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File: 1637150913469.jpeg (148.76 KB, 1080x607, western.jpeg)

No. 1370299

This thread concerns creators, artists and others who work in the modern western American Animation Industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

Some of the big name cows currently in the industry:

>Rebecca Sugar: Creator of Steven Universe, Drew Ed, Edd n Eddy R34, self inserted her brother into the show, claims to be a queer woman despite having a long term heterosexual relationship for her entire adult life


>Alex Hirsch: creator of Gravity falls, is dating Dana Terrace(who is the creator of Disney's The Owl House) where she also has her own self insert in the show, supported shipping of his self insert Dipper with his Lauren Faust self insert


>Noelle Stevenson: Creator of She-Ra reboot and the comics series Lumberjanes, is married to Molly Ostertag (who is also in the comics industry), came out as non-binary in 2019 and in 2020 chopped her tits off and came out as "Transmasculine" and "bigender"


>Julia Vickerman: Creator of 12 Forever, proving girls can do it too, and by It I mean your cousin, a NLOG who stalks teenage boys and tweets about how hot they are, was fired from her own show for mistreating and sexually harassing her co-workers, still active on Instagram though


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>Michel Ocelot stole ideas from a student >>1210023, >>1210144
>Jake Goldman self-inserted into Powerpuff Girls and shipped himself with Blossom >>1210027, >>1211700, >>1216495
>Julia Vickerman's pedophilia allegations >>1210013, >>1210054, >>1210056
>Kent Williams preys on young students and has yellow fever >>1210077, >>1210089
>Raye Rodriguez >>1210224, >>1316319
>Justin Roiland's incest jokes >>1210568, >>1266147, >>1275262 and sexual allegations >>1210796, >>1227145, >>1280148, >>1281438
>Rebecca Sugar's Ed, Edd and Eddy fanart >>1210792, >>1211752 and Steven Universe concrete design >>1210872
>Noelle Stevenson gets in trouble for a farmer pun >>1211864, >>1212465
>Michael Jelenic and Aaron Horvath >>1213703, >>1216090
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>Adam Ellis >>1215457, >>1218777
>Angela Vondra (handsomehugs) >>1215581, >>1215711, >>1215788, >>1353006, >>1353015, >>1354677
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>Daron Nefcy >>1247329, >>1247492
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>Gross Girls >>1261796
>Owl House >>1272272, >>1272332, >>1272405
>Dan Harmon is a sexpest >>1282192, >>1283651
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>Ken Penders >>1327047
>Kyle A. Carrozza >>1352546, >>1352648
>Nathan Heinze >>1352613

No. 1370305

File: 1637151687627.jpg (173.89 KB, 1080x1068, my_sides.jpg)

nice choice for the thread pic and a salute for summarization

No. 1370868

File: 1637216668745.png (84.06 KB, 773x582, neopet.png)

Sometimes Noelle says things that make me think she is close to peaking, but then she double downs on her transmasc label


No. 1370874

File: 1637217291719.png (112.17 KB, 550x640, binaryisbullshit.png)

Another comic by Noelle. She explores her femininity and masculinity, then decides that transmasculine and bigender fit her best.


No. 1370876

File: 1637217334940.png (68.07 KB, 518x652, masculinity.png)

No. 1370925

these people need to stop being so self obsessed and stop creating problems for themselves

No. 1371033

File: 1637251269333.jpeg (203.09 KB, 1170x1282, B420F63D-2515-4B06-B5D8-F1A691…)

this is so embarrassing, imagine hating women/yourself this much?? who fucking cares why a stranger read you as female??? why are you so concerned with what strangers think about you and why are you attaching so much meaning to being female?? the sexism just jumps out

No. 1371227

>why are you so concerned with what strangers think about you
Because she isn't male or anything inbetween and is very well aware of that. It's totally on strangers to uphold her illusion.

No. 1371231

>"Evening gown is woman and suit is man"
>"Frilly, girly jumper is nonbinary, because it has pants"
>"…but nonbinary is associated with girls now, so not me!"
Girl, there's jeans and flannels in the women's section, too. You aren't special, and changing clothes doesn't make you a shapeshifter. She's an actual retard criticizing the "gender binary" while also reinforcing it harder than anyone else.

No. 1371233

Did Angela finally killed herself? She hasn't been on social media for weeks.(learn2sage)

No. 1371254

Why does she draw herself to look like an ape?

No. 1371276

I don't see it. She just looks like a soft and chubby woman in a simplistic cartoon art style.

No. 1371305

File: 1637277271352.jpg (15.58 KB, 284x341, khih.jpg)

i get what anon means, it's the snout

No. 1371324

She's Crayon Shin-Chan.(sage)

No. 1371343

ffs why can’t she realize you can be GNC and dress however you want WITHOUT having to chop off your tits or adopt dumb labels like “bigender” or “transmac”

Lesbians trooning out will never stop being sad to me

No. 1371543

Because you can't just simply not apply labels to yourself if you don't believe in gender and just wear whatever you want whether you have tits or not because no one cares.. you have to physically destroy your body to adhere to society's view of gender, and then get pissed off and claim that society is forcing you into a box. s/

These people truly do create their own misery 90% of the time. I won't lie that society can be shitty sometimes, but they're just as obsessed with upholding gender roles as "transphobes" are.

No. 1371676

Any milk on Genndy Tartakovsky? From the interviews I’ve seen he seems like a regular hard working guy

No. 1371697

probably like most cartoon creators from the 90s-early 00's, if there's any milk on them its obviously in their private lives away from any kind of social media.

No. 1371740

File: 1637340000453.png (288.65 KB, 1024x768, P32SYgX.png)

Since people are talking about Ang again I'll share
>Drew underage incest porn in public as others mentioned https://archive.md/sHBs7
>If you scroll further in the archive only one guy points out it could be an uncomfortable wait for the people who see, claims she doesn't give a shit
>Tried to make a public search post for a bird she sold 8 years ago https://archive.md/96fkq
>Receives anon letting her know this is odd, immediately gets defensive saying anon never loved anything and how she's entitled to find a pet she doesn't own anymore https://archive.md/prrqt
>Men should be allowed into lesbian spaces because troons https://archive.md/S2vC2
>White knighting for Aggy, praising Puppy Milk for being queer, deeper and more powerful than Saw https://archive.md/lZZMB
>Could be a reach but it rubbed me the wrong way. Wanting to tell stories for traumatized/abused children specifically https://archive.md/xXtHH

No. 1371791

I would have sympathy if she had put him for adoption or gave him to a shelter but she sold her "baby" like he was a thing.

No. 1372218

don't worry anon, he's a normal guy. Has a normal family and a big San Bernard dog.

No. 1372248

That’s a relief, I hope all of the regular non degenerate people in the industry have a good day today

No. 1372270

File: 1637410168899.png (743.85 KB, 660x888, h234892349202.PNG)

Seems that Alex Hirsch and Dana finally broke it off. He tweeted asking if he should get a cat because he is living like a depressed ghoulish hermit and cannot take care of himself. The implication is that he is extremely alone. I can only the imagine the smell of his home. Unfortunately, he deleted the thread before I could cap it. Some people speculating about the breakup in there as well.

Bonus: He's interacting with random women cosplaying his shit on twitter since that's his type. Rebounding perhaps?

No. 1372322

This cosplay is objectively terrible, Reagan would be makeup free and more disheveled than that, plus she doesn't have a nose piercing. Costhots are truly incapable of presenting themselves without 7 layers of makeup and 30 filters, even when the character calls for it.

No. 1372337

File: 1637422691781.png (113.43 KB, 646x590, noelle.png)

No. 1372338

If she was in a group of female friends and she was the only "dude", it'd be logical to just use ladies instead of guys as a majority tho.

No. 1372361

When tf is Hersh going to change his Twitter pic it’s been the same since gravity falls started

No. 1372365

Sorry, *Hirsch

No. 1372376

i love you anon

No. 1372432

I love that you can tell inside job is shit bc animation twitter didnt lose their shit over it. It's so bland and uninventive, it looks like someone wanted to make rick and morty but about Rick's daughter, and the au came after.
Good for dana for breaking uo w him tho, truly hope she can find good pussy after being stuck with hirsch for so long

No. 1372439

I think Hirsch is a piss goblin, but Inside Job is an improved version of Rick and Morty imo. It has a well-written and likable female lead, explores the dynamics of a bad parent/child relationship without constantly going back to "but the parent loves them uwu", and 100% less incest "jokes". It's not original or great, but it's enjoyable.

No. 1372449

Honestly I agree, I enjoyed the first 2 seasons but the show has gotten awful, way more pretentious, way more political and way more degenerate

No. 1372540

When does it get good? I tried watching the first 2 episodes and it was so boring and unfunny, like they think saying fuck a few times is a good substitute for humour

No. 1372579

File: 1637442580962.jpg (15.17 KB, 479x319, 1637362584050.jpg)

No. 1372621

Honestly I think episode 3 is pretty strong and conveys what the show wants to be better than the first two episodes. On the other hand, the show just might not be to your tastes, and that's fine. It's no masterpiece or must-see, I just personally think it's pretty good, and better than Rick and Morty.

No. 1372639

Still hitting on girls that cosplay his shit huh? I'm glad to hear him and Dana finally broke up tbh

No. 1372786

File: 1637466193936.png (328.45 KB, 506x554, Screen Shot 2021-11-20 at 7.41…)

Wait you're telling me that's supposed to be a cosplay of this character? lmao

No. 1372874

It's honestly so bad. Costhot insecurity is so high, they can't let themselves not look like animu girls for even a single cosplay. Why even cosplay Reagan if you don't like how ordinary she looks?

No. 1373230

I was perusing the MTF thread and saw one anon mentioning Stonetoss was a head storyboarder on the owl house? Does anyone know if that's true? I know i shouldn't be surprised but yeah, im shitting my pants at the idea of an open alt-right white supremacist working on the Progressive Darling show, like, can you imagine having him storyboard the episode where they introduce the non binary character

No. 1373436

it's a dumb joke because his artstyle resembles Luz from the owl house.
Stonetoss is pretty much blacklisted in the western animation industry.

No. 1373599

File: 1637574058767.png (209.19 KB, 600x497, hirsch.png)

His pinned tweet is about Gravity Falls. That was the highlight of his life.

No. 1374103

It’s pathetic how she’s just barely self-aware enough to admit gender stereotypes are bullshit but also needs them to fuel her insecure navel-gazing and can’t give up the act. I wanna feel bad for her, but she’s literally inventing problems for herself at this point.

Trooning out and obsessing over gender labels is how these people avoid engaging with their real issues. A lesbian who coincidentally feels the urge to become a man right after getting cucked into a poly relationship by her wife for a moid clearly has zero self-esteem. She just posted a comic about being bipolar, which makes me wonder if she’s backpedaling from going full FTM to some flavor of NB because the idea to cut off her tits was fueled by a manic episode and she secretly regrets it kek

No. 1375674

>A lesbian who coincidentally feels the urge to become a man right after getting cucked into a poly relationship by her wife for a moid
Is this recent or are you talking about the memoir? Molly had an 5+ year relationship with a guy named Jack. Noelle cucked him and Molly dumped him once Noelle became more famous >>1212203

No. 1375700

NTA but I bet she knows. I bet she lays awake at night knowing that she was the side chick, and Molly only "chose" her because of her fame and money.

No. 1375745

Not that you shouldn’t be proud of a past accomplishments but maybe not make that one thing your entire identity? Like there’s NOTHING else besides this new Netflix show that he’s working on? Dan Harmon is a degenerate but at least he constantly seems to come up with new ideas and tries to move on from past projects

No. 1375754

And he's not even making Inside Job, he's just the producer. Imagine being the newest Disney golden child, and only really making one project. What a disappointment kek.

No. 1376245

File: 1637948064469.png (871.27 KB, 989x534, mollyandjack.png)

I think so… Maybe deep down she thinks that Molly still loves Jack or loved him more. Molly made a lot of lovey comic strips about their relationship and Noelle confessed to stalking her for a time >>1212795. She might be channeling her jealousy of what they had in her gender fuckery.

It doesn't help that Molly rarely makes comics like >>1212248 about Noelle. Even the one that she made recently about cooking references a past love and how much it hurts that he left despite having someone that loves you unconditionally now: https://ostertag.substack.com/p/sketchbook-5d8

Pic related is a comic strip of when Molly and Jack went to Italy together.

No. 1376254

Molly gives me serious "bi phase" energy. I don't think she would have married Noelle, or any woman for that matter, if being "kweer" weren't in vogue and Noelle didn't gain notoriety and significant income. I know anons here will say "but she definitely had sex with Noelle" (as if we actually know that for sure, or what it was like), but Molly always gave me the feeling she was a straight girl who was experimenting.

No. 1379002

Alright how about a throwback, anyone know about the Klasky Csupo shenanigans?

No. 1380457

nope, what are you talking abt?

No. 1380516

All I've heard is that Arlene Klasky had a lot of pseudoscientific beliefs about raising kids, you know the usual hippie mom shit and the writers didn't necessarily agree with her views, in fact they outright mocked them and would put them in the show
These creative differences would eventually lead to the decline of quality in the show overall

No. 1380537

This show the discrepance between show runners and the audience. She, as an adult, trough Angelica was too mean for children to like but I remember her being really popular among children.

No. 1380566

I saw that fucked up Rugrats storyboard that was posted on /co/ but I'm not gonna post it

No. 1380575

That was just the artists fucking around though, it wasn't serious

No. 1380603

>it wasn't serious
And "boys will be boys", right? Shut up kek.

No. 1380616

Nonnie that was like 1998, please calm down. Artists back then were even less concerned with appearing woke lol. Also yeah, it's pretty obvious that it was a joke for the other artists

No. 1381239

Baby rape and pedophilia "jokes" will never be funny, cope harder edgelord.

No. 1381423

alright, moralfag, not sure how you get by everyday living with the knowledge that a majority of the population doesn't get all white knuckled and red in the face just from hearing an offensive joke kek

No. 1381529

File: 1638412299650.jpg (239.56 KB, 1920x1080, arcane1.JPG)

interesting milk i guess? i don’t know if it can be called milk since it’s decades old kek but in my opinion saberspark has some of the most boring, middling takes on animation that i can’t stand his videos. i’m sure some of his videos are informative but i just find him extremely boring.

i also hate the whole idea of a show being “ruined”, i think a lot of people who aren’t into animation or only watch his kind of content watch these videos and parade them as the ONLY reason why a show was cancelled or use them as a “reason” as to why a show sucked (or, of course, was “ruined”). i don’t know if that makes sense, this is kind of a word vomit.

No. 1381543

File: 1638412460131.jpg (437.67 KB, 1024x683, kpop demon hunters.JPG)

samefag i could be wrong. i can’t be assed to watch any of his videos at this point, maybe he's improved since then. but the whole idea that a show is “ruined” for a single reason is stupid and i think there’s a better way to go about these kinds of videos. like i don’t think disney channel and sony pictures animation is “ruined” by any stretch and i think cartoon network and nickelodeon were fine until they focused more on streaming (like literally all studios and networks have been doing).

i think these kinds of ideas lead to the boring lukewarm takes that “cartoons were SO much better in the 80s/90s/early 2000s” i already see that a lot in this thread so i think some people might not agree with my post, but there was a lot of good then, and a lot of good now, too. it’s just a matter of personal taste and actually bothering to look for good shows now. i’ve seen a lot of people praise arcane, but on the other side of the coin netflix has shit shows like big mouth and q force. doesn’t mean that netflix is necessarily “ruined.”

No. 1381581

I just don't think it's a funny enough "joke" to be worth it. Shock humor is for people too stupid to construct an actual joke.

No. 1381932

hell anon shut up, it's not that deep, you shouldn't be here if such a stupi joke offends you(learn2sage)

No. 1381935

You sound mad lol.

No. 1382071

It’s so funny how Dana and Alex broke it off after the Owl House didn’t get renewed for a new season. The speculations of her getting the show greenlit due to nepotism are true tbh.

No. 1382125

? what does the cancellation of TOH factor in them being together or not?
I mean i guess it's pretty awkward to voice direct your ex but aside from that.. unless you're suggesting that hirsch himself had a hand in the tanking of TOH, which is pretty tin-foily to me lol

i'm not the biggest fan of TOH, i find it had a basic cool concept but the need for Deep Lore and Meaning because of the success of shows like Steven Universe really ruined it (the whole Ida's curse is a metaphor for mental illness / disability was such a retarded episode), but Dana is an industry veteran and you can't deny her talent, suggesting that she got her show greenlit because she managed to hold her breath long enough to shag Hirsch is too shitty even for lolcow

No. 1382226

If I could say anything about owl house it'd be that it's completely inoffensive. It's so by the book that you can't even laugh at how bad it is. Because it is bad. But more importantly it's boring.
I heard the second season is an improvement, but after trudging through pretty amateur story telling I can't even bring myself to hate watch it. Then again I was bored of amphibia too, so I think this genre of cartoon is just suited for kids which is fine. Mediocre story writers trying to be deep and change the world with their kid cartoons instead of building a world kids actually want to be involved in will make all of these cartoons disappear into the ether.

No. 1382260

yeah amphibia suffers from the safe faults as TOH imo, it clearly just wanted to be a funny gag tv show and when it's just that it shines, but then they shoved this deep lore into it and it's pretty cringe. But as you said, i'm over 10 years old and not the intended audience so that's fine; it will always be better than TOH cus it never even tries with the 2deep4u bullshit, though, so there's that

No. 1382497

anyone have any milk regarding Adventure Time, I always got some disturbing vibes from the show even since I was a kid

No. 1382511

I can understand why Klasky was like that. She had children herself, and I think she saw the characters in the show in a similar way, like she was creating an alternate world. Her mindset was basically "Why would you add a bully and make life hard/painful for literal babies?". Not defending it, but I get it. She even used to copy their voices while talking about them, the characters weren't just symbols for her

No. 1382518

The guy who made it was some sped who gave up on it because he kept being recognised as the Adventure Time guy, passed it off to someone else, and then that's when it started to lose its charm

No. 1382529

The artist who drew a particular infamous page later went on to groom a child,not saying fictional kids have rights but you can’t think that the guy was “just joking”

No. 1382530

as a mother I get some of her concerns, but she had some pretty
out there baby psychology views that a lot of liberal moms end up adopting

No. 1382766

She's not that much of an industry vet, though. She's only worked on 3 shows ever. She worked on GF right after college and definitely got her other 2 jobs at Disney via her proximity to Hirsch. It's not crazy to point that out lol it's literally true

No. 1383459

Remember when they forged a contest to hide the fact that they stole a character they got from fan mail from a child and gave the parents hush money so they wouldn’t sue?
Yeah the earlier comment saying that it’s not a big deal cause all the artists had those kind of jokes is a weird take when we just talked about John Kricfalusi child groomer not too long ago too?

No. 1383532

File: 1638547885135.jpg (60.34 KB, 750x900, cMmtYhUBdFZpOmFCGWxPfiYTKkBWPm…)

I had to look up what you were talking about, but once I found it, I also found this "concept sketch" for the character made by Rebecca Sugar. I can't stop laughing at it, because it's such a bad sketch, and it feels like she made it horny somehow.
The character is Me-Mow, for those curious.

No. 1383965

Not to cape for Rebecca because I really don't care for her or her art but concept sketches are often very rough. The idea is more important when you're at that stage. I think people would be surprised to see true concept art it's never as polished as "art of" books.

That being said weird sexy cat is a shitty concept.

No. 1384016

AYRT And I know concept sketches are rough, my only income is from art. But this is really rough for how little she's actually conveying here, especially since she essentially just redrew a child's drawing but more sexualized. On that note, isn't it extra weird to decide to make the kid's cat OC grow up to be humanoid with boobs and thick thighs?

No. 1384022

Fair enough. I missed that she was redrawing a children's drawing that is fucking weird

No. 1384080

File: 1638571437703.jpg (227.62 KB, 1100x713, Adventure-time-jake-vs-me-mow-…)

No problem, I can understand the confusion. Here's the original picture with references for how the characters looked in the show at first (Me-Mow becomes humanoid with curves later, even though she barely appears in the show).

No. 1384084

File: 1638571610712.jpg (25.65 KB, 290x502, Me-Mow_Current_Stature.jpg)

Reference of her body type later on. She wears thicker clothes after this, but I'm not sure why they felt the need to make her a curvy humanoid anyway.

No. 1384335

Shaped like a peanut

No. 1398175

File: 1640061416030.jpg (808.68 KB, 1200x675, High-Guardian-Spice.jpg)

So high guardian spice. Apparently the whole show was made by feminists only. It got shit reviews since it came out. But seems like the creator and staff of the show are reeing that the only people who hate the show are anti lgbt nazi's. Bonus points for them writing fake 5 star reviews with spelling errors also saying if you didn't like the show you are just an anti lgbt trans hating bigot. They managed to get it up to 2.5 stars, but it's slowly going back to 1 as more people are becoming aware of the shit show and the staff are not handling it well.

Created by Raye Rodriguez, a ftm feminist.

No. 1398182

File: 1640061591665.png (2.93 MB, 2305x1291, b69.png)

one of the writers. because of course they all look like this.

No. 1398220

Lol she’s not just “one of the writers” Kate leth could have her own thread at this point basically spent all of 2020 getting cancelled by her peers. Prob the most divisive person in alt comics


No. 1398225

Go back to wherever you came from if you think feminist is what’s wrong with this lmao

No. 1398236

Are you new, retard? They didn't say feminism was the main gripe, but the type of """feminism""" Kate and her ilk push is the same atrocious shit that expects all women to be troon handmaidens and jams tokens into media just to pretend they're diverse and woke. You're a fucking moron. Go back to Twitter.

No. 1398237

it isn't that feminism is wrong. but the staff show the toxic, sexist version of it. That and they plaster it everywhere they go.

But the show has a long ass list of what's wrong with it. Most of it coming from the braindead idiots who are on it

No. 1398240

I swear this shit is part of a conspiracy to fuel anti-feminism

No. 1398258

tl;dr but she's right about Stan Lee. Fuck him.

No. 1398259

this is thinly-veiled troon coom fuel, nothing more.
it has nothing to with feminism or gay people and everything to do with internet pornsickness.

No. 1398265

File: 1640063368396.png (89.7 KB, 371x505, RG_CharaLineUp_TheoLaithLaurKe…)

I think it's universal that everyone is fine with the character Snapdragon. But like all men he's written as a complete asshole until he's groomed by Rodriguez's self insert into changing gender. Because god forbid the idea that all the girls in the show can be manly and still be women, but if you're a girly man you're automatically just a girl.

Also Rodriguez is self inserting their trans character from High Guardian Spice into their next project. Also an admitted weeb and fujoshi. So spot on with anons saying they're porn sick

Honestly I wouldn't be shock if that was the case. But it's more likely just a bunch of idiots who are out of touch with reality and how humans interact with one another.

No. 1398275

Wait is this really official art for a show that is airing on television? This looks like something from Deviantart circa 2005, and not in a fun nostalgic way. Holy shit.

No. 1398278

File: 1640064390488.png (387.32 KB, 1000x655, image-asset.png)

Yup! Abandoning ship from High Spice Guardian, look for their next fantastic show "Reclaim Gloria"
where all the writers get to have yaoi self inserts!

No. 1398290

racist, white "queer" woman pretending to be all for POC/lgbt rights? Makes sense. She seems like the type of person to just hate all humans. Also seems like the type of woman who screams about feminism if you disagree with her, but hates on other women who are pretty

No. 1398292

>Claims to hate men
>Capes for TIMs and was a moid's mistress

No. 1398293

i wouldn't be surprised if it's making people homophobic too.

they hate men until the man puts on a dress and takes horse piss, lmao. idpol is cancer

No. 1398296

She fucked a moid that was already with another woman, so even without the troon shit she seems to be more fond of men than she wants to admit.

No. 1398363

>they forged a contest to hide the fact that they stole a character they got from fan mail
Holy shit, source on this? I tried googling it, but I couldn't find anything.

I definitely believe you, though. I was an avid fan of Adventure Time back then and I remember thinking, "I never heard anything about a character design contest" and also being baffled that a white striped cat was the winner.

No. 1398413


>watching old men hit on young female bartenders/waiststaff makes me want to throw up swords directly into their spleens

she’s based for this one

No. 1398435

Marriage is just another tool of the patriarchy. Being a homewrecker helps other women, you see. She did that guy’s wife a favor! /s

No. 1398445

calm the fuck down kek, the anon you replied to is right, op referred to the writers as "feminists" multiple times like that's what makes them bad. they're a newfag and you're a retard

No. 1398453

See >>1384080 and related posts.

No. 1398618

I was asking for proof about the lawsuit and the contest being faked.

No. 1398700

HGS is just a mess. It has young audience written all over it with how bland the story and characters are and how basic the plot is but then there's random swearing and gore thrown in to get that mature rating. Then the grooming of Snapdragon by the creepy self-insert teacher comes in. The animation is horrible too, the characters all slide over the floor and don't properly interact with the world around them.

No. 1398765

wait, elaborate on the grooming thing?

No. 1398835

Everyone involved in this seems retarded tbh

No. 1399093

File: 1640145429909.jpg (111.07 KB, 640x1055, fmdnxz8f38x71.jpg)

Snapdragon a young feminine male character who is uncomfortable with his sense of masculinity, especially compared to his great warrior father
throughout the show other characters(including his friend and an older teacher) try to "crack" his egg and imply he's trans which is very stunning and brave way to subvert toxic masculinity by telling boys they have to be trans if they like feminine things.

No. 1399142

This is so gross. I hate it when people try to pressure someone into there community because they have one simple thing in common. Even fictional characters. Not everything is black and white as people make it out to be. The whole mtf community is very pure pressure to minors. The weirdest part is it’s usually adults talking to minors. So gross. I hate the stereotypes they spread about men and women. “If I pretend to be weak that makes me seem more like a women” “if a boy likes one item girly then he is a egg, future trans girl”

Such Misogyny

I really hate this country. The western world shows how little problems we have, so we just make issues up.

No. 1399219

This looks so bad it’s like how to draw my first manga. Is this the official art?

No. 1399265

No. 1399503

It's weird the show did this because a lot of the women in the show are masculine presenting but are still women. But tell the young boy that if he likes being pretty he isn't a man, he's just a woman. Telling this to an impressionable child no less who is desperate for an answer. Saying there are other options in life but giving Snapdragon no answers other than "you're trans". Disgusting

No. 1399853

I remember way back when HGS was announced and everyone just groaned and predicted all of this would happen, lo' and behold it played out as predicted.

No. 1400010

File: 1640264905616.jpg (264.69 KB, 2048x1212, FCyQAIAXIAUmE-q.jpg)

This was the concept art of Snapdragon and the portrayl seemed different than what we have now. Mini tinfoil but there's a chance that Raye invited her troon friend over and he chose him to self-insert.

No. 1400299

You guys are bringing up HGS without talking about how crunchyroll funneled money meant to pay their Japanese animators to this fuckin show

No. 1400650

thanks for bringing that up
Basically the whole show, before it was made, during production, after, was a shit show. It's so bad it's kind of comical.

