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No. 486300

If you don't have the material, time, or experience to make a new thread about a subject you want to discuss, use this thread to see if other farmers are interested in making and joining one.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/366110

No. 486317

File: 1517465818099.png (464.08 KB, 606x715, bf56ce4e9e75ee609074b11278c11d…)

zero makeup? really? hm.

No. 486321

There's a camgirl general thread in /snow/

No. 486352

They are horrorcow, I went too far down the rabbit hole one time and I just felt sick for the rest of the night. They're creepy fucking pedophiles.

So… You mean, pedophiles? Just call them what they are. Call gurgles what he is. Not some fucking PC attempt at a gentle name for them.

P.S. Some of the creepos in the "MAP" community believe they should be included in the LGBT umbrella because it's just like any other sexuality!!!

No. 486359

No, because “paedophilia” refers specifically to prepubescent children. It’s just commonly used to describe all attraction to minors, but it’s not technically correct. Hence it would be more accurate for the common term to be “MAP” as that would include all minors, and stop people like Onision trying to use loopholes to pretend he isn’t creepy for chasing teen girls.

While I believe there is some merit to the idea that minor attraction is a sexual orientation, I think it’s disgusting and the people who want it included in LGBT should end themselves tbh (!!!) /OT

No. 486365

tldr youre defending wanting to fuck children for some reason

No. 486372

There's a link to CP on the first page of ot can a mod please handle this

No. 486375

There were a lot of people in favour of the MAP thread in the last thread requests and I'm home sick so I'll make one now if people like. Does anyone have any particular culprits they would like to see? Otherwise I will create a general with some info and links and links to some people.

No. 486376

Oh and samefag but they are obviously complete paedophiles and disgusting as fuck, I just said MAP because that's what they call their community online

No. 486377

thread made: >>489545

No. 486406

Tl;dr you’re obviously reading a different post because not one thing in it defends fucking children, it actually promotes collaring more people for their paedo behaviour. Retard jfc

No. 486416

wolfe barrett aka drrtypharms

No. 486444

god im so surprised to see that name again and more shocked he hasnt like died lmao he's a creep i second this

No. 486478

Shadman and his orbiters? Chel thread is pretty dead and we all know he has a lot more rabid orbiters than just her.
seconding this

No. 486479

File: 1517553084809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.23 KB, 988x842, Comb8G4W8AEkS5b.jpg)


thirding. there used to be a big imgur dump full of his fucked up tweets and facebook posts about pedo shit like this one but i can't find it

No. 486515

How on earth is this not taken down, jesus christ

No. 486633

Tell me he has been fucking vanned. Please.

No. 486739

He legitimately looks like a heroin addict. How is he famous?

No. 486746

he is a heroin addict

No. 486781

Seconding Shadman, would love to see a thread on him

No. 486930

File: 1517858151351.jpg (56.52 KB, 640x640, 25014421_135514033794143_13163…)

There's got to be a thread about this chick right? Her username on everything seems to be 'dgafkandie' or some variation of that… She used to just be a super popular junkie and now her and her teenage sister are selling drugs and posting pics with guns and Im curious what kind of shit she could be called out for

No. 486931

File: 1517858205478.jpg (38.97 KB, 640x640, 25024257_1963073493957137_3408…)

She used to be kind of cute but all the cigarettes and Xanax have taken their toll

No. 486941

Give us linksss

No. 486944

She used to have pics up of her in a neck brace after she got 'jumped'but she must've cleared her page. She would post a pic with it and then post a pic without it and then with it again. Ill try to dig for pics.

No. 486964

This girls a fucking mess. She cut up her neck and posted pictures of it. I'll look for some, but her original account got deleted.

No. 486973

Has anyone heard of Paris Amelia on youtube? She's an australian muslim convert. I truly think she is the new mira. You can tell that the whole white muslim thing makes her feel like a snowflake because that's literally all she talks about. She constantly puts on indian, lebanese and saudi accents in her videos and is all around cringe. I watched all of her videos and it's pretty clear she is a brown dick chaser. A lot of people defend her in the comments because she's pretty, (by that I mean she wears a buttload of makeup) she gives off major crazy vibes and she used to be a strong christian before the muslim phase so it's clear her motives for converting.

No. 486974

funny you mention her, has she been popping up in your recommended vids like crazy lately too? I don't even watch Mira but this girl is all over my fucking recommended

No. 486989

That's how I found her. She came up in my recommended.

No. 487027

That's what I'm saying. She's a trashy wreck and a total cow. I wish I had known what gold that shit was. I would have shotted it. A lot of her stuff is on insta and has been deleted. Idk if she ever had a Tumblr or anything. Oh well

No. 487049



No. 487056

Has anyone else been following the Hobbie Stuart/Amy Spanos drama? Is there enough milk to make a thread?

For anyone who doesn’t know, Hobbie is a little known British youtube “musician”. He had a one night stand with Amy, an even less successful photographer. She duped him, his family and friends into thinking that he got her pregnant with twins. She carried this on for months, wearing a fake bump and pulling photos of scans from the internet. The whole story is crazy and best explained in Hobbie’s video

Idk if it’s worth a thread though. The video was trending in the UK, major news outlets have reported on it, GG has a fast moving thread about the situation and Amy is apparently working on a response video, which is all quite milky. But on the other hand, I feel like the best of it is over, Hobbie is being very mature and empathetic with how he’s dealing with it, and neither of them/anyone else involved is saying much

No. 487059

I had never heard of him before this, but I saw the video pop up in my recommended and I watched it out of curiosity. It seems interesting but I was too lazy to sift through the pages and pages of GG. I'd be interested in a thread, but I don't know how much milk there would be.

No. 487106

File: 1517964643529.png (199.14 KB, 425x300, Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 01.4…)

pls one on bowbeauty24/allie kay

No. 487108

allie is a harmless retard. she has no milk, her life is just fucking depressing.

No. 487125

go to gurugossiper for that.

No. 487153

More like BOWL-beauty! HARHAR!

No. 487170

File: 1517992764874.jpeg (184.49 KB, 895x895, 95CC3F95-1C3B-443E-8E7F-677833…)

Please someone do one on Abby brown!

No. 487202

the whole thing reeks of a publicity scam tbh, I don't think it'll last that long

No. 487215

WANT. Let’s make this happen

No. 487228

File: 1518028365209.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1222x2208, 2B3D61C5-52FB-41F7-9ECD-418DCE…)

And then there’s the whole bit where she posted a suicide note on her IG and IG story (someone must have screens) and then disappeared for like a week over Christmas and had her fans in a frenzy calling in welfare checks and so on, and other mildly insta-famous photogs are now weighing in on the drama.

I agree with anon who said it’s prob for publicity and won’t last long but I still find it very milky - she seems like a right cow in general with her constant vague-posting about her mental health and deep life struggles/drama.

No. 487240

A general catch-all thread for BoPo nonsense accounts and "inspiring" before and after's? Do they make anyone else furious or just me?

No. 487253

I’d really love a thread for the fat activists. Maybe it would suit snow better tho?

Some of the stuff coming out of that community is legit dangerous, teenagers being told their type 2 diabetes is normal and acceptable and not fixable, their weird obsession with telling everybody what does and doesn’t cause eating disorders and with anorexia in general, saying there’s no such thing as binge eating disorders and that fitness is exactly as awful as kicking a baby in the face.
They’re a mental lot.

No. 487333


they're exactly as mental as the "fitness/before-after transformation" crowd that shoop their thighs the size of truck tires and waists two hands wide, put implants in their asses to claim they do 5 million squats a day and make it seem like their whole life revolves around gym and folloving weird fad diets/taking supplements. they should have a thread too. there are a lot of younger girls around me that look up to those types and think those bodies are real and healthy because "they're working out and eating clean obviously".

No. 487378

Is there a thread for Austen Marie? She has so much drama and tries to be relevant by calling out people 10x as big as her, she's a feminazi, and pretty much thinks she's the queen of everything.


No. 487414

Wouldn’t mind a thread about these guys either tbh. Pro anas are old and depressing, Instagram fitness and fatness models seem like a whole new breed of cow to replace them.

No. 487455

I am also on board with a fat activist thread

No. 487481

My only concern with it is the amount of obvious TITP trolling that always gets dragged in and discussed like it’s an actual manifesto from the FA’s and the ana-chans who come in to rattle about how bad they look and little else. Like yeah everyone knows obesity isn’t cute but focus on the crazy cause we all know how bad whoever it is looks in a bikini.

No. 487560

File: 1518281115190.jpeg (546.18 KB, 1242x1524, 3B5BA79D-CB89-4CFF-A681-4831B2…)

Can we have a new Ashley Bennett/AxelAsh Cosplay/Asherbee/Luvmonkeys thread? She now goes by Lucy for some reason.. link to the old one: >>391397

No. 487561

File: 1518281757152.jpg (87.77 KB, 960x960, 27067652_2036083796637223_7097…)

Skye Purdon

IG: https://www.instagram.com/skyepurdon

NSFW Tumblr: https://restingcxntface.tumblr.com/

Terrible make up, gross body mods, sticks stuff up her bum for cash.

No. 487562

File: 1518281777576.jpg (42.31 KB, 357x506, b68f3aa037c6afaeeac1e07d14304c…)

No. 487563

File: 1518281793418.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.58 KB, 640x640, 3210418f6840e6caf5c231f906bbb0…)

No. 487566


Link to her insta? I can't seem to find it.

She's one of my fave cows, I'd love to see an active thread on her again.

No. 487567

Sorry for forgetting to include that! It’s lucinda_luke

No. 487569

ive missed her bullshit. She was one of my favorite cows

No. 487580


Looks like she has a new FB as well, though there's not much on it yet: https://www.facebook.com/Lucindas-Magical-Cosplay-149697229138762/

No. 487597

I need to know more about this image. Seconding a thread, at least on snow.

No. 487599

Seconded. Those lips are making me so uncomfortable.

No. 487623

Why would you do this? Like isn’t the ear shaped to help you catch sound better? Would-sage for biology sperg but wtf

No. 487632


There's a body mods general but it's sadly been dead for ages. I second this though. She's hugely pretentious and holier-than-thou both literally and figuratively. Her lips make me nauseous especially when she does videos with the plug in her medusa out and licking her lips. As someone with pretty big stretched ears, anyone with them knows how fucking rank they get, so seeing her do that just fucking.. abhors me. She just seems like a massive attention whore really, since all she does is get off from looking "different" in any way she can. She's so young too.

No. 487653

A couple friends just introduced me to Abby Brown, an infamous scene/emo girl with a ton of nasty tattoos who is now obsessed with Melanie Martinez. I'm genuinely shocked there isn't a thread about her, there's secret facebook groups dedicated to following her.

No. 487682

No. 487743

Amy posted the video

No. 487744


i assumed she was a former scene queen with a huge ego who latched on to something new, but instead she seems to be… not all there honestly. still would love to see the lolcow take on her.

No. 487757

Lolcows from the music industry-thread? Can be mainstream or indie…or both!

No. 487799

I miss her too! She’s going to katsucon

No. 488061

Is her social media unprivate again? That's why her general died out.

No. 488080

File: 1518739437601.png (2.06 MB, 1242x2208, 83FCF00F-E170-4DA2-835C-945262…)

Her personal account is private but her new cosplay account is not.

No. 488091

File: 1518743265400.png (26.99 KB, 444x500, IMG_1969.thumb.PNG.e7345932375…)

Could you create a thread for Haruki Yamazaki? He shoops to the point of Dakota status.
IG: https://www.instagram.com/yamazakiharuk2000215_milk/

No. 488095

File: 1518743850324.jpg (199.23 KB, 1121x1200, DWAR8IwUMAEhc7I.jpg)

He's 18, just to clarify. And this is an unshooped picture.

No. 488097

File: 1518743961719.png (253.72 KB, 429x319, Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 8.15…)

He also worked with Dakota during the Fit's fiasco.
Sorry for samefagging

No. 488103

Has he done anything else? I mean, if its just the ugly shooping then idk if I would say that he really warrants his own thread. If anything maybe start a bad shoop thread in /ot/ or something.

No. 488112

If all he does is shoop then just start a basic bad shoop thread.
Shooping isnt kota's only offense.

No. 488132

I feel most of the anime youtubers need a seprate thred from the regular youtuber cuz its some bullshit with the majority of them.

No. 488139

File: 1518754147185.jpeg (118.55 KB, 718x931, 1E2C6C48-1BBA-4761-84DE-1DE030…)

Is there anyone out there that might be interested in making a thread for Millie Graves? She’s a trainwreck and getting more clownish by the day. She went from being a Dollanganger stan to…whatever the fuck this is, lol. Definitely feels like she’s worth it.

No. 488146

She already has one

No. 488152

No, there’s a thread for all the ND calves. Millie has kind of gone beyond stanning Nicole and is doing weird shit unrelated to Nicole Dollanganger. Unless I’m misunderstanding you and there’s a thread solely for Millie?

No. 488166

Which board would be best for bad photoshops thread? Can be for semi famous or people that uses know irl.

No. 488190

we've had one on /ot/ before so probably there.

No. 488208


Definitely, she has outgrown the thread and deserves her own. Just look at that train wreck.

No. 488295

Thread on beebeego from Tumblr? She starts unnecessary drama with anyone who doesn't act like a sheep following her. Blows things out of proportion and if you don't block who she says to block you're just as bad. Harasses anyone who doesn't agree with her

No. 488554

is there anything on unkle adams? there's some big milky happenings lately and i can't seem to find any threads on him

it's hard to find information about him and all the insanity surrounding him collated in one place, but the rundown for those who don't know him:
>mid 30s dude who has been trying to make it big as a rapper
>his shtick is that he raps only about "positive messages" unlike other rappers
>the first thing of his to blow up is his music video, original, on facebook, with captions edited into the video by himself reading "even people who hate rap LOVE this guy!" and the post captioned something along the lines of how he totally owns all the other rappers
>you can watch it for yourself to see what a trainwreck of narcissism and jerking off his ego it is (the original upload that blew up with the caption is gone though), embed related
>the whole song is literally him "rapping" on a stolen electro swing beat about how he's different from the other rappers and he's so much more original and better than other rappers because he doesn't talk about drugs or sex
>people shit on him, popular music critic youtuber anthony fantano/theneedledrop makes a video panning his work
>a facebook group by the name of "Unkle Adams Originalposting" pops up dedicated to laughing at his delusions and shittiness at rapping (currently has 18 000 members as of this post)
>there's some milk about a specific person or a couple people in the group who had legitimate run ins with unkle adams but i'm not too familiar with the details or what happened- all i know is it leads to everyone making fun of him saying he's a legitimate cuckold and he basically instablocks anyone who hints they're from there no matter how much actual money people throw at him
>he keeps making bullshit "self help" videos and bad rap

fast forward to february 10th, 2018
>uploads 9 videos to his youtube channel in a series titled "at least a million"- named for how he's aiming to get at least a million listeners on spotify and at least a million dollars off his rap career
>they chronicle his extreme debt problems, 164 000 usd in debt when the first episode was filmed, and racked up to 240 000 usd by the 9th episode
>this debt was collected by how he literally gave up his day job when original debuted in 2016 and has been focusing solely on making his rap career take off ever since (obviously to not much success)
>he blows thousands on buying needlessly expensive useless props, professional studios and sets for his music videos, and thousands more on professional recording studios and a real producer for his tracks (despite them being him just poorly rapping over stolen beats which he could do at home himself for a couple hundred bucks MAX)
>the videos show his bank account literally to be at 40 dollars remaining, all his credit cards maxed out, and bills from months ago piling up to thousands of dollars
>he uses his in store cards to buy things in bulk to sell at a loss (e.g. 13 tvs from i think home depot) and usually fails to sell them at all
>sold his car and his house
>this is all to fund his failing rap career
>he continues to do this and rack up more debt because he genuinely believes despite everything that if he puts in enough hard work, it absolutely WILL pay off and he WILL definitely make it to "at least a million"

fast forward to today:
>10th episode of at least a million is uploaded
>essentially him shitting on his only real fans (the 18k in the facebook group) and explaining why he disabled his twitter, comments on instagram, disabled comments/likes/dislikes on all his videos, and comments are deleted on his facebook post
>addresses the anthony fantano videos documenting his delusions and ends the video formally inviting fantano to sign a contract that he would delete his entire youtube channel if he [unkle adams] can achieve a million spotify listeners and a million dollars

No. 488556

forgot to explain that the reason he keeps buying in store stuff to sell at at a loss is because he needs the hard cash immediately to pay off debts and pay for the production of his music and music videos

if i could sage, i would, my apologies

No. 488574

i think he definitely counts as a cow or snowflake

No. 488692

He sold his house just to produce this shit. Hurts my soul. Also his gf is shilling mlm products.

No. 488886

File: 1519077805688.jpg (1.02 MB, 823x8497, Y46SLqq.jpg)

Willow Terra

Other than a brief appearance on the linkin park forums as a villian in a fan-fic, shes relatively unknown, posts go back years though. She doesnt understand hashtags but uses them incessantly.

srry about the picture, my stitching skills are nonexistant

edit: pic failure

No. 489044

Is the poor woman schitzophrenic?

No. 489049


I agree, she appears to have untreated schizophrenia. She reminds me very much of a woman whom I know personally who has untreated schizophrenia and endlessly posts her paranoid and delusional ramblings on dozens of accounts.

No. 489068

since when did a mental illness stop us? i mean seriously, any kind of cow has some kind of mental illness, if it's autism, borderline or anorexia.

No. 489070

…narcistisc personality disorder… retardation… hell we even had a thread about the two potatoe babies.

No. 489134

File: 1519138969938.jpg (181.08 KB, 757x1512, 3.JPG)

She sees a doctor regularly, or says she does. From what she posts it seems like hes just playing along with her delusions.

No. 489176

I laughed so fucken hard at the 'two potatoe babies'

No. 489225

The true lolcow of the hartleys is gwen, not the kids tho. Anyway I don't mind skitz cows but this Willow Terra doesnt seem that lulzy yet.

No. 489359


This. Gwen is the cow.

Willow's delusions (which would be classified as non-bizarre and ideas of reference) appear to revolve around knowing the royal family and a selection of celebrities. Such fixations are common in psychotic delusional disorders and are usually long term which means that a thread would become very boring very fast. What you see in >>488886 is what you will get over and over and over.

No. 489390

Yeah, even a skitzo cow needs some level of sanity, otherwise you end up with constant Markov chains for content. Someone like Wern is a far better skitz cow. Dramatic and telomere obsessed, but still coherent. Idk now that I think about it, the perfect cow would probably be histrionic, not paranoid or psychotic.

No. 489475

Is there a market for a cringe thread? Won’t necessarily be super milky but good for a laugh. I find so many hilarious profiles orbiting these cows.

No. 489589

i know we’ve discussed no threads for Null, but could we maybe have a KF general thread, about posters we think are cringe or otherwise? ngl i read KF like a gossip site and have favorites over there, i think a gen thread could be fun. they have one about us!

No. 489650

I dont't see why not

No. 489687


I don't disagree with this, I mean many users are just… cringy. I hate that word but it perfectly describes them.

No. 489755


Many are "autistic" in their sardonic use of the word. A number of them are self-deprecating at least.

Others are literally autistic.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some members have a major hate boner for us to the point of self-parody.

keks all round.

No. 489773

YES! There are a lot of posters over there who hide behind a "normal" persona…..but if you browse KF enough some really interesting shit starts to peek thru. Like single moms who post literally all day.

No. 489787

Is there a reason why they hate this site so much? I mean it's a bit ironic since its clear they get their Momokun and Onision info from here, but still wtf.

I'm convinced a lot of users from there post on the_donald, which I'm sure we all can agree is a shithole, mainly because they obsess about the weirdest of shit on that subreddit.

I'm shocked there's females on that site, I thought most would just leave it as a boys club or something.

No. 489831


Okay, so it seems like at least a few posters here would like a KF General, does anyone want to help with writing it, I really suck at doing posts. Should we just start talking about specific posters and perhaps their drama or should it be more structured? There’s posters in Beauty Parlor who I know started here, but there’s a lot of dudes ripe for discussion there too, lol. Who knows, maybe some KF’ers want to spill milk!

No. 489909

I'd say just focus on making it about the most annoying, weird users. Avoid Null at all costs because he's just not worth it, same with Dynstania and CatParty since they're both trolls who shitpost.

OwO what's this? has been involved in a lot of drama in the past, InLivingTuna seems a bit too obsessed with furries and failed speedrunners, and Cosmos must really hate herself to be on that four so as long as she has, her posts are something else.

That's who I can think of on the top of my head for now.

No. 489945


Just glad no one has mentioned me.

No. 489990

so much hate for our fellow kiwis.

No. 489997

File: 1519426106616.png (305.39 KB, 1440x1703, 20180223_233338.png)

What a winner, such power…
But we are the cunty and, most importantly, fat bitches in need of a good dicking.
If they have a thread about us, calling us the female incels and even pedophiles, then why can't we have one about them?
Btw is Feline Darkmage a tranny?

No. 490000

These guys will sperg to infinity if we make a thread about them (while still getting info for almost every post in Beauty Parlor from us) so someone please make a thread.

No. 490028

One of these days he's going to piss someone off enough that he'll get doxxed and punched irl, I swear.

Also yeah I think Feline Darkmage is trans, I know one of the mods is at least trans. Meowthkip used to be one too I think? I heard she was.

No. 490043

Nah, Meowthkip is just a fat woman

No. 490171

File: 1519505509324.jpeg (78.38 KB, 750x611, 3E48F978-F73B-46F4-81CB-BAE29C…)

Has there ever been an Ayato Sanada thread on here before? There was just one on /cgl/ that got deleted but this guy has a lot of milk to him. >>9795852

No. 490200

Would anyone be up for a new Asherbee thread? I miss my favorite cow. There has to be new milk, especially with Katsu.

I hesitate to start one myself because I just have her on Instagram (lucinda_luke now) and could only post bad cosplay selfies. If there are any farmers who either have her on Facebook or interacted with her at Katsu and have milk, that would be great.

No. 490202

Your icon is visible.

No. 490220

Whoever may still have her on Facebook hasn’t made one, so maybe she finally got whoever was screencapping stuff for us. Sadly I think we’ve been cut off.

No. 490306

I asked this a little while ago but it doesn’t seem like there’s any new milk

No. 490307

I know they've grown irrelevant but I'd still like to sperg about dasha/cyr and Edwin/Mina and just drag them to hell and back because every time I see dasha vague post or cyr be up his own ass or Edwin/Mina be cringey I check to see if anybody else is bitching about it and the threads been full

No. 490308

What about Tumblr user Babyfairy? She's the whitest black person I've ever seen, people send her asks with 'Miss Bri' in them, she's rude as hell to random asks, and I'm pretty sure she sends herself all the rude asks she gets.

If not then what about a general thread for annoying black Tumblr users? The ones who whine about being broke only to spend all their money on drugs, and about how hard it is being black?

No. 490379

no, stop.

No. 490385

>She's the whitest black person I've ever seen

No. 490404

seconding this

No. 490433

I’m sitting here chanting Abby Brown but nothing is happening. One of you has to be in the Facebook group. Please please please!

No. 490492

Just a general IG spam community thread. Basically just a bunch of thirsty girls putting all their messy lives online. One had sex with her boyfriend on live.

No. 490529

anons arent obligated to do the dirty work for you desperate-chan.

No. 490614

Kinda OT but whats the IG nudity policy? I know t&a is not allowed in posts but I've seen people get away with it on stories, what gives?

No. 490628

Is anyone interested in Lani Sarem? She wrote some godawful fanfic style YA book, bought loads of copies of it herself to scam her way onto the bestselling list and is continuing to double down and go on your and deny doing anything wrong, etc. Latest thing she did is buy a ton of really obvious fake Amazon reviews. Idk, she's clearly some sort of cow but not sure if other anons care about this sort of thing?

No. 490686

File: 1519773164172.gif (495.75 KB, 500x250, tumblr_ljy5vfZdUf1qccyc5o1_500…)


I am! Laini Sarem is just the newest lolcow in the reading community but already her Handbook for Mortals has been blacklisted and her name tarnished forever. She engaged in some really scummy practices like rigging the New York Times bestseller list system, made outlandish claims on the origins of her story and herself that she can't back up, and for some reason has a connection to an American Pie washout actor with whom she makes videos like mock author interviews. It's weird. She still thinks she's hot shit, and has a big public presence. The book itself is shit, too. A lot of tell-don't-show, a Mary Sue self insert, love triangle, cliches, etc.

The reading community is a really milky one but I feel quite a niche one, so putting it in /pt/ wouldn't generate much interest from most anons, unless they were already somehow involved in it, or know enough about it. Reader/writer anons.

