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File: 1460149159946.jpg (51.83 KB, 600x456, mar12-deb5.jpg)

No. 170726

What's in your bag or what's your essential daily carry? What do you always have with you? Post pics

No. 170727

This is really cool and I'm unable to do it right now but I love this shit farmers goooo

No. 170728

I'm gonna wait until tomorrow to do this because I want optimal lighting for my pictures :>

No. 170729

Your getting my aesthetic on.

No. 170730

File: 1460160403562.jpg (27.11 KB, 500x321, image.jpg)

This is my kind of thread

No. 170731

Bogeys, lighter, cell phone.
That's it.

No. 170732

>pack of gum
>tiny notepad
>pen and pencil
>bank cards and ID
>secret pocket with a couple pantyliners

No pic but I use a little Piero Guidi bag. People have made comments about how small it is but I'm really not into using large bags. Alternatively I also use it to hold my PSP or 3DS.

No. 170733

that's it.

No. 170734

Phone and credit card.

I have a bag with a ton of shit but I only bring it to work.

No. 170735

Once I charge my camera you can bet I'm contributing to this thread.

No. 170736

My bag is so old I would rather not post it. I bought a new one so maybe then I will. I always have my wallet, lotion, pepper spray and my phone. Sometimes a pack of smokes. Pepper spray only because it made me feel safer after being robbed at gunpoint. I'm afraid of it going off by accident all the time lol.

No. 170737

File: 1460178350912.jpg (70.98 KB, 960x720, walletstuff.jpg)

emptied my bag and was reminded to restock up on tampons.

not going to upload my bag because it's actually an ugly backpack.

No. 170738


Nice Tony Moly peach hand cream. I have the entire set of those but I held into the casings afterwards to use as hair band and hair pin containers and shit.

No. 170739

Shit nigga dats kawaii.

I'm always struggling not to accumulate small cute things since I'm trying to be more of a boring grown-up, but this is tempting me, esp the Tonymoly hand cream.

No. 170740

File: 1460216470250.jpg (136.44 KB, 640x478, IMG_0620.JPG)

The purse has a wallet front flap so all my ID and credit cards are in there.

No. 170741

File: 1460219871760.jpeg (1.11 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpeg)

I normally carry small bags because Idon't like the big bag look

I carry a perfume from the body shop
Concealer and two lipsticks for touch ups
And a mirror

And ofc money and cards

Sorry for over highlighting I just don't have Instagram and always wanted to do these cute fun youtber things

No. 170742

Aww that pusheen wallet is super cute and your cat is adorable!

No. 170743

Thanks I got it from https://www.heychickadee.com/ but it doesn't seem like they sell the pusheen coin-purse anymore, unfortunately

No. 170744

File: 1460223067813.jpg (3.9 MB, 4128x2322, 20160409_181637.jpg)

Black wide toothed comb
Nina Ricci: Nina L'Eau
Spikey anti-spike bottle cover
Palmer's Cocoa Butter tinted SPF15 lip balm
Eye drops
Condom :^)
Hair band
Extra peppermint chewing gum
H&M purse
Gun lighter
Green milk portable energy bank

I actually usually carry an entire pharmacy in my bag… Xanax, Codeine, Tramadol, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Benzocaine, clove oil etc.
I'm very paranoid about sudden pain and I like being able to help people around me when they become sick.

No. 170745


Kek you can see my reflection kneeling above the sunglasses.

No. 170746

File: 1460223685155.jpg (306.7 KB, 1548x871, 2016-04-09-18-38-19-697.jpg)


This is my favourite item in my bag though. It's a 10000mAh/3.7v power bank with an LED on the front. You shake the bank and the LED will light up showing you how much energy is left.

No. 170747


You carry your passport with you?
Aren't you afraid of losing it?

No. 170748

> carry an entire pharmacy
where do you get them

tbh if you were my friend, you would be my pharmacy of choice

No. 170749


The Xanax I buy from a "friend", my mother has pretty bad back problems so she gets a shit load of Tramadol and Codeine on prescription and she always has boxes lying around. Whenever I run low she hooks me up (best mum).

I don't really abuse them since I'm kind of a health freak, just I have ovarian cysts and was getting chronic infections in some impacted wisdom teeth before they were extracted, so I required some pretty heavy-duty meds.

