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File: 1534991177094.jpg (253.1 KB, 831x560, podcasts.jpg)

No. 17258

Thought this would be nice to have since podcasts are huge right now. Every Tom, Dick and Harry now thinks the world can't be deprived of their opinions and starts a podcast.

>Podcasts you like
>Podcasts you hate
>Podcast/Host drama
>Crazy Podcast Fandoms

There is a thread that already exists for one of the biggest podcast cows, Mike Boudet, but it's pretty dead.

Another totally dead thread that seems to be only for recommending podcasts.

No. 17259

Oooo love this thread idea. Love podcasts!!! Here are some that I listen to:

>Pod Save America/Pod Save the World

Former Obama staffers discussing politics. They're really funny imo and not überlibs

>NYT's Caliphate

Tells the story of a guy who claimed to be in ISIS, normally idgaf about ISIS but this one's interesting , particularly because the female host has been threatened by ISIS multiple times

>My Favorite Murder

I'm sure everyone knows about this one by now and it's kinda going downhill but I still like it

>Slow Burn

Haven't started the new season about Bill Clinton, but the first season covers Nixon/Watergate scandal in a very non-boring way. Loved it

>Heaven's Gate

About the Heaven's Gate cult (duh) and the host also speaks about his own experience growing up in a cult


Funny relationship advice with celebrity guests every week, hosted by Anna Faris

>Sword and Scale

I know the host is an asshole but the podcast is really good, older eps are better. Mike Boudet is actually how I discovered lolcow haha

>NYT's The Daily

Great to listen to in the morning before work/school, just a quick rundown of what happened in the news/politics the previous day

>You Must Remember This

Really cool coverage of stuff from the 1950s-ish, they don't do it anymore for some reason but there are lots of episodes. I like the episodes about the communist witch hunt in hollywood, also have a season on hollywood starlets who has untimely deaths

>The Complete Woman

Hilarious (literally made me lol which is rare) satirical take on being a 1960s housewife, you'd love it if you get a kick out of the tradthot thread

No. 17260

No drama I know about, but I really like the no sleep podcast. Each episode has 1-3 creepy/horror stories for free users. Some episodes are meh, depending on the type of horror you like, but some are amazing

No. 17261

File: 1534991874031.jpg (66.84 KB, 564x564, mfm.jpg)

I've been a fan of My Favorite Murder since almost the first episode, but their fan base is almost intolerable now. I just miss having the facebook ground in the beginning with a couple hundred people posting links to things they found interesting. It's gotten out of control. The whole Tipi incident recently seems like it was ridiculous, did anyone get the full story there? I get the Tipi part of it, but what about racist people in the group or something? I don't know how much longer before Karen snaps and turns on the fans completely. It already kind of happened that one time someone called them racist. I think they are ill informed sometimes and misspeak, but I don't think they're racist or insensitive at all.

My other beef is with Karen and Georgia themselves. It's getting pretty tired to have to listen to them brag about how this is their job now and they can't believe it, and also complain about having to do the bare minimum of work. Basically their full time job is reading one wikipedia article a week and even that seems like too much for them sometimes and they make Steven do all their lackey work. I like their personalities but there are other True Crime podcasts that put it 10x the work and research they do. Even their minisodes feel lazy. The most recent one they said they got over 600 emails on the subject, and they only read what, 4 of them? They couldn't be bothered to do a longer minisode even though they were getting paid to advertise a movie? It just seems so disrespectful to all the fans.

Also Georgia, you don't need to brag about how gross you are all the time and constantly belch into the mic. Have 1% of decorum. Not everyone is into that.

No. 17262

File: 1534992266646.png (529.65 KB, 600x537, dz.png)

I love YMRT! I've listened to the series on Charles Manson several times now. I also really liked the series on dead blondes.

You might like "The Daily Zeitgeist" too if you like The Daily. It's another daily news show, but they basically have comedians on everyday as guests. Miles can be a little annoying and talks about weed a lot, but they're both super politically smart and funny guys. I might just have a giant crush on Jack O'Brien though (he used to be the head of Cracked/host of the Cracked podcast) and left to do this podcast. He's a qtpie

No. 17263

I honestly relate to Karen a lot lol, Georgia annoys me more and more but I still love them both. Karen definitely seems more sensible and more grounded than Georgia and doesn't take any bullshit and seems to be annoyed by the fan base's antics (which same). I feel like Georgia blows her ditsy/gross/anxiety-ridden character out of proportion, like I always feel like she's purposefully mispronouncing things….

I thought about going to a local meet up but soon realized everyone in my regional fb group is a ridiculous SJW who blows any slight slip up out of proportion (even by my standards, and you can tell by my original post that I'm a lib).

I'm glad they've found success, but like you said their episodes feel really lazy as of late (granted Karen seems to do a bit more research) but hopefully since their book is finished things will improve! Monday's minisode annoyed the shit out of me honestly haha

No. 17264

File: 1534993326112.jpeg (30.54 KB, 236x300, 3CDA8352-19C8-48ED-8505-1366DD…)

I started listening to Last Podcast on the Left because for some reason the name sounded familiar when it was suggested to me. I’ve never been into true crime and occult shit but damn if I haven’t listened to every episode of their show. When I listened to the older ones there was a lot of “bro humor” but they’ve gotten much bigger and have attuned the show to be more inclusive with their audience. The boys that host it are usually pretty hilarious and are so entertaining. They also don’t miss a fact or important detail in the entire story. I think the most interesting episodes are the newest jonestown ones, the one about the rich kids who killed their own parents ( I can’t remember their names) and just about any of the “heavy hitters” (Gacy, Dahmer, Ramirez). A lot of those are series of three episodes so there’s hundreds to listen to if you end up liking them like I did.

No. 17265

File: 1534993815985.jpg (77.87 KB, 750x847, normal.jpg)

Ugh, I'm so glad to hear you were annoyed by it too. I get that being shitty to Steven is their bit, but at this point he's definitely doing waaay more work than they are. Going through 600+ emails for them to read 4? I actually joined their Fancult in the hopes it would be less crazy people, but the UI is absolute garbage. Yeah, Karen definitely feels more grounded, I guess cause she's actually had to work hard and prove herself in the industry? And has some self-control going through AA and everything. Georgia just seems like she did a lot of drugs and dropped out of several schools and…I'm still not really sure how she ended up where she did. It must suck for Allie Ward to watch her be successful doing nothing and drinking all day bragging about how great her life is, when Allie has to bust her ass on her podcast and TV show. I stan Allie so much harder, she's really worked for her success and is so much smarter than Georgia. If the show goes under, Georgia's fucked. Karen can go back to writing and comedy.

I'm too afraid to go to any meetups too. I feel like it would just be people like pic related, just screaming "STEEEVAN!

No. 17266

File: 1534994943748.jpg (158.92 KB, 630x630, allie_and_georgia.jpg)

Sage for samefag, but also doesn't it kind of feel like Georgia totally ditched Allie for MFM? I could be wrong and it could be totally mutual but basically they just stopped making episodes of it as soon after MFM started and blew up, and she never really mentions Allie anymore.
>Allie: Single, hosts time intensive research and interview podcast by herself and Science TV show, travels all the time for both. It also seems like she edits her podcast herself too, because she drops in to do narration/clarify things all over the place. (Podcast is called "Ologies" btw, highly recommend)
>Karen: Single, Sober, Hosts MFM, guests on multiple podcasts, works as writer and producer on TV shows, tours the globe for podcast, all at the same time.
>Georgia: Hosts a podcast, ditched her original podcast? Sits on the couch and drinks in her pajamas and burps all day? Because anxiety? Unclear. Luckily her husband is their "manager" so he gets to travel with them all over the world when they tour, and seems to just validate her and let her do whatever.

I don't know how Karen lets her get away with all that honestly.

No. 17267

Fuck yeah, I’m listening to them right now. Went to their live show a couple months ago, so fun.

No. 17268

I really love the amount of research they do and the topics they cover, but goddamn that one guy (the actor one I think?) makes it UNLISTENABLE for me. The other 2 are fine, but it's like they plucked that one guy off of 2009 /b/ or something. I don't know how uhhh the tall one? could possibly think it was a good idea to try and run for a political position with a backlog of episodes of him and his shitty edgelord friend screaming about murderers.

No. 17269

The only two I don't hate in some way at this point:

Who Weekly - Lighthearted D list celebrity news

The Singing Bones - Really underrated show about fairytales. Wish it updated more often.

Yeah, that one guy who just screams at everything ruins it.

No. 17270

I am really into The Adventure Zone and Alice Isn't Dead.
Are there any more story-driven podcasts you can recommend? Tried Night Vale, not my cup of tea really.

No. 17271

File: 1535035674327.jpeg (59.49 KB, 376x211, C70F9EB5-91E7-466F-B7D9-A028B4…)

No, not the tall one. I’m pretty sure the annoying one is Henry Zebrowski. While I like the podcast, I have to agree. I cringe when he tries to be funny most of the time. It’s usually in incredibly poor taste. If he was out, it’d probably be more enjoyable. His show sucks too.

No. 17272

Yeah, Henry is the annoying one. I was talking about Ben running for something or another in NYC though. I don't really understand him tbh. It just seems like if you want a political career LPOTL is the last thing you'd want to be doing in your freetime.

No. 17273

File: 1535040976766.jpg (24.78 KB, 400x400, -pe9YWrw_400x400.jpg)

Hmm, it seems like there's been a few kind of one off ones I can think of (all fiction)

- The Message: spooky space aliens and stuff, iirc I really enjoyed this one
- LifeAfter: spooky technology, yada yada. Same people who did The Message
- Homecoming: psychology or something? Idk but it's got Oscar Isaac in it
- Limetown: Town disappearance. Maybe connected to Alice Isn't Dead? I can't quite remember
- The Black Tapes: spooky paranormal stuff, I enjoyed this one but I kind of dropped off of it because I'm not sure where they're going with it
- The Control Group - I actually haven't listened to this one yet, but it seems like it's an MK Ultra kind of story. I'm usually pretty happy with things How Stuff Works puts out.