Perhaps we could have a general thread on drama llama authors for anons who are active users of sites like amazon and goodreads and blogs who spork bad books, and put it in /snow/. I remember back in the beginning of 2012, there was a huge dramafest on goodreads with first-time authors literally killing their own careers by tarding out in the comment section of their book's review. This was mostly YA authors like Coleen Houck, Melissa Douhit, etc. Some even made that stopthegoodreadsbullies site, and some big names like Anne Rice got involved to trash legitimate book reviewers. As a result, some very well-known goodreads reviewers created a new shelf just for books by authors who couldn't accept healthy criticism, and the shelves went viral so much so that other reviewers made their own and put the same authors on it (shelves like: DNF (did-not-finish), drama-llama, no-just-no). So, say you were a first-time author and you engaged in this kind of sockpuppeting and trash talking behavior, your book would be shelved as a do-not-read by several major book bloggers, and your career would've been dead on arrival. Some authors went full psycho and engaged in stalking the reviewers who tore their book to shreds using logic and actual quotes from the book (can't remember the name off the top of my head but some female Harvard graduate who wrote about stalking her reviwers in an article for the Washington Post), while some, like the author who actually flew to a different country and literally bashed a reviewer (Wendy Darling on GR) over the head with a full wine bottle, nearly killing her.

We could also shit talk Onision's horrible ebooks and general shit attitude as an author.

No. 490687


sorry for samefagging but just wanted to correct myself: it's Lani, not Laini, and Coleen Houck has written more shit novels, the person I was thinking about was Becca Fitzpatrick and her horrendous "Be Nice" movement because going down in the trenches and getting in verbal slapfights with reviewers is never a good idea because feefees get hurt. Also please for the love of god how do we not have a thread on Cassandra Clare, she is the lolwhale of lolwhales.

No. 490693


Seconding that we need at a threas for author drama generally but especially Cassandra Clare! She writes absolute bullshit and has a past of literally scamming children for their parent's money.

I'm sure not many people know about her drama here.

No. 490700

Ohhh, I'm interested! I always disliked goodreads for their awful taste and teenager demographics (used to go on /lit/…) but that's an area I'm interested in so even though I have no idea what's going on, I'd love to hear about it.

No. 490701

File: 1519779849877.jpg (93.8 KB, 500x333, huJrHlf.jpg)


I think the general interest in order for any CC thread to stay continuously active dwindles because OP put focus on the Harry Potter fandom drama which was like early 2000s and nobody really cares about old milk. By the time you get to the Mortal Instruments shit, the thread runs out of steam. The only things you need to know about the HP/FF.net drama is that she shamelessly plagiarized, and bullied. Moving onto more recent albeit also pretty old milk - the Mortal Instruments - she got a leg up in the industry because of two things: her FF.net popularity, and Holly Black.

Some of her most recent milk include her sperging on Twitter about why the MI movie bombed, and shit talking everyone involved in the adaptation of her works, on her personal Tumblr. She took their cashola, and then threatened anyone who wanted to even reference any of the characters from her other books with a lawsuit - even though she only ever writes the same characters over and over again, all set in the same universe, so a nod from the main character to a main character in another series (something that's good fanservice and fans really like it), isn't happening. Sorry for the run-on sentences, btw.

She's literally so rustled about other people having any creative control. She's a nightmare to work with, but she wants to be the main consultant on the movie or series sets, and the producers are smart enough to distance themselves from that shit. Even the people who are creatively behind any of her works avoid her because she has to make everything about herself, and she apparates behind them any time they're interviewed at cons, and then she turns around and talks trash about them on Twitter. She derails filmed interviews with talks about herself.

I mean, this beetroot motherfucker makes me so a-loggy it's unbelievable. She's a millionaire, and she still engages in the same gutter tactics she did almost 15 years ago. She's can't let go of her own insecurities, she can't let go of control, she acts uninterested and up her own ass during meet-and-greets, she's a slob who thinks she's hot shit. I'm in the same industry as her and I pray our paths never cross. I can't stand her. /a-log

No. 490744

Maybe we could make a thread for author cows and specify it’s for cows that have milk right now? if there’s any cows from that subset that have milk right now. Lani sounds pretty interesting but I did some relatively shallow digging and I could only find one twitter thread calling her out. If anyone could find any other sources or other active literary cows i think many people would love to see thread in snow.

No. 490768

File: 1519787458283.gif (1014.27 KB, 245x180, tumblr_mjyvntVXjf1rie27io9_r1_…)


I kinda want to make the OP or at least contribute to it because I've been on GR since 2011-12 when shit went down between some immature YA authors and veteran book reviewers, and the milk flowed for months. I think it was Melissa Douhit who was one of the most vocal book reviewer haters at that time, and I know she's involved with the stopthegoodreadsbullies site, which for a time was endorsed by Huffington Post. The site has since been purged,so I'll have to dig through my bookmarks to find some blogs who still have the screencaps, and tweets of authors asking their followers to give them 5-star reviews on GR and amazon.

I'd definitely add Cassie to the OP, and also Onision's ree, maybe even some vintage Maradonia/Tesches, and Robert Stanek. The Farms have some interesting threads on psycho authors, namely that Wogglebug crazy, and maybe even Russell Greer although I feel he deserves a thread of his own in /pt/.

No. 490780

Just seconding the author cow thread. I would love to read about all those writing lolcows. Maybe it would push me tp work on my novel more.

No. 490801


working on author thread!

No. 490812

author cows thread:


No. 490915

I'm in the Facebook group now. I'll make a thread about her because honestly I hate how people interact on Facebook. I want milk and pictures not what some rando thought about the production on Crybaby.

No. 490922


Abby Brown thread

No. 491016

I also suck at writing posts but I’m willing to grab pics for a KF thread and I’d def be active in it. I’d probs steal a ton of posts from Jaimas, I love their thoughts on SJW’s and how they work.

Would the thread belong in snow?

No. 491060

No. 491070

Can we please get the livestream thread opened for the Onions? Sam is streaming and saying some milky stuff that would be easier to document in the stream thread so we don't derail the main, plus it will end the people requesting such in main thread

No. 491128

Internet blood sports thread?

No. 491146

Good idea! Should I make a skeptic general thread, or just internet blood sports?

No. 491216

Hmm… Skeptics thread so we can also discuss those too afraid of face to face debates

No. 491329

Would anyone be interested in a thread for veeoneeye or victoria x rave? Or would they fit into the altcows thread?

No. 491348


I would, I watched both of their videos on the drama between them but know nothing of Victoria outside of that and little about Jason (bar the sexual assault allegations)

No. 491349

File: 1520100080300.jpeg (106.83 KB, 590x960, ECAB5DC9-A194-494E-A22A-AAC948…)

No. 491350

Does anyone want a scumbag Soundcloud rapper thread?

No. 491382

We have one here in snow;

I’m pretty sure you can post anything SoundCloud related there (it was merged with the toopoor thread a while back)

No. 491405

We have an active one. Most of the thread subjects are circling around relationships to Peep right now for obvious reasons. This pic is not new information, we've discussed it in past threads. If you have something new on them, post it.

No. 492063

People keep talking about nicoletters in moo’s thread and her drama, really curious about it since she’s posted shit about moo and is kissing up to her so wondered if any farmers would be interested in starting a thread about her (also don’t wanna necro the mf and pp threads)

No. 492177

Just write it in the general cosplayers thread >>>/snow/504405

No. 492872

Can we have a kpop hate thread or is that against any rules?

No. 492927

File: 1520635645005.jpeg (110.11 KB, 1280x720, E53C6F1F-F72C-4E18-8ED4-6222DD…)

After two major Twitter meltdowns I’m convinced ContraPoints needs a thread.

No. 492929

No. 492968

Yes, PLEASE! this guy is so milky and pathetic.

No. 492971

Who is this I'm curious

No. 492975

It's ContraPoints. Google them.

No. 492993

File: 1520664368104.jpg (40.11 KB, 500x500, Kek that was hilarious _90dbfc…)


No. 493005

File: 1520674863973.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, imissthiscow.png)

i found axel ash's creator of the beloved poop brooch new account. she needs a new thread stat

No. 493010


is there a reason the old thread won't do?

No. 493014

It’s been posted multiple times..
I think it’s hit the post limit? When I tried to post in it a few weeks ago it wouldn’t let me.

No. 493023

Kiwi Farms General thread up at

Have fun!

No. 493025


I wanna call her a harmless tard too, but her recent video of her copying another yt-er's IG/wanting to wear that yt-er's skin has me feeling different. We've gotta have a general minor yt thread around here somewhere though, yes? It could just all go in that.

No. 493342

Do we have a thread for story time stuff? Not for venting or positivity, just a thread for weird things that have happened to us or whatever.

No. 493365

Digi bro thread anyone?

No. 493939

Try /ot/

What has he done? I haven't kept up.

No. 494258

File: 1521239395465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 480.29 KB, 1080x1920, nb93WCO.jpg)

Why no more threads about charlotte charms? she got a liposuction.

No. 494259


Look again.

No. 494360

they are one year old at least

No. 494370

check again friend, last post was only about a week ago and her lipo has already been discussed


her thread is just slow/dead because it's harder now that she locked everything down and has also just been pretty boring

No. 494592

File: 1521504519671.jpg (328.65 KB, 2048x1365, jean thotbitch.jpg)

can we get a thread on this cunt? jean tb/jean wanwan

No. 494604

can we get a thread on Billie eilish

No. 494625

She has drama? She just seems like a cosplayer with a photog bf.

No. 494644

What did Billie Eilish do?

No. 494645

I've met too many people that hate her for her not to have any drama, myself included.

No. 494678

Can we have one "race-fighting" thread, so that it stays out of the others?

No. 494681

Make a thread, I'm interested in this potential milk

No. 494689

Anyone interested in discussing this cow?


TLDR; A crazy cult leader that has a big following and claims that salt cabbage juice water is the answer of everything in life - it will cure your cancer, it will cure autism, down's, make the gays straight, it will even make your limbs grow back! People on her group post pictures of their own shit to show how effective this juice diet is. A guy died of cancer because he blindly followed her and she dismissed it as him "doing it wrong". She encourages mothers to feed their kids that juice as well.

And vid related. She's just plain crazy.

No. 494690

She's got one already >>>/snow/409710

No. 494707

this shit is too disgusting for the site imo, she actually gets people to kill their babies which is sick.

No. 494709

File: 1521554267364.jpg (47.8 KB, 480x480, old hag.jpg)

Samantha Manore 27 yr old mother
Uses drugs, has no job, lives with her mother who she is terrible to, leaves her kid with her mother constantly so she can party and fuck dudes. Wannabe model and singer. Can't do either lul. Fucked her current boyfriends photog friend then accused him of rape to cover her ass. Accused Baby dad of beating her when she has admitted to trying to stab him. Most recent adventure is going to New York to pick up her ex. The people who took her up there ended up getting in a physical fight with her and her bf so she is now stranded in NYC with her psycho ass boyfriend with no money and she left her kid back with her mom. Constantly screeching about how she is a real model and makes sooo much money and how her style is sooo super special. Lots of milk on her profiles. Her boyfriend is deserving of a thread as well.

No. 494734

link her socials?

No. 494746

No. 494750

File: 1521571609305.jpg (33.79 KB, 480x640, crack head.jpg)

Heres her boyfriend. He is a big buzz junkie as well. Wannabe rapper but again… no talent. Says abunch of ignorant shit, tries fighting everyone, history of taking advantage of friends/family/ girlfriends (he's a bum), e-begging, giant ego, homeless. Trying to charge people $100- $200 to feat on their tracks when he has zero clout and can't even pay producers. Has a kid as well that he abandoned to be in NYC for ( does nothing for in general) .

IG @nomadbreed

Together I think we'd have a pretty active thread

No. 494758


Oh thank you anons, I had no idea! She truly is disgusting. One figured she would be in jail by now, but nope. Sucks.

No. 494778

File: 1521583667741.png (168.21 KB, 750x1089, IMG_9327.PNG)

omg she's like a skinnier tuna with better makeup. from what you said she also seems more problematic being that she has a literal child. also has DDLG shit on her page why do all cows gravitate towards that???

No. 494801

I don't have enough material to make a thread on her.

No. 494815

https://hooktube.com/byHHugxUGs0 here's a video of her singing. She looks kinda haggard.

No. 494825

File: 1521598071168.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180320-215747.png)

"I quit my job to model"

No. 494826

File: 1521598372439.jpg (217.12 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_p43xtgEcu81siaoszo1_128…)

No. 494836

this may actually be even more disgusting than the slaton sisters.

No. 494837

File: 1521603760123.png (176.6 KB, 1022x809, Screenshot_20180320-232114.png)

I checked her bfs IG story and he seems like he's on meth …

No. 494858

>if i tried to explain why my brain is this way i’d be told im using my mental disabilities as an excuse to be lazy and that i need to just get over it because thats how we deal with brain shit in this family we just get over it and pretend nothing is different
Parents aren't buying it.

No. 495948

These systems make me die inside. Like a swamp god would care about fucking pronouns kek

No. 495979

File: 1521639456442.jpeg (84.76 KB, 381x636, B2DC5608-FF3D-4D76-988D-DC38D4…)

What a train wreck shit
Pic related

No. 496102

File: 1521663822636.jpg (103.98 KB, 908x329, uri_mh1521663689399.jpg)

Anyone else interested in a thread about luna clone? She's been stuck in NYC with her drug addict bf for over a week now, they both just dipped out on their kids.

No. 496136

File: 1521672756224.jpg (193.17 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_os6a8hDHkX1qe6aq9o1_128…)

god I hate these fucking money-grubbing posts that go around which are almost all "I'm trans/mentally disabled/gay/otherkin/my mom is mean here's my paypal"

pic unrelated. but I just can't comprehend the ugly.

No. 496161

>I totally read that as othergherkin. See me more apt somehow.

No. 496273

They are literally all that. Anyone who needs legitimate help has actual friends. I also can’t comprehend - how do you get such massive cheeks with such a tiny chin?

No. 496275

File: 1521705217066.jpeg (220.72 KB, 1080x1547, wtf.jpeg)

I have never been this disgusted with someones appearance.

No. 496304

this person can't be 25 what the fuck she looks 45 at least

No. 496313


is "as gay as the day is long" a common idiom in US these days? i just saw another anon use it in Pixielocks thread recently (>>>/snow/534129/) and this… person also has it in her tumblr bio so i'm reaching for my tinfoil hat.

No. 496321

I’m a us-anon and I’ve heard the original version of that quote used ….in the 90s by the elderly in America. I’ve never heard it used in the early 2000s and certainly not now-a-days. But I’ve never heard the gay version of that, and I live in one of the US’s biggest gay community neighborhoods.
GL on your tinfoil anon

No. 496323

It’s common-ish? in the American south. Source: grew up in the south but only ever really heard older people use it, not really anyone my age

No. 496328

Samefag but I just checked out this person’s about page and saw they are from Georgia (where I’m from) so it makes totally sense. I heard it plenty in my home state but not really when I moved away. Tbh I don’t think this person and the pixielocks commenter are the same but who knows they might be good luck anon

On a related note I just realized I need a thread about that creature yesterday

No. 496329

File: 1521737203534.jpeg (222.59 KB, 1240x1923, D826927C-4B5A-4EB9-8AE4-238615…)

“I would only ask if it’s important/I never ever would ask buttttt can you donate to my paypal bc my parents won’t support your local 25 yr old gay trans non binary pansexual disabled otherkin!”
That’s like every other post I see on any “disabled” lgbt tumblrina.
>2010: just sick people (mainly elderly, or children) need medical assistance
>2018: a sudden boom in ~super disabled~ 20 yr olds who all happen to be gay, trans, own tumblrs, and all seem to recycle the same 10 chronic lifelong illnesses who all have ~horribul homophobic abluuuist parents~ and absolutely need only PayPal donations & amazon wishlist moneys to cure it!

They’re should be a study on those statistics kek

She even has an entire page on her tumblr dedicated to her labels… you know, cuz there wasn’t enough room in the bio for all her oppression


One of them is: “I glorify obesity”

No. 496331

> a huge furry

I didn't need a userbox to realize this

No. 496338



No. 496383

Clairo should have a thread

No. 496421

mind expanding this and explain why?

No. 496478

Wha, is there milk about Clairo?

No. 496545

seconding this

No. 496620

The only milky thing I've heard is about her not actually being bedroom pop because her dad is in the industry or something. Which doesn't seem deserving. Is there anything else?

No. 496795

this song came out before pretty girl by clairo. The similarities among the two are OBVIOUS both with the song and the video. The singer believes clairo ripped her off too.

No. 497102

I'm not sure if this guy needs his own thread or if he should just be posted with the YouTubers in snow.

He fucking filled an old microwave with cement, put his head in it, his makeshift breathing tube became clogged, and his friends are keep saying obvious shit like, "wow this cement is really hard and heavy," while he struggles to breathe.

He has over 3 million subs and most of his videos are of him doing dumb shit like this.

No. 497168

It's a wonder Youtube hasn't shut him down or he hasn't Darwin Awarded himself yet. What an absolute idiot.

No. 497172

I wish ems was not allowed to help people this stupid and let them die.

No. 497250

What about the new Adam22 drama? I didn’t think he was a lolcow until they started pulling up his old blog posts where he would dox chicks, talk about almost killing a girl. Said the mountain of cocaine he did excused it. Just generally bragging about his entirely pathetic sexual escapades. Hes also just kinda….cringy sometimes. He is 40 years old getting grills and face tats like these 19 yr old SoundCloud rappers. And thinking it’s cool. Idk what do you guys think?

No. 497288

File: 1522011275871.jpg (62.63 KB, 720x960, ForeverAlone.jpg)

Thread on Tim Gasai/ForneverWorld/Lil Jiren???? He's a weeb youtuber pretty well known

No. 497446

Isn't this the weeb who was sobbing on camera when he broke up with his girl, engaged to someone else a month later and then broke it off with her too?

he's just a typical anime news youtuber who read straight off the articles and barely add any meaningful commentary just so he can make some cash and sit on his fat ass. also he thinks dragon ball super is actually really good.

No. 497455

Yes, that's exactly who he is. He also talked mad shit about her to another weeb youtuber (Double4Anime) and he keeps talking about how he's going to beat the shit out of other youtubers as well.

No. 497585

File: 1522084070554.jpg (38.31 KB, 500x281, jq2dlxu5b6101.jpg)

I'd love to see a thread on MLM cows. Not sure if there are any notable ones specifically but it would be cool to have a general thread for discussion and sharing experiences with these women

No. 497607


I 100% love talking abt mlms, but like you said there's no one in particular, and a lot of the people are lulzy because they're ugly. I get a lot of my info from r/antimlm but it seems they have a fairly strong censorship policy so getting info isn't great. There was that woman who told her sister to put a tampon soaked in essential oils up her cooch to cure a yeast infection though, lol. Maybe a thread could go in /ot/?

No. 497623

You think darkness is your ally?

No. 497671

Ohh, this. I’d be in there so fast.

No. 497933

sorry for being a tool but what MLM is? google says Men Love Men but I doubt that what you meant lol

No. 497936

Multi-level marketing, like a scammy pyramid scheme. Think Herbalife or Amway or Scentsy if you know of these companies.

No. 497939

File: 1522157729587.jpg (187.17 KB, 767x1023, JEFFREE.jpg)

what about a general thread for beauty gurus? jeffree star, manny mua, james charles and all sure are lulzy

No. 497946

There is one. >>268688

No. 497948

We have one in snow but it hasn't gotten nearly enough use considering how dramatic the beauty gurus get, maybe that's because drama channels cover it?

No. 497960

My suggestions would be Brian Zaiger or another Lauren Southern thread to follow up the previous one…she was denied access to the UK and plans to sue the UK.

No. 498423

File: 1522263107540.png (830.08 KB, 1440x1373, Screenshot_2018-03-28-13-16-06…)

BMT thread now please. She came into pettyfrills today talking about how she pisses and shits herself.

No. 498437

Is there that much milk though?

No. 498504

Yes, Bella.

No. 498516

Just came here to post this, was reading the archives of /cgl/'s pet peeve thread. She's fucking nuts.

No. 499443

File: 1522521474347.jpeg (847.84 KB, 1242x2805, 377093B0-43FA-49F9-A589-3430AD…)

Thread on Akira Jadexx?

No. 499551

…what a human pile of garbage

No. 499558

File: 1522540575260.jpeg (99.12 KB, 539x960, 3B0588AD-5B03-403F-9BCA-160A66…)

Now she’s claiming to have been hacked by this Dominic person… not entirely sure what’s happening

Link to profile: https://m.facebook.com/cassandra.jade.351

No. 499561

Pretty certain it's a stupid in joke.

Why isn't this in snow?

No. 500079

Because… This is a thread request thread, and they're here requesting a thread? Idiot.

No. 500096

There's at least 3 active threads in /snow this could have been posted to gauge reaction.

No. 500107

I posted this the wrong thread yesterday and walked away too late to delete, sorry about that, but is anyone interested in a CDAN thread here? It’s fun going over blinds, but the comments on the site itself kind of suck. Maybe a Lipstick Alley/CDAN combo?

No. 500247

I wouldn't mind. The comments section on CDAN has gone super mental, the conspiracy brigade has invaded.

No. 500318

File: 1522728185843.jpg (324.14 KB, 1280x1599, tumblr_p5wq7dvgem1vnlgbjo1_128…)

Kelly Kirstein thread?

Former pageant girl who's now a Lapidot sperg. Hilariously bad with managing her money, she E-begs on Ko-Fi for literally everything related to cosplay and cons (Peep her IG story right now, since her C2E2 ticket is funded she's back to begging for her Momocon ticket)

She couldn't afford a fucking $5 McGriddle at HolMat and had to beg to get fed.



No. 500445


Her followers literally bought her a toaster after she bought frozen waffles bc "LOL I forgot I didn't own a toaster"

No. 500545



I know there was some shit about her dumping her boyfriend of like three years for ‘Clod’. It was in her Instagram story a while back.

No. 500580

File: 1522791141761.png (691.88 KB, 478x591, 23456.PNG)


l m a o I wonder what her roommates think when they find her in the bathtub wearing a mermaid tail and eating the diet of a child

No. 500596

File: 1522792762661.png (210.76 KB, 398x593, Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 5.57…)


All her asks are on her tumblr if you can withstand the asskissing.

No. 500600

She drives me crazy. Her and a_smile_and_a_song both drive me crazy with their begging. Idk why they think that just because they are "Instagram famous" that they shouldn't have to work for anything like the rest of the world. I am an avid con goer and cosplayer and I work my ass off to afford that hobby but these girls are like oh look at me I did a Steven Universe cosplay here is my Amazon wishlist and oh ask this con to guest me even though I don't do shit for the cosplay community, and while you're at it I bought waffles and forgot I had a toaster oh but don't buy me one you don't have to give me money but I will take it anyone and not gice anything back

No. 500650

Hanari, anyone? Surprised it's not here yet. She's currently doing her best to accuse raekaybro of something?? after engaging in a intimate relation with him (even though shes "asexual"). He licked her face, she got a uti, now claims she's having seizures, acting as though she was raped & dragging his ex into it all while spamming her social media because he won't apologize to her. She also has a history of begging for money.

Her side can be viewed on her ig story, not sure if it's backed up anywhere as of now:


His side (including FULL screenshots of their conversation) can be viewed on these posts:

https://instagram.com/p/BhAW8XvlFyb/ https://instagram.com/p/BhH58HUFxgc/ https://instagram.com/p/BhIET9zFMWu/

No. 500654

File: 1522801048815.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, hanari.png)

oops dropped pic

No. 500658

We’ve already been over this in multiple other threads. Hanari has already backed down but Rae, Mooriah and others are encouraging a full on witch hunt when she’s already clearly not mentally stable.

No. 500665

File: 1522803450570.jpeg (13.83 KB, 299x168, BAD2F5D5-EFC8-4DEA-8E04-2C44AA…)

There’s a vegan thread in /ot/ about the vegan lifestyle/advice/ etc. but I think there should be one about vegan lolcows and snowflakes. Not a thread to hate on veganism obviously but rather to talk about the screeching loonies who happen to be vegan, like Vegan Gains and Freelee (the latter of which is still cringe as fuck but her thread is dead).

Just noticed the butthurt shitstorm that went down after Blaire White said she was no longer vegan because of poor health. There’s nothing wrong with being vegan but God fucking damn are some of these people absolutely crazy.

No. 500678

File: 1522804696535.jpeg (480.59 KB, 1536x2048, 77236D47-33E4-4484-9B2A-62407C…)

Does anyone have milk on Michael Wolfe/J83 Entertainment? He’s active in Facebook Love Live groups and runs a lot of idol photoshoots and karaeoke panels at Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio conventions. He’s a really bad crossplayer, and apparently he’s also creepy, homophobic, and racist (even though he has a black wife)

No. 500855

File: 1522845592520.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1897, 23374117-6C53-4A23-AB9A-5FCB81…)

Luna’s boyfriend is now a patreon slut

Someone needs to remake her thread she’s so milky but the last anon fucked up.

