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No. 674143

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread:
The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (currently deactivated as of 6/29)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
> Taylor deactivates Twitter after announcing she has broken up with Jonny
> Posts on multiple platforms that the relationship has ended but begs people not to tell Jonny. Deletes posts very quickly after
> Something happens that sends Taylor to the hospital for unknown reasons
> Jonny moves out WHILE Taylor is in the hospital, has someone drive him to NY State in a U-Haul truck with his most expensive toys (computer and some shoes and stupid Funko pops) in the back
> Jonny swears up and down they are still together and he only left to "take care of his dad for two months"
> Mama Dean insists they have broken up, confirms Taylor is in rehab for heroin addiction (surprise surprise she's been using all along), brags about how invincible her neck is in response to Jonny's pathetic vague threats
> Jonny receives calls from Taylor while she is in rehab. She acts as though they're totally fine, and she will visit in NY as soon as she gets out
> Taylor is telling everyone a different story depending on what they want to hear
> Mama Dean spergs out when she realizes she's possibly being lied to, says she won't say anything else on the matter, yet continues to be passive-aggressive on Twitter
> Jonny is already talking to new girls, receiving gift packages from other women, is definitely not sober in NY
> Posts photos of his father's gun (he legally cannot own one bc of his restraining order from Chelsea) and pathetic attempts to threaten people
> Mama Dean feels her neck is no longer protected and fears for her life (kek)
> Taylor stops calling Jonny and he throws a pity party for himself, taking a page out of her book by scheduling streams yet never following through
> TND leaves rehab early, reactivates Twitter, immediately starts blaming Jonny for EVERYTHING and takes 0 responsibility for her own mistakes
> Has already moved out of the atrium house (as if no one saw that coming)
> Claims that blatant lies she has tweeted in the past were really Jonny using her Twitter account. Will unblock people he made her block, but anyone who made her "feel negatively" will remain blocked
> Has begun process of filing a protective order against Jonny for herself
> Claims Jonny tried to get her to sign an NDA but she refused. Says it took her "like 10 tries" to leave him
> Confirms that texts between her and Chelsea in Dec 2017 are real, but quickly deletes confirmation tweet
> At this point Jonny is maintaining that he'll leave quietly and peacefully if she really wants him to
> Twitter meltdown + mutual shitslinging is eagerly awaiting by all

> Recent Known additions to the horde of animals: Tarantula, frog

> Recent Known Deaths: Moon crab (Ursula)
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Satanic Leaf geckos, all fishtanks not including the 150 gal, other moon crab (Triton)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Old Milk:
> Posted an Instagram story with needles visible in the background
> Continues to make stories on Instagram where track marks can be seen on her arms
> Claims she is totally sober from drugs but alcohol doesn’t count and her rehab coaches are completely fine with her using alcohol
> Released a video on how she moved Mushu to the new house, with an insane amount of misinformation, demonstrating her complete lack of knowledge about the nitrogen cycle, but at least FINALLY has a chiller for her tank
> Taylor has been sharing photos with alleged self harm scars
> Jonny is now in New York for a couple months, still love bombing Taylor on social media
> TND and Jonny seem to be on some type of ‘break’ without calling it that and Jonny is in deep denial
> TND has mentioned possibly ‘rehoming’ more animals and moving home with her parents
> TND has been alleging that her substance abuse and codependency issues are because of her father not being around as a kid
> Jonny seems convinced he’s going to become a successful twitch streamer despite barely knowing how to play games
> Jenn vague-posting abuse abusive and manipulative relationships whenever Taylor alludes to her relationship status
> Taylor has been seemingly intentionally vague about whether she’s actually dumping Jonny or not

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to break up with Jonny to complete her “redemption” to youtube

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 674144

File: 1561837245350.png (278.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190629-152617.png)

No. 674145

I've never made a new thread before but thought it was important to get one up quickish. Hope it's okay. Also picked the thread pic because we all know Jonny's gonna start "talking shit on her" soon, and by self-admission, being fucking stupid. Also because his restraining order statement fits too perfectly with Taylor getting a protective order, yet blasting him on social media as soon as she could after leaving rehab early

No. 674146

File: 1561837351626.png (109.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190629-152628.png)

No. 674147

File: 1561837411427.png (104.59 KB, 640x1136, 2E09F017-D805-43DF-A196-6E1B24…)

I knew she was monkey branching, she is so codependent she could leave Jonny without a guy lined up

I give her a month to start displaying public affection on Twitter

No. 674148


No. 674149

LMAO. A rehab relationship with another junkie, great idea Taylor. Definitely shows that she didn't take rehab seriously at all, as they tell you not to enter into romantic relationships during the process.

No. 674150

File: 1561837614355.png (189.56 KB, 760x705, Screenshot_20190629-164534.png)

I give her around a month too. 3 weeks.

No. 674151

>never pick up the phone again
>sent from her iphone

No. 674152

she's really out here telling people they're not allowed to "copy" her shitty halsey tattoo as if she didn't steal the croc and heart tattoo off someone else's body lmaooo

No. 674153

Don't take it so literal. She means pick up the phone when Jonny calls.

No. 674154

she obviously meant she didn't feel the need to call Jonny from rehab and reassure him they were still together

No. 674156

File: 1561838986696.png (2.57 MB, 1242x2688, 660A951E-22E1-46D1-AEE3-7BE648…)

The Halsey tattoo for reference

No. 674157

what an awful lyric to choose and what an even worse place to put it. Hide that shit on the back of your leg or something, or cover up more of your tracks with it

No. 674158

We really missed crazy mama Dean's livestream? That's a damn shame… Did anyone see it?

No. 674161

Listen we all know Jonny's a piece of shit, but Taylor is just as bad. I bet she wasn't even in rehab, just needed the 25 days to get her story straight. Make sure she could frame it so she looks like such a wounded victim. She knew how much her delusional fans would eat up her pity party and they've taken the bait hook line and sinker. Jonny didn't stick that needle in her arm. The first step of recovery is owning up to your mistakes, but all she is doing is blaming other people for her troubles. Recovered my ass.

No. 674162

His discord ha shut down any more discussion about what's going on. Basically it seems like he is fine with situation

No. 674163

First, sage ur shit
Second, we’ve literally gotten a ton of evidence she was in rehab. Find somewhere else to hatefag and stop shutting up the thread.
Yes Taylor is a cow and she’s definitely going to fuck up again at some point with her shit animal care but I think she has plenty to blame Jonny for. I mean fuck he literally tried to force a needle into one of his exes so it’s safe to say he had a hand in her getting addicted.

No. 674164

there's no reason to believe she wasn't in rehab, especially because her mother spoke about going in to visit her, etc. Rehab is not a magic personality-cure-all, of course she's still going to be her shitty self when she gets out, but that doesn't mean she hasn't learned anything from being there. She is a self-obsessed liar and has been since before she met Jonny, 25 days in rehab won't change that, but it will give her a good start on recovery from addiction.

also sage your tinfoil

No. 674165

File: 1561840457600.png (788.52 KB, 1242x2688, 55C65367-5F79-460F-8AD4-E5D997…)

No. 674166


Eat my shit. Another delusional loser just like her Twitter followers. There is zero evidence of her being in rehab other than what her lying ass has said.

No. 674168

taylor:I'm not posting anything about my location ever again
taylor, later that same day: [tags the tattoo parlour she got her tat done which she arranged in matter of hours so it's obviously close. implies she's living in group home organised by the rehab facility for recovering addicts]

does she have a brain

No. 674169

omg imagine if Jonny came here to spill the milk on Taylor. that would be fucking glorious, and be an extra dig at her. anyway just report and ignore this weenie

No. 674170

File: 1561840772207.jpg (575.86 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190629-153350_Ins…)

No. 674172

Yep going on a Twitter rampage blaming everyone but yourself for your addiction is exactly what you should do straight out of rehab. Fuck having any kind of self reflection. Again zero concrete evidence she was in rehab.

No. 674173

God he’s so fucking gross. Is this his best at manipulation? Really?

No. 674174


Fucking lol @ the victim mentality. Guaranteed he's going to throw himself a pity party for a couple weeks and then come back with a "fuck Taylor she's a bitch lmaooo"

No. 674175

That is the ugliest place she could have gotten a long quote tattoo like that…

No. 674176

File: 1561841017585.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190629-234108.png)

Taylor just posted this to her insta, she is getting another tattoo already. She is currently living in Austin, Texas based on where the tattoo shop is.

No. 674177

File: 1561841082302.png (588.89 KB, 1080x1344, IMG_20190629_234434.png)

No. 674178

I love the "easier than saying goodbye" like bitch how's a restraining order not a fucking goodbye?

No. 674179

File: 1561841361867.png (5.55 MB, 1242x2688, E9934CE5-6061-406E-8B9F-B7AF9D…)

No. 674180

I wonder if she’s going to talk about the animals at all…

No. 674181

Talking about her animals would mean she would have to stop talking about how awesome of a transformation she's made in less than a month. From junkie to saint in 30 days!!

No. 674182

Jesus Christ. Can you guys stop?
The old thread was filled with anti Jonny comments and support for Taylor. Now she's back and officially giving us all the milk we wanted and the immediate reaction here is to tear her to shreds?
She's not even 24 hours back on twitter and every second comment here makes fun of her addiction, her recovery, her leaving Jonny, her rash or her tattoo.
I don't like Taylor either and I know she's a massive cow cause I read every single thread, but she's back now and tries to make steps forwards. Who knows if she actually makes it, gets back with Jonny or buys another 10 pets next week.
For now she's trying and obviously very vulnerable, so why kick her when she's already laying on the ground.

No. 674183

Taylor is acting exactly the same as when she was using. I wonder if she has already relapsed. I don't doubt she went to rehab but she obviously left early and when that happens relapse is usually not far off.

No. 674185

lol what about all of the horrible things he was doing that she did know about?

No. 674187

Going on social medial right after coming out of rehab and doing it the way she is right now shows no change whatsoever. She’s still the same lying cow.

No. 674189

she isn't even the first person to have halsey's handwriting tattooed on her so idk why she's being so precious about it?

No. 674190

>>674177 early sobriety sure is fun when you have money and can run around getting tattoos every other day and not having to work. which is fine, good for her but it makes me roll my eyes when she waxed poetic about how difficult her life was/is. even her heroin addiction lasted like a year and a half tops and she acts as if she was The Worst Junkie ever. even down to her “cotton fever” that allegedly lasted 3 weeks and was so rare that confused every doctor in the hospital. ugh

No. 674192

Of course she’s going to glamorize her addiction and recovery, it’s Taylor. But would y’all prefer she stayed with JC and kept shooting up until she and/or more of her animals died? C’mon.

No. 674193

File: 1561843061120.jpeg (272.3 KB, 1242x689, 14B05739-6E17-49F9-B3B4-7A68D5…)

No. 674195

File: 1561843130682.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1852, 2A004D82-8127-4E98-9B60-F13118…)

gEt YoUr OwN vErSiOn

No. 674196

Get your own version… of someone else's handwriting

No. 674197

Her "by myself" tattoo is such fucking bullshit. She can't be alone. She should have realized that shit on her own, another junkie shouldn't have been the push she needed to wake up. I hope her dumb ass stays single and that she doesn't date another addict.

Jen isn't exactly a reliable source for the most part but why would she go along with the rehab lie? I'm sure she'd want Taylor to be in rehab and despite being crazy, I don't even think she's that crazy. The tinfoil is a bit retarded.

No. 674198

Jonny, Taylor, and her parents have all confirmed that she's been in rehab. Read more.

No. 674199

File: 1561843303123.jpg (584.35 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190629-162123_Twi…)

They're so fucking cringy

No. 674200


Jen isn't a reliable source but you believe her. Talk about retarded.(ban evasion)

No. 674201

she forgot what it meant for someone to genuinely care guise! she dumped JC not because he cheated on her, flirted with minors, does heroin, is the worst human imaginable, but because she met some dude in rehab. Classic Taylor. Her fans didn’t genuinely care for her? Betsy? Tyler and the rest of the pettube crew? Her dad, even her insane mom has never cared for her? But a guy in rehab making her laugh opened her eyes about how shitty the manlet is. Her reliance on male attention is awful, there’s so many things that make her unhealthy besides the heroin. She’s got a lot to work on and doesn’t look like she’s learned anything other than “needles r bad”

No. 674202

she took horrible care of her animals without the drugs/jc, she was a piece of shit before both and she'll go back to being the piece of shit she was (with added rape apologist title now) so…. forgive us if we're not gonna all hold her hand

No. 674206

The more she talks about Jonny the more obvious it becomes that she left for the most minor reasons - she found someone and he was talking to someone else. The whole abuse thing? Not a massive deal breaker.

No. 674207

>>674201 and she had the balls to complain about Jonny possibly talking to another girl? he’s a piece of shit and deserves all of this but Taylor led him on and then went MIA, dumped him by going public with it on Twitter without actually telling him directly and confirmed (also publicly) that another guy was the one who “gave her the strength” to leave evil, horrible, abusive Jonny, who totally manipulated her into lying to and about everyone, none of it was poor Taylor’s fault, no not at all! she’s such a shitty person

No. 674208

File: 1561844777357.jpeg (170.96 KB, 1125x1154, 42A6900B-C587-475C-8F3F-8441B4…)

No. 674209

File: 1561844837214.jpeg (260.47 KB, 1125x1433, 9E7E5A46-0816-4C15-A818-646E4C…)

No. 674210

why show off the tattoo to social media if she didn’t want it copied? Or better yet, the screen shot that Halsey sent her? Lol stupid

No. 674215

File: 1561845737285.jpeg (125.17 KB, 750x683, 721C6099-05E3-4A29-B40E-DC4C8D…)

No. 674216

File: 1561845714157.jpeg (125.17 KB, 750x683, F3B45AB7-13CF-4A3A-8ED7-D3A3CD…)

No. 674217

File: 1561845777942.jpeg (146.42 KB, 750x743, F001AAB7-E93D-48C8-BCF8-341125…)

No. 674218

lmao she’s a fucking idiot

No. 674219

Those are some mediocre song lyrics
Isn't Austin a really tough place to be sober along the same lines as Portland? A lot of subculture types there whose social outings are centered around booze or drugs
>OC DON'T steal

No. 674220

Since when is she talking to Halsey tho lol

No. 674221

File: 1561846528089.png (527.9 KB, 760x1812, Screenshot_20190629-191435.png)

She's so annoying god. Just let it fucking go.

No. 674223

She's back to basically bullying people - great. Took her a day or less?

No. 674225

File: 1561846884195.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190629-232008.png)

LMAO she changed her caption on this but kept it up

No. 674227


Top fucking kek. I'm living for the tea rn. I just hope Mama Dean gives us her hot takes as well, she's most likely the type to spill some juicy details just to get some attention.

No. 674228

File: 1561847271568.jpg (385.74 KB, 810x1703, Screenshot_20190630-002719_Twi…)

No. 674230

why not the "team of professionals" she's relied on for like 90% of the past two years? why call in new people who don't know the animals when the "professionals" have been working with them for a long time already?

No. 674231

File: 1561848781012.png (845.82 KB, 1242x2688, 80DDD8FE-55B0-43F4-87F7-8CE0F9…)

She’s back to deleting tweets right after she posts them

No. 674233

Yea Austin is a druggie shithole. She's just gonna live it up clubbing and drinking like everyone else her age. Lotta california party types.

At least her tattoo looks decent, still impulsively bought, and its just stupid when you know the whole story.

Her croc tat is a straight rip off though, shes such a narcissistic hypocrite.

No. 674235


I mean, those are both pretty terrible options

No. 674237

File: 1561849280283.jpg (152.56 KB, 858x513, hippo.jpg)

She's such a liar. Her tattoo artist Logan blackthorn copied this.

No. 674238

File: 1561849580469.jpg (129.24 KB, 858x513, hippo2.jpg)

Taylor's version

No. 674239

I hate to defend Taylor, but if you google "crocodile flower tattoo" she's not exactly wrong, and the tattoo is in a different style with a different flower. I'm not saying she didn't copy it, but it's not as black and white as it has been portrayed.

No. 674240

File: 1561850067581.jpeg (191.13 KB, 636x554, 809A0C0C-C71E-491A-9C46-D7A77B…)

No. 674241

File: 1561850269298.jpeg (321.74 KB, 640x771, B05F29A8-7418-42D6-9144-38B9C5…)

about the rehab guy who saved her life

No. 674242

literally both on the arm, same open jaw, flowers positioned behind the head, it's obvious it was copied. Google results don't match that closely at all even though it IS a theme. Although I doubt she knew about it.


Because a bunch of ex-druggies hanging out is a good idea. FFS she's been clean less than 30 days, how long till she hooks up with one of her friend?

No. 674243

She’s seriously arguing with people on Twitter about her tattoo? How about don’t copy the fucking font like she asked or even better, don’t get it because it’s a shitty tattoo anyways. I do get where she’s coming from, but this is the same behavior pre-rehab. Not saying she relapsed, just saying she hasn’t changed one bit.

She’s so childish. Seriously, just delete the pic and move on with your life. You don’t have to prove anything to us, we’ve known all along what a POS abuser he is. You were the only clueless one.

No. 674244

Did anyone even say they wanted her tattoo or did she just make up the issue that apparently someone is going to "steal" it lol?

No. 674245

Earlier I thought the only way Manlet was going to come out of this situation a sympathetic character to the public was if he OD'd and died and got the revisionist "poor tortured guy" treatment, but now with TND wildin' out like this she may just burn a lot of goodwill that the public has.

No. 674246

File: 1561851045556.jpg (380.89 KB, 810x1569, Screenshot_20190630-012950_Twi…)

She also deleted this one

No. 674247

She acts like this was years ago and shes changed, she was with him alittle over a month ago.

Straight up constant lies for over a year and now she thinks this gives her a free pass? fuck no. Her animals were straight up abandoned because she was so fucked up on dope. They would've died if she didn't have the support she had, she acts all independent but she forces mommy and daddy to bail her out when SHTF.

No. 674248

But she didn't show the screenshot of Halsey's reply tho, just the finished tatt?

No. 674249

who gets a tattoo after a twitter sperg anyway? The SAME DAY too. Really shows just how little she thinks things through, especially since its in such a visible area.

No. 674251

It’s so asymmetrical, and not in a good way. If she had just flipped the dagger to the other side and had it follow the angle of the quote it would be soooo much better. Jfc just take a day to think on it before throwing it on your body forever.

No. 674257


I'm dying, that would have made so much more sense

No. 674258

she's alluded to living in a sober house, which is kind of an in-between where recovering addicts go to get continued outpatient support before living fully independently. It makes sense that people she met in rehab would be moving to the sober living house where she is. It's a part of recovery for a lot of people, not just a bunch of "ex-druggies hanging out"

No. 674265

It would be way to heavy on the one side, and having the negative space between the dagger helps lighten the composition and eludes to a triangle shape.

No. 674266


No. 674267

there are so many manipulative things in this block of text.
how can anyone be so insanely obvious?

No. 674268

Was really trying to feel 100% happy for her but if she could just shut the fuck up about her tattoo that NO ONE HAS COPIED YOU GOT IT LIKE 2 HOURS AGO, that’d be great thanks.

No. 674270

I agree tat is well executed. If you tried to put it on opposite side it might bend with her arm, easier to tattoo as well. This artist is much better and execution much crisper overall. The subject is stupid and it obviously wasn't planned but it looks good considering.

I'm thinking these are different friends, she said they'd "come up to this town (Austin)" I'm guessing from San Antonio.

There she goes again poking fun at drugs… Im not saying she's gonna get back on the H but it seems likly that she isn't gonna stop partying and "having fun". Austin is a rich kid city, cocaine is rampant and Taylor is rich.

No. 674271

Lol. Does she even know that lines on tattoos eventually become thicker over time. You wont be able to read this in a few months

No. 674274

Even though i knew they were real, it's even more disgusting having an actual confirmation from her about those texts and the fact she deleted that tweet saying it too. She really let Jonny stay and bought him animals after he threatened to hurt/kill the ones she already had, knew that he was texting at least one minor, knew that he was a rapist..Not that it matters to her or legion of blind fans but she'll never get my sympathy with that in mind. toxic relationship addictive personality will never excuse that.

No. 674276

Yeah, and then the dagger would point to the heart region, which would give the placement more meaning.

No. 674277

Mods are trying real hard to keep people from bringing anything up in his discord.

No. 674282

Shes still gotta lot of issues…

I'm wondering which animals got re-homed and which died between her binges.

Nothing like getting a tattoo about your ex to say you want nothing to do with your ex. In a way jonny has become a part of Taylor permanently. The tattoo will be a nice topic to bring up with your next SO, gotta have something to remind her of her experience.

She needs to let that shit go and grow up.

No. 674288

File: 1561861049637.png (1.29 MB, 1242x2208, F8D31A58-8FB6-424B-AB21-264B2F…)

She literally started it by saying “don’t copy” a million times now she’s going around acting like everyone confirmed they’re getting it. No one wants your shitty tattoo, Taylor.

No. 674289

This must be some defense mechanism.

She willingly let this dude put his disease-ridden-carrot inside her and fuck her life.

She got fucked hard, addicted to heroin, lost lucrative YT career, lost thousands of fans, killed off animals, alienated her only friends. She paid a heavy price for the experience and it looks like she hasn't changed.

No. 674291

AKA I won't be special if other people have it.

No. 674292

>Don't have time for this kind of stuff anymore
>Spent all day sperging about it

She hasn't changed one bit she's a huge narc, drugs or not

No. 674293

> Idk why y'all can't comprehend that it's rude to steal tattoos
> Has a stolen tattoo that was personal to the person who originally got it

No. 674299

>just as bad

stop this fucking garbage. JONNY CRAIG IS A RAPIST. taylor is scum but she’s not on the same level as a rapist. stop being retarded and sage your shit.

No. 674300

she literally has a fucking protective order started anon what more do you even want? what other kind of response is there? can she do ANYTHING right in anyone’s eyes at this point or is it safe to say logic is no longer allowed in this thread and we must all reduce ourselves to 90 IQ rapist-defending retards?

No. 674301

I don't believe the 'rescue housesitter' story at all. Why would someone leave their rescue to chill at Taylor's house? It defeats the purpose of running a rescue. Rescues that she repeatedly shits on because reptile adoption isn't a thing. She doesn't want to admit no-one's been living there and socialising all the animals who need it, but just dropping by to feed and water instead.

No. 674302

>this tattoo is something I worked so hard for
>I listened to a song someone else wrote, sang, and published, and then DMed them to write the lyrics down in a cute way for me. then I printed out the picture and brought it to someone else, and paid them to tattoo it on me.
>I'm exhausted, I worked so hard for this tattoo. using my ears to listen to the lyrics, using my fingers to type out a request for someone else to create the image, and then I had to go to a tattoo parlor?? where someone else did their job while I lied there and waited for them to be done… muh illnesses make-a me tieyurd.

No. 674303

This, no rescue looks after other peoples animals while they are in rehab for heroin. Either she's paying someone to look after them or mama dean is. She got rid of the ones she didn't want anymore or didn't fit her current aesthetic. I'm guessing all the snakes are still around, kronos is gone and most of the mammals are gone. I'm guessing star is gone as well. She'll probably continue to keep the "low maintenance" pets.

No. 674304

I volunteer at a cat rescue and some do things like this. If someone needs temporary help and someone else is willing to volunteer to do it we will pet/house sit or foster for them. We sometimes get emergency situations like this, mostly for elderly owners in the hospital. With that aside I don't believe Taylor with her track record. She probably didn't realize her mom spilled the beans already. Guarantee the "assistants" are her parents. Taylor enjoys telling grandiose stories

No. 674305

Animal rescuefag that's done high profile cases checking in: sometimes in extreme cases of abuse or hoarding it's necessary to play chess with the abuser. It really boils down to gaining the abuser's trust to convince them to surrender, or being a back channel gathering evidence to obtain a court order to seize them. I wouldn't in the least bit doubt that's whats going on right now

No. 674306

File: 1561864840636.jpeg (146.07 KB, 1242x604, E954F263-8D3C-48E7-B093-185411…)

No. 674307

Silly Jonny! You were dumped because you got a girl addicted to heroin, almost costing her life!

No. 674308

So much for "if she says it's over then it's over" lmao.

No. 674310

Lmaooo exactly, I knew this would happen. He plays the nice guy, says he still loves her no matter what, but then exposes his true colors.
Honestly I love how he thanks this random girl for sending him stuff, and then it just turns into “what girl?? Who?? What package??” Like lmao. Jonny is so fucking pathetic it’s hilarious to watch him slowly meltdown.

No. 674311

Fuck i can barely read this.

Nobody is really surprised, just spill the milk on Taylor and all will be forgiven. No doubt he's gonna call her a crazy ex soon. I don't think we've heard the last from him.

No. 674315

She’s only just come back and I’m already tired of her. She literally hasn’t changed a single bit. She’s blaming all of her actions on Jonny, attacking people and being a massive “woe is me” arsehole. Yes I get it, we all get it, Jonny is utter shite but you were warned by sooooo many people to stay away from that fuck head. Sure he introduced you to heroin but you chose to do it, you chose to date a rapist and you chose to fucking get and kill animals.

I know she was in an abusive relationship and it’s fucking hard but cmon she’s made it obvious she left because he has a girl and she found someone else. She can’t stand to be by herself for even five seconds. She’s so weak it’s ridiculous.

The only thing I wanna hear is that she’s rehoming the animals. I’m so done with her keeping them and continuously letting them down time and time again. I will never have sympathy for someone who puts animals in danger to the point where they die. Sorry this turned in to a rant.

No. 674317

File: 1561866562670.jpg (95.66 KB, 709x765, suicide watch.jpg)

No. 674318

this is art

No. 674319

I don't doubt it can and does happen in other circumstances but I doubt Taylor here, or at least I doubt the sweeping statement where she implies they've been there all along at least. If a rescue really moved in it's because Taylor's parents called them in while Taylor was away because they couldn't cope OR because Taylor called them in like, yesterday when she got out. It's not like Taylor has the network since she shits on these places, and she wasn't making a whole lot of calls from inside rehab while there. Jen says she was the animal carer here 13 days ago >>670599 incidentally just before Taylor told Jen she was still with Jonny. Maybe Jen forced the issue after that and called someone in to assist. I still doubt someone's living there housesitting unless it's maybe Betsey - that's probably to deter Jonny from attempting to turn up and to make her sound like a better pet owner than she is ~ like usual.

