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File: 1675832233848.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1564x1125, unholy.png)

No. 1493776

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1474086
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

Let's not get retarded in here.

More jewellery free looks for the Critics Choice Award:
>>1474141 <<< start here for the sake of keeping this description short.

Some pictures from Sundance 2023:
>>1478636 <<< Starting point

Sam Smith Cringe Challenge (VERY HARD) 99% can't resist wanting to kermit after seeing this shit:
>>1479220 Obnoxious cunt jests that it's "sad" that the brits nominated no female artists after campaigning to have the female category removed.
>>1479366 Him with his partner in crime TiM Petras
>>1479371 He looking like the smug fatty that he is in an ugly Harry Styles cosplay.
>>1479386 Apparently he gets mistaken for the iconic songstress Adele. >>1479891
>>1479405 Him looking ugly AGAIN. Mild warning because he is wearing one of this gay jock straps.
>>1479421 , >>1479428 NSFL pictures of him that almost makes Elon musk in the one picture look like a male model. He has fatter tits than every nonnie on lolcow combined.
>>1479975 His ring appears to be cutting off circulation in his finger
>>1480039 In motion
>>1480708 , >>1484413 , >>1487996 , >>1488198 IT DOESN'T END
>>1484415 , >>1484486 "noooo piss is empowering!!!!"
>>1484661 , >>1484672 He used to look like a normal human being.
>>1482214 With Charli XCX for some reason.
>>1480034 man boobs make you non-binary?

Who is fucking who:
>>1474237 Kanye marries an employee at yeezy. She has a fat ass just like Kim >>1474258
>>1474804 , >>1478890 Selena is fucking a chainsmoker.
>>1474944 Gerard Pique is seething over Shakira's new song where she roasts him for abandoning his family for a mediocre instagram model.
>>1476558 Fans of Aaron Taylor Johnson and his big juicy cock rejoice as he allegedly cheated on his elderly wife.
>>1490713 Vanessa Hudgens is engaged.

>>1479988 , >>1480809 Kylie Jenner
>>1480785 , >>1480855 , >>1480859 Noah Cyrus looking like an unfortunate mix between Pete Burns and Paul Dano.
>>1474197 Sarah Hyland
>>1489289 Chloe Cherry stole a cheap blouse.

Moid degeneracy:
>>1486110 , >>1486304 Justin Roiland get dropped by everyone for his domestic abuse allegations.
>>1485669 , >>1487329 Marc Antony Marries a barely legal woman who is taller than him.
>>1488524 Jackie chan will leave nothing for his children. discourse ensues about how he is unfair to his daughter who he beared with a mistress.
>>1488706 21, can you do something for meh
>>1489989 A woman suspiciously falls to her death from David Harbour's apartment.
>>1490288 , >>1490312 Leonardo diCaprio strikes again, this time his grubby hands are all over a 19 year old girl.

Piss news:
>>1480115 Young miami from the city girls is so steeped in pickmeism that she allows p-diddy to have her in an open relationship and says she likes men pissing her.
>>1480128 Kevin Gates, famous for having two phones and an advocate for cousin fucking admits to loving it women piss in his mouth.

>>1476821 Percy Hynes White from the netflix Wednesday show is found to be a disgusting creep who has been dming underage girls and assaulting their eyes with his ugly nude selfies.
>>1476830 He may have raped one of these girls allegedly
>>1476825 Apparently he finds all his "fans" to be annoying
>>1477175 He's apparently super racist too.

Tras cry about Tervern millionaire for the umpteenth time:
>>1476596 Sebastian Croft gets bullied by psychotic tras for being involved in the new Harry Potter game and folds.
>>1482575 Mark Hamill likes a JK Rowling tweet and the TRAS want his head.
>>1485572 , >>1484977
JKR being based.

General news:
>>1474177 Beyonce does an overpriced concert in Dubai and her fans are mad about it.
>>1474939 Michaela Coel will be hosting the 2023 met gala alongside Dua lip. The theme is Karl Lagerfeld.
>>1474947 Kim Kardashian Does chav british girl makeup and looks stunning.
>>1475048 , >>1475055 Madonna does a Madonna photoshoot that gives Brad Pitt in the funeral home vibes. A tif >>1475063 (the blonde one) who protested against shelters for battered women makes an appearance to the dismay of anons.
>>1476644 Brittney is losing it and is apparently obsessing over Justin Timberlake.
>>1476842 Emrat feels like a little whore for wearing chapstick.
>>1477063 Alec Baldwin is being charged with involuntary manslaughter after the shooting incident in 2021. He faces 18 months in jail and a 5k fine if found guilty.
>>1477674 Kim Kardashian continues to her mission to buy as much celebrity memorabilia as possible and buys pendant worn by Princess Diana.
>>1477676 Dakota Johnson get cancelled on twitter for joking about Armie Hammer eating people.
>>1478203 Cringe queen Megan Trainor announces collab with TiM Petras.
>>1478526 Liam Payne looks suspiciously different at the red carpet of Beyonce's show.
>>1478556 Activia spokeswoman Jamie Lee Curtis receives backlash for having a questionable picture of a naked child in a crate in her office.
>>1478595 Hilaria Baldwin is hilariously dunked on for her fake spanish accent for the millionth time.
>>1480079 , >>1480193 , >>1480234 , >>1481447 Doja cat serving looks.
>>1480620 Panic! at the disco is finally dead.
>>1480536 Lisa Marie Presley's Daughter Riley gives birth not long after Lisa's death.
>>1481156 Paris Hilton is now a mother.
>>1482175 , >>1482176 , >>1482206 Halsey looking suspiciously thin. Confirmed anachan >>1482486
>>1482955 , >>1482956 Anita doing a really graphic music video in which she pretends to suck some guys dick.
>>1485671 , >>1474232 Lana and her tits.
>>1489117 Ville Vallo is saddened by Bam's downfall.
>>1489899 Ice spice finally has a good song.
>>1491611 Korean rapper Bully gets 4 years for drug possession.

There was also more discourse about surrogacy, expect that to be a staple of these threads. If i missed something, i am sorry.

No. 1493780

File: 1675832449414.webm (1.55 MB, 320x320, Wg5SIa0vJTtjmTri.webm)

Now that we are gathered, I can post my favourite highlight from the grammys.

No. 1493783

kek I thought this was porn spam at first. Why subject us all to such an image?

No. 1493789

I am so sorry!

No. 1493791

I don't believe you.

No. 1493793

File: 1675833629724.png (193.57 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.png)

I thought it looked funny.

No. 1493794

File: 1675833750812.jpg (107.65 KB, 683x1024, harry-styles-attends-the-65th-…)

Can finally post red carpet looks. Harry won a Grammy for his Harry's House album, and during his acceptance speech he said something like "stuff like this doesn't happen to people like me". The album beat out artists like Beyonce, Adele, ABBA, Kendrick Lamar.

No. 1493795

File: 1675833785413.jpg (45.38 KB, 821x577, HarryStyles-2023-grammys-accep…)

Here's what he wore during his speech

No. 1493796

Thank God this thread is back, I really needed to tell you guys: I HATE HAM SMITH. So much!!!!! Fuck him!!!

No. 1493798

am i tinfoiling or does this seem like such control of his image for the pandering?
like only women care about red carpet, so he can wear something that fits the "omg breaking gender norms!" schtick
then during the award show when its more diversified viewership he changed to something way more traditionally masculine and boring.

No. 1493801

A lot of people had different looks for their red carpet. I'll post more in a second.

No. 1493803

lol why does he look like he's about to cry?

No. 1493805

File: 1675834831982.jpg (324.55 KB, 1500x751, lizzo.jpg)

Lizzo's fit for the red carpet. She won Record of the year, and she was also on the carpet with her boo. I actually think this looks great, and I hope she made fat moids seethe kek.

No. 1493808

File: 1675835045639.jpg (144.75 KB, 1500x397, lizzo stage.jpg)

Her stage outfit and what she wore during the event. I don't like these as much. I feel like the cut (short dress, puffy sleeves) looks awkward in general.

No. 1493809

File: 1675835168756.jpeg (68.17 KB, 673x897, 013996100_1675651299-Viola_2.j…)

Viola Davis won for best audiobook, and with that she reached EGOT status. Good for her!

No. 1493812

File: 1675835392748.png (3.14 MB, 2000x1429, sam smith.png)

Ham Smith and Him Petras on the carpet with a gaggle of gays. If you block out their heads and pretend this isn't on a bunch of troons, I actually like this a lot. I wish these were on women instead. I did think it was kind of funny how this Sam Smith stuff made people freak out about the illuminati and the devil kek.

No. 1493815

File: 1675835897223.jpg (834.43 KB, 4096x1365, look at those ROLLS.jpg)

Stage outfits and what they wore during the event. I forgot to add that they won for best pop duo. I can't find any good photos of Kim during their performance so I won't even bother.

No. 1493820

>it was kind of funny how this Sam Smith stuff made people freak out about the illuminati and the devil kek.
Off topic but I was on 4chan earlier trying to find out what all the drama was about tim pool and his co host, I despise 4chan but oddly enough that was the only place that had a summary of what went down. And I kept seeing pics of Sam performing with devil horns and the 4chan schizos blaming that for the massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, it's funny to see 4chan scrotes freak out like boomers about "muh satanism" lol

No. 1493821

File: 1675836371812.jpg (356.26 KB, 1440x1795, 329297383_1368359323930087_220…)

sorry to be off topic but i can't believe official bratz made this. yes of course super feminine a whole woman

No. 1493822

File: 1675836462727.png (428.46 KB, 800x1199, adele.png)

Adele. She won best pop performance for Easy on Me. I like the dress a lot. I don't think I've ever really seen Adele look bad.

No. 1493823

Aww wtf, bratz are for kids and both of those faggots music is most definitely not child friendly.

No. 1493825

Shit like this is why I ignore the Grammys.

No. 1493829

File: 1675837152867.jpg (436.2 KB, 2309x1500, beyonce.jpg)

Beyonce at the Grammys and in a photoshoot she posted on Instagram. She won best electronic/dance recording and album, best traditional R&B performance, and best R&B song for her songs off of Renaissance. She now holds the record for most grammys with 32 awards.
Btw, during Harry's acceptance speech there were people booing him and someone yelled "Beyonce should have won".

Anyway not really feeling her Grammy's dress. I like the foil-y skirt but I don't care for the nude corset thing underneath it. I see what it's trying to do but I don't like it that much. And why black gloves? I do like the photoshoot though, weirdly enough.
Tbf, that's just what Bratz does now. They just make dolls of celebrities instead of actually making new doll lines. Also, what a flattering doll for Sam kek.

No. 1493830

Make a new thread or spoiler that thread pic

No. 1493832

Nicki Minaj was blackballed from the Grammys for her performance of Roman Holiday. She also had to apologize to the Catholic Church afterwards. If Ham and Tim don’t see repercussions from the committee then once again that’s putting troons over black women. Nicki is a rapist lover and lost my respect long ago but her performance was so awesome.

No. 1493838

File: 1675837742395.webm (2.66 MB, 320x568, harry.webm)

Harry Styles getting boo'd. Sorry but it's so funny to see people doing the stan twitter shit in real life like this.

No. 1493840

File: 1675837937454.jpeg (79.2 KB, 828x849, 7F655160-A52A-4C10-B053-69728A…)

crossposted from the vent thread but I wish she'd stop being such a retarded pickme

she was dumping terrible takes the day she posted this and also victim blaming women who accused the scrote from wednesday, I don't want to live on this planet anymore

abusers pay you to promote them deux you're a fucking handmaiden who peaked 3 years ago whos salty nobody will buy your shitty novel

No. 1493841

File: 1675838219707.jpg (166.89 KB, 1000x650, megan.jpg)

Megan Fox and MGK attended. There's actually a lot of people speculating that Megan is being abused by MGK. First because MGK has talked about doing weird, manipulative shit, and now Megan is showing up in public with a broken wrist and a concussion. Megan was also posting concerning stuff on her instagram (which I wish I could fucking find right now, will post later.)

No. 1493844

File: 1675838351265.jpg (176.15 KB, 1000x688, doja cat.jpg)

Doja Cat. I like the leather look a lot, the garbage bag one is just fugly.

No. 1493845

as much as I hate these two that's probably no twhat's happening, these two are just pretentious edge-lords and the only harm their doing is toward their kids
MGK letting his daughter try to become a carbon copy of megan fox and megan trooning out her son

No. 1493847

File: 1675838550205.jpg (301.87 KB, 2000x1349, 230206092711-02-bonnie-raitt-g…)

Bonnie Raitt won song of the year, which I don't think anyone was expecting. Good for her though.

No. 1493852

File: 1675838915007.jpg (137.37 KB, 1200x1850, taylor-swift-grammys-2023-601c…)

Taylor Swift. Don't care for this outfit. She won for best music video.

No. 1493854

>She also had to apologize to the Catholic Church afterwards.
It's strange how much things have changed within the past decade alone. Can you imagine the catholic church demanding an apology now? They'd get "cancelled" for being phobic of something lol

No. 1493855

File: 1675839125237.jpg (221.62 KB, 1000x760, Cardi.jpg)

Cardi B. I really like the shape of the blue dress. The mirror dress is cool too.

No. 1493856

File: 1675839218150.png (2.75 MB, 1200x1850, kasey.png)

Kasey Muskgraves. I like it.

No. 1493857

File: 1675839357345.jpg (243.3 KB, 1500x1000, image.jpg)

Shania Twain

No. 1493860

File: 1675840478561.jpg (370.87 KB, 1365x2048, 20230208_020436.jpg)

Blac Chyna in Ryuk's skin.

No. 1493863

For me Cardi was best dressed

No. 1493866

File: 1675841377512.jpeg (398.34 KB, 1600x2400, 1246829350.jpeg)

I'm sure this was already posted in the MTF thread, but he was there for some reason.

No. 1493887

Haven’t he had a feminisation face surgery recently? I think I saw some posts about it. If so, this only shows that no amount of hormones and surgeries will make a man look like a woman. His face still looks very masculine.

No. 1493889

This has to be some sort of psy-op, he's been pushed so hard by the elites and we just have to accept it

No. 1493893

File: 1675844090046.jpg (115.63 KB, 1500x2250, camilacabellogrammys-1-cf83f70…)

Camila Cabello and HER. Camila's fit is just so unfortunate.

No. 1493896

File: 1675844543108.jpg (312.79 KB, 1455x2048, FoPxLZZX0AEWtvG.jpg)

Jennifer Lopez. She looks gorgeous honestly.

No. 1493898

File: 1675844585476.webm (1.49 MB, 1280x716, jennifer.webm)

And a cameraman caught her snapping at Ben Affleck kek

No. 1493901

File: 1675844771072.jpg (270.05 KB, 1366x2048, olivia.jpg)

Olivia Rodrigo

No. 1493902

I'm sure there's video of it online but the Dita Von Teese wannabe tranny next to him was DESPERATELY trying to get all the photographers attention. It was hilarious and you could see Ham side eyeing him.

No. 1493904

File: 1675844902881.jpg (358.76 KB, 1366x2048, fran.jpg)

Fran Drescher. This color is great on her.

No. 1493905


No. 1493906

Shania Twain?? She's unrecognizable from how she looked like in the 1990s and 2000s

No. 1493907

His interview on E! with Laverne Cox was sooo fucking bizarre. They titled it "extremely vulnerable" and the comments are babying him but come on…. He was venting and rambling because he didn't win.

No. 1493908

She went full Muppet with the outfit and plastic surgery

No. 1493909

File: 1675845168301.jpg (726.79 KB, 1800x1799, 07PEOPLES-CHOICE-FASHION1-1-57…)

I thought so too, I think the red wig is what's throwing me off. She's been wearing a lot of "interesting" stuff lol. Picrel is last year at People's Choice Awards.

No. 1493910

She thinks doing this will keep her relevant

No. 1493911

I was going to ask "does she know where she is?" because of how underwhelming she looked but her facial expression truly makes it look like she doesn't know where she is kek

No. 1493913

File: 1675845490157.jpg (569.43 KB, 1364x2048, FoQXSZ2aAAAFXnb.jpg)

Gayle. She's the girl with the ABCDEFU song, which got nominated for song of the year but fortunately lost.

No. 1493914

File: 1675845544251.jpg (115.31 KB, 766x434, not_impressed.jpg)

Seems like at some point her face changed a lot. This isn't normal aging, right? I can't tell with celebs anymore

No. 1493917

File: 1675845750003.jpg (136.42 KB, 827x1016, anitta.jpg)

Anitta, who I think usually looks horrible but I like this gown a lot.

No. 1493919

Her face does look different but I can't tell what it is, or if it's surgery or not. It's probably the whole angle but her entire head looks shorter.

No. 1493920

File: 1675845920061.jpg (309.51 KB, 1364x2048, lourdes.jpg)

I was expecting Madonna to attend but it was just her daughter, Lourdes Leon.

No. 1493921

File: 1675846055017.jpg (424.56 KB, 2667x1000, madonna.jpg)

I'm fucking retarded.

No. 1493922

What the literal fuck

No. 1493923

I adore her

No. 1493924

Lol, the dress is pretty underwhelming too, usually her outfits are cute what happened

No. 1493926

File: 1675846448333.png (308.84 KB, 418x734, 1673721281731847.png)

She doesn't even look human. She looks like a badly made waxwork.

No. 1493927

the bogdanov sister

No. 1493930

File: 1675846923547.jpg (59.54 KB, 650x430, madonna-2013-billboard-650.jpg)

It's sad because she was aging fine. Picrel was in 2013 when she was 55.

No. 1493933

She's already one facelift in and pumped full of filler in that pic wym?

No. 1493935

She wasn't botched yet like she is now

No. 1493936

she turned 18 so the industry said BYE

No. 1493938

Kind of true which is unfortunate. Celebrities don't make the amount of money people think they do so she probably can't afford crazy good couture and brands probably aren't approaching her like they were.

No. 1493941

>how underwhelming she looked
The dress itself would have been fine if she accessorized. I really do wonder what the actual reason is for celebrtities foregoing jewelry and bags on the red carpet recently.

No. 1493942

Too much of a liability now. Stuff was getting stolen and going "missing".

No. 1493948

I heard that stylists weren't returning the stuff they borrowed fron fashion houses, but I wasn't sure how true it was. If it is true, I wonder why celebrities can't just wear jewelry from their personal collection? I understand that they partner with specific brands for these events and basically get sponsored by them, but still.

No. 1493954

File: 1675849029060.jpeg (336.64 KB, 2000x1334, 35850FC0-05F4-47BF-AB14-27DAEB…)

Kek I knew it, they’re drag queens. The dita von teese skin walker is Violet Chachki and next to him is a spergy ftm drag queen Gottmik. They’re both huge cows for being pretentious and hanging out with Gigi Gorgeous while shitting on others for being poor. Picrel for anons to see obvious male and female contrast kek

No. 1493955

It is true. It's always gone on but the last couple of years have been really bad.
>just wear jewelry from their personal collection
Brand partnerships do play a role but that aside, most don't have a collection worth wearing on a red carpet. The ones that do, well it goes back to being a liability for several reasons.

No. 1493956

Those waist trainers working overtime lol

No. 1493957

Tbh, if you hadn't said it I wouldn't have realized that's a woman. It is kind of weird to be an FTM that then goes an dresses as a caricature of a woman though.

