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No. 648757

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21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/635136
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean (currently deactivated as of 2/14/19)
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Jennifer Dean refuses to actually help her daughter and blames others for the whole situation
> Colin from Slaves posted on here about his experiences with Jonny. His posts start at >>>/pt/637869
> Apparently are planning to move to a new house
> Implied she had an eating disorder
> Cannot keep story straight on rehab, has stopped posting about it
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Several animals that have been MIA were posted on Instagram after being mentioned on here. This includes several snakes, Ella, Mushu, Star, and Kronos
> Star is overweight
> Mushu is not dead (somehow) but is kept on a crowded tank sitting above her dishwasher
> Kronos is not dead (somehow) but is still incredibly untame.
> Valentino (Sinaloan Milksnake) was allegedly returned to the breeder after regurgitating his food and developing a respiratory infection.
> Still no results from Chesse’s autopsy
> TND promised a return to youtube in mid February, still has not come back near the end of March
> Refers to detox as “getting healthy again”
> TND and Jonny have moved into a curvy house with an atrium, which she claims she is intending to make into an enrichment space for the lizards
> Have posted multiple photos/captions indicating that Star is extremely stressed in the new house, but both are too ignorant to the signs of stress in cats to recognize it

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Claims to be attending an outpatient rehab program, where they receive Vitriol injections
> Jonny was kicked from the Slaves for incessant drug use http://archive.is/JO9vO
> Taylor admitted to using heroin, this was corroborated by texts from Jonny http://archive.is/4GnJG http://archive.is/6sYGI
> Accused former friend Breezexotics of sexual harassment http://archive.is/HiCCr
> Has deleted Twitter once again
> Friends have gone on damage control, trying to save their own reputations
> Snakes are morbidly obese
> Has returned from over a month long hiatus (for now)
> Versatile Reptiles, Breezexotixs, and whatever (video anon) are verified with Tripcodes
> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, conveniently when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemorrhage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Ursula (Halloween Crab) died of a mismolt, was possibly replaced with another female crab.
> Electrical malfunction story was fabricated. Croc Skinks died of dehydration due to her not giving them enough water during a heatwave. Pacman frog died of malnutrition due to only being fed mice.
> Gucci escaped from their enclosure and was missing for 2 months. Taylor bought Parada as a replacement. Gucci was found in Gus’ enclosure after eating him. Taylor claimed Gus died of old age.
> Had a mite infestation, Bindi (Blue Tongue Skink) had it extremely badly
> Mantis Shrimp died after only a few days instead of a few months as claimed
> Leopard Gecko is kept in a dark tub
> Valentino was not returned to the breeder and is dead
> Her and Jonny were evicted
> Is still using despite claiming to be clean

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 648764

Hilarious how Jonny wants to create this facade of being a ''''changed man'''' while still getting away with being a piece of shit.

Of course he needs a burner-phone! Gotta keep harassing other women on the down-low while being "#CoupleGoalz" with Taylor.

How dumb does he think she is?

No. 648766

Need to update their pages, her Twitter is activated, not deactivated and they bought a new house. OP needs to update.

No. 648768

Except they didn't buy a house. They're renting it.

No. 648769

I think JC is the biggest piece of crap, and I can't stand him. However, I am super hesitant to think that these texts are actually from JC. I think before everyone here runs off with the assumption it's JC, we remember it could literally be anyone.

No. 648770

Yeah could very well be, but the typing and use of insults sure make it look quite condemning and like it's him.

No. 648771

To me though the biggest giveaway is the whole “daddy” thing. This is how JC talks to people… plus it seems like he got a phone yesterday? Seems too coincidental to be fake

No. 648773

where's the thread pic from?

No. 648774

Finally some fucking milk. Jonny Craig is on the loose again!!
Obviously he would do this now because in the apartment they were always forced to be together. I remember Taylor even mentioning this (was it in that interview?). It's the perfect time for him to cheat.
When is anything just a coincidence, anons?
Kind of worried about Amanda though because she seemed like she would go back to him if he cut his shit out (he never will). Don't ever do that, girl!

No. 648776

Why is the burner # in Cali then, where Manda herself lives? I know a lot of you guys are here because Taylor is the cow, and JC is just a symptom. Yet, I've been following the JC drama for a looooong time. He's the cow I'm, most interested in. Manda has been really unhinged about the entire thing, and granted, she has reason to be. However, as an outsider who has been watching their situation unfold for years, I bet either Manda did this to bring attention on herself for once as a survivor, instead of it always being Chelsea - OR - it's someone JC put up to doing it, a flying monkey. I do not believe it is JC himself.

No. 648778

Can someone explain how we know the burner number is Cali? I'm fucking dumb about this shit.

Secondly, can't you assign your phone number to be anything you want, even if it is a burner?

If you can't ask for whatever number you want, didn't Jonny travel to LA recently for 'work' and couldn't he simply have picked up a burner there? Genuinely don't see how we know the number in the first place, read the last thread and still not getting it.

No. 648779

We don't. All phones have an area code (the first 3 digits) usually associated with a specific region. However, you can get a burner number from outside of your area code, and there are tons of apps for getting burner numbers, so it doesn't mean anything for the burner number to have a Californian area code.

No. 648780

>>648779 Yeah, my phone I have in California has a different area code then normal. A mix of phones have it.

No. 648782

Thank you, I thought I was going nuts or something. This assertion that the number is a California one is a little weird.

Besides the fact that there's no way to know where the number originated, my own area code has changed twice, there's voip phones and google numbers, you can fuck with phone numbers any which way. There have been some weird posts lately where someone is saying 'this screengrab proves x', I don't know. It's kinda sus.

No. 648788

I made it.
House is rented not bought, and tbh since she’s so sporadic with twitter I’ll update on the next one.

No. 648796

Better question. Why hasnt he been arrested

No. 648799

This doesn’t mean anything. You can install apps that assign you numbers with different area codes. Several years ago I installed an app that assigned me an American number and I wasn’t even in the country.

“The area code proves it isn’t me” is the kind of logic Jonny would apply if he got caught.

Amanda shouldn’t have answered his texts, though.

No. 648800

Jonnys posting all sorts of save the puppies posts to his insta story now. At least he's kinda using his platform for a good cause? Posting a couple dogs due to be euthanized soon in SA. Trying to encourage people to adopt.

No. 648804

We all know thats all for show and he doesnt give a rats ass about animals in shelter lol

No. 648808

He talks like he’s wearing dentures that are too large for his mouth. So annoying.

No. 648815

I'm gonna bet that he's only doing it because he's lurking and knows Amanda has posted those texts. Regardless of whether they're real or not, they risk ruining that 'drama free' thing they're going for at the moment. I mean, he can't possibly be a bad guy if he wants to save puppies!

No. 648817

File: 1553723687657.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190327-175318.png)

he been lurking, seen our tinfoils, and posting stuff to disprove us while flipping off the camera. looks like he got a thermostat and a doorbell that can be linked to mobile apps, hence the phones on the boxes. be more obvious, Jonny. you're still a scumbag cheater and we all know it.

No. 648818


Again, I'm sure their new neighbors are going to love them!

No. 648821


All of those rich families must intimidate him.

No. 648825

Haha i was just going to post that. So he didnt buy a burner phone. It was just a nest thermostat…which makes wayyy more sense. But still hes trash…But we were really pulling at straws for that one.

No. 648827

I don’t see why him not actually buying a burner phone proves it wasn’t him… you can literally download an app and have any area code you want and text people.

No. 648828


I mean, the dude could still have a burner phone though?

No. 648833

forgive me if im wrong anons; but I thought amanda was posting old texts from jonny?

Where does she say they are recent? I thought she was just bringing up some old tea

No. 648836

No, she says he texted her that day. You can tell because she says he didn’t get enough attention on his birthday. Which was yesterday.

No. 648840

Wasnt saying anything about the text messages. just that everyone was jumping up and down saying it was a phone in the bag…but it wasnt.

No. 648841

idk how to post images but someone look at amanda’s twitter she posted the same screenshots but doesn’t hide the number and someone replied to it with a name and address of who the phone belongs to so idk i’m having a hard time believing it’s jonny just because i’ve been following the JC drama for years and amanda isn’t always the most honest

No. 648847

File: 1553733638545.png (547.31 KB, 578x660, context.png)

So the entire story is that Amanda made a post, and that due to that post, JC got upset & sent her those texts. I'm including the original post that supposedly set JC off so that everyone has context for these supposed recent texts.

No. 648848

I'm not saying Amanda's honest, but it still doesn't disprove that it's him. Number spoofing is very common, where someone trying to spam you and steal your information will use someone's number that's already in use. It happens all the time, so I wouldn't be surprised if a burner app might duplicate a number that already belongs to someone.

No. 648850

Great choice for a thread pic but their ages should be updated as Taylor turned 22 and Jonny turned 33 recently.

No. 648851

If these pictures pop up on her “memories,” does that mean they are still on her profile? I apologize as I haven’t been a Facebook user for quite some time now. I don’t know how these “memories from FB” work.

No. 648854

If you click on the picture (on Twitter) it says from Facebook 'We thought you'd like to look back on this instagram post from 6 years ago', she's got over 3k posts on instagram alone, i imagine probably loads on Facebook too, so i feel like she probably keeps stuff up because people call literally everything a lie that comes from Jonny's exe's.

No. 648857

I'm sorry but this phone shit is mad goofy. It's all spec and we have no proof of anything that Amanda may or may not have done so why are we sperging about what she may or may not have done?

I just feel like this is TND and JC getting high and tee hee hee'ing into their track marked sleeves about how they bamboozled all of us into thinking Amanda is…self posting nasty shit to herself? when it was actually Jonny trying to distract everyone from the fact that they were stupid enough to drop a dime on an ugly circle house with bad feng shui and cheap beige furniture.

Or something.

No. 648863


Aww, what's the matter Jonny? You mad that you're being watched?


No. 648868

seriously though what the fuck is wrong with his mouth
“got a new mat for the HOUSETH”
how are those “pearlies” working out for ya grandpa?

No. 648880


GOD I hope Taylor isn't making him doing it because she wants to get a puppy now that they have more space. She shouldn't have the animals she already has, but she absolutely should not have a dog of any age, but especially a young one.

No. 648884

I went back to relisten to his story to appreciate the flex about door mats and his lisp more fully and it’s been deleted?? Manlet doesn’t appreciate y’all picking on him about his teef…

No. 648897

I thought he just sounded high as shit kek

That would be so fucked if she immediately gets a dog, let alone a puppy right now while not even being properly settled in. Though I really wouldn't be surprised if they're looking for one now "Because they have the space now".

No. 648900

They don't even have a yard. Is Betsy going walk that dog and pick up after it when it craps on the neighbors' lawns? Or are we going to see Jonny complaining on insta that the puppy shit on the carpet because they were too high to take it out?

No. 648901

File: 1553765619844.png (10.62 MB, 1242x2208, 9329B955-D65A-4D52-8FAB-C766BE…)

Looks like Taylor got another mantis?

No. 648906

How long until that moving in video? Haven’t heard any mention of the monumental task that is “editing.”

No. 648913

With all the money she has and her apparent reason of not uploading being editing I can't comprehend why on earth she doesn't get someone to edit her videos.. Like she would constantly make more money and it would make her life way less stressful?

No. 648939

Thanks to old thread anon for making the thread! It’s other thread anon here, I haven’t really been on lolcow much lately due to lack of milk. Thread image is gold, I love it.

But anon, that would involve her actually having to record a video and send the files to someone, then tell them what to edit, and that is probably too much work for her at this point.

No. 648945


Because it's a lie/excuse for not doing anything. How is that not obvious?

No. 648946

She's said in the past it's because she doesn't want to give that control to someone else because they probably won't have the same editing style as she does. like what, jump cuts and random text overlays? That's not really a style, that's what 75% of YouTube is lol. she's not creative or original in her editing, and if she paid someone she could probably get a lot better quality.

No. 648957

She probably wouldn't want anyone else seeing the state of her animals, her house or herself. I imagine she has to cut a hell of a lot out to make things look good. Having an editor she would have to hand over everything and couldn't ensure the things she wants deleted actually are. Claiming she lose her editing style is ridiculous. Apart from her odd animal voices the city are the most basic of things.

No. 648958

Sorry, I mean her video cuts are the most basic.

No. 648960

No worries, I got you fam. I figured you were busy.

No. 648962

Besides, anybody editing for her might miss track marks / needles sitting around.
And it’s not like she can really specify, “hey so if you hear Johnny screeching or see some needles left around here.. edit it out.” Without spooning away an editor.
She keeps her “circle” small for a reason.

No. 648963

>>hear Johnny screeching
Well there's one reason she might not be filming. He's around 24/7 now and what are the chances he's going to leave her alone for a couple of hours to film? She'd have to sober him up, hand over some cash and tell him to go shoe shopping because mommy's busy right now.

No. 648982

It really does seem like they have actually no life. I bet they drive to the store to pick up food and crap and then back home again to lie around smoking, playing video games or flexing said crap on Instagram. I genuinely think he's so dillusional he thinks he's living the life of luxury, but for her when was used to living with her family, she must realise that this lifestyle isn't great. Although, if she's still using, she probably doesn't care about that right now.

No. 648995

There's plenty of reasons. For starters, she'd need to have a regular upload schedule. She'd be an unreliable employer considering her constant need to take breaks and breaks from breaks. Then there's Jonny. The only reason Betsy is helping them is because she's an enabler. I'd like to think she's helping Taylor because she knows Jonny is abusive, but it's still enabling regardless. Bringing an editor to help her out would not fly with Jonny, not to mention that he'd probably whine endlessly if she actually commited herself to a regular schedule because she wouldn't dedicate all her time to him anymore.

And then there's the simple fact that her videos don't really warrant an editor to begin with. She uses iMovie, and that program is really easy to use. A video like hers takes less than a day to edit, but she's probably sleeping all day to bother to do anything.

No. 649018

didn't she say the movers were coming on Thursday? So they've officially been moved in for a week. No mention of it, or how any of the animals are doing. But oh she just ~loves~ using her platform to talk about her animals.

I wonder how long it will be now before the moving video appears. a month? two?

No. 649050

File: 1553854397616.png (1.69 MB, 1242x2208, 82B59DBC-2A4C-44F9-9ADB-3FDE02…)

I think they are just focused on twitch, honestly. I guess he will be the one doing it, because I can’t see them buying two set ups like this. As a pc gamer, this is a fairly serious rig, and for anyone that doesn’t think they are serious about twitch- I think you’ll be wrong. I’m surprised he would go from console to such a serious gaming pc, but I guess they really think it will take off for them.

No. 649052


Buying high end gaming specs doesn't mean they are serious about streaming, I'd rather watch a wet sponge grow mold than watch either of these two junkies try to entertain.

No. 649053

He can get the fanciest gaming pc he wants, but we all know he doesn't have the stamina to make the big bucks on Twitch. You have to actually bother to livestream a lot and that's hard to do when you spend most of your time high as fuck or sleeping your life away because you're crashed after your binge.

No. 649055

Well anon, you might get your wish with her aquatic animals who probably are dead and swampy.

No. 649056

None of them have for any of the stamina or motivation to do anything longer than 5 minutes. Think of the number of ideas Taylor has banged on about her starting up, her mental health channel, annimal social media thing, beauty vlogs, snake September, her entire series of her new racking system. She even got kida with the intention of her becoming a therapy or emotional dog and we all know that never happened cos she couldn't be bothered with any of the training. It bonded with her family more because she never took any attention of it after the first week or so. The list goes on. They both have the ability to set something up money wise but none of them go through with anything. Everything's too much hard work.

No. 649060

Some people buy this sort of shit for themselves, you know.

Other anons have already stated what's obvious - they need to be dedicated and have some sort of regular schedule to even make a foothold in twitch, and they just aren't those kinds of people.

No. 649061

He seems to like to play games when he's high some investing in a high quality pc with money that isn't even his doesn't mean anything

No. 649062

I think he’ll put in a weeks worth of time streaming, realize he’s shit at it and no one wants to watch an ugly man child who has no skills, then quit.

No. 649071

I thought they already said somewhere that they wanted to try streaming games? I think that's why anons are speculating that

No. 649074

Jonny mentioned it first I think but Taylor was the one that said “should I stream on twitch?” Or something along those lines.

No. 649085


You're kidding right?

She is known for her pets. If she starts a twitch channel, her viewers will constantly demand to see her pets all the time.

No. 649087

watch him end up streaming impromptu 'concerts' to fans, can you imagine? if they do stream, i'll watch just to see how many lame flexes and obvious signs of heroin use are in the shot at any given moment.

No. 649092

Taylor couldn't even livestream her pets enclosures to prove they were all alive & well when she was called out, & she's made it quite clear that she hates posting un-edited content. I highly doubt she is going to enjoy streaming for long, even if it's just via screen-capture.

When you have anxiety, depression, & such, even something as casual as streaming becomes a big production & easily as exhausting as making scheduled & scripted videos, which we all know she struggles with.

No. 649096

Really? If she starts Twitch I can see her abandoning animal content altogether and being a gaming/titty streamer and her audience will become thirsty incels. The animals won't even be remembered.

No. 649097


Yeah, but that wouldn't fare too good for her. Especially since her more loyal fans love her animals so much!

No. 649098

File: 1553891394319.jpg (93.21 KB, 640x640, 53034699_219447239015956_86367…)

New photos on Taylor's IG.

Bindi in the oh-so-natural atrium complete with artificial turf!

No. 649099


Oh please. It is her addiction, not her depression that stops her from posting.

Either way, people have expressed concern and she’s decided to chase an abusive relationship and the image of an addict. It’s not “waa depression”, it’s “waaaa I’m an addict that doesn’t want to seek help. Send me money pls”

No. 649100

That’s because he does. He claims his teeth cost 40,000 but the cash me ousside girl got 30,000 dollar veneers and they are considered the most expensive teeth out there.

In reality dude got his rotten teeth pulled and got a cheap ass bridge that looks like a child’s flipper from toddlers and tiaras.

No. 649101

File: 1553891778020.jpg (52.08 KB, 640x640, 56281750_2069918069722783_2094…)


…And it wouldn't be a Taylor Nicole Dean™ photoset without one of her clutching it in only one hand, held high up from the ground.

No. 649102

NTA but he said they cost $53k.

does she, like, think this is a funny way to show her animals? I just don't get why that's the only pose we ever see them in, gripped in one hand with most of their body dangling unsupported. Why can't she handle any of her animals properly???

No. 649103

I mean, to be fair, you CAN be depressed and addicted at the same time. Addiction can stem from other issues.

Not trying to justify her choices/actions- being depressed/addicted doesn't mean you shouldn't take responsibility for your shitty decisions. I just know depression can look completely normal from an outside perspective so trying to say someone is/isn't depressed is fruitless.

No. 649104


I mean, does her phone/camera have a 'timer' option?
I feel like that would make things a little safer & easier for her & whatever animals she's holding…

No. 649105

Didn’t say she wasn’t depressed. I’m saying her inability to anything for more than five minutes is because she’s shooting up, lol.

No doubt that dislike of herself and depression drove her to make bad choices, but at this point she’s first and foremost an addict.

No. 649107

It’s great for anyone to be an advocate for animals that are going to be put down in shelters, but… damn it almost makes me sick seeing Jonny posting all about how he’s trying to help dogs find homes. It’s a good thing to do but it makes me sick because I know he’s just doing it for good publicity, not because he actually cares.
It’s horrible knowing people are falling for it, too.

We haven’t forgotten the threat to flush a helpless kitten down the toilet. We haven’t forgotten how you smoked it up right next to the satanic leafs. Jonny is a horrible POS whose whole life is based on what he wants people to think it is.

No. 649110

is it just me or does bindi look small for her age?

No. 649112

What’s with the weird bruising/discoloration on Taylor’s hand in that pic of her clutching Bindi? Is it just a shadow? Looks nasty.

No. 649113


that’s definitely bruising. it’s green and purple. and could just be me but her fingers look a bit swollen.

No. 649114

I feel like her hand looks ultra puffy too.

No. 649116

she just moved, it's common to get random injuries from moving shit around. let's not nitpick taylor's hand and focus on actually seeing an animal for once in a month

No. 649120

swollen hands is a sign of heroin abuse though. So its kinda milky. I had the SCARIEST neighbor ever back in the day and her hands were HUGE. And she smoked her life away in H…

No. 649126

It’s bindis shadow. Quit nitpicking.

No. 649128

Are you fucking blind lol

No. 649129

You would think that she would make the atrium more of a focal point to show off her animals, but the focus, as usual, is her. Those 4k a month surely are an investment.

No. 649134

If Taylor has average sized hands for a woman, then Bindi's size is fine. From this photo, Bindi appears to be somewhere between 18 and 22 inches. BTS are hard to kill, so Taylor shouldn't too feel too proud of that. Poor Bindi will probably die young of either liver or kidney failure from her shitty diet.

No. 649136

He probably got some implants and such. Thus the expense.

No. 649144

Yes. Full implants cost $50,000 and up. Implants are more expensive than veneers, because it involves two sets of surgeries, titanium posts, and fake teeth.

No. 649146

why does the bruise have obvious toes then? it's clearly a weird shadow of bindi.

she does, however have actual bruising on the left of her hand at the top of the tattoo, which looks like bruising from injecting.

No. 649158

100% agree. I went to her Instagram and zoomed in and you can see the bruising following a vein line just above the snake tattoo.

No. 649160

Watch him od with 50k of titanium in his mouth. What a waste.

No. 649162

we're talking about her hand, not her finger where the shadow is. there's a big yellowy bruise that looks filtered, and another dark line of colour down by her tattoo. maybe kronos scratched her to bits, who knows. but there's something there.

No. 649163

i dont see how on that side of her hand where it's all discolored and green looking is just a shadow. i dont see toes either, maybe im blind.

No. 649172

File: 1553919723291.png (665.94 KB, 1080x1080, sketch-1553919655526.png)

the "bruise" has 5 perfect little points that match the shape of bindi's foot.

No. 649173


Look at all that green right above it though?

No. 649175

y'all are reaching so hard. it's a shadow of the lizard. the only bruises I see are he multiple injection points (one of which is partially under the """"bruise"""")

No. 649178

God that atrium is so ugly. Kek. There’s no actually sunlight anywhere… it’s basically a room with no roof with shitty fake grass carpet. Her ideas of fashion and choices in life is so baffleling. Everytime I see a photo of her new place, i get so triggered cuz there was a house that is 1000000x better than that one and it’s a few blocks down with a beautiful yard. Then again I guess thaat ugly place was the only one that accepted them

No. 649179


lmao She went on & on about how the atrium is going to help her "connect to nature", but the grass is literally fake.

No. 649182

Like i get it that it’s cool that theres an “outdoor” area in the middle of the house but it’s useless. You’ll still feel cooped up inside and there’s no space at all so you end up just standing there like an idiot while everyone in the house watches you lmao. Imagine the stink and mold if she doesnt clean it often. Dont let me get started with the carpet in the bathroom. Im now laughin at them everytime I see them post and see how dumb they are lol

No. 649184

File: 1553930153642.jpeg (218.52 KB, 1125x734, 168D1535-69CD-4082-B9F2-A38EA2…)

Taylor, just because an animal is not squirming around doesn’t mean they’re not stressed. Just because you THINK they don’t mind doesn’t mean they do. Just because they’re leaning on you as you hold them means they’re fully supportive.

Handling and taking care of an animal is not about what YOU THINK is better for them all the time, it’s also and always about what THEY think and feel. There’s a difference, Taylor. Please start thinking outside of your little mind so you can see wtf you’re doing

No. 649187

File: 1553933538465.gif (2.77 MB, 151x275, 1541527376520.gif)

She doesn't care even if they are squirming around, as we've seen >>595938

No. 649196


I don't even get why she takes pictures like this. They aren't aesthetically pleasing and the focus goes straight to her hand in every photo. So she's putting her animals into uncomfortable positions, not supporting their bodies and stressing them out for ugly, shitty photos.

Taylor really just has to insert herself into every damn pic because she's that much of a narc.

No. 649197

Taking pics like that just reminds me of how people take pics of their Starbucks or whatever new item they bought to show off. She treats them like items, not living breathing animals.

No. 649198

File: 1553956346541.png (273.58 KB, 298x570, story5.png)

So much for that "Dream Apartment" lmao

No. 649203

What will be interesting is if she actually returns to YouTube. >>649198
I thought when had 2 cats not just ghost

No. 649207

EXACTLY… if you love your animals so much and claim your goal is just to show people how beautiful they are and educate them, why does every picture have to involve you? She makes it about herself rather than the animal. I remember her weird video about how animals help with her “depression” or something, the thumbnail was of her literally kissing her geckos, and idk, that says a lot about how she is. To focal point has to be her, oh look at me look at me, tell me I’m pretty. She has that kind of attitude because she is constantly starving for internet attention. I admire people in the pet community who post their animals in their enclosures or out in a safe play area, rather than pictures where they are nonstop being held like Taylor does.

