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File: 1565540010259.jpg (1.38 MB, 4000x3000, 1564356514268.jpg)

No. 689217

Previous thread: >>>/pt/657873

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/ [private]
tumblr: https://funeral1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [inactive]
https://rotten2thecore1996.tumblr.com [deleted]
https://heavenlykitten1996.tumblr.com [active]

>Formerly known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420 (to name but a few)

>23 year old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Has every self-diagnosed mental/physical illness under the sun
>Started dating her 35 year old boyfriend (hereby known as Lurch) before she turned 18, calls him “daddy”
>has a following of impressionable young girls who she has convinced to “help” her during this “tough time” in her life
>Romanticises the hell out of her addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>”I’m not trying to be Courtney Love!”
>Tries to be exactly like Courtney Love
>Bleats about harm reduction while being the antithesis of harm reduction/seemingly having no grasp of the concept whatsoever
>Loves to share her grimy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>Squandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year and lot the property she also inherited because she didn’t pay tax on it
>Claims her mother “stole” her inheritance money from her (she possibly used the inheritance to pay her mother’s rent and considers that “stealing”)
>Always “short on rent” or otherwise in need of donations
>Overdosed on heroin twice in less than 12 months, even that didn't encourage her to get clean
>RIP ROGER (aka Lurch’s dad)
>Tuna and Lurch couldn’t pay rent because all their money came from Roger’s social security so the e-begging ramped up to 100
>EVICTED from Roger’s house
>Tuna and Lurch “temporarily” move in with Luna’s mother, who is an (ex) addict
>Brings along moldy, nasty stuffed animals and complains about not being able to move her other belongings (claims she lost 90% of them when she got EVICTED)
>Continuously tries e-begging along with selling nudes and shitty art in lieu of getting a job
>Her “abusive” dad continues to buy her useless shit from Amazon
>Posts pictures of her and Lurch looting graves like it’s no big deal
>Claims to be homeless for bonus sympathy points in spite of living with her mother
>Luna and Chief have made themselves at home in her mom's one-bedroom poverty home and seem to have no intention of leaving.
>Still milking her ex-gf's suicide for struggle points.
>Seems to be gaining weight rapidly- some farmers speculate that she may be on methadone.
>Still abusing benzos and posting pill porn, probably hooked at this point
>Still sending begging messages to facebook "friends" >>>/pt/607983
>Still buying cheap shit on Amazon and asking facebook "friends" to buy her stuff
>Still churning out sloppy drawings, has recently produced some particularly mediocre poetry
>Still taking pictures of her filthy plastic crap, filthy grave-goods, filthy clothes, filthy nails, and filthy face
>Still complaining about how horrible her life is, failing to understand that she brought most of it on herself
>Rodger is interred in a filthy box in Luna's mom's poverty home
>Got a pancake voucher >>>/pt/612955

LATEST MILK (or lack thereof):
>Was banned from FB and called out in a nail shaming group
>Has lived with her mom for over a year now
>Her dad's apartment caught on fire; Luna spread ashes on her face for maximum sympathy points
>Has started to brag about starving herself
>"Found" a bra in a dumpster
>Started posting nudes again

Will 2019 bring change for Luna? The (filthy) cards say "no".


one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770
sixteen >>480001
seventeen >>497850
eighteen >>521479
nineteen >>>/pt/540883
twenty >>>/pt/558885
twenty one >>>/pt/574429
twenty two >>>/pt/591749
twenty three >>>/pt/619612
twenty four >>>/pt/657873(learn2update)

No. 689221

will lurchs age ever be updated lol

No. 689246

The first thread was made 3 years ago. Was that anon wrong about him being 35 or is he just 38?

No. 689251

I believe he's now 40 years old

No. 689278

His birthday is 4/28/79, according to info in previous threads

No. 689350

File: 1565587613100.jpg (120.7 KB, 720x663, A.jpg)

No. 689351

File: 1565587724518.jpg (85.8 KB, 720x960, tumblr_6e6e8c2de8d6621e1bb130b…)

No. 689352

File: 1565587824352.jpg (91.06 KB, 720x960, tumblr_68de63d4e3f1d84283e8090…)

No. 689353

File: 1565588008042.jpg (262.95 KB, 720x1103, Aa.jpg)

No. 689355

File: 1565588030867.jpg (211.81 KB, 720x1119, Aaa.jpg)

No. 689366


I feel like she looks a lot better here. It looks like she used beauty filters from Snow on her eyes, and it looks like she pulled her waist in.

At least she's sober enough to care about editing her pictures and looking somewhat presentable?

No. 689377

If you're reading this, Luna, please just invest in some floss and make it a habit. It's cheap and not hard to do. Whitening strips aren't going to do much of you don't practice basic oral hygiene. We get it, you're depressed, but being an adult means you have to do shit you don't feel like doing.

No. 689378

Have not seen her edit her pics/ filter them before but you're right. Tuna, comb you your hair if you care enough to filter a pic.

No. 689413

Isn't Blistex for herpes?

No. 689415

Don’t start this shit nearly the entire adult population of the world has the form of herpes that causes cold sores. That includes you. It’s not milky.(derailing)

No. 689420

No. 689421

My deepest condolences about your herpes(derailing)

No. 689428

You sound like one of those grimy e-thots who goes on about how "most sexually active people have some form of HPV its totally normal dont STD-shame"

No. 689429

it's just for extremely dry/chapped lips afaik

No. 689434

Ok but that's literally true? Something like 90% of the population has HPV.(derailing)

No. 689454


sorry, just wanted to chip in with some nurse anon medical stuff;

Herpes simplex and HPV are different, most people carry the herpes simplex virus dormant and it is often passed down from parent to child, you tend to get flare ups when run down and it's mostly seen as oral herpes, although you can transfer it with oral/genital contact too. HPV affects about 70% of the population, there are many different strains of HPV and they can be dormant until there is some issue with your immune system but the symptoms (if there are any symptom) is warts rather than cold sores. Blistex is not usually used for warts, herpes simplex is not HPV and does not cause cancer in the same way some HPV strains do.

Luna's immune system will be completely fucked, addicts are usually covered in sores and warts tbh, I would be surprised if she didn't have some infections like hep c I've never seen Luna have a pregnancy scare actually which is unusual for addicts, she must be fairly on the ball with birth control?(derailing)

No. 689458




No. 689466


It literally takes five seconds to google but have fun thinking you’re special enough not to have herpes simplex laying dormant within you(derailing)

No. 689501

File: 1565640652668.jpg (268.96 KB, 705x2209, skfs;dlfks;ld.jpg)

She graduated high school over 5 years ago. When will she ever let it go?

No. 689502

File: 1565640678925.jpg (56.86 KB, 714x475, dad.jpg)

No. 689527


Then cut him off and quit being a leech. FFS, how pathetic.

No. 689544


I’m convinced now more then ever that it’s not drugs or lurch that will end up destroying her eventually, it’s this mirage image of herself that’s she can’t let go of as as this beautiful, tortured, suffering artist.

No. 689564

She sounds like every failure that got told they were smart and talented and could do anything. Sorry you aren't as special as they made you think you were, Luna. We can't all be ~icons~

No. 689595

I feel horrible for saying this but every time i pass through Luna's threads i always feel like the best for her would simply to doze off and die from an overdose in her sleep. It makes me sad seeing someone that will just continue on in perpetual downfall and its probably more humane if it happens now than in a few years of more misery later.

No. 689596

File: 1565674051850.jpg (54.5 KB, 1280x800, they-said-i-could-be-anything-…)

>She sounds like every failure that got told they were smart and talented and could do anything.

Those "they told me I could be anything I wanted so I became [fill in the blank]" memes are funny tbh. Nothing else to add atm.

No. 689616

File: 1565686418281.png (869.6 KB, 1034x554, tumblr3.1.png)

No. 689632

that is one of the only things that makes me feel genuinely bad for her. Growing up with the "gifted kid" treatment, you never learn to try, or to cope with being a novice at a hobby, or really how to handle yourself at all in the world especially if were 'gifted' in anything other than STEM you get lied to for 13 years and then dumped into world where the skills they claimed were going to make you rich by 20 are worthless under capitalism. Its no excuse to rob graves or rip off single moms but it is a legitimately traumatic event that a lot of people are never able to mentally move past. Id say it's pretty much her only valid complaint in, one of the few things that was done to her that she didnt just do to herself.

No. 689647

you're not a bad person, anon. I think most of us have thought that at one time or another. she's an endless drain on those around her with nothing to indicate she'll ever do better for herself.

No. 689672

She's looking significantly less dirty? Is she actually making money off sex work, or did she use her dad's CC to order these pajamas and took the pictures the second they arrived?

I hope it's the former, it looks like she shooped her last set so maybe she's starting to have enough clarity to care about herself.

No. 689733

sage for pointless comment but thanks for this anon, its nice to hear someone put my feelings into words

No. 689925

She didn't even finish college, anon. She didn't have time to actually feel reality crashing down on her.

No. 690090

File: 1565870167216.png (293.64 KB, 524x1017, Screenshot_2019-08-15-04-54-31…)

No. 690091

File: 1565870248513.jpg (80 KB, 510x810, tumblr_f05efa1a41cfa7168df9eb6…)

No. 690092

File: 1565870348595.png (482.47 KB, 500x666, tumblr_7ff64639028becd7003f022…)

No. 690094

File: 1565870440626.png (464.42 KB, 500x666, tumblr_4e99650d843758284e94bcd…)

No. 690095

File: 1565870527089.jpg (83.54 KB, 500x375, tumblr_0b2830701fd8192546ad187…)


>i’ve had atrocious artists block lately and i finally drew something i don’t despise!

No. 690096

I really do like her art style, if she drew anything but the same bland girls over and over again she could potentially make something interesting

No. 690122

her paintings were cool like 4 years ago. if she had kept trying she could be making interesting art right now and maybe even selling it, but she's been steadily devolving and getting sloppier and sloppier.

No. 690141

Luna sure is vain for a woman who probably smells like spoiled milk and fish guts. Like the selfies are one thing but instax film is expensive so of course her dad paid for it.

No. 690142

Nice to see she got literally every item she posted on her wishlist from last week

No. 690157

She exists as a paradox. She posts about how poor she is and posts her last shopping spree and thats pretty much it she doesnt post other than those two subjects

No. 690178

Every time I get the urge to visit this thread I worry I'll see 400 posts about her dying suddenly.

Also, does anyone have a link to Tuna's wishlist? Not to buy her shit I'm just interested in what she has on there, and can't find links on her tumblr/ig

No. 690196

Wow - she really IS starting to look like Lurch!

No. 690333

File: 1565927603137.jpeg (89.26 KB, 640x454, 5D66107D-4D5B-4373-B2FC-E4DD46…)

No. 690334

File: 1565927658056.jpeg (42.41 KB, 640x281, 73CE41C4-6475-4BCE-B608-CD1FF7…)

No. 690335

>having to shower
>and leave the house
>not being able to amazon shop, doodle and tumblr post while tutoring
>not being drug-affected around minors
sounds perfectly achievable

No. 690338

She can't draw a single picture without pills/drugs/cigarettes and it's so annoying.

No. 690341


Wow, honestly that's really sad. How far removed from reality must she be to think this could happen?

No. 690344

You go about that by going to school and not being a drug addict in need of a shower.

Sorry, but is she manic or just deluded high right now?

No. 690349

Tuna, various websites are overflowing with grad students and people with substantial educational backgrounds offering services related to writing, tutoring, and editing. You dont have the skills nor competence. We want you to work, just aim for something realistic.

No. 690387

uh luna you are not good at writing

No. 690391

Is there really any realistic career options for Luna? If I recall right she got fired from her most recent job because stealing.

No. 690405

essay writing is not the same as navelgazing poetry writing

No. 690414


This is interesting. So did her mom kick her out finally? Or did her mother lose her housing finally and now also has to deal with homelessness?

No. 690424

Judging from her post about tutoring, I'm imagining her CV (what there is of it) would just be one long run-on sentence.

No, there isn't and yes, she did. It's just some weird fantasy some anons have for this bitch because reasons I will never understand.

No. 690426

Someone else mentioned that there's programs that take drug addicts and help them find employment but that might just be in certain areas of the country. I don't know if she has access to anything like that and it would require her to be clean

No. 690445

If she's crying about it then they're probably all getting kicked out or her mom is moving and wants to go alone. If she got kicked out, Tuna would be going on a "my mom is the literal devil" spree.

No. 690544

lmao id love to see luna try and get employed as a "high school writing tutor" holy shit

No. 690567

How about none of the above?

Just a uwu "cute" "aesthetic" post. Im sure…

No. 690631

Probably neither- most likely is that she's hoping someone will ask her what's wrong so that she can feed them some pathetic-sounding lie and beg for money.

No. 691776

File: 1566298463643.jpeg (271.63 KB, 828x958, 2651210D-8902-4963-9110-95DDAF…)

Saw this on Reddit and thought of Luna immediately

No. 691787

I didn't actually believe this was a thing until now holy shit i cant believe people do that its not like you could even sell that shit. To what end would you rob trinkets off a grave?

Whenever she talks about a job she sounds like a kid talking about "when I grow up" instead of a grown dopehead with no marketable skills or work history

No. 691872

This is why it's probably best to just leave flowers. It's sad that's what it's come to.

You know when people put flowers and candles in the areas where someone died in a car accident? There are people who try to report that to the police as trespassing and fire hazards. Some people are just profoundly fucked up and have no concept of empathy or grief.

No. 692066

File: 1566363338472.jpg (262.58 KB, 720x1116, yikes.jpg)

Her makeup is so bad.

No. 692110

>To what end would you rob trinkets off a grave?
In Lunas case: because she thinks she's entitled to those things. She thinks she deserves little cherubs and especially toys off kids graves more than the dead, because she thinks they're cute and it's ~her aesthetic~.

She's so fucking disgusting. She's robbed her friends, her family and she's robbing dead people and children. No matter how many cherubs surround her, she's going to hell.

No. 692257

> No matter how many cherubs surround her, she's going to hell.
Better than any poem Luna's ever written

No. 692336

File: 1566447205558.jpg (85.76 KB, 720x896, sex work.jpg)

No. 692405

where is she selling though? and who tf is buying

No. 692408

I'm guessing Fetlife. The supply and demand in kink circles when it comes to femdom/malesub means in a lot of cases you can make a quick $50 by taking your shirt off and cursing at some sad wanker for 3 minutes until he cums.

I don't think shes that smart though, shes probably peddling tit pics to old men who dont know how to use pornhub

No. 692469

File: 1566495290782.png (494 KB, 711x547, hype.png)

No. 692471

she looks monstruous, moreso than ever. there's nothing behind those eyes, she's dead inside

No. 692473

>You know when people put flowers and candles in the areas where someone died in a car accident?

Here in Latin America, or at least my country is a very common custom to build little shrines of virgins to put candles on in the highway (and crosses, angel statues or things like that too). You can always tell which curves are the really dangerous ones because there's not just one but several of these little shrines and statues in short distance of each other, sometimes with lit candles. that's when you know tons of people got wrecked there and still are getting wrecked there so if you see saints drive slower lol. Teenagers also steal stuff from there sometimes, a friend i had was very gothy and had a bronze crucifixs she plundered from the highway and graveyards, its shitty behaviour, its trashy, just don't. Anyone who does it is a Tuna in my eyes.(no1curr)

No. 692503

She takes all the worst most useless parts of "self care" and congratulates herself for them. When people talk about getting dressed being "a victory" they mean putting on something clean, or washing, not just swapping stale sweat-rags and painting on fake skin for a tumblr photoshoot.

No. 692559


Looking like a sex doll left against a radiator and the face started to melt. Not even 1 day ago it was how much she loves being a sex worker, how good people are treating her and a few hours later 'i'm so depressed, please build me up' wth

No. 692612

File: 1566532467784.jpeg (146.93 KB, 750x712, 2B9F4D1B-444F-4FE9-86D7-0FB3CF…)

I read this as “needs to end” thinking Luna was going to try and get clean from benzos but it’s actually just a typo

No. 692861

Not defending Luna in any way, but I always thought her grave robbing was the least morally bankrupt thing she’s done. These people are dead, they’ll never see or know that someone bought and left them a bunch of cherub statues, also it’s just bizarre to me that in 2019 people still spend money in decorative trinkets like that as though it’s the 1991, moreso for a dead person who can’t even get anything out of it.

No. 692883

It’s cruel to steal cheap decorations that give bereaved people comfort for whatever reason.

No. 692891

Decorations on graves aren't for the dead.

If someone walked onto your property and stole shit off of your porch, it would be the same exact thing.

And what does 1991 have to do with anything?

No. 692896


I’m assuming if someone has an item on their porch, like a chair or potted plant, they use it and furthermore it’s on their property. They don’t see stuff they leave on graves, and neither do the dead people they leave it for and as far as I am aware a graveyard is a public venue.

I just picked a year from the 90s at random, when everyone bought large amounts of decorative things.

No. 692898


ok edgelord. The mementos aren’t so much for the dead but for the people they leave behind. Luna is fucked for taking stuff like that from people.

No. 692904

you're so right anon, there's nothing wrong with taking the things people have left on their loved ones graves because the dead person can't see them! its just free to anyone right lmao like can you seriously imagine seeing something on a grave and just taking it? it's fucked

No. 692944

Just what every astronaut needs in their space suit: a shit ton of Xanax! Good thinking, Luna.

So if your car is parked at a public venue, it's up for grabs. Good to know! You do realize that those trinkets still belong to the people who put them there right? An item placed or dropped in public still has an owner and if you take it, you're a thief.

No. 692974

People pay money for cemetery plots and maintenance. Cemeteries are not keen on people stealing their customers’ shit.

No. 693097

Ummm… does she mean “MEANS to an end”? How embarrassing, after she was just recently banging on about being a great writer and wanting to work as a writing tutor. Can’t even get a basic English phrase correct. “Needs to an end” I want even make sense - she is dumb as a box of rocks. Cant stand her pseudo intellectual bullshit.

No. 693155

File: 1566630438022.png (6.67 KB, 975x133, tumblr4.png)

KF pic dump.

No. 693156

File: 1566630487406.png (1.15 MB, 811x616, tumblr2.2.png)

No. 693158

File: 1566630590193.png (422.37 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.2.png)

No. 693160

File: 1566630614441.png (443.98 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.3.png)

No. 693161

File: 1566630652698.png (455.65 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.4.png)

No. 693164

File: 1566630855967.png (482.78 KB, 500x666, tumblr9.2.png)

No. 693165

File: 1566630884432.png (485.17 KB, 500x666, tumblr9.3.png)

No. 693166

File: 1566630911724.png (487.43 KB, 500x666, tumblr9.4.png)

No. 693167

File: 1566630968120.png (2.12 MB, 970x2191, tumblr6.png)

No. 693168

File: 1566630995861.png (675.48 KB, 866x507, tumblr1.png)

No. 693206

"Luna Slater Schumacher" - it ain't gonna happen, girl.

No. 693580

File: 1566691568581.png (1.77 MB, 723x2125, lurch.png)

No. 693583


This shit isn't milky. Same dead eyes, same poses, nothing of actual interest. There are hundreds of these posts in Luna's threads, and after a while they all just blur into one because they're interchangeable.

No. 693638

File: 1566698856954.png (177.77 KB, 1312x1004, Screenshot_20190824-220702~2.p…)

No. 693643

He really starts to look like his lolcow caricatures lmfao

No. 693669

I don't understand what she means by the whole "waaah BPD sux" variation followed by "I don't even know Who I Really Am™️ and it's getting old" thing, which she has posted numerous times on both Tumblr and facebook. I guess in her head she thinks she's one of those people who are just so unique that they don't just have one style and personality, they have multiple; like those Facebook tier drawings that go around every so often with usually overweight, hot topic, cringey Wicca type alt girls that has a pink UwU character and a black "goth" character with a caption like "mY TwO pErSonAliTiEs!!"

But she has literally no variation whatsoever. You can guarantee a few things about how Tuna is going to dress, look and act throughout the day, every day. Pastel UwU clothing, cheap Amazon fast fashion, angels, kawaii plastic junk, pennywise level cake makeup, embarrassing herself being desperate for attention, pictures of piles of art books for "inspiration" but only ever drawing the same girl with drugs/cigarettes/pills and abusing her copic markers coloring it like a 5 year old, ill-fitting slip dress/baby doll/skirt trying hard to be like those cute heroin chic girls in the 90s (but is obese and 5'9" with rashes from fat sweat and not washing, bc actual heroin addicts aren't cute).

She's even said from close to day one online basically "the heroin addict chic aesthetic from the 90s is so cool I love it". She bizarrely and questionably modeled not only her style, but her entire life around it. She's never, in all of the incredible amount of things she's posted online at this point on different accounts, expressed having even one other side to her personality. And as has been mentioned here numerous times, was sooo about being her heroin addicted, scheming self that she willingly cheated, lied and stole from her friends lol and then sits and posts "waAah no one checks up on me anymore", and "I don't even know who I really am". Where is the question for her, exactly?

No. 693685

"waaah my mom lets me live with her for free so I'm not sleeping on the street, when it could get her kicked out. And tries to move forward and not fight with me when I bitch at her for past problems that I caused because I chose to spend that money. l m a o what a cunt am I rite guys"

No. 693758


No. 693885

Wonder if she ever thinks about Talia and just how good she had it with her and now it's too late…Lurch is incomparable.

