busted, drug addict bitch even for free.

No. 1832017

One like

No. 1832162

She just posted it yesterday. I got the screengrab almost immediately after she made it by coincidence. There’s a shit ton of idiots bc she can still scam and will continue to forever. A new idiot is born every second, scammer words to live by.

No. 1832329

File: 1684780824668.png (687.07 KB, 1179x2556, IMG_6675.png)

2nd times a charm?

No. 1832376


This reeks of a self post. At least sage your post you nameless nobody.

No. 1832381

Has she been milky otherwise? Who's the new doorMatt?

No. 1832383

This is PNP, she's mentioned time to time and had her own threads for a long time.

No. 1832387

Her nasty ass hands, makes me think of when she would always cut up animals and their guts without gloves on for her god awful attempts at "taxidermy". She's the most disgusting cow imo, more so than stormy. I mean, she used to be but never posts how she did before.

No. 1832397

her time on LC fascinates me because everyone stopped giving a shit even though she's still milky af. Why is that?(sage your shit)

No. 1832409

Ayrt and I feel the same! I can't be bothered to follow her or look up her socials because she's so stupid. But I definitely love to see her posted here, she's absolutely fucking insane.

No. 1832429


It's suspicious that this thread is normally slow all of a sudden gets bumped by a non sage post. Now a bunch of anons areinterested in PNP. If I remember right, hasn't this happened before where one anon kept posting about her but no one really cared? She hasn't really hasn't been discussed much on this thread just her own. Is she really that milky?

No. 1832457

Oh, FUCK! That was my unsaged post about pnp. I had just come over from /ot/ hence the non-sage. Sorry nonnies

No. 1832518

You obviously don't know about her if you're asking if she's milky,what the actual hell? Who cares if the post was unsaged, Jesus. People clearly know about her and begin talking about her after a few months because she's literally crazy, and you're complaining for what?? This thread is pretty active daily so I don't know how or why you're saying it's normally slow? WK

No. 1832555

Tbh I've always been interested in PNP, she just never gets talked about.

Remember when she shaved her poor cat? I'll never get over that

No. 1832573

I posted this original post I’m definitely not PNP. I just lurk her to see if she’s doing anything or interest. This was the milkiest thing I’ve seen in months.

No. 1832596

You nonas are going to get Pumpy all worked up that she’s not the main focus.. keep going, haha. Hopefully she posts something GOOD to get our attention back.

No. 1832804

Can one of you kind Nonna's link to pnps threads so I can see who's ugly ass hand this is

No. 1832832

Can you just google pnp lolcow instead? Easy peasy.

No. 1832862

File: 1684856043372.jpeg (196.73 KB, 1170x1420, IMG_3264.jpeg)


New face new man lol

No. 1832899

Wonder if she's still fucking her doctor or her dentist? it was one of them while she was married to doorMatt and also prostituting AND stripping. Stormy could never LMFAO

No. 1832924

File: 1684864727967.jpeg (163.04 KB, 1242x1233, EE1BAD60-685D-4E9F-BC99-4501F5…)

here you go nonny - i think this was her most recent thread but not too sure: >>>/snow/1294420
it’s too bad threads stopped being made because she was one of the milkiest cows for years. ill throw in picrel of some photos that capture her stunning self kek. you need to see a video of her mouth moving to fully appreciate her beauty though - she has the mouth of an elderly person who’s lost all her teeth… truly a sight to behold kekek. she’s your typical nasty bpd whore who is abusive and nasty to both animals and humans so it’s hard to feel bad for her unfortunate looks. she’s gotten a lot of plastic surgery over the years in an attempt to become attractive too. anyway enjoy!

No. 1832931

i see a second lip lift and what looks like another fat grafting? do you know what procedures she got this time? crazy that she’s still getting surgeries she’ll literally never be satisfied huh ? love that for her

No. 1832948

Yea the surgeon said it in the comments. Lip lift, vertical endoscopic lift, and fat transfer.

No. 1832956

Yay! the toothless granny is finally coming back to this thread and we can forget about stormy finally! Never forget arianas threads all show animal abuse, verbal/mental abuse against doormat, her blaming him for her getting raped in the Dominica after her being wasted and walking off and then found in the dirt (pics included of course) him talking to a female band mate and she considered him cheating and emotionally abusing her even though she was prostituting and fucking her doctors. The craziest bitch on LC.

No. 1833222

Brina's new "man" posting her one video from OF on the hub. user smallhands222. Beware its a trainwreck(this is an imageboard)

No. 1833322

File: 1684904009547.png (708.34 KB, 1170x2532, 9EA4E9E5-AAE2-4A51-A3AA-4D1B96…)

On the one hand, she looks better than stormy ever could.
On the other, this is the worst she’s ever looked

No. 1833352

Stormy's competition. LMFAO.

No. 1833446

This looks like a snuff film…

No. 1833451

If you watch the video it’s no wonder she gets knocked up all the time. She basically just lets people use her passed out body while she’s brain dead and unable to function.

No. 1833474

File: 1684933144648.jpeg (230.92 KB, 960x1706, 19B813DF-6C4C-44B7-831E-91AF57…)

No. 1833747

She doesn't even look alive. And also somehow like she has pinkeye.

No. 1833792

Wow she looks like the insane crackhead from Intervention.. but worse.kek at the grandma mouth

No. 1833797

He is using her for sex, pathetic she's 30+ and has to fuck a scrote for somewhere to live while being drugged out getting used for free on the internet. Pure shit show

No. 1834046

I flipped through it out of morbid curiosity and honestly this was just disturbing. She looks so blitzed can that even really be considered consensual? I’m not sure if I misheard but it sounded like she said “stop” at the very end before he slapped her. I know she did this to herself, but…bleak.

