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File: 1637150913469.jpeg (148.76 KB, 1080x607, western.jpeg)

No. 1370299

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

Some of the big name cows currently in the industry:

>Rebecca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life


>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert


>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is married to Molly Ostertag (who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"


>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though


Previous thread >>>/snow/1209930
>Lauren Zuke >>1209948, >>1210112, >>1216331
>Noelle Stevenson and Molly Ostertag's relationship >>1210070, >>1210087, >>1211786, >>1212203, >>1212749, >>1212790, >>1212880, >>1220623, >>1275977, >>1343596, >>1357674
>Luke Weber is obsessed with Dana Terrace >>1209969, >>1209991, >>1209986, >>1323770
>Tara Billinger and Zach Bellissimo >>1210000
>Michel Ocelot stole ideas from a student >>1210023, >>1210144
>Jake Goldman self-inserted into Powerpuff Girls and shipped himself with Blossom >>1210027, >>1211700, >>1216495
>Julia Vickerman's pedophilia allegations >>1210013, >>1210054, >>1210056
>Kent Williams preys on young students and has yellow fever >>1210077, >>1210089
>Raye Rodriguez >>1210224, >>1316319
>Justin Roiland's incest jokes >>1210568, >>1266147, >>1275262 and sexual allegations >>1210796, >>1227145, >>1280148, >>1281438
>Rebecca Sugar's Ed, Edd and Eddy fanart >>1210792, >>1211752 and Steven Universe concrete design >>1210872
>Noelle Stevenson gets in trouble for a farmer pun >>1211864, >>1212465
>Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath >>1213703, >>1216090
>Ducktales Reboot >>1213926, >>1232834
>Deadendia is the Asperchu version of Steven Universe >>1213928, >>1213945, >>1213995
>Art Babbitt >>1214203
>Planet Panic >>1214524, >>1214741
>Good western animated shows >>1214787, >>1214868, >>1224529
>Dana Terrace >>1215181, >>1215329, >>1215532
>Alex Hirsch >>1215316, >>1215349, >>1215608, >>1246330
>Adam Ellis >>1215457, >>1218777
>Angela Vondra (handsomehugs) >>1215581, >>1215711, >>1215788, >>1353006, >>1353015, >>1354677
>J.G. Quintel >>1216211, >>1216236, >>1216344
>Kate Leth >>1216664, >>1216677, >>1216681, >>1216683
>Modern cartoons sperging >>1220887, >>1222730
>Cartoon Network wants children shows to be for children >>1224393, >>1224521, >>1224550
>Kelly Turnball >>1224503, >>1224652
>Lauren Faust is awesome >>1227206, >>1227247, >>1227378
>Natasha Allegri >>1229987, >>1230876
>Daron Nefcy >>1247329, >>1247492
>Steven Universe >>1247904, >>1247919, >>1268029
>Gross Girls >>1261796
>Owl House >>1272272, >>1272332, >>1272405
>Dan Harmon is a sexpest >>1282192, >>1283651
>Amber and Shelby Cragg >>1305930, >>1309632, >>1357764
>Jhonen Vasquez >>1309982, >>1310166, >>1310579, >>1313540
>Noelle Stevenson's transition >>1209955, >>1310247
>Vivienne Medrano >>1317330
>Ken Penders >>1327047
>Kyle A. Carrozza >>1352546, >>1352648
>Nathan Heinze >>1352613

No. 1370305

File: 1637151687627.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, my_sides.jpg)

nice choice for the thread pic and a salute for summarization

No. 1370868

File: 1637216668745.png (84.06 KB, 773x582, neopet.png)

Sometimes Noelle says things that make me think she is close to peaking, but then she double downs on her transmasc label


No. 1370874

File: 1637217291719.png (112.17 KB, 550x640, binaryisbullshit.png)

Another comic by Noelle. She explores her femininity and masculinity, then decides that transmasculine and bigender fit her best.


No. 1370876

File: 1637217334940.png (68.07 KB, 518x652, masculinity.png)

No. 1370925

these people need to stop being so self obsessed and stop creating problems for themselves

No. 1371033

File: 1637251269333.jpeg (203.09 KB, 1170x1282, B420F63D-2515-4B06-B5D8-F1A691…)

this is so embarrassing, imagine hating women/yourself this much?? who fucking cares why a stranger read you as female??? why are you so concerned with what strangers think about you and why are you attaching so much meaning to being female?? the sexism just jumps out

No. 1371227

>why are you so concerned with what strangers think about you
Because she isn't male or anything inbetween and is very well aware of that. It's totally on strangers to uphold her illusion.