No. 693888

File: 1566722653365.jpg (86.86 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mjmkmdX8oH1qgq30qo1_500…)

She used to be so pretty. Such a fucking waste of life if you think about it

No. 693891

always had a face that looked freshly hit with a shovel

No. 693902

File: 1566731207618.jpg (268.92 KB, 960x640, 2114871_560739_101507258546833…)

What? Her face is perfectly fine and always has been. Her horrible make up skills is what ruins her look.

No. 693905

File: 1566733651143.jpg (168.05 KB, 768x1024, 5045939519_56d7fd4bb2_b.jpg)

This pic I found on an old Flickr account pre-Lurch, also with her old username, skwisgaarskwigelf, looks like a different person, she looks so normal… Her bio reads: "I like music and stuff like Dethklok, Megadeth, Nirvana, The Velvet Underground, Dead Kennedys, Dio, Slayer, The Stooges, David Bowie, The New York Dolls…

and I play bass.

that's it."

No. 693939

Forcing an empty identity in search of a sense of self is actually really common in people like her

Also, speaking of her alledged BPD, the DBT she hasnt mentioned in like a year was just some bullshit off Amazon she didnt get it from a hospital or actual therapist (if she did it would be an ugly spiral workbook hospitals dont pay for pretty expensive full color covers on their DBT materials especially if ur on public health services)

Also why is everybody so surprised that Luna looked better/fresher-faced as a teenager. For a dope addict shes actually aged quite well.

Also I.dont think she ever thinks of Tai other then for pity points on the death anniversary. Lurch is her entire world, there isnt room for anything or anybody else. Its mad depressing too that she doesnt even have any other junkie friends.

No. 693941

File: 1566741912017.png (734.17 KB, 800x1081, Screenshot_2019-08-25-06-57-59…)

No. 693943

File: 1566741980626.jpg (176.93 KB, 500x702, tumblr_oe17ihYYwc1vgit5fo1_500…)

No. 693945

File: 1566742079032.jpg (47.74 KB, 564x564, tumblr_oe15g1r0an1vgit5fo1_640…)

No. 693946

File: 1566742171676.jpg (42.87 KB, 500x667, tumblr_oe15ufRO3m1vgit5fo1_500…)

No. 693950

File: 1566742601397.jpg (229.19 KB, 1280x857, tumblr_oe17l1UejL1vgit5fo1_128…)

No. 693951

File: 1566742622538.jpg (74.73 KB, 500x667, tumblr_oe16oa63hW1vgit5fo1_500…)

No. 693953

File: 1566742657699.jpg (47.43 KB, 500x670, tumblr_oe16hgjuMS1vgit5fo1_500…)

No. 693956

File: 1566742929567.jpg (84.48 KB, 500x667, tumblr_oe17nwz1Cb1vgit5fo1_500…)

No. 693958

Huh, she carried off that 60's retro aesthetic really well.

No. 693961

I agree. It's not even milk to post old photos of her. Many addicts looked like normal people before drugs. That's nothing new.

He truly is unbearable to look at.

How much you want to bet that she brings that up any time her mom asks her to pay rent?

No. 693963

File: 1566744100817.png (99.69 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-25-10-38-10…)

Our prodigy has blessed us with another poem 1/?

No. 693965

File: 1566744129620.png (95.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-25-10-38-26…)

No. 693967

File: 1566744223930.png (99.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-25-10-38-46…)

No. 693968

File: 1566744252978.jpg (202.23 KB, 1100x733, 5993883_orig.jpg)

No. 693969

File: 1566744371508.png (96.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-25-10-39-53…)

No. 693971

File: 1566744479135.png (97.17 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-25-10-40-04…)

No. 693973

I really wonder what the fuck she sees in that walking corpse. Obviously the drugs and as an borderliner she needs someone to cling and project her ideals on.
But she writes things like "you teach me the world" and I really wonder what they talk about. Is there anything of substance in their relationship, how can she learn anything from a person that looks disgusted and disgusting in every picture >>693580? There's not one picture in which I think that he's affected towards her

No. 693990

File: 1566749608885.jpg (271.52 KB, 900x1350, purple_hippie_by_nikkimayone-d…)

No. 693993

File: 1566750200185.jpg (98.09 KB, 900x600, luna_by_nikkimayone-d2vv6g5.jp…)

No. 693999

File: 1566751949314.jpeg (205.8 KB, 750x1334, 0BCEFC95-28AD-44FA-AC85-D66530…)

saw this while scrolling through fb

No. 694001

File: 1566751980166.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, CC2A38DA-2AA2-4BF1-8B6D-2CA617…)

No. 694009

so the dead homeless man is no longer her ~real father uwu~?
What did she see in Roger except for his money? She used to complain that he was screaming at her or something…

No. 694080

File: 1566766628298.jpg (59.67 KB, 750x644, 1498338793916.jpg)

She talked about herpes as a STI before, 2 years ago >>414137. Also pic related, she was searching for a sex work website for 2 years at least.

No. 694164

File: 1566775994908.jpg (444.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190825-170006_Fac…)

copied from KF

>Rare cow crossover in the Abby & Will cringe group, regarding a thread for people wanting to join the Lil' Lunchbox Cringe group. Gagged.

No. 694185

Aaaand there it is. He's the only guy that's ever paid attention to her so she just latched onto him.
Luna, if you ever want to actually try and get better, dump him.

No. 694243


She needs to quit with the terrible eye makeup. She looks her eyes are completely black and it makes them look even farther apart.

No. 694259


The new smears of menstrual blood red below her eyes push it to full on ebola zombie.

No. 694554

can we stop doing this shit? every fucking thread some dumbass spams a bunch of old pictures that have nothing to do with anything and adds the same "wow. she could've BEEN something…" ass comment. no one cares. it shits up the thread and adds nothing to the conversation. we all know what luna used to look like.

No. 694578

I always pop by every now and then to see how our Tuna is doing and yup, same shit, different day. GET A JOB

No. 694701

You don't contribute with any milk either now, do you? Scroll past it jfc

No. 694782

Why would she drop the physical handicap (which people would be sympathetic to) for a diagnosis like BPD (which half the population doesnt even believe in and the other half thinks it makes you a manipulative monster).

For somebody who has survived for FIVE YEARS now by scamming and milking pity, she isnt even good at it.

No. 694945

Name one thing she is actually good at lmao.

Serious answer, I'd imagine it's because of tumblr. She cbfed getting a cane or something (or did and then hocked it) so mental illness wins. And it fits her ~so broken uwu~ aesthetic better

No. 695016

Still, it feels like something she should be covering in stickers and posing for shoots with. Literally ALL of there mysterious physical illnesses and injuries are gone. Heroin is a magic cure for glass bones and paper skin I guess

No. 695259

File: 1567090050420.png (804.98 KB, 929x863, tnn.png)

Nobody says that, Tuna. It is the opposite, you're too old to be playing "troubled teen".

No. 695481

File: 1567185952094.png (2.12 MB, 1312x2560, Screenshot_20190830-132522.png)

No. 695483

Omg, she never looks good but this is really bad, she looks like she is ill. Luna is deteriorating fast.

No. 695501

I think she put her mouth on upside down

No. 695503

she wants to look sick, she specifically does her makeup with that intention

No. 695521

Does she purposely mismatch and not blend her foundation? I know she's a junkie but it seems kinda hard to miss 'oh hey my face is 2 shades darker than my body'

No. 695553

Are these Luna’s previous tumblr urls? I haven’t heard of them except for the funeralhome420.

No. 695565


there is too much texture in this picture, its like she slid up the sharpness or something but i dont think she did i think shes just that craggy

No. 695690

Yep. Lurk more or google around. The skiswasomething one was even mentioned recently in this thread.

No. 695697

File: 1567258108129.jpeg (9.04 KB, 170x284, images.jpeg)


skwisgaar skwigelf, it's a character from the show metalocalypse

No. 695719

File: 1567267736455.png (6.43 MB, 1242x2208, EED7D3E4-E9E3-4461-B44B-9BBC2E…)

Cursed image

No. 695722

Why she gotta do him so dirty, even though its retrospect.

No. 695728

File: 1567277750280.jpeg (138.78 KB, 750x773, 3DEE74DC-E0BE-48ED-AA51-4A24D3…)

No. 695729

Feel some soap.

No. 695736

That same red bra!

No. 695761

That bra is so worn she might as well not even wear one. It’s definitely not doing it’s job like it should.

No. 695764

well she did "find it in the garbage"

No. 695801


Better wash your hands

No. 695912

At least she isn't still wearing that awful nude lipstick that matched her sallow skin. Luna doesn't look too bad here, tbh red is a good color for her and having a different color other than black under her eyes makes her look less beady.

No. 695981

Jesus Christ, those tits. That’s the saddest cleavage I’ve seen, right with Icky Vicky.

No. 696075

File: 1567398928774.png (124.58 KB, 1164x736, sjklsdfhsak.png)

No. 696076

File: 1567399510401.png (89.39 KB, 1196x436, Screen Shot.png)

No. 696077

File: 1567399576277.png (1.77 MB, 2108x2080, screencapture-heavenlykitten19…)

>shit i want from amazon lol
u mean shit you'll get from amazon on your daddy's credit card? ftfy luna

No. 696078

File: 1567399770447.jpg (145.09 KB, 640x852, tumblr_875f607a128abc79fc58ef0…)

>this shit ain’t even age regression or dumbass ddlg it’s “i think it’s cute and i never quit sucking my thumb and it’s the same thing and comforts me while my insomnia murdered my brain”
"dumbass ddlg" she used to be openly ddlg and constantly bought/wore shit that said "daddy's girl" and referred to lurch as daddy so im not sure why she's acting all holier than thou now

No. 696082

File: 1567400770215.jpg (181.94 KB, 1080x1340, IMG_20190902_070620.jpg)

comments on the post

No. 696083

File: 1567401114303.png (85.63 KB, 303x181, LFHhF5Z.png)

the drool….

No. 696084

File: 1567401198231.jpg (636.38 KB, 1080x1725, IMG_20190902_071402.jpg)

No. 696086

Can’t she get an automatic name change if lurch marries her? I know “Luna Schumacher “ will still pull up lolcow in some form but it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as her legal name and managers won’t be as likely to click it because it wouldn’t be the name they were searching. If I was him I’d have married her already- is he brain damaged enough that he thinks he can do better?

No. 696088

What is with these cows complaining that theyre unemployable because of the gossip sites that archive their unwaivering drug use and sex work when theyre the ones who made that info publically available. Im assuming because a lot of these cows dont like facing that theyre the ones responsible for their own problems.

No. 696099

Tuna definitely doesn't like to face the consequences of her actions. She can blame "hate forums" all she wants, but we aren't the ones who made her do drugs or sex work, that's all on her retarded ass.

No. 696114


yeah and like even then there are heaps of people who do all those things + post about them online but they don't get posted here or on KF etc. because they aren't either entertaining with their histrionics or a terrible person. luna used to be both but now she's just the latter

No. 696126

Yep, name changes are free at your local social security office after you get married. Marriage licenses aren't expensive either. If Lurch really wanted to marry her, he would have already. Kind of pathetic for her to think it's still gonna happen

No. 696140

ewww so much drool around her mouth

No. 696142

The name/google issue is a convenient excuse, but she doesn't want to work. There are people who get out of prison for types of homicide that can find jobs.

No. 696146

I have googled 'Luna Schumacher' and nothing about this Luna comes up, so this could really help her find a job if she wanted too…
Unless she would also have to provide her previous last name, as some anons have stated in the past. Can anyone clarify?

No. 696149

Apparently her go to excuse is that they can't because Lurch doesn't have an ID or something to that effect. She's been saying it for years.

No. 696150

Luna's name google results aren't just what's barring her from employment.

She's 23? and has no work, education, or volunteer experience. Her resume would be worse than a high school kid looking for their first job.

Let's pretend she gets called in for an interview. If she even shows up, is it on time? is she sober? even clear-headed? is she wearing a bra, or just some ddlg pastel tumblr outfit?

She wants a desk job, so she's probably emailed a couple medical offices asking for a position. She's above fast food, or low-tier retail, or housecleaning (Luna would steal shit though). Maybe a call centre would take her.

In the end Luna is a selfish junkie thief who's never had to support herself in any manner so boo fucking hoo. She doesn't want a job - she wants to cry until someone offers to pay rent on and furnish a place for her and Lurch. Groceries, useless knickknacks and clothing will be supplied by her dad and donations.

No. 696152

if luna hates these sites so much then why is she apart of abbey brown hate groups too?

if she really wanted people to trust her she'd stop scamming them but that'll never happen

No. 696157

Sometimes they ask if you’ve ever been known by a different name, I never fill it out though and I’ve never had an issue. And that is for engineering jobs so Luna should not have an issue with the jobs she is qualified for. She just doesn’t want to put effort into the steps it will take
. It’s maybe $20 for a marriage license in NY and whatever it costs for the justice of peace. Some will even take a good bottle of wine. So no excuses there because she has plenty of money for crap. It’s got to be a delusional Lurch holding out for something better to come along because I think Luna would jump at the chance to marry him.

No. 696164

Any 40 year old person too lazy to get a simple ID is a person that no one should marry. Tuna wants to fail, so she does. She doesn't really have anyone in her life that can inspire/motivate her to do better cause she ran them off by constantly asking for money and things that she wants.

No. 696180

File: 1567446718622.jpg (46.5 KB, 728x453, lfknanfmlksgg.jpg)

No. 696183

He probably has warrants or some shit like that, or maybe he isnt living under the name on his birth certificate.

No. 696199


She can also go back to school, what is stopping her from doing that? She would prob qualify for some form of financial aid and her father would prob foot the bill for her to rent some shitty basement room near the school (this is assuming she goes to some local westchester-based school , nyc is off the table at this point for obvious reasons). I mean her whole life plan at this point just seems to be waiting for her parents to die so she can get their assets/stuff like what happened when her grandmother died.

No. 696207


Going back to school and getting a job outside of SW will only happen if she gets off smack, which she won't, so its not even worth the conversation. Until she can get over the wall made of Lurch and needles she is never going to have a functional life.

No. 696208

"Yes, Officer, these are people reposting things that I put online under my real name on public accounts."
lol, harassment

No. 696223

She is never going back to school again. Most likely in 2015 she went to college for about two weeks and the reason she quit was because she shared a room with a roommate and she couldn't smoke weed next to him. She "urgently needs it to calm down from her fear/pain", it was worded something like that.
It's down somewhere in either an old thread here or on KF, can't remember.

Imagine quitting your only future perspective, coming from a household of drugs and madness, because you're not able to smoke weed in your room. It's atrocious.

No. 696254

that person replies to all of lunas posts with asslicking comments and luna pays them dust kek

if what we're doing is harassment then lock luna up too cause shes doing the same thing to abby brown

No. 696258

>what is stopping her from doing that

I still get confused how people can ask questions like this unironically.

No. 696280

File: 1567473505372.jpeg (504.51 KB, 1239x1508, D6E2E242-4EEB-44D8-9FD1-1D5C65…)

goddamn she’s so unfortunate looking. and why’s she wearing such a huge bra size? it’s drooping halfway down her torso

No. 696283

Probably stolen

No. 696291

that was established threads ago. it was a rhetorical question mostly. - we know why she does these things: she has virtually zero self awareness and an intense case of arrested development.

No. 696292

File: 1567475815010.png (1.24 MB, 1257x649, sldkfsdjfsdkjf.png)

No. 696294

She always does this right before asking for shit.

No. 696344

Like a toddler. " everybody hates me! " expecting asspats and told how great she is. Anyway, wasn't she posting a week or so back about needing housing again? Are we safe assuming she and mom made up?

No. 696362

File: 1567494960289.png (821.65 KB, 1019x749, 1.png)

From KF.

No. 696363

File: 1567494988959.png (488.03 KB, 975x632, tumblr1.1.png)

No. 696364

File: 1567495027292.png (300.76 KB, 975x423, tumblr2.1.png)

No. 696367

File: 1567495118314.png (1.16 MB, 786x590, tumblr2.2.png)

No. 696368

Her art gets worse and worse

No. 696378

File: 1567501104465.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, B5D41290-E360-4B96-B6D6-DDCE25…)

No. 696386

Probably her new mark, she replies to any sort of regular contact in private where it is easier to grub for "donations". She hardly ever responds to shit directly but then pops up in your DMs 2 seconds later e-begging (at least thats how it works on facebook Ive got her added and cant accidentally like a meme she shares without "Me hungwy bby food$$$ plz")

No. 696414

I guess shes over Roger's death because it has rotated back to Tai (It cycles between Tai, her cancer grandma, roger, and her 'real'dad' and when she exhausts one source of sympathy she assigns another). She switches between them like people with BPD do with LIVING people only she cant get a live person to stand her other than the guy who is using her for a place to crash. So shes going from one favorite dead person to the next because, in death, she has total control over that person and the narrative of their relationship.

No. 696479

tai genuinely cared about luna, which matthew does not. i think deep down she realizes this and that’s why tai’s death hurts her so much. — but that being said, she also uses the deaths of loved ones for pity donations. she’s just a scumbag at the end of the day and i can’t truly empathize.

No. 696483

could Tai's death have been what sparked Lunas addiction/dating lurch

No. 696495

that happened well after she met and started dating him…

No. 697173

did she meet lurch before or after the money from her grandma came in? Also did she leave Tai for Lurch? Do we know why they split?

No. 697188

read the threads ?

No. 697193

I did, all I can find out about Tai is that they died and that Luna dated them but I know they were sort of tumblr-famous so Im assuming whatever the breakup was it went down semi-publicly. I know Tai made a statement a while later about not wanting to talk about Luna but they were in 11th or 12th grade I think, which wasnt that the same time she met Lurch? She was underage so shed have had to be in highschool still.

No. 697219


yeah but you said Tai's DEATH, not their breakup? Tai passed away in (iirc) late 2017, by that time Luna was already balls deep in her addiction and had been with Lurch for years.

No. 697367


i believe this is the correct timeline

She met lurch when she was like 14 because he was her mom's dealer. Lurch was allegedly attracted to her then and always hoped to see her when he went over.

She dated Tai sometime during high school, they broke up during high school. Her grandma died and she got the money some time near the end of high school, maybe shortly after graduation. She couldn't afford to go to the college she wanted so she probably didn't get the money too much sooner before then. She started dating lurch right around that time also because they got together just before she turned 18. Tai died a few years into the Luna/Lurch fairytale romance.

So it's more likely that the heroin use is more related to her grandma's death, not Tai's.

No. 697592

I didn't realize it was so recent. Going through the threads/the witchycrankypoo blog it feels like we have documentation of her behavior since at least 2015 (witchycrankypoo is the oldest I can find and says she is 19, so 4 years ago) that means she would have been under some level of observation at the time of Tai's death but she doesnt appear to have made any post/announcement/etc about it, even though now she loves to ramble on about how tragic and sad it is and how much she misses them. I would have expected something similar to the Roger saga.

No. 697612

File: 1567693748474.jpg (130.03 KB, 720x1047, lunar cycle.jpg)

Tai posted this when they were both 18. Doubt they still talked.

No. 697614

File: 1567694177625.jpg (148.59 KB, 720x1121, adfmnb.jpg)

No. 697617

Luna’s grandmother died when she was 14. She lived with her grandmother from childhood up until high school, and then in high school she moved back in with her mom. She was writing poetry about her grandmother since at least 2012.

No. 697999

Does anybody know the reason why Tai and Luna broke up?

No. 698034

they talked and she definitely mentioned it idk where all these new people are coming from smh

No. 698059

Im pretty sure it was just a high school break-up, before Tai's death they responded to a question about Luna implying they were still on good terms, or at least good enough terms that Tai didnt want to entertain smearing her. Did luna start H before or after she graduated HS, or did the H start after she dropped out of college?

No. 698083

I think someone mentioned that Tai was always more into Luna than the other way around, or maybe Luna was not really that bi? IDK. I wish we had more details, but I guess nothing special happened

No. 698183

IIRC it was because Luna wasnt actually bisexual (but still claims to be) and wasn't into pussy and Tai "helped her learn so much about her sexual orientation" or some nonsense like that.

No. 698319

Girl needs to drink a glass of fucking water.

No. 698338

No. 698426

File: 1567887528223.png (1.49 MB, 970x1160, tumblr4.png)

Pic dump from KF.

No. 698427

File: 1567887567837.png (447.03 KB, 970x614, tumblr2.png)

No. 698428

File: 1567887726496.jpg (96.2 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.2.jpg)


In full size glory.

No. 698429

File: 1567887751386.jpg (103.29 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.3.jpg)

No. 698431

File: 1567887848667.jpg (81.48 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.4.jpg)

No. 698432

File: 1567887940456.jpg (103.39 KB, 500x666, tumblr3.5.jpg)

No. 698433

File: 1567887985121.png (1008.48 KB, 1021x752, 3.1.png)

No. 698434

File: 1567888019298.png (939.4 KB, 1022x751, 3.2.png)

No. 698435

File: 1567888060100.png (1.08 MB, 1171x587, 1.png)

No. 698437

File: 1567888427519.png (405.47 KB, 471x637, b4b.png)

that duvet…

No. 698438

Dear god, is this edited?

No. 698439

She cranks up the sharpness/contrast. I ve been seeing it all over tumblr its the new way to filter pics

No. 698440

her mouth looks photoshopped on, its so gruesome. she looks like some sort of creature from silent hill.