No. 1834052

What can she be using to get into this state?

No. 1834065

her favorite xanax alcohol and ketamine. as for her "boyfriend" who states he is "sober" and single on his new pornhub channel, it is clear he is using her to pay his rent. not to mention he literally stole a pornstars name "smallhands"

No. 1834069

Just realized she’s probably got bladder issues from ket abuse and some brain damage

No. 1834073

File: 1684984377604.png (136.79 KB, 610x596, Screenshot 2023-05-24 11.12.41…)

No. 1834121

File: 1684989754670.jpeg (81.43 KB, 1170x1173, 5D37EDC4-569F-434C-99BE-A0DD56…)

She looks so messed up. It’s justice for the lives she’s created for her children but I still feel shitty about some moid putting his pay info on her shit, I hate all these men who date camgirls and live off their money. Hope we can get a better facedox of him

No. 1834123

It’s funny how she pretends like she didn’t tell a rando girl who called her annoying to be raped and beaten. Stormy is as much mother material as Sabrina is

No. 1834293

It’s not sus - I’m the anon that still posts PNP and pissed lolcow has no threads on her anymore. I still follow and she posts way less but is interesting. She’s been married and on her Honeymoon this past week. No idea the guy. She’s still stripping. She has tons of designer and an expensive car now.

No. 1834294

File: 1685029687106.png (Spoiler Image,108.89 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0404.png)

Do we really think it’s him or just someone from this thread making shit up?
Why would he leak that video if he wants to make money off of her selling it?
This person just made the profile a month ago, could be anyone including a cow tipper and mega fan like ogairyinyang or whatever who keeps outing himself.

No. 1834295

File: 1685029935589.jpeg (274.65 KB, 1170x2078, IMG_0399.jpeg)

New stale milk
Take the implants out idiot

No. 1834296

Spoiler that shit jfc

No. 1834307

File: 1685030559692.png (89.27 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_0408.png)

Dunno how to delete. Sorry I didn’t realize the dick was in it honestly.

No. 1834310

ready for her to BPD post about how she can’t work and may have breast cancer and doesn’t have health insurance so please give her money (when it’s 99% chance a fibroid)

No. 1834319

File: 1685033659445.jpeg (42.06 KB, 640x1136, 8AB1DEA8-E9C8-4919-B079-951ED9…)

She’s posting about Tyler Arenas and all her sneaky pics with him when they were hooking up. I just could never chase a dude bc I was obsessed with his ex

No. 1834320

from the frontpage this looks like someone fingering a raw chicken

No. 1834325

Why do these garden tools constantly post such dumbass throwback pics? Stormy is so dumb, even her trying to sound genuine and sweet sounds pathetic. She's just waiting on ty to post her and the day never comes.

No. 1834339

File: 1685037190668.jpeg (184.27 KB, 1169x1757, IMG_0397.jpeg)

Does she not have sex with Tyler or what?
She said the other night on cam she’s never cum from penetration and “would rather blow her brains out but she needs the $400” whenever she makes custom content with dildos.

No. 1834361

She def has sex with him, Tyler can’t even keep himself from finishing inside, plus he is a cheater at heart so ofc he wouldn’t entertain someone who wouldn’t fuck him. Stormy even wishes he made porn with her but noone’s interested in seeing two midgets fucking

No. 1834426

File: 1685048021567.jpeg (56.79 KB, 640x380, 9B1AB53C-F61E-4660-9280-F8935A…)

No. 1834427

File: 1685048070075.jpeg (158.56 KB, 960x1706, CA7E40D6-75F1-4128-BCCC-929CBC…)

You should stop sharing TikToks about being rich and tweeting about you were a millionaire

No. 1834430

File: 1685048239696.jpeg (106.37 KB, 1169x1103, 11405263-51DA-46CE-81B0-E8CE1F…)

Won’t stfu about her severe chronic illness but has barely only had medical emergencies this year

No. 1834498

File: 1685054739304.jpg (881.93 KB, 4096x4096, Polish_20230525_184419405.jpg)


This makes me think of this. I thought you have to get an exam when you start a new type of birth control but I could be wrong.

No. 1834534

I'm not in the USA, but in my country they just give you a trial pack of birth control for one month and if you like it you can come back. You don't have to do an exam, they just hand it out like sugar pills. It's just not what she has been doing, it sounds more like she went to a doctor especially for birth control and in those cases she might get more attention and treatment.

No. 1834558

File: 1685061415131.jpeg (103.58 KB, 1170x745, IMG_0400.jpeg)

Oh Sandra

No. 1834636

This cunt is so unbelievably stupid and delusional it hurts. Maybe try not being a useless skank yeah? Unreal.

No. 1834643

File: 1685067287783.jpeg (184.12 KB, 960x1706, E79F1357-43A4-43AF-BFFE-655BF9…)

You’re a nobody

No. 1834686

kek is she referring to Ty's daughter, most likely. Pumpy just stop, no one cares about you

No. 1834748

so sad when women say things like this because it's too obvious it's projection. if you had a good father figure you're not constantly thinking and fantasizing about fucking other women's fathers… its just weird and pitiful because no one is threatened. go to therapy

No. 1834795

This is the most retarded thing she may have ever said

No. 1834811

Everytime I think she can’t be possibly more fucking retarded/lacking self-awareness, she completely out-does herself, it’s truly amazing.

No. 1834843

File: 1685092833375.jpeg (116.98 KB, 828x1338, 51B14938-0FD9-4D1A-B681-02E774…)

Awww, someone’s ~not~ feelin herself.

No. 1834988

She looks like an unhinged tweety bird. She’s really going to regret everything one day

No. 1835009

File: 1685119929599.jpeg (180.51 KB, 960x1706, 29E4E45D-9B5C-4638-BBA8-165F8A…)

Umm so how does she have photos with Ty going back to 2020?