No. 1371231

>"Evening gown is woman and suit is man"
>"Frilly, girly jumper is nonbinary, because it has pants"
>"…but nonbinary is associated with girls now, so not me!"
Girl, there's jeans and flannels in the women's section, too. You aren't special, and changing clothes doesn't make you a shapeshifter. She's an actual retard criticizing the "gender binary" while also reinforcing it harder than anyone else.

No. 1371233

Did Angela finally killed herself? She hasn't been on social media for weeks.(learn2sage)

No. 1371254

Why does she draw herself to look like an ape?

No. 1371276

I don't see it. She just looks like a soft and chubby woman in a simplistic cartoon art style.

No. 1371305

File: 1637277271352.jpg (15.58 KB, 284x341, khih.jpg)

i get what anon means, it's the snout

No. 1371324

She's Crayon Shin-Chan.(sage)

No. 1371343

ffs why can’t she realize you can be GNC and dress however you want WITHOUT having to chop off your tits or adopt dumb labels like “bigender” or “transmac”

Lesbians trooning out will never stop being sad to me

No. 1371543

Because you can't just simply not apply labels to yourself if you don't believe in gender and just wear whatever you want whether you have tits or not because no one cares.. you have to physically destroy your body to adhere to society's view of gender, and then get pissed off and claim that society is forcing you into a box. s/

These people truly do create their own misery 90% of the time. I won't lie that society can be shitty sometimes, but they're just as obsessed with upholding gender roles as "transphobes" are.

No. 1371676

Any milk on Genndy Tartakovsky? From the interviews I’ve seen he seems like a regular hard working guy

No. 1371697

probably like most cartoon creators from the 90s-early 00's, if there's any milk on them its obviously in their private lives away from any kind of social media.

No. 1371740

File: 1637340000453.png (288.65 KB, 1024x768, P32SYgX.png)

Since people are talking about Ang again I'll share
>Drew underage incest porn in public as others mentioned https://archive.md/sHBs7
>If you scroll further in the archive only one guy points out it could be an uncomfortable wait for the people who see, claims she doesn't give a shit
>Tried to make a public search post for a bird she sold 8 years ago https://archive.md/96fkq
>Receives anon letting her know this is odd, immediately gets defensive saying anon never loved anything and how she's entitled to find a pet she doesn't own anymore https://archive.md/prrqt
>Men should be allowed into lesbian spaces because troons https://archive.md/S2vC2
>White knighting for Aggy, praising Puppy Milk for being queer, deeper and more powerful than Saw https://archive.md/lZZMB
>Could be a reach but it rubbed me the wrong way. Wanting to tell stories for traumatized/abused children specifically https://archive.md/xXtHH

No. 1371791

I would have sympathy if she had put him for adoption or gave him to a shelter but she sold her "baby" like he was a thing.

No. 1372218

don't worry anon, he's a normal guy. Has a normal family and a big San Bernard dog.

No. 1372248

That’s a relief, I hope all of the regular non degenerate people in the industry have a good day today

No. 1372270

File: 1637410168899.png (743.85 KB, 660x888, h234892349202.PNG)

Seems that Alex Hirsch and Dana finally broke it off. He tweeted asking if he should get a cat because he is living like a depressed ghoulish hermit and cannot take care of himself. The implication is that he is extremely alone. I can only the imagine the smell of his home. Unfortunately, he deleted the thread before I could cap it. Some people speculating about the breakup in there as well.

Bonus: He's interacting with random women cosplaying his shit on twitter since that's his type. Rebounding perhaps?

No. 1372322

This cosplay is objectively terrible, Reagan would be makeup free and more disheveled than that, plus she doesn't have a nose piercing. Costhots are truly incapable of presenting themselves without 7 layers of makeup and 30 filters, even when the character calls for it.

No. 1372337

File: 1637422691781.png (113.43 KB, 646x590, noelle.png)

No. 1372338

If she was in a group of female friends and she was the only "dude", it'd be logical to just use ladies instead of guys as a majority tho.