No. 698448

I’m sure she’s going for a creepy vibe, but these pics definitely look like the police photos of a serial killer’s bedroom. Why let your stuff get so filthy?

No. 698449

it is from smoking inside

No. 698451

That could be a good reason. When my mom use to smoke inside everything was pretty filthy, even the walls will become filthy and dirty from smoking inside, but Luna also lacks hygiene and never seems to wash any of her clothes, blankets or sheets ever. She's just overall a filthy person but yeah smoking will make everything dirtier.

No. 698466

That's even worse. Who wants a collection of moldy, ashtray-smelling stuffed animals? The stench has to be nauseating.

No. 698476

Smoking kills your sense of smell, between that and the dope/pills i doubt she notices. Especially over what must be the overwhelming stench of junkie BO

No. 698608

She legit looks dead

No. 699427

random but does anyone have her amazon wishlist link?

No. 699678

No, she just post screencaps of whatever pink plastic things she wants.

No. 699746


WTF, so she does in fact own some form of lip care. That old, ancient tube of blistex.

Still though, looks like her lips are gonna fall off her face tho.

No. 699763

Blistex isnt lip care its just to get rid of sores and shit or really chapped lips in the winter, it just means she has a ratchet mouth

No. 700252

dang, I actually found her wishlist a couple months ago just by searching her name, but it looks like the amazon website changed it to where you can only search for other people by email now.

No. 700285


I wouldn't kiss her with Areolas mouth.

No. 700293

File: 1568121022153.png (35.12 KB, 813x353, hep.png)

"The virus can be spread through: food or drink prepared by an infected person using eating utensils that have been handled by an infected person sharing a cigarette or smoking equipment (such as bongs) with an infected person"

There is no way she doesn't have it. I wonder if "my dad has Hep C" will be used against him still if she ever does get herself checked out.

No. 701299

Your quote refers to hepatitis A (fecal-oral route transmission), not hepatitis C (bloodborne transmission).

Either way, can’t rule out hepatitis C since it’s a common in IV drug abusers, especially if they share needles. I can’t fathom how she’s okay with her non-contributory existence.

No. 701642

im going to go out on a limb and say with the state of Luna's filthy house and the fact that junkies sweat feces there's been some feces-oral overlap lmfao

No. 701652

Sage for off topic:

Seems the milk is slowing to a dribble.

I would never wish ill will on anyone (including Luna) however, I question her health (physically and mentally) as we are hearing less and less.

Yes I understand she was already not all there with her uwu Courtney Love lifestyle but it would be safe to assume that as a user of various drugs over the years that it is taking its toll.

No. 701653

Shes deteriorating faster than a halloween pumpkin in late november. She openly says she barely has the mental energy anymore to even put on ugly clothes and bad makeup for her photoshoots. If Lurch doesnt die soon and give her a wake-up call shes not going to live to be his age.

No. 701671

>inb4 Luna loses her sh
it and makes Daniel Johnston's death (the guy that the alien she has a tattoo of) all about herself somehow and how they were the "same" cuz he was mentally ill except he actually was and she's a heroin addict

No. 701685

if she died, how would we even know? I doubt anybody would post it on her social media for her. Stretches this long and I get suspicious that maybe it finally happened

No. 701692

Any chance she got arrested? Given her propensity for theft, she might have gotten into trouble that landed her jail. Idk.

No. 701693

Shes not ballsy enough to life anything to get her more than community service. I think it has to be theft over 1000 or something like that before you actually go to jail. She was a teenager type shoplifter, she stole used test pallets from Sephora and knick-knacks from tourist stands. Hospital would be more likely, especially since she abuses seroquel and benzos so severely and mixes them with dope.

TBH if I were her mom I probably wouldn't even Narcan her, id just let the trash take itself to the curb.

No. 701694

Would be nice and also hilarious if her and lurch got busted by some grieving family as they are piling up their graverobbing “finds”. Double bonus if some big Italian woman fucked them both up before calling the cops

No. 701795

pfffttt what wake up call? She'd be onto a new junkie dick by the end of the day.

I've never really thought about this question and now I feel stupid. How would we know? I guess someone might get curious and search up an obit at some point after the fact.

No. 701806

>as we are hearing less and less
She seems to post frequently in FB groups. She even bragged about being a mod for a popular one.

She just ditched Tumblr and Insta really because ~the forums are making fun of her~. That's not to say she's doing well health wise.

No. 701994

any new receipts on that?

No. 702354

To be fair she also has no reason to be active online; she has no friends besides lurch, no real passions/goals in life, no desire to leave her room, and prob gets her fix of attenshuns from whatever men who are paying to see her crusty nudes. At this point I honestly think the only thing that could change her life for the better is if she goes to jail.

No. 702387

Jail would just be another excuse "I cant work EVEN MORE now because nobody will hire me with my record". Plus nobody goes to jail and turns their shit around, you go to jail and come out knowing better tips and tricks to not get busted the next time. Change requires remorse, which she is incapable of.
Her absence IS really weird, because the internet is her life. It is her only portal to a world outside of her bedroom. Also shes not dead she reblogged some aesthetic pics about 2 days ago

No. 702505

File: 1568404455931.png (9.01 MB, 1242x2688, 453DE86B-63E5-4057-8196-B18820…)

Facebook Anon here again, she's posting in our group selling nudes with recycled photos and the most minimal effort of calling men 𝕯𝖆𝖉𝖉𝖞.

No. 702536


Which group is this?

No. 702675


In the contrary, I think it would at least a) for e her to get sober b) Lurch would be on the street the very next day and by the time she got out he would 110% have found a new junkie girlfriend meal ticket

No. 702693

She looks like a corpse. If I ran into her on the street I'd be so scurred

No. 702922

She just double-posts pictures of herself in grandma dresses with no caption hoping for men to hit her up? Is that how these groups work?

No. 704107

no, other people make an effort. she's just phenomenally lazy and like we've all established here, feels entitled to anything and everything because uwu life is haaaard

No. 704782

This reminds me of the Pratt thing. Its almost baffling how she knows nothing about doing anything. And why post on FB instead of an actual cam site?

No. 704818


Or like her single "hmu for fun #paytoplay" tweet. Purely junkie inertia.

No. 704966

I feel the need to mention that I had a dream last night in which Tuna passed away and Lurch kept her head, very neatly embalmed it, and kept it in decent, relatively clean condition (other people only knowing because he had uploaded a picture of it to the weird Facebook page he never uses.) Partially posting this in case it happens and I've got some proof of some strange possible psychic powers.

No. 705124

File: 1568688374184.jpg (145.32 KB, 900x600, partyhard__by_nikkimayone-d2vv…)

No. 705473

File: 1568739028312.png (947.04 KB, 1440x1854, Screenshot_2019-09-17-09-48-52…)

Her ironic mini bio now reads like a badly made lolcow thread, this is depressing.

No. 705480

part 1 of 2 of luna barely beimg able to provide for her ailing cat yet…

No. 705481

File: 1568739825392.png (242.63 KB, 720x973, Capture _2019-09-16-08-39-50.p…)

No. 705483

File: 1568739903691.png (71.81 KB, 719x432, Capture _2019-09-17-13-00-07.p…)

…also in depserate need of useless objects amd flannels and somehow owns 3749 lingerie but no cat

No. 705494

File: 1568741193643.png (271.37 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2019-09-17-13-23-42.p…)

andd we cant forget pristine nails for when your ailing cat with no food or litter is passing away. these were all posted within one day of each other

No. 705504

File: 1568742862673.png (472.89 KB, 1312x1638, Screenshot_20190917-135216~2.p…)

No. 705511

>nails help me a lot
This bitch

No. 705515


>blue lipstick for that freshly OD'ed look

[song related]

Someone over on KF pointed out that she hasn't wished Daniel Johnston RIP.


What shoes has she been wearing and where to wear them out? Or does she still trot out in bedroom slippers?

No. 705626

Why didn't this selfish sack of useless bother to offer something in return for cat food and litter?
"My cat will starve and I have nothing to give, but if you buy me these nails I will send nudes for as long as you live."

She doesn't deserve that cat.

No. 705942

File: 1568779646832.jpeg (498.84 KB, 750x1334, DB69E19A-F509-4736-B93C-97FE9D…)

I’m confused

No. 705943

File: 1568779667709.png (250.68 KB, 750x1334, EA66BDE6-E6B0-4B4E-B8BD-97C85B…)

No. 705945


what's so confusing, it's a different person with the same name

No. 705950

Oh yup you’re right. My bad

No. 706082


Omg I feel so sorry for that girl lmao

No. 706202

File: 1568832529135.png (18.21 KB, 712x292, dskfsdklfsdkfdf.png)

woe is luna

No. 706203

File: 1568832565248.png (477.34 KB, 682x964, kjhhjkjhkjhkj.png)

No. 706275

And this is why no jobs will ever hire her. The idiot uploads shit like this.

No. 706408

Bitch, your cat is dying.

No. 706533

she'd have to leave the house first anyway

No. 706582

the cat is old AF anyway, spending money on it would be stupid at this point

No. 706596

Didn’t she just need litter and food? I mean she kind of has to spend money on that or she is just plain cruel. Although I wouldn’t put it past her to starve the kitty to death if it meant she could buy worthless plastic crap on amazon or heroin.

No. 706693

If she can't afford to take care of the cat, then she should give it up to a shelter. That cat would at least be in better hands before it dies. Also, if that cat was truly starving and needed litter, she wouldn't be asking for people to buy her stuff too. The cat would be her main priority. Note that she offered nudes and drawings if people bought her things and not the cat.

No. 706701

The thing that bothers me the most about Luna is she wines about her life as if she has no choices. Stealing from graves and begging for money is pretty shit, but she's not the level of cow that she has fucked her life up so much (onision) that there's no turning back. If she dumped Lurch, got herself into rehab, had a moment of clarity about all the fucked up things she's done, and worked with people who could help her find employment most of her problems would go away and people could actually begin to respect her. She needs to grow up and realize the grunge lifestyle isn't glamorous and the way she's living is indefensible.

No. 706891

Oh I 100% agree with that. I believe it’s better to euthanize than to drag it out and possibly starve the poor kitty. But Tuna is selfish and probably hasn’t spent her own money on the cat ever, she just begs for it and she will definitely not pay for euthanasia. Out of all of this crew I only feel sorry for kitty the others can go fuck off to the great heroin god.

No. 707065

File: 1568997644085.jpg (208.26 KB, 720x1276, Tweets 1.jpg)

Found some tweets I didn't see in thread #13. I always wondered why someone who claims to suffer from insomnia always drinks coffee… Iced coffee >>434426

No. 707067

File: 1568997876009.jpg (182.07 KB, 720x1182, Tweets 2.jpg)

No. 707068

who is this chick, and why does she think Lurch hates Luna

No. 707070

I don't know who she is, she hasn't tweeted since.

No. 707253

File: 1569030572497.png (744.02 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2019-09-20-21-48-13…)


No. 707257

File: 1569031174391.png (2.18 MB, 1762x768, meow.png)

No. 707262

oh no!

No. 707275

This fucking bitch was literally just begging for money to buy food and litter for an old, sick cat >>705481 and she gets a fucking kitten?

>look who i met

So I wonder who she stole it from.

No. 707280

File: 1569034012444.png (22.06 KB, 698x392, personal.png)

No. 707316

File: 1569039137763.jpg (727.23 KB, 1080x1605, 20190920_231130.jpg)

According to this, the kitten belongs to someone else.

No. 707350


what the fuck

No. 707362

is the girl notorious in any way? seems like shes a wannabe internet musician. oh, and she's larping as a guy, of course.

No. 707395

who tf would borrow out their kitten
who tf would borrow out their kitten to a bunch of junkies

No. 707419

Translation: she stole the kitten

No. 707495

Is it at least old enough that it's weaned? Tuna, it wants to be with its mom, not a smelly junkie

No. 707499

Surprised tuna hasn’t said a word about serotoninblue who she used to/still skin crawls something shocking, she recently passed away so I’m sure she’ll be trying to milk that and gain sympathy

No. 707558

File: 1569095331299.jpg (145.37 KB, 640x853, tumblr_58251c468bf40bdad21a8c5…)


No. 707572

File: 1569098507447.jpeg (313.07 KB, 750x1005, 1CC2B8FF-24EE-4A7C-BFA9-BD8223…)

No. 707573

File: 1569098609832.jpeg (332.93 KB, 750x1044, B523E481-E9A3-48FC-BB76-942A4A…)

No. 707575

File: 1569099604085.jpg (160.62 KB, 640x852, mark.jpg)

You could eat a bowl of cereal out of that track mark

No. 707603

Been around Luna's threads for awhile and I don't think they've ever looked this terrible.

No. 707608

Holy shit she looks like a preschooler's unfinished clay project.

They're standing in front of a rather nice place. I'm assuming they're going shopping into people's cars again. Has she mentioned her dad at all lately? She uses his credit card but I can't recall her making a peep about her parental ATM.

No. 707650

he looks like hes been shooting Korkodil into his nose and his hair is so thin that there is no way he doesnt wear the cap to hide how badly balding he is. Also ive heard of a neckbeard but it has spread all the way to the apple of his cheeks

No. 707674

'can't get hired' It is a mystery.

No. 707695

her arm looks like a hot chick if you see the dope hole as a belly button

No. 707697

i know we shit on tuna for having a hoard of cheap amazon clothing but im not sure ive seen a picture of chief taken in the last 2 years wearing anything but that tank top

No. 707711

File: 1569115918864.png (342.82 KB, 1312x2121, Screenshot_20190921-212812~2.p…)

No. 707712

File: 1569115975153.png (324.32 KB, 1312x1766, Screenshot_20190921-212825~2.p…)

No. 707715

She's so brain dead she can't even ask nicely or not act entitled anymore. She seriously comes off like a spoiled precocious 12 year old, in how she really doesn't think anything of asking for stuff the way she did above, and the embarrassing, cringey things she openly admits to that make everyone hate her even more.

No. 707721

this is how u can tell shes never been poor in her life. You but the big pink industrial thing of powdered soap for 20 bucks and a bottle of peroxide. Soap cleans body/clothing (shit lasts YEARS even if you go HAM with it) and peroxide cleans teeth. 25 bucks, there's your hygiene and all of it can be done in a public bathroom. Steal toilette paper from public bathrooms- it doubles as pads

And of course shed want the body wash with the microplastic beads that hurt the ocean

No. 707724

she lives close enough to the city that IDK why she wouldnt just panhandle, its less embarrassing than this permanent public online shit

No. 707743

I wonder why she can't use daddy's amazon to get this shit?
New towels? Wash the ones you have.

No. 707745

She’s too goddamned lazy to even fly a sign.

No. 707789

Then get a job and buy them, you lazy cunt. The sheer amount of entitlement she has without even a brain fart of a thought to get off of her own ass and get a job is appalling. She doesn't just want to marry Lurch, she wants to be him. 40 years old, unemployed, a junkie, and no ID.

No. 707808

jesus god she looks terrible

40 fucking things lmao buy your own toothbrush they cost like 50 cents

No. 707840

That’s exactly what she wants. Whenever she talks about her ‘dreams’ and goals it’s always 1) being married to Lurch and 2) being in their own home, and that’s literally it. Her idea of the perfect life is just a static image where her and Lurch are strung out on a bed surrounded by filth forever.

No. 707887

>cleaning supplies
Mentioned in the same vein as
>hair bleach
>fake nails
>face masks
>new straightener

how out of touch do you have to be to put it like this? is it the entitlement talking or the drugs? she'd look better begging for a lump sum of money

No. 707931

File: 1569145149286.jpg (125.88 KB, 637x583, 20181216_112058.jpg)

Jesus fucking christ, she doesn't even look human anymore. How is she still alive?

No. 707934

Holy shit it makes me sad seeing how much worse she’s getting

No. 707935

File: 1569146446598.png (7 MB, 1125x2436, 0649E2A4-182A-4DC1-A9BA-E16136…)

Anyone know what’s going on with the legs?

No. 707937

she's injecting there?

surprisingly lurch looks less like a junkie than luna. his arms look clean, no visible marks… why isn't he looking for work again? luna's shit aight, but lurch is actually the laziest pos

No. 707944

What's going on with her knuckles? They look like Amberlynn's.

No. 707953


Cellulite and dirt.

No. 707961

He looks less like a junkie because he isnt trying to look like a junkie, shes still wrapped up in her aesthetic fantasy.

And two of the marks on her leg are deff injection points, i cant tell if others are healed or just discoloration but she also self harms by burning so those marks could be scars.

No. 707965

people familiar with junkies: how long do you think she has left? she looks so fucking bad and her hygiene somehow manages to keep getting worse even though she lives in a house with running water

No. 707966

she could live well into her 40s, Lurch has.

No. 707968

Either that's some odd ass lighting or she's about to lose her two front teeth.

No. 707970

Shes always been insecure about her teeth, she says thats why she never smiles with her mouth open

No. 707971

And she's definitely doing us a favor with that.

No. 707981

For the love of all things pure, she looks like a fucking demon!

No. 708014

Honestly surprised she doesn't bitch about dental issues. Her teeth finally vacating her terrifying face is something I've been shocked hasn't already happened. She must do SOMETHING in there, if not you know she'd come right out and whine bc her gums or teeth hurt, she's not one for keeping things to herself.

No. 708016

teeth are like fat, its 70% genetics and 30% action. Just like some people can eat enormous portions or unhealthy food while sedentary without gaining body fat, some people's teeth just don't rot. She shoots up and only smokes weed/cigs so i couldnt see her drug use doing too much damage on its own but with the lack of hygiene she is pretty lucky

No. 708033

where'd ya get your degree dentist anon lmao

No. 708036

Shes constantly flooding her system with painkillers and benzos. It probably never occurred to her to complain about teeth pain when she doesnt feel any.

Rip cottoneyedjoe knee

No. 708040

File: 1569173105656.png (1.93 MB, 1312x1656, Screenshot_20190922-132326~2.p…)

No. 708042

File: 1569173142631.png (2.07 MB, 1312x1769, Screenshot_20190922-132338~2.p…)

No. 708043

from having teeth and knowing people with teeth lmfao

another reason she is dumb AF, dentists are the easiest people in the world to get painkillers from

No. 708044

I saw the "dis" and assumed she was trying to pull off that cringy typing thing Die Antwoord does and then after the word "sum1" I thought I was having a fucking stroke.

What could 'smirked' and 'hmm s d' be junkie-type for?

No. 708046

Who knows, she said she "took her Seroquel and was falling asleep typing the caption" oh no, not a single person would think you nodded out on heroin, it's DEF the Seroquel

No. 708051

I know that look very well. She has that benzo stare going on. Notice the lifeless eyes and the one eye drifting off to the side. Plus the way she’s typing is a dead giveaway too.

No. 708059

Injecting drugs actually harms your teeth as well. Smoking heroin or meth can cause your teeth to rot from the outside, while injecting or snorting can cause your teeth to rot from the inside. Obviously there are a multitude of variables and just because you do drugs doesn’t mean it will harm your teeth, and just because you have bad teeth doesn’t mean drugs caused it. But, thinking because she shoots drugs that it can’t or won’t harm her teeth is incorrect.

No. 708085

That lower right pic… what the fuck.
She's so fucked up.
I wonder what's going on in her mom's life. We already know she relapsed because of Tuna but there's no way that being around her daughter and her former dealer didn't have major impact on her life.
I wonder what her dad thinks about Luna ruining her mom's life, they must talk about her.

No. 708087

I have no sympathy for her mother. She let a grown dope dealer around her underage child. Now shes enabling them, worse than her biological sugardaddy because she doesnt even make an effort to separate her child from the predator that she let groom. This is the bed she made and she gets to sleep in it. Or… couch, i guess.

No. 708122

Ex-benzo addicted anon and I 100% agree. The slack-jawed, limp-tongued expression is a give away too, not to mention the droopy eyelids.

No. 708130

shes doing the drugged out eyes on purpose/totally exaggerating the expression she looks like shes doing Billie Eilish face

No. 708188

Certain homeless shelters and orgs give toiletries like this out for free. Does she think she is too good to resort to using those places?

No. 708214

some junkies are like cockroaches, you'd be surprised how long they can survive… but if she's not dealing, and she can't afford shit, she can't test her shit, and she's more likely to buy off drugs off someone cheap and unfortunately end up with fentanyl.

No. 708230

she already does fent, it is cheaper and stronger, she wrote about it in her "my favorite things" poem

No. 708310

what happened to her cam girl thing? she was talking about how sex work made her feel good or something

No. 708344

One of her eyes is already off to rehab and getting a job. The other wants to stay with Tuna.

I guess she likes looking like a corpse with wonky eyes. Shit like this is why employers will never hire you despite how much you pretend to want a job, Tuna.

No. 708396

Food banks do rather often as well (at least the ones I volunteered at did when we had them), but if I remember right she bitched about the food. Just like the group she attended for a bit.

Luna has access to all the help in the world, she just doesn't want it because it involves effort on her part and isn't covered in stickers and grave dirt and stuffed with xanax.