She truly is narcissistic, begging for attention always. She probably had a huge high off of all the compliments she got on the new house (even though it’s… so expensive and unpractical?). I’m guessing the glamour of the new home is already starting to fade so she finally has to return with something else to offer for the attention.

No. 649208


Not surprised he isn't missing it, considering you decided to cram all 3 cats into it with a bunch of other animals, your manlet and all the shit you leave around on the floor.

No. 649212

… she has 3 cats, but this one story is about ghost. Not sure what you're trying to say

this video triggers me so much the way she just whips the snake around like a piece of rope then jams it into one hand like I do not believe she knows how to handles as anything other than props (probably because the only time she handles them is as props for her social media)

No. 649225

File: 1553968311019.jpg (59.73 KB, 404x354, 1553891778020.jpg)

i mean it certainly isnt just a shadow. but they are moving so ehh.

No. 649235

It's funny how taylor can put her phone on a self timer to take pictures of her nails but can't do it in order to properly hold her animals.

No. 649236

The rest of the comment section about how she is holding binding are a bunch of "white knights" defending her. If she actually cared about her animals she would take the advice given to her on how to hold them. People are suggesting that she turn the atrium into an actual outdoor space for some of the reptiles. Knowing her she'll only use it as an area for photos to say look how much they love the sunlight.

No. 649243

Are some of you autistic? All these comments for nothing. Look right above the tattoo of her snake's head. That's exactly where a vein is. And she is confirmed someone that shoots up. For fuck's sake.

It's not even in the green stage of a bruise yet, so it's decently new.

No. 649260

File: 1553990518085.png (206.9 KB, 720x1366, Screenshot_20190331-110035~2.p…)

No. 649264

This doesn't even make any sense. Proof Jonny is a dumbass #5346600

No. 649272

Ooo look out we got a badass over here… Sounds like something a 14 yo says after their first joint.

I have no doubt her addiction is gonna get much worse. Recovery? lol

No. 649274

It gets pretty hot in summer time TX. Not sure the atrium is suitable for her animals they will fry in their cages.

No. 649275

It’s a song by Lil Wayne. It’s called “she will”.

No. 649282

File: 1553996923579.jpeg (149.81 KB, 1024x1820, 8A48976F-A6DC-4281-A72E-65DB35…)

No. 649287

Did he seriously just ask with a pair of shoes

No. 649288

If that's real I think I just sicked in my mouth a little.

No. 649290

I can't think of a more appropriate marriage proposal for these 2. Fits with Taylor's strange fashion and the house aesthetic. You have to admit they stay on brand, even if their brand is shit

No. 649291

Oh for fucksakes. Please, please, please say this is fake?

No. 649293

When you propose you're meant to think of the other person and what they love, Taylor hasn't once every been a sneaker or trainer fan. Sure, she wears them. But she's never once mentioned them being special apart from saying she loved the gift Jonny got her. Shoes are his thing which he loves flexing. If this is real he is the most self absorbed person ever. Seriously, setting up a proposal thats all about you and not your partner, gross.

No. 649294

No. 649295

Nothing comes up from a reverse google image search, but I did find several more examples of this "proposal" on pinterest and google. Why would you steal such a low-effort idea? When you supposedly have all of this money and free time….

No. 649296

File: 1553997664989.png (71.41 KB, 298x574, story6.png)


Wonder what's behind that big black sticker at the bottom…

No. 649297

Looks like a freaking drugged out and depressed cry for help

No. 649298

She looks ecstatic…

No. 649299


…She was probably hoping for a spectacular onstage-proposal like he did with 2 of his exes…

No. 649300

you can see her tear stains jeez

No. 649302


Ohohohoho that's "Karma" all right!

…Karma for Taylor, not us.

No. 649303

Looks like you're right with the tear stains. God they are weird. Wonder if she will be full of happiness and congratulations or if the story soon disappears and never mentioned again. Strangely enough that isn't outside the realms for them.

No. 649304

It appears to be a screenshot of another Instagram picture. Maybe he's sharing it to be funny or gauge her reaction so he can decide if he wants to do the real proposal that way?

Also fyi the black and white pic of her looking depressed is BEFORE the pic of the shoes

No. 649306

What the fuck is happening? This is even trashier and more amazing than I ever imagined. I wonder if she'll ever get out, she can't stop making terrible decisions that are increasingly worse.

No. 649308

will marry you me?

Anyway it really wouldn't be surprising for him to propose to her. He better secure those money bags especially now that he's unemployed.

No. 649309

No. 649311

File: 1554001464130.jpeg (223.03 KB, 750x1203, 5A682EC6-3D97-4603-A33F-482E80…)

Repost without my profile picture**

False alarm, this was posted on Instagram multiple times under the hashtag “proposal”

No. 649317

its for sure not him proposing. its just a repost of shoes…come on guys…

No. 649319


Wouldn't be surprised if he's 'testing the waters' with her though.

No. 649320

Thank god.
I do, however, speculate we will see a proposal soon. There's really nowhere else to go with their relationship (other than ending, but that's not really possible because Taylor doesn't make logical or reasonable decisions)
I imagine Johnny is testing the waters with it. He has nothing. He can rely on what is remaining of Taylor's career. They've got a house. What's next?

No. 649331

I'm sure he's saving it for the next time she threatens to break it off.

No. 649347

File: 1554045315373.png (1.74 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2019-03-31-11-11-31…)

Confirmed was not a proposal

No. 649352

File: 1554047967527.jpeg (141.82 KB, 750x594, B356CCCB-0CEA-4E1F-8677-02B861…)

She’s making a bunch of video promises on her Instagram post of bindi.
So far she has promised an unboxing video, moving in video, reptile room tour video.

Then there’s just this, so the fans that don’t follow her outside of YouTube are just meant to accept the fact she’s missing a few animals, in a completely new home, been fucking missing in action for a few months now and that all those call out videos apparently never happened?

No. 649356

born in live = both in love?

No. 649359


>>"…i suggest not even talking about your break or anything…"

Doesn't matter. Her fans are still going to wonder & they're still going to ask.

No. 649360

He’s so high he can’t even speak right, good lord. I’m guessing that’s what he meant but honestly idk

Ok LMAO, Jonny just got kicked out of his own band, Taylor has been inconsistent with her “career” for years and hasn’t done her job in literally 4 months. Yeah they must be so “focused on their careers” lmfao

That’s so stupid. So she expects everything to be completely normal pretending literally nothing happened, instead of owning up to her shit? She is still the same person she has always been, she hasn’t changed at all nor is she really getting better. Still going to just lie her way through everything, or at least omit the truth so that even her fans have no idea what’s going on.

No. 649361

I’m betting her first few videos she uploads will have comments completely disabled. She can’t handle ANY criticism or questioning, so she’s probably just going to block it completely.

No. 649362


He's probably trying to 'play' with everyone here, especially after his clumsy attempt to "take down" lolcow, so now he's coming to terms with it by having a little 'fun' with everyone here instead.

No. 649384

Notes from the JC Podcast:

- Relapsed on last half of the california tour(?)
- Band mates say that every time he has a problem in his relationship is when he turns to drugs, which jonny agrees to
- Says the pressure of having the other band mates careers on his shoulders was too much, so he stepped down and 'gave them the band'.
- After that they apparently wanted to make it work, but jonny says he dropped the ball and "pulled a classic jonny craig" and was a total dick, pulled out last minute.
- "I was on the flight there and I didn't have anyone to call for help or advice, who wasn't in the band or directly associated with what was going on" He called Taylor and she told him to come home.
- Says he's halfway to hitting 90 days sober
- Jonny is actually very sympathetic about Colins response, though he still disagrees with him saying that Taylor convinced him to come home and do drugs
- "She's 21 years old, she's not influencing me to come home and do drugs (laughs)"


No. 649393

podcast notes cont.

- interviewer asks is he's in a program right now… JC pauses and says "..yeeeah." personally, unconvincing
- "I talked to a therapist 2-3 times through skype" very consistent, jonny.
- After that he says he's been talking to him non stop. what?
- Admits he wasn't taking his therapy calls seriously
- Flew the therapist out to spend 2 weeks with him and Taylor. They are both on medication to help them stay clean.
- Jonny brags about having sober "Normal" friends who don't know who he is
- Interviewer asks if there was an incident that caused him to relapse . Jonny says he lets personal things get to him and he wants to numb those emotions. Speculation - He blames Taylor for his relapses
- Jonny again pushes that he's a good guy because he could have taken the band but gave it to them instead.
- Going to work on his solo career, leaning into r&b and hip hop
- His solo album is going to focus on all the emotion and drama and personal shit he has going on now (imagine the milk!)
- Interviewer kisses Jonny's ass for the 101982nd time
- Jonny disses the new Slaves frontman, calls him a puppet
- Interviewer puts down the new slaves frontrunner too for feeling fake and inauthentic singing 'Jonny's songs.'
- Interview continues on with the tone of "every band jonny touched was never the same when he left"… k
- Interviewer tries to start a discussion about addiction being a disease, jonny pretty much rejects that and says his addiction grew from the glorification of being a rockstar and doing drugs, fans shooting h, etc.
- ends with interviewer asking jonny what makes him happy other than his gf and his animals. Jonny says him and taylor are going to start twitch after the house is set up because games make him happy (lol) and watching tv and movies makes them happy. (sounds like they're depressed and being lazy af to me)


No. 649405

I'm on this site for the Kanadajin3 and Onision threads, but I just realized something about this guy - is it possible he's been obsessively pushing his bands on 4chan?

I've been on 4chan's /mu/ board for a long time. I just realized this guy was in Dance Gavin Dance.

It's generally understood that there are two very different genres called "post-hardcore." One is experimental rock bands that are rooted in hardcore punk - that goes back to bands like Fugazi, Quicksand, and Drive Like Jehu, and more recently has led to bands like Touché Amoré, mewithoutYou, Big Ups, Brand New, At the Drive-In, and Planes Mistaken for Stars.

The other kind of "post-hardcore" is basically really terrible, glossy pop punk from the Hot Topic scene kid era, that superficially throws in random clichés from extreme metal. Obvious examples include Escape the Fate, From First to Last, and Underoath.

Needless to say, the first kind is generally considered good, the second is generally considered terrible.

Dance Gavin Dance is pretty definitively an example of the latter category. But for a long time, there were a few really obnoxious people pushing Dance Gavin Dance in every punk thread that came up. I actually listened to them quite a few times, trying to "get" the appeal. I finally gave up and left it alone, figuring there must be something that's not clicking with me.

But now that I know he's a childish junky, sexual abuser, and lolcow, I wonder if it was literally him and his friends trying to promote their shitty band.

No. 649407

Shocker, a narcissist wants everyone to rugsweep and just accept her "It's just how I am" shit. Fuck off.

I honestly doubt she'll post a video this year at this rate. It's April in several hours, still nothing.

No. 649418

It was probably one of his five total fans. Jonny is not smart enough to pull off any level of viral marketing. Post hardcore was just a fad, just like the scene kids that listened to it.
I'll never forget about the laptop debacle though.

No. 649419

thank you for the summary anon!
so even jonny knows that taylor is way too young for him.

No. 649420

File: 1554072969936.png (27.1 KB, 678x242, 20190331_185346.png)

Just came across this comment by Jenn on a video about Jonny getting kicked out of SLAVES lmao

No. 649429

Moving house is great video material though. "Moving my reptiles", "my new reptile room", "house tour". This is the shit YT eats up, it's a storyline that keeps people interested. She'll do a groggy sponsored video and call it a day when she could to 5 or 6 vlogs about the relocation, easy.

No. 649430

>halfway to hitting 90 days sober
so which is it jonny, 90 days, the 60 days you last claimed, or maybe 45 days?

No. 649432

Its not like he would remember what day it was to begin with. The chances of him still using are high. Not to mention the bruise on Taylors hand, they never stopped.

No. 649433

yes, I am willing to bleive they are taking something like suboxone to calm their use down but that they are still using. taylor's hand tells the story. also the date they googled the clinic is not the first day they started any of this anyway, lol.

No. 649435

Yeah, the way he says it shows a huge lack of respect for her based on her age as well. Unintentionally proving that he dates young because he has power over them.

No. 649436

Thanks for these!

Now I want to see Slaves do amazing and Jonny have the full Pete Best experience.

No. 649446

there's like 4 stories worth of them sticking their tongues out in their car and jonny commenting on taylors sexy butt in his stories right now.

No. 649447

File: 1554079115610.png (624.59 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190401-113420.png)

From Jonny's insta story, she clearly does not want to be filmed yet he starts filming her from behind and even after she clearly doesn't fucking want to be on camera he keeps going for a few seconds.

Also given she's this camera shy now I wouldn't expect a video anytime soon. Jonnys still a dick for filming her though.

No. 649448

File: 1554079144419.png (619.95 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190401-113527.png)

No. 649449

she looks like a 30 year old junkie in the photos. Jeez

No. 649450


lmao he keeps yelling & shit & she's just responding out of obligation. She is so sick of him.

No. 649451

She's already got a couple of mails missing, odd timing to get nails when you're moving.

She looks terrified and run down, she looks like she's gained a bit of weight though.

No. 649453

File: 1554079630980.png (183.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190331-184544.png)

There's also this - posted today, March 31 2019

Wonder when she'll actually post it. Or not post it (more likely)

No. 649454


Cool! This means we'll be seeing a new vid by around June!

No. 649460

Nah this is just an early April fools day joke. We arent getting a new video till 2020

No. 649471

I almost feel bad for her when he does this shit to her. Almost. But she clearly knows exactly how rough she looks and is so so uncomfortable and ashamed and he just does not give a shit about how she feels. It's sad. What an awful "relationship".

No. 649475


I know right?
All that flexxing. All that "We're SO happy together!!! #CoupleGoalz" BS.
We know it's all an act.

Remember back when she wanted him to OD & die?

No. 649476


Who puts out more content in a year: TND or Frank Ocean?

No. 649484

File: 1554091955882.jpeg (684.45 KB, 1125x1978, E13C1378-75D1-4F8A-840C-5B81C8…)

He is basically Taylor’s son at this point. After watching all his story videos, he obviously doesn’t give a shit about Taylor’s feelings or her choices. His mentally is “fuck you, i do what i want but i love you so can you give me toys?” towards her. She’s so stupid being with him. He’s gona milk her dry until he’s on to the next one

No. 649493

Yup definitely has some puffy chipmunk cheeks. Junk food is catching up with her. Wouldn't be surprised if shes gotten fat.

No. 649501


LMFAO yeah like Cheese's "necropsy results?" Nice April's Fools joke, bitch.

Her videos aren't something that require much work to make. She sits in a spot, manhandles an animal for two for like 10 minutes, then just uses shitty transitions and inserted text/images. It's really not that long or hard of a process.

Calling it now that her video (should it come out) has comments disabled, and she'll have another social media meltdown.

No. 650346


Okay c'mon. Unhealthy- yes. But FAT? No, she is not fat. You can see in those pics that Johnny Craig took that she is still insanely thin and it would probably do her some good to actually gain some weight. If she lost any amount of weight she would be a skeleton.

No. 650349

File: 1554114442125.webm (3.86 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_564607…)

No. 650350

File: 1554114476952.webm (2.74 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_567904…)

jonny honestly seems like he has a mental disability with how much he randomly screeches. id be so ashamed if i was taylor

No. 650353


the mood is so uncomfortable in these clips.

And he sounds like how all the heroin junkies in the local park of my hometown sounded if you riled them up by walking by at a bad time. That exact exhausted sounding yelling…

No. 650354

COuldn't have said it better myself. He is such an embarrassing excuse of a human being.

No. 650365

Is it just me or does she look like shes walking with a limp?

No. 650381

She looks fine to me. Most people that are limping it's very visible and they couldn't walk all that fast.

No. 650382

She plays along when they're in the car or not around other people, but as soon as other people can hear him screaming stupid shit, she acts like she's embarrassed to be seen with him. I mean, I would be embarrassed too, because he's acting like a screaming 5-year-old in public. That's not a healthy relationship if you're constantly telling your SO to be quiet and stop being so annoying/drawing attention to you/being embarrassed to be seen with them

No. 650399

A lot of junkies with spare change put on the pounds, though. Junkies who can, eat like pigs. Especially sweet/fatty crap. I think she def looks heavier than before and it's not like using makes you want to go
to the gym, more like you pass out watching MeTv reruns of some heinous shit that you forgot ever existed. Truly living the dream.

I wish she would have the balls to stand up for herself and tell him to gtfo. Poor girl is miserable.

No. 650409

The rate it's going she is going to run herself into a ditch. It's not even just her overall hoarding of animals anymore. It's also her health and mental state are just straight dropping

No. 650414

File: 1554137411419.png (347.61 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20190401-104911~2.p…)

How lazy are you Johnny?! Just take yourself to someone instead, there are probably plenty of good tattoo artists in the SA area.

No. 650434


Don't you, y'know, go to a tattoo shop to do that?

I mean, just use your gf's money, like you always do, to get tickets & 'fly out' yourself!

…Or is he not allowed to leave the house/town or something?

No. 650442

This is the first time I've heard his voice, he sounds like he is a 13 year old

No. 650462

idk maybe she's always walked weird

No. 650468

Hell Austin is only a few hours away, could be back the same day if he wanted. Plenty of hipsters and ex California artists there.

No. 650487

File: 1554145528667.png (148.79 KB, 618x555, ig1.png)


Oh the irony!

No. 650492

So expensive new rental house, new furniture, expensive gaming pc, other gadgets & toys for the house, expensive sporting tickets, and flying someone out for a week for tattoos.

1. What are you guys buying the animals and are they ok
2. How much money can Taylor possibly have? Is she a closet millionaire or something

No. 650493

File: 1554145795760.png (12.91 KB, 282x206, ig2.png)

No. 650498

File: 1554146487352.png (261.26 KB, 273x534, story8.png)

Must be why he can't afford to fly out to get his tattoos fixed…

No. 650503

Except he's offering to fly someone IN.
I don't think money has anything to do with it. I think he's just lazy.

He made a comment on someone's artist suggestion about how the artist is always busy. He wants it done, he wants it done NOW, and he wants someone to come to him. Very typical "celebrity" tattoo attitude (except this dude's no celebrity)

No. 650514

Just got a chance to watch JC’s stories with sound. By the sound of their voices alone I feel like they’re still using. A lot of people who do opiates subconsciously use a baby voice and holy shit Johnny and Taylor sound so annoying.

No. 650526

I give it about two days before she posts something like "I accidentally deleted my return video while I was editing it [insert some stupid emojis here]"

No. 650543

God, all this "gamer gear" is so freaking tacky.

Right? Wouldn't flying someone in for tattoos be ridiculously expensive? Specially considering the need for equipment etc
Not that Taylor was ever responsible with money but this last month she is going nuts, and that's only really what we are seeing.

No. 650545

I just had the chance to watch all of Jonny’s stories from the past 24 hours, and holy shit, I almost feel bad for Taylor. She clearly hates being filmed and not having control over angles and such, idk how the fuck she thinks she’s cut out for Twitch unless she’s going to just be a titty streamer for money. He acts like a complete idiot in public, she looks so embarrassed to be with him. It’s one thing to be able to have fun and let loose with your SO and not care what others think, but she is clearly not in on it nor is she having fun. She’s embarrassed to be around him when he’s yelling and acting like a total moron.

I especially felt how dead she is from the one where they’re in the car. Notice how she looks completely DEAD in the eyes but the second she realized the camera was on her, she “joins” in on the moving to the music or tongue sticking out. She looks beyond fucking miserable.

And you know what, I still am incapable of actually feeling bad for her. She wanted this life, and won’t grow the balls to boot him the fuck out so she can grow up and turn her life around. The life is just slowly still being sucked out of her by him. So many people have tried to help her, and she’s shoved each and every one away.
Their relationship is so beyond fake, it’s sooo gross. So much for being total “couples goalzzz!!” After they read all these comments on her about Jonny’s storied they’ll probably start lovebombing each other so that they maintain that fake “goals” love that they just have to prove to the world. Makes me wanna vomit. They’re so fake and gross. Don’t understand why you’d wanna fuck up your life this bad and ruin your chances of ever being able to turn around. For what? A dude who acts childish, cheats on you, uses you for money, gets you addicted to heroin, and sucks the absolute life out of your soul?

No. 650546

At first her videos were alright but since dating him she is definitely losing it. Honestly with how its going I hate to say this but I womt be shocked if she ends up in the YouTube news as gone for good.

No. 650551

that's why they keep buying new things, especially for Jonny. in hopes it'll make em happy. they think buying a bunch of stuff and showing it off will make you happy. lmao it'll just make things worse

No. 650557


Many tattoo artists are accustomed to traveling for cons and guest spots at other shops. It's more about Jonny unrealistically expecting a top artist to cancel their existing appointments at his beck and call.

Druggies aren't known for having realistic expectations.

No. 650560

"lost my memory card in the all the chaos of the move!"

I wonder how she thinks she'll ever do an "all my pets" video again. I'm sure there are going to be so many new animals we don't know about, and so many dead animals that she never told us died.

No. 650572

Easy excuse is dying from stress when they moved, stress kills many animals and it would be easy to defend.

Fewer artists fly out for one person to do in their home (yuck, so unsanitary, especially with all their animals).

No. 650586

they're also housebound by their habit, so 'ordering in' makes sense to them

No. 650599

I hope whoever the tattooist is that they pick, fucks him over and makes the tattoos worse

No. 650600

I'm fairly sure that in the State of Texas it is illegal to tattoo someone within a home. I believe you must be tattooed in a legal parlour or in a legal mobile tattoo trailer which requires a separate permit /license .

No. 650601


Oh Jonny, always willing to pay for illegal shit!

No. 650606

You mean oh Jonny usuing mommy Taylor's money for useless shit

No. 650610


christ how is taylor not ashamed and humiliated by this goblin? he sounds like a 12 year old.

No. 650647

He is most definitely fucked up in this video

No. 650648

Austin has some of the BEST tattoo artists in the us

No. 650654

Not only is he acting like a deranged monkey, he also appears to be trying to needle everyone around him because "his" team beat the home team. He has a compulsion to try to annoy and provoke as many people as possible.

No. 650655

Yeah but from their Tattoo history, theyll rather pick an artitst thats available now. All the best artist are always booked months ahead, These two would rather have crappy ones from crappy people

No. 650667

Ph yeah no I know, I was pointing out that no one worth their salt will want be willing to tattoo him hes going to end up with someone who either isn't licensed or doesn't care about losing their license if someone finds out which is not the kind of person you'd want tattooing you

No. 650703

I’m still stuck on the fact she is STILL getting away with lying about Cheese’s necropsy. Whoever she spoke with on the phone to “prove” it’s real, was clearly a “friend” or someone she paid to pretend to be a vets office. She straight up lied and her 12 year old fans have already all forgotten that she promised she was getting a necropsy done on him. She can’t just get away with everything forever. She can’t just pretend nothing has happened. She has to own up to her shit and grow up eventually, or she will continue to spiral downhill.

Guessing we’ll see the next video in a month from now, comments disabled and she’ll pretend nothing happened. I’m with >>650560 anon, if she does another All My Pets video (which she will because she will grow desperate to take in the $$$), there will probably be so many random new animals we’ve never seen and so many that won’t be mentioned because they’re dead. I’m sure the few of her tween stans that are left with interest in her won’t be sticking around very long after her return. It may be slow but it’s definitelty all downward from here at this rate.

No. 650709

I’m familiar with her vet & the lady she spoke to at the vet’s office. She didn’t actually lie about calling. Not whiteknighting, can’t stand her and her bs, but that’s one part of the Cheese saga that isn’t a lie.

No. 650712

Has she posted the name of the vet she goes to? I'd think a lot of people sound similar over the phone.

No. 650722

File: 1554235534533.png (159.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190402-160045.png)

"coming soon"

No. 650723

It's been almost 4 months since she posted a video. Probably going to be closer to 5 once she actually posts, if she ever does.

No. 650742

The vet is Vital Pet Town & Country

No. 650746


I don't think she didn't call, I think she just didn't like the answer of "your fish was too decayed and gross to necropsy, stupid," or "you killed him, moron."

Either way, we're never going to hear about it again from her.


Her editing style are a few shitty transitions, horrible music choices, some text/pic inserts, and a few animations. This doesn't take long. Either she's that fucking lazy, she's lying, or she has a very severe mental health issue that has removed all her motivation. I think it's the former two, but I'm not a psych professional.