No. 1493962

Lol I found a video and I see what you mean

No. 1493965

All the paps shouting "Sam!" and not a single "Kim!" lol, bet that hurt

No. 1493966

KEK that's it! The eye-fucking was something else.
My grandma noticed that too live and laughed about it

No. 1493969

I'd also cry if I had to wear something that ugly for attention

No. 1493971

Did they make the men in the back look like ugly hobos so the ones in the front look better?

No. 1493978

That mask face, if that was me I'd set off my own fight or flight instinct looking in the mirror. How are wrinkles worse than this?

No. 1493984

Lmao this was way too fucking funny.
It's funny & the most noteworthy image from the last thread also better than the piss alternative. Thank you for your hard work, anon <3 I appreciate you.
Good. He should cry bc he's fucking ugly & should not have won.
She looks like she's wearing the carpet, kek. But I like it, the cape is beautiful.
Good for her!! Not crazy about this look, but she's always dressed appropriately & I appreciate that about her.
Ham looking like a bloated drugged out Willy Wanka, at least that's progress for him? Still hate that him & Tim won anything.
Hate this even more. Disgusting. They're both at least 50lbs heavier than their dolls look. Wish everyone would stop celebrating these subpar scrotes.
Lmao love that for her. I don't even like her new album & I still wish she'd have won.
Tbh I'm surprised Kate Bush didn't win for Running Up That Hill I jest, ik it doesn't work that way but that song was everywhere last year + so many covers
Strong agree, she really looks incredible in both outfits. The blue one is stunning.
Oh dear, she's truly unrecognizable.
Insert clip of Micheal Scott screaming oh God no here WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. NO. I've already stopped shopping at Ulta thanks to this faggot, I'm so sick of this fuckhead shoved down our throats. Too bad he didn't die on the operating table, sincerely. IDC if this is a-logging, I hate him even more than Ham Smith.
She really needs a better stylist.
Kinda funny, but also looks like a hell relationship.
He looks like he wants to be a broody anime teen. Men need to dress for their age.
Kek, too accurate.
Glad she didn't win. Song was unoriginal trash. Which works since she looks like trash. Like something you'd see at the adult film (aka porn) awards. That cheap AliExpress collar thing is killing me.
2nd best dressed
Damn, they holographed Pete Burns to be there!?
Kek, good. Let them battle it out.
You know it!

Sorry for the massive ass sperg ladies, thank you for the solid posts & commentary

No. 1493987

>beautiful woman getting praised over ugly scrote in ugly clothes
Is this bad?

No. 1493989

Lol why are they all wearing the same cheap ugly wig?? Looking like they hit up Halloween Express for The Ring/Grudge hair

No. 1493990

>Sorry for the massive ass sperg ladies
I liked reading it nonna! Award show season is the best time in the Celebcow thread imo.

No. 1493995

No, I actually agree that she (or pretty much anyone that was nominated) would have deserved it way more than Harry. The video is hilarious because they're negging him, and also all the offended reactions of everyone in the crowd kek

No. 1493996

File: 1675853239096.jpg (162.5 KB, 1350x898, clubsport.JPG)

this shit is so fugly

No. 1493998

File: 1675853333229.jpg (130.91 KB, 1098x896, IDLES.JPG)

more dudes in dresses

No. 1493999

That jrain (jean train)…

No. 1494001

File: 1675853437350.jpg (66.5 KB, 597x896, wtf.JPG)

No. 1494006

To be fair, half the dudes in IDLES wear dresses on the regular. I like some of their music a lot, but they can get so self righteous

No. 1494007

Literally who? to both groups

No. 1494008

Don't know who this is though he is cute facially. Another one who hasn't a damn clue where he is.

No. 1494010

File: 1675854257290.jpg (76.83 KB, 594x892, dude.JPG)

he was also there

No. 1494011

Horrible interviewer. Cuts everyone off and flirts with the men it finds attractive. Vidrel.

No. 1494012

File: 1675854470676.jpg (63.75 KB, 1125x784, ve3qilzxkqga1.jpg)

People are mad about Jay-Z's million dollar watches while Beyonce's Ivy Park workers make less than $1/hr. I agree with the point 100%, but I also agree that Beyonce > Harry Styles. Apparently saying Beyonce should've won is escalating this controversy on Twitter, since we can only focus on one thing at a time about celebrities.

No. 1494013

File: 1675854575033.jpg (98.52 KB, 598x894, paris.JPG)

No. 1494014

It's not one thing, these rich bustards know their industries cause people suffering and instead of ending it or trying to change the system they keep quiet or worse LARP as revolutionaries

No. 1494015

Holy shit, he talks way too much & is a stuttering mess. That was uncomfortable to watch

No. 1494016

Is that Maneskin?

No. 1494018

File: 1675855036266.jpg (197.74 KB, 1332x897, maneskin.JPG)


this is what maneskin wore btw

No. 1494019

"They don't care about us"
Lol no shit, people actually still think the celebrities they idolize care about them? I hope she's just young cause thinking that past the age of like 15 is just embarrassing.

No. 1494020

File: 1675855254982.jpg (68.66 KB, 597x891, pharrell.JPG)

No. 1494021

Her dress looks too big for her & I hate her hair. Usually Paris looks better than this
True. It kinda reminds me of the embarrassment of when JayZ dressed up as Basquiat. Also, apparently Beyonce spent 35 million on a Basquiat for JayZ's birthday in December. I love Basquiat, but imagine spending that much money on a man who cheated on you.. jesus

No. 1494022

File: 1675855334759.jpg (108.49 KB, 599x898, DomiandJDBeck.JPG)

How do we feel about this one?

No. 1494023

No. 1494024

The woman of the group is so pretty I wish they wouldn't make her dress like the goblin men

No. 1494026

Hideous imo, both dressed like troons I see walking around town. I hate myself for thinking that was Stefani for a second lol

No. 1494027

It's like they have to hold her back & make her ugly to make the men look "good" (they don't look good). The guys still always look so greasy tho

No. 1494029

He looks like a manchild kek

No. 1494030

File: 1675856331555.jpg (114.33 KB, 1105x893, Sierra Ferrel.JPG)

No. 1494032

kek at the hired help in the cheap wigs and kim looking very insecure and struggling to keep up

No. 1494038

That has to be what it is because she does not fit with them at all

No. 1494040

i cannot stand that she said her secret is not to touch alcohol because i absolutely love drinking

No. 1494041

She drinks anon lol

No. 1494050

My god I hate these upper class "punks" so much it's unreal.

No. 1494059

File: 1675860910299.jpg (125.53 KB, 625x927, madonna.jpg)

No. 1494068

OT but yeah she's gorgeous, only now seeing it but she really looks like what Kiki probably thinks she looks like.

No. 1494104

Violet Chachki, love her. Just a drag queen not trans. It was her ~moment~ ofc he she was giving it all, its her job lol.

No. 1494107

>drag queen
Is my flu impaired brain missing a joke here?

No. 1494108

how is this snapping? she just told him to behave. People really blow things out of proportion.
i think its sad how people cared more about illuminati conspiracies instead of the fact that this is a shitty song glamorizing shitty downlow gay men who cheat on their wifes with faggots and troons. The whole message of song is about a husband with a family cheating on his wife.
this was a iconic performance, i miss this Nicki.
i like both of these looks.
Camilla needs to start dressing for her body type.
beyonce is the definition of fake-woke, talking about female empowerment as if we didnt forget how she and her father used to treat her group members when she was in destinys child or the fact that she settled with a cheater.

No. 1494110

Nothing serious its just common to refer to drag queens as her. Dont be a hater im on your side

No. 1494114

Luv these, stunning

No. 1494118

Damn everyone's getting sick this January/February lol, feel better nonnie

No. 1494145

This looks like a Sam Hyde bit lmfao

No. 1494149

he is aging so badly. he looks like he's 45 years old here. what the fuck.

No. 1494184

I’m sorry I thought this was Tana Mongeau

No. 1494189

I saw her a year ago in a super tiny venue and she was amazing. Also she got a really disruptive drunk couple kicked out cause they were literally falling into people and being annoying as hell.

No. 1494205

>stuff like this doesn't happen to people like me
Ugly mediocre men get praised all the time idgi

No. 1494236

I hope she dies soon tbh(a-logging)

No. 1494251

File: 1675877941434.jpg (34.02 KB, 734x417, dead or alive.jpg)

Legit looks like pete burns, this is so sad because both of them were beautiful and fucked up with plastic surgery. I hate how plastic surgery is so normalized, to the point that even young people are doing this shit to their faces because they fear so damn much getting older.
Lots of 20 somethings years old in my country already stuffing their faces with botox because they truly believe it will prevent aging process, like wtf.

No. 1494254

Idk why this made me laugh so hard but I can't contain myself

No. 1494274

Same and now I feel bad lol

No. 1494275

A video clip resurfaced of Raven Symone and her wife laughing at Amber Heard, who was crying on her phone while parked next to them. They also made sure to take a photo with her before they left.
>”Cut my finger off and see if she’ll claim it!”
>”She’s probably calling the cops on us for being parked next to her lolol”
Raven has given off so much petty mean girl energy lately

No. 1494279

sameanon i realized I posted a video that cut out some of the quotes but it’s still bad. Ugh I hate it

No. 1494280

Fuck this cluckity bitch she reminds me of a chicken for some reason

No. 1494316

I truly hate everyone involved in this

No. 1494328

She looks like Leigh Bowery here.

No. 1494340

>she just told him to behave.
We don't know what she actually said, and it looks like she's snapping at him lol. If she was telling him to "behave" like she is his mother then that's even funnier.

No. 1494387

File: 1675883809762.webm (2.42 MB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_1675863231409.w…)

Madonna at the grammy party

No. 1494393

it is still so mind-blowing to me how she went from being the girl on the internet known for the 'bitch, im a cow' song and getting drunk on 4chan to suddenly becoming this celebrity pop culture icon

No. 1494402

File: 1675884614445.jpg (274.71 KB, 1019x1280, 1675498306800577.jpg)

No. 1494404

actually disappointing

No. 1494411

>best album
>music for a sushi restaurant
what a fucking joke

No. 1494414

i miss when nicki was edgy and provocative like this instead of doing the same boring hypersexualized bullshit every female rapper does. can't stand her support of rapist scrotes but if she did stuff like that again (which i doubt she ever will) ngl i'd love it. i'm so sick of the same faux shock value that's just the same rampant hypersexuality that's been the norm since madonna got famous.

No. 1494429

just stop making yourself ugly bro it's not that hard

No. 1494433

Mods never banned me for a-logging ham smith. Mods hate ham smith confirmed.

No. 1494434

Madonna as a brand was an actual cancer for the music industry, you can track a lot of bullshit, tired ass tropes directly back to her performances and overall aesthetic, a lot of people copy her too which just makes things worse. They have been doing the ~oohhh satanism and sex~ stick for like decades already shit is not shocking anymore

No. 1494448

File: 1675886418738.jpg (151.32 KB, 750x846, hammer.jpg)

No. 1494460

nobody likes ham smith lol. even the gays hate him. the few people who defend him are only virtue signaling and/or playing devil's advocate

No. 1494466

I was hoping that too.

No. 1494482

I really think that Cardi kills it every single time at this events.
It's so bizarre she is even popular considering her main demographic of young zoomers literally hate her stupid song so much.
Madonna bothers me because i feel like she has no sense of identity when it comes for what type of look she is going for, she is so desperate to be with the new age of pop girls and won't accept that she is now a legacy act. She is trying so hard to be 20 again and it's not working. If she just let herself be an old lady and cooled off on the procedures her fans would still eat up her music and buy tickets for her show. I also feel like this obsession with being young will unironically be what ends her life. When you are her age getting all this invasive surgeries is incredibly taxing on the body, even as a young person it's a lot. All the filler she is getting is just making her skin saggier and apparently 3 face lifts is typically the limit before you run the risk of thinning out your skin too much or not looking botched.
She should have left it, she would have looked great. She still looks like herself.
Not mad at it tbh
Terrifying, even though i like the suit, just not at the grammys and not on this person.
Disgusting behaviour. They need to leave that poor woman alone, literally kicking someone when they are down.
He deserves it lmao.
It seems like even though she left her disney era she will need to find a way not to be stuck in the box of making music for young teenagers.

No. 1494502

im the farthest thing from a pearl clutcher but this song, video and just ham & tim in general make me so uncomfortable. especially that creepy gif of his head sticking out of the curtain doing the tongue thing. i feel like i need to shower every time i hear the song. theyre just so ugly, dirty looking and despicable to me

No. 1494509

Raven thinks she's protected because she's black and gay? Nah, I saw people on another forum calling her bitch ass out. What a piece of shit. She's said some questionable stuff lately, but this is the worst.

No. 1494512

She continues to keep me crushing on her. She looks amazing

No. 1494528

Ru Paul's drag race was such a mistake. Now these ugly men have an even bigger ego because they think they are famous.

No. 1494534

File: 1675890088795.jpeg (478 KB, 1171x1920, 51C6AE5C-3D58-4C6B-8A72-7FD659…)

Shania always wore outfits like that in music videos and live performances.

No. 1494537

oh boo hoo the rapist is sad

No. 1494540

Good. Moids need to be shamed

No. 1494548

File: 1675890862525.jpeg (155.29 KB, 660x990, funny-salad12.jpeg)

>Ham Smith and Him Petras
fucking kek nona

No. 1494549

Starting to believe the satanism/illuminati boomers…everybody is so plastic, degenerate, gay/trans, with such an inhuman ego and need for attention…

No. 1494552

Kill yourself then, coward. If a woman said this in an interview, she'd be mocked.

No. 1494554

I know, I feel retarded for kinda agreeing with some of the right-wing boomer talking points. The degenerate trans shit being marketed to kids is out of control

No. 1494563

She looks like a Final Fantasy NPC and I love it

No. 1494564

File: 1675891685922.png (731.79 KB, 854x452, dress.png)

I wish this was on an actual woman because I absolutely love the beadwork on top of the texture of the dress, and his big shoulders look so awkward with the shape of the dress. Rihanna should have shown up and worn this instead of Laverne.

No. 1494578

It is funny nonnie

No. 1494581

Yep, and this is the first time I've seen him where he truly looks embarrassed by what he's wearing kek

No. 1494583

LOLCOR approved outfit

No. 1494585

A lot of people are hating on this and he does look like an underdressed clown, but I approve of the tit window. More (non-fat) men should show their titties.

No. 1494591

normally you'd be right but harry styles is the LAST person whose tits i want to see out. the mans repulsive in every sense of the word

No. 1494593

I highly agree with this. They are so insufferable.

No. 1494594

It's not the jumpsuit that's bad, it's him.

No. 1494605

File: 1675894220403.png (23.87 KB, 1063x154, Screenshot 2023-02-08 at 22-09…)

No. 1494606

File: 1675894252089.jpg (283.47 KB, 720x1229, 20230208_222431.jpg)

591 year old Romanian Aristocrat who has a castle Trannysylvania

No. 1494609

kek wtf?? this was so random

No. 1494628

Go back

No. 1494632

i cringed. this isn't as inspiring as she'd maybe like to think this is, it just feels creepy and weird as someone desperately trying to connect to an audience who can't relate to her

kek this made me laugh harder than it should have

>If a woman said this in an interview, she'd be mocked
you’re right. iirc constance wu got backlash for complaining that a show she was on was getting renewed before it was revealed that someone in the crew was harassing her, the backlash affected her badly to the point of feeling suicidal and she still got mocked for it i think. i'll have to look it up because this is just what i'm remembering.

No. 1494643

celebrities mind your own business challenge (very hard) but seriously how hard was it for them to just leave the woman alone instead of making a spectacle of someone for views?

No. 1494696

It makes me sad how people today think you need to film everything. How many times have we said something or done something that we didnt think would be recorded? If you see a woman crying in her car and the first thing you want to do is record and mock her, you deserve all the hate you get. Raven is mad she's a damn nobody after the crowsby show and her series ended years ago.

No. 1494707

i agree. like i just want to go about my day without worrying i’ll somehow end up in someone’s video while just being a nobody minding my own business. social media has given celebrities an inflated ego and sense of importance, they need to stick to their own shit instead of broadcasting how they’re inserting themselves in situations that didn’t need their input

No. 1494742

she wishes kek.
gottmik is so awkward and clearly has no confidence when compared to the gays with the overinflated egos next to her.
also her jaw freaks me out. are those implants or something?

No. 1494745

that kind of outrage is exactly what they want. stop acting like they're illuminati overlords when they're just a bunch of degenerate men who want people to believe their "straight men like us trannies and gays more than real women acktually!" larp.

No. 1494764

she has fillers in her jaw

No. 1494778

Is the song Unholy actually supposed to be about a married moid with kids who fucks TIMs on the side? Or is it just some generic cheating song?

No. 1494781

The music video points to the former.

No. 1494879

Im all for wearing what you want regardless of whether ut suits you but she always wears the same combo if high waisted bottoms and some sort if cropped top and I don't think it looks good on her.

No. 1494889

Let me guess, you’re provax too?

No. 1494892

Maybe it's just cuz Rihanna has that Egyptian goddess tattoo (I think Isis?) on her sternum, but this dress seems right up her alley. I agree, would look so much better on a woman.
I swear instead of looking like a hyper/bio queen, her contour just tries to make her look like a man (ig cuz she's ftm?)

No. 1494894

File: 1675920645307.jpeg (115.4 KB, 828x828, 98DFA0A1-0A82-4C89-B514-561C6C…)

jim carrey: international fugitive edition

No. 1494903

File: 1675921976858.jpg (58.86 KB, 620x476, zoolander.jpg)

Katinka Ingabogovinanana wore it better.

No. 1494914

The fact that Amber Heard was publicly shamed and no news source would dare vouch for her but this scrote can have creepy dahmer-esque fantasies about killing and eating women and the news sources are still just like "uwu he's sorry you guys and he's saddd" makes me homicidal tbh, sincerely hope he kills himself but he won't because he's too narcissistic

No. 1494917

nta but what does that have to do with what that anon said?

No. 1494926

File: 1675925028413.jpg (50.12 KB, 720x480, hond2_074.jpg)


No. 1494927

I know what you mean, and I do really think there is some agenda behind pushing this kind of stuff to pop culture but I don't think it's satanism or cults. I think it's companies or governments that have something to gain from it, like how china has tiktok but filters out the thirst content and lgbtq stuff but pushes the rest of it on western countries. I think whatever is behind pushing this stuff knows that it's detrimental to society, just by looking at statistics and studies done, for what reason I have no idea but it does feel intentional. They're literally promoting all the stuff thats proven to make people feel unhappy and unfulfilled, and the fact that artists like Ham smith are sponsored by major companies, even companies responsible for our medicines and vaccines is just so bizarre. Even the normies are conspiratorial over it.

No. 1494933

Am I missing something here? That's a man right? We don't call drag men "she" here just because they have makeup on, that's dumb.

No I'm for personal choice, I'm unvaxxed and never getting it. Weird conflation to make, was it cause I made the satanism joke? I just think it's funny to think Ham Smith caused an earthquake by wearing devil horns while twerking relax lol, and it's even funnier coming from 4chan moids because they seem like the opposite type of person to clutch their pearls over satanic symbolism.

No. 1494936

QAnon /pol/tard boomers are a whole different breed from the typical 4chan moid.