No. 1372361

When tf is Hersh going to change his Twitter pic it’s been the same since gravity falls started

No. 1372365

Sorry, *Hirsch

No. 1372376

i love you anon

No. 1372432

I love that you can tell inside job is shit bc animation twitter didnt lose their shit over it. It's so bland and uninventive, it looks like someone wanted to make rick and morty but about Rick's daughter, and the au came after.
Good for dana for breaking uo w him tho, truly hope she can find good pussy after being stuck with hirsch for so long

No. 1372439

I think Hirsch is a piss goblin, but Inside Job is an improved version of Rick and Morty imo. It has a well-written and likable female lead, explores the dynamics of a bad parent/child relationship without constantly going back to "but the parent loves them uwu", and 100% less incest "jokes". It's not original or great, but it's enjoyable.

No. 1372449

Honestly I agree, I enjoyed the first 2 seasons but the show has gotten awful, way more pretentious, way more political and way more degenerate

No. 1372540

When does it get good? I tried watching the first 2 episodes and it was so boring and unfunny, like they think saying fuck a few times is a good substitute for humour

No. 1372579

File: 1637442580962.jpg (15.17 KB, 479x319, 1637362584050.jpg)

No. 1372621

Honestly I think episode 3 is pretty strong and conveys what the show wants to be better than the first two episodes. On the other hand, the show just might not be to your tastes, and that's fine. It's no masterpiece or must-see, I just personally think it's pretty good, and better than Rick and Morty.

No. 1372639

Still hitting on girls that cosplay his shit huh? I'm glad to hear him and Dana finally broke up tbh

No. 1372786

File: 1637466193936.png (328.45 KB, 506x554, Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 7.41…)

Wait you're telling me that's supposed to be a cosplay of this character? lmao

No. 1372874

It's honestly so bad. Costhot insecurity is so high, they can't let themselves not look like animu girls for even a single cosplay. Why even cosplay Reagan if you don't like how ordinary she looks?

No. 1373230

I was perusing the MTF thread and saw one anon mentioning Stonetoss was a head storyboarder on the owl house? Does anyone know if that's true? I know i shouldn't be surprised but yeah, im shitting my pants at the idea of an open alt-right white supremacist working on the Progressive Darling show, like, can you imagine having him storyboard the episode where they introduce the non binary character

No. 1373436

it's a dumb joke because his artstyle resembles Luz from the owl house.
Stonetoss is pretty much blacklisted in the western animation industry.

No. 1373599

File: 1637574058767.png (209.19 KB, 600x497, hirsch.png)

His pinned tweet is about Gravity Falls. That was the highlight of his life.

No. 1374103

It’s pathetic how she’s just barely self-aware enough to admit gender stereotypes are bullshit but also needs them to fuel her insecure navel-gazing and can’t give up the act. I wanna feel bad for her, but she’s literally inventing problems for herself at this point.

Trooning out and obsessing over gender labels is how these people avoid engaging with their real issues. A lesbian who coincidentally feels the urge to become a man right after getting cucked into a poly relationship by her wife for a moid clearly has zero self-esteem. She just posted a comic about being bipolar, which makes me wonder if she’s backpedaling from going full FTM to some flavor of NB because the idea to cut off her tits was fueled by a manic episode and she secretly regrets it kek

No. 1375674

>A lesbian who coincidentally feels the urge to become a man right after getting cucked into a poly relationship by her wife for a moid
Is this recent or are you talking about the memoir? Molly had an 5+ year relationship with a guy named Jack. Noelle cucked him and Molly dumped him once Noelle became more famous >>1212203

No. 1375700

NTA but I bet she knows. I bet she lays awake at night knowing that she was the side chick, and Molly only "chose" her because of her fame and money.

No. 1375745

Not that you shouldn’t be proud of a past accomplishments but maybe not make that one thing your entire identity? Like there’s NOTHING else besides this new Netflix show that he’s working on? Dan Harmon is a degenerate but at least he constantly seems to come up with new ideas and tries to move on from past projects

No. 1375754

And he's not even making Inside Job, he's just the producer. Imagine being the newest Disney golden child, and only really making one project. What a disappointment kek.

No. 1376245

File: 1637948064469.png (871.27 KB, 989x534, mollyandjack.png)

I think so… Maybe deep down she thinks that Molly still loves Jack or loved him more. Molly made a lot of lovey comic strips about their relationship and Noelle confessed to stalking her for a time >>1212795. She might be channeling her jealousy of what they had in her gender fuckery.