No. 674320

oooo thank you for the insight, hopefully Mama Dean is putting her foot down and it's like you say. I hope those rats get surrendered. you KNOW she wasn't taking them out for at least an hour every day on top of everything else she had to do for her daughter.

If you read between the lines, he's not denying there being another girl. he's asking for proof. "I have literally no one" is just a manipulation tactic, both to Taylor to return, and on the new girl to "prove" her loyalty

No. 674321

uh nope all will NOT be forgiven, ever, when it comes to Jonny Creep

No. 674324

He deleted all his social media accounts where people can send him proof that he posted about a girl lol no one on FB is going to challenge him, they are all too busy stuck up his ass.

No. 674325

Tinfoil but maybe jonny's going dark to hide his movements? maybe he'll go back to SA to mess with her animals? hes on the lease right?

No. 674326

What is this like post #8 on him deactivating his socials, no one cares. If you had friends in real life you could talk to them about it, just saying.

No. 674330

yeah that's my point, even after posting evidence that he's been talking to other girls while Taylor has been in rehab, he is asking for proofs (who? where?) that he will never receive. Because we can't tell him specifically who, or where, the other girl(s) is/are. we just know they exist.

No. 674331

what a cringe lord

No. 674332

I like the concept of the tat and the fact that Halsey herself wrote it, but that’s some ugly handwriting. Also, why not the back of your shoulder or rib cage? Bad spot I’d say as well.

No. 674333

Because this way it's in a spot where she can see it in the mirror?

No. 674337

File: 1561870998346.jpeg (308.05 KB, 1242x1313, 1D936597-FD38-407D-BB33-5DCD16…)

Chelsea’s moms take on Taylor apologizing. This is in response to Chelsea liking a tweet someone made about not forgetting about JC’s victims for years while lavishing love on Taylor.

No. 674338

Taylor and Jen can join this bitter conga line now kek.

Anyway Taylor's big on promising apologies that never come, see South Texas Dragons.

No. 674343


As if Taylor is capable of having an adult conversation with anyone. When pigs fly is when Taylor would admit that she was wrong and they were right.

Taylor has both behavioral and psychological issues that she needs to sort out. I just always find myself being on the fence of calling her a victim. On the one hand, she did fall victim to Jonny Craig. Then on the other hand, she was warned from the very beginning not only by her parents, his exes and even some of her fans. She was barely with him for two months and she was already doing fucking heroin (and that might not even be the first time either). At what point do you become a willing participant? Her narcissism has gotten the best of her. She was a cow then and she continues to be one now. JC was part of the problem but I don’t think some of you realize how problematic she is all her own. Yesterday and today on Twitter is the perfect example of her being problematic without Jonny in the picture.

No. 674346

Lol it’ll be backwards so theres no point. It’s just a flat spot for her to easily take pictures of. She cant make a pity party conversation if no one can see it on her back or anywhere else.

No. 674348

File: 1561875617697.jpeg (175.91 KB, 640x388, 2D660E49-2CD5-4267-AC11-147EE4…)

i love this lmao
“I got so much therapy one day i just stopped calling”

aka i met a well off and actual good looking junkie who made me realise i can do wat better that this crusty manlet

No. 674349

i fucking called it. she literally can't help blasting it all on social media. we now know tbe city she's staying in and her living situation, only a few hours after she promised to never talk about neither.

Jonny is a POS and none of this is genuine but it's kind of a good point. she never said to his face they're breaking up, and her story about why she stopped calling changes every hour. from getting therapy, to jonny cheating, to meeting a new guy. compare >>674147 >>674348

No. 674351

She made a fit of him talking to another woman. If him talking to another woman confirms that she did well in her decisions, she clearly makes pretty shit decisions to begin with. Him getting her into heroin, gaslighting her, and abusing her wasn’t enough?
She’s a dumbass. Her impulsive, and reckless behaviors lead me to believe this might not be the end of Taylor’s go with drugs.

No. 674353

I'm pretty puzzled why she even brought it up. It's not like it's the first time during their relationship that JC has talked to other women and possibly even cheated. I also don't believe he was actually hooking up with anyone, in the disgusting state he is right now and living with his ddad. Sure he was talking to girls, but he's always talking to girls.

Not to mention that the reason she stopped calling was that SHE was talking to another guy. It had nothing to do with JC cheating, because she's always tolerated that.

No. 674354

THANK YOU. the fact that she tried to put him on blast for talking to a girl while she was on rehab, and then her being like "I fell in love with a guy while I was on rehab uwu" how is that better? God she's dumb as shit

No. 674355


Ya'll are reaching so hard with this guy. Taylor legit just fucking had a conversation with someone and now she's "in love with him" in your words. Christ the milk is flowing yet you want to blow shit out of proportion. We all know she tried to break it off with JC before she went into rehab. That's why he moved and why she said ending relationships were hard. She likely just said whatever he wanted to hear so she could catch a break. Anyone who has been with someone abusive does it so the abuser just shuts up and gets off their back. JC probably then tried to rope her back in all while crying online about how much he loves his bubble, she's his queen and whatever other bullshit he sprouted. We all knew they were breaking up and Taylor was in rehab without social media to defend it. So of course JC is gonna try and act like they're still together to control the situation. She probably considered going back to him too. Then in rehab, why is it so surprising that she got some sense knocked into her? We all said it would happen. Now apparently it's unbelievable lmao. Honestly who cares for what reason she broke it off. She finally did and even hit him with a protective order. He tried to get her to sign a NDA. He's acting like a bitch because he knows he got fucked and if he lays it on thick enough, he becomes the victim and not her. Some of you are already falling for it lol.

Also I don't think it was because JC was talking to girls. That was just an add on. Like in addition to all the other shit, he's also trying to find his next meal ticket and Taylor is garbage, but let her trash him all she wants. He deserves it and I can't wait until he finally stops the act and his true colours show. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out now that Taylor has made it clear she's done with him and has been since what? 2017?

No. 674362

hold your walls of text, anon. nobody is saying she's in love with the guy. it's just interesting that A GUY was the reason she stopped calling jonny (not therapy like she originally claimed). it's just a bit of irony that she blames JC for talking to women while she was away, when she's also guilty of the same.

No. 674364

No-one thinks Jonny's a victim, turnip. We just happen to notice Taylor's being messy.

No. 674365

Honestly the way she talks about the entire situation it seems that abuse is the secondary thing. The fact that she found someone to replace him (at least for a bit) and that he is talking to someone is all it took and she’s so angry and bitter about it that she is now blaming everything on him and trash talking him on Twitter (which I guess is fine until you realise that we don’t know if she does have any protective order against him or that he’s just a shit person).

Some anons here seem to be looking at one thing - Jonny is bad and Taylor is better and he’s at fault for all the shit Taylor has done. But you know, when you have your parents (even if they’re shit) reaching out from day 1, other people telling you to stay away and his past girlfriends telling you the same and you stay and shit talk them then you were a willing participant in an ‘experience’. She wasn’t naive to the point she lost all her intelligence, she wasn’t thinking and she still isn’t.

A part of me hopes that Jen is going to call her therapist or whoever and tell them to set her daughter straight but Jen is an enabler and Taylor is a narc.

No. 674366

yeah, I think her behaviour on twitter since she's back makes it clear that she's a manipulator, liar and an attention whore regardless of who she's in a relationship with. at least she's not a rapist, I guess, which makes her better than JC, but JC was absolutely not the one that made taylor a cow.

she should be kept away from social media tbh, having this following really brings out the worst in her.

No. 674370

Addicts become horrible people. They do and say anything they can to convince themselves that whay they are doing is okay and to continue doing it. When you are hopelessly addicted, you become a completely different person. Taylor may be a shit head cunt waffle now, but maybe in 5 years when she is completely clean and has her affairs in order, that can change. Seems none of y'all know much about the psychology behind addiction. I don't think she's a shitty person because she's shitty (like JC). I think she's a shitty person because she made stupid choices & got in with shit people. It's possible for that to change with therapy, counselling and becoming clean for a good few years. Y'all on this website a bunch of morons, actually thriving off of other peoples suffering. Kinda sick, makes you just as bad as any other shitty person on the planet imo.

No. 674372

she was shitty before she started using heroin. that's been the point. she has abused and neglected her animals forever, heroin just made it worse

also saying that reading lolcow means you're as bad as every rapist and murderer is a bad take

No. 674374


I think the point was they're allowed to talk to the other gender, but let's be real when Jonny isn't just "talking".

No. 674375

Taylor, please.

No. 674376


Don't get me wrong. Taylor's a messy train wreck. She's not suddenly a good person because she went to rehab and broke it off with Jonny. She's just out of rehab and single. Literally nothing else has changed, she's still a stuck up cunt who hoards animals.

No. 674378

It wasn’t a 1-time request. She publicly posted and had her stans harris Halsey until she got what she wanted. FFS. Is it even her real handwriting or a staff? They’re prob having a good laugh at how stupid and gullible Taylor is!!

No. 674380

>It's possible for that to change with therapy, counselling and becoming clean for a good few years.
which she won't do. right now she's trying to sell that she's reformed after 1 week of therapy. you're not that bright either if you're buying that.

No. 674382

She has literally stated herself she's still got a long way to go and she's not completely fixed yet.

I agree with the person above, some of you draw conclusions that are so far fetched and pick apart things that are so stupid that use really don't take into consideration the psychology and effects that addiction and being in an abusive relationship can have on people.

Keep in mind she smoked pot, did cocaine and probably other things before getting into heroin.
She's done shitty things and has been an extremely shit person, but some of y'all will continue to hang shit over her even when she does do better. She could rehome all her animals and stay in clinic and some here will still throw a fucking fit over it not being good enough and find anything they can just to shit on her for the sheer joy and fun of it.

No. 674385

she hasn't done better yet so this is all pissing into the wind until she does. such black and white thinking is not your friend, people are complicated.

No. 674386



anon, I think you are lost, this is not twitter or tumblr

No. 674387

>She has literally stated herself she's still got a long way to go and she's not completely fixed yet.

She's literally acting like she has already done it all and is magically fixed. She came back on social media seemingly a bit manic (not the right word of course but a few people here said the same) and straight up started blaming someone else for her addiction not once taking responsibility for anything. We aren't going to magically stan or praise someone for getting the help when they're not even recognising the role they had to play in needing that help, and god her poor animals have probably been alone for most of the time too.

People here are upset because she hasn't changed for shit yet some of you are going through the normal cycle of 'oh she's better' before she fucks up again like it is always the case with these threads.

No. 674401

>people here are upset she hasn’t changed her shit

load of fucking bullshit. i love that you’re pretending the people equating taylor’s stupid tweets with being on the same moral level as jonny craig, known and established rapist, have literally any fucking ground to stand on. the critical responses to her tweets are few and far between and the sperging about how OMG THIS ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH is a thousand times more abundant.

don’t kid yourself.

No. 674402

Just going to say this, the hillbilly with the "y'alls" is a classic example of why bleeding hearts should never be advocates.

Here's the thing. She isn't only hurting herself. If she wants to go shoot up and scam fuckwits out of their money, sure, whatever. You will be made fun of as being a complete waste of space, but no harm. This is not the case. Everyone is aware of the animals dying because of her addiction issues. Those creatures died because she was too busy either nodding or living on social media. You dig? Died. People will get pissed. Especially since it seems that "y'all" stans teehee around it and excuse it because of her poor widdle addicted self in an abusive relationship that she knowingly got into and stayed in even. No, fuck that bitch.
You want accuse anonymous people that we have no knowledge of addiction? Well here's this. Addiction counselors always tell recovering addicts to never get into a relationship or get a pet. Has she rehomed her pets? No, she can't lose her cashcows. Has she mentioned her beloved animals, no. She spends 25 days offline and immediately comes back to start internet fights and to soldier gather. She hasn't changed.

Now go fuck off and let us enjoy her career death spiral.

No. 674404

this comment reeks of bitterness

No. 674405

Things can be equal yet parallel. He raped girls she killed animals. Only difference is that he doesn't profess to love women. She says she loves animals yet chooses drugs and Twitter over that. Both shitlords.

No. 674411

Woah calm down!
Did she not mention some have been rehomed and others are looking after them? I don't think anyone here has downplayed the neglect of her animals? It's just that some people's speculation and sperging goes beyond logic, much like this autistic comment. Your dumb illogic hatred for the word "Yall" is almost as dumb as your extreme hatred for anything and everything Taylor does good or bad.

Maybe be happy it's not her looking after the animals right now since she's so neglectful and shit at what she does.

No. 674412

>some here will find anything they can just to shit on her for the sheer joy and fun of it.
are you lost? this is what this website is for - to lol at cows. people aren't here to give her asspats when she slightly improves, if you want to do that, go to twitter, who knows you might even get a rt from her.

>it's all because she's on drugs guise!!1

You seem very keen to excuse her behavior. and say all the shitty things she's ever done are because of drugs. Seems a bit hypocritical to not argue the same for JC as well, if drugs really do make you completely helpless and unable to not be a horrible person.

>I agree with the person above

just admit you're samefagging.

No. 674413

The post above the one right above the one you’re replying to is literally saying that she’s in love with the guy lol

No. 674414

I don't see the word hate in the post. Quit reaching.

No. 674415

So anyway, how do rehab therapists feel when you dont acknowledge the fact that addiction was also your fault at least partially?

No. 674416

agreed. people are way up her ass. why are you even here if you're so emotionally invested in a cow getting better that you can't just enjoy the show?

No. 674419

probably just cash the cheque and look forward to when they will cash another one in your next, inevitable, round of rehab.

No. 674420

i knew this thread would get polarised as soon as she made any attempt to get her life together. it's really not that weird to dislike someone and not want them to die at the same time.

No. 674423

It's all great and fun to blame her being an awful person on the drugs, but I genuinely think she's a vulnerable / covert narcissist. There's her "addictive personality". Taylor is a gross emotional manipulator and a habitual liar. She hasn't been back for long and is already showing that very clearly.

Bet she won't apologize to Chelsea and Liz because that means she'll have to share being a victim with others. She wants that spotlight to herself. Her lack of taking any accountability tells me that there's worse to come. Won't even be shocked if she still ends up going back to Jonny after all if she can't find a good rebound quick enough.

No. 674424

They should be able to see all the way through it. Whatever thing is obvious to you, it'll be more obvious to a therapist. Depending on what school of psychology the therapist is subscribed to and that they're interested in treating aside from addiction, they may or may not be willing to treat a personality disorder. There's a bunch of shit some therapists simply aren't trained to address and some shit they don't believe can even be fixed.

Not admitting accountability basically says you're not going to make progress yet psychologically so… It's gonna be relapse loops.

No. 674426


Everything that's gone wrong up to this point has been HER FAULT.

I'm wondering if therapists are just telling her what she wants to hear so she'll quit using. Pretty sure addiction counseling is all about taking responsibility and CHOOSING to stay sober. She makes it seem like she's not in control of her actions.

> It's not my fault!111! It was my genetics the whole time1!!1! Addiction only Affects 15% of the population!1!11 Genetics is my excuse for evertthingggg!

She chose jonny for months and knew what kind of creature he was going into it. Literally everyone saw the writing on the wall, she just chose to ignore it because "experience".

All this social media whoring is just faux self esteem, deep down she's insecure as hell and still needs someone else to function. Don't save her she don't wanna be saved.

No. 674428

This this this. For a second I thought oh she finally broke up with him, maybe the milk will stop flowing soon. But then I remembered, that's not even the reason why she is posted here. Her own tweets are enough because she traps herself in her own lies. She does everything to herself. Everything is her own fault. Even getting with Jonny in the first place. I'm so here for seeing how this all plays out now. This isn't even the end, it's the beginning of a whole new mess.
The fact that all parties are fine with blasting 100% of their personal bullshit on social media, just lol.

No. 674429

File: 1561907902998.jpeg (406.32 KB, 1125x1047, 5EE0C0A8-2CC6-4D9C-A0D1-A11706…)

She stated she plans on reaching out to Chelsea to apologize.

No. 674430

Yeah Taylor talks a lot. Says and said she'll do this and that. Her blaming all of that on Jonny is also a load of shit.

No. 674433


man, what a convenient excuse. maybe she can blame her laughing about the texts in her ig stories on him as well somehow.

No. 674435

novel concept but maybe next time don't post it on the fucking internet for asspats you big dumb baby

No. 674437

Is this thread overrun by Taylor stans now? She's always been a shit person and is still acting like a shit person. Why anyone is defending her I have no idea.

She's not going to suddenly get her shit together because she went to rehab for 23 days. She didn't have her shit together before heroin. And she's still blaming everyone but herself for her stupid ass decisions. She still has no education, no motivation, no idea how to do basic things like save money. She's just as much a useless leach as Jonny. At least she didn't rape anyone but that's about it.

People shouldn't even be praising her for rehab. There is no 23 day program for fucking HEROIN. She gave up on that too and left early. I wouldn't be surprised if she's already relapsed but she's getting all the asspats she needs so there's no reason not to continue using.

No. 674439

Isn’t one of the steps to recovery is to realize that you cant blame anyone else but yourself and to forgive yourself. Another one is apologizing to people you hurt along the way?? Or is this just in movies? I know they have this type of thing in anxiety groups. Do they just sit around in rehab and wait to get out?

No. 674440

Seems suspicious of her to leave rehab just in time to reactivate twitter before it officially deletes it. 23 days in rehab will just force you to be sober but not enough time to actually care about anything a therapist would say. “Who gives a shit when im about to leave anyways” is what she’s probably thinking. I’m super tinfoiling but I’m sure that new guy is fhe reason why she has to courage to drop Jonny and hate on him. She doesnt care about anyone else besides people that gives her attention.

No. 674442

Your thinking about AA 12 step program. More than likely they just locked her in a room, took away her phone, let her detox and gave her some therapy. She's probably feeling better now (drug toxicity and jonny not there) and is getting bored so she's leaving early. She probably wants to go "have fun like a normal person" with other people now that jonny is gone.

Austin is a party town and now Taylor has people to party with. Her animals are gonna be on the backburner while she fucks off and finds a new BF.

No. 674444

'make amends' is one of the steps, definitely. can't recall which number lol but yeah. so far all i see is that taylor has a new guy lined up and that she's blaming the shitty texts on jonny.

which is nothing new for taylor and can the sudden influx of stans and/or mommy please leave.

No. 674448

If she's living in a halfway house type situation then she can't have dropped out, right?

That said, she's nowhere near the point she needs to get to in order to avoid relapse. She doesn't seem any different than when she left.

No. 674450

It’s the dreaded 4th step. It’s not a step you work on really early in recovery because of what it involves.

No. 674453

Wouldn't be surprised if Taylor turns to booze or some other poison. She's not gonna stop with the animals, she's got rid of some now she has an excuse to get more. I wonder how shes gonna spin this on YT, probably pull the victim card and deny everything.

The kind of people who are in rehab in the first place aren't the kind of people who should hang out in a party town imo.

Less than a month clean from heroin, then moves to Austin. That town will drain her dry, everything is expensive and YT is going down the shitter.

No. 674454

she literally can't help herself, it's a compulsion. she said she wasn't going to post it fully visible to prevent people copying it. two hours later, she just went ahead and posted it.

No. 674456

This is a great point. We all saw the dozens of ciders strewn about the atrium house. She claimed she was drinking to help her "anxiety", so now that she doesn't have heroin to rely on for "pain relief" she's going to want to use something else. And guys her therapist is TOTALLY fine with her drinking! they said ciders every day are not a problem at all, remember??

No. 674462

yeah, I thought it was awfully convenient too. It's definitely something JC could do, but can you think of a better way to excuse literally anything she has said over the last two years? "wasn't me lol, jonny had access to my account."

No. 674465

I'm sure he didn't post EVERYTHING, but
(sageing myself for blogposting) but in my experience with an abusive BF, whenever we were together he would always have one eye on my phone and at times text back as me, with me right there, too scared to do anything about it because he would freak out if I defended myself. This included making FB statuses.
If JC and Taylor were together all the time, this may not be too too far from the truth.

No. 674466

yeah not trying to invalidate that, it's definitely well in the realm of possibilities. now she can say it about any tweet though, and there's no way to verify it.

No. 674469


Yeah…the way she is going about it too.
"He had access to my account lmao"
Girl, being in a long-term abusive relationship really isn't something you "lmao" 25 days after it's over.
If she wants to broadcast her life the least she can do is have a mini PSA to all of her young impressionable followers that you CAN leave an abusive relationship. Hell, even if she did that she's still the one in the center of focus.
Oh wait, by doing that she'd be acknowledging she's not the only victim here. So it'll continue to be about her tattoos…"lmao"

No. 674472

Also don't forget that he has a higher tolerance to drugs than she did when they got together, (The guy's been using for a decade) he could've easily nabbed her phone while she was too high to respond to anything

No. 674477

I find it funny how everyone here seems to equate taking heroin with doing something morally wrong! You should be free to do whatever you like with your own body. Its not inherently evil nor are users inherently evil(no1curr)

No. 674479

sure! you should not own 50 animals while doing it though.

No. 674481


Heroin is highly addictive and will knock you out for hours, anyone over the age of 10 knows that. She had a horde of 30+ animals that were her responsibility when she started using and she did it anyway.

If she lived alone and didn't have to care about anyone but herself then I wouldn't give a fuck about her using, but if she willingly incapacitates herself while she has a collection of sensitive, demanding animals that require constant attention and special care, then she's a scumbag. Simple as that.

No. 674482

Heroin is morally wrong, the drug trad exploits thousands of workers under threat of death and violence. They litterally use child laborers. By doing heroin and other drugs your literally supporting the suffering of other people and funding assholes.

Your free to do what you like but you can't claim that it isn't morally wrong.

No. 674483

File: 1561919381751.jpeg (73.83 KB, 1024x762, F07702F8-D69C-4EA0-8232-F3C9F9…)

No. 674484

Not to mention it's illegal and tied to organized crime. child labor, sex slavery, human trafficking, racketeering, ect.

If your gonna be a drug addict go get your self a prescription. Plenty of corrupt doctor out there that will take the extra cash. That's how Hollywood does it these days anyway.

No. 674487

I know 25 days is too short a time for someone to change but Jesus christ couldnt she acts like she has had some introspection while in rehab? What a cow. Work on your social media addiction and stop posting all about your life at such a crucial time. Stop relying on other people to validate you.

Also impulsive af as always. I get he's an abusive dick but she coudlnt even break up with Johnny without ghosting him and filing for protrctive order. Kinda an asshole move.

No. 674488

Same fag. Just also wanted to add that I am curious if this protective order will even stick. She probably just has temp protective order until it goes through court. She's going to play the victim and claim he got her on drugs instead of taking any fucking accountability in her life.

No. 674490

He did get her on heroin.
Even if she already did drugs, being addicted to heroin is far more dangerous than smoking weed and doing cocaine.
He got her hooked on it and didn't want her to get sober, she said he didn't want her to go to rehab.

A restraining order is necessary.
If he has the money I'm sure he's flying back to SA to get into their house. He also came back to Chelsea over and over again.
As soon as his "queen bubble" become his next "psycho ex" Taylor's gonna have a hard time if she can't keep him away from her.

No. 674495

Bullshit. He didn't inject her in her sleep. She's a fucking adult and choose to do it.

No. 674497

He can't go crazy yet when he still has a chance to be with her wallet again. He knows how dependent she is and once she craves for drugs or attention, he'll be there with all his lovebombs. He wants that money and he needs it.

No. 674498

She probably wanted to try it tbh. She was probably trying pills, coke and all sorts of shit while she was with him. She probably got in over her head and realized it was making her sick, not after she had her fun tho.


She 100% made the situation worse by ghosting him. Now he's gonna do everything he can to make her life hell. Sometimes you gotta do it, but it seems like she did this to deliberately piss him off and gain pity points.

No. 674501

She got a tattoo that might as well say "fuck off Jonathan" I don't think they're getting back together. She'll find another musician bad boy in Austin, tons of wannabes there.

No. 674503

Unless he physically injected her (which I wouldn't put past him but she has made no such admission) then she absolutely had a hand in matter of her addiction. Can we stop pretending he wasn't a well known addict when they got together and there's no way she didn't know that? She blamed Bree and her "addictive personality" when it came to cocaine usage AND the heroin is 100% on Jonny? Nah. She's an adult who makes choices of her own. Stop giving her a fucking pass like she's a baby who didn't know heroin would be bad for her.

No. 674506

File: 1561925406975.png (915.92 KB, 789x789, dagger.png)

She's the only person I know who got a tattoo of an ex AFTER they broke up. Just shows how much of a hold he still has on her.

No. 674507

Now I understand how some really good tattoo artist would ask their walk-ins if they just broken up or something happened before starting on their tattoos.

Nothing like having a tattoo right in front of your face whenever you look at the mirror to remind you of your ex-boyfriend.

No. 674511

I think it has more to do with her overall feeling completely broken and the need to change instead of it being solely about an abusive relationship.
I think she wants it to remind her of a shitty time in her life and the need to avoid ever feeling like that again.

No. 674513

She only got that tattoo because it makes her feel famous and important since Halsey wrote it ‘for her’. Even though Chelsea was talking about that song before Taylor mentioned it. I guess because Taylor has more followers, she gets to act like a spokesperson? Taylor is not suddenly a nice person. The saddest part in all of this is that she’s known for her animals, and their health is the thing she’s talked about the least.

No. 674517

The last "all my pets" video of Taylor's animals was posted SEVEN MONTHS ago, and it wasn't even posted by her. It was by that Emma girl. AND in that video there were a few animals obviously missing that were "on a different SD card" but were later confirmed dead/"rehomed"/"returned"

it's genuinely ridiculous. The people who only follow her on YouTube have no idea what's going on with her or her animals, and several animals have died or been rehomed since that video was uploaded. what's the point of calling yourself a PetTuber if we see the animal once when she buys it, and then they disappear never to be seen again? Just call yourself a "pet haul" channel, that's all you do. buy them, show them off once, and stuff them into a sub-par enclosure.

