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No. 727691

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/722298

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes out there!):
[former] https://twitter.com/tamonandpumba

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:

> Confirmed back on the beer >>727232 and >>727647 after claiming in the past that one sip of vodka set off her entire addiction

> Out clubbing again with Betsy, had no idea who the band was but backstage anyway >>727218 and >>727635
> Woke up to the fact Jonny is still dating his new gf >>724797 and held a heroic intervention with the girl that she just had to share with her entire fanbase >>726580 Except it didn't work >>727162
> She took a break from insta and twitter >>724769 then returned with another essay, this time about harassment >>722298
> Earned her five-month sober chip despite claiming there wouldn't be one. Too many essay-length spergouts about her sober life and inspiring story of survival to cite >>726018
> Star got a toy out of the interview shoot, at least. Taylor seems mystified at her natural play >>723488 and attempts to play the "special metabolism" card over why she's not managing Star's weight >>724033 Further defensiveness ensues >>724330
> A "big media company" interviewed Taylor about her addiction >>723586 and >>723332 Many enclosures were fixed up in the days before the interview >>723174 and >>723382 and she ignored Tanner's (proposed) Disney birthday >>723196 for a full day of shooting in her bedroom instead >>723084
> Released a video advising the use of tweezers to remove stuck eyecaps from snakes despite no practical experience or research >>723915 then backpedalled when called out (as usual) >>724463
> Celia is still ill last we heard >>721911
> Went out clubbing >>721017 while at the same time saying she's fending off urges to relapse, then revealed she had a big fall >>721412
> Punctured Tofu's lung injecting RI medicine while high on heroin, then drives car to hospital high. Blames hospital for all of this >>715622 / >>715689 / >>715691 / >>715767 / >>715688
> Couldn't tell if Kronos, Tofu or Gucci were sick >>715762
> Flies into a massive narc rage after Destry came out with the tofu milk, threatens Destry >>715830
> Admits to driving while high more than once, claiming she was fine >>715782 while also contradicting herself >>715793
> Mama dean joins in on the bullying >>715903 / >>715923 / >>715952 / >>716034 / >>716131
> Gets on her druggie burner phone to continue harrassment after Destry blocks her >>715958 / >>716029 / >>716030 / >>716031 / >>716032 / >>716033 / >>716075
> Dms leaked of her shit talking in her narcsupply groupchat >>716182 / >>716186 / >>716190
> Destry backpedals hard to avoid the narc rage >>716498 / >>716510 / >>716584 / >>716589

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new cowfish >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Possible sock account? >>726534
>Twisty's tail was broken under Taylor's care? >>715625
>Neglect of her snakes, croc skinks and frog, matching Breezexotics' claims >>715627 / >>715629
>Taylor getting blackout with bropeen in August? >>715634

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 727696

Previous thread link:


I reposted this several times due to the dead prev thread links - there were glitches on posting. The links are still dead though.

No. 727700

samefag, also beer = cider (situation was updating while writing the op)

No. 727706

File: 1573363046377.png (451.66 KB, 394x737, wsdfd.PNG)

This is pretty telling to me. She is comparing apples to oranges - her "testing" actually drinking and her therapist being okay to just be around booze and that situation for alcoholics/addicts in general. I feel like maybe she thought oh I won't drink but couldn't handle seeing her friends/other people drinking and her not drinking too. I feel like this part of her post is closer to reality. She really seems to always be more so a follower than leader and desperate to fit in. Even if booze isn't your thing a lot of addicts will want to drink at restaurants with bars or get jealous seeing family members during a meal drink because they want any way to get fucked up so yeah she's right about that. Where she tripped up is connecting it to ACTUAL drinking

No. 727710

File: 1573363410892.jpg (191.74 KB, 1383x780, taylor.jpg)

one example of many where even moderate drinking tipped her over the edge, according to our Resident Addiction Expert at >>>/pt/718241

No. 727711

I had no idea you could get a free drinking pass while in early recovery.
I also had no idea that sobriety is a spectrum. We're so lucky to have our Patron Saint if Sobriety to educate us.

No. 727713


"What matters is
..you are not activating your illness that takes away your control from the desire to numb your problems"

Bitch, huh?! Am I the only one that never understands her?!

No. 727714

>My therapist can
>My therapist could

what is it with cows and therapist fan fiction?

No. 727723

She’s deleting comments. I guess there are some facts she can’t wiggle her way around. Such as what her recovery program actually preaches at every meeting.

No. 727727

File: 1573364969149.jpeg (755.79 KB, 1242x2160, 593289A7-EE52-449A-ADAF-C9CCB5…)

No. 727728

File: 1573365387401.jpg (535.81 KB, 1080x1676, Wxjpc.jpg)

Looks like shes going to be releasing a video about the destry situation

No. 727729

I’ve never had a cow make me so angry and triggered. She’s a dangerous person to have a platform.

No. 727730

Her aggression is very telling! Also she’s adamantly sure that she retains her sobriety date, despite the fact that she even said she drank before she moved back home after sober living. Those are two relapses, and any rightful AA/NA would take her chips away. But it truly comes at no surprise that she’s behaving like this.

No. 727733

If she’s getting suboxone from her program, isn’t it illegal for her program to suggest alcohol consumption may be fine?

If you have alcohol in your piss test, will they even give you your meds? My tinfoil is that she’s off of subs.

No. 727734

But telling you that you can't consider yourself sober for having alcohol isn't cruel or horrible, it's a fact.

Taylor treats addiction like it has some sort of switch that "activates" it, but only with certain things. If you told me that addiction is a spectrum in the sense that not everyone is addicted to the same thing then yeah, I'd agree, but she's treating it like there are varying levels of addiction and that you can choose what sobriety means to you.

Sobriety literally means that you are not actively consuming mind-altering substances, aka drugs. Alcohol is a drug, you're not sober by definition. Like there is absolutely nothing to argue about here, you're not sober, period.

And the problem is that she has a platform where there are kids who will believe this bullshit and even other struggling addicts who want to do the same mental gymnastics as her to justify why they haven't droppped x or y substance.

No. 727736

File: 1573365913660.jpg (339.58 KB, 1080x1325, X4hsgs9.jpg)

Of course this will go over her head, but I'm glad people in the field are speaking up

No. 727737


Even apart from her program, isn't drinking while on subs dangerous? They can interact, at best drinking just increases subs side effects, but still.

Apparently subs are hard to get off of though so unless she's just avoided suboxone withdrawal by doing other drugs, I can't believe we haven't heard her complaining for sympathy on twitter about how she's going though suchhh a hard time getting off subs, and it's all her doctor/program/hater's/whoever's fault for whatever reason.

No. 727739


That’s true. She deleted a long and well thought out post by someone in recovery who lost a loved one due to them thinking alcohol would be fine. That person called Taylor out for lying about her program giving permission for her to drink while she’s on subs.

I’m sad I didn’t screenshot, it seems like people genuinely wanna keep others aware that she’s spreading misinformation but she’s combing through the comments like mad right now. Pretty fucked.

No. 727741

She’s censoring the most legitimately helpful posts.

No. 727745

File: 1573366993996.jpg (255.77 KB, 1080x2047, J37463h.jpg)

No. 727746

she just got an AA chip for 5 months as well.

No. 727750

Mega tinfoil but if she is in a legit IOP program and not just at a Suboxone clinic they would never say that what she's doing is okay or equate to sobriety. So she may be in iop and just lieing to her therapist or I suspect she might just be going to a Suboxone clinic which only drug tests you once a month and a lot of the time the counselors don't have the time or energy to police everyone that closely (at least where I live) There are plenty of people who go to sub/methadone clinics who still use opiates, benzos, amphetamines and drink etc.

No. 727751

File: 1573368001713.jpg (340.23 KB, 1080x1476, IMG_20191110_063353.jpg)

>haven't touched drugs in 5 months
I guess weed and alcohol are no longer drugs in Taylor land.

>I don't want to say I'm zero days sober because that will harm me more! By saying I'm zero days sober you'd be making me relapse!

She's full of so much shit. I honestly think if she had herion she'd still say she was sober because she can't accept failing.

No. 727752

Girl did your program not teach you that a relapse is NOT a set back? You might want to actually attend. They’re most helpful when you’re listening.

No. 727754

Bless you anon. How out of touch with reality do you have to be to delete this but keep the posts screeching that it was JUST two ciders and she’s fine so why do you even curr??? Fuck the haters bby we're you’re REAL fans

Oh my god I lost brain cells just typing that

No. 727757


Proof that her self esteem is so fragile she must reject the truth in order to protect it

Narc 101

No. 727759

File: 1573369296344.png (129.17 KB, 1373x813, Capture _2019-11-09-22-58-59.p…)

Enabling ass bitch get off your ass and put your daughter into rehab. Hold your bottom line. Get rid of all her animals. Have her get a notarized note saying that if she relapsed you're getting rid of all the animals in your house. You let her relapse you stoked this. You could have done more.

No. 727761

File: 1573369834343.jpg (609.08 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20191110-020911_Ins…)

Nobody said your dumbass isn't sober from heroin. They just said if you're drinking alcohol, you're not 100% sober. Which is true. Jesus Christ this bitch is dumb.

No. 727762

File: 1573369882527.png (4.57 MB, 1125x2436, E70CEDC4-D586-49CB-970A-2AFB74…)

She added to her story saying she’s currently still on subs

No. 727763

My question here is why do you need to "test" your body to see how it reacts to drugs that aren't heroin? Most importantly, what program gives you permission to "test" your body, especially when you're so early into rehab?

And if you relapse it's because you chose to. Nobody is making you relapse. If you can't handle people questioning your actions then just leave the internet forever and stay in your bubble.

No. 727764

File: 1573370117058.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2088, D85B8351-BFFB-4D07-96BE-5E675C…)

PT 1

No. 727766

Not only that, but what program gives permission to try alcohol to someone who previously had an alcohol addiction and said when they tried alcohol a few months ago it made them spiral, especially when they have recently spoken about how hard they have found sobriety lately? She's so full of shit, her addiction changes to suit her just like her other invisible illnesses.

No. 727767

File: 1573370270676.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1996, FFFE9A79-6B16-4F48-B9A8-63F9C2…)

No. 727768

File: 1573370405450.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x2134, A03497E9-6BE4-45DD-93D8-B165A2…)

No. 727772

Crazy how the world renowned dr. In rehab said anyone on subs wasn't sober, but our sober queen makes her own rules now! She really knows how to dig her own grave.

No. 727773

File: 1573370574653.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1242x2092, 3932202D-D950-4D88-AB27-576C32…)

No. 727775

No Taylor, because people aren't using fucking mouthwash and eating food cooked with alcohol to get any kind of kick from it, and if they did happen to find out mouthwash or food with alcohol triggered any kind of issue they know to get an alcohol free mouthwash or avoid food cooked with alcohol… The issue is the only reason to drink alcohol is for the buzz, otherwise you'd drink a soda.

No. 727776


Already deleted off her stories lol

No. 727778

I just don't have the will to read all those walls of text from her. Her constant long-winded excuses are exhausting.

No. 727782

>I had 2 ciders
>I had 2 sips of cider
>I tried a cider

Lying piece of shit.

No. 727783

But the point of rehab and recovery is for you to stop relying on any sort of mind-altering substance in order to function or in order to feel good.

No program worth their salt is going to tell you "I mean yeah you can totally try alcohol to test your body even though you're a heroin addict in recovery". Abstinence from ANY kind of drug is part of recovery. It's not a choice for you to make. Yes, addiction is something that everybody experiences differently, and yes, there are many ways in which you can handle addiction, but the way you're handling it is absolutely wrong. Like straight up factually wrong and even dangerous to talk about.

A quick google search says that you cannot mix alcohol with subs because you suffer the risk of lethargy and vertigo.

Amd also, if I remember correctly, you said it yourself that your therapist said that your lifestyle hadn't changed at all and it wasn't ideal, yet she's totes cool with you drinking? Seriously?

No. 727785

File: 1573374766449.jpeg (194.63 KB, 750x1083, 663D593C-B471-455A-B23F-01F010…)

So she just stops going to the meetings where they tell her she actually has to abstain from drugs & alcohol? Lmao the mental gymnastics she does makes my head hurt..sounds like she’s probably not going to any meetings then if that’s the case. there is literally something wrong with her brain and it’s not the aDdiCt BrAIn she spews about..Taylor get help and an MRI

No. 727786

File: 1573375038914.jpeg (232.3 KB, 748x1101, FB3B32E5-43AD-4CDA-B961-FEA91D…)

Here’s another folks..she might as well get 15% tatted on her forehead by now

No. 727787

File: 1573375217177.png (76.89 KB, 750x1334, EC90AF30-617D-4EE0-9034-7C78DC…)

So fuck the N.A. book amirite Taylor? Lead the way oh qween of thou art sober unless blacked out drunk.

No. 727788

File: 1573375406589.jpeg (135.56 KB, 1242x1245, EI_7SJhWoAA-6iI.jpeg)


No. 727790

File: 1573375595062.jpeg (280 KB, 750x1106, A963F6B5-C491-45A7-BDDC-01ABF7…)

Lmao wtf my eyes just rolled out of my head. Now she’s trying to make people think she feels horrible about it since everyone is calling her ass out. (1/2)

No. 727791

File: 1573375660755.jpeg (214.12 KB, 749x1063, 0A53CD18-BCA4-4D01-9E5D-5E531E…)

Just get off the internet then you absolute cockroach. In before the haters made me do it again…

No. 727794

Can't wait for her to deactivate her insta account since she's ranting like a psycho again for getting called out.

No. 727800

Lol, didn't she say there was a time she was in bars to get drunk before noon? Now she barely drank her whole life?

No. 727802

You'd think someone as insistent on lying and backtracking as she is would learn that she has to stop oversharing on social media first.

No. 727808

File: 1573383318656.png (399.28 KB, 750x1334, CC4B0E0C-28CC-4CE9-85A8-D6EFFA…)

She’s back on the tweeter ..wonder how long until an incoming sperg fest over there? Insta sperging must be getting boring..my guess is new video up in app. 2 weeks lmao she’s a joke

No. 727812

File: 1573384476170.png (265.33 KB, 354x759, wahwah.PNG)

bye bye sobriety!

No. 727816

its so funny how she claimed weed did nothing for her before but now practically triggers a relapse meanwhile alcohol that previously caused cravings to the point of suicidal ideation is now okay to drink to calm her nerves and its perfectly fine to throw back two cans on a night out for no reason. shes so inconsistent with her bullshit its embarrassing.

No. 727817

How can her therapist say she's not ready for the 12 step program yet because she's still depressed and can't get out of bed or wash herself enough, but also tell her she's ready to drink alcohol again?

She's fucking fried in the head.

No. 727820

Because there probably is no therapist, just a suboxone doctor that doesn’t provide any sort therapy - they might piss test you before you pick up your next batch.

I couldn’t read of walls of text trying to justify her dumb bullshit. She’s still doing addict behavior which is a few steps ahead of a full blown relapse unless you check it. Any addict who thinks they can skirt the rules and do it their way will most likely fail. She absolutely should be going to meetings, actually getting involved with the program, and fixing her “depression” issues by seeing a psychiatrist

No. 727821

lol @ minimizing your shit decisions by calling what is clearly beer "cider"

i wonder what code words she uses for the other drugs she's doing

also, this is the same r-tard who drank legitimately a few sips of alcohol and tried to commit suicide and then spiraled into super special serious drug addiction! but "no one will define my sobriety 4 me~~!!! i am allowed to have some ciders!~!!"

and what happened to her theory about how even mouthwash can trigger the special rare 15%ers into srs bsnss drug addictions?


No. 727823

File: 1573388400517.jpg (206.62 KB, 1242x1428, IMG_20191110_131934.jpg)

I also like how she's jumped from 2 ciders, to a few sips, to 1 cider already. Lying piece of shit.

No. 727830

It's especially ridiculous considering she's supposed to avoid TEH GLOOTEN

As a celiac person she fucking makes me rage with how faddish she's about being "gluten free". Fries and whataburger and beer, so celiac friendly! People like her do so much damage to actually gluten-sensitive people with this shit, no one takes us seriously and then we get sick af.

LMAO looks like homegirl drank so many ciders she can't remember the number. Really showing yourself to be a Sober Icon there, Tay Tay.

All this sperging, gotta wonder how many days she'll nod off this time after the high– sorry, enthusiasm wears off..

No. 727831

She's relapsing and she's in deep denial about it. Not to blog but my relapse and tonnes of other addicts relapse starts with some sort of denial like this.

No. 727834

My favorite denial is the way she started this whole thing with "I have always said that I am sober from HEROIN, but not everything!!" which has become "I AM sober! Nobody can tell me that I'm not sober! Ur all wrong and ur gonna make me relapse!!!" like fuck you dude lol grow up and be accountable for once, mayhaps

No. 727835

File: 1573388978432.jpg (158.93 KB, 1440x1158, IMG_20191110_132325.jpg)

There's also this gem.

The way she's trying to validate all this to others so she can keep playing the sober kween is fucking dangerous.

Taylor: a sip of vodka made me want to kill myself and activated the addict in my brain

Also Taylor: I had 2 ciders am perfectly fine, oh wait few sips of cider! Oh wait wait, it was one cider. Addiction is a spectrum! Is different for everyone let me be!

No. 727836

It's just staggering how she's blind to how. fucking. spoilt. she. is.

Black heroin addicts go to jail and get told they're what's wrong with society. They're told it's their fault they got addicted and they better not expect any help from society, who after all owe them nothing.

And here's fucking Taylor McPrivilege Dean, who got to go to rehab and treated it like a joke, who got out of rehab after bringing weed and kratom there, and calls that her sober date. Taylor, who gets counseling and therapy and IOP, and treats it like a joke and nothing she has to actually take seriously or work at. Taylor, who goes out drinking and partying and dares call herself SOBER. And she gets asspats for it bEcAuSe ShE iS tRyInG sO hArDdddd.

Fuck this bitch.

No. 727837

Now it’s only 2 “sips” of cider….she initially said she had 2 ciders….

No. 727838

File: 1573390556401.jpg (374.79 KB, 1080x1626, IMG_20191110_125507.jpg)

Adding this for the date. She's gone from being an alcoholic to apparently barely drinking in her life in 2 months lol. Also enjoy the "alcohol is a beast for addicts to kick".

No. 727839

File: 1573390743469.jpg (248.89 KB, 1080x1286, IMG_20191110_125840.jpg)

Also found this gem, guess she's not one of the super 15% addicts who can't have ANY mood altering substances!

No. 727841

File: 1573390979649.jpeg (281.21 KB, 734x1096, E67E0DD5-A33F-463C-9607-C20B77…)

There’s also this gem about her waiting to take her suboxene after she got done drinking..at best she would start getting withdrawals from going a whole day without it and at worse she knew she was goin to get trashed and was planning her alcohol relapse so she didn’t take her meds..either way it looks bad, but in typical Taylor fashion I’m going with another lie.

No. 727843

You’ve gotta be kidding me..she’s said so much contradicting shit. She’s really gunna be regretting all the tips and tricks she let her audience in on now that she’s starting to casually drink and party again. Then it’s gunna be recovery advocate who? I never tried to help people with addiction, I was just sharing my JOuRnEy.

No. 727845


Best thing about all these statements made by Taylor, Addiction Expert™, is that she'll say "well people change! My ideas have changed" (since… September lol) just like she has every time people have pointed out contradictions in her animal care but she'll fail to see the joke of it all is that she always "evolves" her views to reflect whatever is most convenient to what she feels like doing. Of course her therapist says it's okay to drink now, and of course she no longer feels like sober = sober from all substances because she wants to drink now. Next month, or in two months, it'll be another evolved opinion to match what she feels like doing. Yeah, this all seems redundant, but it's genuinely comical to see her views/personal allowances get laxer based on her lifestyle considering how loud she is always is about her opinion-of-the-week.

No. 727846

so she was on suboxone for a little while before going to rehab, then again since rehab end. when did she squeeze this bout with alcoholism in?

No. 727859

Going to a bar 3x a day? What a weird way to phrase that. Most people don’t go to a bar 3x a day like it’s a fucking Starbucks. They go for several hours at a time and hang out or party. Maybe leave and come back once to run an errand.

No. 727862


Alcoholics have done stranger things, nitpick better

Inb4 wk accusations

No. 727867

My drug of choice is alcohol. So if I do a little bit of heroin at a party with my friends it’s not a relapse.

No. 727871

Love the thread pic

No. 727873

My point was I think she’s either lying or strongly exaggerating. But that’s on par with Taylor anyways. I work at a bar and people don’t come in three times a day for a drink like that. Really is just a nitpick though my bad

No. 727881

Every single wall of words post she makes I can’t read bc it hurts my brain and makes me crave the truth more than she craves heroin every day

No. 727888

There's a phrase in AA called "stinkin thinkin," in which an alcoholic's thought processes are completely skewed and distorted around their desire to drink and how they rationalize it. Basically, she's a dry drunk, for both alcohol and heroin, and she refuses to admit it or seek treatment. Furthermore, she distorts what the people around her who are trying to help her have to say (e.g., my therapist said drinking alcohol was OK). No. No, she didn't say that, Taylor. Get help. You are an alcoholic and a heroin addict.

As for her mother, FFS, stop "helping" Taylor by not holding her to any sort of standard or norm of behavior. You are actively harming her. If she is doing things you actively disagree with (drinking, acting slutty, refusing to take care of herself or her animals, probably using drugs) kick her out. FFS.

No. 727897

Her awesome knowledgeable therapist told her it's ok to drink just like her amazing sober living told her it was ok to get involved with men there!! Its ok bc everything she says is 100% true always and if you say it's not then you're invalidating her experience and triggering a relapse.

This bitch is manipulative as hell

No. 727909

Lmfao this aged so well

No. 727920

Exactly. She says she must tell herself she’s still 5 months sober or else she will just go back to heroin. If you know your resolve is so thin, why tempt yourself even more in this delicate state? Why pour gas on the fire by drinking and trying “an experiment!” She’s obviously barely hanging on, she has to reject reality to protect her mental state, yet…..now is the time to test if she can handle alcohol? That makes absolutely zero sense. What about “muh 15%!!!” she’s apart of? What happened to her addict brain being triggered? She has all of that going on, has this alleged addict gene that is so bad, is so fragile she has to lie to herself about her sobriety date so she won’t throw in the towel, and yet drinking right now is OK? Just admit you don’t give a fuck and go wreck your life some more Taylor.

No. 727934

Everything she's doing right now is massively pissing me off. Taylor the addiction expert is going around mixing alcohol and suboxone, with all of her "illnesses" in mind, she's either lying about everything or is a narcissistic moron. Its probably both.

No. 727935

It's definitely both. She thinks she's way smarter and sneakier than she really is, it's honestly embarrassing

No. 727940

She actually typed out “I get to decide what sobriety is.” tay, as always you are the exception and sOoOo unique - I don’t know what I did with my sobriety before you were a recovery advocate.You stupid dangerous deranged twat.

No. 727941

I love how she pretty much blocks out everything she doesn't agree with on the Internet and real life. Keep living in your echo chamber, Taylor. People in those meetings who actually want to be sober don't need fools like you around them.

No. 727946

Going through her comments on IG is alarming to say the least. It really confirms how people her age and younger really don’t want to take accountability for any of their actions.

Anyways, every addict is different and is on their own path to recovery. Sure some can drink alcohol or smoke weed without relapsing on their DOC while others simply cannot. I just think it’s shitty how she pins this on her therapist by saying they “gave her permission” like that somehow absolves her from any accountability for drinking alcohol. If you notice, there’s always someone else who is influencing her choices as being correct and okay. Let’s be real, a licensed professional is not going to tell someone who is five months sober from heroin that they give them permission to experiment with other substances. That’s just not how that conversation went. We know that she likes to cherry pick information like with her whole 15% sperg.

She deactivated twitter just so she can write novels on IG stories… her stans need to read between the lines already. As soon as she started getting criticism on IG, she reactivated twitter since she didn’t sperg out on there and have “hateful” comments.

This really all is a game to her and sadly she is going to learn the hard way. We already know she’s relapsed and once it comes to light, I hope her stans realize they contributed to her nasty mess by giving her ass pats for ~trying so hard and doing such a great job~ all while she’s lying and manipulating them all.

No. 727948

I know it's been said ad nauseum at this point, but wow, she is aggressively dumb. Any genetic predisposition to addiction is the result of a reward system that responds more strongly to short-term reward, poor planning, and poor impulse control, not some in-born "desire to pick up drugs to numb [the pain?]". It's like she takes facts that she hears and manipulates them in order to suit her.
Remember all of the empty bottles littering the McMansion when Taylor was still with JC? Her 'one sip of vodka' origin story is complete bullshit, but she may be at risk of alcoholism and currently talking herself into going down that road >>727790
, even if by some act of God she continues to abstain from heroin.

No. 727952

All of this is verifiably stupid and/or wrong. She is not clean or sober. Period. She is not 5 months sober. Period. How stupid is she to think that if she repeats it enough, it will make everything she says true?

No. 727959

File: 1573418741614.jpg (53.35 KB, 1080x607, FB_IMG_1573370109782.jpg)

No. 727962

First it was “full disclosure I had 2 ciders!!!” Now it’s “i had TWO SIPS of cider stop being mad!!”

No. 727992

dry drunks all sound like taylor; they're some of the most exhausting people to be around. jen, kick your daughter out of the house, rehome her animals, and cut her off financially so that she actually hits rock bottom. she's never hit a bottom and has no idea what that would even look or feel like because she has a mother who continues to enable her. so stop it. your daughter is the epitome of a privileged slumming white girl and you're helping her kill herself by being such a useless 'b-but i'm her FRIEND!' parent. taylor is garbage but you helped her get there. do right by your kid before she ends up dead.

No. 728001

Thank you for pointing this out anon. She can’t even keep her lie straight about how much she drank.

No. 728026

File: 1573431502870.jpg (53.5 KB, 502x500, 3fxfro.jpg)

No. 728028

Still waiting on that sober lyfe documentary…….

No. 728029

File: 1573432108584.png (265.03 KB, 1080x1492, Screenshot_2019-11-11-01-26-19…)

"Using sounded GROSS"

Riiiight. Perhaps you are not this special 15% super junkie Taylor that you're trying to claim to be.

No. 728032

File: 1573432433582.jpeg (204.14 KB, 1242x1245, B70C5005-853B-4960-ABFD-3BE0EF…)

> Claims to be 5 months clean
> Smoked weed before moving back home from sober living
> Drank two ciders
“It’s ok if I drink cider because it’s not that much, and not my DOC!”
What is it Taylor? Backed yourself into a corner that you can’t come out of?
I wonder what else she’s been doing that doesn’t “count” because it’s not her DOC

No. 728033

Didn’t she JUST have a film crew over to film her and her sObeR life? Talk about self sabotage.