No. 708422

-Most of this shit you can buy at the dollar store. Products in drugstores are always exorbitantly marked up here, I imagine it's the same in the US/New York?
-The only reason she's asking for bleach for the bathroom is to take photos in a bath, but the tub is probably mad filthy, even for Luna standards.
-Teeth whitening strips are like $60-$100 lmao. Why bother when you chainsmoke and don't brush anyway.
-General mention to all the makeup begs: the only reason she does it is for Insta photos, or maybe someone is buying her nudes. Regardless, how does she own/need so much fucking product as someone who doesn't ever go anywhere?
-"new" straightener again is atleast $50 in a drugstore.
-l'oreal cream because it's hEr FaVe but she looks like a bloated corpse pulled from a lake due to her efforts (or lack therof)

and my personal favourite:
>nicer toilet paper i'm sick of thin add nasty toilet paper
She's really wanting someone to front for smooth 4 ply? Who actually gives a fuck about tp quality, let alone ask for the premium on your Facebook begging list while you post this too >>708040 She had a sick cat a few days ago, she apparently can't afford basic necessities but god forbid this bitch wipes with low tier toilet paper. You get nice stuff when you earn it

Can op update if there were any comments on that post?

No. 708518

Lol you guys need to stop with this "poor addict mom" shit like, yeah, Luna fucked up a lot and this isn't exactly a nice thing she's doing rn, but come on. Her childhood was obviously unstable as fuck and rather than do any shit to get better her mom just has grown ass drug dealers around her teen daughter then her daughter got groomed and ended up with one of them. Not only that, it was lurch who enabled this heroin addict shit she was determined to do, which, regardless of her own choices and determination is one of the shittiest things you can do to a human being. I've been friends with addicts who won't even let me see their heroin or when they are shooting up cause they know the life ain't great and they are horrified of the possibility that someone else will get into it too. They told me and warned me extensively about predators like lurch who just love to pick up and enable damaged young women to become heroin addicts too. They considered these people like they were murderers, and honestly, they kinda fucking are.

Luna isn't a great person and exhausted her extremely privileged options, but I'm tired of people acting like her objectively terrible family are some kind of saints for putting up with her bullshit. Her bullshit is what they deserve, tbf.

No. 708533

File: 1569268687571.jpg (542.06 KB, 1080x2220, 20190923_145510.jpg)

Not op, but no one replied.

No. 708536

The single 'laugh react' is knocking me out.

No. 708579

>if I remember right she bitched about the food

She did. She said that people need to donate yummy food and not stale cereals and food that no one likes.

Good. I hope no one gets her entitled ass a single thing from that list.

No. 708633

File: 1569289220713.png (53.96 KB, 525x453, Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.4…)

this is fucking bleak

No. 708643

File: 1569290394634.png (533.51 KB, 711x747, Xu4uR12.png)

she can't afford 50 cent toothbrush or food for her dying cat but can afford a brand new $15 plush


No. 708693

Surprisingly, Luna has not unfriended that person.

No. 708714

Well that answers my question whether her dad finally cut her off. She gets all the amazon shit through him, correct? if her need for toiletries was so dire she could have gotten stuff there.

No. 708813

Jesus Christ, she's got more of that crap than most kids.

No. 709115

File: 1569373080765.jpeg (336.6 KB, 750x1044, EDA6F1E4-03E4-4D90-90B3-A167A9…)

you can tell by the shadow he’s holding something up in the picture. wonder what it was that luna felt the need to crop out for ig

No. 709125

tinfoil but what if he got his license? Cropped it so people won’t ask about getting married or something lol

No. 709207

bag of heroin? lmao

No. 709209


His arms look clean because he can't use them any longer. He's been injecting into his legs (and I assume elsewhere) for years.


We've seen tracks on her feet and ankles in the last year or so but nothing like this on her thighs. She's working on an abscess to rival his.



No. 709214

File: 1569388930571.png (247.96 KB, 778x883, Screenshot_2019-09-24-22-17-38…)

Observations on her legs courtesy the other farms.

No. 709344


Call me morbid, but I think Luna needs a new banner. Like of her old healthy smiling face fading into this one.

No. 709377

inb4 the next "stray kitten scratch"

Maybe if she gets a really nasty infected one she will finally have to go to the hospital and get detox and put in a psych ward for a bit and get some space from chief areola and maybe get some actual help.

I hate to be hopeful for her but she is so young still. So many people who were addicts at her age turn it around and live amazing lives and make retribution/at least feel genuine guilt on getting clean. She was ripped out of college and into a flophouse, removal from the situation might do her good. She wasnt a horrible person before dope, remove the dope and she could actually be a human being

No. 709378

the banner is stupid anyway, the pics were taken almost 10 years apart. i think shes like 16 in that first pic and shes 23 or 24 now, she deteriorated but also a lot of it just looks like aging, nobody has the fresh face of a teen in their mid 20s

No. 709393


Even 5 years is huge.

No. 709410

>Maybe if she gets a really nasty infected one she will finally have to go to the hospital and get detox and put in a psych ward for a bit and get some space from chief areola and maybe get some actual help.

If it hasn't happened by now, it won't. she's an adult, the law would have to get involved to get her into a psych ward. Honestly, most anons think it would take Lurch leaving her. She's built this whole identity for him, she's lost everything living this way for him. she has nowhere to go whereas he could just lighten the load and dump her and/or the slim chance he finds a better meal ticket.

No. 709428

I doubt a serious abscess isnt something theyd keep you overnight for, thats a few days worth of cleaning and antibiotics and monitoring. Plus in NY if you piss dirty for anyhting but weed you get the 72 hour psych hold and shes a manipulative mess so I doubt within 72 hours she wouldnt say something manipulative that would get her brought to the real ward. In some areas and on some insurances there is mandatory rehab if you come to the ER and piss dirty, i know hats why a lot of junkies try to treat nasty shit on their own

No. 709439

No that’s not true. They cannot force a hold unless you are a danger to yourself or others and drugs don’t apply to that. You can’t force anybody into rehab unless it’s a court order.

No. 709740

in NY if you wind up in the ER they can hold you for 72 hours and usually do if its drug-related because they want to get your insurance to put you in some kind of detox. You also have to see the psychologist before they will let you go. Luna is a manipulative twat there is no way she wouldnt say some "feel bad for me" shit that the psychologist couldnt write down as "suicide risk" and get to bill her insurance for a week in the acute supervision wing.
IDK how it is in other states but here in NY i went in for an eye injury and as soon as they saw on the chart that I had a mental health history they were trying to trick me into saying i was suicidal. Every second there is an empty bed, they are losing money.

No. 709838

my old roommate went to HS with her and apparently she just DMs people links for amazon items she wants and asks them to get them for her, no discussion no stories anymore just entitlement

No. 710173

File: 1569554375348.png (Spoiler Image,982.14 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20190926-211712.png)

This pose looks so uncomfortable

No. 710211


she needs both hands to stop her tit from sagging

No. 710282

shes bent backward like Emily Rose trying to make her look thinner, shes got all her fat pushed to the side under her hair, its some pretty impressive contortion just to fail at selling nudes

No. 710681

emmy used to regularly fall for tuna's scams and give her money until someone showed her this thread, would be pretty stupid for tuna to admit that she ever talked to emmy if she even remembers her

No. 711304

File: 1569730455693.jpeg (341.97 KB, 2048x2048, 9EB3AB37-A64C-4F2A-9461-D8C227…)


Old post but this is seriously happening. I’ll keep it short and just say it happened to me. She is going to lose her front teeth in a year or so.
The tops are very clearly turning brown and decaying.

No. 711313

yeah those are dying teeth. The roots are turned. Had a similar situation after a bad mouth injury, im shocked shes not complaining.

No. 711431

She’d have to admit she’s a dirty junkie, anon. Despite what she shows online she thinks she is “fighting the stereotype” of a junkie, living her pseudo Courtney Love life.

No. 711459

But she asks for whitening strips and not toothpaste or mouthwash or floss lmao yeah that'll do it toons

No. 711506

she knows shes a dirty junkie. Lol all I can think of when I see her now is that old post she made about how "im high on heroin but look how cute and clean and intelligent i am"

No. 711596

milk is dry right now so i'm going through all the threads again from the start…. anons in the first thread saying looney wasn't a cow because just being a fat junkie isn't enough would have loved the "lost 83,25 percent of my belongings" gimmick i think

No. 713203

Yeah teeth whitening strips will be A+++++++ and solve all your problems…

No. 713532

As far as junkie depression hovels go, she actually isnt that dirty (relatively). Even the pics of Roger's house didn't look that much worse than a normal college apartment where somebody her age would have been living. I never see cat shit, crusty dishes, etc. in her pictures like the shed princess had, just a lot of dust and clutter and her laundry is stained, but yall make it sound like she needs to be on that TLC show where they pull mummified cats out from behind fridges full of expired condiments. Shes not clean but when you are talking on a scale of filthy houses shes a 4/10

No. 713603

Anon, I hope you’re kidding.

No. 713676

Sage, but dropped by here after an extended absence a and surprised how little has changed, other then lurch looking more and more like an old man. I know he’s pretty harmless as far as junkies go but I kinda wish he would hurry up and die already, he’s just taking up space at this point.

No. 713680

He isnt harmless, though. He sells fent-cut dope and groomed a minor and steals from cemeteries and exploited his dying father and thats just the shit we have proof of. He is a cancer.

No. 713801

Yeah. I mean of course he could be worse but I feel like we don’t even hear the half of it from Luna, and what she has shared sounds like hell. Any picture she’s painted of him being chill and loving is a front. He’s at least verbally/emotionally abusive and I’m willing to bet he puts pressure on her to beg and whore herself out to make money for them.
Luna wanted this but he plays a huge role in keeping her there I’m sure, he’s not just someone on the sidelines.

No. 713905

Were we looking at the same pics? I mean this is the living conditions where Luna bragged about moving their mattress and finding needles everywhere on the heavily stained carpet. Not to mention Lurch's piss-filled juice cartons.

No. 713915


Eh, she's not the worst. Luckily the internet doesn't come with smell. That's one factor you can't see. For all we're aware it danks of cat piss and musty sex.

Also, the photos aren't HD or seen in 3D. Plus if you browse on your phone, they're lower quality. That kind of stuff looks way worse in person, and hardly shows up on camera unless it's really bad. The fact the stains are that visible and common is why people mention it. Plus how the get there in such quantity. There's a photo of this old purple comforter she had compared to new and it was shocking. On its own, it looked a little dull and run down, but compared to new it was filthy.

Plus how does she get so many stains on herself? Id obvious she doesn't wash anything, but sheesh. Things like stuffed animals get kept by children for years without getting as grimy as hers do.

No. 714231

She is filthy, she is just not the worst. Her space is uninhabitable by any normal standard but it hasn't reached flop-house levels. There are sheets on the bed and only one bed in the room, which right there is saying a lot.

I assume there is a strong stench of cat piss though, and smoke, and junkie sweat/puke. Especially cat piss, and I believe it will linger long after the passing of the cat (this is her last one?)

No. 714357

Ugh I miss Luna Tunes on Saturday mornings. It's not like she's cleaned up she's just literally boring. If she's gonna use these threads as an excuse to never work again, she could at least go back to milking herself. Youre good for at least one thing Tuna Fish. Get your life or whatever.

No. 714840

File: 1570382599292.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.09 KB, 720x960, ttt.jpg)

A sample of Luna's sexy foot pics that she is offering lucky lucky men. How blessed we are to be given this erotic treasure for free.

No. 714932

File: 1570393233541.jpg (240.36 KB, 620x883, ew.jpg)

some context

No. 714934

what was the response after this…?

No. 714968

Calling other piggy, meanwhile she lives in a pigsty. Wondering if these people ever Google her name.

No. 715049


this is one of those dudes who gets off on humiliation lol, though it certainly is ironic

No. 715249

Her feet look like they grandpa shuffled through Chernobyl.

No. 715263

File: 1570438403412.gif (984.28 KB, 245x189, giphy.gif)

No. 715269

Of course she's so grimy that she'd happily be the "domme" that plagues Twitter shoving their nasty feet into the camera lens and going "Fuck you, pay me now"
It's like the lowest of the lower effort for Luna but at least they use proper hygiene and look presentable.

Bonus dumbass points for accepting Paypal for sex related things. She can have that frozen if someone decides to charge back or report her.

No. 715516

What kind of sex worker gives out their real name to clients?!

No. 715518

Don't doubt for a second that the grime isn't part of her appeal. Imagine how much more kinky and humiliating it is for these perverts to be 'stepped on' by a filthy girl. It's 30 times more degenerate

No. 715582

a dumbass

No. 715974

I always knew she would get into sex work eventually but I thought it would thru the usual seeking arrangements route, idk how does Luna fail at even the most basic junkie things

No. 715979

There's a difference between some girl who looks good and went outside for 5 mins barefoot and someone who looks like a corpse and never left her room and has feet like that. It's past degenerate and into the zone where you might as well be hiring a 60 year old truck stop hooker that's one week from dying of a sexual disease.

Luna on SA would be hilarious though. She'd fall for every "I'll pay you $50 per meet, once a week. That's a lot of money at the end of the month!" scam.

Probably thinks she has nothing to lose. No one will hire her already so ruining her real name/identity is nothing. The worst thing that could happen would probably be her clients Googling her and finding all of this.

No. 716397


Can you explain me this scam? Like they just don’t meet very often on purpose?

No. 716404

sage for slightly OT but most sugar babies get way more money than that. $500+ sometimes just for the initial meetup without sexual favors.

No. 716405

It's a cheap bastard being a cheap bastard. Basically once you're there, the guy can have you stay for hours for that $50 and if you get fed up and leave, that's it, they probably won't call you again. That's less than $10 an hour but to someone like Luna she'd fall for it because they'd spin it as being $$$ at the end of the month.

No. 716495

SA usually involves some form of FSSW eventually, just long-term contracted

No. 716859

File: 1570640426688.jpg (49.63 KB, 640x556, 4TP28i4l.jpg)

No. 716861

In all these pictures of clutter, i feel like I cant recall ever seeing an ashtray. Do they just eat the butts?

No. 717455

>sent her $30 but then asked if she wamted more money
>paid $105 for this

How is anybody this retarded. Wow

No. 717662

This is old milk that we talked about some threads ago. After all the backlash, it's amazing that the nasty cunt still keeps begging for money.

No. 718098

File: 1570879061720.jpg (492.82 KB, 1080x1440, IMG_20191011_090040.jpg)

No. 718140

lmao "pic with my favorite ashtray" right after anon mentions never having seen them use one, luna definitely lurks here.

No. 718141

You realize the timestamps are dated 2018, right? You can tell one look at Luna in the first pic and realize how old it is because she looks somewhat human still.

No. 718142

Yeah, I think an anon posted that to show the ashtray, they’re from 2018.

No. 718771

File: 1571072877044.png (9.05 KB, 999x162, 1.png)

No. 718777

bro that's literally u do

No. 719099

File: 1571160841263.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.42 KB, 1538x2048, EG73hJ3XUAEr0SM.jpeg)

She posted on tumblr her SW twitter.

No. 719100

File: 1571160959478.jpeg (263.61 KB, 1240x1818, EGirsLZWwAIA_Gr.jpeg)

No. 719101


Holy shit, I'm triggered.
I'm also shocked that anyone's ass looks grosser than shayna(?)

No. 719102

File: 1571161419845.png (276.96 KB, 480x744, i.png)

No. 719104

>pee drink
This has to be rock bottom for her…

No. 719109

I guess Lurch's orange juice carton urinal was only the beginning for Luna.

No. 719115


$20… to drink her own piss. $20.

I dont know what I ever expected from her but I never thought it would be this low.

No. 719116

I keep waiting for her to hit rock bottom but it just keeps going.

No. 719117

She already drank her own piss, since she mentions the duration of every video I'm sure they are filmed already and sends them to buyers.

No. 719127

Is this the dawn of a new era???

I hope it is, artistic Luna is the best Tuna. Let's hope for an abundance of sexxxy lingerie shots and her take on fetish wear!

No. 719166

I just…I can barely tell what I'm looking at. This is like so depressing lmao it's like just sheer desperation for drugs driving her on it would be easier to get a job and work than do sex work but ofc she can't do that

No. 719197

File: 1571182981275.jpeg (351.38 KB, 1566x2818, BA1FAF7E-0BFE-41A0-8764-1A6776…)

No. 719198

File: 1571183012302.jpeg (120.38 KB, 640x378, F42C274B-BE3A-4095-BD23-9688E3…)

No. 719199

File: 1571183051250.jpeg (422.73 KB, 640x893, 69BB3D6A-E679-4B4B-8419-6B9A97…)

No. 719200

File: 1571183105065.jpeg (609.99 KB, 2829x1932, 0C62C8AC-EF92-4B52-8256-FE6FC5…)

No. 719201

File: 1571183140618.jpeg (Spoiler Image,492.66 KB, 1536x2046, 909178BC-980C-4C01-B671-691CF5…)

No. 719202

File: 1571183162342.jpeg (Spoiler Image,631.6 KB, 1536x2046, E4129012-4D1E-4215-9917-808FA9…)

No. 719214

I mean I don’t know what I expected but damn

No. 719219

Wow, that’s what my 65 year old neighbor looks like when she comes by to swim. Tuna hit the bad genetics lottery and then still chose to be a gutter junkie piss drinker. She’s fucked for life.

No. 719221

luna no longer delivers me cringe entertainment just sadness now

No. 719222

Is that toilet paper or a pad?? Why would she think this was a good idea?

No. 719223

OMG she's wearing a maxi pad in this

No. 719231

File: 1571187476175.png (179.48 KB, 779x352, Capture.PNG)

Imagine paying $20 to see Luna suck Chief's hard-on in their filth den.

Apparently she's falling for retweet scams as well. Wonder how long til a Nigerian prince is promising to take her away and marry her.

No. 719238

I think it's just the crotch panel

No. 719247

File: 1571193235534.png (592.57 KB, 701x548, 657567869.PNG)

No. 719274

Thats definitely some kind of liner she has wrapped around the crotch. The panel will always be the same colour as the underwear especially in lingerie

No. 719290


Damn, Luna is so stupid. She'll sell her dignity for $20 yet thinks she's too good to work at mcdonalds or Walmart. Fuck a stable paycheck, she's gonna sell sporadic nudes.

She thinks it's more reasonable to drink her own piss and sell videos of it than to get a low paying job.

Delusion level 100.

No. 719297

Well duh. Anyone willing to drink their own pee for $20 isn't exactly in the best mental state.

No. 719298

Implying it's her pee…

No. 719300

tbh, not sure I'd want tuna working near food, especially that might be given to children. We'd hear about some unexplained hepatitis outbreak…

No. 719302

No way groooooossss hahaha these lewds are simething else

You can tell her camera is sitting on top of the toilet lid so this is an actual pov of Tuna shitting

No. 719305

holy fuck her videos are insanely overpriced. she needs to lower those prices. nobody is going to pay for that shit. most established sex workers don't even charge that much for videos of that length.

No. 719333

I REALLY hope she was smart enough to fake the piss drinking (i know girls who do piss/scat clips who know all sorts of concoctions to make fake shit and pee) hopefully she was since it was a pre-filmed video.

No. 719335

One of her most recent reblogs is just a little girl's undeveloped chest in a thin tank top, it was downright soren-ey

No. 719343

>i hope she was smart enough…
I'mma stop you right there.

No. 719345

FFS. Well, we've got the porn saga (along with gratuitous self-degradation), so I guess the hooker saga is not too far off.

No. 719400

Makes me wonder if she’s figured out chief ain’t where it’s at. I mean unless of course he’s doing pee drinking videos too lol. Yea I know she will never wake up to that but I thought it was funny when I asked myself what he’s doing while she’s being disgusting

No. 719407

this is the start of him pimping her, Im guessing he is either the cameraman or penis involved in the videos. "We need to get by, Ill still love you/love you more if you do X" and then from there it escalates from pics and videos to meet-ups and full-service. Im shocked it didn't happen sooner.

No. 719453

imagine drinking your own piss and pimping yourself out just to make money so you can buy yourself another little hello kitty container that you’re going to put pills in and then take a picture of it and put on instagram

No. 719456

idk i imagine its all her

No. 719459

File: 1571253818014.png (765.21 KB, 704x1020, asdlkanjdnkadnsd.png)

she can't afford a cheap coat or save 10 bucks but she's somehow able to buy a brand new $25 cinnamoroll plushie

same. she's a fan of shayna and other ddlg weirdos from tumblr

No. 719460

File: 1571253841078.jpg (122.59 KB, 640x480, tumblr_c67b2143757fe2a2c016bff…)

No. 719482

I may be taking a wild guess, but is the internet friend Emmy (serotoninblue)? >>>/snow/797728 They followed each other on IG.

No. 719494

yeah I wondered if it was emmy. didn't know thats how she killed herself ofc luna would just put that kinda info out there

No. 719495

g r i m e y

No. 719498


Sex work is an accurate name. It involves a LOT of emotionally, physically demanding work. It also requires sex appeal, which is a learned skill, and Luna is like, so unsexy to almost anyone but a small niche of people who get off to degrading sad junkies.

Luna is way too lazy to do full service prostitution. She never has the gumption to leave her house, there's no way in hell she can manage clients, hygiene, and social interaction.

No. 719509

That's what the drugs are for though. Save the hygiene of course.

Self perpetuating cycle

No. 719523

good internet friend? this bitch literally said she talked to her privately 2-3 times. always rying to milk someone’s death for sympathy.

No. 719528

Didnt they fall out forever ago when luna was exposed for robbing her of hundreds of dollars

No. 719578

File: 1571273841739.jpg (446.14 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20191017-115602_Ins…)

holy shit

No. 719584

Jesus Christ, that is the saddest selfie I've ever seen

No. 719585

The scraggly pubes when you zoom… tragic

No. 719590

I'm pretty sure it's not Emmy. Afaik Emmy died from health complications in the hospital.

