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File: 1541876818741.jpeg (95.98 KB, 646x542, IMG_0331.jpeg)

No. 597713

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/592820

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons

> Adopted another cat, a female tabby, that she claims she rescued from traffic and a storm after many of the residents in her apartment block had been feeding and caring for it (and got it microchipped and spayed apparently) for two years despite previously claiming that no one in her building knew anything about the cat
> Allowed the "stray" to wander all over the apartment with all over animals, gorge on the other cats food, without any regard for the stress of the other animals, transmitting FIV, heartworm, other parasites etc, as would be common in actual strays, but it's okay because she "doesn't have fleas!"
> In her last video, she actually rambles about the dangers of wild caught animals and the parasites they carry, is totally incapable of seeing the irony in her never quarantining her new (and sometimes wild caught) animals, including a 'stray' cat
> Claimed her lease was up in September and was going to buy a house, never happened (apparently lease is extended to January)
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Kronos has been shown with excessive loose skin, appears stunted
> Tate shown very dehydrated, with skin wrinkles that do not flatten with flexing
> Claims she got the rats fixed, but still never separated any of them later saying in video that only the females were spayed, goose is intact
> Killed her Pacman Frog with malnutrition due to poor diet, killed the crocodile skinks with dehydration, claimed she basically cooked them all to death with their heat lamps totes by accident
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Right after purchasing new crocodile skinks, a cat and milksnake within a two week period of killing her other animals, she begins to make jokes about her new rat snake being an ‘uncooked noodle’ and her hoarding on twitter
> Mantis shrimp died months ago, as was speculated in previous threads
> Zazu also died months ago, never bothered mentioning it, claims he died of "old age" at a quarter of his lifespan
> Bindi's enclosure has been shown multiple times bare, with only aspen bedding and no hides, TND claimed it was due to "thinking she saw a mite" so it was being cleaned
> The NY Mag interview was finally released, with TND inexplicably wearing lingerie during it, NY Mag doxxed TND accidently and the youtube upload was filled with negative comments
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Cat, Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, scorpion

No. 597716

Anyone else find it weird how breezexotics was on that trip with taylor and the clones and then suddenly disappeared halfway through? Wasn't in any vlogs and stopped posting on twitter and YouTube? I wonder what happened. Who wants to bet something happened with taylor and everyone else sided with her for the clout.

Reposting to the new thread for discussion

No. 597717


Why do you keep posting this multiple times on every single thread. Yes, it is odd.

No. 597718

She's active on instagram. So, there's that.

No. 597726

This smells so much to selfposting lol we dont care breezexotics, grow a pair.

No. 597731


Active on instagram with Taylor following her and liking one of her posts as of two days ago. Obvious self post is obvious. Drop the milk from that trip if you have any, otherwise please stop posting.

No. 597753

'I wonder what happened.' 'Who wants to bet.'
I don't even know who this breezy fellow is, but yes, this is clearly self posting.

No. 597759

Video anon from the last thread here, I'm done with it.
Sifting through the first threads was interesting, I forgot how we considered Taylors mom a good parent back then lmao

Hope this isn't considered self advertising or something

No. 597764

Suggestion for google doc anon: have each category calculate a percentage of dead vs. alive, or dead/rehomed vs. alive/still in the apartment. I know her hoarding will affect the stats but I'm curious about how it fluctuates

No. 597772

Some feedback:
You may want to have subtitles available. It is hard to understand you at times.
I would also highly recommend timestamps.

No. 597773

Yeah, English is my second language, I'm working on subtitles right now.

No. 597774

Slow down when you talk anon.
I know its difficult doing your first voiceovers.

No. 597775


Thank you for doing this, I wish more people would.

No. 597776

perfect video! I haven't listened to that one podcast and honestly, how can you say that's fake? can't wait for her stans to come rolling in and trying hard to defend her with nothing on their part.

No. 597777


Hey nonny, thanks for putting this video together! You got a lot of content in there. I'd second the notes about pacing (speak a little slower, and leave images up just a bit longer) - but for a novice effort this is excellent, and you've done well!

It might be a good idea to upload it to vimeo, too, or onto similar streaming video websites just so you have a mirror if/when Taylor's little army of 12s starts reporting your video maliciously.

No. 597778


It's a really good video anon.

I would agree though that you need to slow down. You have a lovely accent but Americans (majority of your audience) can't understand accents. Speaking more slowly will help them.

No. 597780

Thank you for the feedback! I did rush it, I didn't want the video to get to 30 minutes and since the other anon wanted to make a series I figured it'd be good to just compile everything into a single video too. I'll work on adding some subtitles tomorrow.

No. 597782

People love drama. I don't think people would mind a long video (it just speaks to how much problems there are). Good work, anon!

No. 597784


It isn't rushes or half-arsed at all - it's a good video and nicely done overall, you just happen to speak a bit quickly which is natural when getting used to doing voice overs. :) I for one have zero trouble understanding your lovely accent, but I am a bit slow in my old age!

No. 597785

Other anon / anons are you still planning on making a video? I think the more videos that exist / are out there the more credible it is, people will begin to see a pattern and hopefully accept that something is wrong.

Also if theres any other points that weren't mentioned in anon's video it would be great if someone could put those into another video!

I didn't find the video hard to understand anon, but Taylor's brain dead fans might lol

No. 597793

Taylor is gonna shit her pants when this video starts to spread

No. 597794

That or she’s going to post it to her Twitter saying she’s been crying and having panic attacks over the lies being spread about her waaaah and so on so forth.

No. 597795

You say in the description you don't have a pop filter, I hear a pair of tights over a coathanger reshaped into a circle is a good substitute, although your audio sounds good.

No. 597799

Haven’t fully watched her baby rats video yet but it’s both hilarious and pathetic watching her cling to what’s left of her views. She may claim that she’s “killin it” but the numbers speak for themselves. A year ago she was getting millions of views, even just on one video alone. Now within a day she can’t even break 200k views. She just spouts off random shit from Google that isn’t even right, tries to come off as “sexy” but miserably fails and looks like a crackhead, and shoves her tits into the viewfinder to attempt to get more clicks. It truly is pathetic, and it’s obvious even though she may have her army of teenagers, the numbers speak for themselves - people are getting tired of her shitty, repetitive-style videos.

No. 597802

Or try to play bad bitch by posting some snarky tweet.

No. 597809

I sent her the video on Twitter, but I think that all that's gonna get me is a hoard of stans and a block on my alt account if anything.

Yeah I can see her going "wow people have no life, they make hate videos of me, thanks a lot lmao btw 5 more pets died, tell me I'm a great pet mom"

No. 597811

This might not be intentional, anon.
Several replies have been getting posted more than once.

No. 597813


They've plastered it on the general pet youtuber one too, on the previous thread twice (but not one after the other) and then at the top of this one.

No. 597815

All of this information condensed makes me really upset/sad that a) for a long time I was a fan b) the hoarding has gotten this bad and c) all of this has really only happened over a year….there’s much more deaths to come

No. 597816

holy shit you're right. this video literally only covers the span of one (1) year, as all of this crazy dumb shit started when she and johnny started dating and they're coming up on one year of animal killing and rape apologizing together :-)

No. 597817

I'm seconding the suggestion to get it rehosted on dailymotion or vimeo or someting, Taylor's stans are gonna report that shit to high heavens just to troll you

No. 597821


You should just tweet the video too and include her name in the tweet, it will come up when people search her name. (Hope this isn’t considered cow tipping, just spreading the video on twitter without tagging her in it)

No. 597841

You can also try streamable though im not sure if they will host 17 minute video. It's quick and easy and you don't even need an account.

No. 597845

Excellent! I had no issues with the speed of your talking. I quite enjoyed your accent! But it would have been great if screenshots stayed onscreen longer. Impressive!

No. 597854

Well done!!!

No. 597856

i just imagined taylor facetuning pics of her snakes to blur the mites and now i’m laughing

No. 597863

streamable has a 10 min length cap, unfortunately.

No. 597864

File: 1541908068582.png (245.41 KB, 1242x888, Screen Shot 2018-11-10 at 7.48…)

No. 597865

"I will NEVER find it funny to get animals high, unless it's me smoking around my satanics. Then it's okay"

No. 597866

wow that's fucking rich. sure they might not have been smoking around the satanics to "get them high" but they still fucking did it. i just don't get how she completely lacks self awareness. every tweet of her complaining about others' husbandry is so ironic that sometimes i wonder if this has to be a joke (i know it's not, wish it was)

No. 597867

Funny how "consent" is all of a sudden important, considering the nature of that household.

No. 597870


jonny's exes didn't consent to being abused or raped either, how interesting that you don't (or won't) understand that, yet somehow understand animals can't consent… even though your dumbass already smoked around them. no idea how that's even a "mistake" since even tanner would know that's a bad idea.

No. 597872

File: 1541909457799.jpeg (391.75 KB, 1367x1988, 30C0C218-34F9-40A0-925F-D97220…)

No. 597873

File: 1541909507695.jpeg (488.2 KB, 1348x1983, 2E3E10ED-6145-4B17-A32E-22C54D…)

No. 597877

Yikes. Glad to know she can absolve herself and preach to others. For what little responsibility she'll claim for.

No. 597878


Does she have no sense of time? The incident was less than a year ago and she never knows how long she actually has her pets. Always adds time to her time frame.

No. 597881

I tried

No. 597883

Being high distorts your sense of time

So she gets a pass for not glorifying it? And who the fuck thinks secondhand smoke is ok? "Not even common sense" It's fucking elementary shit.

No. 597886

How many times did we see Jonny on his insta story rolling blunts/smoking blunts/bragging about having weed? And we’re supposed to believe it was only a one time mistake ??

No. 597888


it's called a necropsy you airhead.

she's such a cunt.

No. 597894


How few brain cells does she have to tweet shit like this? Wasn't there a time Jonny forced one of the exes to shoot up (I can't remember which one/ones) when they didn't want to? Is that "consent" Taylor? Or do you only pretend to care about "consent" with animals?

No. 597904

Clearly things like that and herself smoking around her animals is forgivable because it's in the past. But that ONLY applies to them lmao. Anyone else who has messed up gets to feel the wrath of Taylors keyboard.

No. 597907


With the amount of traveling she does she should have no issue going to reptile rescues and adopting her snakes from there

I live in TX and there's no shortage of reptile rescues all over state. They're full of ball pythons (not just normals) and other animals that need homes

No. 597908

Thanks for the subtitles anon. I think you can set them to pop up automatically too, which might be convenient fo getting more views?

No. 597918

File: 1541914826085.jpeg (131.6 KB, 628x821, F5307FB6-C656-4D36-9BFD-7B1871…)

And I bet you would know all about them deep and personally , huh Tay Tay? Or are you still playing the “sober” act.

No. 597919

File: 1541915105447.png (493.93 KB, 1080x1434, Screenshot_20181110-210834~2.p…)

It's funny to me that she retweets this shit and talks about animals can't consent to being high, but our "animal expert" clearly has no knowledge of animals that intentionally get high (dolphins and cats are two examples)

No. 597922


as usual all she can do is make posts on twitter.

i work in a shelter where we've had to euth rabbits who people intentionally got high and as a result they hurt themselves. we've had other animals come in in similar conditions.

it's horrible and awful. maybe go do something about it. volunteer at a shelter and fucking humble yourself, taylor. you can post on twitter all you want, but it doesn't make ANY difference for the animals suffering in the world, from being forced to get high or abused.

No. 597934

This bothers me so much, she clearly follows absolutely no reptile rescues. They have a hard time because idiots like her don't want to adopt reptiles and then they can't take on more reptiles that are suffering due to lack of space. She could do so much for rescue reptiles, but instead she tells all her fans it's fine to buy reptiles and only dogs and cats need rescuing? Great move Taylor, you really care about animals don't you.

No. 597935


Plus reptile rescues have a hard time existing because people don't think to get their animals from one, and then of course people like Taylor who could bring attention to those rescues and the idea of rescuing exotic animals refuse to.

Especially given the likelihood her animals are going to end up in a rescue someday before their lifespan is out, assuming she doesn't just kill them all, but I'm sure even if she did care she's not thinking that far ahead. She just wants to brag about owning a $10,000 snake because she thinks it'll get her more clicks than a "boring" old rescue snake.

No. 597938

I doubt any rescue that does proper checks would give her even a cockroach

No. 597947

She sounds like a teenager who just start smoking behind her parent’s back and needs to brag about it by giving her “expert knowledge” nobody asked for
You look really stupid every time you talk about drugs Taylor, drop it

No. 597954

This is the real reason she doesn't adopt.

No. 597963

File: 1541941368526.gif (8.66 MB, 452x600, ezgif-1-6cc9af9ee5f1.gif)

excuse the poor gif work but where did this come from???

No. 597970

I don't know much about cocoons but should you not, I don't know, leave them alone while they pupate??

No. 597971

Nah you can handle them, in fact when you're buying them you should check whether they're slightly warm to the touch and make sure they wiggle like that.

Basically impossible to tell what that is from the cacoon although my guess would be a commonly kept feeder species.

No. 597974

It's a hornworm.

No. 597975

"If it lives"
I thought our animal jesus can take care of anything

No. 597977


Hey, at least she's showing realistic understanding of her own husbandry skills? "If it lives" indeed.

No. 597978

hornworms are apparently feed to bearded dragons so she probs meant if she doesn't feed it to twisty?? aka another feeder animal she's making a pet…

No. 597979

This is probably true since she picked out a name for it

No. 597985

tbh, i actually believe she "rescued" the 2 female rats (that we rarely get to see/get updates about) just to breed because right after getting them, she started to buy more small snakes that probably eat pinkies.

and with this new cocoon. probably just another feeder.. I wonder if she's gona start to breed those too like with her roaches

No. 597992

Hornworms are ridiculously hard to get out of the cocoon stage. Most die before emerging or die shortly after. This is probably just a feeder that she accidentally let it pupate and is "giving it a chance". I've had it happen before and I just froze it because they rarely survive, and some come out…deformed. Like messed up wings and stuff. And they live short lives afterwards. It's just not worth it.

No. 597993

File: 1541953405315.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181111-132241.png)

No. 597994

“Lmao lmao lmao lol lol lmao”
She really doesn’t give a shit about any of the causes she tweets about, she just wants ass pats from her brainless army of teens. Her hypocrisy is just stunning. She tweets like she herself is in an extreme high from the drugs. Notice how she can’t form a simple, serious tweet having a conversation with someone who has genuine concerns and proof/examples of her hypocrisy without lots of “lmao”s and “lol”s. Just like the way she talks about her dead pets. She doesn’t give a shit. It’s sickening. “Adopt from shelters but buy all the reptiles you want” ok so owning 20+ snakes is ok and when your junkie ass along with your rapist by go broke it’s ok to dump all those animals at shelters?? When she goes broke and can’t take care of them I can totally see her just dumping them all at a shelter but then saying she “relocated them with a really good friend willing to take care of them!!” People are slowly starting to catch on to her bullshit and thank god for that.

No. 598010

File: 1541957239089.png (97 KB, 463x542, Picture 18.png)

>>mocks someone for mixing up heroin and heroine
>>mocks someone for mixing up crack and heroin
>>she herself isn't sure what's in edibles for animals
>>TCH. lol

Taylor, it never pays to be a self righteous bitch. Maybe follow your own advice and don't talk about things if you don't know anything about them.

No. 598011


She’s a heroin heroine obviously

No. 598013


Mocking someone who’s trying to recover from rape, is not going to help and encourage their recovery, just make it harder for them, Taylor.

No. 598015

I like how she's using a glove. Not because she's worried about damaging it, but because she's posting about it and thinks it's totes professional.

No. 598016

File: 1541958122223.png (79.1 KB, 464x492, Picture 16.png)

Still no apology video. The least she could have done was publicly announce she was lying about who the breeder was after she got her rabid stans to leave terrible reviews.

No. 598017

She's probably started wearing thick gloves because all her animals bite her lol.

No. 598022

TCH LMAOOO, little Miss I-Know-Everything-About-Drugs is such a riot. "He doesn't even kno it's heroin and not heroine!" I am dead. The hypocrisy never stops.

No. 598026

lmaooo awkward. She's such a walking contradiction.

No. 598032

File: 1541960696577.png (3.2 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1360.PNG)

Her cats are literally allowed around ALL of her animals and free roam around the rat's cage that has open bars………..

No. 598038

File: 1541961547703.jpeg (445.43 KB, 1936x1936, 89C0A546-8D46-4662-86AA-838587…)

No. 598040

Remember the interview, where her cats were practically sitting in her lap while she brought out her tarantula? Shut up, hypocrite.

No. 598041

Wow. She's a joke. There's so many photos and videos of her waving her satanics around on a stick whilst her cat is playing on the floor below, having her tarantula, bearded dragon, created geckos and hedgehogs out around the cats, her cats pawing at her monitors cage, and her cats inside open tanks. How long before she leaves a door open on a tank with animals in, if she hasn't already? Is she not capable of any form of self reflection?

No. 598043

Honestly how fucking stupid how can she be?

No. 598044

File: 1541966848897.jpg (878.05 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181111_192348.jpg)

Waaaaaa someone proved that I'm a hypocrite so I'm gonna blame my anxiety Waaaaaa.

No. 598048

You’d think she’d learn to just keep her beak shut! Every time she opens her mouth, it’s another lie or she just sticks her foot in deeper! A closed mouth tells no lies!

No. 598054

I know. Or just say "I'm sorry I was incorrect", but with her she's always got a ridiculous excuse.
She seems to have this warped view that things are fine for her to do but not others.
It's okay for Tay's cats to hang around all her animals but god forbid anyone else lets their cats near their other animals!
Just like it's okay for Tay to buy 100 tortoises off the side of the road and dump them on a rescue but no one else should buy animals from the side of the road.
It's okay for Tay to buy a "bearded dragon with a broken tail in a tub full of malnutritioned dragons" but no one else should support bad breeders.
It's okay for Tay to buy a kitten from a backyard breeder but for everyone else backyard breeding is wrong.
It's okay for Tay to buy feeders as pets but not anyone else etc etc.

For the record I don't think you should do any of these things, it's just so ridiculous that she does so many things that she would tell others not to do.

No. 598055

File: 1541968155177.jpeg (506.29 KB, 1242x1142, 4BAAE2FD-E07A-4B91-824E-93E9EA…)

No. 598058

On her story she said she wants someone else to do the rest of her sleeve. Guess she doesn’t like how her ditch turned out unfortunately

No. 598059

Idk why she is suddenly so preachy (and totally hypocritical while doing it). I don't see a regular house cat being a danger to a turtle that size. While it's possible, she is just acting hysterical. I'm pretty sure most of us have seen cat being casually friendly to a rabbit or other small animal. Taylor has been more irresponsible dangling her snakes in vicinity of the cats as well as her tarantula, which are more interesting to cats because they are much smaller and their movement is more stimulating to the cats hunting instinct.

No. 598060

Fucking lel
Also leave it up to Taylor, the drug expert. Why try to flaunt your knowledge about drugs? Fucking idiot.

Then her outing herself about her hedgehog before anyone could even say it is hilarious. God Taylor take a break from the internet ffs.

When you have so little awareness about anything that you repeatedly end up shading your own daughter

They are all such a garbage fire. So glad she was moved to /pt/

No. 598061

File: 1541969024237.jpg (505.67 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181111-144552_Twi…)

Of course it's not her fault the cats were in her animal room for the interview!

No. 598062


Why does she have to be so defensive all the time..just own up to your mistakes, people will appreciate that

No. 598064

So fucking what. Even if this is true, it's HER responsibility to explain the dangers. It's HER responsibility to do what's appropriate.

That's implying that they asked and she said yes. Mental fucking gymnastics that she takes absolutely no responsibility. Shifting blame is her main hobby at this point.

No. 598065


I nEvR PorTrAy ThEm aS FrIenDzz

No. 598066


"I never put them side by side" Taylor..theres literally a picture with your cat and hedgie together that you even replied to

Doesn't matter if you're watching them, it takes less than a second for Ghost to scratch, at least the turtle in the other picture has a hard shell and thick skin if anything were to happen.

A cat scratch is so much more dangerous to a hedgehog than a turtle lol

No. 598068

How would that situation ever play out like that? Why would the interviewers care about the cats being in the room? Why didn’t they hold on to them like they said they would if that was the case? Why did taylor say yes to them anyway?

No. 598069


Exactly, she could have just said no

Its her fault for allowing it

No. 598070

How is she gonna preach about bacteria when she has all of her animals all over all of her furniture and lord knows she never cleans….
Hell, isn’t there a picture of Nemo in an enclosure?? Taylor, the bacteria!!!!!

No. 598073

She undid the turtle/cat retweet. Shocker.

No. 598074

But the same thing is literally happening in the other picture… like dude?

No. 598075

Ugh look at that pillow ewwwwww

No. 598084

It's so fucking funny that she's allowed to call people out and talk down to them but when anyone even so much as questions her care, she has a complete meltdown. If someone were to QT her pictures of the cat and hedgie together and say exactly what she said about the tortoise/cat picture, she'd fucking lose it. "Everyone is so mean to me!! Just bc I have boobs!!! Wah!"

No. 598086

not saying that secondhand marijuana smoke killed her satanic leaf geckos but we haven't seen them in a long time. She shows their enclosure but they could be dead too for all we know.

Also, this is total tinfoil but I think she bought goose as a pet, not a feeder and came up with an elaborate backstory to minimize the amount of concern regarding her purchasing yet another animal. Then, when people started telling her she needed more rats it was a perfect excuse for her to go purchase more.

No. 598087

Actually cat claws have a lot of bacteria which are very harmful to reptiles so even a small scratch from a cat can make a tortoise very sick.

No. 598088

I also believe that Goose didn't magically get sent to her, but then I wonder what sane person would give her a 2 week old rat.

No. 598091

And her cats mysteriously getting into empty enclosures in her pet room…she’s not paying attention…or else she’s purposely putting them in there…and then saying I couldn’t find the cat….

No. 598097

Don't put the blame on the magazine people. They were your guest and you're the "animal expert" being interviewed. You could have simply said no. But I bet the magazine didn't really ask for that and she's lying. Take some damn responsibility for once.

No. 598098

Speculation, but I think the reason she wants to get into bugs etc more is because she is seeing Exotic Lair his channel growth and so for pure financial gain, and the bonus "bad girl aesthetic"

No. 598105


Yup - and far less overhead on bugs, and people won't notice so easily when you replace them after you kill them through neglect.

No. 598114


bitch, anxiety for what? you don't have anxiety, stop trying to get some fucking pity points. i've never known anyone with super bad anxiety putting themselves out there on display for the world to see. that's just asking for it. that's like a goddamn nightmare turned to an everyday reality.

No. 598120


She 100% got him from a feeder breeder. Some feeder breeders do care about the health/temperament of their rats and start out breeding for food but will also have a 'pet project' when they have rats with more interesting colours or markings.

There is absolutely no feasible way she got a 2-week old rat off of a legit pet breeder. They aren't even weaned until 3.5-4 weeks and even then the earliest I've seen breeders let babies go is 5 weeks. Many keep them longer so they can be properly socialized with older rats.

So the only way she got Goose is telling the breeder he was going to be a feeder and then just ended up keeping him. Because she has no fucking patience to wait until animals are actually ready to be rehomed (kittens for example) and she has a hero complex.

No. 598122

File: 1541977832975.png (407.35 KB, 577x395, jensyoutube.png)

No. 598125

…What? I don't even understand what that means

No. 598127

This family I s2g. It's often impossible to tell if they're off their tits or having a psychotic break.

No. 598136

no matter how far down you break this tweet absolutely none of it makes sense or relates to the other pieces in any way

No. 598137

Right? It sounds like a bot lmao

No. 598138

The funny thing about the cat and hedgehog thing was that she wasn’t even sure she was right. Yet she was throwing around lmaos and lols like she was some kind of expert and not someone whose had cats for all of a year and killed one already. In fairness to her, the general consensus seems to be that it’s ok to let hedgies and cats play together, but you need to watch them carefully. She was actually somewhat right this time, but since she didn’t have enough people agreeing with her and patting her ass, she became unsure and fell back on “muh anxiety” and started saying maybe she should explain herself better next time. I feel like this incident really showed who Taylor is as a person. That she doesn’t 100% know what she’s talking about, but will pretend that she does so long as enough people believe she does and defends her.

No. 598143

File: 1541981329013.png (146.1 KB, 750x1334, AE452802-75DE-41F8-8A60-33B0C9…)

No. 598144

File: 1541981367042.png (178.21 KB, 750x1334, C9597188-7BE2-488C-9FF2-63C704…)

Mama Dean back at it again. We know you read here, Jen.

No. 598147

hey dont say stuff you know nothing about anon lmao

i wouldnt risk having a cat around any kind of small animal pet

mushu is gonna die next calling it now. then her satanics probably. i feel like once mushu dies, tay is gonna use it to step away from aquatics because they're more finicky than most bugs.

i wonder if shes gonna get into peedes

No. 598149

I'm just phenomenally glad that she hasn't got into birds yet.

No. 598150

tfw your own mother roasts you on the internet

No. 598158


But not worse than you roasted your own animals! bdmtsh

No. 598164

Right? She said at one point she wanted to get a conure and i was ready to flip my shit the bitch cant give rats the care they need how the hell is she gonna give a screaming bird attention when shes having one of her "chronic migranes"

No. 598167


Yuuuuup. And considering that conures can be right little arseholes and LOUD AS FUCK, well. I'd be worried for that bird even more than any other animal in Taylor's tender care. And you know she'd try to take it flying outdoors without training it first.

