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No. 787925

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23 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>771859

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have since had a son together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Taylor has been mostly MIA from social media since April
>Taylor resurfaces in June, promising „a lot of content“ >>779126 , then disappears for weeks only to return to stare at herself lovingly in instagram stories with a brand new trackmark covered girlfriend >>780553 >>780598 >>780608 >>780710, insinuating that she had been in rehab
>Taylor is real salty about JC’s having a baby with Syd >>781131 >>781135
>Taylor promises to upload an important life update video with a „very personal announcement“ >>781598 >>781951 , deactivates her twitter instead >>782405
>Taylor resurfaces again weeks later to announce that she had relapsed and has been in rehab for the last month >>786328 >>786369 >>786661 >>786894 >>786969

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: –

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

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No. 787928

File: 1595795735750.jpg (264.06 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20200725-224254.jpg)

this is such a bold lie.

No. 787931


So which salon did she go to in the middle of a global pandemic to touch up her roots?

No. 787932

File: 1595796090976.png (882.15 KB, 2048x1700, Screenshot_20200725-144742.png)

Thanks for the new thread anon, now we can discuss her new cool disorder she'll blame everything on. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't be surprised if she did have it.

No. 787933


LMAO I’m the junkiest junkie that ever junkied, I have so many abcesses, I am so dope sick, better CLEAN AND FEED all my animals before I go to rehab vacation.

Sure, Jan. I don’t know what annoys me more. Her, or her dumbfuck stans that believe her.

No. 787934


Doesn’t surprise me if true. BPD people are absolutely the most insufferable type of crazy. Attention seeking uwu cut myself temper tantruming manipulative weirdos, every single one of them.

I’d rather deal with 20 6’2” pants-on-head schizophrenics than one of these little chicks.

No. 787935

File: 1595796564420.jpg (98.28 KB, 593x724, Capture123.JPG)

I'm always happy to see her munchie side resurface. she just loves getting those diagnoses.

No. 787937

don't forget her typing up an "extremely thorough care sheet" while dope sick and almost septic lmao. I mean why not just use the one from last time she fucked off and left her mom to care for the animals? not to mention jen has to be as good as taylor with the animals at this point anyway.

No. 787939

File: 1595797189159.png (114.18 KB, 770x886, 4.PNG)

No. 787940

File: 1595797220996.png (107.42 KB, 766x895, 5.PNG)

No. 787942

Off topic but if anyone remembers if Syd’s ex said syd has BPD as well. Jonny really does have a pattern or Tay is just masking her problems with more mental illness go-out-of-jail card.

No. 787944

File: 1595798046833.jpeg (169.43 KB, 828x1070, B826DC04-A858-487B-BFD6-D07C3D…)

This kinda confirms that her animals are not properly taken care of. Also saw someone called her out on twitter, this tweets didn’t age well…

No. 787945

she always has to remind everyone her mom found her on the floor wah wah

same shit here like "my autistic brother was having a tantrum which he cannot control but I COULDNT BREATHE and I was TRIGGERED it's all about me me me me"

No. 787946

Taylor is sick and delusional, but this BPD is an excuse just for her shitty behavior.

I'm sick guiz it's not my fault!! addict brain remember!! i mean… BPD!!1

Maybe the reason you have mental health issues is because you're doing heroin? just a though.

She was always a narc/munchie but early Taylor seemed fairly normal.

No. 787950

lol she's insufferable!

"I'm not opposed to going back to vaca– I mean rehab when I relapse, even though it puts all the stress of dealing with my hoard onto my already overworked mother!!! lulz"

Like. Taylor. Honey. Baby. Does that shat-out excuse of a popcorn kettle you call brain not tell you that those animals are well past rehoming? You are not fit to care for them. It's been over! two! years! since you shat the bed with their care, and only you've gone downhill since then.

I hope Jen has a come-to-Jesus moment and realizes her laxy-ass daughter is holding her hostage to her own fucking home with those animals. That cat-piss marinated teenage dream bedroom needs to be empty of all animals one day soon when Ms BPD Supreme trots her manky ass home from whatever new "rehab" friend she has got going on…

No. 787952

Oh wow yet another cow claiming BPD? How surprising. Getting the diagnosis really helped all the others like Shayna, PnP, Luna… look at how much they're all thriving now!

No. 787956

Not to mention that BPD is the bog-standard diagnosis for female inpatients. It's the "you're just hormonal!" or "wandering womb symptom" of the 2000s lol

I guess Taylor loves it, though, since it's abbreviated to three letters and it gives her a very convenient excuse to be a trash person. Now she has her EDS for her physical laziness and her BPD for her batshit crazy volaility! How nice for her!

No. 787957

File: 1595801615758.png (167.75 KB, 898x518, olsdfs.PNG)

Lol she's supposedly been diagnosed before, at her last rehab.

No. 787959

File: 1595802620018.gif (1.45 MB, 233x291, 1457656510239385.gif)

>recovery tips, from taylor "almost 20 absesses, almost septic, lies to everyone while shooting up" dean.

>recovery tips from taylor "i didn't take recovery seriously enough to put my animals that I supposedly love before shooting up" dean.

>recovery tips from taylor "double my suboxone to feel better and it's just a few ciders guyz" dean..

I'd sooner take recovery tips from Jim Carroll.

No. 787961

Not only that, it's been DEBATED.

BPD EDS TND, the hottest ticket in peer-reviewed science! Fucking hell lol she thinks herself so very important and unique

No. 787963

File: 1595804816173.png (271.27 KB, 750x1334, 1566332285321.png)

Give it a few months, she'll be diagnosed with something else when she wants attention again

No. 787971

File: 1595808556653.jpeg (634.06 KB, 958x1157, A4A3740D-B130-4595-A5D5-F6B34B…)

Another collection of Tayter previously being diagnosed with BPD but this is the “first time”

Also - if her last rehab was so amazing and filled to the brim with all these world renown doctors that made the biggest impact on her understanding addiction…why didn’t she go back there for treatment this time?? Is it maybe because she got kicked out like everyone speculated? Make it make sense.

No. 787973

tbh I think she'll undiagnose herself when she gets backlash. I dont think Taylor realizes the stigma that comes along with a BPD diagnoses. It doesnt illicit the same sympathy as things like "depression" or "anxiety" or even "bi-polar" because a lot of the time people with BPD arent just manic, they CAN be calculated and abusive and not everyone is sympathetic when told "uwu the reason I manipulate and lie is because of my BPD!"

If she really found comfort in her new diagnoses she wouldn't be fishing for asspats on twitter and throwing around terminology she barely knows anything about. Up until today it was her born addict personality that made her so depressed/dysfunctional and when people stopped giving her 100% sympathy without question when she was making poor choices she no longer liked the label "addict". I give it a few months before she no longer likes people holding her accountable for her BPD and ditching that label too.

No. 787982

Then again, Taylor has not yet realised the stigma that comes with being a "junkie". She's not had a real full-time job since she started Self Identifying As A Substance Abuse Queen, so she has no idea how the rest of the population lives lol

I'm sure that she'll have to come to grips with it in a few years once Jen finally wises up, and then that'll be her poor-poor-me-pity-me story: being so very BPD and getting no breaks or understanding due to it.

No. 787991

It's Texas so rest assured many salons were open as if there's nothing to worry about.

No. 788003

But now she has a new topic to educate us all on. Junkie videos went over like a led balloon. Let’s see where this goes!

No. 788018

Dysfunctional people attract each other. There's probably something seriously wrong with Johnny as well, and it's no surprise that Taylor was diagnosed with a Cluster B PD given how she acts.
Nah, she's going to keep leaning into it like she did addiction because she'll take it to be an excuse for her bad behavior and give her an opportunity to be an ~educator~, which she seems to absolutely love.

No. 788050

Virtue signalling much tay??

No. 788067


>> why didn’t she go back there for treatment this time??

Because she needs a bad rehab to blame for when she fails.

oh really, what treatment are you getting for those diseases?

No. 788072

My favorite part of all of this is despite all the mental gymnastics she goes thru to avoid accountability, she's hurting no one but herself. At the end of everything she's ruining her own life even if her stans don't believe it. It's fucking hilarious

No. 788082

You don’t have to have BPD to do BPD things. Sometimes you are just a shitty fucking person, but you tell your therapist you cut yourself once or have trouble staying in relationships and plenty of them will be happy to slap borderline on you. It’s largely self-reported anyway - it’s not like Bipolar where there’s usually family intervention, or schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders that psychiatrists are trained to identify fakers - so she could just tell any therapist that she has BPD symptoms and they look at her tattoos and dangerhair and say “yeah, that’s it.” I’m using cutting as an example because some therapists treat it as synonymous with BPD, and Tay has a couple of scratcher scars on her wrist (and obviously a mentally healthy person won’t habitually cut themselves) but doing it doesn’t mean you have a capital P Personality disorder.