No. 728035

File: 1573432965922.png (361.39 KB, 1080x2027, Screenshot_2019-11-11-01-41-57…)

There's quite some milky stuff in her Instagram comments.

No. 728038

Why didnt this dumb bitch just say she was holding a Pepsi? I will give her props though for being honest.

No. 728039

For real tho, she outed herself, it didn't even match a lonestar can like other anons claimed.

She panicked and overshared. Maybe she just spilled for the drama and attention.

No. 728042


Someone should ask her to define the word "sober." Because it is apparent that her definition and the definition everyone else uses are two very different things.

My definition: Not being under the influence of a substance that alters your consciousness, and by extension, not using a substance that alters your consciousness.

Her definition: Not using heroin, apparently.

No. 728046

File: 1573436901739.jpeg (677.46 KB, 1125x1850, 258D1C6B-C1EE-402B-B05E-DA2609…)

No. 728047

File: 1573437241048.jpg (675.8 KB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191110_205346097.j…)

Well well well

No. 728048

based on the pictures, i'm 99% sure she was drinking an angry orchard cider.

No. 728051

Wait wait wait. So the reason she isnt taking sobriety and recovery seriously is because it might make other people in recovery feel like THEY have to take sobriety seriously??
Is that what I just read? She relapses so THEY don't have to?

No. 728056

Our martyr queen

No. 728057

does jonny sound almost reasonable here? (obviously he's mistaken about never assaulting anyone) but the bit about leaving her alone and trying to move on, as well as taking responsibility for introducing her to heroin. he's making her sperg-outs look even worse right now lmao

inb4 someone calls me a jonny WK: he's a piece of trash abusive rapist, even if he doesn't remember because he was black out at the time. I'm sure his exes haven't forgotten it. but I believe that he's doing his best to move on, while Taylor is doing her best to get his attention back. it's pretty pathetic of her

No. 728062


So detox n go to rehab like everyone else does

No. 728065

>”I don’t need to go back to rehab because they wouldn’t let me in for drinking alcohol. :) Checkmate, idiot. :)”

No. 728074

He realized how self-destructive Taylor is, so he doesn't have to do anything lmao. He knows her too well and that's why he suddenly sounds the most "reasonable" out of both of 'em.

It also takes attention away from him, because people are for sure going to be more interested in whatever the fuck this girl is doing.

No. 728075

>In an attempt to make myself look more relatable and really to justify my fucked up choices, I'll use my platform to show we're all human and we all make mistakes uwu, when in reality I'm just projecting my own issues onto my stans so I don't have to take accountability for myself because we're all in this together #blessed.

She's doing this out of convenience. She is aware that she has influence over people, but doesn't want to use it to help others, it's for personal gain. She knows that having a platform basically obligates her to become a role model of sorts, and she doesn't want to do that, because she doesn't want to be sober. She just wants to pretend she's struggling oh so much with recovery but she totes can you guys, it was only a sip of cider.

No. 728110

Exactly, Jonny May be a POS but honestly fuck Taylor. She is destroying herself, he doesn’t even have to say or do anything to make her look bad. She’s the one who looks like she is using from her constant sperging and aggressiveness to defend herself. She is so fucking salty he’s being the bigger person over social media, and moving on with his new girlfriend. Meanwhile she’s alone and the same disgusting no life greaseball as usual. The comment was true, she is throwing her own life down the drain and she can never fully come back even if she really tried to turn her life around.

Inb4 she posts her accusations against Jonny video in hopes she’ll get asspats again for being a victim wahh me feel bad for me. She hopes it will excuse her shitty behavior and make everyone forget and then feel bad for her all over again. She fucks yo her own image so badly. Everyone is being reasonable and giving real and valid criticism, but it’s like she’s a rabid dog foaming at the mouth trying to protect herself and acting like everyone else are the crazy ones but her.

No. 728125

It's sad that Taylor is being such a fuck up right now that she's making someone who is a literal walking turd look good.

Seriously, how is she WORSE while supposedly sober and single than when she was in a toxic abusive relationship and doing heroin daily? It's like the only good thing that came out of her going to rehab was downsizing on animals, and even then she still has way too many that are getting even shittier care than before.

No. 728128

File: 1573463040864.jpg (272.99 KB, 1080x1140, IMG_20191111_090326.jpg)

"luv my friends" - only posts pictures of her with someone who has a little bit of clout. Fuck the girls she actually went out with who "would have made sure she was safe all night".

No. 728129

File: 1573463366658.png (4.03 MB, 1125x2436, F7DEFD97-89BD-40F8-BF53-E52ADC…)

No. 728134


keep blowing thousands on concerts and thotgear and shitty accessories for thirst-trap-selfies and you'll for sure have enough to someday move back into ur dream home

No. 728135

Oh bitch, you blow your money on so much dumb shit. Over 1k on scam concert tickets. Good luck.

What kills me is she very well could have bought a great house had she saved her goddam money. Bitch has nothing to show for her YouTube career but shitty ass clothes she wears in her yard and JC's teeth.

No. 728137

Yeah, she’ll get there if she takes her ass back to rehab, and takes it serious.

On a very serious note, I can’t wait until this “sober” thing that was filmed comes out. Fucking dumbass cunt baby was drinking right after, and they’re going to look like IDIOTS

No. 728139


y'know, i truly hope she doesn't get there. if i worked hard my whole life to move my family to a nice suburban neighbourhood and this dirty and dumb attention-seeking, compulsive lying animal hoarder moved in next door i would be super pissed off.

she can do all the therapy and rehab she wants, her personality isn't going to change. she's always going to be a lying, self-serving, vindictive, lazy and entitled piece of garbage.

she can't even keep her small bedroom clean when she has literally no other responsibilities in life. her mom feeds her, does her laundry, takes care of her animals… she literally has NOTHING to do with her time and can't even shower or pick up her own room. how is she going to manage an entire property? fuck taylor forever

No. 728155


What the fuck does fhskdjsksk mean?

No. 728156

It's just a keyboard smash.

No. 728158

Is she wearing track pants with a fucking lace top and face jewels?

She seriously has no idea.

No. 728164

>acquire "dream house"
>lose it like 3 months later because you're a crackhead

poor taytay

No. 728167

SMH anon, she's not a crackhead, she's a dope head. Get your lingo right before you offend our junkie qween uwu

No. 728174

Am I misremembering or didn't she say she only got that house bc of the atrium "for (her) animals"?

No. 728177

What friends take their recently sober-from-heroin addict friend out clubbing every other week? I have said it before, Bettsy has a gruge from some reason and is trying to bring Taylor down.

No. 728178

wonder how she thinks that would work out legally. I kinda hope she gets caught doing something stupid piss drunk one day and hit the police with "no officer I am absolutely sober, haven't done one shot of heroin today yayy me!!"

No. 728179

Everything I read from her I just think “okay we get it, you were on heroin” like is that all she’s good for now? Just some asshole who did heroin? Because guess what sis, you’re not the first to be addicted to it. She’s obviously not sober in the slightest, every picture I have been thinking she looks more…dead. Like she’s getting those addict features, idk she’s going to go broke and all she’ll have is heroin so it’s kind of moot trying to help her anymore. Especially since she’s the first and only addict.

No. 728183

She wants to be special, and hoarding animals in her childhood bedroom isn’t cutting it.

No. 728191


Taylor says everything is her "dream"

Atrium was her "dream" house till it turned into a junkie den, Jonny was her "dream" bf till he shot her up, every designer snake she owns was a "dream" snake, her huge ass fish tank was a "dream".

Everything she gets is a "dream" until she gets bored of it and neglects it. She gets off on the novelty of something new and exciting, she doesn't put the love it to get the results she wants.

For example, she's probably unhappy with how her "reef tank" looks. Instead of learning about coral nutrition, lighting, ect, she buys new fish instead of putting in the work to maintain and learn.

Yes, it's fun to get cool new animals but she has a responsibility to the ones she already owns. She doesn't have the time or money to get any of her animals to any high level of care.

Now she's up shit creek because she can't get rid of her animals because they are a paycheck to her. Doing the "right" thing isn't profitable to her.

No. 728195

File: 1573485387128.jpg (81.41 KB, 611x524, IMG_20191111_081345.jpg)

One of the comments on that post. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between her stans and trolls.
I am SO fucking disappointed that she didn't get a snake tattoo on her face.

No. 728207

if I'd start doing it often Id be concerned"
hasnt she gone out a few times already to places where drugs and alcohol are heavily consumed?
then this concert, and isnt she going to LA for a concert? (unless she was scammed which I hope she was)

No. 728209

where does she find these manlets? this one has to be the same height as jonjon kek

No. 728212

thank you, finally someone said what I was thinking as I read her bullshit.
Ciders are beers??? then just fucking say BEERS YOU IDIOT.Oh no wait, because she is downplaying the alcohol she is consuming.

No. 728218

It’s already obvious she wants this guy. I don’t think she’s given up on pursuing the life of a “rockstar girlfriend” that gets to go on tour with her man and all that. Makes her look like the emo queen she wants to be so bad. I’m surprised that’s even the lifestyle she’d want after Jonny though, considering I think she admitted while on tour he was especially nasty to her, in front of all of the bandmates. She really needs to stop fishing for attention from men and be happy by herself.

No. 728222

Can you anons LURK MORE…

Tyler Carter is NOT trying to date Taylor Nicole Dean. He is engaged to another male (whom is hotter/fiercer than TND) and he’s come out as bisexual.
Maybe in Taylor’s deluded head she thinks she can snatch him up, but he seems pretty content with his fiancé.

I get Taylor is a SLORE, but I think it’s unfair to throw other parties into this mess without any type of confirmation. If you take a peak at his IG, it’s fairly obvious he’s openly bisexual and in a relationship, plus another anon already pointed out that’s he’s engaged yesterday.

No. 728225

Chill. They never said Tyler was interested. They said the same thing as you about TND.

No. 728226

maybe u should lurk more bc anon didn't say he was trying to date her, they said she's obviously trying hard to get another ~famous~ dude

No. 728229

sorry for my idiocy but what does the 4L at the end of tyler and jonny's usernames mean?

No. 728230

I don’t think Betsy hates Taylor. I think she might not give many shits about her health/sobriety because if Taylor isn’t sober, Betsy potentially benefits from it. I wonder who buys the drinks when they go out? Also, I think Taylor claims Betsy was the angel who got her into rehab (among the various accounts of that situation), so that she could hang out with her later (like this) without getting flack. “My ride or die has my back, see?! Doing sobriety my way!”

No. 728233

Sorry, I forgot that dating doesn’t require mutual interest.

Taylor can try to date him all she wants, the point still stands that he’s probably not interested lol. But you guys keep speculating that she’s trying to get with a dude who is not into her.

Taylor makes herself sound/look dumb all on her own. I think it’s pointless when this thread speculates on shit that obviously has no grounding and makes us look bad. He hasn’t even publicly acknowledged her posts of him and at least Oscar flirted with her publicly for the speculation. She’s posting these pics because this is Jonny’s friend and she’s trying to seem cool by hanging out with other dudes in the industry sans Jonny.

No. 728234

the speculation was that she's thirsting after another manlet, not that they will date. wether its to make JC mad or if she just desires another old manlet who would help her shoot up, cringily pursuing someone doesn't require mutual interest, retard.

lastly, you're on a fucking gossip board. I'm sick of the "you're making us look bad" argument.

No. 728245

Taylor hasn’t even fucking flirted with this dude. She merely posted fucking pictures with him. This is not WK. You guys are literally making shit up and therefore no one takes this gossip site seriously when there are truthful allegations against Taylor.

Taylor obsessively posts provocative pictures when she’s thirsting for attention (see threads ft Oscar). You guys don’t fucking understand that she’s trying to show off that she’s backstage with dudes Jonny introduced her to.

But I’m a retard because I’m not speculating she’s thirsting over a bisexual dude who’s engaged and hasn’t even acknowledged her photos with him publicly online. Ok? Lol

No. 728248

Lol her entire personality revolves around snakes and heroin.
A snake above her eyebrow… how retard can one get.
She should get "high" and "liar" tattooed on her knuckles.

No. 728249

I not 100% but I thought it meant ‘for life’.

No. 728250

when u like looking stupid and are determined to misunderstand the point

lmao I want her to get a snake face tat sooo badly oh my god

No. 728254

anon, you keep saying "and he's come out as bissexual" as if that proves that they couldn't have a fling and it sounds ridiculously dumb, what's up with your obsession with him being bissexual? it literally means he is attracted to women
also as if these musicians are known for being loyal too

jesus christ, she really went downhill with her taste after Jonny huh
it was never good but wow

No. 728257

huh I missed her saying that she did soOoOo much ecstasy at the time, just remembered her saying that she didn't get into it because she didn't feel anything from it a few threads back? I'd assumed she might've actually been telling the truth if she was on antidepressants that prevented the high at the time but fucking lol if she's saying it "didn't impair her in any way," just sounds like her trying to get rave cred since that was her thing a month ago before she decided to re-rebrand as emo. E leaves you feeling like death for days after?


this just seems like the most obviously insane/made-up part of it to me. The anecdote about telling her therapist in advance that she'd like to have cider at the gig does not remotely sound like something someone with a healthy relationship to alcohol would do - it's clearly showing she was thinking of the gig as an excuse to drink. I cannot think how 'looking for an opportunity to do a drug you've had problems with before to see if you relapse' is a constructive step in recovery, at all

No. 728262

Speaking of….haven’t seen the new “cheese” again since the introduction…did she even name it?

No. 728286

What absolutely floors me about all of this is that even if you are a recovered addict who wants to be able to drink socially, you wouldn't "experiement" in your first 6 months of sobriety, especially not when you ADMITTED to scouting out night clubs for drugs only a few weeks ago. And you would experiment with alcohol in your own home with other sober people and a single drink. Shes so full of shit its leaking out of her pores. And her young fans BELIEVE this shit.

She hung her entire identity on being an addictive personality and now shes undoing all of that with this weird cider sperging

No. 728296


I definitely remember Taylor talking about how she used ecstasy alllllll the time blah blah and rolled my eyes. Maybe she didn't feel anything from it because if you abuse it it stops working. She's a fucking idiot.

If you try to roll two days in a row the second day the effects are negligible, even worse the third etc. and eventually with enough abuse the drug stops working altogether.It takes about two weeks between doses to have a proper high, and best practice is to generally not use ecstasy more than 1x per month. So maybe idiot Taylor did abuse it to the point it stopped working, but it's such a stupid thing to brag about for clout because it just makes her look even more ignorant.

No. 728297


It's probably either covered in ich or dead already.

No. 728298

File: 1573503828199.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2688, DBB7B919-FA2A-4C66-96AD-2FF936…)

Watching the infamous comeback video where she is slurring and she now realizes (supposedly) that she was slurring “what am I speaking? That’s not English” along those lines. She claims when she heard it when editing, she was out of breath because of her illness of getting tired so quickly lol.

No. 728302

this is taylor's IG story, dumbass. she's rewatching her old video.

anyways. she's complaining about it having almost 1 million views like "please stop watching this video" bruh how about you just delete it off your youtube channel if it upsets you so much?

No. 728305

lmao didn't she complain back then about us noticing her slurring? that people pointing out it was a clear addiction sign was stupid and an overreaction?

No. 728311

oooof he looks like a spitting image of jonny. she really couldn’t be more obvious

No. 728321

File: 1573508497065.png (710.54 KB, 1390x903, Capture _2019-11-11-13-40-42.p…)

She always talks about her safety and posting where she's at why make a video showing where your IOP is? This gives her something to cry about more.

No. 728332

Not jen, thats a troll account

No. 728339

O/P I know it a troll account but why doxx her? Taylor should be smarter on not posting. She should have got a clip of her in the car then inside the elevator. She could have avoided this. Taylor will cry about it and say her safety is compromised. I dont know if this is part of her narrative or shes this stupid.

No. 728348

>almost 1 million views
>please stop watching this video
that's "please watch it more" in taylor, anon. gotta get that big paycheck after blowing the last one on stupid shit again

No. 728381

File: 1573515912987.jpg (306.45 KB, 1536x822, Screenshot_20191112-004528.jpg)

No. 728383

File: 1573516012307.jpg (683.23 KB, 1536x1782, Screenshot_20191112-004706.jpg)

No. 728398

she's dumb af. they literally prescribe suboxone for chronic pain patients these days as well or instead of typical opitates. No shit a partially full receptor is giving pain relief vs an empty on. Clearly at her ~world renowned rehab~ they didn't teach that opiate addiction/long term use makes you more sensitive to pain. its called "hyperalgesia"

No. 728444

now that you said they prescribe suboxone for chronic pain she will use that as an excuse for never mentioning all her munchie illnesses anymore

No. 728454

Guess this has no bearing on her EDS and other condishunz

No. 728482

Didn't she complain about how it was hard to cool the place down and that it was so crappy it needed tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of work done to it? Kek. Some "dream home".

No. 728534

Yeah, she kept complaining about how many repairs it needed. It's all a dream to her until she realizes she actually fucked up or people don't give her the attention she wanted, then it's shitty.

Watch her complain about her shitty medusa sleeve in like a month.

No. 728553

I keep seeing people suspecting gluten, she could be saying Cider cause its gluten free

Beer= malted barley
Cider= fermented apple juice

Regardless they bother contain 4-6% alcohol. Taylor's favourite is Angry Orchard (we've seen photos of dozens of cans and bottles on multiple occasions. Angry Orchard Hard Cider is 5% alchohol. It is no less alcoholic then beer and doesnt soften any blows or minimize her consumption

No. 728581

If she really does have EDS, all those tattoos are going to look like shit in 5-10 years. Defective collagen doesn't hold ink very well.

No. 728589

No. 728605

Gotta get that sleeve finished before her trip to LA to see her ex (I mean, pretend to go to a concert)

No. 728625

File: 1573541992574.jpeg (321.72 KB, 1242x1428, 7E41DE6B-ACF5-4C60-A76D-87220C…)

Sage for old milk but I love that she switches it up whenever it’s convenient for her

No. 728628

u can also tell by the body language that he wants no part. hand isnt even gripping her waist like a normal person would. shes leaning into him.

No. 728632

He probably didn't want to even put his arm around an embarrassment like Little Miss Chandelier Face. Or get his picture taken with her for that matter. He doesn't look happy to be posing with her.

No. 728633

Or out of respect for his fiancé. Either way the more I look at her outfit the more things I find. Those track pants are just the final touch to whatever she's got going on.

No. 728652

File: 1573568070404.jpeg (64 KB, 720x720, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Had to look this guy up and his fiance is really cute.

This Tyler dude however, used to be attractive and now looks like a fat drugged up slob. Don't do drugs kids.

No. 728658

Why is it always ‘shaking and crying’ with her?!

No. 728660

File: 1573572061620.jpg (223.22 KB, 1080x1032, IMG_20191112_152111.jpg)

No. 728662

bitch, when did you ever stay quiet?

No. 728670

Sounds like she might be pressing charges against Jonny?

No. 728672

maybe finally getting that reststraining order put through just for the vid lol. Would be funny if she did considering he was here like not even a month ago and got his shit and could've been served then (she was ~looking for an apology uwu at the time)

No. 728673

Jonny is a piece of shit but he definitely didn't treat Taylor as bad has she is claiming, their toxic relationship was definitely a two way street.

She is the last partner that can claim victimhood, he isn't even near her and he had a chance to "attack" her when he pick her stuff and instead avoid her like the plague.

No. 728678

Random thought but damn she looks scary as fuck without make up.

No. 728679

After all this time? Won’t they see (from what we know) there has been no contact from him or him even mentioning her?

No. 728682

If she was, it would be hilarious. Not only is she “late” to do so, he’s probably not even doing anything about her anymore unless Taylor is the one trying to instigate… nvm she’s BEEN trying to push his buttons especially ever since Jonny had a new girl. Jonny always been more obsessed with Liz and Chelsea even when he was sucking Taylor’s bank dry. I don’t think he cares enough about Taylor to even start anything.. she’s that “why would i be abusive to a girl who can buy me shoes thats more than my rent”

No. 728687

Didn't she confirm that she tried to confront him with the Destry drama?? Maybe it's related to that?? Bc even if he is silent publicly I doubt he would take her shit without firing back and probably saying some v incriminatory stuff in private

No. 728695

Didn't she supposedly get that restraining order while she was at rehab? She made a big deal out of getting a day pass to go get it if I remember right.

No. 728704

I thought she said it was a protective order? she's said a lot of shit, it's hard to keep track lol

No. 728709

File: 1573579992201.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1125x1860, C2F48B43-A4B3-4EDF-94ED-8B0756…)

Sure Jan…and she filmed her cats roaming the house on insta stories to “prove” they aren’t locked in her room 24/7 …lol.

No. 728710

My favorite part is her being surprised the cats are "" so active"" when she let them roam this morning. They're locked in your room all the time of course when they finally get let out they'll move around?

No. 728712

kek she's so used to animals she can shove in a container and forget about that she's fucking ASTONISHED that curious, active animals like cats ~~move around~~

bitch should not keep dust puppies, let alone the amount of animals she has

No. 728714

speaking from personal experience, it takes way more effort than a couple hours to get a restraining order granted. Its a lot of paperwork, then you have to be able to actually SERVE the person with the court papers and then get a court date to go before a judge before they grant you the actual restraining order (at least this is the process in California, I am assuming somewhat the same in Texas). I doubt Taylor went through all of that effort. You can get a 30 day temporary restraining order granted easily, however. Maybe that is what she got.

No. 728716

File: 1573580918956.jpg (492.5 KB, 1080x1917, IMG_20191112_174619.jpg)

She really knows nothing about animals. Keep them cooped up and of course they're going to want to burn off some energy. Also saying they're "sOoOo AcTiVe" but in all her videos they're just sitting or walking around??

No. 728717

"Even in my old house!" yeah sure they were.

No. 728721

“And aiming to have a regular Sunday upload on my main channel.”

Said the broken record

No. 728728

this. plus when someone is across state lines (wasn’t jonny in new york or something) the process takes longer . she definitely never went to any court dates because she would’ve posted pics of her outfits

No. 728732

File: 1573583177497.png (5.3 MB, 1242x2208, 3FDF0022-A126-4277-9C7E-23E3D3…)

No. 728736

Oh, suddenly she's celiac again after forgetting about it for months and anons speculating that what she was drinking in

is not gluten free.

No. 728743

File: 1573584112341.png (658.85 KB, 395x748, fish1.PNG)

Unsurprisingly the fish has ich

No. 728744

File: 1573584159143.png (178.35 KB, 396x744, fish2.PNG)

Another experimental treatment. Sometimes it's like she lets the illness go on just to swoop in and "save" them with her saviour complex and it kinda creepy the way she writes about it considering this could all could've been avoided. Also writing like she will swoop in to save her tank for the ich-y fish as if this was an act of god

No. 728745

"so scared to lose them lol lol lmfaoooooooooooo"

waste of space.

No. 728746

If one fish has ich in the tank the whole tank is infected dumbass that's why there something called called quarantine. She is no expert she needs to stop acting like she is.

No. 728749

File: 1573585006795.jpg (518.96 KB, 1532x1032, Screenshot_20191112-195633.jpg)

No. 728750

File: 1573585089474.jpg (495.27 KB, 1536x1220, Screenshot_20191112-195700.jpg)

"I didn't want him to hate me" she says as she's been throwing shade and insults at him since the start. Sure Jan.

(He deserves the insults, she's just being a little manipulative bitch as usual)

No. 728752

File: 1573585210813.jpg (797.25 KB, 1536x1699, Screenshot_20191112-200044.jpg)

No. 728753

Dunno if you know this Taylor but you're meant to quarantine animals when you bring them into your home, not after you've exposed them to all your other animals.

No. 728759

Wasn't she a major fan of his growing up? What is this BS about not looking him up until it was too late? Just admit you didn't believe or didn't care, Taylor.

No. 728761

Bullshit on the whole of sacramento hates him… I live in sacramento no one talks about jonny Craig(nobody cares)

No. 728763

It's just painfully obvious to me now that she cant stand that hes moved on and dared to choose someone over her. Because why now? Because Taylor doesnt do anything unless it serves herself. Ever. But now that hes states away in a new relationship she cant stand it. And it's so obvious that this is lashing out, jealousy, and bitterness. Period.

No. 728764

Even Mama Dean stated that in the periscope at the beginning of the relationship.

No. 728765

Inb4 the revenge project she's "working on" is just trying to get Chris Hansen's attention. She'd love to publically humiliate her ex and pretend to be the brave survivor of abuse, similar to what's going on with Onision's victims.

No. 728766

File: 1573587640516.png (56.94 KB, 760x290, Screenshot_20191112-153832.png)

I'm a bit late but this has been deleted, in response to the mmmaura girl

No. 728767

This fucking retard. She was emailing him, what, a few weeks ago? And now she‘s like “ahhh, I should go to the police now!”
I bet this police visit will be as good as the restraining order

No. 728771

File: 1573589034677.jpg (1.03 MB, 1440x2560, 1569122959735.jpg)

Remember when she said her friend watched this fish for a month for signs of health problems?
Granted, I don't know anything about keeping fish, but what the heck?

No. 728777

She was lyinggggg duh

No. 728782

>Jonny is a piece of shit but he definitely didn't treat Taylor as bad has she is claiming

How the fuck do you know?

No. 728788

do they nutritiously often die, moron? what version of english is she speaking? what is she trying to get across? taylor-speak is bewildering.

No. 728792

Probably meant notoriously?

No. 728793

Think she meant "notoriously"

No. 728797

good luck with that. chris hansen would take one look at her and the lies and bs radiating from her like a dumpsterfire would be more than enough to make him back off. if vincent showed chris one of what ever's vids, that door would definitely be closed.

maybe taylor should tell vincent about her secret teen discords. that would get chris' interest for sure. definitely not the kind of attention she wants, though.

No. 728801

ahhh, thank you! not a native english speaker, so a lot of the time i'm just lost. i was thinking it had something to do with actual food issues.

No. 728808

What she got wasn't a restraining order but a protective order, which I highly doubt she got at all because she was still contacting him after it was supposedly issued.

No. 728809

I keep seeing it mentioned that she must not have gotten a PO because she was trying to contact him. That isn't how it works, he can't contact her, or even speak to her without violating the PO but she can call and email and even stop by his house or workplace, unless he also gets a PO.
I don't think she has one, but it's because she is a lying lazy junkie.