No. 1835010

File: 1685119961513.jpeg (174.96 KB, 960x1706, F1E9923A-7503-4574-AD44-7E767B…)


No. 1835075

To say this as a wannabe stepmom is bleak. This is a thing 19 year old girls say when they don’t have baggage and want to try to tilt another very young girl. Weirdly creepy and pickme coming from someone nearly 30 with a child living with her and she’s fucking the dad. Pumpy really shouldn’t be around children. She doesn’t even see or understand how detrimental her behavior is to their upbringing, but Ty isn’t ever going to offer his daughter any better. It’s actually disgusting Ty sees this shit and is okay with it. The message he sends his own daughter is clear: he doesn’t value women.

No. 1835079

Not really sure what you’re trying to say here, but this is from her breakup with Dean. She’s fucked Ty between every relationship since right before Dean cuz Ty refused to claim her so she fell back on Dean as a backup option and dated him for a while. As soon as they were done she was fucking Ty again, he still didn’t claim her, ditched her and she ended up with Cody. Cody dumped her and she started hitting up Ty to be his human pocket pussy again. Shes been in that shit show ever since.

No. 1835084

So she knew Dean was very abusive and continued to return, even with other guys on the side? Then she complains about him being abusive?

No. 1835094

I don’t have a single doubt that Ty has the worst daddy or mommy issues of anyone in this thread kek

No. 1835119

File: 1685128665870.png (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 1800x1800, IMG_0456.png)

She probably asked for it so she could add it to her album of bruises and blo0d and pull it out when she could use it in a victim circumstance. She’s the one claiming she’s a professional manipulator.

No. 1835230

File: 1685140289455.jpeg (125.65 KB, 960x1706, 65FE2A04-A8A1-41B6-AE1A-632F84…)

She’s a special class as a sex worker who never meet with clients and stays inside all day and is oppressed by internet comments she chooses to engage with. And now a potential cancer patient?? She is the most marginalized woman in the world

No. 1835231

Tbh she kept the physical threats of violence between her and Dean very private till their breakup and all of a sudden she dropped bombs with video proof of Dean being insane. I don’t doubt she makes threats of her own and is very violent and turbulent herself, but Dean didn’t choose to trash her the way she did him.

No. 1835233

NTA that posted this, but this is Pumpy (her name isn’t visible in the screenshot)

No. 1835235

Yes does anyone have those recordings of Dean yelling? Dean is psycho and a known abuser but so is Pumpy. And she straight up said/admitted she abused Cody

No. 1835242

>”everyone’s parents are garbage reeee”
She’s so assblasted that we constantly bring up the fact that she should never reproduce or be around any kid kek

No. 1835256

File: 1685142945543.jpeg (219.43 KB, 1115x1735, 1F530850-56E3-4373-959A-7AAB8B…)

She’s so bothered she brought this from Twitter to Instagram. I already said this in the thread but she should be fighting with Ty about disapproval of SW not twitter randos

No. 1835301

That’s the thing… I don’t think he sees it. My theory is that she has her stories hidden from him, or he just plain doesn’t sit around watching insta stories because, like, having an actual job and a child and friends IRL. And we all know he never posts her, so I’m sure she doesn’t want him seeing how much she fawns over him when it’s not at all mutual. Im sure even her dumbass has the tiny shred of shame to be embarrassed by that.

No. 1835368

her mouth area since she started dissolving makes her look like mr bean

No. 1835417

File: 1685165005243.png (410.38 KB, 828x1792, 6611101D-14CD-495E-BD6E-AF9CAF…)

Bitch you ARE a zit lol

No. 1835704

File: 1685215455411.jpeg (180.26 KB, 960x1706, AF8956A0-CF84-446F-8C5C-AF0973…)

Morgan went out and got shitfaced (so much for “sober.”) It’s apparent than she was suicide baiting last week because Ty went out of town for a few days. Anyways she posted this. Reminder pump n dump, Tyler will never want a baby with you

No. 1835710

Do you think she understands that if she had a baby it wouldn’t come out with her bought face and it would come out looking like her before all the surgery?
Why would you bring a child into the world with genetics that you grew up despising and working every second of your life to change if not just for selfish gain and attention seeking?

No. 1835749

Not to mention she fucking hated her pregnancy belly and couldn’t wait to abort and be skinny “again.” I do think it’s gonna happen again, but by lying to him. In the next 1-2 years shes going to skip the pill for a while

No. 1835782

I strongly doubt she could keep a child alive in utero. My anorexic sister in law was able to keep her pregnancy solely because she STARTED EATING ENOUGH. I strongly doubt Pumpy would be able to, she’s too selfish, and her desire for a baby if she even has it is purely selfish as well. It wouldn’t last to birth.

No. 1835831

Why is it the most selfish narcissistic unhealed unself aware (and broke) women that want children? If she genuinely thought she would be a good mom she'd go fix her million and one diseases and traumas and have a stable relationship for her future kid.

As long as she indulges in being an irresponsible victim I will never feel sympathy for her for her abortions. It's a blessing a child did not come into this mess. I don't understand why women like her keep wanting children when they'd be terrible moms. The most mature thing Ty may have done was to stop her from being a mom.

No. 1835853

Ahh you can take the girl out of section 8 but you can’t take the section 8 out of the girl.
Blueprint for crack whore white trash. Like to the T.

