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File: 1668394668455.png (2.75 MB, 1572x1034, wormmm.png)

No. 1408558

Let's keep the retardation to a minimum!
(Sorry it's not perfect, I got tired of waiting for someone else to do it!)
Last thread: >>>/ot/1394926
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442
>Migos rapper Takeoff dies >>>/ot/1394929 (c)rap chan rejoices >>>/ot/1394932
>Billie Eilish and her gross 31 year old boyfriend Jesse Rutherford dress as a baby and an old man for Halloween >>>/ot/1394947 to poke fun at the fact that everyone is talking about their age gap
>Heidi Klum dresses as a worm >>>/ot/1395665 >>>/ot/1394961 and anons sperg when she doesn't wear the costume that renders her immobile all night and dares to show off her body as a supermodel >>>/ot/1395325
>Billie Eilish's age gap relationship is different because "they connect on so many levels" >>>/ot/1395563
>NBA player Dwyane Wade's ex-wife says that he is forcing their son to be trans for media attention >>>/ot/1395882
>Madonna continues to look scarier and scarier >>>/ot/1395887 while Zac Efron speedruns ruining his already fading looks >>>/ot/1396004
>Rihanna invites Johnny Depp the wifebeater to be apart of her fashion show >>>/ot/1396569 for some ungodly reason
>Kanye's sketchy personal trainer threatens to institutionalize him >>>/ot/1397453
>Beyonce's family has a cute Proud Family Halloween costume >>>/ot/1397574
>Anok >>>/ot/1398634 Yai >>>/ot/1397588
>Aaron Carter found dead at 34 in his bathtub >>>/ot/1399231
>Selena Gomez claims she probably won't be able to have kids because of her bipolar medication >>>/ot/1399267 anons speculate she's planting seeds for a surrogacy
>Selena Gomez claims Taylor Swift is her "only friend in the industry" >>>/ot/1399535 prompting Francia Raisa, the actress who gave Selena her kidney, to unfollow her and comment the word "interesting" >>>/ot/1400389 to which Selena responds on TikTok with a classy and considerate "Sorry I didn't mention everyone I know." >>>/ot/1400585
>Robert Downey Jr is bald and ugly >>>/ot/1400863
>Cher (76) is dating a 36-year-old moid who is friends with Tyga >>>/ot/1401845
>Rebel Wilson has a "miracle" surrogate baby >>>/ot/1402037 (is it really a miracle if you paid for it)
>Mariah Carey plans to release her secret grunge album >>>/ot/1402367 which includes an unintentionally terfy song about an AGP >>>/ot/1403168
>Jennifer Aniston…. >>>/ot/1402477 >>>/ot/1402479
>Anons sperg about Lisa Kudrow's neck >>>/ot/1402509 and Jennifer Aniston's… everything >>>/ot/1403852
>Alex Turner hit the wall >>>/ot/1402579
>Nick Cannon is infecting the world with a 12th kid >>>/ot/1403491

No. 1408567

First for Harry Styles he/they reveal in 2023

No. 1408579

Jesus christ spoiler that image

No. 1408582

Kek i did get spooked seeing it on the front page

No. 1408594

File: 1668397422329.jpeg (456.13 KB, 616x2000, 266D8E0B-27A2-4822-9215-1E4DE1…)

I had no idea he had a fiancé or a son. Good luck to the baby boy.

No. 1408601

File: 1668398217263.jpeg (Spoiler Image,425.66 KB, 1242x719, BC421335-8465-4EDD-8585-471DB1…)

Seeing OP pic while I’m pooping gave me major Dreamcatcher flashbacks.

No. 1408611

File: 1668399003086.png (2.74 MB, 1430x1430, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 8.01…)

god, I feel bad for their kid. Aaron had been spiraling for years and it's been a trainwreck to watch. When I heard he died I automatically assumed he overdosed on something but it sounds like he was huffing duster and probably passed out and drowned. Ugh, bleak. I had his Aaron's Party CD back in the day, and I remember being jealous of Hilary Duff when he was on Lizzie McGuire and they started dating, kek. It's kinda sad to see what a cute kid he was and how much potential he had, and seeing how he ended up.

No. 1408613

omfg i forgot about that movie!

No. 1408618

File: 1668399616794.jpg (475.16 KB, 1080x1920, kxur1b74ctz91.jpg)

Julian Casablancas from The Strokes is gross. She's 19 I think?

No. 1408619

HE TALKS LIKE SUCH AN INCEL. I'm gonna cry I love The Strokes why did he have to do this to me

No. 1408620

KEK What the actual fuck is that message

No. 1408621

File: 1668400101677.webm (1.76 MB, 720x1230, untitled-2_9jgGcGHd.webm)

No. 1408623

File: 1668400208943.png (404.96 KB, 444x827, 1667745941486.png)

The jacuzzi he drowned in.


No. 1408624

File: 1668400253850.webm (2.37 MB, 1022x490, 1667747608288.webm)

Him in a bodybag. R.I.P

No. 1408626

File: 1668400346093.png (282.74 KB, 1347x967, Screenshot_20221111-213955.png)

I really hope that baby is not exploited, like Aaron was. Fuck.

No. 1408633

File: 1668400919175.jpg (258.14 KB, 1908x1146, 1661504338824.jpg)

knowing that Hollywood is filled with pedos, I believe that he was SA

No. 1408639

nonna he lost his looks decades ago and was always known for going after younger women, he was already ruined unfortunately

No. 1408641

Thank goodness people are burning pedo-wood to the ground. This is monumentally healing on all levels. Bless every single person who comes forward to take these evil fuckers down.

No. 1408643

It sucks that I can't really enjoy some of the media I loved as a kid, cause deep down I know that it was being made by pedophiles and that children were likely being abused behind the scenes

No. 1408644

File: 1668402493545.png (217.49 KB, 392x435, 166839029740585400 (2).png)



No. 1408645

File: 1668402642643.jpg (65.35 KB, 980x784, Aaron-Carter-2-2.jpg)

>he was SA

No. 1408646

You can feel a bit better on knowing that justice is being served, however. People are breaking their silence, trying to warn & protect others & massive healing is happening. That's what matters.

No. 1408647

Wasnt there an anon who said that he was hooking up with underage fans in Mexico a lot? It was either here or on deuxmoi kek

No. 1408650

Another pedo in pedo-wood. Nice.

No. 1408651

>justice is being served
but a lot of these pedos still have their jobs or just flee somewhere else (like dan, polanski, etc.)

No. 1408655

Are you trying to destroy hope?

No. 1408672

File: 1668405013195.png (496.05 KB, 704x1158, Screen Shot 2022-11-13 at 9.46…)

sameanon from >>1408647, there was a blind item to Deuxmoi and the top comment is "Oh no… so that’s why The Strokes are in every single music festival in Mexico"

No. 1408678

Also his father, John Casablancas founded Elite Model Management and was known to prey on underage girls in the modeling industry.

>"Casablancas and Marie were known to compete over having sex with young models, the lawsuit said, and the culture of sexually assaulting models who were underage was pervasive in the agency"

No. 1408691

nta but sounds like anon is being realistic. iirc polanski for one has avoided prosecution for decades by residing in countries that won’t extradite him.

No. 1408693

sage for non milk but have any nonnies been getting ads about selena gomez’ documentary or whatever? idc about her at all but they’ve been popping up like they want to spread this more sympathetic image of her.

No. 1408695

sorry to ask, "huffing duster"? is that like chroming? so dangerous jfc
I'll meet you on the tinfoil thread if anyone else believes he was suicided. there was the video of him begging for money so he could go into hiding and then boom dead.

No. 1408703

File: 1668407352407.jpeg (42.02 KB, 640x480, 4AE449A1-CDF4-4997-A394-19960A…)

OT but does anyone have any updates on John Mulaney and Olivia Munn? They were getting papped together constantly after his divorce but ever since the baby came I haven’t heard a peep. Have they both grown up a little bit or did people just get bored? Sage for derail

No. 1408704

>She posts a video of herself crying. Who does that?
Kek has this person ever been on IG or tiktok? So many people film themselves while crying. I agree that it's sick to be so addicted to attention from people on the internet that even in moments of distress all you think about is using it for content but it seems so be pretty normal on these platforms

No. 1408709

dw i don’t think that’s a derail anon, they’re still in the public eye and are cows so they definitely belong in this thread kek. i haven’t heard much of them lately though either and i’m actually glad they’ve been more quiet.

isn’t the point of that statement is that filming yourself crying is abnormal though? because it is weird and should not be normal

No. 1408713

>a vid of her crying while driving
it said she was also driving while doing that, so on top of filming crying being cringe, it’s a reckless thing to do.

No. 1408715

I wish I had forgotten forever kek

KEK Idek who this girl is but I love her for this and roasting his creepy ass.

No. 1408716

They’ve been pretty boring, their baby is cute though. John has been touring 24/7 and constantly working and on the road since before the baby was even born, and Olivia has followed him around the entire time, along with the baby. She still obviously calls the paps to get photos of them on random walks outside, and has been posting their outings of going to museums. People are joking that she wants to come off as ~artsy~ like his ex was and is trying hard to be the cool girl still. They don’t look like they have a lot of chemistry with one another and John looks tired a lot.

No. 1408742

Love it when cheaters realize just how little whoever they left their partner for has to offer. It’s so satisfying

No. 1408745

I just shivered.

No. 1408777

kek you’re so right. the last sentence of >>1408716 even reminded me of projared/holly’s relationship somehow but it’s amusing to see both relationships implode. cheaters hurting the people around them for what exactly? i feel sorry for their kid and exes in those situations.

No. 1408794

I hate men so fucking much. You just know this is a template that he sends to thousands of teenage girls and he thinks it’s the most poetic and riveting thing ever. The wall is going to hit him like a juggernaut.

No. 1408803

File: 1668416051426.jpeg (391.2 KB, 1425x1424, Fg2FugOWIAA1qOH.jpeg)

In the Oh Aaron album from 2001 booklet be said he had a dangerous feeling his life would end soon, he was just 13 back then.

No. 1408817

File: 1668417694848.jpeg (72.71 KB, 640x427, EF1FE401-5481-4A78-96DC-2C3279…)

Oh it already has kek

No. 1408818

The last thing I saw about him was that he pissed away the very last of his tumblr husband goodwill by inviting Dave Chapelle onstage to one of his shows without warning. I don’t know if there’s ever been a man as oblivious to his own fanbase as him. Her dropping everything to follow him around on tour and him babytrapped, burnt out and not wanting to be there is such a fitting end for both of them. Praying for Anna to pull a Vanessa Paradis and move on from her drug addict ex with a handsome sober European artisté.

No. 1408821

jesus christ that's gross

No. 1408867

File: 1668423061799.jpeg (159.8 KB, 800x1199, BF24751D-3411-4876-A9F1-6514EF…)

Jesus christ taylor's new implant is ridiculously bad

No. 1408878

Should’ve seen Megan Fox’s surgeon lol

No. 1408891

god she's so hot though

No. 1408902



sorry my green text was missing the "suspicious" part at the end of the quote. These people are tinfoiling that aaron carter was killed by his ex and that one comment implied that filming herself while crying makes her look guilty because its suspicous. What I meant to say was that filming yourself while crying isn't suspicious as it's pretty normal on social media even though it is objectively a weird thing to do

No. 1408903

it's fucking disgusting looking like a rotting shriveling piece of bacon mods please change it halloween is over we get it was a good costume a great costume even

No. 1408914

Yeah, I’ve been getting ads of her documentary too

No. 1409005

They don’t need to change it kek just hide the image? It’s nothing even bad, just a gross Halloween costume. Your fear of it is illogical. I hide thread images all the time because I think they’re fucking ugly or I scroll through catalogue so the images are smaller. There’s a million things you can do aside from karening out on fucking lolcow of all places.

No. 1409018

Oh my god, just don't look.

No. 1409023


his tism is in full view in the documentary "meet me in the bathroom" tbh

No. 1409035

Everyone knows about..


They are blackballed+career's are in the toilet..every sane person knows to stay the fuck away from them.


No. 1409037

File: 1668444974371.jpeg (593.03 KB, 3000x3000, 34364a5b-8353-4f8c-b788-fa4c90…)

You know? Duster? Computer duster?

No. 1409042

File: 1668445366511.jpg (113.9 KB, 1080x1080, aaron-carter-6ad537b968dd438db…)

He was not murdered by anyone else's hands but his own.

No. 1409043

File: 1668445415972.jpg (183.23 KB, 1542x937, casablancas.jpg)

He's so ugly

No. 1409053

>every sane person knows to stay the fuck away from them.
Except Eva Green, she was caught working with Polanski around 2017.

No. 1409055

File: 1668446994234.gif (189.19 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

People should know better but it is what it is. Not my problem.

No. 1409067

I'm not talking about Julian though, I'm talking about The Strokes. Their music. I don't give two shits about him aside from his vocals.

No. 1409109

File: 1668454876601.jpeg (11.79 KB, 233x216, download (32).jpeg)


No. 1409115

I can’t even see a can of duster without reflexively thinking “I’m walking on sunshine” lmao

No. 1409124

I don't get it, is this why years ago my friend started huffing this shit in front of me?

No. 1409130

File: 1668456978778.png (773.97 KB, 940x682, f29485fidrqn3pmgt4598.PNG)

between this and jesse rutherford dating someone as young as billie the band does not have a good look going for it at the moment

No. 1409132

I’ve heard more about the neighborhood in the last month than I did the last 10 years, can we all please forget them again

No. 1409133

adam sandler looking ass

No. 1409134

File: 1668457528680.png (138.72 KB, 366x600, 166845371976230137.png)


No. 1409135

Don't do Adam Sandler dirty like that anon!

No. 1409136

no way you're a sandlerfag, no damn way nonny!

No. 1409137

File: 1668457688074.jpg (67.54 KB, 400x470, uploads1596054365150-allison_s…)


No. 1409139

File: 1668457782848.jpg (418.34 KB, 1010x1500, MV5BZWI2NjliOTYtZjE1OS00YzAyLW…)

I am. I haven't heard anything bad about the guy in general and I enjoy his body of work.

..am I missing something?

No. 1409141

File: 1668458387731.png (107.08 KB, 258x400, Towelie_(1).png)

Towelie was a character that never should have been killed off.

No. 1409143

File: 1668458425714.png (287.92 KB, 576x529, bill.png)

he's damn obnoxious to me, i hate his comedy style and voice. straight up unlikeable. and a mainstream successful moid in hollywood, nothing bad, i just don't buy it kek.
unrelated, but apparently there's some stuff popping about bill murray and that's just crazy to me cause i saw his as a wholesome old man. no one is safe nona
not sure if it was posted but here

No. 1409144

File: 1668458464950.png (420.53 KB, 1588x1620, dcldy4s-8b98f732-e361-4a10-ae7…)

No. 1409146

That's fine that you don't like him. Doesn't bother me! I love Adam Sandler and hey, to each their own! Cheers!

No. 1409176

File: 1668461944465.jpg (58.12 KB, 352x480, Happy Peppy.jpg)

>In front YOU

Oh. Man. They put this stuff in duster that makes it taste awful, these bitters. It's supposed to keep people from huffing it but lol that doesn't work. People still get past the taste and OOFFHH!!!

No. 1409181

File: 1668462399468.jpg (91.38 KB, 321x679, dua.jpg)

Twitter idiots tried to cancel Dua Lipa for visiting France, but not Qatar.

No. 1409183

I saw that, god it is exhausting how desperate twitter seem to be to cancel someone

No. 1409185

I hope because Elon musk is a full blown retard, that he will accidentally burn Twatter to the ground and God bless his retarded ass if that happens. Fuck Twitter.

No. 1409195

I had forgotten about this insane scene until this comment. thanks for reminding me nona, I could've gone the rest of my life without remembering and that would've been a shame.

is it just me or can no one else make any fucking sense of screenshots like this? I have no idea what to read first. is it a twitter DM within a tiktok? anyway another scrote proves himself to be a creep and absolutely no one is surprised.

I am just so tired of reading this kind of thing. men are a plague

No. 1409197

I use twitter for fandoms but I'm beginning to get tired of it. Every week a new account is being cancelled off twitter for dumb shit like not using tone tags, retweeting minors etc. Also their jargon is generally obnoxious and it's so fucking exhausting to decipher. The amount of fakebois and qweer headcanon bs is so in your face too

No. 1409204

File: 1668463648004.jpg (125.7 KB, 1600x1056, Julian-Casablancas-The-Strokes…)

he's absolutely hideous. he wasn't especially cute before (but passable) but now he looks like a greasy lout

No. 1409206

File: 1668463730142.jpg (536.72 KB, 1049x1084, Screenshot_20221114_140613.jpg)

This can't be real

No. 1409210

Has to be fake news for birthday PR. I find it funny that me, him, and the King are all born within 3 days of each other and we all have identical mouths kekk

No. 1409213

But crickets from all the kpop fans when BTS, preformed in Sauda Arabia, a place that murders women and gay people. they played on a personal invite from a saudi prince.

No. 1409216

Is this person simply forgetting when that french artist was murdered BY Muslims for drawing a comic of pedo mohhamud?

No. 1409222

I've always ignored deuxmoi but this sounds too accurate it sounds like everything come down for him. He's so fucking ugly too.

No anon, you aren't ever supposed to criticise islam EVER.

No. 1409224

she is likely muslim herself you retards, jesus fucking christ

No. 1409242

oh you're one of those retards who think nationality and religion are the same thing.

No. 1409244

I heard stories about Bill Murray being a cunt a long time ago. I kinda hate him tbh and it would be funny if he got cancelled

No. 1409245

France isn't 25% muslim lmao the fuck

No. 1409251

She meant 25% of the world population nona.

No. 1409252

Thank u for this thread nonna, i love and appreciate you. It WOULD be super nice if people could be less retarded here, I just want to shit on all celebrities here equally but I guess for some people that's too hard to grasp

No. 1409257

her family apparently is so it’s not a far reach.

No. 1409277

Most of the retards hating on her are BTS fans who think her criticizing Qatar equals her hating on their boys for performing there.
There are tweets with 10k likes claiming she performed in Israel, Dubai and so on, and everybody runs with it even tho it never happened.

No. 1409283

i don't think muslim women dress the way she does kek

No. 1409300

File: 1668468548419.jpeg (678.08 KB, 935x1154, 5DD14510-12A9-4B71-8F9B-6AB63D…)

Good for her

No. 1409304

That fast? Damn. Good for her though, I hope she's happier now.

No. 1409305

Brady probably cheated considering how suddenly everything ended. though this guy looks like an average guy from the back of a restaurant kitchen. she should get a himbo boy toy.

No. 1409307

how is is karening out to literally make a joke rant, ending it also with an obvious and popular joke phrase. (i didn't know hiding images was possible).

No. 1409311

Omg hot latin dick is what every girl needs after a break up, get it queen

No. 1409333

if you’re that same anon talking about “destroying hope” because other anons pointed out the reality of these people still having careers or support you’re looking at this situation very weirdly

No. 1409335

they deserve to rot in jail if anything, but that likely isn’t going to happen anytime soon

No. 1409349

Big if true, they’re both so insecure I can’t wait to see how this shitshow plays out

No. 1409358

I used to think Sandler was genuinely funny and I had a crush on him as a little kid. Nowadays his shitty movies are just excuses for him and his buddies to go on vacation. (Notice how they film in Hawaii and tropical locations a lot?) To be fair, I’d probably do the same if I were famous and set for life, making retarded comedies with your friends in Hawaii while getting paid sounds awesome

No. 1409361

Hell yeah. This guy is from Brazil, too, pretty cool that they have that in common. He’s 11 years younger than Tom, I hope his dusty ass is seething. Good for her.

No. 1409365

I think it was a slow burn and then eventually an ultimatum. She put her modeling career on hold for him, while he continued to live his dream. He then promised that he was going to retire from football to be there for his family, and of course like a typical man he backtracked and went “well actually I still wanna playyyy” and she was probably sick of his shit

No. 1409368

Sza also considers herself Muslim but she doesn't wear hijab because it would be bad for her image and all her songs are about craving male attention and being thirsty for dirty dude dick so ya never know (inb4 this incites some Sza flame war, I do like her music for the record)

No. 1409372

Filthy frank did an entire video about exactly this theory kek

No. 1409379

Nonny…I have to tell you this. My great aunt was at Sandlers wedding!

No. 1409412

File: 1668475427251.jpg (107.68 KB, 720x738, hpsz5igok7011.jpg)

everytime i see Sza's name i think of her creepy surgery it likes slightly better now, but she really did chop and screw every part of her face, looks crazy as hell on ig at times

No. 1409416

File: 1668475578419.png (234.62 KB, 353x391, Capture.PNG)

sa, i know its hollywood but it bothers me how much they play with their features like sims, I can only imagine how it looks irl

No. 1409418

was this really necessary to post

No. 1409435

don’t know how to feel about the fact that we’re at a point that recording yourself crying is considered normal on social media or that the people doing this don’t see this as weird or questionable kek.

No. 1409493

there’s been so much discourse about this in other threads recently but i do agree kek. i miss having fun interactive websites and, to stay somewhat on topic, when (most) people online didn’t have these weird parasocial relationships with celebs. i feel like stans need a constant reminder that they don’t know these people personally. i like that we have a space here to just talk shit about celebs acting up.

