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File: 1525374833600.jpg (252.61 KB, 900x467, taytay.jpg)

No. 572819

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/557047

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

-Made two videos of her snakes, one of them just doing dumb shit like laundry and one of them eating
-Has been criticized for using eco earth for her snakes substrate but doesn't care because "she thinks it's good"
-Most likely she's keeping her monitor lizard because o may gash guys he's so tame and use to me and the pet shop insists he's CB
-Left her pets again to go meet Jonny's friend for their birthday
-Is soon leaving again for a holiday in Disney
-Recently spewed facts about animals which have been pointed out to be incorrect
-Everyone believed her GTP was dead since its water bowl was dry and it didn't seem to be in the tank but she's rubbed it in our faces that it's alive
-Impulse bought a mantis shrimp; chucking it in her predator tank until she sets up a new tank for it (it'll likely murder her fish or break out of the tank)

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

>Purchased Mantis Shrimp without proper set up

>Crackhead haircut

>Went MIA and missed Playlist Live because of "accidentally eating gluten"

>Is currently at Disney World with JC and is doing just fine

>Doesn't know how to dress herself

>Left 30+ animals with Betsy and her newborn baby

>No word about the monitor situation

No. 572859

Thanks for updating the new thread with the recent milk. I say it everytime a new thread is posted, but this may be the best header photo yet

No. 572923

The poor cats must be running havoc at home or are shut in a separate room.

I don't know how much I'd trust two kittens to have potential access to fish/reptiles, and knowing Taylor they're probably being kept in the bathroom and let out when Betsy comes to feed the animals

No. 572938

Can you imagine being Taylor’s “friend”? She goes off, spends all her money on other people, collect so much animals even if she’s never home, to just leave you, “her friend”, to take care of all her animals while she’s out in Disney World. Might as well give all her animals to Betsy, and Betsy should find other people to be friends with.

No. 572944

Oh and don’t forget, putting blame on her “friends” whenever she does something idiotic, like with the whole monitor situation.

No. 572953

She's such a pet mom and loves her animals so much, yet the only animal we've heard about for a while now is her boyfriend.

apparently he bought her a mickey watch, it was in her story where she was bragging about what he bought her

No. 572960

Honestly I bet her mom bought it or Taylor bought it herself so people would think Johnny is a great boyfriend lmao

No. 573016

She leaves them locked in the bathroom

No. 573075

We don’t actually have proof of that. Sure they were in there as kittens but a lot of people leave their kittens in a confined space when they’re young. I’m not trying to defend her but we don’t have proof that they’re locked in the bathroom

No. 573180

Betsy literally posted a pic of Nemo out and about

No. 573203

thats also betsy. theres so saying taylor does.
she might also lock them back up when she leaves, taylor goes to bed, etc.

No. 573207

oops *no saying taylor does
im dumb

No. 573226

I mean, the evidence is that Taylor starved a kitten that she locked in the bathroom vs no evidence she doesn't lock them in there still… So I lean towards her still locking them in there

No. 573290

Kyle Lucas just reposted this video and said "@taylorndean is not impressed"

I didn't even realize it was her when I watched it the first time. This is pretty cool, esp if you're a fan of your boyfriend and she could not look more bored.

[thanks anon, never noticed the youtube box]

No. 573296

wow. she doesn't even look at Jonny when he starts to sing and then she picks up her phone like it's not even happening.

No. 573298

i mean johny is an ass but jesus does taylor care about anything but herself

No. 573318

Why is she even in this? It just makes the whole thing worse lol

No. 573319

Such Yoko vibes from this one

No. 573326

I imagine that's the bored look she gives every animal she's had for more than a month.

She said she was a fan of Jonny's right? Isn't that why she started tweeting to him in the first place? That voice is why people ignore he's a rapist and she looks like she's waiting for a bus.

No. 573371

Even before I found out he is a walking piece of shit, I've always hated Jonny's voice. He sounds like a hungry girl, whining for her boyfriend to buy her food.

No. 573453

Honestly… she looks kind of high. Like spaced out and trying to act semi normal / doing things on auto pilot hence the pulling out of her phone, but not really looking at it.

No. 573464

File: 1525428673752.jpeg (420.57 KB, 750x1297, B5C63481-AD4C-487D-8BA1-A95973…)

Mama Dean tweeting about us again at 5am in Texas

No. 573465

File: 1525428857240.jpeg (391.3 KB, 750x1301, 605C07B0-E984-4E04-95C6-F66C53…)

I just realized she’s in Florida so it’s a different time there but still 5am when she started tweeting.

I imagine this one is about Johnny

No. 573468


Don't think it's necessarily about this thread, but a girl on twitter (probably someone who has read this thread though) posted multiple tweets about how Taylor's illness only crops up when it's convenient and if she it was as bad as she makes out she couldn't possibly look after 30+ animals (true). Mamma Dean replied saying she'll "prove her wrong" whilst doing absolutely nothing to prove her wrong and called her a troll minutes before posting that tweet.

I'd honestly be so embarrassed if my mom posted shit like her mom posts on twitter, I'd also be super embarrassed to be related to someone like Taylor.

No. 573474

I like how she simultaneously vague tweets her daughter/her daughter’s life but also gets pissy any time someone else has anything to say about her

No. 573483

File: 1525432377100.png (428.71 KB, 1080x1035, IMG_20180504_120137.png)

Are all the deans just retarded and/or liars who twist shit to fit their agenda? The tweet she's referring to stated absolutely nothing about insight into her sons world. She was talking about siblings of disabled children often become attention seekers (which is true), and said more about Taylor than her brother. No one was using your kids you ridiculous child. Stop pleading for attention like your 21 year old going on 5 year old.

With every tweet her mom posts I understand where Taylors irrational, unable-to-take-criticism attitude comes from.

No. 573521

Agreed, I would be mortified if my mother acted like this. I know that wasn't why Taylor missed Playlist but stuff like this just lends more credibility to her.

No. 573522

Taylor's mom seems unable to grasp the fact that her daughter is a public figure. You would think a woman of her age would be familiar with that concept and would learn to stop searching her daughter's name, but she keeps at it. It's probably not even upsetting her so much as she thinks that white knighting will make her daughter love her more. Too bad it just comes across as cringy and obsessive.

Jennifer, you probably read here. It's time to stop. Let your daughter be her own person and deal with the consequences of her own choices. Your daughter chose to put her life and her illnesses out there. She also chose to use her illness as an excuse not to do her job. You're also BOTH putting out information about your son. Maybe to start with, YOU should STOP posting about him and his issues on Twitter.

No. 573557

Both Taylor and mama dean act like they're the first people to ever get internet hate.

Honestly I've seen 9 year olds handle trolls and criticism better than these two.

No. 573564

Yeah, like lil tay, who has even more haters than taylor does.

sage for irrelevancy

No. 573581

I like how mama Dean just told a bunch of people they don't matter at all, but they're the trolls and not her.

Next will she be telling people to kill themselves? What a terrible human.

No. 573644

When you're up at 5 AM looking at all the hate your child gets… normal that.

Not many people even seem to discuss her son because he isn't a public figure and his illness is more 'visable' (cause you know, some people are like omgggggg). Even then, I doubt her son would use his illness to not do something.

No. 573673

File: 1525453692192.jpg (150.33 KB, 945x2048, IMG_20180504_190749.jpg)

They love the drama so fucking much

No. 573675

is your icon taylor on ig?

No. 573676


It's just Taylor self-posting, nothing new.

No. 573677


hahaha wtf, is that actually Taylor posting here?

No. 573682


Lmfao. Fail.

No. 573683

I believe so lmfao
she posted the exact same screencap on twitter
God what an attention whore

No. 573684

she gives us more attention than she does to her stans lol. Hey Taylor, get your shit together, you’re not 5.

No. 573686

either anon pulled the screen cap from her twitter or Taylor is caught red handed

No. 573688

File: 1525454936678.png (308.39 KB, 1638x866, Untitled.png)

just proof it's the exact same screenshot lmao

No. 573692

If it is Taylor it's actually so fucking sad lmfao.

No. 573694

File: 1525455086193.png (11.39 MB, 1242x2208, 90F2CB02-EF3D-4BC2-92E8-E745EE…)

Also, more evidence Taylor is the more clingy one in the relationship. Jonny’s probably have because he got her where he wants her so he can get more money from her.

No. 573695

Happy* woops

No. 573696


lmao why does it look likes she's making out with a corpse in the first one

No. 573697

He looks completely out of it in all of those photos and like she’s holding him up

No. 573700

Taylor if you're here post a mantis shrimp update, I want to know if it's punched through anything yet

No. 573719

Considering the MASSIVE issue she made the whole thing to be this is ironic.

We didn't make it being wild caught an issue, she did.

No. 573742

Nope, she posted this herself on Twitter, I just saved the screen and posted it here lmao

No. 573790

Actually, you probably should do a bit of research into how to care for certain plants before you buy them. RIP all my potted herbs.

Also, I would have thought Tyler was done with this shit after the way she threw him under the bus, but I guess not. Keep mocking people asking what are actually legit questions. Like should you NOT research a pet before you get it now? WTF?

No. 573805

Mama Dean posted that her children are thriving. Does she actually think what Taylor is doing is thriving?

No. 573835

This is making me laugh so hard, it looks like he's dying!! Totally sober!! Why is he practically slipping down off the booth or is he really that short!

No. 573953

Lmfao what kind of Weekend at Bernie’s shit is this

No. 573973

I like how she's casually inserting her Dooney bag into this photo. Classy, Tay.

No. 573974


That bag is $268 lol ew

No. 573978

File: 1525478500662.jpg (634.39 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180504-165631.jpg)

I am now convinced Taylor is a trash person 100% because of her mom

No. 573980

File: 1525478570519.jpg (622.73 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180504-165646.jpg)

No. 573983

File: 1525478630966.jpg (440.25 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20180504-165818.jpg)

No. 573986

Yeah any sympathy I had for her just flew out the window. The apple does not fall far from the tree

No. 573988


No wonder Taylor turned out the way she did with a mother like that. What a stupid bitch. Ew.

No. 573989

That bag isn't even cute? There are many things I'd rather spend that much money on at Disney than that bag.

I wonder is Betsy is looking after Taylor's animals by herself at the moment (on top of a newborn). That's really uncool of Taylor to dump that on her friend.

No. 573991

Taylor is 100% on the low end of the spectrum. Jesus they’re such attention seekers. There are children with eds who struggle to do simple tasks like open doors. What a pos

No. 573992

File: 1525479155234.jpeg (105.48 KB, 750x800, D8B96F04-FD77-4F32-8971-EDE798…)

No. 573993

Maybe he is getting sick of her bullshit

No. 573995


Perhaps there's some hope left for the pet tuber community after all.

No. 573997

Wow, her mom's behaviour towards that woman almost makes me feel sorry for Taylor. She didn't stand a chance.

No. 574011


Ariel Combe is my new hero. God, I understand being there for your child and all, but acting like a brat and immature is not the way to go. I feel second hand embarrassment for Mrs. Dean and now I understand how Taylor is messed up in the head.

I also share experience with what Ariel said, not with mental illness but how my own mom treated my cousins, she spoils them to the bone that they don’t feel the need to go to work or school, and my teenager rebellious self back then believed if they can do nothing then I can too, finally grew up (not relying on a druggie Jonny type) and found out that’s not how the world works. I wonder if Taylor will ever grow up?

No. 574014

File: 1525481817234.jpeg (319.92 KB, 1242x1658, F43459DA-5311-4678-B739-BFB19F…)

insert michaeljacksoneatingpopcorn.gif

No. 574017

File: 1525481892917.jpeg (432.92 KB, 1242x1620, 9D74C017-2B94-4BA7-8EF2-896FCE…)

eating popcorn intensifies
Posting these because I agree with Ariel 100%

No. 574020



No. 574030


Ariel is my queen

No. 574042

Can i honestly marry this woman? Shes amazing

No. 574055

File: 1525485828096.png (841.54 KB, 1242x2208, 43E98E85-AE2B-4C0A-BE42-387847…)

wants everyone to believe everything her daughter says yet she doesn’t believe anyone else who says they’ve been effected by EDS. interesting.

No. 574060

Oh my god thats laughable. She expects all of Taylors fanbase to believe the severity of her EDS with no proof and only mentioning it when she needs to get out of something. But that girl is apparently lying to win a twitter argument? ok

No. 574062

I’m quite frankly shocked that mrs immature dean hasn’t blocked Ariel yet…maybe because it’s a little mermaid name and she’s stuck in her own little Disney World where everything is sunshine and lollipops and there is nothing wrong with her children!

No. 574064

File: 1525487152244.png (80.71 KB, 546x768, jtamon.png)

Her mom's a hypocrite

No. 574066

File: 1525487472833.jpg (236.13 KB, 1440x1508, IMG_20180504_212858_125~2.jpg)

No. 574067

File: 1525487503637.png (146.78 KB, 1097x675, tweetr.png)

Taylor's mom needs to get the fuck off the Tweeter

No. 574068


Put on some damn clothes, Taylor, you ugly skank. Or at least a bra.

No. 574070

Why does she keep sticking out her tongue?????

No. 574071



No. 574073

I’m pretty sure she’s wearing a bra. Unless she had a boob job, her boobs are not that round naturally. Plus you can kind of see the indents on her shoulder of her bra strap. When I was chubby my bra would make a little chub roll under my boob, and I think that’s what’s happening to Taylor. Not saying she’s fat at all, but it’s undeniable that she’s gained weight since she moved out of her parents house.

No. 574074

Uhhh her bra is literally sticking out of the bottom of her shirt. Calm down.

No. 574075

Maybe she’s insecure about her lips. At least she doesn’t have a hand covering half her face in this pic.

No. 574076

I feel like she's embarrassed about her new teeth. Even when she smiles with teeth she covers part of the top ones with her tongue.

No. 574078


Her mom is such a disaster. Attacking other people with EDS because HER daughter is the SICKEST and has the BEST attitude of anyone with it! ugh fuck her.

EDS is technically considered rare but it's actually pretty common, why would she doubt these people on twitter just because? No EDSer in real life that I know makes excuses like Taylor or fakes illness, people almost never WANT to miss out on life, the way you can tell Taylor's lying/exaggerating is because she only misses things she doesn't want to do.

No. 574080

Taylor's mom seriously needs mental help. Not even trying to be mean

No. 574082


She comes across as a narcissist, and unfortunately narcissists don't really respond to therapy. If they even agree to it in the first place since they see nothing wrong with their behavior.

No. 574086

File: 1525488997846.png (14.7 KB, 576x112, okthen.png)

"Everyone who disagrees with me or my daughter is a troll and a hater!!!!!"

No. 574089

"How dare you point out that I'm a cyber bully to children with EDS"

No. 574098


lmao. spewing bile? she doesn't even know what she's saying.

Also, why the fuck is she tweeting at the EDS society like they're going to defend her? I'm dying.

No. 574102

And notice how your perfect and exemplary daughter has not stepped up once to defend you, Mrs. Dean, or even respond to your tweets. I doubt she even gives a shit. So just stop embarrassing yourself. I know you're obligated as her mother to be her supporter, but this is ridiculous.

No. 574104

File: 1525490657996.png (102.1 KB, 626x461, Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 8.22…)

what the fuck is she even on about now? no one was debating "types" people are debating severity and she goes to… defend Taylor by saying that Taylor is less severe than people she knows?

This family's grasp on reality is astounding.

No. 574108

File: 1525491075186.jpg (39.86 KB, 500x279, image.jpg)

Did this hoe really go to Disney and pose with a child with under boob?

No. 574109

What the actual fuck. How can you tell someone who experienced loss that you don’t believe them? Her mom is such a cunt and I can’t wait for karma to strike her and Taylor. I feel bad that tanner is innocent and in the cross fire of a terrible mom and a shitty sister.

No. 574110

It's obvious where Taylor gets her selective reading/make believe BS from… I want her to keep going because I love when people keep digging their own graves.

Someone please retweet "I don't believe you".

No. 574164

TIL EDS shapes your personality.

No. 574190

Alright this is the one that got me.
She's being malicious with her "I don't believe you" bullshit.

No. 574212

i really want to know if he's actually being shady or just joking, cause they were messing around with those other comments making fun of us

No. 574218

File: 1525502590768.png (315.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5689.PNG)

never mind i got my answer i can't fucking believe he tweeted this lmfao

No. 574219

File: 1525502613647.png (223.59 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5690.PNG)

and his reply

No. 574222


fucking coward, enjoy the taylor stans that won't unsub from you for that pathetic display of misplaced loyalty.

Taylor is surrounded by fake assholes using her for her short-lived fame and money, what with that and her mother being an actual nut job it's no wonder she believes her own bullshit all the time.

No. 574224

Tbh, I never liked Tyler, but now I feel validated in my dislike for him. I think he’s obviously using Taylor to increase his following, but outright defending her subpar care of all of her animals is unforgivable in my book.

No. 574228

A dead kitten isn't real issues?

1/3 of her pets being dead or abandoned isn't real issues?

No. 574231

Lol @ the reply to this saying Taylor's apartment is tidy

No. 574259

>addresses it
The greatest lie of all

No. 574260

Even Emzotic does the same shit as Tyler. When a bunch of petubers came to their thread and started causing a shit a few of us pointed out that none of them call shit like Taylor out while screaming about how we should help them with husbandry and correcting their mistakes. All of them are protecting Taylor to death but will stand up to anyone that isn’t in that “popular” group.

Literally all these petubers being invited to events and whatever are the same shit Taylor is and will protect her to their death.

No. 574275

File: 1525515238841.png (15.85 KB, 603x133, willow.png)

This twitter user has put together a great thread about Taylor and Manlet. Lots of interesting replies.

No. 574279

File: 1525515466633.png (16.91 KB, 587x104, jcm.png)

Samefag but seems JC's mom/adoptive mom was at Disney when him and Taylor were.

No. 574294

I can’t believe Taylor’s mother has two grown ass kids, and that she acts like such a fool all the damn time. My grammy would have given both of these infantile women such an ass whooping, jesus. What an embarrassment, act your age, woman.

No. 574299

Do any of you know if monitor growth is 'halted' by small cages? Considering how quick they grow I can't imagine he fits into the enclosure we saw last time…

No. 574300

i’m one of the anons who said they felt bad for taylor’s mom originally. looks like you anons who suspected her of being batshit from day one were completely right. i take it back, i don’t feel bad for her, i feel bad for the girl she said she didn’t believe about her father’s own painful death. what an evil fucking cunt, honestly.

No. 574312


Oh sure Tyler, putting them in a fear box with you for views isn't abusing them on camera, taking them to vidcon for drunk peoples entertainment isn't abusing them

No. 574313

File: 1525521359477.jpeg (66.92 KB, 439x505, 3982A3D8-B121-4847-98C1-231246…)

Looks like she’s gonna be “blocking” a lot of accounts…a page out of Taylor’s playbook…when you don’t want to hear the truth you block! Lol. She’s already blocked me twice!!

No. 574314

@taylorndean “She changes things when she gets called out and addresses it.”

What planet are you living on Tyler? She stops showing said pet when she gets out and goes on vacation instead of addressing it!

No. 574316

Such class, much modesty! Like is this dumb skank seriously poppin’ titty at WDW in front of families? My god, check yourself you nasty ho. This girl is washed up trash even before she hit drinking age. Nice.

No. 574317

I have a feeling that Taylor’s mum is uncomfortable with people who don’t kiss up, long, hard and frequently. Was that the case in your brief acquaintance? I can’t see how she wouldn’t block most folk two twitter exchanges in. Hell, that crazy didn’t fall far from the tree.

No. 574319

Is this new? I love how quickly she changes her tune from 'my child is the best' to 'my child is spoiled af'

No. 574326

For real though! Like what parent would want that pic in their scrapbook? Such a horrible “role model” she is and I would have straight up told my kid we would have to wait another time to take a pic. Taylor seems very insecure about her small chest, so she does whatever she can to exaggerate it. Same with her tiny lips— fillers and way overlining them.
The tongue thing is like a sad outdated Miley habit. It’s not quirky or cute Taylor.
If she would just dress for her body type, stop frying her hair, stop with the lip fillers, she could be more girl next door wholesome. But she’s too desperate to be an insta-thot to cut back on the “trendy things” that wreck her whole look.
(Harshly worded I know, but Taylor if you do lurk this was serious advice!)

No. 574347

Monitors growth will not be stunted unless not provided with a proper diet and specialized lighting. Although keeping an arboreal animal in a tank like she has it in is essentially psychological torture because it can't utilize its space to suit its natural behavior. Its disgusting she can pay to go to Disney for a week but can't buy the monitor a bare minimum proper enclosure

No. 574361

File: 1525530127058.jpg (154.36 KB, 1440x842, Screenshot_20180505-091753~2.j…)

This is ideally what a juvenile roughneck monitor should be kept in, he's going to need a much larger enclosure than this once he's full grown. You also can't keep proper humidity and temp in a glass tank, serious monitor keepers know this and build their monitors custom enclosures.

No. 574362

She’s supposedly getting new enclosure but they were supposed to have arrived already and she deleted the email about it.

No. 574365

I wonder if she ordered it when she thought it was a blackthroat monitor, in that case she would have a completely wrong cage for it anyway. It would be much faster and cheaper to build one but unfortunately money can't buy simple math and building skills

No. 574366


Order? didn't she say she had a building team ready to make it a bigger enclosure?

No. 574372

I thought she was getting racks and we rules that most the enclosures on the racks were smaller if not the same size than the enclosures she has rn.

My main problem is the fact that the monitor is still stuck in a small cage and it's no doubt he is barely fitting in there rn because last time we saw him it was clear he needed and upgrade.

No. 574379

Yeah and she’s was like “I spent thousands of dollars on it.” Posted a receipt because people were like “where are they??” Then she posted an email about how they were coming end of April early May, then deleted that update because people are noticing that end of April/early May she’s in Florida having a grand time

No. 574383

In regards to this, he’s taller than her so he’s fucked up in the pictures and she basically had to force him to look alive smh

No. 574396

Can we please permanently ban this incel that constantly calls Taylor a slut and then replies to himself in agreement? And can't even sage.

No. 574407

Yeah, same writing style and doesn't sage. I don't like Taylor most of the time but crop-tops are what most girls wear nowadays and thats the fashion. It doesnt make her slutty if she chooses not to wear a bra, bra's can be quite uncomfortable especially on warm days. Don't think the guy realises that the things he calls Taylor a skank for is what 90% of young girls nowadays dress like.

No. 574421

I'm glad this fucker is finally getting called out. Taylor's outfits are ugly IMO but that's where my judgement ends. Definitely not "slutty" or whatever, it's the same shit all basic girls wear.

Usually the guys who complain about this sort of thing end of marrying ladies who, after popping out a few kids and hitting 30-35, wears sweatpants all day everyday and goes braless with her deep v neck tops, with them saggy titties liable to slip out any second.

No. 574428


Looks like he straight up passed out in the first 4.

No. 574429

File: 1525538221978.jpg (72.52 KB, 494x366, image.jpg)

I guess you have to be a man and an Incel to think going to a family friendly park in an ill fitting shirt with underboob peaking out is trashy? Sorry but going out in nasty ripped tights, wearing a shirt with no pants, and gross frumpy underboob make you look like a crack whore. A crop top is fine, having your breasts or bra peaking out underneath is skanky.
A lot of women on this site get judged more harshly than Taylor, I don't know why her defense force is out.

No. 574444


Not defending her, but outfit choice does not make a person slutty. Also, I'm pretty sure that is NOT underboob in the picture, but a chub roll commonly caused on many girls by wearing a bra. It looks very obvious to me that she is in fact wearing a bra. It was mentioned earlier that her boobs are too perfectly round and smooth to not have a bra on, and also you can see the shoulder strap. Most likely, that is a chub roll peaking out of her shirt. Still gross? Maybe, but it isn't boob.


No. 574448

You can see the date and time in the screenshot

No. 574451

I didn't call her a slut stop projecting.
I said she looked like a crack whore, didn't say she was one, just that she was wearing the look.
It could just be fat, but obviously could be misconstrued at underboob, either way a bad choice for a theme park.

Even if someone called her a slut so what? Why would it matter? Her name has already been drug through through the mud as well as everyone she's been associated with. I don't think slut is more offensive than kitten murderer.

No. 574457


There's nothing wrong with wearing a crop top at a theme park. Of all things to drag her for, jesus. Fat/boob, whatever….this is one picture in one pose….literally a blink in a full day. You can pause movies and have people frozen in very unflattering positions/with bad expressions, which is exactly what this is. Unless there are more pics from the same day with the same issue, it really isn't one.

No. 574461

Slut might not be more offensive than kitten murderer but it’s more inaccurate. Taylor’s selfishness and lack of knowledgable care did cause the death of the kitten. But she’s literally been fucking with the same dude since these threads started so she’s not a slut. Even if she was that’s another issue I’m not getting into lol but facts are she ain’t, you can say whatever the fuck you want on here but don’t act shocked when people disagree

Anyway her mom is a nut job and I’m curios what condition Tay’s animals will be in when she gets back after this. Not that we’ll ever get to see.

No. 574470

I'm not the anon who keeps calling her a slut, but I somewhat agree with that anon. WHY are people whiteknighting her for showing her boobs off in front of little girls!?

I've never heard of some "chub roll" resulting from bra usage, especially on someone as skinny as Taylor. She's NOT fat enough for that to happen to her. She's not fat at all. Her tits are clearly hanging out, probably because her bra doesn't fit right!