I feel like there’s parts of her (attention-seeking) that are like “okay yeah no shit it’s cluster b,” but the way she talks about it like they found a tumor and now she doesn’t have to be held accountable for her actions is pretty shitty. She makes borderline people look bad, but I guess there has to be some example of the horror story of what a borderline person could be.

No. 788088

I was thinking this. Of all my time on this site I still don't fucking understand it, plus knowing a person that was diagnosed and it still doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand how attention seeking and manipulation can be blamed on a disorder. Maybe it's these cows that are slandering the disorder I don't know. I don't even believe she has real trauma, since her ~trauma~ and PTSD is from Jonny not cuddling her enough, since she thought it was so important to bring up in her abuse video.

Plus this conversation is funny. Saying she has this diagnosis is basically admitting to attention seeking and manipulation and being abusive. I don't think she knew that it can mean that.

No. 788090

Taylor is just broken, people like her are so weak they'd rather keep killing themselves with heroin than actually change their personalities. She likes her NEET lifestyle too much to do anything about it.

Taylor is afraid of change, and she just doesn't want the junkie high to end. She thinks she can get out of all the hard work with prescription pills and diagnosis.

Sorry Tayter, your gonna have to stop getting high and live without that feeling or your gonna die.

No. 788093

Not to WK, but she said before she was raped by a guy she met online or something when she was 13. Although the details have been changed over the time (like one time I think she said she was raped in a ditch on broken glass or something), I do believe that she started having sex too young and maybe it was traumatic and I think it explains her behavior to an extent. (Very attention seeking, dressing like a whore, getting tattoos and changing her aesthetic to fit in with whatever guy she's trying to bang) However, she hasn't taken accountability for anything. While a BPD diagnosis can help you feel more "normal" and like there's a reason behind why you act the way you do, it doesn't mean you can just do what you want and justify it with BPD, which is something I don't think Taylor understands.

No. 788099

Yea at some point you just have to accept life isn't fair.

The only constant in your life is you, if your not happy with how your life it's your responsibility to change it. Bitching, moaning and lying about the facts doesn't change anything.

She was dealt a pretty good hand in life (attractive, white, well-off, family support, popular, easy career) If she thinks that's gonna continue without effort she won't get far.

No. 788100

The thing about having a proper mental illness like Taylor is claiming is the amount of work you need to put in to actually improve your illness. Diet is a huge factor in improving mental illness that most people ignore. Proper sleep schedule, exercise, some kind of stress relief like meditation, intensive therapy and often times medication are all things you need to stay on top of.

There is no way in hell Tay is gonna do any of that let alone all of it. So we can expect to see her using her old but somehow brand new BPD diagnosis as an escape for everything. Expect her to be posting lots of mental illness related shit on her social medias that will boil down to "DON'T JUDGE ME OR HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, I'M MENTALLY ILL"

No. 788121

Pretty sure that never happened, she talks a lot of the abuse Jonny put her through in detail but she is very vague about the rape allegation, hasn't name him either since she mentioned the incident and knowing this would legitimately give her pitty points since, has far I remember, he was an adult, it wasn't only rape but pederasty.

My best bet it didn't happen, Jen hasn't said anything about the rapist either but she is very vocal about Craig when in insight they both were abusive to each other, it wasn't a way way street. So is strange to me Jen didn't do anything in the moment or after Taylor publicly talk about it.

No. 788143


Being vague about being raped as a kid is pretty normal. She talked about it way before dating Jonny, and hinted at it quite a lot. That said, it doesn't excuse her toxic behaviour. It's extremely upsetting to know that a kid was preyed on, and I feel horrible that it happened to her and empathise with her (doubt her parents would support her about it), but she chose to be a fucking cunt.

Alo LOL at the BPD. BPD is not "uwu I can be stupid and have bad habits and get real sad or happy." ACTUAL BPD is not common, unlike what a bunch of these female lolcows like Tayter Thot and edgy queens online think, and it doesn't present as being some toxic sociopath.

Tired of non-existent BPD being used as an excuse for toxic behaviour and narcissism.

No. 788175

Right. It's handed out like candy as a diagnosis for a lot of female patients, but true BPD is rare, like it's rare to find an actual schizophrenic. BPD is just a super-common diagnosis given to manipulative, lying patients who refuse to be consistent and honest with their diagnosing doctors.

Taylor's in for a rude awakening. She really thinks being a junkie is something to brag about, and that's misguided, but hoo boy is she out of her gourd if she thinks telling people she's BPD now is going to go well. Most people with any sense steer clear of junkies in both their personal and professional lives, especially lifestyle junkies like Taylor, but BPD… the stigma is REAL real, and there for a reason. Good luck getting anyone invest time in you, when you're telling the world you're an emotionally wildly unstable manipulative abuser with a fondness for lying and sociopathic behaviour - and you have a diagnosis confirming that, and you're PROUD of it lol

BPD needs a lot of behaviour therapy to offset and getting someone with it into healthy a shape enough for a relationship or meaningful employment is hard work. It takes self-awareness and accountability… should be a cakewalk for this cow really.

No. 788234

Of course we'll never know for sure, but imo histrionic personality disorder, as her father hinted, is the most believable. It just fits 100%. But of course it wouldn't never give her internet victim points like BPD.
I just wish we knew if she was diagnozed or the father was armchairing as well.

No. 788260

File: 1595965875400.jpeg (370.7 KB, 1080x1960, Edy2U13UEAIjaPU.jpeg)

She is doodling again. Super serious about recovery there Taytor. Of course we saw what disdain she had for this class of actually useful and practical skills in the last thread >>787796

No. 788262

>>"Sorry I doodle when listening o some one read"
>> "Boredom"
Tee hee serious about recovery

No. 788265

Funny how he shows up in doodles but not on her social media

No. 788267

At least they're not penises

No. 788269

Girl how much money is this little summer camp adventure costing Daddy? The least you can do is pay fucking attention

No. 788270

File: 1595969045103.png (280.1 KB, 1328x544, 222.PNG)

Of course taylor would be using tinder in rehab lmao

No. 788274

So basically she can’t get dicked down even in the one rehab in the world that’s ok with people fucking around and doing drugs. Proves how intolerable she must be even to like-minded people. Or she is looking for someone so she doesn’t have to spend a minute alone once she’s out. Either way she is just as dumb as ever. Keep that milk coming

No. 788275

holy shit shes really not paying attention in rehab is she? she literally hasn't learned a fucking thing! i thought no new relationships during early sobriety was basic rehab advice

No. 788278

imagine the convos she'd be having

>wats up?

>nm in rehab for heroine UwU u?

No. 788284

any San Antonio anons who can find her tinder profile?

No. 788286

File: 1595974129187.png (133.96 KB, 599x799, 225.PNG)

No. 788292

Is she seriously sharing the same paper again
Also, this is so annoying. "Teehee I doodle my animal names, I'm just like, SO obsessed with them, I'm the Animal Girl lol"

No. 788296

"Be wilding out a bit too much" could she stop? She sounds so dumb using AAVE

No. 788297

Fuck she's cringy with her shitty white-girl AAVE ripoffs lol

No. 788298

HAHAHAJA She's so quirky and different!!!

No. 788300

This is so embarrassing. Asking shit like that isn’t cute. For the millionth time how does she have no shame?? She is in rehab for gods sake. She’s going to come out and go right back to using no doubt at this point.

No. 788303


"Sold her account" webkinz expires a year after the last tag is activated. She can't remember how many she had even tho she spent years and years playing?

No. 788304

Is pettube still a thing? I was thinking about it today and realized I used to follow a whole bunch of aquarium youtubers, but I haven’t felt interested enough to go looking for any of their channels in about a year. That might just be me though.

No. 788307

Not really, alot of people have been dropping like flies. The money just isn't there unless you're running a business on the side.

Taylor's channel isn't really about pets anymore; more drama and drug use.

Taylor is just gonna find herself another forest. What attractive guy is gonna date a heroin addict with 1996 on their knuckles. She's doomed.

No. 788308

Girl can't even remember how many pets she has in real life why do you think she'd remember virtual pets? She doesn't even have to clean up after she kills them.

No. 788309

File: 1595983496167.png (212.52 KB, 740x743, Annotation 2020-07-28 204445.p…)

she is fucked up in this holy shit

No. 788310

File: 1595983610380.webm (1.21 MB, 720x1280, nD2RUvLWLaYS7Z3P.webm)

webm mirror

No. 788311

is she in a car? the fucking guy outside is high as hell, I doubt it was bees.

