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No. 700423

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/692844

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. She left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
>Has not mentioned her boy crush Oscar lately, maybe because of his child >>692859
>Hasn’t brought up her EDS since getting out of rehab >>692973
>Used to abuse gabapentin but thinks she can probably start using it again >>693514
>Summary of her new “feeding all my pets video” >>694063
>Forgot the names of her new crocodile skins >>694207
>Being just as weird “nOt lIKe oTheR gIrls” IRL >>694338
>Wants to criticize people for things she’s done in the past (bringing a snake to an event) >>694729 >> 694890
>Tried meth once >>694833
>Taylor being self-aware and giving decent advice (wrong timing in relationships) >>695267
>Does not have anything to do with Jake (rehab guy) anymore >>695462 >>695472 >>695526
>3 months sober post >>696315
>Mama Dean making weird comments about a 30 day sober soup when Taylor is celebrating 90 days >>697199 >>697215
>Has nightmares about Jonny >>697650
>Has Hap C >>698172
>Her new tattoo/start of sleeve, a “delicate, more humanly medusa” with snakes whose bodies vanish into thin air >>698756 >>699452 >>699499

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: new fish >>698406

> Recent Known Deaths:
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: confirmed in addiction video >>694095

Unconfirmed Milk:

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 700424


No. 700431

File: 1568140797848.png (217.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190910-022445.png)

lmao tbh I kinda love the thread pic. thank you for making a new one.

In other news, Taylor has been reading from Shayna's Big Book of Crappy Excuses. First she couldn't upload her scheduled video because she had to go get a tattoo instead, then she couldn't upload her already-delayed video the next day because one of her friends maybe was possibly doing drugs without her

No. 700432

Thanks for the new thread, I was getting thirsty!

No. 700434

File: 1568141380781.png (2.67 MB, 1557x2366, 1568055169624.png)

Lol I dont know who made this but its hilarious

No. 700439

Kek I don't know who that is, but that guy's totally someone she'd be going for

No. 700447

Anytime this stupid bitch steps foot outside of her house, someone is relapsing lol.

>>goes to concert… close friend relapsed

>>goes out with dick bro and “rehab friends”… subs are missing, no longer in sober living and a bunch of people living there relapsed.

She is starting to get a little too predictable. Also funny how she found another “friend” who is “scary and manipulative” like her ex Jonny…hmmm.

No. 700452

the new thread pic is absolutely priceless, thank you. just throw a pig hoof over that hand and it'd be that tat come to life

No. 700462

File: 1568148864640.png (727.8 KB, 1242x2688, 840AC108-654D-4786-B2E4-BBC578…)

This was supposed to be posted on last thread

No. 700463

i wonder if that was oscar or something

No. 700464

File: 1568149076569.png (9.88 MB, 1242x2688, 1B650003-455B-4CC2-BF42-99EEEC…)

No. 700465

File: 1568149113338.png (9.48 MB, 1242x2688, AE26FB5A-64C4-4E99-825E-1DA497…)

No. 700466

because shes the one relapsing. she really is so obvious, it's cringy.

No. 700468

File: 1568149255199.jpeg (165.04 KB, 750x750, 59D864A3-FB11-4376-9D9E-E13B84…)

She defended her awful heart tattoo as well before she admitted she hated it after a few months.

No. 700473

Buys thousands of dollars worth of tacky clothes
Wears the same ugly shirt every day

No. 700474

The thread pic is incredible thank you

No. 700477

File: 1568150180222.png (672.64 KB, 1242x2688, 556CCEBF-7DB3-49A8-A75B-0DF8A6…)

No. 700479

god if she didnt care that much she wouldnt even be giving those people attention. she is clearly starting to regret it lmfao

No. 700484

she should just post and then not reply to people, she could just ignore the people posting negative comments but I kinda think she’s extra drawn to them because she knows she can’t get positive attention lol

No. 700485

Imagine being such a blazingly self centred hot mess that you have a whole bunch of people trying to help you out of it via a forum(newfriend)

No. 700486

Taylor thrives or flounders depending on what other people think of her.

If people hate her tattoo she will feel like shit. She just takes it as a personal attack that her tattoo is subpar. Objectively it isn't a great tattoo but if you like it you shouldn't give a shit.

If you claim your tattoo is amazing.Taylor wanted to humble brag.

No. 700491

Since Taylor gets triggered about us pointing out flaws in her tattoo: the right eye (left from our POV) looks kind of wonky and the eyebrow is shorter than the other eye.

So much for two years worth of thought.

No. 700502

Once again wearing her NA tags as an accessory lol

No. 700504

Taylor just looks like trash, just like her hoarding none of her tattoos are particularly well thought out. To quote one of her favorite people…

>"You don't put a bumper sticker on a Bentley."- Kim K

She'll get most of her tattoos removed, calling it now, She's been branded by the pedo with needle and that shit is forever.

No. 700508

How else would people know she's a recovering addict. She probably wears it so someone will ask and then she can give them all the gory details and show them her track mark scars and the pictures of her body when she had cotton fever and the pictures of what her bathroom looked like.

No. 700510

he looks like Jakey bro.

No. 700512

File: 1568153797662.jpeg (78.59 KB, 729x1096, 17C49389-AF76-4139-8345-7003B0…)


The shading on the nose and philtrum is way too dark, to the point that they’re as dark as the lips are. Makes it look like some deviantart drawing of a satyr. Pic related.

No. 700513

hmm. was he in townnear her area?
i dont follow him on twitter. has he been quiet?

No. 700517

He posted an hour ago, an ab pic with a huge smile talking about the gym or something. Don’t think we’re going to lose Oscar for awhile..

No. 700522

File: 1568154446891.jpeg (242.32 KB, 828x624, D9DF5BCC-B898-4D01-8625-4E3117…)

Let’s see how this goes.

Also >>700431 right before she posted that, I noticed she hadn’t been sperging for almost a day, which isn’t like this cow. I thought maybe she’d relapsed or died. So, tinfoil, I think she’s the one who relapsed and is spitballing it into a huge lie about a friend. Why is an unstable addict going out to clubs (whether she’s seeing a show or not) in the middle of the night? Hope this isn’t the case though.

No. 700527

I wonder how she got those marks near her elbow…

No. 700529

File: 1568155312823.jpg (1002.28 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190909-215253.jpg)

Here's an example of a good tattoo of a snake lady but knowing Taylor and how impulsive she is there's no way she'd be able to sit still on a 6 month long wait list to get tattooed by a good artist. Guess she's doomed to getting shitty tattoos for the rest of her life.

No. 700537

Tinfoil but what if her saying people are relapsing is to make stans think she’s so much stronger and better than other junkies. It’s also a good base for if/when she relapses cos “everyone does and I held out for much longer”

No. 700538

Not for nothing but that sounds more like a JC thing. IMO, these other guys are just a game to get a rise out of him. Not a wn and I hate JC, but this bitch likes to trigger people for some reason. This post is definitely manipulative. And there are a lot of relapses happening around her and way more than the usual.

No. 700540

File: 1568157152863.png (420.14 KB, 760x1287, Screenshot_20190910-201214.png)

No. 700543

File: 1568157558947.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2688, CF852E6E-4DD3-485D-BC77-E16346…)

No. 700544

Because she’s always been honest with her fans….right Tay?

No. 700547

Those marks look kind of fresh. pink and red, not the colors they should be at 9(3) days. Wasn’t it 30 day soup? No! 90 day soup.

No. 700557

I hate that she always drones on about how she has "no working veins in her arm" like wtf does she mean by that exactly? Blown out veins heal, Taytay.

No. 700562

>Wait list

Good point, miss instant gratification princess is never gonna wait. She's just lazy and will take the path of least resistance and she wonders why it came out bad lol.

No. 700567

Uh. Veins heal and re route themselves. That's how you get varicose veins fixed. They take out the veins and they reroute themselves. So, if she really did destroy all of her veins, they will heal and reroute.

No. 700569

File: 1568159457353.png (4.87 MB, 1242x1060, hmm.png)

Am I crazy or does the tatt deadass look like james charles in the face

No. 700571

“No working veins”
This bitch is literally retarded. No wonder she had to be homeschooled because she couldn’t even finish regular high school. She is truly and an idiot.

No. 700572

Wtf? She flashed needle marks pretending to be sober for OVER A YEAR

No. 700573

You’re crazy. Looks nothing like him lol.

No. 700574

actual james charles doesn't look like james charles in the face.

No. 700579

Honestly I think you’re fucking right. She’s definitely using these pretend relapse stories for something, and I used to think it was for asspats somehow but this makes more sense.

No. 700592

Not only do they heal but I just don’t think she iv’d enough to blow them all out. I know people that have used for many years and they still have some good veins. Maybe it’s the hourly China White or that junk black tar. IMO, shes a baby junkie that is glorifying gutter junkies for some reason.

No. 700595

I’ve worked as a phlebotomist contracted with the local methadone clinic for many, many years. Her “terrible” tracks and dead veins are kiddie shit. She does not have the arms of someone with zero “working” veins. It’s so fucking weird to boast about what a hardcore junkie you are for clout. There are people homeless and completely wrecked from H, Taylor. This ain’t a good look.

No. 700599

Right but she is “so shocked” that a breeder didn’t think she was a good fit for a snake he was selling.

No. 700603

Yeah it goes way off the face and looks like it was gone over a few times. Oof.

No. 700606

File: 1568163309616.jpeg (541.87 KB, 828x833, 6D98CA75-0BAE-4184-895E-D5AFB0…)

Shit I meant to sage AND attach this, my bad

No. 700611

File: 1568163679600.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x1590, A0BE98FA-1F8C-4B36-90C6-3FE43F…)

No. 700612

File: 1568163712910.jpeg (406.54 KB, 1125x1260, AB547979-966B-41A9-BFC7-A54F7E…)

No. 700632

just popped out at me but pretty sure that's a thirty day sober tag from NA along with the white welcome tag. which would fit with jen's tweet. sixty days is bright green and ninety days is dark red. so why isn't she wearing all four? occam's razor says she's not ninety days sober.

No. 700633

File: 1568165757915.jpg (59.92 KB, 400x182, NAkt-2T.jpg)

just for clarity:

No. 700638

File: 1568166518143.jpeg (432.34 KB, 1242x1876, 8D14DB22-1BA4-459E-9F61-86B502…)

She’s already shown that it is indeed the 90 day NA tag.

No. 700654

I really don't get the shading on this piece. So every inch of her skin is flat except for the absurd amount of shading on the underside of her nose and philtrum.
I kind of feel bad for the artist- but she also should've known she was NOT skilled enough to pull this off. This is gonna follow her for a while, especially once Ms.China White lashes out in build up humiliation and obliterates her ass.

No. 700656

why doesn't she wear all of them, then? for more ex-junkie clout? i found the picture of all the tags on a site that sells the set for $8, just saying. i have a hard time believing she's got ninety days clean.

No. 700657

File: 1568168570616.jpg (119.61 KB, 573x666, IMG_20190910_192121.jpg)

She admits she is insecure of there being "a joke on my arm forever" and that she doesn't know what good tattoos look like.

No. 700659

File: 1568168641184.jpg (148.86 KB, 595x850, IMG_20190910_192032.jpg)

Screenshot related to philtrum.
Is this true tattoo anons?

No. 700661

it might lighten a little bit but probably not. also it's not even the same direction. it looks like a mini nose.

No. 700663

Post flooding but thanks Anon for making the new thread. It went silent on my TND radar here & Twitter for almost 24 hours and I was getting anxious.

No. 700685

File: 1568169991243.png (395.96 KB, 556x309, Tatu.PNG)

Gurl you messed up, This Tattoo is nowhere near professional. If you don't know what a good tattoo looks like maby you should stop getting them until you do. Her tats are mickey mouse shit, there's far better quality if your willing to pay and look for them.

No. 700695

So apparently this artist is a nobody who has never done people as tattoos. Kek.

She also pulled a Taylor looks wise, fit to fat.

No. 700711

maybe if you're worried you don't know what a good tattoo looks like… don't get impulse tattoos from unknown artists that take two weeks from conception to completion. do your research. find a GOOD artist with a portfolio full of the style/content you want. and don't just slap their first sketch onto your body. maybe if you thought about it for more than 3 days you wouldn't feel like a joke when it comes out horribly again and again

No. 700713

I'm going to guess that the hair was near the end when the artist got tired or Taylor got tired/twitchy. That's where the most shakiness is.

No. 700714

What the fuck? when you close up on it, it looks even worse. She really should've researched the artist's work beforehand, or better yet, make a list of possible candidates and check their work and rep, but nah, because muh impulsiveness.

The eyes are uneven, the lower lip is too big and out of proportion with the face, that chin line makes it look like she's pouting, and the hair is hilariously scarce and thin.

I saw the artist's ig and this is not something she's skilled at. It's mostly flowers, plants in general, and basic shapes. She's drawn human faces before but they look amateur-ish. It also explains why the hands look like that. It would've been better if she went to an artist who actually knows how to draw people and then maybe go later to this artist to add flowers and shit for detailing. It just looks really basic and without much thought put into it in general, which I think is both Taylor's AND the artist's fault, because the tattoo artist should've been more honest with herself about her skills.

And it looks nothing like this lmao.

No. 700733


Holy shit, it's worse up close. The shading in the philtrum and lips is childish, the lips look like someone did them with a sharpie. The lower lip juts out like a chin.
The blood vessels or whatever around the eye sockets look dreadful, like a child trying to be edgy on deviantart.

Just really disappointed with she and her stans considering this good work. It's not. The artist clearly isn't at the level of doing pieces like this yet.

No. 700735

File: 1568180130443.png (2.5 MB, 1372x1372, 55876D00-3284-4EFC-8C76-F69E79…)

I’m like 99% sure that she’s wearing her day one and 90 day chip. Totally skeptical on the dry skin claim though. If you had literally zero veins in a arm the arm would look like shit.

No. 700746

Doesn't matter. She could go in there after attending months of meetings claiming she's been sober for 90 days now even if she's relapsed and they'd give it to her. It's not like they drug test you first.

No. 700749

Yeah I don't think she realizes that people who have permanently collapsed veins (they can heal and start to work again sometimes) have bad circulation because of it and just looking at her hands and feet when we see them she doesn't have bad circulation in the slightest (they would be blueish).

Also people who kill off most/all their larger veins in their arms can have VERY serious complications due to it such as their arm slowly "dying" due to lack of blood flow. Eventually those people will most likely lose their arms/legs. It's not an edgy thing to brag about and clearly not the case in her situation.

She really doesn't seem to ever be able to accept that there are people who've been through this shit for longer than her and can see right through her bs

No. 700754

Yeah I’ve had clients who actually did kill all their veins in their non dominant arm and yeah it ended them loosing their arm. At no point was it healed enough for a tattoo. It was nasty from start to finish.(no1curr)

No. 700762

File: 1568186878465.jpg (250.66 KB, 958x2048, EEI2CwxXkAA1DcI.jpg)

No. 700764

>>I only want people to praise me when I post pictures

No. 700765

File: 1568187824614.png (88.34 KB, 647x370, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 12.4…)

Last part of her reply to the tattoo criticism. I love how she moralizes about not bringing up people's children while simultaneously bringing up that person's child all in the same sentence

No. 700767

She's really out here comparing insulting a kid's looks/intelligence to someone pointing out issues with a tattoo she had full control over.

Yes, insulting your ugly tattoo is totally the same as someone's kid, Taylor. Wow.

No. 700768

she blocked that person too ofc and they have now privated their account to protect against her rabid stans

No. 700772

this just goes to show she is very weak minded and should not be online.
really? a tweet from a stranger brought you from 100 to 0? Log off, TAYLOR.

No. 700774

File: 1568189819417.png (93.93 KB, 604x470, Screen Shot 2019-09-11 at 1.08…)

She made the comparison between calling a person and a tattoo drawing ugly more than once. she's really just taking this shit metaphor and running with it.

No. 700784

This is Taylor we're talking about. Nothing she ever does is rational and thought out. It's almost like she gets chronic pain from trying to think stuff through which is why she avoids it so much.

No. 700805

So she straight to stalked this persons profile and found their child to attack in response to tattoo criticism?? Jesus. That’s a new low even for her. What the fuck is wrong with her. It’s an opinion on a tattoo that wasn’t done well. Nobody is saying SHE is ugly because of it. It’s the tattoo itself that looks “ugly”.

No. 700815

what’s this heart tattoo everyone is talking about? i can’t seem to find anything about it

No. 700816

File: 1568210630961.jpeg (662.42 KB, 2048x1536, B151D04B-5504-40A1-834A-E40436…)

No. 700817

This is bizarre to me. I know she's probably a narc, but the the amount of sperging out and caring what total strangers she will never meet think about her (trite and poorly-done) tattoo is exceptional even for her.

Protip: If you actually care about what people think about your tattoos (or anything else, really), maybe don't make a BFD about it to your thousands of best friends on Twitter.

No. 700820

File: 1568210917669.jpeg (308.63 KB, 1242x1705, E72DB2C8-4C3E-402D-AF0D-F844A3…)


No. 700821

File: 1568210975654.png (427.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-100713.png)

tEns oF ThOUsaNds!!

No. 700826

File: 1568211772247.jpg (172.94 KB, 1080x1350, @henryschneider1.jpg)


No one has control over what their baby comes out looking like, but like she said herself, she put something on her body for life… she didn't do the research, she settled instead of actually seeking out somebody experienced because she's impulsive and wants things done ASAP. I don't feel bad over people criticizing her shitty tattoo. It's one thing to say it's ugly because it's someone's opinion or not their style, but objectively you CAN tattoo badly as an artist, and people into tattoos/other tattoo artists can see when a tattoo is shoddy.


…wha? It's really easy to find artists that can do snakes? I follow random tattoo artists and just going to one of their pages and bam, snakes. Here's one that's even really similar to hers but not as amateur.

Also, if this one guy is in the minority and everyone else lOoOoves it, why is she so bothered?

No. 700836

Taylor you are a huge fuckin bitch, no one wonders why you are single and lonely, even your cats can barely tolerate you. AND YOUR TATTOO IS WORSE THAN ALL YOUR OTHER SHITTY TATTOOS YOU FUCKIN TWAT.(tism)

No. 700840

sooo if its only 20% that is negative out of tens of thousands, why does she feel so attacked? If they were in the minority with that opinion shouldn't she feel validated enough to stand above this?

No. 700841

This is super clean work, her's looks half melted in comparison.

I mean the snakes and flowers look alright but the face and body ruin it.s It looks like a weird cat lady makeup.

Pretty sure you shouldn't get tattoos so soon after recovery, your skin is gonna be regenerating after the months of abuse. That and she has bad sensitive skin that rejects tattoos.

No. 700842

The snakes kill it for me, their head shape are really odd, there are bodies without head and heads without body, and they look really stiff.

No. 700850

Taylor is gonna go rabid on this girl, I have a feeling behind the scenes she's not happy. She's probably fighting to get her money back or forcing the girl to keep working on it.

Her followers are 12y/os with no independent thought. She values our opinion because we were right about alot of shit. By objective beauty and design standards it's amateur, she'd be better off getting it lazered and starting over. Same thing with her heart tattoo.

No. 700851

Long time lurker here, hope I saged correctly. Been a tattoo artist for 7+ years, with my experience I want to point out that the tattoo has been done for awhile now and the artist hasn’t posted the tattoo itself or anything about working with Taylor. That tells me some things. She knows that this was not her project to work on, this is not her best work, that she probably met Taylor and thought she seemed nice enough and that the publicity of it would be great for her still very new career. Also it goes without saying we all know anyone who sobs and shakes during a tattoo are the actual worst. There’s no way that new of an artist could pull a straight line through that. I feel for her. This tattoo very well could be career ending for her with all the backlash, tattoos and clients like this keep you up at night.(blog)

No. 700852

Because she knows it's bad. She did the same shit for the tattoo she now hates. But now she needs to double down because it's her entire arm that's ugly af

Within a few months she will start whining about how much she hates it.

No. 700854

>or forcing the girl to keep working on it.

I think she should. I don't know squat about tattoos or their quality and even I can see that there are significant portions of it that are janky. I don't know how the artist would go about fixing those terrible arms and hands, though.

No. 700855

tinfoil but this almost looks like this was the tattoo that was used as reference. same shading of the nose, same lines from the eyes.

No. 700857

Aren't the eyes also white ink, too?

No. 700858


Read it again. The 20% is referring to her bad tattoo (presuming the heart tattoo). She's saying only 20% of comments said it was good. So she's using that to justify why this Medusa tattoo is good.

Not saying your post is wrong. She's really obsessed with this one, negative comment.

No. 700860

This is super fucked up, bullying someone's kid who isn't even an adult.

Taylor is a psycho who only cares about herself no wonder she has to pay people to be her friend or date her. Run and hide back to mommy and daddy tay, your tattoo is trash and so are you.

No. 700862

I feel sorry for the girl getting caught up in TND's mess. Taylor found the tattoo artist 3 weeks ago when one of her stans tagged her on a axolotl tattoo. I posted the screenshot in the last thread.

No. 700863

File: 1568215646244.jpg (493.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-082810.jpg)

She admitted she knows it's bad and she ruined her arm

No. 700865

You know deep down that she’s starting to regret her tattoo as she complains on twitter about people that isn’t giving her positive attention. She’s a whiny, spoiled brat that had to go to the first tattoo artist that didn’t give a shit if Taylor just got out of a bad relationship and in recovery. Even my hairdresser likes to check if girls just came out of relationships and had something big happen in their lives before cutting their hair!

Just admit that your tattoo isn’t good and get it at least fixed by another artist while it’s still in line work

No. 700869

This was already posted AND replied to, she is talking about her heart tattoo here. Lurk more.

No. 700871

File: 1568216188831.jpg (169.55 KB, 610x866, IMG_20190911_083332.jpg)

I feel like this grammatically-correct, passive-aggressive sign is from her brother. His life has probably been turned upside down since she returned home.

No. 700875

Pffft haha that's some Trump level sperging. Everyone says my tattoo is pretty! It is just the best, done by just the best artist! I looked for years to find someone this good, believe me, and I've got tens of thousands of nice comments on it!

No. 700883

I know nothing about snakes at all but why is it this one particular snake always seems defensive while she is holding him? That snake always looks like it’s ready to bite. Is it stressed, sick or injured or is that a normal response to being man handled? Is she doing something to get him to react like that? It seems so messed up. I have a ton of wild snakes in my yard and surrounding area and I have never seen them get defensive even when I accidentally almost step on them, or get too close, even if it’s our more aggressive water snake.

No. 700886


Western rat snakes (aka Texas rat snakes) are known to be defensive. She doesn't seem to be doing anything about it such as proper handling slow movements ect, and she always seems to encourage it in her interactions with him. But it's not uncommon for the species.

No. 700887

Tricky to tell by the picture, but Taylor is super bad about holding her snakes comfortably or safely, and with Tofu's scales being what they are, she may well be hurting him or pinching him with her grip while she angles him this way and that way trying to get a pic of him.

She's so bad at handling all her animals, I always cringe when I see her taking pics of them in her hands. I wouldn't trust her to hold a fucking Biro competently at this point.

No. 700888

because it isn't a snake that's supposed to be handled. Most reptiles don't enjoy being handled, they're visual pets. If you want a pet you can interact with get a dog, snakes for the most part should be left alone.

No. 700890

Okay that's a pretty extreme opinion anon, baby snakes are just more scared of people and need taming down with pacience and gentle handling. Texas rats are hardy snakes that can be tamed down if you know what you're doing. They're just very dramatic. I doubt Taylor is doing it right, but claiming it's a snake that should never be held is a bit much.

No. 700891

I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's a good thing Kida remained with her parents so Taylor couldn't fuck that poor animal up. Something as social and as needy as a dog would be a mess if raised by little miss responsibility here. Not that Taylor should be trusted to care for a potted plant, but a dog would suffer significantly in her care and probably get put down once it finally snapped at her shitty handling.

No. 700896

I know it's about the heart tattoo. Learn to read Taylor speak anon.

"I know I ruined my arm but I'm not gonna admit it until I have to"

No. 700898

I'm not saying they should never be held per say, but some species tolerate handling better balls/constrictors as opposed to coloubrids. I agree young reptiles in general are kinda spazzy/fearful.

She handles her snakes way to much imo. They're not really interactive pets, she's setting a terrible example that they're just flesh toys to poke and prod for entertainment.

She doesn't put in the work to socialize her animals properly, she should stick to type of pet and learn to raise it properly. All I see is her toying with animals lives till she gets bored.

No. 700906

>your comment brought my mood down from 100 to 0

damn she's so manipulative and guilt-trippy. I'm sure she's learned this from her mother. One comment out of "tens of thousands" makes your mood do a 180? sounds like you're too unstable to be giving people advice about anything, especially something as sensitive as recovery. hold off on those videos until you can deal with more than 1 negative comment.

idk, the parts that seem janky don't seem like they were done wrong (and therefore need to be fixed), but drawn wrong from the beginning on the stencil and she just didn't notice because she DOESN'T know what good tattoos look like. If Taylor said she was 100% happy with the stencil and then gets the tattoo, she can't be like "actually this is bad, fix it" because she literally okayed the design and asked for it. she had every moment until the needle touched her skin to correct any jankiness. now that it's permanent she doesn't get to complain that "actually she doesn't like the snake squeezing the circulation off of the noodle arm, change it for free"

No. 700916

Speaking of social animals, haven't seen her post anything about her rats in a bit.

No. 700938


She was looking for two years for someone to do this tattoo and she ended up choosing someone who doesn't seem to have done snakes before, has only done one other sleeve (which is a completely different style to what Taylor wants), and has limited experience with doing tattoos of people. She doesn't put any thought into any of her choices and it shows.

No. 700943

Do you want it good? Fast? Or cheap? Pick any two.

Taylor went fast and cheap and it turned out shoddy. No way she spend two years on this, maybe she had the idea to get a sleeve two years ago but that's it. She just took the first sketch she saw and didn't spend anytime thinking about it.

No. 700945

I'd be fucking shocked if she spent two weeks on that tattoo. Like, from doodling it on a fast-food napkin to finishing getting it inked? Ten days, tops. Because this is some hokey looking, badly drawn, badly inked shit that is going to smear and blur.

No. 700976

Heavily tattooed anon here.

My first thought was that the artist who did her tattoo was not very experienced. I looked through her insta and this artist did her first tattoo June 21, 2017, so 2yrs and change. That in and of itself doesn't mean much, because there are artists who suck after 5, 10+ yrs and then there are artists who are amazing the first time they pick up a machine. This girl is ok. Surprisingly, she does have much better art on her insta. Her color tattoos with thicker outlines look better imo (and will also have better longevity- there is a reason for the phrase 'bold will hold').

Tinfoiling, Taylor asked this artist to do an upper arm piece (lol sleeve kek) in her 'dainty/fine line' style that this artist also does. Imo fine line tattoos look like garbage after a few years bc there is nothing to hold definition as ink slowly spreads out under the skin over time.

