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No. 716645

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/714080

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs.
> She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:

> Punctured Tofu's lung injecting RI medicine while high on heroin, then drives car to hospital high. Blames hospital for all of this >>715622 / >>715689 / >>715691 / >>715767 / >>715688

> Couldn't tell if Kronos, Tofu or Gucci were sick >>715762
> Told now former stan Destry she would pay for medical care for the blood python, doesn't follow through >>715608 / >>716137
> Flies into a massive narc rage after Destry came out with the tofu milk, threatens Destry >>715830
> Projects, lies about Destry's animals >>715840 / >>715706 / >>715846
> Calls Destry a liar >>715748 / >>715831 / >>715844 , guilt trips her >>715758 / >>715866
> Calls Bree a liar >>715906
> Admits to driving while high more than once, claiming she was fine >>715782 while also contradicting herself >>715793
> Talks about privacy >>715898 yet she or one of her stans doxxes a minor >>715983 / >>716409
> Mama dean joins in on the bullying >>715903 / >>715923 / >>715952 / >>716034 / >>716131
> Gets on her druggie burner phone to continue harrassment after Destry blocks her >>715958 / >>716029 / >>716030 / >>716031 / >>716032 / >>716033 / >>716075
> Claims she is too mature to react while continuing to react >>716074 / >>716070
> Threatens legal action we all know will never happen >>715945 / >>715959 / >>716431
> Dms leaked of her shit talking in her narcsupply groupchat >>716182 / >>716186 / >>716190
> Claims not to check lolcow after sperging about Onision for days >>715982 / >>708569
> Taylor and her stans mass report Destry's alternate account >>716217
> Destry backpedals hard to avoid the narc rage >>716498 / >>716510 / >>716584 / >>716589

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new cowfish >>707579

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Is Taylor lurking on lolcow? >>708601
> Still getting fillers and denying it? >>708975 / >>709273
>Twisty's tail was broken under Taylor's care? >>715625
>Neglect of her snakes, croc skinks and frog, matching Breezexotics' claims >>715627 / >>715629
>Taylor getting blackout with bropeen in August? >>715634

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 716647

Thanks for the new thread anon.

Narcs like Taylor will never play fair, they're making an example out of her at this point.

She needs to stand up for herself and tell Taylor and her mom to fuck off. Giving in to their demands won't save you.

No. 716649

I wonder what they told the police to get them to show up. The police ain't investigating "slander" lol

No. 716655

I think it’s pretty obv Taylor scared Destry into silence and claiming the screenshots were fake and that someone hacked her acc.

No. 716656

excellent recap, anon. thank you.

No. 716658

Taylor probably leaked the address discretely to stans in the GC. Pretty easy to call the police anonymously.

No. 716660

Too bad the threadpic wasn't a morph of Taylor's face with Onision's. Funny that she posted about him so much, he was clearly an inspiration to her. Taylor boasts that she's too big to be cancelled, well, we'll see. Her and her mother deserve it just as much as he does. They're gross bitches and eventually karma will catch up to them.

No. 716661

anons last thread:
>taking the word of a 17 year old random kid who has the shoddiest “proof” anyone’s ever seen and refuses to provide actual solid proof as gospel
probably the same anons:
>would also believe anything jonny says because it’s against taylor; crowing and cawing for him to spill the milk when he’s literally been a pathological liar his entire life and his brain has been marinating in heroin for 10 years
these threads are so fucking pitiful now jesus christ. grasping at straws when the cow herself provides so many already, i don’t get it.

No. 716662

File: 1570589080406.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, low quality.jpg)

No. 716663

You conveniently forgot the part where Taylor confirmed it was real lmao

No. 716664

reposting dead unoriginal memes won’t change the fact that literally hundreds of you fucking brainlet retards unironically believed destry and would also believe jonny.

>i WanNa Go tO big SchOoLs!! that’s why i expose my name and face online when i post fake milk for asspats on lolcow!

No. 716665

she didn’t. the part about tofu was and the rest was horse shit that conveniently “can’t” be proven now. who needs facts when you can just use your feelings!

No. 716669

you're a retard. read the op, all destry screenshots except tofu ones are under uncomfirmed milk. tofu fucking turning blue was confirmed by video and by taylor herself.
people may be speculating, but nobody just believes random screenshots

No. 716670

oh man missed opportunity. Hopefully she keeps going off about him on twitter, maybe it could be a future thread pic

Thanks, so much went down last thread I kept thinking I missed some of her freakout in the recap

>who needs facts
clearly not any of you dumbass taylor stans

No. 716672

well yeah, she was intimidated to back down by tay and mama, so what do you expect

No. 716674

The police were never called, and the threats Taylor made were baseless. How are you guys going to act like she’s a worthless loser, who can’t do anything and then really believe she follows through on calling the police?
She didn’t. Destry got scared, or overwhelmed and went into hiding. She claimed she got hacked minutes after she posted her and Taylor made amends. And she was off dming all of the anti Taylor accounts.
Use your brains anons! She gave us some milk, but she also had us on a wild goose chase.

No. 716675

>how are you going to act like she's a worthless loser
well, I think she's regularly infantilizing herself and making herself seem more useless than shd actually is. that, and she's going into manic mode not to be outed. her and jen could def cook something up, the way they threatened destry.

No. 716676

Taylor may not have called the police, but you know damn well Mama Dean did lol

No. 716679

Jen “has her back” aka enables her - never forget 30 day soup. Meth and alcohol don’t count guys - it wasn’t like she was shooting up herion come onnnnn..

And as JC recent tweet says - where are all the charges? She’s just making threats, very typical for narcs to involve the cops.

She is the equivalent of the chads in khakis polo shorts and boat shoes sayin they are calling their lawyer

No. 716680

So, let’s say the police were called. Destry was in school while this was happening, after spending the night in the hospital. They come in, and question her about some screenshots? Some fucking screenshots? Are you kidding me?
If this was the case, tell me why half of the world isn’t in trouble for maybe spreading around some misinformation?
Taylor herself knew most of that was true, and there’s a handful of other people obviously involved in this. It’s not just Destry. There’s a few other rats in this, and they’re playing both sides.
Even if they did come in, unless Taylor was pushing for something to happen legally, then there was nothing. Just a minor slap on the wrist, or asked to stop.

Taylor didn’t file a restraining order on Jonny, and she surely didn’t do anything with Destry either.
You guys are operating entirely off of someone who has already given you false information.
Mama Dean didn’t do shit either. She can’t handle twitter confrontation, and sat back while her daughter shot up day & night.
I hate Taylor, but this is just retarded.

No. 716681

She called and harassed her multiple times. She threaten lawsuits multiple times, and got her mom to call as well. Ofc Destry is scared, a heroin addict is harassing her.

Seems unlikely that Destry is lying imo.

No. 716682

she's doing a spot on impersonation of him, for sure. bullying children is one of the onion's favorite things to do. i guess we should be grateful that taylor doesn't fuck them.

No. 716683

Mama Dean literally tweeted about getting "investigators" involved. We all know who called the police.

No. 716685

Maybe they should investigate her for child neglect as she is a shittt fuckin mother

No. 716686

Yes, and Mama Dean also claimed to be doing a lot of things. She just wants attention, or to scare off the little teens trying to bully her popular daughter. Because if Taylor gets cancelled, no more attention for Jen.

No. 716688

You’re talking about a pathological liar and her mother who enables her. I’d definitely believe they made the situation seem way worse to the police to get them to go to Destry’s house.

No. 716689

And no more $ for mama either

No. 716690

File: 1570590931965.jpeg (179.43 KB, 750x1134, 699E0D49-E078-4677-AB92-CEF651…)

Notice Chelsea liked this. I think she indeed was silenced.

No. 716692

SA police department has an anonymous form on their site where you can report illegal activity… like drug usage/sales, harassment of a minor, animals abuse/ neglect, operating a vechicle high, sending minors ss of sexually explicit texts.(cowtip suggestion)

No. 716693

File: 1570591183214.png (874.88 KB, 1242x2688, liar.png)

for those anons who aren't bothering to read the linked information in the body of the OP which was helpfully provided above, here you go again.

please read before you baitpost. it's greatly appreciated.

TND admits to harassing a teen after said teen blocked her >>716166
Jen threatens Destry privately >>716034
Taylor is a member of at least two groups with teen fans, who knows what they talk about >>716074 >>716076
Celia has been on more than one round of antibiotics >>715959
Jen and Taylor engage in obvious lameass gay ops >>715952
Jen threatens Destry publically >>715903

now please fuck off with this bullshit. taylor and her mother threatened a teenaged girl and sent her army of idiot stans after her so that she would stop talking. they insinuated all kinds of shit in the most blatant and obvious way. they are both grotesque.

No. 716694


You have absolutely no idea what Taylor did or didn't do, stop acting like you know what they'd do because you read a gossip board. She's a fucking heroin addict, she's unstable as hell.

These posts are slippery and stanny

No. 716698

It’s not stanny to question the behavior of both Taylor, and a 16 year old that admitted she didn’t know if her sources were correct.

No. 716699

Her source was also in taylors weird cult groupchat. The odds of taykor figuring out who it was and scaring them as well are pretty up there, moreso if they're young like destry is. Destry is acting like a scared child trying to say what ever she can to make this go away. Because thats most likely whats happening.

No. 716700

File: 1570592870827.png (121.67 KB, 605x471, Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 8.43…)

Not really new milk but Bree is roasting TND on twitter, which I always appreciate. Taylor must be so mad she wasn't able to shut her up lol

No. 716701

It’s the same pattern of behavior from Taylor at this point it’s obvious, won’t work on everyone tho. Didnt Taytay have an NDA on JC ? Or was that vice versa or not confirmed?

No. 716702

jesus fucking christ bree has been caught self posting like three different times. bitch come here and spill the milk or quit sperging and lurking

No. 716705

samefag but I'm not Bree, I was just lurking on her twitter. I do think she still posts here though

No. 716707

imagine being such an egomaniac that you think you have the right to tell someone you don't know what to do

No. 716708

i wasn’t saying you were, i should’ve clarified. she’s posted here and in the general pettube threads.

No. 716709

>t. every anon who’s ever tried to give taylor sage life advice by blogging about their own story of addiction

No. 716710

There would be no point for a 16 year old to frame a junkie liar. honestly think about it for 3 seconds and it makes sense. Tay will defend her money making platform by any means. Taylor does this shit any time someone gets close to letting her junkie secrets out. What is she gonna go back to petco and work?! Why do you think she hasn’t said shit about JC, cause he will tell us all how she cooked her animals and starved them and begged to be shot up and she probably fucked his dealers too. What we know is fucked up, just imagine what we don’t know. She ever fucked up her - im a junkie - timeline through out all of this saying she was high driving. If she says it, it’s a lie.

No. 716711

I do think Destry had her own motives for exposing Taylor, she randomly sends info weeks after it happened. Very odd.

Maybe she had a change of heart? Money? Revenge? Attention?

I don't know if the DM's are fake.

Alot of the information corroborates what alot of us suspect. Why would someone manufacture fake info anyway? There's obviously dirt (like driving high) out there in her private convos. Is it THAT far-fetched that someone is trying to bring her down from the inside?

No. 716725

You forget that they're teenagers with a platform to get their idol's attention. Teens also have the peer acceptance mindset and if you add a platform that they can hide behind a screen, They'll do anything to be known so they'll turn on anyone to get ahead of someone else; the whole "I wanna be the popular one." Taylor is forever stuck in this phase and is basically the mean girl that all the other stans wanna be. Wasn't surprised that this girl is suddenly back in Taylor's arms. Taylor could've just said , "you won't be in our cool group anymore and can't hang out with us so you're a fucking loser! no one likes you" and she would suddenly kiss her ass again.

only time Taylor will ever change is when teenagers doesn't give a shit about her anymore when she's 10 years older than them with a face of a 40 year old junkie. They'll move on to another idiot 21 year old pettuber

No. 716740

Go Breeee! Taylor will probably try to bribe you as well soon so I hope you are prepared to stand against her manipulation technique. But somehow I think Bree is a tree that will not fall easy.

Also I wonder if Tofu died when Taylor punctured his lung on heroin, and she got a new one just like him, and that's why he doesn't seem to be growing?

No. 716741

I was wondering that about tofu too. Idk about snake cpr but it if he turned blue and hard as she said that sounds like he died. Not to mention that she was high as shit and driving while doing the cpr so clearly not focusing on what she was doing. The more I type the more I feel like I'm talking about a human because a person surviving that would be miraculous and the idea of a baby snake surviving just seems like such a stretch

No. 716747

hey Op just a tip, enlarge a picture first then and save/reupload the larger version. the pic in the Op is thumbnail-sized ie. for ants.

Anyway I think the real nugget to come out of this Destry mess, beyond Taylor's sperging, bullying and manipulation (which, well, we been knew) is there is now proof she mistreated a sick animal (Tofu) while high on drugs, something she has adamantly denied till now. Additionally that she drove on drugs, but I think her finally admitting to fucking around with her animals is the big news.

No. 716756

op here, it’s bothering me too especially since the image was so text oriented. sorry guys I wasn’t paying attention when I grabbed the jpeg. And Taylors probably going to play off the tofu thing as a mistake anyone could make and completely ignore that she was high on H, maybe she’ll spin it to blame the hospital for giving the syringe to her as well as the RI misdiagnosis

No. 716761

I don’t know anyone who has performed snake CPR but it sounds not realistic at all on the smallest snake ever specifically bc how are you plugging the puncture wound and pumping his little heart??? And driving!!! Ffs it’s actual insanity

No. 716763

I'm sure you can give CPR to any animal, the question fto me however is, is she really that well educated to give CPR in the first place

No. 716765

CPR on a snake especially a baby snake is extremely difficult

CPR on a baby snake while driving is borderline impossible

CPR on a baby snake while driving while high is impossible

No. 716767

This story sounds way to similar to the grey kitten one.
The cat getting unresponsive, Taylor miraculous saving it with CPR

Taylor can clean her room for her life, less how to learn CPR on different kinds of animals.

No. 716769

Honestly the CPR story sounds just like the little grey kitten story.

I've had a lot of different animals throughout my life (not as many at one time as Taylor, obviously) and never had to perform CPR, or any of the shit that has happened to Taylor's animals. Yes accidents do happen, but this many problems in 2 years is absolutely ridiculous, and how people still blindly defend that blows my mind.

Also pisses me off that she's been throwing around "all my snakes are in PERFECT HEALTH", for so long, when it's now obvious she just doesn't mention when animals get sick to avoid criticism.

No. 716770

File: 1570607545100.jpeg (431.9 KB, 1242x1174, 3B089474-5C32-4AE2-89B9-022E0D…)

I don’t know if anyone caught this, but she said she was going to take a big break?

No. 716780

also, i highly (no pun intended there lol) doubt she went to the emergency vet high af off H for that matter when she did that to her small snake. she probably took it as dead told herself she tried to save it and did what she could and replaced it like she usually does which is why she didnt bother to say anything /tinfoil.

No. 716781


No. 716782

"and how people still blindly defend that blows my mind."
I agree. What bothers me most are the pet accounts (that has a youtube channel / insta with a decent following and all follow one another) that STILL follow TND. One even tweeted saying, "just because I liked a tweet that defend said person (tnd) does not mean I support animal abuse." along those lines. She said that she follows for the photos, and for the fun part of the pet community - but if you love animals so much, wouldnt you be disgusted that this big pettuber is doing this with her animals? add on top of that how she treats others just to save her own ass? boggles my mind.

No. 716783

seeing others pettubers or pet accounts on twitter and insta that still follow = still defending her.
regardless if they think theyre being neutral about it.
deep down I feel like they still want to be friends with her for follows. /rant

No. 716785

One girl (not sure if she's a pet tuber) said she's not going to pick sides and it's fine to criticize animal care but not to air out their personal demons? You really can't tell the difference between say putting an animal on a debateable substrate and fucking stabbing it's lungs while high on heroin? Fuck off with that shit.

No. 716786

That’s the same person I’m talking about. I eyerolled so hard when she tweeted that.

No. 716788

File: 1570619379072.jpg (963.8 KB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20191009_130851687.j…)

Found this going through her Instagram. The mark on Tofu stood out to me.

No. 716801

File: 1570626867969.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, 986A0B6D-38AF-44D8-B517-D48732…)


Is this the same mark? Her timeline with them shooting up on thanksgiving is fishy if it’s the same and it comes from her injecting tofu.

No. 716806

File: 1570627891800.jpg (5.49 KB, 300x225, Medical06.jpg)


If that mark was from injecting Tofu that would mean she pierced the needle all the way through him, as you give injections on the dorsal (top) side.

Which is extra horrifying to think about

No. 716808

Wouldn't that be way too far back to be the lungs though? And after the vet saved the snake, wouldn't there be a really big visible bruise? Especially since he's leucistic?

No. 716810

Do we even know if Tofu is alive?

No. 716812

That make might just be poop

No. 716813

No. 716823

File: 1570631707771.jpg (82.59 KB, 960x707, oxpmsis0wlxx.jpg)

it wouldn't.
if taylor really pierced through that snake that's fucking horrible

No. 716825

I'm going to have to agree that it's probably just poop. Leusistic and albino snakes you can often see through. I can always see where my albino garter snakes poop is because it's a dark spot in her belly. When she was really little I could see her heart in the right lighting. Plus it's no where near Tofu's lung.

No. 716829

it's blue, anon.

No. 716830

I asked this last thread and no one seemed to know. Or maybe just didn't see the post, but I don't think we have recent pictures of Tofu.

No. 716831

She posts photos of tofu all the time on her second Instagram account. Most recently was 6 days ago

No. 716832

Doesn’t mean the pictures themselves were taken recently.

No. 716834

And sometimes things appear different colors when they’re visible through skin. Leopard gecko eyes aren’t blue or green, but they can certainly look like it through the skin. Same concept with poop. It’s showing through pink skin and white scales.

No. 716839

What anon said about showing through the skin. Plus she looks like she did some color editing her tattoos the shadows on her hand ect all have more of a blue tint than reality.

No. 716841

But hasnt she posted videos of when she was back home of him in her hand in what looked to her the backyard? It’s alive but who knows if it’s the same one she got originally.

No. 716887

I'm pretty sure that is the gallbladder. You can see it pretty clearly on white, young snakes like this.

No. 716891

File: 1570643889332.png (323.41 KB, 1391x909, Capture _2019-10-09-10-57-50.p…)

For that price. Tofu is highly replaceable

No. 716892

If she takes her animals like she says to the vet the vet should have the whole situation in the file she should show us the papers from the vet. But knowing taylor we would have to take her word for it.. And we all know we can never trust a word out of her mouth

No. 716893

Nah because then she’ll start spewing her whole “I’m not the one who started this so why should I show proof” again

No. 716896

Just like last time this whole thing fizzled down, can someone with some clout PLEASE call Taylor out? PLEASE?

No. 716903

Wonder how long she'll stay quiet now that she's got her way again

No. 716904

the thing is that taylor is kinda hard to call out because she wiggles her way out of things so much.

there’s literal years worth of screenshots of lies, contradictions, inflations etc on her behalf but the sheer amount of them means someone would have to dedicate hella time and effort into compiling the most relevant ones, and by that time a lot of passerby will have lost interest.

exposing her to her fans seems to work somewhat but only if those fans are level headed and old enough to truly tell when they’ve been lied to.

it would be good to see someone about her size follower-wise or even bigger just make a simple callout tweet that links to a google document containing an updated death chart and some choice screenshots side-by-side to prove she’s lied, or something of that nature. just lay it all out bare, without petty piss takes, there is concrete evidence of several of her wrongdoings and she’d be hard pressed to deny it all. i think these would be more well known if lolcow wasn’t so hard to delve into for n00bs due to the sheer amount of posts we have on her.

No. 716907

Agreed. Many of us here are actually former fans who started realizing things didn’t add up, and probably found this site in similar ways. Googling her to see if anyone else was picking up on the lying and poor care, out of concern for the animals, and discovering that what we noticed barely scratched the surface. It would be great not just for a big name to call her out but to explain WHY, and do it in a way that focuses on the animals. At this point we all know she’s a lying narc munchie but to sway naive fans the best bet would be to focus on why her animal care is shit. That’s what got a lot of us to start questioning her and the rest followed.

No. 716911

Its just insane, because I know for a fact if someone verified or another youtuber with Clout called Taylor out she would NOT know what to do.

She loves to fight with randoms, minors etc, but if she meets someone with their own fanbase and clout I just feel like that'll be the end of her. Maybe she'll actually rethink somethings and fix her life.

but you guys are right, probably won't happen, but maybe a fresh scandal may be possible.

No. 716936

Anon according to her and her brain dead stans, we’re RIDICULOUS for even thinking her animals received subpar care while she was doped up 24/7. She’s a fucking loser that is in denial. I’ve seen first and secondhand that heroin addicts like her do not give a flying fuck about anything but their next fix. Oh yeah and add shitty dope head Jonny into the equation. But yes, keep telling us how ALL of your animals are in “PERFECT HEALTH.”

I’m also fucking sick of hearing her holier than thou bs. Like yeah, we’re all so jealous of you living with your mommy and daddy, being an addict, being an animal hoarder/abuser, being a depressed psycho maniac, having hep c, grooming/manipulating teenage fans, being a pathological liar, having no fashion sense, getting junkie tattoos, having poor hygiene, and living your entire narc life based off the amount of asspats you get from the internet. Yes we’re all so jealous of Taylor Nicole Dean because she’s going places. We all need to take note. She needs to realize that anyone can get clean, it’s a matter of actually staying sober from all substances and getting to the root cause of your substance abuse.

No. 716942

Whoever updated Taylor's Pet History stats today, thank you.

No. 716946

File: 1570652567784.jpg (449.09 KB, 1536x1136, Screenshot_20191009-222124.jpg)

I wonder if she's still injecting her subs like Jake accused her of. (Which i honestly believe at this point)

No. 716958

No. Nope. Not even if Holy Halsey herself shamed Taylor for stabbing her snake on heroin. Taylor would just call her a hater and accuse her of being a backstabber. This is one dumb bitch we are dealing with you know?

No. 716961

File: 1570656978392.png (103.09 KB, 602x847, Captureas.PNG)

it's 4pm her local time and taylor is finally up and sperging about destry again

No. 716963

File: 1570657160014.png (85.13 KB, 608x704, Capture1.PNG)

she's now claiming the tofu situation was misinterpreted too.

No. 716965

File: 1570657306324.png (96.13 KB, 659x785, Capture2.PNG)

now claiming that she wasn't high while treating tofu and that it is completely normal to puncture snake's lungs anyway

No. 716967

>I don't even know where she lives
>I have never known her address

But you knew where she worked and physically went there to ask about her?? Not that hard to go from Point A to Point B in assuming you damn well know where she lives too.

No. 716968

oh man here we go lol

No. 716975

Hold up, so she literally said in the chat "I pierced his lung" and "I had to give him CPR WHILE I was high WHILE I drove" and "he turned blue and solid"….
But now it sounds like she's playing the whole thing down like he didn't literally die from a punctured lung, "the vet did it too!! It's not just me!! I'm amazing, just like the world renowned vet I go to!!!! Even tho vets always make mistakes with my animals (not me obv I'm perfect!) but that's because for no reason at all I go to a different vet and they always fuck up and then I have to go back to my regular vet who's amazing!! Just like me!!", he turned blue and solid but was literally fine, right Taylor?
And also now she wasn't high?? (absolute bullshit, why would you even think you might have been high if this happened before you even got high, also when did she prove she later said she wasn't high in the conversation?)

Urgh I literally cannot stand her, the way her parents see all the lies she spouts online and viciously defend her makes me sick.

No. 716977

File: 1570658618030.png (350.84 KB, 605x497, Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 3.01…)

> i was not high
ok taylor

No. 716979

but anon, she misremembered and went back and checked her heroin journal and discovered the dates didn't line up /s

No. 716980

Time to do the old Deny Argue Reverse Victim Order shuffle, huh Taylor?

She's such an insipid, transparent little narc kek

No. 716981

File: 1570658997875.png (84.7 KB, 667x794, Capture23.PNG)

she never said she was so high she could barely drive, guys

No. 716982

File: 1570659038484.png (140.18 KB, 614x427, Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 3.10…)

No. 716983

Funny how getting called out for your shit is always "DRAMA" to chicks like Taylor. It's never "accountability" or "taking responsibility".

Ironic (and moronic) that she keeps word vomiting about it and going BUT NO NEED FOR DRAMA WE'RE MOVING ON

No. 716985

File: 1570659155753.png (73.01 KB, 617x245, Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 3.12…)

her response to everyone calling her bs

No. 716986

Taylor is on the road to overdosing and I'm okay with this. She's worse than a pathetic waste of space, she's a abuser. Of minors. Just like JC.

I hope she goes down the same path as JC, eventually becoming a washed up mess that everyone despises. She acts just like him.

No. 716988

So much for "taking a long break". Her break was shorter than the consecutive hours she spent sperging on Twitter.

No. 716989

I mean she was gone for 21 hours

No. 716991

She spent over 24 hours tweeting on Monday

No. 716994

Gotta wonder how tweaked out she was for all that. Whataburger won't keep you alert and sperging that long.

No. 716997

She only logged in to let us know that the drama is over and we should all stop talking about it already.

Now she will again have a heroin dreams, become depressed, log out, and be late with this weeks heroin diaries. Then get scolded by mom for not contributing to the household, make another video just because she has to, all dressed in camgirl clothes as a revenge on her mom. Aaa I know the script just all too well already.

No. 716998

how can one join their group chats?

No. 717000

Wouldn’t it be crazy if a vet tech or secretary at one of the many vet clinics she’s named dropped found this page and started spilling milk about what animals have died and how not every animal is in “PERFECT AMAZING CONDITION”?

Is there HIPPA for animals?

No. 717001

Videos won't be ready on time because she will be too busy sleeping and tweeting about how her life is so terrible and hard while simultaneously tweeting she is superior to everyone

No. 717003

when she gets a new pet make a fan account with its name and you should be good lmao

No. 717004

you'd probably have to pretend to kiss her ass in in her subtweets for a while

No. 717005

I don't want her to OD, thats kind of harsh, but I truly hope she one day learns, I doubt it but wishing that someone OD's is a little harsh for me.
I do want her to be called out badly though

No. 717007

she will never learn, sadly.

No. 717009

Using “was not” as opposed to “wasn’t” is a sign of a possible lie, google away.(autism)

No. 717010

IDK, hitting rock bottom via OD is one of the few things that makes delusional addicts stop and maybe reevaluate their lives.

Friendly reminder that Taylor Nicole Dean regularly drives while under the influence, with no licence, and puts everyone else on the road at risk. Car accidents caused by junkies lead to death and serious injury.

No. 717011

No one said they want her to OD, just that the world would be a better place if she did.

No. 717012

I'm not even saying people shouldn't feel that way or should feel bad (I despise her) I was just saying how I felt. If people feel that way I can understand 100% why.

I know that Taylor cares a lot about how people feel and I feel like if someone as big as her or bigger were to call her ass out the next scandal, she would'nt be able to use her fame to bury them or scare them off.

