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File: 1628962081679.png (1000.46 KB, 1128x724, taylorbugsndrugs.png)

No. 849295

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23 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/833565

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new girlfriend and mother of his child, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He introduced Taylor to heroin and facilitated her descent into addiction, but she used a variety of drugs prior to/since.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.

>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming

>Taylor frequently posts dramatic posts exaggerating her health or implying it is worse than it actually is. For example claiming she was covered in large ugly scars only to have her legs appear completely normal in future posts

Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

List of all Taylor’s pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update re: new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:

> Taylor announces Goose (her only male rat) has died. >>833566 from her videos >>833573 , >>833601 , prove that Goose suffered greatly in his final days arguably to the point of torture as she waited for days while he was in serious pain to euthanize him

> Taylor reveals the bins that will become a new makeshift snake rack >>834597. Despite all the hype they appear to have the bare minimum suggested floor space >>834598

> gets a haircut which exposes her for being super high on meth >>835357 and overall looking very rough and her face sunken. Anon’s notice that the haircut looks just like her former dealer/fuck buddy Forest’s fiance’s hair >>835425. Even Forest notices >>835369.

>Does a photoshoot with Duck who appears to be the only snake who is not obese >>836856

> After several of her meth fueled rants claiming to be “sober from heroin” nonnies go back and review Taylor’s haircut pics and note that she is still clearly covered in bruises >>836939

> We get to see Bindi >>837221. In the video she does mention the aspen on worm and claims that she will rinse it off so Bindi doesn’t risk impaction but whether or not she actually did is unknown

> Does another “goth” photo shoot making it clear how unwell she is. Clearly spun (very high on meth) yet again. Her pupils are saucers in said pics >>838315

> After 1.5 years Taylor FINALLY makes her return to youtube. Of course it is another excuse ladden pity party. An anon kindly summarized the video here: >>839111. We finally have concrete evidence that she is barely functioning saying she struggles to even get up to go pee. While she never says that her mom is her animal caretaker it is quite evident. She claims all her animals are “perfect” and as usual claiming they’re in the “best condition ever”

> Does a backyard photo shoot with Gemini. People on twitter call her out for putting her snake on her boot that could have scraped/injured her snake. Taylor acts like people are overeating and doesn’t seem to understand their concern. >>839713

> Claims she is 2 months sober and is getting surgery for infections that she’s neglected >>843258. Appears to be a simple abscess draining >>843343 however she continues to place some of the blame for her inactivity online on her chronic illnesses >>844127

> On the way back from the hospital posts cages she’s allegedly going to use in her new setup. It’s hard to see exactly what she is trying to show >>844130.

> Shares her plan for all her enclosures >>844131

> posts her second return video. Once again it’s all about her addiction this time focusing on the very serious health consequences she faced from improperly injecting herself with drugs. We find out she came very close to death >>847173

> Makes several posts about her final abscess surgery >>848878, >>848962, >>848963, >>848964, >>848992

>While waiting for her surgery Taylor share her new “snake rack” which is underwhelming and only meeting bare requirements. Yet again Taylor either will not or cannot provide adequate enclosures for her pets proving that they are still low on her priority list. >>848919. Proceeds to rant about it on twitter >>848943. An anon explains the dimensions here: >>849020

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No. 849297

Nonnies I hope some of you can appreciate that all drug parfanelia in the thread pic except for the meth pipe and meth baggie come from TND herself! Specifically her infamous bathroom pic

No. 849300

File: 1628962938156.png (1.42 MB, 828x1792, 99A188DE-5E7A-4485-8D73-DFF50B…)

No. 849301

File: 1628962963356.png (3.1 MB, 828x1792, 1544A654-D462-4C0B-A4C2-9DFFC1…)

No. 849302

File: 1628962999224.png (3.42 MB, 828x1792, A59443D8-2D46-493E-B197-87E79D…)

No. 849303

File: 1628963025876.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, 69B7B1AA-5D34-473D-858C-B12B4D…)

No. 849304

Wow that’s bad, dumb question is that from picking or does meth just make ur skin break out?

No. 849305

File: 1628963682971.png (2.12 MB, 828x1792, 0A1A209B-2B25-4EA0-9B4B-82F81A…)

No. 849306

File: 1628963714202.png (836.92 KB, 828x1792, 04292AD4-39EB-424B-84C0-70D4CF…)

No. 849312

File: 1628969853796.png (470.18 KB, 828x1792, 8B240520-CA49-4883-865D-293F5D…)

No. 849313

Wow meth queen!!!! She is probably posting this since people have been tinfoiling shes using so shes like “i cant be on meth or else my face would be fucked teehee”

No. 849318

File: 1628971716679.jpeg (536.6 KB, 750x1218, 79A1581E-A93A-4A30-8A02-AD549A…)

The only issue is she’s lying about how little she used meth. You can just check her own tweets about her meth use.

Also I didn’t realize she was using fentanyl when she got the double nose piercing. No wonder they kept getting infected. Did she blame the body shop ? I don’t remember at all, but if she did she was getting infections from her drug use - not cleaning the wound enough with salt water

No. 849319

File: 1628971910258.jpeg (425.52 KB, 750x1253, E7F86A65-5093-4884-AA72-4A9465…)

No. 849321

She has the same high af eyes in the recent "sober" pic.

Agreed even though when you zoom in her face looks like it's still been smoothed etc.

Why does she keep repeating this shit? Also way to admit people were right and she was using all along. Tbh it sound like she kept running out of money. I'm curious if she ever did shit for money like when her former dealer exposed that she'd sent him nudes but he accidently deleted them. She is desperate for pity right now but no one is going to give it to her except for the very few loyal stans left. This comes off as like omg they think I snort my meth WELL I SHOOT YALL. Lol well doesnt change that her nose is collapsed. She needs to stop with the war stories, no one likes that sort of "recovering" addict. I like how she posted this shit everywhere and it's all her yt is now because it will push people away from her toxic ass which is much needed. She's nothing but a lying pos. I mean she's been the most active now that she's supposedly omg sew sick gais which is a major red flag

No. 849325

Why does she talks about taking photos of her pets like it's a full on photoshoot, just take your phone.

No. 849327

So she’s admitting she HASNT been sober for a year and a half (like we’ve been calling her out for) but she’s not going to apologize for lying about it and having her rabid fans go after people who called her out on it?

No. 849328

Imagine being such an attention whore you post your meth ravaged face to thousands of tweens.

No. 849331

She at least hid the needle in this photo this time.
Didn't she post that photo before to show everyone how she was sober and healthy until anons noticed the needle?

No. 849336

Classic Taylor. At the darkest point of her addiction (again), fighting for her life (again), too depressed to move (always) but brave enough to take a million dead-eyed selfies of her looking like shit just to prove it really happened the next time she preaches sobriety. Also casually admitting that she hasn't been sober for more than 24 hours in the past year when she was making all of her previous preachy posts about overcoming addiction and how people were being mean by calling her out for looking like she was on something. It's literally the same thing with her every single time, I can't believe people still fall for it or give her the benefit of the doubt over anything. Girlie just wants to be a tragedy and take her little photos.

No. 849345

what’s yalls prediction on Taylor overdosing? i give her till 2024 personally

No. 849358

I'm predicting a slow burn, she'll continue to fade into obscurity and her YT money will dry up. She'll keep making monthly videos but they'll fail to get any traction, while her audience slowly deserts her.

She'll gain weight, slowly turning into a butter golem and she'll date a string of meth heads. Finally in her early 40's she'll overdose, and die of health problems related to her drug use.

This cow doesn't deserve a happy ending

No. 849383

File: 1629033632365.png (3.25 MB, 828x1792, 708391D0-8FBE-468D-8A52-0DE54C…)

No. 849384

File: 1629033666877.png (2.68 MB, 828x1792, 97D88141-7F0B-431D-B370-7F9975…)

No. 849386

lmao what a fucking pick-me

taylor, this tirade against hashtags just makes you seem like a wannabe "not like other girls" girl

No. 849391

Love it when she posts about covid considering she was out multiple times without a mask, at the hight pandemic then going home to her immune compromised brother. She even made a music video with a bunch of people, not even attempting to be socially distanced.
Obviously running low of advocate ass pats today.

No. 849405

I like that she's using old pics of Goose instead of the female rats who are "both alive"

No. 849408

I know we haven’t seen them like at all.

No. 849412

Late but, Meth doesn’t give you skin sores. Meth makes you very hyper and unable to sleep so users get paranoid and sleep deprived and often start compulsively picking at their skin because a common side effect of meth is “skin crawling sensations” also called the meth bug because apparently it feels like bugs are crawling under your skin. So she literally picked at her face until it bled.

No. 849417

I can imagine how their life situation it's right now, dealing with a tweaker all paranoid lock in her room or nooding out in her bed, surrounded with a special needs kid with normal tantrums and a bunch of neglected animals.

No. 849460

What dealer did she send nudes to and exposed her for it? Where was this discussed

No. 849463

I don’t remember this as well anon, pretty sure it didnt happened and reckon this person remembers wrongly. Just ignore.

No. 849466

iirc I remember this guy when she first went to rehab messaging her on Twitter or something and it was her dealer. I’m not going back to look for it, but there’s a spot for you to start.

Every time she’s “sober” she says the same shit. She admits to being high the whole last time she was “sober” then is all “guis I did it this time! Recovery is so hard but it’s the best thing ever! I never thought I could do it!! Video coming soon I just need to get my mental health in check” - not to blog but I had a friend about ten years ago who died from mixing heroin and either coke or meth. She was only 23. Taylor needs to wake the fuck up. If she’s truly doing this much damage to her body, it’s going to catch up with her big time even if she doesn’t end ODing.

No. 849475

File: 1629115658467.png (1.98 MB, 828x1792, 37FF14DC-A735-4273-A9AA-B48C50…)

No. 849476

File: 1629115685633.png (1.15 MB, 828x1792, 432C0612-635F-4732-A956-3F14E4…)

No. 849477

File: 1629115713232.png (660.75 KB, 828x1792, 18B397B4-5D9C-4A25-908E-5144C0…)

No. 849478

File: 1629115736121.png (1.27 MB, 828x1792, 69702BAA-CAD8-4D03-B342-0D17CB…)

No. 849482

Going to take a wild guess that her miraculous relief from heroin cravings involves daily trips to a methadone clinic. Another meth binge incoming since methadone will prevent her from getting high on heroin, so she will replace it with speed.

No. 849486

File: 1629122403398.jpeg (371.15 KB, 750x900, 6033857F-F8A7-424D-A569-968200…)

The Irony

Does she know you can still spread the delta variant, while being vaccinated.. but she is going to get her hair done. Doesn’t really seem like important task when she can just do it at home. Why talk about being safe to others, while doing unsafe things yourself during the pandemic - when states are get mask mandates again

No. 849492

I think this is a lowkey admission that she's actually broke af lol

No. 849500

Are all her plans superficial and involve her image? Not a great trajectory for an addict but why expect anything at all at this point

No. 849512

She doesn't pay rent or bills so yeah, having no disposable income when you don't have any responsibilities is pretty bad

No. 849513

She should take this opportunity to invest her income into her life - school, lessons, a hobbit that requires a skill that you can improve on ( not killing animal )

No. 849518

Not frodo!

No. 849519

File: 1629140501775.png (1021.55 KB, 828x1198, IMG_20210816_210131.png)

I had to

No. 849521

Why is she planning more tats so soon after having 10 rounds of antibiotics and multiple surgeries to fix deep abscesses? We cannot forget (she won't let us) she has an autoimmune disease and some other rare disease that makes healing more difficult. Oh and the pandemic is bad again. She never mentions her health issues when it comes to doing something she really wants.

No. 849525

She talks about getting tattoos and dying her hair as if it’s a major life update. I’ve never seen anyone else make this big a deal out of publicly planning tattoos and hair colors or counting down the days until they get it.

No. 849527

If you're average week consists of stuffing yourself with fast food and lying in bed all day, I guess for her it's "major".

Taylor's life is just shit, and she knows it. She knows how badly she fucked up and doesn't want to admit it.

2021 is nearly over and shes only released 2 videos, both promising new content. She is living in denial with her career prospects. Her money spending is her last escape from reality.

No. 849536


Not to white knight Taylor, but taking the vaccine shot still helps you to surmount the disease easier. It is not about getting sick or not, it is about the mortality rate.

No. 849537

vaccinated people are less likely to get it and much less likely to have serious symptoms if they do get it
it’s both

No. 849554

File: 1629174382000.png (72.23 KB, 647x585, trashnicoledean.png)

Taylor, a person known for her overall responsibility and carefulness, is sharing some knowledge on how to be responsible for your pets. Don't throw your pets away, guys! People do that! Not Taylor of course. But other people.

No. 849557

Anon just admit you want to be spoonfed because you have a shit memory or are a newfag. >>682338 Destry confirms it later on too with caps from Twitter dms but you can find that yourself

No. 849560

What are you on about ?? I remember this clearly and which part of the text from the dealer says taylor sent him nudes??

No. 849561

Never said it didn’t. I was saying your not immune to it. Also I’m just worried she will contract/ spread it to her brother. She pretend to be so sick and still healing from two so serious dangerous surgeries , but has no worry about the virus, getting fresh tattoos, and bleaching her hair. Most super sick people don’t bleach their hair all the time bc it’s straining to really sensitive/ slow healers

No. 849562

>Most super sick people don’t bleach their hair all the time bc it’s straining to really sensitive/ slow healers

anon with respect this is a fat load of horseshit who fucking told you this lmao

No. 849566

Literally anyone with contact dematitis, children under 12, most skin diseases that make it harder to heal, and people with ehlers danios (there are 13 types) hair has trouble holding onto dye + get chemical burns from it more easily and have scalp issues after. Not that difficult to look into it, if you had doubts.

Just because you are not aware not everyone can use bleach, doesn’t mean you should tell people they are full of shit

No. 849567

Like not to add more ~ but why the fuck do you think most doctors offices have signs saying “no perfume, dyes, detergent, beyond this point” it’s because sensitive sick people with real skin conditions with have terrible symptoms unlike Taylor who just pretends to be “oh so sick boo hoo”

No. 849569

literally none of this is what you said, you said sick people don't bleach their hair. i've also never seen shit about detergents and dyes at any doctors office ever, perfume yes. i don't want to infight though so forget it. i concede people with skin/scalp conditions don't bleach their hair, fair enough

No. 849583

Oo Oo! Hair drama!
As stated above anyone with a compromised immune system whether from surgery, EDS or whatever the hell she claims, will have slow healing time which would mean that getting a tattoo would be sort of stupid AND bleaching your hair would be awful. As a hairdresser I can tell you, bleach is not friendly to the respiratory system or skin lmao

No. 849622

Why are we even arguing about this? We already know, Taylor only uses her many health conditions and illnesses as an excuse to avoid responsibilities and other stuff she can't be bothered to do. They never were a problem when it comes to doing what she likes to do.

No. 849650

File: 1629251976408.jpeg (187.24 KB, 750x902, 781B3C86-2D49-4ED2-9AAF-647080…)

When will she stop replying to hate comments ? I’m sure this will be deleted in a day or two. She is the only influencer I’ve seen do this time and time again. Girl chill

No. 849651

I’m retarded that wasn’t a hate comment she was just responding to a tweet

No. 849666

Lol Taylor allard is a huge cow as well

No. 849677

deets? Googled her and seems she went from aspiring model to agender sperg

No. 849682

File: 1629285309881.png (592.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210818-140852.png)

lmao she thinks her life will be smooth sailing after healing from the abcess draining and she'll be working again with no worries in the world. is she in some kind of a manic phase right now? did she forget she's an addict?

No. 849699

Like most munchies, the attention she is getting right now is a high. Not as good as opiates, but maybe almost equal for a munchie in sure need of asspats and so brave uwu sympathy.

No. 849703

Basically any of Taylor's updates are the same thing. They're all "Gonna start trying to work tomorrow, smileyface." There's always just that one thing she needs to get past and she'll do it.

No. 849708

this. She's been saying this for almost 2 years, it's always after THIS i'm gonna start working.

She'll miss her deadline again and she'll disappear for a couple months, then the cycle will repeat.

> I was SO sick GUIZ, recovery isn't LINEAR, Muh EDS, HEART, DEPRESSION

She's already fucked her "career" (if you can call it that), it's not gonna be smooth sailing if she wants to re-enter the YT realm.

I think more people hate watch her at this point, the "real" fans she has left are unemployed losers like her.

No. 849710

File: 1629305566765.png (465.14 KB, 828x1792, 99AC3F02-9D4E-4599-8E5A-2DD803…)

Omg guys!!! She’s going to take photos of her animals!!!!! Wow!!!! Will it happen?!

No. 849717

File: 1629307714847.png (371.65 KB, 1170x2532, A250B819-DC93-4BFC-9669-52ED34…)

No. 849719

I wonder what she’s colored out above her shoulder

No. 849721

Pretty sure the original photo showed a needle.

No. 849732

File: 1629311267214.jpeg (616.61 KB, 750x1284, 4D06C94F-4625-476D-B325-38DD14…)

What ? Okay I think she needs to stop trying to get attention over being insulted. Every single person with a following gets insults. I think she gets some type of high when her teen fans come to her defense.

Also she said how much she enjoyed meth in many tweets before… I don’t want to spoon feed and look for them, but you deep dive she talk about meth many times.

I wish she didn’t think being a junky makes you cool. also I thought she was a sober queen ? Most people that have been sober for a amount of time would never call themselves a “junky get it right”

No. 849735

Does she never notice how little likes she gets in comparison when she talks about drama / hate comments ? Only her biggest fans comment and like it. Maybe she is just trying to do a head count for her next minor group chats - or the amount of teens she can send to attack a account who’s opinion she doesn’t like

No. 849741

File: 1629312832767.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20210818-215154.png)

wondering what's the reason behind the email change. got dropped by whatever agency that represented her? got rid of the assistant?

No. 849747

It's just really cringy "see guiz it doesn't bother me lol" but she's actually super insecure. She wouldn't both responding if it didn't really bother her.

She's a depressed mess who cares ALOT about what other people think about her.

No. 849749

I love Taylor's whole I was such a junkie I DID METH but just a little but guys I was so messed up

she knows how trashy and poor doing meth makes her look, and she's insecure about it

No. 849762

Am I the only one who feels like this is ~mildly~ reminiscent of acacias ad intro

No. 849765

File: 1629320437118.png (279.52 KB, 706x652, esrgerge.PNG)

ok pic/vid/thought dump incoming

yay for no longer claiming to be any sort of addiction advocate. I think the dumbass finally realized that you have to actually recover in the first place to help others in even the most minimal ways. Unfortunately still claiming to be a mental health advocate on twitter but she loves to virtue signal for ass pats on there. bottom is insta btw

She's now a haunted house, fitting as I'm sure the spirits of her dead pets are haunting her ass and reveling in her misery. Yay of that!

Agreed! Appears she's desperate for work and colabs lmao. Almost like you end up broke when you do nothing but drugs, buy tchotchkes, trendy clothes, and have a hoard of animals who rely on you. But she has proven to be scummy even for an addict, for example using "junkie" proudly. A lot of people are offended by the term and she is only promoting using it against struggling addicts. >>849717 So I doubt anyone wants to be tied to her name.

lmao going to take 2 yrs for her to finally listen to her fans and not just respond to "haters"

No. 849766

File: 1629320574850.png (358.88 KB, 404x726, hair.PNG)

love how she is trying to tell people to get vaccinated >>849383
as if she's some sort of good influence and yet has an absolutely essential hair appointment while she is "barely mobile" and "can't work" while still healing from her abscess surgery (she admitted they left the wound open to heal too). She is literally extremely immune compromised if there's any truth to what she says so she'd be the asshole who gets it and then spreads it to all around her. She may not die as she's vaxed, but still absolute trash considering her brother has been basically trapped at home with her ass and is immune compromised too.

Nothing's changed. She's always wanted so badly to be the "product" of her yt and can't seem to get it through her thick head that she's boring af and no one wants to see her face for the 100th time.

No. 849767

File: 1629320662573.webm (1.2 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_193…)

Interesting that she chose a filter that made her tracks and nipples stick out like sore thumbs. Awk af

No. 849768

File: 1629320702416.webm (872.72 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_184…)

Vids are both from today's insta stories

No. 849771

How the hell can her parents still let her live in their house after her admitting to injecting for the past year and half…. so enabling.

mostly a rhetorical question but wtf.

No. 849773

File: 1629321014747.png (778.09 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210818-160552.png)

also the hair disaster plan lmao

I ask myself the same as well. Like an anon said recently I can't imagine what life is like in their home. Oh to be a fly/beetle on the wall lmao. They are hardcore enablers. She has to be miserable to be around being fucked up 24/7

No. 849780

File: 1629329453597.jpeg (525.56 KB, 750x1156, 6B1043E1-1CCA-451B-8D53-E69642…)

I think she might try to clean up her platform for collaborations. Either way she wouldn’t even show up / be to sick.

No. 849782

File: 1629330905169.png (1.12 MB, 828x1792, 76FB6F33-3FC0-453D-B6DF-BA8DE2…)

No. 849786

I, I, I, I, me me me mememe… Thanks for the attention! More please!

No. 849788

How long until she starts faking DID?

No. 849790

Wonder why she's taking so long to post pictures

No. 849814

This video is so awkward to watch. Does she think people find her weird twitching and shaky movements sexy/cute?

No. 849815

that's exactly what this is anon, she's trying to clean up her image so she can get business deals. No business is gonna touch her AT ALL, heroin addict is a bad look, moreso in pet care.

It's so transparent what she's doing and it's failing cause you can't fix heroin addict. Her reputation will always be stained by Jonny, her dog-shit tattoos, and her heroin antics. You can't recover from this, she's better off doing something else and starting over.

If this bitch cared about her buisness prospects she wouldn't have gotten 1996 tattooed on her knuckles. She was too selfish and now she's paying the price, I can't wait for her to cry about how the world is so unfair to addicts lol

No. 849816

it's why she released her new "business email" too, greedy pig just wants more money…

No. 849830

What the fuck was stopping her from doing that earlier? Literally just pull out your phone and take pictures of your pets the way you take selfies every day, how the fuck does being sick prevent her from taking a picture? And we’re supposed to believe that they’re well taken care of when she’s apparently ~too sick~ to even point her phone at them? Like holy shit stop making a big deal out of it and just fucking do it.

No. 849882

Who’s she fooling? She went from an average pretty girl to a monstrosity of ugly tattoos, bloated lips and bad style. She’s never going to get her nice girl image back when she deliberately tried for at least a year to literally brand herself as a drug addict. Remember her countless tweets reminiscing about doing meth? Absolutely deranged. Recovered drug addicts often go on to live very normal lives but only because they don’t make their whole identity about being an ex addict. I mean hell, she has drugs ruled everything around me tattooed on her collar bone.

No. 849892

sooo I'm going to guess her hair didn't turn out, bc she hasn't posted 10 pictures/stories/tweets showing it off like she usually does.

No. 849913

File: 1629406818589.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 317F4928-6176-44E8-90D9-7736F3…)

No. 849916

File: 1629407313746.jpeg (344.68 KB, 750x852, 4ADFAF17-CE6C-49E2-88D7-E2D777…)

She’s real proud of this

No. 849917

File: 1629407802306.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, 7DCF9957-2A3D-40CC-8E0F-7A8471…)

No. 849918

File: 1629407848475.webm (551.75 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_184…)

Just noticed her droopy ass eyes in the first pic and in the vids on her insta. Clearly couldn't wait to get back on the Horse.

It looks like a shittier version of what she had before. Literally no point in getting her hair done. It's clearly the only time she usually feels remotely good about herself because she only takes pics & videos immediately after getting her hair done. Imagine being unable to do your own hair big yikes.

Also SO fucking awkard lmao

No. 849919

File: 1629407912699.webm (734 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_184…)

more awkwardness. It makes me cringe to think that mama dean is driving her high around all the time their entire existence is beyond cringe

No. 849933

Being in your 20's taking video of your new hair in your mom's car while she drives you everywhere. Yikes. Seems like Tay likes being so heavily codependent because she does fuck all to change it and shows no shame.

Side note, her lips are massive.

No. 849948

looks like vivadrag lol

No. 849950

File: 1629418867982.jpeg (460.02 KB, 750x1070, 51BD37E1-9E11-4F58-BDAE-0FFF48…)


No. 849952

That last tweet… I honestly cannot. Translation: As a narcissist who has convinced myself I care deeply about people when I only ever think and talk about myself, I have to be the only narc in a relationship or else I self destruct to get more attention as the forever victim.

No. 849958

File: 1629427469345.png (4.54 MB, 828x1792, F6218F13-FF93-467F-AB8B-584083…)

No. 849959

File: 1629427495730.png (2.06 MB, 828x1792, C0A28246-DB50-4BCE-B5D8-2BA6A3…)

No. 849961

File: 1629429855267.png (491.56 KB, 828x1792, 28998F80-976C-4DAD-A49E-E7D5FF…)

No. 849964

This methhead has tweeted 9 times about a meat necklace in the past two hours. Yeah she’s nowhere close to being sober

No. 849965

File: 1629431791977.jpeg (155.47 KB, 750x849, F87C7CA4-AD90-43AB-8D4C-203D03…)

No. 849968

Says the girl who had dead ducklings on display…. Hers is way worst.

No. 849969

File: 1629432404543.jpeg (501.91 KB, 750x1284, 8EB911F3-82C8-443B-841D-256165…)

No. 849971

taylor ur a meth head.. most druggies have unbearably shaky hands from years of drug use u retard. she always says shes getting these diagnosis and medical conditions when in reality its bc she fucked her body up with drug use like bitch no one has sympathy for you

No. 849972

girl.. if ur gonna lie about being sober when ur actually using maybe dont post selfies where we can see ur eyes..

No. 849991

I remember wayyyy back when she lived in her old apartment before the atrium house (I think, maybe not) but she literally dropped an entire tank on her kitchen floor and claimed it was because of EDS and then later came out and said she was a big ole junkie that whole time lol

No. 849993

She’s perfectly able to handle 20+ animals and always has been. It has nothing to do with her EDS/POTS/BPD/PTSD/depression/anxiety/suicidal tendencies/heroin addiction/cocaine addiction/alcohol addiction/celiacs/withdrawal/heart going boom/abscesses/cotton fever/infections

She sounds like a perfectly competent and well adjusted individual

No. 849996

Why the hell is it this big decision to decide which animals to post first? Just take a picture and post it. It requires almost zero fucking effort.

No. 849998

File: 1629453124688.jpg (817.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210820_114408_com…)

She spent 3 hours "deciding which animal pics to post first" then blew us all away with this single image taken today (same top as her hair update)
She also posted on her timeline an old set of her in a purple jumpsuit with 3 snakes (one the same as in this pic I think?)
How many animals are allegedly still alive and with her? 2 girl rats, Mushu the axolotl, hedgehogs, and Bindi the blue tongue skink at the very least.