No. 674518

The last "all my pets" video of Taylor's animals was posted SEVEN MONTHS ago, and it wasn't even posted by her. It was by that Emma girl. AND in that video there were a few animals obviously missing that were "on a different SD card" but were later confirmed dead/"rehomed"/"returned"

it's genuinely ridiculous. The people who only follow her on YouTube have no idea what's going on with her or her animals, and several animals have died or been rehomed since that video was uploaded. what's the point of calling yourself a PetTuber if we see the animal once when she buys it, and then they disappear never to be seen again? Just call yourself a "pet haul" channel, that's all you do. buy them, show them off once, and stuff them into a sub-par enclosure.

No. 674520

People defend her because there were several points we ragged on her for.

>getting clean

>dumping JC
>rehoming pets

She has done at least part of all 3 and people still sling shit. I agree she’s a band person, but some people go a little too far with their tinfoil silliness.

No. 674521

She only mentioned her animals once and that's because her stans asked about them. If they were important to her, that would be the first thing she would be takling about once she got back on social media.

No. 674522

>people still sling shit
again, check what website you're on. as long as there's any dumb shit she does at all, people will discuss it here.

believe me, there are many people on sm giving her asspats right now for slightly improving, idk why you're so offended that not everybody is congratulating her on her mediocre try at getting clean.

No. 674523

There are more people complaining about stans than stans at this point. Just as an aside, a-logging is against the rules, derailing to argue with another poster because you don't think they hate the cow enough is against the rules, but rooting for a cow is not. You don't actually have to start an argument every time a poster has a difference in opinion from you.

Remember we're here to have fun anons, if being here just makes you mad maybe reconsider how you spend your time because you're ruining everyone elses good time.

No. 674525

To be fair, she started on here as a shit animal hoarder without JC, and she's still a shit animal hoarder. She's constantly lying, and her current tweets prove that even more.

Yeah she's dumped JC but don't expect those of us here that have been watching this dumpster fire for a long time to be singing her praises.

She was terrible before JC and she'll be terrible after…

No. 674526

This whole idea that lolcow is a force for good and saving animals or something takes the "lol" part out. The fact that she is also rehoming animals makes the laughing at her feel like its righteous instead of she's just fucked up and easy to laugh at. You want to save animals? Go adopt a pet from a shelter. Right now I want to lol at Taylor and Jonny. Mostly Jonny.

No. 674528

I’m sorry but are there more threads prior to #1? Because she was with JC in the very first thread that I can find. Not arguing that she isn’t a shitty animal hoarder without him but she was with jc when these threads started.

No. 674529

She was originally in the pettuber thread before she became enough of a cow to warrant a thread of her own.

No. 674530


She mentioned her pets once just saying they are safe and then vaguely mentioned that she downsized. We have no other info and zero proof, she isn't even the one taking care of them right now. So yeah, sorry. I ain't buying that her pets are "safe" because we all know they are still in neglectful conditions and some are likely dead.

No. 674531

File: 1561934451947.jpg (41.59 KB, 585x448, 1512521223481.jpg)

I just went back to check too, and you're right, the first thread started when Jonny went to "help her move in" to the apartment. The first posts are her defending her choices to date him. sage for ancient screenshots but I just… laughed when I saw this. girl, you knew what was wrong with him before you even met him in person.

No. 674534

She was dumb as rocks back then and everybody knows she's still the impulsive imbecile (with a proven addictive personality) even after her great rehab of a whooping 25 days. The wks need to calm down and realize she hasn't changed at all and miracles don't happen overnight in cases like hers lol my money's on her getting back on silent terms with Jonny within the next few weeks if she fails to find a new alt band guy.

No. 674536

I'm relieved she's out of the relationship with JC, and I'm happy she's working on sobriety. However, her continuous behavior is concerning. The impulsivity continues.
She's still being a messy cow. She still wont acknowledge her shitty behavior with animals.
Until she's ready to own up to things, take accountability, and work on being better with those creatures, she's still worthy of criticism.

No. 674538

Yeah didn’t she just say she ghosted him instead of breaking up with him formally and then supposedly he wanted her to sign an NDA? Wouldn’t she have to communicate with him to find that out? The lies are coming back around already. Nothings changed.

No. 674541

File: 1561936408968.jpeg (188.89 KB, 750x1066, 8C48B909-C9A5-4C20-A03D-0C5A63…)

Lmaooo pulling a tana

No. 674542

File: 1561936442730.jpeg (Spoiler Image,253.85 KB, 750x1048, 65166EF5-139A-479C-9B58-7013F1…)

No. 674543

File: 1561936471367.jpeg (228.99 KB, 750x1074, AF5CE91C-8E57-4318-B57D-4AEBCB…)

No. 674544

File: 1561936499044.jpeg (237.9 KB, 750x1190, 96E611E3-1C25-49F5-9F3F-72F00D…)

No. 674545

Waiting for her to change this one lol

No. 674546


Why can’t she just delete the photos…

No. 674548

I think she wants him to see her new captions.

No. 674550

Is she TRYING to provoke him? What is wrong with her?

No. 674551

File: 1561936928601.png (588.16 KB, 828x528, rockefellar.png)


…And this one

No. 674552

This is honestly so petty she’s literally asking him to explode on her, spill the milk and probably stalk her down like a mad man.

This is borderline the shit she used to do when he went on tours with her tweets dissing him and saying how she feels alone. I think she’s still ‘in love’ with him Simply because of petty shit like this. Like girl, this dude is a known abuser and one of his exes literally said he would stalk you - what in the fuck are you actually doing?

And don’t come at me with that protective order stuff because as far as we know that may not even exist.

No. 674555



Jonny with the kitten he threatened to flush down the toilet. Wonder if that was also true?

…Makes me wonder what happened to the female kitten too…

No. 674558

Yeah this just screams childish and immature. Everyone claiming that the abuse was secondary in her decision to break it off seems to have it correct. He was so abusive and controlling, but you feel fine actively going through your photos together and changing the captions to be mocking and petty? What's her goal here? Just fucking delete the shit and move on. She can absolutely talk about it if she wants but let it be in a healthy way. If she needs to talk through her feelings about it, whatever, but this is in no way productive to her "healing."

No. 674559

That’s what I thought too. Thing is with tana the guy cheated on her and she deleted most the pics just kept the ones that were sponsored (and “my ass looked dumb fat”) vs Taylor who has no reason to not just delete them and is just evening petty.

No. 674560

You're right. I think she wants him to fight for her, even if she doesn't plan on taking him back (not saying he wouldn't be able to force his way in, he's got a lot of practice.) It goes back for her need for male attention to feel good about herself. If he just said "fuck it, fine then, bye forever" she would be left standing there, yelling "but wait!!! come back here! I thought you loved me!!!!!!"

Jonny actually leaving her alone without any response would probably fuck with her head more than anything else he could do at this point

No. 674561

well, she confirmed the texts were real, so unless she was lying to Chelsea, he did make that threat

No. 674562

Wow that sure comes across as someone who was severely abused and scared of their abuser!! What a victim! Provoking like that, I'm almost thinking she WANTS him to go berserk on her to give her more to then cry for attention about what the fuck this is disgusting.

No. 674563


He's in another state and doesn't even know where she is, since she's not at her residence and not at her parents. How exactly is he gonna stalk her unless she doxxes herself. The only danger she's in right now is him spilling shit and reverting back to his asshole self calling her a psycho ex.

No. 674564

I don’t think he can- they’re no longer following each other on Instagram. She probably has him blocked

No. 674565

You know you're a miserable sack of shit when you are less sympathetic than Jonny, a known abuser and rapist.

No. 674566

her account is public, all he has to do is view her photos from a computer while logged out.

No. 674567

They say hate isn't far from love…

I don't think she's come to terms with being alone. She's realizing shes wasted all that time sucking a washed up junkie's carrot. Now shes bitter because she couldn't satisfy her savior complex by turning him around.

Shes trying to provoke a reaction and make him jealous/hurt/angry. Deep down she's hurt and angry cause he took everything from her.

No. 674568

Changing those insta captions is so childish. How old is she, 15? Not that I'm complaining though, keep the milk flowing.

No. 674569

I hope you don't read this as rude, but what do you mean by took everything from her? From the way it looks, she came out in top in this situation. She still has her family, she's apparently got great new rehab friends, she's still young, and she's still doing whatever she wants (impulsively getting new tattoos for example). He may have hurt her psychologically but she still seems to have everything going for her.

No. 674572

Money, looks, Reputation, YT career, future opportunities, years off her life, new bad habits, pet deaths.

Biggest probably being career opportunities, she could have easily launched her own brand or work with big $$ pet industry people. She could've been so much more than a pet-tuber with her fame, now it seems unlikely her reputation will always be tainted.

I don't think she's finished with drugs either, I think it's going to be a life long struggle.

No. 674577

she has NO self-discipline (evidenced by the hundreds of times she has promised a video upload yet never even bothered filming it) so I would believe she will relapse quickly and easily. Especially if she keeps Jonny out of her life, she'll probably think "oh well without him I can control it! It's so much less dangerous now that he's not around, I can use it in comfort and safety so there's no problem, just a little "

No. 674579

i almost agree with you entirely, but to some extent, its kind of her fault for coming back onto social media if shes actually this fragile.
she also is kind of doing a holier-than-thou sort of thing with jonny currently, but its not like she was EVER the innocent one in their crazy, fucked up relationship.

she did make fun of jonnys exes, who went through the same shit. she did choose to run away with him, to do heroin. she chose this route of destruction for herself, and only after it hit a very, very shitty point where she was was probably being directly hurt by jonny in some form did she turn around and decide to change her life and get a fucking grip.

she's a victim to him for sure, but shes also a self-made lying narc victim who uses these sorts of incidents to make herself seem like a little angel

No. 674581

The word your looking for is martyr.

You'd think she'd be humbled after being so sick but as soon she starts feeling better she becomes an ungrateful bitch again. She's extremely lucky to have the support system she has.

Can't believe she has the nerve to claim innocence and victimhood when she was strung out for days, when she should have been looking after her animals.

No. 674582

I honestly feel like she should publicly apologize to every single person she threw under the bus during this whole mess, like Bree and Jonny's exes. Her parents also owe Chelsea an apology for calling her a liar.

I feel like that would be taking steps into the right direction instead of changing the captions of her pictures with Jonny with snarky shit. She really needs to own up to her lies.

No. 674584

File: 1561942914564.png (108.81 KB, 1080x667, Screenshot_20190701-035939.png)

what the hell is jen on about, I honestly can't decipher half her tweets today.

on another note, interesting that taylor hasn't been online today after the absolute avalanche of posts we got yesterday.

No. 674585

File: 1561943054178.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20190701-040348.png)

nvm, here she goes

No. 674586

File: 1561943313449.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20190701-040716.png)

potential replacement of the manlet?

No. 674587

I think she’s just trying to make him jealous

No. 674588

She is trying to bait Jonny so hard to react so she can go and cry about it. Fuck you Taylor. She really been deprived that day and a half in rehab huh.

No. 674590


Still addicted to getting high, whether that be on drugs or crushing out on a guy.

No. 674592

Does she have a thing for older guys?

Could be jealousy thing too. He does look quite a bit older but it's hard to tell with some people. Sounds like she's introducing him to her fans, they may be "dating" but aren't public about. That might just be tinfoil though.

She looks rough.

No. 674594

Probably her self created daddy issues. And would not be surprised if he is her chosen rebound I honestly.she isn't gonna stay "by herself" for long. So can definitely see her secretly dating him already and is using him now to piss of Jonny.

Maybe it's to garner attention from the people she's around right now.

No. 674595

Why in the fuck is she not deleting those pictures? See, this makes me feel like she wasn't "abused" by Jonny. Somebody who was abused wouldn't spend 3 days trying to bait them. I'm already sick of her shit. She needs to get back to rehab, and shut her mouth.

Taylor, delete the goddamn pictures. You are accomplishing NOTHING by doing this.

No. 674596

That’s just another junkie right there. Rehab romance that will lead to another controlling, abusive, heroin filled relationship.

No. 674598

On to her next experience!!

No. 674600

>but what do you mean by took everything from her?
She is placing the blame for her addiction fully on Johnny. Becoming an addict is like developing a chronic disease in that she will have to manage it continuously, it will alter the course of her life (possibly for the better but most likely for the worse), and will put hard limits on what she can and can't do if she wants to remain sober.

She may be in the process of coming to terms with the fact that she's now stuck with a condition that will remain with her for the rest of her life and lashing out at Johnny because she's unwilling or unable to accept her part in creating the situation. It's pretty normal for people to get very angry when they've been diagnosed with a chronic condition but the way Taylor's acting makes it clear that she's going to relapse at least once before she's able to manage her emotions in a healthy way, if she's even capable of doing so.
Can you elaborate on why that's bad news?

No. 674601

I don't think jonny physically did anything to her more like vague threats and manipulation kinda shit.

She must have hair loss or something, she's been hiding it under a wigs for months. maby she has an oily scalp and is suffering patchyness or something, eyebrows look kinda thin too but hard to tell. She's gone to great lengths to hide it.

No. 674603

>See, this makes me feel like she wasn't "abused" by Jonny.
You're an absolute fucking retard if you believe this.

No. 674604

File: 1561944599482.jpeg (128.32 KB, 1242x594, F277582A-A521-4E69-89ED-2FD90D…)

“All she has to do is say the words and I’ll walk away”

No. 674605

File: 1561944760165.png (7.35 MB, 1242x2208, EFB29A21-874D-439B-BECD-B1AC0D…)

No. 674607

What's with the bruises all over her neck?

No. 674608

Wassup with her neck? She loves to show off her injuries for asspats

No. 674610

uhh aren't those hickeys on her neck? so classy

No. 674611

Those are hickeys

No. 674612

those hickeys tho… weren't present yesterday when she was showing off the tattoo >>674506

guess who's been hooking up with her rehab friend.

No. 674613

He looks like he has hickeys too

No. 674615

It looks like he’s got some too. Or they are injection marks.

No. 674616

damn, you're right! how subtle, taylor.

No. 674617

Those are hickeys LMAO by myself top kik

No. 674619

How long did that take less than a month to find someone else? She only had the balls to leave jonny cause she found someone else to leech off of.

No. 674620

It's so obvious she's trying to show off the hickeys so people can connect them to her "cute friend"
. She's insufferable.

No. 674621

man she's trying so hard to bait JC right now, can't wait until he explodes.

No. 674622

Looks like palpatine with those eyebags. Hair just as greasy too, does she ever shower?

No. 674624

Looks like palpatine with those eyebags. Hair just as greasy too, does she ever shower?

Wth is this highschool? She's such an immature clown at this point. At least she's putting on a good show.

No. 674625

Every time I think she can't get anymore manipulative she proves me wrong. She's trying to stir up so much shit right now and I don't think she's thought of the consequences at all. She thinks life is one big game and that she's untouchable, so what're a few weeks in rehab? She's totally sober now!
She's going to end up making some really bad decisions in the near future.

No. 674626

File: 1561946294207.png (470.75 KB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20190701-045751.png)

No. 674627

Taylor's in a sober living which is not a domestic violence shelter. They're pretty much all locatable and like any cow she's probably in the one closest to the other places she's currently frequenting. She feels used and abused by Jonny, he's abusive by nature and she's making that clear. But I don't think she's physically afraid of him the way she's laying all this bait.

No. 674628

File: 1561946405654.png (276.24 KB, 1080x1506, Screenshot_20190701-045923.png)

No. 674629

Holy hell she's gonna move out of sober living after just a few days? Because what place would take you three cats, however many rats, cockroach collection, 30-ish reptiles, amphibians, big fish tanks.

No. 674630

>if I relapse it's the internet's fault!
taylor pls

No. 674631


These look like track marks. Not hickeys. They are too small.

Also a "sober living" that allows pets? She's lying again.

No. 674632

looks like she's moving out of sober living in a few days.

No. 674634


This guy is like, the quintessential AA/NA Kyle. She probably met this dude when they let her out to go to a meeting.

I love how she went from "I was getting so much therapy I just decided to stop calling Jonny" to "My friend showed me what it feels like to have someone care about you and I just stopped calling Jonny".

No. 674635

You keep telling your empty shit self that Taylor. She's such a empathy vampire. Literal leech feeding off people their reactions and that is why she is hella baiting rn.

No. 674636

Wow 23 days of rehab and 3 days in sober living. She's soooo sober guys

No. 674637

I'm thinking all this drug use has fried her brain. She's acting stupider than usual, She got a new new place and now after 20 something days she's fine?

Her animals are beyond fucked, I can't wait for the new head count.

No. 674638

No they're definitely hickeys. Plus I highly doubt Taylor and this dude would immediately go for injecting into the neck straight out of rehab and posting pics like that.

No. 674639

She's already claimed to "rehome" some. So you'll never really know. I think it's safe to assume that any "rehomed" are just dead.

No. 674640

Im pretty sure she’s talking about moving out of the atrium house not the sober living one.

No. 674641

File: 1561947327686.png (1.57 MB, 1242x2208, 4F4687BC-E817-4606-9398-F61BCB…)

No. 674642

I doubt that her hoard is allowed to a sober living place she shares with 10 or however many other people.

No. 674643

"Haha, here's my totally cute friend that I didn't have sex with. Jonny really is trash. Here's my hickeys. Do you like my tattoos?
Also.. I'm totally unsafe."
From manic, and baiting, to victim real quick.

No. 674645

I dislike JC with a passion, but why is she saying he’s talking to another girl when it seems she’s the one who was cheating? Good for her leaving, but again, it seems she’s lying and hypocritical

No. 674646

They aren't hickeys. They are from the tattoo artist's hands resting there. Look at the tattoo it has the same red markings right above it.

No. 674650

She… literally JUST claimed in >>674193 that the animals would not be moved for "awhile." Apparently awhile is like 2 days. She's changed so much, guys! She's sober and not lying anymore! /s

No. 674651

Definitely not. The markings by the tattoo look completely different than the ones directly on her neck and under her jawline where the artist definitely wouldn't have been resting their arm. Plus hickeys look completely different than normal bruises. Top that off with calling her friend cute, posting pics of him, talking about how she realized Jonny was a fuckhead only after the guy made her laugh. And he's clearly older than her..She's playing her fans like a fiddle

No. 674652

File: 1561948303956.jpeg (138.53 KB, 750x724, B361EF3E-9D0F-4A03-9C42-56DED1…)

No. 674653

File: 1561948334567.png (157.6 KB, 750x1334, 3358BFD6-0AB7-48F5-88B2-77193D…)

No. 674654

aw shit here we go again.

No. 674656

that would surprise me too but the hicky or trackmark thing did make me notice that he has a juicy vein in his elbow but none in his arms and especially on top of his hand. I normally wouldn't think anything of this but given she said she met him in rehab that would lead me to believe he's also an iv addict…oh and the fact that rehab tends to divide people into cliques of what they use and/or how. Obvious tinfoiling here with him.

BUT I still think she is on that first rehab "pink cloud" where you can't imagine wanting your old life back. Sadly the feeling does not last and real life comes back to hit you soon enough and now your sober so you realize what you've done (to yourself/others).

From what she's saying she isn't doing much to protect her future (already has a new place who knows how long she'll be in sober living (most recommend several months to a yr), and she has already probably told people where she's living. Assuming she's staying where she got her tattoo. This just goes to show that you can get sober but if you don't work on actively changing (and that can be a hard concept to live and even understand) what made you resort to abusing drugs to cope to begin with you won't get far. as in fall into the same old mistakes.

No. 674658

Except we know you can't have flings with people without developing an intense emotional dependence but keep it up! In 3 days-1 week she'll be saying "it's okay guys we're in a relationship but it's nothing serious!" Before the end of July, she'll be living with him (or whichever man she can attach herself to).

No. 674659

thing is, she doesn't "have fun" with guys, she shacks up with deadbeat drug addicts and then does her weird victim stunts for years on end. clownery.

No. 674660

I stand corrected. I'm guessing its the beard. Aw well I'm sure he's a break from Jonny. He's got teeth.

No. 674661

I can’t deal with this. As an abuse victim you should be terrified of fucking posting in the internet. Not out here showing your hickeys.
Makes me also sad that she was doing well. And now she’s just made herself out to look like a total slag. Brilliant. Way to go Taylor when things were starting to look up for you a little.

No. 674662

over a month would be a decent excuse for someone who doesn't rely on people for happiness, and wasn't just giving their ex a hard time for seeing somebody else as if she hasn't likely been at the very least lusting/flirting the entire time she's known him whilst she wasn't single.

No. 674663

She legitimately needs a man to function.

No. 674664

File: 1561948698306.jpg (105.47 KB, 400x400, kek.jpg)

No. 674666

>focusing on getting some action after ages of nothing
guess the manlet kept her high and dry huh

No. 674667

File: 1561948863497.png (193.32 KB, 1080x1203, Screenshot_20190701-054008.png)

can she go a day without stirring shit up? shes really gettig a kick out of SM right now.

No. 674668

Which is another thing- who the fuck says this? All her fans are young teenagers and she's out here complaining about her sex life. Chill the fuck out dude. I'm not a prude at all but she's acting pretty dodgy for a girl who just got out of such a terrifying, abusive relationship.

No. 674669

She's in love with the idea of love.

She want's the Disney romance arc soooo bad. Failed rockstar relationship, junkie NA relationship. I swear this is better than television.

No. 674670

File: 1561949027863.png (223.47 KB, 1080x1287, Screenshot_20190701-054319.png)

her oversharing is starting to be cringy now

No. 674671

10+ years of drugs will affect you… down there…

No. 674673

You need to think through her statement. There's no way the sober living place, a commercial enterprise designed to host multiple people, has room for or would allow her pets even if she's downsized. She's getting her own place in Austin is what this means - if she goes through with this.

No. 674674

She's dumb enough to believe that the protection order will keep her safe no matter what she does to provoke Johnny. If she had half of a brain, she would realize that scummy low lives like him violate those all of the time.

No. 674675

She was in a codependent relationship and thinks a month while in rehab is enough to pull this shit. Goddamn she's stupid.

No. 674676

File: 1561949232838.png (244.5 KB, 750x1334, 743B2D05-64A2-4D41-A875-DA6FBF…)

No. 674677

I guess she's never heard the saying/question (not sure) about how a piece of paper can't stop a bullet and how it's really a false saftey because if they're determined to hurt you then they'll find a way. Which is…scary. Unless you're untouchable of course! (sarcasm)

No. 674678

she's relying on his brokeass junkie inertia and she's probably calling it correctly. he's at his dad's across the country sobbing into his poptart cereal.

No. 674679

She's out there spreading to hepatitis to everyone

No. 674680

She’s already leaving her sober home / new city… and is claiming it’s because she felt “unsafe”? I honestly can’t roll my eyes any harder.

No. 674681

File: 1561949428580.png (194.63 KB, 1080x1053, Screenshot_20190701-054946.png)

>just having fun guys
>i'm obsessed

No. 674683

Question for all the Taylor sympathizers that came out yesterday and part of today… are you convinced she’s a fucking COW yet?

Good for her attempting rehab or whatever. But now she’s back and even more pathetic than ever. Some victim she was lol

No. 674684

Definitely tinfoil here, but what if this new “friend” of hers is the reason she’s actually leaving the sober home? He could be like, yeah I’ve got some friends we can crash with, etc etc And she’s just using the “unsafe” excuse as her cover.

No. 674685

File: 1561949546280.png (220.72 KB, 1080x1354, Screenshot_20190701-055209.png)

No. 674687

He was just posting about his gun that he isn't even legally allowed to own. Meanwhile she's acting like a fucking retard online.

No. 674688

I have whiplash from all of her idiotic decisions in the last few days.

No. 674690

Guaranteed this is the same guy who made her realize ‘what being cared about was like.’ Which only adds to her piles of lies, that he’s ‘not even here right now, was just a kind soul’

No. 674692


I look forward to the “when it’s real love it can’t be stopped, we found love at our lowest so we truly accept each other, the best things in life aren’t planned” posts in 3 months when she announces they’re dating.

No. 674693

she left the atrium house and san antonio because she felt unsafe. she's in austin in a sober living house right now and supposedly plans on moving her animals to austin in a few days (unclear if she's getting a new apartment or staying where she is).

No. 674695

She left San Antonio where the atrium house is (the "new home" she's talking about). She's been at a sober living place in Austin and has been since leaving rehab (see the tattoo parlour location). However since she's saying she's moving her animals, she must be renting a new place in Austin shortly and bailing out of sober living. Taylor isn't saying she's "unsafe" in Austin.

No. 674698

Literally that's your audience you dumbfuck. Who do you think keeps defending your stupid ass decisions?
You even had "family-friendly pet mom" in your bio. Jesus Christ how insufferable.

No. 674699

what a vain cunt. I hope he uses her up for what she's worth and takes her money.

Thought you were Taylor for a second.

> It wasn't an impulsive purchase, it was an unplanned purchase, they're not the same

No. 674701

>I don't know what to do except continue to do what I have been doing

the therapy was being fucked by someone other than Jonny

this is so sad. I hate how we sit here and wait to find out how many animals she's killed this time. they deserve so much more than this trash.

right? she knew Jonny for what, two weeks, before he moved into her house? acting like knowing this guy for a month proves she's not already reliant on him for her self-esteem is a joke. she said it herself in her "by myself" insta post.

I'm probably wrong and I hope I am but why does this sound exactly like one of her drug-fueled rants

No. 674702

Her last relationship (with Jonny) started with a newly-reformed junkie so this isn't a great sign to get with anyone from rehab. No disrespect to this guy's journey just that the circumstances are a mirror, especially if they end up living together right away.