Might be an old video she decided to post now though.

No. 788312

Yeah there is no way that's bees. That person is like dancing or something. No swatting motions or running away from them. And the way her eyes got big but clearly weren't focused on that person reminds me of when high people realize they're a bit too high and start getting dizzy and try to open them really wide to refocus.

No. 788317

It was at night I hardly ever seen a bee at night

Also didn't Taylor used Tinder to score for drugs?

No. 788319

File: 1595989938552.png (376.86 KB, 486x738, Sleep.PNG)

Apparently bees sleep. I mean this was a pretty obvious lie, her friend is dancing not running.

No. 788322


Looks like she's already deleted the tinder tweets :')(:'))

No. 788349

Mildly interesting that she says she has 3 cats when it definitely looks like they took in that "stray" tabby too. Is the fourth one "her mom's" cat or can she just not remotely remember how many pets she has? It's not like there's a meaningful distinction when her mother looks after all of them anyway.

No. 788351

Is she trying to attract pedophiles, why is she writing like a 3-year old?

No. 788352

File: 1596009027595.jpeg (514.65 KB, 828x1678, A405448C-0BF7-4C5F-AAA9-33408A…)

tayter interacting with known piece of shit fronz. just another example of her horrible judgment..she never listens lmao. there’s plenty of shit out there about him but i’m sure she doesn’t care, just like with jonny.(namefag)

No. 788354

WTF did I see here?
That person gesturing and running around whilst doing strange noises, and she is (like every time) only focused on herself and then doing this big Amy-Winehouse-in-her-worst-stage-of-addiction eyes.

No. 788357

File: 1596021395321.jpeg (288.79 KB, 750x1083, E1D6A0A4-AD50-4B0F-B713-B27EEF…)

Liking junkie shit, yeah she sure is taking rehab seriously.

No. 788359

Let's play a predictive spoiler game of Taylor Goes to Rehab 2:Electric Boogaloo.
Goes to rehab, fucks around, looks for druggie dick, gets booted early, goes home, falls back into sleeping all day on subs all night routine, sub script runs out, goes back on heroin, Previews of Taylor Goes to Rehab 3: The Quickening.

No. 788361

i also think she gave herself bpd this way, but also the schizoid thing isnt really true. when you say you use meth or heroin you're more than likely going to get a schizoprenia diagnosis because of how meth use damages your brain.
you can literally pull "im the junkiest that ever junkied" on that one

No. 788373

its her middle name……

No. 788376

File: 1596028200660.png (38.21 KB, 609x342, present.PNG)

I like how she wrote things like "I was listening I swear" and "sorry i doodle while listening 2 some1 read :p" as if she planned all along to take a pic and show people.

I also noticed on twitter comments of that vid that she mentioned her friend in the present tense (pic related). Even though her friend is clearly another user. I'm sure her world renowned therapist said it was okay though

No. 788377

…I need to go back to bed, thanks anon

No. 788379

Why would you completely ignore your friend being attacked by wasps? I would at the very least be recording them and laughing about it

No. 788385

Now that you've written it out like that, it's so bleeding obvious Taylor treats rehab like it's some tacky reality TV show lol

No. 788419

Can't her rehab see her twitter and deduct that she's getting a massive attention feed from it? Her fan base in a way is enabling her shitty decisions so that's all she's been able to talk about for 2 years. I seriously don't understand how a professional hasn't told mama Dean to take away her fucking phone this is getting so annoying

No. 788485

File: 1596056854027.png (572.53 KB, 883x1356, 228.png)

After 30 days of rehab she's 100% cured guise!!
It's also so sad that she ALWAYS knows how to help other people just not herself :((( /s

No. 788490

The way she talks about recovery being a special precious magical journey where you can mess up and "forgive" yourself infinite times forever … I just can't. She thinks that if you're hard or strict with yourself AT ALL, that's not ~real reovery~, and you should be able to make as many stupid, self-destructive decisions as you want, and nobody can ever hold you accountable for these mistakes or they're a big meanie who doesn't understand "the journey." She'll be trapped in this cycle until she dies, man. That and her precious BPD diagnosis = carte blanche to behave like a moron forever and never grow up (like all BPD people, really).

No. 788531

The rehab she’s at isn’t actually interesting in helping anyone. It’s an insurance mill that lets their residents fuck and suck each other with free phone access and whore costuming. So they could give a fuck if her internet use is a hinderance to her recovery.

No. 788536

I'm thinking relapse, she's so predictable at this point. Doubt she'll even release any videos this year

No. 788538

It’s funny how Tayter thinks she’s helped anyone. All she’s done is spread misinformation about animal care and recovery.

No. 788541

File: 1596073903750.jpeg (261.52 KB, 1280x1280, FB60A2BD-6052-496A-96A1-79B784…)

Taylor reminiscing to when her looks were only half as fucked up from being a junkie.

No. 788544

File: 1596075815577.jpeg (151.57 KB, 750x1077, 811E4B12-F6B0-4F38-9204-0A6A2E…)

In case anyone is still wondering where taytor got her attention seeking personality from

No. 788554

The whole household it's so depressing. Honestly couldn't blame Jen if she actually leaves. Papa Dean definitely isn't doing anything and Taylor is too busy crying cause her brother steals the attention from her.

No. 788556

I know she meant 404 but is too high to remember it right but
>The HTTP 401 Unauthorized client error status response code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.
Lacking valid credentials. Fitting.

No. 788567

Jesus Christ what about your disabled son? Taylor never stood a chance

No. 788571

Honestly, I think she tells herself “it’s fine, this is all part of recovery.” right before she shoots up. Pathetic

No. 788572

Taylor is more like do heroin - shame - go to rehab - get pets - get brodick - get camgirl clothes - go drinking - suddenly feel the need for heroin - do heroin - no shame bc the road to recovery means u can do heroin as many times as you want.

No. 788573

File: 1596093319258.png (1.26 MB, 828x1792, 3D0C173C-93FC-4552-91C0-FD370B…)

You know that video is shit when you kinda agree with jonny here

No. 788574

oh great Tayter is in rehab and Jenjen sounds suicidal from the workload of taking care of her pets. Please someone go get those pets.

No. 788581

Lol. That bugged me as well.

No. 788582

Honestly this is pretty common venting from people who are the sole caregivers of their disabled and needy family members. I get the picture Jen does everything in that house, including housework, taking care of Tay's brother, and Tay's animals, and their animals, and Tay… Yeah, Jen's batshit crazy but this is actually one of the more understandable things she's ever tweeted in my opinion - who the fuck wouldn't want to check out for a bit? lol

No. 788589

doesn't he have a newborn he should be taking care of?

No. 788613

I always assume Jonny snark like this is Taylor herself because, who the fuck cares??? That's like when she says people here have "no lives". Just appreciate when he shits on her as she deserves

No. 788623

Wow this sounds like classic BPD attention baiting, definitely where Tay got it from. Saying those types of things to anyone close to you is very messed up and manipulative; i'll bet she says that kind of thing to her kids all the time. Sad. When people do that on social media, though, to people they don't even know very well … it's just extra pathetic.

No. 788624

Since mama dean is in TX, if shes registered as Tanner's caregiver, she could do the respite program where she would get a week off without the benefits being in jeopardy but with all those fucking animals there is no way. Being an enabler for shit behavior must be exhausting. Almost makes you think she should do something, like making tayterthot pick herself up by the bra straps.

No. 788659

Jen needs to stop enabling Taylor, get rid of the hoard, and force Taylor to focus on recovery by not taking her home if she gets kicked out of sober living again. Babying an addict because you don't want them to die on the streets is a sure fire way of making sure they die in the comfort of your home. Maybe if Taylor has to suck dick to get her fix she will actually take rehab serious and maybe break out of this addiction cycle.

No. 788665

File: 1596138316452.png (958.61 KB, 2048x1695, Screenshot_20200730-154149.png)

Aka "I got all I wanted out of rehab (sex, drugs, etc.), now I'm gonna go back to laying in bed and eyefucking myself in every selfie I take while I watch The Office."

No. 788666

So she basically quit rehab again. What a loser.

No. 788667

File: 1596138907683.jpg (57.66 KB, 601x452, Capture123.JPG)

soo she got kicked out again?

No. 788673

LOL oh no. So she really is the most specialest junkie ever, so much so she can't complete one full stay without punking out. She made it this far but suddenly on the home stretch, she's too much at risk to complete the program? Yeaaaah right. She discharged herself to go get hight.

Glad to see you're taking this oh-so seriously, Taylor.

No. 788674

File: 1596140889348.png (868.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200730-172657.png)

We'll see about all that

No. 788676

Sure taylor.