No. 500856

File: 1522845776949.jpeg (1.58 MB, 1125x1871, 4BDB6128-4732-4BEC-9102-787E05…)


No. 500857

File: 1522845903024.jpeg (473.77 KB, 1125x902, 4FA3B3A9-520B-4557-B873-765F22…)

No. 500858

File: 1522845952240.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1571, BCBDE6DB-2D65-4DC2-AD49-7FBBBB…)

#what poverty looks like

No. 501023


His wife is 1000% a mail order bride. I don't think she even lives in the US.

No. 501034

wtf is this budget melonpan?

No. 501088

Lol I'm in a waifu hell group with him, he's so damn annoying tbh

No. 501669

omg and that raw alignment girl, there's a read worthy thread on GG

No. 501761

File: 1523031986497.png (454.22 KB, 720x812, Screenshot_20180406-112307~2.p…)

Anybody have milk on casperblaise? Her and her bf dress like horror clowns 365 days of the year, and she let's her rats crawl around on everything; which already looks dirty and grungy.

No. 501770

She isn't milky, she takes care of her animals. She struggles with mental health problems but doesn't go on about them - she keeps her private life to herself really and seems quite sweet.

No. 501838

Nah anon, she's not milky and def not a cow, just a freakazoid with cool pets and unusual taste. I actually love her insta.

No. 501844


I looked at her instagram and she doesn't seem that bad. Although her fashion taste is whack lmao she looks like a drag queen in bootcamp.

No. 502163

Testing testing 123

No. 502208

File: 1523087643300.png (7.87 MB, 1242x2208, 1522779693324.png)

@albanycope on instagram seems like a giant cow. She was posted on snow in the IG thread but I think she deserves her own

No. 502214

I’d be interested.

No. 502258

Oh my god, she definitely deserves a thread

No. 502265

>honor your queen


No. 502297

File: 1523118679678.jpg (212.61 KB, 1078x771, 1522742964838.jpg)

this bitch needs a thread, she has the giant ego and lack of self-awareness of a true cow

pic related

No. 502313

Ah, lovely Albany! She's the daughter of musician Julian Cope. Gotta say I envy her looks… She had a tumblr a few years ago and I used to follow her, totally different style, she was more of a hippie yogi back then.

No. 502349


Never heard about her before, but she sounds like a funny lil cow. Pls make a thread.
How do you find those people?

No. 502353


She has very little content on Instagram, though.

Considering her parentage, I expected more eccentricity, perhaps?

No. 502410

File: 1523138109430.jpeg (143.88 KB, 1242x434, DFCAAAC4-5645-4BB4-816C-53EE2B…)

this is from an interview with Albany’s father in January 2015. So she’s about to be 27 this year? Kind of old to be idolizing yourself as some queen

No. 502444

i'm like the fifth anon to agree!

wonder what this bitch is like irl

No. 502907


Julian Cope is so fucking nuts that he could have a fucking thread. Too bad there was no social media as we know it back when he was at his high points.

No. 503185


We had NME and Melody Maker back then to document rock star antics. Julian is just one of a long line of chemically-assisted eccentric British musicians who are ultimately deemed a national treasure.

O King of Chaos!

No. 503217

File: 1523299073660.jpg (132.67 KB, 1280x844, how-to-recognise-taurine-defic…)

Can we please get a pet general thread? There's a lot of anons who get into it over cat food and reptile brands shit on the animal youtuber threads. I don't mind it usually, but it causes derailing and people get peeved.

It'd be awesome if we had a place to discuss ot pet stuff, from food brands to general pet care to our own pets.

No. 503239

No. 503289


Cheers! Hope it’s not considered necro-ing :)!

No. 503400

Ok whoever posted this worded it like a fucking retard, but I agree that Babyfairy is not a sane person. There's some serious mental illness in that girl. Sorry for replying to this months after it was mentioned, but she really is a piece of work.

No. 503789

how would you anons feel about a general ddlg thread? not in support of it of course, but just a thread dedicated to the many 'littles' and 'daddys' that make us cringe.

No. 503825

File: 1523411239648.png (162.89 KB, 566x227, image.png)

That would be great! There are so many people into DDLG that's it's disturbing.

No. 503849

File: 1523413335416.png (224.53 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-04-09-19-05-09…)

Is there a mgtow thread? This guy I have on social media is such a cow and I like to read his page when I'm bored for laughs.

No. 503909

please; that would be awesome.

No. 503914


There is a thread on snow already, though it's been inactive for quite some time. Dunno how to crosspost between boards but go to /snow catalogue and ctrl+f Kinkster Snowflakes General

No. 503958


Copy and paste the URL.

No. 503968

put >>>/snow/thenumber

No. 503976


When the URL is copied and pasted it automatically formats.

No. 504204

can somebody make a geekthulhu(joy sparkle bs friend) thread in the snow category

No. 504328

File: 1523510106037.jpeg (97.61 KB, 720x815, EB7063BD-9DEF-4326-AD3F-963467…)

Is this guy milky or is this just click bait? He has another video titled "TRUTH OR DARE WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!!" where they make out

No. 504345


In the description
>for anyone wondering my 13 year old sister is actually my friend and shes 17

9 minute video, they don’t even sit down to play still 7 minutes in -_- then a minute later, that’s over. Clickbait on steroids. Idk if cow worthy, he’d probably just love the attention. Just a dumb kid with a shit sense of humor.

No. 504716

There used to be an incel thread in /snow/, you could post it there?

No. 504873

She was mad he asked if she was alright? I don’t understand, is that impolite where she’s from

No. 504902

its just a greeting like hey or how are you

No. 505577

File: 1523785323518.jpg (358.4 KB, 1000x799, beautiful_anti_sjws___cassie_j…)

Brent Cherry, the "anti-sjw" "artist" (his art is staggeringly bad) whoms social media is full of cringe and lunatic ramblings. His art looks like cheap CGI porn adverts and his anti-sjw art series look like the covers of very freaky hentai's.


No. 505579


a bit heavy handed lol

No. 505584

Since anons keep asking for it on the Holly Brown thread and I don't feel qualified to write an OP: Spechie.

"Animated storytime" YouTuber, known for gems such as "My art teacher hated me" where she complains about her art teacher failing her for not doing any of her work. Her art is terrible but her attitude is worse. Seems to fully embrace being an edgelord.

No. 505607

File: 1523800899914.jpg (30.48 KB, 300x300, profile_picture_by_brentcherry…)

I looked at his dA and I'm cackling. He really thought styling his facial hair like that would hide the multiple chines.

No. 505633

Just noticed this typo, I was typing in a hurry. Fug

No. 505863

requesting a tumblr/ig ~witch~ thread. there are so many ridiculous flakes within this "community".

No. 506051

If you know any flakes/drama, go for it. I think most farmers are over tumblr so I wouldn't expect someone to make a thread like this for you, it's quite specific. Would read tho

No. 506065


Love this idea although I don't use either platform so wouldn't know who to post. I know this bullshit is out there, though. Include the chick who thinks Starbucks "copied" her.

No. 506305

Would anyone be up for a fuckboy thread? Just like the "men we're ashamed to fuck" but without the shame part. Basically I want pics of hot guys. Who's with me?

No. 506364

No. 506411

pretty sure something like this exists. Use the catalogue and revive the thread if you wanna, people will post in it if they'd be interested

No. 506648

We have tons of cute guys threads and the ashamed (but not really) threads on top of other sorts. I'm surprised someone came up with another cute boys thread recently, not that i'm complaining, but we definitely dont need anymore until we use up all the ones we have.

No. 507450


She also doesn't credit photographers for her pictures. She did after someone called her out but it looks like she back to hiding credits.

I'd make a thread but I'm honestly scared of fucking it up

No. 507548

Would people be interested in an art thread devoted to taking works and redlining/improving them? I always get a kick out of seeing them on the art snow threads but they usually derail and start arguments. Could we have a home for them?

No. 507722

God, I'm so fucking down for this Kelly Kirstein thread. She literally begs at cons and it's super embarrassing to watch.

No. 508095

I'd be down. Maybe in /ot/ though

No. 508289


I made one, hope its ok!


No. 508295

There’s this ex-couple on Facebook who used to be engaged and are actual cousins. Everything is public (Wesley Wall and Kelly Lynne Wetzel). Both are pretty lulzy but unsure if milky enough

No. 508390

would anyone be interested in a thread about anti-shippers? aka people who get incredibly buttmad because some people like fictional ships that they don't, or the fictional ship that they like might not be "canon"

notable examples are steven universe & voltron fandoms, which are notorious for sending death threats to the VAs, storyboard artists, and even creators of the shows.

recently, gorillaz fandom had someone commit suicide over people harassing them because of their ship. http://rosemarygrateful.tumblr.com/post/172631992779/a-big-callout

No. 508802


Or the entirety of the Homestuck fandom. Never have I seen so many butthurt shippers bashing other ships. It's fucking brutal.

No. 509320

they're known for violently reacting to people who try to engage in debate with them, so I would advise against it.

No. 509443


All the more reason to make a thread.

Honestly what the fuck are they gonna do to a bunch of anons on an obscure Japanese imageboard clone?

No. 509523

Can we have a thread about offlineTV?

No. 509538


No. 509653


There was a thread about Lilypichu and other League thots that got put on autosage because it was cancerous and sperg-y as fuck, but a general one about OfflineTV should be okay.


No. 509753

Would anyone be up for a thread on the crunchy, instafamous types? The ones who post about worshipping their ~wombs~, raising vegan unschooled kids clad in linen clothing, usually while doing drugs and rambling on about mother earth, feminism and queerness and how to raise your kids with sexuality. I could name a bunch all with well over 100k followers, if there's any interest we could discuss which ones we find most needing a thread.

No. 509754

seconding this, they're usually obnoxious as fuck and their poor kids end up illiterate

No. 509827


I feel like a thread on the mothers at r/breakingmom might be more appropriate. Some of them are just stressed out, but some are legitimately neglectful mothers who glorify being pissed at their children. It‘s an incredibly negative and toxic community at times.

No. 509832

Those are two different topics completely, a thread on breaking mom or toxic parenting could be it's own ot or snow thread but social media hippies and their kids and lifestyles is..different

No. 509995


A few months ago we had a thread on mommy vloggers which died because we were warned not to post or discuss their children per the rules.

No. 510424

Dahvie Insanity and his wife-to-be (so long as we don't post names of his victims)?

No. 510426

You'd be surprised. They got a bunch of people on 4Chan party vanned for photoshopping minors' faces on porn

No. 510507

Mars argo, Titanic Sinclair and Poppy Drama anyone?

No. 510530

There's a voltron thread somewhere in the depths of /snow/ if anyone is interested in necroing it.

No. 510547

we have an active thread already >>>/snow/381948

No. 510623

File: 1524721494912.jpeg (169.05 KB, 650x858, 874622C9-440F-4A2A-BB69-348053…)

Does anyone know much about Bethany Anya/Bethany Stauffer? She’s on an MTV page where they say she looks like Megan Fox. I looked at her ig (etfatale) and her pictures look hella shooped. I googled her name and this is her only candid. Doesn’t look anything like her selfies and hardly like Megan Fox.

No. 510696

I reckon she does. Just a fat version.

No. 510876

tbh she 100% looks like fat megan fox to me

No. 510980

Would anyone be interested in a thread on Count dankula?

No. 511035

File: 1524781886599.jpeg (219.97 KB, 750x1038, 6567CAEB-561A-4B0C-91EE-C272F3…)

I can’t believe it’s 2018 and Asherbee still doesn’t know how to use a seam ripper.

Would anyone be interested in a new thread about her?

No. 511055

Wow. She still manages to impress with her amazingly horrible sewing.

Yes please. I missed this cow.

No. 511059

Heh, I looked at the picture before I read your post. It looked like Ash so I thought, "Gee kids these days are as bad as Ashley." But then I read what you typed and realized it was her! Ashley just hasn't improved at all. She actually got worse.

I'd be interested to know what other shenanigans she's up to these days.

No. 511073

I feel like the answer is definitely yes, but is she bumming around at her parent's place?

No. 511130

Yeah it looks like she’s in the bathroom of her parents house.
I honestly don’t know much about what’s going on in her personal life right now. I just have her Instagram, cosplay Facebook, and Deviantart, and all she posts on there are cringebad cosplays and art. The most personal thing I’ve seen is in her story yesterday/earlier today she was complaining about finding a gray hair.

No. 511164

Yes, new thread please! She's hilariously awful at life. Reminds me of my ex.

No. 511302


I would love you forever for a new Ash thread, anon.
The last thread died because she blocked a ton of people she suspected were screencapping her posts though, so please be careful if you do.

No. 511428

Would anyone be off a thread on people that obsessively HATES a youtuber, IG, or any randoms. I am not talking hating lolcow style only those that sound like they would Murder them. On the YTT forum a girl has a worrying amount of obbesion of hate towards TP is alarming, despite most her posts getting deleted she just keeps commenting on Trish but this girl is OTT saying if "she could get away with murdering the fat pig then she would"

That is the kind of OTT hate and obession I am on about .

Don't bother sending me to the ostrenga threads Kek

I have not made a Thread and I will probably mess it up

So Anons if you know of ppl that get backshit crazy and driven by hate?

No. 511438

A fanfiction thread would be pretty good. God knows there are a lot of cows in the fanfic community.

No. 511925

Can we get a thread for Tea Time with Deadpool or just a general shitty Deadpool cosplayer thread? Can include DPiddy. Jason from Tea Time is a gold mine for milk though.

No. 512021

i'd like a shitty deadpool general haha, although not sure if there'd really be enough milk. I have such bad experiences with nobodies who dress up as deadpool who've turned me off of every dp cosplayer. they think because the character can do whatever he wants that they can too….
One dude even came up behind me, grabbed my hand and while I tried to weasel out he locked my arm into his and held it until i could finally slip through and escape through the tight crowd.

No. 512244

Wow anon, are you me? I agree, not enough milk to make a thread also not to mention deadpool cosplayers are normally anon, but HOLY SHIT they are so rude and annoying!!!!

No. 512653

Tammy Michelle Rogers/Parish/whatever last name she's using.

Pops pills and neglects her two living children. Let her husband sexually abuse her eldest, who took her life in December of 2016 as a direct result of abuse.

No. 512700

How about a shitty character-hogging cosplayers general? Basically cosplayers who only seem to cosplay one character and goes to lengths to act like the character (from their own impression) that is always to the annoyance or cringe of others, like Deadpools that act like assholes or Kaneki Kens that goes around asking everyone they see what's 1000-7 (met one once, I didn't respond, he fucking grabbed my arm and screeched the question), some would chimp out if they see other people cosplaying the same character or go ape shit if it's other characters from the same franchise. Though I don't know any notable examples of such cosplayers that can be included in the thread summary.

No. 513139

I want to see this

No. 513623

She's the mom of the girl who committed suicide on the live video in recent years right?
I'd be up for learning more in a thread on her, scummy bitch.

No. 513937

TYLER GROSSO. please. I’m too newfag to make one. discussed & agreed upon in TooPoors thread on snow. would link but again, new fag

No. 514011

Don't worry, someone knowledgeable from that thread will make one when the time is right. Until then we know where we can talk about him.

No. 514076

File: 1525366594878.png (Spoiler Image, 455.66 KB, 656x474, IMG_5199.PNG)

drrtypharms/Wolfe Barrett got posted in the Lilith/Clare Buley thread on snow because he's fucking her friend, this is from his twitter.


No. 514480

Has anyone else heard about Andi Autumn allegedly being a hebephile and "turning" Jackie Chan's estranged daughter into a lesbian while she was her teacher?? I'm still trying to find out more about this, but do you think something like this might warrant a thread? Appearently, they've been begging for money online because Jackie Chan's daughter claims her parents put her out because they're homophobic.

No. 514482

Apparently, they started their relationship when Etta Ng Chok Lam (Jackie Chan's daughter) was like 16. Etta is 18 now, but keep in mind the fact that Andi turned 30 in like November.

No. 514484

Sorry for so many consequetive posts, but here's the video they made.

No. 514522

I don't know about current Andi, but I remember a bit about past Andi. For example, that she was with her boyfriend Rex for almost 10 years before suddenly breaking up with him for this Etta girl. Andi also used to have 2 jobs at one point and was very motivated. Looks like she probably got hooked on drugs or something.

No. 514600

They left because Etta's parents didn't approve of Andi

No. 515001


how is etta jackie chan's estranged daughter when she isn't even his bio daughter but her mom's and some other man's? jackie chan doesn't have to acknowledge this thirsty bitch as much as he can shitcan his useless junkie son. more power to him.

No. 515059

>she isn't even his bio daughter
I thought she was the product of an extramarital affair he had with some Chinese actress?

No. 515176

She is.

No. 515195

By the looks of her insta shes pretty young too she has a photo of her in a cap and gown from high school

No. 515509

File: 1525659291658.png (1.13 MB, 914x936, pantmongerbullshit3.png)

If there is some fellow farmers here that are into Warhammer 40k and other nerd stuff. I ight have a potential lolcow for you. Name is Michael Fitzhywel and he is a 40 year old feminist who is like an Australian equivalent to Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson. Goes by pantmonger as his username. Not that hard to find with the magic of google.

No. 515711

File: 1525702790007.gif (3.38 MB, 224x400, HGHH.gif)

No Russell Greer thread? The dude is currently trying to sue TSwift for 100 mil.

No. 515722


KF's OP is a masterpiece.

No. 515774

I'd love to have a thread here for both him and Dobson but for some reason they never caught on here.

No. 515792


Same reason Chris Chan And Lucas Werner haven't caught on. They aren't female. The only big exception I've seen is onision but I feel like his drama is unique from other male cows.

No. 516163

Aneyone knows if there's anything up with "The Oil Wife Life: Uncensored".
She, though I'm not sure it's an anorexic female or a trannie, makes gossip videos on youtube, looks very strange and is married to an fat old guy.

No. 516245

Your shit reeks of fucking self posting, you linked one of the videos in the onion vlog too. Nobody knows or cares who this is.

No. 516840

My God. I'm the one who originally asked about the video yesterday. I'm sorry that it sparked this insanity.

No. 517221


No. 517913

File: 1526182688228.png (Spoiler Image, 885.14 KB, 626x837, jROEESc.png)

Celestia Vega, e-girl/youtuber/thot is now doing porn


No. 517972

I googled her and she seems like a typical porn star? What's the milk anon?

No. 518086

wtf is wrong with her face

No. 518092

hormonal acne covered in make up

No. 518292


By makeup do you mean semen?

Pic originates from this post on reddit. It has the same file name.


No. 519188

Not that anon, but where do we start
>started out as a Twitch tiddy streamer
>had drama with Gross Gore (former big LoL streamer who is arguably a lolcow himself), she basically lead him on to boost her own viewer base.
>posted really vulgar tweets and content but it all seemed to be talk
>Became a camwhore to prove how much of a sex god she really is, which got her banned from Twitch because you can't make money from being a camwhore AND Twitch, that's apparently against their ToS
>People throwing money at her out the ass for her to flash her tits for like 2 seconds, never actually showing her pussy or doing anything explicit
>Shows her pussy on just to prove those HATERS WRONG, makes a huge deal about it and how she had massive anxiety from it
>People on Twitter beg her to do porn, she does
>Shittest porn video imaginable where she just lays there and gets fucked, like she's never had sex in her entire life, destroys her image of being a dirty slut sex god

No. 519255

>Became a camwhore to prove how much of a sex god she really is, which got her banned from Twitch because you can't make money from being a camwhore AND Twitch, that's apparently against their ToS

Don't wanna doubt you there but are you sure that was the reason? Because people like Syrencove are still doing both without any problem apparently

No. 519311

I'm only going by what she claimed. I don't know the actual reason if thats not the reason.

No. 519362

nta but twitch can't ban you if you happen to be a camwhore, what's against their ToS is advertising camming and the like.

No. 519549

File: 1526520590319.jpg (65.61 KB, 660x340, 3rd-slide.jpg)

Dimitri the Lover/James Sears.

He was a doctor who was stripped of his license for sexually harassing his patients. He became an incredibly cringe-worthy pick up artist, which got him some attention a few years ago.

Recently he's reemerged as a white supremacist writer, where he's editor for a major white supremacist newsletter in Canada. He's also a failed right wing politician.

No. 519550

Whenever someone calls somebody white supremacist it always figures out to be something bold and straight. How about you provide links where he actually talks about racial superiority?

No. 519555

File: 1526521017076.png (475.72 KB, 580x548, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.36…)

The way you say that leads me to believe you're a butthurt "alt right" kid with a chip on his shoulder, but okay.

No. 519786

Your radar gives you false positive result, but okay.

Is this tweet still alive or was it deleted, if it was deleted, do you have archived link?

No. 519798

Not that anon but you really do sound like a butthurt alt right kid. Asking for proof isn't inherently bad but contextually you're coming off like you think the tweet is ~fake news~ tbh.

No. 519800

how tf is there already a wk here?

No. 520426

File: 1526664551524.jpeg (23.89 KB, 511x288, DDF43A4C-DB69-4078-9AD9-24C455…)

Hitomi anyone?

No. 520545

Lmao this bitch is so obnoxious. She thinks shes cool and interesting when she's basic as fuck and has no substance. Brags about mental illness when whatever she has is minor if she even has anything. Just seeing her photo pisses me off. Lol

No. 520672

Yes pls…this girl is so obsessed with herself

No. 520736

Yes here for it! Everything about her makes me cringe.

No. 520860

File: 1526755571604.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.18 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180519-114317.jpg)

She looks kind of grimy

No. 521032

File: 1526801306216.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 187.28 KB, 1125x363, BCE741E3-59C0-44CF-821E-0B7019…)

She’s so milky

No. 521033

how does she look so different in the LA direct models pictures???

No. 521060

The only reason anyone gives her the time of day is cause she has zero body fat besides her huge gravity defying tits and round ass… other than that she's a total airhead and gives terrible (sometimes dangerous) advice on the daily…

No. 521300

Someone should really call her out on the whole ~Buddhist ~ shit

Plus the fact that she spent her 20th entirely by herself even though she’s hot is hilarious

No. 521391

Since there's a fetish thread, would an anti kink/bdsm hating thread be a good idea? Anybody interested in that?

No. 521396

Probably all the terfs that frequent this board

No. 521398

What has thinking bdsm is shit to do with disliking trannies…?

No. 521400

This is true but she is a supreme butter face, she looks like Steve Aoki & is just as stupid.

No. 521417

terf = radfem = anti-bdsm/porn/sex work

No. 521486


if you do can you please take that shit to /ot/? i don't want terf wanking to take over the site.

No. 521806

TERF has nothing to do with kink and shit you ignorant twat.

No. 521842


i'm shaking my head in disbelief.

regardless, personally i don't care what salty no-life bitch here is anti-what and would rather have any kind of malinformed "ree i hate this because i don't do it" sperging kept to /ot/. it's already hard to wade through all the mental illness to get a gossip fix as it is.

No. 521881


Any thread on BDSM etc would be in /ot/ by definition, so you can calm the fuck down.

No. 521882


TERF is RF and SWERF is RF, but TE =/= SWE.

No. 521902

/ot/ isn't really for gossip anyway, and like anon said, you're the only one assuming the thread won't go on /ot/ or /g/. sit the fuck down. this thread isn't /pt/ or /snow/ exclusive, and it's actually been successful at clearing up dup threads.

No. 522092

No. 522155

Plenty of /ot/ threads are pitched in here all the time, I'm sorry you love tranny dick so much that you're panicking about a thread that includes radfems. "Shaking my head in disbelief" that you for some reason think every TERF is a SWERF. What are you, June?

I'm confused. Making a video about her celibacy makes her milky? What exactly is the drama? There's a few posts here but nothing outlining anything substantial.

No. 522617

Go back to PULL if you want to be a receipt verification vulture. How tf did you see that, that fast?

She sh00ps and wears a shit ton of makeup, wigs, without everything she looks like shit. She tries to be this “kinky sex porn goddess” but in KSI’s video and her porn it was clear she’s vanilla as they come. Also sucks up to scarce, keem, wildspartanz. Imalex, etc on Twitter c o n s t a n t l y. Just every now and then tweeting at them “spank me daddy” and nothing else….

No. 522626

>sparked this insanity
>talking about the oil wife life

Plz stop, literally no one cares about her

No. 522747

they stopped two weeks ago anon. fuck off.

No. 522767

guys i know this isn't the thread but i don't wanna necro Raven's thread but word is she removed her wedding registry

No. 522781

Think they broke up?

No. 522817


dunno, wouldn't put it past her to break up and still try to scam people for gifts. could be bait. in any case, i suggest we keep her thread dead. she's gonna have to make a bigger splash if she wants our attention.

