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File: 1528334895621.jpeg (382.78 KB, 1242x1430, 8663180F-4901-4158-AD75-B2CA17…)

No. 603765

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/590174

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

>Pet mouse Gus died, lied about his age to make herself look better.

>Received new cages, only they’re improper sizes for most of her animals

>Continues to prove she’s not the animal expert her fans claim she is, caring for her animals improperly and giving terrible advice to fans

>Insists on keeping monitor even though he’s a danger to her other animals, is surprised when he displays natural aggressive behaviors

>Goes on twitter tirade complaining about her relationship and threatening to expose Jonny, soon after claims that it was all just a misunderstanding and continues gushing about him

>Brings animals outside on the pavement in 90 degree weather, including the cats, in ill-fitting harnesses

>Jen consistently makes a fool of herself on twitter by insulting rape victims, posting song lyrics like an edgy teenager, and borderline stalking her daughter

No. 603772

File: 1528335369577.png (549.42 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180606-213625.png)

Has anyone noticed she's been going off about Jake Paul today? I feel like she's reaching for relevance.

No. 603776


I hope Jake Paul calls her out for being an awful human being that dates abusive rapists who send nudes to underage girls and her clear interest in using her animals as fashion accessories

No. 603777

Everytime I see her Twitter Avi, I just can't get over how much she's aged…she looks like an old woman. "Don't do drugs my dudes" round 2??

No. 603779

File: 1528335908091.jpeg (354.52 KB, 640x910, 69F7CDA0-AFE3-4CA8-9138-419FEA…)

Barf, why does she think poses where her mouth is gaping open is cute?

No. 603783

Isn’t that how girls in the adult entertainment industry pose?

No. 603785

And why is there still a Bindi plush randomly stapled to the wall

No. 603792

her lip looks FUCKED hahaha also im considerably older than my significant other, but if youre as emotionally mature as someone 11 years younger than you, you should probably be a little embarrassed about that

No. 603810

Yeah what in the world is going on with her lips and nose?

No. 603812

Maybe it’s just the way she did her nose contour, but her nose has looked different for awhile. I’m not saying she got a nose job, but maybe she got filler in her nose? We know she’s gotten filler in her lips, so I feel like it’s not a stretch.

No. 603814

Or, looking at it more closely, it looks like she just heavily contoured on the bottom of the tip of her nose. Either way, it looks messed up.

No. 603815

Looks like a pig snout to me! And oh my word those lips are a rotten mess!

No. 603816

She didn't blend the nose contour. It looks like really heavy strokes on both sides.

She's really shit at makeup.s

No. 603817

im laughing so hard i didn't even notice that contour at first oh wow it's like she forgot to blend it and just let it sit there

No. 603819

Violet and Tater Tot both have black specks on them Im guessing its eco earth and not mites,right?

No. 603822

File: 1528340189065.jpeg (61.83 KB, 299x275, 6AA2A674-40F1-4D24-9E10-D78192…)

Her top lip looks like asshole skin

No. 603825

File: 1528340420445.jpeg (62.66 KB, 651x470, violet.jpeg)

I honestly can't tell because of how she kept flipping her around in the video.

On another note, check out this comment.

No. 603832

Honestly, how can you want a snake and not know they only eat mice or rats? Hopefully the commenter is really young and doesn’t get a snake as a pet.

No. 603834

File: 1528341997646.png (243.53 KB, 478x554, Screenshot_2018-06-06-23-24-07…)


I mean I think its eco earth but its still not certain

No. 603844

Tate looks like eco earth (bringing it back to why in the world are they on eco earth)

Violet looks a lot more like mites, they look like theyre part of the snake not on top of the scales like eco earth would be

No. 603858

File: 1528345097463.jpg (335.07 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20180606-221901_01.…)

I thought this was supposed to be for the mantis shrimp? Why is she making it a predator tank? Most fish keepers say to never put anything with a mantis shrimp unless you're okay with the shrimp killing it. So is the shrimp going in the predator tank as well?

No. 603860


I was thinking maybe she'd move the predator tank fish over to the new one and keep the mantis shrimp in the 29… but idk if that's actually what she did.

Her fish probably will be okay with the mantis shrimp. I wouldn't do it, but it's not the worst thing. The issue is that the new tank is still only a 40, right? Without a massive sump that's just not enough water volume for the bioload of all those animals.

No. 603862

It looks like the mantis shrimp is already in there if you zoom in to the bottom left of center part of the rocks.

No. 603863

She claimed she has another tank coming that’s made of acrylic specifically for her mantis shrimp. Watch her never mention that again and decide to keep them all together in the 40 gallon.

No. 603869

It kind of looks like a fish to me.

No. 603871

File: 1528347043297.jpg (831.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180606-225157.jpg)

Taylor, a couple months ago: she won't get yellow guys :)))) she's going to stay purple and pink :))) and get more purple and pink with age :)))))

No. 603880

what's the point in lying about your snake's color

No. 603881

File: 1528348728650.jpeg (351.11 KB, 1242x1776, C9F94A74-F134-49CE-9034-798B44…)

No. 603882

File: 1528348818101.jpeg (366.12 KB, 1242x1671, C6FA2AD9-9FDA-4B8A-8F89-01E128…)

No. 603894

She said in the feeding pets video that the store said she can keep them together as long as the mantis shrimp is well fed so think she is just keeping them all together.

No. 603908

How she can look at her lips and not see they are messed up is beyond me. And to keep denying she’s had anything done to them in nearly a year is ridiculous. If that’s true then you need to see a doctor if they still look like that as chances are you have some muck still inside them that has hardened. Urgghh.

No. 603931

That's such a good point haha. She said the shrimp "came early" before she had time to even set up a new tank (why the fuck would you even buy an animal when you've not even set up its tank/enclosure, especially one that needs to cycle), still no news on the first tank, then when everyone said it may crack glass she said she ordered an acrylic one…. no news about that. Seriously why do her tanks always take so long to arrive? Oh yeah cause she's a chronic bullshitter.

No. 603936

File: 1528356914527.jpeg (301.85 KB, 1238x1682, 42BBA7DB-D37E-4E48-BE34-E12395…)

Tai Wright used to be in JC’s band slaves

No. 603953

she's not "being mad at everyone who's associated with him" clearly he STILL associates with him, and that's where the problem lies. boy do i have a strong dislike toward these kinds of people

No. 603970

Zazu apparently likes to sting other fishes (ex: Cheese) how Taylor thinks is a good idea to keep these two together?

It looks like a clown fish.

No. 603971

omfg her lips are so fucking ugly it's disturbing

No. 603972

omg i remember that hahaha. what an absolute idiot

No. 603995

Her lips are like a parrot fish beak lmao

No. 604045

She’s not wrong. People around him willingly accept that he’s abusive and an addict and turn a blind eye. That is not okay. All of them deserve to have karma coming to them for essentially acting as though they know nothing about these situations. Let’s be real band mates are close so they know shit went down. She doesn’t have to be friends with anyone who didn’t help her when she needed it and still won’t speak out.

Taylor can’t do make up for shit. She’s trying so hard to be sexy in that pose that it came out so bad. Does she only own the same outfit? It’s shes going to try and be an Instagram baddie she should at least know how to post like one.

No. 604046

Lips look like an elephants asshole

No. 604059

>my friend is a druggie rapist who abuses women (and probably animals), but that's their business not mine!
Really shows how twisted your moral compass must be to be friends with that dick.

No. 604080

Hahahaaaa yes!!
She looks like a cheap hooker. That whole mouth this is trying to make her fugly lips come across as ‘oo sexy, blowjob mouth’ no, sit down, you look like a mess.

No. 604098


Its just what super mojaves do I dont know why snake expert Taylor thinks she's going to keep her baby color. Also she says she knows the parents "didn't have much yellow" and she knows she got it from the same place as Tate, but doesn't even know how much she costed because Jonny got it for her? Okay I suppose that's possible, but sounds like she didnt know about super mojaves darkening before, and now is just wishful that Violet won't change much.

No. 604131

She got that Michael Jackson nose

No. 604134

Lmaoo wow that breeder straight up swindled Taylor, I wonder if she still cares about Violet now that she’s not that super pretty purple color!!1!1!

No. 604150


Ew. Those lips look like they'll pop like balloons any day now. She needs to get her fillers dissolved yesterday or she'll soon have two concrete blocks for lips instead.

No. 604200

Didn’t petty paige say she was gonna have a video about her? Might have been last week.

No. 604202

How the fuck does she look at that and say, yup, that looks good. Her lips look SO fucking bad, her contouring is awful and of course in every single shot we see her in anymore, she’s wearing the same top that makes her look naked. This is actually laughable, I’m embarrassed for her. She looks like a cheap hooker.
Why didn’t she just go for modeling instead of animal stuff? If you go through her old Instagram pictures, you can tell that’s what she was going for. She should have left herself natural, taken care of herself, stay AWAY from drugs, and she could have honestly matured into a pretty model. She looks cuter in older pictures than she does now. It’s sad. She’s only 21 but looks over 30, she has fucked up everything she has in looks from her lips, hair, body, etc. At this rate by 22 she’ll look 40. Yuck. But you know, insta-thots gotta stay relevant right??

No. 604205

File: 1528384338380.jpeg (262.74 KB, 750x1084, 0810A7C9-0964-45A0-A10B-926533…)

“Daddy snake noodle charmer” I just cringed so fucking hard

No. 604208

File: 1528384405448.png (313.15 KB, 750x1334, 52B932C5-123D-4DF7-8CE2-481340…)

Just fucking yuck

No. 604216

File: 1528384730616.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, B4132207-396E-4D73-B6B2-43E8DC…)

He’s so gross, he always has to do some weird fucking mouth open thing to show off his teeth, his teeth look so god awful. They’re way too white, look so fake. He apparently just went to the dentist recently, must suck for Taylor to have to pay for upkeep on his teeth lmao

No. 604218

File: 1528384835860.jpeg (111.78 KB, 750x1084, BEE4E951-98E5-482F-8BA8-A165D6…)

That face when your rapist druggy alcoholic boyfriend is so nasty you don’t wanna kiss him and he has to pull your face to him to make you

No. 604222

File: 1528384935589.jpeg (125.01 KB, 750x1081, 104A3CB4-7309-482B-A424-0A4DDA…)

Still has earned literally nothing for this “great app you get paid to walk for! It’s amazing and easy to get paid to be healthy!”. Goes to show they again, don’t use any sponsorships at all and just care about the referral money. They must be getting desperate, wonder if the YouTube paycheck isn’t cutting it for their lavish lifestyle.

No. 604226

why is he holding her like that? She’s a snake not an actual limp noodle. I don’t understand why Taylor thought that was an okay way to hold her pet. Even if it’s for a quick picture it’s still messed up to use your animals as constant props for pictures. I wonder what her motive is for bringing her back out for pictures this time

No. 604232

Ignoring the terrible caption, what the fuck is he looking at? Why can't they just take normal pictures with their animals instead of trying to look like models? I might be reaching but I think if he had any sort of emotional attachment to it he would a) be looking at it, smiling b) hold it more carefully. It seems like he doesn't even want to touch it.

No. 604242

This is hilarious. He's so lazy he can't even go on a 30 minute walk to show anything but 0 cents (assuming this app works, I haven't looked into it).
No one is going to download it when they see you aren't earning anything, dumbass.

No. 604268

Sad that he’s still clearly obsessed with Chelsea.

No. 604319

His obsession with her is such a classic sign of a rebound. If Chelsea decided tomorrow that she wanted Jonny back, he would go 100%. It's so funny how she claims to keep him in check but can't control him shit talking his ex on social media.

No. 604327

Sage for no milk but… just imagine all the shit going on between them after every time JC shows such intense interest in his ex/exes, after every stupid tweet/live JC posts which - purposefully or not, who knows - exposes Tay as a liar who desperately tries to flaunt about what a happy and sober life they have, just imagine how mad she must get. Damn, I want a livecam to be installed in that pet urine smelling and extensions hair covered apartament so bad.

No. 604342

Oh yeah, she so clearly had a talk with him about how he talks about women and his general hateful attitude. You can totally see the difference in him. /s

No. 604379

So is she trying to get more views now with getting more predators? Hopefully not sharks like DIY did just so she can try to be threading too

Also, she has turtle mouth and not only that, her lips are crusty. Gross

No. 604381

Does she not know that these looks just makes her look like a girl that will never be taken serious by men? I’m a female but I don’t think real men would want to be in a serious relationship with a girl that does this and acts like that.

I mean I get it.. do it for the views.. but seriously? You will never be taken serious

No. 604450

She is literally so dumb…he’s had you blocked for a year because he literally hasn’t thought of you ever since he did it. No one cares about you Taylor!!

No. 604487

for touching her mouth? ok. pretty sure most people would care more about her incredibly shit animal care, but go off i guess. this thread blows when she’s not exposing herself on twitter.

No. 604492

I think she means the ugly lip fillers and vying for attention. Not the actual pose itself because I actually do that pose and it’s not really for attention it’s usually just because it can look cute when done correctly.
Taylor is just not doing it correctly at all so it looks worse

No. 604513

File: 1528404050200.jpeg (74.7 KB, 1242x311, D75F65BB-F38A-47D4-80B7-71F791…)

It figures he identifies with this got quote

No. 604521


Not talking about just touching her lips in a photo. I’m talking about her need for attention that she has the need to dress in tube tops so she can hide her blouse to make it seem she’s naked, her constant need for compliments, and when she doesn’t get enough attention on her animals she starts to use them as accessories and if it’s still not enough, she starts to tweet constantly about people with more followers in hopes that they give her attention then post a bunch of photos just in case they see.

It’s like she’s getting more provocative the older she gets just for attention. She was simpler in her old videos before she moved out

No. 604530

Using sweatcoin is a dead end for them if they're lazy… as an active person, it still takes me 3 months to get the $50 paypal reward. It's only worth it if you are actually active. I suppose if they get a loooot of referrals, they could get something, since those are worth a bit. but they definitely aren't making bank off of sweatcoin. At all.

No. 604539

yeah now that you mention everything else alongside it, i get what you mean. before she became a true cow, i remember thinking it was a bit odd that she angled her camera while wearing off the shoulder tops in such a way that she looked naked. at the time it didn’t seem like anything of note but it’s clear now what she’s aiming for.

No. 604740

She’s probably going to run so low on money she’ll do what Trisha Paytas is doing. Selling naked photos and videos of herself online, and when anyone asks Jonny about it , he’ll pull the “ oh I told her to do it” line.

No. 604745

File: 1528418809655.jpeg (289.27 KB, 640x1079, 1847801E-070F-443E-9681-0940DE…)

Taylor saying that no one has commented on Jonny doing therapy over Skype.. Sure Jan

No. 604773

Someone commented on her IG that she looked like Marilyn Monroe!!!! Um. No.

No. 604782

File: 1528421744799.png (14.38 KB, 582x127, 2154215215125125.png)

Like what? Their weekly couple urine tests?

No. 604784

File: 1528421791211.png (896.17 KB, 1242x2208, BED641A7-C1F3-4784-9737-F14A90…)

No. 604785

File: 1528421812627.png (6.21 MB, 1242x2208, 8CD9C1E1-D057-4183-9128-83E9CA…)

No. 604786

Cant ss right now but Taylor tweet she got her lips done ( since she obviously didnt get them done all year /s) and said they are huge and she refuse to upload a video with the lips all swallen kek.

If her lips were already fuck up wonder how they are gonna look now

No. 604791

Why can’t she just stop trying to be Kylie Jenner? Sad. She’s actually very pretty without the bulbous lips. Am anon that shopped her with normal lips and she looked gorgeous without that weird little ball on the top lip. But hey if she fixed the bulbousness then maybe it was worth it. We’ll have to see a video to see how it really affected her smile/overall look. But I think fillers look terrible when you go Kylie level. Kylie’s only look good in posed pictures, she looks so creepy in candids

No. 604795

don’t fillers like “deflate” your lips after some years as well? as in, if you overfill them the way kylie does, when you stop using them your skin is loose and stretched out? could just be bullshit, but if it’s true, taylor’s setting herself up to be extra busted

No. 604805


once the swelling goes down these will forsure look better than they did before with the weirdass beak lip bulge

No. 604809

omggggg she is so self conscious I hope they are improved and actually age gracefully this time

No. 604815

So her lips were "naturally" that big beforehand and she still felt the need to get injections? Wow, it must suck to be that insecure. At this rate she's gonna ruin her face like Courtney Cox did.

No. 604825

File: 1528423994555.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, F5E403DB-5CE3-491C-8B5F-8C3308…)

No. 604826

File: 1528424057660.jpeg (890.87 KB, 1242x1909, 63DAE34D-682D-4ED4-A9D4-9232F0…)

No. 604827

File: 1528424148965.png (5.9 MB, 1242x2208, 85FAE5AB-5FD1-4299-8ED4-5DE885…)

No. 604829


I'm so glad young girls look up to her.

No. 604830

They look quite bruised and it looks like a LOT of filler was used, almost too much? I realize people will have different reactions but this looks a bit shoddy

No. 604831

File: 1528424328338.png (2.6 MB, 750x1334, 8FF75DC2-2E55-4E7D-990F-BDDC1D…)

What’s sad to me is she looks so NATURALLY gorgeous here

No. 604834


OMG, she looks so beautiful!!! What..happened..

No. 604848

She’s definitely going to get the fillers dissolved in a few years.

No. 604853

No. 604857

File: 1528425943238.jpeg (204.93 KB, 640x887, AE995FF7-2172-48E1-BE78-02954A…)

Back when she actually had normal sized lips. Yet she tries to play it off like those baboon ass lips are her natural ones

No. 604858

Taylor used to be so much prettier and actually look her age.

No. 604890

File: 1528432069939.jpg (545.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180607-222935.jpg)

Please no

No. 604895


Housing a male and female reptile of any sort should only be done for breeding though? Like you can't put the two together forever and expect them to never breed??? why is she lying

No. 604902

File: 1528433597495.png (2.14 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20180608-004849.png)

Youtube recommended this to me since I'm looking at getting my first axolotl… I genuinely had no idea it was her. She looks so different now.

No. 604944

i wasn't even sure if that was taylor or if you were posting a picture of another video. she looks soooo different. if she really didn't get her lips done for the last year, then the last time she got them done she truly fucked them up lol. she looked soooo good without the top lip it's really a shame

No. 604991

File: 1528444521988.png (8.12 KB, 533x89, 3259295325.png)

Anyone have any idea what this is about? I can only hope karma is catching up to JC

No. 605019

The lips are botched and disgusting. Jesus Christ.

No. 605049

Her lips are fucking disgusting. When they get repeatedly that overinflated with fillers the skin will end up stretching with them to accommodate the increased volume, and when she eventually runs out of money/decides to get them dissolved they'll be extremely saggy. No reputable beautician/plastic surgeon/whatever would fuck them up like that. Barf.

No. 605120

Didn’t Taylor say she was vlogging her trip to Disney? Guess that never happened either lmao.

No. 605125

Wow she honestly looked naturally very pretty! Too bad she had to keep up with the newest insta-thot/baddie thing and have the biggest lips. She’s botched her lips, fried her hair and the drugs have just made her face look so aged… hopefully her getting her lips done like this (we all know it has not been a year since she’s done it) will fix them, but who knows. If they turn out nice it may just inflate her ego and she may get them done again, upping how big they look every time.
She used to be so pretty. Honestly it must suck to be that insecure, to have been that pretty that young, and think you need procedures that make you just look worse in the end to keep up with the Jones’s. I remember when I was in high school I looked like a mess, not nearly that pretty. She honestly could have probably landed a decent modeling career if she didn’t fuck up her looks and decide using her animals as accessories is better.

No. 605142

>our adventures
What adventures? Besides staying inside the house? Nobody wants to see that.
Nobody wants to see a rapist cover songs either.

No. 605150

You can tell this a lie just by her needing to emphasize the “over a year” like just say “I decided to get my lips done again” like sis we already knew your lips were fake and botched. Now you just fucked them up. There’s no way she stopped getting them done, something must’ve happened for her to start showing pictures of how fucked they are now…clearly her excuse for why she’s not posting but interesting in itself

No. 605152

wow you don’t want to see them get drugged out of their minds?? How dare you not appreciate quality content! /s

No. 605173

I think she has daddy issues. Once those lips deflate she’s going to have a vagina mouth.

No. 605184

I think it's pretty clear from social media it's her mom that's the issue. Don't be tropey

No. 605203

You filmed the day before you were gonna put the video up? Wow you must put sooo much effort into your videos. But it’s funnt because a few months ago she took several weeks just to film and “edit” a video. But now she gets them filmed, edited and put up within 24 hours. She must be very hungry for the money, I doubt enough is flowing in for them for their lifestyle. Who knows how much this procedure costed too.

No. 605227

I don't think YouTube covers the payments of the department, services, her food and the pets.
I can see her going back with her parents in 6 months when Jonny finally suck all the money out of her.

No. 605240

wow, they rly must be running out of money if Jonny's making his own channel… i wonder if he'll be able to say coherently at least one sentence in his vlogs

No. 605242


A lot of the vlogs will probably consist of close up shots of him doing those silly hand poses next to his face

No. 605259

And also incoming fan girls of both his and Taylor’s going “OMG GOAALLSS!! You both are so cute and perfect together!!”
UGH the girls that say their relationship is goals is literally the most disgusting thing ever. Yes, taking urine tests together several times a week is super “goals”, I wish my boyfriend was a known drug abuser, rapist and alcoholic.

No. 605301

it looks like she got them right in the front too, to soften her turtle mouth. I wonder how fucked it's gonna be.

No. 605316

File: 1528482251049.jpeg (149.21 KB, 1242x1012, 07E3A564-4DA5-4F26-994C-BC630E…)

Once again probably on about Liz or Chelsea. But him and Taylor are so in love!!! They’re not bothered by anyone!!! /sarcasm

No. 605318

Of course he'd shit on people who actually work for a living. He's such a scumbag. Did anyone see his instastory of him and Taylor in the shower? That was so fucking cringe.

No. 605319


>what to do today…

>ah, i know, i’ll shitpost about my exes having actual careers while i freeload off my naive child bride.

No. 605357


Probably treating them great because they aren’t living off anyone else

No. 605360

File: 1528484962385.jpeg (249.44 KB, 1188x1747, 6DCF7575-9C8B-4DC1-87A6-2EE1CF…)

Yup. He’s actually right for a change…but insulting to sewer rats!

No. 605362

If he's so happy enjoying his life of leisure, why is there even a thought in his drug-rotted brain of making a dig at his ex?
if your truly happy & have moved on, you don't make non stop insults at an ex.
Also…. even successful people who don't have the 9 to 5 career still work their asses off. but the key word there is SUCCESSFUL.

No. 605366

I’d rather work a 9-5 job than have to rely on my girlfriend’s unstable job for drug money.

No. 605385

I was looking at his so-called counselor, and he's friends with JC on Facebook as well as being friends with that Tai scumbag. Never seen a counselor that breaches the wall of professionalism by adding you + your friends on Facebook and commenting on your posts. Seems like a real great, non-biased therapist.

