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File: 1534900179893.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20180822-015730.png)

No. 670031

I was hesitant about making this thread because Lola is at least a little nuts and some of the things that she claims to have been through appear to be true. However, the current milk is borderline torrential so I couldn't resist.

Lola (19) is currently engaged in a very public vendetta against her 54 year old ex boyfriend Brer RuthVen, who is a Scottish Viscount.

She claims that he abused her and has set up a petition to have him punished and removed from all social media. She's now changed the wording of the petition to call for jail sentences for all first time domestic violence offenders.

She has also set up a gofundme to support her recovery and pay her rent.

Misc. milk and drama
- Constantly changes her story and deletes posts.
- Threatens suicide and posts suicide notes on social media every few days.
- Livestreamed 'suicide attempt'. Filmed herself on a balcony taking about jumping and walking towards the edge then ended the stream (no receipts, unfortunately)
- Posted cringy 'art' film of her crying followed by shots of buildings and trees. Said that film was initially intended to be a suicide note.
- Coke addict
- Anachan
- Claims that ex was trying to groom underaged girls online (believable tbh)
- At the peak of the drama and attention announces that her Etsy shop is coming soon.
- Hosts a meet up for "anyone who wants to meet me" as though she's famous.
- Claims discrimination when her flatmates tell the landlord that the police have broken down doors in her flat multiple times to perform wellfare checks.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lola.tyrrell.77
Instagram 1: https://www.instagram.com/lolatyrrell/
Instagram 2: https://www.instagram.com/safebylola/
Petition: https://www.change.org/p/metropolitan-police-first-time-domestic-abuse-offenders
Gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/helpsupportmyrecovery

No. 670033

File: 1534900251952.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20180822-011053.png)

Note posted online then left in cafe

No. 670034

File: 1534900266571.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20180822-011117.png)

No. 670036

File: 1534900328867.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-011240.png)


No. 670039

File: 1534900378280.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-011310.png)

Not subtle about gold digging goals.

No. 670041

File: 1534900399659.png (1.73 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-011209.png)

No. 670042

File: 1534900465819.png (883.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180822-011104.png)

More threats of suicide on Instagram

No. 670044

Oh I can't deal with these I'm-the-most-abused-and-damaged people

No. 670085

Holy shit this girl is pathetic. Where is the proof of the abuse and rape? Just another attention seeking whore who lashed out once her living wallet stopped paying out the ass for her bullshit.

No. 670297

No. 670298


She has posted her accounts of abuse on her safebylola IG account in the last 24 hours. Unable to screenshot at the the moment.

No. 670299

File: 1534936924939.png (394.63 KB, 800x747, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-16-30…)

FWIW Brer has recently shut down his Twitter and Instagram accounts. They still appear in Google.

No. 670300

File: 1534937002028.png (328.99 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-18-45…)

No. 670304

File: 1534937153894.png (342.46 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-14-09…)

In addition to the Met Police her petition is also directed to Sadiq Khan.

No. 670305

File: 1534937180205.png (250.17 KB, 800x1162, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-13-40…)

No. 670308

File: 1534937525922.png (655.1 KB, 800x1069, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-29-46…)


That account currently.

No. 670309

File: 1534937562925.png (907.03 KB, 800x1050, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-11-45…)

No. 670310

File: 1534937581534.png (78.72 KB, 800x705, Screenshot_2018-08-22-04-11-58…)

No. 670515

Well, this is kind of sad and I don't think we should be laughing at or mocking this girl. She's still quite young and she's obviously struggling with mental health issues. We don't know if the guy really is an abuser, but 54-year-old getting together with a 19-year-old is setting off red flags by itself. From what she mentions in that petition, it looks like he did something to her, as he got community service?

It's heartbreaking that she's so alone and doesn't seem to have a support system, so she posts everything on the internet and overshares. Where are her parents or friends? She obviously needs help.

No. 670710

Call me a blowhard I can't find the humor in this OP

No. 670798

How the fuck did she meet these rich ass dudes? Paul Fryer is no joke. You’d think he’d be smart enough to not fall for an absolute loon of a teenager

No. 670833

Glad I'm not the only one. Based on this thread, just seems like a very troubled girl who hasn't done anything that milky or awful. I doubt she's exaggerating or lying about whatever she experienced. Call me cynical but a 54 year old dating a 19 year old is -at least- 99% likely to be an abuser.

No. 670837

You really think any man is smart enough to turn down a psycho teen? Especially rich men who can pay to make her go away, legally or otherwise. Unstable teens are rich men's bread and butter. Manipulate abuse and use and throw away with ease. It's not surprising at all.

No. 670869

You're not being cynical at all regarding the age difference, I absolutely agree with you. It seems that she got abused by her first boyfriend, who was 42 at the time, and subsequently got stuck in the cycle of abuse by getting together with more abusers. Which unfortunately happens quite often. She should definitely drop these old guys, get help, and when she's ready for a relationship, find someone who's closer to her age. I hope she gets out of the shitty situation she's in, I genuinely feel sorry for her.

No. 671576

What on god's green earth could a 54 year old man have in common with someone who barely graduated high school? She's still a teenager, and call me a WK but her being psycho might have something to do with being preyed upon by powerful men.
Sage for borderline blogposting

No. 671636

File: 1535063919098.png (569.09 KB, 800x1174, Screenshot_2018-08-23-15-35-27…)

No. 671639

File: 1535064126442.png (391.31 KB, 531x1113, Screenshot_2018-08-23-15-40-34…)

No. 671649

File: 1535064414355.png (182.08 KB, 800x816, Screenshot_2018-08-23-15-44-45…)


Read the rest of the articles at the links.

No. 671652

just wanted to add some things on. she constantly tells her little minions to send hateful dms to people that might not actually be doing anything wrong. she accused one of her supposed best friends of sleeping with brer without any evidence on her live, but was besties again with her the next day.

she constantly gives away her location despite “fearing brer.” in fact, she did a live video of a random bmw opposite her flat claiming it was brer and then proceeded to walk out onto the streets alone, despite the clear danger of brer being around.

she arranges meet ups like some Z list celeb and does live videos whenever she’s low, just to chat a load of shit that doesn’t make sense. her fan base comprises of 13-16 year old snowflakes that believe everything that comes out of her mouth and encourage her to do dumb things.

she asked for money to buy cigs (???) from her minions, like that’s a mature and wise decision to make when you’re in such a vulnerable position. she set up a go fund me to profit herself (claims her rent is 1,300 per month which is a load of bs and if it was true she should be finding ways to pay it or find cheaper accommodation) i could go on but it’s way too much. the girl needs help as she’s definitely mentally unwell.

No. 671742

The price tag of her flat makes sense depending how central she is. This girl could could get a better room in south east for £600. This is why my empathy runs dry for her. Why do other people need to pay for her to live in one of the most insanely expensive areas of England when she could have just as much if not more fun and ability to meet people your age for so much cheaper?

No. 671757

File: 1535071502089.png (2.08 MB, 1628x1374, Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 02.4…)

That's where she claims to live until 31 of August.

No. 671764

Yeah that's ridiculous. I pay £550 including all bills in zone 2 SE.

She's also mentioned starting a YouTube channel. She might have gone through some shit, but she's definitely milking it for all it's worth.

No. 671775

> being raped by her first abuser (42) right before turning 16 and stabbed in her V.
> being raped by second abuser (28).
> having sex with her third abuser (54) and becoming pregnant.

Is this girl for real? She's either psychotic or is it all just a fake sob story?

No. 671803

Where is her “fairly wealthy father” in all of this? The police are locking up her door and she’s trying to commit suicide. I think if you were fairly wealthy spending £1300 for your child for a month to ensure safety wouldn’t be an issue?

No. 671814

while I agree that this one is not particularly milky, most lolcows have serious mental health issues and overshare on the internet.

No. 671831

File: 1535075941748.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20180824-025605.png)

No you didn't, you were behind a screen.

No. 671900

People who are abused are very likely to be abused again. It's a cycle.

No. 672055

How do you know?

No. 672087

Where does she mention getting pregnant with Brer? Haven't seen it mentioned here, and any of those other gruesome details either.

No. 672090

Exactly. It's not very surprising to get together with more abusers, and especially if you were abused quite young/it was you first ever relationship or sexual experience. Your "radar" for finding a good partner is basically broken (for example, it's obvious to us that a 54-year-old guy is probably not a good choice, but not to her). So I wouldn't blame her for that. Let's also not forget she's just 19. A lot of us did some pretty stupid shit at that age.

No. 672091

I don't want to excessively WK, but again - she's 19, she seems to be very lonely (yeah, where are her parents? sounds like her family life is fucked up, as she mentioned being placed in foster care at 16) and she's in a phase where she's extremely angry at her abuser and very unstable - those emotions can be quite difficult to deal with. Additionally, she's not getting help (and she desperately needs it) - someone should step in here and offer support. Also, yeah, she should definitely find a cheaper place to live, but again, maybe she's too overwhelmed to even start looking and deal with stuff that involves moving. The process of moving is quite emotionally taxing. It would be great if someone assisted her with that.
Of course, oversharing on the internet is not going to help her in the long run, I think we all agree on that. It's just… mocking a young abused girl when she's obviously struggling quite a lot doesn't seem like a right thing to do, sorry.

No. 672108

Tbh I’ve followed her for a while, and big dramatic accusations are a very common occurrence with her. As well as complaining about everything and blaming other things for her home/money/life/health. And she asks her “fans” to donate straight to her PayPal while b’awwinhg about mental health, so it’s more than just go-find-mes. Sometimes she’d say things that didn’t make sense, and I would feel bad about her mental health problems. But it became a regular occurance that would, for the majority of the time, pop up in the form of saying someone she didn’t like, did something or said something or followed her, etc.

I do think she has mental health issues. But she definately lies, intentionally, plays victim, dramatisizes, begs for money constantly, uses her followers as a personal army, etc. having a treatable mental health issue doesn’t mean you didn’t know what you were doing.

No. 672118


Per the Daily Mail article >>671639

>Ms Terrell will give evidence behind a screen at Hendon Magistrates Court.

No. 672121

File: 1535120187908.png (966.53 KB, 800x1171, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-12-32…)

No. 672122

File: 1535120219860.png (894.17 KB, 800x1159, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-11-38…)

No. 672124

File: 1535120276285.png (836.57 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-11-22…)

No. 672125

File: 1535120313745.png (750.57 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-12-01…)

No. 672129

File: 1535120557432.png (922.39 KB, 800x1117, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-19-59…)

She has several video clips on this account.

No. 672136

When was she with Hirst? I thought he’s been taken since 2016?

No. 672141


She wasn't.

No. 672142

She was with Hirst's friend Paul, not Hirst himself.

No. 672144

File: 1535121214811.png (135.65 KB, 800x686, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-30-13…)

>Ruthven, of Chelsea, West London, denied assault and was granted bail ahead of trial at Hendon Magistrates’ Court on 4 October.

Stay tuned!

No. 672145

File: 1535121267630.jpg (109.49 KB, 960x1442, NINTCHDBPICT000428442477.jpg)


Compare to her several selfies taken that day.

No. 672156

No. 672157

File: 1535122283924.png (280.94 KB, 800x1045, Screenshot_2018-08-24-07-49-30…)

No. 672158

>Lol do better mate 
>2 days ago

No. 672162

I agree anon. She was abused at a young age from her mothers boyfriend, of course that fucks your head up. Her Mom ignored her before so I dont think this girl had a nice childhood…
If she gets help now, she can become a normal and nice girl. But like you said Anon, she needs support. Not bullying.

No. 672165


But the NHS being in the state that it's in…

No. 672304

File: 1535134115978.png (883.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180824-190719.png)

Girl that's not a compliment

No. 676338

File: 1535644262374.png (324.1 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20180830-164809.png)

People are finally getting sick of her begging

No. 676339

File: 1535644515609.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1562, Screenshot_20180830-165149.png)

In response to

No. 676340

File: 1535644531585.png (139.49 KB, 1080x751, Screenshot_20180830-165153.png)

No. 676343

File: 1535645653414.png (738.5 KB, 800x1087, Screenshot_2018-08-30-09-11-37…)

She's attempting to shill a few basic art prints for £3 apiece and a couple of jackets.

No. 676432


She's closed down comments.

No. 676467

She posted about Brer sleeping with three other girls in early May, saying he was cheating. However, she messaged a friend of mine on 3rd May saying she swiped right for her because she was hosting an orgy in a fancy London hotel with her boyfriend 'and currently, three other girls'. Those two events seem too suspicious to be unrelated.

Not saying her claims didn't happen, or victim-blaming, of course…but some stuff just doesn't seem to add up here.

No. 676539

File: 1535664065502.png (824.36 KB, 800x1096, Screenshot_2018-08-30-14-18-19…)

No. 676540

File: 1535664087180.png (362.86 KB, 800x1132, Screenshot_2018-08-30-14-19-08…)

No. 677861

File: 1535815787996.jpeg (235.06 KB, 749x1106, F678206F-9178-402B-8943-55958B…)

So are people paying for her to stay in a hotel that’s over £200 a night or are they paying for her to drink £9 cocktails there?

No. 677911

But she's not milky at all, she's just a poor young girl with mental issues who's definitely about to be "homeless" and we shouldn't be mean to her. Ugh, she's been abused, yeah, but she needs help and her family, not living in central London because she likes to go to fancy places and big fancy cities while she's "about to commit suicide everyday". She's unemployed, she needs help, a job and yeah, she's young but she's an adult and she wants to be relevant on the internet (at least enough to beg for money showing how sad and helpless she is), she's a cow and she needs to grow up, life is hard.

No. 678793

File: 1535921056501.png (885.12 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20180902-214253.png)

Such a talented artist

No. 680533

File: 1536055164960.png (165.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-105517.png)

Does this make any sense to anyone? 1/3

No. 680534

File: 1536055190667.png (793.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-105536.png)


No. 680535

File: 1536055209442.png (680.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-105543.png)


No. 680718

File: 1536081222681.png (Spoiler Image, 350.21 KB, 750x1334, F4D58D43-F067-4C56-A6CA-CDAB59…)

posted today apparently brer will be arrested. watch the video on imgur link.

No. 680764

File: 1536084082553.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180904-185705.png)

Fairly certain that she's trying to get people to lure him into breaking his bail conditions. Wonder if that counts as perverting the course of justice.

No. 680931

whiney rich girl repeatedly putting herself in harms way to post publically about it on the internet for attention is like, half the cows on here. what's the difference? because shes not ugly?

No. 681187

Well, if it's true, then frankly, he deserves it. Wouldn't be the first man that can't deal with an end of relationship and keeps stalking and harassing his ex and people around her.

No. 681479

File: 1536159010977.png (638.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180905-154816.png)

So now she's accusing the girl who received the voicemail of being a 'snake' and encouraging people to go after her

No. 681480

File: 1536159024665.png (1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180905-154820.png)

No. 681481

File: 1536159033318.png (246.58 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20180905-154759.png)

No. 681483

File: 1536159042414.png (378.21 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20180905-154804.png)

No. 681576

File: 1536167562086.png (1.38 MB, 1242x2208, 91AA6FC7-9DCE-4502-914F-9E399E…)

lol have you seen her recent instagram? she’s so unbelievably bitter and jumps to conclusions about people and gets her minions to hate on them. caption doesn’t make sense. some people even called her out on this

No. 681580

No one in her life is allowed to be suicidal but her!!! That’s her thing!

No. 681588

her friend said she’s using the money she raises for drugs lmao

No. 681634

wat the fuck is that fringe

No. 681650

So everyone is supposed to believe 100% miss lola had zero control in her being stuck to this old guy but everyone else her age in her circle who might still be in contact with this guy is an evil lying snake bitch despite it being very likely he's manipulating them as well?. Also don't namefag. Put "sage" in the email field.

This is a nitpick but her eyebrows are a cow of their own

No. 681739

File: 1536179288747.png (825.87 KB, 750x1334, 65E00238-B6A5-461B-A19A-795EBF…)

“my girlfriend” LOL

No. 681748

I’ve never used lolcow before allow me

No. 681754

Oh fucking hell no thanks, SE doesn't need any more hipster dickheads.

No. 681767

File: 1536180967636.jpeg (140.9 KB, 750x899, C02A928C-7352-4480-8AF8-EC0C59…)

Edna mode off the incredibles

No. 682240

So she’s only slept with older guys but she’s a manipulated victim? I don’t get it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 682490

Interesting that that last post is by somebody from an email address that turns up in a Melanchodelia FB post (Brer's band).

No. 682575

yikes, that’s creepy

No. 683238

File: 1536342879316.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 768FCAB4-696E-4829-8C21-0C31F7…)


No. 683239

why does she constantly post the same videos on her insta story of her zooming into her eye?

No. 683258

Yeah, he's definitely not sniffing around at all…

No. 683286

File: 1536348245074.png (636.59 KB, 750x1334, 97EB7837-4D4F-4FDF-B09F-EB9C30…)

brer we know you’ll see this one

No. 683342

This girl needs to get off the ticking internet and go spend time with her family she’s nuts

No. 683375

Her family sounds like a bunch of shitheads, so unfortunately, I don't think that would be a good idea either.

No. 683908

File: 1536427847028.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, DD94330B-12BA-4A90-97C2-78D18B…)

was going to kill herself yesterday but got a date today!!!! dumb bitch

No. 683977

quite possibly the most borderline thing i’ve seen her do lolol

No. 684429

Probably with the sugar daddy that's paying for her to stay in a fancy hotel right now.

No. 684653

File: 1536518837227.png (7.43 MB, 1242x2208, 868373D1-BEE8-4304-AA09-FC862E…)

i’m guessing she’s on her date rn

No. 684684

File: 1536521882790.png (910.13 KB, 750x1334, 8BD81963-FAC1-466A-9100-F9BACA…)

where is she and who’s the type of person to go there?

No. 684698

That’s just a bar in dalston which is a hipster area basically.

No. 685207

File: 1536577220545.png (793.79 KB, 800x990, Screenshot_2018-09-10-03-53-47…)

By "fashion" and "art" does she mean reselling her used clothing and scrawling declaratives on plastic eggs?

Speaking of, the mesh shirt in the OP is available for £8!

No. 685253

Woah, what an opportunity! I'd love to work for free for a "brand" with 178 whole Instagram followers. Think of the exposure!

No. 685377

She's someone you can look at and just know they're going to be on a reality show or six in the near future.

No. 685731

File: 1536648395283.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, C7B71997-CFB0-4D27-979B-81B3F0…)


No. 685853

File: 1536670738213.jpeg (265.78 KB, 750x1129, 098D3DB0-E283-49CC-BECB-8C5218…)

queen of groundbreaking art

No. 685882

File: 1536677440716.jpeg (193.23 KB, 750x991, DB5B9AF9-943A-4F0D-9CC2-1CA999…)

sounds fake but ok

No. 685973


Anything of note on her coffee table?

No. 685985

He's not abusive or predatory… yet. Most men aren't abusive at the start of relationship, Lola.

No. 685993

she actually stinks of dumb bitch energy

No. 686033

File: 1536694283234.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1579, Screenshot_20180911-202351.png)

Poor impoverished girl saying in a £300 a night hotel. Who wants to bet that this boyfriend will be labelled as 'abusive' as soon as he closes his wallet?

No. 686048

Model? For what? The land of far far away? Because she's giving me major farquaad vibes.

No. 686587

toopoors are really a dime a dozen arent they? place bets on when she starts selling fingernails
Queen Of Anorexia and not knowing how to sweep

No. 686725

don’t compare this sket to toopoor.

No. 686863

File: 1536794123192.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, 6B3D847D-B164-40D4-B1A5-F7DEA6…)

No. 686865

just now went on instagram live and was streaming because brer has been stalking her and was at a bus stop near her. she has saved the live video now on her page if you wish to watch - doubt it will be up long. shoreditch area

No. 686869

confronted him on the live video and informed him he was being filmed.

No. 686871

File: 1536794596643.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 773EAD19-31D9-4BB8-BCED-9D0EA3…)

No. 686872

File: 1536794718805.png (645.49 KB, 750x1334, 5E27526F-C296-4BEF-A88A-24DF73…)

“Go nuts” lol she stood across the street and recorded him

No. 686888


I’m trying to work out what’s wrong with him being in the city… like, it looks like she walked towards him?? Unless he’s near her flat, then him standing at a bus stop (?) isn’t against his bail lmao.

No. 686900

If there's some kind f restraining order then that's for the best.

No. 687168

The guy most probably already posted in this thread and is contacting her friends. I wouldn't be surprised if he was actually stalking her. Seems like quite a coincidence if he doesn't live anywhere near.

No. 687169

I have a feeling this psycho bitch is the one stalking him.

No. 687173

I think we all know that Brer's been posting on here and maybe he's figured out how to do it anonymously now! Hoxton isn't exactly close to where he lives in West London, is it. Lola does seem to have all the grace and tact of an irate lemur, but you've got to admit that Brer does seem like a nutter too. gets popcorn out

No. 687197

Thank fuck someone sees it.

No. 687225


To sage a post type "sage" into the email field, Tbf he's only about 5 miles or a 10min tube ride away. I fucking love when pseudo-psycho girls get all self righteous and screechy after taunting their supposed "stalkers" online. There isn't enough popcorn in all of London town for this shitshow. I especially love the new bf gonna slap you bit.

No. 687247

He's super abusive and aggressive and yet she'll happily approach him alone at night. Ugh. Team no one tbh.