No. 522861


Raven thread OP anon here. She took down her wedding page and Amazon gift registry during the week following her goodbye video. I check her remaining public pages regularly.

No. 523186

Sounds like the breakup already, but she needs to make a re-emergence in some form, I reckon? What do you think?

No. 523827

nothing yet on tinylilfae? saggy titted camwhore that thinks she's hot shit because "muh eating disorder" even though she's done nothing but gain weight since she started camming. her gimmick is making milk come out of her tits that she's on some illegal drug for. also made b/g videos 6 months ago but now claims she's a lesbian.

No. 523940

take it to camwhores thread, this isn't interesting to people who don't know her. "gained weight" who cares

No. 524010

Not deserving of her own thread but definitely sounds like a good addition for the camwhores general In snow. It's been mainly pumpy for too long lmao. You should write up a little comment on this chick and add in links and put it In the camwhores thread, I'd read it.

No. 524078

She also made a new patreon post.

No. 524357

wew, got to let those 2 patrons know what's up.

No. 524500

How did this guy not get a thread? Considering what happened recently with Ann Frank.

No. 525506

Has " Truthfully Trisha" have a thread here? There is one on Kiwi farms, She is true LOLCOW, and was the cause of someone suicide, the person she was helping was in an abusive relationship,and had a drinking problem Trisha secretly filmed her friend drunk and revealing highly personal and embarrasing information as well as saying things that could make her abusive partner flip. Trisha uploaded the vids, the women begged Trisha to take it down, and she commited suicide a week later. she streams for hours acting unhinged.Was on the DR Phil Show and pretending to collapse when she was called out on her bullshit. She set up the " catch a bully" FB account, when it is her that bullies other people and makes serious allegations, such as death threats, rape threats, Threw herself on one of her haters cars when it was moving, and other bizzare lolcow ish behaviour. This woman is her late 30's,kids of her own, her teen daughter fled home calling her a crazy bitch, her younger son is messed up, her husband is fed up as she keeps on calling an abulance and sharing their dirtly laundry in public. Can someone please make a thread? Also the person that created Jillie Juice ( lots of salt with cabbage can cure everything) despite people posting her saying their kids diapers are bloody, and that their blood pressure was high and other side effects, good ol Jillie said it was all part of the process. Dr Phill really went at her, and she was so adamant that her method work and did not give a damn about those who suffered bad health due this diet. So can someone make threads on these Cows? Also Jillie likes to go on youtube and shit herself and tell her auidance about it. She seems oddly proud of shitting herself, she calls her diareaha " water falls"

No. 525539

I kind of want a thread for nicolette gray. She was on dr phil for being a spoilt brat and has been featured a lot lately on this gay youtubers channel. His name is bradley something. At first I thought fuck this bitch because she's a danielle bregoli wannabe but she posted a video this morning crying about her mother trying to give her designer bags and shit to the gardner. Cant tell if it's fake or not but it seemed real. Also, her stylist is a creepy gay kid who uses her for money.

No. 525631

Tbh can we have a Dr Phil cow general? That girl who glamorises her self harm and the girl who insisted she was pregnant with the baby jesus are some people I would not mind reading about

No. 525633

Anon you responded to, this is such a good idea actually because there's a bunch more weirdos and episodes to talk about. Like the lady who breast feeds rabbits.

Barcroft tv has some crazies too, that'd also be an interesting thread.

No. 525947

I think loeylane desires a thread. There's just so much damn milk on her but I know I couldn't do it justice. To name a few of her misdeeds:

Used to do a ton of tryons with clothes two sizes too small, lied about her size while claiming to be all about body acceptance.

- lowkey flirts with every man/woman/animal that gives her attention. She has a husband but he's been MIA for a year.

-hoards animals - is 300+ pounds but has a horse she rides

- most recently has jumped on the bandwagon of everything being haunted and flat out hijacks nosleep stories from reddit.

she annoys the fuck out of me, but i might be the minority, idk.

No. 526100

I'm ayrt and I agree. I have seen all the Barcroft docs so I could write an intro on that, but where I'm from for some reason I can't watch full Dr Phil episodes online (and it is surprisingly difficult to torrent) so I've only seen what is available on YouTube. I could still do a write up of the basics of the cows, but a lot of the thread would actually be about seeing if we can find their socials without having them available in the intro. I don't know if that would be ok with mods?

No. 526102

Loey Is an absolute meme of a cow. I genuinely think she's much more cowish than some of the most active threads here but for some reason thread requests for her always get shut down, often with the main point being "she's fat and a liar so what?" Which is literally exactly what momokun is, lmao. There's a ton of gossip to be had about loey, speculation her and her army husband split recently, the memey predictability of her videos, dialogue and format, and her god awful paranormal shit. I'd be up for it and would contribute but we have to see if other people are interested or the thread will just die.

No. 526237

File: 1527806127396.jpg (249.9 KB, 2048x1024, MqIEwdhI.jpg)

how about rasbii (@rasbll)? her art is consistently regressing, she essentially posts thirst traps in the form of shitty catgirl drawings, she's rude to a great deal of her fans, she has a massive ego, and perhaps worst of all, she lied about her age. she claimed she was 19 for a long time while drawing NSFW and it came out recently that she just turned 18, which means she's been drawing and posting porn publicly + has been involved in an 18+ circle of artists as a minor.

No. 526249

>very smol

I wish this shit would die

No. 526278

>very smol
>135lbs at 5'2"
She's average if not slightly chubby at best?

No. 526340

holy shit I looked into this and she’s been actively lying about her age for a while
https://imgur.com/gallery/0nX3xeV I made a post with all the proof I’ve found. Honestly I’m pretty sure she’s lying about her age now to make her art seem more impressive since everyone has been shitting on her for not improving/regressing
Age drama aside she’s still a bad person if you’ve been following her, even if you aren’t you still hear about her in the art community often since she’s that awful

No. 526381

i just spam posted on my twitter about this girl. i’m a sonic fan and i’ve seen her art around since 2015 ish and even back then she struck me as weird.

i archived/capped enough shit to start a thread if someone would want to do so. don’t forget about the nsfw artists in her orbit that ignore the fact that she’s likely underage.

i have reason to believe she actually is 18 this time though. and just lied about her age every other time. she says she’s doing a face reveal on june 10 so that could be interesting.

her art is really painfully mediocre which makes me wonder why she has so many followers but that combined with being in popular nsfw artist circles as well as lying about her age to maybe seem more skilled than she actually is? but anyways her art is like the shadman of pastel animu shit

No. 526385

here's another tweet confirming that she is 18 now: http://archive.is/M6gPX also this girl admits to drinking underage on her curiouscat too.
>says she attempted suicide 40 times
>constantly posts about wanting/being a cat
>mainly posts critical asks from curiouscat begging for asspats from her brainwashed fans
>her art got worse
>owned at least 4 tablets
>nobody knows what she actually looks like and she constantly says she will do a face reveal
>only evidence that she exists is through her exes who have all disappeared from twitter

No. 526387

yeah that’s the suspicion i was referring to. it’s strange that despite having 50k followers absolutely no one is going after her for drawing and selling porn while she was underage.

a thread about this would be good. although i’m emphasizing the need to cap+archive everything because she deletes stuff constantly.

No. 526428

Do it, she comes off as soo annoying and bitchy, I followed her a while back because she was in nsfw artists friends circle but almost every post of her since then has been a hard eye roll

No. 526441


right? she's such a fucking cow. I genuinely get so happy whenever I see anyone try to make a thread on her but they always get tossed and it's a shame. I guess only the people who have kept up with her for any length of time are going to get it. Atm she's just an annoying fake paranormal storyteller.

No. 526556

File: 1527875559827.jpg (71.88 KB, 720x720, C8c0xwSXoAAnGcl.jpg)

Check this edgelord, saw him on a top /r/sadcringe post. He lives like this. He tattooed Heath Ledger's Joker's scars on his mouth, dresses like Jack Nicholson's and worships Jared Leto's, with the HAHAHAHAHA tattoos all over him. He's also a surprise, surprise juggalo. He got arrested for some dumb shit just for the infamy of being arrested. This pic is from his twitter. He's milkyyy, thoughts?



No. 526590

I saved her entire curiouscat page as a pdf.

Really want someone to make a thread soon.

No. 526631

I saw his fucking weird post about getting his face tattooed in a cringe group on fb recently. What a retard

No. 526686

No. 526705

You have to link with the board name. Is this on snow or pt?

No. 526711

No. 526839

Is there a Katy hearn, Whitney Simmons, or fitness general thread? Just curious

No. 527470

anyone interested in a booktube thread? I know we have author cows, but the youtube reviewer community is just as milky imo.

No. 527556

There's a general YouTuber thread, I'd post about them there first, & if there's significant interest consider making a separate thread.

No. 527991

How about a thread on Plaaastic/GG/Nitenite99? She's an edgy snowflake who faked her own suicide months ago and then reappeared under a new persona wearing the same outfits and wigs except now in a gas mask and covering up her old tattoos.


No. 528180

File: 1528224678756.gif (3.7 MB, 480x267, varg_kungfu.gif)

Would anybody else be interested in a Varg Vikernes thread?
Could be combined with other pagan/ wannabe "vikings"/Northern Europe-only fuckers like the Goldenone, whom Varg had a feud with and Stellbell has a crush on.

No. 528183

Yes please

No. 528184

is there any recent milk? I havent kept up with his racist, gun hoarding shenanigans.

No. 528187

they (Varg, TGO etc) are only occasionally milky but still provide enough cringe to discuss
i’d be interested in a thread

No. 528188

Recently he throws out more than one video every single day, even titling it with "Muh…"

No. 528199

I would also like a thread on this guy. No idea who he is but he looks cringy.

No. 528203

I'll make one

No. 528516

File: 1528302029911.jpg (15.58 KB, 460x376, 2a28fba512d4b1103ab41445fc6c88…)

Baguette-fag here. I noticed a lot of French people on the "nationalities thread" an after some research, the only threads dedicated to France are very much dead. Would it be okay to make a France General thread in which we could write in French ? I'd rather ask than make a bad thread cuz I never made one before

No. 528546

We had one and it was shit

No. 528558

too bad there isn't one cause there are so many French snowflakes and cows to talk about

No. 528598

I would have loved to talk about french cows. Like, Sabi's journey in Japan for instance.

But the thread would have died just like the one we had.

No. 528652

File: 1528347816068.jpeg (164.97 KB, 920x1145, 4CB300AE-28F5-463C-83A1-336296…)

Do we have a zoie burger thread or just a general twitch thot thread? She’s saying she’s not going to do sexual content anymore bc her porn internet identity was a sort of multiple personality disorder that was created to deal with a “traumatic” incident when she was 12 (which she weirdly keeps referring to as her ‘12th year’ instead of ‘12 years old’) and that her “health care worker/therapist” told her this. She’s saying her dad neglected and abused her. Then proceeded to leave her Twitter, post pic related, and make a new Twitter.

….of course she’s not going to stop streaming and YTing, etc. she tells her audience she’s going to keep filming it all. Just being her “real self inside” and “no sexualized content” at all. Like a rebranding. It reeks of BS, an excuse to rebrand, being dramatic, and her usual attention whoring. She also made a video on it where she sounds robotic and a bit strange af. She said she’s being medicated by this “health care” person too.

No. 528654

File: 1528347864943.jpeg (219.28 KB, 2208x836, 01C3F4E4-A2F6-4E81-9881-CD564F…)

No. 528656

File: 1528348602884.jpeg (319.52 KB, 784x1741, 2E06C211-12D1-40A5-96F2-B5642E…)

She also had a mental breakdown 7 days ago and shaved off her hair


Her Twitter is a fucking mess rn of back to back tweets talking about bullying and mental health and abuse and how Zoie burgher is dead, and complaining about people only liking her for nudes. There’s tons and tons of tweets just rambling about it and being some new artistic person. Twilight zone.




>This week I will be launching a non profit organization


No. 528657

International was a pretty okay-ish board, i didn’t even notice it was nuked until days later. I wish we still had it, the Asian and Indian cows were pretty milky. And European cows can be really niche and interesting. But I think the board was taking up room and not enough traffic.

I think if they made a thread for a specific community in France like the “UK weeb general thread”, then it could work.

No. 528719

Can someone please make a new Mina/Edwin/Cyr/Dasha thread?

No. 528799

No. 528805

I'm still learning about this one myself, so I don't feel qualified to handle making a thread about this, but holy moly. Down the rabbit hole, a channel on youtube, did a video about "Final Fantasy House" which is definitely worth a watch, but the tl:dr version is that a woman named Jennifer Cornet ran a sort of cult wherein she made all her roommates and friends fulltime LARP as Final Fantasy characters because they were "soul-bonders", which is just pre-fictionkin fictionkin. But apparently after the Final Fantasy House, she moved on to the Hannibal fandom and started a website called Tattle-Crime. I just searched her name and came up with a website that is supposed to redirect people looking for Jennifer's website. I was intrigued, so I checked out her videos about it. They're definitely worth listening to, but if you watch the video I linked, you can probably tell whoever this person is is pretty embarrassing themselves. I just want more. Is anyone else watching this drama unfold? Apparently the person running the current Tattlecrime website (not Jennifer, the final fantasy house nutjob) is doing a live Q&A on friday, but I'm working and I have so many questions. I really need to know the tumblt url of the person running the current website, because they seemed to be in some relevant drama and I want to read it all. Anyone else interested?

No. 528817

Oh man, final fantasy house! I used to love reading about it! I don't feel confident enough to make a thread either, but would definitely read one. I always wondered what happened to those nutjobs.

No. 528823

so much milk, she has so much potential

No. 528851

Do you know what time and where the Q&A is on Friday? If you give me the link and time, I’ll record it for you and try to find the url if I can ask a question.

No. 528870

It's tomorrow, june 8t, at 10 pm. That would be absolutely amazing…thank you! I want to know if she is still in contact with jennifer or her ex (renee, hojo, hannibal, gail…whatever you wanna call them), or knows the current whereabouts of them (on the internet not irl). I also REALLY want to know why the community disliked the creator of the videos and what she was being called out for, and it'd be amazing if i could have her URL. Thank you so much! Farmers looking out for eachother. Wonderful!
But yeah, I'm just dying to know the urls of any of the people involved, ESPECIALLY jennifer. I need to know who she is Kinning these days. I'm completely enthralled.

No. 528965


she's alive? Jesus h christ these fucking cows man. I cried for her last week when I discovered her lmao man…

No. 528989

I just watched that DTRH vid too, anon. Would def be interested in a thread!

No. 529022

Holy shit this is so amazing, thank you anon. I read the FF house shit a very long time ago and have always wondered what this crazy bitch has been up to the last few years, there’s no way she could stay quiet or refrain from said crazy. Hannibal fandom, lol.

No. 529035

No. 529037

fucking ace. I remember FF house and the Tattlecrime blog interviewing a ~famous~ livejournal commenter (cleolinda), I had no idea they were connected. I want this thread

No. 529064

Emelia Fart. Please say I'm not the only one who thinks she's a cow.

No. 529065

She’s from my city, and I see her time to time. She’s cringy, but I don’t think she’s cow worthy. I’m just tired of seeing her video suggestions all over my YouTube.

No. 529066


She's well known on the internet and has an ED page which is very old, but what's funny is that she still posts sometimes on dA, even after all these years. She posted a new chapter of the fic one week ago and last visit was 2 hours ago

No. 529067

We should make a thread for reality show cows. I know one but it's not enough to fill an entire thread, though

No. 529069

Omg I remember this girl. I used to cringe at her treasure planet smut. She was obsessed with the man bear pig guy.

Anyone remember the rangerphile ray jones?

No. 529077

actually don't know a lot about this old kind of milk, but I'd love to hear more, and I'm probs not the only one . Especially since the J-fash community here seems so milky and active.
It's a shame we are so many here but too few to actually post

No. 529078

That's a great idea anon ! as I said in >>529077 , the J-fashion community is very big here, and has a long history of snowflakey behaviour and such so a specific thread would indeed be better

No. 529082

Sabi is an old cow who was very popular among the j-fashion community back in 2009-2010, she's been full of milk for almost 10 years now, she's my all time favourite cow

No. 529141

File: 1528510455724.png (742.34 KB, 1024x578, jack_frost___frost_and_honour_…)

I've been following this dude for a bit, his name is trackforce https://trackforce.deviantart.com/
has a bitter hatred of a fictional paring, to the point that he blames unrelated things like trump getting elected to the perceived popularity of this pairing
he doesn't seem to have much of a presence outside of deviantart is the problem, other then mentioning briefly being on wattpad

No. 529216

File: 1528546018533.png (876.98 KB, 1017x761, asherbee is back.png)

it would be really neat if we could start a new asherbee thread, the last one is full/locked and a new one wasn't created since she was on lockdown.

but she's back! at least her instagram is, which is now @lucinda_luke. she now goes by Lucy, Lucinda or Luke, claims to be a representative of @cosplayplusmag which isn't a thing (she mentions working for @nerdplusmag in one of her insta posts, not sure if she just put it in her bio wrong).
also found her ko-fi page where she has some art https://ko-fi.com/lucindaluke

i hesitate to make a thread myself since i don't really have the know-how, and i'm wondering if anyone else might have some updates about asherbee that should be included in the new thread too.

No. 529233

Would definitely like to see a thread on Ash again since Moomookun has been stealing her thunder.

No. 529249

I've only ever made one before but I can make her one in /snow/ and see how it goes? Give me a bit to gather up the relevant information. Hopefully we've got some farmers who can get more up to date info on her.

No. 529253

A thread for Netflix shows, or just tv shows in general. I searched but didn’t find anything.

No. 529255


It's not great but hopefully this'll do for now.

No. 529333

While I’m sure I’ve seen a dead thread about it, you don’t need to ask permission/ a consultation to make a thread outside of snow/pt.

No. 529880

Would anyone else want a nostalgia thread for internet personalities that were famous but aren't as present anymore. Eg. Kiki kannibal,valeria lukyanova, Anastasia shapinga etc..

No. 529886

Yesss please. An active vintage milk thread that isn't in the g or ot catalogues would be great

No. 529947

Yeah that sounds interesting

No. 529979

I made that one when /int popped-up but as >>528546 said, it was a shitshow (vendetta, namefagging, lack of new milk)

No. 530094

just read the thread and it was indeed a real shitfest just because of the vendetta but Mieko broke up with visa-kun and posts pictures on a japanese fat people lover page, lily is still into ddlg, Sabi's in Japan and broke up with her French boyfriend like 2 weeks after he left Japan and is planning to find a husbando in order to stay in Japan…etc. there's milk.

No. 530260

Maybe revive the Raven thread? Looks like she was married a few days ago. Info on KF

No. 530264

It’s so depressing looking, oh my god, what a train wreck. His pants are about fifty sizes too big and she’s fatter than ever. Points if anyone knows which cheap online outlet she grabbed that ugly dress from. I’d love a new thread. Don’t know if old OP is kicking around or not.

No. 530269

The hilarity ensues. She probably got it off wish. I hope op brings it back.

No. 530278

Yes, please.

No. 530287

Oh my fucking god please, please let it be wish. Absolute trash.

No. 530335

Goffik got married to private piltdown.

No. 530369

go back to kiwifarm, thanks.

No. 530374

Yikes. That dress looks like a trash bag and her demeanor isn't helping it.
No wonder she's being controlling and showing limited photos. Not much to show..

No. 530378

She's still not revealing much. I don't think she deserves a new thread until she starts posting again. Or unless someone finds that one of her hundred sockpuppets is having an online affair…

I still believe she went offline to conceal her past cheating adventures from Josh.

No. 530533

File: 1528875670864.jpeg (7.11 KB, 275x183, download.jpeg)

Donald trump is a lolcow and should have his own thread

No. 530558

Fuck off you’ll attract pol losers.

No. 530575

File: 1528885207705.png (65.84 KB, 800x274, Screenshot_2018-06-13-02-49-08…)


OP anon here. I already have the next OP written. But a 50 second video is not enough milk for tea, let alone a thread. In the description she says, "Still no thoughts on if or when I might be back online, but I still doubt it will be any time soon."

I'm not surprised that they got married. June 10th was her original planned wedding date.

In the comments she finally addressed what happened to Doja.

Never change, Raven!

No. 530602

I can’t seem to find anything about the dog. So what did she say?

No. 530628

No. 530636

Mieko is the creepiest looking person in the French community I'd love to know more about her.
Wanted to revive the thread but did'nt want to necro for old milk, but I would've loved to know more about Lunie Chan when she was in the comm, and maybe talk about Kagome Bara's death and such.
I don't know much about the "biggest names" in the community like Sabi but I'd love to.

No. 530755

I just revived the old thread so we don't have to ask whether we should revive it or not on here anymore. If the milk isn't interesting enough the thread will die again and that's about it.

No. 530940


Do you not see the screenshot I posted?

No. 530949

It didn’t show up at first. Thnx

No. 531851

would you anons be on board with a torrent/torrent help thread? y'know, letting everyone know what links they have, other anons requesting help to find links to safe sites, etc…

No. 532167

I dont know if she is already featured on her somewhere. But I'd like a thread about Sapphire crimson claw aka Stephenie.she is a huuuuge cow and has a quickly growing thread on kiwifarms.

No. 532254

Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a thread dedicated to Tumblr beggars and following them to see what they do with the money they receive?

It seems like every second post on Tumblr is some trans teenager trying to escape a "toxic home" and either begging for money to move instead of getting a fucking job or for things that are not necessities like hormones. I've no doubt that absolutely every one of them is a scam and I've no idea how these kids live with themselves.

The thing is, I never see any update posts. You know, an update to say "Hey I've moved out! Thanks to everyone who donated" or "Here's a receipt to show I bought what I said I would!" Which makes me think it would be fun to follow these scammers to see what they get up to after their sob stories.

No. 532371

I'd be down for this thread.

Came here to ask if there would be any interest on a Twitch thot/League of legends egirl thread. There used to be one in either here or /snow/ but I think it's gone or dead

No. 532540

Could we possibly get a general electronics thread maybe in /ot/? I’m in the market for some upgrades but I’m behind on trends and features and things, and I was thinking a thread where we can compare and discuss phones, cameras, laptops, etc. would be a good idea.

No. 532587

Can we have a new personal lolcows thread? The only one I could find is 2 years old, and I feel obnoxious bumping a thread that old.

No. 532604

yes, this!

I think a "vegan lolcows general" would be amazing. I know there are threads for vegan gains and vegan cheetah, but we really need a general thread because there are too many vegan cows to count. some examples:

>batshit insane, former (current?) drug addict with serious narc rage, has hundreds of obvious sockpuppet accounts, was banned from a fruit festival for being a dramawhore along with freelee, alleged serial rapist using veganism to prey on young women

>durianrider's ex girlfriend, invented "30 bananas a day diet," orthorexic af and claimed losing her period was a positive thing, denies having fake tits and botox even though both are obvious, currently lives "off grid" in the wilderness

james aspey
>huge narc, took yearlong "vow of silence" for da animalz, practices vipassana meditation and won't shut the fuck up about it, peddles spiritual woo woo bullshit and acts like he's on a higher plane of existence than everybody else

david avocado wolfe
>co-opts veganism to sell his bunk superfood products, believes raw cacao contains an "octave of sun energy," uses his health cult to get laid, fat blob despite claiming to be beacon of perfect health

gary francione
>"pacifist" hostile asshole who never misses the chance to shit all over other vegans, opposes welfarism, open rescue, and pretty much any other action that actually works towards helping animals, loves creating division between vegans, nobody knows what his endgame is

fully raw kristina
>orthorexic skelly that claims eating a raw diet turned her eyes blue, rips people off on her organic farm, tried to copyright a smoothie recipe, opposes modern medicine, deflects criticism by simply ignoring it

only one solution movement
>group of vegan activists running a propaganda campaign to NUKE THE EARTH to end all suffering (yes, seriously)

…and I could go on. vegans are some of the milkiest cows, it's crazy that there hasn't been a thread for them all yet.

No. 532612

I also would like an almond milk general thread.

No. 532757

Have this girl on instagram called "jinxyourlife" who's real name is Adrienne.
>Goes by Jinx now since renouncing her gender and identifies as pansexual.
>Apparently she's a findom as well and always posts about sex worker rights.
>Has been bitchy to people on her story asking for advice or info about sex work.
>Has posted fully nude photos on her insta, and has reuploaded nude posts that have been taken down.
>Rumored that she also got a boob job from her grandparents for a graduation gift.
>Constantly smokes weed out of water bottles and shit.
>Always talking about purging her ghost followers.
>Makes cringy artsy posts a lot.

I feel like she has /snow/ potential but I've never made a lolcow thread and she may not be active enough on her insta. Might be worth a look though. Figured I'd post if anyone is interested.

No. 532841


Sun Fruit Danny Glass

He was found responsible for the road accident death of his pregnant girlfriend in Thailand. He was also recently in the British press for recommending MMS and turpentine treatments for children.