No. 605388


Hahahahhah so he isn't even in actual therapy, because who ever that is is not a professional, 100%. That's against so many GCP rules

No. 605401

Why would they post this they look so high in that pic, pinned out pupils, shit’s sad

No. 605403

wow he's such a scummy piece of shit. his insta story of them in the hot tub saying "this is better than what you're doing, psycho." alright buddy. and them in the shower…if her audience wasn't young impressionable teenage girls, i would say post all the weird shower shit with your boyfriend that you want, but something about it just feels weird and gross. probably the fact that i had to imagine them both standing together in the shower

No. 605418

File: 1528489516264.png (192.05 KB, 604x649, festival.png)

Apparently they got JC dropped from a festival and his fans are upset. He said that it's 'being sorted' though

No. 605420

Putting aside the rape, abuse, alcoholism, and drug abuse, the fact that Jonny cannot go more than a week without mentioning his exes should be enough for Taylor to reconsider the relationship.

Just imagine the fucking kind of drama he brings with him every single time Chelsea is mentioned.

This is the same shit he did when he was with Chelsea, too. Kept shitalking Amanda to no end and boasting about his life.

Also yeah dude, we should all totally be jealous of someone who can't afford housing on his own or credit due to criminal record, has unpaid medical bills for over 100k that are still getting mailed to his ex, a child who wants nothing to do with him, no teeth, and a sugar mommy who makes him take urine tests twice a week.

But please tell us how your ugly shoes are worth someone's rent because that's totally what you should be proud of.

No. 605421

File: 1528489595535.png (610.32 KB, 819x597, 52352363263262363.png)

No. 605425

Omg I didn't even recognize her in that photo! >>605421

No. 605435

File: 1528490080796.jpg (553.8 KB, 1069x1084, Screenshot_20180608-163429.jpg)

She looks like Farrah Abraham after her lips got botched

No. 605447

What a beautiful bitch
Can't wait to see the new lumps on her botched lips

No. 605450

the comments make me so mad ugh yuck

No. 605494

Now she has two bulbous balls in the center of her upper lip.

Also, just imagine having so much insecurities that you have to defend everything about yourself and your shitty relationship with lies

No. 605563

Lmao looks like it’s someone else’s hand that’s touching her cheek

No. 605571

File: 1528500826234.png (4.17 MB, 1242x2208, 9E6E5637-6DF0-431B-A278-217898…)

The fact that he tagged tai in this after Chelsea posted that tweet about Tai having her nudes im guessing it’s also about her. Lol he’s a literal child (could be a reach I just think it’s embarrassing for a “man” his age)

No. 605595

File: 1528503614410.jpeg (337.54 KB, 1242x1731, E2B12A7F-B6D0-4364-B0AE-111A53…)


No. 605596

Idk if I'm reaching but Taylor seemed weird in that clip on Jonnys IG story of them in the shower/bath after the hot tub..

No. 605609

The funniest thing about this tweet is the implication that he knows how to read.

No. 605616

Or that he even owns a book lmao. Guess that's why he said the singular "my book" instead of "a book" like a normal person

No. 605628

Do Chelsea and the rest have him blocked? Or does he have them blocked? I can't remember. It's embarrassing he is even reading their twitters and keeping up with them. I can understand them leaving him unblocked in order for him to be torn down more but what they say against him.

I also kinda want to read what lyrics he has been writing lately. Wondering if he will write any about Taylor.

No. 605670

Holy fuck, thats severe pinpoint pupils. i think alot of evidence on here about their drug use is pretty sketchy and is mostly reaching, but this picture is really really really bad. guess they thought the filter would cover it up but it actually extenuates it

No. 605674

I often think the reasons people believe drugs use can be reaching but I feel like they’re definitely both on drugs in general. I also personally believe he hadn’t quit drinking either. That therapist shit is bullshit

No. 605677

Oh yeah I do believe they are on drugs, but some of the posts on here aren't good evidence. These photos of them with pinned pupils are really bad though, especially the black/white one they aren't looking into any light and hes deliberately tried to hide it with a filter. Most photos of Taylor she is staring into a light for a good photo and her pupils are constricted because of that, not drugs.

No. 605686

File: 1528513007218.png (2.72 MB, 1652x1200, Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 10.5…)

They always thought those were her lips? lmao

No. 605696

File: 1528514476361.jpeg (279.51 KB, 750x1109, F556E69E-926D-4A9D-8B09-CDE4D4…)

Just posting the second picture from his ig post because it’s awful

No. 605704

For her to be so in love she always looks like such a bitch to be with

No. 605713

oh my god!! what a scary looking dude.

No. 605719

Sweet strawberry shortcake I thought someone edited Jonny for goofs when I saw that

No. 605720

Will the bumpiness on her lips go away? Genuinely concerned bc id freak if I was her

No. 605739

Technically yes, but she's had botched injections before so.

No. 605750

File: 1528522924741.jpeg (504.05 KB, 1422x1982, D37BD4D4-950A-42CA-93CF-492425…)

No. 605751

File: 1528522985002.jpeg (133.44 KB, 1293x929, F878F7F1-CB97-4850-A274-1A6740…)

No. 605755

Yikes they look worse than before

No. 605762

She was so pretty, now she looks like a man :/

No. 605779

It's honestly kinda sad how much she's aged, she seriously looks like she's in her 30s. But then again, she's done this to herself.

No. 605790

No. 605796

File: 1528530136080.jpeg (55.33 KB, 400x321, 65124BD6-5C71-4F8A-B00C-3DD5DD…)

No. 605851

Now she has two fat friggin humps on her lip. It’s like she doesn’t even know what lips look like. Her Cupid’s bow looks ridiculous, and she’s trying to pose sexy like girl let it go. You botched your lips again, when she puts lipstick on she’s going to look like Kevin the pickle/Jelly Fish King from spongebob

No. 605853

She looks like she has a little white moustache where they turn up hahaaa

No. 605858

looks like a tranny. not cute.

No. 605861


did he start selling lularoe leggings/yoonique/mary kay or some shit as well as his awesome walking app?

loser comes off as a MLM shill. "i'm my own boss, girlllllll! not some 9-5 slave!! [fire emoji] hashtag bossbabe hashtag blessed!"

No. 605866

She looks very out of it in these.

No. 605872

File: 1528546023581.jpeg (180.14 KB, 1206x1031, D395E4A7-BCF8-476B-88D3-7DD2B1…)

I don’t understand how people actually think her new lips look good..???

No. 605880

“Something I wanted to try”….you tried it already and it looked like crap when you did it 6 months ago(not over a year like you claim). And now you’ve just made it worse!

No. 605902

Her face is too small for these big ass lips

No. 605910


OP said in a comment that they are on the east coast. I wish, though.

No. 605911

The festival Jc was kicked from us on the east coast

No. 605932

can Taylor comment on this? Does she believe him?

No. 605939


Oh I didn't know he was for sure kicked from a festival. Where did you see that?

No. 605945

after seeing how good some youtubers lips looked with injections, i started to want just a tiny bit in my bottom to make it fuller. but after seeing how bad taylors look, i never want to touch them. jesus christ. i thought maybe they'd fix the lumps but it looks like they just added more.

No. 605977


So instead of one turtle beak, she now has two. What an improvement.

No. 605978

I dont think she did research in it at all, or was like "just fill my lips completely so i dont have to keep coming back" bc they look SO bad if you did ANY research you could find a good doctor who wont make you look like a blow up doll

No. 605990

Her lips look like the classic "too much lip injections" lips that you see alllll the time. They're so unnatural looking. If she actually thinks they look good that's very concerning.

No. 605998

File: 1528563701414.jpeg (46.28 KB, 306x396, EDD94791-F472-4BD2-8310-B8E43E…)

She looks like a Wallace and gromit character

No. 606097

Is her lips going to stay swollen like that or ? Doesn’t look right. Should’ve never touched her face but I guess insecurities right

No. 606114

File: 1528573663743.jpg (311.13 KB, 1080x1370, Screenshot_20180609-154658.jpg)

How is she not getting any criticism lately? Is she deleting shit or are people just terrified of her stans? So many people saying her lips look sooo good and to "never change them".. At least she admits they looked like shit before too.

No. 606127

>not too overboard with it
Jesus, I'd hate to see what she considers overboard. If she got them done any bigger they would actually explode.

No. 606133

Going back through her photos it looks like her lips got suspiciously swollen and big about August 2017. Not far from a year but idk why she has to exaggerate like that. Depending on the fillers 6-9 months is the normal length of time to go between injections anyways. She's been saying "these are just my lips guys!!!!" for months now. They were still uneven like, last week lmao.

No. 606314

Not true, she has asked for really plump lips on purpose. A good person who does lip fillers will only inject your lips to the proportion of your face. Besides, if you start off with small lips you can't jump to massive lips in one go, you need to build it up gradually. Taylor has built her lips up gradually on purpose to get them massive.

No. 606319

I mean not true as in don't let Taylor put you off getting your lips done as most people are very professional. She has chosen to look like a fucking baboon of her own free will.

No. 606338

File: 1528587352992.png (878.02 KB, 790x887, tnd fake.png)

Fake lips but real tits for once

No. 606341

Pinned pupils again.


No. 606344

them bags yikes girl
get some fuckin sleep take care of yourself

No. 606367

jesus christ, when was the last time you drank water, taylor?

No. 606377

omg EWW her gross prolapsed anus lips look like Dolly Mattel's nasty inflamed pussy

No. 606394

Hahaaaa yea just shows what a good bra can do with making your bust look massive.

No. 606418

I have never seen pupils so tiny in my entire life. She needs to get sleep, must be up high all the time or something. This might be a reach but her eye on the left side (our view) looks kind of bruised but it might be the lighting. Man these lips lmao

No. 606425

Probably staying up late looking after her junkie boyfriend because she doesn't trust him alone or else he'll use lmao.

No. 606466

Shes now actively posting selfies because of her brand new lips. Lmao they’re too big for her small face. One day she’ll star in that one show Botched to try to correct all her surgeries

No. 606472

LMAO my two fave cows collide, imagine watching Tay eat Shay out. horrifying all around

No. 606477

File: 1528596065689.jpg (5.73 KB, 162x185, 1f04fe8e9090b7eeb3d0843a96dc0d…)

fucking why

No. 606482

File: 1528596299199.jpeg (107.58 KB, 1270x579, 65AEC4D6-F674-43F4-92A6-5FB7AD…)

So another 8-12 weeks that her monitor has to be stuck in way too small of a cage, and not arboreal like he needs.

No. 606489

That means September at the earliest…isn’t she planning on buying a house/moving by then?

No. 606497

Hopefully because at least from what we can see in videos, it doesn’t look like her animal room can fit a cage big enough for that monitor. But considering she ordered the new cage with the intent to put it in that room, it most likely just isn’t big enough anyway. The room just isn’t big enough, especially considering the other cages she’s talking about are racks for her ball pythons that are supposedly pretty big. So the racks, the two new sets of cages she just got, and a huge cage for her monitor in one small room. It doesn’t work unless the cages are too small.

No. 606510

Yes, but I'm willing to bet she'll postpone it because she's running out of money.

No. 606531


I'm shocked shes posting without a dozen filters or anything. That "bruise" we were all going on about just looks like weird patchy skin.

No. 606541

I'd be taking my business somewhere else if a company was stuffing me around this much. Why is she fine with it unless they are actually giving her the enclosures?

No. 606543


They might be giving them to her for free… they did Solid Gold's for free I'm pretty sure and it seemed to take some time for her to get hers.

Though, I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor's dropping the ball on telling them what sizes she wants or whatever they'd need her to do to finish making the cages for her.

No. 606566

Would anyone be surprised if she hasn't even ordered the enclosures yet and the email is just another lie on her growing list?

No. 606571

File: 1528607393168.png (252.32 KB, 409x503, fridaythe13thonfamilyguy.png)

Johnny after getting his teeth done reminds me of this. Wallace and gromit character+Brian with new teeth=taylor and Johnny?

No. 606584

File: 1528609592301.jpeg (388.23 KB, 1271x1904, 852BC962-D139-40E9-BE2E-18D1B1…)

No. 606590

She’s an adult so she can post what she wants, but I think it’s really weird to post a pic like that when all of her fans are kids.

No. 606593

I know she has a sunburn but…her skin looks really really rough here?

No. 606597

she could care less about anyone else so she has that mindset where she can post whatever she wants because she's an "adult", even if all her stans are all kids.

if she was actually a responsible adult, she'll post all of these skin on her private account. but i guess showing children that she's sexier than everyone else and she's a generic kylie jenner is the way to go

No. 606610

File: 1528614587478.png (785.59 KB, 750x1334, 21B916FE-4B9F-412F-89F7-F614F5…)

This is like the worst way to hold BTs, they need the front and back of their body supported otherwise they freak out. But of course doesn’t care about the animal just wants to look artsy.

No. 606611

File: 1528614660195.jpeg (152.61 KB, 1361x754, 910F45F5-D2AF-4D32-8970-1794F0…)

No. 606612

File: 1528614690907.jpeg (253.18 KB, 1935x1290, 3E696CBC-840F-4B84-98AF-544008…)

Definitely way bigger than when she just used to overline them.

No. 606613

File: 1528614730994.jpeg (440.04 KB, 1826x1427, 51B3486E-4C9D-40A8-A974-A45887…)

No. 606614

No. 606615

File: 1528615104702.jpg (64.14 KB, 640x640, DEKH2HfXsAAOq_7.jpg)

I'm sorry they just… look so fucking busted. I can only imagine it feels like when you just had a popsicle and your lips go numb and you talk kinda weird. There was nothing wrong with her lips.

No. 606616

File: 1528615118530.jpeg (224.29 KB, 1242x904, 5BA81E9B-E67C-44A3-B8C6-6C3B8B…)

No. 606617

File: 1528615133918.jpeg (310.81 KB, 1241x1313, 001AFFF8-231D-4A5B-8DCD-39FA5F…)

No. 606619

File: 1528615386286.jpeg (464.74 KB, 1242x1659, 913EB9E5-3DE4-41F5-AB34-D3282C…)

No. 606620

File: 1528615606878.jpeg (385.47 KB, 1242x1758, DA4D306E-5564-44E3-9D14-6D7778…)

No. 606621

File: 1528615662626.jpeg (91.65 KB, 1242x422, 50B0F88D-E842-4501-80FB-FF9EBC…)

No. 606626

She’s in denial. They look soooo fucking horrible. Yeah, the way she overlined her lips before was obnoxious but this is a whole other level… Wow.

No. 606627

i'm laughing so fucking hard at this

i'm pretty sure we've all always talked about her lips

No. 606628

I reckon Johnny egged her on to make them huge. I guess this defensiveness is going to go on for weeks.

No. 606634

instead of being balanced but full on her face like in her older pic her mouth looks like a fucking lumpy rectangle lol

arm chairing but taylor probably has bdd, wonder if she'll move on to more invasive proceedures

No. 606638

Now I’m I a relationship I feel so loved and content with myself that I can wear no make up and still feel fabulous. Does anyone else find it weird she’s been more obsessed with her appearance and changing it then saying she’s really I secure whilst she’s been with Jonny?
Also cannot wait for her to do a video with these suckers on her face. You thought her lisp was bad before, this will be hilarious.(blogposting)

No. 606642

why is she acting like this is the first time she's gotten fillers. it's not "trying something out" tay, it's retouching a procedure you've always had.

No. 606643

Not usually one to comment on other's appearances, but holy shit. Each to their own, but she looked so much younger and prettier when she had brown hair and normal lips.

No. 606645

Ok usually i don’t give a crap about her lips or whatever but what on earth did she do to them?? That just doesn’t look right at all

No. 606649


>y'all fake as heck

you're the one with a lumpy, fucked up face full of hyaluronic acid injections, idiot. ~y'all~ the fake one

she really cannot handle anything but complete asslicking, can she

No. 606650

Lmao so true. Is she that delusional that she cannot see any difference between her overlining her lips and the monstrosity baboon anus that is now on her face?

No. 606654


she'll probably continue to overline them
she's not bright lmao

No. 606663

Is she actually getting that much hate for her lips? I haven't noticed.

No. 606667

Janice from the Muppets has better lips than her.

She reads here, so probably referring to us. Plus she patrols her Insta and deletes all the negative comments as quickly as possible.

No. 606678

File: 1528625307336.jpeg (36.72 KB, 242x166, B30D5F71-B925-45B2-B03F-135E86…)

Girl you got a booty on your lip

No. 606681

Jonny probably has something to do with it. She'll probably deny it if anyone says anything that her manlet mentally abuses her but i was in a relationship where he would comment on another girls look like, "i like how she dresses, why dont you try?" or tell me, "you would look better if.." or other subtle things that would make me insecure and try to change for him

No. 606690

File: 1528627485030.jpeg (369.35 KB, 1200x1800, 3E0D4158-37F4-4574-B38D-11AC56…)

Taylor when she gets older and trying to stay relavent

No. 606691

Yeah I can agree with that. I mean we all saw her twitter meltdown saying she's gonna talk about "all the things she's been hiding" and then suddenly deleting it all and all those things just became "he slipped up and took pain killers twice" - it's so obvious he's telling her what to say and do. I try not to be too hard on her because she's young and thinks she's in love, and honestly her mother has handled the whole situation so terribly she just pushed them closer together, but I hate how she portrays herself to young girls who think this is normal.

Sidenote, is anyone else shocked that crazy Jen is still private?

No. 606695

Her philitrum is three inches wide. She has an actual baboon’s anus on her face and chalks up the criticism to “lol y’all haters are just jealous xx”

No one is jealous, Taylor. You went for Kylie Jenner and ended up with Miranda Sings. Don’t deluded yourself.

No. 606727

Is…is she fucking naked??? You could’ve easily shown a sunburn with your bikini top on…I don’t understand why she thought she needed to get naked for a bunch of kids. Also…that boob size thoooo

No. 606739

It looks like she glued something to her bottom lip lol. There's like, a HARD crease where the filler ends and the corners of her lips meet it, the lower left part of her mouth has a huge indent at the edge of the filler, like a half inch from the corner of her mouth. Not sure how she thinks that looks good. Also her upper lip is still lumpy! So now she's still got the turtle lip, just in addition to a couple new random bumps along the waterline. LMAO such a flop

No. 606765

She looks like she did the shot glass challenge too long.

No. 606776

Wonder if since the money is clearly not flowing in enough for them, she chose to go with a cheap doctor to do it instead of a reputable professional lmao
She’s in so much denial, it looks so fucking bad and she’s gonna be paying the price for a while. They look so bad it’s funny!

No. 606779

Oh no but remember, when she photoshops and uses push up bras to make her boobs appear huge, it’s just “puberty” and they’re ~all natural~. Hahaha

No. 606783

Nice rainbow moustache

No. 606803

She makes them look worse doing those pseudo sexy poses with her tongue out and her mouth slightly open.

No. 606828

I don't know how she can look at herself in this photo and think, yeah i look good. She's god damn insane.

No. 606833

The worst of all, I am pretty sure that she will still overdraw them kek

No. 606836

Big lips don't even look bad, it's the fact she has beak lips. When i started her videos I felt so bad for her, having ugly beak lips. Now, going through her Insta, they weren't always like that.

Her ugly lips are her own fault, she doesn't need to go after people for calling it out

No. 606851

Yeah, her lips do look bad but whatever. At least it just impacts her. I think she turns to coping methods when she’s depressed or stressed. That was buying new animals and if her new thing is butchering her looks, that’s fine by me.

No. 606852

she's an adult, so she can do whatever she wants with her face, of course, it's just. her attitude?? always with her attitude. like, she posts all these pictures that are arguably pretty inappropriate for the type of audience she has, and then acts absolutely mortified when people call her out.
the lips are terrible, tbh, but she's the one that always has to make a spectacle of everything. she feeds into the hate.

No. 606866

File: 1528655506631.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1232, 018E1993-3139-43AA-94ED-21CA57…)

Remember when Taylor was naturally beautiful? She’s going to ruin her face before she hits 35

No. 606874

File: 1528656019017.jpeg (141.98 KB, 1298x897, D1F9FD77-3669-4949-9158-8A837F…)

No. 606886

I hope she's joking. She has gone from zero to over ten snakes in like a year! Slow down my dude, those snakes will live for 30+ years!

No. 606892

Definitely not joking, that’s why she bought so many enclosures. Last thread (or two) some did the math about how she is going to have X amount of empty enclosures and justify her getting them with “well I had the space” and use that as her not being impulsive with her animal hoarding

No. 606915


I kinda hope she ends up just buying more designer ball pythons,and doesn't branch of to more species, because at least she sorta knows how to care for them. I don't want her to get anything really big, high level, or god forbid a hot snake. Because first of all we know she sucks at caring for things like monitors, and satanics, which are for much better keepers. (Seriously im worried shes going to go for a sunbeam) Not to mention,her impressinable fans getting their eyes on something glamorous that they shouldn't be buying. Also lets hope she doesn't try to breed her ball pythons, there's already enough ball pythons, and the market is flooded. But her breeding would probably go poorely, but hey she only has one female right now, and shes a few years off from even being breeding size, especially when she seems to not be eating enough. (Though she does look better)
In all she needs to stop buying animals, she already has too much for her worth ethic.

No. 606952

She has mentioned wanting other species, like white-lipped pythons. I’m pretty sure she’ll end up getting something before the cages even get there, because someone will just happen to give her one again.

No. 606965

Ugh, sunbeams seem to be a trend within “Pettube”. Because encouraging all those young impressionable fans to buy an easily stressed, hard to keep alive, wild-caught snake is such a good idea. I realllyyyyy hope Taylor doesn’t get one

No. 607008

Sunbeams aren’t THAT hard to take care of from the research I’ve done. But for Taylor it would be impossible. Also they are wild caught every time. She will probably get a male and female and not deworm and try to become a breeder. I hope not but watch her try. She already said something about breeding Drogo and Dany unfortunately.

No. 607030

File: 1528669183372.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, C6B837F3-2057-4DE4-85EB-D569ED…)

Remember when you killed your kitten because of your shit care? Remember when mushu got fungus because of your shit care? Don’t act all high and mighty when you’ve done THE SAME SHIT.

No. 607033

File: 1528669325419.gif (63.83 KB, 497x500, F1d361c86a_36010543_o2.gif)

good god she looks like a fucking furby

No. 607036

I just saw this tweet. She is so ANNOYING!!! She literally has an over populated tank???? She has a mantis shrimp living with many other fish that may piss it off one day??? Her snakes are dehydrated??? She bought a death lizard and is keeping it in a tiny enclosure??? She’s dating a rapist???? If she keeps playing she’s going to get into a twitter fight with someone actually aware of her bullshit.

No. 607038

File: 1528669613098.png (16.54 KB, 729x104, TND.png)

Imagine this getting passed and then having her instagram taken down for neglect

No. 607045

she sounds like an anon on this thread instead of a family-friendly animal expert.

No. 607057

File: 1528670523122.png (275.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-10-16-00-08…)

I really hope this gift is not an animal…
I found out about white lipped pythons because of that viral video, and she probably did too honestly, and was like, wow thats pretty I want it.

No. 607065

She deleted this and the twitter pictures, kek. Her next vid will 10000% have comments turned off

No. 607066

File: 1528671375127.png (744.79 KB, 750x1334, 31CCCC3F-BFF7-4EAF-BBF9-366860…)

Taylor liked tweet… honey you didn’t research your monitor before getting him so I guess you’re no better than this girl

No. 607075

Fun fact the girl who made viral the video is a ex follower of Taylor and I think she design a tattoo for her ( I can't remember which one)

No. 607100

Didn’t she say there was a video being uploaded today? I looked and I’m pretty sure she deleted where she said that.