No. 687262

To be fair, abusive men gravitate towards women who are..uh…unstable? BPD chicks like this make unfortunately appealing targets. Men like this get off on the intensity of reactions they can provoke, plus crazy chick = unreliable witness to what they say & do behind closed doors. Plus the willingness to continually put themselves back in the situation makes these girls seem even less like victims.

Don’t get me wrong, this girl is a fucking moron and needs DBT and a reality check like yesterday. Brer on the other hand just needs to go to prison.

No. 687277

File: 1536851514677.png (6.91 MB, 1125x2436, 9AFC9BA7-350D-4669-B451-393222…)

OH BOYE, New boyfriend is 32. :^)

No. 687405

she’s aware of this page, check her Instagram.

No. 687413

File: 1536865149689.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, 095C0C50-522D-48A7-BC71-A0CC46…)

No. 687414

File: 1536865176461.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 8A804AA0-E317-4F0E-8622-73468A…)

No. 687415

lola love this thread is not illegal. you are not a minor and all the information is stuff you have posted yourself.

No. 687416

Is she aware that most of us here also want to see Brer get banged up? She's posting herself in the public eye and creating a lot of attention around herself, it's no different than the comment section in the DM, for example. If you want to be a successful artist, or stand up to abusers or whatever, you're gonna need a thicker skin instead of crying on instagram about 'queen of anorexia'.

No. 687446


I love who she said she has a stalker because of these posts lol

No. 687449

if she was that concerned she would privatise all her social media or even come off it altogether. another ploy for attention. hey lola by the way nice to see you’re finally here!

No. 687467

She’s so fucking stupid she’s acting like she’s gonna kill herself bc of this thread, cue the eye zoom videos of her with one tear on her face

No. 687496

Insert Tyler Creator meme here
I swear borderlines be making up 50% of suicide attempts and like 0.5% complete it lmao you heard of DBT bitch??

No. 687506

It's funnier when you read back and see how many of the posts probably came directly from Lola

No. 687512

Idk why but I feel like if he was stalking her he would’ve noticed her recording him or left when he saw her coming. I feel like SHE noticed HIM and decided to flip everything to fit her narrative.

No. 687515

this girl should consult how Mia Kerin recently handled her abuse accusation. she another “art hoe” with daddy issues who likes to hook up with creepy old dudes and got inevitably abused by them… the more you act like a psychotic chimp the less credible you are, daft cunt

No. 687709

oh boy. I’ve been following her ever since I saw her posted on twitter as missing. her posts just getting more and more insane, it’s like a trainwreck I can’t take my eyes off

No. 687724

Who even committed suicide?
Kadee was manslaughtered by a "friend" she met in rehab.

No. 687767

Nobody has committed suicide because of lolcow. Probably not even a serious attempt. She's probably thinking of KF, which was a factor in a cognitively impaired girl's suicide.

No. 687912


No. Her abusive boyfriend, who has since gone troon, and family were the catalysts for her suicide.

No. 687994

the things people do for attention

No. 687995

I’ve been following Lola on Instagram ever since she went missing and it was plastered all over Twitter.

it’s clear that she does have some problems, but how are people still buying this?

After inboxing her many times asking if she’s okay or needs help she’s always ignored those who have cared.. but is asking for money? right ok

No. 688090

File: 1536936423971.png (506.54 KB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20180914-154508.png)

No. 688093

It really puzzles me if anything that bad did happen? If brer is as dangerous as Lola makes him out to be .. then why is he still able to use his Instagram and he hasn’t been arrested? It’s all abit weird if you ask me.

No. 688095

Yeah I'm sure that the forum that relentlessly followed her and at times intervened in her life is 100% blame-free

No. 688107

The idea that police have given her a time table for his arrest is bizarre and laughable. It's like there's sometimes a grain of truth in there and she can't help but overegg every detail, followed by suicide threats when people aren't completely on board.

No. 688120

He’s a man of status and wealth going into a court setting, he’s out on bail he could afford. That’s why he’s not in jail. Lets not forget this is an old man who was dating an unstable teenager and has just outright broken his bail conditions multiple times. He’s had friends post in this forum and quite possibly posted here himself. Clearly someone who thinks he’s above the law and moral decency in general. I wouldn’t put it past this kind of man to think he can get away with physically injuring someone or stalking them. Just because Lola is mentally ill doesn’t mean this man is not a predator.

No. 688134


She's keeping the met busy at least, imagine how bored they would be without pathetic screenshots of subtweets and grambait to keep them occupied, I bet they almost wish they worked in a vast metropolitan city ravaged by gang/knife crime… o wait…

No. 688154

The fact that she’ knows this is here makes me believe some of the posts are from herself.

No. 688181

Thanks, nicely said.

No. 688332

Anyone got more caps of her whining about lolcow? I figure lolcow is infinitely more tame than most other websites like this, even PULL would tear her a new one quicker. She can't complain when she's airing out all her dirty laundry for thousands of asskissers to see, to the point of linking a fucking article detailing her abuse (noting that she's "petite" even) on every social media account she owns. If you want your ego stroked you'll need to work a little harder for it, Lola.

No. 688359

She ignores advice from her friends and goes ahead and does stupid things anyway, she just ignores and ignores purely to get attention and it’s fucking annoying

Someone please fucking lock her up

No. 688369

She just posted a picture on her Instagram story of her cutting herself because she apparently saw Brer somewhere and he winked at her

No. 688383

File: 1536962646067.png (466.61 KB, 480x905, Screenshot_154.png)

Just put yourself in inpatient and try to fuck one of the staff to make yourself feel better like every other borderline goddamn. She prioritizes herself so much over the people who try to help her it's fucking ridiculous. Is she a narc too?

No. 688385

File: 1536962961477.png (Spoiler Image, 303.17 KB, 480x912, Screenshot_155.png)

Wah I saw the dude I've been posting pictures nonstop of I've got to cut myself and put it online so everyone feels sorry for me without thinking other people might be mentally ill or just generally don't want to see that shit.
Gotta love borderline reasoning skills.

No. 688421

what happened to this thread being “taken down today” LOL

No. 688504


wish i hadnt clicked the spoiler, my emo ass just got triggered by some cuts, i’m a fucking snow flake apparently


No. 688525

Holy self posts.

No. 688533

File: 1536978686440.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-032728.png)

No. 688534

File: 1536978703801.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-032739.png)

No. 688536

File: 1536978721651.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-032814.png)

No. 688606

Every time she text-screams "fuck off" it screams "don't leave me Brer". And then she cuts herself. And he probably knows that. Idk, she psycho girl just creeps me out. If she would be in my kitchen messing with my tongs, I'd be upset too.

No. 688642

>put yourself in inpatient and try to fuck one of the staff to make yourself feel better like every other borderline goddamn
OT but lol'd at how comically truthful this is

No. 688669

Didn't she say that he was supposed to be arrested today (or yesterday)? I was on her side, but this sounds more and more deranged.

No. 688670

Also her mom supposedly knows about her being suicidal, yet does nothing. Really a family of the year.

No. 688674

A part of me feels as if Lola is going out of her way to make sure she ‘bumps’ into Brer, it’s just strange how it ALWAYS happens now.. surely if you were so traumatised the last thing you would do is update your Instagram story.. I don’t know maybe that’s just me

No. 688676

her mum is probably tired of this cycle.

No. 688687


Taking bets on whether this post is actually from Lola's mum, talking about herself in the third person.

No. 688786

File: 1537022385611.png (5.07 MB, 1125x2436, 6650B992-B244-4D18-AD02-FD22F9…)

i’m calling bullshit.

brer contacting her mum would be indirect contact.

No. 688794

Is that supposed to be a response to us?

No. 688804

last night she posted that brer would be arrested no later than monday for breaching his bail. now it looks like he won't be

No. 688825

Oh man such a fucking histrionic sperg chan, I love those, they make the best milk

No. 688852

Interesting how there's been no photos showing evidence of abuse (bruises etc). If she had them she definitely would have posted them online.

No. 688853

She has now deleted this from her IG stories

No. 688854

File: 1537029782385.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180915-174141.png)

Sorry to burst your Lolita fantasy bubble but you're not a young girl, you're an adult.

No. 688860

File: 1537030547627.png (2.21 MB, 750x1334, CB777D96-4663-4852-B137-414FDF…)

“Hot sex” lol

No. 688867

I wouldn't doubt he's stalking her but the dudes also not on house arrest and probably regulars these places. And yeah no she needs friends to bitch about this to not immediately AS SHE IS ON A TRAIN HOME post about how she's going to kill herself for thousands of people to see because she saw him at a show

No. 688874

it's clear she's troubled and a bit naive. not quite sure what she's doing living in central london without a job and expecting her followers to support her lifestyle through donations. she seems almost obsessed
with brer and keeps saying "hes going to be arrested in X days" yet that never happens

No. 688927

Lola, if you're worried about being stalked stop tagging your location in every post.

No. 689117


for someone with a fear of being stalked by someone, she sure does love letting EVERYONE know where she is

No. 689128

This whole thing is becoming abit of a joke now really


It just baffles me how Lola ‘thinks’ Brer is stalking her but she plasters her location EVERYWHERE. What does she seriously expect?

No. 689504

File: 1537116176048.jpeg (331.67 KB, 750x906, BA6FC57C-0E99-46B1-81F8-A49A33…)

gosh have a day off lola

No. 689505


She really isn't helping the 'being stalked' or predator vibes.

No. 689642

File: 1537126678136.jpeg (158.73 KB, 750x1046, 78B6755A-EAA4-4FDB-9008-507DA9…)

the borderline jumped out

No. 689669

She's been with the poor bastard for FIVE days.

No. 689710

Cringe, cringe, cringe.

No. 689716

File: 1537131145888.png (653.09 KB, 750x1334, 99888F63-2F28-4DAB-A3FD-C183C0…)

>I don’t want her to be hurt uwu
>someone fucking do something about this fake ass bitch for being in contact with my ex!!!!!
Don’t tell people what to do lola your abusive ex bf is still getting young puss from girls that aren’t you die mad about it

No. 689730

She's so vile. This narrative that she's terrified of her ex is laughable. She isn't scared of him, she just has burning envy that he has moved on and wants to tear him down. These girls find it hard to understand the concept that they are not God's gift and the men in their lives can find better partners. If you're scared of your ex, you don't purposely walk around areas you know he will be. Going to Notting hill carnival? Spots she knows he likes? Very fucking weird. She's the one stalking him. Can't hide her rage of envy when she finds out he's talking to other girls and does all she can to discourage them speaking to him because "she cares", no lol, she just wants him to suffer without her. This new boyfriend thing is also hilarious. She loves him… no she loves that through him she has access to an art studio to make and sell shit art, and he probably pays for all their little hotel trips too. It's just convenient when just the month before shes taking money from her followers to survive. She's a social climber who uses rich men for money. Deserves all she gets. Sorry to be harsh but it's true. Hope her new bank manager, i mean boyfriend, sees this.

No. 689731

BPD bullshit is so transparent shes literally mad that her friend is this pedophiles object of desire now instead of her.

No. 689739

Brer character likes rough sex. She's into rough sex. That is until he kicks her out his apartment and wipes his hands of her… then he's an abuser. Give me a break.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 689747

>>689730 >>689739
All these namefaggers in this thread skeeve me out because they're either people on the other side of her burnt bridges or people up Brer's hairy asshole

No. 689762

over 48hrs since she threatened to take this page down and nothing’s happened.

No. 689797

>Someone fucking help.
okay, hair that doesn't look like a cheap unkempt wig for starters

No. 689837

It’s quite funny how Brer hasn’t even been arrested yet, baring in mind how many times Lola said he would be

No. 689847

so this post and anything to do with it got deleted and presumably she will act as if none of it ever happened

No. 690121

Wait, is that black bob her actual hair? Wow! I assumed it was a wig.

No. 690122

File: 1537185596913.jpeg (299 KB, 1241x1744, 213D5CB2-2400-4695-8FB1-56E003…)

i don’t think these photos are hers. why does the candle say three? they’ve been together a week?

No. 690152

This whole thread is a mess. The girl is pretty milky, yes, but that's purely down to this thread. We're all supposed to believe that she only just found this thread but there's wild accusations that Brer is self posting. As if it's reasonable to anyone except some weirdo 19 year old with severe unchecked mental health issues that a 54 year old man has nothing better to do with his time than stalk her online, to a thread that she only apparently found out about 4 days ago >>687413

From the lack of saging, the name-fagging and the weird updates like >>686865 alone this thread is a mess. BPD insta thots and people who find them entertaining need to be eradicated from the internet kek.

No. 690162

File: 1537193277558.jpeg (260.56 KB, 750x743, 3548188B-ACB4-4FEE-961F-E4EA95…)

Theory: Lola’s boyfriend isn’t real. It’s all a made up act in order to get Brer jealous. She’s aware this thread exists, and is also aware that Brer most likely knows it exists too. None of the photos she’s uploading on her Instagram are hers, starting with the image of the candles posted already in this thread, what’s the three for? They’ve been together about a week? Now her ‘boyfriends’ hands, seem pretty hairy to me in this picture but then

No. 690167

File: 1537193405190.jpeg (105.41 KB, 737x742, 3747DA22-9C37-4C0A-A5E5-799D4B…)

These don’t look like the same hands to me

No. 690168

File: 1537193417959.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3175.PNG)

That isn't Lola's photo at all. After a reverse look up, this photo can be linked to so many K-pop fandom places for some reason.

No. 690178

File: 1537194252339.png (1.64 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3180.PNG)

Not her photo either.

No. 690194

stop bitching. that post was the worst on the whole thread.

No. 690202

Looks like the ugly stepsister version of Emma Watson. Textbook BPD. That dude is way ugly, and he deserves whatever is coming for him. If the best you can do is a crazy young girl, you're a pedo.

I love it when his desire for a "manic pixie dream girl" comes back to bite an immature asshole in the ass.

No. 690211

I had this same thought kek

No. 690261

File: 1537201897372.png (393.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180917-173108.png)

The champagne photo isn't hers either.

No. 690265

I don't know what brer is doing, but it is becoming increasingly obvious lola is full of shit and drama. doubting most of the "omg I just saw him!1!!" shit more and more

No. 690284

Just because she's a fruitloop doesn't mean he's not pestering her. IYSWIM. It's not like he has to swan by Hoxton, text her mum, or seduce her friends…

They both sound as desperate as each other! Maybe they'll get back together! (Is it a social media set up???)

No. 690287


"I love it when his desire for a "manic pixie dream girl" comes back to bite an immature asshole in the ass."

I think I love you, wanna have lolcow babies?

No. 690301

File: 1537205749102.jpeg (193.3 KB, 749x1053, 651BEB61-3105-4F40-88D9-C5E0CB…)

No. 690302

File: 1537205777094.png (310.74 KB, 750x1334, 24458CB4-82C5-411A-968C-C57C4D…)


lmfao this is the new trend for lola now. all tumblr pics.

No. 690311


Although I think the stolen images off the web, the suicide threats and the attacks on friends isn’t helping her case in the slightest… the lady does have a case. Even if it’s not all out in the open.

Brer is emotionally, sexually and psychologically abusive.

I suffered under him (sometimes literally) when I was around her age.

She’s not handling it well. But I believe her reaction is a result of lacking concrete evidence for something incredibly real.

No. 690313

What is it about this thread? Don't namefag, learn to integrate and have a peek at the rules, lily123brook@outlook.com

No. 690325

No. 690348

This thread is super fucking weird because she only has 4k followers on instagram and that's pretty much her only active social media correct? Meanwhile other cows with much larger followings don't even get this many namefaggers or WKs this early on. I think she's milky and Brer's a cunt but what the hell lol

No. 690362

Probably bc she's posted about us on IG so we're getting all her LDN hipster fans to come in and act like their minor input is revolutionary

No. 690365

I can almost guarantee you a lot of her followers are fake. She gets like 30 likes on pictures, the most she's gotten in the past month is 426. For 4k followers that's extremely low.

No. 690443


you’re probably lola, is there a case? probably. is brer weird? probably, is he as weird as she says he is? probably not.

99% they’re all fake or followed her when she tried to kill herself and went viralish on twitter. she’s losing followers every day though because her posts are so retarded.

No. 690445


You're not the only one of Brer's victims watching this thread, and yes, there is definitely something in what u are saying.

No. 690447


He's weirder. Not illegally so, but emotionally and morally.

No. 690455

‘Brer’s victims’ give it a rest, Lola. Stop posting here trying to build up fake personas of people who don’t exist, it’s not going to help your case and nobody is buying it

No. 690483


It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things, but there are a good number of us. Believe it or not.

Doesn't mean I'm not half-enjoying watching the train wreck though.

No. 690484

File: 1537219190091.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, 3985CA77-351D-4B35-8E6F-CC8C4D…)

weird how it now has pixelated Brers face.. makes me wonder

No. 690502

Oh god this girl is milky. She’s trying to sell traced arts as her own. Tbh I hope this thread blows up and rips her tf apart. These are the cunts that stigmatize actual abuse victims.

No. 690544

God damn this thread is so weird, it’s a little wild

No. 690545

Not sure if you're real, but I definitely believe Brer has groomed and abused other weird crazy BPD type emotional wrecks. He's in this thread shitting it up, acting like we can't figure out it's him. Sooooooooooooooo creepy and weird

No. 690547

Settle down Anon. You can be a stupid bitch like Lola and still be abused and stalked.

No. 690560

Ooh. Got receipts for that?

No. 690733

her likes jumped from 60 a post to 600 after she went viral, then slowly came back down to 30 after all the brer posts

No. 690825

File: 1537263733000.png (609.04 KB, 1242x2208, E83CED08-5DFF-49D4-9211-07992F…)

No. 690826

File: 1537263753756.png (724.71 KB, 1242x2208, 5778F905-436D-44BC-915D-D4F93E…)

No. 690844

File: 1537267511789.png (127.58 KB, 750x1334, 738CF985-FD86-4807-B445-721C75…)

No. 690848

File: 1537268442973.jpeg (258.42 KB, 1242x1805, 13ED126D-A547-4DFA-BDDF-82C5F5…)

she is now ASKING for thousands of money on a go fund me to start an ‘art gallery’ to sell her art. but all the good pieces of her art are stolen and can be found through a simple google search. this is bordering on illegal i swear

No. 690853

Lol nice WordArt

No. 690867

so is Lola, what's your point

No. 690877

Can't wait to see more of those plastic eggs. What inspirational message could she paint next? Fried? Over easy?

No. 690889

her followers are already turning on her LOL

No. 690904

I fuckin canny. Every single day there’s something else that I just can’t believe she’s saying/doing.

I fully believe Brer is a creep (v alarming age gap, preying on young/vulnerable/unstable/naive girl cause he can mould them into what he wants) and I reckon he should be behind bars


jfc. The girl needs help. She needs to stop fuckin bullshitting, lying, asking for money for phoney things. Like it’s not helping her at all she’s just looking crazy so less folk are gonna believe her, and the way she’s going about everything is making people less likely to believe other abuse victims.

That whole thing about him stalking her………I mean it COULD happen but it’s way more likely they probably frequent the same places since they had “so much in common” that she probs knows the kinda places he goes on a Thursday/Friday/whatever night and has ended up going there cause she’s obsessed with him. I’m not saying nothing bad happened, I believe it did. But surely you’d want nothing to do with your abuser and you wouldn’t be going near them and like lots of you have said, posting your location etc everywhere.

This is a train wreck. I cackled this morning when I saw the post about £2500 for an art gallery start up. What the fuck makes her think she has any idea how to start a gallery (no matter how small/basic) never mind in LONDON with the “art” she has like Jesus fuckin CHRIST girl,


No. 690905

She’s clearly mentally well, and I haven’t laughed at her through this whole thing cause it’s just disturbing and worrying more than anything and she really does need help because I worry where she’s gonna end up. But there’s certain things she does n just takes it way too far that just don’t have anything to do with her mental illness ie - asking for all this money. I feel sorry for her, but there becomes a certain point and she’s so far beyond it. I can’t believe some people on insta are still falling for everything/defending her. She’s deceiving people. Like most of us I saw she was missing on twitter and followed that but now I’m just like ?????????? why are u falling for this/defending her/not seeing through the bullshit??

But I suppose then again many of her followers are naive teenagers who are clueless.

No. 690906

File: 1537276447813.png (749.4 KB, 750x1334, 254A128B-6AF3-4621-8538-819548…)

>lola may dragonfly tyrell

No. 690924

she posted on her story that brer was going to be in the area that day when he was ‘stalking’ her, she already knew? how? how did she know he was GOING to be in the area? and if so she walked up to HIM filming him at a bus stop, it’s like she seemed him out, she knew he’d be there before she was, not the other way around. i agree brer is clearly messed up with his relationships and liking for younger girls but he wouldn’t put himself into further trouble with him being relatively in the public eye.

No. 690926

I agree with you ^ . The live streamed showed her walk up to him. She wasn’t even in the area when she posted on her story abt Brer being in that area of london. He seemed really uninterested and tried to get away from her when she approached him, being near her ‘breaches his bail conditions’ so why would SHE approach him like that. She said Brer caused her to not be able to work and that’s why she has no money, she said she was going to ‘Sue Him’ at the start, is this all for money? He’s an heir after all

No. 690939

Boy oh boy when this all comes to an end do I have some new shit for you all to look at. Currently in the middle of Lola’s soap opera and I am god damn sick of it

No. 690941

File: 1537280604968.jpeg (203.14 KB, 750x1334, 169E2D4C-E63E-43EE-8DFF-1D6BCA…)

well said. I bet her comment will get deleted soon

No. 690958


this kind of post is responsible for the mess that is this thread.