Taylor said she booked a full day, which can be common for big pieces. If this artist is slow it really might have taken 8hrs, or 8hrs could have been the total time Taylo spent in the shop, or she could be exaggerating lol. As far as price, she probably spent somewhere around $800 (lowball) to $1600, depending on the artists pricing. A full-day slot means the artist did not have any other clients that day and it was mostly likely a flat fee, instead of a per hour charge. Someone hear could probably message the artist to ask for her day rate; I can't be bothered and it might be cowtipping, idk.

The shading and anatomy on this tattoo is atrocious, though. Snakes that disappear into nothing and that noodle arm with a dog paw? These are ameteur mistakes that should have been corrected/improved while this artist was still an apprentice, before she ever even picked up a tattooing machine. Who knows if she had a formal apprenticeship, though.

I would've bailed seeing the sketch, but it doesn't surprise me that Taylor didn't notice/pay attention to these flaws in design.

In my tattoo group, we would advise someone with this result to go to a different artist for a rework. It's a mess, it could be fixed. I doubt Taylor will make any smart decisions regarding this tattoo.(blog here)

No. 700983

Either the tattoo is shit or it isn't though. If someone telling you their opinion makes you reevaluate yours then maybe your opinion wasn't correct in the first place. and people aren't telling you to be mean, they're telling you because they think you don't know you were ripped off.

No. 700991

20% of 10K is still 2K. That’s still a very high percentage…dumb twat

No. 701012

1 in 5 people think it's bad. That's being generous because most people would be too polite to say anything negative. Just because they aren't saying anything doesn't mean they ain't thinking it tho.

She got fleeced by a noob but she doesn't want to admit it because her ego is too big.

No. 701016

To be fair next to Tay's other tattoos it looks… uh… nice


No. 701035

have we even seen them in her parents' house? how is she keeping them socialised and stimulated with three cats and two dogs around?

No. 701041

I don't know about you, but I don't know how her cats aren't trying to get at the rats- especially feeding her cats mice/rats, they're going to start associating that scent to food. a cat scratch can kill a rat within a week at most.

No. 701049

Y'all are still confused – she said only 20% of her followers thought the elbow tattoo looked good, not bad. that was her justification on why this tattoo must be good – she only saw "one" critical comment out of "tens of thousands" complimenting it.

Taylor logic: if it was really bad, only 20% of her followers would be complimenting it, like with the other tattoo, rather than all of them complimenting except for the one comment that brought her from 100 to 0.

No. 701050

If Taylor was actually confident that her tattoo is amazing then she wouldn't even care what other people say but here she is throwing people under the bus because they think her tattoo is shit. Instead of just ignoring anyone who talks shit about her tattoo, she puts this guys kid under the bus. She tries so hard to act like the bigger person but in reality, she's a whiny child in an adult body with a shitty ass personality.

Taylor is the first person I've seen that has a single-needle work as a sleeve and even if the art was AmAzInG, it'll start looking horrible in a few months to a year because single-needle work always blur out. Usually if it's a line tattoo, they'll bold out the lines. Taylor is a complete idiot.. just like in real life, she doesn't know what tattoo style she wants so everything is random things (unless someone tells her what to do) then complain about it after the attention dies down.

No. 701053

Ooo I thought the exact same thing!

No. 701062

Not to mention the person who criticized the tattoo expressed genuine hope for the tattoo to look better when Taylor goes back.

It's like Taylor chooses to only look at the negatives. Since she's "planning" to go back to finish it, she may as well take the critiques to fix whatever is salvageable.

No. 701086

You're likely right! It's all very "okay can you make her look like MEEEEE and give her anime hair and fish lips??? and make it cheap please!"

No. 701146

that's a great point. I agree that the artist likely knows she didn't do a good job.

it'll only get worse if the same artist keeps fiddling with it imo. and it's on taylor anyway that she approved the sketch and the stencil. inb4 see felt ~pressured~ to go through with it (like with the heart tattoo, iirc).

No. 701148

No wonder she has no friends and always ends up isolated. She will stoop as low as to find some personal information about some random person and use it to compare to her shitty tattoo? I’m sorry but there is NO comparison between your ugly tattoo, which you said yes to getting permanently put on your skin and PAID FOR.
This persons child has no say in their looks, may not even know what Twitter is, and was never brought up in the conversation in the first place. There should be ZERO mention or insinuation that a non-consenting child be brought into her mess. Now her stans are going to go hate message this guy, who WASNT EVEN BEING MEAN, and insult his child.
On every level that is messed up and borderline evil.
She is a narc who only cares about herself and her ego. She obviously only got this tattoo for the attention she’d get in return, and now it’s biting her in the ass, deservedly.

No. 701172

Looks like she deleted the tweets.
Of course, sounds just like the toxic POS she is. Impulsively hurt someone who was giving their opinion, deal all the damage to them and their family, then delete the evidence so you can act all “I’m innocent! I only want the best for people! Don’t be rude to me I have insecurities!”
Like sHUT UP and maybe stop posting pictures of your tattoo if you can’t handle anything remotely negative??

No. 701217

She’s proven many times over she can’t keep a plant alive. Hell, if she can’t remember to give her pets fresh water, what’s the likelihood of her remembering to water a plant?!

No. 701219

Yeah it makes me think of plastic surgery and how if a dr botches you you DON'T go back to them to fix it even if they offer to do it for free because they couldn't even get it right the first time. Don't make the same mistake again and do more research and go to someone who can actually fix it. Gods with anything really but tattoos and plastic surgery seems to be where people fail most. if someone fucked up fixing your plumbing and it was still leaking you wouldn't call them back unless you were completely clueless

No. 701283

The three cats are locked in her room and the rats are in a common area of the house. which is just as cringe as the setup before. the cats are probably going stir crazy after having a big house to wander

No. 701333

Now that it's faded to shit, I can actually (somewhat) make out what it is! Now I can see that all the snakes look absolutely ridiculous and the heart itself is flat as hell! Great work!

No. 701338

One of her stans actually retweeted the original video of the kid that she brought up and started flaming him. Her stans are just as bad as her.

No. 701361

So a whole day has passed and still no new video. She doesn’t work she doesn’t do shit but yet she still can’t get her video up today when we know she’s been doing absolutely nothing? Makes sense.

No. 701368

She hasn’t posted on twitter in a day! This is a new record! Tinfoil Either she’s dead from overdose in her room and Jen hasn’t figured it out, or she’s relapsed! I’m surprised she’s not posting day-after pics of her tattoo.

No. 701376

poor cats. poor Star. if they are all stuck in her room that's a recipe for fighting over territory eventually, if not already.

she's probably just asleep and will use that as her latest excuse "omg I was just sooo sad from the one critical tweet about my tattoo out of tens of thousands that I ended up sleeping for 16 hours lol I'm so quirky"

No. 701377

Im thinking relapse. All this shit posting, crappy tattooing, and cravings probably got to her.

No. 701379

Inb4 she blames the person that was honest about her tattoo for her relapse.

No. 701382

I can't wait to hear the pity-party finger-pointing blame-game she plays if/when she does admit to relapsing (I only say "if" because we know she's going to relapse if she hasn't already, but she might not announce it. like the common tinfoil that she was using meth/other non-opiates a month ago when she left sober living.)

isn't that like the first thing you learn in NA/AA? don't blame others for your addiction/relapses? I can just see her blaming the "one" critical tweet about her tattoo for forcing the needle into her skin.

No. 701384

File: 1568258686059.png (1.01 MB, 2048x1984, Screenshot_20190911-232138.png)

She's just lazy.

No. 701392

but of course she also manages to go to AA meetings, NA meetings, therapy, IOP, doc appointments, etc. yeah. seems legit.

No. 701396

I def think she has relapsed. Her attitude has been going downhill quickly on twitter and she even mentioned on there that she slept all day a couple of days ago. She prolly stopped going to meetings and was talking to that rando who was talking bout doing heroin and prolly is getting high with him. It’s doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that all her behaviors haven’t changed and therefore the outcome isn’t going to change either. Waiting for her to rationalize it by saying “omg gUyZ sorry bout the relapse but the guy who said my tattoo sucks made me do it! Boohoo”

No. 701399

Really what has changed since Taylor got “sober?”

>>still acts manic AF

>>still doesn’t take proper care of her hoard
>>spends money foolishly
>>sleeps all day
>>still plays victim (blames everyone for her shit existence)
>>still lies compulsively
>>still trying to get in a relationship with disgusting guys (no standards)

Feel free to add to the list because I know I’m still missing a few key points.

No. 701400

she'll never say shes relapsed. She only admitted to heroin after she was exposed

No. 701403


>>still never takes accountability for literally any of her actions

>> still spergs on twitter daily
>> still has to have attention for anything she does and even loves all the attention and pity points for the heroin addiction that her POS boyfriend that literally everyone told to stay away from gets her
>> which leads me to my last point, she loves the woe is me, feel sorry for me story that she has made for herself because of doing drugs so I don’t think she will admit to relapsing until she finds someone to blame for the reason why she did it

No. 701412

Is there an NA equivalent of the “dry drunk” concept in AA? Because that’s her to a t.

No. 701441

File: 1568263796758.jpg (471.3 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-215052.jpg)

No. 701442

>busy all day
aka sleeping all day

No. 701461

It’s so funny how her video was supposed to be out by Sunday, and now it won’t be up until Thursday.
If she was serious about her YouTube career she would’ve uploaded her video she has been apparently working on for daayysss instead of get an 8 hour long tattoo. Her priorities are comically childish.
She has the looks of 22 going on 52, and the mentality of 22 going on 12 years old.
She probably paid so much for that shitty tattoo, too.

No. 701487

If she was serious about her youtube "job" then she wouldn't have to broadcast when she'll be uploading and why she couldn't upload. All her videos would automatically upload once a week or something. There's people uploading everyday and stream right after, she has no excuse. Speaking of excuses, whatever happened to her EDS? Wouldn't her "dead veins" cause more problems to her EDS since muscles depend on blood circulation or is she just walking around with dead arms and legs.

No. 701492

Her EDS has disappeared like her other made up illnesses. Now that she has a real "illness" (addiction) she doesn't need them anymore to get attention and asspats

No. 701501

If she had EDS, shouldn’t that have caused complications with her whole addiction story? She said she at one point fell on the floor convulsing (she also claimed it was a “seizure”) and was like that for hours. I assume she would’ve dislocated something, since she’s claimed even in early videos that she would sometimes just go to sleep and wake up with a dislocated shoulder or something. If she was that fragile, she wouldn’t be able to just not talk about all the daily struggles she has with EDS.
She’s soooooooooo educated on addiction now that she’s forgotten that EDS is also a daily, lifelong disease and realistically she’d be getting flare ups like mad if she seriously suffered with it.

No. 701516

File: 1568270039171.jpg (529.7 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190911-233450.jpg)

No. 701529

Watch her talk about it now since it’s being talked about on here. All her illnesses are likely false and a placebo given from her mom because since she’s all about getting attention from it, seems like she never gets any flare ups unless she needs to get away from a responsibility. She used to use it alot to get away from uploading videos and now she just uses her recovery. It’s not that hard signing into youtube, uploading a video, and let it process while you sleep all day. It’s obvious she hasn’t made the video yet and is just going to do it when she’s not feeling lazy.

No. 701534

The video is 100% going to have her new tattoo in it since it wasn't filmed yet for Sunday

No. 701561

what random on twitter? she was publicly tweeting a guy that said he wanted to do H?
(for those "lurk more" peeps - save it. Missed it.)

No. 701562

File: 1568277362878.jpg (530.2 KB, 1080x1358, 20190912_183148.jpg)

Umm.. the eye on this.. thing literally surpasses it's head and somehow is also on the hair… much anatomically correct.. and covering this major fuck up will only make this whole thing look even more blotchy than it already is.

How does taylor not see these major flaws? ITS EYE IS LITERALLY COMING OFF ITS FACE TAYLOR!

No. 701563

good catch.
watch her also post photos the day she uploads with the same clothes she has in a vid - which will also be a dead giveaway that she filmed that day. (hope that made sense lol)

No. 701608

Anon, those are just her eyelashes and eyelashes stick out from the face, don't ya know. Kek.

No. 701615

While you're right it's the eyelashes, it's really hard to tell and doesn't look like it. It just looks like a really fucked up eye.

No. 701616

I think the eyelash comment was sarcasm anon.

No. 701625

Jeez it's messy. I don't understand why they have lines to suggest depth on the sides of the nose but only shading underneath, and the darkness doesn't even reach the bottom of the nose there's a empty gap

No. 701744

She basically got a tattoo of a drawing of a girl and snakes, rather than a tattoo of a girl and snakes.

No. 701745

She basically got a tattoo of a drawing of a girl and snakes, rather than a tattoo of a girl and snakes.

No. 701760

im gonna do a transcript of her new fish video so no one has to watch it. will have it up soon.

No. 701763

Ty anon, much appreciated. The last thing I wanna do is give this girl any more money to fuel her ego.

No. 701772

I saw a YT preview on her vid and looks like she doesn’t have her new tat in the beginning intro at least. But I’m sure it’ll come up later in the video.
She doesn’t look as trashy as on her other vids since she didn’t make her lips look like balloons.

No. 701775

She is trying to avoid the "fish lips" comparison. Kek.

No. 701778

I almost feel bad for her because it’s clear that she has no friends or anyone in her life that care enough to tell her things like maybe don’t do this stupid thing, maybe try another tattoo artist, and maybe don’t wear that outfit because it doesn’t look good on you. Instead, she’s surrounded by people who will let her look like a whole ass clown because they don’t want to detach their lips from her butt. I don’t feel sorry for her because this is the community that she created for herself.

James Charles has his issues and is hardly the poster by for how a Youtuber should behave, but he did have a lot of his viewers constantly getting on him about his foundation not matching. Eventually, he did make a video admitting that he has issues trying to match his foundation and he tried his best to find a shade that works for him. I feel like something like that would never happen with Taylor because she always breaks down when she gets any form of criticism, no matter how honest it is. She likes to whine that she has no control over her fan base, ignoring the fact that she has control over herself. She knows that her fans will go dog pile on anyone criticizing her, but instead of ignoring the criticism or addressing it in a way that doesn’t single a person out, she always always always quotes them on Twitter, spergs out, and then deletes her shit so she has no ownership in what happens.

Hopefully, it will be just a few more months for most of the people patting her ass about being UWU sober to forget about her or stop caring. She’ll start losing subs again then hopefully.

No. 701779

She does this for every single video. Does she not know what a scheduled upload is? And why the fuck does the time it’s posted even matter.

No. 701797

A lot of her stans are complaining about it being uploaded now because they are in school, which Taylor knows nothing about.

No. 701798

Her new video is literally just impulse buying fish like they're toys. She even corrects herself to not call an almost $300 fish "that thing" and shes constantly. She literally buys hundreds of dollars worth of living animals with less thought than I think most people put into buying a pair of shoes.

No. 701800

It’s been said before many times, but she is definitely lonely. But that’s not something to feel bad for her about because she literally isolated herself, by herself.
I know narcs like her and she will never stop playing victim so that she will always continue to get ass pats. She still has stans who are “mental health advocates” backing her sob story, and hopefully they’ll all see eventually that she is a trash person but knowing the internet she’ll always have stupid ignorant fans.

No. 701811

> No new tat, which confirms she did record it when she said she recorded it (Just totally missed like 3 uploading dates)
> Finally mentioned Zazu dying in a video
> Admits to promptly buying another one (To replace him perhaps?)
> Fish arrives dead. Receives refund. Happens three times in a row before she stops ordering fish.
> Brings up when she received her 300 gallon fish, and how they're all still alive, except a pair of wrasse
> Forgets the name of the company, mentions it was the company for Tanked (which Tanked is a horrible show with all the wrong requirements)
> Mentions how they don't sell to people directly, and how it was a ~*~*~Special Thing Just For Her~*~*~
> Has a video up in the middle of her heroin video, which "accidentally" plays and she purposely name drops it again
> Says "I Don't Want To Hear The Heroin Story Again"
> Opens up on Pewdiepie's Minecraft series and starts talking about her binging it in the Quirky Guurrrll Way again
> Confirms no longer having freshwater tanks
> Says she can just go down the street and buy fish, but she has to order them in the mail for the video, despite talking mainly about how her fish arrive dead when she orders them via mail
> Mentions yet again Fish Shes Wanted For So Long to jump around the impulse buying
> Also side note, she's adding more fish to her already overcrowded 150? What?
> Basing all information off the Aquaria Site despite it not being accurate aka No research on these fish beforehand
> This is the 10th time she's done O face at the camera.
> Talks about how she's feeding her fish 3 times a day
> Sudden mention of the Medusa worm? Let's see how long she mentions her Medusa tattoo
> Admits she doesn't get it yet just because she doesn't know about it and the video cuts to why Medusa worms are bad
> Has Bryopsis and Cheese merch bookmarked on her browser (Just a thing to note, I guess, the only thing I saw of worth there that would interest anyone)
> Sees boxfish for sale and starts talking about cheese
> Test results DID come in ages ago, but theyre were "inconclusive" because of so much tissue damage
> Admits that it's because of her keeping him for a "DAY" to do that weird viking funeral, but I'm pretty sure she had him for a few days if I remember correctly in the freezer?
> Talks about how she's trying to not be so reckless with her money for spending $560, promptly spends $530 with taxes after just removing 1 item down to make it $490
> Date confirmed she recorded it September 2nd at 6 pm
> She went and ordered a bunch more corals and another fish right afterwards
> Hedgehog cages and some glass aquariums turned upright spotted in dining room/den or living room area
> Despite saying she's only bought fish once, drops the "yeah the box always has a bunch of discounts and codes on top of everything else"
> 3 New Emerald Crabs arrived alive
> 2 New Cardinal Fish arrived alive but pale from stress of shipment or the darkness in the box
> She isn't rinsing the bags that have just been in a bunch of packing peanuts before putting them in her tank to float. That's how you kill your sensitive fish and corals with whatever chemicals are sitting on the outside of the bags.
> 1 New Scissortail Dartfish arrived alive
> New Purple Star Polyps arrived alive
> New Tube Coral arrived alive
> Another Scissortail Dartfish arrived alive
> The last Scissortail arrived alive
> Haphazardly opening all these bags with a steak knife
> New Pygmy Angler Fish arrived alive, do I smell a cheese replacement?
> Still have yet to see Irwin
> Says drip acclimation is the best and safest, but she had an appointment so thats why she just decided to not do it, instead of waiting until she's back home
> Finally saw Irwin, her tank has a lot of algae on it, but that's not a big deal.
> Feeding Irwin seaweed again
> Rest of her shipment arrives
> Promptly breaks her camera
> Two other fish arrived alive
> Squat Lobster arrived dead
> All other corals presumed to arrive alive
> Hair line is looking thin and bad
> Ends the video going on about how she's ~3 Months sober~ so that got added in once more
> Promotes her second channel, twitter and instagram to watch her continue to be a "recovering" addict
> Mentions it repeatedly in a span of like 15 seconds
> Tells her watchers to click a new video, still playing obviously with her tags

Sorry it took so long, didn't want to miss anything

No. 701816


Edit: her 150 Gallon Fish, not 300 Gallon, and she tried to buy the lionfish 3 times, and 3 times they arrived dead

No. 701827


In the video she keeps asking people to watch all of the ads on the video because she's spending so much money on the new fish. I dont think she has realised yet that there's an issue with youtube at the moment and a lot of channels aren't able to add ads to their videos. I think her channel is effected because there weren't any ads when I watched the video.

No. 701836

She posted on twitter that there were 4 ads on it, and she put it down to 1, but maybe she just accidentally removed it all together.

No. 701847

New video related: does anyone else get exceedingly angry and annoyed when she talks to her animals like a child? I mean I have pets and yes I talk to them in the “cute voice” sometimes but she literally was doing that stupid voice throughout all the video I could sit through. It’s so cringe.

Also did she do any research at ALL for those new fish she got? She literally got the cheese-replacement because it “looked stupid”.
She’s acts like a fucking 5 year old and does it on purpose to be “cute” and “quirky” when in reality she’s stupid and selfish for getting these sensitive fish so haphazardly.

No. 701849

Probably that DDLG aesthetic slipping through that she's procured with Jonny

No. 701850

100% the new angler is a Cheese replacement

No. 701854

I thought Tofu was the new cheese lmao.
Gotta have the money maker meme pet amiright

No. 701858

Nah, Tofu is the new Goose.

No. 701870

I think she's wearing one of Johnny's shirts wow unboxing those fish.

No. 701879

Why does she order fish from this place if they arrive dead so often? God this stupid bitch.

No. 701896

File: 1568312342861.png (108.59 KB, 1409x914, Capture _2019-09-12-11-18-17.p…)

Fishtuber here

Dumping all that water from those bags especially in a saltwater tank is a fucking no.
Not quarantining those fish is a no also.
Treating a smaller tank is always better than infecting a established saltwater tank.
This is why most her saltwater fish died in the first place.
She didn't check if any of those corals are poisonous to her fish.
Impulse buying was shown heavily in this video.
Posting a forum picture and the URL to it if anyone wants a read


No. 701909

Bc she sees them as items she can return/exchange.

No. 701916

i was literally going to comment on this. it isn't even the first time here at least people comment how she sees fish completely different from other animals. her whole "it's just a fish dude" confirms it. idk if i'm the only one but the whole video i was just very uncomfortable how she just treated fish like things and not actual live creatures? it really fucking irked me

No. 701918

Taylor's fish care is abysmal. Picking random saltwater fish online is just fucking dumb. She'd be better off going to a local store and getting healthy specimens, but I bet she pissed off the local store when they found all her needles.

Her saltwater tank is gonna make her broke, that's way too big a tank for her to manage and she's not gonna get it in an apartment. It doesn't even look good, it's just got a shit ton of one of the easiest corals GSP. Irwin is far too large for that tank, too much rockwork. She'd be better off downsizing and making it look nice, the 150 will take all her money if she want's it to look "good".

No. 701923

the minecraft bit was so fucking cringe oh my gooooooood. "oh im gonna screenrecord now please ignore the fact im watching pewdiepie's minecraft series HEHEHEH it's not like i am having it up on purpose just to show you all how quirky i am HHEHEEHEH"

i cannot believe she's in her 20s.

No. 701924

Exactly. My whole thought was how did she have her heroin video mid play open but when she's screen recording, it's suddenly pewdiepie?

No. 701925

samefag but her "i'm just doing this for the video" just screams "i want to have an excuse for impulse buying animals online" and her stans keep enabling her when she already said she has a problem with impulse buying animals.

No. 701928

The angler is gonna eat her fish, calling it now. It eats live food and eat's smaller fish, her fish are gonna go "missing"

No. 701929

Asking your audience to interact with your adsense content is a direct violation of their terms. Can this girl not be an exception in any are of her life? She just doesn't think any rules apply to her at all it drives me up the wall.

No. 701931

Her pygmy is gonna get up to 3 inches, so anything small enough to fit into it's mouth is gonna die, and the pygmy probably from choking on food too big since its one of the smaller members of her tank

No. 701932

She won't see the angler much, likes to hide in rock work and is an ambush predator.

They are opportunistic eaters and prone to killing themselves through overeating, this fish doesn't have a chance.

No. 701936

File: 1568314739343.png (41.25 KB, 1649x354, ded.PNG)

No. 701950

File: 1568315330922.jpg (203.03 KB, 615x1024, IMG_20190912_120750.jpg)

Buying a lot of fish isn't like buying a lot of snakes. It isn't impulsive since I already have the tank. Duh!

No. 701965

$280 for a fish you know nothing about, only eats live,hides all the time, doesn't thrive in captivity what could go wrong?

I can't fathom her stupidity, if she wanted a cheese replacement (which is what this is) she should've bought a different fish. Her laziness, and lack of researched killed cheese, she doesn't learn does she?

No. 701967

File: 1568316516031.jpg (250.67 KB, 1080x1154, Screenshot_20190912-212928_Twi…)


No. 701968

It’s obvious that she bought that angler fish just to post photos of it with funny QuIrkY caption on it for likes. She could careless about any of her animals.

No. 701970

File: 1568317005315.jpg (87.71 KB, 597x585, IMG_20190912_123608.jpg)

Could have used a 20% off coupon on her $500 order, and didn't.

No. 701992

inb4 she kills both the angler and goby through starvation

No. 702005

Freshwater fish keeper here: just because it’s a fish and not a snake does not mean it’s easier to care for. My goldfish tank is easily the most taxing for me to upkeep, and that’s just freshwater and not a 300 gallon salt water tank. I wouldn’t be surprised if all she does with the tank is over feed and video it, and hires someone else to do anything laborious.
It’s just weird how nonchalantly she can say that taking care of fish is easy, when i can say for a fact that keeping water conditions perfect and maintaining a healthy ecosystem is not simple nor easy in the slightest.
And these fish she’s getting are expensive as fuck, and yet she still says they’re just things and allude to them being valued less as lives than other animals like snakes.
If you truly cared about animals, you’d value a feeder goldfish as much as you value a designer snake. Monetary value shouldn’t determine whether an animal is a “thing” or a living being.(fresh blog here)

No. 702010

What happened to Oscar?

Don't know much about fish but a fucking anglerfish? Really? Just cause it's ~unique~ probably. I doubt it's going to last long.

No. 702016

>hires someone else to do anything laborious

Pretty sure she paid someone to help reset her tank, looks pretty clean in the video and it was infested with algae a couple months ago. No way mama dean was looking after it in rehab, she probably just added it to the list of expenses. She obviously doesn't water change if at all, she probably does pay someone to maintain it.

Does this mean mushu is dead/rehomed as well? She seemed pretty bored with her on the last vid.

No. 702032

im pretty sure she still has mushu..just abandoned in a corner somewhere.

No. 702034

File: 1568326218763.png (142.43 KB, 597x518, Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 3.06…)

"the store lied to me"

classic TND response. she seems incapable of taking accountability for her shit husbandry.

No. 702035

yet she continued to buy captive bred animals from that same store….
try again, taylor.

No. 702041

WAIT. the SAME seahorses she said, in a video, she rehomed, and they were all happy and healthy in their new home?

No. 702043

No. 702046

"They spread diseases!"

Yes, Taylor, because your dumb ass never quarantines new animals properly or at all. Funny how that works out.

No. 702049

she should seriously watch all her videos so she can recap all the lies she's told in order to maintain them at least. what a fucking idiot.

No. 702056

what are you getting at?

No. 702070

>begging people to watch the ads on her videos

So she's broke, has confirmed on twitter she's in massive debt, yet she keeps spending money as if she had the income of a year ago. She could go and say that the fish are part of her "job", but homegirl had to rehome a huge chunk of her hoard because her parents weren't able to care for them. Why is she getting more animals? Because "it's just a fish, bro"?

As a "recovering" addict with a fucked up financial situation, she should be focusing on getting her shit together instead of still living in her bubble that she can do whatever she wants with no consequences.

From the looks of it, living with her parents is going to be for a hot minute, so she should fucking stop spending money on animals she'll kill because she has no idea what she's doing. I don't doubt that in the very near future she'll start borrowing money from her parents to try to keep that shit lifestyle she has.

No. 702075

>>in the very near future she'll start borrowing money from her parents

If she hasn’t already.

No. 702080

Almost all saltwater fish/creatures are wild caught, part of the reason why they are so expensive.

