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File: 1574827588221.png (1.11 MB, 1241x1229, tuna masterpiece.png)

No. 734529

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]

tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (to name but a few)

>23 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief, and new “”sex worker””

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities

>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive

>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun

>Started dating her 40 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”

>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life

>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so

>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”

>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love

>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever

>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it

>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)

>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations

>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean

>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)

>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100

>EVICTED from Roger’s house

>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict

>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)

>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon

>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal

>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother

>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.

>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.

>Seems to be gaining weight rapidly- some farmers speculate that she may be on methadone.

>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point

>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983

>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff

>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry

>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face

>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself

>Rodger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home

>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955

>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group

>Has lived with her mom for over a year now

>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points

>Has started to brag about starving herself

>"Found" a bra in a dumpster

>Started posting nudes again


>Luna begins a “sex work” career, taking grimy nudes and videos and selling them through twitter for drug money

>Makes premade videos, one is called PEE DRINK

>Anon leaks PEE DRINK (mirror here) >>730829


> Releases gif of Lurch jirating her ass >>724915

Will 2020 bring porn success for Luna? The (filthy) cards say no


one >>>/snow/55077

two >>>/snow/171004

three >>>/snow/190985

four >>>/snow/220048

five >>>/snow/254820

six >>>/snow/276683

seven >>>/snow/292881

eight >>>/snow/305217

nine >>>/snow/320166

ten >>394258

eleven >>403302

twelve >>414017

thirteen >>428358

fourteen >>452611

fifteen >>468770

sixteen >>480001

seventeen >>497850

eighteen >>521479

nineteen >>>/pt/540883

twenty >>>/pt/558885

twenty one >>>/pt/574429

twenty two >>>/pt/591749

twenty three >>>/pt/619612

twenty four >>>/pt/657873
Twenty five >>> /pt/689217

No. 735239

File: 1574918476569.png (445.5 KB, 1769x897, image.png)


No. 735243

File: 1574920261649.jpeg (294.47 KB, 1242x1371, image.jpeg)

>tfw the Lth of September has passed and Luna STILL hasn't changed

No. 735290

thank you for updating lurch's age

No. 735617

File: 1575015705568.jpeg (467.19 KB, 640x586, 68F801DF-0AF2-486F-AFDE-7DAED0…)

No. 735618

File: 1575015750143.jpeg (211.7 KB, 640x570, F9977EEA-FC25-4E5A-8989-C03D26…)

No. 735621

He sure likes living in her house, though! Also funny how she acts like Lurch is only two or three years older than her by her wording. Who the fuck talks about this on Facebook anyway

No. 735664

I wonder if tuna’s mom knows all the shit she spews about her online.

No. 735667

>we hate my mom
>she's crazy
>she stole all my inheritance
>she's a druggie
>she's so abusive

And yet you've been living in her apartment and sleeping in her bed for over a year now.

No. 735669


"He hates her more than anyone!" Meanwhile, he doesn't seem to have much problem leeching off her and living in her house. Hmmm! Guess that's an interesting test of character. How grateful is the deadbeat junkie who mooches and leeches off his 17-years-younger girlfriend's mom (the girlfriend he refuses to marry despite her best hopes)? NOT VERY, apparently.

"He was coming around because of me!" No shit, you stupid, vapid cunt. You mean the dealer who groomed an underage girl and then promptly got her addicted to heroin was on the prowl for a new victim? Who'da thunk?

Also, her mom is closer in age to Lurch than Luna is to him, so fuck off out of here with your junkie logic about age spans. He is more Luna's mom's contemporary than Luna, by far.


No. 735729


Thanks for posting. I got a BS ban and couldn't post the OP I wrote. Here are the updated links.

https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996 (private)
https://www.twitter.com/lilcherub1996 (inactive)
https://www.twitter.com/lunakittenxxx (SW account)


https://www.deviantart.com/thatpoisonleaf (deleted)
https://www.flickr.com/people/54485349@N05 (skwisgaarskwigelf)


https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com (inactive)

Archives of past tumblr accounts:
http://skwisgaarskwigelf.tumblr.com (deleted, no archives)

The Pulp Girls / Zine:


About Luna:
https://witchycrankypoo.tumblr.com (howl1996 drama, inactive)


No. 735742

File: 1575065950927.jpg (535.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191129-150702_Fac…)

Spotted a wild Luna commenting on the inkshaming page on FB. Her tattoo artists sound like creeps…

No. 735760

Does she actually send out the art people order? I was tempted to buy something but I don't trust her to send it.

No. 735769

why the fuck would you pay over 50 bucks for a kindergarten scribble on printer paper and provide her with even more drug money? you sound like a fucking retard lol

No. 735770


As if this dumb bitch ever tips.

No. 735778

me too anon, i actually really like her artwork. can anyone confirm that she sends it out because i don't have an awful lot of money to spend finding it out

No. 735782

instead of spending that money why don't you spend some time looking at the previous threads where there are screenshots of luna messaging her buyers several times to increase the "shipping price" because she shot up what was paid to her and came up with the excuse that the post office increased the price for "SUPER SECURE SHIPPING BBY I PROMISE UWU".

>>735760 and >>735778 confirmed for pathetic preteens who payroll luna's sad existence. on one hand, more entertainment for us, and yall can shit away your money however you want, but maybe instead of paying for her heroin by buying her sad scribbles, buy more of her gross sex work videos and post em here. i'm curious to see what can top her diseased egg yolk piss

No. 735814

chill. thanks for letting me know about the shipping thing she does. it's a shame. i don't care what she chooses to spend her money on, i'm an addict myself.(nobody cares)

No. 735823

>> 735769
She was offering things for $20 would not spend $60+ but now I see she fucks with the shipping so nope.

No. 735830

Can't afford to move out but she can afford to go get tattoos?

She rarely ever sends it out and when she does she puts it on standard computer or notebook paper.
Just print out her drawings if you like them that much. It's no different than if she'd mailed them to you after $100 and 5 months later.

No. 735837

File: 1575082542054.png (15.91 KB, 961x273, tumblr1.png)

No. 735838

File: 1575082676421.png (113.82 KB, 640x1136, 86B94657-7657-4E96-B2A8-5E4AA9…)

No. 735839

>i'm not opposite of lazy

No. 735841

File: 1575083143257.png (72.79 KB, 640x1136, 95D4CABA-F5C6-466A-91BD-BDC56E…)

No. 735842

File: 1575083166081.png (164.3 KB, 640x1136, F9570F37-6B82-4195-97F1-6D6076…)

No. 735863

>i need to look normal

is luna about to start going to irl job interviews???????

No. 735924


Previous thread


No. 735927

File: 1575103192220.png (453.71 KB, 916x632, Screenshot_2019-11-30-00-34-35…)

I don't know why the lefthand side is cut off in my browser.

No. 735928

File: 1575103223041.png (132.12 KB, 1278x534, Screenshot_2019-11-30-00-33-53…)

No. 735942

A lot of the shit in those screencaps is stuff you have to pay actual money for.

No. 735959

File: 1575121185200.jpg (252.17 KB, 720x1110, Tumblr.jpg)

No. 735961

File: 1575121406165.jpg (139.82 KB, 720x894, tumbl.jpg)

No. 735972

Yeah. Matthew's presence in her life has sure been a blessing for Luna.

No. 735974

Does she actually expect people to still buy her useless “cheap” crap off the Internet? She’s like 23 years old, and I know she’s quite literally unemployable but she’s been called out numerous times and yet still expects CONSTANT handouts. I’ve followed her since the skwisgaarskwigelf days. I cannot believe she has not even once considered that maybe her lifestyle isn’t sustainable or that she needs to get a JOB if she wants money ffs.

No. 735990

this is so sad lmao

No. 736034

I play this game daily. You don’t have to spend ANY money on it. Don’t lie. I have all the things Tuna has in those photos and they don’t cost a cent so, check ur facts.

Inb4 no1 currrrrr

No. 736035

Just highlight the text in her posts, no need for the doubles of caps.

No. 736049

saged for tinfoil but i would be less than surprised if lurch has slept with tuna’s mom. if i’m not mistaken, it was the mom that introduced lurch to tuna in the first place, so there is already a pre-established relationship (even as junkie/dealer) . we know tuna thinks her mom is a horrible liar no matter what, so of course she thinks her mom is spreading rumors about herself and lurch when she is probably just telling the truth and realistically has no reason to try and make her strung-out leech of a daughter jealous. i would bet that lurch tells tuna he hates her mom and shit just to get her BPD jealous rage off his ass. it would be kinda weird IMO for luna to respond to this if she ~supposedly~ has never been through it herself, it just makes herself look incredibly defensive.

No. 736058

File: 1575151864193.jpg (142.61 KB, 720x1100, German sugar daddy.jpg)

Way to name your dad's credit card lmao.

No. 736062

File: 1575152491404.jpeg (241.55 KB, 1536x2048, EKpljQaWkAEx7fX.jpeg)

No. 736064

File: 1575152523434.jpeg (305.81 KB, 1536x2048, EKpljMxWkAEaUbg.jpeg)

No. 736065

File: 1575152561642.jpeg (283.99 KB, 1536x2048, EKplt_ZWwAAX9UO.jpeg)

No. 736066

File: 1575152585297.jpeg (385.8 KB, 1536x2048, EKpluAPXkAAcEVs.jpeg)

No. 736067

File: 1575152626961.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.93 KB, 1536x2048, EKpluGPW4AcCP-h.jpeg)

No. 736069

Never thought I say this but her waist looks great. The rest of her looks like a corpse though.

No. 736076

File: 1575153865080.jpeg (5.6 KB, 183x275, téléchargement.jpeg)

No. 736077

I don't know what it is but she definitely looks better in these photos than she has in a long time.

No. 736079

I think she has actually lost weight for once

No. 736086

lmao nice cat shit pan in the background

No. 736089

To me Luna looks like if she toned up and lost some weight she could have a really nice curvy figure, but how she looks is the least of her issues.

she's fucked in the head. Her attitude is her biggest issue. Along with drugs and Lurch but thats a given

No. 736094

the fact that it's smack-dab in the middle of the kitchen baffles me. you'd think that with how drugged up everyone in the house is, they would have stepped in it several times by now…

No. 736104


IMO she is looking better here because she has dropped some fat, is wearing a fitting-ish bra, is attempting a real facial expression, and it seems like she also got some makeup that is a shade darker than ghostly white. you can see she actually has impressive bone structure by her waistline, which makes it all the more depressing that she’s trying to achieve her desired aesthetic through hard drugs. maybe she’s dabbling in stimulants now which is making her drop fat, or - god forbid - making an effort to improve??? sage for sperg out

No. 736114

p sure she isn't thinner she always looks like she could be thin/not huge when she uses certain angles

german sugar daddy? what kinda sad lonely man is exchanging money for luna selfies

No. 736164

doesn't she claim to hate ddlg now? unless it's just for her sex work persona, but why would she if she is not into it and it's not like she has the looks for it either…

No. 736168


you don't HAVE to, but saving up leaf tickets = delayed gratification, and luna needs her dopamine fix now

No. 736172

File: 1575169298410.jpg (305.19 KB, 2390x1800, 8pxcvt27nq621.jpg)

Her body always confuses me. The upper half looks normal and then the bottom looks like a grandmother's.

No. 736173

I wouldn't be surprised if she has undiagnosed thyroid problems that are just made worse by drugs.

No. 736176


She has PCOS which is why she is not only lumpy but covered in hair. Also explains why she hasn't gotten knocked up by the ghoul yet.

No. 736179

Oh that's right, thanks for the reminder! Though I wish you wouldn't insult ghouls that way. Ghouls are some of the best characters in the Fallout series

No. 736280

The effect of having loose skin after you lose weight, nothing left for all that stretched casing to do but sag

No. 736303

oof. how do you get an ass that sad? it looks like a obese woman's tush. also, when will she stop doing that fucking grey lipstick?

No. 736316

we have been over this 100 times, rapid weight loss and gain, combined with muscle atrophy from being sedentary.
Also she has PCOS like the cotton eye joe knee and her dislocating joints, she has it when its convenient. Unless she shaves her arms/face she does not have the hair of somebody who a doctor diagnosed with PCOS (remember, she has naturally dark hair, so any hair growing other than her head would be dark). She probably saw the symptoms "weight gain and painful periods" and was like OMG THATS ME and added it to her pile of self-diagnoses nonsense (bc we know luna, if she ever got any sort of medical documentation for any injury/disability/illness, she would cover it in stickers and post in on all her social media as "proof")

No. 736327

Can confirm, I actually have PCOS and had to have surgery because of it. Tuna just has really rough periods but unless they're making you through up, pass out, or become immobile, you gotta take a straw and suck it up, buttercup.

No. 736332

Pls sage your blog posting.

No. 736400


No. 736402

i'm actually not seeing it. you can still see her stretchmarks and they likely just look paler in that lighting

No. 736403

holy shit its legit concave wtf

No. 736409

You get it from a completely sedentary lifestyle, it’s that simple. Genetic fat distribution will only take you so far.

No. 736435

and also meth abuse

No. 736441

also godawful eating habits, they live on nothing but premade crap and sweets

No. 736526

File: 1575270852720.jpeg (475.84 KB, 750x1003, B3C1AD6A-C972-46C6-950D-C04FEF…)

Holy fuck lmao. How high was she when she applied her make up? That lipstick…

No. 736612

At least she chilled on the foundation/concealer. She looks like an actual human.

No. 736629

In the pic of her ass you can see she blurred her panty line

No. 736668


That’s clearly motion blur from her pulling her panties up - it’s right by her hand. I would hope if she’s shooping that she’d at least sort out the shape of her ass…….

No. 736728

Naah, if Tuna ever starts shooping I'll be genuinely disappointed. She's a unique cow in a few ways, and that's one of the ways she's separated from the herd. Up 'til now (if she's shooping) she never gave a FUUCK and just let it all hang loose, literally. I will be sad to lose the raw, unfiltered visual insanity. Please Luna, never shoop.

No. 737717

>but he was coming around cos of me lmao
As if Lurch grooming you is something to brag about, or dating your mom's drug dealer

No. 737743


does she actually do meth or is it just a hypothesis? lol

No. 738679

File: 1575803214025.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, C6F50998-9834-42C0-BB2C-747B0B…)

oh my god the stains

No. 738680

File: 1575803259585.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 57B9CF62-24B1-42D6-8748-753F9D…)

No. 738688

oh my god that slip looks so nasty im fuckin gagging. is it inside-out too???

No. 738703

Yeah it's inside out. Looks like the cat has peed on it as well.

No. 738783

Why does she have to be so nasty, wash things, even if you have to do it in the bathtub or sink. She’s so lazy, does she really think those pictures will get her business?

No. 738838

She's giving the poor red bra, that she wore all year long, a rest. Aand you know she never washed it.

No. 738866

File: 1575853096347.png (156.34 KB, 1316x1080, Screenshot_20191208-195632~2.p…)

No. 738867

1 "watch TV or anything I enjoy"
2 "apply for jobs so that I can stop ebegging and pay for my own food drugs and plastic trinkets for once in my life, and maybe even rent so I can stop living with my awful mom - I mean stop being homeless"

No. 738876

so how is she posting this?

No. 738877


It's a gross fetish thing, buncha guys looking like Carl from Aqua Teen whacking it to Max Hardcore shit. They get off on how pathetic and desperate the girls (or male hobos) are. Just google 'junkie porn' or some variant and there's tons of results.

I knew some girls that did this, scumbags paid them to do cumpukes and farting out jizz and stuff. But hey, aesthetic.

No. 738878

literally just about to ask this! watch someone ask then luna delete the post kek

No. 738879

did she use this to wipe her ass wtf

No. 738913

she uses her phone all the time to play animal crossing or take a million selfies. so basically she can do everything on her phone except apply for jobs. very interesting.

No. 738935

File: 1575865033315.jpg (399.17 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20191208-231548_Twi…)

jfc tuna .. railroads have deeper tracks than you

No. 738937

File: 1575865287774.jpg (62.06 KB, 500x500, tumblr_862ec53f4a5063152cdbef3…)

No. 738940

File: 1575865421668.png (863.21 KB, 702x844, slnfkdskfnsd.png)

No. 738954

wait what happened to the german sugar daddy? he surely can send her a tablet/laptop…that is if he even exists

No. 738957

im hope this is /s
anything from amazon has alwaya been her dad

No. 738972

ngl i would love for tuna to post her full on makeup hoard

No. 738975

Someone on KF apparently bought some of her videos, so naturally she had to buy these necessities lol.

No. 738979

File: 1575870951253.jpg (144.82 KB, 720x738, iphone.jpg)

Her phone seems to be working fine an hour ago.

No. 738986

Damn that arm is fucked

No. 739078

File: 1575898282491.png (446.1 KB, 480x681, noodles.png)

Another weekend spent at her "evil dad" place

No. 739108

it doesn’t matter if her dad turned her phone off as long as she has wifi? which she clearly does. also i doubt her dad turned her phone off in the first place

No. 739132

Tuna's typical, "I'm so broke and I can't afford to apply for jobs online and too lazy to go in person, please help…But also look at my new products, feels good. by the way I am sad, always sad, will always be sad unless you buy me something from my amazon wishlist, pls bb I'll show you nudes PLEASE HELP I need them so bad"

No. 739133

Did she just refer to her titties as noodles?

No. 739134

She just needs to stop lying at this point cause she's really bad at it. People are going to start paying her to keep her clothes on.

No. 739139

"Noodles" is probably her way of saying nudes in a trying-to-be-cutesy way. Alternatively, she may have been trying to type nudes which then autocorrected to noodles, and she was too doped up to notice it like many of her other spelling errors, kek.

No. 739250


The cat looks like it’s seen horror…

No. 739409

File: 1575963196714.jpeg (391.12 KB, 1538x2048, ELUPTb0X0AI6Ez9.jpeg)


The horror in full size.

Those track marks are pretty bad, too.

No. 739411

File: 1575963226835.jpeg (413.73 KB, 1538x2048, ELUPTb1WwAEBbV1.jpeg)

No. 739413

File: 1575963279394.jpeg (195.19 KB, 901x1200, ELOtzGvX0AImtaE.jpeg)

More boobs akimbo.

No. 739414

File: 1575963395918.png (6.23 KB, 996x131, tumblr4.png)

No. 739428

File: 1575968788000.png (201.86 KB, 1316x1233, Screenshot_20191210-035714~2.p…)

No. 739429

File: 1575969361274.png (78.78 KB, 1316x695, Screenshot_20191210-035854~2.p…)

No. 739432

File: 1575971092280.png (1.55 MB, 1316x1217, Screenshot_20191210-035950~2.p…)

No. 739433

File: 1575971131532.png (2.45 MB, 1316x1896, Screenshot_20191210-040234~2.p…)

No. 739434

File: 1575971159658.png (1.98 MB, 1316x2167, Screenshot_20191210-040339~2.p…)

No. 739447

This image is such a pure distillation of Luna. Track marks, narcissism in tattoo form, a filthy nightie. This is art.

>he bought us a brand new apple charger

(x) Doubt

No. 739453

holy shit how did she put on her bra???

No. 739459

File: 1575984153126.png (2.74 MB, 1106x1967, nab8jqoqb3i31.png)


Obv she missed this episode.

Have we had a Luna/Bojack shop yet?

No. 739465

The only way this lazy bitch is getting a Nintendo switch is if she steals it from a child.

No. 739472

it wouldnt matter because she doesnt see herself as Bojack, she sees herself as Sarah-Lynn (the victim of somebody elses' story)

No. 739495

because getting a Nintendo switch should be a top priority for a homeless person who supposedly can't even afford a 50 cent toothbrush or some cheap toilet paper.

No. 739531

i’ve never seen someone wear a bra with that much gapping. remember when she “found” (stole) the bra and she said it was “exactly her size” ?? she’s a solid B cup wearing what appears to be DD at least. and the band is likely too big as well. i almost feel like her saggy no-bra/shitty bralette situation is actually more appealing

No. 739570


You misspelled "begged Lurch to steal it", luna

No. 739607

Maybe you’re having a great hair day cause it looked like you actually washed and brushed your hair for once, tuna. Also, I’m surprised she’s let her roots grow out as much as they have? Usually “SUPER CHEAP BLEACH TO MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A PERSON” was always the top priority of her ebegging lists.

No. 739613

File: 1576030685817.png (9.89 KB, 716x160, dlsmfsdmfksmdf.png)

No. 739728

This may be a “great hair day” for Luna, but this is NOT great hair.

No. 739733

Kek, no you're not Tuna, you're rotten to the core.
You abuse and use your parents and everyone around you, robb (children's) graves, steal and scam people and you lie and manipulate.

Your five minute heroin-"i'm so happy and full of love"-phase is worth nothing, just like you.

You don't love your cats or else you would've brought them to a vet, would clean their toilet and foodboils, feed them properly and you wouldn't smoke and do drugs around them.

No. 739748

Or like in the last thread where Lurch was paid for his physical labour with a laptop.

No. 739990

File: 1576119279883.png (2.48 MB, 828x1792, 30D19954-621D-49A1-BE40-1EA638…)

No. 740009

File: 1576123379549.jpeg (127.25 KB, 720x960, ELjYUJeXkAIqQI6.jpeg)


Clean hair and maybe a clean shirt, but what about the rest of you?

No. 740011

File: 1576123513169.png (361.89 KB, 800x843, Screenshot_2019-12-11-20-00-26…)


The desperation jonesing is real.

No. 740039

File: 1576127777957.jpg (181.13 KB, 1242x964, 07-09-19-tumblr_p5n7604NKZ1qz5…)

Have you guys seen the sperg on KF calling Tuna "a baby drug addict". lmao she's 24 in a few months and still needs a binkie, a blankie and be babied around by everyone. Also pic related suits her.

No. 740045

File: 1576129628864.png (169.55 KB, 480x575, client.png)

No. 740063

What's that thing above her lips? Did she cover a pimple with her corpse makeup?

No. 740122

Stood up? Did she try to set up a sugar baby date or something?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 740189

My guess is she had some sort of cam appointment, shes trying to sound like a real SW by using jargon.
I still will never understand how you can be too proud to lay on your back for a punter IRL but not too proud to drink your own piss.
Im shocked she still hasn't gone full service, it would do so much for her "broken angel sad bby" image and make her more like every junkie girl in every junkie movie ever made (doesnt she want to be glamorous like Jennifer Connelly in Requiem For A Dream?)

No. 740196

Herpes, my friend.

No. 740225

File: 1576178662526.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.02 KB, 960x1280, ELmlg-MXYAASUyX.jpeg)

No. 740226

File: 1576178778789.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.13 KB, 960x1280, ELmlg-KXkAAqS2W.jpeg)

No. 740233

I don't know why she insists on posing like that. It makes it look like she's got a tumor growth instead of a big ass like she thinks it does.