If you wear a bra too big or too small, your boobs are liable to hang out. It's not a "chub roll", that makes no sense. If the bra is too small/tight it will cause parts of her BOOB to hang out. If the bra is too big, her boobs could slip out underneath due to lack of support.

It's her fucking boobs hanging out in a picture taken with a child. It's distasteful and she deserves to be called out for it.

Taylor fans, go suck her tits somewhere else.

Just because her animal husbandry sucks more than her looks do, doesn't mean we have to ignore her distastefulness.

No. 574476

And just because some people would rather call her a whore and a slut doesn’t mean others can’t roll their eyes and say it’s stupid + readdress her shitty lifestyle/animal abuse instead. Move on.

No. 574478

idk I think her mom telling people with legitimate experiences with EDS she doesn’t believe them is better milk than her tits hanging out in front of children. like we expected that from Taylor.

No. 574483

Her tits aren't even hanging out … It was like 1cm of her bra

No. 574492

Breasts aren't even sexual organs so I guess I'm missing why this is even a big deal.

What's next, complaining Taylor wore a bikini at the beach with children present?

No. 574502

Go back to the convent

No. 574520

It is provocative clothing at a theme park with children running all around. People white knighting her don't seem to understand just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD.

No. 574521

if they're not sexual organs you're doing sex wrong.

No. 574537

>WHY are people whiteknighting her for showing her boobs off in front of little girls!?

Because it's not a big deal? Ah yes let's hide little girls from boobs reeeeeeee.

That's the stupidest thing you can call her (or anyone) out for. She's a cunt, with bizarre fashion sense, but calling her a whore or a slut because of the way she dresses is uncalled for. Children literally won't give a shit if she's wearing some weird ass piece of clothing because they're at Disney, of all places. A little girl will be paying more attention to Belle than some girl wearing a crop top.

Plus stop looking at things in absolutes. Just because a lot of us don't think it's that big of a deal it doesn't mean we're "whiteknighting".

No. 574540

Breasts aren't sexual organs? What the fuck are you talking about?

You wouldn't find it strange if someone was wearing a bikini at a theme park? Different clothes fit different situations.

People can wear whatever they want, but wearing clothes with your tits and arse hanging out is slutty. You must be fine with men (and women) creeping on you if you're happy to wear such revealing outfits. Probably the first one to cry about someone staring at your tits too.

Be nice if people had a bit more respect for themselves these days instead of feeling the need to let it all hang out.

No. 574543


No. 574557

You sound like you never leave your house

No. 574563

I kind of understand why Taylor is so fucked up. Doesn't excuse the animal neglect, but I understand why she wanted to get the fuck out of there asap.

lmao please just shut up, sorry the whole world isn't mormon, and that's most definitely her bra and not her tit

No. 574579

I'm so disgusted by how Taylor's mom talked to that girl who lost her dad. I don't care if they are the biggest troll under the bridge, there's never an ok reason to try to lessen someone losing a parent.

Totally get why Taylor latched on to guys as a way to escape. Her mom's nasty attitude + the heaviness that is taking care of Tanner. I was expected to take care of someone that wasn't my job to do, and no matter how much you love that person, it is a HEAVY thing for a parent to put on a child.

Wish Taylor would get some help from a professional instead of bringing animals along on her suffering bus & dating an abuser.

No. 574584

This whole dress thing is nitpicked to the bone anyway. Now that someone said something that could be an issue in a CHILDRENS park its a no-no.

No. 574601

what are you guys even talking about "chub hanging out under the shirt" you must have no idea how to wear a bra if you have "chub" sticking out of the bottom. how does that even happen lmao

i get it's hot outside and you can wear whatever you want but how do you not feel weird with so much skin showing around everyone? i like myself a crop top but i can't imagine feeling comfortable in a shirt like that, especially around my young fans

No. 574605

Wtf kind of backwards southern state are you people from? There are probably mothers with their children at Disney showing more skin than Taylor is in that picture. You're really reaching. As if there isn't enough real stuff to talk about like her mom shitting on someone who lost their dad to suicide or 40 exotic animals being cared for by someone with a newborn baby.

No. 574608

I agree the topic has gone to shit. I'm not white knighting I just give zero hecks about underboob.

No. 574615

Considering breasts are for feeding children, no they’re not sexual organs. Go back to biology class.

Secondly, it’s fucking hot as hell in Florida so the fact that she or anyone else wear as little clothing as possible is fine. Sorry, people don’t want to sweat their tits off.

Thirdly, you sound like a class-A victim blamer. Go back to bible study Susan and get off the internet.

Let’s actually focus on Taylor’s shitty attitude and bad husbandry instead of her being a “slut”.(derailing)

No. 574624

>Considering breasts are for feeding children, no they’re not sexual organs. Go back to biology class.

I agree with you, but you're wrong. Humans are the only primates (Possibly even mammals altogether) that develop breast tissue at puberty, not pregnancy. Breast size has no association with milk production, breast tissue developing prior to pregnancy costs valuable resources and has no functional fitness advantage and therefore it's a sexually selected trait. Human females have breasts because human men had sex with breasted humans at a higher frequency than those that didn't have them. i.e they exist because men find/found them sexually attractive. They're not sexual organs in the same way genitalia are, but they're like a peacocks tail or something in that they only exist to look attractive to the opposite sex, unless currently breastfeeding an infant.

It undermines your argument if you use something false to back it up.

No. 574626

Whether you're offended by underboob or not offended by underboob can we all agree it's not a big deal and doesn't merit 1/3 of the thread being dedicated to it? Can y'all please stop with underboobgate

No. 574627

this is so SO extremely off topic HOLY SHIT guys for the love of god taylors mom said some horrible things to a random girl and this seems more worthy for you to discuss? ugh

No. 574633

Thank you! But back to the topic of what her mom said, I'm horrified. I used to feel bad for the woman and this is my first time seeing her true colors, what a wretched hypocrite.

No. 574634

File: 1525556688001.png (261.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5692.PNG)

i can't believe she's fucking joking about this

No. 574639

same person as above. there's no doubt in my mind that they were doing drugs. i just read through that twitter thread someone made and they posted a lot of pics of jonny and taylor's hands, and they're super fucking swollen (opiates do that to you). and now she's joking about letting all of her fans down. think they've been shooting up in the bathrooms at disney? lmao

No. 574677

Security is pretty tight at Disney, I feel like JC would get "randomly selected" at every park to go through extra screening.

No. 574719


She always does that as a way to pretend she doesn't care what the 'trolls' say but doesn't realize or care that she's also taking digs at her actual fans. Her and her mom are cut from the same passive aggressive cloth

No. 574761

She does NOT care about her own fans or anyone else, even her animals. After awhile, the only fans she will ever have are the ones with the lowest IQ because honestly, who in the right minds would not get upset she’s joking about shit that needs to be addressed professionally

No. 574853

they're probably just smoking it at their hotel

>Security is pretty tight at Disney
You're hilarious, you can get anything except for a huge gun/knife into Disney

No. 574897

why the fuck would taylor reply to this? the tweet is from 04/28. she's such a shitty person, making jokes about skipping a panel and literally letting her fans down? just proves how disingenuous her original apology was. "so so sorry" my ass

No. 574901

As someone who used to work at Disney, you can sneak almost anything in. My friend would bring water bottles full of booze, I don't doubt Jonny bringing in drugs.

No. 574910

File: 1525587497804.png (264.06 KB, 545x743, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 2.16…)

???????? does she even make any sense???

No. 574913

Maybe I'm just naive. It seemed kind of heavy last time I went and it took forever to get through even without a bag. My fiance got selected for the extra security screening twice too, so I guess I had a different experience than most.

It seems like a hassle to sneak something in on the off chance you do get caught. I want to think Taylor is smarter than that but probably not.

No. 574914


Can we just take a moment to appreciate this whole thing started with Taylor talking about people invalidating illnesses.

Question Taylors illness and mama dean invalidates yours, fucking amazing how she not only missed the point of her daughters post but became the person Taylor was talking about.

No. 574921

Are they literally arguing about if she sent a link or not lol

No. 574930


Not sure about Florida but Anaheim is now a major hassle to sneak anything in. They make you open every crevice, metal detectors, some extra screening. It’s not how it uses to be

Source: annual pass holder who has brought several things into Disney no issue until new security measures were implemented over the past few years

No. 574952

>>574910 Looks like Mrs. Dean is a pathological liar just like Taylor. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Is Taylor still at Disneyland? I'm not sure how the panels work, but why wouldn't she go to another Panel if she had an opportunity. It just shows she isn't there for the fans and skipped the first panel intentionally and lied.

No. 574990


Playlist is over, she just randomly replied to an old tweet because apparently she thought it was funny she missed it.

I feel like she was probably high when she tweeted it. Or maybe Jonny did it for her, but there probably weren't enough grammatical errors for him.

No. 574995

To me this feels like she is trying to end this teachers career more than anything by making it public. I don't think it will go that far but there have been a lot of cases where online stuff has got people in trouble.

How pathetic and sad do you have to be to go to those lengths

No. 575005

File: 1525608147376.jpg (348.06 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20180506_140132.jpg)

Taylor's hair look like an addict hair OMG those roots

No. 575010

Can someone explain why she is constantly wearing that lanyard wit a bunch of badges on it?

Seems like it'd just get in the way

No. 575011

File: 1525609006262.png (266.13 KB, 592x450, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 5.14…)

Wait her mom and Tanner had to go to her weird meetup to meet her like they were fans, she couldn't just meet with her family on her own for 10 minutes?

No. 575014

Taylor is literally posing with Tanner LIKE HE’S A FAN. omfg so sad

No. 575023

The fact that Taylor’s mom in all likelihood sprung this meetup on her and had her brother wear taylor’s merchandise for it is creepy as fuck.

No. 575033

It's for pin trading, a lot of people do it at Disney. Just about every store or restaurant has a pin board where you can trade with cast members and sometimes other park goers. It's actually a real fun and cute thing to do. I always took my lanyard off before a ride though because it would smack me in the chest constantly on faster rides. It's not really comfortable.

No. 575035

Looks like her hair is falling out in the back. It’s not very full, sucks she’s too young to have such shitty hair because she simply won’t take care of it.

No. 575037

File: 1525615633182.png (747.26 KB, 720x905, IMG_20180506_160654.png)

Are this scabs?

No. 575038

just looks like sun spots or normal skin discoloration.

No. 575039

The one on the cheek looks like a scab

No. 575042

Tanner seems like a sweet kid, this is sad.

No. 575044


looks more like a freckle or mole, could be wrong though.

No. 575056

File: 1525618536947.jpeg (352.34 KB, 750x703, 07C8EEDA-FB77-4013-BFFE-07AB69…)

So get off the internet if you can’t deal with people wanting you to do your job. You should have prefilmed and uploaded as a scheduled video.

No. 575057

I wondered why she took the time to tweet this and saw the large amount of disbelieving gifs replied to the original tweet. Looks like people are learning… Or you guys all replied lol

No. 575059

File: 1525618688857.png (588.73 KB, 586x664, dfkjfsldk.PNG)

she can't be that offended at gifs, can she? i think she has been deleting/blocking again, or reading here.

No. 575063


Believe it or not Taylor many youtubers pre-film and edit videos for when they go away, but these are people who are actually concerned about their careers so you do you hun.

No. 575079

Lol this one cut off the bottom where he is like falling down or something and isn't even properly kissing her, she's just grabbing his face to hold on to him. Just funny faces though huh Taylor. Sitting down he can't possibly be a whole head shorter than her can he? And it doesn't look like she is sitting on his lap or anything. These photos are so embarrassing I can't believe she even included them. Such relationship goals.

No. 575081

It's the only "mean" stuff on the original tweet, so I assume that's what she's referring to. Unless she deleted/blocked the "mean" stuff.

She sounds like such a child "pls stop being mean guys :("

No. 575083

File: 1525621993154.png (3.31 MB, 1242x2208, 24E7F364-A42D-496C-82D9-370BD5…)

This could’ve been posted already. But I went on twitter to find the tweets y’all posted and saw this. I didn’t even realize she had done this.

No. 575086

Not scabs…but could she not wear a shirt that doesn’t look like moths have eaten through it? Who the hell taught her to dress. You’re not working fields on the back 40…you’re a supposed celebrity in public. Act and dress accordingly!

No. 575089

Just what I wanna do…take pictures in a booth with my stoned, passed out bf! And for goodness sake. Keep that tongue in your mouth! Someone needs to cut it off! Only thing it’s good for these days is telling lies!

No. 575095


Can't believe I didn't know about this hahahahahahahaha why haven't I seen anyone bring this up on her twitter. I also just went and watched the video, it's the one where she talks about getting the two kittens, she opens it with "they're 4-5 weeks old" which says to me she had no fucking clue how old they were when she got them (like she didn't know what fucking monitor she got), and likely wasn't treating them as 2 week old kittens when she first got them.

No. 575106

inb4 she says “hahaha I didn’t eat it I gave it to Jonny.” I’d love to watch her backpedal out of this one without either admitting she didn’t even eat the Blue Apron she got for free, therefore admitting she’s just a shill, or pretending those are special gluten free magical breadcrumbs that she made herself.

No. 575107

wowwwww he looks stoned as hell. that's so bad. if you're making that face but still awake you gotta be on dope.

>>574639 probably

No. 575110

She says she doesn’t have animals to film with but wasn’t she recording 2 videos before she left and didn’t she have 1 filmed that she kept saying she was going to release but didn’t?

No. 575113

Plus all the "mental health" videos she filmed with her friend…

No. 575114

Tell me about it. 100% she'll say she didn't eat it, and I fucking hate youtubers who advertise shit they haven't even used. She could of even made some shit up in the video like "unfortunately none of these dishes are gluten free but here's some alternatives that work great with the recipe"… but clearly she fucking ate that shit and didn't give it a second thought.

No. 575116


Don't forget guys she's been "too sik 2 edit cus muh eds n glooten probz"

No. 575126

Why are you trying to sound like Donald Trump's twitter persona?

No. 575187

File: 1525631774645.jpeg (272.64 KB, 1242x2126, 8DFACED3-09A8-4A76-A020-EE8B16…)

Wow her mom is fucking crazy…

No. 575190

wow. i can't fucking believe she has the balls to say that to someone while also shitting on us because we're "sOoOo mEaN" to her precious daughter

No. 575191

holy shit

No. 575193

hooooooooooooly shit

No. 575195

File: 1525632540046.jpeg (207.44 KB, 750x1334, 1044879F-2F03-4071-9C4F-72080B…)

No. 575196

File: 1525632554994.jpeg (648.31 KB, 1364x2048, D7B44927-65D2-4987-8F8E-C93EEC…)

No. 575197

File: 1525632568043.jpeg (1.16 MB, 2048x2008, FF9B581A-6A33-4983-B0A5-473499…)

No. 575198

Yeah all sympathy I had for Taylor's mum has went out the window, fucking crazy bitch. Is it any wonder Taylor moved out and decided to cut her out of her new life LOL.

No. 575199

Her hair looks really greasy and dirty in this

No. 575200


Her mom blocked my throwaway twitter but I still went off. this is not okay

No. 575206

What a sick piece of shit. That is probably the worst thing you could say to someone who’s father committed suicide. Fuck her and her dumbass daughter…& meanwhile they complain about how hateful everyone else is while they spew shit like that in the DMs. Insufferable idiots.

No. 575213


Her mom and her both are pieces of disgusting work. They care so much about mental health except when it’s anyone else’s but their own. They say and do the most damaging things to other people. I’m so done with her mom. Imagine the kind of things she probably even says to Taylor behind closed doors when she has a tantrum. Closet abuser.

No. 575216

File: 1525633931721.jpeg (304.28 KB, 750x1334, 103E6521-17EC-4706-A488-70BDB4…)

Looks like Jen and Jonny get along now? eye roll

No. 575220

I dislike Taylor as much as the next farmer. But she could do so much better. It's so shocking to see her average-to-attractive face next to his ugly mug. They just don't make sense to me as a couple. She's young, moderately successful and attractive, and has a support system. He's older, ugly, covered in ugly tats, a rapist drug-addict. How does that even happen? How does she not realize that she's worth more? Her mom must've really fucked her up to make her self-esteem be so low she thinks she needs this loser.

No. 575221

Serious question, does her mom have like, cognitive disabilities? The woman sounds genuinely fucking stupid

No. 575224

Unreal. What a bully. That disgusting woman and her daughter are the reason people should need a license to procreate. Poor Tanner.

No. 575225

I genuinely wonder if mom and daughter both have untreated BPD. I see families like this all the time at work and it's almost always a fucked up daughter with a profoundly more fucked up mother.

No. 575227

i agree with this 100%. what the fuck could she possibly see in him

No. 575230


No just stupid

No. 575235

I mean, it's a thought considering she can't even spell Timon right. Her relationship with her daughter is definitely toxic, though. I have no doubt that she's been behaving the way that she has for Taylor points.

No. 575236

Nothing about their behaviour leads me to believe that they have BPD in any way, they don't even give off that vibe online either. They're just narcissistic BPD isn't meant to be a blanket mental illness that covers erratic/nasty/delusional people

No. 575241

How disgusting can you get… I hope lots of people see this so they can see what monster raised TND.

No. 575243

wow now I kind of understand why Taylor is the way that she is and treats people the way she does. Look what she was raised by. Makes sense why she mocks Jonny’s abused exes, I could totally picture her saying “Well he wouldn’t have abused you if you weren’t such a cunt”

No. 575246

No one seems to be giving any shit to her on Twitter.

No. 575251

I’ve seen a few but they’re all from people who say that she’s blocked them

No. 575253

No comment… what the fuck.
She could have her own fucking thread on here to trigger her more at this point
She looks somewhat nice there tbh, but mind you she will definitely spend a month sick editing while visiting salons to dye her hair.

Not the anon that suggested it but her mum's constant switching of 'I love my kids' to straight up hating Taylor and borderline stalking her when she got with Jonny and some weird following to meetups could point towards that. The fact that she's checking what eople are saying about her kids at 5AM is also… eh.

We don't have enough info to say if BPD could be an issue obviously, but narcissism is lso pretty common with BPD.

No. 575256


I love how Jonny looks scared out of his mind on that little drop.
I'm sure they fake got along while she had the opportunity to see her daughter.


Speaking of Tanner, where is he in that happy family pic?

No. 575263


Don't give her mom the idea of a fake illness to hide behind like her daughter does lol, shes a psycho

No. 575264

I did. And it’s being retweeted only issue is Jen blocked me so not sure if she’s seeing it

No. 575266

File: 1525637083603.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, FFDE0A5C-B8C8-4460-8098-D38EE2…)

Can’t forget - she was - on and off sick

Also Jonny looks like he’s gonna puke

No. 575271

The tear tattoos look so relevant here lmfao.

No. 575304

Good to know Tay’s illnesses struck again just in time for her to tag along for skipping the line with her mom and brother.

No. 575306


Apparently her mom helped her get a disability pass so you can skip to the head of the line. You can bring 10 people with you. Makes me wonder if maybe Tanner got the pass, and that's why Taylor was hanging around her mom

No. 575323

The first time she’s willingly been hanging out with her mom and posted about it in a non defensive way? Lol yeah her mom let her use the disability pass.

No. 575345

I forgot Jennifer is married. I wonder what her husband thinks of all this? I can't imagine being married to someone making a fool of themselves the way she does.

No. 575351

She didn't block everyone, I'd interacted with her positively in the past so perhaps thats why she didn't block me for sending her some criticisms + not a throwaway account. She also didn't argue back, so I thought she might have actually taken the criticisms on board knowing everyone isnt 'faceless trolls', but then she posted that bitchy tweet passive aggressively after.

I think what she said to that girl Ariel was disgusting and I think she's desperately looking for ways to discredit anyone who has criticisms against Taylor. If they're "lying" about their fathers suicide & EDS, then she can deflect their criticisms of Taylor as untrue too. I don't think she'll ever listen to throwaway accounts because in her eyes they are HATERS/TROLLS !!

No. 575356

I respect Taylor's father a lot, I think he's under a lot of stress with the whole situation too and I think he was mature and smart enough to realise that throwing tantrums on social media isn't the way to progress anything. Even the tweets from his social media at the beginning of the Jonny drama weren't as emotionally childish as her mum.

No. 575393

How embarrassing for him…to have a successful lawyer for a son with someone else and then married this unhinged kook who gave him not 1 but 2 kids with poor genetics!

No. 575400

I think that comment is quite cruel and is just as bad as what her mum said to that girl on twitter.

No. 575404

well its harshly worded but kinda true

No. 575420

I just read that. Might be harsh but it is actually got a hint of accuracy to it. I don’t find it to be anything like how Jennifer is calling this woman a liar and that she doesn’t believe her father committed suicide because of his EDS. She really has become unhinged in her defense of Taylor!

No. 575421

I noticed Taylor's dad had his lawyer son's twitter on his bio, but now it says that Twitter is deleted. Poor guy probably doesn't want to be associated with the train wreck that his father's family is.

No. 575431

Perhaps his law firm has caught wind of “sister” and her association with a druggie rapist and asked him to remove it…

No. 575438

Good possibility

No. 575497

can you post the pics here? this is an imageboard.

No. 575498

holy shit, she's so immature and awful. like mother, like daughter

No. 575504

Yeah I kind of agree with it don't get me wrong, it's just the part about the genetics that I didn't like, the woman is many things such as being unhinged/oblivious to others feelings, but it's not fair to say that she gave her kids their poor genetics. She has raised Taylor to be a bitch though and we can fault her for that

No. 575509

File: 1525658045283.jpeg (393.45 KB, 1242x2092, D60F3D8E-B6BB-4C9E-8CFA-B1BFAA…)

Mommy Dean’s response to a screenshot of what she said to Ariel.

No. 575516

File: 1525658529287.jpeg (282.21 KB, 1289x1136, 377B0E1C-C19D-4D5B-A3F6-DE9B61…)

No. 575517

File: 1525658538895.jpeg (90.46 KB, 1293x328, 981118D9-AEC6-4668-8524-A2F71B…)

No. 575522

Anyone here have any thoughts on the dm photo being fake?

No. 575527

yeah sure, Taylor messaging Chelsea about doing heroin was fake.

Jonny raping and forcefully injecting exes was fake.

The Deans are stable, honest people who never deceive anyone./s

It's so easy for guilty people to claim "it's fake!" for screencaps, but there's no distortion or misalignment from what I can see.
It's more likely that unhinged Momma Dean went unhinged on this woman. She's been proven to be a fucking lunatic before, it's not a stretch that she would say anything beyond ass without cringing.

No. 575528

I don't see her mother denying that conversation was hers in that reply to it unless im missing something or theres more tweets that haven't been posted

No. 575531

Taylor's just tweeted "why are people making fake convos with my MOM" >>575516

No. 575532

File: 1525659453420.png (85.77 KB, 789x606, tnd fake.png)

Here's the tweet

No. 575533

Yea but if it was fake wouldn't her mother ferociously deny it when the screenshot was sent to her and replied? I'm asking if her mum has explicitly said its fake anywhere

No. 575534

She says this ass her mom makes a tweet using the word ass. Taylor is such a fucking liar.

No. 575535

Honestly I was wondering about it, but then I read this >>575516
>"my mom can't even say the word ass without cringing!"

I have the tweet where she says >>575509 on my screen and it IS from her account.

No. 575538

File: 1525659567986.jpg (233.2 KB, 488x413, gfreeeeeeeeeee.jpg)

where's the anon that predicted she would say she never ate any of the food ahahahahaha

No. 575546

I saved the dm, boosted saturation then darkened the image, and it could be photoshopped. There's addition pixels around the images and text bubbles, plus if you look at the profile picture it has jagged edges.

BUT there is possibility that it was a screenshot that was compressed and then uploaded on a different device (like if she screenshot on her phone, then uploaded through a computer) which would cause some distortion.

No. 575547

A new pan is so expensive she had to LIE to her followers about a product she couldn’t eat?!! How much was that Cartier bracelet…that could have bought a few pans…

No. 575549

I guess we will never know for sure…mama dean deleted every tweet to Ariel….and we are NOT surprised…

No. 575552

If the screen shot is fake why wouldn't Tay's mom share the real convo

No. 575554

That bitch got paid $15,000 to show food she couldn’t even eat? What the fuck.

No. 575555

I'm honestly kind of divided about this. There's a chance the convo is actually photoshopped, but it could be compression. Then again, the most reasonable thing that Jennifer should've done was to say it was fake the moment it surfaced. So far Taylor has been the one doing all the talking (and lying miserably because she says her mom doesn't swear and the tweet where she's very much swearing is still there).

No. 575558

File: 1525660895439.jpg (393.39 KB, 655x875, tnd mom.jpg)

I did the same with this screenshot (that we know 100% was real) and the edges of the profile pics are just as jagged and the additional pixels are roughly in the same spots. Soooo…

No. 575564

I just checked Ariel’s account…it’s a screenshot of her saying she was blocking mama dean with a screenshot of that convo, which may be why it’s being distorted. She also said mama dean was harassing her, which we already know she was saying she didn’t believe Ariel.

No. 575568

i don't think ariel (who is she btw? just a random?) faked the screenshot. she's been on-point with her calliout, she doesn't need to make something up to make mama dean look bad. pretty obvious the woman just snapped and cursed at ariel in anger, who smartly capped it and shows how much of a bigger person she is

No. 575569

well ariel didn't fake being told that she wasn't believed about her dad dying. which is gross and horrible on it's own. taylor's mom was WAY out of line with her before that screenshot ever came into play

No. 575571


$15,000?? I can't imagine Blue Apron would spend that much on a youtuber whos fans aren't even allowed to use the stove by themselves. Good try, Tay. I need the receipt on that.

