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No. 787925

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23 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>771859

The basics:
>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
>Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have since had a son together.
>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes – don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Taylor has been mostly MIA from social media since April
>Taylor resurfaces in June, promising „a lot of content“ >>779126 , then disappears for weeks only to return to stare at herself lovingly in instagram stories with a brand new trackmark covered girlfriend >>780553 >>780598 >>780608 >>780710, insinuating that she had been in rehab
>Taylor is real salty about JC’s having a baby with Syd >>781131 >>781135
>Taylor promises to upload an important life update video with a „very personal announcement“ >>781598 >>781951 , deactivates her twitter instead >>782405
>Taylor resurfaces again weeks later to announce that she had relapsed and has been in rehab for the last month >>786328 >>786369 >>786661 >>786894 >>786969

>Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: –

>Recent Known Deaths: –
>Recent Known “Rehomed”: –

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No. 787928

File: 1595795735750.jpg (264.06 KB, 1080x1952, Screenshot_20200725-224254.jpg)

this is such a bold lie.

No. 787931


So which salon did she go to in the middle of a global pandemic to touch up her roots?

No. 787932

File: 1595796090976.png (882.15 KB, 2048x1700, Screenshot_20200725-144742.png)

Thanks for the new thread anon, now we can discuss her new cool disorder she'll blame everything on. Don't get me wrong though, I wouldn't be surprised if she did have it.

No. 787933


LMAO I’m the junkiest junkie that ever junkied, I have so many abcesses, I am so dope sick, better CLEAN AND FEED all my animals before I go to rehab vacation.

Sure, Jan. I don’t know what annoys me more. Her, or her dumbfuck stans that believe her.

No. 787934


Doesn’t surprise me if true. BPD people are absolutely the most insufferable type of crazy. Attention seeking uwu cut myself temper tantruming manipulative weirdos, every single one of them.

I’d rather deal with 20 6’2” pants-on-head schizophrenics than one of these little chicks.

No. 787935

File: 1595796564420.jpg (98.28 KB, 593x724, Capture123.JPG)

I'm always happy to see her munchie side resurface. she just loves getting those diagnoses.

No. 787937

don't forget her typing up an "extremely thorough care sheet" while dope sick and almost septic lmao. I mean why not just use the one from last time she fucked off and left her mom to care for the animals? not to mention jen has to be as good as taylor with the animals at this point anyway.

No. 787939

File: 1595797189159.png (114.18 KB, 770x886, 4.PNG)

No. 787940

File: 1595797220996.png (107.42 KB, 766x895, 5.PNG)

No. 787942

Off topic but if anyone remembers if Syd’s ex said syd has BPD as well. Jonny really does have a pattern or Tay is just masking her problems with more mental illness go-out-of-jail card.

No. 787944

File: 1595798046833.jpeg (169.43 KB, 828x1070, B826DC04-A858-487B-BFD6-D07C3D…)

This kinda confirms that her animals are not properly taken care of. Also saw someone called her out on twitter, this tweets didn’t age well…

No. 787945

she always has to remind everyone her mom found her on the floor wah wah

same shit here like "my autistic brother was having a tantrum which he cannot control but I COULDNT BREATHE and I was TRIGGERED it's all about me me me me"

No. 787946

Taylor is sick and delusional, but this BPD is an excuse just for her shitty behavior.

I'm sick guiz it's not my fault!! addict brain remember!! i mean… BPD!!1

Maybe the reason you have mental health issues is because you're doing heroin? just a though.

She was always a narc/munchie but early Taylor seemed fairly normal.

No. 787950

lol she's insufferable!

"I'm not opposed to going back to vaca– I mean rehab when I relapse, even though it puts all the stress of dealing with my hoard onto my already overworked mother!!! lulz"

Like. Taylor. Honey. Baby. Does that shat-out excuse of a popcorn kettle you call brain not tell you that those animals are well past rehoming? You are not fit to care for them. It's been over! two! years! since you shat the bed with their care, and only you've gone downhill since then.

I hope Jen has a come-to-Jesus moment and realizes her laxy-ass daughter is holding her hostage to her own fucking home with those animals. That cat-piss marinated teenage dream bedroom needs to be empty of all animals one day soon when Ms BPD Supreme trots her manky ass home from whatever new "rehab" friend she has got going on…

No. 787952

Oh wow yet another cow claiming BPD? How surprising. Getting the diagnosis really helped all the others like Shayna, PnP, Luna… look at how much they're all thriving now!

No. 787956

Not to mention that BPD is the bog-standard diagnosis for female inpatients. It's the "you're just hormonal!" or "wandering womb symptom" of the 2000s lol

I guess Taylor loves it, though, since it's abbreviated to three letters and it gives her a very convenient excuse to be a trash person. Now she has her EDS for her physical laziness and her BPD for her batshit crazy volaility! How nice for her!

No. 787957

File: 1595801615758.png (167.75 KB, 898x518, olsdfs.PNG)

Lol she's supposedly been diagnosed before, at her last rehab.

No. 787959

File: 1595802620018.gif (1.45 MB, 233x291, 1457656510239385.gif)

>recovery tips, from taylor "almost 20 absesses, almost septic, lies to everyone while shooting up" dean.

>recovery tips from taylor "i didn't take recovery seriously enough to put my animals that I supposedly love before shooting up" dean.

>recovery tips from taylor "double my suboxone to feel better and it's just a few ciders guyz" dean..

I'd sooner take recovery tips from Jim Carroll.

No. 787961

Not only that, it's been DEBATED.

BPD EDS TND, the hottest ticket in peer-reviewed science! Fucking hell lol she thinks herself so very important and unique

No. 787963

File: 1595804816173.png (271.27 KB, 750x1334, 1566332285321.png)

Give it a few months, she'll be diagnosed with something else when she wants attention again

No. 787971

File: 1595808556653.jpeg (634.06 KB, 958x1157, A4A3740D-B130-4595-A5D5-F6B34B…)

Another collection of Tayter previously being diagnosed with BPD but this is the “first time”

Also - if her last rehab was so amazing and filled to the brim with all these world renown doctors that made the biggest impact on her understanding addiction…why didn’t she go back there for treatment this time?? Is it maybe because she got kicked out like everyone speculated? Make it make sense.

No. 787973

tbh I think she'll undiagnose herself when she gets backlash. I dont think Taylor realizes the stigma that comes along with a BPD diagnoses. It doesnt illicit the same sympathy as things like "depression" or "anxiety" or even "bi-polar" because a lot of the time people with BPD arent just manic, they CAN be calculated and abusive and not everyone is sympathetic when told "uwu the reason I manipulate and lie is because of my BPD!"

If she really found comfort in her new diagnoses she wouldn't be fishing for asspats on twitter and throwing around terminology she barely knows anything about. Up until today it was her born addict personality that made her so depressed/dysfunctional and when people stopped giving her 100% sympathy without question when she was making poor choices she no longer liked the label "addict". I give it a few months before she no longer likes people holding her accountable for her BPD and ditching that label too.

No. 787982

Then again, Taylor has not yet realised the stigma that comes with being a "junkie". She's not had a real full-time job since she started Self Identifying As A Substance Abuse Queen, so she has no idea how the rest of the population lives lol

I'm sure that she'll have to come to grips with it in a few years once Jen finally wises up, and then that'll be her poor-poor-me-pity-me story: being so very BPD and getting no breaks or understanding due to it.

No. 787991

It's Texas so rest assured many salons were open as if there's nothing to worry about.

No. 788003

But now she has a new topic to educate us all on. Junkie videos went over like a led balloon. Let’s see where this goes!

No. 788018

Dysfunctional people attract each other. There's probably something seriously wrong with Johnny as well, and it's no surprise that Taylor was diagnosed with a Cluster B PD given how she acts.
Nah, she's going to keep leaning into it like she did addiction because she'll take it to be an excuse for her bad behavior and give her an opportunity to be an ~educator~, which she seems to absolutely love.

No. 788050

Virtue signalling much tay??

No. 788067


>> why didn’t she go back there for treatment this time??

Because she needs a bad rehab to blame for when she fails.

oh really, what treatment are you getting for those diseases?

No. 788072

My favorite part of all of this is despite all the mental gymnastics she goes thru to avoid accountability, she's hurting no one but herself. At the end of everything she's ruining her own life even if her stans don't believe it. It's fucking hilarious

No. 788082

You don’t have to have BPD to do BPD things. Sometimes you are just a shitty fucking person, but you tell your therapist you cut yourself once or have trouble staying in relationships and plenty of them will be happy to slap borderline on you. It’s largely self-reported anyway - it’s not like Bipolar where there’s usually family intervention, or schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders that psychiatrists are trained to identify fakers - so she could just tell any therapist that she has BPD symptoms and they look at her tattoos and dangerhair and say “yeah, that’s it.” I’m using cutting as an example because some therapists treat it as synonymous with BPD, and Tay has a couple of scratcher scars on her wrist (and obviously a mentally healthy person won’t habitually cut themselves) but doing it doesn’t mean you have a capital P Personality disorder.

I feel like there’s parts of her (attention-seeking) that are like “okay yeah no shit it’s cluster b,” but the way she talks about it like they found a tumor and now she doesn’t have to be held accountable for her actions is pretty shitty. She makes borderline people look bad, but I guess there has to be some example of the horror story of what a borderline person could be.

No. 788088

I was thinking this. Of all my time on this site I still don't fucking understand it, plus knowing a person that was diagnosed and it still doesn't make sense to me. I don't understand how attention seeking and manipulation can be blamed on a disorder. Maybe it's these cows that are slandering the disorder I don't know. I don't even believe she has real trauma, since her ~trauma~ and PTSD is from Jonny not cuddling her enough, since she thought it was so important to bring up in her abuse video.

Plus this conversation is funny. Saying she has this diagnosis is basically admitting to attention seeking and manipulation and being abusive. I don't think she knew that it can mean that.

No. 788090

Taylor is just broken, people like her are so weak they'd rather keep killing themselves with heroin than actually change their personalities. She likes her NEET lifestyle too much to do anything about it.

Taylor is afraid of change, and she just doesn't want the junkie high to end. She thinks she can get out of all the hard work with prescription pills and diagnosis.

Sorry Tayter, your gonna have to stop getting high and live without that feeling or your gonna die.

No. 788093

Not to WK, but she said before she was raped by a guy she met online or something when she was 13. Although the details have been changed over the time (like one time I think she said she was raped in a ditch on broken glass or something), I do believe that she started having sex too young and maybe it was traumatic and I think it explains her behavior to an extent. (Very attention seeking, dressing like a whore, getting tattoos and changing her aesthetic to fit in with whatever guy she's trying to bang) However, she hasn't taken accountability for anything. While a BPD diagnosis can help you feel more "normal" and like there's a reason behind why you act the way you do, it doesn't mean you can just do what you want and justify it with BPD, which is something I don't think Taylor understands.

No. 788099

Yea at some point you just have to accept life isn't fair.

The only constant in your life is you, if your not happy with how your life it's your responsibility to change it. Bitching, moaning and lying about the facts doesn't change anything.

She was dealt a pretty good hand in life (attractive, white, well-off, family support, popular, easy career) If she thinks that's gonna continue without effort she won't get far.

No. 788100

The thing about having a proper mental illness like Taylor is claiming is the amount of work you need to put in to actually improve your illness. Diet is a huge factor in improving mental illness that most people ignore. Proper sleep schedule, exercise, some kind of stress relief like meditation, intensive therapy and often times medication are all things you need to stay on top of.

There is no way in hell Tay is gonna do any of that let alone all of it. So we can expect to see her using her old but somehow brand new BPD diagnosis as an escape for everything. Expect her to be posting lots of mental illness related shit on her social medias that will boil down to "DON'T JUDGE ME OR HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE, I'M MENTALLY ILL"

No. 788121

Pretty sure that never happened, she talks a lot of the abuse Jonny put her through in detail but she is very vague about the rape allegation, hasn't name him either since she mentioned the incident and knowing this would legitimately give her pitty points since, has far I remember, he was an adult, it wasn't only rape but pederasty.

My best bet it didn't happen, Jen hasn't said anything about the rapist either but she is very vocal about Craig when in insight they both were abusive to each other, it wasn't a way way street. So is strange to me Jen didn't do anything in the moment or after Taylor publicly talk about it.

No. 788143


Being vague about being raped as a kid is pretty normal. She talked about it way before dating Jonny, and hinted at it quite a lot. That said, it doesn't excuse her toxic behaviour. It's extremely upsetting to know that a kid was preyed on, and I feel horrible that it happened to her and empathise with her (doubt her parents would support her about it), but she chose to be a fucking cunt.

Alo LOL at the BPD. BPD is not "uwu I can be stupid and have bad habits and get real sad or happy." ACTUAL BPD is not common, unlike what a bunch of these female lolcows like Tayter Thot and edgy queens online think, and it doesn't present as being some toxic sociopath.

Tired of non-existent BPD being used as an excuse for toxic behaviour and narcissism.

No. 788175

Right. It's handed out like candy as a diagnosis for a lot of female patients, but true BPD is rare, like it's rare to find an actual schizophrenic. BPD is just a super-common diagnosis given to manipulative, lying patients who refuse to be consistent and honest with their diagnosing doctors.

Taylor's in for a rude awakening. She really thinks being a junkie is something to brag about, and that's misguided, but hoo boy is she out of her gourd if she thinks telling people she's BPD now is going to go well. Most people with any sense steer clear of junkies in both their personal and professional lives, especially lifestyle junkies like Taylor, but BPD… the stigma is REAL real, and there for a reason. Good luck getting anyone invest time in you, when you're telling the world you're an emotionally wildly unstable manipulative abuser with a fondness for lying and sociopathic behaviour - and you have a diagnosis confirming that, and you're PROUD of it lol

BPD needs a lot of behaviour therapy to offset and getting someone with it into healthy a shape enough for a relationship or meaningful employment is hard work. It takes self-awareness and accountability… should be a cakewalk for this cow really.

No. 788234

Of course we'll never know for sure, but imo histrionic personality disorder, as her father hinted, is the most believable. It just fits 100%. But of course it wouldn't never give her internet victim points like BPD.
I just wish we knew if she was diagnozed or the father was armchairing as well.

No. 788260

File: 1595965875400.jpeg (370.7 KB, 1080x1960, Edy2U13UEAIjaPU.jpeg)

She is doodling again. Super serious about recovery there Taytor. Of course we saw what disdain she had for this class of actually useful and practical skills in the last thread >>787796

No. 788262

>>"Sorry I doodle when listening o some one read"
>> "Boredom"
Tee hee serious about recovery

No. 788265

Funny how he shows up in doodles but not on her social media

No. 788267

At least they're not penises

No. 788269

Girl how much money is this little summer camp adventure costing Daddy? The least you can do is pay fucking attention

No. 788270

File: 1595969045103.png (280.1 KB, 1328x544, 222.PNG)

Of course taylor would be using tinder in rehab lmao

No. 788274

So basically she can’t get dicked down even in the one rehab in the world that’s ok with people fucking around and doing drugs. Proves how intolerable she must be even to like-minded people. Or she is looking for someone so she doesn’t have to spend a minute alone once she’s out. Either way she is just as dumb as ever. Keep that milk coming

No. 788275

holy shit shes really not paying attention in rehab is she? she literally hasn't learned a fucking thing! i thought no new relationships during early sobriety was basic rehab advice

No. 788278

imagine the convos she'd be having

>wats up?

>nm in rehab for heroine UwU u?

No. 788284

any San Antonio anons who can find her tinder profile?

No. 788286

File: 1595974129187.png (133.96 KB, 599x799, 225.PNG)

No. 788292

Is she seriously sharing the same paper again
Also, this is so annoying. "Teehee I doodle my animal names, I'm just like, SO obsessed with them, I'm the Animal Girl lol"

No. 788296

"Be wilding out a bit too much" could she stop? She sounds so dumb using AAVE

No. 788297

Fuck she's cringy with her shitty white-girl AAVE ripoffs lol

No. 788298

HAHAHAJA She's so quirky and different!!!

No. 788300

This is so embarrassing. Asking shit like that isn’t cute. For the millionth time how does she have no shame?? She is in rehab for gods sake. She’s going to come out and go right back to using no doubt at this point.

No. 788303


"Sold her account" webkinz expires a year after the last tag is activated. She can't remember how many she had even tho she spent years and years playing?

No. 788304

Is pettube still a thing? I was thinking about it today and realized I used to follow a whole bunch of aquarium youtubers, but I haven’t felt interested enough to go looking for any of their channels in about a year. That might just be me though.

No. 788307

Not really, alot of people have been dropping like flies. The money just isn't there unless you're running a business on the side.

Taylor's channel isn't really about pets anymore; more drama and drug use.

Taylor is just gonna find herself another forest. What attractive guy is gonna date a heroin addict with 1996 on their knuckles. She's doomed.

No. 788308

Girl can't even remember how many pets she has in real life why do you think she'd remember virtual pets? She doesn't even have to clean up after she kills them.

No. 788309

File: 1595983496167.png (212.52 KB, 740x743, Annotation 2020-07-28 204445.p…)

she is fucked up in this holy shit

No. 788310

File: 1595983610380.webm (1.21 MB, 720x1280, nD2RUvLWLaYS7Z3P.webm)

webm mirror

No. 788311

is she in a car? the fucking guy outside is high as hell, I doubt it was bees.

Might be an old video she decided to post now though.

No. 788312

Yeah there is no way that's bees. That person is like dancing or something. No swatting motions or running away from them. And the way her eyes got big but clearly weren't focused on that person reminds me of when high people realize they're a bit too high and start getting dizzy and try to open them really wide to refocus.

No. 788317

It was at night I hardly ever seen a bee at night

Also didn't Taylor used Tinder to score for drugs?

No. 788319

File: 1595989938552.png (376.86 KB, 486x738, Sleep.PNG)

Apparently bees sleep. I mean this was a pretty obvious lie, her friend is dancing not running.

No. 788322


Looks like she's already deleted the tinder tweets :')(:'))

No. 788349

Mildly interesting that she says she has 3 cats when it definitely looks like they took in that "stray" tabby too. Is the fourth one "her mom's" cat or can she just not remotely remember how many pets she has? It's not like there's a meaningful distinction when her mother looks after all of them anyway.

No. 788351

Is she trying to attract pedophiles, why is she writing like a 3-year old?

No. 788352

File: 1596009027595.jpeg (514.65 KB, 828x1678, A405448C-0BF7-4C5F-AAA9-33408A…)

tayter interacting with known piece of shit fronz. just another example of her horrible judgment..she never listens lmao. there’s plenty of shit out there about him but i’m sure she doesn’t care, just like with jonny.(namefag)

No. 788354

WTF did I see here?
That person gesturing and running around whilst doing strange noises, and she is (like every time) only focused on herself and then doing this big Amy-Winehouse-in-her-worst-stage-of-addiction eyes.

No. 788357

File: 1596021395321.jpeg (288.79 KB, 750x1083, E1D6A0A4-AD50-4B0F-B713-B27EEF…)

Liking junkie shit, yeah she sure is taking rehab seriously.

No. 788359

Let's play a predictive spoiler game of Taylor Goes to Rehab 2:Electric Boogaloo.
Goes to rehab, fucks around, looks for druggie dick, gets booted early, goes home, falls back into sleeping all day on subs all night routine, sub script runs out, goes back on heroin, Previews of Taylor Goes to Rehab 3: The Quickening.

No. 788361

i also think she gave herself bpd this way, but also the schizoid thing isnt really true. when you say you use meth or heroin you're more than likely going to get a schizoprenia diagnosis because of how meth use damages your brain.
you can literally pull "im the junkiest that ever junkied" on that one

No. 788373

its her middle name……

No. 788376

File: 1596028200660.png (38.21 KB, 609x342, present.PNG)

I like how she wrote things like "I was listening I swear" and "sorry i doodle while listening 2 some1 read :p" as if she planned all along to take a pic and show people.

I also noticed on twitter comments of that vid that she mentioned her friend in the present tense (pic related). Even though her friend is clearly another user. I'm sure her world renowned therapist said it was okay though

No. 788377

…I need to go back to bed, thanks anon

No. 788379

Why would you completely ignore your friend being attacked by wasps? I would at the very least be recording them and laughing about it

No. 788385

Now that you've written it out like that, it's so bleeding obvious Taylor treats rehab like it's some tacky reality TV show lol

No. 788419

Can't her rehab see her twitter and deduct that she's getting a massive attention feed from it? Her fan base in a way is enabling her shitty decisions so that's all she's been able to talk about for 2 years. I seriously don't understand how a professional hasn't told mama Dean to take away her fucking phone this is getting so annoying

No. 788485

File: 1596056854027.png (572.53 KB, 883x1356, 228.png)

After 30 days of rehab she's 100% cured guise!!
It's also so sad that she ALWAYS knows how to help other people just not herself :((( /s

No. 788490

The way she talks about recovery being a special precious magical journey where you can mess up and "forgive" yourself infinite times forever … I just can't. She thinks that if you're hard or strict with yourself AT ALL, that's not ~real reovery~, and you should be able to make as many stupid, self-destructive decisions as you want, and nobody can ever hold you accountable for these mistakes or they're a big meanie who doesn't understand "the journey." She'll be trapped in this cycle until she dies, man. That and her precious BPD diagnosis = carte blanche to behave like a moron forever and never grow up (like all BPD people, really).

No. 788531

The rehab she’s at isn’t actually interesting in helping anyone. It’s an insurance mill that lets their residents fuck and suck each other with free phone access and whore costuming. So they could give a fuck if her internet use is a hinderance to her recovery.

No. 788536

I'm thinking relapse, she's so predictable at this point. Doubt she'll even release any videos this year

No. 788538

It’s funny how Tayter thinks she’s helped anyone. All she’s done is spread misinformation about animal care and recovery.

No. 788541

File: 1596073903750.jpeg (261.52 KB, 1280x1280, FB60A2BD-6052-496A-96A1-79B784…)

Taylor reminiscing to when her looks were only half as fucked up from being a junkie.

No. 788544

File: 1596075815577.jpeg (151.57 KB, 750x1077, 811E4B12-F6B0-4F38-9204-0A6A2E…)

In case anyone is still wondering where taytor got her attention seeking personality from

No. 788554

The whole household it's so depressing. Honestly couldn't blame Jen if she actually leaves. Papa Dean definitely isn't doing anything and Taylor is too busy crying cause her brother steals the attention from her.

No. 788556

I know she meant 404 but is too high to remember it right but
>The HTTP 401 Unauthorized client error status response code indicates that the request has not been applied because it lacks valid authentication credentials for the target resource.
Lacking valid credentials. Fitting.

No. 788567

Jesus Christ what about your disabled son? Taylor never stood a chance

No. 788571

Honestly, I think she tells herself “it’s fine, this is all part of recovery.” right before she shoots up. Pathetic

No. 788572

Taylor is more like do heroin - shame - go to rehab - get pets - get brodick - get camgirl clothes - go drinking - suddenly feel the need for heroin - do heroin - no shame bc the road to recovery means u can do heroin as many times as you want.

No. 788573

File: 1596093319258.png (1.26 MB, 828x1792, 3D0C173C-93FC-4552-91C0-FD370B…)

You know that video is shit when you kinda agree with jonny here

No. 788574

oh great Tayter is in rehab and Jenjen sounds suicidal from the workload of taking care of her pets. Please someone go get those pets.

No. 788581

Lol. That bugged me as well.

No. 788582

Honestly this is pretty common venting from people who are the sole caregivers of their disabled and needy family members. I get the picture Jen does everything in that house, including housework, taking care of Tay's brother, and Tay's animals, and their animals, and Tay… Yeah, Jen's batshit crazy but this is actually one of the more understandable things she's ever tweeted in my opinion - who the fuck wouldn't want to check out for a bit? lol

No. 788589

doesn't he have a newborn he should be taking care of?

No. 788613

I always assume Jonny snark like this is Taylor herself because, who the fuck cares??? That's like when she says people here have "no lives". Just appreciate when he shits on her as she deserves

No. 788623

Wow this sounds like classic BPD attention baiting, definitely where Tay got it from. Saying those types of things to anyone close to you is very messed up and manipulative; i'll bet she says that kind of thing to her kids all the time. Sad. When people do that on social media, though, to people they don't even know very well … it's just extra pathetic.

No. 788624

Since mama dean is in TX, if shes registered as Tanner's caregiver, she could do the respite program where she would get a week off without the benefits being in jeopardy but with all those fucking animals there is no way. Being an enabler for shit behavior must be exhausting. Almost makes you think she should do something, like making tayterthot pick herself up by the bra straps.

No. 788659

Jen needs to stop enabling Taylor, get rid of the hoard, and force Taylor to focus on recovery by not taking her home if she gets kicked out of sober living again. Babying an addict because you don't want them to die on the streets is a sure fire way of making sure they die in the comfort of your home. Maybe if Taylor has to suck dick to get her fix she will actually take rehab serious and maybe break out of this addiction cycle.

No. 788665

File: 1596138316452.png (958.61 KB, 2048x1695, Screenshot_20200730-154149.png)

Aka "I got all I wanted out of rehab (sex, drugs, etc.), now I'm gonna go back to laying in bed and eyefucking myself in every selfie I take while I watch The Office."

No. 788666

So she basically quit rehab again. What a loser.

No. 788667

File: 1596138907683.jpg (57.66 KB, 601x452, Capture123.JPG)

soo she got kicked out again?

No. 788673

LOL oh no. So she really is the most specialest junkie ever, so much so she can't complete one full stay without punking out. She made it this far but suddenly on the home stretch, she's too much at risk to complete the program? Yeaaaah right. She discharged herself to go get hight.

Glad to see you're taking this oh-so seriously, Taylor.

No. 788674

File: 1596140889348.png (868.46 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200730-172657.png)

We'll see about all that

No. 788676

Sure taylor.

No. 788679

Severely regressed mentally to the point of needing….Suboxone? Sounds like she threw a tantrum because she needed drugs. Nothing about that makes sense

No. 788680

Omg this bitch could say ANYTHING and her stans would eat it up.
"Hey guys!!!! So I just got out of rehab because it turns out, heroin isn't actually dangerous or addictive!!"

No. 788681

I think anons post it (though it should be in his own thread now) because it usually triggers Taylor into sperging out. I wonder if she saw it yet because I'll be surprised if she doesn't.

No. 788689

She likes her subs because it stops you getting dopesick. It's a synthetic opioid, and it def gives you a buzz. She's gonna abuse it then conveniently "run out" then use again.

with her whole "ReCovERY IsnT LiNEAr" pity party i'm betting she got kicked out. Even the shitty rehab won't take this diva. Mama dean was probably in on this too, would explain the woe is me shtick.

Coincidence after druggie video? I think not.

No. 788690

"I couldn't go a month without drugs at rehab, so my doctors totally told me to quit rehab and get back on drugs with no oversight for half the day!!!!"