No. 740236

File: 1576182942776.png (1.12 MB, 668x1498, sugar daddy.png)

she's back to lying about her customers. funny how she got all these "gifts" right when she visited her evil rich dad

No. 740237

File: 1576182970067.png (752.27 KB, 706x866, stuff.png)

No. 740296

to be fair that really doesn't look like anything current year Luna would put on an Amazon wishlist. It's always those ghostly pastel pinks, blues, and lavender clothes.

No. 740297

File: 1576197741130.png (260.6 KB, 308x761, 2ed.png)

i swear i have never seen a bitch be this fucking greedy in my life. u just got a shipload of amazon crap from her da- oh sorry i mean ~german sugar daddy~ and shes STILL not satisfied. what the fuck do u need more tracksuits for when all u do is sit in your mothers bedroom, shoot up and rot?? god anytime i start to feel the tiny bit of sympathy for her, she just shows how much of a selfish hollow cunt she truly is

sorry for the rant but she triggers me fuck

No. 740311

Does anyone here know her irl?

No. 740353

File: 1576215082441.png (23.45 KB, 149x107, 1576182942776-1.png)



No. 740362

god is this her trying to entice customers or something? why doesn't she go back to overcharging for her artwork this is just so depressing

No. 740371

File: 1576220570942.png (17.58 KB, 687x281, jedB5ee.png)

No. 740422

do you newfag?

No. 740532

No. 740534

File: 1576292950097.png (30.13 KB, 1451x241, ed.png)

No. 740535

File: 1576293221924.png (694.61 KB, 723x906, twitter1.png)

No. 740536

File: 1576293348057.png (Spoiler Image,724.49 KB, 703x865, twitter2.png)

No. 740537

File: 1576293431769.png (950.16 KB, 1067x749, 5.png)

No. 740539

File: 1576293510296.png (440.96 KB, 979x660, tumblr12.png)

No. 740541

I don’t understand how she is not constantly on the verge of benzo withdrawal if she’s just stealing these from her dad and not using a consistent dose. I also don’t understand how she can use both h and these benzos and not die.

No. 740545

Girl your ass already done been posted

No. 740550

File: 1576295276399.jpg (61.79 KB, 720x557, Invincibility pills.jpg)

No. 740551

File: 1576295314561.jpg (234.8 KB, 720x1159, Wants more followers.jpg)

No. 740553

File: 1576295497867.jpg (175.52 KB, 720x1211, dirty.jpg)

No. 740560

sorry if this is too spergy but like

i play pocket camp all the time and i never buy leaf tickets and i have a fuckload of leaf tickets bc they give them away for free all the time, like there are so so many ways to get leaf tickets without spending any irl money and i know that this is a dumb thing to be pressed about but god it really just shows how desperate she is for attention and pity and handouts and whatever the fuck else she gets out of being such a nightmare person.

No. 740564


Goddamn this slip literally looks like something from the 1950s. Also, why is she not on seeking arrangements yet. It’s obviously lurch could care less if he even thinks about her anymore as an actual person and not just a physical body he shares a room with.

No. 740581

i mean it's a vintage slip that she thrifted anon. that's kind of the point

No. 740588

provide proof and/or content then.

No. 740591

Is it? I assumed it was something new that she completely destroyed/made filthy like everything else she comes in contact with. She’s like the reverse king Midas.

No. 740601

yes anon that's the style she likes and also learn how to integrate

No. 740636

File: 1576336720108.png (2.04 MB, 1316x2006, Screenshot_20191214-101507~2.p…)

No. 740656

Uh yeah I would too if I drank my own piss on the internet for $20

No. 740657

Uh yeah I would too if I drank my own piss on the internet for $20

No. 740664

They said yea to being a newfag… you want some proof of that? Pretty sure it was clear when they didn’t sage and asked if anyone knew Luna irl

No. 740670

learn to read

No. 740693

Not sure how I could prove it and remain anonymous, anyway I was just wondering if anyone else here knew her irl or just found her online.

No. 740711

File: 1576359517456.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.2 KB, 800x746, 2019-12-14_16-37-40.jpg)

She shouldn't be sticking things in her asshole until she stops leaving poop stains that everyone can see.

No. 740732

File: 1576363020289.jpg (16.81 KB, 794x122, 2019-12-14_17-36-55.jpg)

No. 740829

File: 1576385976094.png (331.36 KB, 1316x1946, Screenshot_20191214-235437~2.p…)

Is she pretending to not have a "German sugar daddy" to try and ensure she can keep scamming the same amount of money from friends on Facebook, or did she forget she lied about having a "German sugar daddy" who sends her Amazon shit so ppl will hopefully stop "bullying" her about both talking nonstop shit about her dad and using his credit card to get useless garbage

No. 740848

File: 1576389124310.png (167.5 KB, 1301x1040, Screenshot_20191215-004118~2.p…)

So to recap, posts @ least 3 posts saying she has a sugar daddy who buys her stuff, not a gift from a customer, not a payment done by buying off the Amazon wishlist, a real life German Sugar Daddy, and then we have this fucking gold

No. 740850

Yeah doubt she ever had a SD, just lied for us to see she's definitely thriving after constantly complaining how hard SW is.

No. 740851

Is she being an ungrateful cunt here by saying "he got me like 3 things"– like "oh he only gave me stuff for free and bought me 2 full outfits and a pair of underwear that I specifically asked for but am now acting like it's nothing special, (maybe even more, were the recent pictures of nails and makeup from him too?) he doesn't give me the big bucks sugar baby allowance, gifts, or pay for an apartment like I DESERVE", or is it just bc I hate her and after getting scammed by her hear everything she says in my head as either ungrateful or gloating that she got over on someone

No. 740856

Is that a dirt line on her ass? Looks like a tan line but..dirty?

No. 740863


Can't think of any other reason to lie on your Tumblr blog about having a sugar daddy. I guess maybe for aesthetic too? I think Tuna's that shallow to care enough to lie on her Tumblr, both to save face and to craft her aesthetic. I also think for Tuna's specific heroin chic thing she's going for that she's loved since she was 14 or whatever stupid shit she always puts in her bad prose, that she'd rather have a sugar daddy that gives her money, drugs, clothes and make up without having to lift a finger more then going on fun dates with him, over the tragic aesthetic of standing on the corner when it's cold in NY for $20 each time if she's LUCKY. The latter is more in tune with the aesthetic of the heroin chic characters and real life models/artists that she would have seen and been influenced by growing up. But we all know our Tuna is lazy, so she went the route of "soft pastel, kawaii, stuffed animal, 'I'm the victim', infantalizes herself, doesn't want to lift a finger/oh wait it's the cotton eye joe knee, 'I'm a princess, I'm an ANGEL'" bullshit. Hooking on a corner and having to stand out in the cold when "I don't have a coat cause I lost 90% of my items can someone get me a cheap one from Amazon pls bby?" or in the heat when she complains all summer long about it, on her "super bad knee" that's so bad she can ONLY take a desk job you guys, is not something comfy enough for Tuna to do unless some great amount of pressure was exerted on her. If she's getting by well enough scamming and camming there just might not be enough pressure for her to do it yet. I mean idk, she regularly gets 0 comments on her posts begging for items or money, very few on the ones that aren't, and from what we can see of it her super hard to do sex work isn't exactly flying off the shelves, but she still gets care packages from friends/items from Amazon/SOME actual money from somewhere bc she's getting things that you can't buy with Amazon gift cards still, so she might be headed in that direction and just hanging on by a thread at this point.

My other theory is that Tuna is so dull she thought that any customer who buys you presents or gives you money outside of paying for content is called a sugar daddy. Which makes me laugh about the same amount as the idea that she lied about having a SD to try and prove to all her "bullies" that she's doing so well at sex work and is so hot that someone is actually just giving her stuff bc she's pretty and fun to talk to in any way shape or form.

No no even better, that when this guy offered to buy her stuff from her wishlist that she fuckin jumped ahead of herself and went "omg he's gonna be my sugar daddy, he's gonna keep getting me stuff I want!! And money!!!" And she went and asked him to send her money, and when he said "no sorry I have to pay bills I don't have any money rn" she deflated like a popped Christmas lawn inflatable

No. 740864

Most likely an indent from where she was sat on her deconditioned taffy-like ass for hours

No. 740872

Looks like cellulite and poor circulation.

No. 740906

File: 1576415050556.png (97.92 KB, 407x362, IMG_20191215_115404.png)

Kek, she wants this even if she complains about stupid ddlg

No. 740917

File: 1576419124790.png (1.92 MB, 3184x2248, needs.png)

No. 740918

File: 1576419223381.png (395.88 KB, 1244x1136, needs2.png)

No. 740919

File: 1576419424780.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, filth.png)

No. 740924

There's cat hair all over her underpants. Ew.

Zachary Douglas has a good point.

I always find it bizarre that everything looks filthy, stinky and cigarette smoke covered, but at the same time she takes time to organise it all in certain ways.
Like if you have that much time to put your pictures up neat on the walls and arrange your knick knacks for aesthetic photos, give them a damn wipe down or a dust.
I bet she didn't vacuum after moving the bed.
Like there's a difference between messy and dirty.

No. 740927

It's winter in New York. How does she genuinely need short skirts and crop tops?

No. 740937

She's practically obese and doesn't go anywhere. Who needs to be warm when heroin and moms apartment heater does the job.

No. 740943

Whoa, the color of the bedsheets confuses me. Are they formerly pastel pink, turned gray through lack of washing? Are they white, turned grayish-pink? Or are they supposed to be the color of dying flesh … that's just the way they came?

No. 740979

File: 1576442286961.jpeg (533.75 KB, 828x1069, 11FB2389-B224-4D78-8819-7DB9F1…)

No. 740981

That's going to be as nasty as the pee drinking video. Also, Tuna needs to learn math and common sense. Four videos get one free or free videos get 20 pics free?

No. 740992

File: 1576445382140.jpg (177.04 KB, 720x1193, Selfhelp.jpg)

The first tweet here explains her new found motivation to get 500 followers >>740535

No. 741055

I need my glasses but she makes the strings on her blouse look like a vulva.

No. 741057

File: 1576461070400.png (795.58 KB, 681x1574, wl.png)

No. 741058

File: 1576461118708.png (985.15 KB, 692x1438, wl2.png)

No. 741108

File: 1576472484310.jpeg (582.89 KB, 1241x2003, 947D448E-FC51-43AA-B0F0-CBC3BB…)

SW Anon here, Luna is shitting up our support page again and feigning getting work.

She complains when people don't trust her work history and has had people complain about her stealing money.

No. 741129

I hope she does cam. Looking forward to seeing Lurch propped up against the wall and Tuna's mom coming in to ask who she's talking to knowing damn well she has no friends.

No. 741144

I can't imagine Luna actually camming. It'd take one bad comment in a show to make her sign off and write a novel length 'pity me' blog while popping pills.

No. 741146

Imagine their poor cat, witnessing all the debauchery, like this one https://mobile.twitter.com/BadJim007/status/1206223006948843520

No. 741149

She looks dead

No. 741182

Accidentally posted in the last thread, I’ve been following Luna on insta ever
Since I found her threads on here and she just sent me a DM out of nowhere. I’ve never interacted with her any more than just liking her posts ever so often.

No. 741191

Aye she just dmed me after dming me when i first followed to get me to buy art. She's just looking for buyers.

No. 741192

She sent me 4 messages even tho I haven’t responded.

No. 741208

Yeah, she does that, that's like her M.O.

No. 741209

SW Anon, when you say when ppl doubt her work history, do ppl really call her out in the group for not making the sales she says she does? Because if you have any screen shots of that that'd be great lol

No. 741210

happened to me too. claimed she needed $ for antibiotics

No. 741239

>a cute outfit a daddy ordered me today
Is there even a name for the type of fetish a man would have to have to get off to Luna?

No. 741263

Skank kink.

No. 741266

I remember seeing a video on efukt ages ago of a couple of scumbags who'd pick up junkie women and interview them before they fucked.

So those guys exist I guess.

Now that Luna's going on 'dates' I don't know if death pool should be for OD or for a john axing her. Toxoplasmosis for the long odds.

No. 741310


No. 741378

is the snortsperm considered attractive in the sex work community or is Luna out of touch? Because it looks fucking disgusting to me and ruins te photo

No. 741397

File: 1576606790544.png (122.5 KB, 694x1926, luna.png)

No. 741404

It enrages me that in all her self-indulgent whining she never ONCE has had the thought that maybe, just maybe, her crippling drug addiction is causing problems. She’s tried nothing and she’s all out of ideas.

No. 741407

Take a shot for every time she's said she's wanted to go to in/outpatient. She's quit twice. Once because she hated the free food and another because they wanted her to leave Lurch for her own well-being.

No. 741457

I don't understand her desire for mental health care that's going to require her to be drug tested and try to be sober?

No. 741458

she’s literally delusional and fully believes that basic DBT and talking about her feels will save her from her “BPD” and “depression.” it’s just an easy fairy tale she plays in her head to avoid having to admit it’d take years and a complete change of her entire life, surroundings and attitude toward everything to actually become “normal” like she cries about wanting to be.

No. 741508

No Luna, you don’t need outpatient treatment. You need fucking rehab!!!

No. 741525

Haven’t checked on Luna for a while and it doesn’t surprise me that her rock bottoms keep getting lower and lower every time. And to be fair I don’t think her friends would post anything nice about her when she finally does kick it, the damage has been done and all the trail blaze of destructions she’s left her her family and friends won’t soon be forgotten even when she’s dead

No. 741619

File: 1576687754589.jpg (148.52 KB, 500x658, tumblr_3f329f0a8fe9162d85608ab…)

No. 741620

File: 1576687896034.jpg (81.94 KB, 500x375, tumblr_46561aedfb5bbb791078d91…)

No. 741623

File: 1576687981338.jpg (92.32 KB, 500x375, tumblr_e8e091eab22f96fa2d3124a…)

No. 741628

File: 1576688631086.jpeg (77.63 KB, 720x960, EL36o4mWsAIdyD7.jpeg)

The ever changing furniture in the kitchen is more intriguing than her teaser pics.

No. 741630

File: 1576688855677.jpg (82.13 KB, 500x667, tumblr_101d1a87939481bbf72fec9…)

Grimy and grim.

No. 741642

am i lame for thinking the one on the right looks kinda cool….looks like tuna got new copics lol

No. 741646

They are cool, I think digital painting would suit her.

No. 741647

she refuses to do digital because then she can't use the cost of the markers/shipping to guilt customers into paying more

No. 741649

She could use her "business model" from SW. Sell a print multiple times for $20 on society6. She had and still has some of that following she used to have, could've used it for reselling thrift clothes, since they seem to like her style. She claims to be so smart but didn't do the right things, even with all her advantages.

No. 741662

digital painting would be 1000% better and more marketable for her because her marker streak technique is equivalent to a 3 year old’s. her art isn’t my cup of tea but a lot of people seem to enjoy it. if she moved online (like anon said, society6 or something of the like) with digital art i think she could make a little money. not as much as she could with a 9-5 job, but some extra amazon fund$

of course this is all hypothetical, because she has always been lazy and selfish, and will never change. it would take decades to change her woe-is-me attitude, and she won’t live another 5.

No. 741713

File: 1576710950820.png (664.67 KB, 703x642, hX0hMum.png)

No. 741716

honestly if she laid off the makeup and brushed her hair or put it up in a bun, she might look a little more normal for a job interview. I’d be so wary of even interviewing her the way she looks right now.

No. 741725

She should just get financial-aid and go back to art school. This shit is getting so old. Is there ANY possibility that she could make anything of herself or is she forever circling the drain?

No. 741727


she wears loungewear to a job interview?

No. 741728

It could be cute in a different fabric but that jersey knit makes it look like pajamas

No. 741739

how does a barely functioning junkie properly participate in art school?

No. 741771

Lmfao is that Gabbie Hanna

No. 741800

where is this girl even interviewing at with that outfit, wild makeup and unbrushed chunky hair

No. 741816

Bet they have to burn everything Tuna touched with her grimy, trackmark-covered hands.
She seriously looks like she gives you all kinds of diseases by just standing in front of you.

No. 741880

File: 1576771630464.jpg (771.49 KB, 1600x2475, 8215657e5fcc381709e1139d954d3a…)

No. 742377

File: 1577061179309.png (77.41 KB, 1316x611, Screenshot_20191222-192953~2.p…)

No. 742379

She's a broken record at this point. If she hated her family so much she'd stop using her dad as an ATM and move out of her mom's apartment.

No. 742381

What is it with cows and "hating their parents"?

Your parents are providing you with housing, buying your shitty food, sharing a bathroom with you probably, and putting up with your bullshit every day! They don't have to do that!

I don't see how you can talk so much shit, as an adult, about the people providing you with free lodging. It just makes absolutely NO sense to me.

No. 742387

File: 1577065993590.png (1.44 MB, 1301x1812, Screenshot_20191222-205148~2.p…)

Oh Christ that hand

No. 742395

>>742387 ALL of her uwu sadgirl doodles have the same vonnegut tattoo as her, just with diff text

No. 742427

that fucked up broken hand looks like a goddamn mc escher painting i been staring for 5 minutes just trying to figure out which way that shit supposed to go

No. 742440

Who else be sitting here trying to warp their hand in different ways just to make it look remotely like this drawing

No. 742518

Nobody because we're not retarded?

No. 742540

Considering we’re all sat here lurking a board about a person who has no real impact on our lives a mere 2 days before Christmas you sure picked an interesting time to get on your high horse and try to act superior lmao

No. 742572


No. 742726

File: 1577300225840.png (1.03 MB, 1047x755, 9.2.png)

No. 742727

File: 1577300384778.jpg (65.28 KB, 720x573, Iljj.jpg)

No. 743295

File: 1577616705964.png (3.78 MB, 1280x1704, 56C5575E-8D0C-466F-9D60-2D2495…)

No new milk, she posted two close ups of her dirty hoard and this selfie.
No dramatic tags/captions, just tuna reblogging posts about being sad or loving drugs.

No. 743512

It's sad the milks dry; this has honestly been the saddest arc. What an unfortunate existence.

No. 743638

File: 1577759631688.png (516.77 KB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2019-12-30-18-30-54…)

She's still alive.

No. 743639

File: 1577759748119.jpeg (156.95 KB, 960x1280, ENDDW83WkAAbdcj.jpeg)

No. 744438

Dare I ask? A "new" bra?

No. 744448

Nope, not until Lurch finds another one in the magical dumpster.

No. 744494

File: 1577910104386.jpg (444.07 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_7f54ef3afb1fab8e1ebe865…)

A new year for growing her stuffed animals collection.

No. 744814

"wash us … wash usssss …"

No. 744819

wih how overprices sanrio shit is, thats probably 50-100 dollars worth of stuffies

No. 744843

actually, it’s even worse. the pink astronaut one is about $60 on its own. not surprised tuna is wasting so much money on useless things

No. 744887

if its worth 60 you think she could wash it off and hawk it for 20 to get a fix instead of harassing people online about her perpetual UTI (which I guess replaced the cotton eye joe knee)

No. 744993

unfortunately, that’d require effort

No. 745276

File: 1578098687734.png (1.17 MB, 1021x749, 3.1.png)


Pic dump from John Webster's post on the 21st.

No. 745277

File: 1578098749034.png (972.01 KB, 1020x747, 3.2.png)

No. 745278

File: 1578098787190.png (1010.51 KB, 1021x755, 3.3.png)

No. 745279

File: 1578098825148.png (1.09 MB, 1024x748, 3.4.png)

No. 745280

File: 1578098860023.png (959.81 KB, 1016x754, 3.5.png)

No. 745281

File: 1578098901918.png (1.08 MB, 1021x749, 3.6.png)

No. 745282

File: 1578099009372.png (946.85 KB, 1019x755, 7.png)

No. 745284

File: 1578099153399.png (1.18 MB, 1019x752, 1.png)

No. 745285

File: 1578099190667.png (832.98 KB, 1026x752, 2.png)

No. 745287

File: 1578099360705.png (1012.27 KB, 974x1856, tumblr3.png)

No. 745290

File: 1578099642605.png (8.47 KB, 964x146, tumblr8.png)

No. 745291

File: 1578099718421.png (16.43 KB, 966x291, tumblr4.png)

No. 745293

File: 1578099749812.png (549.3 KB, 971x1101, tumblr5.png)

No. 745294

File: 1578099790265.png (921.86 KB, 1014x751, 6.2.png)

No. 745296

File: 1578099835828.png (1001.73 KB, 1026x749, 6.3.png)

No. 745298

File: 1578099904158.png (578.48 KB, 1024x751, 6.1.png)

He described this as Tuna's new favorite angle kek

No. 745299

File: 1578099939645.png (953.41 KB, 987x624, tumblr1.png)

No. 745300

You would think after drawing the same fucking thing all the time she would learn how to draw someone holding a cigarette without breaking their wrists.

No. 745301

File: 1578100030221.png (280.67 KB, 956x398, tumblr12.png)

No. 745304

File: 1578100214181.png (288.96 KB, 616x582, shoplifting.png)

No. 745350

File: 1578115823571.jpg (181.28 KB, 720x1300, Erin painter.jpg)

Tuna's goals and aspirations >>>/snow/900841

No. 745351

Hope she gets caught.

No. 745404

Someone was robbing child graves again. Never change Tuna.

No. 745493

Baiting for free shit again.

She has before and that's why she can't go into some stores. Lurch is more likely to get caught than Tuna cause it seems like he goes out more than she does which isn't saying much.

No. 745639

Doesn't she avoid one CVS cos she was nicking stuff? I remember her posting that she needed medicine but couldn't go to the closest store lmao.

No. 745807

File: 1578262129208.png (1.39 MB, 800x1184, Screenshot_2020-01-05-14-02-33…)

I just noticed she has art up for sale on depop.

No. 745808

File: 1578262181765.png (968.57 KB, 799x795, Screenshot_2020-01-05-14-02-39…)

No. 745831

I wonder why she hasn't filed for Social Security Disability. She could probably qualify for childhood disability

No. 745838

She's moved to a different town since then, but she's probably already been banned from half of New Rochelle.
Is disability given to people who are clearly addicts, and wouldn't she have to list her address? She's probably still laying low since she's not allowed to be living with her mother.