No. 849999

File: 1629453468251.jpg (520.38 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20210820_115521.jpg)

No. 850015

Of the 25 animals she showed in her last All My Pets video (Aug 2019, post rehab rehoming), we've only seen 8 this year. That's only 32% of her hoard. This timeline is in descending order, so the bottom of the list are the animals most likely to be dead or "rehomed".

Seen this year, as of 20 Aug 2021
Cat: Star (20-Aug-2021 TW)
Snake: Louis (20-Aug-21 IG)
Snake: Maui (20-Aug-21 IG)
Snake: Frank (20-Aug-21 IG)
Snake: Salem (2-Jul-21 TW)
Blue Tongued Skink: Bindi (9-Jun-21 IG)
Snake: Gemini (8-Jun-21 IG)
Snake: Duck (21-May-21 IG)

Last seen in 2020
Crested Gecko: Echo (18-Dec-2020 IG)
Snake: Tofu(13-Dec-2020 IG)
Axolotl: Mushu (12-Dec-2020 seen in background of her mother’s YouTube video)
Cat: Nemo(18-Nov-2020 IG)
Snake: Celia(16-Aug-2020 IG)
2 Female Rats – Dove, Goose (19-Apr-2020 TW) (declared “doing great” but no photos on 28-Apr-21 IG after both had surgery to remove masses at an unspecified date)
Cowfish: Queso (31-Mar-2020 IG) not shown in “All My Pets” video but announced on IG 22-Sep-2019
Cat: Ghost(18-Mar-2020 TW)
Leopard Gecko: Atta (17-Mar-2020)
Bearded Dragon: Twisty(20-Feb-2020 TW)
Snake: Spider Morph Motley/Chip(19-Feb-2020 IG)
Snake: Violet (19-Feb-2020 TW)
Hedgehog: not sure if Ella/Sarabi (1-Feb-2020 IG Story, looked sick/recovering from mange)
Snake: Lego(31-Jan-2020 IG)
Snake: Sabor (12-Jan-2020 IG)

Last seen in 2019
1 of 2 Hedgehogs: Ella/Sarabi (25-Aug-19 YT)

This list is rough because I went through her Instagram and Twitter listing when each animal was posted (photo/video not just mentioned), so I probably missed a few updates on Stories etc, and background appearances like the cats in her junkie storytimes which I can't bear to watch. For those missing from her timelines I checked past thread summaries. I left the fish out except for Cheese 2, because the snakes were confusing enough. Inb4 there's a Google Doc because that's been abandoned and the format didn't make sense to me anyway. Please be patient, I'm autistic.

No. 850017

File: 1629467068302.jpeg (477.17 KB, 1170x1776, 29E788E8-CC0B-42A0-9DEB-BD0D94…)

her reply to a comment asking about mushu and cheese #2

No. 850018

File: 1629467602313.jpeg (685.92 KB, 1818x1818, B058C29C-7AE2-456F-9625-44CA8C…)

truly the epitome of unbothered sobriety

No. 850022

Her meth rants are getting more manic
>all the enclosures are being moved right now out of the house and new ones moved into my room so they've been in quarantine-style tubs with paper towels, nothing appealing for photos
Why would she need to quarantine animals she already owns to move them into different enclosures? God knows she's not doing planted display tanks.
Am I missing something (not a snake person) or is this just pure drivel because she always has 13 amaaazing excuses for every dumb thing she does

No. 850028

Sharing her animals more lately… bitch when and where ? This is such a lie

No. 850029

She sounds high

No. 850030

File: 1629474833889.jpg (234.23 KB, 1032x1615, image3.jpg)

No. 850031

>I DO wanna bump

No. 850032

I had my boyfriend read this, and he said she needs to learn what a period is. ( aka chill with the run on sentences) Also said sounds like they are high.

He’s never heard of Taylor and that was his first impression was that comment of hers(no one cares)

No. 850033

This kind of autism will save the world. Or at least make LC a better place to snark. Thanks for the effort!
This kind of autism is hilarious.
This kind of autism is fucking stupid. Not one single person in the entire world cares about your ugly boyfriend's opinion except you, retard.

No. 850034

Anon what’s up your ass

I think they were just trying to give insight - on how unnatural and uncommon Taylor’s meth rants are

No. 850035

and nobody really cares what your opinion is, go be a bitter femcel somewhere else ugly

No. 850038

But we can all see that ourselves. There are many threads worth of comments about it. Posts that actually have some insight. That comment added nothing to the discussion. Anon didn't need to bring up her moid, it had no bearing on her commentary, but chose to anyway. That's weird. Nobody here cares about a random scrotes opinion. That's all I'm saying because I don't want to infight.

No. 850039

I love when she tries to sound professional during a meth rant. Ik she thinks it's cute and uwu you so silly taylor! but it actually comes off as completely unhinged which is closer to reality

No. 850041

In which world is it hard to take a picture of an axolotl? It's not like they hide or move a lot. Most of the time they kinda just sit there and don't do anything at all.

No. 850043

This comment literally added nothing but your opinion about another persons post. Can’t you see how hypocritical that is ? Why don’t you just drop it ?

No. 850045


Hey sorry I wasn’t trying to cause drama or infighting. I won’t post again, I just thought it was interesting seeing someone’s perspective who never seen / knows anything about Taylor. I really wasn’t trying to piss off anons in the thread. Maybe I should have just said my girlfriend ? I don’t know if your mad about about be talking about a scrote or the fact I talked about someone who doesn’t know about the threads. Either way I’m super sorry.

No. 850057

Sooo after all those promises all she can show is pics of her snakes?

I'm pretty much convinced the hedgehogs, and other animals are dead or "rehomed" at this point. Not a herp fag, but arn't snakes super easy, and can take tons of abuse and neglect?

How about some pics of animals that actually need effort to thrive? Also her not posting the enclosures is sketchy AF.

No. 850060


don't wanna bring up snake care again, but her snakes are def obese.

FFS she overfeeds like hell. I'm guessing it's some weird "i'm giving them love!!!" thing. Her mom is fat, she's getting fat, and her brother is fat. They're def some weird dynamic with food/ attention.

Taylor doesn't drive, but she always has fast food in her room. Mama dean is obviously getting it for her…

No. 850062

you know this reminds me that she said her mammals all had totes okay enclosures so weren't getting any upgrades so why hasn't she posted any of them if they doing "SO good"?!

her little brother has Prader-Willi syndrome and part of that is always feeling hunger. Taylor once made a vid/post about her family not celebrating thanksgiving with a feast but rather normal amounts of the same foods. It's clear that her and mama dean think buying shit/feeding people is love. I think the fact that mama dean can't do that for one of her kids makes her overfeed everyone/everything else. It's unfortunate but the whole family seems to have an issue with food because they're trying so hard not to make it a big deal. Sadly some people with Prader Willi will resort to eating pet food and many have died from literally binging themselves to death in a single sitting because no matter how much they eat they never feel full. When I first started following her I thought it would've meant she would realize how important it is to only feed what's needed but clearly all her pets are overweight and many are obese/morbidly obese

No. 850069

Hasn't show her reef tank recently either. Hasn't been seen since the new cheese sept 2019…

I'm convinced she's just bored with her pets, probably isn't a new take but there's so much you can do with aquariums/ pet care. I don't think she ever really "loved" her pets just the attention it got her.

No. 850080

I think she overfeeds them so she doesn't care about forgetting about them during her drug binges, when she remembers she needs to feed them, they will be fine.
But I'm pretty that didn't work with the other pets, the female rats and cheese #2 are def death.

No. 850101

File: 1629505273484.png (97.85 KB, 411x726, sdafgasf.PNG)

taylor bought ugly new shoes and claims this is her reason for never wearing heals/platforms. Didn't she used to claim that it was because of muh eds?? Or am I remembering that wrong

No. 850102

File: 1629505375589.png (426.77 KB, 405x715, shoeee.PNG)

shoes for reference

No. 850104

>I'm gonna post pics of my animals guys!
>Today I will post them!
>Get ready for the animal pics guys!! Here's a pic of a frog that isn't mine!!
>posts only ball pythons as always, which are the most difficult to actually kill
>only posted "upgrades" which are just sad, ugly looking huge tupperware containers basically which could only be for her bps
>Most animals dead confirmed

Fuck you Taylor.

No. 850108

She’s not tall she just dated a midget and is still apologizing for his height complex

No. 850137

People who are really into their pets take pictures of them constantly. It’s not hard. Lift a hide: boom, photo. Stand in front of a tank, boom, photo. It’s obviously very telling that she hasn’t posted photos of
- the fancy new enclosures
- the hedgehogs
- her rats ever since her couple-week rat obsession/hyperfixation
- cheese 2
- mushu who lives in a literal glass box

It’s still technically just tinfoiling, but she 100% either avoids it because their enclosures are a mess and she hasn’t cleaned them yet, and/or she’s wracked with junkie guilt for the amount of neglect they’ve endured because of her and when she’s not drug-numb she would rather self medicate with junk food and online junk collecting than allow those thoughts in her head.

Really, we all know those animals are suffering or already dead. We fucking know it. When speculation goes on this long on the same subject with recurring bits of evidence, this board hasn’t been wrong a single time yet.

No. 850149

Big kek anon ilu

No. 850150

She looks to be at least 5’8 if you watch the pettube vlogs from everyone’s channel. Maybe she was wearing heals ? Just a tinfoil

No. 850156

Also focused herself/her body in the animal photos, because of course she did.

No. 850170

Okay she had to have been high to impulse but those ugly fucking shoes…then make a rambling post about them.

No. 850181

File: 1629545119011.png (4.73 MB, 1125x2436, 89E3066B-34BB-497C-993C-9B45DF…)

Just shopping her favorite website again lol

No. 850187

"prop" them up in their enclosure? Ball pythons lay nicely circled up in their hides, just lift the hide and take a picture? How is it any better to prop them around her dirty boot?

No. 850223

First off, holy hell those are ugly.
Second off, why is she so obsessed with dolls kill? They are just a hoe version of hot topic. And it’s overpriced. Talk about buying a personality… I feel like anyone over 25 who shops there needs help.

She could use that money for her pets. What a selfish cunt. Sorry for sperg.

No. 850225

Yeah I mean anyone with more than 2 braincells can see right through her excuses. It’s pretty obvious SOMETHING is going on with her hoard as she’s been saying she’s going to show them all for close to year now (remember the “I’m driving home to take pictures of them all and prove everyone wrong”) and yet all we’ve seen are snakes, echo, bindi, and cats. I’m putting my money on her just keeping snakes now, they seem to be her main centre of attention lately. I think some anons were speculating that her mom made her rehome a large majority of her pets because she couldn’t stay sober and that seems super plausible to me.

No. 850226

what (in the fuck) are thooooooose?

No. 850227

Of course she only took pictures of the only animals that won’t die if she neglects them and posed them on her body like props instead of showing their enclosures. Who does she think she’s fooling?

No. 850238

My theory is that her mother rehome most of her pets while she was high, that's why she couldn't makeup a story during that time and now completely forgot about it or doesn't know how to justify so many lost pets.

No. 850256

File: 1629597740756.png (490.31 KB, 828x1792, B03B444A-8021-4F49-984D-0979FD…)

No. 850257

File: 1629597853226.png (450.44 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20210822-030023.png)

Jesus fucking Christ there's a point at which Taylor's predictability just becomes boring. "I did my makeup to film content but I've had a vaguely bad day so he's my excuse, see you next time!"


No. 850260

File: 1629599753448.webm (861.05 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_184…)

agreed anon. also didn't this used to be an old excuse she used when she was too fucked up to work or care about working? headaches and muh eds?


also I hope she's snorting/smoking it or she's not going to live much longer if there was any truth to her massive infection & sepsis stories. If she's shooting anything rn then she is as stupid as it gets even for someone horribly addicted. People who aren't as arrogant and forever-victims would be getting as much help as possible rn not acting like nothing just happened. I guess she does want to win the endocarditis lottery

her absolutely dead eyes are unnerving. why does she post shit like this? embarrassing

No. 850267

File: 1629604819589.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1572, Screenshot_20210821-235500~2.p…)

So weird that she praises her clear skin due to her sobriety and yet her hairdresser uploaded a vid from this week's hairdo change and her skin is god awful. Screenshots attached because my lord.

No. 850268

File: 1629604848085.png (702.69 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20210821-235452~2.p…)

No. 850269

me when someone takes a candid

No. 850270

File: 1629604976489.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1768, Screenshot_20210822-000121~2.p…)

Last one

No. 850271

Oh no baby, what is you doin'

I will say this. Looks like she's laid off the lip filler. Her lips look SO MUCH BETTER. Maybe she edits her lips into that big wax lip shape

No. 850272

I would not be posting her hair if that was me lol… also it looks like her lip filler has migrated(emoji)

No. 850276

File: 1629610509378.png (2.99 MB, 828x1792, 3D08F0B1-8479-4B9D-A3FF-BA2114…)

No. 850277

File: 1629610531051.png (605.98 KB, 828x1792, E2C1CD1A-09A6-4B6A-84E4-7B4D73…)

No. 850278

File: 1629610561337.png (2.14 MB, 828x1792, 204E5185-E10C-453E-BA05-A68321…)

No. 850279

File: 1629610585881.png (2.44 MB, 828x1792, 540BE690-0393-42E6-94C5-18257B…)

No. 850281

But antidepressants don't magically make you feel perfectly fine, stabilizing your "day-to-day" mood is exactly what they should do so you're at least able to start doing shit… if she's taking them but laying in bed all day of course she'll still feel like shit

No. 850282

File: 1629611543435.png (3.08 MB, 828x1792, 91CE24E7-9396-4503-B995-82E4F8…)

No. 850283

File: 1629612441346.jpeg (895.05 KB, 828x1792, C99B38DF-86BE-4002-9281-3E58C3…)

No. 850284

File: 1629612479815.png (3.84 MB, 828x1792, 2C9E7912-3B06-4F82-A2D0-3BC7B6…)

No. 850285

File: 1629613742065.jpeg (325.47 KB, 750x906, F78C9E80-3A09-4852-8F36-935AE3…)

No. 850286

I wish she would do herself a favor and google things sometimes before opening her giant trap. One google search of antidepressants and the placebo effect will tell you her medication is doing just fine.. this idea that medicine just magically cures mental illness is laughable

No. 850287

She use to say she had migraine diagnosis from the docs…. She would have a script to help nip that in the butt so she would be able to sleep. To bad she was just saying it for sympathy points, and was never diagnosed

No. 850289

So Star is still obese as fuck

No. 850295

Jesus, this is bad. It also looks like her nose piercing is infected. She looks like one of those Faces of Meth "after" photos.

No. 850312


Let's see… Doesn't go outside, doesn't exercise, doesn't have any friends, doesn't have a job, eats fast food everyday, breathes in cat urine, doesn't shower, addicted to meth and heroin, multiple active infections, Hepatitis C, mistreats her body with tattoos and lip filler, spends all day on social media…

Gee I wonder why she's depressed guiz… Medication must not be working lmao

No. 850314

Cause you started injecting heroin dumbass

No. 850320

File: 1629652581837.png (61.26 KB, 594x632, 1111111.PNG)

wow she looks completely different. Guess all the whataburger lbs are coming through in her face now. Her amazing clear skin was def from easing back on using because she had surgery

Yes lets encourage the active addict to drive! Good to know she still has 0 clue how actual recovery works or what it even looks like. Tweets are in response to >>850285

No. 850322

File: 1629653027762.png (37.87 KB, 607x375, 000.PNG)

initial tweet appears to be deleted but it appears the tinfoil was correct and she was dropped by her management company and that's why she changed her business email etc. I guess it was technically theirs which is kinda fucked idk how it works though? She should be happy though I mean she was giving them money for nothing & she's a liability more than anything. Shocked she doesn't get that no one wants to be associated with her

No. 850324

File: 1629654085693.webm (9.62 MB, 720x1428, mobizen_20210822_123058.webm)

Okay was able to find the reel from her hairdresser. The end is so uncomfortable. Also I didnt play the obnoxious music so sorry if you hear my ac in the background

No. 850326

Her skin is so picked off, she hasn't stopped using meth.

No. 850327

Holeeeeee sshhhiiiiitttttt that video shows she face tunes the fuck out her huge head.

No. 850328

File: 1629656434127.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, DD014A0E-B590-48D3-A042-0366FC…)

Hasn’t she claims star has been on a diet for what 2-3 years ?
She looks larger

No. 850329

As the reptile company could have taken you to court for slander and could easily prove the money the lost because of her. It was such a easy case.

She promised a apology video, but that was to much. She didn’t want to look bad, yet is totally okay with making stuff up to cover her crappy reptile care, (people told her for months the tail needed to be removed and she did nothing) and slanders a company she didn’t even buy her bearded dragon from. Then proceeded to not even take responsibility for that slander and said her friends put her up to it

A YouTube manger company has every right to drop a client that stopped being a youtuber. She should be careful talking about bring people to court, when she did this and had group messages with minors, and would continue to harass a minor on a burner phone after being blocked

No. 850333

File: 1629660086283.png (498.42 KB, 376x637, uggo 2.PNG)

I think it's just cystic acne from her lack of hygiene, and shit diet. I still think she's using but this looks more like acne to me.

Seriously she looks like she's about to cry in that clip lol. I just can't get over how plain and ugly she looks without all the filters and stuff. No wonder she doesn't want to film, she's fucking uggo.

No. 850334

Anyone wanna bet mama Dean keeps her inside cause she found out she was relapsing with Aggy and co? To be a fly on the wall in that house…

If she was relapsing all 2020, mama dean probably doesn't trust her going out alone. She's probably grounded, doesn't have a choice whether or not she can leave. Mama dean is also probably afraid of losing her so she's keeping her on a short leash. So taylor is uwu so trapped, depressed wahh.

I'm thinking the Mama-D-forced-rehoming tinfoil is probably what happened. She's stuck at home because she's too lazy to do anything to make her life better. I'd almost feel sorry for her if she wasn't a colossal bitch.

No. 850335

“Year and a half depression where I couldn’t leave my bed or do anything 99.9% of the time” soooo you’re once again admitting your mommy has been looking after your animals and doing your chores for you for the last 2 years because you were too busy doing heroin and picking your face off on meth?

No. 850337

Jesus Christ there are women living in tents that look cleaner than this

No. 850338

tbh I hope mama dean put down some sort of boundaries otherwise I feel like taylor would still be trying to meetup with other people from groups. she has a long history of pushing people to relapse for her benefit ever since she left the first rehab. So many recovering addicts end up in that situation back home but most don't end up completely helpless

I do agree in thinking it's acne but I think what sticks out as methy/heroin behaviour is that she resorts to picking at it endlessly which only makes acne worse and further spreads it. She didn't have that issue before despite having a shit diet. I think those things combined with using are causing it. The drugs going around right now are extra garbage compared to when she started and it's clearly having an effect on her

No. 850340

File: 1629664631649.png (484.52 KB, 370x616, gross.PNG)

shes got those dead eyes again, I don't know what it is but she just looks gross. She just looks so dirty? all the time.

No. 850349

Her skin is so bad I thought it was bruised when I first saw the picture. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s picking from being high on meth.

For someone who’s been in so much therapy it’s weird that she doesn’t know that medication is not a solution, it’s a crutch to help you actually make changes to get back to a good place. You need to put in the work for your antidepressants to work. also who tf asked, it makes me kinda uncomfortable how she rants to her fans like they’re her therapist when most of them are probably like 13.

No. 850351

The difference between her candids and her heavily filtered, egirl makeup, build a face selfies is so much. Especially from a girl who preaches about being authentic and brags about her skin magically getting better when she got "clean". Cystic acne sucks and takes so much time and effort to clear up and rehabilitate your skin after but of course Taylor only cares about the before/after picture and wants to pretend like it was a magic fix.

No. 850352

its really sad how heavily she photoshops and filters her pictures she fr is definition of catfish

No. 850354

That Halsey tattoo is just so cringe. She's the ultimate pick me girl.

No. 850355

It's the magic combo of mullet + bad skin. Always looks like a Skins character.

No. 850363

How hard it can be to feed the cat less food

No. 850369

I’m going to take a wild guess and say she free feeds some shit dry food so she doesn’t have to deal with a feeding schedule. Wet food is way better for cats nutritionally plus you can have control of portion sizes. Aren’t the cats also confined to one room? It doesn’t look like they get much exercise or things to do even if they do have access to the whole house.

No. 850371

File: 1629720649287.png (97.52 KB, 245x218, Screenshot 2021-08-23 at 14.58…)

oh really

No. 850372

I stand corrected.

No. 850384

File: 1629732449710.png (375.88 KB, 828x1792, 6AA1F04B-D7F2-438E-A36F-011B17…)

No. 850385

File: 1629732473256.png (3.54 MB, 828x1792, 32470BE5-FC28-42EC-8405-AEBC0C…)

No. 850386

File: 1629732499512.png (314.48 KB, 828x1792, A36203F5-45B4-47A9-8FF6-348479…)

No. 850387


she acts like she's this old granny, girl you're 24; you could easily turn you're life around you're just too lazy to try.

Her pre-jonny looks was just so much better, she keeps trying to be something that just doesn't work for her.

No. 850396

File: 1629743846737.png (3 MB, 828x1792, 50AF39D7-696B-41DF-BBE1-762779…)

No. 850397

File: 1629744182069.png (4 MB, 828x1792, 3D9B224E-05E5-425E-815D-659CB8…)

No. 850399

Is she driving ? Or is the photo flipped.

Hairdresser-fag : even with all of this harsh treatment to her hair… her waves wouldn’t just disappear. You can tell those we’re done with a curling iron, because of how tight they are - they would still be consistent. I mean, if she had those tight curls they wouldn’t just fade to nothingness. Even with bleaching and flat ironing. Who does she think she is fooling ? I remember people in middle school making the same claims - when it was so clearly not true, because they thought it made them special.
Yes, white girls can definitely have these curls. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying they can’t. But with Taylor it’s untrue 100% bc they would still be very present. We have all seen photos of her right out of bed, v straight hair.

I know she lies a lot for no reason, but this one takes the cake. Very easily disproved.

No. 850400

File: 1629746378549.jpeg (904.28 KB, 2828x2828, A2ADFF0D-550B-49FB-B66D-F43617…)

In her vice video, her father shows childhood photos. Not to be a total creep, but I before stated she must have used a curling iron. I do believe her hair did have some wave, just not the that degree. In her youngest photo, you can tell the bangs were curled. Besides that it looks like she has a bit of waves, (unless) they curled her hair for school photos. Anyways she was a cute kid - crazy who children become.

No. 850401

*bangs were curled with a iron (inwards) .

Just to make that clear

No. 850402

I shaved my head at 24 after years of dying + straightening my hair. Curls grew back normally and look the same. She’s just a coward.

No. 850403

File: 1629748220065.png (2.47 MB, 828x1792, D4436E42-2D2B-4B78-AEF0-C94428…)

No. 850404

File: 1629748246255.png (3.44 MB, 828x1792, 20D29EC3-2377-410B-8E61-5FC1E9…)

No. 850405

Holy shit, caught in another flat out lie. Agreed that it looks like she had some natural wave in her hair but not super tight curls like she claimed. Then she calls us meanies for not believing everything she says.

No. 850406

ew what a clusterfuck. I can only imagine how nasty it looks irl with her especially with her poor hygiene habits.

I feel like she made this claim before with the marylin monroe-esque pics too? A lot of people have curly hair as babies and it ends up straight. If this was true though she wouldn't have miraculous bangs that never curl lmao

no surprise; we know you only leave for the 3 D's: drugs, dick, & drs! Can't wait for her ~my dr is SO proud of me for being soberfromheroin~! meth rant later. In reality I'm sure they lectured her about her obvious use that is going to completely undo all the hard work they did to attempt to heal her body. I really don't see this ending well especially with using tar there's still so many complications she hasn't checked off on the junkiest junkie list yet; but ya know won't happen to me syndrome and all!

No. 850409

Imagine just sitting at the doctor's office and you see this. She's so desperate for attention it's pathetic.

I don't know how she lives with herself getting driven around by mommy at 24. You can bet she didn't make the appointments, or follow any advice. I think this is her trip trying to get more depression meds.

No. 850415

Not only this, but she tries so hard to go for the edgy mysterious e-girl lewk~ but imagine how much of an awkward loser she is irl lmao. She thinks she's such an interesting person online but in reality she's as boring as they get, she's so predictable. Agreed with an anon above that she must have the most greasy, nasty personal hygiene ever, imagine having to be in close proximity to her for a drive or dr appt, ew.

No. 850419

Who would ever wear that to the dr's office kek. You wear sweatpants and a medical grade facemask. The one time she could get away with dressing lazy and she puts on a full beat and a costume right off of a dollskill model. Big small town 13 year old who just discovered Hot Topic energy.

No. 850421

yea when i was born my hair was actual ringlets till i was around 7-8 yrs old then it started to be more wavy. idk why she is SO obsessed with her image and being such a fucking pick me

No. 850422

honestly i might wear everything other than that god awful fucking collar wtf is that!!!! i can slightly understand wanting to look "decent" (putting on makeup etc) since she never leaves her fucking cave but that collar shit is too much, this is not a kinky GYNO appt lmfao

No. 850423

File: 1629767931960.png (341.27 KB, 594x430, 20.PNG)

lmao what's even funnier is that the reason she wants everyone to know that it's not hers is because apparently it's a vera bradley mask which is so not edgy!1!!1! No wonder she still insists on shopping at dollskill; apparently it's lame in her mind to source things anywhere else especially somewhere pRePPy. So closeminded, imagine acting like this at 24, more like 12.

No. 850427

I can’t seem to find it in the old threads but I swear she’s told this lie before and used this same picture

No. 850428

File: 1629776840652.png (14.38 KB, 613x202, ddfdd.PNG)

no rat pics because dead? seems like it

No. 850432

There is no way in hell she has her hedgehogs. It’s been years since we even had a tweet like this about them.

No. 850437

File: 1629791356735.png (2.04 MB, 1325x948, pinned.PNG)

she's definitely back on heroin, just look at her pinned pupils

No. 850438

File: 1629791482278.png (160.88 KB, 765x685, af2828ajkc.PNG)

more lies, I'm sure you got your hideous tramp stamp and knuckle tatoos while 100% sober. Especially considering she just admitted being high for the duration she got all of her tats.

And anyone saying acne is clearly WKing, it's meth sores ya fools

No. 850487

Every time she refers to herself as a junkie, it just screams "I finally found a way to make myself seem special!!!!" Like imagine being a 20 smth with no marketable life skills going on and on about how heroin and your ex ruined your life and then turning around and proudly calling yourself "junkie" because you think you're owning the haters.

No. 850490

No one sobers says “I’m a junkie” you only say that when you are actively using. I’ve never even seen drug addicts besides Taylor take that as a compliment. Proving more that she thinks it’s a cool edgy aesthetic.