No. 650747

I wouldn't call it tipping, Taylor had the number or at least part of it in her video, and she's posted vet bills with the name on top before. Revealing that info isn't telling people to harass them, and Taylor's already revealed it.

Though idk if that's the only vet she goes to, she seems to take her cats there but I can't tell from their website if they even do exotics? Where does she take her snakes and reptiles she supposedly brings to the vet every 4 months?

No. 650748


>>"your fish was too decayed and gross to necropsy, stupid,"

Or, according to Taylor "This is the most AMAZING dead fish we've ever seen!"

No. 650749

Yeah if it said she was responsible for his death we wont hear it.The tank treatment probably killed him.

No. 650751

The vet website does mention that they also do birds and other exotics, assuming that means reptiles, rodents, and fish

No. 650861

Probably never going to see that cheese diamond either. Don’t know why she would say that any way given I don’t think his ashes would be enough to make even a pin tip sized diamond.

No. 650927

She could always throw in the ashes of a few other of her late pets. That would get her a sizable diamond so many have died on her watch.

No. 651002

Thatd be one hell of a blood diamond

No. 651014

File: 1554402954568.png (3.02 MB, 1242x2208, 5A84771A-A931-4FFC-A1A4-AF4BF4…)

*pay our rent with Taylor’s money

No. 651036

"NASA super computer." Kek. Ok, Jonny.

No. 651038

Who the hell posts about paying rent? It's as if he's bragging about it

No. 651040


"LMAO We couldn't afford to actually buy a house WE ON TOP!!!"

No. 651045

What the fuck is that face he's making?
Taylor really chose a nice guy

No. 651046


Several Rape & Pedophilia allegations against him, AND he looks like a newborn baby with colic covered in ballpoint pen doodles?

Ohh but he has suuuuch a beyootiful voice!

No. 651052


from his terrible trio of psycho stalker exes and the cronies who mindlessly believe them. Funny how this stuff didn't come out til after the #metoo movement became popular. Makes you wonder why Chelsea got back with Jonny a second time if he was a "rapist"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 651060

File: 1554421059766.jpg (151.64 KB, 840x1200, D2B7Mj-X0AEcmfF.jpg)


>>"from his terrible trio of psycho stalker exes"

Um… I think it's more than his 3 exes buddy.
Try the underage girls he preyed on.

No. 651061

They spoken about his bullshit before the Me Too movement you fuckin idiot lol

No. 651064

4 days late…isn’t it usually due the 1st of the month? Nice start as a tenant!

No. 651067

Not to WK, but there's usually a grace period before a late fee. At my last place we had 5 days.

No. 651070


Amanda has been screaming about his abuse/rape since 2013, 4 years BEFORE the Me Too movement was ever started.

Larkin (his gf BEFORE Amanda) also spoke out about his abuse BEFORE 2014 but was called a liar bc she was also using heroin

Chelsea got back with Jonny because guess what? Emotional fucking manipulation. I guess this person doesn’t know that you can have loyalty and love for your abuser, even while/after they abuse you. It’s called being brainwashed

No. 651072

Taylor just posted a pic of Louis

No. 651074

Not wk but his voice isn’t that bad. Such a shame he’s an ass…

No. 651075

File: 1554425707941.jpg (65.11 KB, 640x640, 53827870_767125483658246_79408…)

Eh, at least she's not dangling it this time…

No. 651076

File: 1554425723186.png (524.54 KB, 500x808, Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 8.55…)

No. 651078

This kind of crap is such a red flag. No one in truly in recovery jokes like this.

No. 651079

File: 1554426235263.png (352.15 KB, 318x570, gottaflexx.png)


No. 651086

On the very first month? Really?

No. 651092

File: 1554429132377.png (1.67 MB, 1242x2208, 3E3FF210-0081-4FA9-8502-23CBE6…)

He’s too cheap to buy his own f’n license?!

No. 651097


nta but my place also has a grace period. Here it's just 3 days, but yes it's even for the first month, provided you paid all your move-in fees.

No. 651098

File: 1554431979151.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20190405-053742.png)

taylor is the tackiest person to ever live. makes my skin crawl to see her pets on fake grass while their cages are full of fake plants. fake everything

this is such a ridiculous looking setup. wtf is that chair?

No. 651103

Johnny: flexes about the house that's 1k over their (Taylor's) budget, flexes about all the computer stuff he NEEDED, flexes about all the furniture they're buying, new, for the house, offers to fly in and pay a tattoo artist to fix up some old work.

Also Johnny: "Can I use someone else's Windows key plz???"

No. 651125


Lol at spending that much money on a setup and not getting windows. Pathetic and shows how little he knows, as well as how much he relies on handouts.

No. 651165

This is hilarious. Windows 10 keys are super cheap if you know how to find em and sometimes for free. He’s an idiot that just googled “gaming computers” and ordered whatever google suggested. There’s no reason to get 3 monitors unless you’re a hardcore streamer, which they are not and will probably fail at it unless they start acting like crackheads then people will flood in to watch the mess. Lmao Jonny is trying so hard to fill some sort of void he can’t confront and Taylor is an airhead that doesnt know shit other than trying to get peoples attention online

No. 651166

What? There are reports of his abuse dating back to 2009 you can find with a quick google search

No. 651167

Ah yes, gaming where the center of your focus is… the edge of three screens. Enthusiast computers are so stupid.

A "spare windows key"? Who the fuck hoards windows 10 keys?

No. 651183

He also seemingly hired someone to put the computer together for him. He posted videos of him just watching someone else assemble it. Isn't that like half the fun for computer enthusiasts? Building the machine yourself? He obviously doesn't know shit about computers and just bought the most expensive elements, or the ones that people who actually know about computers recommended to him

No. 651187


Yep, and he’s not even interested in learning. He really thinks he’s going to get on pc & his twitch career is going to take off with Taylor in the background somewhere.

You can almost imagine the convos with the manbaby
“I want to stream from home and make money”
“Babe, you’re a musician. I do the YouTube thing”
stamps tiny foot encased in overpriced shoe
“IF YOU CAN MAKE MONEY STAYING AT HOME, SO CAN I. give me all your money, fan base, and delicious energy that I’ll use as my own to make this happen.

No. 651194

It’s funny because I’m a pretty well known streamer and my bf is a professional gamer and that monitor they got is just a yikes. It’s way too big for anyone serious in gaming. Bigger isn’t always better. It’s about the hertz. Also, they won’t do well on twitch. You have to be extremely dedicated or people lose interest

No. 651198


Is that picture of the computer set up posted on his Instagram page? Why post a screenshot to your story if you can just go and take a picture of the computer in two seconds. Unless it’s not his or the desk is already covered in their filth

No. 651211


i'm not even a streamer, just a viewer and gamer and even i think his set-up looks bad. every time the twitch thing comes up too, i've always said they'll be bad at it. in my view twitch falls into two categories, the streamers who are good at games (esport pros) or streamers who play games and are good at entertaining you. in this day and age, you usually have to be both or at least good at the game you're playing if it's online comp. ain't no one going to watch some bronze, low-tier gamer.

jonny actually thinking he can be successful or even make money off of twitch is hilarious.

No. 651212


Jonny def can’t. Taylor maybe because she’s decent looking and has her animals, but no one wants to watch a wrinkled ball sack mumbler. Bet he tries showing off Taylor’s tits for views

No. 651220

idk…im not sure its gonna work out for him, he can barely sit up in bed the 10 hours a day he's awake, let alone sit in a chair 4-6 hours a day 6 days a week for streaming steadily. no one is gonna watch a bloated man child who can barely speak coherently. he has zero charisma.

No. 651222


maybe if she goes full twitch thot, but quite frankly there are hotter girls than taylor on twitch

No. 651224

doubt she could handle the trolling that comes with that cause its a constant chat stream, she or he maybe could have thrived better in the justin.tv days but they didn't really make money then but had life casts people could make fun of.

No. 651226

All in all, I doubt Taylor could cut it because she relies on being heavily edited to her favor and not streaming live and no one wants to watch Jonny Craig's tongue lolling out of his face like a dying weasel as he tries to speak . I mean, have you seen his instagram stories where he just stares at the camera?

No. 651234

i actually love that he's going to try streaming. people can see what a piece of shit he is and we can watch him fail miserably.

No. 651239

File: 1554495249453.png (58.53 KB, 302x586, story10.png)

Thanks for clarifying, Jonny.

No. 651242

>spends $5k
>can't spend <$100

No. 651246

This looks like the type of shit old people have stapled to the ground in their front porches. I'm so embarrassed for her, thinking anything about this house is worth the price tag


>stamps tiny foot encased in overpriced shoe

Thank you anon, I cackled

No. 651247

File: 1554498669956.png (671.42 KB, 750x1334, B9407680-A77B-470E-9445-F3F751…)

Awwww someone hurt Jonny’s feewings! I love how he has to act so big and tough and like nothing bothers him. Idk man if you feel the need to bitch on social mediaevery time someone says something you consider mean to you, you don’t have thick skin.

Notice how having an expensive rental home and a shitty girlfriend to mooch off of somehow is his redeeming quality. Lmao, what a catch Taylor. Them constantly having to spend money shows how miserable they really are.

No. 651248

Spends 5k. Says Inpatient rehab costs too much.

No. 651251

…Royalties from what, though? I'm assuming he lost all royalties once he got kicked out of each band? Or does he still get some from the albums he was on? (Which even so cannot even be that much money…)

No. 651256

Royalties are a tricky thing since they're all based on what you contract in the first place. Does he have streaming rights? Just royalties on record sales? Merchandise? Did you contract for royalties in perpetuity? You get the idea. Usually they're peanuts, though. Like bands will get between $0.006 and $0.0084 per song per sale or stream on an online service, which is why so many bands depend on touring to stay solvent. You're not getting much unless you're with a big-name act. I doubt very much any band he's been in has hit it big enough to net him much in royalties.

Of course I don't know what exactly he's claiming when he says "5gs." Is that $5000 a month? A year? Maybe he could be getting $5000 a year in royalties, which really isn't anything to brag about when that amounts to a thousand more than one month's rent on the fugly house you're living in.

No. 651263

If this weasel makes that much in royalties can his ex not have that garnished to pay his outstanding hospital bills?!

No. 651266


They're totally still using. I hope she gets flamed to hell in her upcoming video.

No. 651271

5gs in royalties annually huh. balling. taylor must be so proud.

without touring this guy doesn't make a living wage.

No. 651279

$5,000 for a 3 monitor computer LMFAO. People are invested in computers and it's hardware knows you can get all that for CHEAP. Jonny and everyone else who tries to flex on how expensive their rig is are dumbasses. I'll be more shocked at those that can build a $5,000 rig but cost them $1,500 total.

It'll be hilarious if he's trying to run on 4k Max and we all see his computer struggle as it tries to bottleneck everything in 3 monitors live on twitch.

Also, if you give no fucks.. then why are you crying all the time, Jonny?

No. 651282


>>Also, if you give no fucks.. then why are you crying all the time, Jonny?

Seriously for someone who "don't give a shit" & has such a good life, he sure does give an obscene amount of attention to his 'haterz'…

No. 651284

File: 1554513627641.png (645.59 KB, 1080x2035, Screenshot_20190406-041913.png)

No. 651287

Make money how exactly? Streaming is only really profitable after you've put in the months of building your fan base and consistantly broadcasting. Why would Taylor jepordize her career by streaming with her junkie BF? I thought he was gonna go back to making music anyway.

No. 651290

I think that picture of the set up he posted is not his. Looks like he took a picture of that picture on a different screen and wrote "Goals" so that's what he's aiming for.

No. 651291

No. 651294

he needs consistent views and shit and hours spent streaming to even be considered to get a sub button. this dumbass really think he’s going to start streaming and ppl are just gonna donate left and right lol can’t wait to see all this not work out for them and they move on to whatever dumb money making idea from their junkie brains they think of next

No. 651295


Well, when he sucks all the money out of his fans, he'll just rely on Taylor to promote him so he can start leeching off her fanbase as well. Win-win!

No. 651335


Good to see he is taking recovery so serious

No. 651366

He has as much personality and charm as he does talent. Can’t be a successful streamer if you don’t have fans, can get your gfs fans if you have a history of treating people like shit.
I’d give him a generous 5 minutes of streaming before he’s belittling every single person in chat for god knows what ever reason.

No. 651368

He's gonna probably be bombarded with his sugar mama's teens asking for her and all her animals. I give em a couple of days/hours until they get tired of so much people asking them questions they don't want to answer and they won't be able to keep up with their lies until Jonny starts yelling at all his "HaTeRzz"

No. 651370


Oh I'm betting that before the end of his first stream he'll be throwing a hissy fit cause he won't have any control of the chat. I literally can't wait to hear him bitch about his "haters" in his stupid-ass baby voice. Those streams will be a gold mine for milk, I'm sure.

No. 651373

Is there a way to watch without adding to his viewer count? I know it doesn't take much to get affiliate (stream for 8 hours, stream on 7 different days, average of 3 viewers, and reach 50 followers.) With affiliate he can get a sub button, and therefore money.

(Partner is stream for 25 hours, stream on 12 different days, and average 75 viewers - according to the achievements page. With this forum alone he may be able to achieve the viewer count)

No. 651382

She did an ig story showing Mushu's new tank and said new video coming soon. Wonder when coming soon will be?

No. 651385

File: 1554578250588.jpg (648.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190406-121703_Ins…)

This is an imageboard.

No. 651386

File: 1554578292428.jpg (561.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190406-121714_Ins…)

Bonus shot of her new office.

No. 651388

I’m just so glad that poor thing isn’t above the dishwasher anymore.

No. 651389

Soon like; I'm gonna upload at the end of February. Wouldn't be surprised if its at the end of April. Truly, her work ethic is pathetic.

With all the money she spends you'd think she could at least upgrade her enclosures. That tank looks like something a 5th grader put together. She's got the time and the money to make some pretty sick looking setups. Just fuckin lazy I guess.

No. 651390


You don't even need all that much money to put together a nice set-up, you just need to care (and have the ability to do something more than half-assed, which she apparently does not).

No. 651394

>Martin Tribeca Loft Double Pedestal Desk with Hutch in Black $1576.88 on amazon

LOL she's an overspending idiot.

No. 651396


Yikes, for that? Looks like what we had our desktop on in 2002. Money can't buy taste apparently.

No. 651402

Any updates on her pettube "friends?" We know that anytime theyd do videos together, theyd use her name in the title for clicks - but with her now being an addict and just not a good look for their rep, have they been sticking around?

No. 651408

She spends $1576.88 for an outdated desk inside her outdated home and tosses Mushu's tank with fake plants.

I wonder what goes on in her small tiny brain of hers?

No. 651416

i know your question is rhetorical but there’s definitely something to be said about people who would rather throw thousands of dollars at an item when they could get one of the same quality for much less. i’ve noticed a lot of youtubers who peaked overnight slowly gaining that attitude toward a lot of things. even people with good intentions seem to get in over their heads (king of DIY for example, i know he’s not super well liked on here but i believe his heart is in the right place) and end up amassing all these basically useless luxury goods that mean nothing to them because money is no longer an object. in taylor’s case it even goes as far as buying designer animals with hefty price tags only to let them die of neglect anyway once the novelty wears off. i’d bet money there’s a name for this or studies done about it, it could explain a lot of her hoarding behaviour besides her usual excuses.

No. 651417

Nouveau riche. Aka "money can't buy class"

No. 651419

On one hand, I'm glad she's off the dishwasher. On the other, she's next to a window and Taylor is never going to clean those million plants. And you can see from here that the powerfilter is on full blast, which is only going to continue to stress Mushu.

No. 651431

I dont think that's a new tank though is it?

No. 651437

Taylor and any person who buys things for the price instead of their value and/or practicality is painfully new money, that's what it is.

She's immature and financially irresponsible, with an equally immature and financially irresponsible manchild of a boyfriend. She's more blinded by how expensive something is instead of thinking it through.

People who are either born into wealth or ridiculously wealthy tend to be super lowkey about it, because they don't want to drive attention to themselves. New money people usually go for the flashy things as a way to assert themselves into the social sphere they want to be part of, aka validation. It's all so other wealthy people validate them.

Plus she thinks YouTube is an endless pit of money that'll last her totally 4eva so it's expected for her to literally blow her money on the most bizarre/tacky/useless shit she can find.

No. 651438


>>It's all so other wealthy people validate them.

I mean, why else would she move into a rich neighborhood?

No. 651493

No, same tank. She's saying it's a new video of transporting Mushu and setting up the tank in the new house. Makes you wonder, if she's making a video specifically about transporting Mushu, does that mean she moved her after all the other animals? She left Mushu behind for a bit longer? Was Mushu stuck in a sterilite tub with no proper filtration somewhere in a closet in the old place for an extra couple weeks? And if it's a full re-setup, guessing the tank probably cycled for like all of a day before she plopped poor Mushu in. Even with pre-populated filter media, oof.
Pretty much all speculation here, but that's how I'm reading the fact that she's singling out Mushu's transport from the rest and the fact that she's mentioning a process of setting up the exact same tank she's been in.

No. 651496

Funny to see a guy who's wasting away and will be dead within a decade bragging about the marginally useful material crap he has. A few desktop monitors and a few thousand in glorified NEETbux aren't going to make your twilight years any more productive or meaningful, Johnny.

No. 651500

That monitor is really popular from gamers to streamers, what are you talking about?
And its 144 hz so doesn't really matter. Since 240 hz is a waste of money since the difference is so small.

No. 651504

This setup is not bad like everyone is saying..
But he's gonna strain his neck a lot.
My guess is that the two lower monitors is for gaming, and the one above for streaming.
His computer wont bottleneck.
I am 100% sure that someone with computer knowledge helped him pic out the computer. And if you want the newest/best then computers will be expensive. The parts are 'only' $2300. And thats really good for an extreme computer.

No. 651506


See >>651291

No. 651507

File: 1554619934766.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190406-234937 - C…)

Screenshot for easier viewing. There are a few insta posts with the same photo of the setup.

No. 651538

I wish she would drop the money to get mushu a lowboy. That tanks looks like an overly crowded mess that wont get properly cleaned because Taylor doesn't want to take everything out properly, with a lowboy at least mushu would have cruising space . And with them having an entire house with plenty of space there's no reason why she shouldn't, especially after getting her man child $5,000 or more of computer/gaming stuff

No. 651542

I'm okay with the size since it's at least a long, but all the stuff in it is an issue. It's too much and Taylor isn't going to clean it. Which is going to cause fungus again. And to have all those fake plants but keep a bare bottom is a very confusing choice.

No. 651547

or she can remove all that crap in that tank and actually organize it like how she's doing with her $2000 desk. It's not that hard, she can easily youtube another youtuber on how to but I bet her ego won't let her even watch another channel that's better than her (I even know who she can look up). a Lowboy will probably just be even more crowded and Mushu won't have any space AT ALL to move around.

No. 651553

File: 1554667843373.png (2.55 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-04-07-16-10-11…)


No. 651554

This is sad

No. 651558


Yeah, "force" her to sit somewhere uncomfortable in the house that she undoubtedly pays for the most.

No. 651559

You were just flexing your ugly sofa, Jonny.
Also food and drink on the cat tower? Classy, can't wait to see it become a dumping ground within a week.

No. 651560

Shit… she looks like she’s fucking disassociating.

No. 651563


She's probably pretending to pout & look all cute & 'smol', but she actually looks depressed af.

No. 651565

This is like the first time in a while I genuinely want to go knock on her door and physically remove her from that whole situation. She looks thoroughly ruined

No. 651568

They don't know how to throw away their nasty ass shit, just look at their apartment pics. She's so broken its not even funny.

TBH It's not 100% her fault but she let her life get this way, shes gotta live with her choices. Shes smart enough that she could turn it around (Dump Jonny + trashy friends, rehome animals) but she won't because deep down she's afraid of being alone.

No. 651569


Good job taking yet another embarrassing photo of Taylor & posting it publicly, Jonny!

No. 651570

Don't save her she don't wanna be saved

No. 651582

File: 1554672859671.png (276.83 KB, 274x536, story13.png)


Now here's Jonny's actual setup!

No. 651583

File: 1554672916028.png (348.54 KB, 324x609, dash.PNG)

what the hell is on that dashboard( 7.3 Milkless social media statuses and images)

No. 651584

File: 1554673044166.png (783.36 KB, 607x598, thighs.PNG)

those thighs definitely look like they've blown up from january

No. 651585

File: 1554673057437.jpg (186.52 KB, 1242x1248, SC5L24F.jpg)

Continuing to downplay the fact that she was addicted to drugs to her 12 year old stans.

No. 651586

Can't believe no one pointed out the atrocious water level. Some of the plants are even sticking out past the water.

No. 651589

Ya no water changes taking place there.

At least throw in some moss balls or floating plants, they will absorb that excess waste. Probably got too much light for mushu anyway. From my understanding they don't like to much light. Boggles my how an "animal educator" can justify fake plants. Planted is the only way to go if you truly care about animal health.

No. 651590

>>651582 He looks like he's choking. Please, put your tongue away Jonny.

No. 651591

Well fuck lol I've got that keyboard, it costs like $30 kek. Not exactly as amazing as he's trying to make it out to be.

No. 651594

She literally just moved, so I have no idea why water changes would have anything to do with it. To me it sounds like she set up the tank again when she moved it.

No. 651596

It was more evident in her previous photos that there were alot of hardwater marks. This means she hasn't been keeping up on maintenance and pretty much just neglecting the tank. Your right tho probably just reset up and left water lower.

No. 651598

She doesn't pay attention to any of her tanks enough to be a good aquarist, and most of her tanks have marks from that. However, I do think this photo seems more like she reset the tank, though, so I don't think it's relevant to Mushu right now. Just more proof of her shitty care.

No. 651599

His face and eyes always look sooo swollen. His NEET rig is surely going to take him places. He's just gonna stay at home and game, do drugs order pizza, repeat. Anyone who's in that position is very unhappy with life.

No. 651601

You are correct, they don't like a lot of light because they don't have eyelids . Having the tank set by a window with direct sunlight light is not an ideal choice

No. 651614

spends $5k+ on computer set up, doesn't buy two chairs (since it's supposedly both of them doing twitch, I would think that would be an obvious necessity…)

No. 651615

A monitor like that is sooooo unnecessary for gaming and streaming lmao. Not only will he have issues with his gpu possibly bottle necking while streaming; but also with adjusting the resolution of that for streaming programs, it will definitely take a pretty big toll on his cpu

No. 651616

Tbh she looks skinnier than she was before. Wouldnt be shocked if she’ll lose more since she’s into drugs and all. She looks more depressed and tired in all her new pics.. i would think she would look more glowing with happiness that she’s in a house now with plenty of money but money can’t buy happiness, Taylor, no matter how hard you try

No. 651617

And with all the bullshit he’s probably going to be downloading due to his stupidity while he tries to use Norton in hopes of fixing it then start crying on his stories again. . lmaoo

No. 651620

File: 1554686413512.png (191.85 KB, 1439x828, Capture _2019-04-07-21-19-10.p…)

Taylor claims she bought the desk for 150

No. 651624

you guys are talking about the monitor as if he actually intends to commit to this, lol. i’m 99% sure a large part of why he accrues all these luxury items is so that he can resell them after their inevitable breakup to keep himself and his addiction afloat

No. 651625

It's possible. She hasn't been a beacon of truth though.

I agree their breakup is inevitable. I wouldn't be able to look my SO with respect if they were wasting their life away with Drugs/games at 33. heck in 7 years he'll be 40 gross.

No. 651646

I'd give it a month until that setup is ruined by some kind of virus. There is no way he won't throw a tantrum if a virus gets on there, so I bet he will throw it out like the brat he is.

No. 651647


It seems weird to me that she mentioned the price as if she was lurking… if someone asked you where this was from wouldn't you just say "I got it at a home consignment store, idk where it would be originally from" since the price would be irrelevant to someone since they can't access it?

No. 651653

You know they lurk here all the time. All they do is stay home and play games so i’m sure their self absorbed selves will lurk here. Hell, even one of Jonny’s Tabs had himself on it in one of his stories lmao. They probably bookmarked this site

No. 651658

omg wait when was this

No. 651659

Was this ever posted to the board? I don't remember seeing that. If it was, that'd be great.

No. 651679

No his cpu is good, and can handle that. There's literally only a 0.9% chance his cpu will bottleneck even with three monitors.
Stop trying to trash talk his computer, its a beast.