No. 598189

File: 1541989226022.jpeg (780.77 KB, 1242x1175, D6569649-A947-41DC-8B6A-3B3633…)

Dumbass. You only have 2 kids…you’re listing 3 things. You make no sense. Go look after tanner and stay off of social media!

No. 598193

How fucking stupid is her mom? Probably just motivated that person to make the thread out of spite.

No. 598196


One taught me love - but love is above all other lessons

No. 598200

File: 1541990504539.jpeg (710.41 KB, 1242x1024, D276DE4E-CA08-4E5A-BFE8-4BF307…)

Never mind the bitch copied this from the retweet @magnoliahawks did…the girl she’s harassing >>598144

No. 598204

it's kinda a meme rn though so might not necessarily be copying

cringe nonetheless

No. 598211

Yeah it's based on an Ariana Grande song, but still Jen fucked it up because you need 3 things, not 2.

Honestly no wonder Taylor cut her out for a while. Imagine your mom wk'ing you on twitter all the time.
She's so overbearing.

No. 598212

File: 1541991762968.jpeg (178.74 KB, 750x1006, 7203A921-4AE2-4FF0-807B-F0C801…)

No. 598216

Today was a total sperge day for taylor lol. But 'muh anxiety' right?

No. 598217

Cringy af

No. 598222

Wow guys see Jonny isn’t a bad person he’s amazing! He googled how to help with anxiety!!

No. 598224

It's really laughable how she has the need to showcase how good and caring he is, when we know he's not.

No. 598229


she's probably one of those spergs that thinks she's having a panic attack when really she's just throwing a tantrum.

people are mean to you on the internet? boo hoo.

No. 598231

might have something to do with anon's exposé video reaching 750+ views (as of right now) from a channel that had no subscribers previously.

No. 598239

"Well there's Larry, oh wait, he died. There's Drogo and Da- oh shit, they're dead too. Well, there's Asteroid. Oh damn. Cheese? Is Cheese still alive?"

No. 598242

The sad thing is given her saviour complex she’s get one and claim it came from an abusive home, which on its own is a problem because she wouldn’t be ready for a standard bird let alone one with trust issues and possible plucking problems.
The other sad thing is we’d easily be able to tell if she’s neglecting a bird given how vocal they are…

No. 598243

The sad thing is given her saviour complex she’s get one and claim it came from an abusive home, which on its own is a problem because she wouldn’t be ready for a standard bird let alone one with trust issues and possible plucking problems.
The other sad thing is we’d easily be able to tell if she’s neglecting a bird given how vocal they are…

No. 598247

The sad thing is given her saviour complex she’s get one and claim it came from an abusive home, which on its own is a problem because she wouldn’t be ready for a standard bird let alone one with trust issues and possible plucking problems.
The other sad thing is we’d easily be able to tell if she’s neglecting a bird given how vocal they are…

Sorry if this double posts the site was glitching out

No. 598259

And given she supposedly had eds with paper skin i dont even want to imagine her getting a rescue bird because itd bite the crap out of her and she'd bleed and then rehome it because it was "aggressive" because shes never had a bird before let alone one with trust issues

No. 598260

Why does jonny literally have his kratom in every single instagram story

No. 598263

Because he's flexing on people and has the mentality of a 14 year old playing thug.

No. 598264

Is it possible that Jen makes these ridiculous tweets because she secretly enjoys when we talk about her here?

No. 598268

Well she obviously loves the attention, otherwise she'd be able to keep her Twitter private for longer than 2 seconds. Remember when she was staying off Twitter til next year? Lmao

No. 598270

God birds don’t even need trauma to bite, not sure about other conures but I have a sun conure who loves to rough house and also nip when he wants kisses or attention.
Birds would ruin her

No. 598272

I’m so fuckin’ sick of hearing about Taylor’s “panic attacks.” Mild discomfort & guilt =/= panic attack. smh

No. 598273

If I was in her situation I wouldn’t broadcast an anxiety attack on a public twitter at all…

No. 598274

But how else is she gonna make all her boolies feel bad

No. 598275

She'll stop doing it when there's more negative reactions than positive ones, which will not happen because her followers are still in the "safe space at all costs uwu" mentality.

No. 598276

Because he’s abusing it, so all of Taylor’s sober tweets are bs

No. 598286

Did any anon see the dark dens video about the monitor situation when it first happened? He actually brought up the fact Taylor said it was bought for her pregnant friend who was apparently feeling down, I feel like that should be posted around because it does bring up a bunch of holes in her story

No. 598293

can you use the Youtube field and link it here.

spiders give me the willies so I could only look at this channel page so long.

No. 598295

God same anon, just lucky his intro is the only thing with spiders in this vid

No. 598298

File: 1542016564706.jpeg (349.68 KB, 1080x1537, 2417B9A2-F505-4D69-BF2E-C59FB5…)

>birds would ruin her

Idk man, a bite from a hormonal green cheek seems to be just the look she goes for.

No. 598302

File: 1542020252158.jpeg (395.14 KB, 750x727, 9A282491-7C96-477E-8A22-39F853…)

When your fans care more about their animals during a blackout than you

No. 598303

Great video on the subject of her "impulse buy" of the monitor, thanks for linking it. This is one to add to the Taylor video collection!

No. 598322


Maybe she's counting her husband in there. Heh.

No. 598324


Her type of EDS doesn't have paper-thin skin. She'd have extremely soft, velvety skin and would bruise easily. Classic and vascular EDS have the thin skin, not hypermobile.

No. 598341

File: 1542040535648.jpg (184.33 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181112-111711_Ins…)

I don't know if any of you guys follow Breezexotics, there was a mention of her higher up in the thread of possible self posting so there's a chance she lurks here but I checked her out and noticed she posted this along with a few other messages to her story. It seems like they are directed at Taylor and she might be close to coming forward about her lies. All just speculation but it's probable

No. 598343

File: 1542041109593.jpg (48.79 KB, 630x370, 1473361419359.jpg)

Best thing I've seen lately.

Panic attack and anxiety are her go-to's for every time she gets called out.

No. 598344

If she wants to spill then she should just do it instead of that vague attention whore shit

No. 598354

hope she DOESN'T get a parrot or any other type of bird. They're so intelligent and if owned by a person like Taylor, they'll end up plucking themselves to death.

she should just say it. her channel is tiny so what's there to lose? hell, this might just boost her channel with other pet tubers who are actually legit when it comes to animal care.

No. 598365

File: 1542046128956.jpeg (529.44 KB, 1242x2056, FA7C3A70-5223-48C2-8F08-A54479…)

No. 598366

He’s so fucking gross why would you let that man touch you

No. 598371


For real. He's so viscerally disgusting, to say nothing of his stellar personality.

No. 598375


He has the skin of an old man

No. 598376

ew holy shit

i dont understand how a guy like this acts so hard and cocky

he’s so fuckin ugly lmaoo

No. 598377

Lmao didn’t his exes say he always shaves when he’s using? Looks like he even took his eyebrows off this time kek

No. 598382

Genuinely repulsive. And not even got a good or charming personality to compensate. I don't understand what anyone could see in him

No. 598383

picked face, fresh shave, sunglasses to cover his pupils and in LA alone where he goes to get high the most. convenient that taylor isn’t there yet

No. 598386

This plus also was going to say didn't she also say that he picks at his forehead or something
Looks like he also has acne though so hard to tell. Either way, gross. Can't believe she settled for this guy when she could have had someone who is not so washed up.

No. 598394

I accidentally zoomed in and gagged, he really is disgusting

No. 598398


Nothing about you is "clean af" Jonny, you stupid baboon.

No. 598400

The tongue shit he (and Taylor) does enrages me for some reason

No. 598403


Nobody else wanted Taylor's skanky ass.

No. 598405

Calm down there Emzotic

No. 598406


Ok there breezexotics.

No. 598412

Whoa Taytay, settle down.

No. 598413

you all need to shut up about birds and all the hypothetical animals taylor could get. she doesn't have em. it's irrelevant. nobody cares how a bird WOULD behave in her care, she doesn't have one.

No. 598414


Sure thing low rent Taylor clone

No. 598415


you want to explain whats going on or quit posting stuff like this?

No. 598416


So should we all stick to discussing what you believe is relevant?

No. 598417

Did Taylor ever share where/what her scorpion's enclosure was?

No. 598418

.. is this a crackhead macklemore?

No. 598419

Probably something like that thing she has for her tarantula

No. 598422

I don't think so. Did she even show the scorpion or was that just Jonny? It's hard to keep track anymore with all her recent purchases.

Hoping it doesn't fuck up this time posting.

No. 598423


Nah, just a crackhead.

No. 598424

talk to the anon who decided to bring up emzotic. looks like that's what started that thing.

No. 598425

She posted a picture of the scorpion on her insta

No. 598427

Ok. Thanks.

No. 598428

File: 1542057579088.jpg (22.75 KB, 610x327, hollowman.jpg)

No. 598432

i think we should stick to stuff that is actually happening, not some "omg poor future potential bird, bc listen to these bird care facts i know" shit, duh

No. 598434


every time i look at him, he just looks uglier and uglier. like his skin is that of a 60-year old man and my 80-year old granddad looks younger than him.

No. 598436

Since Taylor has discussed wanting a bird multiple times we can discuss it. End of story. Stop whining.

No. 598437


yeah, the fuck are these anons on about. i remember there being discussions about how we hoped she didn't get rats. lo and behold, the bitch has rats.

we can discuss whatever we want as long as it's on topic and the likelihood of taylor getting a bird just to prove the "haturz" wrong is very high.

No. 598440

Pretty sure she posted a pic of the same enclosure for her tarantula all done up saying something vague about a new bug

No. 598445

Why do we hate emzotic again? Besides self posting she kinda fit in with the rest of us lol

No. 598447

They’re trying to guess who the anon is and accusing it of being emzotic, breezexotics, and Tay herself. Just f’n post and quit guessing

No. 598451

Speaking of emzotic I wish lolcow could just.. out all of Taylor’s posts on here like they did with emzotic. We know she’s out here

No. 598455


It's not like they know which anon is Taylor. They only outed Emzotic because Emzotic outed herself and then refused to follow lolcow rules.

For Taylor to be outed she'd have to out herself here, which isn't gonna happen anytime soon because of what happened with Em.

No. 598458


And you know that'll never happen because Taylor is a ninny and cannot take criticism or any responsibility for her actions.

I suppose she might do it for aTtEnShUn but IDK if she'd have the guts for a real time back and forth with people who aren't kissing her ass. Especially since she can't block us, lol.

No. 598461

Because it's psychotic of her to write 90% of the posts that called Taylor ugly and a whore while she acted like she's her friend irl. Don't think anyone would've cared about her posting here if she wasn't so two faced

No. 598465


Not to mention she would go from praising her own name to vilifying herself in the same threads.

No. 598466


Em is psycho, but they were hardly "friends". Co-workers at best lmao

No. 598468

Yeah that's why I said "acted" like she was her friend. None of the pettube leeches are actually friends imo

No. 598471

Be interesting to see what happens when Taylor finally starts to fall, if she tries reaching out for help or if they act like white knights just to have their ride to success last a little longer till they make it on their own (lol if)

No. 598479

File: 1542070555721.jpg (459.49 KB, 1079x1476, 20181112_195603.jpg)

Track marks on crocodile tattoo?

No. 598481


Looks like, yea. Unless she has mites or something biting her.

No. 598483

inb4 she says that it's snake bites

No. 598484


ot as fuck but that movie scared the fuck out of me when i was a child

No. 598488

As a former fan, I still feel shocked that seeing track marks on her arms is not only a possibility, but actually likely lol. Who tf jumps from living at home with supposedly no life experience, to using heroin in less than a year. She’s fucking insane.

No. 598489

File: 1542072554239.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1587, 86EDC75D-3EAF-4253-B386-CC750E…)

insane blowout brought to you by the line god romeo lacoste himself!! imagine how bad her match and tree tattoo look

No. 598494

That, mites or one of her cats got fleas.
Star is an ex outdoor cat so it could be possible she got out and brought back some fleas

No. 598496

all her tattoos look horrible, nothing new there lol.

Reminds me of my cousin who owns an indoor cat that got fleas out of nowhere. imagine the infestations with 3 cats and a lazy-always-asleep owner?

No. 598497

She's already boiled three animals alive and almost killed mushu once, I'm sure combining the two won't bother her one bit.

No. 598499

Her sudden tattoo collecting is comparable to the amount of snake purchases.

I don't know how anyone doesn't see the two as warning signs.

No. 598504

Same, plus didn't the character rape someone just because he was invisible?

No. 598506

What is this from im terrified and intrigued

No. 598507

taylor posted a poll on twitter everyone vote for cleaning cage so they get cleaned for once

No. 598508

I wonder what she means by "fish store", oddly vague.

No. 598510

Hollow Man starring Kevin Bacon

No. 598513

Her EDS probably makes it look even worse. If you don't have enough collagen in your skin, the ink tends to spread over time. Her color tats are going to look like shit in 5-10 years. The color's just going to leech out of them.

No. 598518


I've never seen someone look more like a thumb

No. 598524

You sure she has EDS? If she’s not out shopping, getting, tattoos, or traveling, she’s asleep all day. She should just say she has Chronic Fatigue syndrome to account that she’s sleeping 20 hours a day.

No. 598530

File: 1542079648829.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1966, 7D061E3D-DB75-4AF7-BD5F-58589C…)

No. 598538

I'm not a fish person. Could someone explain how she racked up this bill for an already established tank?

No. 598541

maybe she bought a new and expensive fish

No. 598542


New corals maybe? They can be pricey. Food and salt and ro/di system costs add up, but no one would buy enough of that at once to hit $2,000. I guess she could be replacing equipment like heaters, lights, or filters too, though idk why.

It's not hard to spend that much on fish, but she already has that thing well overstocked so I hope that's not it. Or, totally tinfoiling, but it's also easy to spend that much replacing dead fish too if she needs to do that before anyone notices who is missing in that tank.

No. 598544

“It makes me so uncomfortable talking about how much money I make/spend”
Suuuuure Jan. You know it’s bad when literally every single thing she does/says/shows has a hypocritical point to it for things she’s said before.
People won’t be supporting this lazy ass crackhead in years from now. She better soak in being able to have/spend this kind of money while she can.

No. 598547

Please don't say that. I have CFS and she cleary doesn't.

No. 598552


Exactly, CFS isn't fake, Taylor shouldn't say that. She may as well just keep exaggerating the illness we're told we's actually diagnosed with. (I know we were told that by Jen, who is also not reliable, but it's something.) It doesn't matter whether she has EDS or not really, but she's definitely only ill when convenient and that's the big problem in her "pity me!! I'm so affected by my illness!" story.

No. 598561

She probably does, she seems to have trouble healing. She claims coeliac, migraines and whatever else, I've lost track.

No. 598593

No matter Taytay's illness, it's not an excuse for her obscene slobiness and completely lack of care for other people and her pets… I've seen legitimate cancer patients do more than her, and their lives are a living hell. She's just using her illness as a crutch.

No. 598595

It's honestly so telling that she equates good animal care with the amount of money she spends on her pets.

What use does a 2k tank have if you're not going to stock it properly? Same goes for her reptile enclosures.

She loved to boast about how they were customized and super expensive, but they're subpar.

No. 598597

Did anybody see Emilee’s new video? I get the vibe she’s talking about Taylor. Especially after how awkward their San Antonio trio looked

No. 598606

“See! I’m not a hoarder! I just spent $2000 for fishes! A hoarder wont do that!!! So shut up haterssss!”

No. 598627

What makes you think so? Just skipped through it but I didn't notice any shade

No. 598634

Hi emilee

No. 598647

File: 1542107563928.png (45.29 KB, 1157x212, TND 1.PNG)

Seems like her stans have found the video linked on the last thread - for the number of dislikes that have suddenly appeared there's an astounding lack of comments, though what is there perfectly sums up her fanbase.

No. 598648


You can tell this fan hasn't hit their teens yet… christ. No wonder she sends her rabid fans off at people, they'd eat rocks if she told them to.

No. 598649

>can't talk about Taylor because copyright
oh what a sweet child

No. 598664

Please stop.

No. 598668

No. 598682

Anon, you’re just being obnoxious at this point. Not everybody who mentions a PetTuber or makes a comment is fucking Em or some other.

No. 598690

someone needs to be educated on fair use

No. 598691


I hate scoffing at middle-schoolers that don't know any better, buuuuut it's kind of telling that it isn't so easy to figure out whether this is Taylor throwing a wobbler with an alt account or some 12 who knows nothing about, well, nothing. Either way, the delusion runs deep.

No. 598693

I also think it's weird that there is only like 3 hate comments on my video but 360 dislikes. Especially because when I checked it last time it was only at 3 dislikes.
Is it possible to buy them lol?

No. 598695

Semi-OT but while catching up on the thread I looked at my local reptile rescue and they actually have a Savannah Monitor currently up for adoption. I'm sure having a monitor is somewhat rare but if Taylor is traveling to buy overpriced animals at expos she could travel to rescues instead and still find uncommon animals (that is, if the rescues would even adopt to her though as people mentioned during the rescue talk)

No. 598699

You’re the obnoxious one. She’s obviously trying to get people on her channel.

No. 598700

I was thinking the same thing, it suddenly went up overnight and yet the comments on it are nowhere near as prevalent as they are on other videos critical of her. For 350~ more dislikes, I'd expect the comment section to be filled.
I'm sure some are genuine but I feel the majority are probably fake, and a quick google shows that it's (theoretically) possible to buy them, would we really be surprised if she was that petty? lol - she probably just doesn't want her stans to see a well-structured argument as to why she isn't a hip and cool pet mom. I'd love to see the stats to see if we're right.

No. 598706

File: 1542120269616.jpeg (63.04 KB, 932x290, 257BF94D-DC88-4A99-BF59-8AF95A…)

Her stans can’t even make valid arguments. They obviously don’t care about her animals and will probably eat up anything she says. Like come on, just because she says she takes good care of her animals doesn’t mean it’s true, when will an abusive person ever admit to being abusive?

No. 598708

Also you have a wonderful accent Anon and it’s a great video. I struggle with talking fast as well so I know what that’s like! It’s alright, people seem to get the message!

No. 598709

File: 1542120569959.jpeg (40.83 KB, 603x190, EDE38FE6-D017-4D26-8B7B-0ABFB1…)

“50 isn’t that many pets and I didn’t see any screenshot evidence in this video so your opinion is invalide”

Didn’t wanna tag it mostly cause I’m just taking the piss but, to the text wall Stan, punctuation is your friend and no, ridiculous is not spelt right

No. 598710

It's a legit stan. Checked out the channel and it's some preteen girl.

No. 598713

I checked the stats but it's still at 3 dislikes and ~150 likes. I'm gonna check back later to see what happens. Does someone know if I can get more detailed stats (actual time rather than just day like on socialblade)?
Thank you!

No. 598733

All I can think is that perhaps YouTube thinks it's a bit suspicious themselves, but I'm at a loss as to how we can see it then. I did some looking around and can't find anything, but another anon could know.
I've been watching the comments since it got hit by dislikes, and you're doing an awesome job at responding to her stans with facts despite how stupid their arguments are (although I have to admit it's kind of funny how they think all is well and good, like, aren't half her animals stunted from malnutrition and neglect at this stage?)

No. 598734

I also could've sworn that the video was at almost 4k views when I woke up this morning but now it's at 1.2k for me. It's much more realistic for it to be at 1.2k but what's with the drop? So weird.

And thanks, I'd like to talk to people about it but so far only 2 of Taylors fans have been intelligible enough to even respond to lol

No. 598737

Maybe the video has so many dislikes because of her stans. They can’t find a valid defense for Taylor so they’ll hit dislike instead. Lol funny to see all her stans are in middleschool. Once Taylor begins to lose her young face due to all the surgeries, she’ll lose her middleschoolers too

No. 598738

So she can spend nearly 2 grand on a tank but refuses to buy a chiller for mushu?

No. 598739

I'd agree but on most other videos like this, I could've sworn there were more comments, even if they were short and incoherent. (Not that anything is different here lol) Also, they appeared literally overnight yet it hasn't been tweeted to her by a single stan last I checked, so I'm a tad doubtful that they're genuine. Going from 3 dislikes to 350 is giving her stans way too much credit lol

No. 598741

Just looked at the stats a bit more closely and apparently the like dislike ratio is fucked on there because Youtube last updated that on Nov 11.
The realtime updater says that it has around 5.2k views rn. So at least then the dislikes make a bit more sense than 400 dislikes on a 1.2k viewed video. I think that stans probably just saw the title and hit dislike and then left

No. 598744

Savannah monitors are like 25$ and always end up in rescues since they're 99% of the time looked after wrong and die before they reach the age of one
Maybe if mushu is lucky she did buy him a chiller with all of the rest of the 2k purchase. Unlikely but we can hope I guess

No. 598760

real question: why would a junkie shoot on the side of their arm when you have better access to veins about five inches away in the crook of your elbow? not saying that she's not shooting in a place where it can be hidden, just not really getting why you'd poke yourself there when there's much easier, less painful sites all over your arm.

No. 598763


Some people prefer to shoot up under the skin instead of in a vein for a different high. That, or homegirl has bedbugs, fleas or mites in her flat already.

No. 598768

they look too small for track marks. usually the area bruises around it as well. looks more like a rash or something, but who knows.

No. 598800

EDS includes severe fatigue. I have the hypermobile subtype and sometimes I'm so exhausted I'll literally sleep 15 or more hours. I hate how she plays it up though when she doesn't seem that affected by it compared to some others.

No. 598810

Lmao one of her stans got my Twitter account locked. Just for pointing out that there are plenty of places to rescue reptiles from.

No. 598817


Yea, malicious reporting or grieving is something kids in her stans' age bracket absolutely love to do. Hope you get your account back soon, nonny. It's a shitty thing to pull, but they do it because they're just so dang angry at you for shaking up their little brains they have to attack you somehow.

No. 598820

Oh I got it back immediately, I just received a code and it unlocked. The kid that reported me probably thought it would devastate me but nope, not even a minor inconvenience lol

No. 598821

All three were joking. Shocking, I know, this whole 'fun' thing, aught to just stick to toxicity.

No. 598826


Got a good crystal ball going there, eh?

Also, if the "toxicity" is too much for you, you can just fuck off, ya shitwaffle. No one's forcing you to stay on this site.

No. 598837

Taylor is a fucking moron. Mushu already had a fungal infection, she knows what it looks like. Now he very clearly has one again, and she's incapable of noticing? Yeah right. She's either THAT stupid, or she knows Mushu is sick and just doesn't care.

No. 598843

probably just waiting for him to die just so she can get high off of buying a new one again. poor mushu :(

No. 598854

Mushu is the worst looking axolotl I have ever seen. Gills are sparse and lumpy. Face is enlarged and swollen, the white patches appear to be a fungus, especially since she uses black sand, the wrong kind mind you, there would be no reason the axie would change colour to match. Most people who have dark axies go with white sand so they can see them better but of course she chose black to hide how dirty it is. WHY wouldn't she just add a fan? They're like $20 and can cool the tank down quite a bit and prevent all these issues

No. 598859


It's not about money, it never has been. Taylor just doesn't care and/or believes her way is the right way. She refuses to take criticism or accept that her care is somehow wrong, even it means her animals suffer. She HAS to be right and that's why she blocks people who try to help her or tell her she's doing something wrong. It's so she can live in her echo chamber of stans telling her she's amazing, her animals are happy, she's the best pet mom ever.

Which is sad because it's becoming clear that she thinks how much money she spends equates to quality of care.

No. 598860


It's not about money, it never has been. Taylor just doesn't care and/or believes her way is the right way. She refuses to take criticism or accept that her care is somehow wrong, even it means her animals suffer. She HAS to be right and that's why she blocks people who try to help her or tell her she's doing something wrong. It's so she can live in her echo chamber of stans telling her she's amazing, her animals are happy, she's the best pet mom ever.

Which is sad because it's becoming clear that she thinks how much money she spends equates to quality of care.

No. 598864

A lot of the stans seem to be having trouble keeping an argument about how their queen is “innocent” going.
Also seems to be nothing but hot air and “you’re just jealous” as a starting point lol

It hurts so much to just watch Mushu slowly deteriorate over time, she must be in so much pain

No. 598881

File: 1542155374507.jpg (364.9 KB, 1080x1046, Screenshot_20181114-012804_You…)

Sorry to everyone that doesn't care about this, but Youtube fixed the dislike amount. So there really was some weird shit involved.
When I checked the general stats like 4k views apparently came from places like Russia and Croatia.
So someone apparently really did buy dislikes. I'm flattered lol

No. 598882

Maybe someone should ask her stans about Mushu

No. 598884

That's hilarious. Just watched the video, well done video anon.

No. 598885

Just checked. It just jumped to 28 dislikes. LOL And 204 likes

No. 598890

I have no hope for mushu, she's not new and she doesn't fit with Taylor's wanna be bad girl image. From the state of mushus non-existent gills, fungus and obviously poor water quality I doubt taylor spent any money at all on mushu. She's going to cook her alive or drown her in a fungal infection and then cry on social media for pity points about how mushu died of old age and it wasn't her fault…and then immediately put something else in her tank and it makes me sick.