No. 728816

File: 1573598875657.jpg (1.08 MB, 1536x1733, Screenshot_20191112-234820.jpg)


No. 728817

File: 1573598903503.jpg (297.31 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_20191112_234800.jpg)

No. 728819

File: 1573599012756.jpg (204.17 KB, 1536x538, Screenshot_20191112-235036.jpg)

And everybody clapped

No. 728820

Ah yes definitely sounds like someone who should drink alcohol while battling addiction

No. 728822

File: 1573599284393.jpg (222.91 KB, 1241x1232, IMG_20191112_234756.jpg)

And what a surprise that she's lying again about something. She's obviously wearing a pancake layer of foundation, it's on her lips.

No. 728823

File: 1573599391559.gif (1.82 MB, 275x92, dead eyed whore.gif)

sure, hon. sure. can't see a trace of makeup.

No. 728824

she is also wearing mascara. wtf is the point of lying about this when we have seen her without makeup before?

No. 728825

File: 1573599520109.jpeg (86.49 KB, 750x680, DAEBEA8A-4217-4305-9235-C5BDDB…)

Lol. Is that an editing fail? Look how wavy it is.

No. 728826

she definitely doesn’t have a protection order because those require court dates (at least one, so long as he was served). also, she can’t contact him. he doesn’t have an order against her but going out of her way to email him would be instigating him and could invalidate the order. so technically should could message him but legally he wouldn’t be allowed to reply, which would make her look like she’s instigating him. the whole point of the order is so this person can’t bother you anymore, it would be pointless to message them. unless they had children together there’s no reason the order would encourage her to message him. the only difference is that if he contacts her, he can be arrested whereas if she contacts him, she can’t. but it could be used against her if jonny got a good lawyer

No. 728827

I swear she's unable to speak the truth and is addicted to the thrill of lying. Even little lies like this give her a rush.

I smell a Twitter sperg again tonight.

small tinfoil: she hasn't moved out yet because she spent another fortune on dollskill on her emo kween clothes. Her previous hauls were Insta thot and pastel loli shit.

No. 728829

That’s just shitty fillers

No. 728834

HORSESHIT. People told her upfront before they were dating, and she KNEW going in. It has never been a secret Jonny's shitty to women and a fucking junkie.

But hey, It's Never Taylor's Fault!

No. 728836

Is it just me or did she delete her sober date from her bio??? Is this old news?

No. 728837

File: 1573602002187.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1125x1935, 25931C41-A970-4DC5-BDC8-C89204…)

Figured I’d share the Instagram version of her post

No. 728838


So weird …this looks more like something JC's new gf would wear and not at all like all the shit Taylor purchased from dollskill.

No. 728840

File: 1573602340645.jpg (593.88 KB, 1536x1544, Screenshot_20191113-004559.jpg)

No. 728841

File: 1573602394128.jpeg (1.68 MB, 3464x3464, 6F13D78B-01FB-4061-90D9-4B7D3A…)

Waxy, pinned pupils, and all!
I knew this felt eerily similar to something.
Who would’ve guessed Taylor looks just as bad now as she did ass deep into her addiction.

No. 728849

>killstar, one of my go to brands
Uh another shitty lie? I haven't seen her in any other kinds of killstar clothing and they're easy to recognize.
More like dollskill is your go to brand but you won't admit the amount of times you've shopped there now.
>I use it as a catalog
What does she even type out that is actually the TRUTH anymore? Yeah you can only find it on dollskill because you bought it there, idiot.

No. 728853

File: 1573605044987.jpg (833.8 KB, 1530x1727, Screenshot_20191113-012819.jpg)

You got to love how she's acting like this straight edge long time sober kween, but in reality she's only clean from heroin. Playing this sober and strong character while drinking the night before is so sick.

No. 728856

I think she hasn't moved out because she has horrible credit, is in debt, and yeah she's spending whatever money she has on pointless shit. If she thinks she'll move out this year it won't happen.

Her parents are probably fixing her shit while she sleeps all day.

No. 728857

Maybe that's the intention. I wouldn't be surprised if she started to get face piercings all of a sudden.

No. 728858

he's made videos gossiping about her relationship, she's an idiot for giving him the time of day but attention whores gotta attention whore (both of them).

No. 728859

File: 1573605810689.jpg (599.94 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191112-092026_Ins…)

Shotted this quickly earlier and haven't seen it posted. such quality pet stimulation taytay

No. 728860

Her texts with Chelsea happened pretty early in the relationship too, so of course she knew all along but her savior complex and "the experience" were more important.

No. 728864

The reason she can’t find Current Mood anywhere else is because it’s one of
Dollskills house brands kek

No. 728866

Ehh to be honest it doesn't matter how she wears it, the bull ring looks kinda stupid, like a snapchat filter.

No. 728873

I honestly thought it had been photoshopped in very poorly as some kind of joke.

No. 728875

LOL at the fact that since she got her sleeve tattoo and JC's got his new gf, she's been trying to dress all gothy and hippie to match it her tattoo and the girl.

No. 728895

God her lip butt is soo bad

No. 728897

They look like they're getting worse

No. 728898

File: 1573612648299.jpeg (373.63 KB, 1125x2299, BDD9E675-1B8A-44D8-89A3-6F25F3…)

No. 728899

File: 1573612681907.jpeg (707.41 KB, 1936x1936, 252F1F4E-3490-44D2-8663-E60B48…)

No. 728901

I fucking called it lmao goddammit. She's gonna pierce her face because "it's always been a dream of hers" and "has wanted it for YEARS".

No. 728902

jonny's new gf has two nose piercings and a septum LMFAO

No. 728904

Could she be any more obvious? It truly is painful to witness.

No. 728905

Maybe it's different in addiction recovery spaces, but any therapist I've ever had for mental illness/other life stuff has NEVER used themselves as an example, they'd just say something like "a lot of people in your situation…" or "it makes sense that you feel this way bc our brain is wired to…", Etc. Even if I were to accidently ask them about themselves, they'd always reroute the conversation. Is it normal that her 'therapist' is going on and on about their own addiction experience?

No. 728907

As someone who works in the field I think it honestly depends on the individual. It’s not recommended to disclose much tho because it crosses boundaries. She shares such a large amount of what this therapist theoretically is saying that I think she’s either making it up or has a shitty therapist. This comes across more as what a sponsor would say.

No. 728911

File: 1573614814034.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, 8739AD9F-1DB4-49E7-9C80-659E0C…)

With the change in style and the sudden interest in nose piercings, it’s clear Taylor is trying to skinwalk Jonny’s new girlfriend.

No. 728915

From Halsey to Jonnys new and prettier Girlfriend…

No. 728918

At least her outfit isn't completely ridiculous in this but oof she really botched her lips, they are ruining her face.

No. 728919

Legitimately cringed thinking the jewelry was a greasy piece of her bangs hanging down. She looks homeless. I don't get why she posts these photos looking rough
, yet gets upset people accuse her of relapsing.

No. 728921


if her lips are gonna bust I wish they'd do it already. the anticipation is killing me.

No. 728924

so is she just blatantly going for the junkie aesthetic now? she seriously has no personality of her own. it's all manufactured for whatever guy she's trying to snatch. wasn't she just trying to be a rave slut less than a month ago for some dude? now she's skinwalking johnny's new gf.

No. 728927

Jesus it’s so fucking creepy. The level of obsession is concerning. I wonder how this ties to her supposedly reporting Johnny? Like does she think reporting him will get him to care about her?

No. 728936

Oh no. She's hoping he'll call her freaking out, then she can start 'shaking and crying' about "dont you love me anymore? Can't i just see you?" And one thing will lead to another. She has no intention of going through with it, but she's telling herself that if she doesnt hear from him before she gets the plan started, he deserves to be punished.

No. 728950


bitch like last month you and your fat mom were both scarfing down sugary crepes and you were all in love with them

now you're gluten-intolerant suddenly?

No. 728951

Slight disagree, I don't think she wants druggy Jonny back but I do think she still desperately wants her fantasy to come true where Jonny magically becomes a saint and apologizes for all his behavior and grovels at her feet and becomes the perfect goalz boyfriend so she can feel justified in being the girl that "could change him," which is really what she wanted to be all along. She went into the relationship fully knowing the allegations, warnings, etc and she thought she was speshul enough to fix him and make him sober. She hates the fact that he went on, living his life, on to the next dumbass girlfriend, with absolutely no remorse, bc it means that literally everything she went through was a fucking waste.

No. 728957

I think this upcoming project she has regarding jonny isn't reporting him, I think she's going to try and get Chealsea and the other exes all together to film a video.

Kind of like Onisions victims, she'll have been so inspired and want to do the same because of how affective it's been toward Pedonision.

No. 728958

She’s always been scared to get piercings supposedly because of how they might scar but she hasn’t been scared to get shitty tattoos when those are forever???

notice how she says “she’s always been scared” as if she’s thought about having piercings before. She’s so transparent lmao

No. 728967

so now this loser is trying to skinwalk JCs new girlfriend? kek, fucking hell how desperate can you get taylor. she looks like a tramp in those pictures. i kinda hope she does get the piercings because she’s gonna look absolutely ridiculous with them.

No. 729000

She really writes like every "my life is pain, no one understands me, I am so unique and smarter than everyone around me, woe is me, I am just a clown hiding my tears!" fake deep narcissistic 15 year old

And jesus fuck she has to be riding her suboxone hard, look at those vacant, dead, pinned eyes, yikes

No. 729008


Maybe some sort of peer support worker, I can't imagine a sponsor being lenient at all with experimenting with alcohol.

Could all be bullshit though.

No. 729014

She’s literally said it involves law enforcement and that there’s a “case”. Not that I think she’ll follow through or is even doing anything but that is what she’s alluding to.

No. 729023

Whatever she is doing i just hope it finally brings down jc. i just want that piece of shit to rot in jail.

No. 729045

Just do it then you fucking idiot. If you want it so bad stop looking for the approval of others. Everything you do is for the approval of other people. She’s so fucking fake. I literally want to round house kick her in her butthole lips.

No. 729052

As much as I'd like to see JC pay for what he's done, I'd rather someone else brought him down. She's doing it for asspats, not because he's a piece of shit. She'll be insufferable if she feels she has the power to take people down like that.

No. 729056

I agree with you totally. Sucks because she is the only “victim” that has such a huge platform

No. 729064

honestly, at this point everyone knows what a piece of shit jonny is. even if she goes public with what he has done to her, nothing is going to change simply because its already a well known fact. people that still support him either just dont care or are in denial, like his current gf.
and law enforcement isnt gonna be able to do shit about abuse allegations for a relationship that ended 7 months ago unless taylor has definite proof like videos of him abusing her etc.

No. 729068

sage your shit, no need to bump the thread with no new milk

No. 729070

>She's doing it for asspats, not because he's a piece of shit.

I guess asspats is part of it, but I honestly think she is doing it because she didn't think he could or would move on so quickly, and it pisses her off. And also underscores what everyone told her all along, that he was using her. So now she's pissed off and wants to punish him, because dragging him for months wasn't enough. His treatment of her while they were together didn't piss her off (her comments on it are all "~Woe is me, sadface emoticon~"– not angry) What's really rustled her jimmies is that he has a new girlfriend, and the fact she isn't lingering on his mind like a cheap perfume is what really rustles her jimmies.

No. 729071

Honestly, this right here. She wants the cops involved months after their relationship ended. Why didn’t she start this process once she was out of rehab or one of the million times she slept all day long?

Sadly, there’s just no proof against Jonny that can put him behind bars. Chelsea had text messages of him threatening to burn down her house and she barely to skid by with a restraining order. Like anon said, unless there’s concrete proof (videos and not just text messages), then unfortunately not a lot can be done against Jonny. And so many people blatantly ignore that he is scum and currently using heroin all while pretending to be some big shot who simultaneously has to beg fans for money.

All of Taylor’s fans are ignorant af and sympathizers. They supported Taylor’s relationship with Jonny and attacked anyone with concerns for her safety. Now they want their heroin qween to expose him. Fucking comical. Fuck them and fuck Taylor Nicole Dean. This bitch just wants a payday and not actual closure.

No. 729088

I agree with you. Taylor cannot handle not being special and that he moved on so quickly. When she got with Jonny she was making herself blonde and had a style more similar to Chelsea (altho still looking much worse lol), now she's trying so hard to look like an emo chick more like his new girlfriend (but again, always missing the mark). It's so so cringy, but also kinda sad that she doesn't know who she is at all and or isn't happy with who she is and constantly needs the approval of others.

No. 729094

And the fucked up thing is she's not doing this because "jonny a danger to society"
She never cared about that, she never will.

She's only doing this now because she's PISSED he's seeming to be doing better without her, he's back into music, he's hanging with friends again, living in LA where she wants to be, he has a new Gf and they seem to get out of the house a fair bit, something that taylor never did. I think she was expecting him to go down the drain, which would have made her happy but hes making his life look better without her which would be unfuriating her.

Taylor got nothing but a psychotic meth head she started fucking in rehab for a couple of months, which sparked her man hating saga, and when that whole thing ended jonny didn't want anything to do with her.

So what does she do? Make money off the whole situation because it's all she's good at, "the internet will forgive me because I'm a victim".
She can't do anything to him at this point legally, not even in regards to getting any money off him since she willingly handed it all to him.

Hopefully shit goes down with his new girl and she does something about it in the moment though it's unlikely, emotionally abusive people get a grip on you like no tomorrow it's why they constantly get away with what they do and there's no laws when it comes to that kind of abuse unless it's extremely severe, like cult type brainwashing severe.

No. 729128

Yup, Jonny made Taylor his bitch.

She's 100% responsible for the mess she's in now. She got fucked hard, and now shes realizing Jonny only cared about money, sex and drugs.

She can't admit she fucked up because that would mean admitting she was a dumbfuck. Too bad she IS a dumbfuck and continues to proves she's a dumbfuck.

No. 729132

lol he is not "doing better"
This is a cycle that he has been going through for the past decade 10+. Sometimes he might be more up or more down but its literally the same shit over and over again. He has no control, hes a junkie and he's a slave to his addiction and always will be.

No. 729137

File: 1573678300838.jpg (142.6 KB, 1536x333, Screenshot_20191113-214906.jpg)

Mama Dean has changed her Twitter handle again.

No. 729144

this doesn't count as kicking your junkie daughter out of the house, jen. your lame vaguetweets mean absolutely nothing and no one here is giving you any asspats. tell her to get out, throw her shit in the driveway, and tell her to call a friend to come pick it up. then turn around and lock the front door. call the cops when she tries to get back in.

how does this failure of a mother not see that she is enabling her fuckup kid to death?

taylor is using, kick her ass out.

No. 729145

After that tweet its obvious that she is using "it will kill you"

No. 729152

Exactly, she very clearly romanticized her "experience" with him as this tragic romance even after they broke up but now that he moved on so fast she is starting to realize how absolute bs all he said to her was and how he basically got out scotts free while she is the one dealing with the consequences of that mess of a relationship.
I mean, it is her fault for being an idiot and not listening to everyone but she is the one that is in debt, with an heroin addiction, who lost her house and with a dying youtube carreer because of that relationship while all he had to deal with was being kicked out of his band. Idk, I just think I'd be out for blood too.

No. 729165

That house was a rental…wasn’t here to lose

No. 729168

It’s the appearance of success that matters to Taylor tho

No. 729180

File: 1573686956446.png (971.51 KB, 1415x1034, Capture _2019-11-13-15-13-36.p…)

Lol she feeling some type of way on piercings.

No. 729182

I can’t believe how many people in this thread are coming so close to outright praising Jonny. Taylor is disgusting and a massive fuck up, but Jonny is astronomically worse.
Just because Taylor is publicly a mess doesn’t mean Jonny is normal now. He’s just keeping his shittiness on the down low. He’s not ever going to become a better person.Jesus.

No. 729192

File: 1573689261120.jpeg (319.71 KB, 1242x1579, BF47D1EA-D76C-487A-9983-167998…)

No. 729194

File: 1573690184393.jpg (450.44 KB, 1070x1903, 20191113_190835.jpg)


Her fans cry "bullying" the second anyone criticizes Taylor but this shit is ok? Taylor's a POS for weaponizing her idiot fanbase.

No. 729197

File: 1573690791912.jpg (268.4 KB, 1536x664, Screenshot_20191114-012012.jpg)

Awwww her new BFF.

No. 729199

File: 1573691068042.jpg (127.62 KB, 1536x315, Screenshot_20191114-011946.jpg)

It's funny she's doing this whole "haha so ridiculous" thing she loves to do again, while in reality at the start of her relationship with Jonny she smoked heroin. She admit the texts to Chelsea were real.

No. 729201

File: 1573691134808.jpg (546.7 KB, 1536x1783, Screenshot_20191114-012609.jpg)

No. 729202

some people iit have very black and white thinking

No. 729203

File: 1573691234876.jpg (479.34 KB, 1536x1380, Screenshot_20191114-012750.jpg)

No. 729204

Nobody is praising Jonny but we don't need reassurance that he's a piece of shit every time. We know he's a horrible person. Yes, he did extremely unspeakably demonic things to OTHER girls.
Realistically, what did he do to Taylor though? Besides emotional abuse? He introduced heroin to her yeah, but did not force her. And he even admitted to actually doing that.
I don't know how/why she would get authorities involved now, and she's probably lying about it like everything else.
Who knows, maybe she will come out with something in her new video? I don't know what else she would have to say. It's obvious she is jealous of his new girlfriend right now. She's also probably jealous of all of his other exes for having more of a reason to actually be victims.
Taylor and Jonny can both be shitty people simultaneously, and it's not always about who can out do one another in how shitty they are.

No. 729205

I don't think he's doing better, that's not what I implied.

What I implied is that to the outside world and specifically to taylor, he's making it look like he's doing miles better, which is what's pissing taylor off.

Taylor on the other hand has made herself look like a fucking train wreck, because she is one.

No. 729206

if I remember correctly Taylor even claimed that her ~world renouned rehab~ had some family groups/lessons. Apparently they skipped the most important part - enabling - and that it can keep an addict from facing consequences forever (or as long as it goes on) and to be dramatic as her…eventually lead to the death of the addict.

No. 729207

File: 1573691612769.jpg (547.24 KB, 800x2484, the-rewired-leech.jpg)

I see why now. In the last month, he has switched his videos up from attacking her to kissing her ass.

No. 729208

damn I didn't realize that he had so many freaking videos about her! I think he's trying to get some clout (what's new?!) but yikes he is mad creepy how he latches on to one person and makes a bunch of vids about them. I previously only knew about 2

No. 729210

Do you know what? Imagine having a mother passive aggressively tweet about you, or to you.
I cannot imagine the kind of shit that Jennifer Dean pulls. I think Taylor is a pile of shit, but I believe she’s a product of her environment in a lot of ways.

No. 729211

He's.. creepy to say the least.
Something is seriously wrong with that guy, he's far to obsessive over certain women, surprised he's not a cow with his own thread yet he's literally insane.

No. 729218

At this point, the only thing standing in Taylor’s way from serious recovery is Taylor herself. She herself will be the cause of her own demise.

She narcissistic and has horrendous mental issues. She manipulates everyone around her to enable her. She manipulated everyone into thinking Jonny was a great guy and everyone was ~jealous~ of what they had together. She manipulated everyone about his “crazy” exes but now she praises them for coming forward against Jonny. She manipulated everyone into thinking one of her many diseases was the cause of her bizarre behavior and absences from social media, but surprise, she was shooting up THE HIGHEST MOSTEST BADDEST HEROIN DOSE EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF THE DAY.

Her fans should be fucking ashamed of themselves. They only hear and see what Taylor says and anything outside of that is ~hate.~ it’s disgusting. They praised her relationship and fuck everyone else for being concerned she was being abused and/or addicted to heroin, right? Now it’s poor Taylor, fuck Jonny for the abuse and heroin that everyone kept warning her about and that his exes publicly stated. Can’t forget about praising Heroin Qween Taylor for fucking some loser druggie out of rehab only to find out he was a psycho all along. Who woulda thunk it? You really can’t make this nonsense up.

Taylor’s non-existent self esteem and chronic need of validation is what’s going to kill her. Now her stans are like ~she’s living her best life; she’s doing amazing in recovery; alcohol was one of her issues but wtf is wrong with drinking ciderSSS!?~ Mark my words in a few months from now when Taylor is exposed for relapsing ON HEROIN her stans are going to be like ~OMG HAD NOOO CLUE WHATSOEVER OMG.~

No. 729276

File: 1573697049091.jpg (414.08 KB, 1075x1516, Screenshot_20191114-130036_Sam…)

She's literally in the final stage of relapse and her fans are too stupid to notice these signs.

Also her whole "I'll be honest if I relapse" thing is a joke.
Addicts are deep in denial and will lie constantly, it's part of being an addict or as taylor calls it, diSeAse.

She's ticked off every sign of relapsing.

No. 729285

File: 1573697568650.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x1865, 29D9B663-6D50-4743-8B41-871546…)

Well she almost hit three weeks without posting her reptiles on Instagram

No. 729287

adding link since there are ome similar accounts out there: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa

No. 729288

OT, we have a YT general but I actually think he'd fit into the Shane Universe thread since he's doing a giveaway of their shitty makeup (on a recovery channel?) and is balls deep with Betterhelp, and Shane is the epicentre of that.

No. 729297

File: 1573699218857.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1994x3012, 57A94B9D-EB24-4386-A313-9AC202…)

No. 729305

I don't know if I should laugh or physically cringe at this bitch anymore.

No. 729310

lmao not to astrology sperg over the thread but I was just reading about how libra moons have tendency of lying about mindless stuff

jesus christ why is she still at this

No. 729324

Taylor literally looks like a feminine man.

No. 729326

two studs & a septum piercing… just like jonny’s gf? she can’t be serious rn lol

No. 729329

File: 1573701097471.png (1.23 MB, 1110x692, what fish.png)

Anyone know what type of fish this guy is? I'm trying to update the google spreadsheet with the fish, it's such a pain in the ass. I think I'm going to try to move away from keeping track of fish. It's impossible to keep track of 'em if Taylor isn't going to even keep track of them.

No. 729330

That's a Banggai Cardinalfish!

No. 729338

File: 1573701671611.png (459.16 KB, 451x766, Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 10.2…)

No. 729341

File: 1573701865378.png (1.41 MB, 1409x1185, Capture _2019-11-13-19-23-57.p…)


No. 729343

lol I like how she is trying to literally become Jonnys new gf. This is great. Please get those piercings, because this is not a phase mom.

No. 729350


The specifics of her county have been posted in several threads.


RO and PO are different names for the same civil action (varies by state and county).



Once the application has been approved, a protective order hearing will be scheduled in 2 weeks to give the Sheriff's Office time to serve the perpetrator. Once granted, a protective order lasts up to two (2) years.

The Sheriff's Office will hand deliver the paperwork to the actor. The paperwork consists of an application for the protective order, the sworn statement you signed in our office describing the violence, and a Temporary Ex Parte Order to keep the perpetrator from bothering you until the hearing date. This includes keeping the actor away from your residence and place of employment.

If the perpetrator is served, you will need to go to court. A prosecutor and an advocate will go with you to court to represent you and answer all your questions.

If the actor agrees to leave you alone, an Agreed Protective Order will be issued. If he or she does not show, you automatically get a Protective Order by default. If he or she denies the charges, a hearing will be held in front of a Judge who will decide if you get the Protective Order.

Once you receive the Protective Order, the actor may be arrested if he or she bothers you or goes near your residence. However, if the actor is not delivered (served) the papers, upon your request and with a valid address, the case may be reset again for two (2) weeks, and again, if necessary.

No. 729351

Yes taylor get the piercings and then fill up the holes, infect them and make them rot with the inevitable coke you'll snort!

Bitch what sobriety? You smoked pot and you've drank alcohol. Youre back to the start whether you want to admit that or not.

No. 729352

Are we taking bets on if she picks up a 6 month AA coin?

No. 729362

I would

No. 729367

Yes because she obviously can create her own sobriety and AA must adhere to her. Alcohol and banging suboxone is allowed for her sObRiEtY

No. 729378

File: 1573704698409.png (57.75 KB, 180x281, Alter-egos-stan-goth-stan.png)

I'm dying at how she's straight up Stan Marsh here. It's like she's reverting back to a 14 year old.
"I do whatever I want, Mom, fuck you!"

Jen, children need rules, boundaries and structure. Look what 22 years without them did. Made this hot mess.

Rip her lazy ass out of bed, snatch her phone and tell her to clean up her shit if she's going to act like a spoiled child.

No. 729385

Hahahahah omfg it’s would be nice if she had her own identity / interests, but she has to go try and be Jonnys new gf’s twin

Clearly not over Jonny

No. 729390

File: 1573705655742.jpeg (147.44 KB, 747x717, 631648B9-9F98-43FC-9C58-D738BE…)

No. 729394

what's interesting to me is that jonny has both nostrils pierced and the only time he's taken them out was when he was with taylor. initally I thought it was because she didn't like them on him but now i wonder what the reasoning was. i didn't think much of it at the time

No. 729407

Might be harder to snort drugs with both nostrils like that.

No. 729418

I find it hilarious she even brings up her mother’s disapproval of said piercings. Like you’re supposed to be a 22 year old young woman? Lol. Why is your mother even relevant to your decision to get piercings at this point? Mama Dean didn’t seem to mind the hideous sleeve tattoo.

I get parents can have resentment against piercings, tattoos, etc when their children are adults. I just find it funny how she has to try and relate to her audience by sounding like a rebellious teenager.
>>my mommy is going to be upset with me when I get these piercings but I think they’re cute uwu.

No. 729434


Speaking from exp, it’s not. Even did coke right after getting both done, never stopped me and never made it any harder.

No. 729457

File: 1573714296523.jpg (123.73 KB, 1080x515, IMG_20191114_064718.jpg)

No Taylor, that's because you spend most of your time lied in bed and you've messed your sleeping habit up by letting yourself sleep all day during the day instead of getting up and doing stuff that actually uses any physical or mental energy, as well as eating a diet of junk food.

No. 729458

Not to wk because Jen is incompetent and stupid, but at this point all the shit Taylor's doing is not Jen's fault anymore. Taylor's an adult whose decisions are her own responsibility, and the moment she decided she was old enough to move out of the house was the moment she's responsible for everything she does (or doesn't do). There are plenty of adults who grew up with incompetent parents and managed to get it together. The problem is, Taylor is lazy and privileged enough to do whatever she wants, like becoming a shadow of JC's new girlfriend.

If anything, the only thing I'd do if I was Jen was to demand Taylor pay for rent or utilities instead of spending that money on cheap clothing.

