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File: 1579089885317.jpg (95.3 KB, 898x597, taylor.jpg)

No. 748569

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>745355

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes - old accounts of hers have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets (not fully up to date):
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history (not fully up to date):

New milk:
>Tay and Elijah Daniel swat Jonny during a Twitch stream over a (false) gun threat (lots of links for this one) >>746153 >>746158 >>746171 >>746179 >>746186 >>746192 >>746195 >>746200 >>746203 >>746216 >>746242 >>746250 >>746374 and Elijah’s involvement >>746381 >>746394 >>748190 >>748192
>Jonny’s teasing a tell-all podcast appearance >>745872 >>748145
>Claims Jonny took $140k >>748227
>Girls night out featuring ‘impulsive shots’ mixed with her Subs >>747854 >>747970
>Jonny pictures finally deleted >>747349
>Still stuck on Subuxone >>747115
>Bad hair decisions incoming >>747094
>After the Keemstar incident, money is thrown at some koalas >>746893 >>746911 >>746978
>Keemstar and Tay fall out when he uses a twitter account’s clips in a video about Jonny >>746845 >>746851
>New, expensive anemone is acquired as an ‘investment’ >>746797
>The gifted calfskin bag is still around >>746710
>Taylor claims an OD story >>745997 repeats rape and assault claims >>746007 and adds a suicide story to the mix >>746873 >>746876 in total >>747148
>Taylor sends Jonny a forgiving email, which she then publishes to get ahead of him revealing its contents >>745882
>Elijah Daniel joins with Tay to attack Jonny >>745867 >>745945 together they try to get Jonny banned from Twitch >>745947 >>746634 but instead he gets a partnership >>746082
>Heroin origin story changes again, this time Jonny pressured her into it over several hours >>745727
>Nope she’s not leaving Jonny behind in 2019 (too many posts in thread to cite) >>745659 >>745673 >>745699
>7 months sober from heroin >>745528
>She’s happier than ever before! according to Jen >>745485
>Implications of legal action continue >>745383
>Star is losing weight >>745371
>’Mystery romance’ has fully evaporated since NYE

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: -

> Recent Known Deaths: –
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: -

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Jonny claims the cats killed some snakes >>745878
>and claims he took care of animals for days at a time >>745880

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 748575

Thank you for the new thread. The last one was a rollercoaster, and now that January is getting done (with no mention of moving out or her mystery romance) let's see what this new thread will bring us.

Another note to add. Since we all know Taylor reads here, will she finally take basic grammar classes in 2020? Her shit is almost as unintelligible as Clare Buley/Lilith.

No. 748577

Fuck, something wrong in the OP, Jonny and Syd are not living in LA - my bad. They're with Jonny's dad in NY and just visiting LA from time to time? Whoever makes he next OP, please fix my error.

No. 748589

She should also learn what "literally" actually means.

No. 748600

So Jonny's podcast is supposed to come out today right? Any update from him?

Surely it will result in another 24 hour Twitter meltdown from Taylor. I'm pretty sure she made it over 24 hours yesterday, despite being sooo busy not talking about Jonny

No. 748602

File: 1579106890509.jpg (259.44 KB, 1076x1011, IMG_20200115_084701.jpg)

Apparently the VICE video is doing exactly what Taylor desires, making her the ultimate victim queen. In case you were wondering if VICE was reputable at all, they are obviously not.

No. 748603

good thing that vice's views are toilet-tier these days

No. 748607


Vice has always been at that level.

It's such a shame that they aren't using this to really help her animals, who are the real victims in all of this, not her junkie ass

No. 748608


This would have been a great opportunity for Tay to create a bunch of new content that actually focuses on proper animal care, and maybe a new "Day in the life" video that shows her cleaning her self, her room, getting a driving permit, living a regular schedule. This could have actually been a time where she could have made a small comeback. One of these videos could have been premiered and released the same minute the vice video came out so people could then pop over and she could try not to look like the current mess she is. She could have used it to start fulfilling all the video promises she's made over the months and years.

She didn't though, and we know already because she just doesn't plan ahead or care about having a career or happy pets or a good public image. I'm honestly almost rooting for her at this point, because, damn man-it's pretty fucking dismal right now, and it sucks to watch someone publicly spiral into complete disrepair.

No. 748609


She could have used her PlAtFoRm to volunteer at local shelters and raise awareness, too. Instead, it's Jonny spergs, the Office, a and rambling inaccurate stats about addiction.

Great subject matter vice. I sincerely hope they introduce her as an addict and not an animal advocate or petuber because that's all she wants to be remembered for. "I do the bare minimum for the pets that haven't died yet, I'm constantly buying wild caught and designer pets, and that's the extent of my interest in animals. Ask my about drugs and sexual abuse please!"

No. 748616

What is even the point of covering TND's "story". She hasnt done anything with her life, there's no "happy ending" to end on. What is even the point? "This girl ruined her lifeand it stayed ruined. She now lives in her childhood bedroom with her remaining living pets."
I hope Vice finds this site and the "known deaths" file.

No. 748617


It's the heartwarming story of the most self-absorbed person on earth.

No. 748618

I agree. Although I am looking forward to the video. They can do the biggest fluff soft uwu bbbygrl piece on her, but Taylor always comes across as bitchy and annoying. She cannot help but sabotage any interview. Guarentee shes wearing some skanky lingerie, her greasy ass hair pulled into a ponytail with extensions, overdrawn lips and high as fuck (but totally sober guiz). Shall we make a bingo card?

No. 748619

I dont know if youre serious but YES let's make a bingo card! Lolol

No. 748620

2 years, sober* from heroin, Therapist, Animals, Abusive, drugs…

She needs to stfu and work on herself. She doesn't do anything everyday except sperg out.

No. 748622

Wasn’t it yesterday that she was claiming that she had such ~a busy schedule~ when called out for obsessing over JC and STILL continued to tweet the day away?

Taylor has managed to dig her grave pretty deep these past two months. It seems like her life gets more miserable by the day. I really feel like we’re in for a treat in the coming months. This loser’s life is so predictable it’s pitiful. She had an aneurysm when she found out that Syd was pregnant, imagine what she’s going to do when she sees an actual picture of the baby when it’s born. She’s going to throw a bitch fit on twitter for days on end and just shit talk/bully this innocent baby’s family. The ride will just continue to get bumpier until then.

No. 748628

yeah. surprised she hasn't thrown a fit yet since JC posted that it's a boy. well, maybe she's just sleeping the day away as usual.

a pity.

No. 748630

Vice does not probably know about her problematic racism. yet.

No. 748635

She's a faux alt white thot. So basically who vice viewers are. She got off drugs and was abused (according to her). These are both hot topics. It's basically just privilege. She's such a fragile qwirky troubled suburban girl. Just continuing a pattern of who gets the most attention and pity from the general public. Rich white girls are sympathetic to most idiots

No. 748638

I wonder if vice has seen her hashtag and how most people are ripping her apart for her shit animal care and insane behavior. Only the dumbass tween stans defend her anymore

No. 748642

Don't know if it's been brought up, but yesterday and the day before (shit, she's been on Twitter more than 24 hours straight lmfao) she's been mass quote retweeting her critics and "haters" to send her little bitch army after them, more than usual.

Wonder what triggered that?

No. 748644

Jonny threatening to become "petty" probably. She's got to hurry and get as many asspats as possible so any possible info on her animal neglect and abuse won't look so bad when it comes out to daylight.

No. 748645

She's butthurt because even her stans are telling her to shut up about Jonny. Over 2 weeks of non-stop Jonny and they are sick of it. She was even telling her stans to fuck off yesterday.

No. 748650

File: 1579124902050.jpg (540.92 KB, 816x1984, Screenshot_20200115-164736_Chr…)

Notice she never quote-tweeted or addressed any of these. The only replies to her tweet were criticising her. Shortly after is when she started sperging about Jonny and her haturz.

No. 748653

They will see their comment section when the video goes up, just like the other video she made. Like Taylor tries to act like lolcow is the only place where people "hate" on her, when it's across platforms, including youtube, facebook and twitter.

No. 748654

100% Taylor actively deletes critical comments when a video comes up.

People are waking up to her bullshit, she's not getting as many views that's for sure. I think most people are starting to get weirded out by her and are just leaving quietly.The only people left seem to be druggie degenerate types that see themselves in Taylor. Most of them are social rejects sill sucking off their parents teats because nobody wants them.

No. 748655

Don't forget Reddit. I see Taylor come up all the time in the context of pet tube being problematic

No. 748668

I have seen a lot of folks talking about emailing vice about it, but the truth is I don’t think they really care. They just want money

No. 748669

It's also kind of funny considering Vice was accused of sexual harrassment in the workplace, especially among the big wigs of the company.

No. 748670

File: 1579129877378.png (33.7 KB, 659x221, Capture123.PNG)

wow she's ahead of her schedule today, already up at 5pm her local time.

No. 748673

File: 1579131232355.png (59.53 KB, 661x490, Capture123.PNG)

No. 748675

File: 1579132904036.png (135.93 KB, 652x386, Capture123.PNG)

she had to be baiting for this sort of response. what a bizarre joke

No. 748676

Maybe it was her conscience suggesting she go tell her own mother that.

No. 748677

File: 1579133144519.png (29.87 KB, 656x219, Capture123.PNG)

more like she wishes she genuinely had a servant groveling at her feet. maybe mom told her to do her chores for once?

No. 748679

OOF I hope this one shuts her up for a while. I'm sure she HATES being compared to her mother. Thank you random twitter person lol

No. 748681

But the viral post was about an actual human being that is capable of speaking. She’s pretending that her CAT is speaking and having conversations with her?! What a fucking try hard. Go back to sleep. The world is a much better place when you’re not on social media being a fuck twat.

No. 748691

File: 1579135527513.png (12.02 MB, 1242x2208, 23722840-6F59-47EA-9012-2989F3…)

Today in gross Taylor behavior: more making fun of her not neuro-typical brother. How nice.

No. 748692

Going off of her last notes sperg,
she basically admitted to it being her on twitter saying shit about Jonny's last victims, but the wording she used totally danced around it. Fuck you, Taylor.

She wants to be like Onision's victims soooooo fucking bad.
Also, so sorry lolcow was cheering for you for almost 50 threads to leave your abusive relationship until your mommy forced you to leave after you finally overdosed. Deeply sorry, Taylor. Maybe if you would have listened to lolcow after the first thread?

No. 748694

But anon remember she did it for us, to please us, and we're still not pleased with her even though she did what we told her to do. And she honestly doesn't know why we aren't kissing her ass now. We're just meanies who are never ever satisfied with what she does. Why do we keep calling her out? Beats her, she's done nothing wrong at all!

No. 748697

will anyone ask her wat happened to the tinder boy? It’s getting very obvious he was made up.

No. 748699

File: 1579138213207.jpeg (504.22 KB, 1125x1994, F7B0B479-876B-48D0-AECB-D83FA3…)

She’s been “slacking” everyone lmao more like excessively obsessing over your ex on twitter but go off I guess.

No. 748701

Samefag sorry but I'm watching the Have A Seat live and of course she's watching. She commented but nothing special. Just something like "god I love seeing more people share their stories about him"
She definitely lurks lolcow, I'd say daily because she obviously has no life outside of the internet. No way she isn't an active poster, even. She has no room to speak.

No. 748702

doesn't her brother have an intellectual impairment? why the fuck would she post this about him?

No. 748703

She is so hateful! It's obvious he knows the cover of them, and not necessarily the name on the side. It would be a very kind thing if thy made one of those kid's slotted bookcases for him.
Sorry for sharing feelings, but at least I'm not sperging about pros/cons of believing rape victims, like 1/5 of the last thread.

TBH responding to this line of thought is low-key wking. Many anons give no fucks about her. She was a horrible person in highschool sending nudes to older men, she was a horrible person with JC, and she would be a horrible person without any animals. All of these former-fan anons are playing into her delusion that the internet cares for uwu junkie queen by always posting "well if she didn't xyz, we wouldn't abc" and that is not what we are here for. I will make fun of her as long as she continues to act like a cow and put her entire trash life online. Some faggy anons seem to think you can negotiate with a narc cow.

Mad on the internet tonight.

No. 748704

Yes and what’s worse is this isn’t a new thing, she has definitely showed her parents living room in another video (maybe when she first went back?) where she pans over the movies on the floor. Obviously it makes his brain happy and it isn’t hurting anyone damn Taylor

No. 748705

And she loves to dance around the fact that you'd have to be beyond ignorant to be a fan of Jonny's and be unaware of the allegations against him. Does she think we buy that she never saw any red flags until after they had already gotten together? Because I sure as hell don't. Jonny Craig has been an infamous misogynist for too damn long. Taylor must've known about it years before ever figuring out her Post Malone backup plan and meeting him. I guess it's because unlike when she screams about how addiction isn't a choice, she can't claim she was born with a unique abuser-enabling brain. Come on, Tay, blame getting together with Jonny in the first place on your puny little deficient brain. The only explanation for actively seeking out a violent felon with a nasty reputation is being criminally dumb and willfully naive. Don't she ever get sick of pretending that she doesn't have any agency whatsoever? Forget her justifying never leaving him despite having a near perfect support system and set of resources. Is the reason she slid into his dms after all his scandals because of a single sip of vodka that made her suicidal and crave hard drugs kek?

No. 748706


Yup, more low key hate for her brother.

It bothers her that her gets all of mommy's attention.


Mama dean does all this shit not her, fuck her lazy ass.

No. 748709

It's the
that make it seem so crass and weird. She could've respectfully posted about her brother with her family's consent. But she always has to put other people down. Imho this isn't nearly as hateful as other shit she's done regarding her brother. The bitter bitchiness of her Thanksgiving video still haunts me. Still not a good look though. TND is ableist confirmed.

No. 748711

she wants so bad to have daddy issues but what she has is mommy issues.
the resentment of her brother I can kind of understand because she might well be his caretaker one day. but at least try to act like an adult about it publicly tay, ffs.

No. 748712

Yup. PWS is a horrible disease, and I do empathize. It can't be easy for anyone in the family. But I cannot stand the entitlement she has of insisting she's worse off than her brother is just because she has to deal with him. Tbh I never really thought about how she'd be Tanner's caretaker and now I'm worried as hell about his best interest.

No. 748717

I honestly think she'd look into a group home setting for him if/when it ever comes to that. I highly doubt she would be willing or even able to be his caretaker. Just based on what she posts about him, it doesn't seem like she would want that level of involvement which is honestly sad.

No. 748720

maybe part of why she is so self destructive is to avoid this responsibility. can't be a primary caretaker for my brother when I'm a broke drug addict with a fucked up life hehe

No. 748724

Nah. More like she's gotta vie for her parents' affection as the most sick, helpless, and reckless spoonie bby ever. That, and she's not gonna work a day in her life or learn an ounce of responsibility if her severely mentally disabled brother isn't either. Think about it. Her brother has uncontrollable outbursts and tantrums all the time. Taylor tries to overshadow them with whoring around and partying with heavy drugs. It's all a desperate cry for attention. It's almost sad she hasn't been able to work this out through real therapy.