No. 598891

That is both hilarious and sad, wonder if it was Taylor or one of her Stan’s that did it

No. 598893

File: 1542156695466.png (14.2 KB, 535x42, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 7.50…)

Wow, the stans comments on the video are literally all written from little kids. I didn't realize she had such a young audience, that's both shocking and worrying.

No. 598894

Bird + animalfag here and I have been working on a video for a while. I wanted to upload it but the milk keeps pouring. Do y'all think a "x part series" would be successful in delivering the message?

No. 598895

Keeping it in parts allows for easy digestion and add ons.

No. 598897

A series might do good as it’ll stack up the amount of wrong making a “it was a simple mistake” less credible

No. 598898

Yes keep it in parts. That way you can keep adding on

No. 598900

Seems its been fixed now: 204 likes 28 dislikes

No. 598901


Thanks guys, I'll upload the first video tonight then.
Should I post it here? Also please give me feedback + tell me if I forget anything for now.

No. 598902


Yeah, parts would be cool! That way you can devote a good meaty 5-7 min video to a given topic and really dig into it… plus hey, a series of expose seems to be all the rage on Youtube right now, lol

No. 598903

Would love to see someone ask to let them take mushu off her hands.

No. 598904

I currently have over 8mins lol
She makes this too easy

No. 598905


Mushu really, really concerns me. She's just barely surviving, not much going on in terms of gills and gill feathering - she must be slowly suffocating to death in that dirty, overheated water. Add to that the fungal infection…

No. 598906

File: 1542157421093.jpeg (98.39 KB, 553x406, C116F2AF-0A93-4577-80DA-19F824…)

This person is fucking insane, lying about how they got a kitten and raising it to adulthood is not a redeeming factor especially since the kitten was most likely not weaned when she bought it.

No. 598907

Let the preteen have their fit. You can tell they're distraught by the extensive run-on sentence. It's like I can hear them babble the excuse.

No. 598908

Here come the stand, there’s something low key entertaining watching them lose arguments one by one then going into an autistic fit

No. 598909


LOL I hope you put in a little schoolteachery "next time, we'll talk about X!" at the end. Just to send the lil stans into a froth.

No. 598910

File: 1542158189375.png (25.87 KB, 1139x190, leo.PNG)


did you see this reply from leopard gecko? this video is gaining traction. great video anon, thanks!

No. 598911

I can’t find it right now but there is a tumblr post somewhere with some earlier events of her bullshit, it might be worthwhile to search her name on there to see if there’s any old screen shots of stuff

No. 598912

In the next few weeks she's gonna post a big sob story about her I can almost see it.

"Mushu was looking sick, and I took her to the vet. They couldn't find out what was wrong, and unfortunately she died. They said I took perfect care of her, and I did everything right and there's no way I could have made a single mistake. They said Mushu probably just died of old age, because she was 7 years old and axotols are only suppose to live for about 2 weeks, so to anyone saying I neglected her, you're wrong lol. The vet said it was amazing that I cared for her for so long even though I bought her from a bad breeder. So I'm fairly confident that I gave her the best life in those 5 years lol. I didn't want to say anything because im really tore up about and I knew I would get a lot of hate. People are going to accuse me of being a hoarder even though I only have 70 pets and they're all THRIVING lmao. I just lost a beloved pet that's been with me for 5 years so please just leave me alone."

She'll mope about the hate for a bit and then post a pic of her new purchase crawling on her titty, and the cycle repeats.

No. 598913


I have soooo many screenshots. Is it the one about BHB reptiles and her sorority tanks? It's funny bc I actually worked at a pet store and happen to know some shit about reptiles +aquatics

I actually included MUSHU LMAO

No. 598914

That sounds exactly like taytay

No. 598915

It might be that one actually yeah
I’m one phone but I just found this https://taylordeantea.tumblr.com/ don’t know if anything on here will be of help

No. 598918

(though I don't know how to make vids I'm thankful) and I just want to point out that this strategy completely worked with simply_kenna, if you can recall. She was bombarded by so many "truth videos" that it was impossible for her to ignore them and not acknowledge them. Enough so that they would show up next to her own videos as recommendations, at that point her fans obviously started to question what truth there was to them. So I just want to cheer on any of the anons willing to make videos.

No. 598923

Same with yandere-dev, actually with his slow progress updates more callout videos make it to people’s recommendations so imagine how Taylor will go given her upload rate.
Honestly I’m glad anon made this video, I’ve been to terrified to do things cause of the crazy stans but seeing this fallout being more successful than previous ones is giving me hope

No. 598927

Oof, too painfully accurate lmao! I feel so sad about Mushu though, poor little thing. The fact she isn't doing anything to improve Mushu's life, or even moving it from the dishwasher location speaks volumes about her, and how much she actually cares.

No. 598928

Other than the cheese one Taylor's new merch doesn't even look like "Taylor" stuff. Like tossing a blue tongue on a shirt doesn't exactly scream "Taylor merch" to me. It looks like 10$ redbubble shirts.

No. 598929


Speaking of her merch, why the fuck is her shitty hedgehog plush "normally" $50?! Even at that half-price sale price of $25 that's just scamming her young fans. Pure exploitation

No. 598930

Thanks! Yeah doing this makes me nervous but I think it's important. I added a bunch of links in the description box that are important to me. I hope you guys enjoy and please give me feedback.

No. 598931

Also I have audio descriptions of every tweet, so you can fast forward that part.

No. 598937

I’m other video anon. I had a while where I chickened out of making a video, tbh. I’m still a little nervous, but I’m going to work on it next week during my holiday. Thanks to first video anon for being brave enough to post!

No. 598938

I'd recommend some further visual stimulation, at the very least just for the thumbnail.

Other than that well done! The way you pronounced "motto" tho. Got me triggered.

No. 598939

That's what my husband said. Also yeah I have anxiety and it can sometimes mess with the way I speak. Sorry lol

No. 598941

It’s kind of amazing in a weird way that even though Jen, Jonny and Taylor brand is as mindless hate machine but so many people here have anxiety and actually are kind.

No. 598952


They're just assholes who use an illness to justify it and use as a defense. Even if they suffer with anxiety, it's still no excuse to be a dick or an animal hoarder.

It's annoying how Taylor uses her "panic attacks" (tantrums) and "anxiety" (laziness) as excuses for nearly everything.

No. 598961

LOL I think I just triggered and burned on of the little youtube idiots. LOL

No. 598962

They’ve all gone super quiet, I think you hurt their wittle feewings

No. 598964

does anyone know if clicking a tay video in the recommended section of this video will help force these videos to show up in the recs when someone watches a taylor video?

No. 598965

It’s more the tags and views, the more views it gets the tags will cause it to show up in the feeds of people who watch her channel.
ALTHOUGH, new videos I think take priority? And since she hasn’t uploaded they might show up.

No. 598966

I don't know how to post screen shots but one claimed they were 12 YO and have been really studying them for over 5 years. LOL

No. 598967

This is an image board. "Choose file" > Post.

No. 598968

I keep getting Taylor video recommendations when I play these ones. Great job by the way everyone.

No. 598969

File: 1542171337373.jpeg (68.4 KB, 750x213, 0E4CABF6-66BE-40D1-8953-96FD16…)

Didn’t this person do a rant about her monitor? Or was it someone else?
I remember someone doing a rant about the impulse buy and how taytay wasn’t ready for it, her stans flooded the comments @ the video to their queen so.

No. 598971

File: 1542171495391.jpeg (35.5 KB, 778x243, stans 1.jpeg)

Thanks! I'll upload, despite my anxiety, in a week. Unlike Taylor, I have a trained service animal and I'll be talking about that then (among other things.)

Also look at this stan

No. 598972

File: 1542171589562.jpeg (213.73 KB, 650x1080, 124F2CA0-F837-4FA5-92A9-124501…)

Not sure if you’re in the process of uploading but here you go anon

No. 598973

>there sick
>mentoly stimulates

Sounds like a typical fan of hers. They can't even spell basic words much less be educated on how to take care of exotic animals so they won't question her care.

>I've been watching Animal Planet since I was a little kid!
Fixed it.

No. 598974


aw man you should have seen their original comment. crying nonstop about copyright

No. 598975


aw man you should have seen their original comment. crying nonstop about copyright

No. 598978

If that's how they spell "mentally", pass.

No. 598979

File: 1542171625437.jpeg (107.7 KB, 876x416, imagine.jpeg)

Imagine being so far your own ass you take a critique on your opinion on someone else as an attack on you. Also no one called this stan a "monster"

No. 598981

File: 1542172084324.png (625.57 KB, 858x744, Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.05…)

It's literally just fan art pasted onto some generic shirts, etc. Did she request some seasonal fan art or something?

Bets on whether the mouse in the picture is Pigeon or Dove.

No. 598982

Yes that's the one thank you!!! :)

No. 598983

File: 1542172495323.jpeg (145 KB, 750x497, E481A4CF-D373-45DC-B5F2-FC6E59…)

I can understand the kitten thing being assumption cause in the end no one can confirm or deny that’s what happened (even though it’s largly leaning to being bought)
But what???

No. 598984

File: 1542172690610.jpeg (118.68 KB, 750x573, 543D7E57-02E8-44C9-937F-1C588F…)

No. 598989

Not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm currently in the process of digging up old information and screen shots on a google doc for video anons to use.
Would it be worthwhile to share or??

No. 598990

Yes pls. I have gone back all the way to the first thread and got my info from there. It would be so much easier if someone sent highlights. The way I organized my video schedule (because it's important, Tay) is I made a list of the issues that mattered the most to me, and gathered a number of milky posts about said issues. I feel like catgate has been covered already, but it would be helpful to have a community effort to gather the info so her stans actually have some critical thinking regarding what she does/says. Even if it's not used by us, we can share it around when debating.

No. 598996

Some of it will be hard to find cause she started in the general pettubers thread before getting her own so some crucial stuff will probably be buried in there.
I'll do my best for you guys, Though I may have to update the doc every now and again with new info when I find it since it might take me some time to dig.

No. 598999

I feel like we’re staging a coup lol. Dethroning the “Queen of PetTube”

No. 599000

File: 1542179810430.jpeg (326.48 KB, 750x938, 352F9EB8-65E5-4A21-BF39-392849…)

She claims to have a chiller now? But she conveniently doesn’t use it? Sure, Jan.

No. 599002

Wasn't she supposed to start a Medusa tattoo with that shitty artist this past month??

No. 599003

File: 1542180324234.png (128.45 KB, 1440x629, Screenshot_20181114-012128~2.p…)

when's she gonna stop using that "abuse!!! " joke

No. 599004

File: 1542180774680.jpg (111.67 KB, 1080x497, IMG_20181114_073226.jpg)

Fuck your reptiles though, leave them with their bone dry bowls as usual.

No. 599008


I probably should wait till I finish it a bit more but there's a lot of stuff to work with.
I'm still going through all the threads and her youtube videos and I still also need to add a section on Jonny.

Let me know if it sounds ok and is helpful in anyway.

No. 599012


she sounds so pedantic, obnoxious and patronizing all in one go.

No. 599015

File: 1542183150729.jpeg (104.92 KB, 442x523, hmmm.jpeg)

We were just talking about anxiety?

No. 599016

Looks good! I think adding something about her supposed "animal caretaker experts" would be good though since her stans will be quick to insist she has three amazing caretakers that are there three times a day!!

Also anxiety is way different from OCD. Did she just add in the OCD stuff to seem like she wasn't specifically talking about us? Didn't work.

No. 599017

Oh yes good idea.
I will when I get to the first mentions on them cause I don't think they started appearing until the 18th or 19th thread.

No. 599024

File: 1542186692436.webm (8.16 MB, 960x1280, Taylor texts scroll video.webm)

Guys please include this scrolling video! This is irrefutable evidence that the dm's are real. If stans come out and say these are fake then they're a lost cause lol

No. 599027

Some of her stans are very young. The defensive comments on anons' videos look like they are from preteen 12-year old girl and about a 7 year old girl (they have uploaded videos on their channels). find it worrisome that children these days are using social media and following people like Taylor. She is just about the worst role model..

No. 599029

Yeee it was her.
I think we all concluded that she was in it for the views at the end and now that people are getting support and views for speaking out she probably regrets it.

No. 599032

need to take a break cause wow digging through threads on her bullshit is taxing but I added the static link to the google doc.
Thanks for the share anon

No. 599033

I just discovered The Rewired Soul on YouTube and was wondering if we could get him to do a video on Taylor/Jonny.

No. 599037

File: 1542189995854.png (805.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20181114-095725.png)

I was looking through Emma Sampson's new vlog of reptile expos and this snake was at one in Nova Scotia, isn't that a snake that Taylor mentioned getting or wanting? I completely forgot about it until I saw it in the video, I can't remember any details and don't have time to go through the threads to find out but I wanted to post it here in case Emma takes the video down.

No. 599038

Can someone please make videos on taylor starting in chronological order and mention issues besides the main ones? Even if you do it in a part series i think it's important to do it from the start and not miss any of the things shes done.

No. 599041


I feel like that'd be a really tall order - and I kind of like the ideas posted here about doing videos about separate topics so the message really gets out there. If there's multiple videos about different topics, then it's not just "well everyone has a pet die sometimes lmao circle of life lol" brush-off.

Of course, if someone has the energy to make a chronological docuseries, I'm not stopping ya! LOL
Might even be interesting to see a separate video on Johnny because boy is there a lot of shit in that well.

No. 599045

This is quite nitpicky so feel free to disregard but you pronounce a lot of words incorrectly - motto for eg, and also misread things a couple of times. it's like a spelling error or something like that, it makes you come across as generally less credible when you get small things wrong.

Your narration is otherwise nice and engaging, pleasant to listen to.

No. 599046

It’s old milk so I don’t want to post them again, but the screenshots from earlier this year of Taylor claiming publicly on twitter that Jonny is abusive, she deserves better, we don’t know the half of what she stayed quiet about, etc should be put in a vid about them if anyone wants to touch on their relationship. It’s the most damning evidence that she can turn on a dime and admit that things are the complete opposite of what she portrays, and then just as easily switch back again. Those tweets still surprise even me when I look back at them lol.

No. 599059

If someone wants them just say so, I have them saved on my pc. It can be a pain to go through all the threads. I might dump some screenshots that I didn't get to use in my video later anyway.

No. 599060


Might be a thing to make an Imgur album out of them if you have a ton of pics?

No. 599061

I'll take them for the google doc, if possible could you do what >>599060 said as it'll make it easier to link and read.

No. 599062

Ok, gonna do that in a few hours.

No. 599081

File: 1542203340952.png (590.65 KB, 925x585, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 8.48…)

Her "be find to animals" with flames is ironic considering she just cooked some of her animals after sleeping and ignoring them for 12+ hours.

No. 599082

I'd maybe make a brand new Google account, upload the images there as well, and then make an Imgur account and albums. Easier to keep them safe if they get reported mysteriously on Imgur a ton of times… or maybe I'm just paranoid af

No. 599083


I don't usually like ripping on her looks, but her "I am ready to jump!" lower lashes made me laugh for some reason.

And that duckface, gurl. And that highlighter… ahaha. You tried.

No. 599085

What the hell is this photo hahahaha. She is holding Twisty like an object she's showing off for the camera, so stuff and awkward. She is such a piece of work. Not to mention how heavily edited that photo is. The expectation versus reality with her is insane.

No. 599086


It's very Ariana Blahnd-e.

No. 599089

I was going to do that starting next week once I go on holiday. Kind of make it a "downfall of TND in the past year" thing. Will take a while I'm sure but hopefully it'll be worth it.

No. 599092

File: 1542205656281.jpeg (159.56 KB, 750x926, BBB37D75-D8AE-4F25-BDC2-416DBA…)

No. 599093

This is some next level insanity lol

No. 599094


Poor kid, that is some shoddy, shoddy lettering. I hope they never learn what bad kerning is, because it's gonna bug them forever.

No. 599095

The copyright stan from earlier would have a ball trying to figure out how they felt about this. Yikes, though.

No. 599098

yeah, the shoop is making her look rather pretty.

No. 599099

File: 1542206768513.jpg (207.21 KB, 874x754, Screenshot_20181114-154442_Ins…)

Why does she always act like buying a house takes 1 week? She keeps saying her lease is up soon and she is searching for a house.
Girl, if your lease is up in January then you should already be in the process of BUYING one, not just looking.

No. 599100


She is such a child - and okay, she's young, but come on, that is some wildly impractical, thoughtless shit. Even if she has the money to throw down for a house right now, good luck to her getting everything move-in ready in January. She just strikes me as someone who's really sheltered and not really in touch at all with the practical realities of adulting.

No. 599104

Agreed. Plus she'd be dumb to buy at this point in her youtube career. I don't know what apartment prices are like in San Antonio, is it possible for her to rent something bigger for cheaper that isn't "luxury" or whatever? Or just move out of that city.. She'd be smarter to do that. Save as much money as she can for a down-payment on a home some day. She is sinking her youtube career faster than I think she realizes and it's hilarious because as usual she is incapable of being self aware.

No. 599108

Google doc evidence anon, it's only just dawned on me but can someone let me know if my google account shows up as either owner or as I edit?
If the link gets out I don't want to deal with a army of angry 12 year olds on my public accounts which aren't even related to animals….

No. 599109


It's not really funny to me, but it's obvious she can't imagine her fortunes ever changing - she just has to have that luxury apartment in a mall, because that's her ~~ dream apartment ~~ or whatever. She strikes me as someone who's never had to do without or manage her own finances long term, and it's like she can't conceive that that Youtube moneyz won't last forever and that she's taken in pets with long lifespans she has a duty to provide for in the coming years and decades. It's not funny to me that despite her having a lot of money to throw around now she's not putting that money towards keeping her pets healthy and happy but just buying more and more and more. She's gonna crash and burn and her animals are going to suffer the most due to it.

Girlfriend needs to get her head out of her ass and put on her big girl panties pronto. If she thinks she can swing a house in two months, she should have been talking about financing it and its renovations around fucking April, not almost December. Time flies when you're high!

No. 599114

File: 1542210093959.png (314.89 KB, 651x634, ab88775357311f74fe989f91c3219c…)

Need to figure out which clownfish cause she's had several morphs, but good to know yet ANOTHER fish suicide jumped.
Would've thought by now she's learn't fish jump…

No. 599115

She said a few months- it’s totally possible she signed for another 6 back in September when her lease was up the first time. The idea that she has enough to buy a house though is laughable

No. 599116

The wrasse is the one who originally jumped, and I think she traded in a clownfish that nipped at cheese if memory serves

No. 599119

I actually have her channel open and know the exact video she says that in, it was funnily enough the one about the ich incident.

Couldn't link in the youtube field with the time but it's said starting at 10:47

No. 599120

Ah yes, let your dragon lick the makeup off your face. That'll keep him healthy.

No. 599121

I feel like she's acting like Twisty's licking her face because he loves her…. but bearded dragons are curious creatures, and the way they explore things is by licking them. They lick their decor, they lick their substrate (which is how they ingest sand if kept on sand which isn't a good idea), they lick their vivarium, they lick their basking rock, they lick anything they're wondering about. That's just wht they do.
You're not special Taylor, get a grip.

No. 599122

If she had 3 caretakers coming in daily her animals wouldn’t have died…

No. 599123

File: 1542211665517.jpeg (270.58 KB, 750x680, 230DD919-2B20-4E62-9792-AA3B9F…)

That’s an angel fish!
And also, the post I was thinking of turned out to be a squirrel fish.
So what clown fish did she end up getting rid of? I’m not sure if I’m misremembering but we’re clownfish in Zazus tank or was it just Larry? How did she forget about getting rid of the angel fish and the squirrel fish (especially since she just got rid of the squirrel fish in September)? Oh yeah, she has too many animals.

No. 599124

She signed another 4 months. First lease ended September 30. Now extended to January 31

No. 599126

I did not mean to post the video again whoops

No. 599127

Click delete. You have 30 minutes I think

No. 599128

If my memory of the timeline serves me correctly, when she first got the biocube she put 2 regular clownfish in it, I think she moved them to her 150 tank when she got it (or these were new clownfish no one noticed she replaced)
She then put a maroon clownfish in after she turned it into a predator tank.
I believe her Kamohara Blenny was also in this tank before being moved.

Thanks anon I didn't know I could do that lol.

No. 599130

File: 1542212505399.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1690, Screenshot_20181113-205952~2.p…)

She's obsessed with posting "quirky" photos of her pets. The ones with Tofu posturing make me mad, because he's obviously stressed in those photos.

It doesn't look like Toast (?) Is doing the same thing, but why would his mouth be open? Maybe she caught him before a yawn?

No. 599131

What ever happened to the longfin clownfish she had?
And why would she put a pair in with the cow clownfish wouldn’t they attack each other? I remember seeing the maroon one with the anemone and now her cow clowns are hosting on that anemone….

No. 599132

File: 1542212813393.png (310.54 KB, 1440x1689, 1514686135671.png)

she got rid of them cause she didn't like them

No. 599133

Why does she have such a strong habit of just tossing her pets? Every time she says she rehomed something waaay after the fact, I’m just gonna assume they’re dead.

No. 599134


Here you go anons, first link is what I have compiled regarding everything Jonny related (don't think I have found all the leaked dm's though) and 2nd one is misc stuff that might be useful at some point.

No. 599135

Think how much make up that beardie licked for that photo. Healthy.

No. 599136

I just keep hoping she'll snap the fuck out of it, get her ducks in order and punt Johnny to the curb like the sack of refuse he is. She needs a wake up call badly, and I really hope for her sake something would get through to her.

No. 599137

I really, really, really want to know who told Jessica about the dead skinks and frog.
It must be someone in Taylors close circle if she told them she will replace them.
If I was Taylor I wouldn't trust any of my leeches after this.

No. 599147

By Myself?

It looks awful. Maybe it was done by yourself

No. 599150

It also looks pretty new, and they're letting their snake near it?
Guess this person learned proper tattoo hygeine from Taylor too.

No. 599160

Snakes don't normally yawn tho unless they just ate or are about to eat.

No. 599167

The other option is a respiratory infection, which I wouldn't doubt with her poor cleanliness and lack of quarantining. Gaping mouth is one of the symptoms of a pretty serious RI.

No. 599218

This is awesome, great job!

I actually have a bunch of stuff I could contribute. I went through the first 18 threads about 1.5 months ago for info on the "assistants" as well as anytime she mentions sleeping all day or her house being a wreck despite claiming people clean for her.

They originally thanked his drug dealer for caring for the pets, then she started mentioning "assistants" in #4.

No. 599220

It's just a side note, what a fucking crappy tank set up. It looks like she just piled everything up there in the middle of the back of it then congratulated herself on doing such a good job.

No. 599222

Yes I own a KSB whos around the same age as toast and I’ve never seen him open his mouth unless he’s striking or yawning and he only yawns right after he eats. I have never seen a photo of a KSB with their mouth open unless they are yawning. And if she is holding him so soon after eating she is probably stressing him tf out and risking regurgitation. Personally I think it is most likely an RI. I would say caused by too high humidity from being in a rack. I’ve never really heard of anyone keeping KSBs in racks because their humidity requirements are so low and racks tend to have really high humidity. KSBs are one of the few snakes where a tank is the preferred enclosure

Would sage if I could for snake talk.

No. 599227

Where/how does Taylor check temp. & humidity on her rack versus her enclosures?

No. 599229

I just saw her new merch and Jesus this girl really has no creativity in her videos or merch. Sure the drawings from the artists are cute but they’re just so generic and boring. She must really need some money to be putting up bland $40 merch that her stans will eat up. Guess she needs some money for that house down payment huh?

No. 599247

File: 1542236661911.png (1.34 MB, 2224x1668, 2B4BF892-C09D-43F1-B969-D1D956…)

Yeah this is her merch. Super boring. Cant even tell what the first cheese one says in the middle. Nothing about it shows personality of any of the animals, but i guess if tay doesn’t spend enough time getting to know any of her animals how could any of the fans who made all her shit know about them either.

No. 599276

I'm not someone who can do videos, but I'm loving all the ones that have been made. Keep them coming, please! Flood YouTube with them.

No. 599281

The merch seems to be fan art people have made. So she just posts it onto a shirt? Who would buy this? Almost $25? What????

Merry fishmas is what it says I think.

No. 599282

Cheese shirts:
"I wish to be safe this Christmas"
"Merry Fishmas"

No. 599283

She's still doing that "I am never safe" joke? I haven't been watching her videos (skipping through at nost) but I don't think she has featured any of her pets with those speech bubbles in a loooong time.
Which is a shame because that was kind of cute and quirky. Guess you can't give your pets characters when you have 50 different ones you never spend time with

No. 599284

She personally hasn't. But it was something that stuck with her fan, thus why it's on there, I guess.

I used to look forward to that kind of editing myself, but I guess since it's a hassle to even record/edit/publish a video of her talking…say good bye to those sort of days.

No. 599287

"I am never safe" is less of a joke anymore since Cheese and all his fellow co-pets are subjected to her crappy care every day.

No. 599288

I was just about to say that.

"I am never safe" has taken on a new meaning for sure

No. 599294


This merch is ugly. If I was a fan and was waiting for some merch and this is what was delivered I'd be severely disappointed. For that price I'd be expecting so much more. The art is cute, but it doesn't really scream "TND" and the print is so small on the shirt too. Like that Nala one? What is that, a print for ants?