No. 1409521

File: 1668483641936.jpeg (203.81 KB, 831x350, 0AD7FC95-56B9-48DE-844F-A42E43…)

Going back to that post you were initially talking about, I agree the tinfoiling is ridiculous, but ignoring the "suspicious" part (which I thought maybe applied to the overall thing but I haven't bothered looking into this whole situation) I would have taken the "who does that" as commentary on how recording yourself crying especially while driving is kind of messed up to do, situation aside. No one should be doing that, should be focusing on the road if you're going to be behind the wheel or take a break if you need to cry so that you don't risk endangering anyone.

No. 1409528

>anons sperg when she doesn't wear the costume that renders her immobile all night and dares to show off her body as a supermodel

I said it before and I will say it again. I will literally GIVE anyone cash for pointing to me where a single anon ever ever sperged about her showing her body. And no, saying she wore something revealing isn't shaming her it's literally just a description. If anyone can't do the simplest thing then we can all shut up instead of spreading the lie that anons totally had a sperg fest demanding her wear a nun outfit for… Describing her outfit kek .

No. 1409529

Oh my god anon, please let it go. Halloween was 2 weeks ago.

No. 1409532

I hope this doesn't turn into a Carol Baskin deal where she deals with the consequences for a suspected murder that she ended up not even doing in the first place.ofc since she's a woman and falsely implying someone did a literal crime is only bad if it happens to a man

No. 1409533

Okay well either find the quote, get money or then stfu about a post that doesn't even exist.

No. 1409535

i do, thanks. a no milk post of a dead body being carried out is weird as fuck. however, because of my buddha nature, i won't be arguing with you about it anymore. namaste.

No. 1409544

Ayrt, again I don't know the situation but the post just looks like tinfoiling.

No. 1409547

Yeah. Looks like moids and pickmes are already pointing the finger at the wife with no previous information. I'd bet 10 to 1 half the people saying the wife is sus would have never said remotely the same thing if the roles were reversed

No. 1409548

File: 1668485720579.jpeg (968.68 KB, 1160x1148, 16677562-A56F-4ADC-8CFF-CD2596…)

I’m sorry I got a good kek out of this

No. 1409550

I still can't believe he dated two women also named Taylor kek

No. 1409559

it's not the tism, he's one of those people who grew up so rich they literally never learned social skills because they don't need to

No. 1409562

kek anon his "vocals" are a mic effect. i'm sure the music industry has another guy who can do them and there's a whole new boring "she won't touch my dick i cry" band to listen to right now, i mean it go look

No. 1409563

holy fuck he really looks like he's being forced to play dressup by lazy white trash parents who want a meal ticket

No. 1409569

why the fuck do women keep doing that to their faces?
she was born beautiful enough to get work for only her looks. she has zero talents or personality. i would be so jealous of her but then she bogged herself. seriously idgi

No. 1409572

Nta but stop.


Why are we getting newfags posting reaction pics in these threads lately

No. 1409576


No. 1409577

I think it's just a male acting neurotic.

No. 1409581

i'm kekking so hard
he looks exactly like the 40 year old guy at a motel in miami where college kids go on spring break

No. 1409582

Yeah this definitely seems likes it’s been building forever. Every season he’s done for the past few years always seemed to mention how it’d be his last kek.

No. 1409584

the all caps combined with random outdated pics makes me suspect it's a lost facebook refugee

No. 1409588

to me bill murray always seemed exactly like an IRL jack from the shining. all his movies are like ANGRILY sexist and he always looks like a guy who starts pounding miller lights at 10am on his day off in 1978. i don't mean as an old man, i mean that's how he's always looked.
he's not very funny either. he's just in movies written by guys who are good at snappy dialogue

No. 1409589

samefag- sorry ijust seriously don't know why no one thinks of bill murray as a permanently drunk and angry, woman slapping guy. like if his character in caddy shack did a sean connery impression

No. 1409593

File: 1668487643448.jpeg (706.4 KB, 1024x790, E82795B0-34A5-450A-BA8F-988E65…)

was recently informed of this so for any anons who were talking about chris evans in the last thread or so, apparently now he’s dating 25 year old alba baptista at 41


>a source confirmed their romance to an outlet in November, revealing that the couple has been dating for over a year

>Page Six published images of the couple holding hands in Central Park just hours after word of their relationship got out. The outlet reports that they dropped each other’s hands after noticing paparazzi nearby.

>When doing press for The Gray Man in July, in the early months of their relationship, Evans admitted that he was “laser-focused on finding a partner” and that he found the pressures of Hollywood difficult for his personal life

No. 1409596

Seriously, stop. You seem unhinged

No. 1409597

File: 1668487742204.jpeg (307.98 KB, 662x492, CC5DCB52-6CB1-4AAD-922A-C1F2BC…)

Yep that seems to check out

No. 1409599

File: 1668487791403.jpeg (352 KB, 620x930, 37F9EB00-E920-4952-98A6-B079CF…)

Every fuckin’ time. She looks young for her age too.

No. 1409600

woman from moderate muslim country where women can vote and wear tshirts opposes islamic republic where women are chattel = offensive somehow???
france sucks but it's because all our grandmothers live in villages with no toilets, not because we make people show their face on their ID card

No. 1409601

kek. makes me think of a boomer hunched behind a screen

No. 1409602

guys who used steroids always look so weird when they're between movies or taking a break from serious training

No. 1409603

right, i don’t want to set off a whole sperg about age gaps but it seems… off. she seems cool though according to the article.

No. 1409604

i hope they stay together forever so neither one ends up back in the dating pool

No. 1409605

File: 1668488029128.jpeg (340.09 KB, 1124x1607, 4C9E8905-97BD-4B51-87BA-3A228F…)

This is from Buzzfeed. The image they used for this makes me cackle and I don't know why

No. 1409606

albanian ones do

No. 1409610

this post is weird, moid or drunk racist girl? i can't tell
kek i love his face in the inset "please stop taking pictures of me scary paps"

No. 1409611

I remember when she claimed that the reason her face looked so different was specifically because of Japanese potatoes. Like wtf kek

No. 1409612

>average guy from the back of a restaurant kitchen
most women would be super into that kek

No. 1409613

Oh fuck I accidentally clicked the wrong reply. That was meant to be for >>1409569

No. 1409615

male punctuation, reddit spacing. mods where are you please

No. 1409619

he looks like he's full of klonopin in every picture i've seen of him

No. 1409623

just report. tired of seeing these weird ass posts with all caps and random pics filling up the thread though.

No. 1409626

It looks like he is wearing really shit foundation wtf.I can't believe this is the man that many ethnocentrist black women on lsa throw all their politics out the window for. He is literally so bland.

Why is this true lmao, those men are literally the biggest whores.

No. 1409629

i like how you can see her leg and arm hair in the photo. did some stalking and she seems pretty cultured although she posted a photo of wife beater john lennon on instagram so maybe not? i would love for the relationship to be legitimate on both ends but she's so baby faced the age gap is concerning.

No. 1409635

>she posted a photo of wife beater john lennon on instagram
yeah that’s weird but i was surprised how many people either aren’t aware of how shitty he was to cynthia or just gloss over it

No. 1409641

WTF is wrong with you

No. 1409644

again just report, i suspect it’s the same person shitting up the thread.

No. 1409647

Mods will ban you soon enough.

No. 1409651

File: 1668490712901.jpeg (571.29 KB, 1125x1915, 52ADC9F1-9965-4B97-B9F6-958376…)

can we get back on track thanks. apparently gisele isn’t actually dating the guy mentioned earlier in this thread.

No. 1409669

i work in kitchens and i have to say i never noticed how horribly out of shape non-physical labour moids are until i went to a part recently and a bunch of the office workers got wasted and took their shirts off.
so maybe that is part of it i can't tell though. only hooked up with one male back when i felt like i had to make super sure i was lesbian. why is that still something we all do when we're like 19 ugh

No. 1409672

samefag *party
to most people he is still just the guy who wrote all those songs. he's also considered to have "Reformed" because of the letter he wrote about how he learned to respect women in his 30s or some shit

No. 1409694

File: 1668494663695.jpeg (468.59 KB, 1110x1388, 0EF58888-E655-4FA7-95D5-A8D838…)

rebel wilson is being criticized for going out to party after her announcement of having a child by surrogacy. i think the original article was deleted but google amp still shows it. curious to know what nonnas think.


>The 42-year-old, who has long been candid about her desire for a child, announced the birth of her daughter Royce Lillian on November 8.

>She said that the baby had been born “this past week” and called her “a beautiful miracle” before going on to thank her “gorgeous surrogate”.

>Five days after announcing their baby news, Wilson and Agruma attended a celebration for Paris Hilton’s virtual realm “Paris World” in Santa Monica.

>Wilson went on to post a photo and video where she was seen dancing on an elaborate dance floor, captioning the post, “Total Sliving last night! Congrats Paris Hilton.”

>The comments section was quickly filled with social media users calling out the new mother for partying so soon after welcoming her child.

>“I sure as heck wouldn’t have left my newborn to go partying the week she was born! Whether I had birthed her myself or not is irrelevant!” one said.

>“I think she may regret this post in a few weeks/ month’s time,” a second began.

>“She can do whatever she wants, as can any mum, but it does seem a little odd that a week after a baby that she longed for (for) so long arrives and she’s out partying.

No. 1409702

>why is that still something we all do when we're like 19 ugh

No. 1409729

Most Albos are only nominally Muslim anyway, it’s a pretty liberal country. Regardless, twitterfags are fucking insufferable, they have nothing better to do with their time but find reasons to “cancel” people. What a miserable existence.

No. 1409732

>something we all do

No. 1409733

Right?! Why do people think that women stop being human once they become parents? Let her live for fuck’s sake, she’s got a very long 18 years ahead of her raising a girl in this fucked up world that hates us just for existing

No. 1409735

ayrt and i actually agree. if a father did the same thing no one would blink an eye because they don’t expect him to do the grunt work of raising a child. just wanted to see what people thought.

No. 1409737

The only thing I encountered about this whole this was about her having a baby by a surrogate mother, I even remember that one tweet
>two women and they still rented someone else's womb

No. 1409761

I’m honestly not bothered by age gaps if the younger person is over 25 but she does look quite young and it’s just so typical. He clearly is trying to find someone to pop out his boring kids and doesn’t want someone in their thirties bc scrotes all think the same way. He really is nothing special in a sea of other buff white dudes. I hope she’s being treated very well is all I can say.

No. 1409765

She looks her age. I'm 28 and can't even imagine dating a 41yo guy, I don't know how she's doing this. Better have some fun with Chris Evans before his hairline gets even worse I suppose. Good luck to her.

No. 1409775

Reaching, should 25 year olds look 30? Wtf.

No. 1409777

i honestly blame the city i live in for making me schizo i was depressed but normal when i lived rural

No. 1409779

Not schizo, more like paranoid and anxious because your brain is being overstimulated by the fast pacedness. I suggest you two things, to ask for citizenship in an anxiety thread on this website and to try to make your home more zen and calm so you can have a safe space.

No. 1409803

the real milk here is wtf is this paris world shit.

No. 1409810

She made use of another woman's body to carry this child, and she is in Hollywood. Of course she doesn't care that much. Are people missing why these celebrities go for surrogacy in the first place? They don't want to inconvenience themselves. Having a kid is just crossing something off the bucket list for them, not a lifelong commitment, and that child will probably be raised by a bunch of nannies. I think anyone who defends her or anyone else who does this as if they're just regular parents is a bit naive. The fathers are typically even less involved.

No. 1409819

I need a full analysis of what’s so unsettling about his face
> Let her live for fuck’s sake
A few days after having a newborn? Pardon, paying a woman to carry out her child even though she could have done it herself but didn’t want the inconvenience?
If she decided to be a parent then she has to take responsibility for it, not only is it weird that she is doing it so soon after the baby was born, but what mother that isn’t a sociopath or a narcissist would not want to rather spend time with their precious baby?
What this nona >>1409810 said, she is only crossing something off of her bucket list. Have a child, take care of it and don’t “ughh women can still have fun when their baby was just bornnn they don’t have to spend time with itttt” her.

No. 1409846

File: 1668510718980.png (30.89 KB, 611x267, WTF.png)

I was surprised at seeing the reactions, i guess you really cant win as a female celebrity no matter what you do because if she said yes to catar or no to france people would still complain over that and attack her.

Also look at this retarded comment calling Dua a colonizer when dua is literally a albanian and comes from a muslim family, like thats taking offensive to another level to accused someone who was colonized (albanians and the majority of balkan were colonized by The ottoman turkish empire who forced them into islam and kept them as slaves) of being a colonizer just because they offended someone.

No. 1409848

File: 1668510808846.png (30.79 KB, 332x298, hmm.....png)

of course its a kpop stan

No. 1409853

Exactly. If she had just had a baby herself and had enough energy to go to a party, it's whatever as long as the baby is taken care of - women can and should have nights out for themselves from time to time even when they are mothers. Looking at the whole picture with Rebel Wilson in particular, however, is what gives off the indifferent impression. Like you said, it's pretty obvious having a child is mostly just crossing something off the bucket list for her. She OR her gf couldn't be bothered to have the kid by themselves because it would be inconvenient for them, so they rented out someone else's womb instead. I have no respect for rich people who use other women as their baby incubators lmao, fuck them

No. 1409890

most Albanian women who are Muslims don't wear hijab. Source: am Albanian

No. 1409897

There's legally no way the proportion of a given ethnicity or religion in France (surveys like this were made illegal because it made deporting jews during WW2 easy), where did she get that fake percentage? And I was born and raised in France in a muslim family and nobody in my family would even think about going to Qatar because it's an oppressive shithole, maybe that girl needs to talk to actual muslims irl if she wants opinions.

No. 1409908

like father >>1408678 like son >>1408618

her chin looked better before.

he is probably bisexual, why else whould he settle with a woman in the year 2022 as a western celeb. The anons saying he is gay are tinfoiling.

I never understand why people hyped up Chris evans like he was the hottest man on earth when he looks like every other average bland white man who takes some care of himself, go out and you will find men who look like him. And the funniest part was most people hyping him up were middle aged white women and black women and then he goes and only dates young women kek.

No. 1409937

Hard agree with you Nonnas. I don’t see how is it contradictory to be genuinely willing for a child and then taking out a couple of hours out of a day to go to a friend’s event, which was obviously planned well ahead of the baby being born, and actually qualifies as somewhat of a "job" for those people. And then also have fun as an extended bonus. God forbid a woman has fun for a couple hours! How dare she! It’s not like she’s breastfeeding or the baby isn’t well looked after.

Suggesting that once becoming a mother a woman should be glued to the baby 24/7 for the next 18 years, otherwise she’s just "crossing something off the bucket list" and "doesn’t care for the child" is mad unhinged, as this type of manic parenting is unhealthy for the child, first and foremost. Not even speaking about about treating a woman as some sort baby-popping slave, stripped off of all personality, 100% moid logic.

No. 1409943

everyone who uses a surrogate should be shot. it's literally human trafficking. if surrogacy was a good thing, rich women would be the ones doing it for poor people. instead it's the other way around. use your brain for once in your life, nonnie. defending a millionaire surrogate-abuser is pathetic.

No. 1409945

File: 1668519468206.jpg (256.15 KB, 720x826, 20221115_135306.jpg)

I will never shit on Arigato Grande for black or asian fishing again. This is a whole other level

No. 1409948

I think the emphasis should be on young white women. No idea why black women were hyping him up so much.

No. 1409951

what a stunning and brave transracial woman

No. 1409953

i support danielle more than ariana.
Danielle has always wanted to look like that and was into this type of aesthetic and i dont think her being into that type of aesthetic means she wants to change race..
Meanwhile ariana changes her race every couple of years white-latina-black-asian based on what is popular. Ariana is definitely way worse.

No. 1409966

please stop, like I feel bad for the shit time she had at the ranch and her narc mom but this is too far

No. 1409979

Do people think women are supposed to stay home and be quiet?? This screams sexism. I don't agree with her using a surrogate but this is bs criticism.

No. 1409984

if she had given birth to the baby, or her wife had, then i'd be like yeah go out have fun live your life, mothers are allowed to have fun, etc. but the fact is she risked another woman's life, took away her bodily autonomy (you aren't allowed to get an abortion once you've signed the paperwork, or you can be forced to get an abortion if the "owners" change their mind, even if you want to keep it), and NOW instead of looking after the baby she bought, she wants to go get drunk with rightwing moron paris hilton? nah. she should stay home and look after her stolen baby since she wanted it so badly.

No. 1410010

>as this type of manic parenting is unhealthy for the child
you mean the baby that is just a few days old?
Exactly this

You can’t just take the situation out of context and twist it into a “people hate mothers” (which is often true!) situation, it doesn’t apply here

No. 1410014

File: 1668523468809.jpeg (325.54 KB, 828x802, 86EBC3A3-9670-4401-954A-BB2F34…)

jim carrey is now banned from russia

No. 1410017

I mean does he care??
I thought he was retiring from acting anyway

No. 1410021

You can put sanctions on people? wat

No. 1410022

Yass girl,other women are meant to be baby-popping slaves, not girlbosses! Let her have fun!! Everyone else is so unhinged smh(enough surrogate derailing )

No. 1410028

oh no the tragedy, anyways

No. 1410056

Yes. It's happened to Russian officials in America. an oligarch named oleg deripaska who was said to have helped trump in the 2016 election was sanctioned here and is currently indicted

No. 1410065

i know he's crazy but what did he do to get banned from russia specifically kek

No. 1410084

That could literally be any random Instagram woman in the after

No. 1410085

>A ministry statement said author Margaret Atwood, actor Jim Carrey and Amy Knight, a noted historian of the KGB, were on the banned list.
>The ministry said they and the other 97, many of whom are connected to ethnic Ukrainian organizations, were banned because of involvement in “formation of (Canada’s) aggressively anti-Russian course.”

No. 1410091

File: 1668529684859.jpeg (97.69 KB, 828x618, E662DDB4-EE9B-4B73-8600-E1E441…)

Frankie Grande getting robbed by a 13 year old is sending me lmao

No. 1410096

well to be fair it doesn’t take a legal adult to just smack someone in the back of the head to incapacitate them, pretty fucked up since if you fall wrong or get hit too hard you can just die like that. Kids are out of fucking control in a lot of cities right now

No. 1410098

This is a reach. She just looks Italian American.

No. 1410103

no she doesn’t kek why defend bhad babie of all people??

No. 1410105

you can tell what ariana would have looked like if she didnt get surgery by looking at Frankie's face. I just know her nose would be hooked just like his.

No. 1410110

She doesn’t look black so what’s wrong with this?

No. 1410115

she looks tan i guess? twitter users get a job challenge.

No. 1410116

Yeah in the before picture she does kek. Definitely looks black on the right. If the general population wants to support trannies, there's no reason for them to freak out about this.

No. 1410117

File: 1668531591389.jpg (104.87 KB, 736x522, ad8122f86b4bcf695335cdb71f614f…)

She looks better now regardless of her race crimes. Besides, any black woman who she's copying would have to be wearing weave so any arguments don't hold up unless you're hypocritical

No. 1410118

>changing your gender is natural! it's just a normal part of being a person! plastic surgery is healthcare! you can definitely change from male to female, biologically, and it's normal and good for you!
>transracialism is a scam, anyone blackfishing is trying to profit off black bodies! you can't just go from being a white person to being a black person! you just got a bunch of plastic surgery and think that's good for you?

No. 1410119

>twitter users
>x do x challenge

No. 1410120

? is that meme from twitter?

No. 1410122

kek you think he didn't get a nose job too?

No. 1410125

She was so adorable before, wtf that was completely unnecessary

No. 1410130

>She looks better now

No. 1410135

Don't even try to argue with instathots. They think having bloated wax lips makes you look good. She looks like a clown after.

No. 1410136

she does not look better at all. she looks scary and i feel the same way about her breathing as i do pugs

No. 1410162

>wearing weave so any arguments don't hold up unless you're hypocritical

so sick of people using this dumbass argument. wearing wigs/extensions =\= trying to look white. bhad bhabie clearly darkened her skin, got lip injections, speaks AAVE, ect. she is clearly blackfishing.

No. 1410165

different anon here, she really doesn't look black though? she's just got some kind of tan. and the wig is straight and blonde, so I don't really get it. she's going for a certain aesthetic, sure, but she looks far from black.

No. 1410169

i literally thought this was a black woman, anon. stop being dense. i know we’re allowed to have different opinions but fucking come on

No. 1410172

>black women don't wear blonde wigs
Bitch it's a wig. Who cares what the color of it is.

No. 1410175

Lol I didn’t say that

No. 1410182

someone should make a racefishing thread, there is alot of racefishers especially on tiktok so maybe that could be discussed there.
Let me know if you want me to make a thread about this.

No. 1410183

>"she won't touch my dick i cry"
fucking kek

No. 1410184

But you did. Why else did you mention she didn't look black because she's wearing a blonde wig? Retard.

No. 1410188

racefishing is a zoomer topic.

No. 1410194

File: 1668533973969.png (825.37 KB, 1180x660, Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 9.39…)

his lips have always bothered me. I remember thinking he was weird looking in Not Another Teen Movie with his big red lips

No. 1410195

it existed way before zoomers knew about newfag. Racefishing existed since 2016.

No. 1410197

And you know what, at least transracials aren't chopping off whole body parts to fit their LARP. The day when transracials seem mentally healthy in comparison has come sooner than I expected. Clown world.

No. 1410204

No. 1410209

this has to be bait bordering on racebait.