No. 788679

Severely regressed mentally to the point of needing….Suboxone? Sounds like she threw a tantrum because she needed drugs. Nothing about that makes sense

No. 788680

Omg this bitch could say ANYTHING and her stans would eat it up.
"Hey guys!!!! So I just got out of rehab because it turns out, heroin isn't actually dangerous or addictive!!"

No. 788681

I think anons post it (though it should be in his own thread now) because it usually triggers Taylor into sperging out. I wonder if she saw it yet because I'll be surprised if she doesn't.

No. 788689

She likes her subs because it stops you getting dopesick. It's a synthetic opioid, and it def gives you a buzz. She's gonna abuse it then conveniently "run out" then use again.

with her whole "ReCovERY IsnT LiNEAr" pity party i'm betting she got kicked out. Even the shitty rehab won't take this diva. Mama dean was probably in on this too, would explain the woe is me shtick.

Coincidence after druggie video? I think not.

No. 788690

"I couldn't go a month without drugs at rehab, so my doctors totally told me to quit rehab and get back on drugs with no oversight for half the day!!!!"

Yeah this totally sounds like such a good plan and something a real physicial would recommend…

No. 788701

Wouldn't be surprised if she was cut off from her prescription due to overusing and she checked into rehab so she can get back on receiving subs.

No. 788714

This sounds awfully familiar to "I spend all day long in meetings and with therapists!!" Can't wait to see how long this stint lasts.

No. 788729

Taylor's brother is the one who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, anon. lurk more. it is severely disabling and not really a disorder you can fake.

No. 788730

That's fair! I could honestly never tell with the Dean Duo if they're going to claim a new disorder/disability, and I didn't know that's what the brother had.

No. 788737


>muh severely dangerous mental state

screaming for nuggies, fries and worthless bro dick

>jumping back into usual content

so, endless self-praise and thot selfies or in other words, nothing at all

No. 788740

so she left rehab as soon as they tried to taper her off subs responsibly. Taylor doesn’t want to be sober - she wants to be a junkie but an acceptable junkie because she’s just abusing her prescribed “maintenance” meds.

No. 788743


Giving the slightest benefit of the doubt w/ her chronic pain, I’m not surprised she finds it hard to taper. But tbh, she needs to figure out a way to cope with that without fucking H. She also doesn’t have ANY structure in her life so…no motivation, no structure, nothing forcing her to have any consequences or responsibilities- she’s acts like a stunted child because that all she’s ever had to be. This “rehab” was just a temporary change of scenery/vacation from her pathetic reality. She’s not powerless in this, but if she acknowledges that then she might actually have to take accountability and THAT’s never doing to happen.

No. 788745


Reads more to me, personally, that she wanted to still get high while not doing heroin, so she screamed and bitched for her precious subbies, so she quit and went somewhere that will enable her addiction.

Does she not realise that suboxone is for temporary use, not a permanent or long-term thing like SSRIs, medications for chronic conditions, etc.?
I honestly don't think she's ever gotten psychiatric or psychological treatment for addiction.


No. 788746

File: 1596160657077.jpg (133.76 KB, 810x2030, EeMeEtPWAAE3aqM.jpg)

"$700 is my $50"

deleted tweet some tea account caught

No. 788749

man her parents should just buy her a car and tell her to get the fuck out and see what happens

No. 788752

Wow so cool, stealing while you're out running errands with your mom. How hardcore

No. 788755

Why isn’t she on methadone yet? I don’t personally know what the diagnostic threshold for subs vs methadone is, but clearly subs aren’t working for her. Plus if she gets methadone she would get to feel like the real hardcore junkie she thinks she is, trotting her ass to the clinic every day.

No. 788757

Taylor you are such a loser.

No. 788767


IIRC she's not suitable for methadone? She refused buprenorphine because it means her suboxone abuse would end. Since methadone is a bit strong, and she seems to have no wish to actually get clean, it's not suitable for someone like her.

I don't know why she isn't pursuing something like CBT or other therapies that help with addiction issues.

Kinda points to all her "rehabs" having been shit-tier and just little vacations away from mommy, Tanner, and her animal hoard.

No. 788768

Tf could she possibly shoplift from Fresh Foods? Her parents feed her?

No. 788769


that's HEB. they sell a ton of stuff from food, to clothes, jewelry, bath care, electronics, etc.

No. 788774

File: 1596176811439.jpg (31.55 KB, 600x365, Capture1234.JPG)

thanks anon, she deleted this one real quick and I was wondering what it said lmao

No. 788775

what the fuck shouldn't rehab treat ALL addictions? Or did they just focus on getting her ~sober from heroin~ again? Oh my god she is so dumb. Wonder why she got kicked out this time. Smuggling subs?

No. 788777

This definitely makes me wonder how long she actually was in rehab. She made it seem like she just got there when she first posted about it. Then she claimed she'd been there 20 something days. Last claim she made was a couple days ago saying she had 8 days to go, which was odd since most people who go to 30-90 day rehabs are on insurance and leave when their insurance cuts them off, usually with a day or less worth of notice. Which made me wonder if part was being paid out of pocket or she just has ~world renowned~ insurance. I could see her getting kicked out or checking herself out within a week if she detoxed onto subs and then they tapered her off. She probably thought she could stay on them her whole stay.

No. 788788

isnt methadone way more addicting and way easier to abuse than suboxone? i doubt she would do any better on that than subs.

No. 788789

well she obviously can't stop using subs either. Her brodick speculated that she's been shooting them up, hence the track marks. Rehab has led to absolutely nothing for her, other than giving her one more drug to get addicted to.

No. 788790

but injecting suboxone doesnt give you a high or euphoric feeling its just a habbit for junkies, id rather have my drug addicted family member injecting suboxone than abusing methadone.

as long as her mom watches her take her subs everyday (like we had to do with a family member) she literally can't get high. if she tries to abuse her suboxone it won't do anything. eventually she will be clean and sober enough to start weening of the suboxones but you don't have to do that right away. i don't understand why her mother doesnt just watch her take the meds everyday and hold onto them for her so she cant get high? like yeah you have to want to get sober on your own but you can also help facilitate her sobriety if you monitor her Suboxone usage.

No. 788794

You can definitely get high of subs and there are plenty of people addicted to it. It's less intense of a high than heroin but that also means you are more functional and it's easier to hide.

Taylor's desperation for subs really makes it look like she is abusing it and addicted. Makes sense when you consider she was suddenly taken off subs and her story made no sense. Maybe she went back to rehab just enough days to get a new prescription and then left?

No. 788795

What ever happened to her getting the Vivitrol (naltrexone) injection? Oh right, you have to have x amount of days opiate-free before starting and then she wouldn’t be in able to get a buzz and relapse on her terms.
I remembered when she claimed to get sober with Jonny and she would tout that drug around to try and prove she was sober. Ultimately to no ones surprise, she didn’t end up getting it, then Mama Dean found her in a pool of blood dying and choking on her own vomit (or whatever her ridiculous story was). It’s just interesting that she’s never mentioned it as a potential treatment option again.

No. 788797

They put her on the dissolving strips because she admitted to abusing them. In one of the "muh life as an addict" videos she's using strips. Most people abusing snort the tablets.

Not entirely true, it prevents you getting high on other opiates. You can get high on subs just not like heroin and other opioids will have no effect while you're on it.

Subs are damage control, and it does give you mildly euphoric feelings, in doing so it "tricks" the brain into thinking it got it's heroin fix preventing withdraw.

Problem with Tayter is she doesn't wan't to stop. She just wants an easy "detox", so she doesn't have to ride out the lows of heroin withdraw. Alcohol enhances the effects of the sub high (cider anyone?).

sorry to medfag

No. 788803

This is why she shouldn't be a candidate for subs. Her mindset isn't to use them until the physical withdrawals from heroin subside, then work to completely be free. It's a substitute for her.

No. 788813

I think she bitched and moaned about bad mental states when they started tapering her off last time. I think she wants to be put on long term "maintenance" for subs. At this point I think that's the best she can do. It isn't sober but it isn't shooting up either.

It won't make her symptoms disappear and she'll probably just go back to using.

You have to deal with the shitty feelings while your brain heals itself, it can't heal while on subs because it's still getting the high, even if you can't feel it.

No. 788814

this is one of the conditions Taylor claims to have CRPD and its super rare and she doesn’t have it oh my god. Please watch the video it talks about symptoms and how rare it is


No. 788816

I use to shop lift for food when I had none as kid and had hungry siblings

Taylor shops lift for hair dye bc her mom wouldn’t buys it

She has such white people problems

No. 788817

File: 1596215739051.png (467.41 KB, 982x1728, 234.png)

No. 788820

> I don't think anyone needs to get off it within any generalized time period

LOL. She can quit anytime she wants guys.