No. 690973


Might want to not use your iMessage address when posting on here. You don’t need to enter an email address or anything when you post, just an fyi.

No. 690981

Jesus, so many namefaggers. When will it end?

No. 690986


A lot of them are her followers that appeared after she posted about the thread. You can tell 99% of the time if they’re one of her followers, pretty sure she posts too but can’t verify that - would love to though.

No. 690998

She deleted this post… your account name is showing

No. 691062

File: 1537293013524.jpeg (832.42 KB, 1125x2033, 57B80E3A-7DCB-4B25-BED0-E5F5AA…)

Why does she still have pictures of her and Brer up on her instagram? If someone was stalking me, esp. an abuser, the last thing I’d want his their photos on my account.

No. 691105


The pic was always pixelated.


No. 691116

No. 691138

You can tell it’s her followers because they obv haven’t read the rules about leaving names

No. 691141


And the rampant namefagging, samefagging, and vendetta posting throughout this thread are being ignored by mods.

No. 691228

It's not just this thread there has been minimal to no modding for weeks now. Even /pt/ is messy af.

No. 691238

ive been following this since day one and just been made aware of this thread. i immediately picked up on there being something not quite right about Lola, be it the continuous lying or the manipulation. But i could see she was in awful space so i offered her help.

I also messaged brer at the time to ask him what the fuck is going on; everything he said to me made a lot of sense

I unfollowed lola a few weeks back as i was fed up with her manipulation; at the end of the day theyre both very damaged/sad people n should stop broadcasting their whole lives to the internet.

Do have screenshots of the messages with brer but cba to post them lmao

No. 691241

brer is a cunt still but from my messages with him he gave a more believable story than lola; either way still a total bellend

No. 691255

>>691238 post the caps or don't bring them up jfc

No. 691309


post them or ur a lil bitch

No. 691355

File: 1537309231335.png (2.26 MB, 1242x2208, 6B51F797-7AFE-490C-8622-EE9ABC…)

Two guesses that she’s going to notting Hill to “confront brer”

No. 691359

File: 1537309400308.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2208, 2D9AA973-F444-43FF-8D92-1AB058…)

Yep I was right

No. 691362

File: 1537309737847.png (259.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180918-232827.png)

The attention seeking is off the charts

No. 691369

File: 1537310105542.png (582.71 KB, 750x1334, BF47539A-52FC-4088-89A1-D66D75…)

everyone is getting tired of her

No. 691370

>>691362 I know this is an image board but she say she's been triggered, is going to hit him and doesn't care about the consequences. she then ended the live

No. 691396

jfc. the devil works hard but lola tyrrell works harder. she’s going to teach him a lesson - physical violence/harassment could get her in trouble with the police no? or is she going to pull out the “i’m a vulnerable YOUNG GIRL being abused by my predatory ex” card. instead of actually doing something productive and ensuring she’s safe and away from brer, she doesn’t the exact opposite but still begs for donations and frequents fancy hotels whilst selling shitty paint splatters and doodles. cmon now.

No. 691413

In one single day this woman got clapped back on instagram for asking for two grand, got exposed for tracing her best art, and is now publicly ruining her high profile court case with the possibility of picking up assault charges. How could this possibly get more anymore milky?!

No. 691452

Seriously, what is she doing?! I think she actually had a chance to win that court case (the police seemed to take it seriously), but by this recent crazy behaviour, she's ruining everything. It's actually making me angry. How can someone fuck up their life so bad, jfc.

No. 691456

I think it's doubtful that she's going to Brer. I think it's a lie for attention.

No. 691775

Get a fucking job. How dare she ask people for money when she posts, albeit, fake pictures of bottles of wine and champagne and nights in hotels. She lives in central london. Time to grow up honey. I commented saying that she copied the kissing art a while ago and she blocked me. NOBODY give her money. It will not go to an art studio. What exactly does she expect to open in central london with £2500? Saw her travelling to Nottinghill last night and just confirmed my suspicion that she's obsessed with Brer and is jealous that he could have a life without her. STOP BUTTING INTO HIS LIFE. Like you claim to want nothing to do with the man. *I'm one of her followers. I feel like when people post things in his favour they think it's him on anon.

No. 691780

This thread is not filled with people who will be giving her money, anon.

No. 691845


brer, get out.

No. 691884

Damn, for all the namefagging and general weirdness, this thread is nuts and Lola's even nuttier. Is there anyone else with a thread here who's so consistently hysterical?

No. 691888

This has to be one of the worst threads in lolcow. It screams of self post from the beginning and it's filled with samefags.

No. 691901

I mean, you have no reason to believe me but I started this thread and am not Lola. I didn't expect this thread to turn into such a namefagging shitshow but I guess it makes sense that people who are suspicious of Lola's actions have Googled her and found this thread. It's not like there's anywhere else you can criticise her without having your comment deleted or Lola setting her teenage fans on you.

No. 691925

What fans, though? She doesn't really get a lot of likes per post outside of that time she sold her story to a few tabloids.

No. 691929

a lot of the people commenting on here are her ‘ex’ minions and i’m sad to say i’m one of them. People she used and has fucked over and taken MONEY off and advantage of, she’s very good at making groups of minions and she’ll have one now, but we’re all getting a bit pissed off. By the way her going to brers last night was a lie for attention, tellin everyone she was going to confront him but never did

No. 692098

All this minion shit is completely true. She’s getting other people to message brer so she doesn’t jeopardise her case. We all know that everything she says is bullshit. She didn’t go and confront brer, and she’s defiantly not dying on the bones of her arse if she’s sat in a skyscraper drinking £14 cocktails. Yet she’s begging for money? It’s wayyy too milky

No. 692118

Not sure how to use this. But someone responded to me saying 'get out brer'. Is it so wild to be able to support him on some capacity? I'm not brer. I'm a girl who has followed her for ageeeees off the back of seeing them as a couple on Tinder looking for a threesome

No. 692134


No. 692151

Anyone have access to her private account?

No. 692234

My friend does, but there's nothing milky as of yet. Just reposted pics of what's on her regular insta and with no particularly interesting captions.

No. 692242

File: 1537399578685.png (284.44 KB, 750x1334, 5F2BAA0D-7A74-459C-B1D0-DE9244…)

Her story lol

No. 692252

She's hell-bent on ruining her court case.

No. 692264


there’s no way this girl isn’t mentally retarded, is there?

she has to b

I just skimmed through the video and I’m not sure if she realises, but the entire video looks like a normal healthy relationship. Like, if someone showed me that with no context, I’d have thought they were a happy couple.

No. 692336

File: 1537411988469.png (6.56 MB, 1884x1884, Screen Shot 2018-09-20 at 04.4…)

She is retarded, yeah. Who else would sell their worn clothes from Zara and Topshop and shitty "He left me breathless" self portraits and paint splotches and call it art studio? Like really kids who really study art and have any relation to it do better. Omg worn Zara shirts and cheaper-than-crack art, this is brilliant! That's a great business plan in 2018.

No. 692375

What a fucking attention seeker and would this class as her harassing him now??

No. 692386

More or less. Hence why people are saying she's fucking up her own case lol

No. 692499

Now she’s saying she’s got in insomnia, bitch loves to self diagnose

No. 692507


She cries at the end.

No. 692510

(Patrick Leo) Brer Ruthven, Viscount Ruthven of Canberra (b. 4 February 1964). Database developer and musician. Brer Ruthven married Julie Goldsmith and had one son, Heathcote Patrick Cornelius Ruthven, born 28 May 1990.


A more detailed bio


No. 692515

glad you saged this because this is the worst post here so far

No. 692521


I feel kinda bad for his kid. Must suck to have your dad in the news for roughing up his girlfriend that's younger than you.

Then again, he's probably stinking rich, so.

No. 692525

>Insomnia means having trouble with how well or how much you sleep
Yeah you don't really need a doctor's opinion for that one.

No. 692526

I'm fucking dead. Bless this mess of a thread.

No. 692536

they’re both so fucking weird

No. 692562

Sorry, but I don't believe in happy couples where a guy's 50+ and the girl is still a teenager. I just don't.

No. 692581

The other day she posted a picture of someone else's art (which she has since deleted), and then posted a copy of the art that she drew herself (very badly) and said "would anyone be interested in buying this?" like come onnnn. She also is trying to sell 3 pics she took on the fuckinf Huji cam app for £35

No. 692612

File: 1537453154029.jpeg (1.52 MB, 4096x4096, 997DEF0C-CC2C-4F65-95DA-AD5010…)

Just for the purpose of seeing more than one side.

No. 692623

File: 1537453714113.jpeg (341.36 KB, 1818x1818, 280A8FF4-50CA-4AD9-86B7-34B9B4…)

When he says about degrading he’s talking about bdsm etc not every day life, which can be seen as weird but they’re both in to it and it’s consensual

No. 692659

She doesn't sleep well because she's got ana on the brain. That's not insomnia. She's in the UK she could pop in at a hospital any time she wants, but she knows she'd be proved wrong, so she doesn't.

No. 692670

File: 1537456957861.png (703.12 KB, 750x1334, 22B1F4AD-FDBF-4A82-A516-FF6FA3…)

lmao no one has ever said that

No. 692671

File: 1537457016576.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 7E283560-3E38-4DC5-8F22-AC8BA6…)


stop forcing it lola sweaty

No. 692686

I believe it. It was obvious she was recruiting followers to catfish him. He’s a fucking creep but I doubt he’s hard-pressed to find impressionable teen puss to abuse or “degrade” in his words. No need to stalk this retard loser psycho who’s hell bent on ruining his entire life.

No. 692702

Giiiirl you and every other art hoe out there. Just overdose if you want real attention duh

No. 692721

>I'm a good older man, stop being so biased pls.
>I like girls who want to be beaten or degraded.

He's not exactly helping his cause here. Sounds like just another old pervert.

No. 692869

You need to understand that he’s into bdsm but that’s consenusal, and so was lola, degrading in the bedroom isn’t him finding vulnerable girls that’s not the idea. I agree going after younger girls is weird but let’s not kinkshame, and after all it is still legal

No. 692885


Yeah, regardless of the morality of the situation, and what it says about both parties involved, what he is describing is totally legal. I personally think it's unhealthy but they were both consenting adults in the relationship.

Obviously we have no way of knowing what really happened that night but seeing her other behaviours (posting photos of a made up boyfriend, tracing art, filming herself going to 'confront him' despite claiming to be afraid of him) makes me think she made the whole thing up. She's clearly delusional. Maybe he assaulted her, who knows, but I find it hard to believe she's totally innocent in it all.

No. 693031


Speaking as someone who was a teenager when I “dated” someone abusive twice my age, it’s ambigiously ethical on his part but still legal. If she can prove domestic abuse, good for her.

No. 693110

File: 1537488188854.jpeg (136.68 KB, 750x1117, 9CBF9367-928C-433E-9805-0DF107…)

Wow I didn’t buy the whole Lola: a woman scorned, narrative until now. Interesting she still has this playlist public. I know she still has pictures of the two of them up so this is far from milky but still…

No. 693263

wow what a gripping twist /s

No. 693279

"let's not kinkshame"

… so, you're new here?

No. 693299


anon you're qt

No. 693386


Breaking news! Breaking news! Woman does not edit all her playlists and photo albums to remove all traces of previous relationship!

Your 'Lola: a woman scorned' headline is so awesome. Clearly, this shocking revelation changes everything and the tabloids need to know.

No. 693387


PS love how you've gone to the trouble of circling the offending playlist! It's so beautiful!

No. 693410

Her having pictures of him is weird when she’s constantly deleting posts, and considering she made a youtube video full of clips of him that she still had literally the other day i’d say that was weird, if you can’t see how weird she is SHE SET UP A FAKE DATE so that she could film him and get him ‘caught’ and then got in a car and told people she was going to his apartment to ‘hit him’ and ‘teach him a lesson’ on livestream so one of her followers had to call the police. so he’s not allowed to be in the same area of london as her after being set up on a fake date BY her (which can be proved by the fact that she knew he would be in the area hours before and posted it on her story) but she can go to his apartment and assault him? nah guys.

No. 693411

she’s playing all this like it’s a film, or like she can get fame off any of it. she’s selling fake art, clothing, TRYING to fashion design, begging for money, selling photos, publicising a fake boyfriend, doing a blog AND trying to become a youtuber by editing videos together of her ex with sad music in the background?

No. 693416

If you think about it. She told all the press and papers after court that they had had a row about kitchen tongs and got thrown out on the street. Brer doesn’t live on the bottom floor she was carried out and let down on her feet on the balcony which the police are aware of. The wording of ‘anorexic body’ which she used to garner more attention because the image of a child’s body being thrown is a lot more intense than a grown woman. At the start she said she was nakedly thrown on the street, but then she was cooking? doubt she’d be cooking fully naked. And more to the point, a man as rich as brer would care abot her using new cooking tongs to cook? when they lived together? they’re cooking tongs for christ sake and that’s not the story she told at the start. And after seeing those screenshots from brer most of that makes sense which is something she can’t explain. He’s right, all of the friends who were around those two and knew what was going on are not on lola’s side, she has thrown every friend under the bus. She is also back on drugs, i have seen the proof, one of her ex best friends also knows this. if you’re still defending her take a look at all this and ask yourself why. Most of what lola is doing is illegal.

No. 693420

>Insomnia means having trouble with how well or how much you sleep
let me repeat that for you, vendetta chan

No. 693421

You are far too old a person to be posting here about your kitchen tongs. Begone.

No. 693427


You are well creepy.

No. 693445

Yeah, because a teenage girl who's clearly mentally unstable should definitely be practicing BDSM (with a much older dude who most probably does what he wants; I doubt he knows much about BDSM dynamics apart from that he likes to beat girls and it turns him on).

No. 693447

As for her collecting money for her "gallery opening" etc. - it definitely sounds like that money is going to be used for buying drugs instead. Her recent behavior is very erratic and I wouldn't be surprised if she was using again.

No. 693455


I for one want to hear more about these kitchen tongs.

They must be pretty exciting.

No. 693457


It's incredibly naive of her to think that that's anything like the amount of money you would need to even get close to opening an art gallery in London these days.

I'm also a bit baffled by what she thinks an art gallery is. They aren't usually places owned by a single artist to show off their own work, right?

No. 693464

lol do you guys think i’m brer or something? i’m the one who just posted about kitchen tongs. i’m someone who was close to her for a while after all this started. she told the press it was a row about kitchen tongs it’s in the fucking papers, but to her friends and on her posts she never once mentioned that, she clearly wasn’t abused because she used his ‘new kitchen tongs’ is all i’m saying, y’all are wild. i’m also the same one who said about bdsm, and being interested in older guys is a big thing in like dd/lg relationships which she’s into, look it up, at the end of the day she’s lying abot shit and needs to be caught out

No. 693465

lola herself said he wasn’t violent except for the few times she outlined? i think it’s fucking weird their relationship and he’s clearly more than a bit of a nonce but that doesn’t excuse her lying, and he’s clearly not just out abuse young girls, she can count on one hand the amount of times he supposedly did in the first place. i know that’s not good, any sort of abuse shouldn’t be tolerated but what she’s doing now is illegal and hurtful and borderline abusive to the people around her and she’s lying about the court case which can be proven.

No. 693468

She originally said brer only abused her once, the police went over after it was reported which was on the same day, he was handed the right punishment as they both agreed that the same thing had happened and it was dealt with. And then all this started, too many people are weighing in who don’t actually know what’s gone on. She changed her story and the police know that, but what she’s doing with the gofundme ‘s and all this other stuff and defamation of character is illegal, especially setting up that fake date just to film him, she’s playing with fire.

No. 693478

File: 1537533971316.jpg (13.68 KB, 700x700, fancytongs.jpg)

I agree, they must be fucking amazing tongs to inspire all this waffle:

No. 693553

You're on lolcow, we're mostly not endorsing DDLG either and consider it disgusting. Learn to integrate.

No. 693555

>he’s clearly not just out abusing young girls

How is that clear, apart from you saying so? Several anons posted in this thread that they used to be involved with Brer and got abused by him too. Could be just Lola self-posting, but how do we know that you aren't Brer self-posting? Aha.

No. 693569

Tbh she lies all the time

No. 693571

She lied to her ex best friend and cousin saying her dad died … she lied about her own dad dying.

I have this in messages from her ex best friend but it won’t lwt me post pictures for some reason.

No. 693572

I have a lot of inclosed information on Lola. I have been in contact with her friends, family, ex and her from the very beginning… she’s a compulsive liar and messages me asking for like £30 for fags every other day ugh

No. 693577

Remember Brer said she got badly beaten when she got back into prostitution? She spends a lot of time at citizen M and ace hotels. Wonder if thats her preferred meeting place with clients rather than where her and her fictional boyfriend meet…

No. 693578

Omg she was a prostitue?? Any receipts??

No. 693583

I can confirm she was a prositute, that’s how she met the peopl she did in the first place. that’s how she first moved to london.

No. 693587

The friend who stayed with her in london for a bit cut her off after finding out she’s meeting with ‘sugar daddies’ to get money at the moment, so yeah

No. 693591

File: 1537546592920.jpeg (294.52 KB, 1241x1864, 921A1244-F6C4-4DA0-B15D-AFD188…)

people have proof she’s back on drugs but i cba with this shit, she’s tapped in the head look what she just posted

No. 693599

this girl is a fucking crack pot

No. 693601

Well, this escalated quickly.

No. 693606

She was speaking on her stories earlier and definitely sounded like she was on something

No. 693621

‘sounded like she was on something’ man her jaw was practically swinging that’s not normal

No. 693685

Shes ruined any case she has. I’d herd she was a prostitute from a few people and ive been thinking this lately with the ace hotel and champagne pics but she msgs me and other girls asking to buy her fake art because shes sofa surfing and her friend is going to make her homeless. I get she needs help but she thinks shes milking life.

No. 693810

https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=VSTUzyG5tIw#menu new video— why’s she doing it like that™️(use the youtube field)

No. 693831

She makes it painfully obvious that she still loves him

No. 693921

Where's the proof of her being a prostitute? It's milky but just hearsay.

No. 694106

You should be able to attach images by clicking on the "Choose file" button (you need to have them downloaded to your computer, of course). If there's some issue, you can upload them somewhere else (imgur, Tinypic, etc.) and then post a link here.

There's been a lot of talk recently (and what seems like excessive samefagging), but not a lot of proof posted.

No. 694374

She asked me to go to a gig with her because brer was going and she didn’t want to go alone. That was when she said she saw him exit as she entered asif it was a suprise lol

No. 694428

You're gonna have to put in more effort if you're gonna keep trying to make this happen

No. 694701

File: 1537674709705.png (902.68 KB, 800x940, Screenshot_2018-09-22-20-45-11…)

Those red marks on her chest? Another kitchen utensil injury?

And that caption. Such a clever lass! See also, upside down photos of the hotel ceiling, (stolen?) black and white street photos captioned, "film noir".

How long has she had the private account?

No. 694746

Dunno. Why don't you tell us, vendetta-chan.

No. 694765

Probs lola herself. Let this horrible thread die

No. 694791

It looks more like lipstick smeared over the mirror, if you look closer those marks are even over her clothes. But you can use whatever for attention, right?

No. 694872


That’s definitely lip stick on the mirror.

No. 695345

File: 1537740830380.jpeg (353.73 KB, 1242x1782, C94F7C10-86AF-4A39-88F4-FFADE4…)

she’s had the private account since 2014 btw

No. 695838

Has anyone seen her recent instagram stories? At work at the moment so can't view them but there's a lot of tears for a lengthy period of time?

No. 695840

this post is fucking stupid. wish you could be banned.

No. 695842

Just a lot of chatting in circles about how this isn't a cry for help, how her bf isn't fake, and how her art isn't traced.

Girl sounds like she needs help or a friend to come round, and not be posting to Instagram..

No. 695856

‘i want to live a comfortable life, like other 19 year olds’ is what she said on her story after talking about money. late teenagers do not have it easy these days, i know people working several jobs around uni and living in shared accomdation and still living off things like cereal and pot noodles. if you want a ‘comfortable’ life make it for yourself like everyone else instead of relying on other people, i’m not a troll but it’s just a message she needs to learn

No. 695861

she’s had friends, they’ve not all just left her, people have talked to her and offered her help but the second you bring up he truth about something or say you know about something she’s lied about she blocks them and spreads their info around to protect herself, she has forced people out if they don’t just follow her rules, that’s the truth and that’s why they left

No. 695865

These messages, These words, These ‘rumours’. Are not coming from brer. They’re ‘friends’ who know the truth. People who have proof she lied. People who have been too close, and that’s it. She wants to move forward from her past? Stop using her past as the only way to get attention and force people to pay attention to her, Her whole social media presence is based on her past and ‘trauma’ she needs to cut off what she’s doing and just get a job and a normal life, she can’t live a normal life doing this

No. 695876

can't believe she's the big age of 19, feels mature enough to 30+ year olds but can't take any criticism from her friends.

No. 695888

No. 695892

Short transcript. This girl can not stop being self-incriminating lol
>My friends stop talking to me because they read a website and believe it
Lol your friends stop talking to you bc you’re a dramatic manipulative cunt and some of them can think for themselves

>lolcow still up!!!???