Jennifer said "No, I don't believe her" which is what the DM said so she just reiterated herself from the screenshot. Now Taylor is claiming fake? lol

No. 575578

File: 1525663002299.jpeg (125.24 KB, 1118x439, 093929DC-C21E-4067-A527-95C37E…)

Not really that interesting but just more deleted tweets.

No. 575588

File: 1525663989122.jpeg (466.36 KB, 1242x916, CD3B82CA-C78E-4519-9389-1D8545…)

And the countdown is on…

No. 575589

>>575083 I vote someone edit tweets together where Taylor says she ate gluten and got sick and this one together and use it for the next header image.

No. 575590

>>575187 I used to feel bad for Mrs. Dean. No longer, and never again. What a fucking disgusting low life she is.

No. 575594

ok…so to prove and defend that she's not lying about gluten making her sick at convenient times, she's admitting she accepted money to promote something to her viewers that she can't vouch for, because she didn't even try it. Does she not see that this also makes her a liar and unethical?

No. 575597

>>575594 Killed a kitten and cooks food to throw it away even though there are starving children in America. Thank you Taylor for continuing to prove how shitty and selfish you are and insane for faking an illness.

No. 575600

I'm sure Jonny ate it

No. 575608

>>575600 Probably not, because she forbids him from eating gluten.

No. 575611

And I thought she was SOOO sensitive to gluten that she couldn’t even touch it…she makes people wear gloves…I don’t see gloves…

No. 575615

She literally says in the video
>meals that taste really good

No. 575617

i think taylor genuinely has a low iq

No. 575625

File: 1525667460021.jpg (789.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180506-223141.jpg)

Just because I feel like Taylor had no idea what she was getting into, this is an almost full grown blackthroat monitor. Of course, she has a roughneck but this is what she thought she was getting.

No. 575636

I think the screenshot is photoshopped/edited. If you look at the timestamp where it says Friday, you can see that the second timestamp is slightly more to the left than the first—-they’re not aligned. I’m not sure why Jennifer didn’t deny it. Also not sure why that person bothered shopping it since what Jennifer said publicly was bad enough. But that’s not a real DM.

No. 575638

damn good eye anon

No. 575648

I looked through a few of my DMS on twitter and that’s how it appears on all my DMS. i think that’s just the layout? It’s just slightly further over but not much.

No. 575653

I know this is old milk. but jesus at 10:20 she says "they just ate idk why they're crying" and then nemo desperately suckles on her finger. Like yeah bitch, they're obviously still hungry. It's amazing she only managed to starve 1 to death.

No. 575655

Taylor your mother literally said "ass" in the tweet before yours >>575509

No. 575658

Hearing their cries of starvation while she films her messy house is heartbreaking. They sound so distressed, they’re desperately seeking food, and she’s just noting it like “nope you can’t nurse each other.” Like fuck. How the other “pettubers” can befriend someone so cold and cruel is beyond me. I hope the views and fans are worth condoning someone starving their kitten to death on camera. I feel sick.

No. 575680

Ariel is using a picture from the sunglasses wiki, lol. I get the feeling that is someone Taylor knows who wants to say something to her but doesn't want to do it from their own account.

No. 575683

lmao oh yikes. these are the kind of people that make us look like the assholes in this whole drama situation. it just adds more fuel to the fire what's the point of lying about shit when there's already so much milk

No. 575686

I think it's important to note that mandaxface has a super sketchy past of making multiple fake accounts to harass Chelsea and I'm getting the exact same vibes from some of these accounts. (arielcombe1, caribou_cloud I think are definitely her).

No. 575705

File: 1525678791265.png (122.92 KB, 1080x467, IMG_20180507_083310.png)

Turn them into strengths? How exactly? She 'accidentally eats gluten' every other week, always says she's struggling with mental health, ODs on pain killers to the point she passes out for most of the day, misses important job prospects where all she'd have to do is literally sit there and take questions, and constantly uses her illnesses to play the victim. Is that your strength, Taylor, using your 'illnesses' to get out of stuff?

Taylor, people who have learned to deal with their struggles actually go out to work every day and don't let them hinder them.

It's comical now she's slid in that she was 'on and off sick at disney', yet no walking sticks or wheelchair? Managed to go on rides every day? She's such a train wreck.

No. 575717

Lmao get in I fucking knew it! She says in the video "After reading about them I'm definitely going to be using them for my own life", "I don't have to worry about food because I have all my meals planned out thanks to blue apron". So which is it Tay, you a liar or you a liar? Pick one.

Also I like that she's now deleted this tweet. Lmao here's a tip, actually use those few brain cells you have left and actually think before you tweet.

No. 575722

Seriously though if you go so far as you harass on that level, make a fake animal rescue page (or at least link to one you're not associated with).
That's a whole level of crazy I'm not onboard with. That's hardcore stalker hate and it's disturbing.

No. 575736


Yeah really, the only strength I can think of is that mental illness channel she never even started, A+ turning your "struggles" into helping others Taylor.

Also, I do know people with EDS who are too disabled to go to work every, or really any, day, and it's not because they're "letting" their stuff hinder them. They're just really, very ill. BUT I also don't know a single person like that who could manage to walk around Disney for ONE full day, let alone for a full week. Most of those people I know (myself included) probably couldn't handle it even in a wheelchair, especially when you throw in all those rides she went on with her brother's disability pass.

No. 575739


Sorry anon, maybe I worded that incorrectly. I think having an invisible illness which is very similar to Taylor's myself (one that would not allow me to walk around Disney for a week but I have learnt to deal with enough to allow me to work and study) I got a little ahead of myself. Without a doubt there's people too disabled to work, but I also know multiple people in the same position but are still able to do their jobs without having this victim mortality, and as you said I don't know anyone who could manage to walk around disney for a full week who is also not able to sit and edit a video for days on end. I just get mad because she gives people who have invisible illnesses a bad name, and she is exactly the reason we don't tell our employers about our problems.

No. 575746

Everyone on twitter is commenting on her tweet about her mom saying how great Jen is and how people should leave her alone and she doesnt deserve it. But these are the same stans who were saying bad stuff about Jen when Taylor was with him in California and she went off on her twitter tirade.

No. 575756

Wouldn't cooking it alone be risky considering contamination etc etc
Sounds like she's reading here and letting us do the work for her

No. 575761

that was me, i fucking knew it.

No. 575762

Do we know for sure that DM from her mom was faked? Couldn’t the chick who got it make a video of her opening her browser and going to twitter and opening the message?

No. 575763

so far the consensus seems to be that the compression lines up with a standard screenshot, and one anon mentioned that the slight offset on the position of the dates is consistent with their own twitter DMs. no solid proof of it being fake or real either way but i’m leaning more towards real, if only for the fact that the messages sound just like mama dean.

No. 575765

The girl said she deleted the messages so can't screen record, which tbh sounds fishy af to me.
I can't see why she would just delete them when she had proof of her mom being a complete bitch.

No. 575767

This shit bothers me sooo bad. Even if she didn't eat it, she should have disclosed that in the original video. Which tells me she's lying now. I wonder if at this point she believes her own lies, or if she consciously does it.

Also, what's with her constantly listing exact amounts of money she spends and receives? Doesn't she realized how insanely tacky that is? We get it, Taylor. You have a lot of money you like to waste. Do you think people are jealous or something?

No. 575810

For a YouTuber with that many subscribers and given that she was growing fast at the time with a high viewership on her videos, $15,000 is a low fee. Still, when you come from trash I suppose any money is exciting.

Hey Taylor, try to have some class and quit casually dropping in money to your tweets. That’s a Johnny move and we all know he’s broke AF. It’s no good trying to make it rain and bragging about it when there’s a boyfriend drain under your feet!

No. 575815

not to defend her, but she was paid $15,000 for the video- sure it was scripted/stuff they wanted her to say.
tay doesnt seem like the type of person to not do brand deals cause she cant use it, company is awful, etc.

No. 575827

You do realize all the times she said he can’t eat gluten we’re JOKES?

No. 575828

You do realize all the times she said he can’t eat gluten we’re JOKES?

No. 575831

>get paid $15000 for easy work
>admit you don't actually like/use the product
>realize no one will want to advertise with you again now
>delete tweet when it's too late

Looking forward to Taylor getting evicted cause she can't afford anything anymore

No. 575834

hi tay

it seems like if you WERE really that sensitive, jonny genuinely shouldn't be eating gluten. you could possibly ingest some and get "sicker than you have been in a long time" for one day. even though just last month you WERE "sick" for 5 days, making you incapable of editing one youtube video from your home, let alone frolicking around didney lamb with your rapist boyfriend

No. 575848

Someone please record the video of her Blue Apron sponsorship before it magically disappears and she deletes it saying “I got too much h8 for it guise :(“. I feel like that’s pretty fucked up to straight up lie to your fans about a company for money. She said that it tasted really good. When she never ate it?? This girl just doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself. She acts like she has so much money but with Jonny around we all know she’s going broke.

No. 575854

Most people here would do the same tbh. I know we all like to think fame wouldn't consume us but when you have the offer of money a lot of people would take it, especially if it's as easy as following a script.

No. 575858

Tbh if someone offered me 15k to do an ad even if it was for a product I can’t use, I’d probably do it as long as it was something harmless like food etc.

The problem is Taylor has recently made so much of her identity about her disabilities (because she’s always missing deadlines/events due to drugs and they’re a good excuse) that it looks shady af to advertise something with gluten in it without even mentioning it in the vid. She could have said “unfortunately guys Blue Apron don’t do gluten free meals yet, but their menus are ever growing and I hope to receive a gluten free option soon!” Even a fucking note under the vid as soon as she released it would’ve made her seem more honest. It’s just another example of how casually dishonest she always is.

No. 575860

Just did some digging on sponsorships because I really can't believe that they'd pay so much. The closest I could get to a definite amount was that Audible pays $15 per person who signs up for the service using their affiliate link, and Taylor's got one for Blue Apron in the description box of the video. I guess it's not unfathomable that 1000 out of her million subscribers are old enough to cook for themselves.

Plus then she's got that actual Audible sponsorship from her video 2 weeks ago which has half a million views so she likely got another $15k from that. She might not run out of money as soon as we thought.

No. 575876

Or I don't know, she could've just not used the bread crumbs? Can't tell what the meal is exactly but it looks like it wouldn't even be bad without them. Or substitute it with gluten free bread crumbs. Then she could have eaten it for real. Or could have had Jonny eat it and help her review it. So many options.
Makes blue apron look bad because they just gave her a script to read and didn't have to eat it to say if it even tasted good.

No. 575877

I don't think she's in danger of losing her money at all. I think that's why she's so blasé about what she posts and treating her fans well. She has seen proof that it doesn't matter. I'm sure she knows she can't do this forever, but I also don't think she cares about that either. She'll do as little work for as long as possible. I could see the tables turning on the money bags at some point and her sponging off an older guy with a lot of money. Obviously not Jonny lol.

No. 575880

Pretty sure I found ‘Ariel’ and her dad has passed away but not from what she said. It’s people like her who make those of us who care about the animal neglect going on seem ‘crazy’. Our voices get drowned out by their nonsense.

Really tempted to drag this ‘Ariel’ chick.

No. 575887

Either way, she called out Jen and her daughter. Taylor and her mom is just trying their best to come up with more lies to cover up the fact that all Ariel told Jen was true before it exploded with all this photoshop nonsense. It’s like the whole wildcaught vs captive bred situation all over again.. it’s just masking the real issues.

No. 575888

Haven’t gone through this thread in a few days and Taylor is already self distructing her sponserships? What more can she ruin on her own? Lmaoo

No. 575906

File: 1525712176547.jpeg (129.87 KB, 1300x653, 8C5EDAE2-116A-4AAA-A11E-3FAC43…)

No. 575910

solution to this problem: maybe dont travel as much

No. 575914

Anyone remember that lame "Scumbag Steve" meme from years ago? Why does everything she does remind me of that. Scumbag Dean.

knows going on vacation stresses out her pets
still goes on week long vacations every other month

No. 575923


>Scumbag Dean


No. 575930

File: 1525714272818.jpg (199.32 KB, 500x503, scumbag dean.jpg)

No. 575937

"Ariel" is aggressively obsessed in a bad way
She might have "called" them out on whatever but she's an angry little beaver grasping at anything to sink into because she's taken it steps beyond animal care.
She's packed on lie after lie and detracts from major issues. She's personally invested and i wouldn't be surprised if she makes her way to visit Taylor or her mom IRL because she seems like stalker-crazy to me.
I don't believe that her dad died of EDS or that she's a kindergarten teacher. Not going to give this psycho any more attention.

No. 575944

It infuriates me that she always claims YouTube as her job but can’t fucking take it seriously enough to sit her lazy ass down and edit a video or show up to an event. If YouTube was a typical employer she would have been fired looooong ago. Sage for ranting

No. 575945

I'm confused, she's had that account since 2013. She just uses it to troll? Because that's really going for the long con lol.

No. 575953

It's not as if she's tweeted since 2013.
I have some fairly old twitter accounts too, as do a lot of people.
Most people could do the same thing, except they don't, because they're not a premise of a bad made for TV movie about internet stalking.

No. 575957

She may be crazier than a hoot owl, but she didn’t say her dad died from EDS. He committed suicide because of suffering from EDS. Regardless of story made up or not, we all saw first hand mama Dean’s reaction/responses.

No. 575968

File: 1525717705437.jpg (239.24 KB, 625x450, seeu.jpg)

Why should Taylor's mom believe her after being harassed for days straight with a fake photo and fabricating responses?
I'm not even talking about the possible DM fabrication but I don't believe that a lot of the conversation that took place in DM was actually real.
I'm not white knighting here.
I obviously come here to here to throw shade at Taylor for her animal care and druggy boyfriend.
I even speculate at shitty tweets her mom makes.
Here's the tea tho, there's no denying that multiple accounts that were only active late April to early May 2018 are suspect. We all see it. We see you.

No. 575974

File: 1525718313887.jpeg (104.71 KB, 1293x388, 908B9D9E-ED85-40B7-AC27-31D22E…)

No. 575976


why doesn't she facetime anyway even when shes not worried, if I was away for a whole week I'd want to see updates on at least the cats

No. 576022

Honestly, I'm gonna have to call bullshit on this one because she is absolutely the type to tell whoever the petsitter is to put the animals on camera so she could take screenshots while "on FT with her animals." That would be a jackpot for her on Twitter, "look how much I care lol!!"

No. 576051

I would have agreed with you in the past. It would make perfect content for her to post. To be honest I think she totally doesn’t even care what she does with YouTube or twitter anymore. I think she’s learnt that she will get praised and love given by her stans no matter what. So why bother doing anything at all now. She’s so self absorbed that she doesn’t even need to keep up appearances. The odd twitter comment about animals, invisible illness, self love blah blah and she’s sorted.

No. 576092

She wants to be crlebrated for being nothing. A literal nothing but someone with animals.
Almost all the other Youtuber and PetTubers have other jobs, qualifications, side hustles, campaigns or something else they work on, but Taylor is happy just to be praised for nothing.
One look at the Instagram accounts she follows clearly shows her one track mind. Girls who wear trendy clothes and look nonchalant about life with massive lips. That’s what she wants. Attention, money and being praised for being a trooper through her fake illnesses. In a way, it’s smart, because her stans are just like her - average, nobody.
They like to believe that if she rose from the dump to be queen of the dump then there’s hope for them. There’s not. Way more famous and rich people have ended up making millions and losing it all. Let her make her money. Let her flash it while she can because she herself is a flash in the pan to has to latch on to men for some form of self worth. In 10 years time she’ll be less than she was when she started. Literally any other Youtuber has long term marketability. Taylor does not. She was first to market and got lucky. She’s thicker than cow shit… And she knows it. There’s only so long she can repeat the cycle of ‘love me because I’m no one, but I have animals and am sick but have a notorious boyfriend’.

Even the other animal YouTubers AE interacting with her less, and are supporting the newer generation of PetTube.
Her tweets get half the likes they used to. Her growth is slower than many other channels of a similar size.

My prediction: she’s going to come out with a suicide story or claim that she’s so depressed that she tried to take her own life. Or, she’ll split with JC and do a kiss and tell and hope that people rally behind her.
They won’t, Taylor.
You’re a coward with a low IQ and you sell the idea that it’s ok to wallow in self adoration and self pity.

Do you ever even feel happy when you look in the mirror? When you think about the cash cow for corporations you’ve become? You’re not a person. You’re a product. And a cheap one at that.

No. 576094

What are you talking about? You “stalk” on Taylor’s business just by reading through here and inserting your opinions on Taylor. Lol i’m not protecting Ariel or whatever, but she’s basically us without being just an anonnymous lolcow. Regardless if she’s lying or not, the reaction of mrs. Dean just shows what type of person she is, she could’ve just, either, ignore her or not be rude when someone talks about their own mental illness experience. A decent person wouldn’t insult another person when they talk about their experiences especially when it comes to mental illness especially when they always talk about telling people to always believe people that suffers with it. Even i don’t insult Taylor on her mental illness, i just want her to stop making it as an excuse for any responsibilities she has to do. When was the last time Taylor did something responsible without using her illnesses as an excuse to not do them.

No. 576095

damn that's a nice place. does taylor really make enough money to afford all of those gaming consoles or do you think mama dean bought her all of it?

No. 576099

AMEN. You put everything I think about Taylor in words, thank you.

No. 576100

Mrs Dean literally said several times that having the same illness as her daughter means that they cannot be mean and disagree with her.

I agree that even if Ariel person fucked up hugely Taylor's mum did not reply in a 'good' way before the whole DM thing.

No. 576103

it really pisses me off that she makes that much money. there are people out there that actually work their asses off despite real mental health issues and don't take sick days for 29 days out of the month, but here she goes making 15000 dollars for one fucking video. and she's not even remotely good at her job. 15000 dollars is so much money. that's just absolutely insane

No. 576105

Reminds me of my grandpa’s long time friend. He became a millionaire, divorced his wife and married a younger woman. My grandpa told me that he kept going to parties, going out and spending thousands of dollars, spending his money like he thought that would never end. When they grew old, his friend lost all his money, his wife divorced him, and would always ask money from my grandpa. I imagine Taylor being like that one day. Alone, broke, and too old to be a instagram model. Her stans will eventually get tired of her and move on to the next pettuber that looks like her

No. 576113

I went into the twitter account again, and it's almost as if she was replying to us. Her latest tweets address the things mentioned itt, and she even posted another DM from a different user to "prove" the one Jennifer sent her was real because this one was also compressed.

But the problem is that the dates are aligned properly. So she basically shot herself in the foot with that one lmao.

No. 576116

I feel you, but life’s full of injustices. The biggest that good, hardworking people don’t get what they deserve.
The thing is that idiotic people who get rich get rich quick actually lose it just as quick.

They’re only making money for people who actually understand investment and how to manage wealth. $15,000 is nothing if you blow (or snort) it all.
She’s probably never stopped to think about
saving for tax. That’s when shit will hit her. When she forgets to put away 17-20% of what she’s earning and realizes she has to work hard to pay the IRS - and they’re not going to care about her YouTube fame. In fact, nobody is by then.
Hold onto the Cartier bracelet and box, Taylor. You’re going to need those when you have to re-sell to pay your tax bill.

No. 576118

Of course she’s replying. The cow can’t stop waving her udders at us to milk. She’s practically begging for it becuse JC doesn’t pay her attention. She’s addicted to getting attention.

No. 576138

She posted a video that showed her insta picture and I was able to find her from the people it showed her following. The whole twitter profile is bullshit so I'm doubting the dm was real

No. 576149

I’m really interested into whether she actually fills out and pays a tax bill declaring her YouTube income. I’m in the uk so not sure if works the same in US. I just can’t really see her sitting down and being a professional for once. Unless she has her manager do it but to be honest I find the fact she mentioned she even has a manager questionable. >>576116

No. 576165

they're not talking about taylor lol

No. 576167

well whoever her "manager" is, they're doing a great job of letting taylor ruin her image

No. 576176

File: 1525733882449.png (848.55 KB, 1242x2208, 58F4DF47-89A3-44FA-AE1E-A83C67…)

Oh the irony

No. 576178

She's very familiar with that smell.

No. 576184

Wow. How aggressive and careless does she sound? Or is it just me? She’s telling people more about dead animals stink when they die (as if it just happened to her and she’s pissed about it), rather than telling people that they’re living creatures that deserve better than idiot owners (like her) and only adopt them if you’re willing to have your heart broken in the future. Smh

No. 576190

File: 1525734917057.jpeg (193.59 KB, 1439x1043, 89F3AAC9-C3AE-4FAC-8E55-42B718…)

No. 576213

ariel's twitter account is now gone. i guess this proves the whole thing was fake.

No. 576223

in what world does that prove it was fake? she was probably getting harassed by Taylor's army of children. I'd back off too.

No. 576229

you might be right. i looked through jennifer's tweet replies and someone had reported her an insane number of times. i thought she had just bailed at first.

i still think the whole thing is fishy though.

No. 576234


What a condescending cunt. Considering she can't even care for a fucking stick insect without it dying, she should probably ease off on offering other people advice.

No. 576242

Shut the fuck up with that account
Is annoying and irrelevant
People post all the time throw away accounts and not for that we need to overanalyze all of them
Made a thread about Ariel if you are so butthurt about her account being fake.

Kek what happen with your photos using your snake as hat?
Or like a scarf
Or a bracelet
Fucking hypocrite
It's a shame Taylor and her mom blocked all the "haturz", she would have tons of people calling her out.

No. 576247

it's fucking annoying if ariel faked all that, it makes all of us look bad lmao chill out

No. 576254

Go back to PULL this is not PETA
She doesn't make "us look bad" because there isn't a "us"
We are a just a shittalk forum. Sorry to break it to you but we are not bunch of radicals

No. 576271

bitch it took you a month to discover a dead fish that jumped out of it's tank. What the FUCK is she going on about.

No. 576274

How is it annoying? So it’s a throwaway account. There are lots of people with them because Tay and Mana Dean block any comment that hurts their feelings…99.9% of the time it’s a true statement

It DID however bring out the true mama Dean! Definitely the return tweet about “not believing” her and her response to Jennifer Horton with ASS in it proves she’s a wing nut with absolutely no class!

She’s out touring Disney blowing wads of $$$ and papa Dean is slaving away at work…and we wonder why Taylor is so frivolous with her money!

No. 576309

Didn’t she have a video ready before she left for Playlist? Wonder how long we’ll have to wait for the schedule to start? I’m still used to a once per month schedule…I don’t think she really said how often she would post…I guess it depends on her EDS/Celiac/Vertigo and whatever other ailments she can conjure up!

No. 576315

>Only me, the special gluten free invisible illness animal princess is allowed to take in wild caught animals

No. 576335

Stop defending your fake Twitter Ariel, but everyone is over it.

No. 576339

She cares so much about her animals but made no mention of missing them or anything until she got home.

No. 576354


She should have, or she could have made vlogs while she was away… Tyler posted the whole Playlist panel on his channel and Maddie posted both Playlist and Animal Kingdom vlogs, couldn't Taylor easily have posted an Animal Kingdom vid? Except she was probably too busy shooting up in the bathrooms at Disney, and couldn't put that on camera.

No. 576398

I've had so many reptiles and even when they have died of old age we've noticed quick enough to never have to experience that smell lmao (some people check on their animals multiple times a day taylor)

No. 576402

it was bullshit because I found her real accounts and poof it was gone. It was someone underage trying to stir the pot

No. 576431

Doesn’t prove that it was fake. When there’s an influx of “suspicious activity” then twitter can suspend the account. The Ariel girl could have chosen not to unsuspend the account because of the hate she was receiving

No. 576443

Apparently "suspicious behavior" on Twitter counts as retweeting or responding to people, until you let them text you

No. 576452

This girl also has EDS Type 3 and literally suffers everyday of her life… taylor your back hurts so much from reaching, not EDS lol
https://youtu.be/b26GLWkd7sc(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 576625

And just think that Taylor can just stop all this bs about her illness if she made a video like this and explained it thoroughly what her body goes through and actually try to show everyone what she suffers through even in a small way, but nope, she’ll rather lie, cry, and block anyone who disagrees with what she says. I don’t believe that she has any health problems. I do believe that she does have mental issues though because how narcassistic, bipolar, and brainless she can get that developed from having a mother like Jen.

No. 576796

File: 1525799882184.jpeg (166.04 KB, 1296x818, AFF7B0B0-72FB-48E1-AE78-2B7609…)

No. 576804


When you and your mother constantly post about them it kinda looks like they've got to you tho.

No. 576812

When you're constantly replying to these people and sending YOUR fan base after them, you're doing the same fucking thing.

You don't fight harassment (or in this case honesty) with harassment.

No. 576931

I don't care if the Ariel dm was fake, Mama Dean's public tweets are bullying enough.

No. 576963

But where does she draw the line between harrasment and actual concrit?
I agree there's like two autists giving her shit in every tweet, but when it comes to people who are her fans and bring valid concerns she is quick to dismiss and block them. There's even been cases when people haven't really said anything to her and they're blocked.

And besides, she's often acting snarky and sarcastic to people who give her shit, yet is quick to delete the tweets.
Either you are all against harrassment and block people because you don't wanna interact with them, or confront them. You can't have both.