No. 1410210

Lil Kim was always pretty, she really didn't need plastic surgery, your picture frustates me so much.

No. 1410220

>way before zoomers
anon are you okay? make the thread if you want, but it will be flooded with annoying zoomers reeing about how eyeliner is racist.

No. 1410223

File: 1668535162859.png (786.59 KB, 942x623, image (1).png)

So true. These zoomers need to go outside. Pic related, the famous Italian opera singer, Megiano Stallone

No. 1410227

KEK anon stop

No. 1410231

nta but i think they mean jersey shore types.

No. 1410235

Queen of Italy and the European Union, we stan.

No. 1410236

File: 1668535420049.png (1.16 MB, 1382x830, nm_.png)

Nicoletta Menagerio (average napoli woman)

No. 1410239

This is cringy as fuck. Stop.

No. 1410240

File: 1668535618476.jpg (38.04 KB, 684x718, badgyal.JPG)

nah she looks like a ghetto white girl picrel is badgyal, a spanish 'musician'

No. 1410241

i think the filter probably makes it worse than it is.

No. 1410247

>megiano stallone
this is such a reach, she's just tan but what else do you expect from a twitter famous moid

No. 1410248

You just sound like you hate Italian women, stop being jealous.

No. 1410258

File: 1668536158633.png (456.34 KB, 701x700, bg.png)

I tried looking up badgyal and Google thinks she's Nicki Minaj kek

No. 1410291

>somewhat of a "job" for those people.
Working class mothers usually takesbsome time off work after getting a child. So these rich women should be able to do it too

No. 1410310

Working class mothers also spend 9 months growing the child that learns their voice and heart beat. Does hers know hers yet? Can she even comfort the child she bought like a fancy poodle or does it not even know her voice yet? Maybe she has I don’t know 9 months of bonding to be doing since she decided to buy another human being for rent.

No. 1410313

>implying she won't just have a nanny raise the kid

No. 1410346

Damn, so is she doing anything with/for the baby?

No. 1410368

File: 1668541964397.jpg (98.71 KB, 1256x2048, FhdZ1BzXoAAHmNy.jpg)

No. 1410371

No. 1410373

lmao I thought the roblox face/body was just a joke for the thumbnail of the video, I had no idea this was an actual thing

No. 1410387

File: 1668543391452.jpg (76.16 KB, 811x714, grammy.JPG)

Grammy 2023 nominations are out:

>Beyoncé is the top nominee for the 65th annual Grammy Awards, with nine nods, all but one for her dance-heavy album “Renaissance.” (The other is for “Be Alive,” from the film “King Richard.”)

Record of the Year
>“Don’t Shut Me Down,” Abba
>“Easy on Me,” Adele
>“Break My Soul,” Beyoncé
>“Good Morning Gorgeous,” Mary J. Blige
>“You and Me on the Rock,” Brandi Carlile featuring Lucius
>“Woman,” Doja Cat
>“Bad Habit,” Steve Lacy
>“The Heart Part 5,” Kendrick Lamar
>“About Damn Time,” Lizzo
>“As It Was,” Harry Styles

Album of the Year
>“Voyage,” Abba
>“30,” Adele
>“Un Verano Sin Ti,” Bad Bunny
>“Renaissance,” Beyoncé
>“Good Morning Gorgeous (Deluxe),” Mary J. Blige
>“In These Silent Days,” Brandi Carlile
>“Music of the Spheres,” Coldplay
>“Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers,” Kendrick Lamar
>“Special,” Lizzo
>“Harry’s House,” Harry Styles

Best New Artist
>Omar Apollo
>Domi & JD Beck
>Muni Long
>Samara Joy
>Tobe Nwigwe
>Molly Tuttle
>Wet Leg

Best Pop Solo Performance
>“Easy on Me,” Adele
>“Moscow Mule,” Bad Bunny
>“Woman,” Doja Cat
>“Bad Habit,” Steve Lacy
>“About Damn Time,” Lizzo
>“As It Was,” Harry Styles

more nominees here: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/15/arts/music/grammys-nominee-list-2023.html

No. 1410457

I really think the only nominations worthy of album of the year are 30 or Renaissance. Not like it really matters though.

No. 1410464

I thought it was Nikocado

No. 1410467

Anitta is new? what do they consider new?

No. 1410557

I always assumed they meant new in a mainstream way

No. 1410558

I literally don't care for a single song on this list. Most of those new artists aren't even new.

No. 1410561

> Molly Tuttle
> Wet Leg
both are great; idk how Molly is "new" though. wet leg deserves it imo

No. 1410563

Wet leg suxx

No. 1410575

File: 1668553814910.png (618.9 KB, 1402x902, Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.05…)

Alexa Nikolas from Zoey 101 is calling out Seth Macfarlane for being an abuser. I've always wondered if something would come out about him, he always seemed like a smug creep to me.

No. 1410576

File: 1668553867369.png (876.28 KB, 1232x1202, Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 3.10…)

No. 1410611

This whole text is so weird. Was this in the album booklet?

No. 1410647

weren't there always weird rumors about him dating the young leads on the orville… tbh I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1410666

>But where are those good old fashioned values,
>On which we used to rely,
>Lucky there's a family guy!
>He's our family guy
Seth has always had hollyweird vibrations radiating off of him in my opinion

No. 1410672

File: 1668562166553.jpg (77.33 KB, 1024x1024, FhjlDD5UcAAp-V_.jpg)

Drake covers up Taylor Swift’s #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with emojis in his Instagram story.

No. 1410676

File: 1668562460598.jpg (60.79 KB, 736x730, 5e3dae2f93c37c095904de00e6b67e…)

Why do black men hate Taylor so much

No. 1410677

Definitely sounds like something a 13 year old boy who thinks he's being deep would write

No. 1410679

i noticed that same vibe from him too. kind of ironic since he often attempts to call out other celebrities.

No. 1410686

he is a 30+ year old high school girl, which is hilarious when he's shading a 30+ year old college girl. I hope taylor eats him alive

No. 1410687

everything used to be OK…

No. 1410708

what a weird and unnecessarily petty thing to do kek. he could have just cropped out all songs that didn’t involve 21 savage since the story is about him anyway

No. 1410709

can’t we just say both arigato and bhad bhabie are terrible?

i support neither, but i agree with you

No. 1410711

his head has inflated

No. 1410712

oh look, travis scott has a spot! and only a week after the 1 year anniversary of him inciting the deaths of 10 people. congrats to him.

No. 1410718

he looks white in the exotic/fetish kind of way. idk about other anons, but sometimes a super western or northern euro look is really attractive because it's exotic - like fair skinned, light hair, huge blue eyes men are like cute dolls?

No. 1410719

i wish taylor had announced vinyls for the 3am version of midnights so that she blocked drake on both the hot 100 and the billboard 200. i love seeing men seethe.

No. 1410722

was he really being robbbed, or trying to fuck the kid
i don't trust rich people from florida to tell the truth sorry

No. 1410725

i think he turned out a lot uglier than she would have

No. 1410729

nta, i think he probably did kek but i don’t know much about the guy.

No. 1410731

she would fit in pretty well in naples tho

No. 1410732

he's so fat he has two ass cracks

No. 1410735

how is it that gen z are online 24/7 and yet never come across any information about the people they watch/listen to all day long? wet leg are plants who don't make anything, how do you honestly fall for stuff like this when you have 3 supercomputers in your possession

No. 1410736

he absolutely did. he dated halston sage (who by the way was 25 when he, 44, began to date her) and she got a spot on the show. they break up, she suddenly leaves not even halfway through a season. he began to date anne winters (28 and he’s 49) and she got a spot to replace halston. every male comedian is a plague on society.

No. 1410737

isn’t this the same guy who said he refuses to go down on his wife

No. 1410738

yeah he's obsessed with classic hollywood musicals and studied under frank sinatra jr.s vocal coach
his shows make jokes directly targeting women until he leaves the writing staff and then suddenly they are watchable.
he's one of those "it's not rape unless you hold her down in an alley while she's screaming no" guys

No. 1410742

don't men understand how fucking gay that makes them sound? "ew i hate the taste of vaginas and getting vagina right in my face"
what the fuck are they trying to say with that??

No. 1410743

nta but i thought the song was catchy. most musicians only make it in the industry because they have connections. if they're blatantly bad but keep getting praise and shoved down everyone's throats (like starkiller) it's an issue, but if they're good, who cares? it is what it is.

No. 1410744

exactly why he called out weinstein on stage a few years ago. if everyone points at the more violent and more prolific abuser, no one will suspect him. he called out a rapist! he couldn’t be one himself!

No. 1410750

what’s worse is i’m pretty sure he said he expects her to go down on him though because he’s a “king” or some shit and doesn’t do that. i don’t remember exactly what he said.

No. 1410751

>The interview then asked, "So, you're saying you don't go down?" "Nahhh. Never!" Khaled replied saying "I don't DO that" several times saying it wouldn't be okay for a woman to refuse to perform oral sex on a man. According to Khaled, it's because men are kings.

No. 1410753

nta i don’t think i’ve ever heard of starkiller. but a lot of new artists these days are getting called industry plants (and i think some rightfully so) but then who isn’t if they’re all going to be accused of being plants?

No. 1410757

yeah, that was exactly it. disgusting. i feel bad for his wife, not just for the lack of oral sex but his attitude

No. 1410762

nta but i think nonita meant starcrawler

No. 1410770

>he looks white in the exotic/fetish kind of way.
Kek no he doesn't wtf

No. 1410788

File: 1668571165325.png (772.55 KB, 1282x1490, Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 7.57…)

he said nothing wrong in his monologue it was both funny and pertinent. i truly don't understand the hysteria, and i'm jewish.
no one can take a joke/any kind of social commentary anymore without it making national headlines.

No. 1410797

File: 1668571850309.jpeg (421.97 KB, 1530x1618, 08E70CFE-626A-4A80-BAC3-6DF0E0…)

Lol and yet…

No. 1410802

File: 1668572085128.png (55.3 KB, 1258x158, Screen Shot 2022-11-15 at 8.14…)

SNL has been on the downturn for years with its unfunny garbage. people really only tune in when they get funny comedians to host (rare). and even then, most just watch the clips on youtube.

No. 1410810

i think it's fine for American Black people to talk shit about the irish and jewish. maybe instead of shitting on an old man for making lame old person jokes twitter should get outraged about all the pedophiles behind the scenes of SNL/literally every tv show and movie(racebait)

No. 1410835

Why does this faggot have such powerful connections in the entertainment industry?
>Free ride on snl
>Access to every attractive celebrity female
>Dated Kim K to spite Kanye
>Constant news articles about him despite being unattractive, unfunny and irrelevant
Am I the only one who's confused? He's basically got nothing going for him except "muh dad's dead jokes" which are scraping the absolute bottom of the barrel. Does everyone still feel sorry for him because Ariana's fans called him butthole eyes or something?

No. 1410839

don't forget this, he wrote a minute long "joke" where Quagmire rapes marge simpson and then kills the entire simpson family, and was personally offended that the studios refused to let him air it

No. 1410845

i really thought this was lizzo with a shaved head jfc

No. 1410846

Makes me love her even more put of spite of those nasty scrotes.

No. 1410847

Dave chappelle is funny and almost always accurate in his representations of any race/nationally/ethnicity/religion/sexual orientation. He’s like South Park where he makes fun of everyone no discrimination. He won’t get canceled because he doesn’t care and is a legend is the comedic world.

No. 1410848

I love how they never bring up his misogynistic antics when roasting him.

No. 1410852

they’ll have on elon musk, donald trump, rudy giuliani, lance armstong, and even let morgan wallen who purposely broke covid protocols during the height of the pandemic host, but dave chappelle? oh no, that’s too far.

No. 1410858

Why does this make me want to be a Taylor Swift fan?

No. 1410874

kek I know right, I really don’t like her music or her persona but I fucking hate moids, especially misogynistic rappers, so I love seeing how hard she makes them seethe just by existing

No. 1410878

File: 1668580830041.png (133.43 KB, 1808x474, QWGKply.png)

actually, they already did "cancel" him once.

No. 1410895

File: 1668585533864.jpg (7.26 KB, 270x275, 06b3fed14e17c9399513cbd21d240c…)

I'm a massive schizo tinfoiler but Pete Davidson, MGK and Travis Scott are all weirdly connected with these people.
basically they are "handlers". Kanye's therapist telling him they're going to drug him back to zombieland reminds me of a lot of the Lima Jevremović/Amanda Raab situation. Same with Britney Spears, and whatever the fuck MGK and Megan Fox are doing with their ~black magic~ and the Kardashians with their witchcraft and connections to MARINA ABRAMOVIC who all the elites are apparently bffs with.
9/11 was (obviously) staged, he could be paid off or puppeted by the industry BECAUSE of his father (if he even died).
tl;dr it's all connected. I actually agree with Drake-is-a-woman poster.
(pls no ban for tinfoil I've just gone down a huge rabbit hole about it this year and it is super fucky. I'll post what receipts I have on the tinfoil thread if anyone is interested)

knows whats UP

No. 1410928

i’m late but if it was you that made the thread, i actually didn’t mind the idea. i can see why jannies locked it though, as interesting as it would be it would just devolve into mindless sperging

No. 1410962

Why did the janny redtext this? Is she a closet huffer and her feelings got hurt or something lol

No. 1410969

Based fellow schizoid.

No. 1410988

probably because we had someone clogging up the thread with similar responses and pictures that were derailing. some of them have been deleted now though. it was talked about on the meta board.

No. 1410994

Molested boys grow up into fatties or crazy drug addicts. The rule is as true as ever. What was she thinking when she had a baby with him?

No. 1411037

File: 1668600186680.webm (1.34 MB, 320x568, sYZchIrFM7FcY-Qw.webm)

julia fox reveals she purposely keeps bleached brows as it's a man repellent and cause it pisses off her ex "my son's father gets so triggered by these eyebrows, so that's why i continually do them"

No. 1411038

Seth McFarlane is garbage. Anyone defending family guy with their SA jokes are just as awful

No. 1411085

>Anyone defending family guy with their SA jokes are just as awful
Twitterfag alert, family guy is fun to turn my brain off to not everything is meant to be some grand moral statement

No. 1411186

humiliating men like that is so stacey and slay

No. 1411191

Please do anon.

No. 1411218

i love that so many idiots are saying shit like “aaron said a couple days before his death that someone was going to kill him!!!” buddy was screaming about secret assassins sent by his brother and hollywood every single week. what’s more likely, a drug addict died because of his drug addiction or his fiancé hired a fucking MAID to kill him?

No. 1411230

good for her

No. 1411235

Looking at Seth’s page on Who Dated Who, he dated Ashley Greene, Amanda Bynes, Kate Todd, Trisha Cummings and Kaylee DeFer when he was 34-36 and they were each 20-22.

No. 1411257

Ffs why do morbidly obese men always have their asscrack out it’s so disgusting. Get some better fitting pants

No. 1411261

Lolcow somehow made me unironically crush on her and this isn't helping.

No. 1411262

Wow so he really is just the human version of Brian from family guy, he used to say that character is the one that's the most similar to his personality. I'm disappointed in my tween self for being so obsessed with that show and buying his stupid DVD's, posters, plushies, cups, christmas ornaments. I can't believe I used to think that shit was cool lol, embarrassing


No. 1411264

Pete Davidson really likes bolted on boobs

No. 1411266

Gross, he keeps getting older and crustier and they stay the same age of course. His comedy sometimes seems like it's just a huge projection, and he has a lot of weird hate boners for certain celebrities which he entertains through family Guy jokes, one I can think of is Lana Del Rey. I wouldn't think anything of it except that they went to the same college, Fordham University and even though he's probably 8 to 10 years older than Lana I still find it and wonder about it

No. 1411276

Don't use twt. Just say you enjoy Seth and his shitty rape jokes and go.

No. 1411278

Not that anon but you know you can like a show but not like every joke right?

No. 1411288

that’s cool and all but the original anon never said you couldn’t watch the show. they said it’s awful to defend the jokes. a clear difference.

No. 1411296

anyone watching and enjoying family guy's new seasons has 1 brain cell

No. 1411318

File: 1668624268212.jpg (202.71 KB, 685x774, 84588.jpg)

We need a thread for extreme cringe lyrics

No. 1411321

The fact that Kim Petra’s is featured tells me everything I need to know.

No. 1411325

we have a bad writing thread which includes lyrics in /m/ >>>/m/207965

No. 1411336

Two gay moids singing about how much they fetishise "straight" DL men, especially if they're in a relationship with a woman. What a shock.

No. 1411347

So these two claim to be a "nonbinary" person and a woman, respectively. And yet their song is filled to the brim with misogynistic tropes about how a boring older wife sits at home while her husband is out there fucking someone younger and more exciting than her (with some wish fulfillment thrown in I guess since these are two gay moids singing the song)? Color me shocked. Then again scrotes are depraved like that and want to have a wife to come home to and also screw around with younger women, so… there's some realism to how they portrayed male degeneracy then, I suppose?

No. 1411589

File: 1668642151669.png (584.37 KB, 1416x720, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 3.37…)

I get what he's saying, he's referring to Trump, but just the idea of Elijah Wood saying "y'all" is so weird to me

No. 1411590

i genuinely feel like song lyrics of popular songs are just getting worse

No. 1411599

is he proud to be a rebound? i feel like his bpd would really just not react well with the fact women only get with him immediately after getting out of a long term relationship. clearly just a rebound

No. 1411606

>felt like a nightmare
Idk anyone who is better off now than 4 years ago.

No. 1411639

He’s lived in Texas so long he’s a heckin hillbilly hobbiterino now

No. 1411647

that hardly is bc we don’t have trump anymore.

No. 1411648

>felt like a nightmare
He types from his iPhone 14 in his mansion in the backhills of Austin while counting his bills…

It’s so annoying when celebrities say shit like this to try to sound relatable. We all know that you are not apart of the demographic who is actively effected by the wrongdoing of those in control. Shut your fucking mouth and keep sipping your stella, fagface.

No. 1411671

i think he likes the publicity and the fact that he’s known for getting attention from celeb women considered high profile regardless of whether he’s a rebound or not. that being said, i barely know much about the guy except for what people say about him.

No. 1411682

i've never been convinced that pete has bpd to begin with.

No. 1411689

please post it i really want to know

No. 1411704

American Dad is slightly superior despite being made by the same creep but only because it has Francine

No. 1411773

stanning a woman who makes herself look ridiculous on purpose just to "annoy" a man she barely see's, like seriously

No. 1411783

Nta but did you forget about his suicide baiting antics and impulsively tattooing the names of Kim's children

No. 1411876

File: 1668672130087.png (3.24 MB, 828x1792, 7882CD25-0EA9-42B9-AC38-77DB0F…)

Paris Hilton will do IVF and do I smell surrogacy?

No. 1411877

File: 1668672441961.jpeg (185.13 KB, 1242x1614, her apologizing for the jokes …)

think of the ariana saga. trying to marry ariana grande only months into knowing her, getting tattoos of her, obsessing over her 24/7. then she dumped him cause mac miller died and she was very depressed. but pete was begging her to come back and saying he was going to kill himself. it was fucking awful. even thank you next is pretty kind to him. yet pete still makes fun of her and whines about her ruining him in his stand-up. he also talks about her vagina and how she is in bed… im sorry but the man is as bpd as bitches come

no need to gatekeep it, its not like its rare or interesting

No. 1411885

she's 41 years and a narc, she'd never risk her figure, its easier for her to just pay another woman to bare her children

No. 1411887

her face will always be her best feature, damn. so stunning even in this awful style. i really wish she was more open about what she does to her face, i remember paparazzis catching her leaving a surgery place like a year ago but she has never talked about it

No. 1411891

That and when Adam D is hosting

No. 1411892

File: 1668674504695.png (2.31 MB, 1170x2532, 7F0F2AAB-BF54-4530-B9C0-66EE59…)

Some crazy guy with road rage decided to scream at Denise Richards and her husband and then shoot the car because they were taking too long.

No. 1411906

They enjoy shitting on attractive white women since it’s a cover for their misogyny. Also it’s sour grapes. As much as they sperg about muh flat ass they are desperate to be validated by white women.

No. 1411921

so where can i go for some premium salt from chris evans stans?

No. 1411930

So many straight women are like
>I LOVE this male celebrity to death! This one's really special, not like the rest of Hollywood! Surely he isn't a creep like other male celebrities and won't disappoint me
>I LOVE this male celebrity to death! This one's really special, not like the rest of Hollywood! Surely he isn't a creep like other male celebrities and won't disappoint me
>I LOVE this male celebrity to death! This one's really special, not like the rest of Hollywood! Surely he isn't a creep like other male celebrities and won't disappoint me
Etc etc

No. 1411945

So annoying. why do women always get bombarded with 'when are you gonna have kids?' as soon as they are married.

No. 1411947

Notice how it's always moids with road rage. Glad she's okay

>this nigel is different
Every time.

No. 1411949

Well in this case she's been talking about having children and IVF for awhile so that's why she is getting asked about it. Don't know why she worded it like it's a new and sudden thing.

No. 1411980

Mte. Thinking celebrities are great people and uncritically supporting them is a mistake to begin with, but even more so with moids than female celebs. I'd say moids disappoint every time, but since I expect the worst from them anyway, in that sense they can't disappoint kek

No. 1412001

Amber Heard does her business in the designated shitting streets of Spain
Casey Antoney has a documentary and profits off it

No. 1412056

Nta but i didn’t know she wanted kids. I actually admired her being child free but i guess i can cross that off the list

No. 1412059

File: 1668694885902.jpeg (276.62 KB, 1020x1200, 6F5D59DD-B310-4AF4-A657-D2D9D3…)

Taylor Swift always had such pretty eyes and hair too. She could have easily been a model because she’s 5’11. Here’s a pic from 2007 and I think she’s had a nose job.