Yes you’re only the 100th cow want it taken down

>People say I’m addicted to coke and an alcoholic but I’m actually just anorexic. I WAS ADDICTED TO COKE 3 MONTHS AGO BUT NOT ANYMORE

Literally never seen that rumor here but ok thanks for clarifying that you do have a coke problem

>This is not a cry for help (x5)

Just for attention

>All the nice pictures of posh lunch and hotel stays are because I mooch off friends I’m actually broke

You’re a dumbass on top of being a leech. Why use stolen google pictures to create an illusion of a certain lifestyle you can’t afford if you’re trying to beg for money? Congrats you played yourself

>I don’t trace my art!!! I made this me self and I have a real boyfriend!!! (Shows off random paint splattered piece of paper)

Sure jan. That ugly ass vomit stain is yours alright. Google must have copied you. And sure you have a real bf, just fake pictures of him bc he’s another ugly old fuck.

>Brer is manipulating everyone. I’m losing all my friends because of him.

Lol if your friends side with your abuser then they never fucking liked you to begin with. Or you are just that much of a toxic delusional bpd nightmare that anyone with a brain cell knows to get tf away from you before you turn on them. You’re the biggest snake Lola Tyrrell

>I deserve to leave my past behind me. Stop talking about my past.

Bitch IT WAS ONLY LAST MONTH you tried to ruin a man life for allegedly abusing you. But instead of working on your court case, you went out of your way to get his attention even though you’re so uwu traumatized. Rallying personal army. Trying to get him to break no-contact. Vendetta on girls that he might me fucking. Doing everything you can to ruin your own case and credibility. Lol why you work so hard on trying to ruin it Lola?? That sounds like the shit dumb bitches do because they start to regret the implications of their accusations.

>All this is gonna get posted on that website and I’ll be made fun of

Ya goddamn bet. Don’t act like you don’t love being talked about. This thread hasn’t gotten traffic for a week, it was being buried in snow. But Lola can’t stand not having people talk about her so she does this. You’re welcome Lola Tyrrell. I hope this website pops up every time someone googles your name.

No. 695915

File: 1537805383228.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, 1F4CEB84-E66C-4CE1-AAF3-4E37F4…)

Did she wipe her tears….with a sock?

No. 695956

Bet it's Brer's

No. 696022

File: 1537814882274.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, 90C82510-9641-4157-8585-FB8F94…)

she has been crying on instagram for 5 hours. claiming she is going to disappear and will not attend court lol

No. 696053

Of course she’s gonna not go to court and blame it on da booollies. What a stupid bitch. She could have her ex blacklisted and put the fuck away if she had an ounce of conviction toward her claims. But she’d rather stir up vendetta on instagram, bitch thought she was gonna get her own hashtag #justice4lola or something. Learn to draw Lola instead of sucking old dicks then maybe you’ll have more than fair weather friends

No. 696056

Lmaooo I bet she sleeps with it next to her pillow

No. 696115

Dunno about you guys but when I'm hysterically sobbing I don't record it on my phone. And I don't pause and repeat things to fit neatly into Instagram stories

No. 696155

File: 1537827686866.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, C1464AFF-684D-4A95-9FB1-BF07C1…)

No. 696156

desperately wants to “disappear” but is informing everybody that that’s her plan. walking contradiction.

No. 696174

wheres ur SUPER SRS CUTS ho
Did you steal those too?

No. 696187

o no gais shes going bye bye

say bye bye anons shes totes nevar coming back so srs gone gais baaii~

No. 696229

File: 1537833223908.png (812.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-005313.png)

No. 696230

File: 1537833270133.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180925-005320.png)

She's out BPD'd herself.

No. 696238

>except everyone following my insta stories i need you guys to stay updated 24/7

No. 696298

Wiping tears with a sock is the best thing i’ve seen on lolcow in ages. This is banner material.

No. 696304


If I were either, would I have saged?

No. 696306

she's so classy.

No. 696341

I don’t know this girl, but I have heard about her and she has been through some bad stuff which she has managed to prove.
She has then though put other girls in these situations, police were trying to get her convicted of sex trafficking, with links to foreign countries, I’m not sure if she is now out of this or not. Her and Brer were in an open relationship, hence the swinging and him sleeping with other girls (to which she was involved in too)
It is hard for people to get out of these cycles, with MH it is very hard to blame the person as I’m sure they don’t wish to be this way. That doesn’t make it much better though if she is then placing others in to this danger.
This is black and white proof of how social media has gone too far and making things way too available for people.
Personally I think they are both in the wrong and have some serious issues to deal with. Considering I’ve never met this girl and only know of her through other people, I can’t believe how much of her life I know. When I first heard of her sex trafficking (over a year ago now) I couldn’t believe it. So scary to think that a girl so young could be involved in something as deep as this.

No. 696377

>I don't know this girl
>she runs an international sex trafficking ring

No. 696419

lmao exactly.

I love the fanfics in this thread, they're wild.

No. 696460

She’s going to keep posting during her ‘time away’, that she’s somehow paying for considering she didn’t have enough for even a mcdonald’s a few weeks ago, and she’s going to play ‘guess where’ JUST like every other time she’s done this, she’s done this for a very long time. And the sex trafficking thing (coming from a close friend) isn’t true, the police were trying to get her for ‘recruiting’ young women into sleeping with older men for money but that’s nowhere near the same thing.

No. 696463

File: 1537868666645.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 489B13BD-C01C-4E71-B473-E7374E…)

anyone wanna place bets on how long this will last? i’m saying 48 hours maximum

No. 696465

6 hours or less.

No. 696468

she's been keeping this going since last night

i say she lasts an hour before shes updating everyone where she bought her to-go coffee from

No. 696470

Well, ladies and gents. I think it’s safe to say that this might all be finally over. Until tomorrow, anyway

No. 696509

File: 1537880076996.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, C418B076-6B59-4116-9A9A-B46CB8…)

No. 696510

File: 1537880112336.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, 64927FD3-358C-4FD2-A3DF-5C4C5F…)

Lmao she really thinks she’s famous

No. 696516

You know what’s gonna happen. The police will be called again cos she’s a vulnerable person and no one knows where she is. She knows what shes doing. Findlolatyrell will be active on twitter again by tonight.

No. 696518

The rumor about her cocaine use was posted here and she even admitted herself that she binged on coke in the past (so that's why we speculated that she's collecting the money for drugs). Read the thread properly.

No. 696519

So when is her court date? Was it supposed to be today? If so, again, what is she doing, running away from London? What a rollercoaster.

No. 696534

4th October. Next week.

No. 696541

she keeping in contact with some people and asking them for money, where’s her bf in all this? begging for money off loads of her ‘friends’ so she can eat, but she’s got somewhere to stay already figured out

No. 696548

File: 1537886438826.jpeg (50.03 KB, 658x258, 7CB2E4A4-002A-40FC-96FD-0F8069…)

so this was all planned

No. 696552

What a drama queen
And hey the money yourself stop begging ugh

No. 696553

Get a fucking job, Lola Tyrrell.

No. 696580

shes been asking different people for money for different reason today, for ‘food’ for ‘travel’ to give to her ‘friend’ etc

No. 696583

Why do so many cows believe they’re owed money, rather than working for it like the rest of us? FFS.

No. 696642

The only reason I actually found out about this page was because of her posting about it. She doesn't make things easy for herself does she

No. 696672

File: 1537902734755.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 97659B43-22E6-41BF-B3D0-4A592F…)

The bags under her eyes are gucci, that she made someone else pay for …

No. 696691

Anyone know what happens if she doesn’t appear in court on the 4th?

No. 696704

She will most likely throw her side which will automatically make her guilty and end up having to pay fines/do time

It’d be stupid for her to flake on court appearance for anything

No. 696733

Forgive me if I’m being stupid but she’s not accused of anything is she? It’s just brer so I doubt her not turning up would make too much of a difference. She will turn up tho. Gal wouldn’t miss an opportunity to be in the daily mail on or the telegraph

No. 696739

i once had a court case against an ex boyfriend and got too nervous the night before so didn’t show up on the day. the trial still went ahead but my charges against him were dropped because of lack of evidence. luckily for me he had other outstanding crimes and got sent down for something else. don’t think lola will receive that comfort.

No. 696743

Her not showing up will destroy the credibility of her case and Lola as a person in the judges eyes. So when Brer walks free, being a man with money, he can turn around and sue her out of everything she has for the multitude of troubles she caused him. With her drug use and mental illnesses and countless witnesses against her horrible personality…the law is not on her side.

No. 696745

Considering she’s the only witness, and it doesn’t appear he has other charges against him, this may well be the case.

Though she’s got a few people (asslicking teenagers) in her Instagram comments claiming they’ll be there on the 4th too, presumably for support rather than to present evidence.

No. 696754

It’s the number one thing these bitches don’t get like in the courtroom they don’t give a fuck that you are uwu traumatized mental health snowflake. As the matter of fact it makes you unreliable. She shows up with no visible injuries claiming “abuse” by an older richer man…As if the law doesn’t already view women as being emotional dramatic bitches vying for a man’s money. Fucking rape victims with all the evidence still have a hard time winning against a man with money so these BPD hoes gonna need to try harder.

No. 696788


"countless witnesses against her horrible personality"

Last time I checked, horrible personalities weren't illegal, vendetta-chan.

No. 696808

If brer is saving up all this instagram shit then she’s totally thrown the case. Sure there was enough evidence to charge him but as someone said, bpd will go against her.

No. 696844

Feel like brer is fully aware of everything Lola has done/said/posted about them so yeah she’s fucked the case. Tbh did anyone actually think she was gonna win anyway?

No. 696855

This thread is fucking unreal. Where are all of these people coming from? This girl might be one of the craziest people on lolcow, but all of these wild unsubstantiated claims are really diluting the milk.
Which would be more dramatic- if she showed up in court and made a scene or if she skipped out and made a scene? Either way, the 4th should be interesting.
There's a such thing as a 'character witness'. If somebody is demonstrated to be an unreliable narrator, liar, etc., then it can do a lot of damage to their case. Particularly when it comes to 'he said she said' scenarios like this.

No. 696871

Sue her for what? Some knockoff designer shit and a small bag of coke?

the wild claims ARE the milk at this point.

No. 696957

How is it vendetta to point out that character witness is a real thing in court dumbass? It’s not illegal to be a cunt but slander is a crime. Which is what Brer’s lawyer will slam her with when she doesn’t show up for her own case. Not saying she didn’t get abused but as far as legal actions concerned she has no evidence, her case is nonexistent and her integrity is questionable so Brer can absolutely sue the shit out of her if he wants to. You can go back to sucking her asshole now.

No. 696980

Brer said when messaged by someone regently that eventhough he could he doesn’t want to bring up what she’s been doing to him recently because he just wants it to be over and for him to move on like he’s ‘been trying to do’ not to get revenge

No. 697001

post screen caps or don’t! mention! it!
this was intended to be a picture board

No. 697061

she touched his kitchen tongs though! I'm sure that plus all the character witnesses will see poor Brer exonerated /s

No. 697087

You seem to be really offended by the idea that the personality and personal history of a victim or witness can ruin a case. By Lola's social media posts ALONE make it clear that she's an attention-seeking chronic liar with a few screws loose. Brer's lawyers are almost certainly going to use this against her, and given the sheer intensity of her batshittery there's at least a decent chance that it'll ruin the case against him.

No. 697205

the screenshots were already posted that’s why i didn’t post it AGAIN that’s where i found that information

No. 697255


A load of nutters have descended on the site from the inner bowels of Insta. None of them have anything real to share beyond wild speculation and it's pretty clear that they are just posting on here to goad her into another rant.


No screencaps of what you're saying have actually been posted, groupie.

No. 697256


I just thank god I'm not a teenager any more, frankly. How fucking exhausting to create so much drama about so little actually happening.

No. 697260

mate, this girl is pathetic. not only did she steal money from people who were willing to help her, but she still continued to lie about being broke. after people commented saying she's blown all the money she's been given on alcohol her excuse was "i'm anorexic and trying to build my body up"… girl… by getting hungover every night? really now? she also quite literally asked a follower who was about to travel if she could go with them because she had "enough money for a flight ticket" which is absurd. her whole idiotic crying fit on instagram just shows how she's even more barmy that anyone thought. "everyone i care about has left me and you're all bullies!!!!!!! you're all siding with brer!!!!" jfc. she's apparently "run away" from london, which is honestly hilarious considering she's probably still lurking in the city like a troll. what's mind boggling is that she really thinks she's a sort of celebrity. blimey. the only reason she's filmed that paddy and cried and blamed others for her being an irrational child is because she got called out for all the lies that she's done and people have caught up to her bullshit. she got called out and couldn't handle it like an adult that owns up to their mistakes. she said "that fucking website is still up after i reported it feeding people lies!!!!" well, no sweetheart. the only lies being fed are from your end.

No. 697262


If personality and personal history of the person who's accused mean anything, they'll do Brer for heartbreak, assholery and being a dodgy oldy who shags teenagers.

Luckily for all of us, breaking somebody's heart, or even being a dramatic sobbing teenager who begs for money, AREN'T THINGS THAT ARE ILLEGAL.

Except on the internet, obviously, where you little Judge Judies are gonna send em daaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhn.

No. 697264

she needs to go to a mental hospital and stay there, honestly. she’s one of the biggest train wrecks i’ve ever seen. absurd how she thinks she can survive as a “normal 19 year old” when she’s an absolute shit show on drugs, an alcoholic, a pathalogical liar, an “artist” who cops art from other real artists and claims the work to be her own, and really just an idiot without a home or a job not because she can’t have either but because she claims she’s “in a bad place and can’t get a job right now” lmao

No. 697332

I can’t believe she hasn’t been sectioned. All the suicide threatening and self harm on instagram and apparent emergency services being called.

No. 697338

Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed we haven't heard more about these tongs tbh.

No. 697424

Yes you'd think brer and his mates would find time to share a pic and review of the tongs amongst all their bitterposting.

No. 697519

Bet they were metal ones that she wanted to use on a nonstick pan.

No. 697579

no that’s not illegal, but selling stolen art, setting up donation pages and not using the money for what she claims, and defamation of character/ harassment are illegal, and she’s doing even more than that.

No. 697585

the tong comment came from the articles that are all over the internet and in the papers from what lola claimed, this isn’t brer saying that, its her followers who have listened to her change her story constantly. lol i think it’s lola you should ask about these apparent tongs because it’s her who said it to the press

No. 697587

Me and a few others have been posting against lola and been accused of being brer and i can promise you we’re not, but we’re a hell of a lot closer to this issue and a hell of a lot better informed than the people speculating and shooting people down on here. half of you don’t know the true extent of this at all

No. 697620


Oh, precioussssssss… "stolen art"… it's not like she nicked a blooming Vermeer, love.

Samefagger, drama whore, teenager with no idea of the real world - just move on and leave these boards for people who like milking cows (cows that actually can be screencapped rather than just unsubstantiated gossip like yours!).

No. 697628

Holy mother of samefag. Stop responding to this obvious wk who literally doesn’t know how laws work. where tf are mods.

No. 697661

If you don't think that there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with Lola's behavior and can't understand how that might affect her case, then you're either Lola or a different trainwreck of a person. Either way, your rabid defense of her is all for naught because the judicial process works the way it does regardless of whether or not you like it. Pretending that a chronic liar won't have their case damaged by evidence as such is no more than wishful, impotent thinking.

No. 697701

you sad, wretched girl. lola, hope you’re reading this. if you’re out of london, good. if you’re still there, leave. you went to london with no plans except to snort £8000 worth of coke and fuck a 50-something year old man and be his sugar baby. look where that’s gotten you lol. here’s a reality check for you: london was never, is not, and will never be a home to you. ever. go back to where you came from, and get yourself sectioned there, and get a fucking job, and if you want even throw in some real art lessons so that maybe you can actually learn to draw on your own instead of stealing art from others. you seriously do not belong in such a place like london. maybe you would be if you weren’t constantly fucking yourself and others over constantly. get out of the city and get yourself a half decent life if you can.

No. 697761

File: 1538000610788.jpeg (281.36 KB, 750x1290, 3AF90DC9-482F-40FD-A8A3-D4192B…)

No. 697776

What IS the deal with her parents? Are they actually deadbeats or like Shayna's where theyre soooooooo abusiiiiive because they don't support their daughter fucking off with older men to do coke

No. 697777

Here are those screencaps of someone conversing with Brer. Seems like a lot of people are unable to read the thread properly, which is pretty annoying.

No. 697779

>>697776 for one she was abused by her mum's boyfriend. The case went to court and everything according to lola's insta. She then went into care. I'll see if i can get caps

No. 697783

File: 1538002339173.png (80.63 KB, 720x648, 20180926_235154.png)

Has her bio always been this?

No. 697784

She mentioned that her mother's boyfriend raped her when she was like 15 or 16, and the mother didn't give much of a damn. She also ended in foster care after it happened. We don't know much about the father, but he's supposedly wealthy - but she was using his money to buy coke, so who knows if he's still supporting her. Probably not or she wouldn't be e-begging so much.

No. 697801

That's kind of sad and also strange that he still defends her when she's literally taking him to court?

No. 697810

this thread is so fucking weird. it’s clearly mostly made up of people who know each other and are attempting (and failing) to fully integrate. i don’t understand why this thread is being treated like your own personal group conversation but it’s alarmingly cringey from both sides

No. 697812

File: 1538003335691.jpg (140.44 KB, 517x519, attentionseeker.jpg)

god she has always been an attention seeker fucking hell

No. 697818

File: 1538003560754.jpg (109.21 KB, 499x373, lola.jpg)

No. 697849

She's not exactly a reliable narrator.

I'm just here as a kitchen utensil enthusiast. And to enjoy the craziness. But mostly the first bit.

No. 697856

It's honestly kind of entertaining at this point. The rumors and vitriol flying around ITT are 1000% more salacious than what usually goes down in the weeb-in-Japan and costhot threads.

No. 697877

I’m a paralegal and a chartered health and safety practitioner actually but go ahead, shoot, I don’t know how laws work? also I’m not the same as those other posters. defamation of character, brer and sue her for that. Harassment at her level and faking instances to breach his bail conditions? that is illegal, and selling goods that aren’t your own if they’re copyrighted in the first place could still be chased after.

No. 697882

there is a lot of people from similar ‘groups’ posting but because there’s a few people who know what’s been going down and are trying to set the record straight because it’s uncontrollable at this point, and if people don’t know all of what’s been discussed it could get even more dangerous, somehow she needs to stop or be stopped because there’s a few people caught in the circle around her who she’s taking off who can’t escape

No. 697901

I'm not from one of their circle of friends, but wish the 2 farmers complaining would just scroll past the thread and move on. Actually finding it entertaining lmao.

No. 697931


Those don't substantiate what >>696980 claimed.

No. 697950

File: 1538011476471.png (782.64 KB, 800x1057, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-11-12…)


Her account does not square with what is written in the very article she referenced in her screencap.

No. 697952

File: 1538011710425.png (29.07 KB, 800x142, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-11-17…)

No. 697957

File: 1538011968229.png (244.01 KB, 798x1170, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-12-46…)


He was not charged with rape in her case. There is no mention of him breaking into her home, of holding her at gunpoint, or of supplying her with alcohol and drugs.


No. 697958

File: 1538011994050.png (134.45 KB, 800x527, Screenshot_2018-09-26-18-14-38…)

No. 697960


She has deleted this post about Chris, her second abuser.

No. 697986

How can they not escape?!? She holds no financial,social, or physical power at this point. The most I can think is that she’d threaten to kill her self (but we’ve seen she never goes through with that and honestly even if she did its not like anyone would blame them.) or she’d just post something on her story calling them a snake. London is a big place and if you don’t want to be friends with someone you just stop responding and move on with your life.

No. 698260

always find it funny how Lola always says to her ‘minions’ how she’s disappearing off the face of the earth, but she ALWAYS ends up just making a new Instagram account.


No. 698271

no, it’s because she’s a manipulator, her minions live all over the country, there’s people she owes money to and now people who she’s threatened, but more to the point she is a serial manipulator. it’s hard to understand until you’ve been in that position, the people who want to leave still care about her and have put so much of their time into her it’s almost like an addiction to check up on her and it’s hard to leave. that’s what people mean when they say it’s doing more than people know because it’s really hurting some people.

No. 698336

wew, minions all over the nation and masterminding an international sex ring. she's basically a bond villain.

No. 698369

What does it mean that further counts of rape and assault were "left to lie on the court file"? Does it mean they weren't proven?

No. 698392

File: 1538049926517.jpeg (21.17 KB, 150x257, 4F94E648-0D33-4635-B00E-AC83E9…)

To Lola’s calves: You’re not going to get your money back and there’s no reason to be afraid of a coke head with 4000 followers and a thread dedicated to exposing her con artistry. Either give actual milk or move on with your lives. The people still supporting her are either getting something out of it or need to have their parents credit cards revoked.

No. 698394

^^^thats great hahahaha i love the detail (tongs, socks etc)

No. 698401

File: 1538050954284.jpg (284.05 KB, 1125x1572, IMG_4960 2.jpg)

lmao she's active on another account now (@lola_tyrrell_) damn she really is pathetic as shit as this point lol she's so out of touch with reality that she cant even have a mental breakdown without shoving a camera in her face to display it

No. 698438


Those charges had to do with another victim.


In United Kingdom law, (other than in Scotland where no such concept exists) a criminal charge is allowed to lie on file when the presiding judge agrees that there is enough evidence for a case to be made, but that it is not in the public interest for prosecution to proceed, usually because the defendant has admitted other, often more serious, charges.