No. 1400863

Ironically, he looks more like a cute girl in these than he does in his "closeted MTF skirt go spinny" form.

No. 1401610

How come Owl House didn't get renewed? I thought it had a lot of autist and 14 year old fans who were obsessed with Amity and Luz, or were they just a loud minority?

No. 1401642

Probably a loud minority in combination with many different potential viewers sensing that it's part of a trend of extremely libfem shows that come from the same circlejerk of CalArts woobies. All the libfems have already watched Steven Universe qnd Gravity Falls and has no interest in watching the same things again (especially since they're pathologically deterred by women-centered projects, and they already watched very similar shows with male leads and more focus on male feefees), anyone else who isn't libfem has no interest to watch it at all, and all the TIMs that could have been drawn in by their little girl lesbian witch fantasy have already attached themselves to Little Witch Academia, and won't settle for a show that looks less anime, since it's not as easy for them to coom to. I don't actually personally know more than one person who has watched TOH, despite being very social online and knowing many people who watch cartoons.

No. 1401909

File: 1640526309281.jpeg (521.6 KB, 2048x2048, 5ADE0E31-957D-4849-AC2D-3F4A9A…)

2013-2014 is when adventure time was big right? HGS used to look just like an adventure time copy paste.

No. 1401928

I think HGS is a load of uninspired shit like everyone else but anon is posting misinformation.

AFAIK they removed Kate Leth from the show because of all the drama surrounding her.

This is for a dating sim she’ll never finish working on, not a cartoon. She has it tagged as boy’s love on her tumblr (which I’m just laughing about now because tumblr has banned the boys love and BL tags on the IOS app)

No. 1401963

seeing it in Adventure time style all I can see now is Marceline and Princess Bubblegum vibes. Then went into little witch academia, then steven universe.

No. 1402005

that's sad. in the literal sense of the word. i feel sad for those animators now

No. 1402006

agree. in a year or two shows like that will be unprofitable and forgotten. renewing a contract now would result in an albatross of a show. the mass peaking is coming and execs who faked woke can see it. they're just not saying anything and are going with the admiral donitz "ride it out" strategy.

No. 1402007

at least these designs have knees and elbows. adventure time went full calarts (though thankfully was pre-shape-language-fascism)

No. 1402013

>The character is based off of me uwu
Does he have any proof of this or is he just being a narcissistic like trannies always are

No. 1402052

Rosemary is unapologetically literally Madoka in her design. Raye is such a loser

No. 1402063

Raye also posts on /co/ because the only people that give her any asspats are the autistic manchildren that draw porn of her characters.

No. 1402086

File: 1640550062451.jpeg (87.86 KB, 356x512, CBA129C8-D8FA-418B-AB75-125CED…)

Omfg this is rosemary & sage completely. Hell rosemary acts just like Steven/Fin and sage is like a mix of Connie and princess bubblegum. I’m mad it’s this easy to catch all the plagiarism.

No. 1402138

I was about to call out the similarity to Madoka, too. This is so wild to me, I can't imagine being this lacking in creativity. She's like an AI trying to make art by reproducing elements of other images.

No. 1402166


>then they started their conversations for women's nights where some of the members didn't want nonbinary or trans people there

kek, good for them

fuck Kate Leth though

No. 1402171


Tbh I think it's just Disney's business model.

Wander over Yonder had 2 seasons, Ducktales Reboot had 3 seaasons, Gravity Falls had 3 seasons, Amphibia will supposedly have 3 seasons.

I don't get why it's such a controversy. Giving cartoons 2 or 3 seasons is just what Disney does.

No. 1402173


Wait, is Kate that stereotypical cow who troons out to avoid criticism after being called transphobic? I thought she was just stupid

No. 1402177

stop samefagging and your reddit spacing

No. 1402206

is madoka worth the watch? i've seen memes and stills that make it seem like a neat subversion, but i'm wary of any mgical girl genre. it's just so scrote-gazey, even if the characters are good they look so cheesecakey all the fuckin time.

No. 1402207

The ending animation is a copy of the opening of Azumanga Daioh, HGS doesn’t have a shred of originality to it.

No. 1402212

>even if the characters are good they look so cheesecakey all the fuckin time
What are you even saying? The director was a guy but the character designers for Madoka were women.

No. 1402219

ayrt. i meant in those shows in general, not that one. i haven't seen that one yet! that's why i asked

No. 1402220

There is no sexualization in Madoka, at least not that I remember. There's only one or two scenes near the beginning that feel "girls don't act like this" male writer-ish, but I honestly think the one that I remember was a deliberate jab at that sort of writing.

No. 1402221

Samefag but I forgot to mention the the other equally important elements like the interesting visuals, the way it touches on human nature, its clear philosophy, and how centered it is on the experience of young girls starting to age out of childhood/hitting puberty without making it sexual. There's many scenes I related to a lot of the characters being angry or sad or horrified, and one of the most moving scenes I've seen in any piece of media was a scene in Madoka about sharing grief with a friend who has lost themselves in it. It's very special to me.

No. 1402243


Yeah it is. Not very fanservicey either which is nice

No. 1402328

I always wondered how much worse western animation could get and I guess this is the answer

No. 1402343

What the fuck did I just watch

No. 1402345

that's porn.

No. 1402347

thank you nonnies. i found the comment about how important it was to you to be very sweet btw. i wanna watch it now kek

No. 1402351

why does the black centaur/zebra feels oddly stereotyped?

No. 1402352

He's a massive gay stereotype and that's somehow woke

No. 1402371

File: 1640589679381.gif (6.36 MB, 540x300, Tumblr_l_1003450285166466.gif)

I know it seems cringe out of context, but the show is actually pretty good. The animation is nice, and it has some pretty good songs. It's not meant to be fetishistic, the creator (a woman) is a former theater kid and the characters are inspired by her theater kid friends.

He's meant to be a reference to RuPaul, I think. I'm almost wondering if they intended to have RuPaul voice Zulius but couldn't get him for whatever reason. Also whoever uploaded that video is a retard, he is neither trans nor bisexual. The showrunner said that he was gay.

No. 1402376

for some reason this style of animating the lipsync and eyes of this character is driving me nuts. reminds me of cheap 2010s youtube animations

No. 1402385

All the human world moments of centaurworld are pretty cool but most of then story is centered around the centaurs who are basically magical annoying theater kids given the power to bend reality to the whim
I wished the story was played with straight with the war between Humans and the nowhere king

No. 1402438

He voiced the character, and is best friend with Raye (but yes he's narc)

No. 1402439

Wait can I have a link or a screenshot of that? Is this recent or not lol.

No. 1402484

>is this recent
Not really, because she has been posting there since 2019sh. The search function on the /co/ archive is broken but there is a bunch of screenshots of when she was posting art from her notebooks during the production of the show. I think it’s pretty common for western animators to lurk /co/ because it’s (probably) the largest group of their adult audience on the internet.

No. 1402516

File: 1640613694313.png (70.14 KB, 604x557, 5555.png)

Some confirmed /co/ users who have worked in the Industry

>Ian Jones-Quartey(creator of Ok-KO)

>Kelly turnbull(storyboard artist for the Ben 10 reboot)
>and as discussed in the previous thread Luke Weber

No. 1402594

The whole show was trash but I liked the nowhere king. I would put him in a different show or movie.

No. 1402636

The show was animated by two different studios. One studio did the human world and the other did centaurworld.
So the animation becomes insanely inconsistent at times and Rider and Horse switch styles constantly

No. 1402656

>is a former theater kid and the characters are inspired by her theater kid friends.
These are the worst kind of people though. Not even the social rejects liked theater kids

No. 1402662

maybe i'm just an old overprotective woman, but this part of solar opposites (another justin roiland joint) seems unnecessary. why would you put teen girls (aka CHILDREN) being hypnotized by a penis in your cartoon that no one under 30 watches? i know kids have sex, i'm not an idiot, but at our age what you do is NOT concern yourself with what teens do. and who thinks 100% of girls under 17 are acting like divorced women at the bar where i work? idk something just feels off about all the sex and pee and incest shit roiland is always inserting into other people's scripts.

No. 1402666

>>1402656 is right. that just proves that it's weird fetish shit. it's cringe in context as well because those people are gross.
you can base characters on your friends without making them sexual horse-people. just..why centaurs? when i saw the title in the sidebar of my cartoon streaming site it made me uncomfortable. just seeing the word creeps people out. it screams "troon cartoon broadcasting oddly sexualised shit yet categorized as all-ages for some reason"

No. 1402668

yo i know. it looks like an autistic 13 year old weeb drew it with their wrong hand.

No. 1402678

So this is the studio that did the Human world animations(its south korean)

No. 1402999

Can you elaborate more on this? Not super into the scene

No. 1403243

its really nothing like that, you clearly didnt watch the show. also you didnt sage and your zoomer speak is annoying.

the style switch was jarring but otherwise i thought it was a decent show. the character banter is written well and each have well rounded motivations.

No. 1403289

I came across this show while browsing the kids’ section for something to watch with my toddler and honestly came out of it feeling kind of violated. It’s genuinely the worst cartoon I’ve ever seen and I want to scrub it from my brain.

No. 1403378

The Human world moments were great but If you genuinely enjoyed the Centuarworld parts then idk what to say other other then asking you to log off twitter

No. 1403431

If this is what all the Centaurworld parts are like, it really does just feel like all the worst parts of theater kids condensed into a shitty cartoon. Being self-aware about being melodramatic and petty doesn't erase those shitty parts of yourself– If only they knew that, they wouldn't be so insufferable and stunted kek.

No. 1403452


I think the anon that likes this show is younger than 23, 17 year old me probably would have liked it well enough considering I was the AV need that hung around the theater kids.

No. 1403519

Crunchyroll is a third party, middleman streaming service. A portion of user subscription went into funding the HGS studio (Which was put together solely for the show) when it could have gone to the Japanese studios who produce the anime that people are subscribing for in the first place.

No. 1404034

Centaur World is the pinnacle of 'Not For Me'. I can see there being an audience for this but I'm not one of them. I've heard some of the songs and found them catchy and I think the animation is beautiful but I'm just not into it, I don't think I'd say it is a bad show.

"Theatre kid" is not incorrect. IIRC correctly the creator pitched this in a song (she didn't sing the entire time but she sang multiple songs in the pitch). I think the premise would work better in live action, on stage, in theatre. Like Avenue Q. Theatre just isn't the same as film or tv, things you'd find charming on stage are cringe on the screen, it is a completely different energy and experience.

No. 1404066

Offtopic but does CR still steal fansubs from other groups and upload them as their own?

No. 1404633

>kind of violated
the exact phrasing of what i couldn't express! that's how i felt when i saw the name.

No. 1404634

ayrt, i'm 35 kek. how do zoomers speak? did i get it right? i feel cool now

No. 1404904

wait. this is a childrens show? I assumed this was something like Bojack Horseman.
There's a perversion problem in the animation industry.

No. 1404995

>Centaurworld is for children
>High Guardian Spice is for adults and older teens only
I think perversion isn't the only problem. They're all extremely out of touch.

No. 1405101

That, or the industry is filled with people that have Peter Pan syndrome.

No. 1405140

also literal autists

No. 1405207

File: 1640901017063.jpg (159.43 KB, 886x1148, M9h82rU.jpg)

When people working at Helluva Boss step out of their containment zone

No. 1405213

i thought centaurworld was just an adult animated comedy with a cutesy style? was it marketed as for kids?

No. 1405232

That was obnoxious.

No. 1405267

also what the fuck was that last episode?? the anniversary episode where they all go to the lust restaurant? there wasn't a clear point/lesson or even focus. it just didn't make any sense overall, like totally inconsistent writing with no direction. it was worse than my writing, and i'm a grill cook.

No. 1405280

Only moderately related but this bitch is a bit of a cow herself. Doubt she will make it into the actual industry because of her edgy attention whoring and the company she keeps (Oneyng’s ex, plus she’s still close to his industry fringe friends.) everyone I know who knows her says she is insufferable. Apparently she’s trying pretty hard to start working on legit projects but it’s gonna be hard to distance herself from sleepycabin.

No. 1405294

can i just say the threadpic is excellent and excellently enraging. seeing all those calarts characters in one place makes me glad i have my folder of nfb cartoons

No. 1405319

hey don't disrespect over the garden wall

No. 1405341

kek i've never seen it! that's the little elf dude right? wikipedia seems to think it was very good

No. 1405344

Is oney the one getting a cartoon on adult swim?

No. 1405407

many people think it is very good

No. 1405426

should i check it out? is it funny?

No. 1405453

no its supposed to be sad/emotional its fine but unless you like kid shows you might find it corny

No. 1405454

I think they were def going more for visuals. I def had to watch the episode a few times over to catch everything.
I guess they were hinting that the relationship between Stolas and Blitzo will be important later? I think stand alone episodes are confusing. Kind of like how Steven universe was written. Random episodes, but there's a story in there somewhere

No. 1405462

hmm ok sounds like not my thing. i like pointless comedy and "crazy" visuals. like superjail, or the shivering truth.

No. 1405551

I disagree with anon. It's more whimsical humor with some mystery that's up to interpretation.

No. 1405561

Centaurworld is not an adult comedy, it is reportedly for all ages. It just looks like a perverse mockery.

No. 1405568

youre right i guess i just see gregs silly attempts to cheer his brother up as sad now its kind of depressing me just thinking about it lol

No. 1405577

No, That’s one of his friends, and good for him. If oney works on it it’ll be because the only people who would ever hire him are his own dwindling clique of newgrounds retards. he and Veronica can’t help talking trash within their own perspective industry so I don’t see either of them going anywhere.

No. 1406256

Yes I've been waiting for her to be mentioned. She is such a NLOG

No. 1408546

File: 1641317658824.png (1006.98 KB, 698x878, ajshfkjsdhgkjsd.png)

This drawing by Dana Terrace is so.. Idk. When I first saw it I thought some scrote drew this.

No. 1408602

Is this supposed to be another one of her self-inserts?

No. 1408607

What the fuck is this even portraying?

No. 1408616

This just reads like Twitter being woke and angry as usual. I'm surprised they didn't call her rayciss because she didn't like a movie with brown people.

>y-you work on helluva boss!!11!

Hate that show too, but I'd rather sit through it than encrapto. The story is boring and the songs/voices of the characters are annoying.

No. 1408650

Yeah tbh I agree with her, everything about encanto was fucking annoying and I hated how they gave little girl characters those bimbo eyelashes

No. 1408789

The movie was fine, I’ll have to watch it again to really have any critiques of it but it was visually pretty and the script and dialogue was 10x better than Raya was

No. 1408882

File: 1641343135583.jpg (6.58 KB, 227x222, download.jpg)

Mirabel is so fucking ugly and no little girl wants to see herself in the fugly "15 year old" Mirabel. She looks like that one frumpy 40-year-old aunt everyone has. You know the one. It doesn't help that the screenwriter looks just like Mirabel

No. 1408942

Facts. No matter how much anyone reees about it, little girls like cute female characters, specially cute female characters they can identify with and look their age, you just know this bitch gave 0 fucks about actually appealing to little girls, let alone colombian little girls, this movie sucks so much.

No. 1408975

pedo shit

No. 1408976

i thought the character designs were cute, but the writing was dumb shitty pandering and clearly done by white woketards

No. 1409014

You cannot tell me with a straight face that Mirabel looks like a 15-year old.

No. 1409017

what?? that's your issue with it? ugly girls and nerds exist, yo. lots of us dressed poorly and looked younger than we were.

No. 1409040

File: 1641359054019.jpg (448.97 KB, 1920x1325, Encanto-Character-Posters-Coll…)

i thought Encanto looked…ok (from the trailers didn't watch the movie)
Although i get what >>1405207 means,the expressions in picrel looks weird (except for the kid) and i thought mirabel looked in her early 20's
>>1408942 i don't recall disney princesses looking like little girls? Moana is the only one i'd say looks like a teen
Are you colombian anon? you sound oddly mad on that aspect lol

No. 1409063

My issue is that Mirabel looks far older than what she's supposed to be

No. 1409072

I think most of the designs are fine I just really hate how they translate to 3d.

Also am I the only person that fucking hates Disney's big bug eyed look for their characters

No. 1409089

Oh my god, it really just is her self-insert. Why can't any modern writers for big projects write shit without putting themselves in as the quirky lead character? Fucking narcissists.

No. 1409200

I'm glad there are people who have the same opinion on this character design. When I first saw the art and knew nothing about the movie, I thought that she was supposed to be a 30 year old woman. To be frank, I don't have anything against less attractive characters, on the contrary, I enjoy variety in character art. However, it's entirely possible to make an unattractive but appealing design, and there's something about the contemporary disney artstyle that bugs me and I can't put my finger on it.

More on topic, but I've found a compilation of various cartoonists' tweets that paint a pretty informative picture of the current animation industry and how out of touch many of them are. While the thread is focused on correlation between the numale face and people's political opinions, I thought you might find some of the pictures interesting/amusing.


No. 1409206

>I'm glad there are people who have the same opinion on this character design. When I first saw the art and knew nothing about the movie, I thought that she was supposed to be a 30 year old woman. To be frank, I don't have anything against less attractive characters, on the contrary, I enjoy variety in character art. However, it's entirely possible to make an unattractive but appealing design, and there's something about the contemporary disney artstyle that bugs me and I can't put my finger on it.
I went and saw Spiderman the other week and saw the new trailer for Turning Red, which as well as being clearly designed to pander to China, manages to merge the most obnoxious aspects of modern Disney 3D animation and that CalArts Steven Universe shit.

No. 1409239

the character designs are hideous

No. 1409251

nah anon, shitty frumpy clothes are just similar to old people clothes, and nerd styles are called grandma clothes by the school bullies for a reason

No. 1409252

>i don't recall disney princesses looking like little girls
even as a 30 year old adult disney princesses all look mid 20s to me except for jasmine and moana. i didn't even know til a few years ago they're supposed to be teenagers, i thought of them as adults my whole life

No. 1409254

i read an article a few years ago that i can't find anymore that shows how there are rules in disney and pixar to keep the female characters looking cute, and it seriously limits the facial structures available to character designers.
the men can have various shapes and look like actual people/expressions, but the women have to have big eyes, tiny dot noses, soft cheeks, small chin. so there's no variety in design and "unconventional" or "ugly" women still feel cheated watching these movies because the loser character we're supposed to connect with is still unrealistically, generically cute.

No. 1409346

>he men can have various shapes and look like actual people/expressions
Then why are they so obsessed with that shitty Linguini design?

No. 1409376

It was retarded and they end up getting their powers back after pushing this "maybe the real magic was the family we made along the way" shit. A total snore.

No. 1409380

File: 1641406975482.jpg (169.58 KB, 1200x630, download (1).jpg)

ok I had a retard moment I thought we were talking about Vivo, which makes the designs and animation of encanto look like spirited away lmao

No. 1409381

She looks like she has the downs

No. 1409383

Even though in both Ariel and Aurora's movies they explicitly say they're sixteen?

No. 1409386

Nta but no, lol. Mirabel looks like the 30 year old, still unmarried cousin in the family that everyone can't stand because she has the personality of gale the snail. I actually thought that was what the plot was going to be when I saw her face and those uwu qrrky buzzfeed millennial girl glasses. Then maybe it would conclude with her family realizing she doesn't have to get a man and they can just use her as a babysitter when abuela isn't feeling well.

No. 1409499

damn maybe that doctor that said i have adhd was right

No. 1409501

ayrt, the article i read used inside out and some other more recent movies as an example. the linguini-looking guys seem to be used for all the teenager characters, yeah

No. 1409562

All studios really police what their artists can do. I've worked with small ones and almost always they told me to make the women more generically attractive.

It's a bit soul crushing but yeah I generally don't blame artists because they're not the ones usually making those decisions

No. 1409611

I mean, dont you think its weird how everytime SJWs depict poc they always depict them as weird looking?. Like, with "cute" I don't mean I want Mirabel to look like a model, and there's nothing wrong with nerdy, "ugly" girls being represented, the problem is they're being represented with this hideous, wokeshit artstyle, you can design an unconventional, "ugly", lovingly made female character, and that counts as "cute" for me because the character is made with actual care and is charming, even Linguini is "ugly" yet I don't think he's hideous for a reason, I like the other characters of Encanto because they actually look nice to look at yet they aren't models neither. And is a known fact Colombians (and South Americans in general) didn't really like the protag girl because, again, she looks like an sjw mess and the movie is considered an american chashgrab, colombian girls don't deserve to have their representation be someone else's sjw self-insert.

No. 1409667

i was >>1409017 and i didn't know anything about this - i don't watch many SJW cartoons or much american/english stuff other than the edgelord cartoons (archer, southpark, rick and morty) because i don't like to deal with western people people trying to be goodbois. i found steven universe really annoying though, so maybe your post is the correct take. i don't watch kids' shows and coco, encanto come off as pandering to me. (i'm not south american though).

No. 1409751

Nta but I do know what you're referring to. Its similar to when you'll see fanart of canon characters on tumblr and they insert really weird things like vitiligo (not that its weird, but they think it makes a character different or special now), large noses, red crackhead noses, overweight, and sometimes girls with very hairy arms and legs and unibrows and its just like.. why? Where are all these unibrowed, hairy legged and armed seven year old overweight ambiguous brown girls who feel unseen until this comes along? The whole thing reminds me of the vidrel sketch.

No. 1409967

Honestly, the "make things have more representation uwu" thing reads to me as "I'm a manchild/womanchild from a Western country (typically primarily English-speaking) who wants to feel good about my performance of allyship to minorities but doesn't want to actually consume foreign or less high-budget art". They only watch American-made movies and shows, anime, and sometimes Japanese/Chinese/Korean shit that shows up on Netflix, don't look into traditional art at all, and mostly only play AAA games, with only the occasional indie that was fished up and praised highly by the people who actually play indie games. It's hilarious (and maddening) to me when these idiots get offended that anime doesn't have more representation (it's mostly racially homogenized and the country is xenophobic+conservative), but then act like it's because all the characters are white (they're not lmao, they're all Japanese), and then seem to not have any issues with Asian live-action shows/movies having casts that are entirely racially homogenous, because they're too retarded to realize that an all Korean cast isn't progressive in a Korean-made show/movie. They're too stuck in their own cultural frame of reference to understand this incredibly basic concept. They don't realize that mental illness or social issues can't be accurately portrayed by a Marvel movie because it would alienate large parts of the audience, and that goes against their function. But they don't care, because this is a self-made problem by hyperconsumers who want to feel ethically superior for "holding up the underdog" or even "being the underdog", but don't want to take in any "imperfect" or biting art, and they don't want to give up their mass-appeal media and products.

No. 1409990

I thought this was portraying a friendless nobody

No. 1411098

This conversation of representation of culture in Encanto is reminding me about the fact that China absolutely LOVES king fu panda even though all of the cultural Chinese depictions are very Americanized and incorrect down to the smallest detail. Because the movie was out to be a love letter of Chinese kung fu movies and stars. So that does bring the question on wether representation of cultures MUST be perfect? I’d say you can be respectful and an obvious fan of a culture without needing to follow everything to a T. Was the book of Kells totally on point with Celtic culture? Or the breadwinner?

No. 1411289

your example fucks itself. a movie about talking animals was never meant to be "chinese representation", retard. we also have enough of our own movies that we don't need a children's cartoon to "rpresent us". it's a very accurate kung fu homage. btw, tons of chop socky films were historically inaccurate as shit; historical accuracy is never the point in grindhouse action films in ANY country.

No. 1411320

This, I don't know what that anon is smoking because kung fu panda was never meant to be muh reppin' and its Dreamworks, not Disney. The Wuxia genre is egregiously historically inaccurate, but that's the point. Its supposed to be an exaggeration with fantasy elements for entertainment, not so some random chinese american who writes for an online rag feels #seen.

No. 1411326

ayrt thank you. these fat chicks who write for calarts bosses should come back when they've seen simple noodle story.

No. 1411729

Sage for nothing but what was the name of that animator woman who was an open pedo on Twitter and lusted after the kid from Stranger Things super hard? I only remember because the animation industry's horseshit double standards in "not badmouthing your potential coworkers on social media"

No. 1411903

ohh wasn't that the lady who made 12 forever? she posted all that random shit about some stranger's kid she met at an amusement park?

No. 1411963

Disney and everything else has been producing a lot of underwhelming content that when something mediocre comes out that we think it's the best thing since sliced bread. The bar is low and I can't wait for the era of woke cal art peeps end

No. 1412076

File: 1641670041246.jpeg (777.42 KB, 575x1295, E9C39829-0C61-4C81-A43C-E3954A…)

She was 26 years old writing this. Gross, they need to vet these people creating media for children.

No. 1412229

Well they based her completely off a woman in her late 20's early 30's. Which was a huge mistake. Nothing about her says child but insecure adult.
Would have been better if they based her off anything else or looked at Colombian girls.
I'm not asking for another Isabela since she's a carbon copy Disney princess, but it's better than Mirabel.

No. 1412268

You know the Isabela merch is going to sell more than Mirabel kek. No little girl sees themself in the frumpy problem glasses obvious self insert.

No. 1412280

My local target has tons of Mirabel dolls but no Isabela kek

No. 1412333

Little girls see themselves as beautiful flower gaia queens and not a frumpy 30 year old in grandma clothes?

No. 1412589

File: 1641713275177.jpeg (87.92 KB, 500x500, D_NQ_NP_742818-MLC48417909309_…)

Mirabel's doll doesn't look that bad, but Isabela would definitely be more appealing to little girls

No. 1412746

>dont badmouth your potential employers on social media
Isn’t it funny how these are the same people crying about their employers not giving them freedoms, or that peoplle’s personal lives shouldn’t be tied to their work but they exert so much control over people that they deem have the wrong opinions.

One if the reasons I gave up on animation. The current industry is full of crybullies. Viz had it right making her own studio for Helluva boss/Hazbin hotel.

No. 1412747

So many typos here. My keyboard is fucked. Sorry ‘bout that.

No. 1412894

File: 1641747284496.jpeg (535.62 KB, 1390x944, FEF0093B-D4ED-4241-95BF-802B94…)

no idea who this person is (didn’t even bother to check the profile, the post popped up on my feed because someone I follow liked it) but I thought it was common knowledge whatever you put on a show was left there to basically be property of the network and audience? People making covers “without knowing what it means”? How the fuck are they supposed to know bitch they saw this in adventure time and are probably just fans and not into your personal melodrama. Has it always been a pattern that animation people feel this entitled over miscellaneous shit, or is this modern? I see it as a modern problem but I’m not sure.

No. 1412940

I think it’s a modern problem, because a lot of these people don’t know how to detach themselves from the art they sell. Personal trauma art slips into their professional art, and they take things too personal. Professionalism is kind of dead in general (in my opinion as an American) in the workplace, but it seems like a huge problem in this industry. They come off as children in grownup jobs.

No. 1412966

>a direct expression of my gender identity
I don’t get the big deal.

No. 1412991

glad to see this popping it up here, it made me eye roll pretty bad the first time i saw it and i'm glad i'm non the only one.

TBH i think that type of behaviour always existed but

1) up until recently most if not children's tv and movie media was just commercial crap (can you imagine someone saying something like that over a scene in the flinstones? lmao. But i could see that happening in like, a book or picture book).

