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No. 795298

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23 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>787925

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have since had a son together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (Private): https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New Milk:
>Taylor continues to treat her rehab as a summer vacation and overshares about using Tinder
>Anounces she's out of rehab early >>788665 to no one's surprise saying she couldn't stay because they didn't give suboxone to their patients but itz totallyyy fine guyzz i'll just go to an outpatient facility!!11!!!111
>Goes on a weird rant about how abusing suboxone, something farmers suspected she was doing ever since January, is actually impossible >>788817
>Promises animal videos and pictures
>Proceeds to not post anything about her new outpatient facility and only posts pictures of Maui >>789648 ,the cats >>789680 , tofu >>789745 , celia >>790655 , frank >>791704 ,
>Posted "before and after" pictures that show clearly that she had needles out in the open just begging to cause an accident with her animals or little brother >>790946
>Admits on using Meth, like anons have speculated previously >>790958 while saying she "almost lost a leg from sepsis" when she relapsed
>Talks about filming a video >>791015 back in the middle of August
>Says she broke her MacBook in rehab >>792145 on the 17th and is going to fix it ("tmrw"!) so she can edit her comeback video, then says she finished filming >>792327 on the 26th of August, and that if her MacBook can't be fixed "within a couple of days" she'll just manage with the Windows
>Goes on to complain about YouTube not promoting her videos anymore >>792450 and about how editing on windows is hard >>792506
>Disappears for a bit, only to come back on the 3th of September setting a day and time (Friday, 6pm) for when her video will be released >>793514 , saying it took so long to film and edit because it's really long and rambly (implying here, that the video is done and she just needs to upload it)
>On Frida (09/04) she posts this >>793702 saying she is currently uploading the video and just waiting for it to be monetized or not (again, implying her video is finished already)
>Proceeds to simply delete the date/time announcement tweet and completely ghost social media, marking a new low for her and making even her stans angry
>Mama Deans says she's "completely fine" and just working on uploading her video >>793938 , ironically, she's able to upload a video herself in that meantime
>New brodick, this time a soundcloud rapper, desperate for a bit of Taylor's platform, appears >>794265 mocking the fact that Taylor promised a comeback video and didn't upload anything
>He's clearly a cow on itself and is just using Taylor for his new music video >>794914 where she appears bloated and extremely out of it high
>Taylor suddenly comes back from the dead to promote a photoshoot with Aggy on 09/12
, giving a really convoluted excuse about not uploading, saying the computer crashed during the upload and that "all her files were entirely gone and she had to redo all her work" which anons have explained it's impossible unless the whole computer went to shit, which clearly it didn't because she implies she's currently working on another one >>795043
>Aggy then, in a desperate move for attention goes on Twitter to mock and fight with Mama Dean >>795245 >>795246 saying she hasn't been supportive enough of Taylor and that it's actually anons fault for Tayter being such a fuckup because she can't deal with the hate poor thing

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General Pettuber Thread:
Jonny Craig/Syd Thread:

No. 795299

I tried making a new one before the last one reached limit but anons just wouldn't shut up so I wasn't able to. Sorry if this is rushed and the summary is badly written, this was my first time making a thread.

No. 795304

File: 1600011142956.png (52.45 KB, 708x813, butimnotarapper.PNG)

More virtue signalling, from brodick III

No. 795305

File: 1600011184685.png (13 KB, 673x110, jenfight.PNG)

And vague posting behind the scenes looks like

No. 795308

lmao is he an astrologyfag?? hilarious

No. 795309

I like how he talks about Taylor like she's this great friend.

Let's be real dude, you probably met her on tinder, and have known her less than half a year.

I think he wants in on her nonexistant YT gravy train. He's just another fucking mooch that will put up with her as long as it benefits him.

No. 795310

File: 1600012501819.jpeg (220.29 KB, 750x1334, 4CFE2E81-D0D1-4AA8-A5FC-646EDB…)

Cheers thank u anon

Shitpost but they have the same jaw

No. 795311

File: 1600012589557.jpeg (341.91 KB, 750x946, 38E9DCFC-06FF-4024-8AF3-16A940…)

hey some people are saying this tweet makes him a pedo, and I’m curious what you guys think ?

That’s so funny oh my

No. 795319

I mean, it's all part and parcel of Taylor's inability and unwillingness to find a partner who isn't a burning tire dump of a human being.

No. 795321

File: 1600016255759.jpeg (324.04 KB, 996x2046, 63C0737D-8615-424D-8A65-850FF1…)

Saw this in tnd thread (she deleted this tweet now, surprised surprised) for a reminder that tay is the queen on cognitive dissonance. This was literally 2 weeks ago and now she pitching her mom and her new brodick just because she has 0 ability to hold some accountability. Its sad but so fun to watch.

No. 795322

Anyone noticed how jonny 2.0 did not say anything about tay being sober? He kept honing in on the face mask issues, nice one for letting your new brodick out you like that tay, great choice!

No. 795323

I did. I’m pretty sure it’s confirmed he does drugs, with all the jokes about drugs. If they are a couple, doing drugs together is great bonding time. He would preach about her being sober if that was the case.

No. 795335

It doesn't look like he's the one using the pic so i don't see how it makes him a pedo

No. 795339

File: 1600022373113.png (214.77 KB, 828x1792, 6EE712C6-3068-4BB9-A715-3A05CC…)

He deleted this tweet, but we all know that’s the real reason he’s fucking with TND

No. 795341

Anyone else seeing through Taylor's act in those texts portraying herself as a ''widdle vulnerable poor victim to hate'' to try and have johnny 2.0 come hurry to the rescue? Seems her plan is working. If you look at her Insta she still gets plenty of people enabling and buying her lies.

that is a big stretch

No. 795342

Stretch but wonder if that's Taylor responding.
So he confirmed Taylor relapsed again I guess

No. 795344

Okay guys he did tweet this, I got banned so I can’t post a photo that’s not cropped.

No. 795346

he posted the screenshot of someone sending him that pic, he didn't use the pic himself. He's clearly a shit person but that doesn't make him a pedo

No. 795348

You do realize posting a screenshot of a photo of a child character covered cum is still posting the photo right

No. 795350

come on, sharing a rule34 of a cartoon character (while tasteless) doesn't make anyone a pedophile. that's a huge stretch.

No. 795351

I'm starting to think the anon coming up with weird tinfoils about brodick is Jen or Jonny.

No. 795352

Jfc.. she is not even 2 months out of rehab this time before going back to square 1 again. I genuinely want to know if she is incapable to secure a decently nice guy for her codependency issue..

No. 795353

I mean think about it. It's hard to remember sometimes that she's a "regular" person and not a fucking cartoon character.. But think about it like she's someone you know irl. She brings absolutely nothing to the table in any relationship besides drugs and her YouTube following. She won't find a stable or healthy relationship because stable and healthy men wouldn't want anything to do with her besides for sex. And not only that I would guess she's so toxic that any decent guy who did give her the time of day wouldn't be destructive enough for her so she'd never want to stay with them long term. She can't take care of herself whatsoever. No one wants that in a partner.

No. 795354

I think any decently nice guy goes on the run with how much of a toxic and manipulative mess she is

No. 795355

File: 1600029085363.png (1.74 MB, 750x1334, 13489396-6954-4D67-BB85-0CC91A…)

At least he’s better looking than Jonny

No. 795357

Yeah Dollar Tree Lenny Kravitz looks great /s

No. 795358

Is not like is hard to be better looking than him, this guy is still no prize unless you have some daddy issues and are into ridiculous face tats

No. 795360

He’s a clown for fw Taylor, but he is objectively good-looking. I mean maybe his looks are exaggerated because Taylor looks like a literal mutant next to him, but.

The half-chub selfie is cringe.

No. 795366

I am mildly surprised that her socials are still up. Her insta comments are just filled with fans worrying and upsetting at this point. Based on tay’s MO, she would be going offline very soon.

No. 795367


He's OK, seems like a huge poser tho. Just immature and narcy like tayter. These kind of guys are forever broke and don't get anywhere. Taylor just has immature tastes in boys. Anyone whos dated these types of guys knows they're always annoying and clingy.

He least he can teach Taylor about diet and exercise.

No. 795370

>implying they are going to last that long

kek anon please

No. 795371

File: 1600034493212.jpg (119.18 KB, 828x1792, 20200913_160238.jpg)

No. 795372

File: 1600034532437.jpg (118.81 KB, 828x1792, 20200913_160240.jpg)

No. 795373

So there really is/has been unrest at the Dean house, huh. Poor widdle Taylor, in a horrible mood because, uh, her own failure to upload a video for over a week now.

No. 795374

Poor Taylor living rent free at her parents home. having her mom taking care of her animals, being able to chase all the brodick and relapse as much as she wants and not getting kicked out for it

it's so sad

No. 795375

This was already posted like 4 different times in the old thread.

No. 795378

I just noticed all the support her new brodick is getting on Twitter is from "adult entertainment" Twitter accounts lol

Taylor's future right there

No. 795379

I think the ugly cheap tattoos and eyebrows ruin him a bit but he's good-looking and definetly the prettiest one Taylor ever publicly dated yet lmao

Yup, there was that guy from late December last year that she was clearly very infatuated with that seemed normal and he clearly dipped as soon as he started to be aware of all her shit.

No. 795380

Was the one who present her his parents weeks/days into knowing her? Also he dipped cause he caught her cheating on him with Forrest, who didn't stop posting her even tho she tried to be has discreet has possible lol

Wonder if the guy who make her cried in the shower is Aggy(? If so he is an ass.

No. 795381

These texts prove she has a video but refuses to release it right?

>u need to post video today regardless of monetization

>check video rn

Seems like she's just waiting till the drama dies down.

No. 795384

The texts don’t prove shit

No. 795389

File: 1600040522950.png (Spoiler Image, 650.87 KB, 733x591, aggy.png)

ok aggy 3 likes. You're not going to get very far bouncing off a heroin addict's dead career.

Not milk but he shares a name with this retarded troon. Aggy is such a dumbass name, it let's everyone know that you're narcissistic and cringe as shit. Great branding for a shitty soundcloud rapper.(offtopic)

No. 795394

Yeah I had a hearty laugh at his "I've supported Taylor since day one!" like… what is this, day three of you existing in her life? lmao

No. 795395

File: 1600042614383.jpeg (622.27 KB, 750x1328, 0016EDD2-DA81-4325-89E5-89B1CE…)

She out with the brodick again looking high af

No. 795403

where do i find the music video? could not find it on soundcloud and did not see link to actual vid. do i need the soundcloud app to see it?

No. 795404

She could have lied to him as well, the lack of photos indicate the video was never recorded to begin with

No. 795411

File: 1600050145176.png (6.15 MB, 1242x2208, 945AF834-CC90-4945-BA40-6EBE96…)

She was showing that she was wearing a mask and then one of the new SoundCloud dudes outted her LMAO wearing a mask doesn’t count if you don’t wear it the full time you’re out dumbasses

No. 795413


there is no video. just weird messages (about how "mommy dean" is yelling at her daughter who's """""working harder than she's ever worked"""") posted intentionally to gaslight Tayter stans.

No. 795415

Damn shes BALD.

No. 795417

File: 1600050391225.png (1.57 MB, 1439x1628, Capture _2020-09-13-19-46-14.p…)


He at least drops acid per his tweets and has an area set up for rolling. Idgaf about the moral debate over weed if you are a recovering addict you can't even drink. You're hanging out with an active drug user, doesn't matter if its your drug of choice, the temptation and ability to cop would be insane.

Pic of his set up in the left corner

No. 795419

File: 1600050436086.png (2.1 MB, 1429x1615, Capture _2020-09-13-19-38-22.p…)


And pic of his set up close up because of course he has taken one and posted it

No. 795420

Looks like meth sores all over her face again

No. 795421

Jesus… someone get this man a new candle.

No. 795422

Is weed even legal in Texas ?

No. 795428

Those are some wild pupils.

No. 795429


ex junkie here, those are opiate pupils for sure. shes relapsed.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 795430

>implying she was ever clean

No. 795435


Love how these guys act all superior when some of their most recent song titles include classics like: Pharmacist, Sad People Do Drugs, Bad Trip, Acid in the Rain, High as Hell, Cokaine, and I Got the Spice.

But we are all dicks for calling them drug users. Uh huh.

No. 795436

What pupils

No. 795437

She said that when she did drugs her skin would get really bad. That skin looks pretty red under that make up. Her chin to the left looks like it has a few scabs.

No. 795442

Right? They barely know each other and their interactions are probably limited to doing drugs. Man, it must have been easy for her to manipulate this dumb guy into believing she's an actual good person and victim who just needs someone to stand up for her. We'll see how long the magic lasts.

No. 795444

File: 1600055441290.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2020-09-13-22-48-27…)

I feel like these dudes pretend to have her best interest and encourage her to post shut like this so then she'll post more often with them and in turn give them more clout which is probably all they want her for and maybe connects. She normally isn't this bitchy in her stooop hating/assuming posts. She really is the jonny in this situation yikes!

No. 795445

File: 1600055531633.png (142.36 KB, 720x649, Screenshot_20200913-205102.png)

>I'm literally not using
leaving this here for when she makes another rehab trip soon

No. 795446

>i have been very open about every up and down i've had so far

hiding youre using meth and heroin and only admitting it way after the fact is not being open

No. 795447

she turns her pet channel into how she got hooked on heroin and now she's upset when she's repeating past behaviours and people are worried. like??? u got what u asked for. you publisiced it everywhere.

No. 795448

She’s so transparent- her computer broke but now it’s her mean former fans being harsh on her that keep her from coming back

No. 795451

i feel like aggy or one of the other guys wrote this. doesn’t sound like her at all.

No. 795453

Perfect, everyone literally keep talking shit to her so she stays off the Internet. It’s like someone being upset you want them to be six feet away and being dramatic standing 12ft away screaming “r U happY nOw” and you get to be like yes, yes I am happy.

No. 795454

File: 1600056454572.jpg (791.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200913-210449_Ins…)

The walls of text jeez
Ya doesn't really sound like taylor imo

No. 795456


jfc taylor you can't win anyone over when all you do is fucking lie to whatever audience you have left?!

instead of playing victim and threatening to quit, please go ahead and do it. pretty sure it will be the most beneficial thing you've done for your recovery in the last 2 years

No. 795457

File: 1600057257619.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-09-14-00-22-01…)

No. 795458

Proper syntax and no texting jargon? She didn't write this. She must think her fans are retarded lol

No. 795459

She didn’t write it, the meth did

No. 795460

Does this dumbass really not understand that the reason why everyone is talking about whether or not she relapsed and her addiction is because she made it her whole identity? All she has talked about for almost 2 years is addiction this, relapse that, excuses here, not uploading there.
This is all her own fault.

No. 795461

I hope her mom just throws her out at this point. These dudes are literally trying to beef with her mom on twitter and she hasn’t spoken out about that. She’s known these guys for how long? and is acting like they are her white knights in shining armor for asking her if she’s okay when she apparently didn’t text them for a day but she hasn’t once acknowledged all the shit Jen does for her EVERY DAY while she’s strung out or out thotting under a bridge or eating gluten free fries all day.

I don’t want to come off like I’M white knighting Jen because her enabling is going to kill Taylor at the end of the day, but her waste of air buddies are trying to start shit WITH HER MOM on twitter and she has nothing to say about that or how her mom helps her every day in her giant 3 walls of text LMAO instead she texts the dude about how her mom is “screaming” at her with no context

No. 795463


All this time spent ranting is time she could have spent on making videos, or "uploading."

IDK it could be her writing those, could be drug-fueled rage, or just her imploding because people are really starting to call her out and stop licking her ass, so her narc mind can't handle it.

the milk is going to keep flowing this week, this is amazing

No. 795466

Yeah people tried to talk her out of that (prob from their own experience) lmao. But noo she had to tell people every way you could tell she had been using apparently thinking if jonny wasn't in the pic then she wouldn't relapse. Lol this has been a long time coming

No. 795467

I just want to see her animals again lol. Or kore accurately, which ones are still alive at this point.

No. 795469

She's pretty fucking mouthy for someone who straight up bait and switches her fans. She sounds like she hates them now, BITCH THEY PAY YOUR BILLS. Don't want to put on the happy animal girl act anymore? Wanna be hardass druggiegirl now? Tough shit! nobody cares, but you can't even bother to upload. Just quit if it's too hard, just like you did with rehab, twice. You act so fucking entitled to support and fans.

We all know Tayter won't quit YT either, without it she's nothing. Taylor is a waste of oxygen at this point, pretty sure she's gonna end up dead because of drugs.

No. 795470

El oh el she is so fucking rude this is fantastic

No. 795471

She’s butthurt because the last of her diehard tween stans are finally calling her out for failing to post a video for like the 3rd time while having the time to hang out smacked out with high school dropouts under a bridge

No. 795472

Those pinned pupils. Notice how no one else has them despite being in the same lighting. For sure she's back on H.

No. 795473

File: 1600063953510.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1204, 18778CCD-184A-4B9A-BF53-611A87…)

Reminds me of this dead eyed pic that she admitted was taken when she was high af

No. 795475

File: 1600064064171.jpg (73.87 KB, 1080x498, 20200914_021525.jpg)

No. 795476

This is not Taylor

No. 795477

Not a pupil in her eye, damn. And it's not just the light, look at he guys' eyes. She's high as hell.

No. 795481

Even though she continues to be terrible, I feel kind of bad for her that she doesn’t see that these lads have just peeped her online following and decided to ride the clout train for as long as they can. Get therapy Taylor, these dudes couldn’t give less of a shit about you.

No. 795482

GOOD! it will be for your own good if you quit youtube, get a new job and rehome your animals, taylor.
hilarious that she's using it as such a gotcha monent when it's the best for HER recovery.

No. 795483

The problem is she will just quit YT because it's too lazy to make a video not because she wants to do something else
Sooner or later she will steal everything in her house cause she will do anything but work
Either way it's good timing to give up on her youtube career since she already said "fuck you" to the rest of her fans.

No. 795485

This whole wall sperg is the dumbest shit ever, if her new brodick didn’t jump on her insta and tag his own handle, will her fans have cop on and stalk and pick the shit out of everythinf? No. If she have told those people to not post any videos of her looking strung out while she went AWOL after promising a video - she literally promised the video and no one was expecting her to post or asking her to post - she then has the audacity to turn around and give out about the internet being too hard on her? Fuck off. She wanted the attention from her tard fans, she has it now but she goes around being so incredibly rude to them. I bet if this gone south, she is gonna say new brodick used her sm to post those sperg. The lack of self awareness and the insane amount of cognitive dissonance with her is unreal..

No. 795487

File: 1600077086912.png (1.84 MB, 2019x2046, 1600016255759.png)

what gets me about the newest sperg is that taylor is, in fact, choosing a crazy guy over her family again. a thing she said she would never do a few weeks ago lmao

I guess I'm way too optimistic huh. I don't even think she will quit youtube tbqh, her new friends seem to be invested in keeping her online for their own clout. but if she did, she'd strip her parent's house for valuables and leave them in the dust.

No. 795488

That wasn't her two walls of text. Not her syntax, and she's not that aggressively confrontational.
If by some strange chance it IS her, it's being dictated.

No. 795490

I really don't understand people saying ''that's not her''. It is obviously her, she just dropped her fake uwu am so fragile and sweet act.

And since these dudes are ''defending her'' she is feeling extra brave.

No. 795491


quit youtube and do what? lmao this bitch can't even upload a video, what makes her think she can find a job anywhere especially now that she's publicized her drug use. she can't hold onto any kind of real job.

No. 795492

I feel bad for her. I believe what she said on her Instagram. People speculating what’s happening isn’t helping. Spreading rumours isn’t helping. She lives in a toxic household, she’s trying to make new friends and find an escape. I hope she can find true happiness one day. Please stop with the negativity. This is literally bullying.(whiteknight)

No. 795493

it could well be her. I don't think we've ever seen her in narc rage like that before, she's usually grovelling and doing her cute act. she's well and truly pissed this time and it's damn funny. basically this >>795490

get a grip. her sharing her whole life on the internet isn't helping. her not having a daily routine and a job isn't helping. her refusing to better herself despite ample opportunity isn't helping.

No. 795494

I completely agree. She needs therapy.

No. 795495

So you see that she’s struggling and I read of having some compassion or sympathy you mock her. All I’m saying is if you have nothing helpful to say don’t say anything at all to someone so broken.

No. 795496

Instead of*

No. 795497

but she's perfectly capable of being better than this! you white knights love to infantilize her. she's not some helpless fallen angel and it's honestly a bit patronizing to say that she is. toxic household? she's not a child, she's an adult woman with enough money to get her own place. she knows exactly what she's doing and has the capability to get help but she refuses.

No. 795499

My doubts are in the grammar. She has never spelled you, you're, I'm, etc., correctly. Even her written writing is rife with spelling and grammar mistakes.
You very well could be right, her newest cock to spin on might be where her balls come from.. but she sid not create those text walls. Her 5th grade dropout education level and past typings does not equate.

No. 795502


you're clearly new here. read the rules, stop whiteknighting and learn to sage.

go to her insta or twitter if you want to kiss her ass. just know she won't read it because she doesn't give a shit about her fans or their legitimate concerns.

No. 795504

I've not been following Tay the whole time, I jumped on when Johnny turned up, but that definitely doesn't sound like her.

Taylor ALWAYS says things like "don't worry haha, it's not what it looks like but I understand why you're concerned" - her lies are always designed to create the least amount of confrontation. Think about all the times people warned her about Johnny being a rapist scumbag, she didn't tell people to "fuck off", she said that "she knew what she was doing and had heard the real story with his exes from him." If she wanted to blame her fans, she could have weeks ago, but she decided to go with the "haha my pc broke twice" excuse that nobody believed. The only time I've seen her pick a fight with someone was that time a girl outed her for doing cocaine, and even that wasn't this aggressive.

tinfoil but the guys a drug dealer and he's sketching out, he's on her account trying to "throw people off" but he's a dumb-ass drug addict too.

the only people I've ever seen with mirrored tables like this are HEAVY drug users, they find it funny to look at their fucked up faces when they're racking up the powder.

No. 795507

I'm starting to see it tbh. I feel like burying her head in the sand and handing her phone to her new friends to deal with the situation is exactly what she'd do.

No. 795508

No need to WK her. She has proven time and time again to be horrible. Look at her animal care, her addiction abuse, willingly dating a known abusive manipulative cheating man? Come on, you can’t be that dumb to think she is an innocent angel that doesn’t deserve to be called out.

No. 795509


Lmao with some of the anon legit concern for her. I was in your shoes when she was dating jonny, but the whole facade wear off when she was hopping on the first brodick and refused to take EVERYONE’s advice that its too soon and too wrong to get involved with another recovering addict. but this girl is hopeless, honestly save your compassion and kindness for someone better anon, get off lolcow if you think you can’t see all this “hate” (fyi tay should not be lurking here if this is so negatively impacting her)

Again, no sympathy from me cause she chose this path, she choose jonny, choose drugs, choose to hangout with lowlife druggies and let them control her social media narrative. She choose to read the tnd hashtag, to allow comments on her SM, so fuck that uwu I m a poor victim bs again.

No. 795510

EXACTLY this anon! Are people so quick to forget half the shit she done? Lying about being sexually harrass by bree, sent her stans on her, lied about animal deaths, all the crying and manipulating in the jonny’s video. She is still doing that now and people feel sorry for her?? She is not helping herself by going against her family yet again and mixing with her new druggie crew.

No. 795517

She better stop being broken soon, because once you're publicly a drug user it will follow you for life. People will accuse her of being high 15 years down the line and she should get used to it because that's who she is now

No. 795519

Come on Tay, just rip the bandaid right off. Rehome your pets and tell us which ones are dead.
Then no one will care about you and you can go back to doing… whatever this is.

No. 795521

So, how long are we betting on Taylor becoming Luna 2.0? Granted she won't have her own Lurch, but I can see her shacking it up in the same shitholes Luna and Lurch grift from, in the (un)likely event Mama Dean gets fed up and boots her.

Since her youtube's basically dead, will Taylor make the jump to onlyfans? I know Mama Dean probably wouldn't be down for her daughter making amatuer porn in her house but, I seriously doubt she hasn't been getting a slice of that youtube pie/charging Taylor "rent" or "bills" and that's part of the reason why she was >>795487 screeching at Taylor.