But as someone told me early, they don't feel it's the case.
To me Taylor's only as strong as her stans, without them she's fucking weak.

No. 717013

I was about to mentally strangle her when I read her "defence" just now but I agree that wishing overdose on someone is harsh.

I just wish for A L L of her animals to be rehomed. Every single poor innocent soul that didn't want any of this.

And HOW can she say it's alright for her family to take care of the animals? when they have literally NO knowledge about them? I don't think Mama Dean has the interest and knowledge it takes to take care of a sick and dying zoo. Mama D just wants them rehomed too ffs!


Also it's interesting how Destry hasn't deleted her tweets yet. Tinfoil but I think she is still one of us. Hope Tay is too busy reading tweets instead of this. Destry if you are here, I still believe in you.

No. 717016

Regardless of what DMs are allegedly real or not, we at least learned Taylor spends her limited waking hours grooming children on Twitter. That alone makes her a massive piece of shit and everyone is glossing over this.

She's an adult that surrounds herself with children and forces them to a vow of silence about what goes on behind closed doors with threats of legal action. That is a huuuuge red flag.

No. 717018

because she is so obsessed with herself and her "image" and her money making channel. def red flags, but I think she does it because she wants to control EVERYTHING.

No. 717020

It's also classic shitbag behavior. Taylor can't hack it with anyone her own age she doesn't have leverage over so she surrounds herself with kids and uses the emotionally abusive, manipulative route of "omg I feel so speshul, my idol is talking to me and taking me into her circle!" to ensure their compliance.

Bet she tells them they're "not like other kids their age" and "so mature for your age!!!"

No. 717024

agreed, she's a huge piece of shit regardless if the screencaps were real or not. and I believe they're real. she always has and always will claim any discriminating screencap is fake.

I hope she loses her remaining looks, all her animals and becomes homeless.

No. 717025

And why the FUCK would you start talking about your heroin addiction with a 16 year old anyway?!?

No. 717026


No. 717027


Oof, should have just left that one alone, Taylor. That was, according to your stans, the 'ONLY text that was proven!'

No. 717031

LOL she just can't help herself, because Taylor Knows Best! She always has to have the last word and be the biggest martyr.

So now it's gonna be a round of deny deny deny, woe is me, I am being bullied, so unreasonable, then the tragic self-sacrificing passive aggressive flounce… you know, the entitled white girl speacial kek

No. 717032

well, if taylor doesn't like reality, she's just going to change it. the screenshots are fake! oh, there's proof? well she didn't really mean what she said in the screenshots! she misremembered!

No. 717040

File: 1570662903750.png (53.11 KB, 576x436, lmao.png)


It's so good to see more & more people catching her bullshit & throwing it right back in her face

No. 717052

Either way you slice it her story doesn’t add up. She could have been high on ANYTHING that night with tofu, she never specified in her message that is was heroin.

The messages with Chelsea were confirmed real, so she was at least smoking heroin long before she injected.

And if she wants to continue this narrative of how she misinterpreted her own memory and how the first time she shot up was the next night, it’s also wrong because she herself claims the first time was Thanksgiving.

She’s literally admitted to doing dialudid, roxies, coke, smoking heroin, and more LONG before she ever shot up, so even if it’s true that it was the night before she first shot up, she very well could have been high on something else.

No. 717068

It seems like there’s about 3 snakes within the chat (if not more) that were either involved directly or indirectly with Destry (giving her information after she was out of the gc) and it does seem like her plotting it went on for a while seeing as her alternative account had tweets on it dating back to 2018.
I am not confident in Destry’s honesty, and motives, but I am hopeful there will be more that finally pull away / give out more info.

No. 717069

cmon anon, we know she was high on H. she has said so herself before that she would drive while high on H but sHe wAsNt ReAlLy HiGh but just so she wouldnt have cravings or whatever the bimbo said.

No. 717087

Taylor, and Destry are both clowns.
Destry told all of you guys a bunch of information alleging that she was still using, and got black out drunk. She also claimed that Twisty’s tail was cut off, and regurgitated the story that Bree shared with us.
And then messaged Taylor apologizing for spreading false information, along with messaging random accounts that she was being silenced. And then she turned around and told us that her account was being hacked, after spending the night in the hospital for anxiety (a hospital would never keep you overnight for anxiety)
And the cops show up to the school (crazy how the cops somehow knew where she went to school / lived)

And for Taylor, she defended herself doing shitty things (like driving under the influence) and making bad judgement, and how dare you judge her because she was suffering from addiction!
Only to turn around and say she was never even high.

They’ve both played you. Destry had a little bit of insight but followed the rabbit trail only to clown out.
Taylor lies as usual. Nothing new.

No. 717091

File: 1570667366292.png (77.57 KB, 468x642, plsnobully1.png)


Fucking spare me with this 'Taylor's being persecuted so I must speak out!' bullshit.

No. 717094

Why is everyone forgetting that Taylor knew beforehand what the texts would say before they were posted? The only way she would’ve known is if she actually sent them, aka that they’re real

No. 717101


Because that's what she wants.

No. 717103

repeating that they’re real wont make them real. the timestamps are all wrong, the icon is all wrong. they were made after taylor’s tweets using her tweets as fodder.

No. 717106

>they were made after taylor’s tweets using her tweets as fodder.

Prove it.

No. 717107

File: 1570668488047.png (227.19 KB, 604x663, Screen Shot 2019-10-09 at 5.48…)

No. 717109

Aren't these supposed to be from June? Taylor predicted she would become a heroin addict in the future? Psychic too, she's so special.

No. 717111

Ah yes because piercing your snakes lung totally doesn’t count as him ending up hurt.

No. 717112

File: 1570668860142.jpg (903.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191009-205405_Ins…)

No. 717114

You literally begged to get on subs Tay. The fuck are you talking about? How is that your doctor's fault?

No. 717115

bitch if you hate it so much stop taking them. And man she is one to talk about avoiding responsibility lmao she is literally doing that very thing in this tweet by pushing it on the healthcare system for putting LABELS on the drugs??? TND logic.

No. 717117

So if she says the whole time was a blur, but this also happened at the same time as Kronos having to get injections… she says in her addiction video that she very clearly remembers that time. Doesnt make sense.

No. 717118

according to her the snake died and she had to give him cpr but at the same time he didn't end up hurt and didnt need anything to get better? the fuck??

No. 717119

this kind of warning is given on most medications?? what the fuck is she on

if it didnt have any warning she'd complain anyway. this is just a lowkey reminder that she's an addict y'all!!!

No. 717121

It's short and sweet so that people can fucking see what it is and get it, what the fuck does Taylor want it to say?
If it was a brick of text Taylor would say it's too complicated for addict brains, I'm literally not getting what she's complaining about.

If she has a better option for people to get off drugs, then she should share it, she's not a fucking doctor.

No. 717122

even if we had video evidence of this, she'd find a way to discredit it i swear

No. 717124

My god I thought she was stupid but not this fucking stupid.

Taylor, they have to put those warnings on those meds, just like they do with psychotropics. Even Advil has warnings about possible side effects and risks.

How exactly do you expect them to prescribe them? Since you've been to WoRlD rEnOwNeD facilities and seem to be the embodiment of WikiDrugs. AFAIK in America they prescribe the exact dosis you need in a bottle, what else can be done?

And it isn't like the doctor didn't tell you what Suboxone was for before they prescribed it to you. And also, those labels are not only directed at the people who are taking the medication, but for example, caretakers.

It's really pathetic how you try to be and look oppressed by the healthcare system when you're actually in a position of privilege.

You're not being groundbreaking with these things, you just look mad stupid.

No. 717125


Fuck me, the snake died, didn't it?

There was a time Taylor was posting Tofu non-stop, then suddenly, nothing, then by the summer time, she started posting him again…

No. 717127

Except the opioid epidemic is actually being cracked down on in the medical field more than any other area? Pain killers arent prescribed willy nilly (at least in my state) anymore and clinicians will lose their license for doing so.

She literally just cannot talk about anything other than addiction its. Something else man.

No. 717128

She literally cannot understand that if someone decides to not follow the warning it's their responsibility and that it's there for a reason. Because to her addicts should not be held accountable for their addiction lmfao
This bitch I swear.

No. 717129

neither she nor anyone else said tofu died

No. 717130

why do you think she had to give the snake cpr? she said it was stiff and blue-ish.

No. 717131

I used to be a little soft on taylor but seeing how she is just incapable of taking responsibility for ANYTHIng, is blowing my mind.
Even when shit is her fault, it's not really her fault and shouldn't be focused on.

You CANNOT live your life this way Taylor, In my short time of following her, I don't think I've ever seen her take full responsibility for anything and the shit with this Minor has laid that shit in front of me, I should've never given her the benefit of the doubt.
It's not even funny, you can tell her stans are probably children or like-minded people, because I cannot be around someone who is incapable of self-reflection in a way thats not making them a victim.

No. 717132

>>717106 look at the warped text you moron

No. 717133

anon. this has been discussed like ten times. it’s really fucking simple, please try to wrap your head around the following basic concepts:
>old twitter messages show a full date (1/1/2001)
>new twitter messages just show a time of day (22:15)
>if these were “old” screenshots they’d have her old icon, not her new one
>if they were “scrolled back” recent screenshots they’d have datestamps instead of timestamps
>that means the screenshots are fake because none of this shit adds up

do you understand now or do you need this explained to you even further?

No. 717134

Like to see her flat out say, "yeah the shit with the snake happens, but doesn't matter because-" is some shit that I'd expect a fucking 12 year old to say.

This girl seriously needs to figure her life out.
She's depressed, she's toxic and addicted to being a victim. It's fucking disgusting at this point.

Seriously Taylor, take some time an figure out why you can never be wrong, why everyone is out to get you, maybe it's fucking you.

No. 717136

How did Taylor give Destry the snake if she didn't know where she lived?

No. 717137

Or….. they're not old.

No. 717138

if they were recent screenshots they would have a fucking date stamp. why is this so hard to understand???

No. 717140

Not if they're less than 24 hours old. Is there some fucking reason I'm missing why it's impossible for taylor to have sent these DMs two days ago? Then the DMs would be less than 24 hours old, thus time stamp and not date stamp, but it was still within the time period where she had her new profile pic.

No. 717142

File: 1570671630297.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, ACBAB2A9-2D98-4692-A845-B74239…)

Don’t know if anyone caught this, but look at the time. Was this just one big “conversation” in one day? She just exposed herself with all of this information? And the person she was talking with just didn’t respond? Check the timestamps. Between that, and the wonky text these are 100% botched

No. 717144

File: 1570671855538.jpeg (322.88 KB, 1242x1684, 010644B2-C342-4397-983A-B12620…)

if the dm’s were real, they could’ve easily been proven by taking a screen recording and scrolling thru the convo and then clicking through to taylor’s profile. the fact that that was never done is even more proof this shit is about as real as taylor’s lips.

No. 717146

she likes to go on long rants all the time. this sounds exactly like one of her twitter spergs.

do you seriously believe her kid stans pulled this elaborate scheme? bc it sounds insane

No. 717148

or they were intimidated out of it before they could show proof

No. 717152

jesus christ you tinfoil anons need help. there’s a literal mountain of evidence that the screenshots were faked compared to evidence they could be real. shit could be made in motherfucking MS paint and you’d insist it was legit or that taylor did it herself through a sock account kek

No. 717153

File: 1570672195322.jpeg (222.42 KB, 946x1681, C3C75F53-F5E7-494B-953A-5A9E4F…)

Stop being fucking retarded anon. Stop. Look at the fucking weird text, look at the context, look at the time. These aren’t real. I know you’re desperate for Taylor milk, but let’s attack her with real stuff. Not fake shit

No. 717161

That's caused by the image resizing, probably with whatever they used to black out the text. If it were a shitty photoshop it wouldn't be in all one straight line vertically (where the program compressed the image), it would be randomly distributed.

No. 717163

You are cherry picking. Even if it were from some rendering, that still ignores everything else. INCLUDING TIMESTAMPS. Not all of them have it, but they’re all within the same few minutes.
Go to kiwifarms if you want to be this braindead

No. 717164

this was discussed in the last thread. this is almost certainly an editing app artifact. i know my way around photoshop and i can't figure out why this would prove the screencap is fake. you'd have to be retarded to randomly shift the text like that.

i honestly don't give a shit if the caps are fake tbh. the real milk was how taylor reacted to them.

No. 717166

Anons are glazing over the fact that she somehow magically predicted this is what was going to come out before it was even posted? Tell me fucking how? She's even playing lolcow like a fiddle. Come on.
Nothing is too far fetched for her. I remember when the speculation about her being on heroin even seemed far fetched. Then it turned out even worse than we even speculated. She's a fucking mess of a person. With Bree also backing those up and them lining up with her story as well, and with the confirmed real Tofu conversation along side of it, I'm going to believe this shit.

No. 717171

do you even read before you post? it makes sense that fake screenshots would be made after taylor tweeted about shit in order to bait her and evidently lolcow. don’t know when shoddy proof became acceptable but until that screen recording is released it’s not worth shit

No. 717175

agreed that it isn't worth shit. that's why they're under uncomfirmed milk in the op. idk why you're so personally offended that some anons speculate they're real/true

No. 717178

I think Destry (or maybe the person who gave destry the doctored caps) warned TND beforehand. Either by saying something along the lindes of "you are going to be exposed.everyone will know about the maggots" or "my kween someone told some other people and they told me that there is a chick who is gonna say your frog was eAtEn ALivE my maggots. Watch out for that"

maggots just as an example because Taylor seems to love that acusation

No. 717180

lol it was tinfoiled yesterday that she would say that exact thing was how we would know they're fake. Good to see the cow herself or her stans are clueless enough to try that bs excuse. Again a barrage of people refuting the claims made that we admitted weren't solid. lbr if they were taylors screenshots that had a 1-2 pixel wide discrepancy no one would notice.

Biggest of all yesterday she said the tofu thing was true and she has since backpedaled…something we have solid proof of!

No. 717182


also, how has nobody noticed that the typing style isn’t the same as taylor’s at all? her phone always autocorrects lowercase i to uppercase in the non-shopped screenshot, in her tweets over the last few months, in proven legitimate messages from elsewhere etc. also noticed that “lmao” is almost never with a capital L in her tweets or genuine DMs, but in the fake one it was.

No. 717187

Who cares if some anons think they are real? Anons don’t have to think the same thing as a collective. That’s also why I don’t get you keep saying she fooled lolcow like we somehow agreed as a consensus they were real. Some think they were real, some fake. Don’t know why you are so dead set on forcing them to think the same as you.

What is real and irrefutable is TND’s actions before, during and after the whole debacle. Her actions stood out far above anything alleged in the messages anyways. Them being fake doesn’t justify her actions or make her look any better. It really doesn’t even matter at this point if they are real or not.

No. 717188

good point. first decent proof that they might not be real tbh.
so what is your analysis on the texts about adopting the blood puthon? bc taylor is now claiming these are fake too

No. 717190

>Who cares if some anons think they are real?
This thread has a reputation for being full of crazy nutjobs and the desire to believe that the texts are real despite all evidence to the contrary just adds more proof to the pile. Between the insane tinfoiling, opiate blogging, and this incident it seems like most of the regulars ITT would be bigger cows than Taylor if they had a fraction of the audience

No. 717193

They could've met at a neutral location if they live nearby each other.

No. 717209

Another issue with the alleged fake screenshots is that she refers to Twisty as a she. Previously she thought Twisty was female, but since getting him sexed she's always called him he.

I know it's possible the texts were super recent which would explain the time stamps, but the messages about Twisty don't add up then.

No. 717211

> Taylor “shot up every hour the strongest china white”
> Only prescribed 2mg Suboxone

No. 717212

I feel the fake text pics aren't legit, but that there is truth to the conversations having happened, but the person didn't get enough proof so they had to fabricate visuals.

If you were going to lie about Taylor, why make it as tame and casual as it was. I believe the person who made them did have the conversations but didn't save them in a way that looked legitimate, so they had to doctor them.

They could have easily went after her sobriety, and even the kitten that died, but didn't.

This whole thing with the cult of Discord minors is more fucked to me than the DMs being true.

No. 717213

taylor was so freaked out about the texts she had a 20hr sperg session. there had to be some truth to them.

No. 717215

to be fair it's 8-2mg. 8mg burprenophine and 2mg naloxone. Still a low(er) dose tho

No. 717216

That's the weirdest part of this for me. I'm inclined to believe that this level of neglect has been going on and is still going on (based on past evidence and the tofu situation)

That makes me wonder if it was a big scheme and yet at the same time this makes me wonder if she sperged about her pet issues in the dm's because she was fucked up or manic and then realized she fucked up when she saw the twitter account promising tea.

No. 717222

File: 1570679191800.png (360.44 KB, 750x1334, 1540346097354.png)

Went digging for this after she posted that stupid rant yesterday about a teenager
"calling people retards and faggots" when she had no issue dropping nigga around on her facebook as a teen.

>>719895 if anyone wants a refresher

No. 717231

File: 1570680981185.png (1.71 MB, 2446x1555, somethings_fishy.PNG)

The fake-milk texts posted by Taylor are eerily similar in both topic and phrasing to those leaked by Destry.

Taylor refers to Twisty as both male (his, him) and female (she) in the set of texts from Destry.

No. 717233

*set of DMs from Destry

No. 717251

File: 1570685027181.jpg (726.15 KB, 1080x1441, Suckitinsister.jpg)

The editing around her stomach gave me a good laugh

No. 717254

Wow she looks pasty and unhealthy. (I know, I know, she's a junkie.) Absolutely no muscle tone to her, just "skinnyfat". There's a lot going on in this pic, and I gotta wonder how quickly her "sleeve" is going to smudge up. It looks really unevenly done.

No. 717255

No I completely get that, I’m just saying that if she wants to go with this “I couldn’t be driving high bc it was the day before I shot up for the first time” reasoning, it’s not a very good one bc she very well could have been high on multiple other drugs (or just have been smoking heroin) by her own admission.
Just bc she’s admitted to driving on H doesn’t mean she hasn’t done the same with other things lol

No. 717256

It's also HILARIOUS she conveniently has junkie amnesia all "oh uwu it's all a blur hehehe I don't remember uwu!"

Junkies lie all the time, and Taylor can't keep her own bullshit story straight even through the same sperging session.

No. 717257

She can't even keep the stories straight in the same tweet.

First Tofu was in such amazing condition with a punctured lung that the he didn't even "need any meds or anything".

And then the vet also pokes his lung with a needle? Why the fuck would they do that if there was no need for meds? Sorry can't screenshot gonna copy paste.

I was not high (the dates don’t line up, and i confirmed that later in the chat) and it was a tiny snake that the vet confirmed anyone could do it with when told to medicate in the upper 1/3 of the body. when I took him back to the vet it happened there, too.
He was fine and-
taylor nicole dean
-didn’t even need meds or anything to fix because it wasn’t as bad as I thought, sharing a story in pieces with friends where I don’t worry about being 100% flawlessly correct is different than sharing it online. I thought back on the date-
taylor nicole dean

No. 717266

File: 1570691427110.jpeg (484.93 KB, 828x1234, E9C935DA-3185-40E4-A744-DE212D…)

No. 717269

$3000 for this is just a rip off lmao.
I'm also seeing the artist covered one of the potato hands with the hair.

No. 717270

File: 1570692488464.jpg (344.38 KB, 1080x1653, IMG_20191010_081514.jpg)

So, unless I'm mistaken, Taylor said this happened the day before she got high for the first time, which she also said was Thanksgiving, right?
This would make the Tofu situation November 21st or around there, definitely before November 22nd if this happened when she was apparently sober (not that I believe Thanksgiving was the first time she got high, but anyway).
I went back on her Instagram and found this post from November 30th… "he's been flawless".
Dunno about you Taylor but I'd class that as lying.

No. 717274

for the love of god and all animals, someone pls post to twitter topkek

No. 717279

File: 1570698588167.png (848.45 KB, 1242x2688, D73F0724-EB29-4F4E-9268-DCBEDD…)

I’ve upped it to age 25 aka I won’t take myself seriously til I’m borderline about to turn that age.

If she doesn’t OD before then tho.

No. 717283

LOL watch her literally shoot for the 28 cause she's such a legend. I'd not be surprised if this self-martyring airhead thinks she's oh so rock n roll and wants that experience too.

No. 717288

File: 1570705926070.jpg (372.76 KB, 1536x1107, Screenshot_20191010-124814.jpg)

No. 717289

Yes please. Can't wait til she regrets all of these in 6 months lmao

No. 717301

File: 1570711352842.png (119.17 KB, 832x762, Screenshot (1355).png)

No. 717302

File: 1570711379416.jpg (817.12 KB, 1536x2048, EGejoMUX0AErtvC.jpg)

No. 717311

Are that sort of snake supposed to look so plump? (Also, what a pretty snake; I feel bad for it having fallen into Taylor's clutches.)

No. 717314

Look at the scales on that tail splotch it has. They're really separated. That snake is obese as fuck.

No. 717316

that's NOT new info. she feeds the prettiest ones the most.

No. 717317

And I did not present it as such. Sage your shit if you're harping on about new info.

No. 717321

>waaaah, the $300 fish everyone told me would hide isn't coming out!

Do your research dumbass, it took me 1 google search to figure that out.

No. 717334

I guess one way of making sure you don't have to take care of a pet for long, is to make it morbidly obese so they die younger. Poor snake

No. 717338

wow the artist tried to cover the shoddy work by shading it to shit, but now it just looks like a bad tattoo underneath dirty skin. Especially the hand. And it looks like the crown of her head + the snake up there aren't even finished, why isn't her hair filled in at all up top if the rest of her hair is dark?

I'm not sure what editing you're seeing, all I see is distortion from the bottom edge of the mirror

No. 717342

I’m just not a fan of the snakes with flowers. There’s so much detail going on with the flowers that the snake bodies just kinda get lost in the flower detail and then all of a sudden you notice their heads. Idk it’s a mess and the Medusa looks off-center. It’s just an eyesore of a tattoo and she should have done her homework on finding the best tattoo artist for something this detailed.

No. 717361

The tatt is fucked. It looks like a smeared pencil sketch. Imagine how it will look in six months lmao.

No. 717363

She's so fucking retarded.

No. 717368

The composition of it is just god awful. There are so many snakes they just get lost in the tattoo. There could have been one large one intertwined throughout the whole thing, which would translate better. “Medusa” should be bigger, have fuller hair, and the artist should have just done a bust and omitted adding limbs altogether. The shading looks so fucking muddy and sad, and there’s too much fine lining with not enough definition. Oof. Aside from the shoddy composition and shaking lines, this is going to be such a blown out disaster in a couple years. I’d opt for a full blackwork sleeve after this nightmare ages a little.

No. 717371

Medusa looks like a regular goth chick to me and the arm is confusing (I thought it was supposed to be a snake at first?) but overall, I like it. If she was a random stranger on the street I'd compliment her on it.

No. 717373

File: 1570726453577.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1861, 1B6CE146-9B68-471C-9520-A293C3…)

JC still hasn’t gotten his stuff.

No. 717374

What stuff does he even have to collect? Half the funko pop collection that Taylor has now claimed as her own?

No. 717379

…did the artist just not finish? Or is that how it's supposed to be?
Also that girl looks super fat/round under those snakes without body curves & shading.

No. 717380

Lmao remember when he was pretending he had money on his own?

No. 717381

speaking of money, did taylor pay back those people from the Paypal? Or not. She never mentioned it again.

(as far as I saw)

No. 717382

File: 1570728758923.png (923.29 KB, 954x706, capture123.png)

the snakes/flowers look half decent from afar but the face is god awful and the shading made it even worse. I'd be ashamed to have this on hung on my wall.

the girl looks fat as fuck, especially with the short noodle arms. it's taylor to a t lol - huge head, thinning hair, botched makeup, square body.

No. 717383

File: 1570728840819.png (239.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191010-133104.png)

Back to regularly scheduled preaching about her master's degree in addiction

No. 717404

How much you wanna bet that Taylor tries to meet up with him?
Come on Taylor, I wanna see a "oops I'm so quirky and drove (without a license) to my old house by mistake… Jonny was there, we made up and I'm soo happy. But don't worry I'll stay clean and Jonny said he'll stop too!" Tweet.

No. 717410

There's no illness that makes you stick a needle in your arm, you make a choice.

And for the record, drugs ARE bad dumbass, they're tied to human trafficking, murder, corruption, extortion and general human misery.

Zero sympathy for this bitch, she did it for "the experience".

No. 717417

The style just doesn't work, It's half photo realism, half neo-traditional.

The shading just makes it look dirty, there's too much going on, and tons of space between the tattoos.

Just a poorly designed tattoo period.

No. 717421

silly taytay, shitty HIV+ tattoos are supposed to get done when you're in prison for possession/dealing, not while you're still free

No. 717422


Her tattoo looks like a Buckcherry (or any music of that type and era) album cover. Just looks grimy and not pretty at all like I think she was going for with the flowers, etc.

No. 717423

You think she realizes she could go to prison? Please, Taylor doesn't understand that drug = bad and DUI = incredibly shitty, to mention a few grace notes kek

She's an upper middle class white girl, she knows she'd get some slap on the wrist fine at most. Unless… hey, Taylor, you want the Real Junkie Experience? The One For Real Addicts?

No. 717437

Hahaaa the chick she has on her arm looks like she is balding as much as she is! what is that god awful hair chading lmao

No. 717440

File: 1570736991072.jpeg (276.27 KB, 750x1073, EF5480B0-0F84-4410-AEBF-9D2537…)

She really knows how to be disliked

No. 717441


I'm sorry…… what??? What the fuck does she even mean by this???

No. 717443

Is she trying to mock people who are ace/aro or something? Playing it oh so ironic and edgy? What the fuck is going on in that empty head of hers kek

No. 717445

Oh just like you can take drugs and still say your sober?!?! Lol!!!!

No. 717456

She’s trying to make a joke. She is really unfunny it’s so cringe.

No. 717457

Someone's salty over being an easy to get hoe for any kind of drug.

No. 717458

File: 1570738819194.png (280.63 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20191010-231954.png)

really hilarious joke, taylor. hahahaha

No. 717459

File: 1570738903201.png (90.54 KB, 1080x482, Screenshot_20191010-232125.png)

No. 717463

Turns out it was a joke aimed towards Trisha Paytas who’s going thru a mental breakdown or sum right now. She’s not in a good place and Taylor is adding onto it (reach maybe?) great mental health advocate tay!

No. 717465

>responds to the black chick with "issa joke sis"

No. 717467

If you have to explain your joke that much it’s not funny.

No. 717477

I'm dying at how no one even fucking understood her trying to insult Trisha. You're stupid awkward and not at all witty Tay. Trisha is a piece of shit for what's she's pulling, but Tay has no room to mock.

No. 717481

Her use of ebonics/AAVE is so fucking cringy and racist.

No. 717483

noticed that too. lol.
and isnt today world mental health day? the irony of this wannabe advocate lol

No. 717486

"Feel bad for me and my mental illness!!"

but also, let me make fun of low-hanging fruit for her obvious mental illness.