No. 1494938

Oh are there actual boomers on pol? Lol I just assumed everyone on 4chan was under 40, I've only been on there about 10 or 20 times in the past like 5 years or so. I guess that's why they had such strong boomer vibes lol

No. 1494949

What was said still stands kek she didn't always wear party city wigs

No. 1494950

Gottmik is a FTM woman

No. 1494953

Oh shit my bad

No. 1494965

File: 1675930368446.jpeg (272.12 KB, 1365x2048, 9FA5E832-5412-45B4-ABAC-E8791B…)

so this is the sign of the times

kicked out of hollywood and now out of los angeles… something is coming

No. 1495073

he is so so repulsively ugly, i think every picutre of him should come with a spoiler and a trigger warning

No. 1495090

File: 1675949724005.jpeg (237.58 KB, 749x421, leo-eden.jpeg)

Leo's new GF just dropped.

She's a model, Eden Polani, 19.

After some backlash on the internet this week because of their age gap, pages are now saying they are not dating, just hanging around.


(Sure, a 50 years old moid would "just hang around" a barely adult new face model)

No. 1495091

clocked her as a a woman in a second esp next to those men

No. 1495092

if he is going to date 30 year old looking teens, why not just date a 30 year old and save himself the public humilitaion? not like moid can tell age, unless he fucks her looking at her passport

No. 1495093

just compare the knees, it's so obvious. trannies will never pass

No. 1495110

pretty sure this was posted before and how is this news? Leo has always been a creep

No. 1495113

I unironically wish any image or video posted here about Madonna would be automatically spoilered. She looks disturbing, doesn't look like a human anymore

No. 1495148

File: 1675955611960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253.08 KB, 2000x1333, 1675892066591.jpg)

No. 1495149

File: 1675955689769.jpg (402.98 KB, 2048x1402, LS5rFDTmqVH46Zn5.jpg)

Kanye west spotted wearing a t-shirt with the imperial german eagle

No. 1495151

I think deuxmoi is a gay moid. I remember their interview with Ziwe and while the voice was modified to retain anonimity, the inflection was so typical of a gay man. In that interview, they also said they have no black friends and while its good that they're honest and you shouldnt use black people as tokens, it really says a lot that someone like them living such a lifestyle that I imagine to be socially rich, in a major US city, has no black friends. I legit don't think any of my friends has no black friends and we're not even ultra big party goers or insane tokenizing sjws.

who are these people? I swear they make them in a lab.

No. 1495188

she is a biological woman you retard.

No. 1495205

Yeah someone already informed me you sperg, how was I supposed to know I don't follow degenerate drag culture and I only gave the image a quick glance.

No. 1495208

She looks like she's the President of Earth in a hollywood sci-fi movie set 500 years in the future and I think I unironically love it.

No. 1495285

how do you know

No. 1495292

File: 1675966347142.jpg (98.57 KB, 578x893, Eb4aYaPWkAcNKDc.jpg)

hate to break it to you but that is just the federal eagle germans still use as their heraldic animal. it even says bundeswehr above not reichswehr. picrel is the nazi eagle

No. 1495297

I am aware of that, but you know why he's wearing it

No. 1495298

Stan's are gonna- stan.

No. 1495299



No. 1495302

All I see, when I look at him is - his 18yr old gf that he gave herpes to and then she an-heroed!

No. 1495369

Nya but he probably thinks it's a Nazi symbol and that's why he's wearing it. Or maybe he does know it's not a Nazi symbol but he's still wearing it cause German = Nazi.

No. 1495374

Samefag but I'm not calling German people Nazis, just saying that German stuff is associated with Nazis.

No. 1495394

is he genuinely a gay black white supremacist now ? does he want a muscular blonde ubermensch to blow our his back

No. 1495410

File: 1675975580944.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.36 KB, 681x1024, B74741E4-57A7-4F32-8952-5522C8…)

Ham Smith dropped his new album cover.

No. 1495415

Oh eww.


No. 1495416

And the best he got was that closeted scrawny chicano? Depressing.

No. 1495418

humiliation ritual or just garden variety hollywood gayshit?

No. 1495419

File: 1675976180018.jpg (132.15 KB, 1000x523, Ham.jpg)

Ham indeed.

No. 1495420

File: 1675976353929.jpg (58.34 KB, 735x509, f7d2c2201ec89b699b2e50f5f8da03…)

Kek I was about to post this.

No. 1495421

You can’t humiliate people who have no shame. Unless the goal is to give the rest of the world second-hand embarrassment kek

No. 1495433

i will never understand fat ugly gays' overinflated egos. even when i used to watch drag race the most repulsive obese gays would think they were god's gift to earth kek. if a fat ugly woman had that album cover she'd be torn to shreds.

No. 1495435

Shayna if she was a scrote

No. 1495465

Because he likes gaining attention from the media retards who don't know better

No. 1495467

File: 1675981715978.png (685.33 KB, 806x650, how embarrassing.png)

No. 1495473

maybe the satanic panic boomers were right? what the fuck is this?

No. 1495474

File: 1675982413065.jpeg (280.35 KB, 1116x2048, Fod7Jy9akAErJF6.jpeg)

So Adrianne Curry (kek, remember her?) tweeted about Melanie Lynskey, the actress who plays the character "Kathleen" in The Last of Us show:
>Her body says life of luxury…not post apocalyptic warlord. where is linda hamilton when you need her?

Twitter is ablaze right now.

kinda OT but when I watched the last episode, I wondered what the deal was with that character. She's supposed to be some ruthless, fierce hardass but I turned to my friend and said she seems like a soft-spoken teacher trying to control her class or something. Then again that could also entirely be the point of it, that these are 'regular people' pushed too far in the apocalypse

No. 1495477

Yeah. I remember her. She won the rigged top model tyra banks-show award. She married that guy from the Brady bunch and was on MTV's surreal life.

No. 1495478

tbh I miss that era of VH1

No. 1495480

No. 1495491

File: 1675983858983.jpeg (62.83 KB, 828x335, 20337557-68A5-4772-83B0-95D4C7…)

She was 28 but yes, unless there was another one. I wouldn't be shocked if there were other women.

I wonder if he'll be exposed at all

No. 1495495

I was talking about how bad that show is and I hate her character. There are many great examples of women in power, as leaders and roles in shows, but she's awful. I dont know if it's bad writing or bad directing, but this was just a bad move in general. To comment on her body like that though is really uncalled for.

No. 1495500

nah i kinda get what she means. if it's an apocalypse situation, no one would have enough fat reserves to be curvy. it's unrealistic.

i remember on the walking dead they explained the fat character's body by having them steal from the community's food reserves kek

No. 1495503

This is literally in the round up for the last thread up top, but thank you for trying. For a minute i thought they broke already.

No. 1495507

File: 1675985008800.gif (2.62 MB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)


No. 1495512

Lol the second I read that first part my mind jumped to the walking dead when Negan pointed out that maybe they have a food shortage because their food rationer was overweight. God I miss that show, before it went to shit lol

No. 1495517

Kek, the actress who played the fat woman on that show apparently had such a blast recording those episodes with Negan's actor, even though so many fat activists had mental breakdowns on twitter and wanted the writers to issue all kinds of apologies to her. Her attitude was refreshing, honestly.

No. 1495519

So shock value. Guess it's working since the ham-ster has people talking about his untalented fat shapeless ass.
>Lol the second I read that first part my mind jumped to the walking dead when Negan pointed out that maybe they have a food shortage because their food rationer was overweight.
You just reminded me of the starvin' marvin episode of south park. Kek

No. 1495520

File: 1675986645523.jpg (Spoiler Image, 336.62 KB, 2048x2048, FojmQFOakAAhZNK.jpg)

No. 1495521

His face is how we all feel

No. 1495524

File: 1675986968158.webm (968.7 KB, 480x852, vF0d81O8n_o1t9BY.webm)

No. 1495526

Why do I feel like he was trying to make it look like he has cleavage by squeezing the blue corset to his chest kek

No. 1495528

He’s trooning out by the end of the year, guaranteed

No. 1495529

No. 1495530

TINFOIL TIME: I bet he's skinwalking Kim Petras. I give him a year or two before he fully comes out as STUNNING and BRAVE.

No. 1495531

all the jim carrey posts are blantantly posted by the schizo who’s obsessed with him, nobody gives af about him anymore

No. 1495533

That's true but IDK, I really appreciate her presence.

No. 1495545

leave her alone

No. 1495548

Ham is really going to ride this fat gimmick until he pulls a Lizzo, isn't he?

No. 1495560

lmao she was married to Liam McPoyle!

No. 1495562

I can't take this, this is a multi millionaire worldwide popstar with enough power/money to do literally everything 99,99% of the world can only dream off. For what reason is she doing this cringy shit? I don't get it at all and I would feel incredibly sorry for her if she wasn't ultra rich.

No. 1495581

I still think he looks like a gay trans man AKA straight woman with an extreme fetish for gay men in her "massive weight gain post-top surgery after years of calling self a twink/faggot" era

No. 1495586

Can't wait to see. I hope he ruins his body even more.

No. 1495598

File: 1675993758126.jpeg (609.37 KB, 828x1241, 68A2EA41-286C-452E-9B62-A4C6A4…)

Oh and besides the age gap (in her 20s not 18 but he was early-mid 50s) and abuse he also tried to erase all evidence of the relationship existing and obtain records to "debunk" her, but it sounds like he really wanted to expunge everything.

The fact that he wanted the crime scene photos of a supposed suicide make it sound more like he murdered her

No. 1495601

File: 1675993986149.jpeg (36.01 KB, 554x554, 1655030808048.jpeg)

I want to place a hit on Ham Smith.

No. 1495604

File: 1675994237004.jpeg (155.17 KB, 828x365, E2B5CF38-C42E-4042-8901-A8E279…)

yep nothing weird here move along

No. 1495612

File: 1675994436673.png (Spoiler Image, 556.65 KB, 473x843, Untitled.png)

what is going on with his body right here

No. 1495613

didn't he fucking give her herpes

No. 1495614

Are those supposed to be the "womanly breasts" he was talking about having lol

No. 1495619

yes and encouraged her to do drugs and abused her

he was violent, mentally unhinged, they broke up several times, and she was implied to have already been a survivor of abuse. he chose a "damaged" woman he thought nobody would believe. carrey tried to use as his defense that her estranged mother was abusive and seeking out money after her daughters passing, but even if that's true, the girlfriends own words independent of her family indicate how troubled their relationship was for several years

it was a wrong place wrong time scenario. she originally wanted to out him for giving her stds and abusing her to the media in 2013, then tried to kill herself the first time, and he intimidated her into backing down, paid her, tried to claim he didn't give her the stds when he paid her off. they dated on and off again even after that. you don't usually pay off false claims with a hefty sum, you usually just use fixers and beat people down until they comply, sometimes even kill them.

he definitely gave her those diseases and he's definitely out there still passing them around to other young women who have no idea. disgusting moid

No. 1495620

File: 1675995018197.png (324.7 KB, 522x842, skinwalker.png)

He wishes he was Billie Eilish sooooooo bad with that sad pout and wannabe sanpaku eyes lol

No. 1495623

Despite looking like Mayo that has been sat out in the sun and gets that yellow tinge, and being visually, physically and mentally ugly. Sam Smith isn't getting an OUNCE of hate that fat women get daily just for living their lives. Thats what bothers me the most.
People talk about lizzo, whatever. I notice that once Scrotes get fat they try to look as visually unattractive as they can on purpose. AND NOBODY DOES ANYTHING. No comedian is saying Sam Smith looks like a melted banana. Nobody is seething at the site of his lumpy gross nasty body.
They become disgusting globs of hate and retardness. Especially gay ones. He knows he looks gross, he doesn't think he's sexy. His "Confidence" is like a kid eating disgusting combinations at school to get attention because he doesn't have cool shoes or the new Pokemon game to show off.
The look in his eyes makes me want to run to my nearest church and beg god to forgive me for what I've seen. I HATE SAM SMITH. I hate how scrotes can LITERALLY look like a pile of lumpy mash pototoes but as long as they suck dick, if they wrap some bacon on their lardy's it's "Brave" and "Confidence". Meanwhile, people write fucking movie scripts about fat women in FUCKING WORK OUT GEAR WORKING OUT in commericals. Or some weird comments on a curvy woman in a stupid made up apolocylse show for being to "Curvy" for the role unprovoked. WELL SAM SMITH IS FAT, LOOKS GROSS AND HE'S A MOCKERY. He IS THE FUCKING APOCLOYSPE. But you'll YASS QUEEN him. I fucking wish to never see fat eninem again. He was ALWAYS ugly. He dressed differently thin because he wanted to pretend to be a human. The moment he got fat he starts to present himself as the christmas ham, it does not work. I CAN SEE IT IN YOUR FUCKING EYES. YOu are gross and I hate sam smith, most of all.

No. 1495624

DON'T CARE, IF SAM SMITH CAN LET HIS FAT HAMS ROLL OUT WHEN THERE'S STRAVING CHILDERN. Eat all the food to fix his sad life, eat more then his share. If he can post on magazines in a world where SCROTES HAVE NO REASON TO BE FUCKING FAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!
A curvy woman can exist in an apolocyse. If Sam can exist in this hellworld, so can she. Go to his page and tell him to put a sandwitch bag over his mayo sandwitch of a body.(take your meds)

No. 1495626

No. 1495629

sorry i finally looked at some of the pictures of Sam Smith and it just brought out…that. I really dislike him. So much it loops around to me feeling BAD for disliking him so strongly

No. 1495630

he's gonna get so fucking fat in 5 years

No. 1495631

lizzo makes me laugh. i don't know what her music is like. i like that hamburger video with katy perry, they really seem like actual friends

No. 1495636

it makes you look poor

No. 1495638

these people look and act like they are literally owned by the studio and live in a cage in the basement.

No. 1495642

you mean all the anons? it really sickened me when i found out that 100% of straight women really, REALLY want to fuck jim carrey super hard.

No. 1495645

bro. you are not going stealth.

No. 1495650

who raped him
people don't just turn fat and insane overnight like this

No. 1495655

No. 1495661

kek since when I'm a former carreyfag (albeit bisexual) and I constantly had people calling me weird for it

No. 1495663

Girl you take that shit back right fucking now, %100 my fucking ass. I'd rather get railed by Madonna wearing a silicone strap on than fuck that psychotic eyed dehydrated hollow corpse

No. 1495666

People turn fat simply because of overeating all the time, then the subsequent low self esteem turns them insane. It's common to see this, usually it's women but given his themlet status it could apply:
>become fat and ugly
>be miserable and insecure about it
>losing weight is too slow and hard
>start overcompensating with hideous, OTT sexualization and fashion
>pretend it's confidence and try to rake in empowerment bucks from handmaidens

I don't believe for a second he's delusional and egotistic and that's why he's putting on this show, gay men are vicious and he knows he's repulsive to them.

No. 1495668

tinfoil: it's him

I've never seen anyone say that most straight women wanna fuck carrey… even if we live in a society where pete davidson is considered a pr boyfriend

No. 1495670

women have more reasons to be fat, sam smith is just an fat ass who eats his feelings, while being rich, having no kids and only making shit harder for everyone else with his gender fuckery. I don't think we can compare fat scrote weight gain to women weight gain. It's not the same. Even if he's over eating it's because he wants to use up more resources from everyone else

No. 1495673

Ham was never really attractive (and British) to begin with. Meanwhile a fat woman like Lizzo already has a pretty face and decent attributes to start with

so the pendulum was always swung negatively in Ham's direction

No. 1495681

File: 1675999566431.png (166.34 KB, 460x615, samsmith.png)

>never really attractive

I disagree.

No. 1495682

Looks like he's addicted to yerba mate and cigars.

No. 1495684

he looks like a unloaded texture GTA 4 character please stop. he's never been "attractive" just less ugly

No. 1495695

>he looks like a unloaded texture GTA 4 character
kek why is this so funny yet makes so much sense

No. 1495699

File: 1676001252790.jpg (39.97 KB, 553x553, 9213949.jpg)

The gay moid community is well known for having extremely fucked up and unrealistic beauty standards for men. It's often joked about that "twink death" happens after a moid turns 25 so it's unsurprising that an impressionable liberal sensitive man like Sam Smith would go down the route he has. As you can see from this pic Sam did used to be a twink and I believe what he's doing now is partly how he's choosing to cope with aging.

No. 1495701

>The gay moid community is well known for having extremely fucked up and unrealistic beauty standards for men.
Yeah and for women too, I used to have a fag for a bestfriend who would nitpick the shit out of every feature I had despite resembling Ham Smith himself.

No. 1495706

dude has the letter M for a hairline, he was doomed from the start

No. 1495711

I swear, you can find brazilian knockoffs of every ugly celeb scrote. This guy is the typical middle class faggot who thinks an architecture or graphic design bachelor gonna make him rich.

No. 1495724

not to dickride tyler the creator whose music is mostly boring to me but i still think of his 2020 grammy's performance a lot. it was pretty edgy and weird without all the cliche naughty satanism that's been done to death. the grammys should be for interesting performances like this, not two out of shape trannies acting out 14-year-old atheist tier blasphemy.

No. 1495736

Not to mention he's also a gay moid, but unlike Sam Smith I don't see Tyler trooning out in 2 years. He's just comfortable being kind of eccentric without it having to do with gender and ~queer~ shit. He also does the slightly vaguely GNC shit without making a big fucking deal about it like Harry Styles and Sam Smith do.

No. 1495739

Isn't Tyler bi?

No. 1495741

harry takes every opportunity to bait people to think he's bisexual so he can keep up his this generation's bowie larp even though it's clear he will never explicitly state he fucks dudes. tyler admitted he likes guys when he was still a rapper in a notoriously homophobic genre. fuck tyler and his old misogynistic edgelord bars but he will always be way more interesting than harry or ham smith. this year was lacking personalities like him.

No. 1495745

He might be, he probably is. I just know that Igor was about being messed around by a dude and Flower Boy was about liking dudes and both feel genuine, yet his older shit kind of seemed like edgy larps of shit he'd never actually say or do irl.

No. 1495811

>“I didn’t even know he was a prince!”
-the girl who had a crush on Prince William And Harry and also visited Buckingham palace at age 12

No. 1495861

File: 1676027009720.webm (1.62 MB, 640x360, ssstwitter.com_1676026781463.w…)

Have you guys seen Ham's performance at the Graham Norton show? Absolutely revolting.

No. 1495867

Ham pretending to have tits is the funniest thing to me rn

No. 1495883

He is right, though, men should feel ashamed of their moobs and hide them.

No. 1496118

So you just nitpick what conspiracies (being antivax) to believe? I bet you’re one of those people who “debunk” any theories related to the occult which includes Hollywood itself in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1496125

im currently reloading my magic so I can send curses his way

No. 1496160

Tinfoilers gtfo, no one cares about pseudo satanic imagery.

No. 1496166

he will inevitably troon out but if you could speed up that process so we get quicker to the part where he mutilates himself please do

No. 1496174

File: 1676056126084.jpg (107.88 KB, 1293x415, 1676045248593361.jpg)

No. 1496188

i don't know how this scrote has zoomer fans still, he's routinely acting like a piece of shit for attention while looking generally unwashed and smelly

No. 1496225

I looked up this man and he is so ugly. Sadly probably has legions of girls calling him hot smh my head

No. 1496242

File: 1676063066306.jpg (201.38 KB, 863x879, 1975.jpg)

No. 1496259

>those tranny moobs
Is he microdosing estrogen or something? He seems really obsessed with his "tits", probably gonna troon out fully soon

No. 1496262

>So you just nitpick what conspiracies (being antivax) to believe?
Um yeah? Who doesn't? No one believes in every conspiracy known to man or none at all, everyone picks and chooses what to believe in. And I'm not antivax, I just don't want to risk fucking up my period cycle until more effects are known in a decade or so.
>I bet you’re one of those people who “debunk” any theories related to the occult which includes Hollywood itself in the tinfoil thread.
Stop making up weird assumptions I don't "debunk" anything in the tinfoil thread cause the thread is for tinfoiling. I'm sure there's truth to some of it but sorry I'm just not going to believe that an obese gay putting on devil horns and twerking is what caused an earthquake in the middle east lol

No. 1496346

Gen z and younger millennials braindead from all those drugs.