No. 651683

it was posted in one of the previous threads

can we be done with the computer braggery, it's tiring

No. 651729

Oh good we get to hear a lithping sthinger mixed with a case of cotton balls in the mouth while singing to an algae filled fountain…. sit down ginger I wouldn’t brag about it

No. 651732

File: 1554742367807.png (312.34 KB, 323x628, algae.PNG)

god look at all that fuckin algae

No. 651743

File: 1554746513139.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 7D71B1EA-BA01-4F9F-BBCC-987FC6…)


No. 651749


Good lord, no wonder the guy's always wearing oversized hoodies

No. 651755

Wow, she does look broken / not herself. But she chose to be with this man who was never a good idea to begin with.
Now, the comment above, an anon said something about her thighs blowing up since January - is that really necessary?

No. 651756

Also, he looks disgusting. I would have preferred not to see that reflection.

Ps: would that be a coke bloat he has going on? Lol

No. 651758

He probably has a small dick too ew

No. 651760

Anyone know why TND and Emilie Rose aren’t following each other / “friends” anymore? I see she’s still friends with that Emma (a wanna be TND) girl.

No. 651761

Lol for real!!! This dentures make him sound horrible. Completely changed his singing. He’s a shit person but I used to love his voice. Now I couldn’t turn off the story fast enough!

No. 651762


The petfest crew were at an expo in Dallas at the end of March. It's possible some of them tried to plan to meet up with Taylor and she blew them off or something but that's complete speculation.

No. 651775

They're probably keeping their distance. They wont jeopardize their YT careers, Taylor doesn't want help "everything's fine". She needs to start being more honest with herself and her problems.

No. 651778


Water features like that are hard to maintain without chemicals, and chemicals are going to make the water dangerous for her animals. There's no good option with that ugly fountain.

No. 651786

Jesus… she really does look horribly miserable. But I also agree with the anons pointing out, she wanted this. She doesn’t want to be saved. So many have tried to step forward and help her, almost every single person she’s associated with has spoken against Jonny. Everyone’s already said how toxic he is for her. He’s isolated her so badly and given her the “us vs the world” attitude. She has no friends or family to really support her or care about her.

Well if you’re miserable with him, I guess buying your manlet lots of toys and excessively spending money on things you don’t need is one way to keep the peace and attempt to stay happy, isn’t it? What a shit life. All the money/easy income in the world couldn’t make me want to be prisoner to this kind of sad, shitty life.

No. 651792

When their relationship fails she's gonna look back at all the time she's wasted and cry.

She does seem to have an "I can fix the badboy" syndrome. Guess it kinda backfired when she got addicted to the smack.
All her animal care and hoarding is deep rooted in some psycological shit. She's trying to take care of things because "noone-was-there-to-take-care-of-me-wahh". Gotta grow up and realize nobody is gonna look after you except yourself.

No. 651824


he legit has the body shape of my 60 year old dad

that's fucking nasty, imagine this bloated sack rubbing up against you every night. bloody hell taylor, you can do so much better.

No. 651858

We were all so busy betting on which animals would die during the move that I hadn't even considered that the correct answer might be the remains of Taylor's soul. Jesus.

No. 651866

Oh my God. I've honestly never seen JC before. I assumed he was at least an 8/10. This ugly fuck is barely a 3. Wtf Taylor. Good lord, honey. I'm a fatty 5 and wouldn't even give this abortion looking fuck the time of day. Jesus he's a down right loser. How did this happen… HOW!? HOW DO MY FELLOW WOMEN LIKE HIM??? I'm honest to God confused.

No. 651871

He truly is disgusting (inside and out). She could do so SOO much better.

No. 651879

File: 1554811716102.jpg (1.98 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190409_140804861.j…)


No. 651896


We're all confused, girl. He's seriously fucking ugly to look at, like no joke he's not attractive at all. Coupled with the fact he's a washed up pop rock star, rapist druggie who is essentially a homeless leech… where's the appeal? He's actually disgusting lol

No. 651904

Quality content, thank u anon for curing my depression.

No. 651906

This made me laugh till I peed a little.
Thank you, anon.

No. 651908


Apparently his appeal is his voice, but he sings like any teen/young-adult pop-star from the early 2000's

No. 651931

File: 1554846514229.jpeg (540.77 KB, 1242x1161, 7FD2C9D1-FE5B-424E-A63D-361779…)

This is the mother of jonnys child that hes a deadbeat to, right?

No. 651932

This or something like this should be used for next thread, hilarious.

No. 651933


He has a daughter. Even if this was his ex, she is unrelated to the drama and should not be posted.

No. 651935

Lmao that's not his baby mama you idiot.

No. 651936


No. This is a friend of Liz, one of Jonny's ex girlfriends.

No. 651942

No it’s not. I mean, she probably claims that but… it’s just some chick who tries to make friends with all his ex’s and insert herself into this whole mess. I’m pretty sure she was behind a few of the old Johnny takedown twitter accounts. Her and Amanda and Amanda’s mom were threatening legal action against each other for a while.

No. 652000


I don’t get this and I feel stupid… I don’t see the connection to Frodo and Gandalf someone explain it to me?

No. 652004

Jonny is a hobbit.

No. 652006

How tall is he? I'm guessing he can't be any taller than 5'6'' wearing his ugly sneakers.

No. 652010

No. 652034

File: 1554888728571.jpeg (612.48 KB, 1242x1101, 0E192471-F707-488F-B003-DF6DDB…)

No. 652036


He fancies himself a hardware engineer now?

>try to learn how "too" stream


No. 652051

Is he actually saying he's going to build a computer IN his computer? Also we already saw he didn't even build his own kek he had someone come over and do it while he watched

No. 652053

No it sounds like he got a new computer case and he’s going to move all the new parts into it.

No. 652060

i meant to compare taylor to frodo and jonny to gandalf cus he looks like an old man lol even though he is more like a hobbit like the anon said

No. 652061

He seriously thinks people are going to give a fuck to watch him playing video games?
And his solo stuff? I need to see how many people are actually going to watch that shit. If he's not in a band, why would anyone care? Plus he would be doing all the social media marketing all by himself. Or inb4 he buys all his followers and views. He's going to be such a failure and I'm so here for it.

No. 652067



It means he found a fancier case and wants that one for himself. Likely a tempered glass case that flashes colors. He’s giving Taylor this one that he has deemed unworthy. She pays for it and doesn’t even get to pick out her own case- lol.

No. 652071

What games will he even play? Because I highly doubt that he offers any skill to the popular games.

No. 652084


Probably whatever is popular right now. Honestly, it’s unfortunate because I’d love to see him fall on his face, but I think he will do fine on Twitch for a while. Lots of people want to talk & game with almost celebs. Just the people who are curious & want to roast him will be more viewers than the average new streamer can pull in. He will do fine until he destroys himself & disappears again.

No. 652088

I think he'll always have a small audience interested in watching because they're fans or they want to roast him. I don't think he'll be very successful though. He doesn't have the ability to commit.

No. 652122

Honestly, he'll make money off of donations if he's smart. There's another (completely irrelevant) streamer who gets spammed with things calling him bald and other insults in his donations which makes him a ton of money. He'll be relatively successful if he plays it right.

No. 652128

>in this atrium i have in MY house
>IM already changing MY computer tower and IM building Taylor’s

Alot of “I”s in this paragraph. Lmao. You sure did pick a supportive, caring, and financially supportive boyfriend, Taylor.

No. 652133

File: 1554930829917.png (1.8 MB, 750x1334, 45054AED-8521-488D-B82E-5AF65C…)

Taylor just posted this, how old was she in 2014?

No. 652134

File: 1554930860239.png (3.96 MB, 750x1334, 4C74F99B-A851-4851-9765-741A0D…)

No. 652135

File: 1554930887380.png (4.26 MB, 750x1334, A9D25247-DE06-443B-A2DF-D54D05…)

No. 652137

16/17 depending on when the picture was taken

No. 652141

File: 1554932581405.png (98.93 KB, 494x660, Capture.PNG)

why does he always go back and forth between begging for shit and flexing about buying expensive shit. it's bizarre

No. 652143

she kinda looks like a tranny here lol

No. 652152


she doesnt even look like herself but then again she is like 17 in those pics.

No. 652162

Maybe cuz Taylor said no or it’s his way to ask something else from her

No. 652166

But WoW is a subscription unless you already have in-game gold to pay for it…

No. 652168

I believe it's free until level 20 (if you buy the base game), but your point still stands that if he actually wants the endgame experience he'll need to get a subscription lol

No. 652169

“why was i better looking then” because of drugs, Taylor. obviously because of drugs.

No. 652173

It's almost like hard drugs have a debilitating effect not only on your insides, but also the outside, imagine that.

No. 652175

File: 1554943626481.jpeg (952.37 KB, 1228x1560, 34B6B300-FA87-4717-93E6-967AFE…)

No. 652180

File: 1554944805169.png (63.79 KB, 416x370, Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 9.05…)

Do they not realize the irony or are they actually making light of the fact he's a horrible father

No. 652182

File: 1554946484557.jpeg (277.18 KB, 828x1453, 5DE1B8A5-69D7-4469-99BB-6A22AA…)

Even with a shit ton of makeup and photoshop, you can still see the pick marks / scabs

No. 652184

Sum buddys got daddy issues…


Probably just acne, drug users definitely have terrible skin but im not seeing any scabs.

No. 652187

File: 1554946923894.png (640.97 KB, 1080x2050, Screenshot_20190411-043941.png)

he's had his pc for 3 days and he's already fucking with it.

she looks miserable imo

No. 652190

Wow. The pick marks are totally noticeable. I can easily count 7. Yea, everyone gets acne but not all of a sudden right when you get addicted to drugs.

No. 652191

File: 1554948307629.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190410-220432.png)

she looks like she's in pain in this picture, like she's screaming internaly

No. 652192


"I've made a huge mistake."

No. 652194

Holy shit, that looks like a gigantic bruise on her arm. Is that from the drugs?? Or is Johnny beating her?

No. 652199

That fugly ass couch. Looks like something you'd get at salvation army in 1999

No. 652200

That seriously looks awful, can't even be disregarded as 'easy bruising' and shadows.

No. 652201

Note that he's covering that arm in their picture together

No. 652204

Now that i noticed the bruise that pic of them looks so awkward, like he's obviously trying to cover it up. You can see the bruise aswell in the first pic of the photoset on her instagram.

No. 652205

She looks like she's being held hostage.

No. 652208

That gaze is so empty and lost. Concerned for her.

No. 652209

Her hand looks awful and if you zoom up there's bruises on both her arms by her elbows too. If someone wasn't sure that shes still using I think this picture is pretty damning

No. 652217

File: 1554954075659.png (199.53 KB, 307x547, tayhand.png)

No. 652220

that hand looks roooough…

I don't think we're gonna see a video anytime soon. Too much damming evidence.

No. 652223

Jfc… she quite literally never looks happy. She looks so fucking dead in her eyes. It’s so scary seeing what Jonny has done to her. She has no life left in her. Is so clear she’s just going through the motions at this point. I almost feel bad for her.
But then I remember she chose him, pushed away every individual who’s ever tried to help her. Chose to defend him for the horribly human being he is, and let him enable her to be a horrible person too. She wanted this, but I’m not sure she foresaw having the life sucked out of her this bad. Everyone tried to warn and help her.

No. 652224

you’d think she would be smart enough by now to not show these bruises and marks in her pictures. maybe it’s a cry for help?

No. 652225

At this point I feel like everything is a cry for help. The last 10 pictures we’ve seen of her, she looks absolutely miserable. She doesn’t try to bother hiding anything. Jonny’s the one that hides things.
But even if it is a cry for help, I 100% guarantee if someone tried to help her out of this situation right now, she’d yet again push them away like she did to everyone else.

No. 652226

Nah man those are scabs. Acne doesn't look like that, it would look a bit more pink/red and bumpy, even if it was just acne scars.

No. 652227

Are those marks fresh?

No. 652232


I don't want to jump to conclusions about the bruise/mark on her arm, but that looks pretty nasty and painful. I want to attribute it to something like an accident during the move, but I'm scared that this is related to the drugs or violence.

No. 652235

just what I was thinking. her hand looks scabby and her shoulder looks like she was slammed against something.

No. 652245

File: 1554971620611.jpeg (251.27 KB, 1242x1148, 921BB834-F331-4A7F-BFBE-D0CA67…)

lol what happened to “this is turning out amazing i love it” you have so much money at your disposal yet can’t find a good tattoo artist

No. 652256

File: 1554986693656.png (3.55 MB, 828x1792, AA835D29-492D-4BD3-A6C5-5F5701…)

No. 652257

so she's back to using heat and extensions, why can't she just leave it be and maybe use wigs? it's never going to look normal until she lets it grow out completely. the difference between her own hair and her extensions is so obvious with her own hairs hay like texture

No. 652258

"Get it redone"

I'm no tattoo artist, but you'll probably need to get that lasered before anyone can improve it Taylor.

No. 652262

Looking at it, as someone who’s had several tattoos reworked, it is possible if they thicken the lines to make them more consistent and then just saturate the shading better. Nothing can fix the poor composition but even just shading better would do it wonders.

No. 652272

She looks..swollen? I guess that's the right word, not like she's gained weight but like her face is actually swelling ?

No. 652276

was that the croc tattoo?

No. 652277

Looks bulimia cheeky to me. Unless she carries fat in her face in a real strange way.

Do people other than junkies talk about the 'ditch' of their arm? Straight question. I never heard anyone call it that until then.

No. 652279

No, it's the shitty snake heart

Yes, that's what that part of the arm is called lol

No. 652282

Kek it’s funny watching her lies slip out. Constantly lying about how happy she is, example “I love this tattoo so much I’m so happy with it!” Comes out later, “yeah it’s a bad tattoo I’m gonna cover up lolz” lmao that really is the story of her life. Lying to the world about how happy she is in her relationship, but years down the road there will probably be storytime videos about how she was so horribly manipulated.

You DO have a choice, Taylor. Gtfo and get away from him.

No. 652283


If she does get out, imagine the stories she'd tell. Imagine all of the young girls she could save just by telling her story!

No. 652284

That's what it will turn to either way.

I do wonder how their money situation looks considering she hasn't done anything for months and views for older videos must be somewhat low.

No. 652290

I remember some people here stated that anatomical hearts are some kind of drug humor. (I didn't get it tbh)
Maybe she simply regrets her meaning of the tattoo? I mean she wouldnt say yeah, I don't like having a symbol for my drug habit on my arm, right?

No. 652293

sry samefaq, that is the post I meant


No. 652294

She definitely thinks it's ugly, she first wanted to get her whole sleeve done by that porn actor dude that did the croc head and heart but then noped out cause the heart turned out like shit. When she was finished with the tattoo she never really took a picture of it either iirc, it was only ever short looped videos if anything.

No. 652296


When she first posted the linework she got a LOT of criticism about it, so she never posted a finished photo and deleted the post of the linework.

It's been ugly from the beginning, thoughts competent artist might have been able to make it nice.

No. 652306

If she does get out, it'll just be a prolonged train wreck. He'll just keep harassing her like he does his other exes to show he still owns and controls her because she'll keep responding to him like some of the others do. If she goes I hope she just completely cuts contact no matter what shit he flings, but she won't. She'll keep letting him pull her strings by responding to everything he says.

No. 652307

File: 1555009028970.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-145542.png)

peep the caption. Apparently this is her "return to YouTube" outfit

No. 652308

samefag/doublepost but she legit looks like she forgot how to smile and is doing it for the first time in months. it does not reach her eyes

also her extensions are trash, do not match her hair at all, and are only going to cause more damage and hair loss in the end. she's so stupid. but now I understand why she got them, so she can feel like ~the queen of pettube~ again even though she fell from grace almost three months ago now (and hasn't posted for one-third of the past year)

No. 652309


"I'm happy. No, really! I'm the happiest I've… ever been!"

No. 652310

She has the worst taste in fashion I think I've ever seen on youtube. She looks like she crawled out of a trailer park.

No. 652311

Attempt at looking fancy??? Wow wow wow. Imagine like, going somewhere with a nice dresscode in that and not being allowed in for looking like a literal streetwalker. I mean wear what you like, girl, whatever. But she’s so sadly fashionably misguided just like every other part of her life. Classless white trash would find this fancy.

No. 652312

It's the whole arianna grande, black culture appropriation look. It's just trendy right now, just like the whole lip filler Kardashian thing. It'll pass.

I'm guessing comments disabled in her upcoming video. Could've propelled the pet industry to higher standards of care and responsibility. Downright shame shes slipped this far.

No. 652315

I was thinking the same thing!! She looks like she literally forgot how to genuinely smile. Her eyes look so dead even though she’s trying to “smile”. Fuck she looks so miserable, her whole life is just this big fake show… but at least some people can pretend they’re happy and make others believe it. She’s fighting to pretend she’s ok and that she’s happy but god her attempt is awful; she looks just miserable.

No. 652325

File: 1555015039312.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1794, Screenshot_20190411-143647~2.p…)

Look who FINALLY decided that her axolotl needed a chiller

No. 652331

File: 1555016063924.png (655.31 KB, 616x584, story15.png)

No. 652335

File: 1555016630236.png (8.48 MB, 1125x2436, 46D4FD71-7B55-473F-9F1A-28F8EA…)

Someone posted part of this story but I couldn’t tell Maui is actually in the water until I watched it myself so here’s another snippet of it.

No. 652338

FINALLY! "It's a little too warm in here for her but guys she was totally fine on top of the dishwasher!!" idiot.

No. 652339

She is actually letting her snakes into that fountain I can't…

No. 652340


It doesn't look too deep for them, besides, Maui's probably thrilled to have some hydration after all those times they've been left with a bone-dry water bowl!

No. 652341

File: 1555017346255.png (1.69 MB, 828x1792, EE584956-92CB-4606-82EF-306FAE…)

Maybe you shouldn’t let Maui in it then?? Ball pythons are not aquatic animals the heck?

No. 652345

It's still not good for them tho. Ball pythons are exactly 0% aquatic. You're not even supposed to soak them in water, they're not good swimmers. Even a few inches of water is dangerous to a ball python. It's bad for their skin if you soak them too often,and they can drown, even in a bathtub with a few inches.

No. 652348

File: 1555017820336.png (270.87 KB, 565x570, duck.PNG)

wow i hope she's not being serious? there's no way she'd be able to handle taking care of ducks. they get extremely depressed alone, she'd need at least two of them. that little pond is nowhere near large enough for just one duck, let alone two. ducks poop every 30 minutes, a nightmare if she ever brought it inside, and lets not even get started on the upkeep of the atrium. she cant even keep the water from turning green lmao.

No. 652349

>I know my pond is green af it's cycling
a pond like this will never not be green. bright light + no plants + no chemicals = algae

No. 652350

What is one day TND just got off social media and we can just let this thread die.

In other news. From the video it looks like Maui went to the water on his own. She didnt drop him in there and say go swim or anything. Common sense would say she hopefully stood right there and pulled him out quick. But who knows with her?

but i also do wonder why she does weird shit like that when she knows there an entire forum waiting to talk about it….

No. 652351

File: 1555018085539.png (206.66 KB, 356x374, help me.png)

No. 652352

>What is one day TND just got off social media and we can just let this thread die.
she literally can't do it, that's why she's a cow.

I don't think she's serious tbh

No. 652362

File: 1555020304572.jpeg (145.87 KB, 750x681, BA2CC047-A29B-459B-B2C8-549E9E…)

No. 652365

File: 1555021463041.png (190.42 KB, 450x217, TND-Then Now.png)

Then & Now

No. 652369

She looks like a completely different person now

No. 652373

Aw Taylor must not be giving Mama Dean the attention she craves

No. 652381

If her video is anything like these pictures, she'll go full Marina Joyce. Creepy smile and dead eyes, covered in bruises, a shadow of her former self. This is actually sad, it would be sadder if she hadn't been a fucking dumbass who chose to destroy her life.

No. 652398

See how much smaller the eyes on the left are? How the outer corners of the eyes wrinkle? That's a genuine smile.
On the right? Shit looks as dead as her cowfish. (Too soon?)

No. 652399

I can't even say yay because "too little too late" is an unbelievable understatement. I cannot believe what she's done to Mushu. The sheer fact that she's done permanent damage to an animal that can regenerate 95% of its body…
At this point, I honestly wonder if it might be more humane to consider putting Mushu down. She's got to be suffering constantly. Her gills are so shrunken, she basically has underwater severe asthma.

No. 652402

ok so I joined the discord and he's such a dimwit.

he doesn't know the first thing about streaming. he didn't know that subscriptions are paid on Twitch. he didn't know any streamers (people were recommending him dr disrespect and he was like dr who?). he didn't know what a fucking bot is. who even put the idea of streaming into his head? he obviously isnt into the community.

he was also talking about how his haters and psychotic exes had probably infiltrated the voice chat (you can make it require a rank to avoid randos jfc).

No. 652407

Do you know if the invite was still working before you posted this? I got curious after your comment and the codes dead

No. 652408

no idea, I joined earlier today

No. 652411

File: 1555034196815.png (270.5 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190411-215603.png)

"by Saturday"

which Saturday? Saturday, May 4th?

No. 652414

Good to have proof for when she inevitably deletes this.

No. 652416

File: 1555035062500.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190412-050922.png)

looks like she lets her ball soak.

No. 652420

Can you post some screenshots?

No. 652421

File: 1555036063902.jpg (49.73 KB, 1202x677, 2019-04-11_20-53-02.jpg)

this was all in the voice channel, there was bunch of people there. nothing very milky in the text, he's just flexing his pc, funko pop collection and posting selfies.

No. 652425

Didnt she say like a week ago they were using chemicals to make the pond not green or am I imagining this…

No. 652426

You really shouldn't let animals into these sort of water features. They aren't intended to be green, there is a chlorine like coating on the sides to prevent algae build up. Not only this but they become a breeding ground for mosquitos, parasites and harmful bacteria. Ie. swimming in poorly maintained pool and getting an ear infection.

Algae attracts bugs, bugs attract birds, bird shit in pool, parasites get in the water through shit, animal gets internal parasite. Not a good picture. What shes doing is irresponsible and idiotic. Plus shes gotta re quarantine every-time she takes em outside.

No. 652429

Not to mention build up crap in there they would have to be pressure washed out later. But hey! not my house…

No. 652430


Of course it's nothing but impotent flexxing.

(Must he always look like he's either retching or just smelled a fart?)

No. 652432

Yeah she definitely said there were cleaning chemicals in it because it was all bubbly like they'd added some kind of soap. I don't know enough about water features to say whether there are any animal safe chemicals to clean these things but at this point I know enough about TND to assume she didn't even bother to try to find one.

>>652426 all of this, yes.

If she only takes out one or two animals a day a few hours apart I guess they might be okay on the fake grass, assuming she doesn't take anything new out there and risk spreading mites? Most bacteria would dry out in the sun with sufficient time between exposure to a new animal, but that water is a different story entirely.

No. 652437

Coincidence Taylor’s tattoos are in the perfect locations to cover up track marks from needles?? Hmmm maybe that’s why she can’t show us yet? Still lingering track marks from recent use? Infections for heroin needles on a fresh tattoo? Also of course he is trying to steam now. He’s can’t put out music yet because that would require people to do that for him, and it’s way to soon after getting kicked out of yet another band. In his mind he can make money by doing nothing but video games and flexing and Taylor could probably set that up for him because that would once again require some work on his part. Plus I’m sure he’s thinking he can gain whatever fans Taylor has left by trying to get people to save dogs from the humane society, and have them subscribe him.

No. 652438

he's hopeless at the technical side of streaming. he could barely figure out discord. he modded some fans who set it all up for him. i guess someone will help him out again when he sets up his stream. i doubt he will pull many viewers besides his few fans because hes so uncharismatic and unpleasant to listen to. and i dont think taylors fans are the type to watch gaming streams.

No. 652441

File: 1555039972198.png (1.82 MB, 1080x2065, Screenshot_20190412-063216.png)

No. 652443


lol? i wonder if taylor would be throwing money at this new hobby of his if she realized how many thirsty girls are on games these days. with that ego of his and his history of cheating, this just seems like a whole new area for him to flirt on.

No. 652453

File: 1555045893775.jpeg (153.02 KB, 1125x908, ED68C000-56E0-4432-86CD-E9F771…)

No. 652454


Did he name his server gods dick? Wtf?

No. 652457

Yes. Does this really surprise you lol

No. 652483

What are you talking about with the "fresh tattoo"? AFAIK her last tattoo was that Boo tattoo on her thigh.

I think Jonny only did the dog thing twice, yeah? I'm not diligent with watching his story.