Fuck Trisha don't get me wrong, but maybe instead of making fun of the bitch Taylor could be fucking sympathetic, or I don't know? Just shut the fuck up.

She doesn't want people to pick at her but she picks at others?

No. 717488

I don't care if people talk about Trisha, but fucked up miss Mental Illness Taylor is taking time to down someone, when she doesn't like when people shit talk her ass.

Treat people how you want to be treated, people can't make fun of your tattoos, but you can pick at other people.

Also, i thought she hated cancel culture??

No. 717493

File: 1570746349660.jpg (296.01 KB, 1536x616, Screenshot_20191011-002525.jpg)

No. 717497

There should obviously be more education about addiction in general but jfc she always makes it sound like schools should just stop saying drugs are bad (which they are, hello?) and only say “it doesn’t matter if you do them because there’s help! They’re not bad at all! Only 15% of you will get addicted anyway so go ham on those opiates baby!”

No. 717499

These programs usually bring people who tell their story of being on drugs, so should they not share their raw story because Taylor thinks it doesn't work?

No. 717503


No need to imply the artist is unhygienic.

No. 717507

What do you think taytay will do if Sesame Street claims anyone can be an addict and contradicts everything she claims lmao

No. 717508

File: 1570747610677.png (467.91 KB, 590x700, SS.png)


> “This allows us to raise awareness to the importance of addressing the impact on a child, and not just the adult who is struggling with addiction,”

So it's basically teaching kids how ones addiction affects their loved ones.

No. 717509


I mean they let Taylor into their shop

No. 717511

It's really not lol. This is normal body mass for ball pythons. You all look retarded sperging about her BPs being obese when very few of you clearly know anything about snakes. Lots to be said about her atrocious animal husbandry, but the weight of her ball pythons isn't one of those issues.

No. 717512

that is not what scale spread looks like lol..

No. 717523

Something that needs to be pointed out is that schools do bring in former addicts to discuss drugs and the reality of the dangers. Taylor, being the idiot she is, probably didn't listen at all (honestly, she probably wasn't even in school enough to experience DARE)
Basically, Taylor probably didn't even listen and only got, "lol drugs are bad don't do them."

Just because you didn't actually listen to your school's drug awareness doesn't mean they weren't quality, Taylor. You're just an air-head who didn't care because you're a spoiled asshole.

You can lead a cow to water, but you can't make it drink. That's the entire reality of who Taylor is. No matter how much knowledge of something dangerous is presented to her, she won't listen.

Taylor only cares to listen when it's her story.

No. 717545

I don't know anything about pythons but didn't emma and tyler confirm this one was overweight in that livestream? also i remember snake anons talking about it a while back when she brought it to the vet after rehab that it was overweight. did it lose weight or something?

No. 717560

Not to mention, didn't she drop out to be "homeschooled" in like 8th grade? Did she even even see a school assembly?

No. 717574

A large majority of captive snakes are overweight. Hers are obese. You can tell by the base of the tail, the neck, the way the skin folds as the snake curves, and the scales. Her snakes are obese. She overfeeds them. That snake needs a small rat or appropriately sized ASF(or a quail or chick because hey! Male ball pythons should primarily eat birds like they do in the wild!)every 14-21 days. An adult female should have a medium rat or similar sized ASF monthly. Her snakes are obese. End of story. There's no doubt about it.

No. 717576

Pretty sure you don't need a drug program to know that heroin is bad.

It's fucking heroin people. Don't do it, look at the death lists and how hear how it ruined peoples lives. FFS Taylor acting like she had it sooo bad. Red flags were sticking out of jonny's ass, and she chose to ignore it cause she thought she "knew better".

Well bitch you didn't, you got fucked and he sucked thousands of dollars from you. At least show some maturity and take responsibility for you actions.

No. 717588

She's just shit talking school programs to make herself look, "real and raw" for YT views despite the fact school's DO bring in real addicts.

Taylor is just chronically boring and clings to what struggles she did experience to feel complex. She turned to drugs because she needed to numb the reality of being so boring with nothing to do. Drugs make you okay with being bored/depressed.

No amount of good drug education can prevent drug use for people like Taylor, so she needs to shut the fuck up about bashing them.

No. 717593

Remember how it was Taylor who wanted the “rockstar” lifestyle to get cool points (which obviously indicates more so that her drug problem was a choice)
and now wants to victimize herself because she got into it?
You can’t have your cake and eat it too Taylor.
Being a professional victim doesn’t look good on anybody.

No. 717601

"Professional Victim" needs to go on her Twitter profile, lol. Love it.

No. 717617

NAYRT with the editing I think they’re talking about the towel(?) behind her is also curving so she’s obviously photoshopped her tummy in. Well that’s what I saw anyway, I could be wrong and anon means something else.

No. 717621

To be fair there is validity to the fact that education on drugs in school is not good enough. Humans will do drugs no matter what so there needs to be some more education in harm-reduction considering people do end up doing them.

The problem is that Taylor clearly has no way how to critically consider how she words herself on the topic, what she should NOT talk about and she chats on and on about it constantly. This is clearly showing she is not far enough in recovery or even educated enough to be a voice anyone should listen to at all. This is only her screaming past the big black void in her heart knowing deep down she was forced into rehab and now has all eyes on her as added pressure. Her chances of relapse are astronomical and she knows it'll be a shitstorm for her.

No. 717672

She’s such a selfish bitch. “He’s a fish that camouflage themselves and it’s so irritating that I can’t see him so ima take him away from a large tank and move him to a smaller tank for my enjoyment. I, ME, believes he loves this idea.”

No. 717678

Taylor is such a sellout that if DARE was to ask her to come speak (doubt they would bc they use bc who have actually hit rock bottom like homelessness, sex work, stealing, etc.) she would start kissing their ass and say how great of a program it is because it brings real addicts and is suuu educational!

No. 717706

File: 1570779919670.jpeg (315.21 KB, 488x868, 0EF1CFC3-2257-42D3-A1EF-B781EA…)

Flashback to this gem…lol at how addiction is the only personality trait she spergs about daily, besides the occasional bullying of 16 year olds kek

No. 717709

>>717706 in a way, I miss when she was high.
Though I know those animals undoubtedly suffered at the hands of her being high (so let’s exclude that part) but it was nice to not hear about how high and mighty she was in regards to drugs lol

No. 717711

this needs to be sent to her whenever she goes on about how it’s not her job to be careful of what she says to her child audience.

more and more she’s showing that she’s so much like onision (just without the fucking teens obviously.)

No. 717724

lol some junkie cunt who grooms kids can think i'm crazy all she wants, it's not going to stop anyone from laughing at her while she flushes her life down the toilet because of the fact that she's a junkie cunt.

No. 717725

u cant make this shit up. she contradicts herself all the time.

No. 717758

Professional contradiction victim.

No. 717813

Man this has not aged well at all LMAO. She has made addiction her entire identity. So much for just wanting to be about animals and not making drugs the center focus of who she is.

No. 717898

has Taylor not tweeted in the past 25 hours? No instagram story either.

No. 717903

File: 1570828358842.jpg (593.92 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191011-140154.jpg)

No. 717904

File: 1570828506613.jpg (555.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191011-140356.jpg)

No. 717910

ahahahaha serve it. it's sweet, sweet schadenfreude. slowly but surely, as more people see what she did to destry, more people are going to come out against her. no one likes a child groomer.

No. 717924

Daaaaaaaamn, fuck yeah! Wonder which shop this was?

I dream of one day people having solid evidence of so much she has done because of how much her and her mother lie their way out of shit. It's too bad Destry's literal video of scrolling through her conversation wasn't enough. Her lying plus the sperging and endless tweets about it are enough to make people forget everything because it is impossible to keep track of everything she has said and it all gets swept under the rug. It even happens here, she spews so much shit that we lose track of what has been proven, what hasn't, and everything in between. She is such an expert manipulator. If something comes out about her, then she'll attack them right back with something that doesn't even have to be completely true.
She loves talking about how creepy Onion is yet has a group chat of teenagers. Who does that?? So fucking weird she has no friends of her own age. It's creepy when a man does it, why not an already manipulative woman who claims to be bisexual, huh huh?
Don't dish it if you can't take it.

No. 717936

File: 1570833899790.png (1.17 MB, 1125x2436, 17200896-C3C7-47F3-A556-586A0A…)

I don’t think this was posted. Right around the time Taylor and Chelsea talked?

No. 717937

What a piece of dirt

No. 717949

that constant sperging is very like onision, too. the whole thing where you spew so much fucking nonsense that no one can keep track of your bullshit, they both do it and i think for the same reason. it's funny that she went off on him because she's more similar to him than not.

grooms kids
cooks reptiles
twitter spergs
unhealthy reliance on fillers

No. 717964

I mean honestly every time someone like this pops up they always half-ass it and that's why she gets away with it every single time.

Unless they have all the (irrefutable) proof on their hands and drop it all, I will take this shit with a grain of salt.

No. 717995

have any of the pet drama accounts shared the post of her saying the n word ?!? like foreal people get cancelled over that shit

No. 718001

Why withhold this information though Turtlemom!? Is keeping the interest, and attention via twitter more important than protecting a young gal that was dragged?
Don’t even give this clown attention until she wants to deliver even half of the things she’s said she would post/show

No. 718011

Well it would be shitty to reveal anything now if there's still the threat of legal action currently. Lawyers tell you to shut up and say nothing for a reason.

No. 718015

He really took a note out of Onisions book, huh? Dumb pile of shit.
Get real. There’s no lawyer on this.

No. 718017

>for twitter drama

anon. please.

No. 718021

as cows age into Karens, why wouldn't we see more of them taking things to court? many a lawyer has sat and listened to a narc raging about perceived injustices. it makes for a nice paycheck.

No. 718022

There doesn't need to be a lawyer for you to know shutting up is a good idea.

No. 718023

try telling that to taylor. she can't stop sperging for a 24 hour period, let alone fathom that someone out there might be smarter or more capable than she is.

the enforced vacation from all of her social media was more painful for this fathead than the actual heroin withdrawal.

No. 718031

Yeah Taylor is a fucking idiot but that doesn't mean Destry's parents don't know anything. They probably told her to keep quiet until they're sure Taylor is lying.

No. 718045

yeah i know either just tell or keep quiet. I understand if Destry doesn't want to hash it out again but hinting at it is kind of obnoxious because it doesn't show any commitment to actually keeping quiet and just brings attention to it anyways. turtlemom is a little milky herself honestly.

No. 718057

wtf give people some time will you?

remember one year ago. when we were all frustrated with no proof of taytay being anything else but the sober happy saint she claimed to be. And then shit came falling down. And here we are today, making her actually shut the fuck up for once because everyone on twitter is asking wayy to many uncomfortable questions.

No. 718058

File: 1570858893035.png (8.65 MB, 1242x2208, 450C1980-5B21-4A8A-9CDB-479FFD…)

Old milk but after last week’s (or was it this week) sperging about how “terrible it is for influencers to, like, promote weed to kids” I find it funny that she’s got this outfit in her insta story about the outfits she likes…..
but no, u right, these terrible influencers promoting pot like, they’re so wrong, huh tay?(autistic nitpick)

No. 718060

samefag, all i said was that i find turtlemom's attention whoring annoying, which she's definitely doing, no argument lol. not even sure what you're responding to in my post anon. "give people time"? I literally said in my post I understood if people want to keep things private.

No. 718069

Yep. Anyone who thinks the police actually showed up to shut Destry up has watched way too many crime shows.

Agreed. She's an obsessed stan basically, she was outed a few threads ago. She has to insert herself into any drama surrounding JC's exes. I wouldn't trust her considering she always does this. She just wants us to think she's apart of Taylor's life so she dangles information infront of us.

No. 718076

>>718022 it also doesn’t take more than 2 braincells to understand there’s no lawyer.
This would be a decent point in the event turtlemom hadn’t been an attention whore through this whole thing.
Besides that, teasing shit for likes on twitter still holds the same as speaking on something. But I won’t entertain that, because there’s no police work here and you’re really doing none of us justice by believing the conspiracy theories.

No. 718092

File: 1570875546652.jpg (130.38 KB, 1350x1080, EGm9y38UcAAXU2E.jpg)

Still nothing from her in over 2 days. Who wants to place bets on muh relapse bucuz the haterz, muh mental health bucuz the haterz, or hospitalization bc the haterz?

Also everyone is now memeing on her. It's great

No. 718095


I am on the relapse train. Nothing good comes of her being actually quiet.

No. 718096

for being on a break (announced 9.10) she is actually quite active.

No. 718115

correct me if I'm wrong but I think she just refers to her youtube when she means taking a break?

No. 718118

oh no no she said not doing videos for 1 week made her feel so bad (because her mom was up her ass I guess) that we can most definetely count on a new video on sunday for sure.

No. 718127

I think they are wise enough to advice their daughter that twitter drama with someone like Taylor is waste of time.
Of course I want to Taylor get exposed but I wouldn’t want to my kid to waste energy to messy

I’m not familiar with US school system but in my country it’s very important to get good grades at that age to go good schools later.

No. 718128


Relapse seems likely. Taylor enjoys her daily sperging.

She also likes to run and hide from her problems when things come up. Could also be family drama. Mama dean might've told her to quit acting like a dipshit and took her phone away.

No. 718129

So weird how that happens. I’m actually happy she isn’t rambling on for once but we all know that actually means something from social media qUeEn

No. 718130

Or maybe she told Taylor to quit spending money like a sailor on shore leave and pay her some rent and her own damn bills if she was so flush. That would be a positive step for all of them (which means that it probably isn't happening).

No. 718131

I also think her mom makes her film since she does nothing else

No. 718156


Taylor's been doing dumb idiotic shit she shouldn't be doing since she was a young teen and she's admitted that herself, which means Mama dean hasn't kept track of what her daughter's been up to for the last 10 years probably.

She can't even make her clean her room or look after her animals so I doubt she's made taylor hand over or do anything, especially since Jen is twice as crazy and idiotic publicly as Taylor is herself.

Jen might get the basics done for Tanner and keep up appearances around the house but she's a shit mother overall, dumb narcs like her shouldn't breed.

No. 718203

When was Jonny supposed to come back? Does it coincide with her disappearance?

Maybe Mama dean saw the DMs where Taylor admits she's still using and got sent back to rehab?

The possibilities are endless

No. 718206

JC is in LA currently getting is face tattooed by that child molesting freak romeo lacoste

No. 718208

File: 1570914964995.png (942.27 KB, 508x905, xo.PNG)

No. 718214

How is he not in jail wtf

No. 718217


>>JC: please beg me for a feature on your track because I’m broke and need money to travel to SA and get my toys

>>also JC: getting a face tat by a child predator

These people are fucking disgusting and need to STOP fucking wasting money on hideous tattoos and get their priorities straight. No wonder him and Taylor went downhill fast. I don’t believe for a second they were paying bills on time lol.

No. 718225

inb4 he goes to prison with those and has to explain to big bubba he just thought they were neat.

No. 718226

Taylor admitted they straight up didn't pay their bills at all

No. 718232

File: 1570923196440.jpeg (286.98 KB, 1242x1560, 550759F8-6025-47E7-AFC9-6CB2E8…)

Was waiting for the excuse for no video again tomorrow

No. 718239

File: 1570924894024.jpg (832.73 KB, 1536x1800, Screenshot_20191013-020128.jpg)

No. 718240

File: 1570924922849.jpg (662.9 KB, 1536x1461, Screenshot_20191013-020140.jpg)

No. 718241

File: 1570924923020.png (207.37 KB, 1383x780, Capture _2019-10-12-16-59-54.p…)

She's back…

No. 718243

File: 1570925115511.jpg (518.46 KB, 1536x1374, Screenshot_20191013-020525.jpg)

No. 718244

File: 1570925211471.jpg (268.84 KB, 1536x630, Screenshot_20191013-020651.jpg)

No. 718245

File: 1570925307036.jpg (308.03 KB, 1536x675, Screenshot_20191013-020832.jpg)

No. 718247

File: 1570925511330.jpg (196.67 KB, 1536x376, Screenshot_20191013-021128.jpg)

What a blessing she is with her dangerous misinformation about her 15% bullcrap.

No. 718251

File: 1570926133694.jpg (393.89 KB, 1536x995, Screenshot_20191013-022216.jpg)

No. 718252

File: 1570926180828.jpg (806.12 KB, 1536x1811, Screenshot_20191013-022153.jpg)

No. 718254

I think I finally get it. She plays this whole 15% genetic addict stuff because she wants to have this whole thing be not her fault. No matter what she does it's done perfectly to the best of her abilities because she can do no wrong uwu

No. 718258

And every time people do the whole, "i feel bad for Jonny" in any context, I always call that shit out.

he's a fucked-up piece of dirt.

No. 718262

"getting off my phone to focus on my life"

Immediately brags about how many followers she has on Twitter lol

No. 718275


Arguing against science but no sources provided. This is fine.

No. 718276

File: 1570928213970.jpg (175.7 KB, 1536x362, Screenshot_20191013-025638.jpg)

No. 718280

lmao chill nobody said he wasn’t

No. 718284

Taylor is so special, she doesn’t have to cite her sources like any normal person would

No. 718294

taylor the scientist kek

No. 718296

But doesn’t that go against what her own literal mother said? Taylor wanted to live the rockstar life. And even if she didn’t, she was warned about Jonny’s antics. She knew damn well what was going on, and what would happen. She was going to sink or swim with him. And guess what? She sunk.
There’s nothing in your brain that forces you to shove a needle into your arm.
Is there a desire? Arguably so.
But that doesn’t mean shit.
There’s a lot of desired humans experience on a day to day basis. We cannot always fulfill them. Desires are not necessities.

No. 718300

Not another 2 years!

No. 718301

she seems to forget that you have to CHOOSE to shove coke up your nose. Yeah a lot of people do it but not everybody does. You may not think it will lead to anything but there is always a chance that is why dare programs teach to stay away. Because you don't know until it's too late if you'll become an addict. It's like choosing to have sex and then acting shocked that you may have gotten pregnant or an std. It's part of the potential consequences and she is fortunate enough to have been raised somewhere where there is at least some education on the subject. She always avoid the initial choice part. Even if you do h and don't shoot it you have to choose to snort something or take a pill (this doesn't include people who take opiates for medical purposes as that is a whole other path to addiction and I'm talking about those who clearly made a choice to do a drug).

Also lmao yes mouthwash is getting all the kids to turn into junkies. Please Taylor, tell me more!

No. 718319

File: 1570938538140.jpeg (125.7 KB, 1014x917, D19AD637-C049-4279-83ED-EE4CE6…)

No. 718339

Ok let's entertain her for a bit. Her argument is that she was born with predisposition to become addicted, which yes, it can happen if there's family history related to addiction. But even if she was born with said predisposition, there has to be self-accountability for the choices you make, even if you're mentally ill.

It's kinda like when people try to get away with being assholes because they're depressed, like no. You can say you were born with it all you want, but you still made a choice that impacted not only you but those around you, and you have to take accountability for that. Even with your infamous "15% of people get addicted the rest are fine" theory, you still have to have self-accountability.

You're yet to apologize to your fans for lying about being sober when you weren't. You're yet to apologize to JC's exes for invalidating them.

You're yet to own up to the shit that happened with Bree and admit you were the one who brought the drugs. You're yet to admit you weren't and aren't still fit to take care of the amount of animals you have because you're not sober. You being on subs doesn't count as being sober, you even "planned" relapses.

And as much predisposition you have, you still can deny drugs. Even if there's lack of awareness about addiction, on the most basic level you know drugs are bad, period.

She's still stealing Liz's story to make herself seem like she was forced to get high. She doesn't really care about awareness; she just doesn't wanna look bad in front of her stans.

No. 718341


why won't she spill on who these addicts in her bloodline are that ~doomed~ her to be a good for nothing drug-user and lazy animal hoarder? her parents aren't former drug addicts. is it supposedly her grandparents? are we supposed to believe grandma and grandpa on either (or both!) sides were out on the streets in the 1960s selling their bodies for their next fix of H or whatever their drug of choice was?

so either taylor's mom or dad have to be "carriers" of the "addict gene" (lolol) and then there would only be a 50 percent change that taylor would even inherit this said gene (pretending this is a real mutation that is proven in fact to exist)

so taylor really is SPECIAL!!!! neither of her parents are drug addicts, and i doubt either set of grandparents are drug addicts, and the chance of passing down a mutant gene like this (again, assuming this is a real live mutation that can be traced, isolated, proven in the code) through 2 generations of unaffected people into a third generation (taylor) is laughable

No. 718348

Lol this is bullshit. Heroin and opiate addiction permanently damages the brain, and the effects can be felt for years after being clean. If she really attended meeting like she said she would know this.

No. 718350

From what I’ve read in multiple different sources (sorry I’m not able to link rn), genetics have been found to play up to ~60% of fault for addiction. And there is no singular gene/s that has been identified that is responsible as of yet. The other 40% or so is due to environmental, social, emotional, mental, etc. factors, so pretty much anything else in the world.
Hope that kind of helps lol(advanced autism)

No. 718352

Is she seriously saying that "you're not born as an addict" is spreading dangerous misinformation?
Stfu Taylor, you're spreading dangerous misinformation by telling your underage audience that only 15% of all people get addicted and everyone else can shoot heroin without getting addicted.
Is she really that brainwashed or just straight up dumb and ignorant?

No. 718353


you're talking out of your ass. there's no GENE MUTATION that has been isolated, identified, and determined to be an "addict gene". there are neuro pathways that lend certain people to be impulsive or more prone to risk-taking behaviours, and alterations in reward responses–NONE OF THAT SPELLS "if u take a sip of vodka ur an addict!!!" YOU'RE STILL AUTONOMOUS YOU DUMMY, there's no fucking mutation in your genetic coding dictating your actions when it comes to drugs or alcohol. and cognitive process are not so linear that even if you were, for instance, prone to being a dumbass thrill-seeker to get off, it doesn't mean you can't be programed and disciplined enough to understand the consequences, understand your own wiring, and thus make more conscious and healthy choices of how to appease your thrill-seeking neural structures for rewards/desires. for instance, you may do something impulsive and insane once or twice and learn you REALLY enjoyed it, understand your reward conditioning, and then choose to structure it by taking up martial arts, mountain climbing, race car driving, surfing, deep-sea diving, or skydiving or the like. doesn't mean every thrill-seeker is doomed to end up a demented sex or drug-chasing zombie, or pulling illegal or dangerous stunts bc ~their wiring lead them there~

no, just no(advanced autism)

No. 718356

>there's no specific gene

No. 718365

She makes addiction sound like such an exclusive thing, while literally everyone is addicted to something. You can be addicted to self harm, porn and even eating disorders are forms of addiction. So how does that work with the 15% on that note? Or if we're solely talking about substances that you can consume, then what about being addicted to sugar and fast food (also a kind of eating disorder). I'm really curious what wise words she would have to say about these kinds things.

No. 718379

she is so egoistical she can't see past her own nose

No. 718391


Actually without a source that’s not helpful at all but hopefully it made you feel good to write at least

No. 718392


says the cow that has done nothing but repeat incorrect information since she got kicked out of rehab and the 2 sober living homes and who can't take a lick of critisim or some one correcting/educating her on ANY topic. she needs to turn that phone back off and hit a few meetings and prob feed her pets and clean her room

No. 718393

Lol how convenient poster >>718350 could not link at that moment. sus

No. 718396

someone ss this so she re-reads this twice lmao

No. 718402

Taylor Nicole Dean is the only addict I know of that took one sip of alcohol and then was a raging addict right after.

Addiction is usually progressive. Most people drink/do drugs recreationally and then it turns into a problem, hence addiction. Most people are abusing other substances before they jump to heroin. I mean for fucks sake she claims she was abusing cocaine, alcohol and opiates before she let Jonny put a needle in her arm. Obviously addiction isn’t black and white and there’s always exceptions but I’m speaking in general. There must be something really wrong with her brain if she had a sip of vodka and became a raging addict right after. Someone should probably inform her that her addiction just sounds like severe untreated mental illness.

No. 718403

anon don't you know? they're special just like taylor and don't need sources or even common sense to be right.

No. 718416

She said she willingly tried weaker drugs like like diladud to work her way up to Heroin.

That right there is fucked in the head. I agree that most of it is self inflicted, she wasn't born with these behaviors.

No. 718419

Ahh, now I know where she keeps getting that 15%, she’s one of those special people that willingly tried it and not one of the addicts that were prescribed long term legal opiates and became addicted. Jk, I actually don’t know the stats on that but I can picture her thought process because she wants to be seen as the ultimate junkie so badly.

No. 718425

Must be snowblind kek
She's sperging on like she's high.

No. 718437

I wonder if whatever will upload her update video today. That will definitely be interesting. At least when whatever makes videos, other people and some of her fans realize the truth

No. 718447

At one point she said so herself Jonny asked her if she wanted to shoot up heroin and she said yes because she said she might as well do it since everyone is speculating she was, or something like that, but how is that not ???? a choice ???? she made ???????

No. 718469

File: 1570996956555.png (36.48 KB, 862x248, asdfgsd.PNG)

So much for a new video. But really what's new?!

No. 718471

It's so pathetic that she acts like she can't be blamed for shooting up because she ~had no choice~~
Girl never takes the blame for anything. She never admits she's at fault for something and she never ever apologizes for something she did, unless it befits her.

>I'vE bEeN hAvInG a RoUgH wEeK eMoTiOnAlLy aNd JuSt nEeDeD tO fOcUs On ReStInG
Lmao from what? Doing nothing but sperging at/threatening minors?

No. 718475

well, she threatened Destry, all Tofu and other animals abuse was released to public, and she is probably on drugs as well

No. 718480

Every week is a rough week emotionally when you don't have to pay any bills or lift a finger to take care of your pets or clean your room.

Just rehome all her animals and kick her out. Ffs Jen

No. 718490

That's from one week ago, but won't be surprised if it's the same shit today honestly

No. 718492

Yeah but I posted because she said that she would have a vid next week which would be today. Also claimed to have a video coming out on her second channel but that hasn't happened either. Instead she is hiding/laying low after abusing children and being exposed for serious mistreatment of tofu

No. 718509

File: 1571006937919.png (28.38 KB, 590x204, RepTaylor.png)

Looks like Repzion won't be releasing his video on Taylor like he promised a couple months ago…

No. 718512

File: 1571007367345.png (40.32 KB, 597x373, 435434354.PNG)

she said she'll upload a video tomorrow.

No. 718519

aka my lies being exposed really fucked with my head to the point i actually had to hid from the internet. Her being away and her shaky ass voice in her screen record vid just makes me feel like there was more truth in what Destry said than shell ever admit

No. 718523

working on myself = hopefully took her fortnightly shower

No. 718532

She has gone from 1 sip, to a few sips, and now it's "average amount"

In her heroin story video didn't she claim that after the few sips she then the day or week after drank stupid amounts of alcohol and "wanted to kill herself"?

She always has to add something very dramatic to her stories like vomiting or killing herself, and adding the hyperboles. She's so inconsistent.

No. 718536

File: 1571012304528.jpg (158.04 KB, 696x962, IMG_20191013_171448.jpg)

Throwback to
>>709092 (saged no new milk)

There's a big difference between a few days and a few months, Tay. Leaving a big wide open alibi for yourself, Tay.