The only thing that's even remotely cute is the Nala plush and it doesn't seem to be selling well if it's at 50% off…

No. 599296

She should be safe, but not exempt from critique. When you put yourself in the public eye as someone with authority, people should not blindly follow your advice. It's sad her stans lack critical thinking skills, but that's the worrisome part. Her audience is primarily younger viewers, which make sense, but it's exactly why they need to learn how to obtain their sources.

No. 599297

Pretty sure anon meant that her pets are never safe because she's a shit pet keeper

No. 599321

File: 1542249594247.jpg (84.07 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20181114-183731__01…)

Said she was up all night filming. Maybe we'll get to see that video next year

No. 599337


I can so see her trying to impulse buy a house the way she impulse buys pets. "I've been wanting a house just like this forever and I've done ALL the research and I'm so excited to finally have one it's exactly what I always wanted!" and then when she buys a piece of crap and shows it in a video people immediately criticize her for issues in the house like mold or pipes that burst and flood or whatnot because she did not go about getting it checked properly. It'll all be the breeder, I mean real estate agent's, fault. "I just didn't know and I should have trusted my instincts but everyone else said it would be okay and there was nothing I could have done guize!"

>>599104 You're right financially speaking, but what kind of house that she rents will let her have that many animals? I'm having minor issues with rental houses right now and I have 1/10th the animals she does. But I do have 8 fish tanks and like to foster animals on top of the cats I already have, and if they can get away with denying it landlords don't want to take risks your animals will destroy the house.

>>599133 fish anon here, it's not super abnormal for people to rehome fish that don't work out in their tanks, especially due to aggression. They're not generally animals that bond with their owner, so as long as they're moved properly the risk for them is small. But Taylor does it with so little care for giving up the fish (why buy a fish you don't really want in the first place?) and the fact that she never tells us they're rehomed until asked repeatedly makes me think she just killed them.

No. 599348


I can see her doing this with a house. I mean if she's looking for houses, then good for her. But she seems to have this very naive idea of the process and it's not like Jonny is going to be of any help. He just wants his sugar mamma to buy him a McMansion so he can flex on Twitter. Buying a house is ideal for her situation as renting can be tricky with the amount of animals she has… not to mention with a house, landlords would be more strict on tidiness too. So a house is better, but history will repeat itself. She'll buy an overpriced house in an overpriced area and not think of her animals.

I agree as well with your point about fish. If you adopt a dog and have an existing dog and as much as you try, they don't get along… you normally rehome the new dog, as much as it sucks. However since Taylor doesn't mention rehoming until months later when people ask, chances are it's dead.

No. 599362

I live here in San Antonio and there is a good amount of houses that have 3-4 bedrooms for the same price or even cheaper but she’s living in the upscale part of San Antonio. As a matter of fact I had just found a house that is 4 bed 2 bath 75k 15k down and 567 a month that has A POOL! There’s really no excuse. She has 7k to spend I’m sure she has 15k with all the luxury stuff she buys.

No. 599377

Her first ever saltwater fish was a black clownfish - pretty sure it died. Then she had two normal ones in the biocube that she rehomed because they started fighting. Then I’m not sure but I think she got a lightning maroon instead. Then she got two long fins in her seahorse tank which is now her only freshwater tank. Then she got a caramel gladiator clown for the 150 - no idea what happened to that. Probably got rehomed to make room for the two cow looking clownfish. And then she got a “male” for the lightning maroon and took it straight back because the female tried to kill it. I think that’s all her clownfish.

No. 599380

You wouldn't happen to have screenshots / video timelines of all of these would you? would be super helpful to add them to her timeline of events

No. 599461

Seriously, CA anon here and housing is suuuper expensive here - but looking at house prices in San Antonio, there is no excuse for her not buying a house instead of renting. She spends thousands of dollars on not just her 50 pets, but on her broken Cartier bracelet, her manlet’s video games and systems, her tattoos, etc.
Not to mention, like this anon said there is a $75k house you could get with a typical 20% down payment of $15k. However idk about out of state programs, but there are FHA loans for first time home buyers where you can get a house for only 3.5% down. If she bought a $75k home that’s literally less than a $3k down payment! Her bracelet could have paid double that lmao
Does anyone think she has been smart enough to build credit? Having little to no credit can be a big issue for buying a home, then they will weigh the last few years of your income more heavily.

No. 599464

I feel like she’s put off buying a house because of JC.

Either a. He’s convinced her to wait until his name can he put on it too
b. She feels she’d be even more stuck and secretly doesn’t want a house with him so she’s hoping she can get out before then
c. He’s convinced her need a massive house. He did say he was looking at MANSIONS. So he’s got her saving up more than 15k for a 3-4 bedroom because he wants to live in a mansion

No. 599469


No. 599470

I highly doubt if she bought a house, he would be anywhere near the paperwork. He has a bad record, and I bet awful credit since he's never paid off his hospital bills. I don't think anyone would sell the house to him

No. 599471

If she was sensible, she'd buy a house under the name of an LLC or something and move the fuck out of that apartment the minute Jonny was on tour, and leave no forwarding address beyond a PO box. That way she doesn't have to fuss with him finding her, or being there in person to evict him with 30 days' notice. Just a thought.

No. 599481

She spends more than saving. To be honest I don’t think banks will want to loan to someone that not only impulsively buys animals and other things but someone who’s only source of income is through social media.
Her schedule is way to irregular for it to be credible also.

No. 599503


That's the thing that baffles me - she has got an incredibly easy, non-demanding job to work on her own schedule, and she can't be bothered to do it more than twice a month. She's literally got so many animals with a ton of personality she could feature, like one per video, and she would not run out of content any time soon. She's got a blue-tongued skink, one of the most entertaining, fun lizard species, and a beardie, and cresties – literally put Bindi on the floor and let her chase some crickets. That's entertaining as fuck, and would easily rake in views in the thousands… but nope. It wouldn't require much creativity on her part at all, just the willingness to get it done.

No. 599509

Other youtubers have come out and said it’s extremely difficult to finance things like houses and cars unless they have 40-50% of the amount already. So if Taylor moves anytime soon, it won’t be into a mansion unless she already has 100-200k stashed away (we know she doesn’t)

No. 599522

She would also need some sort of credit score, which isn't THAT easy at her age. I'm a little younger and I've been using a credit card frequently (paying it off immediately as well) and I still don't have great credit. So, not only would taylor need credit and a large downpayment (which banks DO need for her career. I'm not sure why certain people keep saying they don't care as long as you can show you make a lot of money) but she'd need to be able to prove she's capable of paying off debt and that her job is stable (from what I've learned most banks look at how long you've had the job AND the type of job it is. So in other words YouTube doesn't look great unless you're someone who's been bringing in a lot of subscribers and money multiple years in a row.). She's insane if she thinks she's going to be able to get the "million dollar mansions" her and her manchild are looking at

No. 599556

I thought she was getting 10k per advert for blue apron or whatever. If she was consistent with her job and saved properly over the last year she could probably buy a modest house straight up.

No. 599577

But she’s not consistent and her spending habits are atrocious.

It might vary by area but I live in Texas and my parents who employ themselves had to jump through hoops for almost a year to get financed to purchase their most recent home. 40% down, too.

No. 599580

File: 1542314662779.png (38.83 KB, 623x336, Untitled.png)

You mean like… not moving in with someone 3 months after first tweeting them right?

No. 599583


LOL this cow thinking this is some divine wisdom when it's plain common sense. What's next, Jen, is it a good idea to carry an umbrella if it might rain?

No. 599604

This is a truly genius idea and I would love to watch it happen

No. 599620

I can't believe Jen actually thinks anything she tweets is intelligent. She's such an insufferable old hag.

No. 599628

"water is wet so take an umbrella so you won't get wet."

No. 599656

It’s sort of a little worrying that no more stans have come to flood the videos, the obviously know they exist by now.
I think we broke them.

No. 599657


It's not hard to see how Taylor is so stupid when she has Jen for a mother.

No. 599662

Just give them time. It takes a while for their little brains to formulate a semi-coherent thought and type it out.

No. 599725


Wait til the kiddos get out for fall break

No. 599737

I gotta give Taylor a bit of credit, her method of lying is so extreme that unless you really love to dig and do research you’re not going to have much luck calling her out.
Though even if you do, doing said research is so mind numbing and infuriating it’s no wonder her stans are so fucking stupid

No. 599796

hopefully it's because the videos just blown their minds and they're having a hard time figuring out how to defend their princess. All they can say now is either calling us haters or telling us a million times how she made a mistake.

No. 599803

File: 1542351055316.png (283.95 KB, 2518x1228, DBMisBestAlbum.png)

Lol, hadn't seen this, I love 2006-2012 era Dance Gavin Dance.

Jonny is a terrible person that attracts terrible people. He's def abusive, but Chelsea is far from perfect.

No. 599811

Taylor's Orchid mantis Egg just passed away according to Twitter, can we confirm this was due to age as she says? I don't know much about mantises

No. 599812

She posted on Instagram with her drinking, I thought her and Craig were “sober”?? She lies so much. Does she forget that she claims to be sober?

No. 599813

They live between 6-8 months depending on male or female I believe

No. 599814

They're addicts. If it's legal, they consider themselves sober. Plenty of addicts claim sobriety but still drink, smoke weed, etc.

No. 599816

cant figure out why chelsea is even mentioned but ok

No. 599819

Imagine subtweeting about your own daughter incessantly to give her advice she is not interested in taking.

No. 599832

why was this posted? this meme isnt funny in the slightest. Hi Jonny?

No. 599833

imagine having to tweet about your own daughter indirectly to give her advice because your relationship with her is dysfunctional so she won't talk to you unless you kiss her ass.

No. 599836


It wasn't funny, and it almost sounded like downplaying the abuse Chelsea endured + Jonny's awful character. Makes you wonder who is lurking here.

No. 599837


Uh what the fuck? Next you'll tell us he's JuSt MiSuNdErStOoD?

No. 599842


Yeah no, that's a super weird post. First there's the out of nowhere "haha Dance Gavin is so great, right???" lead in to put Jonny's blah music over, and then there's the excuse of him just "attracting terrible people" (it ain't his fault! they just come to him! he's a poor little innocent boy!) and the crap deflection about being a shitbag rapist junkie abuser (bu bu but she is not perfect! it's her fault for being perfect! her not mine! I mean Jonny's!)… Fucking vom.

No. 599847

File: 1542359002741.png (656.95 KB, 922x596, Screenshot 2018-11-16 at 10.03…)

No. 599849

File: 1542359090879.png (696.71 KB, 925x590, Screenshot 2018-11-16 at 10.03…)

looks like she has reached the "facetune to hell and back" stage of her progressing public breakdown

No. 599850

lol she does not look happy in that photo. looks like she's on that ariana grande hairstyle again until her hair falls off

No. 599851


Well, good for her if she's actually getting some work in. Seriously.

All I see is the smile not reaching her eyes and that matted hair.

No. 599852

File: 1542359345841.png (527.22 KB, 909x580, Screenshot 2018-11-16 at 10.07…)

>lived his full life
>love him so much (twice)
>old age
>look what a nice thing i did for him (i FED him. wow best pet mom)
>oh btw already got a new one lol

classic taylor death announcement
(not insinuating she killed the bug or sth….it's a bug after all)

No. 599853

File: 1542359457388.jpg (36.33 KB, 940x940, 29564-02.jpg)

Homegirl be looking like a literal sex doll lmao

No. 599855

Shouldn't she have been giving him flies the whole time?
Also, I don't doubt at all that he died a month or so ago and she's just talking about it now, like she usually does when her pets die. Bit of a coincidence she didn't take any recent photos of him.

No. 599862

File: 1542361059122.png (175.8 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

She says she wishes she'd done more content with egg, but..why didn't she?? She's had him since June. That's plenty of time to do tons of videos about him and every other pet she still has

No. 599870

because she had 300 new fancy pets to talk about, that mantis was old news

No. 599872

Because she's lazy and she clearly wanted a female orchid mantis, she was disappointed she got a male so stopped mentioning or taking photos of him when she got new animals as she usually does lol.

No. 599894

Hah, yeah exactly. The second she found out for herself he was male, she stopped posting about him. Shallow bitch.

No. 599896

Her Twitter is making me so angry right now with her whole I LovE eLepHanTs I WoUlD gIvE mY lEg fOr a ElEpHanT tO bE HapPy, yet she hasn't thought of actually helping them before. Typical fucking Taylor. All talk.

No. 599897

She does that all the time, there will be a viral video going around about an animal and all of a sudden it's Taylor's favourite animal. She's like a 5 year old.

No. 599902

Don't stare directly at it anon, you'll be cursed.

But yeah as >>599897 said, pretty sure that's what the motivation behind the pitbull video was. Give it a few days, I'm sure something will come out from the California fires and suddenly that will be her new big thing.>>599896

No. 599904


The stupidity in the comments isn't even surprising at this point.


Weren't we just discussing this guy? Typical Tay posting about him just as soon as she thinks we've forgotten and moved on to the next topic.

Honestly it was time for the mantis to go based on his life expectancy, but holy shit she really likes to pile on HE LIVED HIS FULL LIFE and I LOVE HIM SO MUCH while in the next sentence saying she already got a new one but oh no, totally not disregarding his death.

It's a bug, but man I've never known anyone to announce a new pet in the same bloody post as announcing the death of one - one that you apparently just love sooooo much.

No. 599909

She's probably super upset that she got a male again. She obviously really wanted Egg (what a dumb name btw) to be a girl and probably just hasn't introduced the new one because she doesn't give a shit about it either because it's a boy again.

No. 599912

He lived a little longer than most male orchids tbh, and glad she switched over to bluebottles in the end.

When I was really into breeding mantises it was common practice to offload males at an overpriced rate onto people who only bought one mantis at a time because they're not breeders and they're a drain on the hobby. I only need like three males to mate all my females, but females produce eggs so I need to keep as many as possible. She wont get a female of any desirable species with her rep and not being a breeder. Insect circles are quite cliquey.

No. 599914

I mean, do we really believe that he died now? She hasn't posted him in a month so he's most likely been dead for some time. He also wasn't in the video Emma made.

No. 599916

Even if he didn't, it's not that big a deal. Male mantises die really quickly once they're adults, I've had males that only lasted four weeks whilst the females lived for four months. Mis-moulting is the best indicator of bad husbandry, not lifespan and he completed his most difficult moult fine, no falling, sticking or malformed wings.

We also don't know how hot he was kept or how often he was fed, both of which dramatically speed up how quickly insects die. Bad care i.e. - not feeding them enough and keeping them too cold actually make them live for much longer. It's really common practice to do this to males if they moult to adult before your females because they'll die or stop producing sperm before your females are ready to mate otherwise.

No. 599926

How the hell did he live his full life if they live 6-8 months and she only had him for 4? What? Lol

No. 599933

File: 1542379112671.png (4.99 MB, 1242x2208, D554192F-39F0-4312-89B8-3C5862…)

It’s totally not because that’s the only videos of her’s that do really well and she’s running out of money or anything.

No. 599939

This is a stupid as fuck question. The mantis was already a couple of months old when she got it. No, she couldn't have lied about it because they go through different colour stages as they moult.

No. 599940


Look out for Taylors new vid:
All my pets, a hoarders journey

No. 599942


From the comments on Emma’s video of all her pets she’s going shock even her fans who have no idea half of the animals she has now. I wonder how she’s going to hide potential dead animals that weren’t in Emma’s video such as the Halloween crab, will her memory card get lost too??!

No. 599946

Why are males a drain on the hobby?
I think some people may not be aware on why she wants a female so it would be nice to see the attitude with a bit more info.

No. 599948

Uhm not really considering the average person knows fuck all about these bugs??? Can't tell if you're a white knight or just need to chill

No. 599952

If it's filmed with just her talking about them while she shows them it could be old footage.

No. 599964

If you don't know anything about it then why did you post in the first place? not posting and not sharing your uninformed opinions is always an option, and you should maybe consider lurking for a bit longer and tone down your newfaggotry anyway.

No. 599967

It wasn't even me but okay lol. Considering Taylor kills her animals prematurely all the time it was a pretty valid question to wonder how it possibly lived its entire life. 99% aren't going to be bug experts like yourself or snake experts or whatever else she has so Idk where you've been but people here are constantly questioning her pet care without knowing for sure what they're talking about.

No. 599986

Sorry, just had to post a DGD meme I had.

And I did say Jonny was terrible, and I know he is far from a good bf. I was just saying Chelsea was an equally shitty person who got exactly what she signed up for, then cried for attention when she did

No. 599987

Damn some of you are as defensive as Taylor js

No. 599989

It wasn't a legit question it was a
>Ha! gotcha Taylor! Caught in you in a stupid lie lmao explain this one

Don't do that shit if you don't know what you're talking about, that should be obvious

No. 599990

Why was she a shitty person that got what she signed up for? I don't think anyone deserves to be raped or abused

No. 599991

File: 1542388973241.jpeg (303.91 KB, 1334x750, C0771807-E900-454D-9490-37D58A…)

I guess it’s being sober if you’re just drinking beer…

No. 599992

File: 1542389005941.jpeg (327.82 KB, 1334x750, 61E0633F-83E8-4FDA-9FAB-C02234…)

No. 599993


Any idea what Betsy's titty tattoo says or is?

No. 599995

If that's where you consider a tit to be, we need to have an anatomy lesson. But no. No one can read that faded scribble.

No. 599999

File: 1542389913552.png (31.61 KB, 262x163, tattoo.png)


"until we spin out of here"?

No. 600016

I was JUST thinking about how she could make a then vs now video yesterday but I didn't post it because A. I don't wanna give her ideas and B. I thought it might be pretty unlikely since it'll basically just be a "my descent into hoarding" video. Plus kind of a reminder of all the pets she's killed… I literally can't even keep track of how many animals this girl has, I doubt her fans can and she obviously can't ("I don't even have 30 animals") so this should be interesting. Do you guys think she'll accidentally expose herself about more of her pets dying by leaving them out the way that other girl did? I'm betting on her expecting her amount of accessor- cough, animals to overwhelm fans enough to just not notice anybody missing.

No. 600020

Clearly you have no idea what being in a manipulative and abusive relationship is like, you twat.

No. 600021

what happened to her HUGE tits she is always going on about?? She is as flat as ice here lol

No. 600029

If chelsea didn’t pin someone down to shoot them up with herion and rape them then she wasn’t an “equally shitty person”. Nobody is saying she’s perfect but nobody deserves that abuse.

No. 600033

She forgot to put on a push-up bra or three then chose to take a picture lying on her back. lol

No. 600042

Is she actually drinking beer? Because beer has gluten in it.

No. 600043

This is the stupidest thing I have read it isn’t even funny. Chelsea might have displayed toxic behaviors by being in a relationship with Jonny, just like Amanda or Liz, even Taylor, but that’s because Jonny is an abuser and a fucking rapist. I highly doubt any of them were “equally shitty” you retard.

No. 600044

Not to WK but gluten-free beer is sold, although I doubt that she actually drinks the stuff lol

No. 600049

File: 1542397936277.jpeg (281.69 KB, 1242x664, C18FEFA2-D3D0-4DFD-916D-35032B…)

No. 600053

talk about manipulation. they tend to feel all down and out when the other is out having fun with their friends. imagine trying to hang out with your friends but your manbaby is crying at home so you start to doubt yourself if you're doing the right thing by being with friends

No. 600054

Has Jen deleted both her twitter accounts?

No. 600056

it's like all her videos are ALL MY PETS

No. 600058


Yep, this is such a classic emotional abuse tactic - it's a lame gazelle gambit to get your partner's focus back to you ASAP so they don't break away from you or come to their senses or even leave you. He's so textbook it's laughable.

No. 600059

If she has deleted she'll be back lol

No. 600060

Hahahah very true. I give her 48 hours. Does anyone know if she's deleted her youtube? I have no idea what it was called.

No. 600066

Lmao his abusiveness is so fucking textbook. Imagine being publicly guilted every time you go out without your rapist BF but then later on twitter sperging about how ~goals~ you both are.
You know, for as much as they love to love bomb each other on social media, is it kind of weird that they NEVER (I know they have a few times, it’s super rare) show pictures of them together on social media? You would think since they love acting like they’re ~goals~ to the audience, they would show how “uwu cute we are!!”. Honestly they are so miserable together it’s almost funny lol. This is what Taylor really knowingly signed up for. Gross… then again his appearance is just appallingly disgusting and even she knows it, so she wouldn’t be proud to show his face too much.

No. 600071

Yes exactly. In the beginning she sometimes showed him off but he hasn't made a single "by the way this is my boyfriend Jonny" appearance on her channel. You'd think that if you live with someone and they're home 24/7 you'd see their SO more often (like with Jenna Marbles or Shane' boyfriends).
I think the last time she posted him on instagram was like 4 months ago.

No. 600075

Yeah, I am aware that gluten free beer exists, but not everywhere is going to sell it. what I'm asking is if she's actually drinking beer because I don't know where anon got that, as I don't see a beer bottle in any of these pictures. wondering if I've missed something.

No. 600076

File: 1542402110902.jpeg (348.79 KB, 1125x993, D3B21FF1-392F-44FD-A3EC-38A14E…)

Even though Taylor neglects her animals lol okay

No. 600077

It could be cider which is pretty popular and usually gluten free…

No. 600081

Of course, I was more just dropping the info for context. It's becoming more readily available which is a sidenote, though I agree with >>600077 that it just could be cider.

No. 600098

When I was 14 my friend and I met Johnny Craig at a music festival in Dallas and I'll never forget him trying to hit on us and get us to smoke weed with his band. I was 14. He was over the age of 21. Yikes.

No. 600100

Steve Irwin day was yesterday. Did Taylor even know that existed.

No. 600109

Of course she didn't. He's her biggest inspiration but she's too caught up in herself to know anything about him or keep up to date with the amazing things his family are doing.

No. 600129

how do you know it's cider or beer? do you see a bottle somewhere? can someone answer my question? what makes you think she's drinking beer/cider? am I missing something????????????

No. 600135

I was confused as well. But I'm assuming they're drinking whatever is in the bottle in the back >>599991

No. 600139

It more has to do with the fact she said her and Jonny are being sober and less of having to do whether something is GF or not.

No. 600140

idk how you guys think it's cider LOL. she went to a concert with betsy (as shown in bettsyyboo's ig. idk how to record it) and places like those usually have beer, water, or cocktails. unless they went out and seen an underage concert which is not likely

No. 600144

There was suppose to be a fish video tonight, but of course it's missing and she deleted the tweet.

No. 600146

have you not heard of hard cider? idk I live in the northeast and you can get some sort of hard cider on tap at all bars

No. 600156

Who cares if she's sober or not if she wants to drink that's her life, at this point its just petty and nitpicky
why cant we just focus on the real issue of her animal care, not how her tits, makeup, or tattoos look because all that shit is unrelated and whether y'all like it or not it's just being mean for the sake of being mean.

No. 600160

Although I agree, this isn't necessarily the place where people exercise their manners. You're better off trying to redirect conversations rather than policing anons.

No. 600166

do you know where you are? these threads are to discuss anything that has to do with Taylor, Johnny, or Mama Dean. it's not a place where you get to decide what's "worthy" of being discussed, anything on topic is fair game.

and it's really not nitpicky to discuss her drinking. she has repeatedly claimed that both she and Johnny are sober when they clearly aren't, and it's worth pointing out proof that she's lying. Like the fact that he just shaved his whole face, was wearing sunglasses indoors, and captioned the pic "clean af" which was clearly supposed to be an in-joke.

No. 600170

In her insta stories she put beer drinking emojis and was drinking a clear cup with amber liquid with foam on Top

No. 600178

thanks for answering me. idk like I believe her that she has a gluten intolerance but she definitely is WAY too casual about her eating/drinking habits for me to believe that it's as bad as she claims. plus it only ever flares up when it gets her out of doing something she's promised to her fans.

No. 600179

Not trying to defend Taylor, but aren't there breaks with time and date on iMessage? Unless all their messages were sent at once, which is unlikely.

No. 600182


It looks like it's just one conversation, which I don't think would have timestamps, as long as there weren't like 20 minutes in between messages. Conversations where messages are sent back and forth don't have time stamps unless there's a significant change in time

No. 600184

I don't have an iPhone but I would believe that these were all sent in the span of a few hours, like tay needed to vent and started spilling the tea and it all kind of poured out at once.

No. 600195

Yeah, it's very likely this didn't happen in the span of days considering Jonny is clingy as fuck.

No. 600200

File: 1542424965389.jpeg (134.67 KB, 750x472, 2E236EB1-FFA6-42C2-AD97-780FCC…)

No. 600201

Dang someone beat me to it. Wonder which animal died this time?

No. 600202


I mean, I'm not straight-up wishing sadness on her. but do you think this is an animal crisis or a jonny crisis?

No. 600205

Cheese :)?

No. 600206

she also never likes any of his photos on Instagram which is funny to me

No. 600208


Considering her mom deleted social media, I think it was a family member.

No. 600211

also Jonny tweeted 30 minutes ago about his tour schedule next year, and is in LA right now, so it probably has nothing to do with him, at least.

No. 600212

As much as I wanna say it was an animal yeah, we can’t rule out the possibility it might be a family member, like a grandparent or something.