No. 729460

File: 1573714492542.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, 32F8B160-7C70-43B6-A27B-4C3303…)

Ok who commented about Taylor editing her pics to filth cuz she’s having an insta rant about it lmao

No. 729461

File: 1573714562731.png (640.82 KB, 750x1334, BB165E48-5286-4C89-863C-D133F5…)

But where was this energy when she was editing the shit out of her heroin diaries scrapbook pics

No. 729463

>sleeps literally half a day (12h)
>does no physical activity because she's asleep during the day
>watches netflix all night, which causes her sleep cycle to be even more fucked up because of the blue light coming from the screen
>doesn't even do chores considering mommy cleans her room for her
>diet consists of nothing but junk food, and also eating at odd hours

Honestly God??? You're doing me so dirty???? uwu

No. 729465

Wasn't she bitching about people using the word retard? If you're gonna be all about "don't be ableist" maybe don't be a hypocrite with that red gif.

No. 729467


Astrology isn't real, let's keep pseudoscience shit outta here.

It's like she never mentally grew up or remotely matured. Everything she says and posts is on the critical thinking level of a 14 year old, she's a vapid moron.

No. 729477

File: 1573719397525.jpg (140.6 KB, 1080x578, IMG_20191114_081602.jpg)

Mama Dean subtly telling Taylor her diet is dog shit.

No. 729484

File: 1573722988177.png (463.28 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-11-14-01-15-48.p…)

Her snakes shed so perfectly!! No shedding problems! The video she posted shows the shed skin floating… Yikes

No. 729491

File: 1573724867909.jpg (221.2 KB, 1080x1154, IMG_20191114_085825.jpg)

She posted this in response to someone who posted a screenshot of Taylor following them on instagram, is it just me who has a box pop up asking if I'm sure I want to unfollow an account? Or just another case of Taylor lying about everything she can?

No. 729495

File: 1573726495285.jpg (194.57 KB, 1536x359, Screenshot_20191114-105028.jpg)

Mama Dean also tweeted this in reply to the "I like how you’re debating two nose rings but didn’t debate doing heroin" tweet.

But keep getting her large fries Mama Dean. Junk food will help with that for sure.

No. 729496

It's been said before but jesus. Mama Dean is almost as big a cow as her daughter. She passive aggressively complains about Taylor while enabling all her bullshit

No. 729497

File: 1573726901203.jpg (801.79 KB, 1536x1752, Screenshot_20191114-112207.jpg)

No. 729499

File: 1573727020095.jpg (363.06 KB, 1536x1065, Screenshot_20191114-112416.jpg)

No. 729500

Taylor is so lucky. She only knows the best rehab facilitators, doctors, and knows people who went to rehab with Demi! And she knows all of the best addiction advice!

No. 729502

File: 1573728270116.jpg (367.27 KB, 1536x1143, Screenshot_20191114-114456.jpg)

No. 729527

more like if he fits, I shove him in there for instagram likes

No. 729545

File: 1573741221880.jpg (816.78 KB, 1536x1801, Screenshot_20191114-151956.jpg)

No. 729546

File: 1573741254503.jpg (373.95 KB, 1536x1225, Screenshot_20191114-151822.jpg)

No. 729556

This, I agree. Nobody is WKing Jonny and saying he's had a turnaround in life and is suddenly doing well… he's still a horrible person and a POS. What people were pointing out is Taylor is pissed off because of the APPEARANCE to the outside world that he is doing better. Just like an anon said, he is back in his career making music, has a new (prettier) gf, gets out of the house, hangs out with friends, and is in LA getting out of the house.
Meanwhile Taylor hasn't changed a bit, she is still sperging on Twitter like a maniac 24/7 justifying and defending every thing she does, because she's constantly lying about things and it's finally being noticed by more people. She's nasty and doesn't have a normal sleep schedule, eats nothing but junk food, isn't physically active, doesn't shower, and most importantly, is still showing clear neglect to her animals.

She's a mess and it pisses her off that she SEES Jonny doing better than her. That doesn't = he's actually doing better. She just sees it that way because it's what's portrayed on social media, which is the most important thing ever to Taylor, because she relies on others to validate her through it since no one in her real life truly cares about her.
That being said, I still think it's creepy as fuck she's seriously trying to skinwalk his new gf and get literally the exact piercings she has lmao. It honestly is pathetic she has no real identity of who she is.

No. 729622


Excuse me wtf, she's saying that her brother now has schizo tendencies, that there's nothing that can be done (they make medicine for it!) and she's sharing this with everyone?

She's going to be just a bad a mom as Jen is

>my baby who is the prettiest and never sick, little china heroine tarlia, smeared her shit all over her crib so I'm getting her a therapist for CBT! I did a lot of research into this!

No. 729630

File: 1573759740074.jpg (88.35 KB, 595x466, IMG_20191114_122738.jpg)

Following real therapist advice would be so hard for Taylor because she spends all her free time in bed.
But her therapist is WORLD CLASS.

No. 729632

Then get the fuck OUT OF BED?????? This girl is fucking dense. Doesn’t she have a zoo to take care of that can be her reason for leaving her filthy and smelly bed? It’s abundantly obvious she doesn’t give a damn about her animals but yeah, she gets up to feed all of them and attend to their needs on a daily basis. Give me a fucking break.

No. 729635

we all know what Taylor's "someone I know", "multiple people" and "a guy just told me" means. It means someone she follows on twitter, or a comment on instagram/youtube.

No. 729637

She will buy it for herself along with a trophy for good work. If she gets caught, she will and explain with either stress of being sober or depression, and then encourage others to buy their own chips too.

No. 729641

Doesnt look like shed or Aspen from what she said in the comments. When you leave water out for days/weeks it develops a film on the top. She obviously doesnt wash out the bowls and just tops them off so there's the broken filth film floating around

No. 729651

Everything she says makes me roll my eyes so fucking hard. Yes Taylor, you spend all of your time in your bed, which is a big part of why your sleep cycle is fucked, so you know what you do…. Don't sit in bed all fucking day like a useless slob.
It's like telling someone they're fat because they sit and eat icecream all day and they go "but I can't stop because all I do in my free time is eat icecream"… Stop eating fucking icecream then! Just get out of bed and actually go outside, spend time with your animals, maybe help your mother and brother, clean your room, maybe cook your family dinner?? Fucking hell I can't deal with how dumb she is. She never wants to try to help herself, it was the same thing when someone suggested exercising to help her chronic pain and depression, excuse after excuse.

No. 729657

once you figured out your living situation you wont have time to travel because of your zoo?! Or is she just going to fuck off for weeks and let her mom, I mean worlds best specialists, take care of her animals?

No. 729679

Silly anon, her highly trained and totes not drugged up assistant Betsy is going to take care of everything while Taylor hits the road (and the needle… and the bong…) - world class care is available to her animals round the clock!

No. 729681

File: 1573766155851.jpg (202.24 KB, 1536x355, Screenshot_20191114-221627.jpg)

No. 729683

File: 1573766260583.jpg (870.82 KB, 1536x1737, Screenshot_20191114-221817.jpg)

No. 729685

File: 1573766312589.jpg (1006.48 KB, 1536x1548, Screenshot_20191114-221908.jpg)

No. 729686

There is no way she blew out her veins in a few months. It’s literally impossible. I know 20+ year junkies that still have veins. She was just too chicken shit to hit other veins other than her hand or crook of her arm. I use your neck like every other self respecting addict.

No. 729688

yeah I've always thought she was someone who considered a vein offlimits if they couldn't see it. Her bruises in the pics seemed to confirm that. They were also using the smallest insulin syringes they make so idk how she fucked them up that badly unless she was really rough with them. Jonny still has veins so if he was shooting her up I find it hard to believe that he would butcher her up like that.

No. 729689

She is so full of shit it's genuinely sad. I used to mildly feel sympathetic towards her but she will never get better because she doesn't want to get better. It's not fucking bold to assume you don't go to therapy because you do the same dumb shit over and over again. If she was serious about moving forward, she'd be getting her license and volunteering somewhere to get out of the house or at least get out of fucking bed. She's a perpetual victim and if her future isn't an early grave, it's going to be her being a sugar baby because she has no real skills.

No. 729700

it's called sleep hygiene, dummy, and even infants can master this oh-so difficult task. fuck off outta here with this garbage tier bs kek

No. 729701

From what she’s told us, he was the one shooting her up. She couldn’t ever do it, or get it right. So I assume Jonny would get a hit, and then would get her. That’s why she muscled it when he was out because she didn’t know how to do it

No. 729703

Does she think her little IOP hand-holding kumbaya meeting is fucking therapy?

No therapist worth their salt would let this over-indulged child keep seeing them since they never take accountability for anything or make even the most basic steps towards getting better - like any other person going to therapy

Sitting on your ass all day all night, not getting exercise, not having a sleep schedule, eating shit, going out partying and not sticking to your work schedule (fucking lol) means you are NOT DOING THERAPY Taylor. You're just bobbing by like an unflushable little turd. Shame on you and shame on your "therapist" and your enabler mother too.

No. 729711

lol be mad, dumbass. if you don't want people discussing your weird assed approach to 'sobriety' you could, oh, i don't know. shut the fuck up about it?

was wondering when this particular flavor of bullshit would start.

tay! did you know that if you go to meetings in the 90210, or up near venice or PP you'll see a shitton of losers just like yourself, hanging on the speaker's every word like it was gospel, hoarding those stories like nuts and praying that someone will ask you if you ever saw anyone fAmOus In ReCoVEry?!?

you know she sits her sorry, tacky ass down in that discord of hers and humblebrags about 'so many of these folks workin' their steps, can't name names 'cause you know how program is but HONEST, they're just like you and me. swear to god, i mean i musta smoked almost a half a pack that one night with…oops! WOW, can't believe i almost let that slide. but yeah.' dead eyed smile. 'you get to know some people.' she is this level of cringe. no one wants to sponsor someone like that.

No. 729717

It's funny that she got clocked on reshaping her face in this picture, and suddenly she's "honest" about it on her Instagram stories now kek

10 hours Twitter therapy!

No. 729740

File: 1573775893241.jpeg (652.89 KB, 1936x1452, BE0E5855-CCD3-4B80-A6A9-593E97…)

No. 729741

File: 1573776158730.jpg (359.48 KB, 1536x1420, Screenshot_20191115-010251.jpg)

Her tongue still doesn't appear to fork straight away.

No. 729743

soo she claimed they didn't use anesthesia on Celia but I find that hard to believe since the vet not only took a biopsy but "tried to take out as much of it as he could" sure jan.

No. 729747

File: 1573777497682.jpeg (863.99 KB, 1125x1299, BDC4E077-F9F8-4CA0-9E99-6EC9B6…)

I’m also the anon who caught her tongue issues back months ago. I can’t believe I didn’t notice that when I posted these. Here’s a better shot showing her tongue still not forking

No. 729762

Tinfoil but Celia is already dead, she'll say later that she died randomly.

She lied about the seahorse deaths and many others. Could also easily be an old picture.

No. 729777

How do you know she lied?

No. 729787

Nah I accidentally unfollow ppl all the time, u don’t need to conform unless it’s a private acct

No. 729792

on the latest iOS and instagram versions, you may be prompted with a few options when you go to unfollow someone. they’re something like add to group, add to close friends, unfollow, and mute.

No. 729796


lurk more

No. 729827

Why is she holding her upside down Jesus Christ!?!!! Wtf is wrong with this bitch..I’m sure to her animals, death would feel like a fucking relief!

No. 729832

her poor animals probably think they've been rehomed and that her mom is their owner (minus the occasional mishandlings like this) at this point and sadly this is the closest they'll get to death…for now. Granted Celia may already be over the rainbow bridge because I'm always skeptical anytime she speaks a bit too positively about any animal or situation. Maybe I'm just jaded tho idk

No. 729859

I'm guessing her "back to back" meetings with WoRld ReNoWnEd DoCtOrS count as therapy, although I agree that it's most likely what you said. Just meetings where people bitch and moan for a couple of hours. Taylor loves to embelish her life a lot. It's kinda depressing.

No. 729861

Wait… her seahorses died?! Sorry it’s prob been discussed but not in the past several months… holy shit she is such a lowlife. I can’t believe I was a fan of hers in 2016 ugh

No. 729873

Sorry if I'm forgetting past threads but I've read every one of them at some point, just searched through a few, and I really thought her seahorses were "rehomed" and it was just speculation they died. I mean they almost surely did die, she uses that excuse a lot, but it's never been actually proven by her or anyone else outside speculation that they died, has it?

No. 729884

Notice how every time something is wrong with one of her pets she turn on her AdDiCtIoN. No one care about you being a junkie most only care about your pets

No. 729886

B-but if she whines long enough and makes herself even more pathetic, surely she'll count as a rescue pet herself? Right??

No. 729890

I'm pretty sure it's just speculation that they died due to her losing at least 3 prior to her "rehoming them". But yeah I don't think it was ever confirmed.

No. 729906

my thoughts exactly. she's always screaming "addiction is a mental illness! omg so much stigma! how dare you call me a junkie, that's ABLEIST, I have no control over my actions!!!!"

and then turns around and makes shitty jokes about another incredibly stigmatized illness. (one that appears organically without warning sometimes, not one that develops only after you to decide to stick a needle into your arm bc you want to get high)

No. 729917

File: 1573830678685.jpg (88.45 KB, 1300x866, hoggie.jpg)

lel why the fuck would she post photos of her tongue clearly not forking? She is so delusional. She's really at a point right now where she thinks she can say whatever she wants, it is out of control. I feel like it's worse than ever before because pretty much everything that she types out is a lie now.
>>729762 is probably right

Also her nose just does not look right to me. It's so bulbous and hoggie noses go to a point.

No. 729922

Celia probably rubbing her nose on the enclosure because it's too hot/humid/too many pesticides in the bedding and she is trying to find a way out.

No. 729923

File: 1573833683565.png (2.49 MB, 1378x1866, Capture _2019-11-15-07-57-56.p…)

Y'all don't see this?! Her snake is C curving! Poor baby is so thin. You see that a lot after a snake gives eggs or freaking starved.

No. 729945

File: 1573838493367.jpg (490.22 KB, 1536x1394, Screenshot_20191115-182153.jpg)

No. 729948

again with the cringe ebonics

Taylor, you're not hood and you're not black, knock it the fuck off. If you are serious about your recovery and shit like, IDK, learning to deal with fiend dreams and cravings and your shitshow of a life, get some fucking therapy.

Real therapy, like cognitive behavioral therapy, none of this "shopping for slut clothes at dollskill and masturbating my ego at IOP" bullshit. Put the work in and you will get better, for fuck's sake.

No. 729953

File: 1573841544264.png (866.83 KB, 750x1334, 8EC45610-2468-41BD-8823-A6FFFA…)

Here’s a different angle of Celia’s belly..it doesn’t look as bad here but I’m sure she’s been thru the ringer either way..poor thing

No. 729954

File: 1573841893122.jpeg (134.52 KB, 750x619, 20E2FD0F-5777-4F1B-AA95-2DD4A0…)

Also here’s a comment she made under the post about Celia..I don’t know much about snakes, but something doesn’t sound right with Taylor’s story to me

No. 729958

File: 1573842653032.png (104.71 KB, 1379x233, deaddeaddead.png)


A couple of them died and a couple of them were "rehomed". Post from March 2018 in thread #6 recapping it all

No. 729977

File: 1573848141093.png (5.51 MB, 1242x2208, 5A0B1D8F-4C99-4137-AA39-3A61FE…)

Sage because shitpost but, these botched lips look so much like Taylor’s lips, in the middle pic especially.

No. 729983

File: 1573849382439.png (30.57 KB, 736x172, Annotation 2019-11-15 152203.p…)

So she's super sick and immunodeficient, yet somehow managed to dodge contracting it from a long term relationship with a carrier? I wish I had her luck lmao

No. 729984

Lmao, suuuure Tay

No. 729987

She literally said she had it and was on medication for it….

No. 729988

File: 1573851286078.png (551.16 KB, 1242x2688, 1567812359444.png)

No. 729989

So this is just her blatantly lying she's not got hep, just to impress her tattooist and potential dick.

All there is to it folks. The only reason Taylor will not co opt a PURE JUNKIE UBER ILLNESS UWU like hep is because hep scares tattoo/piercing professionals and hookups. Which is about the only shit she has to look forward to nowadays.

No. 729992


Lol she diseased as fuck

No guy wants to date her, probably cause she smells like cat piss. She absolutely has other STDS from jonny.

Might also be why she goes to these shitty unlicensed parlors and not pros.

Taylor is getting crazier every day. She's so afraid of doing actual work.

No. 730000

File: 1573853501208.jpg (483.64 KB, 1080x1920, 20191115_163134.jpg)

from Jonny's ig stories

No. 730005

She was still dating johnny until she met Jake in rehab. She only dumped him when she was dating someone else.

She's trying to skinwalk his GF so hard, it's so obvious she wants him back. Probably because she can't find anyone else.

No. 730007

File: 1573854420732.png (11.46 KB, 649x100, JCD.PNG)

I'm guessing she had Jonny dreams.

>Wahh he doesn't love MEEEEEE!

Grow up Taylor, your 22 fucking years old, you act like your in middle school.

No. 730018

I don't believe it's possible to NOT contract it if you share a needle with someone who has it. Just watch now she's going to say ~guess it was my needle all along teehee~ but she showed us the dope room and tbh the first time I saw it I was like the chances of her getting it were basically 100% espcially when I found out they would reuse rigs. I think it can take bleach upwards of 10min to kill hep C so even a bleach rinse isn't a guarantee. The mess they had suggesting they didn't give a fuck about not spreading the infection. Even if they had a "his needles" and "her needles" system could she really trust someone she claims was so abuseive?! I'd be led to believe no, and would think that hiding your own clean shit would be the only true way (or using only new clean needles but she was too good for the needle exchange lmao). The blood spray itself with the uncapped rigs would be an issue. She's full of shit

No. 730019

File: 1573856514996.jpeg (158.16 KB, 768x1024, EJcmt9dWoAE9_tI.jpeg)


No. 730020

File: 1573856539528.jpeg (149.52 KB, 774x1024, EJcmt9gWoAIyAmH.jpeg)

No. 730022

i refuse to believe that someone would dress this way withoutwanting everyone around them to know that they are abusing drugs, also wow, glad ripndip is making pill popper designs now instead of just a tame marijuana leaf

No. 730023

please tell me the dumb cunt wore that shirt to IOP/therapy kek. I'd love to see the session notes on that one

No. 730024

"Mommy, I wanna be sectioned!"

Seriously though Jen, your child is beyond your cute lil passive aggressive tweets. Taylor doesn't read so well, remember? Either mommy up or kick your child to professional care.

No. 730025

File: 1573857706810.jpg (172.23 KB, 1536x391, Screenshot_20191115-234111.jpg)

Replaced me like I was nothing she says, as she jumped on Jake's dick before breaking up with Jonny. Kek.

No. 730026

File: 1573857813436.jpg (486.6 KB, 1536x1710, Screenshot_20191115-234324.jpg)

And THAT is why she messaged the new girl. Because she wants Jonny back after Jake didn't work out for her.

No. 730027

File: 1573857907793.jpg (312.99 KB, 1536x822, Screenshot_20191115-234547.jpg)

No. 730028

She's actually unbearable, imagine crying over your ex moving on when you literally got with someone else before YOU broke up with THEM.
I absolutely think she did the right thing by dumping his ass, but jesus christ she's just on a different planet to everyone else.

No. 730029

File: 1573858098982.jpg (272.39 KB, 1536x633, Screenshot_20191115-234756.jpg)

Making it clear again she reads here. This reeks of her reading >>729556

No. 730030

Taylor still loves Jonny and wants him back… not shocking considering she relapsed (on alcohol for sure). She’s falling back into her old ways and now that she’s missing Jonny, I 100% believe she relapsed on opioids/heroin. Those drugs have an emotional attachment of Jonny for her. Also explains why she’s suddenly emo and skin walking his new gf.

Idk what mama dean tweeted about the piercings implied to me that Jonny had wanted Taylor to get those piercings while they were together?? Correct me if I’m wrong. Idk what the context of the tweet was.

No. 730032

File: 1573858571071.jpg (367.63 KB, 1536x755, Screenshot_20191115-235649.jpg)

No. 730033

File: 1573858674203.jpg (297.39 KB, 1536x672, Screenshot_20191115-235730.jpg)

No Taylor, you left him. He then moved on.

God she fucking manipulates and twists every little thing.

No. 730034

File: 1573859020973.jpeg (450.91 KB, 1125x1598, 8B3AFBA2-23ED-4066-84A3-6DA836…)

I think it’s interesting when she buys new clothes that she’ll choose one or two items that she wears over and over like this beanie, that rose tank top, etc

No. 730035

Maybe it's because you let him shoot you up with the most addictive substance on earth, just a thought.

She just can't admit she made a mistake dating him. She gets a tattoo to spite him and now she wants him back? LMFAO

No. 730039

It's really obvious she only cares now because he moved on and no one wants anything to do with her. Maybe… Fix yourself instead of whining about your ex on Twitter for victim points?

No. 730040

Had to get that drug reference ripndip, huh? Super aesthetic pills

No. 730041

Why is she acting like HE dumped HER? She broke up with him and he was in denial for so long while she moved on to Jake, she had no fucking cares for Jonny until he moved on and now she is once again playing victim?

No. 730042

She seems bound and determined to make herself look fug; I don't get it.

Taylor: That shirt is not your shirt. That color lipstick is not your color lipstick. That beanie… there are not enough words how much it isn't yours. If you have all this money you want to burn through, go to Nordstroms or something and make an appointment with one of their stylists. They can do quirky a lot better than you seem to be able to.

No. 730044

File: 1573860496154.png (375.63 KB, 603x918, Rehab1.PNG)

Old milk but confirms the day she officially dumped jonny.

She ran off with Jake to the Hotel for snu-snu after getting kicked out of rehab. She obviously had plans to get back together with him after rehab but found Jake instead.

She's such trash

No. 730045

File: 1573860563907.jpg (253.07 KB, 1536x568, Screenshot_20191116-002625.jpg)

But she's at a good place where she can experiment with alcohol !

Because it took her manipulative control away the moment he moved on. Dunno what she was expecting though with Jonny.

No. 730048

She's just being a drama queen, she's probably just sitting in her bed stuffing her face.

Must suck for her knowing JC was the best she was gonna get.

She needs to stick with a look that isn't hooker or druggie.

No. 730052

The ring on the beanie is so fucking retarded. It looks like a bad photoshop (even though it’s not), and then overall just looks hideous. This outfit is bad.
She is trying to skinwalk JC’s girlfriend, and it’s so cringe.

Taylor, find your own identity.

No. 730056

Hahaha I know I can't get over her wearing that fucking beanie with the ring in the center of her fucking forehead hahahahahaha.
She gets obsessed with her clothing the same way she does with her animals, loves them for a week and then they're never seen again.

No. 730059

File: 1573863330661.jpeg (462.2 KB, 1125x1957, 10CEBBEB-8F80-452B-81A3-29A661…)

guys did we know she’s “emo” or nah

No. 730062

Probably because the other clothes end up not fitting. I’m shocked she’s not a heifer the way she does jack shit day in and day out

No. 730064

Do we have any evidence of Taylor ever saying she wanted children? I've always assumed she was childfree but holy hell I hope she never has children

No. 730065

I don't mean to nitpick but this outfit doesn't match AT ALL. How does she think any of that (beanie, lipstick, shirt) looks good together?

No. 730066

File: 1573864488527.png (1.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-15-19-33-11…)


No. 730069

This isn’t heartbreak. It’s codependency.

No. 730070

File: 1573865296985.jpg (650 KB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191115_194705163.j…)

Was dinking around looking up ajit Tay has past-tweeted about Jonny and came across the tweet from July. Reminded me of a more recent tweet…looked and yep, in Novemeber her story is completely changed.


No. 730071

File: 1573865514357.png (2.38 MB, 1440x2160, Screenshot_2019-11-16-01-49-21…)

She's so fucking scary how she skinwalks.

No. 730078

she said once that she could imagine starting a family with Jonny. praying neither of them reproduce.

dang, she really is, shown today with the natural makeup with thick eyeliner and mascara. can't see clearly whether the freckles are mimicry as well. too bad the new girl looks like an actual human and Taylor looks like Marilyn Manson's wax figure had a baby with the whiteface spider from Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends

No. 730082

I'm cracking up over her discovering the final lowest level of poor hygiene. Laziest method to not washing her hair; the ol' beanie grease cover. I bet that thing reeks already.

Use the effort you put into wearing makeup and wash your damn self, Taylor.

Inb4 she shaves her head.

No. 730087

Taylor is like a spoilt child who doesn't want to play with a certain toy, but as soon as another child picks that toy up, all hell breaks loose and suddenly it's their favourite toy and they want it back and you can't play with it.

Watch her get into cammo patterns and overalls next.

No. 730091

I totally forgot she claimed to have contracted HCV. Makes perfect sense that her therapist would have told her it’s okay to experiment with drinking because fuck her liver and substance abuse, right? It’s like every healthcare provider she’s ever encountered needs to be reported to their respective state boards for blatant negligence (obviously I’m not being serious here). Pretty soon we’re going to need a google doc to keep up with all of her proclaimed illnesses.

I know this thread says to get out of bed and do something with your life, however, we mean something productive. Not trying to dress up like someone you’re not and take hideous photos at your parents house. Get a fucking life already for crying out loud.

No. 730096

Nice fake freckles there, Tay.

No. 730098

She kinda looks like Michael Jackson here and I'm not even shading her.

No. 730113

Holy crap that's actually a really good idea for her channel (and life). A complete Starting Over/ Whole Life Makeover series, starting from a physical styling session (clothes, makeup, hair) and maybe taking up yoga or training for a cycling marathon or something. People would cheer to see her take a total backflip into a whole new life. If it was like a yearlong process documenting a life overhaul, it would get a ton of subscribers, views, and positive attention.

No. 730120

It's almost sad how this is the same exact bullshit he said back when he started going out with Taylor.

No. 730121


Taylor could do all the makeover, tai chi yoga bullshit in the world and none of it would fix her 14 year old mentality, narcissism, animal abusing, drug abusing and overall horrible personality.

No. 730123

File: 1573875871318.jpg (543.4 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191116_144457.jpg)

No. 730124

File: 1573875900594.jpg (444.19 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191116_144502.jpg)

No. 730125

File: 1573875922585.jpg (452.9 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20191116_144506.jpg)

No. 730126

Honestly the sunflower isn't terrible.