And yeah I make a lot of friends this way. In fact the last good friend I made after I hooked her up with some Methylphenidate/Ritalin when she was having problems studying over the exam period :^)

No. 170750

With all the drugs I'd be kinda scared about the police tbh. Even if it's something unrelated, if they find prescription stuff on you they can try and charge you. Love the lighter though!

No. 170751

Ay lmao a lolcow power bank xD seriously where did you buy it though? I want one too!

No. 170752

Nevermind yours is too expensive for me. But btw Im not very tech savy but if i let the power bank stay too long in my laptop will my laptop get rekt by the power bank? I would like to put mine in my laptop while I sleep but idk if that would be a good idea

No. 170753

File: 1460231731326.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1932x2478, image.jpeg)

Oh man, sorry if the sparkly filter is too much.This is all the crap I keep in my smaller purse, I know some of it is a bit childish I guess? But I just really like cute shit
-Rilakkuma contacts case
-Badtz Maru wallet
-oil blotting sheets
-foldable comb
-multicolored bear pen

Ahh the pusheen is cute and so is your cat! What's it's name?

No. 170754

Her name is pompom, she was born with an umbilical hernia, but she's healthy now! Thanks! I love your sunglasses btw, what brand?

Actually I've carried my passport around for years as ID, never really thought about it much… My other has been expired and I'm so lazy to renew it, so i just use my passport hah

No. 170755

Where do you shop for kawaii stuff? I'm nowhere near a Little Tokyo so I'm stuck looking online.

No. 170756



No. 170757

File: 1460236233898.png (1.84 MB, 1181x797, fggfdxt.png)

Basics, I left out my house/work/car keys:
>Pencil bag
>Lip balm
>Portable battery

I carry mine around too, force of habit from when my id expired and I had been pushing back my DMV appointment for months

No. 170758

Are all of you girls really posting exactly what's in your bag?
Some of these kawaii ones seem staged and I don't get the point. Wheres the hair pins? The hair bands? The medications? The combs and brushes and shit?

No. 170759

all of these are sooo cute!!

No. 170760

I think that's the point lol the pictures are staged to look cute and not junky…

No. 170761

wtf anon your keyboard. it's so cute.

No. 170762


But that's not what's actually in their bags. What's the point.

No. 170763

Will you please refrain from shitting everywhere for once this is literally just a cute fun thread.

No. 170764

So if those are things everyone carries in their bag, why post them? why not post the slightly more interesting things?

No. 170765

Hey mate, if you're that curious about what's in women's bags, maybe you should get off 4chan and go talk to some girls IRL.

No. 170766

File: 1460240405011.gif (984.83 KB, 500x334, TOTHEWINDOWTOTHEWALL.gif)

Awww, that's good to hear! Pompom is such a cute name omg
My sunglasses are from Charlotte Russe! they're nice and comfortable

Are you from the US? I live in California, so I get a lot of my kawaii stuff from Daiso,Marukai and the sanrio stores they have here. As far as online goes, Sanrio has an online store,Tokyo otaku mode and you can get some really cute stuff from japanese sellers on ebay you just really have to dig(it helps if you have a specific character or brand in mind.)

Your keyboard,wallet and Marie phone case are so cute!

No. 170767

Really cute stuff anon, but is that one of the phone cases with the sparkle liquid stuff in the middle? Lots of people have been getting chemical burns from the cases accidentally breaking, on the legs/faces, etc. be careful!

No. 170768

Thanks for the recs! I'll check out Tokyo Otaku Mode for sure, because I fully admit my kawaii thirst

No. 170769

File: 1460240871981.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 611.35 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpeg)

Sorry anon, this is what is removed. I've amended my ways

Thanks, it's a Filco. It was limited release about half a year ago so if you go searching for it, there's a chance you might get some scalper price, so be wary!

No. 170770


So, you want me to talk to…. myself?

No. 170771

File: 1460242246220.jpg (64.13 KB, 700x525, 83bf73f8c66d5c2e864b8a8264af96…)


idk I'm kind of more interested to see what other girls really keep in their bags, not the stuff they want to pretend that they keep in their bags. If I wanted to see that I'd make a Vogue subscription.