No. 576964

File: 1525811157926.jpeg (349.52 KB, 1668x1981, 0B9654FD-233F-4D81-AB51-97BB4E…)

No. 576975

I sure hope she got something bigger for the roughneck

No. 576976

File: 1525811628017.png (814.12 KB, 583x806, Capture.PNG)

she absolutely loves the pic of sick bloated nemo. no shame lmao

No. 576986

Doubt it. Didn't she order these before she got him?

No. 576988

File: 1525812453479.jpg (360.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180508-144800.jpg)

That's what I thought too. I'm curious about this now. I wouldn't be surprised if he's "upgraded" to a 3x2x4 or something small like that

No. 577009

3x2x2 is too small for any adult ball python. smfh

No. 577021

3x2x2 is the bare minimum for an adult male

No. 577025

And just like everyone thought, she is keeping the monitor. Just keeping quiet ab out it and hoping everyone forgets. At this point, I really want JC to slip heavily back into drugs, and that place to get raided. I want all her animals taken away and her to be left with nothing. I don't care if it's mean. What she's doing to those animals & her 'mental health' bs when she's dating an abuser is mean.

No. 577081

Still not a peep about the next video…

No. 577141

He looks like he’s stuck and struggling. Gives me anxiety seeing him that way.

No. 577152

a lot of people do say that, but that’s prettt outdated care advice. the newer suggestion is to have an enclosure long enough for the snake to completely stretch out. males bps are usually around 4’

No. 577184

I've heard that the length+width needs to be the length of the snake. Either way, her enclosures are most likely way too small. I don't keep a female ball python in anything smaller than 4x2.5x2

No. 577224

File: 1525837491278.png (3.8 MB, 1242x2208, 91A2A500-8D48-41CF-998D-0AE9AE…)

No. 577239

File: 1525839086737.jpeg (125.2 KB, 1321x692, 74EB403B-5BBC-43C3-A6C0-3653B3…)

Which one is it?

No. 577243

this is out of topic but 1985 by J.Cole reminds me of Taylor and her manboy. lol

No. 577248

Her cats are getting big. How long until she abandons them?

I bet they last <1 year

No. 577299

So what's happening with the mantis shrimps tank?

No. 577346

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but are/were Betsy and Elizabeth freinds!? There's photos of them together on Betsy's

No. 577369

Not sure where you are even seeing that

No. 577370

File: 1525872681111.png (1.71 MB, 750x1334, 34F929D5-18FC-4BB2-81B5-30925F…)

No. 577373

File: 1525872737932.png (1022.57 KB, 750x1334, BB35529B-11E8-4113-9356-F58924…)

Gee I wonder why

No. 577374

Who even is Elizabeth

No. 577378

No. 577391

File: 1525874715886.jpg (47.31 KB, 628x960, 32104609_639000233098489_52694…)


Jonny's Ex is Elizabeth. Bettsy is Taylor's best friend.

No. 577398


Hope he divorces her. He's probably fucking miserable and she emotionally abuses him

No. 577400

Why does she act like a teenager? She’s the only 50ish years old person that i know that acts like a 15 year old brat online. I’m not surprised that her husband is not happy. Probably disappointed that his oldest son is more of an adult than his wife

No. 577471

I’d hate my life too if I was married to a ~50 year old woman with the attitude of an angsty teen on social media. How embarrassing for him. Her being gone was probably the best week of his life lmao

No. 577472

Inb4 Mama Dean tweets out something like “my husband and I love each other sooo much!! To you.. haters out there.. you have no followers and no life go away fake accounts!! 😏” or something fucking stupid as usual lmao. She makes it so obvious when she reads this thread and when she sees we can tell their marriage sucks she’s probably going to go all into defense mode again like she does with Taylor.

No. 577477

File: 1525887695267.jpeg (489.52 KB, 1242x2102, D4682DCF-95AC-4EB3-9CA8-5CA465…)

Once again the Dean’s just have the most difficult life! You think your anxiety is bad? Feel sympathy for my son! and feel sympathy for ME because I have to put up with him!!!

No. 577485

More like he’s pissed at her because people were including him in her antic tweets that should couldn’t deny!

No. 577535

Lmao you can seriously see where Taylor gets her victim complex from.

No. 577551

> “Well at least my dogs are happy I'm home!”

Wait, did they get another dog after Taylor moved out? I thought they just had Kida. Speaking of which I thought Kida was her brother's service dog. Why wasn't she with him at Disney?

No. 577578

They have the service dog Kida and the other little dog Kiara. It wasn’t after Taylor moved out, they’ve had both those dogs.

No. 577580

Maybe by “service dog”, it’s just for emotional support when he is home. Not to mention it would probably be very difficult to bring a dog with you to Disney, regardless if it’s a service dog. Who’s going to watch it while you’re on the rides? Maybe they have employees for that or something, forgive me I don’t know.

No. 577584


lol as if they trained kida well enough to be pass a service dog test

No. 577589

Could just be emotional support. I know when Taylor was training her she was taking her in public.
There are some "rides" that dogs are allowed on. For the ones that they aren't allowed on employees have one of those folding crates. I don't know how well I'd trust those.

Agreed, but there is no service dog test in the states.

No. 577595


Yes there is my friend trains dogs to pass them. Hers actually failed her test in new york so she got to keep it.

No. 577597

What a dumb bitch, I can’t fucking stand her. No wonder Taylor is the way she is

No. 577600

Organizations may have their own set of tests, but there is no official test that all dogs must pass to be a service dog.

No. 577642

File: 1525902766735.jpg (484.16 KB, 1080x1777, Screenshot_20180509-155408_01.…)

No. 577646

Still can't just take a photo of your animals inside the enclosure? Okay.
I just don't understand because that's what I do all the time. She probably can't get a pretty photo of them in their enclosures because they're probably ugly and dirty.

No. 577648

I don’t understand why she couldn’t just take a picture of the frog in his enclosure. Why is she obsessed with handling pets that you should not handle?

No. 577653

File: 1525904120807.jpeg (290.26 KB, 1297x1694, F38A2186-1A8A-411B-8BA7-831E51…)

No. 577681

I have never once heard of a pacman frog jumping into someones hands.. but ok…. probably wont ever show us enclosure photos bc im sure its so disgusting

No. 577686


remember when she said her satanic leaf gecko "jumped onto her hand" also?
like these animals would jump TOWARDS or onto something they probably see as a predator. sure jan

No. 577697

File: 1525908267413.jpeg (211.22 KB, 750x1334, D2D622E8-F1EC-4B0F-AAED-4B8AE2…)

So she does tell him I guess?

No. 577701

didnt she complain that one of her cameras broke where'd she get five from?

Also how long will it take for her to edit? 2 months? Or "my camera broke :(" "they didnt record!"

No. 577716

She promised she was back to a schedule when she was leaving Disney…still nothing…

No. 577803

File: 1525914352640.jpeg (144.51 KB, 1288x981, 57BEF3A1-5889-4F04-9D93-CA7740…)

No. 577805

File: 1525914517935.jpeg (103.81 KB, 1292x339, 609BE851-BF0F-4E33-A045-CCD14F…)

No. 577807


"No squeezing, wrapping your hands around them/cupping, etc" does she not understand why we don't touch frogs?? It's not because they get stressed, it's because it's really dangerous for them to absorb the oils, bacteria, dirt, soap, or whatever the fuck else is on her nasty hands. I've never kept pacmans, but I do poison frogs and it's the same thing. How the hell does she not know that??

No. 577812

Hmmmm that’s interesting. Does anyone know if she mentioned her friend Betsy before she met JC? I don’t remember.

No. 577814

I know this is old milk but a feral cat near me is about to have kittens so I've been reading up on newborn kitten care in case anything goes wrong and we can't get her to a shelter, and there's SO MUCH you have to be so careful about… I'm not surprised at all that Taylor killed the one kitten and I'm honestly surprised she didn't kill Nemo too. Researching/preparing for it myself has left no doubt in my mind that "fading kitten syndrome" through no fault of Taylor's wasn't the culprit. She just failed to care for them. Kittens have to be fed the exact right amount at the exact right temp, and EVERYTHING has to be sanitized. CONSTANTLY.

Given how we've seen her feed her snakes (improperly warming food, not following directions most do with difficult feeders,) and the general way she lives without cleaning anything, I bet she didn't do anything she was supposed to. She probably read one incomplete caresheet and then didn't even follow all the instructions correctly.

No. 577839

Imagine having a mother that complains about you and your real illness in social media while she defends your older sister’s made up illness??

No. 577845


So called "special needs moms" are the absolute worst, because they do shit like this. I don't know how Tanner feels about her talking about his private problems so publically, or if he has the mental capacity to know how gross it is, but it's really gross. Meanwhile Taylor probably loves the attention, because she seems to truly think she has the worst EDS ever when at MOST her case is mild.

No. 577846

Maybe she’s getting dysmenorrhea confused with EDS, like how she gets confused with what type of animals she has

No. 577848

I feel the worst for Tanner because he's so exploited by his own family. First we have Taylor using him to guilt trip haters by having him read "mean comments". Then we have his mother's behavior. She doesn't talk about him in a way that educates or helps to raise awareness for his illness. Instead, she talks about his meltdowns and other aspects of his life in a way that is supposed to make people feel sorry for her. You can sadly liken it to Taylor and her animals. She only ever shows the "look how cute/cool" part of her animals, but never really educates or raises awareness about good animal care or anything.

No. 577852


Yeah, exactly. The stuff Mama Dean posts about Tanner on twitter is the kind of stuff that you should talk about in PRIVATE, maybe in caretaker support group or to a therapist or something. She could use the platform she has mooched off her daughter to raise awareness about healthcare or accessing treatment or anything like that, but nope.

And Taylor can't educate anyone on anything, she's too busy telling people not to impulse by while she's impulse bought at least half the animals she has.

Poor Tanner, he's the only one in that family who doesn't seem to actively be using living things he sees as objects for his own gains.

No. 577861

File: 1525919910444.jpeg (78.85 KB, 744x728, 417C0F3C-FA63-4A09-9563-81F6C0…)

Her followers are truly clueless.

No. 577889

I do have a pacman frog & honestly these frogs would rather be buried in their substrate and left alone. Same frog rule applies, avoid handling. I handle my pacman while wearing gloves. and is that an old photo of TND's first pacman or second? Her first died of anal prolapse–which she has said is 'super rare' thing to happen but, no. It's something that mostly happens due to bad diet/lack of vitamin supplement. It's nice to see how much she has learned in the time since her last pacman frog.

Which brings me to another thought, the jaw on that pacman looks like it's far too short, as if it's pushed inward. It could just be the angle, but if she's not dusting feeder food with supplement, metabolic bone disease can happen…

No. 577896

Yeah, they're both exploiting someone with disabilities. I can see why Taylor doesn't seem to think of living beings as anything more than accessories, since she learned to exploit her disabled brother for sympathy from her mom.

No. 578042


I think I recall Taylor mentioning Betsy was her friend from High School but I may have that wrong… interesting though. Surely if Betsy knew Liz she'd know first hand of JC's behaviour and the impact it had on Liz… attempting suicide and all.

No. 578099

Having a child with learning difficulties is the hardest thing in the world but twitter isn't the right place for those emotions tbh. She is justified to feel that way however, but it is a pity party on twitter. I know shes crazy as fuck but I have a lot of sympathy with her in that regard. She needs to learn to regulate her social media usage to an appropriate level and not share everything.

No. 578321

File: 1525982231420.jpeg (370.88 KB, 1242x2108, 1C2C3E8F-B1D0-43A3-B91D-BAE993…)

This woman… gotta keep the victim mentality 24/7.

No. 578330

They indeed know each other from high school. I went to the same school as both of them

No. 578343

File: 1525983868934.png (133.47 KB, 1080x557, 20180510_232332.png)

No. 578346

Jesus christ lady nothing screams PAY ATTENTION TO ME more than your damn tweets

No. 578349

Literally can't take any criticism at all, just like Taylor.
I don't doubt pws is fucking awful, and being a carer must be really hard too, but she has exactly the same attitude as Taylor "you might be suffering but my problems are more important". Honestly she spends more time on twitter than most teenagers.

No. 578459

She totally needs to be on Dr. Phil!!!!

No. 578515

File: 1525990949072.jpeg (179.94 KB, 1255x770, BB2F9A14-D5AB-4B98-8828-D205E6…)

Hoping this is a joke.

No. 578540

Why do people continue to call her an animal expert? She has said herself, in video and tweet form, that she is not

No. 578616

Ya. The “animal expert” didn’t know what kind of monitor she was getting, how to look after infant kittens, the list goes on and on…

No. 578630

So I think next thread should definitely have Mrs. Dean mentioned in the OP. She doesn't produce quite enough milk to warrant her own thread I don't think but she's definitely milky.

No. 578864

Sounds good, we need to make sure nobody posts any photos of Tanner though too

No. 578869

I agree. Tanner should stay away from all of this.

No. 578907

so taylor isn't the only young gf jonny's had? assuming betsy is taylor's age and liz also (since betsy + liz went to school together)

No. 578914

He’s a minor so he shouldn’t be posted anyway. Even photos with her fans shouldn’t be posted with their faces. They’re too young and ignorant to realize what’s actually occurring. That’s how she thrives, she makes her success and money by appealing to an audience of young teens.

No. 579040


No, his gfs are always young. When the cycle finally ends, he just finds a girl that is as young as his previous gf when they started going out. If not younger.

No. 579068

I meant Betsy and Taylor went to school with each other, I have no clue about Liz

No. 579167

File: 1526025540733.png (64.82 KB, 720x469, IMG_20180511_095814.png)

No. 579177

Is Jonny a cuck now?

No. 579178

She can do whatever she wants as long as she continues to house him and pay for him I'd guess.

He was all over girls on his UK tour like two/three days before he moved in with her so I doubt he actually cares about her.

No. 579181

I just said "If my boyfriend told me to kiss another guy I'd tell him to fuck off" and he blocked me. This guy must have a huge block list if that is all it takes for him to block you.

No. 579352

I'm sad because we'll never know if Jonny was actually abusive.

Taylor is 100% going to say Jonny was abusive when they break up, and it very well could be another lie for attention like all her fake flare ups.

No. 579359

It won’t be a lie that he was abusive since we all know being abusive is just his personality lol he can’t switch it off

but if she expects sympathy when not only were there red flags all along but his exes literally contacted her directly to warn her then lmao she won’t get any from me

No. 579369

She wont recieve any sympathy from me either. She had red flags and is still getting red flags, everyone told her what he really is, his ex tried to warn her, everyone tried to warn, but all she did was block and defends him on anything he done even rape and abuse. You’re an airhead, Taylor.

No. 579371

So he’s pimping her now?

No. 579546


He's abused every girl he's been with to the point one of them got so depressed that she tried to commit suicide. She isn't a magic princess that has finally cured him of his abusive nature. If anything, she'll lie and pretend she wasn't abusive in her own way.

When she's done w/him or vice versa, he'll be the scapegoat she uses to blame everything she's done on. He could easily get vicious & tell the 'world' about how she REALLY is to her animals tho. Probably how he'll keep her w/him.

No. 579579

That's just a troll account, you guys know that right?

No. 579624

forreal, why is everyone taking it so seriously lmao

No. 579733

>we'll never know if jonny was actually abusive

But we know. There's been evidence against him for years now that everyone, including Taylor, consistently and actively choose to ignore. If she says he was abusive when they break up that's not even up for debate or speculation. He IS abusive, but what changes things for Taylor, which fucks her over even worse, is that she knows he is abusive, so that attempt at gaining sympathy just won't work except for very few of her stans.

No. 579737

Maybe cuz they’re grown adults who likes to be snarky and sarcastic in their replies but end up looking like idiots?

I have never met anyone over 25 who would jokingly insult their significant other online or in person. Saying “i told her too” just ends up looking like a dude who could careless about their girl even if you’re joking basically insulting her that she’ll kiss a dude if he says so.

If he was a sober, adult that loves his girl he wouldnt reply and if he did, he would’ve said, “she’s not like that so she would never”

No. 579793

All they'd have to do is click on the Twitter to figure it out.

No. 579838

File: 1526078826130.jpeg (37.58 KB, 640x386, s703932324489705993_p41_i1_w64…)

There is definitely something seriously wrong with her frog. I've never seen a healthy C. Cranwelli with a mouth like this. And just so she doesn't suddenly pull a "he's actually a hybrid!1" card to explain his "unique" features, hybrids involving C. Cornuta (pictured) don't have their nose jutting out farther than their mouth like this without health issues being present. MBD is highly likely. Not getting the right lighting/supplements to prevent this is such a stupid mistake, even shitty pet store caresheets go over this shit.

Also, he could be sticking out his back legs to help brace himself on the plate, but they might also just be splayed out behind him. If it's the latter, this is usually a sign of dire health concerns. A healthy frog at rest always has their legs folded in.

I don't think he's healthy simply because he's not puffed up defensively when in this situation, and I highly doubt TND handles him enough to be docile with her. Wouldn't at all be surprised if Asteroid was the next animal to disappear until someone asked and she mentioned in passing that he "suddenly died for no reason, bad breeding :( :( :("

No. 579858

File: 1526080116989.png (812.86 KB, 930x592, Skärmavbild 2018-05-12 kl. 01…)

Does Pac man frogs change marks ?
Because Asteroid has different markings on his face .

No. 579859

File: 1526080135008.png (577.01 KB, 932x592, Skärmavbild 2018-05-12 kl. 01…)

No. 579871

Stop reaching it's the same frog. Look at the markings under its chin.

No. 579872

It's the same frog. The coloration of C. Cranwelli will lose vibrancy with age and markings can seem to shift as they mature.

No. 579895

Same frog. Just now in horrible shape from what I presume is poor diet and lack of supplements. His nose looks so…off?

No. 579985

Stop saying all her f pets are replacements when it is obvious they arent. Besides she wouldnt go through all that problem when she just can say she rehome them.

It does look weird, i dont know anything about pacman frogs but i research photos of them and none have a rectangular mouth shape. However it does says a bone disease can deform them.
It could explain why he cant catch his food easily.

No. 579995


I didnt say anything about replacement, I asked a simple question and
was the only one nice enough to answer it.

No. 580048

File: 1526093729500.png (7.66 MB, 2224x1668, 80D22B40-3AF1-41B3-995A-C4E236…)

Of course she posts a “preview” of the only cage that’s actually a decent size. The rest are too small for any of her reptiles, except maybe the leopard gecko and crocodile skinks.

No. 580053

Is it just me or is that enclosure super empty? Shouldn't they have multiple hides throughout plus aesthetic stuff…

No. 580061

Pacman frogs do have varying nose shapes even among the same species, but this is definitely a deformity. The thing about Metabolic Bone Disease is it's very gradual. An animal doesn't suddenly get a soft jaw and bent bones. It takes months, and that's months of progressive symptoms which can only occur due to neglect. Asteroid, if he is suffering from MBD, is very far along. So much so he will look like this permanently even if his supplement intake was corrected.

Now, I said 'if' because there's a very, very small chance he was born with this deformity, but that's highly unlikely considering who his owner is.

It's very sad because this is such a slow killer. Animals afflicted with MBD suffer a very long time if it isn't fixed. There are many terrible things frogs can get, but I consider MBD particularly heinous because it's completely preventable.

As for his diet, I know Taylor feeds him mice, but you'll find many hobbyists who only feed those once in a blue moon or not at all. Mice simply don't have the nutritional benefits of other feeders and they are hard to digest.

No. 580065

File: 1526095587101.png (929.3 KB, 1242x2208, 081F8A6A-CB57-4476-B584-A0A872…)

No. 580069

She’s shown her feeding him a few times in videos and I don’t remember ever seeing supplements or hearing them mentioned. Same with her crocodile skinks, she used to just take the crickets out of the container and toss them in.

No. 580086

I highly HIGHLY doubt she supplements any of her pets' diet, unless she's stated explicitly otherwise.

She can't even manage to take supplements for her own health. We all know she doesn't take any kind of vitamins for EDS. Most people with EDS take at least a few different supplements to make their condition less painful. Knowing Taylor, if she actually took them, we'd have seen a photo of them

No. 580133

lmao remember when she said she'd make a video the day she got back?

No. 580161

It is kinda empty, but blue tongues don’t really tend to use hides like other animals do. When they they want to hide, they burrow. Most of them just spend a lot of their time burrowed or basking. Decorations such as plants and such don’t really do much for blue tongues, theyre pretty well just there for decoration

No. 580170


At least she finally got the correct sized enclosure for Bindi. It was sad seeing her in her previous home where she could barely move around. I wonder if she'll actually show the others, considering they probably still aren't housed correctly. Like where's that bearded dragon? It needs at least a 4 x 2 x 1.5 ft enclosure.

No. 580212

File: 1526126173060.png (508.04 KB, 328x557, Capture.PNG)

Is no one going to talk about her having all of her animals crammed into one tiny space? looks like the rodents are right beside the snakes too, this girl is ridiculous

No. 580230

Looks like they are just moved to the middle of the room so they can put the new enclosures against the wall. Don't think they are kept like that.

No. 580322

In her video about her first pacman frog, she was told by the vet to gut load her crickets–I was surprised she didn't know this, since either gutloading or dusting feeders is the basics of the basics in any article about care of any pet frog or reptile. Like, damn, she worked at Petco and cricket food for gutloading is sold there, how could she have not known this?

No. 580327

File: 1526138379080.jpeg (103.98 KB, 1199x780, 5DE2FDEA-F0D2-4F5A-B009-FF0BB5…)

Saw this on JC’s page. Now he’s shaming people that work in fast food, this guy is all class. Btw those McDonald’s workers still have more of their own money than he does

No. 580335

File: 1526138715050.png (221.25 KB, 870x535, Capture.PNG)

Lmao his memes are honestly trash, must've been a gluten free taco because Queen Tay-Tay can't be in a 10 mile radius of gluten or ''Muh celiac, can't upload for two months sorry guissss :(''

No. 580361

Dang. Big words from someone who probably can't land a job at McD's.

No. 580365

the hedgehog cages make me so sad. I wish they had their own room that was split into just 3 enclosures for them.

No. 580370

He just proved how much of a douche he is tho

No. 580377

Agreed, seriously, he should get along with the crew at the local McDonald's. Since, you know, that'll be one in a handful of career prospects once his GF's money runs dry. If he can pass a background check.

No. 580409

I make $19/hr working at McDonalds and I’m using it to pay for Medical School. It’s okay, Jonny, maybe one day I can help you.

No. 580419

I’m actually disappointed. All that money and she spends it on the average that a blue tongue should have. I was hoping for customs. If she spends $6000 for her bracelet on her wrist and $7000 on a few standard enclosures I feel cheated.

No. 580451

File: 1526148016155.jpeg (165.74 KB, 750x1334, CE1B15CE-9777-43AF-B822-C5A04D…)


First time posting, sorry if I messed this up.

No. 580467

No. 580469

File: 1526149445611.png (493.94 KB, 529x543, Capture.PNG)

Also her hair is atrocious-be warned

No. 580472

File: 1526149643133.png (587.03 KB, 1019x486, Capture.PNG)

Same fagging again - her apartment is still a fucking mess.
(she was spinning so couldnt get a clear screencap)

No. 580473

File: 1526149705713.png (974.89 KB, 959x522, Capture.PNG)

All of her animals shoved into her living room while shes setting up the new racks.
Letting her cats roam around them.

No. 580506

She has some serious old lady hair. My grandma is 95 and her hair looks like that lmao

No. 580518

that mammal cage is SO small. and there is NO way she takes each hedgehog out for enrichment every day around the cats. those poor things are trapped in those cages and never get any stimulation or attention, they are so fricken bare minimum survival it's horrifying

No. 580522

Hedgehogs love to burrow. There looks like there's barely enough substrate to cover the cage floor.

No. 580531


notice how she never holds up Nemo in intros/outros. It's always designer cat Ghost. we can clearly see who her favorite is.

No. 580533

I never let my cats around my rats because, you know, it stresses them out, and owners should, you know, essentially not want their pets to be stressed out. How is this not common sense to her? Keeping so many predators and prey animals in an apartment together the way she does is cruel. I can't imagine the little ones are living the enriching stress free lives they deserve.

No. 580555

she's deleting/hiding negative or mildly critical comments again. oh taylor, never change

No. 580560

also she is clearly on SOMETHING when doing the best fiends sponsorship. like holy shit.

No. 580613

Honestly I thought the way she was acting reminded me TOO much of Jonny.

No. 580618

super drunk? + what else? wow, that was weird to watch.

No. 580619

The footage of Nemo as a kitten looks horrible, and I feel like she has no excuse for how bad he looked. Its especially bad in the footage of him and Ghost together. Poor Nemo just looks horrible. Glad to see she got them some actual fucking pet bowls, though.

No. 580628

She’s acting so weird in the sponsored mention… and “Me and my boyfriend we were in Disney world and we were up all night playing the game”…I thought she went to bed at 8pm to rest from her crazy flare up

No. 580637

Is any of the stuff that goes with the animals plugged in? I noticed some random plugs just sitting and they’re attached to cages…

No. 580642

Was she wearing sunglasses inside to possibly hide her drugged out eyes?? I think yes.

No. 580653

File: 1526161423389.png (389.1 KB, 750x1334, 8951C785-4E85-478A-92FE-DA396D…)

Once again only talking about Bindi’s enclosure

No. 580655

No shit! She said she was sick on and off. Guess she was only playing when she feeling well!!