No. 674704

the girl is gonna end up dead or pregnant

No. 674705

File: 1561950282943.png (310.57 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20190701-060425.png)

No. 674706

Here's my tinfoil:
Taylor was planning on going back to Jonny after therapy. She found some other sob story in therapy who shot up/did shit like her. She decides he's enough of a distraction to stop calling. New man convinces her to get a restraining order because she inevitably played up what happened to make herself look even more like a victim to get some extra sympathy points.
Now they're casually hooking up, and she wants to leave so she can spend even more time with him.
Hopefully I'm wrong, but there seems to be a lot more romantic relations as time continues.

No. 674708

Isn't it heavily advised against to have any relationships while in rehab? Why is it that in every single circumstance she's in there's an exception for her. The atrium house, despite having rules about animals made an exception, now her sober living has an exception about relationships.

No. 674709

"I'm not gonna pay attention going forward to any concerns"
There it is! She's pretending like she's ever given any mind to meaningful concerns. But she's said this like a million times ("I don't have time for that kind of thing anymore" etc) but she can't help herself from responding to negative attention. She's such an asshole though, who responds to a concerned fan like that? People legitimately care about this girl and she consistently brushes them off. Newsflash Taylor: you don't know better than every other person on the planet!

No. 674710

Girl has serious issues, dude looks older than jonny late mid 30s. Just wrong and trashy on so many levels. This is seriously what mental illness looks like.

No. 674711

“Known him for over a month”

… has only been in rehab/sober living for 27? days. Lmao

No. 674712

lol when they say don't get into a relationship they usually mean don't date period. Even if you're just hooking up it's easy to go back to using with another addict. This is when you're supposed to be discovering your own faults and working on them. Not distracting yourself with things like a dude…not much different then drugs tbh. So I see rehab has't done much for her. And I bet they don't know…why they'd be okay with it (also they'll let you ruin your life if you want lmao what does she think they'd stop her?!)

Sadly I believe this tinfoil

she clearly hasn't learned that there are MANY johnny's in the drug world. Even people who are your "friends" can suck you dry and lead you down a bad path. Not a good look Taylor

No. 674713

The sad thing is that your theory is most likely dead on. Another anon already predicted the rehab romance. Taylor is too predictable.

No. 674715

It definitely reminds me of her drug fueled rants. I know getting back online after being gone a month can be kinda overwhelming with the backlog and finding out what you missed in the world but these rants are exactly the same as her drug fueled ones.

No. 674717

I swear to god some of you are just dumb as fuck. No one here gives a holy FUCK that she does drugs - what we DO care about is that small zoo she has because they’re suffering and dying left and right. She can go shoot up as much as she likes for all we care but leave the animals out of it.

No. 674722

she's got an audience of over a million anon, and a heroin addict is not a healthy role model, end of story.

one thing if she did it alone but she glorifys this shit.

No. 674723

If it was casual she wouldn't be acting like this lmfao she's mentally 14 years old

No. 674724

Girl wants to work the 13th step lmao

No. 674725

I mean, we're not a monolith. A lot of us are here because of the animals, but there's also people who have been following JC for years, and others are here because of her relationship with him. And get real, the last thread and this one have been barely about the animals.

No. 674726

>I'm obsessed!!!
>omg chill out you guise I'm allowed to have casual fun
>”ISN'T HE SO CUTE OMG” to thousands of followers

if it was really nothing serious, why is he appearing on your social media as a love interest only two days after you get out of rehab and break up with your abusive rapist junkie boyfriend? wouldn't you want to keep it on the DL?

oh right Taylor only lives life if she proves it through social media and has it confirmed by whatever man she's got in her life at that moment

No. 674728

“hopelessly addicted”? please. Taylor’s heroin run was barely a year and a half. acting as if she was a piece of shit solely because of and only during her “addiction” is total bullshit

No. 674729


ew he looks old too. girl, try and find a guy your down damn age. the age gap is a huge red flag for someone like taylor.

No. 674730


ew he looks old too. girl, try and find a guy your down damn age. the age gap is a huge red flag for someone like taylor.

No. 674731


Taylor broke it off before she went into rehab. Just putting out there. I think it's even trashier that she's just traded in one junkie for another. She really just wants toxic relationships, doesn't she. Her savior victim complex is through the fucking roof.

No. 674732

shes in a new hornymoon stage with a new guy. She'll feel ontop of the world cause it's a new kind of high. She doesn't give a shit about the dude only how it makes her feel.

I mean he might be a regular dude but he's still an addict. The fact that at his age he'd get with someone that young shows he's probably not a great catch either. Taylor seems to equate her personal value to the man she's fucking.

No. 674734

Just two weeks ago she confirmed from inside rehab that she was still with Jonny, to Jen >>670558
Taylor has only just broken up with him when she stopped calling him recently, around 8 days ago >>672260 although she might have preferred him out of the way pre-rehab and that's why he got sent out of state. It was obvious she was restless.

No. 674735

I don’t think that’s necessarily confirming that to Jen that they were together, just that they were talking/still in communication.

She posted that their relationship was over before she went to rehab. I’m sure he still trying to guilt her into talking to him and try to manipulate her into taking him back, like everyone thought he would, but that doesn’t mean they were together.

No. 674736


My bets are on she tried to break it off with him gently. We all saw how pitiful Jonny was and he continued to confirm they were still together, all while Taylor was silent. She also just thrives off male attention, it's truly pathetic. So she probably called him from inside rehab and thought about getting back together. Then junkie 2 made her LAUGH and she ghosted Jonny. She's actually a trash heap in a river of shit lol.

No. 674737

Once every two weeks. That came right from her. Seeing she's living TX, the ass stank must be other worldly

No. 674739

I wonder if this guy is with her for sex and money. No way in hell is he obsessed with her as she is with him atm. Honestly, she's an easy target for abusive men; mentally or physically. She's an idiot. I give a few days until she blurts out that they're really together and will be moving in with him because he's her light in the darkness bullshit. If he's really from the rehab place, they'll get high once the hornymoon dies off.

No. 674740

shes an emotional wreck, she needs to stop being a melodramatic middleschooler. The attention seeking needs to stop and she needs to focus on the responsibility of her animals and her health.

yea if she told him she's rich and has a house that's probably enough for most junkies. She's a walking mealticket, the only thing they have to do is put up with her bullshit.

No. 674741

File: 1561956047381.jpeg (438.07 KB, 1242x1204, 05773085-5F31-4223-B918-0B9214…)

Hopefully this means rehab taught her to not use alcohol to ‘calm her nerves’?

No. 674744

“I just want to have fun” is definitely a good attitude to have after literally just getting out of rehab

No. 674745

File: 1561957379257.png (389.51 KB, 760x776, Screenshot_20190701-020111.png)

She needs to calm down a notch

No. 674746

File: 1561957412016.jpg (99.16 KB, 1228x638, TNooGEa.jpg)

Who even says shit like this? Usually when you’re newly single, you want to take time to reflect to yourself. You don’t obsess with dating someone else.

No. 674747

She’s the type of friend I put on mute on my twitter bc she spouts off at anything and everything. What a nightmare.

No. 674750

That tweet from Jen wasn't about phone calls, it was about more than that:

No. 674753

File: 1561957786898.png (283.25 KB, 1080x1646, Screenshot_20190701-080921.png)

No. 674758


the people encouraging her boy crushing are just as thirsty as taylor. anyone who thinks being fresh out of rehab AND a relationship (not to mention a toxic one at that) and then getting into a new relationship with a junkie even if it's just a fling is unstable.

taylor's on the high of getting out of rehab and getting away from jonny. we'll see how long it lasts before she's back to lying about being sober. how is she supposed to take care of her hoard when she's pissing around like this.

No. 674760


I cannot wait for Jonny to lose his shit on her. I have a feeling we’re going to find out about animal deaths here real shortly. The heroin and whatever other drugs really killed what little brain cells she had to begin with. Congratulations Taylor, you’re just playing his game now because he thrives on affecting his exes lives years and years later. Her behavior clearly shows that he still has her in a chokehold because she simply can’t move on with her life like an adult.

No. 674763


Her mentality on “having fun” is fucked. She wants to “have fun” at the most inappropriate times. Nothing about post-rehab should be fun. If you’re taking it seriously it’s going to be ROUGH. This is where temptation comes into play and you have to mentally be strong. She clearly doesn’t give a damn about her “second chance” because all she cares about right now is playtime. If she continues down this path then relapse isn’t going to be too far around the corner.

No. 674764

The hickeys are their necks are fucking disgusting.

No. 674767

Exactly, also I thought Hickey's were a dumb tweenie thing? Maybe I'm just lame but most people I know stop that shit around 17-18.

No. 674772

File: 1561961919670.png (87.68 KB, 720x776, Screenshot_20190701-161108~2.p…)

Lol these were posted within 24 hours of each other.
She's a hypocrite, I feel like she's only fucking this guy out of self pity and to make Jonny jealous.

No. 674773

File: 1561961966850.png (50.06 KB, 720x432, Screenshot_20190701-161200~2.p…)

Like goddamn the contrast.
You can't be mad if you've already been fucking someone.

No. 674775

This new guy is probably just in it for the ride, but if she met him in rehab, that's just not good for either of them. They're acting impulsive and all it will take is for one of them to pressure the other.

I know a lot of people hate her but I feel sorry for her. She's ill, she has codependency issues and she's latched onto this new guy so fast.

I get it. People rebound. But good lord she just left an abusive ex and is trying to kick a heroin addiction. She's treating it like it's a game.

I'm sure she's purposefully being vocal and posting pictures of her hickies in full view from this new guy to piss Jonny off but… She's playing with fire.

She needs help and no one is telling her she needs to just put down the phone and focus on getting her shit together, not revenge posting all over the place.

I actually want her to get better. I want her to come to her senses and give her animals to someone qualified to take care of them. I'm happy she's made it this far in her sobriety but she's playing dangerous games with this "I just wanna have fun" attitude.

No. 674778

“get real” it hasn’t been about the animals because Taylor hasn’t shown the animals. It’s about her drug use and JC because that’s all she talks about.

No. 674783

File: 1561964417316.jpeg (836.88 KB, 2880x3840, 3A5C21F8-4E65-485B-833D-02A11A…)

I second the sentiment that she needs to tone it the fuck down. She’s been broken up with the manlet for one day and is already making plans with this new guy. She’s so thirsty looking that it’s embarrassing to watch.

No. 674787

Taylor is pathetic and clearly learned nothing in rehab since associating with people outside of it is a huge no-no, but I know JC had to be seething. This is the same kind of shit he did to his exes.

No. 674789

Shes 100% got to be trying to bait Jonny into losing his shit

No. 674790

File: 1561965749890.jpg (919.49 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-012217_Ins…)

Jesus Christ

No. 674791

man is she laying it on thick though. I would have thought the hickeys were more than enough.

any news from jonny's fb? seems to be the only place he's still posting to.

No. 674792

“my friend”

“i’m crushing on him”

jesus fucking christ taylor. we were all rooting for you. get it together PLEASE

No. 674793

LOL can someone please spill the fucking tea already? Stop being vague fill us all in on the details. Can't wait til jonny goes scorched earth on her.

No. 674794

Maybe she scare the guy away with so much exposure

No. 674795

yeah the guy must be a bit weirded out by all these tweets right?

No. 674799

Huge tinfoil but I kind of feel like what actually happened was the opposite of what she said- she's probably trying to get into something with him and he was like "nah I'm good lol" and that's why she's acting like this. She probably picked up the lovebombing tactic from Jonny and she's telling other people SHE didn't want the relationship because her ego is bruised. Also… This man is average as fuck. Like are you really THAT thirsty, girl? Get it together.

No. 674800

To be fair, that guy is a fucking supermodel compared to Jonny

No. 674801

Can't argue with that, yeah.

No. 674802

Can we find out who is this guy? To see if only she is the one posting things like this

No. 674805

I wonder if this guy is even aware of what she's posting.
I reckon he'll stumble upon this site eventually when he's apart from her and digs for more info on her since she's so internet FaMouS!

You'd think with her "fame" she'd find someone far more attractive but no, her standards are quite low, this guy is like Neptune compared to the Flea that is Jonny though but STILL c'mon Taylor.

No. 674806

I suspect she’s going to be moving in/out with the guy. The sober place is unlikely to let you have some 30 or whatever animals, so she will probably need to find a house or an apartment and since she’s obsessed and he’s probably a drug addict it’s the perfect opportunity for him to get some free cash. If he’s indeed from rehab as we suspect he is then he’s also failing the whole process and they will both relapse.

Also what a joke to be saying that she would apologise to Jonny’s exes only to go on social media and do petty shit that would trigger an abuser to do dumber shit. I don’t think her experience at all compares to that of the other shit we have heard because his exes seemed to actually have no control at one point or another. And if any of you have been in abusive relationships, you know damn well that doing shit like she is would not go unnoticed even if you broke up.

I suspect poor Kronos is dead unless there is an actual animal rescue involved but I highly doubt that.

No. 674807

We all know Jen is batshit. If she was left in charge of those poor animals, expect the worst.

No. 674808

Exactly what bothers me about it is that she complained about Jonny finding someone while she was in rehab even though she made it clear they broke up as soon as she went to rehab. Then Jonny saying that they were making plans for when she'd get out, implying she probably wasn't even clear to him about wanting to break up and stringing him along. Then we find out while she was doing that to Jonny, she found a guy herself while she was in rehab?

Taylor and Jonny are both pieces of shit tbh.

No. 674812

They're probably getting water everyday for a change.

No. 674815

Don’t forget the supposed rehab she did with JC, her counselor said alcohol was ok lolllll

No. 674816

He looks like a middle aged pill popper with those slimy junkie teeth. Ew.

No. 674820

I just can't fathom how Jen is supposedly driving to Taylors old place, probably once a day max, to take care of the literal exotic zoo…

Kronos in his tiny cage for 3 weeks straight.
Rats with zero socialisation.
Geckos unmisted for hours in TEXAS SUMMER.

Anyone else notice how when she supposedly went to visit the animals we got no updates? no pictures? Nothing? I'd genuinely bet my entire reptile collection (4) that there are both deaths and animals in a fucking sorry state.

No. 674821

For real though! His hair is greying for fucks sake. She couldn’t find anyone closer to her age? This won’t end well.

No. 674822

>Rehab for like 3 weeks for the most addictive substance on the planet
>Gets out and instantly projects Jonny cheating even tho she's been getting fingerblasted by "abs and muscles everywhere guizzz"
>Loads of new privileged junkie friends (How many heroin addicts do you know who can afford inpatient?)
>Constantly sperging about her new non-boyf online
>Posts her location

Jonny has literally stated he has no reason to live anymore.

inb4 Jonny kills her and then himself.

No. 674823

But she's "totally safe guizz!!

She's in a more precarious position now than ever before.

No. 674824

just because he’s gray doesn’t mean he’s a geezer lmao the comments about this guy are so shallow… nobody knows anything about him.

No. 674830

I agree but it's not like Taylor's comments aren't shallow as well lol. We don't know anything about him because she's just rambling about how "pretty" he is and how they're fucking now

No. 674833

I thought the same. Could be a birth mark or early graying as it happens to some. Her taste in men is an F- but this guy is a C compared to JC. Either way, she’s definitely hurting and def extra posting to make JC jealous and explode. She should def tone it down but it’s Taylor. She loves the attention and the speculation. Add on top of the fact that she does have co dependency issues.

Her post of her being freshly single and being obsessed with men - playing devils advocate, I can see what she means, but again, she comes off desperate and annoying

No. 674834

I think if everything was fine we would have definitely seen pictures. She is so keen to share everything else, why not her animals?

No. 674835

Taylor hasn't seen her animals yet has she?

No. 674837

Offtopic, but can we make a separate thread for Jonny once they're officially over and not associated anymore?

No. 674838

I suspect she hasn't lmao

No. 674839

let's see where he goes from here. he's milky but maybe not enough to warrant his own thread, if he hides out in upper NY state for the rest of his short life.

No. 674844

I feel like he's going to circulate around Taylor for a while once they start having twitter fights.

No. 674845

File: 1561981237049.jpeg (521.16 KB, 1125x1819, B2496B86-E4C7-4181-8792-515539…)

No. 674846

this guy is average at best and also another junkie manlet jesus

No. 674847

Taylor being who and what she is, I can also easily see this guy be an actual good dude who is legit trying, and she's gonna fuck it all up with her emotional manipulation and make him relapse with her. I genuinely don't see her staying clean for long..

No. 674851

Posting a picture of yourself with hickeys on your neck… This bitch is straight up trash.

No. 674852

Oh fuck off. First, guys with facial hair generally look older than they are. Second, I know plenty of young people with grey hair. And with black it stands out more. Grey hair is often caused by stress, not just age. Being a junkie, I’m sure there’s lots of stress. This guys looks 1000 times better than Jonny, hell, probably better than most!

No. 674853


Everyone harping on this poor guy lol. We know nothing about him, but then again… he hangs out with Taylor is apparently fucking her. So we all know his standards are low too. Also not sure how anyone can stand to put up with her, she's the type to make everything about herself, must be exhausting having to watch this girl pretend to be the star of her own show.

No. 674854

If the guy is fit, and he does look built in >>674586 then he may have been in rehab for a relapse. also
>>674790 the VA RVCA hat -> "Gym Workout Clothes & Accessories Inspired by our MMA & Jiu Jitsu Ambassadors"

so I'm voting he's not a fresh junkie.

No. 674855

Yup it is trashy. TND is reminding me more and more of Luna each day and it doesn’t get trashier than that.

No. 674858

File: 1561984838966.jpeg (90.43 KB, 1242x408, 24E1281E-37BA-4538-8354-DC409F…)

No. 674859

If she met him during rehab he is probably a professional/volunteer/whatever and should not be having any intimate relationships with the patients. Someone here probably knows how that would work on an official front but I cannot see the rehab place just letting the two be - perhaps why she quit early and is moving out soon too?

Have to say he's handling this better than we expected but I wonder how long it will take him to get high and start shit.

No. 674862

his ass is probably on this site right now, so he'd see it regardless if people send him shit.
he must be dying inside because his ass really wants to expose her, im sure.
im sure he checks up on her every chance he gets.

No. 674865

I almost feel bad for him. Almost.

No. 674867

This is just tinfoil obviously but what if she was asked to leave because of an inappropriate relationship with a patient. It would explain why she left so early and entered sober living. It is highly discouraged while in treatment. I spent time in detox with a married couple that were constantly getting in trouble right up until they got booted from the program. They were expected be neutral, work on themselves and treat everybody the same even their own spouse.

No. 674868

If this is the case then it's very likely she isn't doing therapy as she claims to be. I wouldn't put it past her to lie so much so either is a possibility.

No. 674870


Oh boo fucking hoo. We all know you're just as much of a cheating shitbag, Jonny. Must suck when the tables have turned. Now you're both scummy cheaters.

No. 674874

There is 0.1% chance she is single right now. There is no way anyone verballly diarrhoea over this guy who she is supposedly just "friends" with.

Jonny 100000% believed this bitch was gonna come running after rehab but nope she's had some other junkie literally balls deep for some time now.

I genuinely can't believe her outrage over Jonny getting a gift from a fan. Calls him out for not being able to "wait for her", even though she's been getting smashed by Abs&MusclesBro? smh.

No. 674878

They're playing games with each other.

Taylor right now is doing the typical things some people do after getting out of an abusive relationship.
"You hurt me, and now I'm going to hurt you twice as bad", it's petty and immature but this is exactly what she's doing. "I'm doing to you, what you did to me". It's dumb but that's what victims do sometimes, especially young semi egotistical ones.

Jonny is acting like the victim now, staying silent and acting hurt.
Reality is he probably doesn't give a shit at all, he might be mad he's lost control and her money, but he ain't sad about Taylor. He's got side hoes sucking up his ass and has for the last few years, he's fine.

They're literally playing with each other's emotions still, with Taylor thinking she's finally in control.

She's not, she'll crash and burn once Mr muscles fucks off back to his life eventually or they'll crash together, eventually Jonny's gonna get bitter when he realises he's depleted of all control and start spilling the tea on her.

We know Jonny has cheated, Taylor admitted he's done it before, she forgave him heaps. If Taylor does crawl back to Jonny he'll forgive her because it's not each other they care about, it's the novelty of what they HAVE that they care about.

No. 674879


Jonny cares about her money and a trophy girlfriend, Taylor cares about being showered with attention by anything that has a dick attached to it. They are both shallow, miserable people.

No. 674880

So she literally talked to him about having a relationship, but later.

AAAAnd shes talking about having him in her videos.

Shes basically dating this guy already, all dating means is your seeing someone. If this guy started banging other girls she'd lose her shit and he'd be an asshole. They've def got some sort of exclusive pact going on.

Taylor's not about to go sleeping with a bunch of different guys. She has PLANS for this one.

Taylor likes to think she's in control of all these guys but in reality she's often the one getting used.

No. 674882

I hope this guy is in shape because he needs to run and he needs to run FAST. Do NOT ruin your sobriety and/or life over this COW. She’s a mentally unstable. All the pics she’s posted of him are ones that she clearly took without him looking or super fast. It’s not like they’ve actually taken a selfie together or else she would have blasted that all over the internet already.

Love how anon said she has “PLANS” for this one lololol

No. 674883


>after ages of nothing

Oof that's gotta hurt, even jonny wouldn't bang her. Maybe if she took a shower every once n a while and took care of her hygiene. She's not as much of a catch as she thinks she is. She's gonna have more competition in Austin lots of young attractive people there. Shes gotta step up her game and hit the gym like her bruh.

No. 674884

If she was just sleeping around for the sake of being newly single that's fine but we know it's not true because you don't go making close buddies with all the guys you sleep with and post pictures obsessing over them, is she going to do that with EVERY guy she meets an fucks? No. And that is why this new guy is clearly someone she's latched onto and probably plans to keep around for as long as she can.

You don't post pictures of the guy you're "just fucking". It ain't normal. And they sure aren't gonna keep being friends if she does find someone else to fuck.

She's a big dumb dumb.

No. 674885

Heroin stops your dick working, he probably has drug induced erectile distinction.

No. 674886

SF. Disfunction*

No. 674887

File: 1561989483164.png (125.38 KB, 720x763, Screenshot_20190701-235723~2.p…)


No. 674889

From animal addiction
To heroin addiction
And now sex Addiction.

Sah health, much change. Growth, YoU gO gIRl YaS

No. 674890

I really can’t expect much from the offspring of Mama Dean. I can’t. But Taylor doesn’t even try to better herself.
You would think people fortunate enough to successfully leave an “abusive” relationship, and get into rehab, and given a second chance would be grateful. Or at least temporarily focused on recovery. Something. Taylor though? She goes on a two day horny fest over some guy from her program. He went from “friend that convinced me to stop calling Jonny” to “friend that I am having sex with and will inevitably end up in a relationship with.”

No. 674891

File: 1561990082434.png (270.54 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20190702-000535.png)

Of course she's in the lower %

So which one has addiction Taylor, mama or papa Dean? My bets are on Mama Dean, probably pops all the valiums and closet drinks to cope with her disabled son and ungrateful daughter.

No. 674892

Taylor pretending she ever gave a shit about others and their genuine concern is a big lol. Taylor does whatever the fuck she wants and always has. Only when she can't handle the heat she will pretend to care.

For real! She is doing the typical narcissist casting for her movie that is her life.

No. 674893

…Yes your youtube fans really give a shit about how you have a drug addiction. God, what a fucking mess.

No. 674894

Now she's an expert on addiction and is going to do a video on it. She is nuts and my father always told me to never stick your dick in crazy. That new dude should run fast and right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 674896

And addiction does begin with a choice - the choice to use the drug. If after you get addicted then sure you basically lost the choice but it was YOUR choice to use that drug and risk an addiction especially if you're already at a higher risk and you know it.

No. 674897

Always shirking off blame.

Addiction isn't a choice, it's something that happens in your body and brain chemistry. But picking up something you subsequently get addicted to IS a choice. Nobody forced you to do heroin Taylor.

No. 674899

Only Taylor Nicole Dean could mutilate and vaporize any shred of good will gained from finally getting rid of Johnny in a matter of hours. I'm cringing so hard I'm speechless.
At the rate she's alienating her original audience (children that like animals) I don't see her keeping up this pet-tube facade much longer. Videos about being a druggie whore are in her horizon- extra cleavagey thumbnails ahoy! Oh well, at least the only living thing she'll be punishing is herself.

No. 674901


She’s really going to piss me tf off. As if she even knows how to read a primary scientific article and decipher information in them. Don’t act like you give any fucks about addiction considering all you care about right now is getting dicked down. She’s the epitome of a cum dumpster.

Wonder how mama Dean is going to respond to her daughter going through a “hoe phase.” This cum dumpster is going to get diseases and spread them because she’s a fucking retard.

No. 674902

She knew damn well she had an addictive personality prior to using heroine yet she still CHOSE to risk it anyway. This bitch cannot ever take responsibility whatsoever in anything.

No. 674905

"the doctor studies" lol jesus christ I can't wait to hear her try and decipher scientific research and pretend to understand what any of it means.

No. 674906


Oh come on guys. We all know that she thinks a study can consist of as little as paragraph in the DailyMail. She doesn't even have access to a proper database to do research. She'll google "drug addiction illness studies" and she'll choose an article from an online mag or website. Because percentages.

No. 674908


We all know shes just gonna cherry pick data and studies that fit her agenda. Nobody wants to hear from a heroin addict 30 days sober anyway.

No. 674909

File: 1561992569095.png (404.55 KB, 633x687, Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 10.4…)

once a hoe always a hoe.

No. 674911

File: 1561993260508.jpg (952.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-105533_Ins…)

So much for not announcing where she is lol

No. 674912

shes only there to see how many of her animals died while she neglected them and made others take care of them for her.

No. 674913

Dumb bitch. It's a choice. Even her posted statistics say so.

No. 674915

>my genes made me try heroin guiz

No. 674916

wow this is embarrassing

No. 674919

I give it a month and we’ll be getting her “we are togetherrr it’s real love guyz” announcement.