No. 170772


Oooohhh yeah, das what I wanna see.
Ka-kawaii junk desu ( ~' w'~)

No. 170773


>maybe you should get off 4chan

Anon this is lolcow. I think you're confused.

No. 170774

This junk is still cute!
かわいい でね!~~~wwww!!!

No. 170775

P sure it was implying that anon is from /r9k/

This thread inspires me to clean out my purse. It's ADHD hell in there.

No. 170776


idk why a dude from /r9k/ would be particularly interested in a woman's handbag.

No. 170777

idk but robots are thirsty as hell, pretty sure some of them stalk /g/ to get a window into women's heads or something.

No. 170778




No. 170779

File: 1460249956566.jpg (1.35 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0501.JPG)

Not much junk since I keep most little bits of crap in my coat pockets.


>hand cream and hand sanitizer
>etude house oil control pact
>post office receipt
>pouch with bc and painkillers

No. 170780

File: 1460252914681.jpg (2.89 MB, 1961x2550, 20160409_185304-1.jpg)

Usually I have a few receipts and a few coins, but I just cleaned it out last week (and uh yeah bobby pins).

Used phone to take pic cus i don't own a camera.

I try not to keep too much crap but:
> headphones
> tissues
> nail scissors
> those things to put on blisters, I have just had it in my bag since last summer tbh, good if you got new shoes though
> hairbrush + comb
> painkillers + birth control
> Red bag keeps my make up and mirror, usually hoard lip glosses and have a eyeliner on me the days I wear make up
> hand cream - hand sanitizer but I'm out atm
> wallet w cards and most of my coins
> green thing is hair wax to keep it in place

Not very interesting haha, but whatever.

So may girls here have like the cutest shit I'm crying tbh.

No. 170781


Another painkiller-keeper here I see.

No. 170782

File: 1460264069327.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.28 MB, 1800x1017, image.jpeg)

Thought I was on cgl in 2010 again, haha.

Here's my purse. I forgot my sunblock and a hand mirror a friend gave to me a long time ago because they were in one of the pockets. Durr. Also mirin' your cute wallets!

>keys, headphones

>bus pass, pen, pocket knife, lighter, Chapstick
>everything else goes in the swimmer bag: lipgloss, liptint, powder, lotion, another chapstick, tissues, hand sanitizer, blotting sheets, hairbrush

I find it a lot easier to put all of my little things in separate bags, it makes my purse less messy.

Cute setups everyone!

No. 170783

Your lanyard and makeup case are adorable anon

No. 170784

File: 1460325065674.jpeg (1.98 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpeg)

I don't carry much just my phone which is not pictured car keys wallet two coin purses and my sunglasses sometimes I'll carry perfume and lipsticks or Chapstick I hate the bag I have currently looking for a new one and also a new puff for my car keys

No. 170785


>tfw tried to buy that cat self-defence keychain and they are banned from import in the UK

No. 170786

why are they banned?

No. 170787

Is the kitty brass knuckle defense thing practical? I was thinking of getting one too just in case

No. 170788


In the UK it's basically illegal to defend yourself.
Say you get mugged or attacked or whatever and your attacker becomes injured as a result of a "weapon" you were carrying, your attacker then has legal licence to sue you, and in many cases in the UK they win. A lot of girls here has resorting to using their heels to try and go for the eyes when they're attacked.

No. 170789

i honestly couldnt tell you because ive never been assaulted by anyone i have it just incase someone tries to hurt me but if anything id try to hit them in the eyes with it

thats honestly so terrible?? i dont know the laws in the uk but wow how can someone not have any means to defend themselves

No. 170790

also forgot to include that the material its made out of its pretty sturdy id say get one so you can protect yourself im thinking of getting mace as well

No. 170791


The idea behind it is that if you ban all weapons in the UK, then nobody will have any weapons with which to assault each other with, but the reality of it is is that all it means is that criminals will carry that shit around with them anyway without fear of prosecution because our sentencing is RIDICULOUS, whilst the normal, law-abiding people are shit out of luck. Even mace is banned here, and tasers, and SAP gloves…

If you want any indication of just how fucking bad it is here, read up on this page:



>farmer keeps having his property burgled repeatedly by a gang of Irish "travellers"

>is losing thousands of pounds of equipment and furniture after each raid
>they return one night for what was now the 11th burglary of his home, break in and proceed ransacking the place
>farmer wakes up, grabs his rifle
>he shoots at them whilst they're in his stairwell
>one dies
>the burglar that got away with gunshot injuries sues
>the farmer is jailed for murder

No. 170792

Can the kitty knuckles be found from eBay?