No. 698441

File: 1538054971055.jpeg (197.43 KB, 750x1133, 33A189BA-C80A-40ED-9FDD-AF62DE…)

oh poor lola </3 much sad :(

No. 698442


>they had exchanged 1,000 messages in just three days

In her post she neglected to mention that she willingly communicated with him.

Why would she post an article debunking her lies?

Girl is unhinged!

No. 698447

desperately wants to remain unfound so disguised her name with two underscores

No. 698452


And it's not a new account, either.

No. 698481

>and have put so much of their time into her it’s almost like an addiction to check up on her and it’s hard to leave.
The sunk cost fallacy does keep people in shitty situations well after they should have left. Though I'm having trouble believing that she's some sort of master manipulator; quite frankly, she seems too stupid. She doesn't even put any effort into her lies. Maybe she's a manipulator in the same transparent way that a child is, but in that case the people getting swept up in it really need to work on themselves.
Lola, please get help. There's only so long that you can keep this up before your lies and grifting collapse on you. This behavior is unsustainable, and if you keep it up it won't be long before you're institutionalized against your will, imprisoned, homeless, or dead. Look around you; do you see anybody else acting the same way that you do (including countless people who've been abused or neglected)? You need to go to the A&E and ask for psychiatric help.

No. 698502

Wasn’t talking to you anon. I quoted the wk idiot that was arguing w you actually

No. 698509

>Bond villain
Kek ikr? Can you imagine being manipulated by an insane cokehead ig thot? All her calves must be a special breed of retards, Brer included

No. 698525

File: 1538063665557.png (600.26 KB, 1002x1266, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 16.4…)

i found caps from my convo with brer about a month ago, turns out she lied about her dad dying

No. 698527

File: 1538063727754.png (307.3 KB, 954x480, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 16.5…)

bit mental

No. 698528

File: 1538063745045.png (498.78 KB, 988x1096, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 16.4…)

No. 698557

To all the people saying we’re dumb for having been fooled, i was one of them, i was in a situation ‘similar’ to her or so i thought, and she offered to be there for me, except all she did was exploit my kindness and vulnerability. She knows people’s weaknesses and uses it against them, i’m sorry if that makes me dumb, it probably does, but you can’t understand a situation like that until you’ve been in one with a person like her

No. 698599

What a child, spilling dirt about a teenager on social media with a court case pending. Everyone involved in this is a mess.
You're not necessarily dumb, but you should think about what about yourself lead you to be strung along and learn how to detect predatory/manipulative behavior. But don't be too hard on yourself. Everybody has flaws, and it sounds like you are a kind person who was just trying to help. A lot of the time, when somebody is kind, it takes a situation like this to learn how to avoid situations like these.

No. 698613

Awe anon you're not dumb for falling for it tbh. Im guessing that around that time this threads wasnt making the rounds… How would you have known? I think a lot of girls go through this situation once in their life. You give someone you trust money because you see they're in a bad way and then they fuck you over so you grow to be more skeptical. You kinda got lucky because the person who fucked you over got an entire thread exposing her shit
>I just wanna be clear tho, anyone who is reading these threads and is still giving her money IS A DUMBASS.

No. 698649

File: 1538073259574.jpg (145.72 KB, 1369x805, take my money.JPG)

No. 698653

You can tell that she really wants to be left alone by the way she leaves the account public, and still uses her name so it will show up almost immediately in search. Very undercover.

No. 698854

Just passing through but has anyone here actually met her in real life, if so what’s she like

No. 698859

Likewise, what is Brer like?

No. 698871

I’ve met them both, used to be close to ‘em both too, I’m someone who now chooses to stay away from both for different reasons. Brer is eccentric, he struggled with socialisation but he is kind in his own sort of way, his morals are a bit off but as a person quite harmless. Lola is very endearing, but she’s quite cold and picks and chooses people around her carefully, very flirtatious, tends to make up certain things to ‘impress’ others. She’s not a bad person but she’s very protective of her insecurities, she uses things to cover that up such as lying and is quick to isolate herself when caught out, the way she’s always been. Brer does have a tendency towards younger girls, it is strange, all round strange relationship especially sleeping with other people, it was basically an open relationship. Brer has never been involved with a minor though and Lola is still the youngest he’s been with, Lola lost a lot of the people who were around from the start because we didn’t like what was happening and she retaliated, there’s fault on both sides but currently Lola has really outdone herself, she’s too far in, she won’t stop because she’ll refuse to be caught out.

No. 698877

Thanks Brer

No. 698879

Thankyou for the detailed response, it gave me a good perspective on it. All in all I think this is just one messed up situation- I somehow think it’ll all end very badly one way or another

No. 698883

Trust me, I’m not Brer, now would I care to associate with him anymore, like I said, fault on both sides, it’s personal, just posted that last one as a neutral observation on them without adding my personal feelings.

No. 698896

Ngl there’s alot of punctuation in that sentence, Haha

No. 699234

Her new account is tagged at Marseille, France. Why make such a point of people not knowing where you are and telling them? Also, is that to make us believe she's went to france with her boyfriend? We all know she's in some shitty flat in Hull probably

No. 699320

I’m a close friend of hers and she’s decided to block me on everything hahaha. Just goes to show that as soon as someone starts to shed some truth on the subject she freaks out and blocks you. Oh well, was a toxic friendship and I’m glad to no longer be associated with it.

No. 699363

File: 1538143751829.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, 90BB3FD2-FED9-4942-813B-9ED890…)

same old zoom in on eye videos just a different account. gosh lola you’re too predictable to be enigmatic

No. 699364

File: 1538143771020.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, B96082D1-4368-422A-8EC1-9FE43A…)


No. 699371

this is so funny because there isn’t a single tear in sight.

No. 699387

I doubt she’s in marseille, ive been, in some aspects it’s even more costly than London. it’s a historic place sure but it’s all high street and newly renovated chic. If she could afford to live in London there’s no way she could afford there, although who knows with the money she’s scrounged off people.

No. 699393

She begged me for money this week, saying she’d had nothing to eat and was ‘on the cusp’ of fainting but would pay me back the day after and showed me proof that money was coming into her account (a decent amount) from purchases so could pay me back. But then started saying she couldn’t pay me back the full amount and didn’t have any money lmao

No. 699394

I have a hard time believing that Lola would hack somebody's computer. I feel like Brer is bullshitting too.

No. 699396

she is the definition of a sociopath that can be developed from trauma and clearly she’s got lots of it, a pretty extreme one too.

No. 699421

Could be less like actual “hacking” and more like she found/figured out the password to either his computer or his account(s).

No. 699445

Has anyone found any of her dating profiles? I've had a poke around on Seeking but couldn't find anything

No. 699538

File: 1538159432061.jpeg (579.63 KB, 1242x1659, 53064ED2-EDF3-45E7-906F-59E9FA…)

all these posted within the last few hours, why’s she posting pictures of what her other ex did to her and then the hospital picture from when she got an abortion with no context? it’s just attention seeking? there’s no point to it

No. 699577

Any captions? She’s suddenly made the account private so I’d like receipts please

No. 699588

Who is that fat kid? Did she date old dudes already back then?

No. 699605

no captions, just like ‘aftermath’ and ‘bag of bones no1’ (and 2 and 3 and 4) lol

No. 699614

Hey angels

No. 699618

Oh here we go

No. 699619



No. 699620

Not particularly just getting ready to see how this shit goes down

No. 699624


It’s going down…

No. 699650


Awww shiiiieettttt

No. 699653

this thread is officially cancelled

No. 699661

mods can we get a confirmation if this is Lola or not

No. 699684

Well, if it's official, guess we all better pack up and go home.

That's not how you do it, you knob. And if it is Lola, she can post some damn proof herself.

No. 699686


And how do you want me to prove it? Silly fucks. Hahaha

No. 699687


You all think you’re so clever and that your words hurt. Honeys, not to burst your bubble but it’s very entertaining and it doesn’t affect me one bit. So take your boring selfs elsewhere. Complete bore offs

No. 699690


You want your proof? Check the story on my art account on insta. Fuckers

No. 699694

File: 1538169693199.png (436.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180928-222129.png)

It's her

No. 699696

>>699690 here's some advice Lola: get off of the internet and get some help for your bpd. The attention seeking and lying isn't helping you or your case.

No. 699698


Well done, 10/10 for observation you dumb fuck. Pretty stupid to actually view the story too, now I know who you a couple of you are. Cute fake accounts with legit 0 followers. Good luck next time.

No. 699700

>>699698 if the accounts are fake, then you have no idea who we are you dumb fuck

No. 699702

coming from the girl that spent 5 hours on instagram literally the other day over this very website. you’re so funny lola thank you for all the lols

No. 699703

It’s okay, I’ve got all the information I need to know. Fake or not, you can still be traced.

See you soon, mwah:*

No. 699706

File: 1538170094026.png (550.41 KB, 750x1334, C2833A8F-9878-4203-8F2A-05A889…)

No. 699707

File: 1538170109467.png (520.78 KB, 750x1334, C4EADEE8-F48B-4C3E-A537-77C4A6…)

No. 699716

Lola, please go to the A&E.

No. 699723

Your trial is only a few days away, and your behavior is putting it in jeopardy. Do you really want to throw it all away for attention on social media? Get some psychiatric help so that you can be put together for the trial.

No. 699727

>calls me a silly fuck because proof is hard
>discovers how easy proof is like 3 minutes later

"doesn't affect me one bit" says woman who threw public tantrums about it and then flounced off her social media … only to reappear a day later. Sure, Lola.

She's too far gone, anon. Unless she has someone in her life to intervene, she's stuck like this until she really goes off the wall

No. 699729

why is she so convinced this thread is breaking some kind of law lol

No. 699732

I am in no way diagnosing or attempting to diagnose her with anything whatsoever, but her behavior seems manic. It's possible that she might be able to get at least some acute medical help if she's willing to ask for it.

No. 699738

lola pal ur first priority should be getting help not coming on here, you're just gunna embarrass ur self

No. 699744

Lola, with your ‘break’ from social media/London in general, now is the best time for you to get some help without having to admit it or without anyone knowing - surely that’s what you want? Coming on this thread and attacking people who are telling you to get help isn’t going to make things any better

No. 699749

Lola stop snorting coke and go to a hospital. You will get the attention you want there. They love weird borderline art hoes who think everything has to revolve around them.

No. 699753

Hey Lola, I’ll be thinking of you when I’m fucking Brer <3

No. 699754

Does she really think instagram moderators (if they even have any) are going to give her any information about users who are hawassing hew? On a completely different website? Worst case those accounts are banned. Oh no whatever will we do? What a dumb fucking narc lol. What a terrible honey pot. She only posted two accounts and said 'this is all the information I need". Which one of your asskissers told you this would help and not just give people more reason to laugh at how pathetic this is? Go to a hospital, make actual strides to get better, be a real friend to make real friends, all your problems are solved.

No. 699756

in typical lola fashion she’s not even intelligent enough to manipulate properly. she could have had a lot of fun with this thread if she had even an ounce of chill. love some fresh Friday night milk before bed though!

No. 699765

File: 1538172687781.png (288.1 KB, 750x1334, 445C5F7C-708C-4E5B-BFA7-9D082D…)

You are all horrible, vile individuals. Telling Lola to get help, and go to a hospital etc, but yet you’re all posting on this thread causing more and more harm. Not a single one of you are innocent, you’re all indulged in this pathetic thread. Each individual on here posting, or responding to negative hate about Lola is beyond cyber bullying. You should all be physically disgusted. Don’t even try to @ me, because I’m really not interested in your responses. I think it’s disgusting, and the fact that the majority of you keep tabs on this website incase of any updates is sad and pathetic. Grow up, get on with your own lives and start focusing on that instead of other people’s. You must be lonely outside and inside. Don’t forget majorly cowardly. Get the fuck off anon, and grow a pair. Honestly, you’d think people would of grown up in today’s society, but clearly not. And for all you that is going to come back at me with “we’re not cyberbullying”, well deep condolences, but you are. This is a heavy form of bullying and no wonder why you’re keeping yourselves on anon, because for the people who would even catch glimps that you’re posting on here, will be absolutely mortified. If you’ve got a fucking problem, message me on Instagram. I have no shame of showing who I am, but you cowards definitely have a problem with that. @jasminspeckx

No. 699768

Looks like there's another person in this thread with Mad Cow Disease

No. 699771


So I’ve got “mad cow disease” because I’m defending a victim of bullying and online abuse. Is this what the world has seriously come to? No one can speak out for someone else’s disgusting behaviour. Reality check hun, there is decent people in this world who aren’t afraid to confront cowards.

No. 699772

File: 1538173005395.gif (882.44 KB, 268x214, tumblr_inline_p17oqgrPFs1v1oai…)

This started in part because she was sicking people on her ~fake friends~ you dumbshit lol. She broadcasts every ounce of her life, lies and cons to get her way, throws tantrums when she doesn't, and throws people under the bus as soon as they stop being convenient to her. Babying her isn't going to change any of that.

No. 699774

For jas's reference, things picked up after she started pulling this dumb shit in real time.

No. 699777

>Don’t even try to @ me, because I’m really not interested in your responses.
>If you’ve got a fucking problem, message me on Instagram.

Attention whores, the lot of ya.

No. 699782


Not attention seeking at all. Like I said, if you have a problem then message me. I’m not hiding behind anon. So please, god forbid, tell me how I’m attention seeking.

No. 699786

We're talking to you right now miss.

No. 699787

>>699782 Lola will dispose of you as soon as you've done her dirty work. She does it with everyone around her. Have some self respect and don't get used. Have you even read this thread? She's had minions before you and she'll have minions after she's discarded you.

No. 699793


I’ve known Lola for 15 years, I know her family, I know HER. Just because some of her “friends” have had something bad to say about her, doesn’t mean it goes the same for everyone. I’m not a backstabber like her previous friends. Not everyone gets on the same as others. You’re not helping Lola out at all, you’re making her condition worse. Yes she isn’t perfect, but no body is. Yes she has a mental illness, but that does not give you the excuse in the slightest to make her weaker when she is trying to become stronger. Be the better people and stay out of it. You wouldn’t like it one bit if it was happening to you or someone close to you. Have some respect and remorse and think for once. I haven’t come onto this site to slander anyone, to call anyone personal out. It’s all about morals and doing the right thing. I’ll leave the rest to karma.

No. 699795

"Yes she's got mental illness but that doesn't give YOU an excuse". Full offense but that is supposed to be the other way around. She does not have an excuse. Her being handed excuses on a silver platter is why she's doing what she is. We're just another excuse for her. Knowing when people are rancid and fucked is more important than sticking with a terrible person for fifteen years and making no attempts to get her to change her behavior rather than coddling her at every turn. She wants her life in the public, she wants to be famous. This is what it's like. She's her own fucking paparazzi.

No. 699796

Lola should really read up on this law herself.

P.S. English law only applies to England.

No. 699798

Most of the girls on this site are sick, but they are still objectively bad people with no will to change the way their lives are. We acknowledge when they do, when they change for the better. She posted graphic self injury on her instagram for 4,000 likely equally traumatized people to see, and what about them? She tells those 4,000 people to give her money for drugs and scams them. She tells those 4,000 people to harass some other girl who's likely dealing with a pedophile unwillingly, and everyone else who has the most moderate association with Brer even though she's the one who brought them around. She has an abusive personality, towards herself in the people around her. Are we only supposed to care that she's abusive to herself like you do? Pathetic.

No. 699799

Jas, i was just like you. Do not be blind to this like i was for so long. PAY ATTENTION, pay attention to his thread and to her behaviour, she’s taking money off her friends, she’s lying, faking and deceiving, why can’t you see that? pay attention.

No. 699800

jas you are ignorant as fuck

No. 699801

jas i was a good friend of hers too, helped her when she needed. i never stepped one foot out of line and even gave her money, she threw me under the bus completely, took my money and lied to me, i would never say anything too bad about her but that doesn’t mean most of the stuff in here isn’t true, because it is, ive known her a long time too, and if you’re that close why is she telling everyone that every single person fucked her over? why’s she never mentioned you to me or her other old friends?

No. 699802


I don’t know in the slightest what went on with yours and Lola’s friendship. That is none of my business but what ever went on between you both, should really stay between you both. You might want to broadcast this online, but yet everyone in this thread talking about her broadcasting things on HER personal Instagram is such a bad thing apparently. She is entitled to post on her own PERSONAL Instagram, people can choose to view what she posts or not. She isn’t forcing anyone to follow her, message her, or view and like her posts and stories. It is down to them to self inflict that. Just like it is the same for anyone posting on this thread. How is this any different? She isn’t suffering in silence, she is seeking help. It doesn’t matter which way someone does this, as long as people are aware. But it seems that people on this site are wanting to make it worse. Have you not heard about the consequences of those who have part in ones suicide or self harm? You’re most to blame, as the finger gets pointed at you all. Just remember your words hurt, just remember your words are online forever.

No. 699803

so are hers bitch

No. 699804

lola has to realise the “young/little/baby girl” narrative she’s trying to cling onto for dear life is way out of reach now. she is a fully grown and responsible adult. no one here is negating that she has suffered abuse, has experienced trauma and struggles to maintain her mental health but that does not absolve her from her rash and careless actions that other people are paying a price (literally!!!) for.

No. 699805

Jas, look at the start of this thread. People weren't really up for discussing Lola until she started pulling lots of manipulative, underhand shit. We're not here to rag on the mentally ill or nitpick.

No. 699806

File: 1538174913742.jpeg (132.12 KB, 640x422, 3337EA73-12F4-4C50-B4C3-FB0C26…)

She doesn’t give a fuck about you, fam.

No. 699807

but didn’t lola just say that she’s finding this entertaining and she’s not affected by all the words? So why can’t we continue if she’s enjoying herself

No. 699808


Mine and Lola’s friendship is very private, it has been since we were little. The only time we’re public is if one of us is in danger. Which is why I am speaking up. I’m up North, Lola lives in London. That’s probably why no one in London knows who I am. Like I said, I’m not on here to start any drama with any individuals. It is my human right and morals to stick up for someone I believe is in danger of bullying. Just because you have had a bad friendship with someone, does not mean you have to come onto a known thread for cyberbullying to broadcast out personal information on someone.

No. 699810

she is entitled to post what she wants because it's her account, regardless of how that could traumatise an innocent follower or by stander? preach elsewhere jas. your 'high moral' image you tried to portray didn't last long there, you do gooder.

No. 699812

It's not personal information if she makes it public. We have a rule about that for a reason. We're not posting her SSN, we're posting her ridiculously manipulative shit shes thrown out onto the internet to get money from strangers. You need to give it up, she would not go this far to protect you. And you're really not doing a good job. She will likely bitch at you later about how you made her look worse and she wishes you hadn't bothered. Just give it up.

No. 699813


I was on the phone to her when she posted that, she made it clear to me it doesn’t involve me. So please stop posting things without knowing the backstory.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699815

She is broadcasting all of this herself. You’re both thick as shit, aren’t you?

No. 699821

So she can expose her friends for just suspicions she has? Make her followers send them hate? Post everything on social media just for attention? But we can’t do that just on here? It’s not the same jas wake the fuck up, look what she’s done to people, shes taken hundreds of pounds off people promising to pay them back and spent it on absolute shit, and she’s hurt people to the point they have self harmed and become extremely troubled, she has been hurt yes but she’s hurting so many now.

No. 699825

Look hun if she hadn’t lied and done all this in the first place, we’d have nothing to post, this thread wasn’t made for so many people to post lies, look at the bigger picture

No. 699839

this thread is painfully boring now that lola and her lapdog have joined - bore off, lola if you actually cared about your sanity and wellbeing you wouldn’t have your account on public, live streams with your location given away etc. stop this fake act and admit you’re not mentally well and only do this to become “famous.” and jas, wake up and smell the coffee, get off your high horse and try to see how fucked up this situation she created is.

No. 699895

We need to know more about the tongs.

No. 699900

File: 1538182996737.jpeg (51.61 KB, 450x365, 20269B07-0CA4-4F3A-ABCD-836800…)

Lola those petitions don’t do anything hun
You better contact the cyber police!!!

No. 699905

Hm. When her 'mum' supposedly posted for info on her account when she went missing, she described her as being 'on the cusp of anorexia'. Just thought the two uses of an uncommon expression was interesting.

You do realise that people will be using their regular accounts too, right? And that you won't know who they are either because, surprise surprise, they blend in with every one of the blind followers who are only still watching to see what happens after your court case or after you stop 'going missing' for attention. Get off coke, go and seek some proper help, and stop jeopardising your own damn case if you want it to go any further than an inactive instagram account with barely 400 followers.

No. 699933

for a second i thought she was shopped in this lol

No. 699976


Seek medical intervention, you crazy bastard

No. 700112

hey lola honey, think you’ve got some reading up to do

No. 700114

File: 1538215925878.jpeg (134.33 KB, 975x457, 6AB9CCAE-D84E-49AC-AE5D-39160B…)

No. 700153

>lola 'I'm disappearing, no one will hear from me good bye.'
>1 day later starts posting on lol cow

No. 700232

Weren't you crying about this thread like two days ago? LOL.

No. 700242

I wonder how many people keep checking up on this thread(emoji)

No. 700247

Exactly. How is she trying? How is she getting help? Jas mentioned that she does, but we aren't seeing anything, just more and more ridiculousness.