No. 795524

She has to go out of her way on a website to read any of this. How is that bullying, she’s just making a choice. Can’t handle the internet maybe get off

No. 795525

I think she’s to insecure for fans only full on

No. 795531


I'm with the other anons. Tay didn't write this. Yes, Tay is a complete fucking dumbass but this is the stupidest shit she could ever do. This comes off AGGRESSIVE, which isn't her style. She likes being an uwu pity me girl. Why risk offending her fans when she is "trying" to get back on youtube

No. 795532

sex work kek

No. 795538

I don't think anyone else write this BUT I think she just write what Aggy has told her, he probably told her she didn't need to justify with a bunch of stranger yada yada. She adapts to who ever she is with.
She is just feeling this rush of having this "bad guys" has friends and wants to show off.
But they will drop her in a two months if they last that long.

No. 795540

Lol these dumbasses. Nobody is falling for her shit anymore. It's the pinned pupils, scabby face, obvious bruises and injection points that makes it obvious SHE'S STILL USING. She never stopped. Keep trying to manipulate your audience, Tay.
If they don't want people talking about their obvious drug usage, maybe they shouldn't post themselves high as shit. Oh wait, aggy won't stop posting her because he just wants some of her followers for his shitty music. And they're all narcs who need attention.
God, this miiiiilk. Narcissists make the best cows because it's impossible for them to keep their lives off the internet. I bet aggy is jerking himself over this attention since he obviously never got so much.

No. 795548

Luna actually does more than Taylor and has more legitimate reasons for being a useless junkie. Taylor will be dead in 5 years, Luna will be strung out making the same paintings when she's 65

No. 795554

this comparison gave me the weirdest vision of luna starting a youtube channel. shes at least more interesting than TND, who derives all her value from hoarding animals and dressing badly (plus shitty men but her and luna have that in common)

No. 795557

File: 1600104072844.png (982.6 KB, 1440x2789, Screenshot_20200914-130403.png)

Guys, y'all will never guess where that face mask came from

No. 795567


No way Taylor wrote this. Forget the aggressiveness, Taylor isn't anywhere near this articulate or able to put together basic sentences so well. Also, there is a focus of defending her new 'friends' in these rants, pretty clear the Aggy dude wrote it.

No. 795571

she looks so high in this jesus. You can tell beneath the makeup her skin is looking rough as well… the fact she tries to deny it jesus. Some of the key symptoms of heroin abuse are lack of motivation and pinpoint pupils. Tay isn't sober

No. 795572

Aggy may not be exactly like Jonny in the way that he's a physically abusive rapist (or at least we don't know if he is yet) but he's clearly manipulating the fuck out of this dumb bitch. Is she just too high to know that he's posting all of this shit? I've never done heroin but I imagine she has to sober up sometime and go "aw shit"

No. 795574

That, or Aggy's the kind of abuser to start the isolation phase real real early. "Look, they're all turning against you the moment you finally stood up for yourself!"

Wouldn't surprise me if he's manning her social media accounts and writing replies for her while she's too tweaked out to function.

No. 795575

In those walls of text she did nothing but repeat the same 3 sentences. There's nothing articulate about saying "my silence means nothing and you are all just mean, I'm not high!!!! I cant I cant I cant!" 50 different times. I'm not sure why anons think she didn write it when
Its filled with her trademark illiteracy.
She wrote it. Like other anons have said, shes feeling tough because of her new "friends."

No. 795577

agreed. she could also be on meth and in a rage after realizing her fans are catching on to her cycle. can't keep doing this announce relapse/promise video/fall through/blame others thing forever Taylor, not without providing actual content at least like. twice a year

No. 795585

she started writing like jonny when she was with him so she might well be picking up new brodicks way of speaking.

No. 795586

Thank you I think she clearly wrote it, and it’s odd so many people are hoping on a tinfoil

No. 795587

I am stumped on how many seem to tinfoil it's jonny 2 who wrote it, because it is riddled with Taylor bullshit just minus her act of pretending to be sweet and innocent.

She is just showing her narc rage and inner thoughts for once when people are not buying her crap. Her saying she might quit youtube for good smells like her threatning suicide because jonny didn't hug her.

No. 795590

It's not literally bullying.

Nobody here is writing on her social media accounts or in her dms. If she doesn't choose to make the effort to go to this site she would never read what is written here.

She is not forced to read here neither is anyone in real life approaching her.
This forum here is outsourced from her personal life.
If you wanna help her write her some thing on her socials.

Disclaimer: You can't help her, she wants no help. She is happy in her downward spiral as it is right now otherwise she would try to change. She would get all the help she needs.

No. 795591

The stuff on here is literally commentary on what she makes public (which is a shit Tom of stuff). If she had that much of a problem with it, she wouldn’t make so much if her life public. Typical narc behavior.

No. 795593

Seems like she thought people would put her junkie ass on a pedestal because she's "trying" to get sober and clean. Reality is most people wouldn't piss on a junkie if they were on fire. You wanted this life Taylor suck it up and get the fuck over it, you will forever have people questioning your sobriety especially if you are hanging with a bunch of low-lives and looking like a grease ball with pinpoint pupils.

No. 795594

I agree that Tay is the one who wrote it. She is just showing her true colors. I don't think she can handle that so many people are against her now. Narcs cannot handle when people catch on to their shitty mind games and stand up to them. Makes them go fucking crazy. She will go back to "poor me" and try to play on everyone's sympathies when the anger goes away.

No. 795607

she's still gonna have her YT tweens, I don't know why she's so butthurt. Kinda hard to take her seriously when she doesn't even bother to upload a video. Her YT fans are ignorant of her meth rants, shouldn't matter what lol.cow says if she actually likes her YT job.

She expects to have her ass sucked for doing nothing. Honestly, people haven't been abusive to her at all, they're just pointing out her lies and sketchy situations.

She just wants her money and fame back, but it's too late for that. YT is demoitizing her platform for being a druggie, not her fans fault. She's just lashing out cause she's worried about her future.

No. 795608

Yeah we should also remember when we read anything she writes that she is a heroin and meth addict. I’m not belittling her for the addiction but take her words/actions with a grain of salt.

No. 795609

you know she's going to use the excuse that brodick took her phone and wrote it though. remember when it was JC that wrote anything that she started to regret?

No. 795612

I hope when it inevitably blows up between her and Aggy he smears her all over social media. To all of our shock Jonny never did, but brodick definitely would do it for the clout

No. 795614

Taylor Nicole Dean be like
Ummm excuse me but is this crack Gluten-Free?

No. 795632

to be fair it did work for a while. she got vice to make a shitty video about her, and whether or not vice is a legit source of news, it's still well known on the internet to drive traffic to her channel and social medias. the issue here is that they swept off that pedestal for her and she fell on her ass because people are catching up to her shit. you can only go so far with "i'm trying" while still making the same mistakes that made your actually youtube career go down the toilet. amberlynn reid has 1/10 of taylor's followings and is horrible at editing yet she still manages to push 2 videos per week, and even though she's like taylor, she still gets engagement from her subscribers, even if it's negative.

if a 500lbs food addict who can barely move can make two videos per week what excuse does taylor have?

No. 795633

your actually promising* mb

No. 795636

Her personality shifts with whoever she hangs out with. First manipulative Taylor from Jonny, then she starts to have slang words when she hung out with people from her rehab, and now she's acting like she's the shit and bitchy ever since she's been hanging out with these low lifes.

Guess that's what happens when you have zero identity and wants attention from everyone around you.

No. 795637

Taylor is destroying her future and YT career more and more each day. kek

No. 795638

Fuck this bitch honestly no way she has started speaking to people like that and dropped cutesy wuw and shit from her paragraphs, imagine being her mum and taking this shit not to wk but I her honestly nearly feel bad for her I know she’s a tard but jfc I honestly can’t imagine if this was my child, in my house! Fuck her hope everyone unfollows her but they won’t. More importantly the animals rehome them, there so many tubers that look after animals and don’t just collect them and pop them straight in cupboards/ Tupperware/ closets fucking rehome the hoard you selfish bitch

No. 795640

She’s more bothered about doing a photo shoot in a bus yard than looking after her animals what would it of taken to shown them in the last 10 months she’s repulsive

No. 795651

Well, she is diagnosed with BPD. That's one of the ways BPD manifests, a profound lack of/shifting sense of self.

No. 795654

File: 1600129690141.jpg (191 KB, 1080x1637, ZomboDroid 14092020172911.jpg)

This made me laugh

No. 795655

+19 views.. 40% .. whew

Well we called it ladies.

No. 795658

File: 1600131035289.jpg (75.15 KB, 1280x720, woah.jpg)

No. 795659


maybe he'll get more than 2 likes on his twitter posts now lol

No. 795662

2 likes would be an improvement. He normally gets 0

No. 795663

Exactly. In Tay’s head she’s the world’s most specialest junkie and there’s never been another addict like her, but the truth of the matter is that all junkies are dime a dozen and every other person knows and has learned to despise an addict. She doesn’t realize the lies she tells are so obvious to anyone who’s known someone like her, or anyone with half a brain.

I can’t wait until she quits YouTube and starts stealing TVs and shit.

No. 795664

Are any of what’s left of her fans still supporting her? Because after being that fucking aggressive I feel like that would be enough to really push everyone away. She essentially threatened her younger audience with “ y’all are being mean I’m gonna quit.” That must be super frustrating for them?

No. 795665

Ya imagine being her audience. "All u guys do is be concerned for my well-being and accuse me of relapsing (bc I'm repeating behaviors I've admitted to doing when I've publicly relapsed)!!! Fuk off everybody!!!! I'm gonna leave youtube bc of u big meanies!!" when she literally did this to herself by never shutting the fuck up about what a junkie she is. A lot of her hardcore fans have chronic inability to think for themselves though so they'll just parrot what she's saying. We'll see how it goes.

No. 795668

Gross. did he make some sort of gravity bong out of a voss water bottle and a french press?

No. 795670

unsurprisingly, yes. if other way shittier youtubers like jeffree, shane, and tana still have fans, it's not that weird to see taylor still having some semblance of a fanbase.

No. 795671

>all he did was troll


No. 795684

She disabled comments on her Instagram

No. 795685

I'm sure almost all those new followers are people who just want the inside scoop on Tay. So congrats on being a low life piece of shit using your "friend" and the drama she causes so you can get a tiny bit of attention.

No. 795688

I can still see comments, is it on all posts?

No. 795693

I can still see comments too

No. 795698

File: 1600140298607.jpeg (563.4 KB, 750x948, 4C6798D8-5513-46A3-9032-156261…)

Omg I just found out who he reminds me off. He’s tryna be Lil Pump.

No. 795699

My bad I couldn't see them earlier but now I can. Must have been a browser issue

No. 795705

it's the way that mama dean is more successful than him

No. 795707

Yeah, there’s fans commenting telling people to leave her alone and stop “bullying” her and asking questions etc.

No. 795714


These kids want to get famous so bad without doing any real work. Good that he is using Tay, then she gets a break from gaslighting her fans for views.

No. 795718

Her narc rage is hilarious. OFC she's disabled insta comments, her massive but super fragile ego can't handle being seen for what she is, or being held accountable for her bullshit at. all.

People like Taylor exist in most AA meetings, just these absolute voids of personality that suck out the air in the room and that have no sense of self beyond "I'm an addict!" and "I'm a victim!" - they're fucking exhausting. They never put in the work to really get better, because they don't think they need to get better… and because shit like real therapy takes commitment, hard work, and taking a good hard look at yourself and accepting responsibility for your fuckups. She can't and won't do that, it's too scary for her ego. For fuck's sake, she can't even handle Instagram comments, which she doesn't even have to read! Any pushback is too much when you're a shook narc.

I hate to say it, but it's likely too late for her now. I just hope she doesn't drag too many people down with her, and that her animals get rehomed as soon as possible. It's so glaringly obvious they haven't featured on her list of priorities for so long…

No. 795723

File: 1600154452582.jpeg (371.72 KB, 750x1262, 19A146B9-3AB3-435B-A474-8189A0…)

No. 795725

The way she worded this back to her shit grammar really confirms that that other post wasn’t her. It sounds like this return video is just going to be her addressing she is probably done with animals and I feel like she’s say she’s starting a new music career or something equally stupid

No. 795726

Holy shit. Why hasn't she learned? Just "finish" (aka film) the fucking video, upload it, and then announce it. Stop doing this "I'm working sooo hard!! It'll be up soon!!!!" nonsense.

No. 795728

File: 1600154891232.png (3.03 MB, 750x1624, 2DB280E4-0D53-48D6-80D4-99D3CC…)

I think this is star? I’m surprised any of those cats lived. She also posted a video but I don’t know how to add videos just screen shots. Sorry

No. 795729

File: 1600154915907.png (2.79 MB, 750x1624, 16E2006C-AA7A-469D-9FDD-64B2B7…)

No. 795730

File: 1600154974782.png (2.38 MB, 750x1624, 389B4B3D-6221-4E4C-B1BF-5FC7E2…)

All those enclosures and rakes look empty af.

No. 795731

I'm dying to see her failing to upload again this, so the rest of her plataform and fanbase finally goes to hell.
Go Taylor, promise videos you never even recorded

No. 795733

oh my fucking god really lol

No. 795735

Those small dark plastic bins piss me off. I know that breeders use them, but they actually have a reason to having hundreds of snakes. I've seen smaller hobby breeders use them but they always look significantly larger than those. Taylor just wants to hoard a bunch of snakes so she can brag about her expensive morphs on instagram now and then. It is fucking disgusting. Seriously, imagine living 20-30 years (Ball Python life expectancy in captivity) in one of the plastic shoe boxes. Though it is highly unlikely any of them reach their expected lifespan.

No. 795738

Every time she says this I totally believe it and I'm not even one of her stupid stans. She is really a high level manipulator.

No. 795739

Yeah snake racks can totally be done right. But Taylor stuffs them to the brim with "Enrichment" and uses tiny tubs for adult BPs. I still remember when taylor said if the snake can fully wrap itself around the enclosure and not overlap itself that it's fine, which isn't acceptable at all. I'm just waiting for stans to say "lOok she showed the enclosures! Now Stap bullying her!!" as if the video didn't show how shit her animal care STILL is.

No. 795743

Her whole wardrobe has to smell absolutely rank at this point with all the reptiles and the litter box crammed in there right next to them.

No. 795768

File: 1600172126096.jpeg (169.45 KB, 750x1624, E652E875-0483-445D-9AD0-E86B6E…)


Is that the snake tail hanging out of the drawer?

No. 795769

Not sure but she’s using that rack too keep her sunglasses on too ffs

No. 795773

She must absolutely fucking stink

No. 795774

I'm pretty used to Taylor's shittiness, but the sheer misery of those racks and bins always catches me off guard. Imagine saying you love animals sooooo much… and then you keep them in little plastic tubs like a toddler's toys or some crayons at a kindergarten. (And yeah, I know breeders use racks, but they have bigger units for similar snakes… and Taylor has kept climbing snakes in those tubs before, too.) She just puts them away like playthings when she's not using them for likes on Instagram.

No. 795775

Imagine if she didn’t spend all her money on meth and bought bigger enclosures.

No. 795776

I can't stand this bitch, she promises the same shit AGAIN. The only reason we're seeing her room now is cause it just got cleaned it was probably way worse before.

No. 795780

She learned from the best anon, Jonny and Mama. She uses alot of loaded language, ego feeding and straight up lies.

> That's fine, I totally would be thinking the same thing.

Tries to establish credibility and feeds ego of audience, makes them feel smart

>I'm excited to get it up, so I can promote..

Feeds hype making you wonder why she's excited. Spoiler: she's not. This is just a lie to drum up curiosity.

>I NEEDED to get the return one up first tho

Gaslighting to make you think the video is already out. Makes you associate that she's already put up videos.

>Had so many issues both mentally and literally

Takes advantage of naive/narc audience, makes them feel like a good person for supporting her. Ego feeding.

>can't wait to ANNOUNCE when it'll be live

Ah yes the bait and switch, after all that shit it was just a crummy AD for her channel.

No. 795782

wheres sabor?

No. 795784

He was stuffed away somewhere in a tub that she put inside what looks like a closet.

No. 795785

Pretty sure he’s on the ground in the bottom right of the corner with no lights

No. 795789

No it doesn’t it confirms she isn’t mad anymore. She’s announcing a video why would she be all pissed and telling people to fuck off

No. 795790

I’m more worried about how there is a cat box inches away from two snake homes

No. 795791

I'm just in awe of how many "return" and "comeback" videos she's made in the last two years

No. 795793

jfc an open litterbox just inches away from the snakes' enclosures, fucking brilliant

No. 795796

In her last instagram post she said the video was working on going up again, now it sounds like shes saying there isn't a finished video? How can people keep up with her lies.

No. 795799

I'm so perplexed why some of you anons are SO positive it was her writing those. I agree it could have been, but you're fucking dumb if you think there's no chance Aggy wrote it for her. Stop acting like you know for sure when you're literally just speculating at this point. Taylor lies about so much there's no way to know.

No. 795801

>Taylor ALWAYS says things like "don't worry haha, it's not what it looks like but I understand why you're concerned"
>(about johnny) she said that "she knew what she was doing and had heard the real story with his exes from him."

>I know a lot of ppl will only believe it when they see it and that's fine, I totally would be thinkin the same thing if I were u !!!
I called it lol, all her excuses are the same.

No. 795802

This is literally sickening, how can you be okay with these standards for your animals? What a disgusting state these poor things are kept in. It makes me so mad

No. 795803

Can anyone make out the names on these? I think I see Duck, Salem, Tofu, and maybe Gemini on the left.

No. 795805

Am I reading the tubs correctly and Duck has been moved to the rack?? Wasn't she in one of the grey enclosures a while ago? Those racks are way too small for a female short tailed python of any species.

No. 795806

"other content" aka aggy's dumbass music videos. That's why he's so pressed on wanting her to post the return video, so she can get right to promoting him as fast as possible.

No. 795807

and all the fire hazard close to the electrical/heating pads for the enclosure. Guess cooking 3 animals wasn't enough for her.

No. 795808


She really is a girl jonny, fuck she's just a shitty human being. I hope when her fans wake up they learn to stay away from these types of people and recognize the signs. She really needs to be deplatformed till she fixes her issues, she's a horrible role model.

No. 795809


they probably weren't cooked. frog died of malnutrition (looked deformed on later pictures) and she fed this frog with mice anyway which is not adequate from diet. lizards died of dehydration. i remember they had foggy machine (no idea how it's called) and got rid of machine (no idea why) and then was doing heroin so didn't care to check if they have water. long time ago someone spilled milk about it. never really confirmed, but she was looking before announcement of electric disaster for lizard replacement, so i believe they didn't get cooked but died different way.

No. 795813

at least jonny releases his shitty music when he announces it kek

No. 795822

File: 1600193284008.png (186.88 KB, 672x516, lcBqz30.png)

sage for stupid but wtf is this

No. 795832

With the way that she lies, sometimes I do wonder if all the animals she rehomed from her first rehab stint were really alive at all. She said she is gonna visit them but never done that. It just feels convenient??

No. 795833

it looks like a polly pocket bed or some other childlike dolly shit in a display shelf

No. 795835

Looks like a picture frame from Ikea(I have the same ones) but she stuck a funko pop inside

No. 795836

It’s actually one of the cats having a look in the bin, it’s Star’s tail. <—JOKE Why the hell does she have the litterbox (one.fucking.litterbox) so close to the bins?

No. 795837

Because last time "someone was writing her posts" it was supposedly Johnny. And we all know that wasn't true, it was just an excuse, a way to put alllll the blame on aboosive Johnny. Taylor's
>u guize omg!!!
persona is all an act, but even if it wasn't, when people are mad they tend to drop the quirky internet slang and talk like normal, pissed off people.
It's not exactly abnormal that she would be typing different in her narc rage. If anything, its just another manipulation tactic. Shes aware that her fanbase has rarely, if ever, seen her act/type like this. Her fans are gonna think
>Wow Taylor isn't her usual bubbly, ligh-hearted self. There wasn't a single lmao in this post! This must be -really- serious and bad!

Also.. why is the idea that Taylor typed her own story, on her own account, on her own phone… somehow more outlandish than the tinfoil that she sat by sobbing as dickbro wrote a mininovella announcing her departure from yt (her only hope in this world)

It's all just one massive manipulation tactic. Taylor needs 100% control of her lies and image. If you think Taylor would relinquish any control of her narrative by letting dickbro type out her career-suicide baiting, you're dense.

No. 795840

Seems even more dense to believe she wouldn't let someone control her and her social media but go off. We have no proof Jonny did or didn't write her posts. All I'm saying is there's a solid chance either way. And regardless of if Aggy had her phone in his hands writing it himself, it was clearly influenced by him. It's no coincidence this out of character rant showed up after he was going batshit on Twitter.

No. 795843

I 1000% am with this. I am perplex people think it isn't her.

It's ''out of character'' because she dropped her character for once.

No. 795847

There’s been a new one getting filmed every few months since start of the new year it’s passed embarrassing at this point

No. 795849

"Working on new videos!!" is just Taylor-speak for "I thought about making some videos".

No. 795859

>13 hours ago
Fucking lel why doesn't she post proof that she's actually working on editing it? Just take a pic of the screen Taylor it's not fucking hard.

No. 795862

because she doesn't have anything. if she was truly dedicated to posting videos she'd have backups instead of blaming it on "oh my computer broke", "oh my camera broke", "oh i was so afraid of the backlash i'd get if i posted a new video". she's discovered it's easier to just promise and not follow through than to actually post any videos.

No. 795868

File: 1600211657048.png (1.49 MB, 1125x2436, 113918CB-6B31-47E5-9D98-8DCBF2…)

This has to be about Taylor. Could it be that he’s already sick of her woe is me bullshit?

No. 795869


she must be exhausting to be around. constantly victimizing herself and needing validation. it's no wonder she has no real friends. only people who use her for clout, she has no personality and is just so unbearable online.

No. 795874

She didn't mention her 5 days a week rehab in a while.
She probably never went.

No. 795879

Honestly I wouldn't be shocked because she can't lie to him about working really hard if he can literally see she's not. He just went balls to the wall defending her honor on Twitter only for her to once again turn around and not produce a video. This type of person is exhausting because they believe their own bull shit and victimhood. It's true what they say about how you can't help people who won't help themselves.

No. 795881

Ha ha, he actually thought Taylor wanted to/was going to change. Guess you didn't know her as well as you thought huh buddy?

No. 795882

Anon, she mentioned it only once after she got out of rehab and only after people inquired why she left early. She never went.

No. 795884

her room looks stinky af

No. 795887

I think they were alive, maybe one or two actually died. What I believe really happened is they just got dumped on Craigslist for quick cash or something similar. That is why she doesn't talk about them at all and she will never visit them.

No. 795902

Could you honestly imagine being around someone who is full of excuses, a perpetual victim, and someone who has the world at the finger tips able to make thousands of dollars by providing adequate care to their animals and sharing them with the world just to fuck it all up for Jonny Craig and drugs? Taylor had it all. Bare minimum effort is really all that was required (though, I of course wish for more for the animals sake) and she couldn’t even do that. She’s a greaseball in the Mama Dean home being subtweeted about by her own mom while she rots away in her stinky room and french fries.

She’s nothing now.

No. 795904

Right next to a cat litter box. Sheesh!

No. 795906

Mad or not. The language and word flow in that other post was not her. THIS post is more like her.

No. 795909

File: 1600227434544.jpg (98.12 KB, 1080x859, Screenshot_20200915-203809.jpg)

It's literally Jonny 2 lol

No. 795914

why does she upload this and think we should suddenly be fine with that litter box next to the snake racks? Or does she purposefully upload this shit again so we will be mad and she can do the "haturz hate me cannot upload" bullshit again?

Snake racks are fine, just not for Celia who is a sick hognose and need less humidity plus clean air. And not next to a litter box. And the pile of shit that just keeps growing on her enclosures…

No. 795922

Do we need any confirmation he does drugs? I mean just look at him

No. 795928

yeah bro your career of one monthly listener is waiting for you, why not make this your living, what could go wrong!