Yeah this totally sounds like such a good plan and something a real physicial would recommend…

No. 788701

Wouldn't be surprised if she was cut off from her prescription due to overusing and she checked into rehab so she can get back on receiving subs.

No. 788714

This sounds awfully familiar to "I spend all day long in meetings and with therapists!!" Can't wait to see how long this stint lasts.

No. 788729

Taylor's brother is the one who has Prader-Willi Syndrome, anon. lurk more. it is severely disabling and not really a disorder you can fake.

No. 788730

That's fair! I could honestly never tell with the Dean Duo if they're going to claim a new disorder/disability, and I didn't know that's what the brother had.

No. 788737


>muh severely dangerous mental state

screaming for nuggies, fries and worthless bro dick

>jumping back into usual content

so, endless self-praise and thot selfies or in other words, nothing at all

No. 788740

so she left rehab as soon as they tried to taper her off subs responsibly. Taylor doesn’t want to be sober - she wants to be a junkie but an acceptable junkie because she’s just abusing her prescribed “maintenance” meds.

No. 788743


Giving the slightest benefit of the doubt w/ her chronic pain, I’m not surprised she finds it hard to taper. But tbh, she needs to figure out a way to cope with that without fucking H. She also doesn’t have ANY structure in her life so…no motivation, no structure, nothing forcing her to have any consequences or responsibilities- she’s acts like a stunted child because that all she’s ever had to be. This “rehab” was just a temporary change of scenery/vacation from her pathetic reality. She’s not powerless in this, but if she acknowledges that then she might actually have to take accountability and THAT’s never doing to happen.

No. 788745


Reads more to me, personally, that she wanted to still get high while not doing heroin, so she screamed and bitched for her precious subbies, so she quit and went somewhere that will enable her addiction.

Does she not realise that suboxone is for temporary use, not a permanent or long-term thing like SSRIs, medications for chronic conditions, etc.?
I honestly don't think she's ever gotten psychiatric or psychological treatment for addiction.


No. 788746

File: 1596160657077.jpg (133.76 KB, 810x2030, EeMeEtPWAAE3aqM.jpg)

"$700 is my $50"

deleted tweet some tea account caught

No. 788749

man her parents should just buy her a car and tell her to get the fuck out and see what happens

No. 788752

Wow so cool, stealing while you're out running errands with your mom. How hardcore

No. 788755

Why isn’t she on methadone yet? I don’t personally know what the diagnostic threshold for subs vs methadone is, but clearly subs aren’t working for her. Plus if she gets methadone she would get to feel like the real hardcore junkie she thinks she is, trotting her ass to the clinic every day.

No. 788757

Taylor you are such a loser.

No. 788767


IIRC she's not suitable for methadone? She refused buprenorphine because it means her suboxone abuse would end. Since methadone is a bit strong, and she seems to have no wish to actually get clean, it's not suitable for someone like her.

I don't know why she isn't pursuing something like CBT or other therapies that help with addiction issues.

Kinda points to all her "rehabs" having been shit-tier and just little vacations away from mommy, Tanner, and her animal hoard.

No. 788768

Tf could she possibly shoplift from Fresh Foods? Her parents feed her?

No. 788769


that's HEB. they sell a ton of stuff from food, to clothes, jewelry, bath care, electronics, etc.

No. 788774

File: 1596176811439.jpg (31.55 KB, 600x365, Capture1234.JPG)

thanks anon, she deleted this one real quick and I was wondering what it said lmao

No. 788775

what the fuck shouldn't rehab treat ALL addictions? Or did they just focus on getting her ~sober from heroin~ again? Oh my god she is so dumb. Wonder why she got kicked out this time. Smuggling subs?

No. 788777

This definitely makes me wonder how long she actually was in rehab. She made it seem like she just got there when she first posted about it. Then she claimed she'd been there 20 something days. Last claim she made was a couple days ago saying she had 8 days to go, which was odd since most people who go to 30-90 day rehabs are on insurance and leave when their insurance cuts them off, usually with a day or less worth of notice. Which made me wonder if part was being paid out of pocket or she just has ~world renowned~ insurance. I could see her getting kicked out or checking herself out within a week if she detoxed onto subs and then they tapered her off. She probably thought she could stay on them her whole stay.

No. 788788

isnt methadone way more addicting and way easier to abuse than suboxone? i doubt she would do any better on that than subs.

No. 788789

well she obviously can't stop using subs either. Her brodick speculated that she's been shooting them up, hence the track marks. Rehab has led to absolutely nothing for her, other than giving her one more drug to get addicted to.

No. 788790

but injecting suboxone doesnt give you a high or euphoric feeling its just a habbit for junkies, id rather have my drug addicted family member injecting suboxone than abusing methadone.

as long as her mom watches her take her subs everyday (like we had to do with a family member) she literally can't get high. if she tries to abuse her suboxone it won't do anything. eventually she will be clean and sober enough to start weening of the suboxones but you don't have to do that right away. i don't understand why her mother doesnt just watch her take the meds everyday and hold onto them for her so she cant get high? like yeah you have to want to get sober on your own but you can also help facilitate her sobriety if you monitor her Suboxone usage.

No. 788794

You can definitely get high of subs and there are plenty of people addicted to it. It's less intense of a high than heroin but that also means you are more functional and it's easier to hide.

Taylor's desperation for subs really makes it look like she is abusing it and addicted. Makes sense when you consider she was suddenly taken off subs and her story made no sense. Maybe she went back to rehab just enough days to get a new prescription and then left?

No. 788795

What ever happened to her getting the Vivitrol (naltrexone) injection? Oh right, you have to have x amount of days opiate-free before starting and then she wouldn’t be in able to get a buzz and relapse on her terms.
I remembered when she claimed to get sober with Jonny and she would tout that drug around to try and prove she was sober. Ultimately to no ones surprise, she didn’t end up getting it, then Mama Dean found her in a pool of blood dying and choking on her own vomit (or whatever her ridiculous story was). It’s just interesting that she’s never mentioned it as a potential treatment option again.

No. 788797

They put her on the dissolving strips because she admitted to abusing them. In one of the "muh life as an addict" videos she's using strips. Most people abusing snort the tablets.

Not entirely true, it prevents you getting high on other opiates. You can get high on subs just not like heroin and other opioids will have no effect while you're on it.

Subs are damage control, and it does give you mildly euphoric feelings, in doing so it "tricks" the brain into thinking it got it's heroin fix preventing withdraw.

Problem with Tayter is she doesn't wan't to stop. She just wants an easy "detox", so she doesn't have to ride out the lows of heroin withdraw. Alcohol enhances the effects of the sub high (cider anyone?).

sorry to medfag

No. 788803

This is why she shouldn't be a candidate for subs. Her mindset isn't to use them until the physical withdrawals from heroin subside, then work to completely be free. It's a substitute for her.

No. 788813

I think she bitched and moaned about bad mental states when they started tapering her off last time. I think she wants to be put on long term "maintenance" for subs. At this point I think that's the best she can do. It isn't sober but it isn't shooting up either.

It won't make her symptoms disappear and she'll probably just go back to using.

You have to deal with the shitty feelings while your brain heals itself, it can't heal while on subs because it's still getting the high, even if you can't feel it.

No. 788814

this is one of the conditions Taylor claims to have CRPD and its super rare and she doesn’t have it oh my god. Please watch the video it talks about symptoms and how rare it is


No. 788816

I use to shop lift for food when I had none as kid and had hungry siblings

Taylor shops lift for hair dye bc her mom wouldn’t buys it

She has such white people problems

No. 788817

File: 1596215739051.png (467.41 KB, 982x1728, 234.png)

No. 788820

> I don't think anyone needs to get off it within any generalized time period

LOL. She can quit anytime she wants guys.

>Even tho THEY DIDN"T DO SUBS at my last rehab The head doctor evaluated me once I WAS OFF THEM & said I CLEARLY WASN"T READY TO BE OFF.

The fuck?

No. 788821


So basically she just wants subs. Notice how she totally danced around the mental health portion of the tweets? So weird.

I have no idea why the fuck anyone gave her subs.

No. 788824

Yea, she's really spergy about the subs, her response is sketchy as hell.

so she's getting kicked out because they don't do subs and she wants back on them. Her previous tweets contradict themselves, it's obvious she's lying about something.

No. 788825

It is super rare and she doesn’t have it. It’s debilitating, constant and she wouldn’t be able to dress thotty, get tattoos, spear on makeup or even type on her phone. Or shoot up in her hand or arm. She claims it’s in her arms. I’ve never seen the swelling, discoloration or even the look of constantly, unbearable pain in her face. She just wants a super special pity me disorder. It’s an insult to people that really have it and actually consider amputation to stop it.

No. 788839

It being in strips doesn't mean she doesn't abuse it. I don't remember if it was in a tweet or video or what, but remember she talked about taking so many strips so it took a long time for her to wait for them to dissolve?

No. 788843


Your gatekeeping of sobriety is so destructively ignorant. It's so absurdly offensive & outrageously flawed on so many levels that I don't know where to begin. Are you in kindergarten?

No. 788846

Yeah exactly. People shoot up the strips all the time

Taylor rambling about shit she's so completely clueless about. "If u try to use that in any way except prescribed it activates the naloxone in it and causes illness, not a high. Ah yes the very latest tech strips that know your intentions and change the reaction they give you based on the information they collect! Your body absorbs the naloxone and the bupe no matter what. It's not some intelligent being from the future. It must be painful to be this clueless. I'm sure she heard this shit from someone and it's so dumb it probably came from some other junkie there trying to one-up her and sound smart. She can never be bothered to check facts even with her ~precious animals she luvs seww much~.

Lastly lol to her basically admitting her experience with abusing subs. And trying to come up with excuses for why she went to a different rehab this time. Please, we know she probably isn't welcome back at the other one because she got kicked out.

No. 788848

so she was off subs and then her doctor made her addicted to it again because ~muh mental health~ ok makes perfect sense.

Kinda reminds me of that time when she told us that the vet also stabbed Tofu in the lung with a needle right after she did it herself.

No. 788849


It seems nobody in this thread knows anything about methadone, suboxone, addiction or treatment. Shaming people for doing medication-assisted treatment to recover from drug addiction? Seriously? If any of you actually knew anything about this then it'd be obvious how disgusting it is. Grow up, all of you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 788851

if she would be doing it responsibly I would have no say against it. But she's been drinking while using it, and taking too much of it and allegedly also been shooting up and now apparently gotten kicked out of another rehab because of it.

No. 788854

Stigma around medication-assisted treatment is a real and important problem, but nobody’s going to solve it in a
Taylor Dean thread.

No. 788855

Getting treatment is fine. LYING about abusing medication, and making up stories to get put back on it is just enabling.

Pill pusher doctors/rehabs just want to pull a profit, they don't care if their patients get better. In fact they make more money if their patients stay sick. Don't be naive anon, some medication isn't in the person's best interests.

Taylor needs to change her lifestyle if she wants to live, She's doing irreparable damage to herself rn. She needs to start taking care of herself instead of expecting an easy fix.

No. 788864

Stop whiteknighting her. Her stories never made sense from her being kick out cause she "gave her suboxone to a rehab friend" to "she leave her current rehab cause they told her she need subs and they don't manage that".
All of them kick her out cause she is abusing subs and using it has heroin substitute.
People aren't shaming, they are pointing out she obviously doesn't take rehab seriously.

No. 788873

Crazy how you keep saying no one knows what they're talking about (like you apparently do) but you've yet to actually educate anyone on anything

No. 788885

JFC, I just lost brain cells reading the last few posts. If you know little to nothing about subs, methadone, opiate addiction, please refrain from acting like Taylor and spreading false information.

No. 788889

This reads like a google search turned into a high school paper. Try harder Taytay. You’re not fooling anyone with your supposed “knowledge”

No. 788890

Considering I’ve been on methadone longer than Taylor’s even been an addict, shut up.(blog)

No. 788891

The irony is that this is also what she does for her animal care knowledge kek

No. 788893

No cares about your shitty life anon

No. 788899

File: 1596244968517.png (499 KB, 885x505, EeSn5rYXsAEQndr.png)

yOu CaNt aBusE suBs

No. 788900

The thread isn't about you, FFS you're attention whoring as bad as Taylor.

Taylor hasn't used her meds responsibly. Calling her out on her bullshit is warranted. Methadone and subs are controversial as hell for doctors and rehabs. If what we're saying bothers you that much maybe you need to evaluate your situation.

No. 788909

Yay for you.
Nobody here gives a fuck about your junkie 1-upsmanship.

No. 788929

1. Your dumb junkie bullshit is not cool or impressive
2. I’f she’s already detoxed she should stay off, why the fuck would she jump back on subs at almost 30 days sober? Makes no sense
3. She would have known If the rehab offered subs or not ahead of time. If she wanted suboxone maintenance initially she should have picked a rehab that offers it.
4. She found a way to manipulate mama dean into letting her home early. They probably wanted to put her into long term treatment due to her various mental Heath diagnosis is, and imho she’s using this as an excuse to go get high.

No. 788930

The type of rehab she’s at does 10 day sub tapers. She would have already been off subs for two weeks and now suddenly she needs them?? Wtf

No. 788935

It's like addicts have the urge to take their substance/s of choice, who had thought?! What could a rehab do other than give them their substance of choice..idk…

Taylor: Yeah I'm clean for 20 days but now I want my Subs back.
Rehab: Say no more fam.

No. 788937


Yeah she probably left there because they wouldn’t give her the subs back after she cried about how hard it is on your mental health. It’s gonna be fucking hard, that’s why you’re in rehab with doctors and therapists. Getting on subs after you’re already clean is stupid as fuck. Subs are a legit nightmare to get off of - I’d rather detox from heroin than subs any day. She has all these resources and she’s just a brat about getting clean.

No. 788946

This would honestly be less infuriating to watch if she took the Luna route and embraced junkie-dom instead of pretending she's trying to get clean and taking rehab seriously.

No. 788950

File: 1596292456825.jpeg (875.25 KB, 1125x1753, A02DA4F2-1E02-4C60-9817-3EF5BA…)

even tays mom is calling her out.

No. 788951

File: 1596292517558.jpeg (213.18 KB, 1125x787, 978157BA-C7B0-4EC8-8A80-377DCB…)

No. 788954

Just cringy passive agressiveness. Grow up and go talk to your daughter Face-to-face.

Their family dynamic is so messed up. The way Taylor turned out is as much jen's fault as hers. Narcs like her get off in a position of power. She's so jealous of Taylor's attention because she's a fat ugly slob.

No. 788955

Then kick her out on her ass you failure as a parent. She says this shit but doesn't actually give Taylor any reason to stop being a victim. The funny part is mama Dean was just tweeting all this attention seeking shit about disappearing. She needs to learn to practice what she preaches

No. 788962

One could think she only uses one brain cell at a time.
No coherence found.

No. 788994

Has anyone asked her to post the video she said was being uploaded pre-rehab? Curious where that went….

No. 789009

Oh, honey
Bless your heart.

There IS no video.

No. 789012

Oh I know! I meant that in a humorous way but it didn’t quite read like that.

I was more implying has anyone called her out on that video….especially since it seems like she is talking about making new videos??

No. 789017

Another thing is that with difficult patients, particularly ones who get BPD diagnosis
It’s very common for rehabs to recommend long term structured mental health care., like 6 month plus residential treatment They’ll typically do this for ultra difficult patients, and recommend it right before their 30 days run out.

My bet is they recommended that for Taylor, it lines up perfectly with right after they officially BPD diagnosed her.

I know it’s tinfoil, but it explains why after apparently being so apparently happy posting garbage trash selfies on her rehab vacation, all of a sudden ‘her mental state was degraded because of subs and she desperately needed to go’

No. 789025

Any professional worth their salt would recommend a longer structured program for someone like Taylor, yeah. Not necessarily in residence but 3 times a week therapy, structured daily schedule – you know, a program to work. But there's that pesky word Taylor hates: work.

Recovery and therapy aren't easy, and she's got some bullshit Disney fantasy that she can take some pills, dry out for a few weeks, be magically fixed, and bibbity bobbity bounce onto a brand new dick and suddenly find direction and meaning for her life…

No. 789036

File: 1596344921315.png (303.09 KB, 1085x745, Sad.PNG)

Instead of Taylor showing pictures or videos of her actual pets she decides to be qUiRky and hold a wild lizard. She must be cleaning up all of the animals and coming up with lies for their deaths since it's taking so long to show them off.

No. 789042

lizard said "fuck no, I heard what happens when you 'save' animals"

No. 789046

I don't if it's just me but her hands look very swollew

No. 789047

lizard knew if it didn't escape at that moment then it was doomed to a short, painful life crammed into the Taylor Dean hoard

No. 789061

To be fair she's always had sausege fingers

No. 789097

they've looked jonny level swollen for a yr or two now, but that doesn't surprise me as she admitted that she has hep c

No. 789100

Taylor is delusional as hell, doesn't matter what you say logic doesn't work on her. The only thing that matters to her is ME, ME, ME. She still thinks the world revolves around her, but in reality she's got nothing. No health, no friends, no love. All she does is try to fill the void with crap.

The only thing Taylor will listen to is the emotional violence of her druggie brodicks. She'll find another one and the cycle will repeat. Boo! hoo! aboose! Druggies are like that, you've done it to yourself.

She's a sick and spineless person who has no hope of getting better. She never follows through on her promises and lies constantly. Nothing will clear up the delusional world view she's built for herself.

No. 789136

Tayter has been out of rehab for three days and not a single update on her animals. She’s such a fucking transparent loser how does she still have fans I honestly do not understand it.

No. 789199

Well it's going to take a while to order replacements for all those who died so give the girl some slack will you? Finding a new paradox ball python might take a year or so alone! Not to mention appropriate sized hedgehogs, a new Tofu with hopefully matching eye colour this time…

this sounds a lot like passive aggressive Jen tbh

No. 789300

crazy how taylor was more active on socials in rehab then she is when she's home. Back to hiding again? Where's all the promised animal content

No. 789304

maybe Jen gave away all the animals while Tay was in rehab.

No. 789305

Too busy drug binging with all her new contacts. Or the track mark covered friend we met pre rehab. She said she had weekends off from her new “intense php treatment” but hasn’t been able to muster up the energy to take a single animal picture as promised?

No. 789311

Who would have thought Taylor would disappear on another drug binge after leaving rehab early? Surprise of the century.

It will easily be 2-3 weeks before we hear anything again

No. 789323

Sorry, am I crazy or has she never taken a mask selfie? Is she just bopping in and out of rehab, to appointments, to drug deals, etc. and hasn't happened to take one limpid-eyed mask selfie in the midst of all of it?

No. 789335

perhaps taytay is an anti-masker

No. 789339

Well yeah, how will anyone see those gigantic luscious lips of hers if she god forbid wore a mask?

No. 789351

I wonder how many times she's promised a video and then not delivered in the last 12 months

No. 789357


No. 789367

she took one dramatic selfie >>763943
with one (wearing it wrong) claiming mama dean made her put it on and take a shower but that's it. She's never been seen wearing one since

No. 789381

That really says all we need to know about her whole person. All talk, no action. Abusing pets but claims to be an educator, no donations to BLM but claims to care about black lives, buying a dead duck but claims to support cruelty free businesses, going to rehab but continue using drugs.

No. 789386

honestly, this is a bit scary, at this rate she will end up ODing. it's so iffy that she's suddenly radio silent after leaving rehab when she seemed to energetic there, sharing everything.

No. 789398

Her county does have a mask mandate, she’s just a troll that cares more about herself than the well being of other people.

No. 789399

She will have some major sob story any day now about leaving rehab and the pressure of the real world which is why she hasn’t posted anything.

No. 789414

I can see it now: "sorry for not doing anything I've promised to do, you guys! I've just been in such a bad place mentally after being taken off my subs and leaving rehab (which I was gleefully posting about leaving while I was still there)!! All my animals are absolutely thriving, I'm just really going thru it right now!!!" There will probably be more AAVE and repetition/rambling, but that's what it'll boil down to

No. 789419

This is how we KNOW she’s getting high: she’s silent. She does this almost every time she relapsed cuz she learned that by obnoxiously posting when she’s fucked up we can tell. So she goes into hiding instead. Because according to her, they switched her to a doctor that will give her subs? So if she were on subs she should be fine with posting. She’d be stable, “somewhat” functioning (per Taylor’s standards).

I bet she’s gonna come out of hiding eventually and say “just trying to ease back into society and haven’t really been on my phone much!!!1 just trying to spend time with my family and animals that I love so much ~uwu~”

Or maybe her pets are in horrible condition (possibly one or two passes away) from being abandoned constantly for rehab vacations and shooting up with someone during drug binges. And she’s having to do damage control (replacing one of them or coming up with a super dramatic death story.

No. 789423

Hell, she was caught sneaking over to one of the brodicks' places nightly at the height of it all, right when total lockdown quarantine started. She had to make a bunch of "apology" posts about how yes she was being an idiot but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about potentially infecting her brother.

No. 789457

To piggyback off the first part of your reply, she did essentially say along the lines that if she was silent and failing to provide pet updates and videos that it was the biggest indication she was high/relapsing

No. 789470

Here's the thing, Taylor lies. Is it because she's an active drug seeker or because it's her nature? Could be both. The only facts are she lies, and avoids responsibility. She has set up a history of lying, she lies about lying. The only thing people can do is doubt everything that comes out of her mouth/fingertips.

No. 789478

also who the fuck cares about twitter when you're living your best junkie life with your best junkie friends in a little junkie cave somewhere. She'll be back when she realises that no one in that setting cares about her Jonny stories.

No. 789481

I don't expect to see animals. I expect to see pictures of some new brodick she picked up and the latest tattoo she rushed out to get now that she's out of rehab and 110% sober.

No. 789511

Bold of you all to assume she'll return at all. My guess is she'll delete her Twitter again

No. 789518

At this point I do believe Jen is taking care of the animals 24/7 and has been since she moved back home, and let’s be real, Jen probably has the same “expertise” that Taylor does in identifying and caring for sick animals (read: none,) except Jen isn’t stoned out of her little gourd constantly. This is the same girl who fried multiple animals and didn’t notice for an entire 24+ hours, let RIs go untreated for months in several different animals, and killed her mascot because she dosed her tank wrong (and then literally set him on fire.) If anything they’re probably getting more adequate care now that they don’t have to rely on Taylor.

No. 789528

also not noticing the advanced mange on one of her hedgehogs. She blamed her mom but had been out of rehab and was in sober living (this was last yr) for a few weeks and had visited all her animals and didn't notice it

No. 789533

File: 1596661367264.png (841.54 KB, 1334x750, 36848DD6-7F2B-441E-9DC6-BA2B25…)

Our cow might get a litte attention after being in pewdiepes video lol

No. 789544

I saw this and had to back it up to check it was her and cackled.
Transcript for those who don't want to watch/click
>reads pic
>shows video title
>"The video is titled "I'm a Heroin Addict"
>"… Oh. For a moment I agreed with him and then the title is… Okay, alright moving on."

No. 789569

File: 1596682038537.jpeg (422.84 KB, 750x1153, 8757F6E9-3350-4CCE-BE69-297A19…)

Lol. Came across this gem on tumblr that made me think of our favorite negligent animal hoarder.(no1curr)

No. 789586

Oh god. Well soon she'll be back on twitter, she will just have to brag about this one.

No. 789647

File: 1596773212582.png (915.78 KB, 975x738, 111.PNG)

No. 789648

File: 1596775967895.png (2.14 MB, 1416x789, 99.PNG)


No. 789649

File: 1596776159389.png (2.19 MB, 1402x790, 98.PNG)

No. 789657

I’ll believe there’s gonna be new content when I see it.

No. 789662

Maybe a subjective thing but she has really done a fuck up job covering her arm with that sleeve. Its horrendous for my taste

No. 789663

Obese snake. The scales basically don't overlap, and check out the body/tail transition, there's a huge roll of fat there. I bet she still feeds a lot of her snakes weekly

No. 789665

Starting to think the snakes are the only pets she has left, every time she says she’s gonna show her animals all we see are the snakes, which are probably the easiest to care for out of her herd.

No. 789674

"Trial and error" but has she really been trying?

I'm sure her "comeback" video (whenever she ends up putting it out, if at all) is gonna involve her attempting to educate people about how dangerous quarantine is for mental health, because she's an expert now.

No. 789679

He is so so obese for a ball python. She definitely needs to cut down on feedings and take a look at her husbandry. It's embarrassing that she considers herself knowledgable enough to give advice on balls and get mor difficult species but she can't even keep a ball at a healthy weight.

No. 789680

File: 1596811758231.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, 3336C1CB-E652-452A-A2B9-1B698B…)

I’m worried she even got rid of Star.

No. 789681

Wow she finally figured out to support the snake at two points on their body. Good for her

No. 789692

Why would you be worried? Unless she handed Star over to another druggie, getting out of Taylor’s cramped hoarding room is the best thing that could happen to any of the animals

No. 789712

I honestly can't fathom how it's so hard for her to keep some of her snakes at a healthy weight. At least with cats and dogs you can sympathize more because they can nag and beg for more food but snakes hardly need to be fed in the first place.

No. 789719

well fatass mama dean is probably feeding them once a week so…

This trailer trash cow is boring as hell. She's so fucking lazy and afraid it's getting boring to watch.

No. 789735

File: 1596853325873.jpeg (111.27 KB, 828x431, BDDDD827-B598-4CD1-B091-60B6C7…)

No. 789738

She literally still listens to Jonny’s old band.

No. 789740

May not be music but this coming from the girl who still has all her tweets up supporting Shane pedo Dawson and his buddy J*…. don’t bother trying to delete them now Tater because I saved them all just yesterday to make sure the tweets of you acknowledging you had seen and were aware of Shane’s disgusting child predator and racist old videos. But he had cHaNgEd so it was okay. Get fucked.

No. 789745

File: 1596865068449.png (808.59 KB, 800x831, Sigh.PNG)

1/2 haHA I'm so quiRky my snake yells

No. 789747

File: 1596865324541.png (936.59 KB, 1395x622, Sigh 2.PNG)

>>789745 2/2
Taylor trying her best to not show any of her animals enclosures so she takes them outside kek

No. 789756

He should be close to 2 years old now, you'd think he'd be bigger than that.
Definitely still think that's replacement Tofu because this is the first time I've really seen any grow on him.

No. 789757

At least this Tofu still has black pupils. Could be that she accidentally got a female when she replaced him, and that's why it grows smaller (rat snake females are smaller than males)

No. 789758

She really couldn't have taken 10 seconds to brush the crumbs and shit off the couch?

No. 789760

shes probably unable to notice that

No. 789764

snake mom here, snakes don't grow based on age but by how often and regularly they're fed. There could be a few reasons he (or she) is small like that like refusing to feed for example. TMYK.

sage cause not relevant

No. 789768

Just snakes still? no rats, mangy hedgehog?

FFS at least get rid of the ones you don't care about, it isn't fair.