No. 600216

if it is an animal and she’s talking about it now and not months after it’s died, it must be one of her more important animals. maybe a cat? or as another anon said, it could be a family member

No. 600217

"saddest day I've had in a long time" other than the day she baked three animals to death and was "hysterical" and "couldn't be consoled for hours" just this past month? yeah it must either be human family or a pet she actually cares about that was hurt by something other than her negligence.

No. 600218

doublepost but inb4 she says her monitor ate her cats or her cats ate her rats

No. 600221

Even if it were a more prominent animal, I would think she would take her time to let even an inkling of news.

I would bet it's family, in which case, I'm hoping things end up alright.

No. 600222

I doubt Jen would’ve deleted her social media if that happened. Speculation but I feel like something might have happened with her and while I’m not fond of her I hope things are ok

No. 600228

I'm not sure what Taylor would do if anything happened to her parents. I wonder if they discussed who would take care of Tanner if things went awry.

No. 600229

maybe you're right. anon posted here 8 hours ago about Mama Dean deleting her twitters, and Taylor was still acting normal on twitter up until about 7 hours ago. not sure when Jen deleted, or why, but it took a few hours at least for it to affect Taylor. just compiling information, not sure what any of it means yet since we don't know what's happened.

I'm not fully convinced Jen deleting is related to this emergency. it very well could be, but no way to be sure until we find out more. though like >>600221 said, I hope Jen is okay, for Tanner's sake as well as her own.

No. 600230

yeah, now that i think about it more it’s probably family related. i wonder if something could’ve possibly happened to tanner? i do hope everything is okay though

No. 600247

Man please don’t make me think about something happening to Tanner. He’s such a good kid, I feel so bad all the time that he has a psycho mom.

No. 600264

Regardless of Taylor's shit animal care I really hope her family is okay.

No. 600290

same. taylor may be a hoarder, liar, and rape apologist, but that doesn't have anything to do with her family and they deserve to be okay.

No. 600318

File: 1542430110043.jpeg (100.15 KB, 750x1334, 28F71C42-01EC-442C-85DC-E686CE…)

Jonny has face pickings. 2 for sure, the one in red might be a tattoo? Or a giant scab? Not sure, his face is so fucked with all the trashy tattoos.

No. 600353

Dont forget the one near his eyebrows. Every photo of him is gross. He looks like a druggy homeless and i bet he smells like one too

No. 600357

The near his eyebrows is a red tatto lmfao

No. 600381

Jonny looks like a dehydrated ballsack, just seeing his face is gross.

I feel like Jen is unwell or may have hurt herself/attempted suicide. Either way as much as I dislike her, I wish her no harm and hope she's okay.

No. 600390

Yeah, as much as I enjoy taking the piss out of Taylor's hypocrisy, I sincerely hope everything is all right with her fam.

No. 600393

Multiple exes confirmed that he picks his skin/shaves when he’s on heroin or another opiate - either he overdosed himself on the Kratom or both him and Taylor are once again smoking Heroin or maybe just taking another opiate. I’m sure Taylor could get something prescribed regularly for her “pain”.

No. 600444

File: 1542446838015.jpeg (87.52 KB, 1277x630, CD618196-BC97-4007-8151-228C42…)

No. 600445

I wonder if it's Mushu that's died (if any have died). She's been looking so sickly lately, it really wouldn't be a surprise.

No. 600447

She’s had so many animals die and been able to make jokes on the same day. I can’t really see her being this upset about any of her pets except maybe her cats.

No. 600451

No. 600452

It was Cheese. Cheese is dead

No. 600453

Yup it's about Cheese.
Why did he deserve a crying video but not her other pets?

No. 600455

Jesus. How many of her animals have died (before their time) in the last few months?

No. 600456

I'd love for one of those body language youtubers to watch this video and see whether they think she's being honest about her feelings or whether it's just for the camera.

No. 600458

I do think it's honest. She really does care about Cheese and her other pets. She obviously cares more about some of them than about others, but you can care about your pets and still be a shitty hoarder.

No. 600459

How did she go from “it’s just a fish lol” when Zazu died to fucking hysterical ugly crying when Cheese died?

Jesus Christ Taylor pick something and stick with it already.

No. 600460

For anyone that doesn't want to sit through her ramble crying at the beginning, she explains how cheese died from 6.30

No. 600463

For everyone that doesn't wanna watch her at all, Cheese probably died from a fungus treatment she did for algae.

No. 600464


Body language interpretation is bullshit 95% of the time. Sure, sometimes you can tell interesting things from body language, but it's not as reliable as most people pretend it is. The ways culture, mental/neurological disorders, and even just personal habits affect expressions and behavior throw wrenches into those "analyses" all the time.

I think it's clear she's upset here. But there's no way of knowing whether that's because she really liked Cheese (because he garnered her so much attention) or because she's afraid things are spiraling out of control and people might start questioning her care.

No. 600465

i think she was ready to film an "all of my pets" video because she finally admitted to all the ones that have died and now cheese died so she knows she has to fess up immediately lol

No. 600466

File: 1542449061279.jpeg (156.44 KB, 1125x1042, 2CBFBE68-AD31-492D-90B5-0B54DC…)


“LMAO” … such devastation.

No. 600467

again, taylor did everything perfectly and nothing wrong.

No. 600468


Could be that or could be something else. I know nothing about cowfish, but I know lots of people here mentioned for months now that he should have been growing more.

No. 600470

It was probably both. Cowfish are scaleless so they get much more effected by medication than other fish.
I can't believe she just dropped in some medication for algae. It's ugly but usually it has an underlying problem that you need to fix instead of dropping magnesium or fungus meds in.
I don't know about corals/anenomes but it does nothing to fish, so I don't understand why she said she did the treatment for her fish?.

No. 600473

12:24 into her video is so fucking weird, im curious to see if she keeps this video up

No. 600476

She has her crying video monetized lmao

No. 600477

I wonder if people will finally start to at least think it's not normal for her to be losing so many pets in so little time now that Cheese died.

No. 600478


Because he's probably a significant reason most of her followers keep up with her. She's promising more videos on him in memorial, she mentioned it more than once, so she obviously knows this and doesn't want to lose followers who just want to see Cheese.

Well anyway, can't believe I watched that whole video, but for anyone who doesn't want to here are the highlights:

>Spends like 6 minutes rambling about how distraught she is. Doesn't even tell us Cheese died until minutes into the video, just goes on about pets and dying.

>Keeps repeating "I don't know why he died!" and then proceeds to tell us exactly how and why he died, and, in true form, at least partially blames it on the fish store. (Side note, if you were talking about fluconazole with the fish store staff for months how come you never learned to pronounce it?)

>Also says "everything else in the tank is fine!"

She also spends time, in true form, complimenting herself for managing to keep him alive past six months because
>"usually they don't survive when you get them as babies covered in ich!"
>"Maybe he was meant to die now because of genetics and he couldn't live more just because I loved him so much."

Also, she says her water levels were "fine." That's a running joke in fish groups, people ask for advice and say their water is "fine" without giving numbers. We need numbers, Taylor! Were your ammonia and nitrites zero? Were your nitrates reasonable, or were they in the 100s because you have an overstocked tank? Is that just what you consider "fine?" Remember how adult cowfish need almost twice the tank size cheese is in as a MINIMUM, Taylor?

>"Sometimes I just take photos of him just because they're fun and don't post them!"


>"I'm debating taking him to the vet to get an autoposy"

LOL lmk how that goes, Taylor, she's just depending here on people not knowing how fish/marine vets actually work.

Fish are fragile, especially scaleless fish like cowfish. She needed to be a lot more careful with adjusting anything in that tank if Cheese really meant SO much to her. Treating with fluconazole seems like overkill for algae anyway. Dangerous for tank inhabitants and as soon as you stop treating the algae would come back anyway, unless she treats the root problem causing the algae, like lighting issues or overfeeding or maybe shoving as many fish as she can in her 150 gallon.

Also, this part is mostly speculation, but what did she spend $2000 on for her 150 gallon recently? Was it really just anti-fungals and algae treatment, because there's no way that was that expensive. Fish fluconazole costs like $30 for a week or two supply for a tank her size. It sounds like she changed more about the tank than that, and that also could have stressed/killed Cheese. Did she change the filtration, or add more fish? Any of that could have caused the cycle to crash and killed Cheese.

Anyway, I'm glad nothing happened to her human family.

No. 600479

Anyone want to take bets on how long ago cheese really died?

When was the last photo/video of him?

He's been sick / stunted for a long time now.

No. 600480


He was in Emma's video, right? So idk how long ago he died, it really could have been recent, probably because Emma didn't film that long ago. But he's definitely been stunted and in an overstocked tank for a while. I'd love for her to post a live, unedited video of her testing her tank water in all her tanks. She never will, but I'm sure the levels of NH/NO2/NO3 are terrible.

No. 600481

Yeah, I agree he died within the past month or so, but today/yesterday… like she said… no. I don't believe it.

No. 600482

File: 1542450625279.png (23.22 KB, 685x85, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 3.29…)

Yeah, I bet she would take care of her kids the same way. Thank god she doesn't have any.

No. 600483

I'm assuming Cheese was a Longhorn, apparently they're omnivorous (Sponges and mollusk being some)
I remember she mostly just fed him seaweed and probs some other normal brand tropical fish feed, could've partially been malnutrition?

No. 600484

3 pets get cooked alive
Just tweet it and sweep it under the rug

Cheese dies?
Make a video series based around his life and make a 16 minute video just to announce he died.

"I love all my animals the same"

No. 600485

her instagram is turning into a dead pet cemetery
6 pets in the last month, nice taylor (none that could ever be her fault and still not hoarding!)

No. 600486

It bugs me how every time something happens to her animals she says something along the lines of 'he could have died so much sooner with someone else'… But you can literally flip that and say he could have lived so much longer with someone else… She fully thinks she is the best animal keeper ever, when so many of her pets have died before their average life span. Delusional.
Also around 14:55 does she say 'the next two video I had filmed would have included my 150 gallon and there's no way I could have uploaded that without him in it and acted like nothing was wrong'… Is she saying she already has a video filmed about her 150 gallon without cheese in it, or am I misinterpreting what she's saying?

No. 600496

Her instagram post bragging about her 150 tank has been deleted.

No. 600497

I'm gobsmacked that her stans are still praising her - six pets in a month-ish? That has to be abnormal, even considering her hoarding tendencies.
It feels like they only have value to her if she's pushing merch with them involved, she can boil three alive or have the mantis she so ~desperately wanted~ drop dead and release nothing, but when Cheese dies all of a sudden she's hysterical for the YouTube cash (but also completely innocent guiz!)
Either that or she's worried the people that follow her exclusively on YouTube are going to get suspicious when she uploads three~ videos explaining how her pets randomly died and it wasn't her fault at all.

No. 600501

When cowfish die do they release toxins that kill the other fish in the tank or is that just a myth? Sorry, not really a fish expert. Just something I’ve heard.

No. 600504

File: 1542455268202.jpg (202.5 KB, 1080x964, IMG_20181117_114407.jpg)

Is she seriously trying to convince her fans cheese was fully grown???
Also, maybe someone with more experience can weigh in, but I thought there wasn't any sexual dimorphism in longhorn cowfish and it was notoriously difficult to sex them. I always assumed she just made up that cheese was male?

No. 600507

How'd you know it was Cheese?

No. 600517

She took forever to mention it was cheese in the video. Dragged it out for the money.

No. 600519

File: 1542458934334.jpeg (649.46 KB, 1242x1168, CBE51830-835B-441F-9185-424DF8…)

I had to look up existential…and it’s not even used correctly…and definitely her infantile stans won’t kniw its definition! Lol

No. 600520

Wasn't going to say anything but since it keeps getting pointed out - I know loads of people who use lmao, lol etc sarcastically like her. And I think we all know using humour as a coping mechanism is pretty common as well.
She definitely has some issues but saying she doesn't care and is only doing this for money makes you look like the psycho in this situation.

No. 600526

Myth though they do exude deadly toxins when they feel threatened, so that's most likely where the confusion came from.

No. 600531

I.. What? She doesn't care. The only reason she might care is because it directly impacts her paycheck. If Cheese wasn't such a focal point of her channel she wouldn't have even posted a video about it.. Just like she hasn't posted a video about any of the other pets she has killed. So please fuck off with your white knighting.

No. 600533

I get what you are saying, but she monetized the video and did not put in the description or title that it was cheese, then took well over 5 minutes to mention that it was cheese. I'm sure she loved the fish, but it comes off as clickbaity.

No. 600535

the entire crying thing alone looked so fake to me idk.
Maybe we're just biased but we all know this will be another Nala thing where she makes sure to make a ton on merch and shit.

No. 600536

Aren’t all her videos monetized? Is it even possible to demonetize your own video?

No. 600537

I agree. The initial crying seemed very insincere

No. 600538

It is very possible to make your own video not be monetised.

No. 600539

Just because she cried doesn't mean she is upset that he's dead. She could just be upset that she killed her channels mascot. How many times now has she spouted about how it's not upsetting to her when fish die?? But Cheese in particular is immune to that why?? Zazu wasn't.. Along with countless others.

No. 600540

Yup he was a cornerstone of her brand, she done fucked up.

No. 600548


I wonder if she'll just get another. Make it sound like it was SOOOO hard for her to get another cowfish, but she wanted to HONOR him. She could even call it Cheese II. That way she can still make money off her ~quirky~ cowfish.

No. 600550

ffs when she said something along the lines of "I saw that cheese was hanging around at the bottom of the tank which I thought was strange but then he went back to normal" I honestly thought she was going to be like "then I went out for 12 hours" which she was out with her 'assistant' yesterday wasn't she?

I also found it strange how she needed to add in the part about "I WENT TO TAKE PHOTOS OF MY FISH FOR FUN!!" could you not just say you were going to the kitchen or something and noticed?? why the need to go overkill on how much you check on your fish?

No. 600552

She's definitely getting another cowfish. Makes you wonder why she didn't just replace Cheese though without telling anyone, it wouldn't have been hard right? Doesn't make sense to me for her to just announce it when she's replaced her croc skinks (and probably more).

I'm glad nobody in Taylor's fan got hurt though, her Tweet had me worried.

No. 600553

I think if you leave dead fish in a tank they fuck up the levels of chemicals in the water. I’m not fish expert but I think you need to scoop them ASAP. Hope she didn’t go to bed for 2 days after he passed

No. 600556

I feel like she did it so now whenever people speculate animals are dead she can be like "But I told you CHEESE died even though I knew people would hate me, obviously if I replaced my animals I would have replaced him!"

You're correct- dead fish, especially larger ones, decompose quickly and create too much bioload for what the filtration system of a tank will be used to. Sometimes other animals in the tank eat whatever died, but hopefully she took him out quickly enough neither of those things happened. She said he was floating though… it's been a while since I kept saltwater or bigger fish, but usually fish sink when they die. They don't start floating until 12-24 hrs later when the gasses in the decomposing body start building up.

No. 600563

A lot of the comments are saying 'Jenna Marbles cried over her fish too it's ok'

…yeah but she cried because she realized she was giving them poor care and wanted to improve it, not because she killed them

No. 600573

She probably wanted to replace him but couldn't guarantee that the new one would follow her or 'come when she says his name' or whatever bullshit she claims

No. 600574

And more to the point, Jenna is emotionally attached to all her pets equally.
Taylor didn't care about Zazu and she said as much ("it's just a fish lmao")
Zazu didn't merit a video but Cheese does?
It's all about the money.

No. 600575

If fish sink when they die, should Cheese near the bottom of the tank been a huge red flag?
It does seem all very random that this happened, especially since Taylor’s said in the past that she’s had fish stores and such “babysit” her fish. Why couldn’t she have scooped out her more sensitive fish and left them in another tank (like at her fish stores) while she did the treatment she was extremely hesitant to do?
Also, why was she so hesitant if she insists she couldn’t find any negative effects/possibilities? Or is that a lie to take the blame off herself? Is Fluca-whatever actually dangerous?

No. 600576

Fish sink when they're dead and float when they've been dead for some time.
Him hanging out at the bottom could really just have been because he was sleeping.

No. 600577

So I just watched the video and does this video remind anyone of the Laura Lee apology video? I never actually saw tears, just red eyes and that annoying voice. And she wasn't wearing any makeup to look more vulnerable I guess. So much like the Laura Lee video…..

No. 600580

Ugh. Just the fact that 1. She had zero tears and 2. She put "my fish died" instead of his name, which everyone knows.. Just shows me that she wanted to make money off this video.

Her intentions are so obvious.

No. 600581

especially since Zazu was apparently what got her into the saltwater hobby and I believe he was a gift from her grandmother or someone, you'd think something like that would warrant a little more emotion.

No. 600588

All it takes is the click of one button not to monetize your video. The fact that she rambled on for 5+ minutes (with who knows how many ads in that time frame) before admitting Cheese had died just makes her scummy. Right up there with Momokun monetizing her sexual assault apology.

This. She only cares about this particular fish because it's what got her fans in the first place. If Cheese hadn't been popular it would've been "just a fish".

No. 600594

He had a growth stunt. He lived in a not big enough, overstocked aquarium, "I wish I could've known better" it's angering. There's other people with a bunch of pets, (that aren't hoarders tho) and these many deaths should NOT happen. How many of her animals live into the years minimum they should?

No. 600599

Did she ever address her changing her water instead of just treating it continuously? And just saying the levels are “fine” she could have spot treated the fungus and made sure there was no direct sunlight. I haven’t watched cause m not in the mood to see crocodile tears lol.

No. 600601

Damn anon that immediate response is a little suspect, how DID you know it was cheese?

No. 600602

I genuinely feel this video was more calculated than anything to "prove" how much she "cares" about her animals and their life. Especially to the people here. Her mentioning that she wanted to make this video before she goes "numb" about it, and would rather appear like this than she normally does spoke volumes to me honestly. I do believe she is genuinely feeling like shit, but more for the sake of what Cheese meant for her channel, and her fans, the ego boost he set up for her.

No. 600603

Taylor crying over cheese in a video because she knows she might lose fans.
Zazu's just a fish, remember guys?

No. 600606

It's pretty obvious since she only really cares about her cats and Cheese. All the other pets are just accessories.

No. 600611

a screenshot of this post over taylors red but not crying face for the next thread header, please and thanks

No. 600612

I have over a dozen animals. I've had some for four years. Not a single death. Her what, six deaths in a month?? Is insane. I could not imagine loosing that many animals in the course ofa few weeks before they've even reached their full lifespan. It's ridiculous and she should be ashamed. She needs to downsize and focus on a few animals. Before any others get hurt or worse.

No. 600614

She’s spamming the hell out this video. Posting it on Instagram twice, twitter

No. 600615


I find that so odd. I'd expect her to be ashamed of the fact that he died and want to hide from it.

No. 600616

and of course she has an upcoming tribute video.

Tacky as hell to monetize the video. Cheese really was never safe.

No. 600617

She didn’t she’d a singl tear…

No. 600618

look at the views it’s already surpassed her “big” Halloween video. she’s banking on this video getting big like the jennamarbles one and it’s going to too, that’s why it’s monetized

No. 600619

I think a screenshot of her video and >>596821
("It was a fish dude", "I don't feel bad about it whatsoever" comments) would be a good pairing hahahaha.

No. 600620


Yep. She's one of those people who boohoo dramatically for attention but can't actually squeeze out one single tear no matter how they try… Funny that.

No. 600621



It's also pretty odd / shitty that she hasn't at least posted any tribute pictures of cheese to her twitter or instagram at all, she really must want to drive all the traffic to the video for people to find out about his death to gain her last bit of money from him, rather than what most people would do and just post a montage of their favorite photos of their passed pet to remember them and let people know they've died.

No. 600622

I hope someone who is savvy at social media attention-getting (def not me) can seize the opportunity to show one of the anon's vids highlighting how shit her care is while people are paying more attention to her

No. 600624

File: 1542475681387.png (5.29 MB, 2208x1242, 064DADFD-E5D3-4EB0-AF32-EE56CA…)

lmao when karma catches up to u for saying “it was just a fish” to the fish that died last week

No. 600625

Then you and Taylor have a copy mechanism more childish that can be, you don't joke about the dead of a love one
Either you respect them enough to not do so or you don't…

No. 600626

Can someone list which pets have died? 6 in a month??

No. 600628

2 skinks and toad ("fried")
Zazu (lionfish)
Egg (Mantis)

No. 600629

drogo and dany (croc skinks), asteroid (pacman frog), zazu the lionfish, egg the mantis.

No. 600631

Don't forget the mantis shrimp too, although he probably died more than a month ago.

No. 600632

Only cheeses death would make her so “terribly sad”, he made her gain lots of followers and views, and of course money. If it had been other animal she would have announced their death like… months after. :)

No. 600635

I hope someone else buy fast another cowfish to win her YouTube mascot kek

No. 600636

I highly doubt this was the first Cheese so I wonder why she didn't just replace him this time.

Maybe breeders won't sell to her anymore?

No. 600641

Maybe she couldn't find one as stunted as Cheese so it would be hard to explain how he suddenly doubled in size overnight.

No. 600642

Taylor is deleting all comments that mention the other pets that have died in the past month. Even ones by stans

No. 600644

File: 1542478965020.jpg (373.63 KB, 1242x1691, yrlX0AI.jpg)

Funny she was having this conversation just yesterday. Could be Cheese was already dead while she was cackling about people questioning her care when yet another animal has passed just this month.

No. 600646

and like… general consensus on this thread seems to be that the mantis probably did die of old age since they don't live very long in general. we don't just blindly accuse you of cruelty, tay. we notice the fucked up shit you try to hide/ignore/deny and call you out on it. there's a difference.

No. 600647

File: 1542479281617.jpg (151.7 KB, 1080x558, 20181117_122223.jpg)


No. 600649

she didn’t even have cheese for 2 years?

No. 600650

Speaking of running jokes in the aquarium hobby, a quarantine/hospital tank is a basic part of keeping fish. If she had noticed something was wrong, why the fuck did she not separate Cheese for closer monitoring? Despite the fact she doesn't understand what quarantining is, she did show a hospital tank way back in the day when her saltwater had ich, so it's not a totally foreign concept to her

No. 600651

File: 1542479646069.jpeg (642.88 KB, 1242x1444, 16BEC4B8-193A-4566-AFB3-D55015…)

No. 600655

Life expectancy is 8 years

No. 600656

Right? Where’s that quarantine tank, the 20 gallon she had Zazu in like a week weeks ago or whatever? Why would you medicate a scaleless fish (Cheese) when it wasn’t ill? They are so sensitive to medications. Why would she dose the tank with meds she’s never used before, and doesn’t know how to spell or pronounce without putting cheese in that spare tank already set up for saltwater? That’s lazy, I’m sorry. No excuse and like another anon said algae is a sign of an imbalance, you have to treat the problem not the algae itself. Her tanks aren’t as perfect as she claims.

No. 600657


Yeah, that just… blows my mind with how wilfully negligent she is.

And no wonder she had algae problems with how overstocked that tank was. It was just eventually snowball right out of control, and as usual she "corrected" the problem without thinking things through. And now her meal ticket fish is definitely dead because of her.

No. 600662

I'm now realizing Taylor came to Jenna Marbles' aid after her apology video, yet she still says "Has anyone made a video crying over their fish?!" She just wants to be compared to Jenna by her fans to look more innocent about the whole thing.

No. 600664

the difference between them is Jenna actually owned up to her mistake and showed genuine remorse for having done bad by her fish. Taylor, on the other hand, has to squeeze in every possible excuse for why it "just isn't my fault guize!!!!"

No. 600665


It's fucking laughable to even compare Jenna and Taylor. It's obvious who actually cares for her animals - and I'd fucking like to see Taylor own up to her mistakes and commit to doing better than Jenna does just. even. once.

But no, crocodile tears, blush around the eyes, boohooing and lol and lmao and neglect are more Taylor's style. She's such a fucking phony.

No. 600666

Jenna and Julien, not even "pettubers" make more videos about their animals than Taylor does. Ad got an actual tribute video when he passed. Julien literally just got a tattoo for a cow he sponsored that passed away, that video was heartbreaking compared to Taylor's video about Cheese. It's actually embarrassing how much Taylor treats her animals like toys compared to those who actually adore their pets.

No. 600671

So one thing that doesn't quite sit right with me is how she is making it out to be so "quirky" that she is upset over a fish? This morning, one of my axolotls died and I am literally devastated. Shouldn't it be normal to grieve a fish? It is no less of an animal than any other.
Just last week she was spewing the whole "just a fish" and now it is "can't believe I am crying over a fish".

No. 600673

She chose to buy lip fillers instead of a separate tank for oh-so-special Cheese. She clearly never loved him- only the attention he brought her.

She 1000% deserves this. I hope Cheese and all the other things she's killed are haunting her.

No. 600674

File: 1542486226449.png (55.9 KB, 584x210, Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 20.2…)

Pretty sure she's lurking…

No. 600675

If you're not trying to profit from his death why are you posting about this video more than usual, saying there's more videos about him coming (usually you don't make one video about your pets dying, but Cheese gets multiple?) and repeatedly mentioning Cheese merch? Defos not trying to profit off the death of her most popular pet at all.

No. 600676

>just released new merch
>Cheese is suddenly dead!

Yeah that's not suspicious at all. I wouldn't put it past her to have noticed he was dead and then scrambled to capitalize on it with new merch designs.