This bitch is a psychopath, killing pets and lying so much.Another one about the seahorses.


No. 702083

File: 1568331846866.png (58.57 KB, 1294x749, stans.PNG)

Her dumb stans going back through the house video. These idiots will never get it, anons here called it for months, the breathing, shady behavior, ciders, clothes.

No. 702094

ya the ammonia burns on mushu pretty much prove you have no idea what your doing.

Sensitive my ass, It's not difficult, refugiums, macro algae, water changes, not overfeeding, testing regularly. It's what any reef keeper should be doing anyway.

No. 702095

Further confirmation that “not dead from neglect yet” = “happy and healthy” in Taylor language.

No. 702115


in case any of you guys want to do what taylor did and have a necklace you didn't really earn: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NA-NARCOTICS-ANONYMOUS-KEY-TAG-CLEAN-TIME-90-DAYS/264252608240?hash=item3d86aecef0:g:ltgAAOSw43pclzgI

No. 702125

the way she uses "perfect" and "amazing" is so triggering. Also, just because you see couples being funny and laughing together doesn't mean they're in a healthy relationship. Time to start DMing boys again Taylor?

Funny how she only has the first and the 90 days one but not the two in between. You would think she'll want to show off all of it together so she can act as though she's better than any recovery person. I'm starting to believe that she left the sober house to relapse and now she's here pretending to be 90 days sober. I mean, her own mother even spilled the milk

No. 702130

File: 1568337072879.jpg (104.61 KB, 592x675, IMG_20190912_180648.jpg)

Oscar posted a <3 on some cute spooky chick's bathroom selfie last week(?), but deleted it. Taylor has been IrOnIcALLy tweeting him. He had the courtesy to retweet… because he has already felt the paoer of her stans.

No. 702131

>I don't have working veins on that arm at all actually
Just a simple research will tell you that she is absolutely lying about her veins. They heal in a few days to a few weeks while being visible to the naked eye. If she is telling the truth, she'll be having severe health problems. She's so fucking stupid and one day, some of her young stans will try to follow her dumb choices.

No. 702133

Maybe a slight hint towards Oscar? >>702130
Just imagine the constant texting/calling/messages from a girl that's so desperate for attention that would feed you to her stans if you ever do her dirty. lol goodluck to Oscar

No. 702135

File: 1568337560944.jpg (213.72 KB, 594x1018, IMG_20190912_181827.jpg)

I don't think this sperg about veins has been posted yet.

No. 702139


What is she talking about, arms aren’t even 6 inches thick total unless you’re super obese.

No. 702148

Is she trying to defend herself by saying all her veins in her arm is not working even after 90 days of being sober? LOL

I also never heard or seen nurses doing blood draws from a person's wrist and almost everyone in my family is an RN.

I think she meant the needle had to go in 6 inches under her skin which is exaggerating unless she's dumb enough to think that her veins are 6 inches deep.

No. 702152

File: 1568339052242.png (555.02 KB, 1242x2208, 24CDEB47-E99E-4467-96B7-80DE60…)

Apparently she’s sperging about how someone has made a video about her and zoomed in to show her arms and other obvious signs she was using (in old vids). Tbh this seems like less of a complaint and more of a “hey look SEE I was sooo addicted, I was such a druggie guise some1 even made a ViDeO about it!”

No. 702154

File: 1568339636216.jpg (96.67 KB, 593x585, IMG_20190912_181636.jpg)

She knows her stans will jump all over anyone, she just deletes hsr signs and pretends ignorance.
Here she is warning keemstar about pissing off K-pop stans because crossing anyone with rabid stans is a bad move!

No. 702160

File: 1568341404166.jpg (94.97 KB, 600x511, IMG_20190912_192055.jpg)


Thinking of getting a smaller tank for her anglerfish because the other is too big for him (but what about the other fish?)

No. 702184

>Funny how she only has the first and the 90 days one but not the two in between.
My money is on:
>Taylor is forced to go to a meeting during the two minutes she was in the sober living home
>Meeting organizer: "Oh you're new? Here's your welcome keychain."
>Goes on a bender for two months
>Mama Dean gets pissed off, Taylor decides to pretend to really want to get clean, agrees to go to another meeting
>Meeting organizer: "Oh hey you're back, how are you doing? Staying strong and clean?"
>Taylor: "Y-Yeah! I've just been going to meetings in other cities… Yeah."
>Meeting organizer: "Uhhh okay well you're probably coming up to your three month then right? Here."
>Taylor: "Yeah definitely! Three months, totally!" [texting dealer under the table]

No. 702187

bitch, it's an ambushed predator that likes to camouflage and hide. She didn't think this through, wouldn't be surprised if it's dead already, all the stuff online says it need live food.

No. 702190

a love of fish… so much that when a dead one turns up in the mail, you order another, and when that one's dead too, another.

No. 702209

File: 1568346818144.png (328.79 KB, 750x1334, 6E2AC25D-E0AA-4504-BF8F-AFB544…)

Someone uploaded a video of all the times in Taylor’s videos that you can tell she was using H or her track marks etc it’s pretty interesting. Shows a reflection of someone other than Jonny bout to shoot up in a reflection of Mushus aquarium..I watched that part a couple times and I def think that’s what they were doing it’s just crazy though

No. 702229

that sounds like the Taylor we know!

God, all her stans sounds like the typical child that wants something but will ignore/lose interest in a few days. LOL at "keep lovin them just as much who cares what people say." always gotta go back to you huh Taylor?

No. 702243

File: 1568349136222.png (1.49 MB, 1334x750, 363C22D6-F5FD-4961-AF27-BBB143…)

Omg she is def high in her newest video her pupils are gone!!! She’s acting different and weird and her face is already semi sunken in..wtf she’s such a lying bitch, I’ve done heroin for years so I know what it looks like and she’s wasted in the intro at least if not the whole video. Watch her try to lie and hide it for as long as possible while posting recovery stuff everywhere and being a recovered QuEen!

No. 702261

Yeah I was watching at 2x speed and had to slow it down because I wasn't sure if she was slurring or if it was because the speed I was watching at but she def was slurry. Also noticed the pupils. She thinks she's slick and her posting about the vid pointing out how her addiction was visible but lbr people have been calling it from day one; she just gets her stans to attack them.

No. 702269

Oh my god her pupils. This is actually creepy to see. Did she really not notice?

No. 702270

She prolly did but just didn’t think anyone would notice..I’ve saw a couple ppl call her out in the comment section. She’s such a narcissist she prolly thinks she’s fooling everybody

No. 702278

Not for nothing, but this can happen when people abuse/mismanage their subs, too. She seems out of it though.

The old lady in me feels real sympathy for Taylor. She seems painfully insecure, lonely, and relies on the internet (complete strangers) for validation. Her initial animal care turned into animal hoarding when she figured out that she can gain income AND popularity from it. It seems to have only gotten worse since her recovery arc.

I feel bad for her animals and the poor care they have received. However, this young woman needs a positive and stable support system in her life, which seems to be completely nonexistent.

I know this board is for shitting all over her, but the whole situation is just sad.

No. 702292

You think her parents don't want her to be sober and to stop hoarding animals and making impulsive decisions? Her support is right there, and it's at the meetings and therapy sessions she seem to too rarely attend.

No. 702297

the keywords are positive and stable. her family is neither of those things, and yeah she probably doesn't like going to meetings because no one at the meetings likes her. I'm sure she goes and acts like the baddest bitch most experienced hardcore junkie to ever live. she probably triggers the shit out of everyone at the meetings and makes it incredibly uncomfortable. we've all seen how much she romanticizes drug use.

I don't know if/how she'd be able to smuggle h into her parents' house (I feel like they're smart enough to notice, plus the cooking and syringes n shit) so I think she's just abusing her subs. much easier to keep her parents off her back that way while still getting lifted.

No. 702299

File: 1568353136725.png (282.8 KB, 644x943, Capture.PNG)

Hi, Tay!

No. 702300

File: 1568353166740.png (309.29 KB, 750x1334, 94F935F5-F6D5-4421-A12E-A164F4…)

Well that was quick oof bet she read it on her first lmao

No. 702302

File: 1568353311916.png (132.48 KB, 750x1334, C4038AD8-33D7-43D0-8F4D-603323…)

Hahaha cuz she takes it so mwuah seriousnessly

No. 702304

File: 1568353558714.png (121.59 KB, 750x1334, CA064B34-7DE9-4DCD-B607-21353A…)

Cuz she’s so special and different that her pupils leave her whole ass eye when she takes subs and sit in front of sunlight…no hunny I don’t think so I’ve seen it a million times ..u might think u are the best most addicted addict there is but some of us have been on the Ferris wheel a little longer..mwah it makes me feel so good to say that about myself wonder if Taylor will be my friend now uwu

No. 702307

File: 1568353962119.png (164.76 KB, 606x589, Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.5…)


No. 702308

Yeah, positive and stable seem to be lacking in the home environment even though her parents likely love her. It seems that they are enabling, but I can’t pretend to know too much about her home life.

She definitely strikes me as someone who would be a boastful and annoying baby junkie in meetings. But of all the things to pick on, it’s weird that people here are gatekeeping how “hardcore” of a drug addict she is. She ONLY did heroin for X months, her arms look fine, etc etc. Just because she wasn’t homeless or lost every penny or has a relatively cushy life doesn’t make getting clean any less important. It’s also very common for people to romanticize and deify their drugs while in the early stages of recovery.

Like I said, I know this is the place to vent and maybe it’s the old lady in me, but she needs guidance and support. Not in the form of people tearing her apart anonymously or 13 year old YouTube stans that agree with everything she says.

No. 702310

File: 1568354158154.png (97.05 KB, 609x378, Screen Shot 2019-09-12 at 10.5…)

No. 702317

I only rant and “gatekeep” as you call it because that’s exactly what she does on twitter. She always tries to one up everyone’s story and claim she was so bad off or the worse case scenario there is when that’s not true and people have to deal with addiction their whole life and are homeless and turn to prostitution to get their fix. She knew Jonny was an addict and was intrigued with him in her words so no I don’t feel sorry for her, she needs serious help and shouldn’t be trying to teach Anyone about addiction while she lies about shit daily. How is anyone supposed to tell what’s truth and what’s lies that come out of her mouth?

No. 702320

This is a gossip site anon, what do you expect? We're not here to give any cows "guidance and support". If you're going to WK her and contribute nothing in terms of milk at least sage your posts.

No. 702321


yet again, giving "expert advice" that she herself does not follow

No. 702323

Special eyes… add that to the list of diagnoses.

No. 702325

File: 1568357271511.png (913.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-024635.png)

Really trying hard to push the narrative that you're not still an impulsive child ok tay

No. 702327

File: 1568357362283.png (788.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-024632.png)

No. 702328

File: 1568357460799.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-024640.png)

No. 702329

File: 1568357582115.png (721.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-024646.png)

No. 702337

Kek, I'm sure that angler's going to want to be friends with her schooling fish.

Your stupid is showing, Taylor. You can't just throw whatever you want in a tank together and expect a great outcome. Do some fucking research you twat.

No. 702342

Just like what >>702317 said, she always tries to one up everyone's story and she, what we know so far, started a few months ago yet acts as though it was the most damaging ever in her life but clearly she would still be using if people didn't call her out on it.

She also blocks and throw people to her rapid fans if they ever tweet/comment her with the slightest constructive criticism and by how it looks, >>702325 >>702327 >>702328 >>702329, she's on a rapid typing mood for anyone who even questions her.

No matter how much guidance and support, we the random anons do, there's no helping her unless the people in her real life environment gives her that. By the way her parents and friends treat her, she will never get any adult guidance or any REAL support. She will continue to be enabled and she'll continue being a spoiled white girl that acts as though she's the most fragile human being in the world and that everyone should treat her like she's the most important person in the world.

No. 702351

You're hundreds of thousands in debt to the IRS and admitted you didn't pay your bills and are in debt from that too.

So no, you're an idiot for still spending money regardless of your state of mind.

No. 702369

“Document it for my YouTube channel”
i.e. Needs the money/views. In the end I wonder if she isn’t senselessly buying more fish again because she’s filling a void, but because she’s getting desperate for views and money. She must have got a pretty good surge of cash from her first couple videos when she came back, but the views are already dropping again because nobody cares. She’s back to the same person she was.
She really needs the cash and I guess she hopes that being qUiRkY and buying more pets is what will increase her views for the money. Too bad it’s just stupid as fuck because she doesn’t do proper research, and not to mention cringy as hell the way she acts.

No. 702374

Yikes anon, have you read the threads? It's all she talks about, she brings it up every chance she can get plus some. We didn't start that, she did. I'd link you to posts but if there's one thing we have an abundance of, it's her blabbing about how addicted she was and how she was the most sick, no one was as bad as her blah blah blah here's my Venmo transactions that show me spending hundreds on pills and 46 unseen pictures of my track marks. Everyone was supportive at the beginning and we still are, no one wants her to relapse, but we do want her to shut the fuck up finally. She can talk about being an addict without an 18 part tweet describing her veins in detail for the ninth time. It's clear at this point addiction is a cute accessory to her and it's frankly gross, to other addicts who suffer silently because they truly don't want their names connected to that, and to her impressionable young audience.

No. 702381

was the video removed? cant find it

No. 702392

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that we have quite a few anons here that have been to hell and back because of heroin. And when I mean hell we are talking about selling yourself involuntarily, losing family/friends forever, careers, children and I can keep going. They know what they see here and the truth of TND. I will also venture to say that maybe some of those anons became addicted because of an injury and not for the “rockstar” experience of it all. This girl lies, spreads dangerous information and uses addiction as a cutesy personality. You should probably save your guidance and support for somebody that really works for recovery. But if you insist on giving it to this bitch maybe her Twitter is a better place for you!

No. 702402

JFC where to even begin? it’s truly the blind leading the blind. She has absolutely no fucking clue what “healthy” versus “unhealthy” choices are. Her entire life seems to be composed of unhealthy choices. She doesn’t realize that buying a bunch of fish is unnecessary because she justifies it in her head like this. I’m sure while she was using heroin that she was her justification too. She needs to realize that her justification of her choices is part of the problem.

I never knew about TND pre-Jonny (so correct me if I’m wrong), but what I gather from older threads is that her spending became problematic when she met Jonny. Wasn’t it when she snuck out to LA that she bought her Cartier bracelet and we now know that right after that, she started using heroin and was never really sober from that point on and continued to spend unnecessary amounts of money on shit she probably doesn’t even care about now. And previously her parents were in control of her money.

Maybe one day she’ll learn when she’s 40 years old and living in her parents basement with a hoard of animals.

No. 702428

No, Taylor has always been problematic, even before she met Jonny. She already had like 20+ animals (not counting fish) while living at home with her family. Jen had just set some rules like no snakes etc for a long time so when Taylor moved out she went totally ham.
She also had a coke problem before she met him, he really didn't ruin some kind of pure uwu girl or anything lol

No. 702433

File: 1568392990945.jpg (211.05 KB, 590x1054, IMG_20190913_094104.jpg)

Not about Jonny but about being a terrible person before her YT fame.
Might have posted before because I had it cropped, but I cba to look back, and is relevant.

No. 702442

I’m not saying Taylor was never problematic before Jonny lol I’m saying that’s when her spending habits got out of control. I was trying to correlate her spending money foolishly with her not being sober.

I take Taylor claiming to have a cocaine addiction with a grain of salt. I highly doubt she had a cocaine problem. Just like now, she exaggerates things. I’m sure she probably did cocaine here and there bc of YT parties, but seriously, when else has this girl ever had any social interactions that were not exclusively because of YT/social media? Was she doing bumps in her bedroom or the bathroom all night long? What was she telling Mama Dean when she would go meet her dealer because we all know how overbearing she seems to be. Idk she seems way too sheltered to have ever been a coke head. Who really knows but I doubt it’s as bad as she claims and everyone makes it out to be. Feel like she would have milked the addiction train a long time ago or maybe she knew she wouldn’t get asspats for being sober from cocaine and heroin was a better way to go.

No. 702450

I agree, she never had a coke problem. She had 1 sip of vodka and did a couple bumps at some parties. She was in highschool with no money and a cocaine addiction is expensive AF.

Her spending was pretty bad pre-jonny as well, 20+ animals while working a $9hr job at petco just screams irresponsible. Probably living at her parents rent free, so she didn't save it, no drivers licence or car.

Her spending got outta control because she thought the YT money would last forever. With YT monetization going down the shitter she struggling to maintain the lifestyle she once had.

I gave her the benefit of the doubt with jonny, but now I think the bitch deserves what she got.

No. 702469

the tattoo is ugly and this is an appropriate comment, tho?

No. 702470

Nah, she's def had a coke problem. Look at her fucking nostril!

No. 702478

I doubt her coke issue was as bad as she makes it seem. But when you correlate coke with going out, it can turn into an issue. Every time you go to a party and kill a gram, that’s still an issue. You can see in her photos a nostril is a little messed up, but you can’t tell if she just has a deviated septum or what.
I’d love to know what she sounds like on a day to day basis though instead of that fake shit in her videos, you’d probably be able to tell only then if she’s ever had a cocaine issue.

No. 702479

Huh? She doesn’t have coke nostrils. That takes a long time and a lot of crap going up your nose. And by crap I mean Ajax, aspirin, powdered bleach and whatever else is used to cut coke. A lot of people use coke long term and never get coke nostrils.

No. 702496

She constantly talks about getting the vivitrol shot to make it impossible for her to get high, but she always pusses out. In the back of her mind she’s scared to get it because she wants to be able to relapse and get high. It’s honestly sad… she needs to be in actual therapy, she has some crazy issues to work out and running to drugs as a coping mechanism isn’t good, unless she wants to eventually die.

Just my opinion on how she really needs help and I’m actually starting to feel sorry for her.

No. 702539

File: 1568407601346.png (99.82 KB, 750x1334, 26E7F194-61A4-4CBF-B1D3-2AE188…)

I just saw that Twitter is trying a new feature so the people can hide certain replies on their thread. Taylor is going to love this lmao. Instead of just blocking the hate, she’s now going to hide it so people can’t see the truth. Censoring the people who call you out on your bullshit only makes you look worse.

No. 702545


Alternatively, it’ll put all the comments Taylor doesn’t like into one place for easy viewing so you can see exactly what she does and doesn’t want people to say (or more specifically, what she’s seen and doesn’t like). It doesn’t remove the replies, just puts them in one place.

No. 702548

File: 1568408099027.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, AA398995-4D80-4E90-B94E-CC78DD…)

I see she’s still using the bag that Johnny got her. She’s only triggered and traumatized when it’s most convenient for her I guess

No. 702554

shes already said she still has her dealer's #'s. Like, really? If your actually serious about getting sober you'd delete those fast as fuck. She still wants to get high, I'm convinced she's relapsed already, on something else if not heroin.

She thinks drugs are what the cool kids do, she's in recovery and recovery is for losers in her mind. She's 22 basically living in the basement cause she fucked the easiest gig known to man. She's a colossal failure of a person. If mama dean was smart she'd take away her phone and wipe it.

No. 702561

File: 1568408941959.png (36.62 KB, 1051x306, carrot on a stick.PNG)

She still wants that Jonny peen.

He trained her like a dog
>get her addicted to heroin
>have her associate that feeling with him
>Any time she craves drugs she'll crave him too

Classic Pavlovian response. She's still mad Jonny outplayed her.

No. 702573


It's lyrics from the new Halsey song. Not that deep.

No. 702581

File: 1568409594246.png (56.44 KB, 1040x385, tinfoil.PNG)

I dunno, Taylor likes to self insert herself as the heroine, pun intended.

She wouldn't post it if she wasn't fishing for people to make connections.

No. 702584

File: 1568409683765.png (27.56 KB, 1048x177, mo.PNG)

No. 702588

Taylor is only pretending to be bi because she worships Halsey

No. 702592

File: 1568409825774.jpg (267.69 KB, 1080x1108, Screenshot_20190913-232425_Twi…)

Today on Things That Didn't Happen

No. 702603

more fishing for attention, it gives her a high when people talk about her, why do you think she checks here daily?

She's not being an interesting cow these days, it's the same old shit. Go big or go home Taylor.

No. 702611

File: 1568410711589.jpg (888.5 KB, 1532x1704, Screenshot_20190913-233655.jpg)

No. 702613

File: 1568410756319.jpg (866.26 KB, 1534x1892, Screenshot_20190913-233725.jpg)

No. 702614

I'm so uncomfortable with how many photos Taylor posts of Motley being flipped upside down with just people reacting that it's so cute, when that's a sick animal acting sick.

No. 702617

i know and whenever someone brings it up she's all like "lol no what do u mean he's not sick he's just ~quirky~ uwu"

No. 702618

File: 1568412263566.jpg (398.02 KB, 800x1135, IMG_20190913_150216.jpg)

Image board.

No. 702619

File: 1568412323265.jpg (201.33 KB, 608x1097, IMG_20190913_150320.jpg)

Motley doesn't wobble, he is qUiRkY and can't right himself!

No. 702620

The thing is. She's putting him like that. He doesn't just randomly do that. She's putting him in that situation, where he can't get up on his back. It's no different than putting a turtle on it's back to take a picture. And if it happens every time she handles him, she needs to stop handling him.

No. 702621

File: 1568412637060.jpg (135.29 KB, 595x695, IMG_20190913_150837.jpg)

I'm so unique and know that nobody has ever met someone with addiction, even though it is a CRISIS, and it is my job to be patient and educate. I don't want to give them a BAD example of an addict.
I can't with this savior complex and no self awareness.

No. 702622

File: 1568412661115.png (3.12 MB, 828x1792, C578A282-EC79-43C2-8274-B63BBE…)

More dumbass reckless spending. But she’s not feeding her spending addiction, right? Just like she wasn’t exercising her addiction when she impulsively bought a $300 fish she didn’t need. And more bullshit for her tank that isn’t necessary after she filmed herself initially buying useless shit. But it’s not her addiction because it’s not unhealthy! She needs it, guys!

No. 702625


If she needs a dopamine fix for her spending addiction why doesn’t she spend the money on better enclosures + supplies for her animals?? Buying new animals does not count.

No. 702626

Wow, I thought he did that himself trying to move, what a cunt.
Ive also learned from lolcow that a tongue not forking is an indicator of a respiratory infection. Are all of her snakes sick?

No. 702627

Ugh I agree completely! It's really bold of some anons to assume that because she said something it's real or even based on something real. She completely pulls shit out of her ass and she's so sheltered and has no friends, so there's no one to say otherwise. We've seen that she thinks addiction is the coolest thing ever, and there are so many girls who view cocaine as glamorous. Tay is exactly that type. She probably did it a handful of times but cocaine isn't like it used to be, it's all cut to shit with baby laxative, even the "high quality" shit. I don't believe for one second she had a "problem" with it, I think it just fits her so0 siCk narrative. Her septum isn't a good indication of anything, the girl obviously gets lots of plastic surgery and/or fillers. I've seen actual extreme cokeheads who have completely fine nostrils and a straight septum. Cocaine corrodes the septum normally after heavy extended use, which would change someone's voice rather than cause a deviated septum or uneven nostrils. She probably loves that anyone thinks her nostril is a sign of drug use.

I feel like she's setting up a relapse here. Suboxone is damn near impossible to wean off of, even slow, and you have to be off it for a long ass time to get Vivitrol. She's either going to relapse the second she starts tapering and say her cravings came back really bad, or she's going to drag her taper out and say it was too hard to get off it long enough to get the Vivitrol. Or that she didn't need it anymore. I'm just extremely skeptical of anything she says, so we'll see I guess.

No. 702631

File: 1568414568992.jpg (100.84 KB, 596x644, IMG_20190913_154046.jpg)

"So many people said so many nice things about my tattoo. Everyone I met said it was PERFECT and FLAWLESS."

No. 702632

Missed one dose and was puking?? Am I reading this right??
No way she is not abusing the shit out of her subs. One missed dose should not have her basically relapsing from being on only 6.

No. 702637

“It doesn’t matter what those meanie internet people say! People in real life totally keep complimenting me! I’m 100$% not making this up!”

No. 702644

That's complete bullshit, Suboxone has a long half-life so missing one dose won't make you vomit. Maybe at most yawn and have watery eyes, but absolutely no vomiting. I've been on it for years at a higher dose than her and missed plenty of doses and didn't even notice. But I guess that isn't interesting enough.

No. 702651

File: 1568417518941.png (1002.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190913-173244.png)

Star is still pretty chubby

No. 702652

Damn that's a chunky cat. Kinda hard to regulate their food when they're all crammed in to one room, probably still eats all the food.

It's been discussed but she is a stray and they overeat because they're used to irregular meals. Star probably would've had a better life out in the streets than with Taylor, basically taking an animal living happily in the wild.

No. 702661

She's obese. She looks worse

No. 702662

She’s so fucking dumb. Also to the anons speculating she has coke nose, it takes years and a lot of fuckery to mess up your septum doing coke. Like years of abuse or MAYBE a very very bad habit from shit suppliers but even that is dubious, and if she were buying her own drugs she’d get wise. If she were a cokehead for any period of time it would have shown worse in her behavior. Taylor is an attention whore, don’t validate her oh so exciting two years of on-her-own living more than she already does.

She likes validation and getting views. That’s it.

No. 702672

File: 1568419654921.jpeg (413.22 KB, 1125x1431, 502E561F-A55C-4243-AA66-F3C181…)

This video is her carrying him outside and even after he starts to gape and try to intimidate her she puts him down. He takes off into a bush, she tries to reach in and he lunges repeatedly to bite her, then takes off again across the yard while she’s left chasing him.

No. 702674


No. 702682

File: 1568421133013.jpg (76.31 KB, 611x745, IMG_20190913_173014.jpg)

>>702651 >>702652 >>702661
Taylor: "There is a weightloss show for animals?" Dolla signs in her eyes!

No. 702692

File: 1568421983823.jpg (179.51 KB, 604x916, IMG_20190913_174239.jpg)

"My other reptile was okay with this once. I'm completely surprised that this completely different species is acting completely differently!"
Taylor's bearded dragon making a run for it, away from crazy times.

No. 702695

as if anyone can even see her arm in the passenger seat while handing her dad a bag of food at a drive thru
she is seriously delusional

No. 702697

File: 1568422329899.jpg (155.97 KB, 605x776, IMG_20190913_175018.jpg)

Taylor Nicole Dean, doing research after the fuck up, and still finding ways to monetize it.

No. 702699

since she was clean at the time in austin why didn't she have the vivitrol shot instead of going onto a drug of dependance?

No. 702700

I’m with you, I can’t with this bitch either. WTF Tay and you dumb stans? Patience, education, concise?
Suboxone is hell to wean off of. But if she ever does it couldn’t happen to a better person. She is done if she really is on subs. The only way to get off of them is by going thru months of some serious dedication and I don’t think she can do it when the time comes, if it ever comes. This is just the beginning of a for real opiate addiction tbh. And we are documenting it.