No. 532907

oh I remember them from the boob nazi thread.

No. 532928

Stick her in the instahoes general for now I'd say.

No. 533337

File: 1529508432787.jpeg (85.3 KB, 640x1136, 012C1066-D74E-49C6-AAF7-0C3495…)

Can we do a thread on Shiloh finally??

She looks rail thin, and has been dancing around with a bong crying on Live about that piece of shit XXX for 45 minutes now.

No. 533341

There is no milk on her. If the only thing she's doing is being thin and whining about a dead rapper, it's not worth talking about. Come back if there's anything interesting.

No. 533346

Yes! Someone please start a /snow/ thread on Shiloh so we can redirect users there who want to talk about her. I would read it and it would keep the Onion thread more organized.

No. 533349

how does one start thread?

No. 533350

It's at the top of the page, so you'd go to the >>>/snow/ tab and post there.

Thread requirements here:

No. 533351

There's no need for a thread, there's no milk. Hell the milkiest thing shes done in 2 years was this insta story just talking about xxxtentaction. That's not enough for a thread, my two cents.
Seems like the only ones hatin on Shiloh is Onision and his cronies.

No. 533354

If the thread is unpopular then it will get bumped down into obscurity due to inactivity. It hurts literally nothing to make a thread about Shiloh if farmers want to discuss her.

No. 533360


No. 533362

Can I have a little help starting the thread? I haven’t done one before.

No. 533473

This. The girl is high as fuck and doing cringy things while high. Hardly enough milk for a thread.

No. 533590

heh idk have you seen her lately? she's rebranded as some soundcloud artist and hella ghetto. i thought she was from suburban canada heh. there's something really…fake about her too.

No. 533618

Not to mention she was a full blown prostitute with duuurty nudes online, and she faked a dead baby with Onision. The milk is certainly strong with this cow. We just haven't been paying attention. The fact that she has so many butthurt stans on this site makes her milkier to me.

No. 533635

Prostitution like…actual sex work? She also fancies herself a tagger now and wears those stupid fucking fashion medical masks.

No. 533639

A Shiloh thread is not only Greg's fantasy, it's the fantasy of a bunch of bored GOMI refugees who live to bash other women and have run out of fun calling Lainey a 'smol bean'. Leave Greg's former victim alone to live her life and look after your (no doubt) screaming kids.

No. 533640

There are numerous anons here that do sex work, cam etc. It's hardly thread-worthy.

No. 533651

Agreed. Sex work isn't a big whoop.

She's her own public figure outside of Greg and does her own thing. It's been six years.

No. 533666

Man we really need a Shiloh/Draculoh/Shegoesbydoll thread.

No. 533669

please do.

> 25 years old

> Candian Pop-Star now rebranded as Soundcloud artist "Doll"

um hmm

No. 533697

Yes pls since we can't discuss her with onions. A /snow thread would be nice

No. 533719


Echoed. I loathe that fat cunt so much, there’s definitely enough milk to warrant a thread.

No. 533720

She’s a piece of trash who is just as loathsome a grug and draineythot. Anyone who wants to screech about her being a victim can gtfo, bitch deserves all the vitriol and then some.

No. 533735

>bitch deserves all the vitriol and then some
so break it down for us why, because 'was a sex worker' isn't cutting it.

No. 533737

Sure it's been six years but there's a bunch of vicious little girls who pay for Greg's and or Lainey's Patreons and hate Shiloh with a passion. Just seems rather suss to me.

No. 533743


What she did to Adrienne was reprehensible. Add to that the bullshit with the fake miscarriage/stillbirth nonsense, pretending to have a mental breakdown, and now this recent fuckery about that POS rapper. She’s a cunt, just like Ogreasion and the footstool he is married to. There’s nothing wrong with being a sex worker, I doubt that’s what anyone here has an issue with. She enabled that slimy motherfucker Grugly’s abuse towards others, so I say drag her to hell.

No. 533764

That’s not a good reason. You can dislike Greg and Shiloh at the same time. It’s not like he “wins” by Shiloh being cow. Honestly, she’s always been a cow. All that shit it’s already out there and we have Farnhands for a reason. Protecting this 25 year old woman who’s clearly just as manipulative and aware of the camera as her ex is silly.

It’s sus as is suspicious.

What else should I add to the thread?

No. 533767

Most of that is old milk, though. The only recent thing is the bullshit with the rapper and that's barely milk at all.

No. 533768

Then the thread will die…lol

No. 533775

> Then, a 17 year old Canadian suburbanite Pop singer groomed and abused by Ogreason.
> Now, a 25 year old stoner Soundcloud artist and tagger. #sadgirl
> Told her her fanbase to unfollow her if they didn't like her mourning a rapper (she never knew) that nearly killed his girlfriend multiple times and a homosexual man in jail.
> Extremely manipulative
> Faked memory loss
> Faked a premature baby's death
> Faked sepsis/miscarriage

What else?

No. 533780

Has anyone made a new Dasha thread yet?

No. 533795

File: 1529599959216.png (273.2 KB, 1280x704, tumblr_mxxjt8tVOE1t8iqybo1_128…)

Was an escort/sex worker at one point.

No. 533813

we live
we lit

No. 533814


No. 533815

I'm an idiot sorry.
Here: >>>/snow/616901

No. 533876

People are going insane in the Shiloh thread that was just created in snow and someone is posting underage nudes in an effort to get it taken down, can someone please go over there and look?

No. 533877

for legal purposes want to clarify the nudes are not underage. Shiloh was born April 25, 1993 and was 19 in the photos.

No. 533904

you know she was legal in those photos. shame it was shut down considering she;s milky(ban evasion)

No. 533972

The dasha/Cyr thread maxed out, is there a new one yet?

No. 533993


looks like no one has yet. i’d make one but idk how lol

No. 534021

I wanted to let someone better make it, but I've gone ahead now because time is passing >>>/pt/534019

No. 534075

Looking at how psycho some of the people are in this thread about their Shiloh thread thirst, I'm thinking you're right. That and it was made by an anon so new they don't know how to post a thread link.

No. 534099

Yeah, the thread was shut down for good reason. It appeared to be a huge circle jerk of vendetta anyways, they couldn't even explain why Sh was milky in the first place. It's just best not to give Gerg any more ammunition against his former victim.

No. 534638


are we not permitted to mention her on here either?(still ban evading)

No. 534734

I wouldn't be mad at it, personally

No. 535215

File: 1529875640186.jpg (537.91 KB, 1920x1920, IMG_20180624_162638.jpg)

Does anyone remember the stoner band Kottonmouth Kings?

-I guess they're ripping off fans with preorders.
-The member Brad "Daddy x" is mysteriously missing.
-Multiple members are performing at a music festival next month but they're booked under separate names/different acts..why not just perform all together as Kottonmouth Kings?

Anyone interested in a thread? I wouldn't even know where to post it since they're guys but they're being kinda milky.

No. 535219

File: 1529876136075.png (45.62 KB, 328x222, 15298759067698557.png)

"Instagram/Facebook- EvangelineDemuro

Twitter- EvaDemuro

Snapchat- EvaDemuro

Business email: evangelinedemuro_e@yahoo" -




No. 535230

File: 1529877130729.jpg (281.28 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20180624-234135__01…)

Anyone following Peaches on ig? There is a lot to be said about her…She's 17 years old and enjoys running away from home even tho she has said she doesn't come from an abusive household. She has very low standards, sleeps around with dudes much older than her. She gave birth earlier this year and claims to not know who the father is, and while her daughter stays with her family (thankfully), she has made several posts making crude comments about her daughter that she defends by saying because she's her mother she can say whatever she'd…
Last but not least, posts pics and videos of herself doing disgusting acts, for example: showing her stool, menstruation, and unfortunately even eating said stool.

No. 535248

Do we have a Tana Mongeau thread caught up with the mess that was Tanacon yet? I searched pt and snow and couldn't find one, but with #TANACON going down, I thought it might be relevant.

No. 535265

There’s a thread, but it’s old and Tana’s stupid ass tween fanbase showed up and it went to shit.

No. 535288

I just found her thru thru the IG spam community and was really hoping she was older than 17. This is such a sad case. She makes Asha (forgot to spell her name but you know) look almost normal. Almost.
I thought Peaches was trolling but after seeing a still of her eating shit, it's sadly not the case.

No. 535387

Can we get a thread on Ayissha Morgan? The girl who falsely accused Nev Schulman of sexual harassment? Or is there a /snow/ thread for people who do that kinda shit?

No. 535472

The problem is she’s still a minor. A lot of the disgusting things she’s done and posted we can’t pass along because she is still not 18. A lot of it is illegal. I’m glad someone finally brought it up here though because I’ve been following her garbage for over a year, and I honestly think a gossip thread isn’t going to do anything. She needs intense therapy and child services to take away her child because she’s mentally unstable. Farmers won’t affect her and only make her sperg out.

No. 535491

But according to the new site rules

> Minors can be posted about as long as they're 16+ and their full legal name isn't mentioned. First names are okay.

Wouldn't this apply to her? As long as full names don't get mentioned, no cp gets posted, and no posting of family pictures and names.

…on second thought maybe not.

No. 535539

Yeah, basically everything she posts is cp or has to do with pictures of herself or other people including her own child.

No. 537761

I’m torn. Is she mentally ill or just the ultimate trash?

No. 537795

mentally ill. her mothers dead and she during a breakdown said she acts out because of that, she sleeps with random men when she runs away. her eating her own feces is something sexually abused kids do. i dont think anyone really took care of her at all. i hope she gets placed somewhere where they help her and that she doesn't get to see her daughter because she speaks so much of not caring about her or wanting to kill her/have her die.

No. 537819

File: 1530285403689.jpg (518.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180629-171021.jpg)


Mental illness for sure but also a bit of the latter tbh. Being mentally ill just can't excuse everything, pic related cuz the way she talks about her infant daughter is just wtf.

No. 538083

Peaches is wild. I've been checking up on her since last summer, a bit before the Sarah saga. It's crazy shit. Any time she gets brought back she runs away with pimps. Lately she says head is $5, full service is $10 and she has to do like 7 guys a day or so. I would have thought it's a joke but all these motel pics and strange men in her stories and it makes sense. I think 2 guys went to prison last yr over doing it with a minor (her). She's mentally ill but idk what the illness is

No. 538098

I know we don't do too many men on this board but have we ever considered A Donny Long thread? The self proclaimed straight porn God who runs porn wiki links generates a lot of content but he doesn't truly shine until he gets a featured in threads online.

No. 538392

Is Ro Elori Cutno (Wife School/Man Leads) an option? She's pretty milky from a scammer PoV but I get the feeling most people here support her views on marriage.

No. 538397

Sorry for samefagging but Nuro Toxxyn is a fucking jug of milk. Keeps getting banned from Twitter because muh white ppl yet dates a white woman.

No. 538994

He’s so crazy though, isn’t he? It seems like a bad idea for that reason alone.

No. 538996

Never heard of this person but I’d def read a thread.

No. 539249


She went hard on her daughter tonight on ig. "I hope Cora sees this when she's older, she won't be shit" "When they told me to hold her I was like get that piece of shit away from me" "You a hoe I wish I aborted you" "Enjoy being a kid, I'm gonna beat you up the day you turn 16"

Her kid doesn't stand a chance

No. 539262

How the fuck does she have custody of her kid if she posts shit like that? Can't someone notify child services?

No. 539271

She probably doesn't if she's a frequent runaway.

No. 539455

Absolute trash, no reason for her to take up space. Her daughter has no future at all.

No. 540000

File: 1530660776657.png (468.07 KB, 720x1339, 2018_07_03_16_26_49.png)

Peach is still ragging on Cora. "She's ugly, she looks like a monster, she's worthless" "Cora ugh hate that hoe, I hate Cora" "I can do what I want she's my property" . And she's named after her mother who died early. Sad shit. Also she's in some kind of work placement program for young mothers apparently now.

Btw anyone know what she posts on her snap? I don't use sc so I can't check

I actually dont know either. I thought Cora was with her father, idk why she's with Peach now cause it implies she's been home recently.
But she had her with her lately when she talked about going to Florida Disneyland or something with another new guy (pimp), idk. Also her IG is on-off private and doesn't have her irl name, so probably not much anyone can do

No. 540105

I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to do it but the Vicky thread is closed so we need a new one

No. 540156

File: 1530688490129.png (228.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-07-04-02-15-03…)

There's footage on IG of her eating out a puppy. I'm so grossed out. This is the post

No. 540157


is there no way to report this girl to the police or cps or spca or anybody?? or at least report to instagram and hopefully they can do something?

No. 540159

Oh my god that's news to me. I knew about sex with strangers and eating her shit from the toilet but this is wild. Is that one of the puppies she's been posting lately?

Btw she got a twitter thread mobile.twitter.com/oghon eymoonave/status/1012371438987304962

IG banned her several times. She used to make new accs often. CPS been called before but they cant find her. But someone on twitter is calling them again because of what she said about Cora lately. We'll see how it goes.

No. 540160


i don't understand why insta doesn't give her ip address and whatever info to the police. this girl needs to be locked up.

No. 540177

I know she's under 18 but Peaches is being spoken about in this (unrelated) thread anyway, so why can't we just make a thread for her? Obviously no-one would share any nsfw content she posts, just discuss her antics.

No. 540179

File: 1530704316648.jpg (159.46 KB, 1080x803, Screenshot_20180704-133802__01…)


The fact that people defend peaches' antics

No. 540181

If she’s 16+ she can be posted.

No. 540200

Not sure if it’s okay to ask here, but is there a new Raven thread? Or anywhere she’s being discussed?

No. 540203

No. 540267

Can a kind anon make a new Vicky Shingles thread? Previous thread >>512412

No. 540351

Another Lonbon thread the other one is almost at max limit

No. 540890

This is the only noise Raven has made for now, so we're waiting for something more consistent to emerge before starting the threads she craves.

No. 541145

What's the new milk to add to the description? I haven't been keeping up enough but I'll make one.

No. 541328


I was gonna post this too, but as >>540890 anon says, she hasn't fully returned to the internet yet, so it's probably best to wait until she returns instead of scaring her off. She practically feeds off of playing victim on the internet and getting asspats from strangers so it's only a matter of time.

No. 541691


She makes her leather jackets and still believes she’s a celebrity. Leaving her scratcher victims with unfinished tattoos and not remembering her appointments she had so she relies on a Facebook status for people to see and tell her. Bought a weeb school girl dress off wish and claims she totally has always rocked the Lolita gothic style (even tho its not even close Lolita gothic style) shooping has gotten even sloppier and always has to caption her photos “no photoshop or make up!” With obvious bad photoshop and bountiful amounts of cake make up present. Oh she’s also a biker and can do tricks on a motorcycle. Basically she’s still acting the same and she’s getting pretty damn old now (in her 30s) . Her lies are getting even more extreme and ridiculous that she seriously looks like someone with special needs.

No. 541773

File: 1530852672222.png (96.2 KB, 929x861, dsgffdsfd_by_polychaete-dbhrhk…)

POLYCHAETE on deviantart a FTM trans, 'fictosexual' and 'Non offending pedo' supporter.

He's 'datemates' with STEVE from minecraft supposedly. Which is milky in itself.

He's not just an anonymous cow though, he's pretty popular within the 'kidcore' section of deviantart. Making it even more uncomfortable that he's so accepting of pedos.

https://archive.fo/ZTms6 There is some archived milk on him from an ex friend (https://www.deviantart.com/polychaete/journal/h-683822583)

He's also really edgy 'anti-sjw'.

No. 541848


New Vicky shingles: >>541833

No. 541870

No. 542226

File: 1530912413588.jpeg (227.11 KB, 750x863, 594CB2F6-BF41-476D-97AD-B00AB0…)

Hey all- I don’t have an insane amount of milk on Madeleine Rose but I know she IS milky & have been following her for several years.
Specifically- Madeleine “created” Tyler Grosso, imo (who now has his own thread 
>>>/snow/615886) -he moved from his home town to LA to date her/be asap yams’ assistant- and they were together for over a year. Him and her we’re all over twitter a year or so ago publicly fighting about cheating/drug use/suicidal tendencies~ they broke up and in came TooPoor a few months later.
Since then Madeleine has been involved with several high status men such as: flowers4landon , Jaxon Howden , Ash Stemist, and British rapper Bakarrrr - but it never lasts long and always seems like drama but I never can find the milk on her!
She also is almost kinda problematic and seems to be unable to maintain any of her friends but works SO hard to maintain this squeaky clean goodgirl / nice girl image that seems phony as it gets!  
I don’t know if that is much to go off of- but I would love somewhere to go to find milk on Madeleine and Im hoping other users are interested as well.

No. 542558

If you're the same person who was plugging her in the past, she was recommended multiple times to go in the Insta girls general thread >>>/snow/210611
It's where she fits.

No. 542615

Also Tyler's thread got revoked and has now been Toopoor's again for two threads >>>/snow/629937

No. 543386

I'd think /ot/ would be the place to put this, but, would anyone else be ok with/interested in a general thread where we can talk about 'good qualities' of cows/flakes, or things we might like or not think are as bad about them? (Or not as bad as our catty asses like to make them out to be?)

Maybe lolcow isn't the place for that, period, but it'd at the least give a place for those kind of borderline WK-y comments to go without them having to derail the cow/flake's threads? Kind of like an 'unpopular opinion' thread, but related strictly to our cows/flakes.

Maybe that's wishful thinking. I can imagine such a thing derailing into a lot of arguments, too…


No. 543409

Anon I don't disagree with your idea entirely, some cows do have qualities and I wish they exploited these qualities instead of being retards, but as much as they have these qualities, we are not their therapists and they should know better and that's what make them cows/flakes. A lot of people who got shit here before eventually got their shit together, they don't need us to tell them they are humans capable of owning their mistakes, fixing it and going on with life like a normal person.

No. 543527

I would like such a thread! I want to say something nice about a cow sometimes (or not entirely negative), but I am afraid of being called a WK.
Besides, it would be nice to have a thread in ot where one might blogpost a bit (to share thoughts about a cow) as it's not permitted in normal threads..

No. 543809

Sorry, I didn't mean as an advice or pump up thread for the cows or some shit. I meant more along the lines of what
Is thinking

No. 544042

>Kind of like an 'unpopular opinion' thread
All the people we're talking about here are Internet/media personalities with substantial fanbases. Lolcow IS the 'unpopular opinion'.

Your idea is more than stupid, it's nonsensical.

No. 544322

NTAYRT but while you are right that criticising cows is the unpopular opinion, it would be nice to have a more lax thread about cows in general, where we can share our thoughts not related to current drama or without fear of breaking the blogposting rule.
I like anon's idea cause there is no place to talk more personal takes on cows without derailing.

No. 544326

No place? Are you kidding me. You've got the entire rest of the Internet for that.
For blogposting, try posting on your personal social media, because only your friends actually care about your life.
For "good qualities" of flakes, go to the flakes' soc.med. or fangroups, and chat away about those.
You've also got countless forums, boards, groups, etc. for general discussion of various opinions.

I don't understand why OP would ask for this, it's akin to asking to occasionally play ping-pong on a billiard table. But you're worse, acting as if there are no other kind of tables apart from billiard tables in the whole wide world.

No. 544352

Why so triggered kek. You could always hide the thread in /ot
YMMV but I enjoy reading people's experiences in relation to cows, like when they relate cause they went through similar things.
You can't do that on a personal blog cause friends are not aware of cows.

No. 544510

nta but a thread for tinfoiling about cows sounds stupid.

No. 544615

It wouldn't be tinfoiling, though?

I mean, maybe it could become that easily, but that wasn't really the idea…

nayrt, anon who originally brought up the idea, though. Maybe I wasn't clear enough in my explanation?

I find lolcow allows a more realistic/honest opinion (even if a positive one), though. If you go anywhere else to 'talk positively about a cow', it's just lip service, smoke blowing and ass kissing.

Besides, even if you don't want to say anything nice about them yourself, you can't really deny there is a huge problem with people pseudo-wking cows because they want to state their neutral to slightly differing opinion… so this would at least be a 'containment' area within lolcow, from your perspective, wouldn't it?

I asked for thoughts/feelings so I appreciate the honest feedback even for those who think it's stupid, just meaning to discuss with the above, not refute your perspectives!

I guess I'm feeling a little eh that there's a loud minority on here lately who feel that lolcow is some kind of life-destroying full negativity machine, when even if you weren't around here for a long time, you can just look back at old threads and see that isn't our roots. I also understand how annoying it can be to have someone come say something pseudo-positive or complimenting to a cow when there's a hate brigade of drama going on in the thread, so I feel like this would give a niche outlet. In my personal opinion, the main downfall to my idea is just the potential for derailing/infighting if/when people disagree.

No. 544910

Instead of creating a cow fanclub thread, how about posters on an anon board stop getting so sensitive about someone disagreeing with their opinion. Who cares if some other anon thinks you were a WK, being called a WK won't get you banned.

If you feel like a cow is getting shit on unnecessarily or think they did something ok, you can talk about it if it's relevant. Read the room, if a thread is going a certain direction maybe don't derail over something a cow wore two years ago.

No. 545071

File: 1531188060428.jpg (11.24 KB, 300x333, 300px-RyanKopfJerkface.jpg)

ryan kopf. the milk is kinda old but he's definitely a cow. i've got a lot of info if anyone would be down for a thread.

No. 545147

I don't know what lolcow you've been visiting or if the only thread you post in is this one but that's not at all the reality of the current board culture. And Yes, being misconstrued as a WK can get you banned and holy shit are you literally autistic making a thread in ot about differing cow opinions is 10000x more realistic than expecting the whole user base to be less sensitive? As proven by the replies in this thread, we can't even set aside bitchiness for two seconds to consider new thread ideas without infight instigation.

No. 545277

Nah I'm not autistic I don't need a safe space thread because my communication skills are so lacking I can't make a differing point in a thread without crying about it.

No. 545446


reading what you typed, i'm not inclined do believe your statement.

No. 545609

fucking dying at this reply

everything that anon posts has sounded like crippling aspergers but that was just icing on the cake

No. 545943

It was not just that anon. I posted as well and share those views, and so do others. You're not the majority.

No. 545977

You do realize the reason you sound like a samefag is the cringe 2edgy4me over literal autist-tier replies, right? Not because you share a base opinion?

Wew. The cow behavior amongst farmers is put of hand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 545979

No, and no.


You're still the minority.

No. 546079

this argument gave me cancer

No. 546146

O.K. spazz-chan. The OP already addressed the negative criticism upthread, so what do you want? A trophy for being able to react with a disproportionate level of cuntiness towards a harmless thread idea that you could hide if you don't like it?

Weird how you're the only one with r9k-esque replies while calling me the minority.

No. 546214

Fucking this. I hate anons that are hostile for no reason whatsoever and act like it's the norm.

Original anon, make the thread. In the worst case it will die, but maybe we'll have some interesting discussions first.

No. 546241

nta, but lol get off your soapbox the whole thread is to engage anon interest in the thread, it's not being cunty if you think the idea is shit.

No. 546257

There is no need to be hostile though. Also no reply whatsoever is a 'bad idea' enough.

No. 546409

if an idea is shit then the lack of replies will signify that, not to mention you can say it's shit without being a huge cuntbag

you're just instigating infighting for absolutely no reason

No. 546814

I think that someone tried this a while ago but is anyone else interested in a pigss-thread? I've been following her for ages and always felt something was off, and milk is brewing as we speak. Apperently she was very rude to everyone helping her during some tough times, specifically her best friend. Said friend seems a tad milky too though, so I don't know. Would be fun to discuss. Anyone up for it?

No. 546818

put her in the insta hoes thread.

No. 547019

I was the anon suggesting her some time ago. I don't follow her anymore but I'd take any new milk. If you have some to share, >>546818 is right post her in instahoes

No. 548455

Is there any dirt on this woman other being an insufferable attention whore? She kept being recommended to me by YouTube, but after the 3rd video I realized everything she posts is the goddamn same with a different click bait title. I wouldn't even bother to ask about her here if not for the fact her living situation is pretty dubious and she does that thing where she favorites all the comments that kiss her ass (like in an attempt to hide any legitimate criticism).

No. 548496

CPS is finally looking into Peaches. Took them long enough.

No. 548513


Tbh they should have looked into her YEARS ago. Fuck that situation is sad all around.

No. 548661

File: 1531628242973.jpg (63.67 KB, 281x497, peaches.jpg)


It only took a fuck ton of people calling them about it for them to get off their asses and look into her

No. 548716

File: 1531630470698.jpeg (353.79 KB, 640x620, A4F2AF1B-8EB6-4D4E-BBB2-02F8BD…)

Can we make a proper thread for scorpioasshoe/plasticandproud? I know mods said to post her in the instagram thread but the last hundred or so posts have been about her.