No. 1835871

Your stomach does not show unless you’re 21 weeks pregnant with that small of a stature, she was bloated and is baiting. It’s irritating

No. 1835879

That shit annoys me too. It was aborted before she would have shown. She was bloated, and got convinced she was showing; like the half wit retard Pumpy is

No. 1836036

I've never seen or met anyone so obsessed with the abortion they got. like what is her goal in making these "i was pregnant" posts every day? i genuinely do not understand. it would be one thing if she miscarried but she proudly yeeted the baby yet is still obsessed with the fact she was pregnant for a few weeks it's so bizarre

No. 1836090

File: 1685282091876.jpeg (132.69 KB, 1170x1331, C55FCD49-3B1C-4B9E-9420-A3FDF6…)

Her rent’s less than $2K? And they have a fairly new construction condo/townhouse? They must live in the middle of nowhere or in some shitty suburb in the valley. No wonder Ty can pay the rent alone (the times she brings up how much $$ she’s given him)

No. 1836619

File: 1685366523841.png (503.68 KB, 1800x927, IMG_0514.png)

I love how everyone has better ideas than her.
She really thinks she knows everything and keeps making huge mistakes because of her ego.

No. 1836769

File: 1685385987302.jpeg (83.94 KB, 1170x837, IMG_0521.jpeg)

She’ll never get better if she keeps focusing on this thread.

No. 1836865

File: 1685397473163.png (1.18 MB, 900x900, 193A1656-5D63-4E2A-B98C-F5DD77…)

She went through all this trouble and damage to dye half her hair red only to realize the red she has can look trashy and she seems like a “hot Cheetos girl”?? She IS a hot Cheetos girl annd her aesthetic perfectly fits. Also why does she care that she looks like white trash? If she did she wouldn’t get a million shit tattoos.

No. 1836871

File: 1685398147159.png (109.48 KB, 640x309, 389A8EE9-8064-4F82-8895-871CD4…)

Samefag no matter what hair color she is, she is a hot Cheetos girl lol. That’s what ugly ass body mods, artificial hair colors, and filler face will give you.

No. 1836874

File: 1685398599109.jpeg (85.1 KB, 929x664, BABFEFA2-A92C-4526-88DF-08E2A6…)

Samefag x3 — pedoweirdo, Ty is not YOUR daddy, no matter how much you both say it during sex. Sick fucks. You have to get over being fatherless, not making your father from your boyfriend. Stop trying to be 8 again you need to save for retirement!!!
Anachans with Peter Pan syndrome (Peter panachans?) who want to feel like a child forever.

No. 1836945

File: 1685405896383.png (281.19 KB, 1800x1495, IMG_0526.png)

I had no idea this was a real term. It’s 100% her. I’ve compared her to the catch me outside girl before but this fits much better. There’s a whole race of them.

No. 1837104

Girl, you are insanely ugly, don't blame the stylist for your side show Bob ass hair lmao blame your mom for doing drugs and blame the doctor who gave you an abortion or something LMFAO loser

No. 1837243

File: 1685416722009.jpeg (70.86 KB, 601x692, D472DB85-0DF8-4039-BA57-158D9D…)

She also always claims she’s classy, a rich bitch who looks like money but like… no. Everything she does from head to toe is a desperate trend. Eg, she doesn’t have a single piece of clothing that won’t be unstylish in 2 years.

No. 1837307

File: 1685422340867.png (1.56 MB, 1451x1800, IMG_0533.png)

This girl needs to be honest with her “weekly therapist”. She seems really sick and depressed. She deleted the eating disorder tweet.
I don’t know why of all the pictures she has of her tattoos she chose the one showcasing how bad her $16k nose job turned out.

No. 1837491

File: 1685464174673.jpeg (131.34 KB, 1170x939, 9DB0D7E4-2C05-4850-BBC6-4E4071…)

She’s such a retard I can’t. Tiktok isn’t education you dumb bitch. “Since the world war 2” omg. Read a book. Hell google “cottage industry” or even “farm?” Women have ALWAYS worked. The formalization of work outside the home has been the only guarantee for most women that they’re paid a predictable salary/wage instead of getting $10 from their husband here and there or stealing money from his wallet for their daughter’s prom dress. If she was dirt poor or working at Carls Jr, Ty would only fuck her not move in with her. Promoting this sugar baby lifestyle and “men should pay me for existing” when she can’t achieve it is so retarded and evil at worst. Plus most women being totally spoiled in a luxury lifestyle tend to be graduate educated and working (or recently working) women

No. 1837494

Idk I always thought the "hot cheeto girl" stereotype was pretty racist & sexist, but that's on brand for Pumpy

No. 1837503

She’s just got a crack whore mentality from consuming so much social media. Rich people don’t have time for social media brainwashing because they’re too busy working or networking, poor people depend on it for guidance. She’s got a poor mindset just like every wannabe rich person.

No. 1837511

File: 1685465344995.png (2.42 MB, 1800x1217, IMG_0539.png)

It can’t get any more accurate. She’s so far into it all she can focus on is cheating, Cheetos, chasing attention, children, cheap trends. Ah sorry it’s so funny.

No. 1837515

File: 1685465702050.jpeg (49.03 KB, 1170x379, EEF51D9D-F730-438C-9D41-05F20A…)

Two weeks ago she said that marriage was literally an exploitative scam. Now she’s talking about bagging a rich guy. Sure.
She has no savings and is dating a man with a face tattoo who helped create a broken family kek. Plus he is a BARBER.

No. 1837524

Women couldn't even have their own bank accounts until 1974….marriage used to be the only way women could survive, pumpy. They didn't do it just so they "wouldn't have to work" good lord she's so stupid

No. 1837527

File: 1685467463822.jpeg (224.85 KB, 960x1706, 8181A67F-85FC-49B8-9014-2E3CEC…)

And like? She admitted to this. Spoiled SAHG where, she was selling porn to “support” a dude living with his mom

No. 1837528

She should have asked ty for a haircut LMAO. He probably wouldn't even do that for her tbh though, she's such a fucking loser.