No. 748726

I remember her posting/talking about that DVD thing multiple times too. like, it’s not even that fucking weird, he’s a kid. she’s such a bitch.

No. 748733

Even if he wasn't a kid, what he's doing is harmless, and it's not like she'll pick the DVD's up for her mom.

No. 748734

I don't want to derail too much but a lot of the times adults with PWS have to go into specialized housing only because they can be strong enough to seriously injure untrained people when they're upset.

Taylor "glass bones and paper skin" Dean isn't going to be able to take care of him, and Mama Dean might not be able to for very much longer either if Taylor continues to live there. We've already heard about how stressed he is with her there, I imagine stress levels will only continue to rise as she gets more and more complacent with being crammed in her childhood bedroom. She left rehab over six months ago if my math is correct, and she hasn't done anything but do drugs (not heroin tho!!1!) and whine about Jonny. And waste thousands of dollars on clothes, shitty tattoos, concert tickets, and God knows what else.

No. 748747

File: 1579156248758.png (1.39 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-013020.png)

Looks like someone got a booboo from their GTP. Probably was trying to manhandle him for a picture and got tagged, rightfully so.

No. 748749

File: 1579156350583.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-013204.png)

Other hand, too.

No. 748751

File: 1579156885619.png (33.72 KB, 136x237, Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 12.4…)


UMMMM we just gonna ignore this very obvious track mark???

No. 748752

oh wow, the fuck? that really is a track mark. am i stupid for thinking she actually got sober and tried to stay sober because wtf else could that be. it 100% looks like a track mark

No. 748756

Why why why can she never stop posting this kind of stuff? Is it so people can fawn over the fragile snowflake's booboos? Is it to come across as a tough, edgy, and hardcore emo snake lady? Is it because it's literally the only interaction she gets with her tupperware trophies and therefore needs to broadcast it, to keep up the illusion she's a legitimate pettuber? Is it because she's got the personality of a generic cardboard shoebox and believes this is quirkily funny? The world may never know.
And the super chunky, swollen hands? This kind of shit makes me think she's like Trump and has to have people talking about her 24/7, whether it's good or bad attention. I was just tinfoiling about this when she was caught drinking yet again. There's no way she isn't trying to stir the pot at this point. Is it a coded plea aimed at Jonny? Is it so she can appear more troubled than she actually is and use it as an excuse to get off the hook for her mistakes? Is it because she thinks that sobriety isn't cool enough for her image? Is it because controversy is the only thing she has left to stay relevant? Is it because she's plain loony and displays histrionic behaviors?

No. 748759

100% sure that that's a track mark, there's bruising around it because she tried shooting that area. She's definitely not sober and Vice shouod call her out on it.

No. 748760

She said she was careful to hide/edit out track marks before, but she was always sloppy. She’s probably too high to notice these things. The dirt under her nails really gets me. It looks like she doesn’t even wash her hands regularly.

No. 748761

A bit of a tinfoil, but what if she shot up & then let Sabor chew up her hand to try and cover it up.

No. 748763

Wouldn't it be better not to show her hand at all? I feel like she was trying to look like the badass quirky girl who got bitten by a snake teehee but got sloppy with hiding the track mark.

She used to do that a lot when she was in the atrium house.

No. 748765

Jen is a goddamn idiot for enabling this behavior. Im not saying it's her fault taylor relapsed, I'm saying she needs to force twice weekly pee tests on her drug addict daughter and follow through with kicking her out or putting her back in rehab when she pisses dirty.

No. 748767

I kind of think she is showing the track mark on purpose. Maybe it's from a doc appointment. She Loves when people speculate its drugs(when it actually isn't) and she can say lmfao stop being so obsessed with meeeeee

No. 748768


not a WK but she went to the hospital unnecessarily recently. that's a venipuncture mark from routine labs.

No. 748769

She said that, sure. I'm dubious because she was so careful to always post photos with her arms and hands and in the shot. It's like how she said she had to bundle up to cover the track marks, except she still wore plenty of summery outfits that showed skin whilst on heroin. And have you seen how many times during her "recovery" she's posted pictures with the sole intention of showing off her drug use and paraphernalia? I'll try to find if anyone has already posted some of the shots she shared that are literally just a closeup of her track marks on here. She took those deliberately during her addiction like one of those people that relish documenting their self harm.

Considering he bit both hands, and not just the one, I'd buy it.

Yeah! She's been doing that as long as she's had pets that bite. The thing is back then she'd also post photos of her just petting her cats and stuff where track marks were very apparent too.

No. 748770


you know what, why am i trying to make an excuse for her? no phleb is going to fuck up that royally. i've seen phlebs get frail, end-of-life 80 year-olds with 22 gauge and not blow veins this royally. i really, thinking about it, believe taylor did this herself. this shit is just sloppy.

No. 748772

You can shoot up meth. She's still going to say she's sober from heroin.

Idk why they would take her blood for a stye. She just needs to take a shower

No. 748777

annoy your pets some more why dont you? Its so annoying how she posts these trophy pictures when in reality all it shows is how stressed out and agressive her snakes are

No. 748778

I work with animals professionally and I once touched my eye after sterlyzing kennels (trying to get a dog hair out). I developed a blister on my iris filled with pus 12 hours later, it was SO PAINFUL. At no point was I given any kind of IV or bloodwork, because it was my EYE. I took three advil, used prescription eyedrops, and wore a patch for a day because that eye was super light sensitive. That's it. If she went to the ER for an eye infection, they dont fucking IV you. Now, if you rubbed METH in your eye and caused a minor chemical burn and had a fucking methy panic attack to the point of raising your heartrate so high that you started having pseudo seizures, they WOULD IV you to flush the drugs from your system and treat your (almost guaranteed) dehydration.
But you wouldnt get bruising like that, even if you were terrified of needles and struggling like your life depended on it.
TLDR she's shooting again and she's bad at it. Also, is she left handed?(blogging)

No. 748779

Watched her video on Instagram, that's definitely a track mark. We should make it the next thread pic.

No. 748781

also question what hospital does blood draws from ur hand w/o a serious reason too? it also looks raised a lil as if there's something under it?
its so fucked up that u kno her mom sees this stuff and prob doesnt think its her quite literally making fun of him or thinking he's weird or what he does is annoying and it makes me annoyed. let ur brother have his dvd stacks, it makes him happy while u make mommy take care of ur animals and u do drugs if it makes u happy. damn.

No. 748782

Do we know when the vice documentary will approximately be up? Honestly I can't imagine them not finding her threads here. Just hope they don't go with her my haturzz are so delusional narrative

I have very hard to find veins, it's just genetics, not uwu I've blown out my veins so much bc of Heroin tnd claims for herself. I always get blood drawn from the back of my hand and bruise a lot.

No. 748783

Hospitals will sometimes put IV’s on the back of your hand. She did recently go to the ER, but I don’t know why the hell she would get an IV for an eye injury. Her vitals might have been trash so they may have felt it necessary to give her an IV before she left but I highly doubt it

No. 748785

>>also question what hospital does blood draws from ur hand w/o a serious reason too?
The kind that decides it would rather do pregnancy tests than possibly prescribe drugs or perform tests that might hurt a fetus to a woman who might not know she's pregnant rather than face possible lawsuits.>>748781

No. 748787

Ugh.. I'm too tired for this. Sometimes it's easier to just get blood for a pregnancy test than wait around for the patient to pee.

No. 748789

Yeah that’s a track mark no ifs, ands, or buts. She didn’t hide it cuz she knows she doesn’t have to. She can get away with it. She will just iGnOrE tHe HaTeRz, never comment on it (like the alcohol + subs), and collect her ass pats and validation from Vice.

No. 748790

Whether or not it’s a track mark or not, it’s clearly bait. She wants people to speculate so she can flip around and say “see!! My haturz want me to fail!!! It’s clearly from when I got bloodwork done!” She could have easily not shown her other hand, it was barely injured compared to the other one. She just wants the attention so she can keep sperging about being an uwu sober princess

No. 748794

She's right-handed and it's on her right hand. Who's shooting her up? Legit asking, not being snarky. Who's she going to blame if she has to reveal a relapse?

No. 748797

Using heroin IV makes you surprisingly ambidextrous, so probably no one but her damn self.

No. 748798

Ive had to have blood drawn from my hand before. It just depends on a persons body and how accessible their veins are. She always says hers are too fucked up now so maybe thats why. Not trying to WK, cuz I dont think it would bruise up like that

No. 748809

If you’re desperate for something, you’ll figure it out. That’s the key to innovation really.

Not that Taylor shooting herself up is revolutionary, but you get the point.
I think she’s going to blame Jonny. Whether it be his song, the baby, or the podcast.

No. 748811

how do you think she cooks heroin in her parents' house without them smelling it? heroin has a very distinct odor. I'm sure her mother is familiar with it since she's the one who cleaned the house while Taylor was in rehab.

I'm willing to believe it's a track mark but I doubt if she's relapsed that it was just a one time thing, and if it isn't, I want to know what Mama Dean thinks/knows about it.

No. 748814

Yeah get ready for "guise I was sooo depressed when the man of my heroin dreams knocked another girl up so I relapsed"

If her mom allows her to lay in bed all day while mom is cleaning up around her bed then who the fuck knows. Tay could be cooking meth in a bin next to her snake rack for all we know.

No. 748815

What ever happened to JCs podcast yesterday?

No. 748816

I reckon Taylor claims that heroin swelled up her face as a way to explain away her bobblehead.

No. 748818


Still there for me

No. 748819

Samefag, I have to get medication by iv every 7 weeks and my veins are always a bitch to find

No. 748820

File: 1579176924550.jpg (141.07 KB, 762x1200, EC-hoYcXsAAYINj.jpg)

Old milk, but when she was full in her H addiction, she regularly used that area of her hand.

You're all naive if you think she's not relapsed.

No. 748821

probably when it was recorded, no idea when it comes out.

No. 748825

Possibly she’s shooting her subs? Jake did claim she was abusing them by doing that to get high

No. 748826

good catch anon, I already forgot about that.

No. 748830

Shooting subs really does nothing ..if anything she’s shooting ice or meth ..would explain why she’s going on rants for long amounts of time and has a sleeping schedule like a vampire and is still really skinny after rehab cuz I’ve never heard of that lol most ppl pack on a few pounds, but if she has relapsed she will give herself away more than a couple times so just stay tuned I guess

No. 748833

lmao •clap• my brother's a retard! •clap•

she's got the mentality of a slug.

No. 748834


It’s actually best practice to start an iv and the bottom of your hand so if you blow a vein you can move up on the arm and use it higher. If you start at the top and it blows the vein is shot right down the arm. Not wking.

No. 748840


That bruise doesn't look 10 days old to me. (Her ER visit was 10 days ago)

I would say it's more like a 3 day old bruise which aligns with her party night where she's been smoking and drinking.

No. 748841

Do IV's bruise that much tho? I've never had that much bruising from getting blood drawn ever.

Drugs stops the body from clotting properly resulting in bruises. I'm leaning towards she's shooting meth and or smoking it. Meth provides a very similar high to cocaine, it's also very easy to hide the fumes by smoking it. It's also extremely cheap compared to other party drugs.

Betsy was a meth head, probably still is, and they were all at a party recently. It isn't too much of a stretch to connect the dots…

All this manic sperging reeks of abuse. Druggies tend to crave calorie dense junk food afterwards because they burn alot of energy.

No. 748842


>Do IV's bruise that much tho? I've never had that much bruising from getting blood drawn ever.

Yes, it definitely can. I had iv on top of my hand a week ago and the bruising is now almost gone, although I don't bruise much just from getting blood drawn either.

No. 748843

File: 1579184558328.jpg (329.67 KB, 1080x1820, IMG_20200116_061615.jpg)

So this tweet just showed up on my Twitter feed, I debated even posting it because it doesn't have much engagement and I don't want to be accused of self posting (I genuinely have no idea who OP for the tweet or the retweet even is) but this is an image board, so… Anyway, the reason I'm posting it is because this person and other people are in OP's mentions literally saying that Taylor abusing/hoarding animals isn't her fault because she herself was being abused. Like…? The mental backflips these people go through to excuse Taylor's behavior is insane. People here seem to think that when all her dumb fuck stans reach age 13 they'll realize that Taylor sucks but there are actual adults who are defending Taylor doing shit like frying her animals alive because she chose to be with a known abuser and drug addict. There is no sense to be found in her "army"

No. 748844

She deleted this one off her story. Seems pretty clear she realized what was in the picture

No. 748845

She didn't?

These people are just protecting their egos because they can't admit to supporting Jonny and Taylor's drug habit. People will make all sorts of leaps in logic to avoid taking responsibility.

No. 748848

Oops sorry you’re right. My bad for spreading misinformation. I didn’t realize she had both hands in one video

No. 748854


Just….wow! I couldn’t believe it still, because it was mentioned she is right handed…….but seeing this old photo for comparison…has me 100% convinced she’s using again.

It’s still hard for me to process right now that someone can actually be this stupid.

No. 748855

and I agree, I don’t think that bruise looks 10 days old.

No. 748864

anyone notice her hands are really shaky in the video too?

No. 748867

Just wondering if she can claim her "illness" makes her keep bruises longer and it was from the hospital. Anyone with that diagnosis here to clarify?

No. 748869

definitely noticed that!

No. 748870

File: 1579190168452.webm (7.06 MB, 720x1280, 77040748_149925689758230_16518…)

here's the video just in case

No. 748877

Even if that were true, the bruise would be turning green/brown by now. This definitely looks much more fresh and recent.

No. 748879

I appreciate anons trying to take everything into consideration but c'mon guys, there's no debate about this at this point. She's a confirmed heroin and every other drug addict who just went out to party with proof that at the very least she double fisted shots and smoked cigarettes the other night. No reaching or speculation here. Plus, look at her fat kid sausage fingers, which she literally said in one of her rants is a sign of using.
I'm not surprised at all she would start this shit up again after her sperging (which has been sign before) and after hearing about Syd being pregnant and shit.

No. 748880

Even someone strong and level headed would be likely to relapse after finding out their ex they were still in love with has impregnated another woman.

Taylor has no self control or discipline, she's definitely relapsed on something.

No. 748885

On top of everything other anons have pointed out, I just want to mention how she no longer gets her claws done. Remember pre-heroin she used to always have her nails done and then suddenly stopped and that’s when her appearance went downhill fast. I believe this also correlates to her now not showering or giving a single fuck about her appearance. Why would you if you’re just high and drunk all the time in your bedroom…

No. 748889


Just a quick concern, but how long does heroin stay in the blood? Because when she was a heavy user wouldnt that be a danger to her snakes, if she was ever bitten by any during that time? (likely)

And if so then it's messed up of her to handle a nippy snake or purposefully do it

No. 748890

Her hands are really shaky, I think that might be from just getting bitten since the blood looks fresh. Imagine getting bitten by your snake and your first thought is to go film it for sympathy points online

No. 748892


Wow she is mega shaky. That is most definitely not from having been bitten by the snake. COnsidering how often she gets bitten by her snakes, she's definitely used to it by now. And (small) snake bites really don't hurt at all, nor are they shocking enough to the system to cause her to shake this much.