No. 718541

File: 1571012816021.jpeg (410.27 KB, 1125x1321, 1570544586155.jpeg)

Another throwback to a few days ago regarding this same upload she's been promising for sometime now.

No. 718597

Tinfoil but bet she's high. She's trying to be sober enough to make a video so people can't call her out on her pupils, slurred voice etc. But she can't get sober enough for a video, thus she keeps putting it off. That's how this feels to me.

No. 718608

iirc (I feel like at this point I'm being gaslighted because she keeps spinning the narrative so much I'm not even sure what's what), she said she took 3 sips of vodka and then the next day she was in full addict mode, with cravings and being suicidal.

But she's so stupid she doesn't realize she contradicts herself. She took 3 sips of vodka and that was enough to get her Addicted (tm), but she had to "build her way up" to h to show how she's the junkiest junkie of them all.

And if I remember correctly, it was mentioned in past threads that she had tried drugs before Jonny, like coke, which she made fun of Bree for not knowing how to snort it or whatever.

Is there some truth to the sips of vodka saga? Probably, but it most likely started off with her having a few drinks and then escalating to shit like weed, then coke, then dialuid, then h, like addiction usually develops, but because it's taylor, obviously it has to be embellished so she looks like she's always the exception to every rule.

No. 718635

Her claim that anything that alters your brain chemistry is physically addictive is actual misinformation. She clearly has no idea what physical dependency is which is ironic for a literal heroin addict. Physical dependence is a reality for alcohol, opiates, nicotine, benzos, a long list of psychiatric medication in general but that's about it really. These drugs if used for a long enough time will make anyone dependent. (Some quit nicotine more easily for some reason)

Other common drugs (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, other stimulants, etc.) are only psychologically addictive. That does not mean they won't create physically and mentally distressing symptoms when you attempt to break the addiction but it is the reality nonetheless.

She doesn't even understand the difference between physical dependence and psychological dependence and that both are valid experiences of addiction. I'm honestly lost for words. What is she even trying to say?

No. 718653

I'm glad someone fucking explained this. I've been too frustrated about her idiotic ramblings to be able to word it properly.

She's painting such a dangerous narrative for people; they'll think they can risk taking highly physically addictive drugs because "lol I can drink alcohol fine, so that means I can do meth."

No. 718696

I also think she’s high and trying to get videos out so it’s not obvious, but this whole postponing shit looks awfully familiar… >>718512
Lol coming from the social media addict herself. How much u wanna bet she was still online but on her alt accounts still reading shit and commenting but as someone else. She can’t stay off the internet unless she was made to do so (like when she was made to go to rehab)
She probably sleeps with her phone in her hand too lol

No. 718697

“And hurts me to think” that he’s continuing to do so to other girls?
Really Taylor? I cannot take her seriously regarding this because she knew what she got herself into. Fuck off with this.

Ps: you are the girl version of this onision guy

No. 718737

A victim of her brother because of his tantrums.
A victim of her father because he “wasn’t around.”
A victim of her mother because she’s just a liar.
A victim of Jonny despite knowing full well what he was capable of.
A victim of drugs despite knowing there was family history of drug abuse, and knowing they were addictive substances (I mean really. What did she expect from using)
A victim of Bree.
A victim of her friends for “abandoning” her.
A victim of the pet stores that do her so dirty by giving her sick / broken animals.
A victim of twitter, youtube, and instagram when they take down/flag nsfw content (even though that’s in their TOS)
A victim of Destry.

Don’t you see guys? This will never end. She’s always going to find something new to victimize herself over. She’s always going to spin the narrative. She’s always going to cry wolf.
And do you know what? If, and when something bad happens to her, who will be at her rescue? Her 15 year old bffs that she willingly blasts on twitter when they don’t do what she wants?

No. 718739

100% agreed. We've all known that alcoholic that would die from the withdrawals, some have known pill and heroin addicts. Someone dying or even getting dopesick from not smoking weed?, ok Taylor.I would almost be worried about spreading disinformation if it wasn't such an idiotic statement. Obvious sage, but it all just makes me laugh how fucking stupid she is.

No. 718760


She's also downplaying other addictions which you'd think a self-proclaimed recovery warrior like her wouldn't do. Just because the addiction is solely psychological doesn't mean it will necessarily be easier to break it - often not. It just means you risk less physical symptoms or potential death due to dependency. Oh wait, essentially all addictions often cause or worsen mental health issues. Which can result in something like suicide or other severe life-damaging behaviour. Yikes, Taylor. You're not more of an addict than anyone else.

Why so many people are able to be casual drug-users and many others end up as full-blown addicts is way more complex than she is seemingly able to portray over her goddamn twitter account. She needs to stop.

If she wasn't so early in recovery it would probably open her eyes to work for a non-profit organization that provide food and clothing to addicts. Actually talk to some of the people who got their lives ruined due to addiction. Maybe it would humble her a bit. Even mentioning this to her followers could incite people to donate or get involved in their local communities. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see this next video on addiction. I doubt it'll be very good.

No. 718787

File: 1571080021978.jpg (306.47 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20191014_210340.jpg)

Sage for old milk, but an important throwback. Oh how her story has changed. This is currently making a round on Twitter along with some texts from Jonny trying to get heroin for Taylor and himself.

No. 718793

it would be amazing to learn that the only reason she stopped acting like an autist is because she's inpatient again and her phone use is restricted.

we need a betting pool.

No. 718798

Lmao Taylor you dumb bitch.
This turns into the story how Taylor ruined Jonnys life and not vice versa

No. 718799

I'm more inclined to believe she is strung out on heroin from the dealer at the end of her street.

No. 718808

I mean, either or, right? Both are equally possible.

No. 718816

I find it peculiar that Taylor is no where to be found on social media and Mama Dean is still deactivated on twitter. Some shit must of really went down haha.

Tinfoil: I bet after the Destry situation getting so out of hand that Mama Dean finally realized that Taylor is indeed not sober anymore. Or if there is some sort of lawsuit happening, Mama Dean is dumb enough to think that deactivating her twitter will somehow erase evidence of her harassing some teenager over her addict daughter.

Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Taylor’s twitter deactivated when she went to rehab and anons speculated she would leave rehab early so her twitter wouldn’t get permanently deleted lol. Taylor is never this quiet and if she’s a creature of habit, she definitely relapsed. She didn’t even make a big deal of being 4 months sober like she has all other times in the past. Talk is cheap Taylor, remember that.

No. 718819

Agreed, definitely think she relapsed but is using the "make sure to take time off your phone for good mental health uwu!!" to cover up. She can't go that long without attention from her stans. Shit must have really went down in that house.

No. 718824

Agree with your tinfoil. If my 16 yr old daughter (with a gfm for a stray cat with a bad eye and took in a misbehaving snake for this snake), is being harassed by 2 adults, one which is a recently sober H addict. I'd screencap and get someone involved.
TND admits to being an addict, driving high, etc publicly. Those caps plus the threats could look pretty serious to bored suburban law enforcement.

No. 718830

File: 1571088331175.png (496.03 KB, 1440x2235, Screenshot_2019-10-14-17-20-43…)


Something is definutely going on but I don't think it has to do with the Destry situation anymore. On Saturday, Destry went private and Taylor followed her that same day. Destry is obviously buddy with her again and probably happy to be back in the good graces of the animal queen.

Methinks it is an attempt to appease Mama D who obviously did not know about Taylor's group chats or the extent of what was shared by her dumbass daughter. She'll be back with some new excuse soon enough.

No. 718832

LOL taking bets now on whether it's "omg I got offline and just watched the Office nonstop, teehee!" or "I went on a yoga retreat/juice fast" or "I've been talking to the big media outlet that wants to do a story about me!!!!" - instead of admitting she's been on a bender.

Her sperging and endless torrent of tweets when she went on her little witch hunt at Destry made it so fucking clear she wasn't clean or sober lol. Classic tweaked out word vomit. Gotta wonder how much coke she blew through.

No. 718835

Isn't Jonny in SA this weekend getting his stuff? maybe she's run away to a hotel to meet him.

No. 718840

File: 1571089639386.jpg (95.17 KB, 828x1472, 70864299_166825024499697_88124…)

No. 718843

File: 1571089806634.jpg (122.59 KB, 828x1472, 72439367_235647867397593_20057…)

No. 718844

I'm betting Mama Dean put her foot down. Either that or TayTay got so unhinged that threats were made that she either get her shit together or she was going back into rehab.

No. 718845

File: 1571089940445.jpg (51.43 KB, 828x1472, 71715607_698621007310516_53008…)

No. 718846

Social media was the only thing Taylor did all day. What does she do now? Lay silently and stare at the ceiling? You know she ain't cleaning her room lmao

No. 718848

“I’m doing better now.” That sound awfully familiar.

“I’m better. I grew. I learned a lot”

Something went down.

No. 718849

“I’m doing better now.” That sound awfully familiar.

“I’m better. I grew. I learned a lot”

Something went down.

No. 718850

LMAO. An addict doesn’t just forget to take their suboxone. Especially because withdrawals are gradual, it’s not like they just hit all at once. So, she would be able tell she forgot them once she started feeling bad and take them before it got too bad.

It’s not like you forget to take meds at 6 and then by 10 you’re in full blown withdrawals.

No. 718852

Silly anon, don't you remember Taylor is the best at drugs and has the most awful junkie story? Of course her withdrawals would defy time and space and pesky biology! I'm sure she'll pop out saying how her doctors and her program were AMAZED how she didn't relapse because she. was. in. such. bad. shape. Poor, poor Taylor! How she must have suffered! kek

No. 718865

She has a way of always making it sound like that. Even with her story how she went into "acute withdrawals". She always has to make it over the top and extreme.

"I have stayed on top of everything WONDERFULLY" Like she cannot talk like a regular humanbeing about anything, can she? She sucks her own dick so much over nothing. I don't believe she's doing much of anything. Maybe watching the office again while strung out. This reeks of a relapse.

She got a fucking gun not that long ago, but now people are suddenly worried? Fuck outta here Taylor.

No. 718868

Thank you! Everytime she says stuff like that, or that she "forgot her medicine and woke up puking" it makes me doubt she's even actually taking subs at all. If you're on your way to be sick enough to puke, you're going to wake up wayy before you get to that point. Someone else said this but it's true- anyone on here who has dealt with addiction knew she was full of shit a long time ago. She just has to make everything sound so dramatic but it just shows how little she knows about addiction and how good she had it when she was using for her to not be able to even fake this stuff properly.
But I guess saying
>I had a minor opioid addiction for less than a year, I was very fortunate I nipped it in the bud and didn't suffer any consequences
doesn't have the same effect as
>I was injecting the purest China white into my neck hourly in a bed of blood and needles. I contracted hep c because I was just s0o0 sick and needed to qualify more as a junkie. I almost was living in a tent even though I always had enough money to spend on enough dope to get by with then plenty left for tacky clothes, an assistant, funko pops, and Jonny's pearly whites. I was covered head to toe in track marks even though anyone who actually knows what they look like knows I really wasn't. I'm the first person in the world to have seizures from taking subs too early because god forbid I admit to anything less than the worst. Doctors took one look at me and started crying even though I looked the exact fucking same as I do now, and look exponentially better than your average heroin addict, despite my best efforts to seem emaciated and on deaths door.

No. 718871

So no video Monday (today) like she had been promising it would be out no later than? She’s a fuckin joke and is lucky she even has an audience anymore..with the way she’s made herself look(injections, weird clothes, and awful hygiene) and her lack of entertainment value, humor and declining animal husbandry..she’ll be lucky to even have an audience of 10 year olds in a few more years after they’ve grew up and see her for what she really is..a washed up lying ass junkie that is immature and just puts out videos for money while doing the bare minimum for her animals. Sage because we all know this already

No. 718872

File: 1571095334493.jpeg (490.5 KB, 750x1334, DBC9C864-0D59-4A2F-A2EA-585CEC…)

Lmao this would second that story cuz he quit Heroin after they broke up or so he says..i would be willing to believe Jonny before Taylor at this point ..but they are both still pieces of shit

No. 718888

Nah, they’re both the same. I can see them both pretending to be sober and doing better just to shove it in each other’s faces.

No. 718892

Yeah I mean by the looks of >>697827
and his super pinned pupils and loss of teeth he definitely isn't sober

No. 718895

jesus christ jonny we're not that stupid. he didn't go through any withdrawal while he was streaming in ny or disappear for at least a week. Though after 2yrs of iv use he'd still have some mild withdrawal left after a week.

No. 718897


Bet these took like 3 hours to write.
I don't think she's really off the phone like she says. She's just in hiding. The Destry drama made her and her mother look like dumbasses and her group chats with minors probably didn't help. Tinfoil but what if one of those kids' parents saw the chat and shit went down because of that.

No. 718905

I definitely believe something more happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if more parents and children got involved. It absolutely means nothing that Taylor and Destry are following each other on Twitter again. Taylor and her mother will do whatever it takes to save face.

It is fucking weird/disturbing that she has these kinds of friendships with underage kids. No one cares if you act like a child yourself, the fact of the matter is you’re a 22 year old woman. I’m sure Taylor was giving her infamous Heroin 101 lecture to these kids too and i wouldn’t be surprised if a parent caught wind of these conversations. They’re completely inappropriate. She’s inappropriate. Any sane parent would not be okay with their child having a friendship like this with a heroin addict. IDGAF if she has a million YT followers, she is not a role model. She’s a fucking narcissist that preys on children for validation. She is sick in her fucking head and needs psychiatric help.

No. 718910

There were screenshots going around Twitter of Jen messaging Destry, and one of her followers shamed her for it and called her a bully. Plus the pictures of the chat group where Taylor goes off on Destry.

Just the fact alone that there is a private group chat where the majority of the participants are underage is really fucking concerning, especially when they're chatting to an adult who spreads misinformation about drugs and glorifies them.

But she likes to shit on Onion boy so much for the predatory shit he's done yet she's acting predatory herself.

No. 718922

>She…preys on children for validation.

This is fucking key and I don’t know why a bigger deal isn’t being made about this.

No. 718924

File: 1571108530231.png (3.55 MB, 1242x2208, DF352D9E-A372-476F-996C-C49417…)

Look who’s up from her drug nap.

No. 718928

>staying offline is so good for me! but I need attention and my brother takes priority in this house, so I can't stay away from my online following for very long

No. 718930

and now she's going to binge post/sperg and the cycle will inevitably continue

No. 718939

File: 1571111476074.jpg (621.79 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191014-205048.jpg)

She has 1 subject she's so fucking boring. Not even bothering with her rant cause it's the same shit every time with no sources

No. 718941

She’s so fucking stupid. That’s 15% of the population that has an active addiction then. That doesn’t mean that only 15% of the population has a special addict brain. The 15% is what has been diagnosed and reported. Jesus.

No. 718948

File: 1571113261995.png (321.54 KB, 474x903, suretay.PNG)

No. 718949

She’s also retarded in the way that simple math will tell you 15% of 329 million is about 49 million.

No. 718954

And all of this has been deleted. Is that a new record?

No. 718955

I vote that we stop paying attention to anything she says about this dumb 15% shit. It's always the fucking same

No. 718956

File: 1571114897020.png (257.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191015-004805.png)

I can't wait to read a transcript on this trainwreck of a potential video

No. 718958

I can’t wait to see if she actually makes the video.

No. 718959

File: 1571115268255.png (158.43 KB, 1432x775, Capture _2019-10-14-21-51-59.p…)

I want her to find the 15% in this 2018 findings…

No. 718960

i like how buprenophine is the #1 aka suboxone lol fitting for taylor

No. 718962

I think a lot of people pay it little attention because it wasn't sexual in nature, thankfully enough.

I don't believe she's completely AWOL/MIA on Twitter. I bet she's just private messaging for now. Narcissists like her, especially one who requires attention and worship 24/7, don't just ditch their narc food source like that. If she really IS AWOL, then something big happened to push her off it for now.

She'll just say it's a lie. She's not capable of self-criticism and healthy change. She'll just deny or deliberately misconstrue any data she sees.

No. 718963

> I, Taylor Nicole Dean, with no actual education on the topic and only has a GED, who failed to complete rehab and got kicked out of two sober facilities, am gonna make a couple of self-righteous and condescending tweets announcing a video where I'll parrot misinformation to mostly minors.

No. 718968

Thought it was pretty funny too.

No. 718974

File: 1571119231986.png (2.27 MB, 750x1624, C5CAD20B-CB06-41E0-8FBF-572932…)


No. 718975

File: 1571119279694.png (2.56 MB, 750x1624, DF45E0B0-BDDD-4326-9DA3-A5AB79…)

2/2 wow she just CANT stay off. I think this is like the 3rd time she said she was turning her phone off for the night

No. 718979

I can only fathom how she’s going to explain psychological versus physical dependence. It’s going to be fucking CRINGE. It’s obvious she found some statistic on google, calculated 15% of 329 million wrong, and uses this false information/miscalculation to justify being a POS narcissistic heroin addict.

>>I know it’s something real in my body

>>I never asked these doctors for proof because they were successfully treating me

Wasn’t she just bitching about the healthcare system the other day for putting an opiate warning on a prescription bottle containing an opiate that can kill someone if they misuse and/or abuse it. Didn’t she also bitch about a doctor when she was on a heroin bender. He said something she found rude and insensitive? I can’t remember what because it was fucking ridiculous.

Plus her little statistic isn’t representative of the number of people struggling with addiction worldwide. But I guess they don’t matter because it doesn’t coincide with her calculation. This is going to be a dumpster fire video if she thinks she can just sit there looking like a slut and sperging about statistics that she can’t even back up with a scientific article or a website.

No. 718985


>Anyone can pick up a drug and put it in their mouth enough times to get addicted.

>But once they sober up safely, they will not experience life the way someone with addiction does.

I'm just… stuck here. So the logic is that everyone, literally everyone, can get addicted, which is not wrong technically, but only 15% of those people will live life differently because of said addiction, because I suppose she's treating addiction as a mental illness (which imo it is but it also has a lot to do with choice).

But she's still fucking wrong. Addiction, regardless of environmental and/or genetic factors playing into its development, makes you live life differently, as well as the lives of those around you. An addict's an addict. A recovered addict's still an addict, period.

Even after sobering up, their lives will be different, because they'll have to restructure it in a way that doesn't interfere with their recovery. Why? Because they took substances that fucked with the chemistry of their brain, like that's still there, even if you're part of the 85% of filthy casuals, there was still physical and/or psychological dependence on a subtance, as well as altering your life and the lives of those around you because of said dependence.

She's basically implying that the remaining 85% of those who get addicted and sober up are just going back to normal and not struggle as much as the magical 15% she's part of. Like categorizing people into "addict" and "REAL OG addict".

It doesn't make sense. I feel like she was half-assing it during meetings and misconstrued what was being explained to her probably because she was thinking of Jake's dick idk.

If her argument was that out of a group of recovering addicts, 15% will relapse or struggle with sobriety, then it would be a bit more believable, but even then she'd still need a source to back up those claims, and do actual research, as well as show peer reviewed papers on the topic, and interview people who like, actually are literate enough to explain how addiction works.

No. 718999

she's been relapsed.

No. 719000

I wonder if Taylor goes into her counselling/therapy sessions and complains about this site/Twitter because people argue with her and tell her she's not actually special. "People on the internet tell me that my addiction story doesn't make sense and that I'm not supposed to groom minors and that it's not true that 15% of the population are born as addicts but I know I'm right!!!! It's so triggering that I even forgot to take my subs!!!" Like her stepping away from the internet (if she's actually doing that) is the smartest thing she's done but her therapist probably had to actually sit her down and tell her to grow the fuck up and hop off Twitter.

No. 719003


If she had SUCH a stressful day, the last thing she would do is forget to take her medication, by her OWN admittion, she thinks about relapse when she's stressed out, so why would this time be any different? Don't you think taking your medication to prevent relapse, or to reduce any stress or craving, or maybe even take too much medication would be at the top of your thought process if you, as an addict with an addict disease, are stressed out?
Because stress is a big factor in relapse.

She's full of shit.

No. 719007

you sure? she's bisexual. Pretty telling that she's getting kids used to her half naked body on twitter. She's grooming kids, prove me wrong that shes not a pedo for posting half naked shit to her 15 yo fans with the circumstances.

No. 719008


i wouldn't go there. Taylor's admitted she doesn't see herself as bisexual, and that she only had feelings for one woman. Although I doubt that actually happened and she's just trying to further skinwalk Halsey.

Taylor provides enough milk on her own, we don't need to add pedo speculation to the mix. Posting pics showing skin doesn't mean she's trying to groom her underage followers into having a sexual relationship with her. Also it's clear she has a type- older men.

No. 719009

Agreed. She wants the compliments and attention that comes with it. He little tweeny stans see her as some type of celeb and she’s delusional enough to believe it.
Is she grooming the minors for validation because she’s a narcissist (as another anon stated) YESSSSS MOST DEFINITELY

No. 719010

Yeah, I don't think her grooming is related to sexual shit, especially because she has a penchant for men twice her age. And she didn't even confirm she was bi, which is irrelevant either way.

Her grooming has more to do with validating her delusions like >>719009

No. 719013

If I remember correctly it was because the doctor mentioned something about getting needles and she was pissed off the doctor wanted her to be safe basically as she saw it as him “encouraging her drug use”

No. 719017

Yeah, her doctor recommended a place where she can get clean needles safely and she accused "the health industry" of being pro drug use bc it keeps them in business or some equally dumb shit

No. 719020

Why does that say ‘your story’?

No. 719022

"i just thought of a really good comparison"
>proceeds to make a really bad comparison

sure, some people have a genetic disposition for depression and some people have a genetic disposition for addiction, but everybody can become clinically depressed and everybody can become addicted, and not everybody with a disposition will become depressed/addicted.
her therapists, probably: "genes play a role, some studies suggest up to 15% of the population might be more susceptible to drugs due to genetics", taylor: "THE MOMENT I WAS CONCEIVED WAS THE MOMENT I BECAME AN ADDICT"

No. 719025

Anon capped Jonny's IG and he has a cap of his own story on there as a post.

No. 719028

File: 1571137347239.jpg (639.68 KB, 1536x1598, Screenshot_20191015-130225.jpg)

No. 719030

>>Banned from the chain

No Taylor, you were arrested for trespassing you dipshit.

No. 719032

The sheer fucking nerve and delusional entitlement of this white brat


What a fucking dipshit. Jen, collect your child. She's an embarrasment to you.

No. 719033

File: 1571141931209.png (6.96 MB, 1242x2688, B250BDAA-A4B6-4238-9672-198332…)

Dressed up to watch The Office

No. 719034

makes me laugh how she pretends she’s doing something when we know damn well she’s gonna walk around the house till she finds the “perfect spot” then snap a few selfies, edit said selfies and post, crawl back in to bed and furiously tweet about how she’s such a “bad druggie lol” with the office playing in the background.

No. 719036

Snakes with a respiratory infection open their mouths like that, gasping for air as they slowly suffocate on mucus.

No. 719039

File: 1571145415013.jpg (444.89 KB, 1536x1599, Screenshot_20191015-151511.jpg)

But she's staying on top of everything so wonderfully guys…..

No. 719042

>>719033 she said here >>718975 that she's got a "busy day" today. I wonder if she's got a court date or something. Is JC actually in town? He hasn't posted anything about SA on twitter

No. 719043

Holy shit she is so fucking stupid.

If shes using depression as an example, the appropriate correlation is that some people do have a genetic risk for depression, and they're more susceptible to it, but /anyone can still get depression/. Even if 15% have the "addict gene" the other 85% /could/ still become an addict even without the gene.

NO ONE does heroin once and never feel the need to go back? It's the most physically addictive substance we know of. Plenty of people dont have the "addict gene" and get addicted because hard drugs like h and meth literally change your brain chemistry?

There /is/ a clinical difference between physical dependence and psychological addiction, but she sure as hell doesnt understand it.

No. 719045

File: 1571146295096.png (5.71 MB, 1242x2688, C717CB77-2F47-49D3-8A3A-33B6C3…)

Don’t think this was posted?

No. 719046

File: 1571146329156.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2688, ACBC894C-FD2D-441D-80AE-0CFD69…)

No. 719048

>lol I know I promised two videos this week (one of which was supposed to come out yesterday) but the BIG SCARY ANONS have ruined that for everyone! no videos until next week! it's not my fault, it's the fault of the people who always call me out on my bullshit! blame them for my laziness and inability to meet deadlines, not me, the person on opiates

No. 719052

Is she… acting like she's bullied by people requesting sources for potentially harmful claims? Bitch, what? Is she really playing that card?

No. 719053

She’s a fucking liar. We all know exactly what tweet she was talking about. That account wasn't faceless at all. Her stans won’t know that because she deleted herself quote tweeting as usual. Funny because that tweet only had a few likes until she quote retweeted it. Also, she went through and blocked everyone that liked that tweet, but she’s acting like it’s so hilarious and she’s not bothered by the opinions.

No. 719054

In her earlier IG post she stated she was going to talk to licensed specialists about addiction. Notice how she didn’t say she would collaborate with them/feature them on her video because this is Taylor’s world and we’re just living in it. She would stick a needle in her dead veins before she let someone who’s licensed talk about addiction and recovery on her channel. She’d rather parrot what they say so she sounds intelligent and gains peoples trust in that she knows what she’s talking about.
>> I’m going to use my recovery books as a reference
I sure hope to god she will use something as a point of reference. This girl can’t even compose a comprehensive sentence over the internet and she’s going to educate people about physical and psychological dependence… let that sink in. Congratulations for letting one account out of hundreds of millions on twitter make your world come crashing down because they told you your “15%” bullshit is BULLSHIT you uneducated twat.
She’s never been this manic on IG before so hopefully people pick up on it who only follow her there.

No. 719057

File: 1571148845007.jpg (678.78 KB, 1080x1744, 20191016_011245.jpg)

She got dressed up to go to the vets I think, she's already back in bed.

No. 719060

File: 1571149106130.jpg (574.12 KB, 1080x1742, 20191016_011704.jpg)


Posted about 2 hours ago.

No. 719061


By anesthesia does she mean local or generalized and is it for surgery or biopsy or what?

She's so fucking vague it's mind blowing, and here she is thinking she's some kind of educator.

No. 719066

She’s not specific because it makes it easy to change her story down the road.

No. 719067

that tweet has 40 likes now.

No. 719068

"They've resulted to anesthesia"

What the fuck is she yammering on about?

She is barely literate, jesus fuck. Stay in school, kids, and stay off dope and junkie dick.

No. 719069

Imagine being the vet and this dumb bitch that keeps bringing in dying animals comes in a fucking school girl outfit lmao

No. 719071

LOL the stank must be unreal. Imagine having TND waltz into your checkup room and having to sanitize everything she's touched afterwards.

No. 719072

is this not the snake everyone has been saying is sick for like ever? the one who sticks her tongue out and it doesn't fork? and everyone saying it's not normal and Taylor insisting everything is fine? or am I thinking of another snake. I could have sworn it was Celia

No. 719073

File: 1571153976890.jpg (111.92 KB, 602x546, 1569018981663.jpg)

samefag and sage for old milk. She posted this 25 days ago on 9/20/19. So this snake has been almost two months without food, which isn't normally a big deal, but Taylor is known for overfeeding (huge weekly meals) so this is a sign the snake is really not well.