No. 719610

God if she and Lurch weren't such bad people, I'd feel bad for her.

No. 719613

File: 1571276638584.png (9.72 MB, 1125x2436, BA7AD013-9F6E-4A93-9ACC-8C4BF0…)

Holy fuck

No. 719615

Is she covering a bruise on her nose or something?

I've never seen someone look more sad, god. This picture needs to be in a PSA.

No. 719617

Jesus fuckin Christ I thought for sure she was fucking DEAD in this photo. Wtf she went downhill really fast. Maybe she got into chiefs poison stash- the shit he’s been rumored to sell

No. 719621

I mean she’s got visible, open track marks in the crook of her arm. She’s not even trying to hide it. Either it’s on purpose or she’s so far gone and removed that she doesn’t even consider it anymore…

No. 719624

File: 1571280483379.jpg (492.86 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_b0d22cc1f1ba7d7ffbbc526…)

Her nose does look pretty swollen near the top of the bridge.

No. 719625

Tinfoiling, result of her "watch me beat myself" video taken or something else.

She looks blasted.

No. 719626

(Anon you are responding too)Yeah really Looks like someone hit her or something.

Looks swollen, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

No. 719632

Possible tinfoil but damn I really think she got punched in the face by Lurch or possibly her mom.

No. 719634

Could just be a sinus infection. With all the dust, dirt, cat hair, cigarette ashes and god knows what else floating around that place, it wouldn't be a surprise.

No. 719635

File: 1571283378759.jpeg (411.37 KB, 1125x1785, 596326F7-8C1E-479C-9283-4494E2…)


No. 719658

I wonder if the bj video is new content or something she recorded years ago. I remember some VJ photos in one of the first Luna threads, as well as a movie of Lurch slapping Luna with his dick or something (?).
Either way, this is very sad. Do you guys think that even McDonald's is rejecting her or is she not even trying?
I liked it more when she was selling her art…
I do lowkey hope that Luna and Shayna will do something together, they are into similar uwu bby sex worker aesthetics.

No. 719662


God damn her pupils are the size of ants

No. 719666

idk if i should laugh or cry at her new selfie. laughing at the weird pubes on her upper lip and the sad hanging boob and crying at her makeup, wonky eyes and track marks. tragic

No. 719667

does she wear hair extensions or anything? i’m surprised her hair is still intact/in decent shape

No. 719700

Luna could not work at McDonalds. Its fast-paced and high stress, IDK why people always recommend fast food service for people like her. Just because it is a low-paying job does not mean it is not hard stressful work

No. 719713

I dunno… Shayna does some degrading stuff, but I can't recall she has drunk her own pee. (or anyone else's). That's some pretty hard core self-loathing (and desperation), and like an anon above said I can't believe she didn't do any tricks to avoid actual scat. The next step for all this will be hooking with Matthew as her pimp.

No. 719824

It's the only type of place that people think would hire her because she has nothing to bring to the table

But realistically she's not even qualified for bottom of the barrel type jobs

No. 719906

This is really a "the longer you look, the worse it gets." The red eye shadow and crusty foundation as a lipstick that she loves is so jarring.

No. 719943

She drank Matthew's out of an orange juice carton claiming to not know it was in there.

No. 719989

File: 1571411271440.webm (610.14 KB, 720x1280, njwUxS2nwmbrF3PQ.webm)

Once againg flashing her big areola.
>dm me for more $$$$

No. 720004

Her eyes are so dead it looks like she's wearing a mask.

No. 720010

who would pay for this? Serious question. That's the only reason I don't think Matthew is pimping her yet, how would you even get clientele? That and pimping is too much like a job for Lurch

No. 720040

Her problem is shes trying to sell herself as some hot e-girl instead of embracing the gross angle. She could easily sell dirty socks or some shit, and she gives way too much away for free off the bat.

yall saying she wouldn't be pimp-able should come to NY and see some of the girls walking the streets in the city. Shes not in bad condition for a junkie hooker.

No. 720041

Exactly, do people not realize what Drug dealers or what some men, in general, will deal with to get their dicks wet?

No. 720052

well yeah for a hooker who cares but she's trying to sell pics n shit

No. 720061

No. 720138

File: 1571452503345.png (7 KB, 702x131, 3.png)

No. 720139

File: 1571452539412.png (190.26 KB, 713x2053, 1.png)

No. 720140

File: 1571452606008.png (223.83 KB, 713x1824, 2.png)

No. 720142

blah blah blah yea everyone who was told they were talented as a kid turned out with depression you're not special and omg i hate that she thinks this is some kind of poem style like she could just write this in paragraphs there's nothing poetic to it

No. 720160


so is it a job at an actual business or is it just another online client?

No. 720169

File: 1571461500771.jpg (372.83 KB, 750x1131, IMG_2359.jpg)

No. 720171

File: 1571463501455.png (28.12 KB, 499x144, Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 4.38…)

what the fuck?

No. 720177

File: 1571465714617.png (30.94 KB, 509x177, Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 5.15…)

this bitch is so cooked

No. 720178

File: 1571465783737.jpg (102.8 KB, 640x853, tumblr_7e8065eb6824252e15d80ae…)

No. 720181

>regrets internet fame
>posts more heroine fueled pictures

loosely followed luna when she was first posted about in /snow/ but im sure she didnt even expect herself for whore herself out for pee vids and and to beat herself up for some heroin money. did the magic dumpster stop providing?

No. 720193

Those fuck ups didn't happen in your teen years, they're happening now in your adult years.

Pretty much like this nasty shit. She looks like a preschooler's first wax project.

It's her house, Tuna. If she wants to make a full thanksgiving meal at 4am, then she can. If you don't like it, leave. It's that simple. What a whiny cunt.

No. 720201

I'm wondering if the "fucking you as a teenager" is reference to her bf from waaay back who has his own page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, considering she got her own footnote in the chaper. Which if its what shes hinting at is so far from the truth when her cow "infamy" didnt take off until she was publically sucking on old man cock while boasting about her drug usage? The thing that set off her "e-fame" were putrid pictures of dirty plushies and needles stuck together, people found out about her skeezy ex AFTER the fact and it only nailed in the coffin that she has never learned a single thing from her negative life experiences and uses it as a crutch to continue living a miserable life until the inevitable happens and she stops breathing in her sleep from all the xanax she gobbles up nightly.
You cannot be aware that you have made bad decisions in the past, then carbon copy the exact same decisions now expecting people to root for you because you're "trying your best" at getting a 9-5 while showing extremely public "sex work" posts/ads all accessible within two mouse clicks or the hoards of facebook panhandling….but sure tween luna posts pre-heroin is whats gonna stop future employers.

No. 720202

File: 1571479622147.jpg (405.59 KB, 1280x1708, tumblr_10cfcea281ad317541d1c6c…)

No. 720203

File: 1571479690195.jpg (65.57 KB, 650x960, tumblr_pzlbdr0DtH1xxzxb4o1_128…)

>everything is bad worse than ever fuckin bad! this was taken before it was bad tho

No. 720205

> it's MIDNIGHT and my EVIL MOTHER is making DINNER

No. 720206

>e-fame is ruining my life forever!
>sex work accounts under her real first name, easy to find from her SFW accounts

No. 720208

i think she meant to say “fucking up” not “fucking (yo)u.” i read it that way the first time but the next line she mentions fucking up

No. 720210


your evil mom is likely making that chicken for you, cow. you have no income whatsoever and you're this fat? thank your mom for keeping you fed

WELL fed. just… just look at you

No. 720213

Thats most likely what she meant, but its becoming hard to even think about context clues anymore when her writing goes from "U n me bby angl areola" to "im sobbing because mother is making chicken at 3am!!!???" Tuna the poetry queen

No. 720235

File: 1571492673003.png (Spoiler Image,71.46 KB, 228x274, Screen Shot 2019-10-19 at 9.44…)

omg this bitch

No. 720236

I'm wondering what she thinks she did as a teenager fucked up her life worse than everything she's done in her adult years? A stranger on the street could look at you and know you're a drug addict and you've fucked yourself over by going online with it too.

You know employers look at you on Facebook right? One FB search of your name and they'll find all your sex work and your drug bragging.

>mother cooking dinner

No. 720241

File: 1571495050341.png (123.53 KB, 412x227, white chicks.png)

She looks like a man with flour on his face and a cheap wig slapped on his head.

No. 720245

She was still a teenager when she started using and was 18/19 during her heaviest scam period when all the callout blogs about her formed

No. 720246

File: 1571496222493.png (3.06 MB, 1712x1200, loonz.png)

No. 720247

Why does she do her makeup like a ghost with eyeliner? it looks so messy. she's too filthy to be a decent SW

No. 720248

lol all her followers are either bots or other camgirls i see ONE "customer" account

No. 720264

tl;dr (Simple Plan - Untitled)

No. 720277

Wtf man. Her leg looks like it’s rotting off. Is that normal????? It’s crazy with Luna if you cut pictures of her off at the head sometimes it’s not so bad and she almost looks semi attractive but the lower down you go the more bleak everything gets.

No. 720288

yeah this is just outstandingly bad like it's not that she's fat it's that there's so many weird textures and colours ugh honey

No. 720290

does she have "Try" written just below her labia?

No. 720300

It’s a tattoo she got in high school, back when she had more muscle mass and didn’t look like her skin was melting off her it looked more like it was on the front of her thigh.

No. 720311

File: 1571520180554.jpg (597.46 KB, 1080x1814, 20191019_172027.jpg)

There's several comparisons of Luna pre-lurch, so I thought I'd do a comparison of lurch, then and now. He hasn't aged well either. This photo makes him look healthy by comparison.

No. 720314

File: 1571520202886.jpg (906.37 KB, 1080x1772, 20191019_172059.jpg)

No. 720328

is it just me or did she put makeup on her legs in the left photo kek

No. 720348

File: 1571526865298.jpeg (93.54 KB, 640x811, 03C2CF16-08F3-4213-B203-BD910B…)

No. 720358

File: 1571528237980.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1242x1772, C7504A43-275F-4EDF-80F5-849A2C…)

Omg those stains

No. 720359

File: 1571528368970.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x1826, F6A2B3AE-FB07-4664-8364-9C0EEC…)

Seriously everything she owns is stained

No. 720360

File: 1571528480370.jpeg (Spoiler Image,431.53 KB, 1242x1741, A7E24DF7-049F-4699-81CF-501A29…)

No. 720366

That's either lint or mold spots.

No. 720393

for the love of christ luna get off heroin. if you want to accomplish something, if you want to "inspire" people and prove all the haters wrong or whatever, GET OFF HEROIN. STOP SHOOTING DOPE. it's the only redeeming choice you could possibly make at this point. stop worrying about how many people would laugh or cry if you died, and start thinking about how many people would STOP laughing at you if you got the fuck off dope and logged off the internet for a while.

No. 720397

File: 1571534441767.gif (1.53 MB, 512x512, tumblr_cd5bae819d9a8d2ef549ffb…)

No. 720435

File: 1571539869165.jpeg (110.66 KB, 425x439, B7DF78B8-A962-4934-8EE0-F3478E…)

Girls on another planet

No. 720454

is this from midsommar

No. 720460

these pics are getting really scary. i'm honestly worried she's going to die soon.

No. 720505

File: 1571553496262.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 15BD8BA0-6471-4CEC-8048-CEA0E8…)

Oh honey

No. 720506


>i don't have many regrets

oh honey you should


jesus fucking christ


The real luna isnt in there anymore

No. 720538

File: 1571559981995.jpg (71.7 KB, 960x540, fallout_4_hancock.jpg)


She looks like a ghoul

No. 720590

Dear god he devolved into the Crypt Keeper

No. 720591

I knew FSSW was around he corner but i didnt think it would happen this fast

No. 720592

Does she not realize that she's fucking herself up NOW by posting pictures of drugs and shit? her life isn't ruined because she was an embarrassing teenager, it's ruined because she's an embarrassing adult.

I'm also so curious about how she would cope with having to go to work every day. Has she ever had a job for more than a few days? She's like 23 and I somehow doubt that she'll be able to go from laying in bed high as fuck all day to having to go into work and be productive and talk to people. the only thing i could see her doing is being a cashier

No. 720624


Only be a cashier for the 5 minutes it took for her to decide the till was hers or to call chief to come “rob” her. Someone that would rob graves of children for plushies and angel figures wouldn’t hesitate

No. 720638

She's the kind of idiot that would think no one would notice small amounts of money going missing every time she was at the till.

No. 720673

Agreed. These recent developments just get more and more desperate and sad. I'm very aware of how terrible she is, and even though she doesn't deserve it, I wish she had someone in her life to support her while she seeks recovery. Everyone she knows abuses drugs in some way and she only knows how to take advantage of that and it doesn't help. Like yeah, her dad may not be using hard drugs, but he isn't totally clean either. Her mom started using again and Lurch probably hasn't been sober since that baby picture Luna posted. It's just really sad.

No. 720707

File: 1571608344286.png (1.15 MB, 679x895, luna.png)

No. 720710

File: 1571608563470.png (1.44 MB, 685x901, piic.png)

the track marks on her arm is making me gag

No. 720720

she isn't seeking recovery tho

No. 720726

How is she advertising sw while flashing her flapjack titty on Twitter and expecting anybody to buy

No. 720727

File: 1571612517737.png (Spoiler Image,1.29 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20191020-180142.png)

No. 720738

File: 1571615901264.png (15.96 KB, 691x205, sw.png)

No. 720739

File: 1571615927335.png (500.52 KB, 709x823, ebegging.png)

No. 720741

File: 1571616083227.png (320.75 KB, 721x721, public.png)

No. 720742

Damn. And to think I thought those two looked awful in the "before" photo… This is such a sad fucking saga.

I do kind of hope Luna's making at least… a little bit of money from her sw stuff? Putting yourself out there when you look like an actual homeless women can't be easy. I honestly envy her confidence.

No. 720747

Glad to know Lurch (assuming he is filming) is supportive of Luna's sw career

No. 720749

Damn. I know she's skeezy and everything but I honestly feel bad for her. Sometimes when you've dug yourself into such a deep dark hole, and you don't have any positive role models or friends willing to at least encourage you to get out of it… Sometimes it makes more sense to just dive deeper into that void. Inevitably this leads to suicidal ideation and possible suicide attempts. I'm honestly surprised Luna is still alive in her current state, I'd have thought she would have either offed herself or done a 180 and improved her life at this point.

Have any cows ended up killing themselves? Or even attempting?

No. 720758

ughh this is so depressing

No. 720761

I know, was just being stupidly optimistic.
She really only has one bra, huh.

No. 720765

The tiny bit of sympathy that I could muster for her, ended when I was read that she was fanboying over someone who murdered someone.

Yeah, I can't be bothered to have much emotion for her nowadays.

There's a laundry list of shit she's done. I do understand how it's easy to want an story where she gets clean and becomes better but I sincerely doubt it at this point.

No. 720767


fanboying over who?

No. 720796

>easy ass thing
>anyone can do
>open their legs and show their titties

that's literally all Luna is doing.
Luna, who has done nothing in the past several years other than begging for cash, shooting up and barring out, scamming, begging and deceiving, stealing from gravesites, taking advantage of her elderly FIL

and none of this has even required any effort or even [conniving] thought.

less than a month ago she was asking for whitening strips, good quality toilet paper, l'oreal night cream, a new straightener, fake nails, on top of 30 other useless items in her ultimate demand list >>707711 >>707712

now she thinks she deserves empathy for being a hard working sexworker because she flopped her sloppy utter out on Twitter and chose to drink piss?

No. 720797

Those are literally cat piss stains. The stench of her has to be unbearable.

She got into outpatient at one point and all she did was complain about the free food and leave when during a session the person leading it said something she didn't like.

It's hard because you're nasty and when guys are paying for nudes, why buy from you when there are better looking girls who have basic hygiene? Hell, Luna only started sex work BECAUSE she thought it was easy.

No. 720799

File: 1571623548884.png (51.78 KB, 689x495, klelkwrnlwr.png)

No. 720800

File: 1571623594685.png (86.22 KB, 695x633, tkmerltkmerwt.png)

No. 720802

Luna is so incredibly infantilized because that's what she wants to be. She wants to be free of every adult responsibility and just be left to lay in bed smoking weed and doodling all day.

Sounds like even Lurch is getting sick of her shit. Especially now that she can't scam anymore and isn't making money like she used to. If she didn't get them into her mom's apartment I doubt he'd even be with her.

No. 720811

>someone buy me this

Right when I start feeling some concern and sympathy she reminds me why she’s fucking awful

No. 720839

File: 1571633925526.png (7.18 MB, 1242x2208, 10BF6FB7-5179-4231-9D24-AFAEE4…)

luna, please clean your mirror before taking bathroom vids!!!

No. 720840

I'm sure she considers that her mom's job

No. 720844

these could easily pass as Shayna Clifford tweets, jesus christ

No. 720846

She could literally go to a thrift store and get this for $2.

>why buy from you when there are better looking girls who have basic hygiene?


Taking a person's last two dollars and stealing things from a dying old man are definitely up there on that laundry list.

No. 720853

>I wanna build a blanket fort with my nearly 50yo boyfriend
>I wanna hide in there with my cat and chain smoke
Ugh, I don't even want to know when the last time was that cat breathed fresh air

No. 720863

File: 1571651859507.png (2.11 MB, 750x1334, 80BE6693-817E-4D0B-A4D8-22CA1B…)

No. 720865

she all ready has at least 4 of these ugly granny nighties

No. 720867

she all ready has at least 4 of these ugly granny nighties

No. 720878

Ugh this BITCH. Wanna be treated like a baby, Luna? last time i checked, babies don't scam people or shoot dope. You are an adult, pick those loose udders up off of the internet and at least go learn something on skillshare, being as all you do is sit online. Also, cuddling up under blankets is very rewarding when you get home from work. Try it some time.

Sorry to sperg a bit she really annoys me. The simplest adult plight is the end of the world to her. She is making no effort to change and thinks that horrifying SW attempt is what constitutes hard work.

No. 720911

I kind of wonder what he's mad at her about. I mean, I know there could be any number of actual reasons, but I wonder why Luna thinks he's mad at her, beyond being "annoying." I mean, being annoying doesn't generally make one mad, it makes one ~annoyed.~ She seems to be incredibly needy too. But I am also curious what she thinks is "annoying" about her to Matthew. I also wonder what she finds lovable about him (I am also pretty sure he doesn't reciprocate, at all.). It's very weird to me.

No. 720926

Shes probably super clingy and constantly needing validation from him. She only really hooked up with him because he was the first guy to pay attention to her, and it's pretty clear she measures her worth by her relationship with him.

No. 720932


Probably she did something that annoyed him and it escalated. Happens in all relationships.

Well judging from the anon that cow tipped way back and was messaging lurch, he probably said a lot of poorly written, flowery, love shit. I mean reading it is revolting but that was some random over Facebook. He groomed her a long time, as a teenager. She's not the brightest bulb in the box either so she's the kind of person to fall for some guy like lurch whispering sweet nothings in her ear. He wrote her cards, wooed her and actively pursued her.

Add her heroin fetishization and him being her access to fulfill it… Of course.

It's hard to say how he feels about her because as much as she has a long, documented, online presence, he has almost nothing about his life, thoughts or feelings available. As much as we like saying he's using her as a meal ticket, they've been together way too long for that to be the only reason he's around.

There's plenty of ways to get an addict gf who pays the bill than latch on to someone who became a scammer after being together. Basically pick any number of girls off the tenderloin, give them a fix and pimp them out. Heck he could make money sucking dick too. I'm honestly surprised the sex work had come this late in the game. Reading the threads, it seems a lot easier than the scams she ran. Join lurch for a run to the bronx and stand on a street corner till some man pays you 60 for a bj. Luna is in bad shape but she's better looking than most toothless crack heads with no online presence who make bank off sick fucks.

Honestly Im surprised they've been together this long with no physical abuse, break ups or outright cheating being lurch messaging that random. I'm not saying their relationship is healthy, but they've stuck it out a long time without many major issues. It's always been them vs the world.

No. 720983

File: 1571684317467.png (28.23 KB, 703x241, buy my nudes.png)

No. 721011

>buy my fucking nudes
Classy Tuna

Calling it now that she's gonna go hooking soon. Doubt a lot of people want her crusty ass nudes, so what else could be the next step if not offing herself.

No. 721021

omg luna no one wants your nudes especially when you put them out there for free

No. 721037

homegirl be looking like a wax statue of a mom-of-three who had been holding in a sneeze for the past 5 years wondering why nobody turn up to buy photos of her in pastel grandma panties lfmaoooo put effort on looking less like a corpse

No. 721141

I have a theory that lurch is a passive retarded sea slug with no greater aspirations beyond getting high. Luna provided money via inheritance, scam bucks, a mother to provide basic care/food/shelter (for fucks sake her own bedroom) and a father im sure kicks in money when absolutely needed. He lived rent free with his father forever and can continue doing so with lunas mom. All his brain cells can be allocated to obtaining and distributing dope.

Theyre both lazy, hes like 40 and been a junkie long before luna knowing how to "survive" given rent is paid.

Also he is so fried, incapable of doing much more than whispering sweet nothings via fb chat in his bedroom. Lack of sex drive and any real ambition renders him the weekend at bernies sea creature weve come to know and love in lunas iluvusomuch photos.