2) the internet wasn't there to empower such behaviour. "Oh no, i did commercial work for a commercial product and people are consuming my commercial contribution completely divorced from its initial context! Surely, this is the fault of the people"??? good luck to her

No. 1413177

anon, I sincerely hope that whatever industry you've chosen, you don't badmouth your potential (or current) employers on social media. That'd be a really stupid thing to do, not sure why that's even open for debate.

No. 1413208

File: 1641765763509.png (359.49 KB, 828x1792, D7EEB587-B6A8-4DD4-ADDD-1CEEFE…)

I worked with her on the show. The ceo/boss (?) of the studio was super abusive. If you look them up their Glassdoor is filled with negative reviews 1/2

No. 1413210

File: 1641765787242.png (369.01 KB, 828x1792, 95F5D302-C17C-4DC7-8867-807C0C…)

No. 1413399

I think this is a modern problem that might have come from the internet and from "DO NOT FUCKING REPOST!!!" type of culture that happens in internet art communities.
I notice a lot of artists with mostly an online presence have a very "I made this, this is mine" mentality, and then they hold onto that mentality even when they're supposed to be contributing for a team project, even when the project is someone else's vision.

Nowadays, a lot of animators and other cartoon related job are people straight from tumblr and twitter, so obviously a lot of them are gonna have that type of entitlement.

Spoiler for kinda ot, but this type mentality is kinda like when you had that yansim wanabee project (Love Letter) and you had kids volunteering to make assets for it but then leaving and getting mad that the game was using the assets that they had volunteered to make. I wonder if we'll ever get to the point of professional animation projects getting similar shitshows

No. 1413635

If the industry is filled with abusive garbage people you should be allowed to show receipts. Not in a cancel culture way but in a "I worked with at least three pedophiles who treated me like shit for years" kind of way. And besides, I feel like the animation industry uses the rule to bully outsiders and make everyone conform to their clique even before they join it.

Not to mention the fact that cartoon fags act like they're the whole of animation, ignoring the shit ton of CG artists for movies or people who work on advertisements

No. 1414452

I think Mirabel is cute when she's actually emoting and moving around. She has nice expressions and body language but her design doesn't work to sell toys. I'm sure little girls like the songs and like Mirabel herself but aren't interested in merchandise which is ultimately what the movie is supposed to sell. She also doesn't look her age but no one really does in that film. The mom and aunt and uncle are all about 50 and the flower sister Isabela is like 22.

No. 1414488

i dunno, do kids care about age?
when i was like 10 everyone was a generic "adult" to me, from 16 year olds to 50. Mirabel looks like a competent young (15-25) person, i think that's enough design-wise

No. 1414532

i agree with this post, good explanation anon!

No. 1414545

>I wonder if we'll ever get to the point of professional animation projects getting similar shitshows

Wasn't there that "why i quit my job at Disney" trust-fund chick a year or two ago? Her complaints were basically "I wasn't a part of the creative process for the projects so screw Disney."

No. 1415261

yeah, she's prime cow material, she continues to post on her youtube stuff still after 2 years claims to be an "ex-disney artist" to draw in engagement, but unfortunately she never does anything truly remarkable. She did do a rap video about how woke the LA animation scene is, that made a brief stint on animation twitter for the lulz, but i would of cringe to watch it full so i have no idea how truly bad it is (i suspect a lot)

No. 1415262

err, thanks? i'm not used to sincerity on this forum, i'm expecting a small "fuck you!" to pop up and punch me in the face

No. 1416070

File: 1642074031934.png (6.25 MB, 2048x1744, conceptartencanto.png)

Talking about Encanto, the official Disney Twitter account posted these concept arts. Do nonas who think Maribel is ugly and look to old like them better?

No. 1416073

Off topic these remind me so much of Studio Ghibli. Makes my heart warm, I didn't find Ghibli until my late teenage years but it gives me so much nostalgia.

No. 1416076

Brown Ghibli characters, it’s charming, feels like the concept artist was trying to make a Ghibli movie. I wonder if they didn’t make it with this style because of the sure comparisons with Ghibli.

No. 1416078

Disney never use the concept artists ideas, why do you think the UPA was created in the first place? And the movie was always gonna be 3d so it was gonna look very different in the end.

No. 1416396

she's adorable but she looks too much like kiki, she doesnt read latina at all

No. 1416482

concept art seems like such a misleading description of what these really are. they're mostly just artist exploring ideas to get a sense of where they wanna go before the real production begins

No. 1416484

how is that a misleading description? That's exactly what concept art is.
Concept art = Exploring different ideas through art and design.

No. 1416503

Even though she looks like Kiki, she at least looks age appropriate, and these arts are so fun and whimsical. I would have preferred this a lot more. With just some tweaks to the design it could have been made more unique without turning her in to Maribel.

No. 1416719

god 3D animation is a plague
for example that ladybug show could be so beautiful and expressive if it were 2D but as it stands it looks like a cheap ad for toys made in 2007
idk maybe i'm just a grouchy grandma but i'm shocked by the unfinished look and blandness of stuff like paw patrol, the Sing movies, etc. it's just can't be healthy?? w/e

No. 1416926

There's godlike 3D animation and then there's 99% of it which is pumped out, regurgitated garbage by studio mandate. People care more about Despicable Me spinoffs than medium defining art

No. 1417040

that's the same thing with 2d though, like, i loved the disney cartoon block as a child but damn even the good one story wise like hercules or aladdin were absolute ass, animation wise.
good animation is expensive both in resources and in time, whether it's 3d or 2d

No. 1417138

aladdin was unstylish but that sand tiger was cool. as for hercules, wtf? the songs were lame 90s radio crap, but the character design and backgrouds were delightful! the cute kid disguises for the two monsters were obvious digs at older, ingratiatingly cute disney designs, and the baby pegasus was hilarious.

No. 1417435

Thought that was Rebecca Sugar for a second kek

No. 1417484

I had no idea Mirabel was supposed to be a teenager. She doesn't act like one either.

No. 1417989

Sorry should have specified, i meant the tv series lol. Both of those films slap hard, but the tv series were ass

No. 1418016

oh yeah, disney tv continuations of movies have been crap since 1991. there was no decline because the idea was shit from the start

No. 1418171

I mean obviously TV animation isn't going to be on par with feature film animation, even for a studio like Disney

No. 1418253

i think that's specifically a western thing. say what you will about south park or family guy, but they were instrumental in legitimizing animation as an all-ages thing instead of just for kids in those countries. stuff like squidbillies, smiling friends, archer, actual good stuff with strong visual/auteur style and creator control is up to par with film animation. that's only in 2D animation though. the reason so much 3D animated tv is total garbage is budget, no one cares, it's "just for kids"
personally i think kids tv in the west underestimates children's intelligence and is wayyyy too shitty for anyone of any age to be watching. i'd rather my 5 year old see some old simpsons or an episode of aqua teen hunger force with the swears bleeped out.

No. 1418356

Disney's feature films are meant for children too but their budgets & the production quality is much higher than TV animation. It's true that some "adult" cartoons have somewhat better production values than kids' shows but they're still pretty chintzy looking compared to feature animation. (I'm speaking purely of animation and art quality, the writing is something else altogether, and yes, a lot of kids' shows seem to be written by trolls)

TV animation schedules are brutal and even "cheap" cartoons tends to be costlier than live-action.

No. 1418399

kek see i totally meant art quality (i agree actual animation is often "bad" but not always. superjail for example had excellent fluidity). animation aside, i think a strong personal style = better art, than something that is technically impressive. i.e. i honestly think squidbillies looks better than paw patrol.

No. 1419465

yeah girls i know feature budgets are higher than tv. What i meant to say is that 2D is not automatically better than 3D, they're both mediums that have strenghts and weaknesses, it's not like one is higher quality by default.
You couldn't achieve the same sleekness and modern look of Spiderverse in 2D, and Snow White in 3d would look like ass, same with stop motion. I mean look at Klaus, they wanted SO BAD to achieve a 3d look that most of it it's a weird uncanney valley type of aesthetic that personally i think, while impressive for sure, looks really off

No. 1419755

retarded adults putting propaganda in shows that 99% of people don't believe in

No. 1419883

no wonder gen z is so fuckin messed up from growing up watching this crap.

No. 1420114

File: 1642468358724.jpg (35.44 KB, 411x500, 51HrYLoxvyL.jpg)

Love how nearly all of the "nonbinary" characters in Western animation are totally unambiguous if not outright gender conforming, even when they're aliens and shit. All the creative possibilities of animation and they still didn't try to make it make sense.

Picrel is better GNC representation than anything in that video kek

No. 1420122

To be fair, in Hispanic culture( or pretty much any involving immigrants or people of color) kids are taught to grow up fast to start taking care of younger family members

No. 1420196

Mirabel is the youngest of her immediate family though

No. 1420392

Cousins who grow in the same household are basically siblings and this is common in hispanic(and other cultures) families.

No. 1420427

File: 1642513108173.jpeg (23.63 KB, 592x208, 6F951437-8271-4D7F-A877-97FD90…)

Miraculous ladybug is a French cartoon but popular with western audience so I think this fucker should be here. That’s right, the director Thomas Astruc Is a manchild who self inserted himself in the show to victimise himself while implying he doesn’t get enough credit. This moron is super creepy too. The main character is based on him and his Chinese/French ex’s virtual child. Wtf?

No. 1420438

He keep arguing with people(mostly kids) who mock and criticize his show. He is basically the french Tom Preston. I also found hilarious how spiteful(aka jealous) he is about the anime PV to the point of putting the anime version of Chat Noir in the show just to make him a villain lol.

No. 1420440

dedicating a main part of your longtime project to your gf/bf is like having their name tattooed on you. Not a very bright idea. I wonder if the character reminding him of his ex gf is what makes him so bitter

No. 1420460

The few times I've seen this show while channelsurfing left a really bad taste in my mouth; you constantly see marinette's ass from the back in action shots, and she gets sexualized quite a bit. So is this guy a bitter pedo or something? Jesus christ

Stupid little sage for my stupid little non-contribution

No. 1420508

What is it about guys in animation self-inserting themselves into girl cartoons? First PPG now this faggot.

No. 1420511

Frenchies are infamous for sexualizing little kids(see Cuties). At least Japan know their shit is perverted while the Frenchs mask it as "art".

No. 1420542

Oh I remember this guy from blocking ginjaninja over something petty (I forgot what it was specifically) a couple years ago. Ginga was even actually a fan of the show.

I wonder if there's more milk in the french/euro cartoon scene. also nonna pls western doesn't mean american, france is a western country

No. 1420547

Wdym, "but"? Aren't French Westerners?

No. 1420580


>french Tom Preston

Kek, the real Tom Preston is a big fan of the show

No. 1420585

File: 1642529008159.jpg (370.13 KB, 1129x698, 5657657658.jpg)

Yeah the french have lot of deranged pedoshit especially about pairing little boys with adult women

No. 1420588

File: 1642529108092.jpg (446.93 KB, 1029x642, 65786586586.jpg)

in this story the little boy is a friends with a girl that's a bit older than him and then he meets her again when she's a tween. later the boy fondles the girl in her sleep.

No. 1420608

Sorry to necro your post, but a lot of Justin Roiland's projects have doses of that fixation on teenagers. Justin Roiland admitted that he's attracted to Summer, a 17-year-old girl he created in R&M, and she's the object of a lot of the fan-service. The last season had her having some fucking weirdass hardcore granddaddy issues and thirsting after Rick, not to mention Rick and Morty's literal breakup arc and whatever the hell messy shit they've got going on together in general. I don't think anyone could be shocked at this point with how little shits Justin Roiland gives in fiction considering how sexually-charged the first season was around even Morty. Fiction is fiction, but one would be hardpressed to deny that there are recurring themes in his shows.

No. 1420668

This checks out, my friend knew him years ago and he sent her a fanart pic of the devil character having sex with Summer, and asked my friend if she thought it was weird that he thought it was hot

No. 1420713

well i hope he's writing less? i'm disappoined because in the normal episodes, summer is actually the only good person in the whole family. i thought that was an intentional small joke, like the 17 year old girl is the most responsible sane person in that group of shitheads.
i fully blame the sex/piss/pedo shit on him, because the "normal" fucked up humour in that show is usually fine in terms of sexism or feminism or if you're a lesbian watching.
correct me if i'm mistaken though. i don't work in the animation industry at all or know anyone in it.

No. 1420904

He probably still has creative input considering he voices the main leads. Summer is as morally grey as the rest of her family; the writers are just more empathetic on her so her motivations end up softening her actions. She had no qualms giving people curses when she was working for the devil or taking over societies and plundering bodies. They all really take turns being the sane person. I've got a lot of gripes personally with how they wrote her in said Rick-thirsting season, because her characterization was legitimately so cringe-inducing and embarrassing that I wondered if someone was inserting their strange ship into the show, but I'm derailing.
I haven't watched many adult cartoons beyond R&M, Inside Job, Bojack Horseman, and the Seth Macfarlane trio of shows, so I don't have good sample quality to deny/confirm what you're stating. That being said, he confirmed he experienced CSA, so you can really take that with what you will.

No. 1421005

Always found Stevonnie as a whole just creepy from the very first episode. Just two young kids fused into an "adult" body(Rebecca having the nerve to say they'll "26" thinking folks wouldn't call her out for sexualizing a fusion made of two kids) thats a crap metaphor for "puberty"; then Rebecca using Stevonnie to pander to first, the non-binaries then later on, the intersex crowd.

No. 1421050

ayrt, good reply, thanks! i honestly don't watch anything new. i like archer and all the old adult swim stuff, and i watch american dad because i'm a sucker for LOL RANDOM shit. but yeah don't pay attention to new stuff. bojack horseman just got too cringey for me when they ruined a great female character with baby fever/a miscarriage story, so i went back to superjail.

No. 1421062

I don't think it was intended but Fusion ended up becoming a very fucked up concept when it was used as multiple metaphors for relationships, sex and child birth
for e.g Peridot was never given any Fusion in the series cause Rebecca sugar stated she was "Asexual" but later on the series Steven fused with his own father, also Pearl basically tricking Garnet into a fusion which was supposed to be a metaphor for coerced sex

at 3:30

No. 1421088

I nearly went to work for Cartoon Network, glad I didn't

No. 1421103

yo the amethyst/garnet fusion seriously shows amethyst jumping into garnets vagina, it's retarded. they made it so explicit in that episode, with pearl trying to cover steven's eyes and then garnet and amethyst being exhausted after. messed up.

No. 1421106

I still don’t get why did Steven fuse with his dad, that was fucking weird since it was supposed to be about romantic/sexual relationships. It’s fucked up and there’s no way to explain it that doesn’t sound fucking weird. The writing team should’ve kept it as some “everyone can fuse!” And made the dances less “sexy”.

No. 1421108

probably fans were drawing incest porn and the showrunner wanted them to buy more merch

No. 1421124

File: 1642566547279.png (2.58 MB, 1303x3585, A80ACB47-DD8C-4432-B738-4D4E4F…)

Raye Rodriguez bitching and whining at the fact that people don’t like his show. “It was the budget” yeah honey, okay. It totally has NOTHING to do with the fact that Raye was a nepotism hire because his family is fucking stacked with a $4 million house.
Nothing to do with that at all.

High Guardian spice is WHY the entire animation industry who weren’t born into rich families or had to fight tooth and nail for their work visa fucking loathe nepotism hires. Most of the time the result is high guardian spice.

You can still write a good simple story and simplify your art style if there is budget constraints. These are all just shitty excuses because an audience doesn’t react well to a show directed by a trust fund baby who wanted to be a show runner who has no idea what the fuck they are doing.

Part of being a show runner or executive producer is working around your budget constraints and Raye fucking failed because he had a tantrum that he couldn’t do whatever the fuck he wanted! Instead he made an absolute mess of his precious baby project, no one liked it and then he took to Twitter, crying and throwing up. Pathetic. This is supposed to be an adult.

No. 1421181

Fusion should have been strictly closeness/friendship, it still would have worked with Lapis and Jasper's fucked up relationship. Sardonyx arc was fucking cringe and never should have happened. But I guess Becky really wanted that queer content.

No. 1421192

I do feel somewhat for him. The objective fact is that he bit off more than he could chew. It can't feel good having the vast majority of the Internet shit on your first baby work.
That being said, Raye really should have recognized at a certain point that his HGS creation had outgrown him. He made these characters when he was a teenager. HGS could've performed better had he successfully pitched it to a different network like CN whose audience would've liked it, but even then, HGS is years outdated. From what I can see, he didn't do anything with those characters nor did he seem to do much original ongoing work outside of them. He just jumped right into the showrunner role after a couple of years of doing small animation work for other shows. Rebecca Sugar at least did comics and original animations of her own consistently, and she was a prolific writer on Adventure Time. She'd long established a name for herself through her different ventures. And even if she couldn't pitch it to a network and had to rely on an online following, VivziePop puts her right to shame.
In contrast, Raye has several credits as an animator and a character designer on IMDb, but none in writing except for an episode of HGS. I looked at the comics listed on his website, but they're just one-page quick ones.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but did he seriously not do any ambitious original work of his own before diving into being a showrunner?

No. 1421193

Sorry. *And even if he (Raye) couldn't pitch it to a network and had to rely on an online following, VivziePop puts him right to shame.

No. 1421203

it's because it's a metaphor and not a 1:1 analogue, bestie.

No. 1421204

How come when two boys from an anime do it, it's not nearly as fucked up and creepy and sexual? What is Rebecca's problem?

No. 1421228

File: 1642583510079.jpg (9.52 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

how disingenuous. yeah, you could argue the shit animation and voice acting, which people did complain about, was due in part to low budget and the pandemic. i'd say the hiring of staff based on their special identities played a pretty big part in having no storyline and episodes with all over the place, jacked pacing.
but the heart of the criticism was the use of the show as a vehicle for ideology, in-your-face repeated by the characters themselves (the twans scenes) and in tropes (friendship-relationship blurriness bewteen sage and pink hair protagonists, sage being conflicted between mainstream modern magic and ancestral nativr old magic). everything in the show tells you it was made by lib-feminism-possessed NPCs, like their long narcissistic rants about identity or their naïveté about a character coming into a class and being so special and excellent they go a year ahead, or their escape from their buttfuck nowhere village to a magical college town like going from the midest to Calarts. i can't even tell whether they chose to tell a story strictly about themselves or if they think everybody lives like them, but the self-infatuation that oozes from every part of the show puts me off regardless. the number one quality of a good storyteller is their interest in people that are different, and by that i don't mean they have a wacky hair color.
the only semi-interesting thing about all this is the headmistress embodied in 3 ages, but the execution was shit. they could have shown one, and then another, and have the characters confused at the age difference. it could have been an interesting mystery.

No. 1421235

File: 1642584434898.jpeg (218.71 KB, 1920x1080, 633AEE8E-2D5E-4F7A-ADCB-6954FA…)

Holy shit this is bad. The background and characters all in a line with no sense of depth reminds me of shitty deviant art anime drawings from 2004. May as well hide the hands behind the back like a true weeb drawing fan art

No. 1421251

File: 1642587501133.png (15.82 KB, 586x121, a.PNG)

Of course she'd pull this shit

No. 1421254

Oh? Who says a nonbinary lesbian couldn't use he/him??? I thought pronouns are completely seperate from gender identity???? What a bIgOT. Not to mention assuming someones gender from their physical appearance. cancelled.

No. 1421270

Doesn't anime get make with even less budget and time than western animation? I don't understand why she said we should compare HGS with anime then.(sage)

No. 1421354


No. 1421367

holy shit this is a "professionally" animated show by a studio? it looks like an amateur production made by teenagers. i think it'd actually be endearing and recieve some praise if it was indeed made by young aspiring artists, but for a production with actual backing and animators it looks bleak af

No. 1421578

his show is empty though. no content and no visual. shows with no story or purpose have good/trippy/signature animation and design (superjail), and shitty looking shows have strong concept and sprawling continuity (south park, homestar runner)

No. 1421581

Small budget my ass, that show had animation that put money on the screen compared to a lot of other shows but the staff suffering of terminal nepotism hired only a ~diverse~ cast instead of professional voice actors and adapted a script that was basically her self-insert fanfic with zero to no quality checking. The actual production clearly wasn't the problem, it was the directing, script and lazy character designs that failed miserably and no amount of money can fix pure lack of self-awareness and talent.

No. 1421582

she's a fake internet lesbian

No. 1421607

I can't feel bad for her at all. She reaped what she sowed and now she needs to lay on that fucking bed and deal with it like an adult. HGS was full of the tranny agenda and oversaturated with retarded LGBTQBBQ+ garbage and it showed they cared more about that than making a good story. I know Raye made this story in middle school, but that doesn't mean it will be good either especially when you wrote it as an angsty tween. Also, fuck her and her copycat shit. Rosemary is a carbon copy of Madoka. Raye deserves no pity.

No. 1421615

File: 1642618168781.png (440.1 KB, 843x428, CYbGETbWQAA0oPK.png)

No. 1421629

because rebecca is kind of a shotacon freak herself it isnt surprising

No. 1421706

samefag her show apparently! i seriously thought it was a troon.

No. 1421750

This may sound bad as someone looking for a career in animation, but I really have a hard time believing that a budget is what stops a show from being good. Like back when Trigger was a brand new studio, Kill la Kill had a low budget but it's still loved to this day because it had style and was funny. Utena, Sailor Moon, and if I'm not wrong, Panty and Stocking were also series with low budgets that are still loved to this day.

If you know what you are doing and have talented people, or at the very least people who know what they're doing, a low budget shouldn't have such a detrimental hit on your show. This includes writing and the actual animation itself.

I know it's a bit unfair to compare anime to cartoons because the work ethic and mentalities are a bit different but still.

No. 1421753

He's french AND a white guy into asian women. That's about as much of a pedo stereotype as a creepy guy driving around a playground in a white van full of candy.

No. 1421779

That’s because you’re right, nonny. More money doesn’t mean a better product. I mean oook at any box office failure. She’s mad that people genuinely didn’t like her show and is backpeddling on it being a budget issue rather than the base story not being interesting enough. I’ve seen people complain more about the story and characters than the animation quality.

That and there was creepy grooming shit that implied that if you’re a girl you’re weak

No. 1421792

File: 1642626417777.gif (1.16 MB, 640x360, high-guardian-spice-rosemary.g…)

Budget wasn't the only issue, apparently. According to his thread, it was also time constraints. Trying to go back and fix mistakes would just go over the budget. If you have a low budget, you can do fine with an experienced staff and patient overseers. Sailor Moon Crystal's first season is the best example I can think of where an under-experienced staff (that was outsourced from SE Asia, no less) and looming time-constraints doomed the animation quality. Beyond the budgeting and time issues, it's more questionable whether the staff members were experienced or if they were newbies. Layering issues, sure, I can brush aside as not enough time to look back at mistakes. However, some of the animation mistakes were things only novices would do.

No. 1421832

She is a troon. We just choose to call her by her actual sex

No. 1421842

she's a transman? so she/her is her actual sex?

No. 1421918

Yes. Raye Rodriguez was born a woman but trooned out. Even went so far as to voice the troon professor in HGS

No. 1422142

oh i thought it was a mtf based on the fatass with pink hair pics, and the pinkhaired anime self portraits

No. 1422202

>voices a character in her own damn show
Man not even the cartoons I grew up watching did that. I only knew one guy who did that but it was him and his whole staff dressed up as firefighters and they didn't have any dialogue. That's some narcissistic shit.

No. 1422512

I don’t know if maybe we grew up in different eras, but Regular Show, Phineas and Ferb, Beavis and Butthead, and Flapjack are shows whose main characters were voiced by their creator, and the creators aren’t industry cows as far as I know. It’s just that Raye’s is the most obvious self-insert.

No. 1422537

that's sort of a budget/diy humour convention though. if you're trying to make a legit/taken serously high budget adventure/anime thing you're supposed to hire real actors. it's not the same as a show that's just "cartoon version of me and my friends for 10 minutes"

No. 1422701

File: 1642717754036.jpg (250.24 KB, 1077x440, R8eiejdje.jpg)

What is it with US animation creators trooning out and filling their cartoons with troon shit. Is there something in the drinking water at calarts?

And anti femininity. Friendship is Magic had Rarity and Fluttershy, what do these newer cartoons have? Dangerhairs, lol random girls and everyone looks as if they're binding, and few if any soft nurturing girls who are just as valuable and good as action oriented girls. Picrel, the girly flower princess is troon coded and everyone else looks like they came from the enby convention

No. 1422722

File: 1642719697943.png (385.04 KB, 564x692, tumblr_2c7f8e670a7c4dfa7029446…)

The moment I saw Perfuma's design I had a feeling it was a troon, and turns out I was right. Clocked immediately.

No. 1422726

Kek it's mindblowing how troons can be clocked even as cartoon characters

No. 1422735

Makes you wonder what the hell Noelle was thinking when she designed that character

No. 1422747

File: 1642722436087.jpg (341.69 KB, 1021x918, 7665tyve.jpg)

Apparently there's even a kid which only makes sense if the characters a guy. Course it's with the character who's supposed to be leabian, the ultimate troon fantasy.

No. 1422758

File: 1642723487091.png (54.53 KB, 200x200, 25099.png)

I think they're trying to be "feminist" and rejecting femininity cause they think is inherently harming to be girly as a woman
lmao that's a man baby

No. 1422768

Perfuma was the most annoying and forgettable character in that show so I never noticed kek

It looks like Riley J Dennis

No. 1422790

File: 1642726821287.png (5.84 MB, 3506x2167, ywnbaw.png)

samefag and sorry for the autism, but i still don't understand why he looks so clockable in canon wtf, look at his jaw and hands

No. 1422792

Lel, honestly I'd rather have realistic man-jawed troons in cartoons than the perfect busty hourglass-figured anime girls TiM's usually depict themselves as

No. 1422803

Absolutely disgusting. I also hated that Scorpia looked liked Shiro from Voltron.

No. 1422826

Did she actually design the characters I thought she was just the show runner

No. 1422827

Most of these characters look fairly feminine to me… They just have bad styling

No. 1422829

yeah honestly, they just don't have big boobs or very curvy bodies. they dress feminine as fuck.

No. 1422834

the type of women who make these shows always think there's some kind of pressure to have big boobs despite 90% of women having small ones. that's the reason for all the flat-chest designs.
i don't know where they live that they feel so bad about their A-C cup boobs. i have big ones and i'm pretty sure most of us are jealous of girls who can just fucking buy shirts.

No. 1422888

Wait, this doesn't make any sense. Does this mean Perfuma would have to fuck Scorpia for that child to be born?, and that Scorpia would bear the baby?, wouldn't that be an extremely disphoric experience for Perfuma as a troon or something, complete with womb envy?, this is wrong on so many levels.

No. 1422966

I'm not saying it doesn't suck to have big boobs but the lack of emphasis on the boobs is probably more about it being a kids who and the calarts shape language thing. Emphasizing the breasts beyond the main shape of the chest would break up the lines more and they probably didn't think it would be worth the effort just to animate something for little girls who probably wouldn't care about that anyways.