No. 1837554

How is she supposedly so rich but doesn't have a bed frame? That stands out to me in every pic of her room she takes

No. 1837559

I don’t think it’s racist, there are white latina black hot cheeto girls. She IS a hot Cheetos girl tho. She contains multitudes— amateur porn star, pedo assistant, pick me, ana chan, BPD hoe, and a 28 year old hot Cheetos girl

No. 1837711

File: 1685480715358.jpeg (51.7 KB, 929x554, AC39184F-5C91-4D78-B4C3-3359C9…)

Give her money for existing

No. 1837712

You think TY knows how to put together a bed frame even if she could afford it?

No. 1837844

He would figure it out for his actual daughter but not for ugly aka stormy lmao I cringe even typing that out. What a straight loser ass, broke ass prostitute. Imagine being a trick and not even able to have an income?

No. 1837846

Omg 95 dollars?? That's it??? I thought she was a self made millionaire lmfaoooo pathetic to even complain over less than 100 dollars. Broke bitches always lose.

No. 1837909

File: 1685494232306.png (3.89 MB, 1800x1675, IMG_0550.png)

Now Sandra’s a rich girl, even if it’s just her daddy’s money. She got the hair right kek

No. 1837917

File: 1685494880966.png (1.51 MB, 1800x1701, IMG_0551.png)

Damn it

No. 1837986

her talking about her broken little stick arms is so fucking annoying. like bitch, if her arms were broken she would have had a CAST on both. you can't just hurt your arms and say they're broken get a life loser

No. 1838004

File: 1685501622746.png (273.31 KB, 1217x746, 1685501363224.png)

"pay me $95 because I'm so broke, look at these broken noodles"

No. 1838052

File: 1685507411840.png (603.99 KB, 1070x1902, Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.31…)


No. 1838109

File: 1685515653336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,136.26 KB, 1284x1318, B1C8D9FE-9587-4458-B2EB-8AC42F…)

She reminds me so much of a friend of a friend who was a failed camwhore
I bet she looked up to Pumpy tbh
Those insane lips and anachan photoshop, these bitches really are a breed of their own

No. 1838194

File: 1685531710833.png (827.61 KB, 1315x1800, IMG_0555.png)

Oh man. Guess it happens to everyone who dyes their hair black and then tries to go blonde.

No. 1838273

File: 1685542954434.jpg (485.58 KB, 3000x3000, Collage Maker-31-May-2023-10-1…)

she makes a drugged out post about how she doesn't photoshop, is her brain as fried as Sabrina's KEK so much editing in all of her posts

No. 1838301

File: 1685546253124.jpeg (321.02 KB, 960x1706, 28611E63-9C81-4513-BD5C-9C6A08…)

Pumpy’s post before finding out the lump wasn’t cancerous. Pathetic how she has no friends to tell this too, only simps and distant onlyfans acquaintances

No. 1838371

Did you not see this posted already?

No. 1838391

No. 1838509

This girl has probably had access to waaaaay more drugs than Sabrina because she’s an active prostitute while Sabrina just licks up scraps from the floor. She is an addict anachan despite her denial just like the rest of these hoes.

No. 1838648

File: 1685577716418.jpeg (62.14 KB, 1170x567, 181B1CC0-A1AD-4D67-85CF-0C0DD0…)

No. 1838709

File: 1685584015582.jpeg (88.59 KB, 1170x790, 716CF788-8E13-44D5-AB72-3430FD…)

Wish Ty would cheat on her again so she could talk about something new

No. 1838954

File: 1685625605304.jpeg (96.06 KB, 1169x991, IMG_0565.jpeg)

She’s definitely still trying to monitor him.

No. 1838959

File: 1685625745120.png (905.02 KB, 1800x1762, IMG_0569.png)

Every day I’m body checkin’
Same body different back arch

No. 1838962

File: 1685626605613.png (700.95 KB, 1800x1263, IMG_0570.png)

Those mouth lines on Kristen are the anorexia ones, pumpy’s developing them too she just fills it in at the surgeon.

No. 1839006


Her face looks so puffy, what the hell. How can she be so grossly stick thin and have such a pudding face at the same time.

No. 1839009

File: 1685633202121.jpeg (107.05 KB, 960x1706, 516E7644-1F0C-4094-B725-D678B3…)

She looks super fucking weird in person. Moon face on skeletal body

No. 1839013

Samefag Jesus this is so pathetic. Maybe if she didn’t have to monitor Ty’s following count and look up all his exes every hour, she would be mentally better and could have time to, yknow, work.

No. 1839017

File: 1685634075877.jpeg (206.65 KB, 1170x1560, IMG_0510.jpeg)

Riiiigghht you “hate” being skinny, like it hasn’t given you so many advantages in life.
You just don’t like that you can’t be skinny AND curvy like other girls can. You can only be a skeleton or a tree stump. I know it must suck.

No. 1839026

Meanwhile in the above post, she says she gained 8lbs since moving in with Ty, presumably eating and cooking regularly with him. Then she goes online and claims she can’t gain weight no matter what. The cognitive dissonance is wild cuz she clearly does add on pounds when she eats.

No. 1839039

File: 1685638094348.png (375.84 KB, 773x1800, IMG_0576.png)

Stormy is supposed to be at least 100lbs for 5’1” but she’s too afraid of these progress pics to ever even consider approaching a healthy weight.
She’s an incel to the core, fatphobic, misogynistic, troll, scammer. I can’t keep track anymore I’m convinced she’s a neckbeard on the inside.

No. 1839041

>personal trainers
Lol literally WHEN

No. 1839048

File: 1685638877907.jpeg (13.58 KB, 200x300, F26815D8-08E7-4399-917F-33A10C…)

resemblance is uncanny

No. 1839053

She would need to dissolve all her fillers her face would look absolutely insane if she was ever 19% body fat

No. 1839463

File: 1685681799640.png (105.15 KB, 1125x472, image (5).png)

I guess kati3 is selling used buttplugs now lmao. Stuff like this and the whole dog situation a few weeks ago makes me think she is going to have a huge fall from grace soon.