No. 652492

It's so funny that when she said she was going to use it for enrichment I thought she was actually going to get them things to get enrichment from inside the atrium. I should have known better. So there being water and large rocks, and fresh air = enrichment? What an idiot lol

No. 652493

Holy shit…. she doesn’t even look like the same person. She looked so happy and full of life. Now she just looks… totally dead. Her whole comeback video is probably just going to be her looking miserable like this, and shitty, uninteresting vlog footage. With comments and the like/dislike ratio disabled of course.

No. 652494

I know we pretty much have to ask so often “what happened to x animal?” Because she has too damn many. But I haven’t seen her rats in what feels like quite a while. Where are they?

Everyone knows you lurk here Tay so I’m sure I’ll get to see a 2 second glimpse of them in her story within the next few days.

No. 652495

gonna be like: they were "rehomed" aka killed

No. 652498

She made them (the girls) her Twitter header so I think they’re alive.

No. 652504


For an animal that needs to be handled for hours daily, we see fuck all about her rats. How depressing for them.

No. 652516

i'm in vc with JC right now…apparently TND isn't up yet. it's 11 am there.

No. 652518

Not surprising. She obviously doesn't know how to take care of herself. Probably up all night binging junk food and social media.

No. 652532

why does he keep making that face its so gross???

No. 652537

I'm surprised he didn't make a discord sooner. It's a great way for people to kiss his ass all day every day.

No. 652543

File: 1555094798317.png (10.14 KB, 552x95, alskdjasdlkj.PNG)

looks like he will be streaming soon

No. 652546

File: 1555094960259.png (9.23 MB, 1242x2208, 32C100DA-B680-479A-94A5-48F89C…)

Already trying to find a way out of the video she’s been “editing” for over a week.

No. 652547

Pearly boy? More like denture dork with a mouth full of marbles

No. 652549

File: 1555095144906.jpg (50.62 KB, 1010x569, 2019-04-11_23-27-33.jpg)

seriously, his teeth are disgusting.

in animal news, he posted pics of ghost, star and lego in the discord today.

No. 652551

Can you please post them, then? That's a little more useful than Jonny's hideous mug.

No. 652552


Her fans would watch her taking a shit & applaud it, don't back out now, Taylor!

No. 652557

File: 1555095753344.png (370.08 KB, 398x1057, fgsdgs.PNG)

ease up anon, they didnt seem quite interesting enough but here you go.

No. 652558

14yo brian in a 33yo body. If a room reflects yourself…

Candy cereal, kek, between that drugs and no brushing no wonder his teeth went to shit.

No. 652559

First it was "by Saturday". Now it's "by the end of the weekend". Next it's gonna be "by Wednesday" and then again "by Saturday"

just stop, Taylor. don't talk about when you'll "definitely be done" and just DO THE WORK and let people know when it's actually ready. you would think this girl would learn after 1.5 years of lying about her schedule constantly

No. 652561


Looks like we can depend on Jonny to actually show how her pets are doing. For once, I am proud of him!

No. 652562

File: 1555096628915.png (1.95 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-131415.png)

Taylor posted this video of Star (I don't have any of the video-recording apps or whatever you use to capture the videos, but it's just her petting Star's belly).
She still looks pretty overweight, even though the angle makes all kitties look chunky.

No. 652564

File: 1555097156733.png (590.2 KB, 918x554, insta59.png)

>>"not to mention he didnt even know who taylor was."

Good to know her fans are desperately trying to discredit anyone who dares to criticize her & Jonny.

>>"So please unless you here taylor or jonny saying they did something wroung…"

lmao they never fucking do that's why people call them out in the first place!

>>" do not believe it jsut because you saw it on the internet a couple of times."

…And do not believe "Everything's fine" just because Taylor and/or Jonny says it is, because they've lied to you before, and no doubt, they'll lie to you again.

No. 652574

File: 1555098534407.png (201.18 KB, 550x474, taylorndeanfanaccount5.png)

When you've got your very young fans defending a known abuser, rapist, & child predator…

No. 652575

>unless a rapist straight up admits he is a rapist, don't believe the victims telling you he raped them

is this person like 10 years old? they obviously don't know anything about what they're talking about

No. 652577


It's beyond fucked up when little kids are trying to go up to bat for you for reasons they cannot fully understand.

No. 652582

File: 1555100313792.png (254.07 KB, 310x594, taylorndeanfanaccount1.png)


They're stories are full of it too.
Poor kid.

Kids/teens often see her critics as they would nagging parents, always nitpicking & trying to ruin their fun by determining what's 'safer' for them & others. Taylor definitely takes full advantage of that, especially when she mocks anyone showing concern for her animals.

Kids feel like they identify with Taylor a lot, especially since she has hit a major rebellious phase.
She's living their fantasy right now. Moving out, buying as many animals, clothes, & toys as she wants, & can just turn around & snap "Shut up I KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!" at anyone who tries to remind her about reality & caution.

No. 652583

well, she posted a teaser. she is def doing her "comeback" because people here really think she will not post shit for months.

No. 652587

We'll see. It's not happening until it's actually posted.

No. 652588

I feel like she’s desperately trying to create hype so that tons of people come give her views, because she knows most of her subscribers have lost interest in her at this point. I mean, when you have over 1.5 million subs and can’t break 100-200k views? That’s really bad. I’m sure she will promote the hell out of these videos because she’s going to need the views for money badly.

No. 652590

Just briefly saw the teaser she put up on her Twitter, I’m not sure how to record so can some anon record & post it here? She promised in the video it’s getting released tomorrow. She is struggling for views as is; she would be smart to not go back on her word like usual and put the video out late. Why push away what little is left of the subscribers who are interested in her?

No. 652592

one rat was featured in the teaser >>652583

No. 652594


Looks like this anon was right.

No. 652595

File: 1555103174482.png (71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-170523.png)

Apparently it's coming out on the 13.
She looked kind of rough with some of her animals even in those 2 second clips when she was moving them so fast

No. 652601

File: 1555104143597.png (698.22 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190412-171954.png)

She really was jerking them around. that has got to be stressful, especially if she did multiple takes. I think part of why she moved so fast/such short clips was to keep us from seeing her bruised arms. I paused and screenshotted and you can see bruises as well as injection points. at the very bottom of the screen under her alligator tattoo you can see a very suspicious bruise right in her inner elbow

No. 652602

The fact that you can post pictures showing the disgusting filth you let yourself live in…. mix in a bathroom with a carpeted floor… mmmm yummy…. years of moistness just living in those carpets… sprinkle 3 cats worth of fur on it…. “I keep my apartment clean”….. no bitch you don’t…. such a disgusting display…… no wonder she says she has no friends, sleeps all day and shoots up all the rest of it…. I’d be depressed with myself too if I lived like that

No. 652606


jesus… just wear long sleeves.

No. 652607

File: 1555105463467.png (1014.59 KB, 1204x748, c608ac7975342ed6420c133f4efcf8…)

nice kitchen counter.

No. 652612

inb4 "i was just getting blood work done guise"

No. 652622

At least clean up before filming!!

No. 652627

File: 1555109423988.jpeg (175.27 KB, 828x1792, D504DDCB-EB6A-4816-B3DB-F64A1C…)

What a slob.

No. 652628

File: 1555109445533.jpeg (183.43 KB, 828x1792, DE62D353-5FE9-471B-AE05-017B1D…)

What a slob pt 2

No. 652630

cases of beer in the background haha

No. 652633


Good ol' fAmIlY fRiEnDlY content!

No. 652634

File: 1555109946237.jpeg (104.22 KB, 828x1792, 3EA9737A-AC21-4E36-BAAA-671812…)

No. 652642

Don’t know what you’re trying to point out…but it sure looks like beer bottles on each of the night stands!!

No. 652643

File: 1555110686723.png (271.57 KB, 316x606, story16.png)

If she promotes her boyfriend through her Youtube videos as much as she does on her Instagram, she's definitely gonna have a problem…

No. 652644

File: 1555110862433.png (325.96 KB, 304x588, story17.png)

No. 652650

Hes not fixed like she said he was

No. 652651


Sorry, are those Goose’s balls?? So he’s still not neutered? Idk much about rats so I’m legit asking.

No. 652652

Her hair has reached peak drug addict

No. 652654

What is the fucking point of paying $4000/month to live in squalor??? If there is one thing I can’t stand is a slob of a bitch. Like seriously, pick up that fucking lint roller off the floor… is it that fucking hard??? At least fold the clothes if you can’t put them in the dresser they’re thrown on top of.

Gahhh I can’t. I can’t stand sloppy people. You do absolutely NOTHING all day long, you’re a non-functioning member of society, and privileged enough to live in a nice neighborhood even if your house is decades behind in architecture.

If you can’t even pick up after yourselves how do you expect us to believe your pets are well kept? So much for an “eNriiCH3niiNg enViiROnM3nt.”

No. 652660


Quite the big balls on that 'neutered' rat!

No. 652662

She got the girls spayed instead of him being neutered

No. 652663

Yeah thats what i was going to say. She must have got the girls spayed. Or she's be posting baby rats by now. I didnt see anything wrong with her handling in her clip. But thats just my opinion.

No. 652666

Is that flavored water, or that flavored alcoholic seltzer in her basket?

No. 652667


Really? It was in the talks for a while. guess she just didn't do it.

No. 652674

she posted a picture of the girls and someone said that their bellies did not look like they had been spayed at all because of how furry they still were. other than that Taylor had said they were spayed. although I do remember her saying she would neuter the boy too? I mean, we haven't seen them in months. who's to say she hasn't been breeding them

No. 652675

How the fuck did these two manage to make this big of a mess in such a short time? They've barely moved in and their place is already trashed and disgusting. Thank god they're totally not hoarders kek. Trash + god knows how many animals… man that place is biological warfare.

No. 652679

File: 1555114249962.jpg (58.98 KB, 693x346, cider.jpg)

No. 652683

wow they're going to the store by themselves now, impressive.

No. 652687

What a dump. I know they recently moved in, but you know it’s just going to stay at minimum this level of filthy, or worse. Poor Betsey/ whoever they inevitably con into waiting on them hand-and-foot

No. 652689

thank you! I could not figure out what they were but I knew that box had alcohol in it

No. 652693

File: 1555117485689.png (416.98 KB, 412x500, IMG_2181.PNG)

The blue cases on the counter are definitely angry orchard

But they're totally sober and focusing on their health

No. 652701

File: 1555118520020.png (336.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-212034.png)

At least some people see that she's full of shit

No. 652702

Those teeth are unsettling. They're too straight, too white for a slob who doesn't take care of himself and too perfectly shaped compared to natural teeth. It also looks like there's an unreasonably large amount of them crammed into his head. I wish he'd just not post his ugly mug so we don't have to look at it or those creepy teeth.

No. 652704

if you look closely you can see two cases of the angry orchard, and I think it is the same beer by the bed, on her side. Taylor is the only one who needs to drink cider because it's gluten free.

No. 652705

Yeah wtf there's at least two. How long have they been there? A week? Bet Jonny has a nasty sweet alcohol tooth and has a constant stream of crap like that coming in the house

No. 652709

Too bad her little tween stans won't come to the same conclusions.

No. 652722

there are three packs lol. one empty in the back, one full one in the middle kinda hidden and one semi-full one on the very right. and i assume they just keep a gluten-free house. I don't believe she's as gluten-sensitive as she says (celiac), she probably just has a gluten intolerance

No. 652734

File: 1555125133853.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190412-230923.png)

looks like there's another 12 pack of cider at the bottom of the cart near the end. if they're not shooting up (which they are, and obviously) they're drunk. I bet they're never sober for more than an hour at a time.

No. 652738

Wow, yeah, that's the perfect way to describe their fanbase.

No. 652741

File: 1555126512815.png (450.19 KB, 750x1334, CC5BCA8D-D84E-41E5-96AE-D6510A…)

Taylor claims to be completely sober yet admits to drinking… her house is covered in beer bottles that’s NOT sparingly drinking. God she’s dumb

No. 652743

How much cereal do they eat? Should just pour the cider right into the Cheerios.

No. 652745

"Just one here and there, I can control myself now" is like the textbook sign of a relapse

No. 652753

Wouldn't "completely sober" also mean no drinking?

No. 652755


I mean how many times has someone you known lit up a cigarette or two "…Just to calm my nerves"?

…Don't do drugs, kids.

No. 652757

File: 1555128352538.jpg (182.47 KB, 677x1200, taylor tweet D4AKo60W0AE8FRB.j…)

new tweet message imploring for support

No. 652758

File: 1555128464989.webm (3.52 MB, 640x360, taylor new house Ofs1NnFHXf13s…)

The twitter video

No. 652759

File: 1555128765018.jpg (268.76 KB, 1337x989, taylor.jpg)

No. 652760

bottles on the nightstand, 18 bottles half-gone in the kitchen, 24 more bottles in the shopping cart like one day later… who is drinking all of these??

No. 652761

owwwwww this is gonna be cringy.

When your friends cry over your addiction in a live stream video and you come back acting like nothings wrong.

No. 652762


They'll probably just embrace her once again when she rakes in the views.

No. 652763

Ah yes, please thrust some easily stressed animals in front of the camera, maybe multiple times for multiple takes. Good idea. Especially for a comeback video that will be scrutinized by everyone watching.

No. 652764

Taylor and Johnny are sooo bloated. So much for that kidney failure, huh Johnny?

No. 652765

>> I'm newly 22 and figuring life out.
And there have been a ton of people who managed to figure life out in their early 20s without dating piece of shit abusive rapists, becoming a junkie or having more pets than they can take care of properly. Your age is not an excuse, Taylor.

No. 652766

So is she implying that getting addicted to heroin is all apart of growing up? She’s a fucking moron. One minute she wants sympathy from every one because ~addictive personality~ and then the next minute anyone is concerned about her wellbeing she’s SOOO HAPPY. This trash can needs to talk to a psychiatrist about her addictive personality and her constant need of validation if she’s ever going to have a shot at being a recovering addict.

No. 652767


Oh but remember, she's doing it "For the experience!"

No. 652772

doing it because she doesn't want to be by herself

No. 652777


(Insert photo of "By Myself" wrist-tattoo here)

No. 652782

File: 1555134707223.png (24.57 KB, 578x214, twit14.png)

Heeeere we go again!

No. 652783

File: 1555134821339.png (49.2 KB, 582x450, twit15.png)

>>"It just helped me get off harder things and now I can focus on not drinking anything"

…Which is why you recently bought more?

No. 652784

She.. literally just admitted she drinks cider every other day to "calm her nerves"??? That's not "social drinking" and it's also.. not normal? Leaning on one substance to get off another substance doesn't really seem like a great idea (especially for Ms. Addictive Personality). She is so fucking dumb sometimes.

No. 652786

File: 1555135386884.png (31.41 KB, 576x274, twit16.png)

>>"they know of my ciders."

No. 652787

File: 1555135555861.png (8.22 KB, 564x142, twit17.png)


…And of course, her stans eat it allll up!

No. 652788

Is "newly 22" going to be her new excuse for everything now?

No. 652790

"Newly 22" is the new "I have an Addictive Personality!"

No. 652791

No fuckin way it's only 1 every few days. Probably closer to 1-2 EVERY day. The amount she has in that house is ridiculous for the amount she says she drinks. She needs to cut the crap food and sugar it's obviously whats making her depressed. It's also the reason her looks are going downhill, that and heroin.

No. 652792


Either that, or Jonny is dipping into her cider stash & she keeps having to buy more…

No. 652793

letting your drug addict bf with a history of rape and abuse near alcohol because thats a good idea lol

No. 652795


C'mon! According to Chelsea the man cannot live without his daily dose of Twisted Tea!

No. 652797

What goddamn addictions counselor is going to be like, "i totally believe you're only drinking what and how much you say, and i approve that you do so"

holy shit. she cannot be in recovery in any capacity. she has no idea what it's like at all. no one that has been would ever believe that bullshit.

No. 652799

^^^^^lolololol Chelsea is a psychotic pathological liar. Don't take anything she says too seriously. She's projecting. She probably listens to Jonny's music when she's alone and cries herself to sleep every night.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 652800

Jonny please leave and die of liver failure. Thx

No. 652803


I'll take that as a "Yes I do still need my daily dose of Twisted Tea!"

No. 652804

>It (alcohol) is helping me get off harder things

Shes such a lowiq brainlet im pretty sure Luna is more aware of herself than Taylor is. How do you say to your young fans that you "cope" with hard drug abuse by drinking? How do you tell anyone that kinda dumbfuckery and not immedietly feel embarrassed.
Either way whew she really is deadset on living a messy junkie life with her bf cause she could have split ages ago and so much could have been done but instead shes on twitter saying alcohol is her little distraction from harder drugs cause thats how logic works right? spiraling queen.

No. 652811


you dumb bitch, "sober" does not mean drinking every couple of days. you're still consuming alcohol.

also good luck, youtube is now filled with videos about your drug binges and hoarding because you're such a liar you can't keep stories straight and people got fed up with you.

No. 652812


It's so incredibly toxic that she uses alcohol, even just one bottle to calm her nerves. That very quickly gets destructive because it becomes a coping mechanism. Just like the drugs. It's a quick, easy fix that she can afford.

Taylor if you're reading this, find healthier options. Seriously. Drinking isn't a bad thing, but when you use it as a coping mechanism it is NOT a good path to go down. And for fucks sake, stop putting this shit onto social media where your underage, impressionable fans can see it.

The stupidity of this girl never ceases to amaze me.

No. 652813

> can afford expensive ass house
> can afford to buy her manlet stupidly expensive tech
> cant afford to pay for proper rehab, instead opting to return to destructive "coping mechanisms"
Truly, an icon

In other news, anyone else expecting Jonny to pull an Onision with his Discord?

No. 652816

But she says she only has ONE every few days to calm he nerves…they’ve barely been in that house 14 days! Thats about 4 dozen bottle count already that we can see!

No. 652817

How many of the bottles were on the nightstand beside the bed…what exactly do you do when friends come over (you don’t have friends…), Taylor?

No. 652819

You are so right. Those teeth just DO NOT GO with his person. They're supposed to look "natural" haha

No. 652820

It looks like they just live off of cereal too.
(tnd inserts story that shows them eating in a restaurant or take out food LOL)

No. 652822

File: 1555155761344.png (49.56 KB, 704x249, Captwerwweure.PNG)

what a sob story

No. 652823

what livestream did they speak up about her addiction issue?

No. 652824

she really just tells on her own damn self, doesn't she?

No. 652825

Whoever said Star looked overweight seems to have been right

No. 652826

you are one ugly ass man. no wonder tnd needs to drug herself in order to sleep with your manipulative freeloader self.

No. 652831

Tyler rugge did, a few months back in a younow stream. He said he was scared for her and started crying

It's literally so crazy to me how she exposes herself most of the time by lying or just straight up admitting stuff then trying to downplay it and lying more. She shows so much of her life when she really has no reason to she could have just filmed in her office or her animal room but she felt the need to move around the house showing how sloppy and full of alcohol it is like what in the world? Why would you ever film something with so much garbage in your background as if people won't notice? She could kick her clothes to the side and dispose of the beer cans or even just push them out the way so when she takes a selfie or films it's out of frame but she doesn't and expects people not to say anything? Does she think people don't recognize beer cans, cases, and bottles? Does she really think drinking is a better alternative to heroin as if that can't escalate as well, especially since she admits she uses it to cope. Im really starting to think she's really just is that dense or has been living under a rock her whole life.

Who wants to bet if she gets out of control with drinking she's gonna say the same thing she did about why she started heroin? "Everyone was saying this is what I do, so I thought why no be what everyone thinks?" "I have an addictive personality!!" "I was so depressed :(" like god go to therapy you literally have the money for it

No. 652835

haha okay jonny

No. 652836

Drinking always leads to using heroin again. In order to completely heal yourself and your brain you need to be completely sober. This is coming from a recovered heroin addict. It’s only a matter of time. And the issues with her self esteem and mental illness are only going to continue to get worse unless she truly gets the help she needs. Alcohol is only making all of that worse. It’s just another way to numb yourself and run from your problems. And in the process probably cause a relapse.

No. 652855

He’s telling people to pop in and leave a comment on her video… so she’s not going to have comments disabled??? That is shocking if true.
That or Jonny’s just being a dumbass by speaking for her.

“My girl is currently sobbing in bed but ima just sit on Discord here and let y’all know lolz”
What a wonderful and supporting bf you have Taylor!

No. 652857

Yep, here we go again with the sneering and smartass replies to “defend” herself! I really didn’t realize she was this stupid… cant be 100% sober and STILL drink… wtf??

She has not changed one bit and she is proving it all right now. When she’s caught red handed she attacks everyone on Twitter as usual. She can’t just openly admit it’s all a lie. She was never sober. I’m sure they still use, maybe less, but they’re for sure using and now replacing some of the using with alcohol.
Wonder if she’s been up all night frantically trying to edit out clips where there’s more evidence against her? Video should be out in 2 hours, right? If it’s pacific time.
Either way I’m glad people are already seeing through her bullshit. She hasn’t changed. Her return to YouTube will be nothing like she wants it to be at this rate. She’s already lying over and over again.

No. 652860

File: 1555174730197.png (117.96 KB, 1080x764, Screenshot_20190413-105734~2.p…)

The video is still theoretically coming out today. I think just under an hour until the premier time she promised?

No. 652861

Should have been out 3 minutes ago her time. Already late again, Taylor? Couldn't keep a schedule for one video?

No. 652865

File: 1555175700874.png (281.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190413-131244.png)

15 minutes ago

No. 652866

Have you seen the weather in Texas right now though? It undoubtedly is knocking out internet/power across this city

No. 652867

This is Taylor we’re talking about. She makes excuses for everything and has not once been on time with uploading in her whole youtube “career”.

No. 652868

Couldn't she have uploaded the video earlier and made it private?
I assume people know about insane winds and shit the day before at least

No. 652869

Was probably debating putting it up. Then she woke up late and missed it.

No. 652870

No. 652871

Video us up. Haven’t watched it obviously but just looking at the description, it’s still going to be unknown which animals she really has. She won’t show them all.

And of course, she’s not going to own up to anything. She’s going to pretend nothing happened.

No. 652872

No lol. Texas weather is super unpredictable, I promise you that

No. 652873

File: 1555176440886.png (3.27 MB, 2208x1242, D7607CA1-9289-4316-BD77-B46B0B…)

Nice mustard & beer bottles on the nightstands.

No. 652874

File: 1555176566963.png (1.14 MB, 1724x924, Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 1.28…)

No. 652875

Ok, but obviously her power wasn't out because the video is up now. I didn't have time to watch it all but since she downgraded to one tank, I wonder what fish she "rehomed." Also, her excuse for all of the trash is that she only has one trash can. At least put your shit in a trash bag you slob. Can we take note of what pets weren't shown in case there's another "electrical malfunction?"

No. 652876

She left Bindis cage with 2 hides and a basking spot because 'they don't do a lot'


No. 652877

File: 1555176978776.png (554.11 KB, 1264x710, Screenshot from 2019-04-13 19-…)

Sorry for the blurry screenshot but ugh the poor rats have zero lining in their cage and are just walking around on the wire mesh which could easily injure them.

No. 652878

just got the bit with Bindi's enclosure and really? "blue tongued skinks don't really do much"

look at breezexotics enclosure her skink LOVES all the enrichment.

this is all same old same old. boring, minimum effort enclosures with nothing for the animals to do. if you're gonna pay 4K a month for a crappy ass house that you trashed in two weeks at least buy more stuff for your pets

No. 652880

taylor: gonna upgrade all my pets enclosures from boring pieces of wood
taylor: add other, slightly less crappy piece of wood. is perfect.

No. 652881

In the video she says she has her rats in a separate room to not stress her snakes out, but the cats can come in and out of the animal room and the hedgehog's enclosure is by the snakes?

No. 652882

8:13 she sounds so slurry and fucked up her voice totally changes from the previous clips.

No. 652884

yeah I noticed that too it was drastically different from the previous clips

No. 652885

Yeah she sounds high as a kite in some of the clips.

No. 652888

I was gonna comment that her voice sounded weird too.

God that wig also looks horrible.

No. 652889

It’s honestly a bit depressing that she can be such a liar and have done so much, yet she’s taking up more money with this video. All to fuel her drug and alcohol lifestyle while dating one of the most disgusting human beings ever.

No. 652890

File: 1555179473958.png (331.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190413-141637.png)

(Original comment was about her saying electricity didn't work)
She's just blatantly lying now. She lost way more than 3 animals at her old apartment.

No. 652891

The whole "tour" is a schizophrenic mess. She obviously isn't in a good mental state. Seriously f'ing mustard bottle on a night stand, disgusting. There is absolutely no organization in that house at all, shes in waaaay over her head. She's got piles of garbage just lying around, food not put away, dirt on the floors. She seriously needs to start learning some organizational skills, or at least get some help. Too many animals, seriously, this isn't even funny anymore.