No. 1496353

It's insane how female stars are pressured to become more and more plastic with beauty standards that are getting more ridiculous each day, yet us women can't even get one attractive male celebrity. All actors are either 55yo "sexiest moids alive" or fat manlets who complain about not getting to play a poc superhero and all singers are brits on the verge of trooning out.

No. 1496420

I'm gonna watch the video now but he's always rubbed me the wrong way. The whole band does even though I liked some of their songs.

No. 1496429

Why is scrote humour so shit? Literally just weird sex jokes.

No. 1496445

thank you so much for being sane

No. 1496446

nta but it seems like a whole lot of this board are carreyfags every time he is mentioned

No. 1496448

No. 1496450

he's wearing a lot of makeup in that picture, and filtered and blown out to hide the signs of chubbiness
he was never in very good shape, always flabby

No. 1496458

Different anon but
>a whole lot of this board
you mean one poster? kek it's extremely obvious it's just that specific one (who possibly doesn't even like him anymore). i haven't even seen any thirst posts about him in ages

No. 1496459

Tyler likes boys, maybe bi but I don't know the last time he's publicly dated a woman. He dated Jaden Smith at some point

No. 1496492

He seems 100% gay to me, I can't imagine him with a woman, but he had pretty graphic het lyrics on Goblin. But on the other hand they're so incel-y that maybe it's just misogyny thing or edgy larp as anons said before.

No. 1496555

i wonder how phoebi feels about this?

No. 1496597

is he a hotep?

No. 1496611

Poor Graham Norton. Imagine being a skinny old Irish homosexual, a genuine gay media icon in Ireland and the UK who was successful at a time when people would send death threats into the BBC to have him off air, and now he's being presented with a a hammy piss drinking pre-troon as the LGBT champion of 2023

To be fair Nick Fuentes is a gay mexican white supremacist so it probably rubbed off on Kanye kek

No. 1496612

didn't he say something about wanting to fuck the teagan and sara girls years ago? i can't tell if that's part of the larp or not lol

No. 1496623

kek I loved that video so much too, Katy just sitting on the fucking floor in the burger outfit and Lizzo letting out the biggest heartiest laugh/scream, it was so funny and wholesome

No. 1496649

we don't know if he really dated Jaden Smith, and I can swear I saw him bringing some…white boy on red carpets? Then a oddly dressed woman other times, I think with freckles? I think he's bisexual
Tyler the Creator is the black Eninem

No. 1496651

and by "Black Eninmem" I mean a fucking incel with purposely obscure sexuality

No. 1496681

Dona cat definitely has cancer. She apparently did a concert or whatever sitting down too, she’s sick

No. 1496685

Gay men aren’t “unrealistic” straight women are just deluded. No man looks pretty past 25 and you know it, just because you have a fetish for the hideous doesn’t change anything. Based hetero women also feel about males the same way. To me The Wall is more like 19-20. The fags are quite generous because they’re talking about their own kind and will be crusty old hags soon too. Just being real.

No. 1496713

Probably is cool with it because she's a massive pick me

No. 1496759

The woman who jumped from Harbours apartment did it when he was gone. He was out of town shooting a movie/tv show and let her stay. She was homeless and he met her at a cancer treatment place. Sucks he was doing something nice and ppl on here accusing him of being a drunk abusive person IRL. It’s a character ffs

No. 1496763

File: 1676118086829.png (1.59 KB, 217x23, Screenshot.png)

lrn2reply, newnew

No. 1496777

no way people are starting to censor newfag

No. 1496780

Are you that weird fucker who always posts about ”pretty young boys”

No. 1496782

Reinforcing the false existence of "the wall" isn't based and you're not turning it around on men. You're just using the same dumb rhetoric that labels women as sex objects that "expire" after we're no longer deemed fuckable to men. Go to therapy.

No. 1496786

oh i wasn't censoring just making fun of that person's name kek. i should've said 'nunu'. nevermind

No. 1496821

Nta I feel like plenty of women can be attractive after 25 but men go to shit because they do nothing to maintain themselves and they just completely let themselves go. I’m 31 and most men in my age group could pass for 50 or early 40s. Sam smith is a little younger than me and could pass as my father if I have makeup on.

No. 1496832

File: 1676123350265.jpeg (102.16 KB, 1200x630, 93AE3DE2-87C7-4C88-9CE9-6EE4C5…)

Samefag and there is no excuse for a rich person in their 30s to look this shit

No. 1496842

She is not sick. She's lazy, untalented, dumb, boring.. But not sick lol

No. 1496845

This. I hate the "b-but it applies to women if you point it out in men" argument because it's simply not true lol. There are tons of attractive women in their 30s, sometimes even 50s. Is the same true for men? Nope. Not unless you have a fetish for grey hair, deleted hairlines, wrinkles and erectile dysfunction. A lot of men actually know this, and cope by insisting the possibility of having money when older will make them attractive (and then they cry about gold-diggers not loving them for their personalities…).

No. 1496847

I cannot imagine any of these attention whores having cancer and not announcing it.
Not only does he have all the benefits of being male and still young, he could very well just get a doctor to tell him how to eat, then have a personal chef prepare it for him, he wouldn't even have to eat the same thing twice in a roll, surely he's not the one who does his own groceries. All the effor he has to put is in requesting other people to do the hard work and eating what they put in front of him. He might not get shreded, but he would at least not be overweight.

No. 1496866

There's no reason for scrotes to be fat rich or poor. With the shit fat women go through and how when people talk about their hate for fat people, it almost always is rants towards women who just existing as fat regardless of the reason, their lifestyle, what they've been through etc. Is annoying. There's a million fat ass scrotes who don't get the same hate from men and women that fat women do. As if we deserve haterd for existing. Meanwhile scrotes have zero fuxking reasons to be fat. Go build a fucking farm

No. 1496897

Cope. Men do hit the wall, just not at 19 or 20 unless he is a serial masturbator, which is becoming more common due to the internet and porn. You probably don't even realize this because the men you see that you think are 30 are actually 21.

No. 1496903

I'm a zoomer and they DO in fact hit the wall at 19 or 20. You just think they're 25.

No. 1497023

File: 1676141363915.jpg (54.8 KB, 553x763, jesus.JPG)

Ham at the brit awards 2023

No. 1497024

File: 1676141448062.jpg (51.63 KB, 510x762, harry.JPG)

No. 1497026

File: 1676141562424.jpg (49.14 KB, 494x761, TiM.JPG)

him petras

No. 1497030

File: 1676141885056.jpg (255.06 KB, 1380x2048, amsmith.jpg)

kek nonnie i literally RAN here to post this. great minds etc etc

No. 1497031

Is he cosplaying a rorschach test?

No. 1497033

File: 1676141982485.jpg (76.06 KB, 501x761, lizzo.JPG)

fucking ewww how his man tits are emphasized again.


Lizzo btw

No. 1497035

nothing infuriates me like trannies wearing head scarves. i don't even give a shit if it's a fashion scarf and not a hijab, they KNOW what they're doing. i wish trannies could take the place of every woman and girl in iraq/iran/afghan etc, and the women and girls could come to the west and be free from their awful moids.

No. 1497037

Why is now one here talking about Ezra anymore?

He just made a plea deal admitting that he trespassed that persons property in Vermont.

No. 1497039

has she lost weight or is this an optical illusion because of the golden trim? she looks smaller here than she has in ages. good for her if she has tbh.

this is an image board. post caps if you want us to talk about stuff.

No. 1497044

File: 1676142329988.jpg (64.06 KB, 525x762, whothat.JPG)

dude in a dress

No. 1497046

File: 1676142393561.jpg (90.21 KB, 633x848, novatwins.JPG)

Nova Twins

No. 1497048

File: 1676142457344.jpg (87.95 KB, 673x844, sugababes.JPG)


No. 1497050

File: 1676142527185.png (1.26 MB, 1496x976, EzraMyLoveUwu.png)

No. 1497052

what the fuck happened to mutya's face omg, she looks so botched

No. 1497053

the inflatable chad

No. 1497054

File: 1676142851013.jpg (56.72 KB, 513x760, Twain.JPG)

Shania Twain

No. 1497057

File: 1676142964985.jpeg (54.56 KB, 394x370, B6128DFD-3E89-4D12-ACCF-36A87A…)

is that a fucking british tranny flag?

No. 1497064

File: 1676143245157.png (716.53 KB, 585x731, instagram.png)

nonas, do you think kadiff kirwan is ageing well or not? he's just had his 34th birthday

No. 1497070

File: 1676143880452.webm (470.03 KB, 630x360, ssstwitter.com_1676143782421.w…)

No. 1497073

File: 1676143989633.jpg (85.14 KB, 600x895, smith.JPG)

Jodie Turner-Smith

No. 1497075

File: 1676144112530.jpg (166.54 KB, 719x896, CXC.JPG)


No. 1497097

i like her music but i greatly dislike her tranny pandering so i'm just gonna say that she looks like she has a really smelly vagina. also put something over your titties please

No. 1497101

What the fuck is wrong with Sam Smith? he's literally getting humiliated and degraded publicly 24/7 for everyone to see, I would just kill myself if someone recorded me drinking piss or forced me to dress like >>1495612 yet he's doing all that shit willingly. Outside of America's social bubble, everyone's mocking him and calling him a gross, degenerated pig so not even being queer will help him, I've never seen a male get degraded to this extent

No. 1497102

oh my bad g. i'll put down my pitchfork.

love this, she's literally glowing

very simple but still interesting, i like it

the combo of the way he walks and the british gibberish in the background makes me feel like my brain is bleeding

No. 1497107

I hate this style so much. Every woman who does this on the red carpet has been a noted BPDchan or an actual Hollywood prostitute

No. 1497111

Holy shit. They did this to make him look skinnier

No. 1497129

Is there a pic of him trying to sit down wearing this?

No. 1497145

File: 1676148778813.jpg (315.78 KB, 1343x2048, jessie j.jpg)

Jessie J! Idk if it was posted about itt, but she's pregnant and talked about how she struggled with conceiving. I'm so glad to finally see some kind of ornate bag on the carpet kek
I like this but I feel like it's more fit for a beach rather than a carpet. It's definitely Charli's style though.
Gorgeous, the whitish-gold color is nice on her.
I like this as well, I think Lizzo should keep doing big dramatic gowns like this.

No. 1497146

File: 1676148808016.jpg (94.84 KB, 744x1024, gettyimages-1463355728-1024x10…)

this is from about a week ago kek, explains covering the neck

No. 1497147

File: 1676148931593.jpg (324.36 KB, 1312x2048, FotYcq6XoAADIrG.jpg)

Idk who this is but this is a fucking atrocity.
This is nice, better than her Grammys look. That color is beautiful on her.
This is cute!

No. 1497148

I don't know why but I really like pregnant outfits that show off the belly, it's so cute.

No. 1497149

Look like a chicken run charcter

No. 1497150

I see he is now transitioning into a bloated corpse

No. 1497151

File: 1676149071611.jpg (230.51 KB, 1177x2048, salma hayek.jpg)

Salma Hayek. Not feeling this.
I actually don't mind this. It would look better on someone else but it's leagues better than all the other shit he's worn.

No. 1497152

I'll strangle you to death with my musky cunt, retarded bitch. I'll sit on your face and the last thing on your mind will be the strong, fertile smell of my ovules. No childhood flashbacks here. Not even an XCX fan, you just don't fuck with musky queens. Beta female

No. 1497153

File: 1676149234913.jpg (312.55 KB, 1277x2048, talia storm.jpg)

Talia Storm. I don't get why she wore this on a red carpet. It's definitely more of a photoshoot look. Charli was also almost naked, but she still wore a dress.

No. 1497155

File: 1676149296497.jpg (268.33 KB, 1411x2048, ellie goulding.jpg)

Ellie Goulding. She looks nice with brown hair, don't care for the rest.

No. 1497157

File: 1676149412547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.53 KB, 609x893, disgustang.JPG)

he had the normal britisch flag underneath it …

No. 1497158

File: 1676149462390.jpg (222.85 KB, 1366x2048, rina sawayama.jpg)

Rina Sawayama. I like it, reminds me a lot of Grace Jones and her hood dress. The bracelets fit well with this.
Why'd he have to use a Vivienne Westwood inspired dress for this bullshit

No. 1497163

File: 1676149758349.jpg (220.69 KB, 1256x2048, ashnikko.jpg)

Ashnikko (?). I think this is supposed to be alien-esque but it just looks like a bunch of cysts. I want to pop it.
>grabbing his dick and wearing stockings
The women wearing translucent dresses was fashionable, this is just vile.

No. 1497165

File: 1676149852566.jpg (66.66 KB, 544x897, nikko.JPG)

kek I wanted to post her too, reminds me very of lady gaga during her born this way era for some reason.

No. 1497166

lol i lowkey love this just because of how absurd it is, but i wish it were on someone else. sam’s flattened moobs look like shit

No. 1497167

File: 1676149932834.jpg (421.09 KB, 1404x2048, people.jpg)

Don't know who these people are but I like this, the pink two piece in particular is very cute. They look beautiful.

No. 1497168

File: 1676150002187.jpg (229.38 KB, 1195x2048, leigh anne.jpg)

Leigh-Anne. This looks great, it also reminds me of Grace Jones.
Ok, when I think of it as a Lady Gaga look I actually start to like it

No. 1497169

Love the dress hate the polyps. It’s distracting and misses the mark

No. 1497171

File: 1676150139266.jpg (299.95 KB, 1398x2048, flo.jpg)

Flo. I've been listening to their music and it's nice to actually see them at an awards show. Definitely feels Destiny's Child inspired to me.

No. 1497175

This also gives me grace Jones vibes. I love the color too.

No. 1497176

He looks like the gay JRPG villain you fight right before the last boss fight.

No. 1497178

File: 1676150759261.jpg (69.53 KB, 750x707, brits.JPG)

No. 1497183

I literally saw this and said "WHAT" out loud

No. 1497187

File: 1676151812177.jpg (31.07 KB, 500x279, f2cecfdc22e42f39775400aadb97f2…)

No. 1497199

File: 1676152486364.jpg (78.65 KB, 600x894, lizzo2.JPG)

lizzo's stage outfit

No. 1497201

the way i was actually happy to finally see a celebrity not using a surrogate.. the bar is so fucking low

No. 1497203

Oh this is beautiful, good for her

No. 1497207

The 'men' of 2023

No. 1497209

Stunning! Kinda looks like a couch though lol

No. 1497214

She does the “wear big clothes to hide how fucking humongous my body is” thing so much better than Ham
This dress looks like a used condom

No. 1497230

File: 1676154426924.jpg (261.09 KB, 1331x1136, Collage Maker-12-Feb-2023-09.2…)

No. 1497231

File: 1676154448726.jpeg (467.76 KB, 828x1160, 4087342D-1817-4FE0-B33C-BAF18D…)

KEK I ran here just to find it was already posted bwahaha

No. 1497233

Ok but wtf is happening here? I've seen way fatter people who don't have this toad neck shit going on.

No. 1497248

File: 1676155021012.jpg (112.4 KB, 1300x955, amsterdam-netherlands-04th-aug…)

I was one of the haters of the pregnancy shoots but now i am all for celebrities showing off their pregnant stomachs if it means a woman is not used as a human incubator.
Keisha still has a baby face.I can't believe Sioban come back after all these years, she looks great! I like the purple suit a lot.
A couple of threads ago everyone was freaking out about it. Her face is tame compared to her horrid bbl that looks so fucking heavy and droopy.
I have no words for this nonsense. My one statement on this matter is that he is keeping us FED whether we like it or not.
He looks like a 50 year old Jamaican uncle who beats women.
He is turning into a stinky beer guzzling moid so fast, not even titty skittles will help him. Horrid fat distribution.
I think it's Keith Lemon, an annoying degen british comedian i wish would vanish.
I like this look, wish she would ditch the filler though.
This is vile.
I hate the dress but she is strangely hot to me idk.
… I hate this
Very simple, but she looks beautiful.
I don't mind this.
She's had better outfits. I actually prefer the pink chair to this.

Ok sorry for the sperging, this was an interesting red carpet.

No. 1497253

File: 1676155242683.jpg (235.16 KB, 1876x933, samsmith.jpg)

No. 1497261

lookin like squidward after going into the krabby patty vault

No. 1497270

File: 1676155745222.jpg (303.49 KB, 1920x1080, sam1.jpg)

What's his problem?

No. 1497271

i'm so sick of this fur hat/moon boots with legwarmers look that everyone is doing nowadays

No. 1497273

a goiter or thyroid issues most likely

No. 1497279

before i enlarged this i really thought this was a police brutality pic. like a cop pinning someone to the ground. but kek just sam welding a woman's pussy??? idk

No. 1497283

Supposed to be some satanic symbol. He's baiting the boomers.

No. 1497285

File: 1676156837341.jpg (86.64 KB, 1200x675, 60633fcd8cf68b4912c951f7_1200_…)

cheap ass poorly executed rammstein rip off, everything seen here has been done by rammstein on stage decades ago. it's purely for the shock factor like everything this moid has been doing lately. hope he chokes on the cocks he sucks

No. 1497289

Exactly what I thought. Even Sam's outfit looks like the one from the Ich Tu Der Wei music video. Imagine being mogged by elderly Germans who make comedy music

No. 1497290

File: 1676157076546.png (651.63 KB, 725x687, Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 23-07…)

avatar2: the way of water is now the 3rd biggest film of all time after overtaking titanic (rip) and the soulless cape-shit slop that was avengers: infinity war, all despite china being overrun with covid and unable to fill movie theatres

multicoloured queen zoe saldana remains unbeaten at the box office

No. 1497292

and even the old Germans' comedy music is better

No. 1497293

I didn't realize people were actually going to see that movie. I don't think I even know anyone who saw it.

No. 1497300

avatar is beloved by normies. the waiting time to go on the avatar ride at disney world is the longest wait of any ride at the park.

No. 1497307

Ashnikko is just ugly from the base, imo. Everything she does on top of it just makes it worse.

No. 1497318

OT but who’s the character on the right/what’s it from?

No. 1497320

File: 1676160644476.gif (862.88 KB, 450x250, 4BF32AC0-6D67-4BE7-B74A-F38097…)

It’s giving oompah loompah doopity doo

No. 1497322

if you had dwarfism, would you rather play an oompah loompah or one of the seven dwarves?

No. 1497328

nah dude you forgot lizzo being all "i'm gonna eat you!" and pretends to eat the burger and they both think it's so funny

No. 1497330

he's covering his face and he's still ugly

No. 1497331

him fatass

No. 1497334

vincent adultman from bojack horseman

No. 1497335

who is that on the left??