No. 170793

i was considering moving to the UK in the future i might think twice about it

i ordered mine off of ebay

No. 170794


>i was considering moving to the UK in the future i might think twice about it

Don't. It's not good here.

The South is very expensive to live in and the North is beautiful but entirely forgotten about by the rest of England. Vast majority of money generated in the UK circulates primarily within London which is overpopulated, crime-ridden shithole. We're experiencing a booming population which we're losing our green spaces to, immigration problems, dramatically increased crime rates (mostly connection to the explosion in immigration from countries such as Poland and Romania), deforestation etc.
We have a HUGE housing crisis, a corrupt government and a shit load of drama going on right now because our cunt conservative/republican prime minister got caught lying about offshore funds and subsequently "legal" tax evasion ("don't worry guys, we're all in it together", all the whilst anybody that isn't upper or upper-middle class is suffering because of the recession and cuts, cuts, cuts. Standard of living is going up? Cool, let's raise the pricing of property, renting, foodstuffs, toiletries etc.
We have some of the most expensive and rail fares in the world, that operate at some of the worst levels (everything's always late, or so packed you have to stand for your journey). Also our university tuition fees are now the highest in the world. Forget about any prospects for your children here, especially if they live outside of the South because of the centralisation issues.
Sentencing is a fucking joke. Have a family member that's murdered in the UK? Their murderer can get 6 years, out in 3 on good behavior.

The UK is actually experiencing massive levels of emigration right now specifically because those that can afford it are desperate to get away. Everybody I know wants to leave, including myself. You are not valued as a citizen here, only a walking ATM.

No. 170795

Where did you get that mirror? It's perfect.

No. 170796

File: 1460337493445.jpg (337.72 KB, 2048x1152, 13000540_1127480543968679_2078…)

I have a whole lot of shit in my bag lol, can you tell i'm a server?

No. 170797

File: 1460341181156.jpg (1.28 MB, 2560x1440, IMG_20160411_113437.jpg)

>travel light, avoid a fight
>I just realised taking this photo that ive misplaced my wallet now im in panic mode.
>a good book
>something to write in/with
>sniffgood paraphernalia (perfume I've worn for years, nothin else will do)
>two lighters
>ganstagansta sunglasses bc eyes are the windows to the soul and no one looking in here with out my knowlage of such.
>spearmint chewing gum
>gluten free, fruit free nut bar, always just in case.
>a blade daddy got me before he up and left
>tiny screw drivers, phillips and flathead….one day they might save my life idk lmao
>super happy colorful stickers to spread joy and rainbows to the disenchanted masses.

No. 170798

File: 1460342808572.jpg (1.2 MB, 2336x2174, FullSizeRender.jpg)

Every time I try to took a photo from my iPad it turns terrible, but whatever

I always bring tons of trash everywhere I go, mostly because I spend almost everyday at uni and I carry sometimes an extra bag of books and lab coat. Also, I can’t help myself to buy cute purse things.

-Coin purse and wallet
-Medicines, mints, lip gloss and mirror
-Notebook and pencil case
-cellphone, phones, iPod and Ipad.
-Umbrella, foldable water bottle and some cancer.

No. 170799

I was also thinking of moving to the UK, guess I'm moving to Canada then???

No. 170800

thank you anon~ I really love how cute other people's stuff is. I really need to up my game

No. 170801

File: 1460344345036.jpg (534.59 KB, 900x1600, P_20160410_195833.jpg)

I'm a college student so nothing really interesting in my bag.just notebooks for class and pens and school supplies. Blue bag has money and pads and a stain remover pen and other emergency shit like that. Keys, ID, dry shampoo, glasses, goggles for lab, earbuds, etc. I keep all my meds on me because i like knowing i have them with me. They're split up into different containers so even if someone takes my pill case they won't get all of it. I also have a bunch of stupid ~aesthetic~ kitschy shit in the front pocket of my backpack because it's a clear one.