No. 580662

File: 1526161966222.png (24.3 KB, 427x374, Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 4.49…)

this is so unnecessary but here's a break down of her last video. It must suck to be a tnd stan when she finally puts out a video and when she does it's less than 50% actual content

No. 580667

Didn’t she post a list of her enclosures coming and they were all the basic minimums for everything she has. No wonder she’s only bragging about bindis. Probably hoping no one will notice that the others aren’t actually getting any decent kind of upgrade. I’m hoping to see something impressive since she’s been banging on about how she’s getting custom ones made and they’ve taken so long. Will be disappointed if it’s nothing special.

No. 580672

I'm going to take a guess and say after the new enclosures are done taylor is going to load up on new animals since she'll have the old leftover enclosures.
"I got it because I already have an enclosure for it so why not"

No. 580675


Yeah I second that

No. 580680

That ad in her video was so uncomfortable to watch. Why did she even film it in Disney? Or why didn't she refilm it? It was so out of place and would have took her a few minutes just to redo it, probably too lazy.

No. 580682

She didn’t post a list but you can look up the exact cages she got on their website. Besides Bindi’s enclosure + the crocodile skinks andleopard gecko they’re all less than minimum. Bigger than what she has them in now but still way too small, especially for the ball pythons and the more active species like king/milksnakes.

No. 580687

So many people are commenting confused about the dead kitten thinking it was Nemo that died. She really did just gloss that over, eh? How sad when you post so much of your designer cat that people forget you have 2. Also not one positive comment about the best fiend or whatever it's called ad. She came off as more try hard than under the influence.. Like it was her attempt to be an actress or someone was in the room she was trying to impress. I couldn't bear to watch it all though lol

No. 580701

I kinda hope she makes some bioactive enclosures, but she seems to not give a shit about how her tanks look or enrichment for her animals, and seems too lazy to research which plants work in which habitat, which are safe etc, so I doubt she will. The blue plastic hides and plastic plants are so ugly and just don't provide the same enrichment that a natural set up does.

No. 580713

File: 1526164091350.jpeg (420.12 KB, 1268x1906, F9B31D44-E2F1-494C-B784-73EAB8…)

Looks like she’s still feeding that weird rabbit stuff as the only protein source. She claimed she’s feeding raw but it looks cooked.

No. 580719


Is that dog biscuits on there as well? Or is it reptile food?

No. 580729

Bindi should really be on something like eco earth reptichip mixed… Aspen can poke their eyes pretty bad

No. 580731

Dog/cat food. A lot of blue tongue skink owners feed it (usually wet food though) but Taylor claimed she switched to raw.

No. 580742

File: 1526165686607.png (1.53 MB, 2914x1369, tndhoarder.png)

ugh she tried to blur it out but you can catch a quick glimpse of how fucking disgusting her apartment is

No. 580744

Yeah it's pretty dire… what the hell was that bowl of slop in there too?

No. 580750

I know some people feed it but I know there's a lot of debate about whether it's ideal or not, but yes I thought Taylor said she stopped using dog/cat food.

No. 580754

Oh boy that's a tad bigger than what I keep ball pythons in.

I am super curious to know what size her snake enclosures are after these "upgrades". She'll need 4x2x2 enclosures for the female(s) and at least 3x2x2 for the males, although she could do with only one foot of height for the female(s). At least whatever she's getting is a little better than the exo terras that offer no security or humidity retination.

No. 580765

Will be interesting to see how she’s now housing the monitor and what changes she has made. I’m annoyed that she’s starting to do sponsors most of the time now. They’ll probably pay her pretty well allowing her to keep neglecting her actual so called job of making videos. Emzotic has done similar and my god it was so hard to watch her last videos when she constantly mentioned some ridiculous phone game she was apparently playing aalll the time. Yeah right, everyone knows that’s you selling out.

No. 580805

3 2x2’s and 2 3x2’s. No idea which snakes are going in which ones though. And I’m assuming she got 2 of those (so 6 2x2’s and 4 3x2’s) or there’s not enough cages for all of her reptiles.

No. 580824

Pretty sure she will improve all the reptiles enclousures and will leave her headhoghs, mice and others in their tiny cages because "the other racks will arrived in a few weekss" never arrive

No. 580825

can someone upload a mirror please, I don't want to give her views

No. 580842

The hooktube link posted above stops her from getting views. It's really cringey though, I regret watching it. It made me want to kms. Trigger warning.

No. 580855

File: 1526172241857.jpg (447.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180512-184502.jpg)

Unless she changed which cage set she ordered, this is false. She also has animals that SHOULD NOT be in something as large as 50 gallons so her lie is kind of…bad?

No. 580856

YouTube is restricting A LOT. The other content creators I have are forced to have sponsors or YouTube red because YouTube is saying certain videos these days aren’t “ad friendly” so they’ll have little or no ads. Even some channels are being removed randomly with no warning. I’m not white knighting at all because I can’t stand the bitch but that’s why you’ll see more sponsors. But that doesn’t mean her motives aren’t malicious.

No. 580863

File: 1526173163479.jpg (459.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180512-185829.jpg)

One of the sets she had listed on the receipt she posted. Unless she changed the enclosure set she ordered, she has three that are only 1.5x2x2 feet so they won't fit much

No. 580871

which animals shouldn’t be in something that big?

No. 580888

She is>>580713

That looks like way too much fruit for a skink and a massive amount of food. They only need 40% protein 50% vegetable and 10% fruit. That bowl looks to be at least half fruit (bananas and strawberries) with some unknown protein content she said she switched to raw but we know she's fed some cooked rabbit or dog food and probably some freeze dried or freezer veg

No. 580890

You're telling me she put a single leopard gecko in a 50 gallon tank? I think not. Nice try Taylor

No. 580904

hahahaha how did she think posting a video of her high in Disney would be a good idea after skipping playlist for "EDS pain"? Amazing.

No. 580906

Pretty much all of her animals, the leo will get stressed bc we all know she wont add enough stuff. Ball pythons will get stressed in bigger tanks (which is why tubs/racks are recommended) she could do it and give them so much to hide in so they dont stress, but we know she wont. the frogs, the crab, spider, any of the other snakes really. idk what else she has but those are the first ones i thought of.

No. 580911


It's a myth that any of those things will get stressed in large enclosures… there's no maximum size in the wild. Tubs and racks are controversial for ball pythons anyway. You're right that since she's not likely to add enough stuff they'll end up stressed, but they're also stressed not having enough hides to fill a small tank, so they're basically always in a bad situation.

If she cared and set up bioactive vivs where relevant, added plenty of hides and enrichment to everything, put in plants where possible, did proper lighting, etc, there would be no "too big" enclosures for any of her animals.

No. 580948

Eh, I'd say unless she's filling it to the extreme with plants and bio active a 50 gallon is a little big for a tarantula. And too small for a female ball python

No. 580978

We all know she’s not “sooo happy” about her animals new enclousures. She’s probably happy because so many of her mindless fans will see this as “omg you’re the best animal expert ever!!!” And they’ll instantly forgive her for her shitty animal husbandry because of this. She gets away with everything, honestly.

No. 580979

It’s sad that EVERY single time she films a new video, she has to get her hair fried and died again because it looks that nasty LOL. She has fried the shit out of it. It looks horrible 24hrs after she gets it done. She probably makes the salon put tons of products in it so it looks decent when she films.

No. 581079

File: 1526189423298.png (25.74 KB, 485x227, 2018-05-13.png)

No. 581090

File: 1526190523209.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180513-014428.png)

She posted a photo of Sabors new tank. Though it appears to be reasonably sized I think it's absolutely hideous. With a display animal like that you would think she would put some time into making a bio active tank and use live plants and cork branches instead of dowel perches and ratty plastic plants that aren't even placed in ways that can provide shelter as most of the perches are bare as a bone.

Just seems like an absolute waste of an enclosure for such a magnificent snake

No. 581096

That enclosure also will not last Sabor his entire life, and is quite short

No. 581097

A 50 gallon tank is definitely massive overkill for even the largest tarantulas. Terrestrial tarantulas (like the one TND has) are susceptible to injury from falling. The general rule is to limit the height between the substrate and the top of the enclosure to 1.5x the legspan of the tarantula.

It would take a massive amount of substrate to fill a 50 gallon tank to the point where there wouldn't be a falling hazard.

No. 581098

ty, I missed that. Omg her slurred speech and cottonmouth bothers me sooo much

No. 581102

I believe she stated before that her tarantula would be staying in a smaller enclosure

No. 581107

more sage words from JC

No. 581110

Jesus she's so stoned/drunk in that sponsorship clip, its really apparent toward the end. Cotton mouth, slurring, talking shit. No wonder she was wearing sunglasses. I just can't believe she thinks her fans are so stupid that they won't be able to notice that. Well actually tbh most of them are kids so they wouldn't know what a drugged up person acts like. But a lot of people are pointing it out in her comments section.

No. 581116

Is this why she sounds like a completely different person?? And the sunglasses??

No. 581171

No. 581172

Cringey to watch. What is happening?
She could have refilmed that part too.

No. 581212

File: 1526209390374.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, C3D6CC65-1D10-4698-BE5C-AFB402…)

Leopardgecko on YouTube is shading TND😂

No. 581213

File: 1526209416745.png (204.51 KB, 750x1334, BE6A2D9F-DC3D-4666-AAF2-5E5BE8…)

She confirmed it was actual shade too

No. 581233

Lol I’ve always loved leopard gecko, she’s been doing this for a while but glad she’s finally being open about who she’s shading

Taylor’s sponsor bit in the new vid is unbelievable she’s off her damn skull lmfao

No. 581242

I wonder what she feeds the crickets. I know orange is the popular choice since it has a ton of vitamin C

That cat doesn't look comfortable for shit. She's handling him like she would handle a reptile jfc.

What enclosure is her monitor in then? Or is the poor animal still stuck in a cramped space?

Also, on the state of her apartment - she is hitting levels of hoarding you will see in every animal rescue show ever about hoarders.

No. 581244

Legit if the apartment folks called in right now; she'd probably get an eviction notice. I highly doubt she cleared any of her pets (barring the aquariums) with them. Tbh if the ASPCA were called she might even have some of them (like the hedgehogs who are in really tiny cages) confiscated.

No. 581310

ASPCA wouldn't do anything about small cages. They only really take away animals for abuse or severe neglect

No. 581322

Did you see the state of her house in that video? With cages that small and hedgehogs (that defecate when they walk), there's a 100% chance their cages are filthy / smell.

No. 581338

Finally someone fucking saying something. Holy shit. Everyone's silence just makes us and actual concerns look crazy.

WHY IS IT SO DEHYDRATED AND SKINNY. I know we already know this from the last picture but this one is clearer. I would not even be posting this it's so embarrassing. It's the easiest thing in the world to feed snakes properly and with her money she could get whatever size prey she wanted delivered right to her doorstep. God. Fuck her. That poor snake. Totally good husbandry though guys!!!

No. 581383

That sass is gold, but it really bothers me that Leopard Gecko is more than happy to call out TND while still being friends with Happy Tails. I love Leopard gecko but if you're going to point out bad care and hoarding be consistent.

No. 581405

i just watched her new video and i just have no words. first of all she looks weird as fuck during the sponsorship part. it actually made me cringe. second, why does she even bother blurring out the room her cats go in? she blurs it half the time and not the other half. also, she recorded the sponsorship part while in disney, and yet she says she's going to be uploading it on mother's day. did she just plan to not make a video until then? or did she procrastinate this already shitty video simply so she could do the sponsorship, considering they have the mother's day game special or whatever the fuck? she originally said she'd make a video the day after disney but here we are…

she really does not give a single shit about her fans. yet they comment on her videos constantly defending her and her shit husbandry. it's baffling.

No. 581426

File: 1526233840122.jpeg (149.68 KB, 1294x904, 42C3339E-8275-46D5-944A-958AE7…)

No. 581428

File: 1526233875438.jpeg (144.12 KB, 1309x1074, 11409862-9A02-49AC-9679-AC74A0…)

So what size is the monitor’s enclosure then if this is the biggest?

No. 581455

Holy shit i keep ball pythons in 120 gallons. Obviously bindi is in the largest, what about the monitor???? And her ball pythons, what are they in? Her females will need something around 120 gallons as adults and really, so could the males if she wants to "pamper" them.

No. 581467


Lol she looks like such a narc that she needs to respond to that. It’s almost like she’s saying; yeah, you’re a budget me, now sit down.

No. 581478

I'm pretty sure she got the monitor after she ordered the cages (supposedly) so I wouldn't be surprised if she hasn't got it an upgrade. Funny how she's not given any updates on it since the whole drama. I still find it strange that Betsy didn't upload any pictures of it when she was looking after the animals whilst Taylor was at Disney considering the monitor is meant to be her pet as well? Once all these custom cages are up (and honestly I'm happy she's actually got some of her animals bigger tanks) will there even be enough room for her monitor in the "reptile room"?

No. 581482

File: 1526237339519.png (811.29 KB, 746x816, Screenshot_61.png)

gus died

No. 581487

is there any proof she has had him for 2 yrs

No. 581488

Bitch. She dint post about it because she was at Disney with druggie, not at home caring for her animals. He probably died sooner but she didn’t notice!

No. 581496

If he had an amazing enclosure and was given attention no one would give her shit for it, but he was in a tiny cage and stuffed in a closet with the light off. He hasn't been on any of her social media for months, so either he died sooner than she's saying or she just didn't give a shit about him anymore because she has new designer snakes.

No. 581497


omg i bet he died while she was gone and was just sitting there

No. 581507

File: 1526238846617.png (615.19 KB, 1080x1780, IMG_20180513_201322.png)

She didn't even get him 2 years ago.

No. 581518

This seriously makes me worry about the temperature of her apartment that she’s keeping all of the animals in. I hope that animal didn’t overheat and die! Especially considering she lives in an area where the weather is typically warm or hot. This is so sad.

No. 581520


'Little over 2 weeks' So I guessed 22nd April.

That means he was around 1 year, 7 months. Probably less tbh as we haven't seen him in a while.

No. 581525

So it happened right around when she was getting her hair fried, missing playlist, and at Disney for a week. Also when she proudly announced that violet eats ‘frozens’ now with no problem. I know there’s a lie here somewhere, no idea where and I’m sure the delayed announcement is to make sure no one does

No. 581527

How else do you think she knew that dead animals stink…

No. 581530

She's changed the topic very quickly on her twitter and posted so many new tweets… maybe it's my cynical nature but seems a bit strange "my mouse died"… "I'M NOT ON DRUGS"

No. 581532

That post really got me… I've never had a dead animal "smell".

No. 581545

He’s probably a little older than that since he was full grown when she got him, but mice grow quickly and I doubt he was a year old already like she claims. He would have been snake food long before he reached a year. She’s just trying hard to prove she’s an amazing pet owner when really she’s shit.

No. 581549

As you said, mice grow fast and petstore turnover is high. He was likely 1 month at most when she got him. I also think it was more than 'a little over two weeks ago' when he passed. Which probably makes the 1 year 7 months accurate.

For a petstore mouse bred for feeders it's not /awful/… so why does she have to lie about everything?

No. 581564

I used to work at PetSmart and I remember one time some kids tried to buy live mice for feeders and the manager was called to get rid of them. PetSmart do not sell live mice for feeding and I wasn't in pet care but I doubt our snakes ate live mice. Now, I worked at PetSmart, not Petco. My question is, how is she so sure Gus would've been snake food? Did her store feed their snakes live mice?

No. 581567

I think the story was that the manager owned a snaked and was going to purchase injured gus himself to use as a feeder. It was never stated whether gus was originally sold as a feeder or pet though.

No. 581603

Apparently as he was fighting with the other mice and was injured; her boss wanted to take him home to feed to his snakes.

No. 581611

Petco does sell live feeders, unlike Petsmart. At least ours does so I'm assuming others do too but I'm not sure.
I've found that mice reach around adult size at about 2ish months, so he was at least that old. So it's entirely possible he did die naturally.

No. 581632

someone needs to cross out Gus on the google doc :( rip gus

No. 581697

I'd estimate Gus to be about 6-8 weeks old when she got him. He was under 2 years old for sure when he died. Why does she have to lie?? Mice get elderly at about 1.5 years. He was still pretty old. Three is almost unheard of for mice. It's not impossible, but it's rare. There's literally no need to lie about his age since being almost 2 is still a good lifespan. I just don't see the point in it. It gives all her viewers the wrong expectation of how long mice live and it proves she lies constantly about everything.

No. 581708

I'm pretty sure she's just a compulsive liar at this point, even when it's totally unnecessary.

No. 581713

Taylor has to exaggerate because she's killed multiple pets within weeks. Her stupid fans will believe her and use her lies about Gus living a ridiculously long time as evidence she's an expert when she kills something else

No. 581757

She might have deleted the tweet but she claimed she was getting him an upgrade as well. So she might have ordered it afterwards, or she lied. But if Bindi’s cage is the biggest one then the monitor is still going to be in an extremely small cage for its size. It also needs to be arboreal (still with plenty of floor space though).

No. 581767

There is a great host of things mice can die of. They are retarded and if the develop any kind of allergy, they will continue scratching themselves out of habit even after you removed the allergen. They eat shit that was never meant to be digested. their lungs are tiny and fragile. There's a ton that could have gone wrong.

2ish years is a very average lifespan, I don't understand why she is lying about it. As an anon stated, no way that mouse would have sat at a pet store or shipping for an entire year before going somewhere.

No. 581788

Someone ask her if she fed his dead body to one of her snakes kek

No. 581792


it fucking sucks, I've seen her fans on a couple of other youtubers videos saying things like "well taylors mouse is 3 years old" like no hun he isn't shes exaggerating and thats not a normal lifespan to expect from a mouse

No. 581795

Petco anon here; they do sell lives for feeders just keep up a sign saying we recommend feeding frozen.

Also- Gus was born probably two/three weeks before she made that post about getting him. Meaning early September late August.. So he was approaching two years.. nice lie tay

No. 581886

It took me so long to realize she is saying he was almost 3 years old and not 2. Just did a quick google search and it says pet mice live to about 1-2 years old. Someone ask her about her magical pet care to make him live that long.
Her claim also means that he was in the pet store for a year…
He was a cute mouse though.

Also this bullshit story hahahaha. Imagine this happening in real life for one second. Girl that works in a pet story literally brings the mouse from its cage to her manager to ask about it. Also conveniently to make her look like a better person it just so happened to be injured and her manager just so happened to say he wanted to feed it to his snake. Then she fucking TAKES THE MOUSE TO THE BACK ROOM and handfeeds it HAHAHAHA. And then ends the story by saying her manager had in fact already purchased it.
What kind of fanfiction about herself did she write????

No. 581915


The mouse did have some bite marks on him in her video and male mice are meant to be solitary so it would be no surprise the males attacked each other. It's extremely common to see males full of scabs at Petco/Petsmart. The rest of the story though….yeah, it's probably bs.

No. 582030

she just tweeted that the monitor is in a 140 gallon

No. 582058

I'm not sure why she's measuring in gallons considering most people measure by dimensions. 140 gallon doesn't mean shit if there's not enough space to climb. Either way she's going to need to upgrade again because "140 gallons" isn't going to be enough for an adult. She needs to realize monitors utilize 100% of their space so the bare minimum isn't going to cut it. This is why monitor keepers that know of her think she's an absolute joke to the hobby

No. 582068

File: 1526267130399.png (660.37 KB, 1994x2140, Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.0…)

there's a lottttttt of these comments!

No. 582082

Exactly, 140 gallons means nothing if we don't know the dimensions. It could be super short and narrow with lots of length (bad) or super tall with no length at all. Roughnecks need height and floor space because they're semi arboreal. The roughneck would benefit from something 4-6 feet tall at his size, with about 4 feet of length and 2-4 of width. I highly doubt that's what she has him in.

No. 582095

it's so vindicating seeing her fans, even some of the younger ones, catch on to her bullshit. her "huge" project video of the new enclosures better be out of this world good and not half assed with the way she's been touting it

No. 582106

Her lisssshp is SO bad during the shponshored video, aside from sounding high/drunk. It's a little better in her intro but glad fans are noticing! Some are still defending her though and I have no idea why.

No. 582108

a lot of them are children who idolize her because she's pretty and has cute animals, and they lack the worldview or experience to see beyond the facade. Usually children won't really turn on a youtuber unless it's the popular thing to do like with tana mongoose and idubbbz. it just takes time, but the fact her older fans are starting to see through her excuses and are actively getting fed up is a good sign.

No. 582117

File: 1526270155568.png (169.26 KB, 750x986, IMG_5875.PNG)

her mom wants to be involved soooo bad all the time lol. did tay even say happy mother's day to her?

No. 582130

What is this even supposed to mean?

No. 582132

File: 1526271346126.png (711.66 KB, 1080x1689, 20180514_001542.png)


No. 582133

File: 1526271491046.png (828.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5879.PNG)

mama dean posted a pic of an iguana (i think?) and then taylor said this. then mama dean took it too far and made it weird by posting that caption with a pic of tanner feeding a reptile

No. 582135

File: 1526271573063.png (245.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5878.PNG)

did anyone see this tweet from jonny? what a guy lmao. "my girlfriend is my sugar mama so talk all the shit you want"

No. 582136

So glad people are noticing and calling her out. It was so fucking obvious she was drunk/high/strung out on heroin during that sponsorship part of the video; her speech was sooo slurred. What’s sad is she will probably just respond to this criticism by saying “I was born with a lisp guise!! Stop bullying me!!” and go on some BS campaign against bullying to put herself on this pedestal of what a rgreat human being she is (not). She is really letting herself go and it’s slowly but surely starting to finally show. Wearing sunglasses indoors to not show her pinned out pupils, slurred as hell speech, fried as fuck hair… and getting lazier and more of an impulsive liar by the day. At this rate unless she changes something to spike her channel again, I can’t see her having a YouTube career in a year from now.
I really feel like the only chance she has at changing is leaving Jonny and being on her own for once. She’s always been shady but being with Jonny has really made her fall even more downhill sharply. Inb4 she leaves Jonny and comes up with some fake (or maybe real) abuse story, which will draw sympathy to her, even though we all here know she was warned countless times by his exes and others, so no sympathy from me. But I feel like it’s the only shot she’s got so she can change for the better, for her animals and herself.
Sage for ranting but I’m glad people are finally calling her out on her shit. She’s going downhill fast. Can’t wait to see how long it takes till she disables the comments on this video saying she couldn’t take the hate, but then several days later says she’s amazing and doesn’t let the hate get to her lol

No. 582140

File: 1526272295119.png (14.71 KB, 553x184, 3256236236236.png)

No. 582145

File: 1526272998763.png (187.11 KB, 750x1334, 5F4CA439-18E2-4AF3-A8C3-F3CD2B…)

“No one ever shut me out” LOL is she REALLY in that much denial or just being narcissistic and playing dumb?? Remember all the constant periscopes talking shit on Taylor because she wouldn’t talk to her? But ok, no one ever shut her own lmaooo. Her mom really contributes to her downward spiral, she LOVES picking fights on social media and it’s hilarious to watch sometimes.

No. 582168

Maybe Taylor should give her mom some of her drugs. At least then she'd shut up for a while

No. 582189

do you guys ever wonder if we're completely wrong about taylor? all of the evidence on this thread is super convincing and i know for sure that her husbandry is currently not the best. but what if the texts really are fake and she isn't a druggie? do we have any solid proof of her being one? not trying to white knight or anything, i really don't like taylor at all, just curious.

No. 582196

Both her mom and dad confirmed that the texts were real because they saw the number and it was taylor's.

No. 582214

that's good to know, i was not aware of that. thanks a ton.

No. 582223

I totally get what you mean, but they’re definitely not fake. If you also go back in later threads you’ll see Jonny tweeting something like “me and Taylor are laughing at these crazy texts she’s getting from Chelsea WE hahaahahaha WE hahahahahaha” like a total crazy jackass. He immediately deleted it, he’s not legally supposed to mention her name or speak to or about her.
Taylor for sure exchanged those texts with Chelsea and then later said she was scared of Jonny because Chelsea shared the convos on Twitter. Then of course Taylor later acts like they’re fake and never happened. She’s such a fucking moron. Turning against and making fun of Jonny’s ex rape victims, is just a new level of scummy. When all they all did was try to warn her and help her. Taylor and Jonny love to look like they love each other o the outside world on social media but we all know he’s just with her for the money and young piece of ass. It’s sad. They’re not gonna last and as soon as she gets older/her money runs out, he’ll run to the next young and well-off girl.

No. 582226

So her mom knows her daughter is addicted to drugs she could easily OD on and die, and she jokes about it on Twitter?

No. 582227

Yeah, but like is that surprising?

No. 582228

damn they're so good at pretending they're even tricking me, and i'm an avid reader/poster on these threads. thank you for restoring my faith in our threads lol

i guess i can see why her young fans just believe whatever she tells them. being young and impressionable sucks, but it sucks even more when you follow someone like taylor and she's setting these examples. she's setting poor standards for husbandry and love. i sincerely hope she fucks up REAL bad and her fans have no choice but to see what we see.

No. 582246

File: 1526282382314.png (753.96 KB, 1242x2208, 966C5611-4C84-4AAC-9C37-D1372B…)

Yes that’s exactly what they’re concerned about, Taylor .

No. 582264

Wow what a greedy cunt. That's really sad and fucked up.

No. 582275

she seriously thinks no-one could tell she was off her head in that segment.

No. 582289

Just checked, and the photo of Jonny with the beer disappeared, neither him or Taylor at tagged so I guess her celiac isn't as severe as she claims SHOCKER

No. 582304

Saw someone suggest she's hanging her enclosures on the walls.