No. 674920


“When it’s real love it find u when u least expect it uwu”

No. 674921

Yesterday it was no pictures of her animals for a couple weeks. Less than 16 hours later "OMG guyz get ready I'm going to spam so many pics of muh animals today". She is fucking manic at this point. I have no doubt she will go back to using by the end of the month.

No. 674922

File: 1561994141002.jpg (468.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190701-170256_Twi…)

Lmao because pics of deceased people who overdosed are so funny guis I'd never I have it under control now!!!


No. 674923

Taylor objectifying this guy is as bad as JC posting her nudes all over fb. what the fuck is going on this is so embarrassing and sexist and wrong.

No. 674924

I'm sure if a rescue was looking after your animals your mum would have said so Taylor and you would have bragged about it as soon as you came back.

I don't think she has seen the animals at all.

No. 674925

That’s being generous. More like 2 weeks.

No. 674926

File: 1561994277889.jpg (460.45 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190701-171045_Twi…)

Inb4 these get deleted
Wise Taylor explaining how addiction works to pleb oblivious fans

No. 674927

File: 1561994391203.jpg (480.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190701-170953_Twi…)

"hahahahaha" so funny guys!

No. 674929

This is just so dumb she sounds like an actual kid.

No. 674930

she sounds like jonny, the hahaha and everything…

No. 674931

File: 1561994979403.png (3.66 MB, 1242x2688, 8DE40D49-D293-445C-BEFD-7AEAD1…)

No. 674932

File: 1561995002678.png (11.27 MB, 1242x2688, 6B9AFDA7-1478-452E-9042-B9F23E…)

No. 674933

File: 1561995038214.png (9.02 MB, 1242x2688, 9668D21D-AF99-4AF2-92A4-4845F7…)

No. 674934

No shit sherlock, too bad the damage is already done to your organs and your brain.

No. 674936

File: 1561995455813.jpg (255.48 KB, 717x718, Screenshot_20190701-083640_Ins…)

So, on her neck… hickeys, or a rash?

No. 674937

She's psychotic, she's not even trying to be a family friendly pet channel anymore.

Her tattoo is so cringy what it really says was

>"I was Jonny Craig's bitch for a year, I survived heroin!!11!! achievement unlocked!11!"

No. 674938

murder-suicide when tbh

I can't wait for Jonny to spill tea. No way he's just gonna roll over and play nice for the rest of his life.

No. 674939

shes annoying af, but we all know she doesn't think deceased people that overdosed is funny.
its quite clear what she means by the lmao on her tweet.
some of you people, I swear.

No. 674940

Called it, she's got hair loss for sure. That oily scalp and all those drugs probably didn't help.

No. 674943

File: 1561996035986.png (394.45 KB, 1242x2208, DC178A32-D678-4CFA-9D10-23666A…)

No. 674944

Definitely hickies, they are just healing so looks like red spots but the dentation and mouth shape are there.

So much for an abusive victim, usually after getting out of a relationship you wait for awhile before dating to learn to reread red flags, she already has two abusive relationships and a ex junkie isn't a good catch since if one relapse the other one will do it too. (Like her dynamic with Jonny)

No. 674945

Not to medfag but heroin CAN cause alopecia. So can any other drug though.

And it'd probably help if she'd showered more than once every few weeks

God, this "muh sexual liberation" phase is so cringy and I'm sure she's gonna regret it instantly once the sober glow fades. Less than a year back she marketed herself as a family-friendly pet mom and now she's sounding like a twitter kpop stan with all this "y'all" and "getting dick yo".

No. 674948

File: 1561996254578.png (140.79 KB, 1080x786, Screenshot_20190701-094619~2.p…)

No. 674949

I need lots of dicks plugging every hole to quell the hunger for the H.

No. 674950

>everyone is
Bets on who she "conveniently" forgets to show?

No. 674951

I feel like this is all an act to make Jonny jealous. Like she tries so hard to feel validated all the time. And just like Jonny the only people dumb enough are pre teen fan girls that think drug use and bad boys are cool.

No. 674953

Sad thing is that a random pet sitter likely took better care of the animal hoard than Taylor has in a long time.

No. 674954


I don't even understand her logic. Maybe this dude already has a girl and he's just taking her for what shes worth. Junkies aren't known to be paragons of society

I think jonny broke her. All this dick shit seems like a way to cover up her shame in dating him.

No. 674959

File: 1561996988283.png (141.25 KB, 640x1136, 05538D3A-3898-472E-8D74-54B03E…)

Go get him, guiseeee~

No. 674965

File: 1561997341221.gif (473.94 KB, 200x150, A2A6323A-288B-4FA7-9428-A65ACC…)

no class at all

No. 674967

File: 1561997401688.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2392, Capture _2019-07-01-12-09-15.p…)

Already edited the caption again and disabled comments. God she is full of herself.

No. 674970

Your icon is showing anon

No. 674972

It's like she doesn't understand that if you don't engage in addictive behaviors in the first place (drinking, drugs), you won't get physically addicted to them… She mentions it's genetic, if you know something runs in your family, you generally do whatever you can to avoid the problems associated with whatever the genetic issue is.

Does she really think that 85% of heroin users aren't addicted? Read a whole study, not just a headline, it's not that hard

No. 674973

“If you don’t have it, don’t talk it about!!!!”

What’s that? You’ve actually read studies? Sorry but if you haven’t dont China White at LEAST hourly, you can’t talk about it!!!

No. 674975

My god this is amazing cringe… Not 30 days off heroine and now admittedly getting dicked down from some rehab guy - re-captioning all the pics of Jonny on some petty shit (I cant believe she has fans that cheer this on, yikes) and pretty much just taking no personal responsbility blaming him 100%…

Jonny is coming out of this looking better than TND… She's literally more of a narcissist than Jonny Craig… Holy shit

No. 674976

Physical dependence is not the same thing as addiction. She's addicted because heroin has rewired her brain. There's nothing genetic about that.

Addiction is a choice.

No. 674977

File: 1561998547157.jpeg (371.65 KB, 640x916, 4089DC13-B900-48C7-B5A9-4B67EE…)

she retweeted this, she must feel sooo unsafe guisss

No. 674978


Don’t get me wrong Jonny Craig is a shit dumpster, but what’s her excuse for dating him in the first place? That was solely her choice to begin that relationship just like it was her choice to start using heroin.

We were all ASSHOLES the entire time for warning her about him and his past drug use. Is she really going to spin this like she didn’t know that addiction can be partially genetic? Like how dumb does she think people are? She NEVER fooled this thread once. Everything this thread has ever speculated has turned out to be true so far…

No. 674979

Taylor is showing us that she’s more like Jonny than Jonny is right now. Also, she’s no victim. If she were then she wouldn’t be attacking him and trying to get a rise out of him like she’s doing now. If I were him I’d screenshot all of this and that’d be my defense when they have their court date for the PO she said she filed. Also, rehabs will kick you out when you date during your recovery and especially during early recovery.

No. 674980

Granted it’s been about a decade since I was in the rehab/recovery scene, but I don’t recall any rehab that only treats people for 2-3 weeks and then puts them in a T-house. I think Taylor did a two week detox, 2 weeks in a transitional house and must be out now. Also rehabs don’t normally allow overnight passes during the week, just weekends once they’ve earned, which is usually longer than the 30 days.

No. 674981


Also Taylor shut the fuck up. Being a junkie isn't a personality trait or quirky thing. Plenty of people also have experienced addiction in other ways that do not involve getting addicted themselves but seeing a loved one going through it.

Keep showing just how truly rotten to the core you are! You're doing a fantastic job sweetie! Manipulative psycho passive aggressive cunt.

No. 674983

At the moment Johnny is coming out of this looking pretty well. He's given her space, removed himself from the situation and generally been surprisingly mature. I'm certainly feeling sympathy for him which i never thought was possible

No. 674984

She 100% knew what she was getting into, she just didn't care. She thought she could change him and it backfired. Now she's all pissy cause he ended up changing her. She got rekt now shes mad.

It's an ego/Identity thing.

No. 674986

File: 1562000277232.png (167.46 KB, 640x1136, 91BD5D96-12AB-40D2-8A2B-B01D44…)

No. 674987

cows attract other cows, unless he really doesnt know who is she.

No. 674988

File: 1562000337249.jpg (853 KB, 1536x1874, Screenshot_20190701-185719.jpg)

She is so scared of him guise

No. 674989

Just as a btdubbz when you get off dope all of a sudden your sex drive comes back full force. That's what's going on here with the I'M GETTING DICKED DOWN posts.

No. 674990

File: 1562000521345.jpg (158.5 KB, 1536x916, Screenshot_20190701-190133.jpg)

No. 674991

File: 1562000748983.jpg (206.23 KB, 1536x907, Screenshot_20190701-190529.jpg)

Independent WHERE

No. 674992

This is not how am abused person acts after getting out of a harmful relationship. She is literally taunting him. If she was so scared of him that would be the last thing you would be doing. I guarantee she didn't even get a restraining order because they specifically tell you to not say anything online about the person you're getting the restraining order against. Meanwhile he hasn't said shit really. Maybe he'll just fade away while Taylor fucking implodes.

No. 674994

This! Her trying to provoke him I feel might have to do with this new guy. She probably is hoping Jonny will react so this new guy can come in and save her. I see her as so fucked up and capable of pulling a stunt like that.

I hope Jonny doesn't give her what she wants.

No. 674995

File: 1562001176997.jpg (553.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190701-191216_Twi…)


No. 674997


She's so mad, he really got inside her head didn't he?

She's just now coming to the realization that shes been a dumbass this entire time, now she's trying to brush it off with humor. Her pride was so wounded that she was stupid enough to fall for jonny craig. It's more than obvious based on her manic behavior shes not fine.

No. 674998

File: 1562001307412.png (942.52 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20190701-201127.png)

sorry for the shitty screenshots but we're finally getting to see some of the animals

No. 674999

My ex once told me that the most painful thing I did was act as though he never existed in my life after we broke up.

Taylor is an immature idiot for posting obvious comments and posts that still shows she has Jonny in her mind. She’s posting pictures of a new man and hickeys to make Jonny jealous. What’s worse is not only is she showing how slutty she is, her attitude is making Jonny a victim which he will obviously milk out. He’s going to use this advantage over her and find other girls easily just by acting a victim. “She hurt my heart and I was so serious with her, but that’s what happens when you take love seriously,” will be his quote to catch girls now and they’re gona swoon over it because of how romantic he is.

This whole thing is a mess and my cup is ready for all the milk.

No. 675000

File: 1562001346627.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1888, Screenshot_20190701-201027.png)

No. 675001

File: 1562001458901.png (942.64 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20190701-201326.png)

No. 675002

Her entire attitude, receipts and history is just making it so fucking obvious that the abuse Taylor has ever experienced under his hands she has most likely always retorted or been equally antagonistic.
They are two peas in a pod, yes Johnny has done some HEINOUS things to his exes however Taylor seems to just have met her cow match, shes never been against drugs and has the audacity after being a cunt for years to his past victims to now talk about an "apology" inbetween her cock rants? Shes a rape apologist who couldnt care less and the only reason shes a victim is because she let herself be for this specific redemption ark now that the Johnny saga isnt worth it anymore for her.
Shes trash and I wont believe she has changed for shit unless she goes on a several month long social black out and rehomes those fucking poor animals because it was never about her.

No. 675003

File: 1562001583779.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20190701-201227.png)


No. 675004

inb4 new croc skinks rehomed. She's only showing the ones that are obviously alive.

No. 675005

File: 1562001647333.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20190701-201833.png)

No. 675006

Maybe it’s the angle, but Nemo looks kind of thin here

No. 675009

Was going to say the same.

Also to note, she's only seeing her animals now so when she said she was doing it a day or so ago was a lie. She will take any opportunity to take pictures and brag.

No. 675010

File: 1562001825399.png (855.49 KB, 1080x1903, Screenshot_20190701-202308.png)

another angle

No. 675011

Star eats all the food cause she's a stray. I doubt anyone really monitored them that closely.

No. 675012

File: 1562001889194.jpg (87.87 KB, 697x463, 1495771960291.jpg)

My god she really is the gift that keeps on giving. I actually thought therapy and rehab would decrease her milk potential but wow what a comeback!

No. 675014

Ditto. He may be lower than scum of the earth, but Taylor is no damn innocent child. She went in with full disclosure and warnings and basically said F you. I can do what I want.

No. 675015

Of course they were monitored!! She had professional people from the rescue helping her and not just one or two people that know shit all!

No. 675016

She wants him to flip and threaten her so she can act like the victim. Like girl, do you really think this makes you look empowered? It makes you look like a psycho, druggie brat. This behavior is straight up disrespectful to every one of Johnny's victims- you know, the ones you made fun of. Now you have the gall to throw him under the bus and act like everything bad that's ever happened to you is his fault? Have some fucking self reflection.
I never thought I'd say this but… good for Johnny. You know what? Repent for all the shit you've done, get clean and work your way back up, Johnny. Can't believe I'm actually siding with him on this one- I too hope he gets his shit together and moves on past this crazy bitch.
I hope she ends up with no one- I hope the guy flees town from her psycho behavior, her parents get sick of her and cut her lose and she's finally forced to face the consequences of her actions for once in her life.

No. 675017

As someone who’s gotten a restraining order in Texas, I was specifically told not to tell anyone or say anything about it until it was official, legally binding and I was safe. She probably hasn’t gotten one, and honestly, her attitude is so annoying right now because this whole time I felt a little sorry for her because I thought she was being abused. I hope he spills the milk soon.

No. 675019

I read her saying she was going to see her animals in a day or two, not that day.

No. 675020

Who would have imagined that Taylor manages to make Jonny look like he is fucking better than her?

I really hope that he just doesn't end up giving her what she is now trying to gun for. Deprive her from the attention she so much desires Jonny. Do not give in to her.

This will be the time he can actually say his ex is crazy.

No. 675021

Yeah this cat looks like he’s been starving. Poor Nemo.

No. 675022

she's 100% trying to make jonny flip. she's playing mind games to satisfy her narc needs. I bet she's mad that jonny's being silent. He's being surprisingly mature right now. Taylor actually is on her way of becoming the crazy ex for jonny.

I think it's clear that she's greatly exaggerated how much she was abused (like her parents saying she had it 100x worse than any of his exes). Who would be focusing on an abusive ex's dick size and lack of sexual prowess as the problem? I would have thought she'd be glad he wasn't forcing himself on her.

No. 675023


Right? She's clinging so tightly onto this 15% thing and it's embarrassing. But continue preaching the medical model; you are your addiction, after all (sarcasm)

No. 675024

Yea jonny is a straight up cunt but she's acting seriously insane rn.

I'm starting to wonder how "forced" she was to take heroin.

Surprise, surprise she shows none of the other animals. Gotta clean out those dead bodies and order replacements before the next set of photos.

No. 675025


Tell that to your doctor, lol

No. 675026

Lol Johnny was giving this little twit 10 unit baby shots. I used for almost 10 years and still caught a nod every time.

Because I wasn’t shooting cheap Chinese knock off dope having someone control my dose.

It’s embarassing to have this fake ~junky~ spreading so much misinformation. Junkies don’t get high, just stay well? Bullshit.

No. 675027

She is a perfect example of why and how a covert narcissist is worse than a overt narcissist Jonny is.

No. 675028

>Surprise, surprise she shows none of the other animals. Gotta clean out those dead bodies and order replacements before the next set of photos.
I was thinking this too. I know I'm being overly optimistic, but what if downsizing her collection meant that everyone except the cats and the rats have been rehomed? Not that she won't be buying 10 new snakes in the next 2 months even if that was the case.

No. 675030


Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Colin say when he first started talking to her he was actually sober (right after the hospital stint with Chelsea) and that once he kept going over to Taylor’s apartment/moved in that’s when it all went to shit. I think I recall him saying she was a bad influence on Jonny lol. Doesn’t seem so far off from the truth now…

No. 675031


There is absolutely no chance whatsoever that this is the case. She's not going to rehome snakes worth thousands of dollars so she can keep a stray cat. It'd be a disaster for her channel on top of everything, too

No. 675033

File: 1562005297199.png (1.94 MB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20190701-212020.png)

wouldnt be the first illogical thing she's done but I agree.

And here's a pic of duck she just posted.

No. 675034

Damn she looks obese

No. 675037

File: 1562005621207.jpg (109.26 KB, 709x765, SW.jpg)

Have we been wrong the whole time?

Did Taylor really ruin jonny's career?!?

>be jonny

>be high functioning heroin addict
>still perform live and go on tour
>fuck up last relationship cause your a dick
>meets young fan
>Says she's dtf and drugs
>move in with her and tour for dope money
>gives some pills to gf cause she wants to try
>gf wants stronger drugs, smoke heroin
>still tour and work in shit band
>gf says she wants stronger high
>you carefully inject her with some H
>She loves it and says your amazing
>Your on tour and gf calls crying to come home and give her some H
>You quit the band
>GF wants even more H
>you tell gf to calm down
>GF now wants to get sober
>GF pissed your not in a band anymore
>GF says lets buy a house to save the relationship
>You say ima keep using but go get sober if you want
>GF keeps using and now hysterical she's gonna die after cutting back
>GF says we need a break
>sends you to new york
>GF breaks up with you over phone
>No longer in a band
>No money
>No longer contributing to society

No. 675039

File: 1562005810654.jpeg (627.58 KB, 1125x1722, 0A821C6A-376B-46CB-A65D-EB27CF…)

I CANT with that stans comment. What a fucking dumb ass. They just crank these kids out dumber and dumber by the day.

No. 675040


Is this girl a self-poster or does she just comment on fucking everything Taylor says? This is probably the 3rd or 4th time I have seen her on here.

And honestly JC is garbage but I'm at the point where I don't even believe he was abusive. Manipulative and a cheater, sure. Shitty, absolutely. But I've always kinda thought Chelsea and Amanda were playing the situation up to get pity points so of course Taylor is going to jump in on that. Chelsea obviously is still obsessed with him and the situation (hi, Chelsea). Also, he never "held her down and shot her up" so can we please stop saying that. It's making us look bad.

Amanda obviously wanted all the attention she could get from him, "leaking" videos of him doing heroin and claiming her phone got hacked. Jonny is obnoxious and foul, but let's keep our facts straight here. Also where exactly in the past threads did we find out he raped someone? I've seen him say he wouldn't help Chelsea if she was being raped, and I apologize if I missed this somehow. But how did he become a "rapist" through all this?

Also Taylor keeps saying addiction is a disease yet simultaneously saying JC got her hooked on heroin. Which is it, Taylor? Anything but accepting responsibility for it. I was a heroin addict for 10 years and it's so cringy and embarrassing watching her in action. Whoever called that guy a "typical rehab Kyle" was spot on, I guarantee he vapes too. He literally looks like a combination of every guy I've been in rehab with. Everything she's doing with him is to make JC jealous and he's doing the right thing by not acknowledging it. Taylor is going to continue using him as a scapegoat for literally everything.

One thing I noticed that I kept wanting to bring up is how graphically Taylor describes her addiction. Anyone who does that isn't done yet, period. Not that I thought for a second she was but that just solidifies it for me. The constant talk about "not having any veins left" and how they took hours to find a vein and had to send doctors in or whatever (which was complete bullshit, that's absolutely not what happens), the detail she goes into, the pictures, etc. It's not "the gruesome reality of addiction" or whatever she pushes it as. It's her subconsciously romanticizing it. It's also her saying "look at how sick I am, I had it worse than you". It's an extreme pet peeve of mine and she would be obnoxious to be in rehab with, or just around at all.

No. 675042

No. 675043

I gotta say, it takes one major trash heap of a human to make Jonny Craig look good in comparison. Damn.

No. 675045

just having some fun anon.

Jonny is a POS but Taylor may have been the one to seek out the drugs in the first place.

No. 675047

Yep can now say that Big Keith is leaning towards Team Jonny.

No. 675048

not saying jonny is the good guy in this, but I feel like this is actually closer to the truth than what taylor telling us. she definitely encouraged him to use (and vice versa of course), and she was the one that made him quit the band.

No. 675049

Nemo is obviously underweight. Look at his boney face. Poor Nemo. He deserves an owner who actually loves him. All those animals do.

No. 675051


Sorry if I missed it, but has she acknowledged anywhere about why she claimed it wasn’t JC who got her on heroin, and instead a friend? I’m so confused by how many lies she’s told that all her fans seem ok with

No. 675052

she said it was a "friend" initially and then later confirmed it was jonny.

No. 675053

Nailed it.

She’s really trying to play it off lollll

No. 675054

I know right? Thought the same lol

No. 675055


>I'm at the point where I don't even believe he was abusive.

>I've always kinda thought Chelsea and Amanda were playing the situation up to get pity points
>Also, he never "held her down and shot her up" so can we please stop saying that. It's making us look bad.

Can we just fucking NOT with this bullshit?

Are we really at the point where we're gonna claim Jonny "Did NOTHING wrong" & that all of his victims lied?

No. 675056

>But how did he become a "rapist" through all this?
I'd like to get to the bottom of this one too. The allegations have been brought up over and over again and the story has changed and details have been exaggerated each time.
Let's face it we have no idea if JC's exes are reliable sources. I'm inclined to believe them over jonny, but none of us were there to see what really happened.

>"look at how sick I am, I had it worse than you"

It's her munchausen's showing. She's always wanted to be sick to get attention, she's delighted to show it off now that she actually managed to make herself sick. that's what munchies do.


I thought it was funny. calm down anon.

No. 675058

File: 1562007350049.png (6.68 KB, 589x94, tnd.png)

Making fun of her crappy diet perhaps? For someone with all these "diseases" she doesn't seem to take care of her health very well.
I mean if she can't take care of her own health how can we expect her to take care of her animals?

No. 675059

>Are we really at the point where we're gonna claim Jonny "Did NOTHING wrong" & that all of his victims lied?
no one is saying that. he's a shit person. but I personally would like to see some facts instead of retellings of retellings of someone's allegations.

people are going easy on him right now because taylor is acting so insane she's making him look good by comparison. the moment he slips up people will be back to hating him again, don't worry.

No. 675060

Who would've guessed she'd be even more insufferable after "rehab" and Jonny not being in the picture….

No. 675061

File: 1562007746973.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20190701-220130.png)

green tree python whatever it's name was

No. 675062

how exactly would you like proof of 3+ year old rapes? A decade of him abusing women and raping them. But now proof is NEEDED to believe his victims, all because of the hatred for Taylor moving on so fast? He was in a relationship with each of the 3 females who banded together and claimed drug and alcohol fueled abuse and rape. They loved him, they weren’t going to the police. Their is a lot of emotion in this, more than we will ever understand because we are not those women who went thru this. What do y’all want? Videos of rape that clearly show Jonnys face?

No. 675064


If you want "facts" you're very obviously in the wrong place. You must realize this

No. 675066

You are misunderstanding me, or perhaps I misspoke. Of course I'm not asking for concrete physical proof, I'm not an idiot. I'm talking about going back to original sources instead of repeating exaggerated stories.

No. 675067

Honestly people should have asked for proof long ago or at least looked at their stories in detail but we can't do that because it's always a 'defneding' Jonny thing. That being said, his exes have little to do with this thread because it's clear as day that Taylor's 'abuse' did not affect her at all and she could care less.

No. 675070

Nobody is defending jonny here anon. His drug and alcohol abuse is well documented, but consent is dubious when drugs and alcohol are involved. I'm sure he's had sex with people while they were drunk/high. Wouldn't be surprised if he's done far worse.

Jonny's abuse was always manipulation never physical based on what I've seen. Based on what I can tell he never hit Taylor or forced her to do anything she didn't want. He might've encouraged bad and illegal things for sure.

No. 675072

it was his gf with black hair that was a stripper, she recounted how jonny “jokingly” held her down to try to inject her with heroin and then proceeded to have sex with even though she was crying. Its in the threads somewhere

No. 675074


You're certainly toeing the line, though. We've all operated under the assumption that he's a bad guy and that he's likely an abuser. Of course people are going to get annoyed when the second he's opposing Taylor that we get several comments trying to walk back on this consensus.

It doesn't seem motivated by the fact that people genuinely don't believe the allegations so much as people care less about his behavior when he's not Taylor's pet. Maybe it's a wrong assumption, but lets not pretend its a completely unreasonable perspective.

No. 675076

for all these random JC Stans wanting proof!!1! A 2 second google search had rape and sexual allegations from his exes, a minor, and a tour staff member as the first results. Are we really doing this right now? Enjoy the milk and stop trying to “what if” about how fucking awful Jonny Craig is just because Taylor is now more unhinged than he is.

No. 675081


Her house is so hot yet her rats cage is just filled with towels wtf

No. 675083

I think it's more brought on by the fact that taylor's reactions to the relationship make some people feel like she wasn't even abused (at least physically) when we assumed she was. She's whining about not getting laid for two years when people thought she might even be sexually abused. I think it's fair to rethink our assumtions a little at this point. Even if the conclusion ends up being the same.

No. 675084

Not to mention that every decent rat keeper knows not to use towels because their toes and nails might get caught in the frays. But her rat care has always been absolute shit so it's no surprise at all that they are still in their tiny cage with shitty decoration

No. 675087

File: 1562009864319.png (240.02 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20190701-223719.png)

maui is still with her too

No. 675088


When she said she had downsized I hoped they’d been one of the animals to go they deserve so much better than living in a cage full of fabric their whole life.

No. 675092

It seems like people forget everyone reacts to situations differently. Not all abuse victims act the same way. He may not have physically abused her but it sounds like he did mentally/emotionally and now that she broke free shes mad. That's how my cousin reacted when she got out of an emotionally abusive rs, but it's not how others may act.

No. 675093

She'd never give away feeders she "rescued" i'm thinking hedgehogs, crested geckos (cause they're boring), twisty, croc skinks, mayby some of the smaller snakes, Haven't seen kronos either so he's probably gone.

All the balls are staying from what I can tell, cats, rats. Those are for sure staying. prob Mushu as well.

No. 675095

Jonny threatened to expose a 16 year old's nudes and flush a kitten. WTF? Nothing Taylor has done is as bad as anything he has done to people repeatedly I'll add.