Link to picture when it was posted:

No. 719074

More than not eating, it was nearly whole damn month after they discovered Celia may have a mass that she's bothered to take her snake back to the doctors??? Why am I not surprised. She's so fucking self absorbed.

No. 719080

you know anaesthesia cures animals just like quarantine does right? It's all in Taytays Care Book of Animals.

No. 719082

“They’re going to biopsy it next week”
Doesn’t take the snake back for a month.

No. 719085

>>buys new laptop to play stupid games on and buys ridiculous trophy for fake four month sober celebration
>>waits weeks later to take snake back for BIOPSY OF A MASS that isn’t going away with MULTIPLE antibiotic treatments.

I guess when you don’t clean your room or actually have to deal with your pets, you kinda forget about their needs and that they’re extremely ill.

No. 719087

File: 1571158515880.jpg (128.81 KB, 1536x289, 1564697553664.jpg)

Yeah this was posted in another thread and we discussed how we been going on forever something is wrong with Celia due to her tongue not forking! Which she at one point even made fun of that we discussed that. I think that was when Bree made a tweet about how a healthy snakes tongue is supposed to fork? She did the whole aLl mY aNiMaLs aRe pErFeCt aNd nEeeeVeR geT siCk spiel too. She's such a neglectful piece of shit with her animals and just uses them to seem more edgy, cool and not liKe oThEr giRlS.

I am willing to guess all her snakes got something wrong with them because of her poor hygiene and unwillingness to quaranteen.

This is a tweet about Sabor when she just got back home after getting kicked out of sober living.

No. 719090

yeah if you follow the link to the OP of that picture, Taylor's sperg-out is just a few posts down. Bree's subtweet saying "yeah no shit your snake is sick, it has been for a long time" and Taylor "finding out from someone else" and getting defensive

No. 719111

File: 1571162786162.jpg (701.3 KB, 1522x1778, 1564697331949.jpg)

She has heard the sniffles in every single snake it seems. (This is from when she got kicked out of sober living also) Its so ridiculous.

No. 719124


is this the same vet that said Celia is in pristine condition and stabbed Tofu with a needle?

And yes, respiratory infections spread to every snake and all her snakes are probably sick from the blood python that she dumped on Destry.

That's the precise reason why you QUARANTINE. BEFORE. you bring in new snakes.

Quarantine alone is not going to fix any problems, I am just saying it loud for those cows in the back.

No. 719126

File: 1571169418020.jpg (482.29 KB, 1536x1605, Screenshot_20191015-215556.jpg)

She's being a spastic again on Twitter about animal care while she has her hedgehogs in awful cages herself.

The Celia thing was spotted quite a while before that sick blood, that being said she probably helped spread some more shit with that, especially with her desperately wanting to score cool points for the bite and it losing multiple teeth in her hand.

No. 719128

File: 1571169512175.jpg (129.53 KB, 1536x320, Screenshot_20191015-215744.jpg)

Ey Taylor, here's a video idea "I relapsed and am a dishonest piece of shit that abuses subs"

No. 719130

Oh my fuck did she not have Gus in a goddamn stacked CritterTrail holy hell I cannot

No. 719132

File: 1571170244244.jpg (513.45 KB, 1398x857, Screenshot_20191015-221012.jpg)

She's keeping her hedgehogs in this for those that do not know.

No. 719134

The hypocrisy jumped out. Fuck this cunt.

No. 719146

File: 1571175448719.png (5.32 MB, 1242x2208, 401291D9-2129-40DA-AFA0-46C11D…)


No. 719152

File: 1571176746331.png (948.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191015-175638.png)

So much for no bites from Tofu and you working on his behavior. Even though you're literally egging him on. Fuck you for unreasonably stressing your snake.

No. 719154

Bright light, unfamiliar surroundings, wide open space with nowhere to hide, hand waving in front of him… but why is he so CrAnKy kek

No. 719157

File: 1571176993100.png (653.66 KB, 1242x2208, A608F71A-4B04-46EC-A52B-E732B3…)

No. 719158

File: 1571177056301.png (550.33 KB, 1242x2208, DBDC7DB4-70ED-4B46-B99F-FD3FAB…)

No. 719159

Bright light, unfamiliar surroundings, wide open space with nowhere to hide, hand waving in front of him… but why is he so CrAnKy kek

No. 719164

That is Fucking RICH coming from this girl with her wildly overfilled saltwater tank.

No. 719167

So yeah, she's still claiming people who don't have a genetic predisposition to addiction won't struggle with it as much cuz our girl is special. Also largely neglecting the other factors going into it and that there's still so much we don't know about how addiction works. Even experts don't fully know the last time I checked and that's from research in later years. She's talking as if this is a completely solved puzzle, it is not. That's why people are mad.

Has she even mentioned anyone else in her family being an addict? I don't recall so. It seems like a blend of personality, mental illness, upbringing and the opioid crisis led her down this path. Doesn't seem to be the part of the so called 15% she keeps nagging about and why is that so important anyway? It doesn't make you less of an addict, Taylor.

No. 719170

I love how she explains that the enclosure of the hedgehogs used to be big enough as if that had anything to do with in what they are housed now.

No. 719174

even funnier bc she justifies herself with "its about the GROWTH!!"

ok so you regressed taylor, you dumb bitch

No. 719177

Can you share the pic or link to said tweet?

No. 719179

File: 1571180262340.png (63.77 KB, 762x431, Screenshot (1366).png)

No. 719181

(Anon who took the pic) I don’t know I wondered the same thing but that’s just how it showed up on my insta when I screenshot it..I’m not Jonny I swear lmao I would off myself if so lol and I agree with everyone saying he ain’t sober either but think he def slowed down after they broke up cuz he didn’t have his cash cow anymore..but his swollen ass sausage fingers prove that him being sober is a lie anyways. Taylor’s a narc and Jonnys an abusive rapist what’s new?

No. 719184

it looks like jonny screen shotted his own story and posted it to his feed - which is why it says "your story" on his own post. I'm stumped at how/why he needs more money to get his stuff from LA - how much did he get in donations for exactly that reason? He just goes and blows it all in LA. if I donated, I would be pissed.

No. 719185

She claims she upgraded their cages now she's being called out.. without ever bragging about the upgraded cages first? I'm not believing shit until she actually proves it.

No. 719186

Taylor literally claimed that they “took a quick culture” of this same shit back in September. I’m guessing she didn’t even take the damn snake to the vet the last time and it was a just a lie. Probably just got too sick and was finally forced to take it.

No. 719192

Taylor's reply was basically confirming she doesn't even know what sources are.
Why everyone must listen to some uneducated girl with a drug addiction is beyond me. Go back to school, Taylor. Then you can have the authority to preach about things you have actually been educated on. It says a lot that her fans are underage because they just plain don't know any better. And it makes it even more harmful because they are so impressionable and they believe her, and believe that if they were able to have one drink, or smoke weed once, and be fine, that they are not part of that "15%" and are able to use heroin once and be fine.

No. 719193

She conveniently Upgraded cages after the video, did u guys catch that? Weird how she never tweeted about it as she always does.

Expect an update video on her hedgehogs to prove it after she goes and really upgrade them lol

No. 719194

Fucking moron means "resorted" not "resulted." She's so stupid it hurts.

No. 719210

Noticed some white blood cells? How the fuck do you NOTICE white blood cells. Either they sent it off for testing or he looked at it right there girl make up your damn mind. He's not gonna swab a sample on a slide and look at it under a microscope or whatever she's imagining, say "yep I think I know what it is" then package it back up and THEN send it off. She learned nothing from the autopsy fiasco.

No. 719213


Yes but don’t get too excited it’ll take at least a few months… times two

No. 719226

File: 1571185579679.jpeg (1.48 MB, 3464x3464, A50731AC-B6DE-423D-9B5F-EFF9B9…)

Sage for major tinfoil, but check out the size discrepancy between with Tofu with the dates.

No. 719228

File: 1571185666935.jpeg (1.39 MB, 3464x3464, 04727759-AB67-4DCD-9BEB-90406C…)

No. 719232

It def wouldn’t surprise me if she replaced tofu but it’s hard to tell with these two pics the size of him..she’s been posting with him a lot lately though because everyone is always talking about how cute he is..it’s kinda weird too that she still hasn’t named her new “cheese” and showed him off more but that’s just me

No. 719233

Not to wk but they're literally a month apart???

No. 719234

I find that kind of weird, too. All this excitement about her new cowfish and now nothing. It's just like every other pet of hers – interesting for about two minutes then ignored unless people start wondering if it is still alive.

No. 719237

I'm pretty sure it died the next day just like the shrimp, the moment she deletes the photo that will be the confirmation

No. 719239

Idk that these show much but I just think from last year to this year he looks the same size, she shows Salem’s growth and Maui’s yada yada but never tofu

No. 719246

October 23rd to November 1st and he grew that much? >>719226
And from November 1st to December 1st he shrank? Read the dates.

No. 719253

> Ok person a has The Magical Addict Gene and b doesn't they both use heroin for 2 years. Would you basically be able to tell any difference at that point? Would their treatment look any different? How do you possibly test for this?

I mean, I guess you could tell why they got addicted through family history and environmental factors when they get to rehab and through therapy, but they still get to the same result: They still got addicted to a mind altering substance. The only difference is that one of them probably had a genetic predisposition and the other got addicted because of environmental factors like peer pressure, for example. And even then, a genetic predisposition doesn't exactly guarantee you'll struggle with addiction. I only have anecdotal data but I've seen people who come from a family where addiction happens and they just… don't get addicted, whereas others who come from families where there's no magical gene and they get addicted.

You could argue that maybe the one with a genetic predisposition might struggle more with sobriety than the other, but you cannot tell for certain because each organism is different, and even then you still need to back up said argument with statistics and data.

Like any way you cut it, what she says doesn't make any sense. The treatment is the same for everyone regardless of genetic/environmental factors, and this is with mental illnesses in general. Obviously there's a variety of meds that some people respond to better than others but like, the standard's still there.

Taylor's aiming to explain something that's beyond her knowledge. Even if she interviewed people on the topic and went full Shane Dawson with a series about addiction, she needs to do independent research on her own, because she's nowhere near well versed on the topic. She failed to complete rehab and got kicked out of two sober facilities, as well as banned from receiving treatment from a clinic for life and banned from a hotel chain. She's backtracking on that 15% Magic Gene Theory because I guess she lurks here and saw people trying to make sense out of her shit, as well as people on Twitter calling her out.

Even with her Magic Addict Gene, she still has to fucking own that she's a goddamn addict who made and keeps making fucked up choices. She needs to get back to rehab and actually complete it before she tries to educate others on the topic.

No. 719258

Just a thought, could be an old picture of him

No. 719261

Yeah, could be. But why would she be using old photos of him to document his growth? This also coincides with the fact that he went hard, and blue after she punctured his lungs.

No. 719267

Not to white knight, but as a vet if I (and most vets) got an aspirate (sample with a needle) vs. a biopsy (chunk of tissue), I'll look at the aspirate on a slide under a microscope to make sure it has shit on it to make it worth while before sending it out. But white blood cells don't mean curable and idk how they got a sample of an oral mass without sedation unless they did an impression smear. An aspirate with a needle is a maybe. A biopsy is definitely not possible.(as a blog)

No. 719271

ok sure Not-Jonny.

No. 719288

JC posted on his ig story about doing FTs and he mentions “all his stuff” and pans around to a bunch of bullshir lying around, maybe he got his shit from SA?

No. 719292

You just said the vet took a culture in September and you were waiting for results? Keep your lies straight you dumb bitch.

Also you cannot convince me she is sober comparing her writing here. >>719073

No. 719310

But why is the second pic of a month later smaller than the November pic? Hence why anon posted it.

No. 719313

I get the relapse posting is popular and I agree with you. I'm just so tired. I find it really hard to speculate about exactly when/if she's high sober and honestly I think it has probably happened more than once at this point if not that she's already back to using semi-regularly.

Not even because of Taylor as a person but people that age who use hard drugs (hell any addiction) like that and aren't serious as hell about recovering don't succeed. All the therapy mommy can pay for doesn't matter if you don't really want to be there.

Everything she talks about addiction centers around herself. If she brings up anyone else it's to highlight their downfalls not their recovery. It's all ego trip shit. I don't think I heard her mention a mentor she particularly looked up or even talking much about the experience of getting a sponser but I remember everything she's said about her favorite drugs.

At this point I'm going to probably hibernate on this thread for a year until she comes clean again with a new vid: I'm Sober…Again? My EVEN TRUER Addiction Story

No. 719314

Yes anon, I agree about the whole relapse thing. I was the one that commented “she’s been relapsed,” because so many said that she has on so many occasions now.

she’s almost always on something. She’s reloaded a long time ago as it was also confirmed with the 30 day soup and even after that it’s obvious she is still abusing her opiates or maybe using other things again.

No. 719316

I'll admit I can't remember exactly what brand Gus's cage was off the top of my head. Nevertheless, we've all seen it before and know it was the same size as a fucking critter trail. Tay, this is an image board…do you think we don't have the screengrabs as evidence of that? I guess claiming that she'd never use it again is supposed to excuse the fact that she never upgraded him despite being able to afford it (and even though this was well after her channel blew up and she has no excuses for being less educated than her viewers)?
And yeah, ofc we're supposed to believe she hasn't posted about the new hedgie cages. Yet she tosses a couple fake plants in a cramped snake tub and makes a whole mother-fucking video about it because that's the biggest effort toward enrichment she's made in years. It's just rich, convenient, and highly suspect coming from this pathological liar. If those hedgies were ever in good cages it was damn well short lived so it's a moot point. What kind of self proclaimed animal goddess keeps hedgies in shitty pet store guinea pig crap and has the nerve to get on a high horse about people who do the exact same below minimum pet care? It'd almost be hilarious that she has such an ego over her painfully inadequate animal husbandry if animals weren't suffering.

No. 719322

I agree. Unless someone spots a genuine track mark, or has some solid info, the speculation regarding her sobriety is pretty null. Nobody stays up all night, sleeping all day, going on long winded rants about drugs when they’re sober. Especially not someone recently clean from heroin.
I do feel like the conversation has become redundant.
We all mostly seem to be on the same page, so pointing it out every three seconds seems tired.
Regardless, I am excited to get the tea on what’s been going on with these animals / and maybe Jonny getting his stuff. I wonder what happened (if he did)

No. 719330

This is proof to me that she’s abusing her suboxone. She ran out of her prescription that’s why she when into withdrawals.

No. 719337

LMAO so she smokes too? Christ this girl is gonna look like she's 45 by the time she hits 25, mark my words. She already looks like she's at least 28-30.

No. 719357

File: 1571235285997.jpg (521.12 KB, 1536x1276, Screenshot_20191016-161234.jpg)

Gus' shitty cage.

No. 719360

Even before the new “cheese”, didn’t she get a new “dumb looking” fish that she was sooo excited about? And then literally we never hear her talk about it? It’s like she expected getting the fish to explode her channel and views again, but all she does is lie about how she gets her pets so who really cares? The new cow fish video only got 600k views, I’m sure she’s not happy to not be constantly be hitting the millions anymore. Maybe that’s why she instantly got bored with the new fish, they’re not making her enough money and getting more attention I guess.

I agree though, I just find it so weird how you can accumulate new animals (fish or not) as quickly as her and just act like it’s nothing… she gets bored of them so quickly like they’re accessories.

No. 719362

File: 1571235800657.jpg (1.42 MB, 1920x2317, inCollage_20191016_161759205.j…)

Sorry forgot to add the picture. I found out that Celia's tongue did not fork back in January 2018 already. So she's been having this issue for a very long time now.

No. 719372

poor Celia. Taylor’s reaction on Instagram was “LMAO look at her funny tongue” and now look at how much treatment that snake is needing

No. 719385

Yes I am afraid that we can expect an animal shopping spree when she moves to her own place again. Fish are boring to everyone that don't own fish. Also, the new cheese probably has ich together with the whole rest of the tank ("if he shows any more signs of having ich I am definitely putting him in quarantine")

No. 719386

Whoopie dee fucking doo. A habitrail instead of a crittertrail kek. A 40 gallon breeder for Gus would've probably been cheaper than this plastic piece of shit. And the same old pet store junk for the hedgehogs. Lmao you can't make this stuff up.

No. 719402

what species of snake is Tofu? since she got him he never grew, i don't know how fast snakes grow though, but it was weird for me that he remains so small beacuse she feeds them so often

No. 719406


he's a texas rat snake i believe

No. 719429


Western rat snake, Texas phase (aka Texas rat snake) they are fast to grow. All species in the genus Pantherophis and the old genus they used to be apart of Elaphe, grow quickly.

No. 719433

growth rate depends on what she was feeding him. I think she said she was feeding him 2 pinkies in that video where he tried to eat himself. If that’s all he was being fed once a week, then he’s not going to grow quickly. Young snakes need to be feed frequently every 3 or 5 days since they have the metabolism for it.

I do find it weird though that he is that small for being a year old considering how fat her other snakes have been.

No. 719435

not ruling out that she killed and replaced him tho since most colubrid snakes only have one functioning lung. a punctured lung sounds like it would be a death sentence to a small snake, but I can’t find that much information on it

No. 719438

this tinfoiling sounds so real

specially when you put it like this, it all comes to full image. one lung, punctured, snake getting blue. how long it took her to take it to vet when she was high? probably died and got replaced then. i wonder now if this kind on skin colour of this snake is rare and hard to get on reptile market?
was tofu easy to replace?

No. 719444

That would also make sense why tofu has never been tamed. He is always biting, of course she encourages it, but replacing the snake would make sense on why it never bonds with her

No. 719448

they’re not the easiest snake to find compared to others but if you look for a few months. I see some for sale every so often, there’s several on morphmarket right now. I only saw one at the Daytona expo in August and that’s a good sized show.

No. 719450

File: 1571252460509.png (689.51 KB, 1023x718, tofu.PNG)

here's when she first got tofu and his price. he has grown, but not by much

No. 719452

The thing that really seals the deal for me is she said Tofu's body turned hard and stiff. I'm aware she always embellishes her stories, but it just doesn't add up. I could maybe - just maybe - see a snake turning blue and miraculously surviving. It seems much more far-fetched for a snake corpse that already started undergoing rigor mortis to be revived. What I'm saying is you can turn blue from suffocation/asphyxiation while being very much alive, whereas rigor mortis is supposed to happen, ya kno, post mortem. Last I checked he "almost died", yet somehow was "totally fine nbd" and "not harmed at all" kek. Then again, the bitch seriously is illiterate as fuck.

No. 719454

Does anyone know where she gets her pets? Maybe someone should send them a warning that a mad cow is coming their way soon to look for more pets to abuse and neglect? I just can't watch this anymore and she's so casual about it all. She doesn't care about the "hAtErS" so she ignores every single piece of good advice people try to give her.(cowtipping)

No. 719455

from the pictures I want to say she has been underfeeding him and that’s why he’s still small. but I was always put off that with tofu she always pushed the “young colubrids have a high mortality rate so I didn’t want to introduce him yet until I knew he was fine and eating.” Idk if she asked the breeder how many meals he has eaten and what not, but I feel like that shouldn’t have been something to worry about if she bought him from a good breeder. that’s why I’m not ruling out that she killed him and replaced him, but I’d want to know what a vet would say about a punctured lung

No. 719465

Not trying to wk, as I'm sure you'll be able to tell, but let's get real here. This is Taylor we're talking about. None of her snakes are all that tame because she never handles them, unless she's harassing them for photos. A couple of her snakes have okay dispositions I guess. That's usually due to their species naturally being sweethearts though. Like her ball pythons seem to behave fine, as they damn well should. But the vast majority of her snakes are constantly biting her, even relatively manageable species. She actually brags about it all the time. It also doesn't help that she either doesn't know shit or give a fuck when it comes to handling her snakes. Like you said yourself, she's always antagonizing them and doing the absolute worst possible thing imaginable to stress them. I swear it's almost like she's intentionally trying to get her snakes to strike. Who knows if she's that much of a malicious imbecile?

No. 719472

It's like when small children are learning how to interact with cats. The first thing they do is to either pull their ears or tails as if just to make them do SOMETHING. Taylors snakes are probably just sitting calmly until she starts stressing them to bite her, just to get some footage of the snake actually moving. I do however agree that the Tofu we are seeing now is like Tofu the Second or even Tofu the Third judging by his size. She wouldn't admit to that though because she already got a replacement milksnake in the past, along with replacement Cheese.

No. 719477

File: 1571257656872.png (313.99 KB, 940x438, Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 16.2…)

Same exact cage on Amazon. Only the best of the best for beloved Gus.

No. 719479

God, you just reminded me of the infamous pics of Taylor's manicure stabbing her triangle-faced newborn kittens while they cry out in terror. She really doesn't have a clue on how to handle animals and it shows. I think another reason she harasses the snakes is because they're an edgier accessory to her when they hiss. That, and most snake owners on social media have better handling skills and tamer snakes; so her pics are set apart from the rest just because her snakes are striking.

No. 719481

Hers is definitely smaller than that

No. 719487

Her handling of her animals has been fucking appalling since day 1. She does not have the first clue how to hold her animals and it's obvious most of them are uncomfortable and downright scared. She just thinks it's cute and that they're making faces so she can meme them better for clicks and views.

No. 719489

What ever has a new video up.


No. 719490

wait, she was banned from a chain of hotels? that's, ahh, real interesting. if i didn't know she doesn't have an arrest record i'd say she was hooking or slinging because those are the only two things that get you banned from hotels.

she is so fucking milky because she can't shut up about herself. it's fascinating, she spills more than any other cow.

No. 719491

Majority of breeders won’t sell a baby if they aren’t eating well and mention exactly what and how often they eat in the “ad” like off morph market or something. Even people who sell on Craigslist do this.

No. 719492

do you have the photo that says it? i recall a picture of celia on insta that made fun of the snake's tongue too. she always does this, makes fun of whatever pet by using language that sounds really callous and screwed up and now we see that celia was really sick and taylor lmfaoooooing about celia was wasting time that her snake didn't have. i really want to do a side by side of all these snotty comments she makes with the current state of all the pets.

No. 719493

While I would not be surprised if she replaced Tofu in the slightest. He does look about yearling size maybe a bit small but not by much for his species.
Also the bullshit about the baby Colubrid mortality rate is so stupid, she's not special for keeping a already breeder established snake alive. It is suspicious that she was saying that close to the time he was almost (or maybe was) killed.
My favorite thing was when she said she didn't name Prada (Gucci 2) for awhile because she was afraid she was going to die because of how small she was. When she was actually atleast 6 months old maybe even a year old based on her size when she got her. Milksnakes just don't grow that quickly. Hatchling Milksnakes are much much tinier.

No. 719499

lol you do have a point

No. 719501

Right, it's always some miracle story with her and how she was able to save every animal that she has somehow.
I don't know how anyone inexperienced could do an injection on a snake that small, let alone WHILE HIGH? Bullshit. Then he went blue and then came back to life? Complete bullshit.

No. 719504

Ahhhh it's so good, too! I'm glad there's a focus on Taylor's weirdness hanging around young girls.

No. 719506

File: 1571267159346.jpeg (182.89 KB, 637x982, F9D5596C-4ECD-4E29-806B-A95495…)

it’s a whole set of her tongue not forking in any photo too

No. 719508

It really nailed all of the key points and grievances that critics are frustrated about. Very well done and presented nicely. Though I think she forgot to add that the letter Taylor received from that snake breeder was proven to be edited by Taylor, but that (like so much of Taylor’s fuckery) got swept aside so it was probably easy to miss.

No. 719513

I have no real knowledge about snakes tbh, but isn't Tofu staying at an alarmingly small size? Or are snake just slow growers, sorry for the slight OT

No. 719518

good video considering tnd talks so much its hard to keep up with her.
wish she would have added her photos to show her pinned pupils to that could be up for discussion in her comments as well.

No. 719520

Beginner snakeanon here. He does seem to be growing on the slow side, which can happen if it is not being fed frequently or is refusing meals, or if it’s being given too small a prey size. (Or if you killed your snake while stabbing it while high and replaced it with a younger one, kek)

He does seem to be growing slowly, from my perspective at least.

No. 719522

I’m surprised she hasn’t come out of Internet hibernation to refute the new what ever video.
>”okay so I am still totally taking excellent care of myself napping all day which is super good for my special 15% brain, and it has been suuuuper amazing but just happened to randomly be informed about this video that I definitely didn’t find on my own from lolcow, so I just had to pop on real quick to say how totally suuuuper wrong that video is, my pets receive flawless care from my mom ok?!”

No. 719535

found this video while binge watching Michelle Khare. Never knew that they did a collab but my point here is that is it just me that the way Taylor handles the snakes really bothers me? Btw the vid is from 2017. It’s like she’s flailing them around and it’s just so cringe worthy to even watch her handle them. (2:54 is when she starts handing the snakes oddly)
Ps, sorry if this has been posted before, it’s hard to keep up to date of which has been posted and which has not been posted on here.

No. 719549


I haven’t seen this one, at least, and I’ve been following since the beginning of the Jonny saga. Great find.

She really does just fling them around, doesn’t she? It’s gross how rough she is with them.

No. 719554

This seems like an awful video idea anyways. I can’t imagine that this isn’t stressful for the snakes. Taylor is such an “educator” and had a spaz on Twitter about holding multiple animals at the same time but is seen holding multiple snakes of different sizes in this video. Nitpicking but she couldn’t even have been bothered to wash her hair.

No. 719571

taylor doesnt even look the same o.o

No. 719579

you'd think taylor would be so excited to hang out with these giant snakes and instead she's bored. what a phony.

No. 719593

3.13 she almost dropped the snake!

What was the point in Taylor's presence? She just looks all awkward, self conscious and out of place, just looking at her she looks like she's overthinking and too aware of herself, sad.

No. 719595

i always think about gemini in these cases.
she bought a 10k snake just to do a stupid video.
she barely even posts about him anymore.
prob obese af now.

No. 719605

File: 1571275556115.jpg (345.26 KB, 1080x1241, PrehistoricPets.jpg)

Ironically the facility she's at lines up perfectly with her standards of animal care.
Also nice job taylor for promoting that trash fire

No. 719628

File: 1571281032147.png (35.16 KB, 995x319, lol.png)

this gem was in the comments.

No. 719664

File: 1571294732441.jpeg (645.85 KB, 1936x1452, D0A0DD0B-4750-48E6-AA17-7D698D…)

No. 719668

It really is a pity she looks like a lukewarm codfish now. And so fucking trashy and aged.

No. 719669

File: 1571295888120.jpg (652.74 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191017-180145_Ins…)

Wow not even 25 and she's already got major bags and wrinkles forming under her eyes.
Also I know it's a nitpick but her skim looks all lumpy and textured under that makeup like it did when she started using.

No. 719672

To be fair, she's always been rather shit at doing her makeup, so it looks like that because she put a plaster of foundation on her face.