I tried TAZ but it just seemed too confusing for me, also I've never played DnD, but maybe I'll give it another go. I really enjoy the McElroys content, but it's like >>17265 and >>17263 said, I would never go to one of their live shows because their fans are too crazy. I genuinely feel bad for them when they make a joke or mention some celebrity on MBMBAM and they have to stop and be like "hey guys no really don't harass this person/us on twitter". They just seem like they're silly brothers who like making each other laugh who accidentally have hoards of fans. (That being said I do find Travis a lil annoying)

No. 17274

My dad wrote a porno is my favorite by far.
TAZ was great and I didn't know anything about DnD. I didn't start the actual season 2 yet but i've listened to the mini arcs in between and Amnesty wasn't the best for me so idk
Oh also, Tiny meat gang, it's just two youtubers talking about anything and they are hilarious.

I've tried Night Vale twice and I just can't get into it

No. 17275

File: 1535052587624.png (280.47 KB, 540x395, ben.png)

Yeah, Night Vale didn't do it for me either. I grew up on NPR and This American Life so I was game on podcasts from the start. I'm glad the WTNV fandom died down because I feel like for years it was
>hey anon, whatcha listening to?
>oh, a podcast
>you mean like Nightvale????

No. 17276

File: 1535060132311.jpg (15.25 KB, 220x220, S-Town_cover_art.jpg)

I forgot to mention S Town in my post because it was a limited series and I've removed it from my subscriptions. If you decide to listen to it, don't read anything about the show or the premise. Just listen to the first few episodes and see if it's your thing.

No. 17277

ive recently started listening to nightvale again, because the format is perfect for listening to before going to bed and it helps with my insomnia. storywise though, sometimes its a little annoying. i know its supposed to be more fun and "meme-y", but i do wish it took itself a bit more seriously as a horror podcast and was a little less random, because some episodes really have a good atmosphere.

i also started alice isnt dead and the black tapes. alice is okay, its a bit too long for me to listen to a whole episode in one go, especially with the kind of onesided format. the black tapes is okay too, but the format makes it easy to listen to, so i like it.

other than that, i just listen to the art corner sometimes.

No. 17278

I'm sorry to say that cumtown is the only podcast I listen to religiously. I can't justify it, but it's the only thing that is the right amount engaging and mindless for my commute. Any anons share my shame?

No. 17279

Oh, I love mbmbam!
I gave up on game grumps awhile ago and needed something with the same silly humor, and I think the brothers fit it well. I was watching a best of Griffin vid last night and I was in tears.
On another note I really like last podcast on the left but I do think the Henry can get really annoying lmao.(I think his sister is funnier and more bearable tbh) I really like the Dahmer and Aileen episodes. Haven’t listened to them in a while but I heard they did one on incels not too long ago? so I might go back to give that one a listen.

No. 17280

I have been really into Defunctland recently. It's about failed amusement parks and rides and the history behind them/why they failed.
It mainly covers Disney-related things, but occasionally covers other parks like Nara dreamland and Six Flags and Action Park. He also talks about failed hotels, arcade franchises, and TV shows as well. It's really interesting.

I really like the host's voice and he brings on guests like Imagineers from Disney and the guy who was Bear from Bear in the Big Blue house.

He also has a YouTube series that I highly recommend watching!

No. 17281

Oh, I've only ever seen the youtube! I didn't know he had a podcast too, I'll have to check that out.

No. 17282

File: 1535096331454.jpg (54.8 KB, 455x654, 13335627_10153436331671739_501…)

Wow, I'm surprised how many Last Podcast fans there are here. It always seemed like they had a crazy huge fanbase, but I never understood it because everyone I've ever heard talk about it basically says that exact same thing: I like Last Podcast but that one guy sucks. I guess they're in too deep now to get rid of him. Their coverage on Jonestown was some of the most in depth comprehensive I've heard. (And I always jump on Jonestown themed episodes of podcasts, like a crazy person.)

Didn't they have to get rid of their facebook group too because of some shit? Anyone know what happened there or did I make that up? Also do the other guys ever do any work or is it always just Marcus doing all the heavy lifting?

they're good boys
honestly I just love podcasts where it's the hosts cracking each other up (MBMBAM, Suicide Buddies, The Dollop, Comedy Bang Bang etc)

No. 17283

Thanks for creating this anon!

My favourite podcast atm is Lore. I love how relaxing the narrator's voice is, the beautiful music and the spooky stories are just told, you can make your own mind up about them. I'd really love more suggestions because I'm running out of episodes to listen to and is love to have some for an upcoming flight!

I've tried a few others mentioned above but I really dislike when the narrator's give their opinion or when they try to be comedians and talk excitedly. I just like relaxing things that allow me to think for myself.

No. 17284

File: 1535129525697.png (67.12 KB, 300x291, imaaronmankey.png)

Oooh, I love Lore but I do find Aaron Mahnke to be a lil hammy sometimes. But I LOVED the TV show. It doesn't seem like many people talked about it, I hope there's enough interest to get a 2nd season.

My favorite along those lines has been Dark Histories! Basically the narrator tells the story in a well researched unbiased way, and then afterwards kind of cuts to him sharing his opinions about it. You could skip that part all together if you wanted. But, I like that the storied have more of a real basis, if that makes sense.

No. 17285

File: 1535129933023.jpg (64.41 KB, 318x471, ghostland.jpg)

Oh, samefag but also, Spooked! is fun. It's from the podcast Snap Judgement which is also good if you like This American Life type stories, but they always do a series of spooky stories from people around Halloween, and last year they branched off to do a separate podcast where it's just the spooky stories. I've always found the host to be annoying, but I love the stories.

Otherwise if you like more of the historical based/researched tales this is one of my fav audiobooks to listen to around Halloween. Use one of those hot Audible promos they're always giving out on podcasts for a free audiobook (and then cancel it because it's a ripoff)

No. 17286

Does anybody know any good podcasts about history or comics?

No. 17287

Omg I didn't even know it had a tv show bless u anon. I had a quick listen to Dark Histories and it sounds like it's perfect for me! I also forgot to mention that I really enjoyed some of Parcast's podcasts "Cults" and "Serial Killers" because Greg and Vanessa have the same story-telling format and very pleasant voices. They have a few other podcasts about conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries that I'm probably going to check out in the future.

No. 17288

File: 1535151483558.jpg (39.58 KB, 328x328, 13986.jpg)

Hardcore History - Long, sometimes multi part episodes.
Stuff You Missed In History Class - Light, easy to digest. Kind of like being in history class when you were 13. Massive archive of episodes.
The History Chicks - Similar to the above but more like you're 11 and you're being homeschooled by a midwestern mom. They do their research but their way of speaking bugs me a little.

No. 17289

File: 1535155433855.jpg (130.96 KB, 1000x1000, AL_podcast_badge_1.jpg)

Oh good! I also like DH because he often covers stuff that's less talked about. I recommend the episodes on Adam: The Body in the Thames and The Disappearance of Gary Mathias (If you're interested in Dyatlov Pass like me, this one is great).

I also like Astonishing Legends. Some of their topics can be kind of hit or miss, but they go pretty in depth. I really like the episodes on Dyatlov Pass, Amelia Earhart, Oak Island, and Skinwalker Ranch, to name a few.

I'll also throw in The Dollop here! It's more of a comedy based history one, but the stories they dig up are absolutely insane. You probably won't like it if you're annoyed by riffing and just want straight forward history though.

No. 17290

Anyone listen to art of charm? Some guests are hacks but I liked the one with Bob Arno the professional pickpocketer

No. 17291

He’s so awesome! I love Ben Kissel. He’s an obnoxious alcoholic but Jean very genuine and politically aware. He has a podcast called Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat he hosts with Marcus.

No. 17292

Sawbones is really good! It’s very appropriate as I guess it’s his really his wife’s podcast, but it’s interesting and pretty fun.

No. 17293

File: 1535163617900.gif (2.57 MB, 480x270, justin.gif)

Yeah, Sawbones is fun as well. My only "problems" (I use that phrase very loosely) with it are like when they were doing their usual Maximum Fun drive on all the pods and Sydnee said something like "With your contributions I'm able to do less clinic hours and more podcasting!" which to me feels like….idk should you though? That just seems like kind of a strange thing to me.

Also the episode on breastfeeding where she talks about how she still breastfeeds their 4 year old daughter even though they now have a newborn. I'm not tryna shame anyone or be derisive or anything, and I don't have kids or anything and I know that's a hot topic with parents. Obviously she's very smart and knows what she's talking about but….that just makes me a little squeamish. It seemed like it made Justin a little squeamish too, but he was definitely trying to be supportive and understanding of why she does that. Or maybe he was just squeamish at the idea of her putting that out there for all their fans to know? Idk.

No. 17294

I used to listen to a lot of Pod Save America (following them from Keepin' It 1600) and their other flagship podcasts, but I got frustrated that many of their points felt like retreads and a lot of the guests, who were running for office, were so… rehearsed. This was maybe 30 episodes in, so maybe they've matured further and gotten guests to loosen up? But I still check into Pod Save the World occasionally.
In general, though, I don't listen to political or heavy subject podcasts anymore, since I listen to NPR programs on commute anyway and I'd prefer to read crime since crime podcasts are so long. So, I listen to a bunch of pop culture podcasts when I'm doing chores or exercising or something.
Pretty much all the podcasts' hosts are left-leaning, as a heads-up.