Remember in school and they told you to not say yes to cigarettes just because you think they will make you look cool around your friends. Taylor took that “yes” and ran with it. She needs to realize in the real world no one is impressed. It sucks that her tween twitter fans enable this behavior. If they all acted worried instead of celebrating her “junkie persona” she would have been sober for a few years by now. She does the weirdest shit for brownie points. Just like the hair curls lie-you had light waves baby that’s it.

No. 850495

Can confirm that destroying your curls for years does not magically straighten your hair. I have curls like she claims she had and used to bleach/dye the crap out of them, all you get is a fried mess but the curls don’t just go away. They just look like shit until you grow them out.

No. 850496

File: 1629807843298.png (2.73 MB, 828x1792, 02CED311-F0FB-45EE-80C4-AEBF32…)

No. 850497

File: 1629807878936.png (2.94 MB, 828x1792, 855C3F51-E93E-466C-A2F1-7AB914…)

No. 850498

File: 1629807910460.png (2.82 MB, 828x1792, CC622E18-83B6-4F9B-9C26-116E5D…)

No. 850501

She's destroyed her good looks.

No. 850505

First time in 517 days she's posted content about these rats, last was in March 2020 https://twitter.com/taylorndean/status/1243039097222021120 They look to be the original Dove and Pidgeon, which is surprising, but their tales look roughed up and neglected, which is not surprising.

Please god stop posting her every fucking haircut selfie as if its milk. It only encourages hair blogging >>850495 >>850421 which is even duller than muh junkie days blogging, and adds nothing because we already know she's a compulsive liar with a basic bitch 2a wave.

No. 850508


Ugh chapped and bleeding tails on those rats. Sign of bad hygiene, lack of protein and/or improper care. Poor fucking things.

No. 850509

File: 1629815058660.jpeg (125.28 KB, 762x1023, E9iEQa5XsAAtu5z.jpeg)


Better quality image of shitty tail so she can't delete them and say it's just the haters making things up.

No. 850520

They have nothing to do with her time using, they are just drug references she rly likes ok? Drugs rule everything around me has nothing to do with using!!!!

No. 850525

Hasn't she openly admitted to being actively high WHILE GETTING several tattoos? I could have sworn I remembered her waxing poetic about a story of getting high in the bathroom halfway through.

No. 850526

I think it is useful to point out her lies. Then when new people come to the forums they don’t think we are just making baseless claims. It’s like saying “what the point pointing out her animal abuse - we all already know she abuses animals.”

No. 850527

Love the face tune, but the leg on the right side is larger. At least she is getting better with editing.

No. 850528

She gets off on this negative attention, just sad really. She's never gonna change because she's addicted to the attention, as well as the drugs.

Everything she does is for clout, she lies because she can, and she thinks it makes her more interesting. The truth about Taylor is she's actually super insecure and ashamed of herself. I don't think she's a "bad person" like Jonny per se, just an extremely weak and neurotic person.

wtf lol, she's obviously gaining weight, you can see it in her arms, face and legs. She's getting past her prime years, she can't continue with her shitty lifestyle habits or she's gonna be a mess before she hits 30. There's something about youtubers and self denial about growing up.

You had 3 good years on YT, but now her "career" is finished. She's got so much anxiety and doubt about the future. Sad to say but it's too late for Taylor at this point.

No. 850529

Jesus that looks painful, girl those pants just don't fit. It's like she's bursting out of her clothes.

Nothing wrong with being a little overweight, (except death fats) but seriously this look isn't working for you.

No. 850531

Not too knowledgeable on rats; 3 years is pretty good for them yes?
I'm sure its her mom doing the work, and yes, surviving is different from thriving…hoping that her mom is doing decent work with them though.

No. 850535

ratfag here, those are just age spots, like liver spots on people.

also when rats get older they tend to get rather lazy and just lay in their pee and will get little blisters sometimes. it doesn't hurt them. they're just stupid.

No. 850540

Blisters are not normal nor are they painless. Likely reason for their tails looking bumpy with scabs is mites, which commonly live in the bedding people buy.

No. 850542

File: 1629831108242.png (755.47 KB, 864x1452, Screenshots_2021-08-24-14-50-4…)


I mean they look like mite irritation to me…

No. 850547

File: 1629832718131.png (637.22 KB, 864x1452, 1629831108242~2.png)

No. 850550

File: 1629833699375.png (618.52 KB, 406x715, 00001.PNG)

yikes her arm is starting to look totally deformed from all the infections etc from musceling. Always disgusting when she uses filters that enhance it she clearly knows what she's doing but man is she sloppy with the facetune and body shooping. She's never been capable of buying shit that fits.


Also her poor rats look so scared in these pics and it's kinda shitty to take these prey animals out where they're exposed to birds etc. Not cute. Poor rats are in just as bad condition as we though. We did suspect mites when she posted other snake so I could def see it. Idk never seen it on an elderly rat but she is so offhands with her care >>850535 if they're sitting in their pee it needs to be cleaned up! she's so fucking lazy that should NOT be happening

No. 850584


Yeah see Taylor, the thing is, we'd fire people whose behaviour was fucked up due to being a meth head and a dope fiend. You think we'd let a crackhead be trusted with experiments or patients?

She's so fucking delusional. We can see the fucking picking marks from the meth addiction.

No. 850585

Those rats are so cute but the tails do look painful. Taylor's pet care is sort of an Occam's razor situation where like of course it could be any number of things but it could also be neglect and with her history, neglect should always be the first assumption. But none of that matters of course, just as long as her one time getting dressed and made up all month is front and center in the animal photos!

No. 850594

I mean you're not wrong, but she was girl-next-door pretty at best. She just knows how to work her filters and camera angles. The tattoos, horrible fashion sense, and bloated lips turned her from cute -> to below average.

Oof that arm looks rough, tons of scarring and discoloration. Rats look terrified tbh.

No. 850609

File: 1629857293635.png (1.92 MB, 828x1792, 36B35746-8CB5-41DD-A0D9-7B6A02…)

No. 850626


That’s the most demanded animal people ask for and it’s been YEARS

No. 850640

File: 1629869531811.png (3.53 MB, 828x1792, B295C115-569F-4CF1-825E-E263DB…)

No. 850641

File: 1629869562368.png (2.43 MB, 828x1792, E56B432C-74C7-4BAF-BA31-5AFB0C…)

No. 850642

You beat me to it anon. Literally saw those and RAN here lmao. 100% proof she lurks here still as someone the other day was mentioning how horrible her skin is and how different her selfies look from her hairdresser’s candids

No. 850643

File: 1629870176469.png (398.77 KB, 828x1792, 9D2F10C0-E74F-472B-BC65-15FE6E…)

No. 850644

File: 1629870403715.webm (1.18 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_193…)

Confirming she reads here

Taylor come on don't play dumb. show why people are discussing you being a catfish in the first place aka the hairstylist pics & vid lol. Showing what's clearly rejected edits proves nothing. Her nose bridge glows a la james Charles in one and then not at all in the next. So much secondhand embarassment. Also everyone knows you're not sober you're not fooling anyone but yourself it's very obvious

No. 850645

File: 1629870503584.webm (1.89 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_193…)

Vid #2

No. 850647

File: 1629870774085.jpeg (282.7 KB, 828x1531, 274ACDEB-05E8-4870-BFCC-3F8CAB…)

pretty sure this is all in response to one chicks comment lmao

No. 850648

File: 1629871125958.png (447.75 KB, 1170x2532, C954A921-4975-40E5-8937-876177…)

Get your screenshots folks she’s been going off on her haters in multiple tweets and keeps deleting them.

No. 850649

She makes 2 vids every 2 years and the difference IS jarring there too. Especially candid vids - take the vice doc for example yikes. She sits in one position and is very careful with her movements in all her vids.

Sad that she thinks photography is just all about deception and going to extremes. Normal people don't do much more than add filters and dgaf if a friend posts candids because they arent actively trying to fool people into thinking they look differently

No. 850650

File: 1629872787796.png (6.05 MB, 1242x2208, 92430F49-5C85-4E23-A70A-E9A137…)

How self-absorbed do you have to be to sit outside and take gigabytes worth of selfies on your phone multiple times a week? Like her camera roll has to be 98% selfies, 1.8% cherished drug-related memories, 0.1% cringey Halsey content and 0.1% images of her “absolutely perfect” animal hoard

No. 850651

File: 1629873225168.webm (757.58 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_193…)

She's clearly panicking because she got being called out for her lies about her appearance and it shatters her "recovery" narrative. She's not that bright because she'd realize all her actions are what make it so painfully obvious. What worried mama dean will finally kick her out? It would be well deserved and hopefully will happen before she ends up dying. Like recovery isn't about proving strangers on the internet wrong it's about having a life and being around to live it.

No. 850652

that comment is gone so either taylor deleted it or her fans bullied the person until they did

No. 850653

Geezus, looking like a musician luna slater would adore

No. 850655

File: 1629874567123.png (426.96 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210825-015255.png)

How does one "forget" taking dozens of pics in what appears to be a parking garage after a new haircut literally 3 days ago?! Definitely not the drugs I'm sure! /s

No. 850669

The sheer amount of identical selfies in the mini thumbnails at the bottom, so vain

No. 850670

No one needed multiple stories and walls of text about your skin and your meth use and the heat and why it’s ok to edit it when the text on the pillow in >>850497 is miraculously changing direction to merge with your arm and thigh. Go cry and type another disingenuous, rambling paragraph about it!

No. 850674

She looks like machine gun kelly.

No. 850734

The. Stop. Reading. Here. Everyone on your Twitter for the most part is very supportive of you. Why does she seek out hate ?

No. 850736

You can literally change your features in the camera app, so those vids prove nothing lol, who is she trying to fool. Pretty sure she reshapes her jaw, enlarges eyes and lips to the monstrosity levels and shrinks her nose in all of these. Glad to see that despite her feeling too bad to do anything, she's still able to take thousands of selfies at all times tho.

No. 850737

Any editing on your photos if photos shop.
“I apply smoothing”
“Literally no photoshop”
Ummm okay…

No. 850738

I know, there are a million editing video softwares now. All on apps. Snow is a great example.

No. 850743

KEK. Her trying to spin that mini meltdown as her just “forgetting to show some selfies” is hilarious. Cope harder Taylor.

No. 850752

She looks so dead eyed and her face is so long. Longest philtrum known to man here, really horse esque.

No. 850762

Literally all of her following is kind to her and so supportive. The only time she has a melt down is when she’s been caught in a lie. There’s like a hundred comments on that photo and she chose that to respond to.. this woman.
Also isn’t photoshop traditionally just smoothing skin and changing lighting?

No. 850768

File: 1629930158164.png (2.46 MB, 828x1792, 4D98DD2D-BC07-426E-B9B6-6DF500…)

No. 850769

File: 1629930186836.png (306.39 KB, 828x1792, FC973E41-06F8-46E4-A3C4-81E21E…)

No. 850772

>Drugs ravaged my skin!
You ravaged yourself with drugs, you dumb victim complex narc bitch. Take some responsibility. Drugs didn't mysteriously happen to you and ruin your life, you made the choice to do them and then made the choice to make your recovery your identity, so of course people are going to feel duped when they discover you're lying. We only mention the bad skin because she made such a huge point of being clean = clean skin. Her victim act is so tired.

No. 850774

yea she wanted "the experience" well… she got it all right. It's still not hitting her that her life is ruined, she's not going to be able to go back and make 40k on easy sponsor videos anymore. She still thinks things are going to go back to the way they were before, because the consequences haven't hit her yet. She is in complete denial and when she gets out of it she'll relapse again HARD.

Her health problems aren't going to disappear, even if she gets off drugs. She has done permanent damage to her brain and organs at this point. She keeps making it worse and at this point the damage is done. Scar tissue doesn't magically disappear, reputation doesn't suddenly recover, she'll keep getting older and discover that her most profitable years will always be shooting up with Jonny.

No. 850783

File: 1629935272338.png (4.88 MB, 828x1792, C2591810-130D-4339-8F71-65A478…)

No. 850790

Why do almost all youtubers (if she can even be called that at this point) dress like shit or like oversized teenagers?

No. 850793

Shoes look like they were made by fisher price.

No. 850794

Is she seriously taking a selfie every time she is at the doctor? That shit is so pathetic. Also the filter on this pic working hella overtime. Everything about her face is different but sure keep claiming "I only change lighting and skin flaws guys!" and we will keep laughing.

No. 850795

File: 1629945256463.png (110.95 KB, 605x661, Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 10.3…)

im guessing she will move out when she is 48 years old lmao

No. 850801

But all her exotic pets are well taken care of guys, no problem!

No. 850804

lmao so as I thought those times she wasn't always using and was using on and off a lot was because she was broke not because she was trying hard to get sober.

No. 850805

i really really wanna know where sabor is. like holy fuck he was literally living in her fucking closet last time he was even mentioned

No. 850815

She reminds me of my 7-year-old niece. Cringe.

No. 850821

anons called it again, she's broke and that's why she wants back into YT. I'm not sure what expenses she's complaining about, i'm pretty sure she lives at her parents house rent-free…

I can't wait till she has to work a real job

No. 850826

She ripped all of her "fashion" choices from Jonny. She's literally jonny at this point. rips off fans, no longer respected in the community, junkie, mooches off others, still thinks they're important.

Her fashion revolves around drug use and attention seeking. It's just druggie/LA fashion nothing really spectacular.

No. 850828

omg anon learn to talk Taylor. "No photoshop" means she uses other apps to edit, "no heroin" means she is doing meth instead.

No. 850867

File: 1630005525211.png (3 MB, 828x1792, 75832904-4159-4A52-8626-EE5055…)

No. 850885

I thought she was on the toilet. Wtf are those trousers?! How can you wear something like that to a Doctor’s office and not cringe yourself into oblivion?

No. 850894

honestly i wonder where tf does she even get money nowadays like her old youtube videos cant possibly give her enough for anything, specially now that youtube cut off ad revenue that most youtubers have like a patreon or something

No. 850906

looking like a middle aged mom having a mid life crisis and is desperately trying to snag a dr as a meal ticket

No. 850942

File: 1630066621519.png (1.72 MB, 828x1792, 21D99847-20FA-4FAB-BD50-D50DBC…)

No. 850943

File: 1630066857247.png (2.24 MB, 828x1792, A4CD7A43-7A7C-4609-8963-44C095…)

No. 850944

I love seeing her following count on IG decrease every time she posts now. Nobody gives a shit about your stupid ass ugly mullet hair or your many doctors appointments or your autistic walls of text about nonsense Tay Tay.

No. 850957

File: 1630074828515.png (781.69 KB, 828x1792, 84ECBD8F-D6F0-462A-B8AB-4C5C66…)

No. 850958

no tayter, people like the freakshow of that many animals crammed into a tiny room. it's only because she's vaguely attractive and young that she's not already featured in a tlc show for people to gawk at.

No. 850960

yup even that person from the play all (?) podcast said that they were fascinated that someone lives like that and that is why they kept rewatching the vid. Also at the time it was more believable that she actually had a passion for these animals. Now it's obvious she dgaf about any of them and desperately wanted to become famous somehow so she talked about her pet. Lets not forget she infamously brought one of them to school just for the attention even though I'm sure it was extremely stressful to the hedgie. And she is still here floundering trying to be a notable somebody and failing.

No. 850962

Exactly and it was a phase on YouTube like how prank channels and reaction channels use to be a thing. That video was also the one that went viral and everyone saw it. It’s what originally made her famous.

No. 850965

This is so sad. You know your past your peak when you spend your free time lurking your own Instagram and reminiscing how good things used to be.

No. 850966

yea if you look at pettubers these days they're really struggling, 300k channels barely get 10k a vid. Alot of her old friends are moving onto other ventures or starting their own stores/ businesses.

It's obvious she wants the money back, but it's not gonna happen, her time on youtube peaked already.

No. 850990

File: 1630100734028.jpeg (352.81 KB, 1242x929, F21FD7F8-2147-4C79-9D16-FE52F3…)

Her new insta bio is… something lmao. You can’t take your animals anywhere that doesn’t have your mom looking after them or they’d all die while you’re cracked out

No. 850993

File: 1630101800957.png (47.6 KB, 608x342, extremelyconfidentaboutmyself.…)

She's extremely confident in her sobriety this time you guys.

No. 850994

File: 1630101829204.jpg (659.1 KB, 2048x2048, InFrame_1630101149541.jpg)

> "When I look at my most successful videos I realize people just want authenticity"

> 95% of her most popular videos have titles containing "ALL MY ANIMALS/PETS"

Her actual "authentic" videos where she just talks about animal care or stocks her aquarium or decorates an enclosure have much lower views (below 3 million views) than the ones with the clickbaity sounding titles

No. 851051

There’s a pretty limited amount of content pet channels can make; you can only post so many “all my pets” or “new enclosures” videos before people get bored of it. The only way to keep getting views is to keep hoarding more pets. Then their channels die out anyway and they’re stuck with a bunch of animals they can no longer afford to care for.

No. 851093

her hedgehogs are long gone aren't they

No. 851100

They are literally her most demanded pet she has and she refuses to show them for years. Last we saw them in the rehomed 12 pets video she said they needed cage upgrades bc there enclosures were so small. Doubt that ever happened

No. 851102

huh funny I forgot that! Sad because recently she said all her mammal's cages were fine. I guess they would be fine if they're both dead or in such poor condition that they don't move about their tiny enclosures. Her poor animals are probably just as depressed as she allegedly was; granted I think it was just heroin induced laziness. People tend to just want to sit and "enjoy" their high, don't want to waste it working!/s. Her poor animals don't have a choice to get help or not though which makes me so sad to think what living in such an improper enclosure is doing to them. She def creates content for her critics not her die hard fans and slowly but surely they're seeing through her bs fortunately

No. 851130

To add most time we see her hedgehogs the nails unfortunately are way overgrown. All you have to do is clean their wheels daily and clip there nails weekly. It’s a very low-care pet and not hard

No. 851142

File: 1630281295432.jpeg (668.79 KB, 750x1264, 2C84BB8D-A40E-4C8A-9C23-2A73C8…)

Funny how she still doesn’t get floor space right. It’s a bearded dragon, not a chameleon. They need floor space not height. Also nice job going with zen habitat. They are known to have crappy enclosures for a high price. I remember all the pettubers being sponsored by them. Saying it’s so great, when the cages are trash. The best part is on there website they recommend a completely recommendation for dragons is a different cage.

No. 851143

File: 1630281323695.jpeg (436.84 KB, 750x1224, 802AB38D-69A1-4D1A-89F3-6C6DBD…)

She deleted this tweet in like 10 mins, I wonder what it said

No. 851144

File: 1630281424539.jpeg (366.37 KB, 750x1165, 43B517E5-4E84-44AD-8CFE-03E869…)

Even her supporters are questioning her care techniques

No. 851150

File: 1630289250645.jpeg (273.61 KB, 750x613, 0B0B454B-0B9C-45DF-BA95-402F9D…)

I just don’t understand why she got the arboreal set up. The cost is so much larger. At least I hope they just sent her a free sponsored cage. Also the floor space is 3.5 sq more then the 40 gallon breeder she said she has.

No. 851153

How is she going to provide proper lighting for a bearded dragon in that? The UVB and heat will be so far up. It sounds like she is making a climbing platform but it will have to be huge. Agreed that she must have got it for free as a sponsor type of deal, or she was drugged out when she bought it.

No. 851160

File: 1630302502298.jpeg (412.1 KB, 519x932, 4FB72214-A975-49B3-A65D-EE03D1…)

Definitely a sponsor video coming soon. She just choose the largest one without thinking about uvb or even research the right cage for the pet she wants to put in there. Maybe she choose it bc it was the most expensive for free ? I just think is wasn’t the smartest move

No. 851161

yeaaa she probably just got the enclosure for free if she promised to do a video on it. Seems like they're a very small company that figured they could use free advertising.

Alot of these things they send to creators are returns or factory seconds. They probably didn't have a used one in the long size, so they sent the "high" enclosure instead. I agree it really isn't appropriate for a bearded dragon setup. Taylor does have a sub count of nearly 2mil, that's still worth alot to niche businesses and advertisers.

No. 851167

Idk if this is nirpicking but why she calls them cages? It is a terrarium, why she never ever uses that word?
Also it is not an aquarium why GALLONS? When direct 1x1x1 measurements would be so much more informative and important to the animals.

No. 851168

Tinfoil but maybe she got the arboreal cage for Sabor who is (was) a green tree python living in a substandard tall plastic tub. According to >>850015 we haven't seen Sabor since June 2020 even though her community asks after him all the time. Maybe he was too poorly to show and finally died in the time between her ordered the cage and it arriving.

No. 851193

File: 1630332587207.jpg (204.23 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20210830_160714.jpg)

Her idea of hard work kek

No. 851202

Meth makes you hyperfocus. Probably spends hours filtering selfies just right too.

No. 851203

I'm not surprised she got a shitty enclosure. Her huge "custom cages" units are absolute garbage and impossible to truly clean because they have lots of nooks and crannies. I've worked with them before at a rescue and they were quickly replaced. This new enclosure seems built exactly like those units. More specifically the silver trim looks hollow and if it has a seam inside will be a nightmare along with all those tiny nooks and crannies where soil, waste, etc. will get trapped in, which eventually causes the whole unit to start reeking even if you're cleaning it regularly, and we know mama dean and taylor don't do that. Obviously her room already probably reeks from the reptiles and the 3 cats with one litter box and now her animals are now all over her parents house meaning the whole house must smell now, i couldn't deal. I wonder what her family thinks of it? I wouldn't be surprised if the odour also permeates the walls of her parent's house permanently if it hasn't already, at least in her room. Also She always fucks up like this and gets arboreal enclosures for non-arboreal animals and non-arboreal enclosures for arboreal animals, why?! I feel like she has done this before, I believe with sabor (who is probably rip)

no wonder she can't get out of her depression, songs in the pic are all depressing af. Guess she needs a hxrdcxre junkie playlist to go with her hxrdcxre junkie aesthetic. Agreed on the meth hyperfocus lol. Why would she basically admit that? It's like she's always trying to tell people she's still using without saying it

No. 851207

File: 1630340795337.png (666.12 KB, 818x604, lookatmeimsewedgy.PNG)

from her second account @trailernickelding

No. 851208

File: 1630340868681.webm (3.27 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_193…)

And another awkward af vid which she loves to include

No. 851209

Her hair makes her head look deformed lol

No. 851210

Remember guys she doesn’t photoshop kek

No. 851211

Doubt it zen is known to be terrible for humidity - but how would she know she never bothers to look into anything

No. 851212

Her head looks werid. Also she is clearly using a video filters. I love how she post videos to prove she doesn’t edit / photoshop, but puts filters over videos

No. 851213

File: 1630341494650.png (904.27 KB, 479x598, 1101.PNG)

tbf that is the one of the original pics; she did a bunch of shitty edits that I didn't post sorry I should have posted at least 1 but they all look like this with various busy backgrounds that match her outfit.

I just wanted everyone to see that she is clearly out of her mind high on heroin and meth and if you didn't know it it looks like she's living in some hovel. I guess she is determined to die or get that endocarditis. I can't imagine it's helping her body heal like dumbass you aren't even close to out of the woods

No. 851214

File: 1630341582827.png (907.85 KB, 478x597, 0001.PNG)

her blurred neck def stood out to me though in pretty much all of them so i agree with you both lmao

No. 851215

File: 1630341688824.png (900.3 KB, 476x599, 00000001.PNG)

No. 851216

File: 1630341740564.png (913.66 KB, 480x600, 000001.PNG)

basically all look the same. Dead eyes, busy background

No. 851217

File: 1630341798082.png (793.31 KB, 480x602, 001.PNG)

No. 851219

File: 1630342009767.png (904.69 KB, 475x595, 000000001111.PNG)

last but not least. Seems she is spending all day morphing herself into what she wishes she looked like instead of actually working on her actual work or mental health. But yep the meth is helping her be productive guys! This is exactly what happens to every meth addict; they're productive at first and it helps them achieve things and then they get strung out and waste all day doing dumb shit. Add the heroin and she's a motivated zombie, it's absolute misery

No. 851220

I was just going to ask this. Why does she look so dead in the eyes? Maybe she thought the world would be all "aww poor bby got addicted to heroin from her mean boyfriend" and give her all the asspats for breathing.
Well it didn't and now she's scrambling to be relevant and somehow make a living.

No. 851221

I think you're spot on anon

No. 851226

She's still super salty about jonny for sure, I think she's mad there wasn't more a backlash against him. She told everyone who spoke out against jonny the first time to fuck off, not surprising they aren't around anymore.

All these pics scream drug addict. She's def on something, she looks like a white-trash Walmart shopper.

No. 851235

Actually the worst outfit she's ever worn

No. 851236

It screams jonny. It looks like his style. It’s like she has been trying to morph into him

No. 851241

Nominating one of these for the next thread pic, no additional edits needed.

No. 851254

Love getting dressed up in stupid outfits to stare blankly into my phone alone in my bedroom in my parent's house while I take hundreds of pictures of myself and make self deprecating jokes about how much I hate myself. Who needs responsibilities, personal growth or accountability when you have hobbies like that.

No. 851268

File: 1630370299296.jpeg (135.84 KB, 750x378, 4C17BB49-EAC4-4E7E-BF42-E2839F…)

No. 851269

File: 1630370322495.jpeg (379.29 KB, 750x1025, 020FCA34-3402-4A31-8B3B-1710B9…)

No. 851270

File: 1630370351592.jpeg (447.02 KB, 750x1199, 4D6342EB-6BF1-4740-BBB2-EBB40D…)

Shave head saga.

No. 851271

File: 1630370441667.jpeg (188.75 KB, 750x416, F9B1E98D-9566-470C-831C-E9AEF0…)

Who is this about ? Pet tubers ?

No. 851283

The obsession with her own hair is hilarious because it's not like she goes anywhere where people can see it. She sits in her room all day and occasionally gets driven to Whataburger or a doctor appointment by her mommy. Her existence is so sad and pathetic.

No. 851287

"wooowww you guys really didn't want to hang out with me while I was high as fuck, stinky as fuck, laazy as fuck and ruining my entire life? Woowwww some friends"

No. 851291

lmfao, basically!

I'd be willing to bet it's about Betsey and that crew. they're the only ones from her childhood that were around in recent times and by that I mean like a yr ago. That's all tinfoil of course

yep that's what's crazy to me too and every time she touches it it looks worse and worse. Like she paid to get this hair done recently and it looks like her 4 month grown out hair pics

No. 851302

File: 1630388731197.jpg (521.61 KB, 1170x1035, IMG_4409.jpg)

sage for tinfoil and autism but i live near her and when i saw this on yikyak earlier i immediately thought it was her, and then to come on here and see this… hahaha

No. 851303

Literally. She's trying to play the victim again but honestly it sounds like she was the shitty friend, not the other way around. Wah wah Taylor didn't get the constant attention & enabling she deserved! Bad friends!