>people won't think I'm doing it to profit off his death lol

But you are.

No. 600677


Yuuuuup. It's a cynical thought, but it just so happens she makes this announcement now, just in time for kids to beg their parents for a Cheese plush for Christmas… Not at all backed by the way she keeps riding the death announcement over and over again for extra views and sympathy.

No. 600682

Apparently his death was the only one that deserved an immediate video.

No. 600687

Not to mention Tyler’s bird mango who was a stable to his channel die and he was able to make multiple videos about it and it didn’t really affect his views. Maybe she’s hoping for the same with cheese.

No. 600690

Mama Dean has returned to twitter already.

No. 600692

Honestly when I saw the videos title I thought it was a jab at us and it was gonna be her discussing Zazu's death.

No. 600693

lmao what is wrong with this woman.

No. 600695

Not to wk, but I do think she cares about her pets and loves some of them. That's pretty typical of hoarders. They "love" all of the animals, but it's a sick, selfish love. They're in denial about how bad their care is and how bad they're treating the animals.

Also, I don't think it's that uncommon for someone to connect more with some pets than others. I have multiple animals and I have a really incredible bond with some of them. It doesn't mean I don't care about the others or give them subpar care.

So I'm sure she does care, but she's so damn deep in denial about how bad her pet care is. She's so deep in the addiction of collecting new animals, it's just a high. But after a few days the high wears off and she's got all these animals but now she needs more and more. Chasing the high of new.

I wish she'd chase the high of improving her current animals lives instead. So many pet owners get so pumped and invested in making amazing habitats and spending time with their pets. I wish she'd go that direction instead.

No. 600710

Yeah.. She doesn't realize less is more. Better own a couple animals with your whole heart than build a damn zoo in your house.

No. 600714

if she's not trying to profit from his death, why is the video announcing he died even monetized? it's sick to get paid for announcing the death of a living thing. this is my last straw with this girl and feeling bad for her because of her codependency or mom issues.

No. 600718

Lol, why are we taking anything she says at face value after all her bullshit claims. What's more likely is that she neglected Cheese's tank because she was too busy sleeping for 15 hours a day and the combination of poor care, overstocking and general dumbassary caused the whole tank cycle to crash.

Saltwater is MUCH harder to keep stable than fresh. You don't have nearly as much room to fuck up. Also, algae like other people have said is a sign of poor water quality or an excess of nutrients- not bad itself. In fact a little algae in a system (from my knowledge of freshwater, anyway) is beneficial or at least not harmful.

The reason freshwater is easier is because you can have a planted tank, and the plants will eat up those nitrates, ammonia that cause fish to… you know. Die. So you can neglect a freshwater tank if it's planted far longer than a saltwater. Saltwater is so volatile imo if you don't keep an eye on it.

She's so shitty at the hobby she thinks that a little algae was worth dousing her tank with. If we look at this remembering that Taylor is a fucking idiot this is likely her thought process:

1) She neglected the tank and didn't keep nutrients, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates balanced

2) Because of this the tank cycle crashed. No algae, no medication- just cheese fucking dying from poor water quality

3) She makes up some dumbass story about how she was treating for algae- not realizing that algae is the smoking gun for poor water quality and neglect

No. 600719

What's odd to me is that Cheese didn't out the rest of the tank with him - at least that's my understanding of cowfish, that they tend to poison the tank as they die. Especially if he'd been dead for a while before she noticed…

No. 600727

Well the merch was lined up and she's gotta milk the brand, so…

No. 600736


Maybe she thinks she can replace the others without being called out since if anyone calls her out she can claim she wouldn't do that, she admitted Cheese died!

Also it could still happen, if he really did JUST die. Some of her fish in there are tougher than others, but it's so hard to tell when fish are struggling and fishkeepers should never take chances. Even if Cheese was only dead in there for like an hour he could have caused an ammonia or nitrate spike. She should have tested the water immediately for everything possible, and likely done a big water change to be safe. I bet she didn't do that.

No. 600738

From what it sounds like, Cheese suffered nitrate poisoning. In my experience with freshwater fish, it causes them to bottom sit and have general troubles with swimming. What I do know for certain is that freshwater tanks can get away with higher nitrates at around 20ppm or so. However, with saltwater you want to ideally keep it at or as close to 0 as possible, but up to 10ppm seems to be an acceptable range.

As everyone else is saying, she took the lazy route when it came to addressing her algae issue. Lowering the amount of time the lights are on, addressing any water quality issues like high nitrates, adding more water flow and movement, and using a good old fashion scrub brush are all ways she could have gone. Did she mention trying a UV sterilizer? And they even have little robots that’ll scrub your tank. She’s buying 10k snakes. Surely she could afford that. This is why I don’t understand her stans always telling her she did all she could do. No she didn’t.

I think she’s lying anyway. Again, my experience is in freshwater fish. However, the bottom sitting and being lethargic she described with Cheese sounds like a case of nitrate poisoning. I need to watch the video because I have so many questions like at any point, did she try a water change? If not, I just don’t know what to say. She makes mistakes that are like if Jeffree Star told people to put lipstick on their foreheads. The only difference is if Jeffree said put forehead lipstick on no animals would die.

No. 600742


I completely agree- the fact that she had algae indicates she likely had too much nitrate in there for the algae to feed off of. And couldn't she just buy something that eats algae? I have nerites in all my freshwater tanks because they take care of the algae for me, she LOVES excuses for more animals so I can't believe she didn't try that.

No. 600752

Pfft- comments are all people mourning and then realizing that more of her animals had died and then being like, "wtf, when did they die?!"

No. 600754


She profits off the dead hedgie (Nala) so why wouldn't she continue to profit off Cheese?

Yes Taylor, you profit off dead animals. Own up to it.

No. 600762

File: 1542502725429.jpeg (309.07 KB, 1233x904, 9324D386-12F1-484A-B6FF-4A71A5…)

What the hell kind of tweet is this?!

No. 600764

So this might be nothing but I was curious about how much her animal care had changed as she had gotten more animals and noticed this comment from 5 days ago on her video.

No. 600765

File: 1542502785623.png (17.99 KB, 234x72, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 00.5…)

No. 600766

Because of Cheese's death, a lot of people are curious about Zazu as well. Might be a good opportunity for video anons to make a video tribute, and bring attention to the fact that SHE HAD SIX FUCKING DEATH ANNOUNCEMENTS since October.

No. 600767


Wonder how high the count will be by Christmas…

No. 600777

Croc skink Dany
Croc skink Drogo
Pacman frog Asteroid
Dwarf lionfish Zazu
Mantis shrimp Larry
Mantis (the insect) Egg
Cowfish Cheese

It's seven deaths. People seem to keep combining the mantis and the mantis shrimp as one animal. Seven deaths and that's just this month.

No. 600779


and this is just the animals that we know about. Potentially the Halloween crab too and any other animals she hasn't shown / conveniently weren't in Emma's video.

No. 600782

Don't forget the other fish sharing the tank with Cheese. Who knows how they're doing.

No. 600788

File: 1542506220723.png (68.33 KB, 1104x789, death.PNG)

Waiting for this comment to be deleted from her YT video

No. 600790

She pisses me off. I keep chickens and they're as much pets to me as anything. I lost three hens to heat stroke this summer despite giving them a baby pool to cool off in and my last two hens and rooster to predation over the last few weeks. I tried to fortify that coop but I still don't know what ate them or how it got in. I've been second guessing myself and my ability to keep chickens.

Taylor? It's everyone else's fault and multiple videos for Cheese so she can milk him a couple of more times for money. She's such human garbage it makes me sick.(blogposting)

No. 600792

At this point, I think the denial is to keep herself from having a mental breakdown. By milking the situation with Cheese, not only does she monetarily benefit, but she gets all the ~support~ she needs. She feeds off of her fans being sorry for her. It allows her to live in her delusional world where she doesn't have to take responsibility for anything.

No. 600798

I hope to god she's joking.

No. 600801


surely she's not going to film this funeral? showing his dead body is a bit undignified isn't it? unless shes honestly planning on making a QUIRKY video about it

No. 600804


not to wk, but I think people don't count the mantis bug because the bugs really don't live that long. For once, she wasn't lying about the lifespan. It was a death, but it is the ONE we probably can't hold against her too much.

excellent point. I really don't think those Halloween crabs are still around. She probably didn't quarantine the new one/s anyway, and who knows what they were carrying since they're all wild caught animals?

No. 600806

yeah but when people forget one exists, they tend to forget the shrimp, not the insect. she posted a death notice on Instagram for the bug. I'm gonna say it counts.

No. 600807


It's been agreed upon here that Egg the mantis died naturally. He's merely included because it's still a death and he still counts as a pet.

Taylor likes to claim she loves all her pets equally, but that's clearly not true. She loves the ones that give her attention and the most money.

No. 600815

File: 1542511774494.jpeg (109 KB, 640x1136, DBA845B0-A3BA-4755-852F-FFA168…)

Even Facebook is catching on, King of DIY’s group no less. Half the comments are sad fans, half are people calling out her poor husbandry (this is sad but we aren’t shocked at all etc comments).

No. 600817

videoannon here (senor ria)

I think she is sad because Cheese is literally her cloutmaker, but I also feel awful (my betta recently died so not to wk but y'all get it.) I just watched her cheese video because I thought she'd say something self-aware, but it was awful. I might do a reaction video, or just mention her animals and give her my POV. I have all the information about her fish, and I was telling my husband they might have died due to the amount of animals in such a small tank. Any anons that have any useful information on care (especially on mantis + crocodile skinks) would be good.

No. 600824

Totally off topic. Did Chelsea change or delete her Twitter? Can’t find it.

No. 600826

I have some experience caring for Mantis. I think that it is very likely that hers did die of natural causes however it did live on the lower end of the life span (I think). I think she posted about getting it in June, and that makes it no older than 6 months. However with proper care and daily attention, I have had Mantis that can live longer than a year (even males) but that is rare.

No. 600827

Not to WK but orchid mantises are pretty short lived. I asked a breeder at a reptile expo and he said males live only a couple months at most after the final molt.

No. 600835

File: 1542516092117.jpeg (496.08 KB, 1242x1424, 906C9976-22FF-4492-8CAD-822F61…)

She left twitter and lost all of her followers when she came back. That’s a bit of karma for her.

No. 600839

>>600835 that just happens when you reactivate, they slowly show up again

No. 600847

I’m putting 2 pets down Monday and I’m emotional, I wanted to feel sorry for her. But watching that video I just couldn’t. It was all wrong. It was just excuse after excuse, and then blatant “yeah he could’ve died bc I did this thing but no, no way” and it made me sick. Her grief is so fake.

No. 600878

File: 1542526325006.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.41 KB, 640x1006, 3AD10894-FE2C-46E2-9F85-843202…)

No. 600881

File: 1542526858949.jpg (138.56 KB, 1080x695, IMG_20181118_074037.jpg)

No. 600882


No. 600883

File: 1542527374014.jpg (140.38 KB, 1080x536, IMG_20181118_074654.jpg)

I can't get over how dumb she is. How does she not understand the fact she said she slept for 12hrs then left them for 10hrs? Checking in them once in 22hrs is crazy. And not checking on them for 10hrs after an electrical issue is even crazier. Maybe it wasn't intentional, but it was certainly neglectful.

No. 600884

Haha I killed 7+ pets in one month lol so funny lmao

No. 600889

Some people use humor as a coping mechanism, but in her case it's just so… dishonest. Like, you can tell it's a mix between getting defensive and snarky because she's freaking out.

No. 600891


Does she not realize 7-8 is not the same as 10? What kept her from waking up and checking on them then? Why was this not a priority? Oh, yeah, because she doesn't give a shit.

No. 600892


> filming cheeses funeral tomorrow lmaoo

Ha ha, funerals, amirite?

No. 600893

Again she will save an animal, this time a fish from 20 gallon. What a saint.

No. 600895

She seems to think the main issue is that she just didn't check on them for that many hours. No Taylor, it's beacuse your animals that rely on heat generated by electrical heat mats and heat bulbs might have been affected by the electrical issues yet you didn't bother to check on them… why? What excuse could have possibly been good enough to not check on the welfare of your animals since their tanks are filled with electrical equipment after electrical issues. That's the issue we have. It's just simply neglect.

No. 600896


Her bones must be full of decay because she is truly rotten to the core. The fact that all she can do is "lmao" all over this shows her immaturity, lack of understanding and just straight up arrogance.

Maybe it wasn't intentional, or abusive but yes it was neglectful. You neglected your animals. You didn't check on them after an electricity issue. When a majority of your pets RELY on power to survive and something goes wrong, don't you think you should be concerned for at least 24 hours after the problem? Especially when it involves HEATING?

Honestly I don't believe her story that they overheated in their tanks. I think they died from neglect (malnutrition, dehydration, etc) and she's using it as a cover up. She just lies, lies and lies and then just "wtf lmao lol" to try and act like it's no big deal.

No. 600897

File: 1542533279887.png (497.83 KB, 1242x2208, 0A535608-E358-4EDF-B860-AC8A88…)

No. 600901

> Hypothetical fish in 20 gallon
> twice the size of cheese
> cheese in 150 gallon

I ain't no fish expert but what??

No. 600903

She’s…really gonna set Cheese on fire and burn him on the water? And FILM it? Is she on fucking crack? It’s “quirky” I guess but it’s fucking disgusting to actually do it, if she supposedly loved him? Wtf?!

No. 600905

meh I've seen a few videos of people burying their pets so it's not unusual in a way, granted they were all balling their eyes out.

A viking funeral by talor though definitely wont be the same and probably will be mostly just jokes and very cringy comments.

No. 600907

What shocks me is that she said something like "he's just a fish and I should flush him but I can't" Like… does she usually flush her dead fish??? 1. that's fucked up to do to an animal you've cared for for years and 2. you're not supposed to do that because if the fish carries diseases it can fuck up A LOT

No. 600908


Except she's not burying Cheese. She's setting him on fire and letting him drift through… what? A river? Is she gonna do this shit in a public space and then let her dead fish carry disease somewhere? Or is she going to do it in her bathtub where it just looks cheap, tacky and ruins the idea because she's gonna have to then take him out and get rid of his remains.

She really didn't think this through.

No. 600910

Maybe she’s doing it in the pool outside her apartment lol

No. 600914

>>600910 Knowing her self-centered ass, I wouldn't be surprised if she did that.

"The chlorine kills the bacteria muhhh"

No. 600916

she's starting to look like joysparklebs

No. 600921

Oh fuck this. If she does that shit out in the public, I hope her entitled ass gets arrested and fined. "LOL Cheese got toasted and I got a fined lmaoooo random!"

And of course she has a new cowfish on the ropes already. Of fucking course.

No. 600929

conversations that never happened.

No. 600932

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she started looking for a new cowfish as soon Cheese died but realised that any cowfish would probably be fucking bigger than Cheese.

Idk how rare these little guys are but assuming that they're wild caught I can't image you can just walk into a store and grab one.

No. 600934

File: 1542546192040.png (340.61 KB, 808x590, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.02…)

No. 600935

File: 1542546316859.png (166.36 KB, 333x622, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 8.04…)

No. 600936

i'M sO qUiRkY aND rAnDOm

No. 600938

Probably rare in the sense they're really common in the pet trade mostly because long horns are extremely slow swimmers and anyone can catch them by hand.

No. 600941

LC isnt an army and all that jazz but god I hope she starts really crashing soon cause I can't stand how this bitch gets away with hoarding, killing and abuse of her animals.
Taylor is so dumb she thinks the only form of abuse is purposefully hurting/starving/neglecting etc your pets (which she probably has done) but the absolute LACK of care she has for ANY of these pets is a form of abuse too and its leading her pets to slow deaths living in misery until they die of one of her whoopsies. I just hope the amount of animal deaths in a month will bring some traction to possibly videos etc outing her or something cause fucking a rapist, lighting his joints near your "delicate" reptiles and lying about his sobriety isnt enough of a crack in character to make people take notice.

No. 600945

How does she care for 50 pets, some very high maintenance ones and sleep 10 hours a day? How are they not dead?
And.. how does she hsvr cats, dogs, and feeder mice/rats in an apartment? And how does it not stink to high heaven? I HAVE QUESTIONS.

No. 600947

Talking to her stans is so frustrating. You present them with evidence that she sucks and their only defense is "you don't know anything, she gives her pets food and good cages!". Some of them actually feel like lost causes.

I get that little tweens defend her but people that are 20+ years old? Wtf?

No. 600949

The more she posts the more ingenuine it feels. How can you sit there and plug merch on a video where you were supposedly heartbroken about your pets death? I've had beloved pets die as have many others here and I certainly wouldn't have been up to making a video like that, let alone vetting comments and all of that to make sure the response was only positive.
This is just crossing a line, the fact she wants to replace him already just shows how little she valued him. And the Viking funeral tweet isn't amusing either, how insensitive do you have to be to put that out on a public platform?
I just hope some of her youtube stans start looking at her twitter and figure out just how many have died in the last month. This is getting ridiculous.

No. 600950

Well in the past month alone she's killed at least 7 of her pets, it probably does smell awful and I'm sure the landlord gets complaints daily.
My main question is how can someone be so negligent, careless, impulsive, selfish and display such terrible animal husbandry yet still have a fan base willing to defend her when she kills her pets and blames everyone else around her for her stupid actions.

No. 600954

Just wanna point out guys that although she's mentioned 7 pets dying this month, she said (and I don't doubt) that zazu and the shrimp died months ago. I also suspect her mantis died a while ago as well (might be wrong) due to the lack of any recent photos of it. I also reckon the skinks and frog died over a month ago by now. But still, within the last year she's lost a kitten, a mouse, a hedgehog, a frog, 2 skinks, 2 fish (that we know of), a shrimp, a mantis, honestly wouldn't be surprised if there's more, but even so that's not great going.

No. 600956

File: 1542550506967.jpg (568.47 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181118-150951_Sam…)

>gets presented with things Taylor said and did
>"It's taken out of context!! She didn't mean it!!"

Just… what? Obviously Taylor won't admit to abusing animals lol

No. 600957

My bet says we will never see this viking funeral because a) she doesn't care about her pets enough to give them a respectful burial and b) cheese probably died like a few months ago and most people will half a brain would see the rotting fish corps and see right thru her lies.

No. 600959

I sincerely hope we don't see it honestly - if it were a normal funeral perhaps, but this idea of hers is… not great. I certainly wouldn't mind going the rest of my life without seeing it.

No. 600971

God I fucking hope so, it puts a poor taste in my mouth knowing there's a possibility she'll make a 10 minute long funeral for her fish with only about 10 seconds of it actually being about cheese

No. 600972

Should snap back with some Petco or Petsmart bullshit,
"hey there's one cat in a huge cage that's pretty much on deaths door but it's ok cause they have lots of space and food"

No. 600978

I hope its not at a river or someplace in a foresty area cuz she might start a wildfire due to her idiotic ideas. Also why a vikings funeral? Why cant she just bury him near a tree and carve his name? She’s so dumb that it’s triggering

No. 600979

>goes to craft store for 'viking funeral' supplies
>filming Cheese's funeral tomorrow

She is a pile of shit. First she kills the fish through her own stupidity and does a clickbait video to announce it and now she's going to set the fish's remains on fire for Youtube views? Can you imagine someone saying they were going to burn their cat or dog's corpse, film it, and then post it online as a quirky memorial to their pet?

No. 600994

File: 1542556244194.png (433.99 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20181118-084907~2.p…)

Haven't seen Star in a little while on her story/social media posts…

No. 600995

Did that Instagram post have cheese in it? I remember watching the clip but don't remember what it showed.

No. 600996

probably has her locked in one room because Star is still stressed as fuck and marking everywhere.

No. 600997

She was in the crying video

No. 601004

If it's true Cheese die recently and she will do a video about his funeral,I see she is already putting death animals on her freezer kek
But she isn't a hoarder guizeee

No. 601008

File: 1542559106679.png (156.93 KB, 1080x725, IMG_20181118_183801.png)

No. 601009

so she wants to burn him and then give him to a vet? or give him to a vet and then burn him? or only burn the boat and not have him burn during the funeral? but she wants to cremate him? what??

No. 601010

Ah, my bad, I don't watch Taylor's videos anymore, I refuse to

No. 601013

So Taylor is literally putting Cheese's corpse to a boat and making a video of her floating it on water, then sending his body in for cremation and a necropsy? Jesus christ, what the FUCK?

No. 601015


Yeah, I don't get it either.

And "I just want the experience" was what she said when she got with Jonny too, ironically. She just wants the experience, and to hell with consequences.

No. 601016

The vet would need a body to examine. However, if she's really interested in having a necropsy then she would refrigerate the body and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

No. 601018


Yeah, this much is obvious, but she has the whole funeral thing kinda backwards. She's gonna do a "funeral" - which is apparently gonna be just about the gimmick of setting a boat ablaze, kek –and then afterwards take the body to a vet once she's got all she's wanted out of her playthi— I mean pet.

No. 601022

i can’t find her twitter or instagram either.

No. 601024

File: 1542560666906.jpg (60.59 KB, 596x472, hoarder.JPG)

>performing a viking funeral for clicks
>collecting the remains
>taking to vet for necropsy

She is so ass backwards. If you're doing a viking funeral then you're effectively cremating him. If you want to get a necropsy then you need a body and even if you're just taking him out to film then he's going to start to decay and stink. By now I'm surprised she doesn't have a freezer just dedicated to animal corpses.

This'll be Taylor in a year or two just with the pets she has now because she can't bury them on apartment property and there's no way she can get them all cremated without raising suspicions.

No. 601025

File: 1542560584440.jpeg (381.2 KB, 2224x1668, 70F63A7C-D297-4195-AAC1-49FFFF…)

No. 601027

lmao WHAT. This is so fucked up. She's literally just saying she's getting a necropsy so her fans think she gives a shit, and so she can be like "yes the necropsy came back and it was definitely the medication I used, he was healthy in every other way it wasn't my fault lol". There's no way she's actually getting a necropsy.

No. 601029

I dunno Tay maybe if you didn't stay up until 2am furiously defending yourself on Twitter you'd be able to get enough sleep to where you could keep an eye on your pets.

No. 601030

If she weren't high all the fucking time, she would do what any normal sane person would do and brush of her fans' suggestions of this fuckery with "haha yeah that would be neat."

Obviously she's not going to do all of this, but even the thought of "I'm going to burn him on camera for views, then take him to a vet like 'ignore the charred corpse it was for my youtube channel lmao' so she can get her obligatory 'guys the vet says it's totally not my fault and I'm the best pet mom ever!!!' necropsy, then have him cremated so I can probably make another scattering ashes video, because there hasn't been enough monetized disrespect already," is just like… if I weren't 100% sure the bitch was just retarded, I would think she was actually a sociopath.

No. 601035

come on guys it's obvious she's trying to burn the evidence

No. 601039

File: 1542561653262.png (50.81 KB, 658x293, e3e9e04b6cb0b00f9ca3fa0040660d…)

1) cowfish dont have gills, they just have a hole
2) preeeeeeeeetty sure it's been more than 48 hours since his death
3) whats the point of getting a fucking necropsy if fish ones are mostly inconclusive?

tin foil hat, I guess Taylor is just looking for an excuse to burn money so it looks like she cares.

No. 601042

I mean we all know the conclusion will be 'there's nothing wrong' lmao.
She will probably throw him out or put his ashes in some pots or some shit.

No. 601050


Thank you for being open minded and taking the time to learn what is really going on instead of being blind to it like most of her fans. The majority of us here were fans too, until we started looking deeper into what is going on with her animals.

No. 601053

Does she even know how much wood/fire she needs to completely cremate him? I don't know about you but I'd be pretty disturbed to see the half-charred remains of my beloved pet…

Also, where does she intend to burn him? I don't know about the current climate in San Antonio but I assume that they wouldn't be too happy with people lighting uncontrolled fires…

No. 601054

Of course cowfish have gills, how do you think they get oxygen lmao.

No. 601056


Hay there - first and foremost, I'm sorry her shitty army of middle schoolers is on you and you're getting death threats; please report those accounts for abuse and let the Twitter team know that Taylor essentially sicced people on you.

A lot of us in these threads used to be fans of hers just like you, and we eventually twigged to her bad care, lies and general shittiness. A lot of people are in complete denial about it, because who wants to admit to themselves they're stanning a shit person like they're their personal hero?

No. 601057

I meant not traditional gills, they have no Gill covers it’s literally just holes

No. 601060

Their gills will still begin to quickly decompose though, as the girl said.

No. 601062

Sorry I deleted my post on accident,I couldn't figure out why it was pink!

I'm the one who used to be a fan of Taylor who she sent her fans to attack last night, so I googled her and found this thread. I'm literally still getting death threats from other fans and it hurts knowing she did this and doesn't care. Thank you for this thread, if I had it sooner I wouldn't have still been a fan this long.

No. 601063

Hey, I saw what she did and that the cowardly bitch also deleted her post so she can feign innocence. She’s been doing this and getting away with it for too long. I’m really sorry she did this to you. It shows how disgusting she is that she would do this to fans and former fans.

No. 601065


What did she do/ say? I’ve unfollowed her on twitter and only keep up with her on here

No. 601066

She quote tweeted a former fan and put her on blast knowing full damn well her army of retarded stans would attack them. Then she deleted the tweet so she appears innocent.