No. 1412088

I thought that was Grimes at first

No. 1412142

Of all celebrities I hope Selena Gomez gets a kidney failure, ungrateful brat.(a-log)

No. 1412164

File: 1668703611891.png (468.04 KB, 652x747, 1667877288536.png)

for a lot of women the biggest turn off from having children was the actual bodily harm that was required to have a baby of your own, even rich women were at risk, but with surrogacy rich women can get just get a poor woman to bare her children, and then get a nanny to raise them, basically rich women now have the same level of biological unaccountability as men

No. 1412171

Not really. Egg harvesting is extremely dangerous.

No. 1412173

Why is he skirting around the subject and talking like this? He sounds like a fucking Facebook boomer lmao

No. 1412254

Royce is such a shitty name for a girl, it sounds like the name the jock bully from a 80's teen movie would have

No. 1412261

>I think she’s had a nose job.
Nona, she has a completely different face.

No. 1412398

File: 1668715886158.jpeg (826.75 KB, 1159x1542, 97A490CC-0575-4B7C-8E3F-F0E1A4…)

He always looks like a dirty pot dealer I swear.

No. 1412423

File: 1668717282545.jpeg (489.44 KB, 960x1215, 9C6C66B2-66CF-4FC4-9106-7088AC…)

About time my girl got support. Where were you all when the trial was going on?

No. 1412432

Losing my mind defending her and respect for a lot of people

No. 1412437

>Where were you all when the trial was going on?
posting in the trial thread, duh

No. 1412440

How in the world did we let this butthole eyes low tier comedian date some of the top A list celebrities and models? What a tragedy. It’s very much a meme but come on what the actual fuck are they passing him around for publicity or something? You’d never see a woman slutting it up with famous moids in this way, especially one on the same level of appearance and mental illness combo.

No. 1412441

I really hope this could influence women to wake up realize that women in Hollywood are complete and utter morons and you should never value anything they say, hell I'm calling it right now, pete will end up dating Amber Heard with in the next 2 years

No. 1412447

I meant the organizations/activists. I participated in the thread too.
Damn same here. Some family members have lost respect from me over it. Can’t wait to rub it in their faces tbh.

No. 1412458

can I ask why ? like I get she might have been abused by depp but spending so much time and energy on one rich loser fighting another rich loser is the most pathetic thing I can think off

No. 1412507

Jesus Christ he makes me want to a-log lmao. I remember him saying that losing his dad the way he did in 9/11 is “the worst thing that could EVER happen to ANYONE” and that alone makes me hate him kek this unfunny fucking ugly butthole eyes loser needs to crawl back into whatever pit he came from. He looks like that one dishwasher at the restaurant who’s always trying to hit on the underage hosts.

No. 1412534

File: 1668721466561.jpeg (131.01 KB, 821x967, 8B57C80E-0D20-45BC-BA96-621872…)

Not the same anon. The trial really proves how hard people will cape for men. We saw a woman be put on live TV having to recount her SA, a man being held to the same level as a martyr and people online spewing toxic misogyny so vile it’s sickening. The amount of times I was called an abuser or mentally ill for supporting Amber was astounding.It was the impact of Amber losing that we’re now seeing happen to other women who come out against Hollywood scumbags.

No. 1412609

i hate johnny depp stans with a buring passion. this stupid bitch is bringing up that fat loser when someone is speaking about their experience with csa in hollywood? evil birdbrains

No. 1412648

Fuck this thread, everytime I see it I think someone is spamming shriveled dicks again

No. 1412671

>lEt'S hEaR tHe MaN'S sIdE oF tHe sToRy
god i hate people like this

No. 1412698

In recent news, a young mother of 3 was murdered by her muzzie ex, why should we care about them again?

No. 1412705

>villages with no toilets
I thought France was a 1st world EU country?

No. 1412976

File: 1668763614087.jpg (136.36 KB, 602x414, S32qwc6.jpg)

Women who protect powerful hollywood scrotes to this degree legitimately scare me. It borders on sociopathy. Even worse when you know that Alexa was a child actress on fucking nickelodeon of all places.

Sage for OT but his bitch seriously has her entire page dedicated to sucking Depp's dick. Bio checks out too, kek.

No. 1412993

I second this kek I wanna see how many marvel fujos are mad about it tbh. God whichever anon said that thing about his hairline was soooo correct. I hope his new gf gets as much as she can out of him.

No. 1412998

these kind of women would give their own children to some manipulative pedo scrote who wants to diddle them (see: ian watkins). absolutely unsalvageable, they're as bad as the transformed wife-antifeminist types

No. 1413036

just from browsing r*ddit real quick it looks like way too many of his fans took his "golly gee i'm just looking to settle down and start a family, here's my dog!" thing far too seriously

No. 1413108

I highly doubt that she will ever date another dude again and rather stays with women.
She also never targeted butthole-eyed losers, she went more for the rich daddy type assholes.

No. 1413112

Did he ever speak out for all the other people that lost their loved ones because of the attacks? Or is it just always about himself. Besides SNL I've never seen or heard him.

No. 1413134

I just like how hard they try to pander to the male gaze but still look fucking ugly.

No. 1413136

I’m convinced he’s just a rent-a-rebound at this point.

No. 1413308

Andrew Rannells looking ass

No. 1413313

File: 1668790335459.jpg (73.01 KB, 822x849, lol.JPG)

>According to TMZ, Marilyn Manson claims his "career is in the gutter" and he's still "receiving threats to his life" after at least 15 women have accused the musician of sexual assault. Three of his accusers, including ex-girlfriend Ashley Morgan Smithline and "Game Of Thrones" actress Esmé Bianco, have filed lawsuits. Manson has denied all allegations, which he has called "horrible distortions of reality."

>The 53-year-old shock rocker — born Brian Warner — said in new legal documents that online death threats make him feel "anxious, distraught, depressed, worried, frantic, and sleepless" and he's also worried about someone harming his second wife, Lindsay Usich.


No. 1413322

No. 1413400

File: 1668795379985.jpg (92.45 KB, 1094x664, aubrey.jpg)

Aubrey Plaza gets mad at simps tweeting "step on me mommy" and proceeds to say this out loud:
>the thing is I wanna be dominated, that's what ya'll are missing. I wanna be slapped around and choked and stabbed but whatever

Why are 40 year old women so cringe?

No. 1413403

Sounds like she is inciting violence towards herself, don't encourage deranged stalker moids.

No. 1413408

I never liked the type of female characters she usually portrays, they always seem to be NLOGs.

No. 1413411

No. 1413413

Ugh of course she’s that kind of pickme, I enjoyed that she was the sarcastic unemotional funny girl but the shtick of being edgy and quirky randomly saying dark humor things is embarrassing.

No. 1413417

ive never seen a rapist moid receive death threats anywhere but here

No. 1413418

jesus christ, what a pickme. i hate how this shit is so normalised now, 10 years ago you couldn't have admitted something like this without being labelled as mentally ill.

No. 1413428

>worried about someone harming his second wife

> Marilyn Manson repeatedly subjected his now-wife, photographer Lindsay Usich, to physical and emotional abuse, one of the rocker’s former personal assistants said in a recent podcast episode. Dan Cleary, co-host of the comedy podcast “Rare Form Radio,” said he witnessed Manson push Usich, throw things at her and threaten to kill her when Cleary worked for the musician in 2014 and 2015.

No. 1413442

Well if only he was actually receiving death threats, it would serve him right

Why do women voluntarily embarrass themselves like this? Also like another anon said, it would be wise to avoid saying things like this because it could potentially encourage stalker scrotes

No. 1413449

Ugh this is so disappointing but in hindsight, I suppose not that out of character for her given how much of a libfem she is. When will women realize this kind of shit is cringy as fuck and doesn’t make you sound like a “cool girl” or whatever.

No. 1413489

Get help with your porn addiction, Ms. Plaza.

No. 1413514

>i want to be stabbed
I wonder if it's a cry for help, if she is suicidal or something.

No. 1413531

thread pic keeps appearing in my dreams

No. 1413533

It scares me everytime I scroll past it.

No. 1413545

I said shit like this when I was at my lowest. She probably is.

No. 1413573

kek same

No. 1413579

This is so fucking embarrassing and honestly dangerous. Libfem women are so retarded it hurts.

No. 1413581

I constantly forget it's the celebricows thread and I always get that sinking feeling like when gore/CP gets posted.

No. 1413669

Yeah or the people who fucking died. Yeah I understand it's traumatic to lose your father that way but….Pete's alive. He's not a 9/11 victim and needs to stfu. Sorry not sorry

No. 1413670

Well, I thought I liked her but she's obviously just thirsty for male attention. She's probably bitter that her career will never break past playing the moody, jaded, pissed off chick. This infuriates me because so many of those men are she's responding to are actually rapists. What a cunt does she seriously have no awareness? For a comedian this is fucking unfunny

No. 1413678

Hate her face SO MUCH.

No. 1413686

File: 1668812636856.jpg (121.96 KB, 1182x606, aubreyplaza.jpg)

Botoxface. Looks like Madonna (derogatory).

No. 1413692

File: 1668813742151.jpg (237.3 KB, 1080x820, grSzRsz.jpg)

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles broke up. Ditching her after his movie career flipped kek

No. 1413712

I dunno, she's always has a round full face I think it's just natural for her

No. 1413714

she should've ditched him the moment he was like "i can't see" whenever his revolting fanbase sent her rape threats. she's a moron, and i cannot believe she tanked her reputation for this low-energy small dick, b.o-riddled moid.

No. 1413718

wtf did he actually say that?

No. 1413719

Did anyone watch the Latin Grammys last night?

No. 1413720

File: 1668816143425.jpg (224.44 KB, 1200x1500, this.jpg)

I hate this styling, I hate this ugly ass make up thats outline her features, that are already very pronounced. I hate her surgery, I hate this so so much. This is a drag queen like photoshoot. I don't get it.

No. 1413721

File: 1668816203993.jpg (33.34 KB, 400x400, tumblr_c1161270ff0b38677a8f9e3…)

it's not even harsh in an interesting way just plain ugly. I like some of her music but hate this kinda styling with a passion.

No. 1413725

who is this? you're right tho, the drag queen makeup trend needs to go. pretty woman and they gave her this ugly ass makeup like she's a troon

No. 1413727

File: 1668816583666.jpg (159.43 KB, 1920x1080, 2022-cosmo-vibe-film-aubrey-pl…)

Nah she looks weird. Something is going on…

No. 1413729

SZA, Also, whats with women with already full lips overlining their lips to give them weird oval/circle lips? it's gross. I know lip lining was a thing but not to this extent.

No. 1413732

File: 1668816682576.png (549.73 KB, 668x1096, ke0WuqQ.png)

my wife anok yai (who should've been the thread pic) posted her thoughts on nepotism babies on instagram

No. 1413734

File: 1668816717484.png (499.62 KB, 650x1030, bbLgxUz.png)

No. 1413735

File: 1668816738350.jpg (608.99 KB, 1079x1679, AuD7t7N.jpg)

Jenna Ortega(Wednesday Addams) says she used to cut up animals as a kid. Context, she was talking about Wednesday addams being weird and her also being weird

No. 1413736

The thing is anok yai is one of the lucky ones because she managed to blow. A lot of these non nepotism baby models are broke working 3 jobs to stay afloat. I can't remember who but there was a russian/German model who talked about how poor most of them are. On top of that models have such a short career life span.

No. 1413737

I want to know where this oval lip came from so much. I remember it use to be that the argument for lip augmentation used to be about copying black women but it's evolved so past that to a point i consider if anybody actually wants to look human anymore. I don't think i've ever seen anybody with natural oval lips.

No. 1413738

shes probably lying and in an attempt to seem edgy like her character went too far.

No. 1413741

I legit think it comes from Blow up dolls, even Bratz doll has a "dent thingy" in their top lips. There's no where else this shape of lip could come from.
Over-lining lips has always happened, but never for fish mouth. They don't want to look like fish, they want to look like blow up dolls or remind men of sex.

No. 1413742

File: 1668817042759.jpg (32.04 KB, 1024x419, princess_peach_s_lips_by_mouth…)

>oval lips
This is the blueprint

No. 1413743

same anon, unless they wanna look like Kim possible, I can't think of anything else.

No. 1413746

This is a reach anon. They're trying to make their lips look bigger and rounding them gives the appearance of plumpness. I highly doubt women are doing their makeup with blowup dolls in mind.

No. 1413752

ntayrt but i think maybe they meant it originally was inspired by bratz dolls or peach, for example, however has been so disseminated via people copying eachother it hit the mainstream

No. 1413756

maybe I am reaching, I don't know. I'd like to know the origin though

No. 1413757

File: 1668817654908.jpeg (57.13 KB, 900x596, 60088C8B-0C47-4C35-BF23-6C86F9…)

Big Kim’s slowly showing off his kids, she looks like her dad though

No. 1413759

File: 1668817793003.png (1.56 MB, 1125x1104, CA34897F-227E-48D3-BAB7-3F035E…)

I think it’s an unholy combo of the pedopandering belle Delphine Cupid’s bow erasure and the Chloe cherry/hofmannita tier overfilled monstrosities featured in bimbo “”culture””

No. 1413763

spoiler that anon

No. 1413764

File: 1668818306395.jpg (177.66 KB, 1800x1205, blue catfish face.jpg)

No. 1413858

It's time for Harry to give up the beards and come out

No. 1413870

He's the most fakest """gay""", oh wait "queer" man in existence kek it's like reverse-closeting. Even actual gays noticed and dislike him now.

No. 1413878

Then why bother with such a cringeworthy PR relationship when he could be swimming in she/theys? Or do you think this was all one attempt to get into acting

No. 1413891

Not to mention how much harder she needs to work purely because she’s a dark skinned Black woman, no matter how “woke” the industry tries to paint itself the misogynoir is still fucking flagrant. And let’s be real, there’s no way LRD would have been booked for any runway shows if it weren’t for her parents, she’s short and her face is extremely average.

No. 1413892

Idk but he literally said he finds gay sex gross kek and tries way too hard for his supposed homosexuality to be genuine. I think some PR relationships could simply be for attention, there's other blatantly straight celebs like Taylor Swift who've also done it.

No. 1413895

She looks like a fucking tranny, I hate it so much. I wish women (especially WOC) would stop employing faggots who clearly hate us as their stylists because the result is always something like this. Gay moids really are the biggest misogynists.

No. 1413912

File: 1668830226618.png (321.74 KB, 591x501, Screenshot 2022-11-18 224859.p…)

Urgh agreed. Some of these gay moids in question are getting more famous than any woman could which is depressing as well as working for people like Jeffrey star. I am tired of women in general walking around with those heavy eyelashes and slicked down baby hairs looking synthetic as hell. I wish the clean beauty look was more mainstream with black women without it being tied to veganism/religious shit.

Speaking of misogynistic males, Dababy is down very bad. There had been multiple reports a while back about him struggling to sell tickets. He has been giving out free tickets in the cheesecake factory and had numerous people turn him down. It's what he deserves.

No. 1413913

This made me smile so much. kek. what a loser

No. 1413939

File: 1668834413790.jpg (2.42 MB, 2029x2684, Jeff_Baena_&_Aubrey_Plaza_01.j…)

and to the surprise of no one she's married to a man 7 years her elder

No. 1413943

Lame, I always thought she was cute in a bihet way too. We can't have nice things

No. 1413986

Why do I feel like she and her husband are doing IVF because he's gay and there'd be no way in hell they would/could actually have sex in order to get pregnant

No. 1413988

Plus Paris doesn’t want to “ruin” her body with pregnancy. Perfect match.

No. 1413989

celebs are just absolute utter subhumans, its not that complicated

No. 1414001

KEK. Good point.

No. 1414030

>7 years
is that bad? are we really going to get into it about a measly 7 year gap? she married him last year so she was googling aubrey plaza 37 years old?
sincere apologies if i read your post incorrectly, but seven years when you're well into your thirties is nothing. she's a grown, fully adult woman.

No. 1414046

just saying that he's still particularly older then her(his hair is even grey) and her stating her desire to be choked and dominated probably indicates some level of "daddy kink" in their relationship

No. 1414051

This is so infantilizing towards Aubrey. She's an adult dating in her own age range, not a doe-eyed barely legal engénue getting manipulated by a sleazy man. You need to reconsider some aspects in your analysis.

No. 1414058

File: 1668854905324.jpg (35.03 KB, 400x580, 18528dafb6d34e8158b3ab599c27d5…)

Being into older women has been his schtick since one direction days, nona. It's obviously working for him and gives him that not-like-other-men goodwill. (because only a truly good soft boy would date those washed up old hags, amiright?)

(for picrel context, she's 31 and he's 17. Their dating was actually a pretty big story when it happened. Also just noting that i think a grown ass woman dating a 17-year old is pretty fucking gross)

No. 1414062

I just think he's into MILFs

No. 1414067

god i wish that were me

No. 1414090

nonnies in this thread always find it so impossible to believe some men like older women. turn 35 then let me know if you think it's so rare or "for clout" or whatever you're saying here

No. 1414096

I'm not into "infantilizing" her just saying that with her stated sexual preferences and her moid being noticeably older then her, I'm assuming she has a daddy kink

No. 1414109

Oh, do I hate these relatable games of actors promoting their movies/shows. Like, fuck off already.

No. 1414111

It's a neotenous trait to have pronounced upper lip. (Besides big eyes, small nose, full cheeks, small chin, large forehead.)

No. 1414122

>moid 7 years older than her, automatic daddy kink
So men can have children at 7 now? Less than a decade older is not a "daddy" lol

No. 1414130

According to Wikipedia, they've been dating for 11 years, since she was 26 at the time which is reasonable.
He is greying, not grey… and there's plenty of men and women who
start greying in their late 20s. If he dyed his hair (like a lot of actors do) would that make the age gap somehow okay?
Daddy kinks are all the rage with all the pick-mes, it's not really age related. They're separate from daddy issues (wanting to fuck men who resemble their dads) and have overlap with dom stuff.
See: Megan Fox and MGK (4 year)
There's probably more examples from all of the women dating Pete Davidson but I don't want to throw up.

No. 1414142

>Daddy kinks are all the rage with all the pick-mes, it's not really age related. They're separate from daddy issues (wanting to fuck men who resemble their dads) and have overlap with dom stuff.
This fuckery makes me want to a-log so hard, liberal feminism is fucking cancer for “normalising” degeneracy. “Kink” is just another word for it. I hate handmaidens who participate in it almost as much as I hate scrotes

No. 1414182

File: 1668866589283.jpg (164.8 KB, 1200x1680, dee9edb7d0.jpg)

also he was really cute when he was younger

No. 1414192

>Daddy kinks are all the rage with all the pick-mes, it's not really age related. They're separate from daddy issues (wanting to fuck men who resemble their dads) and have overlap with dom stuff.
Yeah don't need this lecture on degeneracy, 7 years is not that bad but still older. I would definitely feel uncomfortable dating a guy 7 years older than me.

No. 1414241

File: 1668870898381.png (245.05 KB, 848x755, 845789458795t678457894545789.p…)

So we're still shitting on her for being infertile? I have the same condition as her and have been told by medical professionals that I most likely will never be able to conceive naturally and even if I do most like will not be able to carry a baby to term, yes shopping for babies like Kim Kardashian is shitty and weird but don't start coming after women who are infertile and don't give me this bullshit of "oh she could of had treatments" I watched a teacher of mine also with PCOS have those treatments about 6-7 times with miscarriages or no results whatsoever it ruined her mental health and marriage, there is a huge difference between someone healthy with not fertility issues or conditions like Kim or Paris shopping for a baby and a woman who cannot naturally give birth having a Surrogacy

No. 1414252

Infertile women don't get a pass for buying out other women's wombs. Biological kids aren't a human right, adopt one if you're so desperate.

No. 1414255

Yes because same sex couples don't regularly get rejected for adoption

No. 1414257

Nta but what the fuck is your problem? It's not "desperate" to want to have a child that has your DNA.

No. 1414258

Sure the adoption system has prejudice, that's bad and should be reformed. Not the point at all tho.

Sorry, I assumed it was implicit in the comment but I'll rephrase "biological kids aren't a human right" to "having children is not a human right".

No. 1414260

my dad was raised by one of his cousins rather then his own absentee parents, maybe she could do something like that instead of taking advantage of another woman

No. 1414261

Where did I or OP say it was her "human right" to have a child? Maybe she just wants a child that's biologically hers, why does that trigger you anti natalist spergers so much? Sorry you hate yourself so much but not everyone else feels that way, some people want kids that have their genes. If the surrogate consents then why is it even your business at all?

No. 1414263

>maybe she could do something like that instead of taking advantage of another woman
Oh grow the fuck up you child, the surrogate has bodily autonomy and can say no if she doesn't consent.