No. 702717


i hate this bitch so much. who does something like this to their exotic pet and THEN researches whether or not it was okay to do it? i've got exotic birds and research carefully before i feed them household foods or introduce a new plant. this is what normal pet owners do when you care about the welfare and safety of your animal. you don't haphazardly do whatever the fuck you want with them and then after you get bad results run to the internet to see what went wrong.

i want her in jail

No. 702743

the cheek of this bitch, if that DID (which it didn’t) happen then the lady needs to go and immediately get her eyes checked or her brain because something is clearly wrong.

No. 702752

Yeah lizards in general often flip out going outside, because uv spectrum part of their vision is at full capacity that a normal uvb light just can't replicate. So everything looks more intense and different to what they're used to.
Not really surprised she doesn't know this.

No. 702768

wait so am I misunderstanding her or is she basically still going to take him out in the sun after knowing they don’t really like it?

No. 702779

File: 1568432926400.jpg (106.03 KB, 600x666, IMG_20190913_204717.jpg)

I laughed about addiction the whole time I was in rehab, because humor.
She must have. been. insufferable.

No. 702787

If they're asking for her history, it's her first time going.

No. 702797


"No wobble yet, Just can't figure out how to flip himself over"
"bc he sily and has has no idea how to turn his body back upright"

Yes Taylor, he does that because he has a wobble. You fucking idiot, do some research. A spider ball python "wobble" does not only correspond with a shaky head. The word corresponds with the entire neurological disorder. We call it a wobble because that is the main symptom. He can't turn himself over? it's because of his wobble. He stargazes? Because of his wobble. He corkscrews? Because of his wobble. Everything he is doing is because he has a wobble.
Stop spreading harmful misinformation. Your young stans will think this is cute, buy a spider and say it doesn't have a wobble, it's just quirky and silly because they're as blind and stupid as you are.Grow up and learn how to do reearch before spewing all of the shit that comes out of your mouth.

No. 702819


If this isn't some mighty rationalization. The problem isn't that you're spending money on things, Taylor. The problem is the amount of times you buy shit and the quantity of items you buy in one purchase despite being in debt, by your own admission.

Both of her examples are unhealthy. Healthy thinking should be "improve the setups and conditions of animals I already own but neglected due to drug addiction, possibly rehome more animals so I can focus even more on the wellbeing of the rest of my animals, and come up with a budget plan to pay off my debt".

There is a reason your parents had to rehome part of your hoard, and it's because you have too many animals to care for. You have three cats crammed in your room, plus whatever else is left of your hoard scattered around the house, and if I'm not mistaken, some of your tanks are already overcrowded.

No. 702821


It’s just another made up story. She tends to use exaggerated adjectives when she lies - no nurse would say “amazing job!!!” in response to not smoking. Not smoking is the norm in America, it’s not some special feat.

No. 702828

File: 1568440803739.png (474.97 KB, 750x1334, 39A370C0-0122-4065-9493-98AD7D…)

No. 702829

This is anxiety inducing. She’s owned a beardie for ~2 years and is just now learning about this? Not that we didn’t already know, but it’s clear that she is skimming over a care sheet for each species she owns and then acting like a know it all. She hardly considers her reptiles different from each other and needs to do more in depth research or talk with experts in each hobby, fellow Pet tubers dont count. Honestly it’s not just the sheer number of pets she has, but the variety that is too big for a person to focus on, like a jack of all trades but expert of none. Meaning no single animal of hers is getting the optimum care it deserves. It is so sad.

The point is, decent beardie owners don’t just chuck their dragon on to the ground for the first time. You can take them out on a harness until you can better gauge their reactions, there are actually plenty of cute little harnesses just for beardies out there. Would love to see her order one instead of more ugly clothes for herself. I wish to god she would do some fucking research before she gets an idea, this is so frustrating.

No. 702830

File: 1568440900857.png (473.31 KB, 828x1792, 379559A7-0F0F-4EF9-B743-806FDD…)

No. 702840

Lets not soon forget she joked about being a heroin addict to avoid the fact that you know she was actually shooting up tar. She’s a fucking preteen that doesn’t know how to process or cope with her emotions. What a waste of time, money energy and resources this girl is. Anon is right, she must of been fucking insufferable to be around. Not only are people dealing with some serious shit in rehab, withdrawing and on top of that having to listen to this cum dumpster make heinous jokes about addiction. I couldn’t even fathom.

It’s almost as if she wishes she was actually at a bar three times per day. When she even steps foot outside her front yard, the internet knows because she can’t stop posting pics with her location. What kind of mental illness can one be suffering from when they actually wish they had alcohol and substance abuse issues. She is so grimy JFC.

No. 702841

Honestly I wonder if this had anything to do with people relapsing at both places.

No. 702843

She’s an attention seeking narc. She craves pity and asspats so she’ll do and say whatever she can to get them. Growing up, she probably came to the conclusion of “I get attention when I’m sick” due to her brother. So she’s basically tried everything under the sun to get attention with and found drugs and now she’s getting the asspats she’s always wanted as she exaggerates every “drug story.”

No. 702844

Yeah can anyone who's been in a sober living home attest to about how often people would relapse? I always though it would be maybe a couple a monthish, assuming about 10-12 people per home. How realistic is it that so many people relapsed in the short period of time she was in sober livings?

No. 702846

isn’t her tattoo on her right arm? cant really see that in a drive through

No. 702855

It’s often as you think. I’ll probably get banned or whatever on this but imagine being addicted to a substance for years and finally you grow balls to bring yourself to a rehab. After being strong and recover, you begin your life at a sober home to get support and suddenly… a girl that’s completely lacking self awareness comes in and romanticizes drugs while probably nonstop talking about it reminds you how amazing it was. It’ll probably trigger alot of people by how much she loves talking about it while they’re trying to forget about it.

I know someone who relapsed the moment he stepped out of rehab after a year of hard work and another that is in a sober home for a year or two that hates talking about his past addictions because it just triggers him when he just wants to forget everything and move on, so i doubt she’s even clean while talking about addiction 24/7 and joking about it.

No. 702879

File: 1568461428143.png (5.58 MB, 1242x2208, 15E790D4-B989-4526-B578-DBBA30…)

So she’s clearly reading here…shew wearing ALL her tags on a necklace now. How much was that Amazon purchase?

No. 702891

You can just lie at meetings. It’s not like they piss test you before they give you the keychain/chip/headpat.

No. 702893

I geel like her tags are the equivalent to those 'he/him' and munchie pins? I've never seen anyone brag about this? Why would you wanna wear it outside

No. 702895

Because she's trying so hard to make addiction/recovery her thing. It has to be her personality trait. If she's not consumed with recovery being her "thing" she's going to relapse from boredom/loneliness from her lack of an actual life.

She's boring. That's why she got into drugs. Being high makes you happy doing absolutely nothing.

So it's either do drugs to be okay doing nothing, or make recovery her hobby. It's really fucking disgusting how drugs/recovery is a hobby to her, which is why I feel no sympathy for her and only contempt. Spoiled privileged brat who was driven to drugs out of boredom.

No. 702897

Wasn't her 30 day one a chip and not a tag?

No. 702898

i'm going to be accused of WKing, but why do people in this thread keep presenting their tinfoils as facts? "she bought her keychans on amazon", "she relapsed", she only got sober because she was exposed" etc etc, it's annoying af, the amazon keychain comment has been made a million times now. i'm here for actual milk, like taylor not knowing that her lizard of 2 years hates the sun

No. 702900

maybe she just didn't wear them before, this is tinfoil

No. 702901

People relapse a lot. But they drop like flies around TND and it doesn’t seem like normal relapses. Relapses usually happen during the first year but I also have known a person to relapse after 21 years. IMO she is very triggering and even after a decade I sometimes have to avoid this thread. So if she is triggering to me, over the Internet and indirectly through LC, I can’t imagine being directly involved with her early in recovery. She is dangerous whether she realizes or not. I think she does and enjoys being able to talk about everybody relapsing around her for asspats. The most addicted addict that ever lived being able to say no to those evil opiates while everybody around her says yes. The heroine of heroin. Although, TND is a selfish twat and a proven liar so the relapses may be just a story to further her agenda.

No. 702905

The milk has been pretty stale lately. Anons tinfoiled threads back she was doing meth, turns out she was doing meth. But Anons are just trying to find the truth, nobody believes what Taylor says at face value anymore, and the real story is always buried.

No. 702916

A bunch of tacky-ass keychains on a necklace.
That's one of the stupidest things I've seen in a long time. Yes I can understand being proud of reaching milestones but God, she's ridiculous.
I don't have the time right now to go back through threads, but I think her first 2 were chips.

No. 702919

This is essentially like wearing a t-shirt that says "Ask Me About My Addiction!!!" which would be… Tacky as fuck. She's full blown making her addiction an accessory. That's one way to go about it, I guess. (She does know that the second she's pictured without this stupid necklace, everyone is going to assume she's relapsed, right?)

No. 702923

It’s because she got them from AA I believe. Probably because that’s where brofriend went because he is a raging alcoholic and she can’t do anything ~by myself. Even though there are plenty of NA meetings in Austin.

No. 702943

A full set from NA costs $8.

No. 702975

Exactly, and the common denominator between all that is the people sporting them want attention and pity. Similar to munchies using canes unnecessarily too.

She wouldn't even have to buy AA key tags online, you can walk into any meeting they don't know you at and lie and say you're clean however long. A lot of meetings even do cakes for multiple years clean. You can ask someone for chips/tags too, lots of addicts have them sitting around because you're supposed to pick up a new one if you relapse, it's basically starting from scratch. And addicts don't need the attention of wearing the tags front and center like Tay does.

I kinda believe she is sober, but only because I don't believe she was even a fraction of as badly addicted as she claims.

No. 702979


Is that a bottle of wine on the table behind her? I thought you weren't supposed to drink when in recovery / on subs?

No. 702982

That’s a misting bottle, kek.

No. 702986

File: 1568480646212.jpg (75.85 KB, 591x430, IMG_20190914_100023.jpg)

So she is going to have that half sleeve on her right arm. Full color right leg, and some on her torso.
But her left arm and leg are going to be almost bare? Trashy tattoos in a mix of color and style is a sure sign of a stable, recovering addict.

No. 702996

Pretty sure the half sleeve is on her left arm

No. 702997

File: 1568481688499.jpg (116.76 KB, 673x1184, Screenshot_20190914_192035.jpg)

No. 703003

It's left arm anon, image is flipped here. She didn't think it looked as good on her left so she flipped it. kek.

No. 703008

Yes it's on her left arm. That snake wrist tattoo is on her left.

No. 703066

Sorry anons, I'm spatially challenged.
The fact still stands, her tattoo ideas are not thought out, and will look dumb as a mishmash of talent and style.

No. 703169

It's def gonna look hideous. She already has the half-melted Boo tat on her thigh, she probably wants more color tattoos there so it doesn't look as stupid and draws the attention away. She should just cut her losses and stop, or keep going with black snakes. Having half black half color is stupid, color is almost impossible to remove with lazer as well.

No. 703188

It's so interesting watching Taylor's persona change and evolve over the years.

She doesn't really have a personality. Nada. She's just quirky and desperate and so boringly basic in that wet cardboard way that people who've never had to strive to earn stuff have.

When she was younger, she was Sick Tragic Girl. Then she was Edgy Animal Girl. And now she's Super Junkie Victim Angel. None of it is to do with who she is as a person because there's no fucking substance to her lol

No. 703189

This is Taylor we’re talking about…if she had them before she would have shown them!

No. 703249

File: 1568502492546.jpg (1000.77 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190914_190819478.j…)

LOL I love how she doesnt just walk over and talk to her daughter and instead vague tweets.

No. 703251

I actually never understood why they gave keyrings in NA. Why would you constantly want to parade around something with so much stigma and that was just imagining it on keys. On your neck is just obnoxious

No. 703253

Because most cluts need external markers to signify belonging, and to identify other members.

No. 703254

It’s supposed to help and encourage you. Something you see regularly, whereas a coin would probably go into a drawer. IMO it’s a private thing because it’s a daily struggle and it’s just a little reminder of how far you have come. I definitely don’t agree with showing them off and TND does it in the most obnoxious way. She’s insufferable.

No. 703256

I love that we get milk from our cow, and the cow's mother! But that is some cringe stuff, like seriously…talk to your daughter.

No. 703266

Yeah I've never seen someone wear them like they're an accessory or a statement necklace lol
Reminds me of tryhard highschool kids with fake dog tags hanging out of their shirt necks to show how hard and badass they were

Taylor is as always a walking exhibit of "can't buy class or style, no matter what your income bracket"

No. 703267

I would think the key chains are a subtle reminder to yourself to put on your keys. Wearing it around as a necklace is disgusting and a big flag not to approach that person. She put it on a nice chain,too. Bitch if you wanna be gang
sa, put it on a dog chain.

No. 703275

She should just get a T-shirt that says “90 days clean from ~heroin, ask me about it”.

No. 703309

The way she talks about drugs is absolutely triggering. She talks about the positives of the drugs she used more than the harmful effects of it, unless it's with the intention to make herself look like a victim.

Otherwise, she bonds with people about drugs in a way that reminisces about the good highs she had with x and y drug. There's more to the story about her getting kicked out of both sober facilities and I wouldn't doubt that one of the reasons was that she was triggering others and prompting them to relapse.

She sounds like people who suffer from depression and romanticize the shit out of it to make themselves look deep.

No. 703344

just fucking wow. her entire life revolves around what she sees on this website.

what a sad existence. she pays more attention to bored gossip hounds typing while taking a shit than she does to anything else. bravo, taylor, bravo. you are the best toilet read ever.

No. 703376

File: 1568516477298.png (576 KB, 603x504, wtftwitt.PNG)

This popped up on my explore page and wow, glad to see twitter didn't even bother reading the responses to her tweet or looking into what was going on here (not that they should be seen as a reliably reliable source) I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to see that this is NOT an excited animal. I guess some people think that every animal is a dog kek. The blind leading the blind as always with this trainwreck

No. 703391

File: 1568517800613.png (205.35 KB, 760x759, Screenshot_20190914-212056.png)

What's her problem with not knowing where her supplies are? Not knowing where her feeding tongs are when she's making a feeding video and not knowing where his harness is? Those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head. Maybe don't do the thing if you don't have the equipment to safely do it?

No. 703397

>Maybe don't do the thing if you don't have the equipment to safely do it?
Like seriously. How can she not know he'd do this? It's in even the most basic care guides - don't pick them up from above, open spaces make them nervous, they don't like the sky or being out in the open and will run for shelter.

No. 703408

File: 1568518785233.png (40.58 KB, 590x353, fsdgrs.PNG)

Okay and now she's talking about it like she knew he would be scared/what was going on even though she was laughing during the video because she believed (wrongly) that there was nooo way he could escape

No. 703418

File: 1568519377647.png (37.59 KB, 603x287, dumb.PNG)

so basically she admits she knew that he was scared and still put him on the ground despite this. See Taylor this is how we know you're full of shit when you backpedal. If you knew he was scared and that it was because of beardies reaction to being in real sunlight for the first time and and you still put him on the ground that is NEGLIGENT of you and he could have ran away/been attacked by a bird idk what there is in Texas. Even if there are no holes (that you could see/felt were big enough) in the fence.

No. 703430

All those pesky animal activists found her tweet while she was asleep? Is this yet another day she sleeps until 10 pm? Jesus christ.

No. 703434

File: 1568521295929.jpeg (296.01 KB, 750x771, A716AAD7-FD45-47D1-BBB7-7FFD68…)

No. 703435

File: 1568521325244.png (521.26 KB, 750x1334, 480451B9-5969-42C1-B151-7CCA69…)

No. 703507

File: 1568527113502.png (139.61 KB, 750x1334, 3F36EA6F-9865-4731-BCBC-FB122A…)

Ok if this is real her old Jake from rehab he is a super creepy mo fo and I’m really thinkin it is because he commented this to Taylor 5 minutes ago and the second pic will be the only other thing on his profile wtf?!

No. 703509

File: 1568527150784.png (157.65 KB, 750x1334, 04B996C4-C6B3-4CDD-9891-AA5E63…)

2nd pic about the rehab Jakey boi conspiracy

No. 703511

File: 1568527311612.png (296.76 KB, 750x1334, A2F6B716-0A3A-4426-8251-11A27F…)

Def rehab Jakie what a fucking creep..all his replies are to Taylor?!!! And future bf what u mean, he seems like a fuckin stalker

No. 703513

File: 1568527370980.png (181.46 KB, 750x1334, 69A8A72F-9822-4743-92A8-300C15…)

She really knows how to pick the weirdest of the weird I tell ya

No. 703520

File: 1568527712161.png (347.52 KB, 750x1334, 177267B9-C762-4D45-B92C-74D801…)

Idk what the fuck that dark pic was on his profile but what the actual fuck??? In love with him? If it’s really him ..she must have led him on hard

No. 703523

File: 1568527923546.png (209.1 KB, 750x1334, 1D1C1756-8E1C-48D9-8E4E-E4DFD6…)

Sorry to blow up the feed but I can’t believe I’m actually seeing this..he is a fuckin psychopath ..but by all means Taylor get you some rehab bro dick lmaoooo he has more baggage than Taylor I never thought I’d say that

No. 703529

if this is actually him that's creepy af and he must be the one she was talking about not being able to give her space to grow/waiting to get into a relationship to improve yourself (granted that may just be her excuse). From the vid with her spider ball python in the hotel when he "doesn't like your attitude" and she responded with a meek okay, it was clear that he was abusive and basically Jonny 2.0. This is all tinfoil but I've always felt that she left that in almost as a "cry for help" (albeit a very dramatic one) as it was at the very end of the video - like she wanted people to know it was happening again. I thought that because she claimed with Jonny she was trapped from day 1 and I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with Jake. Ik I may be projecting here and it is a major tinfoil but he just reeks of typical abusive behaviour. While I do feel some empathy for her she manages to remind me daily of why she's an insufferable cow.

No. 703533

Yess I feel the same as well! I really think it’s him because all his profile is nothing but stuff reaching out to her and only following her and now retweeting her heroin post!? He seems extremely abusive and mentally unwell to be honest. She was right to distance herself if our tinfoil is right. Holy crap I never thought she would make a good decision when it comes to guys judging by her relationship w/ Jonny but I think she dodged a bullet quiet maybe literally when it comes to this one, that is if she stays away.

No. 703538

She must have “gotten back to him” as he said because that was his last sperg tweet to her so far so idk ..hopefully more to come for this saga..to be continued…it’s like a damn car wreck I can’t look away wtf

No. 703539

File: 1568529130450.jpeg (6.04 MB, 1536x2048, BE19F244-719F-4BFD-897D-62DB94…)

brightened the pic but still can’t tell what it is

No. 703547

In the bottom left corner it looks like feet.

No. 703548

P sure it's a pic of carpet and then the top part is part of a table with a lamp or something? Reminds me of hotel carpet

No. 703550

This could really be anyone though. She has plenty of people who dont like her or want attention from her and creating an account this month just to get attention from her is a bit… suspicious.

No. 703551

File: 1568529985105.png (250.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190915-084525.png)

Now id love for him to sperge some milk, but I'd be genuinely afraid of him if I was Taylor. This doesn't come off as stable at all and as someone who could really do some crazy shit. And remember she had a gun around him…

No. 703554

File: 1568530179610.png (90.83 KB, 1080x770, Screenshot_20190915-085004.png)

No. 703557

File: 1568531311656.jpg (416.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190915-000909.jpg)

He's so creepy but also I can't stop laughing at his typing

No. 703566

I doubt he has anything interesting to spill. Probably just nudes.

He was never around her animals.

No. 703568

File: 1568532615977.png (342.38 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-09-15-00-27-26.p…)

Why do I feel this is fake and these posts here are from her stans? I think this is a ploy to make her the victim I think that he has a real page on Twitter if that's the case he would have used that. This is just dumb. Joined the Twitter this month. Something isnt right with the buttermilk.

No. 703570

He has no Twitter according to Taylor and it fits perfectly with her post about the "suicidal friend" she blocked

No. 703571

Yeah this is probably a stan or a hater just trying to create fake milk.

No. 703584

In case it IS him, he sounds drunk or high, or both.

No. 703585

Yeah IF it is him, he for sure relapsed and is on something right now for sure. He is reading like that dealer right now, and not like the couple texts she has posted of him before.

No. 703586

>>703529 im sorry but wasnt the person who "didnt like her attitude" just some manager from sober living? im pretty sure that wasnt even jake?

No. 703589

I don't think it was ever nailed down exactly where that happened, both options (hotel and sober living) were theorised.

I personally think they were the white hotel sheets from when she took the snake there, since the dorm beds and bedding looked different and there wouldn't be a male staffer in there. So probably Jake.

No. 703598

File: 1568543578677.png (7.13 KB, 476x109, jaketheman.PNG)

theyre still at it

No. 703612

>do you meant to go down this rode.

kek, i'm having too much fun over his typing.

No. 703636

This is disturbing. So she will be getting animals like before, only filling up the old enclosures after the last 20 she abandoned and that's okay because iT's FoR hEr yOuTuBeChaNel

No. 703641

And this is exactly why you should not date or have relations within the first year! But TND knows all and we are just silly people that don’t understand our own recovery.

No. 703646

This is hilarious. So much for getting dicked down, huh Taylor.

*if real. If fake, strange bait.

No. 703653

Astonishing! Who would have thought jumping on another deadbeat junkie fresh off rehab would be a bad idea! Nevermind, Taylor Knows Better!

What a fucking creep… provided it's real and not TND trolling herself for further attention with a fake account (and a smokescreen for her shit, shit animal care).

How's that experience you wanted going, Tay Tay?

No. 703798

I was thinking the exact same thing tbh. Def smells like a stan to me.

No. 703806

Seems like a troll, don't be so gullible anons.

No. 703812

really? he types like every other failed sobriety man. Look at street suboxone/methadone facebook groups for instance lol. I could believe it. Druggies are emotionally unstable.

If it is fake then her stan is hilariously good at this junkie impression.

No. 703827

My first thought was he’ll spill that she did actually relapse

No. 703831

>>That's really funny how he just booked it though

Yes, it's hilarious to watch a frightened animal flee because he's so stressed out.

No. 703836

File: 1568565280252.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, DC5E138C-933C-45B9-884B-3A968C…)

No. 703838

This pic makes me think this is just some stan or just another creeper online. Jake is a pretty common name and, though we don’t know how he types or talks, I feel like he wouldn’t say something like “what happened to our marriage”

No. 703841

I just have a feeling if it was real she'd block him then go into victim mode, not just keep ignoring them.

No. 703845

please, please post the shit she won't like. you know where to do it, jake! unleash away, we need some milk.

No. 703846

she was 'freshly' single and in need of a dicking hdu criticize her choices anon!!!

No. 703847

>4 votes
Kek which farmers voted on that shit and which option did you choose?

No. 703871

I feel like it's someone from here or a stan that reads here. Sort of funny the dude appeared out of nowhere, commented on few of Taylor's posts and was found.

It doesn't add up and we have no actual proof is him, so surely no reason to plug the thread with some random account.

No. 703873

Yeah I agree. Taylor lurks so much she probably saw it being posted here and/or texted the dude or figured it was an obvious troll trying to bait her into responding.

No. 703879

Also with her lurking here, and multiple people now who have pointed out she's starting to become boring she might be shit stirring herself. She's addicted to the narc supply she gets from reading here and whining about it.

Entertaining the thought IF (big if) it's really him, I have a tinfoil they relapsed together. Possibly used meth with him first time. And now he is acting psycho because she moved back to living her same old life. Though I doubt this is really him.

No. 704001

File: 1568578687645.png (803.79 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 4.18…)

ok but this is fucking disturbing though.

No. 704020

File: 1568579750083.png (457 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 4.35…)

this is to ALL shitty ppl like my shitty daughter, you ingrate, not just her! kek

No. 704023

"How dare you talk to MEEEE as if you know MEEE! You can't talk to me on social media where I vomit out whatever passes for a thought in my head with a side of telling on my own daughter! You don't know me!!!"

Ahhh, classic Jen. Spun glass fragile and ready to go off at any slight provocation but mouthy as fuck when she thinks she can preach righteously.

No. 704037

Aren't Sunday's supposed to be the day that she uploads a video? I assume since she hasn't even mentioned any video that means she's completely given up on her short lived ~upload schedule~

No. 704057

File: 1568581421935.jpg (61.02 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20190915_230449.jpg)

that seems like him, i've never seen the photo of him used as the icon elsewhere, so i think the twitter profile might be him too

No. 704065

Yes Jen, the concept of artists singing about heartache and bad relationships and people relating to them is a new thing exclusively to this generation!!! Of course!!! So wise!!! /s

No. 704070

No no no anon, don't you know that Jen Knows Best and singing about one of the great universal human experiences is so blase! Fuck Adele and Beyonce and The Beatles, been done, so shameful, everyone should just sound like the boring bits on Disney soundtracks!

No. 704098

File: 1568584404631.jpeg (121.82 KB, 750x1065, 5F164468-C889-442C-828E-3964E8…)

On a photo of Betsy and Taylor…

No. 704106

This sounds more like Jonny lol

No. 704108

Yea, one's a barely coherent druggie deadbeat dad and the other is… uh…

Taylor sure knows how to pick 'em

No. 704122

That’s definitely the same bro friend as before. He always gave me a weird creeper/obsessive vibe, and it would make sense for a narc like her to go to someone who’d obsess over her.

No. 704136

File: 1568587903429.jpg (134.35 KB, 716x450, IMG_20190915_154830.jpg)

I'm not 100% convinced it is him. Anons didn't find his insta before, and I could see this as a way to get attention.
Creeper, though.

No. 704137

Yeah I'm not convinced either. Obviously a tinfoil but I genuinely suspect Taylor herself to be behind this. She's been awfully quiet on her own account. And she loves the attention plus reason to play victim. He would have been over her social media sooner I'd reckon to say things like her being his baby.

No. 704142

File: 1568588176995.jpg (138.1 KB, 586x759, IMG_20190915_122613.jpg)

Taylor (again) denying her quote tweets signal her stans to attack. She isn't trying to argue when she does that guise!

No. 704143

Tinfoil but Jake relapsed and is posting all of this high as shit

No. 704146

this was my first thought too

No. 704152

File: 1568588644552.jpg (313.17 KB, 1536x671, Screenshot_20190916-010308.jpg)

Oh. A Twitter sperg inbound after it being mentioned here she's been awfully quiet all this time.

I'm seriously highly sus on that Jake account.

No. 704159

File: 1568589112914.jpg (212.08 KB, 595x1017, IMG_20190915_161154.jpg)

CENTURIES of domestication!
TND can't count time at all.

No. 704160

Man Taylor. Way to be a fucking bitch. Honestly she’s just exposing herself to everyone how much of an asshole she is with a response like this. There was just so much hostility in that tweet, but watch she’s gonna play it off with, “ omg it was just a joke but now everyone is attacking me. People are so much to me when I was just playing”

I forgot though, only she is allowed to be a “sarcastic” bitch but if it’s anyone else that’s being mean.

No. 704163

File: 1568589494401.png (129.98 KB, 750x1334, 3CDAA361-2887-444A-9D31-44EB32…)

I think this almost confirms Jakey from twitter

No. 704165

File: 1568589524135.jpg (537.63 KB, 973x1529, Screenshot_20190916-011817.jpg)

She deleted the tweet the "jake" account has replied a lot to.