No. 851317

kek she even shooped her bloated hand (and ankles) to look smaller. the extraterrestrial head shape is a whole different story tho

No. 851371

File: 1630434454022.png (8.17 MB, 1125x2436, ED4DA8D6-5BEC-4788-8517-4F8DAF…)

No. 851373

"Have help today" so dad's got a day off I mean he does work from home now right because Tanner's immune comprimised? I feel like Jenn said that. Did mom cancel an outing with her brother? Most likely betting that its some bro dick from tinder or her parents. The garage pic gave me the vibe that her dad was putting everything together. I can't imagine taylor even owning a screwdriver Much less a power drill

No. 851375

File: 1630435718732.png (3.94 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210831-010045.png)

I just noticed that no one posted last nights hair whining here is her "curly" hair. Lmao she has never had more than waves and that's not what damaged curly hair looks like. Incoming dump

No. 851376

File: 1630436161358.png (4.29 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210831-010105.png)

Shes killing herself with drugs and doing fucked up shit while actively healing from a surgical wound that was left open to heal and alleged "11 antibiotic infections" & yet all she cares about is her hair and wearing ugly "druggie" clothes. Have to say it is satisfying seeing her follower counts dwindle and her social blade dwindle. I know social blade isnt accjrate but if she's anywhere near what it says petco would literally pay more and probably would be mentally healthier too. And yet she cant understand what she's doing wrong. I feel like a broken record

No. 851377

File: 1630436246992.png (4.54 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210831-010127.png)

No. 851378

File: 1630436391577.png (4.63 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210831-010145.png)

Clearly she's been crying. The secondhand embarassment I have for her posting shit like this. Talk about desperate

No. 851379

File: 1630436494405.png (1.1 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210831-010323.png)


No. 851390

Her bangs would be curled too not flat like that. What ? Haha

No. 851391

“This crazy proof” she definitely has been on here lately

No. 851398

File: 1630446697753.jpeg (172.21 KB, 750x523, 9667E4AC-1BF8-482E-9C4B-845C0A…)

But she was retweeting them a week ago…

No. 851490

File: 1630477419211.jpeg (377.96 KB, 1242x977, C98C9960-248C-43D3-BD08-4DDB1B…)

New week new bio, as anons speculated it seems like she’s trying to be a “family friendly” YouTuber again lmao

No. 851499

So, she says that she's been flat ironing her hair daily, but sometimes not washing her hair for weeks. That could only be true if she has been flat ironing her hair few years ago before drugs

No. 851507

So what you're saying is she's been panini pressing her hair with all that grease buildup

No. 851521

File: 1630516567984.png (475.33 KB, 1242x2688, C61215D4-1E08-4E2E-9223-11F329…)

Setting us up for “don’t be surprised when Salem looks like a completely different snake! He didn’t die and get replaced, he just had a totally sudden growth spurt!”

No. 851523

Or the other excuse “ don’t be surprised he has a insane growth spurt.. it’s not like I’ve been showing extremely old photos of him or anything - been trying to pass them off as current” I think she was confident in his health before and how he was looking so she was hiding him away, and now he will be a lot bigger then last we saw, because she was using old photos

No. 851524

WASNT CONFIDENT in his health … I meant

No. 851526

File: 1630518361624.jpeg (176.18 KB, 494x912, C0208E5B-8124-4514-BA2C-96BC74…)

She retweeted people in the tag, hours after saying she hasn’t read the same tag in years… retweets the haters all the time - and response to the forums vaguely in her Instagram stories… but doesn’t have any time for hate. Nor has she read any FOR YEARS ?! kek she must be high saying one thing while clear evidence of her doing the exact opposite

No. 851527

File: 1630518730205.jpeg (503.89 KB, 750x1263, 93ACB217-77D4-4B5B-9507-97FD84…)

She has been sicken her fans on the hashtag and tweeting about it, then once they attack she deletes all evidence. How is this not gabby hanna

No. 851546

File: 1630527828125.png (5.78 MB, 1242x2688, 7C649942-5691-4360-A540-97AB7C…)

Still bashing the company who sold her the bearded dragon I see…

Also this whole post reeks of 12 year old “I’m gonna organize my school folders!” energy.

No. 851548

I think she just picked one out and said it was hyper red herself- then when she was clearly wrong she blames the mystery company- you know the one her friends MADE her call out and it turned out to not be south texas dragons, so she slandered them and destroyed there online sales

No. 851553

this is just what normal straight hair looks like if you're a slob and have it in a ponytail or bun for days. as another anon said, if she actually had curly hair then her bangs would be curled too, but since that part wasn't in the ponytail its her normal texture. no idea why she so desperately wants to have curly hair when she clearly hasn't had it since she was a toddler.

i can't believe she is still calling gemini a chimera when so many people have been telling her for years now that he isn't one

No. 851555

File: 1630531560912.png (500.58 KB, 404x702, oh so difficult.PNG)

now was that so hard? First time seeing her lotl Mushu since her mom's spaghetti video last yr! and that was not a very clear view

why is she writing their morphs? Are they opening their zoo to the public? We all know she's just going to make a "feeding all my pets" or "all my pets in 1 video" video and go right back to posting sob druggie stories even though no one cares

No. 851556

File: 1630531685859.png (529.04 KB, 405x708, poorlittlemushu.PNG)

No. 851558

File: 1630532261196.png (88.69 KB, 401x726, pooranimals.PNG)

I feel bad for the pets that will be stuck in the living room. She already has several there with the two dogs and the cat they stole from a neighbor (idk unless they finally let her back out - I hope). She has talked rudely about her brother talking and being loud as well, which is understandable with his condition, but I feel may stress her pets. The whole family appears to all be housebound so those poor pets gotta be in hell. Normally I'd say the living room is fine for the rats in fact it would be a good place to put them since they can be social and see/interact with the family all the time but the fact that there are the dogs makes me think it's the wrong place for them and the hedgies. She always tries SO hard to "do the right thing" builds up a ton of hype like it's going to be great and then inevitably fucks it up completely because she cheaps out and half assed it and then it's almost worse than before. Idk how she does it it's a definite talent of hers though and is true for every aspect of her life

also the minimal complaining - just jelly feet and no pacing just going hard at it once again SCREAMS i'm goofballing hard yall! woo meth i'm getting shit done and frying my brain! multitasking!

No. 851566

For Taylor the “best possible thing” is always the best thing when only considering options that let her be lazy, entitled, or in denial. The REAL best possible thing would be for her to rehome them, since their caretaker (mama Dean) likely has zero real knowledge about them, and Ms. 99% Of My Time Was Spent In Bed Poor Me is obviously unable to care for them either.

No. 851567

File: 1630538799337.png (401.99 KB, 828x1792, 20EFA08C-04F6-4848-9791-ACD59E…)

No. 851574

File: 1630543491453.jpeg (483.46 KB, 750x1294, 19ECA666-DB39-4654-9E40-3DD6B5…)


No. 851581

I can never decide whether to be glad to finally see Mushu again or sad because her suffering continues. She looks relatively (for Taylor) healthy here for once. Gills are dense and I don't see any fungus but the pic quality doesn't help. The gold spots on her face still make me sad.

No. 851582

I think she writes the morphs because she doesn’t care enough about them to remember which snake is which without a label to remind her.

No. 851588


is she speedballing?

No. 851592

File: 1630552926506.png (106.64 KB, 518x303, spp.PNG)

with meth yes it definitely seems like it. She's talked about it on twitter before that it was her fav way to use meth and obviously she would be dope sick if she didn't use h at the same time and it's pretty clear she's back on h.

No. 851611

File: 1630555647649.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 635.98 KB, 750x1281, 9B4344B1-45B5-474A-B7E3-BCAD2E…)

No. 851612

File: 1630555674682.jpeg (407.9 KB, 750x569, B307AB6B-79A4-43B9-8C6F-5D1324…)

No. 851620

this is so fucking depressing i don't even know what to say. Just gives off animal hoarder vibes more than ever and that pitiful ventilation! But yeah okay maybe they can finally totally stretch out uh that's um great what else? literally the exact same existence as before - just the adult snake sized version. It pisses me off that she's not even doing the bare minimum like just rehome some damn. Does she really need 3 obese yellow snakes that almost all look exactly alike?! This pains me

No. 851627

File: 1630560090857.jpeg (120.73 KB, 750x569, 1630555674682.jpeg)

It looks like someone just drilled some holes in some walmart containers, the "ventalation holes" aren't even lined up right. If she seriously paid for these she got ripped off hard. Agreed it's just depressing, no light, hides or enrichment of anykind.

No. 851645


She’s writing the morphs because meth

No. 851660

she should really add some extra clips on the sides or the snakes will get out. Get ready for "waahh my collection escaped, time to buy new pets"

No. 851709

poetry in motion

No. 851712

what the fuck. snakes at the zoo have better enclosures than this.

No. 851747

File: 1630620900532.png (21.19 KB, 607x334, ddddd.PNG)

did anons call it or what?

No. 851748

File: 1630620933520.png (242.72 KB, 1405x727, enclosures.PNG)

jesus this is depressing

No. 851767

File: 1630624802096.jpg (123.07 KB, 828x1320, customcages.jpg)

Lmao doesn't read hate comments but randomly mentions the humidity after it was discussed here. She really did the thing that took the least amount of effort and even then couldn't even do it right.

I wonder then if maybe the fake email was about the zen? She's also donating the giant custom cages. Does this mean she's making efforts to never hoard again? She used to keep every used enclosure "just in case" so maybe this is a rare sign of growth.

I feel like she's going through her storage unit because she's realized she'll be stuck at her parents a while and it's probably cutting into her dope money

No. 851772

File: 1630626452463.png (184.93 KB, 921x578, blade.PNG)

Also speaking of dope money - I know social blade is inaccurate but I feel like it gives us an idea. Hers has dropped significantly since her last video to the lowest it's ever been. Most jobs pay 10-15 as minimum wage now so she could literally make more money working at target (starting salary there is $15/hr) and it would be so much healthier for her. Sad that she's still trying to pretend that she can afford her old lifestyle. From here on out if she's visibly sober from heroin/and or meth I'm going to assume she's just out of $ unless she maintains sobriety (lol).

Okay so going off the average cost for heroin addicts being 40-80 a day and giving her the benefit of the doubt: $40x365 = $14,365 a yr on H and meth minimum! In her interview video for the new york times she says that after taxes (lmao that she wasn't paying) and pet needs, she only made 6000 and that was just after she hit 1 million subs. So I'm assuming that rn her parents are helping her at least pay for her animals which would just be more stupid enabling. Any $ she doesn't have to spend on necessities (aka HER pets) is another $ she can put towards meth and heroin. Jenn is clearly worried about her uwu stupid baby being hurt in the big scawey (scary) world! Considering her infections mama's probably right about that but damn she'll be there forever! God forbid she have consequences for her actions. Despite that I wonder if she's gotten to the part of addiction where she sucks dick for drugs, i mean she loves a good bro dick

No. 851773

File: 1630626499770.png (68 KB, 908x699, blade 2.PNG)

No. 851775

I bet she has sucked dick for drugs let's be real, she'd be getting two of her favourite things at once. Drugs and attention.

No. 851776

Can you just stop with your crazy theories ?

No. 851778

can you just stop policing the thread? Let people speculate geez

No. 851782

anon if you've ever watched intervention you'd see that addicts and their families are actually pretty predictable so these aren't "crazy" theories. I just thought it was nice to see her finally facing real consequences for the first time since she got with Johnny; especially after bragging that she could have been making money (vids) all last yr but didn't "need" to. Even if the numbers aren't that accurate. If they're anywhere close to that she' probably going to change her lifestyle a bit, maybe even make videos regularly! I'm excited because I hope it's a sign of future delicious full fat milk! I don't think she can get away with hiding for months any more

No. 851783

she's had sex and shared needles with jonny craig, no need for tinfoiling, Jonny got her the drugs in the first place, even if she paid for them. Anyways, She is def hurting for cash at this point, it's the only reason she's trying to get into YT again.

Her earnings are really lousy for 2mil subs, but subs don't mean anything anymore. It just going to be cringeworthy to watch her try and salvage her "career".

No. 851785

She's admitted in the past she spent like 100k plus on drugs, it's in the old threads somewhere. Also she wouldn't survive at any "normal" job, she'd get fired within 2 weeks for being lazy/ drug use/ disturbing the peace.

No. 851816

I’ve wondered for so long how tf she gets money to buy anything ( tattoos, hair stylists, ugly clothing, drugs, furbies, pet food/supplies etc) and this just makes me wonder even harder.

She always talks about how much she wants to move out and it looks like if she doesn’t get a real job that’s never going to happen. Other anons have said it but it’s really difficult to make money on YouTube these days and she just doesn’t have the numbers for it anymore, and her new content is sooo bland.

No. 851824

why is she only getting rid of her good enclosures? The tubs and racks look terrible for taking photos or creating new content. she rarely shows her hoard inside their enclosures but it seems like a dumb move, even for her. Probably lied about donating and is selling them for drug money

No. 851841


I was thinking the same thing. She has these nice enclosures already set up and exchanging them for plastic tubs and a rack of snake drawers. Even if the structure itself is too large, she can at least dismantle it and spread out the cages. Full disclosure - I know nothing about keeping snakes, but I feel that having a snake in a plastic tub it’s entire life isn’t a good thing?

No. 851842

Wait wtf, she's getting rid of the entire custom cabinet? How tf is that an upgrade when she's only getting two new glass enclosures? One of the new enclosures is for the beardie, what are the crested gecko and the blue tongues skink going to share the other? Or is one of them going in the Tupperware and only 5 of her 12 snakes are getting "upgrades" from the filing cabinet.
>uwu if only a reptile charity could collect these from my house, look I tweeted about it see how hard I'm trying
She's definitely selling that custom for meth money. They're worth a few grand new aren't they?

No. 851870

used reptile enclosure aren't really worth anything, I kinda doubt she's getting any money from it. I agree that she's probably trying to downsize so she can get rid of her storage unit.

It's funny how she's trying to save money now, didn't she say "my $500, is your $50" or something like that kek. I'm guessing everyone except snakes are dead, we haven't seen skinks, frogs, hedgehogs in ages. I think she's trying to focus on the snakes cause their low care requirements make them easier to hoard.

No. 851923

Some snakes can do well in appropriately sized plastic tubs because those make it easier to maintain humid for tropical species (like ball pythons). It’s not uncommon to do, but usually it’s also a matter of cost. There are plenty of alternatives to maintain humidity when you have the money (which she does, she just buys junk instead) and a little extra effort.

There are so many better things she COULD do for her snakes instead of relying on tubs, but we all know she is the queen of Good Enough and Whatever is Less Work For Me.

No. 851925

File: 1630720031550.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2688, 01151C68-14F6-48F5-9528-562E49…)

No. 851926

File: 1630720099177.png (6.39 MB, 1242x2688, 352E1663-5A2E-4C58-95D5-53EE71…)

Bearded dragons are not an arboreal species, you ding dong.

No. 851930

From my understanding they are semi-arboreal, so if they’re big platforms it could be a way to increase floor space. Considering it is Taylor, though, makes me nervous

No. 851931

There is no way they are getting enough UV from that distance

No. 851932

If I remember right these didn’t have the floor dismembered of a 40 gallon breeder terrarium, but the capacity of 40 gallons of water as a aquarium. They are not nearly the same thing.

No. 851933

So as far as I can see twisty basically has the same amount of floor space but now has double the height as before? She really just cant ever handle taking peoples' criticisms or doing what's right for herself and her animals because then the "haters" would be right. God forbid! She is just a constant facepalm

No. 851939

Exactly! Why did she move him knowing that the new terrarium wasn't ready? That lighting setup is horrendous, everything is way too far away.

You're correct, but they're not the best climbers. Even if she puts platforms, that much height in a beardie terrarium has risk of falling and injury, especially with such a hard bottom.

No. 851978

So logically this has me at least picturing multiple levels built into the enclosure that he can get to the lamp at the top while also having more land space but there's no way she is going to do that. Doubt she's building shit. She's probably going to leave it as it is. Or have dumb platforms he might fall off of. What an idiot.
She was probably so eager to show this free enclosure just because it's big and only now realizing it's not going to work, but since she is the way she is, she can never be the one that is wrong. So she's going to half ass it and the bearded dragon will suffer for it.

No. 851980

not a herp anon but wouldn't it be an issue if the lamp is only really reaching an upper platform and not getting the rest of it? Wouldn't that mean that twisty would basically have to spend all their time up on that platform in order to not develop mbd? Just like seems like a lot of work for a poor result. And I agree with the doubling down on things. It's obnoxious but it's def what makes her milky lol

No. 851982

Aren’t the same cages she had at atrium house?

No. 851988

Yeah she would need to wire lights underneath each platform or something that takes a lot of work, I can’t see this going well

No. 852032

Yes, she is giving them away and replacing them with cages from zenhabitat.

Am I the only one who thinks her black cages look way better than the cages from zenhabitat? Zenhabitat reminds me of cardboard cages (because of the wood) but maybe taylor wants them because they are white like the rest of her room?

No. 852040

File: 1630885359161.jpeg (227.63 KB, 979x1750, AB195868-2589-4B26-B039-496232…)

Yeah, it reminds me of the cheapo laminated MDF shelves you see at stores like Walmart.

No. 852060

File: 1630904555498.png (547.25 KB, 406x717, chiptotesnotglasssurfing.PNG)

No. 852061

File: 1630904633003.png (686.08 KB, 416x722, holy yikes.PNG)

holy fuck is her hand ever swollen. Seriously jonny level swelling! I guess that hep c is doing a number on them both rn. as still appears to have little pinpricks in her hand veins ouch

No. 852062

File: 1630904792316.png (103.51 KB, 404x714, damnmustvebeensomegoodnods.PNG)

and huh she must've been pretty fucked up for that to happen. Especially considering I'm actually surprised how long it's taken her to upgrade (she was all about having the latest iphone in her yt days). This is definitely going to put a dent in he drug fund lol

No. 852063

Nitpick but I can’t stand the term “cages” it’s so dated and weird. Say “enclosure” or “tank” or “habitat” like a civilized human being. Sure they’re reptiles or whatever but it’s just tacky. The verbiage alone makes it incredibly obvious that she doesn’t give a flying fuck.
Saved for autism.

No. 852065


I mean, like many herpetologists who work with the pet trade say, STOP BUYING SICK ANIMALS. It just encourages breeders to have more Spider-morph ball pythons, or those derived from that wobble-fucked ancestry.

Actual moron who's contributing to the problem. The irony is I'm like 99% sure she's said the same thing about sickly animals in pet stores, in regards to fish IIRC.

No. 852066

Didn't she do a massive methrant defending spider balls and claiming Motley/Chip has no problems?

No. 852068

why the fuck is she keeping him in an aquarium then? Spiders have far less problems in tubs where they stress less, and she used to keep him in a tub, but now he is suddenly in that tank and having issues. Why move him in the first place when he is sick?

No. 852069

I remember she made a video about not buying hermit crabs and supporting their abuse. Yet she buys wild caught fish and bought a spider ball python with neurological issues. She's a huge hypocrite. What makes her even worse is she cannot blame it on ignorance.

No. 852084

I like that back in the early threads she was called out for her ugly talon nails being unsafe/unsanitary and I don’t think she’s had them since. At least she’s capable of taking criticism and making positive change on this single thing.

No. 852085

File: 1630938225663.png (2.48 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210906-010526.png)

Another from last night. Seems instead of appropriate tanks she got a bunch of innapropriate arboreal ones instead.

Also apparently "fixing" her phone lmao please taylor yeah right. If she posts this vid its only because she's desperately broke. I'm sure we'll see selfies in the mean time

No. 852086

She can't afford it anymore or have the energy to go by herself

No. 852095

It’s such a trend for pettube to buy “rehomed” spider ball pythons. Then tell everyone else- never own one


Is this the third phone shadder this year ? Also I’ve shaddered my phone 4-6 time in my life, and the cameras worked fine each time. You can just get the the screen replaced for $80-100 at a device/battery store

No. 852096

Why. These cages don’t hold humidity every review on them talks about it. When you set them up you can tell. Also this cage is a little tall, might want to put a dome light lower

No. 852097

She’s trying to get light ….

No. 852098

This is the one pet that must be in a tub, and not a tall aquarium. They can injure themselves. This research isn’t hard. Just Google it at least. Tells others to not get spiders, then shows the world how to not take care of them while saying this is the best way lolol

No. 852099


All the enclosures she has shown over the past few days to “prove us all wrong”- have issues.

All of them lack enrichment and remind me of brains b, bare minimum technique. Some are not the right height - way to tall to get uv for the reptile. One doesn’t hold humidity.
Bindi needs better light. - so cute she is reaching for it but still not getting enough lol what is she doing ?!

All of them feels like she wasn’t thinking about the pet that goes into it, but she was thinking bigger is better right / this will look good this will make me look good ? Then choose the biggest one for her sponsored cage. It should be for a climbing pet like some arboreal lizard / pet. Then puts a spider in a tall cage, that could easily get hurt, because of the movements it can’t control. It’s a special needs animal, don’t treat it like every other python.

All of this could have been avoided if she actually cared. The best part is she would take this as hate, but I’d give the same criticism to anyone. These setup are laughable

No. 852104

Pretty sure she did

No. 852119


She has shaky hands that got much worse with her drug use. Wouldn't be surprised if she dropped it due to the damage she did to herself.

She's really screwed up at this point, health wise, financially and friends/relationship. All this activity seems like a desperate last attempt for clout and attention. Its been said 1000x times, but the pettube ship has sailed. Youtube algorithim isn't promoting that kind of content anymore. I guarantee her next video is gonna be an "all my pets" type of thing she used to do. They always got the most views and probably brought in the most money.

No. 852126

File: 1630970187635.png (6.63 MB, 1242x2688, 23424485-7786-4131-A409-ABE777…)

Your cat doesn’t have anxiety, mushbrain. Your cat is just being a cat. Some cats are just more social and attached to humans than others. This is not how cat anxiety presents—but of course our Munchie Queen glows at the thought of having a SPESHUL NEEDS animal in her care.

No. 852127

She wants to go back to her old owner.

No. 852128

File: 1630970260739.png (5.22 MB, 1242x2688, 29C6620B-9EC1-4D35-8536-0C1D61…)

Normal cat sitting. Nothing quirky to see here, move along.

No. 852129

File: 1630970320322.png (8.65 MB, 1242x2688, D43E1A16-EF91-427C-AC74-C3AF79…)

Whenever you’re not home? I thought you spent 99% of your time in your bed, taytay?

No. 852135

Ugh, it’s so obvious how much narcissistic supply she’s getting from her cat being unhappy.

I still don’t understand why she got rid of the old enclosures (sorry, CAGES) to replace them with similarly sized, completely inadequate ones.

And couldn’t she have put some of her tub snakes into those enclosures? What a miserable existence, for everyone there.

No. 852137

File: 1630972637859.png (716.39 KB, 400x717, nastyassbitch.PNG)

yes, for someone who breaks her phone so much you'd think she'd get an otterbox or something.

lmao way to admit they know when you're copping and that you're not being miss sneak 1000%. She said she doesn't go to shops etc because she "doesn't drive" But this makes that sound like she does drive. Does her plug just come pick her up to fuck? Sorry I meant her bro dick lol /s. Seriously like a few days ago she was whining that not leaving the house was making her depressed. Her family remind me of those intervention episodes where the dumbass enabling family is like "theReS nOthiNg wE cAn doooo!" so they just watch their kid kill themselves in their home and disrupt everyone in the household because they'd rather have them use there so they can MAYBE save them during an OD, despite that not being true at all for many. Ugh sorry that annoys me most out of all her dumbassery

also this shit where she acts like she hasn't had a cat for more than 5min. It's not cute or quirky like she thinks it is, it just comes off like she's stupid with a drug fried brain. >>852129 literally every fucking house cat does this shit when their owner/favourite person leaves the house dumbass you're not special. I've seen a lot of addicts pets be stressed in general however, seeing their owner high because they know they're acting weird; Star however has only known Taylor in this this state which is heartbreaking for her.

Ew she lives in fucking filth. I like how the funkos are eating up the actual storage space lmao.

No. 852142

So she’s going to put MORE animals in that nasty ass while trash hoarders closet can this nightmare just end and she can do a clean MINIMALISTIC AS FUCK aesthetic, this isn’t cute and she fucked up so hard with drugs she needs to grow up and do a 180 into something as professional as she can be. She could be productive by making cleaning videos and document getting her life in order, very relatable content with the pandemic getting safer. I’m just repulsed by this wannabe edgy addict shit it’s nasty and musty and no one needs that style ever. She needs to eternal sunshine her mind spotless of Jonny Craig and his shitty influence. Before she was a pretty young Texan woman with a promising YouTube career, not without issues but ones she could have overcome with humility and outside help. I loathe when after abuse it’s so common for girls to try to level up as the subculture type they get groomed into or do out of insecurity, and it goes against everything naturally flattering about them. She doesn’t have to do this shit, I just want her to stop doing this loser furby bullshit and clean up. Stop frying her hair and dress feminine again because it suits her the best and will force her mind out of the wet diaper of her hot topic Jonny Craig forever circus previous life. I loathe that she lets him define a part of her life still, she won by getting away and I never want to hear about her stupid fucking addiction again, no one does just stay fucking clean and sacrifice everything for a well run business.

I know who I’m talking about but she can change her life at any point if she chooses and it seems like she is crying out for change because she’s dragging her feet and can’t form a vision of what she wants. I’m manifesting her moving out and in with a man who has a ranch, he handles outdoor animals like horses that he lets people ride for therapy, and she has animals indoors. She has big long hair because it’s Texas, and both gremlins Jonny and Sydney combust.

No. 852143

A whole shelf just for plastic garbage. What's the point of getting any of it if it's all just shoved in the wardrobe? I'm always so embarrassed for her whenever she shows her room, it looks like that of a 15 year old.

No. 852144

File: 1630975408838.png (726.06 KB, 398x714, 0000desp.PNG)

seems you're correct nonnette about her making one last desperate attempt for clout, attention, and enough views to maintain her habit. Her suddenly going from being in bed all day to doing tons of shit while still clearly using to me suggests she's back to using meth daily.

sidenote at first glance I thought this was another needle bathroom style pic lmao

No. 852147

so much for all those sepsis~ scars

No. 852148

first testing day in multiple years more likely…

No. 852151

She needs to just go hang out with Uncle Ben at the Urban Rescue Ranch. He's there in Texas

No. 852153

It took me so long to realize this wasn’t drug related. I was sooooo confused lol

No. 852164

I bet she paces by the door a lot. Because she wants back outside where she you found her.

No. 852166


Aren’t the cats kept in her bedroom? If so then that’s why…they are bored and lonely all day.

No. 852184

That’s doesn’t sound like a cat with separation axiteny. The meowing would not fucking stop. Trust me.

No. 852200

100%. It would also include peeing outside the litter box, and likely excessive grooming resulting in either lots of hair balls or bald patches. How is it this hard for her to understand the behaviors of the animals in her care? Cats aren’t even an exotic species for fucks sake.