No. 549351

I second this, she’s not that milky but she’s taking up the thread. She is pretty much snow status

No. 549362


i agree, the thread is pretty much just for her.

No. 549527

No. 549562

I was the Anon that made the pigss thread and was accused of vendetta-chan. Even if you post one of these girls in the Insta hoes thread you get WK appearing. Separating plasticandproud and more kickback on WK might help, bit difficult to talk about someone when all their fans appear immediately after.

No. 549676

Give us a minor rundown here

No. 549802

File: 1531776540509.jpg (65.97 KB, 640x427, 400203_479390142106167_4919502…)

-Runs conventions (animecon.org) that frequently have drama - He's assaulted a vendor, sues tumblrs and blogs for talking badly about him, underage girls working in his maid cafes, and probably more we don't know about, because his workers are afraid to talk about him.
-Countless rape/harassment/assault allegations. One girl pressed charges, and dropped them, but there are lots of stories floating around. Made a whole website about how innocent he is (http://transparency.ryankopf.com/smear). It's like momokun, but 50x worse.
-Cringeworthy blog/twitter. Seems pretty serious about wanting to take over the world.
-Tries to run every other convention out of business and is just a shitty person overall

No. 550048

Seconding this wholeheartedly. Dude's a total creep. I wouldn't have enough info to create a thread, but I could certainly contribute. I know a few people who were actually sued by him.

No. 550305

File: 1531836424142.jpg (147.83 KB, 1308x526, latzaprogress.jpg)

Does anyone here care about this madman?
Metokur did a video about him but honestly it was pretty bad and showed he only had basic knowledge of his most famous moments:

No. 550670

Absolutely yes. Kopf is a huge cow and plenty of his orbiters seem pretty milky too.

No. 550784

How about a general Facebook shitposting pages/page admins thread? The “shitposting community” is one of the biggest circuses there is

No. 551244

File: 1531996293222.jpeg (118.6 KB, 828x1472, DiZIdT8V4AA-VWV.jpeg)

Anyone interested in making a FouseyTUBE thread? Youtuber with 10 million subs who tried to organize a big concert/event to regain his faded relevancy. Promised his viewers big names like Drake or DJ Khaled would be there (after Tanacon wasn't bad enough), then it all got cancelled due to a bomb threat, Drake said he didn't know who Fousey is and the man himself is going apeshit on social media because he's bipolar and off his meds.

Shit summary, but it's in equal parts hilarious and horrifying to watch him go off the rails completely. Pic related is one of his latest twitter posts.

>I am no longer a youtuber. I am an artist.


No. 551820

A lot of anons in the shoe0nhead thread seem to want a thread about yt movie reviewers. If I make a thread, who should I mention in the op? YMS because of the whole beastiality thing, ralphthemoviemaker because of his whole inceloid existence, maybe doug because he's sad, but other than that idk who's milky.

No. 552103

Don’t forget that he fucks hookers and has basically lived on the craigslist personal page/backpage for years and frequents every Asian massage parlor in LA, does coke and steroids regularly. Faked being homeless for views for his “new homeless/crashing on famous YTers couches series”. Faking his pranks, hiring actors for his pranks. And having a “secret addiction”~ that apparently isn’t his sex or drug or alcohol addiction, that he keeps alluding to, but won’t actual reveal it.

The only good thing he did was expose vitalyTV for sexual assault of a prostitute in Brazil. But frankly they’re both as scum who do coke and steroids and have hooker addictions.

Didn’t we have a thread on that? Or someone suggested previously in thread requests for one? I think it was mainly about the whole sexual harassment drama with channel awesome/TGWTG and the mass leaving of their content creators (who were treated like shit) and how doug isn’t really the ~uwu innocent totes in the dark~ guy he portrays himself to be in the face of every scandal. Maybe I’m wrong. But i second that idea.

No. 552125

File: 1532145367077.jpeg (846.3 KB, 1065x1435, 33F3DAD2-8AE9-4B90-BF68-6CBE9C…)


This is the tumblr blog exposing him, he tried to sue the anonymous owner of the blog (fluffysparkles) kek, so now they have to post everything in hypothetical-“allegedly”-legal-jargon.

He’s such a creep and every time he’s banned or rejected (ie.cons/dating websites/political positions/clubs/forums/cafes) he takes it as an invitation to start his own version of them so he can get away with his creepy behavior w/o being banned and so girls and staff will be less likely to reject him/resist his advances/bend to his will. Had had a convicted pedo on his team. And his cons are full of nudity, underage girls, stripping, inappropriate touching/grabbing (ie at 13+ panels, around children on main con floor/lobby/vendor areas/etc). Massive ego. Uses girls to attract neck beards to cons, blatantly. No girl should ever go in a room with him or a dark area or his room or anywhere not super public with more than 7-10 people around bc his friends are equally as scummy as him and will let him do fuck all. Uses his cons like his IRL dating site that failed, all while advertising as anti-“creeper-like” and that creeps will be thrown out, irony. He keeps trying to branch out to the southern east coast too. And obviously his website is a huge rip off and a carbon copy. Plagiarizes and steals content all day, erryday.


Banned from cons & dating sites, so makes his own shady cons to have total control so he can make lolis fuck him bc he’s still hung up, after over a decade, on every girl that rejected him and every dating site that he didn’t get dates on.

fun fact:
>gets customized business cards
>written in English, naturally
>with Japanese translations
>lives in midwestern America

He’s a total cow.

No. 552140

Sweet, this got more support than I expected. Thanks.

So, do you want to make the thread, or should I? Lol.

No. 552208

I made a new thread, if you want to post more about her

No. 552210

File: 1532163096632.png (408.83 KB, 750x1334, D5BE52B5-F729-43BC-9734-6050CB…)

@Thechosenboi is a Steven Universe cosplayer and is know for cosplaying Steven

A few months ago @Dekuflower made a post on her Instagram story about @Thechosenboi and how he would post pictures about them even though @Dekuflower had ended her friendship with him

He is known to be a little too nice to people when replying their stories and tried to flirt but ends up just being a straight up creep even though the girls who are being flirted by him feel uncomfortable

Even though he was exposed and many people came out about their experience with him, people still seem to support him even cosplayers who have a big influence in the community

He also uses the N word though he’s hispanic and many poc people have told him to stop using it, he ignores it

No. 552276

I second this. I was honestly surprised there wasn't already one with all the shit that has surrounded him in the past. The whole July 15th thing was wack.

No. 552587

I am wondering if we can get a thread on the alt camgirl Kota morgue.
Instagram is @rottenmorgue
She recently got banned for a short while for self harming on insta live. Goes thru boyfriends like socks. Currently she’s dating @samhaimtheone, the freaky clown dude.

I don’t have a vendetta or anything, I just thinks there’s tons of untapped milk potential.

No. 552605

After this and Kristen Kelly, maybe we just a general SU snow thread

No. 552610

This site exists purely to observe and discuss cringy and amusing people. It's not for shaming people into changing or going on moral crusades against problematic people. We don't want the people who we talk about to improve, or stop doing what they're doing because that means we've lost our source of entertainment. Not your personal army, etc.

If the proposed subject of the thread is just someone who has done something considered morally wrong then they don't belong here. Otherwise we'd have threads on just petty criminals and shit. There has be to something special that makes it entertaining to observe them.

>He also uses the N word though he’s hispanic and many poc people have told him to stop using it, he ignores it

I don't think you know where you are, newfriend. If saying the word nigger were criteria for having a thread made about you, then 9/10 users here would have one.

Like, don't get me wrong I'm not saying being a racist creep is cool and he should carry on, but how is it entertaining?

No. 552613

She would definitely fit in the general camgirls thread over in /snow/ if you feel like posting her.

No. 552633

I know there's a Youtubers general thread and one about movie review Youtubers but would anyone be interested in one about the horror channels (Nightmare Expo, Reignbot, etc)? They always seem to have a lot of drama regarding people stealing ideas and most of them are pretty full of themselves.

No. 552655

kind of piggybacking off of this post,do you guys think there should also be a thread for anime reviewers and cartoon reviewers or should they just go under the yt general thread?

No. 552692


not that anon, but considering there aren't really milky anime reviewers or cartoon reviewers (i watch em too and i doubt most anons would care about those videos). i'd say its best to keep that people in a single thread. the yt general thread, like you're saying, is probably the best place for that. it's too niche imho. don't know about horror channels though.

No. 552838

The only ones I can think of with drama are digibro and Jesuotaku

No. 553296

tru but they're all annoying

No. 554105

File: 1532637200179.jpg (132.04 KB, 720x824, _20180726_212748.JPG)

Has there ever been a Liam Spooner thread? He's Chris chan level autistic and known for his cardboard sonic Cosplay. Recently he got removed from a con for the second year running for showing girls his weird sexy King mickey Cosplay/assclap videos (which he calls body positivity)

No. 554139

Seriously this dude is fucking wierd. I heard he's on the spectrum which made him get away with loads of shit, he went to a gyaru and was a literal creep

No. 554143

>assclap videos

No. 554171

there actually has been!!


but unless you've got the real milk i wouldn't necro it

No. 554185

File: 1532650833331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.67 KB, 720x732, _20180726_212300.JPG)

He has a weird private insta which is all photos of him in thong swim suits dressed as king mickey and slow motion twerking

No. 554520

eww i can smell this image

i think we need a thread (or a new one if the last one is super old)

No. 554527

i'd be down for a cosplay creeps general

No. 554613

Anyone ever do a thread on those mobile chat sites and the mobile chatfish? I remember places like mocospace and airg were big for emo catfish and early drama whores.

No. 555227

File: 1532870395469.jpg (37.81 KB, 777x777, 29511619_2016897071905194_3381…)

There's some talk about her in the kinkster general thread but Isabella Karnstein and The Chateau could really use their own thread

No. 555230

Yeah I know of her, is there any milk though? I'm not aware of any.

No. 555238

I'm going to make it, I have a lot of milk on her

No. 555242

I know for a fact she supports pedos like Dahvie Vanity

No. 555255

No. 556068

File: 1533026015779.png (628.61 KB, 1024x499, wat.png)

Is there enough milk on Emilia Fart (youtuber) to make a thread?

No. 556069

I watch her vids occasionally and there's not much to say besides she's weird and a mess. She's not causing any trouble and drama, her thread would die in a moment. You could post her in YT thread though

No. 556126

Wtf Emilia is awesome and genuine. No milk there.

No. 556145


how is she genuine lol

No. 556337


don't touch her

No. 556344

she's already been discussed in the youtubers thread. put her there again if you must >>>/snow/595013

No. 556536

New Raven vid, it’s a ring review.

No. 556538

What are the rules about threads on male cows? (sorry newfag here)

No. 556559


Her ring features a skull. She appears to have gotten titty tats for Josh: on her left boob is his signature in red and on her right are a few words in black, likely some trite cliche'. Perhaps TLTWMTL? I'm on mobile and couldn't make it out.


No. 556570

Hooktube doesn't do the thing anymore, try https://invidio.us/eYrZyoasfYQ

No. 556662

You are better off asking questions like this in meta. Cows are allowed to be male, it's usually identifying yourself as a male which is not allowed

No. 557044

3:22 >They're not cheap and cheesy looking at all
Whilst being excruciatingly cheap and cheesy looking…
Brought to you by the company that makes the "L" from death note ring, never change cravey.

No. 557186

Titty tattoos are almost ALWAYS cheesy and tacky looking haha
I always think of Janice from the sopranos when I see them.
Hilarious that Raven decided to break her social media detox just to show off her horrible boob tatts. You were doing so well Craven.

Any news on whether Josh has gotten her name tattooed yet? Or do they still have 'bills'

No. 557464

File: 1533338215327.png (47.04 KB, 500x350, tumblr_inline_paw3wvuXgv1utd11…)


i used to know this guy when he was your average stoner sk8r boy on tumblr.

came out of trans within days of "coming out" as a furry as well, like most tumblr dudes coming out as trans totally came out of nowhere. he wasnt even feminine.

recently got outted as a diaper fur and claims to use age regression and LG kink as a cope for getting molested by his big sister. dude is obsessed with applesauce and makes AWFUL transbian furry themed EDM.


been wanting to post about him for a while idk if anyone else as posted about him but PLEASE can we acknowledge this.

if i have to see one more pic of this dude is nasty faded blue pig tails im gonna lose my shit.
is no one else bothered by adult men who come out as trans who then straight up say that their borderline pedophilic obsession with young girls is just them coping with a "lost girlhood" because i feel like im going insane.

No. 557465

File: 1533338476488.png (444.5 KB, 867x539, chrome_2018-08-03_19-17-59.png)

aforementioned applesauce obsession, pretty sure it comes up in some of the sekret babyfur twitter screencaps but i cant find those atm

No. 557467

File: 1533338545068.png (25.18 KB, 469x356, chrome_2018-08-03_19-19-58.png)

ok this one is just for fun. it's his age regressed character that's actually a trillion years old but has the brain of a 5 yr old but maybe that depends on the timeline or some bullshit, you can tell he's out of his mind on adderal for this one

No. 557471

File: 1533338688046.png (292.29 KB, 786x490, chrome_2018-08-03_19-24-32.png)

No. 557476

File: 1533338897934.png (275.91 KB, 1080x1920, tumblr_pbd9qeFkCD1th39dlo2_128…)

OK last one

No. 557852

christ i was not gonna comment bc it didn't seem all that interesting but that is some of the worst, most unlistenable 'music' i have ever heard and i am truly beside myself with existential dread

No. 558039

File: 1533417865479.png (Spoiler Image, 196.86 KB, 540x960, tumblr_inline_p3moa3Qqlo1u5kzq…)

anyone else know of this tumblr user? his username is repomantis but i think more people remember him from his traumatizedofficial/darkskinnedprivilege days. his name translates to "dragonfruit" and he's most known for starting the train wreck that was "steven universe critical" (bismuthspartnerincrime on tumblr). i think he has potential for a good thread. he's been brought up a couple of times on kiwi but no one's taken the plunge and made a thread yet.

oh yeah, spoiler for angry birds porn, of all things

No. 558094

literally just sounds like everyone on tumblr. not really a cow.

No. 558100

fair enough

No. 558130

why Ackee doesn't have a thread yet is beyond me, he's caused so much shit in the past and is still ripe for milking.

also, you should've included his callout

No. 558233

Emilia is weird but totally honest about who she is and very upfront about her weirdness. There's no drama around her. Absolutely not a cow.

No. 558300

File: 1533500424501.png (1.46 MB, 1876x1212, Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.19…)

Can we have a thread on Brandon, the CEO (?) of Deciem? His posts on the Deciem instagram are indecipherable and usually have to do with his personal life and I'm sure there's something sinister to him. He gives off major serial killer vibes.

No. 558314

i didn't include the callout since most of it is typical tumblr shit. i do still think at the very least that he's cringeworthy, so take a look through his blogs if you want a quick laugh.

No. 558376


Seriously leave Emilia alone. She’s a harmless ray of sunshine.

No. 558426

please don't. it's well documented that he suffers from pretty serious mental illness. this lot of crazy will end when his manic phase does like it does every time and hopefully he will get some help.

No. 558676


Agreed. That level of paranoia, delusion, and disordered thinking is clear evidence of psychosis.

No. 558862

I’m sorry if this is the wrong thread, but can we request info about people we used to follow and don’t know their current names? I used to follow this girl on tumblr who was kinda my own personal lolcow, she wasn’t very popular tho, and now I’m just curious.

No. 558898

File: 1533643123342.png (1.33 MB, 935x737, emilyboo.png)

Cravy Dark'ness looking saggier than ever now with extra cheap wigs! She says she has a long update prepared so new thread then anons

No. 558900


Sorry for doublepost but holy shit at 2:40 you can hear a cat meow.

No. 558925

Also not sure if the photo is there, but she claimed to be pregnant some months ago and still has a flat belly to this day.

No. 558940

in her defense sometimes that does happen with fat girls

No. 558983


OP anon here. Where did she say that?

No. 559056

File: 1533677883556.png (383.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-07-23-37-11…)

No. 559273

File: 1533732721998.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180808-084527.png)

Wondering if there would be a spot for this new wave of ~Viking Pagan Wicca Witch Altar~ accounts, or if they'd fall under the heavily modified instagram accounts, but I am super bothered by this influx of clones. I'm talking Psycara, MaiMagi, ManicMoth, catinawitchhat and the like. A few years ago, it looked refreshing and new. Now I can't tell these girls apart when I scroll my discovery. Seems all they do is drink at festivals together in shared Hallowe'en costumes.

No. 559278


>>Seems all they do is drink at festivals together in shared Hallowe'en costumes.

That sounds fun tho

No. 559280

I agree, unless they're much older and/or have kids that they're neglecting I don't see anything wrong with it.

If you really have something milky about them why not throw them in the altcows thread in /snow/?

No. 559345

there's 7 billion people in this world so any cool and interesting style is inevitably going to get somewhat popular, at least popular enough that you'll see a few dozen of them in your explore page. no need to project your desire to be unique out on girls who happen to share an aesthetic. unless they're actually claiming they invented it or something else milky, who the fuck cares.

i hate the sentiment that a lot of people seem to have that unless you give up and go full normie you must be trying to be special/unique. people have reasons for liking a look other than wanting extra attention.

No. 559358


nah. why? there's hardly anything milky about them. the bunch you mention are a group of friends, so it's obvious they have the same interests and dress alike. there's no drama at all between them and the rest of the alt comms. are you threatened by their presence, anon? if you don't like 'em, don't mind 'em. if they have drama, that's another story.

No. 559364

File: 1533760633989.png (563.9 KB, 660x466, amber_khan.png)

Amber Khan/The Quietest Revolution on YT/twitter/insta/FB, the very definition of an "astrothot".

41-year-old narcissist scammer "guru". Ts:

>>obsessed with shooping herself to look cute and young even tho she's 41 and haggard as fuck irl with a hook nose and man chin

>>preaches love and peace and being a spiritual leader but is extremely insecure and will send her army of fans after anyone she doesn't like - israelis, white women, women in general, any sign she hates atm, people she thinks are trying to "copy" her.

>>does monthly tarot readings for every sign and will do a negative reading for an entire sign if she has beef with a peron who is that sign, most recently Cancerians and Aquarians.

>>was pumped and dumped by a Scorpio man and is a single mother

>>deletes negative and comments calling her out on her shit/scamming

>>charges insane amounts of money for personal tarot readings and has a history of scamming people, taking $150-$500 for a personal reading and then not delivering. When people she scams ask about their reading or money back, she replies with "must be personal" or "I already refunded you"

>>funding her trips and other luxuries with the money she scammed

Sometime in April-May she went off on another astrothot named Rusha for "copying" her a.k.a. being of the same ethnicity and adding titles to her monthy sign readings (really petty shit). Rusha is a Cancer so Amber doesn't name names but in her FB/insta posts calls all Cancerians cunts out of the blue, as if her style.

Recenty a youtuber named The Peace Dealer made a video exposing her, and the comment section blew up with people finally calling her out, so the milk is fresh and the drama has just begun.

She told Mike (The Peace Dealer) to take down the live vid they did together on his channel because he associates himself with Israelis and singles out AstroLada, a Bulgarian astrologer, starts spreading rumors about Mike and refuses to talk to him directly.

She's on her FB/insta literally 24/7 spewing shit and deleting posts, and flagging callout videos/comments. I think she has potential to be a great cow because she's so obsessed with her image online that she's bound to sperg out at anyone exposing her.

No. 559380

Would like a thread for her tbh or dodgy astro/tarot readers in general

No. 559384


There's a lot of drama in that circle for sure, Amber being one of the biggest cows on astroyoutube (hello, Tyler tarot a.k.a. one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen)

As an aside I don't get why people are so quick to call astrologers/tarot readers all scammers when you've got quacks and con artists in every profession in the world.

Most big YT readers are sincere and good people and I feel Amber Khan and her ilk just drag them down.

No. 559390

People call them scammers because tarot and astrology aren't based in reality.

No. 559399

ok but customers who pay for those services obviously believe there's some truth to it, or at least value the service.

No. 559426


>>based on reality

Neither is spirituality in general, or plenty of other things in the world, and astrology/reading stars is one of the oldest practices in existence anon.

Carl Gustav Jung was an avid astrologer, and he based modern psychology, a real science, partly on astrology/tarot archetypes.

No. 559481

most tarot readers DO provide a service, and calling them all scam artists isn't accurate. It's only accurate if they plagiarize, steal reading layouts from other readers, or don't give a service that they've been paid for.

even if you don't believe, theres energy and time spent on readings. You need graphic design and business skills to set up a shop, a business license. a domain name or wordpress account requires upfront money. you need a good word processing program to write out and edit the readings for grammar, a camera to take photos, etc. some readers do video readings- so include video camera+ editing software.

even if you do not think these practices are valid,if the reader does undertake a valid business model. they are entitled to charge for it, as long as the customer receives what they are paying for. if someone pays a reader say, 30$ for a psychic reading that is typed out and sent to them in the mail- and they don't get anything, that's scamming. if a psychic reader sends them the reading they pay for, then that's not scamming.


this is the reason why they are allowed on sites like ebay/etsy, but those sites require a customer to be able to receive a digital download or printout of the reading so they have a concrete "item" given to the customer.(pure autism)

No. 559615


Thanks. How long will she leave these comments up? She deleted all the congratulations on their nuptials.

If she posts a milky update and/or returns to vlogging, I have the next thread prepped. Other than Youtube she has deactivated or closed nearly every account.

No. 559624


I seriously doubt that Raven would or could go three months without facebook, her social media is like black tar heroin to her. It's very likely she has other facebook accounts running but we haven't caught wind of them yet. She can't even go "forever" offline for 90 days kek. Bitch, how can we forget you if you won't leave?

No. 560074

cosplay thots. not sure if that's the right word, but a general thread for girls who have huge anime con clout from modelling with their tits out. not the camgirls who are just trying to make a living, but people like momokun & holly wolf, who try to push "sex positivity" in a space full of children, and whine about sexism when asked to put a shirt on.

No. 560165

Would it clash with the uggo cosplayer thread over in snow?

No. 560208

Holy pedo-bait shit.
She's 13 and has extremely sexualized pics of herself. I'm 11000% sure some nasty disgusting stage mom is behind all of this.

but no, i think the rules say you can't post anyone under 16.

No. 560209

I second this notion

No. 560212

Sorry for samefagging, but Jesus, 13?? That’s absolutely disgusting.

No. 560296

Can we get a thread for "DID" YouTubers? I do believe in DID but most of these just seem to hop on the bandwagon for views and controversy.

Skip to 11:18 to see this one talking about an account of horrific child abuse with a huge grin on her face

No. 560298

Very serious and real

No. 560346

I refuse to believe that girl isn't at least 25, that not the body or face of a 13 year old

No. 560355

YES, I would love it for someone to make a thraead, I once binged watched fake You tubers and their alers 'switch' on camera. A very famous one that was on UK TV and media is faking it for the views/attention etc,I know people that know her and her family ( her family are actually very normal and are both livid and concerned as youtube alerts effect family life, for example refusing to be in an exmas family pic ( she alludes but never says her dad abused her, yet sees him over xmas and sends him cards etc,despite living with her boyfriend/fiance she makes the effort to visit him) So if that DID personailty is posted here, I have more tea to spill about her uni days, the REAL reason why she got sacked, and I may even have a pic of her with her DAD at her graduation.

No. 560361

I'd also love to see this thread!

No. 560383

She was born in 2004 and had her last instagram disabled for this reason..

i'm conflicted tbh. her pictures a pretty well photoshopped (still noticeable, but not something i'd expected a 13 year old to do) and that is not the body of someone that age. Either it's all an elaborate lie and she's at least 22+ to be able to do all of that, or like I said previously, an adult is pulling all the strings. the thing with little girls who want to be internet-famous is that an adult has to buy them a camera, sexy clothes, makeup etc. many of her photos are obviously taken by someone else. Kids just don't have the means to do that by themselves even if they wanted to, just look at Jessi Slaughter's old selfies

No. 560391

i mean you said it yourself. she has an adult doing all the work. buying the stuff, setting up shoots and photoshopping the pics. she's clearly being extorted and it's messed up.

these young girls being exposed to this kind of life and getting efame get weird ego problems and end up not only susceptible to predators, but more inclined to accept predatory behavior.
i wish we could have a thread on this in general but rather than focusing on the girls as cows/flakes, treat it as a problem. i dunno if admin would go for that though.

No. 560396

Any suggestions for OP? I don't mind making it but I'm not sure what to write.

No. 560397

The part where she says "What has no arms and no legs and has to crawl to move? A snake" with a MASSIVE grin on her face after telling someone's child abuse story, even if it isn't true, is horrifying.

No. 560555

It's not multiplicityandme is it? I watched some of her videos and I thought she was legit. I'm hoping it's someone else because I got the impression from her videos that she was a nice person.