No. 789790

On the upside, she's not bought new accessory pets in a bit, at least

No. 789792

this, at least she isnt getting new pets every other day tho i think that has more to do with the fact that she is broke than anything else

No. 789805

that's what getting tattooed on impulse by different artists does, anon. iirc she regrets that heart tattoo. doubt she'll have any youtube money left for tattoo removal.

No. 789809

The heart tattoo looks like a shrivelled dick n big balls

No. 789813

LOL.. cognitive dissonance much? She is just annoyed her apparent abuse video didnt do any damage on jonny’s career.

No. 789817

Does Johnny still have a career? Seeing him offer guest spots for songs on insta makes me feel like he doesn't… Genuinely asking though

No. 789818

He barely had one while he was still in Slaves, but he was kicked out of that band around January 2019. Some people might still recognize his name because he was in Dance Gavin Dance and Emarosa but nobody cares about him. He's a washed up nobody.

No. 789842

I think he would still have somewhat of a fan base and would pull somewhat some money. I think what taylor wants is for him to be completely “cancel” which she fails to do so, hence now jonny still lives rent free in her head. In my opinion, jonny still “wins” in her current situation, she makes no progress after leaving him and still makes no effort to show any signs of improvements/rehoming her animals and owns up to her mistakes - frying animals and stabbing her snake etc etc.

No. 789844

She also has regress even further while she was high on heroin, at least she was still posting content back then and making money. Right now she can’t even summon herself to post 1 video and cant stop searching for codependency from men. She then binge on obvious self destructive behavior by getting lots of tacky tattoos and piercing while she sober. That said I do enjoy the milk and watching her to make my average life feels better during this pandemic, thanks tay

No. 789866

Didn’t she literally have a Dance Gavin Dance linked to her Tinder and then complained about guys asking her about it and her having to explain she dated Jonny… lol

No. 789882


A properly fed (not under or overfed) Texas Ratsnake should average about 3.5 to 4ft at 2 years. They reach sexual maturity at this age and are usually close to their full length even if not fully filled out. Hers definitely seems small for its age as I believe its over 2 years and looks like it just barely reaches 3ft although its hard to tell from the photo.

Whether or not this was a replacement snake or the original just underfed is the question

No. 789883

Yeah, because it's obvious that Tay underfeeds her snakes.

No. 789890

Yep exactly this, Jonny may be scum and a nobody but it’s painfully obvious in her eyes he “won”. Jonny: moved on from her immediately, has been in the same relationship since Taylor left him, had a kid, still has a fan base and is selling merch and making albums. Taylor: has publicly relapsed over and over, repeating the same shit over and over about “getting better” but is obviously getting worse, promising the same old videos but never comes through, continues calling herself an animal “educator” but rarely ever shows her animals (and when she does they’re in poor condition), is constantly passive aggressively fighting with her mom who she’s lived with ever since leaving him.
Don’t take this as WKing Jonny, he’s a shitty person as much as she is. But she had her opportunity to move on. Had she genuinely taken it seriously and got help, got clean, she could have used her abuse story on her side. She could have built up her fan base again and turned her life around, and made tons of money to secure her future.
When she left Jonny I figured it would be a long road, but I genuinely had a shred of hope for her that it would be the beginning of her slowly turning her life around for the better without him. I honestly didn’t think she would just continue to spiral downhill like this, and didn’t think she would get this bad. She had her chance and she blew it, she’s considered such a joke in all communities of all platforms now. It’s a shame she didn’t take advantage of it and still continues to cry the same sob story, thinking it’s going to take Jonny down. Like anon said, she’s just beyond pissed her video didn’t cancel him for good.

No. 789897

My favourite thing about her downfall is that she actually became a more dysfunctional and traahy junkie than JC who she tried to put on blast.

No. 789899

and that she's shaming Jonny for being a useless junkie… while she's telling her fans to support her when she's relapsing all the time.

No. 789913

Can somebody please tell me where on her body this marvelous tattoo is? I wanna laugh too.
Sorry if I sound like a newfag, longtime lurker and occasional poster here! I just genuinely do not remember about this tattoo, and would like to see it.

No. 789916

File: 1596974855356.jpeg (208.77 KB, 828x931, DC2A5276-1EF2-46D5-A449-5C35D1…)

No. 789918

Still hasn't figured out how to hold a snake…

No. 789925

Ha anon I tried looking through old threads for it yest, I couldn't remember it either.

No. 789926

She’s hardly different from JC at all. She is also a junkie, who is selfish, self absorbed, a total narc, and has done severe damage to living things.
She’s killed her animals, and he’s abused his partners. They were truly a match made in heaven.

No. 789929

Look at the tattoo, it’s an old pic.

No. 789992

It's in thread 16 or 17, had to dig through her Instagram to make a timeline and go back from there. She posted it and almost immediately removed the post BC it was so bad.

No. 790024

god what a throwback, i remember this tattoo was back when the heroin use was only a rumor she continuously denied and anons pointed out the tattoo placement is typical to hide trackmarks kek

No. 790028

I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and give her the possibility that Tofu 2.0 (since we know that's a replacement) could be a runt from its litter, but it really does look underfed, so I'm assuming Jenn isn't feeding it as often as it could have used, e.g. feeding more since it's a fair bit smaller than it should be.

Weird how Taylor says that shit while stanning multiple rapists, never ACTUALLY apologised for mocking and belittling rape victims, stanning racists and queerphobes, etc.

She's just mad Jonny was more "successful" after their breakup than she was.

No. 790031

Anon you can reference posts by clicking on the post # and responding in the "new reply" at the top of the page.
Otherwise you look kind of schizonewfag in your posts by responding to multiple posts without reference #'s.

I'm nostalgic for old Tay milk, this addict-rinse-relapse thing is getting boring. She was my favourite cow.

No. 790063

I agree. the animal abuse/neglect/death was always awful, but her living in her own apartment with Jonny where they could do whatever the fuck they wanted (before her credibility was officially ruined by muh addiction saga) was so fun. she was actually putting out videos more than once a year too.

I miss when she had a life, friends who weren't just her drug dealer, and a somewhat on-track chance at a career. There was milk flowing, and plenty of stuff to speculate about when it slowed.

Now her life is just lying about relapsing, disappearing for months, and never showing her animals so people can't calculate which ones are dead based on being MIA. I wonder if we'll ever get another "all my animals" video. at this point she could just say any dead animals have just been rehomed (like rehab stint #1) and we'll never be able to prove otherwise. Taylor's peak has passed, as an YouTube personality and as a cow. Maybe she's realized her ~famous YouTuber~ reality is over because she squandered it, and that's why she's given up on new content.

No. 790066

What's bizarre about Latter Days TND is that she's really the least productive she's ever been, with the fewest distractions.

She no longer has to take care of her own place, spend time on her boyfriend, or run her career - or even work as a shopgirl at PetCo lol. I can't remember when she last posted a Youtube video. She's got nothing but time on her hands, and she does NOTHING with it. Just bizarre.

No. 790084

I think she is going to have the hardest time rebounding from her laziness this go around. When she had an apt and boyfriend and was somewhat consistent with videos she had reason to do things….now she has spent a year indulging doing nothing (yes, nothing because she wasn’t even truly working to recover based on the information she has shared) so she is so removed from productivity that she’s become a lump. I don’t really see her ever reviving her YouTube career unless she actually gets sober and does videos similar to other ex addicts…..but at this rate milk is pretty dry and she’s a complete waste.

No. 790086

Old Tofu had a kink on his neck. I see no kink. She got Tofu 1 almost two years ago so she kinda did a small slip there. This Tofu might be a year old, would fit well with her heroin binge/stabbing-snake-in-the-lung-episode when she moved to her new apartment.

No. 790087

Don't mistake this for me white knighting her but she's most certainly deeply depressed. No doubt she was happier in the middle of all the Jonny drama. People like her thrive in that kind of volitile environment. Without being surrounded by constant bull shit she has nothing

No. 790090

Nail on the head. She doesn’t have much to latch to now that the drama and thrill of Johnny is fully gone and even if she doesn’t regret her decisions, I am sure sobering up and having a failing yt career does make her depressed. She doesn’t have anything special going for her.

No. 790091

She thought her druggie rebranding would work. It didn't. She knows this, hence the panic attacks and depression. Her easy life ticket is gone. All she has left is to find some wealthy dick to ride, or get a job.

No. 790159

File: 1597147503624.jpeg (554.9 KB, 1242x1284, 3B001FBD-AFEE-49DE-9ADE-E472F0…)

No. 790160


Also new world rats, if fed and maintained properly are actually very fast growers. At his supposed age (the one where he's 2 years old not 1) he should be nearly full grown for a male

No. 790161

I agree she's boring now but watching her actually fall from grace is so incredibly satisfying. The druggie rebrand would have worked if she were a genuinely nice person or at the very least if she were consistent in her uploads. People love to forget that she was a lying animal hoarder well before she met Jonny. For soo long she acted like a smug bitch and she's finally not able to do that like she used to

No. 790179


Agreed on the satisfaction. I've been on the tater threads since the first one. She's my favorite cow and watching everything blow up in her face is what i've always waited for. But on the other hand, I think it's only a matter of time before she latches herself to a new brodick and starts posting more. She's too codependent to ever be alone in my opinion.

No. 790190

I don't know if the rebrand ever would have worked since being an addict is the only facet of her personality. People love junkie/addict comeback stories (youtubers like Emily Artful and Of Herbs and Altars come to mind, RDJ and Demi Lovato for celebrities) but Taylor never actually got clean. You have to have something else - usually talent, sometimes family or faith - to contrast and overshadow the junkie stint, for an implied or outright "look what they've accomplished in spite of it all." The VICE interview was the closest she got to a successful rebrand, and the headline "I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers" brought them in but it couldn't ever keep them because that's where the story ends. She's still using, and other than that she doesn't have anything. She brings literally nothing to the table. The most interesting thing about her is that she does heroin and looks like a two-buck hooker, and you can find ten of those on any inner-city street corner.

No. 790203

i feel like i am not understanding something. if she got him September 2018 that would make him 1 year 10 months when she posted this…. which is technically incorrect but not that far off? or is the idea that he was already a few months old when she bought him so he is actually significantly older?

No. 790210

I agree she will be back posting again especially once she finds a new guy, but it's hilarious it's taking this long because you know she's so desperate and nobody wants her. I know she would want nothing more but to get an impressive guy to try to make Jonny jealous (even though it's been how long?) and try to flex about moving on but she's even failing at that. It's all so good and satisfying because she's been such an insufferable lying bitch. She certainly dug her grave, maybe literally.

No. 790254


It’s really sad honestly. She had all the ammunition to catapult herself back into the spotlight, to return to YouTube as the “Comeback Queen” and she squandered it on slutty pictures and half-ass animal photos alongside thirst pics that weren’t even well thought out.

Lots of people have been in toxic or abusive relationships. Lots of people have been addicts. She parades around like she is the icon of these experiences without recognizing that she’s just one in thousands upon thousands. And rather than make herself stand out from the crowd in some way, she doubles down on lies and mental gymnastics to try and prove to the world (and most of all, herself) that she’s special and unique in her experiences.

Meanwhile, dozens of animals are suffering. At this point this is not a question of If but How Much. You don’t get to be the junkiest junkie that ever shot up whilst also being an attentive exotic animal parent. You just don’t.

I feel like as much as a lot of us enjoy the milk, we also love a recovery story and what makes Taylor so sickly sweet is the fact that she is the epitome of “entitlement” culture, thinking she’s somehow immune to criticism, pretending that she can get away with blatant lies, and acting as though this is all part of some mythical process that non-addicts can not possibly understand because we haven’t been in her exact situation.

Until she finally hits rock bottom, as many anons have posited before, she won’t ever feel the need to get serious; she won’t ever accept the reality of her situation, and until then she will chase that dopamine high with new dick and tattoos and cry “victim” of abuse and genetics (mah EDS and other things!) She’s beyond pathetic. She’s sick, she’s in denial, she’s narcissistic, and she’s on a one way train to OD-land because she’s too far in denial of her own behavior, and her own trash mother is too busy trying to look good on social media to actually do anything to really help her.

No. 790273

File: 1597233072658.jpeg (477.45 KB, 828x1111, 54774673-79B8-4F1A-8C38-EC6314…)

Saw this posted by mama dean and thought to come to her defence, one hand I think she needs to buck up on her parenting, on the other hand I think Tayter is an adult and her mom seems to be out of wits handling her. Honestly at this point I feel sorry for the mom because if she doesn’t coddle tayter, she might OD and die, so I could understand why she hasn’t cut the cord yet.

No. 790275

Jen needs to do something though. she needs to re-home most of those animals next time Taylor "relapses" (I do not think she is clean right now, but she's probably told her mother she is.) There needs to be an ultimatum: if you are in this house, you are clean. If you are not clean, you cannot take care of your own animals, and they must be rescued by people who can. I don't get why it's so hard for her. I think she enjoys the act of poor overworked mother who just wants to do her best, but she's going to have to switch to hardass soon, or Taylor is going to start doing even worse shit. like stealing from her parents to buy drugs, if she hasn't been already. That YouTube money has got to be dried up, especially with her credit card debt. We already know she was shooting up in her childhood bedroom.

No. 790276


Am I the only one waiting for the dr Phil intervention?
There’s no doubt they’ve been trying to get on the show, they crave the attention too much

No. 790283

Coddling her is more dangerous than letting her make her own mistakes. "she might OD and die" is what all relatives of addicts deal with. But the fact is they won't hit rock bottom as long as you enable them.

No. 790295

Also not rehoming her pets ensures the whole thing never really sinks in for Taylor. She faffs off to yet another stint in a luxury rehab, checks out early, and everything is just fine and dandy, and she gets to go back to doing nothing… why should she make the effort to get clean? Mumsy has ensured she's comfortable and wants for nothing.

If she'd come home to her parents house and found her animals rehomed, you bet your ass she would have finally realised that what she's doing is serious and has consequences that extend beyond her own dumb ass. But nope, she'll wind up wasting her parents' money again and again in some rehab, and checking out early because of muh strips.

No. 790316

what was it that Jen posted like, right before Taylor announced she was ditching rehab early? That she wanted to just run away or something?.i wonder if she posted that right after finding out her daughter was, once again, bailing out early.

No. 790319

I feel like Jen keeps them as bait to get Taylor back home and not make her responsible for her actions…if they keep them half alive than she doesn’t truly have to deal with repercussions of her choices. I have a very hard time believing Taylor doesn’t throw tantrums or is abusive or manipulative especially while on drugs or in withdraw…tinfoil maybe but I don’t think Jen wants to deal with Taylor freaking out about them all being given away. She shouldn’t have them anymore but I feel like they are kept not out of love but out of not wanting to truly deal with their family issues.

No. 790326

oh that is absolutely why Jen keeps them, because she's scared of what will happen/what Taylor will do if she gives them a better life. she doesn't want to take care of them on top of her disabled son, two dogs, and sort of cat (who I think is probably just someone else's outdoor cat who has learned they can get a second meal at the Dean house.)

No. 790396

I really got a much better understanding of who Johnny Craig is through this longform youtube video that gives a critical analysis of his musical journey album by album. From DGD to Emarosa to Slaves. It runs a bit over an hour, but it changed my opinion on Jonny totally.

No. 790397

>>790396 I smell a self post. How do you read all of the TND threads (or even just this one) and suddenly decide you’ve changed your mind on JC because of a YouTube video unrelated to the thread??? Weird.

No. 790398

It's sort of like how John Lennon was a bully who hit women regularly, but his music balances out the bad in a way. I had never heard JC's music before, other than a few clips on this board back when his was with Taylor on the Slaves tour. I had no idea how talented he was, and I swear I have nothing to due with the Cozy Rep.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790401


This should go on the Johnny and Syd thread in /snow.

His voice is distinctive for sure, but not to my own taste. think that his alienating his bandmates is what keeps him from having more success, though.

No. 790403


how can you be such a daft cunt to think that just because someone is "talented" that they must not all be that bad? johnny has proved time and time again he's a washed up junkie.

he isn't anything special and this isn't the thread to bee a johnny shill.

No. 790418

I get what you're saying anon, it brought some more context to everything. Idgaf ab post hardcore so it's interesting to hear ppl talk ab his career and ability.

No. 790426

Jonny was always a douchebag with a big ego being fueled by his talent. There are plenty of people within that old scene that can attest to this. As the years have passed I think he has calmed down a bit but only because he is less involved (and maybe he realizes his voice is deteriorating and he shouldn't have been so arrogant)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 790447

can you stop bumping taylor's thread about jonny. go and post on his own thread

No. 790653

honestly, i feel empathy for her too, she's not doing a good job at parenting but in her position i don't think i would either, with having to care to a severly disabled son and an addicted womanchild of a daughter. unfortunaly, a lot of families of addicts can end up enabling them because of how scary it can get when they shut you out as we have seen Taylor do when she just straight up moved out with Jonny during a fit, but she needs to draw a line in the sand for her and Taylor's own good, as hard as that is

No. 790655

File: 1597555175312.png (980.14 KB, 902x820, same ol shit.PNG)

more snakes outside and implying she's sober

No. 790656

That sleeve is a mess, at this point she should probably just black the whole thing out

No. 790658

That snake is dying slowly. Holy fuck she is obese, you can see the skin between her scales, and there is something incredibly off about the lower part of her body. it goes fat to pretty thin and then before her tail gets fat again. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a partial blockage of some kind. No one cares about your midriff Taylor, stop feeding your snakes to death.

Better yet, post a picture of Celia with her tongue out and forked. prove that she's recovered from the tumor you let grow in her mouth for months/years while denying there was anything wrong.

No. 790659

Same shirt from her Tofu update last week. Trying to act like she is productive kek. >>789745

No. 790660

What the hell is wrong with her finger? Is a shadow thing or her finger is full of broken blood vessels?

No. 790663

File: 1597564160300.png (1.01 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20200816-024517.png)

Ive speculated for a while now that she shoots up in her fingers and palms because there are some really visible veins there. Especially since its been confirmed more than once that she cant hit a vein unless it's on the surface and totally visible.

Also wondered if anyone else noticed that dent on her wrist that almost looks like a healing cut?

Also lmao @ her new profile pic

No. 790664


is that a blade? this bitch really do be reliving the 13 year old emo phase.

No. 790665

she's had visible bruises on her hands/wrists before so it's definitely plausible

No. 790667

File: 1597566335472.jpeg (984.64 KB, 828x1255, 73F49B04-CE2A-4044-BF08-11C1F1…)

More pics of celia on her insta, could it been she just fed celia hence the bump?

No. 790669

File: 1597566431019.jpeg (955.4 KB, 828x1216, E94A46C4-7F76-42A7-AFA8-F633A9…)

At least she got rid of the tongue infection Celia had.

No. 790674

Her nails are disgusting her personal hygiene is gross

No. 790678

Same thought anon, still surprise she hasn’t contracted covid tbh..

No. 790679

I think it should be alarming to her “fans” that she doesn’t post during the week (maybe has a good reason if she actually is taking her therapy stuff serious) but then baits everyone by posting one or two animal photos over the weekend. She is dragging everyone alone to stay relevant by not posting all her animals and not posting the video she promised was done and being uploaded. Girl is so manipulative I don’t get why everyone doesn’t see this yet….. even just with these snake photos casually posted over two weekends she is playing everyone out.

No. 790685

So your telling me she took snake out after snake out over a week ago to take photos of them outside in the same clothes ? And has been slowly uploading them. It sounds easier to take a photo of them just chilling throughout the week. Why does she have to take them all outside ?

No. 790686


she takes photos outside so people can't see their filthy bare enclosures or her nasty room lol

No. 790693

Surprising to me too, but I'd put money on her getting it. She's obviously fine drinking and doing drugs with people and looking at those photos doesn't even wash her hands. Even if she's not partying right now she'll get fed up and do it eventually because she needs to be under the influence of something all the time and needs attention. It'll be good milk since she's such a munchie.

No. 790694

The lumpy shape of Celia's rear looks really odd… Hognose snakes have musk glands there and they can become clogged causing swelling. Whatever that weird shape is it needs fixing, poor Celia never gets a break. Another issue with care and negligence, as she's clearly paying no attention.

No. 790698

Even if she did you aren’t supposed to handle snakes for a while after you feed them since they need time to sit and digest the food.

No. 790699

the lump would be further up her body if she had just eaten, this is closer to the vent. it could just be obesity but it would warrant a trip to the vet if she were a responsible owner. this is probably the first time Celia has been taken out in months.

No. 790705

File: 1597606612851.jpeg (361.61 KB, 1125x1675, CDA932C8-8C80-4010-A42F-B44358…)


No. 790706

File: 1597606722689.jpeg (280.93 KB, 1204x1623, 70FD7975-6959-4EDD-ADBC-27F54C…)


No. 790707

File: 1597606814504.jpeg (175.63 KB, 1194x1429, 7527023B-0CC4-4917-B2CF-C408EC…)


No. 790708

What a humiliating legacy

No. 790709

sunglasses while showering?

surprisingly a good fit for the junkie qween. Also love how they appear to be a real dark eye hiding shade kek

No. 790713

>full face of makeup
So uh… Was she shooting up in a shower cubicle? She looks sweaty for someone in the shower, surely her makeup would have run if the water was running? And her hair would be wetter, instead of looking greasy? Pinned eyes means that the lights in the bathroom are too much?

No. 790719

Pretty sure she's just in the bathroom crying.

No. 790720

Did she deleted those?

No. 790721

Yup, already deleted lmao

No. 790722

She is right for once, those series of photoset really encapsulate a trailer white trash that she is.. ngl, I enjoyed this rather than her not posting lmao

No. 790732

What's that thing on her nose? Makeup?

No. 790737

two studs and a shitty costume jewelry chain going over to each one. It left a green line on her nose when she first got it from lack of cleaning

No. 790739

I'm pretty sure this was the day she was "caught" at the theatre with Forrest because of a pic she posted herself and thus caught by tinder dick guy.

Lmao well she does absolutely fucking suck at shooting up so it would make sense for her to get in the shower to try to make her veins pop

No. 790743

The green line is because of the bad material, it will appear quickly even if you clean

No. 790745

I wonder if she’ll be upset Forest is having a baby with his fiancé

No. 790751

File: 1597619703109.png (113.02 KB, 1114x657, 12.PNG)

vague tweeting about us huh Taylor, Setting up the excuse to say hatERz made you shoot up.

No. 790789

Since when do tears mist your entire face and why would she be topless with sunglasses on?

I am beginning to doubt that even this rehab stint did anything. I speculate Mama D forced her to go, and she ran right back to shooting up.

No. 790790

Freedom of speech bitch. This is so rich coming from this narc hypocrite. coming from the person who tweets n-words, viking funerals, cooked noodles…

Just sad, go to therapy and just quit YT.

No. 790804

File: 1597634392785.jpg (53.53 KB, 400x400, tayfish.jpg)

not sure if she's trying to look threatening or edgy with the knife, but when the pic is small next to her tweets, it looks more like she caught a fish and is utterly mystified in a vacant sort of way

No. 790878

Not a chance she's shooting in her palms. That would be insanely painful and if she missed (she's obv not very adept at all this) she'd have massive swollen palms. The whole leg thing fits with this though, there are a lot of visible veins in the legs and even with that she still managed to fuck it all up and get AlMoSt twenty abscesses

No. 790879

I started out as a big fan of hers, and if you had shown me what she is now back then I would have been blown away. When I step back and really think about it, I never in a million years would have thought she'd end up being a loser, wanna be emo junkie. She had the whole ReLaTaBlE shtick down, and she was cute and had so much potential. Imagine having the world at your feet and choosing to ruin your life to this extent. She's always been a raging narcissist with an animal hoarding problem but she could have been a productive one. Who knows, maybe she actually would have improved her animal care if she hadn't taken the junkie road less taken

No. 790885

File: 1597678349152.png (133.76 KB, 750x1334, 454EE48C-4B0D-4393-8596-05AB51…)

No. 790886

File: 1597678383841.png (225.44 KB, 750x1334, 572DBC35-136E-45AA-9559-980F1C…)

No. 790887

File: 1597678432920.png (Spoiler Image, 220.52 KB, 750x1334, 8FB1F180-0260-4F4D-9025-66F0F9…)

Passive aggressiveness from mama dean

No. 790890

Some of these are kinda dumb and a little too black and white. I wonder if Taylor has been fucking around with a new guy mama Dean doesn't approve of tho lmao.

No. 790894

its probably more that taylor jumps from rehab to rehab and "dates" a new guy each time and complains to mama dean to pass the time. cause a lot of these sound like, really highschool, and jens just probably trying to find a positive comment for taylor so she doesnt go manic over boys. also cause jen is married to a lawyer. theres no way he replies back to any of his texts during the work day. he (probably) doesnt have a 2nd girlfriend he sees from 9-5.

for example, "if he is too busy for U, he has another girlfriend." what kind of logic is that? just sounds like a rebuttal to poor taylor who gets mad when someone doesnt cuddle or text her immediately

No. 790946

File: 1597706670560.png (350.32 KB, 760x750, Screenshot_20200817-192451.png)


No. 790949

File: 1597707022032.jpg (240.09 KB, 1242x1644, 20200817_192457.jpg)

deleted/reposted because I just noticed the needles behind her. she's shooting up in her childhood bedroom, and clearly out in the open. Parent your child, Jen, jfc

No. 790953

File: 1597708058010.jpg (117.59 KB, 913x1024, EfqKr4vX0AE_E3K.jpg)

At least post the other pic. It's obvious she'll delete the post within the hour

No. 790956

she's getting fat again too.

I wonder How long ago, def at mama deans. I'm guessing forest the druggie, farmers called it again.

No. 790958

File: 1597708752109.jpeg (434.29 KB, 747x1195, D4B70F96-72CE-4277-A851-C7E16C…)

“Hehe” and “it’s ok i slipped up”
Should have been in the house on quarantine and you wouldn’t have slipped up.

No. 790959

Meth hahaha knew it. It’s okay guys this is all apart of the worst disease in the world addiction. Relapsing is all apart of the process. So hand me that coke.

No. 790960

So now she had S E P S I S

No. 790962

tweaking on meth, cause sober from heroin. We called it again…

All this shit is unreadable, she sounds like a 13y/o not a 22y/o.

No. 790964

So you’re telling me she walked around with 100 track marks and meth face and left syringes around her bedroom, that her MOM cleans no less, and her mom just… allowed it? And also took care of her animals for her while she was doing this? Holy shit they are both truly stupid. Taylor is seriously going to end up dead under her room leaving nothing but 30+ animals behind

No. 790965

It's honestly kind of hilarious that she will make a point to take pics of herself at her worst so that she can use them later down the line to give herself credibility as a recovery queen

No. 790966

I was just going to comment like who take photos of their drug use and post it online. Lol guys I so drugs not like the other girls

No. 790968

Normally I feel badly for families impacted by addiction but her parents are coming off more and more like an enabler m. Her moving home didn’t make her life any better if anything it just 100% allowed her to continue her shit behavior.