No. 852222

Taylor can't even understand moderation as a concept. "My animal acts like it misses me? No, she NEEDS me! She loses her mind without me! Our bond is the strongest and the absolutely most special!" So she reads normal behavior as indicative of a bigger picture, when really she's just staring at a ink splotch and insisting it's a Monet if you squint.

No. 852227

File: 1631056792261.jpeg (193.28 KB, 1125x1010, D1C2DFFF-90BA-4E79-A5D1-EC0A5D…)

isn’t that what color sydsi is rn?

No. 852231

It's funny because Syd went orange shortly after Taylor posted this >>849958 and now Syd is accusing someone of being a copycat in her ig stories (view on her containment thread). This all just lines up too nicely.

No. 852232

File: 1631060922571.jpg (379.51 KB, 1536x2048, rip.jpg)

fuck me she's addicted to instant gratification. She looks so unhappy with herself, nothing can save this dumpster-fire of a human.

>Too late this has all been applied and now I wait rip blonde

No. 852237

the more time goes since she left jonny and posted the video "exposing" him, the more I feel like he is still talking to her. I keep getting that feeling because it's been multiple times now where they're both tweeting about such similar things I just can't see how it could be a coincidence when it's happened this many times

lmao it's going to looks so much worse than it does now. it already looks like diy quarantine hair now lol

No. 852240

File: 1631062882425.webm (1.81 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_241…)

Sorry samefag um havent we always said she had to be scaring tofu to entice him to get in position to strike (she always said he's "smiling" in those pics). Well we finally have proof ladies & gents. I swear there was a multiple rants last year (well 2 yrs lbr) about how she doesnt do anything to startle him and that he just does that randomly. Anyways once again anons were right!

No. 852243

File: 1631063879062.webm (2.48 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_241…)

Omg sorry sameeefag again i just noticed her handin that vid! Holy missed shots!!! Damn all her dope is basically being skin popped because dven a yr agao she was just as cluless as now about shooting up. Wtf lol she lied about horrible leg scars well wait till her atma look like lunas legs after doing this for yrs. Lmao thank aggy for exposing her!! Shows just how extreme her editing actually is. So I wonder gow hwr skin actually looks now you can see a few fresh bruises here. Also so nice that she brings her bro dick dealers/drug buddies to her famlies' house she that soesnt scare them at all! Especially since taylor is dumb enough to give her full name etc. Like damn girl hope shit doesn't go down because any trouble might just get her family involved. Just look at that desperate dealer from when she left rehab! I like how shes probably trying to  pretend not be bothered by featuring it on her stories lol

No. 852244

File: 1631063976312.webm (1.37 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_241…)

Lately she seems to be attempting to show shes omg sooo adhd! But the truth os shes just too high

No. 852245

File: 1631064094162.png (3.33 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210907-201412.png)

Yeah very high as i said and probably speedballing with meth

No. 852247

File: 1631064821740.jpeg (638.91 KB, 623x1109, 9A102ADE-F8B4-48A8-923D-F0FDFA…)

No. 852250

File: 1631071318030.png (206.23 KB, 613x679, weird.PNG)

This family is batshit, I think her disabled son/daughter has slowed her development.

No. 852252

File: 1631071657897.png (473.65 KB, 622x847, aggys.PNG)

I think I figured out why Taylor is going orange… It's what the bro dick likes

Very Taylor, changing her entire personality/look for guys.

No. 852253

File: 1631071963165.jpg (438.23 KB, 1536x2048, E-oMQyYUUAgKy3A.jpg)

she even avoided dying her hair in this specific spot, it's definitely because of this.

No. 852254

File: 1631072828843.png (4.12 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210907-224328.png)

Yikes she's starting to get really erratic with her behaviour like when shed have a coke day with konny but now its meth. Makes me think of the ability vid (?) Where she scrapped it becYse she filmed ot without a wig amd she was a greeseball so she added a wig and looked like a junkie/tweaker.

No. 852255

File: 1631073082785.png (474.03 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210907-224343.png)

Lmao always amusing finding her skinwalk victims

Btw she almost looks like shes fighting off a nod here.

All this time and money spent for nothing. What's new?

No. 852258


I guarantee she was smoking meth in the bathroom, had the fan on and was conveniently "washing wood" to avoid suspicion.

now she's gonna use her meth energy (cause sober from heroin) to clean, pick/ methhead shit.

No. 852260

File: 1631076765956.png (1.12 MB, 1242x2688, 97BD469A-D465-41BF-A76D-D5F996…)

Rinse, repeat. If she spent more time on hygiene and actual recovery and less time reading what anyone says about her, maybe she and her pets would all be doing better.

No. 852261

File: 1631076838372.png (680.11 KB, 1242x2688, 7B4D8E4C-94E4-402A-98E2-937F91…)

Why lie about your recovery and pet care if you literally can choose the option not to?

No. 852262

File: 1631077737302.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1662, 9A791564-DC4B-4D89-AF19-5C44AC…)

Yikes she looks BAD

No. 852263

File: 1631077798040.jpeg (862.62 KB, 1242x1237, 38797600-A1D0-4BFC-906F-6C31CF…)

The caption (there were other pics of the cages shes setting up, another selfie, and reposted pics she had of her skink and cats that aren’t worth posting)

No. 852264

I’m sure those bruises on her hand came from all the heavy lifting she’s been doing. Definitely not track marks.

Hilarious, if you google image “track marks on hands” Taylor’s picture is the 13th result. So edgy

No. 852265

Literally suicide baiting…

>don't gossip guiz, you're not wrong but it makes me feel like a shitty human so stop, do it or i'll kill myself!!1

She's absolutely lurking again, she likes the attention she gets here, even if it's negative. I can't wait till she figures out the YT gravy train is gone, if she makes pet vids again people will go back to critiquing her. An active heroin addict still shouldn't have any pets.

No. 852266

Yeah what the fuck is that intense blink she does? She must be tweaking if she couldn't see that.

No. 852267

i’m not the type to comment on a cow’s physical appearance, but holy shit. i think this might be the worst she’s ever looked. those lips get bigger every time we see them. how

No. 852273

Hey guys, I just thought y’all should know, over in the jc syd shitshow, there’s screenshots of Syd threatening to use Taylor’s “internet “ power against this random chick.
Apparently Taylor has been notified privately by the harassed woman . curious to see the meltdowns from the cows.
What is the protocol for crossing milk? Should it be reposted here? Sage for my newfagging

No. 852283

So it's everyone else's fault, as usual. People pointing out when addicts are shitty means the addicts are gonna do more shitty stuff, and now it's all your fault! No criticism ever! Just keep enabling them forever.

No. 852285

File: 1631101902654.jpg (261.05 KB, 1080x1288, Screenshot_20210908-074936.jpg)

Screenshot of the messages. Syd thinks that Taylor has the power to ruin people's lives on the internet and that she can just sic Taylor on girls she suspects Jonny is cheating with. Lmfao.

No. 852290

she looks like a fucking lot lizard, holy shit.

how old is she supposed to be again? 24 going on 35?

No. 852297

File: 1631109817499.png (3.89 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210908-085837.png)

Suuure it is. Totally not the drugs or anything /s

No. 852298

File: 1631109875662.png (1.77 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210908-085910.png)

No. 852299

File: 1631110007842.png (4.11 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210908-085921.png)

Again maybe just maybe it's the drugs

No. 852300

File: 1631110472094.jpg (199.75 KB, 828x1472, StorySaver.Org-aggy66v_2414823…)

interestingly enough before aggy posted that vid with tofu and the obvious track marks he posted this. I noticed he took the furby sticker off his phone too, it had been there literally a day or two before. Also taylor rarely likes his posts but has liked all his latest posts. Could be nothing but I definitely felt this was geared towards her. Obviously could be nothing but I hope theyre fightong and I hope he drops more exposing taylor vids.

No. 852309

File: 1631114262195.jpg (143.22 KB, 1170x1640, 3do3r5n.jpg)

This is such a weird exchange.

“I don’t even know you. I’m basing this on your posts on the internet, but I feel like this artist’s work inspired by their own personal journey is about you.”

Like how weird is it to “connect” to someone’s work, but only in the context of relating it to some druggy pet tuber on the internet?

And then Taylor narcissistically retweets it and is complimented by this?

No. 852317

Halsey is a narcissist BPD mess with a victim complex herself - albeit a successful one - so maybe not an unfair comparison. But yea definitely weird.

No. 852322

I mean taylors's the only person that's ever been in a toxic, abusive relationship as well as the only person to ever get addicted to drugs! Truly an inspirational queen! /s >>852317 agreed that girl probably thought of taylor because Halsey's entire new album is victimy and screams BPD/narc, aka same vibe lol

anon you can post cross milk as long as the milk directly involves the cow whose thread you're posting on!

seriously she only wants textbook enabling what a great advocate! /s This is very self serving and dangerous advice. A lot of addicts tell their families and friends this same exact lie because they want to continue using without consequences; their families often believe them thinking they learned this in rehab lmao. Clearly she's just tired of hiding her use and sneaking around. You really do need to confront friends if you think they have relapsed and are using. If they lie they lie, but that is when you need to (re)enforce strict boundaries until they're sober again; Sober being actual recovery sober and not just for a week because you're broke, sorry taylor!

No. 852324

File: 1631120533682.jpeg (637.09 KB, 626x1113, 86DE1977-7D63-4502-BA9F-6B2285…)

No. 852325

Ive never meet someone who forgets there anti-depression meds like Taylor. I honestly don’t believe her. One time she said she forgot them for like a week. The side effects are to real to forget them.

No. 852326

Aka I ran out of meth

No. 852329

You don’t breakout magically that bad in 12 hours bc you forgot one pill of anti-depression meds.

No. 852334

I forgot this guy existed, now I’m just cracking up again remembering that Taylor broke up with a trashy addict named Jonny just to turn around and start dating a trashy addict named Jon.

No. 852336

File: 1631122606831.png (654.29 KB, 603x602, awfwefwe.PNG)

I wonder if mama dean did enforce some boundaries recently. It seems trying harder than usual to hide her using and have excuses for it. Maybe because she almost died?? I mean I'd like to see them actually kick her out because her poor brother is probably seriously going through it. This would then be proof that enabling works if she's just doing it as part of her last ditch effort to save her job. Her management company dropped her as consequence of her actions, so she reacted by throwing herself into work (at least way more than before i mean lol). Her parents are too clueless to be able to put 2&2 together here.

No. 852337

If she almost died we would all hear about it

No. 852342

yea if she ever wants to move out she'll need proof of income. Her channel is sort of propped up by hate watchers at this point. it's like Eugenia where people just wanna watch the drama. Her views are also inflated given how little she posts, people tend to rewatch the old videos.

No. 852350

Mama Dean setting boundaries? Nah, she's that toxic kind of addict parent who lowkey loves the drama and perpetual victimhood of having a junkie kid. Much more likely Taylor's recent meth productivity rush is down to money. I wonder if her recent abscess drainage had to be paid out of pocket? They're a single income household, and with her brother's condition even good medical insurance must run dry towards the end of the year.

So she's doing amazing and thriving and working on recovery 110% all the time, but also browses hate comments when she's on the edge of relapse? If you're truly trying to recover, you get off the fucking internet when you're vulnerable, especially when you have 67 lolcow threads keeping track of your bullshit. God she really can't stick with a single narrative even for a paragraph.

No. 852365

File: 1631139780773.jpeg (375.67 KB, 750x1126, 5B415FE5-F615-4FA1-A89D-1D8F40…)

They sounds like edgy middle schoolers at the skate park

No. 852373

File: 1631141881319.png (10.77 MB, 1242x2208, D49269AA-885D-44A0-8844-1AE878…)

Meth much???? Jesus

No. 852377

this was already posted. read much?

No. 852423

Radio silence after damaging her hair has to be the come down from the meth… she talks so much about fighting depression, but every time she gets meth high all she’s doing is setting herself up for a crash and burn.
I guess waking up with her clown hair didn’t help either.
Sure this is tinfoil, but, is it tho??? It’s more like plastic wrap, considering how clear The drug use is.

No. 852434

All that professional work to go blonde only for her to dye it to the same color you'd achieve with a cheap at home bleach job. Just go back to the stylist

No. 852509

File: 1631244518926.png (4.73 MB, 828x1792, 5725AF6B-ABAE-48FB-ACCE-0A93E3…)

No. 852510

File: 1631244542928.png (327.77 KB, 828x1792, 80A1CEFF-5F89-4696-A11C-1F6875…)

No. 852511

File: 1631244575434.png (1.48 MB, 828x1792, B03C9C8C-BABE-435D-BEC4-59CC73…)

No. 852512

File: 1631245466741.png (3.2 MB, 828x1792, C2F380F8-E8C5-477D-A6F6-F16747…)

No. 852513

File: 1631245492203.png (3.62 MB, 828x1792, F269A00E-85A4-4911-BE8D-52A4FF…)

No. 852514

File: 1631245532896.png (2.62 MB, 828x1792, 1F762312-62AB-4FAB-858B-2A272A…)

No. 852516

Accidental honesty from the Queen of Time Exaggeration

Interesting how she can post easy updates like this but never of anything people want to see (hedgehogs, anyone?).

No. 852517

Nice bruising on the hand there. But I’m sure that’s just from something totally unrelated to drugs.

No. 852527

I don’t understand why she uses the most obvious place surely her arms aren’t fully trashed? Unless she just gave herself so many abscesses they are trashed

No. 852530

yeah meth will do that to ya

No. 852534

She’s gonna end up bald if she keeps messing with her hair like this, Taylor leave whats left of your hair alone and just get wigs if you can’t settle on a color. They’re only uncomfortable until you get used to wearing them and it’s not like you’re going to be wearing them all day every day. Or at least use temporary dye which won’t damage your hair and washes out quickly enough for you to change it regularly. This girl goes to the salon more often than people go to the grocery store.

No. 852558

File: 1631292921181.jpeg (521.54 KB, 583x1037, 8D0EBF07-F505-4D2A-AA67-E4A302…)

Oh dear god is it one of those tiktok egirl styles. Black everywhere but some bright color as the bangs.

Her stylist did a good dye job last time for the most part, and this is well idk.

No. 852561

I have never seen someone obsess over their hair the way she does. Like it seems to be one of the main things she thinks about? Genuinely strange

No. 852562

it's because nothing else ever happens in her life. she doesn't have friends, she doesn't have a job, she doesn't have hobbies… not much left to think about other than drugs and superficial shit like hair and dollskill outfits.

No. 852563

Her hair just looks so frizzy and damaged at this point. She really needs to learn how to shower, clean and condition FFS. It just looks so unhealthy.

This is an abomination, and it's obvious she fucking hates it. She's so obsessed with her instant gratification, whenever something is hard she just gives up. It's such a shitty attitude to have.

No. 852571

Yeah that tends to happen to people who have no job or anything to live for, it's not ~uWu~ cute, it's sad and pathetic

No. 852573

It's also a BPD thing like her phases of personality coordinating to how she dresses. If she gets just the right hair style/cut/dye it's going to really change things! She'll be able to look into the mirror and love what she sees and that will allow her to start filming during the day without all the prep. Her aesthetic will come together and she won't struggle with her confidence anymore. Once that hair is perfect, she can start to focus on other things and taking pictures. It'll really make a difference!

No. 852577

I know right! Recently she’s been tweeting at least once a day about her hair, it seems like this weird thing she’s latched onto. I will say I think it’s odd that she dyed her hair blonde not even a month ago because she said the colour reminded her of her relapse, but then runs and dyes her hair colourful after needing like 3 hair appointment to get it back to blonde. It all just seems super manic and impulsive.

No. 852579

the fact she just spent at least $200+ to get her hair blonde and has now ruined all that progress by dying it dark and pink… she has to be on drugs again if she ever even got off

No. 852602

God damn that whataburger consumption is really catching up to her

No. 852608

File: 1631309333568.jpeg (684.68 KB, 828x1106, F8042467-205D-4F56-80FA-D814ED…)

One of two photos pretty much identical photos of the new hair on Twitter (I don’t understand why people do this…just pick one)… could be a reach, but seems like someone forgot to Facetune out that mark on the arm in this pic… it’s not in the other one.

No. 852609

File: 1631309696187.jpeg (708.22 KB, 828x1106, E82DCDA9-B9C3-4787-84B9-95B4BF…)

(The other photo)

No. 852610

Damn tayters magic vanishing titties really be popping for these pics. maybe they swelling up with pus from a septic abscess whooooo we suffer for beauty dahlyng

No. 852611

She is really working them angles to make her face look slimmer. Why are her hands always so huge/puffy? Genuinely curious if it's related to her supposed autoimmune disease or drug use.

No. 852612

It's related to her hepatitis C, the puffy hands are a symptom of liver damage/failure. It was caused by her drug use, probably sharing needles cause jonny has Hep C as well.

She legit looks like a 2 bit hooker. The tattoo of herself on her arm… just ugh… Girl what have you done to yourself? Internet attention is not going to fix your problems, prince charming isn't waiting for your next skank pic…

No. 852613

She's also just getting fat, she's gained weight in her arms and her face ALOT. Notice how she almost never shows her body below her chest? I think she has a gut going that she's really insecure about. But she's always hidden her looks with angles and shit so this really isn't anything new.

No. 852614

Very proud of Taylor for being able to contort her body and arch her back so severely with all of her very real medical ailments that she is very clearly suffering from at all times.

No. 852615

It's always funny when she says she's "so sick" she can't do anything; But when it's a trip to the salon, whataburger or the tattoo parlor she magically has the energy. Must be the meth lol

No. 852625

Lmao real classy with the fresh blood. I wonder if the facetune is as heavy here as it was when she was with aggy last. I think its safe to assume yes. She just loves to "accidently" out herself. I think it may be a bit of a defiant power trip. Like lmao look ma getting high in your house despite you being scared of swear words and low cut tops! Also defiant to her audience/critics which will only help her numbers fall further, but at this point I really dont expect anything else from her. Like why not burn every bridge?! /s

No. 852647

Sorry, samefag hrs later lol.
I forgot to mention it earlier but Ilike how telltale burnt/torn lips from a hot meth pipe are back. Its extremely common with tweakers and crackheads. I know she tried to claim she was shooting her meth but we know she misses 99% of the shots she takes and the pipe burns are so obvious and have been there for at least since she met her first bro dick out of rehab #1 - jake. They just kinda come & go. Not to mention having that 100% punchable telltale high off her tits from h face.

I cant wait for consequences that are actually serious to her personally. Looks like losing her looks is going to be the first, then maybe the complete loss of career?

No. 852652

Her shadow legit looks like Handsome Squidward

No. 852668

File: 1631344934657.png (307.46 KB, 750x1334, EA15359F-D805-41FC-A557-FC2E10…)

Why even bother lying at this point?

No. 852681

File: 1631351844690.png (338.94 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-041050.png)

People who freak out and get defensive like this only seem completely guilty of what theyre accused. If she were sober she would just be able to accept that people will have suspiscions and that her actions would prove her sobriety despite a bit of blood if it were lets say a scratch. Also she edited out of one so was she that high or is she loving this attention and speculation and doing it intentionally??

No. 852683

File: 1631351941780.png (1.29 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-041109.png)

No. 852685

File: 1631352028953.png (1.12 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-041114.png)

No I did not read the rant so cant comment on the contents lol

No. 852686

File: 1631352093968.png (1.13 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-041119.png)

No. 852687

Maybe if you didn’t lie about being sober people wouldn’t doubt you. Because every damn time she has been called out for bruises and track marks, she confirms way later that did relapse. People call it every time.

No. 852688

oh for fuck’s sake she’s on the bubble again. taylor put the meth down, it’s 4 AM.
this is quite literally an exact repeat of her first few meth spirals, wouldn’t be surprised if she actually recycled exact phrases from various spam posts during her binges.

No. 852689

File: 1631352761187.png (1.08 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-042656.png)

"Context matters!" You you being totally off you face with multiple bruises and blood smears and dots (if you zoom in the various snake heads etc are covered in red blotches) isnt context for being high af & in active addiction? Lol. All the tattoos she got with JC on her arms were clearly an attempt to hide tracks and I 100% believe that was the point of the sleeve. She thought she could do like JC and hide shit in her tattoo but I mean its black and grey so I often notice the bruising in it and especially blood and I'm sure other anons do to. Its also on her left arm and shes right handed which no normally wouldnt be sus but when youre strung out yeah, thats kinda suspicious

No. 852690

File: 1631352806401.png (738.82 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-042702.png)

No. 852691

She's lied literally every time she's been secretly using and then casually mentions months later about how she was suffering so much, at death's door, going through the darkest time of her life etc. She acts like this is a common problem for addicts in general when it's just a Taylor Nicole Dean is a liar problem. Though in all fairness I skimmed through that because I can't with her bullshit. We all know what it's going to say.

No. 852692

File: 1631353545297.png (425.88 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-044006.png)

Ugh theres more on Twitter. She's fuckong nuts if she thinks anyone believes that its red dye. Also to the dumbass saying no one shoots that high because its "too hard" people shoot much hard places when desperate (like behind the knees & arm pits) and Taylor is the definition of desperate and clueless. Also lmfao at her saying youd be dumb to muscle/skin pop there, but not addressing that she probably tried to shoot iv and missed horribly

No. 852693

File: 1631353642647.png (316.03 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-044038.png)

Also suboxone doesnt do this shit to you her misinformation about every aspect of recovery to cover her own ass pisses me off. No wonder her parents are scared to kick her out, they're fucking equally clueless

No. 852694

File: 1631353747752.png (515.92 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-044141.png)

Also does she bring the "studio light" everywhere? Lmao

No. 852695

File: 1631353820056.png (501.49 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210911-044158.png)

Last one for now

No. 852697

because she wants them to be seen. she acts like she hates people talking about her drug use but she loves the attention

No. 852700

>"I keep in contact with a surgeon in case I need surgery"
>"I have home health come daily"
These two things stuck out to me, this has to be complete bullshit right? What surgeon has time to "keep in touch" with someone for a hypothetical future surgery that she might not need? How can she afford daily "home health" (not american, from google it seems like a service for elderly people? What could she need this for?) I already have a hard time believing she goes to a "wound care specialist" like she loves to bring up every other day. Also would like to point out (afaik) she has stopped mentioning IOP/therapist visits or posting selfies in their bathroom like she used to.

No. 852702


Even if it was hair dye this time, she's been lying about relapsing and then admitting it months later as excuses for various things the entire time she's been in "recovery" so the audacity of her to say this..

No. 852704

Definitely fake, because she milks every ounce of medical attention she gets, like when she was OP at rehab we'd get a regular bathroom selfie without fail. If she had a daily visit from a nurse she couldn't resist using it for concern-bait. The only "daily home health" attention she gets is if mama Dean is making her do a piss test before their lunchtime drive-thru junk food trip.
If Taylor ever once in her life didn't mention a (non junkie) health crisis as it happened, then later provided proof it did happen… All these throwaway statements would have a bit of possibility. But she can never resist the instant munchie attention high. By the way Tay, you're about 11 days late on your annual tradition of pretending to have crippling migraines during September!

No. 852705

Honesty, if I saw her “working her ass off for months” it would convince me she’s at least mostly sober. Living in your parent’s bedroom with no job and no hobbies and no productivity does not scream “I’m sober!!”

No. 852708

No productivity? She dyed her hair twice in the last three days! The poor girl can't win with you haters smh

No. 852709

File: 1631370753074.png (1.47 MB, 2048x1170, Screenshot_20210911-093024.png)

she's editing her track marks. you can see it in one but not the other.

No. 852710

I’m surprised Taylor didn’t flip out about the Syd drama… she goes on long rants for her sobriety, but what about the screenshots where Syd threatened to sick Taylor on some fan?
I expected some reaction…

No. 852711

This just convinced me she is not sober. I didn’t even have a opinion on the matter until know.

She reminds me of catching your partner cheating, and they come up with reasons why your in the wrong / it’s your fault there this way - and they get super defensive

No. 852714

“ I work with animals day in and day out”

Then why is it so hard to snap a photo of them ? It would only take a minute. Why all the excuses for months ?

No. 852715

File: 1631377017616.jpeg (461.12 KB, 750x1256, 402C1487-6F0D-4925-9732-FC2DE2…)

lol I like how she condones harassment. I know it’s a throw away account - but this just reminds me when she would send her fans to people’s personal accounts and the would get attacked by like 50 stans

No. 852717

Yes exactly. Maybe if you didn’t use and post videos while obviously high and pictures of needles in the background only to vehemently deny that you were using people wouldn’t speculate?? And then rinse and repeat this cycle like what, 6 times? Stop being a liar if you don’t want the criticism

No. 852718

File: 1631378988401.jpeg (498.64 KB, 750x1247, 3CA8A4E1-5385-4623-A26E-FD4C53…)

Twitter fags are annoying - but time and time again I see that her fans don’t give a flying fuck about her pets. It’s hilarious

No. 852719

If it’s red hair dye, why photoshop it out in one picture?

No. 852721

Love how it goes from “I couldn’t even get up to use the bathroom” and “this is the most activity I’ve had in months” while moving animal cages around, to “day in and day out” she’s working with the animals now. Which is it?

No. 852727

File: 1631381617067.jpeg (367.33 KB, 1242x1003, 49134002-6726-4995-85B3-E5AAFD…)

Taylor going down the Poot road with this sudden they/them shit?

No. 852729

She ran out of hair dye so she has to change something else superficial for a little dopamine rush. When will she face the fact that no aesthetics and identities are ever going to make her feel better, only doing the work and facing what she's done will give her peace of mind.

No. 852735

Halsey has she/they on her twitter. Coincidence? Considering how obsessed Tay is with her, I think not.

No. 852736


This is just basic white girl stuff, she's just doing it cause everyone else is doing it. She doesn't actually give a shit about pronouns/ gender stuff. She's just posting what she thinks her audience will agree with.

Everything she does is manipulative, this is just another way She's trying to stay relevant/ image craft.

No. 852738

I know it’s probably just a coincidence but syd added she/her/they in her bio less than two months ago. Taylor’s done it fairly recently because 11days ago it was still she/her.

No. 852764

File: 1631410708987.jpeg (506.94 KB, 592x850, B3B0ACAD-EBFC-4887-810B-6CFEAB…)

No. 852765

File: 1631410819205.jpeg (571.75 KB, 703x1081, EB55E254-6F97-41A0-B713-81DEFE…)

Love how she changed it after reading here / backlash even from fans on twitter. My question is… if she plans on working on (construction) the breaded dragons enclosures then why are they in there ?

This is just a excuse, we all know that they will be in that “temporary enclosure” a lot longer then the definition of temporary

No. 852772

Saying they are temporary so it's okay is such a fucking lame excuse. It isn't like this was some emergency situation and she had nothing better. She CHOSE to move them too early at the detriment of their well-being/health. Seeing her poor bearded dragon pisses me off it's such an improper lighting setup (UVB is way too far for proper absorption, heat lamp is too high for a proper basking/temperature gradient). We all know she is going to take her sweet ass time in finishing it, her "temporary" could take weeks.