No. 607103

I think you're thinking of the sunbeam snake video. But yes, the girl who designed Taylor's hedgehog tattoo has a sunbeam snake

No. 607109

Yes she did say that. I think she was like “editing away” or some bullshit

No. 607117

File: 1528676063638.png (3.93 MB, 750x1334, 46BC780E-6826-4445-B252-C0BAE5…)

Is this a mite on violet?

No. 607126

Yes most likely, its also already been brought up a few days ago

No. 607136

File: 1528679149223.png (4.12 MB, 1242x2208, 940B475E-9744-4C15-9138-AF0077…)

Ok I know it’s been said before but her tattoo looks so fucking bad. It looks like lettuce! Why would she want this on her body?

No. 607137

File: 1528679298190.jpeg (350.23 KB, 1290x1430, F610EEC0-C69B-475D-804A-29BC5E…)

No. 607138

File: 1528679308286.jpeg (181.96 KB, 1302x1427, F59AB5B0-1D5F-4B0B-AB42-D4FB53…)

No. 607139

File: 1528679329884.jpeg (198.1 KB, 1303x1421, 1A403CB2-ECB3-4020-88FA-2E3B28…)

Is she serious? This is exactly what she did with her monitor.

No. 607145

Omg what. The. Hell. I wish I had a Twitter so I could tell her tf off. Anytime anyone says ANYTHING about her animal care she is snippy with them. Unless the criticism is coupled with ass kissing she doesn't wanna hear it.

No. 607149

What about when she “adopted” ghost? She supposedly adopted him same day without any background checks? Why is Taylor being so fucking hypocritical today

No. 607152

Googling things for an hour doesn't count as education, Taylor.

You didn't even know the type of monitor you were getting and because you're stubborn as shit, decided to keep it despite not being fully capable of caring for it.

No. 607159

I don't understand why she had to be so nasty to that person with their pet fish who just died. Don't get me wrong, it is true fish are severely neglected but its because people aren't educated enough. Instead of being snappy/rude to somebody, you could give them a detailed response explaining how too small of an environment for your fish can kill it (or link to them a video of which there is plenty on youtube). Saying the environment is too small is fucking pointless whenever you don't explain why it is.

Tbh Taylor's aquatic keeping skills are sub-par also. She has decent saltwater knowledge (mantis shrimp set up but she is educated on that, she just chooses not to listen) but her freshwater knowledge is trash and for her to act high and mighty about it is laughable.

No. 607160

I love how f-rude she was with that person but whenever she gets backlash she screams " you are bullying me, you are mean to me! imma block you for being mean"
Saddly i cant call her bs anymore since she block me.

No. 607164

and now anon because you mentioned that shes gonna magically have one surrendered to her!

No. 607176

Wow that person is a fucking idiot. I actually side with Taylor on this one.

No. 607179

A broken clock's still right twice a day.

That said, she's in no position to call out people. Doing so aggressively also doesn't help, most people are very ignorant about fish care. Being snarky with them just means they'll ignore you and your advice. Sucks… but she should know this.

No. 607188

File: 1528684389575.jpg (400.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180610-203453.jpg)

Wanna bet she just didn't film it yet?

No. 607190

File: 1528684419585.jpeg (391.09 KB, 1227x1613, F6EEF49D-9AD4-468F-ACB6-881897…)

Okay Taylor

No. 607191

Wonder if it’s because she realised how bad her fresh lips looked (she deleted all the previous selfies.) Possibly waiting for the swelling to go down some more

No. 607192

she's so full of shit. literally everything she says is hypocritical. even if someone did buy a tiny ass cage, can you really stop them from buying it? i've never worked at a pet store before but i imagine if they were able to deny people from buying animals they would do it a lot more often

No. 607202

A lot of people will impulse buy an animal, do research in the week or so after, then all their animals end up cared for better than hers kek

No. 607205

I also worked at petco and I know for a fact the employees wouldn’t make that sale. They’re kept to a certain code based on legal animal requirements and, in knowing that, would be complacent in animal neglect. Her stories aren’t even believable.

No. 607207

Either that or she just didn’t like how she looked. A while ago she had a couple of videos filmed (there was proof of it) but she refilmed them because she dyed her hair blonde and didn’t want the videos with her old hair.

No. 607212

File: 1528688149705.jpg (153.1 KB, 948x1179, image.jpg)

I can't believe she going off on someone else's pet care when she's been mistreating her monitor since day one.

No. 607214

File: 1528688508027.png (152.7 KB, 1184x1074, jc.PNG)

speaking of impulse buys…

No. 607215

But guys it's not an impulse buy, cause she's been wanting another insect ever since she killed- I mean got a badly bred insect that died due to no fault of her own. /s

No. 607245

File: 1528691888127.png (228.55 KB, 580x342, 4482242566.png)

Why are her crocodile skinks on top of each other in every picture she posts of them?

No. 607252

for the ~aesthetic~

i can't believe she goes around saying animals aren't accessories, yet she takes pics of her animals like this 24/7

No. 607257


I think depending on the store they can deny people from buying animals, but it usually has to be a decision supported by the manager and that isn't always the case. I've heard people refuse to sell feeder goldfish to people with bowls. But usually only if they're the manager/if the manager gave them permission to refuse bad owners.

No. 607281

File: 1528695459558.jpeg (520.33 KB, 1538x2048, CF32DEF7-B32B-4F78-B8A7-2681A2…)

No. 607282

File: 1528695475950.jpeg (514.58 KB, 1538x2048, F32F0417-3F97-494A-A5C6-4528FB…)

No. 607285

File: 1528695611516.jpeg (330.42 KB, 1242x1643, B5AA8DC6-E5FF-4A6B-AEBA-3AF4DB…)

No. 607297

Gosh that hair piece is extremely obvious and plastic looking.

I can’t stand when people post captions like this when it’s obvious that they tried to look sexy. The self negging is just blatant begging for complements.

No. 607299

File: 1528698192583.jpeg (132.83 KB, 1295x1422, 172F97D7-9159-4ADC-A619-93A0FA…)

Is she seriously doing this again after the monitor situation? Letting someone else pick out an animal for her?

No. 607300

File: 1528698232566.jpeg (141.08 KB, 1300x1011, 4BFCB29F-571C-4B4A-9D81-D2D294…)

Or because they’re poorly done and lumpy

No. 607306

Omfg her lips are 100000% worse. It doesnt go with her face structure at all. She looks like a snapping turtle..

Stop messing with your face Taylor, unless you want to end up like those celebrities with botched cement faces

No. 607307

Yep! At Petco's near me the employees are allowed to refuse to sell animals if they believe they wouldn't be going to a good home, usually the customers are reasonable and managers don't need to be called.

No. 607308

She looks like a busted iggy azalea.

No. 607312

File: 1528699611686.jpeg (530.93 KB, 800x600, 38427478-D161-4E5C-97A4-42AD9F…)

Jonny talks about his exs so much that Taylor keeps messing with her face and getting tattoos in hopes she looks better than them so he can stop talking about them. He’s never going to stop being obsessed with them, Taylor. He will break up with you in a heartbeat if ever his exs wants him back with a bank account to show for it

No. 607317

Is it just me…or does she still have that weird fucking lump on her top lip?? How did all that filler not hide that??

No. 607321

I can't get over how old she looks. I would not think she was 21 at all, her lips look horrendous and wtf is that hair piece? She honestly looks like a 35 year old smack addict who lurks around street corners.

No. 607340

Where does she read that people are calling her fake and disgusting because she got the lip injections? Most of the complaints seem to be because her lip injections look terrible lol

No. 607344

why does she look like my uncle's 45 year old coke whore girlfriend

No. 607357

File: 1528705205894.jpg (27.02 KB, 477x476, jordan-parke-2.jpg)


I'm guessing this is the look she's going for.

No. 607428

She reads things and then puts her own narrative on them to make her feel better. So if she looks awful cause they think shes 'fake' now cause of plastic surgery, thats better than people thinking she fucked up her face with baboon lips

No. 607484

She can buy all these animals and supposedly cages but can’t even buy decent hair extensions ghat actually match her hair and don’t look like she got them off a barbie doll?

No. 607512

File: 1528721014585.jpg (332.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180611-144255_Twi…)

Lol look at what chelsea retweeted

No. 607515

She would to better not to think about or talk about this. It's one thing to put the news out there, it's another to follow along and join in the nitpicking. It's almost like she's jealous, which isn't rational but it's possible.

No. 607516

Ok but what the actual fuck, she looks like she’s over 30 years old? Trying to look hot with makeup? Those lips have just made her face look so… I don’t know, manly? Yuck she is so gross looking now, she used to be so naturally pretty years ago.

No. 607519

I think she’s just joining in on the opinion that her lips look terrible without directly saying it. I don’t think she’s jealous at all minus the fact she can be so lazy and just upload shitty YouTube videos for a living while she’s stuck with a 9-5. Chelsea is honestly beautiful, I don’t believe at all she’s jealous of those nasty baboon lips.

No. 607520

Not jealous of Taylor's lips lmao, but about the girl who took her place - even though she doesn't want that place anymore.

No. 607521

First, does she not know what insect shes getting?
Second, I thought she was against animals being gifts

No. 607522


She reminds me of Gigi Gorgeous, except uglier. At least Gigi's lips don't look like a baboon's ass despite having fillers.

No. 607523

This. For all we know Jonny may be the type of guy to slide in remarks like “you would look better if…” “hey this girl is wearing this, you should wear this…” “this procedure would make your ___ look really good…”. Just adding to Taylor’s already severe insecurities about herself. She never feels like enough and wants her rapist man to love her and gush about her and shut up about his exes. Oh but they totally “had a serious talk about it” guys. He’s different now /s. Yet he hasn’t changed at all kek. She acts like she has him on a leash, yet he’s fucked other girls and done drugs behind your back, and with your knowledge. But ya know, enjoy your insecurities and toxic shitty relationship Taylor. You had the chance to leave and still do.

No. 607524

She specifically says don’t buy animals as gifts, especially around Easter for bunnies and Christmas for puppies/kittens. Then she proceeds to let her manlet buy her an unknown species of animal. When she JUST said a day ago never buy an animal without doing your research. Lmao the hypocricy is just stunning

No. 607556

Anyone else still shocked crazy Jen is STILL private? I think she read this thread a LOT when she was going off and Twitter and making a fool of herself. Maybe she finally realizes how much she really embarrassed herself and not only made herself look bad, but Taylor. Or Tay threatened to stop contact with her again if she doesn’t knock it off. That’s the quickest way to get Jen to follow your every command, is for her to be unable to see Taylor. That’s why Jen is such a kisses for Jonny now, she has to pretend to like him to get to talk to and be with Taylor.

No. 607568

I don’t think she’s jealous about that all. If anything I think she’s pissed. I think she’s pissed that she was assaulted and abused and nothing happened to him, and that she warned Taylor and she didn’t believe her and still mocks her. That shit would piss me off and I honestly wouldn’t be able to let it go until I was proven right. I think anyone would be like this, it’s so hard to let go when you know you’re right and can’t wait to say it. I think she’s hate watching lmao that’s technically what we do with Taylor. We hate-watch. We might not even hate her we just can’t wait for this shit to blow up and prove us all right.

No. 607575

TBH when I look in her eyes in this picture (after staring at her lips and hair in amazement for like 3 minutes) I see a cry for help. Maybe that's what all this cosmetic nonsense is. not that I think lip fillers/hair extensions are bad or trashy, but they can be done badly and therefore look trashy. but she looks fucking DRAINED and like she needs a lifestyle change soon or something (someone) is gonna snap.

No. 607607

>it’s so hard to let go when you know you’re right and can’t wait to say it

I completely agree. Have had multiple situations where I was right but no one would listen, so I just kept getting angry about everything until it blew up in their faces and proved I was right. Once I was proven right I was completely able to let go and move on. It’s just frustrating knowing you’re right about something and you want to watch and wait for it to be proven, so I don’t blame his exes at all for keeping tabs on Taylor’s situation.

No. 607621

The first time him and Chelsea broke up she posted on instagram about him making comments about her hair color, weight, amount of tattoos she got etc so I definitely believe this is the case with Taylor as well

No. 607628

I feel like she uses the poses where she moves her lips with her fingers/leaves her mouth open/sticks her tongue out because she tries to fix what the shape looks like - but holy fuck she's screwed them up even worse than they already were! I didn't think it could get any worse but wow she sure did it. She was probably desperately hoping this procedure would fix her lips and make her look like some kind of instagram-goddess. She definitely does not believe these look good, that's why she's already deleting some of the older pictures and being super defensive about them on social media. She's trying to impress her fans and keep Jonny with her, but fuck her face just looks more disgusting than ever. She's only recently 21 and looks over 31…

No. 607630

File: 1528733321952.jpeg (290 KB, 640x857, 9DACB905-0233-4A26-9533-30B15E…)

No. 607632

File: 1528733346472.jpeg (174.06 KB, 640x560, 207C101F-D159-4397-AE55-C35912…)

Why the fuck is she proud of this?

No. 607635

I agree. She's so young and is already filling herself with tattoos, frying her hair all the time and getting plumper looks to keep up with the hot instagram girls Jonny must gawk over all day. Like honestly, what do you think they do all day besides drugs and go out to the pool sometimes, and look at buying more animals they don't need? With her desperate to put out shitty videos left and right, the money is definitely not flowing in like it used to for her. Jonny must be losing interest, he is probably only still with her because she's so easily manipulated, and he doesn't already have a younger, hotter, and richer girl lined up in his sights already.

No. 607636

((same anon, meant plumper "lips" not looks, just wanted that to be clear if it wasn't already))

No. 607651

Why does her vein look blown the fuck out

No. 607660

>there is no correlation
taylor, you dummy - it's "contradiction", not "correlation"

No. 607676

File: 1528736698885.png (306.73 KB, 1080x1651, thumbnail.png)

samefag i knew i had this somewhere

No. 607681

Holy shit yeah, what the fuck is up with that arm vein.

No. 607690

File: 1528737642856.jpeg (448.13 KB, 750x964, 0BD60FE1-6FAD-4FF3-8F24-205F6A…)

>look fine
What? They don’t even look like lips anymore. They’re so mishapen. She was so naturally pretty, I hope her face recovers from the shit she’s doing.

No. 607691


Honestly.. I think they WOULD look fine if not for that massive bulge in the middle. Her lips are naturally kinda weird shaped.. So filling them only made it more obvious. What an idiot she is lmao

No. 607698


She looks so unhappy, and dead inside.

No. 607700

File: 1528737956646.jpg (23.29 KB, 634x350, 3547239500000578-3641462-image…)

This photo looks like it's been shopped too. They look even more bumpy in the other photos she took down.

The problem is, when you overfill your lips you're always going to have that duck bill effect going on. Pic related. Taylor has that…

No. 607705

Some people’s veins are just more prominent than others…?

No. 607711

It doesn't look like that in other photos of her arm. She's shown us her tattoo enough for that one to stand out as weird.

No. 607741

She always looks like that tbh. Even before Johnny she had blank, robotic expressions. Part of the reason why it was difficult for me to like her in the beginning, she was so bland and monotonous.

No. 607774

lol you are really reaching.

No. 607778

I'm not the first anon. I just agree her vein looks weird there. It's not reaching to point that out. She lives with a heroin addict after all. We've seen texts that say she's smoked it.

No. 607794

File: 1528744344405.jpeg (146.32 KB, 470x294, ECDC7785-4605-4440-BF6F-D700C3…)

Does she still have these super rare fish? Haven’t heard about them since she made the video

No. 607811

File: 1528745983855.jpeg (361.37 KB, 1125x940, BBCD4F6F-BD0D-43D2-A032-235B8C…)

The love bombing is sooo annoying at this point.

No. 607813

She looks like one of those male makeup channel youtubers kek

No. 607821

The love bombing is funny because an anon predicted it would start in full force once he got back from being away after they breakup. He's so predictable.

No. 607825

I think it's just because she's putting pressure on her arm in that position and it's making her veins pop out a little. Same thing happens to me. I could be wrong though.

all I hear is
>you have sex with me, you haven't broken under my constant abuse (yet), and I don't want to lose you because you pay my bills.

No. 607838

I know this is off topic but has anyone ever realized that Taylor is almost NEVER paying attention to her kittens/cats anymore? We only see instathot pictures and then occasionally see them pop up in videos (where they're stressed or doing something to annoy Taylor) but never outside of that. With Emzotics (who has some controversy around her, I know) she's constantly posting on her story about her ferrets playing around and being themselves. Are her cats really that lazy and unstimulated or is Taylor just not giving a shit about them anymore? It's not like shes travelling and partying 24/7 now like she was in the past, right?

No. 607840

I’m curious, why is the general consensus on this board that Taylor is NOT shooting up? There is far more evidence, circumstantial and physical texts, that she is a junkie, but every time it’s even suggested, I see a lot of anons wk her. What leads you to believe she is telling the truth, when she claims the heroin texts were faked or her that cat was gifted to her? Why give her the benefit of the doubt?

No. 607842

All this tells me is that he probably insults her flaws in person and makes her believe he cares by “showing the world” aka tweeting his love for her online and making her think he’s in love. Nothing goals about it if you keep changing yourself to fit his needs

No. 607844

Because they’re not kittens anymore that gets more views and comments. If you take a look at her photos with her grown cats, she doesn’t get as much of “omg kitty!! So cute!!” As she does if she post photos of kittens. She only post photos of things she thinks people will retweet about, hence why she keeps bringing up nala being dead or holding her lizards in the air because kids like seeing cool things slither on tattoos and flowers

No. 607846

If there was real dragons around, we’ll probably see her trying to tame one for the views because she’s “a disney princess, all animals love her!! And she can tame anyone!! So look! I have a dragon like khaleesi!! takes a photo of her lips

No. 607852

File: 1528749560827.jpeg (233.06 KB, 1295x1151, 04A7F059-4E81-42B1-9134-11E70A…)

No. 607853

Oh that's rich, I knew her response would be something along those lines to that criticism. But she already implied that she hasn't even seen them yet… so she won't see them until they arrive?? So what, stick them in a plain glass cage or container for a day until you have a suitable tank set up? Jesus fuck she's so hypocritical.

No. 607854

Alright I had my suspicions before but I'm placing bets on an orchid mantis.

No. 607857

I can understand why the girl is so polite, one wrong word and Taylor’s life suckers jump down your throat. I actually did see this on Twitter, the girl pointed out that he should give her more hints, so she could have the enclosure ready BEFORE she gets it (( unlike the monitor.. or yknow , any of her animals))

No. 607873

She had a budwing mantis before right? I keep mantises, I love them, they're really interesting pets but I really hope she hasn't got one of the more ornamental species. Humidity can need monitoring several times a day when they shed/are about to; because incorrect sheds can kill them and they have a much harder time than 'non-fancy' (budwing/chinese etc) mantises due to their decoration.

It wouldn't surprise me though… she likes to jump in the deep end when it comes to animals… there are certain species of mantises, just like reptiles, that you should work up to owning.

No. 607880

File: 1528750709662.jpeg (438.46 KB, 1272x1642, 895331F0-290F-4235-99BF-06BA2E…)

No. 607881


I don't necessarily believe she's NOT shooting up but I don't see any of the evidence you listed as solid proof that she IS. I hope that doesn't sound rude, or like I am defending her bc I'm not trying to. From my personal experience with addicts I just don't think she's shooting up YET. If she's still using heroin I see her still smoking it as her preferred method.

No. 607884

Yes exactly! I saw his post and was just like yuckkk
This is definitely just the cycle of Jonny Craig - a rapist, drug abuser and alcoholic. After he leaves her for Florida and cheats on her and uses drugs/drinks behind her back and she throws a tantrum, he's of course gonna start with the gushing on social media. This is why they have to maintain this status of having a "perfect goals" relationship, because look how sweet he is!! She changed him for the better! /s

No. 607887

"I'm extremely insecure about myself and constantly have to change to stay relevant and my lips were botched by this recent procedure and I'm getting reasonable criticism for it that I can't handle so I'm going to say I'm happy and don't care to just hold a facade that I'm not insecure when I actually am. Also want to point out people calling me out for this procedure are bullies so I'm going to post this pity picture so my fans attack anyone who says otherwise and I get lots of sympathy and attention for my looks x"

No. 607893

I mean…I believe she’s on drugs. I just think she’s getting better at hiding it but she’s bound to slip up soon. I’ll believe that she doesn’t drink but I truly believe she’s on drugs

No. 607895

Emzotic is controversial? Totally new here, but other than that betta thing I didn't know there was anything surrounding her? Thought she seemed pretty good tbh.

No. 607900

Doesn’t want to get hassled over her looks yet posts a picture that insinuates she’s covering up her no no square for a tease. Okay jan

No. 607901

i think it's her association with taylor that makes her controversial

No. 607907

Yeah, she's also done some shady sponsorships with poor cages for bearded dragons, has kept her animals in bare minimum cages, doesn't show a lot of the cages (making people think they're worse than bare minimum, especially when she said the bad beardie cage was an upgrade and they were kept in the dark before???), has animals that shouldn't be pets (alligator snapping turtle, which is kept in their basement), Danny also BYB snakes while she BYB her doves. etc.

There's actually a lot, the general pet youtubers thread has more info although you'll have to read back a bit to get it all. >>605517

No. 607909

File: 1528751814989.jpeg (234.92 KB, 1294x900, C084B733-AE85-48E8-97F0-31F634…)

Does she really not realize how hypocritical this is?

No. 607918

There's a pet youtubers thread that dives deeper, but yeah she's pretty Eh with animal care. The betta thing was bad, she houses doves right next to ferrets (predator/prey), she's been doing a weird food fetish thing lately using her animals as accessories, her boyfriend guy seems to be a shit animal caretaker and she's ok with that, there was some viral picture where they LOST a pet lizard or something months ago and posted a pic of finding it with a fucking family and eggs under their dresser (>>>/snow/514710).

As far as relevance to TND, she's both thrown shade at TND and defended her, her boyfriend made a video mocking TND yet Em has admitted to stalking TND's lolcow to wk, etc etc. She just comes off as very two-faced and only in the pettube community so she can get discovered as ~an actress~

No. 607922

It's honestly so ridiculous. People more experienced in the reptile community have reached out to her and she's completely ignored them. She literally said last week (or the week before) that her monitor is "fine" and "seems happy" even though he's in completely the wrong set up, and now apparently he wont be in the right set up for 3-4 months?!?! She fucks me off so bad. She had Gus in a tiny cage his whole life and her hedgehogs are in tiny cages now. She has the money to go out and buy a bigger cage right now, but doesn't. She's such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 607924


OT But that lost lizard wasn't his. He found the pic on reddit, as it was posted there first.

No. 607929

She really should just cancel the order for that cage and have someone build one locally. They could have it done in a week.

No. 607932

I wonder if she thinks this is sweet, I'd be annoyed if my gf kept professing love to me on social media when she could just say it to me. It's almost always manipulative or to satisfy a jealous SO. Probably both in this case lol.

No. 607956

Ah yes, the good old "i've been wanting this animal for ages" line she usually pulls.

No. 607964

File: 1528754883929.jpeg (197.83 KB, 750x1092, 1FACB7A8-E95B-4112-86B1-4424E2…)

He is SO fucking creepy!!