No. 675096


No abuse victim is going to be baiting their abuser on the internet. You are told not to say shit when you get a restraining order. Her"abuse" is all in her head.

No. 675097


You know you may be right that those of us who are questioning had previously thought her to be physically abused.

If your primary reason for labeling him an abuser/rapist is because of what his other 2 Exs say, then there has been no catalyst for questioning. It seems out of turn. If your reason was Taylor, then you may feel the opposite way.

Personally, I'm inclined to believe the vast amount of empirical evidence we've seen throughout these threads that suggests he did do many of the things he's been accused of by these women

No. 675098

who do we think she gave Kronos to though? no one wanted him when she found out she got the wrong kind. she just pawn him off to some 13 year old kid?

No. 675099

It doesn't MAKE me look bad that I call Jonny a bigger twat than Taylor for believing he raped women. Guess what? I fucking believe he raped people. Wah. People will live with my believing that or not. IDGAF.

No. 675100

I think if she's moving to another city, the aquatic pets might be gone. even the saltwater tank she was sO pRoUd Of. mushu might not even survive another move tbh. I think the snakes are all staying, they are her collection items at this point. Kronos, skinks, geckos, twisty, insects and the scorpion might be gone. but we'll see. maybe.

No. 675103

saltwater tank would be hella expensive to move, now with cheese dead not much reason to keep it tbh. She said she wanted to upgrade anyway.

No. 675106

I’ve followed JC for years, he’s the cow that originally even led me to this thread. Do I think Taylor made him leave the band? Yes. That doesn’t make him any less of a bad human being, or abuser. No one needs to build JC up or try to make him seem like an ok person just to emphasize how bad Taylor is. They are both bad.

No. 675108


Can you calm down? He didn't hold anyone down and shoot them up, it came from the horse's own mouth (aka his "victim") that that wasn't the case. I wasn't defending him at all. I completely agree with the other anon about the exaggerated retellings. It indeed makes us look bad. I've been seeing that a lot on here especially recently, it becomes a game of telephone like you'd play in elementary school. Plus Chelsea is extremely bitter. While having sex with someone while they're crying may be disgusting. crying alone still unfortunately doesn't equal lack of consent. I'm going to reserve judgment on that one since I know nothing about it, why she was crying, or who said it, plus I'm not trying to get involved in a tired ass "what constitutes rape" argument.

Look, no one likes JC here, obviously. But that doesn't mean we just hurl (serious) accusations and tout them as factual, getting mad if someone so much as even questions their origin. We want people to believe us and we don't want to have to feel the need to fact check every little thing and the boards are close to becoming a place for storytime bullshit. That shit discredits us.

No. 675112

"We" don't exist. I happen to be calm as a mutherfucker as I say that Jonny's an abusive, pervert junkie. Now you speak for you and believe what you want. I believe the women. I can say he's a nude pic exposing, MacBook and voice lesson scamming, physically abusive asshole all day long. I can dislike Taylor and Jonny both. This isn't federal court its a website that laughs at idiots and I feel like laughing at that piece of shit.

No. 675114


Look I agree with you, but even I can see that you need to take a step back. You're not going to be received well with that tone, and if your intention is not to be received well then you're no better than the common troll.

You can say that you believe the empirical evidence and accounts of his abuse from multiple women without getting so upset.

No. 675115

Man, how pissed must Chelsea be right now that people are doubting her traumatic experiences because Miss China White couldn't keep her shit together. And no apology in sight, either! Lmao.

No. 675116


Holy shit are you a whiny brat for no reason. "IdGaF bOuT yALL hAtErZ iMa dO mE" is exactly what you sound like.

No. 675117

both sides of this argument need to understand that there is no we and there is no consensus. and we don't need to be the judge of what is true.
jonny is a scamming abusing childabandoning piece of shit. he'd be a terrible person even if he wasn't a rapist. so lets lol at him when he spills the beans about taylor.

No. 675118


Agreed for the most part, but what is the point of laughing at someone if half of it isn't even true? We might as well just be writing fanfiction at that point. That was simply all I was getting at. I don't know why some anons completely lost their shit.

No. 675119

I think its pretty clearly the same anon. Everyone else who opposed you was pretty reasonable.

No. 675120


Looking back you're right, it definitely was the same anon. Oh well.

No. 675122

inb4 the AIDS/std saga begins

No. 675123

File: 1562013655134.jpeg (262.16 KB, 1125x1165, 3371B40F-262D-407B-801B-5AE62A…)

It’s already in her bio. inb4 next “viral” video is taunting her snake with hats.

No. 675124

lol, if only. Who knows what kinda stuff she got from the disease-ridden-carrot. I don't think shes actually gonna sleep around shes just feeling rebellious.

>teehee I kissed a guy, im so bad teehee.

She's on a power trip but shes a serial monogamist. It's not like she's gonna go to bars and take home random guys, she just wants the fantasy of the bad bitch who dun need no man.

No. 675126

File: 1562013704538.jpg (131.2 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190701-164133_Twi…)

No. 675128

conext? is this recent? saw this on twitter too but couldn't figure out.

No. 675130

"viral" under 400k. Her YT numbers have been shit lately.

drug related? I kinda doubt hes actually visiting his daughter.

No. 675134

What If she is saying this because JC wears hats and she’s like “omg they know he’s a piece of shit too!”

No. 675141

Chelsea wasn’t a stripper, Elizabeth was. Are you confusing them?

No. 675143

Come on anon, what the fuck.
Multiple victims of the same person tell similar stories about their abuser so they all must be lying and plotting something.
Just because some of us are pissed at Taylor for behaving like a retard, don't even dare Jonnys side by saying he's a nice guy who just happens to always meet the wrong women.
Discrediting abuse/rape victims, way to go anon, good job.

No. 675144

Agreed. All shit aside at least Jonny has an actual talent. TnD is an even bigger narcissist than Jonny. Trash

No. 675147

It’s from his Facebook. A comment on his most recent post.

No. 675148

what a pointless fucking argument. one retard says something ridiculous and suddenly "everyone is taking jonny's side". the anon you're replying to didn't even say he was a good guy, they said he's still a piece of trash no matter what.

I wish taylor would just post the rest of the fucking animals.

No. 675150

"It's something I worked hard for"

Worked hard for…how?

No. 675151

maybe mama dean took great care of the snakes and fed them every day, kek.

No. 675152

brought me to tears

No. 675154

For a while there I was secretly rooting for Taylor to turn her life around, seems more and more that she gets into these shitty situations on her own accord. This rehab romance is just dumb, even a highschooler would know this is a bad idea.

No. 675158

This is seriously funny! Even if it did happen more that way, it'd be hilarious karma.

I think it's possible to both believe his past victims but also think well, maybe he wasn't as awful to Taylor as he was to them. First of all, Taylor jumps at any opportunity to be a victim, I'm sure he knew that. And the only thing she has said was that he "introduced" her to heroin. Not that he shot her up or anything. This is basically a Taylor-ism for just her agreeing to try heroin. So far, this is the worst thing she has said about him since coming out of rehab. If it were so awful why not come out with anything else?
Second of all, throughout their entire relationship they were both heavily watched by the internet, and everyone was waiting every second for him to lay a hand on her. I think he also knew that.
And now all the taunting him. I don't doubt he was emotionally abusive, maybe he yelled at her, punched a wall, said he would flush her cat, etc. I don't think he was as bad to her as he was to his exes.
And you know what? Deep down perhaps she's jealous they can be more of a victim than she is.
Also, I'm willing to bet she also did some awful shit to him. Not like it was undeserved, but I'm sure at some points it went both ways.

No. 675160

jonny craig is still a rapist, so nah. amazing how you can somehow equate retarded tweets and caption changes to being worse than rape. nice mental gymnastics, jonny wk.

No. 675163

tinfoiling but what if jonny is just staying silent and has tried looking like the good guy these past few weeks because he knew she would ruin herself, since she seems pretty unhinged.
I mean really he hasn’t had to even do anything and she is just making herself look retarded, probably knew that’s how it would go down.

No. 675164

Jonny isn’t that calculated and he can’t hold things back. His silence isn’t planning, it’s because he got played by someone who played his game better than him. I truly think she blindsided him and he’s at a loss for words.

No. 675166

spot on, anon

No. 675167

They're both shitty in their own ways. Everyone has a cow they hate more for their own reasons.

He's pretty dumb if he got blindsided, he had people literally telling him she was breaking up with him on his way to New York.

At least jonny was honest about what he was from the start, Taylor was ok with that and used him drugs and attention. Nobody likes a man bitch tho, the whole therapy saga just seems like an excuse to find another guy not get better.

No. 675168

Tinfoil but maybe she gave him hush money so he wouldn’t blackmail her after the fact? I’m curious if he’ll end up selling all his PC stuff to fund his heroin habit.

No. 675169

well, he hasn't streamed in a while and no news about when he will be next. maybe it's already sold lol.

No. 675170

I doubt he has anything milky. Seems like he didn't care or focus too much on her animals. Probably has info on her slob habits.

I don't think jonny is gonna be around much longer anyway, his PC and stuff maby he's sold to get back to texas tinfoil.

No. 675171

TND stans never cease to amaze me. When you point out that maybe she shouldn’t be pursuing the dick when she’s barely sober, the response is she’s a grown woman and can make her own choices for her body. But when it comes to picking up a needle and shooting heroin that time, it wasn’t her choice. It was addiction and people shouldn’t bully her because it will make her relapse.

No. 675173


Bro fuck off. No one cares about your "we need evidence" argument of situations that occurred YEARS ago. You keep harping on about his exes being bitter and trying to frame it like they have to prove themselves to you and you alone. You sound like one of those fags in Jonny's discord.

We can hurl "accusation" all we want. Jonny has the reputation as a piece of shit for a reason.

No. 675174

The only reason I can see him not spilling the beans is if he agreed to sign an NDA for a payout. That’s how he’s kept his high. Asfaik he hasn’t sold off the computer setup… yet

No. 675175

Seems even more likely he signed a NDA. Taylor said he asked her to sign one. She probably asked first and he tried to ask her in return.

No. 675176

There are lots of facts about Jonny we can run with.

Junkie? Yes.
Fuck up? Yes.
Thief? Yes.
Addict? Yes.

But saying he's a rapist is not a fact. Not one person here knows for a fact he raped anyone. He's never been convicted of rape and in fact no one has even filed a report on him. I'm sorry, but thankfully in this country you're innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can lob accusations at you and yes vindictive exes do this often. Doesn't make him not a piece of shit, just not a rapist.

No. 675178


No. 675179

that would make sense if she paid him off.

Jonny is guilty of sexual harassment that document tho. jonny isn't standing in alleys raping people, its that grey area shit (consent) that just proves he's scummy.

No. 675180

idk, I can't see him keeping any sort of legal agreement cause he's such a pos, especially as time goes on and she flaunts her boytoy even more

I'm expecting him to get out of crybaby mode and rage at some point or he won't be the JC we've seen over and over

No. 675183



No. 675184

this. can't believe the amount of triggered people that come at you when they think you don't hate JC enough.

you can scream that he is a rapist as much as you want, it doesn't automatically make it true. people mistake the narratives they've created in their heads for truth. you don't even know any of these people jfc.

that would mean they presented each other with a NDA. which is a hilarious mental image.

No. 675185


It's the nature of our culture nowadays. Guilty until proven innocent.

No. 675189


You say that like we're in a court of law. Our culture is to believe what we feel is most likely given our experiences and the information we're presented. Stop bitching

No. 675191

Can we not focus on whether or not Jonny is a good person or not? It’s obvious that both him and TND are in a moral gray area. Both leaning toward the bad end.

What we SHOULD be focusing on is the fact that she’s only posted about a few of her animals even though she was all “I’m so excited to spam you guys with animal pics” just today. She’s shown her cats, rats, and ONE snake. That’s NOTHING compared to how many animals she actually owns.

I have a feeling (tinfoil obv) that she could only take pics of those few animals because they looked the “best”. All the others probably have hella dirty enclosures, their weights are probably not adequate, and who knows who’s died.
She says “everyone’s alive and well!!!”
But also says she’s already downsized and hasn’t been specific about that, so whatever she rehomed could’ve easily been a death she wrote off.

She’s obviously still trying figure her own personal shit out, idk why she thinks having so many animals is a good idea with how unstable her life has been.
Ever since she moved out of her parents house she’s been a completely wreck and irresponsible as fuck. If she gets that irresponsibility and craziness from her parents then I def don’t trust them watching the animals.

No. 675192

Correction: TWO snakes *

No. 675193

Not once did I bitch. In actuality it seems you're the only one here crying.(infighting)

No. 675194


If it were obvious we wouldn't be having this conversation, would we?

And are we really at the point where reasonable speculation is "tinfoiling"?

She thinks having animals is a good idea because she considers them items. Their deaths do not phase her. If she gets rid of any it will because moving them is a hassle, or because she'd rather not clean up another carcass

No. 675196

File: 1562022936143.png (880.77 KB, 783x781, missing.PNG)

I wanna know where her eyebrow went.

I hope the way she looks now is a wake up call. Even tho it's no makeup its still bad, shes got years to go till she looks better.

No. 675197

A lot of women don’t officially report rape. But I was under the impression he had a minors nudes and isn’t there a merchant girl out there that was feeling very threatened in some way by jc? And imo when you cry while somebody is ramming his dick into you pretty much means you don’t want him to. Obviously he didn’t take it as that though. Which means he has an issue with understanding consent. But I guess calling him a rapist is going too far. Maybe a ehebophile, harasser and what is that last one?

No. 675201


I've never heard about the minor nudes and just googled it and didn't see anything. An article about Pierce the veils drummer and a minor. The harassment of the merch girl was definitely shitty.(constant autistic wking; derailing)

No. 675206

This is pretty much what I suspect too. Taylor being too high profile for him to actually be the standard piece of shit he has been in the other relationships. I believe his exes. I do not believe Taylor. Even the thing she said he threatened to flush the kitten, who is to say she didn't lie about that to get mutual pity from Chelsea? She would be that sick in the head anyway. And I can see her be bitter and angry she can't be more of a victim. Hence why she so desperately is taunting him. I still can't believe honestly the way she is trying to provoke him. Either way I hope he stays in this pity party and doesn't do his usual shit, he will fuck her up more by playing innocent hurt boi.

I believe he was the monster his exes describe him as. I do not think he was the same monster to Taylor because of her money and such. When she speaks 10 words, 11 are a lie.

No. 675208

Ok but tinfoil, what if he was made to sign a NDA earlier when shit was all fine and dandy

No. 675211

Youre defending someone who said women with face tats are instant rape. If he doesnt want to be accused of raoe then dont act all rapey ffs

No. 675213


Maybe it’s not a proven fact but I sure as hell think he’s a rapist.

No. 675215

Why would he sign an NDA if she wouldn't sign one? This is fucking retarded.

No. 675217

I'm referring to early on in their relationship when animals started dying. I can see her go "baby please sign a NEW I have so much anxiety you might say shit if you get upset this will make me feel better!"

No. 675219

you anons should work for the government if you can literally feel out rapists

No. 675221

Idk, maybe. But has he really gave a shit about legality before? I just think he’s in a drug haze and as soon as he comes thru it, or is without, he will spill the milk. Whatever that may be.

No. 675222

File: 1562024951940.png (9.08 MB, 1242x2208, B163B779-F73E-4E5D-B3DD-664B3A…)

She really comin for him huh

No. 675224


Any sentence with "no abuse victim would ever…"

If you could shut the fuck up (or at least never work in social services), that'd be greeeeat.

Not every abuse victim goes on to abuse others, but some do. If someone has abused another person, are they then incapable of being abused?

Blogpost, but I knew someone who served time for sexually assaulting a minor. That person was sexually assaulted when they were a minor.

It is in fact possible to empathize with a person's suffering while at the same time refusing to condone their shit behaviour.(no1curr)

No. 675227


>I have a feeling (tinfoil obv) that she could only take pics of those few animals because they looked the “best”. All the others probably have hella dirty enclosures, their weights are probably not adequate, and who knows who’s died.

>She says “everyone’s alive and well!!!” But also says she’s already downsized and hasn’t been specific about that, so whatever she rehomed could’ve easily been a death she wrote off.

I guarantee you that’s exactly what she’s doing. I’d bet money on it. Plausible deniability. Anything that’s dead or dying she can just tell us she rehomed and feed her “I’m Such A Good Pet Mom bc I Gave Away My Babies” lie to her fans. The rest are probably in poor conditions and/or sick and she won’t show that on camera.

Additional tinfoil: notice how her snake pics don’t show the enclosures or are super close up? Could it be to hide their empty/dirty bowls, etc?

No. 675230


if you could point me in the direction of a gov who gives a flying fuck about giving adequate consequences to rapists, sure I'll take the job

No. 675231

Childhood sexual assault and domestic abuse/emotional abuse as adults are apples and oranges. Its even studied that men who experience sexual assault as children end up repeating the offense as adults (not everyone but an estimated good few do) while women are more likely to continue to seek out abusive/unhealthy relationships. Again cant be compared, not everything labeled abuse go under the same umbrella just the same as tacking "no abuse victim would…" however alot of anons are saying this within contex of taylor and should be kept in mind.

No. 675235

This is what happens when you think it's okay to behave like a nasty whore and fuck outside of relationships. Thanks "hookup culture!" Of course she doesn't care who she has sex with, she has no self respect so she'll probably fuck any man under 6ft with pubey neck hair. And DUH kids think it's okay, they're given condoms at 12 these days. they're having sex in middle school now.

Dumb cunt has no discretion and will probably continue down this manic path by sleeping with any manlet to cross her path while tweeting about it because she's on a sober high. Every decision she makes for herself feels amazing. Animal hoarder? More like STD hoarder huh sis? Her number is probably in the double digits now, and it hasn't even been a month.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 675236


anon you replied to, I should have been more specific about how my blogpost applies to the situation: Taylor acting psycho rn doesn't mean the abuse is "all in her head" as the anon I was replying to said.

No. 675238


sage your shit, they give out condoms at 12 cause the kids were having sex anyways lol

No. 675239

anyone who chooses to date Johnny has a half-working brain, so it's got to be questioned if they can even be raped lol they started dating him, they knew what he was.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 675240

pretty sure she was a skank in highschool and is just returning to her "roots".

Taylor has been trashy forever, she's just gotten worse over time. At some point it will bite her in the ass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

pretty sure people are just trolling in this thread now. stap with the flaming.

No. 675241


yeah, the rape apologists are really coming out in full force.

No. 675244

Not one rape apologist to be seen. But plenty of people convicting sometime without any evidence other than word of mouth.

No. 675247

Taylor is basically a "bad bitch alt girl' with trashy tattoos who thinks that by fucking "cool hot guys" (druggies that play in bands or look like they do) she'll prove what kind of an epic badass she is. What an insecure bitch. Only incels or similarly desperate whores could find her to be such a hero. Can't wait until she spergs about std's or being pregnant.

No. 675248

this is a chanboard not a courtroom you absolutely gormless fuckwit

No. 675249


I like how you can claim that there are no rape apologists in this thread when someone just typed, "it's got to be questioned if they can even be raped lol" while in the same breath stating that people are "convicting" (wtf) Jonny. It makes no sense

No. 675250

Save words for your next lyrics jonny

No. 675251

Tread carefully this person is very upset.

No. 675254


Brain freeze from reading this stupidity.(ban evasion)

No. 675256

Oh my god everyone just wait for more milk and shut up

No. 675257

Thank you, I thought I was having a stroke for a minute.

No. 675261

It's just one person, idk why the whole board is so set on changing their opinion. Just stop engaging them, who gives a shit

No. 675264

The way her brain is stalled at 16 years old, I’d put money on her already having an abortion in her teens!!

No. 675267

File: 1562028668082.jpg (507.24 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-185043_Twi…)

Wow holy shit shes so edgy….

No. 675272

congrats on taking her bait.

No. 675273

Maybe instead of being “boy crazy,” as she called it, and all about about fresh dick, she should be crazy about her recovery and all about her animals.
She’s just PROVING all the shit we’ve been complaining about since day one.

No. 675274

File: 1562029012547.jpg (502.32 KB, 1080x1705, 20190701_185625.jpg)

Weird how she still follows him after all this

No. 675275

well she has to be the first one to know when he finally takes her bait and snaps

No. 675276


Is his account public? If not she’s prob just stalking to see if he vagueposts or reacts in response to all her baiting.

No. 675277

His account is public

No. 675278


Maybe just another baiting tactic then..?

No. 675279

File: 1562029523170.png (93.82 KB, 1080x583, Screenshot_20190702-040331.png)

considering mama deans "all the porn on twitter is ruining the world" rant the other day, I'm wondering what she thinks about her daughter publicly admitting to being a whore.

No. 675280

I don't give a shit if she posts about dicks or is a whore, but this shit's just tacky.

No. 675281

no the fuck she does not. would it have killed you to take the literal 3 seconds to actually check her/his following list?? the lingering “also followed by” is a well known glitch. verify shit like this BEFORE posting or else you get idiot spergs like

using it to feed their autistic tinfoil.

No. 675282

File: 1562030011926.jpeg (150.85 KB, 640x1089, 3EDD7E18-9A75-44FE-90BA-5F7C6B…)

dropped pic

No. 675283

I get the same result

No. 675284

File: 1562030641989.png (106.37 KB, 1080x592, Screenshot_20190702-042318.png)

No. 675287

Taylor is most likely trying to get a reaction so she can more easily get a protection order. If he acts up during the process of determining if she needs one she’d be more likely granted it.

No. 675288

I'm going to be ill.

No. 675290

One thing that is weird is how Jonny removed almost every picture related to Taylor, but Taylor kept hers with changing captions.

No. 675295

are they baiting us? They have to be baiting us right

Is it really possible to realistically be this trashy?

No. 675301

She’s hyping him up to be some god when really he ain’t even cute so??? The way she’s acting over him is making me get secondhand embarrassment

No. 675305

I mean look at what shes rebounding from.. compared to Jonny he is a God…

No. 675311

If she were the average person in their 20’s posting about her sexuality and being proud of it, it would be different.

This is a 22 year old girl who made her living off of predominantly 12-14 year olds watching her content, who then proceeded to hoard animals, rebel against her parents (not abnormal) which caused her to slingshot HARD to the edgy/druggie/Hollywood lifestyle and knowingly get addicted to heroin while preaching that she has an addictive personality. She lies constantly, so who knows what is true and what’s not.
She’s lied about being sober, about her doctor saying it’s okay to drink alcohol while being an outpatient, and while I do believe she went to rehab for the month, I do NOT believe it is safe for her to be engaging in sex so soon after being out.
Addiction isn’t specified to only one substance (usually) and sex is addictive.
Tattoos are addictive.
Attention from others is addictive.

This isn’t slut shaming, this is genuine concern because she’s so obviously going to relapse if she keeps this up.

No. 675315

JC still has like 4-5 pics of her on his insta?

No. 675316

I totally agree with this. I can't help but wonder if her being blatant about sex rn is an attempt to shed her old audience and replace with a new one. I feel like she may realize that pettube probably isn't going to keep paying her bills with her terrible animal history and that she needs to change her content.

No. 675321

I honestly think every one here is over thinking it and that she really just needs intensive therapy.

No. 675322

I agree, the bitch has major issues and she's acting out because of them. She needs a long stay inpatient tbh.

No. 675323

“Looks better” sis you look a whole ass mess. I don’t know if it’s because of how she’s acting but I just find her really ugly now.

No. 675325

File: 1562037720645.jpeg (232.6 KB, 640x688, E4F53C44-63BA-4CE9-9141-E7649F…)

No. 675326

File: 1562037751965.jpeg (304.5 KB, 750x646, ABE9020A-50C4-40CC-939A-2AD5B0…)

No. 675327

File: 1562037792570.jpeg (137.81 KB, 640x310, 1A467D91-6180-49C8-B0C8-EB660F…)

y’all y’all

No. 675328

File: 1562037835933.jpeg (87.97 KB, 640x212, 296FE1CC-65E2-41EE-B41F-576C62…)

Also back to retweeting hate to look like the ultimate victim

No. 675329

Then at least apologize or explain it to them?

No. 675330

File: 1562037888306.jpeg (125.33 KB, 640x302, D1F0AB4F-4830-47E7-8BCF-481189…)

how many different versions of this have we heard?

No. 675331

File: 1562038176764.jpeg (118.59 KB, 640x272, 5366461D-1E48-449F-81A0-851B6B…)

if you don’t want your mom to see your cringey fuckin tweets then maybe dont do it on an acc with almost 200k followers..?

No. 675332

"they're all healthy. all of them. just saw them today."

Major Trump vibes. Just saying.

No. 675333

File: 1562038255934.jpeg (194.91 KB, 640x519, 355259E8-B2CA-42BA-A75E-CAC9E3…)

sorry for all the screenshots, she’s sperging on twitter

No. 675334

>this account is about me
>why would you want to see some irrelevant animals
>me me me me
>pay attention to me

Of course she's going to shift blame on him about anything she's said wrong in the last two years. There's no way to verify who posted what, she can claim that with any tweet she wants.
That "lol" is a fucking cherry on top. She was never abused if she can be so stone cold about someone else's suffering.

No. 675335

File: 1562038608617.png (306.4 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20190702-063558.png)

I'll be really surprised if these two don't end up moving together in the next two weeks.

No. 675336

File: 1562038635431.png (28.28 KB, 576x310, Capture.PNG)

No. 675338

People are making fun of you because you go about everything like you're 13 years old and won't stoping beating your genetic disease into the ground. It's like when my boyfriend's nine year old cousin learns a new thing and brings it up every 15 seconds. "Guys, I can't be in the wrong! Addiction is a disease and I have it! I'm part of the 15% of the population that makes me a junkie! My genetics and my ex made me shoot up! I'm genetically an addict and can't do anything about it!"