No. 1414265

You say that like society and most cultures don't constantly put pressure on women to have kids yes "having children is not a human right" but when society puts pressure on women to have kids, their own families pressuring them to have kids and "Breed" if you think people aren't going to sell that opportunity and turn in into a business you are just totally ignorant of the world, some of you Anons need to make friends with women your own age and gain some perspective instead of spending all your time on here sperging about women choosing to make money through surrogacy

No. 1414273

poor women are just making bank, just like women in the sex-trade

No. 1414276

it's almost if people often go into both of these things consentingly knowing the risks

No. 1414283

I don't know how to tell you this nonnie but life isn't an episode of law and order, and a fertility company would never hire a broke homeless women who's one step away from prostitution to be a gestational surrogate.

No. 1414287

File: 1668873660431.jpg (25.17 KB, 300x300, bb.jpg)

That event picture comes up when you search his name but it's not the same dude. Unless he had a massive nose job.

No. 1414289

I agree seven years isn't bad considering they were both already adults when the relationship started. It's a bit of a cliche that a bihet actress who talks that shit about choking would have a moid several years older than her though lmao. It's somehow exactly what I expected

No. 1414290

If you can’t reproduce then don’t reproduce. Or consider adoption but for some reason that’s a no option? Just because her uterus is not working doesn’t mean another women has to go through with this shit

No. 1414295

Why is it your call though? If the surrogate mother consents why is it up to some young rando to make the decision for her?

>Or consider adoption but for some reason that’s a no option?

Some people want a child that's biologically theirs, have you not learned about that concept yet? Are you a teenager or something?

No. 1414299

You mean the surrogate willing doing it and getting paid? if I was as ignorant as you I simply would not open my mouth on things I clearly have no understanding or knowledge of, as another anon said you sound underage and a total twitterfag

No. 1414310

what if the baby is born with a disability, would wilson have kept or even acknowledged the baby as hers ? also what if the surrogate wants to keep the baby, its her right as well ?

https://www.theglobeandmail.com/world/article-ukraine-commercial-surrogate-pregnancy-industry/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1414329

>also what if the surrogate wants to keep the baby, its her right as well ?
Usually the egg is the mothers, so no it isn't her right to keep another women's baby. Also it's up to the surrogate mother to figure that shit out before agreeing to carry someone else's baby to term and then suddenly deciding she wants to keep it. And no one said anything about the baby having a disability and how the fuck would any of us know if rebel wilson would of kept it or not? You sound like a retarded teenage twitter fag, this is embarrassing, stop derailing.

No. 1414331

>Maybe she just wants a child that's biologically hers

Nta but she can want it for all I care, doesn't mean she gets to have it if she is literally unable to.
>If the surrogate consents
B-but muh consent, a lot of fucked up shit can be trivialized by saying both parties consented. Surrogacy is not okay and that's that.

No. 1414334

Do you know what prenatal care is Anons? do you live in the middle ages? 80% of disabilities in babies can be detected with scans, There have been court cases like that, that's why there's a thing in most countries called "Surrogate Rights" meaning the Surrogate is listed as the legal parent also linking an article of something from across the world doesn't mean shit considering she clearly didn't use a Ukrainian surrogate, there will always be people who abuse a system or people who rely on it seeing things in black and white or in this case "this thing has bad side so all of it is bad" like you seem to is genuinely retarded anyway get back on topic

No. 1414335

That's not how it works. A ton of women in situations with financial issues are being taken advantage of. If this is normalized, people will be shopping for babies now. Women will lose no matter what.

No. 1414336

Human lives are not for sale, cope seethe and kill yourself

No. 1414342

Lol calm down retard, stop using twitter as your main source of surrogacy info

No. 1414347

It's dumbass neet rad fems like you that are ruining this site with your retarded politics, all you bitches talk about is muh trannies muh handmaidens tale is happening rn. Leave your house, go touch grass, go see the world outside your little radfem hugbox that validates your delusions.

No. 1414352

do you also happen to believe that sex work is work and transwomen are women? Your twitterfaggotry is showing. Stop projecting and gtfo

No. 1414356

If you don't like it, feel free to leave.

No. 1414365

Oh here comes the conflation of one belief into multiple others, do you ever get new material? And you comparing a woman deciding to carry another womans baby with financial incentive to a woman being manipulated or forced into being used so a man can nut is fucking gross. The other nonnies are right, you people are teenagers with no understanding of the real world

No. 1414366

File: 1668876540686.jpg (68.78 KB, 750x548, Fh7Dj-nXwAA205m.jpg)

Stephen Fry is currently getting "cancelled" on twitter for basically saying people sending death threats and doxing people over Trans discourse is bad

No. 1414369

What the fuck does this have to do with trannies? You radfems are OBSESSED.

No. 1414374

File: 1668876692505.png (120.84 KB, 537x640, Screenshot_667.png)

responses on twitter are retarded as per usual including someone comparing Trans people to holocaust victims

No. 1414380

Imagine thinking some 1st world mental illness where treatment involves a bunch of designer surgeries that leave you suicidal and depressed is comparable to racial genocide.

No. 1414382

Wow that's like, so clever, never heard that one before

No. 1414386

go back to tumblr stupid bitch

No. 1414395

Nta but why does it make you so mad? There's worse things in the world and your raging over a women wanting biological kids? You're the one giving off tumblr vibes, grow up and stop hating your parents or whatever issue is making you act like an angsty teenager

No. 1414405

File: 1668878228651.jpg (112.84 KB, 1063x850, XAR5wZD.jpg)

>Then why bother with such a cringeworthy PR relationship when he could be swimming in she/theys?
because his type is older women, check all his exes

No. 1414417

File: 1668878734488.jpg (47.92 KB, 514x860, 1HO0KzX.jpg)

Drake's old classmate says he used to bully her. called her a "fat fucking fuck" and made fun of her dancing.

No. 1414420

>older woman
>he looks older than all of them

No. 1414424

Pete Davidson drove off and ditched Emrata after she called the paps to take pics of them. She had call an uber and got him a present for his 29th birthday (also got more pap pics kek).
this is so embarassing.

No. 1414425

he is definitely a crackhead

No. 1414426

I believe it

No. 1414427

File: 1668879172248.png (520.85 KB, 680x445, 1554915097145.png)

>Why does the exploitation of vulnerable women and the purchase of their bodies being normalized make you so mad?

No. 1414429

He'd look like a real nonce next to a woman his age

No. 1414430

if that's her then yeah she looks pretty fat

No. 1414434

this isn't and never will be a radfem site. it's a gossip website, take the stick out of your ass.

No. 1414439

This is so deeply offensive. You cant even compare to two. Wtf.. i hate twt tards. Do they ever leave their house?

No. 1414453

Nta but you're free to leave and ignore the threads that you don't like.

No. 1414459

So either have a family member (or someone else who isn't doing it because they need the money) act as surrogate. Even better, adopt. There's no rational defense for rich people exploiting disadvantaged women's reproductive capabilities, you deranged goatfuckers

No. 1414463

"drake" was chubby as well, what a mean girl

No. 1414465

File: 1668881226498.png (219.95 KB, 563x552, 1664990580493.png)

Jesus christ, you've been at this for like 6 days. Why are you trying to demonize a woman with fertility issues who used a surrogate, this isn't like she was going around shopping for designer babies. You don't even know if the "disadvantaged women" Rider did hire really is what you're trying to twist her into being.

No. 1414469

Nta, but what about her wife? There are options other than surrogacy (unless the surrogate was a friend or family member). Also, iirc Kim Kardashian did have fertility issues and she didn't have a surrogate.

No. 1414470

>You don't even know if the "disadvantaged women" Rider did hire really is what you're trying to twist her into being.
When in the history of earth has a woman ever sold her body when she had better options for money available?

No. 1414471

NTAYRT, it's perfectly fine to demonize women who rent other women's wombs (and risk their health and life) to get a baby. This has been explained to you multiple times, by multiple people I presume. Cope and seethe, having babies isn't a human right and surrogacy is inherently predatory.

No. 1414529

What is up with these libfem retards sperging in this thread

No. 1414532

File: 1668885268888.jpeg (4.53 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

I was thinking the same thing!! Paris gives such low-key lesbian vibes but it's hard to pinpoint what it is that gives me that impression. I know she used to hang out with a lot of lesbian/bi celebrities when she was younger (Casey Johnson, Tila Tequila, Courtenay Semel, etc). She seems to really revel in female companionship and focuses a lot on the women in her life, all while seeming completely disinterested in men. I know she suffered SA in her younger years so maybe she's just traumatized, but idk my gay-dar is tingling. Her husband seems like a total beard. I know I'm not the only one on this train so maybe someone else can explain the lesbian-Paris theory

No. 1414536

File: 1668885407566.jpeg (203.71 KB, 1200x800, FELI.jpeg)

please not this shit again, also 2/3 of the women you mentioned were only "bi" cause it was considered hot for men back then

No. 1414539

File: 1668885579596.jpg (225.38 KB, 2048x2048, 533ef12a48a05ece8c1802213d7595…)

We're going there and there's nothing you can do to stop it

No. 1414540

This meme again? nonna she's homophobic (towards lesbians too, not just men) Did you forget what she was like before she rebranded?

No. 1414544

File: 1668885897056.jpg (1.54 MB, 2628x3941, 1668825621149375.jpg)

No. 1414546

File: 1668886003512.jpg (42.01 KB, 425x315, 57543_original.jpg)

Doesn't matter if she's based and red-pilled, there's something very lesbionic going on with Paris Hilton and I refuse to pretend otherwise

No. 1414547

File: 1668886105686.jpg (23.33 KB, 400x400, 1668862438748806.jpg)

I think she's a dedicated troll like boyega-chan, she knows it gets a reaction out of people

No. 1414548

So is her wife infertile as well?

No. 1414555

cool, so we can start gassing them then??

No. 1414563

You're an embarrassment to all lesbians.

No. 1414573

File: 1668887812514.jpg (113.2 KB, 744x1024, 1218292481311.jpg)

My intention is not to troll, I simply see what I see. Don't know why the theory upsets you guys so much but I'll end with picrel. I'm not the first to speculate and I won't be the last.

No. 1414575

This is so grim. She has the worst style, but at least she’s wearing clothes that fit her and her lard isn’t spilling out off/are cutting off her circulation

No. 1414578

Kek nona, I chuckled

No. 1414581

It actually feels like very 2k high school fashion. Im surprised. Looks very “khols”

No. 1414585

Nona what are you talking, Kim did use a surrogate for her last two

No. 1414586

Wow, Helen, go fuck yourself.
They just can't, for the life of them, accept any differing opinions. They have always to escalate the situation.
He was really diplomatic, and even that was not good enough for them.

No. 1414587

I know she's a chub now, yet I can't help but think she's cute

No. 1414591

It look as if she as drugged in the pic and forced into the middle of those people. She doesn't look very comfortable here. A bad choice to prove your point.

No. 1414623

what's up with radfems moralfagging and not posting milk

No. 1414628

I assume its the gay scrote who camps the thread kek.

No. 1414684

I’ve barely seen anything about this or Seth’s previous weird age gap relationships. The casting/firing of actresses on his shows is weird too. Does he have a great pr team or does nobody care?

No. 1414709

same, I love that one pic of her laughing at the Italian restaurant kek

No. 1414724

She has sex with women but only dates and loves men.

No. 1414743

File: 1668901882321.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1478, 2C82F7DC-9BCB-4AB7-8B46-DD0296…)

Called it

No. 1414749

Two eating disordered kartrashianz.

"Mui mui" models? … whatever they are.

And Bella Hadid…

Those hardly count as an anorexia 90's revival…

Yeah-no, heroin-chic is not back..it never left.

No. 1414750

they all look disgusting

No. 1414754

kim still looks curvy to me, just not exaggerated like before

No. 1414755

This reminds me of how Keanu Reeve’s girlfriend was revealed, and the whole internet went nuts saying “WOWOWOW it’s so REFRESHING that he’s with someone age appropriate!” because she’s 49, and he’s…58. The bar is truly on the floor when the world bends over backwards to applaud a male for dating someone 9 years younger instead of 20 years younger

No. 1414756

File: 1668902558593.jpg (603.34 KB, 1188x1600, tumblr_8f7f319bbe26b09cf506de0…)

They would probably be delighted to read that.

No. 1414763

File: 1668903065579.jpg (1.66 MB, 2002x1539, Goofy Asses.jpg)

with the amount of body filters/editing apps we have nowadays plus clebs constantly using them this shit is getting promoted by people who aren't even that thin, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj both posted videos recently with ridiculously edited waists it looks so goofy, can't believe this shit is getting so normalised now

No. 1414793

I don't think 9 years is a big deal when they're both middle aged

No. 1414794

Lana Del Ross

No. 1414803

File: 1668904658760.png (100.67 KB, 191x491, 166890282958477714.png)

No. 1414824

I hate the lack of natural indentation on her hips, I don’t understand why plastic surgeons don’t try to make it look more natural instead of jarring

No. 1414828

oh my god look at that face he's making!! he's like that child-killer who sang the hymn for her missing kids (that she killed). this shit just makes you look more guilty, dumbassed psychos!

No. 1414829

that's true - i've never seen him involved in any kind of 9/11 memorial or charity or other victims. that IS super weird and now i hate him even more.

No. 1414833

for some reason all women born after 1980 think that getting punched in the face during sex makes you cool. idgi, i like when my partner is nice to me, i thought that's what it meant to be in love?

No. 1414834

>10 years ago you couldn't have admitted something like this without being labelled as mentally ill
sorry anon but sex crossed with a fistfight was mainstream amongst millenials since at least 2011. to the point where males started being weirded out by the requests for strangulation etc.

No. 1414835

the smile is what makes it so freaky imo
on the left, she looks like some shit you imagine while on mushrooms

No. 1414836

she look like silly putty

No. 1414837

File: 1668906857350.gif (1.63 MB, 304x307, 166890282958477714.gif)

No. 1414839

No. 1414840

I've never seen him mention anything about the victims of 9/11 other than "sooo i dont have a dad, ha ha" for sadboi points

No. 1414842

i know. she's so hot.

No. 1414846

not if they're as rich as she is

No. 1414848

if surrogacy was morally neutral or good then we'd see rich women doing it for middle or low class women.

No. 1414849

her fame peaked during the Quirky/Not Like Other Girls/Cool Girl(tm) era of the early 2010s, so she's been stuck there ever since

No. 1414850

>Some people want a child that's biologically theirs
and i want laser vision. what's your point

No. 1414852

christ i know he's a sexisst moid but holy fuck you can see the straightness of AGPs when they are so oblivious to what older gays and lesbians had to go through. they fucking know what the two sexes are because they got dragged behind cars or sent to prison for being attracted to one of them.

No. 1414854


No. 1414859

what do you guys think caused her weight gain? i'm very curious because it happened quite suddenly imo.

No. 1414860

This racist pickme who was trying her hardest to be "wild and sexy for the boyzzz" back when she partied and snorted coke is not a lesbian, enough. Every tryhard straight girl has a fake bi phase, especially attention whores who glom onto anything "controversial".

No. 1414875

File: 1668909784685.gif (3.69 MB, 378x252, 166890282958477714 (1).gif)

…by indentation..do you mean cellulite? Do you remember when Paris Hilton said that Kim k had cottage cheese-dumped in garbage bags-kinda legs?!

No. 1414878

This doesn't look like heroin chic, they need to give it a different name. The wide hips and the styling is nowhere near anything like heroin chic.

The surgeon who did this is a clown. She should have stopped at butt injections. it doesn't register as hips.

Such an age gap is irrelevant at their age. Plus, i think most of his moid fans were hoping he would date a woman in her early 30s which would have definitely been a red flag.

Nether of them look like they can breathe. Idk about mariah carey since she has surgery to manage her weight, but I feel like nicki minaj has a huge gut right now.

He fell of anyways, boo hoo.

popular consensus was that she quit drugs and she ballooned.

No. 1414879

Pandemic stress eating probably. She only started really gaining once shit hit the fan.
I love fat Lana

No. 1414884

File: 1668910148460.png (Spoiler Image,199.58 KB, 405x260, Screenshot 2022-11-19 210639.p…)

There were multiple paparazzi pictures that backed her up. Cellulite is really common with bbls.

No. 1414885

File: 1668910218530.gif (1.4 MB, 800x728, c83.gif)

Lana is giving herself lots of self-love. She's getting better everyday.

No. 1414886

Nicki Minaj is a fat, ugly, pedo and rapist defending piece of shit, her looks reflect how putrid she is as a person
Wasn’t there some talk of psych meds too?

No. 1414889

I think anon meant hip dips..

No. 1414893

i reversed image searched the photo from ayrt and there are tonnes of articles saying that's him! you're 100% right tho, they're two different people lol

No. 1414896

If only it could cure her from being an insufferable racist pickme who hates other women

No. 1414898

food. it's not lithium. she was never athletic or toned, just taking advantage of a younger person's metabolism and was able to be normal sized just by eating alright. as you age, if you're not working out a few beers every night on tour just adds on.

No. 1414900

File: 1668911080027.png (31.64 KB, 344x162, 166890282958477714 (1).png)

No. 1414902

As a woman with a naturally big butt, I don’t understand why you would voluntarily sign up for this kek. Yes, moids want to bang you but that’s literally it. And you’re not exactly getting husband or father material(Kanye West)

No. 1414905

>Hates other women
Unfortunate, how has Lana Lasagna been racist? Sorry for the spoon feed but I am just curious.

No. 1414909

stop obsessing over standards that moids made up

No. 1414913

>taking that post seriously

No. 1414920

File: 1668911750978.jpeg (315.42 KB, 1242x1702, D6FD7D97-0B59-456B-B143-3C6539…)

Picrel is a pretty succinct rundown of what’s wrong with her. Plus there’s also her history of LARPing as Latina for the ~aesthetic~ and wearing a war bonnet and bashing feminism and fuck knows what else https://www.harpersbazaar.com/culture/art-books-music/a35311661/lana-del-rey-appropriation/

No. 1414926

Honestly still surprised elizabeth is still popular in the current year. Everyone figured it out in like 2012. Did she lean into her moid audience or something?

No. 1414927

Anon, I have them they’re more common than not, natural and have nothing to do with men. I only brought them up because anons were talking about how puffed out the sides of her hips are and it’s unnatural.
Seek help for your hip dip hate.

No. 1414928

If anything you should hate her and men because they made that the “standard”, not the anons talking about why she looks fake. I never said and neither did the ayrt there was something wrong with it. Shut the fuck up

No. 1414938

File: 1668912730849.png (179.07 KB, 376x274, 166890282958477714 (2).png)


No. 1414946

It's not true

No. 1414954

nonnna I have pictures like this with my friends as well, both of us are straight asf

No. 1414955

also you have to literally give up on pants. can't wear em. they don't make bubble pants.

No. 1414956

wtf is an eggplant ass

No. 1414959

File: 1668914196706.png (1.21 MB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221120-111108.png)

What did Meghan Trainor do to her face?

It's a skit

No. 1414965

File: 1668914759724.png (210.84 KB, 456x377, 166890282958477714 (3).png)

Idk tbqh.

No. 1414969

File: 1668915078606.png (217.18 KB, 400x611, 166890282958477714 (4).png)

The world wide web is not yielding any proper results so…



No. 1414972

File: 1668915504777.png (324.46 KB, 356x629, 166890282958477714 (5).png)

It doesn't look like she did anything to her face. She just lost some weight. Idk.

No. 1414977

why do you post like this

No. 1414983

Why don't you post like that?

No. 1414987

because it stands out lol

No. 1414990

File: 1668916592444.png (135.19 KB, 384x437, 166890282958477714 (6).png)

Oh. 20lbs. Okay. Right.

No. 1414997

File: 1668917100648.png (298.59 KB, 291x683, 166890282958477714 (7).png)

What a heroic weight loss journey. She is truly an inspiration.

No. 1414999

File: 1668917220319.png (465.02 KB, 362x829, 166890282958477714 (8).png)


No. 1415001

So much for that 'bass' she was supposedly proud of

No. 1415006

my first thought was "shayna took a shower?"

No. 1415007

I don’t really like or dislike her, but everything she’s said about feminism really rubs me the wrong way. It seems so especially gross for a rich female celebrity to say they don’t care about feminism, girl you wouldn’t have a career or control of your money without it. How can you be so obtuse? Unmarried women with high paying careers who are all like “oh hehe idk about all that feminism stuff” are just so damn annoying.

No. 1415010

File: 1668917899614.jpg (84.04 KB, 640x859, OgpVR9BBvwGoZ2dNtv0zePWRz_st2J…)

… she is just..

I can't..

No. 1415013

File: 1668917965264.jpg (73.28 KB, 850x400, quote-i-tried-to-go-anorexic-f…)


No. 1415014

File: 1668917991525.jpg (179.87 KB, 750x734, tumblr_pegtjhJzVG1vpkirs_1280.…)

No. 1415015

File: 1668918101991.jpeg (142.23 KB, 828x341, 989C0674-F76A-4759-851C-8905CA…)

I fucking hate her

No. 1415017

File: 1668918242889.jpeg (14.81 KB, 380x380, 4805A7D7-1DBC-4E6E-87FF-E21A3D…)

No. 1415018

Okay. I need to the thread before I throw up.

No. 1415020

Kek what the fuck, just because you personally aren’t affected by inequality doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be bothered to support the movement. Isn’t her most popular song about being a pickme fat bitch anyway who says skinny bitches are bad because fat is sexy and curvy, she’s always been annoying

No. 1415021

She looks like a tranny

No. 1415029

What's wrong with this? I mean she shouldn't be calling it anorexia but it sounds like she just failed at an already bad diet

No. 1415030

Kek yes, this is the quote. It’s just so annoyingly privileged and nlog-y. “Oh I’m more interested in cool stuff like space exploration, not icky feminism!”