No. 730128

Damn, that's so much detail for such a sensitive part of your arm. I cant imagine being able to lay still for all those tiny lines. Did she go back to the same tattoo artist?

No. 730130

Looks like it, the artist has a very consistent style regarding flowers. Its hard for multiple artists to make a cohesive piece.

No. 730136

Okay ot but I havent been able to find the answers in my searches but what does it mean when anonymous is written in green instead of the usual blue?

No. 730138

the place to ask this would be in /meta/, but it means they don't have anything like sage entered into the email field.
Now delete your post so it doesn't shit up the thread.

No. 730145

The prettiest part of the sleeve is the one most hidden….
Well, at least it's consistent? I know nothing about tattoos but I think it would have been a better Idea to ditch the bust and just stick with the flowers and poorly drawn snakes.

No. 730148

Tinfoil but what if that was the original plan but she realized the "humanly" Medusa and the snakes turned out shitty so she just stuck with flowers only instead?

No. 730149

Sorry for the double post but she looks so skinny, isn't weight gain basically a given after rehab?

No. 730151

Lovely tattoo depicting an asshole covered with warts. Could it have drawn inspiration from tay herself?

No. 730165

Lol the “Medusa” part of the tattoo is so tragic and ugly. Sad the best part of the tattoo is hidden under her stinky pit.

No. 730169

Glad I'm not the only one put off by the sunflower design. Didn't translate well in the artist's style…

No. 730171

File: 1573884031019.jpg (27.82 KB, 400x400, 03576_2bfb8934-7a77-4cb1-aaee-…)

Forgot my pic. Also, confused by the sm all petals in the tattoo since I don't think that's how sunflowers work.

No. 730184

I think it's meant to be an eye, but it looks like a prolapsed anus instead.

Yeah, sunflowers don't have small petals like that. But I mean, this is the same artist who drew snakes with no ends and sausage fingers on Taylor's skin so I'm honestly not even fazed by it.

No. 730206

Ahh, the elusive cat-butthole flower

It looks like they messed up and added the larger pedals after. Looks like a botched chameleon eye, then she realized she couldn't draw chameleons and made it a flower.

No. 730208

here's a guide to learn how to post and what you're looking at https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 730209

perhaps it's meant to be a Dahlia?

No. 730211

File: 1573891853760.jpg (499.86 KB, 1800x1200, Dahlia_x_hybrida.jpg)

I was just about to post that it looks more like a dahlia than a sunflower.

No. 730213

Idk, even as a dahlia it looks off. The flower should be more fluffy and the button smaller. But honestly I don't know what the fuck is happening in the whole piece so tomato, tomato I guess.

No. 730217

Ohh yes even if it is a dahlia it 100% is a little off, mainly with the inner petals being so small compared to the next row, but we all know anatomy isn't this tattooists forte.

No. 730220

she also didn't complete the outer circle of petals. there are at least two missing near where the other plant overlaps. not a big detail but I can't unsee it now

No. 730221

It’s just bad shoop. She did this a few weeks ago, and anons went crazy about it. But then she filmed and was just as chubby as ever

No. 730227

I wouldn't call Taylor "chubby" but she's definitely a very typical out-of-shape skinny-fat white girl lol

No. 730231

I honestly think she looks skinnier since rehab then she did on heroin. In fact, she looks worse in every single way since supposedly getting sober, which is weird. Withdrawal is hell but after a few months you start looking alive again, yet she looks more like a crackhead than ever.

No. 730235

She liked a comment on her new instagram selfie that says "SoBeR qUeEn". She knows her sobriety is a joke

No. 730247

Back on the subject of drinking.. The DEA regulates suboxone and methadone to the point where they have a pretty much zero tolerance policy for alcohol when on these meds. Like I've said before, the 2 substances that will get you kicked out of the program if found in a UA are alcohol or benzos like Xanax. This bitch is really gonna say they're all cool with it did.. Did they risk their clinic to make an exception for you,the queen of recovery?(emoji)

No. 730248

Plus, Id like to add that from my years working with many different kinds of people…

The addicts who are OK with drinking and justify it by saying it wasnt their DOC are sober for a season.. Not actually committed to the work and end up using again

The ones who refuse to drink? Those are the ones who devote their lives to recovery, take it seriously, and don't end up relapsing.

No. 730253

It’s Pickles Pets imitating TND again lol

No. 730261

Heroin actually makes you chubby and bloated not skinny like coke or meth

No. 730262

I’m not a tattoo anon but why is there blank spaces on her arm with no ink? I’ve never seen anyone with a sleeve that has gaps of no ink. Usually everything is blended together. Idk it looks hideous to me with the gaps in ink but then again, even if there were ink in those spots, you can’t even tell what’s going on with this piece. It’s just a huge blob of ink until your eyes can adjust and figure out the shapes lol.

No. 730265

It's just a poorly designed tattoo. I think she wanted to get a sleeve as fast as possible and ended up wasting alot of space.

She's getting tattoos for "muh therapy" not because she's serious about having a piece of art on her.

No. 730266

What do you guys think, how the doctor vid will go (if she'll ever make this one of course)? My bets it will be either:
- one of her "friends" pretending to be a doctor;
- it will be real but shady doctor with no traceable research;
- it will be okay doctor but Taylor will twist and edit the narrative to suit her.

No. 730270

Seriously? The shading on the petals are in random directions (some vertical some horizontal) and looks scratched on with no blending at all. Dahlias and sunflowers are pretty symmetrical and this one looks like one of those flowers girls draw in elementary school where the petals end in a point.

No. 730306

what’s the lie? idgi

No. 730319

English second language?! One clip she says she never met the guy…next one she was with Jonny at his “tent” for the pick up. You

No. 730322


nta but

"I never went to any drug deals or met our dealer in person, my ex did all that"

"everytime i drove to the tent our dealer lived in to pick up drugs…"

i mean she can't even keep that story straight, was she a dope ass druggie getting drugs or was she an innocent girl forced into drug use by her overbearing boyfriend?

No. 730325

She says "first dealer" though, maybe their first dealer is different from the one that was all over her on twitter in July?

No. 730340

how do we know she’s talking about the same dealer?

No. 730343

I’ve always found it peculiar that around the time Taylor was fucking off of sober living and screwing around with Jake and his friends at a hotel, her dealer starts harassing her online out of no where.
Surely she’s not the only dopehead giving him her money and god knows what else for drugs.

Tinfoil but I think it went something like:
Jake and her wanting to get high (heroin or meth) and she wanted to sound the dopest of dopest dope heads and said she had a ~swaggy~ dealer. She contacted him and did a deal with him personally (for the first time) and then he started acting like a fucking weirdo towards her via text and social media.

No. 730352

Tinfoil but she probably wanted that big sloppy sleeve so she could start shooting again without getting busted.

No. 730353

So unless I’m missing something am I understanding that they were buying drugs from a dealer that lived in a tent? WTF? Shit they are lucky they didn’t inject glass or something.

No. 730365

Agreed. This is a realistic scenario

No. 730374

File: 1573943319194.png (856.65 KB, 1125x2436, 5A6DF010-F16E-4D24-95DE-CD01A6…)

No. 730390

How is Taylor going to move out when she has no idea what Google's new rules will do to her? Of Markaplier and others with a huge platform that can attract gaming sponsors are worried then Taylor ought to be. She has dissed pet store chains, is an admitted heroin junkie, and is on a downward spiral of a career.

No. 730391

File: 1574030595613.jpeg (109.12 KB, 768x1024, EJl5SMNXsAAcEyw.jpeg)

Uploaded by Mama D today. My god…those eyes.

Also it's already the end of Sunday and…no video? Color me surprised. Wait for the "shitty wifi" excuse in 3 2 1

No. 730394

File: 1574030964485.png (19.94 KB, 600x147, 13543512.PNG)

yup. posted 1 hour ago.

No. 730396

i just don't understand why she waits until the last moment and doesn't schedule videos. that's literally something you can do on youtube.
its almost as if she does this on purpose.

No. 730413

Yeah I don't get that either. Also that a good chunk of her past videos were posted with the very same wifi and it was fine then and she claims it's the same she had at the atrium house. I mean yeah it could just be too many family members all on at once BUT it worked fine enough back in the day. She can't handle any hint ocf "adversity" and hopefully you'll all get that I don't really mean that slow wifi is adversity but for our uber sheltered cow it probably is the closest she's come to it

No. 730430

You both know she's lying through her teeth, right?

The difference between the Taylor that was and the Taylor that is that this Latter Day Saint of Fucked Up Fish Lips one is a junkie. And junkies fucking lie, all the time.

She hasn't uploaded or scheduled the video because it isn't done and she hasn't managed to do that one (1) piece of her job she needs to do per week. As usual. And then she's lied about it. As usual.

Slow wifi doesn't seem to stop her from shopping online or sperging out on twitter and insta all day and night long. Not stopping her from watching the Office, either! Funny how that works.

No. 730431

File: 1574035888443.jpg (94.26 KB, 609x562, IMG_20191117_170403.jpg)

Also posted last night…

Holy lying cowshit! Look at that puffy pocked face, sausage fingers and jawline, crazy eyed, dry shampoo haired mess. How does she even facetune this into looking good?
I can't wait for her to become Jen ft fishlips, while having an inked reminder on her arm for life, reminding her of the youth she threw away to heroin.

No. 730480

File: 1574040722128.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-17-20-31-06…)

That fucking hat

No. 730482

File: 1574040748854.jpeg (437.62 KB, 1242x1642, EJnlA-NWwAAcClH.jpeg)


No. 730483

pfffft haha going for that trailer park mama look I see

No. 730484

File: 1574040861271.jpeg (427.63 KB, 1242x1642, EJnlA-MXsAEgzC9.jpeg)

So she's laying in bed, posting pics from before her latest tattoo session, complaining about the internet speed and not uploading her promised 2pm Sunday video.

No. 730486

File: 1574041006323.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1999, Screenshot_2019-11-17-20-35-38…)

omg does she read on her constantly or what loll

No. 730487

The facetuning is really really bad in this one, omg. Look at her eyes — no wait, her eyes will look at you regardless lmao

Giving herself smaller chin and tinier hands too I see, and "thicccc thighs"

No. 730489

Those freckles kek

No. 730491

File: 1574041338700.jpg (2.18 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20191117_204130944.j…)


Skinwalking on point tho

No. 730508

Where are her pupils?? I have super dark, almost black eyes, so I can't really see my pupils in photos ever. Is this just how blue-eyed people look in daylight?

No. 730512

pupils? I don’t know her.

No. 730513

File: 1574043655630.jpeg (143.93 KB, 1125x694, 9D5C125D-BA39-47D6-B265-421F07…)

No. 730517

her pupils are non fucking existent holy shit

No. 730518

Not to hate on people who are covered in art but wtf. I’m actually dying that she wants her legs tattooed. Her boo tattoo looks like shit already.. but I mean it would be fucking hilarious to watch her fuck it up

No. 730520

while blue and green eyed people may be slightly more sensitive to the sun no not at all. Unless She was staring into the sun which she clearly isn't.

And no, for anyone wondering, subs don't make your pupils THIS small either. Unless you're abusing them and even then. It's only half fills the opiate receptor…and especially once you've been on it for a while and as she claims, are decreasing or maintaining a dose your body gets used to it. At most her pupils would be closer to slightly smaller than the norm if that. Mostly It just makes some people look glazed over/spacey especially when they just start it but she is supposedly way past that so she's clearly full of bs

No. 730533

File: 1574047155223.png (495.21 KB, 1427x1868, Capture _2019-11-17-22-17-53.p…)

So now its a for sure thing huh lol

No. 730538

File: 1574047733448.png (946.1 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-11-17-22-23-36.p…)

So predictable

No. 730547

thought she said she was moving out in november. nice goalpost moving tay. don't see her moving out in january (or ever) unless she finds a new manlet. she will never live alone, mark my words.

look at her fucking face. it doesn't even look human anymore.
and the freckles look pathetic holy shit. taylor, if you're reading this, try to make them more subtle and less uniform in size because I'm getting secondhand embarrassment just looking at you. it looks like a child drew on your face.

No. 730552

It really is creepy how far she’s going to look like Jonny’s new girlfriend, the face tune, the new clothes, the wanting of the same nose piercings. Not only is it creepy, but it’s really unhealthy. It was harmless when Taylor was doing the same thing to look like Halsey, a celebrity, but this is just creepy as fuck.

No. 730553

Lol she’s only taking pictures in the beanie because she’s wearing a wig because she can’t be bothered to wash herself

No. 730555

As always, wtf is this outfit?

No. 730556

On Twitter she went on about how Jonny replaced her and left her with nothing..

Girl.. You literally began fucking a new dude before you even left rehab. You literally said this guy was your reason for leaving Jonny. You baaasically cheated on him.. And then left him with nothing (which.. Not judging that. He needs to be a self reliant adult and stop mooching off people).

I mean, fuck Jonny, but really?? You replaced him so fast. It just seriously bothers me that she is so out of touch with reality.

Anyway, the skin walking.. The posts about his GF.. Not good! She doesn't actually give a shit about Syds safety.. It's all about jealousy and wanting him as her back burner dude. She thought he would never move on, because she had all the power (money) and is probably freaking out now that he did. Meanwhile, he didn't bash her online, didn't force himself on her or demand they be together. He completely left her alone, like she asked.

No. 730589

tinfoil but the tone of this post, defending Jonny but not too much(even then his only flaw is not being self reliant?) referring to his new gf as “syd” in a way that feels familiar/comfortable, and finally the lack of sage makes me think a friend of Jonnys gf or maybe even she herself wrote this

No. 730591

First thing I thought too.

No. 730595

But where’s the lie?

Jonny is scum and his new GF will eventually be a mentally and emotionally fucked up lonely girl herself, but that posts seems to depict the time line accurately.

No. 730602

This has been really, really, really obvious in her posts for months now. Homegirl is tweaking on something, and it isn't just subs. Her pupils are more fried than her skinks, goddamn.

No. 730608

>Meanwhile, he didn't bash her online, didn't force himself on her or demand they be together. He completely left her alone, like she asked.

Because she has rabid stans willing to harrass people for her. It's not really that surprising Jonny isn't fucking with Taylor. If she was just like any of his other exes then he'd be sperging on Twitter about her, but she has a platform they didn't have, so why would he honestly even try to do shit?

It's been getting really weird how people have been lowkey praising JC for how he's acted about the breakup, especially in this thread. He's not doing anything to her or talking about her because it's not convenient for him to do so, and because he knows that it pisses her off, that's all there is to it.

He's still the same piece of shit he's always been and always will be. Watch him shitalk his new gf when they break up.

No. 730613

>Taylor: buys hat
>also Taylor: I am everything this hat represents!
imagine setting your identity by a shitty hat.

anon she has special pupils that go smaller than other peoples, remember?

No. 730625

If she gets any more special she won't have a fucking pupil left in her eye lmao

Seriously, when is the last time we saw a photo of her where her pupils have NOT been pinned as fuck? She's been so dead-eyed so long. Clean and sober, yeah right…

No. 730627

File: 1574074994364.jpeg (419.04 KB, 1242x1348, EE0D8378-096A-421A-BEFF-5EE116…)

Image spam common’ up!

No. 730629

File: 1574075142102.jpeg (756.29 KB, 1242x1700, BE408D3F-7CBD-4910-BE8B-9880F1…)

No. 730630

File: 1574075244489.jpeg (480.58 KB, 1242x1403, 34384A37-8CAE-471E-903E-EADB57…)

I would really love to see a religious Taylor. Just for funnzies.
I also think it’s fun that she’s convinced this is the “universe” trying to teach her a lesson, and not consequences of her own damn actions.

No. 730631

imagine thinking you're the centre of the universe and said universe is setting up cute challenges for you because you're so important.

No. 730634

Classic Taylor - it's all about MEEEEE, on a fucking universal level! top kek

Also notice how she's once again glommed up someone else's words, thoughts and work and presented them as her own. Because she has no personality and no depth of her own. It's so fucking tacky and gross how she co-opts other people's stories, thoughts, ideas and suffering for her own.

No. 730637


idk i keep hearing how he kept quite because of her fans and shit and all i can think is JC is a 30 something year old junkie who has been burning bridges and fucking people over for over a decade now do we really believe he is scared of some 13 year old internet trolls? and i get people are getting upset about others almost W/King him but even if he is still apiece of shit he isn't behaving the way he has in the past and i can almost guarantee tay didn't go thru haf of what the others did. so yeah maybe he hasn't changed deep down in his soul but i think its worth noticing the difference in his behavior thru all this.

No. 730639

File: 1574078722090.jpeg (22.56 KB, 664x172, IMG_0188.jpeg)


i have almost the same color of blue eyes as she does, i am also on suboxone(16mg a day so a pretty significant dose) and my pupils do not ever look this pinned, even when i am in the sun…

pic is of my eyes outside just for a little bit of reference… they are a little glossy at times but never pin to being so non existent.(nobody cares)

No. 730640


same anon, fuck sorry for forgetting to sage!

No. 730648

yeah the universe planned for you to get addicted to heroin and fuck a disease riddled manlet. lmao get a grip

No. 730650

Non druggie blue-eyed anon here, my pupils get pretty small in bright light. Smaller than blue-eyed anon above, even in dim indoor light my pupils are smaller than that. Blue eyes are generally very sensitive to light. Idk anything about Taylor Dean, just a driveby comment.

No. 730651

can people stop drawing on freckles?? you either have em or you dont!

No. 730653

I swear this girl used to be pretty. She looks like Jeffree star with those awful lip injections.

No. 730655

"just been focusing a lot of myself lately" is keyword for "i'm getting high"

back in her comeback video, she used similar words about how shes getting better and how shes learned and grown a lot lol.

No. 730658

so does she plan to be covered up in tats?

No. 730673

It’s disgusting how she tells the entire internet about someone else’s addiction and struggles. I thought these meetings had anonymous in the name for a reason. Sure she doesn’t use names, but nonetheless it isn’t her fucking right to riddle this info to the internet. I’m sure if this person wanted attention they could make YT videos and tell social media every 5 seconds how they’re an addict like dope fiend qween trailer.
She really knows how to be a piece of fucking shit. She really does deserve Jonny and I truly hope they find their ways back to one another.

No. 730674

considering she's doxed her IOP in her day-in-the-life-of-the-world's-bestest-junkie video and filmed people talking in the meetings for her social media… IDK, other people just aren't real for Taylor, I guess.

No. 730678

he probably just signed an NDA anon. Taylor had money to trade him for that, and she said he asked her to sign one but couldn't offer anything in return so she didn't sign.

No. 730685

This is an important comparison, Anon! I've been wondering what blue eyes on suboxone in a shaded area looked like. It's a pretty specific couple of factors to compare.

No. 730686

I don’t wanna whiteknight but she looks better here than all her emo facetuned to the moon photos she takes. Her own insecurities and narcissism is making herself ugly af.

No. 730692

But do your pupils get as tiny as Taylor's? I'm genuinely curious and it's not like I can just grab any old blue eyed person off the street and stare deeply into their eyes.
I was watching one of Snake Discovery's videos where she was outside and her pupils also got v small outside, but she still didnt look like this. TNDs eyes are so scary and dead looking. They're a beautiful color but without an iris she looks deranged. Maybe she's just back on kratom.(stop)

No. 730704

File: 1574092657396.jpg (236.71 KB, 1536x1052, Screenshot_20191118-115257.jpg)

You might get that saga kek

This girl is a youtuber who I suspect is a very nasty piece of work hiding behind a fake kindness.

No. 730705

no one fucking cares about how tiny your bloo eyes get. we know taylor's on some shit, so unless you're blowing out all your veins (kek) the comparisons are pretty useless

No. 730708

lmao all these anons are aiming to be on the same super speshul boat as Taylor it, sounds like. no one fucking cares about your oh so special blue eyes, Taylor's eyes are pinned and dead because she's a junkie who's using, end of story.

No. 730709

File: 1574093375783.png (284.06 KB, 1416x1633, Capture _2019-11-18-08-08-16.p…)

People need to do more of this! Taylor is a mess

No. 730710

File: 1574093430844.jpg (51.68 KB, 998x473, smells-like-taylors-bullshit.J…)

… but sure, it's because TaYlOr'S eYe'S aRe So BlUe AnD pReTty

kek the naivete in this thread astonishes me sometimes

No. 730712

for some reason people don't care as much as TND as they do gabbie, who is also a massive major piece of shit.

i do hope people adding her doing this shit ^ into the current hot hashtag gets her cancelled, but she'll just sperg her way into victimhood, hide for 5 minutes, and then people who dream of being junkies just like her will keep sucking her asshole

No. 730721

Oh my god…
Yeah Hailey's pretty fake too. She's all about love and kindness but can be pretty nasty and rude.
She's doing paranormal content (and she's gotten very lazy with it), what would she even do with Taylor.
I also saw her inserting herself into the Trisha/Gabbie drama…

No. 730722

do you know how to read bc that's literally what anons are saying, that her eyes aren't pinned bc they're blue but bc of drugs

No. 730814

File: 1574120268315.jpg (484 KB, 1296x1452, Screenshot_20191119-003038.jpg)

It's insane how a day or two before posting this she had a sperg rant about editing her selfies, and how back in the day she would shoop ribs sticking out, to praising herself on how she edits now kek >>729460 yet here she is rebuilding her entire face trying to appear skinny.

I suspect it's to cause concern so people will ask about it.

No. 730815

She stuffs her face with sugar and greasy food, no wonder it's bloated.

Taylor used to be so pretty but she ruined her looks because she refuses to take care of herself. Now she looks like a 22 y/o who's refusing to grown up.

Social media is all fake, just abunch of humble bragging and ego tripping.

No. 730820

Wait when did she say that she was shooping ribs sticking out? Because my tinfoil was that she shooped her before and after body pics to look more sickly thin. Her legs just looked weird to me.

No. 730821

i agree with this. She had disproportionately big shoulders too. I always think of the vid jonny posted about being a "big happy family" where taylor is dangling a snake and taking pics for her page and her body was completely different then what she was posting at the time and i always imagine that she always looks more like that than anything

No. 730826

In the same Instagram rant here but sadly it didn't get posted here >>729461 and >>729460 there was another one where she said she would edit her pics to make it look like her ribs were sticking out "when she was 17"

No. 730834

File: 1574125634637.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, 310AF6D9-84F8-4A24-BF15-14730B…)

she’s so full of shit

No. 730836

File: 1574125898425.jpg (227.66 KB, 1536x768, Screenshot_20191119-014957.jpg)

In other words, don't pick the earliest time because she doesn't wanna be awake then.

She flip flops daily between saying she's thriving and happiest she's ever been back to "lol so emo and depressed".

No. 730837

Is her 2nd channel video the one about how jonny abused her?

No. 730838

File: 1574126283032.jpg (592.41 KB, 1536x1765, Screenshot_20191119-014649.jpg)

No. 730840

Pot, meet kettle.

Not that she doesn't have a group chat full of minors and bullied a minor to the point of sending the police over to her house or anything.

No. 730841

Dila please stop posting screenshots of your own tweets we don’t care
She wasn’t consistently posting! What a load of bull. That happened for like 2 weeks. She’s back to the same lousy excuses

No. 730842

to the surprise of literally no one she cant keep up with her promised schedule. how many times has she promised she'll have a regular uploading schedule? lmao she cannot take responsibility. this might sound shit but it just seems that she's using her addiction and "ptsd" as excuses to not upload just because shes lazy.

No. 730844

Didn't everyone tell her not to do this since she literally never comes through and she freaked the fuck out and said she wouldn't do it anymore? Wasn't that also like a week or two ago?

No. 730856

Didn't she just do this?! Taylor threw a huge fit. And deleted her damn twitter because her fans were disappointed on her inconsistent posting schedule.
I don't think the o/p was the one who posted it here. She hangs with all the "taylorhaters" as taylor calls them on twitter. They post eachothers posts here. >>730838

No. 730895

File: 1574140789155.png (1.1 MB, 1376x2290, Capture _2019-11-18-21-18-54.p…)

Part one of tweet dump

No. 730897

File: 1574141105397.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-11-18-21-18-35.p…)

Part two with her deleted message. With what she " allegedly" said. She's delusional foreal

No. 730926

what the actual fuck is the point of these retarded ass polls? people will watch the video when they see it. she does this every time just to procrastinate putting up a fucking video

No. 730933

Posted consistently for almost 2 months? When? Since her 'I'm a herion addict' video was posted on Aug 18th, then she posted weekly for 5 weeks… The only thing she is consistent at is being inconsistent. I don't get why she doesn't just take more time off, record and edit a backlog of videos, so every time she's sick, or her WiFi is crap, or she fell asleep, or a meteor it her house, that she can at least have a video ready to go?? You know, how youtubers often manage to stick to a schedule??

No. 730937

she'd like to orchestrate a rush of views, which can push it up in recommends I guess

No. 730939

>> I think I did SUPER WELL on explaining addiction
We all know she’s a fucking moron and is not going to explain addiction correctly unless she refutes her entire 15% argument completely (which I doubt will ever happen because Trailer is always right). Or she’s just going to parrot someone else’s research that they actually put time and effort into.

These tweets prove how disconnected from reality this shit bag is. She consistently uploaded for a fucking month and she’s been “SsS0obbE3rr” for FIVE months already. She’s either delusional or sleeps so much that she doesn’t realize how much time has actually gone by. I think even calling her a procrastinator is giving her too much credit. At least procrastinators get their shit done by the deadline (at least in my mind) but this dip shit can’t even upload her retarded YT video explaining addiction to the masses when she originally says she will.

No. 730949

I love the video NERD (New England reptiles) just posted about this idiot lol. Especially the clip they showed from another pro snake breeder where he made a joke about her heroin use.

No. 730953

Too bad he gets shit views and won't make much of an impact.

No. 730965

File: 1574181155861.jpg (353.17 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20191120-033128_Twi…)

Okay who wants to bet on whether she will post or delay with excuses?

No. 730980

NERD made a video about Taylor spreading misinformation about helping snakes shed and about sending her stan army after them. This is fabulous lmao

No. 730983

It's nice to see people coming forward to shut her shit down. Stop spreading misinformation Taylor, you literally know nothing.

No. 730990

"unfortunately, I don't have a massive audience where I can just regurgitate garbage" kek

"you really can't beat knowledge"

Video is awesome. They are talking about how some endangered species of snakes are killed and used for handbags like Taylors, handling snakes with attitude without getting bit, talking about how you should never grab an arboreal snake around the head. (Taylor pinned her sensitive green tree python to the ground with a snake hook in her shedding video.)

They also mention that if a snake bites you, it's always a bit traumatic for the snake so it's better to read the animal and avoid provoking it to strike. Of course you can't always avoid bites but Taylor is stressing her animals just for the fun of posting the bites on instagram.