No. 721185

File: 1571715572554.png (357.19 KB, 733x760, 1555053901877.png)


No. 721188

i was going to make a comment about how baffling it is that her ass is SO flat when she seems to be very pear shaped. but then i remembered she sits on her ass doing nothing all day and has zero muscle tone. what an unfortunate situation she’s put herself into

No. 721383

i know it is old hat to mention but Luna is drinking piss and shoving hairbrushes up her ass and trying to do cam shows IN HER MOTHER'S SMALL APARTMENT
She has to listen to her daughter fail at e-whoring around the house and OH MY GOD I JUST SAW THE FRIDGE THIS ISNT EVEN IN HER ROOM

No. 721445

File: 1571781262855.webm (6.83 MB, 720x1280, OA0DfAJh4tpmlh6N.webm)

No. 721446

File: 1571781410991.webm (14.29 MB, 360x640, tumblr_pzowka08MS1xxzxb4.webm)

No. 721447

she actually looks pretty here until she flashes her bum and starts awkwardly squishing at her chest

No. 721449


I say this a lot, but these are just depressing. She looks like she's going to fall over, struggles to keep herself in the shot, and her attempt at a wink at the end of the first one, she stops for a full second and you can see her brain buffering

No. 721450

that mirror is HAUNTING

No. 721457

Her face here looks better than recent pics. I thought maybe she was filtering but then those dumpy orange peel textured legs…

No. 721474

Shocked at how clean the costume is. Not for long, though. Her usual style of makeup looks really out of place with the seifuku too. I'm not saying she has to go for Moomoo-kun's "tried and true" gyaru look, but she should nix the red eyeshadow heroin chic thing and opt for something less heavy. Not surprised she can hardly put the effort into being a good sex worker but like, come on. She has all the time in the world to sit on her ass online, she may as well learn how to style herself differently to be more appealing.

No. 721479

File: 1571789723333.png (391.79 KB, 342x505, Screenshot_10.png)

THIS. i have been thinking this about the heroin chic look regarding her SW attempts. A softer look could actually bring some business in, as well as editing photo's for the most flattering outcome possible. If she wants people to buy images she needs to put her all into them and her look. Pic related, same style, no bra.

No. 721480

I think it’s kind of funny all the expectations people have of Luna in these threads. She’s not gonna go on YouTube and learn how to do her makeup nicely while strung out on heroin and benzos 24/7. Homegirl doesn’t even shower or do her laundry. The first step to her doing literally anything competently is to get the fuck off heroin and stop blacking out on xans whenever she’s lucid enough to realize what her life is like

No. 721483

This is pure awkward cringe. She tries to be sexy, but it comes across weird as fuck. Like bitch, slow down your movements or actually watch some videos on how to be flirtatious or seductive, then try again. But that may be too much effort for her.

What is she even doing with her tit? It's like she was afraid to touch it, then touched it, but went back to being afraid, rinse and repeat. She should also shave her mustache if she's going to try to be sexy, but we all know that she's too lazy to do that.

No. 721484

this is so sad omg like she had so many opportunities to be some hip new york girl, and now she's flashing her "ass" on twitter. i don't think there's anything wrong with sex work, but this isn't even it like this is just desperation for cash and realizing that men like tits like ugh luna stop plz

No. 721491

she's pretty much already sitting around and taking selfies all day anyway, i don't see why it suddenly becomes "hard" as soon as she starts calling it sex work. these gifs and photos are hardly different from the selfies she usually posts, only difference is she has to take her tits/ass out.

No. 721559

tuna's just sad. she's gonna die young and she doesn't care. wake the fuck up, girl.

No. 721562

>i don't think there's anything wrong with sex work, but this isn't even it like this is just desperation for cash and realizing that men like tits
lmao, what do you think sex work is? The vast majority of it looks exactly like this (if it isn't human trafficking)- a woman who is poor or an addict is desperate for money and does what they can to get it. Welcome to the world.

No. 721567

no I mean she thinks she's working hard when she's just flashing a twitter account with 3 bots

No. 721568


Luna is so unsexy. She's wobbling around ungracefully with such a lack of rhythm. Her facial expressions are so weird and jerky, she is literally staring transfixed at herself in the camera the entire time. Her dead eyes don't move from the image of herself.

Really gives insight as to what she spends most of her days doing, wobbling around, trying to find the best angle and facial expression that she thinks comes across as "beautiful".

Now that she's lost a bit of weight (she gets off to validation when people say that), she thinks it automatic makes her more sexy. Nope, she is still the graceless, charmless, and gormless lump that she always has been.

She's too xanned out to realize how her behavior and presentation comes across to other people. She just wants to hide in her bedroom and make excuses for why she can't improve her life.

No. 721607

As if the video isn't god awful/cringy enough on its own, she couldn't even play some music for it or something. Instead it's just uncomfortable strung out movements to the track of passing cars and her awkward breathing.

No. 721610

I wonder how many people have bought these nudes. Does anyone have an educated guess?

No. 721615

It's in the single digits, and they won't be buying more. Except for maybe one customer that has a fetish for disgusting, strung out messes.

No. 721617

Quite some time back in this thread or last she mentioned sw and that she had 3 people paying for pics? Would be surprised if it's more than that

No. 721648

it's actually crazy to me how much weight she's lost, especially in that mirror video with the pink bra. i've known her for a while and have never seen her this skinny in her life (used to be friends on facebook like 10 years ago and it seems from her childhood photos that she was always big since grade school. the luna i knew was this tall, big intimidating girl with such a specific look. it's incredibly weird to see how she looks now. she always had a beautiful face imo and it's a shame that she's reaching her ~weight goals~ at the price of her health and we can see the toll it's taken on her once young and lively face. she looked better when she was big and now she hardly looks alive. it's just crazy how much her body had changed and it's really starting to look like she might become that skinny waif she always wanted to be if she keeps this up a couple year…as long as she doesn't die first. and i believe she may die before she gets there.

No. 721673

She was lying her ass off. She also said a buyer bought her something but it turned out to be a gift from her dad.

No. 721721

Unpopular opinion: This is actually the best she's looked in awhile. Could be the weight loss, clean clothes, or slightly less crusty makeup but I think even Tuna realized that if she wants scrotes to pay for nudes she needs to put in a wee bit more effort. At least more than what she been done for Lurch.
Maybe the comments from the scumbag who pay and message her have given her some confidence? She's still her own brand of awkward in the videos but something is different.

Didn't mean to quote, whoops.

No. 721727

The clean costume in the video could be from when she first got it. It's not like there are timestamps to what she uploads.

No. 721827

Not seeing any appreciable weight loss, certainly not enough to warrant any countdown to skinny waif status.
She's always looked lumpy and saggy to me,but usually the same weight range.

No. 721869


check some of the photos of her from the old threads, there are before and after pics of her body from her pre-heroin days. she was always curvy but her waist definitely looks thinner and her ass has shrunk quite a bit. she is by no means thin and definitely does not look healthy either way, i think lumpy and saggy may just be tuna's body type regardless of what weight she is.

a few threads ago people were commenting how she's still quite fat for a heroin addict, especially when she claims to have lost so much weight from dope and yet still looks huge. so i wonder if this is just another one of tuna's weird weight fluctuations or if she's doing enough heroin to actually wipe out her appetite to the point where she loses weight instead of gaining it. whatever it is she looks mad sickly

No. 721874

she looks sick to me. her skin has a clammy, pallid appearance. agree that she's lost weight but she seems like she's gotten really bad.

this sounds awful but she should switch to tar and smoke instead, at least she wouldn't have to worry about fent.

No. 722008

Went back to thread 10 which was 2017, clicked about 5 pics at random
She's lost weight since she was a chunky lil teen, sure. SHe has not lost weight recently. If anything, shes put on at 25 lbs since 2017

No. 722009

File: 1571945321803.jpg (93.47 KB, 1148x805, 2019-10-24_15-26-00.jpg)

Taken from KF.
Discount on drinking pee, I guess. It's not the prices that's the problem Tuna, it's you.

No. 722011

>>722008 ^same fagging

I'm not here to body shame the bitch. Im just pointing out its not the norm (as I understand)
to gain on smack. But not an expert so…

No. 722012

This idea that she's losing weight and withering away is ludicrous.She is heavier than before.

No. 722019

Junkies usually crave sugar, eat crapand they tend to retain water which can make them very bloated. I don’t really know the reasoning for that though. She’d definitely look a lot better if she got clean, not perfect because of her genetics but better. Junkies have a way of rebounding with their bodies. Tbh, I think tuna would make a great fatgirl, she should embrace the truth instead of this heroin chic waif she so wants to be.

No. 722020

we have this conversation 5x a thread. She is a large girl with a large build and genetically predisposed to be on the meatier side. Her skin elasticity is fucked up from gaining and losing weight back and forth, and it is baggy because she is sedentary and has no muscle tone. Shes absolutely deficient in vitamins, which make it dull. She has cellulite because thats genetic and shed have it no mater how thin she got. Shes unwashed and grey and sick-looking but shes a completely average weight. You ana-chans act like shes a Slaton sister.

No. 722033

File: 1571951445245.gif (352.46 KB, 480x270, tumblr_o0m5c5k5Yp1ud1w70o1_500…)

She's a lumpy princess. Her butt is flat as a pancake from sitting on it all day. If she had any muscle she'll look decent but weighed more than the anachan she aspires to be.

No. 722035

No one's likening her a Slaton or ALR, but the comments about 'i can't believe how thin she's getting' are bullshit. You have only to go back a couple threads to see that's not remotely true.

No. 722040

i mean its evident why shes as sick looking as she is i dont disagree, but if she actually moved around or put a lick of effort into physical activity she wouldnt have such extreme cellulite to that degree, genetics or not. its because she sits around all fucking day and expects her body to just sort itself out

No. 722044

She should get some cream for that impetigo.

No. 722056

File: 1571959159322.jpg (50.91 KB, 714x512, _20191024_191918.JPG)

im not a detective or nuthin but i think he stole that laptop

No. 722059

Oh for sure. Who gives a person a laptop as payment for physical labor?

No. 722060

You can always tell when they stole something because Luna goes into unnecessary detail about how they got it.

No. 722066

If by physical labor she means “he had to wrestle it from a middle schoolers death grip while it was plugged in at Starbucks and run all the way home” then yes, I’ll accept this as truth…

No. 722069

what about her macbook?

No. 722074

""physical labor"" i thought he couldnt work because of his leg? keep your lies together luna

No. 722087

"need it to fuckin work" what for? What does a friendless ,jobless junkie even need a computer for? On that, topic how does tuna even afford internet?

No. 722090

File: 1571969117352.png (378.24 KB, 699x657, fdsnkfsdlfks.png)

she's pretending like she doesn't buy new stuff with daddy's credit card every week

No. 722091

It's depressing how much Tuna can get away with. She had thrift stores. I'm sure some places might even give her clothes.
Wish there were more insight to her mom

No. 722092

know this is said to death on here but it's beginning to legitimately anger me that she continues to ask for shit she doesn't need. those are $70 shoes for christ's sake. no tact, humbleness, or care for anyone else

No. 722093

This. There are fake fila's all over amazon and aliexpress (and even theyre more expensive than the $10 shoes you purchase at chain stores or the thrift), youre not very good at being 'poor' Luna…

No. 722104

>my mom threw away my winter and fall clothes

Luna's mom graciously allowed her sack of shit adult daughter move in with her and pay no rent, with the understanding she'd move out in what, a month?, and she's stuck around for nearly a year and a half, being a petulant, filthy brat the entire time, and Luna has the motherfucking audacity to whine because her mom threw out a fraction of Luna's never-washed hoard of hideous clothing.

And that's assuming that Luna is telling the truth, not lying through her rotting teeth to scam her idiot followers.

No. 722107

probably sw, though it's unlikely she's getting any real 'work' there.

No. 722153

i dont buy it for a second. If they were thrown away, its probably because they were so soaked in cat piss that even the flies were dropping dead from the smell. But thats not what a person who needs warm clothing would even want? Thats a fashion jacked (not warm) a thin shirt (not warm) leggings (not warm" and shitty sneakers (not warm, wet feet). Id be less suspicious if this included like a single puffer jacket or a pair of mittens or just SOMETHING to at least PRETEND this is shit she needs. Shell have it all in a week, these are her lists for her dad

No. 722173

her mom probably threw out one horrifically stained sweater and she was like "95% of my belongings, gone again! TT_TT"

No. 722255

File: 1572029014699.jpg (81.66 KB, 473x770, 2019-10-25_14-43-34.jpg)

Tuna's doing more "deals" today. This is one of the teasers.

No. 722257

How could one refuse this lovely lady anything?

No. 722274

Oh Tuna please do some sit-ups and lose the crackhead t-rex arms. Can she put effort into anything at all?

No. 722277

she literally has the fupa of a woman who just had a baby. is this what a strictly sedentary/moocher/heroin lifestyle gives you? i feel for her mom, i know everyone says "she can just kick her out" but i'm sure it's not that easy.

No. 722279

It's sad because even if she some day gets better and gets into recovery and turns her life around pics like this will haunt her forever. she's left such an awful digital footprint behind.

No. 722281

Unfortunately in NY you need to go through the legal system to kick somebody out of your home, especially if they have ever used the address to get mail, sign up for a cell phone, use it to fill out DSS, ssdi paperwork or they stay longer than 60(?) days. So if you live in NY and give somebody your couch for a few days make them get a PO Box! Learned the hard way and it was me that left. Tuna isn’t going anywhere probably ever.

No. 722283

Excuse me if i don’t know what im talking about! But Luna lives there illegally afaik, it’s a government accommodation for her mom and I remember Luna saying they (including her mom) could be kicked out any moment if anyone reported. Doesn’t that mean that her mom can theoretically say “either you’re leaving or I’m reporting you” or do the laws you’re talking about still apply?

No. 722286

If it is definitely a case of government housing her mom would get kicked out too probably. But they still would have to go to court. The limit of guests is 2 weeks or you have to notify section 8. She’ll probably get kicked off of it too and be forced to go to work in order to pay rent. If this is the case then it’s in tunamom’s best interest not to rock the boat.

No. 722291

She has a macbook and I'm pretty sure an ipad as well.

No. 722295

File: 1572044846400.png (Spoiler Image,348.62 KB, 348x489, Screenshot_5.png)

Too tight.

No. 722296

File: 1572044982084.png (Spoiler Image,436.62 KB, 386x507, Screenshot_6.png)

The pit in the arm is horrifying. Didn't think it was that bad until now.

No. 722310

File: 1572050020478.jpg (151.41 KB, 640x848, tumblr_c679bb8495a78349466b0d2…)

yikes yikes yikes. these trackmark lewds posted on her tumblr

No. 722312

File: 1572050052450.jpg (100.83 KB, 640x465, tumblr_ab034ff07823acedddffeb4…)

No. 722335

File: 1572052375836.png (18.49 KB, 707x303, fet.png)

No. 722350

Branching out to fetlife too now, i see.
Do any anon's think this business is in any way taking off? i mean she is committing to this. She has not been this consistent since she was scamming and/or trying to punt her doodles out with posting content related to trying to raise dope money. She posts multiple times a day, every day, since making the lewd business Twitter account. That could mean it either really is, or really is not, working out.

No. 722360

File: 1572055266072.png (202.32 KB, 842x602, Screenshot 2019-10-25 at 8.56.…)

New so still pretty sparse. Luna, you are so lazy. Youre on the site, introduce yourself to people, do a basic search of groups, look around.

No. 722368

tbf the one thing she has always done consistently is post selfies, so I'm not surprised that she's going all-in to selling the selfies (or videos I guess). Takes less effort than drawing. I'm genuinely curious to see if she gets any traction and I wonder if she might start trying to sell nude heroin selfies or something to pander to those who fetishize that, assuming there's people who do. Like some kind of black market nude business. It would be the final nail in the coffin of any career/job future though.

No. 722369

God for once I wish this bitch would retouch her photos. How does she feel good selling pictures/videos when her limb look like rotting fruit?

No. 722371


Why is she wearing her panties this way? Does she do this when the crotch area is dirty and crusty instead of washing them?

No. 722372

it's popular amongst instacows

No. 722375

That red bra needs a thread tbh.

No. 722379

I'm sure she's 200lbs.

No. 722389

File: 1572059101544.png (1.31 MB, 1312x1700, Screenshot_20191025-225747~2.p…)

No. 722393

File: 1572059326153.png (882.14 KB, 1312x1945, Screenshot_20191025-225759~2.p…)

$65 fucking sneakers, can't even manage to get by with Payless knock offs bc she'd be able to afford them and grin and bare it until she lands a job (lol) and can get better shoes since, y'know, she's "totally been applying to jobs all day every day for months now you guys". She has to ask for $65 sneakers bc her life is just so hard that she deserves it out of the goodness of your heart UwU

No. 722394

File: 1572059465925.png (1.46 MB, 1312x1778, Screenshot_20191025-225733~2.p…)

Is doing this on her Facebook wall and not tumblr a new low or is that just me.

No. 722395

File: 1572059490099.png (85.79 KB, 1312x679, Screenshot_20191025-225847~2.p…)

No. 722396

Why is she wearing the underwear inside out…

No. 722397

>emergency list
>cat ears headband
great priorities there, luna

No. 722399

What’s striking about her is that she cranks the contrast and shadows up on her pictures to make her appear more textured and even worse. Even the junkie doll aesthetic doesn’t really fall in line with that.
To be honest I think she’s got a pretty face and interesting/sensual figure, she could eat some vegetables and take care of her skin and be beautiful. Kind of tragic

No. 722402

File: 1572059983768.png (93.5 KB, 1312x705, Screenshot_20191025-225858~2.p…)

Only comment on it is from Luna herself

Idk why that "or just buy me an Amazon gift card" really infuriates me, I guess bc she could at least put please in that sentence to try and make it a more appealing thing to do for her, or at least to make it less embarrassing for herself. She's just so entitled as a "homeless person" it doesn't occur to her to add things like that

No. 722404

File: 1572060049524.png (804.46 KB, 1086x872, Screenshot_20191025-225655~2.p…)

No. 722405

File: 1572060113186.png (526.15 KB, 679x730, Screenshot_20191025-225719~2.p…)

No. 722406

She's worn out everyone's kindness and generosity. Most people are happy to help out a friend struggling through a rough time, not support someone over and over while they're flaunting their amazon purchases and drugs.
Just go ask daddy, luna.

No. 722436

Didn't she say that her mom threw them out? >>722090 Which is it, Tuna?

No. 722482

What really gets me is Luna saying "Think about it" does she not see or hear herself and the way shes not even begging but overall demanding people to compensate her for her own chosen demise
and using people like her mom and dad as continuous escape goats, notice how she would occasionally complain about lurch on her tumblr but overall never directly used him in her ebeggig but her father/mother get constantly mentioned as actual batman villains in her life when they are her SOLE PROVIDERS from her actually ending up on the streets with her ancient bf.
The disrespect of taking nudes in her mothers bathroom who has let her stay rent free for over a year now while tuna spins lies about shit her moms done just so she has a "reason" to panhandle is disgusting.
She could at any moment enter a free rehab program where people would support her and put her on a track of financial independence as well as just independence all together cause the bitch is an infantalized codependent emotionally stunted mess.

No. 722498

She could do a stand-in for a corpse on Cold Case Files with legs like this.

No. 722499

Considering she doesn't hashtag any of her Twitter photos and isn't following any retweet accounts, literally no one but us are seeing her pics. She's not making any money and won't be any time soon.

No. 722588

jfc does she have a lip piercing or is that just a pimple…either way shit looks infected

No. 722668

Do you think she turns her underwear inside out so she can wear it longer without washing it? Or is it just a drugged up mistake? gross

No. 722673


it's a lip piercing, she's had it for a while and it still looks nasty

No. 722716

poor luna. she makes a great cautionary tale, i'll give her that much.

No. 722717

Luna: I can’t get a job bc of hate threads
Also Luna: Posts abscess covered nudes and photos/rants about drugs constantly under her full real name

No. 722906

File: 1572178299802.jpeg (115.52 KB, 750x569, B5DA43B6-BE38-40F9-8F1D-167EEE…)

Saw Luna in the wild on facebook on a post about Good Samaritan laws.

No. 722907

File: 1572178322356.jpeg (198.76 KB, 750x905, 0D1A2752-4CD8-4678-9151-77D925…)

No. 722937

Yes Tuna they should have brought your entitled ass to the hospital instead of ya know, helping the next drug addict or victim of a drug addict. Fucking buy a test kit ya moron. You preach harm reduction but yet you have multiple od’s between the 2 of you. Harm reduction isn’t just having narcon on hand, there’s much more to it and by the looks of your legs you aren’t practicing what you preach. God she is so disgusting.

No. 722943

oh shit, is Luna about to finally get her mom kicked out of her housing?

No. 722955

a test kit would be worthless, she buys fent on purpose (stronger/cheaper). And I hate her but there's really no reason they shouldnt have let her ride in the ambulance, ive ridden in plenty and had plenty of people ride with me, that just genuinely does sound like them going out of their way to shit on a drug user. Also in NY there is the Good Semeritan Law where if you call in an OD they are not allowed to try to find drugs on the property/charge additional drug users/do anything that would deter people from calling in an OD. Im shocked she isnt at least a "know your rights" type, she probably stood there and talked to the fucking cop like an idiot.