No. 1415031

No. 1415033

Anon. Why would this curvaceous woman whomst thou art all about thy base dream to doth lose thy curves and thy base?

No. 1415034

File: 1668919528868.jpg (56.97 KB, 480x447, i-beat-anorexia-mens-t-shirt-1…)

She should wear a shirt like pic related.(mental illness)

No. 1415036

Between this, the weird seething that women with browner skin are more popular than her and her thinking she invented singing about sad/dark subjects or "challenging relationships", she deserves to be a fatty fatty boombalatty. I like some of her music, but what a retard kek

No. 1415039

it's ironic seeing farmers get offended over this anorexia joke considering this site has a whole thread dedicated to make fun of people with anorexia

No. 1415044

I'm pretty sure this quote is old as hell and she's since retracted this statement and changed her views on feminism. People can change, you know, and Lana is no different.
And people still saying saying Lana is racist over her naming black female artists need to get a grip, jfc

No. 1415055

I realize the quote is old (2015 or so?) but idk, it’s still weird. She would’ve been like 29 or 30, well old enough to have a more nuanced opinion on feminism of all things. It feels like she only changed her mind because people called her out on being omega tone deaf and sounding privileged as fuck. I don’t hate Lana or anything, but she comes across as very fake to me.

No. 1415057

File: 1668921075792.jpg (94.37 KB, 640x966, lana-del-rey.jpg)

I never heard of her retracting that statement, but pic related is definitely what happens to your physique when you're a bitter NLOG

No. 1415058

Paris is so mean but I have to admit I laughed at that insult, she has some zingers

No. 1415059

Gross, at least she now looks how she deserves.

No. 1415062

File: 1668921743114.png (777.39 KB, 1024x683, E3294F82-047D-45BD-846E-1C3491…)

Lmao remember he had beef with jojo siwa?

No. 1415063

She called out arigato grande and another white singer too. They weren't even black. People took that thing way too far and honestly spun it into something it wasn't.

Of course she's fake, she's a celeb with a persona. I'm willing to bet at the time that her PR manager told her not to talk about politics though and that's why she said that. It's disappointong but she definitely was coached.

No. 1415065

I thought it was really random that she brought up Beyonce in her rant. Like, isn't she significantly older and hasn't she been in the game way longer than her? Is she going to rage that her fans didn't go back in time and put her in Amy Winehouse's place, too? Not even a racial thing, she just seems to have a massive ego.

No. 1415070

Beyonce is only 4 years older, but she's had a way longer career and is pretty objectively better than Lana so yeah it was weird.

No. 1415073

File: 1668922392547.png (40.58 KB, 1392x324, lana feminism.PNG)

No. 1415077

File: 1668922618052.png (923.86 KB, 604x876, Screen Shot 2022-11-19 at 9.36…)

I always forget Beyonce is so much younger than I expect. She was only 19 in Austin Powers: Goldmember!

No. 1415081

>dark skinned Black woman
stop capitalizing black you absolute cringelord

No. 1415082

ok so what's wrong with this? she doesn't want to discuss feminism, big whoop, now what? it's mentally taxing to overintellectualise existing as a woman all the time, can't blame her.
>she’s a selfish pickme who built a career on romanticising abuse and female subjugation
holy twitter, but either way her songs discuss the dark side of existing as a woman, if you are too sensitive for it then don't listen. not even that big of a lana fan but jfc the twitterfags ITT need to get a grip.

No. 1415086

This kek. Watch Harry date a 19 year old as soon as he turns 40.

No. 1415089

>pic related is definitely what happens to your physique when you're a bitter NLOG
>she now looks how she deserves

I see this type of mentality among twitter users a lot, that your looks = your morals. The best example of this would be the whole "see how good you age when you are unproblematic and mind your own business!!" thing, it's a very strange and cringe way of moralfagging.

No. 1415090

There is no subtext. She brought up Ariana Grande. Not everything is racist.

No. 1415092

Even if she only mentioned black artists, it still wouldn't be racist KEK. She asked a question about women in music and instead of answering it rationally people started biting at her ankles and calling her racist, I hate this timeline.

No. 1415093

>her songs discuss the dark side of existing as a woman
NTA but what has she sung about that literally hundreds of other female artist haven't before? Cheating? Abuse? Drugs? None of it seems unique, can you explain?

No. 1415094

Not that anon but it sounds more like radfem criticism than twitterfaggotry tbh

No. 1415096

I started the Paris is gay shit and it's spreading. There are many of us. Why? Because she is a lesbian.

No. 1415097

Don't you know that underage twitter radfems have invaded this site? They are like twitterfags but gender critical, everything else remains the same.

No. 1415098

Why are you pearl-clutching, do you realize what site you're on? It seems very twitter to seethe about muh fat-shaming, kek. "Reee don't make fun of my fav, I stan her!!!".
I never heard of the "unproblematic mind your own business" thing, but you seem well-versed in that kind of thing, you might want to return or something.

No. 1415099

She probably still fucked that repugnant ogre Weinstein after knowing he was a rapist too. There’s discussing the “darker” side of being a woman and then there’s actively participating in a culture that perpetuates violence against women. Just look at all her unhinged “stans”, especially the racist, misogynistic “coquettes”

No. 1415100

Having children is actually a human right. Article 16 of the UN UDHR.

No. 1415101

We really can’t have anything for ourselves can we

No. 1415103

Never said that other female artists didn't sing about it, but she has an old hollywood glamour thing that just works with the sadness and melancholy that is inherent to life as a woman and all of it's troubles. I don't know why people want to santize music from all controversial themes, just turn it off KEK.

I don't care that people are calling her fat, I'm just pointing out the specific mentality of the users ITT that I notice on a wider scale on mainstream websites.

Okay, and what artists haven't made retarded decisions? Go listen to The Wiggles or some shit if you want musicians with no shady pasts kek, I don't know what to tell you.

No. 1415104

how do they explain away conventional people who do bad things like the schizo druggie who shant be named

No. 1415109

They won't stop until they can convince themselves that everyone else also believes that anyone who doesn't agree with them to a T is a pickme nlog racist bigot whore, so enjoy this place while you still can.

No. 1415111

What was the question? At that point in her career (2020), no one was "crucifying" her, she was enjoying a good run. She honestly just sounded like she had a chip on her shoulder, and whether you like it or not, it's weird that she focused only on the most random black and Hispanic actresses, but didn't bring up any of her white contemporaries besides Arigato Grande. She doesn't even make the same kind of music, who is comparing her to Cardi B and Nicki Minaj? Even Ariana Grande, what has she sung besides "Yuh"? Try Taylor Swift or Fiona Apple kek

No. 1415114

The non-black women she mentioned are basically race LARPers or are at least popular for making the same kind of hyper sexualised music that has historically been associated with black artists. She knew exactly what she was doing

No. 1415116

ntayrt you're right but this applies to almost every female celebrity to be fair (like doja cat working with dr. luke, MTS working with that other abuser i forgot, taylor swift working with david o'russel, every actress who defended polanski and depp, etc.)

No. 1415117

The question was:

>Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, fucking, cheating etc - can I please go back to singing about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money - or whatever I want - without being crucified or saying I'm glamorizing abuse?

I am not even really a Lana fan I literally only listen to a handful of her songs, but the way that people willfully misinterpret things to suit their agenda is ridiculous. She didn't mention Taylor Swift because Taylor generally doesn't discuss explicitly sexual topics in her music, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

No. 1415118

weird man who jerks himself off over "blending in"

No. 1415119

weird man again kek.

No. 1415124

>Go listen to The Wiggles

No. 1415125

Hadn't she been trying to dip her toe into that scene half-heartedly by talking about how much she loves male rappers (yuck) and collabing with The Weeknd? She was probably annoyed that it didn't boost her career as much as she thought it would, her white fans didn't like it and she wasn't getting anything like Doja, Kehlani or Ariana popularity (still no idea why she threw in Beyonce), so she tried to make it about her lyrics and had a general self-victimizing meltdown kek.

No. 1415128

They’re all trash too, as people and as musicians. There’s so much good music out there, most people just have shit taste

No. 1415129

Another day another moid accusation, since we're playing this game maybe you're the gay scrote that lurks this thread, or maybe you're Obama, we will never know so I don't see the point in smothering dissenting opinions with this tactic. If you think someone is a moid, just report.

No. 1415131

Who is a fan of former stripper who drugged/robbed men Cardi B, and then complains about LDR glamorizing abuse? Is there a single person like that? Also, why does she frame all those singers as if they only sing about sex and cheating, while she sings about "feeling beautiful by being in love and just dancing for money uwu" as if she didn't put out multiple songs about fucking old men, snorting coke and knowing they "love little girls"? The rant was embarrassing and racebaitish, simple as.

No. 1415132

Idk I like lana's music, the rest suck though.

No. 1415134

Youre giving Ariana too much credit kek. Fuck off to lipstick alley or twitter and stop looking for problems.

No. 1415136

IMO the difference is that Lana's music is a lot less explicit and more subtle/sensual, it's difficult to explain if you don't listen to it. The other singers she mentioned have no 'romantic' feeling in their music, they just sing about sucking and fucking which is their right, but to compare music that has many literary references and more poetic lyricism to Cardi B is just funny. I like female rap from time to time but there is a marked difference between that and LDR.

No. 1415137

I'm the second anon you quoted. I have no clue why you think I'm a man, but Lana is not the first or last person posted on this site who's had her looks mocked. You'll have to deal with it, or just go back to Twitter

No. 1415138

I'm guessing that she's trying to tell you that I am a weird man who jerks off KEK, otherwise idk why she would put your post in there because those two were clearly not written by the same person.

No. 1415141

How? You sound like an actual twitterfag/LSAfag getting so worked up about this.
>"Oh nooo, I only compared myself to black musicians and wannabe-black musicians for no apparent reason and now people think I was racebaiting?!?! Impossible!!"
Have some self-awareness kek

Right, I'm asking who compared the two? Why was she raging when they don't even make similar music or have similar target audiences? Also, some of the artists have their own subtle, poetic songs about sensuality, sadness and love (Beyonce and Ariana come to mind here), but they don't get highlighted as much because they're "fun", "poppy" sort of musicians. Did she want to have a rap career and failed? I don't understand.

No. 1415142

>drugged/robbed men
Good on her tbh. If you go to see strippers you deserve to be robbed by them.

No. 1415144

Ohh my god shut up!!! Where are the jannies? This is the celebricows thread not the "argue about politics and stupid twitter bullshit" thread

No. 1415145

I forget too, but honestly I think it's just because she has been doing this for so long. She (Destiny's Child) debuted at 16.

No. 1415149

You have to understand that she is the target of those criticisms, so even though they may seem far fetched to the average person, because she is the subject of them it distorts her reality and makes it seem to her that it's a commonly held opinion.

No. 1415151

i wish we could ban the word twitter in this thread god damn

No. 1415156

I saw a thread on Twitter about him being in some fast food place trying to give free tickets out to people bur no one wanted them then in the replies/retweet’s people were saying that this was a thing he’d often been doing the past year because he fell off so hard for being a cunt, let me see if I can find that thread

No. 1415157

She has claimed she is heavily influenced by hip hop and called her self “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” (gigacringe) plus she collaborated with Rihanna’s POS moid so maybe she’s sour over not being able to make that sort of music, who knows

No. 1415163

File: 1668927543023.jpeg (268.83 KB, 640x763, 234DD527-5A27-49BE-998D-AEEAD1…)

Found it including a video of him there it was Cheesecake Factory, also you can really tell Twitter is going up and flames lmao images and videos take forever to load

No. 1415164

File: 1668927603975.jpeg (86.06 KB, 640x237, BF410A5F-9A20-48C3-AB20-451BEA…)

No. 1415166

File: 1668927777708.jpeg (92.85 KB, 640x268, C16F19D4-6F8F-4CEC-A17C-0D3609…)

No. 1415171

All I know is Lana makes retards mad I respect her for it

No. 1415172

>called her self “gangsta Nancy Sinatra”
an obviously tongue in cheek remark that retards like you take literally. who cares if she's influenced by hip hop or not? she isn't explicitly rapping about sucking dick so her point still stands.

No. 1415173

its corny and lame no matter how she meant it

No. 1415174

idk i think it's a pretty accurate descriptor of the fictional character named lana del rey, not everything has to be literal.

No. 1415176

That's because she's one herself, and other retards seethe that people don't think she's a genius kek

No. 1415177

mad retard spotted

No. 1415179

That's no way to talk about yourself and your fellow stans nona

No. 1415180

awwww man you got me

No. 1415181

Time to go back to twitter

No. 1415184

nice one how do i make an account?

No. 1415185

Gonna tinfoil a bit put i think beyonce is older than she claims. kim k too.

No. 1415186

The gay men and underage coquettes from Twitter will defend their kween to the end and make cringy responses to everything, it's honestly embarrassing. I think a lot of them are actual children. I wish they'd head back to Lanaforums or wherever they came from, kek.

No. 1415187

Ask your parents

No. 1415188

not a gay man nor an underaged coquette. just don't like it when people have zero media literacy, simple as.

No. 1415189

no, that is not "media literacy". having a different opinion on a lana nancy gangster bullshit doesn't mean i don't understand it, i just don't see it the same way you do.

No. 1415194

she's been gaining since after her BTD era where she was skinny. i suspect she was disordered/heavily into dieting back then and just stopped for one reason or another.
lyrics from boarding school (unreleased song)
>i'm a fan of the pro ana nation
>i do them drugs to stop them foo-food cravings.
listen to the whole songs if you want to gauge how much of a pick me lana is. 'he hit me and it felt like a kiss' was not some post-modern comment on how normalized violence of women is. she's just like >>1413400

No. 1415199

Nta but this was over a decade ago lol, have none of you never had a retard phase in your youth?

No. 1415200

No. 1415201

Then you must be in it now, awkward

No. 1415202

ayrt and also nope. i don't think she's growing out of her phase either way.

No. 1415203

No. 1415204

So you've never looked back on your past self and thought "damn I was dumb/immature/careless." That's literally just part of growing up, it's growth. If you haven't done that at all then I think you're just still very young, if not that's really embarrassing and sad for you.

No. 1415206

No. 1415208

No. 1415209

being an idiot and obsessed about anime or bts or harry styles and doing silly things and embarrassing yourself is apart of growing up. the retardation of publicly singing about how you should let your redneck boyfriend beat you is incomparable to that and its ridiculous to equate the two.

No. 1415213

Anyone who refers to men they’re involved with as “daddy” and glorifies their abuse is a straight up degenerate, that’s permanent brain damage

No. 1415215

It is desperate, you aren't entitled to biological kids.

No. 1415220

File: 1668933372139.jpg (185.35 KB, 1080x1058, turtUp.jpg)

Can you guys take this to the disagreements thread? Please?

No. 1415224

no one is entitled to anything

No. 1415227

lmao why does lana del rey inspire such madness?
every thread she's brought up, i swear…

No. 1415231

I know right, what I find most nonsensical is how irate stans (in general, not hers exclusively) get so hopping mad when anyone doesn’t worship their fave, they take it so personally

No. 1415241

File: 1668937197795.jpg (57.12 KB, 564x539, ohno.JPG)

just by accident I've discovered that meghan trainor released a new album a while ago bc I completely forgot that she exits lol. I've looked it up and the album got so much promotion with all sorts things like of going viral on tiktok, being on tv live shows, even having taylor swift singing one of the new songs. All that promotion and whatnot and yet the album flopped, just charted at no. 16 in the US, selling only 10k units in it's first week and the promotion single barely made it into the billboard200, just to drop out of it one week late kek. Homegirl should've stayed in the mid-2010s where she clearly belongs.

No. 1415244

I am interested too, please post it.

No. 1415246

>woman with mildly controversial opinions within modern liberal circles is literally hitler
The current "ideal" body is like a mutation of 90s heroin chic. Super skinny with an impossibly tiny waist, medium size breasts and a shapely ass. It's even more unachievable than 2010s slim thick because that trend actually allowed you to have a bit of fat on your arms and legs along the expected ass/hips/boobs.

No. 1415276

File: 1668943900169.png (32.85 KB, 605x275, notsurprised.png)

No. 1415286

trump already turned him down lol

No. 1415291

the fucking latin this guy is so fucking cringe.

No. 1415295

File: 1668945617093.png (618.36 KB, 640x950, 365 Days to the Wedding by Tam…)

I miss his retarded takes. How could he do this

No. 1415311

It just sounds like she got mad that no one bought the "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" or "Lolita lost in the hood" claims lol. Probably set her off that Ariana basically did the latter and got much better reception without even saying that's what she was going for (though it's gross anyway), and literally any ""gangsta"" (cringe) female singer with a contralto voice can fill the former if they get a beehive. I think even Beyonce briefly did some retro/vintage aesthetic and vibe in the early 2000s, then dropped it after getting bored. Lana probably got upset she didn't get the same success with her own gimmick, but like half the people she's comparing herself to had been trained to sing and dance since they were literal kids, worked much longer than she did in the industry and are/were fully pop, while her whole come-up was off of indie sad girl songs and MySpace-tier music videos, so what did she expect? She had rich parents and resources too, it's not like it was impossible for her. I remember she made a song seething about Lady Gaga's success, fuming that she "switched it up and replaced her", too.

No. 1415318

File: 1668948020458.jpeg (145.54 KB, 828x488, 3FF44DDA-F58E-4EC0-BAAB-E6CD22…)

Seriously. I mean Amy Winehouse basically did just by being her authentic self (side note but she was such a ridiculous talent who was completely failed by almost everyone in her life, especially her prick of a father and leech of a useless sack of shit husband, it’s so fucking sad). The “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” and “Lolita lost in the hood” comments give me such massive second hand embarrassment every time I’m reminded of them. As does picrel

No. 1415320

It's almost 2023 and people are still talking about Lana del fat ass?

No. 1415322

File: 1668948367977.png (443.36 KB, 1476x792, donald-trump-tweets-analysis.p…)

No. 1415324

I miss how he made burgers and the terminally-online seethe so hard. watched his inauguration and the shitfest that ensued from afar, miss that experience ngl
hope he shitposts more. I hope him and Cher get into a twitter war. don't even have twitter but I know you beautiful bitches will post the cliffnotes.
tl;dr burn twitter to the ground, ban the refugees from our turf.

No. 1415339

He was the biggest shitposter known among our species.

I don't miss it at all. I went from just using twitter as a replacement to tumblr to look for art and post about video games while avoiding SJW American shit before 2016 to being spammed with this shit on every single website and on TV on a daily basis for 4 years in a row despite not being from the American continent. He attracted all the retarded SJW and /pol/fags to twitter with his bullshit because these people couldn't help but argue over everything all the time.

No. 1415347

>history of LARPing as Latina for the ~aesthetic~
>wearing a war bonnet
and we should be mad about this because? stop being a retard and just say you don't like the songs KEK

No. 1415348

Before any of you retards call Trump a based twitter funnyman you need to remember that this fucking senile piece of shit was the biggest player in the uprising of altright incels and conservatism eventually leading up to banning of abortion because his takes were bigotry and calls to action dressed up as "shitposting".

No. 1415349

>her whole come-up was off of indie sad girl songs and MySpace-tier music videos, so what did she expect
I don't understand how this is a criticism, I'd rather listen to an artist with good lyrics and a vision with low budget music videos than listen to hyper corporate music like Beyonce and Ariana with million dollar videos.

OK doesn't change the fact that his tweets are objectively funny KEK

No. 1415355

>Did she want to have a rap career and failed? I don't understand.

She actually has some demos that she legitimately raps on (listen to Playground), and yes she CLEARLY wanted to be a pop girl. Her 150+ unreleased demos prove this, there is some legit bubblegum pop in there

No. 1415357

>I'd rather listen to an artist with good lyrics and a vision with low budget music videos than listen to hyper corporate music like Beyonce and Ariana with million dollar videos
And? A majority of music consumers don't and that's why Lana is always angry, even though she's fake indie and has always been mainstream/signed to a major record label

No. 1415360

She's been signed to a major label since her debut, doesn't change the fact that her music has an emotional autheticity that other pop artists fail to have. She's a great storyteller and that's all there is to it, people want to say that she's a poser but it's always been obvious that Lana Del Rey is a character, she's not the real Elizabeth Grant.

No. 1415382

It's not criticism, it just makes no sense that she thinks she's entitled to pop star seniority and others aren't when she didn't do the work it takes to become a pop star. Ariana did the rounds with Disney and has been trained in singing, dancing and theatre work by her stage parents, Beyonce was literally in beauty pageants from childhood in single digit ages and spent her teens in a girl group. Nicki Minaj went to a high school for performing arts and was prolific in its stage productions, Doja Cat was trained to dance from childhood and later worked even more at it in her teens of her own volition, even Kehlani went to a school for performing arts. Lady Gaga studied method acting for 10 years and went to creative camps all throughout her teens. Lana just didn't do all that. She should be overjoyed with how far she's gotten for what she's put in, not attacking women who took longer, harder paths and didn't just hop into it because a pervy teacher at their boarding school got them into music and the book Lolita. She just sounds narcissistic and pretentious when she does these things, she thinks she deserves 100 for 50.