No. 1497337

before i clicked i 100% thought he was wearing a sumo suit

No. 1497344

maybe she's dressed as an STD, the broken condom + warts look

No. 1497345

File: 1676164293982.png (448.37 KB, 441x633, brit.png)

idk how to post a tiktok video but britney is doing unhinged "sexy" posts in her underwear again. sad tbh

No. 1497346

freebritneybros we keep loosing

No. 1497351

Strong Trisha Paytas vibes

No. 1497357

I thought he was slinging a boa constrictor over his shoulder. Wtf is that ham boob shoulder to arm width ratio?

No. 1497358

This isn’t the stupid questions thread

No. 1497371

what in the 2005 winter bimbo

No. 1497374

lmaoooo EYY BAWSS

No. 1497375

back at it with the sanpaku eyes, yikesaroo

No. 1497390

File: 1676169226410.jpeg (88.1 KB, 828x977, 8D2ADF45-B38F-45CB-A9CA-0C9E54…)

This is getting creepier and creepier
What is he going to do

No. 1497398

That’s the thing I’d rather he be making unhinged TikToks and ig posts than have her being controlled by her father and whoever he puts under him. We know she was forced to work, had no control of her own money and it’s been used by so many more for their benefit than hers, forced on terrible medications(those antipsychotics will fuck you up her brain is fried), and forced to have abortions. I 100% unironically want her to kill herself if that’s the way she’s gonna go and have a semblance of happiness than her father doing it. I’m happy for her idc

No. 1497422

Don't be boring.

No. 1497423

Is this that dude that got his dick out on TV while singing about how superior he is to women?

No. 1497427

Nope, it's the drag queen Bimini bon boulash. He was on the uk version of dragrace.

No. 1497441

I honestly still don't believe the "best selling Avatar" claims. Barely anyone talked about it, even in the original release. It doesn't even have a noticable fandom or any admirers and us barely mentioned in other pop culture.

No. 1497444

File: 1676179080277.png (18.78 KB, 676x134, Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 22-15…)

No. 1497445

>Barely anyone talked about it, even in the original release
it took accounted for like 90% of all posts on /tv/ for all of 2009

No. 1497459

I don't believe it for a second.

No. 1497461

Yeah for some completely unknown reason this movie is getting as many sequels as Sharknado except we actually asked for those.

No. 1497512

guys, have you seen megan fox's instagram? she posted something about lies and she's burning some things in the last photo. Also she deleted pictures with MGK, just left one

No. 1497516

What part of 'post screencaps' don't you newfags get dammit

No. 1497519

File: 1676195851404.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1792, 045593BC-CEEE-40FC-A49D-5BEB0D…)

Ooh shit. She’s looking very Kardashian here, I don’t know who the dude is.

No. 1497521

I'm creasing over the MySpace tier caption. It's like reading my middle school friend's MSN status after she broke up with her boyfriend kek

No. 1497524

File: 1676196270129.jpeg (407.71 KB, 1170x1694, 543C285D-5D29-4B70-A11D-E9B4F9…)

The comments also go from roasting MGK to “Pete Davidson has entered the chat” kek

I know right? I didn’t recognize it but it’s from Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” so that’s very telling

No. 1497526

Either way, MGK and Megan Fox's kids should be taken away from them

No. 1497537

nta but unfortunately i do. no idea why though.

yeah i find it weird too. even though i know people who watched avatar, i’ve never actually seen anyone demand any sequels and yet james cameron is planning a whole series for it. i also find him insufferable but i can’t place why.

oof, not surprised it fell apart tbh. even more embarrassing since they were shoving their relationship in everyone’s face in the media.

No. 1497538

File: 1676199007731.png (328.04 KB, 514x761, persona.png)

Kek he looks like this creature from the Persona vidya series

No. 1497543

>If SHE got cheated on the rest of us really have no hope
I hate when women say this, it's so embarrassing.

No. 1497545

File: 1676200724369.jpg (107.39 KB, 606x892, mgk.JPG)

wonder what happened because both of them were seen together at Drake's Super Bowl Party.

No. 1497562

She said she didn't want "any other hoes" starring in his videos after "Forget me too" with Halsey, who he used to hook up with. He made several songs about sleeping with exes/previous hookups who are dating his friends, while already being with someone himself. This has probably been brewing for longer.

No. 1497634

File: 1676210460809.jpeg (676.33 KB, 828x1263, ADE97891-2163-4C90-A2B6-D5B5C8…)

No. 1497640

File: 1676211153283.jpg (154.91 KB, 1600x900, av.jpg)

No. 1497655

Nonnies I'm out of the loop, wtf is going on with Jim Carrey?

No. 1497677

He escaped

No. 1497693

kek let it out nonita i love you

No. 1497702

“Characters actually have sex” made me lol

No. 1497732

File: 1676216794651.jpg (132.26 KB, 1177x929, kjgjhgkhg.jpg)

No. 1497737

not so alpha anymore

No. 1497738

okay so how you typing this then tatey boy?

No. 1497742

social media manager anon

No. 1497755


the pink outfit is leomie anderson, and the black outfit is aj odudu

No. 1497769

regardless, weird that he's allowed to have his manager make any posts for him considering he's in prison.

No. 1497771

File: 1676218704259.png (1.21 MB, 1440x900, Screenshot_20230212-101732.png)

That poster in the background.

No. 1497777

lol did he go to africa just like Dave Chappelle?

No. 1497781

File: 1676219060632.jpeg (146.69 KB, 640x711, D2A45546-E8D5-49EB-94C6-12F0EA…)

there were some people assuming it could just be a media stunt to drum up interest. they’re probably realizing not everyone likes them together, but also i’m assuming she’s making it clear they’ve got some shit going on since it usually doesn’t end well for two people who keep acting like high school aged lovesick fools on social media. picrel is megan only following 3 people, including eminem. so if i were to guess, she’s annoyed and trying to shade/somehow hit back at mgk.

also she deleted or archived the last post they had up of them together, which i think was the first post she made about their relationship. it was still up before.

No. 1497785

Eminem and MKG got rid of their beef, I thought. No?

No. 1497787

i haven’t heard anything about it recently, but considering they even had beef in the first place i was wondering if she was trying to get at him by following other guys that aren’t him. especially considering what >>1497562 said

No. 1497813

File: 1676220769025.jpeg (372.39 KB, 960x1659, 6F5BDC7F-9A77-4215-8A86-4AAF40…)

This is an old video. It was posted on Instagram in 2022. I’m pretty sure it was filmed in her old house too.

No. 1497818

I thought the same thing and considered posting about it here, but I didn't want LDR stans to go mental in the thread again kek

No. 1497834

I haven't actually laughed this hard at anything since forever holy shit
imagine if anyone else, like billie or taylor or even beyonce rocked around looking this ham like, they would literally destroy them.

lord give me the strength not to alog, the ban is not worth it but the shit I would make this moid suffer through if I only could I hope he is very happy with his life choices.

No. 1497867

How can people even take peterson and this guy seriously, when they are nothing but manchildren…he really has no brain.

No. 1497874

I really hope this means they have broken up, she needs to date a better man.

No. 1497877

you know she won't, she'll end up with another old man like her ex and claim to be queer or some shit and for some reason retarded coquettes will stan her cause "something something jenifers body"

No. 1497891

Megan was taken advantage of by the industry before she was even an adult and kept getting cast as sex objects without any sort of personality, even if her relationships are highschool tier, I feel like a lot of women feel bad for the treatment she got from that industry.

No. 1497915

File: 1676228452601.jpeg (36.18 KB, 480x268, 61630F1E-FE3E-4F3A-AEEB-33F285…)

Can someone please code 2319 this man

No. 1497920

this is an unpopular opinion but I'm tired of female celebrities trying to do shocking and groundbreaking costumes by being almost naked. Being almost an almost naked woman is expected by the industry you are not changing the status quo by adding fake pimples. It's not that a mind nakedness but I'm tired that so many women on here show so much of their skin while the men are covered up

No. 1497942

File: 1676229973197.jpg (67.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2023-02-12-11-26-15…)

She deleted her Instagram account

No. 1497948

Epsteinesque saga when?

No. 1497964

Idk about the others but Ashnikko specifically has no actual relevancy nowadays and since her single Daisy tanked despite tiktok promotion, her label started to pressure her into sexualizing herself in every single video and appearance

No. 1497984

I like daisy, but all the songs i have ever listened from her were average at best. She never really lives up to the edgy look that she has in her music imo and her music is quite generic.

No. 1497992

File: 1676234066133.png (545.3 KB, 1160x2370, Screenshot_20230212-143127.png)

These song lyrics.


No. 1497995

He's probably a serial killer and so on.

No. 1497998

People who are famous decide to go outside and touch grass.

More news at 11!

No. 1498000

Right? Getting off social media is amazing, i hope everyone does.

No. 1498002

No. 1498034

I watched it with two friends, one of them watched it with his brother before.
When we went, despite being out for a few weeks, the cinema was packed.
I said the same thing to my friends and they thought I was so weird for saying that. According to them everyone was talking about the movie way back in 2009, I didn't watch Avatar 1 so I had little incentive to follow the hype.
I don't think it's weird that it doesn't have the same cultural relevancy as say Harry Potter, Star Wars, and the Hunger Games. Avatar was just one movie as opposed to a series of movies that were released in close succession. It doesn't have an expanded franchise either.

No. 1498044

Filled with all of those farts that he inhales.

No. 1498097

lyrics are from beyonce's lemonade album and it's full of references to her husband cheating. this is well known among the public so people are drawing conclusions to megan relating to the lyrics and mgk possibly having cheated.

No. 1498103

i feel this way too. that's why doja cat's red outfit from before was sort of a nice change in pace to me. i have no opinion on her as a person though

No. 1498173

why is she with what looks like a scottish meth head?

No. 1498178

i don't understand why she would even fall for that shit, like why would she believe he wasn't a giant whore who would cheat on her? why did she really believe they were gonna be together for the rest of their lives? how does she not understand what men and hollywood are like

No. 1498180

I'll be so happy when women stop beliving that women they find beautiful and desirable don't get cheated on/treated badly.
Men suck

No. 1498223

tbf i think this >>1497891 probably summarises it. i also remember reading somewhere that she said she has low self esteem. not only that but she hasn’t been in many relationships, before mgk has only been intimate with her childhood sweetheart and brian austin green (who got into a relationship with her when she was only 18 i think but someone correct me if i’m wrong) i’m almost certain he’s said that she pursued him and that he supposedly wasn’t sure but relented in the end. even if she did, i feel like something must have led her to think that it was okay to pursue a much older man at that age.

this isn’t to defend any shitty things she’s done and nonnas can take this with a grain of salt but i’m certain the industry fucked her up, unfortunately shit like that is so commonplace in hollywood for young stars especially girls.

No. 1498224

Inb4 anons come in telling us this poor 40 year old woman who is a mega pickme isn't responsible for her actions bc moids messed with her in her teens.

It's annoying how infantilized she is, she makes her own decisions at this point, and they're pretty poor and demonstrate that she's never moved on from her pickme mindset. Unfortunately, no one her likes to talk about the fact that a lot of abused women end up being quite toxic because they perpetuate the behavior that led to their abuse.

No. 1498241

>a lot of abused women end up being quite toxic because they perpetuate the behavior that led to their abuse.
i was the reply before yours and i do agree with this and much of what you said. what i said happened to her are possible reasons i was offering to answer anon’s question but still no excuse. tbh to me she also seems like she insulates herself from any external opinion. she needs to learn, but either she’s remaining wilfully ignorant or the people she surrounds herself with don’t care enough to tell her that she’s making the wrong decisions, being that she never listened to the swathes of comments describing how awful of a person mgk is. she’s just naive at her core and is probably going to remain this way unless she grows up.

No. 1498257

File: 1676252276695.webm (2.05 MB, 1280x720, rihanna.webm)

Watching Rihanna's superbowl performance right now. Is she pregnant again or is it just pregnancy weight? She just had a baby so I was thinking there's no way she could be pregnant again but that stomach is sticking out mighty far

No. 1498284

she looks pregnant again

No. 1498294

File: 1676255519171.jpg (937.65 KB, 3289x2048, rihanna.jpg)

After looking at more photos, I think she definitely is. Probably in the second trimester at least, and her first baby isn't even a year old.
Anyway, in terms of the actual performance I was expecting more from Rihanna herself, but I was just happy to see her on a stage again and if she is pregnant then I guess it's understandable. She's had way better, more energetic performances though and it was shorter than expected. I kept seeing that the performance would be 10+ minutes and there would be some segment with actors.

No. 1498297

dang the lip-syncing…

No. 1498300

File: 1676256088171.jpeg (142.57 KB, 828x615, B741566D-0EB5-46DF-BB6E-2C5BE3…)

maybe he's having one last ride before he kicks the bucket…

No. 1498302

File: 1676256331598.jpeg (522.88 KB, 828x1063, E7ABE59D-97DC-4A8C-9C41-502D03…)

No. 1498311

Sorry to say even if she wasn't pregnant the performance would've just been more prettier. Rihanna is not a good preformer she's just very pretty and stylish with good music tailored for her voice

No. 1498316

If you've seen her past performances you'll know that she can perform way better than she did today though.

No. 1498317

Rewatched katy perry's halftime show right after and I do think rihannas voice was much better than hers but Katy's show was far more entertaining and visually stunning, much better performance by any metric other than vocals.

No. 1498318

Pregnant again? Same thug knocked her up?

No. 1498319

Honestly as much as i typically agree with people like you, i wouldn't find it hard to believe that she genuinely thought he would commit to here and wanted to settle down. We only know what happens from the small snippets they show us which is very miniscule. There is at least hope for her because she doesn't seem take being treated this way very well.

Probably the most likely situation. Man i wanted drama.

Hopefully she will have a daughter this time.

Most likely smh. I hate asap rocky so much. I wish the billionaire knocked her up.

No. 1498327

I too want the drama but the gurning corpsicle would have to commit murder and get caught to surprise me at this point

the dancing and the song selection and presentation just was not it. especially when rihanna has much better hits under her belt. she could've easily sandwiched disturbia, sos, love on the brain, shut up and drive or pon de replay in there somewhere

No. 1498328

Yeah her violent baby daddy did

No. 1498331

It was trash and the dancing made me giggle

No. 1498362

Not surprised as Rhianna defends violent men all the time despite what happened in the past. I really wish these low quality women would stop reproducing with low quality men. The cycle won't end until women stop being pick mes.

No. 1498364

I despise Megan Fox because she’s a turbo pickme, calling other women “hoes”, especially at her age, is fucking disgusting, but she doesn’t deserve violence. Other than that though, she and her piece of shit scrote are made for each other, they’re both awful

No. 1498394

I was gonna say, I think he dressed like that to hide his fat
This jumped out at me too

No. 1498404

File: 1676268817319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.02 KB, 1280x1620, NYPICHPDPICT000006564060.jpg)

Nothing new/shocking, but Kendall posted a picture that looks hella shopped, especially her weird ass long hand


No. 1498414

Shut up u hoe

No. 1498416

What the hell, why would she post this

No. 1498417

This ain't Photoshop, this is Photomethlab

No. 1498435

That's the best news I've heard in a long time. I hope he suffers endlessly.

No. 1498447

imagine defending a celebrity KEK

No. 1498451

Holyshit if this is real. kek. Sadly, people will still mourn his death when he dies because of such top graded 'comedies' like Ace venture and now Sonic.

No. 1498452

They do it on purpose to get people talking about them. And it works every single time.

No. 1498454

There were two or three moments where it looked like she moved away from the mic on purpose to show that kek

No. 1498459

I'm crying she really does look like an avatar with that photoshop fail
Why would she even post that pic? it's not flattering her ass looks so flat and sqaurey

No. 1498461

File: 1676277492728.jpg (40.11 KB, 1170x577, 330809368_537002358530051_1846…)

The Clermont, it's a super cult, female-wned strip club

No. 1498464

This sounds made up as hell

No. 1498466

When the top secret man-made mutant organism that was used to perform experiments on breaks out of it's goo-filled glass enclosure and starts wandering the lab, unbeknownst to the scientists who created it.

No. 1498468

File: 1676278544415.jpg (234.77 KB, 817x1222, aubrey-plaza-adam-driver-megal…)

They are co-stars in Megalopolis, I think it was wrap party for Aubrey, she already died her hair back to brown

No. 1498472

>t. driverfag

No. 1498476

If this is real then it's actually kind of funny lmao

No. 1498478

Not in the slightest. He looks as boring as a plain sheet of paper so it sounds fake.

No. 1498483

File: 1676281520264.jpeg (830.15 KB, 1248x1200, 83799795-A441-40C4-851E-BD53FB…)

Would you believe me if I told you this is only a 26 year old man

No. 1498486

File: 1676282075287.jpg (54.61 KB, 610x458, john cena.jpg)

John Cena on the set of a movie. I saw this a few days ago and assumed it was photoshopped, but no it's real lmao

No. 1498491

File: 1676282456502.jpeg (37.72 KB, 567x376, FAF086E6-52E5-48DF-A3BA-09A096…)

pop off pussy queen slay

No. 1498494

File: 1676282849880.jpeg (43.72 KB, 619x619, Shoot.jpeg)


No. 1498495

not a fan of men but he looks good weirdly.

No. 1498498

>not a fan of men
Press x to doubt

No. 1498505

Yes, but only if you were talking about a 26 year-old BRITISH man

No. 1498513

File: 1676284308603.jpg (106.01 KB, 1200x800, 654.jpg)

You dropped these.

No. 1498514

I used to be a fan of JC but now that I know what a giant repulsive disgusting piece of shit he is..his death couldn't come sooner-AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

No. 1498516

File: 1676284606536.png (250.07 KB, 383x624, 167628153366219483.png)

That pose. Pic related btw.

No. 1498524

That's kinds hot

No. 1498525

File: 1676285635055.png (306.91 KB, 1440x921, Screenshot_20230213-045231.png)

This Austin Butler comment. Holy shit.

No. 1498526

File: 1676285736536.png (1.29 MB, 1440x992, Screenshot_20230213-045524.png)

No. 1498527

Wtf did she think, MGK cheated on Sommer ray with her, did she think she was special? And there is a video interview of Sommer talking about this

No. 1498530

She has always thought she was special. She's the epitome of an NLOG.

No. 1498531

he always looks like a mouth breather

No. 1498533

File: 1676286167725.gif (2.51 MB, 498x270, scary-movie-interview.gif)

If a person is in a relationship and decide that they want to abandon that commitment to be with you - they will do the exact same thing to you - as they did with that other person and will leave your ass - the same way that they left their previous partner - in other words RRRRRUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!

… also

Once a cheater


No. 1498536

Funnily enough the anti lana crowd gets just as spergy

No. 1498539

Samefag but here is the clip and all the men are acting like she deserved it cuz she made him wait 3 months to have sex. And she even excused it saying "it's okay tho it's Megan fox" so sad

No. 1498542

I didn't say any of that, but if it's true Megan got cheated on then it's karma. That's what she gets for hooking up with a taken man

No. 1498543

It's sad that she kind of excused his cheating because it's "Megan fox"…

No. 1498544

There's nothing that she could do about it. So… she behaved as a mature adult and moved on.

No. 1498545

But they're never wrong

No. 1498546

>I didn't say any of that
Didn't say, any of - what?!

No. 1498547

It's not about karma. Cheaters are going to cheat and that's all there is to it. If they cheated to be with you - they're going to cheat on you in general. Once a cheater always a cheater. People who don't commit - WONT!

No. 1498548

OP deleted their comment it's right here


Idk if their autistic or what but I never said Sommer could do anything about it nor was it my point.