No. 170802

You guys are really making me want to step up my purse game. Literally all mine contains is my wallet, sunglasses, phone, iPod, chapstick, maybe keys? maybe some gum? perhaps a pen or pencil if I'm lucky? and a fuckton of receipts or grocery lists. I need to get on that aesthetic bandwagon and at least have a cutesy make up bag with emergency supplies and shit like wow.

No. 170803

>Kipling bag
I love that thumb sucking monkey keychain they give you so much lol. Your EDC is kawaii af, loving all the pastel colours!

No. 170804

Depends where you decide. The lower mainland is also quite shit(Vancouver and such). Everything is expensive and it becomes a rich mans playground. We have a problem where rich Asian people buy places they wont even live in, or cause our housing market to rise so no one can afford anything. Our living wage is the lowest in Canada I believe. Unless you catch a lucky break good luck here. I would say Toronto would be better probably. I love it here but I can't stand it anymore.

No. 170805

>a blade daddy got me before he up and left

ginger bronson detected daddy or dad?

No. 170806


It's a man.

No. 170807


I don't know what hurts me more being called a man or being dubbed the gingivitis lol

No. 170808

Not that anon, but I'm in Canada right now and the only place where I'd reasonably want to live is Vancouver. Shame to say it's so hard to make it there. I'm in Calgary and fucking hate this city and everything about it

No. 170809


Thanks! I do like pastel color stuff more than I should.

The main advantage of kipling bags in my opinion is the fact they are durable as hell and awesome for everyday use. I have one from my early teens and it looks almost like when I bought it. It's expensive, but cute as hell. I love their silly monkey too.

No. 170810

Im in Calgary too and it fuckin sucks. What is the deal with Edmonton having a waaayyyy better arts and culture scene then us? Also what the fuck is with calgary fashion? Its horrendous.

No. 170811

File: 1460416263353.jpg (6.76 KB, 186x200, 1435543303408.jpg)

girl I see u
(your stuff is super cute!!)

Your backpack is cute anon, but it doesn't bother you that people can see all your stuff?

I don't know why but I love looking at people's school bags so much, makes me want to post mine but it's just more kawaii crap. Anyone else like watching those what's in my school bag videos?

No. 170812


So does that mean it sucks to live anywhere. Because I wanted to move to Scotland because theres a company there I would love to be at eventually, but since anon up there said there are problems over in the UK idk anymore.

Again I still hate how pricey Vancouver is. I also forgot to mention that if you want to find a place for just yourself and a pet good luck. Unless you buy a house (which will take you many many years) you're going to have a hard time finding a place that allows pets.

No. 170813

Haha just noticed the Mink too, damn I need to get myself some of those dmmd keychains too. Also yeah I love seeing what's in peoples' school bags but I can't stand the videos cause 99% of it is sponsored shite. Post yours

No. 170814

That was sort of the point, actually. I'm a slob and there would always be so much crap at the bottom of my school backpacks/purses after a month or so–wrappers, receipts, bobby pins, etc–and it was just a huge mess. But because people can see all the shit in my bag now, I feel more compelled to keep it clean and I don't just absentmindedly dump random junk into it anymore. Kind of lame but it works for me.

No. 170815


Gotta carry my yaoi husbando on my cellphone as the good shitty fujo I am.
Post your bag too, anon! I think is very inspiring to look for those photos and videos.


I think I kept my phone on the photo just for easter egg reasons.
It's very funny cuz I get so many compliments using it. Recently, my boss said it was cute and ask me what character was. I almost choked as I said it was a character from an animu without getting in details.

No. 170816

is Mink really your husbando?

No. 170817


i'm never without it

No. 170818


Angry Britfag here again. Scotland is still good, just stay away from England. Corrupt as fuck.

No. 170819


A-fucking-men to that

I want to do this but I have a jungletribe bag and there isn't much in it :c

No. 170820

I honestly have 3 different lipbalms in my bag right now. No regrets.