No. 675339

File: 1562038757785.png (95.46 KB, 1080x530, Screenshot_20190702-063903.png)

No. 675340

Imagine hooking up with a girl a couple times then looking at her social media and she’s saying she loves you and is posting every aspect of your fling to 150k+ people

No. 675341

File: 1562038839398.png (246.26 KB, 1080x1328, Screenshot_20190702-064021.png)

No. 675342

File: 1562038915968.png (122.5 KB, 1080x628, Screenshot_20190702-064137.png)

sure, taylor

No. 675343

Imagine this guy coming across her twitter/Instagram and finding all of this cringy/stalker shit about him.

No. 675344

Even if Jonny wrote that shit on your account. Apologize for sticking up for Jonny, for letting Jonny try to hurt them further.
EXPLAIN what actually happened.

No. 675346

File: 1562039319905.png (36.3 KB, 635x453, hhi.PNG)

hi Taylor.

No. 675347

File: 1562039353577.jpeg (226.08 KB, 828x745, C627084B-0476-4214-81EC-D46722…)

Lol did she just learn this phrase or something?? How many times has she said it in the past two days?

No. 675348

File: 1562039500009.png (173.16 KB, 1080x1028, Screenshot_20190702-065102.png)

what the hell does that even mean? it's easy to move on but hard to escape?

No. 675349


she belongs on the sadcringe subreddit. anyone else got secondhand embarrassment for this miserable girl? her twitter really is a cesspool of cringe tweets and replies right now.

No. 675350

File: 1562039615481.png (127.98 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20190702-065321.png)


No. 675351

Reading the replies on her twitter defending this trash can is sickening.

If I found out my daughter was following this twit I'd have to take all her devices away for a few weeks.(ban evasion)

No. 675353

"It's easy to move on (after emotional abuse and manipulation)"??????? If he fucked her up as bad as she wants us to believe, it would likely leave SOME lasting effects, mentally. But ok.

No. 675356

You've known this person for one month, Taylor.

Of course he's gonna have "your best interests" because you're fucking. The last thing she should be thinking about is "having fun". She can claim it's just a hook up and platonic until she's blue in the face but it only shows that she's codependent as fuck and literally cannot function properly on her own.

No. 675357

File: 1562039965197.png (203.34 KB, 1080x1222, Screenshot_20190702-065908.png)

No. 675358

she'll be shoving her pets into a box and fondling them with her fuckbuddy while giving each other horny looks. then she'll shove the pets out of frame as quickly as possible because this channel is about HER, goddamnit. the video will end with taylor joking that they're going to need some alone time now, hehe.

No. 675360

File: 1562040396595.png (160.57 KB, 1080x1044, Screenshot_20190702-070517.png)

she was using fentanyl too, guys. every hour, if I had to guess, lol.

No. 675361


She’s literally even said herself that she seeks validation from men. Is she really that stupid that she doesn’t see that’s what she’s doing here? Or does she just not care?

No. 675362

File: 1562040567893.png (202.48 KB, 1080x1219, Screenshot_20190702-070833.png)

>so proud of you that you used the strongest drug there is
>yeah, I outgrew china white, you know
her fans are fucked

No. 675363


>Guyz I was using the strongest kind and injecting it straight into muh eyeballz


No. 675364

Wow she’s a chemist now?

No. 675365

It looks like she's trying to look like she's "liberated" or whatever. Trying to be all edgy because she's "finally free and able to be herself". It's so transparent.

No. 675366

If you had told me months ago that when they broke up Taylor would be the one going absolutely off the rails and Jonny would vanish, I would’ve said you were full of shit

No. 675367

She clearly meant she's proud of Taylor for overcoming addiction to such a strong drug, rather than congratulating her on being a top tier junkie.

No. 675368

Jesus the more she talks the bigger the hole she digs. This is amazing.

No. 675369

File: 1562040799013.png (175.22 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20190702-071138.png)

why dont you link your sourced, moron. the world doesn't have to prove you wrong, you have to prove yourself right.

oh, right, you havent read a single article ever.

No. 675370

Is she high now? I really think she is.

No. 675371

I have no idea what’s happening. She’s spiraling. This is wild

No. 675373

File: 1562040998264.png (204.42 KB, 1080x1380, Screenshot_20190702-071617.png)

so close to being self aware, yet so far.

No. 675375

i guess that pet smart job isn't the only job mama dean can land her daughter

No. 675376

Tbh I tend to believe Jonny when he said they were still together and him getting confused about her cutting him off. I feel like the plan was to get back together but she monkey branched to this other dude during rehab and that's why she dropped him. I thought Jonny was in denial but looking at how she's acting now I am not so sure anymore.

No. 675377

File: 1562041305762.png (179.08 KB, 1080x1051, Screenshot_20190702-071904.png)

are her fans 10 or braindead.

because taylor's single anectone definitely does a better job of proving addiction genetics than any researcher ever woulf. fuck me, I'm losing braincells.

No. 675379

File: 1562041537687.jpeg (190.42 KB, 750x524, AB163F84-2083-4ACC-8D00-4C7238…)

Wonder where he’s going now

No. 675380

File: 1562041558021.png (199.07 KB, 1080x1232, Screenshot_20190702-072543.png)

No. 675381

inb4 she was in reality using prescription pads for muh joints and condishuns, but is saying she used straight fenny for the junkie street cred

No. 675383

Here we go, she’s finally suggesting he shot her up against her will

No. 675384

> Become famous Pettuber
> Fanbase is mostly composed of preteens / teenagers.
> Tells them every last detail about shooting up heroin for sympathy points.
> Also uses this as an opportunity to make her feel special.

No. 675385

she's being vague on purpose. She's say if he forced her physically.

No. 675386

File: 1562042035172.png (66.29 KB, 1080x356, Screenshot_20190702-073029.png)

who knew

No. 675387


I have alcoholics in my family too and wow, lookie at that. I don't do drugs and I'm not an alcoholic. That doesn't prove shit, this is such toxic thinking. Sure, you become addicted to something if you try it. BUT YOU MADE THE CHOICE TO TRY IT. She's really trying to spin this as 'ob woe is me, I had no choice I was predisposed from the beginning to get addicted to heroin!!"

Most people get addicted to heroin when they CHOOSE. TO. TRY. IT. You didn't just fall onto a needle, Taylor. You went through the steps of wanting to do heroin, to sourcing it, to having it in your hands and then proceeding to shoot up.

No. 675389

This, and after a billion people told her “don’t do it Taylor he’ll get you hooked on drugs!” And she was all
>Omg you judgmental bastards you don’t know him like I do
>and get off my back I know what I’m doing!

No. 675390

File: 1562043102370.png (1.54 MB, 1242x2208, 4068DE86-5984-4E0C-9DBF-9F15AF…)

So the twitter fiasco wasn’t cringeworthy enough, you have to frame your turd art too huh?

No. 675391

File: 1562043152031.png (408.21 KB, 1080x1194, Screenshot_20190702-075140.png)

someone remind me which snake this is

No. 675393

Didnt she call him Daddy on social media anyway? She liked all the Daddy issues rol lol

No. 675394

Toast, I think? I think she got it at an expo last year. She got so many new animals last year it just all kind of blurs together.

No. 675395


This is what's pissing me off so much about her "iT's a GEneTiC diSeasE" posts.

Yes. Addiction can be genetic. It can also just be because heroin is a fucking monster of a drug. You don't need a genetic predisposition for addiction to get hooked on it. You touch that shit once and you're hooked. It's not a drug you can maintain a normal lifestyle with. It will cripple ANYONE who tries it, even if you're have no genetic history of addiction.

She's telling impressionable children her heroin addiction was genetic when in reality, it's because it's a fucking addictive drug.

She's a fucking idiot.

And good lord, I knew she was a bimbo but she's acting like a trailer trash whore. Look, you wanna fuck men? Fine, do it. But to jump the first dick that made you laugh two weeks into rehab then post pictures of your hickies all over the internet? Fucking gross. She's doing what a 14 year old THINKS cool adults are like.

Traylor Trash.

No. 675396

No. 675398

File: 1562044700984.png (233.56 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_20190702-081655.png)

No. 675399

File: 1562044733365.png (243.6 KB, 1080x1462, Screenshot_20190702-081806.png)

No. 675400

Taylor Nicole Dean is one giant stressor.

No. 675401

File: 1562044827648.png (287.02 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20190702-082006.png)

No. 675402

File: 1562045291955.png (180.82 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20190702-082744.png)

No. 675403

Fucking hell Jen, I know you read here so let me tell you you're moron without the good sense to see this cat has lost a TON of weight under your "care". He's underweight. God this whole family are pieces of shit.

No. 675404

Oh come on, she's making it look like Jonny was tweeting for her all the time, when it's very clear that the way they both write is very different.

And what about Jennifer calling Chelsea a liar? Was that Jonny too?

No. 675405

File: 1562045782339.jpeg (210.47 KB, 1242x2576, CB30FDE5-3EB8-4DA8-A9C3-392784…)

Just checked and she’s not following him

No. 675406

File: 1562045954889.png (196.96 KB, 1080x1182, Screenshot_20190702-083824.png)

No. 675407

Oh boy, here comes her twisting it all on Chelsea now. “It put me in danger!!” So did knowingly getting involved with a known abuser despite all the warnings and uproar when she posted about him publicly the first few times.

No. 675408

File: 1562046258818.png (195.99 KB, 1080x1101, Screenshot_20190702-084337.png)

>wasn't me lol
what a convenient fucking excuse

No. 675409

then go talk to them instead of endlessly defending your bullshit to strangers on twitter and obsessing over some guy you barely know!!

No. 675410


It looks like she’s ALREADY setting the stage for her “me and new guy are dating” announcement. Jesus Christ.

No. 675411

>I'm not gonna pay attention going forward to any concerns
She literally can't help herself

No. 675412


>”well if u think about it I’ve really been broken up for like a year so getting in a relationship now makes total sense bc I basically waited a whole year”

No. 675413

That Twitter user is RIGHT though Taylor. When biological papers say it's a genetic condition, the paper actually goes into detail about PREDISPOSITION, not CAUSATION.
Not that most people ever read such papers, but seriously, she claims to be an "educator" but purposefully misportrayed what credible journals said??? Yeah ok bitch.

What a great influence, telling junkies and other drug abusers that "iT's GeNeTiC" (learn the word hereditary, bitch).
Hint: don't do such a powerful drug in the first place, you dumb bitch. That's why people being introduced to drugs don't go and just do heroin immediately, they lead up to that.

God, this bitch is going to get a stan killed at this rate from a drug overdose.

EXACTLY. This bitch is deliberately pushing blame on something she doesn't/can't understand. She's such a fucking self-absorbed peabrain.

No. 675415

File: 1562046856998.png (316.3 KB, 1080x1340, Screenshot_20190702-085344.png)

jfc taylor…

No. 675417

I hope all of the ex’s shun her. She can blame Jonny all she wants, but we aren’t stupid.

No. 675418

File: 1562047204021.png (139.75 KB, 1080x932, Screenshot_20190702-085754.png)

addiction is always genetic, anon. taylor would know, she studied her family tree extensively, reaching as far as her grandfather.

No. 675419

File: 1562047384187.png (188.81 KB, 1080x1113, Screenshot_20190702-090243.png)

No. 675421

JC stans and JC boosters in this thread posting "he's looking good rn!" please kys. He's a scamming, abusive scumbag. Just because Taylor's a terrible cunt as well who helped him fuel his addiction and him hers doesn't diminish that at all. Hiding out for sympathy points and to attract more rescuer-type women to him in a time of crisis is Jonny 101. I'm living for how he's driving Taylor mad right this minute but he's an absolute scumbag.

No. 675422

Took me a minute to find the new thread.

Jeebus what a ride. I hope the guy is at least wrapping himself twice before diving into that cavern. Last thing Taylor needs to add to her repertoire is getting knocked up and then taking a stance on abortion. Or adding the kid(s) to her zoo.

What a tasteless move to start bragging about "getting dick." Congrats, you went from getting one nasty bang, to sounding like the rehab "community bicycle."

Nasty girl. Nothing to be proud of in the very least.

No. 675426

Didn’t you know Jonny had access to ALL of their accounts!!! Damn he must have been real busy.

No. 675427

pulled out of school for homeschooling - it's likely why she's immature af.

No. 675428

Does she have to "lol" about it now though? Even if Jonny posted any of it, she was free to delete it, to apologise to them about it at any time and she's free not to be a callous bitch to them about it now. She seems gleeful like she's found the ultimate excuse ~ "lol".

No. 675429

I don't think crack cocaine, meth or opioids or even tobacco particularly care about your genes, sweaty.

No. 675430

File: 1562051698170.jpeg (338.61 KB, 640x781, 82C2EEBF-ADD9-4A22-93E3-E619F0…)

No. 675431

I call bullshit on "suddenly" deciding to go to rehab since she was baiting about it on and off right from moving into the atrium house. Why does she have to misrepresent every little thing that happened, it's like a compulsion with her.

No. 675432


Uh, no. You knew exactly who he was when you went out with him, Taylor. We hope you enjoyed your experience.

No. 675433

Wait didn’t she used to say she was always a huge fan of his or at least DGD??

No. 675434

Jen absolutely said this in a tweet, but I think she's saying she didn't know who he REALLY was, which is also a bit disingenuous. She had some fantasy of dating a "rock star" with a checkered past and changing him but got addicted to heroin instead.

No. 675435


Yup, she fangirled him and DGD in her tween/teen years.

No. 675439

i feel so sad for his dad

No. 675442

This shit right here is pissing me off. The whole argument for genetic addiction is geared towards things that aren’t NORMALLY addictive, like shopping, gambling, eating, literally anything in the fucking universe can become addictive if you have the predisposition for it.

But to put all the blame of a fucking HEROIN addiction on genetics is the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard. Drugs are drugs for a reason. Nicotine, cocaine, opioids, etc are BOTH mentally and physically addictive for people with or without a genetic predisposition for addiction. The only thing genetics will do at that point is maybe make it easier/faster for an addiction to form with the “lighter” drugs.

She made the choice to stick a needle in her arm and inject herself with heroin, despite her claims that she was aware of her “addictive personality”. She had prior experience with hard drugs (coke) and has claimed that she’s gotten over that addiction. She cannot blame GENETICS FOR HER ADDICTION.

I will freely say that any addict deserves any help possible after the fact (predisposition or not) because it does fuck you up, it does become a serious illness/disease or whatever you’d like to label it. But they have to take fucking responsibility for the fact that they wouldn’t be addicted to these specific drugs if they didn’t first choose to do them (excluding the rare case of specific circumstances of course).

No. 675446

why does this sound mildly threatening?
somehow my mind goes to jonny going on a killing spree ending everyone who "did him wrong" now that he lost everything ( meaning his band, his gf and with that his source of money). i remember the photos of his father's guns he posted and i don't feel good about it. ppl been wondering if jonny would off himself, but we all know he's too much of a narcissist to do that, i would rather bet he's close to going on a rampage.

No. 675448


Her adding the quick "in a platonic " way really makes me believe he is the one who doesn't want to be in a relationship like someone mentioned earlier in the thread and if it was up to her they'd already be dating.

No. 675450

Same. She was vague posting about a big change coming and how her whole life was going to change but she needed it. Also, I’m pretty sure rehabs don’t just have open beds that readily available. Around here they don’t anyway.

No. 675453

I know those aren't the oldest ones either, she posted about it earlier than that.

No. 675474

tbh you’re probably right. she’s clearly trying to play it “cool” but is failing miserably. I’m actually getting so much secondhand embarrassment from the way she’s acting over this guy. part of me feels like she’s being OTT to rub salt in Jonnys wound. I’m sure he was abusive but she makes it so hard to believe her when she’s a lying piece of shit herself.
I kinda hope the new guy sees her being obsessive and backs away from her. “by myself” my ass.

No. 675475

Intensive treatment but she's already planning to move elsewhere my ass, she didn't even finish rehab.

This will be her counter argument to addiction being a choice and all this research she is banging on about which one anon explained already way better than she has.

There's no way the two aren't dating/thinking of dating. This is just inappropriate just like her posting about him on Twitter. Any normal person would see the red flag and be gone.

Also, when is she going to sleep? She said before that being sober means she can sleep at a normal times, and I think if she suddenly starts staying up all night we will know that she may not be sober.

No. 675480

is whatever going to be doing another video on this chapter of her life? so many people think she just stopped uploading for a bit and have no clue all of this has gone on. some will deny she even did drugs

No. 675481

It’s a pretty common thing for rehabs/anonymous meetings to teach “you are not your addiction” “it’s not your fault you’re an addict” which is complete bs in my opinion. It’s just changing the blame and people not taking responsibility for their actions. So I’m sure Taylor heard this once in a meeting and is now spewing it all over the internet.

No. 675482

>addicted to attention
>addicted to new animals
>addicted to social media asspats
>addicted to heroin
>addicted to lying
>addicted to addicted to funko pops
>addicted to "getting dicked down"

am I missing anything?

No. 675483


They don't, you're absolutely right. As soon as I saw that I knew she was full of shit. Although she could have gone to a nicer rehab, which are normally easier to get into and more often co-ed than shitty ones so that would explain them being "cool" with the hickey relationship. Which still wouldn't actually fly anywhere, even the co-ed sober livings. But even still, you don't just go to "tour a rehab" then end up staying almost a month. Best case scenario she'd have to go back that night, she wouldn't have any of her stuff with her. And intake etc. is all a process that normally takes well over an hour. Something isn't adding up. Not that anything every does with her, but this is really fishy.

No. 675487

Your correct about the rehab most likely not having a bed, there is usually a waiting list too and people are dying while on it. She could have gone to detox first though, which would speed up the process. Plus she has the money which is a big hold up for most addicts. Most rehabs want you to detox first because they focus on the therapy side and not the medical side. Therapy is nearly impossible for somebody with dope sickness. I can’t believe anything she says anyways so who the hell knows. But It pisses me off that she squandered an opportunity that may have saved somebody else’s life.

No. 675488

lip injections, bad tattoos.

yea people seem to bend over backward if you have money, not a luxury most addicts have.

No. 675490

>addicted to ciders
And maybe
>addicted to cocaine

No. 675491

Maybe that's also why she's being the way she is about him on her social media because he wants to keep it on the DL, her needing an outlet for what she can't express to him because he doesn't wanna go in that deep, and just wants to stick his dick into something. It's so cringe how she's acting regardless. But something tells me not many people would think this is healthy or normal, and if he would see those posts about him he would be creeped out.

I really think that he is the one not wanting a relationship anyways, not her.

No. 675493

Calling it now he's already got another girl.

No. 675494

I've seen both expensive and cheap and free rehabs near me all have a minimum of 1month wait time. So I def agree that she's bullshiting about touring and oops staying. The fancy one was pretty insane about relationships and had alarms if you opened your door at night BUT people were still screwing each other.

I would believe if she did that for detox because so many take you and have beds open generally or people usually go to the er and claim they're suicidal knowing they'll be treated for the withdrawal symptoms. She has money tho so I doubt she went that route (hospitals aren't as fancy as private detox) but who knows.

No. 675495

Funny how out of all the exes she was the only one who came out of it with a heroin addiction. You have absolutely ZERO self esteem (look at your cringe tweets). You made Jonny’s job 1000x easier for him because you’re a fucking bimbo. He fucked you over Taylor because you allowed him to because you’re shallow as all fuck. I guess your past abusive relationships didn’t prepare you for this one huh?

I’m over this stupid fucking cunt spewing this “genetic” bullshit every other line. Btw Taylor, if you don’t have the “addiction gene” it doesn’t mean that once you’re sober it just goes away you ignorant whore of a dumb bitch. You’re going to learn all too well what it’s like to relapse and I wanna see you gloat like this then.

No. 675497

She is seriously the biggest joke. Wtf. Fentanyl is not something you should be proud of taking or be taking willingly. I feel so bad for these young followers who are now going to think drugs are “glam.” That shit will ruin your life faster than any other drug out there. And it’s being incorporated into almost every street drug. Any respect I did have left for Taylor is now gone. It doesn’t matter that she’s “free” she should still be responsible and watch what she says because her followers are YOUNG.

No. 675499

She is very cringe rn.

Also have to agree about the genetic thing. Surely she just likes to have it as an excuse and doesn't fully understand it. I mean clearly everyone with an addictive personality isn't addicted to drugs and booze and so you have to chose to do drugs first.

Also her claiming that you can't od when you have a tolerance and get dope sick made me feel sick. This B. Many people have died while in that exact situation and that hints to me that he was doling it out to her and that she didn't really have control of her own supply. You just have to do more than your tolerance Taylor. A tolerance doesn't go from 0 or infinity.

So irresponsible to spew this shit especially when most of her followers are so young and there's a literal epidemic going on.

No. 675502

This dumb cunt might actually get someone killed.

No. 675503

It’s upsetting that she has a platform like this with all of these young followers. They should be hearing about addiction from people that actually know the struggle, had it ruin their lives, taken loved ones, od, that have good clean time now and not less than a month. But yet here she is glamorizing it. Bragging about one of the most adamant things you are told to avoid during the first year. Actually 2 things because she is also making a geographical move. She didn’t learn crap in her short rehab stint. Great role model TND is.

No. 675505

Yikes you're right actually, I didn't think realize that she's done SO many things that aren't recommended in early recovery. She also had a breakup which while needed makes it 3 things if you want to count breaking up and then finding a new dude as 2 separate things. Even if she moved and broke up with Johnny, if she was in actual danger in SA, it would've made getting clean so much harder. I guess she just wants it impossible to be and I can't wait for her to use that as her excuse for why she relapsed.

Agreed, her young followers need to listen to people with more clean time and so does she for that matter. They tend to talk about not telling "war stories" which is what she's doing and to talk more about how it affected your life and about how you're managing to stay clean now. She can't help herself but brag and it's disgusting and dangerous with the amount of people following her.

No. 675506

So Taylor is claiming Jonny shot her up against her will. When in the texts she says she chose to smoke it with him. And she admitted the texts were real…

Girl has some major mental issues she needs to be in treatment for. Heroin wasn't the only problem.

No. 675507

>>674943 your username and icon is showing

No. 675508

Lmao sad that she can't remember this shit and she can literally check here before spouting bs and she clearly reads here.

Wouldn't be surprised if she asked him to shoot her up or he offered because she didn't know how and he obvs does. A lot of addicts shoot each other up willfully and some find it to be a very intimate thing so lol she's not fooling me with her bs. I highly doubt he did that to her.

Which goes with my theory that she may have had it better than his other exes because of her public following and/or because she's the only one that used heroin with him. Interested to see/hear the promised receipts that her and her mom have on Johnny and apparently are going to hold on forever.

No. 675510

File: 1562080395890.png (315.57 KB, 750x1334, 71A31533-6EB7-4089-8D55-C7799F…)

No. 675511

File: 1562080420990.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x2183, 5DDBF9E8-4773-4551-9E56-BA021D…)

No. 675512

that might actually be the smartest thing that has ever come out of his mouth.

No. 675513

Taylor is such a fucking psycho she made Jonny come off as the adult in the situation somehow …

No. 675515

She was buying all his heroin too.

No. 675516

Blog posting/tinfoil but…
When I was in my early 20s I WANTED to do drugs and found a s/o that helped me get into almost everything except heroin. 0 addiction tendencies, and I was able to stop on my own because I just got bored and was ready to grow up.

Tbh I feel like this is what Taylor did. Went out looking for drugs. Now learning about all the bull shit they tell you in rehab about how addiction isn’t your fault and spewing it out. And /possibly/ when JC tried to say “let’s cut back a little” she didn’t want to. So she “found” a way out and that was “rehab”. After all it was her money, it was the life she wanted. All of this she chose and it’s so disgusting how she’s talking about it to her young fans like it’s no biggie. No post-user would ever talk about drugs like this unless you’re still using no matter what platform you’re on.

No. 675517

He's laying on the guilt thick to make her feel like a POS. He knows she can't stand to feel like the "bad guy" in this breakup.

Jonny is bringing his A manipulation game. Taylor is probably going bonkers that she can't piss him off.

No. 675518

File: 1562082476292.png (688.76 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-02-11-47-16…)

In the comments.

No. 675519

Maybe the man child has finally grown up… Probably not, but you never know.

No. 675521

Naaah, he’s just getting a taste of his own medicine and doesn’t know how to spin it yet without looking like the pos he is.

No. 675522

I'm thinking all of us underestimated how corrupt Taylor was from the start. He probably enabled Taylor more than anything but it seems like she was pulling the strings in the relationship.

No. 675523

I'm thinking all of us underestimated how corrupt Taylor was from the start. He probably enabled Taylor more than anything but it seems like she was pulling the strings in the relationship.

No. 675524

regardless, he's been way smarter about it that taylor. the only way he could've handled it better would've been staying completely silent online.

you're acting like taylor isn't playing a manipulation game right now. she has the upper hand in that she can put all the blame on JC and everyone will believe her. he'd be playing right into her hand if he flipped out at her, manipulator or not.

I wouldn't go this far lol

No. 675528

It's fucking crazy Taylor is acting the way I expected Jonny to act. I'm sure he'll fuck it up soon, just weird.

No. 675529

I think this is definitely the case. As other people have mentioned, he can't really say much to someone in the public eye and she's clearly abusing that and her possible protective order.

P.S Jonny, we are always open to hearing for some milk from you tho

No. 675533


He’s clearly manipulating and keeping things on good terms because Taylor’s rich. He can’t fuck that up. This is so fake lol. Taylor bought endless drugs and alcohol and shoes and popfunkos. He can’t pop off cuz he’ll lose that 100%. Right now he still thinks he can get her back.

No. 675538

I thought you had to do 30 day detox before rehab?

She's acting manic af. Did they dope her up on SSRI'S? Seratonin syndrom maybe. Not making excuses for her crazy ass behavior but I feel like this is weird even for her.

No. 675539

File: 1562087339984.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 3A7D3EA2-39DB-46CB-85D1-052108…)

From JC’s fb.

Look at this lil emo kid being sad without his money bag

No. 675540

So we all know Taylor is going to be with this new guy in less than a week, right? Who caught that post where she said she "Loves him platonically… and not platonically" jesus christ. She is a serial monogamist so much so that she's going to ruin her recovery by dating ANOTHER addict.