No. 748893

agree, but i like to think that it does shake her up and that she takes it personally when her snakes bite her, just because every single thing is the world is something for her to take personally.

she doesn't handle them all that much. tbh i forgot she even had animals. she hasn't given a fuck about them for weeks.

No. 748904

it really fucks me up that this bitch really makes money off of being a liar and a literal HEROIN ADDICT. just a thought(No1curr)

No. 748910

File: 1579200924852.png (122.86 KB, 1080x678, Screenshot_20200116-205312.png)

poor babby tinder is so scawy.

No. 748919

She claims to have met her latest whirlwind romance on there, right?

Also, didn’t she say she would make a YT video about her experience on tinder? Probably was difficult for her to fake messages on there about drugs and sex.

People are either entertained by someone else’s struggles or they are still dumb as dirt thinking heroin addiction cannot happen to someone with money and a ~pet mom innocence~ Heroin addiction can happen to anyone and that’s why there is an epidemic right now. It baffles me that people are this dumb and naive. TND isn’t special for getting addicted to heroin like her moronic followers seem to think.

No. 748927

didn't she say that she met her loverboy on there AND another dude that was just a friend who she hung out with?

No. 748931

I also think it's a track Mark but speaking from experience, if the hospital for some weird reason decided to IV her and the person doing it wasn't good at it she could end up with bad bruising. One time I had that happen on my inner arm and had a huge long dark bruise for months that I can still vaguely see six months later.

No. 748942

File: 1579205793692.jpeg (243 KB, 1018x2048, EOaiCAjXkAEVdAh.jpeg)

Email from VICE

Her video is apparently her talking about how mean the internet is

No. 748947

Just curious and paranoid, but do you guys think that she's going to namedrop this site on Vice?

No. 748952

Oh they've definitely already been "researching" here for stuff to pad their propaganda video. How much do you bet they will disable comments? Lmao

No. 748953

File: 1579207257486.jpg (242.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-203812_Ins…)

(Are we allowed to post Syd stuff here whilst Taylor is still Sperging about her?)

Urg such a bad bad reason to have a baby.

No. 748958

Are Jonny and Syd still together?

I have a feeling we are getting close to a Taylor and Jonny reunion.

No. 748964

she can spend $600 on a cluster of baby dicks but still can't get her own place

No. 748967

I get blood drawn often and the needles they use is tiny. It goes away very fast and wouldn’t look so fucked.

No. 748969


She and him are likely together, these types of feelings and actions are caused by pregnancy hormones and the anxiety pregnancy brings. I don't think we need to be worried for her in terms of the pregnancy and her relationship atm, I think Taylor is her only immediate threat. Not to say Jonny isn't dangerous, but I don't think he's going to go nutso on her quite yet. He's under too many eyes.

No. 748970


Having a child so you will always have someone there for you is so fucking selfish. I get it's a sweet sentiment, but I've known so many girls that have been like this.

No. 748971

This bitch needs to save that humans life and give it up for adoption. This is a horrible mindset to have, you don't have a baby to make you happy. It's a whole ass person who does not need the stress of your emotions. That's how you start fucking your kid up.

The baby won't make her feel any less lonely, it's going to cause added stress. If anything it makes you feel more alone. Sorry for baby sperging just wtf

No. 748973

No, that kind of thinking is gross and immature, being pregnant doesn't excuse it.

No. 748974

People should stop claiming that pregnancy hormones is why Syd is like this. She's always been like this.

No. 748975

She could’ve relapsed while out with Betsy and that clan.

No. 748982

File: 1579210553650.png (2.09 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-01-16-16-35-37…)

Holyyyyy shit her hand is swollen, look at her wrist

No. 748984


About this in particular (needing a lot of attention from the man you're dating) – yep! MANY women are like this. Take a look at Shayna's current thread. These women fall apart without a man's attention.

Many dudes are just emotionally unavailable, or aren't going to be AS available as you "need" them to be, so you need to make peace with that and learn to love what you do get… or keep on truckin until you find someone who does fulfill you. But know that shit is a fantasy, no guy is going to give you 100 percent attention at all times.

Srsly, life is just gonna be tough shit for the clingy,and it doesn't matter if you get a shitty guy like Jonny or a respectable guy–no man is going to be it.

I'll bet many of moms in the world were like Syd, and had a baby to feel ~whole~. And that's not necessarily a bad thing if you end up dedicating your life to loving that baby and raising it right. But being with Jonny ain't it, chief. She's never going to find a man to give her what she wants, maybe the baby will. She needs to learn to be on her own and raise that kid right.

No. 748989

File: 1579211461713.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20200116-235025.png)

No. 748992

File: 1579211527860.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20200116-235048.png)

No. 748995

File: 1579211612766.png (1.9 MB, 1080x1904, Screenshot_20200116-235335.png)

No. 748996

File: 1579211713028.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20200116-235500.png)

No. 748997

Did the snake give you the track marks too Taylor?

No. 749001

File: 1579211880886.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1919, Screenshot_20200116-235822.png)

No. 749002

Neither of those are infected.

Didn't she say they wont give you subs if you drink? For obvious reasons? Not to mention on the one with her tracked up hand, she avoids photographing that part of her hand and opts for the bites.

No. 749003

File: 1579211929568.png (857.82 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20200116-235909.png)

No. 749005

Way to make it obvious that you're lurking hard…

No. 749011

You can still get subs refilled without taking an alcohol/drug test. It ain’t hard, especially since places like kaiser just hand them and opioids out without properly informing their patients of addiction to those substances.
If you have the money, you can buy more subs, doesn’t matter if you were drinking recently.

No. 749012

Where did the (alleged) track mark go? Do they heal up that quickly?

No. 749013

The entire purpose of subs/methadone are so you can continue treatment if you relapse. Her prescription means nothing. Also, she is using meth not heroin

No. 749014

Didnt she just tweet about wanting to use not that long ago? Like I remember she said that she was just asking all her old connections for heroin when she was at that stranger things party or something

No. 749016

Her hand looked swollen before she got bitten but ok. Maybe there's some super special medical reason she's just randomly swollen.

No. 749019

File: 1579212795418.png (2.17 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2020-01-16-17-12-24…)


No it wasn't you lying bitch, it was from the ONE TIME you accidentally shot up an artery and it swelled up so badly that you couldn't bend your hand. That was not "normal" swelling. That was a one time scare. Fucking liar.

The fucking chip bag is literally in both shots lol I can't with her lied

No. 749020

Was wondering that as well. All that’s left is a little red dot

No. 749021


No. 749023

its obviously just the bright lighting and cause she hid a large part of the bruise with her sleeve

No. 749025

That’s what I was thinking too. We know she has editing apps for her photos, it’s probably really easy to color match her hand to make it look normal.

No. 749026

Lol right… she’s literally admitted to photoshopping pics before so whatever. She should have also blocked out her doctors name on the Rx label as well.

No. 749027

File: 1579213136434.png (619.69 KB, 1080x748, 1579211527860.png)

you can still kind of see the bruise when you push the levels.

nah. just bright lightning.

No. 749028

also the lower part of the bruise is hidden by the sleeve.

No. 749030

Notice she compared her old swollen hand to her left hand, the one without the alleged track mark.
Also that swelling was definitely only when she injected improperly into her artery, not from a regular IV injection

No. 749038

I read that "a bunch of baby ducks" and, oh god no, not more animals to neglect.

Weird that if it was actually part of the snake tag/bite that that one puncture is floating off there by itself.

I don't know much about snakes but aren't GTPs more of an animal that doesn't often tolerate much handling at all? Why bother it so much? Oh wait it's TND, she has to annoy basically everything in existence…

No. 749042

Am i remembering wrong? I thought at the beginning she said she WOULD immediately tell us if she relapsed…

No. 749043

File: 1579214850835.jpg (271.52 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200116-224701_Ins…)

She could private her Instagram…

No. 749044

People? Looking at my PUBLIC posts on a PUBLIC website? No way!

She's just as stupid as Taylor

No. 749049

Syd deleted the story about baby making her less alone

No. 749051

she did private it though.. after gaining several thousand new followers from the whole drama

No. 749055

File: 1579215660503.jpg (135.92 KB, 758x1024, EOb68JVWkAMQZIK.jpeg.jpg)

No. 749056

a break from… what exactly? she's been saying for weeks that she's filming tomorrow but always ends up either going out partying or sperging on twitter.

No. 749057

It takes her so long to film because she has to completely control her image using angles, make up, filters and editing. If she wasn't so naccisistic she could get out videos quicker.

No. 749059

Yes. They are very defensive by nature. Great example of how to handle is on Snake Discovery’s YT channel.

GTP’s are extremely fragile, specifically their tails, so many keepers do not handle them in their hands but keep the snake on a removable perch or use a snake hook for the animals safety, to reduce the risk of accidentally injuring the snake, and to let it feel more secure.

No. 749062

Her instagram is private though??
This thread shouldn’t contain pictures from her ig imo. She is obviously not trying to be apart of TND’s narcissistic circle of fans and drama. I’m sure having a baby with a manipulator is hard enough, let alone her private insta stories being posted here and possibly twitter

No. 749063

aw gurl, we see you!

jen, your daughter hasn't slept in 30 hours, please take her phone away from her. she needs a rest.

No. 749064

way to dox your doctor, dumbo. surely no one will do anything stupid with this information.

No. 749069

i bet jonny made her delete her last post and then told her to post this. next will be "we are so happy, stay mad hahahahahhaa"

No. 749072

She's obviously lurking bc she responded to anon posting the screenshot, posted abt it, and than made her IG private. It wasn't private before I don't think. Maybe she should stay off a forum dedicated to talking shit abt her bf's ex? Seems a little weird if you ask me.

No. 749075


At least sage your hard-on for Syd

No. 749076

Syd's gone dark a few times since all this shit went down. Who cares? Taylor is the subject of this thread, maybe you could make a snow thread to talk about Syd?

No. 749077

Is it normal for your recovery doctor to be a "pain management specialist"?

No. 749079

Now the question is whether or not Taylor was being stupid when she doxed her doctor, or if she wants people to bother him on her behalf for the negative attention it will bring.

Putting a fiver on her hoping people will call his office.

No. 749080

Anesthesiologist, too! It did seem weird, but maybe a medfag can speak to this.

No. 749082

Instagram does show you when people screenshot your stories

No. 749083

File: 1579218187236.jpeg (197.41 KB, 1060x2029, EOcKgaYU0AE_hKG.jpeg)

No. 749084

There are many reasons.

Your not supposed to drink because it can suppress breathing to the point of death. Also suboxone and alcohol in conjunction destroy liver function, if she has hep C the effects will be even more severe.

Slowly but surely she's killing herself.

Photoshop/brush/filter whatever the kids use these days.

No. 749085

She says the same shit over and over (as a broken record is wont to do) but if she's saying she hasn't even had cravings for months.. doesn't that mean she's part of the 85% of the population that can "get over" drug addiction? She keeps acting like being sober is sooo easy for her, like she doesn't even want to use and hasn't for a long time and isn't that basically how she defined the non special 15% of people who were born to be addicts (lol)? Earlier her tune was that she'd always want to use and be struggling but suddenly being sober is a complete breeze?

No. 749088

holy shit that’s terrifying

No. 749089

What an ass hat. Walgreens pharmacy is all connected. I can type that script number into my system at work, right now, and obtain name, address, birthday, phone number, entire drug history, doctor names….

I wont because it's a hippa violation and I have integrity at my job but might want to delete that as it's very easy to doxx.

No. 749091

Posting RX number is not a risk because if you violate HIPAA (not HIPPA lol) you are legally fucked. All that shit is tracked as required by the government.

No. 749096


Interestingly enough, yes. Anesthesiologists often do double duty as 'pain management specialists'. Weirdly, low dose naltrexone is becoming more and popular as a pain medication for munchies like Taylor who profess to 'hate opiates'.

Why doesn't she see an addiction specialist? There have to be a ton in SA, it's not like it's a tiny town.

No. 749108

File: 1579221137929.jpeg (341.93 KB, 1116x646, 3895E5F6-7325-41C3-B0C3-F4F3BF…)

We’ve been through this about 40 threads ago. Instagram does NOT notify.

No. 749110

It is different for an instagram story though.

No. 749111

it's not. stop being retarded.

pretty sure her ig has been private for a while now.

No. 749117


No. 749119

Because many of these doctors are "pill pushers" who are either misguided or corrupt.

Alot of these pain clinics are shady as hell, don't except insurance and aren't affiliated with any hospitals. I assure you drug dealing physicians exist, they use addictive medication as a "legal" way to stuff their pockets.

Many patients will come through demanding to be put on meds, ie Taylor with subs. Then they have an infinite money source as long as they are addicted.

No. 749121

File: 1579221994124.png (185.36 KB, 1808x1112, IMG_0716.PNG)

This is from www.dfreeclinic.org

No. 749125

File: 1579222488405.png (630.57 KB, 1125x2436, 36619420-8A9E-48E9-841F-7597B4…)

Alright, I’ll amend what I said. In the past I could see if people screenshot my stories but they don’t have that feature anymore.(offtopic)

No. 749127

Taylor blocked out the part where it says “X” refills remaining. You can tell it doesn’t say “0” refills. Meaning she’s not going weekly.

No. 749130

Her bottle says "DS:7" which means its a 7 day supply. She is at least re-filling weekly. Do pharmacies only dispense 7 day supplies at a time?

No. 749131

It says “7 Ea” and “DS: 7”. My prescription bottles look different but doesn’t that mean seven each and dose 7?

No. 749143

File: 1579223814947.png (588.77 KB, 1080x1909, 1578647817188.png)

>disolve ONE (1) film under tongue every day

vs. pic shown from a week ago, talking about dissolving multiple at a time. i'm not very knowledgeable about suboxone but i know she ain't taking it as prescribed

No. 749152

I’m tinfoiling, but it seems to me like she purposely got herself bitten by Sabor to try to make the track mark blend in… but was too high to notice/care it didn’t look convincing at all and posted it right away.

I’ve also always suspected her to have a weird fetish/release type thing for pain and enjoys the bites (comparable to any other form of self harm, which we already know she’s into) and that’s why she likes fucking around with her aggressive snakes so much. She also loves to take pictures of the bites like she does with her track marks and cuts… And we barely ever see a pic of her holding a snake these days if it’s not trying to bite her hands off repeatedly.

No. 749162


Sounds like she was abusing her meds when she was given multiple strips to take. Hell, she even admitted to abusing it in the past.

No. 749163


Actually, whore, yes you could still get subs, because only vivitrol requires you to be 100% sober. They'll still give you subs if you're using heroin and similar drugs, but they WILL tell you that you can't drink.

She's using again, or never really stopped in the first place. It'd explain her Twitter meltdowns being even worse than before.

No. 749167

I dont know the difference between methadone and subs, but my ex was definitely still getting his methadone dose when he was blowing through hundreds of dollars of opiates per day. Oxy? Roxy? Dont remember. Methadone clinics dont care, not sure why suboxone clinics would.