No. 607970

"Hereeesss jonnnyyy!!!!"

No. 607973

He looks so fucking creepy my god.

No. 607987

File: 1528756765283.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, E0167C03-174D-4DD1-9A00-4B802D…)

Stop being Such a fucking hypocrite

No. 607995

A stopped* clock is still right twice a day

No. 607998

He looks creepy cause he’s a sexual predator. Nothing funny about his crusty face.

No. 608004

File: 1528757417568.png (413.72 KB, 750x1334, B17846F3-D1AB-46B2-BDD8-187578…)

Ironic considering he can’t go a single day without being single, he keeps girls on the back burner

No. 608010

File: 1528757547825.jpeg (344.79 KB, 2012x1610, 2090A79E-7F90-4491-8E57-2D9795…)

She really messed up her face.

No. 608014

Origin is actually

> as a clock that stands still is sure to point right once in twelve hours

But you get the meaning, don't be pedantic.

No. 608032

Her hair.. yikes 🤢

No. 608051

She definitely just wanted to have her new shitty hair extensions in the video, that’s why it’s taking so long. I think the funniest part about all of this is you can tell she /really/ thinks she looks good.

No. 608077

Her roots gross me out, grown out and oily af

No. 608079

Ah didn't see that, lol I'm slightly relieved because that pic is hella nasty

No. 608092

File: 1528762300373.jpeg (279.55 KB, 640x760, 564CC2A0-8C64-4D2C-82DC-4C56B0…)

Don’t you just love that 271 people saw this and thought “yep, that’s a great excuse”

No. 608102

exactly. it's ridiculous to assume she's shooting up… she is no tuna. does she do drugs? definitely. but she's not injecting heroin.

No. 608105

omfg underrated comment

No. 608108


This isn't even fun anymore to talk about. It gets me really worked up anymore when she lies and makes up such hypocritical excuses and says it with such confidence to let everyone know her say is the final say. No matter what she does, or what happens, Taylor is the all knowing one. Even if she royally fucks up she somehow spins it differently.. I'm always furiously typing replies to her before I chicken out because I know I'll just get attacked and it does no good. She does what she wants, when she wants, with what animals she wants. She knows she can talk about what it later on and act like she learned something and earn the forgiveness of her stans. There's nothing she could do that her fans wouldn't forgive.

No. 608118

I don’t even understand why people stan her so hard…she’s not that funny, not relatable, not sweet or cute or generous, like,,,what’s so good about her

No. 608120


true anon, she doesn’t inject heroin. she smokes it.

No. 608126

I think she probably smokes weed, I know a lot of people do it to help relax when they have anxiety, however it can have the opposite effect if you have a bad reaction. With Jonny smoking it in the house there’s no way she’d turn it down if it relaxes her, which if you have really bad anxiety, that’s all you want. But to be honest I think she doesn’t suffer half as much as she says, she’s a professional victim.

No. 608136

I try to think about how much I used to love her.. When I found her she had a lot of animals and lived at home but it was before she started getting snakes. I didn't even think about her pet care.. I just assumed it was fine. I assumed no one would get that many animals if they couldn't handle them. Plus the way she talked and presented herself I assumed she knew her shit. I thought she was funny and pretty, and I liked that there was a pet channel that was fun and that she seemed like a normal 19/20 year old. And then practically overnight she started bragging about frivolous purchases on snapchat and getting more and more animals, and my opinion on her changed sooo fast. And that was before Jonny lol. She's gotten so much worse since then.

I'm js… If she were straight up fat/ugly she wouldn't be this popular. She could do everything exactly the same as she is now. She's only getting praise for this bc of how she looks.

No. 608164

Exactly she got to where she is mainly because ooo she’s a pretty girl with all these weird pets, how edgy. Now she’s f’ing up her money maker.

No. 608172

Hey, that's me she's replying to! I had a feeling that bs excuse was gonna make it onto here. She's so full of shit I almost feel bad for her that she has to keep making up these sorry excuses.

No. 608205

Her new video should be up within the next hour unless something comes up again (and it always does). But she hasn’t deleted the tweet yet so who knows.

No. 608210

omfg what if she’s even more lispy Bahaha she’ll turn into pickles pets bless.

No. 608242


Exactly that, I had a similar experience when I used to watch her videos. I didn't agree with all her fish care but at the time her freshwater care was average, and that's most of what I know about. Otherwise she seemed like a normal, entertaining person who had cool animals and really cared about them.

Then it became clearer she either didn't care about her animals anymore or never did, she started increasing the drama with JC on her own by responding badly instead to what people were saying, and she became a train wreck that now we're all just waiting for to crash.

No. 608257

Eyebrows are too close together

No. 608260


Everything about her makeup is fucked up, not only are they close together they're also so thin and high up that it makes her brow bones look weird and fat

No. 608293

File: 1528775381926.jpeg (125.49 KB, 1242x602, B22A5B57-12BA-45AA-A348-DD66C4…)

What does this even mean lol

No. 608299

File: 1528776147209.png (233.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-11-21-58-58…)

No. 608301

Surprise! /s

No. 608323

loving the countdown til we get to see her new lips

No. 608329

heres the new vid

her lips look even more fucked when she talks

No. 608332

No. 608336

i imagine she just googled "corals," took everything that wikipedia has to offer, and turned it into a video

No. 608337


God, she starts every intro like she's confused but says the same shit every time.

Everything she knows about corals? must be a real short video…

No. 608338

THE LISSSSSSSSSSSSP!!!!!! Holy shit do her lipssss look awful.

Animalsssss. She hisses like a snake.

No. 608341

I actually think it sounds a little like her lisp is getting better… Not trying to defend her in any way, but either something changed or she's getting a tad better at controling it. I just noticed it's less prominent on certain words than before

No. 608342

continuing to pit women against each other by their appearances. how classy, jonny. but it's "just a joke relax!!!", right, tay?

No. 608343

For the anon asking about the cow morph clownfish, it looks like they're in the tank behind her, around the 1:25 mark

No. 608345

File: 1528780737338.jpeg (274.11 KB, 1935x1290, B6D72282-A805-4190-8821-76F4FF…)

I don’t know why she keeps insisting she got lip injections to look exactly how her lips did when she overlined them. They look completely different and completely horrible.

No. 608347

this video was interesting and i liked it. good job, tay. not gonna give you any yt views though

No. 608348


I've always liked her lips before, they're naturally full and have a unique shape. With how much Jonny stalks his exe's and brings up Taylor's appearance but nothing else about her, i think her self esteem is continuously going downhill. Shame that she's acting like he's being supportive of her though when he constantly compares her to ex girlfriends

No. 608350

File: 1528781771339.png (276.05 KB, 914x650, Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 1.36…)

Honestly creepy

No. 608356

File: 1528783156907.jpeg (178.35 KB, 1289x920, 5DFC77C5-2A84-4C4D-BAA9-4B17D8…)

Wasn’t he just insulting other women’s appearances earlier today though?

No. 608359

Imagine being 32 years old and tweeting about bashing in the heads of pretweens

No. 608362

Imagine being 21 and tweeting private conversations with you and your BF that a) didn't happen and b) are a desperate attempt at approval from your fan base regarding your relationship

No. 608368

>>608332 Lol at 6:45 she mentions some company called World Wide Coral. Guess the video's sponsored after all.

No. 608370

Taylor has such a quick pet turnover that I just watched one of her old videos and I was not aware that she ever had a leafbug/stickinsect thing.

No. 608383

File: 1528788360112.png (73.68 KB, 828x749, IMG_9899.PNG)

I understand that eyebrows are meant to be sisters, not twins… but, hell, they're practically third cousins in her last video

No. 608384

i'm dying lmfao i'm usually not one to make fun of appearances but holy fuck she looks like something else here.

she's bitching because everyone's "making fun of her lips wah" honey, what? people have been making fun of her lips since the first time she got them done. they don't look good. that's all. if she's so secure in her decision then why is she letting everybody else's opinions get to her? i understand she has a lot of people commenting on her stuff all the time, but you can't expect people not to point out things that are blatantly obvious when you put yourself out there–like the fact that your lip fillers were botched

No. 608385

yessssss letssss begin talking about coralssssssss.

No. 608399

Geez is her dentist and the one who done her lips the same person because honestly, i cannot unhear her lisp. She fucked up her mouth and soon, she's gonna mess up her entire face

No. 608423

File: 1528795087771.jpeg (154.28 KB, 1242x832, 48BE6E77-F734-4FB5-BF1B-941BA0…)

Don’t think this has been posted yet

No. 608452

File: 1528798247991.jpeg (716.21 KB, 1125x2312, 6B4925B2-A66D-49DD-8D33-3D7623…)

1) A mistake is no longer a mistake when it’s repeatedly made.

2) People are “bitter” because we’re on the subject of living and breathing creatures that are being neglected.

3) It’s not hard to “find” these things (refer to point #1).

4) Taylor doesn’t make mistakes- according to her ridiculous video where she tries to justify keeping a monitor she absolutely knew nothing about while simultaneously forgetting that she said she was buying it for her bff who just had a baby. Oh and how can I forget that while receiving backlash, she had to deflect any blame in the situation by pretending to care that it was WC.

Basically what I’m trying to say is, TAYLOR STFU. Where do you come off berating people on the internet over their animal care. How is your “education” on animals any different from theirs. Did you get a degree or go to vet school- I’ll wait.
I’m so fucking sick of this girl. She thinks she’s better than everyone meanwhile, her hair is fucking oily, her hair extension (singular) doesn’t match her grown out yellow roots, and her lips are horrendous. She should feel ashamed that a “licensed professional” did that to her lips. She can now take several seats in a corner.
I’m not one for ragging on someone’s appearance, but DO NOT act like your pedestal isn’t dusty and cracked.
Sorry for the blogpost…

No. 608455

File: 1528798331023.png (1.2 MB, 1334x750, 11A29766-29A2-4AB6-ADCF-F57425…)

Omfg I paused at the wrong part hahahaaa she looks like a cheap sex doll

No. 608458

Remember when she said if she did an educational video she could make them so easily, just have them done daily. This one took three attempts, she claims it’s educational, and it was sponsored. Typical Taylor.

No. 608467

Sweet jesus, she sounds like I did when I was 7 and got a retainer for the first time. And her video sounds like a middle-school biology presentation.

No. 608474

I liked this video. Sure, she probably pulled most of the info from google, but she presented it in a way that's entertaining for her viewers who probably wouldn't know or care about the subject otherwise.
I almost feel bad for her tbh. The comments are clearly getting to her. Now, if only she would take people that point out the errors in her animal care as seriously, that would be great.

No. 608476

Careful, you might get banned for that

No. 608478

Can you please stop linking to her YouTube and giving her views lmao

No. 608481

I think he meant “she can do whatever I want her to”

No. 608498

her brows have been bothering me for sooo long now

No. 608507

File: 1528804599992.png (2.14 MB, 1440x2409, Screenshot_2018-06-12-07-47-11…)

She used to be so pretty, what the HECK

No. 608520


She looks like a completely different person now, and definitely not in a good way. Shame, really.

No. 608548

Honestly didn’t even recognise her. But seems like she hit 18 and thought yep now I’ll show my body off. Nothing wrong with it but I think she’s always been desperate for other people’s appraisals, hence why this lip thing is getting to her so much. She’s so insecure so she needs others to compliment her. Sadly though she is and continues to be a instagram thot

No. 608554

I think it's hilarious her lips 100% look bad now. There is no way she can spin it or pose that they look good. I don't care if people get lip injections, but I HATE that pillowy look they start to get when it's too much. The first time she got them done they weren't nearly this big which is probably what she was hoping for again.

No. 608569

I wish she would stop bleaching her hair. Some brunettes look good with blonde hair but she looks so much prettier with her natural hair. It would also help her hair heal because it’s just so fried right now.

No. 608570

She's either lying about everyone commenting on her lips to play victim or deleting all negative comments because I don't see shit except her idiot stans complimenting her beat face

No. 608571

File: 1528814139583.jpeg (214.59 KB, 750x454, C99C2996-B980-494F-9A91-64C34B…)

Classy? Alright em. This is why she comes across so insincere. One minute she’s lowkey throwing shade at Taylor then she’s sucking up to her.

No. 608573

She lurks here and is delusional

No. 608595

So I'm confused, I just saw the video of her and Tyler (on his channel) of them at a Wildlife Safari … and Taylor is driving them there? I thought she couldn't drive?

No. 608623


>she is no tuna.

fried hair
penchant for opiates
weird lumpy top lip
lounge room costume changes
hoarding of accessories
rampant victim mentality
loser junkie boyfriend
compliment fishing
muh joint pain
never leaves the house

i'm seeing some parallels

No. 608656

touche, anon. i still don't think she's shooting up tho

No. 608661

Oh but Taylor I thought you didn't care about what other people have to say about you? You always say you're so happy and don't care what others have to say? Suuuure. Goes to show how much you really don't like your own lips, despite you being overly defensive about them the past few days. You hate yourself because you base your worth off the internet and your loser rapist boyfriend. What a joke you are. She's fishing for attention and compliments soooo hard and is so adamant to admit they look like shit, she knows it but doesn't want to let everyone else know that. Also please stop posting fake convos between you and your druggy alcoholic BF. He's not that deep. He cares about your looks, young age, pussy and money. Not you. God she is so pathetic I ALMOST feel bad for her. She needs help. But is too prideful to admit it, which is always the first step needed.

No. 608684

File: 1528824072197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 115.57 KB, 900x675, gg.jpg)

the goatse runs strong in this young thot

No. 608685

What is no tuna?

No. 608686

It’s Luna’s nickname. She’s a 21 yo herion junckie who’s had a shit ton of threads on her scamming and general gross strung out behavior

No. 608693

she's gonna give trisha paytas and dasha a run for their money with those messy, overfilled lips kek

No. 608695

Well in that general description I can see the similarities. I feel like Taylor is a scammer with her half assed merch while also allowing her fans to believe she’s actually a credible “animal educator”

No. 608857

She used to look so pretty wtf? She has fucked up her face so much… her natural looks and hair were so beautiful. She's SO insecure that she's attempted making herself "better" but has ultimately made herself look like shit. She pretends "it's my body, my choice! I'm a female role model! Make yourself happy! I do it for me!" etc. lol yet she lets the internet, trends, and her BF determine what she should do with herself. Well done Taylor, by 21 you have managed to make yourself look like a 40 year old sex doll. Yuck!!

No. 608952

Jen's public again. Looking forward to the crazy shit she'll post over the next few days. I'm surprised she has been off twitter for so long, she must have so many monotonous and ridiculous thoughts saved up.

No. 608997

She's probably public bc a rant defending Taylor's fake lips is incoming. It looks like Taylor with was her and Tanner so I'm sure Tay was whining about it to anyone who will feed into her victim mentality.

No. 609070

File: 1528849989278.png (265.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6610.PNG)

you've got to be fucking kidding me lmao

No. 609078

why did she put a question mark? She insinuating he hit and quit it hahahaha or they actually just friends
Most likely she past him once and said ‘hey’

No. 609096

does anyone else notice how she changes her voice? Like one vid she's this high pitched fake sweet voice then the next she's mono toned af and robotic normal pitched

No. 609109

In her mom’s livestream from right after Taylor moved into the apartment, mrs dean said that Taylor DMed Post Malone before and she wanted to date him. Malone has a long term gf tho, so it didn’t happen. Then she met Johnny and started to date him because she wanted the “rockstar experience”.

No. 609113

I don’t think they’re friends at all. She would’ve bragged about it more.

No. 609115


Yeah according to her mom Taylor and Post Malone were talking for a while but when Taylor wanted a relationship he said no, and then she dropped him and started trying to date Jonny instead.

No. 609117

Post would never be friends with a shallow bitch like her lmao

No. 609118

I wish I saw that live stream she spilt some damn tea. Is there anywhere you can still see clips from the live stream?

No. 609138

I feel like Taylor got catfished lmao

No. 609145

Talking from time to time through Twitter doesn't mean you are friends kek
Her mother didn't even let her go to the corner alone without freaking out during that time,imagine letting her go to a Post Malone event or so.

No. 609150

I think it is on periscope. You can search using mama deans twitter account

No. 609153

she deleted all her old periscopes i just checked the other day. so if someone ever finds them somehow, let us know

No. 609155

Mama Dean posted an interesting video about a day living with Tanner.
His video is imo more interesting than one of Taylor's. Life with Tanner seems to dominate her entire being.

No. 609156

Her video*

No. 609163

Dat 240p lmao

No. 609200

i really don't know how i feel about this. i pretty much just skimmed to the last five minutes but she just talked about how everything takes a toll on HER, and how things affect her. the rest of the video might be fine, i really don't know (i don't have the patience to sit through it all), but that kind of irked me

No. 609201

Can we not involve Tanner in any of this and give Mama Dean those vlogs of trying to profit off her son any attention?

But kek at her saying “I spent a lot of time editing this” nice to know her and tay have another thing in common (but I guess mama dean has a valid excuse)

No. 609214

Either total shade about Taylor usually showing off her body, or she’s actually trying to give a hint that maybe she doesn’t have to show as much skin to look good. I don’t know. Could be either.

No. 609230


We all know that if this were true, she would have @ed him like she does to everyone remotely famous to get their attention.

No. 609233

Although her mom has proven herself to be untrustworthy, Taylor actually used to tweet at Post and he replied a few times. It’s in one of the old threads. I don’t believe Taylor’s story of them being friends though, her mom is most likely right on this one and she was going after him before she gave up and chose Jonny instead. In both cases she met them on Twitter.

No. 609234

File: 1528863862052.jpeg (289.58 KB, 1548x1935, 2FF043A9-3FC7-4EAD-B319-A271B9…)

No. 609251

File: 1528866158285.jpeg (420.48 KB, 1267x1649, 1DD28DC9-B7E6-4452-BFF6-892EC4…)

I predict she’ll be smiling a lot more in photos to at least make her lips look a little smaller. She’s never gotten so offended over people commenting on her looks before so I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like how they turned out this time either.

No. 609271

Ew these extensions are so gross. Zoom in on the ends they're like frizzy Barbie hair

No. 609281

Why are her boobs around her waist area? They should be higher at 21 year old!

No. 609299

I think she pulled at them to make them appear bigger but ended up making them look saggy.

No. 609312

Honestly, it looks like she used Facetune to pull them out and make them look bigger but they look saggy and lumpy.

No. 609318

File: 1528874481749.jpg (30.56 KB, 480x539, 6c0e45820b06b3fd161fa6df6b8467…)

Yeah, there's a weird rectangular shape they've got going on.

When will she learn that she looked fine before, she doesn't need to edit her pictures… she doesn't need to shove her face full of filler… she's making herself as ugly outside as she is inside.

No. 609344

Her teeth were fine as well now they look too small compared to the rest of her mouth. She basically destroyed her mouth and the lisp is what confirms it.

Her hair is greasy af and adding a cheap extension that looks like she got from the kids aisle doesnt help her at all

It's crazy how we made this thread to talk about her lack of animal knowledge and care but damn, her personality overall is the worse and i'm not even mad that we all end up talking about her looks and attitude because it's obvious that she's dying for pity and attention. It's horrible that she uses animals to get it

No. 609346

She probably watched that old video of jenna marbles where she talks about the power of wearing 2-3 pushup bras to make your boobs larger than they are

No. 609347

She does lurk through here.. she's wearing something that's covering her chest for once right after we talked about her starting to reveal more and more lmao HI TAYLOR get your shit together

No. 609368

Tbf I think it’s just the top, when you have one that goes all the way up to the neck boobs appear lower, usually we are used to seeing low cut tops.

No. 609377

misogynist bitch.

No. 609381

I saw those extensions and actually screamed

No. 609382

I can’t tell if she photoshopped the picture but she’s also not wearing a good bra. Also wearing push ups all the time can mess up boobs too. But they def look saggy. Not trying to body shame but she’s doing to much to her body that she’s actually ruining it smh

No. 609390

I wish she’d stop adding volume to her boobs! In the swimsuit, a board as more! And you complain people are being mean. Be more real!

No. 609391

It’s called photoshop! That or the box of Kleenex slipped!!

No. 609415


My cat vomits better hair.

No. 609459

My first thought was that it was shade lmao

No. 609539

Well to that anon that knew she was getting an orchid mantis…she got an orchid mantis. I have no faith in her ability to care for this creature

No. 609553

File: 1528908081610.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1125x1918, EF0FE60D-C7C0-4A93-B9C9-78E187…)

You guys, she taught herself how to take care of one before she ever had one… L O L

No. 609560

Ugh… at least it's not something like Idolomantis diabolica.

However orchid mantis are super sensitive to humidity and need a warm temp. Really hope she doesn't end up killing it.

No. 609565

don't give her any ideas

No. 609568

Didn't the same Anon mention something about a video of a orchid mantis being trendy? Kek
Sorry Taylor your mantis didn't arrived enough fast, it stopped being trendy, you aren't the cool girl. But the next trend of the month is a chameleon.

No. 609577

Can someone who knows about shooting up comment on her veins in this picture? The skin around them looks bruised and the veins themselves look fucked up.

Even if she’s not shooting up she needs to be more careful about this shit. I feel like the last couple of days worth of her posting hypocritical bitch tweets were because of drug use too. She seems like the type who loves meth + heroin tbh.

No. 609578

File: 1528910412178.png (616.86 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-13-11-16-46…)

What's the problem with this bitch and real plants? I am ok when the animal doesn't depent completely on the plant but insects do. A responsable person would have the tank planted and conditionet already, not half assed like this.

No. 609582

I’m with that. This bitch is straight up tuna-kin. Jonny and Lurch are blood brothers too smh

No. 609583

This enclosure is honestly so half assed. Put some dirt, a fake plant, and a random candle holder she had lying around in it. A 5 year old would have had it pimped out better

No. 609585

To be fair, that mantis is going to be living in a cup for a long while. You shouldn't put nymphs in too large of an enclosure or they won't be able to find their food. You size up the enclosure with the mantis.

I'm not sure why she put the cup in the tank though… she could spend this time getting the terrarium nice / planting it etc.

I also realise now she's put that stupid fake flower in the cup (I thought it was just for a photo), she needs to have things for the mantis to hang off of, not just the lid, sticks etc. work. It needs to have room to shed as that's the most dangerous time for them. Falling or landing on something can cripple or kill them. They need a surprising amount of vertical space when they shed because they stretch out entirely when exiting their skin (so think, the dead skin on top hanging on, and then their bodies stretched out too and larger…).

No. 609589

File: 1528911182948.png (562.96 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-13-11-00-41…)

No. 609590

Aha, holy mother of facetune.

No. 609592

How does wearing push up bras mess up boobs?

No. 609593

Now the bitch is airbrushing her face? Lmaoo I guess she likes the blowup doll look.

No. 609594

File: 1528911479001.jpeg (356.13 KB, 640x885, A69DEBDB-3847-4248-9168-1D20FE…)

Are these Jonny’s nasty ass nails? Yikes

No. 609596

Yikesss. This looks so edited that she doesn’t even look like her plastic self

No. 609607

File: 1528912081298.jpeg (302.76 KB, 640x857, 90C95EF8-1942-4DFF-A9D5-808104…)

Does anyone know when her first mantis died? She claims he lived for 7 months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was lying. Also, is she right about male budwing mantids living 6-8 months?

No. 609611

I don't think that adds up with the instagram timeline, but it did reach adulthood before it died because he had wings.