No. 745842


It's also very difficult to qualify for disability in the U.S., especially just for mental illnesses. Mentioned just for context (not for blogposting), but I'm on disability for a mental illness in a country that isn't America; and even here, where it's comparatively MUCH easier to get on disability, you still have to be able to show that you're incapacitated enough by the illness that you're unable to work. With something like BPD, this would include Luna being required to show that she at least put effort into trying to get treated, but failed because she was too ill to continue. And if I recall correctly, she hasn't even been officially diagnosed with BPD, let alone put effort into treating it (beyond the amount of time that it took her to decorate her CBT notebook with Sanrio and Studio Ghibli stickers while nodding off in between taking shots, popping benzos, and uploading selfies).

My ex-boyfriend also has BPD, and he's perfectly capable of working. (They also have the exact same personality type, ironically - both 4w5 ENFPs.) Luna can too, she's just also lazy as fuck.(blog)

No. 745972

Apparently she got officially diagnosed when she was underage.

No. 746019

Nice blog, make sure next time to call yourself lazy as well.

No. 746047

File: 1578334206350.jpg (578.38 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200106-180809_Fac…)

Cow spotted in the wild on a fb group I am apart of, I remembered her name from this site. I usually just follow onision drama on here but you may enjoy (1/2)

No. 746048

File: 1578334238133.jpg (67.22 KB, 1080x355, 20200106_180840.jpg)


No. 746049

Confirming that in the USA it is almost impossible to get disability even for things like autism which are considered actual disabilities and not just personality disorders.
If shes not too lazy to sell paintings she shouldn't be too lazy to nick some garbage and flip it even if the profit is only 5 bucks its easier than begging or camming

And sage for armchair but you can't diagnose cluster B personality disorders in minors so im pretty sure she is self-dx, especially since her DBT book is from amazon and not a hospital, and she has no adult record of hospitalization or anything like that so it would be impossible for her to get SSI even if, functionally, it is impossible for her to work (which right now lets face it she would only be a burden in the workplace)

No. 746391

She needs to get off all those benzos, I don’t know how she’s not constantly alternating between Xanaxd out dissociation and withdrawal panic attacks. Seems like she gets them all illegally though and probably will never stop because “but my anxietyyyyyy” even though the drugs really don’t work for long term use

No. 746627

File: 1578465926712.jpg (100.73 KB, 750x733, fb3.jpg)

She will never take advice from anyone so stop making scenarios. I can't find the pic where she was called out for posting pill porn and romanticizing them, and she was like leave me alone, Xanax is the only thing I do take as prescribed.

No. 746644

She doesn’t want advice she wants money. Someone could give her all the advice in the world and she’ll ignore you completely but if you offer to send her some cash she’ll be your best friend. At least while the money’s rolling in anyways.

No. 746698

theres a kid on tumblr I noticed she does the same thing to, they reply paragraphs on every thing she posts and she totally blows them off but they keep commenting it is really a bummer

No. 746708

No. 746830

File: 1578543581724.png (315.38 KB, 703x749, l1.png)

No. 746831

File: 1578543604185.png (322.1 KB, 709x413, xan.png)

No. 746888

"The adventures of chief and bear: Episode one - Scoring some dope."

No. 746901

Since when do they have a car?

No. 746908

Might be Uber or magic dumpster car

No. 746915

look how stained and filthy the stickers are

No. 746932

Doubt it's an Uber be side he's in the front seat and the plush is in the driver's at one point. Might be his parole officer though.

No. 746947

File: 1578591965445.png (15.94 KB, 351x183, luna.png)

nta but i think they're talking about this chick. go to any of luna's post and you'll see this kiss ass in her notes.

No. 746953

Legends say Lurch turns to stone if he doesn't have the same facial expression as a blobfish for a minute.

No. 746955

Why is he wearing his sunglasses all the way up to his eyebrows I’m dying

No. 746956

someone messaged this girl about tuna and her scamming ways, but she defended her bc luna is just a *~mentally ill sad bby grl~* and everyone is just bullying her!!

No. 746963

It probably belongs to a sketchy friend of his

No. 746967


I think you're underestimating the height of Captain Areola's nose bridge

No. 747011

She’s a fat druggie cow herself trying to pull off the “soft sad baby fawn” shit who claims to be raised by nazis and obsesses over Courtney Love she probably sees Luna as aspirational as sad as that is. No shit she’s going to try and defend somebody with the same shitty qualities.

No. 747023

The frame is literally at the very top, the arms must be holding up inside his hat as opposed to actually resting on his ears. Who wears sunglasses like that, I can’t with him anymore

No. 747036

Kylo Ren?! Oh my god

No. 747038

File: 1578619795333.jpg (55.01 KB, 540x396, tumblr_pfs7q0VWeb1sfsfyr_540.j…)

Literally in what world does Lurch look like Adam/Kylo? Adam Driver is not a balding statue. wtf

No. 747039

File: 1578619935798.jpg (603.01 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-01-10-02-27-45…)

Samefag >>747038

were you the person messaging her? I wish you would post screencaps, cant find them on the blog.

Tinfoil but the girl's terfy url and interest in onision makes me think she's a farmer attempting to get in Luna's good graces to extract milk.

No. 747144

File: 1578659234747.png (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 750x1334, F9B4A607-F273-40DD-B5D7-4596BB…)

A couple of pics from twitter

No. 747145

File: 1578659255440.png (Spoiler Image,1.6 MB, 750x1334, 52FAF6EE-5E60-4854-A762-F66AA7…)

No. 747146

File: 1578659278981.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 750x1334, 7D5E70A6-6FD0-41C5-91B0-A22937…)

That arm though

No. 747164

nah it wasnt me. it was a while back when someone sent her an anon ask about tuna, look through her ask tag maybe?

No. 747165

This is fucking crazy. I knew it was really bad but I didn't think it would be that horrifically bad. She literally looks like she's decomposing or rotting. Who exactly is she taking these pics for? She can't expect a new career in e-thotting looking like that. Her weight doesn't even have anything to do with it this time. I'm just shook by how visibly fucked she looks. At this point the only men willing to actually spend money on this are sick fucks actively getting off to her being half dead.

No. 747204

File: 1578681749106.png (84.35 KB, 624x156, l2.png)

No. 747205

File: 1578681772038.png (108.25 KB, 623x176, l1.png)

not once but twice

No. 747215


Idk, I's call that a person who's given up on life. It's pointless to try to deduce anything from her posts or pictures. At this point she's a walking corpse only trying to stay upright, not a person you can try to reason with.

I've binged her threads, if you couldn't tell lol. I feel sad and dirty. I really fucking hope she'd get help.

No. 747243

It's impressing how she still keeps her aesthetic even while looking like a rotting corpse. Priorities.

No. 747252

File: 1578696825617.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

that pose is literally just pic related i can't handle this

No. 747400

File: 1578745177647.png (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 750x1334, DDD50CD1-C0A5-4481-AD74-3BF16B…)

No. 747401

File: 1578745241813.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.29 KB, 750x720, 379A3808-A988-470C-8583-6DE1B4…)

No. 747403

I don't think even actual good looking clip sellers charge $40 for an eight minute video but here she is offering two vids totaling 16 minutes for $80 as a discount deal?

No. 747418

She has no idea what she is dong, just like when it came to her selling art. She overprices everything because she has no idea how much things actually cost. She makes her clips before having a buyer (selling recycled clips to general audiences is one thing but dont make he clip until you can have somebody pay for it to be made in the first place. She gives away everything for free on top of that. If she wanted, she could peddle and of those pictures for $0.99-$3.00 a pop and make five or ten bucks on every one of these photos shes handing out for free.

No. 747437

>I really fucking hope she'd get help.
Not going to happen at this point unless she's homeless or arrested.

She could conceivably live like this for decades, or at least as long as her mother has public housing.
Could she perhaps get away with it because she's an extreme niche? If you're into the type of material that Luna puts out then you probably don't have many options…

No. 747448

Tuna doesn't want help. She just wants heroin and amazon trinkets. She thinks she deserves to get everything for free because she's 'sad' and 'twies so hawwd uwu'.
Sure, her childhood wasn't perfect but most of us had difficulties growing up and still manage to be functional adults. She had privileges and opportunities and threw them away to shoot up with a 40-something groomer. She refuses to acknowledge that most of her problems are caused by drugs and blames everyone else for her life choices.
Seriously stop feeling sorry for these people cause they would scam you the first chance they get for another fix. People like Tuna have nothing useful to contribute to this world besides my entertainment.

No. 747495

She is so stupid, because she whines about how rough her childhood was because her parents were addicts, but then she’s an addict and her great love is an addict and a dealer, so?

No. 747498

File: 1578784308194.jpg (389.02 KB, 1080x1509, IMG_20200112_001205.jpg)

No. 747503

Just reference this pic when farmers try to say how she was "so cute" before and had "potential"
she's always been a hideous beast

No. 747554

File: 1578798118165.jpg (125.79 KB, 720x978, _20200111_220121.JPG)

did she get matthews name on her thigh?

No. 747558

File: 1578798598820.jpg (56.25 KB, 500x624, tumblr_0fa0f76af21f94c89b7f365…)

No. 747574

Looks like she cut “Matthew + Luna” into it

No. 747577

Y’all it’s just marker

No. 747578

File: 1578802259448.jpg (147.02 KB, 1080x1440, liar.jpg)

She said she worked for them when actually she was just a mentee. I can only imagine all the lies in her resume too.

No. 747598

File: 1578809698135.png (248.98 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_2020-01-12-13-10-12…)

newest begging list, how tf this bitch run out sketch books and markers quickly?

No. 747614

from the way this is worded, she has plenty of blank pages in her sketchbooks and notebooks, she just wants a "fresh" one. whatever that means.

as for markers, she probably nods off and leaves them uncapped

No. 747649

this is an extremely unfortunate pic of her with ugly styling and bizzare eyebrows. You are being unfair here. Most people have an ugly phase as a teen, we know that later on she looked much better and it's sort of a shame to see how she wrecked herself.

No. 747654

she went from ugly teen straight to a haggard junkie adult, anon. there was no grace period

No. 747677

Got a link for her wishlist?

No. 747687

File: 1578848333748.jpg (81.32 KB, 1070x1482, 1578848141009.jpg)

I disagree, she was cute here and im the photos where she has a green peter pan collar dress

No. 747705

Holy crap. I've seen tons of young Luna pics before over the years but the visible hope in her eyes is DEFINITELY a first for me… Sure she generally looked more appealing and lively in old photos, but imo this one in particular really shows the potential she could've possibly(?) lived up to based on everything else we know about her broken record past. I don't feel bad for this subhuman scum at ALL, I'm just sorta taken aback by the pretty young lady here who actually looks like they have a future ahead of them??

No. 747711

I long for the day where we can all just agree to disagree whether she looked good before H/Lurch or not?

I think she was actually pretty fucking cute (and probably could be again if she got sober and had some life restored to her), but I get that not everyone would agree with that. I'm not going to argue with you, nor is this aimed at anyone who just has their opinion and keeps it there.

Queue "yOu tHInK THIS iS PreTTy?!?! (piC ReLAtEd)" from fags who can't fathom that others might be into different shit than you.

Whether Luna was pretty /before/ or not is not a fucking fact, it's opinion.

No. 747712

File: 1578862352335.png (2.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200112-215118.png)

53 mins ago..

No. 747714

this isn't cute, anon, she looks average but definitely not cute.

No. 747716

File: 1578863748901.jpg (21.38 KB, 502x430, 1578863755585.jpg)

You realize that this is subjective, right? Sometimes it really puzzles me how insanely high are farmer's beauty standards.
I think she had (and still has) a super cute face. Her shit lifestyle ruins everything tho.

No. 747717

She def looks cute here, actually healthy, she could definitely be attractive again if she took care of herself

No. 747718

The lips are a horror show

No. 747720

different strokes for different folks, anon. if u think the ghostworld wannabe crust punk look was cute, than i respect that. i don’t get it, but i respect it

No. 747722

kek´d at lurch hanging from her ear

No. 747724

File: 1578865138851.jpeg (222 KB, 745x1048, 8DE187D8-F218-4A78-A762-A89A24…)

No. 747725

File: 1578865167474.jpeg (274.17 KB, 750x1162, FB50B0B4-2FAF-4DE9-8E6F-0A2F85…)

What is up with her eye makeup

No. 747728

The absolute state of that broom and fan..
And who owns a walker? Did Luna get one to relive her cripplepunk days?

No. 747732

this gotta be up there on the list of her worst looks yikes

No. 747762

File: 1578875037130.jpeg (Spoiler Image,128.01 KB, 750x913, B83E32CB-AFC1-48A3-AB4D-6D1E45…)

This makes me feel ill

No. 747763


Her tooth is literally grey

No. 747775

This looks like a last known photo of someone who disappeared in 1996. Why does she post the most unflattering trashy pictures? At least go outside if your house is a mess.

No. 747803

She plucks her bushy eyebrows in the tadpole style… Please don't grow out your bangs!

No. 747806

i'm 100% sure she is on drugs when she puts the make up on and takes/posts pictures

No. 747819

I think it’s always like this but the lack of bangs is making it look extra crazy

No. 747823

File: 1578907016787.jpeg (55.99 KB, 750x314, B3F0FEA0-8970-4C45-A285-343429…)

“in my add”

No. 747829

>with pee and lotion
It unsettles me thinking about what this could mean considering the nasty stuff she's done before.

No. 747867

please let this just be a dropped oxford comma

No. 747916

Does anyone know what that medical badge is supposed to mean? Is it just an aesthetic thing?

No. 747924

File: 1578945411013.png (293.68 KB, 480x668, badges.png)

Idk, but here's a close-up

No. 747928

It means she carries Narcan on her, I think. The yellow one just sounds like it might be a band or song or something because I really hop she doesnt see herself as a teenager shes almost halfway through her 20s

No. 747934

Yellow/survivor usually means suicide so Im guessing shes now claiming to be a suicide survivor. The teenage part is throwing me off

No. 747956


I thought that is a joke, as in "I survived teenage hood/ I survived my teenage years" tongue in cheek thing; idk, I could be wrong…

No. 748030

File: 1578968158756.png (69.11 KB, 652x852, poetry.png)

No. 748049

File: 1578974509788.png (2.43 MB, 1080x10553, 2020-1-14_5-0-44.PNG)

Lunar poems: the return of Tai

No. 748051


I. so used to hiding behind bangs

covering my round face, big sunglasses

but it come, time to be an adult, grow them out, show the

world the face i have

crooked teeth, not perfectly white like a movie star

i try to be all “bosy posi” but eating disorders are hard to beat

impossible, even

i didn’t even have one before i fell in love with you and watched you cry

in a size zero dress that was still too big for you

while i looked down at my tight size 16 dress and wondered if

they thought they were huge, what was i? a monster?

but now i understand it had nothing to do with me.

II. we sat in our nightgowns and made a mini bonfire next to the gas station

my gown was a pale off yellow color with lace all around, theirs was hidden by

a black hoodie

cigarettes sticking out if both of our mouths

it’s 2pm but it feels like 7am, i miss our breakfast rituals

the fact that you’re not here anymore shocks me to the core that we’ll never kiss or hold hands

laugh so hard it hurts or teach me what it’s really like to cum

you were so, so, so good

more than good, you were everything

III. i wish watching you lick yourself in the bathroom after a meal didn’t ruin me but i couldn’t handle it

i loved you but i never felt bigger

you were like a model off the runway and felt like a blob monster, short blonde bob only making my face look rounder and rounder

you could effortlessly put on red lipstick and push your hair to the side to expose your half shaved head and look perfect

i’d lace up your boots because your pain was too bad and i loved you

i’d put hours into my appearance and still feel like nobody

nobody nobody nobody.

IV. it was only a six month relationship but when you’re sixteen that feels like years and it did

you were sick and i was sad

when i left you (or as you said, it was mutual) i started puking everything i ate or not eating at all and i don’t blame you at all

i just know that’s where i learned it. that’s not your fault of course, love

borderline makes me steal other people’s traits and make them mine. it wasn’t a good trait to end up with but i’ve thought that eating disorder for years now

all i can think now is god why didn’t i have my own place? i would’ve let you stay and maybe you’d still be alive

just because we weren’t ina.relationship doesn’t mean i didn’t still love you

i’ll always love you

i’m sorry it ended this way

you deserved wings and no pain. i love you. goodnight.

No. 748052

Her body is weird, but she has a beautiful face structure that makes her look a lot less fucked up than she should given her circumstances.
>new video with pee and lotion
is she whipping up a glaze?

No. 748060


She had potential to be attractive on maybe like another planet or lifetime but when I look at her all I can see is nice face structure ruined by rooting teeth, gray bloated junkie skin, and pounds of gargoyle makeup. Also while we’re on the subject, does anyone know why all heroin females end up being obsessed with caking on layers of makeup? Idk how to describe it exactly but I’ve seen the “Luna” look on almost all opiate addicts I’ve ever seen irl and online.

No. 748085

>She had potential to be attractive on maybe like another planet or lifetime
Yeah, she's literally an /x/ subject now, but this was in response to the anons who have been saying that she wasn't attractive before she became a creature. The fact that she looked so good at that weight says a lot. The only inherent issue in her face is her misaligned eyes. Shame she shacked up with a cigar store indian and pissed it all away

>Idk how to describe it exactly but I’ve seen the “Luna” look on almost all opiate addicts I’ve ever seen irl and online.

Good question- is it an aesthetic that junkies gravitate to or a product of the fact that they're too high to understand how awful they look?

No. 748087

File: 1578982717890.jpg (139.64 KB, 720x1074, Milk.jpg)

>reasons to milk myself
OMG… Also, she just got clothes a month ago.

No. 748127

>College wouldn't have made me happier, just more alone
Bitch how would you know when you quit college after two WEEKS because you couldn't smoke weed in your shared room? People grow out of being childish while going to college, but you obviously didn't when art supplies, clothes and your personified ashtray are the only things that keep your life fulfilled. Other people, you know, have goals in life.

No. 748136

File: 1578990897928.png (317.23 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_2020-01-14-15-34-31…)

No. 748149

i'm not surprised that luna grades everything on whether or not it can make her immediately happy. doesn't matter if it's useful in the long term, helpful to others, or simply necessary, if it doesn't make her feel good instantly she won't do it, hence her life.

No. 748188

Confirmed: Cheif is shit in the sack

No. 748191

trapped in a box

white walls, clothes strewn about

eyes wet from sobbing

holding my cat close to my chest, purrs relaxing my heart ache

i always thought losing weight and being in a good relationship would solve all my issues but

i can promise the younger girls that follow me that it doesn’t

my last haircut was nearly seven years ago, i wanna be blonde forever, grow my bangs out and be a new girl

nor does college

the void will remain empty

your heart will always heart but you’ll have a beautiful man that you love to feel hurt with together

i wanted to be beautiful and talented

i lost 60lbs+ and i’m still the far girl. i love other fat girls but not me

it’s just you and my cat keeping me alive

my arms are a mix of cute and art, my legs are a mix of burns and floral tattoos all in black

i keep telling myself i can do this but every year i write lists of reasons to milk myself and the reasons always out way the reasons not to

i just want to hide forever, my room is my fortress

what happens when you leave?

college wouldn’t have made me happier, just more alone

the only thing that would make me happy are new art supplies and clothes, those are my only triggers for happiness besides you

i love you. i just don’t love living. i want to be happy.

i want to be embraced, be loved.

No. 748202

Tuna you arent "trapped" you are being housed for free by your mother who you pushed out onto the couch to shoot porn that nobody wants in her bedroom

No. 748204

Dont forget part of it was Lurch threatening to kill himself while she was gone too.
Sage for blog but I was also groomed by an older guy and he had a thing about not wanting me to go to college either. Guys like this probably know once you get an education and see the real world, you'll see their predatory asses for what they really are.

No. 748207

Her atrocious make-up is due to her being off her head on Xanax 24/7. She probably doesn't even realise how bad it is.

I actually agree that she was quite cute in the old pics. Her wrecked body and benzo'd movements are definitely not suitable for camwork, though. It's truly embarrassing to watch. Gaaah, someone stop her please!

Lunar is the most depressing lolcow there is.

No. 748216

This is the wildest sentence ever.

No. 748217


just fyi, you sage by typing the word 'sage' in the email field. Helps the folk who filter.

And Luna, I guarantee what would happen if Lurch left is that your life would get better. Which is why he won't.

No. 748234

“the only issue is her misaligned eyes” so has everyone collectively forgotten about her horrible overbite and the fact she talks out of one side of her mouth like a pipe smoking old man?

No. 748235

blaming your dead ex for your eating disorder is a new level of classy for miss tuna

No. 748258

It kills me as well lmfao
>I developed an eating disorder because of you… Just kidding, love! No I didn't (It's totally your fault tho, bitch)

No. 748303

If Tai would've been overweight and loved junk food they would've be blamed by Luna for making her fat too. Why doesn't she blame her "baby angel" Lurch for her addiction and codependent relationship.

No. 748313

File: 1579038522174.jpg (561.5 KB, 1080x1312, 20200114_164805.jpg)

This looks like an actual bloated corpse, her skin is like grey lumpy pudding

No. 748314

File: 1579038545658.jpg (605.59 KB, 1080x1258, 20200114_164817.jpg)

No. 748315

File: 1579038600349.jpg (803.92 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200114-164616_Ins…)

She always advertises her sex work shit while shes high as shit

No. 748316

luna is a horrorcow now these are legitimately unsettling to look at

No. 748319

Dude is hardly alive and is too lazy to pee in a toilet most of the time, they probably fuck every other month or something.
Sorry to titpick but her breasts are literally flat discs. Her ass is nightmarish. And the blood? poop? on those dirty ass socks. I don't even think a caveman would be inspired to fuck after seeing these images.

No. 748339

File: 1579042042891.png (447.78 KB, 700x754, r8XQxJk.png)

those dirty ass feet, jesus.

No. 748395

She really thinks just doing nothing and growing her hair is some kind of accomplishment, huh.

No. 748399

Years ago she'd mention that her smile and mouth are big insecurity. Problem is, she can't do much about that so it isn't really worth mentioning all of the time. She CAN do something about her cakey make-up and grey skin caused by never leaving the house. She could also get a goddamn job.

No. 748411

File: 1579047383275.jpeg (138.13 KB, 750x950, 7AACC3A3-84FD-49F9-9AAC-E078FF…)

I don’t usually nitpick like this but she already has permanent wrinkles at 23. Idk guys between this and her teeth clearly rotting I think she has like a year or two left before her face collapses into a homeless bag lady and her whole uwu babygurl identity dies, how she plans to live after that idk

No. 748441

File: 1579051451876.png (93.71 KB, 1316x797, Screenshot_20200114-201635~2.p…)

Luna makes a rambling, complaining post as usual…

No. 748442

File: 1579051482336.png (259.91 KB, 1316x1735, Screenshot_20200114-201621~2.p…)

but suddenly, a wild rando appears with some interesting information

No. 748443

Don't know who he is, and while his offer is probably just another hair brained scam knowing the types of people she associates with, or a MLM or something else stupid,
She was sent money for an ID. And if she told him she needs her birth certificate too, why, that's another $45 plus and $8 fee, so she could have gotten a free $66 from him for the ID feel and BC duplicate.

