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File: 1537509681075.png (560.01 KB, 1114x757, C0DA90C7-9CF7-4823-AE6A-5CADE0…)

No. 693293

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/693162

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday, stating that when she is too unwell to tend to her animals she pays "people" ~$600 to take care of them for her, as if that's somehow better

> Finally got the cheese tattoo, looks terrible (not surprising)
> Decided to put all of her snakes into breeder racks
> Still hasn't bothered getting a proper set up for the mantis shrimp
The mantis and rest of biocube are now being ‘babysat’ by a ‘friend’, unclear if they are still alive
> Posted a link to a podcast not realizing that it didn’t paint her in a positive light (link to the podcast and summary of the podcast with time stamps is in #15 thread)
> After months of neglecting to treat her bearded dragon for what started with a small tail injury and possibly losing just the tip of its tail, the tail became necrotic and about half of the tail had to be amputated.
Her stans have began harassing the wrong breeder as a result of her lying regarding the dragon, legal action has been threatened by the breeder
> Still claiming that she isn't impulse buying her animals, and totes supports "adopt don't shop", despite buying a $7500 chimera ball python and buying another snake at Petfest
> Misidentifies the species of the snake that she just bought on twitter, despite claiming that it's one she's totes wanted forever
> Maui might be a female, she has apparently never bothered checking or getting him a general check up at a vet
> Stated that she'll "consult" an expert on how to sex him but didn't say she'd actually get him sexed BY an expert
> Orchid mantis is a male as was speculated on a previous thread
> Claiming that she is "quarantining" the two new snakes, but the chimera has been out all over the apartment for pictures (the "quarantine" tank is a tank in front of their loud ass tv where they were caught smoking pot around the satanics)
> Claims she is also quarantining the other new snake "Duck" in the bathroom, despite showing pictures of their bathroom with no tank in sight and no photos of wherever it actually is.
> Photos of the new un-quarantined snakes all over their comforter where other reptiles and cats hang all over
> Jonny posted her nudes on ig and made comments about "slamming" her in bed
> Claimed she was being interviewed for New York magazine, never brought it up again
> She bought three new rats, claiming she was sent a feeder rat instead of a mouse, then that she was able to get two more siblings of the accident rat somehow
> The siblings were at least a week further developed than the first rat
> The first rat was incorrectly sexed (shocking) so she now has two females and one male.
> The rats have been placed in an inappropriately sized cage with next to zero enrichment and hides
> Stated she would be doing a ‘Serptember’ series about snakes, missed all of the deadlines she posted except one, which was the first and only video for at least the first three weeks of September

No. 693315

That actually makes so much sense. She must have been jealous of all the attention Tanner was getting growing up so she started blowing all of her health problems out of proportion. And now they serve as a convenient excuse.

No. 693317

all i see is a child crying wolf so she can't go to school. I wonder how many times she can cry wolf until everyone had enough and won't believe her once she really does get life threatening sick?

No. 693322

as someone with chronic migraines, I sincerely doubt any doctor is giving her fucking morphine. didn't she try naming a snake morphine because it was "beautiful"? And got all pissy when people told her not to? But now she hates morphine and doesn't want to be given it even though her headaches are "migraines"

No. 693417

I don't get migranes but won't the ring light she uses make it worse? She can't go to school because of the lights but she can use her phone all day and pose in front of a light to take horrible pictures

No. 693422

The lingerie sets it off nicely

No. 693431

She seems like the kind of person who doesn't drink much water so it could just be that she gets headaches from dehydration and thinks that they're migraines that she could use for sympathy points.

No. 693446

Because she's making shit up lmao. Probably thinks migraine is just another way to say
> really bad headache
Doesn't realise it's a neurological condition with a specific set of symptoms. Silent migraines are a thing as well. I want to post how to catch her out but we know she lurks so I'll wait until she does it.

>but won't the ring light she uses make it worse?

Yes. Most people find any sort of light unbearable whilst having an attack. Some people find blue spectrum lighting to be a trigger, so like LEDs and TV/laptop screens, but especially UV. It's hard just having one reptile tank with a UV light in it, let alone a house full of them.

No. 693458

Tinfoil: It's possible she's claiming she doesn't want opiates as to not appear drug seeking. She can act like she's tried everything, and nothing but opiates help. Once she gets the drugs she really wants she gets to have a sob story and can get high with impunity.

No. 693460

I'm convinced that's what it is. She probably smoked heroin the first time she had a "migraine" and thus uses her headaches as an excuse to self medicate but that's just not the picture she paints

No. 693463

Somewhere there’s a child being raped by a priest. Somewhere there’s a child being neglected and beat by their parents. Somewhere theres a woman being raped by a masked man. Where’s your blog about that?

Worry about your own life.

I’m not taking sides, I just find it pointless to worry so much about someone other than yiurself unless you’re a parent.

No. 693470

“Worry about your own life”
-proceeds to tell people what they should and shouldn’t do.
Take your own advice, don’t like the blog? Get off it.

No. 693480


You're on the wrong site lol.

No. 693482

Jen? Is that you?

No. 693487


Also this is fucking ironic considering JC is a rapist.

No. 693491

Bitch I complain about those motherfuckers too! Get off your high horse and dont act like you're better than us bc you aren't "taking sides" even though it's clear that you are. We get it, you dont care about victims. Bye!

No. 693531

I feel so sad for Goose.
He has been on his own for almost a week now and because Taylor is a lazy fuck she is probably not even spending time with him. He is probably starving for company in has barren cage right now.
Poor little guy.

No. 693564

lol I bet you shit talk people you don’t like, you’re only defending Taylor because you like her.

No. 693570

Not to mention she’s taking off for a week to 10 days again shortly…

No. 693723

He is already forgotten. Just like all her other pets, the new ones are in spotlight for about a week, and after that her fascination wears off and she starts to talk about a new pet; "omg I wanted to have x forever.."
Only once in a blue moon does she remember she actually has a certain animal and starts posting them on twitter declaring her love for it, manhandling it for pictures and stuffing it back into it's enclosure.

No. 693724

File: 1537560098869.jpeg (153.62 KB, 1281x555, 276FCA13-AAD3-4A2F-A8D2-416E57…)

No. 693725

File: 1537560137163.jpeg (366.69 KB, 750x1200, BF2E0718-5C0A-4303-9295-770C62…)

No. 693729

Good thing her migraines don't affect her ability to bitch on Twitter. Other people have said this but she knew this was a bad time apparently and still decided to make a whole snake month. At least pre record and edit if you know you're going to have a rough month

No. 693730

since when are her migraines a thing? I never heard her complaining from them before

No. 693734

File: 1537561163080.png (289.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180921-161800.png)

They aren't. It's her new excuse, first time mentioning migraines was the 13th. Any bets on her next illness preventing her from doing her job?

No. 693735

Because she hasn’t. I did a search on her twitter and the first mention of her suffering from chronic migraines is September 13th. I posted a ss in the last thread. Just another convenient invisible illness for her to use as an excuse.

No. 693737

File: 1537561481269.png (1012.38 KB, 1242x2208, 7682C75F-5DFB-4DF1-95B9-89121F…)

She’s complained about headaches a few times in the past but now she’s self-diagnosed herself with chronic migraines. She’s obviously someone who thinks a migraine is just a “rly bad headache uwu” which is just further proof she’s never had a migraine and definitely doesn’t suffer from a chronic migraine condition.

No. 693739

File: 1537561521491.png (2.94 MB, 1242x2208, 73863BC7-C8D9-4CD2-BAF2-598F7F…)

No. 693741

lol the amount of complaints she has seems like she would start crying so hard if she just gets a small papercut and tell people that she accidentally cut herself with a knife when she's cooking something fancy because being a clumsy adult will give her relateable likes and assphats on twitter

No. 693758



No. 693778

File: 1537567159257.png (252.02 KB, 810x684, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 5.58…)

Jenn responding to Trump's tweet about sexual abuse

No. 693800

That shit ain’t migraines. Hate when people claim to get them. When I get mine, I’m throwing up, and can’t see anything because of all the white blobs in my vision.

No. 693827

She’s just as loonie as Ford!

No. 693888


Literally what is her point with this. I don't understand

No. 693895

Attention first and foremost. You never told anyone that you were raped but you’re going to just announce it on Twitter? I don’t even disbelieve her, I just question the whole tweeting it at the president like he’s even going to read it. What was she hoping for here? At most, the stans are going to freak out and possibly Taylor. If it was my mom, I would want to know why she never shared this story with me but is fine shouting it on Twitter. Wtf?

No. 693901


Makes Jen's actions more fucked up when she jumped on the 'crucify JC's exes' train and called them liars.

No. 693914

File: 1537577830743.png (455.39 KB, 790x1000, Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 8.57…)

No. 693967


Sad, but true. I bet the cage is still empty and she also hasn't found Goose a friend. Interesting how she rushed to find his "sisters" ASAP when she decided to keep him, but now that she's bored with the rats they've just been forgotten about.

For an animal that needs to be handled daily for at least an hour, she sure doesn't post about them a whole lot.

No. 694168

File: 1537624101306.jpg (420.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-154822_Sam…)

No. 694177


No. 694189

Time for a tattoo but still no video lol

No. 694197

Your head hurts so much that you just can't edit or record because tHe pAiN and bright lights! They're just so horrible that you're crying.
But you can still bitch on twitter all day about it and get a tattoo AT A BRIGHTLY LIT tattoo shop. Jesus fuck.
When are more people going to start calling her out on her shit, I'm so tired of her getting away with her lies. Her army of fans actually believe this shit?

No. 694199

And she literally has all the time in the world, she could have easily contacted her 'artist' to reschedule.

No. 694203

It's honestly funny to watch how many excuses this girl can pull out of thin air when she's meant to be uploading videos but can still get a tattoo, get her hair done, go to Disney land, go on tour and whatnot. She's never mentioned migraines or cluster headaches before last week, and now this is "peak migraine season", even though when she has mentioned headaches before none of them have been in September and seem to be pretty random throughout the year.

No. 694205

"Its because it was already scheduled and I couldnt not go"

Just like the schedule of videos you released to yourfans

No. 694209

I feel so bad for goose. She can't keep anything to herself so it's obvious he is alone in a shitty cage without any attention.
I wish she would research animals and realize there's more than just a cute little baby and they actually need time and attention. Wonder if a cat or different animal got to him or if she just doesn't like him now that her "high" of a new pet is over.

No. 694212

it’s increadible that even with severe migraines she can actively care for 40+ animals without help from her assistance for several hours but it becomes to much to bare when she’s sitting down to stare at one spot for an hour?
Time to put on the tinfoil hats

No. 694213

I guarantee all her migraines that she's had every day will magically be gone once she posts her video

No. 694255

Anyone got any idea why Jen's twitter is private again?

No. 694273

File: 1537638413931.png (224.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-134613.png)

I have an old account that I followed on, apparently she is leaving Twitter.

No. 694294

She'll be back in less than a week. She's too desperate for attention.

No. 694304

She already quick Twitter two times,and always comes back (more passive aggressive than before lol)

No. 694358

File: 1537648748711.jpg (537.44 KB, 1080x1832, 20180922_223549.jpg)

Good god how long does it take her to edit a single video?
Her tattoo tweets seems to be deleted. Either she realized how dumb it is to cry about migraines and then get a tattoo or it turned out fugly lol

No. 694360

File: 1537649002249.jpg (975.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-224232_Ins…)

Alright as expected this looks like a shapeless blob.

No. 694365

I can barely tell what that's supposed to be. She probably wrapped it up first so people can't see how bad it actually is.

No. 694377


can't wait to see the shitty medusa tattoo

No. 694392

This doesn't even remotely look like Medusa. It looks like a poorly drawn heart.

No. 694395

It is a heart. It says on the picture Medusa is next.

No. 694406

God I love animals, but I would never cover myself in them permanently.

No. 694407

why is it all the same shade lmao god that looks so so bad. I can’t wait to see it get blown out and look even smudgier, christ

No. 694427

Looks like a weird bush

No. 694429

that's going to heal so ugly lol. it'll definitely be a black blob in a few years

No. 694434


the sad thing is, she probably thinks this is amazing and is proud of it. if she ever had any doubt, her stans will assure her it's awesome, even if they don't like it lol

this girl really has no one telling her "hey, maybe you should think twice?" before getting her tats? that's just… sad. like if my friend wanted this tattoo, i'd have to sit her down and tell her to find a better artist immediately.

No. 694439

from Jen's videos, i'm betting Taylor is one of those friends that think they're right all the time so you end up not talking to them anymore because they get annoying as hell

No. 694440

She does have people saying it's not going to look good but she either blocks them since she can't take critism or her stans will harass them

No. 694444


exactly, she surrounds herself with people who kiss her ass no matter what she does. it's extremely toxic. the same thing goes for her animal hoarding. she has stans telling her she's amazing, she knows what she's doing, she a great pet mom, etc. then she blocks/argues with people giving her criticism or advice and only digs herself deeper into a hole where she's right and everyone else is wrong.

No. 694445

What concerns me isn't even the shitty pieces she's getting it's how many in a short frame of time.. I don't think she has any self control whatsoever.

No. 694451


She likes the high/good feeling of getting something "new". Whether it's new hair, nails, make-up, animals, clothes, tattoos, enclosures. It's painfully obvious.

No. 694452

That's a heart? It… looks like a blob.

No. 694454

She's been leaving since december of last year. When you wanna quit shit you just go instead of announcing it.

No. 694480

I’m so curious how much she pays for her tattoos

No. 694484

File: 1537658390900.png (297.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-191936.png)

No. 694485

File: 1537658414466.png (917.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-191939.png)

No. 694486

File: 1537658449905.png (942.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-191942.png)

No. 694488

File: 1537658470343.png (826.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-191947.png)

No. 694496

File: 1537659136590.png (65.6 KB, 540x327, Screenshot_2018-09-22-14-54-34…)

No. 694497

File: 1537659245280.jpeg (352.47 KB, 1235x1840, A1F71E0C-F93B-4F54-9AFA-632BC9…)

No. 694500

File: 1537659356422.jpeg (223.08 KB, 1219x1131, F21F0316-CA3A-46E7-98E5-9D3497…)

It’s so cringey that she retweets this kind of shit.

No. 694504

I can't even imagine what goes through her head when she takes these pictures "hmm I am showing a ton of cleavage but I think I'd look better in my bra"
Her stans are like 7

No. 694506

You can see from >>694488 and >>694486 that that was definitely intentional

No. 694517

File: 1537661353983.jpeg (135.02 KB, 750x1064, D07A134B-87AC-407A-80FA-09E4A1…)

Isn’t he only supposed to live for a month? And you can’t alter rats until their older?

No. 694518

The hairline on this wig looks extremely cheap… like she just got it off of Amazon or something. She has all this ~money~ but really cant put any effort into anything can she?

No. 694519

File: 1537661398746.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-200922.png)

No. 694520


the 'sisters' are literally in the background of this video the fuck? she really needs to separate them….

No. 694521

Most people wear a little more clothing.

No. 694522

File: 1537661496129.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-200934.png)

Poor Goose, he's still alone in a shitty cage

No. 694526


she got goose about 17 days ago, he seemed to be about 2-3 weeks at the time, male baby rats need to be separated from female siblings just BEFORE 5 weeks to avoid the risk of impregnation, shes such an idiot I can't even deal

No. 694534

So she moved all three of them into this smaller cage? What’s the point in that?

No. 694538

Didn’t she say they had a vet visit? It’s probably a travel cage

No. 694550

Her headache is gone because she's high, and he wants to punch himself, also because she's high. Or maybe because he had to share some of his dope

No. 694558


I've said this before, but she (probably) only posted about him living for a month because she did a quick google search and decided that he was a high-white, a gene which is linked to megacolon. If Goose does indeed have megacolon, she'd probably already know as he wouldn't be passing feces. She just wanted to seem smart.

Also you can alter rats at a certain weight, rather than age. I believe 200g, but it depends on the vet and what they are comfortable doing.

No. 694563


okay this is just pathetic and borderline offensive. first of all, taylor isn't bi or a lesbian so what even would be the fucking point of us gays pining over someone who takes JC's nasty dick? get out lol

definitely cringe.

No. 694565

Her stans are realizing they get retweets if they kiss her ass and Taylor will love anyone telling her that her awful wig looks good

No. 694569


I can't wait to see how ratty her wigs become because we all know she's never care for them properly. She'll take it off and toss it in a corner with the rest of her shit.

No. 694573

It's like you have to be uhhh born gay in order to find someone of the same sex sexually attractive. This girl is making it sound like a choice.

No. 694577

File: 1537665146140.png (1.95 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180922-211121.png)

I didn't even know she had a snake "Lego" does anyone know how many snakes she actually has?

No. 694578


It's Johnny's snake, but she probably looks after it

No. 694584

File: 1537665994589.png (151.27 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-22-19-25-03…)

No. 694587

Love how she blames everything on her assistant or Jonny. What a convenient excuse for anything she gets called out on. So see through and pathetic.

No. 694594

She really can’t admit she’s done anything “wrong” ever, can she? Likes it’s not even a big deal but nope has to blame it on someone else because she’s just perfect in everything she does.

No. 694595

File: 1537666633793.jpeg (287.47 KB, 1242x1559, 8CF18448-A60C-453D-B567-471295…)

God no.

No. 694598

Didn't she say the exact same thing about rats?

No. 694599

Not only would she not have enough time because she’s lazy and sleeps all day, but if the bird bonded to her, social interaction with anyone else wouldn’t count. Meaning she couldn’t have anyone else take care of it while she’s sleeping all day or on vacation without the bird getting depressed.

No. 694600

She said that about ferrets in a livestream

No. 694604


She also said it about rats at some point.

No. 694643

But then why can't her "assistants" take care of it???

No. 694645

I doubt she's 5'6''. I think she's shorter.

No. 694683

Honestly I'm glad she can realize she doesn't have enough time to get a bird, even if she's said that before about other animals she has. It shows she's not completely delusional. I really hope she never gets a bird. Ever.

No. 694687

Sure she'll say this but I can already see her """rescuing""" some special bird in need

No. 694691


It won't last long, she'll end up getting a bird when she magically "has the time". I hope she doesn't, but she already said she wouldn't get rats because she felt she couldn't give them the time they need, yet now she has three.

If she didn't have time before, she definitely doesn't now but the reality is she doesn't actually give a shit and she gets what she wants.

No. 694709


Her stans are so dumb, she didn't "rescue" shit because we all know she just went and got another live feeder for her snake. Kept one and fed off another. Also what exactly was she rescuing it from? Herself? It's so stupid.

No. 694739

A conure is not a good choice for a first time bird owner. They are needy and can be jealous little punks if they feel like someone is competing with them for your affection.
I feel like she’d go for a sun because of their colours and as a owner of one Christ she will not be ready for it even with several hours of google searching.

If she HAS to get a bird she’s better off with a budgie.

No. 694740

Johnny probably doesn't like short-haired girls because 'lesbian'.

No. 694744

looks like Jonny is sculpting her to look more and more like his exs. lol

No. 694757


He seems like the kind of douchebag to watch lesbian porn, but be homophobic to LGBT+ people.

No. 694980

File: 1537714447981.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-18-14-08-15…)

No. 694981

File: 1537714461185.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-18-14-08-10…)

No. 694982

File: 1537714472820.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-18-14-08-01…)

No. 694983

File: 1537714492039.png (330.34 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-23 10.50.55.png)

No. 694984

File: 1537714508547.png (625.93 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-23 10.51.53.png)

No. 694997

To be fair, "I dont want to be rude" doesnt make it any less rude.

No. 695012

I noticed that taylor has gone through quite a few clownfish

There were two normals - she took them back because they started fighting

Two lightning maroons - took one back because the female tried to kill it

An emo nemo - her first saltwater fish probably died

2 longfins - I think she took them back because she didn’t want them anymore

I thought I saw two snowflakes when I was scrolling through her old Instagram pictures

There was the caramel gladiator clown that she got for her 150 that she probably got rid of because the two cow ones are in there

No. 695024

File: 1537718352684.jpeg (385.18 KB, 1242x1703, AF413C80-BA69-4960-B3D4-755E29…)

What is the point of retweeting this? Narcissist.

No. 695045

What's funny to me is that she's consistently shared shit like this for so long and really doesn't see the issue with it at all lmao. She really thinks giving yourself public ass pats is normal. I have to wonder her thought process. "Wow, this is SO TRUE. I AM down to earth and lovely."
It reminds me of Donald Trumps Twitter feed.

No. 695056

File: 1537721342657.png (390.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-12-47-44…)

No. 695061

File: 1537721486674.png (186.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-12-50-28…)

No. 695072

File: 1537722333718.jpeg (174.54 KB, 750x985, 1B450ACC-B95D-490F-B8A3-1AAB66…)

No. 695102

She’s always gonna be making false promises, she’s done it time and time again

No. 695115

What's the difference between them and the other animals she has bought WC? Monitors don't deserved being caged neither some other fishes she has bought. Little shit.

"I cry myself to sleep, after i got my tattoo"
It must be so annoying being a true fan of her and know anything she said about uploading is a lie. She pretty mucho upload 1/4 or nothing,of the videos she promised kek

No. 695121

Does Taylor know about the recent furry drama happening um, everywhere? Seems odd that she has nothing to say about the animal abuse. It’s a soapbox she can stand on for views, I’m frankly surprised she wouldn’t address it on twitter or insta.

No. 695125

Frankly lol at the idea that this was ever ‘Jonny’s’ snake, every damn animal in that place is hers.

No. 695142


Yeah, he can't even look after himself let alone an animal. Was just pointing it out, prob gives her an excuse to not post about Lego as much. It's how Twisty is also "Johnny's" yet Taylor is the one who has taken responsibility for him lol


At least some people have common sense. Seriously Taylor, your fans are starting to catch on that you make promises you don't keep. Excuses after excuses will only get you so far until people get fed up. Also, entitled? She promised SO many videos this month and it's already the last week of September. She got people's hopes up and they've been waiting. It's like she forgets that these people, the ones that watch her videos, are the ones who have helped pay for her hoarding lifestyle.