No. 795932

>>795654 I love how all these influencers and musician wannabes deduced their life goals and achievements into just on getting followers on social media and getting sooo bothered by comments from strangers. Only reason why I am still following this cow lmao.

No. 795940

Y'all haters don't get it man… These kids are blowing tf up pure talent and trap type YouTube beats. every 1 listen and every face tattoo just gets you closer to being the next little xanpeepump. don't be jealous no one is DMing you to buy fake Xanax bars, those are for the future icons

No. 795950

File: 1600269339975.jpg (113.4 KB, 1080x924, Screenshot_20200916-081407.jpg)

lol his 0 listeners are paying his bills somehow I guess

He keeps lying about buying houses and owning a Tesla, it's so pathetic

No. 795955

Him and Taylor are well matched, both really keen on talking big about all the cool things they're going to do… one day…

No. 795962

that's literally how taylor's failed career happened but ok.

No. 795987

File: 1600288373183.jpeg (100.21 KB, 1242x837, EiD4CA3XgAEKfFe.jpeg)

No. 795988

File: 1600288478214.jpg (301.5 KB, 1080x1519, Screenshot_20200916-133541.jpg)

No. 795989

Jonny 2.0 needs to try harder. Such classic incel energy

No. 795992

Damn, if Taylor is cool with him talking to her fans like this, she must really be done with her nice girl, "I just want to please everyone!!!!" persona

No. 795994

That was only the persona Taylor had when she was trying to prtend she was a "uwu recovery queen" to show Johnny up

Now that he has a kid and she's knee deep in new bro dick she doesn't need to act all delicate and kind. Anyone who actually was who Taylor pretended she was on social media would be freaked out by these dudes not hanging out with them and letting them run their mouths to the audience that pays her bills on social media.

Its kind of sad but not really. Taylors personality will always be adjacent to the men she gets validation from. I dont think Taylor knows how to be single or even just Taylor.

No. 795997

It’s a hell of a long way from “family-friendly pet mom” to this!

No. 796001

File: 1600294555867.png (6.51 KB, 403x176, kekw.PNG)

Man she got crucified in the Instagram comments. I don't know why she salivates over these nasty people, just so much wrong. She's got some sort of fetish about these types, how many times is she gonna get burned? They're almost always bad people. Some weird sexual tastes going on, it definitely isn't normal.

No. 796006

These guys always act like this until their idiot friends start dropping like flies.

No. 796024

File: 1600309507069.png (839.28 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2020-09-16-22-15-42.p…)

This guy is such a fucking tool, he has been a little bitch all day in his replies on twitter but blocks out his own real name on this? Your name is Jon Aguilar, you have 3 siblings, your mom is Dawne Walker and she's a nurse in Florida. And she really doesn't seem like she raised a boy who tells people they wish their dead father would reincarnate so they had to experience his suicide all over again. Prick.

No. 796032

So you are telling me….his name…..is Jonny…..

No. 796033

File: 1600310727711.png (983.39 KB, 1412x2054, Capture _2020-09-16-22-46-39.p…)


A real Jonny 2.0

No. 796036

Are fucking kidding me? Kek
Taylor you need some mental help cause this is a new low.

No. 796039

Wow this is hilarious

No. 796040

File: 1600313619654.png (477.63 KB, 1382x2004, Capture _2020-09-16-23-32-21.p…)

Omg I have found my fav post by Jonny 2.0 aka aggyxx yet! I hope Tay sees this one

Pic part 1

No. 796041

File: 1600313675834.png (392.13 KB, 1423x1651, Capture _2020-09-16-23-32-37.p…)


Part 2 lolll dying

No. 796042

File: 1600314138106.png (223.04 KB, 1427x975, Capture _2020-09-16-23-23-40.p…)

And to top it all off, our boy had multiple grand larceny and feleony charges, stints in juvie and jail, house arrest and probation as well as…drumroll….a domestic assualt charge! Boy sure got around the great state of Virginia, getting himself into kinds of messes.

Pic related

No. 796043

Oh shit, how could we get Taylor to notice these? Honestly he’d probably brainwash her and her whole perspective and opinion would turn Into his.(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 796044

>>Severely misconstruing the content of some extremely novel neuroscience research and semantical arguments aside

You can see him flip-flopping in real time when confronted on the argument of withdrawals and dopesickness. Dude just tried to be hard and call the people he deals to weak and got smacked by twitter the moment he opened his mouth.

No. 796046

So by his logic back then he thinks Taylor is weak minded kek also she says addiction is a disease

No. 796050


yep she compared it to the likes of cancer and dementia lol

No. 796054

So since she was obviously looking for a Jonny replacement my guess is soon the "us against the world" shit will start and they'll probably be living together too. Maybe history will truly repeat itself and Jen will do some live streams to spill some tea.

No. 796055


A man named Jon, covered in face tattoos, uses drugs, known for stealing things and domestic abuse, caught up in his (nonexistent) career as a solo musician.

how is this real????

No. 796056

Original Recipe Jonny at least had had some kind of success, even though he pissed it away. Dollar Store Jon has nothing but a bad attitude.

No. 796061

they were posted here, so Taylor will for sure see them kek

No. 796062

Gotta wonder what her response will be this time when her little fans try to warn her about him, kek

I jUsT wAnT tHiS eXpErIeNcE 2.0

No. 796065

Don’t worry, she’ll read them here as a part of her daily ritual

No. 796067

She'll definitely just pull the old "he changed" routine. Lmao you guys remember when people were like hey Jonny says/does a lot of fucked up shit and she said "I'm talking to him and making sure he doesn't do that anymore!" like she was his mother. She's probably not even gonna bother with this guy. "Taylor, he's telling your fans to kill themselves" "I can't control what people do!"

No. 796069

Wouldn't expect anything less from her lol

Taylor has made her whole identity into being an addict, but cannot handle it when people call her a junkie… I don't think she'll be able to reconcile Darling Aggy being a suicide-baiting, addiction-denying shithead when hE's So NiCe To MeEeEe

No. 796071

Wouldn’t that be cow tipping?

Also am I the only one doesn’t give a fuck about the new brodick? Its not like tay is gonna dump him or stop being an idiot because jonny 2.0 been in juvi. She literally dated a known abuser and addict for years. Also the new bro dick is enjoying all the attention and all the twitter fags are feeding into his trolling.

No. 796073

I personally find it HILARIOUS that she's literally found another Jonny, this time as a Dollar Tree version. The dramatic irony of this Recovery Advocate Kween returning to the exact same shit she's been pulling for years like a dog to its vomit…

No. 796074

Jonny 2 is an annoying clout-hungry and 3edgy bitch, but I love that he isnt licking Taylor's ass. Waiting for milkk lol

No. 796088

I call they break up because he won't coddle her.
Then on to johnny 3.0 like Heather with her Ryans

No. 796091

I’m wondering if he already ditched her. Haven’t seen them hang out after his tweet about people who won’t better themselves and mope around. And she’s been silent since.

No. 796092

Somehow I dont think they are fucking.. Cant explain why though. Tinfoil: TND traded the stuff aGgy is wearing for.. Yes, drugs

No. 796096

I’m pretty sure he is just a troll/ trolling and for some reason ever anon is taking him literally

No. 796097

No your not I don’t care about him and don’t even feel like taylor and him are a item. I just think it’s her drug dealer and all the new “milk” for the past few days had just been him and his tweets

No. 796108


According to the pictures they took, they were in Austin. Idk where Taylor or the guy live, but maybe they aren’t in the same city.

No. 796111

You underestimate the cost of tar in TX if you think her tacky accessories would cover it.

No. 796114

I think they’re fuck and drug buddies. Met through Tinder

No. 796115

Honestly it's just funny how much of a caricature he is. All these sound cloud edgy soft boys are fucking identical. OG Johnny is a massive shitstain but he performed with actual musicians and toured, no shit his ego is warped. Jon.0 is just a criminal with Garage Band on his MacBook, who postures on social media. This has potential to be really funny.

No. 796117

agreed. she was giving that poor frog a fucking horrible diet, i'm sure that elaborate electrical mishap was just a drug induced lie.

No. 796124

You're leaving out the sex part of it anon. Taylor pays for drugs with sex too

No. 796125

File: 1600368439756.jpg (160.3 KB, 1080x976, Screenshot_20200917-114756.jpg)

Jon is like a poorer dumber version of the original Jonny, which is impressive since Jonny is dumb as bricks

No. 796128

Okay what kind of tinfoil is this ? I’ve been on here for years and don’t remember taylor prostituting herself out. Like I wouldn’t be shocked, but I feel like this is just a baseless tinfoil

No. 796129

people are looking for milk where there is none

No. 796130

NAYRT but I mean, she's definitely getting dicked down by this new bro and he is likely supplying her with drugs. She has had sex with guys just for their attention and approval, the drugs are just a bonus now. I guess that isn't technically prostitution but that's a pretty slippery slope.

No. 796135

Glad I am not the only one who thought that was weird. People are equating her being a desperate thot with her selling her body? Big jump there

No. 796139

How quick everyone is to forget the fiji water pussy texts with her drug dealer…

No. 796140

maybe i'm a naive babe in the woods but i feel like if they were fucking, he'd have said so, many times and very loud. it's not like he has any shame or discretion about anything else (except drugs i guess but thats arguable)

No. 796141

Just when I thought Taylor couldn't get more desperate.

First she tries to manipulate Johnny back, then she tries to skinwalk his girlfriend, then claims his kid was supposed to be totally their kid by claiming the name, and now when all of that doesn't work… she finds Johnny 2.0. Musician, tats, drugs, and the same damn name.

The only way she can make it worse from here is to have a pregnancy scare with him.

No. 796144

What I understood about that situation was that she and Jonny bought him drugs, she never went alone with him, probably tried to bought drugs from him alone after she and Jonny broke up but realized the guy was a creep and decided not to do it, so the guy end up creeping in Twitter.

But I don't think Taylor used sex has a way to get drugs at least not for now.

No. 796151

Fiji pussy water was a psycho drug dealer of Jonnys/Taylor’s he would send very creepy advances to taylor. She didn’t seem fond of them at all and more creeped out

The only reason I don’t think the new brodick and her are fucking is because I feel as if they would be both posting after sex photos of each other and be talking about it all over the stupid internet

No. 796152

Go read the text again you seem to have forgotten them

No. 796156

Taylor is a junkie with no prospects. Junkies with no prospects often exchange sex for drugs. It isn't a massive leap of logic at all.

No. 796159

Everyone was speculating then that she traded sex or nudes for drugs. But suddenly it's out of the question. Okay…

No. 796160

She seemed “creeped out” after he outed her on twitter.

No. 796161

All I want from this entanglement is for Taylor to publicly attempt rapping.

Do it God, prove we're not in the darkest timeline.

No. 796162

kek now anons think taylor has any kind of standards

No. 796182

She needs to do some sexy backround singing for when he says gang gang bruh 15 times
Maybe he's embarrassed and says to keep it on the DL. You can't really brag about her

No. 796189

I really want taylor music era that would be hilarious.

No. 796193

Yeah a drug addicted failing youtuber that lives with her family and has poor hygiene isn’t a girlfriend flex. Don’t care who says otherwise.

No. 796194

I don’t think it’s a flex either if you know her background.

But be honest with yourself the world that doesn’t know much abt her, thinks she is a sweet animal queen who got the terrible disease of addiction. Everyone feels bad for her for some reason

I don’t think aggy would be so scared to tell the world they are together if that was the case

No. 796197


he's already wearing all of her accessories and talking for her on social media, what else do you want? pov porn?

No. 796199

How’s is giving a necklace to a drug dealer equal sex ? God damn. you never gave friends a gift? Why does my opinion matter to you

No. 796201

why you're so obsessed on defending Taylor's brodick adventures?

No. 796204

The speculating here is getting wild. She's not a prostitute but I'm pretty sure we can conclude she's fucking Jonny 2.0. Why would he tweet about it??? Pretty sure his arguments with her mom was him pissing all over her to mark his territory

No. 796205

I'm not the anon you're responding to but jesus your reach is ridiculous. How the hell are you getting that him wearing her tacky accessories means they're banging?

I dont doubt Taylor would sleep with someone for drugs, but your "hes wearing her shit AND talked about her!!!" is retarded af.

No. 796208

ok, what about this.
Taylor is incapable of having a friendship with anyone unless she's
shooting up with them, fucking them, or both.

No. 796209

I never even defended brodick what ?

No. 796211

File: 1600399595183.jpeg (435.97 KB, 807x610, 09DEB82D-4FB4-43CA-9E8F-0F21C6…)

TND before Heroin, meth, and back alley lip injections.

I still can’t believe she through a 6 figure YouTube (and potentially much more) career for….Jonny Craig?

No. 796214

Can we stop posting pics of what she looked like "before she ruined herself with drugs and Jonny Craig UwU"? She has never looked like this. Her old pictures are all shooped like crazy, she has said so herself.

No. 796215

File: 1600400415623.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 598AF426-0B62-4174-82BE-A753D0…)

Charming. So eloquent

No. 796218

Can we stop posting minor photos of her barley wear clothes. She was not even fully developed at this point, but she does look a lot worse rn

No. 796219

How long do you all think she’s gonna be MIA for this time? I noticed she’s been pretty quiet. I know she said her pretend video was gonna release soon but I know that’s not happening.

No. 796220

I don’t care about brodicks kinks. He’s a werido and I expect nothing less.

If Taylor states they are together then I’ll give more of a shit. She has been silent for a bit now

No. 796221

Agreed, this is a classic catphising angle. She was above average at one point but she was never model pretty. Taylor pretty much just copied Jenna marbles and her appeal, NERD good looking, not Hollywood good looking. Get those thirsty teens in with push up tits and scanty clothes.

She was posting underage nudes in highschool, you think she cares if pedos jack off to her bikini photos?

No. 796222

I mean, above average is still a big difference from 'i wonder if they gave that homeless girl meth to be in this music video'

No. 796227

her pretend video lmaooo
so true though

No. 796228

Even though she touched up her pix, that’s still her So it’s still valid to post as a reference of her before self.

No. 796236

Yeah I know doesn’t mean we should reshare her semi nudes that she photo-shopped the hell out of

No. 796247

Do you find it inappropriate when minors are at a swimming pool in swimming suits?
Stop making this weird.
It’s a swimming suit picture. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore. >>796125 Jonny CrAggy is one post away from being anti science. Astrology, doesn’t believe addiction is real, isn’t social distancing. KEK

No. 796253

File: 1600423985041.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-09-18-06-14-12…)


No. 796256

Yeah I dont have any idea I'm from Sweden lol. But it could be any drugs, acid is cheap and he talks abt it a lot. Anyway might be fucking too, just my tinfoil

No. 796257

Yeah and remmeber when TND was fucking that guy from rehab? She told eeeeverything. She couldnt shut the f up if they were hooking up rn

No. 796259

I think she learnt her lesson on that one. Hence why she been keeping her strings of brodick post-jake so lowkey.

I also doubt that she was ever single for more than a few months (just like her addiction stint lmao)

I do noticed she doesn’t overshares as much as she used to even though some would say she is still oversharing when she was sober for a short period of time.

Irregardless, I am honestly so bored from the new brodick’s milk now. It was interesting for a few days..

No. 796265

found it hilarious not even her fans are hyped about this anymore kek no one cares Taylor. you killed your "career" all by yourself

No. 796266


unsurprising considering how many times she's promised it and then not delivered… and it still isn't out.

No. 796269

A guy like this isn't going to publicize having sex with her because he wants to keep having sex with many people.

No. 796289

There's only one thing taylor is fucking that I care about and it's her life

No. 796297

The tinfoils about her selling herself for drugs are funny. Why would she be selling herself for drugs when she is still getting a decent check from youtube? Also I wouldn't put it past Mama enabler to pay for Taylors drugs at some point.

No. 796298

Is she still getting a decent check from Youtube? She's not put out a video in ages and her views have been plummeting for a few years now.

No. 796302

I would guess she’s still getting a couple thousand a month from residual views. And she lives with mommy and daddy so any income is disposable.

No. 796307

>I think she learnt her lesson on that one.

Since when is she learning a lesson out of anything?

No. 796325

File: 1600469555620.jpg (141.75 KB, 1080x940, Screenshot_20200918-155331.jpg)

The Taylor video comes out tonight…

No. 796329

A lot of active youtubers got wrecked this year by declining CPM rates, never mind someone who hasn't actively posted in over a year.

She even said like a month ago that her youtube career's fucking dead >>792450 - she blamed Johnny for some reason. She's not been bringing money in for a long time and I get the feeling that's why Mama Dean is screaming at her.

No. 796332

File: 1600470941085.jpeg (554.34 KB, 1242x1795, F5404C04-856B-4021-96EF-CBF589…)

I’m not so sure she is making all that much. I would truly estimate she’s pulling in around $500 a month which is the low end of what social blade estimates.

No. 796333

Imagine how much money she would've made if she wasn't a walking talking trainwreck of a human being lmao

No. 796334

It's so crazy. She got lucky enough to be HEAVILY promoted by corporate youtube back in her 'family friendly pet mom' days. All she had to do was post low effort animal care videos and maintain a semi appropriate image. She managed to fuck up a career that was literally handed to her on a platter.


No. 796335

This is a new low even for Taylor. Johnny could at least pretend like he wasn't a scumbag for a bit. This guy isn't even attempting to hide how awful and controlling he is. There is no way she doesn't know about this crap. She knows. She's still choosing to date him because that's what she does.

No. 796336

Because she wasn't raised to have to earn or work for anything. Mama Dean let her quit school because it's was "too much" for her disease ridden body. She only ever worked as a cashier at Petco. Her parents clearly raised her without ever telling her the word no while validating every single complaint she had. Someday 10 or 20 years from now, she will have deep regrets for throwing this away. The best part is she'll have no one to blame but herself.

No. 796344

I have a feeling her new video is gonna come out around the same time his video drops and I really feel like it’s gonna be some bulllshit she recorded yesterday. Just so she can have a video and I feel like most of it is gonna be her talking about checking out his shit or her staring in it lmao

No. 796347

There is no video though, Anons.

No. 796348

does it anon? does it really.

No. 796350

well that's what happens when you don't really have to work for anything and know your parents will be there for you no matter how hard you fuck it up. but at least she has a memento of when her career peaked in the form of a cartier bracelet.

No. 796353

Until she pawns it for drugs

No. 796355

If she hasn’t already…

No. 796359

Pretty sure she broke it and bought a new one. She doesn't take care of her shit; It got hella scratched up, pretty much a waste.


Lets be real her new video won't be out till the end of the year, beginning of next year. It's so obvious it'll start

>Hey guiz. Fuck 2020 am i rite? Teehee just need a redo, nothing worked for anyone this year. Gonna make new videos soon! Just though I'd update everyone with a video!! Had to work on my mental health!1! Sorry for this year!11

No. 796360

Are you talking about his crappy rap vid on IG?

No. 796364

I'm bummed it didn't have Taylor in it. It's just him dancing terribly by himself

No. 796401

You are 100% bang on anon! I definitely think most of her issues stems from poor parenting but her actions are 100% on her.

No. 796419

Dear god I hope you don’t work in the justice system, with all that wonderful evidence

No. 796457

File: 1600550548032.jpg (132.93 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20200919-141829~2.j…)

Her new brodick posted a video of him snapping rats necks today

No. 796460

Waiting for Taylor's ensuing "it's just a rat, dude" kek

No. 796470

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here but it takes an extreme lack of empathy on a scary level to even be remotely okay with killing an animal with your bare hands.. even if it is more humane than letting the snake do it. I'm sure Taylor won't care because she's admitted to doing the same to her feeders.

No. 796473

Suddenly he figures out how to do this after hanging out with her? She probably taught him.

No. 796476

I mean, if he is feeding dead rats, why not use the frozen ones? Admittedly I don't know anything about snakes so maybe there arent those (?), but man this is gross of him (like there needed to be other reasons)

No. 796478

Yeah frozen is cheaper and more humane for the snake owner. Like the rats grew up in horrible conditions but honestly it’s just better for your snake to buy frozen. The scared animal can’t hurt your snake if it’s dead already

No. 796494

Right, this is just fucking creepy, specially with animals as sweet as rats.

No. 796495


Amazing empathy for animals you have there. This is straight up sociopath. "Just snap their necks and get over it!!" Like dude, it ain't hard to find a feeder breeder who humanely euths their feeders with co2 and sells frozen.

Maybe I'm biased as a rat owner but they are the sweetest little things and seeing this attitude just reinforces mistreatment for them.

No. 796498


99% of frozen rats are euthanized primarily via carbon dioxide gas, so it's a tradeoff. Perhaps less humane upbringing, but an arguably more humane death. In my opinion, having had to do cervical dislocation in a laboratory setting, and hearing his instructions without seeing the full thing, his was probably not well done. It must be one quick motion and they must be held in a certain way to avoid distress in the animal. Rats over 200g are usually gassed and then the trachea is severed as a secondary ensurance of death. Humane treatment arguments aside, cervical dislocations are only really appropriate for mice and juvenile rats, and rarely as a sole means of euthanasia.

No. 796499

Waiting now for Taylor to just give him her rats at this point. Not like she gives a fuck about them.

No. 796500

Oh completely agreed the death is far more humane then let’s sayyyy bashing the rats on your kitchen counter cough cough taylor

No. 796505


Exactly. The thought of swinging a rat around and essentially clubbing it to death is nauseating.

No. 796511

why can't he just feed f/t… and no, that isn't the way "it's supposed to be done if not feeding live", it's just an option. I am beginning to think hes against f/t for whatever reason.

No. 796513

He was saying how it’s natural this way

Using that same logic then it’s natural to only feed cats live mice to and dogs live small prey bc canned food isn’t natural

I think it’s a excuse so he can keep breaking rats necks and posting the videos on the interwebs

No. 796514

Feeding live usually makes these kinds of guys feel tough for some reason. That and his snake is most likely on a hunger strike because of his shit husbandry.

No. 796518

He can't feed f/t because how else would he get extra edgy points on the internet, anon?
Aggy if you knew Taylor enough you'd know the true way to her heart is smashing the rats on the counter

No. 796520

she won't comment on it or care because she doesn't care about her animals. Its all talk and rainbows. Shes gone full ethot. Pets are the past

No. 796521


"It's natural" is just an excuse for "I want to see an animal suffer" because there is nothing natural about using a domesticated rat specifically bred to be food to feed to a pet snake in a glass tank.

No. 796526

File: 1600565894908.jpg (127.29 KB, 1080x917, Screenshot_20200919-183803.jpg)

No. 796536

god I despise this argument so much. keeping a snake in a glass box isn’t natural. feeding a snake only rats with perfect two week intervals isn’t natural. nothing about keeping this snake is natural why should this little detail be.

you know I’m not sure tayter would directly wish harm on animals like that. I always thought her neglect was more narcissism and lazyness related than her genuinely lacking empathy. If she’s with aggy on this one then the drugs have fried her brain for good.

No. 796543

god he really is a just soundcloud rapper softboy

No. 796549


Taylor was my first cow and now she is such a washed up uwu junkie.. I don’t even think this dude can stand her. He’s a clout chasing dipshit but his passive aggressive tweets are hilarious.

You know your life is pathetic when even the farmers are over your sad life.

No. 796587

You’re assuming they’re still alive? Hah!

No. 796644

For how long we don't see any picture of Gemini? I bet he is dead now, she would post him. Unique, one of it's kind snake she paid 10 thousand for it.

No. 796645

Can any snake anons elaborate on what exactly would kill a snake as far as poor care? I'm genuinely curious, because they seem like hardy animals. What could someone do so wrong that their snake dies?

No. 796646

You're right. Most snakes, and a lot of reptiles in general, are incredibly hardy and can stand a ton of neglect. The only thing that comes to mind would be ignoring obvious health issues like respiratory infections.

No. 796652

escapes, overheating, obesity, RI, Stress.

Most of her snakes should live well over 20years if cared for right, I doubt she'll have them that long. Seems more likely she'll pawn them off when she gets bored of them.

No. 796655

in the video she posted on her insta story of her room, one of her enclosures (the grey ones) is labelled gemini. but thats the only recent time i've seen anything to do with gemini.

No. 796657

we don't know if snake is still there

No. 796681

Wasn’t she suppose to like post another video. She said it would be out in a few days, and that was like forever ago

No. 796684

you must be new.