No. 560558

Having multiple personalities is not legit.

No. 560603


I'd like a general multiple personality cow thread. Could discuss autumn asphodel, and all the other wackos.

No. 560608

Yes I'm into the idea, I just don't know who's who.

No. 560615



Decided not to list cows in OP for the first thread until we establish main cows and made a general thread. Share the ones you know in here.

No. 560625

Lmfao yes, this guy is such a cow! Maybe a makeup industry cows thread because I remember some other milky company owners, like the guy from TooFaced

Maybe a Where Are They Now thread where anons post their old favorites to see if anyone has current info/usernames

No. 560672

File: 1534185398292.jpg (46.68 KB, 500x766, nui1389236456.jpg)

Would anyone be interested in a thread on Dankiidoll?

She's best known for triggering /fit/, Reddit, and Voat by hiring an in-shape gigolo to pose as her boyfriend.

She also does disgusting fat fetish porn.

No. 560680

File: 1534186716071.png (568.34 KB, 945x586, psc75d4vsbd11.png)

No question, it's some creepy stage mom trying to live vicariously through her daughter. Even the responses she types sounds like a 30+ year old woman trying to imitate instagram slang.

The obsession with the Black Dahlia sounds like some Hot Topic level shit that would definitely appeal to an older woman trying to act sexy and glamorous.

No. 560730

What's the drama with her other than the hired guy?

No. 560754


>>birthmarks show how you died

anyone who believes/says this is a lolcow

No. 560756


it's people like this that make me wish there was a "Scared Straight: Tumblr" edition where these crazy haired self-diagnosing attention whores get taken seriously and thrown in a nut hut for a week to see how actual crazy people live. Get these e-begging PTSP multisystems some electroshock therapy and sedatives until they regret everything.

We also need an "Intervention: Fatties" pls

No. 561997

There are literally old artsy nudes of her on tumblr, someone posted them a while back on one of the "perfect body" threads in OT, i think.
She's easily at least mid twenties or older

No. 561999

File: 1534341736983.jpg (Spoiler Image, 197.43 KB, 864x1080, 1523060759481.jpg)

Found it, that girl ain't 13 you fools

No. 562001

Where is the proof of her age in that post?

No. 562020

C'mon dude, she has legitime artsy nudes taken by a professional photographer on Tumblr.
She's just saying she's younger than she really is for attention

No. 562052

you can't take pictures like this unless you're an adult or it's considered CP.

No. 562896

You're still offering this as proof of her age somehow. Can you specify her real age?

If she has tumblr history or photos going back years, that would be better proof.

Saying a photographer wouldn't do this unless she was an adult is really naive and you can't use this as basis for an assumption. Good example: Roman Polanski was taking photos of a 13yo (with her mother's permission) when he drugged her and you know the rest.

No. 563099

I'm not invested enough into this girl to search for her tumblr history (I don't really think she's that lulzy, to be blunt) but if you search long enough, you probably will find something.
But come on, the fact alone that a fucking professional photographer took artsy nudes of her and posted them under his real name along his other work should be proof enough. If she was underaged he would have been burned on the stake and thrown into jail in no time. So many of these instagirls lie about their age for the "scandal" and attention it brings. Also that's not the body of a 13 year old kek

No. 563101

>good example

nta but anything that happened 10+ years ago isn't a good example of shit. and roman polanski didn't post the pics all over the internet and tag the girl and himself. ffs anon think!

No. 563105

Okay sis, tell us how old she actually is.

No. 563106

damn anon. we only need her age to get the OK to post her, it's fucking obvious she's way older.

No. 563506

Tara Babcock

No. 563577

That's why I'm asking, turnip. If you can find her actual age and she's old enough we can have a thread!

No. 564163

File: 1534533681203.png (2.06 MB, 954x1196, HRH.png)

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/hrhcollection
IG: https://www.instagram.com/hrhcollection/?hl=en
I don't even know where to begin, she's a trainwreck and milky af.

>lives in la suburb, owns an overpriced jewelry line which she shills as exclusive and bougie but is made in china shit (I.e. a $400 dog leash)

>her business has repeatedly ripped people off, exhibited poor customer service
>super fetish-y obsessed with asians/china, her pets all have chinese names and she describes her style as "chinese billionaires daughter"
>stereotypes the fuck out of asians
>constantly complaining about the stupidest shit and ranting about it on ig live
>today she cried on ig live because they played justin bieber at her soul cycle class
>got kicked out of gelsons for having her dog, a 4lb rat which she claims is a service dog, over a year ago and still cries about it
>got lipo and a boob job but her body's still built like a fridge, doesn't know how to dress for her body
>shit on hermes/birkins for years and conned her "friend" into helping her buy one on a trip to europe
>every time she gets a critical comment on ig/youtube she calls the person a "feral child" and claims they're jealous of her
>also calls poor people who annoy her "feral"
>has a super weird relationship with her fiancé, someone on guru gossip found that she'd filed for divorce, they got back together like a month later and there's rumors she cheated
>doesn't have any real friends
>has a weird obsession with water and has multiple water reviews on her channel

and so much more that I can't remember right now

No. 564191

Her body is so weird. She has no hips or neck.

No. 564283

Uh…isn't that the brand that sells prepackaged meat at the grocery market? Lmao

No. 564305

So is she just another one of those crazy white chicks that fucks with rich older Asian men? She's cringey but none of that is really interesting.

No. 564825

Any milk on Sierra Seybold? She's on social media 24/7 begging for donations and idgi.

http://sierraseybold.com/ / @unclefather on Tumblr

No. 564828

from what i hear her bf/childs father killed himself, and sierra got some kind of injury rendering her unable to work until recently (she has a job now).

No. 564835

So you ordered something from her and it didn't arrive?
>reviews water
>lives in la suburb

No. 565012

yeah seems meh, the water thing is weird tho. i'd much rather have a thread on a lot of these chicks instead but most anons are asian fetishists so it'd get shat up quickly.

No. 565085

lmao, I would never order anything from her. If you watch her videos you could tell she's a cow. Imo she's milkier than half of the people on /snow/ but I guess no one on lolcow follows high fashion/rich girl youtubers. and when I say she reviews water I mean the shape of the bottle.

idk if she tries to get with asian men but she stalks asian girls at boutiques like chanel/fendi etc. and got her followers to find one girl's instagram and tried to convince her to be her friend lol

No. 565109

I'm really just talking about the writeup. It's didn't make it sound like there is milk.

No. 565331

would any of you be interested in a cosplay snowflakes thread in /snow/? i know we have a thread for the thots, but i think it'd be fun to have one for some pretty milky 'normal' cosplayers too that don't deserve their own entire thread.

No. 565403

Yesssss PLEASE make a thread on this hoe. I've been hate watching her for years because I can't look away. She's the most bitter whingey unlikeable woman and literally all her vlogs are just complaining. She hates on everything and everyone and is ruining her face with bad fillers. I agree with anons talking about her weird asian fetish, I also find it bizarre she's engaged because she's the saltiest can i speak to the manager type. Also, her jewelry is fugly and she steals designs from other designers.

No. 565404

She's like an unfortunate character out of a Brett Easton Ellis novel.
She's extremely materialistic and only cares about looks and money. I feel like she almost tries to do the Trisha Paytas style of vlog, but doesn't have a sense of humour so it's usually her bitching about something she bought that she hates or something that happened that she hates. If she became a cow, it would only get milkier because she is unable to let anything go or take critisism. Think Raven Sparks level of whinging vlogs, but instead of a 40 something fake goth, it's a mid to late 30's l.a basic bitch that wants to appear hip and young but has bad fillers and an even worse attitude to life.

No. 565408

now Im intrigued.

No. 565413

Start with this video. Racist as fuck.

No. 565431

how did the OP think to leave out the videos? this is a gem

No. 565631

i’d love a thread. i can’t stand this bitch already

No. 565635


>>I don't know anyone personally who's into this look, so that must mean I invented it first.

top kek this is clueless meets renee zellwegger i love it

No. 565641


Watching her try and figure out what's missing to have that CBD look is like Jack Skellington trying to figure out how Christmas works

No. 565916

She can't put a sentence together without 'you guys' and 'like'
It's beyond creepy how she always mentions how she's obsessed with asians. To the point she's jealous she wasn't born one. She's like a high fashion obsessed middle aged version of a weeaboo.
Also I know a lot of wankers bitch about their coffee, but this lady takes the cake. Who the fuck would marry this puffy faced miserable lunatic? I feel sorry for her supposed fiance.

No. 566270

Pls make this thread she's insufferable I can't stop hate watching

No. 566310

HRH thread `

No. 567300


Is damnlongneck/daddylongneck featured on here? Came across him on Facebook en searched his Instagram. Don't know if there is any milk, but he is skinny af. Like Eugenie Cooney skinny. He created his Instagram on the 14th of June and has already 339k followers. He makes stupid videos and talks constantly about @$$ goes and stuff. What's up with him?

No. 567347

I don't know much about him, but for the record he has had this disorder since birth and has a deep scar from a permanent feeding tube being used. So it's not something new affecting him, like an eating disorder or whatnot.

No. 567390

Any milk or interest in a Bryan Silva thread? He's a goldmine of cringe but I don't know if he has enough new milk that would make a good thread or if anyone even has the stomach for that.

No. 567460


KF just milked him dry.

No. 567464

Yep. His farms thread is a gold mine.

No. 567829

File: 1535292227209.png (401.08 KB, 922x554, 1535074253590.png)

Can someone make a new thread for PlasticAndProud aka Ariana McMillan?

No. 567862

There's one in /snow already.


(sorry if I screw up thread linking. Never done it before)

No. 567916

Something about how she talks about herself in relation to her obsession with Asia is EXTREMELY infuriating. Such an incredibly unlikeable person, which here kinda translates to an incredibly promising cow

No. 567939

So not sure if Raven is active enough for a new thread, but her and Josh got "married" in June and kinda uploaded a vid of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP78mflrErQ

and I just checked today and saw she uploaded a review for their wedding rings from three weeks ago. I miss talking about her ass, here's to hoping for more milk soon.

No. 568064

No. 568065


She has a thread.


No. 568114

Ah thanks. I actually keep most threads minimzed so that's how I missed that.

No. 568228

Are their any feeder/fatty general threads? That fetish is full of milky weirdos which could be interesting, also the FAA movement would be fun to discuss.

No. 568299

Do you have anyone specific in mind or do you just have a fatty vendetta?

No. 568368

are you retarded?

No. 568369

Would anyone be interested in a Foodie Beauty thread? She has one on Kiwi and love one here, she is a complete Trainwreck.

No. 568423

That's why I suggested a fatty/feeder general thread ( >>568228 ).
And no, no vendetta. Some interesting cows could be Tess Holliday, Hayley Mandel, glitterandlazers, Whitney Way Thore, and the feeder fetish group in general.

No. 568448

Can we get a shayna/dolly Mattel thread in pt? Going strong on thread #15

No. 568686


glitterandlasers seems like an actually cool fat chick, what's her milk?

No. 568866

File: 1535571466295.png (229.84 KB, 1136x585, holt4chan.png)

Can we get a Jared Holt thread?
The guy wants the entire internet to become his safespace and is now coming after 4chan. I think there will be a lot of shitflinging. At the very least, I'd expect some pizza pranks to happen when he inevitably gets doxxed.

No. 569077

I can't possibly imagine what the milk would be here, unless you're in the alt-right and mad someone's keeping tabs. He's not even that well known, this feels like you're really reaching or have a personal vendetta. If 4chan wasn't such a cess pool of radical/alt-right spergs he wouldn't be "coming after them".

No. 569137

agree he'd have no milk. he's fairly irrelevant.
but lmao that you think the only people that could possibly dislike him are the 'evil alt-righters'

No. 569192

Agree that she should be in PT

No. 569258

You think there will be no milk? It's a matter of time before the /r9k/ or /pol/ spergs get mad and pull some prank on him. Besides, what makes you think the guy won't try to destroy all imageboards eventually? And if he's anything like Shia Labeouf and his HWNDU crew, there will be milk for months. Guy gets pranked by 4chan, doubles down and gets pranked again. Now that I think about it, maybe I should to pretend to be some leftist and convince him to do a public stream, the drama would be endless.
>but lmao that you think the only people that could possibly dislike him are the 'evil alt-righters'

No. 569935

Ugh, please keep Shayna in /snow, her threads attract weirdly aggressive anons who can’t sage, derails into clusterfucky infighting, with kek lmao vendetta posts galore and nearly constant cowtipping. The only fun thing would be if farmers suddenly discovered that half the posts are Shay talking to herself.

They’re pretty bad, and this is coming from someone who thinks Shay is milky af.

No. 569957

Tbh I agree with this. She's one of the main threads I follow and definitely easily deserves PT status but the thread always derails a bit (although nowhere near as much as Mariah's) and people don't sage, I don't want to see the thread fall into oblivion by being placed into a sageless PT.

No. 570422

File: 1535996446721.jpg (Spoiler Image, 385.58 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180903-103908.jpg)

Does anyone have any milk or info on @hanestly?

I've followed her for years but I can't quite figure out what she does for a living. Travelling stripper? Escort?

No. 570428

File: 1535996804747.jpg (Spoiler Image, 453.53 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20180903-104157.jpg)

Her body looks sinewy like a crackhead I noticed

No. 570502

File: 1536009549278.jpg (567.26 KB, 796x1151, 20180903_141240.jpg)

Rachael Finley aka steak

Does anyone else think she looks botched? She went thru cancer treatments a few years back and always claimed her inflated lips were a result. Is that a thing?
She looks really bloated in the face but claims to be sober from alcohol (I beleive her fwiw) and she follows a strict paleo (esque? idfk) diet so why does she look like that? She reminds me of that big headed meme guy or HRHCollection from YT kek

She's not really milky beyond being a typically self-centered LA girl

No. 570510

Post stuff like this in the instaho general thread especially when you yourself said there's no milk for a thread

No. 570553

What happened to the Kelly Jean thread? The milk was getting good

No. 570589

go on /meta/ there's a shitfest going on because of our incompetent admin.

No. 570673

File: 1536031025234.png (380.85 KB, 1024x668, meet_the_artist__new_n_improve…)

Check out TheAwesomeMooMoo/KalopsiAvian/Sidebloggom (16), the likely very first lolcalf to sperg / kin with Fraggle Rock characters.

Like, kid be spergy enough to put "Cunt" in "Cantus".

No. 570750

why did they draw the cartoon version of themselves doing a fat-hiding pose.

No. 570781

File: 1536062844401.png (30.57 KB, 429x766, Capture.PNG)

>kin with a character from the game Cookie Run
>kin with the song Hotel California
What the fuck?

No. 570786

Never thought I'd see the day where someone claimed they were kin to a furby that was made before they were.

No. 570802

I'm repeating myself, but I'm fucking sick of genderspecial spergs ruining Furbies for sane toyspergs.
I have no idea what makes those snowflakes want to ruin vintage Furbies to make demi trans anti-terf furby customs. Blargh

No. 570824

File: 1536080666040.jpeg (62.95 KB, 600x1147, 97246767ce009ec6bbdf3d01bcadb5…)

>scrolling thru /pt/
>see this post

No. 571019

I'm not suggesting a thread, but for anyone not aware there has been a possible Raven selfpost in the current goth thread, exposing a love triangle where Logan is apparently shagging Dorians ""lovely"" wife (who is now also a transtrender). You couldn't write it! >>>/snow/678246

No. 571077

Yeah, I was kind of suspecting Raven of posting as well since we know the font she uses on her phone is pretty distinct. With Logan asking the person to not cause any trouble, it just seems more likely it's her.

No. 571171

Question: where can we talk about the situation with Isa, Dorian and Logan? Could we make a Raven’s Hellspawn thread in snow, especially if it continues to be milky? At this point, I’m not sure it will, but it feels bad because it’s not really a part of the goth thread.

Raven is such a life ruiner, it’s like everyone she’s ever come into contact with gets trashed.

No. 571173

Why not just make a new Raven thread but have it about Raven and her crew/calves? If she does ever come back it'll be ready and people following all the drama will have a convenient place to look

No. 571178


OP anon here. I have the next thread prepped with a summary of the last. I won't be able to post it until after work if anons want it.

IMO milk is limited by only having access to Isa and Logan's IG accounts. How much more can their triangle be analysed and speculated about at this point?

No. 571197

Don’t know, but it’s only fair to the goth anons who don’t want our discussion shitting up their thread to take it somewhere else? If it continues to be brought up there, then maybe we should reopen the thread.

No. 571373

I don't agree with broadening the thread subject. It has to stay Raven's thread imo, even if we are recapping the love triangle of her exes. Isa s going to stay thread-worthy I'm guessing, but a Raven thread could be the proving ground for that.

I agree we should get the talk out of the Goth thread so they can carry on with their usual subjects.

A new thread is what she wants but if she really was the one who posted that info in the Goth thread, the drama is back anyway.

No. 571426

Sorry mates, just caught up with the idea being floated of making a thread for Isa and the situation with the boys, totally sounds good.

No. 571446

i agree here, even though it'd be giving her what she wants she's desperate to be milked.

No. 571471

Yeah I'm intrigued at this Isa situation.

No. 571759

We're up and running at >>>/snow/682714

No. 571855

It's nice to see that Raven couldn't resist coming back because another female is both Dorian and Logan's life.

No. 571990

Would there be any interest in a William Control thread?



there is TONS of twitter drama, lots of instagram drama.

an example: one of his cashcows arguing with his niece.


No. 572136

File: 1536379049870.png (2.47 MB, 726x726, mousewonka.png)

I think there might be substantial interest in this fellow, but I don't have any time to make a thread myself.

Enter: David Cato, also known as m0u$3[uz], Princess Liz, and Lizzy

A 19, almost 20 year old fetal alcohol syndrome child, residing in and around the Hall County area in Georgia. He currently thinks he's a transgender/genderfluid femboy furry, with a female mouse fursona.

Here is a youtube channel that documents pretty much all of his exploits: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRkSQ6Y11kVRyCBZdD5cevQ/videos?flow=grid&view=0&sort=da

Another yt channel with videos of him: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQUcWANeOSMxGTnFz4-nXoYNpmP-oX_tZ

His tumblr: http://yesprincesslizlove.tumblr.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/David.S.Cato

No. 572234


Yes please. WC himself is trash but his gullible worshippers - even after his wife came out and confirmed everything about him to be true - are full of milk. The one telling his actual NIECE that she's wrong about her uncle is a treat. Self-professed 'sex worker' (in other words, is just a desperate slut) who WC apparently treated well, so that cancels out 20+ victims and his ex wife of 10 years and the mother of his child.

No. 572610

Isa thread now locked "due to the obvious vendetta posting" >>>/snow/684148 The vendetta poster/s have not been singled out or described so we're in the dark atm. As the OP who started the thread, I'm a farmer, not the holder of the vendetta. I'm assuming it's the accounts who fed us caps and stories? We're asking in meta about what happened >>>/meta/6475

No. 573397

File: 1536618261126.jpg (8.05 KB, 300x168, images-3.jpg)

I'd love a Foodie Beauty thread, but the Slatons and Big AL have gone stale on this site, which I fear is gonna happen to our gorl Chantal. Shame.

No. 573461

Because no one cares.

No. 573502

Raven's properly back. OP anon, let's get a thread going again? Given all the recent shenanigans I think it's time.

No. 573507

And there's a lot in this video but we should move discussion to a thread.

No. 573509

Kiwifarms covers these girls in good detail, like daily. I suggest if you want to talk about them join the threads there, they're very active.

No. 573513

Also warning on very gruesome content.

No. 573576

Okay, yeah. This fucking bitch, and can we get a thread up? Lots to say.

No. 573589


OP anon here. I'll update the OP with her wedding date and a couple other recent events and post.

I'm also transcript anon. I'll start working on those, too.

No. 575015

File: 1536885309007.jpg (21.55 KB, 323x600, KenazFilan2.jpg)

Kenaz Filan

He's a cross-dressing white supremacist, satanist, and fake voodoo priest.

He made up some stories about being initiated as a voodoo priest despite never leaving the east coast, and wrote a bunch of erroneous bullshit books. He's effectively the Ashida Kim of Voodoo.

He's a notable member of the Church of Satan, though it doesn't look like he's been particularly active in the past couple years. Instead, he's gotten really into white supremacy, supporting violence agains the same black people he pretended to learn voodoo from. For some reason, he thinks the Nazis would spare him and not consider him a "degenerate faggot," despite his love of cross-dressing and going to gay clubs.

No. 575205


Ha this guy rears his ugly head in occult circles occasionally - some hilarity that he actually has a blog titled “polytheism uncucked” though.

No. 575222

He should tour churches as part of a scared staright program. If I'd met a Satan worshipping tranny skinhead as a kid I'd have probably kept the faith

No. 575337

>the Ashida Kim of Voodoo

I need to hear more!

No. 575876

File: 1537066931075.jpg (15.28 KB, 195x600, KenazFilan.jpg)

No. 575879

File: 1537067667658.jpg (30.52 KB, 300x300, KenazFilan3.jpg)

I started digging a little bit more, and it looks like this might go a little deeper and weirder than I realized. It looks like he might have a criminal history of stalking and fraud charges. Apparently his birth name was Kevin Filan, but he had it changed legally.

No. 575919

File: 1537074139410.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 186.91 KB, 750x846, 1AEC4747-6E90-4A38-89E0-F344DA…)

Nicole Dollanganger thread #3, if anyone is good at making them. Looks like she was waiting for the thread to lock before posting any album updates. She also turned off all comments on IG.
Her first music video is looking like it’ll be blatantly obvious LDR Born to Die rip-off. Not a creative bone in her body.
Also, she cancelled her one decent gig with Poppy.
The milk is beginning to flow again, so I propose someone sets up another thread for further discussion.

No. 576023

a bit offtopic but doesn't the church of satan reject any kind of belief in stuff like voodoo? how did he even become a member?

No. 576031

Church of Satan ≠ The Satanic Temple

No. 576038

This. The Church of Satan is the group Anton LaVey formed in the 60s, and it has a bunch of occultists, but it also has a bunch of atheists. It's a very diverse group. The Satanic Temple is a more recent group that's all about secularism/naturalism, and they do a lot of political activism. I have to assume the Satanic Temple would be disgusted by a person like Filan.

No. 576201

File: 1537149932698.jpg (94.51 KB, 250x298, KevinFilan4.jpg)

Sorry for the really abrasive formatting on this, but here's the source for this: http://alt.gothic.narkive.com/gbnigLG9/kevin-filan-pervert-law-breaking-criminal-type-psychopath-for-years

It looks like he was stalking somebody and got fired for it.

No. 576323

File: 1537198965567.jpg (66.88 KB, 1334x750, occult barbie.jpg)

No. 576560


No. 576587


leave trixie alone

No. 578179

File: 1537595825700.png (596.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-22-07-54-20…)

she started spamming photos. Too bad I can't make a new thread

No. 578288

It is SO BAD

No. 578421


Why cant we make a new board? She hasnt produced any new music besides peomising too, shes cancelled dates to play and shes about to release this ridiculous video w all her calves. We need a new thread

No. 578468

I third that we need a new thread for Nicole. Her cringelord antics are enough to discuss, and if Dakota still gets her shoop thread then we can certainly pick apart Nicole’s Facetune abuse

No. 578513

Guys please make it then, we absolutely can make a new thread, I just don't have a time as I believe OP should be updated with info from previous thread…

No. 578550

Came here for this. I don’t have enough time to make a decent thread worthy of her “comeback” antics, but she’s milky lately. Also, she’s about to release 3 music videos, not just one. She said on Twitter recently. She’s trying to craft a new persona and make some sort of comeback, it’s amusing as hell. Really wish there was a new thread to discuss this fresh milk

No. 578610


Ask and you shall receive. Theres one up now

No. 578653

This one's childish, but a thread for hypocritical online people? for people who say "oh its just words on a screen" but they have online friends and the person
was removed even though the hypocritical person did have internet friends they took seriously

No. 578683

vendetta? there are already personal lolcow, instathot and random facebook cow threads.

No. 579260

No, not vendettas, or even personal lolcows, but people who say "Who cares its the internet" or "words on a screen" but they have internet friends they deeply care about and talk to daily, does that make sense? if they didn't care about what happens online they wouldn't have internet friends,

No. 579769

>does that make sense?
No. Still sounds like vendetta since it's so oddly specific.

No. 579813

Nayrt and I get what you're explaining but this really is weirdly specific and sounds like a vendetta

No. 579944

why is everything backwards? help?

No. 580058

You're banned, deservedly since you would post this here.

No. 580291

Anyone know what happened to the munchie community/ chronically Jaquie threads? I stopped lurking for awhile and I'm wondering what happened to that crazy ho.