No. 601071

She’s done this to me before too, I haven’t called her out for months but I come back to this thread to catch up a lot. She deletes the tweets because when her fans say “hey, people are attacking the person you quoted, you were wrong for doing that”, she cries about ~anxiety~ and how being attacked is overwhelming and triggering panic attacks.

No. 601077

It’s an on going thing with her. If she can’t find it herself on Twitter, her stans will show it to her. While I was still somewhat on the fence about her, she attacked someone on Tumblr this way.

No. 601087

Death threats? Wtf? Most of her stans aren't even old enough to fucking drive.

No. 601088

Yo, if/when this shit happens to you, be sure to screenshot everything and report, report, report. Even if it is some middle-schooler talking big at you in DMs.

No. 601093

She's too stupid to stop to think about what's require to actually turn a fish body into ash.

If someone notices her lighting fires and reports her to the cops because she does this stupid stunt out in public I'll laugh my ass off. Good old Jonny isn't going to get her out of jail. Or find her a nice lawyer. Or pay her legal expenses.

No. 601107

this fish has been decomposing for two days, some time on her kitchen counter, she still wants to play with it? That's rather disrespectful to an animal that she "felt connected with"

No. 601109

Where are you guys even getting that she’s gonna burn the fish? In the tweet it never even says that? I assume by “gathering him” she means just getting him out the biking boat and getting him ready to go for a necropsy. She’s says she wants to cremate him but I doubt she means herself lol

No. 601111

Because a vikings funeral involves setting the corpse on fire

No. 601113

She mentioned having a viking funeral. Norse folk were into either 1) burying their dead or 2) cremating them aka set em on fire. I'm sure he'll have a piece of seaweed or whatever next to him as his "belongings"

No. 601116

I just find it silly and tacky to give a "Viking Funeral" to a tropical fish owned by an American. Like that is some serious leap of logic right there.

'Course, good sense and taste have never slowed Taylor down overmuch at all, so why am I at all surprised she'd think this the greatest idea ever.

No. 601117

Do you honestly think she's going to spend money on a necropsy or cremation for a fish? She can't even be bothered to get her rats fixed.

No. 601120

I don’t “seriously” think anything. I’m just saying exactly what she said without jumping to conclusions lol. I know we cant really trust her words but makes us look like the idiots when we jump straight to that. Doubt she’s cultured enough to even know that that’s what Vikings do.

No. 601121

I don't really think she's going to show Cheese's body in the video let alone actually light him on fire? That's so unusual and out there I don't think she's even gotten close to that far gone from reality

No. 601124

She could just light the boat on fire. But I could see her putting a cloth-covered Cheese-shaped object on the boat and lighting it on fire. It solves the necropsy problem because we know she isn't getting.

"Oops, I didn't grab Cheese's body out fast enough and it's too burnt to necropsy now. Sorry lol."

No. 601128

>>601120 I honestly hope she is just trying to troll the people on this forum because otherwise it would be highly disturbing and dangerous if her little fans start to believe do-it-yourself-cremations for a dead pet are okay.
And I am pretty sure Taylor watches enough TV to have come across different depictions or references to Viking funerals.

No. 601131

File: 1542574602185.jpg (331.08 KB, 1080x1504, 20181118_145213.jpg)


And yet they comment shit like this

No. 601135

Only slightly better than her stans that are complaining that they lost their lord and savior, cheesus. Whatever will they do without their religion??

No. 601136

Needs more lol and lmao.

No. 601143

>>601135 Maybe he'll mysteriously rise from the dead after three days (more like a week depending how fast she'll get that replacement that she admitted to thinking about getting) like the original J?

No. 601146

Maybe lawyer half-brother will assist her…

No. 601155

Cheesus the Second Coming?

No. 601156

omg don't give her any ideas lol

No. 601171

She probably already got it, then realized it was double the size of cheese.

No. 601185

i just watched the cheese video and while i do believe that she is sad and had a bond with that fish (after all she's just a bratty, fame-hungry, entitled 21 year old, not some comic villain) some things that irritated me:

1. her "AND THE FISH STORE" were "RESEARCHING RELENTLESSLY" for "TWO MONTHS" if that anti-fungal stuff would be suitable? the relationship between her and that store sounds way exaggerated, like they have nothing else to do than go on a MONTHS-long endeavour to "relentlessly research" 1 (ONE) medication for 1 tank in close collaboration with 1 customer? also if it takes you months to research 1 medication that means your research is bad and lazy. i get it, she wanted to make it sound like she did EVERYTHING to make sure it's a safe treatment, but please taylor, it's just not realistic

2. alright, so now she hyped up that treatment story but then she's like "or he might have just reached his individual natural life span! i hope he did! but i wish he would have had a longer individual natural life span!", taylor, you just explained that he died 1 or 2 days after that treatment, what exactly are the chances that a normally rather long-lived species of fish randomly reaches a pretty short individual natural life span so briefly after you introduced a new medication. sure you cannot be 100% certain what caused his death, but the same old "he lived his full life…well maybe he did" shtick just makes you sound dodgy in this case

3. she spends way…like WAY too much time revelling in how many people SHE made happy by giving that fish a platform. i mean sure, mention it, but go easy on the "i, me, myself" maybe?

4) now i'm just being snarky, but can't help but notice how she was always like "no fish in my 150 gallon has ever died, my fragile cow fish is thriving, so i am pretty much infallible". welp.

god i hope she wakes up and gets her life back on track, leaves that asshole rapist and stops. buying. animals. she seems overwhelmed and unable to cope in every sense

No. 601200

How is it possible she and other "professionals" research for two months and the only thing all they come up to was a medication instead of idk buy a bigger tank, split the huge quantity of fishes in two so the algae dont feed off the leftovers, try change the tank to a part with less natural light or buy a algae eating fishes.
If she knew the treatment could affect Cheese why she didnt pass him to another tank during those two months?

No. 601202

File: 1542583566479.jpeg (191.16 KB, 1285x1068, 9D3391DA-B248-43C4-A13D-2C3A91…)

No. 601203

Actually batshit crazy.

No. 601212

>grown woman sets her dead aquarium fish on fire in a body of water, more meth specials after 11.

No. 601221

That could actually be her goal! Every news is good news for Taylor and maybe she thinks she might break big and become the crazy story of the day for a larger news station so new people might flock to her channel…
Up to now I still had a bit of hope left that she was only trolling. This is so disturbing…

No. 601224

omg what kind of logan paul bullshit is this?? "should i film my beloved friend's dead body yes or no?"

No. 601226

File: 1542586292068.jpg (Spoiler Image,93.54 KB, 675x526, tndviking.jpg)

No. 601227

In the video, she mentions how she has attachments to certain animals (probably to use as an excuse for the inevitable why are you crying over cheese and not your other animals), and it just so happens that she had the deepest attachments to the pets that were the most popular on the internet. Nala (thumbs up hedgehog photo) and Cheese. What a coincidence!

ALSO HEY GUYS, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't she have a video about her hedgehog dying? Because I can't find it anymore…
I wanted to compare her reactions to her animal deaths, because I recall her mostly joking about the hedgehog. Am I making this up in my head? Something is fishy (pun intended)

No. 601229

next thread image

No. 601235


A bit like that time one of her ‘friends’ helped a disabled goldfish and she tweeted about it and got all the credit and news attention

No. 601236

No. 601237


Taylor bleating about proper animal care and handling will never not be hilarisad.

No. 601238

Replace her face with >>600624 and this will be a flawless thread pic

No. 601239


LOL the more I look at that pic, the more obvious the rouge around the eyes is.

No. 601240

File: 1542587590902.jpeg (203.56 KB, 750x1097, 5BE67E00-00FE-4643-828B-90E291…)

No. 601241

up until this point ive never agreed w the whole “taylor uses drugs” trope… but guys? i think taylor is using drugs.

No. 601242

What is this? Why post it?

No. 601245

File: 1542588761939.png (222.9 KB, 1202x822, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.51…)

She will turn Cheese into a ring.

No. 601246

using my context clues it looks like a taylor related tattoo so it looks like anon posted this bc it’s a taylor related forum?

No. 601248

I really wanna know what she is on… so I can keep away from it as far as possible!
This whole thing is even worse than people stuffing their pet dogs and cats to keep them around forever…

No. 601249


"I'm so emo lol"

God this cow just wants attention so bad LooOOooLLLlll

No. 601250

It's not a trope, she's admitted to doing heroin and smoking weed

No. 601251


So guessing that craft store conversation was definitely a lie.

No. 601252

She's never admitted to heroin? I'm not sure where you're getting this from.

No. 601254


She admitted it in one of her text conversations with chelsea I think

No. 601258

It’s another fan tattoo

No. 601259


Gotta admit that the quality on that beats Tay's tattoo artists' handiwork easy peasy. At least that tat looks crisp and tidy.

No. 601261


There's a ton of blow outs on that thing. It's not great.

No. 601263

I can understand being upset about a pet's death but a funeral and a ring made of a fish's ashes? This is just nuts or an attempt to milk her for views and ad money. Or both.

I'm not a fish person so that makes it harder to wrap my head around. Do they have defined personalities?

No. 601276

What the fuck is wrong with that crested gecko. I guess Taylor's fans can't look after their animals either. That poor gecko….

No. 601280


she wrote in the comments that it had some condition (MBD or something?) and that it was a "rescue of some sort"

No. 601283

File: 1542591866475.png (517.01 KB, 1007x736, 2018-11-19.png)

No. 601285


It has MBD for sure. It's a very painful condition that you can't really reverse. You can only stop it from progressing. With how bad that MBD is, I'd question its quality of life.

No. 601286

barf. I feel like if Jonny were home during all of this she wouldn't be going off the deep end because he would be there to tell her her ideas are idiotic and disgusting. he'd be like "why the fuck are you going to burn the fish in a boat, just let me flush it like I said I would flush Nemo when he was a kitten"

No. 601290

I'm not from the US. What are the regulations surrounding deceased pet fish?

No. 601293

there are none
just don't dump it in the outdoors bc it (bacteria, viruses, & pH) can affect wildlife.
^ That's as far as I know, but people break the rules always anyways

No. 601294

Well yeah I can see that. But seriously how do you let mbd get that bad in a crested gecko. I rarely see those with mbd. But of course this girl seems to have the animal saviour mentality of Taylor. Honestly an animal with mbd this bad should almost be put to sleep…

No. 601300

I checked out that person's acct to see if they posted anything else about their lizard and they have like 50 pets of their own and use the same "I love my animals, I can't be a hoarder" excuse as Taylor so I'm really not shocked that they got a tattoo dedicated to her lol

No. 601305

It's a wonder she hasn't got her own Youtube channel to completely emulate her idol…

No. 601306

So if an unexplained fire happens in TXs I'm eyeing tay tay

No. 601311


If fed a proper CGD diet, it doesn't happen. Ever. It usually happens when people get them from pet stores and have no idea what they're doing and only feed them mealworms and crickets and don't supplement with any calcium and vitamins. The CGD is a complete formula, so if they fed that, there'd be no issue.

No. 601315

That crested gecko is obese.

No. 601321

What is MBD?

No. 601322

Google is free my friend

No. 601324

Metabolic bone disorder. Essentially a calcium/vitamin deficiency caused by a poor diet or lack of dusting feeders. It causes poor bone formation and most lizards you see with kinked spines, twisted tails, and bent limbs have mbd. It's a lifelong condition that can be monitored and made comfortable, but it cannot be cured. Based on Taylor's lack of dusting feeders for her lizards and poor diet for her monitor, some of her animals are prime candidates to eventually develop mbd.

No. 601325

File: 1542596149717.png (2.72 MB, 1242x2208, 3A31E6FC-919D-4F81-8FD7-29A4BD…)

Wonder when she’ll introduce the new skinks

No. 601335

File: 1542597751465.jpeg (56.57 KB, 750x205, 0F008B9C-3754-4BB5-AAFE-FA3668…)

This is exactly what she wants

No. 601337

File: 1542597941624.png (1.03 MB, 1128x1210, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at 7.24…)

I hope it was this one. The irony is too good

No. 601339

she should make merch with any/all of her animals saying "I wish to be alive this Christmas"

No. 601343

Taylor admitted Jonny is still on heroin all the time and almost ODd in her bathroom. But she said she does coke in those conversations, not heroin.

That was at the beginning of their relationship though so she could totally be doing heroin now but there is no real evidence

No. 601344

No need to be a smart ass “my friend”.

No. 601346

She said they smoked heroin

No. 601349

I think if anything she just takes a bunch of kratom now. jonny is definitely not clean. but yeah the texts confirm that they smoked heroin together but she said he could still be shooting up and hiding the track marks. that was last year though, or early this year.

No. 601350

Ok guys I hope you enjoy this. I did not bash her (or tried not to) because I know she is grieving. Please do tell me if I missed something y'all think is an important message.

No. 601353

I would change the title to something more clickbait-y/innocent to lure people in.

Your text has some weird transition glitches? Or something. Some of the reading material could be left on the screen longer.

No. 601370

Came across this reaction video

No. 601376

this girl is obviously on drugs too lmao i just looked at her other videos. she is not okay

“Jonny’s exes are lying because they’re crazy!! And they still like him!” honey Taylor barely likes his dumb ass

No. 601380

Spoiler: not even worth 5 seconds of watch time. But video anon, you should feel flattered that it garnered a response?

No. 601397

“There’s a first time for everything”
Yeah but people don’t get two 2 week old kittens as their first…

I could watch anymore, her voice is so annoying.

No. 601405

Oh this is just too sad.

No. 601409

She'd even phrased it as she "tried" heroin to her dad and he had it on Twitter, which he deleted later to protect her reputation. If you look far enough back on the /snow/ threads you'll find it.

No. 601410

Yo guys I donno if this has been on any of the threads but I was looking under taylor's name to see how relevant the recent criticism videos are. It came out 11 months ago and the most recent drama was Nemo's sister dying. Her stans of course were commenting the usual stuff.

No. 601414

File: 1542608693811.jpeg (363.42 KB, 1460x1981, 7CC4FD26-4A93-47AD-B833-D4E660…)

No. 601416


I'm crying, too. That gecko looks horrible. It has some of the worst MBD I've seen in a crested. It's honestly really sad.

No. 601417

Did she just tweet this? I can't find it anywhere on her profile.

No. 601418

It’s from about an hour ago, she deleted it.

No. 601422

Why delete it so quickly? Why tweet it at all if you're gonna delete it? I'm guessing she realized it'd look like she was lurking, maybe?

No. 601423

FYI the 'reaction video' person says they are 9 YO.

No. 601430

That the reaction person is or the person they are reacting to is?

No. 601432

FYI the 'reaction video' person says they are 9 YO.

The video titled TND and jonny are cute aka post 601370

No. 601433

Explains why the “this is just all bullshit” was their only ‘evidence’

No. 601434

that girl is older and has tattoos so maybe she is also on drugs

No. 601447

Sorry I'm a bit late, haven't been on all day but I caught up and want to chime in on the Cheese/funeral/necropsy situation as someone with experience with fish.

I seriously doubt anyone is agreeing to do a necropsy on Cheese. She's just depending on her fans' ignorance of fish vets and the fact that her stans let her get away with murder, literally, and everything else.

She does live near SeaWorld so the chances of her finding a qualified local marine vet aren't zero, but they're still pretty slim. She hasn't made mention of doing that though, it seems like she thinks/expects us to think she can just drive her fish's corpse to her regular vet or an exotic vet and they'll do an autopsy They won't. Almost no one does fish.

When Solid Gold was trying to figure out what was wiping out her whole fish room she had to send fish by mail to be analyzed at a lab because no one local did that, but she couldn't send them the dead ones. She told us in video that she had to send fish while they were still alive, because that's how it usually works. I think the lab tested the fish for bacteria/etc while they were alive and then they autopsied them pretty much immediately when they died. It also took her about 48 days to get back any results because they were that thorough. Inb4 Taylor comes back in like 24 hours with "the vet said it couldn't have been my fault guys he was just old!"

Even if Taylor did find a marine vet, as has been brought up, fish decompose way too fast for anyone to get any information on why that fish died at this point. If you don't do an autopsy immediately, you're basically not doing one. MAYBE if she froze Cheese immediately she could do it. But she said she left him on the kitchen counter in that video, and I'd suspect she didn't freeze him quickly or possibly at all. Most importantly though there's the fact that she said she found him floating, and if that's true it means he was dead for days by the time she even pulled him out of the tank. Much too late to do anything with that body now. The alternative is that if Cheese really was alive until she found him floating and she isn't covering for missing him, she pulled him out while he was just on death's door/still alive thinking he was dead. I guess that'd be better for the necropsy, but worse for the poor fish.

Taylor tweeted at 7pm her time she was going to "drop him off right now." Where, Taylor? What marine vet is available for her to drop off at 7pm, on a Sunday, on sudden notice? Wtf? Even if that were true, and Cheese hadn't been dead for days, 7pm Sunday is probably at least 48 hours after she said he died (she posted the video at about 4am San Antonio time on the 17th, according to her Cheese was fine morning of the 16th. Sometime after that she said she found him floating, and she "put him on the kitchen counter because I didn't know what to do with him.") If we was dead when she said, that's about or just over 48 hours- usually too long for a real necropsy.

Plus, fish autopsies in the best circumstances are generally inconclusive. They can culture for bacteria, sometimes organ failure or obstruction if they ate something they shouldn't have is apparently, but most often it's impossible to tell what happened to kill the fish.

God Taylor's such an idiot. I hope someone asks her more about where she got this necropsy done. It's obvious she just wants to say she's getting one done to absolve herself of blame, but if she doesn't provide any more proof or take back past statements that don't add up, no one should take anything she says about this necropsy seriously.

She definitely lost more fish this year but doesn't announce it so it's hard to add to the list. She seems to have slowly lost those bettas from her "sorority" that used to be in her freshwater tank. I remember there were less than before in one of her vidoes, and they seem to be missing completely from pics/Emma's video. She has angels in there now which are a poor tankmate for that african leaf fish she has in there. Her freshwater tanks have always looked like someone just pointed at random to fish in a store, she puts no thought into tankmates.

No. 601450

Someone should ask the name of the vet. LOL

No. 601461

AntsCanada just got two axolotls and the tank is huge with lots of things in it. Way better then tay tays.

No. 601463

And his prime focuse isn’t even fish, unfortunatly I feel like for the most part we’re going to have to wait for her fans to grow up because so many are at the age where their idol is the world to them and can do no wrong…

No. 601466

AntsCanada had one but most people were saying the tank was to small and even he saw that and moved it to a bigger tank. And got it a friend.

Yes Tay's fans are too young and really you can't fix stupid

No. 601474

He did fuck up with his crayfish a few months ago though. He got 2 male ones because he didn't sex them correctly from different species, put them in a tiny tank and thought they'd breed lol

No. 601483

I remember that, I was so scared AC was gonna go down the road of TND when he introduced the axolotl at first. Love what he does with his ants though.

No. 601508

File: 1542629527826.png (1.2 MB, 1440x937, Screenshot_2018-11-19-11-38-48…)

Seeing a healthy axolotl and comparing that to how Mushu looks makes me feel so fucking sad.

No. 601532


will you change the music to "in the arms of an angel?"

No. 601534

>in the arms of an angel
plz no, it needs to be my immortal

No. 601545

First video anon here, why are so many people suddenly so upset about my video mentioning her fucked up relationship with Jonny? There's also a bunch of comments on the video about this.
It makes me second guess myself a bit whether I should've put it in but then again it's important if someone is a heroin addict/their partner might flush their pets when they have to take care of 50 animals.

No. 601551

DW, it’s relevant. Her life/animal care began seriously spiralling after becoming involved with him, there are serious allegations of violence against him including from Taylor herself against her animals. Some stans might just find it a “weak” spot in your criticism since they can claim it’s a personal attack more than your claims about her pets.

I would also point out to them that Tay herself despite multiple tweets/texts claiming Jonny’s violence/abuse/addiction issues has actually gifted him pets herself. It’s all relevant when she’s giving him innocent animals to be responsible for when the dude can’t even take responsibility for himself

No. 601555


Not to mention he’s the one that introduced her to drugs, which both directly and indirectly affects her animals, notably from her smoking around them but also the Kratom pills she leaves lying around / right next to the rat cage.

No. 601557


I agree, definitely relevant. She didn't take the best care of her pets when she lived with her family, but generally did the minimum and didn't get dozens every time you blink until she started her life with JC. Also he seems a potential danger to her and her animals, especially threatening to flush a kitten, as well as smoking around fragile animals, but also just by demanding Taylor's attention like he does to himself and drugs.

It was really when she moved in with him that her life began to spiral and she lost fans and got threads on here, so including him is well justified.

No. 601560

You're right. I think I might be starting to lose my mind a bit trying to reason with not only Taylor stans but now also Jonny stans lol
Taylor only gave Jonny Twisty and Gucci Nr 2 right?

No. 601576

The comments are just downright retarded. I love how people pointing out Taylor’s lies and shit care based on information that she shares is somehow obsessive but not getting tattoos of her pets, role playing them on Twitter, or searching her name on multiple platforms to defend her and attack anyone with a slight amount of negative criticism of her.

No. 601581

Yes I believe those are 'his' only two pets. Although I really don't think he cares for them at all given he tours and yeah, twisty's tail…

Taylor's stans are one thing but Jonny's are a whole new class of retarded, it's public knowledge to the point it's on his Wikipedia page that he's a douchebag. Honestly it's amazing people want to defend him because a few years back he scammed hundreds of his fans with just one macbook.

It's all relevant, think of it this way. Celebrities never get a moments peace because of tabloids and the sorts and youtube is no different. She has put herself out there and everything you used was stuff she publicly shared with the world, which given how things are is free game.
Taylor's stans don't have a full idea what a stalker really is. For me at least it's only classed as stalking if you start obsessing over her to the point you're at her house creeping near the property or trying to break in (or sending letters bombs like that one dude and the singer)

All I can really suggest is people keep at it and don't bow down, they're kids and if it's one thing kids are good at it's scream and cry when they want something but don't want to put in the effort to get it.

No. 601589

I think she said Lego was his, too.

No. 601593

Was Lego the corn snake?

No. 601595

Have we had any updates on the scorpion? For a reletively new pet he's not getting much attention

No. 601598

Nope, given that it's probably important to note that she said he's a year old and Emperor Scorpions live between 6-8.
You know, in case something happens…

No. 601600

>cremate and turn him into a ring

Sure, Taylor. Any excuse to buy yourself a brand new bit of jewelry and excuse the absurd cost of it because "It's sentimental to me!!"

It's a fish. There won't be enough fucking ashes to make a ring gem you twat unless you want to scoop up some unclaimed remains as filler.

No. 601617

It's downright creepy how she prefaces the arrival of all new 'pets' with their current age and expected lifespan. Literally don't know anyone who does this other than Taylor and frankly it's weird in a really fucked up way.

Why not just say that you bought it to take a picture and then throw it in a bin till it dies when that's actually what she does with every animal she has. She is nasty.

No. 601621


i found taylor because of jonny. to me, jonny was the original cow. at first, i felt really bad for taylor because she seemed nice and not deserving of the mess jc is. then i realized how poor her care is, and it became a trainwreck i couldn't seem to look away from.

jonny IS abusive and a predator. i think all taylor's young fans romanticize them because they wanna believe they can save a damaged guy like him. that they are soooo amazing (just like taylor) that they will be the exception. so to them, jc is just another animal taylor saved because she is 'that' great

No. 601623

There are times I want to feel bad for her because she’s in that situation but then other times it’s just ugh, both of them are a lost cause at this rate.

No. 601639

When you've had enough pets die or be replaced on the sly you learn to cover your ass ahead of time.

No. 601681

Sometimes I think she is just too deep into the abusive loop, you know? I can't help but feel sorry for her.
I know she brought this up onto herself, everyone warned her and offered help but she was just so damn young when it all started. Her 'I want to experience this' speaks volumes about how naive she was when she met him.
Idk, it's just that in my eyes she is still a victim. Like anons said in older threads, the hoarding seems more like a coping mechanism.

No. 601701

Wym she was so young? I thought she was 20 when she met him, it was only last year

No. 601702

Yeah for real. I'm only a year older than Taylor and I also had a fairly sheltered upbringing but I would've never dated a rapist after being warned by thousands of people lol

The thing about Taylor is that she has millions of fans that would cheer her on if she seperated from Jonny. Everyone knows he is a disgusting person. She could silently leave with all her pets one day while he is on tour.
It's not comparable to other victims who don't have a way out or a support net at all.

No. 601708

He’s 12 years older. She supposedly liked him when she bought an album of his when she was 12. When he was Taylor’s age she was 8. She’s not a kid but he’s far more grown up than her and shouldn’t be anywhere near her.

No. 601709


This is an ignorant reply

It's not that easy. If this is an actual case of abuse then we don't know the full extent of her situation and its possible that he'd have leverage on her. And what are her fans going to do, they can't protect her in any way if she needed it.

Getting out of an abusive relationship may seem easier than it is, but its a thousand times more complicated

No. 601712

When I was around her age I did a lot of stupid shit, back then I didn't measure the consequences correctly and I suspect that's the same for Taylor.
She also seems a bit… emotionally stunted? In a sense? Growing up with someone like Tanner is hard on itself but not only that, her mother seems a bit uneven as well and she was homeschooled to boot.
I also think 20 is pretty young but maybe that's because I'm old lol

No. 601715

Sometimes I think if I should feel bad for Taylor.. Then I remember she is a pathological liar and overall cunty person who made fun of rape victims etc.. So I'm not wishing bad things on her, but I'm also not feeling bad for her at all. People tend not to like liars, so idk what y'all going on about.