No. 852785

Why does Twisty need a temporary setup when it already has a tank that it’s been in for months/years? Why can’t it just keep living in there until the new enclosure is actually finished??

No. 852786

File: 1631427410380.jpeg (489.8 KB, 750x1244, 50E5A1D8-E032-4A0F-A6E1-D8D099…)

No. 852787

File: 1631427432099.jpeg (273.98 KB, 750x707, A94365E5-5141-4F51-861D-91FAE1…)

Oh dear lord not again

No. 852788

oh no, it's starting again. Shes been out shopping for pets for sure. She's testing the waters with the tweets, shes just BEGGING for her fans to say "buy him!!!1".

No. 852790

Pardon my sperg, but there seems to be a trend towards tile/laminate and no substrate in the reptile community. It's not just Taylor– a lot of people are doing it.

I can't speak to other animals, but dragons and leopard geckos both enjoy digging. Are people too lazy to switch out the substrate or something? Just put some reptile dirt in there, it's not hard. Plus it helps absorb odors and it allows you to put living plants in the enclosure. It's a win-win.

Can another reptile sperg explain the no-substrate fad to me?

No. 852796

Also as dumb as this sounds (kek) frogs are so trendy right now, she's definitely getting targeted tiktok content with cute frogs and is like "if get frog, will get more internet attention??" which is about the amount of thoughtful decision making her 1.2 fried little brain cells ever make before purchasing another animal.

No. 852805

Just passing by but that cutesy uwu tumblr talk toward a fucking animal (and an amphibian at that) pisses me off. No, I'm not autistic and I realize that it's a bit of a meme and not that serious. But bitch, 'he' (are we even sure it isn't a 'she'?) is a fucking frog!!! He doesn't doubt himself or worry that he will never be good enough, doesn't have ambitions beyond spreading his genes and his dreams are probably limited to eating a real juicy fly tonight. Probably would like to be left the fuck alone and be not held by a giant fucking monster!!! If there are frogfags here, and I'm wrong, and somehow he probably doesn't mind being held by humans… my bad. The point is that we don't fucking know what he's thinking because animal minds are unknown to us, but a projection of an uwu anxious tumblr bby on him makes me want to screech. And yes, I know I'm also projecting since he may be constantly solving equations in his frog mind. At least I'm not writing that retarded uwu crap.

No. 852807

She’s standing up because she’s trying to bask but the light is like 3 feet away. Just put the lizards back in their original enclosures and use the new ones for the ball pythons since they are semi arboreal instead of cramming them into fugly plastic bins.

No. 852808

Loose substrate can be dangerous to certain species like bearded dragons and leopard geckos because they can get impacted if they eat it. Basically it gets stuck in their intestines and builds up over time and can result in death.

No. 852815

She posted a five seconds video feeding a snake on twitter with the most anoyying voice. She sounds like a mix of trying to be cute baby voice and squidward. It’s very cringe, I just can’t upload it. Also looks like she hasn’t added enrichment still to the snake enclosures

No. 852816

File: 1631457646569.jpeg (469.71 KB, 750x1246, 68343FD8-CB1B-4E9C-808F-4A2F61…)

Oh god her influence

No. 852817

File: 1631457672962.jpeg (407.04 KB, 750x1252, 08A43018-C592-466A-BED6-1E51C2…)

No. 852818

What happened to her I think it was a horned frog, she bought since jonny. It was like two years ago ? And a small baby. She named it leaf.

It was after the cooked pet situation

No. 852825

File: 1631464272470.jpeg (459.46 KB, 750x1263, 1109FE4E-4E93-4BAE-B563-CC1075…)

No. 852827

If she wanted him to succeed in life she wouldn’t buy him lmao

No. 852829

troon phase when?

No. 852832

Things like wood chips and gravel are bad, but that doesn't mean all substrate is bad and you should go without it. Reptile-safe dirt or moss is ideal (some brands are also coconut-based so they break down if ingested). You can get a huge bag of it for like ten bucks.

No. 852834

They were Pacman frogs and she actually had two, Jupiter and Asteroid. According to the Google doc, they both died. There might have also been a horned frog at some point, I don't remember.

She has a lot of nerve, thinking about buying another frog when she killed the last two she had.

No. 852836

File: 1631477600290.webm (1.48 MB, 1280x720, g4HC46RvhuTthg_5.webm)

Hope she doesnt get anymore pets. Hers are already neglected enough

No. 852839

Those tanks have waaay too much humidity, I swear the minute winter rolls around all her snakes are going to have respiratory infections. The substrate looks freaking wet, this is how you get mold and poop smells.

She must have her heater under the water dish or something, there shouldn't be that much moisture in a tub. Lazy ass care like usual… Her snakes are gonna get scale rot if she's not careful… not to mention mold/ mildew growth…

No. 852840

File: 1631480613105.png (1.43 MB, 1597x817, high humidity.PNG)

there shouldn't be visible condensation on in the tub

No. 852846

Yes it was after the jonny saga. She was moved back in with her parents I’m pretty sure. He was red little baby named leaf.

No. 852847

Like it was her third frog. What happened to him ? Now she wants a forth and has to “control herself” her own words

No. 852853

File: 1631491598911.png (413.51 KB, 828x1792, FB0E7770-E6B3-497C-B73D-04D0FA…)

No. 852858

There new temporary enclosures lol

No. 852859

This is just bc of the backlash how she’s had them the past two-ish weeks

No. 852872

honestly WHERE IS SABOR. she had him in her fucking CLOSET last time we saw anything and im so upset about sabor. and also fuck her bearded dragon enclosure. my beardie was my first reptile who is 11 now, and i do have a zen hab enclosure but the fuckin proper one for a beardie.. :( … im so upset about the animals :(

No. 852902

i can't keep track anymore, what kind of animal is sabor?

No. 852905

the snake she named after the leopard from tarzan cause it bites her

No. 852910

Green tree python

No. 852914

File: 1631563069889.png (522.67 KB, 594x588, tub.png)

And no extra clips for the sides of the tubs. That 10.000 dollar snake will be either lost forever or eaten by one of the cats once it gets out.

No. 852941

omg that pic of miley

No. 852949

Ikr? Who prints a meme at 11x14” and frames it on the wall?

No. 852977

File: 1631635417298.jpeg (431.66 KB, 750x1238, 50A214BC-A19C-4A19-A55C-02D5B8…)

That would be great if you were doing that, but like a anon pointed out earlier it’s kinda hard almost impossible to do that and you shouldn’t do that, when the animal is currently living in the enclosures “your working on”

When editing and modifying enclosures you spend 1-2 months making it perfect (and when your a normal adult with jobs and responsibilities) so how will she do this with her pets living in there ? It’s not even a possibility

No. 852979

If she had any friends she could ask for help, but we all know her only friend is social media

No. 852982

Oh God, those poor creatures are going to live out the rest of their days in bare boxes while she rides the meth hype train in her head, imagining herself as fucking Serpa Designs. I'm not exactly a fan of his, but for anons unfamiliar with these builds, here's an example. One enclosure is more work than she's done in her entire fucking life.

No. 852983

her enclosures make me feel ill. I know they’re just snakes, but even without higher cognition living in a small plain box has to be a special kind of hell.

No. 852984

Samefag just to be clear , even if she's not doing live planted tanks like vidrel, building DIY hides etc is a serious craft, her first attempts will likely look like a kindergarten play dough disaster and we all know how well she handles frustration or failure.
This is why she gets away keeps reptiles, so much easier to get away with neglect. Imagine taking all your cats toys, scratch posts and hiding spots away and proudly saying "over the next few months I'm going to build them new ones myself!"??? And they will be miserable in the meantime while you snort meth and get those sweet Twitter likes fantasizing about how special and talented you will be just as soon as you get around to it, in a few hours, right after this hit, rinse and repeat for years…

No. 852987

Right like what ever happened to her planted beta aquarium her last ~ next big project

No. 852988

I agree, this is never going to happen. I also agree about the neglect. It's awful that she has so much influence as we recently saw with the frogs. Tbh this is probably all an excuse to fuck off and do drugs again like she did the last 2yrs. I think she learned that she needs to keep some sort of online presence, but since her health problems were addressed she dgaf and is probably right back to doing the exact same things as she used to do, to her animals detriment. I don't think we'll be seeing any vids from her for a long time. I also wonder if she's turned this into a "family project" in that she's getting help from her parents because she has so many enclosures and is too fucked up to get out of bed unless she has meth. I mean as you said the animals are in them, which is awful and I've never seen anyone do it that way, if she really is filming this for a video the advice is going to be wrong, but I guess what's new???!

No. 852991

File: 1631641610510.png (371.35 KB, 596x424, aoweifjwioejr.PNG)

She tries so hard to be edgy; I wonder if she's disappointed that her long awaited return to the internet fizzled out so quickly?! She will never attract a major new audience because most addicts aren't open about it online, and normal people don't think getting addicted to heroin is cool or interesting. She just seems like she's desperately trying to be some edgy tiktok "cool girl" (ew that was cringe sorry lol) and it's never going to happen!


oooh you know that might just be right because isn't that what she did when she came back from rehab the first time? I guess we'll find out in another yr

No. 852992

File: 1631641633031.jpg (24.7 KB, 400x400, H8Z62C60_400x400.jpg)

and the dreadful pfp

No. 853002

> I wonder if she's disappointed that her long awaited return to the internet fizzled out so quickly?!

I don’t know that I’d say she’s “come back”. I mean she made a couple videos about drugs and Jonny but she hasn’t done anything about her animals (which is what people are subscribed to her to see) in close to 2 years.

No. 853009


Does she have actual earrings in her nose? Ffs

No. 853033

I love that you can tell her skin is breaking out and also see her lips are very lightly singed

No. 853078

I want to know why you keep talking about burned lips. Meth pipes don't burn your lips, you aren't lighting the stem, you light the bulb. The stem doesn't heat up where your lips touch it, you'd burn your drugs gone and fingers way before your lips even felt heat.
However, excessive meth use dehydrates the FUCK out of you, so nasty dry, flaky skin on lips is usually from being dehydrated.

No. 853079

Meth pipes don’t, but crack pipes sure the fuck do

No. 853097

She doesn’t do crack though, so how is that relevant

No. 853109

it’s less likely burned lips so much as her lips are chapped as fuck and she keeps biting/picking at them while tweaking.

aside from meth, when she has these sudden posting sprees I wonder if she’s been abusing adderall. Would be easy to justify since it’s a prescription med (isn’t that how she justified using oxy in the past?) but take enough of it and don’t sleep you’ll be tweaked the fuck out like you might as well have done meth

No. 853119

Her behaviour is textbook methhead with the ranting sprees and 2-3 days in a row of posting and then a day or two (or even a week) to recover from those few hyperactive meth days. Idk why so many anons think she does adderall? Seems to be said every thread. She doesn't have adhd (not to mention is probably flagged in her medical records) and doesn't make the money to buy scripts anymore anyway. Also why do adderall when you can get meth and get even more fucked up?? She also used to casually "joke" about being up for three days straight stressing about a vid she never ended up posting and the like as if that was a normal thing anxiety does to people.

ah I thought a meth pipe would burn like a crack pipe but you learn something new everyday! lol. In that case I agree that it's still the meth making her dry as hell. Her severely cracked lips weren't a constant until she met jake. Since jake (and forest especially) her lips have always looked like this, despite her claiming she only did meth 2 weeks straight. Maybe that was her longest daily use but she clearly was on it long before and after that

No. 853165

File: 1631842481136.jpeg (544.04 KB, 750x1301, 36C6144A-193E-47CD-BA7D-CBCBC7…)

she needs help to move on my god.

No. 853167

It's incredible that she's convinced herself she's at all introspective or unkind to herself. She's the most self absorbed of the self absorbed. Her entire life is based on making excuses for herself and her shitty behavior. But okay girl, whatever you say. Do the work.

No. 853187

And you know this because she’s always so honest about her drug use right? You don’t think if someone passed her a crack pipe she wouldn’t take a blast? Right.

No. 853189

Just believe baseless assumptions are pointless. Like why not say she’s been doing acid and shrooms too ? Why not say she is pregnant with Jonny’s baby ?

No. 853191

Why do you think someone that literally called herself a "drug dumpster" a few weeks back would be above doing crack? She's a methhead, there isn't really much lower you can go in terms of being a trashy drug addict.

Shrooms and acid are non addictive and she's never referenced doing hallucinogenics. She has however mentioned doing tons of coke which is basically the same thing as crack.

And the Jonny's baby comment is just weird. That was two years ago, he has clearly moved on with his life and hasn't been part of this thread for a long time.

No. 853197

She has shirts with mushrooms on it, and had something that said “trippy” too

No. 853218

File: 1631890847147.jpeg (674.57 KB, 750x1233, 3F06F30C-8882-4485-933C-AA7524…)

Dear god help this cat

No. 853219

File: 1631890873384.jpeg (144.83 KB, 750x1177, 6F2E654E-E635-49DD-9466-53DA9C…)

No. 853220

File: 1631891000650.jpeg (209.6 KB, 561x997, 57D4EAA3-9687-4E47-9E32-5962C0…)

New video soon ?! What do you guys think. It’s hard to believe until I’ve seen it. Also doesn’t she have to actually finish the cages

No. 853221

This is such a reach, she’s obvs just trying to make drug culture her whole identity hence the shroom clothes and lingo. Saying ‘trippy’ doesn’t equate to going every drug under the sun especially when she has no friends. Pretty sad if she’s doing shrooms/acid alone. Not sure why everyone is pointing straight to the crack/meth pipe when you can smoke heroin using kitchen foil which would blister/mark/dry the lips as we have seen in her recent pics. And it’s easier to access and hide in the home.

No. 853223

this is the biggest I've seen star yet. She (and mama) have serious overfeeding issues (the irony). Yeah your pet will whine for more when on a diet but at least they live longer, healthier, and most importantly - happier lives.

it's hilarious to me that she is avoiding making a tt that would've been a good way to save her channel. She'd have a new generation of kids to show the trials and tribulations of animal hoarding to, but she's strayed too far from animal content now. Can't wait for her to inevitably insert herself into the recovery community with her misinformation lol; I hope she gets called out finally. Tiktoks require a lot of effort, effort I don't see her putting in at all, as she never did even when her yt was in its prime. Idk why people still hate on tt without having tried it; it's especially great for niche hobbies and there is def a community of fellow animal hoarders on there for her. She kinda missed the boat though and is late to the party. Oh and tt revolves around (usually audio) trends and they move VERY fast. I don't see her being able to keep up with that. I'm sure just like pnp she'll love all the trauma dumping people do. Idk but I for one can't wait!!

I won't hold my breath

No. 853236

Literally my whole point was how it’s a reach saying she has done all drugs

No. 853273

File: 1631923500869.jpg (399.53 KB, 1080x2309, Screenshot_20210918-090018_You…)

Sage because old but i found a stray Taylor comment on a danny Gonzalez vid on guava juice. Replies to her comment range from "hi taylor ily!" to "shut up animal hoarder" to "no way im reading that wall of text".

No. 853275

File: 1631923612651.jpg (247.7 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20210918-090026_You…)

Also noticed danny didn't like her tweet or respond to it, despite tending to do so for verified youtubers.

No. 853318

God, that poor cat. The only way Star will lose weight is if she feeds her cats separate meals at intervals and puts Star on a weight loss diet. She's lazy as fuck and clearly just free feeds all of the cats dry food, because separating the cats at feeding times would be too much for her. She's shaving years off Star's life.

No. 853320

She literally says this once a month and then something dire happens because of course it does and she never follows through or mentions it ever again. This time is different though! Content incoming!

No. 853333

Plus if the cats are still stuck in her room most (if not all) of the time, they are getting no exercise. No wonder they meow at the door when she leaves, they must be bored as fuck so they eat all day. And you know she leaves food out so she won’t have to be responsible for meal times. So sad to see an overweight animal and knowing it’s the owners fault 100%. My cats tear around the house after each other, I can’t imagine them sitting in the same cramped room all day.

No. 853368

Please correct me if I'm wrong, anons but I'm pretty sure she claimed the cats are allowed out of her room now. To menace all of her prey animals strewn about her living room.

No. 853442

That’s exactly what I thought. Star has always been too heavy but she’s gotten even bigger. Not to blogpost, but she’s now the same size as my rescue when we first found him, and to everyone’s expectation a cat that size was full of joint problems, diabetes, and a bunch of other health issues stemming from that. Obviously it is not being managed or even addressed for Star and it’s making me feel a bit a-loggy.

I guess she just despises them all now. Because that’s what she must feel towards her animals to let them live like they do.

No. 853607

File: 1632115484557.png (6.53 MB, 1125x2436, 2503A967-8954-4DCC-A13F-785855…)

No. 853608

File: 1632115507558.png (7.59 MB, 1125x2436, BCF715B4-BCA8-4588-99B4-566EB4…)

No. 853609

File: 1632115529642.png (9.14 MB, 1125x2436, A05B0015-1F83-4A46-8442-ED612D…)

No. 853610

the rats are always just conveniently taken to the vet after midnight???

No. 853611

Right! Like you couldn't wait until morning…

No. 853612

I think she likes the attention she gets from having a vet emergency. It's probably a similar rush to how she gets when she goes to the hospital herself.

No. 853614

She probably couldn’t wait until morning because the rat was in dire need of medical attention. The only reason you would go to a vet after midnight is if you’re going to an emergency clinic. They’re more expensive too, so something must’ve happened

No. 853615

File: 1632118419861.png (467.08 KB, 750x1334, 433BF01F-8ABB-40D1-AE6E-D508CA…)


No. 853616

Is that shade thrown at jc and syd for buying rats?

No. 853617

I just find it interesting the rat emergencies always happen at night. like you didn’t check on them ONCE during the day?

No. 853629

“Just goes to be” drop the meth pipe and pick up a book Trailer.

Her pupils are microscopic. Christ.

No. 853634

This is 100 percent Shade towards JC and Syd, Kek. It’s bc they bought a rat, used one of Taylor’s names (one she planned while her and jc were dating), and now there’s been no update for weeks… I assumed the poor rat died.

No. 853645

If tinfoil is true and they killed the rat, it makes even more sense why Syd's mom has Storm.

No. 853648

Wouldn’t “passing on comfortably” be humanely euthanizing the rat at this point? Like it’s old and not going to recover from what sounds like an awful, arduous surgery & suddenly have an amazing quality of life. I don’t get it bc I feel like she’d get just as many sympathy uwu asspats for putting the rats down, but then again I guess that wouldn’t make her look like a ~hero who did everything she could~.

No. 853652

Yep, as far as I know, tumours are pretty common in rats and it’s likely the vet suggested euthanising first as the most fair and humane option for the reasons you’ve listed. Surgery on rodents doesn’t seem common place. Funny she omitted that.

No. 853679

I absolutely hate seeing the OP pic every time I come into /pt/ because her lips look like she can't get a proper grip on that straw. I have no idea why they make me so irrationally angry. Sage for autism.

No. 853683

Yes, humane euthanasia is the kinder option rather than putting a senior animal near the end of their life expectancy through multiple invasive surgeries. She wants to play the hero who isn't "giving up" and forking out all this money but when you look closer it's quite selfish. Tumors are much more common in female rats, especially benign mammary tumors. The fact they are not cancerous doesn't stop them growing extremely large very fast and more than likely returning when removed.

No. 853684

>dead pinprick eyes
>taking several selfies with different angles and filters
>complaining about money
>"ugh. I hate when rats get old"
Ah the classic signs of a sober human distressed about a late night emergency vet visit.
Agreed. This (feeder) rat is 3 years old. There's zero humane reason to put this girl through a traumatizing surgery that she'll spend the last few weeks/months of her life struggling to heal from, while growing more tumors on top of it. If it was a young rat and you're giving them another year or two of healthy life, I'd understand. But this is just selfish and cruel.

No. 853686

Samefag but kek this anon totally called it
>She literally says [new video coming] once a month and then something dire happens because of course it does and she never follows through
Less than three days later and she's got this super expensive (cough my $2000 is your $200 cough) vet emergency to flail over.
The most cynical part of me thinks those rats have had tumors for a long time and she didn't care until she needed an excuse to break a promise (and get some attention)

No. 853689

not a wk but sorry anon this is the most ridiculous tinfoil i've ever seen on this site. They have two rats (yes one is named ghost lol) and right now they're on jonny's silly little "tour". Just because we don't see them doesn't mean they're dead

Is she determined to torture all her pets to death now? It's like she's scared to be accused of killing a pet or something but instead she tortures them because she's high af and can't make proper decisions and it's just as bad. "losing goose slowly to a tumor was…" CRUEL. it was cruel and nothing else. I'm glad it's cost her enough financially for her to whine that they're expensive. At least having $900+ less to spend on drugs is something she'll be upset about because we all know she's not actually upset that her rats are suffering.

tbh honest I think she's had the tumour for a while because it's infected and I can't imagine that happens over night - as in the tumor had to be there first for the infection to take hold in it. Why didn't she notice sooner? It's your job as a pet owner to check your pets even their "really difficult" spots. This is just like her hedigie that took her two months of visits home to notice had mange. I think these poor elderly rats have probably been suffering for some time.

No. 853702

ik most anons here aren't super familiar with drug addiction or addict use, but i suggest maybe watching an interview or witnessing their lifestyle sometime. it just answers so much of the (sarcastic?) talking points brought up. she is sort of psychopathic, but shes probably just trying to roleplay being a real human at this point after the brain damage. i don't think shes intentionally trying to be cruel to her animals anymore, just a series of poor decisions

>part of me thinks those rats have had tumors for a long time and she didn't care until she needed

the worst part is she most likely, unironically, forgot. not that she didnt care but she thought she'd notice before nodding off or something. its so fucking irresponsible

meth in general is retarded and im not sure why mama dean didnt kick her out the second she started doing it. the looping and destruction of your mind is insane. kinda think she wanted to care for the animals or get them checked out, whatever, but her 1 hour is our 20 hours. she remembers to check the animals out when its 3am and shes slightly sober.

No. 853731

Does it matter though? She’s been a heroin addict for three+ years. Frying the skinks probably was an accident, but every death since then is indivisible from abuse because you only get so many “oops!” when it’s living things. The poor decision was buying 40+ animals while she was a junkie. She has no excuse after that, especially considering the tinfoil that she replaced animals that died because of her neglect. She’s been sober intermittently between then and now for long enough to recognize what she does to animals.

No. 853734

How can it be infected unless there's some kind of wound? Tumors themselves don't get infected. I bet as soon as Dove dies, Taylor gets multiple more rats "to keep [whatever the third one is] company!" She'll use the rule of thumb about not having lonely rats as an excuse to chain them along.

No. 853762


It could be a cancerous tumor that is necrotic which makes putting her through a surgery at 3 years old even more cruel and completely pointless

No. 853770

The only reason she's getting the surgery is so she can get off from her savior complex. It's the same reason she "rescued" the baby turtles by paying off some scumbag on the side of the road. Its all so she can show off what a good person she is…

No. 853773

File: 1632204315757.png (3.16 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210921-005639.png)

No. 853774

File: 1632204454172.png (2.78 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210921-005903.png)

Can we talk about the state of her curtain? I feel like she puts it infront of her sideboard to hide her shit in pics and probably convenient if moma dean walks in too. But this thing was new when she moved back home! Nasty af hasnt changed

No. 853775

Exactly, "I want them to pass on when it's time, not from tumours." This IS the time. People don't just die because they're old, they die because something goes wrong in their body due to their old age. For rats, that often includes tumours. This is them dying from old age.

At least give them the decency of sedating them to the point where they can't feel pain, like we do with humans.

No. 853776

"we'll see if this one is more harsh on her"
Fuck you Taylor. She is a rat over 3 years old who just had invasive surgery for the second time in a year to remove a likely cancerous/infected mass. Of course that is fucking harsh on her, even if she doesn't show it.

No. 853785

>ik most anons here aren't super familiar with drug addiction or addict use
Can't speak for other anons but I'm extremely familiar tyvm, but I was never a junkie myself so don't see all the rationalizations and excuses for her behavior as muh valid addict brainrot. This is lolcow not group. Whether she is a sadistic psycho or a self-inflicted retard, the animals suffer all the same.
She hasn't been high 24/7 since starting her channel, she's had sober weeks or even months, and in those times she made the choice to keep putting those animals in imminent danger of harm and neglect, THAT CHOICE is what makes her a piece of shit and worthy of the absolute worst interpretation of every action.
I can forgive a high dumbass crashing a car or robbing a 7/11 because their brains don't work (many can't and I get that) but I can't forgive when someone is sober, in their right mind, presented with the cold facts that they'll likely carry on hurting and neglecting their partner/kids/animals, who chooses their ego over the basic needs of those depending on them.
Taylor would rather every pet she owns suffer and die a horrible death, than admit she's not capable, and deal with people calling her a loser or a bad person. That's not druggie brain rot, that's who she is at the core, high or sober.

No. 853788

The way she had to take selfies for each of these updates. God forbid it be an update about the animals without her dead eyed face involved. Ok Taylor. Congrats on dying/washing your hair once this week.

No. 853795

Omg gross, that is COVERED in cat piss. The cats usually mark near windows when they see strays outside, but this could also mean they're still contained to her room at least part of the day and are fighting for territory.
Tinfoil but Weimeraners have a strong prey drive and Mama Dean may herd the cats into Taylor's room overnight so the dog isn't around them unsupervised. Lord knows Star couldn't outrun a dog bred for hunting.

No. 853820

It's honestly disgusting how she lives, but she's a junkie so she probably doesn't even notice it anymore. The Whataburger cups are also hilarious to me; I swear all she eats is fastfood, and that's why she's getting fat.

She's just so LAZY man; she doesn't do anything, but sit in her room and cry about jonny.

No. 853869

File: 1632252856388.png (488.82 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210921-143248.png)

This is the first time I see her speak on an issue and not make it completely about herself

No. 853872

File: 1632253747878.png (865.91 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210921-140632.png)

And this is what happens when you do drugs all day and isolate yourself to such an extreme. But I'm sure calling her dealer is easy. But that's different right insert eyeroll here? /s Lol

No. 853907

She lives her life like she’s the main character and it probably is isolating when no one wants to talk to her because all she has to offer is her problems, her addiction, her ex, her illnesses, how everything is so hard on her. Like bitch. Do something besides sleep all day and sit in your room all night. Go volunteer. Get a job. Do something that involves literally anyone or anything besides yourself.