No. 652893

I also like how she says she "GOT" a house and isn't renting it. Why does she even need that much space. Flexers gonna flex.

No. 652894

Taylor: “ i’m In a much better headspace now”

Also Taylor: “ I eat every meal in bed”

No. 652895

that hand looks….really rough. bruised and prodded to bits.

No. 652896

it’s so obvious they have no real sober support and aren’t going to that clinic. ANY program will tell you that alcohol is a drug. To be drinking alcohol less than 90 days into recovery, they’ll be back on dope in no time. It’s Jonny’s cycle which is sadly now Taylor’s cycle. Claim complete abstinence from all drugs then ‘oh beer is okay everyone drinks’ then all the fans come and stroke their ego and tell them it’s ok.

No. 652898

I am suffering from severe secondhand embarassment rn. How she had the balls to upload a tour of her shitehole house is beyond me. Literally not a single room is tidy, that shit is so humiliating and does her absolutely no favours. Wow.

No. 652899

Where was her boyfriend during all of this and why didn’t he help?

No. 652900

Her house is so disgusting and messy. She couldn’t even vacuum up the mess she made with the substrate…

Did anyone else notice her barren and awful hedgehog cage? That was the worst I saw. There was just a hide and a water bottle, and the substrate didn’t even cover the entire floor.

No. 652901

She literally has empty the guest room, her room, the dinning room and from all those places she decides to put the rats in the fucking closet.
It’s obvious she got tired of them, they have time to buy all those computer gear they don’t know how to use,but not a new cage?
Or fucking blanket for the floor of the cage?

No. 652902

File: 1555180755502.jpg (828.11 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190413-193833_You…)

Geminis enclosure "after" she fixed it up. The water bowl looks filthy and scummy.

No. 652903

$10,000 snake $150 enclosure what a waste.

No. 652905

File: 1555181236944.jpg (486.66 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190413-194653_You…)

Not sure who's enclosure this is. 0 substrate. Not even paper towels. Sad.

No. 652906

Those are tiles. People who are terrified of loose substrate use them for leopard geckos and bearded dragons when in reality, neither of those animals would become impacted from a small amount of substrate being consumed IF their husbandry was spot on.

No. 652909

I don't care what anyone says. I don't care she she has a "huge walk in closet". Those rats should not be in a damn closet! They are so social and interactive they really thrive being with people where they can be interacted with at all times. Even walking by the cage and saying hello means the world to them. How often will they be receiving that interaction in A FUCKING CLOSET? Don't even get me started on that cage. Wire flooring can lead to bumble foot which is really painful for rats to suffer from. Not to mention the severe lack of enrichment in their cage. Everything about that video is so wrong.

No. 652913

Did Taylor ever announce that she had replaced her crocodile skinks? Her new ones were mentioned in the video, and I thought it was sketchy she didn't mention they weren't Dany and Drogo

No. 652915

File: 1555183066642.png (878.18 KB, 1080x1606, Screenshot_20190413-131622~2.p…)

She did, back in December. I also agree that it's sketchy she never mentioned their names.

No. 652917

the pets she showed were so few and far between. did anyone see the monitor enclosure anywhere?
i’m genuinely worried how many animals have survived her drug and alcohol binges…

No. 652918

Pretty much as expected. More excuses about the state of her house, state of her cages and state of herself. She says she's got to go to the store to get new stuff for bindi, geez you have had her years, surely you should have stuff for her by now. Or you're ioenky stating since she's been in that bigger cage she's had nothing in with her. I don't care too much about the odd messy room but seriously, she's at home 24 hours a day and yet hasn't managed to clean and tidy and put away yet. I suspect she's still using. Her voice when she did the filming when she first moved in was messed up as fuck. Surely everyone's gonna notice she was high even then.
Good point about how Jonny never does anything to help nor ever features. Since he has nothing to do all day you'd think he could at least offer a hand. I believe at this point they barely interact with each other unless it's for the odd photo or typing online. Other than that they sit in bed or the couch in silence in my mind. Rest of the day they are in separate rooms. Living the life Taylor.

No. 652919

As soon as it switches to her moved in showing the animal room, her voice completely changes. You can tell she’s high.
Also, she said her next video would be about Mushu

No. 652921

She's now arguing with comments that are calling our her bad care, honestly what a mess.

The monitors enclosure is at 8:24 I think?

No. 652922

i'm guessing she feels so uncomfortable around him that she waits until he is either sleeping or out of the house to film.

wouldn't be surprised if that's a big reason it takes so long for her to film.

No. 652923

Damn there’s thousands of dollars worth of funkos, what’s the point if they’re just sitting in a closet? Think of all the rehab and/or heroin you could buy with them

No. 652924

File: 1555184259696.jpeg (148.75 KB, 750x881, 5ADC89FF-BC76-4D57-B21E-E2663B…)

No. 652928

She had the same response to Bindi's enclosure being the same since November 2018 - it's just temporary.

Temporary meaning until they die.

No. 652929

She’s been in this house how fuckin long and still hasn’t done anything about their cage? Who is she trying to fool??

No. 652930


They really are slobs. Clean up your trash before taking a video of it and uploading it to Youtube in your "comeback" video for the world to see.

No. 652931

Did we ever find out what happened to Cheese?

No. 652932


Wait. That doesn't look the DCN she got them. She fucking DOWNGRADED THEM?

No. 652933

She said their cage broke so they were in there "for the time being" i.e. for the past two weeks while her boyfriend spent $5k+ on a new computer rather than appropriate enclosures for her animals

No. 652935

those poor rats. imagine being fine with your animals walking on bars like that with no support when you could just rip up a moving box for them. She's awful.

No. 652936


How do you break a DCN? Seriously? I've had mine for seven years and it's only now just showing signs of rust. Saying their cage broke is just a flat out lie. It's a huge cage with two compartments. She's saying the entire cage is unusable now? Nah, I'm not buying it. Lying as usual for no reason. Probably couldn't be bothered setting it up so she shoved those poor rats into their other shitty cage, wire floors and all.

No. 652937

No. 652938


$5k enrichment for the man child, can't shell out what? $300 total for a new DCN? "Love animals" my ass.

No. 652939

This just makes no sense. Didn't she move in over a week ago? According to Instagram she filmed the intro and outro to her video 3 days ago, presuming she filmed all the other footage prior to then the rats have been on wire for at least 3 days (likely longer). How exactly does a cage breaking damage fleece? If the fleece/blankets were somehow damaged, can she not use her brain and chuck some cardboard or something on there for the time being. Or you know, run to the store and get some more?

No. 652941

> "They (blue tongue skinks) don't really do much…unless they're out, I notice Bindi does explore more when she's out of her enclosure"

You don't say Taylor? It's almost as if Bindi, idk, likes having stuff to do and move around in? Maybe consider giving her the same stimulation in her enclosure. This girl is so dense, it's incredible.

No. 652942

Pure laziness on her part, I don't think she really cares about her animals much at this point. They're just business props and flesh toys to play with between highs.

She turning into an actual hoarder. All the trash and squalor is just disgraceful. Shes supposed to be an example to others. Only took 1 year for her life to turn into a dumpster fire.

No. 652944

Her hair in the new video is terrible! Is it a wig? Or just the worst curls I've ever seen..

No. 652946


I'm guessing badly blended extensions. She should have gone with a wig so she didn't have to worry about blending smooth extensions with the fried mess on her head.

No. 652947

It is a full wig, it’s just badly done lol

No. 652948

File: 1555186540210.png (7.57 MB, 1242x2208, 815F4F44-8FC9-4204-976C-14FBA3…)

Hi Taylor

No. 652949

Those carpets are already filthy! Ever heard of setting down a towel first?!?!? Seriously keep things clean from the start. Especially when ITS NOT YOUR HOUSE. Replacing carpet is a PITA.

No. 652950


what is wrong with their carpet? looks like it's covered in mold…

No. 652951

Dirt, shit and bedding from the cages.

No. 652952

File: 1555187101178.jpg (1.04 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20190413-152352.jpg)

Her monitor is very dehydrated and underweight. It should not be wrinkly like this…

No. 652953

1. No outpatient sub or methadone clinic will EVER say it's OK to drink any alcohol. If alcohol is even found in your UA, you don't progress in the program. With methadone, they will kick you out because it's a dangerous combo. I know she's not on methadone, but just saying.

2. Jonny looks like a half rat/half opposum made a baby with a dumpster.

3. She legit couldn't even make any effort to clean before her big comeback? It's fucking disgusting. Mustard on the bed, talking about how she eats all her meals in bed.. Ugh. That place probably already stinks. I can only imagine how gross their bed is. Food, mustard, the stench of withdrawal sweat (if you've ever been around a detoxing junkie, you know..)

No. 652954

File: 1555187261872.png (509.11 KB, 483x828, Capdsfsdfture.PNG)

there's still shit on the floor. who keeps that many animals in a carpeted room

No. 652955

Her hair is extentions. Not a full. Wig. You can see where her hair ends and the fake hair begins.. Mainly because it's not the same. Shade and her natural hair is choppy, short and fried. She did not blend well.

No. 652956

She really made a bad choice getting a fully carpeted home when she owns that many animals. Those carpets are going to be ruined within months. It's not even avoidable with decent care, it's just a matter of time before the dirt is so compacted from cage cleaning that they have to call in carpet cleaners. They're better off ripping it out.

No. 652957

I know this has been said alread but jesus fuck, her voice completely changes at 8:18. She sounds high as fuck. But #sober

No. 652962

File: 1555188765477.jpeg (588.65 KB, 1125x1788, E60FE866-BD3B-40F8-8518-412030…)

aaaaaaaand she’s still getting new animals

No. 652963

File: 1555188787557.jpg (118.3 KB, 1125x761, IMG_1269.jpg)


From her twitter just now…. lmao

No. 652964

File: 1555188818567.jpeg (149.77 KB, 1125x806, D0494EEB-BAEF-42CF-8708-D92145…)

That looks like some nasty scum in Sabor’s water bowl when she’s filling it

No. 652965

Omfg seriously. She's sick in the head, theres just no way she's looking after them all properly. rather than have this hoard she should stick to a couple animals she really loves. I'd say keep only Keep it down to 10.

For Taylor, seriously rethink your situation

>Animal hoarding is keeping a higher-than-usual number of animals as domestic pets without ability to properly house or care for them, while at the same time denying this inability. Compulsive hoarding can be characterized as a symptom of mental disorder rather than deliberate cruelty towards animals.

No. 652966

A time in her life when she wasn't ready to speak about new animals!? No, you were and still are at a time in your life when you're not ready to be GETTING new animals. To be honest I don't think she will get anymore soon though, maybe she will announce some old/new ones from last year.

No. 652967

File: 1555189670977.jpeg (146.02 KB, 1125x801, 86B480CC-1380-4C43-BBCF-676EBD…)

From her instagram comments on the new frog post

No. 652970


it's the only video of hers that breaks 1mil views. can't wait for the numerous excuses she comes up with not show X animal. cause you know it's just 'all my pets that aren't dead or sick'.

No. 652973

I'm more concerned she's setting a shitty example for tons of kids. What she's doing is entertainment it isn't educational. People don't seem to realize that her lifestyle (in many ways) clearly isn't healthy.

No. 652974

So what animals were visibly missing besides the ones already presumed dead? I didn’t see the leaf tails anywhere?

No. 652978

Definitely no signs of the Satanics anywhere

No. 652979

File: 1555190975852.jpg (198.42 KB, 1080x1376, Screenshot_20190413-152843~2.j…)

Second new animal is another tarantula.

No. 652981

lol… two new animals, even though she's "slowing down" mk

No. 652982

File: 1555191166889.png (21.58 KB, 304x352, Captfdgure.PNG)

>I know my limit
lmao this is hysterical. TND and knowing one's limits really shouldn't be in the same sentence ever.

No. 652983

she needs to stick to collecting funkos and not animals preferably

No. 652984

especially cause she made such a big deal about getting too many new animals too fast in her "apology" video back in december. shes such a sack of shit.

No. 652987

In the second part of her house tour she sounds incredibly intoxicated.

No. 652990

collections are well organized and taken care of. They're often well displayed, visually pleasing, clean and focused.

What Taylor has is a hoard. A random collection of reptiles, mammals, amphibians and aquatic life. Its dirty, unhealthy, unsafe and lack any kind of cohesion or focus.

If she'd take some time to build proper enclosures, with respect to their habitat, lifestyles ect. MABY it could be called a collection.She just gets animals because they make her feel good.

If these animals and enclosures are going to be shared through YT. There's a company in houston that does awesome vivariums, aquariums display work ect. There's absolutly no reason for the amount of resources that she has, for her displays to look like that. They're absolute crap.

No. 652991

This. She has the money to do really cool things with her animals like setting up the enclosures to look like miniature versions of their natural habitat but she just throws plastic shit at them and calls it a day.

No. 652992


I live in New Zealand where we have only 4 species of reptiles, so there isn't a huge community here and people build amazing enclosures for their reptiles.

She has no excuse living in the US. None at all. What I would give to buy the stuff they have over there. Taylor really does not care about her animals, there is so much she could do for enclosures and enrichment and yet she sticks those poor animals into whatever "looks good" with promises to upgrade them later into yet another shit enclosure. Rinse and repeat.

No. 652994

Holy shit. def something off about it, didn't notice it the first time. Tipsy, drunk or something else?

No. 652995

The second the video switches to "part two" her entire voice changes. Baby voice. Slurred speech. Goes from talking super fast to slow. She may just be tired, and as the video goes on it isn't as bad, but it totally seems like when she started setting her animal cages she was getting a little drunk. Which isn't a bad thing! But she's supposed to be sober.

No. 652996

It blows my mind she has a huge house and all these luxuries but couldn't even spare a tea towel, old tshirt, blanket, cardboard, for those poor rats. There's so many things that would have worked that's probably lying around on the floor in that house

I don't know much about reptile enclosure sizes, but they look tiny and like tin cans? It's like a pet shop display. I would have thought the correct size enclosure for a snake would be the enclosure is at least as long as the snake, the fancy expensive snake she has could hardy fit in the door and it was in a ball

No. 652997

Are you all happy you have new milk? What would we do without her?!

No. 652998

Is there anywhere someone could put the video so those of us who don't want to give her views can watch her?

No. 652999

not gonna lie, waking up and seeing the milking taking place here today made me a little giddy.

No. 653002


Ball pythons actually prefer smaller places. A hiding ball, is a happy ball. When they’re really active, they’re stressed. They do well in bigger places only if they have LOTS of clutter which we know TND is too much of a cheap ass to invest in. Think of all of the clutter and cleaning that would require. But it’s not uncommon for balls to go off feed because of being insecure in a space that’s too open / big

Colubrids (her corns/Kings/milks) do need bigger tanks. Lego, her corn, should be in at least a 40 gallon.

No. 653003

that doesn't mean ball pythons like small places, it means they like having enough enrichment to feel secure.

No. 653004

she's going above and beyond with her home and enrichment, it's frustrating she isn't providing the same for her animals. she's living in a mansion while her animals have bare minimum enclosures. really makes you think

No. 653005

No. This is false. A ball python needs security, but not a small tank. "A hiding ball is a happy ball" is a horrible saying. Ball pythons can be active. Ball pythons WILL utilize space. Big open spaces are bad, but you can put them in a very large enclosure if it's set up properly. Don't encourage people to put ball pythons in small enclosures. They'll explore. They'll climb. Yes, you're right they do need clutter. But a ball python that is hiding all of the time is NOT comfortable in its enclosure, which is why that is a horrible saying. Taylors enclosures are horrible and she could do amazing things with 6x2x2 feet enclosures for her ball pythons with amazing furnishings and plenty of live plants and branches, but instead she stuffs them into a rack.

No. 653006

lets not start derailing about ball pythons please

No. 653007

IT’S A RENTAL!!! She can’t rip it out….management company are idiots!!

No. 653009

young balls feed off almost exclusively on small birds and chicks in the wild. Don't believe what the pet trade tells you to keep snakes in. They just want to sell you more.

Her enclosures are bare minimum at most. For someone who professes to be an educator she needs to be held to a higher standard.

No. 653010

File: 1555195874478.png (854.23 KB, 486x893, Captdsafdure.PNG)

our queen is eating in bed again.

stop minimodding pls, it's more annoying than anything else. you don't have to read the posts you dont like

No. 653012

Don't forget the mustard for those frys

No. 653013

Her crap diet is why she's depressed. 63grams of sugar in one 12oz bottle.

No. 653014

Idk if anyone has already mentioned this but you can see the bottom glass in Bindis tank. There isnt enough substrate to even cover the bottom let alone for her to burrow. It couldnt get anymore unenriching for the poor reptile. It may meet the size requirement but nothing else is met.

Does Bindi also appear small to anyone else? A northern bts at her age should be at least double if not more the size. I dont think shes getting a proper diet either

No. 653016

I wonder if Betsy or even her parents are allowed to visit them?

No. 653017

No. 653018

thank you anon

No. 653020

All that time spent digging the substrate out of the track of Bindi's enclosure when she could have vacuumed it.

At 23:30 she repeated the clip of herself saying, "I'm just going to do what I enjoy and hope you guys enjoy it, too."

No. 653021

File: 1555196790936.jpeg (813.31 KB, 1242x1710, F8240E19-D2E8-4644-A927-B7EC5E…)

No. 653022

File: 1555196827525.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1904, E62D7413-9C88-4B94-905B-806FB6…)

No. 653023

Thanks anon!

No. 653024

File: 1555196859670.jpeg (313.6 KB, 1242x580, E7DBE2BE-D077-4985-AA17-286C7F…)

No. 653025

Speaking of do we have any pictures of needles in the new house? My eyesight isn’t very good and was wondering if someone could clarify/point it out for me

No. 653027

No shit it's inconclusive, you thawed him out and floated him on a god damn lake…

Never going to happen lmao she's such a liar.

No. 653032

This new video was so fucking boring, who actually enjoyed watching 24 minutes of the landfill they call home? I can't believe she actually made this her big comeback. I'd be mortified to show my filthy yet empty house to 1.6 million people. I have no hope for Taylor anymore, and I honestly couldn't care less about her. She deserves that disgusting, bloated gnome. She deserves to live in filth. Her animals don't deserve any of it, though, and that's the frustrating part.

No. 653033

I got 2 minutes in and closed it. She sounds like she has lost all hope. Her animals are ill and its just pathetic now.

No. 653034

File: 1555198604554.png (217.74 KB, 1080x1458, Screenshot_20190413-173416~2.p…)

>sized down

Aka some animals died

No. 653035

She makes it sound like people are slobs when they move! Shit. I know people who move and within 24 hours looks like they’ve lived there for years! Plus they have full time jobs. She does fuck all every day. I was disgusted when she said she needed to go to the store to buy stuff for the enclosures! Like, wtf did you have in there BEFORE the move?! And she made it sound like she needing a break because of hate…damn girl, it’s because you were so strung on heroin you couldn’t drag your sorry ass out of bed to film. And speaking of filming. With all the $$ she makes, she should have better quality equipment. Most of her video was dark. And there was little difference between before and after. Damn. That’s such a waste of 24 minutes of my life!

No. 653036

Thanks for posting the other link. All I can say is yikes. Her voice.

The house is yuk. And funkos nothing but funkos

No. 653039

OOOoooo maby a new video soon?

Def killed em off. That or the move killed em.

Im guessing It'll be a month till she posts anything else on YT. Her MO seems to be put out as little content as possible so it gets watched.

She must spend all day censoring comments because you can't find a single concern or negative response.

No. 653041


Wow yeah. Just watched the video and the voice change in ‘part 2’ is incredibly jarring. People weren’t exaggerating. She sounds all over the place, slurring, jumbling up her words and barely sounds like she knows what she’s talking about at some points. Really apparent baby voice. How she could go ahead and upload a video of herself sounding like this is absolutely beyond me.

Also, despite her constant mentions of not cleaning the house for the purpose of the video (why not??) you can constantly see her jolting the camera around during the house tour to avoid showing the giant piles of rubbish stacked all over the place.

The thing is, this isn’t really a criticism about her having a messy house because that’s certainly to be somewhat expected after a big move. I think it’s more that this is totally indicative of the fact that she is in way, way over her head with this new house that she (well, they) clearly cannot take care of and that this will obviously be reflected in her animal care. If she can’t take care of her home (or even hire someone to do so for her)- even to the point that she’s putting it all out there for the world to see in this big return video - how can we believe that she will be able to maintain her animals to an acceptable standard?

Genuinely shocked that this is what she deemed appropriate for her big comeback. Yikes.

No. 653045

I can't stand the funkos it's consumerism at its worst. Filling peoples home with crap plastic that will invariably pollute the earth. Truly the beanie babies of our generation.

Im not surprised she likes to hoard them. She just likes to BUY things, wether its animals, clothes, wigs,overpriced jewelry. Shes a hoarder in teh making.

No. 653050


The video cuts are just so awful and jarring

>>653045 I don't mind funkos since she can't kill those unlike her poor pets.

No. 653051

Thank you anon for backing up the video here. Who knows, her video may mysteriously be taken down from all the “hate” on it.
A lot of people are seeing through her bullshit… but not a single negative comment in her comment section? Yeah she’s totally censoring every little negative comment. Pretty sad when you have to spend your whole day trying to hide the truth.
Well said…. I don’t know if Whatever still reads here (I assume so), but Whatever you should really make a video breaking all of these things down you’ve said. It’s insane that this girl can get away with this shit, the constant lying is horrible! Making videos will help show people who she really is, some people don’t believe what’s said until it’s properly broken down in a video.

Overall, what a horrible comeback, Taylor. They’re for sure still using and she’s killed more animals. Still the same old lying girl. She hasn’t changed one bit. If she continues like this, her comeback is just going to slip back into another blow up like there was before.
Inb4 she takes a few weeks away from social media because “muh anxiety” about the comeback and “haterz”

No. 653058

4 ads on her video?? Damn Taylor

No. 653060

YT ain't gonna pay her if she stops makin videos. I don't think she's as wealthy as she likes to flex, especially at the rate she spends it.

No. 653062

She’s truly getting desperate for money, I guarantee she would have went longer without posting a video if she didn’t need the money (esp since her leeching manlet can’t provide like he may have done before).
Hence why she’s also so focused on the expected views within 48 hours. You have 1.6 MILLION subs… 90k views in 8 hours? 200k within 2 days? Might be a decent amount of money but those still aren’t very good numbers.

No. 653065

and 200k views for this video would only be around 2000 dollars max, thats barely half the rent paid. i have no idea what she was thinking moving into that fugly overpriced home

No. 653075

I think she's running out of ideas. Theres only so many times you can show off your animals. It's cool the first time but every time after that meh. She should really focus on top notch displays similar to a studio or gallery.

what she's doing now will not cut it long term. people are already losing interest in pets, just look at any of the other petubers some barely manage to rake in 10k a video, if that. people are getting bored, she needs to do something new to stay relevant. Petube is dying.

No. 653077

File: 1555204066927.png (208.79 KB, 1440x1735, Screenshot_20190413-200607~2.p…)

Her reason for why she sounds like a drunk idiot. Of course.

No. 653092

"moving disorder" Is that Taylorese for heroin withdraw?

If she can't take care of her own health how can we expect her to take care of her animals?

No. 653097


She didn't outright mention her EDS like she always does, which is weird.

No. 653099

EXACTLY! You can’t have it all, you only get to pick one.
Either you can take care of yourself fine and therefore can take good care of your animals,
or you have a million different diseases that make muh life sooo hard and can’t handle 50+ animals.
I wouldn’t give a fuck if she was one of those people who bitches all the time, but was just responsible for herself. But when you are responsible for the well-being of like 70 pets?? You don’t get to bitch and moan. If you literally can’t handle life with that many animals because wahhh my body hurts wahhh my mental health wash etc etc, then maybe, just maybe, you shouldn’t take on over 50 other creatures who depend on you? Idk just a thought. It’s excuse after excuse. She was 100% drunk or high in those clips. Not “tired”

No. 653104

File: 1555207938293.png (282.1 KB, 603x609, illnesses.png)

Friendly reminder that the same girl who posted this tweet thought she could handle a Black throat Monitor (which would eventually weigh over 50lbs) from infancy to adulthood.

No. 653105

anyone also notice how she has a Louis Vuitton purse in her room? She said she wouldn't purchase from LV because they use snake skin.. lol

No. 653112


Screencaps or it didn't happen

No. 653113

ya I don't know what she was thinking. They get huge 5ft long 50lbs PLUS if well taken care of.