Podcasts analyzing (largely) Western pop music, its production, music theory, and, occasionally, its social context:
>Pop Unmuted
Retired since 2016, minus a brief return to talk about the Jonas Brothers. The episode on the delusional fujos of One Direction fandoms is a fucking ride: >http://popunmuted.com/episodes/episode-22-who-is-larry-stylinson/
And, there was a short run of Kpop episodes. Probably the only Kpop related commentary that was strictly about music production and not just the eye candy appeal that I've come across.
>Switched on Pop
Very similar to the above, but still running and approaching their 100 episode marker. The current batch of episodes is hitting my 90s and 2000s pop nostalgia. The best production and editing on this list.

Podcasts about bad movies and books (I'd probably listen to ones about bad TV but that's a much harder subject to broach):
>I Don't Even Own A Television
Two guys just talking about shitty books (or just plain out weird shit) and following a format of Summary, Things They Liked, Things They Didn't Like, etc. Books range from talk show radio host books aimed at children to pulp novels to 80s rock band memoirs (a special interest of theirs).
>The Worst Bestsellers
Two drunk, librarian women just talking about shitty books. They focus more on "chick lit", children's books, and best-sellers like James Patterson('s ghost writers). I wish they had better recording equipment, tbh.
>We Hate Movies
The most comedic of all the podcasts listed, but it's like a bunch of guys in their 40s, which can be hit or miss understandably. I fucking love their mailbag episodes, though–those genuinely get a laugh out of me. They have a pretty extensive archive (with the earliest few hundred and some specialized episodes being under a Patreon lock, but that's pretty easy to get around) and cover so much stuff.

No. 17295

tbh I just listen to the thousands of Opie and Anthony clips on youtube ad nauseam - lol since I spend so long listening, at work, while cooking, at the gym, I actually dream in radio host voices now…

No. 17296

File: 1535171693050.jpeg (400.58 KB, 1500x1500, teencreeps.jpeg)

Oooh….that music one sounds great. Have you ever tried Teen Creeps? It's another Literature one, 2 girls reading YA Fiction. I haven't kept up with them lately but I loved their episodes on V. C. Andrews books cause they're so wild. Their episodes also tend to be pretty long since they go through the whole book, if that's what you're into.

No. 17297

Wouldn’t you rather make a podcast researching interesting things than work in a busy tiring doctors office all day?

No. 17298

File: 1535224484176.jpg (34.63 KB, 355x499, 5163 QrcG5L._SX353_BO1,204,203…)

I love this podcast and I promote it every chance I can get LOL. It's actually really well done and I found it when I was going through so much in highschool and it helped me stay distracted. It's a really long podcast (Though obviously it is finished, though there is a spin-off that is also finished). If you like Zombie stories you'd love this one. The name is obviously pic related (We're Alive)
>> Horror Stories
I just found this one kinda, but it's the No Sleep podcast. Some of them are really scary and the voice actors are really good! Most of them are like Reddit stories (obv /r/nosleep) but some are just regular horror stories. I'd recommend that too!

No. 17299

Lmao yeah but then she shouldn't have wasted all those years and money going to medical school to learn a valuable trade she's going to abandon when something more fun pops up. Most people become doctors because they want to help people.

There ARE people whose jobs it is in the medical field is to just do research. If it was about that she could just do that. But it's not, she's choosing the thing that makes her more famous and grows her fanbase.

It's also to me saying "I could make great money as a doctor, but I'd rather the FANS pay me a doctor's wage for less work.

No. 17300

>Most people become doctors because they want to help people.
Many people become a doctor because they make good money. Not everyone does it because they genuinely want to help people and make an impact. I don't blame her for wanting to spend more time on the podcast. Do you really think she could've foreseen having a popular podcast when entering medical school years ago? Career path change.

No. 17301

File: 1535260495332.jpeg (79.05 KB, 700x713, timesucklogo_lg.jpeg)

I'm a fan of Timesuck with Dan Cummins.

He covers a really wide range of topics (from Area 51 to the dark web to presidential assassinations and even random historical events) but keeps it interesting throughout. It has a great fanbase too.

No. 17302

Having her husband's fans pay for her to read Wikipedia articles to her husband is making an impact? I'm not saying I blame her, I just think it's tacky to act like it's not taking the easy way out.
>Thanks to you guys sending me your hard earned money I can spend less time helping people in my community who need it, and more time reading wikipedia articles to my husband!

No. 17303

File: 1535264334785.png (6.94 KB, 220x220, 99pi.svg.png)

Reread what I wrote. I said not every doctor pursues their career out of a genuine desire to change the world and make it a better place or whatever. Never said her podcast made an impact. I'd take reading wiki articles over dealing with WV crackheads any day.

Anyway, I've been listening to 99% Invisible lately. It's about architecture, design, and infrastructure. One episode, for example, focuses on the inflatable things in car lots and why they're so commonplace now.

No. 17304

File: 1535314707616.png (78.91 KB, 598x349, screenshot.png)

Sorry, you're right, my bad.

Also why is this the funniest shit? Kim's being dragged all over twitter for being 4 years late.

No. 17305

What is your opinion, farmers? I'm 90% sure Adnan killed Hae and Jay assisted him in dumping her body. That trial was a clusterfuck though.

No. 17306

The people seriously teasing her are so incredibly snobby. God forbid anyone get into something late and be excited about it.

No. 17307

Gosh, it's been so long since I listened to it, but I don't think Adnan killed Hae. I think Jay had something to do with whatever happened though. There have also been other podcasts that covered it since that covered some of the evidence that wasn't touched on in Serial and how the cell phone tower evidence made no sense and how Adnan's lawyer was basically out of her mind at the time and totally botched another trial right around his as well, and iirc died shortly after his trial because she was that ill. Based on just Serial though, I could see where it would be unclear. I don't remember all the details exactly, but really what it comes down to is that his trial should have been thrown out for how poorly his lawyer represented him and all the cell phone shit.

I don't think it has anything to do with her being late, to me it speaks to how truly up her own ass she is all the time because it seems like it would be impossible to not hear about it, especially if you're on the internet all the time. It's also her phrasing, if she had said "I just started listening to Serial and I love it!" that would be fine, but she's acting like it's this hip underground thing that she discovered. It's like
>Hey I just started reading Harry Potter and it's great!
>Have you guys ever heard of this book called Harry Potter?!

No. 17308

File: 1535355506648.jpg (129.19 KB, 600x846, the_adventure_zone_by_din0lich…)

I feel like it's pretty obvious since it finished up its first arc a WHILE ago but I have not loved another podcast as much as I fucking love TAZ. Balance was amazing, and I love Amnesty so far.

If you like funny DND podcasts, listen to it. It's like my favorite podcast of all time. Gold star.

No. 17309

I just finally caught up to last week's (full) episode, I thought they handled it well. Karen is always so well spoken and grounded. Georgia pulled another "I didn't go to college fuck you!!!" in corrections, which is getting tiresome as well. I'm curious to see what podcasts they'll have on their new fancy network? I'm guessing The Dollop at the very least. Ologies would be nice too, I kinda feel like Georgia owes that to Allie.

No. 17310

File: 1535680580471.jpg (336.72 KB, 800x600, thatsaredflag_dribbble_large.j…)

Listening to today's episode and Georgia brags about not drinking for 2 days in a row, but then says she couldn't sleep because of it. You know, for a show that loves to point out "RED FLAGS" (Georgia especially) it seems like they sure are missing the giant red flag that Georgia might have a drinking problem. I wonder if that's ever come up between her and Karen, since Karen's sober now. She would know the signs, and also with Georgia's drug/rehab history?

No. 17311

I was like lolwut when I heard her say that. That's like … the definition of having a drinking problem isn't it? Not being able to do something without drinking…?

No. 17312

Yeah, that's what I thought too. I don't know how Karen can share her horror stories about being an alcoholic when she was younger and Georgia can think it's fine to say shit like that? Or to joke about it? Is it just a hallmark of some alcoholics to be like "well I'm not mean or destructive when I'm drunk, so therefore I don't have a drinking problem"? How does she not realize she has an addictive personality by now?
>I've had eating disorders and have done every single hard drug and had to go to rehab when I was a child/teenager basically….but it's not a problem if I can't function unless I drink in my pajamas every single day! Because anxiety!!!
She's definitely self-medicating with alcohol. Her therapist or Karen or Vince need to shut that down.

No. 17313

Yeah their original FB group was archived by Marcus shortly after they referred to it as a "snake pit" on the podcast. I was part of the OG group and the new group and all the drama that happened has only been vaguely alluded to. Some frequent poster had a meltdown a few months ago in the new group and was saying one of the old mods had told her to kill herself (allegedly) and she emailed the hosts about it? It was bizarre, didn't make sense and honestly I thought she was just crazy. But a lot of the other posters seemed to know what was going an taking sides and it was confusing.

No. 17314

File: 1535867568813.jpg (162.01 KB, 745x559, img_0863_mike_fs_01.jpg)

Huh. So LPOTL and MFM facebooks had to be shut down, the Sword & Scale one had a ton of drama too didn't it? Or was that the Reddit? That's a little different though because Mike Boudet was starting half the drama by being a giant weiner. Didn't he get kicked out of the MFM group after like 30 seconds for being creepy back in the day? kek

Who would have thought that people who like murder would end up being crazy?

No. 17315

File: 1536193718086.png (75.97 KB, 424x412, Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.23…)

Hm, I was just thinking about this today and decided to check. I wonder what happened?

No. 17316

File: 1537224752661.jpg (1 MB, 3024x4032, ffeyi0leqtm11.jpg)

Yikes. At least it's a cute outfit, not as bad as fakebois cosplaying Travis McElroy with their terrible stipple beards.

No. 17317

File: 1537225959750.jpg (79.12 KB, 500x666, tumblr_oxh37vDGAw1v5ryxvo1_500…)

Is it just MFM and the Mcelroys that have this crazy of a fanbase, or am I not remembering others? Nightvale of course but that seems to have died down.

Also MFM's minisode was 17 mins today with commercials? Gimme a break. They should just quit if it's that much of a chore.

No. 17318

i mean, imo it's better than the generic cecils and carlos' we saw.