No. 731022

File: 1574192384123.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1942, 4C7B950C-7DB0-4027-8D1F-4E8A1D…)

No. 731023

File: 1574192438750.jpeg (830.68 KB, 1125x1958, FC9B47EC-75CE-46DA-999B-F9E2D6…)

The heroin qween is pulling out the white board to school us all… lol we’re not ready.

No. 731026

I'm howling here

Bitch got herself a whiteboard, now she really can call herself "an addiction educator with an international audience uwu!!!"

No. 731028

She’s not even sober

No. 731039

How shocking companies don’t want to put ads on videos like “DAY IN THE LIFE OF A HEROIN ADDICT”. Shocker.
She’s mad because her junkie videos are the only ones that get views. Her animal content is flipping hard.

No. 731041

Right after she posted the snake shed vid, nerd came out with a vid subtly disagreeing with the info she put out. https://youtu.be/Wg9vgv9h7Hg Nice to see they did a more direct one too. With that new guy producing vids, they seem to be getting more views than they used to.

No. 731042

File: 1574196757763.png (7.62 MB, 2208x1242, 59F1987A-5873-4B66-A240-A84E92…)

She said she couldn’t find a strapless bra. So I’m Taylor logic that means just wearing a normal bra with the straps off her shoulders rather than just wearing a different fucking shirt??

No. 731044

she looks like a wax figure/early prototype used up sex doll

No. 731045

File: 1574197075622.jpeg (130.03 KB, 2048x1152, EJw2rmDWkAEkV-9.jpeg)

She edited this and thought it was ok to post lmao

No. 731049

File: 1574197897643.jpeg (357.41 KB, 1125x942, D1D141B2-5865-4966-B977-F4F590…)

This may be a nitpick, but nonetheless, this brainless cunt can never show an ounce of empathy. She describes this “hole” as emotional trauma, reasons why people use substances as coping mechanisms, etc.
I think it should be pointed out that she jokes about this because she never really had actual trauma to begin using opioids as a coping mechanism. She did it to appease her druggie bf and for the experience (what privilege). There are actually people out there who have went through severe physical and psychological trauma who use addictive substances to cope. Does it make it right to pick up drugs and alcohol, no, but Taylor needs to understand that this is serious and not a time for her to act fucking weird and tasteless.

No. 731050

I keep thinking she has a unibrow because of that stupid bull ring kek

No. 731052


if she has no trauma where the fuck did her ptsd come from she loves to talk about

No. 731053

She is so grossly inaccurate in what she is saying. She thinks addicts are BORN with a hole in them that craves drugs. The entire reason addiction happens is thru the rewiring of the brain.

No. 731054

The further into this video you get you realize how delusional she is. She is harping on the 15% of people thing again, which isn't true. Any brain is able to be rewired, restructured, damaged and plunged into addiction by drug use. Its simply not something you are born with nor is it something only 15% of people can have. 15% of the population may STRUGGLE with drug addiction but they are not the only people who can fall prey to the nasty cycle of addiction? Is she stupid?

No. 731055


>She did it to appease her druggie bf and for the experience

that's it that's the gist of her aDdIcTiOn

No. 731057

File: 1574198725407.jpeg (88.01 KB, 1125x445, 131A125F-CEA8-4E39-B20F-812AC7…)

She goes on a sperg about this website in her YT video…

No. 731059

File: 1574199016378.png (4.56 MB, 2208x1242, 37F2D409-CEC4-448D-905A-742BF9…)

Lol she is sperging the fuck out about her threads here. “I’m so bullied guys look at all the things they said about me in THIRTY MINUTES”

No. 731061

File: 1574199185776.png (7.82 MB, 2208x1242, A2026E02-456D-4F6B-A4E5-A59EF8…)

She is literally a straight up retard. “People who get stuck on pain pills” - those are ADDICTS, TAYLOR. Whether they desire to get help or not they are ALL. ADDICTS. You fucking imbecile.

No. 731062

So she said the pics with her beanie where taken Friday all in one go. So this video she apparently has been working on and planning and getting ready was all done…4 days ago? Wth?

She is a mess. The video is a mess. I couldn't even watch it.

No. 731063


My gawd there is literally CRAP hanging on her beanie. No shame.

No. 731065

She knows this shit is literally a google search away, right?

No. 731067

God damn. This is worse than when she was openly on heroin.

No. 731068

“Not everyone is born with addiction” she literally said this shit. “Anyone can get addicted but not everyone is born with addiction” I just…I can’t.

No. 731070

what the actual fuck is she even talking about lol

No. 731071

File: 1574200139673.png (7.97 MB, 2208x1242, 6CCEC29A-A367-4247-A995-E9048E…)

She’s sperging super hard about “being taken out of context” regarding her idiotic 15% statements and still going on and on about how people who aren’t in the super special 15% will be totally fine once they get sober and not have cravings or anything and will just be totally completely fine and sparkly rainbows but tRuE aDdiCts were born addicts.

No. 731072

hold on i'm confused. she implied the video she made with the so famous company won't be put up because the lighting was bad so now she's doing it on her second channel? or am i missing something?

No. 731073

Kek she made she to throw in her rantings that “having a drink every…y’know three or four months at a party is not a sign of an addict or an alcoholic” - gotta cover her publicized relapse the other weekend.

No. 731074

I think she’s implying that some of the footage the super huge company got of her was like “behind the scenes” style of her making a video. That’s how I understood it at least.

No. 731076

She admits in this video that when her and Johnny got “sober” back in January-February it was only for 4 days.

No. 731077

But didn't she say she hasn't visited this website in months?

Jesus Christ, man, that's some mighty lying there.

No. 731078

Oh and to add to this she claims she got sober, went through withdrawal, and got on subs….in 4 days.

No. 731079

she did say she was raped and was in a toxic relationship with an older man when she was like 13.

No. 731080

crackhead shit aside that stupid beanie makes her look like she has a unibrow.

No. 731081

File: 1574202516699.png (734.7 KB, 855x447, muh addicshon.PNG)

>this is where all the lies happen, where your brain is telling you "if you just have that drink one time it won't be like that last time where it got really out of hand because now you know that you have a problem so now this time you know that after one drink you'll have to stop"
>you convince yourself however it may be. this is what someone does when they're sick. they convince themselves that they have control.

this is extremely ironic after that whole "i had two ciders at a party, no sorry just one, no sorry just two sips. i was totally fine guys!!" bullshit

No. 731082

I’m not here to argue about Taylor’s trauma. I said what I said. And as for Taylor, she says A LOT of things as brought out by anons on many different occasions.

If she has the trauma she claims, she clearly isn’t coping with it in a healthy way. It’s one thing to go to IOP and be on subs and another to be delusional about reality, claim sobriety after drinking alcohol, and not be serious about recovery (her words, not mine). She’s a pathological manipulating liar. This girl has many claimed illnesses, has tried every drug, and is SOooB3rRr.

No. 731083

I don't believe she's a rape victim. She'd be all over that if she believed it. Given how much she lies it's hard to believe anything she says at face value.

She's distributed her teen nudes on twitter calling herself jailbait. I could see her faking rape for the attention.

No. 731085

Lol did she just shade herself drawing the person?

>I have way too big of lips

Take care of your animals Taylor, someone who just relapsed shouldn't be counseling about addiction.

No. 731093

it's clear from this that she doesn't really know what she's talking about. She doesn't want to use ~big terms, but with science you kinda HAVE to. You can't talk like yeah you put it in the enclosure and put stuff on the bottom…people may get that she means substrate but the brain is WAY more complicated and she is clueless and not realizing that she is constantly contradicting herself because she only has a vague memory of what she heard in a group she didn't want to be in. Also she seemed to spend more time talking about her ~haterz and discrediting things and then a 5min search on this dr.

also nitpick but the fact that she always says "withdraws" instead of "withdrawals" annoys the fuck out of me and just makes her sound more clueless.

No. 731095

Wow she looks horrible. And that beanie is just not it. She’s trying too hard. Also just because she doesn’t have a piercing yet she thinks it’s best to flaunt that shit dangling from her face? She is awkward and has no self esteem

No. 731096

Like to add at 14:35 her hands start shaking when she talks about relapsing. Her voice starts shaking slightly and then it cuts out.

Then she goes on talking how about it's not ok to shame an addict if they pick it back up.

Junkies gonna junk.

No. 731099

It's amazing how badly she got it wrong when all she needed to do was google "addition and the brain" and just paraphrase some paragraphs from Wikipedia- it's like she willfully decided to preach a lie that makes her as little at fault for becoming an addict as possible.

No. 731100

She's an ugly junkie, that killed and neglected her animals while she was high.

all this "no choice" stuff is bullshit, she said her junkie brain was okay to quit pills and coke but heroin she couldn't.

It's fucking heroin dumbass.

No. 731113

It baffles me that people see her looking like this and believe she’s sober. Her hair looks awful, she’s wearing some weird beanie bc of a sudden obsession with septum piercings, she purposefully wore her bra off the shoulders (bc heaven forbid she has to wear a normal shirt for once), makes light of addiction the entire time and spergs on and off throughout the video. I really don’t get it. Her audience is as delusional as she is.

She also called her ~favorite opioid~ Roxicontin… it’s actually Roxicodone. This mistake in pronunciation makes me further believe she just picks up on these names at her meetings and uses them for her storyline.

No. 731122

So she cured her alcoholism? Okay.

No. 731125

File: 1574208804694.jpg (909.66 KB, 1536x1882, Screenshot_20191120-010809.jpg)

No. 731127

File: 1574208967078.jpg (714.83 KB, 1536x1600, Screenshot_20191120-010914.jpg)

No. 731128

File: 1574208999969.jpg (552.28 KB, 1536x1137, Screenshot_20191120-010931.jpg)

No. 731129

File: 1574209099499.jpg (485.39 KB, 1536x1331, Screenshot_20191120-011028.jpg)

"Fake quotes". She's such a fucking liar.

No. 731132

Oof, she is legitimately looking like she's hookin' for a fix. This is a joke if she thinks she can pass as sober. This whole video was too painful to watch.

I'm baffled how she outted herself being high in past videos, but she's worse in this. Definitely feel like she's doing some uppers to create videos….

No. 731136

>> I have receipts to shut it all down.
And we have 52 fucking threads of receipts. Go sit in a fucking corner you insufferable baby cry.
She’s such a fucking manipulating bitch acting like we’re “misquoting” her. She’s just pissy because she had to backtrack everything she’s said about the 15% special addict (surprise! She couldn’t find resources to back that up) and drinking (turns out that it was a mistake according to Taylor).

No. 731139

Kek she's gonna sue lolcow owners

No. 731141

Yeah she is shaky and def on something. Her strange rambling was too much for me to watch. Lasted 14 min then realized the vid was over 50 minutes. What the hell. She’s fucking psycho and never fails to remind me of the insanity of addiction/using. Bitch needs to get clean but that won’t happen for years.

No. 731143

File: 1574212739598.jpg (463.94 KB, 1080x1289, 20191119_191527.jpg)

Starting at the 22 min mark.

"I was only looking thru this site for that one comment i saw." "I have not been thru this site since BEFORE rebab"

Yeah sure… even tho u said you were looking for the people critisizig the 15% thing. And it was right here. But i TOTALLY havent checked this website since before rehab.

Also it's totally that you got the percentage the reason why people critisize you so much!!! There is no context or reason for people to hate you wtf !!!! I am a victim look at this mean people online !!! Of this website I TOTALLY dont look into constantly.

No. 731144

>I don't learn this stuff from Google, I learn it face to face.

By your own admission, you weren't on your best behavior during rehab and when you were at the sober facilities, so how can anybody with a brain would or could even believe what you're saying or trust you just because you said so?

And we don't even know if you interpreted what these people told you correctly. It's not about just Googling, dumbass. You can ask those very same people about sources to know more about your own illness. You can ask about books, peer reviewed papers, documentaries, anything to help you understand your addiction better, not only stop at "well this is what I got told and also this one book so suck it I guess".

There's plenty of resources about addiction that are easy to understand for people who aren't in the medical field, but you need to do actual research about that. If your purpose is to educate others, you just don't go off what other people told you. You do research on your own as well, interview not only doctors but also other people going through recovery.

You can be seeing "worldwide experts" all you want, but even then you have to do your own research. You don't drop names, you don't mention the IOP facility, you don't quote more than one book, and you're mad because people aren't satisfied with your video because it's half-assed.

No. 731145

Yea one of my posts is in the collage.

That shit was threads back, probably when she was still in rehab. I'm sure she just binged it one day.

No. 731146

File: 1574213218411.png (61.67 KB, 1335x713, backtracking.PNG)

She's back tracking her addict brain statements on YT, saying it's the way she was taught not fact.

No. 731147

Do you guys want a video recap as usual or nah? Not sure if that’s helpful but I can keep doing them as long as you guys want them.

No. 731148

Please do.

No. 731151

please. i cant sit through this 50 minute video

No. 731158

The thing is, she does have self esteem. In fact she probably has too much. Anyone who was anxious, and suffered from the social anxiety like Taylor claims, wouldn’t wear even half of the shit she does. >>731127
If this was true, then why do most people who have been to rehab refute 99.9% of what she says? Or like.. credible sources that you can find?
I can’t wait for her mental gymnastics.

No. 731160

she must like my copy and paste text art style (see op pic and others). thanks for the homage taylor!

No. 731163

She says shes gonna make a video about the HaTeRz on here and disproving any allegations… lol sure you will

No. 731164

We cannot take this compulsive liars word for gospel. I don’t trust a single thing she says. It’s all lies. I genuinely do not believe she was raped or anything like she claims
I swear I remember her saying something about not having a boyfriend until later on… but who even knows.

No. 731168

Oh, but I thought everything in her video is EXPERT and SUPER ACCURATE? what a joke, she'd literally die before taking any amount of accountability

No. 731169

File: 1574217371223.jpg (373.87 KB, 1080x1891, 20191119_213432.jpg)

Taylor mentioned a Dr. Boone that taught her what she learned at la hacienda. Just thought I'd share the reviews for both the dr. and facility

No. 731170

File: 1574217403030.jpg (218.46 KB, 1080x2014, 20191119_213409.jpg)

No. 731173

This most recent video is her most embarrassing one yet. The ugly beanie, makeshift strapless bra, and botched lips are just the tip of the iceberg. She sounds like an absolute fucking retard. We all knew she wasn't the brightest bulb before drugs, but Jesus Christ: watching even two minutes of her trying her hardest to sound intelligent was truly one of the cringiest things I've ever seen.

Taylor likes to think she's an expert on everything while lacking any self awareness or critical thinking skills.

No. 731181

I don’t get how she keeps saying “if you’re going to drink as a recovering addict, make sure there’s help around just in case it gets out of control.”
Newsflash: if you need a babysitter while you drink, you probably have a fucking problem with alcohol. And what is a babysitter going to do… tell you to stop? If you’re going to drink, you’ll find a way, period. Same goes for drugs. She acts like she proceeded to drink alcohol with precautions haha I can’t with the mental gymnastics about her decision to drink. I’m glad she finally admitted that it was a bad choice. I noticed how when she admits this that she doesn’t once mention the word sobriety.

No. 731185

Sure, Taylor. At thirteen weren't you so deathly ill that you were home-schooled and never left the house? I think I remember that from one of your "I'm so special because I have a lot of rare illnesses" videos.

No. 731191

Would definitely recommend yall go watch at 22 min where taylor loses her shit at the 15% comments

No. 731193

File: 1574222068946.png (456.38 KB, 1024x2048, 1295012814.png)

Mama Dean fighting Taylor's battles again.

No. 731195

File: 1574222095080.png (576.41 KB, 1024x2048, 487823234.png)

No. 731196

File: 1574222159373.png (469.94 KB, 1024x2048, 244614992.png)

No. 731204

BrAiN sCaNs AnD sTuDiEs

Bitch, where. Get the citation from your lecturer ffs.

No. 731206

lmao, she actually said that? What the hell would a babysitter do, smack the drinks out of your hand once your super special 15% brain flips a switch and you start getting trashed?

This just seems irresponsible to cover entirely. It doesn't benefit recovering addicts because it suggests that there's a safe way to drink, and it doesn't benefit addicts who are drinking again because they need a lot more help than this shitty youtube video at that point.
Honestly, given how permissive her parents are, it wouldn't be a surprise at all if they let her hang out with older men or just leave the home without questioning where she's going. It's very plausible that she would end up in a situation like that.
Here's what probably happened (can be applied to any topic she speaks with authority on):
>Paid attention to some low-level drug counselor talking about how some people are more susceptible to addiction
>Interprets it as "15% of the population are born addicts" because it absolves her of responsibility for her decisions
>Constructed the fatalistic 'one sip of vodka' origin story to convince herself and others that she was bound to become a heroin addict
>Embellished on it with the 'hole in their heart so they must pursue drugs to numb the pain uwu' based upon her own juvenile self-reflection and/or hearing fellow junkies talk about their reasons for using in group therapy
>Decided that this was all she needed to 'know' about addiction and that she needed to share her arcane knowledge with the world

No. 731210

File: 1574225893013.jpg (432.76 KB, 1080x1780, 20191119_235337.jpg)

get ready for the wall of lies

No. 731212

File: 1574225920952.jpg (556.18 KB, 1080x1646, 20191119_235418.jpg)

No. 731213

File: 1574225944102.jpg (515.2 KB, 1080x1634, 20191119_235522.jpg)

No. 731214

cool lies taylor but you have said how you turn on lights manually multiple times area they wouldnt come on automatically

No. 731215

cool lies taylor but you have said how you turn on lights manually multiple times area they wouldnt come on automatically

No. 731216

Her lies are always so fucking elaborate oh my god
Extraneous detail makes you look more full of shit, Taylor, not the other way around

No. 731223

She was seizing but conveniently stopped for a few minutes to feed the cats and make sure the lights came on.

No. 731226

Taylor, you treat all your animals like accessories. Shut the fuck up. Your mom wasn’t in the mood to play with shit while you’re “lifeless in bed” being the good lil junkie victim.

No. 731227

I just don't get how her fans can read that shit and be like yeah, ok. That makes perfect sense. You can't remember much because you were seizing and blacked out but you remember enough to be able to say your animals were perfectly fine.

No. 731229

Because it's, yet again, another way for her to avoid self-accountability and just the fact she doesn't want to be sober.

The way I understand rehab and recovery is that they're pretty fucking clear about what sobriety entails, and what it entails is to avoid any mind-altering substance in order to recover. I honestly don't understand how her stans seriously believe that you get to choose how you go about your recovery and that "experimenting is fine as long as you have someone nearby". You're a fucking addict, dude. Experimenting shouldn't be a thing in your mind. If you need someone to be around to stop you from going too far with the drinks, then you shouldn't be drinking in the first place. Just because it isn't heroin it doesn't mean you can magically drink or do coke or smoke weed.

And it's really infuriating because this is someone who has publicly admitted she didn't even complete rehab. It's also someone who has publicly admitted she indeed was high in some of her videos and that most of the speculation that went around here turned out to be true.

It was already a problem to have her spreading misinformation about animals, but this is another fucking level. Like you're actually spreading dangerous misinformation that can make another recovering addict relapse because of the garbage you keep saying. You're honestly putting human lives at risk with this shit.

No. 731233

She also mentioned in the video how she just wants to be “normal” when she goes out (she has also said this in the past). I guess normal to her means getting shit faced or being under the influence of drugs. If she thinks this is what “normal” is then she needs to find a new therapist. It’s your shitty ~friends~ that influence you Taylor. She’s like one of those kids that would jump off a cliff because everyone else is doing it and it’s the norm.

She wants to be a recovering addict influencer but look at what she’s fucking wearing. She looks like a literal drug addict. She’s a fucking clown.

No. 731234

She’s absolutely a dangerous individual. She’s already specifically said “I get to decide what sobriety is.” The narcissism is deranged.

No. 731235

Aren't they the cunts that "created" the Spider ball python and unleashed that inhumane gene into the snake breeding world? They're one to talk about animal abusers.


She has highly implied (several times) over the past few years that she was raped by a man when she was 13. It's pretty much the only thing she has been consistent on, unlike her little "I blew out muh veins with heroin teehee" saga.

"I was seizing" And nobody called an ambulance?

No. 731237

They imported a wild caught spider yes. Doesn't make the video any less hilarious. I actually didn't notice Taylor strangling her green snake with a snake hook before they pointed it out.

No. 731240

Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? She has no ground to stand on and needs to shut her mouth, she knows nothing about addiction and is spreading such dangerous misinformation to her child followers who hang on her every word. She needs a damn reality check and a slap upside the face.

No. 731255

When she checks this thread in “a few months” she should know that whenever she makes it to a meeting (eVery WeeK gUise) she should share about how she experimented with cider and see what happens. All her chips are dirty. No therapist treatment center or 12 step program will sign off on the “fact” that she is six months sober if she’s actually being honest and treating her recovery in a way that actually indicates that she wants to be well. All she cares about is some mystery hypothetical person or group of people’s impression of her. Which directly contradicts the reason anyone would get sober and stay sober. This requires zero stretch or bullying. It’s straight up fact. Sage cause sperg this video was just so annoying. People would actually relate to her more if she admitted to a relapse and called it what it is.

No. 731257

She's so knowledgeable, yet can't adopt the #1 best method to recovery, and that's dropping friends who need drinking/drugs to have a good time.

Bitch barely has friends and a social life, YET EVERY damn social thing she does is drug related socializing.That itself is a terrible example to give to kids.

But let's be real, you have to be drunk/ high to put up with Taylor, so maybe that's why she can't get sober friends. I'm seriously shocked her mom isn't popping downers to deal with her.

No. 731277

imo her being raped at 13 makes so much sense given her older men issues, aggressive immaturity, and constant playing for attention

No. 731279

she doesn't have a personality, she has no interests, she has no hobbies, I can't even imagine her concentrating hard enough to finish a tween chapter book – for these kinds of people, ~going out~ is enough

No. 731289

File: 1574257407877.jpeg (274.76 KB, 494x750, 209651B5-48D5-4DA2-A747-B7771E…)

she did the same thing in romeo lacoste’s video with her. it looks so trashy, gave me secondhand embarrassment

No. 731290

damn, none of my comments made it in, sad day

No. 731292

she is really so hypocritical. she tried to excuse her drinking because it’s not her “drug of choice”

No. 731293

She still looked so much better on that pic tho, she still cared about her hygiene and apparence

No. 731294

Even if any of this long fucking rambling was true (it’s not) Taylor is honestly saying that her story is she was seizing, blacking out, and laying in bed lifeless and her mother didn’t call 911? Mother of the year.

It’s all a lie anyway but damn, that’s the lie you choose? Can’t believe mama dean is okay with this narrative.

No. 731297

File: 1574260819581.jpeg (317.93 KB, 1080x1348, 92B7391A-9D95-4B96-93CE-7020C5…)

Just thought I’d post this friendly reminder of how much her irrefutable facts by 20+ doctors, world renowned rehabs, IOP, therapists, psychiatrists, etc, etc, etc have changed to fit her narrative.

Btw where did we misquote her or take this out of context. She harped on the ~15%~ bullshit, not us. We just called her out on it.

No. 731301

experimenting = relapsing though, taylor.
pretty much confirmed it without wanting to properly use the word. lol.

No. 731302

I'm not talking about what her parents would let her do. I'm talking about how she claims she was too sick to even go to school and so tired the rest of the time she rarely left the house, now she's saying she had a relationship with an older guy where she ended up sexually assaulted. It's hard to have it both ways.

No. 731304

Being raped at 13 doesn’t equal her shit personality and daddy/men issues. Plenty of women are raped young and don’t turn out like her

No. 731305

this shit is hilarious.
how many times did she say absolutely.
yes, your mom made the ratties run while you were lifeless.
liar liar plants on fire

No. 731306

can that be quoted in the next thread pic somewhere? lol

No. 731308

Taylor is already setting the stage for when she inevitably can no longer defend her 15% statistic.

"I'm just saying what the rehab told me. It's their misinformation. It's not my fault! uwu"

No. 731310

Wanting to feel like a normal youth going out to get drunk/high with their friends is a common feeling. She's still dealing with the reality that she's not normal, her drug use is not normal, that drug use is normalized among her friend group, and that she needs a new friend group.

No. 731311

god dammit taylor, "so and so told me…" is NOT a proper citation. Without a proper citation, no one is going to take you seriously and with good reason.

No. 731312

Exactly what I was thinking. Just call it what it is.

No. 731313

I mean the internet exists and rapists are determined. Can we stop with the victim blaming already? Who cares anyways, seems kinda off topic right now.

No. 731314

This just shows how pathetically uneducated and badly researched she is. "I didn't look it up on google, it was told to me face to face!!!!" is not actually a statement doing your credibility any favors, Taylor.

No. 731335

>>731143 she said that we would see so many more videos about addiction and that it was one part of it all because she is so passionate about addiction… Taylor you aren’t passionate about addiction, you are passionate about talking about yourself. Narcissistic at its finest

No. 731342

lol, she said she now fully understands addiction. I wouldn't even say I understand my field of study fully but she figured it all out in a few months without effort!

No. 731343

Oh so we're supposed to take the word of a known liar who frequently does present as a victim for asspats when we know she's not as gospel? Ok, then. You do that, but when she gives several different scenarios as to her life as a 13-year-old, I'm going to take it with a grain of salt and choose to believe real rape victims over this piece of crap.

No. 731349

You don't get to decide who a real rape victim is.
Now how about we go back to topic?

You know what kills me the most? If people just watch her videos an not follow her anywhere else she doesn't come off as that bad. But whoever follows her on twitter an STILL stans is just… absolutely mind-blowing to me

No. 731354

What happened to the film crew from the big program? Program got trashed because the quEeN wasn't satisfied with the lightning? Really?

No. 731359


She wouldn’t have any say whether the lighting was good enough, it’s not her video and she’s not editing it. If it never comes out it’ll be because the crew realized (either during filming or via her social media afterwards) that she isn’t sober and so they had to can the project.

No. 731365

Just shut up already. You don't get to decide what's on topic or not. And I kind of have to agree with the other anon. You have to take everything she says with a grain of salt because she's a compulsive liar. She lied about Jonny forcing her to shoot up for fuck's sake. She took the story of one of Jonny's exes and made it hers for attention. If you're going to be that thin skinned, head over to guru gossip for some hugs. This is lolcow.

No. 731367

I agree, anon.

The only tragedy here is the Taylor could be telling the truth and no one can believe her because she's lied so many other times about being a victim when she wasn't. It's not anyone's fault but her own. I can sort of understand why she would lie about Johnny shooting her up but there's literally no good reason for her to be stealing other people's trauma for bonus victim points. Who knows where that rape story came from and who it's about.