Roughneck will stay smaller but he really needs a huge enclosure and water to swim in. His care is quite sad, he should live in a rain forest type enclosure with very high humidity, his lights are probably drying him out. Really not a species that will ever thrive in captivity.

No. 653115

The Satanic Leaf Geckos are definitely missing…

No. 653116

I thought they died.

No. 653117

File: 1555209475784.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, 1551896387001.png)


Didn't Jonny let that slip a while ago?

No. 653118

Ya she's full of bull shit. Just like she said "No WIlD CaUgHT AniMAlS" its just lip service.

No. 653119


She never announced it if they did. They were one of the animals everyone predicted would die during her drug binges, tho.

No. 653120

Probably "rehomed"

No. 653122


Want to bet that what she meant when she said she "downsized" probably cause they were "too high maintenance" when they probably died

No. 653124

Friendly reminder: Taylor has a manchild that lives in her home that he call his, doesnt work, ranks up the bills, and not even help his girlfriend lift things especially knowing she's having trouble

I can just picture him in front of his pc, talking on discord about his exs while Taylor is struggling downstairs and Jonny telling her to shutup cuz she's interrupting his vc

No. 653125

File: 1555210794261.png (141.32 KB, 914x546, JonnysDiscord.png)

No. 653128

Taylor knows he's a bum and I don't think she really expects to get rid of him at this point. She's probably too scared to force him out. He's got her wrapped around his finger and knows how to get what he wants from her.

She'll tell herself that she wants this but she doesn't. She wanted him to turn his life around and go back to being a quasi famous pop star like hes was in early 2000's but apparently her plan backfired.

No. 653129

now he does fuckall and will probably die in obsucurity before he's 40. Thats what she's bankin on i think.

No. 653131

But what does she get if he does croak? He doesn’t have pot to piss in on his own…unless her dad figured a way to get her some life insurance on the troll…she’ll just be saddled with expenses!

No. 653133


She gets to be the grieving-girlfriend who tried her best to make his final years worth living uwu

No. 653139

Tbh I dont think there’s anyway she’d actually get rid of him. She knows he’s a bum. She knows hes on the brink of death though, and thought she may be too dumb to have thought of it I’m guessing she’s banking on him dying so she can just blame all her problems on him forever and have the ultimate victim card

No. 653147


Under 500 members and it's "taken off"? Dude… that's like the size of my guild discord lmao. Also we already know a good portion of these are farmers/lurkers who just want to see all the milk.

No. 653149

I wish she would take inspiration from lifeofzander. Different type of monitor but absolutely top quality care. Hes turned their patio into an enclosure for his Asian water monitor zander which is EXACTLY what taylors monitor deserves. A big ass enclosure with lots of space, a tub of water, and enrichment.

No. 653153

I noticed she's also changed her bio from "family friendly pet mom" to "pet mom" or "animal mom"

No. 653154

Ha, I guess she doesn't care about the kids anymore. Such a shame that they're the majority of her fans.

No. 653156

I don't understand why she doesn't just rehome all of her animals and transition into a lifestyle/fashion/materialistic YouTuber instead. It is clearly what she is more interested in, and she doesn't care about the animals beyond their ability to garner attention and make her ""unique""

No. 653158

hoarder mentality, too much available money to spend on animals she either truly believes she can care for or truly believes she can hide the evidence of neglect from the internet despite years of proof she can't do either.

You can't expect TND to apply logic to her situation at this point, she wouldn't be in this mess (and we wouldn't be on thread #33) if the girl was capable of a single logical thought.

No. 653165

Honestly concerning she admitted this considering she always films/takes pictures of herself walking around/stood up with her animals. How many animals has she dropped because "her hands randomly gave out", or is this problem just another of her selective problems that only happens when she's holding inanimate objects?

No. 653166

The whole cool girlfriend with animals is part of her brand at this point. She's pretty boring once you take away her animals, she doesn't really do anything else.

No. 653169

the needles were in the apartment on the nightstand, before they moved

No. 653176



No. 653177

What lifestyle and fashion though? She sleeps between 10-12 hours every day and when she's awake she does nothing because Jonny is always around. He's pretty much isolated her at this point, so she wouldn't be able to at least pretend she has an amazing lifestyle or friends to share it with.

Her fashion sense is bizarre at best, and not in a good way either. She's trying to go for a street fashion baddie look and it never works. The market for "beauty and lifestyle influencers" is so oversaturated she wouldn't stand a chance. She'd actually lose the fans she has because most of them are children.

No. 653178

The general rule of thumb for snake enclosures is that the length + width should be at least the length of the snake. So for a six foot snake, 4'x2' would be the minimum enclosure size.

For more active species like kingsnakes I've been told you should have it be so the length alone should be at least the length of the snake.

No. 653188

She sounds straight up like a junkie tweaker in her new video, once it switches over to showing her animals she’s got like weird mush mouth, it’s gross to listen too.

No. 653202

File: 1555229329388.jpeg (123.01 KB, 1125x828, 445C0A51-656E-40D4-A6C7-744EDE…)

These are the enclosures for her new tarantula and frog. She says in the video she got them at the same time she got “duck and the scorpion” but never shared them. According to her Instagram she got Duck in August 2018 and the scorpion in October or November.

No. 653221

File: 1555241642591.png (5.59 MB, 2688x1242, 8F7E8FAC-6850-4C20-AEB9-754DB0…)

To the anon who mentioned the LV bag, I saw it too. Here is the screen cap for the other anon.

No. 653222

So many things here:

1. Maybe she doesn’t upload vids as much because douchebag is always around. (Could also be because she high half the time)

2. She was def slurring in the other part of the video. VERY OBVIOUS.

3. How she thought it was even ok to film in such conditions is beyond me. So embarrassing. At least clean up before filming and then afterwards, go back to being the slob you are. I’m not the tidiest of people, but common sense is to clean up before having guests (in this case, showing the INTERNET WORLD your home)

4. I feel really bad for her pet mouse (mice?). All that space and it’s stashed in the closet. No flooring either.

5. I can go on and on. I will later though. :)

No. 653231

Animals I didn't see in the video (according to the google doc):

The 2 mooncrabs: Ursula & Triton
Any fish tank other than the big one
3 Satanic leaf tail geckos
Shows the GTP enclosure - but no sign of the snake
Shows the croc skink enclosure - but no sign of the skinks
None of the milksnakes were shown either

It's going to be really interesting if she does make another all my pets video, how shes going to get around some of the missing animals.

No. 653233

Also it really bothers me that she threw in hides for her beardie that she 'knows are too small for him to fit into'
If you know a beardie isn't going to fit into a leopard gecko sized hide… why put it in? Also surely she has specific supplies for specific animals, if her beardie has all the tiny hides meant for her Leopard gecko, then what does the gecko have?

No. 653240

Weren't most of her snakes in the racks? I don't think she showed them.

Generally I'm interested in how she moved all of the animals and where she actually put them because there is no way she had enough carriers.

No. 653243

If she has killed another pair of skinks, I swear-

No. 653244

Who would wNt to clean up that dump after those two. Imagine how disgusting it would be…

No. 653245

someone also made a good point about the 10k snake and its shitty habitat she has it in.

So sad to see the state she is in, but she seems ok being with him. could be the attention she is getting? she has changed a lot compared to just 2 years ago.

No. 653248

she says, "ok, in all honesty, I really wanted the room completely clean ideally, in my vision of this video. I wanted it all nice and polished and perfect for the video….It's like 2AM, I can't keep doing this. For the rest of this video, it's gonna be dirty. You guys will have to see, ANOTHER you know, like I said, all my animals video, for the big reveal of the clean cages and everything…we are gonna through the cages because I did wanna show a before and after of the animal room."

UMMM. Wasn't the big reveal supposed to be this, Taylor?? Wasn't this your comeback? I think she just really wanted to release something because everyone here it would be monthsss until she did - so she did it just because? to prove us wrong? because someone who really would want to do a comeback the right way, would actually clean up, and do a legit before and after video. You wouldnt' have to say, "you guys will HAVE to see ANOTHER video."

ALSO: She could have done a, "organize my pet room with me" or something, and could have filmed herself putting all that shit on the floor away.

And I can see why she is filming at 2am: HIGH and/or Johnny is not there.

No. 653250

tnd's new video is the version of britney's 2007 mtv performance of "gimme more" – if you're familiar with that performance…lol

No. 653251

Duck was the only animal purchased at that expo so she bought Duck then bought the tarantula following Duck so definitely not the same time

No. 653252

She herself stated that she downgraded to only one fish tank (the big one), so either she crammed a ton more fish into that one already crowded tank or she had a lot of fish die.

No. 653253

As someone else said Taylor menriined on insta that she's downsized so in guessing that's the line she's going down when she explains why animals are missing. I'm guessing it will be the satanics, at least one crab, probably Ursula given the rumours and possibly a snake that finally gave up on life. To be honest I've lost track, does she even have a hedgehog anymore? If so i'll throw them into the hat aswell. Another thing that bugged me to much was how she tried to explain her time always as needing to clear her head and get better and work on mental health. I bet there are so many viewers who still don't know the actual reason was cos she was outed as a drug addict and probably was passed out or high 24/7. She's still trying to pass it off as just a bout of depression or similar.

No. 653260

Her new video gives me major Marina Joyce vibes.

No. 653263

I thought tofu was her last announced pet? Wasn’t Tofu after duck?

No. 653267


Tofu was definitely after duck so I'd say she got the frog and tarantula fairly recently. Definitely after Tofu

No. 653305

I made this list after I watched the video of all the animals that were clearly and specifically seen.
Duck (vision cage)
Violet (big display cages)
1 hedgehog (big display cages)
Tofu (snake rack)
Gemini (big display cages)
Echo (shown out of enclosure)
Twisty (big display cages)
Toast (snake rack)
Lego (I think, saw little corn face in rack)
Salem (big display cages)
Celia (snake rack)
3 rats (smaller cage in closet)
Bindi (big display cages)
Atta (big display cages)

As someone mentioned she does show just the croc skink cage, empty GTP cage, you can see the two crested gecko cages on a table, Kronos’ enclosure, Cersei’s and the new tarantula’s enclosure, and you do get a visual on her new frog. She also showed a lot of decorated but seemingly empty snake enclosures from the big display tanks.

No. 653311

keeping all the separate animals furniture in one big pile on the floor of the room is a sure way to cause cross-contamination and spread disease between animals

No. 653312

So she is gonna buy the atrium house. Comment from YT, can link pic because im a retard.

>I still made money every day from people watching my old videos + I saved up a LOT before that! And I didn’t buy right off the bat. I’m renting to own- basically currently renting and it’ll take money off for when I can buy it.

No. 653313

File: 1555263641961.jpg (334.32 KB, 828x1792, IMG_0734.jpg)

did anyone see this yet? she claims she got this new frog 4 months ago but should we even believe her?

No. 653314

I wonder if jonny's name is the contract? If he is she's in deep shit if she tries to get rid of him, could potentially lose thousands.

No. 653317

that looks like a c. cornuta. if she had trouble keeping 2 c. ornata (pacman) alive, this frog is going to give her nothing but trouble. They're far more difficult to keep and pickier about eating.

No. 653324

File: 1555266476963.jpg (752.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-142715_Ins…)

Poor pup looks scared

No. 653325

No. 653327

Right??! That was the first thing that I thought when I saw that. Part of the reason moving with so many animals is hard is having to keep check of where things belong and not let it touch other stuff, I see she just gave up on that idea lol
Better hope none of them had parasites you didn't notice, Taylor.

No. 653329

>>653324 Who's dog is that?

No. 653330

In the video she says her boyfriend’s friend

No. 653331

She said in her story it was Jonny's friend's dog

No. 653333

File: 1555267343020.jpg (1.04 MB, 592x1280, snake rack.jpg)

all that space in that new house and shes still keeping her snakes in a snake rack, almost makes me think shes saving all that room for more animals….

No. 653335

Honestly, I think the reason she's still keeping them in racks is that it's easy to forget about them and ignore them until she suddenly wants to pull them out of their cages and fuck around with them. I doubt it has to do with her wanting more animals, it's so she can just forget them.

No. 653336

she refers to the dog as ‘it’ in the video

No. 653344

File: 1555270339560.png (1.02 MB, 937x529, tags.PNG)

I thought that too, but you can clearly see in the video that the pile of hides and wood is new. It's not supplies she had to take out of the enclosures for the move. It's brand new stuff that she just got from a petco and tried to pass it off as supplies her animals have always had.. The hides and wood still have the tags on if you pause the video.

No. 653345

File: 1555270372059.png (937.47 KB, 944x531, tags3.PNG)

No. 653346

it could be a mix of old and new?
she's a slob, so wouldn't put it past her to do that.

No. 653349

didn't she say that cage was for 2-3 days max? does that mean she's using that smaller cage for long term, or is she just doing the bare minimum now that people have called her out on it? idk dude sounds like it's not so short term

No. 653351

So in her new video she talks about how “grim and depressing” her apartment was but the whole time she lived there she talked about how it was her “dream apartment”??? Ok Taylor.

No. 653354

Of course it's long term. They've already been in the house for 2 weeks and the animals for about 1, so there's absolutely no excuse for the rats to still be in that cage. You can get a dcn cage from amazon in 2 days, so they shouldn't still be in that cage. The issue is she knows that she can say that it's temporary and her young fans will believe her and then jump to her defense if anyone dares to question otherwise. She thinks she's untouchable. That's why she lies about everything

No. 653355

Yeah she really loves to flip the narrative as she pleases. How long until this house is depressing and sad, by the looks of it not too long.

No. 653358

So it’s pretty clear the satanics are dead. Their cage is next to the snake rack and she brushes over it in her video and Snapchat and doesn’t ever acknowledge it. In her video there is a straight shot when she first comes into the animal room where you can see light coming through the window - no light in the satanics’ cage. Then when she pans around at the end when she says it’s 2 am and you can see it’s dark outside the window - cage is still dark. Also, when she goes over “table next to rack” in her video she addresses the two new animals she got and completely ignores the dark satanic enclosure next to them. They’re dead.

No. 653360

It could be, but considering none of those hides are even slightly used looking.. She lets the water bowls look so scummy after the move. I can't imagine she'd go and clean any of the hides if they were in fact old. I feel like she just tried to make it look as if her animals have been living in only slightly less barren enclosures. Even with all the new stuff, the cages are still so depressing.

No. 653361

Not surprising, I think we were all surprised she kept them alive for more than a month to begin with.

The whole 'downsizing' her collection thing also makes me laugh - it's such a careful choice of word that makes it sound intentional but we all know the animals probably died.

No. 653362


Those are the crested geckos cages by the snake rack and they've never had a light to begin with. The satanics are nowhere to be found. Odd she hasn't mentioned the cresties tho…

No. 653363

Oh, shit really? It looks a lot like the enclosure she had for the satanics. My bad! Well then, the enclosure nor the satanics are anywhere to be found.

No. 653364

Let’s be real. She’s putting off the “all my animals” video while she tries to get in some replacements for the animals that have died in the 5 months she’s been gone.

No. 653365

File: 1555274671420.png (686.6 KB, 1080x1266, Screenshot_20190414-144341~2.p…)

Aka "Can't wait to buy more animals and add to my hoard"

No. 653366

Those are the two crested gecko tanks and she shows one of the cresties, Echo, in the comeback video.

I didn’t see any sign of the crabs or the satanics in the video

No. 653368

File: 1555275339595.png (247.16 KB, 312x602, story19.png)

According to Taylor in this story, one of Jonny's friends brought their dog over…
Into the atrium it goes!

No. 653369

I really hope she doesn’t get a dog. It would make me so sad to see her neglect another animal. And if she got a larger breed? She’s way too lazy to put the time / work into a working breed. Bet she loses interest and throws it into the atrium.

No. 653370


I just hope the dog doesn't drink from that fountain…

No. 653371

she's acting like putting fabric in their cage is some huge task when it would take her a few minutes and should have been her priority before anything else. how can she care so little about their comfort

No. 653373

She thinks all her animals are rocks and treat them so. Her animals have no enrichments AT ALL. She basically has Petsmart/petco in her brain and in her home. She lacks so much selfawareness that it’s frustrating to think about. It’s like teaching someone something so simple yet they can’t comprehend it, no matter how much you try.

No. 653374

She's gotta get that coin somehow, what with her manlet dropping thousands everyday on some random junk

No. 653377

her views are booming too. even if she lost subs yesterday. its the views that get her paid. she just banks on new reptile nerds finding her channel and thinking shes hot.

No. 653385

This. Sex sells. It's why she has her tits hanging out in some of the older videos. Not that there's anything wrong with that but her care is abysmal.

No. 653387

a lot of viewers are probably just watching for the train wreck at this point though. her views before her hiatus were abysmal and she won't pull them in like this anymore once she goes back to uploading a few times a month again.

No. 653389

File: 1555280426936.jpg (60.73 KB, 1200x675, D4HabX8X4AAoT0X.jpg)

How the FUCK did you just move in, yet already have so many massive piles of clothing all over???

No. 653407

I can't tell in these images but is the green tree python really gone? I watched the video. Aren't GTP's usually always hanging on their branches? Like, they don't burrow, or hide? I don't think? She really would fake them still being in there or something.

I don't know what heroin is like but when you're high does it make things seem better than they are? Because who in their right mind would show their house and animal cages appearing like that? Everyone on social media polishes things to make them appear better than they are when they post things. She seems to do the complete opposite???

No. 653409

if youre isolated from everything long enough you start to think your normal. she probably sees nothing wrong with her messy house and animal care because she is literally out of touch with reality.

i also think shes really broke the way they are going through money and with the cost of heroin these days.

i HIGHLY doubt this is a rent to own situation. i do real estate and that buying situation is rarely advised.

No. 653418

I doubt it's rent to own because I saw the ads before she was accepted - nothing in them advertised rent to own.

No. 653420

I don't really understand why she would say this. Is it just flex? Maby she thinks she can buy it from them after renting a bit? If shes paying 4k in rent landlords are making bank why would they sell? Is this just to trying to save face with her fans? I'm really boggled why she would say this.

No. 653421

Anyone else think the owner is jonny's dealer? LOL, I wouldn't trust that toothless wonder to bring any kinda of "friends" over.

No. 653427

File: 1555293617461.jpeg (183.89 KB, 828x1127, 26732938-9E5E-4E40-AB8E-73117E…)

So the new pet she mentioned getting is another tarantula, how long has it been since we’ve seen the other one?

No. 653444


I think the friend was actually someone Jonny was paying to build his pc because he’s a bum who can’t do it himself.

No. 653450

excellent point! I suspected it was new or at least unused because she didn't seem sure what she was going to use in each tank, she acted like she was deciding as she went.

Really hope she doesn't get poison frogs. They're low maintenance compared to some of her other pets, but they really benefit from a bioactive vivarium. She can't even manage live plants in a single other enclosure, and I don't think she's even had a planted aquarium. No way is she going to manage to keep plants alive for poison frogs, let alone properly manage springtail and isopod populations.

No. 653451

File: 1555299427927.jpg (754.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-223636_Chr…)

No. 653452

File: 1555299454352.jpg (1010.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-223640_Chr…)

No. 653453

File: 1555299484614.jpg (980.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-223643_Chr…)

No. 653454

File: 1555299508524.jpg (1018.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-223648_Chr…)

No. 653455

File: 1555299533674.jpg (881.86 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190414-223652_Chr…)

No. 653456

So apparently it was an anonymous friend that got her using. Definitely not her heroin addict boyfriend. Lmao okay

No. 653457

File: 1555299933410.jpg (67.35 KB, 634x1026, Ddci6FlUQAAlW9Z.jpg)


Yeah, I'm calling bullshit. You smoked heroin with your boyfriend as far back as December 2017, Taylor.

No. 653459

Did she seriously just admit to heroin use online in front of all the fans that were denying it? shes either really not that smart or she just like the attention.

No. 653460

wait what timeline is she trying to sell here? Does she forget she told us all she had issues with heroin before Jonny? Is the "friend" supposed to be Bree at that con they were all at? Because I'm guessing Taylor still forgets that all of that was made public, was about coke not heroin, and it's already out that Taylor both brought the drugs and mocked Bree for not knowing what to do with them or whatever? Also where does Jonny's so called sobriety fit in here, Taylor? Everyone already knows he got kicked out of the band for HIS issues.

This whole "sympathetic animal mom with chronic pain gets led down the path of drugs by a 'friend' and wants to help other addicts now" is a nice narrative… except that your entire life is already online and we know not a word you said there is true, Taylor.

No. 653461

Not good that she can't even remember the name of the clinic and has to correct herself. makes it seem like she hasn't been in a while.

also, she was "working up to vivitrol" three months ago. she's still using, in the past 10 days. she didn't get "dead clean" before moving in, since they've lived there for 14 days and she still isn't able to get vivitrol.

This all just sounds like something Jonny made her to write to shift the blame away from him tbh. maybe she/he checked here after she posted the video and got upset.

No. 653462

somebody needs to document this shit in a video, the stans need to hear this straight from the horses mouth. You don't INNOCENTLY start using something like heroin, People get sent to prison for this shit.

No. 653463

File: 1555300702520.jpeg (115.56 KB, 1117x622, 6FE38EB5-9069-46C1-B3BD-32BCAC…)

It’s funny you say this because I just found this screenshot from the end of January where she claims she’s done bioactive before and I forgot to post it.

No. 653464


>>"Also where does Jonny's so called sobriety fit in here, Taylor? Everyone already knows he got kicked out of the band for HIS issues. "

At this point, she's proving Colin right about how she was the one causing Jonny to relapse repeatedly.

No. 653465

Now I'm wondering if she actually knows the definition of bioactive or if she thinks a few plants = bioactive, just like "old tank water" (which contains little to no beneficial bacteria) = cycled aquarium. She still doesn't know what people mean by asking her to quarantine new animals either. Seriously where the hell does this girl get her information.

No. 653467

We don't mock you for being a heroin addict, we mock you for how you've lied and gone about acknowledging it. She literally does not know the meaning of personal responsibility. If she can shift the blame, she will.

No. 653469

Petco. She acts like they're such a shitty chain store (which they are, but that's beside the point) but, considering she's 22, she worked there less than 4 years ago. You can't be hired at a Petco if you're under 18, so her care is not as far removed from her shitty habits. Having worked at a chain pet store, her care screams of the same shit Petco calls "policy," so I'm willing to bet the majority of her info comes from Petco training and skimming online caresheets.

No. 653470

Ya she's been doing heroin this whole time. As soon as Jonny came in it started. She's trying play the victim card now because her lifestyle is threatened and people are waking up to her shit.

Shes got a vote on twitter to see what she should do.

No. 653472

File: 1555301997271.png (117.32 KB, 310x396, cashgrab#2.png)

No. 653474

What is she, patron saint of drug addicts?

No. 653475

We've found out the reason "family friendly" disappeared. I doubt she's gonna do a video she's too lazy anyway. She just loves this attention.

No. 653476


>>"My desire to turn the nightmare into a way to help others"

AKA "My Pettube channel might fail & I still need money you guys!"

No. 653479

Savior complex in action.

No. 653481


Looks like Taylor wants to become the new Rewired Soul

No. 653482

People in TRUE recovery do not drink alcohol. Its gross in her posts she constantly says "some of you will just not get it". I don't think SHE gets it. It's a mockery of people battling addiction making a real effort to be sober, not just trading another habit for another one. I myself have been clean from herion and fentanyl for 5 years, and to see her trying to use her platform to promote sobriety is disgusting because she's not even sober.

No. 653483

Pretty sure she just shooting her self in the arm, sry I mean the foot. She probably would've been ok she'd stayed quiet. People probably already forgot about the whole Disney fiasco and shit. The whole twitter thing screams attention whore, nobody want to hear about her problems they watch for the hot girl with the animals.

No. 653486

File: 1555302986738.png (15.97 KB, 572x142, twit18.png)


Looks like Taylor might be copying Jonny's model of 'Sobriety'

No. 653487

Drugs an alcohol yes are both bad but trust me I know but when I got sober I still drank occasionally so I could feel like I was in control of some part of myself(Blogposting)

No. 653488

LOL she’s literally saying Jonny helped and pulled her out of her drug addiction… girl he’s the one that got you hooked to it, not your “friend” (I assume that Pettube mess last summer). He’s the one that got kicked out of his own band from using, don’t act like he’s clean or even that you’re clean.

So of course this is the excuse for the marks on her hands and arms. She’s trying to cover her ass by calling them scars. Bullshit, those marks are FRESH. Not scars from months ago. What a fucking liar. She’s never going to get better and she’s never going to be happy if she keeps lying like this!

No. 653489

Drinking means you are not sober. Therefore it doesn't give her the right to speak to millions of people about being sober. She hasn't even put in the work.