No. 796686

I wonder if she sold him for cash. He was such a rare snake, I doubt Mama Dean let him die.

No. 796690

She’s sold him for cash that’s exactly what I was thinking. Needed cash for heroin and meth.

No. 796748

I highly doubt that to sell a snake with that morph you would have to find someone who is interested in a snake for $7500 and the snake isn’t even hereditary so no breeder would buy them only someone interested in a cool looking pet. It would take maybe even years to find someone interested

IMO that snake is worthless bc it’s features wont pass down to its offspring. A snake is only the value someone will pay for it

No. 796749

I forgot to add I constantly am stocking morphs market for new breeders and I would have seen a listing for that snake and I haven’t

No. 796755

This tinfoil theory just has no base in proof so it’s boring to talk about in multiple posts. Everyone really thinks tayter is coordinated enough to set up a purchase of her snake with another person? Move on until there is some sort of proof. I’d assume it is dead before I assumed she should it to fund her meth habit.

No. 796756

I think alot of you newfags underestimate the amount of money she has left, she's not exactly rich but she's not selling her body for crack level yet either. Taylor has more than enough money to buy drugs with, heroin isn't exactly expensive, or meth for that matter. I'm not a druggie but it's only a couple buck compared to coke n' pills.

I DO think she's relapsing hard right now. More radio silence always means she's been shooting up.

No. 796759

I think she said something like 70k she spend on drugs with jonny. That's between 2 fulltime heavy users.

Dunno how much she's using now but she probably makes enough to fund her habit. I'm guessing she gets at least 30-40k from YT still.

No. 796762

I have an awful premonition that she is going to die very young. It's a tale as old as time with addicts like her. My guess it'll be after she's clean for a while, then she'll OD from her relapse. She's going to live her entire life being a pathetic waste of space leaving nothing but a sad story and a hoard of animals in her wake. Her redemption arc would have been steller had she actually stayed clean.

My favorite part is how every time she is using, people catch on easily and call her out. She denies it and gaslights eveyone into believing she's clean.. Only to come around and admit she wasn't while STILL somehow blaming the people who called her out. Imagine what it's like to be living in 2020 and being so caught up in your own shit that current events are meaningless to you. I would love 5 mins of that kind of peace rn lol

No. 796763

Nah I don't think she's lucky enough to od in terms of I think she'll live more than long enough to be forced to clean up her mess and realize everything she lost and turn 40 with most likely the same problems she has now.

No. 796767

Damn it’s so hard to catch up on the TND thread cuz she’s so damn milky, I love it tho. I’m like 3 days behind lmao.

No. 796768

the snake likely has trouble eating because the whole enclosure is wrong, and it feels unsafe. So it gets picky and will only eat live.

No. 796771

File: 1600713487932.jpg (78.26 KB, 1080x721, Screenshot_20200921-113902.jpg)

brodick has no idea what's happening with Taylor either

No. 796776

File: 1600716935268.png (37.96 KB, 589x353, Capture.PNG)

Lmfao it looks like Mama Dean is coming for Tay's yt career! If it gets uploaded before Taytor's I'm gonna laugh so hard

No. 796782

Watch her mom have an actual upload schedule

No. 796784

I agree with this prediction. Happened to my own ex, I’m sure most of us have at least heard through the grapevine of someone ODing like that.

No. 796790

I can't remember, but did we ever get an update with her Hedgehogs? She's notoriously neglectful to them/has had each of them die supremely early, or have extreme health issues. Usually, what's one of the few animals she markets out the most for her brand.

No. 796793


No we never did and she never posted them either a couple months ago when she posted all her reptiles. Closest to an update we'll get is a clip her mom posted in a vid. Only one of the hedgehogs is shown so not sure if it was the one that had mange but they were together at one point so I assume they would've both gotten it then?

No. 796794

File: 1600724743626.png (709.19 KB, 990x695, ujhcuisdjf.PNG)

here is a still. Also interesting but there is a sharps container in the pantry. Not sure if it is for any other familyl member or if it's for Taylor but either way I wouldn't be surprised. Taylor does reuse needles though so wouldn't need a big bin. I mean the ones in the pic behind her had the numbers start to wear off which is old and dull af. No wonder all the abscesses.

No. 796795

File: 1600725127873.png (1.04 MB, 985x701, sharps bin.PNG)

and the container at 2:05

No. 796796

For anyone else the video doesn't show up? I can't see it

No. 796797

damn it sorry! I've never embedded a vid on here before. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0yTT-UBcHwU

No. 796798

Those boxes are at my hospitals for needles right ? Why would it be so public ? Unless someone has a medical condition at the house they don’t talk about. Is that for Taylor to throw away her needles ? Are her parents okay with this like this is so crazy

No. 796801


Does Tanner have diabetes, maybe? I'm torn between 'what the fuck' in that her parents have a way for Tay to get rid of her heroin needles and also slightly impressed because they want her to dispose of them safely because she likely has hep c lmao

Only thing I can think of is Tanner's med conditions.

No. 796802

I just curious is there a lock on the pantry door or the needle box ? That could be dangerous for tanner

No. 796803

the dean's aren't THAT insane to have their daughters dirty heroin needle dispensary near their food. tinfoil but pretty sure this is for tanner. hormone therapy is a treatment for what he has and that can be given intravenously so idk

No. 796806


Pretty sure it's been mentioned by Tay in previous videos(?) that there is always locks on pantry doors and cupboards containing food because of Tanner's PWS.

No. 796811

I honestly want to believe this is for Tanner (for his treatment for his syndrome). But again imagine if Tanner gets in Taylor's room and he cut himself with a needle? It also does make sense the Deans took that decision as a safety measure

No. 796812


Prader-Willi syndrome is usually treated with injections of HGH, and Tanner has obviously had it given his relatively normal body size and shape.

Taylor 100% puts some needles and shit in there though, probably thinking Jenn wouldn't go through it to check.

No. 796861

I doubt she can be bothered to dispose of her needles properly. I’m sure they go right in the trash with no cap.

No. 796863


let's be real, she doesn't even put them in the trash. the bathroom in her previous house was trashed with them.

No. 796883

put them in the sink for her aSsiStAnT to clean up later

No. 797009

File: 1600887329998.png (6.41 MB, 1125x2436, 29FC7BDA-7BA0-4AA0-9C10-43F0EE…)

Jonny proposed to Syd everyone. Let’s brace ourselves for another relapse or spurge from our kween.

No. 797010

Thanks for the milk but a spurge is a type of plant.

No. 797017

I’m surprised that Tayler had so much self control all of a sudden to be so quiet on social media. The only times I’ve known her to be this quiet is because she was in rehab. She’s so obsessed with talking about herself online that I can’t imagine what she’s doing if she’s not locked up.

No. 797018

Waiting on Tays return to some how make Jonny 4th engagement about her

No. 797025

I fucken called it.. holy shit they really are at the end of the line now, marriage could only hold together for awhile then its all downhill from there.

No. 797028

Love this idiocy for these idiots. Nothing but blue skies ahead for this relationship!

I couldn’t find that ring design on the Sapphire Studios website, but it’s definitely worth a look if you want to see what PlayStation and Doctor Who-themed engagement rings look like. Very old school Hot Topic shit.

No. 797031

Don't Jonny and Syd have their own thread these days?

No. 797043


The sap of spurge is known for being milky, funny enough.

No. 797045

Watching Taylor is like watching those fatasses on 900poundme, it's disgusting but ya can't look away.

She's def on suicide watch after the engagement, she's gonna be triggered and keep binging a couple more weeks. Jonny is gonna be that guy she pines after for the rest of her life. Heroin has torn a big hole in her brain and it can't be put back together.

No. 797046

Yes. This is actually relevant. Like the baby was. As long as people don't start talking about them in detail I don't understand why it bothers you anon

No. 797048


prob tay checking her thread as she usually does and is triggered by seeing his name lol

tay's only ever silent on social media when she's on a bender or in rehab. like an anon said above, tay is such a narc that she can't help but talk about herself online. i sincerely HOPE she's in rehab right now because it's obvious she's relapsed and she actually just needs to stay there for longer than a week or two.

No. 797071

Even if she's in rehab… she won't complete the program. It blows my mind that to date she's nil for all on that front. For all that she bangs on about being a recovery advocate, she can't take rehab seriously and put in the work to grow the fuck up a little.

No. 797073

Since she’s left Jc, how many times has she been going and quitting / getting kicked out? I feel like she’s gonna multiple times, leaves, uses, goes MIA, is in rehab again, then leaves, uses again, meets a guys, rehab, you get the picture - it’s been 5 times at least? More?

No. 797107


Yes but this involves Taylor. She puts on a show that she's sO oVeR JC, but just like with the baby she has something to say when something big happens in his life. I don't find it a coincidence that she tends to relapse when something big in his life happens (when he and Syd got serious, pregnancy, when the baby was born)

No. 797135

Oh you know Taylor's going to stage another relapse and rehab stay over this. Yet another thing she couldn't get out of Johnny.

No. 797146

late so sage, but i think anons should really stop saying that taylor has money, we had confirmation awhile ago that she has debt with the IRS and that was only shortly after she RENTED a house. she allegedly spent 100k or whatever on jonnys teeth, his shoe collection, and his computer. nice computers can easily be $10k. not to mention the dumb funko pops and designer shit she has.

she could try to pawn her designer and rare reptiles, but i really doubt she has enough money to fund her heroin addiction like she used to. maybe its why shes using meth and other uppers now, but no, shes not "rich" or even middle class anymore. if she moved out she'd be poverty tier. can we stop roleplaying that its 2016 and shes still pulling 1m monetized videos?

No. 797148

don't forget all the rehabs she is probably paying for out of pocket

No. 797153

I think that's the biggest reason she hasn't moved out. Enough money to live a bit excessively (mass clothes buying to meth buying to eating out frequently), but no where near enough to live on her own again. It's probably the reason she's giving people her old jewelry instead of buying them their own.

No. 797155

I’m not even that anon but can we stop debating if she has money or not. She clearly has enough to get by and high and that’s good enough for me. The only person who really knows if Taylor has money is Taylor. Not you or other anons it’s literally all just tinfoils

No. 797156

She spent around 50k on his teeth you don’t even have your facts straight

No. 797160

Honestly having money is relative. We don’t know what her parents pay for, what insurance she has, what her residual YouTube pay has been, if Vice gave her money for the documentary, what her credit card debt could potentially be. Just assume she has enough to buy drugs and somehow she or someone else sorts out the rest. So easy to have money if you don’t have rent. It’s kind of beating a dead horse at this point speculating on her finances. Milk is dry but we have all determined she’s figured out someway to financially function and get drugs.

No. 797161

Yes please talking about this is getting so old now.

No. 797162

Even if she has money she trashed her first apartment with needles all over the place and holes in the walls. And then broke her second lease super early into it. Plus we saw the texts between Jonny and their landlord, I don't think they paid rent on time either.

No one wants to rent to anyone with a rental history like that.

No. 797180

Quickly touching up on the vids. I just saw today that her older all my pets has over 7 million views. Others 5. Her online fish shopping has 3 and that one was just from last year. Her vlogs have also hit 1 million. So money she has. But not spending it wisely nor saving to move out.

No. 797211

He has claimed 18k computer more than once. So >>797156 is old & incorrect news.

She is on her parents insurance for sure. They probably have great plan through dad & reach deductible quick bc of Tanner. Plus probably some govt offset for his condition.

No. 797250

She is forsure on private insurance through her dad and that’s a luxury that most don’t have. I’m not sure if they can get help with tanner but Jen can care for him full time so there’s money somewhere. I’m not sure how much is left for Taylor but she’s never really HAD to support herself and her safety net from mom and dad is def keepinf her from ever learning the lesson of actually hitting rock bottom. Bringing up if her YouTube money is still there is tired but mentioning finances depending on the context is sometimes milky

No. 797254

Tanner is probably on disability and SSI. Taylor is just a junkie NEET that's fucked at age 26.

No. 797256

agreed, Jen wouldn't have tried to pull that "we'll just fix it at home instead" last year if Taylor was paying her own failed rehabs.

No. 797259

File: 1601027544818.png (1.19 MB, 1306x696, Untitled.png)

seriously people need to look into how much youtubers get paid… CPM is $6 on a good day, which means a video with a million views is making ~$6k if you're lucky. Her last upload was 8 months ago.

She hasn't hit 7 million views in OVER 2 YEARS. Majority of her videos are getting under 1mil even a year after she uploaded them. Older videos will have higher views because they've been available longer, but that money is already spent. Everything prior to her moving back in with Mama Dean is clearly already spent.

She's making less than a normal job, let's not pretend that youtube is magically paying her a $50k/year salary for nothing.

No. 797260

File: 1601027749452.png (15.89 KB, 403x216, Untitled.png)

samefagging but has anybody seen pic related on someone's social blade before? Tay's been gaining EXACTLY 10,000 subs every couple days/weeks.


Socialblade's monetary amounts are wayyy off, but they're usually pretty accurate at tracking subs/views, is she buying subs? I've never really seen anything like this

No. 797261

File: 1601027828671.jpeg (67.93 KB, 750x198, 7A3B057B-6025-4842-806B-8B379A…)

gOoD jOb EvErYbOdY

LOL - I found this comment on the last picture Taylor posted on Instagram.

No. 797262

40 grand actually. Her words from her Jonny video.

I don’t understand why she didn’t do payment plans. The way she said it was like she was bragging about how much money she had. “Those teeth? Yeah I paid for those (no shit sweetheart, absolutely no one thought otherwise). I paid 40 grand, cash up front”. Lol what a dumbass. Jonny sucked her dry financially and she didn’t give a fuck and allowed it. Probably still assumed she’d be making videos/money. HA. How nerve racking must it be to return to a profession you did for YEARS and made BANK? She truly does not give a fuck about YouTube anymore, or her fans. She just cares about the clout from having a large following account. All she cares about is getting high. At LEAST make your fucking videos so you can keep making money to keep getting high. It’s not like she has any other way to get money, unless she starts prostituting. Which I can honestly, 100% see her getting into it. Lots of heroin and meth addicts do it.

Man this girl is really, REALLY dumb.

No. 797263

Taylor is 23.

No. 797264

She’s possibly getting those from announcing OVER and OVER again that she’s about to release a video!!!1 it’s all finished!!!!1 just put it in the queue and then it will post :)))))))

No. 797266

honestly I think she's getting subscribes solely from her instagram, she's pretty big there and she has the looks to lure people in. Most of her followers probably don't know shit about her drama

No. 797267

No.. Social blade stopped giving exact numbers for YouTubers because of the James Charles and Tati drama.

No. 797268

File: 1601032770837.png (5.43 KB, 238x68, Untitled.png)

my bad lol, I've not looked at socialblade in like a year. Posting one of the comments on her insta that amused me so I'm not spamming the thread with total non content.

No. 797269

Taylor is a grown adult. She has no idea how much worse the internet actually used to be back in the day when being a literal cunt and telling people to kill themselves regularly was totally normal.
If Taylor can’t handle well deserved criticism, she will never make it in this world. Even if you don’t have a social media job you are still subjected to judgement by peers, coworkers, family, etc regardless.
Taylor would cry and shoot up all night if she had a real boss actually holding her accountable.
Her stans are retarded.

No. 797273

No shit, sherlock. She's fucked AT age 26. When she will be past age to be covered by daddy's insurance.

No. 797275

lol wow I hadn't checked this thread in months and was wondering how many videos I'd have to catch up on (when i left she just started promising that "new video is coming SOOn just need to finish editing it i swear guiis")
the answer is 0

No. 797282

Decided to catch up with this thread after watching a youtube series about Jonny. I don't know why I was hoping Taylor would've actually gotten her life together but clearly that's not going to happen

No. 797309

Okay how the fuck do you spend 10k or even 18k on a pc. I’m so confused on how that’s even possible. Did he not build it himself ? And even then HOW

No. 797317

this has always confused me too, maybe it included super expensive and tacky accessories or software and music related gear?

No. 797322

It is super telling Taylor's mum has been schtum about her for so long, too. That's usually been a major sign that Tay-tay has fucked up majorly and mummy's playing the middle-class Everything's Fine Smile & Bear It card.

No. 797351

File: 1601070214872.png (18.56 KB, 577x208, bills.PNG)

yeah she said she cashed out her 401k completely to get the 40k which she had to put down in full as a down payment. She said in some tweets as well that she probably spent 80-100k on him alone during their relationship. Not sure but she also obviously spent quite a bit on both their drugs and she's admitted that she didn't pay any bills while she was using so she was in debt. She said that a yr ago

No. 797352

File: 1601070257854.png (19.35 KB, 559x234, funkoswtf.PNG)

and the 100k

No. 797356

Oh my god my hopes were up. Who fucking cares imo

No. 797360

Most farmers are poorfags who don't understand how easy money is to make in the world. Taylor is just fine my guys, everything about Taylor being broke is just tinfoil.

She can't move out because of Hoard, proof of income, not enough to buy a fancy house. She had a shiton of money at one point, now she has alot less but she ain't broke.

Milk is dry. No need to repeat, at least tinfoil about something else kek.

No. 797367

I don't think she moved out because mama dean takes care of her. Well atleast cleans up her room. Even though Tay sleeps all day I think she likes knowing mama deans in the same. She does not strike me as someone who would be okay with moving out alone. My tinfoil is, its never been a money thing. It's been a security thing.

No. 797371

File: 1601081044492.jpeg (120.6 KB, 750x691, 3B724841-D85B-4176-9E5A-3410D1…)

Is he talking about Taylor

No. 797375

All the shit you just said is just as much tinfoil, you realize that right? You don't know that most farmers are poorfags, in fact no one talks about their own incomes ever because that would be blogging. You also don't know she is just fine financially. Quite the opposite, she has stated herself many times how much money she lost in her previous relationship and to drugs so that provides evidence that disproves your claims.

I don't care about how much money she does or doesn't have because I don't really give a fuck. But saying most farmers are poorfags and Taylor is just fine financially when you have no evidence for any of it, also while complaining about tinfoil is pretty damn silly.

No. 797376

Classy guy right there. Hard to say if he is talking about Taylor. She denies being his girlfriend (which could be a lie) but that doesn't mean they don't hook up. We don't see him talking to or about other women, or posting pictures/video clips with them. It isn't a huge stretch to assume it is Taylor. The thought is honestly pretty vile for many reasons.

No. 797381


this reeks of "i have sex look how cool i am" like no one cares? maybe it's just me but people who tweet shit like this are pathetic and insecure.

No. 797383

I did see he posted a pic of him and another girl about a day ago flexing in the reflection of a car. Could have been her. That girl was also named Taylor I believe but she was also in really good shape from the pic, unlike Tayter.

No. 797386

File: 1601083693512.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, D9F64E92-1185-4DC5-B91D-7535E4…)

Sorry to double post but this was the pic and it was 9 hours ago, almost like they maybe woke up this morning together?

No. 797396

File: 1601086149779.jpeg (315.25 KB, 750x845, EA3701F5-7189-4188-BD4A-73E810…)

I know this is old. Will sage. They really trotted around the city during a pandemic.

No. 797414

Dude chill

No. 797415

You guy there is no milk right now and it’s showing. Don’t worry she will come back, but like this MAYBE boy she might have slept with is not milk

No. 797419

Same, anon. I ditched her thread back on thread 60 I believe. Came back after seeing that series lolll

No. 797420

How long has it been since she’s mentioned her EDS?

No. 797422

I like that in that 3 giant paragraph “fuck you” a few weeks ago she said something about being single yet she’s holding hands with her fave out of the shitty soundcloud bunch in that video hmmmm

No. 797423

She only brings it up when she has to cancel important things like meetups because she’s too high off of heroin to function in public

No. 797426

Don’t underestimate her ability to spend. That just fine you think exists was not only burnt away on drugs but people really don’t know how easy it is to burn through booze money and dollskill money. Those things alone can be 10k a year each. Experience from knowing trust fund kids

No. 797439

This and it’s so horrible to say, I don’t even follow her anymore I just randomly come back to this thread to check if she’s still alive

No. 797440

tbh he strikes me as the type of dudebro who won't date any girl and just wants to fuck around

taylor's first rehab bro dick claimed she was a ''sex addict'' too so there's that

No. 797442

So gross to think of her as a sex addict because she always looks so greasy and unwashed.

No. 797445

I don't think she and Aggy were ever exclusive. But how funny is it that even these nothing ass neck tattoo types don't even want her. Even if she's still somewhat conventionally attractive, the addiction and BPD are whole monsters of their own. Dudes like this wanna be the crazy one, not deal with it.

No. 797452

Her stans are fucking retarded. There are you tubers that get content out weekly. Even those with jobs and/or family.

Calling it, she's back in rehab. It explains why aggy the clout chasing fuck boy is not riding her socials.

No. 797455

She’s not in rehab, she’s probably on a huge bender and the dude is sketched out by her but doesn’t wanna drop his clout cow just yet

No. 797462

soundcloud rap cock recently tweeted about how bad he is at comforting someone when a pet dies. Maybe Taylor finally lost a pet she cared about.

No. 797468

I saw the tweet, he was using a dog dying as an example of how bad he is at comforting someone. I think the tweet where he was saying something about “shortys energy shift” being alarming is more likely about Tator being back on drugs

No. 797487


I've gone through and looked for when bro dick talks about Taylor and cannot find it for my life. Did he come on lolcow and sperg? Or was it a Twitter thread.

No. 797521

it was on twitter

No. 797583

I think he’s not riding her socials because whatever brief little thing they had is done. Or at the very least they are just friendly now and don’t hang out like how that music video portrayed.

No. 797585

thread 47, he mentions the sex addiction here >>704225

No. 797618

I agree. It seems they haven’t hung out since his post about people who complain about their life all the time instead of trying to fix it. I’m sure one of them would’ve posted something by now if they were still hanging out. If anything it seems like he spends most of his time with that taryn girl. I’m on team “she’s back in rehab right now”. She was obviously trashed in those pics and videos with him and with the pressure to put out a video by him and her stans and fighting with her mom she probably used it as a temporary escape again.

No. 797626

All this rehab stuff makes me wonder if her parents are the ones making her go to rehab, or if it is her idea. Because if it is her parents forcing her to go, that probably has a lot to do with why she doesn't take it seriously. And also because there are literally no consequences to her for her behavior, but the Deans are gonna Dean, I guess.

No. 797629

Of course it’s not her idea. When she first almost overdosed when being with Jonny, she called her mom because of this death scare (or her so called assistant called?) with the condition that she leaves Jonny. At least that’s what I took from it. So tinfoil?

She doesn’t wanna get clean. Thought that was clear. It’s her identity - this whole drug addict thing.

No. 797703

>>797626 at the end of the day, there’s no winning with addicts. You don’t force them into rehab and they overdose/die.
You do force them into rehab, and they maybe take it seriously but unlikely.
They often will decide to go when it’s far too late and they’ve already fucked everyone over.

Taylor is no different. Would rather shove dirty needles in her arm to impress the people around her and get high rather than make thousands of dollars, buy a gorgeous house, and retire early even.
She really had it made.

No. 797715

I think saying there’s no winning with addicts is a dumbfuck way to look at

No. 797736

Instead of… what, anon?

A lot of people have had horrible experiences with junkies and don't have the luxury of believing some kumbayah bullshit about addiction and addicts who do not actually want to get better. Taylor has made being a junkie into her whole identity, brand, and purpose in life, she's living up to that ugly D.R.E.A.M. tattoo she got as a bragging point.

Some addicts do get better, but it is not "dumbfuck" to know that you actually have to want to do it. Because it's hard and it takes a lot of work. Not exactly Taylor's forte, that.

No. 797754

This exactly. For a lot of people who say there's no winning it's because they've spent extensive time knowing or being raised by an addict. I was, and I don't give a fuck about all this really weird flowery performative language woke-sober-folk use to describe it online. If someone gets their shit together and knows they're making awful decisions and hurting everyone around them and they want to actually improve, not the facade of improvement for praise but actual improvement then great for them, but the vast majority are not like that, and don't give a shit about the pansy ass language and sensitivity people use online about addiction

No. 797761

File: 1601290793897.jpg (70.3 KB, 736x291, biography.jpg)

Her new bio.
Honestly I think she wouldn´t have that many haters If she stopped oversharing on twitter.
There are many youtubers that only talk about their content (for example funny history videos) and because of that nobody can discuss their private life online. I think it would be best for her to only upload animal videos and keep her problems to herself. Other people work their butt off on YouTube and get less money for videos that take way more effort.