If this is the case… well, we will see more animals and maybe cats jumping around these enclosures.

Because parents joke about their kids doing drugs like no big deal.

No. 582313

Lmfao does she not realise all the posts on her husbands twitter about Taylor ignoring them and them going to her hotal in LA because they were concerned about her and her refusing to see them or leave her room are still there for everyone to see?

No. 582417

Or her mom calling the police on her to do a wellness check.. her mom is just as delusional is she is. They're both crazy cunts.

No. 582421

They're both beyond delusional, they overshare on social media and are the first to say "you know nothing about my life"… They both bullshit so much they can't even keep track of it.

No. 582462

Jennifer Dean. Stop. Dragging. Tanner. Into. Your. Craziness.

Why would you even include him into these types of jokes? It sets a bad example for him. Leave. Tanner. Out. Of. Your. Taylor. Kissing. Ass. Ways.

No. 582463

Same anon. Now, not only am I worried for her animals, i’m also worried how they treat Tanner and the way they always bring him in the conversation to be a tool for manipulation

No. 582467

It's awful how much you can tell she wants Tanner to go 'viral' so she can be seen as this amazing mum to her special needs kid. It's not fair on him at all.

No. 582468

Seriously it’s fucking disgusting, the poor kid probably does not have the capacity to realize he is being used as a pawn to her (I don’t mean this in a mean way towards him).
Does anyone remember when her Twitter was unavailable a while back, she deleted all pictures of Tanner and went on this tangent how bad it is to put your children on social media? Said she wasn’t going to anymore. Literally within a month she was back to posting pictures and videos of him and using him for her bullshit. Guess she couldn’t handle not getting sympathy from people because of him. She’s so damn pathetic for using him in this way.

No. 582495

Tanner seems like such an amazing kid, such a shame he has Jennifer for a mother and Taylor for a sister, honestly Papa Dean should just scoop Tanner up and yeet the fuck out of there. The males of the family seem not as crazy (eg. Tanner, Taylor's dad and lawyer step brother) but the female Deans need to stop with this bullshit, it's getting old

No. 582554

Who wants to bet Jen Dean will read these last few posts about her son, and start tweeting about “haters” and they shouldnt include her son.. then proceeds to post about how stress she is because of him. Poor Tanner. The Deans are awful at being nurturing, idk how Taylor gets away with having 30+ animals under her absent wings

No. 582572

File: 1526315621490.png (123.04 KB, 1080x602, IMG_20180514_173102.png)

I didn't know about this but it doesn't surprise me. Can her or Taylor keep the same opinion for longer than an couple of days? She definitely didn't feel like this when Taylor stopped speaking to her because of JC lmao. Very fickle.

No. 582575

This dude is so unbearable. He has absolutely nothing good to offer with a personality of a wet carrot and looks of a worn out manlet druggie so all he can brag about is his… I mean TND's money. And he thinks that somehow makes him someone who's above others and invincible? Jonny, money doesn't erase your past of being a abusive rapist cunt. YES there still are a LOT of things people can criticize you for even if you become a millionaire. So flexing like a 12 year old that got his first supreme shirt sponsored by mommy and daddy doesn't make you a better person, it's just making you even more of a joke.

No. 582593


I think she's just playing along with Taylor's bullshit so Taylor won't block her and shut her out again. She probably doesn't even care if she's doing drugs, as long as Taylor gets what she wants and will stay in her life. They're probably "close" again now that she went with her to Disney but probably only stayed around them because they probably were able to cut the lines for Tanner. She's too dumb and manipulated to notice this though.

Also here's a solution for people to stop mentioning your son on the internet: stop mentioning your own son on the internet and posting photos of him Keep that shit on your private facebook like a normal mom would.

No. 582619


I like how she's saying "I think it's both" like she's adding something new to the tweet. The Deans lack of reading comprehension is frightening.

No. 582620

Well this is probably how Taylor has always gotten her way. She knows how to manipulate her mother and Jennifer is too stupid or too selfish to be an actual parent to her. If Taylor is indeed using drugs Jens enabling attitude is just gonna keep hurting her in the long run.

No. 582667

She's actually losing subs a lot today, which I find funny because her video wasn't even controversial like her monitor one that lost her subs. She's screwed if she doesn't get her shit together.

No. 582670

File: 1526321434512.png (253.88 KB, 1080x1073, IMG_20180514_190905.png)

It's so clear why Taylor can't handle slight criticism, her mother can't even take someone correcting her misspelling of 'who's' :|

No. 582690

File: 1526323126815.png (540.54 KB, 1080x1462, IMG_20180514_193724.png)

Lmao seriously Jen needs to be included in the next thread POST. Apparently now you're a troll if you throw her own tweets at her. Honestly thank you to whichever of you did this hahahhaha.

No. 582702

This and disclosing how much that food sponsorship paid her openly just comes off as straight bragging at this point.

No. 582745

I’m shocked they’re not calling those tweets fakes and made up! Unless that is yet to come. And sure as shit Jada’s account is now blocked!!

No. 582753

I liked all Jada's tweets in that thread, you know how that gets under Jen's skin.
I'm shocked at how disingenuous and delusional she is. If she's ashamed of how embarrassingly she acted when Taylor had her shut out, going on live, tweeting none stop about the situation, making things WAY more public than I feel a mother and a woman of her age should have - you don't just go "no that never happened" at least own up to it. I hate people who call any valid criticism trolling, the womans maturity is stunted, I feel bad for Tanner.

No. 582756

Do we know how old she actually is? Surely not older than 40?

No. 582764

She's so stupid… Does she not realize with 15,000$ she could at least pay for an associate's degree from a community college and set up a decent future for herself?

She's literally just throwing away money, setting herself up for failure.

Example 1) wasting money on enclosures that she won't clean anyways. There's no point in upgrading when she couldn't even properly clean/handle the smaller enclosures.

Example 2) wasting money paying rent on an apartment. The smart thing to do would be getting a "rent to own" house. She's literally just throwing away money on an apartment that she trashes.

This bitch is "new money" as fuck. She's an embarrassment to herself.

No. 582770

It'd be tragic if her lack of self awareness weren't so funny, she's kidding herself if she thinks this cash flow is going to be long lived for her.

But sure spend FIFTEEN THOUSAND dollars on an enclosure she could have built [or barring 'muh chronic pain and feeble joints'] had Jonny build her if the man was good for anything.

No. 582786

jada got blocked by mama dean and taylor lol

No. 582895

Taylor is an idiot. Why waste 15k on enclosures when you can save money like Emma did? Not only do you save money, but you’re showing your fans how dedicated you are about your animals and especially shows how responsible you can be. But nope, Taylor thinks she’s amazing because she’s throwing thousands of dollars around like if it comes back to her. I won’t be surprised if one day she becomes bankrupt and livin in a trailer alone while her manboy is hating on her on twitter because he found a new rich girl to destroy

No. 582911


I don't think making your enclosures versus buying them makes someone more dedicated or responsible. Not everyone has the space and tools to make giant custom enclosures for all of their pets. As long as they are in appropriately sized enclosures, that's all that really matters in my opinion. I'm more concerned that she worried more about how nice they'll look than how functional they are. Some are still too small and will need to be replaced eventually if she wants them to be suitable.

No. 582961

Has Taylor ever addressed Johnny's abuse in a serious matter? Or was it just 'oh he's done the occasional 'bad' thing because he was on drugs but he's really a prince.'

It bothers me so much that so many young girls think their relationship is goals. This is why abusers win, this is why women have a hard time being believed when they are abused, and this is why young girls grow up thinking red flags are romantic gestures.

No. 583022

She referred to him raping his ex’s as just “crossing the line” because of the drugs.

No. 583031

>guess who is on her back!
I'm assuming that's supposed to mean johnny is on her back as in johnny shagging her, or at least that is one of the ways I took it. If that was my mom I'd have to have a serious conversation about what should and shouldn't be discussed on social media, like fucking. I don't know, maybe I'm old-fashioned. But I can see why tay would ignore her mom on facebook

No. 583056

I'm pretty sure she meant on her back like "on top of her / making sure she's not using drugs."

Regardless, Jen should really step away from the internet. She just continues to embarrass herself.

No. 583067

File: 1526345320965.png (1.32 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3546.PNG)

this seems like a lot for a snake who's so so so happy*~*~ in her new enclosure

No. 583081

what a monitor enclosure should ACTUALLY look like for anyone interested. it’s not the same species as taylor’s but the correct size and actually set up probably. https://youtu.be/Bu41OZAcoKE

No. 583089

Mama dean set her account to private, she must have checked the thread and realised we’re going on about her.

Also probably did it to prevent people from finding old tweets that basically call herself out lol.

No. 583110

sounds like your snakes don't fucking recognize you because you're never around

No. 583123

it's funny that she decided to do that right after a thread of all of her bullshit got posted

No. 583128

I have a milk snake, she likes her enclosure, but they really are little escape artists who will try to get out, and she is always looking to climb up some wall or something when being handled, theyre active snakes, they're not like my ball pythons who will only try to get out or wander because somethings wrong.Not to mention This is when shes active shes tunneling or in her hide or behind the plants most of the time. So a milk snake trying to get out isn't that crazy.
But the biting jeez, I mean milks are known to be a bit fiesty, but if you handle them a good amount they are pretty chill. Mines never bitten anyone, and a lot of people who actually consistently interact with their milks have it the same way, she probably doesn't handle Gucci very often if at all. That thing went to town on her hand.
Probably the same reason she has "cage agression" she just hardly pays any attention to them.(blogposting)

No. 583133

File: 1526348904706.png (345.06 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5979.PNG)

she just wants us to leave her mom alone, yet her mom literally does this to herself lol

No. 583135

Her mom speaks about Taylor more than Taylor speaks about herself. If she wants people to 'leave her mom alone' then her mom should stop. Best thing for Taylor and Tanner would be for her mom to delete her social media and stay off of it, period.

No. 583146

Her mom is a bully. Maybe if she wanted people to leave her alone she should stop bullying people.

No. 583151

Maybe her snake is hungry af and now just wants to eat anything that moves

No. 583170

I can’t wait to see when her monitor does that to her!

No. 583175

I doubt her mom staying private will last. She's too full of herself and likes to bully people too much to keep to herself. Plus people will start to unfollow her & she won't get as many new followers. We all know she's trying to be relevant.

No. 583210

She’s gone private and deleted her Twitter before but she always comes back.

No. 583294

Her moms probably hid her twitter whilst she deletes the old tweets so she can call all the screenshots fake. Honestly there's so many tweets I doubt she'd delete them all, probably regrets posting 900 tweets a day now.

No. 583302

oof there's so much milk, no one could possibly believe anyone would take the time to shop this all. but watch taylor's stans believe mama anyway when she says it's all fake…

No. 583311

Her dad has deleted a lot of things from his twitter as well. If the tweets are gone, it never happened, and they are a perfect, happy family. No wonder Taylor doesn’t believe she needs help

No. 583316

Woww, he really has. Good thing I predicted this yesterday and saved all his 12 "notes" he posted about Taylor and Jonny being drunk and refusing to see them at the hotel hahahah.

No. 583329

wow it really only happened within the last day or so? i went to go collect receipts too earlier today but everything was gone

No. 583482

File: 1526387681321.jpeg (261.85 KB, 1229x439, 34C141B9-E94E-410D-B69E-46D7EC…)

And if what we actually “see” online is crap care, enclosures and filthy apartments..we can only assume what we don’t see is worse!

No. 583496

Yeah, when Jada posted her tweets back at her I had a feeling she'd go on a deleting rampage and tell her husband to do it too.

No. 583605

File: 1526397015414.png (222.24 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-05-15-17-03-29…)

What the fuck is she on about

No. 583632

Her obsessive, manipulative, and honestly stalkerish behavior towards her daughter has surpassed creepy. What does this behavior teach Tanner, who is always the scapegoat she uses to excuse it?

No. 583635


In short he's watching her videos and she's saying the names he refers to them by.

I know the naked one, which was actually referenced/joked about in a later video but once Taylor wore a shirt that couldn't be seen in frame and Tannor saw it and thought she was naked. So he's probably watching that on.

As for why it was tweeted? no idea lol

No. 583659

How old is tanner? (and I know he's disabled, I'm curious about his age on paper)

No. 583673

Who else wants to bet Jen was just binge watching her daughter and pinned it on Tanner lmao

No. 583674

I feel sorry for Tanner, being caught in the middle between his mentally unbalanced mother and sister. I also hope for his sake that Mr. Dean + lawyer stepbrother set up some sort of security net in case his parents become unable to care for him (whether that's due to age or an accident or whatever). Can you imagine what would happen if he was sent to live with his druggie sister and her hanger-on because she's the next of kin? She can't even take care of a leaf insect, I wouldn't want to see her try with a disabled person.

No. 583750

The dad should be doing what's right for the well-being of Tanner which is to get him away from his fucked up wife until she gets mentally stable.

No. 583769

Seems to me he’s in denial. Let’s the nutjob do whatever she wants as long as she takes “care” (word care used very loosely) of Tanner and out of his hair. It’s easier to just keep footing the bill for their excursions as long as he doesn’t have to deal with it!

No. 583812

What the>>583674
What the fuck are you even talking about??? How is that any of your concern? how does that relate to the thread?
jfc(read the rules & usage info)

No. 583835

Learn how to comment dude.
Also, it's not uncommon for Taylor's mom, boyfriend and brother get brought up in the thread, technically nothing that's ever been discussed here is any of our concern, but it doesn't need to be. Cows provide milk and we talk and speculate about it, everything is fair game with exception of what the rules mention, and anon isn't breaking any rules by voicing concerns about Taylors disabled brother who is under the care of Taylors very unstable mother.

No. 583899

Then maybe be more fucking honest about the information you curate for the internet? Just a fucking thought.

No. 583904

It's kinda funny how she doesn't have an issue with people giving Taylor shit as long as people don't pay attention to her.

No. 583906

i believe he's either 13 or 14, i'm pretty sure it's 14 tho

No. 583909

Tbf I don't think that'll ever happen because he'll probably end up dying before them all due to his condition. It's manageable now when he's young… but as he gets older and tries to be more independent he's going to find more ways to sneak food / buy food etc.

No. 583932

File: 1526415603790.jpeg (135.01 KB, 1242x688, A80F0908-C7EF-443F-81C5-C6F4A1…)

In case anyone else needs a laugh, a wild Jonny Craig appears talking about someone else looking washed up because of drugs

No. 583935

Lmao the irony.

No. 584046


I bet their shoes cost more than his rent.
According to his own logic, Jonny has no room to talk.

No. 584166

This is extremely fucked up for him to say considering their history of mental and physical illnesses.. cant dat I'm surprised in the least. Hes a piece of shit with no regard for anyone but himself

No. 584357

Her moms Twitter is already off private lol! Reminds me of the time she said she was no longer going to post tanner because she was worried someone would find a way to exploit him and then started posting pics of him the next day.

No. 584362

my shoes from goodwill cost more than jonnys rent because jonny does not pay rent lmao

No. 584378

Jen, you're already exploiting your child so you can pretend to be a victim.

Fuck all these people who are failing to protect Tanner

No. 584389


I remember that! She was all 'oh i had a dream and because of this dream i know there are sick people in this world, and so i'm going to stop posting my son' not even 24 hours later posts son repeatedly

i also think it's hilarious how she post things her 'son' supposedly says but you can tell it's from her, lol. i think she uses her kid to say things she wants without getting any backlash because if tanner says it, it must be ok

No. 584394

Yeah I’ve watched some videos she’s posted of him and sorry to say but he 100% doesn’t say any of the shit she posts and I can only tell because most of what he says is nonsensical

No. 584534

File: 1526445024434.png (562.58 KB, 564x739, Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.3…)

No. 584548

Lmao that glaringly obvious facetune

No. 584571

Don’t forget all that photoshopish work on her chest area as well. Lol

No. 584574

File: 1526448388623.jpeg (493.96 KB, 836x1201, F669BD4E-00AB-4862-8EE1-E8B4B8…)

Does she ever clean?

No. 584578

her sense of style is horrendous. what's with cows and their inability to dress themselves nicely (her, kota, shaygnar)

No. 584583

Holy shit those plants are all dying. How does she expect people o believe she can keep 30+ animals alive if that's the state of her "garden" after what? Like one week? Jesus Christ.

No. 584590

I don't understand what's going on here??

No. 584593

The recliner on the patio is so weird to me? I feel like thats trashy to have in a patio that everyone has to see everyday from the pool area

No. 584612


lol JC tweeted that it's pouring there and their new patio couch is currently soaked.

No. 584721

they don’t look like they’re dying to me lmao

No. 584729

She looks like a mannequin…and there’s enough padding in that bra! How fake can you be. Of course, hand on face again…

No. 584730

Remember…that’s only a Glimpse of her life. It’s like a horror story if she actually showed the whole thing!

No. 584765

File: 1526475673322.png (2.92 MB, 1080x1920, 509CB718-192A-4CBF-98AC-70383A…)


Quite a contrast to Taylor in this pic (far right)

No. 584768

She actually looks normal here! And for once no hand in front of her face!!

No. 584841

File: 1526481104683.jpeg (174.78 KB, 1242x764, EC5C9A1F-1FF8-4A93-A9E4-27DFB2…)

Does anyone else find this unlikely and that she’s lying about small things again

No. 584846

Seems a bit weird as delivery drivers don't get to choose if they leave a sofa or not. Surely the sofa company would want the incorrect sofa back to replace it with the right sofa? Not sure what it's like in Texas but here a company couldn't just dump a sofa wherever they feel like it, and it's certainly not up to the delivery drivers to decide what happens to it.

No. 584853

File: 1526481983255.png (60.25 KB, 750x904, IMG_3966.PNG)

girl this is some sloppy shop

No. 584866

Her hair is fucking atrocious

No. 584870

Am I the only one who feels like she’s always dressed inappropriately for everything? Here she looks too casual next to her dressed up friends. At her meet and greet she looked absolutely ridiculous and too dressed up (not to mention showing too much skin). Idk, I feel like she just doesn’t know how to dress for an occasion. I wonder what she’d wear to a job interview.

No. 584883

Definitely since it’s a chair…not a couch! But hey, she say “it me”. So who knows!

No. 584910

can you point out where the photoshop is i know nothing about photoshop lmao but i'm curious

No. 584934

i don't see any distortion tbh, imo it's just the pushup bra making her boobs huge.

i can make out 4 dead plants when i zoom in on the original image

No. 584941


God Jen sounds like some controlling husband asking his wife who spent "his" money so Taylor has to make up some story; why the hell does Jen care? Also what an incredibly fake story holy shit

No. 584948


So people aren't just coming to her with random abandoned pets they don't want she's also adopting random abandoned furniture now?

Why is this always her story lmao who would care if she bought a couch? Is it wild caught or something?

No. 584949

To play devils advocate, I know some places will allow the person to keep the furniture if it's the wrong thing in addition to the correct one. I'd have found it more realistic if she said her neighbor it was SUPPOSED to go to said she could have it. Something just doesn't add up with her story. I have a hard time believing they'd give it to some random girl. I always forget narcissists lie for NO reason even if it benefits or hurts no one.

No. 584953

I agree. "Truck drivers were too lazy to take it back" really doesn't make sense (bit ironic for Tay to call someone else lazy, her and JC are fully of irony today).

No. 584958

File: 1526489900092.png (469.77 KB, 1080x1103, IMG_20180516_175713.png)

I feel like their mom is just mentally challenged. They're fucking crayons.

No. 584960

fucking exactly!!! they're just crayons. She can just buy some new ones and keep them out of his reach if it matters that much.

No. 584963

Wow… That's actually next level weird for her to complain about. I remember when I was 6 there was another kid who would break my crayons….. I've since developed the emotionally capacity to not be triggered by that. Crayons are so cheap, why doesn't she go buy her own pack and hide it from him? Omg I'm actually laughing hearing what I'm typing about a grown ass woman.

No. 584984


I'm imagining her hoarding crayons from her son because she's so upset that he's throwing away the ones she LOVES so much. Good lord. If it bothers her that much, why doesn't she just take the ones he threw away and keep them for herself. I swear, she's like a child with the way she acts… and overreacts.

No. 584989

>let me complain about something my special needs son is doing that is COMPLETELY harmless, so that I look like I'm a victim for having to deal with his behavior all the time, even when it's really not causing a problem for anyone

(a behavior that is actually pretty funny, some crayons have really ridiculous names and he's right to judge them lmao)

No. 585060

File: 1526495166375.png (47.79 KB, 619x460, 325325253531515.png)

No. 585067

She also doesn’t have to actually let him throw them in the trash! She can hide them away and use them herself since she’s so distraught!

No. 585068

Heaven forbid your kid doesn't want to use some of his crayons. I bet she's the type who gets offended if he sneezes too loud and tweets that it's SO hard to live with his unpredictable behavior.

No. 585118

underrated comment

No. 585128

who is dawn? Is she jonny's mother?

No. 585137


Chelsea's mom. She really loved JC and was one of the nurses that helped keep him alive when he was in the hospital. She had no idea how abusive he was to Chelsea until after, or that JC told Chelsea that she had to choose between him or her mom/Dawn.

No. 585175

File: 1526500185333.png (12.82 KB, 588x125, 2345923529592.png)

I really hope the restraining order Chelsea has against him can come into use and she can nail him to the wall in court.

No. 585197

yup, she stole his records. there's no possibilty that he was so fucked up on drugs & overdosing all the time that he lost/left behind his belongings. it HAD to be that they were "stolen" ugh. HE is SO trash!

No. 585237

File: 1526502826655.png (204.83 KB, 750x1051, IMG_2291.PNG)

M o r e

No. 585251

So fkn ridiculous. Does he even take care of his bearded dragon? I don't agree with buying other people animals at all, it should be a thorough, thought out decision by the person who is gonna look after it, but then again this is Taylor buys-ten-animals-a-week-without-having-proper-setups-or-knowing-what-animal-she-is-buying Dean.

No. 585262


wtf why does she need another snake that looks exactly the same

I see shes jumped on the chance to make use of all the empty enclosures she has now good lord

No. 585304

I wonder at what point do you need a permit for that many pets? In an apartment?

No. 585309

Something I don't understand is…they live together? He doesn't need his own Gucci is literally in the next room over?

No. 585346

It's justification for getting twice as many animals

No. 585387

why did he say "was" tho.. i hope im overthinking his illiteracy bc if that poor snake died i s2g taylor

No. 585395

She dropped those foot-long acrylics that she poked all her animals with.

No. 585406

I know this was a bit ago, but a grown adult whose been dealing with the same child should know how to work around these kind of things. Like if it matters so much have them be "Mommy's Weird Crayons" and have him pick out all the weird named crayons for her. Don't tweet about him throwing them away as if he's another child stealing her toys. /rant

No. 585473

File: 1526512620690.jpeg (350.16 KB, 1200x1800, DCF7AF5D-BA1A-4CAA-B134-24861D…)

That awkward moment when the girl 10 years older than you looks younger. Don’t do drugs, kids. Nah seriously they both look cute but I thought it was off that they both posted short hair looks. Do they both wear extensions??

No. 585512


Wtf is that her Bindi merch taped to the wall in the background?

No. 585566

Did Chelsea delete her Twitter account? It says page not found when I search. Or maybe I’m doing something wrong.

No. 585602

It’s not a short hair look, she keeps moving her hair because the kid (baby goat) was trying to eat it. It’s a screen cap from her new video.

No. 585696

Another “someone wanted me to buy an animal for them and I’m taking care of it! Can’t get mad at me because they told me to get it!!”

Lol the Deans are such idiots. Rich trailer trash idiots

No. 585721

It looks like she has cheek injections now based on tightness.

No. 585722

File: 1526522939326.jpeg (250.64 KB, 750x885, B9E6C818-B9EB-4F9A-BE63-91A20E…)

Ball pythons are SUPPOSED to hide. The only reason they leave their hide is to temp regulate, if they’re hungry or looking for a more ideal location to live.

No. 585768

Uuuuh my thoughts exactly. We'll see if the two snakes are ever seen in the same place haha! That'd be a sneaky move. Because they won't be. Funny this was right after Gucci bit her? Are they even territorial or aggressive snakes?

No. 585783

Watch Chelsea’s IG story. She talks about Jonny’s tweet

No. 585792

what is her ig?

No. 585794


No. 585812

Apparently her mom has started uploading videos with Tanner on YouTube. I honestly wonder if some of her issue with Taylor was because when Taylor went, so did her fame and paycheck.

No. 585820

File: 1526532930308.jpeg (398.79 KB, 1291x1983, F7A2F891-F48C-4C21-B759-EB9699…)

No. 585822

File: 1526533008783.jpeg (365.96 KB, 1267x1427, 1130E751-E5F1-42C2-8738-332497…)

No. 585823

Summary: "Johnny I didn't take your records maybe if you didn't move from girl to girl to girl to girls house you wouldn't lose all your shit" next clip: her and a friend in a mirror saying "We have better shit to do than to fuck with you"

No. 585825


Hahahahah. Good.

Maybe Blue Apron can pay her for making more food she can't eat. Or, SugarBearHair can repair her fried hair for a paid ad.

No. 585827

Sugar bear hair hahahahaha. Taylor could use that sponsorship but they like their influencers to actually have nice “goal worthy” hair like all of bachelor nation who shills for them… not Tay

No. 585830

Her mom is such a fucking stalker. She's like one of those "friends" you have in school that just copy every single thing you do and pretend they were always interested in it lmao. It'd be weird even if she didn't turn up to all her meetups and comment on every one of her tweets, but she does that too.