No. 580321


Admin banned both threads after a "vote" was conducted during the town hall earlier this year. Anons created r/illnessfakers, but now the mods are mad with power and are banning users without warning and denying appeals in violation of reddit guidelines.

A thread about Jaquie was started on KF which has lapsed for lack of interest.

No. 581548

ok, now miranda totally snapped

No. 581551


Her or KM, same thing, but yeah i hope a mod can go clean up that thread soon… but we do have the next thread picture somewhere in case we need to start a new thread!
By the way, she/he's now on pull doing the same thing trying to crash her section of their forum. We really pissed her off this time loll

No. 581736

there were posts calling KM a pathetic "wapanese" incel, and now this happens. I think it's him. unsurprising a loser like him would have such a fragile ego.

this is literally spergchan shit at this point so I HOPE their posts will be marked now.

No. 583407


No. 584433

File: 1538598715275.png (6.42 MB, 1242x2208, 2DC50B55-535D-44F1-904B-137B36…)

There’s this instagram Cosplayer named Keith that goes by @littleprincecosplays

They’ve raped and abused several other cosplayers

No. 584449

any type of proof, callout, some link you can show us? Because with that stupid username it's hard to find something that ain't Exupéry

No. 584531

File: 1538613543390.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, 7537A8E4-C321-496D-BBA1-E8B0FA…)

I have screenshots and statements from all involved, there’s so many I may need to make a link for everyone to see all of them.

No. 584545

this gave me aids and autism. kin drama? get the fuck to tumblr.

No. 584573

No matter the “ kin drama”, it’s still not right that they raped a cosplayer and abused SEVERAL other cosplayers.

Evidence: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n4djjjfktcmh1m6/AACi2rXXhj-8zDWliL9vmbmra?dl=0

No. 584601

I don't doubt you have a predator here but holy shit anon, these logs are hard to read. high school kids talking about school and musical.ly. gag.

No. 585481

Can we have a new foreverkailyn thread? the current one is 4 years old and I don't want to necro it with her new bs.

>She's currently dating a gay guy in prison that she met from a pen pal site. She thinks she can turn him straight. He's a "very successful business man and has 3 mercedes"even though it appears he's trying to con her out of $4000.

>Started a new, shitty envelope making business
>can't pay her credit card bills
>was catfished again by a fake friend who posted screenshots of their fucking weird conversations where kai admits to masturbating in the bathroom because matt looked "hot" at his supervised visit with gracie.

No. 585500

Oh my god. I didn’t know any of this because I can’t be bothered to check YTT all the time for Kailyn news. Please, let’s make a new one!!

No. 585542

I haven't kept up with her in years but damn please make a new topic. This is so interesting.

No. 585689

File: 1538911658617.png (616.5 KB, 1280x1235, a bugs life-sona.png)

Oh my god, someone please make a thread for Oswald. I remember seeing their art everywhere on Tumblr 3-4 years ago and now they've disappeared off the face of the earth save for their dA. Dude thought they were Porky Minch and desperately wanted to fuck the dalmation from Um Jammer Lammy for a while, along with the cogs from Toontown and Coach Z. Pretty much every single one of their characters looks like a bootleg Fawful and their art style is an angular MS Paint eye assault, which I still see copycats of to this day for some reason.

Aliases/Tumblr URLs (that I can currently recall) include porkyminch, astrocrush, teruteru666, fawflant, and fuwaride. Most of these are password protected or deactivated entirely.

Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/factory11

Main Twitter (locked): https://twitter.com/magolor

NSFW Twitter (also locked): https://twitter.com/guzzIord

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmvIGl2BI0d3AuGFOfcUsXA

Some old miscellaneous archives I never got around to posting proper:





No. 585722

oh my god, anon. I remember this person and wanting to draw like them so bad when I was young and on tumblr

No. 585818

Holy shit I remember this guy. Wasn’t there a callout post about him floating around for a while?

No. 585867


If they are no longer active, where is the milk?

No. 585900

File: 1538962489600.png (468.19 KB, 1280x874, appealing.png)

They ARE active, they're just extremely well-hidden. Plus they have a ton of orbiters that are equally as degenerate, like grimharlequin, jasper-rolls, minteafresha, etc. I was hoping some people had more info on them, hence posting this here rather than as a whole thread, you absolute fucking dunderhead. I'm sure if I had the time I could dig up some more active URLs of theirs as Tumblr is full of children and due to their obsession with children's games and programming as that's geared towards their primary demographic and 'targets', as it may be, but I'm a lazy inexperienced dumbass.

Yep. It was about their pedo boyfriend Slater, and once Oswald caught wind of it they went completely fucking apeshit. However I don't have any screenshots or archived copies of that whole debacle unfortunately. I'd give more info, but I'd prefer not to powerlevel too much here. The only thing I'll say at the moment is that they're 27 and have a real bad habit of abusing their partners, lying about their age in order to appear younger and more approachable towards children, and sending out waves of said children to whiteknight for them whenever their close-knit clique is threatened or breached.

No. 585925

A lot of this info came from KF (probably via YTT) but there's all sorts of screen shots to back it up.

I think it's been a while since she's produced this much milk. Sadly, I don't know how long it'll last for due to the cat fishing. I think the last time that happened she retreated for a while. If there's a thread I think she should probably go in /snow at this point. I've never made a thread so I don't know if I need permission or how that works.

No. 585960

File: 1538972880543.png (214.83 KB, 905x1280, huh.png)

Of course right as I say that I manage to find their renamed personal/fuwaride. Disregard that, forgot they change URLs almost daily.


Its mostly reblogs but it does have their kins listed, plus incredibly sparse personal posts. Probably more if I felt like doing any digging. If I manage to find anything regarding the aforementioned callout post or any more drama regarding them, Slater, or Slater's ex (which I doubt considering that was years ago and they're on constant damage control), I'll see if I can make a whole thread so I stop spamming useless info here. Otherwise, if anyone has any substantial milk to share from this exceptional anomaly, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Pic somewhat related, Coach Z TF art done by Oswald's close friend Jasper

No. 586023

Holy shit, I was mutuals with this guy over 5 years ago. He was tolerable until he became creepily obsessed with bara/fat men and wouldn’t shut up about how horny it made him. I think he still follows some of my accounts now despite me wanting nothing to do with him. Sad how people can go to shit so quickly.

>Yep. It was about their pedo boyfriend Slater, and once Oswald caught wind of it they went completely fucking apeshit.

I remember this now! Again, sad to see he hasn’t changed. Can’t believe people would willingly defend this creep.

Man, all this makes me wonder if you and I ran in the same tumblr circles back then anon haha

No. 586276

we should also make a thread on those did communities back in the tumblr days

No. 587880

File: 1539338391540.png (721.96 KB, 1440x2138, Capture _2018-10-12-03-42-43~2…)


more William Control cringe.

No. 588458

Is this motherfucker forgetting his years in Aiden? I don't know what could possibly be more soyboy than this shit:

No. 588514


I can probably help out if someone makes o e. I personally know one of his victims (Rebel Velvet, the one who's W Mark ic actually posted on the tumblr of evidence)

No. 588538


I think a WC thread is needed, not only to catalogue his abuse but to highlight his deluded little fangirls and their insistence that their precious 'dom' has been set up. Plus the very few women he's slept with who are trying very hard to throw his victims under the bus at every given opportunity.

I'd also like to see some of the best responses from his naysayers over on Twitter, some are reasonable and some are just brutal.

No. 588697

YES! This motherfucker is a piece of shit. So are the dumb asses who worship him. But in their defense he does take advantage of abuse and trauma survivors. I think he needs to go to jail so he can't abuse more women.

No. 589123

File: 1539707763708.png (408.99 KB, 848x530, Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 12.3…)

Just was browsing PULL and came upon a disturbing thread about a women named "Peaches" (aka: @lovelypeaches2001 ).
Besides being a nasty cunt who prostitutes herself for petty change, she's a negligent mother of an 8 month old whom she has threatened to kill, starve, rape and pimp out. Though she claims she hasn't actually harmed or sexually abused the child, saying they are just "jokes", I don't trust this bitch for a second. The PULL thread is here https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3825-stop-peaches/?page=1 , it's disturbing so be prepared.

No. 589145


iirc she was suggested before but she was underage. if she's of age now it's technically okay but she's such a horrorcow.

No. 589158

It's been confirmed that she's above the age of 18 as someone on PULL found her posting porn on a website that requires proof of age.

No. 589162

I remember the first time she got posted here and she was underaged but holy shit she's a horrorcow talking about in detail how she's going to drown her baby in bleach and then take it back to her parent's house. Why isn't she locked up somewhere?

No. 589174

ehhh peaches is like those anachans that are obsessed with attention (even negative) and frankly her having a dedicated thread here would probably just fire her up more. about as much of a cow as you can possibly get and it is interesting reading the pull thread at how lax instagram is with her content.

No. 589180

Attention seeking or not, her actions and online presences have gone without consequence for way too long and in general seeing how people AND platforms are so chill with her posting disturbing content is worrying. She's of age and still pulling this shit and has ramped up her crazy to 11 recently which is why I think she deserves a thread. Maybe you're right and it will fire her up more, or it'll go the same way as Kero and the shit fire will be extinguished. Only one way to find out

No. 589214

She generally doesn't have the child in her care, apparently. There are people riding her case and talking with CPS.

Can I suggest someone with a bit more knowledge on her makes the thread. Once you get past the initial outrage she's 100% thread-worthy now she's of age, but it can't just be a bunch of a-logging and pearl-clutching or it won't work. Please do some research first.

Does anyone follow her on her private accounts?How about the anon who first posted her here months ago, do you follow her? >>535230

No. 590114

File: 1540001357539.jpg (39.01 KB, 600x450, tumblr_ngmlqsgxfV1u0wikro6_640…)

Found Oswald's old blog circa 2014! With bonus "ironically" shitty selfies!



Their current theme makes it look like its been nuked, but it can be viewed on mobile just fine.

Wouldn't be too surprised if that was the case. It was a odd mix of close-knit yet very spread out due to the amount of incredibly popular blogs directly linked to Oswald.

No. 590165

File: 1540015416556.png (54.89 KB, 1846x432, puddle.png)

Currently combing through their blog for anything milky and I completely forgot how creepy their typing mannerisms are. They talk like they're recovering from a massive stroke half of the time with how cutesy they try to appear to others. I swear, it's gotta be some sort of disarming tactic when it comes to the 12-16 year old diehard fans they attract.

What I wouldn't give to have some screenshots of their old NSFW blog. IIRC they drew a picture of Kirby with his dick out among other things, mostly involving Chief Puddle and some beaver dude boning down.

No. 590434

I know I’m a month late, but you sound like a fag.

>muh image board safe space

Relax. Like someone said, he has zero relevancy.

No. 591068

What ever happened to the self harmer thread that was going to be made?

No. 591087

The trauma blog community one? OP is probably still ~compiling links~ by which I mean that she lost interest or does not have the time. If someone knows the cows, please make the thread.

No. 591506

File: 1540387218741.png (1.2 MB, 954x1060, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.18…)


No. 591507

File: 1540387239296.png (960.76 KB, 700x998, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 9.18…)

No. 591509

Jesus christ, how about you contact the police instead of posting that poor baby here

I feel absolutely sick over this

No. 591511

File: 1540388903203.jpeg (319.59 KB, 504x500, 74515E0E.jpeg)

What in the ever loving fuck…

Should've added this one too if anyone has any doubt that this bitch is actually stupid/crazy enough to post this shit.

No. 591512

If you're in America please contact the police immediately!!

No. 591513

File: 1540389161374.jpeg (47.26 KB, 313x500, IMG_5767.thumb.jpeg.0861f2c3d2…)

she isn't still a newborn but peaches often posts her young/newborn pics
peaches apparently doesn't even have custody

No. 591514

and what I mean by this is try not to take everything she posts at face value.

No. 591515

File: 1540389493743.jpeg (403.35 KB, 1242x1897, 1F79DDC9-9988-4EC6-851A-43257A…)

No. 591524

I've been trying to read the PULL thread and it's all so fucking bizarre. Hard to say what's real and not in regards to Cora. One thing's for sure this girl needs to be sectioned into a hospital and should stay the fuck away from her daughter.

No. 591735

Can we get a Kelly Jean thread going again? That milk was slow but it was always good.

No. 591805

File: 1540476336043.png (120.78 KB, 324x542, 333.PNG)

Is anyone familiar with "Auress Cosplay" or "Dolyouk" as she used to be called? She got brought up defending Momokun and it was discovered she went from being a bad cosplay/shooping Zelda to a wildly racist piece of crap trying to be a professional cosplayer.

I don't know enough on what she's been doing to make a /snow/ general on her so I'm hoping somebody knows more.

Links: https://twitter.com/auresscosplay?lang=en
https://www.deviantart.com/auress (recently updated)

>got in trouble on twitch?
>wildly racist tweets about hating black people solely because they're all violent
>hates Mexicans and latinos because 'their all the same species'
>supposedly autistic?
>defending Momokun for reasons unknown, probably to boost her fame
>Asherbee level cosplay skills

No. 591810

File: 1540476676700.png (63.47 KB, 883x551, 334.PNG)

Went digging in her Deviantart and on the subject of her blatant racism.

She even calls out a bigger cosplayer for getting upset by her racism and then calls the girl a cunt for not being racist like her?

>stop it! stop calling me racist! i didn't do ANYTHING! all i did was admit my racism. i never harassed ANYONE! just shut the fuck up and go harass someone else you damn cunt!

and when someone contacted her mother suggesting she restrict her daughter's internet usage..

>how dare you say that to my mom! no one controls her decisions except me!

No. 591891

god, when people hide behind being autistic. even if she was autistic, she'd still understand racism. autism doesn't mean you can't understand right from wrong.

No. 591934

I was watching this video of "Ouija" (artist who is signed to ICP's label) doing interviews with fans and I got so much secondhand embarrassment. I was also shocked he borderline assaulted multiple fans. I couldn't help but document and share. I only got about 40 minutes in to the video before I turned it off because the person who turned it on left my house but what the fuck. Is this milk?:

>A fan is being too loud in the crowd so he starts yelling, gets off stage and storms the crowd. He pushes a girl, knocking her over, and starts threatening fans. He gets called out for pushing the girl and blatantly denies it even though its on film.

>Yells at fans, insults them, throws shit at them, and calls them names all throughout the video.

>Gets asked to freestyle and tries to get out of it by saying he isn't in the mood. The other guy on stage freestyles easily upon fan request. He eventually realizes he can't talk himself out of it and does it, then gets booed.

>Sells his gold chain for $900.00 cash to a fan in front of everyone then claims he's going to send the money to his kids. He starts yelling about how he isn't a deadbeat and promises he's going to post the receipts of the "Walmart money transfer" to his kids online. (This was in July and I checked just now, he hasn't posted shit). The other guy on stage takes the mic from him at this point.

>He then gets the mic back and randomly thanks his girlfriend for paying his whole rent. . .On stage, in front of everyone. . . If my boyfriend did that I'd be mortified.

Bonus footage, about 35-40 minutes in, the other guy on stage accidentally falls off

I really felt bad for the other artist on stage, he was just doing damage control the whole time.

As far as male cows go, Ouija is like Jonny Craig mixed with Tyler Grosso.

No. 591993

File: 1540518398797.jpg (43.33 KB, 750x750, 42766842_333579727400934_88402…)

I have an incredibly lulzy and upcoming cow called Lil Lunchbox. So far I've only followed her on facebook

milk so far: (from what I can gather, under 100 posts so far)
> moved to Sweden with long distance boyfriend
> korn themed wedding
> I'm unsure of what happened between then, but now she is expressing herself as a clown, putting on clakeup and ignoring the claters.
> husband leaves because she's batshit crazy
> she videotapes the entire falling apart of her marriage in Sweden
> ex husband has new girl, videos of them making fun of her
> bizarre and terrible singing/music videos
> videos of laugh therapy and really offputting things

based on videos shared of how normal she was I'm banking on this not being fake, but very well might be. I hope the facebook link worked, I'm retarded at it.

No. 591999

This is amazing anon do you have the videos or link to them?

No. 592035

Where are the videos of her being normal? I scrolled down through her Facebook and couldn't find any.

No. 592064

this is someone's art project

No. 592206

File: 1540585243800.jpg (244.59 KB, 720x901, 1111.jpg)

Peaches is on the news now for trying to sell Cora. Some bigger youtubers even got a twitter tag about it, #SaveCora


No. 592219

>As of now, the posts have not been confirmed as real, but Tolbert is urging others to report the account via Instagram.

>For obvious reasons, we're not identifying the username of the account in question.

Uh.. ok. Glad they're taking it seriously though. She's gotten away with this shit for far too long.

No. 592223

Looks like her account got deleted but she's got a new one: https://www.instagram.com/lovelypeaches4ever10000/

No. 592270

That ones an old backup, her new is lovelypeachesqueen4ever100 she's posting on here actively

No. 592962

Why doesn't she have a thread here yet? Would make it easier then constantly posting about her in the thread request.

No. 593158

I know a lot on peaches from the pull thread and there is a lot to find there. But I don't know how to make a thread on here and my English isn't the best.

No. 593194

There's not a lot of point unless a) someone has access to her insta and snap and b) can calmly put a thread together with the facts as known. The PULL thread is already full of sperging and outrage, we'll end up with a duplicate of that here if we don't have any real information to go on. Does anyone here have all the knowledge on her?

No. 593226

more milk on tummysoup/shnubs?

No. 593370

Is there any milk to be had from Vinesauce? I've heard whispers of lolcow-worthy behavior from some members of the team and community, but their veracity is questionable.

No. 594160

Which members? the only ones i've heard that had "milk" if even was GPM who isnt a member anymore

No. 594436

File: 1541164703008.png (1.71 MB, 2000x1069, img.png)

Brandon Truaxe, Founder of Deciem//The Ordinary.
Brandon fired the marketing team and took over the social media accounts of Deciem and used them to post crazy, rambling bullshit.
Then he went whole hog, announced he was shutting all of the stores and that they were all involved in major criminal activity.
At this point Estee Lauder (major investors) stepped in, kicked him out of his own company and Deciem lived to see another day.
Brandon simply moved his next level shitposting to his own personal account. Estee Lauder filed a restraining order against him?? And now he's unemployed but living in fancy hotels, hopping states and countries semi-regularly, and getting kicked out of his own stores.
He's documenting everything on his Instagram but his posts are so flowery, long and crazy that it's almost impossible to understand. It's still fun to try though.

No. 594523

I was really hoping someone would post this since I saw a snippet of it on /g/. He seems truly unhinged but I can't make heads or tails of any of his posts no matter how many times I try to decipher them so I can't even tell what the milk is supposed to be. Which sucks cause I'm super interested in it

No. 594582

I think can be a good snow topic as long as the OP caps the Instagram stuff and goes through it. We can talk about the recent break down too

No. 594712


Not sure if it's acceptable to create a thread about him as he obviously suffers from some kind of mental illness. I think he goes through psychosis which would explain his confused, chaotic writing and the constant paranoia about being followed. There are also several videos where he documents things that are allegedly happening to his body, but he just stares into the camera like a lunatic in those. I also wonder why he is not hospitalized. The employees do call the police on him, but that's all? I think he should not be on his own in this situation.

No. 594725

I don't know if any of these are true, just as a precaution. I came across the majority of this "info" from secondhand accounts on /v/, and I could find nothing to prove or disprove these claims. They might be truthful, or they might just be libelous claims from bitter ex-Chatango viewers. I dunno, I'm not a farmer. Make of these what you will.

Limealicious: ALLEGEDLY: used money from the first charity stream the team did to buy a pet ferret; was the catalyst for the team moving to create their own Twitch channels, because she complained about no one watching her when they shared one; has/had a reputation for being a bipolar asshole behind the scenes.

Direboar: He is the webhost/developer of the team's site, and ALLEGEDLY is very lazy about it. The Vinesauce forums got flooded by Russian bots and apparently he did nothing about it, which is why the community mainly uses Leddit these days.

Vinny: This is where the "info" gets messy, since he's the "face" of Vinesauce. ALLEGEDLY, he:
>Siphoned Patreon money (for the few months he used it) he stated would go to charity, but instead used it to buy a new mic and clothes, then closed it down before he could be called out, claiming he "felt like [he] didn't deserve it."
>Slept with both Imakuni and Mentaljen, exchanging games for sexual favors from the former. I've also seen rumors that he's gay, so I'm not sure which to believe, if any.
>Assaulted someone at either a Con and/or a party.
>Has two editors (Vappyvap88 and Southbird) who're known for stirring drama in the furry community.
>Taken several game keys meant to be used for a viewer giveaway for himself.

Again, make of these what you will.

No. 594736

why the fuck would mental illness disqualify someone from a thread being made about them? thats retarded

No. 594753


Should have said "severe mental illness" or something as most cows have mental issues. I meant to say that the only milk on him is his psychotic behavior and he probably can't help it. Kind of reminds me of that black girl who claimed to be Aryan and was discussed on here, too. Reading her thread was weird because she obviously was very sick and her brain not working right.

No. 594775

You mean aisha?

See your point but that's always been the way of lolcows; people said the same thing about Chris chain's autism back in the day. Normal people generally have enough sense not to engage in the kinds of behaviour lolcows think are acceptable.

No. 594906

requesting a new marina joyce thread, because her delusions are both fascinating and hilarious, and she reminds me of tila tequila.

No. 595447

Speaking of Aisha when I saw the commercial for this I thought it was her. Whatever happened to her?


No. 595467

File: 1541430505876.png (Spoiler Image, 32.61 KB, 478x197, Screenshot0000.png)

No. 595479

Dr phil general thread would be so bomb

No. 595549

It's Asha. Asha Flingai. @die_aschenputtel on insta, she still posts regularly.

No. 595553

Someone was influenced by the Nemu threads here and at KF, I guess. You can't have just one vomit fetishist out there hogging the spotlight!

No. 595557

does she have drama anywhere tho? she has few to zero likes on her supposedly active twitter and combing through their shit they don't seem to have much going on. just another transtrender who turned eighteen and thinks HRT is a fashion statement.

No. 595701

We'd probably have to have one in /ot/ but he has so many whacky people on there it'd be nice to chat about them. He's just a classier Jerry Springer at this point.

No. 596156

File: 1541549775920.jpg (321.03 KB, 1242x1906, LtjjeQf.jpg)

No. 596161

would anyone be interested in a thread on thanfiction/andrew blake?the history his fandom exploits is long and goes way back to the early 2000s. hes started cults, scammed countless fandoms, and is the subject of a book called When a Fan Hits the Shit.

http://theteablogger.tumblr.com/ this blog has a good comprehensive timeline of his antics, links, accounts of people who have met him, etc.

https://fanlore.org/wiki/Tentmoot explains the situation that made him infamous, his LOTR charity scam that got sean astin from the movies involved.

https://fanlore.org/wiki/Thanfiction his general fanlore page

No. 596181

Is he still providing milk on a regular enough basis to warrant a thread? I haven't heard about him in ages

No. 596233

Usagi Kou was inactive, vintage milk until her and Mooriah struck up a beef and Usagi decided to skinwalk a newer anime character, so you never really know.

No. 596274

Recently he tried to scam his way into living with someone associated with the Critical Role people. He is still doing his lying and trying to make a cult.

No. 596460

Would anyone be interested in a RPDR fandom thread? The bioqueens and Trixie/Katya fans in particular are a fucking mess.

No. 596495

I'm interested in trashing the fandom for sure. And queen cringe.

No. 596592

He absolutely deserves a thread then!

No. 596690

I too would love to drag the fandom, but it would probably be hugely detailed by gendercrit discussion and may have to be in OT.

No. 596735

Has anyone else been witnessing Heather Sparkles' absolute and complete meltdown? She's been acting weird for months and recently has truly imploded. She documenting it all on snapchat. I've actually been keeping a running list of the insanity and have recently taken to recording her snap stories to document the milk. I have no idea if anyone but me cares though.

No. 596793

I don't know ha but I do love a good meltdown.

No. 596817


Make a thread! That sounds like it would be hilarious.

No. 597828

pls post!

No. 597983

Jesus tbh I didn't realise she's still so fucking unhinged

No. 598002

Would also like a thread.
Wtf with this wet shiny make up and those giant manic eyes. Really troubling with the 20 seconds of music running on a loop for 7 minutes.

No. 598179

Why does she say all this ominous shit like that won’t stir up more tinfoiling/drama? Thread please

No. 598234

She's obviously mentally ill, maybe schizophrenic. Not milky, just sick

No. 598550

This is the same girl that was “being held hostage and forced to stream” a few years back, when YouNow retards collectively shat their pants because an obvious schizo was acting… like a schizo. Agreed that she’s not really milky.

No. 598661


Drew says she was on drugs.

No. 598678

If you have friends like this guy you don't need any enemies. Goes behind her back to dish out the things she consciously didnt say on the internet because she did't want everyone to know. He claims to be her friend,