No. 1839467

Spoiler alert. It's not going to grow back if it's this fucking broken at the level 6-8 orange banana stage of blonde

No. 1839596

File: 1685704412351.png (1008.3 KB, 1440x1916, Screenshot_20230602-130906.png)

What's with everyone's lips? I used to think this girls- petite Marie aka Coralinne, saracalixtocr was so cute. Now her face shape is so weird and elongated. Looks horsey. Although the veneers didn't help. These girls look like their lips are about to bust open. And later it migrates- completely changing their facial shape. And who knows what's in the filler/will it give them cancer or make them ill later in life?

No. 1839597

File: 1685704513547.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2559, Screenshot_20230602-131018.png)

So weird looking now. She looks old. I can't explain it. The cuteness she had is just gone. Her facial shape is totally different.

No. 1839607

File: 1685706930796.jpeg (159.89 KB, 1170x1789, IMG_0588.jpeg)

She must be exhausted from keeping an eye on Ty. What a horrible existence.

No. 1839652

I’m sorry can someone explain the dog situation? I

No. 1839655

What was the dog situation? kati3 has always been an alcoholic white trash of a person so this probably just adds to that

No. 1839700

Not the "this too shall pass" in shitty cursive. My god, so cliche and that stupid moon is exactly where Stormy's WAS. these girls are all the same, pathetic.

No. 1839799

File: 1685731640487.jpeg (238.93 KB, 1166x1856, 20E8AFA6-454A-4454-8C69-7882B7…)

Yet she will post pictures of bruises from Dean (eg three days ago).

No. 1839880

She would expect someone to pay her to do that.

No. 1839882


She got blackout drunk and was interacting with her dog on stream in a really uncomfortable way while naked. Forcing his head into her lap and making him lick her hands while right in front of her vagina. Even seemed like she was humping his head on the floor. She was man handling him too and he yelped out loud. There is a video of the stream online. That’s really a serious drinking problem if you are blacking out live on stream(sage your shit)

No. 1839883

She was like forcing him to lay his head on her snatch over and over(sage)

No. 1839922

What a sick person I literally feel so sorry for that dog and she should NEVER be allowed to have an animal. Where is this available online, never kept up with her tbh? She should be reported.

No. 1839923

These girls are all fucking DERANGED just for a few 5 cent tokens it's insane

No. 1840048

It's on some scrote forum called simpcity.

No. 1840323

File: 1685812685309.jpeg (183.95 KB, 960x1706, F14C3F01-CF93-418A-ABD3-AE3428…)

More Pumpy idiocy, I commented on this before but she thinks progestin only BC is the same as progesterone. So she claims she has pregnancy cravings (??). There’s not a single other reason she’s gained 10% of her body weight when she lies that she’s been trying to forever— she’s actually eating

No. 1840324

Samefag maybe that’s why she’s subbing Ty by liking cheater tweets. More brain function = realizing it’s hell dating a serial cheater

No. 1840353

File: 1685818130973.png (1.84 MB, 1800x1126, IMG_0618.png)

Oof looks like Sandra broke her ankle acting like she’s still a child.

No. 1840610

Iv refrained from commenting this far but I must say pumpy really needs open her eyes on her current situation. It’s sad to say but pumpy has zero family (unless you include her cats, which may be the only family she truly has). She is completely alone. A man that chooses to completely Ignore his significant other on social media has no interest In such individual long term. He doesn’t even post on instagram anymore just to distance himself from her publicly. He very well may be with her privately but not for the reasons she may want or need. She is simply being used. Just like livestock. Pumpy knows this too as is obvious by her random rants. I just can’t stand to listen to this back forth of family life coupled with an absent partner. The best thing pumpy could do for herself is remain single for a long duration, contact name brand porn shoots, and focus on work before she turns 30. I get the appeal of family life but that is just ignoring her current reality. Also I can’t stand the broken arms bit. Girl you ain’t fooling no one. If someone breaks their arms they ain’t recovering from a soft cast in two weeks. Bitch please.(Reason )

No. 1840619

you’re saying she should do more porn in order to fix her life? kys

No. 1840624

1. Porn is evil 2. Pumpy hates sex work and resents her clients. 3. Studio porn is much harder work than the tasks Pumpy has, which she still fails at. 4. Tyler is exactly the boyfriend she deserves

No. 1840696

File: 1685876232215.jpeg (258.07 KB, 1170x2186, IMG_0674.jpeg)

Daily body check with new doll on the unmade mattress on the floor.

No. 1840717

Wh-why does the doll have its pants like pulled sort of down…ew…also the state of her room gets me every time. It’s giving Momokun’s first “house”

No. 1840775

Looks cheap and like a cartoon character. Didn’t she write a goodbye life suicide note two weeks ago LOL.

No. 1840837

Shes so weird flexing ty's daughter's toy in her room when she knows she has pedo followers but I guess trying to rub in you're totally a new step mommy is better

No. 1840878

Don’t you see she’s still pedo baiting? She’s getting too old so she has to recruit an actual child and act like she’s trying to be mom when really she’s trying to keep her pedo fans with a child around in the background of her life.
If she can’t be a kid anymore she’ll just buy one who attracts pedos for her. Absolute incel to the core.

No. 1841003

Ew…I hadn’t even thought of that. That disgusts me to my core, she’s 1000% the type who would allow a scrote to molest her child or stepchild. Vile.