No. 695148

What drama

No. 695206

File: 1537729820494.png (198.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-15-09-41…)

No. 695232


Nothing is thriving in your house, Taylor.

No. 695240

File: 1537731661645.png (161.81 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-09-23-13-40-51…)


Which is it,Thot?

No. 695252

Thats actually not true, depression and ignorance thrive in her house.

No. 695321

File: 1537738874271.png (269.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-17-18-38…)

No. 695322

File: 1537738890651.png (210.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-17-19-01…)

No. 695330

File: 1537739276785.png (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 750x1334, 5024251A-1CDA-46E0-B84A-C51153…)

Says the guy who has a child he has nothing to do with

No. 695341

File: 1537740247887.jpeg (58.49 KB, 463x364, 4B30FBD8-35CB-4CB1-8BF7-20E7E1…)

>I didn’t predict I’d have excruciating migraines all month

But a few days ago she said September-October is the worst every year since it’s peak migraine season, meaning she would have predicted migraines all month lmao. She’s such a bad liar.

No. 695354

File: 1537741167881.png (348.41 KB, 1080x1048, IMG_20180923_231812.png)

Lmao quitting twitter lasted a long time. How predictable. Can the Deans stick to anything they say?

No. 695378

Wonder if this is about Taylor's pictures of her in slutty outits? Seems like something she'd pull

No. 695398

what did taylor do last year september?

No. 695430

File: 1537746327747.jpeg (99.13 KB, 750x240, EABD5F01-2BC4-4695-96D0-54101D…)

Whatever happened to her lease ending?

No. 695442


prob renewed it because she can't afford a house lol

No. 695475

Spent the deposit in her sooo~ooper speshul one-of-a-kind not-chimera.

No. 695483

File: 1537750356359.png (95.9 KB, 540x342, Screenshot_2018-09-23-18-51-26…)

Taylor is so predictable at this point
What happen to the footage (the 6 hours she edited) before she got her hair dye and cut?

No. 695499

Is she serious with that thumbnail

No. 695500


Let's be real, she didn't record shit until she realized September was almost over and all the videos she'd promised weren't gonna happen.

No. 695501

In the video she states that a 20 gallon long enclosure is big enough for an adult corn snake. I only keep pythons and boas, but from what I know a 40 gallon breeder is minimum for an adult corn. Corn snakes usually get around 4 feet, so sticking one in a 2.5 foot long tank seems awful, especially since they are active snakes.

Also around 11 minuets in, Taylor is showing the corn snake’s tub and you can see a completely bone dry water bowl.

No. 695534

Don’t want to give her views and considering hooktube no longer works, anyone who watches it if you could just give a quick run through of the trash that is this video?

No. 695578

File: 1537759359557.png (803.27 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-23-16-52…)

No. 695579

File: 1537759384503.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-23-17-21…)

No. 695580

File: 1537759412689.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-23-17-43…)

No. 695581

File: 1537759425163.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-23-23-21-10…)

No. 695591

What happened to getting the rats a critter nation?

No. 695598


So it still looks like shit? What a surprise.

No. 695635

tl;dw of taylor's vid

- spends the first few minutes making up excuses about "muh sickness" and puts a voice recording of her talking about what the video is going to be about over footage of cheese
- won't stop fucking using the word "colubrid" because such a big word probably makes her feel like she knows what she's talking about, but still hasn't explained what it means, just puts a caption saying "a family of snakes with over 1900+ species"
- says most of the video will be filmed with her talking off screen and just using footage of animals because she's too sick and the lights she's filming in front of hurt too bad, but the entire video is of her face/body
- wears very short shorts with a lacy lingerie-esque top (i'm almost 99% sure it /is/ lingerie) and lets her snake crawl all over her body, conveniently showing off her ugly outfit and her boobs for the camera
- all of the facts she shares sounds like she just googled "facts about corn snakes" and recited them on camera
- shows some footage of her taking temps of the bins in her rack setup, she uses a temp gun and has actual thermometers as well. good for tay tay
- "once you bring your snake home, it will be scared and stressed and you shouldn't try to feed it for at least a week, if not two. you shouldn't handle it or mess around with it much either. you can take a picture or two and acknowledge it exists but after that, leave it alone. because it's so stressed, you might have to start with a live baby rodent for feeding, but please try not to. that's not because 'oh, i don't want the poor little mouse to be eaten,' that's not where this is coming from. this is about the safety of the snake." are you for real taylor
- at the beginning she mentions that after editing, this video was about 45 minutes long, so she decided to split it up. at the end she is filming an "outro" of her talking about why there is no outro, because the video was originally going to be longer. that kind of stuck out as weird to me, because what, /after/ doing all that hard work editing allll that footage, she decided to go back and film that little bit? we all know how lazy she is, so i doubt she would go through all the effort to get out of bed, turn her camera back on, record herself saying that little bit of info, and then importing that footage. if it was truly an afterthought, she probably would've just done more of her signature "voiceover over meaningless footage" shit. i don't know. you might have to watch it to understand what i'm saying. basically i just think she's lying even more and realized she needed to get something up TODAY, and her excuse for the video being so shitty is that "it was supposed to be longer"

yep that's about it. it was a pretty lame video.

No. 695652

sounds like a 10 year old made a video tbh after reading this. why does she have to bring up her sickness and twitter stuff on her videos? doesn't she know not everyone is on twitter. it's funny that the more videos she posts, the less clothes she wears. maybe her views/ads are decreasing? i wonder how far she'll try to go until her videos are just her naked with snakes until youtube warns her.

No. 695681

For the first 2.50 minutes, she talks briefly about colubrids and then rambles on about herself. Nothing said is informative, the first 3 mins of the video didn't even really need to be in there but she needed an excuse for why she hasn't done anything until the last week of September.

For the next 2 minutes, she says she likes corn snakes because they come in a lot of colours, they're fast and active but won't bite or musk on you when you handle them. They'll get large, they won't stay "tiny tiny and cute". Then she starts talking about kenyan sand boa's and their size for like half a minute.

Next she reminds everyone of her awful lie of how she came across lego the corn snake and had him handed to her in some pet store by some random person (which we all know isn't true). And contradicts what she said a minute earlier by saying the person was getting rid of lego because he bit their family. "But i will stress these non-aggressive species such as corn snakes aren't going to bite much of ever if they do"

6 minutes in she says she'll start talking about setups. They have easy setups and don't forget guys, they look adorable as babies because they look like tiny worms!!11!!!1! A minute later she spews out some shit she googled about where corn snakes are from. mentions giving them branches for 20 seconds, talks about giving them rats for 20 seconds. then talks about breeding and egg laying…. nothing about setups yet.

"Their care is relatively a piece of cake but i'll run you through it anyway"… Taylor, isn't that the point… you know, teaching people about animals.

8.30 mins in she talks about life span expectancy. And finally, 3 mins after she said she was about to start talking about setups, she starts talking about setups. All she says is they can live in glass, plastic, or tubs and need at least 20 gallons as an adult (that seems a bit small). Talks about corns being escape artists so the lid needs to be secure. They like climbing even though they're not arboreal, and they like to burrow to feel safe and secure (i guess she's still delaying talking about their actual setup). She finally says use heat tape/mats and use thermometers and thermostats. She surprisingly she gives two pieces of actual good advice; don't use heat rocks, and don't put their enclosure in front of a window to get cooked by the sun.

12 mins in she talks about feeding and talks about not feeding a new snake for at least 1 week. She then goes on to say when you first get tiny baby snakes and they're stressed out from being somewhere new they might need a live pinky if they don't eat frozen. Then she talks about live rats biting back if they don't get killed right away by the snake and says it's just safer to give them frozen food. Come on Taylor make up your mind. She states the obvious and says they need a water dish.

Aaaand then she ends the video and put up some clips showing lego in his tub.

When you break down her videos like this you can really see how there's no planning that goes in to them. No actual research or good info. She spends a lot of the video putting in clips of her being stupid or just talking about herself. She's not an animal educator, she's a joke and it's pathetic.

No. 695713

Wtf she seriously has no idea how to decorate a rat cage. It looks like she just put random shit in random places. She can't even try to act like she makes an effort.

No. 695728

>you might have to start with a live baby rodent

Isn’t one of the huge beginner appeals to cornsnakes that they’re generally great feeders? It’s one of the main reasons they’re suggested as a “first snake”, alongside their easy setups, smaller size and calmer temperaments. I’m guessing she’s just trying to cover herself so she doesn’t come off as a hypocrite for feeding her other snakes live, but Jesus Christ if she’s been getting the setup for a cornsnake so wrong that she’s had to resort to live feeding this girl has no business owning anything.

No. 695747


I've always known her enclosures for her animals were mediocre but they've never been that obvious to me for animals I don't keep.I think that is the problem for most of her fans, most of them aspire to have the animals she has but don't, so they have nothing else to base their opinions off of when it comes to her care and just think that this is normal or acceptable.

As a rat owner though this is horrendous, she has no excuses for it to look this barren and boring with the money she has, and I'm sure she has plenty of fans who would send her hammocks for the rats for free. It speaks wonders that she's just thrown blankets in there and not even lined the shelves with fleece. Everything she has in this cage looks like some cheap purchase from ebay and theres nothing in there to stimulate them at all. Her excuse will be that its a WIP but you should be prepared BEFORE getting an animal not have to gradually ad the things they need later on.

God forbid she actually gets a bird in the future, another intelligent animal whos cage will look similar to this.

but hey, at least she has THREE water bottles!11!!

No. 695796

> Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday
Maybe she knows how to prioritize? I think taking care of the animals is way more important than posting videos

No. 695798


We have a white knight on our hands.

We don't care about her posting videos, it's when she says shes been lying in bed because of her illnesses for like 24 hours, great animal care there.

If she knew how to prioritize anon, she would have prioritized making sure the care for her current animals is correct before adding more.

No. 695799

Posting videos is her job. Not to mention, she posts videos about animal care. She can hit two birds with one stone by filming her daily routine.

No. 695810

a routine video every day would be very boring

No. 695811

Learn how to Sage and stop white knighting PLEASE. Anyways, lots of YouTubers do daily vlogs? She could and I'm sure it wouldn't be "boring". If her feeding schedule is correct she most likely has to feed snakes at least a few times a week.

No. 695817


It could just be the lighting/angle but that corn looks a bit overweight to me. It appears to have some hips going on in the vent area.

No. 695818

You don't seem to be realising the issue, so how about you stop white knighting and do some research if you're actually bothered. She can't even edit and upload one 10 minute video within 3 weeks after multiple promises because she's apparently "too ill", so how is she able to look after her 30+ animals efficiently? The answer should not be "my assistant helps". She should be able to preoperly care for her animals and give them what they need, upgrade their sub-par enclosures like she keeps promising and she never does, or if she does to it then she only ever puts in half of the care and effort. No one here gives two shits about her videos, it's worrying about her animals since she can't and doesn't care for them properly and pulls out every excuse she can use to try to get herself off the hook when people question her about her neglect.

No. 695819

Also just a heads up. She generally doesn't care for her animals because she always comes up with some illness excuse. She shouldn't have so many if she can't even get herself out of bed for days on end like she claims. At the end of the day, it's her animals that are suffering.

No. 695836

Holy shit you faggots are obsessed. Outside of the dogs, who gives a fuck if she kills all the animals?

And if you're going to spend this much time obsessing over someone else, you might need some help. Fuck Taylor, Fuck you, post her nudes and shut the fuck up.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 695837

Taylor doesn't take care of her animals. She has over 9000 assistants or whatever number she claims now.

That's why her animals bite her when she touches them. She only touches them to dangle them for pictures or a video.

When she no longer has the money for an assistant they will die or get dumped somewhere.

No. 695839

"Who gives a fuck?"

>takes the time to comment here

>takes the time to request child porn

No. 695843

File: 1537800480391.jpeg (133.17 KB, 1006x337, D7BFBC62-6345-48F4-BEA7-E3A5FF…)

Considering today is the 24th, and she’s taking off on a trip to meet Walmart TND for about a week, looks like she’s extended her lease…since there is no effort to pack and no announcement about a home purchase

No. 695859

Just ask her boyfriend, he'll probably give some to you considering he posts their private photos on his instagram story already

No. 695907


I agree. I don't know a lot about the animals she keeps, but I know rats and her enclosure for them is atrocious. It's barren. It's like she went on eBay and just purchased some cheap items. She hasn't lined the cage properly, just chucked a blanket in. So are the rats walking on bare bars? They can seriously hurt themselves like that. There's a lot of aerial space yet no hammocks at all and she's in the US! There are tons of people who make hammocks for rats there!

Taylor has no excuse. She has the money to buy stuff for the rat cage. She can make purchases online. It just shows her negligence and her excuse of "it's a WIP" is honestly pathetic. Their cage should have been prepared before she got the rats, or the day she got them. Not weeks later where it's still looking empty.

No. 695954

>- "once you bring your snake home, it will be scared and stressed and you shouldn't try to feed it for at least a week, if not two. you shouldn't handle it or mess around with it much either. you can take a picture or two and acknowledge it exists but after that, leave it alone. because it's so stressed, you might have to start with a live baby rodent for feeding, but please try not to. that's not because 'oh, i don't want the poor little mouse to be eaten,' that's not where this is coming from. this is about the safety of the snake." are you for real taylor

What the actual fuck, I've heard a lot of breeders recommend feeding them as they are used to but thats not the point here - WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LIVE FEEDING SHIT DFGHJ
It sounds like she may have got makes that hadn't had at least 3 or more proper feedings from frozen hence her feeding some of her snakes live. I sort of through this is what happened and talked about it lats thread but I didn't think I was actually right - the breeders she is buying from are either bad or live feed all of her snakes so she's buying snakes she will have to live feed.

No. 695958

It's also interesting she didn't once mention the amount of money a snake takes to set up. The snake its self is normally pretty cheap because… corns.
The tank (even if it's just a tub), the hides, the heat mat, thermostat, thermometer and all of that good stuff can cost a fucking ton. A lot of people couldn't really flush that amount of money down - I think I got my set up for about 200 quid but even then there's stuff I'm constantly upgrading and the bedding alone costs a bit more than I'm used to. Reptiles are fucking expensive to set up and that's the biggest thing to consider.

No. 695963

buh bye jayce

No. 695968

File: 1537810457869.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-24-13-14-21…)

No. 695970

File: 1537810475488.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-24-13-14-26…)

No. 695971

File: 1537810500158.png (345.89 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-09-24 13.33.41.png)

No. 695981

I still lol everytime i see her blob of a tattoo

No. 696011

not sure if its the angle or what but he looks like he needs some grooming

No. 696012

Like that would ever happen!

No. 696017

Where are the wheels? Those rats are going to be so fucking bored.

No. 696020

It's funny that Jen said she's going to 'read and live' and literally 2 days later she's posting on twitter again (and deleted this tweet it seems)… I feel like she only tweeted this because her 12 year old mentality wanted people to be like 'nooo Jen don't go'.

No. 696031


Honestly I'd rather she didn't get them wheels, because she's probably going to get the wrong type and the wrong size.

No. 696145

There's no reality check quite like Taylor owning an animal you love.

No. 696146

Seen a few youtubers get their whole channel demonitized for tiny reasons. I wonder what Taylor will do once it happens to her? Lol

No. 696278

File: 1537836304861.png (756.66 KB, 2048x1438, Screenshot_20180924-184036.png)

Yeah, a lazy munchie rape-apologist woman with limited googling abilities that can barely produce a video and take care of a menagerie of animals is definitely someone to idolize.

No. 696279


is this dumbass seriously praising taylor for dealing with a headache? BITCH EVERYONE DOES THAT.

No. 696335

A migraine and a headache are not the same thing. At all.

No. 696342


I think we've already established that she doesn't suffer from migraines, as she only just started bringing it up this month. Probably just getting a headache from other medication and exaggerated it because she's lazy and needed an excuse to not post any videos.

No. 696344

They aren't, but considering that Taylor's job is to make videos (which she could have prerecorded for September since "her migraines are so bad in September") and considering what so many people have to get through with migraines, the bar for "idol" is pretty damn low. Using that logic, I should be this fan's idol. I have to leave the house to go to work with migraines, that's much more difficult than filming and editing one mediocre video.

Also, as previously stated, Taylor complained about staring at a computer screen with migraines but continued to be on social media and got a tattoo. Her "migraines" ain't that bad.

No. 696347


Seriously, this fan is acting like Taylor beat cancer or something. All she did was bitch on Twitter about "muh migraine" all while using bright screens to use social media, get a tattoo and of course, care for her 40+ animals.

No. 696410

I don’t understand why Taylor doesn’t just spend one day when she’s feeling good filing and editing a bunch of videos. There’s been a few occasions when she’s announced she’s got loads done and filmed a few videos back to back. Yet there has never once been a regular weekly video. I don’t get how her channel can keep going when it’s so inconsistent. Her stans are so deluded and lap up every excuse. It bugs me when I think about it. Like jeriously, you have one job, film and edit one video, you have a zillion animals to choose from. Just sit down and talk about them ffs! If I ever have a load of spare time I’d love to write down a list of all her excuses as to why she has failed yet again.

No. 696474

Her channel is dying.
She only gets views on videos like ALL MY ANIMALS and at some point people will get tired of that or someone else will come along who does exactly that but with a regular uploading schedule.
Her recent videos had an average of 350k views which is just sad considering she has 1.5 million subs and how she used to get consistent at least 1 million views.
If she uploads more personal videos about herself she usually only gets 150k to 250k views which shows that her subscribers don't really give a shit about her at all. They only wanna see her hoard.

No. 696491

File: 1537875467148.jpeg (263.44 KB, 1242x1693, 4E9119CC-8544-4B2C-92A9-DEAFF2…)

Since fucking when? Her Instagram story is full of these stupid narcissistic videos.

No. 696501

Honestly her fans are fucking delusional if they think the illnesses she has are extremely horrible and validate a inconstant upload schedule.

Not pet youtubers, but considering there are people with cancer, cerebral palsy and even a quadriplegic with a more consistent schedule than her, it really shows her laziness and woe is me attitude.

No. 696507

File: 1537879442174.jpeg (204.8 KB, 1242x351, C8DC1DE4-1B02-41F0-BB6F-566844…)

“Closest friends”. She met them once at petfest and they have a crappy group chat where they dis other pettubers that they love to share…omg. If that’s closest friends she’s got NO friends. And the petfest crew are only interested in her to build their lousy channels (which aren’t even good TBH) and not her filthy self!

No. 696535

File: 1537884313133.png (278.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-25-10-04-53…)

No. 696539

She looks like a female Blaire White

No. 696544

Migraines suddenly gone when she has something fun to do

No. 696554

It's funny she cut the hairline of the wig from the pic lol
She is way to lazy and stupid to costume properly a wig

No. 696557

She looks so plastic and fake. When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a fucking store mannequin.

No. 696558

and we KNOW we won't be getting those other two videos while she's traveling.

No. 696579

I thought the same thing lmao. Peak migraine season when she's promised videos but they suddenly disappear when she has plans she actually wants to do!

No. 696678


She's so damn lazy. She reminds me of those tumblrinas who self-diagnose and do nothing but complain on tumblr about their multiple illnesses and how it prevents them from doing stuff. When in reality, they do nothing in life and so they turn to the Internet to be validated by people they don't know.

Taylor just does it on Twitter. As usual, as soon as something fun and exciting comes up, she's suddenly perfectly alright!

No. 696711

File: 1537905755834.png (814.12 KB, 1125x2436, 8D9BECCF-D8B9-48D5-A2BD-80CDB0…)

Any idea who the “real” breeder is then? Apparently female but I’m not knowledgeable about her local breeders/people at expos she goes to etc

No. 696717

Taylor could have give her a piece of her mind the moment she bought Twisty from her, like when she bought her first GTP lol but instead she decide to get a refund and buy another snake.
We all know Taylor is a coward who need to hide behind her 13 y/o fans

No. 696718


Does Taylor STILL think she's in the right over this whole fiasco? Girl, give it a rest. You're embarrassing yourself at this point, from first of all slandering and naming the WRONG breeder and having your stans post negative reviews despite never dealing with him to not even properly correcting that mistake?

Joe said that there would be an apology video explaining the whole situation, but I seriously doubt it. She's been called out over this for weeks now and is only sorta mentioning that she got it wrong in replies like this instead of addressing it properly. She's so immature. People shouldn't be treating customers like that? These kinds of people have that "the customer is always right" mentality and are usually always cunts. Maybe the customer should know what the fuck she's talking about before blasting someone online for something they didn't do.

No. 696731

It disgusts me that she has all that time to post instathot lingerie pictures, get tattoos, and whine about migraines but she can’t take five minutes to make a tweet telling people not to harass South Texas Dragons and that she was wrong about who the breeder was.

No. 696769

Is it really surprising though?
Her stans would figure out a way to turn this against STD because their Lord and savior Tay Tay can never do anythign wrong

No. 696775

Isn’t this hair style kinda like Chelsea’s?

No. 696785

i mean, if your boyfriend always talks about his exes and mentally abuse you, you would probably start trying to look "better" than his exes but ends up looking like a sex doll

No. 696823

File: 1537914353003.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 36CBFF19-99AE-4E2F-BFD2-726DC5…)

She looks sooo haggard

No. 696825

File: 1537914380308.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 01DF2294-2466-4F10-8375-BC2046…)

No. 696827

And for once she’s actually clothed like a normal person!

No. 696872

They’ve already been saying Joe should have contacted her in private even though her lies were very public. I doubt she’s ever going to apologize since she had September planned out to be all about snakes and she hasn’t even managed to do that. But if she surprises the hell out of us by actually apologizing, I imagine it will be fake tears enough that her fans will excuse it as a mistake because she’s omg human. This isn’t a mistake at all though. How the hell do you not know what breeder you got an animal from unless you’ve bought too many damn animals that day?

No. 696928






No. 696953

I knew she would end up looking like a tard with this hairstyle because she never styles her hair.
She completely ruined everything about her looks.