It doesn't help that Molly rarely makes comics like >>1212248 about Noelle. Even the one that she made recently about cooking references a past love and how much it hurts that he left despite having someone that loves you unconditionally now: https://ostertag.substack.com/p/sketchbook-5d8

Pic related is a comic strip of when Molly and Jack went to Italy together.

No. 1376254

Molly gives me serious "bi phase" energy. I don't think she would have married Noelle, or any woman for that matter, if being "kweer" weren't in vogue and Noelle didn't gain notoriety and significant income. I know anons here will say "but she definitely had sex with Noelle" (as if we actually know that for sure, or what it was like), but Molly always gave me the feeling she was a straight girl who was experimenting.

No. 1379002

Alright how about a throwback, anyone know about the Klasky Csupo shenanigans?

No. 1380457

nope, what are you talking abt?

No. 1380516

All I've heard is that Arlene Klasky had a lot of pseudoscientific beliefs about raising kids, you know the usual hippie mom shit and the writers didn't necessarily agree with her views, in fact they outright mocked them and would put them in the show
These creative differences would eventually lead to the decline of quality in the show overall

No. 1380537

This show the discrepance between show runners and the audience. She, as an adult, trough Angelica was too mean for children to like but I remember her being really popular among children.

No. 1380566

I saw that fucked up Rugrats storyboard that was posted on /co/ but I'm not gonna post it

No. 1380575

That was just the artists fucking around though, it wasn't serious

No. 1380603

>it wasn't serious
And "boys will be boys", right? Shut up kek.

No. 1380616

Nonnie that was like 1998, please calm down. Artists back then were even less concerned with appearing woke lol. Also yeah, it's pretty obvious that it was a joke for the other artists

No. 1381239

Baby rape and pedophilia "jokes" will never be funny, cope harder edgelord.

No. 1381423

alright, moralfag, not sure how you get by everyday living with the knowledge that a majority of the population doesn't get all white knuckled and red in the face just from hearing an offensive joke kek

No. 1381529

File: 1638412299650.jpg (239.56 KB, 1920x1080, arcane1.JPG)

interesting milk i guess? i don’t know if it can be called milk since it’s decades old kek but in my opinion saberspark has some of the most boring, middling takes on animation that i can’t stand his videos. i’m sure some of his videos are informative but i just find him extremely boring.

i also hate the whole idea of a show being “ruined”, i think a lot of people who aren’t into animation or only watch his kind of content watch these videos and parade them as the ONLY reason why a show was cancelled or use them as a “reason” as to why a show sucked (or, of course, was “ruined”). i don’t know if that makes sense, this is kind of a word vomit.

No. 1381543

File: 1638412460131.jpg (437.67 KB, 1024x683, kpop demon hunters.JPG)

samefag i could be wrong. i can’t be assed to watch any of his videos at this point, maybe he's improved since then. but the whole idea that a show is “ruined” for a single reason is stupid and i think there’s a better way to go about these kinds of videos. like i don’t think disney channel and sony pictures animation is “ruined” by any stretch and i think cartoon network and nickelodeon were fine until they focused more on streaming (like literally all studios and networks have been doing).

i think these kinds of ideas lead to the boring lukewarm takes that “cartoons were SO much better in the 80s/90s/early 2000s” i already see that a lot in this thread so i think some people might not agree with my post, but there was a lot of good then, and a lot of good now, too. it’s just a matter of personal taste and actually bothering to look for good shows now. i’ve seen a lot of people praise arcane, but on the other side of the coin netflix has shit shows like big mouth and q force. doesn’t mean that netflix is necessarily “ruined.”

No. 1381581

I just don't think it's a funny enough "joke" to be worth it. Shock humor is for people too stupid to construct an actual joke.

No. 1381932

hell anon shut up, it's not that deep, you shouldn't be here if such a stupi joke offends you(learn2sage)

No. 1381935

You sound mad lol.

No. 1382071

It’s so funny how Dana and Alex broke it off after the Owl House didn’t get renewed for a new season. The speculations of her getting the show greenlit due to nepotism are true tbh.