No. 609614

File: 1528912179392.png (497.11 KB, 640x1136, 6C8A45A6-863C-41AA-B1FA-2EE129…)

When she first posted about her first mantis

No. 609621

File: 1528912507375.png (459.77 KB, 914x596, mantis 1.png)

Ok just checked… so she got him ~18th September.

No. 609622

File: 1528912538289.png (437.97 KB, 913x597, mantis flight wings.png)

He reached adulthood on the 20th of November.

No. 609623

File: 1528912587493.png (478.17 KB, 913x591, mantis big and old.png)

And she called him old on the 24th of December, after which there are no more pictures. So he likely died a short time after.

No. 609626

That's 3 months between those images, being generous, I'd give a couple more weeks (as there were no mentions or pictures on her insta). Perhaps some anon can check her twitter.

Male mantises do live a shorter lifespan than the females, but 1 month in their adult form is a pretty short period of time indeed.

He did /not/ live for 7 months with her.

No. 609629

I saw her say in a comment that she doesn't use real plants because she can't keep them alive… thing is, if she's got her reptiles set up to the right humidity, light and temperature, plants from the same environment will grow well. All she'd have to do is spray a bit of extra water in when she mists them down, which makes me think she doesn't water her animals daily.

No. 609630

File: 1528912975379.png (41.74 KB, 606x321, mantis 3.png)

Nvm I looked at her twitter myself. In feb she was saying 'when she had' as in past tense. So he was already dead by that time, likely much earlier around December time.

Conclusion… she's lying again… just like with Gus.

No. 609635

If she didn't impulse buy she would be able to grow a planted tank, it's really common to have several deaths before the plants settledown
But since she just like to throw her pets to tanks with whatever fake plants she found that will never happen.
I don't think her satanic geckos are thriving with just plastic plants tbh.

No. 609637

This is now like…day three? Of her hair being in that stupid pony/braid with the ugly extensions. What the frick, why can't she just buy actual good quality ones

No. 609641


Can't tell whether she finally washed her nasty greasy roots or just airbrushed them along with her plastic face.

No. 609642

File: 1528913807500.jpg (57.7 KB, 618x480, 1.jpg)


Does she even try and keep track of how old her pets are/how old she's going to lie about them being?

No. 609643

She just lies and lies… I like how it's getting longer now.

My female ghost lived for over 10 months with me and that was excellent. A male would not live that long (he was at least L2/3 when she got him like most mantis are when they're sold)… she didn't have that mantis for 4 months as shown above, let alone 9.

No. 609646

File: 1528914132120.jpeg (775.68 KB, 1265x1462, 84A6C9B2-7B2D-4CE6-8A36-758FF4…)

No. 609647

something about this picture instills a primal sense of terror

No. 609648

It's the facetune she's used. Bigger eyes and narrower face with smooth poreless skin. It's uncanny valley territory.

No. 609651

Did she get work on her nose done too??? Her nose used to look so much wider and more natural

No. 609659

all i see is a tranny

No. 609660

this bitch is vile havent been checking up on her for a while and i see shes just getting worse

No. 609662

File: 1528915532096.jpeg (275.91 KB, 640x693, 8DECF7F8-AFB4-4736-8869-CB37BF…)

What the hell is going on with her mouth here

No. 609664

>those soulless eyes
>those lip fillers that look like my asshole after too much indian food

No. 609666

Oh my god. Literal boldfaced lies about the ages of her animals. How the FUCK does she have so many stans defending her animal care. It’s honestly disheartening

No. 609673


Pretty sure that's a man.

No. 609675

File: 1528916380970.jpeg (840.1 KB, 1457x1983, D55ECE3B-26EF-4EF4-B451-86F842…)

This one’s worse

No. 609677

Her pupils are always so tiny no matter what lighting or angle she's at.

No. 609681

File: 1528916556376.jpeg (112.05 KB, 1346x788, D43EA158-88DA-4DBE-A172-9570EF…)

No. 609682

She’s like a fuckin budgie obsessed with her reflection. How many selfies does this bitch need to take? Also can someone point out to her that she’s lying about his age.

No. 609690

File: 1528916803710.jpeg (765.79 KB, 750x1181, D3E70CA9-8A80-4663-A957-58753E…)

When I saw these photos on here I thought the multiple similar photos were once you can swipe along. I did not realise they were separate posts. Fuck she’s obsessed with her ugly ass botched face and ratchet hair.

No. 609691

Why does she keep calling herself an egg?

No. 609692

More lying. I mean hell, mantises lifespan is greatly affected by the temperature they're kept in. I keep mine hot because I think it's cruel to keep them cold. Cooler temps = longer lifespans. Hot = shorter.

She could have (if she actually knew anything about mantises) said she'd kept him hot and as a male he'd therefore only lived a short time as an adult.

But we all know this isn't the case, he likely died from neglect like her leaf insect.

No. 609722

File: 1528918459423.jpeg (242.38 KB, 1326x1981, 0226E74B-6970-4AC2-8899-144E01…)

No. 609723

File: 1528918515340.jpeg (323.22 KB, 1392x1615, CB359D1C-9E0E-43F7-8AF5-3DAC23…)

She knows exactly what posting a photo of someone who was rude to her would do.

No. 609729

File: 1528918974542.jpeg (36.84 KB, 640x139, 119016B5-F641-4BD3-8C49-E13677…)


No. 609731

She must actually hate how her lips turned out, if she wasn't bothered she wouldn't be posting about it constantly for days

No. 609735

Did y'all see JC's instastory of him "dancing" or whatever he was doing in the studio? He's such a vile human being, he's actually repulsive. Taylor sure is a lucky gal.

No. 609736

File: 1528919280133.jpeg (213.2 KB, 1287x674, CBC13524-EFF7-4C74-90F1-77D1F0…)

No. 609737

Yep. People didn’t like them last time either and she never got so defensive.

No. 609738

Oh yeah, she is definitely regretting her latest round of lip injections.

No. 609755


This makes me sick. That's so unprofessional, for one. Two she is so manipulative and her stans don't even care. She puts her life out there, that person did not. Taylor could have messaged the girl after stalking her profile if she wanted to have a heart to heart about body acceptance.

No. 609789

Oh this is bad…

No. 609792

File: 1528923591273.png (307.12 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6621.PNG)

god her stans are so fucking idiotic and hypocritical. it hurts my head honestly

here's a great one from maria, another "pet youtuber" except she has like no followers and she's obsessed with taylor (there's some milk on her in the gen pettubers thread)

No. 609793

I feel she needs to take a break from taking selfies. I’m so glad I don’t follow her. Must be so annoying seeing that mess on your feed all the time.

No. 609794

I feel like just with her relationship, he tweets shit like that to reassure herself, more than inspire others.

No. 609795

File: 1528923664940.png (299.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6622.PNG)

attacking this girl for saying something to taylor, then calling that girl names/being even worse to her. it's a FACT that taylor's shit looks wrecked lmao they're delusional

No. 609797

File: 1528923709396.png (287.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6623.PNG)

and one more. also, taylor didn't take the comment down like she said she would. just left it up and let her flying monkeys attack this poor woman

No. 609799

Taylor hates herself. She's probably sitting there reading all the comments about that girl letting it comfort her. It probably genuinely makes her feel better about herself to see the girl torn apart.

No. 609803

She just posted on her instagram story complaining even more about people hating on her lips lmao, it's as if she likes the negative attention because it encourages other people to reach out and compliment her because they feel bad

No. 609804

i have 100% lost any single shred of respect i had reserved for her. yesterday i was thinking to myself that maybe i feel kinda bad for her, even though she knew what she was getting herself into with jonny, but no. i definitely don't. she is a shitty person who parades herself around as a wonderful, happy, positive person on social media and it's so frustrating that so few people see through this stupid fucking paper thin facade.

No. 609807

To be fair most of her fanbase is really young, and they look up to her as someone super experienced despite being only 21. They lack perspective to realize her way of self-care and positivity is actually pretty shallow and short-sighted

No. 609813

If that were me I’d remove the entire comment the girl left, so no one can bash her. Don’t forget Taylor is a professional victim, by complaining how she’s being ‘bullied’ just gets people to pity her, and give her a bunch of compliments. It’s really quite pathetic.

No. 609820

Just checked the girl's instgram, funny how on her own latest selfie Taylor's fans are just repeating what she said and attacking her.

Must be nice to have a army of preteens at your beck and call.

No. 609821

i get that in regards to her younger fans, but she also has plenty of young adult and even adult fans as well

No. 609833

File: 1528925468305.jpeg (246.89 KB, 1295x1265, 4EAF299B-7AC8-422E-A479-D2DE60…)

No. 609851

taylor even admits shes never in the right mental state. when you're that insecure and need to be praised by strangers all the time, you should not be messing with your face, you need therapy

No. 609854

Not speaking for everyone here by any means, but from observing I've noticed people tend to be more likely to "fix" things about themselves when they're not in a good mental state, which is why they do more and more in the hopes that will be the thing that will make them feel better, but it isn't. Last week Taylor was on a twitter rant about all the things she's been keeping to herself about JC, which turned into her saying they take weekly piss tests, she really doesn't strike me as someone who is happy and in a good mental state. People who are in a good mental state don't compulsively buy animals, "fix" their already straight, white teeth, "fix" their already plump, nicely-shaped lips, and bleaching the shit out of their hair until it falls out.
It's like she can't cope without her new animal fix so has turned to fucking up her appearance instead.

No. 609862

jfc will she ever shut up about the lip fillers? Like if she’s truly happy with them and loves them like she says she would’ve said it once and moved on. The fact that she is constantly defending her shit lip fillers shows she knows how badly she fucked up her face even farther.

No. 609866

This is pure speculation, but has anyone noticed that her brow area looks weird? I noticed when she first uploaded a picture of her fucked up lips that she had a red mark near her eyebrow, just assumed she'd tweezered it, but I noticed in later pictures and her video that they looked a bit off. I can't tell if it's just her because she's started doing her brows really dark and higher, or if she'd had fillers? Idk, they just look higher and the brow bone looks more prominent to me, and I especially noticed something weird going on when she was scrunching her face up in her new video, but again I can't tell if she's just drawn them on way too high for her face.

No. 609877

Lol now there’s no way you can mix up Emma Samson with TND. They used to look similar but now TND looks like a baboons ass.

No. 609881

File: 1528927678482.jpeg (238.38 KB, 750x553, C5C649E4-7C47-49A4-BC5E-A5E935…)

Bahaha she’s not much better look at that pout though, at least it’s natural I guess.

No. 609882

But are her adult fans doing most of the stanning and white knighting on twitter and ig? I'm not trying to wk or anything, she's a cunt, but this is something that happens with any moderately famous youtuber. It's always preteens or at the most, people around her age the ones who go defend her, and even when people like Taylor know they have a platform they conveniently forget about it for the sake of keeping their "positive vibez only uwu" image.

No. 609889

Because anon, she’s so unique and quirky!!1!1 x3

No. 609892

Can you post screenshots? He blocked me lmao

No. 609893

Hate to ask but link to the general thread? I’ve have twitter conversations with Maria and she’s always been a cunt to me no matter how polite I am to her or Taylor.

No. 609908

Could you post them?

No. 609914

The reason I knew was because I saw a viral video of an orchid mantis making the rounds on twitter a few days ago. When jonny said he got her something pretty I rolled my eyes and knew these leeches must have seen it too.

No. 609930

File: 1528930461588.png (555.89 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Here's the full pic that anons were talking about earlier

No. 609946

File: 1528931103444.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6627.PNG)

it's mostly just him showing his friends or whatever. and calling it dancing is generous. he's sticking his tongue out and trying to make a "sexy" face but it's just gross. he's singing something like "got that thing on my waist" in this shot lmfao he really looks so old and ugly in this

No. 609947

File: 1528931133867.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6632.PNG)

this nasty face

No. 609949

Can you all just imagine Jonny telling Taylor how hot she looks BARF I can only imagine that he has A LOT to do with her recent change in appearance like some anons have already said.

But seriously, he’s the epitome of a junkie. They both look so fucking grimey all the time and DO NOT even get me started on her filthy, wreck of an apartment.

He probably thinks she looks so hot with greasy hair, a nasty extension that doesn’t even match the blonde in her hair, and her basic bitch Facetune edits. I wonder how long it’ll be before she dyes her hair strawberry blonde. I think it was Chelsea who had mentioned that he only likes girls with red hair and even made her dye it.

No. 609959

You can see where she FaceTimed her eyes lmaoooo

No. 609960

lmao i'm p sure those are taylor's nails, I think jonny has knuckle tats

No. 609964

File: 1528932449082.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1998, 0EFC32DB-DB04-46F7-AB7E-245C6B…)

He was just live on IG (sorry for the bad pic), but his face looks TERRIBLE. His face is so swollen, which is a sign of alcoholism… which we all know he is, but I really doubt he’s sobered up at this point. It’s been already what, 2 weeks since he came back and was sober?

No. 609976

I’ve used a dummy account to comment and the hate I got came from young adults!

No. 609977

some discussion on maria starts here >>>/snow/582210
and more here
and one more on the first

anyway, mama dean is back with part two of her video. i'm only a few minutes in but she's already talking about how tanner's instructor is incapable of communicating well with him. which, why don't /you/ tell her how she should communicate with him so he isn't so stressed out? she uses this to segue into how that's similar to social media nowadays, and how everyone gets so offended so easily. sounds like a few deans we know, huh?


No. 609981

I have a video from the live stream of him referring to an ex as ‘that stripper bitch’ but for some reason it’s not posting here.

No. 609982

in the video he says he's doing a "full sober" right now, so no weed or alcohol or anything. lmao right.

he also emphasizes that they finally have good women around them. what an absolute douche, blaming his failure of a life on the women HE ruined. i hate seeing all the comments talking about how much people love him it's so gross.

No. 609984

That would be Liz.

Which is kinda funny because she's the most uninvolved out of his 3 exes. He used to give her a lot of shit for being a stripper when they were together and actually tried to get back together with her before dating Taylor.

No. 609987

He looks like Kevin Federline

No. 609993


inb4 it dies within the next month and it's the breeder's fault because "my boyfriend just didn't know what to look for in a breeder and the breeder was bad so I couldn't save the mantis"

No. 610012


She looks like a completely different person nowadays. She was actually pretty before and now she's just super basic?

Damn those injection sites are still bruised to shit too.

No. 610038

tbh back when I shot up my veins did look like that as they healed.

No. 610052

convert the vid to webm first: https://mp4towebm.online/ then you can upload it like an image here.

No. 610053

File: 1528939150366.jpeg (366.61 KB, 1305x1428, E754B1F1-7655-430B-9854-A93494…)

No. 610054

File: 1528939160186.jpeg (400.48 KB, 1373x1431, C6A12744-2A80-4924-BAB7-1E6142…)

No. 610055

There's something about the new lips that remind me of that retarded Morty face. I think it's because her lips now over power all of her bone structure?? It's bad.

No. 610060

Her face is square and chubby, so the lips kinda make her look unbalanced.

Going through her ig she's always tilting her face or taking a selfie from an angle. She's not getting used to her new lips at all.

No. 610061

I guess she thinks it's good that she looks 45??

No. 610069

LOL bro I’m dying he’s so fucking hideous

No. 610070

File: 1528940380661.jpg (121.93 KB, 578x510, Screenshot_20180613-213950.jpg)

Ur fly is down tay

No. 610071

No. 610079

File: 1528940916759.jpeg (305.36 KB, 1290x862, 1AA05DF0-CE63-4BCE-A5A8-16BE60…)

This was her tweet.

No. 610080

Just needs any excuse to post 1000 selfies a day I guess

No. 610086

Already deleted.

No. 610087


Do you really think that's natural? It screams lip fillers. lol


please don't insult K-Fed

No. 610095

it's like she thinks if she posts enough pictures of herself we'll suddenly think that she looks good

No. 610096

Cham owner…if you want to have no money buy a cham. Tegus are easier to own (and sweeter)

No. 610105

File: 1528942318447.jpeg (201.34 KB, 750x306, 13AF7EAC-9A5A-4233-9651-790882…)

$6000 on a piece of metal and it’s already all scratched up

No. 610111

File: 1528942611778.png (302.84 KB, 500x390, learn already dammit.png)

again with the holding animals right when she gets them

No. 610113

Damn the plants behind her are a mess, look how much dirt is on the ground

No. 610136

does anyone else think she had a botox brow lift because her left eyebrow seems to be trying to rise off her fucking face out of nowhere

No. 610143

No, I don't think so because I think her eyelids would be less hooded if she did. She probably just plucked the shit out of the ends of her eyebrows and is now drawing a higher arch. Kinda looks like how Chelsea used to do her eyebrows.

No. 610188

File: 1528950166208.jpeg (131.71 KB, 1242x730, DC075240-4CC3-499F-8F13-7AC89F…)

No. 610189

File: 1528950180600.jpeg (392.62 KB, 1242x1668, B1D98B5D-E276-4510-9805-E50838…)

No. 610191

Holy shit he looks fucking ugly and super fucking old. Dude looks 40 lmao.

No. 610194

that hat really is fucking stupid lol, when has jonny ever worn something like that? it is convenient that he shaved his face (aka had an excuse for picking at his face) and "broke out"

No. 610198

What is that? It's not his Instagram story?

No. 610201

File: 1528951531118.jpeg (473.57 KB, 1270x1909, E3DB848E-E0DD-41D1-B569-3EE8E0…)

No. 610205

File: 1528952130795.png (1.05 MB, 1242x2208, 3196A215-BB72-44C7-90EB-043FF2…)

I’m so sick of her and her stand calling her animals dogs. It’s not funny at all. The joke has run its course. Move the fuck on you immature brats. Also her saying that this is an animal she’s wanted for a really long time is ridiculous. EVERY time she impulse buys or doesn’t prepare, it’s ok!!!!!! Because she has wanted it for a long time!!!!!! Don’t worry guys I’m an animal educator!!!!!! She drives me insane.

No. 610206


There is no doubt in my mind that he is dying from cirrhosis. He looks like he is a walking corpse.

No. 610208

Sage for somewhat irrelevance, but my brother and other people he's recovered with also shave when they're high. My brother during his biggest binge shaved his face, entire head and his legs. So Chelseas evidence, to me at least, tells me Jonny is 100% using.

No. 610209

Just a casual hand on chin.

No. 610211

Chelsea has spoken before about how Jonny is in liver failure and during the period they were back together (August 2017) that he was in the hospital for ages dealing with all the health issues from substance abuse. Just look at a picture of him when he was younger to now, he's so swollen in the face and sickly looking.

No. 610215

Probably not a great idea to be in (what I assume is) a bar when you’re supposed to be “completely sober”. I know a few recovering alcoholics and they won’t step foot in a bar because it’s too tempting for them. I don’t buy for a second that they aren’t using alcohol or drugs.

No. 610222

Yeah it's a bar. He's most likely back to drinking.

No. 610231

Her excuse when people call him out for drinking will most likely be something like “it’s not like he’s drinking every day, we agreed that one night of drinking is ok!! i promise he’s still trying his best to be sober”

No. 610232

File: 1528954296406.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180614-012849_Ins…)

God dammit. i really need Kyle to stop fucking with Jonny.
From the snaps, it's some kind of arcade bar.

No. 610239

Oh yeah she's definitely going to try to make it look like they're taking baby steps or whatever. She's in so much denial it's ridiculous.

No. 610240

File: 1528954931243.jpg (601.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180613-234345.jpg)

Adult acne or scabs on his forehead?

No. 610253

why is jonny so teeny tiny? look at his little baby wrists and shoulders. dude must be midget sized.

No. 610255

Definitely scabs. Chelsea mentioned that when he's high he picks at his forehead and it coincides with him covering it with his hair here >>610201

No. 610275

She's very self conscious about the shape of her jaw and chin. These awkward poses are Kota tier.

No. 610312


i think you’re on to something, anon. she always has her head turned or angled to the side and in this pic >>610201 she’s pulling a Vicky Shingles and hiding her chin with her hand. i think she might’ve gotten the fillers to try and make her other features look smaller but instead it’s had the opposite effect and she looks bloated and weird.

No. 610365

Taylor is so delusional. From the weekly drug tests to the Skype therapist. I’d be cautious about posting pics of my s/o on social media while he/she were drunk and/or high after having a tantrum regarding it on social media. They both really put the nail in the Jonny’s sobriety coffin with these incriminating pics. Chelsea tweeted all of this to the T earlier in the night… funny how that works.

No. 610372

Fuck imagine that what your boyfriend looks like. I feel she thought she’d move up her status if she dated a ‘celeb’ unfortunately she got an issue ridden man child.

No. 610376

She looks so uncomfortable whenever she’s near him

No. 610383

he looks like he smells bad

No. 610384

And with hair that greasy…you think she smells any better?! Not likely. No amount of perfume can hide stench.

No. 610390

and I'm wondering if the tongue thing is also to make her chin area look smaller. Like if she can't control angles and shoop herself, she pulls these gestures.

No. 610446

I hope to never be as self conscious and vain as her

No. 610479

orchids are worse to keep than Idolomantises imo. Idolos don't need humidity, they come from Tanzania and 3/4 of their life is the dry season anyway, hence the yellow colouring, green as adults. But they do need insane heat, Idolos should be at least 32c. Orchids come from the Malaysian highlands so they need not only high heat and humidity but constant air circulation, the highlands are really windy. I've heard good things about using fans in their enclosures. They also only eat blowflies. If you feed orchids terrestrial feeders, they pretty much always die of gut blockages.

This setup is abysmal but because it's too crowded and the wrong dimensions. Mantises don't benefit from any kind of plant, especially fake. Glass tanks are generally a poor choice, especially for this species. Exo terras doubly so because the mesh on the top mangles their feet. They should be in net cubes or plastic tubs with two of the sides removed and replaced with plastic mesh. This poor little guy is gonna mould whilst he's alive in that setup. Ideal mantis tank is three times the height, two times the width, paper towel at the bottom and a diagonal twig. Anything else is just shit they use to hurt themselves or mis-shed.

That orchid is also too young to be sold, and I'm 99% sure it's male from the pic, so she wont get the big pretty display animal if she manages to raise it to adulthood. Which she wont. Mantises are a stupid pet for Taylor because 80% of them die for no reason. That's just being an R-selected species. If you want adult mantises you need to keep at least triple the amount you intend to have.

No. 610487

File: 1528987667676.jpg (10.87 KB, 260x250, 1528954296406.jpg)

#relationshipgoals #uwu

No. 610499

rotate this photo and crop her out and this man will 100% look deceased. so gross. imagine this man with a komodo dragon salivary situation breathing down your neck and licking you. i can easily see him licking an open wound of hers and gangrene developing from that petri dish of a facehole

No. 610506

Jfc they’re nastyyy, he looks honestly like a corpse! He looks sick as hell. And absolutely disgusting
I think a few anons speculated this on previous threads, honestly who would want to date Taylor after she’s been with this disgusting rapist of Jonny? Probably loaded with STDs and drugs in her system by now. She is the “sloppy seconds” nobody wants. I couldn’t see an actual big celeb dating her after all this nasty shit she’s done since October. I could only see someone much smaller than her dating her for the boost in followers.