No. 749173

File: 1579227584083.png (286.75 KB, 750x1334, 64C06F78-4021-4EF1-934A-D57446…)

What does this post mean from Mama Dean? Taylor’s alive? Like awake or alive? Wtf is she on about? They are so weird I just don’t understand

No. 749176

I think it's a reference to taylor's 'I almost died' narrative.

No. 749178

eds anon here. we do bruise super easy, and i have had bruises that look like that from IVs, but as others have said if it was a week to ten days old it would def be more green and faded by now. this is much more fresh.
a lot of pain management specialists are also anesthesiologists and vice versa. many pain management procedures involve things like nerve blocks and injections which anesthesiologists do, so it makes sense.
I have seen some pain management centers that also help w recovery because lots of addicts are people w legit chronic pain who get addicted

No. 749183

Honestly I would not be surprised if it was Syd posting her every update here. Just to get attention from Jonny by pissing off Taylor, and to get more attenshun from social media. And hey, it seems to be going great for her! /s

No. 749184

She’s clearly replying to a tweet? That says “tell a happy story in three words” - so she replied “Taylor is alive”.

Not that hard to figure out. Lmao

No. 749195

Speaking from experience, each suboxone/subjutec/methadone clinic work a little differently, especially the ones that run purely off cash patients. Some of them make every person come in every two weeks just to get the $$$, others are actually responsible and wean patients off. It really depends on the clinic and area.

No. 749210

Anon, you know damn well EVERYTHING she does or thinks or doesn’t think or doesn’t do or researches is for at least months if not years!!! /s

No. 749245

I wonder how she'd spin this lie to her fans, maybe her doctor said it was totally fiiiine for her to take more because she's the best patient and addict ever so she knows her own body uwu the best

I'm shocked that she gets away with it every damn time

No. 749250

>haven't had any thoughts in months

now this I can believe, TND truly seems incapable of thinking through anything she does at all

No. 749255

>I'm shocked that she gets away with it every damn time

Because her fans are as egotistical and immature as she is. Admitting to themselves that she is, in fact, a shitty person, would mean they're shitty people themselves, when that's not really the case.

Everyone has been there at some point where they looked up to someone who turned out to be a piece of shit, but it takes a certain amount of maturity to accept that that person isn't really worth it and move on from them, so it's easier to continue with the blind support until it is no longer excusable or they grow out of it. The only people who'll keep on supporting her in the end will be reflections of her own self. Entitled brats with lack of self-awareness and self-accountability.

No. 749264

File: 1579260827927.png (374.04 KB, 760x1547, 1569140232646.png)

The moment she's bored of this whole junkie narrative you know she's gonna be like "so guise turns out I really wasn't part of the speshul 15% but it was muh trauma!" Just how she pulled the "lol jk no Hep C for me after all oop!" (Old milk but screenshot added for context to show with how much conviction she announced it)

She switches from "everything is amazing" to having a breakdown on the bathroom floor having cravings in seconds when she pleases. She's a disgusting manipulative little bitch and that's why she's on here 56 threads strong.

The mark on her hand looks nothing like the other bites and there is such a obvious injection mark visible. Might not be heroin, but she's shooting up something.

She definitely did!

No. 749265

No. 749266

learn to to read a room, anon.

No. 749270

It really is sad how being a junkie and a NEET has become her whole personality and identity. She's not even putting in the effort of looking the part of a "pet tuber", she can't be even bothered to pretend to enjoy or care about her animals anymore.

No. 749271

File: 1579267394608.png (207.81 KB, 1440x765, Screenshot_2020-01-17-07-13-52…)


It's been months!!!!!1!!

Just a few weeks ago:

No. 749281

The fact that she keeps denying having urges/bad days is telling enough. Tell me what addict doesn’t have urges… it’s a fucking lie. She said she’s ~*seven*~ months sober from heroin and what’s her point? Can you not relapse after seven months? There are people who have been sober for decades that relapse. By her own admission she relapsed on alcohol right after getting out of rehab.

Sobriety is truly something you have to deal with day-by-day. She’s just trying to convince herself that she’s fine because she is ashamed of herself for slipping up. Addicts do this all the time to cover their relapse and avoid feelings of guilt. She’s not going to be the first addict to relapse and she won’t be the last. But she’s too narcissistic to ever comprehend that because she’s Taylor Nicole Dean and she not only walked on water but she did it with the weight of the world on her shoulders because she’s ~strong~ and such an ~inspiration~ uwu uwu uwu.

No. 749284

File: 1579271492414.jpeg (72.64 KB, 746x576, A16AE1D7-9D0D-4162-B1CF-EFC986…)

She’s up early (8:30 am her time)

No. 749287

File: 1579272625111.jpg (238.86 KB, 1242x2208, 81533367_165309311423876_41585…)

No. 749289

Is this bitch really that dumb and gullible that she can’t wrap her mind around the concept of manipulation and lying? Or that someone would lie to HER of all people? Or is this just another “I’m so sad and confused, please give me attention like I’m a victim uwu”

No. 749290

but it was so healthy for her to rant about Jonny while not sleeping for days? even her therapist said so.

No. 749291


AKA, sorry I relapsed guiz.

It's fucking heroin, it's bad for you. Don't date addicts, she knew when she was seeing him she was making a mistake.

Jonny just wanted to smash her pussy, take her money and use, now she's so broken nobody wants her.

No. 749292

I noticed her hands shaky as well and had to do a double take by rewatching it.>>748879although this is def her own fault, she def got "triggered" to relapse after news broke about the pregnancy all while at the same time talking / planning to get with jc just days before that video she made.>>748885since she cant shoot up properly on her own, she stops getting those nails because they get in her way

No. 749293

kinda looking forward to the reunion since tnd is just a helpless cause now.

No. 749295

…." I likely wouldnt tell everyone immediately unless I got right back off." read through the lines.
this has happened before, where she stops using and these 3 day period is her being "sober." thats not how sober works taylor.

also, anyone else picture her shooting up or finishing shoothing up and then messaging this out? LOL

No. 749297

i agree, it should be respected.

No. 749304

File: 1579276694090.jpg (376.99 KB, 1060x1346, Screenshot_20200117-085753~2.j…)

Maui is obese as FUCK. His body should taper into his tail, not have a bulge right before his tail (if that makes sense). He is really fat.

No. 749305

The tail being the last 2-ish inches of his body

No. 749307

File: 1579277057069.png (70.49 KB, 760x339, Screenshot_20200117-130116.png)

Deleted tweet. My phone isn't showing when it was posted, sorry about that.

No. 749308

Yeah, anyone pushing mocking or posting anything related to Syd I will assume is Taylor because she ain't that milky, she just post jabs at Taylor that are deserved imo

No. 749310

Not that I expected better but WOW is that rug she's laying Maui in FILTHY, it's disgusting

No. 749311

That's her bed LOL

No. 749314


Isn't that Louis? Maui is the piebald isn't he? If so, that's two confirmed overweight snakes.

No. 749318

it is private so why are you posting it here

No. 749319

I remember I saw this notication as well

No. 749324


Different anon. It was not private at the time. She goes from private to public often and randomly. Get past this already, this isn't a syd thread.

No. 749326

how much does it shave off of the snakes life if they are that obese? I heard with snakes you can't revert that back even if you get them to a healthy weight again but her animals are THRIVING it makes me so incredibly sad

No. 749327


This is almost Tuna levels of disgusting bedding.

No. 749336

ew wash your blanket once and awhile

No. 749337

Imagine taking this litt e responsibility for your drug problem. Jfc, poor innocent taylor. She never wanted to get high, ever! She's so sad and just wanted his luv~ Fuck this bitch, honesty. He didn't do this to you. Narc mental gymnastics should be in the dsm

No. 749344

Taylor straight up ruined her life and turned herself into a grungebucket.

She keeps putting off videos because she's afraid. She doesn't want to get better, eating junk, being a slob, stop getting bad tattoos ect. She likes where she is, she gets all the attention she could ever want from being helpless.

She's perfectly ok with neglecting her animals because she doesn't want anything to change. Mama dean is her slave, free room and board, tons of money to spend on toys.

We won't see anything change, it's been over a year and she's still done fuck all. All her "changes" have been forced on her. Her "career" is already disintegrating, ass pats on twitter doesn't put $ in the bank, she knows thing and she's afraid.

No. 749347

Exactly! She says she understands her accountability in all this then proceeds to blame him for being a fucked up druggie who introduced her to drugs. Who woulda ever have thunk that??

1) He has been addicted to heroin for over a decade. Not only did his exes tell her that, but since she claimed to be such a fangirl of his, she would know that’s the reason he has got kicked out of multiple bands.

2) He’s a fucked up druggie. He doesn’t owe you shit and neither does any other druggie. If you can’t be responsible and say no to taking a highly addictive substance, then you shouldn’t even be around those kinds of people to begin with. Just like she blames him for letting her OD and go through withdrawals like it’s his responsibility to babysit her.

3) I guess she forgot that she used to always use her excuse of having an *~addictive personality~* like that somehow absolves her from any responsibility. It’s no one else’s responsibility to make sure you don’t get addicted to substances?!?! Again, she should have never dated him in the first place with his long history or talked to her *~world renowned~* team of doctors to pre-Jonny and they could have told her she had the 15% genetic brain defect.

4) Who’s fault is it that she was *~soooooo addictedddd~* to alcohol and tried meth? I’m guessing that’s also JC’s fault for “pushing that on her” and her “psycho” ex brodick who she only wanted to have sex with but was like totes in love with him and boy did he show her how she deserved to be treated.

This whore is literally a retarded bitch. All of this is what she has said. None of it taken out of context. She’s exhausting with her manipulative lies already. Get a fucking life you pathetic shit stain.

No. 749351

That animal's life span must be shaved into half by now. That thing isn't just overweight or fat, that's nearly morbid obesity.

Wow, how coincidental and random that she just has a bad day with cravings after we mention it here! Must be magic, couldn't be her lurking :)

Then why would you post about it online? Courts don't like that, you fucking idiot.(:))

No. 749352

File: 1579292299450.jpeg (91.48 KB, 750x968, A8F8D4B7-1477-45A7-AEF3-03E03A…)

To be fair, she was mainly talking about the morbidly obese cow that is obsessed with Jonny (turtlemom)

No. 749353

File: 1579292364997.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2047, C5036E8C-ABF1-42D8-A1D2-6F6470…)

No. 749354

don't all snakes look like this when they are about to poop lol

No. 749359

When a snake is ready to poop, yes there is some swelling right at the base of their tail, but this looks different. There is no definition of the spine, fat build up around the neck, bulging at the vent, small head, rolls while coiled, etc. Her vet once said she needed to move up a prey size because her snakes heads were too small. A small head can be caused by "power feeding" or obesity. In her case, I'm sure it's obesity. And feeding more won't make the head grow. I hope this makes sense. Theres a drastic difference between a snake that is ready to poop and her snakes. They're obese and it's really sad.

No. 749362

File: 1579294118329.jpg (212.1 KB, 1080x1208, Screenshot_20200117-134511~2.j…)

Another nice image showing Louis' (sorry, I refered to him as Maui earlier) obesity. A snake should not have "rolls" while gently curving/coiling. Even while in a tight "ball" (which most adult ball pythons won't do) or a coil, there should be minimal "bunching". Obviously there will be some folds, like when we make a fist with our hand. Some of the last images that she posted also look like his scales might be starting to separate, which is a sign of severe obesity.

No. 749367

File: 1579294796213.jpeg (528.48 KB, 1242x1967, 868BC647-629B-4F20-BDD6-26ADED…)

Holy fuck. I’ve never seen this posted. Look at her fucking hair.

No. 749371

Agreed, I don't mean it in a bad way but I don't think anyone here really even gives a shit about what Syd's doing.

No. 749402

Gotta be an idiot to think she’s completely off of heroin. I have never met/read/watched documentaries/seen/heard of people being on heroin for a whole year and suddenly clean forever after a short rehab break. She didn’t even finish her rehab too. I’m 100% sure she’s back at it since she’s sperging 24/7 about anything that she’s thinking about. Hating on JC and his gf cuz they have what she wants.

No. 749403

She is the type to be so deep in denial about her drug use that she's standing on the other side of the planet.

Totally a person who would be able to convince themselves that injecting heroin once a week doesn't count as relapsing.

No. 749408

She already said it's okay for her to do other drugs as long as it's not heroin and she will still be "sober"

No. 749457

Nemo was one of the cats she got with jc right? She sure loves to post about their cat (if gottenctogether) as it reminds him of him or again to get his attention

No. 749458

Exactly. Once a week is nothing compared to every hour. Wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to justify her own shit like this, since she does the exact same justifying with sober FROM H!

No. 749459

File: 1579339743328.png (7.28 MB, 1242x2688, A70D00D5-5874-448C-B159-3B0BB1…)

No. 749460

File: 1579340246425.jpg (824.87 KB, 1457x1920, IMG_20200118_093145.jpg)

(From TND IG story)
Attempted to adjusted the top photo because I noticed the funky looking bruises along that same arm from earlier, also maybe some remnants of the swelling

No. 749462

File: 1579340643249.jpg (340.2 KB, 2113x1080, Screenshot_20200118_094427.jpg)

No. 749463


i thought she was done photochopping her pictures? that shit isn't her natural waist.

i love when this pathetic troll gets ho'd up just to lay around in bed for 22 hours in between "crying on the floor" and sperging on twitter for days at a time

No. 749467

What kills me about her is she always has clothes that aren’t bad on their own, but pairs them with the ugliest shit to create the weirdest and trashiest outfits ever. That dress wouldn’t be half bad without those awful white mesh thigh highs. She has to make everything “sexy” so she always looks like a $10 hooker

No. 749474

Kek like I knew she was shopping this photo but this really shows just how much she’s shopping it.

No. 749476

THANK YOU!Dress is cute, then I see those thigh highs.Her fashion sense is literally those sexy Halloween costumes applied to every day life outfits. "Girl in Floral Dress" comes with thong,thigh highs, garter, and stilettos.

She doesn't know how to be non trashy attractive. It's either garbage pale kid, or baby hooker.

No. 749484

File: 1579350539829.jpg (309.6 KB, 1536x649, Screenshot_20200118-112637.jpg)

No. 749486

Her sleeve looks like a big ol blob of black ink. Can’t believe with all her spending that she didnt go to one of the many talented tattoo artists but she decided on a girl who looks like she does her tattoos in her garage for cheap

No. 749488

It just occurred to me, if she’s all into talking about abuse about JC, how come she never talk about Jake as well or is abuse only important when JC does it because she still have feelings? Didn’t Jake become crazy for awhile, gave her a gun, and stalk her for awhile? Isn’t that another type of abuse or does she not want her fans thinking she’s the idiot one who keeps choosing these types of people

No. 749494

She wasn’t even there 30 days…and she was itching to leave!

No. 749497

"Feeling so safe from everything " I wonder if that's because they took your phone away from you for your own good. She had to socialize face to face with people. I wish she'd get it through her damn head that a huge part of her problem is social media addiction being her only socializing she does.