No. 1415394

>doesn't change the fact that her music has an emotional autheticity that other pop artists fail to have
And that has never stoped her from being bitter about never having a #1 album/song and truly becoming mainstream even though she desperately tried by fucking harvy weinstein and getting her music in movies! This is what happens when you introduce your music by being fake indie when you were always signed to a major label and people actually believe that you're indie, you get the indie artist treatment= your fans don't want you to go "mainstream", so they purposely will only support so much

No. 1415399

Go back to reddit or twt. this isnt the place for you

No. 1415403

Does she not get that Nichelle Nichols from Star trek The original series was pushing for more women in STEM because of feminism? Most women are bullied out of these 'cool space exploration' jobs by other men. Wow, this bitch is beyond dense.

No. 1415411

And yet all the artists you've mentioned make garbage music, who cares about 'pop star seniority'. No matter how hard you study dance or performing arts you can never replace having interesting material.

No. 1415412

And yet she still can't stop crying because she wants to be them so much. Too bad.

No. 1415413

adding on, fans of smaller or indie artists are completely right about not being overly supportive towards them cause the artists DO change upon mainstream success. My ass is still pissed about sza and all the shit she changed about herself and her music, that i absolutely fucking adored, once she dropped her first studio album! Mainstream success really does kill the artist…

No. 1415421

File: 1668955302936.jpg (51.78 KB, 632x235, 20221120_094108.jpg)

i don't agree w/ this. singers should be able to sing. if they cant sing the they should know how to dance. stage presence is the bare minimum. lana del rey cannot do any of those things, but wow, her lyrics are so deep and amazing

No. 1415422

It's so bizarre that she pandered to indie types of people despite never really being that, then was upset that they didn't suddenly start acting like pop music stans for her, kek. Lady Gaga is more of an authentic artist and performer than LDR, she has far more singing talent and was unafraid to take risks (and she also got much more abuse than Lana did for being "weird"), but we're supposed to believe LDR is the deepest and truest artist because she was obsessed with old Americana, as if literally every teenage girl on Tumblr wasn't back then.

No. 1415427

Gaga is a formidable talent, she works her ass off and her performances are insane. That woman has serious work ethic. I’m not a fan of her music but she’s objectively extremely good at what she does.

No. 1415434

And like…clearly, she cares about pop star seniority, or else she wouldn't have had that tantrum. She's not Amy Winehouse talent level, neither is she some sort of soft afro-latina pin-up baddie or whatever she was imagining when she said all that weird shit, but it's like she expects people to LARP that she is for some reason.

No. 1415435

I'm not sure if those examples look exactly like heroin chic to me, but it's fucking dumb women's body types even have "trends" in the first place. Also wtf is up with Bella Hadid's thighs in that pic? Photoshop mistake?

No. 1415447

the question for the culture post wasn't about being a pop star, it was about women in music, stop being a retard. also yes she is LARPing because that's the point of having an alter ego, but sure go ahead and cry about black or latinofishing or whatever other made up bullshit you stan twitter losers like to cry about.

she's good but her music doesn't really have any soul, same with beyonce. yes they are good performers but they are so boring.

she can sing? maybe she's not an opera singer but she can definitely hit some notes. Cola is a fun song but something like Body Electric, Off To The Races, Young and Beautiful, Ride, or Salvatore would be a better example of her lyrical and vocal talent.

No. 1415452

Scrolling up to try to understand what exactly is being argued about LDR, but I'm not sure. That she's hypocritical? I personally have no idea about that cause I don't keep up with what she says or doesn't say, but I do regard her as being just like any other american pop star (except Gaga).

No. 1415455

File: 1668959671063.png (34.24 KB, 421x281, gie2.png)

Why was she comparing herself to women in music she isn't similar to thematically, talent-wise or lyric-wise in any way? Why was she mad about female rappers? She's either angry she doesn't have their fame, or she was seething that a bunch of women (mostly black, latina or women who want to be black or latina) won awards because she sings about her pussy tasting like pepsi cola and pedo execs that's glamorous and #deep and not like the other girls or something, lmfao. She's the one who called herself "Lolita lost in the hood" and seethed about women who fit that aesthetic way more than her, no one said she was "latinafishing", but she and the stans like you are so sad and bitter. Like, tell her to learn how to sing or dance instead of being mad.
>also yes she is LARPing because that's the point of having an alter ego,
An alter ego still needs real person talent, sorry

No. 1415463

she wasn't seething about their fame, she was pissed off that she was supposedly being accused of glamorizing abuse when female rappers like doja cat who sing about wanting to be bitten and choked don't receive the same criticism.
> She's the one who called herself "Lolita lost in the hood" and seethed about women who fit that aesthetic way more than her
what aesthetic? lolita lost in the hood is not an aesthetic (which is a retarded term to begin with), it's just a way of describing the concept of Lana Del Rey, you're overthinking it. also cherrypicking lyrics from a song that talks about the dark side of showbusiness (and likely her own experience in the music industry) doesn't prove your point, it just shows that you get offended by songs kek.

No. 1415468

Doja Cat and other female singers and rappers get tons of criticism for being hypersexualized, though. That's part of being a celebrity. And nah, she's gone on the record to admit she just found those things glamorous and tragic and dark multiple times. She had to dial back on the tasteless Harvey Weinstein simping because #MeToo was making it look really bad, another anon posted it upthread. You're clearly pretty offended by people not whiteknighting your favorite fake indie singer, anon, it's weird to make accusations of offense just because her music's being brought up.
>what aesthetic? lolita lost in the hood is not an aesthetic (which is a retarded term to begin with), it's just a way of describing the concept of Lana Del Rey, you're overthinking it.
It's pretty retarded and cringy that she tried to push her music that way and got mad that it didn't take. If you think "aesthetic" is a retarded term, you probably don't understand art, by the way.

No. 1415472

lana is cringe but has some good songs, the booty rappers are cringier, anons need to l2sage and maybe make a thread for her if people want to sperg about it so much except she's irrelevant now but apparently somehow has as new album coming out

No. 1415473

> criticism for being hypersexualized
You reminded me about howls from the swamps when Anaconda and Poker Face MVs were released. How fast times and norms change, huh?

No. 1415478

she finds them glamorous and dark, what's the big deal? she isn't raping anybody so i don't see what the issue is, if you want "unproblematic" music you can listen to any of the flavor of the week tiktok stars they're pumping out these days. also aesthetic doesn't mean what you think it does, here's a definition to refresh you:
>The branch of philosophy that deals with the nature, expression, and perception of beauty, as in the fine arts.
>The study of the psychological responses to beauty and artistic experiences.
>A conception of what is artistically valid or beautiful.
The noun usage of "aesthetic" that i keep seeing online is not the actual meaning of the term. You can't fit into an aesthetic because there is no such thing as an aesthetic, aesthetics is a term that just generally means 'visuals' i can't explain it better than that.

No. 1415479

>anons need to l2sage
This is /ot/

No. 1415481

I wake up and we're still arguing about Lana? Goddamn.

No. 1415485

Yeah her stage presence is lazy but you sound stupid saying she can't sing. Her voice is quite unique and I think she's described as having a dugazon singing style and has a 3 octave and minor third range (and this is only gauged from her released works. Her unreleased vocals run the gamut). Lana can fucking sing, were arguing about her personality and opinions and not her voice anyway

No. 1415487

lanafag won't just let people not like her, we're all "retards" for not enjoying her ddlg kink music and not "getting the point!"

No. 1415488

>seethed about women who fit that aesthetic way more than her
you are using the word aesthetic in the place of 'concept'/persona here, so you clearly have no idea what it means. god bless you tho, i'm going to stop the bitching here it's fine if you don't like her music but it's very cringe to be so triggered by lyrics because they don't talk about being a boss ass bitch or whatever it is that you seem to admire so much about female rappers.

No. 1415490

I'm saying her edgy pedowood dd/lg kink isn't deep and profound compared to some random song about more vanilla sex or whatever, and no one needs to pretend it is just because it hurts her feelings that not everyone's into that. It's not about being "problematic", it's about her embarrassing self-importance without the talent to back up any of it. It's really that simple. There's a reason why some creatives write stories and put out visuals about fucked up topics and are still appreciated, while others get ignored, and it's not because the former tried to be "unproblematic". It's the difference between Schindler's List and Nazi MLP fan animations. The sort of "problematic vs unproblematic" black and white thinking you keep pushing kills all conversations.
>The study of the psychological responses to beauty and artistic experiences.
If you can't see how this definition applies in this conversation regarding beauty and artistic experience, but you're still so sure you know what I "think" it means, I really cannot help you. All I can say is to read a book.

No. 1415492

You have a right to not like it but it's very weird how offended people are by her general stage persona and lyrics, I've never seen this level of seething over any other female artist.

No. 1415493

You clearly don't understand why I used the word "aesthetic" instead of "style" or "look", so again, you can't be helped.
>it's very cringe to be so triggered by lyrics because they don't talk about being a boss ass bitch or whatever it is that you seem to admire so much about female rappers.
If I don't worship and stan LDR, I must worship female rappers and be triggered. Again with the braindead black and white thinking. Expand your mind, maybe listen to something besides popular music lmao.

No. 1415494

having a stage persona protects you from all critique?

No. 1415496

Lana is one of the only pop artists I listen to, but sure. Also keep your fedora on your head, I don't understand why you used it to mean style or look because that is literally not the definition of the word KEK maybe you should expand your mind and stop relying on outrage tweets as your only source of information.

No. 1415498

> but it's very weird how offended people are by her general stage persona and lyrics
I believe that is one of the fairest reasons to not like her, unlike her singing skills and looks.

No. 1415499

>muh fedora
Dude, you're the one who tried to pull out Googled definitions of words because you lost the argument and felt cornered, kek. And keep projecting with the twitterfag shit, you sound like an autistic stan who thinks everyone has to like what you like.

No. 1415502

I googled the definition to fact check my information and make my point, how is that a bad thing? There is no winning or losing an argument because it's a discussion, nice black and white thinking there. Might want to expand your mind a bit more, sound familiar? Anyway feel free to dislike her music but it makes you look very dumb when you (I'm assuming it's the same anon) try to accuse her of racism for criticising female rappers, or like some of the other anons ITT, try to pull a myriad of SJW tier arguments for why she's a bad person out of your ass.

No. 1415509

You sound so scattered. You tried to insult anyone who didn't share your opinion a bunch of times and then claimed it was "just a discussion", fumbled over your words a bunch of times and now you're trying to "no u" after claiming you'd stop bitching. Who called her a racist? I just called all this shit bitter and sad, which it is.
How is it calling her a bad person to just state the facts of the matter? I'm sorry people don't like fake deep tumblr pop, stop taking it so personally. The whole "Everyone is just so OFFENDED" cope is just so low-IQ and childish, it really does belong on your Twitter account. I hope you can recover or that she gets good or something.

No. 1415520

You aren't countering any of my arguments so I guess this is over, God bless. May you learn nuance and reading between the lines in the future.

No. 1415521

yes! you won! now stfu!

No. 1415526

It's either this, or it's just that everybody must be easily triggered rap fans who don't understand how ~*deep*~ it all is, kek. This thread just shows that Lana fans are maybe a step above deranged k-pop fans, both lack critical thinking skills and refuse to read.

No. 1415527

>May you learn nuance and reading between the lines in the future.
The irony, lol

No. 1415533

File: 1668963726231.jpg (86.6 KB, 625x1038, margot.JPG)


No. 1415537

AYRT I'm a Lana stan myself but goddamn I didn't think the battle would rage this long kek.
Agree with this

No. 1415539

Is that Margot Robbie? She looks great, I hope scrotes don't start dogpiling her like they did to Chloe Moretz

No. 1415541

I agree, lana incites rabidity on both sides but some women here actually hate her. Despise even, yeah I also don't see any other female celeb being treated this way. I'm not defending her but there are female celebs who actually do pedo bait and don't get those hate. Kinda fascinating

No. 1415549

>there are female celebs who actually do pedo bait and don't get those hate
Who, though? The only one I can think of that did it to the same extent (or more) is Melanie Martinez, but she got hate from all sides, and fell out of relevancy after the Timothy Heller stuff.
I personally like some of Lana's music, but she does act like an embarrassing NLOG, and I can't stand how delusional her fandom can get.

No. 1415551


No. 1415555

File: 1668964636373.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.5 KB, 584x608, HGnzHpW4l2vxNRqviNQ2IIQ2T6mdXQ…)

Ariana Grande for one

No. 1415557

Sorry not all women are perfect hourglasses? You sound like a scrote. Fuck off

No. 1415558

mental illness. go touch grass

No. 1415561

Eh, I think this sort of thing can be brushed off as a consequence of her body type. If you put someone like Cardi B in the exact same pose and outfit, it'd look very different. She's always been naturally kind of petite, I think that's the only natural thing about her anymore.

No. 1415566

It's the styling and insinuation, and the fact that this is her first album. This was gonna be the original but got scratched because it's uncomfortable to look at

No. 1415573

Probably Dan Schneider's influence. Good that it was cut, anyway.

No. 1415574

I think she looks beautiful here. It's a really good dress on her. I think I'm going to actually end up seeing the Barbie movie lol

No. 1415575

This isn't a consequence of her body type, her body type was exploited by the gross men pulling strings behind her

No. 1415578

This natural makeup look is nice.

No. 1415579

did someone photoshop this to make her look bad or does she really have a barrel waist.

No. 1415587

no guys, she's really just that average and homely. give her 10 years and her eyes will bug out of her face as it sags around the eye sockets

No. 1415589

File: 1668965867464.png (206.45 KB, 1233x957, bebait.png)

No. 1415592

ayrt i am barack obama, yes! how did you guess??

No. 1415595

>music that has many literary references and more poetic lyricism
"muh lana did a yoofumizm omg she is just like patti smith but for HOT girls like me"

No. 1415596

TIL cheesecake factory is a good place to do coke

No. 1415597

anon all she's saying is that she thinks she's the first woman to combine being traditionally femininely attractive with being a "badass". it's tragically cringe.

No. 1415598

wtf is going on with that girl's body in her pfp, is that her arm?

No. 1415602

her stans are really angrily against accepting that she's a pop musician with handlers, songwriters, etc. she's not the same thing as st. vincent or joni mitchelll or someone like that and her stans are near-normie pseudohipsters who feel insecure about the implication that they were "tricked" by a manufactured popstar. it's ok to listen to pop music though, LDR is the same thing as ariana or miley and you don't have to be embarassed about what music you like. just enjoy the songs you like and don't take it as a personal insult if someone else doesn't!

No. 1415607

> hyper corporate music like Beyonce and Ariana with million dollar videos.
anon lana is this too. she had 2 songs when she got on the cover of NOW magazine and "played" SNL. she used to be lizzie whoever with totally different appearance. she is the same as what you complained about just with a different coat of paint

No. 1415609

i know cubans/mexicans are just a different kind of white from her, but isn't it still kind of messed up to make up a fake a name of a different ethnicity? like if she called herself "Èlaine de la Mer" it would still be offensive necause she's not fucking french, how come no one's complained about her fake spanish name?

No. 1415610

trump is an empty shell and his party uses him as a puppet. it's not my fault none of the americans who oppose him go out to vote. maybe if your left wingers got off the internet and went to elections you wouldn't have the demon Legion running for office all the time.

No. 1415612

if any of that was true she wouldn't sound so bad. all she does is talk-sing and sometimes pop in a falsetto because she can't even hit real high notes with her head voice

No. 1415615

>off to the races
that song is a three-note range of low energy vocal fry what is happening in this thread kek

No. 1415618

that her music is bad or lazy. and it is. her stans are just girls with hot faces and fat bodies who've been insecure since graduating high school and moving to a big city where they're not the most popular woman

No. 1415619

Anon, do you understand how elections and running for office works?

No. 1415620

inb4 you get screeched at by her fans for pointing out the obvious

No. 1415632

We didn't claim the name (I'm Spanish) because ''Wool of the King'' sounds retarded as fuck. It's not a cool name if you stop a second and think about it. Nonas from Latin America would call her a typical gringa and they would be right.

No. 1415656

I'm from latin america and she never even struck me as chicana, I didn't know it was a fake name but and I didn't think deeply about it, I guess in the back of my mind I just presumed she had some kind of Spanish ancestry of no relevance and otherwise just being a typical american girl.

No. 1415665

I mean she said she was living in Florida and it inspired her stage name…from Del Rey Beach, and Lana is another stage name, most likely a name she liked. She presents as a white woman, you think she's been race baiting with her stage name which was named after a beach?

No. 1415678

File: 1668971390072.jpg (137.95 KB, 1009x1263, FfpyrylVIAAADvY.jpg)

No. 1415679

She's cute and loves her fans

No. 1415687

hard agree

No. 1415689

most of us don't hate her because she "pedobaits" we hate her because we hate her music. beyonce and ariana fans don't try to argue that those artists are actually super deep avant garde poets and not persona+dance+stage production standard pop music. they'll argue that it's good music and you should like it too, but they don't pretend like their fave is any different than a graduate of an idol company in japan

No. 1415693

this fitness body looks so much better than when they make stars lose weight.
just, ok fine women gain weight in their arms but i don't think making them look ana everywhere else is worth a slightly skinnier arm. idk maybe i'll go back to the stoner thread

No. 1415702

Ariana has one of the most unhinged and delusional fanbases, what are you smoking? Her fanbase isn't rational and healthy like you describe. Just stop

No. 1415714

Lana's not a pop girl, she avoids making pop music, she's a prolific musician and songwriter, she writes her own shit. She wrote a stupid drug fueled letter and sounded like an idiot, and people in the thread can't let it go even though Twitter has let it go. She's currently making a new album and it's probably not gonna be pop. If she was jealous of pop girls she would probably be making pop, she has the ability to write pop songs and has written many. Apparently she has a lot of leeway with her label and I think she's mostly upset about how the public sees her, which is totally her fault

No. 1415716

lana stans go shit up another thread challenge

No. 1415721

>Lana's not a pop girl

No. 1415729

she makes alt pop.

No. 1415730

ayrt i didn't say they're rational and healthy. they're crazy ana chan sexists. but they know what a popstar is

No. 1415731

that gay dude looks super annoying to hang out with

No. 1415732

>how the public sees her, which is totally her fault
the truth

No. 1415737

notice how lana is still beautiful, glowing and skinny meanwhile margot robbie is a fridge.

No. 1415740

She looks great and her makeup compliments her.

No. 1415741

File: 1668974966887.jpg (345.42 KB, 1280x1920, lana-del-rey-out-in-studio-cit…)

Skinny legend

No. 1415759

Okay this fridge shit is getting weird, I see nothing wrong or odd about her body. Women are shaped differently I hate to say, "touch grass" so I'll say, "Go outside and pick a flower".
She looks pretty.

No. 1415762

I'm pretty sure she charts under alternative and sometimes rock. Has she ever been played on pop stations? Not where I live

No. 1415765

Do you know where you are? Thi board was built for women making fun of other women by women, there’s a Lana Stan thread in /m/, go there.

No. 1415775

She looks great.

No. 1415781

I can't imagine putting the energy into crafting a glamorous persona to become famous, and then proceed to get fat and be seen in public in flip-flops. Anyways she's still infinitely more credible, and integrity filled than any of her contemporaries who just pump corporate stuff out and attention whore, seethe haters she is a living legend.

No. 1415783

File: 1668977262565.jpg (191.18 KB, 1170x1624, 20221120_174308.jpg)

Not a cow but apparently it was suicide. He was a friend of a friend and from what I heard (never met him personaly) I kinda saw this coming years ago. Super sad nevertheless. Rip green ranger.

No. 1415792

That post was about Margot.

No. 1415796

lana said that not meghan

No. 1415799

they're both fat pick-mes now so the confusion is not surprising

No. 1415803

Yoooo! First Kevin Conroy dies and now JDF?! There goes the happy times in my childhood… RIP

No. 1415831

This thread also includes general notable celebrity gossip and news, not exclusively cow antics, though we can argue that being a celebrity is in a way inherently cow-ish.

No. 1415833

Ok but can the living legend stop seething about fit women who can sing and dance? It's cringy for everyone

No. 1415835

they're both inauthentic imo. lady gaga clearly copied several other artists, especially one with a mysterious "accidental" death (forgot her name atm, but tinfoil-chans probably remember)

No. 1415842

Lina Morgana

No. 1415859

she's not seething about their supposed 'dancing talent', she's asking a question for the culture.

No. 1415864

File: 1668981060953.jpg (328.1 KB, 625x415, lana-del-rey-appears-to-go-ins…)

miss ''my pussy tastes like pepsi cola'' and ''cmon i know you like little girls'' is the last person who should be asking about the ''culture''.

No. 1415866

It looks like he swiped a mannequin in the picture on the right. Her face is so plastic.

No. 1415867

to me she looked like peter griffin

No. 1415881

What's wrong with her thighs?

No. 1415884

do you have an answer to her question or will you just keep on whining about the same 2 lyrics?

No. 1415887

this is the first post i made regrading that, quit talking to the voices in your head schizo.

No. 1415890

what is up with her and this white trash cosplay?

No. 1415891

She's pretty but her smile is scary.

No. 1415898

The question was answered: Because not everyone dreams of sucking and fucking Harvey Weinstein or getting beaten by obese rednecks. In fact, many people don't want that. Big shocker.