The post was swiftly deleted.
Dunno if it was because dude called her out on not getting an ID like she said she would, or because someone mentioned that IDs only cost $13 tops and she milked him for more money then that.

No. 748444

File: 1579051881910.png (1.78 MB, 1316x1883, Screenshot_20200114-201929~2.p…)

After deleting the post where she whined about not being able to afford anything and was basically told to get a job, she posted this

No. 748445

File: 1579051932160.png (1.96 MB, 1316x1749, Screenshot_20200114-201940~2.p…)

No. 748449


Sarah made another post saying she also sent Luna money and WTF is going on. Of course trash bag tuna goes low and says she is in the middle of a self harm episode.>>748442

No. 748451

good point. but also, MLMs and other scammy jobs are a scam for people with better more lucrative things they could be doing. Luna's job prospects are so bleak right now that even having a recent employer to list on a resume would be better than nothing, even an employer that doesn't/barely pays her.

No. 748459

She's seriously crying cause she can't get the notebooks and markers that she wants haha.

At least they're giving her actual advice and not asspats. These idiots should know not to give her money, though.

No. 748488

Whatever happened with that creepy cult Luna joined?

No. 748493

holy shit anon, I wanted to ask the same thing but was not sure I didn't dream that up.
I bet Luna dropped them when they had no free money to give.

No. 748511

File: 1579066209284.png (159.44 KB, 640x1136, 1D30DFF4-D31C-41F3-A1B2-815864…)

No. 748513

File: 1579066275369.png (164.19 KB, 640x1136, D140563D-2400-4844-85A8-4644A5…)

No. 748514

File: 1579066340798.png (156.63 KB, 640x1136, 1C8816C4-5540-411B-93F7-0C4274…)

No. 748523

She's playing these cucks like a fiddle. She's saying this shit now so she can ask for money and materialistic things, how have these idiots not caught on by now?

No. 748524

maybe she just bummed ten bucks off them and ghosted them when they asked her for some time or effort in return?

No. 748542

This looks like the typical suburban white girl dating a drug dealer, that thinks "lol if we're not talking money, we're not talking bby"

No. 748551


Read the last thread or two and the John Apt thread on KF.

No. 748557

File: 1579075845918.png (342.98 KB, 500x487, the-loneliest-people-are-the-k…)

Lmao god this bitch doesn't stop huh

No. 748562

File: 1579077665384.jpeg (Spoiler Image,213.19 KB, 1280x960, EOQuHDIWoAE08t5.jpeg)

Spoilered for pubes

No. 748566

Those are some next level pancakes.

She could easily work at a haunted house.

At this point I think every Tuna picture should be spoilered, scrolling through this thread is scary.

No. 748583

Explains why she hasn't signed up for an actual porn site yet and keeps trying to market herself through Twitter. You have to have an ID for age/identity verification.

I'm seriously beginning to wonder if she even wants a job to get out of there or if she'd sooner just let herself die in her mother's spare room and live behind a legacy of "I'm too poor to escape!" posts.

It reminds me heavily of "God Knows Where I Am" where this schizophrenic woman squats in an empty house and writes diaries about her suffering and how alone she is. She eventually dies from lack of food/water and the entire time you think she was in a farm house in the middle of nowhere with no one to go to but turns out there were neighbors next door roughly ten feet away.

No. 748590


Drug addicts, alcoholics et al have a hard time getting shit together for id. They just don't have the motivation. It's good does validate id, shame the streets don't.

Also wtf does lurch even do? And I mean in general. He's not on social media any more afaik, he doesn't have hobbies… Luna doesn't even mention him doing anything like walking with her, or even listening to uwu Nirvana.

No. 748595

Every blue moon, he rises from his coffin underneath their bed of dirt to steal a stuffed toy for her.

No. 748596

How often do you think he tells her "im all you have"
Women with good men dont waste so much time calling their man a "good man" while giving no specifics about his behavior. I wouldn't be shocked if hes actively sabotaging her. But the repetition of "hes all I have" leads me to believe that Luna did not originate that thought

No. 748598

Is he not still selling heroin?

No. 748612

>your advice on how to get an ID so I can get a job that you commented on my Facebook post where I cried about not having money made me suicidal but it’s FINE you didn’t know but now I have to spend the rest of my week playing Animal Crossing so I don’t off myself because of how bad you triggered me.

No. 748621

how did this person not reply with “nobody cares” ?? because nobody cares

No. 748800

File: 1579168475946.png (420.28 KB, 1080x1619, Screenshot_2020-01-16-16-53-46…)


No. 748802

New tuna poetry:

loneliness is my heart

velvet soul, empty and lilac

silk and lace tears in my eyes 24/7

baby take me to fucking heaven, our heaven

eyes in the clouds, heart in the bathroom stall, bathroom soul

scrawling my sad ass mind in the bathroom stalls

baby you’re always here to pick my ass up, sobbing mess on the floor

my bag says baby girl but the contents say junkie loser,

body spray, needles, spoons, lilac lipstick, face powder, razor blades

i’ve got a fuckin disease

a disease where i’m chained to a cross in hell with

thoughts that fade

don’t wanna feel nothing don’t wanna feel no pain

tissues covered in blood, i’m swollen

but you and i we just keep rollin

nightgown outside, pink sweatsuits

like it’s ‘96 to ‘02

it’s you and me through and through

i’m your doll now baby, pacifier

trackmarks and swallow

in my pain i fuckin wallow

you’ll never know how much i’ve become hollow


they’ll never understand the marks or why i hurt myself to feel good

opioid epidemic, my heart is synthetic

lace trim and nobody’s baby

cut up thighs, razor blades maybe

hypodermic, empty words in an empty world

what’s the point?

it ain’t sharp enough, dead skin

we’re all dying anyways, so what if i choose a

faster way, so what if i die by my own choice?

can’t i have one right?

can’t i have this one chance to choose?

baby i was born to fucking lose.

No. 748836

i am 100% sure she has read zero of these and is solely using them for the aesthetic

No. 748912

I actually like some bits and pieces from this one. Most of it is a horrible cliche storm tbh

No. 748959

File: 1579207647825.png (426.81 KB, 640x489, 260EE97B-BA34-46DA-8D3C-7101CC…)

This sounds like it was written by one of the Goth Kids from South Park.

No. 749298

holy fuck sage for total OT but ive been thinking about this girl for months after i remembered she existed out of nowhere but couldn’t remember her name for the life of me. i followed her on tumblr like 6 years ago and honestly thought she’d killed herself since she posted about it all the time. i only recognise her through her gross ass fuckin ‘boy’friend and the way she covers her lips in concealer. thanks based lolcow for letting me catch up on this mess!

No. 749361

Can some art anon make Tuna like this for the next thread pic? Kek

No. 749538

does anyone have an Amazon link to the pink and purple stars bedding she ruined? can't find it

No. 749572

File: 1579384341288.jpg (842.32 KB, 1080x1870, 20200118_163746.jpg)

From an animal crossing group we are both in. She posts screenshots from her games but this was the only one I thought was funny enough to post here

No. 749573

File: 1579384432535.jpg (593.87 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_01-18-04.45.05.jpg)

From a bojack horseman group.
1) someone talking about how their mom wants them to stop doing drugs
2) someone replying to 1 saying maybe they should stop doing drugs
3) Luna's response to 2

No. 749587

love how she inserts herself into random strangers narratives just to let them know she’s a poor little crackhead. okay tuna

No. 749589

i wonder if TND learned that from lurking here, kek

No. 749712


Ily anon, always appreciate seeing wild Luna postings!
How the fuck is that AC cat like Lurch tho lmfao. I don't see resemblance beyond the dead eyes

No. 749794

i like how every time she talks about lurch she has to pepper it with “my handsome fiancé” “my loving fiancé”. normal people don’t talk like that constantly kek

No. 749809

File: 1579460236728.jpeg (Spoiler Image,191.71 KB, 1280x960, EOQuP1mWkAYBqXo.jpeg)

Them titties gave up on life

No. 749816

It's like she's having to subconsciously reinforce to herself "yes, this braindead sleaze really does love me like a princess!" to avoid confronting the fact that he's possibly the worst husband anyone could have.

No. 749830

its almost as if you had to be sober to get treatment/diagnosis, wild, all under her real name too

No. 749843

where are they? she has never looked so flat before. wtf

No. 749845

I mean she IS lying down. you can see the top of her boob to the right of the strap and the side of it to the right of her hair. terrible picture but it's not a mystery why she looks flat in this pose.

No. 749856

File: 1579473277342.jpeg (30.37 KB, 549x408, 41ECA77F-8852-4529-8D59-FD5DD4…)

Christ she’s starting to resemble the grudge girl

No. 749862

File: 1579474188938.png (922.76 KB, 1031x881, twitter3 (1).png)

No. 749864

Was going to say "that's a terrible recent picture of her to use" before remembering that there probably isn't a better picture of her from the past five years.

No. 749879

not OP but while it's not a mystery as to why they're so flat, i've really never seen titties look that lumpy yet pancakey at the same time? her right boob looks so odd

No. 749884

Does…does she consider this a glow up?

No. 749900

Spoiler this shit

No. 749927

Christ that's sad

No. 749951

Looks like she has tuberous breasts. It's a deformation, you can have it in 3 different stages (or grades? Levels? I forget.)
Sometimes it only affects one breast.

No. 750397

she doesn't have that kek. Her tits aren't filling out the nighty so it looks weird. her tits are totally flat laying down. That's what happens when you gain and lose tons of weight over and over. Tuna is actually quite thin compared to how she used to be. What makes her look so gross is all the stretched out skin all over her entire body (combined with being a malnourished unwashed junkie obvi). It makes her look like an old lady that's lost skin elasticity. This isn't rocket science. Her tiddies look like that because they are empty sacks of breast tissue and skin with no fat left.

No. 750697

we've all seen luna's boobs before and they're not tuberous. lurk moar

No. 752364

File: 1579976790691.png (12.91 KB, 985x187, lmfao.png)

No. 752366

File: 1579976811033.jpg (834.45 KB, 1033x1407, Screenshot_20200125-104428_Ins…)

No. 752368

I don't think I can mentally handle how filthy this is going to get

No. 752408

I pray that we don't have to see pics of her wearing that…

No. 752413

$5 says she puts it in backwards

No. 752416

Won't be long before both halves are indistinguishable

No. 752417

The day I have to see this covered in shit/dirt stains is the day I will kms

No. 752428

you have so much to live for anon

No. 752529

File: 1580028033927.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.28 KB, 720x1201, Onision.jpg)

Luna is a farmer imo

No. 752530

File: 1580028350433.jpg (81.78 KB, 720x760, ok.jpg)

No. 752531

She could also be following his antics via reddit. iirc people who've claimed to know her have said that she can't stand to look at her thread (and she's mentioned that as well), though that could easily be a lie given that she seems to participate in gossip communities on facebook. If she does go to lolcow then she's done a great job at hiding it

No. 752544

Hating onision always was popular on tumblr as well. Anyway it's pretty much mainstream at the moment. I doubt she comes here.

No. 752553

First of all she started off her ethot career doing pissporn so I truly wanna know what boundaries she pushed, was it scat tuna??
“I just wanna eat” is rich coming from someone who doesnt wanna admit they wanna eat AND continue their dysfunctional and crippling addiction to hard drugs.
Thats the real tragedy she doesnt even wanna aspire to be a functioning addict at the very least, shes determined to live in a shit infested hoard doing as little as possible that isnt drugs, drawing or writing poetry. (Im also sus about her wanting to eat when not too long ago she was BITCHING about her mother making food? Seems like theres food in the pantry- kek)

No. 752572

>First of all she started off her ethot career doing pissporn so I truly wanna know what boundaries she pushed, was it scat tuna??

She's probably just lying, trying to guilt people into sending her money to "save" her from sex work.

No. 752575

She has a line further than using an old mans death to pull a gofundme scam?

Lol fuck no. She wants more junk money to do less.

No. 752586

what's funny is that greg looks just like lurch in these pics. i would bet money that lurch has shown up to court dressed like that at least once.

she was bitching about not having any clients not too long ago

No. 752608


I thought the same thing about him looking like Lurch.

No. 752619

Love the use of "some clients" as if there's multiple people lined up to receive the blessing of a low quality sloppy body nude from junkie gutter trash. We know she's making little to nothing with her "SW", yet she still manages to survive and eat every day. Almost as if her mother keeps her fat ass and her useless waste of space bf fed off of her own dime. And she's still going to pretend daddy doesn't already pay for everything? God I hope we soon come to a day where people will stop being gullible idiots/over generous with this bitch that gets everything handed to her and still steals from others.

No. 752652

She applied to join an Abby Brown FB group once it was posted about in /snow/
I don't think it's a stretch to believe lolcow is one of the ways she passes the many idle hours between fixes.

No. 753162

A lot of people think she might die sooner later than later. I really hope this will not happen for a long time, but I wonder what would happen to Lurch if Luna was gone. Would he manipulate her mother into allowing him to continue leaving with her? Would he get into a relationship with Tuna Mom instead? I guess he could also end up homeless. This explains why he holds on to Luna all the time.

No. 753173

The easiest will be to get with her mom, since they've known each other for a long time. Or stay with a friend, if he has any. For Luna it would be harder without him, she wouldn't go out scoring dope by herself.

No. 753242

I was friends with Luna online for a couple years, this was right before she started dating Matthew, so maybe 2013-2014? We were mutuals on tumblr forever and bonded over Alice In Chains and the ~90’s grunge baby courtney love~ shit, she always talked about wanting to be a junkie like Layne but I always tried to talk her down. Once she started dating Matthew she lied about his age for quite awhile, saying he was just a couple years older, I knew it was bullshit but I didn’t question it. Then she started asking for money from her followers and friends including me, I never sent her anything because I didn’t wanna contribute to her new lifestyle. I deleted tumblr soon after and haven’t thought about her for years, it’s fucking sad seeing that she’s leaned 100% into this shitty uwu sad wittle baby junky angel garbage, she used to be a sweet and good person and I fucking hope she snaps out of this at some point and gets rid of fucking Matthew, piece of shit ruined her. I doubt she even remembers me, the drugs have obviously fried her fucking brain

No. 753309

Thank you for posting this.
Do you have any proof or content archived?
I take it that Luna was not always acting so selfish (constantly demanding money from people, ignoring anyone who is not sending the monies)?

No. 753311

File: 1580277921084.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, 1501181175608.png)

2 years ago from a few threads back, how the fuck did she get worse looking? she almost looks human here compared to now

No. 753312

File: 1580277958723.png (72.96 KB, 750x995, 1501032902936.png)

No. 753517

i too was friends with her, from about 2012 to 2015. i had a couple friends who associated with her as well. i’ve been coming to these lolcow threads since the very first one was created. it’s been weird seeing her turn into a huge topic on this website.

the weirdest thing about her starting to date lurch was that - in her mind - it was IMMEDIATELY a life altering, soul mate, soon-to-be-wed, “i would die for this man” type relationship. he told her almost immediately that he was going to marry her. it was SO FAST. — but there was never any proof that he was treating her well. the kiss-asses were “just happy to see her happy” but she started posting gofundme’s constantly (who remembers the memorial service for her grandma scandal?) and hitting up everyone for cash.

IMO luna isn’t even entertaining to read about anymore. it’s just really sad. whenever i refresh this thread i wonder if she’s overdosed for the last time. just pitiful.

No. 753518

>how the fuck did she get worse looking?

she is a heroin addict, anon. she's lucky she even still looks like she's in her 20s at this point

No. 753539

>the weirdest thing about her starting to date lurch was that - in her mind - it was IMMEDIATELY a life altering, soul mate, soon-to-be-wed, “i would die for this man” type relationship. he told her almost immediately that he was going to marry her. it was SO FAST. — but there was never any proof that he was treating her well

sounds like typical manipulative groomer lovebombing plus possibly Luna's possible BPD tendencies

No. 753555

I unfortunately don’t have any receipts as that was years and I’ve wiped my cringe from the internet. We weren’t super close but we did talk from time to time. I was shocked to see her on here. She was just a “normal” punk Courtney love wannabe for so long. And I agree with the other anon, it was sooooo fast and furious with the Matthew shit, she just started posting about him out of the blue one day and it’s like a switch flipped, she lost her fucking mind. I cut contact maybe a few weeks after they started dating and she got into drugs/asking for money, she was always asking for care packages and stuff. I was a broke 17ish year old and my money went to my car and stuff so I never sent her anything at all. I was just really surprised to see her on here and see the downward spiral, I hope she gets help soon because she is a sweet girl deep down and deserves much better than this…especially “lurch” I was loling at that nickname. If I remember correctly part of the reason she liked him is because he “looks like” Sean Kinney from AiC, I might be getting that memory mixed up with some other uwu grunge chick I knew, but it would make sense coming from Luna. Sageing because I don’t have any good milk

No. 753557

Sorry for the double post, but I do think Matthew absolutely groomed her and she glommed onto it because she was always a bit insecure, she told me she couldn’t wait to marry him like the same day she posted about him, I asked her why and she said they’re soulmates like Kurt and Courtney, no lie. It was 100% obsessive and incredibly unhealthy from the very getgo and she’s partly using him to fulfill her tortured junky lover fantasy, it’s going to end badly and tragically probably sooner rather than later

No. 753585

anon from >>753517 here. i don’t think she’s a “sweet girl underneath” anymore. she used to be. that ship has sailed. she is currently, and has been for a while, matthew’s puppet. hard drugs combined with being endlessly spoiled by material goods have taken that away. perhaps one day she will return to her old self but that is doubtful; she has no desire to recover. i’m tired of anons playing the “what if” game, so i’m not going to be another one. she isn’t the same luna we talked to in our late teen / young adult years.

No. 753594

To the anon who knew her when she got with Matt, was she always into the stickers on everything, bbygirl, pastel, every username having the word "heavenly/angel/kitten" in it or is that all post-matthew

No. 753595

File: 1580347637983.jpeg (1.23 MB, 828x1550, 00F4D36E-774D-4DFE-B880-358077…)

She’s been stealing again

No. 753597

File: 1580347762466.jpeg (297.39 KB, 828x1243, 7FF654F7-0508-430B-8BEC-9AA9E4…)

No. 753604

File: 1580348491935.png (1.09 MB, 703x871, l1.png)

or maybe her dad bought it for her and she's lying

No. 753605

File: 1580348531754.png (851.89 KB, 697x819, l3.png)

No. 753621

At other anon that knows her, yeah I’m not gonna “what if” and be sad. She chose this life. Sorry for mild ot. She was always like that. That was the “aesthetic” for our tumblr circle I guess. I was like that too. To me it seems like her aesthetic hasn’t changed much. She was funeralhome420 for a long time. She dresses mostly the same as she did back then but she never had posted nudes or anything.

No. 753664

she wasn’t always like that to this extent. she was edgier before. super feminist. punk rock / garage band stuff. definitely feminine, but not bimbo-fied. she shaped herself around matthew. (known her since 2011-12 so pre-tai)

No. 753678

She always gets nice things when she visits her dad, but lies to fit her narrative of poor uwu baby angel that was forced to go into sw by her dire circumstances. What a spoiled junkie…

No. 753687

How the fuck does she steal all of that without anyone noticing?
They surely must know of that blonde crackhead coming into the store that never buys anything?

Smoking weed right next to a cat… I hate her so much.

No. 753688

Store employees usually don’t give a fuck or are not allowed to go after thieves.

It’s probably not even worth the effort since it’s not high value stuff like electronics. It’s still lame to steal from big stores because they then tend to put the blame on the employees and retail is miserable enough as it is. This bitch has no empathy for others working their ass off for pennies, but it’s not very surprising considering she even steals from graveyards.

No. 753748

Really bitch? While I agree that the policy force here in the states gets away with a lot of shady shit, YOU'RE STEALING. If you get arrested, that's exactly what you deserve. I hope these stores are just letting her steal until she takes enough to get slapped with a felony charge.

No. 753759

Looking at all the goth kid Tim Burton art on the walls and I think she might even have her own room at her dad's

No. 753851

That's my bet. There is no way Luna is that good of a shoplifter. Just look at her, imagine her entering the store looking and acting like the biggest junkie, of course she'll be followed by staff

Alsoz that doesn't look like a joint at all? Why does it look like it was rolled in printer paper?

She doesn't look bimbofied to me. It looks like a Courtney Love thing, she strives for this "complicated junkie who is also delicate and dreamy" aesthetic, I guess as a way to romanticize her horrible life

Yes! 100% this

I think she has "alternative" parents. I was always under the impression and it kinda proved me right. Isn't her father like a music industry person or something? Also, smoking a joint with your obviously wanna be Courtney love daughter while watching netflix sounds very """cool dad"""

No. 753936

File: 1580440661356.png (1.64 MB, 1316x1831, Screenshot_20200130-221731~2.p…)

No. 753939

File: 1580440986148.png (1.97 MB, 1290x2010, Screenshot_20200130-221949~2.p…)

No. 753940

File: 1580441007372.png (1.89 MB, 1255x1597, Screenshot_20200130-221957~2.p…)

No. 753941

File: 1580441031686.png (2.02 MB, 1275x1579, Screenshot_20200130-222054~2.p…)

No. 753942

File: 1580441100208.png (2.03 MB, 1316x2291, Screenshot_20200130-222105~2.p…)

Idk if every single one of these are benzos, seems likely if that's what she says but idk all the variations of benzos

No. 753950

They all look like benzos except the pink one which is a placebo.

No. 753970

Unless it's a pressed pill and not a prescribed one. They can come in any color. Pressed pills are a gamble cuz u dont really know what you're getting.

No. 754002

File: 1580446076099.png (1.81 MB, 1316x1841, Screenshot_20200130-234814~2.p…)

No. 754022


Wow lol

No. 754031

File: 1580448607971.png (322.91 KB, 836x640, damn b.png)

it is kpin. the green one is 1mg, pink could be 0.5mg and the white is 2mg.
i wonder if the girl she tagged in that is even okay with being tagged in that, if someone really wanted to they could easily report them to local police. Klonopin is a controlled substance like all benzos and an expensive one too when people sell it. cant imagine it was just given to it. if so thats nice.

can't imagine kpin is exactly making her feel anything but like a zombie. it's just making her brain match the outside of her. sad and kinda icky.