No. 704166

File: 1568589535607.png (98.13 KB, 750x1334, EB8F8AD2-F0C7-4D6A-9B50-4C2928…)

She will have a new boy toy next week lmao

No. 704170

This coming from the same lady who’s always posting cryptic as fuck lyrics on her Twitter feed. Kek. No wonder her daughter has such a “do as I say not as I do” attitude.

No. 704174

File: 1568590153441.jpg (674.45 KB, 1536x1667, Screenshot_20190916-012913.jpg)

No. 704175

File: 1568590190632.jpg (188.28 KB, 1536x710, Screenshot_20190916-012941.jpg)

No. 704178

File: 1568590255668.jpg (312.91 KB, 1536x687, Screenshot_20190916-013132.jpg)

No. 704179

File: 1568590282320.jpg (173.14 KB, 1536x487, Screenshot_20190916-013150.jpg)

No. 704181

That's the Cam-Girl Attitude!
So she was really out here talking to both Jake and Oscar at the same time? Yikes.
Wait wait wait, I thought Jakey-boy was the reason she even left Jonny-boy? That he was so nice to her, that she just knew she had to leave and hop on this guys dick next?

No. 704187

File: 1568590640041.jpg (151.99 KB, 1536x566, Screenshot_20190916-013357.jpg)

Very interesting wording here, she would use the "get healthy again" constantly before she went to rehab.

No. 704190

File: 1568590709489.png (283.22 KB, 750x1334, 565493A1-D5DD-45F3-84EB-9ABFAA…)

Confirmed I fucking knew it! He’s a fucking weirdo ..she just looks for the most damaged fucked up boys just like herself ..well you got what you wanted miss TND

No. 704191

I mean to be fair, she can either be upset and sue for revenge porn (if she can do that) or she can just say fuck it.

People have started posting their nudes when people start threatening for them nowadays anyway.

I feel like she'll pull a James charles just for attention, another fellow fame whore.

No. 704192

File: 1568590796636.png (505.19 KB, 750x1334, 997B5765-A111-448E-88DC-793A77…)

This was a better pic to go with the one above that she said interesting to

No. 704195

File: 1568590977919.jpg (344.11 KB, 1536x958, Screenshot_20190916-014148.jpg)

She might lmao.

Am I the only one still highly suspicious though? It feels off to me. Her acting like she has not seen those tweets yet reads as bull too.

No. 704198


Like James Charles, I feel like she has the perfect nude with the perfect caption saved somewhere just for this occasion.

No. 704199

She did only start posting about it when people on here were mentioning that maybe she was behind the account

No. 704203

She does that all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a bunch of old twitter alts, youtube accounts etc. that she uses to plant "troll" comments or concerns from here so that she can address them.

This is the chick who will find one comment shit-talking her out of a thousand praising her. She def. reads here and constantly addresses shit that is said here all the time, either right away or a few hours later.

No. 704206

I’m completely convinced Taylor is behind the “Jake” account. And she’s either going to have “him” post her nudes so she can be the victim and like she says right here - get more followers. Or so she can pull a James Charles and release them herself to “take away his power to do it.” All the while being behind the account herself lol.

No. 704209

But most people picked at James Charles fake butt, nobody takes him seriously. He's also WAY bigger then Taylor, if she thinks that as a WOMAN she's going to get praise & trend how James Charles did then she's sadly mistaken.

WOmen leaking nudes, isn't going to be looked at as "YASS QUEEN" the same way James Charles leaking them, even though when he did it, people just memed him more then acting like he was awesome for doing it.

Taylor's going to get a lot of praise from her stans but most people are going to treat her like dirt.

Especially if she provides no PROOF of dude saying he's going to leak nudes.

No. 704210

File: 1568591711122.jpg (221.1 KB, 1536x402, Screenshot_20190916-015607.jpg)

No. 704211

What? I read this three times and I don't get it, either way, get ready for Taylor to show us nudes…

No. 704216

Yeah, the narc supply from her drug abuse pity party is dying down. She doesn't have content to post today like she promised, so this drama happens! An excuse to get out of work AND get extra attention.
I also note the comments from "Jake" on insta were written around the same time TND's last Twitter activity last night.

No. 704217

File: 1568592085712.jpg (188.77 KB, 1536x508, Screenshot_20190916-015811.jpg)

No. 704218

File: 1568592108191.jpg (499.2 KB, 1536x1353, Screenshot_20190916-020207.jpg)

No. 704219

File: 1568592132809.jpg (34.26 KB, 1241x317, IMG_20190916_020159.jpg)

No. 704223

File: 1568592357486.jpg (209.14 KB, 1241x1303, IMG_20190916_020702.jpg)

No. 704225

File: 1568592378627.jpg (291.91 KB, 1241x2037, IMG_20190916_020706.jpg)

No. 704227

File: 1568592450236.jpg (757.15 KB, 1536x1511, Screenshot_20190916-020755.jpg)

"This guy is so funny I'm gonna film videos with him yo" and this relationship was ohh so healthy right Taylor

No. 704228

File: 1568592517993.jpg (415.41 KB, 1536x1127, Screenshot_20190916-020931.jpg)

No. 704229

Maybe you should call the police? or contact someone that can help this dude? Instead of running to twitter? All she really needs to show is he threatened to post nudes thats all we need to know.

No. 704230

Not to defend Taylor but I think this is actually him. Do you really think she'd be smart enough to completely change her typing style and have the foresight to plan an elaborate publicity stunt? He types like a typical, burnt out, uneducated junkie. I'm sure he's high too but you can tell he's a dumbass to begin with. Tbh I have no doubt in my mind it's really him.

No. 704231

Bella Thorne released her own nudes when she was hacked and threatened with them and she was praised by the vast majority of people.

No. 704235

I almost fell out of my chair laughing at her having the audacity to tell someone to do research. She literally didn’t even know the point she was arguing until someone told her. Absolutely no research went into taking her lizard outside.

No. 704238

File: 1568592800024.jpg (92.68 KB, 1536x244, Screenshot_20190916-021256.jpg)

Bet mama Dean went and got Taylor to live with them again because Taylor relapsed with this guy. She's living there to be monitored.

No. 704244

File: 1568592926225.jpg (91.03 KB, 603x471, IMG_20190915_171421.jpg)

I don't think Taylor has ever taken this advice in her life. Top kek.

No. 704246

She spends all day arguing with people online

No. 704249

File: 1568593307198.jpg (264.09 KB, 1536x620, Screenshot_20190916-022246.jpg)

No. 704251

We did think twice. That's why we knew you were high the moment it started, lmao.

No. 704252

File: 1568593630211.jpg (224.27 KB, 1535x545, Screenshot_20190916-022739.jpg)

No. 704256

File: 1568593695167.jpg (456 KB, 1536x1107, Screenshot_20190916-022910.jpg)

No. 704267

File: 1568594108672.jpg (208.41 KB, 1536x409, Screenshot_20190916-023614.jpg)

No. 704268


she said she before people criticised her for fucking jake so quickly that she hadn't been sexually active in 2 years and deserved some fun. how is it only 8 months now?

No. 704269

File: 1568594189468.jpg (749.75 KB, 1536x1292, Screenshot_20190916-023402.jpg)

No. 704271

File: 1568594241762.jpg (441.36 KB, 1536x957, Screenshot_20190916-023822.jpg)

No. 704272

File: 1568594293424.jpg (174.2 KB, 1536x295, Screenshot_20190916-023910.jpg)

No. 704273

File: 1568594435499.jpg (360.7 KB, 1536x727, Screenshot_20190916-024119.jpg)

But he was such an amazing guy. Kek.

No. 704274

isn't there a way she could report this? She knows so much insider info and so many people are being harmed why doesn't she call someone or something?

Tell someone the place isn't safe and is fucked up?

No. 704275

File: 1568594514786.jpg (246.07 KB, 1536x587, Screenshot_20190916-024237.jpg)

No. 704276

So she knew her "friend" was being harmed and the place was fucked surely there's places to report these kind of things?

No. 704277

she lead this guy on, whether he's shitty or not. she lead him on. she admits that. she told him she had feelings for him, even sperged online about how she might be in love. she came on so strong. then decided she was over it. and he's confused and upset and she's making fun of him online and sharing personal texts. that's real cool!

she's basically mocking that he's an addict who's relapsing and refuses to take accountability for being a trigger. this dude's going to kill himself, then what will she have to say? she's mocking him and laughing at the way he's typing, when she likely initiated his demise

meeting her is probably the worst thing that couldve happened to his sobriety.

how many other people has taylor ruined? how many more will she continue to ruin?

No. 704278

File: 1568594673238.jpg (250.86 KB, 1536x607, Screenshot_20190916-024352.jpg)

No. 704279

File: 1568594698762.jpg (217.93 KB, 1536x554, Screenshot_20190916-024443.jpg)

No. 704280


why do so many people relapse around her???

No. 704281

File: 1568594887653.jpg (526.82 KB, 1536x1345, Screenshot_20190916-024843.jpg)

No. 704284


Taylor: How DARE people share my location and tell everyone where and how I am doing? Does anyone realize how dangerous that is??

Also Taylor: Here is a man who's picture I posted multiple times post-coitus without him knowing, allowed his first and last name to be leaked, posted multiple updates on his sobriety, posted screenshot after screenshot of his private messages, and finally released his and other men's current location, knowing that his is in a vulnerable place.

Jesus, she is a fucking bitch.

No. 704286

Not defending Taylor, it's not respectful to share personal texts to the public, but are you joking? Threatening to relapse or kill yourself because someone doesn't do what you want is manipulative and abusive. He threatened to share nude photos of her.

Taylor's a shit person but this dude is no better.

You reap what you sow Taylor.

No. 704287


i'm not saying he's not being shitty, but in TAYLOR'S LOGIC, he's an "addict" who is currently struggling with the fact that he lost the sobriety he earned before meeting her and thus he shouldn't be held responsible for these actions. Taylor has stressed that she shouldn't be held responsible for anything she's done as an addict, why should he?

And he's unstable and suicidal, of course he's saying crazy shit. Does that mean she should mock him and put him on blast publicly? She should contact the authorities if he's threatening to kill himself, not mock him on social media. She's pushing someone who's not in their right mind to do something very permanent… for what, content? ass-pats?

No. 704290

Follow your own advice then dumb bitch. You back pedaled about how Twisty was terrified, or that you even have a harness and just didn’t use it. FFS why then? You’re the one who doesn’t do any research and then has every excuse in the book when you get called out on it. Fucking hell shes the worst.

“I kNoW a GoOd tHiNg WhEn I sEe OnE!!” This is precisely why ex addicts should never date ex addicts, ESPECIALLY not in rehab. Of course no one told her that. /s It would be more shocking if this wasn’t happening, every red flag about Jake the waste of space was there. Is she ever gonna learn?

No. 704305

File: 1568597746200.jpg (374.33 KB, 1536x738, Screenshot_20190916-032210.jpg)

No. 704314

As a former addict it’s astonishing how many drug users, addicts, and general drug behavior she surrounds herself with. There comes a time you just need to move on.

No NA program would condone someone spending this much time and energy around and communicating with other addicts outside of NA. Spending so much time reliving your drug days and talking about drugs only leads to relapse.

Perhaps I’m too harsh because she is newly sober(allegedly). But, everything is about drugs and everyone she speaks to is an addict. If being an addict is your entire personality, you aren’t recovering.

It’s like she thinks being an addict makes her special and cool, while also thinking she’s better than every other addict and they need her 3 months sober ass to come save them.

She took white savior complex and ramped it up a notch to heroin savior complex.

No. 704324

Suddenly "all men are trash" Jake drama when she is supposed to post a video and is unprepared? Seems legit.

No. 704329

oh my god how many times is she going to post this? is SHE high? maybe she stole Jakey's stash and that's why he's pissed

No. 704334

leading someone on doesn’t make you culpable for someone’s (fake as fuck) suicide. get real anon. if that idiot ever had the balls to kill himself, which he clearly doesn’t, considering he’s been bitching and moaning for the last few days and those texts apparently weren’t sent right before taylor replied, taylor still wouldn’t be responsible. he’s a grown ass man who can make his own decisions and not getting his dick wet while simultaneously acting a fucking fool on the internet is not some unstoppable act of god. it’s up to him to get his shit together.

No. 704338

It’s more the fact is was around when she was saying she was sober. He could have dirt on her that way.

No. 704373

File: 1568604481817.png (172.1 KB, 750x1334, 16AD2309-AABA-439E-B296-EFDE7B…)

Confirms she was dating Jake from rehab hahaha wtf what happened to being best bro friends for life?

No. 704379

File: 1568604654242.png (221.16 KB, 750x1334, 7A27AEB1-3619-4387-AABF-90A9E6…)

Can’t bear to look at his profile lmao you know she’s on that bitch first thing as soon as she knew..so all his sperging is because she pretty much broke it off with him probably after him acting like an ass.

No. 704381

>same nonsensical rambling and misspelling than the twitter account's.

Yeah confirmed Jake. Who would've thought a drug addict with a criminal record would be like this? >shocked_pikachu.png

No. 704407

File: 1568605292242.png (319.18 KB, 750x1334, 331E708F-0078-406C-B324-D935B2…)

Haha bro dick 4 life ..just another thing to add to the list of things she’s lied about cuz she knew that getting into a relationship right after rehab/ in rehab wasn’t good, now she’s dealing with the fallout from clinger Jake. And also do you really need to know about addiction to know that a relationship where he shoots you up isn’t healthy lmao ??? WTF her brain is literally as fried as bad as her pets have been

No. 704409

Not to mention that she basically made it look like she was just "having fun" by getting dicked down. So it was "just a bro" but then "just a bro I'm having fun with by getting dicked down and sperging about it on twitter and doodling dicks on notebooks" then "a guy I shortly dated". Jake was a rebound and a way to rile Jonny up. It was so transparent it gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 704420

File: 1568605635599.png (267.27 KB, 750x1334, D0BF725D-0F7A-44A6-AB07-09C984…)

Maybe stop dating morons just a thought though!?

No. 704423

True and now her rebound is giving her more problems , she can’t even get that right lmao ..and Jonny probably don’t even care , I think he’s got a new girl to mooch off of that has a kid that’s on his insta everyday so double yikes

No. 704426

File: 1568605871557.png (117.14 KB, 750x1334, 7E6DAB5B-0F78-4B73-AB64-324A4F…)

Lmao the story writes itself! She’s the dumbest person I’ve ever seen

No. 704434

Man… This guy definitely sucks but she's so fucking dense. EVERYONE except her braindead stans were like "hey, that's probably not a great idea!" and she was soooo adamant that she knew what she was doing, "I'm just having fun/getting dick/(insert stupid ass reasoning here)"
Will she EVER learn to take anyone's advice?

No. 704435

File: 1568606354794.png (279.27 KB, 750x1334, 9F9DD483-05ED-474F-A68C-99C9A3…)

So she acknowledges that when she quote tweets ppl She knows it’s going to make her stans go after them? Ok cool? Finally admitted what we all knew…she’s sperging super hard tonight lmao

No. 704437

If this is fake then poor fucking guy. lmao he's probably just trying to stay sober and this girl is taking revenge for him leaving her.

no way in hell is he so obsessed with her when they weren't even going out. She was OBSESSED with him from the get go and couldn't stop talking about his dick. They weren't official so she was stuck calling him "bro."

Never met a dude who was a creeper like this that didn't even try to be in a relationship with the girl who was more obsessed with them in the beginning.

I call all this bullshit and just to bring more victim attention to herself cuz everyone doesn't care about her recovery and tattoos anymore especially when she noticed no one likes her tattoo.

No. 704443

File: 1568606656450.png (271.76 KB, 750x1334, 32D607A3-E6D5-4B7B-BC44-DB6AC5…)

Confirmed why she finally stopped calling Jonny and pretty much confirmed that she was still talking to him (Jonny) in rehab and then cut him off as soon as she found bro dick. Boy you really have to solve the mystery and put the puzzle pieces together with this girl cuz she lies one week and then turns around and tells on herself the next . Hahaha but “by myself” amiright TAylor

No. 704448

samefag. It's also pretty easy faking messages and creating twitter accounts on your own. IF he was really a creep, he would've started sending her photos of himself saying things like "don't u miss this?" My ex was like this but this Jake guy is obviously fake

No. 704451

File: 1568606850492.png (272.97 KB, 750x1334, 85CDE03E-B9B3-4754-B901-4F8F7D…)

Poor victim Taylor someone come save her from the scary man..idk maybe try getting to know someone longer than 2 days before jumping in vagina first!? Just a thought.

No. 704453

I think Taylor is too dumb to stage this whole setup..she could get attention a dffierent way. Who do you think the profile is if it isn’t him?

No. 704457

She's shocked that an ex felon with an exwife, a kid he left, and an addict that bought her a gun is actually a crazy ass dude. That's what you get for being with a dude at your rehab and not thinking at all, Taylor. Did you expect that type of guy to be absolutely amazing and perfect?

No. 704458

Another reason why dating with a recently sober person is a shitty choice is they can become codependent translating their addiction to attention and love.

So yes, in a way Taylor and the sober living were responsible for him relapsing. She got lucky he was the one played because if the places got reversed she would be OD by now, crying in the phone like with Postmalone lol

No. 704469

Taylor: OMG Im dealing with a bf who's a rapist, sexist, drug abuser, shitty father, and very abusive but Jake is soo nice even though he also have criminal history, drug abuser, a shitty father, and might be abusive! and maybe Oscar can help me because he's SO NICE even though he also has the same exact problem as my last exes

Also Taylor: OMG WHY ARE MEN LIKE THIS! No. More. Boys. For. ME!

No. 704475

"He was a different person when I fell for him" This pisses me off so much. She jumped on his dick right away. There was not even enough time to establish who the real person was. You'd think someone with "severe PTSD" who just came out of a horribly abusive relationship would be more careful. Also, posting the texts and going on and on about him is such a pathetic attempt to get sympathy and attention from people. Block his stalker ass and move on. They thrive off any attention you give them.

No. 704479

File: 1568608115995.png (264.34 KB, 750x1334, 514E881E-1FA4-4C79-92D7-84B7EE…)

So she led him on? Doesn’t excuse his psychoness but probable the reason why I’m guessing

No. 704481

File: 1568608165437.png (319.47 KB, 750x1334, 6A58100A-48A9-4F70-9A58-B2D1E5…)

No. 704487

File: 1568608324582.png (279.65 KB, 750x1334, 6C8FF153-2983-4EC9-8B54-6AF622…)

Lmao right but hEs only done heroin rECeNTly lmao why was he in rehab then Taylor? Does she think about her lies or does she just go with the first thing that comes to mind?

No. 704492

File: 1568608477051.png (262.45 KB, 750x1334, A3847489-70A1-4D5B-A2C1-513A61…)

So when she tried to tell everyone it was fine to date or have sex or whatever with bro peen did she actually believe it herself or was she lying to everyone then too? Cuz I think you know what my guess is..when will she ever learn?

No. 704494

File: 1568608671416.png (263.71 KB, 750x1334, 8FF640BA-4BE0-425A-9E9A-7E8DD4…)

Well he talked her into dating so early in recovery so it’s cool guys!

No. 704499

I mean it wasn't a good idea to:

a) Date while going through rehab

b) Date someone who's also going through rehab

It was bad timing the moment it began. I honestly am baffled at the lack of self-awareness. She had been extracted from the situation with Jonny. Something really bad had to happen for things to get to that point, and she was already jumping into another relationship based on "seeing each other every day for 12 hours".

And of course he was Prince Charming, because he wanted to fuck you. My man here is in his mid 30's, so of course he knew you'd be easy to get with. And yet you still don't learn and keep thirstying after the same shitty pattern of men.

No. 704504

File: 1568609029615.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 38AE524F-82DC-4700-8CD0-7A450B…)

Lmao changed her insta caption to this..she’s not like the other girls didn’t u know? But I thought she didn’t want to blast him? She’s got to be high on her subs or something the ways she’s super spering tonight

No. 704508


ENTER JONNY to save the day. This girl can honestly not be alone for .5 seconds, so it's either oscar or jonny, no way in fuck this lil twit can lay off and just suffer thro and deal with her shit.

No. 704510

jesus fuck she's still sperging about this? shes been at it all day. the worst part is she's making a fool of herself by her own when everyone was telling her dating IN and right AFTER rehab was a bad idea but she obviously didnt listen to anyone. its almost as if she's making sure everyone knows she's a literal retard.

No. 704511

wtf? Why wouldn't she just delete the picture? She is such an insufferable attention whore.

No. 704515

File: 1568609512899.png (472.81 KB, 750x1334, F254F7AF-73FC-488C-B2E1-5D382D…)

Ok she’s got her attention dopamine rush for the night she’s done hahahahahah I saw someone comment “you sure know how to pick em” and that pretty much sums up Taylor’s whole dating life ever

No. 704516


Your beardie is running away because bearded dragons have a third eye - yes they have three eyes - that perceives shadow and light. It's not because it's cute and qUirKy. If you would have RESEARCHED your bearded dragon before you bought you would have known this. "Research" means a little more work than just watching a video that pop up on your news feed.

Also please learn how to hold your snakes correctly. Tofu bites every time he sees you because he thinks you are a big scary monster that comes and grab him and hold him up to the light for no reason. It's only a matter of time before he is sick from stress and will have to be re-homed, too.

If you don't know how to hold a snake properly (and we have never seen evidence that you do) then there are lots of how to-videos on youtube from snake owners that actually know the topic. And quarantine your fish goddammit!

Once again I do not give two flying shits about if you relapse or who you choose to do heroin with. Just make sure your animals are in a new and loving home before you crash and burn again.

Also I saw a heartbreaking comment on one of her videos. Some of her stans commented good luck on staying sober etc, and a little girl like 7 years old replied with "what does that mean?". It just broke me, seven year olds should not be trying to figure out what heroin is.

No. 704517

Yeah can she like.. stop doing this? It's incredibly childish. Just delete shit and move on, you baby. If you don't want to delete, archive, whatever. But the way she acts, it's obvious she WANTS to piss them off or bait them so they can react and she can cry "oh poor me!" She's so good at deleting tweets as soon as she posts them, you'd think this skill would transfer to IG.

No. 704528

soOOoOOO nice after rehab/when sober…OH so now you see how obvious it is when someone relapses and even though we may not have proof (which makes it tinfoil obvs) it's clear something is off?! I guess she hasn't learned that lesson that the only person convinced that you're getting away with hiding your addiction is 9x out 10 yourself and maybe the people you're using with

No. 704535

File: 1568610278377.png (211.61 KB, 750x1334, 9F8402C5-6204-4A13-AB54-F41A5D…)

Ohshit they going back and forth now..if it’s Taylor on that account then she’s talkin to herself ..I mean crazier things have happened ..she would do anything to look like the good person

No. 704544

“I have his cell number” because she’s soooo fucking SPESHUL GUISE

No. 704546

File: 1568610742743.png (138.12 KB, 750x1334, F1CFC92D-325C-43E2-9566-6A69F5…)

Well I guess she might have finally blocked him..took long enough..idk what to think bout all this but it’s weirrrrrddddd that’s fo sho …respek her boundaries bro dick damn..ight I’m done posting her stupid shit today lmao the shit show is over for tonight

No. 704548

Once again, it’s never her fucking fault. “He talked me into it.” Jesus Christ.

No. 704551

File: 1568611161683.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.07 KB, 750x968, 9F672458-8A3D-44E0-AB51-A6D34A…)

I’m not justifying his actions, but I think anyone would be hurt to be broken up with because someone’s not emotionally available, only to see them immediately thirst for random guys on Twitter

No. 704555

File: 1568611609352.jpeg (Spoiler Image,260.03 KB, 750x1167, 817D6364-227B-4779-9D2A-7FE948…)

Also…yikes…Your daughter is obviously distressed over this situation and your response is tweet about how how you saw it coming?? She thinks she’s so wise, while enabling all her daughter’s shitty behavior.

No. 704559

This is so amusing yet exasperating and kinda sad at the same time to me.
You're literally living under the same roof yet you're @'ing her on Twitter as if she was living far away. Their relationship must be great.

No. 704562

File: 1568612067245.png (320.23 KB, 750x1334, 1E82F60D-3309-4C11-9707-60D870…)

God I hate how she types like that, she does shit just to be annoying..her mom is almost more insufferable than Taylor ..we all know about the apple and tree situation but imagine your mom wants your nudes to get leaked just so a random guy gets locked up? Wtf they need family therapy

No. 704564

Can't wait for her to use this opportunity to screech out "I hAtE mEn OmG!!!11!!" for the next 4 days straight.

No. 704565

File: 1568612183045.jpeg (228.55 KB, 1125x858, 2E9230E7-6E85-4DEC-ABF1-CEE809…)

Yeah she needs sleep because she sleeps all day which is why she never uploads on time. She doesn’t even have a full time job. She doesn’t know the meaning of “work” and needing time off of it.

No. 704567

>no way in hell is he so obsessed with her when they weren't even going out.
How do you know that? You don't think that a career drunk with a rap sheet is capable of being unhinged? Jesus Christ, it's like some of you will blatantly make shit up or blow it out of proportion to make Taylor the Worst Person Ever. Newsflash- shitty people attract other shitty people. Jake likely isn't the victim here.
Isn't he in his mid-late 30's? He's probably been doing heroin for years longer than Taylor. Regardless, you'd think that our foremost expert in addiction would know what years of heavy alcoholism can do to somebody.
>I honestly am baffled at the lack of self-awareness.
She's definitely one of those people who's hooked on male attention and NRE and can't stay single for long. This is probably going to continue to happen for the rest of her life, or until she settles down if a miracle happens- she'll enter a relationship with a shitty older man while still recovering from her shitty previous relationship, spend a few weeks/months head-over-heels, get fed up and leave, and spend the next few weeks complaining about men until the next one comes along.

No. 704573

you'd think after awhile that would just… kill someone. the constant on and off with different variations of shitty assholes disappointing you across multiple levels… all cause you can't be alone? FFS for tay tay in her young 20's, the show is just starting, smh.

No. 704579

At best she'll keep moving from personal crisis to personal crisis for the rest of her miserable life. At worst yeah, she could get killed if she meets the wrong guy.
She's very lucky that she has Mama Dean and her fans as a parachute if she needs to escape a dangerous relationship (and if we're being honest, she'll use it more than once). If her circumstances were less 'privileged' then she would be opening herself up to an extreme amount of risk given her serial dating tendencies and the types of men she's attracted to.

No. 704582

Well, remember she also has this weird savior complex and she's totally not like other girls, which is common at that age.

She really has had no actual life experience. And while YouTube has given her the attention she so desperately wants, it has also catapulted her into shit that she's simply not equipped to handle, because she has no life experience at all. I guess that in a way, being a "public figure" only amplified issues that were already there before. Her family dynamic doesn't really seem to be the best imo. I mean I'm not saying her parents don't love her or anything, but it's not normal to have your mom using Twitter as a means of communication when you're living under the same roof as her.

Like >>704579 says, she's privileged to have a support system. Even if her YouTube career ended (which seems to be headed that way), she still has her family to mend her fuck ups.