No. 1423013

Glimmer is the one that weirds me out the most since she looks like a busty girl about 50% of the time in the show and then suddenly a turn and nnnnope, just like a binding fat chick

No. 1423795

Can anybody figure out why eastern 2D animation, particularly anime, looks so much more “fluid” or life like than western? I’m not even a big fan of anime, like, at all, but it’s just jarring to see American top rated cartoons in comparison, even when both art styles are simplified

No. 1423836

animators have much better rights in the west, while japan prides itself on crunch culture, so animators are paid a lot less and have much worse working conditions (exceptions like kyoto animation treat their stuff well and work on a restricted budget BUT take long time for production and don't release more than 1 series every 2 years usually). The best middle is france, where animators are fairly treated, but less expensive than the USA because of living being less expensive and animation being partially fund by the government.

No. 1423863


Literally. Like working around a low budget is one of the first things you are taught in animation school because your projects don’t have a lot of time and budget. That’s why animation school is sort of appealing to employers because you are taught this shit. Didn’t Rodriguez go to SVA with their wealthy as parents as benefactors? Didn’t they get taught this? Or did they do an anger in their pants when they were told they couldn’t draw their OC’s all the time? I’ve seen a few really popular artists throw away specifically SVA $60k scholarships because they weren’t allowed to constantly draw their OCs. These cows are so pathetic.

No. 1424109

Sage for no milk and blogging
I'm late to this party but … is the Centaurworld creator a troon? My partner works in animation so we watch a lot of cartoons but were not interested in this one at all, it creeped us both out so we avoided it until one of her bosses/coworkers insisted everyone on the team give it a look. We sat through the first episode and it was so uncomfortable and we both felt like this was made by a troon.

No. 1424115

File: 1642879407332.jpg (300.53 KB, 1000x1498, Megan-Dong.jpg)

>is the Centaurworld creator a troon
No, she's an asian woman whose just really into drag race and woke culture

No. 1424150

File: 1642881193584.png (171.41 KB, 350x348, mlaatr.png)

>think of what happened behind the scenes
yeah, I can do that. I see the project is led by a complete idiot who ruined it for the 'REAL HUMAN BEINGS' who had to slave away on it. if you have so little money, simply simplify your designs and they will be cheaper and easier to animate (like pic related). you can simplify your backgrounds too.
ironically MLAATR is better received in Japan despite not trying to be animu, even having an industry master like Yoshinari drawing tons of fanart of it. why? because it succeeds as an animation, it does things right that HGS doesn't do.

No. 1424153

>Fiction is fiction
Roland is an admitted Shadman fan who wanks to his Summers porn so that lazy excuse doesn't even fly when Shadman draws real kids getting pissed on and raped.

No. 1424168

Lower audience expectations for technical skill, different age demographics, and animation companies outsource much of the actual animation process abroad.

No. 1424256

Hilarious that this moron wants to be compared to Onyx Equinox which was reviewed just as fucking awfully. Setting the bar real high for yourself, huh Raye?

No. 1424399

I don't know exactly how the working process goes but maybe also most anime being adaptations of manga means they can spend a bit less time on writing and planing and have more time to focus just on animating (and even then have already a sort of headstart if you consider the manga panels as a sort of "proto-storyboard")

No. 1424570

high guardian spice was from a webcomic, yet had to be re-written from the ground up. They probably had to cut a lot of fat, as webcomics tend to be unfocused sometimes

No. 1424581

Bad pic to use bc she absolutely looks trans here kek.

No. 1425129

>they had to cut out a lot of fat
There didn’t appear to be much fat to begin with. Looking around, there wasn’t an ongoing webcomic that they did. They were just OCs they occasionally made one-page comics about.

No. 1425253

There were a single comic page, some art (esp. sagexmary shipping from the author) and a redraw that scene meme page. Basically no consistency and I'm sure High Guardian Spice could've been something had she made an actual comic out of that (even a one shot with no plot, just daily lives) and get more chances for her pitchs to be successful at other studios.

No. 1425314

File: 1643027425534.jpg (139.19 KB, 1000x600, TS.jpg)

So uh, Totally spies is getting a reboot
thoughts ?

No. 1425315

I don't like Clover her hair, I don't have high hopes but maybe they will not put any fetish stuff into the serie this time

No. 1425317

It really didn't need one as much I enjoyed it as a kid

No. 1425320

It doesn't need one. I mean, I guess I don't have a problem with it, the art looks cute. Maybe it'll be okay, maybe it will have less weird shit included? I'm gonna watch some Martin Mysteries.

No. 1425331

let me guess. at least one of them will be trans

No. 1425332

File: 1643030155199.jpg (103.93 KB, 1024x576, totally-spies.jpg)

I didn't liked the last season, they changed the girls' dynamic and they weren't as sassy as they used to, so I don't have any hope for this one.

No. 1425337

File: 1643030847271.jpeg (133.17 KB, 1300x567, oHdr4p9.jpeg)

>Phineas and Ferb
In the case of Phineas and Ferb the creators would literally come in as cameo one off characters for a Joke
probably the most extreme e.g of what anon posed here >>1422537 is the venture bros, where almost the entire cast of a given episode is just the two creator of the series talking to each other

No. 1425338

i think it becomes a different case when the voice actors/creators actually have interesting voices to work with.

No. 1425344

God I would do anything to have The Venture Bros finished. I love the voices.

No. 1425366

Many of the show runners were coming of age during the 90s, big boobmania at the time. Maybe they have some lingering insecurities

No. 1425384

File: 1643038348000.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1125x2335, F00E57DC-FACD-4738-B6BE-45005F…)

Super late reply but yes, it’s in the kids’ section of Netflix.

No. 1425451

I doubt they would make that big of a change but at least one of them will almost certainly be lesbian. My money is on Sam.

No. 1425460

why do i wanna fuck doc hammer so badly
it's not because of his awesome show, i'd do it even if he was a loser
help me nonnnas i've had thisboner for 15 years
eat the pennies

No. 1425461

Tbh I would not mind that she was always my fave lol

No. 1425482

supreme taste

No. 1425846

Idk. They look cute enough but I still see the calarts same face syndrome poking through, and I feel like they're going to take this to annoying woke levels. Hopefully they'll take out the fetishy stuff

No. 1425854

I only now got around to watching this shit and how come the backgrounds are so ridiculously detailed and the animation can be really good for a TV series but literally everything else is shit? I'm not buying this boo-hooing about the budget for a second. The characters constantly look dead-eyed because that's how they were designed to be - ugly, clunky and dead eyed. There's nothing wrong with the animation, it's clear that it's the storyboarding, writing, character designs and voice acting that suck about this show and none of these things can be fixed with money besides hiring someone experienced to save it, but it's clear that Raye Rodriguez wanted this to reflect her own vision that just was all over the place. So in other words it was never going to be saved by a bigger budget. This was money down the drain and it makes me angry that something of value could've been done with it.

The teacher grooming Snapdragon to transition instead of working out his problems with himself and his childhood abuse was seriously creepy as fuck and I can't believe troons see this as a positive approach. I also have no problem with an all-lesbian cast in theory but outing both Sage and Thyme in a childish manner in a matter of one goddamn episode and teasing them about their crush like it was a kids' show made it look tacky and pandering instead of something that felt natural. This was someone's self-indulging fanfic from middle school that got picked up due to nepotism and nothing else, it's sad that a good idea (besides using Crunchyroll to market and fund it, that was a terrible one) had to be ruined by abusing it as a mouthpiece for hammering in preachy messages lacking any sort of nuance or tact, taking you away from the main story that remains full of plot holes and rushed decisions. I'm honestly seething over how much resources it wasted instead of them being redirected towards something worth half a shit.

No. 1425896

This is either going to be forgettable and mediocre like the original but slightly worse or infamously terrible.
($50 they make alex an enby)

No. 1426912

Same, I've always liked skinny pale guys with weird hair though so maybe that's it

No. 1426980

Why is it getting another reboot lmao? They already made a 6th season

No. 1427024

ayrt i don't even really like men except for if they're small with pretty hair like him, so your reason is probably correct. he dresses nice and feminine too.

No. 1432463

The Oneyplays guy(Zach) adult swim show is getting hype from fans online and critics. What's the deal with him? I never paid attention to his youtube channel

No. 1432477

He is an edge lord with a deviated septum, the usual newgrounds scrote. I for some ungodly reason did watch the whole show twice and liked it a lot, but I also listened to oney and co stupid podcast, so my opinion is worth shit.

No. 1432653

i dont even watch these guys on youtube but i enjoyed their show a lot. i was expecting nothing so i was pleasantly surprised at how dumb but entertaining it was. it couldve done more but i think it was decent

No. 1432682

Sage for responding to an old post, but Shiro Scorpia wasn't the only thing that looked lifted from VLD to me. Hordak looked like an albino Galra and the Hordes ships in the later seasons when we finally get to see some of Horde Prime gave me Galra fleet vibes. That could just be me noticing things and tinfoiling though, because even 80s Hordak sort of resembled the 80s Galra/Drule and cartoons tend to have various defining looks throughout the ages.

But since its know some of he She-Ra staff were butthurt Klancers, I do sometimes wonder.

No. 1432715

>But since its know some of he She-Ra staff were butthurt Klancers
Absolutely appalling. What was it about that ship that made everyone lose their fucking minds?

No. 1432719

I'm still trying to figure that out myself, but I think it was the place and time. "Rival" ship are always a thing, and VLD came out at the most unfortunate time. Post-Korra where a main character was canonized in a same sex relationship, combined with the peak of woke SJW culture on Tumblr. Now that some rep had happened in canon on a show, the entitlement flew through the roof. This is compounded multiple times over by VLD being made by Korra alumni, so the entitled salivating fans were expecting Korrasami but with males. As expected, tantrums were thrown when they didn't get what they wanted. VLD was a flawed show, but honestly, I kinda feel bad for the staff. They didn't deserve nearly half the shit they got from the "fans".

No. 1434047

People might just be pleased that an adult animation show is at least decent and doesn't try to be anything it's not. I like it a lot - it reminds me of the short animation skits people share on YouTube, and the humor is very in touch with online humor nowadays. And thankfully it's not another quirky show about a family.
The guy who did Bushland Adventures for the Rick and Morty special is one of the creators, so that's what caught my interest really, considering I remembered being extremely amused by it.

No. 1440581

Should have posted this here originally

Zach callison is a name you probably have never heard off, but for the past decade now he has been the one and only voice actor of Steven from Steven universe since he was 11 years old
now he's a grown man and has been desperately attempting to get away from the character of steven and the rabid SU fandom, same way Joji did with filthyfrank
he's been focusing on his music career and releasing genetic edgy pop love songs, however the only people who listen to them are steven unvierse fans and they just create SU animatics or edits with his music and so he's stuck forever associated with SU

oddly hilarious in a way

No. 1440582

and this is one of his more typical songs

No. 1440587

how about american show creators make good looking cartoons for once?

No. 1440629


That's what sucks about being a child actor. It's very very hard to shake the kiddie fanbase and until they grow out of it, you're kinda stuck with them.

No. 1440631

respectfully, who gives a shit about a 15 year old's music career…?

zach is it you selfposting?

No. 1440633

my bad, he's 24 and also hilarious for mentioning doing cocaine while full on still sounding like steven

No. 1440641

File: 1644595705567.png (271.18 KB, 859x647, Screenshot.png)

he's 24 and most of the fan base are already adults and will never grow out of it, his entire music career will be worth nothing but steven universe animatics

No. 1440647

Dude needs to go by an alias or band if the fans make him unhappy lol. If He’s been voicing Steven since he was 11 so how long has the show been in development?

No. 1440652

almost this entire decade, 2013 to 2020

No. 1440727

I didn't mind that you posted in celebricows nonnie, this is such a shitty animatic too lmao

No. 1441387


Yeah he definitely needs to change his name. Maybe get someone who can help him rebrand, I really do feel for him, the SU fanbase is toxic and annoying and remarkably un-talented overall.

No. 1443152

Is dana terrace going they/them or trans or something? Just watched an interview abt animation union or smth e she looks p suspicious lol

No. 1443383

Goddamn. This kid can't catch a break.
A couple of years ago, he had to take a break due to depression. Almost everyone "comforted" him by quoting Steven Universe songs, with a vocal number even suggesting videos of themselves singing said songs like "Here Comes a Thought" for him.

No. 1443790

> suggesting videos of themselves singing said songs like "Here Comes a Thought" for him.
The absolute cringe. I know that he’s an “idol” for some, but holy shit how out of touch can you be? I guess when you watch shows like SU, depression/sadness/grief can be cured by being coddled and given attention

No. 1443853

> suggesting videos of themselves singing said songs like "Here Comes a Thought" for him.
The absolute cringe. I know that he’s an “idol” for some, but holy shit how out of touch can you be? I guess when you watch shows like SU, depression/sadness/grief can be cured by being coddled and given attention

No. 1444836

File: 1645035813606.jpg (294.23 KB, 1000x1783, Steven_Sugar.jpg)

Speaking of Steven, It's weird no one has ever pointed out the fact that Steven is entirely based on Rebecca Sugar's brother, Steven Sugar
What do you think he thinks about all of the Bara fan art that people draw of a cartoon version of him made by his sister ?

No. 1444872

He's a male, so he probably jerks off to it. If it's not his thing, he either finds it kind of funny, or doesn't pay it much mind. Rebecca Sugar and her husband (Ian-Jones Quartey) also like cartoon erotica, so make of that what you will

No. 1445177

File: 1645074403883.png (Spoiler Image,164.93 KB, 500x648, 1645074372405.png)

Rebecca sugar drew Ed, Edd n eddy Yaoi
Ian-Jones Quartey used to drew "cheesecake" fan-art of on /co/

both are coomers who get off to cartoon porn

No. 1445707

These characters are in junior high in the show. Gross.

No. 1448061

Is it true that GF was supposed to have three seasons but because hirsch was being an entitled dumbfuck, disney gave him the axe or is that just a rumor? I'd believe it tbh

No. 1448071

According to the rumors, Hirsch made it 2 seasons because 1. he thought he was infallible in the eyes of Disney and animation, and 2. because he wanted to show two gay characters but Disney said no, so he had a hissy fit and made it two seasons

No. 1448073

Disney wanted more Gravity Falls but Hirsch didn't want the series to wind up like other series that are given more seasons just for profits and end up as trash because the creators only wrote enough plot points for a specific length of time; is what I heard.

No. 1448448

in his words he had 'burnout' from directing the show and wanted to cut it off as soon as possible; also he wanted to leave Disney to go to netflix for more "creative freedom", which resulted in absolutely nothing. The show was planned to have 3 seasons.

No. 1448513

File: 1645444296728.jpeg (90.63 KB, 628x355, 1645412249843.jpeg)

MLP is getting a cal-arts reboot, it hasn't even been 4 years since the last series ended

No. 1448528

Has he ever expressed being mad/upset with the SU cast or show? Would be kind of hilarious, but tragic lol

I initially liked the show but it started coddling mentally ill adults rather than being made for kids, while they of course acted all high and mighty pretending it was still for kids. They have entire episodes of characters being nothing but angry and sad, ending with everyone still being depressed. Like who the fuck green lit that for a kids show?!
It can be borderline traumatizing for small kids to watch their favorite characters really sad and never seeing it resolved. Meanwhile the creators drew literal porn of the same cartoon characters.

No. 1448601

He had burnout because he slept at the office every night and never left even to shower so he could obsessively rewrite every episode script his writers submitted. Knowing that and considering how bad the ending ended up being is pretty funny in retrospect

No. 1448985

Ive also heard rumor that he mostly stayed at the office because he didn’t drive and sometimes was unsuccessful at bumming rides?

No. 1449000

Honestly doesn't surprise me. It's on Netflix which is telling. They'll probably pander to the bronies too.

No. 1449002

He also shat in his own office iirc

No. 1449139

ugh and the AUDACITY to add a male pony to the main cast.

No. 1449148

File: 1645506358371.png (572.24 KB, 588x948, Screenshot.png)

>They have entire episodes of characters being nothing but angry and sad, ending with everyone still being depressed. Like who the fuck green lit that for a kids show?!
americans think steven universe is too morbid for children because the characters cry lmao
meanwhile us yuropoors grew up with babies getting impaled on spikes in our kid's programming and we still turned out more mentally healthy than the SU fanbase

No. 1449224

what are you talking about? children, especially pre-teens, LOVE drama. Why do you think anime had such a massive boom in the 90's/00's, it was because every other american animation was inconsequential slapstick comedy, even the most milquetoast slice of life shoujo about highschoolers being caught in love triangles was more interesting than that

No. 1449400

File: 1645543295045.jpg (68.61 KB, 471x475, ew.jpg)

fuck, this is so ugly

No. 1449931

>It can be borderline traumatizing for small kids to watch their favorite characters really sad and never seeing it resolved.

Tell us more about how sad Rugrats made you, nonnie.

No. 1450880

nta, not sure if you are just kidding but it's what educators say. Very young children cannot handle cliffhangers because the cartoon heros are kinda real to them

No. 1450966

how young are we talking about? 1-3 years old i can understand but then they aren't really the target audience for SU anyway, but i loved sailor moon as a 5 year old, i mean i did end up on sites like these but i don't think there's a correlation lmao

No. 1451307

uhhh what's the name of this show anon? I'm morbidly curious

No. 1451308


Journey Home: The Animals of Farthing Wood

No. 1452070

> it started coddling mentally ill adults rather than being made for kids
>entire episodes of characters being nothing but angry and sad, ending with everyone still being depressed
they did resolve their problems but some of them felt heavier than some ukelele song, i think the show did eventually focused more on it's older audience instead of trying to be a childrens show doesn't mean i think the resolutions and the settings were mature or something, the stupid anime fake laughing trying to make things emotional was so lame
also i think in an iterview it's said that it was mostly rebecca exploring her emotions or something like that doomed it to not being good story wise and as a children's show, it tried too much in my opinion

No. 1452285

Sage for no proof or milk but I remember hearing from an industry friend who knows some C and D listers that this guy is the most insufferable cunt ever and a huge diva. True or not, I have little sympathy for people who are pissed because they get tired of the thing that made them famous. Boo hoo.

Come to think of it, there are a lot of cows in the anime and cartoon voice acting industry. Seems to attract a lot of annoying personalities.

No. 1452789

File: 1645919883538.jpeg (901.02 KB, 1125x1734, D3E8C06E-4980-45A9-A647-798FC3…)

Puccanoodles is an artist usually mentioned in the salt threads in /ot/. She’s a confirmed munchie working for Disney who constantly ebegs and creates drama

Anyways, she’s trying to open up a “store” and it’s just aliexpress shit. So not only does she beg for pity donos despite having a guilded animation job, she’s trying to scam people with bootlegs at significant markup

No. 1452790

File: 1645919915300.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1535, 5D9C6F3E-77FF-4E12-A6C6-FEAA2D…)

Her girlbossing and hard at work, checking out bootlegs

No. 1452819

These are like $5 on Aliexpress and anyone can buy them.

Guess she wants to be a scalper.

No. 1452927

This is really cute to be honest. Not “yaoi” or pornographic at all

No. 1453095

VAs are huge cows, surprised there isn't a thread for them. Then again, VA drama went radioactive for awhile during the Vic Mig saga as every furious weeb would spam the same IStandWithVic nonsense despite his lawsuit being a disaster.

The one odd side effect is Mignogna unintentionally outed a bunch of VAs who hated him as also being spergs, like Monica Rial. Kind of like what happened with Channel Awesome.

No. 1453211

LOL Marie is the cow that keeps on giving. What, Disney not paying you enough?

Side note but can someone help summarize all the milk she has? To name a few I know she
>claimed nintendo stole her OC’s likeness
>used the timing of a tragic shooting to help promote her gofundme
>had a pet bunny but only for a few months before passing away due to neglect as she was on vacation

No. 1453272

ta very much

No. 1453302

I’ll try to rattle off what I remember from artist salt threads but there’s a lot.
>has a new condition every month
>loudly milking how disabled she is, posts about needing a wheelchair and cane but also posts videos of herself playing intense DDR games at arcades
>ebegged to get her fully trained service dog. Still not sure how it “saves her life every day” as she claims.
She also has a rocky history with public relationship drama. Last year when her public boyfriend Brantendo broke up with her she spent a whole day screaming at him on Twitter for leaving and ended with a big suicide bait saying she “couldn’t go on” and was checking herself into a psych hospital. She sent droves of followers to harass him in the process and never acknowledged how it was wrong to use her influence this way. A few years before that she had a public relationship with another guy in animation. I am hazy on the details if anyone else remembers names, but she caught him DMing another artist. Without checking up on it she put them both on blast on Twitter for cheating. The other girl claimed she never accepted any advance from the guy or participated but it was already too late and she ended up being driven off Twitter permanently because of Marie.

No. 1453308

They haven't even released the actual next gen season and it's already getting a bad spin off. I think they don't know what to do with the show now that friendship is magic ended.
Honestly the writing for the show was taking a crazy spin and the VA's wanted nothing to do with it

No. 1453353

but the cops were gay? disney let him put them in the show

No. 1453359

maybe i'm nitpicking but i fucking hate how SU just gave the shit deadbeat dad a pass/spent so much time justifying dirtbag 80s dad behaviour. why is it ok to show young moids that this garbage lazy behaviour is acceptable?

No. 1453597

I was thinking like up to 6 years old. I agree that Steven Universe is for older children and mentally stunted adults, I just wanted to mention that cliffhangers are considered bad in some children's media. Of course everyone is affected differently by it.

No. 1453600

Yeah they tried hard to write him as a wise character but he was hardly a mentor for Stephen and their relationship would have been the same if he was some chill teenage character with a van. They certainly didn’t justify the van life by having him travel like anywhere I mean the dude was apparently a business owner in the town so why did he need to live in a van and not in the damn house? It’s a weird quirky version of an absent father

No. 1453711

he just bails on his kid and sends him to live with 3 women he hung out with in his 20s because what? his kid was born kinda "different"?
adventure time was the same. maybe they're trying to make other 80s kids not feel ashamed about "muh parents' divorce" but it's not landing properly.

No. 1453861

Didn't he build the house intending for his wife and kid to live there only to get sprung with the shot news she was gonna die then he got kicked out of his own house because lol gems and humans can't live together and Steven needs to be a gem? I seem to remember that was a thing but I can't be assed to actually check. Steven does call him out for being a shit/lazy dad and not insisting on Steven getting a proper education but the show treats him as in the wrong when it really shouldn't have.

No. 1453904

you're right; greg is a shitty dad in the sense that he wanted steven to have the idealized version of a childhood he wanted to have at 10 (not going to school, going on adventures, etc), but as far as providing nothing in the show actually suggest he's not a good parent. I think it's an actually interesting angle to explore, the fact that even when you do your very best, by trying to give your child every chance you supposidely didnt have you still can end up fucking them up.

but sure, steven universe bad because, i dunno, some storyboarders were divas lol

No. 1454074

so this isn't a personal opinion but the Proud Family: Louder and Prouder is..bad. Poor animation, it's desperate to seem woke to the point of embarrassment, Sticky is gone, the slang is never ending when the OG never dated itself like that
here are some actual slang used in just one episode
"Black Girl Magic"
they reference memes from like 2018, "what are those" "bottle cap challenge" and wizard kelly does the wobble

the entire show seems like it was made by terminally twitter obsssed black millennials, also the show is very weirdly sexual btw, especially regarding penny's body

No. 1454109

Wasn’t sticky voiced by Orlando Brown? They can’t get him to voice sticky anymore cause he’s been in a jail and stuff.

No. 1454118

That's why the character left in episode 1 of the renewal series. The new activist girl is living in his house now.

No. 1454256

The Proud Family has always been a mess. The animation was shit, there were tons of errors, the sound was low quality. They brought back garbage shit, but now on a budget and people are shocked? Plus her father has always been misogynistic and disgusting towards her body. I have no idea why anyone thought this would be a good idea except to bank off BLM and February at the same time.

No. 1454270

File: 1646085778695.jpg (91.25 KB, 1280x720, download.jpg)

This just looks like a girl. They took a character that wasn't a stereotype and made him the ultra-flaming gbf.

Why is this animated like Johnny Test lmao? You're right, it does have this weirdly sexual vibe about it.

No. 1454271

also he was a camp straight in the og

No. 1454273

File: 1646085909559.png (195.77 KB, 360x360, Vlcsnap-2011-12-09-21h28m52s17…)

No. 1454275

Was he? I might just have misremembered. I thought he was an "open secret" gay.

No. 1454277

File: 1646086346234.png (87.64 KB, 738x616, njkj.png)

Weren't people saying this show was colorist, too? Like the only girl characters with dark skin were aggressive and not cute lmao. What a mess

No. 1454307

In the first episode, the FIRST SCENE of Penny is of her feet, there's immediately a scene of her baby brother having extreme diaper inflation and then another grown man in a diaper scene for no reason. And I'm not done watching it yet. Fucking awful

No. 1454328

looks like it was puppet animated which may be the reason why

No. 1454339

I read that he had a crush on Penny's friend

No. 1454341

This youtube comment was right (even if it's hard to read)
"Ho man I'm really not going to like this show, I really don't like how they're vilifying Oscar, making it seem like he's in the wrong for not wanting his daughter to dress in a provocative manner, and it seems like the show is going to be making fun of hem for it. Also I don't like how sugar mama acts towards her son, I can't remember if she was always like this in the original show, but now it just looks like she really hates her son, plus I also don't like how penny comes off her father by calling him by his first name makes her come off as very disrespectful, and at the end of the video where she said to her father "like a girl" made me roll my eyes, you don't have to dress in provocative manner to let people know that you are a female, this show messaging is going to be so off and ridiculous and it's going to have a real negative effect on girls who watches it. Plus I really hate the fact that they got this dude dressing up like a girl they really want to push this little agenda on our people huh?"

No. 1454342

The /co/pedos sure are loving this new Penny. She was never really sexualized like that in the original so seeing this "new" her is really surprising, especially since she's still 14. Fuck, coomers can't spare any character these days…

No. 1454343

No. 1454345

>they really want to push this little agenda on our people huh
I haven’t watched the show and from the screenshot it seems they tried making him some flamboyant gay boy (although he looks more like a girl).
But this part of the comment reminded me of how TRA’s are racists and love to say how “manly” black women are and use them as shields. That troons are totally wahmen too because “Black women look masculine as well!! You can’t tell the difference!”. Wouldn’t be surprised that at some point they try to push some MtF character.

No. 1454368

still think it's kinda shit to basically tell kids that the ONLY type of dad is a deadbeat dad. moids need to be held ot higher standards, the only non retard dad in all of SU is the pizza man.

No. 1454369

ugh so lazy

No. 1454373

lazy ? it's probably a budget constraint

No. 1454398

One begets the other

No. 1454404

Honestly this isn't lazy puppet animation. I understand not caring for it over traditional but it's not lazy

No. 1454425

File: 1646101883600.jpeg (425.35 KB, 2779x3117, 0FDB9B6B-D5D7-4976-965D-25E023…)

Can’t wait for the bad art thread to get revived

No. 1454428

What’s fucked is Penny is canonically 15 then turns 16 in the movie that takes places after the original series. So why did they age her down but Bebe and Cece are now older???