No. 585837

File: 1526534383840.png (142.82 KB, 1071x691, Screenshot_20180516-231709~2.p…)

I swear every time she uploads a video she's shocked that it renders in low quality first and then in HD…. How long has she been doing this???? How dumb can she be??? Will she ever just have a normal upload schedule so she doesn't feel like she has to upload the moment it renders?
I follow a few other YouTubers on different social media and they upload their shit fully like the day before they post the video so they aren't pulling this bullshit. God she's exhausting.

No. 585845

What was the point of the new enclosures if some of them will still need upgrades eventually? The female ball pythons enclosure is so small, the gtp will need something bigger, and the biggest disappointment was the roughnecks enclosure. I swear she still hasn't read a caresheet for him. He needs height. Like four or more feet of it. I cannot believe she spent 15k on these enclosures that won't last these animals a life time :(

No. 585847

For her to put any effort into editing this video I really belive she got the cages for free in return for promo. King of DIY got his for free and Solid Gold did too. I looked it up and custom cages and custom aquariums are the same company.

No. 585848

The video was short and pretty boring. The monitor’s cage is the same size as Bindi’s. So too small, and also not arboreal at all even though she knows it needs to be. Apparently she thinks they only need arboreal cages as adults because she claimed she would upgrade him to one. It also looked like she put the female ball python in a smaller cage than the males, plus she continues to use eco earth despite knowing it’s bad for bp’s. It seems like this whole $15k upgrade was a waste considering all except Bindi and the leopard gecko will outgrow the cages. Kingsnakes/milksnakes/cornsnakes are all active species and need way larger than 2x2 or 3x2, and the ball pythons won’t even have room to stretch out. The GTP is a baby and already looks too big compared to the cage. I also don’t think she showed the bearded dragon, but she skimmed over everything really fast and kind of avoided showing the enclosures up close.

No. 585849

Please notice how fast she can edit when she wants to. It does NOT take her days and/or weeks.

No. 585850

Anyone else notice she put her leopard gecko on eco earth? Huge impaction risk, as well as high humidity, and dust which can lead to RIs

No. 585856

Wow, I watched the new video with my boyfriend, who works at a local pet store, and all he said the whole time was "we have bigger cages.. and were a pet store.. we dont even use heat lights… or eco earth for the animals who dont need it… uh"

No. 585858

Yes when she's got something to show off man does she edit quick.

That tank is tiny for that monitor, and still no where to climb. Fkn hell. Most of the tanks looked so boring, and plastic plants, urgh.

No. 585859

Maybe they were discretely concealed, but did anyone see any thermostats or temperature/humidity gauges?

No. 585863

No and she was manually misting all of the cages, there were no humidifiers or anything set up like that. I wasn't impressed for all the fuss she's been making about these damn enclosures tbh. It all felt like she wanted to do it more for the appearance than the actual benefit to her animals.

No. 585866

I believe I saw one at 8:41…only one though. I had to slow the video down to get a good look at anything

No. 585870

Love how she tells the delivery guys in the new video that she ordered these cages because "she runs an exotic animal education program."

No. 585874

i swear that's the excuse they all use. funny that they're "animal educators" yet their videos would lead you to believe they grabbed care sheets from petsmart and based all of their care around just those lmao

No. 585882

And while they all continue to say "IM NOT AN EXPERT"

No. 585886

As much as Taylor says she's not an expert, it's so clear she thinks she is.
I imagine her applying for a job working with animals going like this:
Interviewer: So what animal education do you have?
Taylor: I watched animal planet all the time when I was growing up!!!

No. 585887

File: 1526539904593.png (120.64 KB, 1242x901, IMG_3575.PNG)

No. 585889

I can't wait for her to get her arm torn up by an untamed monitor.

No. 585892

Nah, she’ll either kill him or give him away before then. We should do bets on how long he will last.

No. 585910


Not true, if given the space and enrichment ball pythons will explore and use all of their enclosure even climbing branches and the like if you give them the opportunity.

No. 585912

i want to place a bet but i honestly don't know how this will go. will she do it soon, citing betsy and the fact that she has a baby now and it's not a good idea? or will she try to last as long as she can to prove that she "knows what she got herself into"?

p.s. why is she acting like it's hers when she said it's betsy's that she's just keeping at her place?

No. 585916

Delivery guy: is that legal?
Me: it shouldn’t be.
Seriously though, that whole bit at the start with the random footage was so fucking unnecessary. I also love that this video is probably her most edited video and yet every other video has taken way longer for her to ‘edit’.

No. 585920

Eco Earth is fine for the Leo. Impaction risk isn't that high to be honest and if it's been left to dry out before being used, the humidity won't be super high either. Not defending Taylor though, her care is still sub-par. It's just Eco Earth is a reasonable option for Leo substrate.

No. 585926

Considering she free feeds her crickets, it’s VERY likely it will ingest eco earth. The type of enclosures she has, have very little ventilation so humidity will likely stay too high, given the substrate choice. I’ve seen quite a few Leo’s get impacted from eco earth. I agree with the other anon that it really isn’t that safe. She should’ve just used reptile carpet or tile.

No. 585930

File: 1526548703504.png (162.82 KB, 1069x1069, 20180517_121018.png)

No. 585935

Why does it look like all of her snakes got smaller enclosures? Especially all of the ball pythons…. i guess their enclosures are taller now? But what’s the point of having taller enclosures if you’re not gonna give them anything to climb on? That’s so stupid it’s just wasted space they aren’t able to access…

No. 585953


Yeah, i can't understand why she got taller enclosures for her BP's because they won't use all of that space. She should have got lower and longer enclosures. Does she just never do proper research for anything?

No. 585960

She's been waiting for *weeks to make this video you guys. That's why it's over ten minutes long. And why she spends the first three talking about herself. And then another three of choppily edited planes landing and unloading of a lorry.
Top quality animal content, not boring or lazy in the slightest.

No. 585976


lol, johnny's constant "fuckin' chelsea". he'll still be moaning about her in 5 years time, like onision. like "thanks obama"
such a manbaby

No. 586001

The backgrounds on those enclosures looks so tacky. Also, she's saying the balls are going into different enclosures, so what's the point of her spending 15k on these? Why didn't she just get PVC enlcosures that will actually last the animals their lifespan? Also I cannot wait until Kronos (who is most likely stressed in his improper enclosure) has a bad day or displays typical monitor behavior, and either bites or really badly scratches taylor so she realizes what a mess she's gotten herself into

No. 586002

File: 1526558563523.jpg (462.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-060415.jpg)

No. 586011

is this normal behavior?? what the fuck

No. 586012

Yeah it's pretty typical behavior. Throwing around prey and hitting it against things is just an action to "kill" it (assuming she's not feeding live) by snapping the spine/other bones. You'll see the same happen with younger monitors and crickets/other insects

No. 586017

She literally impulsively bought a mini dinosaur and is basically letting everyone know she doesn’t know how violent they are. She’s such a moron. It’s honestly aggravating.

No. 586021

File: 1526560990109.jpg (43.79 KB, 607x124, 1526560884365.jpg)

You must be new here.

No. 586025

At the end of the video the cats are literally messing with the monitors cage. That’s like teasing a dog with a steak. When it gets big enough she’s in for such a shit storm

No. 586027

I’m only a few seconds in and her voice is already unbearable. I knew we’ve mentioned her lisp before but my god it’s so noticeable now. At parts she actually sounds like a deaf person trying to speak. No disrespect intended but it’s so offputting.

No. 586049

The new enclosures do not look worth 15k in any way. I expected for that price they would be custom built not only for each individual animal, but also for the room they have to go inside. Looks like they were custom built for neither purpose.

They don't match the design/dimensions of the room, they don't fit half the animals they were ordered for, and she needs a ladder to even see the animals that are in the top enclosures. I don't get how she spent 15k on these.

No. 586054

her editing is so annoying, why does she have random, irrelevant clips of random animals and shit? why not have clips of her own animals? I would kind of understand if she was using relevant stock footage but what do horses have to do with any of this? and the bouncy text effects she uses make my head hurt, totally unreadable and not even nice to look at

No. 586055

I am not going to watch the video because I don't want to give her the view (even if it's demonetized right now.) can someone read the vibe of the comment section? is she getting constructive criticism (or """hate""" as she calls it) or is it just stans?

No. 586080

File: 1526565840190.jpg (126.85 KB, 1440x836, Screenshot_20180517-090220~2.j…)

God her fans are morons

No. 586082

heatmats are fine if you put them on temperature regulators

No. 586140

Holy shit. That is frustrating

No. 586141

That was the point of “her fans are morons”

No. 586145

don’t give her views y’all

No. 586167


She’s actually getting a lot of support and good jobs.

No. 586173

she's hearted tons of stan comments so they're at the top, and the rest appears to be mostly support as well.

No. 586180

That's exactly what I thought… I thought for 15k she was getting custom backgrounds and interior, or something more appealing. They seem ridiculously high, what is even the point if you have to get a ladder to look in the top tanks?

No. 586197

She talks like she’s got a pierced tongue…

No. 586200


Would have to be one badly done tongue piercing to produce a lisp like hers. I know a few people who have pierced tongues and none of them have a lisp.

No. 586211

I know we bring this up every so often… but what in the world would the apartment complex think if they saw all these enclosures/animals/aquariums?? She seems to at least saved herself for now if the animal authorities were called on her because the tanks all look much better now, but Jesus what kind of apartment complex doesn't care if their clients have 40+ animals? Maybe she is just paying top dollar for such a high end apartment they just don't care?

No. 586212

They could just be waiting for her to move out so they can send her a bill for damage and cleaning fees.

No. 586266

Oh wow Jonny was actually briefly in a video

Also that’s a lot of lifting she was doing….
see you in two months tay

No. 586286

Many comments are pointing out her slurring and the more I listen to it the more I’m thinking she was trying so hard to sound some type of normal.
Because when I’m drunk and can’t get my words out I have to take deep breaths before I continue or else I don’t make sense and she was doing that. It would be clear then start slurring again.

No. 586305

She wasted all that money to make her room look like a petco display case. They're all too small wtf

No. 586307

You’re incorrect. Don’t spread misinformation. Go do some research about how ball pythons act in the wild.

No. 586310


The way she was speaking almost kind of reminded me of how people sound with a speech jammer on, except milder. Either there's something seriously wrong with her mouth, she's drunk/high, or is laying down the groundwork for claiming to have some kind of neurological disorder.

No. 586321

Everyone here always talks about how her speech is weird but i never really heard it until this video. She sounds so drunk at the start. Also her voice over was awful. For all the crappy editing she did with her jumpcuts she could have taken the time to edit out all her heavy breaths inbetween words.

No. 586328

she was breathing so hard cause she was lifting things and moving her frail body cant handle it anon she still needs another month of rest give her a break :( her eds is flaring up gosh

(not white knighting this is all sarcasm)

No. 586332

Honestly I think her speech is just her dodgy veneers and her putting on that ridiculous dumb-blonde persona she's adopted, "here's my snake drinkin water, i'm showing you my snake drinkin water cause apparently people didn't think snakes drink water, I dunno how they thought snakes drank water, but people were shocked to see my snake drinking water when I uploaded a video of my snake drinking water, so yeah, here's a video of my snake drinkin water".

No. 586348


There were some speculations in the comments that she might have a retainer or Invisalign.

No. 586361

at the beginning of her new video she says she "didn't feel inspired because she was so focused on this video" like wtf? didn't she order the enclosures months ago? all of her attention was just sOoOo focused on a video she knew wouldn't happen for months…?

at least jonny helped the guys move shit. she just stood there and recorded.

i don't know much about snakes so i can't comment on those enclosures but that bearded dragon doesn't even have a hide in his space. his uvb light is also on top of the screen instead of mounted inside. the screen is going to absorb a lot of the uvb that the dragon needs so that's great.

this video was so annoying to watch. the way she juxtaposed clips of shit from the internet to make a "dramatic video" just came off as tacky. and the .5 second shots? my brain hurts. i want to believe she really cares about these animals, but god damn it. it's like she doesn't even try sometimes.

No. 586367

I don't want to argue with you but ball pythons have been seen in the wild roaming and climbing small trees (source:I have family in Africa), and birds have been found in the stomachs of males. Her enclosures are too small and thats that. If she gave her ball pythons space to roam and offered lots of foliage and hides, they would occasionally roam. Males are smaller bodied and lighter and will actually occasionally climb. Don't be one of those people who spreds misinformation about ball pythons and says they need a "twenty gallon minimum" and shit like that. Her enclosures are too small and they should be 4x2x2 minimum.

No. 586371


I have researched ball pythons and taken care of a number of them. In the wild ball pythons (particularly males, not so much females) have been known to climb branches and even feed on birds. I'm not saying they climb trees or that they're in any way even semi arboreal, just that they can be much more inquisitive than people seem to think. Give them branches to climb and most will climb them.

No. 586392

damn she has so many filters on herself, and the voice over sounds like she's in a wind tunnel.

she did confirm the number 32, but I'm wondering if that includes the new corn snake. is this still an accurate number? oh, I guess Gus did die.

No. 586400

File: 1526583399147.png (775.62 KB, 1242x2208, BCC3C439-6BE6-4F5D-8B37-8221C5…)

No. 586406


Might be time to switch dentist, then, if he forgot twenty cotton rolls in your mouth like that.

No. 586458

File: 1526585717258.png (213.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6059.PNG)

this was in reply to someone who said they had a hard time understanding her because they're hard of hearing and that they would appreciate if she used captions. not sure if they're being truthful or just trying to give her shit about her voice, but the caption thing is understandable and she kinda just ignored it

No. 586512

If her veneers have been making her lisp for seven months, why hasn't she gone to a dentist to fix them? She can spend 50k cramming teeth into jonny craig's toothless, gummy grandpa mouth but she can't find someone to repair hers?

No. 586515

File: 1526588427756.png (57.64 KB, 632x417, Capture.PNG)

stop checking here taylor

No. 586527

I work with people who have disabilities. Slurring is actually very hard for people to understanding if they cannot hear as well as they should. More or less rely on captions or lip reading. YouTube autocaptions are terrible so it’s hard to rely on them especially with as bad as she is slurring. Some words slurred together so I can see how they’d have to just skip through and get the gist. The original comment wasn’t even bad but she’s so pissy about anyone saying anything about it she doesn’t care. Grow the fuck up Taylor

No. 586528

If you were truly doing great in life you wouldn't have a need to broadcast it you dumbfuck.

No. 586529

“Proud” of what? Bare minimum care? A YouTube channel that has barely gotten new subscribers in months and has far less views than it used to? A shitty upload schedule? HORRIBLE editing (seriously wtf was that last video)? Killing kittens? Lying to fans? Her rapist abuser boyfriend? Having no work ethic? Her fried hair?

Holy shit her ego is out of control.

No. 586530


My thoughts exactly. If she was doing as amazing as she claims, she wouldn't get so defensive every time people question her and her life.

No. 586612

Let me guess, you’re one of the people who thinks ball pythons live their entire lives curled up in termite mounds?

No. 586620

File: 1526593339584.png (51.32 KB, 792x487, tnd cameras.png)

I wonder where the other 4 cameras went…

No. 586759

LOL Tay if you were doing as good as you say you wouldn’t have to say it lmao. Your life is shitty and we all know it. Keep telling yourself how great you’re doing sweetie.

No. 586762

Well this is part 1, maybe in part 2? Unless she’s gonna say “well I meant 5 separate cameras were used throughout the whole thing! Not in the same room for different shots and angles” or some BS like that. Just had to hype it up so she can disappoint more

No. 586779

Too funny! Guess she could t stand not having tantrums…it’s no longer private!!

No. 586827


too bad she already said its from different angles see >>577653

No. 586906

What exactly are you referring to?

No. 586909

Can’t wait for the dispappointinf video, her deleting the tweet and acting like she never said that. Or “the other 4 cameras broke sorry I’m so sorry :(“. The chances of FOUR cameras all breaking at once is extremely unlikely. No excuses

No. 586912

I don't care what Taylor says about being happy. She is dating an abuser who STILL says hateful things about women, and she ignores it all. She is the worst kind of woman.

No. 586913

So much for finding a rescue for that monitor, Tay. Considering she said this was only a temporary enclosure, that can only mean that she intends to keep it. Bitch is hoping everyone forgot.

No. 586918

File: 1526604067612.png (155.92 KB, 467x700, 3532652623632.png)

I know they all just say 'we just joke with Taylor! it's all just fun!' but i really think their 'fun' passive aggressive jabs are hilarious

No. 586919

She already confirmed she’s keeping it in a comment, unfortunately. See >>585887

No. 586941

Wow they're so disgustingly fake

No. 586946

LOL they’re literally talking shit about the video before they had watched it. I’m actually dying of laughter right now. Fucking A

No. 586949

I think they’re talking about a video Tyler is working on, which is why they’re joking about what he’ll title the video

No. 586958

damn it i was so hoping they were talking about taylor

No. 586961

Same I honestly was cracking up lol

No. 586966

File: 1526607920032.jpg (529.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-194221.jpg)

She keeps saying she's getting the roughneck a new enclosure built, but why couldn't she have something built in a week or so? It took me about a week to build something for my tegus. I swear she does no planning whatsoever for these animals. If she cared enough she could go to a carpenter and get them to build her a wooden box with sliding glass. But she keeps spewing these excuses instead.

No. 586967

File: 1526607987349.jpg (813.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-194733.jpg)

She removed the substrate. Still has that tacky background though.

No. 586970


Is there even any 1 person that ever doubted that was was keeping it? I guarantee she didn't even google a rescue.

No. 586978

Someone had suggested getting the monitor tested for parasites to see if he was wildcaught or not. She responded but now isn’t mentioning it at all, because she knows he’s wildcaught.

No. 586979

File: 1526608902367.jpg (394.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180517-200225.jpg)

You heard it here, her cage is apparently going to be finished in a week! three months later

No. 586981


Mmhmm, but she was looking for a rescue and all of this stuff. I'd be interested to know when she actually commissioned that cage for the monitor she wasn't sure she should keep.

No. 586982

I should mention this is the cage she is apparently having build for the roughneck

No. 586984

She also said the cage cost 4k. Who spends that much money on an animal they're not sure if they're keeping? She clearly planned on keeping him from the beginning or she's lying about how long this enclosure is taking (or probabaly a combo of both)

No. 586990

that is a ridiculous amount of money (well, for a normal person like me, i guess). i can't imagine it would be that hard to build a cage yourself. of course there are super advanced ones that are built into walls and shit that i would ever expect anyone to build themselves, but it bugs me so badly that she acts like she is doing sooo much work for these animals when really she just makes (shitty) videos, gets money thrown at her, and pays everyone else to do the hard stuff for her. she's just doing the fun part of decorating the enclosures.

i understand being unable to build things by yourself, and i probably wouldn't do it myself either if i made 15000 dollars every time i posted a pointless video on youtube. again, what bugs me the most is that she acts like she works her ass off. decorating enclosures isn't hard.

No. 586996

Just watched the video.

She's such a piece of shit. The way she intros the video is so bitchy and ridiculous.

"I didn't have video ideas." FILM YOUR ANIMALS.
People were begging to see them. So hard.

And custom cages don't look very custom at all.

LOL @ "i run an exotic animal education program"

That video was so useless. I hope it never gets monetized.

No. 587019

File: 1526612461402.png (460.76 KB, 1942x1516, Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 10.3…)

No. 587027


To be fair IME it can be hard to build things in a small-ish apartment depending on the amount of tools and mess you need, like you can't go out in the backyard or have a workroom. Also she's an idiot and I wouldn't trust her with power tools.

But she's really putting in the BARE minimum of work with these expensive cages.. Solid Gold and King of DIY did a lot of work further drilling their enclosures, installing filtration and/or misting systems, plus Solid Gold is making bioactive vivs with real plants she's been collecting for months. Taylor just threw in ugly, cheap plastic stuff she already had, in a subpar enclosure for a lot of them, and called it a day.

No. 587031

She could build something in her living area. That's what I did and I had no issue. Some pieces actually have to be built inside because of door widths, her monitor will need something 4+ feet wide

No. 587104

>>584534 Wow she has packed on some weight for sure, her face is so bloated too. What's with her plants looking all dead, she can't even take care of her plants properly :(.

No. 587159

Her face has always been kind of chubby and the highlighter isn't really that flattering because it exacerbates her chubby cheeks.

No. 587166

I haven't watched her new shit (and I don't plan to) but is there any mention of her Satanics? I feel like it's been forever since I last heard about them other than the smoking fiasco.. I actually forgot she had them tbh. She's posting about all these new cages.. but is she ever gonna do anything about their sad looking cage lol

No. 587168

Oh ya and also the new Mantis Shrimp.. did she ever post anything about getting that whole tank situation figured out? Seemed like she posted about it a pretty decent amount when she first got it and now it's just.. nothing. Unless I'm missing something.

No. 587171

Oh wow I totally forgot she had that! She's never mentioned it again after the first time she did has she? No more photos etc.

No. 587172

I actually can't find any pictures of it on her IG? Did she ever post any or just on Twitter?

No. 587175

Think she hasn't posted about the mantis shrimp cause it still doesn't have it's own tank yet.
Satanic leaf geckos are in the closet now.
I didn't like the idea of any of the animals in the closet but if she actually is keeping the door open like she said then I don't think it is too much of a problem.

No. 587176

Same anon. Never mind just watched the hooktube link again and straight after she says the door is kept open she does her 'outro' and the door is closed again. Wtf you lying piece of shit.

No. 587181

It's the cresties that are in the closet not the satanics.

No. 587182

She's also stood in front of it in the intro and it's closed. It hurts me those hedgehogs haven't got a cage upgrade yet - especially the smaller cage, that shit is fucking tiny. It would take an hour to go and pick up a bigger cage and do it out, but she'd rather buy JC a new snake. She says "They're getting an upgrade - but not right now" - why?! There's literally nothing stopping her, she's been in that apartment for 6 months or so now.

No. 587212

Thank you for the correction.
No animals should be in there. The first excuse was because she didn't want the hedgehogs one mouse in the same room as the snakes so they went be able to smell each other but now she has some in the room with the snakes so that was a bs excuse. Think it's because there isn't enough room for them in the animal room. If there already isn't enough room you don't keep adding animals

No. 587215

Sorry if that came off as snappy. Just meant to reinforce the fact we haven't heard about the satanics/seen them since the smoking indecent.

I agree, she says that the closet is 'the same as any room in the house' but … it's not. There's no window, the circulation will be poor etc.

She's run out of space in the animal room and can't really have them elsewhere because of the cats I'm assuming.

No. 587238

Oh no didn't come off snappy, I was genuinely thanking you.

No. 587305

I feel like there will be more new pets since they have plenty of empty enclosures now…

No. 587352

File: 1526656568323.png (1023.99 KB, 1242x2208, 5A66D673-221F-4D37-8DF3-3FF3B7…)

This makes no sense. The person arguing with her brings up really good points and she ignores them all. Then she says that even if the monitor was in a proper enclosure it might not be happy? What is wrong with her? The point is, it has a better chance of being happy when it is in an adequate cage AND that one should build an enclosure BEFORE buying an animal. She is such a stupid person.

No. 587364

If i were to spend $15,000 on custom cages, i expect each cage to have custom backgrounds like with Solid Gold and DIY king’s tanks with auto misters. I haven’t watched the new videos because her vids are starting to be 100% cringe but seeing these photos.. $15,000 on clear tanks that hit the minimum of each animal she has?? You can get those type of tanks in thrift stores if you’re not lazy like her. Then again if i were the owner of those custom cages, Taylor will be my favorite customer because i can easily rip her off

Also, i wonder how long she’ll last with that monitor of hers. If she’s shocked at how aggressive he is with food now, what would she say once he gets bigger? Reminds me of that girl, in Kenan’s vid, who rescued a monitor from a Taylor situation, they had to build a kennel in their backyard for the monitor. Will Taylor pay another $15k for when her animals get bigger? I doubt it

No. 587369


Where do you live where you can find stackable sliding glass door enclosures at thrift stores? lol The only kind of tank I've ever seen at a thrift store is a filthy 10 gallon tank. Honestly curious.

No. 587384


That's some messed up logic right there. "I can't tell if he's happy or not so I'll assume he's fine in an improper enclosure". I understand she's getting one built, but she got this monitor not even knowing what species he is, gave him improper care for over a month, and it's now been months of him living in an improper enclosure, stopping his natural behaviour. She has so many animals they all spend the majority of the time locked in a glass box - at least get it right. Her mouse had a crappy cage she never upgraded (and then lied about how old he was when he died?), her hedgehogs are in small cages (one in particular is so tiny) and live in a closet. I honestly think she's not upgrading them because she has no room for them, why would they be in the closet if she had room for them? She bought a mantis shrimp without even having a tank set up beforehand, and she keep using "I spent 15k in new cages!!" like money is all that matters, when she's literally thrown money on so many tanks her animals will outgrow in a few months, and still filled them with plastic and incorrect substrate. It's not about money, you could spend way less than 15k and get your animals the proper size enclosures.

Sorry I know this has all been said before but I needed to rant. Her ridiculous logic shows she doesn't have the animals best interest at heart.

No. 587386

Do you think her animals would be able to have proper humidity in these enclosures? Some of her animals probably need automatic misters? There's no way she has time to mist every enclosure individually. It's annoying to do even with just one. And I don't know how the misters would go into those enclosures.