As for the fine lines, well yeah it's partly because of the drugs, partly because her makeup is caked on, and partly because she's trying to do a "sultry" look with her eyes, which makes the fine lines look even more visible.

She has shit hygiene habits and I doubt she even knows what skincare is so her pores must be clogged to hell and back. It's kinda sad because two years ago while she wasn't drop dead gorgeous, she wasn't exactly ugly either. She was average pretty but she fucked that up.

No. 719676

Not to wk, but anon.. skin has texture. Despite what the insta models have told you, people actually have wrinkles and bumps. Totally normal.

No. 719677

File: 1571298243991.jpeg (190.15 KB, 768x1024, 9E502A71-C91B-4191-8C7D-0A5F47…)

No. 719680

have you looked a normal irl 25 year old in the face recently kek, I'd say her eye are is the most normal looking part of her face

No. 719681

Oh wow camgirl outfit just like predicted in this post, who would have thought. >>716997

No. 719683

File: 1571304549990.jpg (408.76 KB, 1080x963, 20191017_052832.jpg)

what the fuck is going on here?

No. 719685

She hasn't blended properly and it makes her forehead look really weird.

Taylor stop wearing hair extensions, it'll make you even more bald than you already are.

No. 719690

File: 1571312192193.jpeg (181.46 KB, 1280x960, 5EB9C45E-6CFC-41AD-B304-30E253…)

2 years difference. O.o(O.o)

No. 719693

File: 1571313235858.jpeg (17.75 KB, 600x350, 50D84DFA-9AF3-4835-811A-C7C3C7…)

No. 719695

File: 1571314374093.jpg (25.91 KB, 350x262, taylorlips.jpg)

you beat me to it, anon

No. 719702

Jesus Christ that attention whore caption is so cringe inducing. My issue with her isn’t that she’s such a massive try-hard, but damn it is annoying af. The way she fluctuates between her ddlg, J-fashion parody, raver, heroin chic, instathot, alt rocker and Halsey skin-walking aesthetics is so rapid it makes me concerned for her mental health. Just saying she’s the biggest poser of all the cows, second only to the notorious Abby/Alex Brown.

No. 719706

File: 1571321320608.jpeg (636.22 KB, 2048x2048, F40C51CA-3944-4C1D-8046-1EEB80…)

Where have we seen this look before… oh right.

Also just because you’re wearing black doesn’t make you emo you stupid cunt. She really never got the high school experience and it really shows…

No. 719707

She looks exactly like the young dumb trashy chicks that hang out with older drunken guys in dive bars. That's where her life is going and what her ""aesthetic"" is at 22.

No. 719708

she looked more alive on heroin. wtf is she doing right now? it's wild to think she looked better when she was in a shitty relationship and ""hiding"" addiction.

thinking about it for a sec, she probably looks and feels like shit because she's single. even though Jonny was toxic as hell, she probably feels so lost without a guy around to give her attention (see Jake, Oscar, and the unconfirmed others in her rehab attempt.) that "by myself" tattoo will not stop being ironic until she can be happy being alone with herself. I bet she's one of those girls who takes on the personality of whatever guy she's with

No. 719711

"Middle school emo girl" no girl, you look like a washed up metalcore rockstar's trashy girlfriend from an equally trashy metalcore music video

No. 719725

I haatteee that caption. She’s such a fucking loser. She makes me cringe. She talks like an 11 year old tumblr queen.

No. 719731

Maybe this is a nitpick, but it's extra embarrassing for her to try so hard to be alternative when she never even had an emo phase in the 2000s. I think it's pathetic and hilarious when girls who mocked or disregarded the emo subculture in its heyday cry for attention like this. Plus the whole "slowly becoming the emo girl" part is plain untrue. She's not slowly becoming anything except a lame poser. She quickly cycles through a variety of fast fashion aesthetics. Putting on a studded choker you just bought from dollskill and calling it a day doesn't make you hardcore, especially when you wear some generic fashion nova shit the next day. What is she, like 12? She has no sense of self or originality. In her desperate attempts to make herself seem unique, she ironically rips off everyone else.

No. 719738

She looks dead inside because she knows she's a pathetic waste of space. No education, no goals, no life, no future.

No. 719739

Wtf is going on with her eyeliner? How did she not notice that before uploading several pics?!

No. 719743

It's dumb, but looks intentional to me. In some pics you can kind of tell it's supposed to be hearts. I think it's illegible from some angles bc she has downturned, hooded eyes. Since her brow bone is large and protrusive, her eyes are droopy. That means the heart is drawn on at a weird angle and depth; warped by the heaviness of her facial features.

No. 719751

File: 1571336386105.jpg (537.77 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20191017-111938.jpg)

No. 719754

File: 1571337484844.jpg (2.72 MB, 4656x2328, 20191017_113628.jpg)

So in class and I cany get over how badly she botched herself(autism)

No. 719757

File: 1571339352799.jpg (25.05 KB, 266x355, Pete-Burns-2 (1).jpg)

I honestly don't like going after looks, but oh my god this looks bad; these pics look more like she's strung out than her actual confirmed strung out photos. Someone take her makeup away. She's going to end up looking like Pete Burns when she's in her late 30s. She flat out looks grimy/greasy. Yiiikes.

No. 719758

File: 1571340274768.png (285.51 KB, 741x686, Annotation 2019-10-17 152230.p…)

too stupid to read actual papers and studies to actually learn, so she's half assing it with youtube videos instead kek

No. 719759

File: 1571340428002.png (71.49 KB, 733x445, Annotation 2019-10-17 152616.p…)

inb4 the devoted christian survivor junkie/preacher saga begins

No. 719760

The funny thing is she didn't even watch the video because it completely contradicts her special 15% argument lol

No. 719763

I watched the video. She’s a fucking retard (nothing new). She literally is misconstruing what it means to have genetic predisposition to abusing opiates (this is what the video specifically addresses). They talk about withdrawal and brain chemistry not returning to normal, being worse for the character than others because she has a genetic predisposition to opiate abuse and environmental factors influenced her current situation.

Of course this video is talking about prescription opioids, which is different than heroin because it has ester side chains, which allows for easier penetration of the blood brain barrier comparatively to rx opioids, hence why it’s highly addictive. You get a high from heroin almost immediately instead of 30 minutes to an hour after taking a rx opioid.

She’s seriously a fucking idiot and thinks because she got addicted to heroin, had severe withdrawals, and miscalculated a statistic online that there are the 15% and the other 85%. watch the video for your guys’ selves and you’ll see how she is misinterpreting the information.

No. 719783

File: 1571346921496.png (835.56 KB, 1242x2688, 974DEAC7-C641-4214-B896-B2D253…)

No. 719794

File: 1571348411867.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, 63920C71-B0CB-4CCC-9053-F5E2E2…)

And yet she feels qualified to be an AdDiCtIon EdUcAtOr

No. 719802

Do you guys think Taylor would watch a video about her made by Shallon Lester? I think it could be really hard hitting for Taylor to see another women pull apart her actions as part of self reflection. What do you think?

No. 719823

File: 1571353546791.png (4.19 MB, 1242x2688, 3B841736-FA2E-4DA6-8900-FD6FFB…)

No. 719827

i hope those are press ons fucking cringe.

No. 719829

It’s so obvious how she’s been making sure her tattooed arm is in all of her pics lately

No. 719830

>going out for the night
>gotta get my mommy to drop me off

No. 719831

Sounds like tay, remember that story she posted abt how her Uber driver’s gf dislikes her bc she plagiarized art in 6th grade lmao. She’s always been an attention whore

No. 719836

"Going out"

Lel where bitch? To Walmart?

No. 719841

LOL nobody who is actually part of the alt/emo scene say “LOOK HOW EMO I AM”
She is fucking cringe. Just because you’re wearing black doesn’t make you “emo”.
Reminds of the whole situation when Kai/Lainey said she/they were “goth”.
This is literally what middle school MySpace users would post back in 2010.

No. 719842


>going out for tonight

>mommy can you take me to the club pls

No. 719846

File: 1571357331016.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 7D981DF8-9DF0-46F5-A4A7-5C4963…)

Does her mom wait outside of the club until she’s done

No. 719850

"Some days it feels easier just to give up this fight to be sober "

>goes out clubbing alone

Gee what could happen tonight, I wonder.

No. 719852

She’s setting up the story for the relapse that has already happened (tinfoil)

No. 719858

Agreed, probably "Some evil guy offered me drugs" or "someone spiked my drink and the day after I wanted to kill myself so went back on heroin"

No. 719861

Hasn't she lived there for a pretty extended period of time? She must be truly insufferable to have no friends.

No. 719868

i also thought it's pretty bizarre she says she's been struggling to maintain her sobriety but then goes to an environment heavily influenced by alcohol and drugs. she really is setting up herself to relapse if she hasnt already

No. 719870

Same tinfoil. How is she gonna have. The energy to dance without sOMEthing.

No. 719872

Shes been pretty specific about being sober from JUST heroin. She's smoked, drank, and is still on subs.

Shes not sober in the slightest imo, shes almost certainly relapsed already.

No. 719874

god she's dumb, that girl with 13 days clean is still in WITHDRAWAL not PAWS. PAWS is something that you can experience weeks/months(like after at least 30 days) into your sobriety and will come and go(usually episodes last a few days) and get gradually better the longer you stay clean and the more your brain starts to heal. depending on the person, substance they abused, length of time the used, etc etc all determine what you're going to experience. general rule of thumb in the recovery world is anywhere from 30-90ish days of sobriety you are on what they call your pink cloud. after that dies off that's when you can start seeing symptoms of PAWS and could be dealing with them for up tp two years.
(im so tired of seeing her spread the wrong information)

No. 719875

who else would love to see a heroin addiction face off between our two lovely cows Taylor and Lilith!?

id like to put them both in a room and let them argue about who is the junkiest juunkie

No. 719878

Shhh, anon, don’t give her ideas

No. 719879

How is she claiming to be sober when she’s only sober from one opiate to another? If she truly believed the stuff she was spewing on opiates she would realize she’s in no position to counsel people while still on them.

No. 719881

She can counsel on how to get from heroin to Suboxone. That’s it.

No. 719884

Just like she was sober but still drinking cider every single day to "calm her nerves". In her world, sobriety only applies to h. The rest is fine.

No. 719890

See, this kind of shit is what leads me to believe Taylor's a victim of extremely shitty parenting.
What kind of parent are you if you just allow your child to drop off school out of nowhere? Even if it was for her "invisible disability" they clearly made no effort whatsoever towards her education and adaptation to a life outside home.

No. 719897

She's gonna have 3 sips of vodka

No. 719908

She does seem exhausting to be around but to be fair how can she meet anyone if she stays in bed crying on Twitter all day?

anon you forgot about plastic&proud, imagine all the fucked up shit Ariana could get Taylor involved in.

I really don’t like having to agree that this “professional victim uwu!!” is a victim, but in this situation, you’re right. her parents have failed her on a huge scale and have raised her to be a spoilt brat.
I can’t imagine telling Taylor “no” is easy at all but what parent in their right mind would agree to drive a newly “recovering” addict to a fucking club? ESPECIALLY considering she said she’s been “struggling so so hard” AND she’s going by herself (i don’t know if I believe that) so she doesn’t have anyone there to tell her not to do drugs. this family amazes me every time with just how dumb they are. I agree with the anons that are saying she’s setting up a relapse. going to a club is just asking for trouble.

No. 719910

For all we know, she’s not even going to a club; these could be old pics she’s recycling to create an alibi and verify her coverup story for having already relapsed.

No. 719923

File: 1571372947421.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 7D5CE9C4-7C19-446F-AF47-4C5E47…)

This feels like a reference to this site with the “my inner cow”. I think she loves the attention she gets from being a cow on here.

No. 719924

Taylor Narc Dean would never take a photo of herself without intent to post within the same day for endless attention!
This is a reach.

No. 719931

she is so desperate for anyone to notice her. yes, we see you. the cow print is wack and other cows have done similar, including moo and shayna. please think about the company you keep, taylor, you are embarrassing yourself for toilet readers.

No. 719933

So hilarious to think that she’s always taking “sexy” selfies with all these outfits AT HOME and when she’s not at home, she’s taking selfies in the passenger seat OF HER MOM’S CAR. Nothing sexy and cool about that, Taylor lmao

No. 719935

to step back and wait has been enough for her to not relapse although she’s been so close to doing so guys. Lol.

who is she trying to fool

No. 719936

as some anons have said above, her sobriety only counts for h. Now that I think back especially with those screenshots of her being drunk + yard house bar background coinciding - didn’t she announce days before or after that event that she was “sober from herion?”
I remember wording it like that specifically.

No. 719939

File: 1571385961042.jpeg (449.08 KB, 1242x1037, 84379848-C70B-4892-A18A-B56776…)

Old but I was looking at videos some DJ posted and one was a video of his snake attempting to eat a Christmas light and ofc Taylor responds to it. He called her a hotdog

No. 719944

Dasha also embraced the cow attire fit with cow nails too.

Didn't she say she ran out of subs recently? I bet she never went and got more so when she does eventually relapse she's going to feel the full hit.

Why go out by yourself with no friends, with the intention of not having a drink or anything? Going out seems quite pointless, I'm sure some people do it but that sounds tedious and pointless to me, especially being surrounded by people drinking, smoking and what ever else, wouldn't you as an addict with your special genetic twist, cave under that kind of environment?

The way she's dressed, I can't imagine where else she's going, although she did show up to the vets in full School Girl gear so big yikes.

No. 719945

This was posted ages ago.

No. 719951

>>719944 maybe shes looking for her new brodick

No. 719995

She bought the ugly fishnet thing to go out dancing yet she dresses like the cow that she is when she actually does go out.

No. 719997

- “Sobriety has been so challenging lately”
- Misses her upload “schedule” for almost 3 weeks now
- Complains about how hard it’s been to film and edit and stay sober lately

- But also goes to get nails done, go out to eat, go out to the club, go dancing, ???

What a dumb fucking hypocrite she is lmao. She has the energy to go out and do fun things but the moment she has to do her literal job, nonetheless one of the absolute easiest jobs in the world, it’s too hard and she needs a break or needs 3 weeks to make a video?? Give me a break. This is honestly pathetic.

This reminds me of how when she was in the atrium house she always talked about having friends over and that’s the reason she drank alcohol, lmao we all said girl stop lying we know you don’t have friends. Maybe if you weren’t such a shitty person and a liar you would have friends, Taylor.

No. 720014

File: 1571418685119.jpg (1.26 MB, 810x6593, Screenshot_20191017-170139_You…)

I'm not sure if anyone has seen these, in the comment section of what ever's Taylor video, Taylor (its obviously her) has been fighting with everyone under three or four sock accounts. This is my first time posting here so I hope I dont screw this up. There are a lot of screenshots, tell me to stop if they arent important. I saged just in case.

No. 720015

File: 1571418736928.jpg (462.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191017-165337_You…)

2/2 Taylor posting as "melissa"

No. 720018

File: 1571418857037.jpg (549.09 KB, 810x2215, Screenshot_20191017-170029_You…)

Posting as "ivory", this user commented more than anyone, especially when the video first went up. Notice the writing style, classic taylor.(autistic cowtipping)

No. 720019

File: 1571418995435.jpg (944.69 KB, 810x4994, 20191018_101523.jpg)

Posting as QA Purrsian, "if someone relapses after seeing something negative online, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT"

No. 720020

File: 1571419171925.jpg (597.22 KB, 1080x2280, 20191018_101827.jpg)

Posting as Ivory: "the reason she was trying to relapse IN REHAB and take everyone else down with her is because she is an ADDICT"

No. 720021

File: 1571419280936.jpg (409.27 KB, 810x2014, 20191018_102050.jpg)

QA: taylor has an "addiction personality", guys.

No. 720022

File: 1571419478118.jpg (681.78 KB, 810x2268, 20191018_100315.jpg)

"Ivory": it's not taylors fault and if it was her fault, it's not her fault because addiction"

No. 720024

File: 1571419651939.jpg (619.98 KB, 1080x2280, 20191018_100657.jpg)

Ivory "behavior is not as simple as you treat it"

No. 720026

please stop with the pic spamming namefagging cowtipping

No. 720027

File: 1571419807156.jpg (683.2 KB, 810x2268, 20191018_100352.jpg)

Ivory: "taylor, as an addict, is basically a schizophrenic or suffering from PTSD. You wouldnt blame them for their actions so how can you blame meeeeee. I mean, herrrrrr"

No. 720028

Okay sorry

No. 720032

Stop posting irrelevant information
We don't care if a stan hurt your feelings

No. 720037

Oh my god. Running out of stans to defend her so she has to do it herself?

Good. People are waking up.

No. 720038

Are you that pressed about a YT comment war with TND stan? That’s about as pathetic as a TND stan. Taylor could shoot Mama Dean in the face and they would find a way to blame addiction and JC. It’s not worth it, they will never admit their queen has any faults. Also, great job doxing yourself.

No. 720042

It’s irrelevant enough you should delete and try to undox yourself not-anon, why waste energy arguing with unproven “Taylor”

No. 720044

Doubtful it's socks. The stan spells it "behaviour." You can't tell me Taylor is smart enough to change her spelling to look British or something.

No. 720054

While I don't put it past Taylor to use sock puppet accounts, there's no proof. And we've all seen how die hard her stans can get.

Also don't make your cow tipping so obvious.

No. 720056

File: 1571431437735.jpeg (205.26 KB, 750x998, 67DC07ED-412B-4774-B025-61EFE6…)

Sksks even Taylor can’t keep up with her own lies. Tofu bit her in the same exact photo shoot she used to tweet about how he never attacks anymore. I’d be laughing my ass off if it weren’t for her needlessly instigating and stressing the snake.

No. 720059

File: 1571432497461.jpg (885.09 KB, 1536x1758, Screenshot_20191018-230110.jpg)

No. 720060

>TND: Tofu is yelling on his pumpkin! Tofu attac pumpkin thieves!
>TND literally 33 minutes later: Tofu never opens his mouth in defense or bites anymore! Look at him behaving on this pumpkin! See?

No. 720068

File: 1571435028978.jpg (901.01 KB, 1536x1399, Screenshot_20191018-234400.jpg)

No. 720069

File: 1571435148192.jpeg (192.51 KB, 1114x1287, 1A5B8F2F-F7E9-4F3C-8FEB-746E1A…)

No. 720071

Lol this makes me laugh so much. This is coming from the person that said she’s logging off because it does her good yet here she is (we all suggested this too) spending time on an Alt account posting in videos about herself lmaooo

What a pathetic loser.

No. 720073

Lol this makes me laugh so much. This is coming from the person that said she’s logging off because it does her good yet here she is (we all suggested this too) spending time on an Alt account posting in videos about herself lmaooo

What a pathetic loser.

No. 720074

File: 1571436017610.jpg (363.19 KB, 1536x692, Screenshot_20191019-000022.jpg)

No. 720076

Lol this makes me laugh so much. This is coming from the person that said she’s logging off because it does her good yet here she is (we all suggested this too) spending time on an Alt account posting in videos about herself lmaooo

What a pathetic loser.

No. 720077

Just looked at the comments on Whatever's new video & aside from a very small handful of stans & sockpuppets bitching about it in the comments, most of the comments are agreeing with Whatever.

It's such a stark contrast compared to the reactions to her videos months ago. People are really getting sick of Taylor's behavior.

No. 720078

I've said this before but what the fuck did heroin take from Taylor? Her fake friends? Her fake looks? Like she still has a home, almost all of her animals, her family is still supporting her, she didn't really have a job to lose (as in, she can't really be fired from being a YouTuber). People have actually had their lives ruined by heroin but she acts like she's suffered equally when she's basically right back to where she was pre Jonny.

No. 720083

File: 1571440945600.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2688, 7B1F1383-6EDC-4D21-9A71-4E1175…)

I hope they realize that she still uses and abuses.

No. 720085

She won't mention the company otherwise everyone will tell them she's a piece of shit lmao

No. 720088

File: 1571442166467.png (61.83 KB, 746x437, Annotation 2019-10-18 194143.p…)

can't even keep the same vibe between platforms kek

No. 720089


Maybe they shouldn't interview a recovering-addict on the verge of relapsing then???

No. 720092

File: 1571442930686.png (5.3 MB, 1242x2688, 757BDFA7-16FE-4CCF-998E-16A2C3…)

No. 720093

File: 1571442954287.png (5.29 MB, 1242x2688, 3D93F20E-9EE4-426D-BD2F-ED468B…)

No. 720094

File: 1571442981061.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2688, 4F434937-E15A-416E-A1EE-05100E…)

No. 720095

File: 1571443020969.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2688, 032838F6-F7B7-4D6F-8A16-54D1EC…)

Rambling for the umpteenth time about the same shit.

No. 720096

She basically just rewrote the Reddit post she replied to here lmfao.

No. 720097

She’s fucking CRINGE. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to have a video shot at my house with crammed animal cages everywhere and an abandoned fish tank. Funny how it’s almost the end of the month and we haven’t heard a peep about her moving out (as if she ever will at this point). How long do you guys think she’ll stay living with mommy and daddy, that’s if she doesn’t turn to the streets first.

She’s so full of shit about everything. Surprised we didn’t get any clubbing pictures posted to her socials last night, so I doubt she even went out. She probably pretended to since she’s been MIA and trying to downplay her “urges to relapse.” I’m also wondering what she wears to all her meetings and appointments since she’s had the same three CRINGE ASS outfits on repeat for the past two months.

No. 720100

>I can’t leave the bed.

But her animals were perfectly okay???

No. 720102

she really is just repeating herself at this point hoping something will go ~viral~ and Halsey will be her best friend.

also she lasted like 48 hours max at Disney iirc. just another timeline she exaggerated

No. 720105

It’s absolutely insane that her stans still believe her when she goes from “I was so sick and high I was stuck in bed all day and didn’t shower for weeks” to “I only took enough drugs to make me feel normal!! My animals were still perfectly healthy and I took great care of them!!”

Like what the fuck? You’re either one or the other. She still paints the narrative that she was so horrible addicted and sick (using EVERY HOUR) but could still simultaneously take care of her zoo of what, 50+ animals at the time??

No. 720108

She literally just Rewrote the reddit post in her own words and probably came up with it on a whim, I doubt she spent ages on that little memoir.

She's so desperate for attention.

Funny, she goes out last night and today she's a gloomy bitch searching reddit posts all about heroin, why? She's desperate for the pity points and ass pats today.

No. 720109

She's really emphasizing the lack of impairment while driving. But if the drug taking control of her was gradual, how was she able to tell whether she was fine to drive?

Not that she was fine to drive (without a license) while high, overestimating your abilities while intoxicated isn't anything new.

No. 720113

File: 1571447001469.jpg (343.48 KB, 1080x1044, 20191019_120223.jpg)

So basically a video of her looking like a feral runt, laying in bed all day watching the office?
She doesn't do much during the day.. I wonder if she'll include the animals and their care at all!

No. 720114

Wasn't it supposed to be uploaded today?

Also she doesn't do anything so… That must be why she actually went out yesterday lol

No. 720116

I can see it now:

"Here's my room; where I keep all my animals and sleep in 90% of the time." begins to show them her cramped messy room.

"Meet my mother; she's the one that keeps up with everything while I'm busy (sleeping). She takes me to my programs"

"Here's my brother– Have you seen the photos of me when I had a full body rash due to my addiction?"

"Here's all my photos from when I was abused by my ex boyfriend and how he pushed me into addiction. I could never say no to it due to my addictive brain and how he pressured me but heroin was amazing and it was my favorite."

No. 720121

The fuck does she mean "you get to see muh hair all greasy!!"

Bitch it's Greasy 24-7, I genuinely can not remember the last time you had clean looking hair.

You look like you dip your hair in a deep fryer daily. Gross cunt.

No. 720130

File: 1571450654270.jpeg (316.48 KB, 1125x1998, EHM5pddXYAITR7g.jpeg)

No. 720132

so her whole "going out dancing" yesterday was actually just an excuse to look for drugs lmao

No. 720135

I thought a dealer lived down the street from her?
I thought she had contact numbers of dealers? Her words, not speculation.

So she went out last night seeking drugs.. question is did she actually fail? Because all she's done today is look at heroin posts on Reddit and talk about drugs, is she emotional because she's coming down off something?

Watch her blame What ever for her relapse, or this site.
Truth is, as an addict it's YOUR responsibility to recognise your own triggers and actively stay away from them, nobody is responsible for your relapse but yourself.

She's been setting up this narrative for a while now, it won't be long before she's back to using.
Considering her 15% bullshit, is she also aware that the relapse rate for heroin is roughly 90%? Or does that percent not count because it doesn't fit her narrative?

No. 720143

File: 1571453004486.jpg (355.02 KB, 1079x1127, Screenshot_20191019-134051_Twi…)

"Lost faith for a minute"

Bitch you took the time to get hoe'd up and convince your mum or who ever to drive you out to "go dancing". That's like hours worth of effort right there.

So if she had of found something, she would have 100% relapsed.. and instead of going to a meeting today, or seeing a therapist she's at home crying on Twitter..

No. 720144

Literally what the fuck is she talking about?! She had mentioned almost daily and at least weekly how hard it is for her to stay sober.

No. 720152

She's not even doing anything productive at this point to prevent herself from relapsing, she should just hurry up and get it over with already, she wants to so badly she's just trying to look pure for her dumb audience.

No. 720155

The real question is how do you NOT find drugs when seeking them out??? Like wtf lol I bet she needs her mommy to help her find drugs too. This girl is utterly useless.

No. 720156

So.. Either taylor doesn't realize that suboxone is an opiate blocker and she wouldn't be able to get high.. Or.. She's using and not taking subs at all.

No. 720161

Hasn’t she gotten “lucky” several times even when she wanted to relapse? She’s just had these horrible horrible horrible cravings but miraculously hasn’t caved into any of them by fate?
Get real Taylor!
Sobriety would be a little easier if you would get off your ass and actually commit yourself to a hobby (you know, like your animals?) and had a real job since you can’t be bothered to do your current one!
Sleeping all day, staying up all night, never showering… and wants to relapse? Sounds like she already has. Certainly Mama Dean can see the signs? Or is she that retarded too?

No. 720163

Edit: sorry had to repost I put “sagr” instead of “sage” my bad.

How do her fans believe this? She’s constantly contradicting herself with her “woe is me” stories yet they just seem to turn a blind eye to everything? I do wonder how she would be treated if she wasn’t a pretty (I mean not anymore but) white girl? It amazes me how she says it was a tough month when the bitch says every damn week it’s a “tough week and I wanted to relapse :( uwu”

Also kek at her lowkey confirming that she went out to go get high. I did think the whole going out dancing alone was odd but shit, it all makes sense now. She went out alone because she didn’t want anyone to try and stop her. I fully believe she’s back on drugs - what drugs I don’t know, but she’s on something.

No. 720164

File: 1571458405053.jpg (957.91 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191019-151234_Twi…)

No. 720165

File: 1571458436405.jpg (793.5 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191019-151239_Twi…)

No. 720166

She said she ran out of subs recently, wouldn't be surprised if she never went back to get more in preparation for her relapse so she can feel the high.