No. 1382125

? what does the cancellation of TOH factor in them being together or not?
I mean i guess it's pretty awkward to voice direct your ex but aside from that.. unless you're suggesting that hirsch himself had a hand in the tanking of TOH, which is pretty tin-foily to me lol

i'm not the biggest fan of TOH, i find it had a basic cool concept but the need for Deep Lore and Meaning because of the success of shows like Steven Universe really ruined it (the whole Ida's curse is a metaphor for mental illness / disability was such a retarded episode), but Dana is an industry veteran and you can't deny her talent, suggesting that she got her show greenlit because she managed to hold her breath long enough to shag Hirsch is too shitty even for lolcow

No. 1382226

If I could say anything about owl house it'd be that it's completely inoffensive. It's so by the book that you can't even laugh at how bad it is. Because it is bad. But more importantly it's boring.
I heard the second season is an improvement, but after trudging through pretty amateur story telling I can't even bring myself to hate watch it. Then again I was bored of amphibia too, so I think this genre of cartoon is just suited for kids which is fine. Mediocre story writers trying to be deep and change the world with their kid cartoons instead of building a world kids actually want to be involved in will make all of these cartoons disappear into the ether.

No. 1382260

yeah amphibia suffers from the safe faults as TOH imo, it clearly just wanted to be a funny gag tv show and when it's just that it shines, but then they shoved this deep lore into it and it's pretty cringe. But as you said, i'm over 10 years old and not the intended audience so that's fine; it will always be better than TOH cus it never even tries with the 2deep4u bullshit, though, so there's that

No. 1382497

anyone have any milk regarding Adventure Time, I always got some disturbing vibes from the show even since I was a kid

No. 1382511

I can understand why Klasky was like that. She had children herself, and I think she saw the characters in the show in a similar way, like she was creating an alternate world. Her mindset was basically "Why would you add a bully and make life hard/painful for literal babies?". Not defending it, but I get it. She even used to copy their voices while talking about them, the characters weren't just symbols for her

No. 1382518

The guy who made it was some sped who gave up on it because he kept being recognised as the Adventure Time guy, passed it off to someone else, and then that's when it started to lose its charm

No. 1382529

The artist who drew a particular infamous page later went on to groom a child,not saying fictional kids have rights but you can’t think that the guy was “just joking”

No. 1382530

as a mother I get some of her concerns, but she had some pretty
out there baby psychology views that a lot of liberal moms end up adopting

No. 1382766

She's not that much of an industry vet, though. She's only worked on 3 shows ever. She worked on GF right after college and definitely got her other 2 jobs at Disney via her proximity to Hirsch. It's not crazy to point that out lol it's literally true

No. 1383459

Remember when they forged a contest to hide the fact that they stole a character they got from fan mail from a child and gave the parents hush money so they wouldn’t sue?
Yeah the earlier comment saying that it’s not a big deal cause all the artists had those kind of jokes is a weird take when we just talked about John Kricfalusi child groomer not too long ago too?

No. 1383532

File: 1638547885135.jpg (60.34 KB, 750x900, cMmtYhUBdFZpOmFCGWxPfiYTKkBWPm…)

I had to look up what you were talking about, but once I found it, I also found this "concept sketch" for the character made by Rebecca Sugar. I can't stop laughing at it, because it's such a bad sketch, and it feels like she made it horny somehow.
The character is Me-Mow, for those curious.

No. 1383965

Not to cape for Rebecca because I really don't care for her or her art but concept sketches are often very rough. The idea is more important when you're at that stage. I think people would be surprised to see true concept art it's never as polished as "art of" books.

That being said weird sexy cat is a shitty concept.

No. 1384016

AYRT And I know concept sketches are rough, my only income is from art. But this is really rough for how little she's actually conveying here, especially since she essentially just redrew a child's drawing but more sexualized. On that note, isn't it extra weird to decide to make the kid's cat OC grow up to be humanoid with boobs and thick thighs?

No. 1384022

Fair enough. I missed that she was redrawing a children's drawing that is fucking weird

No. 1384080

File: 1638571437703.jpg (227.62 KB, 1100x713, Adventure-time-jake-vs-me-mow-…)

No problem, I can understand the confusion. Here's the original picture with references for how the characters looked in the show at first (Me-Mow becomes humanoid with curves later, even though she barely appears in the show).

No. 1384084

File: 1638571610712.jpg (25.65 KB, 290x502, Me-Mow_Current_Stature.jpg)

Reference of her body type later on. She wears thicker clothes after this, but I'm not sure why they felt the need to make her a curvy humanoid anyway.

No. 1384335

Shaped like a peanut

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