No. 853909

File: 1632265578675.png (81.38 KB, 407x717, 1231231.PNG)

looks like someone probably did some meth to have the energy to leave her bed but forgot they'd take her pulse. OR she remembered and wanted to munch. By "old" heart problem she must mean from back when she first did stimulants or last yr when she was clearly doing a fuckton of meth with aggy. I highly doubt she has any real heart issue. I remember when she posted herself in the er when her "heart went boom" and the med anons said she had perfectly normal stats only diff was the meth raised hr. I hope it means another shit tier tattoo

No. 853910

File: 1632265629747.png (45.74 KB, 410x711, 21341241.PNG)

there's no way that's possible because he's in a stupid bin

No. 853912

I was wondering how long it would take before she commented on this. Gabby wasn't warned before hand, taylor LITTERALY said

>"ok this guy is a heroin addict, abused women, probably raped some, but he's a musician and I want the experience LOL, FUCK THE HATERUZ THIS IS MY LIFE"

being murdered because you have OCD/ mental health issues, is nothing like seeking out a druggie BF.

I'm almost positive her "friends" (if you can call fellow drug addicts friends) dumped her cause she was an emotional vampire. She must be such an exhausting creature to be around.

No. 853914

File: 1632265997826.png (822.27 KB, 398x712, awertawa3.PNG)

just to further prove that the only reason she doesn't take pics in enclosures is because she doesn't want to ft more anthropomorphism

No. 853924

Heart go boom part 2??! Can't wait for the hospital gown selfies.

No. 853932

But this is still 100% about her. Otherwise she would have dropped the first sentence about domestic abuse and gaslighting, she couldn’t miss a chance to remind everyone how big of a victim she is and gabby was just a convenient method of doing so

No. 853934

Agreed. In the entirety of Taylor’s career, she’s never attempted to bring any light, justice, or use her platform to benefit people similar to Gabby. Taylor has only used these people and their tragedy as a vehicle to cry about herself.
I am not here to deny that what JC did to her wasn’t awful, but I do think it’s abhorrent to always make things about herself.

Taylor will never change.

No. 853963

the way she's suddenly posting a bunch of pics of them really highlights how she probably never takes them out, otherwise we'd get regular pictures

No. 853969

Did she forget Salem's name?
He's trying to get to the bulb 5 feet away.

No. 853970

Salem's got a namecard thingy
here >>851546 but lmaoooo

No. 853974

File: 1632297655533.jpg (413.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210922_095143.jpg)

We haven't had a "sooo sober and thriving" declaration in a while, and she's back on the Furby shit. Can't help but tell on herself.
Btw this bag may will probably cost around $100 based on the creators other products. But she won't complain about that dent in her wallet will she?

No. 853979


Yeah she was all about the weird furby shit when she was methed out - she got that awful furby tattoo which I can’t imagine seeing on my upper thigh forever but that’s just me. Honestly she needs to go to an actual rehab with no phones, segregated from men for a bit, getting regular medical care and having to attend meetings and therapy sessions. The type of place that makes you do some work and chores and teaches you how to be a person again. And be there for like 6 months. Right now she’s burning her 20s away so fast and looking at an early death.

No. 854012

File: 1632327379977.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 483.43 KB, 750x1278, 6B98AB4A-BF77-4E35-B4DB-3C3086…)

Taylor vines does not equal arboreal. Having a arboreal enclosure does. No one is speaking for you, they are just asking a question. So many people have asked her why she is using an arboreal enclosures bc it’s very confusing. Especially the fact that she isn’t currently making platforms, and he’s is “temporary” living in there with like no enrichment. It’s temporary guys don’t worry

No. 854013

File: 1632327463401.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 372.06 KB, 750x1039, CA32B6F1-0B50-4146-868D-C7F57B…)

Didn’t mean to add a spoiler

No. 854015

File: 1632327630734.png (253.09 KB, 750x1334, 52B72884-A6D5-4E83-888C-016CD4…)

I’m goin to kms bc it keeps adding spoilers, anyways I think she might have had one rude comments about the enclosures about the setup, but had like twenty people questioning her methods. Whenever she explains her mistakes she always makes it to be she never makes mistakes, and everyone is hating and attacking her so she needs to set it straight on how right she was. But like bro just get the right size home for your beardie. Not that hard.

No. 854016

File: 1632327771655.jpeg (447.63 KB, 750x1255, F75C625A-4E80-430A-9839-D61252…)


… even tho she has posted stories since then on Instagram of him still being in there. She stocks this sight so much bc last night she was addressing all the criticism

No. 854018

File: 1632328199095.jpg (90.47 KB, 1080x825, 8ltTVMG.jpg)

She claims she doesn’t check the Twitter tag, but this is actually the third time in like a month that she’s done the old quote tweet and delete.

No. 854025

Does this dragon look skinny to anyone else? Their tail is a fat reserve and I expect it to be thicker if it's being fed appropriately.

No. 854086

>assumptions as fact
K, so basically everything your fat fingers type out Taylor. She’s taken her dumb idea as a fact despite being told not to. It would take less effort to do it the right way, but she can’t be proven wrong and has to die on every hill she climbs.

I’ve seen beardies sustain fatal injuries from falls in common “breeder” size tanks, they can slowly bleed to death internally depending on a few factors, the UVB is going to be too far away, why fucking risk any of it? They’re ground dwellers, slap some rocks and low branches and hides in a 55 gallon tank and call it a day, the braindead Twitter stan was nicely trying to push her in that direction. Can’t do that when you can screech to everyone how right you are while the poor thing you have is missing half its limbs….

No. 854120

File: 1632397030417.png (1.22 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210923-063414.png)

Someone needs to come get their witchy grandma she's out here with this meek scarey (scared/anxious?!tf?) Look on her face and poor obese snake

No. 854121

File: 1632397069925.png (2.12 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210923-063436.png)

No. 854122

File: 1632397259929.png (2.11 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210923-064000.png)

Like that's some nightmare shit. creepy look on her face

No. 854142

No anon she's edgy and punk/emo

No. 854148

If she does enough makeup, you can’t call her out for junkie signs… but lord lady, do an extreme lip and soft eye or vice versa.. looking like a clown

No. 854159

The fat rolls on that poor snake…

No. 854163

she looks truly dead inside. there’s no life in those eyes.

No. 854203

not sure if you're being passive aggressive or not, but i brought up the meth pov because its fucking ridiculous how uneducated the majority of you sound talking about drug addiction and framing her for highly intelligent emotional decisions. shes a braindead retard at the end of the day and reading that shes an emotionless, psychopath loser with 50% of anons tinfoiling her bpd is honestly fucking cringe. exactly like you're doing.


and the meth, you literal fucking retard


no she hasnt since however many years ago and it LITERALLY ROTS YOUR BRAIN. meth gives mental illness. she's not a decision-making queen like you so badly want to frame her to be.
again, its not that shes NOT responsible, its that she is low-functioning and killing her iq with chemical changing substances

tl;dr pretending methrot doesnt exist so you can post about taylor being bpd is both tiring and a faggot move

No. 854205

It will never not be funny to me that she has a tattoo of herself. In this pic it’s even her doing the pose of the tattoo, down to including the snake. Amazing.

No. 854207

File: 1632444257036.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1986, A305839F-E45D-4D88-8FB2-992763…)


No. 854239

You know your community is tired of your shit when "heart go boom" part 2 didn't even buy her a few days of munchie glory, so she's back to hyping imaginary videos kek

Put the pipe down babe, Taylor doesn't need your allcaps WK

No. 854243

not denying that anons autism but thats not white knighting

No. 854247

How is
>she's not mean/psycho/bpd/egomaniac she's just low functioning because she took meth once and it melts your brain forever educate yourself REEE
not white knighting? If she's a forever-retard, then she's not culpable for her actions and this thread is all boollying a helpless vegetable.

No. 854252

maybe you've only been following this cow for a short while, but she's always behaved like a cluster b retard, even before she met jonny who introduced her to hard drugs.
taking a sip of vodka and then doing coke once at a party 7 years ago didn't make her an addict or cause enough brainrot to decide hoarding 30 animals in her childhood bedroom, faking EDS for attention or dating a washed up, diseased junkie like jonny is a good idea (and most of those things happened before she did drugs for the first time, anyway).
she's been doing dumb shit since she was an underage kid because her brother is special needs and she didn't get enough attention from mommy and daddy. that's all.

No. 854266

File: 1632508066846.jpeg (549.74 KB, 750x1075, 429B0B95-BBD9-485E-A758-2399B3…)

THAT A MALE ?! so thiccc

No. 854267

are you new? ayrt accurately described taylor's history and you're over here like 'it's the methrot!' she's dumb. full stop. she was dumb and attention-seeking before meth, she's dumb and attention-seeking after meth. she larped being an animal expert because she spent twenty minutes doing petco new employee orientation training. she got attention for having animals and their care has always suffered because they're secondary to the attention they get her. she larped being a band girlfriend because it got her attention. she dipped her toes into druggy waters to fit in and be cool and fell all the way in because, say it with me, she is dumb and does things for attention. she buys an axolotl and hits the pipe because it seems like a good idea at the time with no foresight about what the consequences will be down the road. no one is accusing her of making highly emotionally intelligent decisions lmao. she didn't get as much attention as her brother did because he was special needs and now she makes her animals and her parents pay for it. she's the specialist needs now. she's a junkie that needs constant attention and validation or else. it's cruel. it's also nothing new.

No. 854289

How does a snake even get this obese? You're only supposed to feed adults like twice a month, right?

No. 854309

File: 1632530178275.jpeg (200.48 KB, 828x944, C66F429C-25C7-4578-95AC-0535E7…)

No. 854310

File: 1632530204595.jpeg (197.72 KB, 828x896, 4C1ED0CD-C60E-4F43-B410-3FD610…)

No. 854314

is she pulling a lillee jean and sucking in her cheek chub kek

No. 854338

Love how her left eyebrow and eye are straight style makeup and the right side is very rounded. Was she high when she did her brows ? She’s been teasing this new video non stop the past week. I think we will see one in three weeks from today, bc she has a sponser

No. 854344

Right. Snakes are opportunistic feeders, so they will eat even when they're not actually hungry. It looks like she's feeding it at least once a week, maybe more.

No. 854354

Is anyone really surprised though? Like of course she over feeds her snakes, she wanted them to grow faster so she can take edgy aesthetic pictures with them as soon as possible bc showing off is more important to her than keeping them at a healthy weight. Baby snakes don’t make cool photo props

No. 854358

File: 1632552371978.jpeg (506.88 KB, 750x1239, C5DFDAB4-E640-4175-B986-A26690…)

I’m not sayin she is wrong, but I just find it funny how she throws shade, and retweets this stuff. Like she has a 200k following and already said how this wasn’t okay, why is she putting someone’s account on blast to be attacked ? Also she hates it when people give her criticism but she throws it at tiny account // again not saying she is wrong I just find the whole situation interesting. She is the only influencer I see do this

No. 854379

white knights are the ones that go into threads and cry and bitch about how youre mean internet boolies and cyberstalkers and literally killing them. if you dont knock it off theyll report you to the internet police and they have logged all our ips
junkies and medfagging are always gonna happen but anons wont always agree with it. its established threads ago shes a forever online failed bpd ethot who got too much attention too fast and turned into a syd. a desperate star fucker who is willing to parade around making herself look like a fool for the most fleeting seratonin boost likes and rts will get her.

No. 854397

File: 1632578664309.png (242.74 KB, 750x1334, AFD1C214-3B30-46FC-957E-7AC9FF…)

She deleted this tweet pretty soon after you posted this anon

Confirmed Taylor lurking, and made a new tweet not dragging the persons @

No. 854436

She will literally parrot the only knowledge she has to jump on people to look smart. This was a pretty well known thing way back when pet tube first started. She hasn't learned anything new. And by looking at her ball python, she still doesn't know how to feed it the right amount.

No. 854446

File: 1632604528202.jpeg (461.29 KB, 750x968, 7D321307-EA08-4E82-87CE-6BA269…)

New bio

No. 854477

> 20+ animals dead in her care.

So ironic she’s posted this given her old photos she had with her snake and rat when she was living with JC

She really doesn’t have a shred of self awareness.

No. 854538

I’m sure plenty of people would want to watch her sNeKs grow, but that would mean putting out regular animal content

No. 854767

File: 1632820433208.jpg (121.62 KB, 1545x510, Screenshot_20210928_110544.jpg)

>Side note my recovery is going sooo well! I'm just staying silent about all the work I promised to do and liking tweets from accounts named DopeSick who are active drug users

No. 854775

not trying to whiteknight but that's just a viral tweet, unless taylor follows her it doesn't mean anything

No. 854776

she should just retweet the second one and save people their energy and sympathy for someone taking recovery seriously. She is clearly only ever clean due to circumstance ie: broke or having a medical crisis

No. 854780

Good point anon, I didn't check how many retweets that og tweet had and they don't follow each other so yeah my bad. Milk is hella dry lately lol

No. 854782

File: 1632843582021.jpeg (288.2 KB, 1242x1307, 3E59DF87-096E-4DB1-B8F3-6321E5…)

Mama Dean sperging on Twitter, no wonder tayter turned out the way she did with a narc like her for a mother. WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEE REEEEEEEE

No. 854784

And who was it that let their son meet and hang out with a drug addicted rapist? Hmmm

No. 854787

File: 1632846486022.png (62.61 KB, 593x656, 0jeenen.PNG)

yeah it looks like Taylor's little brother is distressed because of her using and general fucked up mental state, but mama wants to blame jonny who hasn't even been in the pic for 2yrs now. This is ALL Taylor, She is the one choosing to use in her parents house and sleep all day and lay in bed high af all night. Also if she's going to blame ""psychopaths" for things "before drugs" is she says taylor is one? Or is she saying her poor uwu baby is just a perpetual victim!? Her mom is one of the biggest enablers I've ever seen and still in total denial despite all this time and all the blatant tracks and her actions I'm sure it's 10x more obvious. She's not at all powerless here, she can kick Taylor out so her son can grow up in a healthy environment. I can't believe he may spend all his high school years with his fucked up addict sister stressing him out likely causing meltdowns that Taylor has mocked him for before on twit before (and I bet she does it irl too). I have sympathy for Tanner but mama and dad can get fucked this current situation is literally their fault! Sorry for the rant nonitas I get really angry when people don't gaf about those who are vulnerable and innocent especially those with special needs.

No. 854788

If it was like 6 months after they broke up, I would give Taylor’s drug addiction some slack. But blaming Johnny for Taylor’s current actions after years of seeing each other is a joke and not giving Taylor any accountability. If anything it’s enabling her “it’s not your fault baby it’s the big bad mans”

“I know mom” Proceeds to put needle in arm

He just got her addicted to H too, she was already doing drugs in the house before jonny came into the picture. So there was already a safety issue for her son, BEFORE jonny.

No. 854789

GET OFF FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR SHIT, YOU FUCKING COW! Jesus, it's no wonder this family is so fucked up. Nothing will change – all they do is whine on Twitter for pity points and take no tangible action to change things. Jen and Taylor revel in being victims. Poor Tanner is the one who really suffers. He needs stability. Woman up, you idiot, and give your useless daughter an ultimatum. She contributes nothing to society and it's partially your fault. Plenty of people have mental health issues and traumatic pasts, but they do what they have to do to improve their lives. I'm with anon, GET YOURSELVES TOGETHER, DEANS!

No. 854792

Honestly, I think the mother always favoured her son before Taylor and let her feel that.

if she is suffering that much she should go to therapy

No. 854795

Seriously, they should start looking into finding a good housing facility for Tanner. It's clearly not working as it is right now and will only get worse in the future. It might seem a bit harsh at first but it's better for everyone involved in the long run.

No. 854797

Why would they do that ? Taylor is a adult kick her out to rehab, doing something like that can be very damaging for someone like Tanner.

No. 854809

taylor is responsible for her fuckery, tanner isn’t
lower the boom, mama, keep your son safe

No. 854818

File: 1632867889044.png (471.46 KB, 828x1792, 8D423289-95B5-4F59-BF63-55D0AD…)

No. 854819

She should really read her audience and stop posting selfies, literally every time she has on her timeline she loses another 1000 followers. They don't want to see YOU Taylor…

No. 854820

File: 1632869576322.jpg (212.88 KB, 1080x2116, Screenshot_20210928-174458_Twi…)

Tweeted and deleted. "address leak" is a funny way to say "I was high and posted my address on my insta story"

No. 854821

File: 1632869769239.png (754.56 KB, 828x1792, A419063B-96AF-44C5-B4BC-FB255C…)

No. 854825

yesss please give us a deathfat saga, it would be hilarious if she balloons up. It's only a matter of time based on her diet and exercise level.

No. 854828

KEK it's three times now, that she had to move because of doxing? Not because of her horde of animals, her abusive relationship, her heroin addiction, her little leprechaun of a boyfriend wrecking the place, or her irresponsible ass forgetting to pay her bills? What a twist! I love how she just changes her story out of nowhere to whatever will garner the most sympathy at any given moment. The second something bad something happens to someone Taylor just has to wedge her way in there like "me mememeeee. This happened to me! But WORSE."

No. 854834

Didn't mean it as in they should get rid of him so Taylor can continue being a lazy piece of shit druggie.
But it's quite obvious Jen is over her head. If Taylor and her hord moves out, they should at least try to slowly introduce a caretaker to him. Jen won't be around forever and it's less harmful to start the process while he's still young instead of having a fifty something disabled and potentially dangerous/aggressive man, who needs to be put somewhere without ever having lived a single day without his mother and no family left to visit him.

No. 854839

I know I was like girl you doxxed yourself a majority of them time

No. 854840

Didn’t she just say like last week it was 4 months sober and now it’s five ? A month is so quick for her

No. 854841

What did Jonny do to her brother though?

No. 854842

Nothing, they blame him for Taylor still doing drugs around her bother when she can go to a hotel or something

No. 854843

File: 1632876783738.png (228.76 KB, 750x1334, 5DFB2CC1-5737-4181-BB55-C9B8BF…)

What she even talking about

No. 854845

File: 1632876938409.jpeg (608.98 KB, 1170x1629, ACAEC0D9-7731-483B-B0C2-E8A184…)

Farmers are so stupid sometimes.
She’s literally talking about Corpse which would’ve taken you 1 second to look.

No. 854853

You can't ask an addict to keep up with basic math and honesty Anon. Be careful. You could push her into relapse at any moment with your cruelty.

No. 854857

I was talking about the body shaming, but okay

No. 854874

Corpse is not thin either.

No. 854903

File: 1632933901393.jpeg (79.58 KB, 828x558, F666ED6F-2DBB-4B6F-9107-4D842D…)

lol okay

No. 854905

Lol does no one want to go to Disney world with her?

No. 854926

Imagine being a grown woman with a drug addicted daughter and a son with special needs and going on the internet to bitch about how no one in your family loves Disney as much as you do.

No. 854962

Priorities, kek. Mama Dean's life is so tragic.

No. 854995


People like what they like, but I just don’t understand adult Disney fans. They all seem to be REALLY into it - buying the most expensive Disney park packages, Disney stickers all over their car, wearing Disney stuff, having a bunch of other Disney merch, they all have this same vibe that I don’t get. Mama Dean, Disney is for children - so their parents will pay obscene money to see a grown man stuffed in a sweltering Mickey costume making minimum wage dance around.

No. 855022

>a drug addicted daughter and a son with special needs
That's her whole miserable reality, it's no wonder she's obsessed with a childish fantasy world.
Seems like Tanner is really pushing her lately, that house must be a nightmare. Not WKing but there's a reason why Prader Willi patients are very rarely cared for at home after adolescence. Mama Dean is like Tay though, she'd rather die than admit she can't cope.

No. 855025

File: 1633015919960.jpeg (530.73 KB, 750x1260, 35A709CA-96F3-4056-A2A0-2E5318…)

No. 855065

I really hope this video shows her finished enclosures and isn't more of the same drug addiction/sob story/health problems. If she doesn't show them that will mean they are still not done and her poor animals are stuck in those awful "temporary" setups still.

No. 855073

Can't wait to see those hedgehogs thriving Tay!
Also kek at
>still editing
>don't know how long uploading will take
>don't know how long approval will take
>everything always takes longer than she expects
>has promised several times not to promise videos that aren't done
>but guys, it definitely will be up Oct 1st for suuure
Uh huh, just squeezing those few thousand hype views out of her audience at the end of the month again! She's so predictable.

No. 855087

And once the first hits it's going to be
>had to take one of the pets to an emergency vet who knows how long it'll be!
>just waiting for it to drop below 75 but higher than 73 degrees or else I can't film because humidity!
>I forgot my computer doesn't know how to swim, dropped it in the bathtub.
>my axolotl ate the ethernet cable and I don't have internet to upload!!
>video coming soon guys I promise thank you for the support love you

No. 855177

where the goddamn video tay?

No. 855205

File: 1633132980107.jpeg (472.95 KB, 750x1263, 41CE8869-994E-4B06-9450-2DCCD7…)

It’s 7pm in Texas. Think she will post in the next 5 hours ? She still has time.

No. 855207

7:30 now. She's so fucking stupid. lmao so determined for a comeback yet can't even follow thru with uploading ONE video on time

No. 855208

You telling me there’s not gonna be a video for sure with three E’s?

No. 855212

File: 1633136533857.png (542.45 KB, 1170x2532, 3787F3C7-FFC9-4863-B147-C7CBFA…)

No. 855213

File: 1633136832560.png (676.93 KB, 828x1792, 6CEC8C39-0B60-41C1-B983-AF471F…)

No. 855214

File: 1633136853172.png (316.4 KB, 828x1792, B517B6A6-46D1-426A-A936-3F81AA…)

No. 855216

Just say you put it off until September 29th, apologize and upload your video late. I’m not sure how her fans aren’t fucking sick of all the excuses 24/7 it’s so disrespectful. YouTube let’s you upload videos and sort everything out in advance so you can make sure your video is live at a certain time and Taylor has never taken advantage of this feature because shes lazy and leaves everything until the last minute.

No. 855217

Someone needs to make a Bingo card for the most common reasons Taylor breaks her promise about putting out a video. “The YouTube uploader is giving me problems” might as well be the free space.

No. 855219

But she said she uploaded it yesterday? I’m confused

No. 855221

Blah, blah, blah – same shit every single time. Give it up, loser.

No. 855234

That's a somewhat new excuse I guess, good job Taylor. Always outdoing yourself with your bullshit.

No. 855236

It’s ok so is she

No. 855240

File: 1633149764141.png (2.81 MB, 828x1792, 5CAFD3BB-AF44-44FC-AE79-A75125…)

No. 855241

File: 1633149787271.png (1.79 MB, 828x1792, B98BBDE4-768B-4A34-BFC7-73B339…)

No. 855242

File: 1633149826604.png (257.22 KB, 828x1792, ABCE8F39-FE05-47A3-95BF-911E83…)

No. 855247

So she just finished filming

No. 855248

I swear she's complained about the new approval process and monetization before. Bitch knew the new process and speed.

No. 855254

right? like if it's so much of a problem upload a few days in advance and schedule it ffs

No. 855271

File: 1633192349691.png (3.28 MB, 1170x2532, C6D236FE-F4B9-48B6-893D-C294F6…)

No. 855273

Let us appreciate how stupid this thumbnail looks

No. 855274

File: 1633194960112.png (1.74 MB, 1252x631, fall.PNG)

jesus… she just gets worse, how far can one person fall?

No. 855275


It looks like she’s wearing a cheap Halloween mask of her own face

No. 855276

File: 1633195274080.jpg (485.54 KB, 1536x2048, XzZolxs.jpg)

I need to pause for a minute and this is what I came back to. Oooh, girl…

No. 855279

Honestly, I think her new enclosure for Tofu and Celia looks good, am kinda suprised

No. 855280

File: 1633197593939.jpeg (405.85 KB, 750x411, 56532412-9198-4D51-828D-2F236E…)

Her self proclaimed hobbies. Umm what ? You mean lying in bed, the office, and whatever burger. She hasn’t even done a majority of these things she listed

No. 855281

Psychology, zoology, animal rehabilitation, marine biology

All of these you need to be either volunteering or internship / at a animal rehab, and going to University to proclaim it being your “hobby”

This just proves to me how uneducated she is but she wants to be a advocate for these topics without any experience. Talk about the rewinded soul

No. 855282

I’m four mins in out of the 15 mins, and she is still going on about addiction, herself, jonny and her house, like girl can we get to the animal upgrades. Also I doubt she will be posting part two anytime soon to this video

No. 855283

I guess she thinks having a salt water aquarium counts as marine biology and having a small zoo of animals crammed in her house counts as zoology.

No. 855284

kekw at 4 mins in she basically admits she's broke. She admits she's just making content, hoping to make money like she used to.

Her crackhouse setups aren't gonna pay her bills. Time to get a real job or rehome the animals. She clearly can't afford them anymore, she'd rather re-dye her hair 6 times than give her animals a better life.

No. 855285

Watching this video proved to be that she really does take inspiration from Brian Barczyk.

She had her snakes on paper towels for a few “days” bc she couldn’t clean out the big enclosure and she didn’t have the other ones ready yet. Also when she was cleaning out her animal shelf,it confused me why no one really had much of enrichment. V bare minimal enclosures. Also I don’t know why her snakes in the rack needed to be on paper towels like she said ? I love snakes and don’t see a reason unless mites / quarantine. Like if she is just moving them into a bigger enclosure in a few days, why not just leave them in their enrichment ? Why do they have to stay on the paper towel, because you would be takin away there plants and hides for what reason ? Just all very confusing

No. 855286

File: 1633199023725.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 374.57 KB, 750x1012, DEEFEA00-B34F-4466-980E-BD6BDF…)

She has always disappointed me how she tracks her heat. Taylor I know you read here. Buy three of these and put one in the middle and one at each end of the enclosure. Then you can get a feel for the cool side, warm side, and middle.

We all know the heat killed my Pac-Man and skinks story is BS, but wouldn’t you be more careful about heat because of that. Also I never say a heat regulator, but that can be attached somewhere else.

No. 855287

File: 1633199055500.jpeg (369.96 KB, 750x1022, 32DC303E-33F9-4C94-A23E-887478…)

No. 855289

Bruhhh so your telling me she had to get that whole new shelf for one cage ? She totally just wanted more room. I see new pets in the next 6 months

No. 855291

File: 1633199350563.jpeg (218.3 KB, 750x411, 809883CF-8255-4F4E-9864-682A09…)


No. 855292

Man i wonder if they dont want to monetize her videos since she wont stop promoting drug use

No. 855293

File: 1633199537134.jpeg (308.64 KB, 750x410, 6709C46E-C21F-48B1-8E27-343BF7…)

No. 855294

Like every video she rants on about drugs for at least 3 mins

No. 855295

She builds enclosures like how bioactive do, but she uses fake plants and like it just looks so bad. You can tell she didn’t put much effort into them. Her hognose made me laugh out loud. Like good effort ? Participation award ?

No. 855296

File: 1633199763769.jpeg (235.37 KB, 750x407, 867CA508-B89C-4810-A0B8-E949F3…)

I think it’s the styrofoam that really got me laughing

No. 855297

I added platforms youll all see !!