And it's better than just putting on a button up. They have some signature outfits you can do.

No. 17319

File: 1541128954408.jpg (229.29 KB, 960x960, MyFavMurder-105803032302641152…)

Their big huge Halloween episode with 7000 people was so awkward. Georgia picking the McMartin preschool trial was such a terrible call. So uncomfortable to hear the audience silence while they try to come up with jokes about child molestation.

Honestly, how long until MFM crashes and burns? Karen and Georgia both have such strong personalities I can't imagine it can't be somewhere on the horizon. Considering how huge they are and whatever happened with Allie and Georgia's friendship breaking up AND Georgia's husband being their "manager", it can only be a matter of time.

My prediction is Karen will walk away. She has a real job and a life she can go back to, she doesn't need this shit. Georgia has made both herself and her husband completely dependent on it, and still can barely put any effort into it.

No. 17320

Anyone got any comfy podcast recommendations?
I usually listen to true crime but recently I've been stressed and would like something nicer to listen to while I work.

No. 17321

I've been listening to Oh No Ross and Carrie a lot lately. It's a duo who try out religions, paranormal investigations and spirituality to talk about their experience and how legit they think it is. I started with their episodes on Scientology and it got me hooked. What I like about them is that they're skeptics but they're very open so they don't dismiss things straight away. It really satisfies my curiosity about these religions without getting sucked into a cult myself lol.

I'd love some suggestions for similar podcasts.

I've seen the YouTube videos for this and I can't believe there's a podcast too!

No. 17322

I haven't listened to anything McElroy in quite some time but it seems like their audience gets more insane worth each passing year. I just listened to fan podcast that talks about how problematic they have been and it was some pretty stupid shit.

No. 17323

The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air, Who Weekly, The World in Words. It's not active anymore but Singing Bones was an especially comfy one.

No. 17324

Their ufo convention episodes are great

No. 17325

i normally hate podcasts because i end up tuning out everything ppl say, but i still end up listening to cody ko and noel miller on the tiny meat gang podcast, it's easy to listen to and some jokes to break it up.

i gave up on night vale, because the fans made me kys, damn they suck ass.

No. 17326

I listen to The Read because those two are just hilarious. I'm white, tho.

No. 19419

Educational/Actually Factual/"Wait what? Really? Hang on, I gotta write that down to look into later, I didn't know that."
>The Tim Ferriss Show
>The Peter Attia Drive

Casual Ed/'A little more detail on something you probably already know the basics of'
>Stuff You Should Know

No. 19623

I'm on the far left but I extremely dislike Chapo Trap House. Probably because it's marketed for dudes, but still, taco fest Red Scare isn't much better for me.

No. 19652

same I think the show's lost a lot of what made it so entertaining as time has gone on and it's become more popular but it's still pretty good.
Any opinions on it getting a TV version?

No. 20064

Music podcasts In no particular order.

>Punch Up The Jam

Music podcast where they go through the lyrics of a song line by line, then at the end tries to 'improve' it by remixing. The hosts can be a little obnoxious at times with their "durr what does it even mean" but sometimes they're hilarious, the episode on Freek-A-Leek had me losing it.

>It's Britney, Bitch!

Podcast by two Britney Spears stans going through 20 years of Britney's career in great detail. I was shocked to find out there's not a single episode where it's just "this year nothing happened", every episode is filled with content. As a casual Britney fan I really found myself enjoying this one, but if you don't like stan-talk you might not like it.

>Switched On Pop

Both about pop music.

No. 20207

I didn't think I'd ever want a Britney Spears podcast in my life but now I know I need it.
Thanks, anon.

No. 20501

Their whole thing is just so fucking dumb and they make an obscene amount of money on Patreon. It's ridiculous. As someone who works in/studies politics it's obnoxious to hear people who don't know what they're talking about shell out their uneducated hot takes. Their fanbase is cultish and the blind Bernie worship is fucking weird.

If you're interested in liberal politics I'd recommend Pod Save America, Pod Save the World, Lovett or Leave It, and other podcasts from Crooked Media. They actually know what they're talking about

No. 20527


Well theres your fuckin problem, Chapo is leftist, not Liberal. Pod Saves America lul

No. 20531

while we're talking about leftist podcasts, did anyone used to listen to citizen radio? the theme song absolutely slapped. jamie being exposed as such a major creep was not a shock to me at all lmao.

No. 20602

me tbh

No. 20603

im not going to sit here and say chapo is the best thing ever because they are kind of reddit-ish and irritating, but to promote pod save america related media is absolutely beyond the limits of spastic cretinism. they are fucking neoliberal obama lackies tbh…

redscare anna is annoying sometimes but if youre slavic and leftist and actually care about things girls like its fun to listen to.

my personal favorite podcasts on the iphone podcast app thing are:
new books in philosophy
slavoj zizek - collected recordings

No. 21719

File: 1553355819053.jpg (110.52 KB, 640x640, DyBSg5mU0AAXe64.jpg)

Yeah, MBMBAM is one of my go to comfy podcasts, but I would never speak aloud that I'm a fan because their fanbase is batshit insane. I just finished TAZ as well, and I enjoyed it just fine but TAZ fans are somehow even more insane than just the MBMBAM ones?

PUTJ is amazing. I agree Miel can be kind of obnoxious, but Demi is SO talented it makes up for it. I started listening to Gilmore Guys and PUTJ just because I was such a fan of him on Twitter. The "It Wasn't Me" punch up is one of my personal favs

>comfy podcast recommendations
Not sure what you consider comfy, but as someone who loves non-fiction/historical/science/true crime podcasts, I kind of consider the comfy ones ones I don't have to think much about, or aren't particularly heavy or political….if that makes sense. Here's some of my favs:
>Gilmore Guys: a comfy classic, but watching the show along with them helps. 2 silly dudes going through every episode of Gilmore Girls
>MBMBAM: silly dudes answering silly questions. If you can ignore their batshit fanbase, it's a comfy staple
>Punch Up the Jam: see >>20064
>Mother May I Sleep With Podcast?: podcast about absurd Lifetime movies. I've never watched a single one of the movies and I still enjoy the podcast
>Plz Advise: same host as MMISWP, they take calls and give advice
>Why Won't You Date Me?: comedian Nicole Byer and trying to figure out her dating life
>How Did This Get Made?: one of the OG bad movie podcasts
>Mysteries Abound: I can barely tell you what this one is about because I put it on when I'm trying to sleep and I usually pass out. Basically a soothing Australian man reads weird articles.
>Sleep With Me Podcast: similar to MA, a guy rambles on nonsense to help you fall asleep
>The Dollop: one comedian reads an absurd story from history to another comedian who has never heard it. History and learnin' but real silly.

I can also give an absurdly long list of recommendations for non-fiction/historical/science/true crime podcasts if anyone wants those.

Any Suicide Buddies fans here? I love those dudes. I feel like it's a podcast that only works for a very specific type of person (the most extreme version of using comedy as a coping mechanism for depression/suicidal thoughts) but if you happen to be in that venn diagram it's amazing.

No. 21721

The Sit Down w Mike Recine – any anons here have opinions? Just heard of it and I might be interested

No. 22300

File: 1553791794792.jpg (47.45 KB, 600x600, square_mid.jpg)

I listened to the Anna Khachiyan episodes because i love her. didn't listen to any others but i think he is funny

on another note i think Nick Mullen from cumtown is extremely hot

No. 41712

File: 1564208813370.png (409.29 KB, 607x638, 6783061.png)

Really wish this thread was more active, cause there's so many podcasts I wanna gossip about.

Anyways, sure seems like Miel is butthurt about Demi leaving PUTJ.

No. 87326

File: 1588694765795.jpg (586.28 KB, 3000x3000, F9Q4cmm.jpg)

anyone else interested in reviving this thread?? i got into fiction podcasts a while ago and so far i really enjoyed the magnus archives, wolf 359 and eos 10 (among others). i also listened to alice isn't dead, but that was such a drag that i'm wondering if maybe nightvale stuff just isn't for me. currently i'm listening to we're alive and i'm at the beginning of s3, but it's starting to get really dry and boring since the main focus isn't the zombies anymore. i can't bring myself to drop it (yet) though since i got really attached to the three main characters.

No. 87456

Alice Isn't Dead was so incredibly slow that it drove me mad, which is unfortunate because I liked where it was going most of the time, it's just that it never got there. It felt like a /r/creepypasta where the writer is stalling for time because they enjoy the attention and didn't think of an ending yet.

I really enjoyed Sandra so I've been listening to Motherhacker, it's going in a direction I'm less interested in but I trust it enough to stick with it.

Also, Levar Burton Reads never disappoints.

No. 88348

I'd recommend knife point horror if you haven't listened to it, one of the better stories is staircase. The writing level is on par with stuff like magnus.

No. 88360

the only podcast I ever got into for a bit was Yeah, But Still. found out about it because I follow jack on instagram and then started listening while doing art hw after the episode where they interview one of the guys behind Timmy Thick right after that whole "harvard experiment" thing. I remember them and some of their guests being pretty funny even though cumtown stans constantly roast brandon but I've never liked cumtown, so. stopped listening in like 2018 so idk if they're still going, i think they mostly do patreon episodes now? but I enjoyed having something funny/ stupid on while I did other shit

also I tried to get into red scare because friends with taste that I trust like them and the girls seemed cool at first but… god. so draining. so like, surface-level. and anna's twitter presence is super fucking cringe too

No. 89108

saging because I'm clearly a faggot but I'm really into Creatures of the Night on the FANGORIA network

No. 94348

File: 1591111693976.jpg (349.14 KB, 1400x1400, 47juSWQ.jpg)

Does anyone listen to Call Her Daddy? It was my guilty pleasure podcast but with all the drama and now only Alex hosting I might drop it.

No. 94352

The most garbage podcast I've ever listened to. Guaranteed to lose braincells and only encourages emotionally unstable behavior. I don't follow the advice of grown women who admittedly can't make a man see them as anything more than a cum dump.