No. 700260

i got no money can someone send me some for a domino's please

No. 700261

as a close friend if hers she doesn’t get any help lol even though loads of people try to give it to her

No. 700286

It’s because appearing as a ~fragile sad sick little girl~ (as a grown ass adult) and milking it for attention and money is her only “job.” If she takes responsibility for herself, she’ll have to find a real job, and she won’t get the concerned asspats and donations over the Internet anymore. God forbid.

No. 700298

Omg people who say “I have bpd” as an excuse to everything does my head in.

I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder 4 years ago now after being told in was depression after I started self harming at 12 years old and only diagnosed with bpd 4 years after that…

I had a lot of problems(and I still do now) but not once have I acted like Lola. I didn’t want to be the way I was and would do anything and everything to change it.

I started working at 15 years old because i moved out of my family home.. I wasn’t in a very good good mind set at all I have extremely bad self image, suicide thoughts, bad relationships with everyone but I knew I had to get out there and work to better myself because I couldn’t rely on other people.

I became an adult at 15 years old. Who had been through mayjor bullying (physical and verbal) , abuse, self harm, and 2 suicide attempts all before the age of 15….

THIS IS NOT A SOB STORY I would like to repeat. This is just me, a 20 year old girl now with her own house 2 jobs a loving, caring boyfriend and two doggos sharing how there’s NO excuses for anything Lola is doing absolutely none.

And for everyone out there to stop thinking that everyone with bpd is like Lola because I can honestly say I’m nothing like that girl and nor will I ever be.(blogposting)

No. 700302



No. 700305

Ignore the anon who said nobody cares. It's not true and you have a valid point in what you said.

No. 700307

Oh dear. I'd heard something was going off and did a google. This thread isn't hard to find. So I'll say my piece. I've known Lola's family for a very long time and I can tell you the truth about some of these things. She's been sex mad since the age of 12 and has attempted to have sex with and seduce many of her mom's boyfriends. Her dad fell out with her mom and stopped paying her private school fees: to get back at him Lola put nude selfies of herself aged 13 on Twitter. This led to social services getting involved with the family. At age 15 she convinced herself that she was in love with a bloke in his 40's in London. Also at 15 her mom started giving her coke, she stole some of her mom's coke and went to a party in London where she had sex with this man. He's obviously guilty of sex with an underage girl. Lola wasn't screaming abuse then! She was doing exactly what she wanted to do. She's manipulative and devious. She's a sociopath who lies, plays victim and makes accusations about whoever when it suits. About her first "abuser": as far as I remember her mom wanted to fuck over her ex-boyfriend so started making accusations. Lola got on board. Motivations were pretty obvious from the outside even at the time. She's suffered no abuse and this can't be used as an excuse for her behavior because she had did all the same stuff before then, before any screams of abuse. It's a very old pattern of behavior and false accusations learned from her mom. They are both manipulative crackpots. Mad as a box of frogs. And if she is allowed to get away with it she will keep doing it. Also it comes as no surprise that she has been finding other girls to be "abused" by B. That's not very "Safe by Lola" now is it?

If her granddad was still alive he wouldn't have allowed her to live the life she's living. Likely he'd be heartbroken.

So are B. and the other guy she mentioned as assaulting and raping her two more in a line of men that she has screwed over because it suited her? Will leave this here for you to decide.

Nothing written here that isn't true. Lola will know that herself although she may protest.

No. 700312

Can you tell us how you know Lola's family without giving your identity away? Are you from her home town?

No. 700314

what a fucking train wreck

No. 700316

i love this fucking thread

No. 700336


Hi Brer

No. 700338

the more “Hi Brer” posts I see the more I doubt that Brer is actually writing anything in here.

No. 700340


Hi brer

No. 700341

I heard she’s a vampire tbf(ban evasion)

No. 700347

Tbh she seems like a normal 17 yr old here. She’s changed so much, unless this was all nicey nice bullshit https://lolatyrrell.wordpress.com/2017/05/22/get-to-know-me/amp/

No. 700349

Can you be sex mad at 12? Something deeply wrong with that.

No. 700355

Don't blog. no1curr is correct answer.

No. 700358

File: 1538249550002.png (668.84 KB, 750x1334, A4B77089-72EA-4AB2-AD00-7F3E8D…)

surprised she didn’t try and smash

No. 700359

>Q) Do I have any nicknames?
>A) Lo, Lol, Lolita

No. 700361

Probably exposed to sex too much as result of her crackhead parents or falling in line with more traumatized friends of hers (and stealing their traits and stories for later use as borderlines do). If she was sexually abused as a kid to cause that behavior she'd milk that instead of being abused at 15. Implying any of that was true.

No. 700365

y’all keep saying ‘hi brer’ to posts the even include bad things about him, that poster literally said brer had sex with a minor which is something we previously didn’t know and all other shit, i a) don’t think brer is on here and b) don’t think he’d even consider it baring in mind everything and c) he may be a bad guy which he kinda is but he’s said several times he still cares about lola and doesn’t want revenge (see any screenshot of anyone that’s contacted him, the threads got several)

No. 700378

File: 1538251462253.jpeg (325.47 KB, 640x1100, F3956905-3A18-4618-9F45-B33046…)

This thread is the first result when I search her name in incognito mode, kek.

No. 700388

>don’t think brer is on here
He's definitely at least lurking, and he seems happy to talk to randos on social media about the ordeal. He's probably immature enough in general to get involved on here since he's immature enough to date girls well under his own age.
Well that explains the influx of newfags.

No. 700391

Most cows on here after a while, when you google their name, lolcow comes up first. Not just specific to Lola.

No. 700399

Not just that, though. She has posted a link to this thread on her Instagram, she posted a screenshot to her story yesterday, and the link in her bio is currently set to a change.org petition trying to get this site shut down, kek. So her followers are definitely aware.

No. 700502

hi Brer

No. 700511


Hi Brer

No. 700531

No. 700585

File: 1538266059737.png (1.87 MB, 1125x2436, 2989B473-D2C8-4E5F-9F54-95C3A5…)

oh my god lola shut the fuck up already

No. 700587

What brand and model are these tongs? I must know.

No. 700588

'Time to fill my life with trustworthy people'
Looks like she's cutting herself out, guys

No. 700613

If all you did was breathe no one would give a shit. You are guilty of everything you claim we are. She'll get tired of the same 5 people liking her posts about wanting to kill herself and unlock it after 2 weeks, tops.

No. 700618

>or even breathing
Yes Lola, that’s why we’re here. Couldn’t be that you’re a fame- and money-hungry narcissistic social-climbing attention whore, who willingly gets involved with older men for their resources, then cries ‘abuse!’ and attempts to ruin their lives when it doesn’t work out as you’d planned, or that you’re a wannabe art ho who copies other people’s art and then has the gall to try to sell it as your own, or that you stab all your friends in the back and then call them snakes, or that you beg for money constantly instead of getting a fucking job like anyone else your age, or that you post your suicide note(s) on fucking Instagram, or that you “disappear” when you don’t get your way… just off the top of my head. But yes. The problem is that you're breathing.

How’s that all working out for you, mate?

No. 700668

"It's become quite amusing to me" so here's 500 words about how pissed off I am. Sure Lola. I also love the "I'm back, but only for this post", like she didn't keep posting on other (public) accounts including hausoffail.

I'm imagining they must be custom made or something really fancy like that. I too am dying to know.

No. 700695

File: 1538275618891.png (33.36 KB, 287x414, 2018-09-30 03_45_55-Window.png)

This pair from Harrods is the most expensive that I could find.

No. 700786

>>700585 your icon is showing

No. 700888

No. 700895

>She's been sex mad since the age of 12
Why is this such a beloved phrase for pedophiles to use, considering that no non-pedo would ever say this so it immediately outs them?

No. 700922

File: 1538316129504.png (317.42 KB, 720x1184, wp_ss_20180930_0003 (2).png)

Blog post from 2017 where she describes a completely normal experience queueing up at security in the airport as a "nightmare".

No. 700923

File: 1538316502471.png (278.74 KB, 720x1138, wp_ss_20180930_0004 (2).png)

>single file line with complete strangers
>getting patted down by strangers

She's genuinely offended because she is not personal friends with everyone in the queue, and all the staff at the airport. Like who gets offended that the people you are in a queue with are strangers?? She's a nutjob. Also note "tight-fitted-dress" "hot, right?" Showing these ridiculous posts were for a male's benefit.

No. 700934


It always makes me smile when these ego inflated cows think people are ~obsessed~ with them.

>Not giving anyone I don't know the satisfaction of knowing what I'm doing in my life no more.

Double negative. Good to see that private education gone done you good there.

No. 700935

That post made me lol too. What a silly, mundane thing to whine about. She’s on a fucking all-expense-paid trip to Berlin, and it’s still not good enough for her.

Also, her most recent post about gaslighting – https://lolatyrrell.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/the-light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel-how-to/ – is cobbled together and sometimes copied word-for-word from other sources, including David Wolfe, kek. https://www.davidwolfe.com/10-signs-victim-gaslighting/

No. 700939

You shouldn't be diagnosed with something like BPD before the age of 18.

No. 700943

Sorry, but her mom sounds like a trainwreck. You described her as a drug user who also started giving drugs to her daughter at a very young age. Also, why did the mother have "boyfriends" when she was still with her husband at the time? Seducing guys at 12 isn't normal, but I doubt Lola was sociopathic at 12, come on. It points to something being very wrong. It reminds me of those pedophiles that claim that they had to have sex with this 8-year old, because she seduced them. Bleh.

No wonder Lola's messed up. That all sounds like a terribly unstable family to grow up in.

No. 701075

Great to see people are triggered on lolcow after reading something that doesn't match with their own opinions or experiences… Ever heard about early puberty or hypersexuality previously known as nymphomania (which is tied to bipolar)? Sometimes it also involves difficult relationships with mother, but I'm not here to educate hypocrites anyway. You hit late puberty and had sex after marriage, good for you, now go back to facebook for your own sanity, mommy.

No. 701176

No one is saying childhood hypersexuality doesn't exist, just that your way of describing it is in the typical way pedophiles minimise their crimes. Who calls a 12 year old "sex mad", going around seducing old men? I bet you also think a 12 year old can be "so mature for her age" and "not like all the other girls".

No. 701197

humbert humbert that u?

No. 701290


No. 701291

Hi Daddy.

No. 701294

>>701290 verify yourself please

No. 701320

I’m calling bullshit on this one

No. 701322

proof or it didn't happen

No. 701352

I’ll bite: Brer, have you learned anything from this debacle?

No. 701357

File: 1538352823752.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, 86758609.gif)

No. 701359

Oi Brer tell us about your tongs.

No. 701369

File: 1538353894431.png (131.32 KB, 750x1334, B8D62F99-B8CA-4EDE-A316-6BE2DC…)

> “quality content”
a sad attempt to make anyone on here feel like they’re missing out on her posts kek

No. 701371

Hey Brer… If you’re missing a sock right now. I have good and bad news.

No. 701441

show us yer tongs, love

No. 701458

tongs or gtfo

No. 701461

Can a farmhand check whether >>701290 is Lola?

No. 701526

Just letting everyone know that Lola and "Jas" are the same person.

Lola please stop shitting up the board and go back to cryposting on instagram.

No. 701596

How sad Lola. It's way more entertaining now reading back all of Jas's posts and knowing it's Lola.

No. 701617

Omg, you really wanna see my tong collection?

No. 701626

We'd certainly like a review of your best tongs. They must be brilliant to have triggered all this. Make, material, springiness, grip… go nuts.

No. 701643


No. 701673

Tfw it's become blinding evident that you've completely missed the whole Daddy aesthetic and crashed ur midlife crisis bugatti straight into DAD zone.

Btw shopping at waitrose was your first mistake hanging around mental teenage girls was your second.

No. 701677

>>701526 no fucking way ha Lola get off of the internet you're pathetic

No. 701700

So it seems like Lola really has no friends left if she has to make them up. Sad.

No. 701706

Guys, let's stop talking to obvious trolls like they're really the people they claim to be. It's shitting up the thread.

No. 701710

Confirmed for not brer. No way he'd settle for some basic bitch tongs like that.

No. 701765

File: 1538410319894.jpg (30.42 KB, 540x461, too much tea.jpg)

Lola once again showing how easy it is for her to throw her friends under the bus by portraying them as dumb fucking idiots in order to defend herself

No. 701767

So I’m the same person who wrote the accusation about the sex trafficking, it was then confirmed by someone else that the police were in fact involved for her getting young girls to sleep with other men, jas is a separate person to Lola, she left her Instagram so that’s just people looking to find Lola and brer on here, originally I thought both parties were in the wrong but now I’ve seen brer side I’m starting to think that she’s just manipulated the whole situation, it does say on the Wordpress that she wrote last year that she does hate rejection etc and also she’s clearly lied about her dad owning Superdry and ARK which you discover after a 5 minute google search

No. 701769

Can anyone confirm it wasn’t Lola’s friend who wrote them

No. 701770

No. 701773

>>701767 learn to sage

No. 701776

Hilarious, she has to make up a fake "friend" that nobody knows about to stand up for her. The fantasy life continues.

It's helpful to not completely fictionalize your entire life if you actually want people to help you when you're in trouble. Did your mom never teach you the story of the boy who cried wolf?

No. 701777

The writing style of "Jas" is blatantly the same as on Lola's blog

No. 701778

it's odd that she linked 'Jas' to her actual instagram. I wonder if Jas actually knows about all of this?

No. 701787

I hope in the future, any dude (or even potential friend) who thinks to get involved with Lola googles her first and finds this thread.

What a wild ride.

No. 701803

lola who is ur money on, conor or khabib?

No. 701820

Farmhand confirmed further up thread that “Lola” is Lola

No. 701833

>>701787 also if she ever tries to get a real job she's fucked

No. 701856

>Lola Tyrrell
>real job

Fucking kek. Good one, anon.

No. 701860

>>701856 heavy emphasis on tries

No. 702183

File: 1538448356813.jpg (39.72 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-37-54…)

"No longer using this account until further notice"

It's been just two days, she can't live without seeking for attention.

No. 702201

this was in june and p sure she went with brer.

why is she posting it now? hmmm

No. 702372

Lola’s attempting to report and block comments on this thread, triggered?

No. 702379

How do you know that she's reporting comments? Are you a farmhand?

No. 702433

Because someone reported my earlier comment “I wonder how many people are keeping up with this thread” doubt anyone else would report that(ban evasion)

No. 702504

maybe it was your repeated failure to sage?

No. 702505

Continued failure

No. 702516

File: 1538492166360.jpg (138.02 KB, 347x559, lolat.jpg)

new story. it's a boomerang of her posing

No. 702547

This idiot lasted all of TWO DAYS.

No. 702585

File: 1538498198779.jpeg (57.35 KB, 764x672, AC77E301-CBE4-46DA-AA55-D9D782…)

Okay hun

No. 702630

Wait, when did she start dating Brer? Her blog post from 22nd May 2017 says that the last band she saw play was his.

No. 702647

They met in January 2017, according to all the articles about their row over The Tongs.

No. 702702

So she’s hinted she’s not gonna go to the trial on Thursday. Anyone free to go to support The Tongs? Theyre going through a hard time.

No. 702706

File: 1538507280654.png (1.3 MB, 1125x2436, 8E52AA74-A5ED-48A6-BF52-7861CC…)

Whoever is pretending to be Brer, is likely Lola.

No. 702708

File: 1538507323443.png (472.88 KB, 1125x2436, 23028616-FF23-4943-BB00-9FE610…)

Follow up

No. 702713

Called it, kek. >>701461

No. 702715


Well, this is pretty exciting. Screencapped confirmation of the provenance of The Tongs.

I think we all secretly believed that they were Waitrose own brand, though, tbh.

No. 702718

File: 1538508112846.png (7.22 MB, 1242x2208, C7EB8C1D-DEFA-4B85-84D3-DB422D…)

so she IS still in london, when did she get ‘back’?

No. 702719

99.9% chance she never left

No. 702728

Lola told me that she knew that half of the hate was Brer and that the police knew the names of everyone who’d posted on here and that they were in contact with lolcow, but when i emailed lolcow they said it wasn’t true and that she was lying so, true to character.

No. 702742

How disappointing; I was hoping that the FBI partyvan would pull up and nab me (while I was walking to work or something) and be extradited to England. I wanted go on the defendant stand in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Tongs.

No. 702744

Farmer party in the holding cell.

No. 702767

Yeah, but what did they have to say about the tongs? Hard time doesn't bother me, but not knowing more about these fabled utensils is killing me.
Also, thank god based admin didn't hand over the registration forms we fill out before we start posting here. That was a close one.

No. 702816

if Lola is not being directly contacted by anyone here then it can't be taken down. she's choosing to read here and get upset by it. if people were harassing her and directly sending hateful messages then maybe the police would get involved but they're not gonna waste time on something she chose to read.

No. 702818

The real question is now: why would anybody get into a row over Waitrose tongs??

No. 702846

She keeps saying everything on lolcow about her is a lie, but even when she and “Jas” were posting here, she didn’t bother refuting any of it. It was just, “Bawwww you’re all so mean! Leave poor little troubled Lola alone!”

No. 702941

Metal tongs in a nonstick pan?

No. 702965

I love myself

No. 702966

love you guys so much you’re all just so obsessed w me, but it’s cute though lmao

No. 702967

Brer has fake teeth ay

No. 702969

this is so cute guys honestly, love the fact that you’re all so in love with me that you take ur time to come here and sit and write. So fkin cute :) xx(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 702988


Bitch scratched his calphalon!

No. 702994

Lola, it's time to stop posting. It's nice that you tried to change your IP, but we can still see that the posts by "Brer" were actually you.

No. 703001

this would be cringey even if a 10 year old said it. SAD

No. 703002

God I love when cows post in their own thread “TOTES NOT BOTHERED” the compulsive self-humiliation makes me nips hard

No. 703055

It’s not about you, you’re boring as shit as a person. It’s your hilarious BPD. “lmao”

No. 703065

reminds me of this.

No. 703066

ah, forgot to sage, my bad!

No. 703170

just came here to say, hahaha of course she's a fucking jeffree star fan

No. 703182


Did you intend to post this in the Alt Cows thread, anon?

No. 703242

File: 1538579287794.jpeg (275.56 KB, 640x819, 717AE8C3-1F7A-4EB6-A28A-CB0FF5…)

Why isn’t she going to court on Thursday?

Is it because she knows she won’t win? That there won’t be any coke money in it for her?

No. 703277

This is the most aggressive "I'M NOT BOTHERED AT ALL HAHA" I've seen in a while. Love it.

I reckon she will. She's been stalking Brer for a while and pretending it is the other way round. This is just part of the please give attention deal.

No. 703292

nah she posted him on her story, it's just funny to me that she's a fan of such an obnoxious weird looking cunt, they have some similarities

No. 703392

I really hope she goes. After all this drama about being abused by Brer, it would be truly pathetic if she didn't even bother to go to court, plus it would make her look even worse (if that's possible). Do at least one positive thing, Lola. Stand by your words and go to court.

No. 703405

This thread is a trainwreck which I advise everyone reads, but my favorite part was when she posted a live story about going to "find Brer" and "punch him" all while probably wandering around in her own garden, and while he has a restraining order against her. Why would you seek out someone you are afraid of? Why set up a court date to discuss your abuse and not turn up? It weakens your defence dramatically if you don't attend, but I guess none of this makes any sense so why not keep the illogical behavior going.

No. 703480

I pray that a farmer or one of the people drawn here by this thread goes and then updates. Or that there's at least a tabloid that'll report on the happenings. It's going to be a mess.

No. 703587

It’ll be at Hendon Magistrates’ Court. Anyone know what time it’ll be?

No. 703643


if you attend in the morning (usually 9am) you will get a program type of thingand it will say what cases are in which rooms and at what times.

No. 703715


>program type of thing

The docket. Are dockets publicly available online in the UK? I could not find it.

No. 703875

File: 1538632439463.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181004-065357.png)

No. 703877

File: 1538632461188.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181004-065401.png)

No. 703878

File: 1538632479312.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181004-065409.png)

No. 703881

my god she's dumb

No. 703904

so in other words, check back in a day or two and she'll have made 5 posts about it. OK.

No. 703929

it’s likely it hasn’t actually been moved, after being planned for so long i highly doubt it. it makes it look worse for her that she doesn’t want people there anymore after originally begging for people to go, why don’t you want people there lola?. i bet it’s still today

No. 703972

For once Lola was telling the truth. There's a first time for everything, of course. The hearing has been moved to 11.12.18.
0300 303 0645 is the number for Magistrates Court enquiries for the London area: they will confirm location and suchlike by phone two days beforehand.

No. 703974

I hope she knows that this shit is actually easy to find out. Why are you so obessed with us, girl?

No. 703984

I'm pretty sure in a court case they can pull up a person's social media as evidence. If that's true, she's fucked

No. 704019

Yes it can be used, whether it be on an open profile or closed, regardless of platform. If it's relevant it can be used, the only restriction applicable is if it can be shown that it was obtained unlawfully and even then it would be incredibly difficult to prove.

No. 704022


>>tfw lolcow is used as evidence against her in a court of law

No. 704031

I genuinely wonder if Brer would use what people have uncovered against her. He presents as still caring about her to an extent and I think bringing up these things would definitely hurt her. That being said if he has good lawyers they could spin all of this shit into a fantastic argument.
As much as I’d like to see how the court case pans out, I think it would be 4chan levels of weaponised autism for any farmer to actually go to court and watch this shit for milk.