>Even tho THEY DIDN"T DO SUBS at my last rehab The head doctor evaluated me once I WAS OFF THEM & said I CLEARLY WASN"T READY TO BE OFF.

The fuck?

No. 788821


So basically she just wants subs. Notice how she totally danced around the mental health portion of the tweets? So weird.

I have no idea why the fuck anyone gave her subs.

No. 788824

Yea, she's really spergy about the subs, her response is sketchy as hell.

so she's getting kicked out because they don't do subs and she wants back on them. Her previous tweets contradict themselves, it's obvious she's lying about something.

No. 788825

It is super rare and she doesn’t have it. It’s debilitating, constant and she wouldn’t be able to dress thotty, get tattoos, spear on makeup or even type on her phone. Or shoot up in her hand or arm. She claims it’s in her arms. I’ve never seen the swelling, discoloration or even the look of constantly, unbearable pain in her face. She just wants a super special pity me disorder. It’s an insult to people that really have it and actually consider amputation to stop it.

No. 788839

It being in strips doesn't mean she doesn't abuse it. I don't remember if it was in a tweet or video or what, but remember she talked about taking so many strips so it took a long time for her to wait for them to dissolve?

No. 788843


Your gatekeeping of sobriety is so destructively ignorant. It's so absurdly offensive & outrageously flawed on so many levels that I don't know where to begin. Are you in kindergarten?

No. 788846

Yeah exactly. People shoot up the strips all the time

Taylor rambling about shit she's so completely clueless about. "If u try to use that in any way except prescribed it activates the naloxone in it and causes illness, not a high. Ah yes the very latest tech strips that know your intentions and change the reaction they give you based on the information they collect! Your body absorbs the naloxone and the bupe no matter what. It's not some intelligent being from the future. It must be painful to be this clueless. I'm sure she heard this shit from someone and it's so dumb it probably came from some other junkie there trying to one-up her and sound smart. She can never be bothered to check facts even with her ~precious animals she luvs seww much~.

Lastly lol to her basically admitting her experience with abusing subs. And trying to come up with excuses for why she went to a different rehab this time. Please, we know she probably isn't welcome back at the other one because she got kicked out.

No. 788848

so she was off subs and then her doctor made her addicted to it again because ~muh mental health~ ok makes perfect sense.

Kinda reminds me of that time when she told us that the vet also stabbed Tofu in the lung with a needle right after she did it herself.

No. 788849


It seems nobody in this thread knows anything about methadone, suboxone, addiction or treatment. Shaming people for doing medication-assisted treatment to recover from drug addiction? Seriously? If any of you actually knew anything about this then it'd be obvious how disgusting it is. Grow up, all of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788851

if she would be doing it responsibly I would have no say against it. But she's been drinking while using it, and taking too much of it and allegedly also been shooting up and now apparently gotten kicked out of another rehab because of it.

No. 788854

Stigma around medication-assisted treatment is a real and important problem, but nobody’s going to solve it in a
Taylor Dean thread.

No. 788855

Getting treatment is fine. LYING about abusing medication, and making up stories to get put back on it is just enabling.

Pill pusher doctors/rehabs just want to pull a profit, they don't care if their patients get better. In fact they make more money if their patients stay sick. Don't be naive anon, some medication isn't in the person's best interests.

Taylor needs to change her lifestyle if she wants to live, She's doing irreparable damage to herself rn. She needs to start taking care of herself instead of expecting an easy fix.

No. 788864

Stop whiteknighting her. Her stories never made sense from her being kick out cause she "gave her suboxone to a rehab friend" to "she leave her current rehab cause they told her she need subs and they don't manage that".
All of them kick her out cause she is abusing subs and using it has heroin substitute.
People aren't shaming, they are pointing out she obviously doesn't take rehab seriously.

No. 788873

Crazy how you keep saying no one knows what they're talking about (like you apparently do) but you've yet to actually educate anyone on anything

No. 788885

JFC, I just lost brain cells reading the last few posts. If you know little to nothing about subs, methadone, opiate addiction, please refrain from acting like Taylor and spreading false information.

No. 788889

This reads like a google search turned into a high school paper. Try harder Taytay. You’re not fooling anyone with your supposed “knowledge”

No. 788890

Considering I’ve been on methadone longer than Taylor’s even been an addict, shut up.(blog)

No. 788891

The irony is that this is also what she does for her animal care knowledge kek

No. 788893

No cares about your shitty life anon

No. 788899

File: 1596244968517.png (499 KB, 885x505, EeSn5rYXsAEQndr.png)

yOu CaNt aBusE suBs

No. 788900

The thread isn't about you, FFS you're attention whoring as bad as Taylor.

Taylor hasn't used her meds responsibly. Calling her out on her bullshit is warranted. Methadone and subs are controversial as hell for doctors and rehabs. If what we're saying bothers you that much maybe you need to evaluate your situation.

No. 788909

Yay for you.
Nobody here gives a fuck about your junkie 1-upsmanship.

No. 788929

1. Your dumb junkie bullshit is not cool or impressive
2. I’f she’s already detoxed she should stay off, why the fuck would she jump back on subs at almost 30 days sober? Makes no sense
3. She would have known If the rehab offered subs or not ahead of time. If she wanted suboxone maintenance initially she should have picked a rehab that offers it.
4. She found a way to manipulate mama dean into letting her home early. They probably wanted to put her into long term treatment due to her various mental Heath diagnosis is, and imho she’s using this as an excuse to go get high.

No. 788930

The type of rehab she’s at does 10 day sub tapers. She would have already been off subs for two weeks and now suddenly she needs them?? Wtf

No. 788935

It's like addicts have the urge to take their substance/s of choice, who had thought?! What could a rehab do other than give them their substance of choice..idk…

Taylor: Yeah I'm clean for 20 days but now I want my Subs back.
Rehab: Say no more fam.

No. 788937


Yeah she probably left there because they wouldn’t give her the subs back after she cried about how hard it is on your mental health. It’s gonna be fucking hard, that’s why you’re in rehab with doctors and therapists. Getting on subs after you’re already clean is stupid as fuck. Subs are a legit nightmare to get off of - I’d rather detox from heroin than subs any day. She has all these resources and she’s just a brat about getting clean.

No. 788946

This would honestly be less infuriating to watch if she took the Luna route and embraced junkie-dom instead of pretending she's trying to get clean and taking rehab seriously.

No. 788950

File: 1596292456825.jpeg (875.25 KB, 1125x1753, A02DA4F2-1E02-4C60-9817-3EF5BA…)

even tays mom is calling her out.

No. 788951

File: 1596292517558.jpeg (213.18 KB, 1125x787, 978157BA-C7B0-4EC8-8A80-377DCB…)

No. 788954

Just cringy passive agressiveness. Grow up and go talk to your daughter Face-to-face.

Their family dynamic is so messed up. The way Taylor turned out is as much jen's fault as hers. Narcs like her get off in a position of power. She's so jealous of Taylor's attention because she's a fat ugly slob.

No. 788955

Then kick her out on her ass you failure as a parent. She says this shit but doesn't actually give Taylor any reason to stop being a victim. The funny part is mama Dean was just tweeting all this attention seeking shit about disappearing. She needs to learn to practice what she preaches

No. 788962

One could think she only uses one brain cell at a time.
No coherence found.

No. 788994

Has anyone asked her to post the video she said was being uploaded pre-rehab? Curious where that went….

No. 789009

Oh, honey
Bless your heart.

There IS no video.

No. 789012

Oh I know! I meant that in a humorous way but it didn’t quite read like that.

I was more implying has anyone called her out on that video….especially since it seems like she is talking about making new videos??

No. 789017

Another thing is that with difficult patients, particularly ones who get BPD diagnosis
It’s very common for rehabs to recommend long term structured mental health care., like 6 month plus residential treatment They’ll typically do this for ultra difficult patients, and recommend it right before their 30 days run out.

My bet is they recommended that for Taylor, it lines up perfectly with right after they officially BPD diagnosed her.

I know it’s tinfoil, but it explains why after apparently being so apparently happy posting garbage trash selfies on her rehab vacation, all of a sudden ‘her mental state was degraded because of subs and she desperately needed to go’

No. 789025

Any professional worth their salt would recommend a longer structured program for someone like Taylor, yeah. Not necessarily in residence but 3 times a week therapy, structured daily schedule – you know, a program to work. But there's that pesky word Taylor hates: work.