Not to mention the 23 year old sugar baby who had #callherdaddy in her insta bio and ended up getting murdered by a random she chatted with. Yass queen. I'm only glad that the men who jack off while listening to this drivel put it on their dating profiles so I can filter them out.

I'm sad this podcast is so popular in sororites, they'll think it's a smart boss bitch love to play mind games on random hookups then crying about it when he doesn't even leave a read receipt

No. 94445

I kinda wanna get into podcasts. What's this about?

No. 94702

I don't know if I'm just too stupid but how do you seriously get into podcasts? I tried so many times but my mind always slips away and when I try to put it on in the background I just zone out. Same reason I cannot listen to audio books. But there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff out there which would be worth a focused listen.

No. 94717

I can't just sit there and listen to them either. I have to be doing something else while they're on. Cooking, exercising, showering, gaming, doing my nails or makeup etc. There's one called Sleep With Me where a guy drones on in a boring voice about a random benign subject to help you fall asleep but literally every other podcast I listen to, I have t be doing something else. I think that's pretty normal.

No. 94722

I don't listen to podcasts, but audiobooks are for
>long flights when you're too tired to concentrate but can't sleep either
>when you're doing some sort of physical busywork

It's too hard to switch off and just sit/lie down and listen, but you can't do too much either.

No. 94775

File: 1591391613109.jpg (96.15 KB, 1330x1330, fbed1b_8a1cf91627a54fd8a65d9c2…)

i can only listen while i'm driving

potterless is complete trash that i love to get angry at. why are so many of his guests awful? why is half of it talking about how woke they are compared to jk rowling when she wrote this shit in the 90s-00s?

No. 94784

i know a lot of people listen to podcasts while doing chores, exercising, commuting or to fall asleep. i usually just lie down in bed and play tetris or some other game without any dialogue or story. i did listen to the entirety of wolf 359 while playing the golden deer route in fe3h though. sometimes i also listen while playing the sims or while mindlessly browsing online stores.

No. 96882

Anyone listen to Who Are These Podcasts? I'm not really a fan but they seemed to blow up out of nowhere a year or so ago.Seems they're going for an Opie and Anthony jocktober style thing.

The host Karl is clearly an Anthony Cumia fanboy and has a segment of his show dedicated to ripping on Opie Radio despite Anthony's show only being slightly better. It's clear he has his nostalgia glasses on for the old O&A days when Anthony was actually funny.

No. 96910

Apparently Chris sperged out at Chase (AKA Geek Gamer; yes, that is literally what he calls himself, and he is very much that out of touch) while discussing an Unfilter reboot, and Chase reacted seemingly disproportionately by coyly denouncing Jupiter Broadcasting and Chris altogether on Twitter. Though, considering this isn't the first time Chris has sperged out (See Chris strawmanning Noah over distro circle jerking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyDpmNK1C3o), the whole ordeal isn't that astonishing. In all likelihood, this won't result in anything notable, but drama like this is a fairly predictable outcome when you put a bunch of manchildren in a room together. It comes and goes.

For clarity, Unfilter was a political podcast that's fairly tech-adjacent and featured generally good deconstruction about news and media. Not incredibly unique, but the two core hosts', Chris Fisher and Chase Nunes, commentary made it work. The project ended some time last year, but Chris attempted a reboot recently, just by himself. It's unclear whether he'll continue it.

Too bad, because I liked Unfilter – and TechSNAP. Both were good because they were legitimately informative, the former because it was a good summation of political news without telling you what to think too much and the latter because it's a good, practical highlight reel of important various software projects and happenings, though it's more fun when Allan talked about ZFS. Everything else on JB is such an insipid waste of time. Just vapid, personality-driven entertainment for obnoxious nerds.

I haven't heard it myself, but I've been told that No Agenda, a similarly tech-adjacent political show, is a good podcast hosted by Jon Dvorak and Adam Curry that can fill the void where Unfilter left.

No. 96913

Holy shit, what a fucking rabbit hole.

No. 99816

File: 1595225348314.jpeg (82.66 KB, 750x553, 76712B1D-43C5-4A25-AD25-914D99…)

Blocked and Reporter is my first podcast. I learned about Singal and Herzog from GC content. I like the dynamic between them, and hearing journalists talk about twitter! bullshit is entertaining. I'm also developing a crush on Jesse, tfw no Jewish bf.

No. 99861

ooh, I’ve never heard of this but it sounds good, any recommendations for episodes to start out?

also just throwing it our there, I’ve enjoyed their content almost from day one but goddamn am I sick of my favorite murder’s lazy money grabbing bullshit and their batshit enabling fanbase. saying it here because I’d get destroyed by their cronies anywhere else for daring to speak ill of them

No. 99877

their podcast gets recommended all the time to me and their fans always seem so disrespectful, "stay sexy and don't get murdered", really?

No. 99888

You’re not wrong, MFM is straight garbo these days. If you haven’t already, you might want to try Red Handed instead. It’s currently my favorite female-hosted true crime podcast. They do joke around a bit and can go off on tangents, but they get nowhere near Karen and Georgia’s level of self-congratulatory bullshit. I like that they do solid research and often discuss the cases from a feminist and socially conscious perspective.

No. 99929

For Blocked and Reported, I'm only a few episodes in. It began end of March so it's not that much to catch up on. The hosts talk about the twitter controversies of the week, so feel free to start at the newest podcast, or the first if you want a reminder of bullshit from beginning of corona.

No. 100072

File: 1595348795094.jpeg (267.92 KB, 3000x3000, 5D45F3C4-0180-4434-B697-DDD39B…)

I mean, that’s the catchphrase of the show that’s been around since the early eps but yeah their fanbase is batshit insane and will justify any of their garbage behavior because ‘muh mental health’. they praise the show for being sOoOoOo good for mental health but georgia’s a blatant alcoholic who seems to barely function as a human and is dangerously codependent on karen and vince and her cats. I don’t know how their brainwashed fans don’t see that there’s nothing mentally healthy about that and they shouldn’t being validating that behavior

cool, I’ll check it out. I guess I would say there’s no shortage of ‘just quirky gals talkin about murder’ podcasts though, all those copycats popped up when mfm found success. so, that’s not really the problem. I think I’ve had a hard time giving it up cause I relate to karen so much (I was also raised irish catholic, her family sounds exactly like mine, I even have the same bday as her). I still enjoy their earlier episodes when it seemed like they actually cared and it wasn’t a blatant moneygrab

I like wine and crime alright, mostly cause of the midwestern accents

I’ll be real witchu I picked a random episode to try them out yesterday which was the ‘cpk (central park karen)’ episode and I barely got through 15 mins because of how badly the girl rubbed me the wrong way with what she was saying. maybe that was just a bad one but idk if I’ll try another ep

anyways I gotta whine about one last thing. I’ve been re-listening to all of ‘you’re wrong about’ which is great but their episode schedule drives me crazy with the way they jump around so much. I like to wait until a series is done to listen to them all at once, but their oj simpson series started in november and they were only up to the bronco chase in june and they just do episodes of whatever random topic they feel like in-between. I don’t understand why they would possibly think that was a good idea, I was really excited about it initially but I lost interest and forgot about it completely because of how long it was taking and I’m sure I’m not the only one. same with their dc snipers series, took from january to march to put out 4 episodes with unrelated eps in between. It’s just not a cohesive story at that point and no one can remember what happened

No. 100075

File: 1595349659510.png (937.7 KB, 1500x2200, 0FF07489-DE37-4E5D-A912-F546B2…)

all that being said I do think they’re doing a great service by really addressing how truly awful society treated women in media in the 90s/00s. a lot of their episodes cover topics I vaguely remember from growing up but was too young to understand. I really had no idea what went down with the teri schiavo case, and even their episodes on anna nicole smith and jessica simpson made me really think about what I did remember about them

No. 100076

File: 1595351687960.jpg (1.03 MB, 3000x3000, BZ8cSEO.jpg)

is anyone else listening to behind the bastards? it's a podcast about the horrible people in history, ranging from classic candidates like adolf hitler and stalin to more or less surprising ones like mark zuckerberg. most of the time it's really funny because some background information is just too hilarious.

No. 102260

File: 1596365413012.jpg (74.42 KB, 500x500, avatars-000482263881-pnkrae-t5…)

I've been binging Wizard and the Bruiser episodes because there's literally nothing else about nerd shit with this quality. Their voices are easy to listen to, but Holden has some weird ass obsession for talking about masturbating every 2 or 3 episodes. I really liked the episodes about Shrek, Digimon, and Invader Zim. The Mountain Dew and Doritos episode was… awkward. The Power Rangers episode was fun, too, but Jake was sperging about the creator being Israeli way too hard lmao.

No. 102269

These women were always presented as crazy and mad, but the media twisted so much. I think i felt so bad for Monica Lewinsky who was constantly called a whore and this and that, but Bill clinton got zero consequences from their affair.

No. 104977

File: 1597804345079.jpg (439.45 KB, 2222x720, hunting_warhead_2222x720.jpg)

I see a lot of true crime stuff in this thread, so I'm assuming there must be at least a few other people interested in super dark and morbid shit. A warning: this is extremely disturbing and if you can't deal with stuff to do with kids do not listen to this one; it's about darkweb pedos/cp/all the worst shit imaginable, and catching (some of) the people responsible.

I listened to it months ago and of the hundreds of podcasts I've listened to (it's a problem lol) this has stayed with me more than any other. As hard as it is to listen to in parts I do think it's important to try and understand how stuff like this happens, if there's ever to be any hope of stopping it. I dont know how VG is regarded in Norway but from what I've seen of them they do some pretty great journalism, and CBC's contribution is great here too, I think the host does an excellent job of handling what has to be some of most difficult subject matter ever.