No. 653490

Read the rules, no blogposting. If you get reported for rule breaking repeatedly you’ll get banned.

No. 653491


Yes a man who relapses like clockwork & has a history of trying to shoot-up his ex-girlfriends in an attempt to get them to join him in addiction helped you get 'clean'

No. 653492

I thought it was relevant to the discussion, which is that she is a phony. :-)(: -))

No. 653494

I don't think her ego can handle the truth. She's acting like life is this big movie that she's the star of, now shes just waiting for her redemption arc. She's immature and naive, If she does make a video I don't think its gonna go as smooth as she plans. That's career suicide imo.

She desperately wants the whole jonny relationship to work out. She seriously wants to have children and a family with this manlet. Without him shes got nothing just her animals and a big empty house. He's just gonna keep bumming and using, in 7 years hes 40 and shes 29. 7 christmases you really think hes gonna turn around in that time?

No. 653495

did she delete this poll already? I don't see it on her Twitter. is se Just ranting while high to make herself feel less guilty and this will all be deleted soon?

No. 653498

File: 1555303956981.png (285.71 KB, 1080x1484, Screenshot_20190414-225154~2.p…)

It's still there anon

No. 653499


Nah, she's probably still waiting for him to die. Which is why she defends him. She won't have to after he's dead.

No. 653501

“My animals were always cared for”
“I have such an amazing support system that got me out of such a dark place”

Umm… if you actually had a support system that helped you, you wouldn’t be in a relationship with Jonny Craig. EVERYONE you know including your own so called friends and family has outed him as a toxic and abusive, manipulative person. So no hunny, you aren’t out of this “dark place” you love to talk about so much for sympathy.

I can’t believe she has the audacity to say her animals were always cared for while she was “taking time for herself”… so what about when your addicted was completely spiraled out of control, BEFORE the so called “support system” came into the picture? Is that when you killed 12 pets in a month? Is that when the water bowls were completely dry, cages empty with nothing but bedding?

The fact that this girl just continues to lie, lie, and lie never ceases to amaze me. She is pushing to hard to make everyone believe this fairytale picture she is painting, like she was lost and then her Prince Charming Jonny saved her and now she’s all better :) In reality, this comeback has done nothing but prove she hasn’t changed at all. I’m fact, I’m shocked she came back as sloppy as she did - I thought she’d of course keep using and drinking, but she’d be more careful about what she shows. But nope, she’s completely showing her lies once again, and that she’s still the same manipulative person.

This shit only works so long on tweens. Her career is slowly dying. Her life has become such a shit life that she has to pretend to the world that it’s so wonderful. Yikes

No. 653503

File: 1555304676971.png (18.63 KB, 408x83, 1548641690828.png)


>>"EVERYONE you know including your own so called friends and family has outed him as a toxic and abusive, manipulative person."


No. 653504

what is this from anon? recent?

No. 653505


It was from Tyler Rugge's Livestream shortly after Taylor left Twitter in January.

No. 653506

Her "friends" should be reaching out to her now. They've been doing alot of enabling and need to tell her straight up to get her shit together. I'd expect my friends to do that for me.

No. 653507

Love the play on words, Taylor.
“We both CHECKED ourselves into rehab.” You went to an OUTPATIENT rehab. Stop deceiving people into thinking it was anything more. Plus the entire time you were there you took hideous selfies in the bathroom. Sounds like serious rehab to me.

Didn’t she say they got the Vivitrol injection, now it’s suboxone? Don’t even get me started on my suboxone soapbox because it can be used for pain and it’s still a controlled medication because of its abuse potential. So go gloat about suboxone in the corner.

Also love the narrative of Jonny being the hero. If I recall correctly, he said that Taylor was the one who made him go back home and that’s why he left the band high and dry.

This dumb broad can't even put a minute amount of effort into lying… go figure lol.

No. 653508


Who knows? They might have been trying to do that behind the scenes, but Taylor (or Jonny) pushed them all away…

No. 653509

File: 1555305108371.png (403.26 KB, 750x1334, D5CD7775-7234-4A77-9ACE-B4F4DB…)

Incoming twitter feed spam with more details

No. 653510


Yeah, how fucking romantic!
They loved each other so much that they needed drugs to escape one-another!

No. 653511

File: 1555305149945.png (399.53 KB, 750x1334, 3A659EF7-0FE7-49E6-90C7-87E797…)

No. 653512


"…I was sobbing while putting the drug in me…"

Sound familiar anyone?

No. 653513

File: 1555305248679.png (385.5 KB, 750x1334, 52F4A39A-F1D7-4774-82D3-47A99F…)

No. 653514

File: 1555305295821.png (414.63 KB, 750x1334, F911031B-D3F1-43C8-A9B5-72A00C…)

No. 653515

File: 1555305324409.png (407.65 KB, 750x1334, E3EAD16C-98DD-4CE1-8863-01F166…)

No. 653516


Man, forget Jonny, Taylor + her poor fans are the real abusive relationship going on here!

So much manipulation!

No. 653517

This bitch has seen too many disney movies and soap-operas romanticizing the turnaround junkie. Bitch needs to WAKE UP and get her ass in rehab seriously.

Better people with worse problems than your own die from this shit or struggle for years afterwards. Nobody fucking cares about your sheltered upper-middleclass-suburban-upbringing. You've had it very easy.

Nobody wants to hear a using junkie give a pep talk. Justifying your heroin use because you were depressed?!? SERIOUSLY??!

This is all just one big cry for help, family should just force her into rehab. Shes going off the rails and the ending doesn't look good.

No. 653519

File: 1555306354740.png (101.53 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20190414-233034~2.p…)

Manipulation indeed.

This is on Instagram, she posted the same thing there as well.

No. 653520

File: 1555306399013.png (224.84 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_20190414-232834~2.p…)

No. 653521

The human condition at it's worst. People are gonna look back years from now and use her as a case study.

No. 653524

This SOB needs to release the screenshots at this point. If he does this web of lies is gonna come crashing down. Milk must flow.

No. 653526


Oh Taytay still trying to find a way to blame the band?

She never learns…

No. 653527

what a pack of barefaced lies. jonny got her into it, she wanted to do it, and they di it together. I know that she lies constantly but this is kind of mindblowing. it's compartmentalised onto twitter too, where her yt stan base don't see it. if she's lying this much no way can she be telling any kind of truth about being clean.

No. 653531

File: 1555308201605.png (710.77 KB, 498x897, howmany.png)

Mood rn

No. 653533

they couldn't get clean long enough (9 days) for vivitrol.
also by saying jonny went through rehab too, she's admitting her lie right there. if he wasn't using why would he go and why take subuxone for no reason? ffs.

No. 653534

>still have bad days
so, still using

No. 653535


Yeah, if he wasn't using, then why the hell did they both 'check themselves in' like Taylor just said?

This shit just don't add up.

No. 653536


not trying to white knight but it sounds like to me taylor is trying to say jonny was sober and then relapsed again because she started using. Then they checked themselves into rehab. Unless you're referring to jonny being sober the entire time then yeah he definitely was not.

No. 653538

File: 1555309211139.png (17.33 KB, 280x258, Capture.PNG)

She's really going off on IG responding to tons of comments right now. Still pulling the "they said I was so I might as well become an addict" story.

No. 653539

File: 1555309260466.png (20.02 KB, 293x373, taylor.PNG)

No. 653540

File: 1555309423878.jpg (5.9 MB, 346x215, NQjgc89.jpg)

This girl is clearly not sober. People need to wake up and smell the bullshit.

No. 653541


>>"taylor is trying to say jonny was sober and then relapsed again because she started using."

…And by saying that she just proves that she's literally the worst person for him and they should not be together at all.

No. 653544

I totally forgot about that… they were making it out to be that Taylor was clean and Jonny was the one who relapsed or whatever, so she told him to come home from tour to help him get clean.

Now Jonny was somehow the clean one who encouraged her to get clean?
Lmao she really can’t keep up with her lies

No. 653545

Is there a video of Tyler’s livestream from that date anywhere? I missed it.

No. 653547

She'll never be clean in that house. She's got low self-esteem and no internal validation. She's gotta work through that shit herself and find some other hobbies and do more with her life.

The lying is getting ridiculoso. So many conflicting stories, she can't be trusted at all. She made some poor poor choices and now shes got to accept the consequences.

No. 653548

A few threads back there is a semi transcript. It was only tyler rugge's younow. don't know if it saves or not.

No. 653549


If only Colin would spill the beans…

This girl is gonna kill Jonny & eventually herself too.

No. 653550

File: 1555310596065.png (48.59 KB, 406x391, taylor.PNG)

Says she's been open about it for months, even though she denied having a problem for years and publicly always talks about her addiction as if it's some other random health issue.

No. 653551

"open about it"

furiously deletes twitter and Instagram

No. 653552

Did she decide to come out with this because of her slurring on her video? That’s my only guess as to why she would talk about this.

What an idiot - using audio of her on drugs. Also, is she on heroin in those clips or some type of pill?

No. 653553

File: 1555311099225.jpg (40.35 KB, 560x438, Dx3Vhr_UcAAUzup.jpg)


>>"I've actually been open about it for months now."

No. 653555

I posted earlier that she doesn't know what accountability is but THIS? "Wah the internet picked on me so I started using heroin!!" Bitch are you fucking high right now? First it was a "shitty friend" and now it's the internet's fault? She is off her rocker.

No. 653556


What fucking story is it Taylor???

No. 653558

Probably high rn, Its 2am texas time and she's being super schizo. Probably sippin on her cider and drinking her mustard from the bottle.

No. 653561

File: 1555311701532.png (49.34 KB, 618x427, Capture.PNG)

Her bragging about using "the strongest type" is like when she tried to shame Bree for not knowing how to cut a line of coke. Does she think this makes her look good?

No. 653562

File: 1555311838232.jpg (1.82 MB, 1440x900, ZhhZeIK.jpg)

No. 653563

she's really getting off on talking about china white, huh. second she's brought up what a 'proper' heroin addict she is.

No. 653564

File: 1555312010144.jpg (69.56 KB, 675x1200, Dxsvy-xU8AA2jyY.jpg)

I also have a hard time believing that the same guy in these texts was the one trying SO hard to get her clean…

No. 653565

ummm pretty sure any kind of heroin addiction is bad. She's delusional, good thing she has a resident drug expert to help her find the best strains. saved her my ass.

No. 653566

File: 1555312342496.jpg (89.38 KB, 1178x876, DxrT1uAUcAAmpFQ (2).jpg)


"She didn't even know how to cut a line of cocaine. and was surprised it made her nose tingle."

~Taylor Nicole Dean

No. 653567

100% says she realized she could cash in on her “sob” story, lying about her sobriety… and is now running with it. I knew it would only be a matter of time. The problem is, when she attracts recovering addicts to her YT/social media, they will also start picking up on her halfassed stories, speech slurring, fresh marks on her hands. This plan of hers will crumble. At least on twitter she can lie without her eyes rolling into the back of her head because she’s so high.

No. 653569

I think she likes the druggie lifestyle. Likes to play dressup at the doctors office. Junkie BF, junk food and lazy living.

She knows that shit won't slide on YT (no vid on this from her) but it's only a matter of time before someone makes a video= against her.

No. 653570

Ya I imagine all former addicts can see through her shit haze. maby this is all some huge publicity stunt so she can get more attention.

No. 653572


When you put it like that, it sounds like a great idea!

No. 653573

The more people she reaches with her story the more people are going to shit on her. Her dumbass fans might not see through it but former and current addicts alike are going to tear her apart. Not to mention just people with common sense are going to see right through her.

No. 653574

By the Way the gtp was on the video was way on the back of the enclosure you can see IT a little not white k here

No. 653575

File: 1555313993675.jpg (497.17 KB, 1275x1040, 20190415_023828.jpg)

No. 653580


not to derail the current topic of her addiction posts but just found this video of the atrium encountering hail. with the types of storms that are happening in SA rn, i wouldnt be surprised by a few broken windows cuz of that atrium.

Didn't she say that she already had a broken window from a recent storm? i wonder how long it'll take them to fix that lmao

No. 653581

File: 1555321960419.jpg (402.34 KB, 1080x1622, IMG_20190415_105141.jpg)

New assistant lies Taylor?

No. 653582

so her bf who she spends 24/7 with is a notorious junkie but a "friend", of which she has basically none apart from a group of pet nerds (well, no more) and an assistant-slave, introduced her to heroin while said notorious junkie begged her to stop b4 caving and buying heroin for the both of em? pleaaaaase please please pls pls pls

No. 653584


you can't "innocently" use heroin like what is she on about? that is this fucking sob story she's conjured that takes blame off her heroin addict boyfriend who has NEVER been sober and puts it all on this mysterious "friend". i didn't even bother reading more because holy shit. take some accountability. it was the FRIEND that offered it and it was her ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY that made her keep using! what a load of shit.

taylor legit just can't say she fucked up and got addicted to heroin. she just can't even type out of the words "it was offered, i wanted it so i accepted" followed by "i got addicted to it, that's my fault for using in the first place".

this is no one's fault but your own, taylor. not this "friend", not your "addictive personality". hell not even your rapist gremlin boyfriend unless he held you down and injected the needle himself - which by the way, he's done before. take some responsibility for your actions and fuck ups and learn some damn humility.

No. 653585

Regardless of whether or not what she says is true (it clearly isn't), she shouldn't be exposing her fanbase to that. They're preteens and here she is talking about drugs and self-harm in detail as a manipulation tactic; I wouldn't be happy if my child was idolising someone like that.
She's lost a lot of her genuine fans to her hoarding tendencies and addiction, and now she's abandoning her morals to cling to the last few people who will praise her for whatever she does. What a despicable person, trying to blame others for her own decisions.

No. 653592

New Disney movie concept “the heroin princess” Taylor with her dwarf and animals living in a dirty house.

No. 653593

File: 1555329535662.jpeg (186.16 KB, 568x761, 8CF1D6DD-DACD-4753-9152-9925F2…)

I was curious about her socialblade stats for twitter, because I know damn well if I was still following her, this sort of tirade would have made me unfollow kek

No. 653595

File: 1555329952011.jpeg (289.46 KB, 640x840, 346D15CB-CD08-4C7C-BEE4-E98FB7…)

No. 653599

File: 1555330587304.png (15.15 KB, 663x138, Captdsfdsure.PNG)

this. he had his setup updated yesterday

No. 653607

File: 1555333759271.png (480.24 KB, 1242x2208, C77D5C6B-6E49-45AF-BCB2-2A5D85…)

Literally yesterday lmao(cowtipping)

No. 653608

wtf?? she's literally tweeting how she was on the strongest heroin out there or whatever and he's just flat out saying she was never on heroin?

No. 653609

Cause they can never get their fuckin story straight, they just fire off the first thing that comes to mind without thinking

No. 653612

it's still mind boggling man, I'd like to see what excuses taylor would make for it besides just "it's a fake text lol"

No. 653613

"my animals did basically have temporary homes"

literally 2 sentences later:

"Instead of moving them to a new home and stressing them"

bitch wut?

No. 653614

Kids are pretty dumb. They'll grow up and realize most Youtubers are not what they present themselves as in private. Everyone on here has probably gone through this phase.

No. 653615

She's saying they "basically had temporary homes" bc she "paid" different people to come take care of them while at her apartment, meaning she was not their primary caregiver during that time. They didn't actually go to the houses of the people she paid to look after them.

No. 653616

if she's claiming she paid $600 per week for the entirety of her drug binge (21 weeks, or 19 if she's claiming she quit when she moved to her new place) then she's paid at least $10,000 to have other people take care of her animals for her. but we've NEVER seen evidence of anyone other than Betsy existing in their lives in the past 5 months, not until they moved at least.

No. 653618

So its NOT a temporary home. Same shitty enclosures, same "dangerous electricity" she neglected them straight up. Betsy was there to clean her house not care for her animals.

I highly doubt there was any kind of primary or supplementary care given to her animals while she was smacked out.

No. 653621

Holy shit the milk is going to flow if this dumb broad is really going to try and go down the road of getting in on the recovery community of YouTube and trying to cash in. People in that community aren’t her preteen child fans who believe anything she says - everyone will see that she is a junkie who is still actively using and not trying to get clean. She must be running low on funds finally and knew she had to come back to social media and YouTube to get some cash to continue to support her habit.

I can’t believe people honestly believe that her made up therapist says it’s okay for her to continue drinking while she’s in “recovery.” It’s such a load of bullshit. No therapist or counselor or drug treatment program would say you’re fine to drink when you have even been clean for a month. What a fucking joke.

No. 653622

File: 1555342065811.png (1.81 MB, 1242x2208, 59593041-BB82-42A0-8CEE-C1D6C0…)

She’s staking the TND tea page

No. 653623

File: 1555342090513.png (631.69 KB, 1242x2208, C1D89D2D-74D5-4DFF-9C4A-5ABC26…)

No. 653624

File: 1555342112511.png (256.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-111137.png)

do you think she's somehow trying to hint that it was Bree? who is she talking about lol

one more pic below, I scrolled through a bunch of her twitter replies and none of them say anything about vivitrol. she's lurking and answering our speculation

No. 653626

"I never knew it would turn into what it did"

You claim to have an addictive personality and never knew using addictive substances would lead you to becoming… addicted… right..

No. 653627

I do. Which is completely fucked up. She knows that everyone will immediately think of Bree since she already blamed her for her “relapse” earlier.

I’m sure Jonny made her say that it wasn’t him who got her hooked and that he was actually sober and she made him relapse. Okay, Taylor. Sure. Your longtime junkie of a boyfriend isn’t who introduced you to his drug of choice and he’s the one who actually saved you from addiction. Alright, Jonny.

No. 653629

God she's unbelievable in her tweets 'a friend is someone who is around even when you're failing blah blah' right, so when Bree was taking drugs and obviously a mess did you help her then? No, you sent her home and deserted her cos she was trouble. Taylor is always the victim in any situation.

No. 653630

I hope whoever the supposed friend that she’s trying to blame catches wind of this and slaps Taylor with a slander lawsuit. Everyone knows it’s Jonny. There’s screenshots where she admits it’s Jonny. Amanda/Chelsea have said in the past how Jonny would guilt them into hiding stuff for him, and getting mad when they wouldn’t. He’s clearly doing that to Taylor.

No. 653631

File: 1555342652109.png (187.78 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-113434.png)

omg now she's switched to subtweeting the PetTubers, what is she doing

No. 653632

Holy fucking shit Taylor, get it together. You were a lying, manipulating mess dating a rapist junkie asshole. If people want to distance themselves from that, I don’t blame them. Also, let’s be real, you know they were bought “friends” anyway, kek.

No. 653633

Didn't literally everyone offer or try to help in some way and she just pushed them all away because heroin feels better?

No. 653635

So she has clearly had zero counseling as part of her supposed “rehab” (no, no, no) because the first thing they tell you is not to blame others for not being part of your life while you’re using.

No. 653639

File: 1555345093877.png (35.05 KB, 611x280, Captudre.PNG)

her response

No. 653640

I love this. Hopefully they’ll catch wind of her trying to shit on them and clap back at her with some receipts.

No. 653641

File: 1555345343130.png (275.66 KB, 720x460, 20190415_121158.png)

Trying to make the band look like the bad guys again?
Does she ever fucking learn?

No. 653642


We have to remember that, along with everyone else, she more than likely lied to her Pettube 'friends' as well.

No. 653643

I think she already deleted this because she knows not to fuck with Colin or he will expose her

No. 653645

Pretty sure this tweet was months ago. If you're posting old milk please specify!

No. 653646

File: 1555346023172.png (139.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190415-123330.png)

it starts

anyone wanna bet she actually does it?

No. 653647


oh so mushu is alive… miserable, but alive. that poor lotl has suffered so much. i'm in a lot of axolotl groups on fb and seeing all these chubby, fluffy gilled axolotls compared to poor mushu breaks my heart.

No. 653648


Taylor out here saying what we already knew about her Pettube 'friends'…

They were always in it for the clout!
And when shit got rough they all bailed!

No. 653649

File: 1555346530996.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1125x1023, 266FCCF7-9F2A-4C3D-9CC9-ADD61A…)

She’s trying to guilt trip people who don’t agree with her new Instagram post

No. 653650

She's such an ass. YOU DID HAVE FRIENDS you basically told them to fuck off. Why are you even surprised at this outcome? Seems like your the shitty friend who doesn't talk to anyone and expects them to go out of their way to save you WHEN YOU CLEARLY dont want their help. Ever heard of tough love? They're probably still your friends and you don't deserve them. I doubt they've given up on you.

No. 653651

No1 curss about your drug addiction. They're probably freaked out that this person they thought they knew was lying the whole time. They came to watch cute animals not suffer through a heroin soap-opera.

No. 653653

File: 1555346966809.jpeg (506.3 KB, 1936x1452, 37DB4DF7-58D1-4C83-85B0-25BD1A…)

Some people aren’t drinking the kool aid in her comments

No. 653654

While a part of me agrees, watching Tyler cry on stream makes me think otherwise. I think he did care. I think he idolized her in a lot of ways when it came to her success. But I also think they all stepped back because they all (in the stream) talked about how she wouldn’t even respond anymore and they were worried

No. 653655

File: 1555347101802.jpeg (308.91 KB, 1125x1351, A11082B9-D08F-4CF0-9222-32BF33…)

At first I was confused that she’s leaving some negative instagram comments up but I think based on her replies to them she’s leaving them up as proof of “mean bullies hating on her” to show her fans

No. 653656

> It was very triggering for me to even write about it
Are we just meant to ignore the countless jokes you've been posting for the last however many months then? Wasn't triggering to you until you were cornered.

No. 653658

Is it just me or did she say she was on heroin before she even met Jonny? At that time there was no one accusing her of any addiction issues at all. So her "well they said I am so I guess I am" story doesn't add up whatsoever? Can this bitch keep a story straight for just 2 damn minutes

No. 653659

File: 1555347303119.jpeg (377.64 KB, 1217x1365, 3154B06F-2F24-425A-B076-08FAF2…)

Didn’t she claim when she tried to throw Bree under the bus that she had struggled with cocaine addiction in the past? But now it “ended up at drugs at the end of 21”???

No. 653660

Now its the Internets fault that she tried heroin. Can this bitch take any blame? Every time she tries to appear like she's taking the blame she follows it up with "but I was vulnerable/have mental issues/an addictive personality and someone took advantage/made me do it/strongly influenced my decision". Taylor, try just taking the blame without following it up with "but".

No. 653661

Ya her friends were there for her she just ignored them and their concerns.

Lets be real here. Her drug addiction and animal hoarding are both the same issue. If she's ever gonna get clean shes gotta get rid of some animals first. It's some interrelated mental shit. She gets a high off her animals because they give her mental stimulation just like a drug. There are longtime recreational drug users who have the self control to know when to stop. She apparently doesn't have this control and needs to make some serious lifestyle changes. Dump jonnny, rehome animals, get a sleep schedule, excersise, eat healthier. The path shes on shes gonna be dead.

No. 653662

File: 1555347788276.jpeg (333.64 KB, 1221x1000, EB4BD5BE-F296-4944-BFE8-E93D09…)

“Relapse is inevitable.” Seriously she is still using or planning on it. No one serious about recovery has the mindset of “relapse is inevitable.” She’s already creating an excuse to use.

No. 653663

BAD BAD attitude to have. She doesn't want to get better. Addiction is a choice, not a disease. If she doesn't have the self control to stop herself, shes gotta remove herself from that environment and people who'd encourage her to use. I wonder who's supplying her with her drugs? cough Jonny cough cough

No. 653664

This new tirade of “I am telling my story because I want to be inspiring!! Reeeeeeee!!” Doesn’t work when she shifts the blame to literally anybody, and everybody. The “first time using” story has been around with many tales, Johnny sometimes makes a grand appearance in said story, sometimes it’s Bree, sometimes it’s a random person on a dark night. Regardless, her bullshit doesn’t add up. Drinking alcohol while trying to get “clean” doesn’t work.
And do you know what? If she’s so high, and mighty and so in love with Johnny why did she start using around him in the first place? (This question is now based entirely around the new story of using with “friend” who is not a friend)
If she loves Johnny so much, why would she start using a drug around him that’s killing him? A drug she knows he cannot get away from?
So much for a romantic love story.
I don’t want this to come off like I am white knighting Johnny. I am just confused by her newest narrative of “we got clean together we are in love uwu” while simultaneously her and the band confirming she was behind the reintroduction of H to Johnny’s life.

No. 653665

File: 1555348338084.jpeg (643.65 KB, 1232x1831, 71DFB3D9-3E7D-4B75-9B24-A685A3…)

“The mean haters made me use!!!”