No. 722972

That is very true about the Good Samaritan law. A lot of people still don’t know about it unfortunately. They did something that shouldn’t have happened. But she does exaggerate to victimize herself so who knows what is true.
And as far as the ambulance ride goes it could have been a matter of a hysterical Tuna and she could have been a liability. Which I can also see. Remember they also wouldn’t allow them to ride in the ambulance during the time Roger was constantly going to the hospital. It is ultimately up to the ems and if she’s acting crazy they will only want to deal with the patient.

No. 722987

If he walked her to the train station and stood with her on the platform she was ABSOLUTELY giving information probably full-on 6ix9ine'd herself and her mom in her pity-grubbing. They arent allowed to make you answer certain questions, but anything you offer to the cops can be used to open a separate investigation.

No. 722997

Absolutely true. I’m sure she isn’t as street smart as she should be. Probably sung like a canary. I wonder how long ago this was. Maybe we will see a Lurch/prison saga soon. And then we will probably see a ramped up pity begging saga.
I am telling you Tuna’s life could keep some junkies clean. Holy crap is her being pathetic.

No. 723021


Come on we all know the REAL story- She didn't get to ride in the ambulance because She would have stolen pretty much everything not nailed down, which of course would have translated to " hey I found all this medical supply in a dumpster yay!" and the cops aren't dumb. They smelled her and just know that.

No. 723023

or maybe she's just making it up for pity points
not that i think emt or cops wouldn't do this, but luna has always been so keen on winning the shittiest life olympics

No. 723163

A bit confused on the part where she says their dope was locked in a briefcase. Does she mean Lurch puts their drugs in a briefcase where she can’t get her grubby hands on it?

No. 723177

Kek, hope so. That said, anybody with enough heroin to store in a briefcase should not need to try punt nudes out on Twitter in desperation. Tinfoil but i call either a tall story on the briefcase, OR he doesn't want to share endless dope with greedy Tuna free of charge as he needs a contribution toward what she is using granted he is still selling fent-cut dope, so she is trying her hand at marketing lewds and videos of her drinking piss and shoving dollar store items up her ring.
Not pleasant, but a simple transaction, high-ho (pun rather intended, sorry) it's off to score we go.

No. 723217

Lurch deals, hes probably got his little kit with baggies and a scale and such, and also yeah if he has a dealer's amount and knows she has no self control i doubt she has access.

No. 723226

Agree. He probably knows if he doesnt hide it away she’ll take it. Reminds me of the pills she always has and makes me hope her dad starts locking his away

No. 723244


That's really bad. At least she documents it for us. There's many people worse off than jet that we don't get the chance to gawk at.

There's people littering the streets if New York in the Tenderloin that have less sores.

No. 723256

Tbh she should stop with her "sw business" because she's only making herself look more bad, no man that is sober will buy, they are visual creatures and she'll end up with more people making fun of her online.

No. 723257

you would be shocked how many men get off on female misery. Just knowing shes suffering and degrading herself is enough for a lot of guys, especially if the girl isnt instagram hot

No. 723263

File: 1572279293143.jpeg (90.79 KB, 780x439, B70089BF-53BC-4D44-9B2D-095210…)

This is what tuna looks like to me. Especially with foundation all over her lips and eyelashes lol

No. 723264

Absolutely agree. That is one thing that makes me wonder if she is succeeding at this even marginally, even enough to score once solely from her "business". There are way more men who are into the unconventional for lack of a better term than i could have ever anticipated.
And yet, her price list makes me lean toward probably not. There are girls and sissies doing more on cam for less.
Time will surely tell. If not, the old girl will divulge herself-we know she can't help but do just that online.

No. 723284

Wonder if she TOLD the cops that their drugs were in her boyfriend’s (excuse me, fiancé) locked briefcase she couldn’t access. Really interested in if all the ODs/ambulances and now a suspicious briefcase are tipping off the cops to Lurch’s dealings


OT but The Tenderloin is in San Francisco. No spot in NY called the tenderloin nowadays. A lot of addicts hang out in Times Square for that sweet tourist money…

sage for neighborhoodfagging

No. 723287

Cops wont do shit. You're all greatly overestimating how much cops actually listen to/care about filthy street level junkies. They probably wouldn't believe her claims or investigate them. She and lurch have nothing to go after. It's easier to wait on idiots like them to die or do something worse. There are far bigger fish to fry than an elderly (white) skeleton with a suitcase of smack and his irritating histrionic liability gf

No. 723295

I think it was more people not calling in od’s because of the stories like luna is telling than the cops actually caring about what they are selling. If and that’s a big if, what Luna is saying is true then it will discourage people from seeking help in an od situation. But she’s a self serving gutter junkie that’s always looking for sympathy hand outs so it’s probably not true anyways.

No. 723392

idk, if he really is selling cut shit and has been for as long as he has, there is probably an eye on him already. They probably wouldnt go after them unless
a) Luna dropped a confession of some sort in their lap amidst her pity-grubbing, which she probably did if she confessed to a briefcase being kept on property
b) the state comes down hard on her mother for having 2 illegal tenants and adds drug charges on top of that
NY is a cunt of a state because they actually have the resources to go after small-time shit, especially right out of the city like yonkers/westchester where she lives.

No. 723502

Lurch already has been arrested and charged for possession with intent to sell (if I remember correctly). The police know he has a record. I don't remember if he was ever sentenced though.

No. 723505

If my recollection is correct, didn't Luna once say that Lurch was pulled aside and searched in the Bronx one day, a day on which she travelled with him? she fabricated some bullshit as to why, and cried (course she did) and made an ordeal outta it, the takeaway from this though is that Lurch's Junji Ito face must be known to the feds for him to be pulled aside in The Bronx, which is hardly NOT a crowded place. It's where he is on the "known to police" tier list i cannot place an accurate finger on. What do we know of his past prior to Luna? other than those court date screen caps from a while back.
Are/were those his only charges? i'm curious to know his amount of run-ins with the law.

No. 723513

She said he was protesting lmao

No. 723549

Those were two different incidents, one he was arrested and once they were stopped. Hes known to police and also has no ID which im pretty sure is illegal on its own.
I doubt this is going to end in some major drug bust (although hed be easy to take down if they are sick of him) bu I have a strong feeling this is going to be the ending of Mamma Tuna's housing.
I assume Luna will then live with her dad and weep over how her 40 year old boyfriend is homeless while no giving a damn about what happens to her mother

No. 723550

How do we know this Lurch-OD-Luna-not-allowed-in-ambulance briefcase incident is even recent though? if it is, then it could definitely end Mama Tuna's housing. If not, it's probably blown over in their house because there weren't consequences. Hard to know how much truth there is to anything Luna says, or when it happened, if it happened.

No. 723551

whoever pulled the screencap, it was posted 4 hours before they grabbed it. If it was an old post i dont think anybody would have noticed but she is pretty active on FB, a lot of people regularly bump into her in groups

No. 723553

I see what you mean. Given her activity, if it were not recent, surely she would have said something already about it somewhere. It's obviously not from any of the drug blog days or it'd have been mentioned there. Just surprised there wasn't any pity party posts on her own pages about her "fiance" almost dying when trying to defend a homeless kitten or whatever sympathy schtick she uses when Lurch suffers the consequences of his own actions.
Time'll tell, anons.

No. 723556

She doesnt post drug stuff on her personal blog other than xanax because that is fashionable these days but she hasnt posted about dope at all on her new tumblr

No. 723558

Think she had to learn not to post dope online the hard way. The trackmarks/skin popping bruises still tell all, however.

No. 723566

She also hasnt posted anything since, not even a reblog, and was posting pretty regularly/at least reblogging every day or so, so I think something really might be up. When was her last insta post?

No. 723628

i remember about a year ago she said something similar happened, so it could have been when they were still living with roger

No. 723705

I can absolutely guarantee you that Luna is making close to $0 with sex work. Much more attractive models sell content at more reasonable prices – hence why Luna is forced to keep doing "deals." She needs to lower the prices – and I mean significantly – in order to make a buck.

No. 723935

God her skin looks like a rotting corpse. The only people buying her nudes are necrophiliacs

No. 724243

File: 1572551709514.jpeg (94.36 KB, 640x311, A7914A90-2B43-4651-822C-05E0A8…)

No. 724254

Well Tuna, desperate times call for toilet paper. That’s what plenty of women do, even ones that work. I suppose amazon doesn’t carry pads or you must not have had enough money left over after buying another plastic pill case.

No. 724258

Most people buy menstrual supplies with the money they make at their jobs, Luna.

No. 724263

When I was living rough i never bought a single pad. Public restroom TP. No its not ideal and TBH i think menstrual products should be free the same way TP is. And I only say they because Luna, if you read this, there are hygienic options and I 100% feel for you because menstruation while poor is legit a nightmare.

No. 724266

If youre poor there are places you can get pads and such…but they might be weird off brand, and not the luxury pads she deserves. Truly a devastating take of survival and hardship

No. 724268

Get a menstrual cup. It's not a recurring expense and you'll have period supplies taken care of for at least 2-3 years. Granted to use one properly there's a lot of emphasis on proper hygiene but it's just a suggestion.

No. 724293


Why doesn't she complain that her dealer boyfriend doesn't buy her these necessities?

No. 724314

It's an expensive suggestion. >>724266 and >>724263 are better for women with no money.

Because she's stupid.

No. 724360

you can get menstrual cups at cut costs from certain charities if youre disadvantaged, she could just google it. Some companies will do promotions where you just have to pay for shipping etc.
Otherwise as a last resort aliexpress has cheap ones. Yes theyre probably full of chemicals but if you boil it regularly its probably not much worse for you than a tampon (which has bleach etc) and is way cheaper.

No. 724580

Why not just steal some, Tuna? You already nick enough shit from CVS - I mean, "find" things.

No. 724666

has she ever heard of Tissue?

No. 724736

tuna wears clothes until they practically rot off her body and just buys new ones instead of doing laundry. She ain’t gonna use a diva cup and if she did it’d be horrifying.

No. 724915

File: 1572723732227.gif (Spoiler Image,1.53 MB, 332x332, tumblr_70cb1968c98a4d941be69f0…)

This is the most unsettling thing i've ever seen… from a video for sale on her tumblr

No. 724916

Why does her butthole look like a black hole if she’s so pale wtf

No. 724917

Lurch looks like he wants to throw up, LUL

No. 724919

File: 1572724741901.jpg (13.78 KB, 602x83, ejej.JPG)

No. 724922

I am disgusted omg

No. 724933

It's so depressing to see that photo of her hanging on the wall and see her now.

Because she doesn't wipe or wash her ass. There's pics she took with literal shit on her ass.

No. 724952

File: 1572733099551.gif (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 332x332, 11068387d762.gif)

No. 724954


lmao thanks for the good laugh jesus christ this looks absolutely ridiculous. Lurch even looks like he is questioning himself about what he is doing there kek

No. 724955

File: 1572734429014.png (11.64 KB, 700x222, asdctfvygbuhnjm.png)

No. 724962

File: 1572734970728.png (69.41 KB, 702x451, i'm fucking nice.png)

then move out if it's so bad, luna

No. 724966

they both look so upset hahah

No. 725013

Her scars on her arms looks almost fresh and 70% of the screen is the dirty room, she needs to find the niche who is into grimy shit instead of trying to sell mainstream. Shes gross enough that she could probably make it on somewhere like fetlife

No. 725017

Then move out of your mom's house? You film porn on her bed while she sleeps on the sofa.

No. 725039

File: 1572742900972.png (19.05 KB, 543x280, frtyguhiygtf.png)

has she even looked at her competition on sw twitter? those girls look like professionals compared to the weird hidden camera in a drug den videos she puts out. take a shower and clean up your room and maybe you'll start seeing sells

No. 725048

i almost thought this was a shayna post

No. 725056

ok but she thinks it's hard because no one wants her nasty shit and she advertises on an empty tumblr/twitter with no hashtags

No. 725058

Since I'm sure Luna couldn't handle looking here, this is a run down on why she's not earning jackshit.

Anyone can do sex work and if you market yourself just right, it's surprisingly easy. Yes, it takes work and dedication but the easy part comes from how hands off you can be to make money. That's why it's considered "easy money" because you don't even need to leave your house to get it.

The reason why Luna isn't making anything is fairly obvious to anyone but her.

She's not marketing herself. She has what, 10 followers at the most? She doesn't tag any of her posts in any sort of way to attract buyers.
She doesn't follow SW promoters that could get her followers either.

Another huge thing is that she's not on a verified SW site. There are so many that sell videos, pics, even texts/calls. Places where people want to buy. I've rarely ever had someone spend money on me through Twitter which is why SW'ers use Twitter to promote their SW sites instead.

Her grainy horror movie photography is another huge thing. Maybe for some niche grime fetish but she's not appealing to anyone looking to buy pics/vids and she makes any half-assed girl in her messy bedroom look leagues better in comparison, especially in price. Why spend $20 on a video of someone you can smell through your screen when legitimate porn stars sell entire films for $20?

Not going to even touch the fact that she's advertising on Facebook under her real identity but she's already ruined her job chances anyway with her public posts on drug use.

Luna would be better off selling sex on a street curb than trying selling content online.

No. 725093

didn't her mom support the idea that Luna would go on a program and get methadone, back when Luna moved in?

No. 725130

Nice to see May Schumacher the genderqueer pig have a cameo in Luna's porn!

No. 725142

Then don't live with her? She's so fixated on the past, shit she can't and will never be able to change. If she's so bad, then stop letting her put a roof over your entitled, ungrateful asshead.

No. 725188

File: 1572787767507.jpg (171.73 KB, 900x1200, EIaQc4rWoAAti5A.jpg)

>anyone around tonight? dm me if you wanna see more ;)

Her face doesn't even look human in this.

No. 725191

holy crap…. i remember seeing this girl on facebook and instagram yeaaaaaars ago, at least 4 years ago, we had mutual friends and i could never understand why she.. chose these looks. she doesn't even have an irredeemable face, but being overweight and destroying your hair with dye and being terrible with makeup doesn't help in the slightest. i had no idea she was a cow good god

No. 725192

She could work at the McKamey Manor, since she's into degrading stuff too jfc

No. 725197

JFC. Doesn't care about being degraded, obviously, but her thinking this is appealing on any level– even pervy fetish shit– is super exceptional.

Maybe the reason she isn't making money from her "sex work" is because it isn't very sexy. My mind is blown at her thinking this– and also featuring gross dead-eyed heroin junkie loser Matthew!– is going to draw in the payigs.

No. 725201

is she in a gas station bathroom?

No. 725202

oh my god she totally is, imagine mamma tuna put the squash on in-the-house porn and now shes just going to flash in public loos. At this point she might as well offer in-person. Although like other anons have said unless shes doing full service i doubt anybody would pay to look at her especially when she is giving away so much for free

No. 725203

Good god! It's like staring into a black hole. I swear I can see shit stains on her pants.

No. 725204

She posts this to her like 20 followers expecting something to happen

No. 725205

Those are plastic bowl lids. She's in a bathroom of a place that sells food, but.. not a customer bathroom, or an open restaurant. Second thing. Her front teeth are rotting out. The brown mark is growing.

No. 725252

File: 1572815184248.jpeg (54.46 KB, 748x285, C0EEB2D0-3E95-446A-9EA7-ABE5CA…)

oh god no

No. 725254

Menstrual cup is maybe not best option for person with total lack of personal hygiene

No. 725262


she used to say lurch's dong was 11 inches, he's lost a full inch of length even when it's being massively over-exaggerated

No. 725272

the first time she mentioned it back in the day she said 8, then changed to 9, then straight to 11 and now back to 10.

No. 725273

File: 1572822943142.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2016, 41F1B019-A1BD-44EB-A7D5-78087C…)

she’s “sex repulsed” and has a high sex drive simultaneously, apparently

No. 725275

No one wants to see a fat girl in their grandma's lingerie.

No. 725278

Ahh a big "add"

Girl you highhhh

No. 725324

File: 1572836247577.png (534.78 KB, 720x1043, Screenshot_2019-11-03-21-51-10…)

luna always kisses up to her old friends so she try and funnel money from them.she must be the new victim

No. 725331

She looks like if Kate Moss was a fat corpse

No. 725334

File: 1572837880801.jpeg (147.97 KB, 750x1334, FC5A95A3-E33E-4DC6-9BA5-E79728…)

if you look at the tagged persons page, looks like she was tagged in that before reposting. I think she’s long exhausted her real life resources hence her years of e-begging

No. 725336

ah her husband joe year, good times. if only people online hadn't been mean to her she coulda been a big success!

No. 725355

oi why is the skeleton called lurch? been following for a while but can't work it out lmao what a freak, almost makes me feel bad for tuna cos he's probably a manipulative fuck + predator

No. 725359

File: 1572842540416.jpeg (27.15 KB, 361x498, 6EFD49FA-609B-4169-9DE1-5BB1D4…)

No. 725360

lmfao, i'm literally waiting for him to die or at least get all jared leto a la requiem for a dream

No. 725364

what is "husband joe year"

No. 725392


I'm thinking she might not have an ID to use to verify her age on those sites. There's no way she's not aware of their existence after being on the internet as long as she has.

She should just start making dirty niche junkie porn, at least she'd have a clientele to cater to that would adore how fucking disgusting she was.

Luna pls get professional help, or at least some shampoo + soap + makeup remover from dollar tree.

No. 725446

File: 1572872424153.jpg (Spoiler Image,443.38 KB, 854x854, sorry.jpg)

Some memes write themselvesa.

No. 725471

Sex repulsion is one of those things that comes and goes, usually switching from repulsion to hyper sexuality. But also, regardless of how she feels, if shes trying to get guys watch her do sex stuff, she has to at least pretend to be horny

No. 725485

Yes Luna, sex work is hard just like all work is hard. That's why it's called "work" and not "play".

It's obvious that SHE thought it was easy money, and is now disillusioned. She's so spoiled she thought she could cruise through life never doing anything but dope.

Well, at least now she's doing something, however badly, so it's progress, I guess?

No. 725597

early to say, but please make this the next thread pic anon

No. 725609

File: 1572913924270.jpeg (161.17 KB, 1242x702, C1FE6DDF-4B23-489F-B954-5768E8…)

Some “constructive criticism” about her “business”

No. 725611

Isnt this what mucky says she has? kek

No. 725614

hahaha what??

No. 725634

File: 1572919519469.png (2.04 MB, 2026x1026, doppleganger.png)

what anon, you can't see it? he's a dead ringer!

No. 725641

i wonder how much $$$ luna has drained from this fakeboitherottengirl person… they reply to all of her posts. poor sucker

No. 725643

LMFAO what the fuck
Does she just….not brush her teeth?

No. 725647

Omg anon please spoiler that shit next time my eyes are burning.

No. 725658

they're another bpd loonytoon. i think they are desperate for lunas friendship, too bad luna doesnt give a shit about anyone unless theyre giving her money

No. 725659

File: 1572923956808.jpeg (60.22 KB, 1162x345, 747C9105-1564-45FB-B667-35E6C2…)

Whining about how she can’t find a job and how she needs to find a job before the end of the year while using accounts associated with her name for SW…. idfk how this isn’t common sense

No. 725668

Maybe it’s just me but does anybody else hear what sounds like a dying cat at 0:11 on that recent twitter vid? Wtaf is that?

No. 725739


Sounds like a screaming baby!?

No. 725781


It's safe to say her whole face is rotting at this point.

Idk if she always had asymmetric teeth but like she'll complete the look once they start popping off. Which will probably be very soon if not happening already.

No. 725833

JFC why does every BPD heifer love Ginger Bronson. I glanced at the tags on the blog and Im pretty sure this kid is genuinely mentally retarded, she is stooping low with her marks between single moms and retarded kids and elderly cancer ladies like Pat (who im assuming died?) Shes such a fucking vulture she circles anything vulnerable and then swoops in

No. 725835

File: 1572983194072.bmp (294.9 KB, 544x185, Untitled 1.bmp)

No. 726069

What could she event put on a job application? She has no work history, no volunteer experience to cover that massive time gap between school and now, never went to college, and she can't use her art to get a job working retail.

No one is going to hire her before they even Google her name and realize she's a thieving junkie.

No. 726093

looking at luna, would YOU hire her after seeing her in person? even if she got the interview, she probably doesn't have any nice, clean clothing to wear and the she is looking like a corpse is off-setting.

No. 726139


Honestly, stocking shelves at a liquor store sounds like a really suitable job for Luna. Definitely more suitable than slinging nudes, as she's not very sexy.

It's at least the first step towards being responsible, and tbh I hope she can turn her life around.

No. 726208

nah she gonna get caught stealing on the first day bro

No. 726228

File: 1573069306470.png (18.98 KB, 1108x321, fdskfmsklfsklf.png)

it's like she only became a "sex worker" just to complain

No. 726233

luna you're not a sex worker you try to unsuccessfully sell nudes on tumblr like just stop

No. 726244

File: 1573071934904.jpg (158.82 KB, 720x924, IMG_20191106_181606.jpg)

Tuna liked the first tweet but some of the replies fit her better.

No. 726247

File: 1573072929420.jpg (155.12 KB, 720x1040, IMG_20191106_223639.jpg)

Also her constant moaning.

I concur kek.

No. 726251

there is absolutely no way in hell she’d ever pass even the most barebones background check nowadays. anons need to let go of the idea that tuna will ever turn her shit around especially the conventional way. she’s never hit true rock bottom and never actually been even one tenth as destitute she pretends to be. maybe if she didn’t have two parents willing to diaper her ass well into adulthood she would’ve had to fix her shit up at least a little by now. but as long as she has shithead enabler parents she will never improve.