No. 704059

So she's gone to Notting Hill, which is where Brer lives. Must be soo traumatised

No. 704065

File: 1538662965694.jpg (53.42 KB, 1080x643, Screenshot_20181004-152154_Fac…)

No. 704066

But she’s soooo poor, guys.

Wonder what she’s doing there? And will she be back in time for court?

No. 704072

File: 1538663993780.png (342.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6103.PNG)

He's such a 'dangerous abuser' but she'll get close enough to his house to connect to his wifi?

No. 704076

File: 1538664530390.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 4044A063-BC04-437B-A480-8BA848…)

once again she is actually stalking Brer.

No. 704077

File: 1538664568153.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 82CFA691-F5D3-4AB1-8E76-1FCEAB…)


portobello road

No. 704080


her new penchant for saying y’all when she is from Hull is funny af

No. 704090

That’s not Portobello, but it is Brer’s street, in front of his flat. It’s out of the way and there aren’t any businesses on it, so she has no reason to be there.

He should get a restraining order against her.

No. 704134

Lola, none of this will help you or fix you. You need therapy. You may ask for attention but it will never satisfy you for more than a second if at all because you hate yourself. Your friends don't betray you, they're just as confused as you. Friendships during this age don't last unless they're mature and stable. Can you honestly say that you're mature and stable? That you're a reliable friend? It's not that personal. Internet friendships have even less substance. And internet appearances are black holes that suck you dry. You're empty and starved of love. Mostly, your own love and responsibility. You're not in touch with your trauma. You're still surpressing it and projecting it elsewhere. It's the thorn in your flesh you can't get out that's driving you crazy. There is no closure. Not with this man. Not in acting it out. Not with being an edgy online figure. Whatever your dreams are about this, they're a lie. A lie you use to (badly) numb yourself. You are your own worst enemy. Whoever harmed you has nothing on the abuse you inflict on yourself. If you want to get away, if you want a break from this, take off the mask, see a therapist, be your honest, vulnerable self and do something good for yourself for once. I've been there. Good luck

No. 704173

She's one to watch

No. 704191

If he's compiling evidence that her dumb ass is posting online he would have decent grounds for a restraining order, but on the other hand this whole situation is so fucked up that he might enjoy the attention.
The sleazy Viscount and his mentally challenged stalker.

No. 704266

Nice post, anon.

No. 704313

That's December 11th, right? Not some American nonsense?

No. 704356

This and attempting to dox him via Snapchat is truly pathetic and the worst thing she could do. Connecting to the wifi he pays for after they fell out and he no longer consents to it is theft of service btw, not that it matters in this situation. But this is ruining her whole "Brer is harassing me online" bullshit too because she's the one posting as Brer AND even uses his internet so I wouldn't be surprised if she was trying to frame him even more.

No. 704359

Well that's a disappointment, but in the meantime I guess she's got more rope to hang herself with. Which she's already doing >>70402 >>704077. Sucks if Brer really is abusive (which isn't particularly likely), because she's making his case with all of the shit she's doing. I wonder if this will even end up going to trial.

No. 704360

*which isn't particularly unlikely

No. 704362

Both people in a relationship can be abusive assholes. I have no doubt that a 50+ yo dating a mentally unstable 19yo is a fucking creep and he did throw her out, that's documented. I'm sure there was an unhealthy dynamic going on. But she's still a fucking nutcase and he got what he deserves by having to deal with her.

No. 704369

Bet Brer is going and she's following him.

No. 704607

11 December 2018

No. 704678

funny that, she was apparently on the ‘cusp’ of fainting like a month ago due to the lack of food, and now she’s got a flight to LA???? seems all abit fishy ??? Selling other people’s artwork to fund her holiday,’nice one

No. 704705

it’s aw a wee bit sus

No. 704737

thanks Lola.

No. 704822

She was posting stories of her dad or something the other day so I can only assume he's paying for it. She says 'last day in london' as though she's up and moving the LA. It's called a holiday love. Calm down.

No. 705076

File: 1538780470072.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, C3B13027-2E6D-45DB-911B-C9404D…)

she just put up an answer to a question on her story saying her visa lasts 90 days so she’s gonna stay there until the trial, come back to the UK for that then she’s moving to LA permanently.

somehow don’t see that happening (also, how is she moving there for a relationship???)

But when she posted the screenshots of her flights the other day I’m sure she was departing on the 8th October and had a return flight booked on 15th October sooo…..

Let’s wait and see what happens, maybe she’ll end up living in the Hollywood hills!!

No. 705096

Wonder who’s her new sugar daddy then?

No. 705159


Probably a week's holiday but she plans on posting photos for a month and pretending she's there. She claimed to be in Paris only a few days ago, and claimed to leave London and then not move.

Very optimistic to think a 90 day visa can be extended so easily. "live permanently". She can't just go on holiday it has to be part of a bullshit narrative. She should write fiction instead of living it.

No. 705339

The other day she was asking her followers about passport numbers so I highly doubt she would be able to navigate the visa application process, or keep it to herself until now (attention seekers cant do that). Hope she is in the process of returning all money she has stolen from people now she is financially stable to afford such a life.

No. 705388

She would need an ESTA, not visa, but one of the requirements is that she “can show that [she has] enough funds available on arrival to support [herself] during [her] stay, even if [she’s] staying with family and friends.” Apparently she can’t even do that that in her home country, hence her constant whining and begging.

Unless she already has a job, but that visa is usually good for 12–36 months, not just 90 days. But then she’d need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, which this idiot definitely does not have, or her employer would need to prove that her contribution is invaluable and can’t be fulfilled by an American citizen. She can’t contribute anything, anywhere, ever.

All of this to say… she’s lying.

No. 705411

This is some advanced bullshit. You can't just randomly decide to move to a country.
>Unless she already has a job
Even if she had an offer, the H1B process is incredibly difficult and run on a lottery system. There's no way she's moving to America unless somebody who's very wealthy is somehow pulling some strings.

No. 705414

Everyone visiting the States needs an ESTA, it's as simple as filling out an online document saying you're not a terrorist and paying the like, $20 fee.

No. 705430

She apparently barely had a fiver for food like two weeks ago, could she even afford the fee?

No. 705448

Next season on 90 Day Fiance…

No. 705457

She's been able to spend a tenner on a pack of 20 cigs, so…

No. 705486

Does anyone know why she was rabbiting on about passport numbers?? Explain pls

No. 705493

Hers was probably expired, got the flights with her old passport and is renewing it via the one week system.

That’s the only reason I could think of her asking that.

No. 705587

lol anyone notice how Lola is just like TRACEY BEAKER in the way that she has lie about everything just like her so-called American boyfriend, it’s all abit like Tracey n her popstar mom

No. 705606

can someone translate this from autist to english
also at this point i desperately want Lola to not have a single person supporting her. She does not deserve it. She ebegged and constantly pretends she's poor, but suddenly books a flight to la and intends to move there? Bitch?
Not even two weeks ago.

No. 705644

Nta but Tracey Beaker is a poor child character in a book by Jaculine Wilson (sp). Maybe a britfag thing.

No. 705736

Don't you dare do my girl Tracy like that. Lola is a total Justine Littlewood.

No. 705742


OT as fuck but Jacqueline Wilson books were my JAM growing up. Gotta reread them now. Thanks for the reminder, anon.

No. 705937

Duke from TB is my dream dad

No. 705971

File: 1538927702463.png (1.12 MB, 640x1136, EDDCEE32-74E7-4F64-8BBE-BC8845…)

Anyway… Lola says we’ll meet her boyfriend when she gets to LA.

Can’t wait.

No. 705977


Mike from TB could be my sugar daddy anyday

No. 706249

File: 1538952586615.jpg (74.28 KB, 1080x1920, 41984925_2005136622913881_3522…)

No. 706250

File: 1538952602157.jpg (190.7 KB, 1080x1920, 41819643_192439941653779_85207…)

No. 706653

File: 1539010263467.png (933.35 KB, 640x1136, 85B658CE-7742-4FEE-97BA-F60AA3…)

She’s officially out of the country.

Bet Brer is relieved, for now.

No. 706704

File: 1539015185621.jpg (30.06 KB, 280x497, 43510976_1920568714723110_8702…)

Lol. Her new man… is this the same fictional boyfriend or a new one? If she really does post pictures with a guy I won't be surprised but it will be some random she has met on Tinder Plus and has agreed to host her during her stay, or some dumb sugar daddy ready to ruin his life for mediocre art ho sex

No. 706891

Considering her hair cutting meltdown she'll probably be thinking she'll just trip and fall into the hands of some handsome millionaire who wants to nourish her back into not being a bitch but my bets on her meeting up with a bunch of junkies doing bumps of k and completely forgetting she was supposed to be taking photos of men with their faces cropped out as proof of her new hunny

No. 707258

I really hope Lola feels guilty after using people’s money to fund her trip to la

No. 707295

She posted pics with some old dude. Are we meant to be surprised that she's letting herself be used by older men as long as they pay everything for her? Poor guy probably paid for her trip and now has to have THAT living in his apartment. He looks so uncomfortable with her desperate plea for affection in her story

No. 707301

After the hundreds she’s taken off me and another friend, I thinks about time she paid people back.

No. 707317

If you gave it, that's your problem.

No. 707337

this is an image board - post pics or it didnt happen

No. 707338

for insta stories use app 'story reposter'

No. 707345

File: 1539081213153.jpg (155.72 KB, 1080x2220, lola.jpg)

No. 707353

I like when people show off their 3/10 catch man. At least he's under the age of 40 (probably)

No. 707378


I wouldn't bet on his age. What's the state of his forehead and hairline?

No. 707402


That's not her boyfriend. I'm pretty sure it's the old dude she knows from London, who is gay. She's tagged him a couple of times in photos, gotta check if they are deleted tho

No. 707403

File: 1539091366841.png (1.57 MB, 1078x1230, QuickScreencapture_20181009-14…)

I think this is the man on her stories. I could be wrong. It looks like she didn't fuck off to LA by herself after all the dramatic stories after all, she brought him with her from London.

No. 707404

is it possible she's getting a gay guy to pretend he's her boyfriend lmao

No. 707418

Different guy. God she's so unashamedly a gold digger. It's embarrassing. She is incapable of having meaningful relationships as the most important thing is that the man provides some benefit to her financially. I hope he sees this thread lol. He will run a mile.

No. 707690

I don’t understand how she can upload insta stories of her in la but she’s basically stolen all this money from innocent people! how does she not feel the tiniest bit guilty?

No. 708555

>for exclusive pics
>Spams her public account every hour

Nice logic, lola. She already overshares and posts multiple times every hour, why would anyone want to go to the trouble of adding her in another account?

No. 708698

young & impressionable, check
mentally unstable, check
daddy issues, check
Hollywood is going to eat her up, only a matter of months until she’s doing hardcore pornography

No. 708800

She won't be able to stay permanently and work unless her new father surrogate is a resident of the US and pulling some strings. If their relationship even lasts beyond a few weeks.

No. 709854

File: 1539243097366.png (656.08 KB, 796x823, Screenshot_2018-10-11-00-27-46…)


No. 709867

Knowing Lola that man is most definitely a sugardaddy. She uses the website ‘SeekingArrangement’ to fund her lifestyle. She hasn’t had a job since she moved to London and scams old men for their money. She scammed a guy in Thailand for more than £4000 and had no remorse. Even asked him for more money…

No. 709872

I thought she cut loads of her hair off?

No. 709886

girl needs to chill on the facetune, this literally looks like a different person.

No. 709888

The type of guy to prey upon obviously disturbed teen girls, ladies and gents.

No. 709891

Are you just going to make that statement with no proof? Also who cares if she uses seeking arrangements and “scams” these fuck faces? Seems a lot better to do that than scam everyday working class people and trying to extort her ex boyfriend by stalking him and creating an illegal smear campaign.

No. 709899

File: 1539251879995.png (1.47 MB, 800x1071, Screenshot_2018-10-11-02-53-04…)

Is she actually staying at the Beverly Hills Hotel, or did she just take (or steal) pics of the entrance and sign? Rooms are upwards of $700 a night.

No. 709904

I was looking at this photo last night when it came up on my feed and thought this same thing, tf?

No. 709910

File: 1539253416212.png (141.86 KB, 640x1136, EA9D9AAA-0405-418D-82AA-80FB99…)

This is the only “proof” I could find. Her talking about meeting up with a guy that she previously has taken more than £4000 off

No. 709923

That guy looks so uncomfortable it's unreal.

No. 709924


To be fair, my pretty little chickens, I believe that the word you're looking for (you know, to describe that thing where a man pays for sex, and presumably gets it) is not "scammed"…

No. 710001

“no drama” lmao. top kek because he has no idea what he is in for

No. 710017

Not comfortable uploading the screencaps of his profile (and don't know the rules on that), but he has a sugar daddy profile on a website and states he''s looking for a travelling partner and wants "no drama" LOL

No. 710049

Oh boy, I wouldn’t pull the guy into it since he seems like he doesn’t know much about her but 100% that’s the case.

No. 710060

File: 1539268025082.png (956.34 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20181011-152523.png)

No. 710061

File: 1539268040194.png (108.78 KB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_20181011-152536.png)

No. 710062

File: 1539268050726.png (191.31 KB, 1080x1703, Screenshot_20181011-152544.png)

No. 710070

All of these photos are from when she was still with Brer, so I wonder if she was doing this while they were together?

No. 710115

"Some college" looool well that's a lie

No. 710118

"Not looking for a relationship right now"

"Why are you moving to LA?"
Lola: "Relationship <3"

No. 710126

As a guy she is attractive. I bite.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 710129

kek I wonder if this guy even knows he’s her boyfriend.

No. 710144

File: 1539273584852.jpg (136.34 KB, 1456x1456, mN4ZhQ1r.jpg)

possible nitpick but she shops herself into a different person

No. 710195

is this not penelope taynt?

No. 710218

Nah I think it's true. Pretty sure she did the first year of a film A level.

No. 710220

I’m not dumb, I know that’s not scamming someone. The thing is she never met him but promised him to come visit him in Thailand. He bought her ticket and everything but she wouldn’t come unless he “gave her money I advance” and then she blocked him everywhere after he gave her money.

No. 710227



No. 710234

File: 1539279871624.jpeg (11.64 KB, 480x360, 1EB7DD48-0784-4644-AB17-65A5AA…)

Spot on, kek.

No. 710258


So if she has "previously taken more than £4000 off" this guy, and he is still offering her money to "to smoke weed with him and suck his dick", it doesn't really support your unreferenced claim that she has scammed him.

No. 710285

File: 1539282602837.jpeg (237.69 KB, 640x1054, 8EB908A0-D16F-4401-8089-D5F23C…)

“Lila” is trying to be a findom now, too.

No. 710286

She'll try anything but getting a job and contributing something meaningful to society

No. 710354

File: 1539287958119.jpeg (168.45 KB, 722x1280, A2B663F6-C1F8-4338-845E-34F44B…)

I have no evidence of the first £400 other than the guy texting me he gave her that amount and Lola confirmed it to me too in person.
This is her receiving £500 from this man after having his number blocked for months after taking the first £4000. He’s very gullible but I think it shows more about her remorseless character than it shows about him:)

No. 710355

File: 1539288005366.png (376.24 KB, 640x1136, 3E72FC14-CA50-46A0-A0AC-FA9BA5…)

Lola admitting to scamming

No. 710368

Was she talking about Brer here? What’s the date on this?

No. 710426

‘Know how to scam for food’
Apparently has anorexia

No. 710472

Excuse u, she’s on the cusp of anorexia.

No. 710555

She's not even unattractive (especially not for a Brit), she just looks like a large-chinned animu character from the 80's or 90's. Why alter your photos to that degree?

No. 710573

File: 1539303794074.gif (559.27 KB, 500x375, amarao.gif)

Those fucking brows though.

No. 710947

The date is 1st of August, before it all started I believe. I knew her when they were together and when they broke up and the whole crazy began

No. 710948


No. 711151

File: 1539364758082.png (287.36 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (3771).png)

this is irrelevant but lola is so ugly she wears so much makeup and she has a man face, she looks like waluigi. brer deserved better. i tried to talk to him but he unfriended me on facebook and blocked me on instagram(namefag)

No. 711156

oops this is my firsttime on here lol well at least everyone knowsn my name and email

No. 711164

literally don't care at all about this girl or defending her, but what the fuck "brer deserved better". how? how does a creepy ass, cobweb covered cocked 54 yo old trawling for barely underaged girls on the internet deserve better?

you sound thirsty as hell. talk to boys your own age.

No. 711207

I don't know if anyone has seen her recent stories, but she's chilling in a pretty fancy swimming pool in joggers lmaooo

No. 711276


Oh my word, you're too dumb to actually be real.


No. 711782

She was swanning around in the pool on her life stream and someone wrote in it that shes there with her sugar daddy and she ended the live stream immediately loll

No. 711811

I can't believe she swans around! And after the tongs! Unbelievable.

No. 711834

You sound like a cow yourself. And stop namefagging and read the site rules.

No. 712120

she's on livestream now teasing a big secret but no one really gives a shit. "joint secret" trying to hint she's pregnant. This is some dumb shit.

No. 712143

imagine she actually was tho, poor kid, imagine having that psycho as a mother

No. 712151

Possible elaborate scheme to stay in America? Just a thought

No. 712167

File: 1539471996508.jpg (374.63 KB, 1200x807, somebody fucking help again.jp…)

cut to three weeks from now

No. 712252


bet she's engaged

No. 712411


Sage your non-milk anon

No. 712454

She got the contraceptive implant after her abortion when she got pregnant with Brer’s baby. So I mean the chances of her getting pregnant are very slim;)

No. 712456

You should message him the link to this site lol(cowtipping)

No. 712495

No. 712722

File: 1539548397042.png (4.59 MB, 1125x2436, 47998739-D3EE-4BC7-8AB8-6EF8A8…)

she goin back home?

No. 712932

I told you guys last week she had a return flight on the 15th! That was some bad screenshot scribbling. Wonder what she’s gonna be onto next now that her 1 week holiday, sorry - “moving to LA” is over?

Does make me sad tho that she keeps facetuning her face so much, like it’s so distorted from what she actually looks like, gotta be a lot of dysmorphia going on there the poor girl

No. 713110

Is everyone just forgetting the ‘boyfriend’ she had a few weeks ago in London? What happened to him while she’s run away to LA with some random older man lol

No. 713172

lmao who else has seen Lola’s ‘an LA love story’ clip on YouTube. I’m cringing

No. 713177

link it

No. 713184

No. 713219

Why just why.

No. 713225

I wonder where she will go, does anyone know where she is living now? I can’t keep up

No. 713258

didn’t exist
just like her boyfriend in LA doesn’t exist

she’s literally just trying to make brer jealous

No. 713286

Can't believe she gave up the tongs for this.

It's better than when she was stalking him and then claiming it was the other way round, at least/

No. 713336

She’s saying she wants to die on insta stories. It’s called jet leg bbz.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713337

File: 1539620682168.jpeg (474.89 KB, 750x1005, 04C84756-5341-4F92-8AF2-08D045…)

No. 713343

To be fair she does seem really really unhappy and confused. In all of her Insta posts she's going on about how happy and loved up she is, and her expression just looks like sheer misery.

No. 713354

Thats usually what happens with young girls who get snatched up by pedos 20+ years older and nobody steps in.
The whole thread has just been newfags screaming that shes a dirty gold digging whore while acting like none of the things shes doing has a direct correlation with the men who have been allowd around her pre brer lawsuit.

No. 713402

I think we'd mentioned that several times before the whole newfag avalanche happened (I was one of those people that did) - her messed up "relationships" obviously didn't appear out of nowhere. Her mother sounds like an especially shitty person and it's sad that Lola didn't have a better role model in her life.

No. 713415

Hi Lola(hi cow)

No. 713420


Sorry to disappoint, I'm not Lola. I don't think she's yet at the stage of admitting that the happiness is fake, fwiw.

No. 713641

lol at her youtube video, a love story of what? her and dusty mountains

No. 713745

I can't believe she claims to have studied film. That video is just a bunch of shaky uncomposed iPhone footage. It looks like those shitty fan edits people make, apart from she's just made a fan edit of herself

No. 714069

Brer ain’t a pedo, she was legal. Jailbait or a cradle snatcher maybe, but definitely not a pedo.

No. 714078


Not a pedo, but definitely a predator (I think she met him when she was 17) so he's one to stay away from

No. 714325

this is going quite dead, i give it 3 days until she pulls a dramatic stunt purely to get everyone talking about her again

No. 714336

Agree with you anon

No. 714442


She certainly comes off as if she were 9 rather than 19.

No. 714524

I wish she’d stop facetuning fuck out of her face, it makes me so uncomfortable. Your face is not that shape, your jaw is wider than that (AND THAT IS SO FINE) but it just looks unnatural, like nobodies head is shaped like a triangle, it’s gonna get to the point she doesn’t even recognise herself, more than likely the ed playing up but still, it’s so sad

No. 714745

"I'm desperate for attention. Please look at me!"

- fixed

No. 714830

Has anyone on here actually seen Lola in person? Does she also look like a completely different person to what she makes herself to be on Instagram?

No. 714833

File: 1539761036736.png (1.22 MB, 800x1076, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-20-52…)

Totally keeping here whereabouts on the dl.

No. 714836

File: 1539761288965.png (1.13 MB, 800x1052, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-21-34…)

Following a couple of selfies and a night out to see a band.