No. 696959

Honestly my favourite thing is how fucking awful she looks in candid photos/videos. Don’t get me wrong none of us look at good candid as we do in posed selfies or whatever but the drastic difference is so hilarious

No. 696973

File: 1537926371527.jpeg (289.79 KB, 1233x502, B578FDCC-D3C0-48DF-8C0E-5E45EB…)

At least someone is thinking of her subscribers!

No. 696990

The caption is stupid, Taylor. You shouldn't feel bad about posting selfies/videos of yourself when you love your new hair!
I'm not impying OP is Taylor, just saying that she doesn't need to caption things like this.

No. 697014

it's hilarious because she acts like she's all that and tries so hard to be sexy yet looks haggard af in other people's photos/videos. that's what happens when you're a narcissistic liar who laughs at victims, you start to become uglier and uglier

No. 697056

File: 1537936169462.png (1.62 MB, 750x1334, AFEE924B-A092-4AE0-AEC1-214CD6…)

She deleted this picture where other anons said she looked high

Also, she said she was filming 3 videos in this caption, surprise that didn’t happen

No. 697064

File: 1537936867148.png (546 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20180925-155440~2.p…)

No. 697065

File: 1537936943091.png (581.56 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20180925-155352~2.p…)

She says she can't wait to bend her arm but here


The video has her with a bent arm. You can even see the tattoo within the video.

No. 697090

File: 1537938675229.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, E77F0221-7BA6-483A-913F-08A145…)

Lol sober my ass

No. 697095


holy shit he looks bloated to hell and back. also he looks in his 50a lmao

No. 697165

Holy shit she literally looks late 30s. Like an actual mom.

No. 697279

File: 1537959184394.png (974.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-26-06-38-15…)

No. 697280

File: 1537959209647.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-26-06-39-20…)

No. 697417

Why would she expose what hotel she’s staying at

No. 697418

unless shes not actually staying there and just wants to seem like shes staying at an expensive hotel

No. 697466


I remember her staying on rodeo drive before in a hotel, but i doubt the others would be able to afford to stay here when some of them don't have that many subscribers. Unless she insisted that they stay there

No. 697500


She could of paid for everyone. You know she has to pay for people to like her. All part of her codependency issues

No. 697522

File: 1537982748972.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2208, CDEBBD9A-959C-4C01-8408-BEF572…)

No. 697527

Lmao love how her candids expose her for the tweaker she really is. She looks like she’d stagger up to you at a gas station and ask for spare change.

No. 697648

She's really keeping a 5 foot snake in a tub, huh. Not that 5 feet is big, but her tubs don't look nearly that size.
TND promoting corn snakes to be in 20 gallon tanks kinda makes her come off as a novice snake owner because it seems like she's making the misconception that colubrids = small and pythons = big. Ball pythons are recommended a min of 40 gallons and they stay around the same length as the corn snakes.
(not that I'm fond of 40 gallon for adult BPs either)
Also, corns rarely "need" to go on live feed, they great feeders, it's the whole reason why some keepers promote corns as beginners over BPs.

No. 697650


When you look at it, a lot of Taylor's info about animals is severely outdated. Like some of the requirements she recommends were maybe relevant 5-10 years ago. I don't think she realizes that pet care changes every day as people want more for their animals and the 'standard' changes to improve the quality of life.

It's like she took everything she on pet care as a kid and is still applying it now, without doing any new research into what people are doing today.

No. 697660

File: 1537992971335.png (126.31 KB, 1080x495, IMG_20180926_211455.png)

It's so cringy how obsessed she is with followers. She's mentioned it 3 times less than 2 days. Maybe people are sick of your cringy tweets and you retweeting stuff every 5 minutes.

No. 697668

how can you be so stupid to blow your money like this. I cant wait for her to get burnt out on cash and views and realize how careless she's been.

No. 697689

Holy fucking shit no WAY that is her… Good god she looks so haggard and like all life has been sucked out of her. I know like another anon said is sure, none of us look as good candid w/o makeup as we would posing for selfish and whatnot but she just looks horrible here. Her hair looks awful, she actually made the hair look cute after she got it done (of course the salon probably did it not her) but now it just looks lazy and unkept.
I agree with what another anon said, she's such a nasty and deceitful person both to her animals and her following that it's starting to really show on the outside kek

No. 697767

I thought she tweeted that she was quitting twitter…

No. 697774

It's Jen what do you expect

No. 697795

File: 1538002818229.jpeg (163.99 KB, 750x1007, DF26BB29-E194-4D27-9413-1E0314…)

God she is so cringe and not self-aware at all

No. 697807

How much you wanna bet she knows exactly what lolcow is called and just is trying to not seem like she lurks by saying "lol moo moo"

No. 697865


I think that was her tipping her hand that she knows about us. She wanted people who know about the site to understand what she meant without saying the name (so people can't google it and read here). Taylor probably told her to never say the name.

No. 697924

File: 1538009923390.png (324.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-205800.png)

Makes sense.
Should've Googled it first though since you can find this site on the second or third link

No. 697927

File: 1538010115638.png (494.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180926-210205.png)

It seems that Mama Dean reaized that you can get Taylor fans and views for having Tanner in the video so decided to get a fish

No. 697951

Imagine thinking an image board has anything to do with people unfollowing you for being super fucking annoying lmfao. Also, why do you care that you're losing followers if you're "quitting Twitter?" Shut up Jen, no one cares

No. 697999

"I'm quitting Twitter"

"Omg why do people unfollow it's a conspiracy"

Probably because you said you were quitting Twitter you stupid bitch.

No. 698030

File: 1538018135480.jpeg (260.79 KB, 1242x1304, 34646606-82EC-4C82-9F18-611404…)

No. 698032

File: 1538018398440.jpeg (143.99 KB, 1199x765, 3F669B40-A54A-407E-BE51-290EEA…)

Yikes. Explains why she’s obsessed with wigs now. Since her whole appeal is being a thot (not her animal expertise like she pretends) this hair cut was a mistake. Obviously necessary since her hair was fucked but she looks like a filler-faced soccer mom

No. 698053

geez.. her lips and haircut makes her face look bigger than it really is. yikes

No. 698079


If she knows the breeder is a female, how did she ever start blaming Joe?

Another lie, obviously.

No. 698110


She looks like a man, that's why. She has really masculine features for a woman.

No. 698166

She couldn’t possibly be losing followers because of anything she did! It was l o l cow and the president!!!
God what an insufferable cunt. How can you be so unaware of how obnoxious and awful of a person you are. This is why you’re daughter is a druggie whore

No. 698248

File: 1538032835052.jpg (131.47 KB, 1396x720, doppleganger.jpg)

oof its time to stop

No. 698320

because you're not a great artist

No. 698321

Interesting that Taylor hasn't posted any stills of her new tattoo (apart from when it was wrapped up). Guess she really doesn't want to hear criticism.

No. 698419

File: 1538053235312.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-26-21-19-43…)

No. 698420

File: 1538053275127.png (1014.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-44-52…)

No. 698421

File: 1538053300028.png (1.31 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-45-49…)

No. 698422

File: 1538053317674.png (1021.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-45-44…)

No. 698423

File: 1538053332863.png (979.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-47-43…)

No. 698424

File: 1538053354775.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-08-47-49…)

No. 698444

How has she already made such a mess of that hotel room? It's like she can't keep anything clean or tidy for more than 5 seconds.

No. 698446

>>698420 Just when I thought that tattoo couldn’t get any worse. Jesus it’s literally just a black smudge.

No. 698457

File: 1538056489807.gif (282.53 KB, 504x528, 1538018398440.gif)

Holy shit, this is nightmare fuel

No. 698459

Only slightly tempted to comment on it with “So what’s it supposed to be?”

No. 698488

For real though. If you hadn't seen it before she got it "finished" you'd have no idea what it was. It just looks like a smudgey blob.

No. 698571

how many bras is she wearing here, like 5?

No. 698612

saged for random OT but her hair is already losing the brown color. How can you have money and not have a stylist explain you can't go from white to brown in one process without it bleeding out?

No. 698641

I have this tinfoil that her repulsive personality keeps people from doing 100% on the services rendered to her. Her hair stylist, her tattoo artist, her plastic surgeon, honestly they’ve all dropped the ball on this bitch and I’d assume it’s because of the way she acts irl. They probably just want her out of their chair/studio as fast as possible.

No. 698646


maybe she smells lol. With the appearance of her apartment I wouldn't be surprised

No. 698659

I wouldn’t be surprised. Mostly though, we only know her personality through Twitter, since she edits her videos, we see what she wants. But we know she’s a rude, entitled, tweaker, you can’t really hide flaws like that in person.

No. 698667


Wait, that's a hotel room? WHAT THE FUCK. How is already looking like that? She's such a pig. Does she not pick up after herself?

No. 698691

Wishing it was him instead of a lot of great artists…. He shouldn't cover any of them either. Trash bag.

No. 698706


Why does this pic look like she's wearing a picture of her face? Like those creepy masks you can buy… her face looks so weird here.

No. 698742

I loved how he turned everything about him
Don't worry, we are expecting for you to OD

No. 698851

Honestly, Taylor would look so cute if she, instead of changing her hair colour every few weeks, stuck with like a burgundy-purple color. It would have that crazy fashion colour appeal, but also frame her face well, be dark enough that it could hide her frizz from the bleach better than the blonde did, and she could easily blend it with her brown as her roots grew out longer, especially if she did it with a semi permanent. Her hair wouldn't be damaged; she could just cover up the brown right now with a good one, and it would look decent.

No. 698863


She likes the blonde instathot far too much though

No. 698982

File: 1538095106625.png (938.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-16-42-34…)

No. 698983

File: 1538095157649.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-27-16-43-26…)

No. 699046

looks like a man about to go to work on the streets of vegas.

she probably watched that one old video of Jenna marbles about using 2-5 bras to make your boobs look 5x bigger. real large breasts doesn't appear small in some of her lingerie outfits candid photos then appear large af when she takes selfies

No. 699108

Victoria's Secret bombshell bra adds 2 extra cups and has a signature loop strap so you can easily spot it from other bras. She's wearing the same nude colored one in almost every photo/video

No. 699118


She should just go get a boob job then, but I guess she's worried they'll be botched like her lips lol

For someone who tries to promote "loving yourself" she sure likes to change everything about herself.

No. 699244

File: 1538119683384.png (630.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-28-03-26-35…)

No. 699267


Oh look, a bottle of alcohol on the floor. Totes sober though.

No. 699340

Yeah that is totally orange juice and Smirnoff vodka on the floor. They were obviously drinking screwdrivers.

No. 699351

Idk it's fine, they're all in their 20s. You guys didn't get drunk off cheap vodka when you were 21?

No. 699360

There is nothing wrong however Taylor keeps claiming she doesn't drink with this "Hollier than thou" attitude

No. 699397

Emma is only 19. Shes legal in Canada but far from it in the states. Also Taylor says she's sober. That's the issue, not the her drinking in general.

No. 699469

You act like teenagers don’t drink

No. 699527

How many times do you need to be told that’s not the point before you get it? The point is Taylor claims to be uwu sober and here we have evidence of her ass being drunk.

No. 699530

…are you daft? The point is Taylor is giving alcohol to minors. Which is illegal. Fuck off you white knighter.

No. 699531


Fuck off, white knights.

No. 699578

Not a white knight in the slightest, I just like to be reasonable. There’s also no proof of emma drinking and even if she was it’s not a big deal. Speeding is illegal too but if you were going to start getting on people for that it would be a bit unreasonable.

No. 699582

And I don’t know how old the others are but if they’re under 21 then it would be just as bad. If emma is 19 she’s technically not a minor.

No. 699584

pointing out that teenagers drink is whiteknighting now? there's lots about Taylor that we can shit on, you don't need to grasp so tightly on to straws.

No. 699593

Agreed. This is utterly ridiculous.

No. 699599


Yeah sure, teenagers drink but it's still illegal and just because they do it doesn't make it right.

Also the whole point was the Taylor claims she's "SOBER" all over the place, when she clearly isn't. We don't care if she drinks, but when you have a drinking problem like she clearly does to the point where she has to defend whether she's sober or not, seeing alcohol in her pics is alarming. That's all.

No. 699623

So you see nothing wrong with providing alcohol to minors? Even if we went with the argument of lololol teenagers drink so it’s totes ok, there’s the fact that Taylor is the one that was calling herself a family friendly pet mom. Giving alcohol to underaged kids is not fucking family friendly. Personally if I had a teenager hanging out in a hotel room, I would be a little upset to see them on social media getting drunk and posting it. But hey go off cause teenagers drink. Nothing ever went wrong with teenagers drinking.

No. 699658

I hate Taylor too but this is hardly evidence of her being drunk? I pose in pictures with my friends while they're drinking even though I'm not. If she's the only one thats 21 or older in the group then that poses the issue of her purchasing alcohol for minors.

No. 699682

If she’s 19 she can probably handle her drink better than the Americans. She’s hardly a child, unless Taylor’s the only one old enough to buy alcohol it’s not on her. Taylor being drunk however is on her. Neither her nor Jonny are sober and it’s fucking embarassingthat they think it’s not obvious.

No. 699742

Ok if you think Taylor had none of that alcohol, you haven’t been paying attention.

No. 699858

File: 1538179120684.jpeg (162.75 KB, 1242x552, D40E6B87-0B8E-4A75-9BE7-A31A9A…)

No. 699862

File: 1538179237609.jpeg (300.28 KB, 1242x2015, FA050E78-2701-46AE-AEC2-101D26…)

No. 699863

File: 1538179262776.jpeg (318.36 KB, 1242x2029, 686482B8-F381-4C21-BAAD-83458C…)

No. 699864


those bags under her eyes… gurl.

No. 699871

she looks like my 49 year old auntie. she needs to give her hair and the fillers a break, for real. i'd be so cut up to look this way in my 20's.

No. 699887

Drinking a Moscow Mule, I see?

No. 699917

File: 1538184297390.png (7.45 MB, 1242x2208, 4CBC3F30-30A1-42E2-AABB-98A32D…)

No. 699919


why does taylor always insist on dressing like a cheap hooker? where you going taylor, out onto the street corner? having her stand next to people who dress normally really makes her stand out, in a bad way.

No. 699924

I have to agree. She has some problem showing herself not dressed like that.. You only see her looking bummy in other people's photos and videos. She wants to be such a role model for body positivity and being yourself but she only posts no makeup selfies if they're sexual and filtered. She acts like she never just hangs out in a t-shirt and leggings and looks like shit. She portrays herself always being so together. What's so hard about being real?

No. 699955

Because she lacks genuine personality

No. 699958

I’m sorry. She looks like a streetwalker…

No. 699961

With admittedly a better wig. lol

When you cant go out without a wig because yorue too insecure

No. 699969

Is it just me or is that top see through and she’s just wearing pasties

No. 699979

so it's literal lingerie

No. 700002

Is it just me or is that top see through and she’s just wearing pasties

No. 700024

Kek, remember when taylor tried saying she didnt have over 30 pets even though that's clearly not true? Makes me also wonder if mama dean got that "30+" estimate straight off here

No. 700025

Crazy how she looks like an actual a or b cup here but in >>698421 she looks like she has DD's or something. You guys are definitely right about wearing multiple bras.

No. 700038

it's not like she has any cleavage in that pic or anything. So they dont just look small because they're compressed.

No. 700145

Lizard girl taking a page out of tay’s clothing book and gooey chick has every inch of skin covered! Lol. Looks more like she’s gonna curl up at watch a movie or read a book…not go out!

No. 700213


Better to look like a queer nerd than to roam the streets looking like a cheap slut

No. 700287

File: 1538243048699.gif (1.59 MB, 151x320, SmartSelect_20180929-134313_In…)

What's with jonnys ig story? He straight up just grabs/fiddles with his dick and then points to camera to his friend

No. 700306

Ewww it’s like he’s scratching his stds

No. 700315

Dude has to be either high or drunk.

No. 700346


Ew. He's such a vile disgusting man. I have no idea what taylor or anyone really sees in him. Gross.

No. 700352


She looks so different without makeup. Old and haggard.

No. 700366


touches his nasty groin and then puts his hand in his face for the world to see. what a catch. really don't see what taylor or any woman for that matter sees in this bloated scumbag.

No. 700412

i’m at the show and i saw taylor she has a snake lol

No. 700414

File: 1538253785493.jpeg (783.13 KB, 1644x2194, 790B07FF-F8F0-45FD-9B8C-53482E…)

i don’t have a photo of her w the snake but i took this earlier

No. 700431

looks like some hobo wandered in the convention

No. 700436


Jfc that hair loss

No. 700482

Literally looks like someone's mom or honestly even grandma in trashy slutty clothes looking for their kid they came to pick up

No. 700483


she literally looks like that Mom that turns up late to the school run looking like they just got out of bed and smelling of smoke and shouting at their kids across the playground

No. 700484


so she dresses herself up for internet selfies, but when she's actually out in public she looks like a potato trash bag? what even is this outfit and styling? this is like some weird mix of home casual and beach wear.

No. 700513

nah anon, this is what she looks like in her internet photos too.
she just controls the angle and shops the shit out of herself.

i kinda feel bad for her. i mean, most people touch up their selfies so they look better, but she looks completely unrecognizable in candid shots.
her self esteem must crash so much when she sees these pics people post of her.

No. 700543

Literally just lingerie…

No. 700544

File: 1538262666562.png (247.54 KB, 274x587, fanpic.png)

Cropped the kid out of this pic.

No. 700549

bitch forgot her pants.

No. 700552

wouldn't be the first time

No. 700557

It's the same look from her messy meet and greet. I can't believe she considers this an outfit worth repeating.

No. 700558



No. 700561

Why does she do this half-thot half-natural uwu look? Like if you’re really gonna go out no pants, full tits out, why wouldn’t you wear a wig over your baldspot? If she wore something normal for once, her natural hair and makeup wouldn’t be as noticeable. It’d still be bad, tbh but it would be more like “oh look at that normal bitch” rather than “who let mom get wine drunk at 7am?”

No. 700562

Damn look at the hair loss. Holy fucking hell! And who dresses like this for a fucking reptile show? Taylor, my god, I know you think your body looks good, but it’s ok to put your titties away sometimes. I don’t understand why sex positive/ dont slut shame me people dont understand that concept. There’s a time and a place for having your titties out. It doesn’t have to be all the fucking time.

No. 700567

This is her posing with a "fan" and she couldn't even smile?? I get that she's trying to look like a model or some shit but she just looks miserable instead. The lengths she goes to impress the internet is getting ridiculous.

No. 700568


she actually looks dead behind the eyes, she really needs to get herself help.

No. 700580

Holy fuck does she really need a new snake?? Jesus christ she just got two.

No. 700584

Looked like a small white snake. couldn’t see well because she had the business card over top of it and i was trying to to get too close lol

No. 700609

I'm sure she'll be posting photos of her newest victim in the car on the way home

No. 700619

I saw some awesome looking Leucistic Texas Rats at the show, if it was a small white snake that's my guess

No. 700675

Well I hope it's something like that and not her getting another difficult to look after animal. Still not good, but I'd rather her get something like that than an advanced species…

No. 700682


What the…
why does she look like a mom that just got out of the public pool and is looking for her kids while also smelling like cigarette smoke???

No. 700699

But she's been wanting this particular one forever, anon!

No. 700710

File: 1538281794612.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x1500, A3E2A229-84B1-4495-90BC-AD6B2C…)

No. 700715

There was a list of snakes she made that she wants in a previous thread and one of the snakes was a leucistic rat snake. So most likely that’s what she got if it’s a white snake. Although we all know it’s a recent obsession and not one she’s wanted forever.

No. 700720

File: 1538282402187.jpeg (405.89 KB, 1236x1336, 67958F35-D160-469C-B5EE-F1FBB4…)

No. 700721


seeing all these photos of taylor where she can't control shit is hilarious. she looks like a completely different person. like i get it, we always post our best selves online, but when you do it so much you create the illusion that you look completely different to how you look in real life… you end up looking like shit.

i can't get over her bald spot too lol

No. 700722

Holy shit she really just needs to shave her head and give her scalp a break bc… this looks so awful it makes me kind of sad for her she used to be so beautiful????

No. 700724

It really is sad seeing how she looks now to her pictures from one year ago…

No. 700739

She looks like someone took clippers to the side of her head as a joke. I really believe she doesn’t actually have any friends. Friends don’t let friends go out looking like this.

No. 700767

File: 1538288795519.jpg (326.62 KB, 1920x1494, IMG_9310.JPG)

~a year ago without makeup vs. today with(?) makeup

No. 700774

She could have a similar but still-as-edgy aesthetic that would be less odd and lingerie-y. She could wear a pair of jeans and a cropped hoodie and she'd look cute, especially with her new wig.

No. 700782


Edgy? She dresses like any other thot who has zero sense of styling and just wants to show off tits and ass that she doesn't have. She doesn't look "edgy" she just looks desperate lol

No. 700785

She really doesn't have the right face shape for short hair… meaty and long af.
Also, I feel like she overplucks her eyebrows. Those brows do literally nothing for her esp now that her lips are massive. Need something to frame your face bbygurl you cant have ratty hair and a bloated face and call it a day esp when you're clearly into social media vanity.

I think if she grows that hair out to about shoulder length at least, fixes the brows, and stops dressing like a prostitute with Alzheimer's she can look pretty good.

There's no fixing her personality, though.

No. 700804

I kinda hope BetterHelp sponsors Taylor next

No. 700819

It’s like she was all dressed up for her honeymoon night but her husband escaped so she’s out in her lingerie looking for her man child.lol

No. 700820

Why can’t she just wear regular booty shorts with a crop top like a normal person that wants to show off skin.. why does she think wearing this is sexy especially with no makeup and her remaining oily hair.. she has no idea what she wants

No. 700837

File: 1538301866049.jpeg (460.2 KB, 750x1037, 7DCFC2B4-3027-47D5-8898-153F08…)

That bald patch looks horrendous.