No. 1454452

the added a new dark skin female character who is also a BLM activist
I'm sure they wanted to seem woke but this is also a colorist stereotype, casting dark skin bw as the protectors of the black community i.e the mules

No. 1454463

Lol wow they made her the antagonist too

No. 1454467

she's meant to be a woke teenager that will make #deep statements, apparently she's supposed to be cool
they also have her reading race after technology and James Baldwin

No. 1454541

I remember there was a youtube video where the creator was interviewed and his response to being mildly challenged about the shows colourism was so violently dismissive that the youtuber had to apologise on his behalf
can't find it now, but I think it was by Toonrific Tariq

No. 1454542

This character is clearly supposed to be a dig at women who complained about the colourism and problematic elements of the show. The funny part is that these types of blm warriors do all this stuff for black men and this is how they repay them, It will always be funny to me that if anybody tells them how stupid they look they will just say you are spewing white supremacy or "not all". No different from that screen cap about trad thots crying about alt right being mean to women, but continuing to man stroke them regardless.

No. 1454549

I just watched it and as if it weren’t blatant enough. She’s from a super rich family of two gay dads and lives in the suburbs. We get it that most of the “woke” crowd are spoiled brats we GET IT.

No. 1454562

There’s far better puppet animated shows out there. I think the Proud family reboot looks very pretty visually (such as the style and the colors) but the animation looks like shit. The Ghost and Molly McGee and The Loud House come to mind when I think of good puppet animated shows.

No. 1454567

honestly I don't see a huge difference in animation quality. just gonna have to agree to disagree I guess

No. 1454568

>proud family
>dark skin female character
>aggressive and antagonistic
>of course
not to racebait but ironically the biggest sjws i see in the black community are light skin or biracial so i never understood the "dark skin race warrior" or is that just colorism/racism?

No. 1454569

File: 1646117211576.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1609052027932.jpg)

I'm willing to bet they are gonna give her a white bf, literally everyone kinda knows that uber woke woc go for bland white guys

No. 1454574

Talking about this tras it just seems Bad from the clips i've seen the "two babies one diaper" line reminded me of those shock videos that people baited/challenged others to see

No. 1454577

File: 1646118016207.jpeg (112.46 KB, 695x436, 99B7DFB7-6C2B-48A8-B312-597B11…)

One of her gay dads is white.

No. 1454578

I think that the 2 babies 1 diaper is a direct reference to those kinds of videos. JFC who even is this show for?

No. 1454589

i'm not black nor american, so i know i'm not the target audience at all, but the proud family always seemed weirdly mean spirited? i mean it was refreshing in a sense, i remember an episode where there's a wheelchair kid being a dick to penny and the lesson is that penny had all the rights to stand up for herself because he was using his disability as pity points to get his way. I cannot think of another children's show where the disabled character is the rude dick like that and called out for it lol.
But the other side of this medal is that everyone is SO MEAN, the dad is a dick, the grandmother is a dick, the kids are so aggressive and the girls are "nagging", it's even super racist against east-asians characters..?
this reboot is cute enough but honestly has too much of this original mean spirit for my tastes

No. 1454602

Holly Brown style looking mfers

No. 1454603

well said. I always felt like literally no one liked Oscar in the show except Penny. They also seemed to struggle with making Oscar likeable, he was more just a slapstick character to get beat up. It was weird that Sugar Mama and Trudy tolerated him if they hated him so much lmao

No. 1454660

Always hated this show, the characters always seemed like “flat stereotypes of what white writers think black people are like” to me and literally no one was likeable. Penny’s friends were all assholes.Every clip I’ve seen from the reboot looks like they’ve dialed it up even worse. It does look good visually imo even though it’s clearly done on a budget.

No. 1454661

Pixar’s working on a project with an MtF teenager so they’ve got that covered.

No. 1454690

Nayrt, I agree with you for the most part, but wasn't it revealed in one episode that Steven had never been to the doctor before? They find out he's basically broken every bone in his body and even though it all healed on its own because of his powers, he never really had proper care/had some super repressed trauma as a result

No. 1454716

It was written/directed/produced/acted by almost exclusively black cast and crew. Not sure about now, but the original series was.
Overall I think this is made for millennials with Disney Plus yo swoon over and remember the good ol' days and no children will realistically be watching it. I feel like most western animation is made for weird adults even if it's on a kid's channel. In my experience kids watch Coco Melon and then just switch to YouTubers past a certain age, none of them consume cartoons at the rate Millennial adults do.

No. 1454745

actually i think it's the opposite, you can tell it's very genuine in its humour and delivery, much like i dunno, tyler perry's movies lol. They're mean in a way that if you were that mean to a black person you'd be racist, so to speak.
but also honestly i think is that proud family was a 90's-early '00 cartoons IIRC, you know the TOO EDGY! TOO EXTREME! era, everyone was sarcastic and smarter than their parents.

No. 1454977

Pretty sure that was fake anon

No. 1455384

I love a munchie with a career in another thread! Nice find.

No. 1455385

It was never explicitly shown was it? I did wonder but we never saw them at home/hanging out together when not on duty.

No. 1455406

> It was written/directed/produced/acted by almost exclusively black cast and crew. Not sure about now, but the original series was.
I know, it made the awful 1 dimensional stereotype characterization even more egregious to me, though even if you have an all black crew, you still have to answer to (mostly white) Disney execs.
Source? I assumed it was for one of their upcoming shorts. I never found any conflicting information about the casting calls authenticity.

No. 1455422

oh I was wrong it was real damn… swear I saw someone call it out as fake.

No. 1455620

This is by the creator of High Guardian Spice btw

No. 1455717

I keep hearing about how the show was fetish fuel but I really feel deep down that it wasn't trying to be. I used to really like the show growing up and I never found the stuff fetishy but just meant to be silly and weird because cartoon logic. It's sad that the show is regarded to fetish fodder when I don't think it was the creators intentions. At least I hope so anyway ek.

No. 1455722

Glad someone else feels the same about season 6. I remember being stoked when it was announced and then I watched it and I thought it was boring. You're right how the dynamic between the girls felt very off. I also personally didn't like the "updated" art style. I feel they went a little too hard-line anime and they just looked weird to me and I much prefer the old 2000s style where it was western animation with a hint of anime. The only good thing about season 6 was that they were able to get the OG voice actors to reprise their roles but that's about it.

No. 1455855

in a season 2 episode they say they love each other in front of the whole town, when everyone's making announcements or something.

No. 1455957

For fuck's sake. This is so ugly, I'm so sick and tired of the beanmouth design.

No. 1455960

>I feel like most western animation is made for weird adults even if it's on a kid's channel.
I think it’s because they’re MADE by the same crowd who want to make adult animated content but can’t because animation is for “kids”, so they settle for that than make sterotypical raunchy adult animation

No. 1456601

File: 1646317137560.jpg (199.65 KB, 849x1200, EgAzSi6XkAI36ir (1).jpg)

apparently this was a show that was rejected over High Guardian spice, it was supposed to be a mediterranean/arabian inspired version of Avatar but was rejected cause it wasn't considered diverse enough i.e there weren't any gay characters, no diverse bodytypes and the main group had too many men apparently, compared to HGH which had more "diverse" bodytypes", more LGBTQ+ representation and an all female cast

No. 1456608

This video goes more into it, but note this is alleged and all according the creator

No. 1456643

File: 1646319882712.jpg (242.74 KB, 960x1440, images.jpg)

100% feels like the creator is just trying to ride the wave of hatred on HGS when it makes a lot more sense that Asturs didnt make it for the first wave or 'CR Originals' because of how close the overall appeal/vibe is to Onyx Equinox who's creator has years of work in the animation industry and most likely way more connections and experience to have made a good show pitch.

No. 1456661

It's not about actual sjws, it's about how dark skinned women are often cast as warriors for the people (because they are seen as more masculine than light skinned women and sexism).

See these video for explanation of that pov:


No. 1456677

Why can’t we have slice of life or a well written romance for a crunchy roll OC? Seems redundant that we have shonen/magical girl shows.

No. 1456680

Doesn't appeal to men. And yeah I know HGS didn't either, but HGS seems like a diversity hire that Crunchyroll failed to figure out an audience for anyways. The show's a show for very young kids until suddenly there's gratuitous gore and swearing.

No. 1457795

So whatever happened to Julia Vickerman after being fired from 12 forever ?

No. 1458487

Nothing, probably blacklisted from animation, but she is really active on instagram and has a normal and good life with a lot of friend

No. 1459019

how can a pedo have a normal life

No. 1459318

She's definitely not blacklisted but she's never been exclusively in animation anyway. She and her bf travel a lot and foster dogs and do seem happy. The accusations didn't seem to hurt her at all.

No. 1461406

File: 1646772274003.jpeg (681.14 KB, 1818x1818, 8569A792-6A1B-4025-B859-132BC0…)

I wish I could fit all of this into one screenshot.

No. 1461407

File: 1646772302128.jpeg (751.3 KB, 1818x1818, 885255E5-9D3E-486C-BB4B-548DCF…)

No. 1461443

Very rarely do I ever see something sane coming out of Tumblr.

No. 1462800

What’s with American cartoons with black characters made by/for black people being so mean spirited and weirdly self-loathing? The Boondocks had that kind of energy too, yet both of these shows were popular. Why??

No. 1462845

>mean spirited and weirdly self-loathing
isn't that just every american cartoon character made by americans

No. 1463019

to be fair, that was the entire point of the Boondocks. It was one big critique of African Americans and the way we view and interact with each other. I'm not sure what's up with The Proud Family L&P tho.

No. 1463484

Definitely true for every American “adult” cartoon, judging by this thread 95% of the animation industry needs some serious therapy

No. 1463838

Not sure if this is the right thread, but what the fuck is Studio Killers doing? Am I the only one thinking this is straight up shit with a hint of "how do you do fellow kids"?
I was interested in a show with the Studio Killers characters because if you've seen music videos like Jenny or Ode to the Bouncer, you can tell they have potential, especially if the ost of the show is made by Studio Killers themselves.
Fans have been waiting for a pilot for years and this choppy nonsensical memey thing is what they made in the end. The people behind this smell like cows honestly.

No. 1463902

I didnt even know the people behind the meme song were like a thing.

No. 1464318

Studio Killers have been pimping out their one lesbian song for ages, to the point where Jenny is a major character in their new show even though I swear to god their self-titled album ends with her and Cherry breaking up.

Typical moid shit. The band is 100% male and even partnered with Kim Petras for ANOTHER Jenny cover.

No. 1465017

Right. It's a pity because I remember liking Cherry and Jenny's designs a lot (they were interesting and a bit unconventional), but now they're just riding the lesbian gfs uwu train with that song (also sad that they ruined a song about lesbians with Kim Petras). It's funny because in the pilot they sort of criticize using and fetishizing lesbian relationships while doing exactly the same.

No. 1465123

Right! I am SO tired of all the Jenny covers they are pumping out(and of course run to get Kim Petras to make a cover like with Riot did for KDA's song "Villain"). Like I like the beat of the song but I want to hear new stuff from them. As for this pilot they made, not a fan of it at all as well

No. 1465304

Speaking of their songs, I think Jenny is one of the weakest of their album. It's nice and I like the concept, but the others are so much better imo, it they want to do covers they should look at their other pieces as well. Or maybe make a new one that isn't full of zoomer references.

No. 1467077

File: 1647243480273.jpeg (253.89 KB, 2048x1365, DFBF8A0A-AE0D-4ABE-B589-4605D5…)

Has anyone seen Turning Red? I just saw it and it was entertaining enough. A lot of anime references like Fruits basket and visuals. My bf’s NG friends keep roasting it which is fine but I want opinions from fellow nonnies.

No. 1467090

Retarded. Sick of the CalArts art style. Also it's funny as fuck how Pixar is now making movies for little girls, considering how John Lasseter and co. treated their female employees, and how they spoke about women.

No. 1467097


haven't seen it yet but the shippers and weird pedo accounts i found on twitter have ruined it for me

No. 1467104

Wrong thread this is for milk not movie discussion take it over here and learn to sage >>>/m/186735

No. 1467226

Thought it was cute, liked the showcase of positive female friendship(wish there was more of it in cartoons), but absolutely despised the artstyle the whole way through.
It looks like the Steven universe artstyle- thus already ugly but add 3D and realistic rendering with prominent teeth and you get an unsettling mess on screen.
I just thought it was funny that in the “directors cut” they were proudly saying that the lead creators where exclusively female, but then showed a picture of the main team that had like 10 females, and the rest of the 35+ group was white guys. Kek nice diversity disney

No. 1467272

We discussed the new proud family so I thought it would have been ok to discuss here. I’ve heard the creator made it based on her life.

No. 1467360

mate i don't think it's a coincidence that once he was booted from the company a woman was finally allowed to make a movie

No. 1467420

Good because it makes moids angry.

No. 1468271

i don't feel comfortable watching any kids or animal-character cartoons anymore because they just belong to internet pedos, troons, and furries. like i can't even look at the cap from turning red above because all i can hear is pedotroonfurs pissing themselves while sitting on their dildos watching it.

No. 1468420

why are you spending time thinking about people you hate masturbating lmaoooooo

No. 1469807

File: 1647430076873.jpg (71.54 KB, 1024x521, 01_1180w-600_proud-family_0216…)

There's something that's not right about Maya as a character. Especially when she's the character who's dark skinned with natural hair, she exists for the sake of selling the stereotype that dark skin girls are jealous bitter bitches who are mean to light skinned girls.

No. 1469823

NTA but dilation is not masturbation? It's keeping open a surgical wound.

No. 1470258

i feel like she's the black men's version of "ugly SJW", you know, the redhaired yelling lady in the meme?

No. 1471077

That's not what she meant and you know it

No. 1479891

File: 1648137379540.jpg (709.39 KB, 1582x1274, 1609932098481.jpg)

Should cartoon stories be more creative and original than just retelling parts of the creator's life

No. 1479896

Eh not really. The only difference between them and others is that they have money and nepotism to make their OCs into shows. Doesn’t mean it’s good though but no one is required to be 1000% original considering we have so many streaming services that need shows— good or bad

It’s annoying and narcissistic imo tho

No. 1479907

Yes. Working out your issues through making a cartoon show is a innovative way to do therapy but 9 times out of 10 does not result in high quality entertainment.

No. 1479909

Depends on if they are coming from a place of genuinely having stories from their childhoods that provided valuable life lessons for others to use. Otherwise it is just masturbatory. I’m sure many great children's story writers at least used some elements of their own life in their stories however I also feel like it can be a crutch for writers as well who depend far too much on their own experience and cannot creatively put themselves into different situations

No. 1479910

I think I'm just tired of everything written by the same flavor of liberal manchild. It all looks, feels, and acts the same, over and over again. Forever.

No. 1479912

I think it would be more creative in the industry to try out non-serialized shows again. What happened to short format variety shows or sitcoms, sketch shows fuck even educational cartoons. I feel like the industry is influenced by more than just looks by anime but also in storytelling format as well

No. 1479914

File: 1648138958962.png (90.56 KB, 605x622, 1647836439896.png)

half of non-white creator OC stories almost always end up being picrel

No. 1479920

It really is and they all have the exact same self acceptance/acceptance of others messaging but in the most milquetoast uninspired ways, they really are not just clones in looks

No. 1479934

has there ever been animated film in the past decade that had a genuine message about self improvement, which is what most zoomers need these days

No. 1479937

No there hasn’t because self - acceptance is easier for an audience than self- improvement which implies that there’s something wrong that needs to be fixed and I have yet to see actual character growth in children's media that wasn’t just the character literally growing up or gaining more power but not addressing their own negative internal traits in any meaningful way. I think Korra pretended like it recognized this problem but really it was shallow imitation of it

No. 1479950

I think it’s fine if the story is just one they’d tell at a party anyways, you have to take inspiration somewhere after all. To have a self-insert and have it be completely based on your life is annoying as fuck and should be publicly shamed.

No. 1479954

i get all comparisons except pendleton ward(?) and adventure time. like is he supposed to be finn or jake kek. i don't think there's a comparison to be made there

No. 1480026

Idk I mean the nepotism includes him too cause he got a lot of these people their jobs

No. 1480032

OP forgot Natasha Allegri creator of Bee & Puppycat lol.

No. 1480057

The problem is that most of those people come from wealthy and safe backgrounds so they stories all end being samey, specially with the focus on uwu mental health issues instead of shit like dealing with poverty o growing with just a parent, being raised by grandparents, etc.

No. 1480075

that "good enough" show is pointless. it's dull as shit and clearly just the creator is worried about staying "cool" even after having kids and moving to the suburbs in LA or wherever

No. 1480080

midnight gospel and smiling friends i think are doing what you describe. the shivering truth did it a few years ago and i personally think it is the greatest television to ever exist

No. 1480081

lolol picrel also works for "people in their 20s' writing" i love it

No. 1480103

File: 1648153114474.jpg (178.3 KB, 1200x675, ca-times.brightspotcdn.jpg)

The most recent one I can think of is Over The Garden Wall(and that's from 2014)

No. 1480127

File: 1648154909311.jpg (239.08 KB, 1400x1400, cartoons-101-patreon-podcast-m…)

Does anyone remember Matthew Jay from Cartoons 101 and the Deep End? I used to follow his patreon where he went from a stereotypical woke moid talking about nostalgic cartoons to going nuts and never being able to stay on topic ones Covid hit. His personality shifted from le friendly Youtube guy to constantly going on edgy rants about how the virus was making him lose faith in humanity. He had Mr. Enter/Pan Pizza style delusions about one day getting his own cartoon show even though he could not draw for shit, which lead him to go on rants about how cartoons needed outside writers instead of letting the storyboard artist do it. The weird part was that he was living in Burbank with two actual successful TV animators (clearly kind of a leech in this situation) and got pretty notable industry people to be on his podcasts. Eventually, he just completely lost it and deleted his Youtube, Patreon, and all his podcast episodes and disappeared completely. I kind of suspect he got Metooed or otherwise cancelled but I've never been able to find anything for sure.

No. 1480415

Kek this is accurate

No. 1480426

The best animated show I’ve seen that actually addresses that is Bojack Horseman. But again, it’s not for kids/is too “depwessing and doesn’t make my feewings valid!!” for the adult crowd who watches nothing but Steven Universe

No. 1480453

this, we need more shows like that

No. 1480530

Jaiden Animations came out as "not straight"/aroace

No. 1480536

you already posted this

No. 1480541

was it posted in another thread?
this is my first time posting it and i didn't see it discussed earlier in this thread.

No. 1480546

Ugh please no more Bojack. Hideous art style and more fakedeep whining than Rick and Morty. Would have made a better live action show.

No. 1480558

Because why the fuck would we be discussing a youtuber in an animation industry thread?

No. 1480599

Man I wish there were better cartoon threads here. I use /CO/ a lot to talk about stuff but there are so many weird pedo coomer threads. At least the industry thread is active though.

No. 1480613

It's weird right, the creator OK KO used to browse /co/, even a couple of storyboard artists working in the industry used to browse /co/ as well, see >>1402516

No. 1480708

Doesn't Roiland?

No. 1481081

No wonder Roiland is such a coomer

No. 1481209

It didn’t have a very attractive art style, but I prefer it over seeing some CGI horse with a bunch of other CGI walking animals and sea creatures amongst live-action actors. They definitely had some episodes that would not have worked as well in live-action.

No. 1481501

They could have just made a show about human people and it would be the same thing.

No. 1481702

I appreciated the dumb animal puns and jokes throughout the show

No. 1481758

File: 1648280093462.jpeg (197.54 KB, 1920x1080, C538E0CB-117C-4214-99D8-C2ACC0…)

New pony cap. Show looks hideous and I hate the addition of a scrote. They’re trying to pander to the bronies.

No. 1481776

God this is so UGLY. The character designs are so plain and forgettable. I didn't even care about friendship is magic but it's a hell of a lot better looking than this trash. This actually made me feel genuine anger kek fuck these ugly cartoon horses why is hasbro doing this.

No. 1481838

ew, I though friendship is magic made them ugly, this is wretched

No. 1481860

That white one with the spikey hair is gonna have pronouns in all the anglo translations and be female in the non-troony countries. Calling it now.

No. 1481888

Why are their face shapes and legs so fucked? Who the fuck do their hire to make these horrible design choices? Friendship is Magic may have been cringy and all but at least Lauren Faust knew what she was doing with the colors and style.

No. 1481932

They really couldn’t have though. The characters being animals allows just enough ‘break’ from humanity that the deeply human problems don’t seem as depressing. Watching a show about a horribly depressed human is a lot less fun than a depressed horse.

No. 1482121

lol no it wouldn't be the same thing. I mean you could literally make any cartoon live action and replace all the animal or fantasy characters with regular humans, if you really wanna get into it, but none of them would be "the same thing". Like, even The Flintstones was just a cartoon version of The Honeymooners but it was still its own thing and completely different in the end.

No. 1482360

Would really like to see more animated stuff like arcane. I was skeptical because it's riot/LoL but honestly was well done with interesting characters. The fandom already seems annoying though. I really want this to be the future of animation

No. 1482560

AGAIN with the fucking beanmouth design, fuck

No. 1482568

File: 1648337024757.png (305.08 KB, 730x1170, 1EF60BC0-0A52-4354-BFCB-04E68B…)

Had a hearty kek from this post.
«Would there be so many reboots and spinoffs and IP-adjacent shows right now, if every new cartoon pitch wasn't a beanmouth isekai about clinically depressed biracial lesbians who defeat the bad guys by crying? »

No. 1483908

bojack got a bit narm/melodramatic/ shark-jumpy around when princess carolyn miscarried though-you don't have to make EVERY character's life shit. some people do just like their job and get married at 50 cause you don't meet a lot of people who only like their job. todd's mom/family issues were really shoehorned in at the last minute too. it's good they ended it when they did, because it was really shitting on its own characters.
like diane, there was nothing wrong with her being the slightly boring person who got work in LA but doesn't really want to be involved in hollywood/entertainment business, and sometimes is depressed. they didn't need to have her become completely stupid by season 6 and then make it look like antidepressants will ruin everyone's body.

No. 1483911

ok ko sucked ass
except for the hot purple guy
i hate myself

No. 1483916

kekekek the way they draw the male horse. the same people who make this show would argue there are no physical differences between troons and women though

No. 1484133

i was surprised by how much i liked it

No. 1484500

>and then make it look like antidepressants will ruin everyone's body
Did they? I'm not rewatching that but wasn't it more like it can happen to some people, so it got shown on BoJack because it usually isn't depicted?

No. 1484883

i'm late to the party but damn those are ugly, that pink ponys wings are gross. the colors are hideous too, orange and magenta/purple for a main character? ew. and the pony combo of orange + yellow, then pink + purple was a poor choice, these shades are too close to each other which makes them look samey and boring.
kek at the gender special looking pony being white

No. 1484948

File: 1648478625919.jpg (53.35 KB, 639x476, f2be0585816e070b99aeb6e7760762…)

Doesn't make Bojack novel or good. Just more navel-gazey male comedians whining behind a layer of truly ugly animation. No different than Rick and Morty or F is for Family. All these shows are the epitome of picrel. Just because it's about somebody's misery doesn't make it valuable or deep.

No. 1485001

ya the last season wasn't great. Probably not the whole reason but I kind of blame the addition of Jonny Sun to the writing staff

No. 1485012

Also doesn't make it "exactly the same if it was live action"

No. 1485238

There's only so many seasons of "piece of shit character continues being piece of shit while lying about/failing at trying to be better" before it gets tiresome. At least the IASIP crew are openly shitty even when they become slightly better people, and that's the joke. Rick's always gonna be a manipulative, sabotaging asshole, Bojack would always be a depressive, irresponsible narcissist.

No. 1485722

Yes it does. All media about sad scrotes is exactly the same whether it's live action or animated.

No. 1486020

lol ok Breaking Bad and Peanuts starring good ol Charlie Brown are exactly the same g8 observation

No. 1486674

Today's animators have spent so much time roasting their brains over the coals of le epic animu and have somehow been convinced that cartoons can portray serious themes when FROM THE BEGINNING animation as a medium is something meant to portray cats being hit by bricks. Being exposed to too many serious themes in cartoons at a young age can cause children to believe that cartoons are real beings with feelings and thoughts that they may some day marry and even have sex with. Japan and France were the first to make serious cartoon features so that's why this "waifu" business is such a problem in those countries in particular. Besides, can you imagine someone 100 years in the future loving and cherishing Bojack Horseman or Steven Universe the way we do Betty Boop? I highly, HIGHLY doubt it. Sorry.

No. 1486874

Obviously it's not exactly the same but you're being deliberately obtuse at this point. >>1485722 is correct in saying that at its core these shows are all boring and samey but now they hire a team of animators to try and distinguish their boring and samey scrote whining. We've seen it all before, I wish they'd get some new material. Regurgitated Louis CK "I'm an asshole but at least I know I'm an asshole" content isn't new just because its drawn instead of acted.
I have just become disillusioned with America's particular brand of "tackling serious issues while still being an animated series." None of it is anything deeply moving or built to last. Just dick jokes sandwiched between adult men's complaints their their upbringing really screwed them up. I think content like Bojack is just as unhealthy for a young mind as waifus.

No. 1486905

File: 1648652541086.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1080, 0CF3A033-2E2C-4A3A-8759-F205BB…)

I think it’s weird how the creator of Miraculous Ladybug inserts himself into the show. He tries so hard to be self aware that he flops on his face.

No. 1486954


No. 1486981

Can't believe this shit was advertiszd as a very good looking 2d anime at first…

No. 1486999

Fuck don’t remind me. We were all fooled by the anime art style that was “too hard to animate ladybug’s spots”.

No. 1487011

It hurts too much to even think about. This could have been something great but now it's infamous for being a monstrosity that has a shitty plot and looks like a 2000s video game. At least I'll have the 2d version in my dreams.

No. 1487013

Dis, dis is what we need nit that 3D bull..

No. 1487016

I don't even care about miraculous ladybug but watching this made me so sad, this looks fucking amazing.

No. 1487048


>Just dick jokes sandwiched between adult men's complaints their their upbringing really screwed them up. I think content like Bojack is just as unhealthy for a young mind as waifus.

One thing that drove me particularly nuts about Bojack is how clearly his mother had a way more fucked up and traumatic childhood than him, but still managed to ruin less people's lives. Yeah, she fucked up with Bojack, yeah she didn't care in the end and dying alone is usually how it goes for these women but it felt like he was just blaming being a heaping pile on only his mommy issues, even though his father was the piece of shit that ruined her (if we want to play the blame game. Had she never met him she would have married rich and lived a happier life, instead of being knocked up by a loser and to traumatized to get an abortion).

It's like modern animation is just scrotes animating their mommy issues for the masses. The villain went from some textbook supervillain doing bad things to your mom being a bitch

No. 1487057

File: 1648662913291.jpg (323.66 KB, 996x2048, 33ffa64125c8879f1f1330013a2e97…)

Speaking of ML
Can we talk about how milky As(s)truc is?
For years he's been having narc sperg outs on twitter and arguing with underage fans about his shitty weeb cartoon whenever faced with the slightest criticism
He's obsessed with how supposedly genius and feminist (kek) ML is, I can't wait to see his meltdown once Zag drops him for season 6

No. 1487073

What a weird take, imho. Did serious cartoons also cause Japan to have cuddle cafes? Or are those caused by the same escapism as waifu cult because of shit mental health care country-wide?
Any medium can have any theme, if parents decide to show their kids age inappropriate cartoons that's on them.