No. 675541

She can lose her protective order case splerging all this shit on social media

No. 675542


That’s actually an excellent observation. Not sure if this counts as tinfoil, but her behavior does resemble textbook mania.

No. 675543


Even if she’s “not dating” the guy as she claims, does she not see that this obsessive attachment is basically the same damn thing?

Is she stupid or just willfully ignorant?

No. 675544

Imo if she was just set on riding the dick carousel she wouldn’t be obsessing over one specific dude so much.

My guess is they’ll be dating in under a month.

No. 675545

It’s been a long time since I got clean but what I remember is you cannot be in acute withdrawals when you enter rehab. A detox program lasts usually less than a week and from there they would send you out for follow up whether it’s inpatient or outpatient. Most wouldn’t make it 30 days on their own.

No. 675547

How so?

No. 675554

i suspect they're already together. Her messages to him are inappropriate af if they're not and no normal person would ever stand for them.

No. 675555

Wasn’t she extremely weird and creepy with Post Malone before she got with JC too? Goddamn.

No. 675560

I definitely can see this. She is a high key manipulative lying ass cunt. And like another anon mentioned, I also thought about what Collin said, how she got Jonny back into drugs. And if anything, they were both equally as abusive with another for sure. Taylor has shown more than enough of herself that we know she isn't some innocent victim.

Her now claiming she was shot up by him after we mentioned on here about him trying to shoot up Chelsea again is very sus.

I hope she does. We will never hear the end of it if she gets that and she'll spin it in some weird false narrative.

I hope Jonny manages to keep this up wether it's manipulation or not. Purely for the sake of her not getting that victim card she's so desperately after. She wants that new guy to come play hero and protect her from Jonny, bet.

Jonny if you still lurk here, don't give that cunt what she wants thanks.

No. 675566

File: 1562093078775.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, 0C788132-2D8B-4F40-98B0-389F51…)

New bio

No. 675567

By TND saying “before introducing me to heroin” does not mean he shot her up. Or am I missing something? Did she word for word say now that he shot her up?

If she did she probably means, yes, he shot her up as in he put the needle in BUT WITH HER CONSENT.

No. 675568

File: 1562093185024.jpeg (181.68 KB, 750x391, BDE90635-4342-43AA-B107-63E4EC…)

How about be an adult and not entertain internet trolls?
Jfc. She is cringey as fuck and she is going to lose her following fAST.
I feel like she’s trying to be like Miley Cyrus when she was going through her edgy phase. Rich white girl problems amiright?

No. 675569

she alludes to it here >>675380 but I believe she would say it outright if she was being literally physically forced. She is being vague on purpose

No. 675571

Oh ok thanks. Yes, she is def being vague on purpose. She loves the speculation.

No. 675573

She already turned off the comments for this tweet.

God she is being SO. IMMATURE. She’s acting like a fucking preteen who just figured out twitter and sex

No. 675574

normal way to deal with this:
>people are free to think and say whatever they want, but I'm not going to engage with these sort of people
taylor way to deal with this:
>lol ugly people calling me ugly HAHAHAHA jealous gross acne ridden kids who don't feel the need to use their face as their profile picture because they aren't attention whores telling me that I'm ungly inside and out lol those losers am I right guise

No. 675576

Is this bitch serious? Heroin doesn't make you pass out when you're addicted? She sounds like the ignorant one because she doesn't want to admit that she was knocked out majority of the time and it resulted in the deaths of some of her animals.

No. 675578

Maby you wouldn't have to worry about acne and cellulite if you just lay off the heroin.

She had reasonable good skin before ofc people are gonna comment. Her job is to look good for the camera and she looks like shit. I don't she realizes how shallow her fans are.

No. 675579

She prob made him shoot her up most likely. She's probably too squeamish and too afraid of OD, at least at first.

No. 675580

Is this really Taylor tweeting? Like, I know she’s having a manic episode rn, but even the typing style is not her usual

No. 675581


She's indirectly harassing him online with the photo captions and talking shit. Making public accusations/statements. Acting like an immature fool. Etc. If Jonny fights this protective order case, his lawyer will have a great time pointing out her behavior in court. Anyone knows if you are involved with someone legally (especially if it is just he said vs she said) you stfu about them.

No. 675582

She is definitely manic. She needs psychiatric help ASAP. I hope she really is seeing a professional regularly and they can balance out her meds cause this is freaky even for her imo.

No. 675583

Man I feel stupid for secretly rooting for her just the tiniest bit that she would get her shot together and turn her life around. And yet here she is… proving she will always be a cow.
Her behavior is honestly kinda scary right now, like wtf is she on? Maybe the rush of online attention that she wasn’t used to getting for weeks has really got to her head, idk. I agree this is even more cringey and immature than usual for her.

I’m impressed Jonny is still playing the nice guy right now. I bet it’s pissing her off so bad. She’s trying to get under his skin and he’s trying to come off as the innocent, loving victim. Both just manipulating in their own ways.

No. 675584


And you have nasty heroin scars on your face and arms Taylor, half an eyebrow missing, greasy hair and you probably smell. So there. Always the pot trying to call the kettle black. You will relapse and you will deserve it for being an insufferable cunt.

No. 675586


Lol already took the June 5th sobriety date out of her twitter and insta bios. That lasted like half a day.

No. 675594

If she hasn’t already used heroin again, she’s def going to soon. She is already shutting out other people’s concerns and opinions because she is a know it all with an ego. I hope this “friend” of hers gets out soon or else he will be sucked in to her “woe is me” attitude and relapse with her.

She’s been preaching how she just wants to help people now, and wtf has she does to help ANYONE? She’s constantly putting her followers on blast, setting a bad example for her followers, and acting erratic/constantly lying on a public website.
Like how stupid can she be?
She will always be manipulative and a compulsive liar. She doesn’t care about education, she doesn’t care about anyone else’s well being except her own.

No. 675607

File: 1562101365651.png (44.56 KB, 795x342, oof.png)

No. 675610

Not trying to WK but half eyebrows are a common thing for girls who draw on their eyebrows

No. 675612

I agree with this.
Both my eyebrows are half eyebrows because I draw them on. Some people aren’t blessed with perfect brow shape/thickness.
I think bashing her for a half eyebrow is a bit much. Sure I’m hella disappointed in her actions, but there’s so much more to focus on that’s more important than a brow.

No. 675613

she literally never said “against her will.” what the fuck is going on with the sudden influx of people who are deliberately twisting words when screenshots are available a handful of posts above you? get your shit together. i smell jonny stans.

No. 675614

No one would want an apology from her since it's obvious she posted shit and never listened to anyone. She can't just blame Jonny for everything and get away with it

No. 675615

She suggested it.
Idk why everyone is so quick to proclaim anyone and everyone a Jonny stan tho, good lord.

No. 675616

Very bad sign. Prepping for the inevitable relapse if she hasn't already.

She's seriously burning her fanbase to the ground, for every 1 person tweeting "you go girl" 10 more are weirded out and stop watching.

Hopefully someone gets around to exposing her twitter madness in a video, its just sickening.

No. 675617

I hope What Ever or one of the other YTmakers comes through. So much milk to let pass up.

Her deleting her sobriety date is def sketch.

No. 675619

so I'm thread OP and I was nervous choosing the thread pic, since the last thread got locked and no art anons had posted any funny depictions of these two losers. But going back to the three messages from Jonny, it's just too perfect now.

>Jonny is actually NOT talking shit about Taylor, like we all thought he immediately would do, making himself appear much more sympathetic than expected in this fiasco

>Taylor claims she's getting a protective order (which Texas anons say is unlikely to be granted if she runs to social media with "I'm a victim" sob stories) and immediately goes apeshit, can't stop tweeting about him/changing Instagram captions to provoke him, and
>she claims his "dick game" is nonexistent and she needed to hop onto someone else's to remember how to feel alive

just loling at the way this entire situation is playing out completely differently from what it seemed would happen. Well, differently except for the part about Taylor not being able to live without a man for more than… wait, they overlapped because she was still with Jonny when she met her new """friend""" in rehab. so literally can't be "by herself" for any amount of time.

No. 675620


The fucking point is she shouldn’t be disrespecting anyone’s appearance. She acts like she’s flawless.

Also idgaf about your eyebrows. Point is, would you talk shit to someone because they had shitty eyebrows? Probably not, so whatever. Move on.

No. 675624

File: 1562104758925.jpg (155.51 KB, 1242x992, o8ZXQth.jpg)

I’m curious if she’s buying Twitter subs. That’s quite a drop and then a sudden influx of new followers.

No. 675625

socialblade's probably messing up there. her follower count acted weird on twitter as well when she reinstated her account. I'd be interested in how many followers she's lost since she started this sperging as well though.

No. 675630

File: 1562107311309.png (140.63 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20190703-003540.png)

TND liked this.
But sure, we are ToTALly not dating y'alllllll.

I am manic depressive myself and if she's not having a manic episode rn I don't know who ist

No. 675632

Imagine the compulsive need to tell your 500k+ audience of rabid, adoring twelve year old girls that getting dicked down on the reg by some nothing dude is your reason for waking up in the morning.

This is absolutely the messiest bitch I have ever seen. Those hickey photos, my god, she is out of fucking hand, lolololol. Blue ribbon at the county fair.

No. 675634

I know right, she traded one junkie for another lmfao as if that's something to be proud of.

No. 675638

It's possible a lot of people got unfollowed from her. I know I was and only knew her twitter was back up when I saw screenshots here

No. 675639

this alone is enough to make me think she's relapsed already. her current sperg-outs are identical to her late-night, heroin-fueled rants from just a month or two ago, just different subject matter. she's probably feeling overconfident and completely in-control now that she's free of Jonny and sees that she can say whatever the fuck she wants with no retaliation from him. like "oh he must have been the reason I felt so awful and out of control, not the heroin, I can keep using it 'safely' now that he's gone"

No. 675642

this. every time I see her 'lol' or 'lmao' it makes me think she's a sociopath. is she trying to sound hard? she sounds like a dumbass.

No. 675643

She even tries to put some of the blame on Chelsea, saying "They should have known it was Jonny tweeting and not me, and making those texts public really hurt me".
Maybe stop pushing blame onto everyone else when you have enough to apologize for yourself, especially if you have enough free time to be tweeting about dick…

No. 675644

She doesn't just sound like a dumbass, she is a dumbass. What's the next stupid thing she can do? Marrying the new guy in Vegas to try to trigger Jonny?

No. 675645

She sounds just like Jonny lately.

No. 675646

She's more like Jonny than Jonny is. Still can't believe he's smart enough to be relatively silent.

No. 675647

This was all planned; her "we took a tour and I never left" is bullshit. Rehab is what she was talking about when she was vagueposting about "big changes" coming.

No. 675648

Of course it's her. Come on, speculating this is possibly someone else? Let's see how long it takes for her to say that her Twitter was hacked or some other lie.

She's probably copying the writing style of the guy she's acting desperate over.

No. 675649

Hopefully Jonny knows that this is the biggest way to get at her. Wether it's deliberate manipulation, or he is genuinely mourning that it's over because she was "valuable " doesn't matter.

Genuinely wouldn't be surprised as I had a tinfoil on her doing this just to reset her tolerance levels so she thinks she can casually use which will then of course escalate. I hope she still lurks here, and sees how many people think she is being more repulsive than Jonny right now. Won t be surprised if she ran out to party city with her boy toy to do some drugs.

Hope you're happy and proud of yourself Taytay! You're doing amazing sweety. Keep digging that grave.

No. 675650

hahaha, good for chels, it's obvious taylor's word means precisely nothing

No. 675651

Good Chelsea! It will be a full of shit lies and manipulative excuses empty apology anyways! She will only try and match what Jonny did to you while it's obvious she's just as much of an abuser as he was to her. I doubt he did much of what he has done to you to her.

No. 675652

The fact that Jonny is staying quiet is mindblowing. It's clearly the best strategy for dealing with Taylor since she's acting like a psychotic rn. Discreet milking going on.

No. 675657

Accurate. She does sound off.
Not sure what a manic episode looks like but it’s obvious she is going through / is on something.

JC is being manipulative but hey at least he is coming off as the mature one wow

No. 675658

File: 1562113762126.png (442.4 KB, 1080x799, Screenshot_20190703-032631.png)

salem (?)

No. 675659


Mania or manic behavior is displayed as wild or out of control behavior. The person feels so “up” that they feel untouchable. They’ll often make incredibly rash decisions and their behavior is very chaotic. Sleeping around, making huge purchases, and risk-taking are all symptoms.

(Source: My best friend is bi-polar and I help her recognize when she’s hitting a manic phase by pointing out behavior she wouldn’t otherwise notice on her own.)(no1curr)

No. 675660


Tinfoil: she’s only taking these pics outside because their enclosures are filthy/trashed.

No. 675661

Dust or mites??
I never use aspen for my animals (she says it’s dust from aspen) does this sound/look accurate?
It looks like mites to me

No. 675662

File: 1562114408116.png (4.13 MB, 750x1334, 25786E60-B1DF-4919-A6CB-A04BCC…)

No. 675663


To be honest I think that could be mites. I expected it to just be aspen debris, but I’m actually not so sure.

No. 675664

Many people use aspen for king snakes. It can get dusty. I really doubt she’d be stupid enough to post a picture of an animal THAT infested with mites.

No. 675665

File: 1562114607106.jpeg (84.46 KB, 400x350, BF66224B-A7E7-4B3D-9BE5-0A57F7…)


This is a MBK with mites, and yeah they look awfully similar to the “dust” on Salem

No. 675666

File: 1562114764252.jpeg (307.71 KB, 712x534, 7CE05E17-69F4-4809-9953-C7C548…)


idk i think mites burrow so don’t think we would see them, and aren’t they black ??

No. 675667


Unless she’s stupid enough to not know what they are. We already know her husbandry is trash.

Or (tinfoil) she’s already high and didn’t notice??

No. 675668

it looks like she's outside her parents house

No. 675669

I don’t think mites burrow all the time, and I don’t think they’re always black either? I know she’s had a mite outbreak before

No. 675670

File: 1562115431359.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, FE026045-317B-436C-9E12-600843…)

No. 675671

File: 1562115452576.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, A1F5CF9E-5FCC-4A6C-B929-22287C…)

No. 675672

girl, you shower once every 2 weeks. Your booty probably smells like satan's dead pets

No. 675676

whatever it is, it's all over her fingers in this pic.

No. 675677


Prob aspen dust then.

No. 675678

The only thing genetic about addiction is the size of your opiate receptors - some people may not get natural highs from life because their pathways are just so huge. Jesus christ. That's what makes them so susceptible to drug addiction. Taylor obviously I believe does have large receptors, look at the way she lives - everything is in extremes, she takes bad deals because she'll get a rush, she takes risk that doesn't need to be taken. It requires therapy, she's still acting like an addict because she never learned how to deal with this thing she inherited.

No. 675679

no, she just turned into him because she was a teenager and he was around 24/7. She wasn't corrupt from the start, she was corrupted. She was a dumb kid with no perspective, or understanding of actions. She turned into him because that's what happens.

No. 675680


She's always been a bitch. Jonny didn't "corrupt" her or any of that bullshit. She's just as bad as him just in different things.

No. 675681

File: 1562120872006.png (529.81 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_20190703-052637.png)

guess she still has the saltwater tank as well.

No. 675682

Says the girl who was fucking another guy in rehab before she broke up with her boyfriend lmao

No. 675684


I think Taylor's a dumb girl who made dumb choices.

But I wouldn't say she was always corrupt.

She was a teenager that got thrust into fame and didn't handle it well.

She's an idiot for getting involved with Jonny, but… I feel sorry for her. She had a crush on him, he took advantage of the fact she was a teenager. A dumb teenager.

Is it so hard to believe a teenager makes bad choices? I think we forget she was a kid when she got famous. Imagine the celebrity crushes we've all had as teenagers. Now imagine that crush shows interest in you, and you're 18, and you're getting your own brand of famous? Yeah. A lot of us would make the same dumb choices.

And before anyone says Jonny wasn't a celebrity, sure. He may not have been a world famous rock star, but he had enough fame to enchant a teenager.

It doesn't excuse how she treats her animals or how she treated his exes, but I won't go as far as to say she was always corrupt. She was a dumb kid.

She's still a dumb kid.

She's been emotionally stunted.

No. 675685

no anon, there is no "dumb teen" excuse for taylor. she was warned beyond belief, she was 20 or so, she went into his spaces and has literally tweeted she was looking for some rockstar boyfriend for her life. it was all intentional, there is no "dumb teen/kid" excuse for her.

shes been meddling with hard drugs since teen years and addiction is something shes NEVER going to shake off, and getting messed up with heroin was something she probably knew not to do.

shes a dumbass adult whos made dumb decisions all enabled by her wealth and the people around her in her life. she isnt capable of making friends with people who dont constantly sit and validate her.

No. 675686

wasn't she like 20 when they started dating

No. 675687

Oh please. Taylor is an adult who is aware of the consequences of drugs and getting involved with an abusive rapist. She's not 5.

I think she deserves sympathy because she has totally ruined her life at such a young age but it's still 100% her fault. Everyone tried to help and she mocked or blocked them. She still doesn't give a shit for people warning her now.

No. 675688

you're falling right into the narrative she's trying to build.

No. 675689

File: 1562122265878.jpg (123.8 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20190702_225051.jpg)

No. 675690


A lot lower than I expected tbh. Although at this point how many people are following her for pure lols.

No. 675691

She had a cocaine problem pre jonny, and had a reputation for sending a ton of highschool nudes. Seems like she's always been a delinquent, she just hid it better when she was on camera. I'm gonna guess she got pulled from highschool because of drama issues rather than "health" reasons.

No. 675693

Oh please with this horseshit.

No. 675694

File: 1562123863083.png (841.98 KB, 750x1334, F9FB97B9-BC35-41C2-B290-D27D26…)

Obsessed guise

No. 675695

I really want to know if he’s aware she’s putting his pictures all over her socials

No. 675696

She's ruining this guys sobriety in addition to her own.

No. 675697

>just had sex guise

No. 675698

It’s dick’oclock

No. 675700

File: 1562124350275.png (310.5 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20190703-062236.png)

where's this sixpack taylor was bragging about? expected him to be more fit tbh after she went on and on about it.

No. 675702

this sorry ass bitch, the cringe is real

No. 675703

>did you take a picture of someone and posted it without their consent? youre my hero!

jesus fucking christ

No. 675704

christ, her stans

No. 675705

You’ve got to keep in mind who she’s comparing him to lol. He’s an Adonis compared to Jonny boy

No. 675706

That's some cheap looking hotel room. Should we expect more talk about getting dicked down, and will it be round one or two?

No. 675707

Embarrassingly messy bitch.

No. 675708


She's emotionally stunted, but she was NOT a teenager when she started dating Jonny. She's an adult. She's an ADULT who made dumb decisions and yes, she was and still is a bitch. She was neglecting animals and bullying people online before she met Jonny. She thrives off drama and attention, spreads nasty rumors and accusations too.

Remember Bree? How Taylor blamed her for causing her to relapse, bringing coke to petfest AND sexually assaulting her? South Texas Dragons that she slandered for being bad breeders and keeping their beardies in awful conditions? How she never even apologized or made a video despite saying she would? The constant lying and flip-flopping around the truth? Yes, a majority of this happened when she was with Jonny. But he didn't "corrupt" her. She had a nasty heart and soul from the beginning and just showed her true colours while living the lifestyle of the 'bad bitch' girlfriend of a rockstar.

No. 675709

File: 1562125048449.png (174.29 KB, 1080x1082, Screenshot_20190703-063706.png)

embarrassing. is she legit manic?

No. 675710

*three feet apart since I don’t shower

No. 675711

File: 1562125625574.png (169.27 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20190703-064601.png)

lol @ nosy people assuming things. taylor is literally screaming from the rooftops about how she's getting dicked by him.

No. 675712

Dude.. She's like, manic. Is this how she acts when she is sober? It's been so long, I don't remember. But she's cringy af, trying way too hard to not give a fuck, her humor is "lol I'm random", she says lol after everything like it's all some joke.. And after that ONE Stan said "get that dick" she has said it 50 times, as I'm pretty sure that was her first time hearing it and she things it's so edgy. This bitch is more embarrassing sober than she was using.

No. 675714

And holy shit, does heroin make you backtrack in maturity cause she is in her 20s and is really posting secret pics of some dude she just met in Rehab, obsessing over him. Do you not realize you look desperate and pathetic? What grown man would want a little girl like this?!

No. 675715

There’s no way this guy knows she’s been blasting pictures of him for several days straight… I would fucking run if someone I was talking to and “casually” sleeping with was taking secret pictures of me, posting them and obsessing like a 12 year old to thousands of followers to see… something tells me this guy doesn’t know who she is. And if he found out I hope he’d have the sense to run lmao

No. 675716

she's legit retarded

No. 675717

I honestly feel sorry for this guy. I’d HATE it if I found out ANYONE was posting and tweeting obsessively about me. Especially the photos. Like what the hell man has anyone actually asked on her Twitter if these were posted with his consent

No. 675718

She went from being addicted to the "worst" heroin in the world, to in rehab for 30 days max, with a boyfriend somewhere in there.
That man is 100% her boyfriend. They might not be taking labels, but I am sure they are mutually exclusive.. which essentially makes them bf/gf.
She's a fucking idiot.

No. 675720

It's just weird how.. She really is this shitty. You were all right. I legitimately started to see her as a semi-victim, and thought that she would be a better person once she got away. Now sober, she is an obnoxious asshole who takes ZERO accountability. The first fucking thing they teach you in treatment is that you need to hold yourself responsible, as no one MADE you do drugs. Jonny sure as fuck didn't.. Because she's an adult. Did Chelsea, Liz or Amanda use just cause he did? No. I never did when my ex used. Because I didn't want to. They didn't want to. She is responsible for her own actions. Chelsea isn't responsible for making Taylor stay or "putting her in danger". She was WARNED well before he even moved in and she still chose to be with him, still chose to blame them, still chose to deny his victims their voice. And now she's saying "they were warned toooo" FUCK RIGHT OFF.

No. 675722

File: 1562127422180.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, E64BF237-9F57-4B49-BFA1-729456…)

No. 675723

I'm cackling at all the people who had sympathy for this cow and thought she'd be better without Jonny. Like did you just forget her obnoxious, rotten personality?

Also she's gross. It's not hard to see why she didn't give a shit about Jonny's victims. She has no respect for men, just like Jonny has no respect for women. She's actually out here objectifying this guy to the moon and back. Imagine if it was a guy talking about a girls body the way Taylor has been obsessing about his?

No. 675724

They're going to be shooting up in the next month.

No. 675726

imagine posting your afterglow to your preteen fans

No. 675727

wtf is this post coitus pics?!? gross!

No. 675728


This is reaching new levels of cringe. Jonny looks like a saint. This bitch is retarded.

No. 675729

>I couldn't be tighter with a bro if my mom birthed him
Like… your real brother? Who's been worried about you since you started talking to Jonny?

No. 675730

File: 1562127877239.png (1.3 MB, 1226x784, Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 12.2…)

Taylor 'i have an addictive personality but I'm doing things by myself now and also don't want my ex dating straight after we broke up* Nicole Dean

No. 675731

She's both a victim and a piece of shit. The two are not mutually exclusive by any means. If only those who did all the right things and did not actively choose to put themselves in situations where they are victimized considered victims, then there wouldn't be many of them at all, certain health problems like cancer or huntington's notwithstanding.
Taylor's nasty personality doesn't make how Johnny treated her any less wrong. Anybody who practices this kind of black-and-white thinking should hope that onlookers to whatever shitty situations they happen to end up in are treated with more nuance than they are treating this one.

No. 675732

How in the hell is Jonny fucking Craig of all people coping with the breakup better than the person with a hugeass support group???

No. 675733

What's the name on his tit?
The absolute state of this trailer trash, using some dude to work up her ex.
She could not care less about this guy. He's a messenger. That's it.

No. 675734

>seeing where it goes
100% confirmed they're in a relationshop
>got to know the best and worst sides of each other in 30 days
lol. is she straight up bullshitting or is she really so fucking dim?

No. 675735

Has it even been a full 30 days?

No. 675736

This is literally everything sobriety programs advise you against…Dating another recovering addict whilst you're also freshly recovering, let alone when you're from the same program (and this dude looks even older than Jonny judging by the salt and pepper to top that off)

No. 675737

taylor what the hell this is the most get-back-at-my-ex shit ever. she's so dumb

No. 675738

That's what i thought at first but like, she could've done that without saying she's starting to love him in one of her tweets and posting a paragraph justifying their relationship. Genuinely think it's just her inability to be alone coming through, and who knows how seriously this guy feels about his sobriety. Maybe she'll be on her millionth 'i don't have to explain anything/care what you think' twitter rant a month from now and crack and they'll end up using together as they enable one another.

No. 675739

They look like siblings.

No. 675740


I love how she has to make her bullshit disclaimer at the end… “ I’m in intensive outpatient so I can do whatever I want because it’s intensive and I’m invincible.” This is the same train wreck lie she told us in what, March? She was in IOP, getting therapy, and naltrexone. Look where all that led her lmao.

No. 675743

File: 1562129019058.jpeg (226.95 KB, 1242x710, 8B9405EE-57B6-4810-A9C5-AACEC0…)


No. 675744

Is she using or is she manic?

No. 675745

Everytime I think it cant get cringier… how the hell does she manage to make JONNY CRAIG look like the good guy?

No. 675746

Jonny will for sure spill the milk on Taylor now, as well he should.

No. 675747

File: 1562129227215.jpeg (315.19 KB, 750x797, F6DB4D5D-F1D3-4589-AB27-F75D18…)

Is she reading here again?

No. 675748

Think it says “James” and she called him jake so I assume it’s his own name

No. 675749

>not getting dependent on another person

sure jan

No. 675750

Never thought I'd see a day in my life where I was hoping for Jonny to speak up.
I think she's manic. She's getting a lot of attention, and that can feed it.

No. 675751

I wish Colin would come back and perhaps spill more tea. I have a feeling Jonny is not the only asshole in this particular situation. He's def a cunt, but Taylor is a perfect match for him.