No. 610516

Idolos have a hell of a time shedding, which is where 90% of mantises (in captivity) die and they do require high humidity also when shedding (70-85%), along with a great deal of airflow. I feel like despite the humidity requirements, the Orchid has a better chance of survival simply because of that fact. Not in the US, but fly cultures are easy to get here, so I assumed it was the same there?

As far as the orchid being too young to be sold. I don't think so, many places will even sell L1. But with anything under L3, the mortality rate rises. If I ever get anything under L3, I'll always get at least two because as you said, a good deal of nymphs will die for seemingly little to no reason even if their set up is perfect.

Good point about the Exo Terra too.. didn't realise it had metal mesh on top. That's rule 1, no metal mesh because it will mangle their feet. To add about the glass, aside from ventilation and heat issues, many mantis will bump their head into it repeatedly because they don't see it. This can cause blind spots on their eyes, or even complete blindness. You'll be able to see this very obviously as dark patches on their eyes.

No. 610524

I’ve heard the saying before that no matter how ugly of a man you are, you can still get a girlfriend, which seems sexist.. but honestly their relationship is the definition of that. You can be a rapist, druggy, alcoholic, physical + mental abuser, and on top of all that have your ugliness show on the outside and literally look like a walking corpse… and yet someone will still date him.

No. 610527

it's really not sexist. society gasses men up and they've created a system of like, false inflation to where getting the approval/validation of any man is desirable, so women are pressured to desire any man's attention. this loser is proof of that. it's not really a scathing criticism of women, just of society wholesale undervaluing women and overvaluing anything with a dick.

No. 610566

File: 1528995906725.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1125x1773, 6EE30036-C7D2-4CC4-AF93-33C589…)

I was going through Taylor’s “likes” on twitter and stumbled across a liked tweet that led me to this.

It’s not super milky. It’s not like he was telling her she’s “hot” or whatever, but I imagine someone as insecure as Taylor would have a hard time dealing with him commenting on a somewhat provocative pic of another woman nonetheless.

No. 610569

What are the chances she’ll get her boobs done soon? She’ll say ‘I already wore a push up bra so now I just want them that size.’ Like the lip liner situation.

No. 610573

With as manipulative and calculating she's shown to be I lowkey believe she's sitting there waiting for Jonny to kick the bucket from his organ failure to not only get out of the relationship with him but to then have a career saving sob story to milk for months if not years, just how she milks every slight inconvenience in her life for pity.

Jonny being a trash human being aside, a caring girlfriend doesn't let their addict boyfriend who has liver (or was it kidney?) failure have "a drink here or there" you don't do that if you're trying to help someone you love who has substance abuse issues, especially not if it's landed them in the hospital and they've nearly died from it already. She doesn't give two shits about him.

No. 610580

same fam. is texas tar or powder? your veins go bad pretty fast with bth at least that was my experience but imo she’s shooting

No. 610582

What’s she going to do? Try to stop him and have him beat the shit out of her? Please, with an abusive pig like that you keep your head down and your mouth shut.

No. 610585

You're missing the point, why would she even try to stop it when she's already seeing the dollar signs of the tragedy she'll use as her comeback story that will make all her fans love and pity her again when she looked into his puffy dying face

No. 610592

She’s retarded, not a sociopath. Are you forgetting all the exes he beat up? Not missing anything, think you’re reaching. Why turn this into storytime when the simplest answer is usually correct? Plain and simple, women who live with abusers do not tell them what to do. Come on.

No. 610593

Dude if you think she wouldn't milk his "tragic passing" for every last drop you haven't been paying attention.

No. 610691

God forbid she gets a chameleon. Those little dudes require so much experience and she can barely care for half of her reptiles as it is.

Considering the fact that her snakes seem to have empty water dishes half of the time, yep. I speculated a while ago that she had people come in every few days while she was gone as essentially most of the animals don't eat every day and if they do all you have to do is fill the bowl.

The irony in telling someone to not criticise… and then telling them they look wrecked.

I don't think she's being abused to the level we think she is but there is no doubt that she will milk the situation if they break up for whatever reason. She already milks the situation when he disappears for a few hours and she can't get attention lmao.

No. 610702

I own a chameleon and i can assure everyone on this thread that she would kill it. From what we've seen she doesnt supplement her reptiles ever nor does she give them the correct UVB and chameleons not only need multiple vitamins and both calcium with and without D3 but they also need 10.0 linear UVB lights that need changed every 6 months. And if she got a female it would become eggbound because we know for a fact she won't provide a lay box at all. They also require screen cages but i doubt she would get it one.
Plus chameleons, depending on the species, tend to be fairly territorial and defensive, she would get butthurt that it "didnt like her" because it wouldn't let her rip it out of the enclosure every damn day for pictures.
If she gets a chameleon im going to lose my shit.

No. 610708

We need you in the other thread lol. Another pettuber popped up with awful fish care. Wondering if their chameleon care is subpar too.

No. 610711

I follow that thread but haven't checked it in a few days. Chameleons have a soft spot in my heart because they are so mistreated in the pet trade because people never research before getting one.

No. 610712

This one didn't research any of her other pets so you're not going to be pleased.

No joke, even Taylor is able to read a care sheet (even if it's for the wrong species)

No. 610713

It's because they're seen as 'cool animals'; which yes, they are… but it leads to impulse buying. :/ It would surprise me 0 if Taylor got one… but like you, I really hope she doesn't.

No. 610718

Oh man that chick is a trainwreck

Annd yeah they are amazinf animals but she wont respect it if she gets one and it will end up neglected or "rehomed" or dead within a month. She cant wvwn be bothered to feed her reptiles anything accept crickets. And if she gets one she would probably not even research what plants are safe for chams or even just stuff the tank with tacky dangerous fake plants.

No. 610730

would like to add; its rich that she sat and made jokes about teacup chihuahuas
wasn't that what she bought then abandoned a few months later? Was mentioned in a previous thread when her facebook was being pulled up

No. 610737

It was like a day later

Not even exaggerating

No. 610756

File: 1529007304554.jpeg (116.02 KB, 1299x938, A0E1ECC4-87A9-402C-A9A1-362069…)

No. 610758

No. 610764

idgi we’ve sperged about facial bruises before and his history of abuse, but to suggest that she’s probably not going to tell him to stop using drugs since he has a well-known record of domestic violence is somehow a misread of the situation?

I hate her because she’s a shitty animal care idiot whose brand is built on bullshit and a house of cards, but no way do I think she feels secure enough to tell that guy to stay away from drugs just for some eventual, pie in the sky, maybe comes, maybe not narc payoff.

of course she treats her animals like shit for a payoff. they can’t hit her.

we’ll see about the monitor.

No. 610767

I saw that she retweeted this and then deleted it lmao

No. 610769

I wonder if she un-RTs jonny’s tweets when one of her fans comments something negative underneath it? I don’t understand why she serially deletes stuff that seems pretty innocent to an uninformed outsider.

No. 610793

lmao i can't wait to hear it. the highest degree of love bombing yet

No. 610849

I live in a southern state near Texas and from what I've heard from family/friends that use, it's tar here.

No. 610859

No wonder Taylor is even more obsessed with trying to look like an instathot when her hobbit is out there commenting other women's sexy photos and probably telling Taylor that he finds them sexier lmao

No. 610865

That’s what makes me saddest. Taylor has (had?) a very fresh looking natural beauty and of course she should fill her brows etc, but she does the “insta brows” and goes for the “Kylie Jenner” look when in reality she would do better going for the “Kendal Jenner” fresh faced look she already possessed, bc it’s clear Kylie started doing all the stuff to her face bc she was jealous of her sisters natural beauty.

No. 610866

File: 1529014903514.jpeg (181.93 KB, 1293x936, 28F2BC8D-F750-47C4-AD78-485CBB…)

No. 610867

File: 1529014939357.jpeg (305.74 KB, 1292x876, A97F8698-4967-4527-9A02-15AD81…)

No. 610868

File: 1529014954267.jpeg (386.73 KB, 1351x1428, 76E5379F-26CB-438A-A807-9E5A21…)

No. 610871

File: 1529015249799.jpeg (136.05 KB, 1295x693, 20B7DD1F-D402-4124-9A26-D83809…)

No. 610875

He looks asleep or dead.

No. 610887

Kind of suspected that but wasn’t sure, powder still seems like an east coast only deal. People always say tar is hell on your veins, which scared me into smoking only. In no way an expert on veins, but her arms don’t look great? It’s possible if she does shoot she’s probably new enough at it that her veins aren’t too bad yet. It just strikes me that if he’s sitting around tying off that she’ll probably join in, she doesn’t seem to have much in the way of boundaries.

No. 610890

Lots of new milk happening on twitter rn

No. 610895

File: 1529016819264.png (337.5 KB, 922x934, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.54…)

She's already starting to delete the tweets

No. 610896

File: 1529016860537.jpg (24.83 KB, 582x147, Capture.JPG)

Couldn't screenshot the rest of them before she deleted them

No. 610897

File: 1529016891646.png (329.23 KB, 914x918, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 6.55…)

No. 610902

File: 1529017085965.png (557.91 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-18-58-19…)

No. 610903

File: 1529017241017.png (562.72 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-18-56-45…)

No. 610905


She's so dumb i can't. 'I can't be on this drug because this other drug I've said I've been on before would cause that behavior!'

No. 610907

File: 1529017295331.png (560.21 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-18-56-51…)

No. 610908

File: 1529017300448.png (25.02 KB, 578x270, tnd111.png)

No. 610910


Makes no sense why Taylor couldn't speak on it if Chelsea didn't have actual dirt on her lmaoo

No. 610912

File: 1529017414629.jpeg (235.91 KB, 1356x793, 371A41EF-2E67-4CEC-AD10-E78D07…)

The top tweets were replies to these.

No. 610913

File: 1529017429927.png (18.12 KB, 576x156, 222.png)

No. 610914

i don't understand why she thinks she can't speak about it when there's absolutely nothing stopping her

No. 610919

File: 1529017548895.png (16.78 KB, 581x154, 3333.png)

No. 610920

other than the fact that she would possibly be in the wrong

No. 610921


Amanda was always vocal about her abuse, and Liz and Chelsea posted tweets/texts etc about it after their break up, long before Taylor was in the picture. Not sure what she's trying to get at here lmao. It's a fine line yet she has no problem bringing even more attention to it

No. 610922

File: 1529017651798.jpeg (106.78 KB, 1386x504, F71308A2-A6BE-4FD4-87AD-8806B8…)

No. 610924

File: 1529017684176.png (289.78 KB, 904x736, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.08…)

No. 610928

File: 1529017903053.jpeg (263.33 KB, 1339x1091, 7DE8AAE5-F926-40F6-BF0B-2AC3E1…)

No. 610931

Chelsea's roommate Kim just posted a video of Taylor's texts

No. 610934

What’s the account?

No. 610935

'pumpkiim' chelsea retweeted her

No. 610938

File: 1529018368327.jpg (289.72 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20180614-181926_Twi…)

Taylor's ex wants to weigh in.. this shit is good

No. 610939

I have the video saved in case it gets deleted, although I don’t see why it would.

No. 610940

No. 610941

You KNOW that Jonny got pissed because Chelsea read him like a book and posted about all the signs of him being high. I'd bet that he's the one pulling the strings on Taylor calling her out.

No. 610943

File: 1529018535347.png (16.23 KB, 580x129, 5555.png)

No. 610947

File: 1529018615575.png (375.96 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-19-24-00…)

No. 610948

What does she think Chelsea's going to gain out of this?

Like… no… really.

What does she think she gains from editing the conversation. What's her motivation behind that?

Taylors motivations for lying about sending those messages are obvious.

Out of the two of them, Taylor is the only one with the motivations to lie.

No. 610949

File: 1529018634369.jpeg (230.3 KB, 1351x1111, 4ADEF6B5-26FC-47BD-B475-2455C0…)

Does anyone know if it’s possible to edit a conversation where you can actually scroll through it like that? I know you can do it with screenshots but not like the real iMessages, as far as I know. Taylor’s still claiming they’re edited.

No. 610954

That’s what I was thinking, im pretty savvy with that stuff and I have no clue how you would fake that, so idk how Chelsea would. Tay is clutching straws at this point

No. 610956

File: 1529018758501.png (17.66 KB, 577x152, 666.png)

No. 610957

It's not true and if it was true, it wasn't any of her business because I only sent her those texts!!! /s

No. 610961

All im getting from Taylor's reply is she has nothing to back any of her claims. Lmao she struggling to make sense of her excuses.

GIRL. YOUR. MAN. IS. A RAPIST. AND. A WOMAN/DRUG ABUSER. He deserves no excuses and Deserves no pity from anyone. He's the scum in the bottom of a barrel that you chose to be with. You're so blinded from the attention and fake love he sprouts out for you but we know he's messing you up mentally and you're too deep in it that you have no idea

What's that old saying about slowing cooking a frog rather than throwing it in hot water?

No. 610962

Unless she’s actually trying to say the texts are real, just not between her and Chelsea. But the texts have her real number in them and her parents confirmed it.

No. 610963

Everyone go to pumpkiim twitter account. She posted a video of the text thread between Chelsea and taylor. That’s Chelsea’s roommate

No. 610964


I posted screenshots in the last thread a cropped photo of Taylor's number she accidentally leaked in Nemo's vet bill alongside a photo of Chelsea's text screenshots and the numbers matched, so there's nothing to be faked lmao

No. 610965

She's already deleted most of her replies, not suspicious at all…

No. 610967

File: 1529019119963.png (675.47 KB, 932x752, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 7.32…)

No. 610968

That’s true as well. Now we know for sure there’s no way they’re fake.

No. 610969

File: 1529019131077.png (3.4 MB, 1242x2208, 51574D08-ED34-459B-BBCD-8D8986…)

Chelsea’s roommate is spilling all the tea

No. 610972

Whoa screenshots??

No. 610973

Really? Really, Taylor? Do tell. Eye rolling so hard rn.

No. 610974

Either way is the same leaked combo Chelsea post, her father said it was her phone number and another Anon show they phone number matched with the Vet bill.
The time line add up with what happen ( like her buying the TV he was showing up on his instagram stories).
There is no way anything is fake.

No. 610975

Is taylor still trying to say that a video of all her texts are still fake? Lmaooo she's basically begging them to give out her number for the public

Grabbing all the empty cups for all this miiiillkkkkk

No. 610977

Way to be a junkie right along with your rapist bf because you have not a shred of backbone or dignity, Taylor. It’s getting milky in here.

No. 610978

I bet she's panicking hard right now. She knows she's straight up caught.

No. 610979

File: 1529019407297.jpg (419.57 KB, 978x1219, Screenshot_20180614-193357.jpg)

This is in the vid but I don't remember it being posted before, so I'm posting it just so it's here if the video is deleted.

No. 610983

Can someone save the video of the texts incase we lose it? If ever that video is gone, Taylor will be like.. everything they say is a lie love me!

No. 610990

File: 1529019912016.png (893.13 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-19-45-29…)

No. 610992

File: 1529020080107.jpg (29.92 KB, 600x380, tmp_14378-overdoseofmilk-healt…)

Fuck, I've been waiting for this shit to blow up. She can't just sweep it under the rug anymore.

No. 610993


I'm glad to finally see these screenshots come in handy and not be ignored (except by her of course)

No. 610994

How is mamma dean not flipping her shit right now.

Taylor convinced her those texts were fake.. and here's proof they're not.

Not to mention Taylor herself saying Johnny had relapsed twice on pain pills since being with her.

If it was my mum I could be 37 and she's still drag my ass out of that relationship. lol Guess she doesn't care as much as she professes to.

No. 610995

I’ve saved the video and am currently uploading it as a webm to put here

No. 610998

Only thing she can say is "uhhhh i cant deal with this guys :( my edsss! All these haters got me depressseddd :( :( i think i need a break guysss.. will go to disney land now check all my moneyyyy!"

No. 611002

File: 1529020297143.jpeg (142.48 KB, 1296x591, A1E0FEFC-4354-444A-B49E-E156B1…)

She’s tweeting about plants now and pretending nothing happened.

No. 611003

File: 1529020328906.png (453.11 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-06-14-19-52-39…)

That subject change tho

No. 611005

File: 1529020349526.webm (8.16 MB, 960x1280, 22C671AE-E9A0-4BA1-B296-71A953…)

Ok here’s the webm of the video of the texts (hopefully this works haha)

No. 611008

So irritating how her fans did not see all that and see how taylor gotta change the topic cuz shes caught on her lies.

No. 611022

Jonny is inwardly raging right now, I expect to see a few bruises on Taylor and for her to go dark for a few days. As soon as the sun goes down he’s gonna get drunk and nasty.

No. 611023

Honestly, as much as I dislike Taylor; I hope not. No one deserves to be beaten and abused.

No. 611027

File: 1529021444170.png (902.08 KB, 1152x2048, lol.png)

This is funny AF

No. 611030

Believe me I don’t want that either, but all those tweets were made out of sheer panic and braggadocio in the hopes that she doesn’t get beat up tonight. Guys like that can’t stand it when people speak up about them in any way and the fact that she’s the one who clearly admitted (again) that he still uses is going to royally piss him off.

No. 611041

Why couldn’t she have shown the dates? Smh

No. 611067

Oh… oh my god this is wonderful.
If she thought people were gonna just get over it and kiss her flat ass for posing with her junkie boyfriend in selfies she's so wrong lmao.

No. 611070

Sadly most of her fans are still kissing her ass. I’ve only seen a couple actually calling her out, although she has gone on another blocking spree so there may be more.

No. 611072

I honestly think she went on a block and delete spree. She's disgusting.

No. 611081

File: 1529025303636.jpeg (99.79 KB, 943x562, FBD4B8CB-41E5-4EAF-AEC9-C45D19…)

No. 611094

who does she think she's fooling?? It's so insane watching her try to spin this.

No. 611100

wth happened…
She talks normal and she looks good in this video..

No. 611103

File: 1529026816304.png (567.72 KB, 898x940, Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 9.40…)

No. 611105

Jeez… Taylor from back in the day when I was a fan, it's like seeing a completely different person now.

No. 611106

Makes her comment about coke earlier even more fishy lmaoo

No. 611107

The person that posted the video of the texts deleted everything.

No. 611109

maybe Taytay got her lawyer brother to send her something that would scare her into deleting.

No. 611112


Taylor's brother commented before on how he didn't like the relationship, tbh i think he stays as far away from them as he can. Kim quote tweeted Chelsea's screenshot about coke so idk why she would delete the other tweets

No. 611113

Could explain why taylor’s nose looked so odd in that low angle selfie a while back

No. 611119

I don't think her brother is going to get involved with her, considering her mom is also batshit. I'm willing to bet Taylor contacted them or something.

Jonny is probably imploding right now.

No. 611120

I’ve been following both Kim and Chelsea for a while. I’ve noticed that Kim is one of those people that deletes a lot of tweets so she probably just didn’t want the drama tied to her but wanted to still speak up and support her friend.

No. 611123

Damn that was some good ass milk. I’m ready for this shit to take it’s turn quick and fuck up her YouTube and she’s finally broke with no more influence

No. 611127

File: 1529027473959.jpeg (175.55 KB, 1287x790, 98F7DEA1-0D6D-4AC4-B304-09850B…)

No. 611128

Here’s the video since it was deleted.

No. 611130

Chelsea is still overinvested. Other people's lives are not hers to save, especially from the drugs they abuse recreationally. But if this leads to milk being leaked then w/e, stay overinvested and keep posting, Chelsea.

No. 611139

I think it was the drummer. I see few pictures of him on the tour but I can find anything of him in March…

No. 611148

This. Fillers are fine but they filled them all in the wrong spots. Like anon said, its a big bulge at the front. She needs to go to a better doctor. If you have a prominent cupids bow, they fill along the side of each lip. Nit directly at the front so you look like a monkey parrotfish.

No. 611152

Just did a little experiment and she’s blocking anyone that says anything pretty much immediately.

No. 611157

OK, I'm dying about Jonny writing a love song to Taylor when he's best known for a song called "I Still Feel Her" that has FIVE PARTS.

He got roasted for that on Twitter when it was released, like "let it go already, bruh." Maybe Tay will be Part 6!

No. 611160

File: 1529029202628.jpg (586.9 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180615_101848.jpg)

I tried to fix her lips with facetune. It's crazy how much they bulge at the front. It looks like a bad shellfish allergic reaction.

No. 611167

god she looks like she got the supercuts equivalant of a lip job. It's like it was the first day on the job for whoever disfigured her lips like that.

You made them look 100 times better anon

No. 611178

I can't work out whether the person injected in the wrong places and fucked them up tremendously or if her lips have absorbed the filler and they've unfortunately settled down at the front. I'm guessing they are botched. Either way she needs to get that top lip corrected or dissolved.

No. 611185

File: 1529030553633.png (334.86 KB, 1440x2160, Screenshot_2018-06-14-22-42-26…)

No. 611187

>I came out of this drama looking bad so now I'm past all the drama, guys

No. 611193

File: 1529031286446.jpeg (468.79 KB, 1299x1986, 6971DDB4-5502-4F2E-B7DD-436CBB…)

No. 611205

You know what I bet he’s doing? Chelsea’s reading him for filth and she’s RIGHT because there’s no way that nodding walking corpse isn’t high out of his mind, so he’s telling Taylor “this is making me relapse, it’s Chelsea’s fault I’m relapsing.” Chelsea has been doing this since they got together and now suddenly Taylor has to “speak on it,” and wants to say how Jonny’s addiction is a DISEASE? Keep drinking the koolaid, girl. It’s not a relapse if he never stopped using.

God her life really does suck. He’s got her convinced nothing he does is his fault but she’s the one who has to live with the ramifications. Too bad for her this is the life she hand-picked!

No. 611216

So 100% Taylor is on some drug(s). There's nothing in me that thinks otherwise anymore. And Jonny is still using.
I know Chelsea is just trying to help. She did it kindly first and talked with her and Taylor shit all over her. If this is what it takes to get Jonny away from a woman then so be it, I guess. Nothing will come from silence, Jonny will just do whatever he wants with no consequence. Taylor is too far in denial.

No. 611217

Taylor is so disconnected from reality. She is deceiving and manipulating herself at this point. She should probably have Jonny set her up with his therapist.

She is so defensive and it’s only because she cannot lie her way out of this one. Each and every one of us here has told a lie, and we naturally get defensive when we feel vulnerable about the truth coming out. She was defensive the entire time on her Twitter tirade. She has no one else to blame but herself for the situation she is in. Her attention seeking has led up to this. I bet Jonny is splitting at the seams right about now.

No. 611219


I feel the same. That comment she deleted telling someone to 'learn ur drugs' and basically exposing herself by saying her behavior would be from someone on coke, not oxy, is the cherry on top for me 100% believing she's using

No. 611220


I remember Chelsea once saying Jonny would do anything to manipulate Taylor because what he wanted more than anything else in a girlfriend was someone who used like him, hence why he tried shooting up all the other girls. Taylor has spoken so many times about feeling left out/no friends/no social life etc growing up so it doesn't surprise me if all that built up bitterness turned into wanting a 'rockstar boyfriend/lifestyle'.

No. 611222

Does she have a herp sore on her lower lip at the corner there or is that an injection site? It’s gotten bigger over the past few days, at the beginning it looked flatter. Sorry, I know nothing about fillers.

No. 611225


Not that it would surprise me if Jonny gave her that, but in her no-makeup pics Jonny posted you can see needle marks all over her mouth, so i assume it's just from the fillers. Personally i would've waited a few days before going on a selfie rampage..