No. 1487102

He's responsible for Code Lyoko, he can die for all I care.

No. 1487121


He was only a storyboarder for season 1. The show was created by Thomas Romain.

No. 1487267

>Animated by Toei
>Had a much more mature story
>Animation and effects look wonderful
Too bad. I've seen the Miraculous manga that's very very slowly getting translated, maybe someday there can be an adaptation even if it's based on the 3d version.

No. 1487290

File: 1648678070064.gif (140.31 KB, 699x1069, 299af14fe439d4257c06509e379420…)

>FROM THE BEGINNING animation as a medium is something meant to portray cats being hit by bricks
if this is a reference to krazy kat, your complaints about animation taking itself too seriously because lol bricks hitting cat's head is kinda funny when the source material, the original comic is considered very respected work of art lmao so basically what animation did was take a very compelling piece of art and turn it into stupid mindless shit

No. 1487296

File: 1648678308186.jpg (84.78 KB, 600x374, krazy_time-e1350975645256.jpg)

like krazy kat, comic about a mouse throwing pricks at a cat is known precisely for being more than just that

No. 1487298

>too hard to animate ladybug’s spots
isn't there some animation technology that basically allows you to animate characters with textures/patterns?

No. 1487332

They're almost as fucking ugly as the new toys, I too hate that there's a moid horse though.

No. 1487335

japans television shows have the exact same problem as their animation series with the way they cast and portray women. waifu culture comes from women portrayed as one dimensional sex trophies for men in any medium.

No. 1487348

>I too hate that there's a moid horse though.
Didn't My little Pony used to be all girls all the time? I hate that men can't let us have anything.

No. 1487366

If only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1487477

There were boy ponies in the 90s iirc

No. 1487610

didn’t he have a meltdown against his fans over that blonde villain chick when he refused to let her have a redemption arc? my friend who watches the show flipped shit over it.

No. 1487618

There were boy ponies in the 80s toyline and in the 90s cartoon but they were very much side characters and there wasn't many of them. In the cartoon they were mostly there so the girl pony protagonists could have crushes on them.

No. 1487638

It was a disappointment how it became an ugly 3d kids show. I hate how despite ugly it is, it became popular and has its own active fanbase. I wish it didn't.(learn2sage)

No. 1487716

If someone (adult or child) is shown an image of something so absurd or implausible it couldn't happen (like a mouse eating a wedge of cheese and assuming its shape), they will understand that the character exists only in the cartoon. Conversely, an image of a serious situation (like a cartoon representation the American founding fathers signing the Constitution), they will experience a subconscious confusion that may lead them to believe that the cartoons are living, breathing beings that may leave the screen and, yes, copulate with them. The film Cool World is a fictional story but is based on testimonies from people who experienced this phenomenon.

No. 1487718

what about stuff like the MCU which is basically like a live action comic book or cartoon

No. 1487743

This was bound to happen regardless, as cartoons are made to be relatable to people, even while they do silly/impossible things.
There are boomer men who have crushes on the mice from Animaniacs. No melodrama or seriousness needed there

No. 1487775

>The film Cool World is a fictional story but is based on testimonies from people who experienced this phenomenon.

No. 1487894

Oh lord you're a special kind of autistic aren't you

No. 1487982

serving arabic children's song music video realness.
ily anon please keep being you

No. 1488127

File: 1648742085047.png (145.47 KB, 400x513, tumblr_566f9f85123925b211055d0…)

No. 1488134

>I don't like it when I have to think about things. Everyone has the responsibility to tell me how to feel.

No. 1488160

I laughed, but then realized that OP might not be joking

No. 1488343

People are more likely to believe that they will meet an actor in real life if that actor portrays a realistic character as opposed to wearing strange makeup to appear as a clown or monster. Most superheroes are somewhere in the middle so it's kind of an unusual case.

No. 1488552

File: 1648771702988.jpg (100.08 KB, 1196x396, BQG9ey1.jpg)

Anyone know this chick? She became enby recently and complains a lot about older/ESL people not getting her pronouns right. Worked on Hair Love, Craig of the Creek, probably some other stuff

No. 1488596

i see her tweets a lot and she definitely annoys the fuck out of me with her takes. in a way i'm glad it's majority female they/thems in the animation industry because the alternative is agps…but women like this really just make a toxic workplace and insert their bullshit into every conversation. its exhausting.

No. 1488616

File: 1648778048525.jpeg (98.41 KB, 1280x720, 570B199B-51AD-4398-B547-1956E7…)

Kek so they basically made the cast of proud family into college kids. They even got “older” voices for them too. Of course Maya the new black girl sounds like a man when keke is in her 20’s.

No. 1488663

Most fans are just going to watch the old series until this one crashes and burns and hasbro does something dumb like "Friendship is magic a new dawn"
All I know is, no one is using the new artstyle for their pony art. It's hideous and I want the calarts style to fuck off forever

No. 1488696

I love how it looks but I just know it'd have been full of coombait for moids
>it felt like he was just blaming being a heaping pile on only his mommy issues, even though his father was the piece of shit that ruined her
I've wondered if part of it was because his father got himself killed over stupid shit long before Bojack ever had the chance to lash out at him, so all his blame was thrown onto Beatrice. Though honestly that's probably still too kind to Bojack, the guy has so many issues with the women in his life

No. 1488732

What an idiot, and also I’m pretty sure this person hasn’t read the book

No. 1488733

Slightly ot but why did I think Penny Proud was part black, part Latina? I always thought her mom was mixed for some reason

No. 1488738

I felt the exact same. It’s because this hair style feature MUCH looser curls from prior designs which I was very much not a fan of when those prior Penny designs had her hair look more kinky and obviously black. Shes giving very much Dolores Madrigal from Encanto.
Maya being the only dark skinned woman activist with a manly voice in the future is just the cherry on top the whole colorism cake. It’s not anything new for this show but it still nevertheless disappoints me because I want to see more black shows that aren’t a milquetoast slog like Craig of the Creek.

No. 1488812

i'm not american so the dub i watched as a kid didnt have a lot of the AAVE that would tell you who's black and who's not, and i just assumed the mother was asian because she has slanted eyes and she's yellow….. lmao

No. 1488971

Doesn’t help that Dijonay is still “ghetto” and Zoey grew up to be the most pretty of the girls kek.

No. 1489112

it is really, really, really obviously a joke

No. 1489442

I thought this was an April fools joke, but there's apparently going to be a Fairly Oddparents live action show and…well. See for yourself.


No. 1489459

The first live action FOP was bad, this looks worst.

No. 1489479

So that's supposed to be Vicky…and…she wants to fuck crocker I guess?

No. 1489886

It was going to get an OVA animated by Toei at some point. Same look, just not with that prototype Adrian. He’d shared a picture of an executive meeting with Toei staff members on Instagram, but I guess it fell through. There hasn’t been a single update on that since then. Instead we got those hideous flash-animated web episodes.

No. 1493266

lol is a juicy couture rip off considered "ghetto". zoey looks like she got karjenners plastic surgery.

No. 1493268

File: 1649152690895.jpg (114.04 KB, 889x667, cvqnbnf.jpg)

i thought netflix was done making animation deals

No. 1493300

I'm late but what the fuck?? This looks so cool, wonderful animation full of energy and great designs. The cat boy could be a husbando and the mc doesn't look like a sperg. What a pity.

No. 1493340

I can understand if they failed to reach an agreement with a series but an ova? It makes me wonder what always went wrong behind the scenes.

but seeing and knowing a bit of controversies with thomas, it can't be helped but blame him for most of it.

true, felix as many fans dubbed him as, looks better tbh. Although, many fans would disagree on the opinion. the characters in the anime looks older, which i like, and i like that there's better background or architecture than the ones in the show. In most fight scenes, maybe outside of it, the Eiffel tower is always behind the characters.

No. 1493350

It's not fans who came up with the name Felix at all, that was the guy's actual name until the character completely got replaced. On the other hand I looked it up and Marinette was always going to be called Marinette, yet some people in the comments for the video keep lying and saying her og name was going to be Bidgette or some nonsensical shit.

No. 1493456

Wow they must be really scraping the bottom of the barrel for talent if they're making deals with sabrina

No. 1493479

Ugh I hope she gets rejected again

No. 1493796

>Zoey grew up to be the most pretty of the girls kek.
Check your eyes anon, she looks misshaped

No. 1494232

Animation is the only thing that gets Netflix subs nowadays. Isn't Hazbin gonna be on Netflix too?

No. 1494823

File: 1649282571287.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1707, CB362041-3EB1-4E01-8111-9E65DC…)

Forgot to attach pic related when I mentioned the fallen project. It was actually Jeremy Zag who shared it.
Thomas seems like an absolute nightmare to work with. I doubt Toei would agree to work with them now. It feels the show peaked a long time ago.

No. 1494835

Can I know what's going on about that dude beside self-inserts

No. 1494853

File: 1649284559715.jpg (33.57 KB, 592x208, selfinsert.jpg)

He's pissed off a lot of fans by snarking back at them, they've even made a whole documentation of his twitter spats. I know these people are probably making this worse but he's a sperg too. He needs to stop replying and get off twitter.

On a side note I do know that he based Sabine (Marinette's mother) off a Chinese girl he dated in collage with the same name. Of course, Tom (Marinette's father) is based on himself too.

No. 1496832

File: 1649488612167.jpg (217.26 KB, 922x2048, Screenshot.jpg)

The director of Encanto, Jared Bush actually retweeted this, like modern animators are just a bunch of stunted man and womanchildren projecting their petty bullshit unto the world

No. 1496938

Ewww this is so creepy and obsessive wth

No. 1497036

I don’t see a problem with this. It’s refreshing and it’s common to see in other forms of media

No. 1497073

File: 1649524510942.jpg (709.56 KB, 1280x968, bambi-1.jpg)

Shit like this is why I'm glad I didn't get into animation. The industry's so fucked up and warped now that people like this guy think they spit pearls of wisdom. Animation used to be beautiful, engaging, AND for children all at the same time. Nowadays the entire industry has built an iron wall between itself and its history. They want to forget the 100+ years and millions of people whose shoulders they stand on. They're an ungrateful bunch of mentally ill people who will never come close to their predecessors.

No. 1497074

Why would anyone wanna work for Netflix after the "Cuties" scandal?

No. 1497082

well those were a bunch of boring straight white men, they think their better then them cause their queer and woke

No. 1497108

Autistic men are a mistake.

No. 1497154

What is her deal again? Other than being a cringe lolbert?

No. 1497171

Tired of this generational trauma shit. You've seen one, you've seen them all. Isn't it funny how a majority of these "generational trauma" films always put the blame on the matriarch?

Fucking hate this coddling shit. Learning why Abuela or Obaa-san is a cunt gets old fast.

No. 1497220

File: 1649536608199.png (118.46 KB, 772x1042, pedos.png)

So this is interesting, an article about the ever increasing porn artwork of children's cartoons characters, how the trend came to be and how some of these artists are now being hired by major animation studios

>Kids’ TV has a porn problem

>Rule 34 of the internet: “if it exists, there’s porn of it.” It’s unclear exactly when or where this idea originated — sometime in the ’00s — but in the end it was less of an observation than it was an edict. The internet took it as a challenge, an idea that must be made reality. Many it treated as something of a college-frat-boy joke, something with which to shock and entertain their friends.

>Other members of the internet had a more specific interest in it. And so they went to work.
>Rule 34 meant Strawberry Shortcake porn. It meant Arthur porn. Thomas the Tank Engine porn. Caillou porn. Dora the Explorer porn. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Phineas and Ferb, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Animal Crossing porn. Ben 10 porn. SpongeBob SquarePants porn. Doug porn. Kim Possible porn. Ducktales porn. Powerpuff Girls porn. Even Bob the Builder porn. And so on and so forth.
>At times it took on an almost automatic, mechanical quality — simply going down the checklist. A certain sector of the internet felt a pressing need to “corrupt” as many things as they could, however they could, as much as they could. As the Twitter user gravislizard wrote in a viral tweet thread last year: "There was a formula. Nobody knew where it came from, but it seemed to have been there forever. The response to /all/ cultural phenomena was to create something deeply cynical and usually violent and we were doing it like we were punching a clock. The laughs were forced"
>During this early era, the one upside was that these underground online groups were comfortably separate from the mainstream. The subculture of kids’ cartoon “corrupters” was a world away from the community of legitimate children’s animators on the internet. Rule 34 existed, and kids could find it if they tried, but it wasn’t the fundamental force underlying the spirit of the online cartoon community.
>Eventually the Rule 34 project slowed, partly because the novelty wore out and partly because the mantle was passed onto people who didn’t require any such label. People who had spent long enough on the internet to naturally embody the darkest version of the ideal set forth in the Rule — and like it, too.

>What’s the worst that could happen?

>When My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic first started airing in 2010, it quickly gained a following of adult male fans who called themselves “bronies.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. But as Gianna DeCarlo described in her Baltimore City Paper post “The problem with bronies: a look at the corruption of ‘My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’ ”:…the problem with bronies has nothing to [do with] grown men liking a children’s cartoon and everything to do with their usurping of a safe space for young girls and distorting it into a hypersexual and toxic environment for these younger fans.
>The adult fanbase of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has become legendary for the vast ocean of pornography they’ve created of the TV show’s cast of small cartoon animals. For years, it’s been easy for kids to find disturbing sexual imagery of these characters just by looking up their names on Google Images, even with SafeSearch enabled. Search anything My Little Pony related and you’ll quickly come across extreme fetish art. According to Ule Lopez of Geek Reply: “there is a dedicated section to child pornography in sites like Derpibooru and FiMFiction. This category is known as ‘Foalcon.’ ”
>Another famous example of brony excesses is, as Nicky Vaught of Technician described, “Molestia … [the] parody character of the show’s character, Celestia. The site, Ask Princess Molestia, operated in blog format, [and] often dealt in pornographic fan art — of cartoon ponies — and even more often in rape and molestation jokes.” He went on to quote a member of the My Little Pony fan community who petitioned for the deletion of Ask Princess Molestia as saying, “I recently babysat a child who … upon seeing my massive My Little Pony collection, ran to my Friendship is Magic shelf and started naming them … Once she got to Celestia, she told me she rapes people.”
>Children who grew up in the 2010s are natives to the internet. Even by 2011, studies showed that one-fourth of children under age 6 used the internet and 59% of those aged 6-to-9 logged on daily. It’s second nature for this generation of kids to keep up with their favorite children’s programs online, or even to follow the social media accounts of those shows’ creators. But the safe space that a show like My Little Pony offers children on television is missing on the internet, where official art rubs shoulders with “Molestia,” and an official YouTube video is likely to lead straight to the site’s darkest reaches.
>According to some experts, the potential dangers of children being exposed to porn include depression, social anxiety and self-harm. Discovering porn at a young age — when children often have poor impulse control and difficulty parsing their emotions — can also lead to porn addictions. On top of that, in a 2013 study by Middlesex University, 276 submitted papers showed that “children and young people who view pornography tend to hold less progressive gender role attitudes.” Many of the more positive studies are, at most, merely inconclusive. The whole situation has led feminist writer Judith Shulevitz to state in The New York Times: “It’s O.K., Liberal Parents, You Can Freak Out About Porn.”
>Eventually, brony antics expanded beyond just internet porn and overflowed into the physical world. My Little Pony conventions attended by its young fans were also frequented by inhabitants of the internet’s sewer, buying and selling things like erotic bodypillows of the show’s cast. There was a notable child stalking scare at one such convention. Elsewhere, the brony ToonKriticY2K made news for allegedly grooming a fourteen-year-old girl over the internet and soliciting explicit photos from her. These are the inherent dangers of making a children’s space “hypersexual and toxic,” as DeCarlo put it.
>Kids’ TV animators have had many reactions to the proliferation of porn of their work over the years. Bemusement, amusement, winks and nudges. However, one reaction that’s been difficult to find has been condemnation. Whatever their opinion of it, they often shy away from such public pronouncements. Some may feel powerless to change the situation. Others could be taking a more pragmatic view. Why appear prudish or anger part of the fanbase when, most likely, it will have little-to-no effect on the speed of the porn creation?
>In fact, if anything has changed since the early years of Rule 34, it’s been in the opposite direction. While groups like the bronies were making the connection between porn and kids’ TV animation almost mainstream, the link was growing inside the industry as well. Today, online porn, whether created by fans or by the staff themselves, hasn’t just become a normal part of the children’s TV community. It’s become acceptable.

>Going mainstream

>More than at any time in history, creators are available to interact with fans online. And fans are more aware of them than ever. On sites like Fandom, they create lists of storyboarders and which episodes they’ve worked on. They maintain vast databases of the ins and outs of their favorite properties. And they keep up with creators’ social media accounts. Alex Hirsch of Gravity Falls has joked about the huge number of young children who contact him on Twitter — kids who see animators as “halfway between artists or Santa Claus.”
>So what might a young cartoon fan of today discover when they venture online to engage with their favorite show?
>Suppose a child liked the way that Batman looked in DC’s Justice League Action and wanted to find out who designed him. A quick name search on Google of the show’s lead character designer, a man who got his start at John Kricfalusi’s studio Spümcø, brings up a wall of his porn artwork. Meanwhile, the creator of Cartoon Network’s Mighty Magiswords currently follows porn artists and erotic models on his professional Twitter account that he uses to interact with fans. Because Twitter has spent years training its algorithm to close the gap between people you follow and the accounts they follow — whether through “Like” histories or random recommendations—this is enough to send such content into a kid’s feed.
>Inside fan communities, it’s not just bronies who pump sexualized fan art into the mainstream anymore. Children’s cartoons like The Loud House — Nickelodeon’s hit show by Chris Savino — already have thriving groups of adult artists creating fetish art ranging from inflation to lolicon of the 6-year-old Lana Loud, all of which is accessible with an innocent Google search of her name. (Inflation, as cartoonist Ryan North explained for the adult website Oh Joy Sex Toy, is a sexual fetish involving people who swell like balloons.) On YouTube, viral videos like “Lynn X Lincoln💕” and “The Loud House Characters as Anime,” each weighing in at 2.2 million views, reimagine the show’s cast of children in disturbing ways. The former shows a post-coital scene between 11- and 13-year-old siblings as the sister wonders whether she could become pregnant.
>Today, creators of sexual or outright pornographic fan works based on children’s TV often mingle with the official production staff. Consider Mike Inel: his hit video “What if ‘The Amazing World Of Gumball’ was an anime” boasts 33 million views and an endorsement from showrunner Ben Bocquelet himself. What Bocquelet may not have known is that Inel (aka manyakis) also openly has a career making hardcore porn based on Gumball, Gravity Falls — particularly 12-year-old protagonist Mabel Pines — and many other children’s TV properties.
>The ascension of such artists into the mainstream animation industry is ongoing. Some of them got their start all the way back in the Rule 34 era.
>A good example is ZONE-SAMA, one of the premier Rule 34 artists who has maintained popularity into the present day. ZONE rose to prominence by making extreme porn animations of children’s TV shows in the 2000s and 2010s, often with shockingly accurate recreations of each cartoon’s art style. Targets included Foster’s Home, My Life as a Teenage Robot — one of which features the gang rape of protagonist Jenny—Teen Titans and beyond. Since around 2016, one of ZONE’s recurring subjects has been Peridot, a child-like character from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. Around that time, ZONE was also hired to animate for Cartoon Network’s OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes.
>And ZONE is part of a trend.
>A surprising amount of the new blood in the animation industry got its start on Newgrounds, a content hosting and social media website where users can post their own games, music, drawings and videos. Since 1995, its community has been notable for its freewheeling anti-censorship spirit, shock-jockery, and, once again, porn. ZONE is one of its most iconic contributors. For the site that gave the internet post-9/11 Flash games, the “Barney Bunch” and interactive Rule 34 games starring 10-year-old Gwen Tennyson, the transition into mainstream animation is quite a leap.
>Studio Yotta, a rising star in the animation industry, was founded by Newgrounders earlier this decade. It frequently employs freelancers from a hiring pool of Newgrounds alumni. Yotta has overcome its humble origins and managed to find work on things like ThunderCats Roar, OK K.O.! and even the opening animation to Disney’s new Amphibia. The company embodies the clan pride common to Newgrounders, a desire to stick together against the world, to maintain the common roots that tie them all together. When Yotta was hired to work on the OK K.O.! shorts, they brought ZONE along for the ride. Similarly, animators like the popular porn artist and ex-Newgrounder Ryan Miller contributed to Amphibia’s intro.
>While many of the artists in Yotta’s orbit are simply struggling animators trying to get by, the Newgrounds diaspora is messy. Its tight-knit culture makes it hard to cut off the darker sectors of the community. A number of Yotta-connected artists (including the animator Chris O’Neill) still associate with Shadman, the most infamous porn artist from Newgrounds and perhaps the internet itself. Labeled by Gizmodo as “one of the alt-right’s favorite artists,” Shadman is the Rule 34 artist’s Rule 34 artist, a man who has complained of the legal troubles he faced for creating degrading porn based on the 12-year-old actress Dafne Keen from Logan. For years his work has put young girls from cartoons like The Loud House and Ben 10 in nightmarish and often inventively violent — even fatal — sexual situations.
>The founders of Studio Yotta continue to follow Shadman on Twitter. Another Newgrounds alumnus with ties to Cartoon Network, Arin Hanson of Mighty Magiswords, has openly collaborated with him in the past. This is simply normal communal behavior for Newgrounds ex-pats, regularly done without a second thought. But it’s concerning when fringe online figures like Shadman and ZONE — also a Hanson collaborator — get so near to the mainstream children’s cartoons they pornographize for a living. It represents a sea change in what kids can expect to find in children’s animation communities, and, in some cases, maybe even in the shows themselves.


No. 1497238

anon, this is not new. porn parodies of comic characters existed and were sold for cheap all the way back in the 1930s, called Tijuana Bibles, some featuring Popeye and Archie characters. The creator of Wonder Woman had a bondage fetish and a career in pinup (this may not be exact, I am just recalling trivia I amassed over the years). Disney employees too. Even early fan fiction zines were rife with what was essentially yaoi, some of which was explicit, and many fans have “graduated” to become industry workers, one example being Richard Williams who started as a fan and went out to seek tutoring from Disney’s Nine Old Men. To pretend adults aren’t the ones making cartoons is disingenuous. The problem really is more about content moderation and filtering online, and even then the tech giants play a part as much as the individual user (see: spiderman and Elsa videos just being allowed on YouTube unscathed). The individual’s part is making sure to tag appropriately and parents actually looking at what their brats are doing on their babysitting-substitute iPad. While I agree kids are seeing things they shouldn’t and I was one such kid, this whole article reads like moralfagging. Rule 34 was a term coined based on observation of people’s behaviour on the internet, not vice versa.

I’d much rather judge animator cows on shit like what Julia Vickerman did or Noelle Steven son’s disastrous love life, rather than just regular pervert monki behavior. Humans were scrawling sex and dick jokes on the walls of Pompeii, pretending this is new is just dumb

No. 1497247

I understand the point your trying to make, but the whole "humans have always been horny and making porn" is the same logic that coomers use to justify their porn addictions and besides, there's one important difference between the zines of old and current rule34, fetishists had to actively go out and seek it but the sheer quantity of cartoon porn is unavoidable, I was 11 when I first came across as pinkie pie(a MLP character) porn, children shouldn't have to experience that

No. 1497258

I agree with you, and maybe I phrased my point wrong. I do think the current accessibility is a problem; at the same time I know from boomers and Gen Xers I have talked to or read autobiographical material from that they still sought to access their uncle or dad’s hidden porn stash or fiddled with their tv antennas to access porn tv channels (which is not specifically cartoon coomershit, but it is coomershit) The taboo aspect and shock value is what gets some teens to keep looking at the content and some end up as coomers and others don’t. There’s more nuance and psychological/environmental factors to it than I think most people grant the topic.

My actual point is this article does not read like it’s addressing the actual problems- people using tech as surrogate entertainment or enrichment for their kids, tech giants not addressing the accessibility of content, everything being normalised instead of being properly flagged and contained to specific sites or tags- it just reads as “adults are doing freaky drawings and then they become ANIMATORS! Aren’t they all pedos!” Which for the most part, no, they aren’t. You will have your Julia Vickerman and your John Kricfalusi, but pedos can exist and take shelter in any industry (priests, even). The overall vibe of the article is similar to “videogames cause violence” rhetoric, which to me draws attention away from other dangers.

I dunno, I just don’t think it is correct to want to sanitize artists. I do think boundaries must be enforced and if you’re gonna draw coomershit, especially Rule 34, it’s your responsibility to keep it completely separate and block underage users if you for example have a separate account for it, but pretending the drawings by themselves are a danger, when explicit art has existed for so much of human history, feels like an oversimplification.