No. 754033

from the way she phrased it the girl just gave her the pink case with the sticker. even if she did send her the kpins no ones gonna report it to local police lmfao

jesus fucking christ

No. 754035

File: 1580449287934.png (5.36 MB, 2352x1572, paralysis demons.png)

>impulsively stopped acid all i can say is i love my partner

No. 754037

She's finally getting the weird facial deformations that spell out "addict". I'm not sure if it's the teeth or what but she looks like every white trash in these…

No. 754038

Isn't clonazepram for sleep? Sleep medications are one of the most dangerous things to mix with other drugs. She's fixing to go to sleep and never wake up, yikes.

No. 754070


It's a benzo anxiolitic with a wicked physical dependence. Sudden withdrawal can be deadly. Benzos potentiate the effects of each other and opioids and alcohol. The combined CNS depression (functions like breathing) is what kills.

It has a different feel from Xanax, so I can see the appeal of switching it up when given the opportunity.

No. 754100


Oof. What the fuck is that crust around her mouth? Is she actually unable to see how disgusting she looks?

No. 754101

File: 1580460714583.png (Spoiler Image,497.41 KB, 765x765, crust.png)

No. 754103

It knocks me the fuck out, and I am on the lowest possible dose. I don't understand how she is able to function on her dose sizes.

No. 754117

Her tooth looks like it's trying to leave her mouth….

No. 754156

That lip ring is making me ill

No. 754225


I think this is the first ever documented case of lurch having a facial expression.

No. 754257

Because she’s a seasoned benzo addict. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say these days it’s running (ruining) her life more than the heroin.

No. 754265

Unless she intentionally mixes a bogger than normal amount of benzos with alcohol, it isn't ruining her life more than heroin

No. 754266

Samefag: a bigger kek

No. 754366

File: 1580524991837.png (6.17 MB, 1538x2048, BA04CA14-C7FC-4536-8792-8C3F45…)

she posted yet another pic today showing off her dying tooth

No. 754382

god, who needs the skincare thread when luna is all the motivation anyone will ever need to wash and moisturizer their fucking face?

No. 754427


she probably nodded face first into something that knocked out the vitality in that one if its not just pulp caries

No. 754453

As if she'd ever stopped. It's strange that she's being so forthcoming about it though.
What's going on with her mouth? It seems like one side of the upper jaw is higher than the other.

No. 754470

It could just be the angle and direction of her face in that picture, but she's been a lifetime thumb-sucker and that can have an effect on mouth shape and teeth structure.

No. 754512

Pretty sure she's got a bad case of angular cheilitis. It's easily curable with antifungal cream. It seems like she's had it for years.

No. 754553

I'm impressed with how clean her teeth look considering how grimy everything she touches is, if I don't brush mine for 4 hours after eating they get visibly dirty. I wonder if she actually brushes them. Uncanny if so, why would you brush your teeth but not shower or do laundry?

No. 754602

her jaw has always been like that. could be because of the thumb sucking, could be poor genes. she used to post videos of her reading her own poetry back in the day (2012? 2013?) and it looked like someone was pulling up one side of her mouth with a string. it’s hard to describe, but she talks out of one side of her mouth

No. 754652

what's that shit around her mouth? hair? i just can't grasp how one can post a picture of themselves looking like this. i know she's whacked out of her mind but gDAMN she looks like some kind of elderly corpse. it's so sad

No. 754665

She’s trippin, her pupils are huge. Her hallucinations of herself are probably a teeny, tiny, cute, delicate heroin chic and she thinks everybody else will. But she actually looks like a dirty, diseased, gutter whore.

No. 754685

One could hope that she might have some sort of radical breakthrough on acid and get her shit together but it’s unlikely.

No. 754870

File: 1580685949166.jpg (62.84 KB, 500x375, tumblr_f3813b0922f6dd021a03d7a…)

From tumblr

No. 755015

File: 1580732225464.jpeg (195.59 KB, 742x923, 1CCA90BF-433E-4921-BFC4-6ED1F8…)

No. 755016

File: 1580732255670.jpeg (Spoiler Image,189.36 KB, 1280x960, ADE7815A-11B3-43A4-802D-E88991…)

No. 755041

Wtf is always wrong is her eyes? Looks like she wears tape to make them squinted but I guess it's just badly applied eyeliner and false lashes… they always look pulled in different directions, so weird!

I wonder if anyone buy Luna's sad as fuck porn, you'd have to be kind of a sicko to get off on a woman in that state… is anyone paying for it like at all? Doubt it

No. 755054


guessing it's a combination of the way she uses about five layers of foundation for some reason (remember the girl has freckles), is probably high as a kite while applying it, high as a kite while taking the pictures and most likely also in a deep pit of desperation and misery over what her life has become.

I agree with others that it's been a loooong time since Luna was genuinely entertaining. Now it's just sad and macabre but I can't for the love of me turn my eyes away.

No. 755069

She looks like she is melting. Her nose is collapsing into itself. I have no idea how she could put this out there and expect to get customers.

No. 755090

Yeah it only got darker after Roger died and she stole his fucking blankets.

No. 755093

She looks like she got drawn but one of the tumblrina artists that make everyone look ugly AF in some bizzare pursuit of originality. WTF

No. 755225

File: 1580795634032.jpeg (338.42 KB, 960x1280, 217DE96B-5208-4127-82E7-B4DC28…)

Lord help me

No. 755269

She didn't even wait until he was dead to steal his blankets. If I recall, his friend got him new blankets and pillows because of his terrible bed sores and Tuna took them.

No. 755334

The real question is if she still has the musty half-crushed shoebox filled with his remains. Pity the Magical Dumpster couldn't have provided them with a nicer jar or urn of sorts for him.

No. 755341

By this point, we have to be glad she hasn‘t digged up the urn of a random dead kid and dumped its content on the ground, just to fill it with Roger‘s ashes and to take pictures for pity points on social media.

No. 755362


She's gradually starting to look more like Lurch's equally evil twin.

No. 755454

File: 1580879056030.png (3.61 MB, 828x1792, BCC0E734-B3F8-4351-9EFE-0C372B…)

Latest self portrait of misery from the living dead that Luna has become. The empty stare off to the side isn’t helping

No. 755462

I actually don’t think she looks terrible here. Her makeup is 7 layers too thick and her lipstick is gross as usual, but she looks a lot less like a corpse when she doesn’t do winged eyeliner with the red eyeshadow on her lower lash line

No. 755540

For all the cosmetics she steals your think she’d use them correctly or at least snatch some face wash.


Oh yeah you’re right she did steal his possessions while he was actively dying/on hospice I guess. Milking her followers for as much as she could and making sure he didn’t see any of the money. It’s crazy what’s she’s gotten away with in this dirty fantasy land of hers she’s created for herself where she’s always the victim and no one else is. And fuck lurch for even allowing this to happen to his own father.

No. 755631

File: 1580942997349.png (473.9 KB, 963x737, benzos.png)

No. 755650

Man, when she gets caught shoplifting and has to detox in a jail cell, its gonna be rough.

No. 755651

so brave of her to come out as ACAB (Assigned Cow at Birth)

No. 755658

File: 1580952727153.jpg (314.01 KB, 1280x939, 355C7C0E-31C6-4CB1-9F38-FB0A21…)

here's my contribution bc i love this trainwreck lmao

No. 755664

the fucking artistry of this shit anon kisses fingertips please grace shingles and gregles thread too

No. 755674

This is absolutely incredible, anon! Amazing work!

No. 755684

Yep, especially because benzo withdrawal is a hell of a lot worse than wd’ing off of opiates.

No. 755706

File: 1580958114390.jpg (42.65 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

No. 755709

looks great but her eyes could have been smaller (for the sunken eyes rotting corpse look)
just a suggestion

No. 755729

Nice work! Are you the same anon who made a similar drawing a year ago or is this coincidence?

No. 755767

not the same anon, this is my first post about tuna but i've been lurking for a long time

No. 755819

Lmao at the books on the shelf that say she’s never read any of them and lurches corpse chilling with a dirty Alice In Chains shirt on.

No. 755824

Masterpiece!! KEK

No. 755994

File: 1581044587283.jpeg (336.08 KB, 828x628, 2381843D-4536-4227-A32A-1ABEC1…)


No. 755996

you have my vote for lolcow awards at the end of the year fucking lel

No. 756113

File: 1581110089648.png (61.08 KB, 505x738, eJqqoqW.png)

No. 756122

File: 1581115355227.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.66 KB, 960x1280, IMG_20200207_174304.jpg)

No. 756123

File: 1581115500995.jpg (Spoiler Image,361.91 KB, 1063x1007, Screenshot_20200207-174322_Twi…)

No. 756132

spoiler this

No. 756136

She really does have a grandma ass doesn't she?
I'm surprised the tail doesn't have flecks of shit on it in the photo but it looks like a good chunk of it is hidden anyway.

No. 756139

like someone dropped an eBay wig on a pile of mashed potatoes

No. 756144


Mega kek

No. 756170

jesus christ if you’re gonna try and be sexy for money, maybe try… idk… being sexy? why doesn’t she arch her back or something? her pictures are so sloppy and awkward

No. 756186

Because she's lazy with everything. Art, poems, job searching, sex work, etc.
She's always been the type to do the bare minimum and think she should be handed cash and drugs for it.

No. 756231

File: 1581147013727.jpg (469.95 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_96e01155b446ba5f1e1b563…)

No. 756250

File: 1581163857542.jpg (626.33 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_73520f85c2827fcaa95e329…)

No. 756251

File: 1581164023023.jpg (573.33 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_70978b540c467bddb328cfc…)

I doubt she stole those two big tubs of Aveeno, she would have to be shoving them in her bag lol not very discreet

No. 756262

File: 1581169510462.webm (Spoiler Image,17.02 MB, 720x1280, media.io_JF-xEPZw9uDajBXf.webm)

No. 756266

File: 1581170509249.png (95.09 KB, 180x188, cringe.png)

No. 756269

Lmao she's trying so hard not to let those tube socks drop. It's the most effort I've seen her put into anything for a while.

No. 756271

i feel like sad cringe watching this…

No. 756272


tuna looks seconds away from death in these. Y I K E S

No. 756300

This is absolutely haunting.

No. 756363

Seeing her in motion will never not be disturbing. She's like something out of a horror movie. Her eyes…Christ.

No. 756381

She literally looks looks like a reanimated corpse in early stages of decay. If someone told me it's some horror movie footage I would 100% believe them.

No. 756400

I’m just passing through this board but this woman looks like I Sing Fantastic Hey Hey Hey come to life.

No. 756401

jesus christ. her movement is so creepy and stilted. the fact that she didn't remove the audio so you can hear all the ambient noise and her breathing makes it even more unsettling. she's obviously holding/recording with her phone so why is she continually looking out of the corner of her eyes at seemingly nothing? its insane to me that she's 23 and already this fried from drugs.

the fact that she posted this in hopes of getting some dude's dick hard enough to spend money on her is astonishing. they'd have to be a necrophiliac to get off on this.

No. 756411

You got that right. It's eerily similar. I get depressed every time I see the thread. She just keeps getting worse.

No. 756446

tinfoil but could she be looking out the corner of her eye for someone coming in? it sounded like someone was in the shower nearby. i thought maybe she was doing sex work behind lurch's back, but she's done stuff with him to. maybe she's trying to get away from him…but probably not. she's probably just saving another $12 for some sanrio stickers.

No. 756463

She's looking in the mirror.

No. 756464

Holy shit. Do we know if she is still on heroin?

No. 756476

How is she 23 and built like this

No. 756480

Honestly why the fuck does she look like this and move the way she does?
Is it all just from the benzos?

No. 756494

Is anyone requesting those videos or is she trying to promote herself with these?

No. 756502

How deep does her rock bottom go? Death?

No. 756507

Definitely that glazed benzo look to me from what I've seen when people take a lot of them.

No. 756553

i’ve been on this site for years and somehow cannot get this video to play. anyone care to help me out? all i see is a play symbol with a line through if

No. 756560

Same, someone please upload it as a gif

No. 756561

I've found the webms don't work in Safari, you might have to use a different web browser. Or you can download the file by clicking on the filename ("media.io_…") and use a media player on your computer instead

No. 756567

it was taken from her sw twitter, you can just watch it there if its easier:

No. 756581

File: 1581312719454.jpg (108.12 KB, 500x666, peTdQYB.jpg)

No. 756582

File: 1581312745549.png (852.42 KB, 604x892, F6wBcac.png)

No. 756583


Your future is easy to predict Luna - you will die of a drug overdose alone because chief woodenface is gonna leave your ass to rot when you do or before when he realizes you will not be getting your dads apartment and even if you do you won’t keep it long before the HOA kicks your dirt merchant asses out. There saved you time and money on that shit.

No. 756592

File: 1581332436460.jpg (395.27 KB, 1265x1920, tumblr_6356098bb22e96b99281b6e…)

No. 756593

File: 1581332471987.jpg (443.54 KB, 1280x1704, tumblr_75fce57b58e8e4135cb3964…)

>love you so much it makes me sick

No. 756594

File: 1581332545715.jpg (388.83 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_901943ccb3564a71b0b2c99…)

No. 756595

File: 1581332653468.jpg (493.25 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_35f386b08c42a05c4fe1cfa…)

No. 756596

File: 1581333060194.gif (603.45 KB, 300x340, ogv.gif)


Those pants…

No. 756599

Her face is starting to resemble lurch’s..I-

No. 756602

File: 1581339540791.jpg (1.12 MB, 1280x3414, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-biCo…)

Her eye is going sideways, must be high af

No. 756604


jesus christ, what's going on there? She's always had a little bit of a lazy eye, but nothing abnormal. That's almost worryingly lazy though

No. 756605

The most tragic part is that she thinks that she looks so cool in these photos

No. 756613

File: 1581344192964.jpg (699.11 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_16331721d59283709341c22…)

A stash of Advil

No. 756619

File: 1581348896992.jpg (Spoiler Image,124.74 KB, 500x667, tumblr_4ea54bf99c820f2ae084f55…)

She posted a bunch of pictures of her and Lurch holding up pornos for some reason. Why is his thumb so damn dirty, gross.

No. 756621


Creepin round NYC dressed like that is she hookin? Jeez she’s in bad shape.

No. 756624

One of the cover models committed suicide, I wouldn't be shocked if they were aware of that. Luna loves suicide.

No. 756628


sorry for ot, but link to story? that woke my curiosity

No. 756630

Out of all the things to steal from a random person, Advil? You can tell she took it from someone too because of how lazily stashed it is. She didn't have a random bottle in her hoard to put it in?

Just google August Ames.

No. 756632


There’s a good podcast about it called The Last Days of August.

No. 756634

Looking like a drugged up, granny from the 90’s

No. 756969

When you're on benzos, your eyes go super wonky and lazy. Classic way to tell someone's on them.

No. 757023

File: 1581529885305.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1769, tuna.jpg)

7 days ago vs 4 days ago. she's snarfing those down like candy.

No. 757025

The random greasy Lurch hairs in the pillbox really make the image.

No. 757026

sorry for copypaste, i'm on my phone and didn't want to take 8 screenshots. is this just poetry or did she attempt?

>tw suicide


you’re no more my mother than rain is to clouds

don’t have faith in me, you’ll only be disappointed

the trees leaves colors changes pass by and i’m made to keep going.

i’m strong, i always wanna think i’m not, but

i’d have to be or i’d be hanging

the scars tell stories we have-

some from accidents, some from bad falls, and

mine mostly from razors, scissors, or whatever i could get my hands on impulsivity will be the death of me

nonetheless i’m still a progressing story

my insomnia causes me to hold my eyelids shut at night

counting sheep is a joke, i end up in the thousands

my bed is like a rock

laying next to my love and twenty year old cat is worth the misery

they’re the only beings that made my heart lighter

i feel like i’m rotting from the inside out

maybe one day i’ll be gold

and prosper like a butterfly

i wanna be good, baby

like a shooting star

golden, golden, shimmering, golden

even dying can be art

anything can be set if you try hard enough

razor blades are paint brushes, dope is ink and i’m the canvas

i’d rather overdose so i can stay in my silk and lace lingerie and look beautiful as drift off to sleep

even in psych hospitals they eye my scars and trackmarks

sorry i can’t hide them when it’s 90 degrees

my sweetheart gives me a heart shaped box for valentine’s

full of benzodiazepines

klonopin, alprazolam, lorazepam

makes me feel like a baby lamb

curled up in a soft blanket on silk sheets

fluffy pillows

imagining i’m not on a rock hard mattress

or an apartment where i dream of nooses

a wake up screaming from nightmares

i’m a fighter, and i wanna keep fighting

till i can’t anymore

why would i wanna remember this hell i live?

opiate poppy fields, it snows of capsules and roses

wondering what it’s like to live pure

purity to me is angel wings, white silk and lace, pink and lavender ribbons, and rosy cheek, soft lips to kiss, big blue eyes to look into with lust

with love

i wanna be pure

the inside of my skin is made of devil’s skin but on the outside, pale like cherub paintings

i want to be pure!

i want to be obscure!

but my heart feels so impure…

the world is lonely out there, and i can’t hide

curled up in the bathroom, bleach in hair, powdered face, readying to blossom l, overwhelmed with gruesome problems

i’m in control now

surround me in rose quartz l, smoky quartz, opal, amethyst, flowers of all sorts, and as many religious statues and candles as you can find even if i don’t believe in such things, but…

i am in control control now!

goodnight forever.

No. 757027

File: 1581530224003.png (220.98 KB, 958x357, go2GYuM.png)

No. 757030

oops i didn't see that. i really feel like she's reaching the brink here, i hope this isn't just incoherent rambling she forgets later and she actually gets help.

No. 757034

File: 1581531563193.png (25.8 KB, 300x171, 82574542-C5BD-4445-885C-431F62…)

I….what? God she wants to be tragic artist so bad huh.

No. 757035


jesus, she's lining up for a new OD quickly if those run out and she gets desperate

No. 757048

I don’t think so. I mean she’s obviously declining, but her posting ‘my life sucks, must be the bpd’ while she lies around in bed all day scarfing down xanax is like a weekly thing.

No. 757065

she's gonna OD on bars and H and be like "huh wow guess my bpd got really bad guiz i'm dying"

No. 757135

Every time I read her poetry I'm just waiting for the mention of her Love 4ever and her 20 year old cat and I'm never disappointed

No. 757166

File: 1581552351827.png (2.16 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2020-02-12 at 2.20…)

it's like watching a horror movie about addiction at this point…

No. 757178

File: 1581554205666.jpeg (351.05 KB, 750x1092, 3327C9D5-FD1F-42BA-87D1-12A4E1…)

No. 757240

File: 1581572527712.png (920.74 KB, 1316x1242, Screenshot_20200213-004045~2.p…)

No. 757241

File: 1581572548690.png (1.22 MB, 1316x1058, Screenshot_20200213-004109~2.p…)

No. 757242

File: 1581572592481.png (1.37 MB, 1316x1800, Screenshot_20200213-004141~2.p…)

The dirt near her thumb and index finger and the blood on the blanket behind her

No. 757246

>>757242 I doubt that is blood, but the my melody pillow looks gross as fuck

No. 757263

jfc she's 2high2type 24/7


What the cinnamon toast fuck

No. 757274

I know that she's been getting bad for awhile but these recent posts went from like "ohh fuck her tooth is rotting" to the video of her looking like she came back from the Pet Sematary. Obviously it's the drugs but goddamn, sis is 99% gone.

It's been a fun few years, but I'm out. Someone call me when she OD's and the ride is over. Shit has gotten beyond depressing, not even funny anymore.

No. 757276

The sheets and pillows look as nasty as they did when they lived with Roger and Luna said their water had been shut off.
When she moved in with her mom didn't she have brand new clean bedding? Does she just not wash anything?

No. 757300

Holy fuck so this is TND's final form? Goddamn.

No. 757368

Agreed. I haven't been following the Luna saga for very long, but she's gone downhill from a low point so fucking fast. I mostly check to make sure she's not dead, these days.

Going by activity on this thread I'd say most people have checked out. Not to get cultish but Luna's become something of a symbol of life wasted on addiction for me, and I just fucking wish she'll live to see the day that we once again can laugh at something she does.

No. 757387

It's really been getting sad lately. Especially when you realise how young she is.

No. 757406

For some odd reason I too check here so often to see if she died, but idk how we will know…

No. 757413


I assume there are only two ways this story, and any milk related to it, can end:

a) Luna gets sober and removes herself from the online presence that's been so fundamental for her whole addiction journey*

b) she dies.

*also Lurch bc he's the gross fucking mess we all know him as

No. 757507

File: 1581656522143.jpg (987.86 KB, 1080x1783, tuna2.jpg)

i haven't been posting here in a year but i logged into an old IG where i'm following her so decided to check in. she makes me sad as fuck, i've been following her since i was 15 and a pillhead and i never thought this would be her life.

No. 757509

File: 1581656858116.jpg (117.49 KB, 1080x1317, 20200213_210804.jpg)

No. 757536

she's such a moron. she pops benzos like they're tic tacs and then attributes her losing chunks of memory to ~dissociation~

she'll die before she ever gets out of the mess of a life she's created. to actually get clean she'd have to show a bit of self-awareness and take responsibility for what she's done to herself instead of adding it to the tragic doomed-from-the-start origin story she loves to spin. she's never shown signs of doing any of that. she's hopeless.

No. 757543

File: 1581669163519.jpg (648.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-14-09-31-25…)

but first you need to write the book, Luna…

No. 757544

File: 1581669312538.jpg (724.88 KB, 1080x1972, IMG_20200214_093543.jpg)


No. 757545

File: 1581669351799.jpg (504.93 KB, 1080x1714, IMG_20200214_093526.jpg)

No. 757570

The shrine made of stuff stolen from graveyards. That must give ~good vibes and energy~

No. 757571

sorry for absolutely sperging about animal crossing of all things, but a majority of the things in that picture are bought with 'leaf tickets', which you either get for free in-game or buy with real money. going by how much is in there and how much it would add up to with in-game currency, i'm pretty sure she's spending a lot of money on this app - the leaf tickets aren't cheap at all. so much for being so very very poor, huh?

No. 757572

Does she sill think this is who she is?

No. 757590

yeah i was kinda noticing that too. she can claim all day that you can earn them in game but not enough to get enough to get all of that in one go. that hair is 150 leaf tickets alone.

No. 757610

The game sometime gives tickets by the literal dozens; I've never spent a cent on tickets and I have hundreds of ticket items. This tinfoil comes up from time to time and it's silly.

No. 757634

Imagine the kind of person she could have been if she didn't throw away every single opportunity to shoot up with her groomer. Lunas already gone.

No. 757652

It’s the same recycled argument. I don’t think she’ll get better.When presented with the inpatient help you saw how she felt with it.