No. 731369

Taylor is turning into the most boring cow. Every time I check this thread it's just more walls of text of the exact same shit. Where does she find time for this shit. Who sits on their phone to type a goddamn novel every 30 minutes. Insufferable bitch. Get a real fucking job and stop torturing your pets

No. 731376

That would be tragic, which is why trying to predict how a REAL rape victim would act like is so fucking disgusting. Sure take everything with a grain of salt with Taylor but saying she couldn’t have ever been raped because of the way she’s behaving now is so fucking dumb. Rape victims don’t all act and look the same, but people always seem to have excuses why someone isn’t a real rape victim (whether they’re a cow or not). Someone can be raped and then go on to perpetrate the rape of another person. Someone can be raped, and then go on to be a narcissistic animal abusing pos.

No. 731378

I don't understand why we're talking about this? It's not relevant and hasn't been addressed lately?

No. 731383

People are saying that they're taking it with a grain of salt, not that they outright disbelieve. There's a difference between thinking you need more evidence to decide. You're acting triggered. Please just go calm down. Anyway, back to that train wreck of a video.

I couldn't watch it. I couldn't get past the part where she started talking about addicts having a hole in their brains or some such shit. She's so dangerous and she has all those young fans. Honestly, she's so set against being sober and so into making excuses, I'm waiting for the day I log in here and read that she's dead of an overdose.

No. 731389

this anon LITERALLY just said they don’t believe her >>731083 , all of you shut the fuck up and stop arguing about this shit it’s completely irrelevant

No. 731397

It's scary how much outdated myths she uses and just plain untrue statements. Like yes, there are people with genetic predispositions to being an addict but TD talks about it like you're born an addict from the get go which is a harmful myth specifically to heroin and opiate addiction. Watch a documentary or two, Taylor, so that a real expert can tell you that part of why the opioid epidemic is happening is because the people who are becoming addicted aren't fitting into the stereotypes of an addict including family history and predisposition.

Pretty sure the point of the post you were arguing with was that questioning or disbelieving Taylor doesn't make you a disgusting, rape apologist misogynist. Settle down, anon.

No. 731415

File: 1574290010844.jpeg (440.8 KB, 1125x2309, 5240F763-A0DC-4148-A83D-CAD9D3…)

No. 731420

Most of the comments have been actually critical of her pet care and also addiction, and they haven't been as aggressive as the ones she decided to pick for her video.

No. 731422

to be fair there are many "aggressive" comments but they are way less so and actually justified taken in context. But that doesn't suit her narrative

No. 731439

If the “story” is true…she was a minor. Where are charged against this person? Does mama Dean even know? No parent I know would just let this slide without police involvement!

No. 731464

Right? You’d think if it happened she’d be all over that

No. 731465

File: 1574298236061.jpg (417.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191120-170324.jpg)

No. 731490

Wasn't she so urged to post her video of an entire exposé on Jonny that she was felt was so deeply important to broadcast all of a sudden?? Because the trauma of the way he treated her had finally become so overwhelming that she needed to tell everyone what rEaLlY happened? Lol love how quickly she dropped that entire thing once she realized his current gf lied to her without a split second hesitation and wasn't going anywhere

No. 731506

Taylor: complains about YouTube demonetizing her videos.

Also Taylor: spends thousands of dollars on shitty clothes and pop figurines and concert tickets while living with her parents

Shut the fuck up, Taylor.

No. 731553

Can’t tell if you’re trolling, rape apologist anon

No. 731615

Tbh I wouldnt be surprised if she actually was raped at 13. I didnt get screenshots but from the few tweets she posted about it I got the impression that it was a to catch a predator type situation. As in she met the dude online and he manipulated/coerced her into it. I could absolutely see her falling for that being that she is always so desperate for attention and seems to have trouble saying no to people and feels she owes them something even if she doesn't. She also seems quite gullible. I mean I could see her falling for that as a grown woman so 10x more as a teen. She claimed she wants to make a vid about it and iirc claimed she never told anyone about it so while I highly doubt she'll make a vid it would be very interesting to see. Prob wont happen just like the jonny abuse vid.

No. 731627

I think the older guy was her boyfriend at the time, not some 30 y/o creep predator. I think it was like 17 when she was 13 or something.

Gotta dig and find the old posts.

No. 731645

File: 1574304619946.png (242.31 KB, 853x987, oldmilk.PNG)

Found it. Sounds like she lost her virginity trying to please aggressive/scumbag guy.

She never calls it rape which makes me think it isn't. Just vague posting, which probably means the story has been exaggerated.

No. 731655

You fucking moronic sjws and your “rape apologist!!!!!!!!!!” shit.
There’s nothing other than Taylor’s word to say she was raped. She also has 50 different stories on using, lies about her animal deaths, and so much more.
Go back to guru gossiper.

No. 731659

Can't tell if you're a wk or an autist

No. 731677

File: 1574306901670.jpg (496.25 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191120-192804.jpg)

No. 731694

Trying to correct my knowledge about things that I KNOW BETTER???? I'll straight bully you until you give in.. if not, my horde of stans will!!!!!

No. 731697

Vid Summary: Why can’t addicts stop using

Sorry for the delay. Here’s the summary; anything in quotes IS a direct quote as always. Saged since it’s been a bit since the video was posted.

>it begins with a trigger warning and she reminds everyone she’s not an expert and is “freshly sober”

>claims to want to use her platform for allllll the people who can’t access the stuff she’s been able to, kek

>apparently she filmed this weeks ago when the film crew was at her house

>this fucking unibrow beanie I swear to god
>clip of her with the film crew (they are off camera) trying to situate her white board and using a magnet for an eraser
>”really really respected, highly reputable doctor” named Dr. Boone will hopefully be coming in future vids
>claims addicts don’t have full control over their actions as the reason why it was so hard for her to stop doing heroin
>draws herself for the example… (I’m dying, we’re only 6 minutes in)
>making jokes and being blasé about trauma etc that can lead to an addict wanting to numb these negative feelings aka “the yuck” inside people
>lots of giggling and complaining about how sLoPpY her drawing is UWU
>three-pronged illness: mind, body, spirit
>we’re doing a flow chart of sorts about obsessing over needing some kind of relief from your “yuck”, while giggling about her so totally silly drawings of cocaine etc teehee
>now we are showing the line of where you can still get help versus not having control
>disclaimer on screen: “and again, yes, technically nobody is forcing them to pick up. But the difference is: that while on the “can get help” side, you can talk yourself out of picking up, if you go over to the “no control” side, nothing, not even the possibility of death, will convince you to stop.”
>uses example of alcoholic driving to a liquor store in some sort of fugue state (not her exact words) and then they “come to” (her words) at the liquor store
>preaching about not shaming addicts for not getting help
>now we are talking about the “body part of the illness” IE physical cravings
>direct quote and horrifyingly lacking in self-awareness: “This is where all the lies happen, where your brain is telling you, ‘If you just have that drink one time it won’t be like that last time where it got really out of hand.’”
>weird humble brag about how she was an IV heroin user, drugs were a big part of her life before that but she was always able to stop and “I’m not still popping pills, I’m not still snorting cocaine…”
>”In my brain I might tell myself, ‘I might be able to use cocaine,’ or ‘I might be able to take prescription opiates but just not IV heroin,’ and for example I was dating someone who told me that they technically had not relapsed when they were smoking heroin because their problem was actual IV heroin. And so the addict might convince themselves that, you know, it’s okay if I just smoke heroin because I’m not shooting it, or whatever it is…” (just…….. top kek)
>AA story relating walking out into traffic with drugs and alcohol from AA book
>”there were a few people that got this VERY misconstrued online when I said this…” about the 15%
>claims that she never said this meant 85% of people can use heroin and quit and be fine but it’s a group of people that have this mental illness
>while googling (yeah sure) to find this mia-quite about her she found this “group of people” that were so angry with her—and shows screenshots of lolcow lmao
>dude LOTS of clips from lolcow because she “had to open this site” to show the “crazy, misconstrued way they’ve twisted my words”
>now we are talking about depression as a mental illness versus being depressed being similar to addiction vs being an addict
>addicts experience sober life after getting help differently than non-addicts after getting help
>didn’t feel high eventually, just felt normal due to being used to the drug (actually appears to get genuinely emotional for a sec here unlike previous videos with fake tears)
>now we are talking about the “spree” which then causes shitty consequences like losing jobs friends etc.
>eventually you feel fear and shame which feeds the hole inside you and the rest of the cycle
>started on diludad and roxys before heroin
>one time they gathered everything together and threw it all out, mentions regret at throwing out needles unsafely
>woke up and relapsed due to “withdraws” (lol)
>went to Disney after this sober stint; calls it a dry time rather than being sober
>stayed in the hotel the whole time, flew home, relapsed that night
>if you don’t seek help the cycle will just continue
>by treating your internal issues you are less likely to pick up again
>”you have to shape your life around how to treat this”
>”a lot of addicts do experiment and try to decide, you know, what’s safe in my life and what’s not—that’s okay”
>hasn’t had any bad reactions to moderate drinking but also “I just was dumb and wanted to try it”
>”I don’t think it was a great decision, but it happened. I think it was just a weak moment as an addict and I wanted to feel normal again.”
>”Although I do believe in the fact that complete sobriety from all substances is best, I sometimes fail to be the most flawless example of recovery and I wanna be honest about all my ups and downs.”
>has zero plans to ever try drinking again
>is talking about her experiment as though she only had one drink
>now her first drink of vodka was essentially boring so she tried coke next
>nobody knows what it’s like to be another person so others shouldn’t judge addicts or shame them for why they end up picking up drugs
>addicts still need to make amends for the people they hurt though
>recommends Al Anon and Alateen
>”I am still extremely traumatized from what I went through with my ex”
>evidently this is the beginning of a “very long series”
>clip of video recorded when film crew was there, basically repeating some stuff already said
>a second clip, same
>a third clip………

No. 731701

Samefag, just wanted to say that I’m sorry if any of the direct quotes I included have already been posted. I’m not caught up on the thread but just saw one that is a repeat. Just wanted to capture the key points of the vid for those that prefer the written recap format.

No. 731706

That’s the only one of those things that even makes sense for her to get since she’s so inSpIred by him

No. 731710

direct quote from china white emo queen herself: "addiction is a spiritual issue that happens because of your crap hole"

wtf is this? the fact that her stans are eating it up really worries me - these are literal children thinking addiction is something to do with your 'soul'

fucking kek

No. 731716

The Dean's divorced or why Taylor always implies Papa Dean wasn't and isn't around very often? She said her mother was the one visiting her in her new apartment, taking her to rehab and meetings.

Why he never seems involved in his children's lives? Not even Tanner's.
They family dynamic is bizarre.

No. 731732

File: 1574312008070.png (1002.9 KB, 750x1334, 9243C291-8DDF-4F3A-B9AC-14388E…)

Here she goes about posting on her main channel and no it hasn’t just been two weeks it’s been 3 weeks almost a month since she last posted on her main channel. My bets going on depressive episode got the best of her again.

No. 731735

tinfoil but I think he's there and doing his best but her parents had to focus on Tanner throughout Taylor's life and then she found out that doing stupid shit gives her attention. Doesn't help either when her mom convinces her that she can't leave the house because she's sick. Saying, "my brother had all the attention more than me so that's why i'm craving attention now by making bad choices" won't make her feel like a victim as "my father was never around for me."

Only reason why she's hooking up with these idiot men is because her parents give her attention. If she was with Will (her ex), who's a regular dude, she wouldn't get that much attention.

If she really what she tries to seem like, she would've moved out already but she cant.. why? there's nothing interesting in her life, she'll be alone, and her parents will spend more time with Tanner than give her attention.

No. 731745

It honestly sounds to me like her parents are living together but her dad in particular is emotionally absent and works all day. Not to wk her or anything but it would make sense why she has daddy issues and goes for older men. As for her mom, well, she is Tanner's main caretaker, so I assume that she's also in a way emotionally and even physically absent to pay attention to Taylor.

So that's why she basically went unhinged with the drugs and all the shit she's been doing.

No. 731756

A lot of people have siblings with serious disabilities and yet don’t grow up to be liars and assholes.

No. 731760

Yeah, and that's not the point. The point is that her behavior can be explained by these things, not that it's a universal experience. I'm not implying that it's Tanner's fault either, since some anons here love to jump the gun on that one whenever the topic is brought up.

No. 731766

I love how she had a meltdown last time she mentioned when she was going to upload and didn't upload…. Again. Why on earth is she even mentioning when she's going to upload?? How has she not learned her lesson? I also really don't get why she's talking about "regular uploads" (Taylor hun, you've never uploaded regularly) when she can never stick to uploading on one channel, never mind two. What do we reckon the excuse will be this time? Another depressive episode (even tho she's doing AMAZING and felt perfectly fine to drink alcohol)?

No. 731775

Yah but add to the fact her parents are the money=love type and enables her with everything now because she has money coming in. I kinda feel bad for her because you cant “cure” narcissism from someone with a background like hers and at the same time, she can get scammed by anyone about anything as long as that’ll give her attention.

No. 731776

So this Dr. Boone character is from La Hacienda, a treatment centre for addicts that Taylor has mentioned before. It's the one mentioned on Dr. Phil in some episodes.
He SEEMS like a regular doctor, so I'm wondering just how much he knows about how much shit she spews online about addiction, because I can't imagine he'd be okay with that.
Seems he's a huge fan and advocate of the 12 Step Plan, so he may be able to fix some of her damage she's spread with her shit vids and tweets.

No. 731778

yes sure but what's the point of your statement, it's a given?
Anyone who's followed munchies knows about he sick sibling origin story - some chronic attention-seekers have this in their history.

No. 731829

Seriously, this shit is the same predictable cycle again and again. She promises uploading over and over, then gets backlash from her disappointed fans, says everyone is just being a hater and poor her, says she’ll never talk about her uploading again, or at least until the video is actually DONE. She’s so miserable.

God bless you for this video summary anon. Well done.
Also anon, was there any difference in her editing with this video? Remember, she keeps claiming videos are taking her longer because she’s doing ~super high quality~ editing of them… my bets are it’s just the same old boring editing style? She just takes forever because she’s lazy and too busy eating junk food all day and watching the office.

No. 731830

File: 1574349967132.png (279.76 KB, 1384x1369, Capture _2019-11-21-07-22-44.p…)

3 a.m. and she looking for the next dick.

No. 731831

imagine how many 12 year olds liked this Percocet tweet
>I never said I was a role model!!

No. 731832

She was so worried about her safety months ago because of her own doxing. Funny now that she wants a relationship (because let’s face it, she cannot just be friends with benefits) she doesn’t care about her safety, her depression, or her sobriety.

This girl is such a lost cause. She does EVERYTHING to sabotage her sobriety and I’m so sick of seeing her stans enabling her behavior but I guess that’s to her own detriment.

No. 731833

Nope. Back to the bare minimum edits, including super weird stock footage of a person in a chicken costume doing stuff while she was going on one of her rants, and LOTS of long, plain text disclaimers appearing on the screen. Absolute bare minimum everything.

No. 731834

File: 1574351049997.jpg (399.66 KB, 1536x1090, Screenshot_20191121-164352.jpg)

No. 731835

Sorry, what?? They can't message you unless you swipe right on them soooo you're swiping right to a "literal drug dealer" and a potential 3 way which probably said so in their profile too?? LOL OK
Have fun with that. What a sad life she has.

No. 731838

Taylor hasn't had any sponsors since blue apron, when she announced she doesn't actually like them and just wanted the money to a her fans. Good move idiot

No. 731839

Thank you so much for doing these. It’s a great reference to have instead of going back through the video for bits and pieces.

No. 731842

I think it goes without saying that the drug and threesome offer absolutely didnt happen. She makes up the most ridiculous and unbelievable crap. And if someone did message her asking if she wanted pain killers its because they know shes the bestest junkie

No. 731850

File: 1574358601903.jpg (373.08 KB, 1536x867, Screenshot_20191121-184814.jpg)

Taking selfies in the mirror of her parents bathroom is much better I guess eh ?

No. 731851

File: 1574358812134.jpg (222.92 KB, 1536x808, Screenshot_20191121-185224.jpg)

No. 731852

I just lurk on this thread because its next to onion boys but after reading this thread for months I've literally never seen a person get themselves into so much drama by just not keeping their mouths shut.

Like why does she have to post a timeline of everything that happens in her life? Anons here wouldn't have any milk if she didn't sperg about such personal stuff like her experience on tindr (an app that everyone over the age of 20 can tell you is not that great). All she would have to do is just share her pets, her tattoos and reply to her stans and she would have the same persona she wants to have as now only without the added insane screenshots of her constant embellishments, contradictions and straight up lies. She vents on her public twitter like a 16 year old girl who just got broken up with would only she has thousands of people watching her and some documenting what she says. If she reads this thread at all idk why she hasn't realized how transparent and embarrassing her tweets look to people over the age of 18. Not everything you do needs to be validated by people 7 years your junior.

Keep your mouth shut girl. Its literally doing nobody good and its digging yourself into a deeper and deeper hole.

No. 731863

am i trippin or did she not say she was gonna do a video on destry? and an exposé on jonny?

No. 731864

To be fair, everyone knows tinder is for 2 things. A quick fuck and drug deals. Dealers make themselves known to be holding and don't engage unless you msg them first. Why is she such a fucking liar?

No. 731866

>men scawe me uwu
>oppsie hehehe accidentally swiped right on threesome offer
>widdle me is soo scawed uwu
>got to one up someone who thought smoking weed is badass
she's a literal infant

No. 731867

File: 1574362944351.png (1.67 MB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20191121-210129.png)

No. 731870

the gopnik slav look isn't cute

No. 731874

NP. Will continue as long as it is helpful. Lmk if you all have any feedback for things to alter or whatnot on future ones

No. 731878

Why has she started talking like that all of a sudden? "It be my

No. 731879

Why does it sound like she’s trying to demonize marijuana. To be clear, I don’t want to incite the marijuana argument on here (it’s been debated about being a gateway drug, etc.) Sounds to me like she’s turned off by people publicizing they smoke weed and they’re not someone she would be into. She’s so hypocritical in that she constantly has to sperg about her addiction to heroin, had her sobriety date on her twitter bio and the first pinned tweet is about how she’s sober from heroin. She’s off putting herself.

Idk I just found it ironic how she tries to act like someone who smokes weed would never be her type, yet she dated/fucked both Jonny Craig and Jake… both proclaimed druggies lol

No. 731883

it's cool to be black if you're white
see: kardashians, ariana, etc

No. 731884

Also to add that she acts horrified people want to have sex and sell drugs on there lol. She claims she was such a druggie and living in a druggie den. As if she lives this cleanly life haha

I do believe she is shocked with the content on tinder because she is sheltered. She’s not some devilish druggie like she claims to be. If she were, why would sex and Percocets freak her out so much? She’s a sheltered idiot.

No. 731894

If she wouldn't look so much like a junkie, guys wouldn't offer it to her. We've all seen her hideous outfits, no wonder she's getting these kinds of messages.

No. 731909

I feel like at this point now I can translate her lies into the real story:
She swiped right on purpose looking for sex and drugs but to be able to acceptably talk about it on twitter she has to be like ~ooopsy I accidentally swiped right on the drug dealers
Yeah totally not harmful to recovery to be "accidentally" offered drugs
And such a coincidence she "accidentally" came into contact with the two things she embodies: drug addiction and sexual attention from men

No. 731929

File: 1574371059991.jpg (755.26 KB, 1077x2090, 20191121_161629.jpg)

she looks a mess. sidenote.. dressing cute(debatable) but not showering sort of cancel each other out.

No. 731930

File: 1574371251795.jpeg (239.21 KB, 1242x1391, 27FDF045-8EA4-4ED8-A0C8-685722…)

She just loves talking about drugs

No. 731931

cant believe we went full circle back to the IOP bathroom outfit selfies

No. 731939

lol ironic

No. 731946

Exactly and honestly, she probably loves that ppl are co-signing the alleged rape.(stop rape derailing )

No. 731950

I actually think this kind of style could be cool but on her it comes of as a costume

No. 731951

You’re just spoon feeding her ammo to justify herself

No. 731953

Cuz she has no personality of her own.

No. 731954

File: 1574376721719.png (33.23 KB, 596x125, Bildschirmfoto 2019-11-21 um 2…)

cute, blasting unknowing ppl to all of your Stans to make fun of.
Also who wants to bet our bisexual kween is only looking for men and not men and women?

No. 731959

It’s cause she has no personal style she just wears what she thinks is trendy and cool and doesn’t make it her own

No. 731980

I’d love to see this cow get a dui and have to be on probation with urine analysis. She’s be fucked sideways with real consequences when she relapses. BuT i dEcidE wUt sObRiEtY iS uwu

No. 731982

I can only imagine she reeks of perfume to cover her B.O. because of the sleeveless shirt.

She looks like she's doing community service. And also all the clothes she gets look like costumes because she takes Instagram as a reference of what daily wear looks like.

No. 732062

now that you've mentioned it she'll swipe both

No. 732117

people have been on tinder before, why does she think this is novel

No. 732120

File: 1574406022485.png (621.58 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20191122-085940.png)

never ceases to amaze me how much she looks like a tranny

No. 732122

Woo that shop. I don’t think paper towel dispensers curve like that.

No. 732127

nah it isn't shopped anon, just a low quality boomerang vid

No. 732129

but being an ex heroin addict is a personality trait? aight Taylor

No. 732132

Why did she take her shirt off in the iop bathroom? Wth

No. 732133

Lol, she's still wearing it. It's orange and blends in with her skin.

No. 732134

back is bare but u can still see she has on a top, anon.
taylor, should probably get a tan for some bit of color tho.

No. 732141

its the "im baby" meme language

No. 732150

Nope, that's just part of Taylor trying to sound black. She loves to talk using ebonics as if she's not a poor uwu rich white girl uwu lol

No. 732166

File: 1574425135749.png (459.82 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-22-07-17-40…)

No. 732171


Thought this was interesting: the first segment of this episode gives the 5 main signs someone is a narcissist and it’s Taylor all the way.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 732173

File: 1574426061581.png (640.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-11-22-07-27-28…)

So Mom D was in a twitter conversation about shitty Disney vloggers and how they ruin Disney for everyone. And brought up Taylor. I don't think she realized she was shitting on her daughter?… I mean but how could you not realize it? And the people she was tweeting obviously weren't impressed by Taylor….Idk either Mom D is the least self-aware person on the planet or she doesn't care if it is negative attention, she just wants it.

No. 732175

wtf? she’s so bizarre, I thought this was a parody at first

No. 732176

She must be on drugs too

No. 732178

Tinfoil time, but I believe this woman is out of her mind on pills. May explain the apathy of playing with rats while her heroin qween daughter is catatonic and seizing in her bedroom (allegedly.

No. 732179

Where do you think Taylor gets her attention seeking, manipulation, and targeted bullying from?
Her mom has been degrading (both on the sly and balatantly) her and her brother on Twitter and airing out her family's dirty laundry for years.
She is completely aware of what she's doing. It's all for power, which she clearly has had for a long time and still has considering Taylor still acts like she's a toddler that relies on Mama D or a proxy for everything.
If her behaviour is getting her what she wants, why stop? She doesn't care what we think of her. It's all about whatever the hell goes on in that household.

No. 732182

Ntayrt but you're spot on.

I think it's also a way for her to vent about her shit daughter and the garbage situation her trash child brought back home. She's already got one kid she has to be mommy to for life, and the one who could be a functional adult chooses not to. Mama D probably does this shit talking online because who else is she gonna talk to in between all the nonsense she is trapped in. Kick out Taylor ,mama D, make that rock bottom happen so she has to really get her shit together.

No. 732232

I think Mama Dean's had a difficult life. She appears to be the primary caregiver of her son who requires constant care, her husband seems conspicuously absent, like he avoids his family at all costs and she's found unhealthy ways to deal with it, like shitting on her own children on Twitter instead of attending therapy or finding someone to watch her son for a while she takes the occasional break.

Not excusing her for anything. The difficult hand she got dealt is no excuse for acting the way she does. There are plenty of people out there who have to take care of a relative 24/7 but still manage to keep being decent human beings. Still I wonder how Taylor would have turned out if she had parents who knew how to cope with difficult situations in a more positive manner.

No. 732246

I wonder if Jen just insists on not having a caregiver or if Tanner doesn’t respond well to them. Because I also wonder why Taylor wouldn’t help out by hiring someone that can come in and help if not with Tanner than at least around the house so they don’t have a filthy kitchen.

No. 732279

She does it to piss Taylor off. Probably does it when they argue?

No. 732300

No new video yet?

No. 732319

A lot of parents with mentally disabled children and people who care for degenerating family members are unwilling to put their loved one in a home or get a caregiver because they're afraid of being seen as having abandoned their dependent, are emotionally attached to the person and being a caregiver, think that it's a personal failing, and/or are afraid of the quality of care the dependent will get. This leads to caregivers continuing to sacrifice themselves well after they are unable to meet the dependent's needs.

In the case of Mama Dean and many others, she has stayed home to take care of her disabled son for over a decade; it is probably a massive part of her identity and could explain why she's unwilling to get a caregiver or put Tanner in an institution. If she does then she's giving up at least a part of her primary sense of purpose.

Though it's doubtful that Taylor has even paid lip service to giving Mama Dean some sort of respite. It sounds like she's just another dependent for the woman to care for.

No. 732332

It could be both. Taylor was born with glass bones and paper skin, so Jennifer took the role of caregiver long before Tanner was born. I imagine there is a sense of guilt to even consider the option of hiring a caregiver for your son, so she dedicated her life to take care of her children while her husband worked.

>Because I also wonder why Taylor wouldn’t help out by hiring someone that can come in and help if not with Tanner than at least around the house so they don’t have a filthy kitchen.

Because Taylor is a spoiled, lazy rich girl who doesn't give a shit about anybody but herself, and Jennifer bends to her every whim. She hasn't moved out of the house because, besides being broke and in debt, she has Jennifer to do everything for her. She doesn't seem to have any sort of structure at home, given she sleeps all day and is always in her room.

No. 732338

File: 1574472379673.jpg (315.46 KB, 1536x1022, Screenshot_20191123-022542.jpg)

No. 732340

I can't wait until this quirky trend of outing yourself as a fucking idiot is over. It's not even funny self deprecating at this point. It's just retarded women intentionally acting retarded for e-points.
If Taylor wants to play like a victim of a H addiction Jonny got her into, she needs to stop trying to go after the same men as him.