No. 749503

Yea, news and social media is proven to be bad for you. It's all bullshit, smoke and mirrors, photoshop and dick measuring. It's not an accurate way to measure people's lives.

She surrounds herself with such toxic unhealthy people, it's no wonder she's like this. Anyone who calls her out on her bullshit gets blocked, her ego is so fragile she can't handle thinking about things objectively. She's built this bubble that just reinforces her shitty beliefs. These same people will leave her in 3 years when someone new and better comes along.

Nobody can handle that many animals and a heroin addiction. She needs to get rid of them so she can focus on herself.

No. 749514

you’re 100% right

No. 749517

File: 1579364151998.jpeg (476.85 KB, 1242x1981, B081ABAB-5EFE-4179-80B6-BBD0DD…)

No. 749528

is that fan stupid? all you have to do is write “jonny craig” along with the song name and it’s the first result.

No. 749529

It's not "her tattoo" the use of the acronym D.R.E.A.M. has been around for a very long time far before miley cyrus and jojo sowa used it for their music. Her claiming it like shes something special is so on brand.

No. 749536

Ngl, I can totally see him doing this just to piss off Taylor. The problem is, from the outside no matter what it just makes her sound stupid and self absorbed.
I don't think anyone else wouldve spoken about it though for this exact reason.

No. 749540

She "owns her role in everything"…? Surely she must be joking

No. 749544

Considering how obsessed she is with him I reckon she knew the song was being written and the title of it, and decided to get it tattooed.

Anyway, she's a moron. The amount of stuff she keeps saying about him the more likely people are to go and watch his streams and listen to his songs to try and find some sort of 'truth'

No. 749545

Funny that even after she got this tattoo she was still trying to get back with jonny…

>refuse to take the blame for you abusing me

Stop pawning off responsibility for your drug abuse. He didn't force you to use.

No. 749546

How long does it take to write and produce a song?
I doubt he did that overnight just to spite Taylor.
Maybe he had the song ready and just named it like that to piss her off.

No. 749548

I'm 100% sure the title was changed last minute. it just doesn't fit the song at all and isn't in the lyrics anywhere.
that said it's very like taylor to steal an idea and then act like she owns it. imagine getting a very generic phrase tatted and then reee-ing every time someone uses it.

No. 749549

What did Jonny do exactly? From what I can tell Taylor was responsible for giving him $$$ for drugs. How is her getting hooked on drugs his fault?

It's heroin, it's super addictive, every 12y/o knows that. She acts like this situation was a surprise.

She had so many chances to turn him down, leave him, get help, fair warnings. Her victim cred is weak sauce.

No. 749555

The song ‘‘twas def titled just to piss her off. She got that acronym tattooed because she could relate so much to Miley’s song (what a coincidence a drug related song)

No. 749595

File: 1579389354222.jpg (464.18 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20200118_230641.jpg)

That looks an awful lot like more track marks. All those hourly twitter splurges really add up("""splurges""")

No. 749610

jonny said he had just the right song, meaning it was written/done already. the title could have been done as a last-minute troll for sure.

>an act of spending money freely or extravagantly
anon it's "sperg"

No. 749614

"splurge", i nearly choked, anon.

No. 749620

Anon, it's been said multiple times before. Your continued use of "splurge" identifies you every time!

No. 749628

File: 1579396302789.jpeg (195.78 KB, 956x964, C6DB8490-79CB-4701-8ED9-C3C0A7…)

who is she foolin

No. 749631

File: 1579397935497.png (381.63 KB, 661x720, Capture1.PNG)

>my parents wouldn't let me use
>I wouldn't preach sobriety if I relapsed
this cunt

No. 749632

File: 1579397943334.png (781.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-01-18-20-39-15…)


No. 749633

File: 1579398086658.png (168.71 KB, 448x808, Capture2.PNG)

taylor stans are epicly trolling JC by editing his wikipedia page right now.

No. 749634

File: 1579398162854.png (21.45 KB, 597x168, Capture1.PNG)

>muh EDS

No. 749635

File: 1579398876461.png (57.08 KB, 599x444, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749639

ok so she's saying it's not from a cannula then, good to know.

No. 749640

Does she really think people are too stupid to notice when she slips in certain little key phrases like on a warranty slip?! I guess she has never been an independent adult so she wouldn't know about that.

>>I'd come forward & say it when I was ready

>>when I was ready

okay so when will you be "ready" because at this rate it's going to be when you leave rehab for the second time. She really hasn't been sober at all since she got kicked out of rehab but she pretends like she has been from at least heroin. What's funny to me is that anons and even people on twitter tried to warn her not to make her clean date into a big thing and so public because if you relapse then it's super obvious and people will forever be like omg what happened as soon as you try to remove it…and here she is! Clearly she's the only person whose ever been to rehab and we should feel blessed 2 be educated by such a queen kek

No. 749641

File: 1579400500158.png (29.72 KB, 598x275, Capture1.PNG)

she's like a broken record. she keeps saying things over and over again and every day the topics stay the same
>my ex
>my addiction
>halsey's new song is ~so me~

No. 749642

File: 1579400611051.png (56.17 KB, 599x420, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749646

File: 1579401523908.png (42.03 KB, 596x316, Capture1.PNG)

yeah she's really shot herself in the foot by making her recovery so public.

No. 749647

File: 1579401573220.png (28.76 KB, 615x379, 1atay.PNG)

okay normally I'd say that's fair enough, but there are a lot of former IV addicts on this thread who know the spots. For example that spot on her had is not usually a spot that people get a random bruise or scratch. She also has a history of shooting there and there obviously is a vein there. Not to mention the little red dots that she always just so happens to get around these "injuries"
This goes for most of the suspected track marks on her going back months

>>749632 also you can buy fake pee. No one in iop is in there with you peeing. In fact this basically goes for pretty much all sub clinics.

No. 749650

File: 1579401792107.png (75.85 KB, 601x592, Capture1.PNG)

bitch admitted to lying and throwing fits all through rehab but now suddenly it changed her life uwu? maybe it'd be easy to find a new dick in rehab

No. 749651

File: 1579401898184.jpeg (284.84 KB, 750x1243, 9FA498CC-3EFE-43BF-AA18-5C5FE3…)

No. 749652

cringe tbh.

No. 749659

File: 1579404106628.png (41.33 KB, 598x286, Capture1.PNG)

taylor mentioning her animals, that's a first.

No. 749660

File: 1579404253150.png (69.45 KB, 598x541, Capture1.PNG)

what a specific thing to deny. one could almost say that this is exactly what she does.

No. 749661

>since leaving my ex

It’s been almost a year.

No. 749667

File: 1579405380762.png (18.76 KB, 596x148, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749672

Can she name one ex of hers that isn't crazy? LMFAO

>I was raped on broken glass by my ex

>I was held at gunpoint by my ex
>I have been in abusive relationships I know what I'm doing
>My ex wouldn't cuddle me waaah

No. 749673

is she actually joking….she just described herself

No. 749675

File: 1579406015813.png (181.09 KB, 594x541, Capture1.PNG)

>wow all your ex bfs are abusive assholes? that's such a weird coincidence for you, girl! so weird how that happened for you

No. 749676

Has anyone even said they think the animals are dead? I don’t recall it here or on Twitter. Also she probably would be less depressed if she didn’t decide to put out a whole ass video and then stalk his socials for his reaction.

No. 749679

Yes. Yes, repeatedly. Yes there's a fucking tracking sheet for the fucking animals she's killed. Because we've caught her killing animals? Half the reason most of us are here is because she kills animals with her shitty care. And we call her on it. And she's covered it up lazily in the 0ast. What a dumb fucking question, lurk more.

No. 749685

She’s actively preaching sobriety while not sober (drinking, cigarettes) already so ok, Tay

No. 749687

File: 1579409834822.jpeg (727.82 KB, 1242x1984, EFF6F3F5-C15F-46EF-BEE5-66B9D8…)

No. 749688

Stay the fuck away from other addicts you toxic ass “sober” queen.

No. 749689

File: 1579410253287.png (68.76 KB, 601x537, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749690

Must've been a bitch to get that photo right without falling, considering she's contorting her body so hard while sucking in her stomach and lifting her leg at the same fucking time.

No. 749691

File: 1579410327265.png (49.95 KB, 600x415, Capture1.PNG)

>my friend
isn't that usually code for taylor herself?

No. 749692

>I don't associate with the people in the community
lmao they don't associate with you dumbass.
what a bunch of meanies, caring about the well-being of animals.

No. 749693

two year my fucking sides

just asking for a friend, yea right, all this shit comes out after a night out clubbing with druggies. She admits to planning a relapse at one of these parties.

All signs point to relapse, but she'll never admit it. Oh yeah meth, nicotine, alcohol, sex, and weed don't count. FROM HEROIN(tm)

No. 749694

File: 1579410831483.png (51.92 KB, 597x403, Capture1.PNG)

>2 years
>strongest heroin

No. 749695

Hardcore projection right here. She a heroin addict who shouldn't own any animals.

Hopefully more people like that breeder refuse to sell her animals. Her care is so mediocre she has no business telling people how to take care of animals.

No. 749698

I mean I'm still suspicious of all the "rehomed" animals that may or may not have been alive to be rehomed, but even if they are all alive is "I used to have a lot of animal deaths but not LATELY" really a good argument for someone who claims to be an animal care expert??

No. 749699

WHY is she broadcasting her friend’s personal business to her 200K following? Respect your friend’s privacy, damn

No. 749700

This is the same junky that posted pics from her NA (allegedly after) meeting. And obviously steals other people's stories from group.
Shocking that she is a shitty friend!!

No. 749706

But you ignored everyone pointing out Jonny's actions and crimes against his past "girlfriends" aka victims.

Fuck off, bitch.

No. 749708

This was in reference to her tweet about her recent animals. I don’t recall anyone having said that her current horde is dead. I’m aware of the animals she killed in the past. Calm the fuck down.

No. 749711

File: 1579414938329.png (117.68 KB, 595x895, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749713

Is this Elijah she's throwing under he bus? He tried to support her getting sober, offering her to come out to his place in LA to detox.

No. 749714


how does no one else see the hilarity of this? she's literally making fun of her own tattoo. "lmao he named his song something dumb as fuck lol it's a dumbass song lol"

okay well you tattooed that shit on your body, so lmao @ you, dumb bitch

No. 749716

File: 1579415765607.jpg (130.47 KB, 987x813, bedrest.jpg)

It could be a total coincidence but- he's on some ordered bedrest thing right now, if he's in fact detoxing not with the flu that would be some fucked up shit for Tay to put out there.

No. 749717


"i've been raped and abused by so many people since i was 13 years old" okay taylor, you're literally talking about yourself

No. 749723

Why would anyone listen to her warnings when she didn't listen to any of the legitimate warnings from Jonny's exes, her parents, etc

No. 749724

File: 1579420500532.png (374.26 KB, 598x773, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749726

File: 1579421637223.png (166.42 KB, 453x767, Capture1.PNG)

in a bathtub at 2am sperging

No. 749727

File: 1579421690559.webm (4.76 MB, 360x640, JVyyqWGnmv5Il9QD.webm)

No. 749728

File: 1579421768952.png (34.05 KB, 538x322, Capture1.PNG)

rehome your animals, taylor.

No. 749729

Could she have taken that video literally anywhere else but the bathtub ?

No. 749731


Uhhhhh that person didn't tag her in that post nor did anyone else. It was just in the tnd hashtag which means she went looking for it. Maybe she should stop sitting on Twitter and obsessing over what everyone's saying about her all day.

No. 749732

Correct me if i’m wrong, but I don’t think Elijah is a drug addict. She’s talking about herself.

No. 749733

Elijah is very much a drug addict

No. 749736

Does she not know that you can mute tweets or…?

No. 749737

>I own my role on everything
Oh really, Taylor? Like when you cooked your pets? When you laughed at his other victims? And when you brought drugs to do with other pettubers and got angry with one of them because they can’t do a line of coke? And when you accused someone of sexual assault? you own those roles too?

No. 749738

File: 1579428019226.jpeg (826.91 KB, 1242x2103, A6148AF7-A604-4289-837C-E06797…)


No. 749739

The more she keeps trying one-up her last abusive history, the more she tells more personal shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if she tells people how an ex cut up her vagina walls and mess up her reproductive system.. i’m sure her future bf (if she ever can find one after all this sperging) love that she’s telling every stranger her personal history.

No. 749741

so if her claim is that that puncture mark is from sabor why is it in the middle of the hand (how would sabor strike there) and why is it only one singular puncture instead of a bunch from teeth

also… she keeps going on about how tiny it is. last time i checked needles were small

No. 749742


drove high af on heroin multiple times and is all "lmao so" about it

No. 749743


"I've never said that!"
"But if I have said that, it's because…"

oh my god, she is the living embodiment of the Narcissist's Prayer

No. 749744

File: 1579429687617.png (86.04 KB, 539x683, Capture1.PNG)

No. 749747


why does she constantly contradict herself in the same breath?

anon: but taylor, you also say all your exes are dumb and crazy

taylor: i never said that!

also taylor: but if i said that, i shouldn't be judged!

also taylor: uhhh but you're wrong for suggesting i said that bc why would i??? my exes aren't all bad! that proves i'm not like jonny!!! and i'm seeing this guy who is WONDERFULLL!!!!

and also taylor: however, i am not healthy rn so i would never be with anyone healthy or good!

wait, so you're seeing an incredible guy… but you would also never see an incredible guy right now because you're not healthy?

No. 749752

I think that her rants are just so long and her heroin brain is just so fried that she forgets what she writes in the beginning of a sperg by the time she gets to the end of it.

>>749634 really taylor? Really?? can someone dig out a screenshot of when she was blaming EDS for track marks the last time she was on a heroin binge pls

>>749635 then maybe it would be time for some goddamn self control and stay off social media for a while? Just imagine how many videos she would have made with all the hours she has spent on twitter sperging. Oh I forgot, her therapist recommended her to obsess about her ex on every social media.

No. 749753

"my snake bit me there, too!" but she is not saying that the mark is from a snake bite though. Which would be ridiculous because no snake bites with only one tooth. The truth is all in her tiny details.

No. 749755

Forethought? Planning? Not our girl.

No. 749760

The magic number 2.
Also her friend like her tinder date aka non existent. Remember when she said her friends relapsed in rehab just not her? Aka her included. She’s so fucking obvious

No. 749764

The songs that she says she loves are quite telling based off lyrics since she likes to relate to what they say. Also her kind of indirect way of telling on herself. (We all know she rElAtEs so much to Halsey songs that she got one tattooed)

Read lyrics of the following but here are snippets as to why I think it’s telling:

3am: “someone please come and flirt with me.”
Still learning: “no one knows who I am, what I’m on / …no self esteem”
Killing boys: “and all I want in return is revenge.”

She’s so easy to read

No. 749765

File: 1579439749819.jpeg (150.6 KB, 1242x602, 7010F9E4-0FA4-410A-921E-5448E9…)

Oops forgot to attach

No. 749767

File: 1579442429604.jpeg (257.88 KB, 1242x973, 6A78AA64-5DBD-4F8B-B667-5A9813…)

loves putting the blame on others

No. 749770

what friends? this girl has no one in her life that she doesn't pay to be there. other than mommy, of course. even her own father talks shit on her.