No. 1498549

It is about karma though because if you sleep with someone you know is in a relationship, you're complicit in their cheating.

No. 1498551

I said sommer couldn't do anything about it because she couldn't. She moved on - like a mature adult.

No. 1498556

Hmm… my comment was deleted but I said I agree with you

No. 1498557

If you sleep with someone - that's in a relationship and expect them to commit to you - you're an idiot. Cheating is wrong and you're both in the wrong and you're complicit in being used and an actual retard. That is all.

No. 1498558

I know. Thanks for correcting my spelling lol.

No. 1498564

File: 1676289177503.png (2.69 MB, 1440x2359, Screenshot_20230213-055302.png)

He has to mouth breath! He chopped off his nose!

No. 1498566

File: 1676289295605.png (2.9 MB, 1440x2312, Screenshot_20230213-055443.png)

He ruined his face.

No. 1498570

That’s just some white guy?

No. 1498571

It's not like he was cute in the first place

No. 1498572

That's Austin Butler before he chopped off his nose.

No. 1498574

He was but he pulled a Micheal Jackson on his face!

No. 1498576

still would lick him clean though

No. 1498579

lol is he dirty and are you a shower?!

No. 1498581

Would you do the same to Michael Jackson, as well?!

No. 1498584

Literally an ugly nobody.

No. 1498587

>Ugly nobody
Um.. no sweaty. U R wrong.

No. 1498590

Not really. He was known as Vanessa Hudgens boyfriend before the Elvis movie and that really is not saying much. Especially in Hollywood. All he is known for now is trying to skinwalk Elvis so is he really a somebody?

No. 1498591

File: 1676290186381.png (2.35 MB, 1439x1563, Screenshot_20230213-060942.png)

I am under the impression that Austin Butler has autism.

No. 1498593

Excuse you. He's dating Cindy Crawford's crotch apple atm. He's known for that.

No. 1498594

KEK I'm sorry, you're right

No. 1498595

He is a real human bean and therefore he is a person. That makes him somebody for existing and breathing oxygen.

No. 1498596

No. 1498599

of course not, why do you ask?

No. 1498600

God, can I sperg about her sister and the absolute fame whore of a dude she had a thing with here or should I save it for another thread since neither are celebrities?

No. 1498601

>and breathing oxygen.
Improperly through his mouth like a neanderthal

No. 1498603

File: 1676290812322.png (163.37 KB, 263x721, 167629069144003462.png)

He got a golden globe award.

No. 1498604

Nepo baby thread. Have at it!


No. 1498605

.. cuz he chopped off his nose.

No. 1498607

Someday I'm going to buy replicas of all the awards to satisfy the cave-person part of my brain. I feel satisfied just thinking about it right now.

No. 1498621

interesting dildo

No. 1498623

No. 1498648

File: 1676294600516.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.91 KB, 320x683, 55305881dbad119e1f32ebb0800083…)

MGK looks exactly like serial killer and rapist - Paul Bernardo.


No. 1498650

What's with the boob plate obsession lately? Or moob plate in Ham's case

No. 1498653

What are boob-plate's and moob-plate's, anon?!

No. 1498655

File: 1676294888929.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 1440x1233, Screenshot_20230213-072750.png)

Moob hate?!

No. 1498659

It’s a male, anon.

No. 1498660

Did you just assume it's gender, bigot?!

No. 1498661

Yeah I noticed that, maybe it's a way of showing off without getting naked? Either way it looks tacky but if I had titties like Rihanna I'd be braggy about it too ngl

No. 1498663

That post calls HIM..he. Re-read it lol.

No. 1498665

Ham smith and him paytras looking tacky?!


No. 1498690

didn't you know, karma is a god, karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend. Karma is a relaxing thought, for the cheaters they are envious that it's not. Sweet like honey karma is a cat, purring in my lap 'cause it loves me. Flexing like a goddamn acrobat, me and Karma vibe like that.

No. 1498693

l o l

No. 1498696

Okay but thankfully not all men are evil scumbags.

No. 1498698

Nona that's not gonna be a popular take here lol

No. 1498701

>unironically "not all men"ing
>especially about hollyweird men
kek. isn't he dating someone like decades younger than him

No. 1498702

No. 1498704

Who are you talking about, anon?

No. 1498706

austin butler. follow the replies upward nonny

No. 1498707

File: 1676297681824.png (628.77 KB, 1440x769, Screenshot_20230213-081335.png)

No. 1498708

File: 1676297717551.png (1.41 MB, 1411x1285, Screenshot_20230213-080917.png)

No. 1498712

File: 1676297948214.png (2.48 MB, 1440x1950, Screenshot_20230213-081914.png)

Oh. Yeah.

That's gross.

No. 1498715

He looks like a bar of dove soap with dog hair on it

No. 1498718

I honestly like it aside from the shirt which looks thrown on, the outfit shows off his legs nicely. Kind of OT but I wish men wearing skirts and dresses would pick something that fits their figures more instead of dressing like Harry Styles. It's not like they don't have the money for well tailored clothes.

No. 1498721

I think some men can pull off old-timey traditional/ancient styled skirts but the kind john cena's wearing reminds me of AGPs copying schoolgirls.

No. 1498727

File: 1676299393313.jpg (3.8 KB, 245x205, why.jpg)

No. 1498731

why did they make him get a nose job? he looks exactly like a cute kid that girls go crazy for, and he's old enough in these pics that it's clear he's not going to be ugly when he grows up. the nose job i think also alienates male fans, because the wider nose to americans beauty standard makes him less threatening to the men i think? i just don't see why his handlers thought getting him a new face was necessary at all. if they thought his look is a bit dated, they just had to change his hair and brows. there were lots of options before this nose job that will age really badly - he's going to look like a really really swollen johnny depp when he's older.

No. 1498733

paul bernardo looks like dave foley, you retard

No. 1498736


No. 1498737

4B or GTFO

No. 1498739

File: 1676300056000.png (3.01 MB, 1364x1360, be a man - do the right thing.…)

No. 1498746

I also like that it shows his legs but yeah it gives agp vibes. I would prefer if he wore a short kilt.

No. 1498752

Um nope. PB looks like MGK.

No. 1498754

Since these pics are posted yet again.. isnt that the exact same nose? Wtf where is the botched nose supposed to be

No. 1498755

File: 1676301298611.png (1.94 MB, 1439x1695, Screenshot_20230213-091440.png)

Speaking of JD, AB got with Lilly rose not very long ago!


No. 1498756

all of you are equally retarded and please all of you kyselves

No. 1498759

File: 1676301583073.png (1.09 MB, 1440x757, Screenshot_20230213-091931.png)

Here ya go!

No. 1498760

Nobody's making you stay on this board. You can leave at any time you'd like, anon.

No. 1498762

He looks so sketchy in the after. Like he'd slip drugs in a woman's drink.

No. 1498763


No. 1498764

ESPECIALLY by lower tier scrotes. They never appreciate you dating down, they just take you for granted.

No. 1498766

He was just kinda generic before but he looks so fucking awful now.

No. 1498767

File: 1676302263273.png (3.28 MB, 1440x2403, Screenshot_20230213-093016.png)

No. 1498768

File: 1676302356793.png (1.91 MB, 919x2297, Screenshot_20230213-093227.png)

No. 1498773

Aw, yeah he was a cutie patootie before, the new nose looks fucking stupid.

No. 1498775

Finally..an anon that agrees with me. He used to be adorable as heck, before.

No. 1498785

Why doesnt ham just lose weight

No. 1498786

No. 1498791

NO dave foley.
i will REEE on this hill

No. 1498792

I don't know what any of these words mean but now I'm depressed, is this a fetish of some kind? Is this nona having a stroke?

No. 1498793

No. 1498803

File: 1676304833382.png (192.54 KB, 1426x364, Screenshot_20230213-100927~3.p…)

No. 1498804

Go on and REE on that hill - all by yourself. I don't agree with you. Let's just agree to disagree and drop it.

No. 1498807

Alright it’s just publicity or some shit who responds like this especially with the flame emoji

No. 1498810

Genuinely no joke thought that was Lena Dunham as I was scrolling

No. 1498816

He was cute! Men's features tend to get bigger with age, but I think his would've been fine especially with his nice lips and big smile. Just one little change and he ruined a good thing.

No. 1498818

The bi larp is so 2013, Megan.

No. 1498826

>Is this nona having a stroke?

No. 1498843

File: 1676307862362.gif (1.3 MB, 275x154, tumblr_nk99fhuymq1qhnoouo1_400…)

Oh god nonnas, I'm not interested seeing pregnant riri all the time like during her last pregnancy. At first it was cute but at some point the whole "wow such a goddess for bein preg" or whatever was just too much. It honestly felt like she was pregnant for over a year.

No. 1498859

Her face doesn't even look flattering.. just an unfortunate picture all around

No. 1498861

File: 1676308833678.jpg (67.87 KB, 306x726, article-0-1325BB5F000005DC-495…)

Oh. Totally. Haha

No. 1498864

>At first it was cute
Yeah. Good for her and all but the attention-whoring got old fast.

No. 1498870

she was an early pioneer of it - she was bi larping & lying about a made-up stripper girlfriend in 2008

No. 1498871

the uglyass nerd-looking father of her kids ruins it

No. 1498877

File: 1676310144056.png (3.98 MB, 1439x1947, Screenshot_20230213-114214.png)

> bi larping
Omg. This quote.

No. 1498883

I agree with the first part of the quote bisexuality seems to be the default in the animal kingdom, and humans are no exception. But what the hell is the strange mental gymnastics of
>"I would never date a girl who is bisexual because they sleep with men and men are icky"

Seems like a massive internalized bihet cope

No. 1498884

Oh shit its him. Thank you nonnies my tummy is full

No. 1498888

that nose job sucked the life outta his face, like someone blew out a fucking candle lol

No. 1498891

>I agree with the first part of the quote bisexuality seems to be the default in the animal kingdom
it doesn't, male monkeys raping other male monkeys isn't bisexuality, its rape ape agression

No. 1498893

i'm sorry I keep thinking of this picture. It gives me the urge to slap his ass over and over with a slice of bread with peanutbutter on it, until it's nothing but a mashed mess and just keep doing it.
I wrote a three paragraph rant about his face but I won't. I'll just say he looks like Jerma in a handsome cartoon made realistic filter

No. 1498898

>Three paragraphs
Omg. I want to read it.

No. 1498900

No. 1498901

File: 1676311362477.jpg (92.36 KB, 720x540, 47c34cfc95e1772b20cac6b96de06d…)

I don't understand the reactions over this pic, its a muscly man wearing ill fitting women's clothes as a gag for a movie, its common enough for most of the world, cause its considered funny to see a fat or muscular man with a 5'0 clock shadow dressed as a woman cause of how goofy it looks

No. 1498902

Jesus fucking christ girl. You constantly amaze.

No. 1498907

File: 1676311874700.png (413.48 KB, 1305x1003, Screenshot_20230213-121038.png)

She only wants to be with gold-star lesbo's.

No. 1498912

These dudes look gross, John Cena makes me want to slap his ass with food objects and make him cry. It's a deep deep wanting in me thats never been unearthed for a scrote I'm not even attracted too.
I need to rethink this and why it's happening. I apologize in advance nonas. Off to /g/ i go

No. 1498918

Do I have to bring up the bleak shit of traumatic insemination?. All if not most shitty Male animals rape. But male animals depraved shit is independent from non fucked up behavior like bonding. Male animals bond with other males and so do female ones, bisexuality is the overwhelming majority in the animal kingdom for the purpose of copulation and bonding and it's very likely it is with humans as well.

Rape on the other hand is never a reflection of what we would call "sexual orientation" or has a motive like strengthening bonds; it's just fucked up. Rape is usually used for the purpose of inferior males in spreading their inferior genes as a last ditch attempt to not die out like nature intended and to gratify themselves with other males like you describe, because they are rape apes. Females of many species will mount each other when in heat but they don't rape each other like males, nor do they rape males. What you are pointing out and arguing against is the general depravity of males (which is pretty apparent and obvious) not the commonality of bisexuality.

No. 1498924

>not a fan of men but he looks good
So you don't like men but you like seeing an ugly white dude in a schoolgirl skirt?

No. 1498928

She wants to be with a gold star lesbian yet isn't she also "filthy" as well because she's only ever been with men, ever? Lel she's a pickme bihet.

Apparently sleeping with women who have slept with moids is disgusting and they are tainted by moids, yet sleeping with the dirty moids themselves is clean and pure by her strange bihet pickme logic. No wonder lesbians shit on bihets, being this brand of bihet is some difficult 4D chess internalized misogyngy but it's all worth it for those sweet male approval points because hot bisexual woman.

No. 1498931

i didn't say he was sexy i said he weirdly looked good. yeah he looks like an agp in retrospect but the clothes fit nicely unlike sissy clothes and i didn't even make the schoolgirl connection until now kek make it longer and it could honestly be a kilt or something. nothing else about that comedy outfit of his says "schoolgirl" apart from the skirt

No. 1498935

>Men are so dirty I'd never sleep with a woman who has slept with men!
>But me sleeping with men is fine though.
I feel like Megan got sexually abused by men and because of that, thinks of sex with men as a disgusting act but since she's straight, she still desires men no matter how hard she copes.

No. 1498940

nta but this isn't stan twitter, go leave and talk about men's butt elsewhere

No. 1498946

fuck your right, that was exactly type of disgusting shit a gay moid would post about with no sense of shame

No. 1498947

I hate this ducking thread, it attracts the worst posters

No. 1498949

File: 1676313850953.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 864x781, 1658722104445.png)

that could probably explain why she's grooming her sons to troon out, Megan Fox has been dressing her sons as girls since they were tollders and claimed it was "their choice" which is B.S, I'm a mom and I can dress my son in a hot dog costume every day If I wanted too, I could also argue that my 2 year old wants to dress like this and of course that would be a made up statement, also clothing is gendered in this society it's weird asf to dress your sons as picrel and than lie to the public and say it was their choice to dress like that

No. 1498961

>yet isn't she
Oh anon. In her mind…It's okay if she does it but it's not okay other people do it-who she wants to be in a lesbo-ship with. She wants a pure lesbo and that's that.

No. 1498972

Yeah I agree with you on that. She definitely has a very unhealthy relationship with men and boys, her attitude towards her son proves that
Sorry anons, deleted my post as to not start an infight.

No. 1498976

What'd they say?

No. 1498978

File: 1676315069482.png (3.15 MB, 1439x1724, Screenshot_20230213-130214.png)

BAG has been taking care of the boys… they're no longer wearing dresses-not in his care, it appears. Yup.

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong- though.

No. 1498983

File: 1676315418803.png (70.35 KB, 706x363, 1658734266699.png)

I don't know about the other two, but she successfully groomed her firstborn to potentially troon out at least

No. 1498991

That's so fucked up. I'm glad that since MF has been out partying - BAG has been taking care of them the majority of the time! That poor brainwashed kid! They're going to need LOTS of therapy!

No. 1498992

this is the most obvious tranny post i've seen on this site

No. 1498994

>peanut butter/food+sex
>detailed fanfic
troon alert

No. 1498995

anon can you read? at all?

No. 1498996

totally not a glowie

No. 1498998

I said that this thread attracts gay moids like no other, kek. Because there was a flood of anons writing weird fanfics about a agp looking faggot.

No. 1499001

nah that "everyone's a little bit bi" shit is a meme when it comes to humans. plus it kind of implies that full homosexuality isn't real

No. 1499002

File: 1676316695158.png (1.51 MB, 1417x1417, Screenshot_20230213-133011.png)

MF has made it clear that she's trying to make her son(s) join the 40%!

Can you read lol?

No. 1499003

File: 1676317002948.jpg (155.61 KB, 1080x1350, tyler.jpg)

I definitely will not be surprised if it comes out that MGK abused her. She posted so much weird shit, plus MGK threatening to kill himself in front of her, plus those injuries she had at the Grammys.
He's with a woman right now. His last album was about some kind of "love triangle" he was in with her and her ex boyfriend.

No. 1499006

Samefag, they've been dating since 2021 so it's not really a new relationship. She's 21 and he's 31.

No. 1499012

>I definitely will not be surprised if it comes out that MGK abused her. She posted so much weird shit, plus MGK threatening to kill himself in front of her, plus those injuries she had at the Grammys.

All of that was SUS af!

MGK must have gone into a fit of rage when he didn't win! I bet it was an ugly scene! Poor-everyone who had to deal with him!

No. 1499014

Why do you type like Donald Trump

No. 1499015

Im not a fucking tranny, I was joking, the fucking peanut butter part is absurd, do you reeally think I want to slap john cena's ass with peanutbutter? Seriously? I do think he looks nice for a scrote in that ugly get up.

No. 1499017

KEK nonnie!

No. 1499026

File: 1676318894020.png (167.98 KB, 360x359, 167631819134876707 (1).png)

What's going to happen to MF and MKG's resin-blood-spot necklaces?!

No. 1499027

More importantly, what about the ring she can't take off

No. 1499031

File: 1676319229336.png (325.74 KB, 1440x892, Screenshot_20230213-141321.png)

Oh, yep. That was really concerning and sounded abusive af. MKG has non-stop red flags.
Honesty, did they think that was cute?
…because that legit sounded terrifying.


No. 1499035

It's the fact they are in their thirties doing Abuse-Core esthethics like they are crackheads with a lolcow thread and a SPAM tumblr.

No. 1499039

File: 1676320075302.jpeg (78.87 KB, 960x1224, 38E98B28-D02C-447B-9EC5-9E6232…)

Looks like a normal ring to me I’m sure she took it off before he just wants to sound edgy

No. 1499069

wait what???

No. 1499070

File: 1676321977221.jpg (43.17 KB, 225x300, 267414.jpg)

i will explain. imagine this: tall big guy with nice sexy big pecs, muscular thighs, big ass gets dominated by a slightly smaller guy and the smaller guy fucks his plump juicy ass.

No. 1499076

As if this NLOG pick me would ever seriously date a woman. I don't believe for a second she's bisexual tbh

No. 1499078

File: 1676322202665.jpeg (400.41 KB, 1125x1379, 945CCF63-E83C-4887-82B1-47F6E5…)

Speaking of CDAN…. Who is this?

No. 1499080

nuke this thread. god i hate john cena now.

No. 1499082

Her performance was so boring, the floating platforms were pretty cool though and I'm sure she couldn't jump or dance around much, being pregnant. But the fanfare just wasn't there

No. 1499083

File: 1676322275506.jpg (25.24 KB, 465x269, delete this nonnie.jpg)

No. 1499090


No. 1499095

That could be anyone all of hollywood has chasers who are drug addicts

No. 1499096

what actor just died and if he was in a documentary how is this a blind?

No. 1499102

I hate this so much, every time I see it posted I want to die. It reminds me of the "Meet Your Future Second Wife!" SNL sketch, where these middle-aged men meet the people they'll remarry in the future, and when they walk out it turns out they're all little girls.

No. 1499106

No. 1499109

Newfag, your typing style sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 1499110

I was wondering where the hell the kids are this entire time they've been out partying, getting drunk/high, dealing with MGK breaking glass on his face, threatening suicide and having their loud raunchy sex that "makes the devil clutch his rosary"

No. 1499114


No. 1499118

File: 1676324013715.png (266.72 KB, 1440x524, Screenshot_20230213-152815.png)

No. 1499120

File: 1676324214389.png (394 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230213-153632.png)

No. 1499121

File: 1676324231177.jpeg (106.99 KB, 990x600, trooninthedungeon.jpeg)

I-thought you should know

No. 1499123

File: 1676324499256.jpg (27.47 KB, 750x542, woody.jpg)

I regret posting that John Cena photo.