No. 757653

her poems sound like they were generated by a bot at this point

No. 757656

some programmer anon needs to make a lunabot

No. 757695

(Reposting her newest poem)

my hands hide in my shirt sleeves

fingertips sometimes healing out to check on the world

i bite my nails till they bleed unless i glue on false ones

watching a million days fo by, moons switching with suns

the death of me may be borderdom, possibly guns

not a drug overdose not hanging in a closet, not a razor blade

border on is a killer- do i want to live? or just sleep?

desth is permanent sleep

death is permanent sleep

death permanent sleep

my heart is pounding at the thought - permanent sleep

my mind and heart struggle to work as a team

i’m just trying to wake up and stretch

fingers spread so far and long that i sprout angel’s wings

light, a soft ripple in the pool of the sky

clouds, a soft pillow to sleep amongst the stars

curl up on a blanket of the moon and the sun, my parents

close your eyes and pray the insomnia isn’t severe tonight

i am glitter, gold, and silver - sparkling like opals and holographic glitter

me and you, though, we’re naked and here

real love is hatred and pure, and id sacrifice anything for you - as you, me

perfection is fake, anyways

perfection is implausible, and i’m truly

perfectly imperfect, a sacrifice i make

the world is so vast, we don’t even understand a small percentage of the oceans

so many spend every moment in the same few places

i want to explore!

i want to explore with you

maybe even a kitty, too.

No. 757697


i honestly hope she gets help and gets better. otherwise she is going to die. she is mixing drugs really dangerously at this point. it seems like she's given up completely and is totally brainwashed by her relationship. it's fucked up, not funny at all. this is some dark shit, especially coming from seeing her back in her early tumblr days when she was just an artsy chick with weird hair doing her thing. luna, please wake up. it's not romantic to die of an OD.

No. 757699

Dude she literally isn’t going to changed. She got inpatient help and complained about the food and left. She has people enabling her online. She ODed once and rather than using it as a wake up call decided it’s would be better to just have narcan on her. She’s been in this cycle for years now. She’s not going to change. I remember 2 years ago when she was talking about getting kicked out of Rogers apartment that she and lurch ran into the ground everyone speculated about her selling her body to break even. Well now she’s living in her mother’s home and still selling her body for dirt cheap prices and for what? For internet pity points. It’s sad but she chose this.

No. 757733

you know those “we made a bot read 1,000 romcom movie scripts and then had the bot write its own” type posts you see going viral on facebook constantly? can we please make a bot read all of luna’s shitty poems and then auto-generate a new one?

No. 757768


it's just so frustrating to see like… she could probably get her dad to pay for rehab, get clean, get away from lurch and not die. but she would rather die than try bc she romanticizes 90s heroin users

No. 757770

talktotransformer.com might work

No. 757824

Ah I see she’s still using that formula

>I grew up gifted I had potential

>My parents ruined me
>Matthew I love you you saved me also our 25 year cat

No. 757825

>the death of me may be borderdom, possibly guns
Luna dad, please keep your TEC9 or whatever gun far away from your child… I'm literally begging you…
>border on is a killer- do i want to live? or just sleep?
Does she mean borderline or what?
>real love is hatred and pure, and id sacrifice anything for you
What the fuck. Has Lurch been abusing her again? This is concerning if she truly means it.
>i want to explore with you
>maybe even a kitty, too.
Is this just me being ESL and/or not getting poetry or is this a really bizzare phrase? Sounds like she wants to explore the cat's insides or something.

No. 757837


"must be the dream of always being perfect - i think it comes naturally
i wanna build sandcastles, just to rock with those sweet seas
but when i see others, they fall off their stilts and get crushed to the earth
which makes me feel horrible - i love all the flowers, but a few just ruin me
think we both know what i mean - it's terrible
i just love a really good fight - i need a wager. can i put money on my team winning?

i already finished dreamin'
and waking
hope is choking out my words
i do not want to sleep tonight
because when i close my eyes and see the horizon
i am still running
a light breath of the dawn breaks through my long eyelids
my body becomes a nest of worries
sigh i want a glass of water
i need a glass of water
when i run i run like i’m a terror

That's what the bot came up with. Who did it better?

No. 757840


"paper towels and wiping the hell out of my nose, making myself vomit, wasting a life
oh please baby do you hear me?
please tell me what you want
scratching my face, shaking my ass,
cheeks, feet, ass, bony fingers, scars, horns, foul scabs
squinty eyes, droopy eyelids, slack jaw, caked on cum

i don’t wanna be without you
i don’t wanna be without me
all i can see is a demon with bad breath
this is the quickest death i can get
i couldn't even find a window until the poison got my eyes
fuck i don't even care how i die
no more pain is worth a shred of pleasure
i don’t care that i take the disease in me

taking after in a manner
drugged me into yielding again
i feel the pain deep inside,
as though i own this bed and this small room
i want you to know that the traces are artificial
i need this drug in me

knock me off, spank me, hurt me, force me
but won’t do it—forget me—disappear!
what’s happening
cannonballs bouncing off my skin, a thousand tiny cracks of bones
sparks spark, squeak, a tingling tangle in my limbs, a throbbing in my chest
the whispers just keep growing
forget me, forget my value to you, erase me

harsh sounds heard through the mist
the days of hope are fading, they said
and then you died
you died a little quicker, you too
to see it all
now we have two options, we can go a different route
i don't know what to do
goodbye daddy
and i think of you forever baby
i hope i see you again"

This bot is officially better at Luna poems than Luna.

No. 757871

File: 1581785156102.jpg (694.93 KB, 1080x1306, 20200215_094616.jpg)

it was a comment on that dissociation drawing

why does she just have loose OTC medicine?? aesthetic?

No. 757872

File: 1581785369985.jpg (931.21 KB, 1080x1741, 20200215_094847.jpg)

No. 757878

That looks like benedryl to me (have seen caps just like that). Maybe she takes it to help sleep? And also because it's so pink and pretty!!!!

No. 757884

Yeah it’s benedryl. It’s amazing her cat is still around with all these meds, needles and drugs hanging around. She’s just gross all over.

No. 757898

looks like her pants have a hole in the crotch

No. 757904

“ all i can see is a demon with bad breath
this is the quickest death i can get”

a far too accurate depiction of lurch to have come from tuna’s mind.

incredible how this bot-made poem was actually very tolerable compared to genuine tuna poetry

No. 757905

Next Luna poem


I. i miss my home, physically and mentally

miss talking to my real dad every morning

sitting together watching the need, talking about baseball and the stock market

your last two sentences in the hospice included asking your son to take care of me - he is

i love you so much, you’ll always be my real dad and not just a sperm donor like my father.

II. i want to be a prize, not a punishment

i make shrines to you cod i love you infinitely

photos of us, fake purple roses, porcelain cherubs , amethysts

rose quartz, jasper, malachite, moonstone sleeping in a floral dish wishing us love and prosperity

i want to be cured of my borderline, i’m sick of treatments that don’t work

spent too much time at hospitals

watching people die, bringing flowers, but when i’m laying in a hospital bed

cos i wanna die, nobody brings me flowers.

III. white walls, white walls, institutionalized lighting

institutionalized mindset, clutching plushies and hiding tears

frilly floral socks, blood on my knees, cover me up so no one will ever see me

surrounding myself with virgin Mary’s and rosaries

hoping they’ll heal me, save me, give me safety

religious candles, i don’t believe in god but the image makes me safe.

IV. but i don’t feel safe

will i have a home tomorrow?

V. i miss my fucking gome

every terrible thing about it, i miss

but i felt like a family with a real dad, two cats, and the love of my life

my little family

i still wake up here and pray it’s just a nightmare but it never is

nearly two years later and still nothing feels real

you and me are all that are real

don’t let go, six years strong.

No. 757910

I'm disappointed she didn't mention her "actual real dad" that looked like Jim Morrison.

No. 757916

Ugh the stains in those pants.

No. 757951

I recall a cat of hers dying sort of recently, does she have a second one?

No. 757972

yeah she had two cats, smokey and pepper. they were both super old. one of them died but i can’t remember which one

No. 757983

kek are you serious? before I read that it was the bot I assumed it was tuna, except I actually enjoyed it a smidge more bc it was more abstract and not as fucking whiny.

how does she manage to look “””skinny””” or at least passable/like she lost weight in pics like this one, but then others her body is literally tragic.

No. 757990

File: 1581827602555.jpg (13.48 KB, 479x69, efdskfl.JPG)

kinda ot but i always check for luna's asslicker's under her posts on tumblr. she says she has bpd too and ive notice that she always has to relate every posts back to herself. is that a bpd thing?

No. 757992


Yeah pretty much

No. 757995

What is a home

No. 757996


A gome

No. 757997

Shit sorry to double post phone auto corrected


But I guess my auto correct answered that

No. 757998

luna bot

clutching plushies and hiding tears
frilly floral socks, blood on my knees, cover me up so no one will ever see me like this but stop hurting me
I am beautiful just as I am
a spirit of mixed red/white and purple
The black circles around my eyes won't heal but the huge hole in my heart will be.
Remember how, when someone else hurt you, you held them in your arms? Well, that's not how I feel about this person. I held them in my arms when my feelings for them were larger than my heart. Not now.
I hold them in my arms when they're so far gone.
Somehow, I'm still here.
They will break my heart.
Tomorrow, they will break

No. 758027

Lmao I can’t wait for her to steal some lines from the poems here and post them.

No. 758029

It's better than luna's by a long shot. Accurate word choice and themes tho lol.

No. 758074

File: 1581862346269.jpeg (12.82 KB, 263x192, images (1).jpeg)

No. 758080

Saged of OT but she has become a personal cow of mine. She's a fat crackhead who completely chimps out a least once a week.

No. 758114

Bless you Anon

No. 758189


"whether or not I want to kill myself
the inside of my stomach has a dozen knives ready
those knives haven't cut in months now
they don't just want to cut;
those knives don't just want to cut;
that's not how knives work"

No. 758200

Her poetry is such a sad representation of her life. Monotone and uninspired. It's possible to make good poetry in a stream of consciousness-style she's obviously going for but they just keep getting worse. Her writing has never been super impressive but there were some good bits here and there in the past.
There's just no interesting imagery or imagination employed. If she actually tried to get better it could be a small but positive change for her.

No. 758248

I knew Luna pretty well in high school. We actually used to be pretty close friends. I've been reading these threads about her on and off for a while and I've often considered contributing, but something held me back. If I'm honest these threads rub me the wrong way, disparaging someone for amusement is wrong. But I think some people here genuinely want her to get better, so I want to give my input.
I became friends with her sophomore year of high school. I grew to be friends with her friends, I ate lunch with her under staircases, we went out around Mamaroneck on weekends, we had meaningful conversations about life. We hung out at the local library nearby a few times just to go somewhere and do something. It was high school – we slowly drifted apart over time and went separate ways, and by our senior year we didn't talk much anymore. But we were in the same art class our last year and I remember her enthusiasm for art, and the relationship she made with our art teacher. I figured she'd go on to do something.
I haven't contacted Luna in a very long time, I blocked her on social media a while back. A couple years ago she messaged me on Facebook asking for money after I'd already seen what she was using her the donated 'rent money' for and I unfriended her. That was the last time I heard from her. So these threads are the only way I know what she's up to these days.
Seeing where she is now just makes me sad. She didn't have a great foundation in life, and I feel sympathy for her to some degree. At the same time I know she had a few opportunities to take different paths in life and her current situation is her own doing. I don't really have a point to make. Luna's gone down a road that is really tough to get out of, and as sad as it makes me, sometimes I check these threads just to make sure she hasn't overdosed. And part of me just wants to contribute to remind people she's still human, someone who I used to know.
I don't check this site often, and I'm not going to give any information to compromise my anonymity, but if anyone has questions about my experience with her I'll do my best to answer them. And lastly, Luna, if you end up reading this, maybe you can guess who I am. If you still have my number give me a call, to catch up and reconnect. It would be nice to talk to an old friend.

No. 758254


Thank you for your input. Do you have any idea if she's still in contact with others from HS? Does she ever come up in discussions you have with others?

> She didn't have a great foundation in life

What do you know about her parents/upbringing? Not questioning, just curious.

Same goes for Lurch. What's your take on him/their relationship?

No. 758276

>I remember her enthusiasm for art, and the relationship she made with our art teacher
Can you say more on the topic?
Highschool Luna sounded like the kind of friend I would love to have.

No. 758313

I get what you mean by this thread rubbing you the wrong way. There are many here who do hope she'll wake up somehow and get better. It would be nice to have some more input from you if you'd like to share.

No. 758504

as someone who knows her for real, what do you think she should do? do you think its too late? how could she make a come back so to speak? thank you for posting.

No. 758526

I don’t think anyone here wants her to die. Most of us have admitted how depressing this has gotten. I guess the only question I have is what do you think would be her wake up call?

No. 758535

My two cents: jail time, no more enablers, her kidneys giving up or her maturing past the aesthetic.

No. 758542

File: 1582057674822.png (Spoiler Image,3.93 MB, 1242x2208, 679817D0-0B6E-497A-B67C-E97F93…)

Surprised no one posted these

No. 758543

File: 1582057695079.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.48 KB, 960x1280, 269F47C6-7144-4E29-BE59-B25ABF…)

No. 758552

Tbfh, I don't mind her passing away.
I only follow her about two years now, but all I've seen of her is her being a truly evil person.
She doesn't care about anyone but herself and she doesn't want to change anything about her life.

Sure she had potential and talent, but she threw it away because being a heroin addict was her main goal in life…

If she'd die, she'd end a lot of people's misery, including her own. I don't see her kicking Lurch out, going to rehab and turn her life around. Death seems like the only thing that's going to happen to her.

No. 758553

i agree. people ITT are always on about how she used to have 'so much potential' and etc. but lets face it, she's an immature and shit person, and not because of the drugs. she's always seemed a bit edgy even before lurch, so it's not like this type of person wasn't who she would grow in to. she just might have been a bit more ashamed of it.

No. 758568

File: 1582064357080.jpg (216.28 KB, 1080x1113, IMG_20200218_231536.jpg)

Message posted 4days ago, idk who this dude is but apparently she somehow still have friends

No. 758570

Holy shit, I hate myself for seeing this. I deserve it for following a Luna thread tho. Absolutely horrible. Who would buy her content???

so did shit finally hit the fan with Luna's illegal squatting at her mom's house or is this typical attempt at getting monies even though she will continue to live with her mom?

No. 758575

What's the white splotch on her thigh?

No. 758579

Guess I should have just spoken for myself then. I don’t think she’s evil. Malicious yes? Evil. I feel that’s pushing it. Only time I felt that way was the whole roger saga. That was pretty evil and fucked up.

No. 758590

Are those fingerprint bruises on the vague mass that is her thigh?

Part of me wants to believe this but it's probably another scam considering she could just leech off her dad and move in.

No. 758602

>It would be nice to talk to an old friend.
She'd butter you up for a bit and then ask you for money.

Exactly this. She stole from a god damn dying man ffs while he was suffering and after, then shoved his ashes into a box as decoration by the bed. She did nothing but leech off of him and has constantly stated that she can't wait for her father to die to get his apartment. She's been leeching off of her mom ever since she got evicted from Roger's place after he died. She fully expected the landlord to let her keep living there cause she's fucking retardedly selfish.

She's always begging for material items while lying about being homeless and starving but not wanting to sell her macbook/iPhone or get a job cause then that means she can't play Animal Crossing or mope about life. She's a parasite. She hangs onto a person and drains them dry financially before moving on. If she even gets a whiff that they have money, she comes back to ask for it. Even if it's $2 and they're grieving over a dying pet. She left treatment because she hated the food. She always asks for money "to get help" and never does. She gets pissy when people don't give her money and said she wanted to spit on people who didn't. She flat out said that she's going to keep doing sob stories for money because it works. Tuna would be the exact same without Lurch, she'd just be stealing even more drugs from her dad rather than having them handed to her.

About time, honestly. I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.

No. 758603

Her dad won’t let Lurch live there so it would probably be her very last option. I think she’d rather live on the streets shooting up with her corpse bf.

No. 758612

Honestly, she'll probably end up guilting her mom or one of her followers or friends into letting her and Lurch stay "for a few days."

No. 758629

I doubt anybody cares because it won’t come as a surprise, but a few months ago I begged Luna as an old forgotten friend to come clean to her followers, admit her wrongdoings and try to seek actual help - the whole shebang, starting a new slate etc. I told her being honest would do wonders for her conscience and finding people who genuinely want to get her back on her feet. I think my main mistake was telling her that her friends deserve to know the truth - at that point she whined that I didn’t care about her and blocked me lol.
I don’t think she’s evil but I truly think she’s beyond help - I don’t think she realises just how much shit she’s actually gotten herself into. I check this thread mostly just to see if she’s still alive which is super depressing, but for some reason I just can’t stop. I feel like the one week I forget to check is gonna be the week she just disappears off the planet for good.

No. 758647

https://streamable.com/u7kyv sorry for the bad quality, she really isn't even able to send her "customers" downloadable videos. I hope the link works.(namefag)

No. 758648

Holy fuck this is grim. She can barely form a sentence. Her dad seems so eager to help and not at all like how she makes him out. He seems genuinely excited about her talking about a job and he's immediately willing to set up her room? What's the context of this video anon? Why did she hang up and immediately bring out the areolas??

No. 758649

what the fuck is this monstrosity. She is absolutely twacked out of her mind, did a farmer pay her to do this? Does she think this is appealing to some kind of daddy issues/sadgirl kink? Absolutely twisted lmao

Just further goes to prove her "evil dad" is willing to help her at the drop of a hat even when shes clearly high and talking nonsense.

No. 758650

Wait what the fuck??? Was calling her dad part of the request? He seems so concerned about her…this is so upsetting holy shit

No. 758652

This is so sad omg…

No. 758656

She asked him for a place to stay and hung up on him right after. He didn't even call her out on her "CEO content editor at a tech company" bullshit, just welcomed her. Hearing her speak is so jarring cause she simply can't. She's too far gone to even speak properly then she just starts stripping and diving into the bush.

No. 758658

did you request this? holy shit this is too sad and going too far
this feels malicious, like somebody's going to send it to her dad. christ

No. 758659

this is upsetting. her dad needs to help her. this must be what she meant when she said a customer pushed her too far.

i hope not. wouldn't that be cow tipping?

No. 758660

I hope a farmer did not request it. This is just sad all around. Her father sounds so hopeful and wants the best for her.

No. 758661

File: 1582112590241.webm (Spoiler Image,16.71 MB, 640x360, luna u7kyv sm.webm)

streamable could get deleted for the nudity

No. 758662

she's a junkie. not trying to be an asshole, but luna is mentally ill, hence why her stories about her parents are bullshit, and she's committing suicide very slowly. anyone who's ever known a junkie that ended up dead will recognize luna immediately.

No. 758668

Her dad genuinely made me cry, poor man. I'm so sure now he buys her all that stuff so she won't get into trouble…

No. 758671


I've been lurking for two years and this was the first time I've seen a video of her speaking. Interesting.

No. 758673


sometimes i feel unattractive and then I remember there's ppl my age who look like luna. saddest tits in existence.

she's definitely under the influence and spouting bullshit. Wonder how long till her dad kicks her out

No. 758675


fuck me this is upsetting. it's me again, the anon from a couple threads back that was friends with luna in middle school. her voice sounds so dead and grating, there is basically no life in it. her personality has left and been replaced by the sound of desperation. it's fucking surreal that i can hardly recognize her. i turned off the video before she got naked but hearing her talk to her dad is so sad. i hope lurch kicks it soon, sage for useless post

No. 758679

i don't care what luna's done in the past, this is fucked up and whoever requested this is a fucking sycophant. it's not really a joke that this dumb bitch is going to die. why bring her innocent father into this?

No. 758681

am i the only one here who finds luna beautiful/attractive? she fascinates me

No. 758684




No. 758686


she'd be a lot prettier if she yknow wasn't dying of drug abuse. i understand fetishism for a damaged person but holy shit

No. 758689

There’s been a few instances of her recording herself talk. This time her voice sounds way more gravely than I remember. Either way this is so fucking sad. He poor dad probably just wants his little girl back

No. 758697

if you ordered the call to her dad, fuck you. seriously. what the fuck is wrong with you.
And I bet you are some gross AF kiwifag.

No. 758701

This is utterly disgusting, repulsive, and vile. And I’m not talking about Luna.

No. 758703

She's pretty when she's not caked with makeup to look like a bloated corpse.
I'm envious. How could someone with such pretty hair become such a mess?

No. 758709

Might be the heroin anon

No. 758711

this is the first time I've ever been legitimately sad for/about a cow.

However, you can turn down making any kind of commission as a SW, and remembering that I feel less sad and more legitimately disgusted that she thought this was acceptable to do as a human being like, ESPECIALLY since she uses her real name to sell videos.

brb, this cow is making me have a mini existential crisis

No. 758712

this makes me want to cry, her dad sounded so hopeful and i've never heard her talk before. Just horrible.

No. 758716

I still have zero sympathy for Tuna seeing this. She got paid and was able to get another fix out of this.
Her dad on the other hand…I cant imagine how he feels about the way his daughter ended up. No parent is perfect in bringing their children up, and you know Tuna exaggerated all the worst parts. You can tell how much he still loves her.

No. 758717

right. this is much shittier to her dad than it is to her. she didn't have to do this fucked up thing.

No. 758719

If it was a kiwifag why would they post it here?

They're namefagging as tessa, the girl who catfished lurch and shared his dick pics, before kf even had a luna thread. Funny how nobody cared about how "disgusting and illegal" sharing his nudes were. Nobody called that revenge porn, but last time someone posted a luna video y'all acted like it was fucking illegal lmfao. Luna will continue to make these desperate videos regardless of whether they're posted here btw, moralfagging over content is weird as hell.

You guys don't even know if she requested this or whether luna just sent it out of the blue. Calm tf down, this video just supports that tweet saying her mom might be kicking her out. Lunas too high to even remember recording these videos, I doubt them being released affects her at all. She posts nudes publicly on tumblr and twitter, and her name has already been associated with heroin for like over 5 years. Luna is a husk who only cares about acquiring heroin, this is a girl who will drink her own piss for $20 ffs. She happily accepted the money for this vid, put it into her veins and forgot all about it. I don't see why I should feel bad about it being posted here when she clearly doesn't give a fuck lol.

Hearing her father's enthusiasm around luna getting a stable job and living with him, only for her to hang up on him after 1 minute broke my heart tho. That dude has put up with so much shit over the years, goddamn. Luna still refers to Roger as her "real dad" too…

No. 758721

Fuck Luna, the greasy self-serving bitch. But i feel awful for her father. Especially considering how she called roger her real father. How fucking depressing.