Also, does anyone use a Longchamp le pliage as their EDC bag? I know it's basic bitch-y but I like it. I'm just concerned about how durable it is, because I have to carry books/a laptop.

No. 170821

Can anyone recommend a decent small messenger bag? It doesn't need to be able to fit a laptop, I use my backpack for that, but maybe a few books and such.

No. 170822

No. 170823


Yep, surely he is one of my husbandos. I find dmmd quite boring but I definitely just gave it a chance when I saw his design. He is so pretty. I know, rape route and wadda wadda but I really don't care. He was cool enough for me. Also his re: connect route was pure cute sugar (or cinnamon ha)

No. 170824

Admin-sama post your bag!

No. 170825

File: 1460498469191.jpg (3.49 MB, 3124x2306, IMG_20160412_154315.jpg)

Here's my bag. I have a smaller bag inside the big bag to keep my lipsticks, tweezers, eyeliner, eyedrops, vape, and perfume together. Everything else rolls around loose. All the trash is in the upper corner (throwing away after this) My scarf is attached to my bag, and phone not pictured bc I used it to take the pic.

No. 170826

File: 1460517007230.jpg (448.17 KB, 1239x960, image.jpg)

Same, I just might get one of Noiz because he is my favorite piece of garbage

Yeah man, you're brave carrying around your cinnamon yaoi husbando! I'd like to do that but wouldn't want someone coming up to me and going "HEY ISNT THAT CHARACTER FROM A GAY HENTAI ANIME GAME" in public.(I do however keep my favorite gay planets on my phone)

Fujo shit aside, here's my school backpack! missing some stuff like my keys but this is most of it. (Already posted my wallet and stuff here >>170753)

No. 170827

So cuuute!
I love your stuff

No. 170828

File: 1460542907962.jpeg (430.49 KB, 1836x1377, image.jpeg)

My trusty fjällräven backpack said bye bye a while ago so I'm currently using a small crossbody bag for essentials and a tote bag for everything else. I have my wallet, keys, passport (as ID), portable charger, few lipsticks and a foundation in the smaller bag and study materials, make up bag and usually a scarf etc. in the tote. I used to carry so much more useless shit in my backpack but now I'm forced to be more ~minimalistic~.

No. 170829

Marimekko = love. I'm not Finnish, but my city has a Marimekko store that I'm always window shopping at

No. 170830

This thread is inspiring me to get cute shit for my bag.
I love that star keyring holder so much.

No. 170831

File: 1460558526419.jpeg (2.9 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpeg)

I realise I carry light compared to other people but I don't leave the house much so!

No. 170832

You all have cute sunglasses. I wish I could keep sunglasses. I lose them.

No. 170833


The fact that you lined up your hair pins made me smile.

No. 170834

Ahh I adore your minimalistic style, anon.

No. 170835

Right? I really want to buy some cute sunglasses now, but I wear regular glasses.

No. 170836

It's banned in New York too, I feel your pain.

No. 170837

I need that passport cover in my life.

No. 170838

Oh my god that Moomin case is lovely! Could I ask where you got it from? Loving that crossbody too.

No. 170839

I need glasses as well but my sunglasses are prescription, you can get some quite nice ones nowadays.

No. 170840

hnnnng your pic makes me want more rilakkuma stuff
I fucking love mini plush key chains.

No. 170841

This is so perfect and adorable anon <3

No. 170842


Thank you! I got it as a gift from my sister but it's originally from a finnish brand "Finlayson" if that's of any help.

No. 170843

File: 1460914682757.jpg (2.28 MB, 3264x1836, 20160417_134135.jpg)

I'm extremely basic tbh

No. 170844


Basic is fine too. I like your backpack.

No. 170845

man, I don't even carry a bag. I'll just have my phone, cigs and bank card in my pockets. I lose my card a lot too.. You have all inspired me to be the sort of well put together lady that has hand lotion at all times :')

No. 170846

lol same here, it's phone, keys, bus tickets and maybe money for me…this thread makes me wanna get a big bag full of cute stuff to have around

No. 170847

ngl, I'm getting a 90s vibe from your backpack and I'm loving it. I used to have a tiny pink satin backpack.

No. 170848


awh thanks guys :')

I have it in black too but the pink one makes me feel more qt

No. 170849

I have a stupidly big knockoff designer bag that I load with the contents of my entire life.