No. 700840

Man this is just depressing. I don't give a shit if she wants to show skin or whatever, but at least have some sense of style.

No. 700871

>every other person in the room wearing pants

No. 700898

Just getting round to watching Shane’s new videos on Jake Paul and damn, I wish Taylor had enough drama surrounding her for him to do a series on her. I’m not sure I’d trust him to expose her properly though, but how funny would it be if he did considering how hard she tries to suck his dick

No. 700905


I was honestly sat there wondering if she was a sociopath / psychopath. One of the traits being highly manipulative which would make sense, how else would all these other petfest youtubers be blind to her shit care

Among other things such as unreliability, lack of remorse (when animals die or she messes up), lying and deceitfulness, impulsive (with buying animals and her spending), and potential risky behaviour such as drugs, alcohol, dating a known rapist and having NO EMPATHY for his victims

No. 700907

Isn't this what she wore to that one meet-up where she said she threw up on her pants and had to go without them? Did she just decide that was a 'look' and she'd roll with it?

No. 700998

Its from the extensions, she bleached her hair with them in. So when they came out they took hair when them.

No. 701090

She doesn't have anti social personality disorder, she's got a lot of mental issues, thats for sure, but she's not a sociopath, Shane kinda overdramatized the truth of the disorder.

No. 701140

Jfc… Her hair is just fucking gone. Her looks in general are gone because she refuses to stop changing stuff about herself and also additionally dresses so trashy. I agree with what anons are saying here, it really is sad to see what she was a year ago vs now. She looks horrible. Her ugly personality has made its way to her physical looks. It's really sad, but she brought this all on herself. She looks like the kind of person that goes home daily and just has a mental breakdown because she has no real friends or life, she just creates this allusion that her life and relationships are amazing but in reality, this is what she's become.

No. 701143

Why is her face so bloated?? Is she just really good at hiding her real face shape in selfies?

No. 701155

Anon watched a Shane Dawson video and suddenly knows everything about everyone and they're all sociopaths.

Shut the fuck up.

No. 701172

Damn girl at least part your hair down the middle to cover your bald spots.

No. 701187

File: 1538337644143.jpg (600.9 KB, 1048x1919, SmartSelect_20180930-155239_Tw…)

Shes really out here still claiming Jonny is ~completely sober uwu~

No. 701196


Let's be real, Taylor isn't even remotely popular enough for Shane to even bother with her. His latest collabs have been with people like Jeffree and Jake Paul, you think he'd waste his time with Taylor? lol

No. 701217


speaking of, whatever happened with PettyPaige? disappointed that she didn't follow through, Taylor probably manipulated and guilt tripped her out of it

No. 701219

Oh, but they’re not blind to her shit care! They’re just using her to promote themselves!

No. 701220

File: 1538340337678.png (289.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-30-16-21-11…)

No. 701230

Why did she even respond to this tweet? Are you his manager, Taylor? His mom? If he didn't bother responding, why did you? Her insistence on him being sober seems so unnecessary lol

No. 701283

She's probably hoping if she says it enough it will become true and not just another one of her many lies

No. 701319

Taylor got the ratsnake. Que the pictures of it next to salem

No. 701323

File: 1538350316117.jpeg (269.06 KB, 750x891, CBB50586-626C-434F-B619-73F55E…)

She’s so predictable

No. 701325

File: 1538350442814.png (785.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-30-19-32-06…)

No. 701326

File: 1538350464581.png (447.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-30-19-32-14…)

No. 701332


Wow, I'm so surprised! /s

Seriously, Taylor bitched and whined all of September about 'muh migraine' and promised all sorts of videos. Yet the moment she gets to go out to an expo she's well enough to travel and of course, purchase a new snake for her new video. She seriously lacks any kind of awareness.

No. 701350


God I hope not, Salem would try to eat him! But really sounds like something she would do.

No. 701353

File: 1538352211479.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-30-20-00-04…)

Anon called it with better help sponsoring her

No. 701355

Omg.. remember when she said she doesn't have 30 pets the other day? With JUST her snakes and lizards, she's at like 27. Not even taking into account the rats, cats, all her fish and amphibians. If you're going to argue the quantity of pets you have, why draw specific attention to numbers with your pets?

No. 701376

she just deleted a post off her insta. it was the newest one and had just the pic of her medusa thumbnail for her new video. no caption

No. 701379

This is the third time she’s made this video. Same title too. Guess she really needed that ad revenue.

No. 701389

Also bugs me that these aren’t even her snakes in the thumbnail she just googled pics of each snake and stuck them on there. She’s got enough pics just on her insta to use of her own actual pets

No. 701391


its back. she must have archived it and added in the caption advertising her video

No. 701394

it's like she's passively trying to remind him to be sober by trying to reply to anyone responding to his tweets. lol

No. 701398

it's like the only videos that gives her views (or ads) are the ones that are "meet all my pets." pretty sad tbh because she's just probably collecting all these reptiles just so she can make a new video with her balding self.

No. 701404


Yeah, her other videos don't do nearly as good. The only ones that get attention are her 'all my X' videos, where she shows off a lot of different animals. Which tells her she needs more animals so she can make more videos like that. The cycle will just keep repeating itself.

No. 701419

In her video she says that being crazy and untame is a normal thing for all milk snakes, yeah no it most certainly is not, some are fiestier that others, but a lot of them are super pleasant, she probably hasn't worked enough with Gucci.

No. 701432

Yeah but she barely has any without her hand or face in them…

Remember when she talked about having a mental health channel? Good times good times

How can you still be struggling with addiction while at the same time being 100% sober

No. 701435


If you have to constantly tell people you're sober… you're most likely not sober lol.

No. 701442

File: 1538358165186.png (97.88 KB, 205x424, Screenshot_20180930-213847.png)

I'm usually not one to insult appearances since it's not my place but she honestly looked at this picture and decided it was good enough to not only post on Instagram but use as a thumbnail? It's horrendous.

No. 701449

She looks like she has no idea where she is or what's going on.

No. 701457


That looks like a huge bald spot. She doesn't even comb her hair before leaving the house? Yikes.

No. 701460

she's in her early 20s. How can she have such a huge bald spot??

No. 701470

File: 1538360513524.jpeg (288.63 KB, 1187x2175, CBB8A880-A803-4E49-B8F1-721611…)

No. 701474

File: 1538360763222.png (524.75 KB, 846x437, RSIBRii.png)

From Taylor's latest video, here's Sabor biting her for dangling him all around on her arm like an idiot when she knows he is prone to biting. Then she puts him back in his cage and says, "Please go away" like it's his fault.

No. 701476

There's massive kickbacks for people signing up using her link, so she can make another one anytime she wants a cash boost. Sanders Kennedy made a video crunching some numbers for Manny MUAs betterhelp vid, and the numbers were huge.

No. 701480

too much bleaching and putting the braids in. She's broken it off, basically.

No. 701514

File: 1538374920908.jpeg (546.79 KB, 1668x1988, F4BC575C-7FC3-4743-8B2C-283900…)

No. 701516

>no context
Is that her thigh? The fuck are we looking at here nigga??

No. 701518


that face is the stuff of nightmares, but overall it looks better than the shitty heart tattoo she got lol

No. 701521

It really amuses me that she is collected shitty ass tattoos like a child collects stickers lmao. I hope she makes herself look ridiculous by the time her youtube tanks.

No. 701529

File: 1538376288178.gif (3.66 MB, 640x357, SmartSelect_20180930-234808_Yo…)

Celia hisses at her here. SHES SUCH A DUMBASS holy shit I cant believe Sabor was the only one who bit her in the making of this video. The way she holds them throughout the vid, literally poses and trys to model with them on her while basically eyefucking her self in the viewfinder is SO cringey. It's so telling of how her pets are literally just objects to her.

No. 701530

it looks nothing like boo, facially, but i like the concept tbh. this is going to age horribly, right? do tiny, detailed tattoos age well, ever? (literally asking, dunno shit about them)

No. 701537

What the fuck why would she start off her thigh with this huge ass tattoo? Its. So. Big. I have to admit though, it looks a lot better than the rest of her tats with all the detailing and such. Is this a new tattoo artist?

No. 701545

i literally thought it was her calf just because the face looked so bad so i figured it was bc it was too small to do correctly. it's enormous… imagine having sex with someone with this giant tattoo on their thigh. i'd be weirded the fuck out.

No. 701546


The way she looks at Celia before realizing she's filming and immediately looks up at the camera and smiles… jeez. You can see how annoyed she is that her kissy moment didn't turn out cute. I'm not surprised her pets lash out or get pissed with her, she doesn't handle or bond with them and then manhandles them whenever she needs content.

No. 701566

File: 1538379919445.png (17.25 KB, 736x117, 2683fd6628ab95270998fa3ebb87a0…)

are her stans serious?

No. 701568

her pupils are always soooo pinned.

No. 701572

nah she’s totally aware that she’s filming. she knew that it was gonna hiss as it does and it was the comedic relief she planned into the video for sure lmao

No. 701575

Ugh she's be so hot if she'd just fix her fucking beak lips. She'd still be an absolute garbage human being but at least she'd be nice to look at

No. 701590

Taylor can't do anything with moderation. If she likes animals and wants pets, she can't get a few she needs to get 50. Tattoos? Nearly 10 within a year and a half. Its a shit example for her stans.

No. 701605

“But it’s literally been months since I got my last snake”

No. 701607

Her head would still be disproportionately huge. A cropped picture like this is fine but when you see her full body she just looks like a trans woman.

No. 701634

File: 1538392461811.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-09-30-22-31-56…)

No. 701635

File: 1538392486040.png (1016.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-07-09-22…)

No. 701636

File: 1538392508825.png (545.16 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-01 00.23.57.png)

No. 701637

File: 1538392522758.png (607.2 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-01 07.13.48.png)

No. 701687

Don’t blame her for not recognizing her - she looks completely different in person than in her Instagram photos. If she dressed like a normal person I don’t think I could recognize her either but she’s easy to pick out as the person wearing literal lingerie in public.

No. 701690

Holy fuck that shit is huge. When I first saw it I was like okay this is probably her best tattoo, not something I would get but at least it’s not a giant black blob but why in the fuck would you get it so big?

No. 701692

File: 1538400257401.jpeg (207.95 KB, 1237x1002, 5266EDB1-1B21-4114-B186-CBB528…)

More cringey retweets about herself.

No. 701708

Still looks like a blob. At least you can't see the awful snakes anymore.

No. 701715

So I’m pretty sure Taylor got one of those wigs where you’re supposed to pull out some of your own hair and blend it in. That’s why the hairline looks so weird. She’s meant to use like her bangs or something. She’s just not wearing it right.

No. 701734

She said she wanted a traditional leg sleeve but this definitely isn’t a traditional style and neither is the cheese tattoo. I mean cheese is a little closer to traditional but this is not traditional AT ALL

No. 701759


Another childish ugly tattoo.

No. 701760


In her latest video her lips look so gross especially when she's talking. She needs to fix that. She would look a thousand times better without those gross over inflated wrinkly lips.

No. 701761

Some of her snakes look underweight.

No. 701781

Haven't watched the video but I wouldn't be surprised since she has shown/wrote about basically underfeeding her snakes. I don't think she keeps their weights or an actual feeding/watering chart at this point so I wouldn't be surprised if several of her snakes are also being fed irregularly (which wouldn't be that bad if they were fed appropriately sized prey)

No. 701785

I literally said “ I wish Taylor had enough drama surrounding her”. Lol I know it won’t happen

No. 701797

She looks like SSSNiperwolf here lol

No. 701807

So Ssserptember ended up being 2 whole videos (she announces the idea in the Chimera one; if you count that then 3). To add insult, the last video for Ssserptember was uploaded literally hours before September ended and was just a repeat of her other "all my pets" videos. Kek

No. 701871

saged for a question: did no one call her out on how none of her videos are her as a blonde? She made allegedly how many at the beginning of the month that never made it to upload?

No. 701898

I haven't seen her say anything about quarantining her new snake. Also in her newest video she was handling Duck and Gemini in her reptile room. I guess quarantining is something she's already given up on, not that she ever did it properly anyway.

No. 701906

I wonder if she films and then loses the motivation to edit or if she just lies about filming to begin with.

No. 701909

In jen’s vlog she was filming when they were getging tanner’s fish. She probably films and never does anything with it

No. 701927

She either films and doesn't bother doing anything with the footage or completely lies about filming. Giving Taylor's complete lack of work ethic and laziness, I'm gonna go with she doesn't film at all when she claims she does. She's pathetic. She may be able to live lavishly off YT for now but when the day comes that YouTube doesn't pay the bills, she's going to be in deep shit with all those animals. Imagine her trying to work a normal job lmao. "Uhhh I can't come into work, muh EDS flared up so can I have the rest of the month off? But still have my paycheck?"

No. 701960


looks like a pornstar waiting for dick lol

No. 701978

Hey all. I'm an exotic animal owner, owning and caring for a a variety of animals including leopard geckos and a captive bred ringtailed coatimundi (nasua nasua).

I'm here to shit on Taylor.

Taylor and I have had beef for years, ever since she stated exotic mammal owners like me deserve to be institutionalized— which is odd, since she owns hedgehogs. At least my pets are captive bred, unlike most of her saltwater aquarium fish including Cheese, which are wild caught.

Her husbandry is abysmal. Absolutely awful. She consistently fails to provide proper care for any of her animals, neglects their health, and is inexperienced with handling them. As a fellow exotic pet owner, she disgusts me. She is NOT a good role model.

Her hedgehogs were fed cheap, incorrect diets and housed in poor enclosures and always seemed stressed. Her rats have a barren, undersized cage, and are not getting the socialization they need and it's highly unlikely their diet is correct either.

Her aquariums are overstocked and she houses fish species that are aggressive with docile species, causing stress and ultimately requiring her to re-home them.

She has TOO MANY animals! When owning animals it is important to be able to give quality time to every one, every day; be it cleaning their cages daily, holding them, taking them out to play, etc.

Taylor does none of this.

She is unable to take criticism on her husbandry and acts like a spoiled brat.

Fuck her. No breeder in their right mind should sell to her.

No. 701982

Yeah welcome to this forum lol weve said this all time and time again in the last 19 ones

No. 702015

you might find it shocking but none of us really like her. and many of us own exotic animals. /s

(btw anyone know what does this "Tutanota-Anon, you forgot the passowrd. Please email again." mean?)

No. 702023


on discord they said that it was a message to a specific anon but they couldnt give more deets


No. 702067


This is already known by this point, her husbandry and care is atrocious. But yeah, good to know other people know this too.

No. 702107

Because she’s chemically treated her hair so many times in the last year, especially the bleached blonde, that it’s breaking off at the root.

No. 702111

I dare you to try….

No. 702113

She doesn't have any rooms left to quarantine lol. Nobody is going to be surprised if she kills all her reptiles like Tyler killed all of his beardies by accident. People have constantly told her to quarantine. PLUS She handles them. No sympathy at this point if all of her animals die. (Though I'd feel bad for her animals, not her)

No. 702115

I got that message too! I think the password at the bottom got wiped out when I tried.

No. 702127

Getting a mortgage isn't particularly easy. Definitely not as easy as renting. I bet she literally didn't have the patience to house hunt and deal with realtors.

No. 702144

File: 1538444873513.png (620.78 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-01 21.44.59.png)

No. 702146

File: 1538444913601.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-43-23…)

No. 702148

File: 1538445102927.png (934.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-43-09…)

No. 702149

File: 1538445119922.png (936.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-42-31…)

No. 702150

File: 1538445141529.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-42-20…)

No. 702151

File: 1538445162477.png (1018.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-42-08…)

No. 702152

File: 1538445183246.png (829.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-42-01…)

No. 702153

File: 1538445200579.png (885.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-41-53…)

No. 702154

File: 1538445224604.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-41-39…)

No. 702155

File: 1538445240322.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-41-28…)

No. 702156

File: 1538445261108.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-41-10…)

No. 702157

What’s with this blurry story spam…

No. 702173


Is this milk? Why bother posting shit like this…

No. 702278


Revolutionary milk right here

No. 702337

>>702146 - >>702156

Why the fuck would you spam the thread like this? What even are the screencaps of? You're an idiot, anon. I had to go and watch her story to even see what the fuck this was. And its not even milky in the slightest. It's just a stupid fucking video of tnd saying "bath" over and over. Seriously what was the point of this?

No. 702413

File: 1538478877849.png (969.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-05-26…)

No. 702484

File: 1538488821595.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x2051, 52774BCF-7C74-470B-A496-9670E3…)

No. 702487

omg her hair just SCREAMS "let me speak to your manager"

the end of this sentence is "…even when my girlfriend doesn't"

No. 702502

Uh oh someone is mad that their girlfriend is out with her “friends” and doesn’t have all the time in the world for him.
Honestly, the people who hang out with her are just trying to boost their channels, she’s made it clear she has no real friends. While I don’t feel bad for her because she was warned about Jonny, that’s something that must be shitty about being with him. He wants constant attention from her, and I’m sure she’s usually the same way with him. I remember in that one podcast, that’s was something Taylor said is exhausting about being with him - they’re pretty much together 24/7. She doesn’t have her own life. It’s pretty sad. But goals uwu right?

No. 702548

Do they have the animals they bought with them? Because they’re at a hotel still. Maybe they’re having them shipped to them when they get home

No. 702609

It's so obvious how the pettubers TND is hanging out with are just using her to boost their own channel. These people never consistently post unless they're with TND, and every picture has TND tagged. You would think TND would be bothered, but she's such a narcissist she probably doesn't see it.

No. 702618

So is Johnny watching all 30+ animals or are they on a diet til Tay gets back?

No. 702656

Johnny’s brain dead af, either way they’re on a diet

No. 702711

File: 1538507654838.png (335.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-15-14-05…)

No. 702712

File: 1538507707037.png (1000.9 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-05-36…)

No. 702716

What happened to not messing with your hair and letting it grow back, Taylor? Other than bleaching, extensions are one of the worst things you can do to your hair. She never learns or sticks to her word.

No. 702722

She's gonna make that bald spot triple in size.

No. 702738

Tay's new addiction: balding

No. 702743


Wow she really has no fucking control, doesn't she? She knows all the bleach, dye and extensions are ruining her hair and she already has a bald spot. Yet she went and got extensions again? She never learns lol. Can't wait to see what patchy mess of a head she has left.

No. 702746

File: 1538510775229.png (3.1 MB, 750x1334, FB0D1343-D431-4CC7-BF3D-FB4246…)

It doesn’t even look good. Yikes

No. 702747

It looks ok, but I wouldn’t say it was to bald for

No. 702748


oh jesus, that hairline is atrocious. looks like she threw on a shake & go wig from walmart.

No. 702756

I'll never get over how thots like her desperately want long hair but do everything in their power to make sure their natural hair snaps off to the root and never grows.

No. 702761

Shits not even blended, you can see where her ( I dont want to call it a pixie cut?) is at her chin, if she's going to destroy her hair even more why not go to someone who'll make it look decent while doing it.

No. 702773

Playing games on a macbook. What a loser.

Also love the passive aggressiveness of his story. If Taylor is out with friends for a few days she is getting dragged for not "having time for him" but he keeps getting wasted with girl fans all the time on tour and that's fine huh? I'm sure their relationship is going great! /s

No. 702780


Blonde streaks from the root? What year is this, 2003? kek

No. 702781

Not even surprised. Whenever he's not with her he must be blowing up her phone and social media.

No. 702784

They're the same person lmao. When she's at home and he's on tour, she posts IG stories about how lonely she is. When he's not getting attention cause she's out with friends (for once) he posts passive aggressive stories.

No. 702827

File: 1538519134991.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-05-50…)

No. 702829

File: 1538519178513.png (704.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-06-28…)

No. 702830

File: 1538519201912.png (945.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-06-37…)

No. 702832

File: 1538519225067.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-07-06-50…)

No. 702833

File: 1538519245397.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-18-22-39…)

No. 702835

File: 1538519264517.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-18-22-49…)

No. 702844

I'm legit SO EXCITED for her to go home and shower/have her hair unstyled and we can see just how bad it really looks. Like when she got that pink/rose color in her short hair and 24 hours later it was a MESS. The expectation vs. reality thread pic was my faveeee

No. 702857

Uhhhh what was the surprise

No. 702870

a trio of dead-eyed bitches with bad fillers and crispy hair. merry christmas

No. 702888

She's going to have to legit shave her head if she doesn't stop. That is not a myth that they tell you just to scare you.. That's some real shit. She is one of the most insecure people I've ever seen.. She is truly pathetic. Between the tattoos and hair and whatever else she's getting something new done practically every week.

No. 702893

This was my first thought, like what does it look like uncurled and frizzy??

No. 702923

Yeah honestly it took some digging to find good photos for that one haha

No. 702926


yikes. they all look like malformed clones of each other.

No. 702931

File: 1538529950508.png (626.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-02-21-19-41…)

No. 702932

File: 1538530071252.png (306.21 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-02 21.27.46.png)

No. 702949

Actually… Yes you can be expected to stay home.. That's why family youtubers DON'T travel all over as often.

No. 702952


Why would you post this exchange? To me, it basically shows Johnny is sick of Taylor having her own free will and wants to reclaim her as his territory. Take note of the "ASAP" as well, lol. "Take her on vacation" aka distance her from her new-found friends so he have her all to himself. It stinks of jealousy and possessiveness.

"I'll even go back to Disney" aka we can do what you want as long I have you isolated with me again

No. 702954

Well, if anything she's overfeeding her snakes. She apparently gives her 1.5 year old male royal python a large rat weekly or bi-weekly. That's 100% overfeeding. A full grown female can eat 1 maybe 2 medium rats a month. This is why most snakes (specifically Royals and other pythons) are mostly obese in captivity

No. 702957

Taylor saying you can't expect her to be homebound just because she has pets… Ummm yes? When you have 30+ animals it's YOUR responsibility to care for them you lazy thot. If that means you can't go on vacations, so be it.

I sure don't take vacation time, I don't trust people to properly care for my exotic animals.

She is so incredibly lazy with pet keeping lmao.