I don't think it ever got much recognition, which is a shame, but understandable. Highly recommend, if you're able to stomach it, but yeah… unironic trigger warning

No. 104993

I loved it! The norwegian hacker guy and his journalist buddy were great! I felt so bad for the pedos friend, what a horrible thing to find out that your friend is a pedo loser. Those interviews with warhead made me furious.

No. 105091

listened to the whole thing today. really haunting but also very engaging. thanks for the recommendation, anon!

No. 105102

Just finished it. Man that was uncomfortable but a really good listen.

No. 105112

been listening to this podcast and I'm pretty sure alex or whatever her name is is autistic

No. 105130

I am still thinking about it damn. I keep thinking back to the mother and the tone in her voice as she spoke about him. I was so furious.

No. 105242

Thank you for this anon, I couldn't stop listening! The dude has a nice chill voice and gets straight to the info.
Listening to Warhead's relative talk about him trying to be alone with her daughter gave me so much anxiety.

No. 106060

Thank you for the rec anon, this was a super interesting podcast. I've never been able to sit through an entire podcast episode, let alone 6 of them, but this one had me laying on bed listening to it without zooming out a single time.

No. 106071

I fucking hate holden and his annoying ass voice he ruins every show he's on, he especially SUCKS in page seven he has absolutely nothing funny or interesting to say EVER

No. 116420

Hey if you were to start a podcast what would the hypothetical topic be?

No. 116425

Probably just me sperging and recapping reality tv shows like Teen Mom, Dance Moms, Welcome to Plathville, 90 day fiance etc.

No. 116426

Does anyone else hate podcasts that are like scripted story ones? It's all my sister listens too and it all just sounds like try hard voice acting.

No. 116441

The only one I remember liking is nightvale I just don't like how over saturated it is with horror stories

No. 116542

The only ones i keep up with are
>brought to you by…. (Formerly household name)
"Brands you know; Stories you dont"
>The Dream
anti MLM podcast
>Heavens gate

Ive also listened a bit to Bunga Bunga, lore, Proof and our fake history but they werent really as interesting or had horrible voices.

>99 percent invisable

I heard the episode that BTYB shared and why i dont like the guys voice i think ill check them out.

I hated the stuff you should know podcast. I dont know why everyone suggests it.

No. 116817

Highly recommend Tom Brown's Body, everything Skip Hollandsworth does is great.

No. 117646

File: 1607412906687.jpg (48.7 KB, 670x668, lolitapodcast.JPG)

I really recommend this podcast. It's still running, but thats fine, because it takes like 1 week to calm down after listening to one episode.

No. 117676

I've just started listening to this yesterday! It's great so far, feeds into my past teen obsession with lolita

No. 141541

File: 1620839205156.jpg (96.34 KB, 700x700, 12059641a9959c8166bd91f15f83f2…)

Reviving the thread because I've pretty much gone through my entire backlog and I need new stuff to listen to at work. Do you guys have any recommendations for good solo/scripted podcasts (preferably historical or non-fiction?) I can only listen to so much banter and improv. For reference, and also as contribution, I really enjoy:

>You Must Remember This

Fantastic looks into Hollywood history. I recommend her very first episode (on Frank Sinatra's weirdest album) for starters, then her Dead Blondes miniseries when you're really getting into it
>Nice Try!
Stories about attempts at utopian societies. Their first episode about Jamestown is sobering but interesting.
>The Memory Palace
Short, bite-sized "weird history"

inb4 "Just listen to audiobooks" kek

No. 141679

File: 1620935512469.jpg (29.63 KB, 564x407, 572bbd739888a4bd8196d466ca6277…)

Does anyone know some good cinema podcast? It could be about any genre or style!

No. 141842

Are there any good podcasts where women (or just even just one woman) just casually discuss random stuff and make jokes and that's also NOT about romance/dating/sex or true crime?

I like this one too.

No. 160626

CaptainBlackbeard Radio

>CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a psychedelic audio thrill ride of interweaving stories, humor & music unlike anything ever created ye won't hear anywhere else! CaptainBlackbeard Radio is a service provided to bring humor, music and culture to the lads and lasses of action across all Eight Seas.


No. 163079

I want to listen to some podcasts but I never see any that sound.. good? Like it seems to be 90% either true crime, which I don't really care for, or "two bros yapping about nothing, totes funny and relateable!!!" type of podcasts. I liked Welcome to Nightvale and Alice isn't dead, are there any more fictive story type of podcasts like that? The "story" subsection in my podcast app doesn't seem to have any of that.

No. 163114

File: 1633547590774.jpg (4.61 MB, 11442x6999, IzxxAu8.jpg)

there are a lot, actually! story podcasts (audio dramas) are really popular. some of my faves:

>the magnus archives

archivist at an institute for, let's say, supernatural research reads witness accounts from people who had weird supernatural things happen to them. it slowly turns out that things are not what they seem. really good if you like lovecraft/cosmic horror. contains gay romance in the latter seasons, sadly a little bit of gender woo but usually only for characters who only appear for one episode and then are never mentioned again.

>eos 10

doctor is put on a space station and has to deal with his weird boss and aliens. lots of shenanigans. sadly the best character got written out of the story after like 2 seasons because his voice actor was a sexual predator. also contains gay romance.

>wolf 359

genuinely one of the best audio dramas i ever listened to. it's about people stationed in space who suddenly come into contact with aliens. you have to get through the first few episodes but once you have warmed up to the mc/his chris pratt-iness, it gets really good. the best characters appear later in the show (kepler, jacobi, maxwell).

>larkspur underground

fake true crime podcast about a woman resurfacing after being kidnapped and tortured by a psychopath. gets really twisty at the end.

>amelia project

secret agency offers its clients to fake their deaths in hilarious ways. the characters are VERY quirky, might be an acquired taste.


woman explores strange planet consisting almost entirely of water.

>we're alive

one of the first really modern audio dramas. it's in a zombie apocalypse setting and has very high production value. one of the few podcasts that don't incorporate some sort of recording device to explain why everything is on tape. it's like a tv show but without visuals.

>the edge of sleep

yes, the protagonist is voiced by markiplier. people suddenly can't go to sleep anymore unless they want to die. the ending is a bit weird but i enjoyed the buildup.

if you still want to check out some non-drama podcasts, i really enjoy behind the bastards, which might fall into totes funny and relatable territory sometimes, but it talks about evil people in history and it's quite hilarious. my dad wrote a porno is also funny, at least the first 2 or 3 seasons, before it gets boring. basically the host's dad writes erotic novels and him and his friends make fun of the terrible writing and plot.

picrel is the flowchart from r/audiodrama (https://www.reddit.com/r/audiodrama/comments/ae8m20/flowchart_of_100_audio_dramas/) maybe you will find something that interests you there!

No. 174875

I had never even heard of Call Her Daddy before the drama. Now I just really want to know the whole story. It seems like the version I heard everywhere was that Alex was a super hard worker and Sofia was lazy or whatever and both of them were demanding insanely high amounts of money. I feel like there has to be more to the story though. It also doesn't really help that Sofia never really came out with her side of the story (that I know of). I don't even care about Call Her Daddy or Sofia's new podcast, I just really wanna know what happened lmao.

I watched this whole No Jumper interview with her, honestly it was a waste of time, incredibly vapid, talked about drugs and sex for most of it. Don't know what I was expecting lol.

No. 184988

I started listening to this one a couple weeks ago and though I really liked the first episodes the choice of guests really gets on my nerves. A Literature professor who only recommends books by Black women/LGTBQ2A+ whatever and a Gen Z youtuber who has made Lolita such a big part of her personality she named herself after the book? Couldn't the host find someone better to speak about the topic?

No. 185034

File: 1644255341983.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1080, 9419484C-DE95-4097-8A8F-CF0461…)

These are the four best podcasts (that haven’t been mentioned already) I’ve listened to

>Malcom Gladwell

Admittedly he can grate on the nerves because he does come off as a pretentious snot at times but the way he tells a story is just exciting enough and also quite soothing. Highly recommend “Carlos Doesn’t Remember”, “The King of Tears” and “A Good Walk Spoiled”. Carlos had me in fucking tears.

>Casefile Silk Road

Granted Casefile is often really good but this three episode series had me riveted the whole time. Made a ten hour drive fly by. They don’t let the story get bogged down in details or make you lose track.
Also the ending was so fucking satisfying, haha. Fuck this guy.

>Always Sunny Podcast

Never bothered with any of those podcasts where actors with little else to do relive a long off the air show (IE Office Ladies) because 9/10 the actors really aren’t as entertaining without the rest of the cast / characters to play off of. This one is turning out pretty great though (actual showrunners + show still airing + they’re actually funny and have great chemistry from their 20 years of friendship). They don’t yell over each other much at all, either (annoys the shit out of me)


I actually can’t tolerate most true crime podcasts because I get fucking exhausted of hearing about murdered women over and over. Criminal steers clear of anything overly salacious and exploitative — in fact almost none of the episodes feature violent crimes. It’s about unusual or interesting crimes instead.
She has the most beautiful, relaxing and pleasant voice. Highly recommend “Masquerade” “527 Lime St”, “He’s Neutral”, “La Brea Dave”, “Baby Snatcher”, “Sunset Mesa”, and “Money Tree/The Less People Know About Us”

No. 185049

I love Casefile! I think I was put onto it by this thread, actually, a few yrs ago. Will definitely check out Criminal now you've said that.