No. 732347

This. I feel really bad for Mama Dean tbh.. she's obviously got her problems but what a fucking situation to be in to have Taylor as a daughter. Her daughter moved out, immediately bottomed out and got addicted to heroin and she had to bail her out and save her. I can't even imagine.

Taylor is probably just telling her mom she's working nonstop on youtube stuff while she's holed up in her room.

No. 732351

The lesbian arc will come. Maybe not now, but at some point.. according to herself she will be the most lesbian lesbian who ever existed, a lesbian expert of sorts.

No. 732354


i believe she will go the fakeboi route tbh

mark my post, it's on its way

No. 732355

Fingers crossed so we don’t have to see her dumpster thot outfits anymore

No. 732380

File: 1574483838120.png (162.72 KB, 1080x1231, Screenshot_20191123-063539.png)

here we go with the made up tinder stories again, pic related

would love to see that lmao. wonder if she'd be a gayboi or go the lesbian route.

No. 732382

Sooo weren't we supposed to get a new main channel video before the weekend, which starts in like an hour? Kek

No. 732398

File: 1574487867780.png (195.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191123-004355.png)

Incoming spergout

No. 732402

File: 1574488069976.jpeg (573.8 KB, 1125x1797, C3B6B492-BA2C-47E8-AA2D-98F0EC…)

On a sperg about Cheese…

No. 732404

File: 1574488184992.jpeg (715.79 KB, 1125x1756, A3FC3172-2349-4BF2-B60C-E0CD1A…)

Like it’s the internet’s fault that you were high on heroin and told everyone that you wanted to get a necropsy. Then proceeded to make a big deal about it, never followed through, and then posted a fake video with someone calling with the results (or however it happened). Sometimes it’s really hard to keep up with this dumb bitch.

No. 732409

But if the results were inconclusive it was basically because of your own incompetence. Or maybe it was intentional and you didn't want your fans to know the cause of death, and decided to stale for time with that absurd viking funeral video, knowing that the results would come back inconclusive.

And also if people demanded to know the cause of death it's because that was literally your most popular animal, which was part of your "job". Like you didn't profit off of him with those Cheese plushies.

The difference between the dude you're subtweeting and you is that he isn't a self-proclaimed animal educator who has an audience to show his animals to. You do.

No. 732412

File: 1574488791734.jpeg (387.82 KB, 1125x1277, F56F73C2-CA98-4F18-BB18-85B181…)

Here she goes again implying that Jonny shot her up against her will. She’s insufferable. She’s literally said before that he had to shoot her up because she didn’t know how and needed china white every hour on the hour…

No. 732414

She got so fucking jealous since Jonny moved on. She really wants to poke him until he responds.
I really wish they'd get back together, can't even imagine what this time would happen.

No. 732416

Okay but a normal person would just tell the person that they just don't like the band's old music or don't like what the old lead singer was like. Either the entire thing is a lie or she is purposefully telling everyone she meets about how much of a junkie she was

No. 732420


>brings up a huge trauma to a stranger they are casually talking to on tinder.

>but let’s move on teehee even though I could have just have said “I have bad memories associated with it because of my ex” like anyone that’s been in a relationship before and the other person probably wouldn’t think twice.

I get people deal with their issues differently but she does not need to be that detailed in offering up things to random people on tinder and then get all butthurt about having to talk about her trauma.

No. 732433

File: 1574494300968.jpeg (509.15 KB, 1800x1800, 6C8BA076-BC30-42B2-B04C-270DA0…)

She was spilling hella milk on twitter earlier but I couldn’t get all the collages made fast enough here’s a couple I got

No. 732434

Lol still wearing Dolls Kill shit like you said you weren't going to anymore Taylor LOL not surprised

No. 732435

File: 1574494610312.jpeg (535.77 KB, 1800x1800, DF0E30AD-8507-4555-9F27-14F30C…)

I suck at this but here she’s talking bout the haters and how she was the best pet mom ever while being high cuz she hired peeps to clean up after her

No. 732436

File: 1574494882709.jpeg (619.18 KB, 1800x1800, E7CA08E1-4A12-4CDA-A0ED-89B685…)

Here’s one to disprove all the haters once and for all lmao she’s literally insane

No. 732439

good work capturing all this twitter diarrhoea

No. 732441

But you got disproven on literally almost everything you denied when you were with JC, and also about your animals.

Like what "receipts" do you have? Screenshots? Because people can also use the argument they are fake. People started to believe in those "theories" because things weren't lining up with what you were saying. YouTube channels have called you out, not only what ever but NERD, both about your lying and also about your horrible pet care and husbandry. JC's exes and current girlfriend have called you out, your little former petube clique has called you out. Even your own mother has called you out. Your hashtag on Twitter isn't really full of support anymore, except for the echo chamber you've created out of your profile.

And how can you even claim you took great care of your animals when you sleep half a day. You boiled two animals to death, dude. You killed a kitten because you mishandled it. You manhandle snakes and use them as fucking props. A lot of your animals have been silently replaced, like honestly she's insufferable with all the lies she says all the goddamn time.

No. 732442

Where's the new video that was coming before the weekend? Looks like she's been too busy talking to dick on tinder.
Seriously WHY does she even announce a video when it's not uploaded and scheduled to be released? I will never get it.

No. 732443

people dont need to google for these symptoms as you gladly spill those details yourself. She's crazy

No. 732444

File: 1574495974485.jpeg (424.55 KB, 1800x1800, A9A1C2FD-0525-472E-A52E-40D64E…)

Talking about Cersei I believe her name was

No. 732445

File: 1574496193460.jpeg (552.82 KB, 1800x1800, 3530F2A0-F7A8-4C82-B363-2981C8…)

Taylor dodging accountability for however many tweets straight..ohhh it gets better in the next ones (1/3 pic collages incoming)

No. 732446

File: 1574496391349.jpeg (599.89 KB, 1800x1800, 981E36AD-B4FF-4F0A-AE02-C5EBED…)

Talking about heating malfunction that killed her animals in a twitter beef with someone ..it’s ok she let them die cuz she could have lied about it or replaced them is the words you were looking for Taylor (2/3)

No. 732447

File: 1574496500992.jpeg (432.27 KB, 1800x1800, 97F2E4DD-15FC-4903-865D-F223DE…)

Last one ..good lord I’m so tired of her ..idk if all these are still up but I caught em quick cuz I’m sure she will do some deleting (3/3)

No. 732449

So if the ACS would have come while she was living in the atrium house they would have taken her animals for sure. OK got it.

No. 732450

I’m sorry, what?? She got her tarantula a companion? Interesting because tarantulas show cannibalistic tendencies and shouldn’t be housed together. Some people might say a few tarantulas can cohabitate but not rose hairs. She really doesn’t know jack about the animals she owns.

No. 732451

She's talking about the crab.

No. 732452

File: 1574497677288.png (254.74 KB, 750x1334, EDA5327A-CF86-41D6-BD44-386293…)

and She got kicked off a dating app for posting lewd pics lmao all in a days work for ol Tay Tay ..but when is that new video supposed to be up again?

No. 732453

Correction her CRAB not Spider..my bad..can’t keep up with all her stories ..I’m surprised she can ..oh wait lol she can’t either

No. 732474

LMAO I can't wait to see how she makes this to be someone else's fault this time…

No. 732476

She's so pathetic it's hilarious! She's so desperate to get a bf, but she should be taking a shower.

If you can't even take care of your personal hygiene you probably shouldn't be in a relationship. She needs to learn TPO, half naked pics on dating sites make her look slutty. They probably thought she was cat-phishing.

No. 732477

Because heroin addicts can't take care of their pets much less themselves. The fact your mommy has to clean your room for you pretty much proves it.

No. 732480

Because she likes and wants the attention to always be on her

No. 732484

File: 1574513840730.png (255.63 KB, 1439x860, Capture _2019-11-23-06-55-42.p…)

Taylor's mom: anyone who belittles or mocks my daughter and her horrific trauma and struggles are trash and should be ashamed! No one knows what abuse she went through!

Also Taylor's mom: Oooo I got this great pun using my daughter's abusive ex's name….Imma tweet it

No. 732485

File: 1574513972755.png (328.27 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20191123-145738.png)

what an absolute hoe lmao. love how she overshares the most embarrassing shit.

here's mama's bizarre response.

No. 732489

I love how she posts this shit with the mindset of,"let's laugh together" when the reality is, this is trashy shit people look down and laugh at you about.

Chronic trailer trash syndrome. I love that she's not even from that world, yet would fit in so well with the junky trailer park reptile keepers I've seen.

No. 732527

Wasnt Ursula dying during a molt one of the "Taylor insists she's fine but Bree (? iirc) says she's been dead for ages" accusations? There's that confirmed.

No. 732532

File: 1574528710954.png (553.7 KB, 1242x2208, DC4BD1B0-DB1A-489D-ACB5-BCA9F7…)

Didn’t Taylor say there were active users in her group therapy? Make it make sense.

No. 732537

>Stop obsessing u weirdo

Oh Tay, you are so not self aware.

No. 732543

Holy shit lol

No. 732545

It's been confirmed for months, Taylor mentioned it earlier in the year. Not going to scroll through old threads but it was sometime between her being forced to admit she's an addict and her being forced to go to rehab (a four window). she never tells the truth or tries to improve unless someone else forces her hand

No. 732547

Taylor must rally her children army in those group chats before she does something like this. Look at the comments, it's always the same few people that start attacking someone when she does this.

I wish I could see those chats… If those got out she would be so fucked and all over the drama channels

No. 732552

File: 1574533044704.png (642.17 KB, 1242x2208, 35793A9A-66F4-411E-9E65-F12B7A…)

instead, give them to me! give me all the animals! i am the only person in the world that knows how to take care of animals! i’m not keeping all of my reptiles including 3 cats in one tiny bedroom, i am the most prepared ever!

No. 732553

I really hate when you can tell someone crafted a personal text specifically to screencap it for Twitter to be ~so cool and quirky~

No. 732554

literally like jesus fuck taylor you’re so goddamn embarrassing

No. 732556

File: 1574534274017.jpg (546.35 KB, 1080x1739, 20191124_053451.jpg)

Everyone gets the odd hate comment here and there, but I'm sure these Disney vloggers weren't pumping their veins with heroin with hoards of animals, fucking junkies in rehab and lying constantly day in and day out to their fan base, killing their animals and all.

No. 732557

File: 1574534307031.jpg (564.07 KB, 1065x1893, 20191124_053507.jpg)

No. 732558

File: 1574534328994.jpg (220.07 KB, 1080x810, 20191124_053522.jpg)

No. 732561

File: 1574536654126.png (237.1 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20191123-211458.png)

even her followers are sick of her ranting lol. honestly most of her follower number must be dead accounts bc imagine having this shit on your timeline every day. it's getting really embarrassing, tay, time to stop

No. 732562

didn't she give Johnny animals as presents? I mean I'm sure it was just a cover for her hoarding more animals but the point still stands

No. 732563

>I don't even check twitter anywhere near as much as i did

So instead of checking it all the time you check it almost all the time? Because if anything I see you being more active on Twitter now.

No. 732564

File: 1574537660303.jpeg (498.44 KB, 1242x1417, D4A44B40-08F2-464E-82CB-57BB08…)

The funniest thing about this is that when people are fans of Taylor they don’t often get a response, but she will unblock and unmute her haters just to fight with them. Taylor thrives in drama and being a victim

No. 732565

pretty sure that's what kronos was. And she didn't even know the actual breed he was until stans started calling her out topkek

No. 732566

File: 1574537840923.jpeg (669.73 KB, 1242x1892, 3786822E-03A0-4DED-85B7-03436A…)

No. 732567

File: 1574538015555.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3464x3464, 9A5356B4-EFD3-4567-A0C1-F03ADA…)

Here comes a giant wall of Taylor’s tweets from today.

No. 732568

File: 1574538208724.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3464x3464, 02FA982F-0285-4D48-9BD9-0180BF…)

Here’s a little more context from the holiday pet tweet. Saged for old milk as well. >>732552

No. 732571

File: 1574538325483.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3464x3464, DE3B2A63-0FF0-4165-AF54-C4FA4A…)

Taylor has tried drinking twice, but that’s ok because she’s redefining sobriety.

No. 732577

File: 1574539202219.jpeg (300.61 KB, 1218x1189, 6E888034-4D67-4097-BD5C-772482…)

She got Twisty for Jonny.
Wasn’t Lego his too?

No. 732581

I’m not ready to date or MOVE ON”
Eye roll .

No. 732583

“And I’ve grown so much since then.”
Said the girl who said the same in her January comeback video. yes you’ve learned so much when you were off drugs for 4 days. Right? That’s when that was? If not, either way we know she was the same person as from before she even made that video lol

No. 732584

What was the first time Taylor? When u were at yard house with bro peen?

No. 732585

File: 1574541232501.jpeg (974.15 KB, 1242x1770, 0B6664EA-9DFF-4F41-B3F1-15EB31…)

No. 732588

Why does she try to sound like she was so torn up about the decision to drink lol. Seemed to me via photos/videos at the show that she was pretty drunk with her ~friends~ and not giving a fuck.

Seriously, cry us all a fucking river Taylor.
>>Jonny Craig is a monster and was physically abusive to me the entire time. He shot me up for an entire yearrrrr. I’m going to make a YT video and expose him.
>>also Taylor: I’ve lied to my therapist this entire time about him being the victim and not I. Seems like that’s working out wonderfully for me!!!!!!!
She’s a fucking loser. Be honest with your therapist Taylor and move the fuck on with your life. What’s the point of even seeing a therapist if you’re lying to them and yourself about what’s really going on? You’re labor giving full disclosure to your therapist, but they’re telling you it’s okay to drink… talk about manipulation. Maybe her therapist did tell her it was okay to drink since Taylor is downplaying all of her fucking problems when at therapy. Do you lie to feel ~normal~ too Taylor?

None of her shit brain stans even believe a thing we say because she grooms all of them. So why does she feel the need to do a fucking video with screenshots of this website to ~prove~ we’re liars. Who are you trying to convince? Lol

Good grief she sounds like Mama Dean in this tweet. It’s like she took a page out of her book. Funny how Mama Dean makes Taylor feel better about her shitty life by saying everyone with her following gets harassed with hate. Can you all even imagine mama Dean coddling Taylor by telling her this stupid shit haha I can’t with this family anymore. Take some responsibility for your shitty actions.

No. 732593

File: 1574542802270.jpeg (748.5 KB, 1242x1977, 9FA57CD9-F510-41A0-B7DF-20C807…)

She’s so cringe

No. 732594

File: 1574543275189.jpeg (269.82 KB, 1242x2057, 21788141-672F-4AF6-AC60-FFCD3E…)

Samefag but is she 13?

No. 732595

File: 1574543386609.jpeg (636.14 KB, 1242x1929, 70C79D03-BEA8-4115-BA6D-59D6D9…)

Bullying kids online is fun

No. 732601

She’s fucking insane. You’ll be scrolling forever if you go through her tweets& replies looking for something from just a couple HOURS ago. Wish she put this much time and energy towards caring for her animals.

No. 732603


>>the biggest heartbreak of my life uwu.

You have got to be fucking kidding me, right? I don’t believe for a second she loved him that much. This dude straight used you for money and introduced you to heroin…

Here are some of the problems I have with her statement. First of all didn’t she say their relationship was over for awhile due to them not being intimate when she was trying to justify getting dicked down? Didn’t she acknowledge in the past that he had “disturbing behavior” that she did not agree with and had ~long talks~ with him about how she didn’t agree with those behaviors?

So she either outright loved a fucking vile piece of shit or the relationship was solely based off of their addiction and romanticization of heroin. I personally think it’s more the latter of the two. She’s fucking dangerous claiming she’s lying to her therapist about him. You’ll never get better you stupid bitch. Has she always been dumb as shit or was it the combo of black tar/China white?

No. 732609

I wish Taylor would realize that if you’re going to therapy that consistently for months, and you’re still unmotivated and stay in bed all day to cry about your ex… your therapist (and/or) you are not doing the right things.
If you deliberately try and lie about what’s going on to get your way, you’re not taking therapy seriously.
If your therapist is telling you that experimenting with alcohol is ok when you said a few sips of vodka triggered you, and you’re so new to “recovery” something isn’t right.

So it’s either you lying, or the therapist. And I have a good guess on who.

No. 732618

If she really is seeing a therapist, i'm sure they already seen through her lies. Being Taylor, she's probably lying to herself and everyone about what the therapist saying to her or she just doesn't listen to anyone at all. 99% of the time, a therapist can't suggest anything to their patient let alone tell them it's okay to drink.

Therapist: so, it seems as though you crave these substance to fill something
Taylor: OMG YES!

No. 732619

Dear Single Jonny,
I hate you! I don't give a shit about you! STAY AWAY!

Dear Jonny with new girlfriend,

No. 732628

Omfg watching Taylor try and talk shit about how much Jonny hurt her and how he was so abusive while simultaneously trying to trigger him into contacting her by posting explicit pictures to match and tumblr-esc instagram stories is so fucking funny. You’re pathetic, Taylor. She’s freaking out that he’s moved on and she’s living in her childhood bedroom reduced to tinder fuck bois because she’s such a filler-filled greasy blow up doll that she can’t even attract boys through twitter anymore kekekek.

No. 732630

So I guess she's just pretending she didn't say this 3 days ago, too busy posting lewds on Match and telling everyone on Tinder she dated JC. What a rough week, feel better soon Tay!

No. 732638

It's some good milk to me. I knew she was still in love with him.
Waiting for her to tell how he was actually now apparently "physically" abusive because she has never even mentioned that before. We aren't buying her victim story so now she wants to make the narrative worse, but at the same time still wants him back. Her internal struggle to both be the biggest victim of his vs. her still wanting him because she can't be single and independent for shit lol.
>buh muhself

No. 732639

I really wish I’d gotten a screenshot, but Jonny had on his Instagram earlier today that he wasn’t going to get out of bed and was obviously upset about something.
It seemed to time up with Taylor’s post.

I seriously tinfoil that she contacts him regularly, and they’d been in a little bit of communication before he got with Syd and that’s why she got so mad when he got with Syd.

No. 732643

The LEGO caption on insta is sooo fake just like the one when she adopted the kitties from someone outside petróleo

Bet but SHE MADE HIM write that out for her.

No. 732647

I wonder if she tries to make contact with him and he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. He's an abusive asshole for sure but like many cheating idiots, they don't want to associate themselves with a girl that cheats on them. He's probaby all upset at the thought of should i go back to this rich slut or stay with who i am now.

No. 732649

I remember seeing that story.

No. 732650

I wonder if she tries to make contact with him and he doesn't want anything to do with her anymore. He's an abusive asshole for sure but like many cheating idiots, they don't want to associate themselves with a girl that cheats on them. He's probaby all upset at the thought of should i go back to this rich slut or stay with who i am now.

No. 732656

File: 1574550544831.jpeg (501.5 KB, 1242x1362, 30BB1CC0-EBE5-472A-A4BA-EFCAE8…)

KEKEKEKEK She’s such a fucking liar

No. 732658

File: 1574550790660.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2277, 83C5A14C-07B9-447A-B2F9-47B064…)

No. 732659

her excuse doesn't matter.. she STILL bought 3+ animals just like that around the holidays. lmao she's an idiot.

No. 732660

In the first (old) tweet she says “doesn’t mean it’s safe or encouraged” but now she’s claiming they’re on pain meds prescribed by a doctor? That sounds like encouragement.

No. 732661

File: 1574551013849.jpeg (931.3 KB, 1242x2153, 0AFCCFD1-FE9B-4B33-BAD8-AD1148…)

No. 732662

File: 1574551092654.jpeg (535.84 KB, 1242x1429, 5DEAE100-16AF-4CCA-B556-530E96…)

No. 732664

Imagine just sitting around in your room while your mom is busy taking care of you and your brother, and just rant/vent/post on twitter all day long.

No. 732665

File: 1574551328950.jpeg (770.96 KB, 1242x2045, E227E831-E781-4DC4-A095-C10C54…)

Let’s say that this story is true. She said that to defend her using heroin (which remember, she was using the strongest most deadliest scariest one) to drive. But now backtracks to say…. they’re on the opiate for pain, and that it’s a low dose?

No. 732668

File: 1574551456063.jpeg (527.67 KB, 1241x2266, 3D56E365-1ED5-43D4-8108-1F4965…)

No. 732671

This shit is fucking disgusting. I hope this fucking moron feels the same when one of their family members gets injured because of someone under the influence of opiates.

Prescription drugs are only approved by the FDA after clinical trials. During these clinical trials is how they determine side effects, contraindications, boxed warnings, etc. If there’s an auxiliary label on your prescription bottle stating not to drive or operate heavy machinery, it’s because it’s a serious side effect and the pharmacist by law has to counsel you on it.

But by all means, downplay people fucking driving under the influence of substances. Taylor you’re a fucking cunt for entertaining this conversation. Be a fucking adult and tell this person regardless of them stanning for you, it’s NEVER okay to drive under the influence.

No. 732676

She'll probably like that idea so she can use it to be a victim on the internet once more. She's so fucking stupid! first she's telling her stans that it's okay to try drugs because only SOME people can get addicted and now she's telling them that it's okay to drive under the influence and to laugh at those labels that says "don't drink before operating heavy machinery" she's the most heartless person i've ever come across

No. 732677

File: 1574552083376.jpeg (285.87 KB, 1242x816, 56577DA0-1CAC-4B5B-9224-679273…)

Still driving with no license lol

No. 732679

File: 1574552216708.jpeg (909.13 KB, 1242x2185, 43D35898-0928-4D13-9B50-35868B…)

No. 732683

Wait, I thought the tail issue had been “resolved” in that she had admitted that it was her own doing? Or was it something Bree leaked?

No. 732687

File: 1574553040196.jpeg (844.84 KB, 1242x1928, 5BDF903C-450B-484B-944E-5FC247…)

No. 732689

File: 1574553109221.jpeg (415.02 KB, 1232x1216, 13CACC85-8A2C-47CE-9FE1-9B486E…)

Que Jonny Craig saying she reads here everyday

No. 732691

She's been going to "move on" from us for over 2 years now… Just do it already

No. 732694

We know you lied about multiple animal deaths, FFS people wouldn't even have a problem if you just owned up to it.

You lied about shooting heroin for MONTHS, smoking texts you said were fake, then later admit were real.

People in the industry know your a fucking junkie and they don't want to work with you because your a lying, hoarding POS.

Just get out of here and get fucking help. Christ.

No. 732700

And she makes no mention of the tail…”he picked a good one…”. Thought she implied they picked twisty to rescue it from bad circumstances

No. 732716

Bitch no one is making multiple fake accounts. There’s just that many people who can’t stand you. Not to mention there is a ton of people who lurk and don’t post and watch your antics from afar. It’s not just one crazy hater you can write off as an outlier, you wouldn’t be in pt if you weren’t an embarrassment to half the internet but go off

No. 732717

Herein lies your problem Taylor:

You share EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL. about your personal life on social media. You go into so much detail (word salad) and blur lines for people who actually remember the details you vomited.

You then proceed to make statements that contradict all the details you vomited. No one is demanding proof of every detail. YOU OFFER those details, we do not ask for them. People are asking/demanding for you to explain two (or more) contradictory statements. In case you don’t understand that sentence… they’re asking you to tell the truth.

All Taylor has ever had to say is that she is in IOP and sees a therapist. That’s all. No, she has to post pictures of herself at IOP to prove to us she goes 3x/week (believe she stated that today in her sperg tweets), openly stated she lies to her therapist about Jonny trauma and constantly lies about her addiction timeline.

Taylor uses details to embellish her stories and then acts pissy when she gets called out. Plain and simple. Like Judge Judy says (lol) you don’t have to have a good memory if you tell the truth. Taylor forgets a lot because she’s always refuting back “whennnnn??? I never said that. You’re taking that out of context!!!!” As if she didn’t give us too much context to begin with.

No. 732724

Says the stupid bitch who traded pets with Jonny when they were together and gets a new animal every month unprepared. "Do as I say, not as I do" as usual with this cunt.

No. 732735

Mmmm no, this site definitely didn't peg you as a heroin user before you started using, the timeline is pretty god damn well documented here.
Also, I'm pretty sure a vast majority of users here (or I'd like to think I guess) are grown and can read the rules and have never "flooded your mentions" to call you a junkie. And I'm pretty sure she DID quote RT people asking if she was using drugs to mock them in her dumb little way. She's almost skipping back into the "the internet made me shoot up!!!!" narrative.

Taylor, you're documented on this site because you're a hot mess. I can't speak for everyone but I'd like to say that most people just read and post on this thread because your constant hypocrisy is annoying and because you're famous for hoarding animals and people are concerned about those animals. YOU made being a junkie your personality. This site did not.

No. 732736

File: 1574557047227.jpg (319.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191124-005528_Ins…)

why does she think people give a shit about her lol? he doesnt "support your recovery" he doesnt give a shit about you - you're stranger begging for his attention so he gave you the same "nice good for you" he probably gives 100 people a day, dumbass

she really thinks the world revolves around her huh?

No. 732738

would love to see the message she sent him lol

No. 732741


Probably one of those "pay actors to saythings" services.

$$$ will buy you a message.

No. 732747

File: 1574558479683.png (2.6 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20191123-180025.png)

Sure Taylor…

No. 732762

I bet she kept messaging him nonstop about her recovery until his manager had to reply. lol

No. 732803

Wait a second, so if you're lying to your therapist, then why are you preaching about what your therapist is telling you and spreading it as fact?

One of the first things you have to always bear in mind when going through therapy is that you have to cooperate and be honest to your doctors and therapists in order to receive proper treatment. Everything your therapist is telling you right now is pointless because you're lying to her, and it's also why it leads you to making stupid ass decisions like installing Tinder to "talk to people" when you know damn well Tinder is for hooking up.

Which only makes this whole thing about you educating other people about recovery even more infuriating because you're lying to your own therapists. If you've lied to your therapist about JC, you've most likely lied about the extent of your drug use and everything else.

No. 732808

lol yeah I found that funny that she claimed she's lonely and just looking for people to talk to. Like there are literally apps for people seeking strictly friendships so she is obviously full of shit. And then she went and made a match.com which is for relationships.

She says we're "obsessed" and make shit up about her but it's shit like that that it's so obvious what she's really up to.

Also no fucking wonder she still acts the exact same and doesn't feel any diff than when she was using. She is wasting her time and the therapists time as well. Wouldn't be surprised if she was only in iop to ~appease her fans and do what you're "supposed" to do in recovery. Otherwise I'm sure she'd quit it

No. 732811