It has:
-makeup bag
-water bottle
-a book
-if I'm going to work, my lunch
-my wallet
-my backup/music phone
-like 12 pens

I have a problem. I either lug it around with me or I don't carry it at all and shove everything in my pockets.

No. 170850

File: 1461016316213.jpg (885.01 KB, 2017x1407, tfw_no_kawaii.jpg)

My EDC is usually in a plain black High Sierra backpack with my school stuff, but when I do have my purse/bag/thing I usually have all this stuff in it.

>Rite in the Rain field notebook

>Moleskine notebook (for sketching mainly)
>old af Mary Kay mesh bag with tampons, hair ties, and bobby pins
>bunch of old punch cards and receipts
>sad, non-kawaii wallet
>ibuprofen because chronic headache-chan
>compact mirror
>eyeglasses cleaning cloth
>usually 1-3 half-sticks of gum because I rip them in half to make the packs last longer kek
>guitar pick, as though I might come across a guitar in the wild on the way to the convenience store
>Elf concealer pallet
>pink blob is my room key (dorm) and school id, usually floating around independently of my wallet
>more chapstick than a person could reasonably need in their day to day life
>mini-messenger-bag-type purse thing.

I would usually have my iPod as well, but I was using it to take the picture. I'm probably gonna buy more cute things after seeing everyone else's EDC.

No. 170851

>guitar pick, as though I might come across a guitar in the wild on the way to the convenience store

I like you.

No. 170852

File: 1461058357262.jpg (108.09 KB, 1028x771, 2083767f-4cbd-4016-83ea-a48a21…)

Ooooh I love these!

- Marc Jacobs bag. It's old af and I'm kinda embarrassed bc it's pleb tier but honestly ita the best bag I've ever owned, even over my other really expensive ones. It holds a shit ton of stuff, is really durable and well made, and the leather is still great. I always go back to it.
- one of those ecosilk bags (red thing) for when I buy stuff, if I can remember to use it
- wallet, due for a new one. Any recs?
- a heap of cash that I didn't even know I had!! Hidden in one of the many pockets, if I hadn't done this idk when I would have found it lol
- valium/painkillers/eye drops/tampon/nail stuff/gum/floss/lipbalm etc, the everyday stuff. You know.
- my mom's pen from the hospital she worked at. Been carrying it around since 2008 when she died. It still works. I will cry if I ever lose it
- philosophy stick perfume in pure grace. It's running out so I bought the spray version but it doesn't smell the same so kinda regretting it. Oh well.
- hand cream

I usually carry sunscreen as well but idk where that went

Also phone is taking the pic.

Probably went into too much detail that nobody cares about but I had fun !

No. 170853

File: 1461059315704.jpg (713.86 KB, 3283x2322, 20160419_114638.jpg)

I used to take a bag but I don't anymore. So here is the crap I keep in my coat's pocket.
Let's say I don't go out much.

No. 170854


>my mom's pen from the hospital she worked at. Been carrying it around since 2008 when she died

I didn't want to feel today but there you go.

No. 170855

:/ I'm sending a virtual hug anon

No. 170856

>plastic colour money
>thank you. hand sanitiser

Hello fellow Australian! No shame in your Marc Jacobs game, his bags are seriously so great, and a lot better than those Michael Kors totes every other girl is carrying. His wallets are pretty good too, I had mine for a while.

My condolences about your loss, sending you many virtual hugs.

Is that a pedobear keychain?

No. 170857

It is. It's a gift I received 6-7 years ago from a friend who no longer talks to me. I keep it for sentimental reasons.

No. 170858


i'm actually american but i've been in aus for 3 years now and i love it, even your weird plastic colored money. MJ bags really are great, yeah I see soo many girls with MK or even the kardashian kollection bags (why are they so popular here??? i do not understand) so i guess it's not so bad.

No. 170859

Seriously every girl around here has a Michael Kors bag. I don't get it. They're nice and minimal which I like but…not amazing? Am I missing something?

No. 170860


Same here. I was amazed when I moved from the countryside to a city; EVERY GIRL has Michael Kors!

No. 170861

Oh hey, fellow frenchie!

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