No. 185054

Definitely one of their best episodes and I think you’d also like criminal. I hate those crime junkie-ish wine mom true crime podcasts, Criminal is nothing like that thankfully

No. 185338

>Casefile Silk Road

wow the guy who ran Silkroad really had no idea what he was doing and made so many silly mistakes. i can’t judge him too hard because i would have probably fucked it up too

No. 323037

File: 1695500739039.jpg (546.5 KB, 1080x1575, ben-is-starting-to-look-like-j…)

I wasn't sure where else to post this, but shits been going down with the LPOTL crew. Particularly, Ben Kissel. I'm just directly copy/pasting from Reddit, so apologies if there have been new developments that aren't included:

>Timeline of Allegations Against Ben & Statements

This post details the current allegations, information, and statements concerning Ben Kissel, host of Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat and one of the hosts of Last Podcast On The Left. Scroll to Sept 2023

>It is frequently being updated with new information and corrections (last update 9-22-23)

>Timeline of Allegations Against Ben & Statements

>This post details the current allegations, information, and statements concerning Ben Kissel, host of Abe Lincoln’s Top Hat and one of the hosts of Last Podcast On The Left. Scroll to Sept 2023

>It is frequently being updated with new information and corrections (last update 9-22-23)

>All allegations are just that; alleged. They have not been proven or disproved

>8 November 2019, Watergate Hotel, Washington D.C.

>Celene Beth Olsen, executive/host of Killing Theodore, is unconsensually touched by [Billy Jensen] (https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueCrimePodcasts/comments/viogky/billy_jensen_mega_thread/?rdt=32830). The same night she is followed up to her hotel room (where she is staying with Sarah Cailean) by Ben while they are attending the “Death Becomes Us” event. Her statement regarding Ben is as follows, and takes place during the time she is touched by [Billy] (https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/billy-jensen-murder-squad-misconduct-allegation-investigation-1384950/amp/) (Trigger Warning):

>Celene, Ben Kissel, Henry Zebrowski, Billy Jensen, and others were all drinking at the bar at The Watergate Hotel. Ben and Billy were notably intoxicated at this time.

>Ben repeatedly refers to Celene as “babe”, insists on covering bill/paying for drinks despite Celene’s insistence on paying for her own

>Ben repeatedly compliments Celene and insists she stays with the group to hang out, repeatedly asking her what her plans are for the night (these two points are reminiscent of the behavior Taylor would later describe)

>Celene excuses herself to retire for the night and have an edible, Ben and Billy state they'd like edibles too, and she agrees to get them some out of courtesy

>Ben puts his arm around Celene and escorts her up to her hotel room despite her discomfort and attempts to get him to stay downstairs

>Ben invites himself into Celene’s room, stands in the doorway of the bathroom and blocks her in while heavily breathing

>Celene gives Ben the edible and he leaves, she describes him as appearing confused and annoyed

>31 July 2022

>Celene posts her statement of interactions with Ben and Billy in D.C.

>19, 20, or 21 August 2022, Las Vegas

>LPOTL has a show in Las Vegas during their tour, one of these nights was likely when the events in which Taylor alleges Ben’s abuse occurred. Allegations are as follows (TRIGGER WARNING!)

>During the Las Vegas stop on their tour, Taylor accompanies Ben along with their other hosts and their wives

>Taylor opts to stay behind and sleep in their hotel room while everyone else goes out. Ben returns hours later, inebriated.

>Ben allegedly throws things and verbally abuses Taylor, pushes her down on the bed with his forehead pressed against hers, and continues to verbally abuse her (allegedly calling her a "pathetic fucking loser"/"stupid fucking bitch")

>The following day Taylor and Ben meet up with Henry and Natalie, who also has her own show. Ben leaves in a bad mood and Natalie asks Taylor if something is wrong

>Taylor tells Natalie what allegedly transpired the night before. Natalie tells Henry information immediately.

>Henry and Natalie stay with Taylor to discuss the situation, and attempt to get her a separate hotel room from Ben for her safety but are unable to.

>Taylor is told to contact Natalie right away if something happens again with Ben and she needs help

>Ben remains absent, his whereabouts unknown, and spends a sleepless night in the hotel room. She texts Natalie and begs her to remain silent over the situation in fear of how Ben will react.

>24 August 2022

>Ben posts picture with Taylor promoting her hair styling services

>Posts Together on Ben & Taylor’s Instagrams:

>9/2/22 Ben posts picture with Taylor promoting her hair business

>9/2/22 Throw back post

>9/6/22 Ben posts pictures with Taylor from Jackie’s wedding

>10/23/22 together at dinner with Marcus, Henry, and other friends in London

>11/7/22 Together at Jackie’s wedding


>23 July 2023

>Taylor leaves relationship with Ben and flies home

>Taylor’s previous IG stories, dates unknown:

>Posts garbage bag of clothing to her instagram story captioned she is getting rid of her ex’s velvet tracksuits, size 3x

>Posts that she won’t date any more alcoholics

>Sept. 2023

>Taylor makes her initial instagram post alleging being pinned down by her ex and being verbally abused (she does not name Ben at this time)

>5 Sept. 2023

>Taylor posts her instagram analytics showing a drop in followers after initial post about Ben’s abuse

>7 Sept. 2023

>Taylor’s main instagram account u/booboobirdie is suspended due to trolls mass reporting her account. (This was particularly harmful and traumatic to her as she is an online content creator and hairstylist who uses social media as part of her income. u/cramahamjam suggests a way we can help reverse this suspension here)

>Taylor posts TikTok “How dating a podcaster can get you scrapped” about her main instagram and her dogs’ instagram account being suspended

>Ben posts distressing now-deleted selfie to instagram captioned “I love you all”

>Ben posts statement to his story announcing social media break, requesting fans not spread “negative energy” regarding his “ex-partner”, and thanking family, friends, and LPN for their support

>8 Sept. 2023

>Taylor posts some of the hateful DMs she has received to her IG story to her backup account

>9 Sept. 2023

>Taylor posts on her backup IG she will only be using twitter to avoid another instagram suspension

>13 Sept. 2023

>Marcus and Henry announce Ben’s sabbatical from LPN on side stories to take care of his physical and mental health. They do not mention Taylor.

>14 Sept. 2023

>Taylor gives her full (alleged) account of Ben’s abuse in Las Vegas on a livestream (TRIGGER WARNING FOR ABUSE, ALCOHOLISM, CRYING) with YouTuber Davey Jackson. Other information Taylor provides on their relationship:

>The Las Vegas incident was not the only instance of abuse in their relationship

>Ben would make throwaway mean comments to Taylor while drinking

>He would then love bomb her, where he would take her out to nice dinners and buy her gifts

>She mentions one expensive gift in particular he would hold over her, but does not disclose what it was

>“The nicer the present he bought me, the worse I was treated at night when he would be drunk.”

>Taylor wishes the best for Ben and for him to recover

>16 Sept. 2023

>Celene Beth Olsen posts her support for Taylor

>17 Sept. 2023

>Taylor posts TikTok of her twitter post asking LPOTL for help after instagram suspension

>Taylor posts TikTok naming Ben Kissel as her abuser and begging LPOTL for help

>18 Sept. 2023

>Taylor posts second tiktok begging LPOTL for help

>Marcus & Henry post statement to LPOTL IG story that they are “still learning more” and “taking the situation very seriously.” They ask their fans to stop harassing “Ben’s ex-girlfriend” calling it “inappropriate and unacceptable behavior”

>19 Sept. 2023

>Celene posts video to instagram detailing her allegations against Ben (11-8-19 in D.C.), and expressing her support for Taylor and her supporters that are being attacked

>Mentions that Rolling Stone asked her to talk about her experience with Ben, but she refused out of fear of the fan base

>Accuses Henry, Natalie, and Marcus of being aware of Ben’s behavior


No. 323039

>Calls out Henry, Marcus, and Natalie for not providing a sufficient statement on the allegations regarding Ben, and adequate condemnation of the attacks on his alleged victims by fans

>Tells harassers to stop messaging her

>Demands Marcus and Henry make a proper statement, and will continue to speak out and tag them on social media until they do, and rejects any amends from them

>Mentions that there are other accusations against Ben, dating as far back as 2014

>20 Sept. 2023

>Mackenzie Brennan, lawyer featured on Some Place Under Neith’s/SPUN’s (Henry’s wife Natalie’s podcast) twitch, posts reel to instagram claiming Natalie asked Mackenzie to step down from LPN after showing support for Taylor

>Mackenzie also mentions Ben is in a 4 week treatment program

>Taylor posts tiktok thanking Mackenzie

>LPOTL Side Stories episode comes out with no mention of the allegations/current situation

>Natalie says on SPUN twitch stream that she believes and supports Taylor

>22 Sept. 2023*

>LPOTL ep. 547 ([transcript])(https://www.lastpodcastontheleft.com/episodetranscripts/category/500-550) Marcus gives longer [statement] (https://reddit.com/r/LPOTL/s/fmHycITtzM) concerning the situation regarding Taylor, condemning the harassment and encouraging fans to help her (you can support her [here] (https://vistasocial.com/insights/instagram-appeal-form/#:~:text=Once%20you%20know%20why%20your,wrongly%20banned%20or%20mistakenly%20disabled.) and [here] (https://linktr.ee/booboobirdie))

>Natalie releases [statement] (https://www.instagram.com/reel/CxgtvpzPQPj/?igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==) on SPUN's instagram

>Situation has been very traumatic with a lot of things happening "behind the scenes"

>LPN is not legally permitted to speak on the situation

>Promises LPN will speak on the situation as soon as they can

>Personally promises, as well on behalf of friends and business associates, that she would never "suppress, hide, silence, threaten, or menace someone from telling their story," professionally or personally, and asks everyone does the same

>Urges viewers not to harass Taylor

>Reiterates she believes and supports Taylor

>Expresses thankfulness, admiration, and appreciation for Henry, Marcus, and Carolina, who are also suffering and not dismissing the situation

>Reiterates desire but inability to say more

>Reiterates not to harass anyone

>Mackenzie posts screenshot of texts with Natalie to her Instagram in response, and calls her statement “disingenuous” https://imgur.com/a/8FklqKx

TL;DR: Grass is green, Ben Kissel is an drunken, abusive ape man.

Here's a link to the original post for anyone who is interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/lastpodcastontheleft/comments/16odorp/timeline_of_allegations_against_ben_statements/


No. 323085

Thank you for posting these anon. I haven't kept up with LPOTL in a couple years and it's crazy to see this now.