No. 611227

hard to say really, but usually you shouldn't have a accumulation or pocket of filler near any of the injection sites because, when applied by a properly trained and certified professional, after application they massage and help move the filler smoothly to the desired areas.

I've never seen that happen from a lip filling, personally.

No. 611230

Is it normal for the injection site to swell for a while after the fact? Her lips look painful.

Jonny being so gross is what made me think it was herpes to begin with, you know he’s spread some diseases around.

No. 611231

Thanks to knowledgeable anons, also, if it was something else, like an allergic response or whatever, wouldn’t she know that or can you have a reaction at any time?

No. 611234

File: 1529034743537.jpeg (135.84 KB, 1085x1469, 257C664F-0733-4179-8AAF-AF7FD1…)

I don’t know anything about lip injections but this lump doesn’t seem normal.

No. 611236

File: 1529034781282.jpg (354.61 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-215425.jpg)

This is like the fiftieth time she's said this lately and it's getting really old

No. 611237


I have to agree. Unless you've done drugs yourself, you really don't understand the effects. People who don't do them don't generally care what they do because they don't have any interest lol. I don't think most people who haven't done coke fully understand what coke does. Her level of understanding just shows her familiarity with it. I suppose she could argue she's been around people who do it, but I really doubt it.

I am vaguely remembering something that happened on the last tour involving Taylor like.. Passing out one night?? Did I imagine that? I have been half afraid to bring it up here because I feel like I did lol. Didn't she leave the tour early due to some drama? Someone help me out here.

No. 611239

taylor really needs to grow up. like, she can't be parading herself as kid-friendly when she's constantly having twitter meltdowns and showing off her shit boyfriend. everything about her demeanor just doesn't make sense for someone who is in the right.
she doesn't need to post in the first place if she's just going to rapidly delete, and she should know that, with the size of her fanbase. she's just stirring the pot for attention. if she really wanted to spread her ""truth"" she wouldn't be losing her shit so much.

No. 611243


An anonymous account said they were someone who was on the tour, they said Taylor was kicked off the tour/sent home after blacking out and not being able to wake up. The same livestream where Taylor smoked weed with her geckos in the room, Jonny's friends requested to join the stream and two girls were on a bed snorting coke when they flipped the camera at one point. Lay down with the dogs you get fleas eh?

No. 611244


I don't know loads about lip injections, but when i've watched celebs get them on YouTube the needle is usually injected right under the lip, almost touching regular skin, whereas Taylor's bruises are directly in her lip on the left side of her mouth. You can see what i mean by Jonny's most recent pic of her on IG

No. 611246

File: 1529035199050.png (1.76 MB, 1256x918, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.0…)

No. 611249

it's days old so you kind of have to assume we discussed it already

No. 611250

God how can anyone find him attractive. He gives me the creeps.

No. 611255

And here it’s definitely in the same spot, it just hasn’t started to swell yet? Weird. Maybe it is herp.

No. 611257

That's what it was! Bless you. I am now wondering if that's when the dude left the tour.

No. 611261

I get cold sores every so often.

It's hard to tell from the picture because she covered it with lipstick, but I'm inclined to believe it's most likely from the injections. Apparently lumps are a side effect.

No. 611263

That's what i was thinking! Who knows though at this point since Chelsea said she got 15 messages, i wish she would post the rest of them or at least a couple more

No. 611266

File: 1529037082203.jpeg (271.73 KB, 1800x1800, EBF44A41-E764-4F60-81D9-DC89BF…)

Took the pic on the left from the general Youtubers thread and compared her to before. For sake of reference she was mentioned as throwing shade at Emzotic in her most recent vid.
Seriously, how do u even mess up your face this much in a year????

No. 611276

If she wouldn't draw on a fucking black unibrow she would look years younger and less haggard.

Your. eyebrows. are. too. close. together.

Between her drug usage, style/makeup choices, and animal care, this cow makes me sperg like no other.

Fix your fucking eyebrows, Taylor. Sharpies are for writing on paper, not on faces.

No. 611277


It's actually depressing looking at her older videos to now, she seemed so genuine and healthy. I know she's always had self esteem issues but it's really taken over her whole life/how she makes decisions

No. 611278

Samefag. Can someone shoop the space between her eyebrows to look normal? I'm on mobile so I can't right now.

No. 611279

File: 1529038886351.png (410.81 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180615-010100.png)

He's sticking to the "I'm not drinking" story, for whenever they say "its casual drinking!!"

No. 611295

Instabrow trends do no one any favors, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No. 611298

So Liz and Chelsea are hanging out together and posting videos of them dancing. They're probably laughing at Taylor for all the shit she said.

No. 611302

And trust Jonny is probably obsessively watching their every social media move and fuming.

Oh no! their happiness is gonna make him relapse! /s

No. 611311

that is such a retarded reply for her to make lmao what the hell

No. 611315

File: 1529042045102.jpeg (493.39 KB, 1242x1318, 53871A00-31C0-440B-910E-1A5C67…)

This bitch thinks she’s saving the planet when she herself hasn’t even gone vegan yet

No. 611327

Love how she is calling her mantis a chihuahua when she got rid of hers because she couldnt potty train it. lmao

No. 611335

When i see all jonnys exs talk about them frequently, i start to think that they shouldnt even care about them or say anything until i realize that Jonny keeps bringing them into the conversation and Taylor probably keeps trying to contact them whenever he turns crazy on her. He probably talks about them frequently off camera and lurk through their lives like an idiot. No wonder Taylor tries so hard to look like them

Poor Chelsea, liz, and amanda. I hope the memory of Jonny soon fades

No. 611342

File: 1529047140406.png (90.73 KB, 1080x417, IMG_20180615_081823.png)

She's like a 5 year old/parrot who gets stuck saying the same word for days on end.

No. 611344

File: 1529047246061.png (245.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180615-082043.png)

No. 611345

Holy shit, I just realised how much better looking Chelsea is. https://twitter.com/pumpkiim/status/1007458355261198336

No wonder Taylor is insecure about her looks.

No. 611351

i had no idea that was her ex. i feel so awful for him, he clearly cared about her a lot. what happened with them? i can't find it from scrolling through/searching his twitter - he seems to keep that private

No. 611353

File: 1529049433498.png (273.1 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6677.PNG)

taylor's stans really are fucking stupid. "you should help them not tear them down sis!" they say, straight to one of his many victims. i just can't fathom how they think they're doing the right thing. i can't wait for this to blow up right in his face. he deserves everything that's coming to him and then some.

No. 611362

Both Chelsea and Liz are way better looking, and both also have lip injections. I actually think Taylor is doing all this shit to herself to kinda look like them.

No. 611399

Bish how tf are you even educated enough to speak on veganism topics????? I’m 900% sure that your quick google search isn’t going to help you be educated at all jfc

No. 611400

Here. Let me. A non vegan. Educate you all on veganism.

kek she's crazy.

Sure talk about reducing meat consumption /as a meat eater/, but don't talk about shit we all know you don't know about. Especially don't preach veganism if you're not a vegan, it's hypocritical.

No. 611401

Sorry for non taylor related but is anyone else watching Jonnys ex amanda's live vid on twitter…..? Literally just her playing with her tits and showing her body. Does she realize what shes doing or like are you trying to be a cam girl….

No. 611402

No. 611405

Im sorry if that came off as close minded like shitting on cam girls or people who are open about their sexuality, NOT what I was trying to do. Just thought it was very strange considering thats not really Amandas thing at all. Dont understand what shes trying to do here

No. 611415

Honestly I think she was just drunk lol

No. 611424

The one thing I’m still trying to figure out is how Jonny got “sober.” Taylor had her little circus of a fit on Twitter at the beginning of June while Jonny was out of town. Then the very next day she retracts every statement she made and said he stopped drinking alcohol.

How the fuck did he detox so quickly? I can’t imagine he withdrew on his own due to the high risk of seizing and mortality. Even if he went to the hospital, they recommend a detox facility and give you Librium to help w/ withdrawals upon discharge. I believe he said he was “living his best life” while out of town. I don’t imagine that includes detox…

Obviously they’re both lying about his sobriety, but they’re fucking annoying with their idiotic lying. The gig is about to be up real soon- I can feel it. This situation seems to be getting exposed more and more every week. You can only lie and cover your tracks for so long. Denial against substantial evidence beyond a reasonable doubt only gets you so far.

No. 611457

File: 1529067039509.jpg (3.51 KB, 353x143, 1526527354378.jpg)

she left will turner for a fucking "night of the living dead" GINGER with no teeth and a smack habit. i cant w this bitch. honestly dont feel for her at all what with how she treated her animals pre-jonny anyways

No. 611458

LOL but seriously Johnny is a proper little gremlin. I don't understand how anyone can find that attractive… and his personality certainly doesn't make up for lack of physical attributes.

No. 611459


also don't talk about living cruelty free when you don't look after your own animals properly

and don't cunt on about reducing your carbon footprint when you fuck off on vacation every 2 weeks and you could power an entire small town with the amount of electronic equipment you have

taylor is a bottomless pit of pathetic

i don't give a fuck what happens to her. she brought it on herself. and she did it on purpose, the stupid asshole

No. 611465

I can agree with this. The fact she thinks she able to speak about global warming and veganism really shows how absolutely unself-aware she is.

No. 611470

I cannot wait for her to make this video. This might end her little YouTube career. I can just see an actual vegan ripping her throat out over it and people ripping her apart over it in the comments section. Put the nail in your coffin, bitch.

No. 611477


The chances of it ending her Youtube "career" aren't very high, unfortunately, but the milk will most definitely be abundant.

No. 611479

I don't know… have you seen the vegan community on youtube? Have you seen the anti-vegan community?

Combined it would be a shit storm.

No. 611485


With the amount of stans Taylor has who are willing to ignore anything and everything that isn't in line with what she's said, she probably won't see that big of a drop in viewership. But I do agree, vegans and anti-vegans can be frankly rabid, so even if Taylor's "career" isn't over, it'll get pretty intense. Which should be fun.

That said, if it is what gets this bitch off Youtube, I'll be very happy.

No. 611488

She went from cute and classy to gutter trash

No. 611491

Definitely a herpes sore.
Anon who has actually had lip fillers before, the injection site is a small spot, not a raised bump and usually goes a light purple bruised colour. That's either a herpe or a pimple.

No. 611492


Hopefully she won't be anywhere near her friend's baby until that thing goes down. Herpes kills multiple babies every year and she doesn't even necessarily have to put her nasty lips on it to pass it along.

No. 611496

simplex one doesn't kill babies, anon, simplex 2 does. it's highly unlikely she has 2 on her face, even for her.

No. 611518


Well, we all know what she got those lips for…

No. 611532

she isn't even vegetarian i cannot believe she's going to preach about being vegan this is so funny

No. 611538

She's probably been vegan for like 24 hours so feels she's ready to give advice on it now, you know like how she owns animals for less than 24 hours and gives advice like she's got years of experience hahahaha.

No. 611541

if jonny did die while she was dating him, she’d just tell everyone he was older than she thought and she did everything she could and he died of old age, not because of her care.

you know. how she does with animals.

No. 611545

It was the breeders fault!!!!

No. 611552

Jonny's igs are of him singing "you're so fine just the way I found you. You're so mine"

Damn what an amazing love song.

No. 611585

If she was fine why is he stanning the lip fillers

No. 611590

File: 1529082326944.jpg (437.31 KB, 964x1406, Screenshot_20180615-130515.jpg)

She's so bothered lol

No. 611595

all i got from that is, "she's a hater, so i won't delete her comment cuz i want all my stans to attack her for being mean to me! I'm right all the time!"

No. 611600

“Just the way I found you” the irony. I can’t.

No. 611606

She’s such a bitch. She knew what she was doing. People comment rude shit all the time and maybe, MAYBE get a few attack replies. She purposely commented that shit just to be a cunt

No. 611611

File: 1529083029384.png (748.04 KB, 640x960, IMG_0006.PNG)


Not sure if anyone's responded to this yet, but Will/Taylor took a break around like 1 year/ish of dating because Taylor needed time to 'find herself' outside of a relationship, ultimately Taylor ended up breaking up with him months before they planned on moving in together. Originally her account was getting attention for being in a long distance relationship, which is when i started following her

No. 611627

File: 1529084033566.jpg (39.63 KB, 264x364, received_1616589358409545-1.jp…)

Taylor accusing someone of not being able to take constructive criticism

No. 611633

That's really rich coming from her. Someone telling you your face is wrecked isn't bullying, it's the truth hahahah.

No. 611637

File: 1529084731014.png (595.83 KB, 556x556, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.44…)

Had to do some insane digging because they both deleted the pics from their relationship, but here's Taylor during the 2014-2015 period of her and Will. He was really good for her and she looked so much healthier and was stunning, it's a shame. I was a huge fan during this time

No. 611639

Has he missed a big clump of his beard on the side of his face??

No. 611641

I'm pretty sure this is the person she claimed was abusive.

She deflects peoples musings as to whether or not her relationship with jonny is abusive by saying "I've been in abusive relationship before!!!! I KNOW the signs okay!!!!!!!"

guess it was this guy she's referring to???

No. 611642


From what i saw her say during that period, Will and Taylor were speaking while she was dating someone abusive, and then when Will helped her finally leave them they got back together. Will clarified during last December that she wasn't referring to him aswell, ill see if i can find that

No. 611645

File: 1529085269684.png (223.24 KB, 964x702, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.54…)

No. 611646

I think Will was the one who told her parents she was doing coke, so maybe he is good terms with them, doubt he was the abusive bf.

No. 611649

Honestly makes me feel bad for the guy, imagine having the girl you love break up with you to "find herself" or whatever and then she gets in a relationship with an uglier, older, cuntier, abusive druggy.

No. 611650

File: 1529085498443.png (663.77 KB, 770x580, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 1.56…)


Yeah Will was one of the people Taylor was texting about how all she and Jonny do together is smoke heroin/do coke, she's definitely referring to someone from way back. Now that I'm comparing her old pics to hers and Jonny's, the difference in happiness/health in the pictures is insane

No. 611651

File: 1529085663403.png (588.91 KB, 524x838, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 2.01…)

No. 611654

Unpopular opinion but idc. Chelsea and Liz need to move the fuck on. This coming from someone who was in an abusive relationship with a drug addicted asshole for years. I just think it comes off as a tad obsessive at this point tbh. Like Chelsea literally has a screenshot of one of Taylor’s tweets as her pinned tweet on twitter. I understand it must be frustrating having thousands of people think you’re lying and waiting to stick around and be able to have the “I told you so!” moment but it’s not worth it. Idk. Their constant insertion into the matter is becoming pathetic but they do provoke and provide a lot of milk so oh well, just my two cents.

No. 611655

Shit. Forgot to sage. Sorry.

No. 611656

I kind of agree with you, but at the same time Taylor tried looking to them for help, and her parents believed them, and now Taylor says they love the drama and faked the messages, and crazy Jen is has also completely turned on them, Chelsea is probably just pissed and every little slip up wants to be there to prove she's not the liar in the situation. I get you though, some people would of just blocked them all and moved on with their life, but I can also understand why she feels like she needs to prove she isn't lying after Taylor and JC have tried to make her seem like the crazy one.

No. 611662

That’s true and I would be pissed as hell, too but at this point, there’s nothing they can do. They tried to warn Taylor, they tried to warn Jen (who is clearly a crazy person and there’s no winning with crazy) and I don’t fault them for defending themselves at the beginning but at this point I feel like they need to block, delete and just try and forget about it. It’s the only way they will truly move on. The truth always comes out, they can’t force Taylor to see the light or admit her faults, they can’t make Johnny admit he’s a rapist junkie piece of shit. They’ve said their piece and I think for their own mental well-being they should try and move on.

No. 611664

Yeahh I totally get you. I guess they'll do whatever feels right. Maybe they just enjoy the shitshow like we do hahahah.

No. 611665

Nah I agree, everybody in this world has been through something difficult and not all of us let it define us as people and post about it twenty times a day. I think its obsessive and pathetic, and the fact everyone in this thread praises them up to high heaven isn't something
I agree with. Sometimes reading through this thread it looks like Chelsea is self-commenting and praising herself. I think its because us anons who think they need to move the fuck on don't really say much about it, whereas the anons who think that Jonny's exes are 'SO INSPIRATIONAL' seem to comment it over and over and over again.

Only reason I even care about them is because they provide the milk, not because I pity them anymore. I did at the beginning but now its overplayed and boring, you can only give someone so much sympathy.

No. 611668


I can get on board with this vein of thinking, but I think what Chelsea especially went through was a little more than "something difficult". She was literally raped multiple times by her boyfriend and stayed because he manipulated her that much. It might be more about her seeking justice rather than just dwelling on it?

No. 611670

What fantasy world do you live in where the truth always comes out?

No. 611671

They don't care about Taylor, they just like the drama lol. The only reason they say they do is because they feel like they need to redeem themselves for attacking her. I can honestly say I don't like Taylor just because I think shes fake, naive, and is a liar.

They interfere because they're obsessed with Jonny and what he did to them, not because they care about Taylor. Taylor isn't getting the hint and neither is her mother. But again, they're attention seeking drama queens and my milk senses are tingling profusely at them posting.

No. 611674

Her seeking justice would be her posting about her experiences, I don't fault that. I fault the fact shes attacking Jonny's new girlfriend and trying to put it underneath the guise of her 'helping and warning her'. She doesnt like Taylor because Taylor is unlikeable and a huge fucking bitch, say as you mean not what you think you should.

No. 611676

But obsessively watching his and his new girlfriend’s social media to comment or call them out…it’s just not healthy. What Johnny did to her was beyond fucked up but she’s not hurting anyone but herself. Taylor’s fans are delusional and will believe anything she says and whatever fans Johnny has left after all the shit he’s done are the same way.

Repost because I’m an idiot and can’t remember to sage my shit.

No. 611679

Eh, maybe that was the wrong turn of phrase to use but I stand by the rest of what I said. They’ve spoken their piece. Those who believe them (which for the record, I do) will believe them. Those who chose to turn a blind eye and continue to support Taylor and Johnny…well, they’ll continue to do so.

No. 611687

Eh. I’m not in any way a fan of any of these people or their constant tweet bitchfights, but in Chelsea’s case I can definitely see her not dealing with it well at all. Long term abuse and partner rape makes for some really confusing, fucked up emotions in the person who was raped and abused and tbh I’m going to give her a pass for ‘not being able to let go’.

Taylor is way too enamored of the rockstar/heroin chic lifestyle and it’s going to keep her there a lot longer than the rest of these girls. She switches up her shit pretty quickly. First she was the long distance relationship girl, then she was the pet youtuber thot, now she’s Jonny’s girl. She has like zero sense of self and it’s prob because of her batshit mother but she needs to shake off those cluster b fleas because she’s already in the shit and frankly, headed for worse if she doesn’t pull herself out.

No. 611705

You know you can just copy your post, delete it, and then sage it and post it again??

No. 611707

thanks everyone for the replies about what happened with her and will. i can't believe she dumped him to "find herself" and then proceeded to find herself with a fucking rapist. i feel so awful for him. looks like he's doing okay now, though. she really was so beautiful and she glowed in his pictures of her. how many subscribers did she have at this point? gonna speculate, but did she maybe think "oh this relationship made me kinda famous, maybe i should date someone "popular" and i can gain even more subs/followers" and that's when she went after post and jonny?

will is definitely the one who told her parents about the drugs. it's so easy to see who truly cares/cared about her when you compare will to jonny–will still trying to help her while she's "found" her way with jonny, and then there's jonny himself, basically keeping taylor from her family/scaring them/doing everything he does that's shitty

No. 611713

"heart crushingly" doesn't really strike me as something that someone who is very confident about their looks would say

No. 611719

I think Will is probably a decent guy and Taylor's self esteem issues likely caused her to get bored with him bc he treated her well. Better to be with a douche bag who treats you like shit, eh?

No. 611725


Yeah it's sad to see that she dumped such a good guy for ultimately no reason because she clearly hasn't found herself, if anything is more lost. To answer your question at that point in time she had just started her youtube channel and wasn't posting too much, so she had around like 7k. She had 50k twitter followers though, her channel only really took off (from my perspective at least) after she started hoarding animals when Nala passed. I don't think she left him because she's fame hungry, but maybe because she wants so badly to be that party girl (hence the 'rockstar' hunting) and Will isn't like that at all? Maybe I'm reaching here

No. 611729


Hate to say it but that's the sad reality for some girls. I think his ex's had genuine love for him and when Jonny knew that he started showing his true self as abusers/narcissists do, whereas Taylor has such deep self esteem issues that lead her to being with him. I think with that being in mind it's hard to predict how long they'll last, especially with her saying she wants a family with him during her twitter meltdown. Yuck

No. 611734


No. 611735

Tbh I'm taken aback by the people who are criticizing a girl who was raped and abused by an ex from a relationship that didn't end THAT long ago cause she's coming off "bitter" and like "she needs to get over it". I'm real iffy about criticizing how people choose to process trauma because it's so very personal and individualized. I can't fault her for running a smear campaign on the man that raped and abused her. Were I in her shoes I'd probably want to do much worse.

No. 611736


preach. I support this statement.

No. 611737

I didn't know about Will and honestly it makes me mad because I was under the impression she has only ever been hurt and abused by guys and in unhealthy relationships because that was how she made it out to be. How could she compare her relationship with Jonny to Will if she knows what it's like to be in a good, loving, stable relationship? Part of me gave her benefit of the doubt because I thought well, maybe she had nothing to compare it to so how would she know, but she does. Fuck her. Sounds like her boyfriends weren't the problem, she is.

No. 611739


In her 'by myself' tattoo post she said from age 12 or 13 that she started dating and would date 'the worst of people' to not be alone, so she's probably dated loads of guys who may of actually been abusive pre-Will era, surprisingly though she only ever speaks about that when Jonny is brought up. Makes you wonder

No. 611740

i was also thinking of that, especially because it's pretty obvious that post malone does a lot of shit/parties a lot too. maybe she just really wanted to try some hard drugs lol

No. 611741

He raped, beat, abused, and took their money but they should forget all that because it makes them seem obsessive? ORLY. They deserve some revenge, I think.

No. 611745

Taylor gets worth out of fixing things–hence why all her animals are allegedly rescues even if they aren't. Jonny is someone she's rescuing in her mind.

No. 611746

samefag. just thought really hard about how weird it is that she knowingly went into this relationship in the first place, but what you guys are saying makes so much sense. i just don't see how you could want to be in a relationship with a man like this, whether or not you had anything to gain from it. it's just so sad and gross that he's clearly so good at manipulating her. there's so much solid proof, and yet she's still sticking up for him because he's "totally changing for the better"

No. 611749

Honestly I used to think they should stop commenting on both of them, but then it's like, this is exactly why he's been able to get away with so much shit. Because people don't speak up about his abusive behavior.

Not to mention that he himself isn't able to let go either as a control tactic. Besides, Chelsea was with him WEEKS before he started dating Taylor. Of course she's not going to "let it go" so easily.

No. 611752

The best revenge is moving on. Showing a piece of shit like Johnny that he still gets under their skin and effects them only gives him power over them still. I was raped, beat, abused, cheated on, stolen from, taken advantage of, the works by my ex and I was only truly able to heal and move on when I blocked him on everything and stop responding to his bullshit. He still tries to contact me to this day - over 7 years later. It’s not easy - I speak from experience. But by constantly reacting and trying to get a reaction they just continue to give him control.