Can’t believe this dipshit is still posting photos that have needles in them. It’s irresponsible.

No. 790969

didn't think the thirst trap was important to repost on its own since it's not really milky. you can get the gist from the thumbnail

>every relapse I have gets harder and scarier
so she's relapsed enough to recognize a pattern? yikes
is this a normal way to speak during recovery? calling shooting up "medicating"? I understand the concept of it, but I would think that language would be discouraged in recovery, since it really sanitizes the behavior. it's not "medicating" if you're on medication to prevent it from happening in the first place

No. 790971

File: 1597711065869.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 0B61A979-DCE3-49B3-8AD4-D905DD…)

The whites of her eyes are so red in her stories

No. 790973

File: 1597711665953.jpg (757.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200817-194621_Ins…)

Wow so quirky and edgy. All your 12 year old fans are soooper jealous

No. 790974

She looks horrendous. Her new edgy emo teen style is so awful. When she actually gave a damn about her Youtube and animals she looked totally different. Why did she change her style so drastically? Getting tons of tattoos and trying desperately to be all edgy and dark. Is it the drugs?

No. 790975

funny that she posts this and has yet to explain what she did with the REAL GUN her felon brodick bought for her

No. 790977

That's the first thing I thought of. Love how she has more trigger discipline with a fake gun than she did with the real one

No. 790978

Jonny broke her, the earliest videos of Tayter were almost normal.

No. 790980

File: 1597712956188.jpg (30.32 KB, 400x448, 4296-kill-yourself.jpg)

I'll take my ban now

No. 790981

File: 1597713083281.png (33.59 KB, 485x361, 13.PNG)

Get ready to be disappointed.
I Truly do not understand how she has fans. It makes me sick to think that so many people excuse her animal abuse because "she's in a rough place"

No. 790982

Anon who posted >>780656 was spot on, seems like she’s been shooting up in the same spot for months now

No. 790985

What the hell is Jen thinking during all of this? Did she seriously saw her like that and did nothing?
She is the worst enabler has far, gives her money to buy meth, let her shooting in the house, let her leave syringes behind so Tanner or a cat hurt themselves.
This is a mess, they really need to drop her cause she is a wasted of money.

No. 790988

this reminded me

Taytor can remember to take selfies strung out on god knows what, yet hasn't posted a picture of her fallout ghoul leg yet? I'm calling munchie bs

No. 790989

Oh for sure. Every time taylor has been in a hospital she brags and brags. Suddenly something actually serious happens and shes not flying to the internet with her pics4sympathy? I doubt it actually happened.

No. 790992

and she still has the bruise in >>790953

No. 790998

So Tayterthot has finally admitted to relapsing on not only heroin but meth. blogpost but meth and heroin addiction had completely taken over the area I’m in and I’ve lost many friends to it. There’s no way Tayter overcame it with less than 30 days of rehab. She’s already using again guarantee.

No. 791002


Most of us started out as fans. I remember years ago watching her and thinking wow, this chick just loves animals. I didn't know much about the animals she kept so her videos were interesting. I only knew about mice and was disappointed with Gus' set-up but it wasn't super bad. There was always something "off" about her videos. It became very apparent once she started getting snakes. The video where she talks about the green tree python dying at that con (I think she got 5 new pets that day?) really stood out to me that she did not care about animals at all and was very irresponsible.

It's wild seeing her ruin herself with drugs, shitty piercings/tatts for a shitstain of a man and posting so much personal stuff online for the sake of fame. She was never an amazing pet owner, but hot damn she has become so much worse over the years.

No. 791006

she's not getting fat, why bonerattle when there are so many bad things you can say about her appearance that are accurate?

No. 791007

God damn Taylor you really are such a fucking loser.

No. 791010

The way she talks about relapsing at the start of the caption it makes it seem like it's a common occurance for her, like she relapses gets sober for a week or two and then relapses again but at the end of the caption it's like she catches herself that she's only been open about two relapses so far so she has to pretend it's about only those times.
This, lol, we were right again. I can't believe her mother just lets her shoot up in her bedroom like that, with syringes laying aroud… For some reason I assumed she did at some friends/dealers house or at least hiding in her bathroom but this is just so much worse.

No. 791015

File: 1597727477504.png (144.1 KB, 1560x724, 14.PNG)

whose betting that she'll just disappear again?
Also Lmao at "1.9 million viewers" Her last video (before the johnny one which I'll remind you was 7 MONTHS AGO) didn't even get 400k. Cmon Tay let's get real.

No. 791016

File: 1597727617011.png (139.92 KB, 1593x673, 15.PNG)

No. 791020

Why is the first time in filming in forever. She chooses to film more about herself and her addiction. Everyone (fans) on Twitter has been asking about her pets not her.

This situation reminds me of Brooke Houts and her dogs situation. Brook made a YouTube channel about herself but her dog ended up gain traction so she changed her whole channel to be about the dog.

It seems like Taylor is trying to change hers, to be more about herself and not her pets. Idk I don’t think she really wanted all the pets and she got them bc it what got her views. She doesn’t even seem like she enjoys making animal videos anymore.

maybe she should um idk rehome them all. So she can focus on her hobbies like meth

No. 791033

Has anyone kept a tally of how many times she's said she's posting a video since the jonny video? A million? Jesus Taylor, you can't even promise yourself you'll stay sober

No. 791036

Like her last few videos are shit too, so I think its a little too late to make it captivating for the audience now, she just wanna make excuse to postpone posting another video. Just stop promising an upload and you will not catch yourself in this predicament tay. Its not rocket science

No. 791037

I also remember that period she is using really heavy filter on insta stories (ie the ugly ass face tattoo filter) - she really does have a MO to relapse or being caught on social media.

No. 791039

File: 1597737697151.jpeg (722.19 KB, 828x1226, D95F194C-9677-4C41-8E48-FE295B…)

Really feel like we’re back to square 1

No. 791040

Yeah but imagine the backlash if she jumped back into animal content without a word on her relapse?

Kek it’s all hypothetical anyways, as we all know she’ll maybe put out one video and that’s it.

No. 791041

Same with you anon, I remember reaching out to her asking her to dump jonny thinking that was the reason jonny is holding her back to get sober, guess I was wrong. She is equally problematic, she is more of a guilty pleasure now to watch but I do sincerely hope the best for her but it is pretty incredible to watch her relapse and cover lies with more lies.

It really makes me all the “haters” rumours about her one of her snake eating gus and she replace some of her animals has a lot of truths now.

No. 791043

I doubt that jen is funding her drug use, although she hasnt posted for months but I feel tayter still pulls in enough income on youtube and she doesn’t pay rent, so she could definitely afford paying her own drugs.

Not to judge jen further but she may have tried to stop her from relapsing behind the scenes, jen constant vague posting on disappearing on twitter previously sounded like she was very frustrated, on top of that she has to take care of tanner.

I am cutting her some slack here but I think this whole family needs to put down their devices and stop chasing youtube fame

No. 791047

I remember when we all thought moving back in with Mama Dean would help. KEK hindsight is 20/20
This loser is going to the next name on the google doc rolling around with her dead animals. She has got to get her shit together.

No. 791050

She's clearly showing it off, too. She knows that the syringe is visible, she wants people to see it.

No. 791052

File: 1597740801564.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, D0975F48-0ED1-4DD5-84DA-C2B0BF…)

Interesting comments from this.

No. 791053

File: 1597740938857.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x2168, E6736811-FC6A-4B4B-8F76-845126…)

I can’t even be bothered to read her rants

No. 791061

Omg anon, are you me? Because I fell off the stan train when she began getting snakes too. I can't remember which snake she got first, maybe Salem? But I remember being so happy for her bc I knew she wanted snakes but her mom said no. But then she got another snake.. And another.. And another.. And as we know it never really stopped. It was also around that time she started flexing a lot about her income. So I quickly began to dislike her by then. I think any average person would be thrown off by that because we know the work that goes into animals. The rapid acquiring of pets is not a normal thing to do even if you do have all the spare and experience necessary.

No. 791063

So let me see if I understand this..

Taylor does heroin and meth in a household consisting of cats, reptiles, her mother, her father, and her brother who has a disease where he'll eat anything.

Taylor does said drugs pretty much out in the open, for months on one and weeks on the other.

Mama Dean furiously defends her daughter, says she's fine even though she's doing METH in her house and probably freaking out.

All the while she's too fried on drugs to do basic hygiene, clean her room, look after her pets, or even clean up her needles and drugs.

The sheer audacity of every adult involved to not only put animal lives at risk of being harmed by her or ingesting things left behind, but also she put her BROTHER at risk because with his disease and lowered mental capacity he damn well could have ingested drugs or jabbed himself on an uncapped needle.

This is why Taylor is absolute fucking trash who clearly only cares about herself and her mother/father are right there behind her for allowing her to do it.

No. 791069

All of this.

I think Mama Dean is way too stuck on her image to actually be of help to her daughter. Not to give Taylor that excuse, she's an adult. Noone is helping anyone in that house.

No. 791073

tayter when will you understand that nobody cares about your heroin life updates. no one on youtube is that invested in your life that they need to hear you account your every fuckup. do something positive with your life for once and maybe people will be interested. god damn she's such a narcissist.

wow tayter you looked terrible on heroin and look slightly better now. how many times have you made this exact post before?

>parent your child
taylor's 23. all jen should do is kick her the fuck out of the house. but she loves having control over her daughter so she won't.

No. 791081

so that's what she looks like without the makeup. Love how she always presents these as horror images, she should also show pictures of what she looked like when she was all dolled up, swearing up and down that she's sobur and manipulating all of her stans.

No. 791089

She’s 100% not sober. She only posts these paragraphs of incoherent babble when she’s high on meth. Idk how one person can talk about being accountable for their relapse and then in the next sentence bitch about people calling out their junkie bs but here we are.

For the past year we’ve heard her say:
-I’m a special 15% addict uwuuu
-I went to the bestestest rehab… the dr. Phil one.
-I’m doing AMAZinggg… even my therapist says so!
-I’m so depressed and abwuse suboxone
-I hate Jonny Craig continues a month long sperg about him
-I’m going to rehab for abused women never goes
-proceeds to pretend like she’s living her best life
Now: I’m abusing BOTH heroin and meth and almost lost a limb teeheeheehee

Idk what more this junkie bitch can say about relapsing at this point. I hope she learns fast from her idiotic fan base that no one likes listening to a broken record.

No. 791090

remember when she was going to post a "major life and career update uwu be proud of me" kek and now months later it's just a "whoops I only said that because I was mixing heroin and meth" update

and yeah that's what I mean. Jen needs to be a parent and do some tough love. give her an ultimatum that half of her animals will be rehomed every time she relapses. At least get the poor rats and hedgehogs out of there, if they're even still alive. I wonder if she's just waiting a while to announce they're dead so she can pretend it just happened and they totally met their minimum life expectancy and definitely didn't die months ago.

No. 791100

its disgustingly selfish of Taylor not to rehome ALL of her animals at this point. its clear she isn't taking care of them and instead jen has to take care of a disabled son, an addict daughter, and all of these animals on top of trying to take care of herself. she's going to kill her mom from stress if she doesn't end up overdosing first. jen also needs to grow the fuck up and put her foot down about the animals. how many relapses will it take before jen does something to actually help their situation

No. 791106

File: 1597769845320.png (149.26 KB, 893x831, 16.PNG)

This was from last night too but.
Don't worry guys she's had the bullet points written down for years! Plus she LOVES making content not because she needs drug money or anything…

No. 791108

File: 1597770332823.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x2136, 16F7D433-B605-45DA-B355-DF2321…)


No. 791110

That’s a odd bruise looking scar that won’t be there in a few weeks/months

No. 791123

File: 1597783815673.jpg (539.56 KB, 1536x2048, lol.jpg)

It's a magical bruise looking scar that appears and disappears I guess. Pic related, from July 25th this year, under a month ago.

She claimed to be 3 weeks sober on the caption for this pic so I guess that's why its not there. Weird that she's forgotten about her suuuuper real EDS that causes her to bruise easily. She's losing what little braincells she had to heroin

No. 791136

the bruisescar they are talking about would be on the other shoulder anon, not the side with the knife tat

No. 791153

I thought of that too. I bet she still has the gun. Lets be real I can't imagine her going back to the gun shop saying woops turns out I can't legally have this gun you sold me! lets be real she bought it herself because as a felon he couldn't have so I'm sure her saying bro dick bought it and then surprised her with it right then and there is bs because he can't legally buy it to begin with and she didn't want to admit that she bought it for herself.

No. 791161

It really does look like she's going to die from this sooner or later. She has no impulse control, no motivation, no sense of accountability, and no long-term goals to work towards. She lacks anything that would give a junkie a chance to crawl out of the gutter. Even Luna has a better chance of making it.

No. 791162

as shitty and sad as the situation is, nobody can ,make Taylor change. She has to have the strength to want it. In al anon (support group for family of addicts) they ALWAYS tell us we can't force the addicts to do anything because oftentimes it is counterproductive. Taylor really fucked her life up. Reminds me of my mom, she's been "trying to get sober" for 14 years. What her mother CAN do is kick her ass to the curb at this point because it's all downhill from here, unless Taylor decides to change.

No. 791163

This. She's deep in delusion with her YT career recovering.

No. 791174

i'm sorry for your mom anon, that must suck, but you're completely right
taylor has since day 1 tried to deflect the blame of her addiction and relapses, first it was jonny and then her "addict brain" etc etc
i think i understand why jen would be so enabling because she probably would rather taylor ODs at home where she can be of immediate help than at some stranger's house or hotel room where she would never really know what was happening, but jen needs to let taylor go and reap the consequences of her own actions

No. 791180


It must be hard for her parents. They probably want her at home where they can keep an eye on her and help her if she ODs, but they are giving her way too much freedom. Like how is she even getting drugs into the home? If she's out of rehab she shouldn't be able to go anywhere and her parents should search her room regularly. Like for fucks sake, Taylor is a liar and can't be trusted. If she's under your roof Jen then you need to step up and get your child sorted out.

The best thing they could do for her is rehome her pets. They deserve better. Their owner has prioritized drugs over their well being for too long and they are suffering needlessly for it. Then kick her out. Taylor doesn't want to get better. She's going to relapse over and over again because of the cushy safety net her parents provide for her. She won't change until she truly hits rock bottom. Her parents should be supportive, but at this point they are just enabling her.

No. 791182

Jen needs to make some moves if Taylor's gonna stay in the house. She is literally relapsing during the pandemic and has never quarantined and brags about hwo she can hit it dropped at her door. Get some fucking cameras Jen, call her out and give her an ultimatum about the animals or staying with you and your disabled son

No. 791185

File: 1597811898089.png (83.31 KB, 1326x318, 17.PNG)

At Least the snakes that get stepped on get a fairly fast death instead of getting cooked alive or getting RIs on "your property"

No. 791189

I am sure Taylor the expert manipulator can convince her mom that she needs "hEr mEdS". Like she doesn't say "shooting up heroin", instead she says "medicate".

Also this >>790958 notice how she says that she FOUND HERSELF getting addicted to meth. Like there was no way she could have prevented that because she basically just woke up one day and was addicted. But then, later in the text, she says THANKFULLY she asked for help. Making her a heroine because she was brave enough to tell her mommy that her "medicatiON" had gone overboard. She even pulls in the devil and says it was just one weak moment, like she didn't choose to go to mr. junkie pink hair by herself.

You say your relapses keep getting worse Tay, well guess what they will continue to do so until you take some goddamn responsibility and stop petting yourself on the shoulder and say "it's okay to slip up". It's really hard to believe she's sincere when she is so obviously manipulating everyone to look good.

No. 791191

Jen should start to get ready when Taylor overdose in her room. At this point she hasn't been more than three months and a few days clean from her last good rehab.

No. 791196

So everyone is saying she just left needles out but not to whiteknight but I really hope she just left them out long enough to take a edgy pic and then put them away. I say that because she claims "no one knew" (lol every addict thinks that and every addict is wrong about it).

Otherwise she's fucking dumber than I thought. She's nasty leaving two apts full of hep c contaminated rigs when moving out. They're not that hard to pick up or at least put the caps on. On that note if they are just laying about and we know Jen is caring for her animals and cleaning her room I seriously hope her mom doesn't get pricked and get hep c since Taylor can't even be bothered to put the cap on them. I feel like Taylor will die from her ignorance toward the level of hygine needed to not get infections/abscesses while using iv instead of oding. She's going to be the dumbass who gets endocarditis and acts shocked even though she's done basically everything opposite of harm reduction practices . She's fucking nasty

No. 791205

damn, I know it has been for years, but her philtrum is so fucked

my thoughts exactly. "I'm a friend to wild snakes, I only kill the ones I keep inside, living in inadequate cages for years!"

cooking heroin smells. the only way no one would notice it would be if Jen never went in her room/that side of the house (which she has to because she's the one caring for the animals) or if her room just already smells so horribly of animal shit and trash it covers the drug smell.

No. 791219

it really isn't hard to hide druggie smell, just air freshener and bathroom fans. Would explain her crying in the bathroom pics.

I'm thinking more and more she got kicked out of rehab again for drugs. Bees? LMFAO

No. 791223


If she’s using powder, she doesn’t have to cook it up. It sounds like she was shooting them both up, which absolutely is a recipe for heart issues and death. Not to blog, but I had a friend in her early 20s die from speedballing. Taylor needs to wake up and realize she is not immune.

No. 791326

Lol right? I think I've had this exact convo with likely the same anon in Taylor threads before. But smoking h really isn't that difficult to conceal.

No. 791343

definitely weren't having this conversation with me. what about meth? aren't meth houses often condemned because it's so pervasive, difficult to completely clean out, and dangerous? obviously she was nowhere near that level of usage, but there's no way her mom didn't know about it

No. 791351

Meth does have a smell that would be hard to conceal in the same home but meth houses smell and are dangerous because they're cooking meth there, not because they're smoking for it

No. 791358

She’s also got three cats living in her confined space so I’m sure it’s hard to smell anything over the smell of their litterbox.

No. 791359

The cats are allowed out of her room now, lurk moar.
I'm sure it's just because Jen had no other choice than force the dogs & cats to coexist while Tay is holed up in her childhood room drugden or in rehab.

No. 791360

Literally nobody is asking for another addiction video. I don't know why she thinks she NEEDS to make one?? Girl we know you're a junkie already. Why not just film a dumb animal video? She's trying so hard not to show them and it's obvious.

And this girl said basically my exact thoughts. How is that even a comparison pic when you can't even see her body in the first one, and she has makeup on and glasses covering her face in the second one with her hair up?
She could never wash her hair as evidenced by literally every photo she posts.
Nobody is going to buy her shit anymore. She wants us to believe she got clean from that joke of a rehab vacation place after only 30 days? Taylor, plz
Also, she just admitted she has always been on meth with the looks of her face. Not just this one time. Always. And it's easy to hide with makeup and facetune.

No. 791368

not to blogpost too much but its a shame that after heroin she decided to tap into meth use. i live with someone whos gone through meth abuse and is on their 6 or 7th year of trying to recover. its not easy because of how much chemical damage it causes. taylors completely fucked herself for years

to add, extended meth use basically gives you drug induced schizophrenia and it does NOT go away, you can actually get a diagnosis for schizo if you explain youve used meth to health services.

the mental damage meth does is terrible and explains why she cant remember shit like her EDS or gluten problems anymore. the lists and the rambling. what a terrible downfall for taytor. completely agree with >>791161 cause at least luna can go to college lmao

i hope jen kicks her out and sells the animals cause shes a lost cause until she gets on the real recovery train (i.e. getting off subs) and committing to a program 12+ hours a day every day

No. 791371

File: 1597879829105.jpeg (360.96 KB, 828x1398, 22FB195F-F7EE-49CC-9E0B-2C72D2…)

Jesus anon, I knew meth was bad but honestly never looked up the side effects, but holy hell if tayter is gonna be suffering this for a long long time for dabbling into meth as well. Eh good luck

No. 791372

schizophrenia would be just another "scary" diagnosis for her to add to the list and brag about. she bragged about BPD as if it's not hugely stigmatized, brags about being the junkiest junkie ever, she'll do the same shit if she does go crazy from meth use

No. 791374

Meth is such a low-class drug, it's literally white trash coke. I'm honestly surprised she even tried it based on it's reputation, she always seemed into the upper-crust stuff.

I'm guessing the meth started strong with Brodick 1. Pretty sure he had meth problems too and she's been substituting it ever since. Her position is scary as hell, she needs psych ward treatment.

We need a faces of meth for Taylor, who TF brags about their drug use to fans?? Fucking A she's a whackjob at this point.

No. 791376

NTAYRT but meth is so fucked. It's the only drug that actually changes the chemistry in your brain. Forever. You're a diff person after.

No. 791378

She'll blame it on her "genetics" , it'll be "poor me I wuz born sooo fragile!!1!, so sick, muh depression uwu"

Gee I dunno, maybe you feel like shit because you've been doing meth and heroin? just a thought. Ya let me do some more heroin that'll makes things better. Logic.

You can't complain about illness and depression when you're on hard drugs. If you can't be half-assed to take care of your body what do you expect?

No. 791379

Not to drug-sperg but Meth has become much more widespread outside of "white trash" circles, at least in the West. I know college educated professionals using. Not typically as a main drug of choice (at the beginning) but as a supplement/poly drug use.
Like Taylor said, she started doing meth because she "couldn't stay awake long enough with the heroin". It doesn't have the same stigma it did years ago.

No. 791385

what's you're point? Junkie be junkie

No. 791386


drugfags acting like they are better than others because they do different drugs. you're junkie trash regardless lmao

No. 791398


She's been doing meth since at least 2018. Her meth addiction isn't new.

No. 791403

It truly is amazing how she thought she'd solve the drowsiness from heroin by just going straight to meth. Not just sniffing either but shooting it. God knows why, she clearly sucks at it.

Meth truly is the worst stimulant. Not that cocaine or amphetamine are without their own issues but it'd be better than shooting meth. I'm just waiting for her first psychotic episode or something. With her level of drug abuse it's only a question of time. Maybe she'll even get in trouble with the law next relapse. The way this is going this is not her last merry go round for sure.

No. 791413

ah you're right, I had almost forgotten about that. It's like she wants everyone to believe that she just now slipped and "tried" meth as if they weren't old friends already. What a manipulative bitch.

No. 791414

i assumes she meant she didn't use it much until recently, wouldn't she show bigger signs of meth use if she was a constant use for 2 years now??

No. 791418

most likely yes but everyone is different obviously.

If I remember right she only really dabbled with it back then probably because Jonny was more into coke and she obviously just did what he did. Then bro dick 1 came along in rehab last yr and he was there for meth and booze and I think that was the first time she used it with any regularity

No. 791436

So who is she blaming for this? Internet haters? Covid? Tanner? Johnny?

No. 791437

Taylor is a prime example of “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

No. 791438

People might stan for heroine junkies as beautiful misunderstood fallen angels but no one thinks that about methheads. As someone pointed out above, meth is like the ultimate trash drug. People hate meth heads more than any other type of drug user.

So not only did she fuck up her reputation for nothing, but now if this gets to be public knowledge no one is going to want to touch her. And of course you have all the horrific health complications of meth alongside that.

Christ, Tay. You literally just had to avoid meth. Couldn't even do that. I bet even Johnny is calling you a dumbass.

No. 791440

Not sure if this counts as tinfoil because it's based on her history and facts but I truly believe that if we're able to keep up with her over the next few years, we'll begin to see a toothless Tay. Her teeth and gums already look pretty tortured, and I'm assuming that it was laziness rather than the acidity of the drugs she's doing. Her saliva production must taste like battery acid, and her gums already look like they're buckling under the weight of her hygiene apathy.
If it starts looking like this theory is correct, we should start betting on her first visible tooth loss.

No. 791442

> I feel like Taylor will die from her ignorance toward the level of hygine needed to not get infections/abscesses while using iv instead of oding.

Since she was already close to losing a leg to sepsis, most definitely. I actually think it will only take one or two more relapses for her to get there.

No. 791455

File: 1597930934340.jpeg (530.77 KB, 828x1362, 2A41069C-6490-4BC2-B423-863767…)

Sometimes when I grow an ounce of pity for jen and she goes and post stupid dumb tweets like this..

No. 791461



you're one to talk jen

No. 791488

Jen, your own daughter lives under your roof and is doing hard drugs in her room that you provide for her. You clean and take care of her pets while you take care of your son as Taylor does nothing in her life. GTFO of twitter and be a mother.

No. 791491

File: 1597946310235.jpeg (369.21 KB, 1125x1760, C35358F9-62D8-4C08-BD0D-FC3B45…)

Didn’t see this posted but holy shit. Imagine.

No. 791492

lol tay can be used as an example of what NOT to do. She killed her career for dick and drugs

No. 791493

Only thing Taylor’s crushing is pills before she injects them. Laughing at the mental image of this woman going to Tay’s channel, seeing the pinned vid “I’m a Heroin Addict,” and leaving Mama Dean on read.

No. 791494

Of all the insane and cringe worthy shit Jen does on Twitter, I think this type of shit takes the cake.

No. 791497

Ive been getting vibes she’s doing uppers for a long while and I guess this confirms it.
Blogpost but I used to be addicted to amphetamine and her long messages of text on Instagram read to me like a speed ramble, while it’s coherent it’s a loose red thread that goes on for too long.

No. 791498


oh yeah, hahahahaha you just reminded me that she blamed the internet for one of her many recent "relapses"


never change, taylor

No. 791509

Hey Jen, don’t you have some meth and heroin fumes to be washing out of Taylor’s bedsheets right now?

No. 791511

Imagine what Taylor would say to this class?
"Yeah, so i started posting my animals and here i am! there's gonna be so many fucking ~haters~ but who cares?! amiright? alsoigotintodrugsandfuckedmyfutureup. any questions?!"

No. 791515

Taylor doesn't understand why she gets YT views. Branding, business, marketing, statistics, sales, she doesn't understand any of that shit. She won the lottery and fucked it up.

No. 791543

You can snort meth. And shoot it. Evidence of the drug itself is actually pretty easy to hide.

Meth BEHAVIOR, on the other hand, is impossible to hide, and there is no way Ma Dean didn't know. Taylor was acting like a crazed-out freak, marathon JC-shitposting, "swatting" JC … it was obvious to observers online, can't imagine the methy-drama going on IRL in the house daily.

Yep. The unstoppable marathon JC-hateposting at ungodly hours, attempting to "swat" him like it was an actual justifiable thing for a person to do to an ex, and just general rambles of hers. Many anons called it, and it's nice to see the proof.

How she ever thought she was fooling anyone is beyond me

No. 791544

File: 1597967743171.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, F35C8464-E753-4BB2-9C11-9A117E…)

New post from her instagram. Maybe her junkie friend OD’d?