No. 704586


she seems like she just created all this bullshit and all these situations to compete for attention from her sick brother. its like a car wreck you cant look away from.

No. 704595

File: 1568614654761.png (168.61 KB, 750x1334, 7157C65C-5B40-4C24-A760-5B8BFE…)

This couldn’t get any better if it was a movie ..on to the next

No. 704599


AW just like bro dick helped her realize she deserved better than JC?!

No. 704601

File: 1568614848470.png (262.58 KB, 750x1334, 570687A6-2FC8-4746-B4B8-B8D3CD…)

This stage of her cycle is now in full effect, let the screeching commence

No. 704602

can't wait until he turns to be a fucking psycho as well. she'll never fucking learn.

No. 704607

Onto the next i guess.
Also lmao, i bet she talked so much shit about Jonny to Jake so Jake can “save” her so now she’s posting all this mess about Jake online so Oscar could “save” her. I’m betting in a few months there’ll be a new guy that’ll “save” her from Oscar because they’re sSsOooOo NiCe!!

No. 704608

Can't wait till Oscars trashy alleged stripper baby mama comes for Taylor.

No. 704610

if this is about Jake, wasnt she secretly posting him on twitter? LOL

No. 704612

>i'm super appreciative for u
>said to the man who follows the same pattern as Jake and Jonny

It's almost as if she loved to get into situations with shitty men or something.

No. 704615

"It's Jonny's fault I got with Jake" yeah right. Why does she think humiliating a guy in the throes of addiction to her large fanbase is a good idea? Like yah he's being an ass to her be he's also obviously going down the drain, have some compassion and at least don't parade him to your fanbase.

No. 704618

sounds about right. we shall wait and see what happens.

No. 704619

when you spoiler images like this, they aren't searchable later on google or by scanning threads.

No. 704620

"i hate to be the bringer of bad news you have replased"

they totally relapsed together.
thanks for the confirmation, jake

No. 704621

why is she acting as if she really sent this message.clearly you can see this is in the type box.

No. 704623

i doubt it. taylor wouldn't have posted the cap if it confirmed she had relapsed. this guy is dumb as hell and probably drugged out of his mind.

No. 704624


Weird. He makes sense, for the most part, for the first few sentences… then the entire format changes very dramatically.

No. 704626

Probably because he was high and/or drunk.

No. 704628

hence why she relapsed with them.

No. 704629

I don't understand why everyone think the pictures are nudes. He said "or I will post something you don't like" and she loves to post nudes of herself all day? Put some heart emojis over that cooch and they are family friendly enough to retweet.

Tinfoil: I think Tay-Tay is preparing her fans to hear that she relapsed with Jake while she was in rehab. Because how else would she know what drugs were on offer? I am surprised she didn't mention the price as well. Also she said that she wanted to hang around to be close to the drugs. But instead she got thrown out of rehab and sent home (because failed drug test?). She doesn't seem to have the interest and mindset to get clean, she is only waiting for her mom to release her so she can go get high and dicked down. I don't really care what she does, just sell your animals to loving homes first and stop making heroin videos for children. Don't abandon your animals on a shelter because those are crowded already, and do NOT get any more animals EVER.

No. 704630


If that was the case, wouldn't it have just been botched from the first word tho? Why did it suddenly descend into almost complete nonsense? I don't doubt he's fucked up, but it seems fishy..

No. 704631

It's crazy that she doesn't see that this is unbelievably manipulative on Oscar's part. He's taking advantage of a situation she feels horrible/embarrassed (about herself) over and using it to publicly make himself look like a saviour. He's done it multiple times now and the sad thing is that even though she will read this and probably all the other warning signs about him she'll still convince herself that he's different because he's been sober ~so long~. It's not that long in the big scheme of things and he probably used longer than he's been clean.

I've known people like Taylor and at first it's worrisome and then it's just exhausting. I often wonder if her family will ever wake up and stop enabling her and make her face some real consequences. That's the only chance she has at truly making changes

No. 704634

Take into account it's a wall of text. If he broke it down into several messages his spelling might've been better. I'm leaning toward the texts being real. Taylor isn't that smart to create such an elaborate scheme.

No. 704635


Agreed, she's a dumbass

No. 704637

tinfoil, What if she made the Jake account. Remember the Eric dealer guy? He suddenly had a new twitter going creeper on her right when she started her 800000 tweet rant about him. Now said Jake is going creeper on a new twitter account, same dealio. May be wrong, but every time she gets a new male figure, an old male suddenly goes bitchy on her and has a new, fresh creepy twitter. Ranting uwu someone save me.

No. 704642

Okay so android anon here and what confuses me is that she claimed he got an iphone, had troubles, and went back to an android…but if these screenshots are from her phone then supposedly she is the green text?! HOW, if we know she has only ever had an iphone? At least the this one and the past one…

Then on the flip side if the screenshots are from his phone it still doesn't make sense because again she has an iphone so it should be blue if it was screenshot on an iphone and if screenshot on an android it would look completely different…something is fishy here along with what other anon's have said.

I admit that I may just be confused since I've only ever sent a few texts on other people's iphones.

No. 704643

In fairness to her, the bubbles can be green if the person you’re texting doesn’t have the iMessage enabled.

No. 704644

Because Taylor literally said they are nudes.

No. 704648

god. 7 year olds should not be on the internet. so sad that she is being exposed to that at such a young fucking age.

No. 704649

why is she typing like a 10 year old?

No. 704653


Yeah I know she did because "this man is threatening to post nudes of me" sounds way better than "this man is threatening to leak nasty truths about my so-called recovery". Do you think mama Dean would break them up only because he was after Taylors money? Nah.

No. 704657

but some tweets ago, she said she was done dating recovering addicts ???

No. 704679

Right, because Taylor Nicole Dean never lies lol

She wants another "uwu tragic junkie romance uwu" so she can be appropriately heartbroken over a lost cause and get ass-pats for tRyInG tO sAvE hIM fRoM hImSeLf

No. 704687

File: 1568632488617.jpg (236.19 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20190916_131527.jpg)

ahh my two favorite lolcows collide

No. 704692

When even Taylor thinks you're disgusting you know you're really the worst of the worst

No. 704699

don’t hurt yourself jumping on that bandwagon

No. 704701

"He doesn't deserve a platform!"

As spoken by Taylor Nicole Dean who has killed numerous animals through her own neglect and laziness, and who now thinks she's got a soapbox to stand on as a Junkie Supreme while outing other addicts and their sober living houses. Right on!

No. 704749

File: 1568639632030.png (3.71 MB, 1242x2208, C8C2F8E9-C1FA-4838-B8CE-4C2D5B…)

She just tweeted this…yikes

No. 704752

File: 1568640218497.png (490.68 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-09-16-09-22-21…)


lol i love how she basically outs herself about being on here since her and onion's threads are always right by one another


sucks to be treated like shit but oh she did manage to reveal to her million followers that Betsy was addicted to meth. i'm sure her bff will be happy about HER privacy being violated.

No. 704753

File: 1568640318632.png (29.26 KB, 776x245, Annotation 2019-09-16 092539.p…)

yep that's something you want to advertise in the junkie/criminal world

No. 704754

One of these days Ms Dean is gonna be done for possession, and the tip is gonna be someone from her N/AA group or her very own dealer.

No. 704757

File: 1568640704136.png (955.02 KB, 1438x1150, Capture _2019-09-16-09-32-02.p…)


Wow…we and those undies have been through a lot, huh

No. 704758

Not surprised I have long tinfoiled (and continue to) that Betsey was on h recently to be okay with going to a heroin den. I don't beileve for a second that someone in their clear right mind would willingly risk getting hep c on accident no matter how good the pay. Especially with Taylor claiming she deep cleaned and left ~hundreds behind. I do think that is a wild exaggeration and it's literally a contradiction lol. BUT that was why I felt/feel she had to be some sort of addict to be okay with it for so long.

I could be wrong of course on the h but still shit to out someone when they've never publicly mentioned being an addict. And she has never claimed anyone else as her best friend so who else could it really be?!

No. 704759

File: 1568640833208.png (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 750x1334, 2D1628EA-E5F3-4E7B-895F-A50AD8…)

She pulled a Bella Thorne and posted this herself

No. 704761

Doing the happy "oops!" cha cha to camgirling already, lol

This is going faster than I anticipated. She really, really does not think things through at all huh

No. 704762

File: 1568641031846.png (61.98 KB, 748x390, Annotation 2019-09-16 093219.p…)

doxxing him in the process. kek she's such a fucktard

No. 704765

Everyday she reminds me more and more of shayna and I'm living for it

No. 704766

File: 1568641541998.jpeg (165.9 KB, 828x995, E0F93530-7C03-4308-A1B8-27DEED…)

Quick! Backtrack on how much you were gushing over him Taylor.

No. 704768

She's just blazing her way through the Narcissist's Prayer today lol

That didn't happen! If it did, it wasn't my fault! And you deserved it! And I'm the victim here and never did anything wrong! MEEEEEeeeee

No. 704773

File: 1568642322355.jpg (288.11 KB, 1079x986, Screenshot_20190916-235618_Twi…)

This women has not done anything to prevent this freak from harassing her.
She has not blocked him on Twitter, instagram or his number, and admitted to blocking and unblocking it multiple times.
She continues to respond to him despite the fact he's clearly NOT capable of reason.
She's posting the conversations online for the public to see and making a huge deal out of it.
She won't call the police because she's "scared to use the phone".

She's not bothered by this at all, she's acting as though she enjoys this, getting to be the victim of a crazy obsessed man? Perfect to fuel her narcissism and on top of that she gets to post her body even more! And her hero Oscar is on his white horse coming to the rescue.

This chick is riding this out as much as she can because look at all the attention she gets! Positive or negative attention, she doesn't care as long as she's the centre of it all.

No. 704775

Taylor does enough shit wrong, I don't think she needs demonized for this, at this point at least. I know everyone likes to act like she's the worst no matter what the situation is, but goddamn. She obviously did lead him on but this guy is a complete psycho, who the fuck actually leaks someones nudes? On Facebook of all things where he probably has family and shit? Is he 15? He couldn't have been hiding that he's a psycho that well when they started talking, so I think that speaks more about her character than how she's reacting now.

No. 704779

I bet jonny is having a laugh right now, the infamous jakey boy who stole his girl from his alleged abuse, turns out to be far more psychotic and fucked in the head.

Taylor thought she had the upper hand flaunting this piece of shit online to piss jonny off and it completely backfired on her.
This is hilarious!

"I know a good thing when I see one"
Taylor, abusers act super charming and sweet when they first meet you, it's how they suck you in.
It's why you shouldn't fuck people when you first meet them, especially in a place like rehab that's full of troubled/damaged people.

No. 704786


Archives are forever.


No. 704807

This is cute. I feel taylor did this herself to make her transition into being a cam whore easier. She's flipping out about those nudes that's kind of funny because Johnny posted the same position of the body picture on his page. These are not nudes there are no nipples or spread eagle pictures. C'mon yall she needs to do better with this everyone can see through the bs.

No. 704808

Can someone get this bitch’s son taken away if she’s been a meth addict for his ENTIRE life?

No. 704811

Same fag here it also seems like she's recycling her nudes because where is her chest tattoos in the one that she's in the tub..

No. 704813

File: 1568645473227.png (541.37 KB, 1242x2208, BEE0A3E9-5C29-48DE-9F66-E9BD40…)

Taylor really is saying she started fucking and staying at hotels with a dude straight out of rehab but never once even googled the dude to find his socials or any red flags?? Bitch is lucky she didn’t end up dead. What a fucking idiot.

No. 704820


Or his lengthy rap sheet. I thought all women Googled any man they are contemplating dating let alone dicking.

No. 704822


There is nippage there but it's censored with a bar. There's also a video posted in the texts.

Lmao what a shitshow, everyone saw this coming, I think it's pretty obvious she relapsed at the hotel with Jake, even if it wasn't heroin, alchol or meth was definitely involved. She sure knows how to pick em.

She deliberately seeks out these kinds of people, Jonny was douchey the whole time and it didn't bother her. She made up this dude's whole backstory in her head and didn't even spend the time to get to know him. I don't buy she didn't know about him, she knew but she didn't care because he was "sooooo handsome".

No. 704823

Did what? Pretended to be Jake as people in this thread keep tinfoiling lmao? He posted it from his Facebook

No. 704824

Seriously you could make a fake Facebook like there is a fake Twitter like there's a brand new Instagram she could have made it you don't think she has pictures of him>>704823

No. 704827

you sound insane

No. 704830

And you sound like her stan.

No. 704831

She probably uses old ones because in the past year she was a junkie covered in scabs, tracks and bruises.

No. 704832

His oldest post was made in 2018. Taylor must be a genius, to have planned this whole thing for so long

No. 704833

yes, anyone who doesn't believe your delusional tinfoil when there is proof you're wrong is a stan lmao

No. 704836

File: 1568647111962.jpg (510.67 KB, 1080x1578, 20190917_011743.jpg)

I guess I just wanted to show other women they blah blah blah

Yet it's taken you weeks of harassment and days of bitching about it online for you to finally call the police and file a report.. despite your many fans telling you to do exactly that?

Don't think you helped anyone taylor.

No. 704837

File: 1568647164926.jpg (230.25 KB, 1080x784, Screenshot_20190917-011722_Twi…)

No. 704838

This actually makes me sad and feel BAD for Taylor. No wonder tay so fucked up in the head. Sorry for blog posting but this is exactly how my mother would treat me before I finally put my foot down and stopped talking to her for good. I came out fucked up but not half as bad as Taylor… a little advice Tay since we all know you read here, but if you really want to get better you gotta drop your toxic mother too.(blog)

No. 704840

File: 1568647259966.jpg (768.14 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190916-101714_Ins…)

Twisty should not be eating this much fruit, fruit should only be a very small percentage of their overall diet. Also what the fuck is she giving him canned peas? I cant figure out what those slimey balls are

No. 704844


Looks kind of like olives to me

No. 704847


Psychos can hide shit very well, they can be very charming, make you feel at home & cool until you piss them off.

Which seemed to be Jakes whole thing. He could've been cool as fuck to Taylor but as soon as she made him mad this side came out.

It's classic psycho, abuser behavior.

Not every psycho or abuser is walking around acting nuts.

No. 704850

we all know Taylor doesn't care about these dudes pasts because she thinks they'll be better to her, that she'll change them.

Until they are the exact same as the last asshole. So it makes sense he was nice to her, sweet, chill & this side came out when she ticked him off.

No. 704851

she's starting to type like Shay

No. 704859

Taylor boyfriend criteria:

>Must be 10+ years older than me

>Bad relationship with exes a plus
>Must be Better looking than me
>Must have friends into drugs
>Must be rich and famous (Washed up ok)
>Must have access to hardcore drugs
>Can't have a stable career
>More tattoos the better
>Must be illiterate
>Criminal history preferred

No. 704875

Lol, Taylor can't claim they are revenge porn after PUBLICLY POSTING THEM TO MILLIONS OF PEOPLE.

She is wasting the time of the police.

No. 704876

>HB 98 specifies that photos and videos must be posted "with the intent to harm" the person depicted and that the offender knew that the victim had a reasonable expectation that the material would remain private.

No. 704877

You sound fucking nuts. Stop. I mean what more proof do you want that it's not her? Jeez anon, go get some air or something.

No. 704889

File: 1568651096475.jpeg (656.1 KB, 1125x1614, 37A3ADFD-283B-4A1D-8019-1AF072…)

She’s dumb enough to get that all up from Oscar. You know she believes him cause HeS NiCe GuiEs hEHe

No. 704891

This guy is flat out like. rebuffing all her attempts lmao

No. 704893

oh so he admits he was a piece of crap and lbr that part of him may still be hiding somewhere in there (yeah in these manipulative af messages)…okay then

I still think he is more like jonny than Jake. He seems to be playing a long game as he read that she doesn't want to get into a relationship yet he ~coincidentally tweets shit like this at the "right" times regularly since Taylor showed interest. Same with his ~celebrating 2 yrs clean last month…but his clean date is sometime in November. She's a fool as ever

No. 704897

He doesn't seem interested in her at all tbh

No. 704903

I'm curious what happened to make him cool off like this. They were both twitterthirsting hard a month ago.

No. 704905

He probably saw her actual face in her videos and not her heavily facetuned selfies.

No. 704909

File: 1568653097590.jpg (53.58 KB, 611x319, IMG_20190916_095528.jpg)

Updated her Twitter bio, now she is officially a "drug recovery advocate".
Nitpick, but don't most actual advocates just say recovery to be inclusive?

No. 704912

Recovery is her identity now. Even though she has bARELY scratched the surface on actual hardcore addiction, and most the “advice” she posts about addiction is actually extremely triggering.
Yet she will defend herself tooth and nail against anyone who says she’s triggering.
I cannot believe how narcissistic she is, every day I try to stay up to date on this drama it just baffles me even more.

No. 704914

File: 1568653786956.png (321.28 KB, 750x1334, E34D0E69-4FF5-4206-8437-9E9124…)

Haha right Jonny is laughin his high ass off thru those fake teeth she bought him..what a plot twist that her new rehab boo would be a bigger creepier asshole than Jonny fuckin Craig! I guess there’s are still surprises left up Taylor’s sleeve. Just when you think it can’t get any worse she is gonna prove that it can.(not her fault with Jake leaking the nudes) but her sperging about it and posting the nudes and picking every rando loser that has issues sure is! Mama Deans fuxking pscyo bullshit that no one can understand. She tries to be so deep lmao

No. 704915

Probably, but if there's even a question of her being an addict forget it. She wants everyone to know right away. Hence three separate things in her bio about it.

No. 704921

File: 1568654350889.png (532.87 KB, 750x1334, 90CD6B97-477E-42D4-ADE0-67939C…)

Just wanted to put this here since I didn’t see it in the thread.
Twisty is named after twisted tea.
I just can’t-

No. 704926

Yea she got on subs almost immediately, has a functional family unit, not poor, no bills to pay, she hasn't had to deal with the consequences of her addiction yet.

Taylor is a dipshit and a coward who won't take responsibility for her choices, It'll get her in the end, her "career" is already suffering.

No. 704927

I think her young stans swarming his Twitter and probably DMs freaked him out a little bit.
The average age of his fans vs hers is probably a 5+ year difference. Which is a lot…12/17. Oof.

No. 704934

Oscar probably gets with hotter girls than Taylor fairly regularly. Taylor doesn't really have anything to offer other than her body which she gives out to any felon who shows interest in her.

No. 704945

This. There's hot girls WITH great personalities, education and something to offer talent wise. Why settle for a boring, catty, shut in with no education, training or talents.

Her young fans probably only like her because she looks like the popular girls in school they are too intimidated to befriend.

No. 704947

She may be a hottie in Texas, where most people look like her mom; but she's a dime a dozen in LA or Las Vegas.
Yeah, hot girls with personality and talent and better tattoos.

No. 704951

Taylor isn't even hot anymore. All you see is catphishing angles, facetune, skin smoothing, greasy hair, bloated lips, crappy tattoos.

Her whole appeals was girl next door pretty, with a cool personality, someone you'd want to date. Or your cool friend that you'd want to see succeed in life.

She threw that all out the window when she started dating Jonny, that turned sooo many people against her. Her whole "look" and "appeal" was just a huge lie, everyone noticed the personality change. She was fake as fuck the entire time, now people feel cheated. Most of us here are EX fans who got fooled.

I had hope after jonny, but now I just wanna see her fail.

I agree, Miami/LA she's far below average.

No. 704971

Same. Ex fan who really enjoyed watching her talk pets. Then realized she was spreading false info and doing bad husbandry after doing my own research. Really sucked realizing she was fake and has no idea what she was doing.

If you're a current stan reading this, please do your own research outside of Taylor in regards to care.

No. 704975

I cannot agree with this more.
I used to be a big fan of her, and genuinely thought she was a cool person with genuine interest in animals. Now that time has passed, myself and countless others can see she’s a people pleasing puppet who is also a huge hypocrite. She literally put everything she has to offer on the internet, and as of late the only thing she has is her body, and that’s not going to look any better with age/bad diet/no exercise/whatever drugs she may have already relapsed on.
She’s using the #MeToo movement to justify her posting her nudes, and publicizing her story because “I wanna help other girls” when in reality she’s the worst example to follow and is honestly becoming an embarrassment to the movement.
She also hate bashes all men when that is absolutely not the point of the MeToo movement, it’s just making her look like a butt-hurt preteen who didn’t get what she wanted from her obvious terrible relationship partners.

No. 704979

And to be clear, I’m not saying what her partners did wasn’t wrong, because fuck those guys. But saying a blanket statement like “all men suck” is so destructive to the feminist belief. It’s not about “women are better than men!!” And if that’s all she’s taken from this situation then she still has fuck all to learn.
And anyway, she chose all those shit men, and got herself into these terrible situations.

No. 704981

The thing is, she's actively going after guys with bad pasts. She's outright stated she has a savior complex/needs to save men from their Bad Pasts, so it's kind of.. her fault for getting with so many shitty guys. She heard about Jonny's problems the moment they started interacting, before they were together physically enough for there to be any true abuse that comes from a long term relationship, and she chose to stay with him.

She needs to go to therapy for her apparent "trauma" she's received from every male figure in her life before she does anything, because right now she just looks like a messy clown.

No. 705003

Seriously wtf is this shit. They primarily eat insects, she just got fucking lazy and didn't want to get live food, no wonder twisty looks like shit.

No. 705017

Actually most Bearded Dragons as adults eat more veggies than they do bugs, there's just too much fruit in the salad. Go look up a bearded dragon care sheet.

No. 705025

File: 1568662759381.png (53.49 KB, 1383x462, diet.PNG)

This is absolutely not true. In the wild they eat termites almost exclusively and very rarely eat veggies.

No. 705033

but he is not in the wild…he is domesticated.

No. 705036

Try again, that's an article about WILD bearded dragons native to Australia, not the domesticated ones.

No. 705039


Bearded dragons aren't domesticated. Domesticated animals are a different species from their wild ancestors, and have traits that are evolved due to human breeding. Reptiles are exotic animals, and he's just as much of a bearded dragon as the ones in Australia just with extra inbreeding due to the poor genetics in the United States. But his diet should reflect wild dragons

No. 705041

The only reason they're recommend greens is because they are prone to obesity. There's no genetic difference between wild and captive dragon, the only difference is their sedentary lifestyle.

It would be better to feed a diet of varied insects with leafy greens to supplement it.

No. 705048

yes beardies are reptiles, but they are domesticated! their way of living is completely different from one that lives out in the wild. domesticated beardies would not survive in the wild if released. try again.

No. 705055


That's not domestication, that's just captive breeding. A dog is domestic, rats are domesticated. They are genetically a different species from their ancestors. Bearded dragons are still just bearded dragons. There's captive bred animals of all sorts such as birds of prey, big cats in zoos ect. They still have the instincts and care requirements of a wild bearded dragons. Their lifestyles are different but not their genes

No. 705060

all care sheets i've read said 80% insects and 20% fruits/veggies as a juvi and then vice versa as an adult.

No. 705066

Care sheets also suggest way too low of tempuratures in a lot of cases, people keep their beardies with hot spots of 90 degrees F when in reality they need about 110 degrees, like someone said earlier bearded dragons are very prone to obesity in captivity due to less activity and more food. Caresheets often also say that loose substrate is a thing to avoid, but that's due to these dragons being kept too cold and not being able to pass sand and dirt like they should. Stories of bearded dragons eating their substrate is due to a lack of calcium, and they're trying to get the minerals in the dirt or sand. The surface level bearded dragon care in the United States is honestly pretty shitty. If you research how Australians keep them and how they are in the wild you get better results.

No. 705071


I think that's an oversimplification to prevent fat beardies. Alot of these veggies screw with a bearded dragons ability to absorb calcium, iodine and messes up their hormones. Not saying they shouldn't have it occasionally because it is high in nutrients but too much in excess is harmful.

There's alot of misinformation about alot of animal care. Taylor don't do the proper research on these things and it shows, Twisty wouldn't look so dark if she was doing everything right.

end sperg.

No. 705073

I really feel like if you read enough care sheets or care advice/blogs/whatever you'll soon see contradicting information but will be able to pick out the 'correct' information by how much it shows up. It's also not hard to just google 'should I do x or y' for whatever animal.

The problem with Taylor is of course the fact that she has no interest to research this stuff or look it up. She will maybe look at one care sheet which will normally be out of date and be done with it when the more usual response is pre-planning and exhausting all the care sheets/literature you can access.

No. 705082

Exactly, Taylor has a lot of different species and types of animals. But mainly seems to only know the surface level care. She doesn't go beyond basic information, good animal keepers are invested in learning about their animals in a deeper fashion and providing the best they can. She doesn't specialize or deeply study anything and her care is very basic and lazy as a result. Than she repeats the stuff more knowledgeable people tell her like she is an amazing teacher and animal expert.

No. 705085

I agree, Taylor doesn't love her animals beyond the first thing that pops up on google search.

Caring for animals PROPERLY is expensive and time consuming. Animals do so much better when properly taken care of and they will reward you with their health and natural behavior. If all you ever know is shitty petco care, you'll never see that side of your animals.

Taylor is more concerned with money and attention than caring for another living being. Even if she did, she doesn't have the time or money to care for them at a high level.

No. 705139

File: 1568689602499.png (774.05 KB, 750x1334, FA1A1475-DB75-43FB-A7A4-AFF77A…)

Here we go again the cycle of man bashing is back at the start

No. 705147

She literally said they briefly dated less than 24h ago.

At this point you have to be brain dead if you think she'll ever be an honest peroson who owns up to her shit mistakes.

No. 705158

late but Hep C isn't the sexiest of diseases to be bagging about. maybe a cumulation of gross oversharing, maybe she triggers the hell out of him.

No. 705172

This lie might be the lie that wakes up her stans. Everyone remembers the way she was posting about him in the beginning, Taylor is it so he’s to even own up to one thing?

No. 705182

File: 1568695807265.jpg (308.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190917-004816_Chr…)

Pretty sure its a suorin drop, I have one of these. Its a vape and they come in many different colors.

No. 705192

She claimed he didn't even use any social media, so how would he know what she was posting and vice versa?
What the fuck? Bearded dragon 101 is adults get 25% insects, 75% greens. There is no question or debate here, that's just an accepted fact. And yeah looks like peas. Olives would be much larger and have a more uniform shape.
After Mushu's abuse, I doubt she would even consider iodine something to be wary of.
LMAO "well this really wasn't about you but ok" and she'll still take it as a positive.
Probably recognizes that she's still in the active throes of her addiction. If he's really been clean for a while, he doesn't want to be anywhere near an active addict. Especially given how often people around her mysteriously relapse.
Yeah, she mentioned when they got him that Jonny name him after his favorite drink. She played it off like that was cute.

No. 705197

so anyone got her nudes?

No. 705199


Yea they are a bit higher up in the thread but it's just recycled pics because she doesn't pose with track marks unless it's for bragging about them online.

No. 705207

Didn't she get with that guy freshly into rehab? Makes sense she would have track marks that haven't healed. Doesn't seem like solid evidence for the tinfoil that she is behind the stalker account and posted them herself.