Hell even from a lolcow standpoint I find shit like what Dan Harmon does to be way milkier kek

No. 1497297

The article is right honestly, I don’t know why it’s so important for people to draw porn of children and children shows. It’s weird

No. 1497538

File: 1649561122897.png (58.31 KB, 500x306, 1_fWIqpLnIUk-DCO74GYZ13A.png)

the rest of the article

>“I say bring it on”

>The most high-profile figure to hop from the online Rule 34 scene into children’s TV, though, isn’t ZONE or anyone else from Newgrounds. Surprisingly, it’s the creator of one of Cartoon Network’s largest hits this decade: Rebecca Sugar, showrunner for Steven Universe.
>Steven Universe over the years.
>Sugar got her start in cartoon fan communities during the 2000s, posting fan art to social networks like LiveJournal. Way back in 2007, her technical skill caught the eye of Cartoon Brew’s Amid Amidi — who also reported on the “disturbing” nature of much of Sugar’s work at the time. Specifically, Sugar created Rule 34 art. Among other things, she drew comics that portray the awkward, vulnerable sexual encounters of preteen characters from the Cartoon Network show Ed, Edd n Eddy. The work, which is still floating around the internet, fixates on the inexperience and uncertainty of its subjects, on the uncomfortable blurred lines of sex at a young age.
>But Amidi’s prediction that Sugar had “a bright future” came true. Just two years later, in 2009, she was hired to Adventure Time as a storyboarder, and she quickly made the jump to showrunner status with Steven Universe. For an artist from the online underground scene, it was a rare honor.
>Critics have hailed Steven Universe as a new standard in storytelling, emotional complexity and representation in kids’ TV. It made history as the first children’s cartoon to portray a same-sex wedding. Sugar was able to do this by very smartly creating characters who would allow her to bypass the old-fashioned censors of LGBTQ+ content at Cartoon Network. While the alien race in the show — the Gems — identify as female, they are technically genderless holograms projected by living rocks. This distinction allows the show to explore many different aspects of gender and sexual orientation usually rendered off-limits by the old guard of children’s TV.
>However, at the same time, the appearance of many Gems as very young — though they are technically hundreds or thousands of years old — is used to explore sexual situations involving child-like characters.
>Gems in Steven Universe can fuse, a dance-like activity that allows two or more of them to form a single, larger being. The show uses fusion as a metaphor for many things — friendship, romance, companionship. But it’s also used at times as a rather blatant metaphor for sex. Take fusion scenes like the one in “Sexy Fuse,” a YouTube upload with 4.3 million views. It’s thinly-veiled enough that many of the kids in the comments openly (via abundant emoji and confused typing) express discomfort with it. This makes fusion somewhat alarming when it’s mixed with Steven Universe’s younger-looking and -acting characters.
>Peridot, despite being an alien, looks and acts just like a child. Her unique mannerisms have been hailed by fans as an all-time-great example of neuroatypical representation in children’s cartoons.
>One scene from the episode “Log Date 7 15 2” is a good example. The character Garnet invites the younger and less worldly Peridot, a Gem who has never fused before and is uneasy about the idea, to fuse with her and learn what all the fuss is about. The child-like Gem tumbles backwards, blushing and flustered at the come-on. Uncertain at first, Peridot works up her courage and decides to go through with it. Garnet puts on music and Peridot straps paint cans to her feet to keep up with her taller partner. But Peridot’s inexperience and awkwardness quickly leave her overwhelmed, and she calls off the fusion before it’s finished.
>In another episode, the half-Gem protagonist Steven goes to the beach with his romantic interest — a 12-year-old human girl named Connie who’s two years his junior. While flirting, they accidentally fuse into the more mature-looking Stevonnie. Steven’s Gem mentor Pearl declares this “inappropriate,” but Stevonnie states that it “feels amazing.” Later, though, the two halves of Stevonnie have a moment of uncertainty. “Are you okay? We can stop, if you…” says one side.
>One of the most disquieting plotlines related to fusion comes when Pearl, under false pretenses, tricks Garnet into fusing with her multiple times. Pearl says that she “couldn’t help” herself, and continues, “When we fuse, I can feel what it’s like to be you… confident and secure and complete.” Her actions lead Garnet to split into two halves — each one a smaller Gem with a preteen appearance — who struggle to deal with the fallout of pseudo-sexual betrayal. Child-like characters are placed once again into a vulnerable position in a landscape of blurred lines and uncertain boundaries. In the end, Pearl is accepted back into the fold with no lasting repercussions.
>These aren’t the usual adult jokes buried in subtext for the grown-ups in the room. They aren’t even jokes — they’re explorations of troubling themes, executed in often-troubling ways. Despite the merits of Steven Universe, and despite its progressive handling of gender and sexual orientation, the show’s missteps into disturbing territory can’t simply be brushed aside.
>But Steven Universe was a hit with the internet. Like My Little Pony, Cartoon Network’s show has drawn an online fanbase of adults outside its core demographic. And this fan community, like the bronies, has become notorious for filling the internet with porn in every configuration, especially of young-looking characters like Peridot. To call this environment hypersexual is almost an understatement. Google Images is a minefield, and any attempt to engage with Steven Universe on social media quickly runs into an endless river of erotica.
>The comparison between the two fanbases wasn’t lost on certain spectators, including Ian Jones-Quartey, co-showrunner of Steven Universe and romantic partner of Rebecca Sugar. In 2015, he shared a fan comic on the subject and remarked that it was “exactly” how the situation looked to the show’s team:
>At the time, the Steven Universe fandom was attempting to drive bronies from the show’s online communities. Jones-Quartey highlighted the comic’s message that the two fandoms had more things in common with each other than not.
>His remark was already a step beyond the general silence that the My Little Pony staff has maintained about the porn culture around their show. But Jones-Quartey went further a minute later. In a since-deleted follow-up tweet, he seemingly supported the fans’ work: “not that i have anything against risqué fanart btw. I love it all, even the gross stuff. it’s fun!”
>Jones-Quartey’s comment was in line with his past statements on the subject. The director — himself a veteran of Newgrounds, and now in charge of OK K.O.! on Cartoon Network — has encouraged fans on Twitter to push the envelope with their fan art. In a three-tweet thread from 2014, he remarked that the Steven Universe writer’s room “is waaaay sicker than stuff I see on tumblr.” He drew a comparison between himself and what he termed the “gross nerds” in the community, writing, “My complaint with most weird fanart I see is usually ‘This isn’t going far enough.’ ”
>When a fan noted that the director’s words could soon be “ringing through the abyss and awakening some heretofore unimaginable fanart monster,” he received this reply from Jones-Quartey: “I say bring it on.”
>Ian Jones-Quartey’s tweet thread from August 2014.
>The words and actions of high-ranking figures in the children’s animation industry help to set the tone for what’s acceptable there. Jones-Quartey clearly means no harm to anyone with his statements — but the problem is that kids’ TV shows like Steven Universe and OK K.O.! are for kids. If these were adult animated series being surrounded by cultures of extreme porn art, it would mean something entirely different. But that simply isn’t the case. Shows like Steven Universe have to take into account, both in their content and their surrounding culture, that they exist primarily for children.
>Just as with My Little Pony, there are kids watching Steven Universe and kids looking to engage with it online. There are kids joining social media for the purpose of interacting with the creators of these cartoons or participating in the fan cultures around them. Showrunners like Jones-Quartey and Sugar create work responsible, in some ways, for drawing children into online communities. That’s the reality of making a mainstream cartoon today. The question is, are kids being drawn to safe spaces? Or is the fan community around kids’ cartoons like Steven Universe a “hypersexual and toxic environment,” where kids and adults mingle and boundaries disappear?
>The Steven Universe brand has similarly attracted its share of questionable collaborators. Japan’s Studio Trigger — an animation company that’s gained notoriety in the United States for raunchy sex comedies starring underage girls — lent Steven Universe a senior animator for one key sequence. (OK K.O.! has continued the love affair.) Studio Trigger’s mascots, dubbed the “Trigger Girls,” include a prepubescent child in a very small bikini. Trigger often hires erotic artists to illustrate these characters: here’s one such image (NSFW) available one click away from its main page as of this writing. The great irony is that Trigger’s senior staff includes at least one brony, Yoh Yoshinari.
>This is to say nothing of the controversial fan artist “Purple Kecleon,” hired by Boom! Studios as a cover illustrator for the official Steven Universe comic series. Kecleon’s infamous porn fan works have typically featured Pokémon and other small animals, such as My Little Pony characters (“foals” included), rendered with infant characteristics. Even before Kecleon was hired, the artist had posted publicly — on one of several Tumblr accounts they acknowledged as their own — about their overriding interest in porn that depicts “innocence being broken.”
>The public flirtation of children’s media with artists like these doesn’t just risk exposing kids to porn — it normalizes the entire idea of hypersexuality being present in children’s spaces, often in its most extreme forms. The trends I’ve described above are larger than any person or group of people in the children’s animation industry. It’s a systemic problem that will only grow if it’s left unaddressed.
>Just business
>The spread of porn based on children’s shows, and the upcycling of porn artists from this scene into mainstream children’s animation, isn’t some kind of grand conspiracy. It’s mostly the byproduct of what was simplest from a business perspective.

>All of which makes creators in the children’s animation industry seem out-of-touch when they shrug off fan-made porn. “People can do whatever they want with these characters,” Alex Hirsch said about the cast of Gravity Falls in 2015. “It’s not like I get upset about it! I’m just amused; I don’t care. Keep being weird — be weirder!” Here he echoes Jones-Quartey’s remarks in defense of Steven Universe’s porn artists.

>The question of porn based on children’s animation is now much bigger than what consenting adults do in their private lives. Is it really harmless fun when kids stumble across lolicon artwork of their favorite cartoon characters — characters they see themselves in? Is the internet really better off when tens of millions of kids watch fetish animations by “secretgoombaman12345” that show Steven Universe, My Little Pony and Gravity Falls characters inflating like blimps and bursting?
>And how is it wrong for companies like Hasbro and Cartoon Network — even as they continue to allow most fan artists to provide them with free advertising — to enforce their copyright when it comes to extreme or disturbing porn based on their children’s properties? Would the world truly be a worse place if Derpibooru didn’t have a “Foalcon” section?
>This is a systemic problem. It can be solved, but only if the children’s animation industry collectively realizes the responsibility it has to its young fans. This is much bigger than individual people, bigger than whichever unfortunate scapegoats a corporation might “cancel” to save its reputation and preserve the status quo. When Cartoon Network as a whole plays footsie with Shadman, when Hasbro turns a blind eye to brony toxicity, these actions have consequences. These companies — not at the showrunner level, but at the highest corporate and legal echelons — have allowed the problems in their communities to grow to this size. And only these companies can decide whether they want kids’ TV to be a safe space for kids again.

No. 1497549


This is the dumbest take and reaching I’ve ever seen and I hate coomer art of children properties.

You can tell the person writing this didn’t even freelance anywhere.

Why do people think artist only work at one studio at once and never anywhere else? Yes the same people who just wrapped up working on a Disney feature film are also creating Rick and Morty episodes at the same time.

It’s like being surprised a writing who wrote for a kids show at the beginning of their career now scriptwriters for euphoria.

No. 1497558

And this is why cartoon fans on Twitter who sperg about the porn and try to get people "cancelled" but never @ actual professionals/animators are disingenuous to me. The same people they suck the dicks of are all doing the exact same shit they write callouts for. They know it, don't care and keep supporting it
Cartoonists are degenerates. Most cartoons have degenerate messaging. If we want to be honest, the conservative Christians were kind of right, but it's too late to go back now, and 99% of the young people complaining are complete hypocrites. All that can be done is try to protect real children, criticize Google/Twitter/etc and demand better safeguarding so coomer shit isn't the first result when you try to find out about cartoons. It's the kind of thing that should just be kept underground, because you can't actually put sanctions on what people choose to draw/animate in most countries and expect it to work

No. 1497954

yah i thought that character was supposed to be american suburban mall type of girl. not the ginger, the one the other anon calls "ghetto"

No. 1497955

damn i don't remember japan having so many fat people when i lived there in 1999

No. 1497957

i hate 3d animation but this is why i respect the movie frozen. it respected children/didn't assume they are retarded, and didn't teach them that wallowing in the fact that your family GASP - MADE SOME MISTAKES!!!1 is a personality.
princess and the frog was sick too, because the girl's goal is to have a career/do wtf she wants/be fucking based, and the prince gets a job as a waiter at her restaurant at the end.
it's not hard to make stuff for kids without obsessing over your own slightly shitty first world childhood.

No. 1497960

i'm gonna make a cartoon movie about how my dad is a dumbass from the ghetto but got really good at driving cars and got rich as a professional driver, then was really annoying to his asian wife and half asian daughters but tried to show that he loved us by spending a lot of money on our school and houses, and the moral will be that men are retarded. netflix dm me please

No. 1498340

>It’s refreshing
>and it’s common to see in other forms of media
How is it refreshing if it's so common? Dumping your trauma onto children instead of telling a good story isn't as high-brow as these zillenials want everyone to think

No. 1498353

wow literally me expect my father was Sudanese, who get a well earning do nothing job cause his family connections and him and he still didn't buy us shit

No. 1498795

File: 1649699740103.png (40.52 KB, 388x598, 8.png)

coomers who mastrubate to children cartoon's getting triggered over this

No. 1498796

File: 1649699791688.png (71.85 KB, 599x621, 7.png)

No. 1498854

Of course a tranny show for kids would also have sexual incidents for kids. Children need to learn about how to encourage an autistic child to have sex with you and your partner (peridot and garnet), a 14 and 12 year old accidentally fucking (steve and connie) and covert rape (pearl) duh, this is all things a 10 year old kid needs to know.

No. 1498864

File: 1649705658487.png (500.61 KB, 766x765, sauce.PNG)

Anyone else see this for the 20 minutes it was up before it was deleted

No. 1498871

>Medium "article"
>seems to copy-paste the entire thing
Is this a self post

lmao hate to tell you this but humans HAVE always been horny and making porn, what do you think Venus of Willendorf is? Welcome to reality, good luck trying to bend it to your will

No. 1498874

what are we supposed to think of this lmao

it literally just reads the same as that chick who is obsessed with the game grumps guy, the one who swears up and down that neil gaiman stole her likeness.

No. 1498901

Venus of Willendorf was probably not fap fodder, sorry.

No. 1498927

I'm here to shit up the thread by asking, genuinely, and not even in a snarky way: are there any current, modern-day animated series out there that you people actually approve of? What are you looking for in animation? You seem to hate anime, children's cartoons, teens cartoons, and adult animation, so I'm not sure what it is y'all are even after at this point.

And yeah, I'm a 34 year woman and Steven Universe is my favourite goddamn show in history. Sue me.

No. 1498935

After Bojack Horseman, it just doesn't need to be explored anymore.

No. 1498951

lol, reminds me of that time some random chick swore RIOT games stole her likeness to design Seraphine. The champion looked like your generic Instagram influencer and everyone just mocked her being stupid.

I haven't watched Gravity Falls either but wasn't this character just brought on for a one off episode anyway? What relation/history does she have with Alex Hirsh?

No. 1498966


Arcane is probably the best choice I could pick (even though I haven't watched it yet)

No. 1498971

Wtf? Is she talking about the .GIFfany AI character or the animatronic beaver girl? It's obviously just an anime/yandere reference

No. 1499015

Currently I'm into Jellystone (watch it with my niece, it's one of the things we've come to bond over), Smiling Friends, the Venture Brothers (I'm counting it as on going until the movie comes out in ~10 years), Tuca and Bertie, Arcane and Duncanville (I know, not a popular opinion in this thread but it's got some genuinely funny moments and the writing is at least original). I also watch TOH, American Dad and Southpark even though they've all been incredibly mediocre for a while. I liked Steven Universe too but future was trash.

No. 1499020

Thanks for giving an honest answer. Sadly, I agree that SU Future wasn't great, and the highest point of the series was definitely the movie (and it could have ended there just fine). But overall, Steven Universe embodies everything I love about animation, everything I loved about animation growing up, and even though I watched it as a grown-ass adult, there were many times when I thought that I really could have used that show when I was a teen.

This thread though, my god. I agree so fucking much that the people that produce a lot of these shows are garbage, and a lot of the shows too regressive and referential (and I'm obviously saying that knowing how referential Steven Universe is), but like, damn people, I really want to know why you're so invested in Western Animation to post in this thread when you seem to loathe all of it.

Also, I fucking love American Dad. Most underrated adult series of all time.

No. 1499040

Homie pick up a history book. You’re out here looking full retarded.

No. 1499044

flapjack, over the garden wall

No. 1499049

For modern day cartoons Amphibia is very cute from what I've seen (mid way through s2, please someone spoil me if it somehow all goes downhill)

No. 1499060

I really wanted to like tuca and bertie and on paper it's perfect but it always feels so empty to me, mostly due to the voice acting sounding very unnatural to me? Shame

No. 1499082

The Amazing World of Gumball was underrated as hell. The animation is really unique and has a lot of hilarious and heartfelt moments.

No. 1499085

Season 3a takes a weird nosedive in quality (probably because of covid) but it recovers in 3b

No. 1499088

Gumball was the only thing I enjoyed. It's amazing.

No. 1499097

pretty sure that caveman rock lady was some bored pregnant chick's self portrait nonnnie

No. 1499101

god i love american dad. feminist scifi surrealist comedy with a family that grows together and has bonded so much in the past 8 years. laugh at me all you want, francine is a role model.

No. 1499103

flapjack kicks ass and steven universe is retarded

No. 1499104

Oh wow, this is Alex's crazy ex from high school and she's still obsessed with him it looks like

No. 1499132

>Steven Universe is my favourite goddamn show in history

No. 1499133


No. 1499136

I can't imagine today's animators surviving even 100 years ago. They wouldn't even make it past the front door of even the shittiest studio.

No. 1499184

File: 1649730355651.jpeg (120.96 KB, 750x598, 8E1349D4-51D8-40E7-8A3F-D744DD…)

The people who write/design/board the shows don’t animate them. They’re paid crazy American union wages to write this stuff and then ship it out to Korea/India where the actual POC they claim to love in their shows get paid pennies to animate them. Picrel shows a weekly wage for a young board artist in USA, whereas the annual wage for an animator in India is less than 3500$. Sorry for wage sperg, just shows that these « woke » industry chuds preach shit on Twitter while taking advantage of some of the worlds poorest people. They wouldn’t have survived in studio 100 years ago because you had to actually work hard to move anywhere up the pipeline

No. 1499236

File: 1649736736014.png (873.96 KB, 698x863, kate_topsurgery.png)

So after months of whoring out her body on Patreon, Kate Leth finally got her long-awaited "top surgery." I'm just waiting for the day she starts regretting the surgery.


No. 1499245

her as well, why is the animation Industry filled with so many TIMs and TIFs

No. 1499303

It actually is the show that Rick and Morty thinks it is.

No. 1499304

Ugh this is sad. She's not male presenting literally at all.

No. 1499316

File: 1649743980567.jpg (237.91 KB, 1080x1080, 277897735_690786465299011_1042…)

She actually identifies as non-binary which I somehow find more mentally ill than if she just identified as a FtM tranny. The amount of cope in this comic kek. She made this less than a week prior to her surgery too.

No. 1499377

This comics is the biggest copium I've seen. How sad does her life have to be that she chops off her chest because of enby-trend?

No. 1499430

Aren't comics supposed to show more through pictures than through words. You can take all the pictures out of this and it'd still make sense because the little drawings add nothing to the wall of text.

No. 1499554

because cartoons are for mentally stunted adults (source; i love cartoons)

No. 1499562

wow that bottom right panel. they gave someone who draws like that a tv show? christ standards are so low now

No. 1499564

is this a way to get breast reductions covered by govt healthcare?? where i live it's cosmetic and EXPENSIVE. could i turn G's into A's simply by saying i'm trans? asking for a friend

No. 1499607

File: 1649778738023.jpg (144.55 KB, 1080x1080, download.jpg)

She talks this about this a story post on Instagram, "TS Approval", if you're interested. Basically though, it seems like Canadian healthcare covers it if you go through a long process. I find it sad that her therapist found her "well enough" to undergo this when she only found out she has BPD less than a year ago.

No. 1499681

thank you troons, now i can move to canada for breast reduction surgery

No. 1499743

>I really want to know why you're so invested in Western Animation to post in this thread
you realise this is a cow thread right?

No. 1499765

You obviously are invested in and / or love Western animation if you have the time, energy, and interest in posting about the cows in the animation industry.

No. 1499950

why do you think depictions of naked female form are automatically porn? do you think female body exists to be masturbated at?

No. 1499976

File: 1649810212905.jpg (174.17 KB, 909x584, 34354667.jpg)

this woman's instagram is hilarious, the comics are all just her coping. she's engaged to a man but talks about being queer all the time even though it seems like when it is the time to act on said queerness she bails out holy shit lmao

No. 1499977

In the US comics are 50% capeshit written by wannabe television writer moids and the other 50% are autobiographies by NLOGs that make comics about their queer awakenings in college

No. 1499978

File: 1649810290852.jpg (156.54 KB, 537x573, 6535435345.jpg)

No. 1499981

Isn’t this the same Kate Leth that had an affair with a terminally ill married man because he wanted a fling before he died

No. 1499985

File: 1649810487193.jpg (162.71 KB, 513x568, 6535435345vdfd.jpg)

No. 1499993

Good lord she's mentally ill. These aren't cute they're cries for help lol

No. 1500007

“I Faked Being Trans [to get a hysterectomy] & Have No Regrets”

No. 1500018

File: 1649811643321.jpeg (156.15 KB, 800x892, 49D0D14B-B511-432F-A918-7965CF…)

yes. she’s currently engaged to cohen edenfield, former homestuck writer.

No. 1500032

You shocked me by calling American Dad feminist but actually I agree

No. 1500040

>I'm so gay I can't have sex with women

No. 1500067

Arcane is a really good show. So, I recommend.

No. 1500095

that "probably not" and "pretty sure" are doing a lot of heavy lifting there. anyway the point is you and >>1499040 and >>1499950 are all out here REEEEing because you can't stop people from making horny cartoons and it makes me lol.

Nobody here hates animation, everyone ITT is a sperg completely obsessed with it. They probably consume more TV animation than your average animator. For your question I'd suggest you watch Bob's Burgers but I doubt you'd be interested.

No. 1500099

Why do you think I wouldn't be interested in Bob's Burgers? I've seen it all and adore that show.

Cartoons are my thing, man. Pure and simple.

No. 1500167

Canada fag here; it's NOT a long process
I know a woman who trooned out and she was booked for top surgery within WEEKS of identifying as trans, during a PANDEMIC where "non-essential" surgeries were being cancelled or postponed due to lack of facilities and staff
sage for blogging and non-contrib

No. 1500170

not sure what article they linked to but japan does a pretty shit job of protecting children and dealing with CP (real, not drawings).

No. 1500175

Why'd you dodge >>1499950 lol? There is absolutely no evidence that the Venus of Willendorf statue was ancient porn btw

No. 1500176

I wouldn't be surprised if Kate was exaggerating that it's a long process. BPD sufferers aren't exactly known for being honest.

No. 1500179

Good for you sticking to your guns, anon. I think of Steven Universe pretty fondly actually.

I've really seen almost every modern cartoon I've thought was either fun or nice get shit on in this thread. Like, I enjoyed Bojack, Inside Job, Arcane, and Smiling Friends equally as much. I'm fond of them; they made me happy. I unironically enjoy Rick and Morty because I really like the characters, and I think the two leads' dynamic is weirdly adorable and fun due to how absurd they are, so I guess that's technically my favorite at the moment. I fucking hate most of the fanbase and avoid reading comments if I can though. My rule of thumb is if I like it, I like it. I can dislike some aspects or arcs of an animated work, but I'm not sure if I can reach the same vitriol as some passionate anons here sometimes. Can't talk shit about an arc I didn't like in a show anywhere else though, so.

No. 1500189

nta but I have similar experiences, I used to love SU growing up and still like parts of the later episodes, with rick and morty I would agree with only the first three seasons, seasons 4 and 5 were just unbearable and I couldn't make it through a single episode

No. 1500192

File: 1649830378348.jpg (15.03 KB, 275x183, wdsdsd.jpg)

is this porn?

No. 1500194

my honest and most unpopular opinion is that steven universe could have been the neon genesis evangelion of western animation if it had been at the hands of competent staff, more thought out and not bound by the fact that it was aimed at children.

No. 1500200

Mind elaborating, anon? I wanna hear what you have to say

No. 1500227

Not that anon but I can kinda see what they mean. The BASE premise of SU could have been deep and really gone into the ACTUAL horrors and existentialism caused by the gems existing and maybe even shown other non-earthling being other than just gems that could be shown as a form of 'livestock' or something making it so there was more variation in threat. The things that SU touches on could have been actually interesting if it wasnt all 'oh but it's solved by uwu love is all that matters' or ruined by 'oh lets just compare everything to something that will give us woke points'

I feel like the first time steven and connie fuse should have caused an actual trauma or at least a crisis in Connie. She's a human and her mind is melded with her friend and she becomes a whole different person but we're just shown this as a 'teehee cute and touching' bonding thing? For the gems it makes sense cause they've been doing it for decades but a human girl just being totally chill with that? It doesnt help that the general consensus is that fusing is almost an allegory to sex (or is poorly presented to the point where people think that) so its just all around handled super poorly.

There's so many plot points that are treated the same way that COULD have been amazing in better hands but they were too busy pushing a weird 'love is love and it fixes everything even genocide teehee!' narrative to do that.

No. 1500234

i mean steven is practically a child soldier fighting against alien invaders lol like steven universe begins as a simple story of a young boy living with space aliens and who together battle against alien creatures which seems like harmless simple fun like you expect from a cartoon but actually battling against alien creatures isn't just simple adventures and fun but the characters are actually emotional wrecks for their own reasons and the main character is the reincarnation of his own damn mother and has to face all the expectations that causes and his mother's murky history.

it honestly is kinda similar story to nge but different enough to be it's own thing, and there is that very fucked up emotional absolutely insane shit there like vid related

and nonita posted this before me but yeah >>1500227 basically what i mean too, like if the deep fucked up shit and the emotion stuff was actually genuinely deep it could have been really influential. now there are emotions and so called deepness but something is just left hollow with it.

No. 1500243

and sometimes when the show references itself and not just anime it does sometimes show genuine, actual emotion. like this scene here, for the whole show steven has had to deal with being half gem, half human, being his own mother, not really being his own mother, self doubt, not feeling enough, and then in the climax of the show we finally see steven's human side and gem side come together, do that laughing fusion hug/dance ruby and sapphire did, which showed how much they love each other, this time showing how steven loves himself and how that love makes him become a full person.

all the stuff that could make this really good show is there but it just end sup feeling half done.

No. 1500347

File: 1649855083521.jpeg (914.76 KB, 1242x2021, 449C343C-D373-4686-A172-A712E4…)

Yep. I don’t think SU is bad; I think it’s good, but flawed. Similar to Rick and Morty, I think of the earlier seasons somewhat more sentimentally due to nostalgia, and of course, there were scenes in every season that made my jaw drop.

I was so excited at the PD reveal. I appreciated what it tried to do. Reading Rebecca Sugar’s interviews, like what the Ruby/Sapphire/Garnet relationship is meant to really mean for them even though it was one of the weaker relationships to the show, changed my impression of her. I own the art books, and Rebecca Sugar has a good head on her shoulders. She’s very clever in my opinion, has great ideas, and I love her art. But her and the staff’s storytelling is executed so hamfistedly half the time. The show really suffers from telling > showing sometimes because it wants to convey these great ideas, but they don’t know how.

I think the staff was overly ambitious, and perhaps in a different timeline it could’ve been perfected. But it is what it is, and we got what we got. I for sure wanted it to be the NGE of this generation, which may be stupid, but a lot of its world-building totally made it open to that.

No. 1500348

Fuck. I forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 1500362

Its not a proper comic I think, just a “vent-comic” or a high effort blogpost

No. 1500370

Honestly, more often than not, nonbinary is just the steppingstone to being full on trans with these people.

No. 1500387

agree with all of you. SU had so much potential and then it consistently dropped the ball, especially in Future. the diamonds and the homeworld arc were genuinely creepy, and if SU wasn't bound by being an American children's show i think it could have gone much deeper. the problem is NGE and its counterparts, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Madoka, are very hard acts to follow, especially for American cartoons. animated shows technically written for children/teens in Japan seem to have much more leeway to show darker stuff, while in America cartoons with more 'adult' themes are limited to Netflix or Adult Swim. imho the she-ra reboot suffers from many of the same problems as SU, with the addition of noelle stevenson's batshit insane troonery.

No. 1500420

i'm >>1500194 and i have never watched the future series because i never really was a steven universe fan, i just watched the original series because i heard so many people hating on it so i wanted to see what all the fuss was about and it was way better what i expected

No. 1500435

Oh yeah, shit, I forgot about that. I remember being told by an animator at Cartoon Network how the animation process was done and couldn't believe my ears when they told me they outsource the actual animation to Korea.