Waiting for her Pintrest bf's hands to reappear.

No. 714843

Where is the milk?

No. 714847

File: 1539762654522.png (443.32 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-31-54…)


So many cuts to get through a rambling, repetitive, vague self introduction.

She alternates between gesticulating with claw hands and affecting little girlish mannerisms. How many times did she film this to perfect her poses?

No. 714851

File: 1539762889148.png (454.77 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-31-35…)

Her hand movements are awkward.

No. 714852

File: 1539763085085.png (436.13 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-34-20…)

"I am really into art and film making."

And playing the coy manic noir dream girl on social media.

No. 714854

File: 1539763211934.png (473.56 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-35-49…)

She twirls her hair.

No. 714857

File: 1539763568935.png (408.41 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-36-59…)

Is she high? Serious question.

No. 714859

File: 1539763657405.png (407.2 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-10-17-00-36-06…)

Of course she did.

The surrounding footage is…I've already forgotten.

No. 714872

you can tell how fucking staged this is because every time she wants to exemplify a word or phrase, she quickly moves the phone closer to her face

No. 714887

Ot but what app is she using for this vhs effect? It’s nice

No. 714926

search “VHS” on the app store, it’s one of the like £2 IAP apps

No. 714935

Were so many screenshots really needed for a bunch of nitpicking?

No. 715020

idek what to say lol i dont get why names arent allowed if the name fill in is right there. also im not a cow im juts saying that brer still deserves better than lola bc shes ugly asf and annoying and soosooso money hungry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715029

At this point, you're more annoying than Lola. And you also sound like a preteen. Read the rules and usage info before further posting here, please.

No. 715098

You don't think "she twirls her hair" is an instant classic?

No. 715110

Ahh would someone be able to tell me or point me in the direction of what “user has been put out to pasture” means, apologies that it’s not directly involved with the thread(lurk more)

No. 715152

theyve been blocked from posting on the thread

No. 715207

Thankyou very much anon :)

No. 715227

File: 1539805676609.png (4.77 MB, 1125x2436, 4063C914-44B4-48AF-B350-72A561…)

that didn’t take long, gg to the anon above who said it would happen

No. 715320


If her mannerisms were befitting a 19 year old, they wouldn't be worth mentioning. Are they an affectation or does she genuinely move and talk like a child?

No. 715335

I legit can’t tell if she’s mentally disabled, or it’s just part of her stupid Lolita schtick.

No. 715343

Is that her hair or a wig?

No. 715376

Met in real life and honestly she seems like a nice person?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715397

File: 1539815449334.jpg (139.73 KB, 780x960, 22282098_1694159823961778_3693…)

that's nice, dear.

No. 715408

Everyone in this thread who has met her in person has been chewed up and spat out the moment they stop being useful to her.

No. 715411

Anyone seen her story? She just posted two suicide notes

No. 715414

>>715411 this is an image board. Post caps.

No. 715445

File: 1539817696285.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1186, Screenshot_20181017-234707.png)

No. 715446

File: 1539817712324.png (954.21 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20181017-234718.png)

No. 715466

£20 she posts tomorrow

No. 715594

As someone who works in a profession where I see many suicide notes this is a cry for attention not a genuine attempt. Suicide notes don't ever have the tone of 'I dont want to do this but I must life is so hard because everyone sucks and everyone failed me'. They are pragmatic and these people have really accepted what they are about to do and don't want their death to be a burden. Plus they aren't usually blasted on social media.

No. 715598

If you're going to repeatedly post here can you learn to sage and integrate please https://lolcow.farm/info. Also, offering medical opinions is frowned upon.

No. 715641

She deleted the “suicide note” posts, but they’re still in her story. Plus lots of uwu so sad posts and cry selfies.

No. 715671

What a suprise. I bet she returned and is in shock Brer doesn't want to talk to her or see her.

No. 715675

Bleh it’s scientifically proven that attention whores physically can’t kill themselves

No. 715750

Maybe she's serious. For all we know she might have taken five whole aspirins or something. And she never even got to say a proper goodbye to the tongs.

for a 'professional', you're not very good at your job.

No. 715872

still up on her fb

No. 715918

For anyone who’s just doesn’t get it, type sage in the email box before commenting if it’s not any new milk

No. 715942

File: 1539867316116.png (698.72 KB, 1034x1277, QuickScreencapture_20181018-13…)

Her Facebook is a gold mine

No. 715966

a goldmine of what. poetry?

ok but…

No. 716016

girls like this love to believe they're femme fatale, when really they're just little girls getting themselves hurt and worsening their abandonment issues

No. 716041

File: 1539878272028.jpg (60.8 KB, 720x720, 44119791_160100248273105_21618…)

sooo her boyfriend is @peternottoli (instagram) after a quick facebook stalk she posted a photo of them on the 16th, also appears she has 2 facebook accounts, both under her real name but for different purposes

No. 716088



No. 716332

Wait, what is actually this thread about?
Because she posted suicide notes or what, I don't understand what's happening

No. 716335

Why don’t you actually fucking read it then if you don’t get it jc

No. 716346

It's a vendetta thread in which this girl breathes and a group of people who know her, likely including her old man ex that she's in dispute with, post bitter shit about it. And some of us make jokes about tongs.

This guy is not fair game anon, doxxing and the posting of unrelated parties are not allowed.

No. 716350

Am I the only one who thinks this should be a banner?

I'm totally here for the tongs. and lol he's right there with her? How much more 'related' does he need to be?

No. 716378

He’s willingly associating with Lola. He met her on a sugar daddy site, and now (according to her) they’re together. Unless he makes it evident she was just a hookup, I think he’s fair game.

No. 716662

Unless he produces drama of his own, he's got involved with her on an unrelated premise at this time. You can't just make the thread about someone who has no idea. If he starts attention whoring as part of her life (e.g. johnny craig / taylor dean) it becomes different.

No. 716717

Do you reckon Lola’s new fella knows about her and this thread?

No. 716743

Uhm, a lot of people have no idea they have or are involved in threads, anon. And I don't think mentioning him really counts as 'making it about him'.

No. 716887

Not really a vendetta thread. A lot of people here clearly don’t know here, most of us just shit post her drama.

No. 717427

I messaged her ‘boyfriend’ weeks about telling him to look at this and told her how she’s scammed people for money and he replied with ‘….’

Tbh he will soon find out if he hasn’t already(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 717559

looks like Lola’s already bored of her non-growing ‘haus of tyrrell’ business.

No. 717735


The funniest thing was when she set up a gofundme for her 'gallery' n got a grand total of £0

No. 718062

you guys keep throwing around about brer posting on here but seem to forget that the mods already proved some of the ‘brer’ posts were actually lola and would deal with the anons that were as they know his ip address

No. 718170

Three week old news, anon.

No. 719343

File: 1540297440813.jpeg (193.75 KB, 750x952, 5DF47144-62B6-468A-9277-40EE72…)

No. 719357

lmao she's back to stalk Brer some more, huh? She must be really hot for those tongs

No. 719363

File: 1540299699123.jpeg (503.7 KB, 1242x1454, 5947D88A-3DE2-4B43-8CB0-53FFAE…)

Her face is so distorted you can see the way the headphone wire curves lmao it’s ridiculous

No. 719368

How do you know she’s stalking Brer again?

No. 720132

How does she afford this seemingly lavish lifestyle like expensive hotels n shit? When she's apparently skint and was begging for money not too long ago. As a person of similar age I'm wondering how the hell she actually affords this shit without a job. Because I sure can't and I work full time. Boggles the mind doesn't it

No. 720217

Skint means something different to the upper middle class, like being skint means not having 2 or 3 lavish holidays a year to them. Maybe she's a trust fund baby or family supports her lifestyle OR she's being all Pulp and thinking living like common people is cool so long as she has £££ to fall back on.

No. 720346

She is totally Common People-ing. Except she doesn't have enough talent to get into CSM.

No. 720506

File: 1540425779172.png (3.6 MB, 1242x2208, D2629965-0337-4D86-B728-6B1E51…)

bit different to those photoshopped pics lola

No. 720566

Has she always changed her face so much? I don't think so, right? I wonder what's going on. At least her past Instagram photos looked like her. Seems like after her return from LA, she's suddenly struggling with body dysmorphia or something.

No. 721077

File: 1540493806781.png (1.27 MB, 1079x1696, QuickScreencapture_20181025-19…)

Her recent piano playing videos on her story are so cringy. She seems as if she's using again too, keeps staring at the camera weirdly and her hair is all messed up

No. 721103

>struggling with body dysmorphia
lolwat … yes, she has always shooped a lot, and no, I doubt that of all the possible explanations dysmporhia is it.

did she ever stop using?

No. 721164

this is extremely weird but does anyone know if she has naturally curly hair? the Mia Wallace straight hair always looks so separate from her/doesn't suit her and her facial features remind me of girls i know with really curly hair

No. 721181

You're right, her hair is thick and looks like a wig so it's likely she's actually got curls. Would probably look a lot better.

No. 721215

Nah, she took loads of photos of herself with wet or damp hair in LA and it didn't look curly.

No. 721219

Nah, she took loads of photos of herself with wet or damp hair in LA and it didn't look curly.

No. 721244

What has happened to her lips?! Has she had Botox or something?

No. 721350

File: 1540515896888.jpg (77.69 KB, 500x500, avatars-000068634690-fiebfc-t5…)

seems thick but naturally straight

No. 721736

File: 1540581450667.jpeg (117.35 KB, 1090x1956, 2C6DBACA-A4CC-4AAA-AD43-0502B5…)

Well then folks it speaks for itself really

No. 721739

Oh bloody hell it's going to be Brer's isn't it?

No. 721743

>>721736 tinfoil she isn't preggers she just wants to manipulate

No. 721758

Thought so anon, I wonder how is she going to explain not growing a bump or anything like that hmm

No. 721765

Maybe she's gonna fake a miscarriage or an abortion (because I really doubt she's pregnant), she's so hungry for attention, smh.

No. 721787

I wouldn’t put it past her faking a miscarriage or abortion tbf

No. 721788

Is she getting tips from plasticandproud?!

No. 721838

Uh, yeah. I’ll believe it when I see it. She is a pathological liar and manipulator. Wouldn’t put it past her to be stupid enough to get knocked up at 19. Also wouldn’t put it past her to fake it. This thread has been quiet, people don’t care about her anymore, and she can’t survive without constant attention. Plus she’s clearly still obsessed with Brer.

Didn’t she claim to have a contraceptive implant? Or did she lie about that too?

No. 721913

where's the tinfoil in that lol

exactly. she's so transparent.

No. 722055

No dude, she’s just bloated after drinking beer and cocktails or maybe constipated after eating first time in a month. Those anorexics, you know…

No. 722076

Once again Lola is back saying she can’t afford accommodation… yet she was only in LA like 2 weeks ago and still buys herself fancy fucking drinks/hotel rooms almost every night. Must be so hard being Lola. lmao give it an rest

No. 722123

Watch her say she needs money for her “domestic violence” baby with brer, starts a go fund me, takes all the money, runs, never brings it up again, continues to not be pregnant.

No. 722124

But either that or she lies about it to try to get back with brer
Tbh that’s what all this staking onbher behalf and self victimizing seems to be about: getting back with brer

I think she just thought after tong-gate 2018 it would just be another way to guilt him and he’d run back to her after she pretended to be “sucidial” in the hospital and was whining that brer broke up with her and begging and screaming for him to take her back. But it just blew up on media and here and fucked her plans up, she probably never thought it would become this big shitstorm that she had to continually lie about, just a “one time manipulation tactic” that went terribly wrong. Karma.

No. 722455

File: 1540678416002.png (915.02 KB, 1080x1423, Screenshot_20181027-231135.png)

She's got a new Seeking Arrangements profile

No. 722456

File: 1540678432114.png (166.66 KB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20181027-231152.png)

No. 722457

File: 1540678447393.png (61.75 KB, 1080x793, Screenshot_20181027-231200.png)

No. 722459

File: 1540678679551.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1445, Screenshot_20181027-231616.png)

In other news, she's drunk for the third (maybe fourth?) night in a row and has just posted this insanely shooped photo.

No. 722474

Did she for real blow $$$ for a dick appointment just so she can bullshit on social media about being pregnant. It's like she didn't want anymore local people in on her shit or something. Who could imagine.

No. 722513


"pregnant" and drunk. loves it.

No. 722757

shooping anon

makes a change from her london location namedropping stories but she's definitely coked up

No. 722809

Nah, she's still London location namedropping.

No. 723013

Gotta change the settings in the snow face changing app when you have alcohol/coke bloat, gotta save a consistent face changing shape filter, we all know your face is long and manly like skeletor jfc

No. 723016

Let’s hope Lola never decides to go ‘missing’ again since no one will recognise her in person since she edits her pictures so much

No. 723039

They’ll always have the “profesh” photo of her from the dailymail or whatever, her jay Leno chin is easy to spot in a crowd lol

No. 723076

hinting that she’s pregnant but getting drunk every night and is possibly using again? does she want to create a kid as fucked up if not MORE fucked up than herself? i don’t think she’d ever even be allowed to be a parent, the kid will either be dead or taken away from her quicker than she can scream ‘abuse’

No. 723079

File: 1540771171016.jpeg (218.03 KB, 1242x1668, B3BCA30D-9177-4F64-91B6-49DF61…)

Weird interaction??

No. 723292

I’ve been a friend of hers for years and she got the implant last year lol so once again she’s a fucking liar, but hey what’s new

No. 723317

You know you’d think people would remember that aspect of her “being forced” to get an abortion but I guess giving attention to her obvious bait is what they do.

No. 723409

Why is she drinking if she’s hinting she pregnant? What a disgrace hah

No. 723462


cos she's not right in the head obv

No. 723484

File: 1540843457019.jpeg (131.58 KB, 1000x500, 75CB333E-F0CC-4B13-969D-1233F6…)

No. 723508

Is that second picture Emma Watson in a wig or am I crazy?

No. 723516

File: 1540846077773.png (2.64 MB, 1439x1731, Screenshot_2018-10-29-15-44-47…)

Lola's previous username was nectarblood. I also noticed there's another friend of hers on Instagram who has their account saying they're a movie character as well, https://instagram.com/jasminesoph1e Someone namefagged in here as a Jas, >>699765 definitely could be her.

No. 723539

"Jas" was actually Lola herself. Anyone namefagging in this thread as Lola, "Brer," or "Jas" turned out to be Lola. See:

No. 723603

File: 1540856344817.jpg (28.83 KB, 384x315, dd.jpg)

More like Desperate Dan wearing a wig.

No. 723623

No it's obviously Kristen Stewart in a wig lmao

No. 723648

hi - just want to say that this whole forum/blog or whatever it's called about lola really sickens me. this is an extremely vulnerable young girl, completely alone and very misunderstood. whether you like her or not a website like this full of awful things about her will only make her illness worse. she has already said she's suicidal and she may well actually do it at any point and the things said about her on this website may well be the tipping point. you never know - this is a clearly impulsive and unwell person. SHE NEEDS HELP AND SUPPORT - YOU SHOULDN'T BE LAUGHING ABOUT HER. Do not give her any more attention online (positive or negative) because it feeds her mental illness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723652

To add to my point above - this is a girl who has been severely affected by her environment. A) her family upbringing sounds very traumatic. B) Instagram, selfie culture, obsession with image, celebs etc etc can really affect the outlook of young people and their values. Yes not every 19 year old girl is like this, but we should try and understand and help her rather than disregard and further humiliate her. She is clearly incredibly sensitive. Everyone behaves the way they do for a reason. She is an attention seeker - but instead of using "attention seeker" as an insult - we should see the phrase as more of a psychological term. If someone is attention seeking, they are seeking attention for a reason. She is mentally ill so I assume she has problems making friends or keeping friends. I assume she has a lot of acquaintances and people who hang out with her because she's pretty and they think she's cool, but she probably doesn't have a support network or real friends she can actually turn to. that's why she's crying into the abyss of social media because there's no one else. Please guys - this thread really needs to stop or become way more compassionate. I've worked with vulnerable and mentally ill young people like Lola and I can understand and emphasise with her to a degree. Show some humanity guys.

No. 723653

one more thing - she is just a lost soul who wants to be loved. just like everyone else. deep down we all want to be loved and people with secure upbringings and healthy minds go about it in a more acceptable and relatable way. however some people don't have the privilege of a solid family, good upbringing and a clear mind so they seek love in different, controversial ways - pursuit of fame, older men (who she, with her low self esteem, can rest assured desire her), etc etc. STOP THE HATE(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 723665

she's a present-day Christine Keeler

No. 723666

ah, i love when a white knight/the thread subject comes and bumps the thread, giving it attention. guess i'll have to read this whole thing now kek

No. 723673


No. 723678

sigh I’ll take the bait. While yes I can understand you wanting to empathise with her because she isn’t at fault for a lot of her circumstantial behaviour you’re Ignoring harmful pathological behaviour. Obviously lolcow threads are a bit more cruel than just call out culture because a lot of us are just bored and find messy people funny. Also try to keep in mind you’re white knighting someone who has notoriously scammed money off her less fortunate peers, started a media circus and then subsequently stalked a man because he broke up with her, fucked over people close to her because they are tools in her eyes and Makes suicide threats that worry people and also drum up media scare regularly. It’s your choice if you want to fall for bpd manipulation but coming from a (blogpost) diagnosed borderline, this kind of pandering only reinforces these behaviours. These behaviours are not simply attention seeking in the way that needs to be destigmatized. They are harmful to Lola and everyone with the misfortune of crossing her path. She has deeply hurt people who considered her a real friend, she financially leeches off of the less fortunate because she still feels entitled to a life style she was raised in, she is smearing her ex boyfriend and relentlessly ruining his chances of returning to baseline by stalking him, slandering him, and trying to get him to break the law. This isn’t an entirely vulnerable baby child. She’s an adult who won’t take responsibility and as a byproduct continually harms others. If these things were in the past I’d probably agree with you that it’s not productive but she still refuses to see what she is doing as harmful which is only going to let her continue the cycle of abuse. Not giving her attention at all is going to make her feel like she needs to get edgier and edgier to get that sweet sweet dopamine. I think right now after everything that’s been exposed farmers nitpicking her photoshop that she clearly knows is triggering them isn’t really the worst way to finally let this shitty thread die.

No. 723687

No. 723708

“pretty” lol bitch where
“lost soul” how romantic!
Everybody needs to stop picking on this poor, vulnerable young girl “on the cusp of anorexia” and just let her scam money to her wounded heart’s delight!

No. 723793


No. 723795

I can’t believe people are starting to defend Lola’s actions! Lola is 19 years of age. she is no longer a little child who requires attention. I would actually feel for her if she went out of her way to get a job and get some actual help instead of constantly lying, making up stories, and using people for money. All she does now is constantly brainstorm new ideas to get new followers or whatever.

I have no sympathy for Lola, she knows exactly what she is doing.

No. 724110

Lola I understand. I met brer when I was 19. He damaged me too. I cannot define it as abuse, but it was callous.
I really hope that you can move on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724126


No. 724175


No. 724272

it was probably posted by an old man, I wouldn't bother.

No. 724541

You guys are ADORABLE . Love that fact you’re all so obsessed lmaoooook(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 724579

Anyone got her Instagram? She went private and I wanna know what new lies she’s been brewing

No. 724580

Anyone got her Instagram? She went private and I wanna know what new lies she’s been brewing

No. 724832

File: 1541066768621.png (4.5 MB, 1125x2436, 261489C8-6CE3-47CB-83F6-1A8EC8…)

FR, has she had plastic surgery or something? her face is a weird fucking shape.

No. 724836

it's called fucking editing

No. 724842

File: 1541071268230.jpeg (158.69 KB, 960x960, DF77C1F9-3279-41CE-9398-2A0802…)

Definitely put on weight, must be all the paid for meals out on a daily basis

No. 724843


ShE's CleArly PregNanT, aNoN!!

No. 724858

File: 1541076274694.jpeg (668.03 KB, 2048x2048, E126545A-5377-41CB-BADE-7136AB…)

….I’m just going to leave this here.

No. 724868

Tinfoil: Brer is into someone else, and Lola is still obsessed with him, so she's facetuning herself into Brer's new interest.

No. 724907

File: 1541087715083.jpg (17.75 KB, 462x409, U3Nj8aN.jpg)

that's even worse than Dasha's shooping

No. 725000

>when you think a normal human skull looks like a dorito

No. 725007

^your comment almost made me choke hahaha. thanks anon

No. 725158

All that whoop but she kept her eye bags in

No. 725160


No. 725168

She’s tryna look coke chic with the bags. But smh girl needs to not shop her head into the literal shape of a lightbulb

No. 725288

Yes I’ve had plastic surgery lmao

No. 725290

Lola, this is almost as embarrassing as your new face.

No. 725332

Lmao, it’s quite funny that ya think I’m Lola(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 725343

Lola, find a job and a hobby that doesn't involve scamming, begging, art theft, sugar daddies, and Instagram attention whoring.

Or don't. This is all ~quite funny~ to watch.

No. 725361


No. 725434

I’d agree, expect her face looks equally as regarded in videos as in photos.

No. 727208

lola’s unfollowed the guy that seemingly paid for her trip to LA (& all the fancy hotels/meals etc) and he’s unfollowed her too, maybe he copped on to how batshit crazy she is, or he thinks she’s using again

No. 727440

Does anyone know who Brer’s new interest is??

No. 727456