No. 1841043

What's worse is when Sabrina was dating Ty before he found out she was a hooker, she posted his kid all over her social media while having the same day stories with her half naked. These girls are brain dead and dangerous around children

No. 1841103

Yep I remember that. Sabrina does the same thing. No wonder none of them can keep custody.

No. 1841411

File: 1685983017838.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1008x1794, Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 9.36.…)

Anafox/Kristen on a client trip I assume. High and posting this on insta.

No. 1841418

Oh I see now, it’s her escort agency.

No. 1841508

Those disgusting scrawny legs make her look like a troon lmao

No. 1841517

File: 1685998843078.jpeg (43.93 KB, 1170x480, IMG_0675.jpeg)

Sandra’s on addy too

No. 1841535

The sticker fail oh man.

She is back to hooking and parting hard after her breakup with Mr. The One. I wonder if one of his conditions was her getting better. She's obviously not doing the best right now health wise, and it's sad. She is no-one's failed mom at least. That's a lot on this thread..

No. 1841538

Her extended arm looks shopped at the elbo. She belongs on pro ana scum bags for real

No. 1841539

This is like year old milk

No. 1841553

Ok well I didn’t know so now we’re all on the same page.

No. 1841614

Is this supposed to look good or something?? Looks like a naked retard imo

No. 1841674

Miss "I don't Photoshop stop making fun of me for losing weight" while not actually being skinny just photoshopping her legs arms and face into oblivion. Get this girl some therapy and away from photoshop

No. 1841675

Samefag but why the fuck is her nipple covered in blood?

No. 1841897

In what world is she NOT an anachan? Y’all are insane looking at this and being like “she’s not skinny it’s photoshop” no it’s drugs and not eating and she is high as hell posting this on her public IG story. When she loses that account and realizes all her history with Steven was attached to it she’s going to lose her mind.

No. 1841904

Nice pecs, Bruther

No. 1841929

She is TOTALLY skinny, she has been ana for a decade at this point. And anachans are some of the biggest abusers of facetune and photoshop. She’s not faking being skinny, she’s trying to look skinnier.
It’s a terrible fate to be an agency escort, it’s not even like selecting your own clients as an independent (eg Stormy fucking a fan kek). Kristen fucks any dude the agency sends to her who can pay, sometimes the agency won’t even screen them bc they just want that fast cash. It’s awful. And she only gets 60-75% of what her sticker price per hour is

No. 1842015

File: 1686087439335.jpeg (617 KB, 2048x2048, 02B8610A-25D9-4A02-BE3B-92A336…)

Sidebar (but on the topic of weight), I didn’t realize how significant Sandra’s fluctuation has been — probably because she’s almost always in baggy clothes now. She looks 100x better. My guess is that it was unintentional and due to her constantly fucking around with meds, but nonetheless.

Left photo is from this past March, Right is from August 2021. There are many photos in between those times but I was trying to find her peak anachan era for comparison.

No. 1842022

File: 1686087867478.jpeg (365.05 KB, 1284x2276, IMG_8701.jpeg)

Sorry samefag for new picrel & topic: If Pumpy doesn’t have Ty blocked from her stories then I’m absolutely cringing because this codependent idiot has been subbing him ALL DAY since they moved in together. If she’s not talking about her two minute pregnancy or e-begging, she’s doing this. God damn, her talking about mUh lUpUs is starting to feel like a refreshing break in programming.. I never thought I’d see the day.

No. 1842041

she's not overweight by any means but she photoshops awful like Sabrina and it is comical. If she's going to make such a point to say "I do not photoshop" yet she does to the extreme, that's the point I am making. They are all drug addict throwing up prostitutes

No. 1842078

File: 1686096607131.jpeg (221.23 KB, 1169x1820, EAC952CA-C038-4B42-8A74-3860D8…)

Yes, she has been on this shit since they moved in in April or so. It’s also her constant tweets about men needing to be providers and hating broke men to picking daily fights with strangers about the above topics. Here’s one example of her arguing with a guy who doesn’t believe in claiming partners (which Pumpy so clearly wants)

No. 1842080

File: 1686096862700.jpeg (92.52 KB, 1077x890, ACA6E0AD-E319-4C41-8D49-FFB6A9…)

Samefag this is an even better example.

No. 1842186

File: 1686110888383.jpeg (159.99 KB, 960x1706, 372C15BC-ACE6-47CF-8411-88E44D…)

What is she even saying

No. 1842194

File: 1686111406111.jpeg (152.23 KB, 960x1706, 2158CCBC-4286-41C4-A160-85256C…)

No. 1842195

In other words, Pump and dump continues to needle at Ty — now for not complimenting her enough. BPD switch up is coming… give it time

No. 1842243

Protect her confidence, when she has NONE. LMAOOOOOO, this idiot.(Sage)

No. 1842336

She’s definitely starting to split on Ty and struggling to put him back on the pedestal every time she throws him down. It can only happen so many times before she can’t numb out the anger anymore. Pumpy went from basically apologizing for yelling at him because he left her to abort alone to spending all day subbing the shit out of him. Honestly, it blows my mind that she hasn’t even the shred of self respect to make this relationship more private.

Quick outline of A FEW of the things Ty has done, that would end the “relationship” for most people:
• Abandoned her on birthday after she paid for everything
• Didn’t pay for her abortion and went out drinking with his friends while she sat at home crying on the internet aborting alone
• Cheated on her and got another girl pregnant (but probably cheated MANY more times than that)
• Accepted many outrageous gifts from Pumpy for Christmas, including a large sum of money, and then didn’t offer to help her out when she was e-begging afterwards because her cat was dying.

But Pumpy has no confidence, identity, or self-worth outside of this pathetic goblin. She can do the mental gymnastics on her socials every damn day but it will NEVER erase the fact that she is in an unfulfilling, painful relationship that brings her no joy. She’ll never do better, she’ll never have better.