No. 791547

Posts like this make it clear that Taylor will be in this cycle for awhile. Doing the addiction and recovery push and pull is a great way to constantly be surrounded by drama. It's more than just the drugs, she gets to be around unstable people who she can exploit for "story"

No. 791553


Or her friend could just have COVID. Taylor doesn't believe in anything to prevent it though.

No. 791555

It’s pretty messed up she’s using her friend just for attention. She could have just said her friend is very sick and left it at that but she had to go in to business that’s not hers to tell. I’m sure that person isn’t her real “best friend” but if it is that means she just let everyone who actually knows in real life someone else’s business and who it is.

No. 791556

Amazing that right off the bat she goes to "I need her to be okay". Really shows.

No. 791606

That was the first thing I noticed too. Always has to be about her

No. 791607

Or you know… do not have to post it on social media at all?? She can’t help it cause she is such a god damn narc..

No. 791627

She's so fucking dumb and deluded. Uwu beautiful soul, I NEED HER, Muh victim complex. Jeez everything about this reads so phony. I don't think she believes any of the crap she spews.

She's a shit tier person who thinks she's a goddess, but her inner identity doesn't match her exterior and she knows it. She's a big fat phony, she keeps pushing this faux image of herself out there thinking it will make her happy.

Nah bitch, you're trying to trick the world into seeing you as something you're not. Drop the whole druggie shtick, you're not a hardass, you never were. How about you actually grow and struggle for once instead of trying to get high all the time. Go to rehab, detox from all that poison you're putting into you're body and stay sober. WORK, i mean actually WORK you dummy. You ain't gonna find lasting pleasure from drugs, no matter how good they feel in the moment.

Fuck me, I love this cow. Go look at faces of meth Taylor cause that's what you're choosing RN.

No. 791635

I know I think she only got a ton of knifes to look hardass/ edgy. I don’t know why drugs are edgy to her. It’s just sad

No. 791642

Was Taylor home schooled? She doesn't seem to have any real frame of reference to see how embarrassing she looks.

No. 791644

She went to school until like 8th or 9th grade iirc. After that she was home-schooled because of her munchie illnesses

No. 791704

File: 1598058774363.png (1.15 MB, 1105x777, 18.PNG)

Tater Finally posts once someone on twitter calls her out. Also it's annoying how so many of her fans use her posts to show their own animals. No wonder they're her fans they're all narcs too!

No. 791705

What's up with drug users using other people for pitty me points? She reminds me of Luna milking her friend's and her boyfriend's father deaths.
She goes out of her way to speak of a girl her social media doesn't even know but couldn't speak of important pet deaths for weeks until people demand it

No. 791706

File: 1598059158776.png (1.96 MB, 1138x842, 19.PNG)

At least Frank doesn't look obese, and she's holding him okayish.

No. 791714

File: 1598063224068.jpeg (202.01 KB, 828x776, 5C5C41CF-745F-4DE5-99FB-9C17B2…)

Totally taking recovery seriously, guys. Tinder dick 2.0 saga when?

No. 791716

Her love language is actually doing hard drugs with random men she finds off the internet or in rehab

No. 791717

This bitch needs hardcore therapy.
Her dependency on physical intimacy at any cost is just another self-destructive-behaviour to replace drugs. Except indulging in that pattern will easily cause her to relapse again. She's so allergic to being single.

No. 791718

The only reason she is holding her snakes a smidge better is because they have grown so much and she cant physically pick the poor things up by their necks to toss them around for photos like she could when they were smaller.

Rehome your fucking pets Taylor.

No. 791721

File: 1598065743921.jpg (119.57 KB, 1200x1200, DJGGNUDUwAI4DbZ.jpg)

No. 791739

tbh the only chance she probably has at living a semi-functional life is pulling a Mira/kanadajin and channeling all of her cow energy into a religion.

No. 791748

oh great, she's in heat again

No. 791749


taylor, you're an adult. a grown woman. this is actually so fucking pathetic. no wonder she latches on to whatever junkie manlet she finds in rehab or tinder. bitch is desperate.

No. 791754

Prince charming isn't gonna rescue a heroin addict.

Druggies are such selfish assholes anyway, they're so lazy when it comes to love, and the vast majority are just gross, clingy losers.

No. 791765

File: 1598110177662.png (46.6 KB, 158x130, help.PNG)

No. 791766

Kek! Thanks for the reminder of how white bitch basic tayter is anon

No. 791786

Is she so incapable of self reflection that she can't see how her constant dick chasing is problematic??? She acts like a few months of being single is a long time. She needs to STOP worrying about and seeking men and just ignore all of them. It's literally not that difficult. She needs to learn to take care of herself before she involves herself with anyone else. I hope she gets her heart broken again. Dumb bitch

No. 791796

File: 1598135179062.jpeg (391.73 KB, 828x1212, A62651E1-2290-421D-B8A5-3A0D0C…)

No. 791797

lmao I thought this wasn't real or a parody account holy shit! She must still be using (the roots of her hair in the meth pic compared to her current roots makes me think that pic is from after leaving rehab) also she's still talking to her obvious junkie friend so yeah wow she's high as fuck and it's arguing with mom over twitter part 2.0 wow

No. 791798

>"Just let me stay home and do meth mom!"

No. 791801

Bitch, she couldn't even go to Disney World without going into withdrawal. By now she couldn't even handle a few hours on the beach even if COVID wasn't an issue.

No. 791802

File: 1598142879715.jpg (249.6 KB, 1080x1527, 20200822_173132.jpg)


No. 791804

File: 1598143066614.jpg (285.74 KB, 1080x1645, 20200822_173113.jpg)

No. 791806

This isn't really a great reason to NEVER take pictures of them inside their enclosures. If their enclosures were structured well, she could take nice pictures of those too. But, sure, I guess.

No. 791808

Also, how would she show off her tattoos or trashy fashion if she was taking enclosure pictures?

No. 791810

You stuff them in tubs that's why, and people call you out on your bullshit

No. 791836

Reading between the lines and assuming that “physical touch” means getting dick, this is very BPD of her in the sense that she’s been conditioned to think that the easiest/only way to get “love” is to sleep with a person. She’s not funny, smart, talented, or original, but she is relatively good-looking (or at least she used to be) and men will be nice to her and give her the attention she desperately needs if she sleeps with them. Very common with those types, sad to see firsthand the devastation of “what do you mean you don’t love me?” after every debasing one night stand.

I wonder if she’s starting to regret leaving Jonny now, because I don’t see another long-term relationship at any point in her future.

No. 791856

I wonder if she was or will be affected after Syd had her baby and Forrest's girlfriend just announced her pregnancy.

No. 791857

Can you armchair psychiatrists not derail the thread with your BPD spergs? Literally no one wants to read this shit

No. 791858

File: 1598155123414.png (7.63 MB, 1242x2208, 01A0827F-1529-4AE2-9592-8C3F50…)

New pics from her story

No. 791859

File: 1598155180436.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2208, 680A3195-8AB7-47AC-9833-39158A…)

No. 791865

Like I said >>791808

No. 791867


excited? cat looks terrified lol


this is such a weak excuse. if she actually wanted to take photos of just the animal, it wouldn't be in her backyard holding them with one hand. she could easily set up a photo booth for them, but nah. she's gotta have her ugly tatted arm in the photo. just a convenient excuse because her enclosures are garbage, unclean and people call her out for it.

No. 791868

File: 1598162227130.jpg (719.69 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20200823-005731_Twi…)

all shit we've seen before, but posting for prosperities sake since it's not here yet

No. 791870

same anon but, omg do it Taylor. Do it do it do it, go full tesah and get a face tat next

No. 791888

ntayrt but she's publicly stated she was diagnosed with BPD. I think their comment was interesting, it makes a lot of sense why she puts all her worth in her ability to catch a man

marks all over her hand and leg, can't tell if they're new or old

I'm pretty sure she was trying to make a joke anon, she knows her animals don't want to be around her because she has no clue how to handle them with respect and care

No. 791892

the marks look more like scabs than injections tho, is that a drug thing?? or does she just have awful hygiene and is probably sleeping in dirt

No. 791895

Meth causing skin picking.

No. 791896

File: 1598192550078.jpeg (46.18 KB, 786x442, B1EFE76D-755A-4AE1-80A9-1E28C7…)

Pupils look pinned and she’s in low lighting

No. 791915

jesus christ. i know jenn isn't exactly mother of the year but taylor treats her like such shit

No. 791916

This is the exact same outfit and hairdo she was wearing 6 days ago in her comparison photo, green tank dress and long earrings. She's just laying around posting from days ago like she always does.


No. 791998

Tattoo shops aren’t closed (especially in Texas). Just another example of her being too lazy to go anywhere, and probably evidence she’s broke.

No. 791999


why the fuck are you even wanting to go anywhere during a pandemic? you know covid is still a thing, right? if anything it's a good thing she's staying at home. no wonder america is fucked if this is how you all think.

No. 792002

Taylor and her family have exposed themselves as literally never following quartile rules when they were in place, her hair, knuckles, the wedding, Jen going for pet supplies and posting about how she got scolded, her only quarantine was through rehab. How is it she was "in the wrong place at the wrong time" for this relapse when she's pretending she is isolated with her family, this bitch

No. 792005

But yah this was all right at the peak of the shut downs and they were getting so much flak about it, they've never isolated shes just been sneaking around on meth, not showing all the burger stop and pet supplies visits jen has to make for her

No. 792060

File: 1598291535018.png (19.57 KB, 667x179, stillwaiting.PNG)

Two days ago still nothing

No. 792091

Tbf, in Taylor land "filming tomorrow" usually means "upload in 3 months" even though WE all know she rushes her uploads. She has to make it seem like she took forrrreveeeeerrr working on her amazing comeback video but she'll inevitably tell on herself by posting a video she filmed wearing the same clothes as pictures posted 2 days prior.

No. 792107

Jesus Christ, imagine complaining so hard about doing the basic tasks in a cushy, well-paid job.

No. 792119

I wonder how many fan she loses every time she doesn't follow thru with a video she promised

No. 792128

unfortunately not enough, but it seems some are starting to wake up a bit. she's like the toxic friend that makes everything about her all the time.

No. 792141

Taylor doesn't attract intelligent people. Her audience is a bunch of kids, losers, druggies and simps.

Point is, you can't convince the idiots not to support her, they're literally too stupid (or naive) to see any problem.

No. 792145

File: 1598319454967.jpeg (151.19 KB, 828x759, F03755EA-96AD-44E6-9CA0-9CCBF9…)

Oh SUDDENLY it’s broken…

No. 792146

too lazy to find it but last time she got out of rehab she "couldn't" edit because she didn't have her desktop at her parents house which was the only computer she claimed she could edit on

No. 792157

There will keep being editing and broken equipment excuses

After she will post a ton of selfies when she feels cute

Then all of a sudden her video she filmed weeks ago will be in the same out fit from the selfies a few days before

No. 792167

Pretty sure she used that excuse a year ago or so.

No. 792171

If she really wanted to film she could use a free editor from the internet, there's a few decent free ones. She could watch a video on how to use it and she'd be ready to go.

No. 792172

I mean she could literally hook it up to an hdmi cable and use a tv as a screen but I guess that would be too much effort aka actually doing the vid

No. 792174


her editing isn't anything special either, she could legit use windows movie maker and i wouldn't notice a damn difference.

No. 792181

File: 1598351129877.jpeg (368.13 KB, 828x1083, 2FE6B141-7AA6-4232-9431-6975F6…)

Having an existential crisis at 3 am.. maybe go to sleep and regulate your sleeping patterns so you feel less like a piece of shit?

No. 792182

How many times is she going to exploit her sobriety to post relatable content, pretending as if she has even the slightest grip on her life? This grand awakening she keeps having? She posted shit like this all to reveal she’s been doing meth and heroin.

> Be Taylor Nicole Dean

> Get addicted to drugs
> Lie about it
> Show off track marks
> Talk about how bad of an addict you are
> Cry about Jonny Craig
> Go to rehab
> Not take it serious
> Start using again and making excuses
> Hooked on tinder
> Talk about how perfect life is
> Long notes app posts
> Up late
> Never uploading, there’s always something wrong somehow
> Reveal to fanbase that you are still using

Rinse and repeat.

No. 792183

Lmao imagine your standards for yourself being as low as "I'm alive" and thinking that's brag worthy

No. 792184

She has set the bar incredibly low for herself but still managed to disappoint herself eventually. Honestly not sure how or when is she going to come out of this, she is losing her youtube prime period on drugs and dating douchebags. You love to see it!

No. 792185

File: 1598352917559.png (428.03 KB, 828x1792, 8C3CD39D-1B3B-40D3-88AA-E7B0D1…)

We love a self medicated queen! Any bets on whats her big ol epiphany? My guess - its gonna be some uwu i am a victim and all the haterz are bullying me angle again..

No. 792190

Tinfoil but whatever it is, it’s bullshit. Taylor’s never taken accountability for anything in her life. By now she probably feels like she’s been away from YouTube long enough to say that it’s ~triggering~ for her because she was “hiding” her addiction for so long. Maybe she’ll say it’s triggering because Jonny “made” her make videos when all she wanted to do is lay around high all day.

Not that any of it matters, because it’s the same shit she’s been doing. She should know better by now than to announce her intentions for filming.

No. 792192

So what the fuck is it Taylor? Is your macbook broken and you can't edit your already recorded video, or do you need to film your epiphany to update us poor plebs… to not edit on your broken macbook.

A former anon said she drives away people with more than two brain cells so she doesn't have to hold herself accountable. I'm thinking they are right, because you have to be retarded to not see the shitty lies she spews.

Yes, she's still using. Subs, heroin and now her wonder upper meth. Has to get those "most junkie to ever junkie" points. Fucking loser.

No. 792203

File: 1598359992683.jpeg (238.07 KB, 750x763, 9B00E21F-F0E0-4538-9DF0-9FB5C3…)

No. 792205

I will never forget her angry pissed off video of her enclosures she took some months ago, and how she slammed all the doors and drawers kek

No. 792210

I'd be a junkie too if I offered as little to society and to my family as Taylor does. What a waste of space she is.

I have to wonder how many addicts follow her as a form of validation to their own inability to stay clean.

No. 792214

Taylor isn't a recovery advocate. Her mindset is "I can relapse, it's ok". That is always teue, but that's not a good way to think about it. Relapsing can cause you to die. She's too new into addiction, even psudo addiction, to have seen people around her die from it.

No. 792215

I think most people nowadays have been impacted by addiction in one way or another. Since most of us know the drill, she can't fool us. She can only fool people who want validation for not being able to stay clean, or people genuinely too ignorant to know any better. She knows this but doesn't care as long as she gets to continue doing whatever the fuck she wants with 0 accountability

No. 792218

>I have to wonder how many addicts follow her as a form of validation to their own inability to stay clean.

This. There's some weird psychological stuff that makes cows attract other cows. I think it's also shitty pet owners too, I'd say most pet owners are crappy (dogs not trained, feed garbage food, improper care, neglect/laziness)

Anyone who feels attacked by their own shitty care is gonna defend Taylor. Animal care in the U.S is straight up terrible, people are so willfully ignorant. The denial-ism among and refusal to take responsibly is a common thread among her stans.

No surprise, if you actually look into some of her followers they're just losers in other areas of their lives as well.

No. 792227

File: 1598370215170.png (181.18 KB, 1124x791, 20.PNG)

Her cats are still on that "raw diet"? Wasn't her attempt of that just throwing around a dead rat lmao.
agreed It's sad to see that even the small amount of people that stan her all seem to be problematic or attention seekers themselves

No. 792231

File: 1598370953664.png (140 KB, 733x865, 21.PNG)

just have to post this sperg because it's pretty funny.
She definitely seems like she's just given up on the animals because it was actual work.

No. 792233

File: 1598370998486.png (134.76 KB, 719x862, 22.PNG)

No. 792234

File: 1598371118481.png (130.27 KB, 721x862, 23.PNG)

No. 792235


>There's no delay currently happening to any promised content due to it being broken

That's like the definition of a delay, you promised a video three days ago and it still isn't out. At least admit you're a lazy fuck jeez.

No. 792239

>I'm on the road to returning to my channel

You mean you haven't done it yet

>Obligations of having twitter and insta

Seriously? Twitter is not your job, it's not an obligation.

>It all comes down to my mental ilnesses

Muh cundishuns

>I made sure my animals we're in safe hands

You mean methhead betsy? or Your mom who has no knowledge of correct animal care?

>I had to improve in private before sharing

Your doing a great job, humble bragging about meth use is tough.

>Just haven't been in any rush to share

I'm lazy you mean

Jesus Tay get off the drugs.

No. 792246

Omg every word out of her mouth is an attempt to gaslight her viewers. She's the worst

No. 792254

Queen of animals doesn't know that cats have primordial pouches?

No. 792256

She is so cringe! Didnt even bother absorbing all her words, so boring and pointless.

No. 792257

she's such a daft cunt I just can't
>says she has no obligation to update everyone on every little thing about her animals
>feels the obligation to update everyone on every tiny roadblock she has when trying to film
I don't give a fuck that your laptop broke. normal people just get their shit fixed and get on with their work instead of whining about it on twitter.
this is all performative and she has no intention of doing the work. if she had she would just do the work and shut up about it. guaranteed all she has done so far is thinking about maybe filming and then realizing her shit is broken. so now she gets to whine and make excuses and get validation which makes her feel good about herself so she can fuck off from twitter again feeling like she has done some work when she hasn't even touched her camera. rinse and repeat next month.

No. 792258

"One photo that had a single needle"
Oh my God Taylor. The number of photos and number of needles is completely irrelevant. This is such an inane point to argue. The person pointed out that there was photo evidence of her being an obvious drug user, and somehow the fact there was only ONE photo with only ONE needle makes it less shitty? What is wrong with her?

No. 792260

She loves to downplay the severity of the situation and overplay when it gives her victim points. Narc junkie gon narc

No. 792262

Taylor is just making excuses again.She knows Shes just lying to herself and her audience.

all she wants to do is shoot up and get attention. Her spergs are the ravings of an addict in denial.

No. 792263

bets on this not happening today?

No. 792265

why doesn't she just ask jonny for a new macbook lol

No. 792274

that gave me a good chuckle thank you

No. 792279

Are we all supposed to forget she lived in an apartment and a house filled to the brim with needles according to her? Do we really need to dig up the pics and spergs about ~HeROIn JUnKIe exTraOrDInAIre~
She’s already told on herself what a filthy junkie she is for ~cred~ but now we’re supposed to believe she’s practicing safe drug use in her childhood bedroom stuffed with animals (minus the sepsis)? Lmfao what a cow. For the animals and her disabled brothers sake, I hope she was shooting up in some rando’s heroin den.

No. 792280

She’s really trying to hammer it in hard that there was a SINGLE needle in view in the picture she posted when there was very clearly two and probably multiple more out of the shot

No. 792286

Right, as though she hasn't posted pictures of her former junkie den and shown us exactly how she acts when she's using. She had absolutely no respect for her "dream home" and we're supposed to believe she was totally cleanly and respectful in her parents' house? Doubt.

No. 792287

not to mention the area where the needles were is most likely a place where her cats sit/sleep..otherwise i wouldnt be surprised if she put the needles there as a prop for attention to show how baAaad her drug use is

No. 792288

Genuinely I want her to get proper help. She needs an intervention. I feel like people are trying to give her the hard truth and are genuinely concerned for her but she’s automatically on the defence all of the time

No. 792289

File: 1598392156498.png (1.35 MB, 1200x800, better than ever.png)

Faces of meth

No. 792290

kek it's like she made the worst possible choices in life. Her life went downhill FAST.

No. 792309

sorry anon but an intervention won't help tay. She needs to hit rock bottom. Lose all her pets, kicked out on the street, get so ugly no male will give her attention. Then she MIGHT have a chance for recovery.

No. 792314


She's accepted the drug use/recovery as her new normal. That's why she's always so quick to be defensive when people point out how concerned they are in regards to the animals. People don't have needles lying around their homes, it's not THAT hard to understand. It doesn't matter if it was ONE NEEDLE ONE PIC because that's only what she's showing us. The reality is always worse. Because she has needles lying around she's just become accustomed to it. The animal care too, we all know there isn't enough hours in a day for her to care, clean and socialize with the pets that need it. This was before the drugs and now she expects everyone to believe that she can look after them on drugs too? While high, in recovery or rehab?

She's a delusional mess.

No. 792315

The only thing that can change Taylor is herself, she'd need a complete mindset/identity change to recover. I doubt she's strong enough to do it.

So much of her personal identity is in her Pets/YT/social media/Drugs. Her issues are slowly killing her, her health must be pretty fucked up at this point. She's too weak willed to turn it around.

Natural selection

No. 792319

Has she gotten a nose job or did she just do her contour the wrong way in the left photo?

No. 792326

She hasn’t gotten a nose job. She still looks like Toucan Sam from the side.

No. 792327

File: 1598416017843.jpg (50.66 KB, 482x832, Capture123.JPG)

No. 792329

Why doesn't she just start editing on the windows laptop in the not-unlikely case her mac isn't fixed? It's not like she does anything at all during the day except go to whattaburger and rewatch the Office. I can only imagine what she'd be like if she was in the workforce, "sorry boss, my car broke down so I'm going to wait to see if the mechanic can fix it, and if not then I'll take the bus."

No. 792330

For someone who works in YouTube it's pretty pathetic she doesn't have a proper editing station since that's her job
She can spend in apartment leases she will leave in 3 months but cant buy a computer?

No. 792346

I'm a Lil dumb about editing but I have streamed and casted, can she not just use an HDMI to her tv and access everything on the Mac? I do that with my PC just to fuck around for free

No. 792347

You guys are kidding yourselves using the logic of anyone with any kind of work ethic. It's not about her laptop, or the editing software. It's about how she hasn't even filmed yet and doesn't actually want to. She's just buying herself time to avoid working, period.

No. 792348

Sage for blog

I literally never post

This is my first

But I have to say this

I am currently taking legal action against the man who abducted beat and raped me at 17. If Johnny is as dangerous as Taylor is so comfortable running her mouth about (and maybe he is, I don’t fucking know) she needs to get off her ass and make a report. It’s been 13 years since what happened to me and I am only now able to talk about it and in doing so have realized that by not dealing with it sooner, more people have gotten hurt. YouTube videos and tweets don’t do shit against an actual threat and if this self absorbed cow knows he is dangerous and doesn’t take actual steps, only frivolous and petty ones, she is allowing it to continue.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792349

I'm pretty sure windows movie maker is discontinued or else I would have agreed with you.

No. 792362

Didn’t sage that blog mate

No. 792364

That doesn't matter and you're missing the point. There are multiple free editing programs available to her now, without her Macbook, so it's a lazy excuse for her to say she needs it to make a video

No. 792365

agreed, if she can't be bothered to get a video out, she won't be bothered to get sober.

No. 792398

This. Adobe even has editing software on iphone. She just plain doesn't want to work. If it were a physical job she'd be faking calling in sick all the time. This is what is happening in place of that.
She will never amount to anything considering she can't even do this simple job. Can't wait for her to get to Luna or Shayna tier.

No. 792406

It's really telling (and very Taylor) that now that her laptop has been in the shop for a while she's just beginning to float the possibility of maybe, possibly, perhaps using her OTHER computer to do the editing. How lazy can you get in your incredibly easy job? If she really was into making that vid, she'd have had that ep edited on the Windows machine the moment the Mac "broke" lol

Notice how she never commits to anything either. She's always hedging, these days, because she knows she has no intention of following through unless she's really hard up for drug money. "On the road to returning" my ass, she keeps talking big about making plans to do things to maybe perhaps someday plan something and will totes keep us updated (ASAP, no less!) on her latest cavalcade of lies and excuses lol

She'll never get better or regain her audience as long as she won't and can't take a shred of responsibility for herself and her fuckups. You're not 16 anymore, Taylor, if you're having problems, it's your own damn fault and your job to fix it, not to daydream about maybe possibly considering getting of your flat white ass and doing something constructive with your life.

No. 792445

Tayter acts like she’s trying to edit a feature film. She’s editing a damn “I’m back” YouTube video that many have done before her (granted her video is I’m back from shooting up meth and heroin and neglecting my animals but the point stands). Any shitty editing program can handle her jump cuts and smoothing filter.

No. 792448

File: 1598505218637.png (123.19 KB, 1080x692, Screenshot_20200827-081313.png)

what hardships tayter has to bear to bring us this video

No. 792450

File: 1598507685886.png (246.1 KB, 1080x1357, Screenshot_20200827-085448.png)

No. 792453

No, you're not trending anymore because since you left Jonny, all you ever talk about is Jonny. Trying to blame him for every mistake you made in your life. Bashing his baby. Sobbing and crying about how he made you addicted to even more drugs than you were before you met him. How he mishandled YOUR pets that YOU were supposed to keep safe. I am not a fan of Jonny, it just bugs the hell out of me that she think she's not trending because youtube protects Jonny or some stupid shit like that. Taylor you're BORING.

No. 792454

Totally hasn't anything to do with her not uploading for more than six months straight, negative comments in her videos (pre and post JC), using the word "Drug Addict" in her titles and not be family friendly anymore (talking about drugs, abuse and reveling clothes)

No. 792456

I’m just so curious what she was using before? Adobe products are complicated at first but really not that hard to learn, and they’re optimized for Apple devices more than windows. Why would she not go for a free alternative if her windows is temporary?

No. 792457

Zero self awareness there. What else happened around that time, Taylor? Oh, that's right, you started shooting up junk and behaving like an absolute turd. And you haven't improved since.

She's not gonna "trend" til she overdoses for good. Sorry not sorry, her relevance has long since passed, and she's just stretching it out. She's never going to make a big comeback and take Youtube by storm lol, the delusion

No. 792458


She doesn't realize that she's already peaked and she won't be trending again. The main focus of her channel (animals) has shifted drastically towards drugs and being "sober". Considering a majority of her audience are kids/teens who just want videos of cute animals her channel is in the gutter. You can't just go from being a family friend pet mum to talking about shooting up and getting high off heroin and meth, all while crying about how your abusive goblin got you addicted to drugs.

No. 792459

Honestly, I'm surprised Taylor hasn't had a real Come To Jesus moment in rehab or AA yet - she could get so many ass-pats for her N supply just by deciding to be a born again Christian who's working to overcome her "evil misguided ways". They'd eat her up, they love sad, directionless, spineless white girls who are keen to martyr themselves lol

Seriously, she doesn't get that she "trended" because she had cute animal pics and vids, and that no one is going to be interested in yet another 40 min vid of her rolling in self-pity. No one likes a junkie, they are so self-absorbed and thoroughly boring in their navelgazing "misery"… you would have to pay most people to set aside an hour of their time to listen to some washed-out junkie ramble about how hard it's been and how they're planning to do all of these cool things any day now lol

Religious folk, though? They'd love her over-emotional "survivor stories" because that plays right into their high self opinion lol. If Taylor were smart, she'd talk about how she'd found god and Jesus was getting her through withdrawals by talking to her in her dreams etc. It's been done by so many drunks and junkies, and it works 90% the time - they love throwing money at someone they can pity and despise at the same time. Taylor would have her dream home again in no time!