No. 702960


She has a point, but it's also made moot by the fact she travels so often and leaves her animals in the care of someone else constantly.

Like once a year? Sure, go ahead but she travels far too much for someone with the amount of pets she has, some who need DAILY INTERACTION like her rats. What, she has someone come over and spend an hour with the girls, and then another hour with the boy? She's such a bad liar, I have no idea how people believe the shit she spews.

No. 702972

Even if someone can afford to have a pet sitter why even bother having pets if you're just going to be leaving all the time?

No. 702996

I have a personal story in reference to Taylor’s pet sitting addiction.

I used to pet sit for these people who had 42 animals. There were alpacas, llamas, mini donkeys, goats, bunnies, dogs, cats, fish etc. you name it they probably had it. I had experience with all these animals which is why I was hired. Every time I came over they had new pets. Not only did it stink, but it was hard as ONE person to keep up with the several needs of these pets, it was also difficult for the owners to even inform me. Far too many of their animals had special needs to there was no way to keep track of it. Well, due to this fact, under my supervision two animals died. Terrible deaths. The owners refused to come home from their vacation to tend to be there for their dying pets. Because, after having 42 animals, you have less compassion for the individual animals in your care. I was slandered because of the deaths of these animals despite assisting them in any way possible while their owners never even came home.

Sorry for the blogging, BUT
How many vacations, and how many more
animals is it going to take before she starts slandering her pet sitter? She puts blame
On everyone but herself, and there’s no way her pet sitter keeps track of all those needs, I doubt taylor even does. I’m calling it now, but at the animal’s expense something terrible is going to happen and we are going to see just how much taylor cares for “all” of her animals.

No. 703000

Out of all the trips she's made, only 4 have been for working purposes, and the first one didn't count because she bailed out for "accidentally eating glutten".

She didn't follow his manchild of a boyfriend on tour for work, nor went to Disneyland for work, nor went to get tattoos for work. It was for leisure.

Plus, when you have 30+ pets under your care, you should actually stay and care for them because y'know, they're living beings.

But the way she goes about it is "I can afford to get more pets and I can afford to have several people to look after them so I can get more pets". It's all about the money.

And besides, when has she had a strong work ethic to be able to say shit like this? She rarely uploads. She fucking promised several videos about snakes for September and she only cared to upload a couple by the end of the month.

And it's not like she's out there grinding either. She doesn't have a schedule, and spends all day sleeping and doing nothing with her junkie boyfriend. Even when she makes these trips "for work", she's always shopping and drinking. It's comical.

No. 703006


Agreed. I don't think people realize just how many pets she has and just much work that equals. It definitely adds up and I've said it before, there isn't enough hours in a day for her to feed and care for each of these animals. So she hires an "assistant" to do it for her… like what's the point of owning so many pets if you pay someone else to care for them?! That's the whole point of being a pet owner!

Taylor thinks as long as she money and space, it's okay to get more animals. I'm honestly wondering what her "limit" will be, because at the rate she's going by the end of next year she'll have double the numbers. At what point will she stop buying animals? My guess is when the money runs out and her Youtube "career" won't last long at the rate she's going.

No. 703139

I really want to know wtf is going on with the rats.

Goose is most likely still on his own, so for a week now his only company has been Jonny, which is worse than no company tbh. Poor Goose.

But where does she keep him?
In what cage? From her instagram story of him being at the highest level it looked like he is in their main cage.
If he is in there where are the others?
She for sure didn't get another cage cause she would've bragged about it.

Or he is with his "sisters" that will be 100% pregnant when she comes back. Imagine that there could be up to 40 baby rats in Taylors house in a month.

No. 703140


I'm worried too, anon. This dumbass should not have gotten rats, let alone have them breed. I worry for those poor things.

No. 703143

IA and it’s transparent af too that when she was excited about the rats she ran out to get Goose companions within hours of deciding to keep him, made a huge fuss about how she refused to let him suffer by being alone, but once she realised he was a male she said “lol nvm” and now guess what. He’s alone anyway. It makes me so mad. She was backed into a corner with having to admit the monitor situation was an impulse buy but now we’re apparently pretending 1) deciding to keep a rat 2) going out immediately and buying two more rats before you’ve even sexed your first rat and 3) going on vacation before any of those animals are properly housed or taken care of doesn’t all = disastrous impulse buy.

I know she’s supposedly waiting to neuter Goose but what’s so annoying is that she never would’ve had to if she’d exercised self control for once in her fucking life and just waited. Waited to properly sex the rat, waited to think if she had space and time for rats, just fucking waited for once in her life. She makes me so mad sometimes the way she thinks living creatures with complex needs exist just for her to cram them into her collection so she can get ad revenue on the internet. Take a look at yourself Taylor ffs

No. 703145

Jonny’s been on tour this entire time, so they didn’t even have that

No. 703148

File: 1538562086757.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-06-20-24…)

No. 703149

File: 1538562141759.png (1010.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-06-20-33…)

No. 703150

File: 1538562158717.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-06-19-10…)

No. 703151

File: 1538562179585.png (877.57 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-06-19-54…)

No. 703152

jfc, feed the cat. or if its behavioural, help the cat out.

No. 703157

File: 1538563351689.png (228.24 KB, 540x542, Screenshot_2018-10-03-12-40-27…)

Jfc how conceited can you be

No. 703176

File: 1538565428298.jpeg (215.2 KB, 1242x1877, C5DF5157-F6E4-4DD4-BE0A-8B8B9E…)

Seems like her “assistant” is still Betsy

No. 703184

File: 1538568327094.jpg (414.92 KB, 1080x1659, Screenshot_20181003-140334_Sam…)

Tf kinda name is Dogthryn?
I looked it up on Google and found these semi dead Twitter and Instagram accounts.
Not milky at all, I'm just interested to see who her professional assistants actually are (besides Betsy).

No. 703190

File: 1538569997660.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-03-06-30-59…)

This is Betsy's friend Kathyrn's account. I think this is the "dogthryn". She lives in San Antonio so it makes sense

No. 703193


So the girls are still in the main cage and last we saw Goose was too. Either situation is equally as bad either she left them all together and the females are pregnant (I have a horrible feeling she won’t say anything and may just breed for snake food for herself)

Or he’s in some tiny other cage somewhere alone and out of sight. If she can’t even decorate her main rat cage properly I doubt she’s made any effort for him.

No. 703194

I mean, it would be smart of her to get some breeder rats and breed food….

No. 703214

Some cats like to chew on bags.

The easy solution is to put whatever is in a bag, inside a container, or place it out of reach.
But Taylor is lazy and that might inconvenience her.

No. 703231

When someone else looks better in your wig than you do. Then again I wouldn't wear something that's been on Taylor's nasty head without cleaning it first.

No. 703243

File: 1538579503335.jpg (587.55 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181003-110714_Ins…)

Wow what a ~alpha~ trying to steal other peoples girlfriends even though you have one of your own back at home. Keep it classy, Jonny. Someone's whos not a bloated man baby is going to try and steal your girl next

No. 703250

Some cats will also absolutely try to get at their food unless it's out of reach, so it's natural to keep it out of reach

No. 703252

*any food

No. 703268

But again, it's Taylor. It's too inconvenient for her to look after her animals so she hired someone to do it for her.
It's not a huge reach to say that putting her rat's food in the kitchen, in a cupboard, would be too inconvenient for her.

No. 703269

i know this is kind of reaching, but it's funny that she posts this after we discuss who is taking care of her animals. i wonder what she pays these people lol

No. 703294


You know the thing is, having pets is a luxury, if you can't afford to care for one, you don't DESERVE to have a pet just because you want one.

So it's so strange to me that she is complaining that having pets shouldn't prevent her from travelling.
Like as adults we have to decide how we want to live our lives, so if travelling is an important part of your life, then you adapt a lifestyle that makes it easiest for you to do that.
And having pets completely contradicts that lifestyle.

Not to say that people who have pets can't go on vacation.
But like, if travelling is THAT important to you maybe you should consider just not having pets.

I don't know it just seems like a weird thing for her to be complaining about considering how fortunate she is to be in a position where she can make enough money to thrive off of just by being with her pets that sounds so relaxing honestly she's got her young adult life handed to her on a silver platter (if she would just give them proper care god).

No. 703358

uh ADULT rat food.

No. 703375

At this point Taylor should just open a shitty zoo/"education" center (she probably has enough capital to do this, or could easily crowdfund) but she's lazy and gross and would rather hoard pets in her apartment.

No. 703408

Love the cross contamination

No. 703448


Yeah, it would be smart of her but she isn't smart and before you start breeding, you need to understand genetics. US has some very unfortunate genes in their pool that can be deadly. If she did breed, she won't research and jump right into it like she always does.

I'm not against people breeding rats, but too many do it with zero idea and think it's as easy as putting male and female together and boom, babies. Way too many people do this and that's why we have so many rats with shitty genetics, temperament, health and lifespan and overall just an awful situation. So no, she isn't smart enough to breed considering her current situation with her rats.

No. 703453

Taylor is feeding Oxbow at least, which is a good brand… But good food doesn't mean shit when you look at how Goose is being treated. And knowing Taylor, she's too lazy to feed him anyways— her assistants probably do.

Rat owners recommend free feeding a rat food like Oxbow while supplementing the diet with small amounts of fruits (very small amounts, sugar is bad), seeds, vegetables, and proteins like egg. An incorrect diet can cause health issues for a rat very quickly.

Taylor is lazy as fuck so it's safe to assume she's only feeding Oxbow and the cheap seed food. And Goose is being treated like her snakes— stuffed away in his undersized cage all day long.

What a joke.

No. 703454

This just looks like MJ in a wig, and a rly bad one.
When your hair stylists hair looks like shit, it's kind of a clue to what yours is gonna look like.

No. 703459

That's not a hairdresser and it IS a wig lol. She's one of Taylors fake youtuber friends trying on her wig.

No. 703462

Thank you captaion obvious, I could not tell that it was a wig at all.
But in actuality I had no idea who the person was, never seen her before. So I assumed she was the hair stylist, they're kind of hard to tell apart kek.

No. 703558

Kathyrn and Betsy are sisters, I'm friends with both on fb

No. 703567


So Taylor's qualified, expert animal specialist assistant is Betsy, her kid(?) and her sister? lol

No. 703620

Taylor's Youtube career is going down the drain faster than her pieces of mangled hair.

She's killing her own channel by being too lazy to make videos.

No. 703639

File: 1538612691561.png (984.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-23-53…)

She's letting them play together,a male can impregnate a female so fast oh my god

No. 703645

File: 1538613145896.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-30-45…)

No. 703647

File: 1538613233594.png (230.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-31-30…)

No. 703649

File: 1538613263920.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-30-53…)

No. 703651

File: 1538613339086.png (798.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-20-31-47…)

No. 703655

Apparently the girls are getting spayed also. Idk as much about rats but spay abortions are common enough in other pets, albeit more complicated and more stressful on the body especially depending on how far along in gestation they are

No. 703656

>sees tweet
>copy paste to google
>gets answer from google
>replies to tweet

No. 703662


They are called e-spays and the surgery vs. carrying and birthing a litter that young is much better. Female rats shouldn't be bred until they are 6-9 months old. As young as these girls are, they are better off being spayed if pregnant - the fact that Taylor said "thankfully he didn't get anyone pregnant" means she's been keeping them together.

She's so fucking irresponsible. At least when she gets the girls spayed, her dumb ass won't end up with unwanted litters.

No. 703684

She's feeding a BABY rat adult food…so just missed the mark there

No. 703704

File: 1538618072972.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-49-33…)

No. 703705

File: 1538618113469.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-49-39…)

No. 703706

File: 1538618136195.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-49-58…)

No. 703707

File: 1538618165820.png (222.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-53-02…)

No. 703708

File: 1538618191210.png (577.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-53-51…)

No. 703709

File: 1538618216845.png (317.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-03-21-54-04…)

No. 703713

It would just end up not shinning her in an amazing light, Shane would be scared of Jonny and she would pitch a fit like that girl who made the podcast about her.

No. 703718


People actually thinking Taylor is popular enough to warrant Shane doing a series on her? LOL. The girl has 1.5mil subs which isn't a lot today on Youtube, and her videos barely pass 400k views these days. Shane has been working with people like Jake Paul and Jeffree Star. Also like anon said, he'd be scared of Jonny and I doubt he'd want to work with her once he talks to his exes.

Her stans need to keep dreaming lol.

No. 703723

She needs about 9 million more subscribers before Shane would even think about doing a video about her dumb ass

No. 703757

I don’t think shane would do it simply because the two of them are suspected of doing drugs in the first place. I don’t think he’d make a series involving drugs.

No. 703758

Doesn’t he follow her on twitter

No. 703759

File: 1538623672941.jpeg (509.71 KB, 1242x1541, E471DFE8-5F23-4962-9213-58D21F…)

No. 703761


sheer top and knickers. totes family friendly.

No. 703763


He follows a lot of people, that doesn't really mean anything.

No. 703764


Samefag, but I just checked and he follows some really random people, like some are 200 followers or less and some are definitely fans. Also follows some furries and a ABDL/DDLG twitter, so yeah… really doesn't mean anything that he follows her. Probably noticed her @ him and followed her back because she's another Youtuber.

No. 703766

I love how hard she's trying to looked like a tatted baddie for Jonny. Pls keep getting tattoos every other week Taylor it's truly hilarious to us.

No. 703833

File: 1538629663762.png (60.46 KB, 720x425, IMG_20181004_070719.png)

Ugh, on top of you? Gag

No. 703872

My cereal just came back up

No. 703882

So, ok, she is getting Goose neutered on friday. But what about the girls? Surely they are too young to go through a major surgery. Rat pregnancies only takes like 3 weeks.
I think that Taylor doesn't understand that if Goose hasn't impregnanted them already them already then he will be capable of doing that for like another month because that is how long it takes until he will be sterile.

She is such a dumbass.
I don't want her to get any other pets but in this case she should've just gotten Goose another boy friend.
One more rat isn't going to make a difference and rats are happier in big numbers anyway. Sure beats her having like 20 rat babies anyway.

And how would she know that noone is pregnant? Rats don't show until they are almost ready to give birth. This girl man, god.

No. 703888

You guys forget that Taylor is an animal EXPERT, a literal goddess. If Goose impregnates one of the females she'll cast a spell to make everything magically better.

Real talk though, I guarantee you 3 weeks from now there will be a Twitter announcement that Taylor "found newborn babies!" with one of them, and she'll milk it for attention. Or blame the pet store for "selling her pregnant rats".

No. 703893

Getting commercial art tattoos never made sense to me. The fuck do you want someone's product tatooed on you for bitch?

At least the poorly-executed animal tattoos meant something.

No. 703913

Ugh she’s making one of the most basic errors reefers hate, the anemone hosts the fish! The fish don’t host the anemone! Not such an expert if she hasn’t even picked this up by now.

No. 703919


I've had an e-spay done at 7 weeks. The most important thing is that the vet is confident and knowledgeable. She 100% doesn't know if they are pregnant or not, I doubt she weighed them before her trip and then weighed them again when she got back. Even then the weight gain can just be normal weight gain from them growing - they eat a lot and gain so quickly at that age. But typically you can tell that a rat's pregnant by their weight gain and if it is planned, from their last heat and when they were with the male.

She's a moron and I sincerely hope she doesn't end up with any rat babies, because she'll be in over her head.

No. 703934

She'd very likely not mention the babies and just raise them as feeders, freezing any that die off early. We'll likely never know what really happens.

It seems odd to me that she'd get pets rats in the first place, she feeds her snakes rats, seems like weird amounts of cognitive dissonance. I can't even feed my cat rabbit flavored food because I've owned a rabbit in the PAST, it just feels like betrayal, idk.

No. 703936

Yeah, I think in some ways pets are like children. You might not be able to do everything all the time.
Dogs and cats are attached to their owners so anxiety could be an issue, but also the thought of leaving them alone for the majority of the time is a bit eh.
Reptiles are obviously fine but you really wouldn't just leave them for anyone to watch - you'd at least want someone who can make sure they're healthy and feed them/change water.
Taylor leaves her pets with whoever she wants, usually Betsy and it's honestly a question oh how well she knows all of the animals in that collection.
Didn't Mushu get ill because 'I wasn't at home' thing, or at least that's her excuse?

Idk, most people wouldn't just leave their pets (especially mammals) with whoever.

No. 703939


Honestly, that would be the smart thing for her to do if it does happen so she can avoid backlash.

But she loves bragging too much and will want to brag about her cute rat babies.

No. 703946

It's what I'd advise her to do for sure, but you're right. Even if she's reading this and thinking it's a good idea, Johnny's high ass will probably post pics of any baby rats regardless of what she tells him she plans to do with them. Or she'll end up just posting pics when she's high.

Taylor would be annoying and not a great pet owner without Johnny and the drugs, but damn do they really put the shit in this shitshow. I feel like she could do a lot better for herself and her pets, if only she left Johnny and got clean.

No. 703957


Exactly it's like people having children and then complaining that they can't go out with their friends or romantic partner all the time anymore because they have to take care of the child like….. you could have just not had the kid if that part of your life was so important to you that you feel like you're missing a huge part of your life now that you can't really go out without thinking of your kid.

Except sometimes children can happen by accident, but having a pet is never an accident lmao.

No. 703970

File: 1538648394416.png (90.6 KB, 1291x493, tnd_sb.png)

Not a bad jump in numbers there for someone who averages 1300 followers a day. kek

You'd think these bot supply companies would at least ~try~ to make it look less obvious, break it up over the course of a day or some shit, idk

No. 703978

File: 1538650108771.png (1.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-04-04-48-06…)

Who is this "ascending Phoenix" scene girl they keep hanging out with lol

No. 703983

Wait so….Taylor bought like 5k followers?

No. 703994

File: 1538653183683.png (778.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-36-45…)

No. 703995

File: 1538653202689.png (2.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-36-58…)

No. 703996

File: 1538653221591.png (2.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-37-03…)

No. 703997

File: 1538653238048.png (490.63 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-37-20…)

No. 703999

File: 1538653260263.png (446.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-37-41…)

No. 704002

File: 1538654388904.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-48-20…)

No. 704003

File: 1538654411220.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-48-26…)

No. 704004

File: 1538654426911.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-48-29…)

No. 704005

File: 1538654445704.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-04-07-50-29…)

No. 704006

File: 1538654483147.png (585.74 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-04 07.59.13.png)

No. 704007

File: 1538654503105.png (699.42 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-04 07.58.39.png)

No. 704008

File: 1538654519177.png (610 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-04 07.58.07.png)

No. 704009

File: 1538654538048.png (587.14 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-10-04 07.57.33.png)

No. 704012

i don't understand the comments you keep circling, anon.

No. 704015

Hanging out with a time traveller is the first interesting thing she's done in a while

No. 704037

Place your bets now on how long until she's got a bald spot the size of Texas.

No. 704056

So is this board just one anon's personal picture dump now?

No. 704063

taylor is stating her new video will be out by the end of the week.
confirmation of her age
explaining her new tattoo and adding on more tattoos along the theme of disney including disney world rides since some anons on here like to milk about her tattoos
stating what the lingerie she is wearing in the photo is as a night teddy which is inappropriate for her family friendly theme

got an issue with it? screenshot taylors shit yourself then lmao. otherwise im not gonna post any more screenshots of the shit she says or does since y'all complain about having milk so much

No. 704083

You’re SS useless stuff, that’s the issue.

No. 704105

>y'all complain about having milk so much

this isn't milk

No. 704132


It's not a problem, the adult food is better.
It's not like a cat or dog where they need to be fed the younger version.

No. 704137


Actually younger rats need to be fed more protein for their growth. This can be something as simple as feeding eggs alongside their normal diet, but she barely ever has fresh vegetables in for her reptiles (usually all frozen) so i doubt she would go to these lengths

No. 704147


But the baby oxbow food has lesser ingredients, and is worse than the adult food.
The baby food contains dried corn for example..

And it's only a ~2% protein difference in the adult and baby version.
But an egg every third day is very good.

No. 704177

this is so nitpicky but you would think that stuffed animal would look beat tf up after her owning it for literally 17 years and bringing it everywhere with her

No. 704227

Because shes clearly lying lol. If it meant so much to her and she slept with it every night dont you think we would have seen it before?
Wtf is a night teddy

No. 704236

It’s lingerie made to sleep in omfg

No. 704293

But… she's 21 so… ??

No. 704294

It's excessive and not "milk".

No. 704323


Can confirm, any toy that is well loved looks battered as fuck because you take it everywhere and do everything with it. Blog post, but I was given a teddy when I was born and by the time I was 10 it had seen better days and looked as if it was fished from the dumpster. Like most of the fur was missing, etc.

Her stuffed animal looks like something she got as a child, played with occasionally and just recently fished out of the closet. Ya it's nitpicky, but as usual Taylor wants to make a huge deal about nothing. Gotta explain why she got the shitty Boo tattoo with an elaborate story to make it super special and important so everyone tells her how amazing and sweet it is.

No. 704337

this is hella nitpicky. Not sure what kind of Tasmanian devil you were as a child, but I also have a toy from age 2, I'm Taylor's age, and it is still in fairly okay condition because I was always careful even though I slept with it every night. That toy even spent three days in the freezer when I had lice at age 11. Just because you ruined your toys doesn't mean every kid is so careless with theirs

she also didn't say it went everywhere with her. it can still mean a lot to her, it looks plenty beat up, and the paint is scratched off the eye like that is clearly worn down. I'm sure it's filthy as fuck too, like everything else in her house.

not white knighting. Just think this is ridiculous nitpicking. "your childhood toy doesn't have any holes in it?? LIAR! you don't really care about it!"

No. 704349

just stop anon, you are turning into fully fledged stalker. also the circling is useless

No. 704355

File: 1538689398721.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1736, BD8123BF-1F11-4A8C-8D49-ABFCDB…)

No. 704357


I said it was nitpicky, no need to say I "ruined" my toys because they were well loved. Just because you were a perfect princess who was always careful lol. Also didn't say she didn't love it, just that she's using it as an excuse for her tattoo. Chill.