No. 341402

File: 1702334637987.jpg (13.13 KB, 249x250, 38057340_2081245928614346_3138…)

Any updates on this? I'm so tired of not being able to enjoy something because scrotes don't know how to behave themsevles.

No. 349560

Anybody listening to the new Magnus Archives podcast? I got filtered by the new troon MC, jf they were going to cast one, they should have chosen an actor that doesn't sound identical to a preexisting male character, kek. I really thought "Alice" was Martin for a good portion of the intro.

No. 353022

Any terfy podcasts you could recommend, nonas?

No. 353030

I enjoy Female Political Strategy, a kind of sequel to the Female Dating Strategy podcast. 3 women hosts with different political stances come together to discuss political issues from a female-first point of view, with guest appearances from activists.

No. 353034

Surprised to see people don't like Henry, he was my favorite, ii always thought Ben was the weak link. I liked him as a guy but tbh the show is better again now that he's gone…

No. 353037

It's not TERFy, but Jon Ronson's new podcast about culture wars is really good. One of the episodes recounts how Michfest was basically killed by entitled trannies.

No. 353076

I will always reccomend the Probably Cancelled podcast, their name is cringey but their actual content is great, they talk about all sorts of sexual issues like prostitution, surrogacy, the sexual revolution (I especially recommend this episode), and trafficking from a feminist perspective, but what I really love about them is how they link these topics to how these events were funded, or deliberately orchestrated e.g. by the CIA. Basically I feel like they present their topics in a way you truly hear some very interesting new things about how this was even encouraged by society and capitalism, rather than simply talking about their opinions on these issues. I can't recommend them enough.

No. 353129

The Same Drugs By Megan Murphy - terf host. Talks about terfy subjects, cancel culture, prostitution, etc.

WDI (Women's Declaration International) podcast - WDI is a terf group dedicated to fighting for women's rights against TIMs. They have a podcast and a youtube channel and do webinars.

AfterEllen.com podcast - AfteEllen is a terfy lesbian website that covers lesbians in popculture. They have a podcast.

Gender, A Wider Lens - two therapists trying to fight against the gender affirmation model. One of them even started an organization, Genspect, to do that. The podcast is audio from the videos on their yt channel. They just moved their patreon to a substack.

Feminist Current with Megan Murphy - she's an og!gender critical on the internet. She also fell in love with a dumb moid and lost her mind, but her podcast is still good, just don't follow her on twitter.

The Lesbian Project Podcast - podcast about lesbian issues hosted by two older terf lesbian feminists from the UK.

Savage Minds podcast - group blog/magazine headed by a woman named Julian Vigo. She is a terf. Podcast covers terfy, gc issues, and various tops from radical liberal lens.

Blocked and Reported = the two cohosts are journalists who do (or did in Katie's case) terfy reporting. Katie was cancelled for it. People tried to cancel, the man, Jesse, a few times, but it never worked. The podcast is mostly about internet drama when it intersects with people being cancelled, but they cover terfy stuff to. They also have a subreddit and a substack. The hosts are almost terfs cause they still believe in true trans.

The New Flesh podcast - hosted by two dudes in Australia. They are gc. They look at terfy stuff, especially stuff happening in Australia. They put their podcasts on yt.

Redfem - It's hosted by two lesbian radical feminists, one from UK and one from America. They talk about pop culture and social issues and troonery from a radfem angle, but they are both marxists so they go into the weeds sometime with the communist stuff.

Calmversations with Benjamin Boyce - He's the dumb moid Megan Murphy fell in love with but he does a lot of good interviews with detrans people and with gender critical activists. The podcast is audio from video interviews on his yt channel.

Conversations with Peter Boghossian - he's gc, not a feminist. He's an academic who hates cancel culture and DEI stuff and hates troons from that lens. Does interviews with gc activists.

The Debra Soh Podcast - is gc but is conservative. and interviews a lot of gc people but is also against dei and woke culture e.g. she had Chris Rufo on once.

A Special Place in Hell - hosted by two women who are both terfy, focus is on cancel culture and hot topics, but they had a couple of takes I thought were too conservative so I dropped them.

Triggernometry - podcast hosted by two males and the focus is anti-woke and anti-cancel culture. But they have a lot of gc guests on. For example, Kellie Jay Keen was on three times.

Visible Women podcast with Caroline Criado Perez - I feel like Caroline Criado Perez is a terf but she doesn't want to say so because the backlash would derail her feminist work. This podcast talks about all the different, random ways society is set to screw over women - for example the episode in the podcast discusses how the way playgrounds are setup discourages girls from using them and encourages boys.

No. 353160

Omg it's not the Martin VA? Im a casual fan so I never bothered with the credits but I was like "weird choice to reuse Martin, but okay"

No. 354196

KEK yeah it really sounds like him, right? I had to look it up and it's a troon.
I wish these podcasts would at least pick trans voice actors without cancerous voices. The troonvoice in the Siltverses made it intolerable to listen to despite how cool the setting was.

No. 354474

can u guys recommend me some celeb gossip podcasts or movie/tv series review podcasts?

No. 355274

No. 359351

File: 1709232724307.jpg (202.93 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20240229_105300_Fir…)

Love how frequently I see people mistaking this TiM character voiced by a TiM for the cis male VA from last season. There's so much awkward fumbling around how clockable the voice is and how unlikable the character is. You know the discussion would be more brutal had the character not been trans.

No. 359567

Necro I know, but I listen to a podcast called Diss and Tell which is about famous beefs and feuds, they had an episode explaining this called 'Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn'

No. 372304

File: 1713621092619.mp4 (832.84 KB, 480x270, pod about list MBMBAM bit.mp4)

not sure if I should post here since old /m/ was resurrected or the new thread >>>/m/203173 but I just wanted to share a clip from Pod About List (scrote comedy podcast) making fun of MBMBAM (fake-wholesome scrote comedy podcast) because I saw a meme here making fun of Travis McElroy being a sex pest and it reminded me of this.

No. 372305

File: 1713621202723.mp4 (513.06 KB, 480x270, podaboutlist mbmbam.mp4)

oh also: don't play that out loud at work, it's explicit.
another clip making fun of the questions they get on MBMBAM

No. 372335

I don't get it but I hate the McElroys so I'll allow it.

No. 373203

ntayrt but I just listened to the entirety of the two seasons and it was great, thanks for the rec

No. 374629

I was listening to an episode of this recently and the hosts went on this insane sidebar about how their straight female friends tell them they are the only ones who actually give advice for working things out with boyfriends when they're having trouble instead of just telling them to breakup. The reason they think that is the case is because they are lesbians and they aren't secretly competing with their female friends for male attention like the straight friends are. Their theory is straight women tell their female friends to break up because they subconsciously are competing with them and want the relationship to fail.
That is such bullshit. If straight women advise their straight female friends to breakup with men it's not some subconscious ploy to make men available for them, it's because they are intimately familiar with how shit men are and how unlikely men are to change for the better and no one likes to see their friend suffer over a scrote.
The whole podcast is extremely sus.

No. 374642

The two hosts are just kind of shitty people. like they'll constantly mock every other woman's appearances even when they haven't done anything to them. I have a personal theory about them, they're both thin soft butches and so would be very desirable in lesbian communities. I think that has given them a huge ego-boost.

No. 375210

File: 1714533527301.jpg (201.73 KB, 1200x1200, r.jpg)

i like the redfem podcast but jen annoys me sometimes, for some reason i don't mind hannah as much, maybe because she doesn't come off as borderline arrogant. iirc it was jen who said that about straight women and hannah was the one agreeing in the background.

No. 375284

I wasn't expecting to hear manosphere-tier evopsych bullshit like that. Makes me think in 10 years they will have completely changed their politics, just watch. The podcast name is also kind of on-the-nose, like they're just trying to tap into a demographic.

No. 375406

I don't get the issue, the hosts are both socialist feminists(though Jen is an unironic tankie) and they both have some radical-feminist leanings.

No. 375422

Just because they label themselves as such does not make them those things. Many similar cases. They don't make your spidey senses tingle? They seem fake to me.

No. 375425

Hannah quotes Dworkin and recommends her work. They both agree with the analysis about the subjugation of women, but they just think she wasn't knowledgeable enough for class analysis, just like Marx wasn't knowledgeable enough to analyse for women's oppression.

No. 377486

File: 1715180244648.jpg (494.61 KB, 1400x1400, letstalkaboutmythsbaby_logo_fi…)

Let's Talk About Myths is a pretty good greek mythology podcast that actually lays out both the cultural and mythological context of how they came to be and what they meant to various ancient peoples. The hosts can be libfemish at times, but it's bearable.

No. 377488

I used to listen too the podcast, but she has made 2 full episodes about troons. And reaching a lot with trying to make characters in mythology as "totally trans guuyyzzz"

No. 377497

I know, i just avoid listening to them, she still gives good references.

No. 377525

Absolutely not, this is the worst historical series anyone could listen to. I don't know how anyone can tolerate her sense of humor, let alone her actual credibility. Most of the time she's just recapping a Greek myth from some article but with the most obnoxious, irony-poisoned twitter-brained perspective. Then a quarter of the episode can be spent sperging about american politics. Her videos on non-greek myths are honestly the worst because she goes full "look at these noble savages who are superior to us regressive westerners" In her video about Mesopotamia she spends the first five minutes talking about how great it was (and it was comparatively a little better for women than ancient greece), but she makes some bizarre claims like how they invented the wheel and chariot (which they didn't) and were the ones who started agriculture(again not true) and she also claims that men and women had equal rights, which is blatantly untrue. Mesopotamia is where institutionalized patriarchy can literally be traced back to. The misogyny of Greece and Rome literally comes from there. The myth she talks is literally about is a god-king who had the legal right to "sleep with," i.e rape, the women of his city.

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