No. 797767

careful, junkie anons will be triggered if they get reminded that the majority of the world doesn't believe in the "recovery is a long road with many detours" bullshit being peddled nowadays.

Full agree tho, Tay has become a generic addict - she's unlikely to ever sort her shit out, and if she's alive in 10 years she'll be just like Jonny. She doesn't want to fix her life, she just wants validation regardless of what she does.

Even fuckboy aggy realised that lmfao

No. 797768

welcome, newfriend. taylor’s not going to “go back” to anything. she has permanent brain damage from consuming copious amounts of drugs for the last couple of years. this is it. there’s no big comeback.

No. 797797

No. 797805


For me, the warning signs is always when someone has been sober for a few weeks or a few months and start talking like they know what recovering is like… aka taylor.

step one in recovery, if it's to be sustainable, is that you have to accept the fact that you don't know shit and you aren't shit. you have to reset your life. There's a reason you're considered "baby sober" for at least the first straight sober year.

Someone who behaves like this has clearly not understood the first thing about getting clean, and so of course their "recovery" goes to shit. It's infuriating that people like her get to have such an influence, but we can't go "oh that's just taylor, it's not all addicts!!!!!" because in reality, she is the typical addict. She doesn't wanna get sober. She doesn't wanna accept the reality that comes with that. She wants to keep being the same person minus the negative consequences of drugs, and that's never gonna work.

Recovery isn't about sober time, it is about reality checking yourself and changing who you are on a fundamental level. Something Taylor clearly hasn't been willing to do, and so for her to even claim that she's "in recovery" is laughable.

No. 797807

Maybe the trashy music video will be out even before tay posts her alleged return video that she apparently has done filming. Lmao its almost a month and I am amused that I am actually still surprise by this!

No. 797808

Add to that fact that she isn't clean OR sober while banging on about being a recovery advocate…

No. 797809

I could totally see it happen like the clips did where people found the clips and posted them here and on twitter and then she suddenly decided to post pics after lying saying she was going to post a vid. Or she'll try to pretend it didn't happen

No. 797810

Even if Taylor got sober tomorrow and remained that way, she'd still be an awful person. She was problematic before she even started dating Jonny. She's not kind hearted or selfless in any way. Drugs just exaggerate all her horrible qualities. She has very few redeeming ones. If she were 500 lbs like Amberlynn she'd be just as hated.

No. 797852

We know she didn't take any of it seriously. She was looking to fuck in the first one, and was on social media the whole time for her last stint.

No. 797858

Wait, is that bio new? I can’t remember what she had before. If so, that’s the first proof of life from her in a hot minute. If not, damn, I got my hopes up lol.

No. 797865

Iirc this is not new as in it was changed a couple months ago

No. 797880

Even if she doesn't like anything on twitter her following count changes almost daily so she is def still lurking

No. 797881


So she's not in rehab then. At least not a good one if they allow her phone access.

No. 797897

That doesn’t really mean anything. People could be deleting their accounts, soft blocking her, etc. There’s also been a bug on twitter where people have been automatically unfollowing people.

No. 797899

calling it now, we don't hear from Tay for 2-3 weeks and then she comes back telling us all she's been in rehab the whole time, when her mom just carted her off a few days prior.

No. 797901

Yeah Op that mentioned her followers here and I'm thinking this too or she's on a major bender. Her last likes are tweets 2-4 weeksish ago.

If she did go back a month or two after leaving early again I'd be surprised if her insurance paid for it again. They rarely pay for two inpatient stays back to back like that

No. 797902


With insurance I guess it will depend on the provider and what they will cover. Some insurance will cover the cost of say an inpatient treatment/stay while others will cover a percent of it, or up to a certain amount and then you pay out of pocket for what they do not cover. One thing is for sure though - rehab isn't cheap. I assume the Dean family has good insurance for Tanner and I assume Tay is on that plan. I don't think she's paying out of pocket just yet but she will blow through money very quickly with her weekly vacations there.

No. 797913

Considering papa Deans job is in insurance, I would assume his family is well covered!

No. 798009

she really needs a good 6 month stay at rehab/sober living. I think that's the only way she has a chance in hell to get better. Blogging but my ex went to a good one in AZ for 3 months, they kept the men and women separate except for NA meetings. He still relapsed pretty much the day he got home. Long term is the only way heroin addicts get better.

No. 798010


That, and Tay hasn't got much in the way of discipline, work ethic, or routine. A longer stay would help her get serious about her recovery, get her properly clean, and help her reset her inner clock. She could maybe "get her life back" that way.

But we know she's not going to do it, because rehabs like that aren't some luxury cabana vacation, and they don't mollycoddle people in those places. It's HARD, and it takes work, and people would see through her BS so quickly.

No. 798014

She's got drugs tied up with her sense of identity, gonna take alotta therapy/change for her to unfuck herself.

People have a lifelong struggle with cigarettes, I can't imagine heroin. She's gotta drop her whole druggie/emo shtick and take a good look in the mirror. She's broadcasting to world exactly what she wants to be and it isn't sober.

No. 798020

This exactly, I think had she been public about her struggles but stayed focused/passionate (I use that term loosely given her track record) on the animals, she would have had a better chance. The fact that she made her addiction the center of her identity doesn’t help her at all. How can you get over something when it’s literally ALL you talk about?? Same goes for Jonny, all she does is still cry about him over a year later. It’s ok to be public about your struggles, but at some point you have to stop sperging about them 24/7 and actually put in the work to heal from them. Given her record this past year she clearly wants to be known as the greatest junkie who ever junkie’d, and whose heart was broken by Jonny Craig, and that’s why she’ll never change.

No. 798076

>>798020 I totally agree, but at the same time, I’ve never known an addict in recovery who doesn’t constantly talk about sobriety the first years they’re sober or going through that relapse/sober cycle. It’s like they transfer the drug fixation to fixating on sobriety (or pretending to). It takes a bit to come back to other interests and topics. Until then, man, they are gonna talk your ear off….

No. 798097

File: 1601459774464.jpeg (922.65 KB, 828x1792, 4F6B854B-F1CE-44D8-AFAE-8E8F6C…)

Might not be milk - so saged but noticed one of tay’s new druggies friend posted this and the hair looks like tay’s in the background but it was too quick so I can’t confirm. Any farm heads think this might be tay? And also what is the pill he is taking?(irrelevant tinfoiling)

No. 798100


looks like her big ass forehead

No. 798126

This is suppose to be milk?

No. 798127

It's saged, so… nothing to worry about anon

No. 798132

File: 1601484589541.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 1242x2688, 8C6109A3-1A51-48CA-B112-31947D…)

I went and looked. Looks like half of something white, probably a klonipin or Xanax. It’s hard to say. I was curious to see if it was molly or something but it’s not. Here’s a SS. Spoiler because his face is gross. And yeah there is definitely a chick in the bg, hard to see if it’s Taylor tho.(irrelevant tinfoiling)

No. 798142

The reason why I feel like is tay is the hair looks half red but it was too quick.

Potential milk as might confirm she is back doing drugs if she is hanging out with them (if its her at all) and yes I’ve saged.

No. 798145

molly doesn't come in white pressed bars. looks like half an oxy to me.
plus it looks like the chick is wearing a red bandana, unless tay dyed her hair

No. 798149

(I know. That’s why I said it wasn’t.) But yeah who knows, people repress a lot of stuff. Hope it’s not anything opiate for Taylor’s sake bc yikes.

No. 798162

molly can come in huge white chunky rocks if you get the good shit. it could also be a little white tab of acid hard to tell when it's blurry but putting it on your tongue like that made me think that

No. 798164


Looks like a Xanax football to me. You're not going to put ecstasy on your tongue like that because it tastes too bad.

No. 798167

Where are these random ass accounts coming from? These over pixelated screenshots are such a reach, anon is about to pop a socket.
I’m calling self-post. Maybe it’s just bored spergs, but these clout chasers are milking Taylor more than the farmers

No. 798168

File: 1601498881649.webm (573.55 KB, 480x852, 1601498284717_120311186_241010…)

I didn't think it was her at first from the still but after seeing the video I think it'should her. The red hair in front of the headband is a different shade than the headband.

No. 798169


if it's a football it's a .25 mg one which is amateur AF.

Putting MDMA on your tongue and then swallowing it like a pill is actually a good way to make it taste less awful - plus some people don't mind the taste

No. 798173


This is so fucking cringe kek

No. 798179

Looks like dorm room, or maybe a garage.

No. 798180

It's a girl in a Red bandana as anon said before

No. 798195

Yeah he's the one on the right in this post >>795411 and was also in the vid with her and the frogs from the last thread >>795096

No. 798196

all these posts smells like self-posts to gain more followers from farmers. lol great friends you got there, Taylor.

No. 798211

ntaryt but honestly it looks like a tab of acid.
Nah, I think it's just bored farmers bc op saged and i highly doubt anyone from that cringe crew knows board etiquette

No. 798236

not to keep piling on this drug tinfoil shit, but acid and molly don't make you act the way homeboy is. plus you wouldn't wanna re-up the former because your tolerance would be nil. look at him after he takes it, he's fucking out of it and that's what opiates do. would make sense Taylor is hanging around people doing prescription drugs instead of street drugs.

No. 798240

who even is this and why do we think they're with taylor? is this one of aggy's homeboys or something?

>look at him after he takes it
you know pills don't immediately hit you within seconds of swallowing them right?

No. 798291

sorry if this has already been posted but first minute had me laughing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEr7Kwh5e8k

No. 798295

so this is incel neckbeard opinion on Taylor.
is it selfpost?

No. 798299

yes. if you read my original post I'm suggesting he is re-upping his dosage

No. 798301

Wow I thought you were overreacting or being bitter but this dude is awful. I hate Taylor but I'm 4 minutes in and he already insulted all women in general like three times.
How can he make fun of Taylor (and "modern women in their 20s") for having useless hobbies while attempting to larp as Dante Alighieri on a channel with over 50 videos and 130k views in total? I guess at least his patreon page can get him 1 coffee per month, kek.

No. 798316

Honestly, your youtube channel is extremely boring.

No. 798327

Wow, you´re literally explaining that women shouldn´t choose themselves who they marry and that the world is in chaos because women choose how to spend their life (studying, working,…).

You sound like a guy that is really upset about girls being able not to choose you and live a free life instead of being your marital slave.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 798328

and women who have hobbies and passions they spend money on and then making careers.

No. 798339

Don't feed the trolls. This isn't milk.

No. 798345

Yeeeeaaah this chain of replies is getting longer than incel-chan's lil button dick. Funny how we get these types every now and then, thinking their brand of hatefulness is somehow interesting or entertaining.

How many weeks has it been now since Taylor was supposed to drop the video that was just "processing" and "ready to post"? I've lost count.

No. 798352


don't worry, it's totally been filmed and edited! it's coming out tomorrow!

No. 798355

File: 1601589900991.jpg (332.5 KB, 1080x1394, Screenshot_20201001-180541.jpg)

No. 798357

File: 1601593630955.jpeg (570.37 KB, 1242x1118, 9A85FDA0-7464-4CD4-8B22-04AC12…)

Thanks for zero context anon?
It looks like Anthony Padilla has spent the day with people suffering with BPD and Taylor commented.

Painfully ironic that she can watch YouTube but can’t be bothered to upload.

No. 798370

Who of the people discussed here doesn't have or claim to have BPD? Well, now Taylor has another topic to make videos about that are not animals.

No. 798387

Damn I thought this was a new video from her, I actually got excited for a second (for the milk of course).

But then I remembered this is Taylor Narcissistic Procrastinating Gaslighting Nicole Dean.

I have a feeling she’s never going to make another video again. What do you guys think? Cuz she is obviously using still and she’s gonna keep using, and her life will keep deteriorating cuz Mama Dean will never step in and put her foot down. She might OD, and that’s a scary thought tbh. I love the milk, but I don’t want her to die.

No. 798433


I frankly remember Taylor already claiming she had BPD. Am i misremembering? Or maybe her idea of recently and mine are different.

No. 798434

yeah she first talked about it over two months ago >>787932

No. 798446


How the fuck can she get diagnosed when she's clearly still in full blown addiction? She's not admitting every time she relapses (just when it's obvious). I wonder if she's actually being honest with her therapist. Or if she's just going to a shitty therapist. You really can't diagnose someone still using.

No. 798450

I think she deleted this comment, I can't see it anymore

No. 798467

I don't think she was ever properly diagnosed, just says she was. She never talked about therapy or seeing a psychiatrist for an extended amount of time, it was just one day "hey guys I'm diagnosed BPD" also it happened when she was under a lot of heat from people.

No. 798471

Our girl is back to liking a ton of stuff on Twitter. Not really milk but some anons were tinfoiling rehab so unless she’s in another one that allows phones I think we can assume if she was in rehab then she’s either got her phone back or she’s out. OR she finally came out of hiding.

No. 798476

I'm waiting for the "announcement" of "Everyone has been so mean and entitled and it's so hard to be sober but I promise I'm not using right now"

No. 798510

No your not. She goes back and forth. One day she has it. Another day she is being diagnosed for the first time. The next day youre creating rumors about her and she has never had it

No. 798511

kek it's all very BPD of her

No. 798518

if she was actually diagnosed, her addiction could help it. A symptom of bpd is doing reckless things like taking drugs or gambling etc.

No. 798529

File: 1601688206116.jpg (110.95 KB, 1080x302, Screenshot_20201002-202527_Twi…)

"and yet"

No. 798530

If she got on mood stabilizers to cope with her BPD I bet she'd go on and on about taking the most addictive and hardcore of them. Claiming she took Lithium for her BPD, and how it ruined her brain for x amount of months.

No. 798572

BPD isn't treated by mood stabilizers, but rather with therapy to develop better coping mechanisms. Mood stabilizers are usually used in people with Bipolar Disorder or other mood disorders as they have a chemical imbalance. BPD is a personality disorder, not a mood disorder

No. 798578

Taylor wants a BPD diagnosis purely to absolve herself of any responsibility. She can blame the BPD for her being a shit human being now

No. 798589

lots of psychs still prescribe meds like mood stabilizers and/or antipsychotics to manage the symptoms of borderline

No. 798596

Exactly! It can be a bit of a relief when your mental illness is diagnosed, because you feel like now you can get proper help for it. Taylor just wants to diagnosis so she can use it as an excuse for everything. She has no real interest in improving her mental health.

Liking that tweet about not going to therapy is perfect evidence to support the fact she doesn't really care about feeling better mentally. She'd rather act like an emo teen.

No. 798616

It's the exact same idea as her making "junkie" her whole personality. Oops, I'm an addict, so I just fell onto the needle, hehe! Oops, I just went on a meth bender, addicts gonna addict, teehee!

She's looking for that exact same excuse to never have to change or to be accountable. Oops, can't stop being a horrible animal-abusing bitch, it's my BPD acting up, lmaooooo!

No. 798620

File: 1601756605115.jpeg (125.9 KB, 750x666, DBDCA9FB-3217-49ED-8B49-94AFD0…)

No. 798621

Guess this is the company Taylor likes to keep around.

No. 798631

File: 1601759126299.png (148.56 KB, 497x399, taylorbpd.png)

No. 798633

It truly baffles me how Taylor can even interact with this guy at all. Hes legitimately scary with this weird complex against women he has. He even went off on her mother? Does she not think this junkie dude will put his hands on her? His twitter is basically a walking red flags domestic violence ad.

From the guy who got her a gun, to Forest and now this guy, she's chasing the same relationship she had with Johnny and looking for a trauma bond shes not going to find because normal relationships don't feel like that. She doesn't realize how lucky she was to escape Johnny and not just die like many women do with their junkie abusive boyfriends.

No. 798634


He straight up has a domestic violence charge too. Red flags everywhere. Guess Tay is colourblind.

No. 798636

after his remarks about addiction ‘not being real‘ and not being able to stand it when people ‘mope around’ I can’t help but think they had a falling out and aren’t hanging out anymore, might explain tay’s current radio silence. He’s not milky unless we know they’re still banging, otherwise just another dirtbag wannabe rapper

No. 798638

Taylor is not colourblind; that is her TYPE. And she knows it, and can't wait to tell the world how much she loves "bad boys".

I wish someone would just sit her down and demand simple, straightforward answers from her, make her have a shred of accountability that doesn't involve being the world's biggest victim.

No. 798657

Syd confirmed that Jonny is still on drugs and his currently high in LA shaking up with some chick(s) and just up and left her and storm. Dumb bitch! We all told you!

No. 798658

They have their own thread….

Again now this will be the BPD saga were she will use it to justify everything she do?
Also what happen with the video they were recording under the bridge?

I think the tweet was before he knew Taylor tho.

No. 798682

could u link the thread

No. 798683

No. It's in the OP.

Reckon that video is still "processing" kek

Unless Aggy's computer mysteriously breaks, and the replacement doesn't have all the necessary, top end, very rare software they normally use, of course…

It'll be interesting to see if Taylor will actually manage to upload a single Youtube video this year. She loves to talk big, but it's pathetically hollow bullshit at this point.

No. 798688


don't be a fucking wanker and link the thread. the one in the OP is old and it doesn't link to the new one.


No. 798756

I got a notification a few minutes ago that Taylor updated her Instagram stories, went to click on it and it was already gone. Did anyone catch it?

No. 798757

Just Google search “lol cow snow Jonny and Syd”

No. 798758

or you could stop being a dumbass, clogging this thread and use the catalog. no one owes you a spoon-feeding

No. 798761

someone linked the thread. Its over. Stop.

No. 798767

This person didn’t integrate, nor did they read the “no spoonfeeding” rule.

Read the rules, integrate, and stop clogging the thread. Easy. It takes 1 brain cell to find new threads or relating threads.

No. 798773

Clogging the thread like you are?

No. 798813

Sorry, sweaty, I already gave to charity this quarter.

No need to spoonfeed people. Google is a thing. The catalogue is a thing.

No. 798874

Wow… the lack of milk is really taking a toll.

So I guess we assume the re-upload of the video she promised is never happening at this point?

No. 798908

End of the year my dudes. She'll make a big deal (video probably) about changing and then the cycle will repeat. I highly doubt we'll see anything milky till then.

No. 798910

It's sooo satisfying knowing she's hiding because most everyone hates her now. Gone are the days where her mentions are full of ass kissing. It's great

No. 798951

File: 1601959372504.png (59.43 KB, 1188x228, Screen Shot 2020-10-05 at 9.43…)

"my life is so bad" nicole dean

maybe if you stop lying and actually take sobriety seriously you'd be happy. too bad you choose to lie.

No. 799135

I love the TND banner where she’s trying to kiss the snake and it strikes at her.

No. 799211

File: 1602129695432.png (473.87 KB, 1440x1866, Screenshot_2020-10-08-00-00-28…)

Sage for nothing exciting but dick bro is really wearing her nose chain in his newest video on insta?? Ewwwww fucking nasty, the both of them.

No. 799216

in the middle of a pandemic too. real classy taylor. it would be gross no matter the time, but its extra gross in a pandemic

No. 799219

imagine wearing a nose chain…

No. 799220

ugh I can feel the pain in my nose bridge every time they scrunch their nose with one on

No. 799244


Not only is he wearing her nose chain but also that tacky ass cleaver(?) necklace. Seems to me that Tay is on a drug binge with him again.

No. 799252

Nah, he probably nicked them when she was high, and is still too high to notice he’s wearing them

No. 799258

its not like they made more than one of thos nasty nose chains. anons so desperate for something to bitch about

No. 799265

seriously. this always happens when there's no real milk

No. 799266

I mean he is wearing her nasty cleaver necklace and the ugly nose chain that looks very much like tay has. Its note-worthy to point out its gross and also laugh at the retarded company tay keeps. Plus the post is sage, so can we stop the infighting now?

No. 799493

Can we move this back to snow

She's just so fucking boring and lackluster. She will keep hiding for a month if had to guess

No. 799495

Anon may have a point. It's going to be a Christmas miracle if she actually uploads one (1) video this year lol

She isn't very milky these days, this is just her slow, sad decline into obscurity now. She's dedicated her life to being a junkie and doesn't care about anything but drugs anymore. C'est la narc, it's been interesting…

No. 799496


She's gone into hiding to avoid the heat of failing to yet again upload a promised video. She'll come back "sober than ever" after "working and focusing on her mental health" once the heat has died and her fans forget all her lies and unfulfilled promises. Who knew doing drugs and being a hot mess on top of that could kill your career lol

No. 799533

plot twist, Taylor gets moved back to /snow/ and Jonny and Syd eventually make their way to /pt/.

Can you imagine how Taylor would react topkek, she wouldn't even be ~internet famous~ with the haytors anymore.

No. 799582

why do we even think shes going to make videos or post about it again at this rate? she clearly likes her fame and shes gotten aware enough to realize its better if she just doesnt post. the 1 functional part of her brain is working to keep her leftover numbers at "ok" amount

we've just finally hit the true obscurity with it all. if she doesnt post she keeps her followers so she can keep rehab hopping around for dick/plugs. im sure her utube and designer shit/expensive tacky clothes are such a leverage in her rehabs and whatever druggie binge crack house she hangs out at for the week, esp cause it does kinda give her the druggie princess aesthetic she so desperately wants. and on retards like this aggy guy it totally works in swooning them for whatever they have, whether it be a house, a cock, a few tabs of acid, whatever.

i agree with the other anon, just move this into snow lol. shes boring af and is just going to keep up her enabler social circle gimmicks until she ODs

No. 799698

File: 1602479495151.jpeg (238.51 KB, 750x883, A5EDA4F5-AB25-487E-B465-7EB4F1…)

Is her mom throwing shade at Tayler lol. She worded it weird

No. 799699

Is she high too?

No. 799701

No, just mentally retarded

No. 799707

Hell, maybe she should. Then she won't be around to enable her junkie daughter 24/7.

No. 799708

I don’t understand people who are so into WDW and Mickey stuff. You see them with the stickers on the car and wearing the shirts….I don’t get it. She talks about her fantasy of running away fairly often. That must suck to completely regret and despise the life you’ve made.

No. 799710

Maybe I’m retarded but this took me a few seconds and a google search. Here’s a translation for other dumb anons:

> First part: I should move to Florida and just go to Walt Disney World every day

> Second part: Instead I’m watching people on youtube [going to Disney every day] who are living my dream. However to other people I may be living their dream [by being TND’s mom? / by being able to afford watching youtube all day?]

> Man! It’s all relative

No. 799720

Caring for a son with Prader-Willi and a daughter with addiction and whatever percentage of her animal hoard is still alive would make most people want to run away.

She is a self-dramatizing whiner about it, though.

No. 799723

I've always gotten strong alcoholic vibes from her.

Who wants to place bets that Taylor will be back in a couple months with a sob story about how controlling Johnny 2.0 is and how he prevented her from making videos when really she was just too busy getting high and fucking around with him to film and edit?

No. 799748

Jen is a bigger fuck up than Taylor. If she wasn't such an incompetent parent and shitty person she might've had a good life.

All of Taylor's shitty choices point to her failure as a mother. I'm glad this family is finally reaping what they've sowed.

No. 799761

File: 1602534913437.jpeg (243.99 KB, 750x1268, 76101DAE-DFE3-4D14-9E64-565E90…)

This guy is really making Taylor look so much worse

No. 799765

Yeah. She made her bed. Taylor sucks but Jen has always been open about how miserable and burdened she is by her own spawn. It's a bad look

No. 799766

She prob has no clue what’s going on if she’s high off her ass

No. 799773

To be fair, that taylorntrash account needs to stop cowtipping. 3edgy5me for him to repost it on Insta though.

No. 799774

agree, someone also posted the pic to the 2nd syd and jonny thread on twitter a while ago and I was like… lol really?

No. 799784

Man I really thought maybe he ditched her and she ended up back in rehab or something but he’s back to defending her.

No. 799786

Prader-Willi is very serious. Most people put their kids into a group living situation. Jen is a self-involved asshole, but her life would have been stressful because of her son’s health challenges no matter what.

No. 799800

File: 1602564826693.png (403.99 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_20201012-215313.png)

someone high as shit abusing animals is obviously very funny to him, Taylor must feel very validated

No. 799806

Can we stop posting this Aggy dude?