No. 726279

Just like Shayna, Luna is an worst off then her as a sex worker, but acting as if any advice she has to offer is worth money, let alone listening too.
As if these sex workers HAVE any advice worth paying for in the first place. I hate how luna and these other bitches act as if their basic advice makes the people asking become super fucking rich.

So fucking funny that Luna is liking shit like that.

No. 726284

I worked human resources and was the one to input/process background checks. It was my job to compile the info and deliver it to my boss, he had the say in hiring.

It absolutely boggled my mind some of the people hired given what came up on their background checks. Granted it mostly happened for more menial positions. Fun fact: these people didn't last long so the cycle was rinse and repeat.

We all know why lunas not getting hired, she's grimy as fuck and probably doesnt even know what constitutes as acceptable interview attire (even for menial jobs.)

No. 726291

I feel like she is just never going to get a job. does she apply for these jobs online? she's so incoherent most of the time she probably fills them out all wrong and she has hardly any work experience to put down like when did she last work? and it's not like she can go into a store and speak to someone in her shit stained clothes whilst clearly high. the only way she's gonna get a job is if she gets clean, but that won't ever happen unless idk lurch dies

No. 726332

File: 1573085101086.png (478.39 KB, 380x507, Screenshot_13.png)

Dem floppy tiddies

No. 726363

File: 1573092716663.jpg (85.55 KB, 1280x720, 135343.jpg)

who wore it better

No. 726508

File: 1573104319558.png (96.02 KB, 500x556, how-you-think-overlining-your-…)

No. 726567

She's been a "sex worker" for under a month and all she's done is complain about how hard it is and how she's not making any money. She's far too much like Shayna where instead of just quitting and getting actual work, she'd sooner cling to the $5 someone gave her and bitch about not making more for the next four weeks instead of trying to make content for actual people who know what hygiene is.

Basically any excuse not to get a real job.

No. 726591

Since she’s 23 now, she definitely hasn’t worked since she used to have internships during school/during the summer in high school, so she last worked in… 2013 or 2014. Iirc from being a long-time follower, she would file papers/do secretarial work at a town office, but she only did that for two/three years, that’s definitely her only work experience other than ~~~painting murals~~ when she allegedly stole money out of other people’s bags and lurch came to shoot her up in the bathroom kek.

No. 726605

Yeah, you would think by 23 you would learn the "Don't shit where you eat" lesson, but apparently Luna is thick in more ways than one.

No. 726842

Lol she probably shits where she eats literally. Remember pee carton.

No. 727035

File: 1573231889044.jpeg (Spoiler Image,249.85 KB, 1538x2048, EI25QdIXkAMo-Ig.jpeg)

Double chin

No. 727037

File: 1573231945133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,346.25 KB, 1538x2048, EI25QdoWsAEWkoL.jpeg)

No. 727048

She'll do better if she went full service escort

No. 727052

from the face i was almost positive that was lurch in a wig at firs look

No. 727054


Dear god, that lip ring needs to go. I think it's a giant pus boil every time I see it.

No. 727088

Yeah, imagine literally applying foundation over your facial jewelry and actually liking how it looks. Which she must, since she keeps doing it.

No. 727132

Her makeup is so caked on that her face has the texture of oatmeal. wtf gross

No. 727240

File: 1573268914328.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.85 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20191108_220756.jpg)

Good god.. her crotch

No. 727241

File: 1573268949866.jpg (Spoiler Image,629.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191108-220804_Twi…)

No. 727258

how the fuck does she get ingrowns without even shaving? Could be herp but i reckon it cos she just wears dirty undies and lives in a bacteria feeding ground
also lmfao at her tooth tattoo, she defs got that as a reminder to brush but now hers are going rank rip

No. 727278

Is that bit of brown between her lips and teeth…also her teeth? Am I seeing this properly? Fuck, her teeth are not long for this world, a year feels generous.

No. 727280

Looks to just be the shadow of her upper lip, however it's been pointed out in the past that her teeth have definitely begun rotting.

No. 727340

File: 1573291238417.jpg (35.62 KB, 500x333, 500_F_13942168_a1AN9Q1nM3OH1dd…)

No. 727343

File: 1573292277266.jpeg (193.79 KB, 1242x1633, EIe-TmVXkAIzwBh.jpeg)


Pic dump from KF.

No. 727344

File: 1573292394913.jpg (227.16 KB, 1063x714, Screenshot_20191104-080621_Chr…)

No. 727345

File: 1573292648189.jpg (282.01 KB, 1080x776, Screenshot_20191104-080605_Chr…)

No. 727346

File: 1573292707679.jpeg (309.98 KB, 1440x1800, EIfQ-QuXYAAcSix.jpeg)

No. 727347

File: 1573292857452.jpeg (298.73 KB, 1440x1800, EIfQ-SpX0AI9ggP.jpeg)

No. 727349

File: 1573293002861.jpg (303.3 KB, 1080x820, Screenshot_20191104-080542_Chr…)

No. 727354

File: 1573293398285.png (480.41 KB, 635x885, twitter1.png)

No. 727356

File: 1573293650024.png (604.84 KB, 638x809, twitter2.png)

No. 727360

File: 1573293762942.png (734.66 KB, 636x823, twitter3.png)

No. 727362

File: 1573294255366.png (913.13 KB, 1016x751, 2.1.png)

No. 727363

File: 1573294416908.png (952.81 KB, 1014x748, 2.2.png)

No. 727364

File: 1573294537310.png (1.14 MB, 1097x754, 3.png)

No. 727366

File: 1573294715330.png (1.08 MB, 1054x750, 4.png)

No. 727367

File: 1573294806762.png (746.89 KB, 1019x754, 5.1.png)

No. 727368

File: 1573294843299.png (735.54 KB, 1022x751, 5.2.png)

No. 727369

File: 1573294891060.png (1.04 MB, 1020x749, 6.png)

No. 727370

File: 1573295040278.png (1.21 MB, 1016x750, 7.png)

No. 727372

File: 1573295085654.png (1.02 MB, 1031x751, 8.png)

No. 727373

File: 1573295244088.png (925.57 KB, 1022x749, 9.png)

No. 727378

File: 1573295811674.png (14.77 KB, 968x203, tumblr5.png)

No. 727379

File: 1573295940065.png (5.61 KB, 989x135, tumblr6.png)

No. 727381

File: 1573296213468.png (476.01 KB, 974x792, tumblr7.png)


No. 727382

i love how she doesn't seem to consider her drug abuse to be an issue in how badly her life is going like are you gonna get a job and then be strung out all day and it's just somehow gonna be ok?

No. 727384


>awake to advertising herself several times a day throughout a day

>unusually bright eyed
>her lips moved



>tight, fine lines and shapes

>coloring within them

Meth confirmed.

No. 727391

File: 1573297924242.png (86.22 KB, 321x122, 1573295244088-1-1.png)

>those tight spiral eyes

No. 727395

She must've gotten inspiration for the monsters from >>619741.

No. 727420

christ, it would only take her a couple of seconds to edit that shit out

No. 727438

is it just me or is her art style slightly improving

No. 727439

Yeah, I actually like that one for the most part, maybe because it isn't more of her "I'm the saddest girl in the world" shit.

No. 727469


Most likely a caries lesion that has reached dentin. It's more visible on other photos too.

Her teeth appear matte white (initial caries) all over and usually covered in plaque. Drug users very often get gumline caries and I guess that this one has probably spread there from palatal side.

No. 727472

Everybody is shitting on Luna's attempts at SW but what other attempt has she made to do ANYTHING in the past few years besides the occasional doodle. Even if she isnt good at it or doesnt get how it works or whatever, it is the first move of progress she has made in years.

No. 727479

She literally just does what she did before, take pics of herself and post them online. I doubt she actually sent any videos to anyone even if they'd pay since she's a scammer.

No. 727482

she doesnt know a thing about SW, shes more likely going to get some heavy karma from scammers

No. 727521


The style is the same. It's her execution that is vastly improved simply because she's on speed. Anyone who has spent time with druggy artists will recognize the signs lol

No. 727538

how can you tell she is on speed and not just not on downers?

No. 727540

Nta but compare it to her usual stuff the execution is much tighter. The details being tiny and numerous are the biggest sign

No. 727549

It looks like she shoved a textbook under her shirt.

Any fool that hired her would fire her within the same week. Can you imagine her even waking up on time? God forbid she becomes a cashier.

This. Tuna's an oblivious idiot when it comes to SW. She wants quick drug money fast and thinks showing her flabby tits for free or drinking pee for chump change will get her that.

No. 727551


Kinda like this.

Drugs affect executive function, physical ability, perception, concentration, mood, thoughts.

Spiral eyes are a common theme with LSD and speed inspired doodles. The tight detail of >>727521 is tempered by meth. She's captured the lurking paranoia perfectly!

Sage for Visionary Art sperg, even different psychedelics inspire very identifiable characteristics. Humans have been drawing high since ancient man's exploration of psychoactives included artistic expression of the experience.

Related, 20th century psychologists used art drawn by patients to evaluate the effects of their mental illnesses.

No. 727559

idk i think you might be reading too much into it. that is interesting tho lol

No. 727573

she has the stretch marks of a woman who just gave birth.

No. 727582


The changes in her art coincide with her new career, and there is no way the Gruesome Twosome got out of bed, let alone got it up, without stimulants.

They exhibit other physical characteristics of speeding, too. Pupil size and focus, increased body temperature, vasoconstriction, and ol' Tuna is practically gurning in >>727368.

No. 727608

how do you know what her body temp is

No. 727616

I think I agree with you. We also haven’t seen Tuna showing off xannies recently. Not that it means much but she was showing off her stash pretty often before her new sw stunt. I would definitely say uppers will help with any kind of sex rather than h which makes you not interested at all.

No. 727653

Uppers would explain her newfound libido.

No. 727685

Yeah and probably the sudden urge to find a job i guess.

No. 727720


In nearly all of their recent pics they have shed at least two layers and are holding their limbs away from their bodies. They ain't feeling the chill of no downers.

Their skin is a shade above the usual gray pallor indicting increased blood flow. Stimulants, esp meth and coke, are vasoconstrictors and elevate pulse and heart rate.


>We also haven’t seen Tuna showing off xannies recently

Good catch. Benzos potentiate the effects of opioids across the board.


And Lurch is absolutely popping Viagra to perform. Meth and Viagra are popular combination in chem sex circles, practically compulsory. Chem sex porn (portraying the use of drugs and sex) is sought after as it's still very edgy. The act if injecting itself is fetished. Our nascent porn stars may yet find their SW niche to keep them in dope without having to resort to selling themselves in the real world.

No. 728342

File: 1573512175832.png (1.08 MB, 705x1423, slkgfdlkgdlgdfgjdl.png)

No. 728347

if you want your clothes to not have holes or stains you have to take care of them, not just keep buying new ones

No. 728349

I gotta admit I never really understood what Luna was going for with her pink/gray athleisure style until now it's just odd cause it reads super basic/normie for what I'd expect for someone who used to be into kinderwhore and punk aesthetics

No. 728360

Does she really think that’s an appropriate jacket for a NY winter? What am I saying of course she does because it’s pink and cute. Haven’t bought new clothes in a long time my ass. Tuna is an insufferable twat.

No. 728363

It's obvious by the way she deems name-brand, retail clothing as "necessary", "emergency" purchases that she's never actually had to thrift clothing with limited money, other than when she did to feel more like a "vintage grl" on Tumblr five years ago. She's had enough spare money in her lifetime to the point where she thinks "normal" clothing costs $20-$40, when even at large department thrift stores like Goodwill she could get shirts, pants, bras, belts, and shoes all for under $4. A genuinely poor, homeless, hungry, struggling person would not ask for a $65 pair of shoes from Amazon when there are likely shoes of equal quality for an eighth of the price at any of the hundreds of thrift stores in her area.

No. 728636

>my clothes don't fit
Here's a hint: put down the fork
>my clothes have holes
Stop nodding out with lit cigarette
>my clothes have stains
Washing machines exist, stop bleeding out after shooting up

As if these clothes would keep her warm. Every new thing she buys will have stains and holes too after a while

Also what happened to "my evil mother threw away all my winter clothes"?

No. 728874

I really hate this bitch so much. She's a privileged needlewhore that is constantly ebegging as if her enabling parents don't bend over backwards to support their bum daughter and her walking deadbeat junkie Easter Island head. I hope she actually hits rock bottom soon. She will never improve in the conditions she's in. Even if she got the job, she wouldn't save money for an apartment, a car, or even food for the house. Luna will leave her mother to get the house necessities while she wastes her money on drugs and totally needed amazon clothes. Imagine if she actually does end up on the streets one day, God forbid. She'll look back and cherish these times where all she had to do was tell her family she wants something and she gets it.

No. 728945

File: 1573624263321.png (127.2 KB, 480x815, lmao.png)

She keeps liking baseball related tweets with her nudie account. Last post she made was 4 days ago. SW my ass, just another way to attention whore herself.

No. 728971

>only DM me if you plan on spending!
That's been added recently. Ha, did she get upset because someone messaged her just trying to have a normal conversation? She has no regards for any human being that isn't a pile of money in her eyes.

No. 728998

She will never improve.

Idk why anons have these weird ideas that she could change or get a job or whatever. She walked out of rehab because the lunch wasn't good enough lmao

No. 729062

I bring you guys possibly the worst thing in a Luna thread: Pee Drink


Warning: gross. She drinks her own piss. Doesn’t even try to fake it.

No. 729067

maybe im a bleeding heart but as shit as she is, isnt it a big no-no to re-post SW's paid content for free?

No. 729069

WOW she is stupid she even has a big space where the cup is offscreen and somebody could have handed her a clean one bby no wat is u doin

No. 729074

Why did I click I on this.

The worst thing is how extremely bad the video is in general. Not even the piss part its just badly filmed. The lighting is horrible. She puts the phone away midthru and all you can see is upper arm and hair.
For how much she is charging for these you'd expect at least a little bit of effort… but yeah it's Luna so…

God this is just sad…

No. 729076


What in the fuck, how dehydrated is she? Also the gagging is killing me ew

No. 729078

She’s so fucking dehydrated. Luna, please drink some water!

No. 729081

there were at least 3 spots where a pro would have been able to switch out the glasses

No. 729104

I'm never gonna watch this cus just the idea of it makes me wanna kill myself like who falls this hard

No. 729106

Who gives a shit.

She drank that like it's an every day drink. The things junkies will do for $20, man. Couldn't she have at least cleaned the mold spots off of the ceiling before recording in the bathroom? Can't even make the video a little bit worth it for the pathetic buyer?

No. 729115

File: 1573673700012.jpeg (Spoiler Image,720.08 KB, 750x5555, A47FB6E3-924C-47D8-9380-328204…)

She tried to sweeten the deal by including nudes. NSFL, as you would expect

No. 729124

File: 1573674954510.gif (990.5 KB, 500x351, 1113h.gif)

No. 729126

I think it might be illegal to distribute this. If you spread a sex worker's paid content for free it counts as revenge porn under certain state laws

No. 729129

Couldn't be arsed to smear some dang old foundation on your hand tracks. Damn girl, try. A tiny fuckin bit. Looks like a road map to loserville.

No. 729131

These photos are enough to make a person chaste and live a deviant-free life.

No. 729133

File: 1573677534297.jpg (Spoiler Image,201.28 KB, 480x2447, nasty hooker shit.jpg)

She'll start working at a glory hole by next year…

No. 729134

how is this better than hooking? Like why is laying on her back worse than drinking her own piss?

No. 729135

I didn't even notice how swollen her feet are… Is that a side effect from shooting up in your feet?

No. 729140

please leave

No. 729143

Why did I click this
I don't think she can sink any lower…. jesus fuck, why doesn't she just off herself. Seriously, her life is so fucking miserable. She's hurting everyone around her and she doesn't want to change anything.

No. 729150

She'll be full-on hooking soon, no escorting obviously because…well, she's a shame fuck. I can't see anyone paying to take her out somewhere, she'll be either a motel or car girl.

inb4 someone sweeps her off her feet and pulls a pretty woman on her. (jk)

No. 729151


Yeah, no way in hell I'm clicking that video. I thought her piss was a fucking EGG YOLK for a second.

No. 729153

there's always a lower for junkies like tuna. sucks, but this what junkie life really looks like. desperate and ugly.

No. 729158

Is there a porn niche for dirty junkies?

No. 729159

I don't even know what to say. This is just sad. Kinda makes me wish she managed to get a job so this sad excuse for online sex work maybe wasn't such an option for her.

I had to click out of the video when she started drinking, it's just too much.

I think there's two reasons she isn't hooking: she's too lazy and she would be unfaithful considering lurch. He obviously doesn't mind the online sex work and even if he wouldn't mind her hooking she herself sets the limit there, I think. For now anyway, christ.

No. 729162

What bothers me is that this is the first leak (no puns intended) that we have gotten. Someone went straight for the lowest most disgusting thing she could be doing really. And reposting her paid for shit isn’t revenge anything gtfo it’s like buying a car - once you own it you can wrap it around a tree if you want. Welcome to the internet WK.

No. 729177

Even an egg yolk would have been better.

No. 729195

Luna is literally selling these videos online for anybody who wants it, don't compare her to victims of actual revenge porn

No. 729255

imagine drinking your own piss just so you can buy a new rilakkuma plush

No. 729376

Putting it into this perspective is so depressing. It would be something if it was for rent and food but she lives with her mom. No, it's just for grimy tracksuits and yet another Rilakkuma… what is the point of her life. Despair

No. 729444

It's so yellow for such a tiny amount of pee, I wonder if she ever drinks water at all? Or maybe she took the good old B vitamin trick? I hope it's the latter.

No. 729506

File: 1573732357322.jpg (27.59 KB, 500x425, download (28).jpg)

No. 729510

File: 1573732866743.jpg (261.2 KB, 800x450, spongebob.jpg)

> Notice Tuna's thread has been very active lately
> Decide to take a look and catch up
> Tuna has reached the fully degraded white trash junky status
> Surprised? But not surprised?
> She reached rock bottom, and I'm not even sure if i feel sad for her anymore…

No. 729514

File: 1573733887768.png (Spoiler Image,5.95 MB, 1242x2208, E1472E68-40E8-49C0-8D1E-370043…)

thats one lonely tubular titty

No. 729517

Are you telling me that's NOT a bruised elbow?

No. 729522

With her recent foray into SW, is not safe to assume that papa tuna cut her off?

No. 729535

holy shit i can’t believe i just watched that, and the gagging at the end! oh my god

No. 729537

File: 1573739322551.png (Spoiler Image,587.52 KB, 800x1212, Screenshot_2019-11-14-05-27-52…)

No. 729538

File: 1573739537503.jpg (147.54 KB, 720x1066, IMG_20191114_065121.jpg)

She has gum disease, her breathe must be lovely…

No. 729539

File: 1573739604327.png (Spoiler Image,781.22 KB, 800x1217, Screenshot_2019-11-14-05-21-43…)

A good view of her teeth.

No. 729540

File: 1573739832888.png (Spoiler Image,791.14 KB, 800x1212, Screenshot_2019-11-14-05-20-51…)


You were saying, anon?

No. 729542

File: 1573739915968.png (689.66 KB, 800x1217, Screenshot_2019-11-14-05-22-13…)

No. 729617

This is sad and gross. Anybody want to take bets about how long it will take until she starts playing with scat? I’d say about 6 months.

No. 729618

Im hoping FSSW will come before it gets THAT bad. If only because FSSW will actually pay a little bit she wont be drinking piss for 5 bucks a pop

No. 729647

>spoil me and i'll spoil

Yeah their appetites.

I give her less than six months. She's already drinking piss before hooking and selling sex tapes of her and Lurch.

No. 729671

wheres the big areola lurch meme when you need it kek

No. 729704

Someone replied to her latest tweet that they were considering buying but they found out she’s an IV drug user, someone from here or a real potential customer who actually did a google search??

No. 729712

I give it 6 weeks.

This is just so foul. I want to feel bad for Tuna but she put herself in this position and I'm actually a little surprised it took this long before she turned to sex work.

No. 729714

Never have I wanted to go stay at the gym for an extra hour so badly. Legitimately, how sedentary do you have to be for your body to get to this stage so early in life? She looks like she's in her late 50s.

No. 729739

I will this one time give her bonus points for following through instead of taking the money and running. It’s confusing lol

No. 729774

its like there's sex work and then there's drinking your own piss like ugh how many people even bought this?

No. 729794

I wonder who would pay her for FSSW. I can’t see her being safe by using condoms either. Speaking of such, how has she not gotten knocked up yet?

No. 729828

Why is her hand purple?

No. 729847

She's shooting up there.

No. 729851

No, wouldn't doubt that she does shoot up in her feet/legs, but junkies get fluid retention in the lower legs and feet a lot. Not sure why exactly, but it's common.

No. 729855


What >>729847 said. I made sure to capture the worst of her track marks so we can keep a look out for an infection that might just kill her.

No. 729902

Probably someone from here, all of their tweets are replies to either Luna and Alice Amor

No. 729909

Lurch doesnt want her so they dont fuck, they are both "sex repulsed"

No. 729938

I assume the stuffies and shit clothes and such all come from her dad, the piss drinking is (hopefully) going into the dope fund.

No. 729996

File: 1573853204015.jpg (79.25 KB, 500x704, tumblr_37126a83981d2d31161f000…)

No. 729998

File: 1573853315885.png (20.78 KB, 704x298, internet.png)