The plat forms -

No. 855298

File: 1633199870150.jpeg (231.12 KB, 750x406, 3DE7A3FA-4E98-4D10-8C73-461D6D…)

No. 855299

File: 1633200049695.png (844.31 KB, 750x1334, C7D1E119-97D6-4096-B4F2-C7CB34…)

This made me kek

No. 855300

What the fuck is this shit? Does she think just because he's in a big enclosure she can neglect his needs? The lightning and basking is completely wrong. Two vital things for a Beardie to be happy and healthy. It really makes me sick. He is going to get Metabolic Bone Disease with a UVB that far away and feel miserable.

No. 855307

I can’t stand her “ quirky” poor me “24 and still living in my parents house” like she had it all and it’s not like something out of her control messed it up. It’s literally her fault she’s back in her parents house, broke, junky

No. 855310

File: 1633209193649.jpg (720.96 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20211002_230048_com…)

>I'm not going to as you to like and subscribe but SOMEBODY wants to ask you…
Ah what a cutesy way to feature the animals everyone wants to see
>Look, this ugly toy says pleeease subscribe!
Jesus Christ. Is she really so over her pets? This whole video she sounds so miserable, like someone is bullying her into upgrading her enclosures.

No. 855314

She looks like shit, oh my god. It’s not like people didn’t tell her not to date a rapist junkie, or people never told her to stay away from drugs. It’s sad to see anyone like this in general but she got more warnings than almost all people who end up with an abuser. She wanted the “rockstar lifestyle” not understanding it will wear her tf out. I doubt she will ever be sober. She looks like a cool aunt in her forties. Why is there so much bright ass junk sale clutter and her hair so fucked up and gross?

No. 855316

No one appears to have done this yet, so I present :

A brief tl;dw

>Go watch my druggie videos

>omg I don’t know what I’m doing, bad lighting, bad angle, not like this is her job at all
>Really feels like she’s getting her life together and will be able to move out soon
>doesn’t want to lean into super educational content, isn’t here to be a teacher but to connect with people (lol)
>Basically doesn’t want to tell people how to take care of animals because she doesn’t know and people correct her, which she says is arguing
>Atrium house sperging
>wah I live with mom and dad because they provide a roof over my head when I ruined my life
>Just doing the setup, getting ready to be decorated. Part two will be decorating
>Weird music sperg
>7 minutes into a video that’s 18:53 and supposed to be about animals, the first animals appear
>Oh this music is actually worse, how about that
>Montage of setting up the new enclosures to some music that sounds how Taylor looks.
>No talking, Taylor wants us to read her text on screen cause she hasn’t tortured us enough with walls of text
>All enclosures are as expected from Taylor - subpar.
>Realises she can’t plan, measure, do anything correctly - has to haul everything apart and redo, relocate some enclosures
>Montage part 2, redoing all the work she did wrong
>Makes her own 3D backgrounds
>Still looks bad and she should feel bad
>Says she will show each individual animal going forward


No. 855317

File: 1633211987902.jpeg (423.02 KB, 1170x2048, 1C2C817C-95BD-4720-9107-51A2CB…)

Follow my Instagram

No. 855318

I thank you for summarizing and taking the bullet

No. 855322

it's so hilarious how taylor most likely knows that the vast majority of her audience doesn't give a shit about her and yet she still inserts all these sperges about herself, even when everyone just came to see her animals and their enclosures.
imagine a random person that's trying to find out more about setting up animal enclosures stumbling upon this video and having to skip almost half of it because she can't shut the fuck up about her junkie issues.

No. 855323

Clean your room

No. 855327

>Montage of setting up the new enclosures to some music that sounds how Taylor looks.
KEK good work Nona, I appreciate you.

No. 855329

Didn't she fucking say this wasn't finished?? lol knew she wasn't going to do shit for it

No. 855333

File: 1633222119052.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2999x3999, 41CC8DC2-8A8A-4F79-947A-ABCE86…)

Someone please break the news to her that PetTube died while she was on her Jonny bender and even if it didn’t her content is so low effort it’s impossible to get through. Idk what’s worse, between the awful music, bad editing, and weird title screens.
Nitpick, but she should really invest in a pull down backdrop or something because her bedroom is unaesthetic and distracting. Her desk is so covered in nick nack bullshit no wonder it takes her 3days to edit a video and don’t even get me started on her hanging her ugly clothing on the wall because her closet is so full of crap.

No. 855341

Honestly I don’t see that happening. Pettube is dead and the only reason she ever gets pets is for the online attention she thinks it’ll net her.

No. 855344

File: 1633227667685.jpeg (345.88 KB, 828x1367, CBB25DEE-A15E-46A1-AE27-FD4DBD…)

No. 855345

File: 1633227697630.jpeg (336.16 KB, 828x1364, 404FBE4C-DBC4-4A6B-8DB1-D16438…)

No. 855366

Her filming skills have gone backwards. So many shaky and blurry shots. The long intro etc. is going to effect her altharithom as more people will stop watching early on.

She's been out of YouTube too long, girl needs to do some studying!

No. 855370

You can tell she just impulsively buys cheap crap to try and make herself happy. If I didn't know any better I'd say this room belonged to a spoiled teenager trying to find herself by online shopping with mom's credit card. Very cool knickknacks Taylor, super unique and totally quirky random.

No. 855398

shes gotta smell like ass, they all do. admitting to not showering for dayyyyyz, pet people always have that tinge of zoo with undertones of wet dog. add on a house full of undusted tchotchkes covered with human and animal dander, litter boxes, fish tanks and so on give or take the persons particular horde..

No. 855401

Nitpicking but I d k when did it started but her “aesthetic” now continues to baffles me. I get the whole do-it-for-yourself but none of her looks post-first-rehab has been great and doesn’t suit her imo. She used to look so much better doing her minimal and I feel like getting veeners has drastically changed her face, and her whole emo vibe just makes her looks like she is trying so hard? Idk also I skipped the whole 7 mins of that video of her long rant of nothingness just to appear “quirky” - that shit is getting old.

No. 855403

its because ethot is never a good look on anyone

No. 855404

yeaaa it just seems like she's trying to impress the wrong type of people. On the one hand I feel sorry for her, cause she's obviously a train-wreck, but on the other; this is the life she chose for herself.

She cares WAYY too much about what other people think about her, and it comes across as inauthentic. It obvious the only reason she's trying to break into YT again is for money, so EVENTUALLY she can move out.

She really hasn't made the lifestyle/ attitude changes she needs to survive. When YT doesn't payout like she wants, I'm predicting another relapse saga. She's obviously very attached to her "new look" but it's just objectively bad for her "brand"/"marketing". Going from family friendly, girl-next-door look to kitsch/ hip-hop, major no-no. Kitsch is pretty polarizing anyway, add to that the poorly planned trash tattoos, and it just awful. She would be so much more sucessful if she just went back to her old look, but I have a feeling her ego is overinflated and she's convinced herself this is the "real" her, when obviously it's not.

No. 855416

She did seem sober in that video, fingers crossed that she doesn't relapse

No. 855485

It's sad but when you think about it it's true anon. Everyone is such a mean bully in her eyes for calling for her to upgrade her enclosures, when in reality it's the bare fucking minimum she should be doing, we all care for and feel sorry for these animals. I truly don't understand at this point why she doesn't rehome them all and keep a cat and maybe a snake for ~edgy~ points, and just do OF or a druggie channel or whatever the hell she would actually have interest in. The way she forces the "omg this is whut I love!! animals r my passhun!!" is exhausting, we can all see just how uninterested she is in them at this point. She only did these enclosure upgrades to kill the hate on her setups and get some monetization cash. It still baffles me that she threw away such an EASY fat check every month from YT for drugs. The shit she could afford when her channel was booming is crazy. And honestly, no more than a couple videos a month would have sufficed to keep that going for her.

Also, she looks awful in this video kek. I'm not one to purposely try to focus on looks but she just looks worse and worse every time. The edgy egirl look she's going for every time she uploads just is not working for her, she was more attractive even in her Jonny days. She somehow has gone backwards ever since breaking up with him.

No. 855530

I didn't see Sabor's old enclosure in the before shots, and wouldn't it make more sense to keep him in that tall af enclosure instead of a bearded dragon? I haven't seen anything about him dying or being given away, but he's not wedged in between her ugly dollskill clothes with shoes on top of his enclosure and I don't think he made it.

No. 855536

She’s been tweeting a lot and posting Tiktoks, they are cringe, but idk this cow is just so predictable and boring. I feel like even her fans are getting borded

No. 855537

File: 1633451458287.jpeg (589.95 KB, 750x1117, 14D70C4E-C77C-4B9C-97DD-9DAA79…)

The after cage was so funny it made me laugh. Definitely not aesthetically pleasing, and looks like less floor space

No. 855539

File: 1633457228599.jpeg (395.24 KB, 750x543, 2B598284-BCBA-4C5B-B124-FB366B…)

I feel like her videos were way more entertaining when she was high with jonny trying to hide being high from fans. The ones now are a dumpster fire in comparison, and that saying something.

Even her old thumbnails were so much cleaner. She screams messy in the newer ones. Even her newest video editing is so badly done in comparison. The gamer editing in that video made me laugh though.

No. 855544

File: 1633460557609.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2471x3464, 03AF1FF4-30D1-4A73-A865-6BAF76…)

How tf are these thumbnails only one year apart. She looks like a completely different person, her weird hairstyle ages her like 10 years. Hard to believe she’s only like 25.

No. 855551

It's honestly kind of sad seeing Taylor fall so far. Watching her newest video it felt like it was a lot less about the animals and more about HER when the entire point of her channel is that it's a pet channel. She says she doesn't want her content to be educational - then don't make an entire YT channel dedicated to your exotic animals tf? but alas, she's in wayyy too deep. People subscribe to see her pet content specifically even though she's really not a great example for her viewers which many i imagine are young and impressionable.

whether she likes it or not, her channel IS an 'educational channel' to some extent simply because she's showcasing how she cares for her exotic animals… and it's not great.

To nitpick (as a reptile keeper myself: i am not an expert in any way but I have enough background knowledge to be concerned about certain things):

that one ball python's enclosure is much too small - and keeping BPs in glass enclosures is hotly debated because front-open glass enclosures like that don't hold humidity as well as bins or vision cages do. in dry states it's a huge problem… say what you will about bins but if they are an appropriate size and the animal has enrichment they can live a long and happy life in a bin. if it was in a bin before that was appropriate for its size and it had enrichment (both of which i doubt but that's besides the point) then this is kind of a step backward… ball pythons are shy animals, they don't like being watched.

the enclosure she has her hognose in - she made a custom backing, that's cool and great, but is that styrofoam? stryofoam is a nice building material because it's light and cheap and all but i don't know if it's safe for reptiles… my thought is that the little crumbs will flake off and could potentially be ingested and that's really worrisome. for chrissake there are literally backings with ledges like that you can find all over the place - universal rocks is a great seller of that sort of thing. also, to my knowledge hognoses are burrowing animals? it's nice that it HAS all that vertical space but they don't really climb at all so why go to the trouble of adding that? IMO she could just swap the BP and the hog and they would both have much higher QOL.

also, those zen habitats cages are soooo insanely expensive. no vision cage is necessarily cheap but when i bred BPs i don't think i ever would have splurged on that kind of cage especially if money was really tight. there are SO MANY other cheap vision cage providers (animal plastics being one i can name off the top of my head) and she could have potentially gotten double the vision cages for the price of what she paid for the zen habitats ones… also i'm pretty sure the zen habitats aren't very well reviewed for how much you pay for them either, literally they are all about the looks of the cage itself and not about the health of the reptile inside the enclosure :/

whether taylor likes it or not she does set an example for people watching her channel. what she went through sucks and i wouldn't wish it on anyone but i REALLY think she needs to downsize. people with collections of her size usually have an entire room dedicated to reptile care (that isn't their bedroom) so they have the space to adequately provide for their animals. i watch a lot of other 'pet tubers' and the contrast between her and other channels that have proper animal care is astounding… take snake discovery for example - they have hundreds of animals and keep them in rack style cages/bins but their animals are healthy and happy because they understand the needs of their animals, and, namely, don't overly humanize/personify them (something taylor is definitely guilty of).

she is currently someone recovering from a very dark part of her life but fuck, girl, get rid of the animals so you can properly heal. it might hurt but you and those animals will be much better off in the long run.

also… why does she overline her lips so much? it looks really awful. her hair doesn't look great either but i think that that's just her style… i dunno, it just looks trashy to me… and are her eyes super red or is that just me?

TL;DR she's trying but she missed the mark, improper care + needlessly expensive reptile cages, SHE NEEDS TO GET RID OF SOME ANIMALS because she obviously does not have the room nor the means to care for all of them.

No. 855561

I was thinking the same thing while watching the video and her recent tiktok. She keeps saying is not educating, while showing how to do diy’s enclosures builds teaching you every step. How is this not a educational channel, she is trying to also “teach” about addiction. Her beliefs on why addiction happens and the effects, and trying to pass it as facts. She thinks saying “not educational” will be a shield. Boy has she fallen.

No. 855563

It’s been speculated that she got the new glass display cages as a sponsorship, makes sense if it’s true because she was posting nonstop about them and tagging the company in all the posts for a good week and a half.

I’m not a snake expert at all but I agree with the styrofoam, I was looking at that like what the fuck? It seemed like she just glued substrate on it, wouldn’t it have been sturdier and less likely to flake if she covered it in air drying clay first and then covered that in aquarium silicon covered with substrate.

No. 855600

File: 1633535900768.jpeg (453.83 KB, 750x1098, A8F9E585-EAC9-4294-BDFB-1C0AFD…)

HHaha this made me laugh, none of the twitter fags mentioned to this fan, that that halloween crab was killed. Even one of Taylor’s petuber buddies lied saying “the lost the video” of the crab when showin all of Taylor’s animals. Later to find out the crab died prematurely, and Taylor was lying saying they were alive

No. 855620

I honestly fell for the song in the video. you can listen it here

but why did she choose such a sad song about falling being alone and searching for anyone

No. 855643

Cause she's desperate and lonely. She's getting into her mid 20's and many people are starting to settle down and get married. Her looks are fading fast cause of drugs and fast food, and despite what people say, looks matter ALOT when finding a partner.

Taylor certainly isn't going to find prince charming sitting in her bedroom. She probably feels disgusting and undesirable, cause she is. The dating scene for junkies is other junkies, considering she doesn't do anything else she's fucked.

No. 855752

Take your meds and stop browsing these threads so much, she’s 24

No. 855760

do you think 24 isn't mid 20s kek

No. 855768

Apparently being like 6 months away from 25 doesn’t count LMAO

No. 855790

I think 24 is a bit young to be worried about whether you’ve locked a partner down yet. Most people do not get married until their late twenties

No. 855801

File: 1633673651035.jpg (336.95 KB, 1124x1590, IMG_0596.jpg)

deleted rant

No. 855802

File: 1633673707408.png (2.01 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0597.PNG)

No. 855813

Yes, it's 2021 who tf cares about getting married

No. 855814

She totally has tried to get her snakes to bite her. Should I try and find the clips and well.. No use

No. 855818

honestly regardless of if she’s ever antagonized her snakes to bite her, her care for them is still terrible and if she really wants people to start believing she cares for them she’d rehome some.. which as we know she’ll never do

No. 855836

Wat. Anyone who watches her knows she did this in like every video where she showed off snakes, tofu had it especially bad if memory serves me correct. Maybe it’s not completely intentional, but continuing to stress a snake out when it’s already stressed like she often does will obviously lead to it trying to defend itself the only way it can.

No. 855841

Didn’t Sabor bite her every time she tried to handle him? Not to mention there’s video of her having him strike things like her iPad. Also there’s literally a banner that scrolls through here of her trying to kiss Celia and having her face struck at.

I’m no expert with snakes, but waving your hand in its face when it’s posed to strike seems counterproductive to teaching it not to bite.

No. 855855

She definitely entices them to bite her, drugs have seriously stunted her memory. Here >>852240, is literal evidence thanks to aggy which is recent. I hope he continues to expose her periodically. I swear she also recently posted another one where she was also antagonizing one of her snakes but tbh I feel like she is in every pet vid of hers. This all ties into her being an animal abuser

No. 855858

taylor cares a lot. were you not here during the mega spergout she had when jonny and syd got engaged?

No. 855859

But we have seen at least 10-15 videos of just tofu alone biting her

5-6 snake bites every taylor ? Really ?

No. 855860

bless you for going back and finding that anon. inb4 she sees this and starts defending herself saying that's her "training method". it's one thing to not hold back from making startling movements around them to get them comfortable with you and build your trust over time, but it's another thing entirely to sit there and continually wave your hand in front of him over and over. she's such a lying pos lmao, every hole she continues to dig herself into there's already proof of her contradictions. she can't keep her own shit straight.

No. 855861

Sabor is a green tree python. They are biting no matter what. They are more of a display pet then anything

No. 855862

15.8 she got bit by "Sabor as always" https://twitter.com/taylorndean/status/1029564007802462208 and then only two days later she got bit by Toast. https://twitter.com/taylorndean/status/898094121017061376 Here she is getting chewed on by Gucci 1 or 2 https://twitter.com/taylorndean/status/1015080019822108677 here are some deleted tweets about TEETH getting stuck in her hand https://twitter.com/taylorndean/status/1150222418134413313 and I have no idea how many times she said Duck bit her. She knows that this is not how you "train" snakes. But the bites get many views.

No. 855867

File: 1633726325269.png (243.69 KB, 828x1792, C3DBB19C-13FD-4AD0-B2B5-A88635…)

No. 855868

I'm still wondering how she's gonna milk this into 3 separate videos. She didn't actually show that much last time, just alot of ranting like usual. It's really sad how many people still fall for her shtick.

No. 855869

File: 1633726550230.png (2.53 MB, 828x1792, 7363FAB0-04C1-4D78-ABE9-8700EC…)

No. 855878

File: 1633739318335.jpeg (586.57 KB, 1125x1910, FA0EAD2E-D0D2-41E8-886E-BA402A…)

Surprised these haven’t been posted yet! It’s been 18 hours and she doesn’t have many likes on it either.

No. 855879

File: 1633739351897.jpeg (664.4 KB, 1125x1678, 453BC997-9282-48F3-9746-36272B…)

No. 855880

File: 1633739395213.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1569, B7EF6CA8-86DA-47A6-A721-08BEB9…)

Other photos are just Dove. I posted the distraction stitch one in case people were curious and then the cage shot she included.

No. 855901

>her sister prefers not to use her back legs
Wait, so Pigeon can't walk either?

No. 855902

So she finally got stuff for the cage just in time for none of them to be capable of using it. Nice.

No. 855923

File: 1633764331970.jpeg (347.98 KB, 1125x750, BA559F05-B283-45FA-8C63-9B975A…)

Just realized distraction stitch was mentioned in a comment, not the caption!

No. 855925

What was the point of getting surgery when these rats are practically at the end of their natural lifespan anyway? I don't see how that would improve their quality of life in anyway whatsoever, if anything it seems more likely they'll live for maybe another month or two unable to fully recover. I hate pet owners who do this, it's merciless and selfish.

No. 855943

I’m happy she finally gave the rats adequate care but it’s sad knowing she just did this so she could take pictures of them. If you look at the cage picture every single one of these items looks brand new and like rats have barley even used it, probably because she literally just did this. I remember people telling her to get bar covers for actual years and in a momma dean video maybe 6ish months ago the cage clearly didn’t have any.

Tinfoil but I didn’t believe it when goose got surgery (she never showed incision sites or stitches, or vet pictures or any tangible proof) and I don’t believe it now. And purple lint is definitely not proof.

No. 855954

i love how taylor talks so flippantly about her disabled geriatric rats that are long overdue for euthanization, as if this disability is a choice. They must be suffering terrible again torture because she doesn't want to be seen an animal killer(??) This is perfect i guess she's showing any would be new followers to steer clear she's an animal abuser and treats every pet as a human! What's funny is when "muh eds" flares up (aka dope sickness from 0 funds and no $ for meth either) suddenly she can't do anything! Like damn taylor you're clearly just choosing to be a grumpy rat get over it and smile for the camera!

oh and i never realized this was a ferret nation?! It may have been discussed when she first got it, i think it was. But damn even though her rats were all oeverweight they probably couldn have gotten out easily only to become a whole menagerie of pets' play thing/snack. She is as lazy as it gets. This reminder makes me less shocked she has all the wrong enclosures for her reptiles rn

No. 855955

pretty sure these are old photos and the rats are long dead. "took these just an hour ago" throwing in when you took pics is a tell-tall sign of a lie. They've probably already died and this is just a setup for their death announcements.

The wall of text and excuses about vets makes me thinks she died in surgery or was euthanized. Probably won't be much longer till we hear her hedgehogs died and stuff, but they've probably been long dead.

No. 855972

File: 1633824672073.png (597.72 KB, 828x1792, D8DAA247-AE55-47C6-91D1-BA7D24…)

No. 855977

She should really regulate her comments in her sobriety posts and mute/hide some of the comments, I saw one comment suggesting to go on methadone and preached how dangerous it is to quit H cold turkey and instead to go on other alternatives (meth). The fact that she has a massive following of recovering addicts and people giving unsolicited advice is not a good thing when she has such an impressionable, young group of followers. I didn't take a screenshot of it since it’s not her fault, but she definitely should be a little more responsible than that.

No. 855978

almost like Instagram is a business and they don't want meth-heads and heroin addicts on their platform. I'm not sure why she's surprised they're taking down this type of content.

No. 855996

Not to mention half of the shit she did get, an elderly rat that doesn’t use their back legs won’t even use. I find it hard to believe they would even use the ramps at this point if they’re just dragging themselves to get food/water then back to bed

No. 855997

of course it goes right over her big head. Clearly the way she spoke about drugs and went on and on about them was similar enough to that sort of post (dealing) that it was deleted. That's horrible for a "recovery & mental health advocate", especially for her to reveal the reason the post is gone. THIS would be the time to lie lmao (obviously not in the way she lied here). She's just obsessed with sharing triggering war stories for NO REASON and has 0 real or druggie friends to blab to

No. 856010

>don't worry pigeon is fine and I'll post her after this
Extremely sus phrasing. If you think people will ask about pigeon, then just put her in this carousel of 10+ photos? Why mention her at all?
>no one asked but Pigeon is fine, no really guys she's thriving aha no I'm not posting evidence but trust me she's doing amazing the vet told me she's the best rat he's ever seen and then he gave me a gold star!
I bet Pigeon is just as fine as her hedgehogs and Sabor.

No. 856027

This would be the one time where it’s considered okay for her to kill her pets

No. 856032

The only reason I'm inclined to believe they got surgery is because she's otherwise too dumb to even know that they use distraction pull things on animals when they're healing.
But you know she only got them surgery for the social media attention and ass pats. She doesn't post about anything else and their cages were bare up until this point.

No. 856039

File: 1633895189474.jpeg (452.21 KB, 750x1069, 9AE3F5DB-DDC1-4209-B2E6-CC69BE…)

This is why Twitter fags piss me off. Educating one person in the thread about GTP behavior and the twitterfags flip there shit, saying it’s defending taylor. If anything it points out why Taylor shouldn’t be handling her GTP so much while knowing there classic biting behavior is a stable in this species. It’s almost impossible to own a Green Tree and not get bite at some point they are very aggressive snakes. There teeth are very thin, that’s why it’s a display pet, bc you don’t want them to get damaged/ hurt from being defensive and biting you. Just because some twitter-fag is uneducated about green trees, doesn’t mean the post was less valid. Also as I mentioned right before that post, Taylor’s KSB (very docile) would bite her same with her hognose, and her Texas Rat Snake on a crazy amount of occasion. Did I mention how many times her blood python she rehomed bite her ? Yeah so fuck right off twitter.

No. 856040

File: 1633895374458.jpeg (297.34 KB, 750x700, 87CE1D26-D1A1-4378-96C2-967379…)

“No ones talking about Green Trees genius”

Literally there response to me responding to someone asking about green tree behavior saying they don’t know much about them. Um okay fag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 856119

File: 1633963798352.jpeg (582.12 KB, 750x1168, E1D164A4-3D7C-41C4-AE29-7D63A5…)

Time if flying fast in Taylor’s mind. 6 months sober ? Every week she adds another month ahaha in her tweets. Months don’t move that fast honey

No. 856123

not to mention she's still on suboxone, using meth, binge eating. I guess it's better than heroin, but I wouldn't exactly call it sober… She needs to get off this recovery shtick, she isn't qualified to be talking about it at all, and nobody reads her blogs.

No. 856125

File: 1633969532689.jpg (661.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211011_180444_com…)

Her own stories highlights say that 12 weeks ago (week of July 19th) she was "2+ months sober", so that puts her sobriety date around the middle of May. We know how much she loves to round up, but let's be generous and say May 1st.
>5 months and 11 days
Oops. Even when we account for her saying 2+ months actually means 2.5 months (which we know she'd round up to three lol) there's no way she got to 6 months already.
Maybe if she were really sober, counting to six would be easier.

No. 856129

Taylor once again outing herself with every turn, does the girl really need to exaggerate EVERYTHING? I knew she most likely wasn't telling the truth saying she was 6 months sober already, we know that's a lie. What's the longest she's even claimed that she's been sober for, 6 months isn't her self-proclaimed longest streak is it?

No. 856195

File: 1633993003261.jpg (223.59 KB, 1170x2074, IMG_5015.jpg)

sage for nitpick but seriously how stupid is she?

she acts like it would be hard to find an artist that would do a halloween tattoo… when literally 95% of the artists i know literally make flash sheets specifically for halloween.
not to mention the fact that there's a tattoo shop every 500ft here smh

No. 856196

Plus the fact that she has to spurg every little thought in her mind is annoying. This post does nothing, it's not cute or quirky or productive, there's no purpose to it at all. It's literally just to get her tween fans to reply to her story "omg u should get this it would look so cute on uuuu!! ~cute face emoji~"

Or maybe she is so desperately broke she is hoping a local tattoo artist will magically see this and hook her up with a freebie? Like Taylor, we know you have no money but you have to pay artists for their time and work. Wonder if she made much at all from her sponsored video, the fact that she hasn't bought some expensive stupid toy by now seems to show that she didn't. She was CONSTANTLY showing off the dumb outfits and room accessories she was buying after moving back in with her mom but she doesn't do it nearly as much anymore.

No. 856203

Obviously she has to carefully vet all of her tattoo artists for the quality of their art and character just like she did with romeo lacoste.

No. 856209

don't forget the one right here in SA that did her shitty crocodile and later had allegations come out about him!

No. 856211

samefag, he did the shitty heart as well

No. 856457

Checked her socials looking for her excuse as to why she she’s so quiet/ probably won’t upload and was not disappointed

She has to be high to come up with lies this outlandish and think people are going to believe her. Has she never heard of people calling their phones and listening for the ringer/vibration?

No. 856458

File: 1634225932457.jpeg (781.54 KB, 2176x3464, ACBB97C8-EC29-426D-8E62-9FC6EF…)

No. 856460