No. 799813

Don’t feed the clout-chasing troll anon. Leave that for the twitter fags.

No. 799839

His insta makes it look like he’s in Utah. I wonder if she’s with him.

No. 799843

I would say expect nude leaks when this new relationship is over.

No. 799848

Whatever fanbase she had is going to crash and burn fast with this guy posting about her. Johnny was bad but this guy is straight up 2edgy4u trash. I don't think there's any coming back for Taylor after this.

No. 799862

He loves it.
How about only posting this fag when he’s actually with Taylor

No. 799868

can't wait for her "fuck youtube, im sick of my fans, love me or hate me I don't care what you think anymore" public embrace of addiction saga. or maybe she'll go born-again Christian recovery route instead. that's better than death though

No. 799896

Lmao anon you really think she'd get sober and take on religion? She deserves to be right where she's at and it's where she'll stay because she's clearly choosing it. Rotting her career and life away for men and drugs is the kind of woman she is why would you think she'd change now? And no, I don't care if she kills herself on drugs because I think it will happen at this rate, I just hope the animals are doing alright, they deserve better than to be man handled and neglected. Our white trash "animal queen" with no experience with animals, no real education or talents, made it so high in YouTube just to throw it away for a D list celeb no one wanted to work with. She's not coming back, at least never the way it was before and definitely not with the whole religious card. I can honestly never see her completely sober, she's so entrenched in heroin and meth use she isn't coming back from that.

No. 799901

I'm predicting right now that she'll end up selling off her higher-end pets for drug money when she's not getting any cash from Youtube.

No. 799931

I still think when she got home from rehab, her mom had given away the majority of her pets. That's why she hasnt displayed anything other than snakes. That's why she hasnt uploaded a video. She doesnt want people to know her relapse resulted in losing most of her pets. 2nd option, the majority of them died, but i hope it's the former.

No. 799938

Her brains so fried from drugs I think that's the only way her animals will be rehomed. She's such a narc she thinks she's good at animal care when she's clearly not.

No. 799940

Looking for a new gf, aggy? Drugged up white women who abuse animals is his type

No. 799942

well she can get sober but with the heroin and meth use it wouldnt be anytime soon. it honestly takes addicts like 10 years and a few deaths to realize that its destroying them.

we also keep saying shes a narc and thats why she thinks she has good animal care, but idk at this point. yah shes a narc no doubt but the chances are is that she probbaly just nods off whenever feeding her animals or changing shit. she probably is too strung out to realize shes doing a shit job at this point.

when does jen kick her out? we'll never know..

No. 799975

Jen hates her kids but she won't kick taylor out. I doubt it anyways, she's been through no contact with taylor to this, she's not going back to that in my opinion. She'd rather her OD under her roof than a different one. So fucked up…

No. 799979

>a bad look
I mean she's just honest. anybody would be sick and tired of their life in her situation. it's not abnormal to regret severely disabled children, it's just not often talked about bc well, it's a bad look. but imagine having her luck with kids. she imagined the perfect white picket life when she started popping out kids and now she's old and bitter with no prospect of either of her offspring ever caring for her.

No. 799984

man when will she come back im fuckin dying for milk

No. 800197


She'll come up for air when she needs more money for drugs. She'll be like: NEW VIDEO COMING SOON. Her stans will rewatch old videos in excitement and then she will delete the tweet and disappear. It's been happening like this since she got addicted with JC.

No. 800230

my tinfoil is that her parents put her in rehab again, but this time it's rehab that doesn't allow her phones at all. and she was being told that her youtube career triggers her relapses so she will step back and stop making videos and online presence for long time.

No. 800260

I tinfoil she won’t post at all this year because she needed a “break” while on break

No. 800280

She has been liking things on Twitter. She has her phone. She isn't in rehab.

Tfw you're so worthless as a person that you were actually doing better with Jonny Craig than without. She was a mess but she did the bare minimum and occasionally posted videos.

No. 801431


I skimmed some of the old threads again and yeah wtf. When she was with JC she was CONSTANTLY on twitter talking shit or blabbing about how they are both sober. I wonder wtf she's getting up to.

No. 801445

Maybe she switched to benzos and has no energy to do anything else except of sucking aggy sadboys little peanut

No. 801501

File: 1603396710429.png (1.49 MB, 1242x2688, 0DA3EC3A-4191-4D28-BF76-E83F4F…)

At least we know mama Dean is still posting her same vague narc bullshit even if our Trash Kween is off getting high somewhere.

No. 801512

Is she tweakin or just naturally crazy lol

No. 801513

File: 1603404638925.jpeg (297.48 KB, 750x772, BE2B27A3-6D52-4B6A-9517-BD430E…)

If she’s still alive and liking things on Twitter, the least she could do is delete this tweet. It’s still the first one that pops up. How embarrassing, to still have it up there.

No. 801548

Everything about Taylor is embarrassing anon lmao

No. 801627

File: 1603456214449.jpeg (160.13 KB, 828x610, B48009D7-BFA2-43DC-8B3D-3C0DB9…)

I noticed this few days ago and sounded like our junkie kween is still missing her appointments?? Kek

No. 802235

Ugh I am dying for Trailor milk. I wonder how long she’ll be gone. How long do junkies normally hibernate in the winter?

No. 802358

Right? I can't remember when TND thread got to 3rd page.
Maybe she has learned the lesson that her silence really does reduce the amount of hate she gets, as people forget about her she becomes irrelevant and farmers have no ammunition except random screenshots from her mother.
I'm sure she's still at her addict narc ways, but maybe she learned "silence is golden".
But don't worry anon. This cow will eventually give us more milk.

No. 802361

She hasn’t learned anything. She’s probably just really high all of the time and hiding from her promised video that she failed to deliver.

No. 802373

File: 1603955320547.jpeg (133.95 KB, 750x734, 41207631-E2C1-462B-ACC1-5C34F8…)

At least Mama Dean is filling the void Taylor left behind

No. 802374

File: 1603955472933.jpeg (131.19 KB, 749x772, 3116EFB5-C5F0-4BEA-B9CE-B42C73…)

No. 802375

I would feel bad for Jen… but all of her problems are of her own making. PWS patients are mostly instutionalised and that is for a damn good reason. Is Tanner getting the care he actually needs in that house? It's just Jen minding him, and she's obviously past done and worn out - not a good state to be someone's sole giver round the clock, every day of the year.

As for Taylor, well. That's what happens when you don't raise you kid with consequences. Imagine being able to take a whole year off at your job, just like that, and still being confident you have it after the umpteenth empty, broken promise.

No. 802387


This seriously sounds like a cry for help. Since covid at least one carer has been pushed over the edge into murdering the disabled kid.

No. 802397

Jen is just venting, she doesn't actually want anything to change. She probably gets off on the power she has over Tanner and Taylor, narcs like her are control freaks.

We'll definitely be hearing from Taylor next year, She won't throw a 2mil sub cash cow down the drain. She's waiting till the end of the year for "new years resolutions", gotta get her relapsing in now.

No. 802398

"Social media is so toxic!! I had to take a break for the sake of my mental and physical health!!!" she'll bleat, after spending the past year putting narcotics and booze into her body and filling her social media accounts with how she's the junkiest junkie to ever piss their life away ("lmao" included).

No. 802410

I was rewatching old TND videos because I missed a lot of it in the moment. Holy shit she starts every video with an argument why all of her haters wrong and every other sentence is a qualifier why what she’s doing isn't bad or why it's not typical or why it'll get better. No one justifies their animal care that much without a guilty conscience. Literally not milk at all, but it's so wild to look back at those videos knowing how it all ended

No. 802467

File: 1604015791004.png (2.68 MB, 750x1334, 8CC680ED-C95D-4166-B0A7-6235EC…)


No. 802468

File: 1604015895811.png (2.94 MB, 750x1334, 82BCF50B-99F5-4209-A0F7-D96168…)


No. 802469

File: 1604016126322.jpeg (287.13 KB, 828x560, 965D1125-FB2E-461A-8607-8152B4…)

No. 802470

Yasss. We are gonna get the full-on munchie saga soon!! Muh EDS muh opiates muh mental health.

No. 802471

And she still couldn’t summon the will to wash her hair.. she is really not okay it seems

No. 802474

It's really cringey that she's done nothing for the movement but pops up all greasy tryna be cute looking at herself in the camera under the idea that she's cares or not if we vote. She's like; UH ALL I CARE ABOUT IS YOU VOTE. um… Okay taylor lol? I doubt that but alright glad you're not fucking dead, just hope your animals aren't, dumb bitch. Also glad the milk is coming back finally. She really has no capacity for growth it seems.

No. 802475

OD? Junkie infection? Or EDS muncho? Place your bets, folks

No. 802480

Junkie infection, she is obviously not sober or clean (like literally she looks filthy)

No. 802481

File: 1604017787532.png (197.94 KB, 1440x1390, Screenshot_20201029-172820.png)

Called it y'all lol but who is even shocked. Some of her stans are asking about a video… Yikes

No. 802483

cant really blame them tbh. she promised a video, which was basically "ready", right before disappearing.

No. 802485

“I’m not sick from relapsing, I got sick because I relapsed!”
LOL!! Glad to see she’s still the same old lolcow we know and love to hate. Never change, Taylor.

No. 802486

Img going with junkie infection since she has had several before as shes fucking dirty doesnt sanitize her shit and shares rigs and hep c flare up or reinfection since I doubt she got it treated in the first place

No. 802487

Ew I thought that was just a rumor but honestly it's not at all surprising this bitch has diseases

No. 802488

I can’t wait for a munchie video to be out. I have so much doubt she will ever make a video on her pets again. Just because she genuinely seems like disinterested in pet content and only does drug and “I ’m so sick” content now.

I don’t think the video will come out soon, but I’m guessing next January or February a druggie video will be released.

Also she is only taking a “break” from social media is bc of all the hate she was getting from hanging out with a guy who torches rodents for pleasure.

No. 802489

Is it now safe to say when she was hanging out with aggy she was using ? Lines up with the timeline she provided us, right ?

No. 802498

>the kinds of people that hype up voting

Kindly shut the fuck up Taylor. fuck all the figureheads. fuck the bread and circuses

No. 802499

What she doesn't get is that she won't stay sober until it's something she actually wants. She goes to rehab, gets out, uses again, rinse repeat. She keeps relapsing because she doesn't want sobriety more than anything else.

No. 802500

Be quiet Twitter commie.
Is there something happening on the side of her face or is this just the filter?

No. 802502

I just noticed, thought it was filter but probably meth face-picking? We know she can't help telling on herself in these posts
She already had terrible acne before meth, and it makes you break out & obsessively pick at your skin. Taylor with unwanted holes in her face? I'm in!

No. 802505


Jesus H, she looks WRECKED. Her eyes are so dead and you can really see how thin and sparse her hair has gotten. My tinfoil is that she's starting to reach faces of meth poster territory but may try to spin it as muh EDs and glass bones munchie-ness if she continues posting. Between this, Tanner and his meltdowns, COVID restrictions, and Jen on the verge, I can't imagine what it's like in that house.

No. 802513

Did you see the pics/videos from the “music video” shoot? She was cracked tf out

No. 802514

>Twitter commie
Nope. Commiefags advocate violence. Twitter is aids.

No. 802528

I haven’t. Where can I watch them?

No. 802529

Damn, only nine likes on this tweet and it’s been there for hours. People are truly starting not to give a fuck about her, huh?

No. 802530

replies like that don't show up on people's feeds, nothing to do with people giving a shit. now if her vote tweet hadn't breached 1k likes I would've lol'd.

No. 802534

LOL of course she had to make it about herself. "If IIIIIII who have suffered. so. much… just the most suffering you guise, from being a VERY special junkie… can go out to vote…"

Why is this ditzy bitch wearing a fucking facemask that literally gapes away from her face like a badly-made blouse, kek

Nice pinned pupils too

No. 802552

Her spiral into irrelevance is heartwarming.

No. 802565

She never cared about animals. She was never an educated pet owner or did more than a surface level google search. You or I have probably more animal education than Taylor. Even her cats are unhealthy and crammed in one room. The only thing Taylor /had/ was looks. The youtube algorithm treated her nicely because she had a nice face and people will praise literal garbage if its aesthetically pleasing.

Taylor has always been in it for the attention. If she actually cared about animals she would have used her clout for more opportunities to get involved with them irl and not only in her pet hoarding junkie palace. The most she did was use her YT money to buy more snakes to keep up her relevancy and start her heroin addiction. She used her clout to try and bag shitty rappers like Post Malone (though she only could get Johnny Craig lmfao)

Anyone could see this turn of events from a mile away. Her pets were dying during the peak of her youtube career even before she was the junkiest junkie PTSD aboose victim. Aggy saga is probably the most on brand thing TND has done since she bought the Atrium she trashed kek.

No. 802573

Jenn strikes me as the type of mother that even if she knew her son would be born with a missing gene and a ton of problems, she still would have had him just to portray herself like this. She could put him in an institution where people are paid and trained to deal with him but she won't, just like she won't kick out her daughter or send her to a proper rehab. She delights in being an all-suffering martyr. If she really wanted people that knew how she felt, she wouldn't be asking on Twitter where it's incredibly slim chances, instead she'd have already found support groups and made friends with other parents in her position.

No. 802578

Exactly, what does she have without them? NOTHING. Her husband obviously doesn't care about her, or the family. Her life is a dumpster fire, but it's all she has.

No. 802593

File: 1604089841695.png (24 KB, 557x247, tayaofjos.PNG)

So after her first stint in rehab she admitted that she caught it from sharing needles with Jonny. She then back peddaled claiming that multiple positive tests were actually wrong. HOWEVER, that was when she was flirting with that cringy guy from "cake on cake"? or some music group with a name like that. So just like her back and forth on her BPD diagnosis I think she really has it but realized that while it may give her ~hardcore junkie ~ points that most people are disgusted and turned off by that.

No. 802601

She might not be lying about that though. The first tests for hepatitis C are antibody tests, as they are cheaper and faster. This only shows if you've come in contact with it. 20% of people who contract hepC fight it off and cure themselves. they give you another test to specifically see your viral load after you test positive for the antibodies. either she's too stupid to understand/explain this or she's literally that desperate to be pitied. honestly wouldn't be shocked at either, she's always been a munchie

No. 802610

Lol I’m the anon that posted this and literally right after we got our wish. Haha hell yeah, I manifested that shit.

I don’t think she’ll be gone from the internet for too long. Like the other anon said, I don’t think she’ll want to miss out on losing her credibility as a YouTuber. Even tho her YT reputation is already fucked. But I expect she’s probably gonna make a video towards the end of the year, maybe January. Oh and spoiler alert: it will have absolutely nothing to do with animals.

Are they even alive? I’m kind of worried. She’s obviously dealing with “major health issues”, so how could she possibly be caring for her hoard of animals properly? We know Mama Dean is also having a meltdown at the moment, so who knows if she’s been stepping in to help/pick up Taylor’s slack.

The horrors that go on in that house. I can’t even imagine. I wish I could tho, I’m honestly very curious to know what a day in the life at the Dean household is like.

I wonder what Papa Dean thinks about all of this? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of him or even know anything about him. He probably hates his life tho.

No. 802611

Um. Have you ever had a Twitter? Obviously not. It doesn’t matter what kind of reply it is. If you’re following Taylor on Twitter, you see every tweet she posts. I am, and I saw it.

No. 802612

Did she really try to get with Post Malone? lmao I think I read that back in one of the earliest threads, but I never knew of the details. Can someone fill me in? Cause that is absolutely hilarious.

No. 802618

this reminds me: when is the last time she talked about animal care

No. 802621

Yes if you go to the first couple of threads before she met Johnny she managed to get Post's phone number and it was theorized here she wanted to meet and hookup with him at shows she would go to.

Post Johnny breakup she decided to manically text him how much she loved him because she was listening to his song (I think she said) and he blocked her kek so she told twitter about it like it gave her cool points when in reality it made her look like a desperate clout chaser.

No. 802622


on lolcow.farm

No. 802626

Or she may be 100% cured, thanks to her dad’s insurance (a complete cure exists, but it costs at least $70,000 US out of pocket).

No. 802633

true she may be but here post hints to serious issues and she seems like the type to put that off since her mom was still talking about her missing appointments and being banned from a certain healthcare group in her town. I could see her be the type of dumb ass to catch it twice

No. 802638

horseshit, the cure for pure stupidity would never come under 100K, otherwise student loan plans would never sell

No. 802643

Wasn't it confirmed that DUI brodick from rehab had STDs, or was that tinfoiling.

No. 802653

lol, the hep c cure is $70-85K

ain’t enough money in the world to cure taylor’s case of the dumbs

No. 802663

Anon, it’s even better than that. Her texting Post she loved him and wanted to be more than friends happened when she was very much still with Jonny.

No. 802693

Yes it's extremely expensive but Medicaid pays for it. Private insurance probably doesn't. But see the thing is you have to be sober for a sustained period. You have to go to multiple appointments with gastroenterologists. You have to set up with a special pharmacy as it's not carried in any regular pharmacies. You have to show that you are going to comply because they don't want to waste that much money on someone who's just going to relapse and catch it again. Taylor, unless somehow able to magically fork up $70-100k for anything other than heroin or animals to abuse, is not a likely candidate for this treatment.

No. 802707

Hence why mama dean was tweeting about making appointments last week…

No. 802710

But post had a gf and wasn’t interested. Then she would tweet about how close they were randomly and talk about how it was almost a thing

If I was post I’d be uncomfortable

No. 802820

File: 1604192709766.jpeg (169.59 KB, 750x396, FE3AB467-03BE-41E2-8D40-2D92F1…)

Nvm guys, I deleted my last two posts cuz I found it.


No. 802822

File: 1604192940273.jpeg (171.61 KB, 750x374, 99143329-D277-4BC7-84ED-415053…)

Okay so wait a minute. She was using meth back when she was with Jonny? I thought she recently got into it earlier this year. And she seriously texted Post this shit while she was still with Jonny? How did Jonny react to this? Lmao

No. 802824

File: 1604194008276.png (331.83 KB, 780x538, 50thbirthday.png)

Yes, she really did text him that when with Jonny. She says she drunk texted him at her friend's mom's 50th birthday party, pic related is when that happened (June 29, 2018). They started dating in October 2017. When she tweeted publicly about it (May 18, 2019), she was also still with Jonny because they didn't break up until June 2019. On the meth front, she originally claimed she drunk texted him and then I guess this year claimed she did it on meth, so who the hell knows. She was all about her ciders back then so my guess is she was drunk and then later claimed meth for the junkie points. Although seeing as it's Taylor, she was probably on both kek

No. 802844

Yuck that means her assistant whatever her name is was all methed out lugging that poor baby around. I remember in previous threads her meth issues were brought up but for some reason I thought it stopped once she had the kid. Again, yuck.

No. 802845

She looks somewhat better after the drugs.

No. 802860

The way I interpreted it was that she was drunk when she actually texted him (2018) but was on meth when she decided to post about it (2019)
“the only time I ever used meth I decided to tweet extensively about” reads like the meth made her tweet about the situation in excruciating detail when in her mind if she weren’t on meth then she wouldn’t have
Hope that makes sense haha

No. 802898

That’s really sad to read, I hope the kid winds up ok.

No. 802919

I understood it the same way.
She was on meth when she posted about it, but she was drunk when she texted him (while she was at the birthday party).

No. 802972

Wait, I thought the first thread was started when she was with Johnny? Or are there a couple threads prior not linked to the massive thread where all her pages show?

No. 802973

Also, I don’t think she isn’t posting because she “doesn’t care” about her animals, but because she doesn’t want to have to show the world (her audience) how shitty their enclosures are, etc etc

No. 803050

iirc there are threads pre Jonny, but only within a few months. She was problematic pre J but it was mainly about her hoard of animals and excessive spending.

No. 803199

She was in the pettubers thread pre-Johnny but was getting with him around the time she got her own thread in pt

No. 803206

File: 1604393023163.jpeg (537.58 KB, 1242x1835, FF623D08-907B-41E9-9FAF-4DFC15…)

No. 803207

fucking kek, she's baaaaack, the most speshul junkie who ever junkied

"couldn't feel my limbs, couldn't support my body on my legs, but totes ignored it for a few days!!!!" yeah right lol what a sTr0nG qWeEn

No. 803208

File: 1604394278990.jpg (385.65 KB, 1145x2048, IMG_20201103_054455.jpg)

No. 803209

File: 1604394315078.jpg (225.66 KB, 1210x1145, IMG_20201103_054502.jpg)

No. 803210

File: 1604394501751.png (390.12 KB, 760x1282, Screenshot_20201103-060208.png)

>me me me me me me

No. 803214

She's a junkie, and a BPD twerp. She lies all the time for attention and asspats. Don't try to make sense of it too much, anon, it's a losing game.

No. 803216

Taylor made it clear that she thinks shes above harm reduction and needle exchanges because she could buy her own needles and well lmao it's bit her in the ass. They literally help people with what she clearly is incapable doing herself.

I stand by my theory that her disgusting habits while using will be what kills her long before an od. Just look at the bathroom pics with the nasty Pyrex of brown water I'm guessing they were rinsing rigs in. Shes nasty af and this has been a long time coming.

No. 803217


Well if only she could shower once in awhile! Jokes aside, reminder that life is not bad when you’re not an aspiring youtube star that flush down your wealth and reputation from drugs and bad choices. Kek dont do drugs kids

No. 803219

If shes been clean as long as she says shes been and became septic from her last relapse, then she would have been dead by now.

No. 803220

This whole return of sepsis seems a bit suspect. With her timeline she relapsed, went septic (almost lost a limb guizzz!!) Recovered and got with her newest dick to ride, made videos with him all night long, promised a few videos, never produced them, went silent except for liking a few posts. So she was silent all this time from a return of sepsis?
It may seem that makes sense, but somehow, I dunno, something seems off. Like how liars overly describe a situation to try to make you believe it happened.

No. 803224

Don’t have a lot of experience with heroin or drugs or sepsis, but I read online that sepsis could show no signs but come back again. Given that tay says she has ehlers and whatever other disorder she has, it could be the case. All in all, for someone that claims to have ehlers, celiac and couple with other health issues, she really needs to be more responsible to her body. Choosing the more hardcore drugs defo didnt help!

No. 803229

clearly this sepsis talk is just a coverup from yet another relapse.

No. 803233

Why not both?

No. 803236

if she will not post pictures of wounds or scars from this sepsis (she mentioned her skin was breaking) it means it's totally fake. she wouldn't pass oportunity to post pictures from hospital to avoid responsibility for dissapearing and not posting on youtbe.

No. 803239

Why does she hate harm reduction so much? I’ve known junkies that have been using over half their lives without hep C, sepsis or any of those gross side effects. I’m sure she will claim endocarditis next because that’s big junkie points right there.

No. 803243

I wish I knew. And thats exactly why its so baffling. Those things can be prevented - maybe not 100% but at least to a point where every relapse isnt a new major health crisis.

No. 803245

Something about it being a way Doctors push addiction onto people. She mentioned it back when she went to the hospital before she went into rehab the first time

No. 803247


Holy shit, I can't believe I missed that part of this shit show. Being against harm reduction as an addict is like being against insulin as a diabetic. What a fucking moron.

No. 803252

I know. Her story doesn’t add up. When do they ever though…?

No. 803254

I agree before she said she had over 20 abscess all over her leg. The scaring would be tremendous. She also has ED so it would be so visible if it was true

No. 803255

File: 1604420136780.png (932.04 KB, 750x1334, 0E62618B-A902-4C3E-9BAC-D1C224…)

Nothing she is true. Like her legs would looked fucked up for years with scar tissue. It take so long for those kind of injuries to heal. I can’t wait for the next time she shows her legs in a photo to destroy her stories

No. 803264

File: 1604423219332.jpg (122.29 KB, 1333x779, 112.JPG)

No. 803274

So she's been in the hospital this whole time? Or for a week? And she's not spamming instagram or twitter with photos of her, weak and heroic from her hospital bed?
Then says she's being distant until she can say more?
Doesnt sepsis travel SUPER fast? She says she "couldnt breathe or feel her limbs, but didn't want to believe it was sepsis for a few more days".
It sounds to me like she hasnt been living at home for awhile. She was holed up in some drug den, continuing to shoot herself up, and when she started exhibiting symptoms of sepsis, didn't want to be forced to get clean in a hospital (and then forced into rehab after). She probably also didnt want to call her mom and admit she'd been using and needed to see a doctor because she got sick.
She's using this dumbass excuse that she was clean but the sepsis returned through no fault of her own. I hope her mother toughens up and sends her daughter to a 3 month out of state rehab/sober living facility. Taylor's still not taking accountability for her actions.