No. 792462

Probably iMovie, it comes with Apple devices for free

No. 792465


she has to go through her emo phase first, obviously.

i can't see her taking the religious path. it ruins her i'm such a bad girl haha look at me uwu image. the reality is she doesn't want to be sober. she just doesn't want people jumping down her throat for being on drugs. just look at the people she surrounds herself with. druggie (ex) boyfriend, druggie best friend, druggie rehab "friends". the only reason she's trying to show she's sober is because she has a following online and does youtube which is her income. without youtube, she has no money. so she's just trying to salvage what she can while flaunting her junkie lifestyle (rehab room tour!!) to see just how much she can get away with.

No. 792475

Hahahah this is killing me. Youtube wasn’t like oh she is dating Jonny she can’t trend anymore it’s forbidden.

She stopped trending bc her video quality got worst just like her animal care did when she started getting high all the time.

She won’t go trending when her personality is drug addict

No. 792488

Youtube demonizes content now that literally even say words like "racism" or "predator". Why does she think a video talking about her abusive ex heroin addict boyfriend and all the nitty gritty of their toxic relationship would be on… trending? She basically admitted the whole time youtube was putting her on trending she was getting high with her boyfriend at the time. I really doubt they enjoy the headlines "youtube star was actually addicted to heroin and meth behind the scenes and their audience filled with young kids didn't even know it!"

Does she really think youtube cares about Johnny and not the fact she used the platform they basically handed to her for her animal content to then make a video about how she was getting high the whole time. Why would they protect some no name band loser instead of the person who has millions of subscribers on their own platform? Make it make sense

No. 792490

Yeah I remember that first video she filmed ft Jonny in some fucking hotel - the change was so drastic and obvious, and the drop in quality was insane… and her shit hasn't been the same since. People were calling her out for being high in the video on the comments, causing her preteen stans to do a lot of the collective ass-kissing and defending Tay that has kept her delusional to this day lol

Seriously, she used to make somewhat interesting and actually funny stuff way back then, but the shit she's put out in the past few years? No one with a brain has got time with that. If I want to listen to a junkie rambling on about dick, I can find one easily enough IRL by just going outside… Taylor doesn't realize most people cringe hard at the shit junkies spew and the way they behave. Who wants to see that? Her viewership numbers should be a big ol clue.

No. 792492

She's pissed they don't monatize or promote her Jonny videos because that's what she WANTS to post about. She doesn't want to talk about her animals, even if they are the ones getting her paid. If she posts about Jonny or drugs she's the victim and the main focus. If she posts about her animals, THEY'RE the victims and focus. She doesn't like that

No. 792495

I’ll never forget that one sponsorship she did absolutely high off her ass wearing her sunglasses inside. Skip to 0:54. The only reason she ever was trending to begin with is because the YouTube algorithm randomly selected her as the golden child and recommended her videos to anyone who searched anything even remotely animal-related. Then she went full junkie. Surprise, Taylor, heroin isn’t “family friendly.” Don’t act surprised.

No. 792497

Damn that is so bad I stopped watching her shit videos so long ago but her fans really didn’t see this blatant slurring of words?

No. 792501

During that time YouTube had a pet fever and who's a better face than a cute pet hoarder. During that time everyone wanted everything until the Pet community crash and couldn't afford all of their pets and the ones who bought animals because of Petubers either re-home them or kil them.

No. 792503

Oh shit, I'd forgotten about this one, lol

She's as high as a kite and slurring away like clogged drain. And clock her saying she's at Disneyworld with her BF in that ad spot - was this the Disney trip she had to go home early because she couldn't stay off the drugs for the duration, or was that another trip she took while high with her family?

No. 792504

I remember all her stans defending that drugged up clip. "She's just tired!! She's just being goofy!! It's normal!!" I hope they all feel like idiots for defending her like that.
That was a different trip

No. 792506

File: 1598555249764.jpg (238.4 KB, 892x450, Capture.JPG)

she was using final cut pro apparently.

No. 792508

Dearie me, if there only was some sort of website where you could look up information, almost like a thingy for searching for knowledge… or even better, some kind of massive video website with tutorials for anything you could possibly imagine…

Poor Taylor, her shit work ethic has really paid off for her, huh. Perhaps it's best she never pursued further education, she'd get lost trying to find a book in a fucking library.

No. 792513

If she wanted to even try to save her “career” she would actually get sober, move out of mommy’s, publicly apologize for being a shit person the past 3 or so years, and either rehome or give her animals the enclosures and care they deserve. Although I’m 100% convinced all but the snakes and cats have been rehomed or died. Haven’t seen a single one of her other animals in months.

No. 792522


I still feel so sorry for her rats. They are such loving and intelligent pets who love seeing their human every day and need out of cage activity for at least an hour. She never should have kept/gotten them. I just hope she rehomed them because otherwise they are just sitting in their cage without anything to do every single day. We know Jen wouldn't take them out so they can get some human time or do some activities.

No. 792553

Papa Dean is in the insurance business. Her step son is the lawyer

No. 792604

Yup, what a coincidence she has only shown the pets that are easy to care for. Which are only functioning because of her mom feeding them. Sad she chose reptiles because they can go for such a long time in bad conditions.

No. 792608

File: 1598634889367.png (653.35 KB, 828x1792, 224032A2-1F73-4B71-9365-CB63F9…)

Off topic but I think this interaction is super funny how em is trying to kiss up taylor’s ass so publicly and shamelessly now given the shit she did. Reckon she still lurks here? Kek. Hi em!(hi cow)

No. 792613

Decent video idea if the narcissists she's talking about would be her and Taylor lol

No. 792741

Is it for real taking this bitch over 4 days to edit one video?

I'm more inclined to think there is no video and she's off getting high. She has to be broke by now though, unless she's got a sugar daddy or is sicking dick for drugs.

No. 792745

She will post selfies when she actually films. So yeah, I doubt she has yet. IF she ends up posting, the selfies will appear when she is actually about to film. Just because she films doesn't mean she'll upload tho

No. 792748

Queen of promising and never delivering. And mommy will always be there to keep a roof over her head and support/enable her, because she doesn't want to do anything herself.

No. 792750

YEP she always has a shoot of photos Of herself, before she REALLY films

No. 792803

she sure is taking her time "pushing herself to make videos" lmao. how many days til she deletes her Twitter account again?

No. 792807

Weeeeeeeeell to be fair, with Taylor, any whiff of productivity is ways away.

She really does love to tell her followers about all the cool (or at this stage, the bare minimum) things she's going to do… someday… honestly, she's almost decided to start planning it all out! lol

No. 792942

It’s sad to know that her poor rats are dead and probably suffered greatly before they passed. If they were still alive and getting the daily social interaction they need they would’ve been the easiest to get a picture of to post. Tayter is just waiting until enough time has passed that she can reasonably say they died of old age and she’s so sad. Hopefully she doesn’t get high, play with their corpse, and set it on fire like cheese.

No. 792966

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt that more of her animals didn't die, she just rehomed most of them. It would explain why she doesn't want to show the enclosures or make videos about her animals in general.

No. 792967


Taylor could actually change if she wanted. She could be honest and say that actually, she was overwhelmed by all her pets and struggled to see to all their needs. So she decided to rehome them. But knowing how much of a narc Tay is, she won't ever consider admitting she did anything wrong or take any responsibility. If she did it's always X, Y, Z's fault and not hers anyway. It's actually sad because this is how a lot of hoarders start. She's just not who you think of when that word comes to mind, because she's subjectively attractive and does youtube.

No. 792969

File: 1598845911190.png (148.13 KB, 1131x650, 24.PNG)

I'm anticipating that this video, if it is even posted, isn't even gonna be milky. "mweh addiction is soooo bad" I'd be super surprised if we see any of the animals that are most likely dead (hedgehogs, rats, fish). Just gonna prove the haturz wrong with the snakes and cats that can take a lot of abuse.

No. 792971

in this tweet she all but says Monday or Tuesday. Lmao and she wonders how she disappoints her fans even when she doesn't give a date. Why wait until tomorrow to give a guesstimate as you already did?!

No. 792978

She said this week guys! That means she's gonna do it stop being so mean!!11

How many times at this point? It almost fucking September, still waiting…

No. 792991

She doesn't want to get ahead of herself when she announced already like 6 different videos in the past months?

No. 793113

File: 1598920530492.jpeg (914.29 KB, 1242x1217, B3FAD25C-3C7A-4DC0-8411-9423E3…)

Sage for no milk/throwback but it’s crazy to look back at her old pictures and see just how badly she fucked herself up with fillers and drugs. This pic is tagged from 2015 and in 5 short years she managed to make herself look like a haggard, balding single mom of 3

No. 793118

File: 1598922124913.jpeg (438.93 KB, 1200x1800, 5ADEDA5E-4C28-48EF-AA48-9FDA6E…)

No. 793124

Her whole personality just changed, she was always annoying but she turned into a neurotic mess.

Her fucking hygiene too, jesus! She just looks dirty all the time, the blurry tats arn't doing her any favors either.

Taylor has just turned into this pathetic ball of filth. No amount of YT money is gonna buy back her dignity, or her looks at this point.

No. 793126

she's acting like filming and editing the video is such a big project and not something she used to do almost every week back when she was 19 lmao

No. 793152

They should use this in schools to prevent drug use

No. 793155

it's almost like if taylor didn't become an addict to get some dick attention she could look decent or be productive.
i'm honestly curious as to how many her animals have died since her last stint in rehab.

No. 793159

File: 1598945456236.png (1.94 MB, 828x1792, C952109A-34D5-4F25-914F-21B140…)

I guess is a massive project now since she looks like a trailer trash mess and her animal videos aren’t tracking too well for a long time. And she probably realising she has 0 animal education to offer but only had a pretty face for her youtube now she just looks horrendous.

No. 793172

I don’t get how her original animal audience still stand any her side. I think the biggest most important take away from her crashing career is don’t take animal advice from a rando on the internet that is NOT a professional and especially don’t take animal advice from an active heroin and meth addict on the internet.

No. 793174

Damn she definitely got Botox or some kind of cheek implants, no way that the only thing she got were lip implants.

No. 793181

She has said that she used to shoop her old selfies to hell and back and that she doesn't facetune them as much nowadays. Old pictures can't really be used as a fair comparison because she never actually looked like this lol

No. 793213

File: 1598984572519.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1536x2046, 9C6A5D25-05E7-4BDC-B5D3-F6FF2F…)

This and she also had her teeth done with verneers if I recall. Made a quick collage of her videos for a fair comparison. In honesty she is not uglier or look hugely different but i think is poor hygiene and sudden change of style (make up and gothic wannabe) + shitty tattoos really makes it for her.

No. 793222

Does anyone else think her style is all gothic now to ski walk Syd, Forrest’s fiancé, or to be the ideal girl that Jonny or Forrest typically go for? I often wonder how strong her feelings were for Forrest, how serious it got/how far they went.

I’m sure they’ve fucked lol cuz Tay herself has talked about how much she loves/needs “good dicking”. (Gross)

No. 793228

I think she's just trying really hard to be those girls that the "bad boys" like. She wants to be the girl that a tattoo covered singer falls in love with and would change for her but in reality, she's the one changing for a dude that has a smaller brain than a monkey.

Honestly, she can blame drugs, jonny, "dick" and all that bullshit all she wants but at the end of the day it's her lack of self-awareness with a mix of low IQ parents turned her the way she is.

No. 793233

she definitely got veneers. i've never seen anyone who's teeth actually look worse off with veneers like hers does. i'm sure she took jonny to the same one and his look like dentures. what a waste.

No. 793247

my vote on the next thread pic

No. 793258

File: 1598999292224.jpg (230.54 KB, 1080x1160, Screenshot_20200901-152905.jpg)

No. 793259

how was the air at your junkie friend's place?

No. 793260

But it's true, though. Unless you have something really serious in your respiratory system, the masks shouldn't be a problem

No. 793262

While it's true, it doesn't matter to her-someone who hasn't worn a mask around her friends ever. She's just pretending to be a covid warrior while disregarding simple social distancing

No. 793265


Taylor is definitely that bitch that only wears a mask when it's required lol

No. 793274

honestly, part of it is that, yes, but I also think she's just following internet fashion trends as always. before it was a sort of kardashian basic bitch style and now it's this mix of e-girl leaning towards goth down to the red/black hair bc her face doesn't lend itself well to a more "cute" style

Yeah, most of her views now probably just come from people either watching her crash and burn (if you go see the comment section of older videos that seems to be the norm) or just people who still sort of like her personality and think she's cute so they will support her no matter what.

No. 793280

File: 1599007629389.png (711.16 KB, 750x708, 43GNTok.png)

this, anyone who thinks she ever actually looked like this >>793113 is a moron. she's never been that conventionally attractive in candid photos or in photos from her childhood. she's not deformed or ugly or anything (nothing that makeup and good angles can't fix, as we've seen) but she does look a LOT like her mother and brother.

No. 793289

is that a mullet?

No. 793300


Looks like her hair is in a ponytail over her shoulder. I think it's that typical scene girl haircut most teens had in the 2000s

No. 793322

Oh yuck

No. 793329

Did she get a nose job? That does not look like the same nose

No. 793334

It's good she has that thick neck to hold up her huge head. You can tell how giant her head is here without angles & filters. Also, in that Vice video it was obvious too.

No. 793339

I thought it was mama dean on first glance! How old is tay here?

No. 793343

Yes this. Like when she adopted an Australian koala and then we never heard about it again. Or when she encourages people to protest and donate for BLM but she never protested or donated for shit. She just turns with wherever the wind blows and lack any kind of substance to her own personality. Grow a pair of balls and get involved for real Tay. And wear the goddamn mask without your mom having to tie it to your face.

No. 793344

You can really see how all the fillers have smeared from the upper lip up towards her nose. It looks like a filler moustache. Does she really think this is cute? Why does she not dissolve that disaster already?

No. 793381

Go look at previous threads, there are unedited pictures of her with fans. She looks nothing like how she looks in her own pictures and videos.

Also learn to sage

No. 793383

File: 1599064999508.jpg (334.92 KB, 1990x1820, big ol head.jpg)

an example from playlist live

No. 793384

File: 1599065707808.jpeg (194.06 KB, 351x1054, CB02222C-DAEA-4926-87AA-0C6BB0…)

No. 793385

File: 1599065780963.jpeg (708.94 KB, 750x1284, EC0428F9-FF21-4102-9923-D0586C…)

sorry for posting two photos I just think they are good examples

No. 793386

Stop clogging the thread with old photos

No. 793391

She looks pretty here, she looks terrifying current day, like Chyna the pro wrestler…. ironically she was a huge drug addict too

No. 793397

She has a massive head. She looks like a man.

No. 793402

Boo fucking hoo three photos/posts are not “clogging”

It really does show the difference between her selfies and photos people take of her

No. 793407


Her jaw and chin makes her head looks so big and huge. Her bloated lips doesn't help because it just makes her lower half of her face looks 2x bigger than before.

Tbh she looks pretty when she had the right amount of lip filler, natural long hair, and less makeup >>792289 .. but with a personality like hers and super low self-esteem with parent problems, her internal ugliness is making her look worse and worse. Goodluck to her in 10 years if she doesn't change

No. 793411

I don't know if she can change, honestly. Meth does something radical to a person's brain and that doesn't seem to be reversible… plus she's done all this shit to it and got a personality disorder plus addiction on top of it before she's even 25 - as little as she's using it, her brain just hasn't fully formed yet, young as she is.

Most people use this time in their lives for some sort of growth, change or personal improvement. Taylor's just doing fuck-all with her life and does not seem to have any interest in doing anything with her life beyond lazing around in her childhood bedroom and getting shit-tier junkie dick. It's sad, she had potential once upon a time.

No. 793423

This is… chef’s kiss

Can this please be the pic for the new thread? Can we all agree on that?

I mean, damn. Imagine if this was one of the first photos when you pull up a google search on her.

No. 793424

If you're still looking around, there's a candid I always think about when I see new photoshopped selfies from her - it's a side profile shot from a meet and greet and it's absolutely brutal. I'll see if maybe I can find it, it really is shocking.

No. 793425

File: 1599086599874.png (694.65 KB, 818x616, 1580531178487.png)

There's also this one from the Vice documentary. That video had a ton of funny candid shots lol

No. 793426

File: 1599087970889.jpeg (152.05 KB, 727x929, 01BBF4B2-B25E-441A-BD0C-68AE0C…)

I found this model interesting. She has EDS, which has caused her issues producing collagen. A far cry from Taylor’s small fat rolls.(offtopic)

No. 793427

File: 1599089068608.jpg (89.15 KB, 1440x1516, n2tI0bc.jpg)

My favourite photo of her

No. 793428

File: 1599089098353.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, taylor nicole dean 15379143530…)

No. 793432

geez she looks like a mess without those tattoos and now she's covered with blobs that doesn't help her look at all

No. 793434

Kek this was always my fav as well. My jaw dropped when jonny posted it. I’m sure Tayter threw such a fit. Doesn’t even look like her - and also went against her narrative of having giant beeeeewbs

No. 793436

I noticed in the photos people take she has really bad posture. It’s not a horrible thing, but if she stays in bed all the time her back will stay like that and she won’t be able to stand up straight

No. 793437

Hahah ikr

No. 793444

Omg this one is such an all star, she has the weirdest head shape I've ever seen.

No. 793449

File: 1599093540263.jpeg (910.67 KB, 1936x1936, tay sure knows how to pick 'em…)

speaking of old pictures, this one aged really well

No. 793489

Was she a 10/10 back in the day? No. Sure she was cute before the prison tattoos, thinning hair, and nose jewelry that dye her face green. But she has always dressed like shit and its always detracted from her potential. We don't need 20 posts in a row pointing that out. You are fucking annoying.

No. 793491

Sir clearly it’s not one person posting photos, it’s multiple people sharing funny photos of Taylor for laughs, you are fucking retarded

she was never cute just FaceTuned to “hell and back”

No. 793496

So look back into the old threads and laugh. Idk why shit from two plus years ago is being reposted. No milk no reason to post

No. 793513

Agreed. Nitpicking Taylor’s appearance is tired. Just because she’s not doing anything right now does not mean we need to regurgitate the same 5 same pictures of her.
It’s not milk. Shut the fuck up.

No. 793514

File: 1599124415634.jpeg (236.04 KB, 1125x1271, 57A0E6F4-9EB9-4964-857D-BF6648…)

No. 793516

This chick has some legit fucked up hours.
But she's totally not using meth.

No. 793520

She might be using but there's nothing wild about an unemployed person being up at 2am (if that's her timezone, but she could be up at 6 and it still would be fairly normal).

No. 793521

yeah, honestly, even with online school I think most people would get their sleep schedule fucked up during quarantine

No. 793524

No one cares if yall feel personally attacked because you also stay up all night. Most adults with actual responsibilities are in bed before 2 am most nights

No. 793527

But Taylor isn't an adult with living beings depending on her to provide care… oh wait.

Nah she's going to go on another binge and sleep all Friday.

No. 793538

If I'm not mistaken, she posted this at 3:45a her time. I bet she had just finished filming. I really can't believe she's setting herself up for another missed deadline AGAIN after admitting she has a problem with not keeping her word. just don't announce it! Or announce it once it's uploaded and before it goes public! It is really not hard.

Get ready for more internet/computer/family troubles on Friday morning. Or nothing, and a deleted twitter kekek

No. 793542

According to her, she's already filmed it, couldn't use her macbook to edit it so went with a window app. She said it is already edited and will upload tomorrow. Why wait? Because it hasn't been done.

No. 793559

I think she is lying she usually post a bunch of pictures before uploading

No. 793568

oh cmon. we dont do this every thread or even every time shes boring. unlike most cows, taylor tried to keep her entire life public-but-secret and we never actually knew when she did drugs or not even w photos.

so i think its fun to go back and look at when she started degrading and compare from then to now, esp cause it helps piece together what the true timeline was rather then the lies and disfigured reality she presents.

additionally, i think it is worth criticizing, and comparing to the current, because her career popularity WAS based on the fact that she was a pretty blonde-haired girl doing quirky pet care videos. she's lost what her marketable talent was.

plus its better then reading her stupid 8 paragraph tweet long druggie rants. dont tell me u actually find this repeated bullshit milky in anyway

No. 793573

Every single one of the reposts was saged. It isn't newfags posting old milk, it's tndfags posting comparisons. Quit minimodding retard. your post is more worthless than the anons posting pics of bobble head flat chested Taylor Trash.

No. 793578

this is the absolute best picture of TND. it shows just how much she relies on angles and facetune. her head is massive.

don’t think she’s going to make it, she’s spiraling again and imo is worse than luna. jen truly sucks for enabling her, i bet she was a giant cow at taylor’s age.

No. 793580

File: 1599167288349.jpeg (620.9 KB, 828x1523, D39DF5A1-59EC-483B-856A-82396C…)

So more self-asspat?

No. 793583

and more crying about jonny.

No. 793588

>Lighthearted take on everything

has a meth and heroin addiction

No. 793591

Any bets on whether "lighthearted take" means skating by any hint of personal accountability, and just devolves into "I'm such a quirky junkie with a personality disorder hehe!"… 45 minutes of navelgazing and propping herself up as a recovery advocate.

No. 793593

Just reeks of gas-lighting, promised video multiple times and is now trying to brush it under the rug as "TeeHEE!"

If her fans only saw what she posts on twitter…

No. 793597

Gonna go out on a limb and bet it does not translate well at all.

No. 793599

Calling it now next video will be about 40 mins long and topic of

- how hard she has it
- more drug use
- poor me feel bad for me
- it’s Jonny fault
- pointless rants where she talks in circles
- I’m so sick and mentally ill
- no animal content

with a I’m not like the other girls, and Im a quirky drug addict attitude

No. 793600

Oh my god I didn’t even read this post but I’m the anon that just posted ^ and this is exactly what I was saying hahahah

No. 793601

Honestly the most alarming part of her being up past 2 am now isn’t the lack of responsibility in her life but the point that she said she was doing intense therapy Monday through Friday and only had weekends free. Being up late when you are working to rid yourself of addiction seems silly and having a set schedule would probably better benefit someone trying to recover. All signs point to her being full of shit. Seems like nobody caught on to that.

No. 793611

We all know she ain't doing any therapy

No. 793615

She's going to give an "update" on where she's been while giving reasons why it's not her fault, undoubtedly. I would love if she told us something we don't know but I doubt that'll happen

No. 793616

>video coming soon!
>i'm filming!
>oh my computer/wifi/camera broke
>i got it fixed!
>i'm filming! can't wait to post this!
Every time with her.

No. 793627


Sorry but I thought it took so long because you had laptop problems? And then couldn't figure out the editing software on the other computer you decided to use because you "weren't used to it". You've been pretending you BEEN had that shit filmed and just ~~~couldn't edit~~~~

This declaration makes it seem like you've been filming the whole time. HMM

I bet this bitch never filmed a single thing and only now just did it. If even at all. I'm sure since she declared she will post it Friday, she's going to tell herself "i got time" and wait until ALMOST Friday to actually film.

No. 793650

Calling it now, she'll have another last minute "Youtube isn't letting me upload the video!" situation that delays a day or more.

No. 793651

It's almost like she puts these exact time upload schedules, doesn't complete that promise, then goes and shoots up because "the pressure and mean cyber bullies"…. like she's creating an excuse to be a user. /s

No. 793657

File: 1599219181624.png (448.39 KB, 2146x1390, Screen Shot 2020-09-04 at 14.3…)

Taylor's comment on Jaclyn Glenn's newest video about Eugenia.

No. 793659

I swear this bitch would make 9/11 about her.

No. 793665

Animals still OK tho… yea right…

Pretty sure a rehash of this mini blog is all we're gonna hear in the video. She's gotta be high on her subs to be this mouthy and bold.

Physician heal thy self, this junkie is still junking.

No. 793667


2 paragraphs of publicity for her upcoming return to Youtube in 1 comment… how empathetic and sensitive!

No. 793673

>over 20 abscesses and almost septic
she just had to throw that in there lmao

>pretty sure a rehash of this mini blog is all we're gonna hear in the video.
I bet you’re absolutely correct.

No. 793674

Did she deleted it or was YouTube system cause I can't find it

No. 793675

it’s not high up but it’s there, keep scrolling.

I also love how almost 20 abscesses has turned into over 20 abscesses.

No. 793681

I could absolutely see her pull a Tania Head and lie saying she was a survivour when she wasn't even near the site that day

No. 793683

No mention of Betsy or her intervention anywhere. You’d think if that were actually significant in getting her into rehab, she would have mentioned it here in solidarity with Eugenia’s friends who did an intervention on her. This just proves that Taylor’s somehow even more vindictive than we already thought. She kept pushing the narrative that Betsy saved her life for so long because she just had to keep denying her mother any credit to the bitter end. Because to give Jen credit would also be admitting that she had been right about Jonny and what would happen being with him all along. I love how in the very beginning Jen threatened Taylor to get away from Jonny by saying “Cheese is going bye bye” and that her family friendly pet mom days and YouTube career were over, but Taylor went and made all of that a reality all by herself (the true meaning of “by myself”? top kek) by choosing to shoot up and become a useless junkie. But hey, at least Taylor has her battle scars from her ever-changing number of abscesses to show off now! Damn, can’t believe Taylor’s such a massive narc that she’s actually got me wking the huge cow that is Jen Dean.

No. 793687

Are Betsy and her even still friends? She hasn't mentioned her in a really long time and has been calling that one makeup guru junkie girl her best friend recently.

No. 793688

What about the fact here that she says she was 9 months sober and implies that her only relapse was the recent one where she got all the abscesses. I can’t even keep straight what the timeline is but she relapsed with brodick and she admitted publicly to relapsing at the start of February.

No. 793689

Taylor doesn't care about facts it's all about "muh story"

She always changes the narrative to suit her. Now it's:

>"jonny is a good person! I can't save a loved one!! He just wasn't ready to change!!"

She literally got a tattoo to spite him, the fuck?? She was acting like a complete cunt in rehab, talking shit about how she needed dick. Complete 180, how the hell can she make excuses for him now?. We all know she was just dating him for the street "cred" and drugs. She was never a junkie saint trying to change him.

She's such an evil gas-lighter

No. 793694

Of course Taylor would comment on the anorexic attention whore, cows attract cows.

No. 793700

I’ve been wondering about Betsy, too. She turned her Instagram to private. Since Betsy is sober, maybe she realized it’s too difficult to be around an addict still using and cycling through toxic relationships. She has a son and friends of her own.