No. 758723

I was just browsing the kiwi threads and someone reposted all the Tessa drama last month as a throwback. Not particularly important, but it is interesting to note the kiwifags have been talking about Tessa lately.

No. 758724

you're the only one who said anything about revenge porn.

No. 758725

Fucking this. Tuna could have said no, but didn't cause when has she ever said no to money? This isn't any different. She has always hated her dad, but likes to use him and his money to get what she wants. Again, this isn't any different. She has always been an inconsiderate entitled brat who doesn't give a single damn about the people she hurts or use as bank accounts. She'll squat at a person's place "for a little while" and will refuse to leave. I hope her dad realizes that what she said made zero sense at all and says no to her, or says Lurch still can't stay there.

They were making a comparison.

No. 758727

I was referring to the last time someone posted a vid. didn't realise it was 3 months ago, now it just seems petty to bring up lol >>729126

my point is Luna's life is grim and depressing, you can take a break from this thread if it's morally outraging you

No. 758728

Her stories about her parents are definitely bs. Her dad probably helps in whatever way he can with buying her shit when she asks. Speculation but maybe he doesn’t want her to use drugs or have Lurch at his place in order for her to live there? To a junkie that would be enough to call someone an evil parent.

No. 758731

this is some fucking morbid reality shit…i didnt expect to be sad. fuck.

No. 758735

Maybe I am wrong but Luna's piss porn was first posted to Kiwifarms and then reposted here.
Besides, there is an ongoing cultural exchange between KF and lolcow.

No. 758739

Nobody fucking cares about nudes or porn, you moron. It’s about making her say all this shit to her dad for money.

No. 758740

are you new to tuna or something?

No. 758741

nta but are you guys that morally bankrupt that you don't see how it's fucked to bring her dad into this? sure, she chose to do it, but her dad had no say. why give the poor guy a sliver of hope where there is none??

No. 758744

Then maybe Luna should not have done it….? Jesus Christ, this girl may be a dumb ass drug addict but she is still responsible for her actions. Nobody "made" her do a damn thing.

No. 758745

I hope her dad never sees this video for his sake. This is incredibly sad. I actually felt sick after watching that. Someone with a humiliation fetish requested it for sure.
Also tinfoil but could she possibly be calling Lurch instead of her real dad? The voice sounds too old but I've never heard Lurch speak. As much as I hate him, I hope it is him or some other junkie dude and not actually her real dad because that's really heartbreaking if so.

No. 758748

Imagine what she put her dad through during that call. He was probably excited to hear Luna had a job lined up, he was shocked that she even made a semblance of a plan at first, then pleasant surprise would roll in– "oh my god it's finally happening Luna's gonna be back!". Imagine him immediately assessing his financial & domestic situation mentally, making room for his daughter to return and be a larger part of his life for the time being because she needs support from her daddy. He probably couldn't believe what he was hearing and yet he didn't even flinch before accepting her request to live with him, despite any negativity she would inevitably bring along.
I wonder how he felt when she hung up. Confused? Did he just go "hm, she'll call back," and she never did? Was he suspicious? Could he tell just how high she was from the sound of her voice? What did/will Luna say to him when he follows up? Is this his fault? Does he feel helpless?
I think I'm gonna go hug my dad…

No. 758752

Ask Tuna that question.

No. 758755

Depressing how this is real life and her destiny is to live and die with her Grim Reaper fiance, but unlike others she could so easily save herself by asking her dad for help. She's willingly digging her grave, leaving behind her poor father that will blame himself forever.

No. 758759

I’d feel worse for her dad if he wasn’t enabling her by continuing to fund her stupid “needs” list on Amazon. Iirc in one of the threads someone said he was a recovered addict I think but it would take someone incredibly dense to NOT know she’s fucked up. Maybe not on the phone (might have thought she was tired) but still he doesn’t seem from his level of apartment/responsibility that he is a total dumbass. His banning of chief fuckstick backs that. For whatever reason Luna did this video of her own free will so feeling bad for him is a waste of time. Charlie Brown runs at the football again. And no way it wasn’t her dad- she drank pee so for her to just label the contact “dad” is above her reach.

No. 758764

jesus fucking christ, when we talked about Luna hitting rock bottom I didn't expect it to be taken as a challenge

I don't even have words. This is the saddest thing I have ever seen, I'm joining the people checking out of here for a while. I don't think there's an atom in me that will ever find this entertaining. She needs help.

No. 758766

I'm actually more than 100% sure he didn't even buy that she got a job. he knows that she's pretty much too far gone at this point, but the least he can do is be supportive so he's just agreeing with whatever lies she makes up to try and get more drug money. it's sad, but her dad is also not mentally challenged like some farmers make it seem

No. 758770

she is dying, my god

No. 758799

she has nice hair esp with how bleached it is and an interesting face thats nice to look at without the cakey makeup making her dry spots worse. if she could just, idk, legally change her name and get a job at mcdonalds, maybe save up for a boob job? she'd at least look acceptable on a surface level. shits really just sad. no idea how she got this far down, she writes out all her traumas in detail and none of them are bad enough for her to drug herself into a walking coma

No. 758807

I had the same thought, but honestly the man on the line's voice actually sounded like an enthusiastic father…..for my sanity I'm hoping it was just Lurch.

No. 758812

nah its not lurch, he sounds more nasally. it could be someone else pretending to be her dad, but i doubt it, the voice sounded like a older man

No. 758817

well shit this just makes the name of this thread even more ironic.

No. 758818

There’s old threads with clips of lurch’s voice out there and I second thins- it’s not him imo

No. 758841

my darkest keks for you anon

No. 758854

The fact that the thread name is about making her dad proud just makes this so much fucking sadder.

No. 758867

The moment Luna posted that she would drink her own piss for like $20 she essentially sent a beacon out to all the psychopaths online who like to watch girls humiliate themselves for less than minimum wage.

I don't think anyone here or at KiwiFarms paid her to do this. This is not uncommon among very low tier online "sex workers." In fact, if she doesn't stop doing this sort of thing, expect the next leaked video to be of her performing actual sex acts while speaking to her dad. She's not even near the bottom of humiliating and disgusting requests that sadists enjoy. Just be glad she doesn't have access to children or dogs.

No. 758878

I don't care what Luna did in the past, it is absolutely vile to take advantage of anyone's desperate need for money… not to mention involving her dad in the degeneracy. This is some Requiem for a Dream shit.
>I don't think anyone here or at KiwiFarms paid her to do this
Then how did OP get access to the video? I don't think she shared it publicly. If the sadist in question knew about Luna from either here or kf and posted the vid here, I am afraid it does qualify as a farmer… especially with the le epic Luna lore inside joke namefag.
Why wasn't the tard banned for namefagging, anyway? Has the video shocked us so bad we forgot to report?

No. 758881

Again, Tuna made this decision herself. It's dumb as fuck to blame the person who asked her while pretending like she didn't have a say in the matter. She did it without remorse and hung up on her dad's face when he started getting excited. That's all on Tuna. Report it if you think it's against the rules.

No. 758884

I'm assuming somebody requested that she tell her dad she had a safe job and get his hopes up and then do the rest of the video? So fucking sad

No. 758888

I think at :46 that's the text from whoever payed her for this, instructing what to do. She seems to be reading from it before switching it over to show she's on the phone with her dad. Wish the quality was better so we could make out exactly what it said, or better yet who it was from.

No. 758890

yeah….this ain’t it. whoever asked her to do this is fucked up but luna is also fucked up for agreeing to do this. i know she’s “desperate” for drug or amazon money but jesus christ, bringing your dad in to it luna? i’m not even surprised, i just feel slightly bad for the dad. at least now we can see that her stories about him are probably a load of shit.

No. 758891

it occurred to me that if he ever googles his daughter's name, luna's dad will come across this thread (or at least one of them). that upsets me deeply, i hope he never sees this shit.

No. 758903

Did the dad video get posted on KF? I'm dying to know where it came from. If a farmer ordered it that's like nuclear levels of cowtipping and is extremely not okay.

No. 758911

Anon, save the moral fagging for the person who did it to her. Junkie girls who drink their piss for the cost of a deluxe pizza have terrible shit happen, regardless of whether or not they "deserved" it.

Worse is likely to happen to her before she ODs. Saying this is not tacit approval of what is happening to her. You do shit like this, chances are it will be leaked. It sucks but it is reality and no moralizing changes it.

If Tessa commissioned this and released it, that is not the fault of this site and I don't think anyone considers Tessa an integrated user of either site because her previous behaviors are ban offenses here and KF. Unsure why the mods haven't deleted it yet, but I can't imagine the mods here are involved just because they haven't deleted it. I think we all draw a line between people who are integrated into the mission of gossip sites and those who come to stir up shit. This is the latter, not the former.

It doesn't really matter though because this is what happens to amateur humiliation cam girls who are desperate like Luna. They eventually refuse to do whatever horrible shit is asked of them and the dude punishes them and releases their videos in some dank place, like PornHub comments, and anyone with a Google alert on the girl can find it before it gets deleted. Luna has a larger online footprint than most and Tessa was weird - she could have legit found this without paying for it if she remained invested in screwing with Luna.

What is happening to Luna is, sad to say, par for the course, and it happens to girls who never get discussed on snark message/image boards. If Tessa did it, fuck her, but this will not be the lowest we see Luna sink, bank on it, and strangers to this site will be involved in her degradation.

No. 758923

>It sucks but it is reality and no moralizing changes it.
If the consensus on here and KF is that cowtipping like this is pathetic then it may discourage people from doing it in the future; it seems to have worked with Greg's thread for the most part, even as twitter etc. are full of retards trying to interfere with his life. Whoever did it was probably looking for asspats for being an epic trole or w/e.
>If Tessa did it, fuck her, but this will not be the lowest we see Luna sink, bank on it, and strangers to this site will be involved in her degradation.
Getting her father involved is the thing that most farmers seem to be upset about.

No. 758946

I cant believe after all the threads on Tuna that any sane farmer would sit there and act like she never had a choice when her first entry to sex work was piss porn because she thought that would rile people up.
Even if it was commissioned she could say no and obviously has people like her dad who can bail her out of financial problems but chooses to take advantage of him and humiliate him and herself for 20$.
Blaming anybody but her or lurch for this us beyond naive. Shes might be eating benzos around the clock but shes not special ed, she knows what shes doing and could have spent all of this “sex worker” time cleaning herself up for a part time/seasonal job.
She chose to be an ewhore because all her mutuals were ewhores and tumblr made it out to be the perfect accessory to her heroin chic aesthetic. If it was commissioned she sent the video to the individual, you didnt tack an NDA to it. You made a product, exchanged it for money and what happens to it has nothing to do with you anymore. If you didnt want the video public, dont sell it then? Anyways I was shocked at how much her voice has deteriorated since the lsd w/ lurch videos she took.

No. 758948

i think we all know that and most of us wouldn't be here if we thought this was a tragic situation with no alternative. the entire reason luna is a cow is because she chose this lifestyle and had/has ways out. but i think the sheer horror of that video is setting off sympathy in people who previously had none for her. if you witness something horrific happen to a person, you generally don't immediately think "oh well they made the life choices to get here, they aren't a very good person anyway" no, you just feel sad for a suffering person instinctually.

No. 758954

y’all so sensitive, I was scared to watch the video because of all the moralfagging but she honestly shows 0 remorse (so no empathy from me) and the only victim here is her dad, cut that bitch off

No. 758955


Plus I think a lot of us are aware she's a piece of shit and don't necessarily feel sorry for her, it's more her father. Hearing him say that's great news before she hangs up and gets her bits out for cash just gives a sinking feeling. Some will say he enables her by buying her things but it would be incredibly hard to say no to your only daughter and I'm assuming only child. Some families and parents are able to cut off their junky siblings/children, but it's a lot harder for others.

On one hand, it was fun to watch Luna dig her own grave with her shitty behaviour but on the other hand, it's sad to watch her get so desperate like this. Reminds of Chris Chan. Spoilt and entitled e-begger but at the end of the day he's autistic as fuck and it is going to be bleak to watch when his parents die. Addiction and mental illness aren't an excuse, but it gets pretty real in some situations and that shit is depressing.

Also if a farmer didn't request this, it's still deplorable and gross. Weird what some men will pay for. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 758957

So some pig pays her to call her dad and lie about getting a job then to strip. That's a very specific and odd fetish. I'm also one of the ones wondering if it got shared and leaked, or if it's a farmer set up. I'd feel bad if she was being forced to humiliate herself, but I see no gun to her head. She's choosing this shit.

Too bad she chose to fuck up her own life and blow all her money on smack/benzos/xanax.

No. 758960

shit's fucking all kinds of wrong and bleak, it's normal to have emotions about it. it's creepy and disturbing to watch someone go from monotone phone conversation with positive upbeat parent to immediately stripping down and masturbating. like, that's hellish, of course people are going to have reactions that are somewhat more complex than 'lfmao'. watching someone destroy themselves isn't all that hilarious.

No. 758966

The fact that somebody asked her to do this for money & she said yes makes it pretty funny actually. Wild. She loves smack (& the idea of lurch) more than her parents & dignity and it’s hilarious. Nice one Luna, crazy binc

No. 758971

how feeling sorry for her obv caring father is "moralfagging" will never ever make sense to me. i'm just glad i'm not the only one disgusted by this. also, there's no shred of doubt in my mind this was commissioned by a farmer. fucking duh.

No. 758974

I think this might be heading into choppy legal waters. Sharing those types of photos/vids without permission is a sex crime here in NY. It is the same, legally, as if shed sent it to an ex boyfriend or something.

No. 758975

who else would be interested in Luna's content beyond some deranged farmer/kiwifag? I realize there are degenerates who get off on desperate junkie girls but Luna cannot even promote herself on twitter. The part about work (which is totally out of Luna's reach) gives me 'haha what an ebin trolle' feeling.
Besides how would they know this
>sorry for the bad quality, she really isn't even able to send her "customers" downloadable videos
if they were not one of the 'customers' in question?

No. 758977

i'm pretty sure whoever requested and posted this is a bluespike-tier sad bitch with no life and daddy issues; we all know that luna's only "clientele" are farmers

No. 758979

File: 1582208699929.jpeg (16.39 KB, 200x211, 03819455-4F40-4D7D-8170-488145…)

I’m also pretty sure someone did this so they could send it to her dad, like deadass that’s internet culture for ya.

Lowkey scared that lurch & Luna are gonna scam her dad out of his apartment someday tbh.

No. 758989

>Lowkey scared that lurch & Luna are gonna scam her dad out of his apartment someday

She's been talking for years about that apartment already being hers. She's bragged on it for ages and has come out and said more than once that after he's dead, it's her place. She doesn't give a shit about her dad past getting his apartment and his money. She used to steal stuff from it as well.

No. 758996

you mean like she did already with rodger?

No. 758997

This is why I don't feel pity for Luna. She literally stole bedding from a dying man that his friend gave him. They made Rodger sleep on a mattress on the floor until he got bedsores.

For someone she claims is her "real dad" she treated him like shit and kept his remains in a shoebox shoved to the bottom of her bedside table covered in junk.

The last time we even saw the box of remains was it was stained water damage and being crushed under a stack of stuff.

No. 759071

And then used his death to get money out of people.

No. 759076

I would feel sad if I did not know the context, but since it's Luna we're talking about I find it logical and predictable.

No. 759088

I know is was considered cow tipping but when past anons were talking about finding a way to send roger flowers I wish they had.

No. 759090

i keep tinfoiling that it's TND doing the nasty shit. we know she reads here, i'm sure that she'd love to go all in on a sad mess like Tuna.

No. 759097

There's really no need to be angry at who ever requested that video.
Luna chose to do it, because all she cares about is money and heroin.
I bet you could tell her to dip her finger into Roger's ashes and lick it - and she'd do it.

Luna is her own person and chooses to do what she does to get money.
If she'd feel bad about lying to her dad or dragging him into that shit, she wouldn't have done it.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for her dad and I'm sad he got dragged into this shit, but it's Lunas fault and not whoever regquested it's.

No. 759098

luna should dox the idiot that paid for it. anyone who pays a cow money to puppeteer them is an a-logging cow themselves.

lucky she's in a druggie stupor most of the time. anons need to stop touching the shit.

No. 759100

so if you request two homeless (note: I am not saying Luna is) to beat the shit out of each other for 10 dollars, it's their fault for taking you on the offert and not yours for being a vile piece of shit taking advantage of desperate people?
Ask any camgirl that is not a poor, drug addicted trainwreck to do the same as Luna and see what happens. I bet that most likely a block and a public callout. Even if it's halfway Luna's fault for agreeing to the offer, the other half of the blame lays on the requestor for adding one more disgusting thing to the world. Besides, what kind of peson requests such a thing and spends their own money on it? There are no winners here.
As another anon mentioned, it's same as with Bluespike. Congrats, you got a retarded/disturbed person into disgusting shit! Now what does it say about you?

No. 759101

Get this anon all the beer and women

No. 759109

Stop crying over the milk. Take the moralfagging elsewhere.

No. 759123

Just because it seems like Luna can't promote herself on twitter doesn't mean some fuck up dude didn't request this. Somebody requested the piss drinking, and saying "time to make daddy proud", and I don't think that was a farmer, mostly given the fact it is a female-heavy forum here and that seemed like some nasty shit a dude would want to see. Could've been from KF or some other internet bluespike asshole, but I also think it is entirely possible some run of the mill pervert caught wind of desperate, pathetic, sadsack Luna and her godawful life and they're getting off on her desperation and humiliation.

If I were some pornsick extremist on Twitter I'd have my ways of finding the most pathetic women who would do my twisted bidding for cheap. They wouldn't have to be good at self promotion, I'd just have to be good at hunting them down.

No. 759133

Cool it with the sexist tinfoil, plenty women get off to degrading women too. I found it pretty disturbingly hot, if a little too far. Luna's a special kind of fucked up, which will attract people who are also a special kind of fucked up. There are a lot of freaks on here too.

No. 759136

I think at this point it's safe to say she isn't a sex worker. People pay her to humiliate herself. Will she go further down or find a bottom, who knows? The only guarentee is that Lurch will continue to lay there and evolve into a literal Easter Island statue.

No. 759147

File: 1582250906352.jpg (240.85 KB, 1192x470, IMAG0207_1.jpg)

take a picture, it'll last longer. i love you junk hun <3

No. 759148

that video and the title of this thread is too much

No. 759152

God that’s sad.

Why are people acting like this bitch couldn’t say no? And people acting like she needs the money??? We’ve got thread after thread about how this cunt isn’t starving, isn’t homeless, and is using money for plushies, makeup, and markers. Even if someone from one of these threads did this she still could have said no.

No. 759158

you found it a little wot m8

No. 759162

its broad strokes ho, most women aren't that deviant and thats a fact, fair if you are an outlier. I suppose we can agree the only reason Luna is drinking piss and calling her dad before she masturbates is at the prompting of a freak, whether male or female.

No. 759187

This is what has always interested me in Luna. There's just no level of disconnect between things she does. She hangs up with her FATHER saying some crazy stuff about becoming a ceo but needs a room and immediately starts masturbating. It's like the photos where you can tell she just got off the toilet. This is fucking grim.

No. 759197

I thought she already had the piss vid filmed and then she just advertised it for $20 after the fact?

No. 759200

Yeah she started with the disgusting things. Remember the dirty feet and name calling she did to that man in the Facebook group. This is her niche. Surprised she didn't do something worse already.

No. 759230

I have seen camgirls do way worse in their thread and nobody there stated they no longer werent “sex workers”, stop projecting so you can virtue signal about sex work anon lmao. Tuna is a sex worker the same way shayna is a sex worker its almost as if its not a career choice and more a last ditch effort to make quick cash!
Considering Tuna lurks LC i hope she maybe gets a wake up call and can in some way realize the type of fucked up shit shes doing but she romanticizes everything thats even mildly messed up in her life so it might just be more drug fodder.

No. 759244

Yeah, and they willingly do it and hell maybe get off on it as well. I'm not saying Tuna didn't come to this road innocently. She started it off offering to drink her own piss (maybe to chase lurchs). She isn't a degradation fetishist though. She's a dumb fuck junkie too far gone to figure out how to brush her teeth and hair. Self awareness isn't even something she can fathom right now.

No. 759264

File: 1582289207461.png (694.92 KB, 721x829, Capture.PNG)

From what I can tell this is the only person actively engaging Luna right now. They post on every pic talking about how "pretty" with a "cute butt" she is and how Luna makes them blush.

I doubt they're the one paying her for humiliation stuff but it's getting pretty creepy sounding.

No. 759267

She looks like a trans guy, she'd be better off without makeup applied wrong.

No. 759277

File: 1582295123327.jpg (62.48 KB, 932x640, IMG_20200222_011609.jpg)

No. 759426

While the video is immensely uncomfortable at least she looks prettier without all that makeup.

No. 759524

Yes! She looked beautiful on the video, apart from acting so strange. I didnt even know she looked so pretty in real life, her makeup completely worsens her, I don't even know how it is possible to look so ugly with a simple normal makeup done wrong

No. 759535

Lol you anons sound so in love like you wanna marry Luna. Although I agree her hair looks cute and she could be cute. Luna, if you’re lurking, please quit your shit and be good to yourself, it’s not hard.

No. 759558


Agreed. She looks cute in a strange kinda way. She isn't exactly a model but there's something interesting about her looks and her facial expressions, at least without all that disgusting makeup caked onto her face.

No. 760258

File: 1582653334796.jpg (42.76 KB, 384x384, tuxpi.com.1582653331.jpg)

where's our benzo baby? :(( :()

No. 760386

She deleted her NSFW twitter

No. 760389

hope it means she decided to give up on ethoting for good.

No. 760390

File: 1582691272395.jpg (522.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-26-05-26-06…)

samefag. probably related post

No. 760408

been a year since i checked in and i imagined she would've died. narcan be crazy.

No. 760411


I hope this is a consequence of the last video. By that I mean I actually do hope she'll hit absolute rock bottom and want out of this - and get clean.

Gods, I do not want to be that girl right now.

No. 760414

It's weird she deleted because she wanted so bad to be a sex worker, building her imagine around it, she claimed it made her feel powerful.

No. 760417


She was probably filming stuff and barely seeing any money for it aside from farmers/kiwis purchasing to repost. If she knows about here or KF she would've seen that eventually.

With the way she advertised no one else that wasn't already following her would have seen her posts so her market was incredibly small.

No. 760420

has tuna deleted tumblr too?

No. 760421

File: 1582715475248.jpg (287.83 KB, 720x1119, Pills.jpg)

No, she also posted this.