No. 803276

I bet she looks like a scabbed-up ghoul and that's why there are no photos.

No. 803277

Sage for blog
My cousin got sepsis from shooting up. She had to be put in a medically induced coma and no one thought she'd pull through. She lost 3 fingers and some toes… yet Taylor's over there simply denying experiencing symptoms of sepsis for several days, then pulling through in just a week?

No. 803278

Not to wk but I think people are confusing sepsis with septic shock. Most people with mild sepsis pull through, the deadly one is when it becomes toxic shock. Toxic/septic shock has like a 40% mortality rate, kek. If she had any sort of bacteremia followed by a mental change, she fits the diagnostic criteria for mild sepsis and thus gets her ~totally junkie~ street cred bragging rights. Her scars don't even necessarily have to be that bad for this to happen, so I'm sure she's exaggerating about that bullshit too. Otherwise I'm sure we'd get some trigger warning gore shots of her limbs.

No. 803284

don't know anything about sepsis so idk if it anything she's saying is suspect.. but the completely nonchalant cutsie way she's describing horrible injuries screams munchie to me.
the whole scenario also seems perfectly set up to excuse her not posting the video as well. she was literally riddled with infection duhh

No. 803293

I wasn’t saying her scars have to be bad for it to happen. I’m was just saying that abscess leave nasty scares, and if she had over 20 there would be obvious damage

No. 803299

I’m assuming she has pictures and is saving them for her big return video. That we probably won’t see for another 6 months. That’s what she did last time. Saved a bunch of pictures of herself looking like a crackhead to make some big dramatic post about. I believe the current story that she got sepsis, because she’s about due for some repercussions. But I don’t think she’s done yet.

No. 803301

Im with you on this anon, I dont think she's lying. Last time she got really sick and went in to the hospital they warned her this would happen if she continued, then it did. Sepsis is something that plenty of junkies get, if it's caught early it's obviously not fatal or as serious as people in here think.

I was just typing something like this out but you worded it better - I dont think Taylor is the type of munchie to post unflattering pictures of herself, unless it was something you described. She might use gross abscess pics as a "before" in a before and after, but she's not going to show us that shit as it's happening.

She won't even admit when she's actively using, why would she show people the clear signs of her still using? The only time we see evidence of her using is when she's too high to hide it properly. She's clearly still using NOW, she just wanted to get on another social media bandwagon with the voting shit. She only told people where the fuck she'd been after people pointed out she looked like shit and had been gone for weeks.

No. 803303

Oh, sorry that was my own reading error! I just have a feeling they still won't be as bad as she's describing at all, and I'm excited for her "evidence" if she ever posts em

No. 803311

How convenient that her sepsis showed up on the exact same day she said she was uploading a video

And didn't prevent her from being in some trashy music video either

No. 803318

All her dumbass fans will forget that because the princess is sick

No. 803319

yea I don't doubt she's got nasty diseases and shit but this is just an excuse. She always exaggerates "muh cundishuns" I doubt she's really any different than she was a couple months ago.

No. 803350

I love how she's always "Sick enough to be the sickest junkie ever" but "not sick enough to where my pets would suffer, I'm always taking care of them!"

No. 803371

File: 1604449184021.jpeg (371.66 KB, 828x1248, tayerye.jpeg)

saw this in the jonny and syd thread but felt like it was more fitting here. This to me suggests that she is confirming that Tay still has hep c and is suffering the consequences.

Agreeing with anons that you need to be sober for a while to get treatment and other requirements and I don't think Taylor has been able to meet that.

No. 803373

Taylor's behavior consist in not showing active infections like the time she had hives and hide it. So it might or might not be true the sepsis, since I think she doesn't show that kind of thing to not scare possible suitors.

No. 803389

Imagine if she needed to be narcaned! I hear people all the time talking about how it enables addicts, smfh.

No. 803391

Sepsis effects your Kidneys really badly, so let's look forward to the sudden dialysis excuse on why she can't post lmao

No. 803399

Is it bad I hope she has a drinking saga ?

No. 803404

When she was with JC they were in the bar by 10am most days, according to her story. And would go back twice a day sometimes. Shemight have drank, but more likely just tagging along to make sure JC wasn't hooking up with the daytime bartender, kek.
But her doctors said alcoholic ciders are ok bc they're not her DOC.

No. 803407

Dude I forgot about that whole entire part of her life with the bar hoping. This cow has so much old milk that I forget it all. I need to just go reread the old threads again

No. 803421

Despite her sewper spheshul 15% addict brain.

No. 803422

She really has to make everything about herself.
She would post her sepsis story under a perfume review.

No. 803630

File: 1604596098054.jpeg (172.06 KB, 828x729, D6D70D76-3513-43EB-89E2-C806E7…)

New Instagram & Twitter profile pic

No. 803632

File: 1604596288237.jpg (118.17 KB, 1350x610, a15.JPG)

No. 803633

Ah welcome back cow! Quick everyone make bets if she is gonna post any video before end of 2020?

No. 803634

She looks like that "young for a mom" woman at the soccer game

No. 803637

Did she get her lips done again? Holy fucking shit they look disgusting

No. 803638

Top lip should definitely not be three times the size of the bottom. Yikes.

No. 803641

Why are they making realdolls in the style of a blowup model? They're supposed to be lifelike

No. 803642

Very interesting that around that armpit “scar” there looks to be quite a few new scars/bruises now, unless I’m being a retard and it’s somehow shadows from her hair. But wouldn’t be surprised if this rarely seen B&W filter is to hide bruising discolouration

No. 803648

she looks like she crawled out of the dungeon

No. 803655

File: 1604601728012.jpeg (89.29 KB, 1242x610, 5D5CF73D-2DAE-49EA-A91A-DA9FFD…)

Saged for autistic tinfoiling and shit quality pic but her fingers seem to be very badly shooped. The thumb on her tattooed hand just looks fucked from the joint down and her extended index finger looks wonky as shit especially at the tip.

I always thought Mama Deans recent tweet about “sausage-like fingers not necessarily meaning that sobriety has been achieved” was aimed at Tay and not Jonny, like anons thought, but now I’m positive it WAS a jab at Taylor. Especially considering 2 weeks ago she was talking about not missing appointments too.

No. 803657

she looks like she got stuck in that scream sucking machine from monsters inc

No. 803658

Good tinfoil anon, I am thinking the same too! Fits into the narrative of her sepsis stint timeline, but lotsa of twitter comments sepsis doesn’t work like as tay claims. I tinfoiling she relapsed again after getting out from rehab while hanging with the new soundcloud wannabes - got an infection - missed appointment - made it worse.

No. 803659

a little late to add now but idk why anons are questioning her getting sepsis, hep c, etc. its unfortunate that agreeing she has these issues validates her narrative of being the "most struggling druggie ever" but thats a bullshit narrative anyway and shes just being as gross as usual.
cause we have known for a long time now that she doesnt do harm reduction and shares needles for literal retarded reasons. like the doctors teaching harm reduction so people stay on drugs lmao.

another anon pointed out a bunch of bruises in her pit so i think its plausible she has either:
marks all over her fingers OR
just theyre so chubby that they need to be edited slim

that thumb on the left do be lookin fucked up tho

No. 803666

She doesn’t even realize how close it was to not passing. Oregon got lucky this passed, almost half the people didn’t want this to pass, same with psychedelics for therapy.

What’s up with the sex dungeon videos ?? Haha whatever floats her boat man, I’m just here for the show

No. 803667

IMO when a top lip is twice as big as the bottom lip, it kinda makes you look like you have a overbite.

No. 803668

I THOUGHT HER FINGERS WERE SHOOPED TOO. I’m so happy I’m not the only one. It just looks off

No. 803672

I like how she adresses everything literally no one cares about coming from her instead of giving an update about any of her animals

No. 803680

Duh. I said that as well. It’s so obvious she’s lying about sepsis to cover herself from yet ANOTHER relapse.

Her lips look so unnatural. They look like they hurt tbh.

I kinda hope jc gets back in touch and they flee to Oregon together lol

No. 803683

File: 1604614965811.png (84.62 KB, 480x514, 5amTND.png)

She sounds so resentful about YT here. It hasn't been her life in years, Heroin has been her life, who is she trying to fool?
I'm sure that's her schtick in therapy too, so famous then all the bullies and then drugs and then abusive JC and poor widdle Tay.

If she does feel like YT was her whole life it's only be because she started hoarding animals for clout and now doesn't want to take care of them.
Also this was at 5am.

No. 803686

So she’s against harm reduction but for legalization of hard drugs? Wow, wtf? She is so dumb it hurts to read her posts.

No. 803690

They weren’t legalized, they were decriminalized. You are dumb.

No. 803691

Also I’d like to point out they were decriminalize mainly for the purpose of reducing the homeless. Majority of people addicted to drugs in Oregon is homeless. Homelessness is insane on west coast, and just locking them up isn’t working. They are trying to save these people, to get them off the streets.

It’s not intended to save the poor college age privilege brats, who get into drugs to be edgy and cool. Like these bitches already have the money for rehabilitating. The homeless don’t.

My point is it was intended for poor people and not the poor rich white girl who’s boyfriend got her into drugs

No. 803719

Those lips … like they're about to rupture from being so overfilled

No. 803730

oh my god her lips literally look like a prolapsed anus

No. 803731

Yep, I'm the anon in recovery who said those are ideal spots to muscle heroin, especially when you run out of veins, which is what Taylor said happened. And also happened to me.

Sage for not milk but yeah those bruises look kind of recent to me. I relapsed briefly in July and my bruises there are already gone/faded. BUT, Taylor does have EDS (apparently). Not WKing at all but that's a possible reason her bruises may take longer to heal. Who really knows tho. I for one hope she's sober. That life is pure hell. Her pupils are tiny in the picture but I'm hoping it's from her suboxone, as it can do that as well.

No. 803732

Holy shit, good catch. She definitely photoshopped her finger(s). Wtf. It looks SO weird. Self awareness is clearly out the window as she doesn't even realize this.

No. 803733

OMFG LOL. Best comment I've seen on this thread YET. You are SO right!!! hahaha(integrate)

No. 803814

Not really, abstinence vs harm reduction is a hot topic amongst recovery communities

No. 803872

Wowo she's just as shitty as her daughter promoting Taylor who hasn't posted in almost a yr on someone else's promo. Scum

No. 803902

sage but I had sepsis once and it took a week to get real bad, maybe she's telling the truth with this one. but I also feel like she did relapse more recently and that's what caused it.

No. 803914

Sage but good luck with your recovery anon, hope you’re doing well now.

No. 804073

File: 1604854780483.png (82.99 KB, 760x513, Screenshot_20201108-115905.png)

glad she's back on twitter so she can share these scaldingly hot, original takes /s

No. 804074

I’m not kidding. Everyone around me has been saying that exact line and it’s been annoying the hell out of me.

No. 804080

Sage for no new content, decided to check up and see if there's anything new to add to the google spreadsheet. Does she even do anything with animals anymore?

The 'last update' section is broken currently, it had been changed to the 'now' command lol so it looks like it is always up to date. Sorry about that.

No. 804086

haven't heard anything about her animals in months. it's unclear how many she has left. she has that new outdoor cat that comes around every once in a while that is clearly owned by someone else, but it doesn't seem to ever go inside so it's safe from disappearing into the hoard for now.

think Jen is doing regular water changes in those fish tanks? /s

No. 804088

the cat had a clipped ear so it's a catch neuter and release

No. 804093

a lot of friendly tnr cats get adopted out so there are a lot of people's pets who have ear tips.

I also think it's someone's indoor/outdoor cat that they think is a stray. It looks way too healthy to be a stray.

No. 804151

File: 1604900494261.jpeg (522.28 KB, 1242x731, 873436FE-2BE0-41B9-93F7-759BEE…)

It’s safe to say they kept that cat and it’s now mamma deans.

No. 804152

File: 1604901780630.png (2.33 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_2299.PNG)

I swear she doesn't even have any opinions for herself. Just says whatever she can to stay relevant. even if it contradicts herself.

No. 804153

File: 1604901901650.jpg (401.33 KB, 1125x1908, cooont.jpg)


glad people are starting to see past her bullshit though.

No. 804154

File: 1604902109177.jpg (715.06 KB, 1125x1773, IMG.jpg)

only one person actually showed any "support" to that tweet (everyone else still questioning her) and of course thats the only tweet she replied to

No. 804159

She has been "getting it together" for almost three years

No. 804171

Wait is this sacrasm or is Taylor gonna go right-wing? I'm hoping for the latter cause that would be hilarious.

No. 804179

She can't "go right wing" when she has no defined political values. She talks out her ass is all

No. 804196

I want to know how Taylor isn’t freaking about her opportunities dwindling. She could at least be posting on social media for influencer points even if she’s not doing videos. It’s so short sighted and embarrassing. All she has to do is stop blabbering about being a junkie and post baddie pictures, I’m sure she could still get sponsored posts.

No. 804203

She's just not that smart, anon - and has no real education or relevant real-life experiences that would tell her how badly she's fucked her prospects up. She's also incredibly self-absorbed, sheltered, enabled by friends and family, and does not get out of her Yas Qween Recovery Journey hugbox much.

No. 804210

seems like pretty obvious sarcasm to me.

No. 804216

Not to me

No. 804223


this is so obvious it's sarcasm… are you guys autistic

No. 804225

File: 1604961817082.png (364.44 KB, 561x490, lfajweoi.PNG)

so op anon didn't include this part of the thread but I'm inclined to agree that it was meant to be sarcasm but she's clueless and isn't funny so it just left people seriously confused

No. 804228

File: 1604969028329.jpeg (831.6 KB, 828x1458, F3147427-5616-4810-B084-C11853…)

She’s back, boys.

No. 804230

File: 1604969054442.jpeg (798.55 KB, 828x1256, FE7393B1-C607-4A2B-A0E3-184DCA…)

Here’s the full caption.

No. 804231

visible track marks still near her shoulder/armpit. how long do they usually last? like if she really last relapsed months ago im not sure if they should be this visible still? but maybe im wrong.

No. 804232

File: 1604969936450.jpeg (1.31 MB, 3464x3464, F73657F5-4DD0-4B7C-BAC2-800E42…)

She’s got track marks all down her arms. Adjusted the photo to highlight how bad they are.

No. 804233

File: 1604969971731.jpg (111.31 KB, 1080x1231, 20201109_195903.jpg)

No. 804235

Jeez. Is it possible shes using right now? Bc how could she not see they were visible otherwise? Unless she did and thinks its edgy or something

No. 804236

File: 1604970603284.png (43.37 KB, 1296x640, CF800E27-4161-414B-89EE-E2C5B4…)

Sage but I was the anon that tinfoiled the track marks near her armpit from the b&w pic a few days ago. I KNEW it lol. I didn’t know the stages of bruising off the top of my head so I googled it (pic related) and they would be 3-7 days old if I had to guess. She “claims” the pics are from a month or 2 ago so it’s hard to tell if she’s currently using or not… or lying about them being old pics so she can avoid blame.

No. 804237

she was planning on uploading her video the beginning of September. these photos are from a month ago, so early-mid October.

she has track marks well over a month after she "was in so much panic" about the video. she didn't just "take time to heal from sepsis", she went back to drugs and continued using probably up until a couple weeks ago when she got really sick.

her lies are less than paper thin at this point. what a joke

No. 804240

Dude……… is she okay? That’s so rough why even post this shit if you’re actually doing so much better????

No. 804242

holy shit, she's like Tuna/10 now

No. 804243

yeah she looks fucking wrecked in these. Clearly high as fuck

also kek looks like she finally learned to shoot up properly or did she get someone else to do it for her as usual?

I feel like if these are a month old they probably came pre sepsis like you said. As usual I'll believe she's sober when I see it. I can't imagine she's doing THAT well if she wont post recent pics and only posts these where she looks completely faded and like a junkie

and lastly I am endlessly amused to see her crooked ass nose piercings. We said they would get fucked up since she changed them out so soon and then put on that awful nose chain and shockingly they healed crookedly /s

No. 804244

File: 1604972799795.png (882.19 KB, 953x625, wtf.PNG)

sorry to samefag but the rest of the set is too good not to include. She looks seriously strung tf out.

Also kek at someone she knows irl saying she looks good and cows colliding aka morgan joyce. Stop lying to people saying they look good when they're gas lighting you all and looking like straight up shit

No. 804245

Wtf why would she post this. I would never post a picture with my track marks on it, no matter how old they were. Jesus Tay. Even if she deletes this, it’s now on the internet forever. I mean just googling her name a bunch of embarrassing pictures come up, mainly lolcow links lol.

No. 804246

File: 1604972917495.png (997.48 KB, 957x621, wtfff.PNG)

No. 804247

Her hair looks dirty af, and wtf is on her lips. Like…. WHY. Only someone actively using would post this mess of a photo set.

No. 804248

File: 1604973069019.png (415.84 KB, 387x736, lmfaooutt.PNG)

anddd she just outed herself again. Sorry for all the posts but this 1% milk is tasty after a dry spell

No. 804250

I posted that right as you did so I deleted my pic but I’ll rewrite my caption.

She claims her track marks are from her “last” relapse, which if you guys remember was the one before her most recent 28 day stay in rehab. So she is claiming her bruising last through a month of rehab, and then an extra month to the end of September? EDS or not, no bruises are going to stay in that blue/green phase for 2 entire months

No. 804251

File: 1604973360298.png (508.62 KB, 613x361, cur.PNG)

and okay tinfoil…but is that tinfoil?! Or is it something else. Ik that is a major reach and it may be innocent or to "show the reality of addiction" kek

No. 804252

File: 1604973388749.jpeg (369.15 KB, 750x1030, 8204FFEA-3886-4D50-B541-A5639F…)

One of her comments on the photo set.

No. 804253

Why is she going on about those “scars” by her armpit when there is very clearly a giant dark bruise in her inner elbow? Is that a scar too?

No. 804254

File: 1604973917901.jpeg (465.44 KB, 750x1099, 4F614EE4-CCE8-43B3-BF23-725FD8…)

She also deleted the long ass caption about her computer crashing (twice?) and it makes me even more suspicious that the story was not even true.

No. 804257

Lurk more retard. It's just her current purchased 3eDgY4u personality from Dollskill.

No. 804264

alskdjfh, I don't even have words this is nightmare fuel.

She looks fucking used up, her mouth, her hair, the trackmarks. This cow delivers.

No. 804265

File: 1604977739874.jpg (285.66 KB, 1080x1835, 20201109_220834.jpg)

Why would she post this? I usually don't think zoomed in photos are milky at all but it genuinely looks like she was too high to even blend out her concealer on her brows? (Or anywhere for that matter)

Her eyes look red as fuck too but I can't tell if thats just the filter?

No. 804266

She posted videos of the rats and a few other animals on her story. Someone with the ability to screen record, please do!

No. 804269

File: 1604978944458.jpeg (22.41 KB, 554x554, 86448656-5C29-4838-9BDC-832EAA…)

It is Athletic cup anon lol Sillie goose what did u think it were

No. 804270

Here's what she's posted so far. I guess she is having "slow internet" issues kek. I will post the rest as well

She really exposes how nasty she is and that she is probably using in this vid. No wonder her mom would clean her room with all the bottles and cans in the background as well as the ubiquitous mustard

She also is whipping Lego around and explains how she supposedly got him. I don't think it matches her previous stories as she claims a family was getting rid of him for biting but he's never done that to her (because she is the reincarnate of stever irwin uwu)

No. 804272

On mobile so not sure how to reupload her current IG story but someone should, because she sounds suuuuper manic and uppity like she's on meth or coke. Never heard her talk so fast!

No. 804275

Ugh I can smell this picture. She’s starting to remind me of Luna. Caked in makeup and visible track marks and dirty everything. God damn

No. 804278

Agreed, she’s definitely fucking with some kind of stimulant and not just heroin

No. 804279

Agreed she sounds like she's tweaking hard. Her pupils were quite small in those other pics and she said she used meth to wake up from all the heroin so it would make sense. These vids remind me of her moth video during her Forest era where she was SO shaky and talking fast and just rambling like she is here

No. 804283

Fwiw and not to drug sperg but meth and other stimulants dilate your pupils

No. 804285

true but look at the thread pic - according to her she was on meth in the right pic and her pupils are still small in that pic. That's what lead me to that conclusion.

No. 804286

File: 1604981998068.jpg (216.66 KB, 1080x1197, Screenshot_20201109-231610.jpg)

Not milky, but it looks like she'll be dying her hair soon.

No. 804287

she really wants her life to be a constant pity party huh
god she's gonna be repeating this over and over

No. 804288

If you go back to the "MEET MY CORNSNAKE" video from 2018 she does actually say the same thing about getting lego from a family who he was biting. Doesn't make it true, but at least she's keeping the story straight. The previous biting could have been bad conditions or a baby just being nippy.

No. 804289

>wants to go from black and red to green
> "who knows maybe it'll be fried and fall off"

It will. Red cancels out green. When you bleach black 9 times out of 10 it will turn something with red/orange undertones. She will need to bleach her hair until there's 0 red undertones to do anything green or else it will turn brown.

No. 804290

She's drooling bird shit and she drew ghost eyebrows above her real eyebrows. Edgy!

No. 804291

Part 3. She is desperately trying to pander to her child audience so hard and it's actually pretty fucked up when you consider that it's after her uwu sepsis story and track mark posts etc

Ahh okay I just remembered that he was supposedly a gift to/from Jonny

No. 804293

I’m very anemic and my busies don’t even last that long

No. 804294

I wonder how Tyler’s gf, Maddie feels abt there relationship. I always felt like Tyler always kissed up to Taylor.

No. 804298

Think of it this way, if you were his gf, would you feel threatened by a 23 year old unwashed sausage-lipped junkie NEET who has to get mommy to clean her room for her while she’s strung out? They probably laugh at her just like we do

No. 804299

File: 1604988287779.jpeg (118.77 KB, 664x866, 56618511-E75D-4B44-B5FA-27D0D1…)

In her story where she does the boomerang up close of twisty there’s a white thing near its eye that is moving around like a worm it’s really hard to see did anyone else notice or am I crazy?

No. 804300

File: 1604988631214.jpg (217.88 KB, 1080x1841, Screenshot_20201109-220959.jpg)

I'm familiar with some of the chews in her rats cage (all cheap junk from petco/petsmart lol)

If you read the reviews they talk about how they are held together with hot glue aka terrible for your pets to ingest.

No. 804301

Possibly a piece of shed

No. 804302

lol I love how she had to post 1 month old pics to try and hide how bad she looks. When she posted a current selfie last week >>802468 EVERYONE pointed out that she looked like shit - and most of her face is covered with a mask! She looks like shit and she knows it, so she's scouring through all her old photos looking for something acceptable - funny that her new twitter profile pic is from this same "photoshoot" in her bedroom. I guess she declined FAST after that point?

Her hair isnt even red/black anymore in the newest pics we've seen of her, looks like she attempted to dye it all an auburn colour, but the black side is still darker than the red.

No. 804303

wait what the fuck? Im not going to post an even more zoomed in image, but is she under-drawing top lip? Or has the filler migrated THAT much?

No. 804307

Still prettier than SydsoPsycho that’s for sure.

No. 804309

File: 1604994820161.png (574.74 KB, 750x1334, 57BCBD03-332E-4361-B781-D6455E…)

Obvious shade towards JC

No. 804310

Taylor, just please dye your hair brown. It will help you look a lot better. genuine suggestion.

No. 804311

theyre still together? maddie hates tnd? idk the whole petttube story sorry. lol.

No. 804315

watch sydsopsycho post something about this. shes probably pissed tnd is back on social media. anyone else lowkey hoping for tnd and jc to get back just to spite psycho syd? lols.

No. 804316

>>804299 it's definitely wriggling independently of the camera. The only way it could be shed is if she had a huge fan blowing that was making it whip around. Looks straight up like a maggot.