No. 793702

File: 1599249683294.png (88.55 KB, 1119x637, 25.PNG)

No. 793707

>monetize verdict via coin flip
The hell? Seriously? Just choose one? Inb4 it's monetized because of "the coin flip". Sure Tay

No. 793708

I think she meant that Youtube will do the coin flip. I doubt it will be monetized if she talks about heroin and meth in the video though lol

No. 793709

I don't think her channel will be monetize after her many drug addict videos
I thought she was gonna be smart by posting in her second channel but opted for more attention and post her first video calling Jonny out in her main and ruined her money source for nothing

No. 793710

I thought she might be talking about her new best friend that she was praying for her recently. Could also be jonny tbh which makes more sense, she can’t help herself.

No. 793715

who gives a fuck about monetization when you havent posted for 8 months?

No. 793719

Is there going to be a stream of this video to avoid giving her views or no?

No. 793720

The person that used to do streams is now a Taylor bootlicker so probably not. Maybe someone can reupload though

No. 793725

No video at 6:30…..

No. 793726

Inb4 "Hey guys my internet is suuuper slow so it's still uploading! It'll be up tomorrow though I swear!! (deletes Twitter)"

No. 793728

File: 1599262945610.gif (694.34 KB, 226x275, 1541182840305.gif)

Still no video, 7:30. Whatta shocker.

ALSO, sorry to the anons that were fit pitching over the bad Taylor candids but I had to include this one. I didn't create it, just came across it while looking for other old pics that betray her shooped selfies.

Sorry for spoon feed request but which tattoo was to spite him? The baby on her neck?

No. 793729

Pretty sure it's the dagger with the cringey Halsey lyrics about escaping an abusive relationship UwU

No. 793730


DEBATED relapsing? so you sit around planning out whether or not you'll relapse? It's just a conscious, measured choice you're making? Hmm, think I'll prolly relapse on Tues.Yeah, for sure.

FUCKING WEIRDO, you need to be institutionalized for life you fucking clown. people out here got real problems, losing their homes and families and dignity, selling their bodies bc they can't live without heroin, getting sexually assaulted on the regular–living on the streets in filth with every bridge burned bc they can't be without heroin

this little white clown sitting in mama's suburban home debating whether or not she's gonna fuck around with some drugs cos she's feeling bored or WHATEVER

No. 793733

useless bitch can't even upload a YT video lol

No. 793734


>There's no delay currently happening to any promised content due to it being broken

No. 793736

Remember the good old times when she would use her EDS as an excuse that she couldn't upload?
>sorry guys I slept for 20 hours because of my EDS so I couldn't upload the video on time
I wonder why she never mentions her EDS anymore. Guess being a junkie is more exciting.

No. 793739

She just deleted this lol

No. 793740

She’s literally psychotic. The epitome of a manipulative junkie tweaker.

No. 793741

Not posting after promising to post is the most consistent thing she’s ever done in her life. Way to go Taylor!

No. 793743

Call it
No new pictures no new video

No. 793746

Oh my god I think you are right, just bc I don’t think she is posting a vid today. She has no reason not to if she has been telling the truth in twitter

No. 793748

File: 1599268721627.jpeg (139.33 KB, 750x399, 3890B138-F7C0-4F7A-B076-9B24A2…)

I honestly feel so bad for her fans, I know they should know better but it’s still fucked up

No. 793749

"mommys going out for cigarettes"

She probably gets off on baiting them.

No. 793750

It’s really cruel at this point. Even if they should know better.

No. 793752

File: 1599269479470.jpeg (313.17 KB, 750x658, 530BD7A3-42B0-4EFE-9DB3-60713B…)

watching her burn her last virtual bridges is wild

No. 793755

I can't wait for this week's edition of "I don't owe any of u anything! If u don't like being lied to, ur a fake fan anyway!" the second someone is slightly less than polite towards her

No. 793756

Hahahaha im sorry. It's 3.36am here (I work night shift and just got home) and I thought well maybe when I'm free the vid will be up and I can watch it to get to sleep. I'm not even a fan, follow her for the reality TV cringe fremdscham vibe and even i thought maybe this one time she would deliver on what she promises. I'm a clown.

No. 793757

Tbh I do think there ist a video coming this time. For real. Because she normally just says she has filmed and is editing but iirc there has always been a video (with delay though) when she says it's being uploaded.
I just think it's hilarious she announces a time yet again and can't do it even though almost every fucking youtuber I watch regularly has either a schedule and sticks to that or does not have a schedule and just fucking posts the link when it's done.

No. 793758

It's almost 9 p.m. her time and no video. I'm just suprised she hasn't deleted her twitter yet. She deffo getting high. The PrEsSuRe of uploading one video!!

No. 793759

File: 1599270528414.png (14.07 KB, 666x128, callaburnward.PNG)

Gawd damn

No. 793760

Can’t wait for her to tell us: “meth meth heroin brain can’t help it EDS meth heroin biggest white china user sepsis sepsis you aren’t a real fan recovery advocate animals no danger sleep poor internet addiction addiction out patient my dr lets me video YouTube heroin heroin ”

think I nailed how she will explain not posting yet.

No. 793762

File: 1599272056323.png (68.25 KB, 480x422, eternallyupset.png)

A few days old but went to her profile to read comments about her video and found this. Eternally Upset, at least she is being honest with herself.

No. 793763

Nearly ruined? lol. You almost died multiple times, have permanent organ damage and have no career. To top it off you're living back at home with mommy and shooting up behind her back.

No. 793766

It will be weird to see people asspat her after this. I know this won’t be the final straw for a lot of her fans but it should be. Two videos this year that she swore were uploading but never got posted?

No. 793769

she's using the videos as an excuse to get high. "I was gunna upload but muh depression, you see I just had to relapse!" And it's all her fans fault too, if they didn't follow her she wouldn't have the stress of uploading, poor little thing. Hope the fans leave you alone and go subscribe to someone else soon!

No. 793770

"I felt super compelled to comment" meaning "I saw a chance to use someones suffering as an opportunity to tell people about me". No one cares how long you stayed sobur Tayter, and no one wants to read a fucking tome of a comment when they are dealing with anorexia. Go spew your problems to a therapist instead.

No. 793771

Yeah and her saying she wants to remind jacklynn that she's such a good friend and yet Taylor only talks about herself wtf.

I have noticed that whenever she announces an upcoming video she gets a slight uptick in views to her channelife and I'm seriously starting to think that that is the only reason that she consistently lies about uploading - as a minor bonus. She must be really hurting for cash these days

No. 793772

File: 1599284335483.png (136.11 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200904-223747.png)

for some reason I can see deleted tweets, but the failed to load tweet notif sounds like it's deleted. made a statement and went back on it. as if 2k people didn't see it….

No. 793773

here’s a thought tayter: film and edit the video, upload the video as unlisted, only THEN announce the video with the time and date it’s going live.
I think she may actually have a mental disability from all the drugs bc I don’t understand how she can’t grasp this. It’s fucking exasperating watching her fail over and over again, like a toddler repeatedly smashing a triangle into a square hole.

unless >>793771 is right and she actually does it for the few extra views it gets her.

No. 793779

It's not her not being ready to upload or having issues uploading though.

She straight up does not film a video at all and then promises a date/time. Her last video was never released because she never filmed it, otherwise she could have uploaded it right away when she got back and didn't want to film.

I have no idea why the fuck she does that but it's really obvious cause she never posted any selfies.

No. 793780

well yeah that’s exactly what I’m getting at, she should do the work first (film, edit, upload) and then announce. instead she makes the announcement first and then decides she doesn’t feel like doing the work. how she doesn’t recognize this pattern in herself is beyond me.

but I suppose I’m giving her too much of a benefit of the doubt that she actually wants to be better and salvage her career. I guess another explanation is that she’s completely given up and only posts these promises for attention and the few cents she can make when people rewatch her older videos in preparation of new stuff coming out.

No. 793784

File: 1599291071618.jpeg (376.94 KB, 828x1058, DB1C9DA2-CE30-4DCB-9E2B-F55F7A…)

I woke up and expected no video but still disappointed with the lack of milk. On another note, maybe she did film it or were filming it according to mama dean.

No. 793786

well this aged well lmao.

but also how hard of a work is pressing the upload button of an already filmed and edited video (according to her)? I bet she started filming today.

No. 793787

LOL can we talk about how Jen is really telling on her daughter here? Like I bet you haven't ever seen her work harder, and that's fucking tragic… because you raised a lazy, entitled layabout, Jennifer.

No. 793788

Last time "mama bear" Dean stuck up for Taylor she said everything was fine and Taylor was thriving. Meanwhile Taylor was back to using and had added meth to the mix.
So Taylor hasn't filmed a video and is now using to avoid every problem she created by constantly bringing up a video she never made.

No. 793790

I'll eat another ban for saying this but I made that gif and was banned for posting it, makes me happy to see you thought it was worth saving lol

No. 793793

so did this bitch just fall asleep at the keyboard? this is the first time im actually annoyed by this behaviour. before it was just promising to film and upload, now shes gone as far as to say shes CURRENTLY UPLOADING and now shes just poofed off the face of the earth.

I mean seriously what excuse is she gonna have for this? power went out ?
its a good gif screw the mods for that

No. 793794

Ran out of meth and Whataburger?

No. 793796

what if she will say she can't upload video beacuse youtube won't let her. or it can't be monetized therefore she won't post it.

No. 793798

I bet Jen is up Tays ass for not uploading for so long… What if it's momma Deans idea to have Tay make false promises about videos in order to temporarily boost subscribers?

No. 793808

My guess as to what is going on is that she did upload a video which then got flagged as no or limited ads. So now she’s waiting for a manual review before making it live because she needs that money. Her YouTube checks have got to all but dried up even with residual views. If her video is another heroin diary a manual review is still going to flag it as limited or no ads and probably even age restrict it. YouTube isn’t how it used to be Tayter and you’re not the golden child pettuber. Tide doesn’t want to put ads on “IM A HEROIN ADDICT”

No. 793809


Nah I have a feeling that Tay is so unmotivated and lazy that she makes these announcement posts as a deadline for herself. But she doesn't follow through because she's unmotivated, lazy and clearly doesn't give a shit about her fans for promising a video she won't deliver on.

She's probably been doing that all this time, announces a video on X day which is her deadline and if she films it, asspats for her. If not, well here's all the reasons why it wasn't posted, edited or filmed. That's probably why we see the selfie storm whenever she actually uploads.

No. 793814

This. She always sets a deadline for TOMORROW or LATER THIS WEEK or THIS EVENING. This way she can feel good about fucking around the rest of the day.

Then she tries to finish it last minute because she's a chronic procrastinator. She doesn't get it out because she hasn't done any of it, she's so allergic to hardwork she'll make excuses to keep putting it off.

Then it's guilt, shame, delete twitter, muh mental health, addict recovery UwU. Her life has been outrageously easy, the tiniest bit of discomfort must feel like withdraws to her.

No. 793817

You are way too optimistic and big doubt. Someone would have caught it before she took it down.

No. 793819

Even if assumptions like this were true why wouldn’t she just state that? I get people believe she doesn’t owe anyone anything but people with real jobs DO have to tell their bosses they aren’t showing or they are fired??? Other you tubers have at least the common sense to update their viewers who help them make money that they are running behind on videos. She should have some responsibility to her viewers. People need to stop behaving like this is a one off incident and she is a poor heroin victim. She is honestly a monster and that’s not jus limited to her failed promised videos.

No. 793820

I don’t even think she filmed anything. She is starting to be of the mindset that speaking something into existence really works. She’s full of shit.

No. 793821

File: 1599317821452.png (147.75 KB, 1432x491, Capture _2020-09-05-10-55-55.p…)

With everything that didn't happen in the last 12 hours, this 2 day old tweet from Mama Dean made me seriously chuckle.

No. 793822

File: 1599318407409.png (439.55 KB, 1439x1593, Capture _2020-09-05-11-04-19.p…)


Gotta love her explanation about why it is ok to go after this influencer for doing a shitty job representing Disney but doesn't see how that "fact versus meanness" applies to her own daughter…the hypocrisy is so thick you could spread it on toast. I just want to shake this woman and tell her to wake the hell up.

No. 793823

Wastes of oxygen like Tayter are incapable of self-reflection. They are literally too stupid and narcissistic to see how it applies to their situation.

Taylor is not pretty enough to be this dumb, and it's no wonder she doesn't have any friends.


No. 793829

File: 1599326269942.jpeg (192.65 KB, 1291x746, 2582E9A8-EF66-4667-831F-4B3DBF…)

I just can’t with some of her stans. when has anyone ever pushed taylor to make videos, it’s always take your time uwu. then tayter goes and sets herself up for failure with self imposed deadlines. and everyone else is at fault for pushing her to make videos lmao

No. 793830

Nobody is pushing Taylor when they tell her they can’t wait to see her video she herself promised at a specific time AND clearly stated was being uploaded. Nobody is pushing her when they ask where it is and state they are disappointed once again she misled everyone. The delusion of these people is beyond.

No. 793831

File: 1599326502865.jpeg (256.87 KB, 1309x1426, 1FD66B83-D47D-4212-9D47-44B7A1…)

her last tweet is getting some pretty good replies as well though.

No. 793836

I can't with the "all she needs is LOVE Uwu" shit. That crap doesn't work, the druggies will just steal you're money and fuck you over.

I swear her fans are so fucking gullible and naive. They think Disney movie plots work in real life.

Drug addicts are shit people, and Taylor is a shit person. If you think otherwise you're probably a shit person too. If you emulate shitty people don't be surprised when your own life turns out shitty.

Taylor has done this to herself, there's no fucking boogeyman forcing her to make videos, it's all her. Her life is a result of HER choices.

No. 793838

Mama Dean’s also been off twitter for almost a whole day… I wonder if she found her hard working daughter passed out with a needle in her arm because of too much pressure from her fans

No. 793841

Literally nobody including lolcow, pushed her to make a video. Nobody. Because she's been gone and nobody gives a shit. It was all her to announce an actual time and actually say she is uploading it. They will do such mental gymnastics to not admit that she's just a lying junkie.
If they really loved her they wouldn't give her views for more drug money. She's obviously doing drugs right now. I know this is a cycle but I don't remember her actually announcing a time and then deleting the tweet with no excuses at all. Usually she at least gives some kind of bullshit update like her having to drive to someone's house to use their internet. Seems like it's getting worse, even after her saying she's sober and better right now. At this point I'm just waiting to see her fall further and further. If she ends up in some awful situation sucking dick at some crack house for drugs or something, or really anything that will make her struggle for real, at least maybe it'll humble her because she obviously still cares about nobody but herself.

No. 793851

Eh it was just another theory. I’ve followed Tayter since the first thread so I know her pattern and am not optimistic at all just thought it was also a reasonable alternative. Also you can upload to YouTube and queue the video it doesn’t automatically post.

No. 793860

This. I get that she doesn’t owe any of her fans anything but exchanging the situation that this is a normal office job, tayter would be fired right now. Imagined a bank teller telling you she will process your payment at x time and went offline with no updates, and imagine doing that multiple times, you would take your business else where and that person would lose your job for that shit. so yes Tayter should be held to account since she literally get paid for youtube. damn her fans are dumbasses

No. 793862

Her fans love to remind us that she's a "real person" who doesn't owe us shit but like… Exactly. She's a real person. This is a real ass woman who is ACTUALLY incapable of doing the bare minimum. This isn't a character on a TV show. If you had a friend or family member who made promises without delivering like she does, you would fucking HATE it. No person in their sound mind would support someone in their life fucking around as much as Taylor does. You'd be a shitty friend if you did. So them to sit there and justify all the things she does by saying she's in recovery is purely bc they want internet points and are too immature to realize that this isn't the way a normal person acts in recovery or in general. I don't care how much they tweet at her "haters" to leave her alone. You have to be extremely stupid and/or niave to not see thru her shit after this cycle repeats itself a few times.

Also this is sort of off topic but regarding the cycle she goes thru. There's an actual chart of the cycle Amberlynn Reid goes thru so I thought I'd throw that out there in case there's some better anons than I who could make one of Taylor's cycle lmao

No. 793872

Whatdo you think will happen next? Another hiatus for a few weeks/months and then the cicle continues?
I kind of expect a video this time somehow. Maybe in a week or so she'll post it and say oops sorry guys the editing was so draining it put me in a bad place, ignoring she Said it was uploading.

No. 793881

I think she's relapsing rn because of the haters. Highly unlikely she'll start uploading regularly till next year.

She's gonna take the rest of the year off, cause muh mental health.

No. 793883

I´m neither a taylor hater nor a taylor lover. I like her videos but I see that she is not an adult. She has psychological problems, maybe she is a bit lazy or she is really just so depressed she can´t get out of bed. But whatever is the case, I think at this point it´s just getting sad.

I think someone like her mother or her father (If he does any parenting) should take her by his/her side and tell her "maybe take a youtube break, work in a petshop for a while" or "If you continue working on youtube, get an assistant, stick to a normal sleeping schedule"…

If I had a kid no way I would let her stay up all night and use meth, I would check on her and force her to do minimal tasks like showering regularly etc.

No. 793886

I know what it´s like having psychological problems and parents ignoring it. I lived with my parents until I was 17, when I walked around absolutely depressed and on the verge of breaking down, they wouldn´t notice or tell me how crazy I am.

When taylor left her family for JC she wrote on twitter that there are other problems with her family than them just being against JC.

Taylor is afraid of being abondoned and alone, I could imagine her mother (and definetly her father) ignoring her work work and her brother that is more work and that made her mentally unstable.

Obviously she is an adult, but I still can´t get over the fact parents let their kid use while not showering and not getting up from their bed.(blogging)

No. 793887

"ignoring her for their work"
I didn´t mean ignoring her work work

I guess the father is busy working and mom is busy with assisting her son 24/7.

No. 793888


Sage your blog post.

No. 793889

She'll either go tAyWOL or come back with an excuse in the next several days (if not tonight) with an excuse while completing denying any accountability and blaming her viewers. I'm guessing she's fucking around filming now and that's why she's silent. I think she knows at this point if she doesn't come back with a video her only option is to disappear.

I actually didn't think she was going to upload until she said it was uploading and then I was like shit she must be actually doing it…… So somehow she's always managing to surprise me which is kind of impressive at this point

No. 793898

I kind of embarrassed that I actually thought she would upload this time lol it sounds so convincing until the time came and the video wasn't up

No. 793900

She just really gave up on her career. I feel like this is really it for her. I can’t see her coming back after deleting that tweet. A lot of people are calling her out now asking what the excuse is this time. Honestly I feel like her only “valid” excuse is to relapse AGAIN.
She really fucked up this time

No. 793902

mama dean uploaded. I know her videos are kind of boring, but it’s insightful to how she treats her kids. She records her son to gain some of the attention from her daughter’s audience. It’s really sad. Tanner will be talking to her and all she says is word one word answers, like you’d do with a baby babbling, not a teenager forming sentences. I know Tanner has a disability, but with his function, it comes across as infantilizing. She continues to complain about how difficult it is for her when he has to use his wheelchair, too. From what I’ve seen, she only records his face or takes photos of him when he’s not looking. I doubt she checks if he’s ok with all that she posts of him online. They also went to the zoo back in May without wearing masks (until indoors). They were never quarantining.

One thing related to Taylor, they’re passing by indoor reptile enclosures and commenting about some of Taylor’s animals. They get to a foggy enclosure and once she notices a green tree python, she stops talking and moves on. I just hope Taylor’s was rehomed and not dead.

No. 793904

She uploaded this today? Lol the shade, she raising tanner and get her videos filmed and edited with no trouble, I want to see her flip on Tay and expose her again, she seems beyond fed up again

No. 793905

*and Taylor's animals

No. 793919

^ Here, that's for you Anon. Don't use them up at once next time you're writing a non-saged blog in three seperate posts

No. 793921

I'm sorry, but she doesn't owe her fans anything? She owes everything to her fans, including her paychecks. When you promise something, you deliver or explain why you couldn't.

I'd say she's fucked, but she has a small but strong willed fan base. Money wise she's fucked though.

No. 793923

I don't think she's fucked fan-wise, she's got so many people who don't know the nasty shit she pulls on twitter.

Even with money, I think she has a decent enough check coming in to live off of. Nothing crazy, normie job 40k year.

I don't think she can find a place to live due to proof of income. She won't find a place that will accept her hoard either. That's why she's stuck with mama dean and going crazy. She's trapped between keeping the animals or leaving.

But I think her biggest risk is killing herself with drugs. Onision style decline or overdose seems most likely.

No. 793928

She could find a decent apartment in TX without income check like that, just first/last/deposit. Her animals are another story but the reptiles can be hidden unlike her cats.
But anon you're naive for thinking she wants to move out. Or ever will unless she finds junkie dick or an enabler to shack up with. She has zero responsibilities while living in her childhood bedroom. Mom does everything and is a built in excuse if some pet dies. Also, she doesn't have to pay for her Whataburger and nobody expects anything from her because she's already disappointed her parents as much as possible.

No. 793934

I don't think she wants to be stuck with tanner and narc dean anymore but she's just too scared to do anything. She's a coward who hates confrontation, especially if it's her own problems.

No. 793937

File: 1599361597222.jpeg (147.55 KB, 750x334, 07B08C4A-FECA-4704-A395-9C82F3…)

Now that’s just sad and ridiculous. That’s how you’re supposed to ask when your favorite band/singer announces an album date.

No. 793938

File: 1599361643286.jpg (298.12 KB, 1080x1843, 20200905_230816.jpg)

No. 793939

File: 1599361742593.jpg (270.95 KB, 1080x1819, 20200905_230758.jpg)

No. 793941

Oh mama dean being all stupid again

No. 793943

she is so bothered and focused on any negativity at all times its hilarious

No. 793944

that's mama stupid dean to you

No. 793946

These people are delusional. Some addicts go to work totally loaded, but TND can’t muster the bandwidth to upload a video that’s already edited and filmed. But “she’s doing everything she can … “ doubt.

No. 793950


Iirc taytay is a special 15% addict. The most worst kind. Must be babied at all times and given nothing but positive attention.

No. 793952


I love how mama dean acts like she doesn't realize that taylor is fucking up. "Why are you worried? Whatever do you mean?" Also, she's more worried about where her comments end up then where her daughter ends up.

No. 793953

I don't know if jen is stupid or out of touch, probably both. Takes real neglect to not notice active druggie behavior.

She keeps shooting up because she didn't get enough love from mommy

No. 793955

How’s she having issues uploading if Mama Dean literally just uploaded a video? Is it not the same internet? Or is her own mother smart enough to upload as soon as the video is ready and set it to go live at a specific time?

No. 793956

Lol, you're exactly right, they have the same internet. Im sure she'll think of another bull shit excuse. Corrupted file, issues with YouTube, etc..

No. 793957

Mama and papa Dean went ape shit when she started to date Jonny to a point they were blasting her all over social media and Jen was even doing live streams lol. It's hilarious how open and transparent she was about Taylor's business when she had zero control over it. Now that she can go back to actively avoiding having to parent she is going to pretend she has no idea her kid is in danger. We love to see it.

No. 793958

“Working on getting it uploaded” for the past 36 hours…okay

No. 793959

Her wifi connection is bad ok???

But for real I don't think Taylor can move out after she got her credit fucked by not paying taxes and leaving her lease like 4 months before was up, also damaging the apartment since I think she mentioned there was blood in the ceiling of the bathroom plus the needles everywhere.

The last few months with Jonny had a huge financial tool on her that I can't see her recovering from even if she commits right now to work like crazy in her channel again, also doubt she will get sponsor again after she sponsor that brand while wasted/high

No. 793961

I can't believe tayter still hasn't posted an update and idk what to think anymore tbh. anyone think this is another "she's doing better than ever" and she's actually in some junky den shooting up right now?
or is she actually filming and editing? hard to believe somehow.

No. 793970

Does anyone know who Taytays manager is? Who would keep a client like her.
My guess was some family member or friend

No. 793972

I thiiiink she used to have the same manager as Tana. Can't imagine she has anyone now tho, last mention was back when she made her jonny vid and someone used a clip and mamma stupid Dean went off screeching about utilizing her manager to copyright them.

No. 793975

>I don't even watch her content anymore
Yeah, because there is nothing to watch lmao

No. 793976

RIP Taylor’s YouTube career, this was the final nail in the coffin.

No. 793977

I really hope people don't forgive her this time. I don't see how people can be so accepting of her total exhausting lies and promises they she never sticks to. If she genuinely was trying to get a video out for her fans then she should have the decency to apologise. There is no excuse for claiming to be uploading and then ghosting your audience. If she did have technical difficulties and was still in a good place then you would apologise. You wouldn't delete your tweets and disappear. She is just so insulting. I genuinely don't understand how anyone can make excuses for for this.

No. 793984

I've noticed a lot of her stans blaming "mental illness" for her doing this shit, as if that makes it okay. Why is it the older generations ignore mental health completely and the younger ones want it to be a crutch for being shitty? I can empathize with being too depressed to want to move or be productive, but SHE made this promise of a video. She's so self righteous she can't see how this just hurts HER. Her delusional fans may be upset but ultimately they don't care about her. Her content makes or breaks no one. Her stans and haters alike will move on completely but she has to deal with the consequences whether she wants to or not. She's lucky a lot of her YouTube followers do not follow her on Twitter. If she was posting this shit to her announcements on YouTube I bet she'd lose subs like crazy

No. 793996

How many times has she done this promises-lies-and-ghosting shit now since her last upload?

No. 793997

She probably just needed some money, so she announced a video which made her stans watch her old videos again. She got some extra money from that and now has no reason to actually record..

No. 793998

I really don’t think she’s that smart. I think she made a video, hated it, and sulked instead of updating.

No. 794010

I don't think Youtube pays out very quickly, if I recall correctly it takes something like months to see money for the vids that get enough views… if they get enough views, that is.

No. 794011

I don’t think she’s that smart either. I bet she started a video, struggled with how to spin it to benefit her need to coddled heroin vibes and didn’t know how to finish not had the energy to fully edit it. I don’t think when she said she was uploading that she was I think that was her own attempt to get herself to do something which failed. This video won’t ever come out MAYBE a video with the same topic some day will but much like her last promised video we won’t see this one.

No. 794012

So many typos. I meant “need to be coddled“. I don’t think she’s capable of not victimizing herself but she is aware that she has to say things a certain way to encourage ass pats. Girl may be on heroin and meth but she has so know how to gain pity points.

No. 794013

Because Young people have been brainwashed into believing the older generations don't care about mental health. Some (not all) of the oldfags are smarter than we give them credit for sometimes.

The role models for kids these days are fucking terrible. Taylor is not a good person to emulate, tons of pets, shooting heroin, dating abusers, glued to the internet. People seem to think that it's a normal thing to be addicted to drugs.

People can't seem to tell the difference between reality and pretend. Her YT channel is a business, she's not people's friend, she wants them to watch so she gets MONEY. It's all bullshit to make you buy and watch shit you don't need.

I don't know whats worse Tayter or the people who blindly support her. It's just a dumpster fire.