No. 1499129

retard, youve been calling everyone here who made those types of jokes about cena a troon, stop acting like a pearl clutching autist.
You can just say ''ew'' or ''this is cringy/it sucks'' instead of calling others a troon you fucking cockroach. I will spray raid on you.(calm down)

No. 1499130

File: 1676324898387.png (372.44 KB, 1440x454, Screenshot_20230213-154744.png)

No. 1499163

I can’t find the retard who is cheering Megan Fox’ ex (shit)BAG for triple A parenting. Ah yes, you want the old scrote who groomed Megan when she was like 19 to give him children. She’s weird for encouraging transitioning to a kid but I’m not sure about leaving them to the care of a dude who will pass on his predatory character to his son smh. yall would pick some dirty scrote over women tbh

No. 1499165

File: 1676327175129.png (41.09 KB, 1440x173, Screenshot_20230213-162527~2.p…)

No. 1499167

this thread has been making lol so hard today

No. 1499173

Him and his wife are the ones taking care of the kids atm. The kids look healthy, safe and appear to be doing fine.

Sauce on her ex husband grooming her.

No. 1499174

No. 1499176

File: 1676327526495.jpg (58.13 KB, 470x988, 39221404-9255045-Strike_a_pose…)

She posts weird photoshop sometimes. Picrel was from last Valentines day

No. 1499187

all of these posts are fucking weird

No. 1499188

Part of me is still wondering if this is a publicity stunt so they can get attention and then have a "VALENTINE'S DAY MAKEUP" about how they're so in love and twin flame etc etc

No. 1499198

ayrt wasn’t even talking about megan fox.

No. 1499204


No. 1499205

The excessive use of exclamation marks is weird.

No. 1499209

>Sauce on her ex husband grooming her.
fuck off tard

No. 1499210

File: 1676329929820.jpeg (118.17 KB, 1124x459, 4E92740F-3570-43E2-93EB-AF86A9…)

picrel from the article that >>1499165 posted. guess this answers >>1497545. something probably went down in between those two times.

No. 1499211

You don't have sources. Okay.

No. 1499214

If they pulled a cry-wolf type scenario like that, it'll be over for them 100%. Any last shred that people are holding onto about caring/worrying/taking them seriously- even on a miniscule level -WILL BE GONE!

No. 1499215

Sauce is slang for source. You know- things like articles and such.

No. 1499223

Nta, I'm pretty sure they're talking about the words after that

No. 1499230

File: 1676332066334.webm (1.63 MB, 406x720, rapidsave.com_travis_scott_loo…)

theres a trending thread on LSA where someone is tinfoiling that travis scrote is autistic and I don't know why I find it so funny. Also what the fuck is he doing in this video?

No. 1499233

i feel so bad for his daughter imagine having that manchild as a father? the things shes seen in her short life. i feel so bad.

No. 1499238

File: 1676332601941.jpg (Spoiler Image, 427.57 KB, 2048x2048, Jessica.jpg)

Jessica Simpson posted a picture of herself allegedly peeing. Why do celebs post stuff like this

No. 1499241

>Why do celebs post stuff like this
Unironically because all eyes are on them 24/7 and they get so used to it that they lose any sorts of boundaries they could've had at the beginning of their careers.

No. 1499255

Well his brother is very autistic and it runs in families

No. 1499297

No. 1499308


lol did you forget that Kanye west is one of his bff's,in-law and defended him about ass-troll-lol nightmare fuel FESTIVAL?!

No. 1499311

Kek I just saw your post in the vent thread, I think your peanut butter joke was funny

No. 1499321

Get help

No. 1499323

Get a sense of humor.

No. 1499324

I really don't think they were joking, have you not seen women who are into watching faggots fuck?

No. 1499330

No. I've never ever heard of biological women -into watching - biological men - having homosexual intercourse. I think that you must be trolling and made that up.

No. 1499346

File: 1676342416640.jpg (135.57 KB, 522x929, madonna.jpg)

No. 1499353


No. 1499354

God damnit. I feel so bad for her biological children and 8 trillion kids that she adopted.

No. 1499356

I try.

No. 1499357

porn addiction and its consequences

No. 1499361

I consider that poster as a troll- laughing behind their keyboard UNTIL it's proven OTHERWISE!

No. 1499362

Nta but clearly you don't. If you can't integrate maybe try shutting the fuck up until you learn, newfag.

No. 1499363

I am not a newfag. I've stayed on topic and in my lane. I've done nothing wrong but go ahead and keep mini-modding. FYI the mods here love when you mini-mod btw!

No. 1499366

If you're not a newfag then why do you act like one?

No. 1499368

>act like one
I don't.

No. 1499377

But where's the joke? Just pretending to be a fujo or whatever? What's funny or trollish about it?

No. 1499379

Nta but you do when you post like this!!!

No. 1499382

What isn't funny and trollish about it. This just ain't the board for any of it tbqh.

No. 1499384

You're doing great. Perhaps a mod will grant you mod-status by being a mini-mod WHICH THE MODS ON THIS WEBSITE LOVE!

No. 1499385

File: 1676345092497.jpeg (31.1 KB, 750x708, A259A589-EDFC-4A1D-AD8A-AE97D8…)

may he rest in piss, t. former carreyfag

her daughter who was also naturally gorgeous has gotten a bunch of plastic surgery now too, very sad

the main guess seems to be john belushi who died of a drug od in the 80s and the writer is hunter s thompson

No. 1499388


No. 1499391

The world is going to be a much better place- when JC dies. That's for certain.

No. 1499395

Jim Carrey is giving me dark Jeffery Epstein type vibes tbqh. Goodness there's some unsettling darkness lurking in the underbelly.

No. 1499399

… when JC dies we're going to find out that he's an actual serial killer. Mark my words.

No. 1499411

jfc this is child abuse.

No. 1499418

I am super happy- that BAG and his wife have the kids! Whew!

No. 1499421

You know that she'd have all of her bio-sons chop off their genitals- if she could have her way!

No. 1499426

Thanks for not posting the vid because nobody wants to see it and that screenshot has assaulted everyone's eyes already!

No. 1499428

Imagine this dumpster fire.

Madonna and Megan fox.

Will they date each other?!

No. 1499441

>implying the majority of you even know how to or bother with posting vids

No. 1499446

I know how to do it but that's geriatric-madge and I don't want to vomit.

No. 1499485

There was a blind item that he kept two women held hostage. He was hiding from papers after the victims sued him in a state that wasn't California.

he had property in Iowa near the uni where he gave a commencement speech and Hawaii, as well as a cottage in Peterborough, Ontario, probably other places. He owns a silver hummer. There's just… something ick about all this

There's a conspiracy but I don't think the numerology BS the guy used for his theory is reasonable. It's mostly Jim demanding all records from his ex's death and their relationship that rings suspicious. Why the fuck would you try and solicit the police photos and evidence for your silly little lawsuit with your ex's estranged family… unless you had something to hide?

No. 1499493

No. 1499535

honestly, just report instead of engaging. i feel like it’s one of those weird posters we get on lc every now and then that like to clog up the threads with nonsense.

No. 1499538

this >>1498861 reminded me of this from earlier in the thread kek >>1497634

No. 1499584

Shut up, lesbian porn coombrained "bisexual"(dont start this shit again)

No. 1499593

Oh my God, please do not shit up this thread with some dumb sexuality fight

No. 1499596

Did a boomer mom get lost here? I don't think I've seen this typing style on any other thread.

No. 1499598

Yeah, that poster really sticks out like a sore thumb. Like some other anon said, they type like Donald Trump kek

No. 1499678

ok i know this is not milk but Jang Eun Sil and others lost and got eliminated at the 7th episode in physical 100.

So many people were rooting for her and hoping she makes it to the finals, ah a shame.

to be fair even though they lost they still tried their hardest since they were the smallest in weight compared to the other teams and they also had a guy with a injured leg on their team too so they were at a disadvantage.

No. 1499687

What's the significance of the silver Hummer? The fact it's a larger vehicle?
I need to read up on these Carrey lore.

No. 1499719

File: 1676387596226.jpeg (123.76 KB, 828x613, 71037615-5E49-4E20-8DE3-CDBE02…)

Lana stans rise up, she’s back

No. 1499721

i know what sauce is kek. i WAS talking about the words after that.

No. 1499722

he's not autistic - he's pornsick/fully addicted. they look and act like autists when they're addicted.

No. 1499723

because piss fetish is the latest kink the media is normalizing/forcing women to accept.

No. 1499724

File: 1676387972701.jpg (20.05 KB, 400x348, 1592317922961.jpg)

I was going to watch this tonight, I was rooting for her too, ty for the spoilers you monster.

No. 1499726

idk how to mass report, but this is a dude.

No. 1499731

My web-search is coming up with nothing about him owning/renting/driving a silver Hummer.

No. 1499735

i think he's just a gross sex maniac/hugh hefner/giving girls diseases and infections and not letting them out alone type abuser.
like a non-pedo, regualr filthy rapist. aka man.

No. 1499736

That's simply not true. Proof or gtfo. Oh that's right, you don't have any.

No. 1499737

I'm so stupidly into this show and I have no idea why. She seemed cool AF this makes me sad. I hope she gets more $$$$$ through sponsorships or something from this.

No. 1499748

Omg ♥ I needed this good news today omg, I don't know if it's a song, an album, or just a photoshoot but I don't care. Happy Valentines Day lana bby I love you so much

No. 1499756

File: 1676389773574.png (708.34 KB, 1439x1581, Screenshot_20230214-073521.png)

Valentine's day is a Hallmark holiday!

No. 1499759

I thought it started as a Christian holiday to honor some scrote named Saint Valentine? either way I hope Lana is having an amazing Valentines Day lol

No. 1499762

Saw a secondhand account of him driving one in Canada. I trawled through several sites for any sightings

The titles and info are probably all locked down and under aliases but since he's originally a northerner and a hermit he's probably got a lot of remote northern property

No. 1499763

Haha yeah. That christian shit was a lie. They only pulled that to get more suckers to buy their corporate bullshit. Anywho..I hope you AND OTHERS have a nice v-day!

No. 1499766

Oh! Jucy! The waybackmachine is a possible option! Huh. Hopefully sauce is provided in some way!

No. 1499770

If I come across anything… I'll be sure to keep you guy's posted btw!

No. 1499777

Omg new Lana song, I'm already in love ♥

No. 1499783

AAH what? i'm from whitehorse and he's starting to sound like a fucking serial killer to me, stop scaring me anon

No. 1499784

oh shit! she's fucking hot. wtf i have to go watch korean wrestling now.

No. 1499785

and lana is a Hallmark popstar. works for me!

No. 1499789

Avoid Peterborough at all costs. I'm not Canadian but I do wonder if he has any property in my state. I assume he avoids the south like the plague considering how much he (allegedly) hates our politicians and guns kek

I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't actually practice what he preaches and has spread his influence all over the entire United States which is why he's trying to flee it

This site is full of detectives so somehow I feel like I could trust you all to find something

also I would use archive.ph for links, his team can issue takedowns for wayback machine posts

No. 1499810

what! the fuck! is it with these newfags

No. 1499812

legit. the whole threads been a dumpsterfire but watching the exclamation mark posters consecutive posts itt has been bizarre. hellweek can't come soon enough

No. 1499814

>wtf i have to go watch korean wrestling now.
you'd find good company, The sport had been dying for a long time as overweight physiques are out of fashion in Korea. Then in 2017, they got some hunky young fighters (Hwang Chan-seob and Kim Won-jin ) who looked like they stepped out of a kpop video and the fight went viral. Instead of a handful of octogenarians, throngs of young girls started to show up to the matches. They completely refreshed the sport around guys like that and now it’s really popular again

No. 1499838

>he doesn't actually practice what he preaches
Nope. He doesn't. He's a complete and total phony.

No. 1499839

File: 1676397522898.png (1.29 MB, 1440x1284, Screenshot_20230214-115726.png)

No. 1499848

eww get out

No. 1499851

File: 1676398250800.jpeg (45.46 KB, 808x251, ED25A9B2-8071-40F6-A9B8-0DB447…)

I heard this but they used it to victim blame her and say she was "manipulating" him?

Who's to say he wasn't in on scientology himself? What confuses me the most is how he would've won the lawsuit in the first place, all he did was victim blame her using her mental illness, claim to debunk one document, possibly not even faked, and then pay the family off

His connections to hollywoods shadiest lawyer and that lawyers connection to numerous fixers, as well as him knowing a shady Russian oligarch do not make him look good. But why do journalists refuse to mention what he did to his ex? Why is he left off MeToo lists? Why is he excluded from the mainstream narrative of abusers in hollywood despite the accusations being damning? Therein lies the question: what power does he have? And why, as washed up as he is, does he still have that power.

No. 1499855

I agree with all that you said and those are great questions. Keep up the good work, anon.

No. 1499858

They're really good questions but I theorize that people just don't give a shit because he was washed up. No one cares to expose his dirty laundry because he hasn't worked since like, the Grinch, pre-Sonic. Who knows though, that's just my theory.

No. 1499859

File: 1676399031940.png (Spoiler Image, 433.65 KB, 640x626, nastyfuckingscroteugh.png)

why does he have a fucking rubber band on his moob? I hate sam smith.

No. 1499861

to make it look like female tits I guess since he tries to cosplay as a pregnant woman here barf

No. 1499869

This is homophobic propaganda

No. 1499873

Ik this is posed & edited, but she looks a lot healthier here than a lot of the candids from the past year+
So squeezing fat men in way too small women's clothing is a fashion statement now? I want to go back to better days

No. 1499876

Proof that women keep fandoms going. Korean men have the potential to get big and muscular and they need to do this more often.

No. 1499887

He's worked since but most of his work after maybe The Number 23, maybe Popper's Penguins has been flops. He became obsessed with politics and painting ugly art to gain good social grace, the grift sadly worked on a lot of people. Sonic was his first non flop in years and did well reception wise, so him just dropping acting at the sequel makes no sense. Another question to pose: what was threatening to his career (other than him deriding will smith for the slap, I don't believe that) to push him into retirement

During his quiet years he canvassed colleges, bars, restaurants, and smaller cities outside of his epicenter of infection to sleep with women and he apparently still does. There was another blind about him saying he wanted to become a "sex therapist"

No. 1499891

File: 1676400780755.jpeg (232.13 KB, 1150x1534, K-ssireum-01.jpeg)

tbh I do prefer sserium guys over most kpop performers, cause they look like real human beings instead of overly muscular steroid freaks or human plastic dolls

No. 1499894

These are just fat Chinese engineers? All they're missing is a pair of glasses.(racebaiting)

No. 1499896

They're too brown. Tbh(racebaiting)

No. 1499900

>During his quiet years he canvassed colleges, bars, restaurants, and smaller cities outside of his epicenter of infection to sleep with women and he apparently still does. There was another blind about him saying he wanted to become a "sex therapist"

It just gets heavier and darker. Serial-killer-tier.

No. 1499912

it unironically is i'm 100% certain

No. 1499930

>have visible abs

No. 1499941

That anon forgot to put on their glasses.

No. 1499945

are you mentally ill?

No. 1499959

It's either one of these or both.

No. 1499961

File: 1676403494400.jpg (Spoiler Image, 109.42 KB, 719x894, post.JPG)

Emrata's and Eric Andre' Vday instagram post

No. 1499968

Welp she found love after Pete Davidson, that's for sure. Yuck.

No. 1499977

Sorry but are you talking about Peterborough, Ontario?? Lmao I know my city is a shithole but I didn’t expect to see someone warning against it when I popped into this thread today. Do I have to watch out for Carrey? The only celeb I’ve ever known to spend time here was Dolores from The Cranberries (RIP)

No. 1499985

this picture is really gross, it looks like it stinks

No. 1499987

KEK saw this earlier and I thought it was her but it was so stupid I couldn’t believe it.

No. 1500034

Be weary of jim Carrey.

Be safe out there, anon.

No. 1500038

how desperate do you have to be to date eric andre ewwww

No. 1500045

I was thinking…

Who would think that would be a good pic to take and put on social media…

and then I remembered…


I am hoping that my mind will dissolve that picture from mind ASAP!


No. 1500054

Trump-chan please…

No. 1500055

No. 1500080

File: 1676411071223.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1876, Screenshot_20230214-154418.png)

No. 1500100

i was talking about the lady wrestler kek. i don't want to see these half naked men

No. 1500101

yeah i think the herpes spreading retardery went too far and is what was threatening his career. maybe he could only find other std-riddled people to sleep with and caught HIV.

No. 1500104

he looks good but she's so fucking bogged. everybody stop gettin filler ok

No. 1500109

watch out for him and throw things at him if you see him

No. 1500112

File: 1676413605112.png (2.82 MB, 1439x2367, Screenshot_20230214-162529.png)

A selfie of Sophie Lloyd and Christopher Painter. Sophie Lloyd posted a photo of her and her boyfriend for Valentine’s Day amid rumors that she’s the reason behind Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox’s alleged split


No. 1500113

File: 1676413671782.png (1.76 MB, 1439x1702, Screenshot_20230214-162749.png)

No. 1500114

Anon. Cut it out! lol

No. 1500119

>and caught HIV
Wouldn't surprise me and also YIKES!

No. 1500125


He's infecting people.

He doesn't sleep with other infected individuals.

He finds people that don't know and infects them.

This is all I know- from what I've gathered and until proven otherwise..I know that's the truth.


Would you be surprised if he collected more sti's-std's such as aids?!

No. 1500128

jeez men just fucking refuse to look good huh
stand up for yourselves, straight women

No. 1500133

Okay. So, he's not your cup-of-tea but they're in a happy. healthy, monogamous relationship. Keep seething tho.

No. 1500136

File: 1676416666496.jpeg (32.58 KB, 324x410, E93F53E2-4654-43B2-8848-6A4EC5…)

I mean she possibly cheated on him with picrel but I guess.

No. 1500137

No. 1500138

He looks so gross in that pic.

No. 1500139

I literally googled ‘MGK looking gross’ kek

No. 1500140

I don't want to google that lol.

No. 1500142

valentine's day as a romantic holiday (and valentine's cards) had existed for centuries before hallmark ever existed. chaucer and shakespeare mention it kek. just because hallmark didn't get around to making valentine's cards until the 20th century doesn't mean that was when valentine's was invented. you couldn't buy a bottle of evian until 1829 but that doesn't mean water was only invented then. are you retarded nonnie?

No. 1500145

I'm sorry but imagine seeing Jim Carrey out and about and being excited to meet him, thinking "oh maybe he's filming a movie!" and then just getting fucking murdered by him. I'm sorry but that's so funny to me

No. 1500146

You provide no sources to back up your claims. Proof or gtfo.

No. 1500149

Yeah. I think it's funny too… because it's JC.

No. 1500151

babey you can literally google image search old valentines cards. there is an entire wiki page about valentines day. why are you acting like qanon about this? lmfao

No. 1500152

Valentine's day is supposed to be 360 days a year. V-day is an official Hallmark holiday. Back up your claims or GTFO.

No. 1500154

kek are they though?
n e way she shouldn't have to settle for a chunk of beige playdoh with some dryer lint stuck on it to have happiness and monogamy. she's pretty and is allowed to have a pretty boyfriend.