No. 704376


How tf does Taylor keep saying that Jonny is sober when he blatantly isn't?

No. 704409

I just saw a purple mattress ad on youtuber where the sasquatch beats a chick or something against a rock and all I could think about was taylor smacking mice around to knock them out before feeding them off to her snakes

No. 704509

No. 704663

Just wanted to say I think I found an ex of Taylor’s. She posted texts on her story yesterday with a guy named “Taldon”. She just tweeted at someone about all the baby pictures he has of her. Which if you search their name together, she calls him “Taldon” too. They talked constantly back and forth for a few years it seems. Just very curious if they dated since they’re talking again and she’s posting about their conversations in her story. I didn’t get a screenshot of the story before it went away but now I’m curious

No. 704670

File: 1538720194436.jpeg (251.35 KB, 1242x1566, AFB3FE19-AAD9-442B-9E4A-5A5996…)

No. 704671

File: 1538720219167.jpeg (134.51 KB, 1242x1649, 1ACA04FC-DD7A-4040-BD95-9992FA…)

No. 704698


Late to hearing this, WHAT? Source?

No. 704715

File: 1538726581349.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 681F1379-5B96-4725-84DF-DACB64…)

Looks like she’s getting her whole body done

No. 704719

All I can tell is she’s getting a scorpion on her foot something to do with the haunted mansion and something to do with pokemon on her leg

No. 704723


Looks like she's been lurking here lol

"I have a list so I can't be impulsive!!" Oh honey, when your strategic plan is "fillers: flowers" that ain't planned out.

No. 704726

I dont have the screenshot to back it up but I could have sworn that only a few weeks before she's got her newest tattoo she tweeted at someone Boo tattoo that now she also wants one. Fast forward a few weeks later - she got a Boo tattoo and now makes it out as this long though out project? Does anyons remember this too or am I mistaken her for another cow here?

No. 704735

An iPhone notes list is no proof she isn't impulsively getting tattoos. The Boo tattoo was horrendously done.

She doesn't seem to do her research with artists in the area nor waits to see if the concept she has in mind is truly what she wants. A lot of those tattoos are going to look so out of place it's not even funny.

No. 704742

underrated post

No. 704750

I mean I'm sure she has a list with anther 30 snakes on it too.

No. 704759

How weird is it going to look if all of her body is in a different style and theme tho..

No. 704772

Honestly, I think so much of these threads are tacky (though I just skimmed three of them in a bout of insomnia—where did the hours go?!) but I can't believe no one has pointed out the most obvious part of it all…

HER ANIMAL NAMES ARE FOR THE YOUTUBE ALGORITHM. She can title things "My pet rat Goose" and people will find her searching for 'pet goose', etc.

Since I just enlightened y'all, let me add: her husbandry is a problem. Her mental health is not the issue. I have mental health problems and am active and fashionable on social media… when I stop posting, I don't stop feeding my pets! Her rapey boyfriend is a problem! What she decides to do with her hair, body, etc., is not… and says a lot more about the people posting. Especially when there is so much to legitimately complain about!

No. 704779

Read the rules, sage your shit, and don’t try and police what anons post about.

No. 704782

File: 1538742542880.png (345.99 KB, 1080x1672, 1536479631143.png)

It was in the last thread..

no1curr sage your shit.

No. 704827

she's so full of shit, when she makes posts about feeding snakes it's almost like a form of humblebragging
>I hate it sooo much but I tweet about it all of the time when it could just be done discretelyyyy."
I'm not a snake person but I thought ball pythons were a really easy species to keep? Can't she just starve it and feed freshly killed?

No. 704863

They're not easy if your enclosure is incorrect. Her enclosures are absolutely terrible. Personally I give my full grown ones 4x2x2 minimum. Also male balls primarily eat birds in the wild so I don't know why she doesn't at least try feeding birds. Her enclosures are essentially fairly bare tubs with not enough space. The only time I think tubs are okay is for when it's stock that breeders have bred and are selling aka it's not a permanent home, or if they're newborn babies (so they don't need a tonne of space and a tub is secure and comfortable for them). She's an idiot

No. 704865

I second this.

No. 704880

It’s still impulse if her list was just 3-4 ideas a couple weeks ago and now it’s this whole thing and then goes to an artist that either someone told her to go to (same day she wants a new tattoo) or to that one artist that thinks he’s a model so makes blobs

No. 704993

No shit her titles are for the youtube algorithm, genius.

And you pretty much repeated what everyone has been saying for 19 threads. Maybe if you didn't skim through them you would've noticed.

No. 705081

new vidayo

No. 705084

some notions about the video:
- nothing interesting really happens in video
- they all look like they wear some weird plastic masks, must be lighting or some filter
- video is 12 minutes long and they talk and explain for over 3 minutes without going into the subject of the video
- taylor looks very good (in my opinion) in her first video, and her behavior is different
- they act pretty annoying and bitchy, the video overall is very boring>>705081

No. 705119

you don't have to watch the video to see that they look like they're wearing masks (to cover their boring/ugly personalities?).. just look at that face to neck comparison LOL

No. 705137

They seem like they all hate each other but are contractually obligated to sit together and film and pretend to wanna be there lolololol

No. 705155

All these vlogs are soo cringe. They are all really immature and annoying.

No. 705188

The look her friends give when Taylor says she didn't get that many views on the video, just 100,000

No. 705232

In Emma’s collab video taylor says she worked at chipotle. I thought she couldn’t eat there without people changing their gloves for her gluten

No. 705268


God she's so cringe

No. 705272

To be fair she’s said before that’s why she quit. She continually got sick and they would rarely work her cause she couldn’t do anything but the register

No. 705276

File: 1538806173375.jpeg (188.02 KB, 1242x1707, 5E9AAF85-2B04-4A08-9F0B-12F92C…)

No. 705277

File: 1538806226332.jpeg (289.41 KB, 1242x1515, 20EF39E2-5AE9-4821-AD4E-0FABC2…)

No. 705279

No. 705287

lol wtf she talks to him like a 5 year old
“now you know it’s not good to use”

No. 705308

"now you know it's not good to use!!" he… is 32 years old… you shouldn't have to police him on how to not be a shitlord, Taylor.

No. 705313

This is so performative rme

No. 705316

just leave the fields empty when you post (except for 'sage' in the email field)

No. 705322

She's his momager

No. 705323

File: 1538813259618.png (1.15 MB, 939x832, 80.png)

which is funny cuz he looks 80

No. 705349

He looks like some rambling homeless man that'd harass you at a rest stop.

I can't imagine he has much longer to live looking that rough.

No. 705400

The 32 year old man didnt know it was offensive to make fun of trannys, sure ok.

Im ready to see or give this man child the beat down he deserves. Im sure it'll be easy since he sure af wont be sober.

No. 705409

“I have transgender friends who aren’t offended so it’s ok” was his excuse lmfao

No. 705416

Wasn't Goose supposed to get neutered yesterday? I wonder why she hasn't said anything about that.

No. 705419

File: 1538835429087.jpg (16.93 KB, 738x88, Capture.JPG)

That moment when I spot a Momma Dean in the wild on Youtube.

Really hoping she doesn't try to drag this Youtube couple into "collabing" with her and her son for views.

No. 705421

It honestly looks like they tried to get foundation that doesn't match their skin tone at all. How did they think this looked good?

No. 705429

They remind me of those girls who think being pale is cute but they're not pale but they still use the lightest foundation shade anyways

No. 705498

he looks like my 56 year old dad lmao

No. 705503

Anon, what did your dad do to deserve this comparison?

I thought this was her story for when she worked at Petco? Honestly, her stories are so hard to keep straight half the time.

No. 705506

Most the top comments on this video is that they all look like copy paste versions of another, and I noticed Taylor didn't heart any of those comments although she always gives a lot of hearts, as seen here again too, for other comments. I am guessing she's not that much of a fan of people thinking she and the other girls look the same.

No. 705513

I’m pretty sure she quit petco after getting her second $3000 check from youtube

No. 705553

File: 1538856070124.png (186.73 KB, 810x446, Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 4.00…)

Basically exposing himself for not being sober during all of the other tours during his and taylor's relationship

No. 705566

Da fuq, I was scrolling thru this thread and saw the thumbnail and I thought the three of them were the same person kek

No. 705572


And I'm gonna bet they are just as scummy as you, Jonny lol

He knew it was offensive and that's why he used it. It's good that Taylor called him out, but honestly the way she does it is so patronizing. She talks to him like a child, but then again he acts like one. At least he took it down and "apologized" but he only did so because Taylor was on his ass about it. These two are just sad.

No. 705575


Surprise, another lie! I'm not even surprised at this point. She's so irresponsible if she's been keeping Goose with those girls. If they end up pregnant, they are going to having babies as babies. Like the equivalent of a 10-year old human having children. She's awful.

No. 705638

I mean, Taylor goes out in public in lingerie and tries so hard to look sexy to the point she looks like a sex doll so i dont think shes happy if people are sayin she looks like 2 girls that she probably thinks are lower than her lmao

No. 705654


She's the type of person who can't have friends prettier than her for sure

No. 705695

File: 1538879130113.jpeg (192.69 KB, 1242x508, CAD79B12-9E01-4837-BB8C-D8CD62…)

No. 705778

Lmao.. replace “my girl’ to “my mom”

No. 705954

Except now he can't hide behind drugs as an excuse for being a piece of shit. At least not with Momma Tay there to smack the back of his hand and tell him he's been bad.

This is so hilarious. This is less a romantic relationship and more mother/son.

No. 705984

Does he think this is cute?

No. 705985

File: 1538929062917.jpeg (877.42 KB, 1242x1178, 44B0CBD3-5D25-4015-9C25-8DF6E3…)

Things I’ve noticed since JC has been gone:

She posts more
The second she had something to do with ‘friends’, she had no problem pulling back from him.
She doesn’t have random marks and bruises on her in her posts.

Only a few days until they are reunited and they take a drug test together.

No. 706059

How romantic that they get to take a drug test together, totally goals! Their relationship dynamic is just gross. It’s so obvious that she doesn’t love him and wants to be away from him. She is better off without him. Once Jonny’s off tour it’s back to doing nothing but laying in bed all day doing nothing. He is the type of manipulative freak who wouldn’t want her to go out with her “friends”, family, or anybody even if it was just for a collab. It’s so clear how abusive he is in so many ways but she just refuses to admit it to the world. She’d rather have her stans continue to kiss the ground she walks on and call them “couple goalsss!!1!”

No. 706084

File: 1538936337825.jpeg (244.61 KB, 1242x1212, 5F60F048-7FD7-44A5-988D-980657…)

Taylor upset that everyone keeps saying how shit her tattoos are.

No. 706104

aww, poor thing's safespace

No. 706153

Why post pictures of your shitty tattoos if you don’t want people to comment on them? Oh right. They’re only supposed to be good comments. What was I thinking?

No. 706192

File: 1538947113054.png (319.75 KB, 750x1334, 03EEBDB4-E4A6-41BF-96FF-F1631D…)

Triggered much?

No. 706227


She's just pissed because no one wants to be friends with. What friends does she have? Other youtubers who just want to use her for videos. Girl has no real friends because she's an awful person and she's salty about reality slapping her in the face

No. 706247

Someone pointed out that she does have a habit of finding the one negative comment in a sea of asspats and then freaks out about. She defended it with “but internalized misogyny”! Girl, you’re fucking a whole rapist that you’ve destroyed your looks for. If anyone has internalized anything, it’s definitely you.

No. 706255

File: 1538953174038.jpeg (528.9 KB, 1234x1201, F0293370-69A8-4811-A58B-826B89…)

No. 706261

You aren’t special because you fuck a woman abuser and rapist.

No. 706262

Taylor please don't pretend you're feminist, we don't want you. Neither do people with real mental illness or real chronic illness.

Fuck you biphobic rapist loving trash.

No. 706264

That nigga has never, even all the 6899420 times that he swore he was, and still is not sober

Smoking weed, drinking, popping kratom, and doing opiates is not sober.

No. 706293

Biphobic? I read all the threads and don't remember seeing that anywhere

No. 706304

she said something along the lines of "bi people are just greedy, pick one"

though she posted that on facebook a long time ago and recently apologized for it. I remember it being a shitty apology, but I honestly think she was just being young and dumb when she said that and has since learned that it's biphobic.

No. 706306

She said bi women are faking for attention

No. 706307

ooooooh right thank you anon I remembered it being some shitty cliche

No. 706393

Can we please not demonize kratom just because this loser uses it when he can’t find drugs. Many people use kratom who have never touched or had a problem with drugs. It can offer mild energy or pain relief and it is hardly intoxicating. I think it’s a huge stretch to say someone using kratom isn’t sober. I don’t for a second believe this fool is sober, but that is not because of kratom. I wouldn’t call someone who only uses kratom “not sober”. Sorry for the rant, I just hate seeing this fuckface making kratom look bad. Many people consider it a lifesaver for various reasons.

No. 706410

File: 1538968097932.png (5.24 MB, 1242x2208, AC0AE62E-AE45-423C-A7EF-3C5F7F…)

Back to display tanks?
Just make a decision and stick to it.

No. 706413


I can't even begin to imagine how stressed these snakes are from being moved around so much… pick an enclosure and stick to it. They aren't ornaments you can rearrange whenever you want.

No. 706423

surprised she even showed the tank

No. 706431

Holy shit, an actual photo of one of her animals inside their enclosures???

No. 706439

It's about fucking time she realizes a snake with a potential 5 foot adult length shouldn't be in a tub. I wonder when she'll start feeding them their natural diet and offering UVB/proper lighting, plus climbing opportunities and do away with those horrible heat mats and heat tape and use her income to get proper radiant heat panels. If I can get rhps on minimum wage, she can get them with her ridiculous amount of money she supposedly has.

No. 706444

File: 1538972233046.jpeg (360.09 KB, 1242x2029, 151BBA37-78E0-47DA-B4EF-988D33…)

No. 706465

Woah, why does she have aspen at 65% humidity? Either that therm/hygrometer is very off (it looks cheap) or she's on a one way street to mouldy aspen and respiratory infections. My ball pythons on coconut husk are at 67% (shedding snake) and there is CONDENSATION on the tub. Why the fuck is her enclosure with aspen that humid. I'd very much like to know what snAke is in there, because if it's toast/any of her milksnakes its way too humid. They should have 35-60% humidity, and even 60% is a little high in my opinion (I'd go for a humid hide before full 60% humidity, especially on aspen). 65% doesn't seem very high when they can handle 60% occasionally, but 65% constantly will mold and cause RIs.

No. 706468

It looks like there’s a weird layer of eco-earth under the aspen as well. Wtf is she doing? Or maybe she is reusing the bin and was just too lazy and negligent to properly clean out the old substrate?

No. 706480

You're right, theres definitely something weird and brown at the bottom there. What is she doing. I've had aspen mold at 55% humidity when I was using it for my ball python half a decade ago. She is asking for trouble with her weird eco earth aspen mess and that high humidity.

No. 706483

She might have mixed the eco earth with the aspin to hike the humidity up a little but most people I know who use tubs can get high humidity with aspin.

No. 706499

File: 1538979655996.jpeg (111.43 KB, 750x641, 566C6AC7-1654-4BCD-AE3B-8CAF69…)

No. 706506

Way to make it about yourself you dumb fuck. Also why the fuck would you go to a gay bar?

No. 706508

File: 1538981274422.jpg (329.88 KB, 1440x2479, Screenshot_20181008-014629~2.j…)

No. 706509

File: 1538981348774.jpg (881.16 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181008-014634.jpg)

No. 706518

that's a thought you can have, like yeah, be thankful that you didn't go. but shut the fuck up about it online. it's so insensitive. i love that she refers to it as "club peg" as if she's super into the fucking gay bar scene and goes there enough to call it that. how self absorbed can you be

No. 706526

"You guys, I was supposed to be there, I risked so much, let's talk about how I was lucky ME ME ME ME"

No. 706532

What a shame she wasn’t there. Her big head could have acted as a shield.

No. 706546


This bitch… it's not about YOU. She's so fucking insensitive. Have some respect and learn to stop talking about yourself for one damn minute. Stop trying to weasel your way in and use this as an opportunity to be some LGBT advocate by saying all this. We don't want you.

No. 706547

the multiple posts about it too like fuck i have nothing to add but fuck her for acting like it involves her in any way

No. 706567

By yourself? You don’t have friends…

No. 706568

File: 1538995858785.jpeg (556.84 KB, 2048x2048, 4D28B2C5-7CA2-48AD-8D96-460C63…)

On behalf of the rat community I wanted to bring this up. We suspect Dove has been replaced. This is not the same rat—it has turned silver and is no longer odd eyed but both eyes now appear to be the same shade of ruby. Pigeon was identically beige and white and still looks the same. If Dove was silver the face markings should still be slightly visible. It’s hard to tell when Taylor used such a strong filter.

No. 706574


I honestly thought this too when I saw it, but I don't know much about rat colouration. It's not possible for them to change colour that drastically right? And surely if it had the other beige one would have changed too?

No. 706575

Holy shit lol that’s definitely a different rat. She had an excuse ready for Goose to die, but obviously not for that one lol

No. 706577

It is possible it was always silver, but the head markings would still be faintly visible. The white should stay white. Instead the entire rat appears silver? That would not happen. And the eyes used to be different colors. Personally I think the ears seem a different shape as well.

No. 706582

Maybe that rat was the first one she got spayed and she died.
Fuck, poor thing.
How are there not more people talking about this in the comments of that post?

No. 706584


Because it’s all just filled with kids proclaiming how much they ‘want one’ or how ‘cute her mice are’ I tried looking for more comments but scrolling through stupid comments like these is painful.

No. 706599

File: 1539001261113.jpeg (291.83 KB, 1242x681, E8D601BC-E409-4594-826D-4CC1FA…)

What a drama queen! This didn’t even make national news…had to literally search for it. It occurred “outside” the club. And who loses their ID in a couple days…she just used it on her vacation…is her apartment so messed up she didn’t remember where she put it? Oh wait. I take that back…

No. 706610

Next thing Taylor is going to spin to make all about her… Better Help drama

No. 706617

What an absolutely disgusting human being. “I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE! ME ME ME! GIVE ME ATTENTION!!” Fucking disgusting.

No. 706623

File: 1539005036762.jpeg (404.01 KB, 1242x1860, F3B49EA2-C30E-4B84-81C2-914726…)

Didn’t even know where it was but was DEFINITELY supposed to be there, guys.

No. 706639

It wouldn't change that drastically, no. Also, eye color doesn't really change. That's a different rat.

No. 706651


She was supposed to go with her mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s lying to avoid going.

It’s funny how just the other day when JC used ‘tranny’, someone told her to correct him because she had a lot of fans in the community & suddenly she’s going to a gay club.

No. 706675

what is changed about the rat? which rat?

No. 706690

Next thing Taylor is going to spin to make all about her… Better Help drama

No. 706693

i can't be the only one who feels like mom's text was designed to be screenshotted right after and posted online. nobody talks like that (except for this psychotic family) lmfao

No. 706697

She over exaggerates so much. It didn’t get “shot up”

It was a targeted attack outside of the club because of racial comments made

No. 706700

File: 1539014471939.png (2.87 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-08-10-00-41…)

I hate to be this person but I think that's the same rat. Look at the markings. I think it's just the filter she used because by darkening the picture and increasing the contrast it looks to be the same rat

No. 706710


And why does it say maybe: mom? She’s posted shots with her mom’s texts before and she’s saved as mom lol.

No. 706711

Why wouldn’t she have her mom’s number stored as a contact???

No. 706714

probably noticed that she's in the facebook tat shaming group everytime she gets a new piece kek

No. 706715


That's a fb messenger screen shot. You can name the chats anything you want on there.

No. 706716

That's a text screenshot. It even says iMessage at the bottom. Facebook messenger looks nothing like that and anyways, it would still be weird for her to name the group that

No. 706723

All i hear is “ME ME ME.” She could care less about anyone else being involved. Also, i don’t believe her going to a club with her mom lol gay club or not. It just happened to be in San Antonio and she wanted to be involved for the likes and retweets to get attention. She’s like Mandy Moore in Princess Diaries.

No. 706741

The fact that she uploaded this convo as "proof" that she was "supposed to be there" is so fucking disgusting especially when I realized she made 3 different posts about it and each one focused on HER.

No. 706755

Confirmed with a legitimate breeder. Is NOT the same rat.

No. 706758

Reasoning? Screenshots? C'mon anon.

Not even just posting about it, but in the comments she still makes it about herself lol Take a shot every time she says I was supposed to be there!!

No. 706764

Dude, I believed it until I edited the picture (shown above). I think she just used a weird angle and filter. I'm pretty sure it's the same rat. Post proof if you would like to dispute this, or else your claims are unfounded.

No. 706790

File: 1539022901537.jpeg (209.43 KB, 750x1334, 5EE6F3A8-CA0E-4E1E-992B-A27924…)

The eyes look pretty red before. I think it may actually be the same rat

No. 706797

It's not that they were black eyes, it looked like she had heterochromia

No. 706913

Agree with this anon. I dislike Taylor as much as the rest of you, but this is peak nitpicking.

"B-but ackshully I'm a rat expert breeder and i know the TROOF!1!" -person who ever owned a rat. She used a blue contrast on the photo and it made the rat look different. The facial markings are otherwise the same. Stfu.

No. 706921

Actually an expert here. That's the same rat. It really is just a filter from what I can tell.

Rats are tough little things, while I was concerned about Goose, the other two were always in much better stead to survive. I doubt they'll die for a long while. Taylor's care is sub par and she neglects her pets but rats won't die from not being taken out their cage. RI's will only become a real issue when their immune system can't fight them off so after at least a year (IMHO) if they were healthy initially. Which means sadly for those rats she's got them for the long haul. I honestly predict they'll all die around 2 years of age.

Does anyone know if she's spayed/neutered them yet? Some vets will do it early/young, but Goose is going to struggle a lot if she keeps him on his own for much longer. Socially he's going to be stunted and it's not fair on him.