No. 601718

Of course it's complicated. But she had perfect resources to help her get out: Jonnys exes. They've been through exactly the same shit Taylor is in right now, and they even talked to her in the beginning trying to get her out.

If Jonny has leverage on Taylor then the only thing I could imagine would be bad enough for her to stay is her doing some really fucked up shit like replacing her pets. She could spin anything else into doing it because he abused her.

We are talking about someone who let her pets burn to death because she couldn't be fucked to check on them for 10 hours, not some innocent girl.

No. 601726

I don't think anons are arguing that she shouldn't be held accountable for her mistakes. She obviously should, we are talking about actual living being in her care here and she is not innocent at all
What I think they are arguing is that we should put her actions in a context. Everything really only went down after she moved in with Jonny. Her care wasn't the best but it was acceptable enough, she did stupid irresponsible stuff like taking her skink on walks but it was never something extremely dangerous, she blew up on youtube before all the Jonny drama but she only really got a thread here after him for a reason

No. 601743

File: 1542663852737.jpg (735.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181119-164325_Twi…)


No. 601757


why would she share that, that cant be healthy

No. 601761

5 years later she is still obsessed… poor manda.

No. 601764

Fully agree. Why do people still find themselves able to feel bad for her shitty and obviously abusive relationship with Jonny when she is the POS she is? She has horrible animal care. She lies about literally everything. She has KILLED helpless animals through her awful care. All the while crying about how much of a victim she is about everything along the way.
She was warned by literally tens of hundreds of people. Including multiple of Jonny’s exes. I’m sorry but making dumb decisions while you’re young doesn’t include dating a literal RAPIST. And then making fun of his exes that were raped?? What an awful person to do that.
Also remember when she first broke up with him, literally so many people were giving her advice on how to get him out and they were so happy for her leaving him. She really is delusional. When he goes on tour is the most perfect opportunity to get out. They obviously don’t love each other; it’s a consistent cycle of abuse. I think she really does stay with him because he has so much dirt on her. He would ruin her in any way he could if she truly left him.

No. 601769

It's timehop lol, it's not that deep

No. 601770

wtf is wrong with her lips. she looks like pete burns.

No. 601772

Honestly even though she is a horrible person I can't help but feel bad for her. I'm pretty sure she stays with him for drugs. If he gets her hooked on drugs he has pretty much full control over her. I seriously doubt he knows enough about animals to really affect her and she could always claim he was lying. She most likely doesn't want to admit drug use to her family. She clearly wants to independent from her mother so she would probably seeing going home as admitting defeat.

No. 601787

does he still have this tattoo? That would suck for taylor to have to see that every day lol

No. 601793

File: 1542671281036.png (Spoiler Image,2.26 MB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20181119-164622~2.p…)

He posted this on June 29 of this year. Presumably yes.

Spoilers cause not everyone wants to see mostly naked Jonny

No. 601794

I don’t get why she thinks if she breaks up with Jonny, she’d have to go back to her mom’s… do ya’ll really think that manlet contributes financially?? Hell no. He’s too busy buying new shoes to flex with and she’s always buying him shit like he can’t afford it lmao. Like his $400 game systems and whatnot. If anything, Taylor booting Jonny’s ass out would save her a hell of a lot of money. I could see him sharing some of his money after a tour but honestly I think he just spends it all on dumb shit. Plus she paid like $50k for his ugly ass teeth… he couldn’t do it himself.

No. 601795

Maybe it isn't so much "going back" as it would be about being alone/being without any affection? I could definitely see her being the type to jump into relationships just to have someone around.

No. 601796

She needs constant ass pats, maybe if she’s lucky her fans constant praise will be enough but yeah as you said, she’s most likely just is around for the affection.

No. 601798

She definitely strikes me as having issues needing attention. She wouldn't want to admit to her family that she messed up and needs help with drugs or to get out of her relationship likely because she has a childish mindset and doesn't want to admit she was wrong. Of course Jonny manipulating her when she clearly has issues with attachment like impulsively buying animals to feel better doesn't help.

No. 601800


She's said before that she did this in the past. Ironically she got that "By myself" tattoo to remind herself she didn't have to be in a relationship… right before jumping into an abusive relationship with Jonny.

No. 601801

Wow, fifteen minutes of "Oh my god I can't believe this girl" and "That's not true" without offering a shred of evidence to back up her opinion. But that's status quo for Taylor's brain dead stans.

No. 601803

She'd go back to her parents because she can't be alone. That's pretty much why she keeps buying animals, and why she hasn't dumped JC. I remember in a video she mentioned that because she frequently missed school due to her illnesses, animals were kinda like a comfort for her. Add to that anons who have posted in past threads who knew her from high school, saying that all her interactions and social life was online because she was constantly at home.

Taylor is socially incapable, immature, and inept overall to be truly on her own. She constantly has the need to be validated online because it's all she knows. If she broke up with JC, I'm most certain she'd jump right into another relationship with an equally shitty partner because behind all that flexing she's highly insecure and cannot cope with being on her own despite how "empowered" she pretends to be.

No. 601807

I can see her stupid, overbearing mother tweeting about it too. Because that woman will go to any length to get a bit of attention even humiliate her own daughter.

No. 601813

She said she was 9 years old sarcastically to a comment calling out her lack of critical thinking skills, which said “what are you, 10?”

No. 601814

She said she was 9 years old sarcastically to a comment calling out her lack of critical thinking skills, which said “what are you, 10?”

No. 601817

>I bet you she wasn't even a fan of Taylor's! She has Jonny's music on her channel!
>She hates Taylor because she wants Jonny Craig.

No. 601829

Feel like I’m signing up for a death wish by replying to her stans but man am I in the mood for a debate.
This bullfuckery has gone on long enough…

No. 601855


lmfao, I love that he's using a branded Bumble bandanna to cover himself.

No. 601857

File: 1542681396688.jpeg (345.61 KB, 750x892, F49A2616-AA79-43EA-8BD1-FE6273…)

Another joke at the expense of legit criticism, Tyler can kindly go fuck himself.

No. 601858

I agree. She can’t handle being alone at all. Very ironic and hypocritical that she got a tattoo that was supposed to symbolize how she can be happy by herself, lmao. She has no real self esteem because of what a shitty person she is. She and Jonny may not love each other but since he’s financially dependent on her, she needs someone to pat her ass and validate her when she has breakdowns over her constant lying.

No. 601859

Jfc. Imagine them growing old together? They’ll probably cuss each other all day while getting drunk until they knock out just so they can escape.

No. 601862

This is purely speculation but we've talked about taylor kicking johnny out with his stuff while he's on tour and changing the locks. But to change the locks she would need to have building management do it and they would likely have to enter her apartment and then they would really see how bad shit is just from looking into the living room. Like I'm sure there's a 100 reasons why she doesn't kick him out but this might be one of them.

No. 601867

She's going to lose it in her disgusting pug pen of an apartment and then cry about it, im calling it now

No. 601874

I can definitely see the relationship becoming physically abusive within the next 2 years if they stay together. And if it hasn't already

No. 601878

It's already emotionally abusive. He's really clingy and often goes into these guilt-tripping tirades on Twitter whenever she has a life that doesn't involve him. It's really obvious they're very much in a toxic dynamic considering the amount of love-bombing they do on twitter.

I'm still baffled at Jennifer for falling for his shit, let alone thinking that a 32 year old dating a 20 year old is in any way normal or right.

Shit will get ugly when they break up.

No. 601882

I just want them to get in another big argument so Taylor will expose him on twitter again even though we know she’ll retract/delete afterwards.

No. 601884

You're right, it's obvi already abusive. I'm just talking about him physically abusing her like he has with his past girlfriends. But I think Jen still doesn't approve, she didn't approve when they first started dating and bitched about it on Twitter and Taylor cut off contact for like at least a month, so I think she pretends to be okay with it so her daughter won't cut her out of her life completely

No. 601915

Nothing wrong with an age gap if it happens organically. This didn't. She wanted to date a rock star so badly she was willing to settle for the first dubious example of one to come along. He was on the market for a new sugar momma. Ta-dah. A match made in hell. (For her anyway. His skank-ass seems to be doing just fine.)

No. 601917

Be sure to get screenshots, people. Kek.

No. 601963

Got any funny responses from it?

No. 601965

aside from the rat dude who makes me want to ram my head through a wall nope. Though someone deleted their comment after I responded to it so that was fun.

No. 601969

File: 1542700929750.jpg (264.19 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_20181120-090033_You…)

Guys sorry for OT but that person that made the reaction video would be such a cow herself if she had more content. I really wouldn't have been surprised if she was 9, I can't believe this is a grown up woman

No. 601972

So a 5 second google search later,

"A third party who passes on a defamatory statement without knowing its content is not liable for defamation; this is called innocent dissemination of information."

"Unlike defamation per se where the plaintiff only needs to prove the false statement was made, defamation per quod requires proof that damages exist."

Don't think paige knows enough about the law to make that kind of statement.

No. 601974

File: 1542702168269.jpg (380.72 KB, 1075x883, Screenshot_20181120-092142_Sam…)

Amazing idea Taylor, get into the face of your aggressive snake and take a pic with flash while it's in shed.

No. 601986


That poor snake is so obviously uncomfortable and scared (look at that bunched-up posture) but nope, Taylor just has to get in there with a camera for the memes.

No. 601999

Taylor wants a cobalt blue lmao. Oh please do Taylor, and try pose with it like you always do.

No. 602018


Not surprised. I've seen several videos of them go viral this week on my twitter. Of course she wants to follow the new trend.

No. 602021

Forgive my ignorance, but what kind of animal is a cobalt blue?

No. 602025


A type of tarantula

No. 602027


Okay then - that'll go well with her forcible handling of animals, I guess…

No. 602033

File: 1542721199269.png (290.68 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20181120-063902~2.p…)

No. 602036

>Fish died days/weeks ago and I was headed home anyway but it's totally all about you babe. Btw getting me anything for Black Friday?

No. 602050

It's an old world tarantula, they also have quite the nasty venom. They're stunning bright blue, but very advised against putting your hands anywhere near them. Of course her "WANT" was in response to someone handling one :')

No. 602052

Sorry for double post but I think she is really going to start getting tarantulas very soon very quick because of how easy they are to keep, and cheap in keeping too. Exotic Lair his channel has been growing like crazy and has a "watering my tarantulas" series that's doin quite well, gut feeling she wants to capitalise on that, cash in on some of that sweet sweet adsense money.

No. 602054


I went a-googling, and they really are stunning as you said! I hope she leaves the poor thing alone if she gets one (she seems to be quite good at not tending to her pets…) and doesn't put it on her face and tits.

… who am I kidding, this is Tay-tay we're talking about.

No. 602055

Looking at the video she replied to of the tarantula, it isn't even a cobalt blue lol. It's a poecilotheria metallica. If she is gonna get into pokies and does her same old man handling, putting them on her face, we are gonna have some good laughs.

No. 602056

File: 1542723891124.jpg (571.1 KB, 1536x1687, Screenshot_20181120-152351.jpg)

No. 602058

No guys you don’t understand she’s wantwd this tarantula for YEARS…she’s thought about it a LONG time! It’s one of the first tarantulas that she’s ever even looked at so we shouldn’t be surprised when she gets one shortly after this video is viral (much like the orchid mantis)

No. 602059

You're right, it also will not be her fault if she gets the wrong species, it'll be the stores fault, she just really wanted to own something this special.

No. 602060

Ah yes how stupid of us! That's why she is breeding roaches, in preparation for getting all these T's because she is such a good, responsible pet mom that never impulse buys! She prepares for every animal years before getting them. Best pet mom everrrrr.

No. 602061


And when it passes away, it will have lived its full lifespan, maybe, so it will have died of old age but also the breeder didn't tell her that it had a condition that can cause them to die early so it's also the breeders fault but hey she gave him a good life because she fed it a meal the day it died.

No. 602062

File: 1542724742403.png (28.89 KB, 1270x223, a8ba27af11aebb5e7f03aa9197f2c8…)

this….this is a troll right?

No. 602063

Also if she gets a p. Metallica and houses it in the same thing as Cersei I'm gonna lose my shit. (Theyre aboreal so will need an enclosure where it can climb)

Keeping tarantulas she is gonna be able to find many excuses to if she kills them. "Oh it was a male it lived far beyond its life span!!)

Female T's can live up to 25 years depending which genus she gets.

No. 602064

If you check his channel he sounds like he is 8.

No. 602067

Jesus Christ. This comment section keeps reminding me how young her fans are and she kept posting trashy pics of her tits and panties/lingerie for them to see??? Good god, where are these kids’ parents?

No. 602069

I doubt that they follow her anywhere but on Youtube since most of them don't even seem to know about the dead pets.
She also dresses like a hooker in her videos but at least not as bad as in her pictures I guess

No. 602074

Never posted before. But I had to just unfollow king of diy after he posted a video on his Instagram sympathizing with Taylor for losing Cheese. Anything for the views I guess.

No. 602080

Isn’t King of DIY problematic too anyway?

No. 602090

People here have shown sympathy for the pets dying here? You can be sorry for a pet dying and still dislike the person who owns the pets and call out their poor husbandry. King of DIY has spoken out, subtly, against Taylor before

No. 602099

His whole channel is about fish so it makes sense, also as anon above said many of us have shown sympathy towards pet death.

No. 602102

Not saying you can’t feel sorry for a death of a pet. Just the fact that most likely the death was her fault. It’s just more sympathy and stans that she doesn’t deserve is my point.

No. 602105

Guys, let's be fair here, she didn't state she wanted a Cobalt Blue (which would be stupid because they are very dangerous and she's not that experienced with Tarantulas) it was an anon that mixed things up.
Overreacting to every single thing she posts on twitter is really dumb.

No. 602116

no but she did state that she wanted a p.metallica which is like a cobalt blue on crack and has wayy worse venom

No. 602118

inb4 tay tay uploads a video titled 'MY BLUE SPIDER BIT ME(hospital trip)' and has serious injuries from trying to handle one of these

No. 602121


Cripes, I just read up on their venom! I seriously hope Taylor does not buy one of these, she's not equipped to handle them at all.

No. 602127

Oh, sorry, I didn't know that they were so dangerous.
I just wanted to clear up that she wasn't the one that mixed up the species.

No. 602142

Meeeh same could’ve been said about her seahorses, monitor, rats, cats and satanic leaf geckos but Taylor is to up herself in those designer pets to realise she’s way out of her comfort zone.

No. 602150

Taylor poster on her ig story that she got the rats a bigger cage. I would screenshot and post it but I don't wanna get blocked lol

No. 602155

We are talking about Taylor "not uncomfortable owning any animal" Dean here which she stated in her interview, it's not that far of a reach to think she will jump from Cersei into owning a P. Metallica tbh, some people in the T hobby do jump from one single new world into old worlds like an OBT

Yeah, Rob C who was bit by a P. Ornata, still has flare ups from time to time being bitten by one years ago. He thinks it is from that bite still anyways.

No. 602183

File: 1542738564141.jpeg (455.62 KB, 750x834, 096FA3F2-C7B7-4ABB-87E0-04CFE8…)


No. 602186

I guess she has to end herself now?

No. 602187

What is it with her and having her animals pressed against her makeup caked face or having them lick her? Ugh

No. 602190

Don't worry Tay, I won't neglect my animals by cooking them to death, or killing them by not properly researching how to get rid of algae, or by taking on 2 week old kittens without knowing how to care for kittens so young, or let my beardies tail get so necrotic for months that it has to have half of it removed, or ignoring my sick looking axlotl for months on end, or….

No. 602191


Or, in reality: Be kind to me, I kill animals.

No. 602192

Lmao she just baiting her Twitter hayturz into telling her to kys for some instant pity points

No. 602199

I hope she does.

Maybe it'll bite her overfilled lip.

No. 602207

back to last night. I made sure to upload shit in chronological order.

No. 602209

Idk if it's just me but I think you should make your videos a bit more "click baitey" to catch the attention of people. Like this video I'd call "Why Jonny Craig is a trash person (including receipts)" or something like that if you don't want to use words like rapist or abuse. Same with the dying pets one.
Anyway, I appreciate you making this series.

No. 602237


I'm still waiting for this video on Kronos biting her to happen lol. It'll be "my monitor bit me and I had a $10,000 hospital bill but I still love him so much because I'm a good pet mom" and of course she'll never address that he bites her so often because he has no clue what she's doing and she doesn't handle or train him properly.

No. 602238

She can’t see who screenshots on insta stories…

No. 602239

I thought we established that she can? It would make sense since she blocked one of my accounts even though all I did was like comments critical of her and screenshot stories on mobile.

No. 602250

And if she really knew the first thing about defamation of character, she'd know that it's a civil matter, not criminal. Plus lots of those screenshots were of comments made by Taylor herself. It's hard to defame yourself. Lol

No. 602252

One of Taylor’s fans apparently messaged King of DIY asking him to say something nice to her so I’m trying not to be too critical, especially because they brought up the loss of his arowana Buddy. I’m just hoping this won’t lead to him full time endorsing her care. I don’t know what’s been going on with him either, but I’ve heard Jenny with Solid Gold took down her collab videos with him as well.

No. 602255

IG does not allow you to see who screenshots your stories. It was probably the liking of comments that got you blocked. If you guys are still worried about screenshotting her shit, use storiesig.

No. 602257

Get. over. it. girl.

No. 602258


I'm not surprised Joey made a video, he understands being sad when fish die and it's probably more about him sympathizing with fans who liked Cheese than endorsing Taylor's fish care.

I didn't know Jenny took down her videos with him, but it looks like you're right! Maybe she doesn't endorse Joey's care anymore with his recent acquisitions and fish deaths. I wonder what's going on with Jenny though, she's disappeared from youtube and social media for like 3 months now.

No. 602259

Jenny has been having some health issues so she's taking time off

No. 602261


keep this shit private. Cringe

No. 602355

File: 1542766694442.jpg (63.26 KB, 1080x404, 20181120_211753.jpg)

Looks like we got a lurker

No. 602367

Did he delete it?

No. 602371

he's probably high as balls and didn't realize he was posting/realized right after and deleted

No. 602372

…Jonny I'm assuming? What an idiot

No. 602378

File: 1542769856155.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, 1E220ECB-8B94-4A7A-B995-BA924C…)

Does anyone know anything about handling monitors? This looks so wrong.

No. 602393

that is how you fold any animal you want to feel hostile. I mean ifs its legs and tail are dangling

No. 602394

She's handling the monitor like her blue tongue…very improper no support. No wonder she has claw marks all over her arms it's her lizards trying to hold on for dear life

No. 602404

File: 1542772701295.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181120-215513.png)

the first result on YouTube e shows how to hold a monitor properly. support the full body. pic is blurry because he kept moving the whole time but see the hand placement is always supporting her front and back.

No. 602405

Not only is she holding him wrong, she just now decides to her animals with gloves? Lmao

No. 602409

it's clear she can only hold him at full arm's length because she has not been handling him regularly at all. he'll try to claw the shit out of her, he's still wild, so she has to wear a glove and keep her distance while endangering/stressing him out. he should be comfortable in her hands since she's had him like at least 8 months now, but we all know that she hasn't gotten him used to it at all.

No. 602414

It’s not just monitors it’s the same with all reptiles, they feel most at ease when all four legs are supported.

No. 602426

Is it one of those metal gloves that prevents being cut/bitten? Like they use at chipotle when cutting the meat? If so she must know she’s fucked up and is scared her fingers gonna get bitten off.

No. 602429

She buys animals even though she’s scared of them and doesnt even bother trying to bond. Wow how heartless can someone be?

No. 602439

File: 1542783505055.png (945.55 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20181120-235604~2.p…)

Why do Nemo's eyes look weird? I've never seen a photo of a cat with their eyes looking like this.

No. 602440

Whoa, what the fuck? I don't know shit about cats but is that jaundice? That doesn't look right whatever it is

No. 602444

It's definitely not normal for a cat to have its scleras that color.

No. 602445

I’m pretty sure with cat liver issues they have more symptoms like not eating etc before they get jaundiced. His ears aren’t yellow. I’d still be taking him to the vet …

No. 602447

If you take pictures of cats with a flash it can make their eyes look all kind of weird in photos.

But this being Taylor, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities for the cat to be ill.

No. 602451

File: 1542786712916.jpg (238.33 KB, 1080x1596, IMG_20181121_074818.jpg)

Is it just me, or do Twisty's feet look very stubby, as if he's had/having shedding issues? Unfortunately they're out of focus, but they don't look like normal beardie feet to me.

No. 602452

Not sure if they protect against bites or cuts but those are Hyper Tough all purpose gloves you get at hardware stores for 3$.

No. 602453

I saw this earlier and was going to post it thinking he'd lost some toes.
Though I wasn't sure if his toes are just bent or not.

No. 602455

The ones at the back are definitely bent - but even the ones at the front where you can see the claw look very short and stubby to me.

No. 602457

his pupils could be affected by the flash but the eyes themselves should not be that bloodshot.
It is possible that this is a very very early sign of jaundice, considering Taylor often doesn't post about her animals problems until it's to late I wouldn't rule it out.

Other possibilities could be genetic deformity, Iris Melanosis which isn't bad for the cat but if the case is severe can cause glaucoma or the worst case scenario iris melanoma.

Even if it's nothing she should urgently get him to a vet to check him out.

No. 602465

Could be hepatic issues, and also toxoplasmosis.. The red in the eyes.

No. 602484

Have you guys ever even seen a cat before? Not to wk but that's not his sclera, it's the iris. It's a photo with flash so his eyes look a bit wonky.

No. 602486

I've seen tons of photos of cats with the flash, and I've never seen cat eyes look like that. My cat's eyes are yellow but her sclera never look like this if I take a photo with flash.

No. 602487

My cats have similarly colored eyes and photos with flash never leave them looking like that. She really needs to get that checked out, it can't be healthy.

No. 602488

File: 1542810030068.png (169.27 KB, 1080x870, Screenshot_20181121-001435~2.p…)

If it distresses you, why would you buy from a breeder that feeds live? Seems really easy to avoid getting snakes that needed to live feed.

No. 602490

File: 1542810138932.jpeg (91.74 KB, 750x644, 917E62F1-B3F0-4FF1-AAF0-A81910…)

the sclera is right there?? dont embarass yourselves guys

No. 602492

What? If you're pointing to the inner corner that white that's not the scleara, it's the tear duct. The yellowish area between the tear duct and side of iris (which is a greenish colour) is the slcera. It should be white not yellow.

No. 602493

File: 1542811396168.jpg (Spoiler Image,16.58 KB, 250x181, cateyemedication_img4[1].jpg)

You are all embarrassingly retarded and need to stop with this speculation bullshit shitposting. If your post includes the words
>I don't know anything about but
Then don't fucking post it. Walk away from the keyboard.

The sclera is the part of the eye that is white in humans and humans are one of the only mammals with visible, uncoloured sclera. It is not visible in cats without physically manipulating their eyes. We cannot see this cat's scleras in the photos provided. The white part isn't the tear duct, it's the third eyelid.

No. 602495

Both of these posts are fucking autistic.
Apparently none of you have seen a cat before, their iris are huge, and I’ve seen hundreds of cats with eyes like this, it’s not their sclera.
You’re making us all look bad and discrediting the real concerns

No. 602503

Just go browsing cat photos on any media platform, none of them have eyes like this.

No. 602505

Fucking great, Jonny's shitty ass band was just confirmed on the setlist of Brazil's second biggest music festival (lollapalooza).
It's probably just filler so they can aford actual expensive artists but still.

No. 602507

In some cats, the yellow part is more orange gold than yellow. Please stop reaching guys unless you have something to back up what you’re saying.

No. 602508

the cats eyes look fine. the dark part around the pupil is most likely from the photo flash. the pupil is a muscle and it gets smaller in bright lights however here you can see the shadow of its full range because of the sudden bright light. however the third eyelid should not be that prominent, that is a sign of something wrong.

No. 602509

File: 1542815731264.jpeg (1009.98 KB, 2048x2048, 6F9B7209-D88B-4D9F-931E-757896…)

This is just embarrassing. Her cat’s eyes are fine. Like another anon said, you can’t see the sclera in a cat’s eye without manipulation. Her cat’s eyes look dichromatic and probably just edited to make it more pronounced. Stop reaching.

No. 602510

Sad that the only handling her animals get are when she hamfists them for photos against whatever shitty backdrop she can make before stuffing them back in their cages.

No. 602518

Cat anon:
I have no idea what you guys are talking about with the eyes. Have you guys just never seen a cat’s eyes with flash or??? It’s perfectly normal for a cat’s eyes to look like that.

No. 602523

Ok guys we get it, some of us have never seen a cats eyes with flash.

No. 602528


That's not necessarily true. I've bought snakes from breeders that decided to hunger strike until I fed them live before.

No. 602529

Someone literally said it might just be because of flash. You could literally test this yourself, sometimes cat's eyes come out weird looking.

The best way to look for jaundice here is to look at the ears of the cat really and they look fine.

No. 602530

You're likely buying from a bad breeder that hasn't got the snake to eat fully frozen/thawed food then.

That or you're buying snake