No. 749771

She needs a speech therapist. She sounds like she talks with a ton of spit in her mouth.

No. 749774

File: 1579444415459.jpg (593.77 KB, 885x1603, Screenshot_20200119-093317_Chr…)

No. 749775

When she was using, she constantly blamed her EDS. When she got sober, there was no mention of it for months. Its just her go-to excuse for all signs of her using. Because apparently the only way EDS affects her is by making her bruise easily and sleep constantly, she never talks about any other symptoms because hyper-flexibility can't cover up for heroin use.

No. 749778

Halsey is such a problematic person, def not a role model. The record labels took a useless tublerina and molded her into a product to make themselves money.

She's every white girl's wet dream. I don't have to amount to anything because i'm 1/4 black and hotel shampoo is racist. I'm oppressed reeee, even tho I look, act and sound white. My cundishuns, resulting from my long history of smoking and drug use are holding me down!!! I was born sick feel sorry for me!!!

No. 749779


Isn’t this the exact same logic she’d say that Johnny would use? “Well, everyone already thinks i’m a rapist” / “Well, everyone already thinks i’m an addict”

No. 749781

>I don't think anyone healthy should be with me rn
What??? Then why are you supposedly dating this man? Is he an addict too? What the hell? Still convinced he isn't real.

Also hilarious to know she's running with sabor biting her as the excuse lmao. She should have just went with the excuse lolcow already cooked up for her because it was at least more believable. There wasn't even blood over there, it was clearly an injection and not a snake bite. The places that were clearly snake bites are even in the same place to compare it to.
No such thing as a snake giving you ONE hole in your skin just coincidentally right over your vein you fucking crazy piece of shit.
She could've said she had another trip to the doctor where she got blood drawn or something and it would have been more believable than this.
Her stans deserve her. She straight up lied to them for years, and they think she won't lie to them again? Fucking L O L

No. 749782

Not healthy enough to have a relationship - but healthy enough to run a zoo. No one should be with her - except her dying animal flock.

No. 749783

Taylor only pulled the eds and gluten-free card when she was deep in heroin. it's why she missed meetups, why she didn't look well. she promised before she would "always be honest" and litereally never has been lol.

All she's doing now is sperging out about Jonny since the announcement of his SECOND child. he had one before Taylor.

since making her video about Jonny before the new year, all she's done is bought some coral or some shit, and held a snake.
Congrats girl yeah you're doing amazing, gweeeeen

There's a reason why people get into fitness and hobbies to be successful in their sobriety, it consumes their mind and thought. No clean, successful person rants on twitter for over 24hrs straight, has plenty of evidence of abuse…

Remember when Taylor was supposed to be a pet youtuber? She's just a manipulative attention seeking addict, who happened to be raised in a [upper?] middle-class family that bought some pets for internet clout because she lacked personality.

No. 749788

its also the exact reason she first started saying when she got caught using heroin something like 'oh the internet though I already did it anyway so I gave in' or some other bs

No. 749791

Does anyone feels like Taylor is trying so hard to say what everyone wants her to say now? Like her over the top “I acknowledge my flaws” while I spurge about being a victim is so obvious. And so purposeful! Taylor, it’s not true if you dont mean in! Really go face yourself!

No. 749798

I wonder if she uses her snake bites as an excuse after she uses? She lives with mommy so she has to find ways to use. I can totally see her shooting up and then going to one of her snakes to bite her so she can be like My SnAkE BIT ME MOM!!! No one is stupid when it comes to wanting something desperately especially when you've been hooked on it so i can totally see her doing this because it's so easy to prevent a bite yet she gets bit every time she has other holes and dents on her.

No. 749799

Honestly, I thought this tinfoil was kind of crazy when other anons brought it up earlier but the more I thought about it, the more it kind of made sense. Like, why would she post pictures of that shit? It just makes her look like a bad keeper. Her just trying to be ~edgy and cool~ is the main theory and it's equally as possible but let's be real, Taylor has been trying to shittily cover her tracks online ever since she started using. She would always post pictures with sus shit like bruises and her pupils pinned and then be like "my EDS makes me bruise easily!! I have blue eyes and my pupils are naturally that small! I've been sooo sick bc I thought about eating a single piece of bread and I'm celiac!!!" Always something dumb and always so defensive. Hmmm.

No. 749800

Her rape is bullshit, If it was true she would all over the #metoo but no the ex disappeared just like her totally not make up tinder date

Why would she say she deleted her tinder because it was weird when she met a "really nice guy who treats her right and even met his parents" in there?

No. 749807

good catch anon, I noticed that too. it’s so obvious she made up the “rape” story.

No. 749818

Absolutely. With Jake, she posted pictures, used his name, etc. We know that was to make Jonny jealous. I bet Jonny kept playing nice with her to get his stuff back/get more money out of Taylor. When he started to pull away, she made this new guy up. We haven’t heard any updates about tinder guy since the news about Jonny’s baby. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

No. 749821

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances and it takes people practically their whole lives to kick the addiction. It's no glamorous drug like cocaine or molly. It would be unrealistic to believe Taylor would never ever relapse even if she completed her rehab program and went to intense therapy. Not only did she leave early (probably because she couldn't handle not using her unhealthy vices to cope and shes not used to not getting her way) shes been on a path of self destruction since day one. Idk how her stans still will fight to the death to say their once pettuber idol is not the sober queen.

Taylor shoots herself in the foot everytime by relying on her fans/stans to validate the shitty things she tries to explain away. It's a vicious cycle of her fucking up, being terrified to admit to fucking up because her stans wouldn't think she was perfect and then trying to play off her fuck ups as shes the victim of haters only to end up contradicting herself even more. If she actually let people into her life that gave her real criticism and advice she probably wouldn't feel the constant need to explain herself.

Heroin addicts relapse, she said it herself. If shes convinced herself that with all the other drug use (alcohol, subs, weed) doesnt affect her chances at sobriety shes even worse off than a typical ex heroin user. I dont know why she believes she can do the bare minimum and be sober from one of the hardest drugs to kick. Her stans are stupid for believing someone who lied about doing heroin and other drugs for a year is now telling to truth.

Also what about the lies she told about her friend who she claimed sexually assaulted her while she was high/drunk? Seems like that's Taylor's "go to" when she wants her stans to give her asspats without question. If I remember correctly in Taylor's warped version of events that girl brought cocaine which Taylor "couldn't even be around without relapsing". But going to parties, smoking weed/drinking and being on subs is fine?

No. 749829

100% agree with you anon. Her idiotic stans deserve her. A few months from now we’ll hear them say all over again
>> omg I didn’t even see the signs jdnshankw nahbe nsj soooo KrAZzYy

Let’s all read between the lines here… she is definitely injecting illicit substances into her veins. It’s not our fault she used to use her uwu invisible illnesses to cover for being a heroin junkie. I’m more inclined to believe she’s primarily abusing uppers with a side of subs. She admitted that she takes more subs than she’s supposed to and she “misses” because ~forgetfulness.~ she’s also still getting only 7 DS of her subs but has been in “IOP” for how long already and she can’t be trusted with a 14 or 30 DS lol right.

>> illnesses are making a comeback all of a sudden
>> she has now stopped making YT videos (no mention of one in the works either)
>> snake bites again just like in sober living
>> a really ~close~ friend relapsed and trying to be a GREAT person with a savior complex and help them through it because heaven forbid they get licensed professional help.
>> sperging like she would post-rehab when she first mentioned meth use… and surprise, Jake admitted to using meth.
And there’s a PICTURE of a bruised vein… like another anon said, she should of just said she got blood work done but no, it’s DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL and some more sperging of bs nonsense.

No. 749835

Someone that is so triggered really shouldn’t be on social media. This proves she does not have a therapist . They would definitely tell her that social media is unhealthy for her being sober

No. 749842

So Taylor is telling us that although she was into heroin for a year, so much so that her bathroom was FILLED with needles, that she's currently completely sober until now? This girl who went to rehab ONCE but was kicked out in less than 2 months because she helped someone? This girl who, not only didn't she move in with her parents right away but stayed at a hotel with a dude that had a history of drug abuse and was into meth? That had friends from the rehab who relapsed near her?

Taylor is one of a kind! Look at her stay away from drugs so quickly even though she said she has an addictive personality!! So AmAzInG!!

No. 749848

File: 1579469310865.jpg (168.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200119-212907_Ins…)

No. 749849

I love how Taylor is going out of the way to read the #TaylorNicoleDean

Like she is obsessed with her haters. She has even been replying to the hashtag lately. She is honestly loosing her shit and is using again.

The bite wasn’t even close to the bruse. Who is she fooling ???

No. 749850

It’s a hard day because she slipped up and got caught.

No. 749851

The Taylor Nicole Dean hashtag on Twitter is all negative. The tide had really turned

No. 749853

Is mommy sending her back to rehab? Wonder what she is talking about.

No. 749854

It’s a rough day because Sunday is supposed to be her upload day but she hasn’t uploaded a single video in 3 weeks.

No. 749855


aka she’s going to sleep all day, that’s the only time she’s not on social media. It’s easy to abstain from something when you’re unconscious.

No. 749857

She went from Instagram to Twitter, where people post screen caps of her lies. Ffs what else was she expecting?

No. 749858

K… so see you back sperging on Twitter in about 27 minutes then?

No. 749859

File: 1579473845089.png (634 KB, 885x505, sketch.PNG)

Was digging through twitter, don't think it's been discussed.

Sounds sure as hell that she's abusing

No. 749860

She thinks we're all stupid

No. 749861

Tinfoil but would explain her cravings, if she used up all the subs she'd have to wait to refill.

Bet she runs out, starts smoking or drinking when she doesn't have anything left.

No. 749863

She literally said she uses multiple strips when per prescription says one. Her fans are so stupid. She is not sober and has not been for awhile

No. 749866

File: 1579477021777.jpg (325.62 KB, 1536x608, Screenshot_20200120-003643.jpg)

"Usually doesn't bother me"
>sperges out every other day over the h8TuRz

No. 749867

>It's a minority

Most people on the internet think you are a shit person actually. Your block list alone should tell you that.

No. 749877

File: 1579480217252.jpg (553.62 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200119-182956_Chr…)

Haven't seen this posted. This bitch is such a liar. You never went to the police. Or filed report or got a restraining order.

No. 749886

Sage bc just a theory

Does anybody else on the thread watch CG kid? I have a gut feeling Taylor’s ‘friend morning is him. He recently relapsed and in his newest video he talks about going to a hotel in Dallas all day with a friend and constantly fucking and using drugs (sounds just like our queen). Adding to this, didn’t Taylor go to Dallas recently too?

No. 749889

He's another fake "recovery advocate" so that makes sense. His comments are always full of people correcting his misinformation.

No. 749895

When did Taylor go to Dallas??? I don’t think that ever happened….

No. 749898

I believe she went to Austin, not Dallas.

No. 749902


if taylor were friends with anyone slightly famous, she'd be bragging in some way. spoiler: taylor has no friends

No. 749903

"Everyone is saying I'm using so I feel like I might as well just use!"

Very mature, Taylor! This is a great attitude to have when you've got a hoard of animals to be responsible for. To use drugs out of spite… against speculation? Incredible logic! A true role model!

No. 749907

File: 1579488591901.png (16.55 KB, 659x118, Capture1.PNG)

imagine feeling like you need to announce that you will be offline for 6 hours.

No. 749913

Lol she is so entitled tbh

No. 749920

her whole left arm is bruised, wtf?

No. 749929

Does this girl seriously delete almost everything she tweets??? Every screenshot I’ve been seeing here on this thread is never on her Twitter when I try to go look. Never in my life have I met someone who tweets and deletes as much as she does…

No. 749932

"I have eds!!! I bruise so easily!!!" Amazing how we never see her ~super easy bruises~ except for when she definitely isn't on heroin again lol

No. 749952

She's having a bad day because she's out of drugs and probably out of subs, so she's feeling withdrawal. It's crazy how transparent she's being about all this. We havent heard much about her mom in awhile, is she radio silent nowadays?

No. 749953

Its tinfail but I have a theory that Taylor got her arm tattoos initially over certain locations to stop herself from starting shooting up (I dont want to mess up my tattoo so I'll jist to smoking) but she covered up prime veins and ended up shooting up anyways on and around her tattoos as evidenced by many photos and bruises - which still hppens but now the bruises are harded to see much less scrutinize. The crocodile head and botched heart in her ditch are two that stick out to me as awkward placements seeing as she had no other arm tattoos. Awkward until you realize they're vein covers. Then I think she got sleeve to hide shooting up when she realized it worked for jonny. However she didn't take in to account that the scar tissue will fuck them up over time and they will look like big messy blobs…like jonnys. But hey you couldn't blatantly see her track marks and thats what matters right?! I mean dream tattoo is living up to itself as she is making her whole life about drugs and jonny.

No. 749954

mama dean's account seems to be gone again (at least the one linked in the OP).

No. 749956

File: 1579500211666.png (362.3 KB, 750x1334, 815E87AA-B987-4CAB-BA2A-450582…)

When I went to see mama D’s twitter I think she has deactivated her profile lmao always something dramatic going on with the Dean crew ..but she’s sooo unbothered lmao

No. 749961

Tiana would be her spirit princess since she is the lamest one

No. 749963

File: 1579507430402.jpg (563.56 KB, 1072x1485, Screenshot_20200120-030341_Chr…)

No. 749964

File: 1579507464468.jpg (704.76 KB, 1059x1801, Screenshot_20200120-030405_Chr…)

No. 749965

File: 1579507497552.jpg (634.52 KB, 1060x1797, Screenshot_20200120-030425_Chr…)

No. 749967

This is definitely not Taylor texting herself

No. 749968

File: 1579507911961.png (107.92 KB, 599x864, Capture.PNG)

No. 749969

I truly don't think I've ever seen a cow– other than Lillee Jean and her mom– be this consistently obsessed with herself. lmao this is so obvious.

No. 749970

this little tweet essay is especially hilarious given this windbag is likely an onion farmer herself

No. 749972

oh look, taylor is texting herself again!
>I even posted about his family
oh right, great point taylor, this is impossible to make up.

No. 749973

File: 1579509337940.jpg (523.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200120-003543.jpg)

What the fuck

No wonder you still have to live with your mom you need her to remind you to do basic life things like a toddler

No. 749975

especially since she ALWAYS takes pictures when she's out of the house

No. 749978

this. she's incapable of not posting pictures of this stuff. if he's real (which I tend to doubt), she certainly doesn't spend much time with him. maybe she's only met him once or twice.

No. 749979

File: 1579511534644.png (259.67 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20200120-111244.png)

No. 749980


Taylor wording things this way (it's always the same 3 accusations) just confirms she's keeping up with the milk. Which means she isn't focusing on getting well or taking care of her zoo.

I also feel sick over the fact that she keeps saying "from heroin" after using the word sober. She's always so careful to say she's sober with that asterisk…. she needs to stop lying to everyone if she has any hope of growing as a person and not turning into her mother. How can she keep up with all her lies? It must be exhausting.