Recovery and therapy aren't easy, and she's got some bullshit Disney fantasy that she can take some pills, dry out for a few weeks, be magically fixed, and bibbity bobbity bounce onto a brand new dick and suddenly find direction and meaning for her life…

No. 789036

File: 1596344921315.png (303.09 KB, 1085x745, Sad.PNG)

Instead of Taylor showing pictures or videos of her actual pets she decides to be qUiRky and hold a wild lizard. She must be cleaning up all of the animals and coming up with lies for their deaths since it's taking so long to show them off.

No. 789042

lizard said "fuck no, I heard what happens when you 'save' animals"

No. 789046

I don't if it's just me but her hands look very swollew

No. 789047

lizard knew if it didn't escape at that moment then it was doomed to a short, painful life crammed into the Taylor Dean hoard

No. 789061

To be fair she's always had sausege fingers

No. 789097

they've looked jonny level swollen for a yr or two now, but that doesn't surprise me as she admitted that she has hep c

No. 789100

Taylor is delusional as hell, doesn't matter what you say logic doesn't work on her. The only thing that matters to her is ME, ME, ME. She still thinks the world revolves around her, but in reality she's got nothing. No health, no friends, no love. All she does is try to fill the void with crap.

The only thing Taylor will listen to is the emotional violence of her druggie brodicks. She'll find another one and the cycle will repeat. Boo! hoo! aboose! Druggies are like that, you've done it to yourself.

She's a sick and spineless person who has no hope of getting better. She never follows through on her promises and lies constantly. Nothing will clear up the delusional world view she's built for herself.

No. 789136

Tayter has been out of rehab for three days and not a single update on her animals. She’s such a fucking transparent loser how does she still have fans I honestly do not understand it.

No. 789199

Well it's going to take a while to order replacements for all those who died so give the girl some slack will you? Finding a new paradox ball python might take a year or so alone! Not to mention appropriate sized hedgehogs, a new Tofu with hopefully matching eye colour this time…

this sounds a lot like passive aggressive Jen tbh

No. 789300

crazy how taylor was more active on socials in rehab then she is when she's home. Back to hiding again? Where's all the promised animal content

No. 789304

maybe Jen gave away all the animals while Tay was in rehab.

No. 789305

Too busy drug binging with all her new contacts. Or the track mark covered friend we met pre rehab. She said she had weekends off from her new “intense php treatment” but hasn’t been able to muster up the energy to take a single animal picture as promised?

No. 789311

Who would have thought Taylor would disappear on another drug binge after leaving rehab early? Surprise of the century.

It will easily be 2-3 weeks before we hear anything again

No. 789323

Sorry, am I crazy or has she never taken a mask selfie? Is she just bopping in and out of rehab, to appointments, to drug deals, etc. and hasn't happened to take one limpid-eyed mask selfie in the midst of all of it?

No. 789335

perhaps taytay is an anti-masker

No. 789339

Well yeah, how will anyone see those gigantic luscious lips of hers if she god forbid wore a mask?

No. 789351

I wonder how many times she's promised a video and then not delivered in the last 12 months

No. 789357


No. 789367

she took one dramatic selfie >>763943
with one (wearing it wrong) claiming mama dean made her put it on and take a shower but that's it. She's never been seen wearing one since

No. 789381

That really says all we need to know about her whole person. All talk, no action. Abusing pets but claims to be an educator, no donations to BLM but claims to care about black lives, buying a dead duck but claims to support cruelty free businesses, going to rehab but continue using drugs.

No. 789386

honestly, this is a bit scary, at this rate she will end up ODing. it's so iffy that she's suddenly radio silent after leaving rehab when she seemed to energetic there, sharing everything.

No. 789398

Her county does have a mask mandate, she’s just a troll that cares more about herself than the well being of other people.

No. 789399

She will have some major sob story any day now about leaving rehab and the pressure of the real world which is why she hasn’t posted anything.

No. 789414

I can see it now: "sorry for not doing anything I've promised to do, you guys! I've just been in such a bad place mentally after being taken off my subs and leaving rehab (which I was gleefully posting about leaving while I was still there)!! All my animals are absolutely thriving, I'm just really going thru it right now!!!" There will probably be more AAVE and repetition/rambling, but that's what it'll boil down to

No. 789419

This is how we KNOW she’s getting high: she’s silent. She does this almost every time she relapsed cuz she learned that by obnoxiously posting when she’s fucked up we can tell. So she goes into hiding instead. Because according to her, they switched her to a doctor that will give her subs? So if she were on subs she should be fine with posting. She’d be stable, “somewhat” functioning (per Taylor’s standards).

I bet she’s gonna come out of hiding eventually and say “just trying to ease back into society and haven’t really been on my phone much!!!1 just trying to spend time with my family and animals that I love so much ~uwu~”

Or maybe her pets are in horrible condition (possibly one or two passes away) from being abandoned constantly for rehab vacations and shooting up with someone during drug binges. And she’s having to do damage control (replacing one of them or coming up with a super dramatic death story.

No. 789423

Hell, she was caught sneaking over to one of the brodicks' places nightly at the height of it all, right when total lockdown quarantine started. She had to make a bunch of "apology" posts about how yes she was being an idiot but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about potentially infecting her brother.

No. 789457

To piggyback off the first part of your reply, she did essentially say along the lines that if she was silent and failing to provide pet updates and videos that it was the biggest indication she was high/relapsing

No. 789470

Here's the thing, Taylor lies. Is it because she's an active drug seeker or because it's her nature? Could be both. The only facts are she lies, and avoids responsibility. She has set up a history of lying, she lies about lying. The only thing people can do is doubt everything that comes out of her mouth/fingertips.

No. 789478

also who the fuck cares about twitter when you're living your best junkie life with your best junkie friends in a little junkie cave somewhere. She'll be back when she realises that no one in that setting cares about her Jonny stories.

No. 789481

I don't expect to see animals. I expect to see pictures of some new brodick she picked up and the latest tattoo she rushed out to get now that she's out of rehab and 110% sober.

No. 789511

Bold of you all to assume she'll return at all. My guess is she'll delete her Twitter again

No. 789518

At this point I do believe Jen is taking care of the animals 24/7 and has been since she moved back home, and let’s be real, Jen probably has the same “expertise” that Taylor does in identifying and caring for sick animals (read: none,) except Jen isn’t stoned out of her little gourd constantly. This is the same girl who fried multiple animals and didn’t notice for an entire 24+ hours, let RIs go untreated for months in several different animals, and killed her mascot because she dosed her tank wrong (and then literally set him on fire.) If anything they’re probably getting more adequate care now that they don’t have to rely on Taylor.

No. 789528

also not noticing the advanced mange on one of her hedgehogs. She blamed her mom but had been out of rehab and was in sober living (this was last yr) for a few weeks and had visited all her animals and didn't notice it

No. 789533

File: 1596661367264.png (841.54 KB, 1334x750, 36848DD6-7F2B-441E-9DC6-BA2B25…)

Our cow might get a litte attention after being in pewdiepes video lol

No. 789544

I saw this and had to back it up to check it was her and cackled.
Transcript for those who don't want to watch/click
>reads pic
>shows video title
>"The video is titled "I'm a Heroin Addict"
>"… Oh. For a moment I agreed with him and then the title is… Okay, alright moving on."

No. 789569

File: 1596682038537.jpeg (422.84 KB, 750x1153, 8757F6E9-3350-4CCE-BE69-297A19…)

Lol. Came across this gem on tumblr that made me think of our favorite negligent animal hoarder.(no1curr)

No. 789586

Oh god. Well soon she'll be back on twitter, she will just have to brag about this one.

No. 789647

File: 1596773212582.png (915.78 KB, 975x738, 111.PNG)

No. 789648

File: 1596775967895.png (2.14 MB, 1416x789, 99.PNG)


No. 789649

File: 1596776159389.png (2.19 MB, 1402x790, 98.PNG)

No. 789657

I’ll believe there’s gonna be new content when I see it.

No. 789662

Maybe a subjective thing but she has really done a fuck up job covering her arm with that sleeve. Its horrendous for my taste

No. 789663

Obese snake. The scales basically don't overlap, and check out the body/tail transition, there's a huge roll of fat there. I bet she still feeds a lot of her snakes weekly

No. 789665

Starting to think the snakes are the only pets she has left, every time she says she’s gonna show her animals all we see are the snakes, which are probably the easiest to care for out of her herd.

No. 789674

"Trial and error" but has she really been trying?

I'm sure her "comeback" video (whenever she ends up putting it out, if at all) is gonna involve her attempting to educate people about how dangerous quarantine is for mental health, because she's an expert now.

No. 789679

He is so so obese for a ball python. She definitely needs to cut down on feedings and take a look at her husbandry. It's embarrassing that she considers herself knowledgable enough to give advice on balls and get mor difficult species but she can't even keep a ball at a healthy weight.