No. 1500155

Why is his stomach chubby but his calves are so frail and thin, this is such an ugly photo. And don't even get me started on that malnourished looking, floppy alien foot. Disgusting.

No. 1500157

he doesn't look ugly but he acts like/his expressions are legit sped and i think that's what makes him unattractive.

No. 1500158

well he's retired (self proclaimed) so no movies until further notice

I'd probably alternate between crying and laughing if I saw him irl, he must look like a human surrealist painting

No. 1500159

he's always been a flabby drunk guy. i think he looks good just because he has no tits though. too many men with fucking fat moobs these days

No. 1500161

it's true. your last thought as you died would be "dafuq???"

No. 1500163

his tattoos are so bad!!!! god can you imagine being naked and having to touch and look at that shitty angel chibi or whatever it's supposed to be? and the anarchy logo? he's human cringe! how did he get famous? what does he do?

No. 1500164

why did she censor his dick when everyone has already seen it on tv a million times

No. 1500165

kill urself racist noone cares abt ur opinion. shut up and die. Tbh

No. 1500166

There's nothing wrong with them. Idk what your problem is but keep seething.

No. 1500168

Instagram guidelines, ever heard of them?

No. 1500169

no! i don't have socials - it's more fun to read here instead of following celebs
twitter has naked ppl on it all the time - i didn't evne know insta was different

No. 1500171

You sound offended because your scrote is probably way uglier than that guy. Also she is being brought up because she probably cheated on her moid so I doubt they’re happy and healthy. Just because two people are together awhile and post sappy shit online doesn’t mean they’re actually good together.

No. 1500172

What the fuck is going on in this thread? Why do so many of you sound like boomers, Trump, and underaged homeschooled kids? Where did you people come from and why did you get here seemingly all at once?

No. 1500174

I'd laugh so hard… that I'd die from laughing histarically non-stop that I couldn't catch my breath. There would be no thoughts.

No. 1500176

not to be weird but hello fellow peterborough anon lmao

No. 1500177

that picture of mgk's tattoos made me retarded and now i am traumatized and can only type like domald tromp. sad. many such cases.

No. 1500178

Alright. Whatever. Have a nice night.

No. 1500181

He got his tattoo's updated and re-inked. They look different in 2023.

No. 1500187

Calm down. Korean's are beautiful.

No. 1500188

It's an active-on-topic-thread. Quit your bitching.

No. 1500191

>I'd probably alternate between crying and laughing if I saw him irl, he must look like a human surrealist painting


No. 1500192

Imagine JC angrily going WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?! WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?! …as he slaughters you. Omg.

No. 1500198

File: 1676421105282.jpg (8.59 KB, 225x225, ah.jpg)

I've listened to the Fifth Column podcast about the Armie Hammer case. They had some interesting info that made me more skeptical about this case.

>The woman who originally accused him on instagram posted a photo of supposed bite mark he left on her, but people discovered the pic was taken from pinterest

>She refused to cooperate with a legal investigation and her famous lawyer dropped her
>One woman claimed to be sexually abused although they were only sexting
>The women used the term "grooming" despite all of them being in their twenties.
>Armie Hammer's wife joined with the women in accusing him (she was in contact with them during the early accusations) and demands full custody. And during a court hearing there were vague implications that Armie had killed people and buried them in the desert?????
>One woman accused him of raping her for four hours and banging her head against a wall. At the time this happened, he had a sling on his arm and had medical proof that he wasn't able to use one of his arms.
>Above woman contacted Armie years after the incident and sent him horny messages trying to hook up and he rejected her.
>The text messages that the accusers released in general had had the women's part of the conversation left out. When they were revealed, it showed that they were posting horny shit ("I want you to choke me" etc) and seemingly into it all.
>There was a documentary and Vanity Fair article that portrayed the entire Hammer family as fucked up and all the men as psychos. The only real source for these allegations is Armie's aunt who's estranged from the family and who accused her dad of molesting her. She says she recovered memories of this abuse as an adult in therapy. Recovered memories like this are considered very suspect by psychiatrists.

I get the impression that Armie is pig and a coomer, he admitted to being a serial cheater, addict and dumping these women in a very cold way. But I'm not convinced that any real crime happened here. One thing that bothers me is that the women use the argument that because he was famous and rich he had some power over them and was able to "groom" them? What does that word even mean anymore. It just sounds very irresponsible and like they don't want to admit that they wanted to fuck this handsome rich actor and let him do gross fetish shit on them because of that. I would understand if these were teenagers but come on…

No. 1500201

There are 3 of us! THREE!

No. 1500203

Yeah and even when it's active it usually isn't filled with this many weird unintegrated posts what's you point?

No. 1500207

>The women used the term "grooming" despite all of them being in their twenties.
A lot of people don't realize adults can be groomed. Adult grooming is a thing, you can look it up.

No. 1500211


No. 1500212

TIL that the entire population of peterborough is on lolcow

No. 1500213

No. 1500214

if i was a rapist moid, i'd seek out some histrionic women with histories of exagerrating or faking claims for a payout and sleep with them to muddy the waters regarding real accusations.

No. 1500215

stfu and post doja cringe, or gtfo

No. 1500218

Calm down newfag sperg, I was just confused about the influx of new posters and asked where you guys came from

No. 1500222

What would that mean in this context tho? It seems like they just met through Tinder or something and instantly jumped to kinky sexting. It doesn't sound like he spent years psychologically breaking these women.

Abuser moids are attracted to unstable and vulnerable women so I can believe these types are more likely to be victimized. But it sounds like he was just hitting on lots of women behind his wife's back and dumping them quick, I don't think he was that smart about it.

No. 1500226

More people need to understand this. Any moid that has a "false" rape accusation against him is sus as hell to me, first of all because rape is hard to prove unless it's directly after and the victim is likely too traumatized to collect their thoughts, second because people usually believe a man that's claiming to be falsely accused of rape over believing a woman claiming she's been raped, even though the later is more likely and third because even if it truly is a false accusation, it's often because other forms of abuse he has given the woman hasn't been taken seriously enough so women result to more extreme claims to get people to take them seriously

Women, are generally, way more rational and it almost feels like society hates rape victims more than they hate rapists, if a woman is claiming a man abused or raped her it's likely because he did something fucked up in the first place. Not saying completely innocent men NEVER get accused of rape, it totally happens, it's just rare the man is actually innocent. I remember for a while there was that news story about the group of girls falsely accusing that one guy of rape, one of them was a middle schooler who was pregnant with his kid (that alone showed me how innocent he was tbh), but the only evidence they found they lied about rape was the girls saying they were going to make him pay for what he did. In typical society fashion no one bothered looking into further and just used it as a reason why men are oppressed and rape apparently doesn't happen

No. 1500238

Some people are acting like Effie in particular is a conniving mastermind when she seems like an immature twentysomething woman. Not to say she's a saint, but I don't think there should be automatic denouncement of her accusations, or anyone else's. He has other accusations as well does he not? And he was known for some time before this to be creepy and gross, the cannibal texts with an earlier girlfriend started emerging in 2020.

I wish you 3 luck

He seems like a much scarier person when you get him alone. Apparently he massively cyberstalks his name online and poses as fans as well, argues with people who criticize him.
I wonder how many other moid celebs are covertly internet trolling incels

No. 1500239

> sus as hell to me, first of all because rape is hard to prove unless it's directly after and the victim

…yeah. It's pretty awful but that's just how it is. Kudo's for your compassion and understanding about that kind of shit tho.

No. 1500244

File: 1676426457745.jpg (364.7 KB, 1500x1893, brad.jpg)

The fuck

No. 1500246

It looks like he took some fashion advice from Kanye west LMAO!

No. 1500254

Brad you fugly male you will NEVER be a coquette girly. EVER. Your kids fucking hate you btw!

No. 1500258

Those knee-pads…

Is that for when he gets on his knees to suck cocks?

No. 1500260

File: 1676427922524.jpeg (292.02 KB, 828x1455, CFB82C54-71DF-476F-B8DF-55F056…)

Relatable humble queen bella hadid posting about how much junk food she eats because she's so down to earth and quirky (she took tow bites)

No. 1500263

She has bulimia.

No. 1500268

he literally never dresses himself. look up his outfits on red carpet or irl. i don't think he's even put on a pair of socks that he chose himself in the past 20 years

No. 1500270

this would work if he wasn't old. it's the right shit for his body type but he'd have to be like 19

No. 1500272

Whoever is dressing his ass is doing him dirty af. He is not liked, judging by those ugly garbs.

No. 1500276

File: 1676429233185.jpg (42.87 KB, 410x612, gettyimages-80554570-612x612.j…)

>If he was 19
It still wouldn't work on him.

No. 1500280

They are probably right. All these random blogs always exploiting their own autism so they probably know it when they see it.
There's a reason why Madonna gets backlash and we all let Cher do whatever she wants. It goes without saying.
I don't like their faces too much, but their bodies is something all men should aspire to have. The smoothness is the cherry on top.
Are they the next mgk and megan fox now? I feel uncomfortable.
I hate that i agree this is funny, my last thought would be damn, nonnies were right all along and i can't post about this in the thread.
She should try eating the food instead of posting about it.

No. 1500291

>She should try eating the food instead of posting about it.

Bella & Gigi's mom is extremely abusive and has given her kids hardcore eating disorders.

No. 1500295

File: 1676431382235.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1206x1935, E327CAD9-89FB-4A90-B803-110DD3…)

No. 1500333

File: 1676434446820.jpeg (716.81 KB, 1550x2048, 33A5AB8D-20E7-4ADB-A5AC-63E34E…)

these new pictures of lana are so edited. they cleverly styled her to cover up the bloating though. i feel like this aesthetic is pretty dated and the interview is cringe


No. 1500339

Cute as a button ♥

No. 1500340

nta but i agree with you and have the same question too. i guess all we can do is report. the celebricows thread already has a shit reputation as it is and now we’re getting all this weirdness shitting up the thread.

No. 1500342

File: 1676434861687.jpg (110.12 KB, 500x622, f931926c36c2151dcad1eb364fd87d…)

Where's my fightclub BP?!



No. 1500346

there was a tweet that i saw that had a lot of likes/rts,
it was a clip of bella saying she eats pizza everyday,
then the reply saying about how its obviously a lie,
then bella posted this right after. she basically directly responded… just found it funny

No. 1500350

I believe that for some pics like these, there are extremely rich coomers paying them huge amounts to do it.

No. 1500387

stop signing your posts retard
and she looks like elvis nowadays

No. 1500389

I'm not signing my posts, I just call Lana cute as a button every now and then. I'll stop when she stops being cute as a button, so never probably(take your buttons out of here)

No. 1500395

NTA but I genuinely don't understand the point of simping over celebrities in a thread for making fun of them (this goes for other stans as well)

No. 1500404

>he looks good
Blind or retard?

No. 1500406

I'm not simping, just saying she's cute as a button because I like her and her music. It's fine if she's mostly hated here, I'm not going to start an argument over it. And I guess there is no point, what's the point to any of the comments here really, just sharing our opinions. Why does it matter if I throw in a positive comment every now and then?

No. 1500407

she looks pregnant

No. 1500410

No. 1500414

File: 1676439608577.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20230214-233611~2.p…)

Totally, because people can't lose a little weight, ever. If they are ever overweight they wil forever be overweight… And you wonder why women have body issues. Would you rather her be an anachan like Ari? Stick thin or thicker she can't win either way. Just say you hate her for other reasons and go.

She looks great in the photos I saw and and the new song she dropped today is insanely creative. (Not for everyone because I understand different tastes)

No. 1500416

File: 1676439741771.png (951.19 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20230214-233728~2.p…)

She looks great for someone who is turning 38 in June and is no longer on ADHD stimulants and other drugs. I'd rather her be thick and healthy than how Amy Winehouse was looking her last few days.

No. 1500417

lana's music hasn't been good in decades and i'm tired of people pretending otherwise
lmao the floating cigarette

No. 1500420

Nta but the whiteknighting is so cringy. You're in the celebcow thread. Anons talk shit about celebrities that I'm a fan of too, but I don't get mad because I know what thread I'm in.

No. 1500423

Oh here comes the anti lana posters to sperg out because no one is allowed to like something they don't like lol

No. 1500426

Nonny don't attack trump-chan. She's annoying but it could be a whole lot worse. It's kind of cute tbh, we've attracted our own personal boomer

No. 1500427

>sperg out
you mean using the thread as intended to make fun of cringy celebrities

No. 1500428

>but I don't get mad because I know what thread I'm in.
Nta but your mad now about someone saying something positive about a celeb you don't like, it's the same thing. And it's the celebricows thread obviously there's going to be weight spergers going back and forth about fat celebs.

No. 1500430

No I meant what I said, both sides are always sperging out about Lana every couple threads.

No. 1500435

>Nta but your mad now about someone saying something positive about a celeb you don't like
I wish some of you would learn to read and understand… I'm not upset about her saying something nice about Lana, and I don't dislike her either. I like (some of) her music and I thought she looked nice in the photoshoot that was posted. That wasn't the point of what I said.

No. 1500437

Well learn how to convey your thoughts better

No. 1500439

I conveyed it fine.

No. 1500476

Ntayrt but I wouldn't mind as much if she kept her posts to a minimum but she does it so often that the thread is almost unreadable. I have to scroll by so much nonsense just to see anything interesting lol.

No. 1500491

nta and i want to agree with you, but i do think something about it feels off and similar in manner to some other trolls i’ve seen posting
on lc before. i kind of agree with >>1500476.

No. 1500495

File: 1676446843242.png (710.82 KB, 1440x364, Screenshot_20230215-013858.png)

Okay. You caught me. I'm an artist. Call the cops IDGAF!

No. 1500504

Aw shucks.

No. 1500515

yeah >>1500501 is right, but what is even going on in this thread anymore… why would it mean anything other than lolcow kek

No. 1500516

You forgot your exclamation!
Nta but I’m the anon that called you out for cute as a button the first time and your
heart and saying you love her constantly plus cute as button make you stand out continuously and it’s not cute. Even uglier than your queen ♥(♥)

No. 1500519

nta and nonna, i get your point and i do agree with parts of it, but i also don't think ayrt was being as harsh as most anons usually are about ldr and not at all close to the worst criticisms lana has gotten on here.

No. 1500526

>I'm the anon that called you out for cute as a button the first time and your heart and saying you love her constantly plus cute as button make you stand out continuously
Okay? I'm not hiding, that's why I use the same phrase and heart each time I say it lol. I've only said it 3 times, relax.

No. 1500534

Can anyone spoonfeed me about why anons hate Lana so much? Is it because of her recent weight gain.

No. 1500544

Her previous "lolita" shit, her ties to Harvey Weinstein, her pickme-ism, the glamorization of drugs and anachanning. You'll get a bunch of answers similar to that, not sure why they feel the need to sperg at anyone who says anything positive about her though. Something about the Lana stans just sends them into a rage like no other stan does.

No. 1500546

>cringy pickme lyrics (which she still does even years later, just without the pedo shit)
>glamorizing abuse
>popularized (tho technically didn't start) coquette shit
>possibly slept with Wienstein
>cringy IG rant about other singers and feminism
>awful taste in men
>botched surgeries

No. 1500548

It's annoying as fuck and not at all endearing.

No. 1500553

>Something about the Lana stans just sends them into a rage like no other stan does.
Tbf the lana stans tend to post way more than any other stan instead of making a containment thread.

No. 1500562

Well it would take up less posts if the anti lana crowd just ignored them instead of posting 3 or more responses to each lanafag post

No. 1500568

Thank you for the explanation. I feel like there's one anti-lana anon that keeps replying to Lana stans. This site barely has 140 different anons, I don't belive there are multiple out of that tiny crowd that can bare infighting hours over lana.

No. 1500570

samefag but there used to be longs fights with ariana grande stans too, it only stopped because she hasn't done anything lately

No. 1500576

Yeah there's one specific anon that gets enraged over it. It almost always includes the word "botched" or "fat," and then she'll call anyone disagreeing with her botched and fat

No. 1500587

You're actually retarted if you think there's only one person on this website who can't stand Lana and her braindead stans who insist on waxing poetic about how she's a great genius artist and handwaving away any criticism every time she's mentioned. Like no one cares about your trailer trash queen and how adorable you think her weight gain is, please just make a containment thread where you can be delusional together instead of acting clueless as to why people would be shitting on LDR like it's your first day on the internet.

No. 1500592

Oh look she's back and she's angry

No. 1500594

I'm the one who called her botched but not fat, and didn't respond to every single lana post. there's probably at least three of us.

No. 1500626

>This site barely has 140 different anons
NTA but this is just delusional

No. 1500628

Kill yourself

He's dressing like zoomers on Tiktok calling themselves they/them bimbos

No. 1500647

Nta but how would any of us know the user count?

No. 1500659

File: 1676458664967.gif (2.65 MB, 640x640, ezgif-2-af00e1b1d5.gif)

He's dressing like zoomers on Tiktok calling themselves they/them bimbos/himbos/what-cha-ma-calls-its

Reminds me of gif-related.

No. 1500664

File: 1676459544240.jpg (1.2 MB, 3000x3000, ezgif-4-50bb906d7f.jpg)

Sage cause this isn't milk and it's probably old but I absolutely hate Maneskins album cover art, it looks like a kid and she's wearing something similar to a school uniforms. Everytime I see it I have to do a double take cause it looks so creepy and ominous.

No. 1500667


They became absolute shit ever since they let Americans produce their songs

No. 1500669

File: 1676460008868.jpg (49.63 KB, 680x491, Fo8tem9XEAMSE4G.jpg)

No. 1500671

File: 1676460198141.jpg (Spoiler Image, 99.13 KB, 1200x1200, 6161B2fhOGL._AC_SL1200_.jpg)

Have you seen the back? It's even worse, huge pedo vibes.

No. 1500676

File: 1676460867942.png (1.45 MB, 1462x682, gfgdgcvhjkm.png)

Ew, I hate it.

Also I just noticed they botched the photoshop on the cover and added an extra leg, not sure if this is the final draft for the cover but it'd be funny if it is

No. 1500683

I thought so too ew. These zoomer kids want to be soo progressive with gay and tranny shit but still sexualize women and their own band member to hell and back. They also sound like shit live. These types of rock bands popular with young girls always fucking have some pedo thing going on, I'm pretty sure they'll have some scandal in the future.

I'm sorry but there's the extra leg?

No. 1500684

My god I hope this isn't going to be another snoozefest album PLEASE I need something like pre NFR

No. 1500721

that's not just from ana - bella's had so much surgery. lipo, other sculpting, fat transfers. in the video where they spray a dress on her she looks like she's been cut into really obviously

No. 1500724

her music is bad.

No. 1500729

File: 1676467737892.jpeg (221.93 KB, 1280x1628, 3955C036-65DA-415E-AD0C-D61128…)

she looked like this less than a week ago. this is from a grammys after party. i think it’s more dangerous to women for her to allow her editorial images to be photoshopped to death instead of embracing her fatness

No. 1500823

File: 1676474140422.png (75.98 KB, 750x221, rush.PNG)

That's the model jumping over them, very intentional pedo aesthetic

No. 1500834

pedo pandering whores try not to look like trannies challenge failed

No. 1500841

I like her but the interview is awful, I don't give a shit about Billie's simping and repeating 'dude' every five minutes, where's the real journalist with actually interesting questions

No. 1500851

Fat fucking cow.

No. 1500856

Rock bands wearing makeup and belts try not to become pedophiles challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)