No. 587438

My mom’s basically a thrift store maniac and she found a few sliding door vivariums. It’s all a race basically who gets it first. I’ve seen people turn their old drawers into sliding door vivs for their reptiles. The point is $15,000 is too much for JUST a bunch of empty stackable sliding tank. From that amount, i would expect getting custom backgrounds in each one and other things. Then she just fills it up with ugly tiles and cheap hides and other cheap looking displays? Wish she could at least decorate each one to each reptile’s natural habitat but nope, she just throws in whatever she finds in petco/petsmart. Great way to enjoy her expensive investment.

In my eyes, she’s the type to enjoy spending thousands of dollars on useless things so she can show it off but when it comes to doing work.. she’ll just do the least possible way.. like going to amazon and ordering a bunch of plastic hides while she’s snorting up stuff with her manchild

No. 587444

Question.. will the monitor be happy being in an enclosure 95% of it's life? With all her other animals, she can't really afford to let something like a monitor out and about. Is that how most monitors are kept? I'm really uneducated about this and google answers are conflicting.

No. 587449

But she’s an animal educator….

No. 587450

I don't think any animal is happy spending 95% of it's life in a small tank. Many people with monitors have outdoor enclosures for them to spend at least a few hours a day in, or roam around the house. Of course some people leave them in tanks their whole lives, but I'm on the side that thinks that is a miserable existence.

No. 587485

Exactly this. Unless she's planning on building a room sized enclosure he's not going to be happy. And she physically cannot do that in an apartment. I don't think she even has outside space to bring him, does she? I keep tegus and they're in large enclosures AND they get outside time when the weather is nice. I don't understand why she thinks this monitor will be happy in her apartment

No. 587505

She has a small outside area but I doubt it's anything she could build on, and that's something other residence may have a problem with. She's also just put plant shelves and a sofa out there so doesn't look like she has any intention of using it for the monitor.
She thinks the monitor will be happy in her apartment because she proves time and time again that she doesn't know what benefits the animals she has. She thinks she can look after it better than a rescue, when she can't even get it a proper enclosure, that is literally the most important thing you need BEFORE bringing any animal home, money to afford vet bills, a PROPER place to house it when it's comfortable and can carry out all it's natural instincts, and time to give it.

Gonna go off on a bit of a tangent here, but she has about 20 animals that benefit from coming out of their cages and being able to explore/human interaction, let's say she's awake for 18 hours, take off 1.5 hours for eating/preparing food, and 2 hours for shopping/running errands etc. There's 14.5 hours, spot cleaning, spraying, preparing food and feeding, changing water etc must take at least 2 hours. So we're down to 12.5 hours. That's just over half an hour to spend time with 20 animals a day. I only have a leopard gecko and sometimes he wants to be out for 4 hours in the evening, he loves exploring and falling asleep on my lap (he "asks" to come out by pawing at the door)… and that's a leopard gecko, not a fkn monitor.

And then you also have pets that can't be handled due to stress… I don't think any of these animals should be pets (that's just me though, I understand a lot of people will disagree), but if they are imo they need pretty stellar enclosures if they're going to spend their whole lives in it.

No. 587631

Reeffag here.

I know the reptiles are what's current, but thought I'd clarify a few of the saltwater things.

About fish being dead/missing, not uncommon at all to be unable to find a dead fish in a reef. The issue is that the rockwork is full of crevices and can't be moved, and the flow of the tank will generally push a dead fish into those crevices if it isn't there already. Fish that are unwell will often hide themselves in the rock until they perish anyway. It's not uncommon on reef forums to see people say that they thought their wrasse or something was dead but it popped up just fine three months later.

The reason that this doesn't cause an ammonia spike like it would in a freshwater tank is that saltwater tanks have what's called a clean-up crew or CUC. This consists of various crabs, snails, and others like the bristleworms she mentioned that will take care of algae, uneaten food, and yeah, dead bodies. Bristleworms alone can demolish even a large fish long before it has a chance to decompose.

Jumpers are another common issue. If you have fish that are prone to jumping obviously you should have a screen on, but many people keep tanks uncovered. On a reef there's tons of water above them, so darting upwards away from danger or aggression from another fish makes sense. In a tank it doesn't work so well for them. Jumpers are called carpet surfers a lot, or carpet jerky/carpet crispies, so it's not uncommon to make light of it. No, they don't stink. They completely dry out and dehydrate into a papery, mummy-like state within hours (maybe longer if it's humid). It's also pretty common for someone to move or tear down a tank and say that they found a fish that had jumped back behind the stand.

Almost all of her fish are wild caught. Very few saltwater species are available captive bred because only a fraction have been induced to breed successfully in captivity. This is because most marine species hatch into a larval form and float around on the tides before morphing into a fry stage and making their way back to the reef.

Re:tank sizes: always with a grain of salt. The issue here is that it is really hard to quantify how much space is really necessary. The fact of the matter is that fish are much simpler and lack spatial awareness in the sense that we have it. Studies have shown that all fish are stressed for a week or so after being moved to a new environment and then their stress levels drop to normal regardless of the tank size, provided that nothing is harassing them or whatever and they have appropriate cover. So as long as the fish can move around a bit it is not thinking, gee, I'd like some more space. In captivity larger marine fish do not, as a rule, reach the same size that they would in the ocean. I forget the details of that study, but I believe it was something along the lines of they'll reach 60% of the wild size for fish like tangs. That's regardless of the tank size. I've personally never seen a captive cowfish that was more than 6 inches or so outside of a public aquarium unless it was collected at a larger size.

Also, the reef hobby is full of guys that want to flex their muscles, so to speak. If Dudebro A just spent $18k on his new 350 gallon setup, you can bet he's not going to want to see Dudebro B with his dinky $4k 150 gallon setup owning the same fish species as he has. So tbh a lot of the huge recommendations are motivated more by tank pissing contests than on any actual facts or data.

Since there was a minor shitstorm over the bag of salt thing, yeah, it was a bag of salt. Instant Ocean comes in 50 gallon bags, which means each technically should make 50 gallons of saltwater but they actually make a bit less. For that brand in particular you can buy individual 50 gallon bags, a 150 gallon bucket that contains 3 bags, or a 200 gallon box that contains 4 bags. You cannot just put salt in a bucket because it reacts with moisture and obviously would brick up, not mix correctly, etc. Buckets of marine salt always have the salt packaged in sealed, moisture-proof bags on the inside.

For the mantis shrimp, we mostly like to just fuck with people there. It's really not common at all to have them trash a tank. The consensus seems to be that since the strike is for hunting, as long as you aren't stupid enough to put something live in there that the mantis wants to eat and that will burrow down near the glass, there won't be issues. Many people do keep them in their own dedicated tanks (called species tanks) to prevent any conflicts with other fish or inverts that could cause issues. For mantis, most people do a 29 gallon or a 40 breeder. Some will do a 75 for a peacock mantis like she has but a 40 seems the most common, and some opt for acrylic but most do glass.

Hopefully that sheds some light on some of the saltwater stuff. As someone who's had saltwater for a lot of years, I haven't read anything that I thought was super egregious or terrible. If she did have an eel eat a fish that's stupid af, but other than that she's a pretty normal casual hobbyist that can't be arsed to quarantine. Can't say the same for her other critters though.

Oh, and if she's got crypt in her tank (in saltwater it's called crypt, short for Cryptocaryan irritans; ich is freshwater only) then it is highly likely that she has replaced fish. Crypt is vicious and takes them down hard in closed systems. With LiveAquaria it is super easy to have a replacement in the size of your choice shipped to your door in a day.

No. 587682

wow this was really informative. thanks so much for clearing stuff up

No. 587707

She does not love the monitor. She does not empathize with it. I absolutely love animals, and I would never be comfortable providing a creature like that with such bare minimum care. It will not live a happy life. I feel incredibly bad for it. Her ignorance unfortunately has not come back to bite her in the ass yet, but I hope it will soon. I just hope she rehomes it eventually. She refuses to give it what it needs.

No. 587724


Honestly I was not sure what to think of Taylor until today. I was never really a fan even though I love watching animals and caring for animals.

But I'm looking into training a service dog and I saw her video about meeting her new service dog in training. She kept saying how abused and neglected he was, and that he was terrified of quick movements.

No one in their right mind would make that poor dog into a SD. You can desensitize PTSD terror, but the dog could always relapse. That could be potentially dangerous.

And I just found out she left the dog behind.

And I'm just really heartbroken for all her animals now.(blogposting)

No. 587759

Thank you for the insight. I've never commented on the fish as I know very little about them, but the not quarantining thing does bug me a lot, as well as her clearly being totally under prepared for the mantis shrimp and not having a set up already sorted before buying it, thinking she can just shove it in with her other fish.

No. 587800

File: 1526676878449.png (535.97 KB, 1080x761, IMG_20180518_215247.png)

Me when people keep hedgehogs in tiny cages in a closet, and monitors in the wrong set up, and buy animals without having the correct/any set up.

No. 587828

this was so informative and insightful, thanks!

No. 587840

File: 1526680536627.jpeg (216.54 KB, 1242x607, 4F1D4CE8-5986-4CD2-AC97-16B67A…)

Says the ungrateful narc who lives off whatever young girl he’s dating with after saying he’s just coming to ‘visit’ for a week

No. 587849

Urgh. I feel like Taylor and everyone she surrounds herself with are just deluded. I swear her, JC and her mom contradict themselves or say something totally hypocritical daily.

No. 587978

There are different approaches to large reptile taming, but most of the better behaved ones had daily positive interaction. That monitor will get big quickly and without him being handled by her and seeing her walk around the apartment he will not tame down. No one goes on vacation after they get a new puppy or kitten, because it confuses them. Animals bond with their caretakers. Reptiles need to trust their caretakers and without trust their will be no bond. She will end up getting seriously bit or someone around her will. Every time I think about the monitor situation I get pissed all over again.

No. 587993

Cats don't stay tame, quiet, little kittens forever, who knew!

No. 588049

Well, the dead one will

No. 588078

Thanks for your input, alexa.

No. 588139

File: 1526704983741.png (899.97 KB, 1242x2208, CDF092A3-0601-4148-9956-DF02A3…)

No. 588140

File: 1526704999937.png (3.77 MB, 1242x2208, D29E20AA-6000-43C0-9215-C8B7F9…)

No. 588143


Ugh…I have a blue tongue skink, and every time I post a pic and people say "I love your dog" I want to vomit. And when they say "Is that an armadillo" I want to reach through the screen and punch them. So freaking annoying. It's not a dog. It's a lizard.(no one cares)

No. 588146


she definitely looks like she has a bruise covered with concealer under her left eye.

No. 588147

If she wasn't a complete moron she'd put these videos she's busting out on private and post them later for when she's ~ill. She must really need the money lmao. Can't wait for her garbage to keep getting demonetized.

No. 588187

She stated recently she was going to try to by a house before the end of the year. Too lazy to dig up the cap right now but it’s in earlier threads.

No. 588194

quit reaching it looks like smudged mascara

No. 588211


imagine if Taylor spoke about animals this way and responded so subjectively and informatively to criticism about her tanks etc. Then we might actually begin taking her seriously in her "animal expertise".

No. 588213


it doesnt look like smudged mascara or a bruise tbh. Let's talk about her fuckin hair though…

No. 588214

Tell me about it. Literally all she does is "meet my new pet!!", "feeding all my animals!!", "look at my pets doing stuff!!". How fucking boring.

No. 588215

Her hair looks better up than down at least

No. 588249

It's because she would actually have to learn/know shit to be informative lol so she sticks to superficial entertainment.

No. 588308

it just looks like a dark spot or something to me. nothing unusual

No. 588311

Let’s see her try that with her monitor! He loves her so much!!!

No. 588376

it's a lizard that even she admits fucking hates being handled because it stresses her out. just plop her on your face tho tay to show off your makeup, you've gotta have an animal accessory, it's your signature look

No. 588377

yup! her original tweet said by september (that's prob when her lease is up)

No. 588420

File: 1526744127158.png (61.74 KB, 633x480, 624177ee7c3165036565d65d18c66f…)

Mostly ignoring the Alison chick cause as you can tell from the reply "WOW TAYLOR SUCH SENPAI"
If you wanna see more go to the thread it's a god damn train wreck.

But going back to the person who brought up the monitor enclosure on twitter, this response right here pisses me off. It's not just reptiles, it's not just a conspiracy theory, Taylor this is fucking basic pet care and knowledge 101. Majority of pets are sadly fantastic at hiding sickness and/or injury, birds and reptiles are renowned for it.

In the wild being sick and/or injured basically puts a huge target on their backs to predators saying "Look I'm easy game" which in some cases can cause family/lounge/flock members to kick them out so they aren't slowed down by this one ill member (I have a feeling this is more prevalent in birds than what it is in reptiles)
This instinct is something that hasn't been bread out of any pet reptile, and I don't think it will ever be breed out.

If you were the exotic animal educator you claimed to be you'd realise this. So for you to jump to "oh you're all assuming he's dead like every other animal gossip of the now" is just fucking gross and even further shows how little you know about the animals you bring home.

Another thing you should probably look into is how quickly stress can kill a reptile, sure you can wait for a new enclosure but Kronos probably wont.

No. 588429


I don't think it's reaching that someone who is dating an abusive man would end up with bruises on them, or that they would try and cover them with makeup. The only reason I'm suspicious is because you can see the same discoloration in both photos which have very different lighting. In my experience, bruises do look like faded shadows when covered with foundation or concealer, it's really hard to completely hide them. But believe what you want, this board is for speculation.

No. 588437

File: 1526745403586.png (42.53 KB, 670x202, IMG_3608.PNG)


This is what I'm looking at, not the mascara.

No. 588446


Not trying to white knight or anything but if it was a bruise it's not really something to worry about or call attention to.

One of the Symptoms of Ehler Danlos is elastic and easily bruised skin.

No. 588451

Also looks like how makeup looks when you try to cover a scab though, and we know she picks at her face (source: acne anon who wears makeup)

No. 588477

maybe not on the arms and legs or places that get knocked easily in day to day life, but right below her eye? idk…

No. 588488

new video (i don't know how to post so she doesnt get ad revenue)

she confirms that Gus has died. She said it with zero emotion in her voice and face.

Also her voice has just totally changed, it doesnt sound like a lisp anymore it's like she has cotton in her cheeks.

No. 588494

I thought in her feeding video she might have discussed vitamins but I guess not, didn't seem like she dusted any crickets (does she even gutload?), all I saw was a light sprinkle on Bindi's food.

Also, why did she get cages that have doors right to the floor, leaving no way to put substrate higher than a cm without it falling out every time the doors opened?

No. 588524

Watched the video. According to Taylor the bearded dragon is hers. Didn't take long for Jonny to get bored of her then.

No. 588525

hooktube link for the new video : https://hooktube.com/watch?v=7jjege3W92E

No. 588527

"this room is really hot! it's like a million degrees in here!"

satanic leaf geckos are right there in the closet door and they need cool temperatures

No. 588529

not to whiteknight but i mean when you have a pet at "three years" even though he was just barely two it's kinda something you know is coming- its been awhile since he passed anyways so i dont blame her for having zero emotion about it but
still. she probably didn't care at all. just one less pet for her to flaunt and man handle.

keep lying tay. appreciate it. he wasnt three years. just about two.

No. 588533

omg she's freaked out by the monitor shaking his food. does she even know a monitor's natural behavior? that's what they do to kill/break apart their prey. she should know that. I'm worried that he's never done that before like that should be totally normal for them

No. 588546

In the video she mentions that it's midnight. So again she shows that she uses the red lights at night. Poor animals

No. 588549

what the fuck is up with the editing? the audio and video are so out of sync

No. 588555

Wow. Her videos makes me cringe. All I hear is sarcasm from this girl. It’s like she’s saying:

“Here. I feed him. What’s next?”
“Here. I fixed it. You happy?”
“Here’s another clip of my mess. You happy?”
“Eat faster dumb lizards”
“what else you viewers complain about? Oh yeah. Here”

She could careless about anything but the money she gets to spend

No. 588563

Gus is dead and she said she fed Tate live last week..hmm…

No. 588573

Things wrong with this video:
If that room feels hot to her it's too hot for some of her animals. Especially the geckos in the closet.
Speaking of the geckos, why'd she allow echo to get so close to the monitors enclosure? And then wonder why he fired up? That must've been so stressful for the gecko.
Not dusting her crickets. Crickets aren't even a great food source, but they absolutely need to be dusted with calcium and gut loaded.
Feeding two smaller prey rather than one appropriately sized one.
Lots of the enclosures look dry when they should have quite high humidity (condensation on the glass and damp but not wet substrate).
Just tossing crickets into certain animals enclosures. If not caught right away they can bite/irriate animals.
Feeding her pacman frog a mouse as often as she does. When I feed mine a mouse it isn't fed again for nearly a month, or until it passes feces. It can cause impactation and obesity. And once fed a mouse you should wait a bit to feed another mouse.
Keeping her mantis shrimp like that. And teasing it. That's just asking for it to burst through the glass.
The way she fed her snakes. She kept bumping them in the face with their food and wondered why they slinkered away back into the substrate. Just dangle it in front of them without hitting them god damn it.

I'm sure I forgot some things I noticed but these are the things that stuck out to me since I keep the majority of animals that taylor does.

No. 588576


i don't even know where to start

1. feeding the pets on the carpet and rubbing a dead mouse on it. so unsanitary to put your pets anywhere shoes have been. also the floor in every room looked to be a mess.

2. salem's part was so dragged out and cringey i had to fast forward through it

3. her being shocked by the monitor acting like an animal???? just wait???? until he gets bigger?????

4. also cringeworthy when she asked her hedgehog to come out of its hide to give her video footage for ad revenue

5. can anyone confirm if is it normal for gucci's breed to be that determined to leave the cage? or "psycho" as taylor states it, once again forgetting that she is dealing with ANIMALS

6. idk why people even hire her as a sponsor because she advertises companies so unconvincingly.

7. her mantis shrimp is housed with some of her other fish, which she recommends not to do…while doing it. i'm also fairly sure waggling your fingers next to the glass right in front of its face isn't a good idea but taylor is mother nature so it's ok

8. saying one of her fish was left in a bag on her porch. i'm inclined not to believe this. how can her stories get any more ridiculous??

No. 588577

why would she feed her own mouse…? I wouldn’t be surprised if she wanted to feed live for her own amusement but I don’t think she’d do that with her own mouse

No. 588581

yes, milksnakes are active snakes. but they could be irregularly active if the temperatures are too warm or if their enclosure is too bare or small

No. 588583

My experience with colubrids (corns, milks, etc) is that they tend to be very active snakes that are frequently on the move. The biting/tagging is common with younger snakes, especially if you don't put in the work to get them used to handling

No. 588606

yeah the temperature thing is concerning, leaf-tailed and crested geckos shouldn’t be in temps higher than the 70s for an extended amount of time, and why would she described the high 70s as being so hot

No. 588607

I didn't understand why she didn't feed the biocube fishes (only the mantis) but she did feed Cheese and the others, numerous kind of food,
Leon likes seaweed too, so it wasnt that hard at least feed them that.
Better than nothing but no, it only matter the mantis.

No. 588612

i mean if she wanted to save $4 sure……
but again dont think she would she probably just threw him in the trash.

No. 588616

I like how she calls a lot of her animals "grumpy" when they're just untame because she has too many pets to spend enough time with them all.

No. 588697

Some other things i noticed in the video:

- still using those stick on the side tank thermometers for some of her reptiles
- quick to fix a wonky picture on the wall when viewers tell her too but cant fix her animal care
- says gucci is a psycho when she opens the tank, then taps her feeding tongs loudly on the glass, helpful
- her cats are wearing clothes again, why?
- tarantula water dish looks bone dry?
- super rough with her leopard gecko but cuts the clip short when shes pushing her
- places log down on crocodile skinks head

No. 588706

in DIY King's live video someone asked him if he would colab with Taylor (15:38 into the video)

basically he's saying in a nice way that he doesn't want to deal with her LMAO

No. 588711

i don't know much about monitor lizards, but i really don't understand why she would keep it when she KNOWS how big and potentially aggressive it gets. especially when she doesn't seem to give her pets the ideal care. aren't they ideally supposed to be able to free roam once in a while once they're bigger? if it's aggressive, i'd guess she's going to lose another cat.

No. 588718

Because she thinks watching animal planet has equipped her with the skills to look after any animal, when she clearly hasn't studied animal behavour or care in any depth (in education or in her own time). She thinks reading one care sheet, or listening to one pet shop worker gives her everything she needs to be able to look after an animal. It's ridiculous how under prepared she is to look after a monitor, I feel sorry for it but it'll be funny to watch it all go downhill and hopefully he will end up in a better home afterwards. I just hope accidentally leaving a door open doesn't lead to one of the cats or other animals getting injured.

No. 588758

i can't believe people think that having this many animals isn't hoarding.

if perhaps you had a bunch of animals that don't require much attention or interaction, then i could maybe see it being okay. but that's not what this is. she has a bunch of animals that benefit from interaction but clearly aren't getting it. she simply cannot have the time to give all of them the best care possible, especially when you take into consideration her illnesses. there's just no way in hell.

No. 588762

Aaaand Cheese is still exactly the same size as he has been for months now. I don't know how Taylor can claim he's fine in the 150 when his growth is so clearly stunted.

No. 588782


"Would I ever collab with Taylor? Some of the things she does is pretty interesting, but I'm not sure that we could, our style of of video and editing is so dramatically different that I don't know if we could pull together a video that would make sense for each other. See, I'm all about, if I'm going to make a video, I want it to be useful to the end user, and you're also vouching for that person's credibility. In my opinion, on an aquarium channel that I consider to be educational like my own, when somebody comes on my channel, I'm indirectly vouching for them, if you get what I mean. So yeah, I'm sure we could toss back ideas just like anything, I would collab with somebody with 100 subscribers or a million subscribers. At the end of the day, what's most important to me is creating a piece of content that people enjoy, might be entertained from but could be educational as well."

That was the longest, most drawn out 'hell no' I've ever heard.

No. 588816

think it was a good reply, could you imagine her stans jumping on him if he was that blunt. He wouldn’t deserve it, and doesn’t need the drama. Let’s face it anyone making decent educational content won’t want to work with her.

No. 588831

her axolotl tank is really dirty. so much poop floating around everywhere… why would she film it like that? gross.

No. 588840

she got a sponsorship guuiisssee, only reason she made a new video it’s so obvious..no time to clean

No. 588845

I really hope fans will remember how fast she can actually edit the next time she goes weeks without posting. lol

No. 588848

It really bothers me how it looks like she never does water changes on any of her tanks. Evaporation does happen over time, but that's a lot. The axolotl tank was particularly disgraceful. Also, isn't that bowfront tank the one she had her betta sorority in? Or whatever happened to the sorority? It's so hard to keep up.

The way she talks to her animals really bugs me. There's no affection in her tone when she speaks to any of them. She just mostly sounds annoyed with them. Also, it grates on my nerves the way she keeps repeating an animal's name. "Gucci. Gucci. Gucci, stop it. Gucci."

I'm not really bothered by her having her cats wear clothes, but I'm bugged by the fact that she didn't wash the hedgehog bowls when she was feeding them. It only takes a few seconds to grab some dish soap and give the bowls a little scrub and then dry them with paper towels. I literally do this every morning before work, so why can't she if this is "her job"?

No. 588856

At 8:40 when she is feeding one of the ball pythons, its water bowl looks completely dry. Also, when she’s feeding the Pac-Man frog there is a little tiny bug crawling on the left side of its face. Also, Gucci’s enclosure is so empty it’s no wonder that she’s acting weird.

No. 588860

File: 1526776857599.jpeg (193.02 KB, 1291x1863, F0378F51-B908-489A-B31E-FFB257…)

No. 588861

File: 1526776870430.jpeg (105.38 KB, 1292x378, FCDC14F3-1549-460B-BA3A-10CA4F…)

No. 588865

Bitch, ya content's trash.

Will someone hooktube the video? Although I doubt I'll be able to sit through the cringe

No. 588867

Anyone else notice how she said 'i cried my eyes out when i discovered the news' in regard to gus? Sounds to me like she wasn't even the one who found him

No. 588868

No. 588897

Agree. It probably happened while she was skipping out on playlist or in Disney World

No. 588906

File: 1526779359457.jpeg (156.52 KB, 750x1130, 6A7DB8BD-F644-48E7-BF0C-BEC783…)

No. 588907

File: 1526779422095.jpeg (228.12 KB, 750x1176, E7436525-207D-479C-8E9D-8486F9…)

No. 588910

File: 1526779447909.jpeg (185.81 KB, 750x1152, 8FC10BAC-ACCF-495D-A924-807020…)

No. 588913

File: 1526779470798.jpeg (231.79 KB, 750x1191, D301FC8C-A0A6-4A21-BA57-53CAE7…)

No. 588914

File: 1526779492648.jpeg (227.84 KB, 750x1162, A62CA474-464B-47AF-B681-0AA455…)

No. 588915

File: 1526779580847.jpeg (208.84 KB, 750x1161, CC1DD150-C8D9-4987-AEDC-310AC5…)

No. 588916

File: 1526779625001.jpeg (201.51 KB, 750x1109, AE6DB77A-75A7-4B0C-981A-E9E9F0…)

No. 588918

File: 1526779661007.jpeg (232.06 KB, 750x1186, 02DD5D31-EE86-4797-B128-6BEC80…)

No. 588962

this whole comment thread has me cringing so hard

she and her stans are both so mindless