No. 789680

File: 1596811758231.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 3336C1CB-E652-452A-A2B9-1B698B…)

I’m worried she even got rid of Star.

No. 789681

Wow she finally figured out to support the snake at two points on their body. Good for her

No. 789692

Why would you be worried? Unless she handed Star over to another druggie, getting out of Taylor’s cramped hoarding room is the best thing that could happen to any of the animals

No. 789712

I honestly can't fathom how it's so hard for her to keep some of her snakes at a healthy weight. At least with cats and dogs you can sympathize more because they can nag and beg for more food but snakes hardly need to be fed in the first place.

No. 789719

well fatass mama dean is probably feeding them once a week so…

This trailer trash cow is boring as hell. She's so fucking lazy and afraid it's getting boring to watch.

No. 789735

File: 1596853325873.jpeg (111.27 KB, 828x431, BDDDD827-B598-4CD1-B091-60B6C7…)

No. 789738

She literally still listens to Jonny’s old band.

No. 789740

May not be music but this coming from the girl who still has all her tweets up supporting Shane pedo Dawson and his buddy J*…. don’t bother trying to delete them now Tater because I saved them all just yesterday to make sure the tweets of you acknowledging you had seen and were aware of Shane’s disgusting child predator and racist old videos. But he had cHaNgEd so it was okay. Get fucked.

No. 789745

File: 1596865068449.png (808.59 KB, 800x831, Sigh.PNG)

1/2 haHA I'm so quiRky my snake yells

No. 789747

File: 1596865324541.png (936.59 KB, 1395x622, Sigh 2.PNG)

>>789745 2/2
Taylor trying her best to not show any of her animals enclosures so she takes them outside kek

No. 789756

He should be close to 2 years old now, you'd think he'd be bigger than that.
Definitely still think that's replacement Tofu because this is the first time I've really seen any grow on him.

No. 789757

At least this Tofu still has black pupils. Could be that she accidentally got a female when she replaced him, and that's why it grows smaller (rat snake females are smaller than males)

No. 789758

She really couldn't have taken 10 seconds to brush the crumbs and shit off the couch?

No. 789760

shes probably unable to notice that

No. 789764

snake mom here, snakes don't grow based on age but by how often and regularly they're fed. There could be a few reasons he (or she) is small like that like refusing to feed for example. TMYK.

sage cause not relevant

No. 789768

Just snakes still? no rats, mangy hedgehog?

FFS at least get rid of the ones you don't care about, it isn't fair.

No. 789790

On the upside, she's not bought new accessory pets in a bit, at least

No. 789792

this, at least she isnt getting new pets every other day tho i think that has more to do with the fact that she is broke than anything else

No. 789805

that's what getting tattooed on impulse by different artists does, anon. iirc she regrets that heart tattoo. doubt she'll have any youtube money left for tattoo removal.

No. 789809

The heart tattoo looks like a shrivelled dick n big balls

No. 789813

LOL.. cognitive dissonance much? She is just annoyed her apparent abuse video didnt do any damage on jonny’s career.

No. 789817

Does Johnny still have a career? Seeing him offer guest spots for songs on insta makes me feel like he doesn't… Genuinely asking though

No. 789818

He barely had one while he was still in Slaves, but he was kicked out of that band around January 2019. Some people might still recognize his name because he was in Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa but nobody cares about him. He's a washed up nobody.

No. 789842

I think he would still have somewhat of a fan base and would pull somewhat some money. I think what taylor wants is for him to be completely “cancel” which she fails to do so, hence now jonny still lives rent free in her head. In my opinion, jonny still “wins” in her current situation, she makes no progress after leaving him and still makes no effort to show any signs of improvements/rehoming her animals and owns up to her mistakes - frying animals and stabbing her snake etc etc.

No. 789844

She also has regress even further while she was high on heroin, at least she was still posting content back then and making money. Right now she can’t even summon herself to post 1 video and cant stop searching for codependency from men. She then binge on obvious self destructive behavior by getting lots of tacky tattoos and piercing while she sober. That said I do enjoy the milk and watching her to make my average life feels better during this pandemic, thanks tay

No. 789866

Didn’t she literally have a Dance Gavin Dance linked to her Tinder and then complained about guys asking her about it and her having to explain she dated Jonny… lol

No. 789882


A properly fed (not under or overfed) Texas Ratsnake should average about 3.5 to 4ft at 2 years. They reach sexual maturity at this age and are usually close to their full length even if not fully filled out. Hers definitely seems small for its age as I believe its over 2 years and looks like it just barely reaches 3ft although its hard to tell from the photo.

Whether or not this was a replacement snake or the original just underfed is the question

No. 789883

Yeah, because it's obvious that Tay underfeeds her snakes.

No. 789890

Yep exactly this, Jonny may be scum and a nobody but it’s painfully obvious in her eyes he “won”. Jonny: moved on from her immediately, has been in the same relationship since Taylor left him, had a kid, still has a fan base and is selling merch and making albums. Taylor: has publicly relapsed over and over, repeating the same shit over and over about “getting better” but is obviously getting worse, promising the same old videos but never comes through, continues calling herself an animal “educator” but rarely ever shows her animals (and when she does they’re in poor condition), is constantly passive aggressively fighting with her mom who she’s lived with ever since leaving him.
Don’t take this as WKing Jonny, he’s a shitty person as much as she is. But she had her opportunity to move on. Had she genuinely taken it seriously and got help, got clean, she could have used her abuse story on her side. She could have built up her fan base again and turned her life around, and made tons of money to secure her future.
When she left Jonny I figured it would be a long road, but I genuinely had a shred of hope for her that it would be the beginning of her slowly turning her life around for the better without him. I honestly didn’t think she would just continue to spiral downhill like this, and didn’t think she would get this bad. She had her chance and she blew it, she’s considered such a joke in all communities of all platforms now. It’s a shame she didn’t take advantage of it and still continues to cry the same sob story, thinking it’s going to take Jonny down. Like anon said, she’s just beyond pissed her video didn’t cancel him for good.

No. 789897

My favourite thing about her downfall is that she actually became a more dysfunctional and traahy junkie than JC who she tried to put on blast.

No. 789899

and that she's shaming Jonny for being a useless junkie… while she's telling her fans to support her when she's relapsing all the time.

No. 789913

Can somebody please tell me where on her body this marvelous tattoo is? I wanna laugh too.
Sorry if I sound like a newfag, longtime lurker and occasional poster here! I just genuinely do not remember about this tattoo, and would like to see it.

No. 789916

File: 1596974855356.jpeg (208.77 KB, 828x931, DC2A5276-1EF2-46D5-A449-5C35D1…)

No. 789918

Still hasn't figured out how to hold a snake…

No. 789925

Ha anon I tried looking through old threads for it yest, I couldn't remember it either.

No. 789926

She’s hardly different from JC at all. She is also a junkie, who is selfish, self absorbed, a total narc, and has done severe damage to living things.
She’s killed her animals, and he’s abused his partners. They were truly a match made in heaven.

No. 789929

Look at the tattoo, it’s an old pic.

No. 789992

It's in thread 16 or 17, had to dig through her Instagram to make a timeline and go back from there. She posted it and almost immediately removed the post BC it was so bad.

No. 790024

god what a throwback, i remember this tattoo was back when the heroin use was only a rumor she continuously denied and anons pointed out the tattoo placement is typical to hide trackmarks kek

No. 790028

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and give her the possibility that Tofu 2.0 (since we know that's a replacement) could be a runt from its litter, but it really does look underfed, so I'm assuming Jenn isn't feeding it as often as it could have used, e.g. feeding more since it's a fair bit smaller than it should be.

Weird how Taylor says that shit while stanning multiple rapists, never ACTUALLY apologised for mocking and belittling rape victims, stanning racists and queerphobes, etc.

She's just mad Jonny was more "successful" after their breakup than she was.

No. 790031

Anon you can reference posts by clicking on the post # and responding in the "new reply" at the top of the page.
Otherwise you look kind of schizonewfag in your posts by responding to multiple posts without reference #'s.

I'm nostalgic for old Tay milk, this addict-rinse-relapse thing is getting boring. She was my favourite cow.

No. 790063

I agree. the animal abuse/neglect/death was always awful, but her living in her own apartment with Jonny where they could do whatever the fuck they wanted (before her credibility was officially ruined by muh addiction saga) was so fun. she was actually putting out videos more than once a year too.

I miss when she had a life, friends who weren't just her drug dealer, and a somewhat on-track chance at a career. There was milk flowing, and plenty of stuff to speculate about when it slowed.