No. 1415900

I really don't think the large majority of Lana stans are "coquettes" most of her fans are into their mid thirties and are either gay men or depressed sad women who relate to the music. These are the ones who collect her music, keep her career alive… to the Taylor stan level I might add

No. 1415901

why do they look like family guy characters

No. 1415903

She's definitely just a flip-flops, jeans-and-t-shirt kinda girl in her everyday life, the Glam look is just her stage persona, but doesn't come naturally to her without a stylist. I remember that interview where she said "My little sister said 'I swear to god if you're going to be considered a fashion icon I will kill myself," because I never had any fashion sense at all"

No. 1415908

Tbh I’m hardly a Lana fan but I don’t see anything wrong with this. I like the stylized old Hollywoodish look, but it’s gotta be exhausting to dress like that regularly. A lot of women enjoy fashion and still don’t want to be fashionable all the time. Nothing wrong with having an image and dressing down on your personal time.

No. 1415912

File: 1668984520643.jpeg (458.47 KB, 1728x1073, E1257E9F-7431-43DB-863A-FEC4C8…)

Nta but I can’t tell Lana and her sister apart sometimes.

No. 1415917

Only retarded reddit/Twitterfags with 0 ability to digest context clues have a problem with this post. She's not shitting on other women or black women, just saying she should be able to sing about what it was like being in love as an abuse victim if they can sing all their libfem empowering stripper anthems. Learn to read and stop seething about a woman having a perspective that makes you mald

No. 1415918

god please end this conversation that post is like 2 years old stop omfgggg

No. 1415919

I love Lana's music and I think the coquette aesthetic/Lolita daddy side of her music is cringe as hell. I'm the depressed woman demographic you describe, she's actually one of the few pop artists I listen to and enjoy.
Also, why are we still talking about her? Kek. This is ridiculous.

No. 1415922

Please stfu about Lana already

No. 1415923

We should probably stop and it's going in circles but I still prefer that over Paris Hilton simping.

No. 1415926

literally, it's so dumb.

No. 1415935

he looks like goth nikocado avocado

No. 1415954

There isn't a single singer that doesn't get criticized, not everyone likes libfem stripper music either. She's a cringe sex posi libfem when she's not shit-talking feminism too. Get over it and stop sperging.

No. 1415977

surgery/lipo to "sculpt" the area. tbh she looks so horror-movie botched and unreal here i don't understand how she has a modelling career

No. 1415978

lana looks very cut or sliced around the mouth and nose area. like she has that kind of shoddy surgery where it looks like an injury healed and gives you this idea of pain when you look at it.

No. 1415984

I still remember when Lana and her sfans used witchcraft to forcibly remove Donald Trump from office, it didn’t even work kek

No. 1416025

tbf the lyric was a pun that James charles' smoothe brain completely missed and he was the one who was trying to cause drama, kek.
This funny shit lmao, i'm going to use this.
nta anon but i cannot fathom casually taking erotic pictures such as the one where she is open mouth kissing her friend topless. Unpopular opinion, but I see why people would speculate her not being straight since not all of us cross that kind of boundaries with our lady friends. Imo i just think speculating is a waste of time in general, i prefer just waiting for them to come out with it themselves because a lot of the times the speculation can be completely wrong regardless of how convincing it is.
I don't get how you can't see how much of a hypocrite she is considering she is guilting of being quite hypersexual herself and dancing around a stripper pole in one of her videos. I don't really have an issue with super hypersexual thot rappers, although some of them take it way too far. I just wish there was a balance where they could both co-exist together on an equal playing field because i will admit they can be fun in a novel kind of way.

No. 1416073

when she what???

No. 1416150

File: 1668997962735.jpeg (184.8 KB, 828x806, 9CB0EF3F-3859-4926-AB53-C18903…)

No. 1416154

oh noooo that's so cringe
please tell me she was trolling or joking and it was very funny?

No. 1416167

It’s been real interesting seeing people of all demographics (ie white, black, zoomers, millennials, etc) lose their shit over Paramore all over social media, their recent shows have brought a lot of people together which is not something I’d ever have expected. I’m not a fan of them beyond having a big lezzzzbian crush on Hayley Williams but they seem very “unproblematic” and aren’t making music for strippers or pickmes, and Hayley has a fantastic voice and stage presence. So that’s just one example of a contemporary popular female artist who isn’t a degenerate thot/misogynistic nlog

No. 1416177

File: 1669000182910.jpeg (110.85 KB, 500x664, B2E81D2F-CEAD-47D8-B64A-E9E8C7…)

I know what you mean and I agree. Her face is really peculiar to me, as is her lack of cohesive style. She went from being a very average typical white woman who couldn’t style herself pre-“Lana Del Rey”, then got obvious fillers (and possible rhinoplasty) and reinvented herself with an old Hollywood flavour which looked gorgeous in photos/videos, in editorials and on red carpets but she still didn’t have a great sense of style when she was “off duty”, and then she seemingly went downhill very rapidly in terms of her style getting worse and her face looking increasingly botched. I feel like “hot Lana” was a very short era, she looks unrecognisable now in comparison to picrel and it’s not just the chub

No. 1416186

to me she’s still very pretty, especially in motion despite it all. but i do agree she doesn’t have a good sense of personal style, kind of like taylor swift

No. 1416193

File: 1669001689452.jpeg (366.5 KB, 1416x1073, 22CF3699-5103-4470-BCCB-0DE4D2…)

Sorry to bring up the bird app again but he has officially returned kek

No. 1416195

I hate musk so much but the amount of seething he causes to left wing wokeoids makes me almost root for him

No. 1416198

Weight gain just does not bode well on caucasians. Inb4 it’s ugly on everyone, sure whatever, but caucs are hit the hardest by it. When you couple that with migrating filler and the fact that she literally had all the fat scooped out of her eyelids and looks like Skeletor now, well.

No. 1416204

I know it’s normal to want to assign traits to someone to make them more interesting than they really are, but Paris is such an ugly person and always has been. I know zoomers don’t know how she was pre-rebrand but it’s the exact same phenomenon that people do with Kendall Jenner and Taylor swift—all tall, wirey women people assign as lesbians for having broad shoulders and nothing more.

No. 1416250

who gives a fuck? Most american entertainers have fake names that don't correspond their actual ethnicities

No. 1416253

I can't be the only one who remembers him saying he would take a 30 day vow of silence right? Wtf is he doing? And why does he type smiley faces like a psycho

No. 1416257

As if the fridge shaped black aunties and Asians who gain everywhere but their tits and ass are any better? Kek this is stupid

No. 1416261

> I have the same condition as her and have been told by medical professionals that I most likely will never be able to conceive naturally and even if I do most like will not be able to carry a baby to term
I remember you from the IVF debate. Aren't you that same anon that demanded that "your genes are too good to not pass down" but need a doctor to forcibly impregnate your infertile ass kek, one of the only things that kept humanity alive for years is only the most fertile reproducing, infertile people reproducing defeats the purpose of that. Plus IVF has been known to cause tons of issues in babies, as you learned per the last debate but doesn't matter so richies can have cute Christmas pics I guess

Also - if you have PCOS and still have eggs (as most women with PCOS do" there's no way to even measure how fertile you are especially if you didn't even try for a baby yet. Whatever doctor told you to immediately get IVF without even trying for more than a year or two naturally is scamming your ass and you need to educate yourself

No. 1416263


So I used to work at a strip club in LA called Silver Reign, this was back in 2009-2011. Seth McFarland or however you spell his name used to always show up as a customer and hang out in the smoking area between getting VIPs with literally the youngest looking woman / girl there. We had 2 under 18 runaways working with fake IDs and he’d always get VIPs with them. They’d get him high on blow and fuck and blow him, that’s how the club was. Everyone knew he liked age play as well so whatever girl looked young and would pretend to be a young girl / toddler would get VIPs with him. I remember some girls being real upset by it and refusing to dance for him but others didn’t mind and make like $5-$6k off him whenever he’d come in cuz he’d tip well too. I never danced for him cuz I don’t have that underage body.

Trey Parker was another regular and he actually married a girl out the club named Boogie. You can google that to see I’m not lying.

No. 1416267

i know trey parker loves strippers (also did she keep calling herself Boogie after they had the kid? I'd hate to have a mom with a dog's name) but in all the stories I've heard he likes ones in their 30s with tattoos and piercings and shit. I can't believe "strip club addict but at least he's not a pedo" is now a compliment. men are too gross.

No. 1416273

It makes the shalom so menacing kek

No. 1416298

Wicca nonnies, isn't it true that you can't use witchcraft to harm or it backfires on you x7 or something? After this she ballooned up,could barely sing anymore,live performances became dog shit and just everything went to shit for her lol

No. 1416301

File: 1669010119403.png (213.39 KB, 826x336, nf.png)

Rumors are he potentially met Nick Fuentes. Society is becoming crazy

No. 1416307

I’m not Wiccan but several members of my family are practitioners of ancestral black shamanism, there are strict guidelines around retribution work. If it’s valid it won’t backfire, there’s no three-fold law like there is in Wicca and other forms of western paganism. Maybe Lana’s steep decline was aided by her fucking around in things she has no business fucking around in, kek

No. 1416318

I know right, I actually chuckled at it, I have zero tolerance for racists and right wingers in general but I love how mad the terminally online woketards get, like rage-thumping their keyboards is going to rid the world of antisemitism

No. 1416392

Moving forward, any Lana sperging or weight sperging will be receiving extended bans.

No. 1416399

File: 1669019323335.png (104.24 KB, 750x730, 31A9995F-8292-44F6-AD46-8775A7…)

this picture is the blueprint for smug pepe

No. 1416402

I agree with the lana sperging being banned, but weight sperging is the funniest part of every Celebricows thread

No. 1416434

Someone mentioned his daughter committed suicide last year, he couldn't deal with that and earlier this year his wife filed for a divorce.

No. 1416437

The racebait/race sperging needs to be banned too, for some reason it’s been completely ignored recently itt
They’re all faggots, Milo is probably jealous, his particular preferences are well documented

No. 1416472

Weight sperging should be banned. It's not milk and it derails entire threads worse than any kind of stan faggotry ever has or will

No. 1416476

counter point, its funny and we get see some of the users autisms and self own

No. 1416479

I agree the weight sperging is beyond embarrassing and pathetic, the stan spergs at least fit with the spirit of the celebricows thread

No. 1416480

“When a woman’s child dies, you divorce her to avoid your responsibility as a griever’s partner.”Average scrote mindset

No. 1416487

anon said she divorced him

No. 1416495

File: 1669043565284.jpg (243.71 KB, 1000x667, I0000QLIV7ZvNzI0.jpg)

Do words have no meaning anymore, stop using buzzwords when you dont even know how to use them correctly you dumb retard.
Lana has a shit ton of ''libfem'' songs and songs about loving being a hooker for old men.

Looks like the word ''libfem'' has completely lost meaning just like how the word karen has.
Expected of lasagna fans.

No. 1416505

You're right, but farmhand said to stop this, nonna. See >>1416392

No. 1416521

Oh. Good for her!

No. 1416542

File: 1669048301672.jpg (1.92 MB, 2730x4096, kelly.jpg)

The AMAs was yesterday. Gonna post some of the red carpet.
First things first, Kelly Rowland looked beautiful BUT she accepted an award on Chris Brown's behalf, praised him, and shushed the crowd when they were booing him. Very disappointed in her, but they was also another article about her saying she prioritizes her husband over her daughter from some time ago.

No. 1416544

File: 1669048353442.webm (2.01 MB, 514x270, kelly.webm)

Samefag, here's the actual video.

No. 1416546

File: 1669048589916.jpg (111.77 KB, 634x1024, karrueche.jpg)

Funnily enough, one of Chris Brown's exs (Karrueche Tran) who has a restraining order against him was also there.

No. 1416548

File: 1669048734562.jpg (446.33 KB, 1364x1831, kim petras.jpg)

Him Petras

No. 1416550

He's getting the inevitable Jaron Bloshinski castrato torso. Yuck

No. 1416551

Poor fat little boy.

No. 1416552

File: 1669048917557.jpg (414.36 KB, 1364x2048, kali uchis.jpg)

Kali Uchis

No. 1416553

what retard thinks a strapless jean gown is a flattering look? travesty.

No. 1416554

File: 1669049105262.jpg (873.78 KB, 3793x1365, mgk.jpg)

MGK, no Megan this time though. He won best rock artist of the year for releasing a crappy pop rock album or something. I think this is actually one of the better things he's worn.

No. 1416558

File: 1669049391407.jpg (265.81 KB, 896x1439, taylor swift.jpg)

Taylor Swift. I can't for the life of me find a head-to-toe picture of this but it's just a (ugly) jumpsuit.

No. 1416559

lost all respect for her after this also that outfit is ugly as fuck

No. 1416561

I mean that just confirms its about popularity rather then actually good music

No. 1416562

File: 1669049585769.jpg (109.72 KB, 716x1024, dencia.jpg)

Dencia. Don't think most anons in this thread will even know who she is, but I have to post this kek

No. 1416563

Fat little german boy

No. 1416564

File: 1669049693088.jpg (472.82 KB, 2048x1411, maneskin.jpg)

Maneskin. This is bad imo, the woman (Victoria?) looks alright but barely.

No. 1416565

File: 1669049755795.jpg (191.7 KB, 1022x1536, dove camerob.jpg)

Dove Cameron. I swear she's been posted in this exact outfit itt before.

No. 1416566

Victoria looking good like usual, but the men need to shave their thighs.

No. 1416567

The hairy groins and thighs peeking out are the absolute worst kek I have to immediately send this to my friends I can’t let my eyes suffer alone

No. 1416569

File: 1669049964759.jpg (1.87 MB, 2312x3468, meghan.jpg)

Meghan Trainor.

No. 1416570

File: 1669050032112.jpg (4.09 MB, 8870x4096, bebe rexha.jpg)

Bebe Rexha. I surprised to hear that she performed because I thought she just stopped making music after those few hits from years ago.

No. 1416571

did these men really think they'd look hot… the hair legs would have been fine if they at least had aesthetically-pleasing bodies, but all i know about them is they do drugs and drink all the time. cant believe their singer is only 21-22.

No. 1416574

what type of uruha pants

No. 1416576

File: 1669050373155.jpg (8.41 MB, 11162x4009, pink.jpg)

Pink and her family. She did a tribute to Olivia Newton-John. You can't see them, but on the

No. 1416578

File: 1669050456937.jpg (1.43 MB, 2730x4096, carrie underwood.jpg)

Carrie Underwood looking stunning where did those legs come from?

No. 1416579

>men go out with unshaven thighs
>woman does not
I wonder why it's like that

No. 1416580

kek u can clearly tell its a man… tragic
Verka Serduchka-inspired
I like her dress, the cut looks interesting. Afaik she also had a new album last year (?)

No. 1416583

those weird suits make them look so short kek

do women commonly have visible hair up that high on the thigh? I don't.

anyway gross hairy men thighs ew

No. 1416584

File: 1669050664886.jpg (420.71 KB, 1384x2048, liza koshy.jpg)

Liza Koshy. I actually like this but I don't understand why social media people keep getting invited to these events (like the MET gala).

No. 1416585

Yes. The bikini line is a thing. But these men have never heard of it apparantly.

No. 1416590

File: 1669050952634.jpg (1.33 MB, 4274x2048, anitta.jpg)


No. 1416594

Who? This looks like 3 different women and the cut out ass shit is fucking ugly especially when it’s on a nice dress

No. 1416599

Flashback to emma chamberlain looking busted at the gala.

No. 1416604

File: 1669051426819.jpg (1.37 MB, 4662x2048, latto.jpg)

Latto (new rapper). Makeup artists need to stop putting the same makeup on everyone and such heavy makeup on women with stronger features.

No. 1416621

File: 1669052319872.jpg (418.64 KB, 1375x2048, ellie goulding.jpg)

Ellie Goulding. I'm done now. This red carpet was really boring.

No. 1416631

This is so unflattering. Why would they do this to her.

No. 1416648

i'm glad she isn't BBL and shit. fit curvy women have muscle definition and big strong arms. i like that you can see her knee bone (? esl sorry).
in magazine photos they photoshop out visible bones or muscle shapes. it's so bad i think - women have to be thin and athletic but also completely smooth with a full layer of fat under the skin? it's not possible. she looks very pretty and real

No. 1416650

men can just walk around with their cocks falling out and waving in everybody's face but if a woman dressed like these guys in public she would literally have a good chance of being fucking raped. fucking moids make me want to a log so hardddd

No. 1416653

i think it looks good and her hair is the problem here. the bottom six inches just needs to be different. it's a shit haircut and style.

No. 1416654

omg her mouth area is so botched
who tf are the doctors that do this

No. 1416655

what the fuck. my actual queen turned out to be a retard. i hate this.

No. 1416658

why don't fat people (moids and women both) understand that the cups on a bodice like this are supposed to be for your boobs? the wire is supposed to go under your boob because it is a cup for holding a boob. fat people always wear them just like balanced on top even if it's a cup that their boob would fit in. are they just so used to their underboob laying right against their stomach that they don't know there's another option?

No. 1416660

your own fault for idolizing a rap girl

No. 1416663

She's not a rap girl she used to sing with Beyonce back in the day.
>Inb4 same difference
It really isn't, I know all black people look the same to y'all but trust me on this one

No. 1416664

Nta, but are you stupid anon?

No. 1416665

File: 1669054187361.png (712.32 KB, 602x750, James YWNBond will return in T…)

this dude has always looked like charles gray and always will look like charles gray

No. 1416666

But you do have a point. Black female celebrities are basically all going to be disappointing pickmes. Just like their counterparts.

No. 1416667

this is what women should wear on the train. at last we will be safe

No. 1416669

File: 1669054291033.png (9.25 MB, 2000x3000, person.png)

One last outfit from the red carpet because I can't stop thinking about how bad it is. A literal who named Gayle.

No. 1416670

i'm officially 100% sick of plastic surgery can everyone just stopppppp. you're fine the way you were born, we all are, stop telling girls to do this shit

No. 1416672

Really? I thought her hair was gorgeous but the jumpsuit was off. Something about the fabric or fit is wrong to me.

No. 1416675

love the middle look. kek this is what fat activists think they look like. you KNOW her actual curviness makes deathfats seethe. is her music any good?

No. 1416676

????? rap girl??

No. 1416678

KEK this is like the hottest look of 2007

No. 1416679

I like the pink dress too, I think it flatters her.
>is her music any good?
Not imo. It's very generic.

No. 1416680

she sang one of the most annoying viral tiktok songs. thats it

No. 1416685

File: 1669054890294.jpg (476.6 KB, 1221x1222, ellie.jpg)

Some stylists only know how to dress for whatever body type is trending at the moment. She could have just worn something similar to picrel and it would have been fine.

No. 1416705

i actually love this, abba vibes

No. 1416745

Obviously a grade A retard I mean c'mon

No. 1416747

He's transitioning into Augustus Gloop

No. 1416787

She is such a disappointment but i am not surprised. Chris Brown actively stated he hates dark skin women like Kelly and here she is caping for him. There are so many black women who continue to dick ride these nasty abusive men because muh police brutality and I am so fucking sick of the pickmeism since it's literally killing black women. It's hard not to be resentful of bitches like Kelly Rowland.

No. 1416795

Surprised no ones talking about the world cup.

No. 1416796

the pink dress looks weird and disorganized to me but maybe cause i can't tell what's going on with the fabric

No. 1416798

File: 1669060396347.jpg (730.55 KB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20221121-202020_Tik…)

No. 1416799

Those are some fucking strong legs jesus christ.
Some shayna tier underboob going on here, she looks so uncomfortable in this dress.

No. 1416803

who cares, stupid ass sport for losers the players arent even hot

No. 1416825

football is brain poison. "it's a religion" yes, in that your obsession with it leads to to hold double standards and let horrific human rights violations slide so you can scream at the top of your lungs when some vinnie thug clone dribbles a balle while fifty feet away from any possible interception.
i remember john oliver did a "callout" about FIFA one year and then at the end was like "but i'm still SO EXCITED LOLOLOL" that's not fucking funny.

No. 1416826

Why are young people so flabby and out of shape these days?

No. 1416828

>i can't tell what's going on with the fabric
probably. it's asymmetrical and also without any clear lines or defined edges. you're probably looking for something that's not there; basically there is supposed to only be softness in this design, to match the lack of sharp lines in her body shape.

No. 1416835

What in the fuck happened to her face?? She looks like three different people

No. 1416843

Nicki Minaj, Maluma, & Myriam Fares (FIFA Sound)

What a mess lmao, First of all the Myriam person looks like a cheap knockoff of shakira and keeps repeating tukoh taka throughout the song, then we get to Nicki who starts rapping about her body and sex and then ends the lyric with saying ''some say football some say soccer'' and then we get to that Maluma guy who also raps about things that have nothing to do with fifa just like Nicki.

Most people are hatting on this song because the lyrics are trash and the chorus is repetitive.

No. 1416854

Aren't Shakira and that Myriam girl both Lebanese anyway? And yes the song is trash but football is also a trashy sport and Qatar is a trashy country so whatever.

No. 1416855

Jungkook also performed at Qatar for the world cup which makes me even more disappointed. Considering his group goes around making speeches and being ambassadors at the united nations for human rights, this world cup and them also going to Saudi Arabia and performing for the prince makes him and his group look like disgusting hypocrites. cant believe i used to be a Ratmy (army) in the past.

No. 1416866

No. 1416868

Jimin couldn't go cause he would have been stoned for looking gay

No. 1416869

White ones too, like certain singers

No. 1416871

I'm surprised it took you this long to notice kek. None of these groups have ever been sincere.

No. 1416880

File: 1669063941848.png (2.17 MB, 1000x1500, Untitled-7.png)

for you anonita