No. 804319

lol Taylor posting this after Syd and Jonny "broke up" for 24 hours is hilarious. Can she make it any more obvious she's lurking their social media and getting bitter over it?

Not to whiteknight Jonny (he's a scumbag don't get me wrong), but it's funny how much better than Taylor he's doing right now. Jonny's travelling across states "recording music" (probably doing heroin), doing whatever the fuck he wants, getting positive feedback on his social media regardless, then he gets to go home and lovebomb Syd and the baby. Tay's stuck at her mom's house getting high around all these pets she no longer cares about, and every time she posts online she gets a tonne of hate. She's too drugged out for pet-tubing, but she's too socially stunted and weird for junkie social circles, she's failed to keep a single "friend" or "boyfriend" for longer than a month - even Aggy didn't fall for her shit. I'm assuming the rehab money has run out at this point, considering she's been "relapsing" for months and not gone to another one.

big tinfoil but considering that Jonny was talking to a lot of his exes while still with Taylor, do you think she's bitter that he didn't message her during his recent "breakup" ?

No. 804320

wait….. he's into women???

No. 804321

I’d say a solid 50% of Trailer’s lucid thoughts still revolve around Jonny and she only proves that by trying to shade him with her shitty Halsey lyrics every time she comes “back.”

Also her and SoundCloud dude are still fine, he posted her to his story (for clout) and she posted his cover to her story a few hours ago. Has she ever promoted friends like this before? Because a part of me wants to tinfoil that she’s letting him clout chase because he has something on her that she wants him to keep quiet about.

No. 804322

It’s not really a “summary” when it goes on forever. So who is this person?

No. 804329

I'm glad this nasty bitch has scarred and disfigured herself permanently. Hopefully after her whole "jonny craig experience" she's learned something.

LOL at the t-shirt she's obviously trying to kiss-ass to her remaining fans. Her 13 year old fans are probably 15/16 now, I'm sure alot of them have moved on. I still think Taylor is going to chimp out after she learns YT isn't going to pay her.

No. 804330

Lmao did she just tucked her singlet and bra strap in to make it into a tube top?? Cant with this trashy bitch..

No. 804333

I honestly think jc and Tnd have always had contact on and off. It happened even when jc first got with syd. So wouldn’t doubt them still contacting each other low key.

As for jc, he is probably miserable as fuck having to live with syd. He isn’t happy even though he fakes it online.

No. 804336

She was scarred and disfigured before Johnny, if anything she enjoys it

No. 804340

Anonymous 6 hours ago No. 66

Sounds like she’s really TESTING everyone’s patience.

No. 804341

its possible it has migrated. ive known of people having to get their fillers disolved because it migrated to their philtrum area

No. 804342

File: 1605024272772.png (610.13 KB, 673x647, Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 10.0…)


She really just can't get off Dollskill's dick huh? Her fans are constantly telling her how bad that site is and she'll swear up and down she stopped buying from them, but will post a picture in their jewelry like none other. Even the smallest shit about her contradicts. I can't see how her entire fanbase hasn't just accepted that she's a pathological liar.

No. 804343

this was my reaction too nonny lol

No. 804359

Not WK’ing but they sell necklaces like these anywhere. For all we know, she got hers off AliExpress.

Also regarding her hair— It would be really dumb of her to straight up bleach without using color remover first. A lot of y’all are assuming that’s what she’s gonna do.

No. 804361

I would say that too, but she has a history

No. 804371

Omg I would love to see them get back together lmao. It’d be even funnier if JC tried to bring the baby around TND. Well maybe not because it wouldn’t be safe for Storm’s sake… I’d just love to see Syd’s reaction even finding a message between JC and TND talking about her meeting their baby. Oooooh she would lose her fucking mind! Why doesn’t she just get on meds? I genuinely don’t understand.

No. 804414

You're definitely right that it seems to be moving up towards the eye in the boomerang… Hopefully it's not some sort of larvae.

No. 804467

She looks dirty and smelly as hell. wtf.. I used to think Jonny was the one who messed up her house back then but it's starting to look like everything is her doing and she's just pointing fingers because shes UwU A CuTe InNoCeNt GiRl

No. 804468

Split open??? WHERE????? she's totally lying

No. 804471

They’re both dirty. That mess was a product of both of them x 2.

No. 804516

Pretty sure I wonder how Mushu is doing more often than she does. If she even still has her. I really hope she doesn't.

No. 804517

yeah every time she does an animal update it's always the same animals and they're never the ones people really want to see updates on like Mushu her GTP the new cowfish etc

No. 804528

Kek you reached so hard trying to shit on Taylor you actually implied Johnny Craig isn't a fat deadbeat dad and a useless slob. He would punch holes in the walls as reiterated by every ex. Let's not defend a junkie scrote.

Taylor might be disgusting now but the first thread at least she bothered to wash herself before posting thirst traps for her teen audience. JC and heroin truly taught her how to give no fucks.

No. 804559

File: 1605166344668.jpeg (122.3 KB, 1242x798, 1C29672C-7C8E-49DA-AFBA-429A82…)

Sage for nothing important but didn’t know TND stopped following her wannabe?

No. 804599

It’s because her friends where kinda putting low key shade in their videos when she got canceled.

No. 804612

At this point I wonder what kind of clout they’re hoping they’ll get by still hanging on to her. Her social media numbers have been in the red for a while now. The best thing they can do for their careers is start being honest about her shit husbandry.

No. 804625

What type of shade? Does this include her two buddy buddies Tyler and Wannabe? Lol

No. 804753

File: 1605294963281.png (589.42 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2020-11-13-13-14-26.p…)

Her mom retweeted this tweet in regards to trump yesterday. Lmao the utter hypocrisy

No. 804811

I’m sorry for being off topic here, I was just wondering if anyone here that participates in the Jonny and Syd thread knows where the new one is. I’ve already tried google, anons wouldn’t shut up so no one was able to post the link. If someone could link it I would really appreciate it. And I’ll never bring it up again. Again, I apologize for being off topic!

No. 804812

Who are they talking about here? Anyone know?

No. 804813

donald trump

No. 804833

One word: catalog. I think its in snow nowadays?

No. 804835


if you can't find it, you're either retarded or there isn't one yet. in this case, there isn't one yet. stop begging to be spoonfed and search for a new one, and if there isn't one yet, well, there isn't one yet. tough shit.

No. 804852

I couldn't find a new thread either. I asked for a new one in the respective thread where you can ask. Don't know if anyone will do it though.

No. 804853

There you go anon

No. 804896

Shut up. No need to be an ass like that.

No. 804938

Thank you. I agree. And I hope they feel proud for being wrong and an asshole for no reason cuz there is one, it was made 14 hours ago.

Thank you <3 you guys carry on now. I’ll be in the milkier thread lol.

No. 804949

File: 1605419443833.png (42.09 KB, 598x273, deja vu.png)

No. 804952

File: 1605420081636.jpg (127.55 KB, 1325x805, 34.JPG)

No. 804953

File: 1605421155811.png (273.81 KB, 391x739, rinsewashrepeat.PNG)

rinse wash repeat

No. 804954

how many times did she "heal" already? it'll end up being the same cycle over and over

No. 804955

Interesting how her time supposedly focusing on things she enjoys and not relying on someone else’s approval is spent getting look-at-me dangerhair and buying thousands of dollars of tacky 3edgy5me Killstar crap. She might as well wear a sign around her neck that says, “please notice me, I won’t exist unless you notice me.” The only thing she truly enjoys that doesn’t rely on public approval is heroin.

No. 804956

File: 1605422614907.png (355.13 KB, 597x497, aofiewj.PNG)

kek she changed her bio

No. 804957

File: 1605422643381.jpeg (124.97 KB, 828x513, A49AC281-CB12-4347-9CC2-589D0A…)

Instagram too.

No. 804958

File: 1605422801420.png (348.48 KB, 383x726, jftjfd.PNG)

kek what so she's going to become one of the thousands of blah resin art~ channels?!

No. 804960

File: 1605422861222.png (190.79 KB, 378x730, hzedhter.PNG)

but don't worry the animals are totes ok. So far she's approaching this all exactly like she does every month or two so the outlook doesn't look good

No. 804961

It’s 12:30 and she’s either manic or on meth. The way she talks about “new starts” and how everything will be so new and different and “venturing down the wrong path” like her entire life isn’t effectively over after the damage she’s done to herself and her brand.

It won’t surprise me if all of these promises are gone by tomorrow, or whenever she sobers up.

No. 804970

hilarious how she’s rectoactively taking the year off when in reality she’s been frantically trying to make a comeback every other month this year. gotta give it to her though, “taking off 2020” is a pretty smart narrative to push to salvage her career, seeing how many other creators complain how uwu hard this year has been for their creativity.

No. 804972

Well which anon called it that she will make a big deal about her return and post something year end?

No. 804975

A shit, here we go again!

No. 804976

File: 1605445044312.png (2.1 MB, 828x1792, A01D6B7E-86F5-4E45-9646-780087…)

I can’t wait for her to declare this big change again and to only repeat 2020 all over again.. she is still vague-posting about moving on from Jonny with lame pottery like lmao did she not learnt her lesson about healing privately yet?? Bet she is doing this to stir drama

No. 804977

lmfao of course it's the end of december, she's so predictable. I'll give it till February when she "takes a break". She's like one of those fatties that join the gym for resolutions.

Taylor is so painfully predictable it's disgusting. Procrastinate, procrastinate, procrastinate.

No. 804980

Yawnnnnn she's so predictable and boring.

She won't be back in December. We already know this. She's only saying that to avoid doing the work that she'd promised before she disappeared. If she is putting dates on it she won't do it plain and simple. She doesn't want to do make a video or she would have by now.

No. 804981

Fatties who join the gym are actually being proactive. Taylor just talks big about Planning and Thinking About doing stuff, and never follows through to even attempting to get her shit together.

I agree with >>804980, it'll be 2021 and we'll get another Notepad update how hard she is struggling and how difficult it is for a poor rich white girl like her to skive off on all her responsibilities. She's so predictable, it's getting kind of boring.

No. 804983

exactly lol, remember how 2020 was going to be a big year for her? >>756425 can’t wait for her to announce her goals of moving out, making videos, going vegan etc. again only to munch on tater tots in her childhood bedroom while sperging on twitter at 5am.

No. 804984

I don't believe anything this bitch says unless there's a new video popping up on her yt channel. If you sum up all the times she claimed she's filming/editing rn in 2020 you'd get a years worth of content kek

No. 804988

File: 1605457956158.png (57.32 KB, 601x327, adsdada.PNG)

Still doesn't have a sleep schedule, posting at midnight, 2am and 5am, wonder why she's depressed.

No. 804990

> a literal ENTIRE YEAR away to heal

That's an interesting way to say shooting up

No. 804991

Seriously, how many times did she relapse this year? "Recovery is not linear" is just her new way of absolving herself of her mistakes.

No. 805005

She is 100000% going to use this as an opportunity to relapse. It's literally gonna be another ""uploading rn!!" never uploads, disappears, does drugs "I had to do drugs bc I was soooo stressed"" situation. Rinse, repeat. She's the only one who puts the pressure on, too, with her dumbass "I'm gonna come back!!!" posts. If she was smart (and actually WANTED to come back) she would stay quiet, film, edit, and UPLOAD a video and then say "I'm back, guys!" But no, she'd rather create all this hype so her stupid little fans will go give her old vids some views and she gets to use the "pressure" as an excuse to do drugs. Win win for her.

No. 805008

So exactly what lolcow has been saying since the beginning of her threads?

I'll believe she's better when she stops writing literal novels to her social media.

No. 805017

It’s so hard to take anything she writes seriously with that trashy dead-eyed sausage-lipped profile picture next to it

No. 805037

It's hard to have respect for someone who clearly has zero respect for herself

No. 805039

Not to be rude but she literally looks like a fish when she does that. I’m not really for bashing appearances, but she needs to start squinting her eyes like everyone does when they smile. I know she not smiling her her pfp, but when she is smiling and doesn’t squint it makes her look so dead inside and unhappy. It’s a weird nitpick I have

No. 805042

There she goes again, giving an exact date or close time frame on when she'll return. Before the video is even planned, practiced, filmed, or ready. Or in the "que". Isn't that what always messed her up, didnt she even acknowledge that? Or was she talking about her sober dates. Idk.

No. 805075

Can’t wait for her fans to blame everyone for her saying she is coming back (but will inevitably fail). Why even mention this when we all know it’s not happening.

No. 805078

>Why even mention this when we all know it’s not happening.

Because the point is to get pity comments and support ass-pats for her N supply, nothing more and nothing less.

No. 805081

Yup, Taylor thrives on the negative attention like alot of other cows. I'm guessing we're gonna see more and more dramatic shit while she tries to keep her audience.

She's just a generic junkie at this point, no cows give milk forever. But the jonny saga will always be chef's kiss.

No. 805101

Still not gonna be fix aka still gonna be an addict but …

No. 805105

We are thirsting for Tayter drama and you bumped the thread for this fuckin’ word salad?


No. 805122

Huge manic furby rant on insta, possible meth binge?(imageboard)

No. 805124

Her hands were hella shaky again and her fingers were looking very fat in the first few posts

No. 805125

File: 1605585639805.png (451.81 KB, 335x638, tnd1.PNG)

no screenshots or anything anon? really?

anyway she posted a shitton of videos of looking through weird furbies and makes a joke about turning her channel into a furby channel but then toys with the idea of having a separate channel about furbies.

No. 805126

File: 1605585677065.png (268.17 KB, 343x645, tnd2.PNG)

im not gonna post about every furby she posted but only what i thought was kinda relevant

No. 805127

File: 1605585789093.png (206.69 KB, 370x674, tnd3.PNG)

cant really read the small text but it says

>ps there's always some ppl who don't get my sarcasm so pls dont think i put furbies and feeding my animals on the same scale lmaoooo i just like furbies okay. they dont deserve the hate they get. theyre just tryna live, leave them be

No. 805128

File: 1605585998998.jpg (706.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201116-230307_Ins…)

But you left out the best one.

She's gotta be methed out. Her whole December Return is meth ramblings of. Junkie with two fried wires for brains.

No. 805129

File: 1605586189331.png (390.36 KB, 348x646, tnd4.PNG)

yes. thats absolutely the best one anon, it's so milky. my bad.

anyway. the price range of some of the furbies she was looking at was between $80-300
she actually purchased this one though this was $26.

No. 805130

File: 1605586521370.jpg (297.49 KB, 1280x1280, swampy.jpg)

omfg its like ive been waiting for this my whole life. if we get a swampy saga with taylor i will fucking lose my mind. please dear pt grant me this

No. 805131

File: 1605587581899.png (319.35 KB, 385x731, widnows.PNG)

LMAO I like how she is trying to flex with the fake cartier juste un clou "diamond" bracelet. The real one doesn't have diamonds that go that far around the band. We know you're broke Taylor otherwise she would've moved out and be paying an "assistant" to care for her animals. Oh and she'd be buying all these dumb ass furbies will this be her future "art"?

also kek looks like she hasn't gotten her laptop screen fixed either which at this point I'm also going to guess is a money thing. Twice now there has been the windows laptop in her stories. She isn't fooling anyone. There won't be a comeback and she's prob still using

No. 805133

the furby modding community is pretty serious. genuinely wish she will moonlight in the community.

hopefully the thread will be revived by it. how boring to see drug spergs talk about their experiences and animal spergs are always a treat. i want so desperately to see the custom furby community shit on her. seems innocuous but omg it could progress to something so good

No. 805134

File: 1605588441602.jpg (655.48 KB, 1080x2188, Screenshot_20201116-234341_Ins…)

P sure it says "and maybe kill u in ur sleep"

Also think she's overspent herself into at home hair dye sessions?

No. 805135

As a retard that has gone from black to green to blonde, I can tell you from experience that this bitch is gonna be bald

No. 805138

kek, i remember when she ranted on twitter about how 500 dollars on clothing was literally nothing to her, money wise. i wonder if she ever gets sober enough to regret her stupid financial decisions

No. 805155

In before Syd writes on story on how TND is still so obsessed with her fiancé jc because she’s still lounging around in his shirt.

No. 805159

File: 1605615956051.jpeg (151.27 KB, 750x1003, 7CCB4F4E-359F-4D5D-A95B-D5F8B5…)

“In the process of upgrading” just means she’s thought about it once.

No. 805165

I was thinking that toooooo

No. 805166

I've been of the opinion that mushu is loooong dead. He died back in the heroin mcmansion

No. 805167

The last we saw of Mushu she was keeping her in the kitchen on the counter next to the stove.

No. 805170

Oh word, thanks. I didn't realize mushu had ever been shown in the house

No. 805171

Then let's see some pics. Anytime this bitch says "totally perfect no issues guyz" I know she's full of shit.

No. 805172

She can't replace Mushu since she did irreparable damage to her somehow. Her use of FUCKING IODINE to treat a fungal infection left marks on her face that we'd be able to match. If Mushu comes back miraculously healed, we'll know.

No. 805179

I feel like she's been saying she would upgrade Mushu since she moved out with Jonny.

No. 805186

File: 1605633374184.jpg (156.64 KB, 1312x802, 172.JPG)

It still bothers me how close the cats and their litter box are to the reptiles.

No. 805187

Is that even Jonny’s shirt? She have flaunt that shirt a couple of times now though.

No. 805189

All that urine and feces and cat litter residue in the air… a foot away from several animals that are notoriously prone to respiratory issues. Smart move.

I swear I can smell this skank’s room from her pictures.

No. 805191

If she’s “rebranding!” her channel why doesn’t she just finally cut her losses and rehome some of her hoard? It’s the humane thing to do. All those poor creatures stuffed in her tiny room, that’s gradually getting more full of furbies and plastic resin pouring garbage? She collects all this literal garbage and stacks it in top of her animal enclosures as if they’re shelves.

No. 805214

It’s funny bc dozens of people on twitter over the past year have criticized this and she still can’t just rearrange her furniture and get a second cat box

No. 805215

Also i know she needs 4 cats boxes for three cats, but 2 would be An improvement. Bc one of her cats “Nemo” has already suffered from utis

No. 805222

i hope to fucking god she’s not doing her garbage resin art in her mother’s house, or anywhere near her animals. but since she was fine with shooting up in her room stuffed full of pets i’m sure she has no problem exposing them to the fumes.

No. 805228

so is it safe to say that the gtp Sabor is dead? Unless she put it in another part of the house but I doubt it since she is already taking so much space in her famly's home. She has not posted it since January last yr

No. 805233

I don’t think it’s safe to say, but it’s very likely he’s dead.

Anyways I feel so bad for mushis burns / scaring. It looks like it was painful.

No. 805241

Omg I didn’t know that was his shirt. She’s been wearing it pretty frequently since they broke up. You would think, if he really did rape her and torture her like she said so, she would be too traumatized to even see anything that reminded her of him, much less proudly wear his shirt saying “haha I’m the ex that was before you that didn’t get tied down to him for 18 years only for him to treat me like garbage the entire time. I don’t doubt he was abusive towards her, but I’m sure she exaggerated a lot. Like she used to deny rape and change the story a lot, up until the baby announcement came out. Plus she was equally mentally and emotionally abusive towards him. This is how I KNOW she exaggerated some shit. She’s wearing his t shirt proudly, almost as if she’s purposely showing it off.

No. 805247

She literally was just taking other peoples stories on twitter and making it worst. Also she just implied so much abuse it was insane. like even I don’t believe her.

I feel like the baby fueled a lot of hate in Taylor, and she was trying to ruin his image with her platform and be the biggest victim

She even said she was going to ruin him with her audience and I was like wtf

No. 805262

Stop spacing(mini-modding)

No. 805269

why ? Is it against a

rule ?

No. 805273

Actually, ignore >>805262.
I like the spacing, and it makes your post easier to read than a wall of text.

No. 805280

it's not really a rule but it's against board culture

wait, how do you know it's his shirt??

No. 805283

if I'm remembering right the shirt thing was addressed about a yr ago after her first stint in rehab. idk what thread it is

No. 805286

Against the culture, that’s pretty fucking hilarious. I always perfected spacing. You don’t need to mod the thread over the most nitpicking things

Also tons of people in every thread does spacing. So sorry it’s not to your standards. We are all here for milk not fighting about forum culture

No. 805295



Vive la spacing revolution

No. 805314

"having things to enjoy that don't rely on someone else's approval" bro when is animal keeping related to anyones approval?? if it hasn't been about the animals and about entertainment and pleasing your fans then you were always in the wrong business you stupid bitch.

No. 805335

A fan on Twitter pointed out she sounded different in the furby video she posted on her story and Taylor replied with a 3 part comment on exactly why she sounds different. She’s over explaining again and y’all know what that means(imageboard)

No. 805339

File: 1605719923262.png (119.06 KB, 480x714, Screenshot_20201118-101418_1.p…)

You absolute retard. Don't even bother with your newfag posting if you aren't going to screen cap. Worthless unsaged posting idiot, you got called out yesterday for this too.

No. 805343

Chill out dipshit

No. 805348

Does she not understand how absolutely manic this sounds? Girl really needs a therapist because she should be telling this shit to them not h

Taylor youre not special, its not your "mUH BPD VOICE CHANGES" everyone's voice changes slightly around different people. I dont talk to my partner or friends the same say I talk to my parents. People are pointing out that you sound methed out, out of your mind. Not your voice inflections when talking to different people.

No. 805354

I think we're going to be in for a gay-tay saga soon.
I didn't screen cap and it's gone now but she was calling out someone on her insta story saying "she's the best" with some name I can't remember what this person's name/nickname was or what exactly was said.
Now we know she's been hanging out with a girl for two weeks

No. 805355


That's going to be a pretty hard 180 considering Taylor accused some girl of sexually assaulting her because she was bi when Taylor didn't want to admit she was using cocain/a junkie back during the pettube saga

No. 805356

It's very possible she was in a sexual relationship with that girl we saw in pictures before she went to rehab last time. Even if it was just drug fueled.

No. 805358

Yeah she sounds on drugs in that video. I didn’t want to mention it until other people did, bc it was just a tinfoil for me.

Just like the sunglasses video (In Jonny saga) where she was sponsoring the weird app, she sounded on drugs.

No. 805359

And she also said that people fake being bi for clout

No. 805367

yep agreed. Opiates cause your voice to get deeper/lower. People often can tell someone relapsed just by that even if their behaviour doesn't change a ton (lbr tho it wont be long until their behaviour is insane - but hers already is). Guessing she's on meth still too since she refuses to show her face which is probably picked at etc etc etc same old song and dance

No. 805368

I dont understand how it looks like it's daytime yet all her enclosures are dark af.

No. 805369

imagine being this empty, boring, and with no personality that you're acting like a child in your 20s?

No. 805373

I mean, anon, she's not wrong. She did start talking and typing EXACTLY like Johnny after a while, and something similar happened w/ that soundcloud rapper dude. She doesn't have an excuse now tho lmao it's just drugs.

No. 805374

yeah I think it's a tendency of bpd people to pick up others intonations or their common phrases and start using them. She does sound like she's talking in a style more like soundcloud dude rn but I don't think that's what that girl meant lol she sounds high af just not quite to the slurry point.

No. 805375

That happens with everyone when they spend time around the same certain people. You pick up the mannerisms your friends have. Its human nature not some weird munchie BPD issue Taylor made up because she's on actual meth or opiods and doesn't want to admit it after mutiple relapses.

The commenter didn't say something because Taylor was quirky and sounded so much like a different person. Theres no refuting that she sounded like she was on drugs (both pitch and the fact she was manicly ranting) which was concerning/surprising to her asslickers kek.

No. 805378

I feel this too, even I change my mannerisms and tone of voice depending on who I’ve been hanging around. I’ll also pick up phrases/tone, if I change my friend group. I don’t think you need to have any mental illness, for this to happen. I’m pretty sure everyone does this naturally.

No. 805381

nah not everyone. sometimes people do it to keep conversation going at an even clip but lets be real, being young and desperate for acceptance will do that to people. fat white chicks are a great example of it. but added on the fact taylor is high p much the whole time, shes so unaware of her actions she cant even explain it away. shes gonna act retarded for a few months then make a so deep post about recovery being imperfect until she ends up looking the like the text book before and after of drugs d.a.r.e scares kids with