No. 705212

I'm 99% sure it's a beardie food you can buy online and in pet stores called Fluker's Adult Bearded Dragon Crafted Cuisine. It looks like olive green balls that are moist. The ingredients are not terrible but it does have Kale and Spinach in it which binds calcium and thus isn't good to feed.

No. 705250

To be fair though, he seems like the type to release nudes anyway. I don’t like Taylor but what he’s done is really shitty and his behaviour is not ok. I agree she should have handled this a lot better but no doubt he would have found a “reason” to release the pictures anyway.

No. 705254

she's probably happy he released them - so she can play victim AND still get attention that she craves.
it'd be a different story if she released them just because.

No. 705256

It should be more like a salad.. some nice greens topped with a little bit of vegetables like carrots, gourd, or strawberries, blueberries.. not plate full of fruits and vegetables. Beardies get diarrhoea so easy. Twisty is gonna get some liquid shits

No. 705260

This all seems like a carefully constructed lie. Taylors nudes have already been “leaked” before by Jonny. Seeing her naked isn’t anything new, lol. To me this sounds like she wanted attention because she’s desperate.
I swear she said something in the past about willingly leaking her own nudes if she was ever threatened, and it’s just so conveniently timed right after it happened to Bella. And James Charles.
Is there potential that Jake is a weirdo? Sure.
But let us remember that she was in a hotel, and they were apparently now associated with someone who had Dil. One of her “favorites” and never mentioned anything about this until now.
She probably relapsed with him, and wants to demonize him now because she’s not getting what she wants.

No. 705263

File: 1568709006012.png (4.05 MB, 1125x2436, 2BF3463D-259F-480A-9460-EF99E8…)

Look who popped up in my Facebook timeline, lad bible is shit anyway but now they’re promoting this crap

No. 705267

I missed the part of her mentioning Dil. Where did she talk about this?

No. 705299

I believe they're referring to >>704271

No. 705314

File: 1568718923144.jpg (604.66 KB, 1536x1661, Screenshot_20190917-113230.jpg)

LMAO oh this is gonna get milky

No. 705316

File: 1568719043217.jpg (201.93 KB, 1535x512, Screenshot_20190917-131612.jpg)

No. 705320

File: 1568719433266.jpg (185.03 KB, 1536x298, Screenshot_20190917-132331.jpg)

No. 705331

File: 1568721197838.jpg (294.13 KB, 1080x1362, Screenshot_20190917_135055.jpg)

It's not her. Unless she made a fake profile for Jake in 2018 and has been planning this since then. Can we stop this tinfoil now?

No. 705339

nah the tinfoil anons have fully gone off the deep end. don’t you know, anon? the real truth is:
-taylor is the one who pressured jonny into using drugs!
-taylor made fake jake profiles to harass herself at random hours of the day when her own profile is dead inactive!
-taylor is ~just as bad~ as an actual rapist!

some of the people on this board clearly have too much fucking time on their hands if they think taylor is even smart enough to have the foresight to hatch a plan like this.

occams fucking razor. any actual woman knows creepy men like Jake exist in droves. he hasn’t even gotten to the part where he’s threatening to kill taylor yet, so far just himself. shit is pretty fucking textbook for a junkie male.

No. 705360

Calm down edge-lord, your just feeding Taylor's victim complex.

Not dating in rehab is recovery 101, pulling the "he's a psycho! It's not my fault!" is just as bad as saying "My exes are fucking crazy! Don't listen to anything they say!". There's clearly more behind this than the "he's crazy" narrative.

We have no idea what Taylor told Jake behind the scenes. Obviously this wasn't a fling, they were seriously dating. Taylor seriously triggered this dude to start using again, his texts are incoherent.

Jake got caught up in Taylor's manipulation, according to Taylor he's a a recovering addict that isn't responsible for what he does.

Taylor brought this saga on herself, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

No. 705362

Reading her twitter is like watching trash tv.
Tinfoil plot twist: she had his passwords and posted the nudes herself since she announced he threatened to leak them while he said 'I'll post stuff you don't like'lmao

No. 705364

thanks anon. wow. she def relapsed. she just tells on herself in the most interest way of ways

No. 705371

Ugh thank you anon. We can discuss milk here without these asinine tinfoils that make us look crazy and discredit us. If you guys want to fantasize about Taylor being this master manipulator that plans stuff years in advance to further some weird future cam girl agenda then go write fan fiction. We live in reality here.

No. 705383

Yea I could live without the cam girl agenda that's just weird.

I agree that she relapsed at the hotel with Jake.

>relapse at hotel

>kicked out of first sober living
>tried to go to Jake's sober living
>couldn't because of subs
>goes to a different sober living
>gets kicked out cause sharing subs or abusing subs
>moves back in with mama dean

No. 705401

File: 1568732241534.png (379.99 KB, 828x1792, CDEA2CA9-2E91-4BB5-9A43-CBBD3A…)

No. 705417


She's just milking all the victim points. My ex is a psycho, my "friends" are all relapsing.

Well no shit. Probably because she talking about roxies and diladud being soooo good around them. She could very well be responsible for someone's death.

These people weren't her friends, she knew them less than a month and pretty much ghosted them when she moved back home. Now that it suits her she's gotta hop on the victim wagon.

No. 705436

Weird how her friends are fine and can even go clubbing with her…until she's supposed to post a video.

No. 705438

File: 1568734891701.jpg (138.55 KB, 593x694, IMG_20190917_083936.jpg)

She asked twice for H from her friends. But she totally never relapsed guys. She would tell us *right away" if she did.

No. 705440

File: 1568735193489.jpg (38.37 KB, 599x244, IMG_20190917_084343.jpg)

I totally didn't want a relationship. That's why I kept posting him all over my Twitter for days and days without his knowledge.
I was joking (but maybe not?) about marriage a week out of rehab, but told him we were just brofriends. Why he went crazy, I dunno!

No. 705441

File: 1568735532667.jpg (84.14 KB, 601x816, IMG_20190917_084945.jpg)

What the fuck kind of comment is this? If your addiction was as bad as you claim, why would you even say this to another person?

No. 705442


I honestly feel sorry for Jake. He fell in love with this wonderful dream while dear TayTay was just out to get dicked down. He probably did not see the tweets and instagram posts about Taylor just using him for sex. Got his heart broken, relapsed, labeled as a creep for trying to find out what happened and then get thousands of stans sent onto him as a revenge. You might say he is creepy but remember Taylor used him and broke him before the creeping begun. And she NEVER said it's over, just that "she needs time to heal".

No. 705443

Also stupid for her to make a joke in response to her friend crying over the death of an animal. She really sucks at pretending to love animals at all.

No. 705444

This shit reminds me of Ashley skeletor. Intentionally trying to trigger others.

No. 705446


Nah. Stop making this grown man out to be some innocent dude who fell into the claws of evil Taylor.

He used her for sex just as she used him, he wasn't in love with her. Nor she with him.

Don't be naive. He's an asshole criminal.HE IS A CREEP. She didn't broke him because she decided she wanted to chill out on a relationship.

Not to WK but come on, he's a asshole. He's not innocent in any of this.

No. 705451


How do we know he wasn't in love? Because Taylor said so or…? How do we know Taylor didn't break him just because she could?

No. 705453

What. The. Fuck. Did she really just freely admit she was looking to relapse not once but twice? And only just brought this to light right now?
This girl is hurdling towards death and she's not even taking it seriously. Taylor this is going to kill you if you don't get your shit together.

No. 705455


so you looked at this photo >>705331, the countless mugshots posted a few threads back, read that he has has a child, is a junkie, posted someone elses nudes without permission and you still decided to feel sorry for him and blame taylor for his doings? lol he probably does this to every woman he is with

No. 705457

So you're just going to ignore all the shit he's doing thats wrong? His whole past?

So it's cool for him to do bullshit, threaten suicide and whatever else because Taylor "broke" him & he "loved" her?

No. 705469

Right? She can't keep her story straight, because she uses other people's stories as her own.
And all these anons are sperging about Jake and ignoring the real milk.

No. 705491


I don't think anyone's defending his behavior or his past but not surprisingly Taylor was a lying, relapsing skank and he's understandably upset. Taylor CHOSE to date this guy, she needs to straight up tell him it's over, not this wishy washy, I need space crap. Taylor needs to take responsibility for her relationships and stop lying to other people.

No. 705503


It's very telling that both JC and Jake were convinced she loved them, yet she then dropped/ghosted them without them knowing.

It's obvious she tells them what she thinks they want to hear, but doesn't mean it. She comes off as the type to tell you everything you want to hear, then turn around to tell someone else she hates you and loves them.

Both men are shit, but she's shit,too. She's just great at spinning that she's the victim.

No. 705505

File: 1568742935964.jpg (153.95 KB, 602x1004, IMG_20190917_105354.jpg)

Screencapping problematic people/cows is such important work that Taylor commends people like us!

No. 705506

Do you blame her for ghosting jonny? OR Jake? They are abusive assholes, we know Taylor's a shit person, but who cares about two dickhead men being treated like they treat other people.

They don't love Taylor and Taylor doesn't love them. Let's move on.

No. 705528

She was emotionally cheating on Jake with Oscar. It's clear she wanted to hop on his dick and dump Jake the minute he came to San Antonio. Jake found out got pissed, Taylor ghosted him.

Now Taylor is trying to pass it off as some "crazy ex" To me that's fucked up, it's gas lighting, narc behavior.

Not only that but if She does this to the wrong person they'll end up killing her.

No. 705541

In this text its says "seeing other guys", "broken every promise", pretty sure he's talking about Oscar.

Taylor stopped talking to Jonny when she started dating Jake. Taylor was about to start dating Oscar judging by the thirstfest on twitter. She's gonna relapse soon or find another guy I guarantee it.

No. 705544

File: 1568747222892.png (469.27 KB, 1125x2436, 089C4687-7A12-42D2-AC6E-929C32…)

Jake apparently relapsed because of her.

No. 705547

Did he ever post any nudes publicly or did only Taylor do that? There is a screenshot but that's from a private conversation.

No. 705548

File: 1568747467591.png (816.42 KB, 750x1334, 97CC0F60-A92C-462A-8F63-65C2A7…)

Hahaha I have so many questions..I thought she blocked him? How did she find out about this? If she filed a police report like she said wouldn’t talking to him be wrong? How long did it take for her to think of this lie?

No. 705550

I think I saw a couple from Facebook yesterday ,.they weren’t “nudes” but the same ones that she leaked

No. 705552

This is why everyone fucking TOLD HER not to be dating someone in rehab. Not only is it a bad idea for her own sobriety, it’s bad for him too. But ofc she knows everything.

No. 705554

Lmao, I was his girlfriend who cheated on him, aired all his dirty laundry online, called the police on him but I'm totally not responsible.

Taylor did it, Jake did semi-threaten to release them though.

No. 705556

God her victim complex gets worse by the day…she absolutely has to be a poor little awww look at me victim..what is so satisfying about that? I just don’t get it. If I was her I would want to be a badass bitch that does everything for myself and don’t need no man since she hates em so much

No. 705561

File: 1568748147946.png (281.56 KB, 750x1334, C397B996-3E4D-408A-9D0C-5252D5…)

But he just started using at age 30? No I’m guessing more like 16 cuz his brain is like a child but just saying that she lies like she breathes

No. 705563

Did Jake confirm she relapsed in the text?

>"I hate to be the bringer of bad news you have relapsed"

Seems likely, since mama dean only claimed she was 30 days sober, and she visited Jake in Austin 30 days from that post.

No. 705565

This bitch! "Its totes ok to shack up with my best bro straight out of rehab-why u judge me?" Rewired Soul was "picking on her". Oh FFS I can't stand her.

No. 705566

Well with her logic we are doing the Lords work then..she needs literal help and no one will convince me she isn’t using something..her ramblings are like that of a tweaker…idk man she needs a friend to talk to not all of the internet..she makes herself look stupid. Who even knows if she’s in therapy cuz wouldn’t the therapist say not to do all the things she’s been doing?

No. 705568

Fuck off male apologist. He's a scumbag.

No. 705569

Yeah but then he went on to say that anything you put in your body is consider relapsing or something so who knows could have been alcohol or mouthwash or heroin. Lmao wouldn’t put it past her to be drinking with him when they met up at a fucking bar when she got out of rehab

No. 705573

File: 1568748820063.png (206.86 KB, 750x1334, 4A020B6F-A8CB-4525-ABE5-D9B703…)

It just clicked for her to stay sober guys don’t worry she’s not using lmao yeahhh righttt

No. 705578

This just furthers the tinfoil that she relapsed in rehab and got booted as a result.

No. 705583

File: 1568749397084.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 586A2D4B-60BC-47C0-9D97-2AB65A…)

Heres Jonny’s rebound ..the girl with the kid..he says on insta “right babe”? Sooo damn they both moved on fast…guess no tea from Jonny about Taylor anytime soon but wonder what Taylor thinks of his new love?( Haven’t been able to get a good pic of her yet)

No. 705584

WTF? This bitch is still addicted as fuck, she still wants the H.

Mama dean take away your daughter's phone, she's still got her druggie contacts. As soon as she move's out she's gonna use on the DL.

No. 705586

He posted them on his FB. A friend screenshotted the FB and texted it to Taylor. Taylor screenshotted the text message and posted that. So technically he did leak them.

No. 705587

File: 1568749940989.png (137.19 KB, 750x1334, CF1A08FA-870A-4616-ADAD-9CC3D3…)

What the fuck is back to back therapy? Lmao wouldn’t that just be a whole session? She just looks for the asspats wherever she can get em huh?

No. 705588

Tinfoil: Taylor relapsed with Jake (which is why she was kicked out of 2 sober livings) and even provided him with a hotel room to use in.

There was at least 1 time she met up with Jake when she moved back home.

Oscar comes along and she drops Jake immediately. Jake has been using the entire time, Taylor comes up with this story to 1) avoid having to post a video 2) get sympathy asspats 3) not have to take the blame because she is the reason he relapsed.

No. 705591

probably a psych appointment and addiction counselling one back to back

No. 705596

File: 1568750384077.png (272.87 KB, 750x1334, 16B4500C-9E53-44EC-9401-4ABB76…)

I thought she had already cut contact? She said she hates talking on the phone yet answered an unknown number on her phone? She’s still been talking to him..but why does she say all this bullshit..I bet my savings she didn’t file that police report like she said..would the hospital be able to tell if Jake come in that he had a warrant?

No. 705599

File: 1568750614450.png (132.77 KB, 750x1334, 272C9492-1644-4081-8784-961F14…)

She’s the only one of her friend group sober? Haha ok but she’s talking to the friends that relapsed so she either has relapsed too/with them probably(which is a high possibility) or she’s lying bout cutting contact with ppl that have relapsed ..either way she’s full of shit

No. 705600

She's too lazy to file a police report that's most likely bullshit.

She enjoys the attention of someone relapsing because of MEEEEE!

She probably gets a sick sense of satisfaction.

No. 705601

Even if she did report it he didn't break the law since she shared the pics herself. Revenge porn requires the expectation that the pictures are intended to be private. He's not getting arrested, and I doubt she even reported it since she's all "lol I called the police" on Twitter

No. 705603

File: 1568750789993.png (263.57 KB, 750x1334, 28B15724-4399-45F7-824B-FF59EF…)

Just posting this cap for the inevitable blaming Taylor will shift when she relapses onto someone or something else if and when she does

No. 705604

she's the only sober one in her friend group, gee i wonder why? is it because she's constantly triggering people saying how great drugs are and how much she misses them? i dont think it's too far fetched to think they all relapsed because of her own bullshit.

she's not proud of being sober, she's PROUD of being an addict. that's so fucked up.

No. 705611

If anything I think Taylor's pissed about it, I feel like that's the reason she jumps on any guy she can get and proceeds to blast about it all on social media (especially "getting dicked down"). She is totally still not over Jonny and wants him to be jealous.

No. 705612

File: 1568751366088.png (11.42 KB, 1109x151, RL.PNG)

Almost 0% chance she hasn't relapsed. She's too weak willed and lazy.

She'll probably still die from drug overdose in the future.

No. 705613

File: 1568751389078.png (138.05 KB, 750x1334, FAC83BE0-258C-43E9-9315-F1DC33…)

I think she had a case if she did file one ..she might have ruined her chances once she posted them herself(idk the laws about that) but this is what it says about it and I think it met the criteria..if he posted the pics with her nips out..anyways we know she didn’t file it so no worries as to him going to jail. I hate Taylor but what he did to her was fucked up. I just wish she could move on from talking bout it now, I agree she’s just doing it for asspats and attention

No. 705615

Onision and all his underage victims and predatory shenanigans

No. 705623

That’s what I was thinking too..she wants any reason she can to make him look bad, or hurt him , or play the victim. She’s still not over how he hurt her and outplayed her, must less got her on heroin. (Which I don’t blame her) but trying to get a reaction out of him online is stupid and I think all her posts about look at me I’m healed from heroin might be kinda vaguely directed towards Jonny cuz we all know he ain’t sober. She’s like hey I’m clean and perfect now so you didn’t hurt me and infact it has helped her in the way that she gets way more attention from it and asspats for being muh the recovered face of addiction(recovery qween)(mother of recovery)

No. 705627

Omg anon don't, you're gonna give her ideas. Inb4 (mother of recovery) is in her bio lmao

No. 705656


This is so typical of her. She pretends like she handles things responsibly once people warn her to be safe (e.g. like cutting off contact with JC), but she never does bc she can't resist indulging her incessant need for attention. Of course she's so stupid and desperate to self-victimize that she always exposes her lies about blocking these abusive junkies. So much for that "by myself" tattoo, kek. Her ego is so fragile she'd literally rather be with a rapist than alone for like one week.

No. 705709

File: 1568757925228.jpg (671.72 KB, 1536x1416, Screenshot_20190918-000451.jpg)

No. 705720

It’s no surprise he’s moved on, I mean he needed somewhere to live in LA and some poor girl to fall for that trap lol. It’s exactly how it happened with Taylor.

No. 705722

Didn’t she say Jake lived in a sober living house? So wouldn’t that require/come with counseling?

No. 705735

So is she going to stop saying Jonny got her addicted to H now? Or does it only work that way when it's in her favor?

No. 705744


We don't need a good pic because she's unrelated to the drama.

No. 705754

Or her "haters"

Or her dad

Or her doctors growing up


No. 705757

File: 1568761710730.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190918_010725699.j…)

Everything ages so well with Taylor.

No. 705762

File: 1568762512884.jpg (280.34 KB, 1536x797, Screenshot_20190918-012113.jpg)

But her hedgehogs are still in tiny cages!

No. 705772

File: 1568763142993.jpg (8.46 KB, 500x236, New camera.jpg)

Taylor in 4k be like(learn 2 sage)

No. 705774

I was talking about the twitter account. Not the Facebook, you fucking retard. >>705757
She’s not a victim. She was “wildly” in love with him up until just now? That doesn’t seem weird to you? Christ.

No. 705776

Not that anon- but you mean just now, when he was bothering her on social media and threatening to leak nudes?

She also complained about him before this breakdown, because he was mad she was posting pictures he didn't like.

Why are you so obsessed with making this whole thing one-sided? They both did fucked up things, neither are innocent.

Jake is a creep, just like Jonny. Taylor has a bad picker, we know this.

No. 705780

File: 1568763849977.jpg (316.01 KB, 1536x956, 1563298373913.jpg)

With this Jake thing going down now, I suspect even more this was money for drugs. The way she is now gone complete opposite on how it was at sober living, that she asked for heroin twice and talking about easy drug access.

No. 705785

No, read again. He calls her a sex addict and then says she relapsed, meaning the sex addiction lol

No. 705786

File: 1568764837860.jpg (72.94 KB, 608x362, IMG_20190917_165818.jpg)

Luckily, no urges to use…only talks about heroin all day and dreams about it at night.

No. 705800

Why does the entire internet need to know every little detail about her tumultuous end with Jake for fucks sake!? She thought it was fucking cute spreading her legs to some dude she didn’t know (obviously 12 hours/day doesn’t count lol) and saying she loved him 5 minutes later. Some of her stans were legitimately concerned about her seeing someone right out of rehab and she blocked them. Now she’s on this trip about uwu he’s a psycho now and I hate men.
I’ve always have said that she led him on in previous threads and then he showed his true colors. Wtf did she expect would happen with this relationship. It took this thread 10 minutes tops to look up his arrest record once she leaked his name. She’s just willingly stupid and I don’t feel bad that she has to deal with this sleaze ball. You want attention and now he’s giving it to you, you dumb cunt.
Everything about her is disgusting. She has absolutely ZERO redeeming qualities. She lies from day to day now and her brain dead stans still don’t put two and two together.

No. 705805

File: 1568766750257.jpg (78.45 KB, 556x500, 3au733.jpg)

No. 705806

File: 1568766821248.png (660.06 KB, 1242x2208, 1865E166-53EF-4E89-B656-031E3F…)

No. 705810

File: 1568766911284.jpeg (384.9 KB, 1242x2208, 3151E2F5-418F-409E-9D13-C3FA96…)

But I thought she was already doing these regularly?

No. 705812

Because people with life threatening issues are being ignored because of your selfishness.

No. 705816

Another lie. The police would tell her to block the number and make NO contact. God, she is insufferable.

No. 705817

File: 1568767465139.png (376.65 KB, 828x1792, 32BAFE01-7BFF-4453-97E9-0FC738…)

Big yikes there Taylor.

No. 705819

She actually doesn’t realize she was taking time away from the doctor seeing other sick people? Can she be this dense?

No. 705821


Posting them herself afterwards does not right his wrong. This isn't a civil suit. He committed a criminal act; charges are filed against him by the state.


>Jake can't be found anywhere

That's worrying.

So let me get this straight. She finally and only reported him for the revenge porn but not a protective order? [pausing to appreciate the irony of her having insisted she was unsafe and claimed to have gotten one against Jonny when he was hundreds of miles away, broke, just plain too high; he just wanted to milk being dumped for self-pity] She needs to stop talking about Jake immediately, even obliquely, because he is feeding off any attention. Like Jonny he's milk being dumped for self-pity, but he's using it as an excuse to escalate harassment. She's doing the complete opposite of what she should be doing; he blames his OD on her, and she expresses worry and concern, exactly what he wants. The intensity and lability of his splitting is terrifying. He's spewing raw emotion and not capable of being manipulative. The drugs feed He may as well have I hate you, don't leave me tattooed on his chest.

But Taylor is so up her own ass she thinks she's untouchable. Your Internet fandom are no more than words on a computer screen. They won't come to your rescue in meatspace. Social media is the bystander effect. I mean, dude, barely two months ago you blithely demonstrated how easy obtaining a firearm is. This is how you end up being the dead girl on 20/20.

Therapy fags, if she's told her clinicians (and there's likely a LCSW in the mix) would they at least advise her of her option to file for a PO if not urge her?

And is drug dealer guy lurking in the shadows?

No. 705822

Nah anon, she talks about heroin all night and dreams about heroin during the day.

No. 705823

She glorifies her own addiction more day by day. It's really strange & seems more suspicious, like she's doing it for attention or she really did relapse. Like, why overshare this much?

No. 705825

Literally the latest episode of web of lies was about a yter who was killed by an abusive ex who stalked and kept tabs on her for yrs. She had been in more than one abusive relationship and then after finally being single for a while started to date again. This sent the first ex into a tailspin and he murdered her. There were kids involved in that situation but all I could think of was Taylor and how she doesn't seem to ever think that she can be touched. While yes you usually don't have to worry to much for strangers at her level of "fame" like an actual movie star or mega yter would she doesn't realize that people she knows/knew and have a "reason" to come for her, Hayley the dealer comes to mind other than jonny and jake, are an actual threat. Scared of the phone but not scared of people who could actually harm her. ok then.(no1curr)

No. 705830

File: 1568768895374.png (193.32 KB, 760x667, Screenshot_20190917-220307.png)

So in the tweet it says it's because she's so scared of making phone calls but now its because she was too sick on heroin? Taylor pick one excuse dumbass

No. 705832

She's salty, sorry Tay the world doesn't care that you were "sick". You wasted their time and now your paying the price. Lol at her getting mama dean to talk to them.

No. 705838

File: 1568769554630.png (23.91 KB, 974x344, Doctordean.PNG)

Maybe the doctor just had enough of their shit. They can also charge you a fee for not showing up, she probably didn't pay it and is now butt-hurt.

No. 705844

Because as sick as you are, it is your responsibility to show commitment and the will to recover. That's literally one of the most basic things you need to do in order to cope with any addiction or any mental illness. Your mom whined to them about it, why the fuck didn't your mom answer those calls for you, then?

Outside of your anus-sucking stans/enablers/family's bubble, there are, surprisingly, consequences for the shit you do or don't do in the real world. They banned you because you were wasting their time that could've been used for someone who was as sick as you but really wanted to get better.

No. 705851

Doctors aren’t forced to see you. Especially when you their are patients that desperately need their services and your appt. takes away their opportunity. They are also a private business that can deny one for any or no reason. They lose money when you schedule an appointment and don’t show up or cancel in time for another patient to come in.

If you’re brave enough to call your dealer, you’re brave enough to schedule an appointment. Stop having you mommy come “save the day” to yell at a receptionist because your unreliable.

No. 705860

so sick, she's too sick for doctors UwU

No. 705868

Too sick to answer a phone but well enough to go to a concert with druggie bf. Nobody is buyin it.

No. 705874

one of the pictures he posted had her boob exposed but I think that’s as “far” as he went.

No. 705876

I'd like to add to this is Doctors (or any clinic) have the right to "ban" or refuse a patience. They get paid per patient NOT PER HOUR so if a patient doesn't show for a 3 hour appointment, the doctors and owner, will lose money. Not only will they lose money, they could've saved someone's life in that hour that Taylor decided she's too afraid to pick up the phone. She's an idiot and now she thinks it's hilarious which will influence young teens that it's okay to do these irresponsible things. It's fucking frustrating to watch

No. 705879

File: 1568773704544.png (215.52 KB, 760x747, Screenshot_20190917-232435.png)

That's such a selfish thing to say…. The world doesn't revolve around you.

No. 705881

Severe anxiety but she had no problem calling the police. No problem calling the sober living place to rat out the people that had drugs. Sounds selective.

No. 705882

Would call or answer for doc apps but answered a random number that Jake called from to harass her…yea makes perfect sense

No. 705885

Exactly just like the rest of the selective type bullshit she does..well it applies for everyone else but her mwah cuz she’s oh so special

No. 705887

Taylor: I, ME, have so much anxiety that I, ME, can't use a phone for important things because I, ME, spent a year on heroin and didn't know I, ME, was missing out on life. SO ask me more about MY drug addiction than that.

Also, Taylor: Contacts her exes, shitty tattoo artists, drug dealers, doctors to schedule appointments, snake breeders, hedgehog breeders, and shitty men.