No. 749981

I think she got kicked out of the program for drinking thus

She is out of subs

No. 749984

>take my time and get to know him and take it slow
Oh right, that's totally what happened! Nothing like immediately meeting his family and boasting on social media that he's literally the best guy you've ever been with in your whole life demonstrates how level-headed you approached the relationship. /s
It's actually scary how much this reads like Jonny's self-congratulatory post about not fucking Syd the first night they met.
She's got the self-awareness of a protozoa. I don't see the point of her self-denial when theres are multiple threads documenting otherwise, but I guess she's totally devoid of logic anyway.

Also can we discuss how indignant they are at gasp research? Like how dare we disprove the potentially fatal medical misinformation she spreads? Or educate people on proper animal husbandry? The state of Texas homeschooling must be absolutely appalling if she's any indication.

>they know what's best for your life over yourself

P.S. Taylor: you're an addicted codependent NEET, obsessed with your shitty ex and social media. So swallow your excessive pride and quit acting like your self-sabotaging ass knows what's best for you. You love to pretend you're capable of making responsible decisions until it's time for you to take accountability for those actions. Need I remind you of how confident you were choosing to be with Jonny/Jake? Staying cooped up in your bedroom online all night, spending every waking minute dwelling on negativity, publicly oversharing incriminating shit, compulsively telling pathological lies, skinwalking your alleged rapist's gf, rushing whirlwind Tinder infatuation, blowing exorbitant amounts of money on impulse junk, neglecting your hygiene whilst recklessly getting body modifications, refusing to manage your health conditions, ignoring your responsibilities (making videos, caring for your pets, and other chores), not taking full advantage of your recovery resources, being in denial about not being sober, swapping one vice for another, abusing your prescription and partying in triggering situations with fellow junkies, etc. is not doing you any favors. But we're the crazy stupid ones for saying so? If you want to crash and burn, so be it. Can't say we didn't try.

No. 749985

File: 1579514094188.png (603.84 KB, 640x797, Screenshot_2020-01-20.png)

Yeah, you're SUCH a perfectionist. That's why you sleep on a filthy-ass blanket, don't notice your own animals suffering, and contradict yourself constantly. You'd think a habitual liar who is a self-proclaimed perfectionist would tell better, more consistent lies!

No. 749994

It’s cause we’ve all got a big lesbian crush on you obviously

No. 750009

File: 1579523540900.jpg (417.03 KB, 1536x927, Screenshot_20200120-132817.jpg)

To document what exactly she's responding to before she deletes.

More confirmation/proof she's abusing her subs to go with >>749859

No. 750031

if you didn't take your meds for such a long time, wouldn't it be easier to get off them rather than going back? I have no clue how subs work though so sorry if I'm ignorant

No. 750045

File: 1579531941089.png (10.21 MB, 1242x2688, 1577233446435.png)

Wait, when did she claim to spend $600 on an anenome?? Bc she literally put on her insta that she spent $250 on it. She's out here claiming Jonny used to inflate prices to look bougie, but it's been her the whole time.

No. 750049

She made it obviously her. That’s for all the Receipts. It is literally the same texting style. Also love how she is addressing everything on #taylorndean

No. 750050

If she just wanted to prove he was real take a photo with him. These texts literally prove nothing.

No. 750068

taylor replying to taylor with a classic taylor rant and now it's all deleted. smh

No. 750089

Wow, who would have known that her soul mate was on Tinder this entire time and not in some druggie… guess not Taylor even though she knows what’s best for herself.

No. 750096

File: 1579538762246.png (349.38 KB, 750x1334, C5C2E5CA-4D7B-4379-BC1D-8D2E78…)

Kinda unrelated, but I love this Twitter. They really sum it up.

No. 750180

This is hilarious and proves she can’t help herself but lurk here. She tries to play it off like “oh people send me this stuff or tag me in this stuff!” Uh, no, Taylor. You lurk here just admit it. Literally everything that’s been posted about her on here she addresses on twitter almost immediately. Jeez how often does she look at this thread? Multiple times a day is my guess.

No. 750181

Exactly. Why would any of her friends be telling her what's on this site if it's so toxic to her? Same for her shitty fans lol it's all bullshot

No. 750186

If that would be a real person and not an imaginary "friend", then I would be worried if I was Taylor. It would not be the first time one of her friends comes here to spill some beans.

No. 750207

File: 1579558468741.jpg (428.52 KB, 1080x2220, 1578538016765.jpg)

No. 750216

File: 1579561374614.png (306.23 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20200121-010245.png)

wheb your life consists of whataburger fries and social media

No. 750266

Ugh, why would anybody pay $250 to mail order an anemone? Those things are very fragile and can die even if you pick a "good" one at the store and take it right home and float the bag in your tank.

Trying to profit off breeding anemones in a home tank it truly counting your $250 chickens before they have hatched.

No. 750276

shayna is that you

No. 750335

File: 1579574563545.png (4.01 MB, 828x1792, D9D0E67A-26BF-402D-9FD8-997C18…)

Throwing shade

No. 750342

She wasn't even able to breed her cockroaches to use as feed and know wants to profit off anemones?? Delusional

No. 750346

well, when has she ever made a good ~business investment~ before.

No. 750358

What shade? Is she talking about eyeliner dots? Wow so revolutionary and unlike any other girls

No. 750361

Yeah, when Taylor went all dot crazy… she's being an immature twat but an immature twat throwing some weak ass shade

No. 750370

File: 1579578445122.jpeg (76.57 KB, 750x629, 9BA57B67-9EB8-46A1-95CB-A45D26…)

I just noticed that Taylor literally calls Hasley “mom” or “mother” under every ig post she makes on ig. What’s funny is how hasley’s hates being called that. Some fans tried to tell Taylor that hasley doesn’t liked being called that and Taylor continues and ignores the comments lol. She looks so fucking dumb. Hasley ignores every single comment she makes lmao she must be so annoyed, Taylor is obsessed with her it’s toxic af

No. 750371

File: 1579578481867.jpeg (128.24 KB, 750x967, 65CD3166-22A6-4BA8-9D2B-16D797…)

Here’s another comment

No. 750372

ok that's actually hilarious as fuck. way to make others uncomfortable with your mommy issues taylor.

No. 750389

File: 1579581175119.jpeg (125.28 KB, 750x963, D59A82C6-FEF1-459E-A72A-BC8502…)

She really does! Let’s wait for her to delete those comments.

No. 750392

>go home and nap

Oh boy, I hope she isn't using but honestly wouldn't be surprised. Reminds me of Taylor nodding off all day.

No. 750394

didn’t it take taylor like 6 months with jonny before she did heroin? plus i’d like to think syd wouldn’t shoot up or smoke while pregnant, she seems lucid from what i’ve seen on that twitter account that reposts jonnys streams.

No. 750403

Because pregnant women never feel tired /s

No. 750405

Oh wow and who the fuck would buy anemones from her ich infested tank?

No. 750407

File: 1579584941112.png (26.92 KB, 480x163, deep.png)

She could preach any noble cause and her mindless stans would follow. But no, everything is about her, always. Muh heroin, muh abuser, im so deep, me me me. The biggest difference between her and Halsey is that Halsey actually seems to care about what's going on in the world while Taytay can't apparently even be bothered enough to stop calling Halsey mom. So she's raising a clan that are only interested in themselves, along with drugs, makeup and hoarding animals.

No. 750447

Y’all need to chill with the whole Syd using heroin shit. Not trying to WK but I highly doubt she is using it is going to, she’s pregnant for gods sake. Amanda, Liz, and Chelsea ALL dates Jonny for a long time and lived with him and never used. As a recovering addict, I can tell you first hand that heroin is not just a casual drug that most people pick up. Yeah, some people do and have. But Taylor was already an addict before they started dating she just may not have been actively using anything and used other substances before she met him and while she was with him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 750473

Like going home to take a nap because you’re pregnant means you’re “using”? Give me a break. Non pregnant people get tired and take naps too. Y’all really will poke at ANYTHING and make fun of it or make into something bigger when it’s probably not. Besides, last time I checked, this was a thread about Taylor. Unless Syd provides something milky but that definitely wasn’t milk…

No. 750475

Mama dean's twitter was briefly back today but is now deleted again. there must be an insanity gene in the female line of the dean family…

I think it's a dumb tinfoil too but at least sage your pregnancy rants jfc.

No. 750583

what a fucking creep

No. 750587

File: 1579635910660.jpeg (110.74 KB, 750x531, 5B9FF5C6-1B3F-4A01-AAE4-EE8CC2…)

Mama Dean’s twitter is back again and she immediately goes and reads all the new hate on the tnd hashtag. This reply is interesting. Why is she replying to tnd hate accounts and agreeing with them?

No. 750592

File: 1579637050398.png (499.48 KB, 801x738, Screenshot.png)

Vice thought this was worth covering for some reason

No. 750593


I'm guessing there are zero mentions of her animal cruelty?

Vice used to do good documentaries ten or so years ago. What happened?

No. 750596

So basically she started abusing cocaine because she wanted to be ~accepted~ by her fellow YT peers.

No wonder this world is so fucked. People will really turn a blind eye to what’s going on right I n front of them. Just watching clips of her videos pre-heroin, she was actually good looking with makeup and added filters. Then they show clips of her now and she looks like some crackhead you would see on the streets and I’m not saying that to be mean either. She doesn’t look healthy at all. I guess in her defense heroin really does age you but holy shit. And people think she looks and is doing great??? Okay lmao.

No. 750597

It was briefly touched on. They showed screenshots of tweets accusing her of abuse/neglect and showed clips of that one ex-druggie guy who made a video about her addiction and then turned around and kissed her ass. That’s about as in-depth as it got regarding her animal neglect. It was just mostly about Poor Taylor’s rise and fall in the YouTube community due to heroin.

No. 750598

omfg that title. I'm laughing so hard right now. I'm not going to watch it bc it doesn't deserve the views, would love a recap if any anon wants to waste their time. at least it's not an hour long, you know Taylor would have maximized the length for maximum victimization

No. 750603

thankfully they didn't use the super cringey shots of her in her bull ring beanie explaining addiction to us on her white board

No. 750604

God Jen is so weird. Apple/tree… reading all the shit Taylor posts from the other side of the house, just letting her dig her own grave, NBD! Can't even imagine what the tension is like in that house. An oroborus of narc passive agression, 24/7

No. 750612

it was weird seeing her Dad though considering he used to give up info to the tea accounts. what a strange family dynamic.

No. 750616

Perhaps this has been mentioned before but I still cannot get over the fact that her mom freaks out about people saying sexual stuff on Twitter but yet her daughter post herself in lingerie on the regular lmao

No. 750618

in her bathroom!!!!

No. 750620

People's support of Taylor has shown me how stupid the majority of the population is.

No. 750621

>this CRAZY expectation that anyone that goes online and gets this amount of attention needs to be doing everything perfectly, NORMAL things can't happen that would happen to anyone.

Pretty sure heroin addiction isn't normal, sounds like a pretty big fuck up actually.

No. 750631

File: 1579642535302.jpeg (421.08 KB, 2048x1536, 260C86B4-2E33-4C17-B236-AE7136…)

I’m trying to do a recap but it’s a struggle because they show a lot of her “I was a heroin addict” clips and then she will somewhat expand on it. It’s literally everything she’s said before and she does a fantastic job of acting like the ultimate victim.
>>we get an intro of her stating she runs a YouTube channel about how to take care of exotic animals.
>> We get a feature from Papa Dean showing school pics of Taylor and her elaborating on her chronic illness diagnosis’s growing up.
>>Papa Dean says YouTube was the perfect job for disabled Taylor.
>> she talks about how her YouTube channel took off (made more money doing that than working at petco)
>> talks about her haterzzz… states “she has no way of proving she takes care of her pets offline” bc we only know her online. We don’t know what she’s doing off camera. Claims this hate comes with the territory of being a popular YouTube channel.
>> talks about how her mistakes are made publicly and doesn’t know how to deal with that.
>> Talks about how she’s always known she’s had ~addictive tendencies~ and she thought it was just a personality trait. Claims she never partied in high school.
>>starts talking about how she first did cocaine at a YouTube party (I think that contradicts what she’s previously said but unsure) to feel accepted by everyone.
>> Her brain get telling her she needed to do cocaine again and again. She was depressed for weeks.
>> States being completely isolated, wanting to be accepted and craving a codependent relationship she was ready to jump onto anyone who looked at her.
>> Talks about meeting Jonny and how he has connections (I assume to drugs) that she wouldn’t have had otherwise in TX.
>> He’s addicted to opiates so she’s willing to try it what he has (completely the opposite of what she says in her latest video).
>> Continued taking opiates and never went back to coke. She rationalizes that opiates are prescription drugs and it’s okay.
>> Talks about Jonny acting weird aka being high af off heroin. She found a spoon in his drawer. He denies drug paraphernalia.
>> YT clip: he tells her they should finish what heroin he has left TOGETHER and then THEY can get clean (unclear??? bc the timeline doesn’t add up) they can have the best high together, watch a movie and swoon in their heroin high.
>> She’s living in a mansion and has her job still. She’s fine and her addiction isn’t that bad.
>> She says that she’s all alone with this dude that just wants to shoot her up.
>> Cuts to clip of a statement released by JC… its just denial of everything (see attached pic)
>> States some people knew what was really going on and would post pics with track marks and needles.
>> her plan was to take a medicine that would stop all withdraw symptoms (would like to know which med that was) but she was too sick for 14 hours and her mom found her on the floor. Went to rehab.
>> She expected to lose 100,000 followers after she posted “I was a heroin addict” video but she only lost 1,000 followers and gained way more than she lost. She makes sure to say that it doesn’t matter though. Amazed people were so supportive.
>> Talks about how a viewer wrote her of being in the same dynamic as Taylor was and after watching her video, she left her abusive bf after watching her video.
>> Taylor sniffles and says “that was cool.” “I get teary eyed.”
>> Expected a bad response from fans. Shows a bunch of ss of people relating to Taylor.
>> Doesn’t know what her YouTube channel is about anymore. The animals are still there though.
>> states she spends most of her time doing therapy, remembering to shower and eat. Living a normal life.
>> she wants to help other people bc there’s a part of sobriety that if you give back to others then you’re capable of staying sober by helping others.
>>the end

No. 750635

File: 1579643603822.png (472.71 KB, 396x547, BarnacleSoUglyEverybodyDied.PN…)

Not stupid just shallow AF, most of it's unconscious I think, good looking people tend to be given alot of free passes.

BUT fucking A, I know it's nitpicky but she's ugly inside and out. Half her head is gone, just fucking gone LMFAO.

She knows how to work them camera angles but she's really ugly. Don't believe what you see on social media folks.

No. 750637

wow, a hot ass MESS. Too bad she will never own up to her own actions and keep playing victim. She will never learn and only keep getting worse mentally and physically.

No. 750639

sure blame heroin on jonny and coke on youtube, as long as she never has to take any responsibility herself. I betcha that soon enough she will be blaming bettsy for her alcoholism.