No. 1842426

File: 1686159914225.jpeg (170.63 KB, 1101x1712, 6AE3F9C0-BB0C-4661-8542-E12682…)

Is this why she lets Ty’s kid into their bedroom which has her collars hanging up? Sick fuck, to want the sexual attention of a child’s friends. You can be an attractive youthful mother without letting it all hang out

No. 1842458

Crack whore mentality. She wants to be the best at something even if it’s incel whore, always competing with her own self loathing brain.

No. 1842481

File: 1686169040832.jpeg (193.11 KB, 1118x1714, 8B98CD12-DA90-4302-BFFF-5F6D04…)

She is so retarded, as she dates a snake who can only get with sex workers, wonder why? Also she has been posting for weeks about being abused by exes and reposting tiktoks and memes about attracting people who can’t love her back.

No. 1842484

Samefag, point being, sex work IS a huge portion of why her life continues to be utter shit. If a dude dates you as a sex worker and isn’t actively trying to get you to leave he doesn’t give a fuck about you. And no I don’t mean removing BG videos cuz he doesn’t like it, I mean helping you find a new line of work

No. 1842490

is this a selfpost?

No. 1842491

No, Pump routinely posts her tweets right after she posted them on her stories.

No. 1842547

File: 1686176409911.png (Spoiler Image,489.77 KB, 1014x1698, Screenshot 2023-06-07 at 3.19.…)

Slurring and complaining about not having food after being flown across the world to give a 60 year old a blumpkin for $$$

No. 1842561

File: 1686178757342.jpeg (72.02 KB, 1120x565, D5C0F24C-06CF-4DAA-89E7-1A7FEE…)

Absolutely insane cope. Sex work is female separatism. I hate when OF losers like Pumptard preach about being sluts and dressing slutty then when someone calls them out, it’s, “why do you assume I have a high body count?” “doing amateur porn doesn’t mean I’m slutty or a prostitute.” lib feminism that immediately dissolves into pickmeism and bashing other women when they wanna prove they’re wife material. As if the mental and emotional damage to sex workers and societal deterioration due to sex work is only wrought through high numbers of partners. She probably feels superior to Sabrina for not being a fully fledged prostitute, but she shouldn’t be proud since she’s a fucking john for Tyler kek

No. 1842563

File: 1686178988212.jpeg (188.64 KB, 1284x2282, 86CFD8FD-33F6-4D26-B25A-326140…)

Does anyone know if this looks like the apartment Sabrina was sharing with Kaelin or did BPD Brina get a place with her ugly ass boyfriend

No. 1842565

It is her ugly ass bfs place, that's the only reason she is with him because he doesn't live with his mom like JJ. Sabrina is a leach and when she finds a man who will show his face she will be moving in with him next. this thread is filled with losers it is actually sad at this point

No. 1842594

In what world does she not have to speak to men to make money? She can choose which men she speaks to but if she wants money then every cent she’s made has come from talking to and pleasing men?
She also said she doesn’t look for others approval especially men yet has admitted she’s been vying for Ty’s approval and acceptance for over two years and finally bagged him as if he’s some prize for being walked all over and used.
She needs to get on some antidepressants because she’s delusional with anger and paranoia. Claiming that she’s been living a particular life that actually has never existed for her. She’s crazy.

No. 1842610

File: 1686185157007.png (594.15 KB, 1800x1431, IMG_0749.png)

Complains prices are rising and she can’t afford anything because of “recession” and inflation yet orders her male followers to buy premium brand coffee to be delivered because she can’t restrict her coffee, she already restricts all the food she eats.
She doesn’t need discipline, she’s literally trying to stop consuming anything at all. She needs a nutritionist. She needs help. Trying to do all this self improvement but choosing all of the wrong things to focus on.

No. 1842613

File: 1686185250727.jpeg (270.22 KB, 1170x2238, IMG_0748.jpeg)

The infamous IUD. Good choice retard

No. 1842628

File: 1686187394187.jpeg (132.8 KB, 1074x1905, 1D86EAC4-98F2-493B-B3A9-631528…)

Another day another body check

No. 1842630

Fuckin hell, can't even afford a coffee… My God it's not even funny anymore, it's absolutely pathetic. If you can't afford a coffee or can't remember your absolute favorite thing in the world that you need to function, maybe you don't deserve it. Idiot.

No. 1842664

But adderall is ok. Kek

No. 1842687


Sandra is so concerned about her weight it’s ruining her birthday week.

No. 1842847

Who did Ty get pregnant and did the other girl get an abortion too or does pumpy plan on pretending to be that one's mother too? Since she wasn't allowed to keep hers kek

No. 1842904

File: 1686247653969.jpeg (179.5 KB, 1170x1404, E145B4C7-685A-4D0B-8B83-AF4A49…)

No. 1842905

File: 1686247793872.jpeg (189.97 KB, 960x1706, 4EA88F0E-6385-499E-8C87-D2E543…)

It’s filler on top of a less emaciated skull you idiot

No. 1842912

File: 1686249673547.jpg (140.06 KB, 1080x1664, Screenshot_20230608-124046_Ins…)

Looks like ty unfollowed pumpy's other active accounts

No. 1842929

Ha her weight goes to her face just like all the other anorexic girls who begin to gain weight, see it in their face, and end up relapsing and dying because they can’t get over the image of a healthy body instead of the skeleton they’ve always been and are comfortable with.

No. 1842948

How recently was he following them, if you know?

No. 1843233

I think it’s the other way around, something I’ve noticed is that nearly all the ana chans I’ve ever known or seen online were girls with naturally round or chubby faces even when they had slim bodies, many of them seem to have fat faces and then starve themselves, and in order to get a normal looking or slim face their body has to become completely emaciated first unfortunately.

I think any weig