No. 706935

She claimed she was getting them fixed on Friday but hasn’t said anything about it yet.

No. 706939

Probably hasnt done it or just havent posted it because it’s not about her and herself

No. 706953

She doesn't keep him on his own, he is with the girls.

No. 706961


Actually as they’re feeders I highly doubt they’ll reach the 2 year mark as they’re not bred for longevity or health, even the best of breeders will still have rats die before they reach the age of two. If she does actually follow through with spaying them that will help, but it’s such a sad existence to have to live that long.

Given how Taylor and her manchild choose to live their lives I highly doubt they’ll be free from a URI before a year old, what with them smoking indoors etc. I highly doubt she takes precautions to prevent it too, she keeps them in her room and I doubt she’s vigilant with not spraying things like air fresheners and perfumes in her room so I’m sure they’ll develop one in no time.

No. 706964


Breeder here. Taylor basically confirmed she kept Goose with the girls because "luckily he didn't get them pregnant". She's incredibly neglectful.

It does not appear she's neutered/spayed yet despite promising they would be on Friday. Honestly I'd be surprised if they didn't get RI's early on, seeing that all she has in their cage for bedding is some flimsy blanket. Rats are pretty tough, they can fall ill easily but many are troopers and as prey animals they often hide just how bad it is. 2-years is average but not amazing for a rat, in fact many are easily living to 3-years.

No. 706982

Jayce and Taylor are no longer following each other on social media and he stopped interacting with her entirely.
Anyone know if he’s publicly said anything?
He also deleted this post on instgram defending her.

No. 706985


Probably realized he wasn't going to get any attention from her by supporting her lol

No. 706988

Taylor hit his shitlist again, that's all you guys really need to know

No. 706992

Wow, what a surprise, Jayce. Not like she has tons of threads here proving how shitty she is in every way.

No. 707049

what did she do? or are you just saying that that is probably what happened?
Either way, he definitely got hella backlash for being a bandwagon bitch. h

No. 707061

Come on, spill the tea

No. 707066

>that's all you guys really need to know

are you jayce, back to sperg again? otherwise wtf are you talking about like you know what went down.

No. 707069

>>706982 So sick of this manchild being dragged back into the conversation.

No. 707070

Pretty sure anon was just assuming

No. 707080

It probably is him because he has nothing better to do

No. 707086


She’s since deleted the ss of the supposed convo from her story. I guess she doesn’t want people realizing she makes up convos with her ‘ mom’

No. 707099

I was thinking I could see the markings and it was just filters/lighting

No. 707117


I thought I was banned from the website. So I had a friend comment on here stating that Taylor did indeed, hit my shit list.

For reasons non-animal related.
Has nothing to do romantically since I know some of you wanted to assume I wanted Taylors ass.
It also had nothing to do with following or her helping me grow, since you guys assumed I was after her followers.

It had to do with the fact she disrespected me and her excuse as to why. It bothered me and I decided to cut contact with her because treating someone who has been trying to help you the way she treated me was disrespectful and just not how you treat someone who is trying to be your friend and help you.
Let alone how you would treat someone who invited you to come to a reptile show in a different state.

Again, I thought I was banned from this website so I didn't try and comment before, so I had a friend comment for me.
I just now learned that apparently my ban was lifted?

The person who commented has seen the screenshots of Taylors and I's texts. So yes, they do know the story.

Sorry that I was brought up in this subject again. Wasn't really expecting someone to keep track of Taylor and I following each other?

Have a goodnight everyone.

No. 707121

I've taken in plenty of feeder rats, many times from worse situations than Taylor and had them live to around the 2 year mark and beyond. That's not to say they won't get sick before then though… I agree they will but rats can linger for a long time even when seriously ill. A URI can last months and months before killing a rat; even when it's completely untreated. I also do think Taylor will give them vet care (likely later than it should have been given, and I'm unsure how she'll follow through with any antibiotic schedule. I predict she probably will forget some days and not finish the course. Something I've seen in other lazy pet owners).

I always understood that post to mean she /had/ been keeping them together, but now wasn't.

If she's still keeping them together, there's no way she's not doing it deliberately to try and breed them.

I agree 2 years isn't amazing for a rat; and that they're highly likely to get URI's under her care. One of the reasons for my 'prediction' as to how long they'll live. Honestly, if they cross the two year mark I will be surprised. Sad and surprised they've had to suffer her 'care' for that long.

No. 707125

Oh dude fuck off, no one cares. Your own animal care is awful too. Focus on improving that.

No. 707129

I mean, that's entirely untrue.
but uh, you do you fam.

No. 707130

Learn to sage. Stop handling your hots.

No. 707143

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is that you are still constantly checking here and asking your friend to post on your behalf? Jayce, download the betterhelp app, you can even use Taylor's referral link.

No. 707145

Dude is probably pulling an Emzotic and bitching about Taylor here.

No. 707183

File: 1539057494151.png (229.71 KB, 666x560, Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 11.5…)

the nerve she has in retweeting 'some things are unforgivable' lmao

No. 707191

File: 1539059099005.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, A569E70E-C79E-46B7-819C-0FF733…)

Looks the same

No. 707192

Why did she filter the shit out of that rat? Still looks beige to me.

No. 707200

I'm aghast that Taylor would disrespect anyone. Say it ain't so.

No. 707308

File: 1539077095134.jpeg (360.19 KB, 750x737, 04426633-C5D8-40D4-BCC9-372C97…)

Why is she so compulsive to defend herself and lie about her terrible care from accounts with zero followers she does this all the time how does she even find these posts?

No. 707329


So this idiot knew that the breeder she got her hogs from were poorly bred, and she continued to go to that breeder and support their terrible breeding practices? I'm not surprised, but what exactly gives you the right to give advice when you do this?

Now I'll give Taylor the benefit of the doubt, if her hogs had cancer then that's not her fault. But we all know her care is shit and no doubt contributed to their early deaths.

No. 707343

lol at the rat "experts" claiming that the animal was replaced. get a real education

No. 707401

These threads have that problem. Always someone coming along saying they’re some sort of expert. Those posts should be taken with a grain of salt unless they come with something to back up what they’re saying.

No. 707410


So she can prove to her followers that lolcow is wrong and cant be trusted.

No. 707434

File: 1539095649349.jpeg (515.54 KB, 1242x1866, CFFDFDC0-CEBB-4AB5-A788-639BE4…)

It really drives me fucking insane how Taylor loves to preach *~*body postivity*~* and “love yourself” bullshit but she can’t accept the fact that she is small chested. Any picture or video with her huGE bEwBS she’s wearing the same nude colored push-up bra. Like girl, give it a break. Your chest is small. Get a boob job or get over it.

No. 707442

I seriously can’t get over how stiff and plastic she looks. Whether it’s the attempt to look like a fashion nova model or the lips or bad wig, I can’t tell anymore

No. 707478

File: 1539099577548.jpeg (237.09 KB, 1242x591, DC0F3CAB-A17D-47B0-8ACF-71B73D…)

Wonder how fast he will try to isolate her when he’s home and get rid of all those people she’s been talking to while he’s been on tour

No. 707480

Get ready for her not posting videos for a month because of “muh migraines and EDS and flu and ear infection waahh”. When I’m reality she just won’t have motivation to do anything because Jonny drains the life out of her. She admitted herself he clings to her and they just do nothing all day. While she has a shit personality, I’m sure Jonny is the reason she has no real friends. Nobody wants to be friends with a shitty person that goes on about how goals their relationship is with an abusive rapist.

No. 707584


Dude, there's nothing wrong with having small tits. Keep it to her animal Care, you misogynistic ass.

No. 707586

LOL are you okay anon? They were talking about how Taylor perceives herself. She's the one who tries to preach body positivity but can't accept that she has small tits and is always trying to make them look bigger. It's a fact not a criticism of her body. Chill the fuck out

No. 707602

Dude, learn how to sage. They're also talking about how Taylor constantly preaches body positive stuff and being happy in your own skin and then goes and puts on multiple bras for photoshoots and stuff. She can't accept that she has small boobs, and there's nothing wrong with small boobs

No. 707664

saged for question: what is this about? is e breaking it off with her?

No. 707687

Just his tour ending I think

No. 707732

File: 1539111309970.jpeg (775.8 KB, 1242x1202, AF534CE5-6858-4470-8DC9-AD5EE6…)

No. 707881

What happened eight years ago? Was it the nudes?

No. 707929


That wig is already looking rough. Girl, take care of it or you'll have to throw it out in a week or so.

No. 707940

I think that’s what they’re referring to, I really don’t think it was quite 8 years ago though. She was probably 14–15, somewhere around There

No. 707989

File: 1539120956133.jpeg (215.52 KB, 750x1015, 0EBF2FDA-A3C2-43B9-ADAB-FCFBCD…)

Def not 8 years ago

No. 708001


Yeah, she was posting nudes while underage

No. 708007


Did she post them or someone else? She deserves to get backlash if she posted them while underage, and that's entirely her own fault.

No. 708013

Someone else posted them, but then she posted them herself after to prove she didn’t care/they had nothing on her/whatever

No. 708015


Yeah I have no sympathy if she did that lol

No. 708028


i thought she used to post them regularly on her tumblr?

No. 708041

That was on Twitter. I never used tumblr so i don’t know what happened there

No. 708050

>your beauty
>fake hair
>fake lips
>fake lashes
>wrong toned foundation all the way down her chest

No. 708055

Possibly the quickest delete of a tweet in a while. She basically said her true passion was saltwater aquariums and bragged about the age of her wrasse and of cheese. Someone asked if we would ever see her mantis shrimp. Now tweet is gone. I wonder if anyone questioned her fishes age too!

No. 708066

File: 1539124548936.jpg (578.55 KB, 1231x1855, VmMvPf9.jpg)

No. 708068

File: 1539124849056.png (330.56 KB, 750x1334, 0E435B18-8366-470D-9CAD-5041AC…)

No. 708069

Has she even had that tank for two years?

No. 708076

File: 1539125401894.jpg (452.1 KB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20181009-184846_Ins…)

Why u always lyin Taylor. She hasn't even had cheese for 2 years.

No. 708089

Why would you get fish that rarely survive in captivity? That just sounds kind of cruel. I know nothing about fish keeping, but aren't things that don't do well in captivity kind of more off limits, and considered cruel to keep outside of the wild?

No. 708105

is that her nipple in the picture on the right? mama dean is not going to like that.

No. 708106

File: 1539126784509.png (395 KB, 629x554, anothergdcrab.PNG)

No. 708108

She got another fucking Halloween crab…

No. 708126

She would have only been 13 eight years ago…how old was she when she was showing nudes?!

No. 708129

I’ve only had twitter for a year…and she got those 2 after I started! No way they’re that old.

No. 708132


if i roll my eyes any harder they'll fall out of my head

No. 708138


She also said she’s gonna get more girls since they are social creatures.

No. 708142

So you come here without spilling any milk/tea smh you're dismissed…

No. 708145

File: 1539128053422.jpeg (776.48 KB, 1242x1755, 26767627-A1EC-4724-97B8-836B5C…)

She posted this video December 30/17. But she does have a pic of them from December 1/17 on her insta…definitely not had for even a year yet!

No. 708160

What ever happened to that whole captive vs wild caught bullshit she likes to bring up

No. 708164

File: 1539128400834.jpeg (127.99 KB, 1187x435, 8CF7B863-D9DC-4AD4-9063-05022B…)

No. 708169

Not only are you an idiot for kissing your ass, youre also stupid ass hell if you thought Taylor is a kind, respectable person. Lmao. I dont even know her in real life but if i did, she would be on my block list. She obviously doesnt have irl friends unless she takes out her wallet

No. 708171

Kissing her ass*

No. 708176

File: 1539128705027.jpeg (186.09 KB, 1239x566, E567C443-A1F4-42C5-B25E-86FC47…)

Like this?!

No. 708193

Oh look more wild caught animals (I don't have an issue with this, but she supposedly does)

No. 708267

Is this comment regarding the weekend with her new YouTube friends? Maybe things didn’t go as well as they made it out to be.

No. 708282

File: 1539133363343.png (2.36 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-09-21-01-57…)


Nothing like sharing a bag of kratom in bed.

No. 708292

this is wild. that's a huge bag

No. 708299


Wasn't Taylor supposed to meet up with Jace when she went to California with her Youtube friends?

Maybe she bailed out of hanging with him due to her "anxiety" and that's why he turned his back on her. If she saw his post in here that would also explain her tweet regarding friends not accepting her flaws.

No. 708300


this is actually sad to look at lol. like at least hide it, it isn't a great look. guess this is what their "couple goals" amount to though

No. 708301

File: 1539133839855.jpeg (138.43 KB, 622x912, 98A70736-48BD-43F5-B0B1-A7837E…)

No. 708307

File: 1539133971351.png (879.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181009-210946.png)

Tay got another cat

No. 708315

double post but her hair is SO blond! so damaged it wont hold color anymore omg

No. 708321

Is she aware you just can’t throw cats together???

No. 708322


She's gonna make that cat sick if she keeps feeding it more servings than it needs. You NEVER give them a lot of food if they've been living rough and haven't eaten, you have to give them normal portions.

Also… don't just bring in a stray cat when you already have cats. No idea if the cat is vaccinated, could have fleas or FIV. Nice thought but maybe TAKE IT TO A SHELTER LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

No. 708364

File: 1539135788722.jpeg (174.27 KB, 1320x820, 056FEA43-3779-4074-A1BB-5D6BC4…)

So unless she finds the owner she’s definitely keeping it. Also the apartment might really not care, but they do have a two cat limit.

No. 708368


Y'all know that isn't a stray cat, she definitely already adopted it and is just trying to frame it as a stray that she's "saving" so she doesn't catch flack for getting another animal. It's so obvious in her video, she reinforces so many times how friendly it is and that she'll "see what happens next" if she "can't find" the owner. Mentioned nothing about taking it in for a microchip scan. I will be really really surprised if this cat ever leaves her house again, I'm almost positive she's creating a false narrative to avoid criticism.

No. 708404

She doesn't look starving. Look at her 'lil kitty tum. Her fur is too shiny and healthy looking anyways.

No. 708415


In an earlier thread I swear she said something about getting another moon crab because they're social, but she specifically said she'd get a RESCUE or a crab that someone is giving up because they don't have time to care for it.

This was during the whole monitor wc/cb debate so she was probably just playing PR and wanted people to know she wasn't buying any more wild caught, but look what she ends up doing anyway lmao

No. 708421


Yeah, cat looks healthy and in good condition. If it was really a stray, she'd do the decent thing and get it scanned for a microchip and make an effort to find the owner… instead of posting on Twitter. Probably just got another cat and made up some story about how the cat ran to her, it was sooo hungry, there's a storm coming and she couldn't possibly leave it… my eyes are gonna roll out of my head.

No. 708424

Same anon, found it:


No. 708425


Wow tinfoil much

No. 708461

How is it tinfoil when she’s done this on multiple other occasions… this isn’t even a reach

No. 708477

If the crabs are social creatures and it needed a friend, why wouldn't she have done that sooner? She's had it for around a year right?

Not only is she putting her cats in danger by taking in a stray, but she has no idea how the cat will react to all the other animals.

She's really a fucking idiot.

No. 708485

File: 1539141404036.png (379.99 KB, 694x786, Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 11.1…)

She literally said in her own IG stories she was keeping her in the bathroom in case she has anything that could infect her cats and…

No. 708488

why is the kratom so front and center

No. 708490

Problem is they aren’t, or at least we don’t know that that’s ideal to keep multiples like this in captivity. Some people have had success with a male and female pair in 40g tank. How big is hers again? Putting a significantly smaller male in with a female (in any size tank)isn’t good. A pair in anything smaller than 40g is a bad idea. Putting multiple females (like 3-4 crabs) in something less than a 75g is a recipe for disaster. These crabs can have tunnels 3ft long EACH and are not only territorial but cannibalistic, especially if they don’t all molt at the same time. Molting takes weeks. In my crab keeping groups the keeping of multiples of these guys is still highly debated and generally not advised unless it’s a single pair in a very large enclosure with deep substrate for burrowing.

No. 708500

Holy shit you do NOT put stray cats around your cats. Take them to a vet immediately or quarantine them. FIV is no joke.

No. 708502

Lol do they think putting it in the front of the picture will convince people he’s really totes this time he swears trying to be sober? Or they realized they forgot to crop it out of the previous pic and are trying to prentend they’re not hiding it? Or are they just that stupid?

No. 708503

She posted on her IG story that she checked for fleas but there's literally so many other things she can have that you can't tell from just looking at her. sigh

No. 708505

Taylor: “this random woman just handed me a new pet!”
Taylor: “this person at a petco just begged me to take in this new pet”
Taylor: “a stranger on the street just threw this new pet at me!”
Taylor: “some random called me bcuz they know I’m da best animal expert ever and insisted I take in this new pet”
Taylor: [running out of new excuses for her animal hoarding and craigslist animal purchases]

No. 708514

It actually baffles me how people still fall for her lies at this point. It’s ridiculous.

No. 708523

File: 1539145206678.png (198.22 KB, 750x1334, 87324435-E6D4-4824-9687-D8DDF5…)

She’s saving her from the storm apparently. Until questioned, when it then turns out to be just ten minutes of rain. My god. She can’t ever just tell the truth. Always had to embellish everything for effect and to fit the story she wants.

No. 708571

If she’s not lying about how she found the cat and decides to add it to her hoard then she’s literally trying to take someone’s cat, how does she not know if it’s someone in her complex’s cat?

No. 708632

I don’t know anything about fish, I only have rodents, but is inbreeding a problem with fish? Surely they are siblings if they’re from the first batch ever bred or whatever?

No. 708639

Jesus why is she feeding the cat so much, the first bowl she gave it was already too much food but then she kept giving more and more. Also I wonder how long it took her to think of giving the poor thing water. No wonder she's already had a cat die.

No. 708643

What a joke. She claims on Twitter the cat literally ran to her. Yet in insta says Johnny came in and told her there was a cat near the door so she went to see it. Not quite the same thing. Also goes from feeding 3 lots of food to suddenly only 2 when she’s called out on it not being healthy to let the cat gorge in case it’s not eaten in a while. We all know that won’t be the case though. I’d almost bet my house on her keeping this cat. She’s doing far too much talking about keeping it and training it for her to not have inside info on it having an owner. If it’s as well looked after as it appears then a normal person wouldn’t have doubt that it would be chipped and have an owner looking for it soon.

No. 708658

Idk how these things work in America exactly but when you "find" a cat shouldn't you take it to shelter or something? Doesnt it cross Taylors head that this can be someone's beloved pet? Oh never mind, she is lying again isn't she…

No. 708659

Or maybe post the cat to SA Facebook group or something.. she isn't even trying

No. 708660

inb4 someone finds a craigslist post with that cat

No. 708773

I haven't seen her mention anything about going to check if it's microchipped. I don't know what it's like in America but microchipping is very common where I'm from. I've been in a situation before where someone has tried to steal my cat and it's one of the most vile things a person can do. Then again, nothing she does is really surprising anymore.

No. 708794

I bet she will keep it too. I think I actually said a while ago that she'd probably get more cats eventually.. They're easy as hell to aquire. I know from experience lol. And frankly it COULD be a stray that someone feeds and that's why it seems taken care of. But that doesn't mean she needs to "save it" herself. I really hope she rehomes this kitty if she can't be bothered to try to find its humans. And as far as her complexs animal policy, I don't believe they just don't care at all. I don't buy it. Caged animals, okay fine MAYBE they give her a pass on that. But if this complex had no pet policy they wouldn't fucking say they do. They advertise as pet friendly which they DON'T. I've never lived in an apartment that would bend such rules for nothing. Either you pay extra on your rent or you have to sneak them in. There should be some kind of legal limit on how many animals people can have in an apartment holy shit..

No. 708802

I think she must be paying her landlord a hell of a lot more per month or a bigger despising in order to be allowed these animals. I don’t believe he doesn’t care/know, but I believe he would be easily swayed with her flashing the cash. Such I guess is fair enough.

No. 708810

File: 1539179096802.png (216.05 KB, 750x1334, D7061A33-8325-4878-9D2D-86D706…)

God her fans are such suckers. ‘Wow breesing your own morphs now!’ Firstly they aren’t her morphs. They belong to the guy who created them. And secondly she’s getting way ahead of herself. Clownfish show signs of breeding a lot of the time and it very rarely leads to anything. Even if they do go as far as laying eggs then normally it takes a good few rounds before you get anywhere close to them becoming actual fry and viable fish.

No. 708834

Not to the same extent that inbreeding is an issue for mammals. Mammals use a lot of resources to produce a few viable offspring, fish use little resources to produce literally hundreds, hoping some will be viable. Genetic deformities and such usually don’t hatch or don’t survive. You end up with offspring that survive generally being the ones that are okay.

No. 709135

I love how only one other person recognized the kratom lol. You can’t claim to be clean if there’s a bag of 100+ kratom capsules on your bedside. Kratom can be used to withdrawal off of opiets but more likely Taylor allows it because it’s ~natural~

No. 709179


As a breeder, this is so fucking rude. They 100% aren't her morphs, she did NONE of the work involving them. She's piggybacking off someone else's hard work. Her morphs? Uh, no. Her fans are stupid.

No. 709298

On IG she said that she hasn't sexed her yet. Does she not know how to figure out the sex of A CAT?

No. 709308

File: 1539213689301.jpeg (340.35 KB, 1387x1296, 0617699C-A233-43F3-9E46-E92177…)

No. 709311

File: 1539213768578.jpeg (191.87 KB, 1343x1312, 634649B4-18F6-4406-B5DF-012542…)

She’s already letting them interact?

No. 709320


Instead of posting on your personal Twitter, maybe go to a fucking site for missing/found animals or post ads on craigslist. As if she talked or contacted everyone in her complex lol.