No. 705895


can't make a phone call to a Dr to advocate for her health and not steal appointment times from other sick people waiting to be seen….

but can dress like a thot and post half-naked selfies online, tweet about getting some dick to hundreds of thousands of people, make youtube vids for millions. okay lying bitch, you got no idea what anxiety is. come holla at me when you're running from the camera and don't even want to be photographed on your own engagement day.

this lying bitch

No. 705896

Does she know what annual means? That means yearly, Taylor. According to her timeline she was using for a year or so, so how does one miss enough “annual” appointments to get banned from a whole health care system? Her lies are so fucking ridiculous and transparent.

No. 705897

File: 1568775470938.png (268.18 KB, 750x1334, 8B4728B4-4E2A-40BD-A7A4-080DA5…)

She had Jonny make her apps?? Lmao what a mess ..she just doesn’t want any kind of responsibility or commitment to anything that isn’t benefiting her

No. 705901

File: 1568775561385.png (264.13 KB, 750x1334, 51AE1282-1D02-4531-9276-123253…)

Already missing IOP appointments so I’d say she’s right on track with getting banned from there too lmao

No. 705902

Oh, great. He's giving her more ideas to add to her list of self-diagnoses. I'm sure she'll love to flaunt this one the same way she romanticizes all her invisible illnesses. Kek, what if she said she's a sex addict just to seem edgier and sexier to other druggies who see her year of use as kiddie shit? I wouldn't put it past her for obvious reasons. Didn't Jonny say that they didn't fuck each other for a year though? That means someone isn't telling the truth again.

No. 705903

Can't talk to one person on the phone but can make videos for millions of views. Ok

Shut the fuck up Taylor, actually sick people exist

No. 705904

Def for drugs I think..what else would she be paying him money for? Maybe the hotel but I’m going with my first guess

No. 705905

How much do you bet her IOP is just better help? Where the "therapists" have no training at all.

No. 705906

she basically just can't accept responsibility and confess her lack of responsibility. Instead, she'll blame it on anxiety and her love of drugs. I have social phobia but know damn well doctor appointments are too important to ignore. You're not 18 anymore, Taylor. Grow the fuck up.

No. 705908

File: 1568776194817.jpg (513.26 KB, 2896x2896, 20190917_210837.jpg)

Sorry for the shit editing but I'm living for Taylor's stans being shocked Taylor is only 22.

No. 705909

It’s almost like there are consequences for your daughter’s actions, Mama Dean. Crazy.

No. 705910

File: 1568776277027.jpg (369.93 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190917-201044.jpg)


No. 705911

File: 1568776365590.jpg (565.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190917-201202.jpg)



No. 705912

KEK at her stans for thinking she's OLDER than she really is.

I wonder what she'll turn into when she turns 25.

No. 705913

she's fucking delusional holy shit

No. 705916

Lmao I saw that too..there was a lot of them saying damn she looks way older. 22year old that looks 30 but has the mental capacity of a 16 year old. Kek no wonder she has a 13 year old fan base. She acts like a teenager

No. 705917

I guess she didn't get the memo that this is unfortunately common with addicts (getting banned not the moaning about it part). Dr's can only try to help you if you're willing to put in the effort. They're not going to put in more effort than you will.

No. 705918

File: 1568776819550.png (686.37 KB, 1242x2208, 437920E5-0256-4138-AFC3-61B4FC…)

“I didn’t want anything serious” lol okay Taylor because you definitely gave that impression all over your sm. If she was so obsessive and into him all over sm I can only imagine the bullshit she was feeding him irl.

No. 705919

File: 1568776902712.png (539.99 KB, 1242x2208, 22BA0E06-855C-4B95-9292-E487FE…)

But she’s such an informed and amazing exotic animal educator?! Must of been so wonderful to work with considering she admits she wouldn’t as much as answer the phone.

No. 705920

File: 1568776987614.jpeg (224.2 KB, 1242x1070, 4442B825-8E46-40F4-A938-C833F9…)

Totally fine with answering a phone call from a random number while being actively harassed by her ex brodick but she only answers phone calls from her mommy guise!

No. 705923

She wouldn’t know what consistent was if it come up and took a dump in her mouth..her last video she put off how many times? 3 I think ..because she went to a comedy event and was having a crazy week or something like that? The only reason she’s been putting out vids anyway is because she’s broke and needs money for ugly ass fashion nova shit..

No. 705925

I'm so tired of all her paragraph tweets that I don't bother reading it anymore. She's probably either bored out of her mind in bed or high to even keep talking about a topic no one cares about.

No. 705926

you sure are a fucking dedicated white knight for loser junkie males with long histories of criminal behaviour and abuse. lack of sage too… smells like a fucking malepost tbh.

No. 705928

when I first found her videos (the dory one) I remember thinking that she was older than me maybe 27. When I first saw her getting tons of animals I unsubbed and looked if others where talking about it. It led me to here eventually and lmao the fact that even her stans have no clue is hilarious to me.

No. 705929

File: 1568777922614.png (110.06 KB, 750x1334, 324FA548-C80A-488C-9210-EBEC79…)

I’m guessing Mama Dean is twitter ranting about Taylor since she can’t go in the other room to tell her

No. 705930

how hard is it to read the shit you’re too lazy to quote? he said taylor relapsed on her “sex addiction” that he diagnosed her with on the spot.

anons like you genuinely are the worst for this thread. all the replies to your post indicate people think you’re talking about heroin because again, you were too lazy to literally just scroll the fuck up in this very thread and find the message. do better anon.

No. 705932

What was that you were saying about people thinking you look 16, Taylor? Oh that's right, they said you act like a 16 year old. The delusion grows each and every day with this cow.

This dumb bitch never learns, and never grows up. She cannot for the life of her stop boasting about stupid shit that actually shows how atrocious she is. The crap she makes up half the time is never cute or quirky like she tries so hard for. I guess it's what happens when you have a nonexistent personality, an insatiable thirst for attention, and shit for brains.

Your sense of entitlement is showing, Taylor! You're not special. You're just immature and ignorant. God, is she capable of thinking anything through before she runs her mutilated lips?

No. 705937

she made a phone call in the Cheese video to the vet. I don’t remember her saying she was too anxious in that and she was willing to film the call.

No. 705947

Shes made dozens of calls to multiple people on multiple occasions. Unless it's only serious phone calls she can't make shes playing up some whole ass bullshit for pity points

No. 705960

File: 1568781788918.png (884.68 KB, 750x1334, 73741C0B-7DE2-4843-A1E7-A59753…)

Oscar verifies that his stripper baby mama was right and he is the father of her child..I bet this news made Taylor’s panties wet when she realized he meets all of her dating criteria now

No. 705970

Plus I mean, if you have such severe anxiety to make or take phone calls, you should ask the facility or the doctor for other means of communication like email or texting. There are several methods to contact people without having to make a call.

No. 705971

She doesnt have debilitating anxiety. She’s just lazy and entitled. Someone with crippling anxiety doesn’t post about themselves all day as well as post tons of pictures of her in revealing outfits. Also, someone with crippling anxiety probbbabbly wouldn’t choose to post her own nudes on the internet for everyone to see.
She’s such a narcissist and she will never mature.

No. 705978

Tinfoil but maybe this is what made him back away from Taylor. Unlike Jonny, this dude actually seems to want be there for his kid. And who knows? Maybe he'll try to work things out with his baby mamma.

No. 705987

Baby mama is hot trash fire

No. 705996


hi jake(hi cow)

No. 706003

Who cares what she is or what she does lmao. Point is, Oscar most likely bailed on Taylor because of the kid.

No. 706007

Almost every doctors office now has option to cancel by text, email, or online portal. If she can tweet, she can manage one of those to cancel an appointment. She's just lying about situations for sympathy points, as usual.

No. 706008

anons, I know we all dislike her but c’mon this tinfoiling over Taylor being behind the Jake accounts is silly. yes, Taylor undoubtly led him on - which is really shitty - but this whole “he’s a broken man uwu” doesn’t excuse him trying to manipulate her with suicide or releasing her nudes.

No. 706011

Maybe this is why he backed away from Taylor then again we don't know what's happening behind twitter. His baby mama has complete control of him if he's really wanting to be a dad so she could easily say to back off from Taylor or any girl if he wants to see his son. not to WK but I do hope he keeps it up to be with his son. If he is serious with it then he should stay away from trash such as Taylor that could lead him to relapse if ever.

No. 706015

Good catch anon, it’ll be interesting to see if she makes an excuse for this since she lurks

No. 706041

U mad bruh? Smells like a Taylor stan making excuses for muh queen. It's not like he was a junkie at rehab or anything, he's a criminal by default, she knew what she was getting into.

No. 706044

Not to mention you have to book the appointment. It isn’t automatic

No. 706050

nta, but yes, anyone who doesn't agree with your jake wk is a taylor stan, bruh

No. 706051

Nobody is wking Jake, the thread is about Taylor. Literally nobody is surprised he turned out to be a scumbag, but Taylor was being an ass in the "bro friendship"

No. 706054

lmao, so many people are wking jake, what are you talking about? people itt won't stop tinfoiling that taylor was the one who shared the photos while pretending she was jake, even after it was proven that she did not. yesterday someone claimed that jake didn't turn insane or creepy before taylor dumped him, kek. even if that was true, taylor is allowed to dump shitty men, without being responsible for their insane reactions.

sure, taylor is a bitch, but we don't know if she led him on to believe they were serious. she says she didn't, so claiming she did is a tinfoil. her idea of casual might have seen weird and obsessive, but she DID always say that they were just bros and that she wasn't looking to get serious.

we have no idea what actually happened between them, so reading a bunch of posts about how taylor was a bitch who let him on and manipulated him is annoying as fuck. taylor is milky enough without the constant, obsessive tinfoiling and wking of deadbeat junkie fathers.

No. 706074

lol at how she changes the word to illness when person used the word addiction.

No. 706081

so she knows it's not her fault he relapsed, but it's jonny's fault she got hooked on H even after she knew everything about him?

LOL at iLlNeSs. His illness. Psshhh.
his fucking addiction. Like yours, taytay.

No. 706083

look at him acting all "accountable"

No. 706085

No. 706086

what break? youre still talking about it IN THIS TWEET?!?

No. 706087

>so many people are wking jake
it was like a couple of idiots at most, chill. taylor always picks dumpsterfire men, that's why she's 100% responsible for the situation. literally everybody told her not to date in rehab, it's her fault she always thinks she fucking knows best

No. 706088

stupid attracts stupid. you nailed it with this.
10 minutes is not even an exgaeration.

No. 706089

really? thru texts? sounds too good to be true.
magical shit always falls on her lap, doesnt it?

No. 706091

what kind of proud father still puts the word "pregnancy" in quotes. its fucking yours.

No. 706093

this whole situation sounds so dumb lmao. cant wait for tay to get randomly knocked up and be too dumb to do anything about it.

No. 706098

and some tweets above, she said that she knew itd be extra dangerous to date men in rehab. I swear, like she said before about JC, she just does it for the experience. She wants to put herself in danger. she loves everything that comes with it.

No. 706107

I know like why would she pretend to be him and then file a police report? She could go right to jail herself for that. I don’t think she’s THAT stupid.

No. 706116

Texas anon. She has no case after posting the nudes herself. Not like she even called to file a police report because muh anxiety.

No. 706120

Implying the police report isn't made up

No. 706183

>>His baby mama has complete control of him if he's really wanting to be a dad so she could easily say to back off from Taylor or any girl if he wants to see his son.

No, she can't. Even if they have hammered out co-parenting without going to court so far, if she decides she's going to use the baby to run his life, he can go to court to be legally named the father and set up court-approved visitation, etc. Once child custody and visitation agreements are approved by a judge, they're binding. She'd be in contempt for not following them. Quit tinfoiling. We don't know their relationship beyond they had a one night stand that ended in pregnancy and it really has nothing to do with Taylor. No need to drag the baby mama into this drama unless you have proof she's the reason Oscar is not interested in Taylor anymore.

No. 706186

He could also easily be making the personal decision to not be involved with other women to focus on his son right now. Especially with where Taylor is in her life. The mother doesn’t have to have anything to do with it.

No. 706188

I think the only reason why some people don't believe it at first is because Taylor lies A LOT. So much so that everything she says or does makes you question if it's true or not. Even if she is an idiot, people who are pathological liars AND live off of attention will come up with idiotic ideas to gain attention and in her case, she can just be, "how do I turn Jake into a MORE crazyass dude so i can get attention?" He could've been crazy in the beginning and stop while Taylor builds it up on twitter as if it's the most craziest thing in the world and all he did was send her 2 paragraphs after she said she needed "space."

you can be dumb as fuck but when it comes to a narcissistic bitch of a plan, Taylor will do it. Just like how she tried to make that one snake breeder look bad when in reality she deleted some words from their text and made herself look like a victim.

I would never be her friend even if she paid me like she does with hers.

No. 706189

Oscar's parental life is non of our business but if he's backing away from thirsty Taylor then LOL! She's probably more in love with him now since Oscar just filled her shitty boyfriend check-list

No. 706191

Kek, one of those posts was arguing to not bring the baby mama into this. Do you guys even read?

No. 706268

That’s literally what I was saying? The mother could justifiably have nothing to do with this situation and it’s fucking commendable of Oscar to want to be in his sons life. The post I replied to was talking about court orders and custody and all I was saying is that Oscar can make the decision to ditch Taylor/other females without the order of his baby mama.
We can all end the Oscar spam now bc it’s not that fucking important lmao

No. 706282

Yet you're keeping it going. Shut the fuck up.

No. 706302

At least they saged their dumb shit

No. 706308

I read this as "I didn't even know I was missing animals" and I stand by that.

No. 706311

Haha that would be more accurate that the stupid shit she says..she said in a couple different tweets that she didn’t know the exact number and just guessed how many animals she had and I think she did it in her feeding all my animals videos recently too

No. 706330

Still can't believe there's people that ignores the fact that she forgets how many animals she has yet she tells them that she loves them. I hope Taylor never has kids cuz imagine being a shitty mom that will probably forget their birthdays. "It was my addiction that caused all this, baby, heroin is the reason i forgot how old you are and it pains me because of my illness!"

No. 706352

File: 1568860990912.png (977.41 KB, 750x1334, 608E1BF2-86BC-4D51-8427-8BED2A…)

So there’s another account on twitter that I think is Jake but idk but if it is..he claims she cheated on him and a lot of other crazy stuff idk tho ..no proof or screenshots or anything but there were two pics on there. One of a pair of rats sitting in a little hide and this pic that looks like him..screenshots comin up are from the account in question

No. 706354

File: 1568861041605.png (163.46 KB, 750x1334, 31CDD676-F996-4450-B92E-F7257D…)

No. 706355

File: 1568861101641.png (154.57 KB, 750x1334, 67B5F518-4FF6-4108-8963-59E0CA…)

No. 706357

File: 1568861265134.png (158.48 KB, 750x1334, 30DA3897-F35A-4F7C-B661-9B2291…)


No. 706359

i honestly think that taylor promising a future and living together and all that shit is not so far fetched. she now says that she didn't want anything serious with him but everything she posted, even their private conversations, showed the opposite.

No. 706360

Yes please post the texts Jake …

He also says they were dating for months on his Twitter

No. 706362

File: 1568861601936.png (334.23 KB, 750x1334, EEFB5600-60CE-4201-943E-C7A96A…)

He said she has promiscuity issues? Lmao I’m surprised he can spell that with how fucked up he types..and he’s homeless?! Yep she picks the best bros to crawl in bed with

No. 706366

File: 1568861761741.png (1.97 MB, 750x1334, F1DE8311-306F-4C3A-8C89-028AF0…)

These aren’t her rats are they? These were the rats on his profile and only other pic besides the first one and a blacked out one..and I can see her saying all that shit to him for sure and playing him like a fiddle the whole time ..I fuckin hope he posts the texts ..he really doesn’t have nothing to lose at this point

No. 706372

No, those don't look like her rats

No. 706373

I wanna see the texts badly lol. I don't think anyone really gives a fuck about her nudes except maybe her and her mother so idk why that was a threat (but it is really shitty and his behaviour in general).

What we REALLY want to know is the details on her animals and if she spilled any secrets about them to him.

No. 706376

Same I can see her venting to him about how much internet hate she got and bitching non stop about Jonny and she prolly showed him the pics of her needle bathroom pics and saying stuff bout how hard it is to be a family friendly pet moms of 50+ animals (feel bad to me type stuff) but I doubt he even listened to half of her incoherent babble

No. 706382

File: 1568864459917.png (657.42 KB, 1235x2048, Screenshot_20190918-233911.png)

Would an apology literally kill this woman? "I'm not in the wrong!!! I was just frustrated uwu"

No. 706387

File: 1568864745317.png (174.59 KB, 750x1334, 1ADED4AC-90D7-45C8-9FC0-EA2974…)

God she fucking kills me ..of course her anxiety is worse than everyone else’s just like her heroin addiction

No. 706389

Yet she answered a random number to find out it was Jake calling >>705596
~phone anxiety~ more like ~responsibility anxiety~

No. 706391

File: 1568865046094.png (291.49 KB, 750x1334, F28B1C44-FC00-4C3C-AA5A-943A03…)

Now it’s her moms fault lmao I hate her ..is it really that hard to take ownership of anything? It’s like those kids that sneak a candy bar and blame it on the dog..except she would fight to the death to say it def wasn’t her.

No. 706394

My mommy wouldn't call for me, boohoo I'm a 22 year old adult

No. 706397

File: 1568865738487.jpg (579.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190918-210042.jpg)

Didn't she already say she was going to stop buying from them?

No. 706400

I wanna see the texts badly lol. I don't think anyone really gives a fuck about her nudes except maybe her and her mother so idk why that was a threat (but it is really shitty and his behaviour in general).

What we REALLY want to know is the details on her animals and if she spilled any secrets about them to him.

No. 706401

File: 1568865890580.png (139.42 KB, 750x1334, 23C3E9B7-09D3-4F75-8BA2-CEF97F…)

Lmao she’s making herself look like a dimbass.. just let it goooo

No. 706402

File: 1568865999185.jpg (537.56 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190918-210530.jpg)

Now she didn't even know it existed even though she called to reschedule

No. 706407

Even if it’s a primary care center and not “super duper exclusive specialist” it’s still an asshole thing to do? There are still people that could have used that appointment either way. Also if you have phone anxiety when you didn’t have your MOM blocked you could have, idk, texted her? Like when you texted her about her picking up your birth control, or literally any other time jfc.

No. 706414

In her video where she gives Cheese a Funeral, she calls a vet place to schedule an autopsy/cremation without a problem or any obvious anxiety making a phone call to StRAnGERs. She is clearly lying about why she has her mom or JC having to make appts for her. She's just lazy and not willing to take responsibility for anything because she's a spoiled brat who has never actually had to take care of herself.

No. 706417

At this point I don’t think I’ve ever disliked an Internet personality as much as I dislike her, and watching her refuse to take responsibility for her actions is really the worst thing to make your fans think is okay. Taylor your mental health situation is causing you to hurt everyone around you including a bunch of impressionable children. You don’t understand that because you still act like an impressionable child yourself but one say when you let yourself realize this stuff you will wish you had deleted your social media during this time.

No. 706424

Taylor, I think you know this by now, but you are being a complete fucking brat- AGAIN- and you are 100% insufferable. Change who you are as a person. Please.

No. 706425

She needs to get off social media because her stans constantly validating her fucked up thoughts isn’t going to help her get better

No. 706428

Imagine how many kids are just going give up when they start feeling anxious about phone calls because “Taylor is scared of talking on the phone too!!” Way to consolidate maladaptive behaviour in people who idolize you.

No. 706431

Taylor if you really feel sorry for yourself because of how sick you are mentally why are you directly influencing children down that same path? I know you don’t care about anything outside the realm of your own perception but would you really want other people to feel as badly as you do right now?

No. 706433

I- every doctor I've ever gone to has left a voicemail if they're calling in regards to an appointment. Is she too anxious to check her voicemails as well? She's so fucking dumb. Just admit you suck for doing something shitty and stop coming up with reasons why it's definitely not your fault. Grow UP, girl.

No. 706435

She said in a tweet that she just lets them pile up and deletes them

No. 706436

Jesus Christ. God forbid something happen to someone she loves and she can't be reached because ~muh anxiety~

No. 706438

God she wasted hours sperging out on Twitter rather than take responsibility and moving on

No. 706439

File: 1568870072141.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190918-221404.jpg)

Pay attention to meeeee

No. 706443

File: 1568870807731.png (270.74 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_2019-09-18-22-24-59…)

Ironically, she posted this. "It wasn't that deep" and yet, here we are

No. 706444

File: 1568870813514.png (510.71 KB, 1080x889, Screenshot_20190919-072336.png)

I don't really know what to make of this and what it means, but the rats are from this account.

No. 706449

"a group of people" aka lolcow? give us more proof that you lurk your own thread lmao

No. 706450

“It’s just a fish dude”

No. 706453

I was looking at my tweet notifications and she tweeted one where she retweeted a link and said, “this is the biggest contradiction I’ve seen in one tweet oh my god”
But surprise, she deleted it.

Anyone catch what it was?
Also, so hypocritical of her lol

No. 706455

File: 1568872303054.jpg (365.38 KB, 1036x1381, 20190918_234634.jpg)

Hehe i wake up at 8pm, besides not being a normal responsible adult who doesn't even have a real job and most of what I do is talk about drugs, I have 20+ animals to take care of, a lot of them nee daily care. But who cares I'm quirky and I watch the office.

No. 706456

File: 1568872386634.jpg (721.15 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190918-225238.jpg)

Here u go

No. 706457

Something comes up and we can’t make it????

Like you’re so fucking busy.
She was at home all day shooting up and sleeping. She had time

No. 706458

File: 1568872758684.jpeg (183.65 KB, 828x860, 199A6A17-97D7-434B-9E0C-6FFEB2…)

So your mom didnt tell you she rescheduled? God I can’t even keep up with the mental gymnastics here.

No. 706460

Thanks anon.
I wonder why she decided to delete it? Lol .

No. 706461

She did a dumb thing, is getting called on it, and can’t make any other reaction outside of quote tweeting everyone who disagrees with her and going on a complete batshit tirade. Real mature Taylor. She can’t handle the most minute criticisms without losing it. One person can say “TND you shouldn’t have done that because XYZ” and we will never hear the end of it until she has retweeted every hater with a snarky comment, written multiple paragraphs, and posted Notepad screenshots of whine until it’s completely out of her system. She is almost insufferable to follow right now.

No. 706462

But she says the day would come where they’d call and reschedule BUT SHE WOULDNT pick up.
How would she know They’d be calling for that?

No. 706464

This stupid cunt would confuse anxiety with being high off heroin (roxy, dilaudid, China white, coke, alcohol, and meth).

She probably doesn’t like talking on the phone because she knows she’s a fucking moron. Whoever is on the other end of the line is rude because they don’t feel like dealing with her idiocy. Can’t blame them.

No. 706469

You’ll have less anxiety if you eat something, stop pretending tweeting like this somehow makes it ok for you to act this way. Stop using what’s left of your brainpower to vent on Twitter.

No. 706471

So does she just not have any food or light schedule for her animals? Just does it whenever the fuck she feels like it? She was feeding twisty at night the other day which is terrible because they need time to bask and digest their food.

No. 706472

I don't think she realizes that hey ,maybe if you didn't lie to begin with, and of top of that overshare uneccesary stuff on social media all day about the shitty things you do, maybe you wouldn't get backlash.

No. 706474

File: 1568874036289.jpg (499.9 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190918-232004.jpg)

Oh like how you killed over 10 animals in a month? And a kitten?

No. 706475


Yeah but I'm sure she would just come out with a shitty excuse like guys, I didn't know! Or say that it was only one time! Because accountability is a word she does not know.

No. 706476

I'm surpised that Taylor isn't front page on r/thathappened everyday along with Shayna.

No. 706477

It's like every conversation she has that makes someone look bad she has to post about it to her crazed stans.

It's like she wants to see how crazy angry they get on her behalf. One of these days, she's going to tell one of these stories, the person she's talking about is going to expose her ass for lying or for her crazy fanbase finding who they are and harassing them.

Either way this, "Hey X person said X bad thing" on twitter is going to backfire majorly.

No. 706482

That diet and schedule would make anyone depressed, addict or not. Of course she's being sarcastic about being a "health icon" but if she really wants to promote recovery she shouldn't spend all day on twitter making generic "netflix & pizza lulz" jokes that normalize unhealthy behavior. There is a reason why in rehab there is so much emphasis on starting mornings with daylight and healthy breakfast.

No. 706537

It’s like she’s making a mockery of simple regular things like eating and drinking food. And we are supposed to believe she has the energy to give attention to her pets when she’s literally a corpse in her apartment.

No. 706539

File: 1568892720080.jpeg (Spoiler Image,154.08 KB, 828x949, 09FF2733-C099-43EB-8411-C54B22…)

taulor can’t you just let other people go to rehab without making it about you? Can you see how deeply narcissistic you are and how you are putting every other addict in that house at risk for DEATH. from RELAPSE. because of YOU.

No. 706553

God, she thrives off of being an addict. I’m really wondering if her using all really started because she wanted to be apart of the addict lifestyle because she thinks it gives her some sort of unique personality trait. It’s not that unique. But, she lives for the attention and sympathy being an addict will bring her. She wants the victim points while at the same time thinks she’s above other addicts and that they need her to come save them.

No. 706568

You hit the nail on the head, anon. Taylor has no actual personality beyond attention whore, and she's always done this by coopting labels that get her attention: first she was Sick Girl, then she was trying to be Quirky Animal Girl, now she's trying to be Recovered Junkie Girl.

And she can't stand being called out on her bullshit because there's no substance to her. She's not an animal expert and has no training or experience in the field, but loves to go "well I worked for Petco!!!" as if ringing up customers makes her Steve Irving kek. Same with this new track of junkie tales. Scratch the surface and it becomes so very obvious she's just posing for attention.

No. 706591

Sooo is this person pretending to be the jake account for fake milk or what. Because what idiot would post pretty much the same exact photo…

No. 706611

File: 1568906917652.jpg (27.94 KB, 592x203, IMG_20190919_082211.jpg)

I gotta be honest fam- if she gets her wisdom teeth out and uses only Ibuprofen or paracetamol, even through any complications, low-key respect.
Of course we will hear all about the pain and how it is the fault of her IlLnEsS. Maybe even a video on it…3 months later.

No. 706616

What is wrong with USA? I am pharmacist and I live in Europe and people are rarely prescribed anything else for taking wisdom tooth out. Maybe xanax if youre scared as hell and antibiotics but thats it.

No. 706621

US gives vicodin after tooth extraction. it's extremely weird and overkill.

No. 706625

Honestly this tweet feels like she’s setting up for a relapse story… “the doctors gave me Vicodin and I was too loopy to tell them I was a recovering addict and now I’m addicting again wahhh”

No. 706632

That person thought Taylor was behind the first Jake account so idk ..maybe they got the dms from the real Jake??? Just a guess tho

No. 706650

File: 1568908887044.png (145.84 KB, 750x1334, 23D3FCA5-F07F-4663-8FD7-A4FAF9…)

Jakes now saying Taylor injects Suboxene..so maybe that’s why she got kicked out of rehab for giving him one to inject with her?? Just a tinfoil but here’s the cap from that account posted about last night