No. 720168

This right here. She overestimated her ability to drive, how does that not extend to her animal care and how "fine" it was?

No. 720170

So therefore your animal care wasn’t fine either, based on your logic.

No. 720172

Of course not anon, that’s for her first channel. She’ll show her fish tank and her cats but that’s it

No. 720173

“SUCH” = her amazingly and wonderfully = full of shit.
She’s setting herself up lol.
She’s so predictable

No. 720176


"I tried drinking, and would drink until I made bad decisions."

"I tried cocaine because my friends seemed fine on it…."

"I had a bad night and tried heroin. …Heroin didn't hurt me. Heroin just made everything in the world feel peaceful. I used it again, because I had control."

okay, so you are you lying now or were you lying then, back when you said you drank 1 single time (legitimately took 3 sips of vodka) and instantly tried to commit suicide, then became crazy and addicted to cocaine. then tried heroin, because… what was the reason again? johnny was abusive and you wanted to please him? (this reason has changed/morphed several times, right?) but then you became an addict because johnny forced you, and continued to shoot you up?

but these lines you wrote in your story make it seem like you're a rad girl, livin and free-willin your way through things that chose to do–things you WANTED to do, repeatedly?

also, i like how even in her fake story she tries to make herself seem special ~cocaine didn't affect my friends so why would it affect me, except i became an addict and they didn't bc i am special uwu~

please get your fucking story straight, trailer nicole dean

No. 720180

>johnny was abusive and you wanted to please him? (this reason has changed/morphed several times, right?) but then you became an addict because johnny forced you, and continued to shoot you up?

Yeah, she keeps going back and forth with the "he forced me to shoot up" story. Sometimes he forced her, but others she wanted him to shoot her because she sucked at it.

No. 720184

File: 1571466736017.jpeg (231.66 KB, 1230x1288, 5B3F6570-B95F-43F9-A9AD-80CA11…)

Her new video comes out tomorrow. This is a clip. Her brother talking in the background (“pecan comic”) and her making weirded-out/annoyed/judgey faces about him?????? How does she think that’s okay??

No. 720188

I hope you realise that she is full of shit. No big media company is interested in this wreck. We still haven't seen the last big company she was talking about, just like we haven't seen her new house, or those fancy hedgehog cages she was talking about.

So full of shit.

No. 720192


Her incessant shitting on her brother aside, she looks really fucking sickly in this pic.

No. 720199

she looks so manly? Like her face seems so bloated but harsh? I don't know how to explain it but she looks really sick

No. 720204

If she didn't relapse yesterday she will relapse another time real soon…

No. 720207

imagine being her mom, driving her to her lil nightout without friends just for her to later ramble on the internet about how she couldn't find any drugs. are you kidding me. i would seriously look her in her room

No. 720214

jesus christ, not everyone is taylor. talk about paranoid. get help

No. 720216

I can see what you’re talking about too. Combine that with that hair and she looks exactly like Snape

No. 720221

File: 1571489135449.jpeg (879.23 KB, 2560x1703, 4886B878-5F0D-4DFD-880C-525348…)

I had to do it. You cracked me up

No. 720222

File: 1571489504679.jpeg (571.28 KB, 1125x2200, 63A1A185-F248-42CF-A71D-8F46D3…)

big yikes

No. 720229

You realize you're stating lies as facts, right? Also disclaimer, this is not to WK Taylor, she's not spreading correct information either and sounds exceptionally stupid doing it.

If you look at modern day studies on dependency and cannabis/the other "non-physically addictive" drugs, you would know that there is no such thing as isolation of mental/physical dependency with drugs. When you are mentally dependent on a substance, you ARE physically dependent. When you are mentally dependent as you like to call it, your neurological pathways and the sensitivity of your synapses (connections between neurotransmitters) to specific transmitters have been altered to accommodate the increase of whatever specific chemical you are adding to in excess by consistently abusing (insert any drug). Most drugs are based off of a chemical that we already have naturally occurring in our receptors neurologically, they just work by giving us too much (or just enough when used as medically prescribed) of that chemical to achieve the desired affect. Thus tolerance increases, and then when the brain is not receiving enough of that chemical after the neurological transmitters have already adapted to the increased chemical levels, symptoms of dependency manifest physically. Nausea, irritability, anxiety, lack of appetite, fixation. All of those are signs of physical dependency on a substance, and all of those (and more) apply to ALL the drugs you listed. It's an extremely false notion (with no scientific basis) to suggest that certain drugs only cause mental dependency. That is not how the human brain works. This is a common excuse given by heavy cannabis users/casual coke users to justify that they are not truly in the midst of a drug addiction because they happen to smoke every day. If you want citations for this information, I can easily provide them. I am in my final year studying psychology and addiction. I've been writing research papers for years on this topic. So please don't try to come raging at me for being 'wrong' with your nonexistent education on the subject..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 720237


her mom is cleaning her room, she admitted to it. she cleans Tanners room, reptile cages, animals cages (exept snakes) there was disgussion about it here in some threads ago. i think her mom should look more into room.

No. 720244

File: 1571495437004.jpg (268.79 KB, 1536x595, Screenshot_20191019-162502.jpg)

The more she posts, the more I am believing she's relapsed. She looks so fucking unhealthy currently. Those recent selfies and the video with her brother, she looks awful.

No. 720249

File: 1571497292760.jpeg (757.23 KB, 1125x1530, 096C9FF7-97B8-4257-ACDA-C075AB…)

No. 720250

File: 1571497316542.jpeg (291.69 KB, 1125x928, 31757BF4-2679-4C22-ABDB-9A0E7C…)

No. 720251

File: 1571497607922.jpeg (847.85 KB, 1125x1731, 7F1C15F2-1D7E-417F-8DE4-E88CB4…)

She’s really running with this whole “eMooOo pHasEe” uwu.

No. 720252

Wouldnt the 'prime' emo years be more 2003-2010 unless you're super young?

No. 720253

File: 1571498297696.jpg (186.45 KB, 1536x600, Screenshot_20191019-171043.jpg)

She changed her bio.

She should take out her sobriety date while she's at it. I don't buy this for a second anymore she's sober.

No. 720254

She looks like a ghoul. Highly recommend that as your Halloween costume, Taylor. Kek.

No. 720255

File: 1571498419318.jpg (704.49 KB, 1536x1471, Screenshot_20191019-172023.jpg)

No. 720256

File: 1571498486515.jpg (284.88 KB, 1536x741, Screenshot_20191019-172141.jpg)

No. 720257

File: 1571498794860.jpg (955.11 KB, 1536x1738, Screenshot_20191019-172635.jpg)

No. 720260

Seriously where the hell is this sudden "I'm sOoOo eMo!" thing coming from?? She's trying extremely hard to make it seem like this isn't a brand new thing for her too…I usually think a lot of the tinfoil on here is obsessive reaching, but it really does seem like these posts are in response to the anons here posting about how she wasn't even "emo" during the period of time where the emo scene was alive. The way she's randomly posting about how emo she's always been and wants to be, seems like she's trying to prove to those anons she was and always has been an "eMo QuEeN".

She needs to go enroll in some college courses or something, or get a real part time (at least) job..Literally ANYTHING productive that can provide her with a work ethic is the only way she has a chance at becoming a regularly functioning adult. She will never be able to get over these obsessions and cravings with her addiction because the only thing she stimulates her brain with as a distraction is TV shows and her phone, isolating herself in her room. Filming and youtube don't work for her as a motivator because no one can MAKE her upload, or film, or edit. If she feels lazy enough, it's as simple as not doing it. There is no immediate consequence keeping her in line/keeping her motivated (in school, laziness would cause your grades to drop/failing courses, or at work would cause you to be fired). If she's feeling lazy enough, she KNOWS her mother will feed the mammals she owns but maybe not the snakes, but that's okay because she KNOWS her reptiles/snakes will be fine 'just one more day or two' without a meal or fresh water because reptiles are much hardier pets and can endure neglectful conditions for much longer periods of time without consequences as opposed to say a hedgehog, rats, etc. She needs to get something, ANY form of real accountability and productivity in her life. Youtube and the pets within the hidden walls of her home are not enough. It's fucking sad at this point man. I would feel more sorry for her if she wasn't CONSTANTLY lying and manipulating…

No. 720263

File: 1571499902057.jpg (667.32 KB, 1536x1459, Screenshot_20191019-174508.jpg)

No. 720265


Well she IS snivelling and greasy! Vote for next thread pic being snape related

No. 720266

"but easily could get addicted to it too…"
i thought you were a super special addict in the 15% though taylor? you wanted to kill yourself after 3 sips of vodka? how didnt you get addicted to meth then?

No. 720267

what's the timeline on the new "I started shooting meth a week before rehab" line? Seems like a weird new detail to come out, especially because she's said she's only ever put a needle to her skin twice. was Jonny still around within the week before she went to rehab? was he shooting her up with meth for some reason?

No. 720270

Surprise? FFS she dated a known heroin junkie, the fuck she think was gonna happen.

No. 720276

She’s all emo now cuz JC new gf is emotionally stunted in her emo teeenage years

No. 720278

That's what I was thinking as well. I think it has everything to do with Jonny's new girl.

No. 720279

File: 1571507247844.png (164.66 KB, 600x707, lol.png)

No. 720280

File: 1571507336104.png (186.33 KB, 585x703, backpedaling .png)


I just can't

No. 720281

Like we don’t know that she was doing meth with Brodick Jake. He admitted meth was one of the drugs he was abusing when he started harassing Taylor online. She only ever mentioned she did meth after she was hanging out with him in hotels. She’s such a fucking train wreck and disgusting for continuing this dialogue of every drug she’s ever used for her adolescent online following. Go talk to your therapist about it for a change, you messy cunt.

No. 720282

There’s a difference between commenting online and making a comment in person. I would usually say this might be a bit of a reach, but when it comes to TND, she exaggerates everything that praises her. We always see her stupid tweets about how someone is always saying something positive about her looks in public. We’ve been down this road hundreds of times. She definitely made it sound like someone told her this while she was out clubbing aka on a drug hunt. So yes, there’s a HUGE difference between telling you in person and making a fucking comment online.

No. 720283

she looks like a corpse

No. 720284

No Taylor, if someone commented on your photo you say they commented on your photo. Stop trying to make it sound like people always want to compliment you when you go outside because we all know you never leave your bedroom.

No. 720286

LOL she really is embracing her spoilt brat persona huh.

"Mommy was mean to me so I'm unfollowing her! Even though we live in the same HOUSE and she does everything for me! Hmph!"

No. 720287

File: 1571508648808.jpg (1.85 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191019_140353785.j…)

Been keeping an eye on Mama D's online activity. She has deleted her twitter since the evening of the whole Destry debacle and not been on since.

Interestingly, she follows dear Tay on Instagram but as of yesterday, Tay unfollowed dear momma bear. Tension in the Dean home, methinks?

No. 720291

File: 1571512483089.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x2800, mygawd.jpg)

Fell down a weird rabbit hole today looking through old tweets of Taylor's longtime friend and maid, Betsy. Taylor went through a crap load of different twitter account handles and even a couple of accounts that were being used while her main account was active as well. The handles include fckinhottietaylor, whata_taylor, incessantnights, uhm_taylor, taylordean__, and of course the classic taylorndean we all know and love.

Seems like from 2012 to around 2016 both of these girls acted like entitled royal shitheads, dropping the n-word, talking about getting dicked down by boy band members, getting high, doing drugs, skipping school, acting slutty, and being exactly as we see them now. I guess the only thing they have learned is how to cover their behavior better.

Here is a collection of some of my favorite interactions between Betsy and Taylor's old accounts as well as a few choice tweets made by Betsy when they were hanging out.

A fEw SIpS of VoDKa, my ass. This has been a long time coming.

No. 720292

She's so embarrassing. I actually hope she's relapsed so she has somewhat of an excuse for her shit.

No. 720293

Now that you point this out it makes complete sense, wow. She's trying to 'out do' JC's new gf's ~edgy alternative emo girl~ look by proving she is the most emo/edgy of all the edgy emo girls lol.

No. 720294

For someone that claimed she was scared for her safety after she got into her sober house, and we figured out where she was, she sure gave out a lot of info on where she’d be.
She can’t watch videos on drugs, but is ok talking about them all fucking day for months? Makes sense.

No. 720297

File: 1571516695554.png (8.14 MB, 1125x2436, F314ACB5-F4EE-4415-B5A0-F066FA…)

Anyone else have a hard time believing this is real? Just another lie for attention

No. 720299

File: 1571516803271.png (5.37 MB, 1125x2436, 4339593C-776F-492F-ACC8-D1DB7A…)

After this she said it was an 80s theme so she was going with the pink. In what world is that anywhere near 80s. She’s just looking for any excuse to dress up like a slut

No. 720302

Does she not understand that hair grows back? wtf

No. 720303


she is so dumb she could think that curling her hair by hairdresser will make them curled forever

No. 720304

nah. I believe this one. hair thinning was big in 2006ish. I got it done too.

what i DONT believe is that she owns these three costumes. she owns the pink one and that’s it. also, who has a themed halloween party? doesn’t that defeat the purpose of… halloween?

No. 720305

i don't believe she was invited anywhere, she has no friends. it's probably themed party in a club

No. 720306

File: 1571518146912.png (879.4 KB, 1434x1864, Capture _2019-10-19-16-45-16.p…)


In 2006 she was only 9 years old. That level of curls is bbullshit. There are pictures out there of her way younger with straight as shit hair. She has never mentioned or shown pics of her hair that curly. She's bored again.

She didn't get invited, it's an annual party in SA where people go and act a fool.

No. 720307

>"I have to choose between these three ridiculous outfit guiz hahahahaha"

Taylor really goes through lengths to not just admit she only likes high plastic fashionova brazilian buttlift stripper aesthetic to appease her inner delusion that her image is quirky kind hearted gal who 'happens' to be hot. The lips long ago ruined any chance of that but she cannot let go of this halfassed 'its ironic' act.

No. 720312

A decade ago she would of been like 12 and she definitely isn't 12 in that picture so I don't understand why she'd use a photo from after her curl pattern changed. Plus it takes damage or cutting all your curls for it to change and even then i doubt it would go from super curly to non curly.

No. 720315

lmao what? Thinning hair is just cutting strands unevenly, so the hair overall seems thinner. It's not like…a permanent thing, that shit grows out. If she had curls and they're gone now, it's because of all the dyeing and heat damage
This is so dumb. Assuming she ever had curly hair, this is peak "nothing is my fault" behavior

No. 720316

She's really taking this Halsey skin walking to the next level ey. What a fucking sociopath.

No. 720317

Literally none of the three outfits she's chosen are 80's themed..

Woody is from the the late 90's
Nemo is from the early 2000's
That pink shit looks like lazytown on crack.

She's so dumb she can't even follow a theme properly.

Also wise choice going out partying again when all you can think about is relapsing instead of focusing on maybe going to a meeting?


So she's gone from "I was using rinses and shooting it into my muscles because it's all I had and I started detoxing severely before rehab"


"I was shooting meth the week before rehab"

She didn't mention anything about it in her "I'm a heroin addict" video, so either she's lied and told the whole world she was desperate and used dirty rinses or she was actually fine because meth.

Considering Meth is Jakes drug of choice and she didn't start mentioning it until she was around him, I'm assuming she did it with him because taylor will morph into what ever she thinks the guy she's with wants, which probably means doing their drug of choice with them to please them.

She's such a lying little cunt I hope she spirals into a full blown addiction and ruins herself, her animals get rehomed and she hits rock bottom, it's what she deserves.

No. 720318

File: 1571521573436.jpg (479.33 KB, 1080x1648, Screenshot_20191020-084520_Twi…)

Don't know how to upload videos but gross.
I hope she feels like the odd one out at this party cuz everyone else stuck to the theme except her.

No. 720321

File: 1571522137474.jpg (712.29 KB, 1080x1817, 20191020_085352.jpg)

Decided to check halseys Insta.
Need I say more.

No. 720326

her hair is clearly curled by a curling iron in this photo

No. 720329

File: 1571523359282.jpg (217.67 KB, 810x962, Screenshot_20191020-001500.jpg)

Twirling her ratty wig, making this face before failing miserably trying to be sexy removing the jacket… I swear she must be high.

No. 720330

File: 1571523543043.jpg (279.6 KB, 773x1246, Screenshot_20191020-001854.jpg)

No. 720331

File: 1571523680391.jpg (150.83 KB, 1536x360, Screenshot_20191020-002053.jpg)

Conveniently she's now suddenly complaining about her Wi-Fi again.

No. 720334

I’ve learned a lot about addiction by following Taylor’s story. Used to think it was much more of a medical illness situation, that if you gave the person the help they need to get over it then they could get over it. Following Taylor’s twitter really helps show how much of a choice it is though - you can be given all the resources in the world but if you choose to not take it seriously your recovery will go nowhere.

No. 720337

lolololol watch Taylor emulate this look and end smack (lel) bang in the middle of Halsey and Holly Conrad's mean girls witchsona

No. 720340

ok so the middle and right ones are at least pretending to be costumes. What is "the pink one" supposed to be? it's not 80s, that's for sure

and of course she goes with this one. it's the worst option by far

No. 720341

Watch her post tomorrow about how she was so close to relapsing but couldn’t find drugs again.

No. 720342

File: 1571525963053.jpg (606.3 KB, 1149x2014, Screenshot_20191020-005641.jpg)

And she's deleted the video, kek.

Her poor cats having to roam through her garbage pile is so sad though. Look at this, it is ridiculous and appalling.

If she meets up with the stan at the party, I hope they'll expose whatever the fuck Taylor gets up to.

No. 720345

File: 1571526329799.jpg (178.58 KB, 523x1006, Screenshot_20191020-085702_Twi…)

She copied Halsey down to the same underwear

No. 720346

she looks like jeffrey star here???? lmao

No. 720347

Piles of clothes on the floor… how embarrassing. I watched the video before she deleted it and on top of trying to be sexy and make stupid faces, she kept moving weird. She is 1000% on drugs. She does not look healthy in the least bit. Sucks that it’s deleted already so other anons could have seen it.

No. 720350


It's still on Insta but that is her parents room lolll how pathetic

No. 720351

LOL this is her parents room? She just keeps getting more pathetic every day

No. 720352

File: 1571527426513.webm (9.92 MB, 216x444, 20191019_191258_216x444.webm)

for posterity lmao

No. 720354

Rejoice. Mama Dean had reactivated her Twitter. If her and Taylor arent getting along, I'm sure we're about to hear about it.

No. 720355

She looks…so fucking awful…why would you post the video where you literally struggle to fling your sleeve off like a kid struggling to undress instead of just refilming it quick? The way she's acting is so cringe/strange, I've been trying not to 100% take these tinfoils of her relapse seriously but it's so ridiculously obvious she's on drugs..

No. 720356

Her movements are so strange

No. 720357


she is definitely on drugs. in her opinion if she is not on heroin that means she is sober lol but she is on drugs.

No. 720361

Her face looks so skeletal and bony, overall thinner now than she ever was on heroin.
You know what does that fast? Meth.
She's moving her jaw so weirdly as well. She probably took something the other night and no doubt will again tonight at this party.

No. 720363

Weird how she never before mentioned having curly hair

No. 720368

Okay so I'm not the only one who noticed that her face is all of a sudden extremely sunken in/bony

No. 720369

File: 1571529820341.png (4.81 MB, 1125x2436, E59856F9-056D-48BC-A37C-B979D2…)

she posted this with other old photos of her and then some recent ones on her insta story. This doesn’t look like her at all

No. 720370

tinfoil but I think she's abusing coke again tbh. We've noticed how she always makes sure to specifically state "sober from heroin", and she already has been addicted to coke in the past. It's much easier to hide while living at home w her family than meth or heroin. Honestly think she's doing shit tons of coke. One second she's so sad she has no friends to party with and goes ahead to party alone, now when someone literally invited her to a party she has "no energy". When she said she almost relapsed but couldn't find drugs, she probably did coke because she couldn't find heroin. It's obvious she's relapsed on something regardless..

No. 720375

File: 1571531494777.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20191019_202729133.j…)

Oh god I am literally cringing so hard my toes are curling. The Southwest Commons is a family themed place that throws all-age events and little concerts. Jesus, how she has the balls to show up dressed like that.

Here's a ss of the entrance right now. And average comments on the party venue's insta. Gah the cringe. My stomach hurts lol

No. 720377

So do we know which emo boi she’s trying to impress yet?

No. 720391

Wait so this is an all age family event that she's shown up too? Wearing a completely see through dress with her entire tits and ass showing?!

Taylor doesn't know what appropriate is I swear to god.
She's innapropiate in every way possible, when it comes to who she talks to, what she talks about, how she dresses and acts around others or alone.

Imagine taking your kids to this place and seeing taylor walking around.. vile

No. 720392

These are wand curls. Getting your hair thinned once does not prohibit it from growing back or damage a curl pattern— it’s done with sheers not chemicals. Good god she’s a moron.

No. 720400

I don't see either of her Twitters?

No. 720402


That video in her parents room is CREEPY. I could see her inviting random dude$ to her house to sleep in the parents room while they're out.

No. 720403

She's also not trying to enlarge her boobs in pics anymore.

No. 720405

File: 1571536263320.jpeg (1017.5 KB, 1242x1843, 40FDC0C6-6231-495D-A48E-507271…)

Her pupils aren’t crazy pinned right now. I don’t know much about subs, and what they really do to your eyes but..?

No. 720406

File: 1571536347979.png (7.06 MB, 1242x2688, 36D9451D-5DB0-4596-9A07-555DC1…)

Samefag, but it doesn’t look like this party is full of little kids so far.
(This is a video from her story bitching about the stairs)

No. 720408

that doesn't look pinned at all to me for once

No. 720409

Looks like everyone's staring at her, I'd love to know her reasoning behind how her outfit fits the theme

No. 720411

It can be ecstasy usually ecstasy pills in the United States nowadays I'm mixed with a lot of Meth so that could say why she has been binging all night and wanting to go out again to get some more

No. 720413

That would explain all the odd jaw movements. E and meth make you grind and it’s painful for days.

No. 720415

Hahaha. Yeah, taylor. Who knows how those curling iron curls just disappeared one day? Such a mystery.

Curly haired, Italian queen Ashley Fraudipane, everyone. 😂

No. 720416

On the contrary her pupils look dilated which happens with cocaine I believe

No. 720417

Look at how everyone else is dressed compared to Taylor, no wonder everyone's staring at her and probably not in a good way.

No. 720419

Samefag but no wonder she stands out, it's because it's stranger things themed, and she's gone as the hooker version of lazytown

No. 720422

Drug recovery advocate.. Just without any addiction recovery advocacy training.

Cool. I'm a Dr, just didn't go to med school. Got all my education from the internet ‍♀️(emoji)

No. 720426


Either these are her normal pupils and she has been using the whole time which would explain them always being pinned, or they aren't her normal pupil size and she's using coke. She's been super weird lately (similar to when she was using) and it's really obvious that she is not sober.

No. 720429

Because her eyes are usually pinned (which is a side effect of subs) so why aren’t they now? She wanted to relapse at the last outing she attended, so is she planing again? Her eyes were pinned like this while she was first out of rehab.
My tinfoil is: she relapsed during the Chelsea saga, which is when she pretty much went silent and things went downhill quick. So she’s trying to relapse at a party to concoct some story to victimize herself or make it seem less intentional because she’s out at a party rather than doing it at home.
I think the sobriety thing is definitely out of the window.

No. 720430

File: 1571538802714.jpg (187.21 KB, 1920x1233, inCollage_20191019_222637622~2…)

That stair video is a real treat, she is talking loudly and obnoxiously with her purse clutched in front to shield her crotch. She is obviously embarrassed. EVERY fucking head turns to gawk at her as she clumps down.
What did she expect? She has cat pasties and a black thong under a wisp of a teddy. She ditched that "coat" as soon as she got there. She is wearing a full stripper uniform at an ALL AGE FAMILY FRIENDLY VENDOR BUFFET EVENT. I can't.

No. 720431

dont subs pin your pupils too? i actually know jack shit about it so if someone who's knowledgeable please correct me if im wrong.

she did say she ran out of subs though right? which would explain the non-pinned pupils. but i sincerely dont doubt she's on some uppers because shes been having issues sleeping as well and sperging on twitter and shit.

No. 720433


lol yep you can see the dog bed on the ground behind her buttcheek that her mom's 2 dogs sleep in at night. mama d has posted a pic of that bed in some of her "good night" tweets as well as the little disney figures on the shelf in front of taylor

No. 720434

If she ran out of subs would she not be in full blown withdrawals? That isnt shit you can just stop taking and be fine, she even said so herself that she will have to gradually taper off it

No. 720438

You aren't supposed to use emojis

No. 720439

I’m secondhand embarrassed for her. Everyone is clearly staring at her because she looks skimpy and trashy. Idk how she can walk around in a thong and pasties and mesh pink fabric and feel okay… it’s honestly sad how much she wants attention

No. 720442

whew child, even her hairline has had enough of her

No. 720448

She looks like a female marylin Manson in the worst way possible.

No. 720452

lmao this bitch will really lie about every damn thing huh? her hair is CLEARLY curled by an iron. she fucking WISHES that was her natural hair. why is she so embarrassing???

No. 720453

File: 1571541202418.png (965.29 KB, 1440x900, dress up zone.png)


In The Most Exhausting Night Ever video, she moves her a bunch of her animals into her parents' room since they have to replace the flooring in her room. There is a nice, albeit blurry, shot of the room and it is definitely the one she was playing dress up in.

Just…oof to all that.

No. 720456

If you just minus the outfit which we can nitpick about, it’s the talking loudly about the steps we can focus on. I’ve definitely complained like that before in my life, albeit jokingly to friends. And it’s because I was drunk. She’s drunk. No question about it. That’s the kind of think you talk about and latch on when you’re drinking to be goofy. She can say she’s sober from drugs, but I know a drinking person when I see one.

No. 720466

File: 1571543619709.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-10-19-23-50-53.p…)


Oh heyy looked who showed up. The ex-meth addict!

No. 720468

didn't they have some big falling out after Taylor got out of rehab? she was complaining bout friends who only care about the money or something. I wonder if she's paying for Betsy's drinks/drugs in exchange for someone's company

No. 720470

File: 1571544580491.jpeg (441.69 KB, 1242x1383, 6DF8B137-3F3F-493F-BD11-7FFAE8…)

This is bold coming from someone who used the n word frequently. Fucking retard.

No. 720473


haha she definitely fits in at the club she's at. that place is trashy as fuck

No. 720488


Like even if she absolutely had to wear something revealing why couldn't she have done that while also fitting the theme? Like she could have dressed up like an aerobics instructor, that's revealing and from the 80's so that would actually make sense. This outfit makes no sense at all.

No. 720491

lmao if it was that easy A LOT of curly girls would get it done. No Taylor they usually thin out curly hair because otherwise it turns into a big ass poofy mess. That said she DOES NOT have curly hair in the slightest!