No. 709323


apparently so you can see nemo in the above pic in the background

No. 709324

Tbh, i can just imagine her taking the cat in and just letting her roam free the moment they stepped in the apartment

No. 709336

does she get that it can take literally months for adult cats to tolerate sharing a living space? IF they tolerate it at all!

No. 709345

Right I was just coming here to say that. Cats have to be gradually introduced, you can’t just put them together and expect them to be happy. It takes several weeks if you’re lucky.

No. 709364


Yup, but Taylor knows nothing about cats so it's not surprising. She really looks like a moron right now.

No. 709474

File: 1539219690427.jpeg (268.39 KB, 1242x1009, 2AE993C8-5E8E-4BA0-B92B-EC51AB…)

now the cat has been outside for “over a week”

No. 709475

File: 1539219729170.jpeg (252.72 KB, 1242x1236, 1208F7B0-871D-46EB-9008-6CFD85…)

you mean a cat that he got with an ex-girlfriend and abandoned?

No. 709480

…You mean Chelsea's cats? Because… lmao.

No. 709494

also looks similar to amandas cat

No. 709534

Wow! She's already planning to keep it? Consider me shocked!

No. 709540

File: 1539221918321.jpeg (426.3 KB, 1371x1728, 159BD538-F884-4408-B752-3D63D9…)

No. 709545

Supposedly outside for a week and sleeping in bushes but the cat looked well groomed? Right.

No. 709565

File: 1539222535036.png (1.06 MB, 898x970, Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 9.47…)

Interesting how she previously stated she 100% didn't have a microchip and then when taken to a professional it's 'was able to…'

No. 709576

That sounds like bullshit. Why would the pet have an unregistered microchip?

No. 709580

Why in every single situation does she just lie lol

No. 709598

She should really just take her to the shelter. Shelters are where owners would check! Not twitter.

We all know Tay's keeping the cat because she's the worst.

No. 709613

I think that’s actually fairly common, people have their pets microchipped and don’t realize they also have to register through the company for it to actually work like it’s supposed to.

Why the fuck is she holding the cat like that, she’s obviously uncomfortable! Taylor the animal behavior expert thinks that just because an animal isn’t actively fighting or trying to escape they like being held any which way.

No. 709636

Exactly. Why the fuck would you put up a twitter post and maybe someflyers for three days and assume it’s a lost cause after that. In my state it’s illegal to rehome without alerting the local animal services and making a significant effort through flyers, vet offices and lost and found sites etc. The shelter is the first place someone will look and many people still either don’t have or don’t use social media. Most places will do a 3-5 day stray hold, get it looked at by the shelter vets, give vaccines and spay/neuter then put up for adoption or send to a rescue. She has no business keeping this cat, you can’t grab every communoty or outside cat off the street and call it rescue. Plus even if it really doesn’t belong to anyone let it get adopted though a shelter to a loving home. This ain’t the only cat in the world that’s nice. It seems highly adoptable but for god sakes let it go on stray hold in case someone is looking for their outdoor cat Jesus fuck Taylor.

No. 709639

If the cat has been out there for a week like she says, why did she choose to do something about it now after jc supposedly pointed the cat out? Nothing she does makes sense

No. 709640

So she just catnaps someone's cat without even trying that hard to find the owner. Hope someone does the same to hers when they run out.

No. 709657

Suddenly a cat appears after a week of her NEVER mentioning it and she's keeping it. Totally realistic story you stupid bitch

Someone please take the cats away from her before she kills them too

No. 709667


Having had a missing cat who was missing for 7 weeks you'd be surprised how far they can travel, especially if they recently moved and might be trying to return to a previous residence. Luckily my cat eventually turned back up at my old residence in good health, but I'd be absolutely PISSED if some bitch decide 3 days was enough to search for an owner if she was found by somebody.

An owner NEVER stops looking, but apparently according to Taylor the animal expert, 3 days is perfectly reasonable.

No. 709709

What’s with her and the word “adore”.

No. 709742

File: 1539234672505.jpeg (463.49 KB, 1242x2208, 1E3104E4-106D-45FA-B5B6-D14301…)

Someone posted this on twitter but she’s claiming it’s not the same cat….

No. 709745

cuz she wants to keep the cat regardless if it's somebody elses

No. 709748

these cats have identical markings. the two little inverted 'v's above the eyes, the white toes, the bib, the marks going from the eyes down to the nose… I don't know too much about cats and if all tabbies look the same but damn that cat looks similar. worth at least calling and asking?

No. 709753

Ummmm, looking at the markings, that almost definitely is the same cat? You can see the "M" mark on the head and the white chest with the two dark marks on either side. For what reason does she not think this is the same cat?

No. 709756

That's… the same cat. She could always call the number.

No. 709758

That’s definitely the same cat. Plus based off of how long he’s been missing and how much thinner that cat is now
It adds up. Someone should notify that family of Taylor..

No. 709759


she can just give the cat to a shelter and report the photo of the lost cat and let the shelter deal with it, but nope, she wants to half-ass try to find the owner and claim all these lies and refuse that the photo is the cat. she obviously wants a new cat lmao. i bet by tomorrow she'll say that Nemo and Ghost ADORES him.

No. 709764

As much as I wish it were that’s not the same cat. That one is a classic tabby and the one she found is a striped/mackerel tabby. Most tabbies have pretty similar face markings.

No. 709765

how do you know/what's the difference? I don't know much about kitties

No. 709767

File: 1539235881139.jpeg (326.18 KB, 1935x1290, 7F24C35F-2597-4AC3-823A-011BDE…)

Classic tabbies usually have swirly patterns, mackerels have stripes and spots.

No. 709772

yep different cat. Taylor just bought a kitty and telling everyone it's a stray that she ~saved~

No. 709780

Does she ever think anything through?
Her other cats grew up around her hoard so they are used to it, but this cat is a grown up so who knows how she will react to the tanks or the rats.
She could literally be hounding the rats until they die of stress.

But yeah, Taylor needs a new pet cause she's gotten bored of first her 10k fake chimera snake and then the rats. Disgusting how nothing can hold her interest for more than a week even though it's a living being.

No. 709868

For sure it's not. Even the face shape is different, and coat pattern completely different. Are you same person who was the "rat expert"?

No. 709873

I've heard of it happening from my vet. Like the chip is put in but something isn't followed through. What a waste for the owner.

No. 709884

File: 1539248406208.jpeg (587.82 KB, 750x1078, 62069964-4E96-4409-ADD4-2919DC…)

She already deleted this I think

No. 709896


Oh, kinda how that kitten died slowly and painfully due to your incompetence and lack of knowledge, when you could have taken them to a shelter?

How your hedgehog died in a cupboard, most likely due to lack of ventilation because "cupboards are just small rooms"?

A bit similar to how Twisty lost most of her tail because you refused to take her to a vet and tried home remedies instead? Even though a vet would 100% amputate immediately once necrosis had set in?

You sugarcoat your shit, but it's still shit. You're in the same category.

No. 709898

File: 1539251879997.png (234.6 KB, 585x478, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 5.56…)

she's claiming the cat is a stray.

No. 709900

File: 1539251896521.jpg (124.27 KB, 675x1200, DpN_UIEUwAAEEoh.jpg)

No. 709901

File: 1539251906354.jpg (87.98 KB, 675x1200, DpN_UIAU4AAF9Vl.jpg)

No. 709902


Who wants to bet she wrote this and sent it to herself lol

No. 709906

Ugh that’s awful…
but Taylor are you really any different? How many animals have suffered in your ‘care’

Either way that person is terrible but since the cat is already dead I don’t see what can be done?

No. 709908


What the hell is going on with the constantly switching between he/she?

I 100% bet she wrote this herself is anyone good at looking at writing styles to see if it matches hers?

Also, this person claims they can't keep the cat in their apartment due to the '2 cat only rule' so why does this magically not apply to taylor too?

The "as it seems you are also a pet lover" how would they know that?

No. 709909


Yeah it's so conveniently scripted with why they couldn't keep the cat, the switch between he/she to make it seem like they don't know the gender, how they saw it grow up from a kitten.. yet it has an unregistered microchip? They also praise Taylor for being an animal lover and how it'll be great if she can have a home with her. Even though if they truly cared about this cat, they would have TAKEN IT TO A SHELTER instead of letting it live on the street without a real home, regular vet visits, flea treatments, official owners and shelter. What a load of shit.

No. 709912

The microchip part is kind of believable. I didn't know we had to register for years but it makes no sense that a stray would be microchipped

No. 709914

It's interesting how this other girl couldn't take her in because of the two cat limit in their complex but special hero Taylor is allowed to break whatever rules she wants.

No. 709915


The microchip being unregistered is believable only because I'm also the type of moron who didn't realize we had to register it (thought the shelter did it when we gave our details) so yeah, it happens. But now the story has changed to it's a "stray the apartment complex looked after ever since it was a kitten!" is suspicious.

No. 709916

who tf just … picks up a healthy cat and take in? Did she not consider that it might be an outside cat and wasn't lost? If you start feeding outside cats, changes are it will neglect its original owners or be overfed because two households are feeding it, in Taylors case, it won't even be able to go home because she just took it in. What the fuck. Do Americans not have outside cats? In my country it really isn't considered normal to take in cats you find outside, or even call the animal shelter, since cats you find outside typically have owners and know how to get home.

No. 709919

Tons of people have outside pets here it's just Taylor either saw a cat she needed to adopt or wanted to play hero again since the rat thing is old news

No. 709922


No offense to the Americans here, but they are sorta weird and some consider it abuse to let a cat outside for various reasons. I believe wild animals are mostly a problem there too, but I'm not sure. I live in a country where it's the opposite and considered cruel to keep a cat locked up indoors unless circumstances prevent it (apartment) or it's disabled (blind, deaf, etc).

No. 709929

It's not offensive. outdoor cats tend to live harder, shorter lives than indoor cats, and they kill wildlife.

No. 709930


I've heard that they do, but haven't seen it myself. Like someone told me outdoor cats only live to 12 years old lol. It really depends on the country you live in and the care you give your cat, as well as genetics.

The point was it could be a cat that goes outdoors and now Taylor has locked it up in her apartment with two cats it hates.

No. 709931


I’m laughing at this so much I can’t find the comment but someone commented on her photo of her new crab saying ‘you get a new animal every week’ and she said it’s different with reptiles and inverts it’s not like I’m getting a new dog or cat every week. Oh look.

No. 709932

Yeah. I'm European and my neighbors cat regularly gets beaten up by other cats outside, he even has wounds. Just take your cat inside ffs, he pretty much only stays within a 20 meter radius of your apartment anyway. It's normal for the older generation to have outside cats but many young people are keeping inside cats nowadays.

Anyway, I don't understand how Taylor said that the cat looks taken care of etc (clipped nails even) but now she has been living as her a stray her whole life.
Her story keeps changing, it pisses me off that none of her dumbass stans realize that.

I don't wanna cowtip but someone should ask the apartment complex if there really is no pet limit. Because when she moved in there she only had reptiles and fish (except for the hedgehogs but she never let those out anyway) inside cages or tanks - now she is moving on to hoarding cats and rats.

No. 709934

Looks like she deleted the tweet saying she has been chipped. Guess it doesn't go with her narrative of "she has been living her whole life outside so I NEED to save her uwu"

No. 709935

File: 1539257571478.png (686.56 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181011-142225.png)

Why does she now claim the cat was almost hit by a car? Like can u try to keep up with one story and go with it

No. 709936

File: 1539257686451.png (135.41 KB, 307x503, Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 13.3…)

now it was almost hit by a car?! i thought she took it in bc of some storm that never happeed.

No. 709990

Amazing the cat already has a Disney name and has been raised my this complex since being a kitten yet none of them have claimed the cat back. Interesting how they have all these weird ass details and sentences. “As I have reached the max 2 cat limit”. She adopted the damn cat and is lying to save face and people are really eating it up. Like what about any of it sounds normal. Even if this is someone else’s cat she has no intent on returning it because she won’t do any thing she’s suppose to besides look for praise on twitter. She’s such a shit human

No. 709991

first it RAN to the animal jesus for sanctuary from the storm, then jonny saw it outside, now it's somehow almost hit by a car. What's next, she rescued the cat from being eaten by a hobo?

No. 709995


Part of me thinks shes gone out and adopted it on the sly, but also its not really her 'type?' it's not the cutest cat in the world and Tabby type cats are quite common, I'm surprised she didn't go for another more 'designer' looking breed if she adopted it

No. 710005

I think she has a legit issue with adopting animals and keeps doing it for the attention. I don’t think it’s all about the design or the price, half of these animals have some bullshit I saved it story. Suddenly she has this “saved cat” after she bought a wild caught crab and was taking heat from it. If that cat had been around for 4 years she would’ve seen the cat before, she’s been living there for what, a year? 2 years? She got another cat just because she wanted it and now has to attention some story that won’t make her seem like a hoarder but also get her fans to praise her

No. 710009


That's true. Maybe I'm thinking too far into it but maybe this time she got a cat that looks a lot more like it could potentially be a stray, because she got so much backlash last time with 'rescuing' Ghost

If she went out and adopted a cat that looks more like it fits her narrative that will get her more asspats

No. 710013


So why can everyone else only have a max of 2 cats but she says they don’t care how many animals she personally has

No. 710039

Cats kill wildlife relatively indiscriminately. Unless they’re being used to protect crops from rodents they really shouldn’t be outside. Cats are responsible for the extinction of many species.

No. 710044

I personally do believe that it's a stray from her complex. What I don't believe is all the extra shit she keeps adding into it now to justify keeping it. She has thousands and thousands of followers she could adopt this cat out to. She could literally screen the person herself. There is no reason she needs a third cat. It's so upsetting how little regard she has for these little lives she's responsible for.

No. 710050


letting cats free roam outside is abusive to the cat itself and abusive to the environment.

No. 710066

How many emails/texts has Taylor written to herself pretending to be someone else now?

At this point she interacts more with her made up fantasy people than real people.

No. 710076

IA, I think it’s a stray because a. No rescue will adopt a cat out to her and b. If she did somehow manage to con a rescue into giving her a cat, it wouldn’t be a 4 year old tabby. It would at least be a kitten, if not a fancy colour pattern.

She’s completely bullshitting about the rest imo, and if it’s a stray that’s friendly all she has to do is find it a good home. The last thing that apartment needs is another litter tray she won’t clean for a free roaming predator that hasn’t grown up with a “don’t hunt the rats/lizards/snakes” rule in its life.

No. 710082

Does anyone know what happened with the magazine that interviewed her? It's been like a month since that happened, shouldn't the article be released by now?

No. 710084

I looked on her Instagram and she has a video of her feeding the cat massive amounts of food outside so opinion changed on being a stray. But I do believe she should’ve seen the cat before if it’s been there as long as she has if not longer and now she is suddenly bringing it inside. Based off her story she is intent on keeping the cat. Based off those fake emails she named the cat tigger smh

No. 710087

Twas all a lie lmao I can’t think of any reason they’d interview her. She literally has no animal certifications or knowledge beyond google. Even then, she’s not a model or some extremely wealthy person. She’s not exactly contributing to society is some spectacular way

No. 710090

Can anyone remember the name of he magazine that was coming to hers? I know she posted it before deleting it and changing it to ‘big famous properly legit absolutely magazine’. She literally makes up a new excuse for not making a video every day and then get away with never mentioning it again.

No. 710091

Pretty sure it was the New York Magazine.

No. 710102

So what’s going on with the monitor

No. 710166

chelsea here-

that cat looks identical to our old cat diamond that ran away in 2015. it’s not taylor wanting to keep the cat, it’s jonny. she’s just doing what she can to show she’s trying to do the right thing but jonny will not let her get rid of the cat. promise.

No. 710179

It baffles me how she can stay in a relationship with a boy that’s obsessed with his exes to the point where she has to keep an animal that she knows she cannot keep.

No. 710186

Jesus fuck, I don't check the thread for two days and Taylor acquires two new animals with plans to breed/take in more. She has absolutely no self-control when it comes to getting pets, and I'd say one day it'll come back and bite her in the ass when she's legitimately unable to look after an animal (or loses interest) and has to give it away, but we've seen countless pets rehomed with absolutely no consequences. It's 100% the right choice to rehome animals that you can't care for, but when it becomes a regular occurrence for you yet you're still going out to get more pets it's an utter joke.

No. 710190

yeah but like at what point in her life will she face the consequences of being such a fucking mess, because she surely had some fucking luck the whole time and I'm getting tired of seeing her succeed in being a garbage human being.

No. 710231

get over him chelsea, you can do it

No. 710246

shut up and stop scaring her away. she provides milk no one else could and definitely isn't trying to get back with him any time soon. why does it bother you so much to have her here anyway? This shit show is entertaining. I just feel bad for the animals that keep getting sucked into that apartment

No. 710251

A bit rude anon. Getting over an ex and getting over being raped, tortured and manipulated by an ex are two different things. Chelsea may never “get over it”.
It’s not a matter of getting over Junky Johnny, it’s a matter of getting over what he did to her and no one can expect that out of her.

I’ve worked with shelter cats for years and my two cents is that this cat belongs to someone. It’s possible that the person in the email has seen it around and just may not know it has an owner because it’s outside so often. Taylor has to stop trying to be a hero for the tube.

No. 710253

>>710246 Agreed. >>710231 Plus, she has only been out of an extremely abusive relationship with him for a little over a year, their extremely abusive relationship has been publicized by someone with a million followers and she is harassed by Jonny and Taylor's dumbass followers. She's not pining over him, don't be condescending.

No. 710277

If that's really a stray that grew up outside around the complex its going to be hard to keep it inside. It'll also teach her other cats to bolt which she won't like .

No. 710294

Thank you. I really don’t understand the people that keep saying she is obsessed with him because she talks shit on him and keeps up with his bullshit. Meanwhile, isn’t this whole series of threads about keeping up with Taylor and Jonny bullshit? Why is it different for her?

No. 710331

"a bit rude" aren't we all though lol. I get a strong "sadcringe" vibe from Chelsea cus she keeps hanging onto him day after day.. Sure she is from abusive relationship but you guys are just encouraging her.

No. 710346

Cat anon, I agree that the cat is not adopted for other reasons stated, However I don't think it's a true stray. Microchipped, clipped nails, the cat is ok with being held, the cat is used to being inside/on beds/etc. I have taken in some cats that have been outdoor cats all their lives, they definitely are spooked by the indoors and are NOT cool with being held/hugged by humans. They react to weird things, like taking a while to learn to jump on the bed, scared of ceiling fans, have to "learn" to be held as a pet, etc. There is no way this is a true stray.

My money is on an outdoor/indoor cat that got a little far from home or just hasn't been back home in a while and was taking advantage of Taylor's 3+ meals she gave him. She's definitely catnapping and that's fucking sad for the cat. The only other possible pro-Taylor option is this is an indoor or indoor/outdoor cat that was left when his owners moved and she's not catnapping, but even if that's true, Taylor is still lying about this whole "fully stray for life" narrative.

No. 710356

Honestly wild how much she can't stick to a story. First she said she just found a stray cat outside, then it changed to her friends have been seeing it outside for a week, then she apparently got an email from someone saying it she had practically raised it from a kitten for 4 years and spent pretty much every day with it (if this person cared so much about it why wouldn't they find it a safe home?) but then she also said someone contacted her to say they believe someone adopted it was a kitten and then dumped it when it was 2 years old, which explains the 'unregistered microchip'… So much stuff doesn't add up. If the person in the email had seen it every day since it was a kitten why on earth would they refer to it as him and her? If she doesn't know if its a boy due to it being neutered then it's clearly had an owner or been to a rescue at some point. Surely sometime during 4 years you'd check to see what sex the cat is that you've been 'looking after', it's not like it's difficult. And I know Taylor doesn't go out much but she's lived at that apartment for almost a year and has never seen this cat before? It just doesn't add up.

No. 710363

If this cat is really a stray that jonny is “forcing” taylor to keep cuz he looks like his exs cat then what would happen if the kitty gets into the reptile cages? I’m sure this kitty knows how to hunt and steal and he’s totally gona teach nemo and ghost. Cats arent idiots.

No. 710415


Funny how the cat is now "the stray the complex feeds" except earlier she said NO ONE IN THE COMPLEX RECOGNIZES THE CAT.

No. 710429

Everybody deals with trauma differently. If she wants to come here to talk about it then so be it, especially because Taylor and her family have been giving her shit for speaking up about Jonny.

It all boils down to what other anons have been told before: Stop policing what should or shouldn't be talked about here.

No. 710438

was the name of taylor's apartment common knowledge? she just told all her fans where she lives if not, and you'd think if she was so concerned about her ~haterz~ she wouldn't want the name of her apartment complex getting out. i can't believe such a nice and expensive building allows her to have all these fucking animals in her dirty ass apartment.

i can't believe she pays over 2k/month for her apartment, because we know jonny doesn't contribute. i really can't wait for her youtube "career" to fall through

No. 710445

She plastered the name of the apartment complex when she moved out on Twitter and Instagram. She was flexing about how it was "her dream apartment for such a long time", and when people started to call the complex about the animals she freaked out and removed all the info about it. But by then people already knew where she lived. So yes, it's been public knowledge since the beginning.

No. 710501

We're falling for her distraction. Is Egg the mantis still alive? What ever happened to Gucci 2? What's going on with the rats? She just got a new crab, but remembered after that that plotline doesn't get the ratings. And we haven't heard about Asteroid in ages, and last we saw he had a really concerning jaw.

No. 710521


Agreed. She needs to stop engaging in this thread and anything else to do with him, it can't be healthy

No. 710529

Stop policing who can comment on threads. Chelsea can comment on the dumster fire as much as anyone else, the only exception being her having more insider knowledge, which is kinda what gossip threads thrive on. Besides, it’s no ones business how anyone else recovers from trauma.

No. 710570

File: 1539303613387.jpeg (289.96 KB, 750x887, 4FDDC1A4-DF9A-4EB8-80BC-332C2C…)

Of course.

No. 710596


lmao stop telling abuse survivors whats healthy.

chelsea do whatever you want. comment on here or dont. but dont let a couple of dumbass anons scare you away because they're fake woke on whats right or not