No. 611753

I’m not by any way saying they shouldn’t have shared their stories of abuse because you’re right people being scared to speak out is what allows shit like this to continue. But they are beyond that point and it is becoming obsessive. I’ve been there. But you’re right - Chelsea’s and Johnny’s relationship and break up is still pretty fresh but I’m speaking from a place of concern for her own mental well-being…she needs to remove herself from the situation.

No. 611757

He owes her thousands of dollars. I'm from the inner city and to quote from Friday, playing with my money is like playing with my emotions. You best believe I wouldn't block someone who still owes me for medical bills. I'd hound his ass daily until he paid up.

No. 611802


Your way of healing only works for you. Healing is not a one size fits all. Being silenced for so long by someone that seeks to control and finding your voice again is incredibly empowering for many victims. It's all part of some people's healing journey. What you think is best is only best for you. Glad you've been able to move on and heal.

No. 611810

Not trying to sound like a wk here but if you rudely comment on someone's appearance, then I see it as fair game to get a comment back. Not saying the comment isn't valid (it is, she looks like a pufferfish), but you shouldn't spit fire if you can't take it back. And she should've expected more heat given that she posted on a popular account. I don't really see how tuna-kin the bitch in this equation honestly

No. 611811

I agree with this. It's also a different situation because the rapist and his new chick have quite a large following. I'm sure it sucks seeing all these people support and love these monsters and then say you are lying about what happened to you.

No. 611839

File: 1529099155093.jpg (23.11 KB, 582x145, Capture.JPG)

Fucking EW

No. 611841

File: 1529099237892.jpeg (138.72 KB, 747x646, 4F67EA6D-A7AA-4EDE-A15E-B96ED6…)

She sees an article circling around twitter and then researches it for a video and never talks about it again

No. 611843

In case anyone wants to know exactly how quickly Taylor is hoarding animals. (Fish tanks are counted as 1 pet to avoid confusion, and I didn’t include Kiara, since she’s Taylor’s parents’ dog)

January 15th 2016: 12 pets
June 20th 2016: 9 pets (rehomed hermit crabs)
August 25th 2016: 10 pets
October 18th 2016: 13 pets
November 12th 2016: 15 pets
So through the year of 2016 she went from 12-15 pets, nothing too crazy, the hoarding hadn’t really began at this point.

February 11th 2017: 15 pets
May 17th 2017: 16 pets
July 28th 2017: 21 pets
This year was when the hoarding really began, especially with snakes.

January 13th 2018: 24 pets
May 19th 2018: 32 pets
Currently: 33 pets

And if you add on each individual fish, Taylor technically owns 50+ pets. Yikes.

No. 611849

“I’m Chelsea Raine and I approve this message”

No. 611850

oh hi Jonny

No. 611853

File: 1529100183759.png (118.36 KB, 1080x486, IMG_20180615_225940.png)

She's so incredibly self absorbed. Most girls wear vests when it's hot, Taylor must be the only person I know to get several dirty looks and comments when she leaves the house in a tank? This is honestly such bullshit. She must be wearing see-through clothes, wearing the skimpiest outfits ever, or the more likely reason of her being totally delusional and thinking someone glancing in her direction is someone judging her for showing a bit of cleavage, I bet all these people she's talking about never even noticed her. People don't comment on having your tits out daily just for showing a little cleavage?

No. 611854

File: 1529100196300.jpeg (142.34 KB, 1242x518, 2F5B993C-895B-42B4-A8A3-D758F8…)

LOL I cannot with this bitch. This bitch doesn’t know the first thing about having big titties or she would know a D cup is very average. I wouldn’t be surprised if she did have a C or D cup but, sorry Taylor, as much as you want that to mean you have haaauge titties…you don’t. See >>610868 when you were too focused on face tuning your mangled face and forgot to stretch your boobs to your belly button like in your turtleneck photos.

No. 611855

Not the same anon but nah. I’m glad I’m not the only one with the tinfoil that Chelsea has self-posted here patting herself on the back more than once.

No. 611857

If every youtuber acted like Taylor when they received criticism I may agree with you. Her fans went to that girls account and were commenting about how "wrecked" her lips were on her latest selfie. Taylor knew about it and purposely left the girls comment up to keep it happening. Any professional or decent human being would just delete the comment and tell their fans not to do that shit. I'm not even saying the original comment was okay.. But TAYLOR puts all this attention on her appearance. All by herself. She wants people to comment nice things only and can't handle the negative comments about herself. She wants to play it like she's this feminist hero standing up for body positivity but then encourages her fans to attack someone elses appearance to make herself feel better.

So yeah she's still the bitch in this equation.

No. 611878

interesting. and lol even her icon back then was attention whorey

No. 611882

she is so pretty here

No. 611884

okay chelsea.

No. 611895

Can we please stop with this victim complex that drug abuse is a disease?? It’s a fucking choice. Satan didnt just magically force your arms to pick up that needle or bottle. Jesus fuck she’s disgusting. So much of a victim mentality. Just like how being a rapist isn’t a disease, it’s a choice. Or is it a disease to you Taylor?

No. 611898

God shut the fuck up just because someone doesnt agree with you doesnt mean its Chelsea. Spoiler alert buddy people have different opinions

No. 611899

To be fair, addiction is a disease. But it’s not an excuse. And anyone truly in recovery who is actually trying to better themselves accepts responsibility and apologizes for the fucked up things they did while using. Which Johnny would never do. But this is coming from the girl who using mUH EDSSSS every time she can’t be bothered to put out a video on time so I can’t say I’m surprised at her reasoning.

No. 611904

This bitch is really tryna brag about her boobs like they’re something special when the average in the US is literally a DD cup

No. 611907

I agree, but I still do think Chelsea is self-posting here lmao

No. 611908

Honestly she probably is lol but who cares. It's just annoying when someone says anything different than what everyone else is saying they immediately assume it's the person they're all talking about as if it even fucking matters

No. 611912

File: 1529104502824.jpeg (441.95 KB, 1228x1768, B3109E9E-BD51-4317-AA38-446D71…)

I was trying to find a photo where you could see how small her SUPER HUGE D BEWBS are and I saw this and…look at her right boob (our left) it seriously looks like she just took the black paintbrush tool to her boob to try and make her titty look bigger like wtf?? Am I crazy or does anyone else see this? I was too distracted by her ratty extensions and weird fucking mouth the first time this was posted.

No. 611913

File: 1529104539536.jpg (586.49 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_6690.JPG)

they're practically non existent in that picture the other anon referenced its fucking hilarious. she's so happy with her body and face, but yet she gets lip fillers and pretends she has bigger boobs than she really does. take this picture for example lmfao she can't even complain she does NOT know the struggle whatsoever

No. 611916

i get what you're pointing out but tbh i don't think that's what she did. even if it is, her boobs are still soooo tiny lmfao

No. 611919

It's the lighting and angle what erased definition on her chest and makes it look bigger, but yeah I see what you mean.

No. 611924

File: 1529104893847.jpg (114.86 KB, 800x1400, bandbustguide.jpg)

D cups can actually be fairly small tho, lmao.

No. 611925

File: 1529104922217.png (133.36 KB, 750x1253, IMG_6695.PNG)

im laughing out loud

No. 611927

First on that bathing suit shot, she’s a B at best!!

No. 611930

File: 1529105175784.png (163.12 KB, 750x1171, IMG_6696.PNG)

she's not wearing a bra in this one as far as i can tell, but they still look small. if a girl with actually big boobs tried to wear this it would not look like this

No. 611931

That’s exactly what I’m saying. She literally knows nothing about bust size. Her tits are small to average, even if she wears a D cup. It’s clear as day. She doesn’t have some giant titties like she tries to claim or edit herself to have.

No. 611932

Yup, very average. Which is nothing to be ashamed about. But for someone claiming their loOoOVe their body so much she sure goes out of her way to lie about what she doesn’t have or edit her photos so she does. It’s laughable.

No. 611934

File: 1529105409898.jpeg (105.27 KB, 1294x841, 0ACE6CF6-0726-49EB-A7C2-90D156…)

This just doesn’t seem like the response you’d get from someone who actually cares about their animal that died. This isn’t as damning as her constant jokes about Nala being dead though.

No. 611938

pet youtubers always wanna say animals aren't accessories, and then they turn around and make jokes like this. i wonder if they'd make the same joke if their dog/cat/an animal that they like/care about more died.

No. 611939

Looking at this is just depressing. She was pretty and she fucked her face up so bad. This kind of shit confuses me, because honestly I’m not much and I’ll never understand why people trash what they’ve got so badly.

No. 611942

Her cheeks look weird af in this picture, is it shooped because it looks a little chipmunky.

No. 611945

I always thought she looked so beautiful in these photos and she has just fucked her face up so hard. Crippling insecurity and disposable money is a scary thing.

No. 611947

it honestly makes me sad for her that she didn't just realize how beautiful she was. maybe if she had, she would've known her worth and not decided to stick herself with jonny fucking craig and fuck her life up even more

No. 611949

I mean it may be average because of average Americans are overweight so you’re going to have bigger boobs. I am a comfortable C. My sister is a D. We go out in tanks and even if we have a bit of a push up on, no one has ever given us a dirty look or told to cover up. She is doing what’s known as Humble Bragging - just a way to say hey guys I have size D boobs. Which I highly doubt in the top less (sun burn) shot she was flat AF

No. 611950

Look at her crazy mom. Growing up with a mother like that while also having a disable sibling is a recipe for disaster. Not making excuses for Taylor as she has proven herself to be trash all on her own and there are people from far worse circumstances who have come out and risen above it. But…it couldn’t have helped. She’s always been looking for attention in the worst places.

No. 611953

She made jokes about the female kitten dying. Part of the reason she named the other one Nemo, as well as his parents abandoning him/dying.

No. 611954

im still sad thinking about my betta fish's death damn, they really have no attatchment to their pets

No. 611956

I wouldn’t be surprised if Taylor gets a boob job

No. 611957

File: 1529106278261.jpeg (78.05 KB, 840x600, CEE07F8C-C0CD-4407-AC1B-7F7C73…)

It’s not just that. It’s a common misconception that someone who wears a D cup has giant boobs. It’s just inaccurate. Like I said before, I wouldn’t be shocked if she truly does where a C or D cup because, frankly, that’s not very large at all.

No. 611960

Yea as I said I think she’s just humble bragging. Always the victim - someone’s being mean because my boobs are so large eye roll okay Taylor

No. 611962

I’m a 32DDD and my boobs are still fairly proportionate to my body, they aren’t massive bc of the small band size. She could easily be a C or D with a smaller band size easily. Which isn’t always big. No cup size can really be considered big without thinking about the band size. Just my two cents on Taylor’s boobs as a person with boobs.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 611963

i had no idea that's why she named him that. she really thinks these jokes are cute lol wow

No. 611966

and a thousand more

can we move on from the topic of breast size now? this shit always derails every single thread it happens in.

No. 611972

File: 1529107319179.png (6.66 MB, 1242x2208, 6F3CED72-72E9-426D-A7AA-AF6B4A…)

From her current instastory. But her boobs are so big you guys!! Kek

No. 611975

Well until she goes on another milky twitter sperg there isn’t much to discuss. If you have a better topic to go on about, please, be my guest.

No. 611977

File: 1529107651464.jpeg (170.2 KB, 1314x1107, 9FED98E3-8A55-4ACB-AE0E-69D80E…)

Why is she still joking about this when it was proven the texts of her admitting she does heroin are real?

No. 611981

File: 1529108231738.png (1.01 MB, 704x936, Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 8.13…)

Tbh not sure why Taylor's boobs are brought up for discussion so often, if she wore a push up and acted like those were her natural size then id get it. But Taylor has posted loads of pics without a bra, past and present, so i don't think she's trying to be deceiving. But i do think in the future she'll probably get more work done that doesn't take loads of recovery, like butt injections or an eyebrow lift etc.

No. 611988


Anon, at this point, i’ll take any subject that doesn’t involve 30 people blogposting here about their own bra size or posting unsaged anecdotes that don’t mean anything.

No. 611993

Because she's too preoccupied with how people online perceive her, like Will said. Her entire persona and sense of worth is all online. She acts all snarky in order to look like she doesn't give a shit, when she really does. She dislikes criticism so she puts up a front where she acts like she's unbothered and making fun of people calling her out, because she knows we will see it. It's all for her to feel in control of the situation. Which is really fucking sad because at least other YouTubers had a chance to develop their sense of worth before becoming famous.

No. 612001

She literally is just using this to tell everyone she has D cups. She’s trying to be like “oh I have big boobs” thus inciting “show your boobs” comments. I have D cups and people only stare if I have my cleavage out all up in their faces. I also don’t get dirty looks unless it’s from other girls because their men have wandering eyes. I truly doubt she’s getting “all these looks” . I’m curvy and I know exacy what to do to get attention. She’s full of shit lmao. If you don’t want looks don’t set yourself up for them, if you don’t care about looks (like me) wear whatever the fuck you want. She’s trying to go for this #TeamGirl twitter trend and it’s annoying. We as females are not pussies and cry over everything. It’d be one thing if she’s getting physically harassed but she’s not, she’s getting a few stares probably because she looks like a crack head and more than likely they’re looking at Jonny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 612005

Also she’s doing it so when she wears revealing outfits she can say she’s empowering woman and any one who criticises is being sexist. She’ll make a whole video about body positivity after her vegan one hahaa

No. 612006

This is portrait of pure narcissism anon.

No. 612009

I agree with you anon, what they do is too much. It's like they themselves are still attached to Jonny, they haven't separated the bond. However, the only thing that's given me pause are the drug stories. Leading someone into drug abuse and potential addiction is very fucked up and will leave a lasting imprint on a life. On that front, I think some selective speaking out is possibly warranted.

As for the rest, it's just messy milk to us.

No. 612011

I mean that I don’t go out directly for attention. I mean I know what outfits will incite attention and that’s just that. I mention being curvy because I know that’s what attracts the attention not necessarily my cleavage. In comparison to Taylor, who has nothing but her cleavage to rely on which generally is not enough to catch a head turn. I did not mean to come off narcissistic, I just have enough confidence within myself to not give a fuck what other people think of what I wear.

No. 612012

Her waist and hips look nothing like this in other pictures, but maybe its bc of how skinny she was idk

No. 612013

Oh definitely. What Johnny did is fucked up and there is no excuse. But waiting for him to post a new picture so she can be like “look at his eyes! He only shaves his face when he’s high!” Like, yes, gurl, everyone who’s head isn’t shoved up Taylor or Johnny’s ass knows and recognizes he’s still using. Chill. Kek

No. 612041

I don't think it has anything to do with 'getting over it'. Taylor's relationship isn't really any of their concern. Johnny is at least to some extent out of both their lives. Putting a warning out there is fair enough but that has been more than done. Being super invested in Taylor's choices isn't going to help either of them heal.

No. 612058

File: 1529112707447.jpeg (162.09 KB, 1242x769, 5BA2B786-EBBD-4D46-A728-058D20…)

So Taylor’s going to go to “tanacon” while JC’s in Canada - I’m ready for another milky twitter meltdown.

No. 612086

File: 1529114439601.png (428.18 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-15-18-21-09…)

No. 612091


Jonny's family is in Canada, i have to wonder if he didn't invite her because we know she isn't overly concerned about showing up to cons

No. 612092

She is saying that because they are ok rn, she will have "flare up" again because "traveling is hard and you never know what food have gluten" and will go with Jonny because she neeeds emotional support.

So predictable.

Who wanna bet she won't go?

No. 612102

I’ve said since they announced Petfest that she wouldn’t show. If she couldn’t show up for her fans in Florida…no way she’s going to Ohio!!!

No. 612115

Besides I can't see her share her fanbase with any other YouTuber (besides TylerRugge)

No. 612133

Anon, confident people don’t need to go onto anonymous imageboards and talk about how good looking they are.

I don’t know what the fuck happened to this thread but it went from actual milk to a complete void of fucking blogposting and humblebragging. Mods don’t seem to give a shit either.

No. 612153

just now logging on and seeing this. i’m sorry but taylor’s incessant humble bragging is making me rage. “lel so sry for my big bewbies!!” shut the fuck up. honestly i hate her pathetic “don’t look at me, but LOOK AT ME!!” attitude worse than her shitty husbandry and life decisions.

No. 612158

File: 1529120301101.jpg (237.4 KB, 1125x1750, IMG_6701.JPG)

taylor and tyler's texts

No. 612159

File: 1529120341458.png (356.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6702.PNG)

"omg people stop commenting about my lips"

No. 612169

that would be a problem i guess?

No. 612170

okay Jonny

No. 612171

File: 1529122110686.jpeg (104.07 KB, 1242x521, B3C39BB3-350D-453A-B950-B5C91B…)

No. 612176

Honey…they weren’t talking to you. Read the post they replied to, it was about Taylor. But if the shoe fits…

No. 612189

still can't believe she left Will Turner for a druggie shellfish from Davy Jones' ship.

No. 612193

File: 1529125617842.png (929.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-06-16-00-06-52…)

Bootstrap bill looking mf (Jonny)

No. 612196

don't forget the twisty tea he drinks frequently as he smokes a blunt while telling everyone he's completely sober.

No. 612204

File: 1529128394944.png (480.6 KB, 473x381, 234fd923123805ba03ea4d86f4cba8…)

Jonny the creeper

No. 612207

File: 1529129129340.jpeg (48.35 KB, 747x257, 0AAB5635-2DE0-49E3-AEA5-A86DDA…)

Comment on Taylor’s Instagram…

No. 612212

200k subscribers is nowhere near what could be considered career worthy. she should've had a job. youtube should've been her last priority if she made a commitment to all of these animals. maybe edit a video or two every week, as SIDE WORK. what a fucking idiot. i have no sympathy honestly

No. 612215

she just made it a pity party for herself. she didn't even say anything about the rehoming being in her animals' best interests and that she wishes she didn't have to, just says she needs to get rid of them because she can't afford them. i'm glad they'll hopefully go to someone else who actually cares about them, but god damn. how stupid.

No. 612217

Apparently her account was deleted due to being reported for spam numerous times. I wonder if it was people who didn’t like her or if she was advertising on other people’s videos. Either way, it’s just more evidence that Taylor should realize youtube isn’t permanent and constantly getting new animals without having other work is going to end badly.

No. 612227

thank u anon i was out while this milk was flowing

No. 612233

Just search about her, its like a less butched copy of Taylor, aparently had/has a "mini zoo", a service dog, EDS and PTSD.
There is no way Taylor will contact her.

No. 612237

no need to shit up every thread you visit.

No. 612238


"you're so fine just the way I found you. You're so mine"

LMAOOO oh wow jonny you fucking lyrical genius. what a wordsmith!

since he found her she has slapped the following crap on herself:

> shitty hairpiece that looks like a sheep corpse

> shitty lumpy fake lips
> shitty fading tattoo of a toothless alligator emerging from a lettuce

couple goalz ya'll

No. 612257

File: 1529137740978.png (162.89 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-06-16-02-28-36…)

No. 612259

I don't mean this offensively but i'm asking because im curious, why haven't any of the exes tried to file rape charges against him? Or does anybody know if they have and they got dropped. I know Chelsea has a restraining order, but I don't know the circumstances for that.

I know a lot of rape victims don't want to go to the police for fear of not being believed or they don't want their personal situation to be made public in the proceedings. But considering the exes are SO public about their abuse, i'm curious as to why they don't pursue actual charges along with sharing their stories on social media

No. 612260

LOL……. hes one of those people that thinks eating gluten free is healthier than eating regular.

No. 612278


If he was anyone else I might give him the benefit of the doubt since mild gluten allergies are surprisingly common and tend to only cause symptoms like bloating, but he's definitely stupid enough to thing gluten-free is healthier somehow.

No. 612279


Taylor probably told him it was healthier. She seems stupid enough to have read somewhere that gluten free is healthy and believed it immediately, or maybe that was just the only way to get him to do it.

No. 612302

File: 1529146538782.png (959.54 KB, 1242x2208, 627CA3FB-073A-4A40-B34A-0672E9…)

Yup. Lol

No. 612304

File: 1529146653818.png (769.64 KB, 1242x2208, 879830D0-B2AB-458B-AC79-1D9864…)

Really Taylor? Agriculturists taught you wheat is bad? Really? I swear this bitch doesn’t even think about her lies and made up expertise before she opens her mouth.

No. 612307


So let me get this straight, she's claiming to have done research on wheat since she was 11 years old? Hahahahahahaha yeah right, bitch.

No. 612310

God I didn’t even realize that! Since she looks like a 40 year old housewife sometimes I forget she’s barely 21.

No. 612317


Going gluten free does fuck all in terms of your diet unless you're intolerant to it, Taylor. Gluten is a binder in food, that's all.

No. 612318

Man this bitch exaggerates like crazy! She’s been researching wheat for 10 years? Not bloody likely. She was 11 10 years ago and couldn’t have cared less about wheat..maybe 2 or 3 is more believable.

No. 612358

Does this botch not understand that googleing doesn’t count as doing research? You need to look at scientific articles for it to be considered research Ray.

No. 612373


There's no such thing as a cruelty free diet you stupid bitch. Animals still die in harvesting veggies and grains, not to mention the wholesale abuse of people in agriculture.

Also she ain't even vegan yet so wtf

No. 612377


Honestly? The best revenge is to move on and live your best life. Let the scum fester and die on its own. Obsessing over the hurt someone else did to you hurts you way more than it could ever hurt them, esp someone that's a pathological narcissist like JC.

And this is comin from someone who has been in abusive relationships with a guy that was a rapist. She's put the info out there, she came forward and called him out. At this point, obsessively tracking them both on social media isn't helping her heal. All it's doing is proving that he still has control over her.

No. 612390

Biology has nothing to do with teaching people about caring for animals…

No. 612400

File: 1529161619520.jpg (54.86 KB, 599x608, son.jpg)

>getting an axolotl soon
>have been researching and preparing for weeks
>go to Pet Supplies Plus to hit their $1/gallon sale
>employee asks what I'm going to put in it
>start to explain
>he's familiar with the animal, but makes a couple suggestions that don't make sense like trying to recommend a heater wtf no dude
>correct him and explain further, assume he can see from this that I've done proper research
>nope he's still assuming I don't know what I'm doing
>"You know, if you need more information, there's this Youtuber-"
>boy don't you say it
>"-Taylor Nic-"

No. 612410

i overheard one of the petco employees who was training a new employee talk about how they should go watch all of emzotic and taylor's videos. um please no

No. 612420


Not sure if someone else already said this, but id have a hard time taking a 'cruelty free/vegan' video from her seriously when the common/average lip injections aren't either of those things. There are a few vegan/cruelty free methods like injecting your own fat cells into your lips but I'm 100% sure Taylor didn't and wouldn't do something like that lmao

No. 612435


She's also got tattoos, which are not vegan- bone char is used in black ink, for example. So she's really just a giant hypocrite. She should leave vegan videos to, y'know, actual vegans who are educated about the topic.

No. 612443


Vegan ink is widely available now, but I doubt she even bothered to check. Then again, tattoo ink is not something someone often thinks about not being vegan, it's hard to know about everything especially when you're just starting out (if she even is).