No. 794014

To add to this great point: she brings up monetization- therefore implying it is business and she is trying to make money! Why don’t people see that who blindly support her??

No. 794041

It's almost like she couldn't just… Film her animals and not talk about herself…

No. 794060


there is channel Snake Discovery - they keep so many animals in plastic containers, yet they show how inside of these containers look like and they make new episodes about upgrading enclosures even if it's moving snakes from smaller plastic box to bigger plastic box. Taylor made episode about upgrading enclosures of her blood python and crested gecko and she was in this youtube film like she isn't sure if people wanty to wach something as boring as upgrading enclosure. i don't know how to put it in words, but it is like it's not about her animals for long time but her as you say, and she don't understands that people who were attracted to her channel were animal fans and wanted to watch them and see animal care not her. her animal care is not adequate, my tinfoil is that she filmed it and hated video and decided to not release it for several reasons - general anxiety beacuse she is insecure about her appearance (massive one) she never upgraded her enclosures (she would make video about it and she didn't) and she realised people will see that her snakes are in too small plastic containers, who knows how many of her aninmals are dead now and she didn't know how to film it to avoid showing them (i bet green tree python and hedghehogs are dead now) also Gemini? she haven't show this snake in long time, and it was so expensive and unique snake it's a shame she got it shoved it to plastic tub and who knows if it's still alive or what it looks like now? so she is probably very anxious about how people would react to her animals beacuse obviously people can see on camera that they are not thriving. i have no idea if video she made included her animals, but i assume she would love to avoid showing their "cages" last time she did it she looked so pissed and did it so fast.

No. 794061

Not necessarily disagreeing with you but I am very sure this wasn't so supposed to be an animal video anyways

No. 794062

I'm pretty sure the video was just gonna be like her "I'm a heroin addict" video. Just 45 minutes full of self victimizing and whining about her addiction.
I really want to know why she isn't even making up some excuses on Twitter about why she can't upload.

No. 794063

How late is the video now? I'm on the other side of the world and timezones are confusing af. Like I know it's beyond plausible tech issues right now but still. It's like the bits of her ghosting after the showtime she's announced are getting longer and longer too.

No. 794064

Because she's high off her tits right now, rolling around in her own filth and crying about the jonny/syd "engagement" post

No. 794066

It’s 44 hours late

No. 794067

she will say she relapsed beacuse of stress while making video.

No. 794075

File: 1599428822237.jpg (318.74 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20200906-144718.jpg)

Mama Dean inserting Taylor into the conversation again. They are delusional and still think Taylor is remotely relevant

No. 794076

JC is an awful human being but mama dean and tayter take no responsibility for her actions. She knew who he was before being with him, doesn’t excuse any abusive behaviors he had but she wanted that life with him. And look at her now same old person with no growth or responsibility.

No. 794077

Taylor got what she deserved with jonny, it should have been obvious from the start. Everyone knew he was a bad guy, even she did.

>"I CAN CHANGE HIM UwU! I'll do heroin BB we can recover TOGETHER!!1"

No. 794079

This is sad. Taylor admitted she was an addict before Johnny. She told the whole internet how she would sneak off and do coke. She went on rant after rant about how she's always been an addict heroin was just her "drug of choice".

Johnny is a POS who's brain has been melted so much by the drugs he uses that I really doubt he has anymore self awareness than a stumbling toddler anymore. He's so outwardly pathetic and disgusting its hard to imagine any sane human on this earth would believe he wasn't the problem in a relationship especially now that he's cheated on his recent baby mama.

Mama Dean needs to stop putting the blame on other people. Johnny sucked but lamenting on how it was all his fault Taylor fell from grace is disingenuous at best. If it wasn't Johnny it was going to be some other Rockstar junkie. Taylor makes bad life choices because of Taylor. Mama Dean enables it by pretending its the world's fault and not her own parenting. They both are enabling each other to ignore the root of the problem which at this point is not Johnny no matter how much they desperately want it to be.

No. 794114

I just hope Mushu is finally out of her misery. I can't believe Taylor is so bad now that I am actually hoping an animal is dead just for mercy's sake. I don't mean to be grim, but I know there's no way she'll rehome Mushu since she views her as "easy".

No. 794126

oh we are way past the "trying to be educational just like Snake Discovery"-stage. Animals just don't get her teenage stans going anymore. No one wants to look at dying animals. Heroin, however…… I don't think that there will be any animal content this year.

No. 794133

File: 1599459381352.jpg (421.32 KB, 1080x1884, 20200907_081705.jpg)

She's liking stuff

No. 794137


psyching herself up for that woe is me i'm a recovering addict uwu post i guess

No. 794138

>Johnny sucked but lamenting on how it was all his fault Taylor fell from grace is disingenuous at best. If it wasn't Johnny it was going to be some other Rockstar junkie.

Fucking THIS. She "wantes the experience", she chased him, and pursued him despite knowing what and who he was… and he wasn't even her first choice, Jonny was the "well if I can't get Post Malone, this will do" bargain bin option lol

Taylor knew Jonny was bad news. Taylor also knew heroin and meth are bad news, like pretty much anyone with half a brain would. But getting on none of them was her fault because, uh… nothing ever is? I guess?

No. 794147

well let's see shall we? here's all the video promises I could find since her last upload in the main channel, let me know if I missed any.

>coming back to youtube extremely soon (she said this about a million times in jan/feb) >>754564 >>755453 >>756219

>second channel videos >>756424 >>758045 >>758047
>filming a main channel video and a second channel video (the one she was editing here was the second channel haul video that actually ended up coming out) >>758395
>all my animals video >>756650 >>760088 >>761101
>livestreams and videos >>764252
>all my animals video (filming again) >>764861 >>766785
>animal crossing video >>766466
>all my struggles video >>766577
>life update video >>781598 >>781951
>latest video >>793580

extra: throwaback to taylor’s 2020 goals >>756425

No. 794162


She get's herself off on the "tragedy" of it. BB beautiful gurl so sad Uwu. She gets a messed up sense of satisfaction doing this, it's definitely abusive, manipulative behavior to her fans.

Promising then ghosting makes her fans ask "why?" "are you Ok?" "what's going on". Tayter LOVES the attention. She'll browse her phone and spend hours reading about herself. It's power-tripping and mental masturbation, she's a disgusting person with no respect for other people.

No. 794168

Thank you for compiling that, anon. This is hilarious.

No. 794201

File: 1599511485381.jpeg (171.74 KB, 735x934, BAB2060D-40CE-4828-B060-D69B7A…)

No. 794204

It's only a wonder Jen is cracking up NOW. Fuck's sake, can you imagine what's it's been like living in that house this year? I wish she would pack her bags and catch a Greyhound somewhere if only for a weekend.

No. 794219

Honestly good, it’s about time Jen starts stating the truth and calls out her daughter to take some responsibility. Or better yet kick her out and rehome her animals to make her get her shit together, but we all know that won’t happen anytime soon if at all. I still cackle thinking about the fact that her daughter was literally shooting HEROIN under her roof and when people were asking if she was ok, she had the audacity to seriously say “she’s doing great, she’s never been better!!!” Sounds like that’s biting her in the ass now. Stop covering for her and babying her, either make her stand on her own 2 feet or just be honest when people ask what’s going on. I feel sorry for what’s left of her genuine fan base who do nothing but get disappointed over and over, especially the ones who actually worry themselves wondering and asking if she is okay. That entire household must have the most tense, miserable relationships with one another.

No. 794222

I bet Taylor manipulates Jen when it comes to the animals and pulls some "if you rehome any more of my animals I will have nothing left and relapse"

No. 794232

I know we talk about Narc mom Jen, but she really isn't. She's as dumb as Taylor, and is taking on the responsibility of her home, her disabled son and now her retarded daughter & pets. She enables all of the abuse Tay gives her. She will never have the backbone to kick Tay out, but I do wish she would demand something from Taylor. Not even expect work or responsibility, but maybe even a half of a spa day, an hour massage or something for Jen for putting up with it all. Lady deserves something.

No. 794233

Except she's been relapsing the whole time. I'm not convinced Jen isn't on something herself, probably just prescription or wine so she pretends it's okay.

No. 794240

I bet it’s really hard having one child with a disability and one child that is an active addict. I would find empathy in this situation if it wasn’t for Jens use of twitter to bash people and act holier than thou and spread obviously false truths about her daughter. I’d rather her just not speak at all about Taylor because it’s obvious that jens behavior enables her. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but Jen needs to grow up get off the internet and get her family into therapy to sort out these issues.

No. 794258

Is Taylor at the bar? Seems like her friend posted on her story without her knowledge. I screen recorded it, and will drop the link as soon as Dropbox is done being slow because I’m pretty sure it will be deleted very soon

No. 794259

like taylor would go

No. 794261

She was ordering a burger, so I think a restaurant? Bars are allowed to be open in TX if they serve food so maybe a bar

Ofc they have no masks on lol

No. 794263

I can’t tell if it’s a bar or not, it sounds like someone says “well done” as in referring to how they want a steak/burger made. But either way it’s extremely shitty of her to be out with a bunch of randoms after a failed video and 3 days of radio silence

No. 794265

No. 794267

yikes. even if they're not at a bar, this is not a good look. she's out (with people we've never seen before) in the middle of a pandemic even though she and her mother said she was at home focused on uploading a video. and this person is openly making fun of that. it really seems like she's just found someone to relapse with and forget about her commitments

No. 794269

File: 1599537889308.png (163.65 KB, 1437x519, Capture _2020-09-08-00-04-09.p…)

Instead of telling Taylor, best to subtweet her instead.

Seems like Tay's already sliding down that slippery slope.

No. 794271


Man what a slap in the face to her fans.

No. 794272

No fucking kidding… so you’re telling me she promised to have a video up 4 days ago, has been bombarded with questions asking if she’s okay and where is the video, and she completely ghosted everyone… just to have a video like that posted to her story?? What the actual fuck?
I’m with the rest of the anons, this was the final nail in the coffin. Nobody gives a fuck about you anymore Taylor. Your career is over. Hope shitting on what fans you had left was all worth it.

No. 794274

File: 1599540777908.png (612.81 KB, 1439x1648, Capture _2020-09-08-00-43-26.p…)

Browsing the dudes extensive social media platforms what I have gleaned in about 20 minutes is:
He is a wannabe rapper with a small follwing on sound cloud, he is a doordash/food delivery driver, he is broke, he really really enjoys dropping acid, he knows enough about drug pricing/quality to be actively dealing or a serious drug connoisseur, he randomly got a snake mid-June and waves it around in his little home rap videos and he feeds it live rats in a very nasty way (I couldn't watch the whole vid) and tagged Taylor in the tweet asking if he was cool like her. Gross.
Got screenshots in case he nukes, in the meantime here is is latest tweet mentioning the acid he currently has in his possession….a week ago. Good choice, TayTay.

No. 794275


what a troglodyte. tay sure knows how to pick them.

No. 794276

thank you souncloud rapper wannabe for outing taylor. this is beyond hilarious

No. 794277

There’s no way in hell she can save herself from this one. I hope twitter finds out soon and the rest of her fans start leaving her because this is just sad now

No. 794278

File: 1599542434436.jpg (196.43 KB, 1080x1814, Screenshot_20200907-220809~2.j…)

He has a video of him dangling a rat by 1 foot over his snakes tiny cage. It's disgusting

No. 794279

That's Taylor's sweater he's wearing, new bro dick with face tats, buckle up kids.

No. 794280

Lol maybe if Taylor starts dropping acid with him, she might take too much thinking it’s all fun and actually have a traumatizing trip that shows her she’s actually continuously fucking up her life, but then again “almost going into sepsis” didn’t scare her straight

No. 794281

I almost hope that acid would open her eyes and maybe have her evolve a little… But the way she's been doing so far it would probably just end up as one of her "almost dying of drugs because I am the junkiest junkie that ever lived"-stories. No lessons learned. Also, her choice of men has seriously degraded since she tried to get Oscar Wylde but lost him to his baby mama. Maybe, just maybe, she could try someone who isn't a junkie artist?

No. 794283

File: 1599545034565.png (3.48 MB, 750x1334, 34F56B53-5A7C-47E3-8C10-7F49D6…)

This stupid fucking brat has the audacity to go out and party fReSh out of rehab and is either already shooting up again, drinking, both, or doing SOME sort of substance. Maybe coke again? The guy in the video is clearly not sober, saying “Hi I’m Taylor welcome to my channel, I will be uploading soon.”

?? Soon ?? This bitch claimed to have already BEEN in the process of uploading. Congrats Taylor Piece of Shit Dean, just when I think you can’t sink any lower, or get any more selfish.

No. 794284


Spoiler this shit for the sensitive souls. Fuck people who feed live like this. It's sick and disgusting.

No. 794286

I can attest to this, I was a heroin addict for years and just doing acid that one time recently helped me/my mindset immensely. A lot of opiate addicts are turning to some sort of psychedelic to “trip theirselves out of their addiction”. I personally know former addicts that said it was life changing. I may do it again soon, I like to just microdose. Take half a piece then an hour later take another half.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 794290

This instastory is so fucking funny to me. Waaaay to dig your own grave, Taylor! Looking forward to see if after this you still have that many stans on Twitter defending you

No. 794295

I honestly thought she would still upload the video and give us a few paragraphs of convoluted excuses but after this no fucking way. She'll deactivate and come back in a few weeks.
Milk's about do dry out - again - for a while.

No. 794296

it looks like they’re in a hotel or apartment stairwell, probably to smoke, and the background talking was probably someone calling in a food delivery.

No. 794299

File: 1599551958615.jpg (224.24 KB, 1056x1063, Screenshot_20200908-010002.jpg)

Maybe about Taylor?

No. 794302


Honestly this makes me wonder if her planned big YT comeback was to pivot to doing vids with this guy, like him trying to get her to do it to piggyback off her ever dwindling clout, but the effort required for Taylor to think how to make a comeback video that pivots from "animal mom uwu" to "recovery advocate uwu" to "straight up trashy" is too much for her to handle, or she knows it'd be instant backlash but also is incapable of saying no to the men she's interested in so is just trying to put it off and getting caught between her fans nagging her and new trashy Brodick nagging her?

No. 794305

this is hilarious lmao. she is so damn predictable and never fails to tell on herself. I wonder if we're going to get a 3 page apology rant first or a deactivate right away.

I've started assuming that all this shit is about showing how she isn't BOTHERED by the haturs.

I very seriously doubt she thought ahead of her life update video at all.

No. 794306

Wow, Taylor sure knows how to pick them! Even after everything that happened with Johnny, she's still going for the same type of guys. How can she even be friends with this tool? Especially when she claims to be an animal advocate.

So she is going out and having fun with her new drug buddy while her few remaining fans worry and wait for the promised video. That is super low, even for Taylor. If there was any doubt about her being a terrible person, there sure isn't now.

No. 794307

she clearly relapsed again.
she replaced animal hoarding addiction with collecting drug experiences >>794286 as someone else said, she is going to fuck up her brain even more with psychedelic drugs. i am telling you now, she will get hippie and psychedelic clothes and room decorations, and then after some time HPPPD saga will start.

No. 794308

File: 1599559217798.jpeg (147.07 KB, 1080x1011, A7F251BC-D64A-4ABF-9594-8F9912…)

Let’s not forget this gem from like a week ago.

No. 794309

You would think she’d have the decency to relapse in private, keep it a secret ya know. But this bitch is dumber than rocks.

No. 794310

That's no milk. Get a life Karen-chan.

No. 794314

Idk why but I really have the feeling that Taylor did/does not know this guy posted that on her story. Surely not even she would be so stupid to think “I’ll be uploading soon” would be an okay thing to joke about rn.

No. 794316

you can clearly hear the waitress taking the order and taylor going ''medium well''

No. 794317

I thought this as well but it's still up 7 hours later.. I think she's just stopped giving a shit.

No. 794319

Yeah she’s surely getting notifications if people are commenting directly on the story? No way she doesn’t know by now. I am guaranteeing she was talking about it and her new brodick told her to relax and they both agreed the joke is funny. I think she’d go along with anything a man told her to do.

No. 794324

She doesn’t give a shit what her fans think. Or she was too fucked up to comprehend why advertising you’re out partying is a douchebag move when you blew off your job and let everyone down once again. She probably let him post it hoping Johnny would see it and be jealous.

No. 794325

I'm expecting her to be gone for the rest of the year at this point. It' s pretty obvious she isn't ready to get better.

I don't think Tayter cares about anything except drugs anymore. She's spitting in her fans faces with this stuff.

No. 794330

This. I think as people have said, she gets an uptick in views on her old shit if she promises to upload. I think if she wasn't making enough to support her drug habit she would be uploading for sure. I mean she has 0 bills, and while idk hod much heroin costs, I imagine she has plenty of money to at least support her habit.

Truly don't give a fuck what happens to this girl. I only continue to watch because it's like a car crash and I can't look away

No. 794338

Is that Insta thing gone now? I went to see if there'd be any interesting comments to screencap and I couldn't find it.

No. 794339

it's in her stories and it's still up. there are a couple of comments referencing it under her latest post, but all the milky stuff is probably in her inbox lmao

No. 794342

File: 1599575437867.png (996.24 KB, 779x784, necklace.png)


so he's wearing her hoodie and her necklace she was obsessed with last year? lol such a grubby little man she has found

pic related from last yr of the necklace

No. 794345

Is that necklace a suppose to be a dog tag covered in blood ?? Umm

No. 794346

To me it looks like a razorblade covered in blood at first glance

No. 794347

looks like a meat cleaver or whatever you call it. Black handle on the left

No. 794349

It's ok guys, drugs aren't involved. He just reminds her of Animal Crossing with those KK Slider brows.

No. 794350

So was this guy in mama deans house, in Taylor’s bedroom and picked the hoodie and necklace out himself or does she typically bring a bunch of clothing and accessories with her when she goes out… gotta wonder if she met this guy in her most recent rehab stint. Where else would she meet him? Doubt through her goth friend, doesn’t seem like she’d be the type to hang with SoundCloud wannabe rappers. Dude doesn’t even have a thousand followers.

No. 794351

Oh yeah I see that way better I’m so fucking stupid for thinking a dog tag

No. 794352

Wow no way was she not in on this “joke.” She was probably wearing both out to the bar/restaurant and passed them over to him to complete his Taylor impersonation look. Maybe Taylor really should let him take over her entire channel at this point. At least then we’d get to see the animals since he’s clearly not afraid of showing off bad enclosures!

No. 794353


You're good. Tacky and try-hard either way

No. 794356

If the guy is wearing her hoodies and necklace, surely he is staying with her or she is staying with someone else/new brodick? Unless she took off her hoodies and necklace just for him to post that story after their group therapy or something. Not sure about where I am going with this tinfoil but maybe she might not be staying at home hence Jen has no idea what she meant by “working on the uploads”.

No. 794359

True. I couldn’t picture her wearing that to a bar when she’s with a man though. Thought she would break out one of her slutty outfits for an occasion like that. But good tinfoil. Maybe she had a meltdown and decided she didn’t wanna post it and packed her shit and took off to find some drugs. Mama dean was probably just hoping she would come back and post it the next day so she tried to cover for her.

No. 794360


The guy has only worn one necklace and two bracelets in all his instagram pics dating back to 2018, in this vid he is wearing like 5 neckalces and rings. I think he rifled through her shit and put on all the "cool" pieces of her jewelry while she was finishing getting ready to go out. We have seen Forest come by her house and pick her up, this guy probably did the same. Seems like Mama Dean doesn't put her foot down very hard about Tay coming and going, we saw her at that one girl's house obviously getting high and somehow she kept herself supplied with needles, heroin and meth at her house without being able to drive.

No. 794363

I wonder how many of her stans have offered her a little something to take the edge off “withdraws.” I know druggies attract each other, but I really wonder how many of these bro dicks seek her out from social media

No. 794364

>Might not be staying at home

This. Pretty sure she stayed with forest for drugs & dick, and went back and forth between home. For sure she stayed overnight at forests and probably does the same here. Same with heroin girl. Mama Dean probably doesn't care/ too lazy to stop her.

Probably wants to get away from her brother "triggering" her. She doesn't want to deal with her family or her animals, makes sense why she'd go out. She's def not working on her shit, she's just bored and wants to have fun getting high.

No. 794366

Nah this dude tweets literally every day for 0 people to like any of his tweets. He was never in rehab. He talks about wanting to fuck girls in the ass all the time so it's probably from tinder, or when he tagged her in his animal abuse tweet

No. 794369

Could be one of her tinder finds too. I doubt he's a fan, she was probably looking for a quick dicking down. I guess tinder is what passes for dating for her.

No. 794380

Ooo is this the episode where Taylor is the one to get some scrub hooked on heroin and still somehow ends up being the victim?

No. 794384

Had to check out his SM cause everything points to this dude being a drug dealer. I don't think his "deliveries" are anything to do with food.

No. 794398

I don't know how I didn't realize this before and thought she was just being lazy or procrastinating. She is just not ready to recover, not even to function normally. She only wants to party, do drugs and have ~cool~ people around her. Even if a new video comes out within a month, it's probably just the one video and maybe (maybe) one animal video. She needs to reach actual rock bottom and then it'll still be months until she comes back to herself. Rock bottom for her is still months away, she even can still live at her parents house without problems smh. She's a trainwreck and her aged face and shitty tattoos are only making at worse.

No. 794402

damn nice job anon, she really is pathetically unreliable

No. 794404

Why would she want to get clean? She can do whatever she wants and mommy and daddy will support her and bring her whataburger. Being a drug addict has been fun for her with little to no consequences.

No. 794405


omg he is also wearing that tacky little machine gun necklace she was showing off a while back lol he really decked himself out in all her shit

No. 794441

Or she gave him a bunch of stuff in exchange for drugs, since she's broke

No. 794469

I literally only posted it because she said that a week ago, meanwhile she’s out with a friend and they aren’t wearing masks.

No. 794471

File: 1599629376445.jpeg (397 KB, 750x950, DC9F9B95-B828-4907-ACED-6E401F…)

Lol it’s just so weird.. why not just say this to her!? What is this doing for you other than making you look insane on twitter are you afraid of your own daughter? Does Taylor not allow you to look at her or speak to her?

No. 794472

Right, especially when Taylor tweets back at her mom “you know I’m right down the hall from you, you could just talk to me in person lolz!” On social media Taylor tries to act like she and her mom are one big happy family but it’s obvious that household is so tense and miserable.

No. 794473

I think it's safe to assume if tayter's not blowing her money on animals, tattoos or clothes, she's blowing it on drugs. I've noticed she usually is back on drugs when she's not posting her impulse spending on something or another

why is she always sperging at 12-3 am, does she have as bad as a sleep schedule as tayter?

No. 794476

File: 1599635672548.jpeg (824.7 KB, 828x1386, BA638BA8-7E0E-4D96-A713-053DA4…)

Not extra milk but clearer pic to confirm he is wearing multiple accessories from tay.

No. 794479

So are they dating or what?
He seems like her type, and him wearing his stuff leads credibility to it. Who knows though?

No. 794495

Either this is Fuckboy #38940 since Johnny or he's her new hook-up for drugs. Taylor's type is easy to spot a mile away and the fact that she specifically goes after Johnny clones is pathetic. Even now she's still trying to get a response out of him whether it's through airing their dirty laundry, stalking his and the baby momma's tweets, or fucking clones of him trying to make him jealous.

He's not coming back, TayTay. Johnny may be scum but it says a lot about her that even her money and love of doing drugs as a couple can't even get him back.

No. 794502

I've pondered this but I have to ask what everyone here thinks. I personally believe that if Jonny came crawling back to her tomorrow she would take him back and try to keep it secret at first while attempting to undo the damage she did talking about him before lmao. It would probably alienate even more of her following but we all know it's mememe with her so she would do whatever suits her. Does anyone else think she'd take him back?

No. 794506

100%! She would take him back in a heartbeat. She'd probably just go AWOL or something so she doesn't have to deal with the consequences. But honestly I'm here for a tnd jc reunion lol that would be interesting

No. 794509

Not sure because he had a different girl in his insta story yesterday. Could very well be a drug dealer she’s trying to get close to. Seems like that’s what Forrest was. Don’t doubt she’s sexed them both but obviously Forrest wasn’t invested if he dropped her that quick for someone else. This guys probably just entertaining her so he can get his name out there through her socials and maybe get more SoundCloud listens kek

No. 794517

I doubt that they are dating but drug dealer or fuck buddy is more a plausible outcome. They might also meet through rehab or group therapy or something. Or maybe tay is throwing us fake milk and enjoy seeing us stalking the new guy, whatever it is, she is keeping terrible company. Its fun to watch regardless

No. 794520

Maybe she's partially paid him for drugs using her ugly clothes and tacky-ass accessories, wouldn't surprise me at all. Taylor's not exactly rolling in residuals, her last vid was, what, 8 months ago and it's been ages since she's had a proper sponsorship deal or big viewership numbers…

No. 794523

No. 794525

do y'all think there even was a video? I believe she did film but then didn't want to have to look at/listen to herself to edit and gave up. Cried to her mom about it, got some pity money, and then went out to do drugs.

Do you think if/when the video is release, she'll refilm it again? I also wouldn't be surprised if it's already uploaded, auto-demonetized, and she's waiting for a manual review that won't change the verdict. I could see her throwing a tantrum about not getting drug money and therefore just never releasing the video. the fans don't matter, it's the money that motivates

No. 794542

I agree. There's always some girl that is less busted looking than Taylor, so there's never any reason why (these types) of guys would want her as more than a fuck buddy or clout or drugs. This dude has a three figure follower count plus he's a soundcloud rapper sooooo. She keeps picking the same guys who would do exactly that then acts surprised and hurt since she is so narcissistic.

No. 794575

I think she started to film and gave up. Pretty much agree with everything you’ve said. I don’t think we will ever see this version. She might refilm it later on but who knows.

No. 794577

File: 1599674648016.jpg (107.15 KB, 1080x715, Screenshot_20200909-110445.jpg)

No. 794582

I dont think thats taylors accessories, i think he shops at the same place she does or he's a perv and stalks her. either way, he's probably her new guy that she'll complain about next month

No. 794583

Wowwww. I… actually do hope Taylor's okay. Fucking hell, what an absolute mensch.

No. 794585

Face Tattoos scream unemployable as fuck. How does this guy make money? Maybe he really is a drug dealer, soundcloud doesn´t pay rappers.

Jennifer can see his Instagram. I´m pretty sure there will be fights with Taylor again.

No. 794595

>I feel bad
>I full on one punch man'd her shit

It's not even surprising anymore, the types of guys she fucks with. What a catch.

No. 794597

Face tattoos aren’t that big of deal depending where you live. I’ve seen starbucks and target employees with face tattoos. Not glamours jobs but they are employed. The bigger issue with this new guy is he looks sketchy and smelly. That is what makes him more unemployable.

No. 794598

Hahaha I thought he sounded just like her when she said "it's just a fish lol"