Now her life is just lying about relapsing, disappearing for months, and never showing her animals so people can't calculate which ones are dead based on being MIA. I wonder if we'll ever get another "all my animals" video. at this point she could just say any dead animals have just been rehomed (like rehab stint #1) and we'll never be able to prove otherwise. Taylor's peak has passed, as an YouTube personality and as a cow. Maybe she's realized her ~famous YouTuber~ reality is over because she squandered it, and that's why she's given up on new content.

No. 790066

What's bizarre about Latter Days TND is that she's really the least productive she's ever been, with the fewest distractions.

She no longer has to take care of her own place, spend time on her boyfriend, or run her career - or even work as a shopgirl at PetCo lol. I can't remember when she last posted a Youtube video. She's got nothing but time on her hands, and she does NOTHING with it. Just bizarre.

No. 790084

I think she is going to have the hardest time rebounding from her laziness this go around. When she had an apt and boyfriend and was somewhat consistent with videos she had reason to do things….now she has spent a year indulging doing nothing (yes, nothing because she wasn’t even truly working to recover based on the information she has shared) so she is so removed from productivity that she’s become a lump. I don’t really see her ever reviving her YouTube career unless she actually gets sober and does videos similar to other ex addicts…..but at this rate milk is pretty dry and she’s a complete waste.

No. 790086

Old Tofu had a kink on his neck. I see no kink. She got Tofu 1 almost two years ago so she kinda did a small slip there. This Tofu might be a year old, would fit well with her heroin binge/stabbing-snake-in-the-lung-episode when she moved to her new apartment.

No. 790087

Don't mistake this for me white knighting her but she's most certainly deeply depressed. No doubt she was happier in the middle of all the Jonny drama. People like her thrive in that kind of volitile environment. Without being surrounded by constant bull shit she has nothing

No. 790090

Nail on the head. She doesn’t have much to latch to now that the drama and thrill of Johnny is fully gone and even if she doesn’t regret her decisions, I am sure sobering up and having a failing yt career does make her depressed. She doesn’t have anything special going for her.

No. 790091

She thought her druggie rebranding would work. It didn't. She knows this, hence the panic attacks and depression. Her easy life ticket is gone. All she has left is to find some wealthy dick to ride, or get a job.

No. 790159

File: 1597147503624.jpeg (554.9 KB, 1242x1284, 3B001FBD-AFEE-49DE-9ADE-E472F0…)

No. 790160


Also new world rats, if fed and maintained properly are actually very fast growers. At his supposed age (the one where he's 2 years old not 1) he should be nearly full grown for a male

No. 790161

I agree she's boring now but watching her actually fall from grace is so incredibly satisfying. The druggie rebrand would have worked if she were a genuinely nice person or at the very least if she were consistent in her uploads. People love to forget that she was a lying animal hoarder well before she met Jonny. For soo long she acted like a smug bitch and she's finally not able to do that like she used to

No. 790179


Agreed on the satisfaction. I've been on the tater threads since the first one. She's my favorite cow and watching everything blow up in her face is what i've always waited for. But on the other hand, I think it's only a matter of time before she latches herself to a new brodick and starts posting more. She's too codependent to ever be alone in my opinion.

No. 790190

I don't know if the rebrand ever would have worked since being an addict is the only facet of her personality. People love junkie/addict comeback stories (youtubers like Emily Artful and Of Herbs and Altars come to mind, RDJ and Demi Lovato for celebrities) but Taylor never actually got clean. You have to have something else - usually talent, sometimes family or faith - to contrast and overshadow the junkie stint, for an implied or outright "look what they've accomplished in spite of it all." The VICE interview was the closest she got to a successful rebrand, and the headline "I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers" brought them in but it couldn't ever keep them because that's where the story ends. She's still using, and other than that she doesn't have anything. She brings literally nothing to the table. The most interesting thing about her is that she does heroin and looks like a two-buck hooker, and you can find ten of those on any inner-city street corner.

No. 790203

i feel like i am not understanding something. if she got him September 2018 that would make him 1 year 10 months when she posted this…. which is technically incorrect but not that far off? or is the idea that he was already a few months old when she bought him so he is actually significantly older?

No. 790210

I agree she will be back posting again especially once she finds a new guy, but it's hilarious it's taking this long because you know she's so desperate and nobody wants her. I know she would want nothing more but to get an impressive guy to try to make Jonny jealous (even though it's been how long?) and try to flex about moving on but she's even failing at that. It's all so good and satisfying because she's been such an insufferable lying bitch. She certainly dug her grave, maybe literally.

No. 790254


It’s really sad honestly. She had all the ammunition to catapult herself back into the spotlight, to return to YouTube as the “Comeback Queen” and she squandered it on slutty pictures and half-ass animal photos alongside thirst pics that weren’t even well thought out.

Lots of people have been in toxic or abusive relationships. Lots of people have been addicts. She parades around like she is the icon of these experiences without recognizing that she’s just one in thousands upon thousands. And rather than make herself stand out from the crowd in some way, she doubles down on lies and mental gymnastics to try and prove to the world (and most of all, herself) that she’s special and unique in her experiences.

Meanwhile, dozens of animals are suffering. At this point this is not a question of If but How Much. You don’t get to be the junkiest junkie that ever shot up whilst also being an attentive exotic animal parent. You just don’t.

I feel like as much as a lot of us enjoy the milk, we also love a recovery story and what makes Taylor so sickly sweet is the fact that she is the epitome of “entitlement” culture, thinking she’s somehow immune to criticism, pretending that she can get away with blatant lies, and acting as though this is all part of some mythical process that non-addicts can not possibly understand because we haven’t been in her exact situation.

Until she finally hits rock bottom, as many anons have posited before, she won’t ever feel the need to get serious; she won’t ever accept the reality of her situation, and until then she will chase that dopamine high with new dick and tattoos and cry “victim” of abuse and genetics (mah EDS and other things!) She’s beyond pathetic. She’s sick, she’s in denial, she’s narcissistic, and she’s on a one way train to OD-land because she’s too far in denial of her own behavior, and her own trash mother is too busy trying to look good on social media to actually do anything to really help her.

No. 790273

File: 1597233072658.jpeg (477.45 KB, 828x1111, 54774673-79B8-4F1A-8C38-EC6314…)

Saw this posted by mama dean and thought to come to her defence, one hand I think she needs to buck up on her parenting, on the other hand I think Tayter is an adult and her mom seems to be out of wits handling her. Honestly at this point I feel sorry for the mom because if she doesn’t coddle tayter, she might OD and die, so I could understand why she hasn’t cut the cord yet.

No. 790275

Jen needs to do something though. she needs to re-home most of those animals next time Taylor "relapses" (I do not think she is clean right now, but she's probably told her mother she is.) There needs to be an ultimatum: if you are in this house, you are clean. If you are not clean, you cannot take care of your own animals, and they must be rescued by people who can. I don't get why it's so hard for her. I think she enjoys the act of poor overworked mother who just wants to do her best, but she's going to have to switch to hardass soon, or Taylor is going to start doing even worse shit. like stealing from her parents to buy drugs, if she hasn't been already. That YouTube money has got to be dried up, especially with her credit card debt. We already know she was shooting up in her childhood bedroom.

No. 790276


Am I the only one waiting for the dr Phil intervention?
There’s no doubt they’ve been trying to get on the show, they crave the attention too much

No. 790283

Coddling her is more dangerous than letting her make her own mistakes. "she might OD and die" is what all relatives of addicts deal with. But the fact is they won't hit rock bottom as long as you enable them.

No. 790295

Also not rehoming her pets ensures the whole thing never really sinks in for Taylor. She faffs off to yet another stint in a luxury rehab, checks out early, and everything is just fine and dandy, and she gets to go back to doing nothing… why should she make the effort to get clean? Mumsy has ensured she's comfortable and wants for nothing.

If she'd come home to her parents house and found her animals rehomed, you bet your ass she would have finally realised that what she's doing is serious and has consequences that extend beyond her own dumb ass. But nope, she'll wind up wasting her parents' money again and again in some rehab, and checking out early because of muh strips.

No. 790316

what was it that Jen posted like, right before Taylor announced she was ditching rehab early? That she wanted to just run away or something?.i wonder if she posted that right after finding out her daughter was, once again, bailing out early.

No. 790319

I feel like Jen keeps them as bait to get Taylor back home and not make her responsible for her actions…if they keep them half alive than she doesn’t truly have to deal with repercussions of her choices. I have a very hard time believing Taylor doesn’t throw tantrums or is abusive or manipulative especially while on drugs or in withdraw…tinfoil maybe but I don’t think Jen wants to deal with Taylor freaking out about them all being given away. She shouldn’t have them anymore but I feel like they are kept not out of love but out of not wanting to truly deal with their family issues.

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