No. 1500436

SU is just a reskin of Sailor Moon, of course it had potential, it was ripping off one of the most successful anime franchises of all time

No. 1500495

Fine then, Venus of Willendorf was not porn. It wasn't made as fap fodder. The statue was not looked upon as men fapped to it. There's evidence of it being a sculpture a pregnant woman made of her own body, hence the strange proportions (she was looking at herself top-down). Otherwise it would likely be a fertility idol, a work of art depicting nature just like the other works of art at the time. Nudity isn't synonymous with porn.

No. 1500523

i really, really, really, don't like her fake lesbianism. i liked her blog and pug davis and her songs on adventure time, but she peaked long before SU.

No. 1500540

>fake lesbianism
I wouldn't call it fake. I just don't think that she's very good at portraying at mutually reciprocated lesbian relationships.

Other than what's going on between Vi and Caitlyn, I've rarely found genuinely authentic and compatible lesbian pairings in modern animation and independent works. Most suffer a lot from that, "uwu sapphic girls eating ice cream and holding hands" puritanism.

IMHO I think she peaks at portraying a onesided love/affection in terms of lesbianism. I know people shat on Pearl all the time because she got a lot more development and attention than the other gems and was constantly crying about Rose, but for me, it hit really close to home. Some people said she probably related to Pearl more than any of the CGs, so it explained why Pearl felt more developed.

No. 1500639

Really? They would have been in high school almost 30 years ago, wouldn't they?

No. 1500788

i mean that SHE is not a lesbian.

No. 1500824

the show was a writers nightmare. And I hate the trope of "We can't forgive bullies but we can forgive the space nazi's who committed global genocide"
The redemption arcs for these shows are always too much. They did the same with My little pony. Where the racist pony and the dictator pony was forgiven, but a pony who cheated once gets zero chance of redemption from the main cast. What kind of lesson is that? The only show that did this well was adventure time. Started off cute, but got a bit more serious

No. 1500838

the final season/big showdown arc was so fucking rushed. i can't believe no one mentioned it in reviews.

No. 1500869

Not sure what ya mean. Isn't she pretty open about being bisexual, not lesbian?

No. 1500882

nta but she pretended/ made it seem like she was a lesbian until everyone found out she was married to a man.

No. 1500938

Now that I think back, that does ring a bell. Thanks.

No. 1500959

Ugh same. I hated that Rebecca stuck with that Rose was Pink Diamond trash so the Diamonds can be forgiven because Steven was really one of them with pulling that "we're family, they were sad" shit

Funny how Rebecca also jumped on the "I'm a non-binary woman" bandwagon as well

No. 1500976

It had the same problem as Adventure Time where they were way too generous about staff putting in fanfictionesque or self insert content. It gives it the feeling of a bunch of high school kids RPing trying to get their sparkledog the most amount of attention.

No. 1501045

File: 1649907005994.jpg (Spoiler Image,200.61 KB, 1080x1346, download.jpg)

She fucking got rid of her nipples too.

No. 1501049

>>1501045 the ones that get rid of their nipples/go for the large half-moon scars are the ones that are going to regret it most, not just because it looks awful, but because it's not going to get them clout in the future. Wonder if she'll be making comics in 5 years about her quirky and empowering breast implant journey

No. 1501065

File: 1649909116453.jpg (69.33 KB, 640x730, 03739c1a67efc3da1bdef1e62c4c91…)

she never hid the fact, she publicly revealed her relationship to Ian-jones in 2014 and they got married in 2018, she does identity however as "queer and non-binary"

No. 1501073

It's almost like the writers and creators of these shows don't know how to write properly because they're all post-modern trash.

No. 1501075

Not just that, but the phantom nipple pain will kick in eventually and last a lifetime

No. 1501084


She looks so happy

No. 1501118

The bar is incredibly low, but I’ll give them props for at least making Lauren Zuke leave. She self-projected onto Lapis so damn hard.

No. 1501145

I will never understand the people who white knight Zuke and say she got a bad rap. She clearly had a nasty, vindictive attitude and wanted to sabotage the show to make it about herself.

No. 1501228


Give me the milk, please. Spoonfeed me, some might say.

No. 1501312

Who's this?

No. 1501453

>identity however as "queer and non-binary"
yeah which is a bunch of stupid bullshit and so she hs nothing to do with the gay or lesbian community and should stfu

No. 1501454

speaking as an ugly woman, i want everyone to know that getting rid of your boobs is not a way out of having to live as an ugly woman. i wish there was a way for us to have lives as easy as ugly men, but there isn't unless we fight for true equal rights for women.

No. 1501455

the what

No. 1501544

File: 1649954474145.png (3.46 MB, 2850x1844, 49f.png)

Not my best explanation, but I'll give it a shot.

Lauren Zuke was a storyboard artist who was controversial for her ship bias influencing the direction of two characters in the show, namely Lapis and Peridot. This pissed off Amethyst/Peridot shippers and just some fans in general for apparently queerbaiting and unprofessionally forcing her personal ships into someone else's work. She's also the one largely responsible for the deadpan, dull Lapis characterization and gave her the messy hair she had for quite a while. This enraged fans for making Lapis (and Peridot, to an extent) OOC, as Peridot turned into Lapis's personal caretaker and unconditional emotional support doll, and Lapis turned into someone she was not like at all during her first appearances. Aka, a now bitter and sarcastic artist, much like Lauren herself.

This all accumulated into Lauren Zuke being fired and discoveries such as Lauren Zuke's personal tumblr where she was found calling her work environment abusive, referring to her former boss Rebecca Sugar as a narcissist, and general fandom shipping grumblings. Her final say on the matter was, "i tried to put a healthy queer relationship into media and it got uprooted and destroyed".

No. 1501592

NTA, but thank you for such a good rundown!

No. 1501597

I think Rebecca was also fine with doing the pairing as well but she really didn't like the direction Zuke took it to; but god when all of this came out and I was wondering why Lapis wasn't herself and was just randomly semi cool with the Crystal gems instead of the show have Lapis calling out the Crystal gems(except Amethyst) and Rose Diamond shady motives during the Earth gem war and why she didn't trust them.
Found it funny how Zuke after all this just later trooned out

No. 1501617


When you get a limb cut off your brain still thinks its there and can't cope, it can feel like its still there and in pain. Especially because things like fingers and toes have a ton of nerves and your brain spends a lot of time on them. It's maddening, you have to go to therapy for it.

Nipples also have a lot of nerves, they're an eroginous zone, your brain thinks they are very important. So when your nipples are gone your brain can't cope and thinks theres something wrong and your nips are being hurt somehow, your brain still makes you feel that pain even though there are no nips.

No. 1501725

she's not even ugly. She just needs to stop looking like a coked out little house on the prairie girl.

No. 1501754

I genuinely was expecting at least an episode about Lapis finally asking the Crystal Gems why they didn't let her out or you know, they squabble, they hug and cry it out (per SU standards). But we got none of that. Lapis was just chilling with Bismuth in Future too, even though Bismuth was implied to be the one who poofed her in the first place. There was also a weirdly sizable amount of Pearl/Lapis enthusiasts, but they didn't even have many interactions either despite Pearl being the one to find her. Did Lapis even interact with Amethyst at all? She at least thought Garnet was cool later on, apparently having lost all grudges. God, this fucking show.

No. 1501766

It's ok to be straight, Rebecca.

No. 1501783

File: 1649976392828.png (195.07 KB, 640x363, 06E27EAF-D8C7-4D6E-8443-70DA59…)

Holy shit,, I knew about zuke’s ship bias, but I had no idea it was borderline cow behavior. This explains so much why peridot basically got turned into a meme and lapis’s complete personality change that fans back then tried to excuse as “trauma”

I wonder if Zucke may have also been to blame why RS didn’t develop jasper and lapis (their fusion was supposed to represent a toxic relationship) nor give them any closure. They just had that ONE confrontation and then they never interacted ever again.

Is a shame if that was the case because that ship was the only mildly interesting one because it wasn’t “uwu lesbians”

No. 1501912

Never understood how people saw Lapis literally chaining Jasper under the ocean twice, saw Lapis drag Jasper underwater with her despite Jasper screaming and trying to pull away, and somehow concluded that Jasper was the abuser.

NGL I did like seeing their fanart, though. It was pretty fascinating seeing the dynamic of this lanky, smaller chick against a clearly bigger and buff one, but Lapis was really the one with all the power.

No. 1501922

File: 1649991222234.jpeg (102.32 KB, 828x345, 7B3AD11A-8CE4-43BD-A986-29944D…)

Seeing a lot of animation Twitter ppl say this. What’s going on?

No. 1501937


Rumor is Netflix's downsizing their animation department drastically. Mass lay offs are happening

No. 1501943

File: 1649994140370.jpeg (13.13 KB, 515x130, 61307826-225B-444A-9A89-CD0788…)


No. 1501945

File: 1649994631257.jpeg (25.45 KB, 181x320, 97705EEB-1EF6-4F1B-A0D6-2BFADF…)

This is so stupid lol yeah you can’t wear any of these with breasts huh

No. 1501946

What a fucking idiot, but I also feel bad for her because she’s clearly mentally ill.

No. 1501950

This is so stupid lol yeah you can’t wear any of these with breasts huh

No. 1501951


Oh shit my bad, I’m on mobile
Beg ur pardon all

No. 1501961

Oh god no not while Redwall is being made

No. 1501979

The Canadian healthcare system truly failed her. Imagine how many other mentally ill individuals like her have undergone unnecessary and permanent surgeries.

No. 1502055

scrote alert

No. 1502113

Honestly I’m kind of wondering how much I should care, because it seems like people in the animation industry are more spoiled cali types with enough money to chop their tits off when they’re lacking attention than starving artists

No. 1502124

Don’t care, you’re afraid of what you want, Jasper is best gem, and I want to be carried up and down the stairs by her.

Why would she cut off her tits if she’s still female-presenting? With her pigtails at 33 I would think she wanted to be 12 again.

No. 1502132

File: 1650027911011.jpeg (105.71 KB, 609x1100, DB051A61-C9E0-48BD-AA4D-87E72B…)

They really did have some of the best fan art indeed

I hate how the fandom kept woobyfying lapis as some poor defenseless baby. Justice 4 bad bitch lapis!

No. 1502208

That's easy!
It's because Jasper is big and butchy (bad) and Lapis is small and thin (good). Hope this helps!

(Well ok jasper was literally antagonistic, but also fandom in general for all its uwu inclusion talk will always prioritize skinny and attractivr characters)

No. 1502212

Man, they were kinda hot. It was refreshing seeing a messy couple (and the angry sex they had in fan works).

No. 1502549

I see your point but Steven Universe is very uniquely shit to me because despite of all the decent setup it had albeit most of it not being original in the first place, it not only banks on the imagination of more creative people but it spread itself too thin trying to espouse a message of forgiveness and extending it to the unforgivable rather than the comparatively minuscule wrongdoings of way less horrible people. This could have been solved with lower stakes and setting the tone to be lighter rather than going all out with gems being semi organic robot beings made to serve their oligarchs and the season 2 finale of Jasper and Peridots introduction; which was AWESOME but in hindsight was not a good decision considering where the show went from that point onward and funnily enough when I stopped watching when I was younger. Adventure time had the opposite problem in season 5(?)but both perpetrated by the same person; Rebecca Sugar.

Avatar the last air bender is treated as an anomaly in animation because it was able to tell a mature story or having mature themes but so have shows like Static Shock, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Captain Planet, all of which to me deserve to be revered as staples for their time which I think are even more enjoyable now considering the absolute state of modern cartoons. No one in the industry wants to admit it but it is in what I can only describe as in a depressing limbo. Where cartoons are being consumed at high rates but being pumped out at light speed with none of the love or attention to detail put in because of shitty conditions, shitty people riding a high of nepotism, and those same people writing about themselves in not-so covert narcissism.

No. 1502620

I still ship it, I remember people wanting Jasper to get with one of the new Lapis girls and I'm disappointed that didn't happen honestly.

No. 1503084

File: 1650125251372.png (129.96 KB, 591x1280, 3314C7A0-B381-4DBA-B7F7-745623…)

i cannot with Kate Leth’s nonsensical self-hate right now, before this there was a video of her new hairdo which was also decidedly feminine. What planet is this woman on? I guarantee that this “muppet tube top” fits and looks best WITH BOOBS to hold it up unless your lack of boobs comes from being runway model skinny, which Kate Leth is not.

No. 1503351

Nothing about her or her decision to get this surgery makes any sense. I feel like she did it more for clout than anything. She really could've just lost more weight if she wanted to wear certain clothes instead of unnecessarily removing healthy body parts. I think in one of her Instagram stories, she said her BMI was considered on the low end of the obese range.

No. 1503396

It's not even a tube top, it has straps. I'll also disagree tops like this ARE technically made for small chests but the POINT of the fluff (or a similarly ruffles on a top) is to give the illusion of a larger chest so it's still stupid to then GET a top like that right after deciding you dont want to have a chest.

No. 1503397

File: 1650158351387.jpg (168.74 KB, 548x579, 0000908.jpg)

it makes sense when you realize she doesn't consider breasts to be similar part of the human body like a hand or a toe would be, and she really isn't the only one. she views boobs as some sort of separate accessories, as like these random cutlets of meat that have no actual purpose in our body but which just exist as some sort of aesthetic things that you can just take off if you don't like them or make them bigger or whatever.

no one in their right mind would cut off their finger or remove a ear because they think their bodies would look more right without them or because they think having no ear would be a cool fashion statement because they view those as internal parts of their bodies, but because boobs aren't really viewed that way in general but as just some sexy accessories women carry around for no particular reason people don't view amputating them as a big deal.

No. 1503485

File: 1650170380781.png (412.1 KB, 860x663, 64566461-E5EA-4F34-A288-0A046C…)

This is so fucking disgusting.

No. 1503498

Alex Hirsch is 36 so more like 20 years ago. Some people never move on past that shit though, be they guys basing characters on teenage crushes or girls insisting that a guy they dated for 5 minutes in 10th Grade is still obsessed with them and the proof is a character with the same hair colour.

No. 1503501

It's a common symptom of psychosis.

No. 1503503

File: 1650175097194.jpeg (43.92 KB, 500x278, 0063EC38-80EB-47A8-ABA1-77B759…)


No. 1503505

Maybe you’ve hit the nail on the head there, she wants to be pre womanhood. Many non binary or FTM women have a history of sexual abuse and it’s a perceived way to avoid having to be a sexual object to people.

No. 1503529

These women never look happy in their chest reveals. There's always that pool of emptiness in their eyes.

No. 1503531

Don’t a lot of cases of borderline personality disorder also stem from childhood abuse? She likely has suffered some trauma she’s never dealt with in a healthy manner. It makes it all the more sad that her followers are pretty much cheering on a profoundly mentally ill woman for mutilating herself.

No. 1503550

If you do wear them without titties you're doing it for yourself because you don't have male attention slutballs unlike those other girls (attention whores)

No. 1503556

not true.. borderline doesnt make you do this kinda shit unless you are a terrible person and choose not to get help. i have bpd doesnt make me want to sexually harass ppl or talk to minors lmao. childhood abuse can cause anything like ptsd too. bpd caused by abandonment and environmental issues.

No. 1503568

BPD does make you a terrible person socially though, that's kind of the entire thing

No. 1503583

Jasper put herself into that situation to begin with by making Lapis fuse with her. Hard to feel much sympathy for her when her own dumbass choices caused her to suffer. Play stupid games win stupid prizes and all. The only time I felt sympathy for Jasper was when Pink Diamond was revealed as a rebellion larper who wouldn't have given two shits about her devotion. That sucks I guess.

Lapidot's a bad pairing too imo. Zuke's tumblr meltdown was hilarious after the fact.

No. 1503605

it's a personality disorder, ofc it makes you act fucked up. Learn to sage

No. 1503612

see this is the main problem with fusion in the show, in 99% of shonen "fusion" is just a dumb power-up transformation and nothing beyond that, SU tried using fusion to represent and depict relationships, sex and childbirth, while still being a shonen power-up transformation, jasper and lapis barely interacted before this incident and jasper only wanted to fuse to become stronger

No. 1503721

Kate says she’s diagnosed with BPD >>1499607

No. 1503736

Speaking of childbirth; I love how nether Rebecca can describe how Pink Diamond was able to give birth to Steven, let alone, get pregnant since gems are made of light other than just saying "well diamonds are super OP, so Pink was the only gem to have the strength to do it because of that"(kinda creepy that the diamond who acts/has a mind like that of a child is used for this).
Man how they ruined Rose and Pink character by making them the same gem. Rebecca and Ian so desperate to make a "LOL DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING" twist that they broke they're own rules like Pink can just change her color palette when she shapeshifted into Rose instead of using her own color palette because "oh that would have gave away the "twist"" when it really wouldn't have(and folks saw it way back in season fucking 1 anyways) and that they "planned" this twist long ago when really, they came up with the idea for it but didn't know how to do it in a good way and got the mess that happened + other stuff.

No. 1503753

File: 1650208642619.gif (76.38 KB, 400x226, aboobityboobityboo.gif)

no because gayle is based and appreciates the female body

No. 1503991

I didn’t say she abused children. Just that getting abused during childhood is often linked to BPD which she says she has.

No. 1504070

It's frustrating how people don't want acknowledge how weirdly pedophilic the "sexy and feminine but without boobs uwu" thing is. The way the breast removal fetishists talk about themselves sounds like weaboo scrotes talking about loli.

No. 1504138

ewwwww I hadn’t thought of this before but it’s so true

there’s something weird going on here where Kate Leth and women like her want to get rid of lewd slutty chestballs so they never get raep, but at the same time want to channel new fresh flat loli chest and be smol and desirable in that way

fuck this pathetic sad fucked up shit

No. 1504234

There's a ton of grown women online who do this shit too, talking about "flat being justice" and bragging about looking like they're twelve at thirty or some shit.

Then it's that they're 5'2" and have a round face shape, and all their "baby fat" is really just fat. Kate Leth hasn't looked desirable in years.

No. 1504369

It wasn’t until your comment that I Googled to see what she looked like and shit, this Kate is Kate or Die’s Kate! What has she done to herself?! When will all of this madness end?

No. 1504657

right?! she stopped posting on tumblr when the porn purge happened which in retrospect is a creepy look

No. 1504778

She looks like Chelsea Clinton kek

No. 1505119

Rumor has it, someone said that Rose shapeshifted a womb into her which imo only raises more questions than it answers.
And holy shit was the pink diamond twist dumb. "uh yeah pink diamond disguised her gem to look like a rose quartz despite the fact those are two completely different gems and gems identify each other by gemstone uh oops we didn't think this through we were too focused on trying to outsmart the audience."
the nepotism gang is full of hacks

No. 1505486

Also don’t know why the fusions between Rose/PD and the other gems were apparently the same as any normal rose quartz. You’d think that the fusions with a diamond (even a half diamond like Steven) would be insanely more powerful.

No. 1505490

File: 1650384391204.jpeg (177.82 KB, 750x900, 38927292-39.jpeg)

What the fuck

I didn't know she was that infamous staff member on HGS. I just thought she was a random storyboard artist who cut off her tits.

No. 1505499

This! Its even more dumb that nobody, not even the Diamonds' gem scanner technology could tell that's Steven's gem was really Pink Diamond gem and not a rose quartz gem at the trial(but yet the Pink's little pebbles gang knew it was Pink's gem like huh?).

That too. No way that Pink would cut half of her powers down as Rose even when fused but you know the crew's bad writing, doing half ass gem research; but since the gems were fusing with a diamond/half diamond this whole time, I wonder what the real gem fusions' names would be (like Rainbow Quartz is really Rainbow Diamond? or Smokey Quartz is really Chocolate/Brown Diamond, etc)

No. 1505581


holy shit look how cute she was before, that SUCKS

what was she infamous for on HGS?

No. 1505595

The “shapeshifting a womb” thing doesn’t explain how a non-organic alien from a species of glorified vocaloids got enough genetic material to make a new human. Takes more than just an artificial womb to do that. I guess the gender brainrot running rampant in the western animation industry might have erased their knowledge of how babies are made.

The nature of Steven and what actually happened to Rose upon his birth was a big mystery in the show and a pretty interesting concept. Whether or not he was a real person or just a new version of his mom was an existential crisis the show set up but never really followed through on in a satisfying way to me. How much of rose is he really?

No. 1505626

Everyone involved with HGS is a cow is all. At least everyone on the writing and production team.

She used to be kinda cool. I liked ‘Kate or Die’ several years ago. Like a lot of women in her field she started off as a fairly normal libfem then got sucked into the cult of woke retards. It probably doesn’t help that she got a soft-cancellation a few years ago (for nothing serious, just being too much of a successful white woman for their taste) and probably needed some reclaim some more oppression points to keep her career afloat.

Eventually being surrounded by they/thems in an echo chamber broke her BPD brain and peer pressured her into thinking chopping her tits off was a good idea. That environment is so incredibly toxic for people with an actual pathological fear of being rejected.

No. 1505774

>just being too much of a successful white woman for their taste) and probably needed some reclaim some more oppression points to keep her career afloat.
I have this shitty view that white libfems like her always end up parading around the most broken mental illnesses, obscure physical ailments, and some nonbinary identity (despite dressing like a little girl) because they need some way to feel more oppressed than anybody. After all, they have nothing else. She's always airing out her dirty laundry just like them as if it's a beautiful thing to be depraved, like in >>1216664. It's not like she's "never aged past 12, 14, 17" or whatever some of these people say when they feel broken, it's just that like them, she chooses not to grow up. Too much work.

Part of me does feel sorry, because it does seem like she was totally normal years ago, but she spent way too much time around people who think to be special, they gotta be as ugly inside and out as possible.

No. 1505780

That's kind of the point of the show though, isn't it? It's a metaphor for people in general. How much are you of your mom? Are you really your own person?

Yes it was a bit unsatisfying overall to not get the answers to some of these sticking points, but at this point I feel it's like asking "why was there a block of ice in Edward Scissorhand's backyard? Why did his maker give him scissors and not hands?"

It's just not the point.

No. 1505799

File: 1650400537546.png (67.88 KB, 500x306, 1_fWIqpLnIUk-DCO74GYZ13A.png)

>Ian Jones-Quartey
pedo-fanart of our shows meant for children doesn't for far enough

No. 1505823

the pink diamond twist would have been good if they had planned it from the start. but they had no clear cut/intended ending for the series when it first began, so there a lot of fuckin plot holes

No. 1505825

all the other white american women in this thread make me paranoid that i am that ugly too. is that just what we look like? like when i see a pic of myself am i deluded to think i don't look like them?

No. 1505827

ian has GOT to be a furry.

No. 1505859

don't worry, no you're not, and remember good skin + hair does go a long way and that these freaks do often on purpose make themselves ugly as possible, idk why, I guess to much time online watching yaoi amvs and not enough time outdoors playing sports

No. 1505885

Heard a rumor (from someone offline) that Kate Leth tried to blame/shrug off her past racism as being because of her nb dysphoria? Is there any truth to this? Sage for rumor shit and spoonfeeding

No. 1506000

She’s not inherently ugly at all, just her god awful non-binary fashion sense and repulsive behavior/personality completely overshadow her potential for being attractive.

No. 1506183

Dressing nicely and having a non-retarded haircut goes a long way. I promise you it's not just because of how her face looks, it's all the other colors and decorations on top of the cake.

No. 1506186

I really don't think it makes sense to link it to lolishit, which is a scrote thing, and not to ideals of being a flat androgynous prince, which geek girls love. I don't think I've ever seen anyone but obvious teen pickmes say shit like "flat is justice."

Tbh I think >>1505626 has a major point here: KL has taken a ton of shit for being a visible woman. Like she's not perfect, she's said some dumb shit, but I've been in comics for years and she absolutely became a punching bag in a way men never do. And tbh this is why I think this pov >>1505774 is a real misread. I think it's really satisfying to conceive of women like KL as overgrown idiot womanchildren who have no real problems, but the truth is every subculture loves to shit on women, and she sees nb shit as a way out, though probably not consciously. I mean jesus, look at the people in this thread acting like she's some disgusting gremlin because she gained some weight. I hate the trends she represents, but if we can't have some compassion for her, Noelle Stevenson, etc, we will literally never escape this shit.

No. 1506769

thanks anons, good advice. still i'm assmad that these are the representatives of my people. it's making us look very bad.

No. 1506808

Not only is that environment toxic to BPDs, troon art circles are noxious to anyone with the slightest bit of sadbrains, and even healthy people. The constant grinding hatred of "cis" womanhood, "cis" girls, and femininity for women, dismissing any sad feelings you might have as a girl, and validation/uplifting being reserved for trans only, are toxic like radiation. It's covert and tiring and you can't really call it out because then you'll be treated as an attention whore.

No. 1507372

He is; Rex from OK KO was his fursona as a teenager.

No. 1507782

I am not surprised.

No. 1507822

The haircut is especially true, the gender special hair styles look terrible on everyone and tend to highlight stuff like weak chins/doughy face like >>1505490
Had a woke hairstylist once give me the medieval bowl cut like hers. I wouldn't leave the house without a wig on for a year.

No. 1508021

ayrt and UGGHHHH FUUUUUCK also ok ko fucking sucked ass. "omg i watched tv in the 80s because my dad was too busy cheating to hang out with me and only my toys were my friends"

No. 1509069

God what a fucking creep Ian is. I can see why him and Rebecca were made for each other and I would really hate to know what type of weird SU drawings the crew drew if he said all of this and encouraging other pedo fan-artists creeps to take it even further for a cartoon meant for kids (I mean look at Stevonnie's first episode + aging up the kids fusion to be "26" and Rebecca's drawing of Steven wearing his diamond mom's outfit, etc).

No. 1511554

I remember being a wee teen and thinking colorful hair was badass and cool. Now I might as well be a trad in wanting normal colored hair and not a rainbow clown mohawk.

No. 1511685

File: 1650933174554.jpeg (230.49 KB, 1428x638, E37C2450-FAB0-42F9-A819-7A20BD…)

“we’ve both decided that there is a gay man somewhere in our souls” this’s from an old old journal entry on deviantart from Lizbeth R. Jimenez about her meet up with Raye the HGS creator when she was still a teen.

No. 1511777

How much of the pain and misery in our current society can be traced back to girls finding yaoi at a young age?

No. 1512650

File: 1651023437303.png (190.7 KB, 500x624, 220E68B7-4216-42C0-BDF9-6AC4AA…)

Dana got roofied at a bar. (1/3)

No. 1512651

File: 1651023458704.png (199.58 KB, 500x624, BC014392-B983-48F6-8A62-A11C24…)

No. 1512652

File: 1651023504852.png (168.41 KB, 500x624, 12449456-BA8E-4894-9F3F-8B18F7…)

And had to get appendix surgery. Hope she’s doing okay. (3/3)

No. 1512666

Is it bad that I thought this was Shmorky's art for a second?

No. 1512723

Alex Hirsch breakup confirmed I guess

No. 1513274

File: 1651080060373.jpg (221.67 KB, 1080x1346, 279392598_521631919465115_6723…)

>here’s to a summer of obnoxious hotness
no, Kate

No. 1513471

Id give anything for that tea

Hope she finds a cool girlfriend tbh

No. 1513683