No. 760423

tinfoil: some fuck really did send it to her dad

No. 760424


Oh absolutely. Or he found it himself, I find it hard to believe that Luna's "work" has been a secret.

I do think it could have been one of those "we all know but let's spare her the humiliation and pretend we don't" type situations, but after a video like that I think it's pretty clear that there is no possible way things would go well in that endeavour and most people would step in and do something, if nothing else than to protect themselves.

I hope he or someone else she knows forced her to put a stop to it.

No. 760739

the last couple of days of this thread has been giving me serious dont fuck with cats vibes… i dont like it

No. 760746


What, you think Luna is going to turn into a serial killer?

srs tho, if you mean just the sense that we're watching something terrible happen and we're powerless to stop it, I agree. Gives me the creeps to think about it.

No. 760748

No I don’t think shes gonna turn into a serial killer lol but yeah like you said I just feel like something bad is up its just not sitting right with me.

No. 760773

File: 1582830683698.jpeg (304.75 KB, 731x970, 162D7B37-AC3F-481A-BCB6-910B67…)

Well she’s still alive at least. Posted this on fb

No. 760781

File: 1582832066567.jpeg (126.73 KB, 750x879, 31FB02DB-62C5-47F5-9DAF-7D020E…)

Posted on her tumblr

No. 760792

>a friend
Literally what friend? Is that the ftm tranny she was meeting once? I feel bad for whoever got roped into paying for Luna and Lurch.
I'm glad she gave up on sw, that's the first sound decision she's made in years. Wish it was a start of acting like a reasonable person for Luna but obviously I do not have high hopes.

No. 760794

File: 1582836670687.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2139, 982D2B40-10A4-4EC0-9A58-B6FC92…)

No. 760795

File: 1582836673302.jpeg (330.67 KB, 748x1297, 26A1E154-D59A-418B-986C-369EBA…)

Also on Instagram, she deleted her SW Twitter. I’m convinced her dad found it.

No. 760805

if she's finally running out of benzos after living the bartard life for months and months, she could be in for some dangerous times…

No. 760807

I’m curious what she meant by the caption because yeah… that’s not very many pills left.

No. 760808

my fav pic of mom and *ME

No. 760882

>every so often if the price is right maybe I will do something but for the most part I'm done with it
>if the price is right maybe I will do something
Okay, so she will still be a sexworker once her drugs run out. Great. The downward spiral continues.
Also isn't she supposed to be uwu evicted according to the man (maybe that's the friend she is currently leeching off?) that tried to scam money out of people for Luna

No. 760901

File: 1582869637570.jpg (561.07 KB, 1080x3641, Tuna.jpg)

It was a good day for our Tuna, she showed off her fresh press on nails that matched so well with her tracksuit, found new additions for her hoard, safe to say she isn't going evicted anytime soon, and she discovered the hidden drug store secret for saving dry skin.

No. 760920

jfc imagine being taken out shopping for someone out of the kindness of their hearts and instead of actual necessities like clothes and food (you are uwu poor enough to ebeg for it every day) you buy a fucking plushie

No. 760923

File: 1582880991486.jpeg (332.39 KB, 828x1401, 9754EFE5-92EC-4C6B-BB57-0DE40B…)

Tuna being posted about in a makeup shaming group

No. 760924

File: 1582881021770.jpeg (172.67 KB, 828x995, 97C3C2B3-1E81-4CE7-8E4F-2B1156…)

Some of the comments(nice profile pic, posting uninvolved people.)

No. 760926

it's kind of sad i bet she really thinks her makeup is something because she does it smacked out, like the equivalent of taking a drunk picture thinking you're hot shit only to find out the real travesty the next day

No. 760971


how does one haphazardly jam press ons under the cuticle and not be in constant pain or lost a finger from infection? If no infections then that implies she washes her hands, shocking


ah yes, i too love u informs

No. 761007

Your icon is showing, anon.

I thought the makeup was part of her "aesthetic." It seems like a purposeful "undead lolita" look. No one does foundation lips and red undereyes by accident.

No. 761012

I was mocking her, because everything she says or does is always the same.

No. 761016

Not sure where to start, or if I’m even doing this right. I found Luna a couple of months ago on twitter. I had no idea about any of this stuff online until last week when someone sent me a link to this page, with the video of her talking to her dad.

At first I was mortified by the things being said on this page. She told me her fiancé couldn’t work because he had an accident with his leg and that’s why they couldn’t make money. She always asked me for money for “groceries”. Saying she would be nearly evicted. So I thought this page was all a big gossip page full of accusations.

However, I knew right away where the money was going, and I flat out asked her once. She said she was on methadone. I know that’s not the case. I don’t think I can post that here though because it might be incriminating to show someone illegal drugs.

I began to back off after I watched her do h. I felt really sick with myself. I deleted the app I messaged her on and didn’t contact her for the last month. Then someone sent me the link here. I contacted her again asking if she was ok and brought up the video since it was very disturbing and I was genuinely worried. She said the call was fake.

She continued to ask me for money but I didn’t want to give her any more since I knew where it was going. I read up more on these threads. They’re hard to get through but I realize now she’s not in as bad of a situation as she says she’s in. She’s HIGHLY manipulative and I feel like a fool. Not only is she spending it on drugs but also things she does not need like toys and nails. She is too young to live like this. I thought she was down in her luck but it looks like she wants to be like this. It will kill her.

I guess I can answer some questions If you guys want to ask. I have some caps of her saying the video is fake and some begging if that’s something people want to see but I don’t want to share anything she sent me video wise because that just feels wrong. I can maybe post a still of the h without the needle if people want to see, but mainly to show the track marks. I asked her if she would consider going to rehab and she didn’t answer me until she needed money again, then ignored the question. she is in very bad shape but also treats others as a means to an end. I feel conflicted posting this but I have no one else to tell.

No. 761017

As awkward as it may feel now, be very relieved that you got out of that drama with her. After all the things that she's done to other people, including to a dying old man, it's just better to stay away.

Also, don't worry about posting "incriminating" illegal drugs cause Luna has already posted a ton of it so you won't get in any trouble or anything.

No. 761023

anon, touching shit can make you feel gross, but your hands are clean now and you went in with good intentions

>She said the call was fake.

god she is such a selfish bitch, the heartlessness of trying to lie about this is disgusting to her dad

No. 761030

File: 1582921166857.jpeg (186.89 KB, 750x2108, C2C43E3D-1634-4182-A865-AC3A57…)

Here’s the caps from when I had deleted the app and I will post the fake call cap next. Thanks those who replied to me, I’m glad I realized who she was.

No. 761032

File: 1582921519220.jpeg (164.43 KB, 741x1198, 5DDDD8C7-30B8-4EBD-9688-D122FE…)

Sorry, this is it

No. 761035

you saw her shoot up irl? i'm sorry anon, i've never seen it in real life but it makes me feel sick. what's she like irl? is she any less or more pleasant than she is online?

No. 761037

File: 1582923107983.png (Spoiler Image,1.51 MB, 750x1334, BF206E6D-3747-4468-A1B7-942C96…)

No no, sorry, she made a video shooting up. Her legs have lots of track marks. Idk where to even upload the video. It makes me feel gross so I don’t know if I will. This is a cap though (hope I spoiled it right)

No. 761038

holy fuck.
what was the context of her sending you this anon?

No. 761041

Morbid curiosity and I am ashamed to admit that. In the video she says another person who buys from her requests shooting up videos too.

No. 761042

throw it on dropbox or convert it to a webm and post it here. how is it a fake call? we heard a man speak. who is he?

No. 761048

lurch obviously

No. 761051

it didn't sound like Lurch though. it's not like he'd put in the effort to disguise his voice either.

No. 761052

eh, bullshit. i say she called her dad and is saying she made a fake call to avoid embarrassment with someone she knows / because she knew lolcow would have a field day. hilarious that they didn't even pay her in the end, if very fucked up. i dunno, i don't understand how she can be this level of a leech. the tons of texts to that person she knew…. lmao

No. 761080


Why would someone send you a link to this page?

No. 761089


I mean, I think she’s lying about it being a fake call as well.

No. 761136

Why did she send you a video of shooting up? From what I understood, she tried to hide she's on drugs/buying drugs, so why incriminate herself like this? Like what was her point here

No. 761145


Anon stated it was morbid curiosity and they asked to see it. Apparently she had a customer base outside farmers, because those were videos she did for money, but they aren't posted here.


No. 761167

You'd be shocked at how many men want to see that shit. Tons of men get off on seeing women totally degraded and desperate like that. It's not uncommon in the slightest and not surprising she would do it. She's deep in it. Showing herself doing what she always does, and getting paid, is nothing compared to…let's say, pissing in a cup and drinking it.

No. 761207

People are idiots (who know of how she really is) for feeling sorry for her. This is what she does with sympathy. It basically fuels a good majority of her lifestyle. She's responsible for her actions, and I'm pretty sure she uses sympathy from others and for herself to convince herself she doesn't need to change.

No. 761265

She gives me Eva and Hans Rausing vibes. What if Lurch ODed she'd panic and bury his corpse under her plushie hoard and become a necrophile, she seems on that path of degradation.

No. 761268

she might be codependent on him now but its just like roger, the moment lurch dies Tuna will forget his mere existence, take everything he owned and most likely move in with her father since she wouldn't be carrying easter island with her. When she posted about the goodwill trip she said Lurch has been loosing alot of weight so hes probably not far from death rattling soon.
I genuinely dont think she wants to get clean ever considering she can shit on her parents (that give her everything for free) online but she never once mentions wanting to be/stay sober at best she cries about wanting bpd therapy that isn’t gonna solve shit when shes strung out 100% of the time and she knows that.

No. 761403

people take benadryl to trip, though i have absolutely no idea why, it's like sleep paralysis terror
im assuming luna is taking them to trip

No. 761405

Benadryl causes auditory hallucinations and for some reason primarily creates spider hallucinations as well.

No. 761429

jesus christ, that's true, but it's also extremely dangerous, esp for your heart, esp if you're also on fucking heroin. i hate this bitch but i hope she's not doing that.

No. 761452

Why would she use benadryl to trip when she has access to hard drugs? It's just part of her collection, she's not a desperate teen.

No. 761454

you guys are cute kek. Junkies often take Benadryl with their heroin because it's broken down by the same enzymes in the body, so it makes the heroin feel stronger. Lots of people achieve this with beer or benzos but when those run out Benadryl works good too.

No. 761456

>not a desperate teen
>luna slater, who mentally hasnt progressed past the age of 17

yeah makes sense that she's using the benadryl to potentiate the effects of her preferred drugs of choice, but i also wouldn't put it past her to use them to trip, especially when she is hoarding such an amount. gotta do something when the benzos run out

No. 761457

Benydryl aka "dorm" is used to cut dope. I can guarantee that's why it's there, since they sell. She takes fistfuls of serequel and benzos to sleep, the benydryl ain't touching shit for her. can we all stop talking about it now? Btw, What kind of sex worker doesn't get the money up front, like…is grim as that was, she didn't even get a high or get to get well from it, Jesus.

No. 761493

I'm pretty sure she's lying about not getting paid, even this idiot would ask for at least half the cash up front. This just goes to show what a good manipulator Luna is - she's just saying the guy didn't even pay for her degrading video because she's trying to elicit sympathy and cash from the bleeding heart she's talking to.

No. 761549

good point. luna can't even have casual conversations with her peers without asking for money, and when they don't deliver money she ghosts them. so it really doesn't fit her MO to do what for her is a lot of work without having been paid already. but hey, anything's possible. maybe the person offered a lot so she was willing to risk it

No. 761556

Also never forget when she sold her art she would make sure she was paid in full before even thinking of shipping anything out, only to then come up with a BS excuse like shipping being more expensive than she thought/ she has fallen on hard times and needs even more money just to send the art out making the recipients pay double/triple what they were supposed to.
Her addiction might be rough to watch but she isn’t retarded and is fully aware of how to play her best bets when talking to sympathizers one on one.

No. 761567

she didn't get paid. her starting to masturbate at the end of the video also wasn't part of the request.

No. 761596

proof? just because she told the above anon with the screencaps that she didn't get paid doesn't make it the truth. someone already said she was likely fishing for even more sympathy.

seems like most of yall are forgetting how evil and selfish she is.

No. 761606

tbh it sounds to me like >>761567 is gently implying that they were the 'client'. It's possible bait ane even if no I am afraid we will not see any proof (but if you have it, don't be a pussy and post it).

No. 761780

okay then smartass, what about her saying that she doesn't have a button down shirt? what part of the request was that?

No. 761787

File: 1583351768109.jpeg (76.57 KB, 750x429, 23223D91-EFD7-47A2-A076-2AA146…)

Lmfao because Luna is totally registered to vote

No. 761807


Exactly. That was obviously a request.

No. 761830

File: 1583369404068.png (1.08 MB, 1348x900, lulu.png)

"we have been through so much g together in six years next month…. land god do i love you more than anything, anyone, everything, the world…. you are truly everything. arguments are meaningless no matter how bad when our love is this strong and full.

i love you."

No. 761844

wait did SHE make this ??

No. 761857

Don't forget:
#god i cant believe its been almost skx months in just a montj wtff #i love you matthew

No. 761900


nah that's me on sleep deprivation

No. 761949

Ha! good one anon.

No. 761975

Found on Facebook, this person is going around the spaces that Luna used to use under the same name and similar last name, with the same story and memo, also harassing people for months on months to give donations and lying about the donations she gets, the same apartment story and supporting her “little family”, they also have a very fake profile. Either someone has been studying these threads and learned from her or Luna might be catfishing and using her old tricks again, it can also be the reason why she’s slowed down on her main accounts.

No. 761977

File: 1583441311531.png (1.58 MB, 828x1792, D012A84D-E98C-4EDD-A445-F4753B…)

No. 761980

Also the kicker? They’re also an aspiring artist and do “commissions” for money for food, wishlist items or patreon follows. A lot of the art seems to be stolen though.

No. 761981

File: 1583441576364.jpeg (133.96 KB, 540x960, 05ABEA41-E17A-4FC6-8408-E793B6…)

No. 761982

File: 1583441619121.jpeg (125.98 KB, 540x960, 8BB6EC7E-3661-48E8-9CAC-F4DB07…)

No. 761984

not enough godawful typos to be our luna imo

No. 762050

I don’t think that’s Luna. Not the same style of typing, although she could have deliberately changed it, but…why?

No. 762053

This isn't Luna. None of the info matches up and she's plastered her paypal everywhere and never once mentioned any other payment options. They also type too different from her.

No. 762061

"at wits end" is not a phrase she would use

she's also so much more direct and pseudo-pathetic/shameless when she begs

No. 762079

File: 1583464163665.jpeg (747.15 KB, 828x1521, C614C5DC-B41E-4689-AD55-0A1B89…)


Definitely not Luna

No. 762102

What is going on

No. 762113

Someone who can't even do basic research before they post.

No. 762118

File: 1583499699319.jpg (52.15 KB, 615x654, UWU.JPG)

No. 762120

Omg I burst out laughing at the mention of the cat. Her poems are predictable enough to construct a drinking game/bingo sheet around.

No. 762128

This is what I can’t stand about her “poetry”. It’s literally just a collection of words. Predictable, descriptive sentences. There’s no wordplay, no imagery, no rhyming, and barely any use of any type of literary device. She writes the same thing over and over again. Her cat, how in love she is, how much she wants to die, how much she hates her parents, drugs etc etc. It’s boring to read. It’s just like reading sentences with annoying line breaks. It’s genuinely sad that this is what she considers productivity. Writing like this is not going to make her happy, and it doesn’t seem like it does, especially when she’s just reinforcing how shit her life is but refusing to acknowledge the actual causes of it. She will never have a wake up call.

No. 762134

File: 1583509410069.jpeg (406.21 KB, 1242x1408, D85036B3-2875-41BC-909C-1575D5…)

No. 762144

File: 1583514532869.jpg (50.14 KB, 640x630, b39a20b9fad2916f92598b42a569af…)

> Begs poor people for these last 2 dollars
> Stole stuff from children graves/a dying man/people at a previous job
> Loot random cars with her precious Easter Island Bf
>Put Roger ashes in a filthy cardboard box

I have too much empathy you guys!! My heart is so big, it will be my downfall!! uwu

No. 762154

How does she not get seizures. 8mg Xanax is a huge amount. And of course she feels constant anxiety, it takes like 2 weeks to be physically dependent on benzos and if you miss a dose you feel like you’re gonna die

No. 762155

I'd guess she's built up a tolerance.

No. 762158

No. 762164


yeah, i'd hate to be her rn. getting off benzos is like a neverending nightmare.

No. 762168

>my empathy will be the death of me
Her delusion will be the death of her. She keeps calling herself a good person with nothing to show for it. She's gotta be one of the most selfish cows on this site and that's no small feat

No. 762171

Does this bitch do anything productive with her life? All she does is live off her mommy and daddys money (while she talks bad about them behind their backs) and posts nudes.
Other 24 year old people are finishing college or working but Luna mooches of her parents and lives in her mothers apartment where she does drugs with her wrinkly boyfriend.

No. 762178

i think she mixed up apathy and empathy lmao

No. 762220


Her worldview centers around being an unproductive, nihilistic drug addict fragile sad girl. I really can’t imagine what happens when she hits her late 20s and her looks start to really go, it really isn’t that far off.

No. 762279

>parents dead to me, lose my number, impulsive lying mother
>I'd rather live anywhere but here

Then fucking go live on the streets Tuna. Leaving your parents alone would be the only good thing you ever did.

How entitled is this nasty bitch? Imagine whoring yourself out in your moms bathroom and sleeping in her bed, with your pedo bf, for the past two years while she sleeps on the couch in the livingroom and relapses on heroin because you make her life so miserable. And then you have the audacity to post such crap about her.

Same goes for her dad. He supports her, gives her money and gifts and all she does is be mean to him and posting that he never was her dad but Roger was.

No. 762478

File: 1583647151662.jpg (1.34 MB, 1080x2882, gjmgds.jpg)

No. 762479

File: 1583647176019.jpg (273.35 KB, 720x945, Drawing.jpg)

No. 762490

She would look good if she cut her hair and wore normal make up.

No. 762492

she looks good now. the makeup is the look she's going for, i get it, heroin chic, reddish eyeshadow underneath her eyes for the dark undereyes, pale lips. i thought she was growing out her fringe though? is that an old pic she's reposting or did she decide against it

No. 762539

>she looks good now. the makeup is the look she's going for, i get it, heroin chic
the “look she’s going for” makes her look like shit though. she does not look good.

No. 762547

Also I'm p sure heroin chic isn't lipstick that's your exact skin colour, literally two or three shades of a darker brown n she would look cute imo

No. 762565


Are you serious?

No. 762624

File: 1583733997610.jpeg (304.99 KB, 750x2353, 850150C6-2B36-4BC1-8D8E-BDBA84…)

Just some shit from her fb

No. 762698

File: 1583779327703.png (62.62 KB, 560x823, pR6eAx8.png)

She OD'd again for a 3rd time

No. 762705

>I put everything into you, six years and I'm still not enough for you?
>won't let you off that easy cos I can't be alone

Lol what, is Lurch trying to break up with her?

No. 762706


Is this implying that lurch is thinking of bailing on her?

No. 762710

Damn, this is sad. This is basically proof that Lurch is trying to get away from her and their relationship isn’t sunshine and roses like she thinks she’s portraying. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just up and leaves…but she provides a roof over his head so who knows.

No. 762798

She’s not bring in money anymore, yeah she keeps a roof over good head but she’s using up his drugs and not providing for replenishing, and who knows maybe Luna’s mom is using it too. On top of that Luna isn’ta teenager anymore and lurch likes them VERY young, dumb , and when they don’t look like drug addicts yet. He is probably finding himself a younger dumb girl, Luna probably tried to overdose herself to keep him around thinking it’ll be the same like when he overdosed years ago for her hence the “I’m not letting you go so easily” she’s basically threatening him to stay around but I doubt that’ll work for long.

No. 762858

If she’s lucky, Lurch WILL leave her. Then maybe she’ll be forced to clean up, because I don’t see her having the nerve to score her own drugs.

No. 762859

Using from his stash means he has to cut it for selling, makes him a dealer not worth his salt.

No. 762860

How good things could be in the first place with a child grooming asshole who attempted suicide to ge her to abandon education and who was sexting chicks on fb as Luna was having mental breakdowns?
I wonder if she will go back to talking how abusive Roger and lurch were once he dumps her.
who would want lurch tho lmfao

No. 762877

Oh for fuckssake. Lurch would need to move to leave her. 20 bucks says she was acting like a moron while tripping and he got annoyed, and her pathetic ass is making it seem like he's leaving her. She just wants asspats. He's leaving her like her dad abused her.. she just needs bitch slapped and to take accountability for her actions and poor decisions.

No. 762899


Yeah, I really doubt that he would leave her, even if I wish he did so she could finally decide to change.

No. 762903

He's barely keeping up a relationship. Junkies like him have no capacity for love. He's bunking with a girl who gives him pussy. Why would he leave her when he's too high half the time to be aware of her presence apart from when she's pestering him for dope and getting his dick wet? At this point I doubt she loves him at all she can't stand him but needs him for free drugs and deludes herself into thinking there's still romance between them, otherwise the reality that she gave up her future and health for a guy who never loved her and who she does not love will drive her to suicide.

And the only thing keeping her from killing herself is her next fix. It's incredibly depressing I thought she was a funny edgelord but Jesus she needs to leave this guy and go to a clinic. There are organizations that provide recovering addicts with housing and job opportunities. Like…

No. 762912

It really is depressing when you think about it. She gave up everything for a man that doesn’t love her. She has no real friends, no hobbies, no future prospects, no education, no work experience. She views people as bank accounts. I wish someone would help her but that’d require her listening to someone else and the chances of that are zero.

No. 762915

their relationship has been bad for years, and it's obvious luna's completely delusional about how he feels about her. he was all ready to cheat on her with tessa years ago (and was emotionally cheating). she wrote once that he didn't want her to meet his friends. she also would write that he would get angry at her and flip out over nothing. i bet he's been violent. i also bet he persuaded her into sex work.

i don't think luna's a good person at all though, so i really feel no sympathy for her. she lacks empathy and is cruel and manipulative. not all junkies by a mile are like her, her and lurch are the worst of the bunch. she seemed cool and nice as a teen, but that's just what we saw online. drug addiction bends your morals, but it doesn't make you steal from children's graves so you can have fuel your sad girl aesthetic and make your room look pretty.

No. 762976

File: 1583883599596.jpg (1.34 MB, 810x3500, 20200310_183841.jpg)

Some new Instagram posts