No. 720493

Sorry samefag but and I've gotten hate for this on here but I'm still not convinced that Betsey is sober in any sense. Maybe not meth but her pupils are always WAY small and I mean she was willing to being in a house full of hep 3 like it was no biggie.My point it that there is something off about her and Taylor. Even if it is just money. Because they stopped hanging out for yrs until Taylor hired her/ exploded on yt. I can't imagine any sober person having the patience to deal with the wild ideas coming from all the fucking junkies that Jonny would invite over. Not to mention putting up with Jonny in general. And yes I have met A LOT (a disturbing amount) of "good" mom's who are hardcore addicts. Point is something is suspish with this chick

No. 720494

I think any single mom would put up with it for thousands. More than shed make working 40 hr weeks and shed need a baby sitter much less than 40 hrs to assist with feeding the pets and cleaning. According to tay Betsey made her get sober. And even if she uses drugs i dont rhink its fair to compare her to taylor and jonny in any sense. She seems to be a good mom and functioning chick based off her page. Taylor looks a mess. So if she is as much a mess she atleast has the good sense to hide it well unlike her friend.

No. 720495

Given that she talks about it in her old tweets and someone calls her out for being a coke head it's probably true, Betsy and taylor seem like they've been friends for ages as well so wouldn't be surprised if they influence each other when it comes to drugs, they've both done coke at the very least so wouldn't be surprised if they do a lot of other shit together.

Why would taylor go out again tonight if her sobriety was threatened last night and she was seeking? Her fans are so dumb and blind not ONE of them suggested she go to a meeting or picks up on her odd behaviour.

Notice taylor knows so much about sobriety but has never mentioned enablers including family, friends and even fans? All she's ever said regarding that is that it doesn't matter, you should be supportive anyway cuz it's a Disease.

No. 720502

Dont forget coke and drinking is still "clean" to a "recovering" heroin addict tho lmfao

No. 720514

So… No video?

No. 720517

No video.

Honestly, to me that's one of the most compelling signs that she's high again. She did this all the time when she was high, she'd keep promising videos, saying they were being uploaded, saying she was editing, and then there'd be no video, and she'd make up some bullshit excuse or ignore it altogether. She's been promising new videos for nearly a month now, yet here we are. She's so fucking irresponsible, I don't fucking understand, the second she makes enough videos to make a profit, she just goes back to being useless and lazy until she blows through that money and the cycle continues. I don't understand how she still has an audience at all, she's very lucky. Most YouTubers who are as inconsistent and shitty as her don't manage to keep people coming back. Her views have dropped from a couple of years ago, but still. She's a fucking mess.

No. 720519

Glossy dialated eyes - not sober but we already know she isn’t clean. What’s new

No. 720520

Video is still on her stories if people wanna see how awkward she is

No. 720521

Either a curling iron or a wig - not her hair and it’s so obvious. Stupid ass.

No. 720522

>>720291 I remember the incessantnights account made an appearance recently as a a few threads ago. Anyone remember exactly what it was about? I remember people suspected it was Taylor.

Anon, as for the other old accounts, any screenshots of those?

No. 720523

some guy just looked at me sounds like he took a glimpse somewhere in public and she knows it - just to make it seem she was complimented in person. She is so fucking lame; glad someone caught her lie.

No. 720524

Remember when she said she was gonna put out 2 videos this week? But oh no poor Taylor. Muh depression. But of course she constantly stays up till 6am doing nothing, and spontaniously goes to a party. Seriously her videos are mostly not hard to record edit, even people who """"struggle with things"""" are able to put videos often. It should not take her more than a couple days total.

No. 720527

File: 1571556946686.png (509.21 KB, 1242x2688, 98C8E167-D1AA-436C-831F-F20227…)

just to have on Rec lol

No. 720532

Wow I never saw this video despite being an actual TND fan at the time of release. Some stuff I noticed:

1) Taylor's extremely bitchy to Michelle throughout the video. Other people were saying she seemed awkward, but IMO it's because she was oozing insecurity and jealousy which came out as an awkward sort of bitch mode. No wonder Taylor finds it so difficult to make friends with girls, she's obscenely passive aggressive towards them. I noticed a lot of this behavior in her videos with the pettuber chicks she collabed with, but it's really amped up against Michelle (I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's because Michelle is obviously/significantly more attractive than Taylor, the pettuber girls weren't).
2) I don't think Taylor showered for this video.
3) Taylor's head/face is absolutely massive side by side with a normally proportioned person.

No. 720535

Yeah 2011-on is post-emo to almost anyone over the age of 25.

Emo hit it's real stride 2004-2008. TND was a wannabe scene thot at best judging from her pictures from back then lol not that going through a cringe phase in high school is unusual. But she sure does love to brag about shit she had nothing to do with.

No. 720537

God her split lip is so horrifying.

No. 720547

File: 1571564722382.jpeg (395.81 KB, 1125x2003, CF16ACD1-A3C5-47F8-8C6D-EC64FC…)

Posting because she can’t even move her lips anymore and to giggle because she think she looks better now, post-heroin. The delusion is real with this one.

No. 720549

3 minutes into the video she is throwing a snake around. She has NO idea on how to safely hold a snake that is trying to get away. Wonder how many times she dropped it during the video?

at 5:50 she is trying to get her face bit off by forcing the snake to stare at her and trying to kiss it. Then proceeds to touch its head and press it to her boobs, and then Taytay looks surprised when the snake gets scared of her. Then she proceeds to throw it up on her shoulder like a human baby. Wtf.

Also I think Taylor also looks grossed out by the snakes and not really knowing what to do but trying to play cool. It's almost as if she buys them only to match her sExY oUtFitS.

No. 720550

File: 1571565387546.png (6.93 MB, 1242x2688, 15663D12-6AA5-4309-B073-F7D37D…)

A glimpse of a judgey tnd. She has this look in many parts of the video.
Also when she tells her, “yeah if you’re scared of rhis you’re not gonna do well in there.” way to encourage her.

No. 720551


subs won't pin your pupils if taken as prescribe and not abused. but many people can and do abuse their subs and they will show all the same signs as an opiate high like pin pupils, slurred speech, memory loss, slowed/delayed reaction times, possible "nodding" (some who is falling asleep in the middle of talking, standing, moving, etc.)

if they are taken as prescribed you will not have any signs of being "high" , your eyes will not look glazed over or pinned.

No. 720557

omg bless you anon. i second this being involved in the next thread pic lol.

No. 720558

holy shit, she looks like she’s lost a lot of weight. her arms and face look a lot thinner than usual. and i can’t believe she’s using this as her pfps, actually gives me secondhand embarrassment

No. 720560


this entire situation makes me so uncomfortable LOL

No. 720563

no joke, her cheeks look so sunken. just exaggerates her filled up lips. not a good look, tay-tay!

No. 720568

File: 1571571677307.jpg (418.74 KB, 1078x1863, Screenshot_20191020-223455_Twi…)

That whole "if I stop uploading you know I've relapsed" tweet of hers really backfired on her.
Don't think she has plans on uploading this one and if she does it'll be late as fuck.

No. 720569

File: 1571571756478.jpg (192.16 KB, 1076x771, 20191020_224004.jpg)

Samefag but I also found this.
No idea what it means or if it's shade at taylor.
Someone mentioned earlier taylor unfollowed her though.

No. 720572

Because she’s probably high around him = really really knows because he SEES it.

No. 720573

Yep, Tanner would pick up on his sister acting weird immediately, and she's been acting weird for so long, too. Plus the healthy way she's up all night and sleeping through the day… ya think he knows? lol

No. 720574

File: 1571574373354.jpg (893.41 KB, 1536x1742, Screenshot_20191020-142016.jpg)

"Last night I was dead set on relapsing", as she went dAnCiNg.. but we're supposed to believe she's sober, and she didn't find anything?

Her saying shit like this, how she is looking, how she's acting, I don't believe for a minute she is sober. Perhaps it isn't heroin, perhaps it is, but she is on something. Mama Dean when is the relapse soup coming? I wonder if her parents do random drug tests on her. They'd do well by catching her off guard with random tests.

No. 720577

If I was Taylor's mother and I found out she relapsed, I would rehome every single one of her animals while she's out or sleeping during the day, I'd stop picking up after her mess and I would kick her ass out.

I understand that she doesn't want to seem like she doesn't support taylor, but at this point she's just babying her and making it easy for taylor to go out and get fucked up because she knows she can come home and sleep it off while mom takes care of everything for her, stripping taylor of any responsibility. I get Taylor's messed up and she wants to help her daughter but whether she's home or by herself, she's going to do what ever she wants either way, it's a matter of whether you want that in your house or not, usually the answer is not.

Mama dean doesn't do shit, all she does is pick up after taylor like the complacent housewife she is, too afraid to put her foot down, going as far to drive her places like parties and clubs knowing she wants to relapse, and defends her daughter's stupid actions constantly.

No. 720578

I dont think she is able to feel shame honestly

No. 720579

Wouldn’t it be great if she did rehome her pets while she slept?!?!
Jennifer would reclaim her power like that if she did. But she’s a weak ass, so she won’t.

No. 720580

fr, all she's doing is enabling Taylor and that's the opposite of supporting and loving someone. Get a backbone, mama dean

No. 720581

I'm absolutely sure they're not drug testing her, but they totally should. Do subs give a positive result for opiates? either way if she's on coke or meth it'll be valuable to her mother to know

No. 720582

Sadly it's blazingly obvious Jen has never given Taylor consequences, ever, and likely never ever will either. She's a doormat to her junkie daughter, and a big reason why Taylor turned out as irresponsible and selfish as she is.

No. 720585

File: 1571577766663.jpg (814.02 KB, 1536x1408, Screenshot_20191020-151908.jpg)

I wonder if Taylor did go partying with the stan that wants to be "bffs" with her.

After their Twitter interactions, mama Dean has started tweeting the girl too. What a fucking creep.

No. 720586

Ah yes, Taylor's dog that became Tanner's "service dog". Wanna take bets whethed Kida is actually trained at all?

No. 720593

They do give a positive for opiates if you have a basic test, but if you get one of the 11 panel or 14 panel drug tests that has an option for subs, you can see exactly what opiates are in your system. I believe they even have ones just for all opiates to break down which opiate is in their system. But, I’m sure that is the exact type of excuse TND would use if she had to be drug tested by mama dean.

No. 720594

She stopped taking them I'm pretty sure, she complained about running out last week or something and personally I think she doesn't want more, she bitched about wanting to go off them in the weeks prior too, probably wanting a full feeling when she does eventually relapse.

She's definitely doing other drugs, her erratic behaviour, then sudden quietness, sleeping all day, over sharing, it's exactly how she was when she was with jonny.

No. 720595

It's so innapropiate to form a personal relationship with such a hardcore Stan and judging by that poor girls page, she's really REALLY obsessed with Taylor.

Sad thing is Taylor's probably never going to hang out with her, and if she does, this girls going to realise how much of a shit person she is and possibly break this girls heart.

Stop giving false hope to your stans taylor, and stop befriending underage girls.

No. 720597

Subs are notoriously difficult to stop and it can be dangerous to go cold turkey, so if she's really claiming she just stopped taking them when she ran out, it basically confirms she's snorting dope like Destry claimed. she'd be bedridden (sick, not just lazy staying in bed) if she had nothing to replace them with after they ran out

No. 720611

The stan sent Taytay a tweet yesterday about going out to party. I guess Taytay and her assistant has made her hooked on coke already.

No. 720619

I agree with you anon. My first thought after hearing her voice was "She's drunk"

>These steps are horrible. I don't like 'em. I don't likee emmm. Stumbles. Oh, the steps

Would someone be able to post the video here? I tried but I'm technologically challenged.

No. 720625

File: 1571590625501.webm (2.5 MB, 480x640, received_1111571925706348.webm)

I gotcha anon

No. 720626

Holy shit she was slurring her words so bad when she starts talking. Especially on the first steps.

Mama Dean, drug test your daughter today.

No. 720629

The worse part is that the “super reputable company” is supposed to be coming to interview her to be their face of addiction recovery lmao…I hope they bust her ass out and if she does go ahead and do the interview she’s just going to embarrass herself with her 15% bullshit or how she’s the worse junkie in all the land..I’m going with she’s gunna dramatically exaggerate her junkie lifestyle and beg for pity points galore and never even talk about what to do to help with actually recovering lmao

No. 720630

Bless you anon. I thought this one would be a good one to document.

No. 720631

She looks like a dollar store Felice Fawn

No. 720633

2 hours until her new video is “supposed” to be up. I’m guessing it’s either half assed and boring or she won’t bother uploading at all with the excuse of “I was up late from my party last night and forgot to set my alarm oopsie!” When in reality you can just schedule videos to come out at a certain time…
Even if she managed to upload today, it’s pretty sad she just had to go on and on about how great she was doing because she had a schedule in place, was filming and editing videos every week, and even said if she stopped uploading for lengthy periods of time again then she’s relapsed… girl it’s been a month since your last video, it’s obvious at this point she’s on something even if it’s not necessarily H.

No. 720634

She’s not even up yet and doesn’t she always complain about the speed of the upload which takes even longer? Lol

No. 720635

Wouldn’t be surprised if she backs out of it because she knows that it’ll be obvious she’s on something / not clean.

But if she has the audacity to do it, then I hope they expose her

No. 720637

File: 1571594037594.png (100.74 KB, 1439x1339, Capture _2019-10-20-13-46-54.p…)

Well, Mama D reactivated her tamonandpumba twitter yesterday afternoon. After stalking Taylor's new possible bff and reminding all of us plebs that she knows how important a break from social media is, she then went on to change her twitter handle toreallyJenniDean and proceeded to retweet motivational self-love and self-care tweets as well as 2 shots of the dogs with her on the couch until around 2 am her time.

About 11 am her time, she has re-deactivated her twitter. Feels like she waited up all night for Tay and has reached her boiling point..at least I hope.

No. 720639

I sincerely hope Jen finds her fucking spine real real soon. Those animals deserve to be rehomed to people who have an actual interest in them, not as tchotckes or accessories, but as individual pets worthy of time, care and attention.

And yes, a swift kick up the ass and a full panel drug test would do Taylor a world of good right about now, especially in the long run. Girl needs a wakeup call.

No. 720643


If you read my post closely you would see that I underlined mental or physical dependence doesn't even matter since you get addicted and feel physical symptoms either way just like you said so.. you kinda missed my main point there of my criticism of Taylor's splurging, anon. Oh well.

Anyway, she could definitely be doing coke. You can act pretty normal while on it (with limitations, but it's not very obvious a lot of the time), it's easy to find, the effects go away fairly quickly - truly the perfect drug for any young person still living at their parents house going out to party. Other than alcohol it would be the perfect choice - she could even delude herself to justify the use because "she's staying away from heroin".

I don't understand how Jen is not scrambling for an intervention or some confrontation at this very minute. Taylor is acting the complete opposite of what she should be as a "recovering addict" but I guess that's pretty standard in the Dean householď.

The reason Taylor talked about her having "curly hair" is probably because Halsey's natural hair is curly. She sure likes to be obvious.

No. 720651


thanks for uploading the video. Question: what's so bad about these steps? They look like your average metal steps and she's wearing rubber soled shoes. I don't understand the sober queen's problem with the steps.

No. 720653

Honestly I think she just wanted an excuse to show herself at the party in that outfit - which made me cringe so hard from the secondhand embarrassment for her. Unless she was drunk I don’t see what the problem is with those stairs.

No. 720661

I’m confused about this whole situation. So both Betsy and Taylor think it’s conducive to Taylor’s recovery to go to a Halloween party at a club while she’s in the mindset of relapsing? Since anons pointed out it was an all ages event, was there alcohol being served? If it was, I don’t understand how she could even be around alcohol since 3 sips of vodka caused her to be a drug addict and she was going bars for hours at a time. But then again, she does sound like she’s under the influence of something in that stupid stair video.
I’m also starting to be uncertain about Betsy as a person. She seems to care a lot about Taylor but then anon posted old tweets and then the pic posted here of her last night just put a sour taste in my mouth.
They seem like two fucking idiots in a pod to be completely honest. Those tweets sounded like they both purposely wanted to grow up to be fuck ups. Also the tweet about Taylor lying about ditching class because her foot was asleep is why she’s now a heroin addict. Mama dean wanted to ignore Taylor’s shit behavior as a teen and not actually address it. Mama dean created this dumpster fire and I hope she has fun trying to put it out (spoiler: she won’t ever be able to).

No. 720665

Isn't her video supposed to be up now? Still no word from Tay

No. 720670

File: 1571602675599.jpg (73.11 KB, 749x916, EHWQp7XWsAESQ8r.jpg)

kek i hate to bring turtlemom back, but this is great

No. 720671

taylor has said that her best friend is/was a meth addict, and afaik betsy is her only friend - so yeah, theyre definitely 2 peas in a drug abusing pod. gross considering that betsy has a young son and she still took him to jonnys and taylors heroin den that had needles lying around everywhere, according to taylor.

No. 720672

File: 1571602738289.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, DC7A0863-5407-40D1-8AD5-9B6E48…)

Wanted to post this to show how thin her arms are getting. On her Twitter she has her before and after pictures of when she allegedly “gained 20 lbs” and she is starting to look even thinner than her before pic (even though she really didn’t look much heavier in the after pic).
I really hope she doesn’t start posting “thinspo” pics and further damaging her fans.

No. 720675

File: 1571603053456.jpeg (766.44 KB, 2048x2048, 49913765-FFD8-4254-946A-1EDD92…)

She definitely looks worse. And thinner.

No. 720676

File: 1571603323433.png (1.22 MB, 1417x2049, Capture _2019-10-20-16-02-36.p…)

I agree. They both seem to be permanently stuck in immaturity. Betsy has gone from a boy band groupie to a stripper to an "assistant" to a stipper/bartender.
Name any drug including heroin and Betsy has tweeting about taking it or wanting to take it. She has talked about snapchatting her drug dealer, beating up a pregnant crackhead, she calls her friends monkeys and niggers, made fun of a girl for not knowing her cocaine was low-grade, talked about snorting cough drops to get high, dropping out of high school, offered to help get Taylor tattoos underage at her "cousin's" tattoo parlor when taylor was 16, tweeting about riding boy dick and, wait for it, even called her dear friends retarded. To name just a few tweets that stood out while browsing her feed. She would be the worst influence for Taylor given their history and the long drug use they both have and have done together under their belts, especially in the town they grew up in. Talk about a comfortable environment to get high as balls in.

Also yes that place serves alcohol and had a full bar right behind Taylor in her video with Betsy. Here is a ss of the bar from a video someone took there last night.

No. 720679

File: 1571603704448.webm (8.49 MB, 720x1244, media.io_GOPiG26Yx4qU5Cf5.webm)

webm mirror. inb4 PhOtOShOp11! by taylor and stans

No. 720686

Between animal hoarding, plastic surgery/tattoo splurging, and drug addiction, it would be shocking if she didn't have an eating disorder. She's obviously in a dark place right now.

No. 720687

to be honest she didn't go way of munching knowing she has so many illnesses, including EDS

No. 720689

Well if we are entering a meth saga just wait to see how much quicker Tays looks degrade.That crap does an amazing job at aging people very fast.

No. 720694

Big pupils are normal on meth, and surprise! Hers are huge at the party.

No. 720697

Honestly both new pics look edited to me, arm one looks stretched out and the eyes rolled back one looks filtered/edited overall but especially her cheekbones, that was my first thought followed by maybe when she got her lips topped off she asked for a little in her cheekbone area too…and then slapped a filter on it

No. 720698

She also stayed awake the other day for 35 hours, and it was right around the time she didn’t have her subs.
Could explain her sleeping schedule, weight loss , and ability to write a 500 word paragraph for the notes app every day.

No. 720704

lmfao stop being dramatic, she's abusing facetune just like always, compare to >>720318 taken a few days ago and she's literally the same size she's always been

No. 720711

What I really want to know is how she ran out of subs? Most clinics know what could happen and they usually will work with you so you don’t run out and aren’t in a position where you will find other means. Plus they know how addicts can be irresponsible and you will get multiple chances to comply with the program. If she was kicked out of the clinic it’s probably because of multiple missed appointments, multiple failed levels on drug tests or both. Basically not being in compliance at all. She’s such a screw up.

No. 720713

File: 1571609769239.jpg (185.26 KB, 1024x1820, 71187965_475718559690124_46225…)

No. 720715

Betsy’s eyes are pinned, middle girl has got to be rolling on ecstasy with those horseshoe eyes, and Taylors pupils a mid grade-large.
Looks like they had quite the night.

No. 720717

Correct me if I am wrong but I think the "she ran out of subs"-narrative is reaching? She just said how expensive it is, not that she can't afford it. I have no clue how it works but as far as EVERYONE with experience has said: you don't just stop taking them

I DO believe she is just sober from heroin and not necessarily from everything else, but I think many here are jumping on a band wagon that hasn't even been confirmed yet

No. 720718

Withdrawal from subs is excruciating. She wouldn’t be out partying. If she did run out she’s substituting with other opiates.

No. 720725

So… awake and posting insta stories but no video as promised? Right on as usual. This time she hasn’t even made an excuse yet. She’s really spiraling further downhill than she already was. All under her mother’s roof, even worse. I guess the Dean’s have never heard of tough love. Her mom has no spine.

No. 720728

her eyes and just whole expression look so dead inside

No. 720733

Yep. Junkies can (and often do)J look pretty decent once they sober up, even if they've used for years. Meth though? Whole different story.

No. 720734

I wonder if it's simply being in her mom's house that's making her thin. Like not wanting to eat with the family, but also not wanting to get caught sneaking junk food to her room. Some childish shit like that

No. 720735

I kind of doubt this. If she was shooting meth before rehab I'm gonna guess she's probably doing uppers again. Coke doesn't last very long and most people I've known who do coke, typically want to eat a big meal when they come down. Meth (and adderall, for that matter) give people hours upon hours of a high, with no inclination to eat anything, even during the comedown. Also meth/addy makes people lose weight because of how much it bumps up your heartrate, basically makes your body think you're doing cardio for hours.

No. 720737

The irony of her saying Onion has dead eyes kek. She looks as blank as a psychopath in this photo. And that's on a "fun night out", yikes.

She is spiralling harder than when she was with Jonny.

This gives quite a bit more insight and context to Taylor wanting the Jonny expierence. Wanting heroin. I've been lurking since the first threads on her, and this girl really is something else.

No. 720740

File: 1571615969270.jpg (180.91 KB, 828x1472, 70713685_539889346823357_43488…)

No. 720750


Hmmmmm what's REALLY interesting is that Taylor started following that ultralightkitty chick during rehab. I know because i went and requested a bunch of her newer followings and the ultralightkitty never accepted me so it still shows requested.

As of yesterday, Taylor unfollowed her? But then now posted a pic and tagged her? But still doesn't follow her? And as of this morning, ultralightkitty doesn't follow her either? Weirddddd.

Why would you hang out and then unfollow each other the next morning?

No. 720757

look like a trio of prostitutes to me

No. 720759

Aka it was never uploading in the first place and she's coming down on something and can't be fucked doing until tomorrow MAYBE.

No. 720763

Dare I say Taylor actually looks good here, I don't get why she insists on wearing shit tons of make up to post selfies at 5am but doesn't to go out?

I feel this outfit would look much better with a lipstick but she doesn't look THAT bad to me here.

No. 720769

Anyone notice how all her stories from last night are still up, but she deleted the stair video? She knows she fucked up posting that one

No. 720782

Top kek. Another thank you to >>720625.

Tay is turning into Luna but the complete opposite aEsThEtIc

No. 720788

She looks like Marilyn Manson's whore. I get that her looking like a rotting corpse is a Halloween aesthetic but this is just nasty.

No. 720794

File: 1571622958886.png (8.23 MB, 1125x2436, BD7F9C83-C3AB-4EF3-90AF-897CF9…)

Looks like he got his stuff. Note his use of “we”

No. 720804

Laughing at the convienently placed pic of him kissing someone's cheek

No. 720805

He's probably talking about his current gf or something. I doubt hed give taylor the time of day anymore honestly considering how bitter she is that he won't talk to her and only disses her in messages.

No. 720812

maybe the second "we," but the first "we" was "we posted about throwing it away…" and Taylor definitely did post that back when they lived in that house. Forget what thread it was in but it was definitely posted here.

No. 720813

why would he talk about his current girlfriend if this creepy doll bullshit was happening when him and taylor were living together?

No. 720814

also important to remember that the food in their house is kept under lock and key due to her brother's needs. So she can't have her shit littering every surface like it usually is

No. 720816


I think I can translate Jonny's shitty caption:

I don't know if anyone remembers when Taylor and I were so high, we found spiritual meaning behind a 1990's mass-marketed fairy child and then were so high we kept forgetting to throw it out and so high we kept forgetting we forgotten to throw it out. Well I brought him with me to LA and no joke, the people I mooch off of currently and I looked outside our door and saw another popular early 1980's mass-marketed gnome but Halloween-themed which is so weird to find in a mild climate in October in the outdoors…they are like the same exact type…and now two people in two different states are fucking annoyed because I stole their tiny garden miniatures because of some spiritual connection bullshit.

Also hey Taylor. This is a head's up to remind you I remember you but I am now taking our memories, traditions, and inside jokes and applying them to my new life and relationship as a subtle fuck youuuuuu.

No. 720819

that’s the stan by the way, not Jen

No. 720829

File: 1571631270246.png (618.38 KB, 1440x900, Mama D.png)


Not sure what you mean but the reallyJenniDean account is Mama D's new username. She has reactivated it as of an hour or so ago. Apparently she ditched Taylor at home to sleep it off and her and Tanner went to that outdoor safari place she tends to go to when she is upset. The stan is morgandanyelle_

No. 720842

She doesn’t look bad here, but she does look high. Pupils are big

No. 720851

Oh sorry my bad then, I didn’t know she changed her Twitter. Sorry anon!

No. 720857

She just retweeted at 3:35am her time. Lol

No. 720918

This is getting very interesting… Can't really see that she's been clubbing fully sober with those girls

No. 720930

Kudos for the anon that said she’d just use the excuse of “internet issues” about the video not being up, not that it’s surprising. I hope she understands how embarrassing it is to use the literal same exact excuse 20 times in a row. It’s either her internet being slow or she’s too “depressed” (not downplaying depression, but don’t believe she actually has it and she’s downplaying it herself). Knew the video wasn’t going to get uploaded, and now it’s been almost a month since the last upload. She’s definitely not sober and she’s starting to prove that publicly with the nonstop excuses when it’s time to do something as simple as upload a video.

No. 720931

>>720842 kek she absolutely looks bad

No. 720934


Toppest of keks, bravo

No. 720937


Honestly I think everyone’s just surprised to see her in what even resembles clean hair

No. 720954

File: 1571680057316.png (69.07 KB, 605x343, ooooOOoOOoooooOOOOOoooO!!.png)

Come on, do ittttttt

No. 720956

Bah, he never will, he's just whoring for attention and likes. Jonny's not got balls enough to spill anything but his precious hard lemonade kek

No. 720957

File: 1571680457943.png (562.36 KB, 966x475, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.53…)

No. 720958

File: 1571680479496.png (518.1 KB, 968x469, Screen Shot 2019-10-21 at 1.52…)