No. 750641

shes probably hating this so much LOLLLLL thats what you get bitchhhh

No. 750644

Now I'm hoping everyone watches this so they can see how nasty she is lmao

No. 750646

Looks like vice didn't even bother advertising this on their Twitter like most of their videos lol

No. 750655

Don’t think that way anon! The majority of the population have no clue who the fuck TND is!

No. 750663

This video really just showcases her fucking privilege. It's literally vice showcasing a chance for Taylor to not only brag about how she successfully lied to her fans but also that she got the attention she wanted for it. The screenshot posted above is a very tame response from Jonny and his management and basically they said they wanted to pull away from this drama.

This is seriously STILL not about her animals. This is Taylor getting her narcissistic dose of "oh look, I was an idiot and got into a relationship with an addict. I was also 100% my own excuse for doing it.. But look, guys he shot me up, I'm miserable, I made a second channel about this, praise me." Like when she claimed this popular channel came to her house and filmed her, I thought it was about her animals/animal care. Like finally she was gonna come back in and do something, anything pertaining to her animals. But no, it's just more attention on Taylor.

No. 750664

has she sperged at ALL about this being released yet or is she being all hush hush

No. 750667

Honestly she's probably still asleep. Qween needs to get that beauty rest after her nightly tweet spergs!

No. 750668

Given the # of people calling her out in the comments I would be surprised if she acknowledges it when she wakes up.

No. 750671

watching that video is really weird. she used to be a genuinely beautiful girl but she destroyed her face. she's also getting way heavy, like momma, and her profile is super rough.

No. 750672

File: 1579651227424.png (2.83 MB, 1334x750, 28F1AA80-474D-4B2A-B49E-CB4328…)

No. 750673

File: 1579651257681.png (3.16 MB, 1334x750, 37FC81A5-19CF-4CDE-BCAE-28EB38…)

No. 750674

File: 1579651294277.png (2.53 MB, 1334x750, 41C4E584-1907-4272-93D9-A3587B…)

No. 750675

Anon who posted the previous pics:
Posted to show contrast of her pictures vs. footage someone else releases.

No. 750677

File: 1579651596728.png (694.65 KB, 818x616, Screenshot (1554).png)

No. 750678

different anon that just posted previous photo above — she also says shed rationalize by telling herself that shes not abusing opiates if they're presctiption pills.

and shes not rationalizing again miss SoBeR frOm H (most likely sober from nothing now thanks to her outing herself)

No. 750680

File: 1579651791219.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 75AC069E-BA42-4462-8893-AB023F…)

Looks like she’s online but quiet

No. 750681

she's very smart to do full face to camera and lucky that most of the time (her camera, her lights, her filters) she can pull it off. her nose is beaky af and that eyeliner is shayna tier.

No. 750682

What is going on in this picture with the hair? Just below the spot where it's pulled into a tail, you can see her scalp, but then below that it looks like three giant, blurry dreads of hair. Did VICE use a filter for her too?

No. 750684

That’s her rats nest extensions.

No. 750686

what you're seeing is baldness combined with horribly blended extensions. the ratty pieces just below the white spot are her natural hair, the dark curtain underneath (you can kind of see the way it curves with her scalp where it's attached, beneath the ponytail section) is the extension.

No. 750687

I wonder if people with EDS bald easier? Genuinely curious.

No. 750689

Make sure mom brings home extra fries!

No. 750690

EDS does not normally cause hair loss, not unless paired with alopecia which is rare to have both, but not impossible. She’s never mentioned having alopecia though, so this is probably hair loss due to stress/overuse of extensions/etc.

No. 750691

anons have also said heroin/drug abuse causes thinning/loss of hair

No. 750692

kratom for sure does and I know she took large doses of that but not sure how long she was using that

No. 750693

I love how she decided to wear actual clothes instead of lingerie for this video. But literally ended up wearing a shapeless moo moo an old senile lady would wear. She looks huge… she honestly looks awful. When people talk on her looks, I didn’t think she was gorgeous but I didn’t think she was that bad…. she really is that bad. She is rough looking.

No. 750694

File: 1579654477257.png (1.99 MB, 1334x750, 116FB391-BF19-4C73-8546-3EDA7A…)

She has definitely aged a lot in the past few years visibly, and not like in a maturity way

No. 750695

File: 1579654555432.png (3.12 MB, 1334x750, 6324FD48-A9E4-42A9-92FA-60ECBC…)

It’s crazy how she makes herself look so stick thin in her photos. I actually thought she resembled her photos a litttttle bit, and that the camera can add pounds, but yeah this is rough

No. 750696

And genetics.

Genetics, people. Taylor’s hair has very much turned into the rosacea of Onision.
She has bad angles, we all do.
But can you anons please at least contribute something more than a nitpick?

On another note, I really wonder why she didn’t expand on who Jonny was? I would think she would use any opportunity to bring his name into it.

No. 750700

She says she took medicine to end her withdrawal symptoms but it made her pass out a few times and her mom found her on the floor. I thought her story was that she was seizing from withdrawals and her mom found her?

No. 750705

probably cause this was filmed before jonny and syd announced the pregnancy which launched her crusade against jonny

No. 750707

i think they may be held legally liable for reporting on the allegations since vice is considered a news source? maybe? plus taylor wrote jonny that email stating basically she takes the blame for what happened and its not his fault and then turns around and sperges to al gore's entire world wide web the exact opposite. (fwiw i fully believe her and that jonny is piece of shit, but i also believe she knew what she was getting into from day 1)

No. 750710

Jesus christ this is a massive dose of instagram reality. I had no idea she actually looked like this. So wait, was VICE the one that did her interview several months ago with the whiteboard? Or was that something else?
Also, she looks pregnant here. I know she's not but damn. How recently was this filmed??

No. 750714

I feel like she has a hunchback

Or really bad posture

No. 750716

She's certainly gotten fatter in the face and gut.

Come to think of it if you look through her insta posts almost NONE of them show her middle, vids as well, she's getting fat and she knows it. The ones that do are shooped, high waisted pants, weird angles, her red hooker dress pic looks fat.

It's one thing to let yourself go but jesus. She's clearly not ready to look after other living creatures.

No. 750718

File: 1579658195074.png (322.58 KB, 336x521, shoop.PNG)

Same fag but one of the more obvious shoops.

She's in complete denial about everything

No. 750719


Evidence and mentions of her "documentary" would point to it being VICE.

No. 750723

File: 1579658806988.png (2.13 MB, 1334x750, CBCF4ECE-9F6C-4F67-97C6-575A6E…)

lmao at them including the clip of her laying in bed greasy talking about not showering

No. 750725

She seems so annoyed by her dad being there even tho clearly he must’ve taken off work to support her because her mom and brother had to leave the house while she filmed this. She was probably more annoyed by the fact that she would’ve gotten more sympathy if her mother and her disabled brother we’re apart of her sob story.

No. 750726

And y’all got admit though despite everything there were so many shady edits in the video that made her look so bad lololol

No. 750727

I have a feeling the reason her hair is truly so damaged is because she’s been dying it since she was like 15. It’s burnt to a crisp and honestly she should’ve gotten a haircut and style before this video was filmed not after

No. 750728

empty water bowl, or am i tripping

No. 750739

she has a big ass head lmao

No. 750741


Right? Her poor neck.

No. 750753

I mean, she pulled Gemini right out of it and he didn't look wet, and it is Taylor, so probably.

No. 750756

this is too much. i honestly thought she was like, more than average in terms of looks and expected some amount of shooping but there's a enormous difference between even her vids and reality. vice did her dirty. this is such a depressing image.

No. 750759

Still now word on Twitter. She just be freaking out begging vice to disable the comments

No. 750762

well. barely any posts, not tweeting about drug advocacy. bruises and whatnot. she's definitely back to using.

No. 750773


I like how it says he's preparing for his first child.

I never watched many of Taylor's old videos but the difference between the clips is really astonishing.

Speaking of looks. her father isn't at all what I pictured either. I thought his twitter icon was a younger looking guy with a full head of hair. I can't believe he agreed to be in that video.

No. 750776

File: 1579670761025.jpeg (256.77 KB, 750x659, 727CA361-4AE1-4C24-BA58-28CA9D…)

Honestly she is looking really bad. Like fuck man. She needs to get some help. Her eyes are so dead. Her poor pets. Also why would she post a photo with her face looking so gross ??

No. 750778

You can't cry about your daddy issues from his absence when he's right there taking about you as a child

No. 750779

File: 1579672444035.png (51.65 KB, 835x489, vicecomments.PNG)


No. 750780


>> She expected to lose 100,000 followers after she posted “I was a heroin addict” video but she only lost 1,000 followers and gained way more than she lost.

She realised addiction is a lucrative business so she became the queen of heroin instead of queen of animal abuse. Also, she is super busy going to therapy and eating, but no mentions of caring for her pets. It's like the pets are in no way integrated in her day to day-life, they are only brought out when it's showtime.

Also pretty sure her dad is in the video because her mom was busy making sure that Tanner stayed quiet.

No. 750781

Also it sounds like she hooked up with Jonny BECAUSE he had "connections" and was able to get her more drugs. Jonny is an arse but it really sounds like she was using him just to get drugs.

No. 750783

Wow her side profile makes her look like a troon. girl looks ROUGH

No. 750791

The comments on the video are amazing. So many people calling her out with like 150 upvotes.

Fuck you taylor you sick fuck

No. 750801

I'm 99% sure she got kicked off subs after she doxxed her doctor

No. 750803

she did have a couple of ~real rough days~ right after that. you're probably right.

she's also went whole 36 hours already without tweeting anything. I wonder what's going on.

No. 750805

Saved because don't know if this has been mentioned. You know her one sip of alcohol story? She legit told the same story but replaced alcohol with coke. Probably because it sounds slightly more plausible than a sip of alcohol led her to heroin. Still dumb. But less

No. 750814

I don’t think she’s fat, I think it’s the shirt that makes her shape unflattering. She prob thought it was cute to walk around with a shirt in dress form but didn’t seem to realize it made her look big. She’s prob regretting it now lol. But talking about her size and choice of shirt is stupid tbh, I do think however seeing the drastic change in her face / how much she’s aged physically in such a short amount of time is quite shocking considering she used to be so pretty back then. She now looks like a crack addict, but that’s the look she’s going for now right?

No. 750815

Good catch anon. I also noticed this too.

No. 750824

The best part is if people want to hear her story they'll go to her video (the one where she looks like something out of Corpse Bride) which was referred to in this VICE video and hear a different story.

No. 750830

Hey, just a heads up, some fucking idiot name dropped lolcow in the Vice comment section. Anyway, it’s interesting to see how many people are not sucking up to her bullshit. A lot of people have called out her inconsistencies, her hoarding, and shitty animal care. If I was her, I would have definitely not make the video. She’s opening herself a can of worms that she can’t close. It’s easy to say “omg the haters” when it’s us bitching about her here, but different when normies start observing and calling her out.

No. 750834

tay has been super quiet since her last fight with a hate account where she said "I'm having a horrible morning xoxo"…don't you think she'd be promoting the hell out of her vice video?

No. 750836

She’s setting up the scene to announce she s relapsed.

No. 750850

yeah it's super weird how quiet she's being right now. she's obviously aware that the vice video has come out since she posted this story >>750680 but hasn't said anything after that.
maybe she's having one of her 24 hour naps.

No. 750853

which would be hilarious considering it would be exactly when this vice video comes out. it's going to make vice look even stupider than they already do for have chosen her as a subject in the first place.

also the comments on the vice video are mostly negative and about her shit animal care. i'm thriving lmao she's such a pathetic joke.

No. 750854

yea remember that tweet where she said if she were to relapse, she'd announce it when she was ready but she wouldn't actively preach sobriety? maybe that's why she's not promoting the video. she's definitely shooting up again.

(she hasn't been sober by any means but her definition of sober* is only from heroin)

No. 750855

File: 1579704856462.jpg (103 KB, 500x751, reee.jpg)


She's been setting the scene for a while now.

>Planned relapse Can't find drugs at party

>Drinking and smoking but sober from HEROIN guiz!
>I tried getting off subs then had cravings
>Abusing subs with receipts
>Partying with meth head betsy
>Sooper bad cravings guiz
>If I relapse I'll tell when I'm ready
>No sobriety date
>Track marks
>Losing her shit over jonny and syd

No. 750856

lol I've been lurking here for a couple of years and occasionally posting, I'm just pointing that out(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 750867

So? and you've been here a couple years and still don't know to sage

No. 750877

If she does relapse I'm sure she will announce it in video form for $$$$

Hopefully mommy got off her fat ass and started actually parenting and forced Taylor back into rehab.

No. 750883

I think the main thing to point out regarding her appearance is how much she shops every photo and perfectly angles every video so she can hide shit. This is a parallel to how she shows her animals vs. how they’re actually doing. She puts so much effort into putting on a “pretty” show, full of slutty attention seeking outfits and facetune when in reality she is just an addict with the body of an addict.
She shows her animals only when they look in tip top shape (or so she thinks) so who knows what their actual health and living situation is like.
She preaches that she’s a “perfectionist” and all her animals are in “perfect” health, when in reality that just screams something is wrong

No. 750884

File: 1579715440685.jpeg (286.71 KB, 750x1238, 2D69B095-06C2-4468-A42F-79C373…)

Just a lil snippet of some of the comments under the vice story update about the TND video. Lmmaaaoooooo I cannot

No. 750885

Holy shit, she really let her self go. The vice video has lots of older clips of her and she used to be so fucking pretty. I've never seen her older stuff so I'm aghast at how ugly she's let her self get.

No. 750902

File: 1579720581799.png (34.46 KB, 601x339, Capture1.PNG)

she's tweeting

No. 750904

File: 1579721136284.png (176.77 KB, 1080x1547, Screenshot_20200122-141641~2.p…)

No. 750905

File: 1579721163650.png (91.74 KB, 1080x998, Screenshot_20200122-142043~2.p…)

No. 750906

File: 1579721185463.png (162.37 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20200122-142008~2.p…)

No. 750907

File: 1579721222795.png (148.19 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20200122-141732~2.p…)

No. 750908

File: 1579721267857.png (158.69 KB, 1080x1399, Screenshot_20200122-141749~2.p…)

No. 750909

File: 1579721333553.png (147.1 KB, 1075x1368, Screenshot_20200122-142055~2.p…)

No. 750910

File: 1579721385972.png (169.76 KB, 1080x1274, Screenshot_20200122-141816~2.p…)

Sorry for the pic dump,but the comment section shows that no one is fooled

No. 750912

we really didn't need seven pages of comments saying the same thing. but >>750907 made me laugh with the "never trust anyone who has three first names" comment.

I wonder if we're seeing this general consensus of her being shitty because she didn't tell her stans on Twitter and Insta about the video. So it hasn't been padded by 12 year olds spamming the comment section with mindless praise. This is a reflection of what people actually think, outside of her rabid fanbase of tweens. I hope it's a bit of a shock for her; not everyone buys her bullshit at first glance just because she plays the victim card.

No. 750914

wasn't it Tanner's birthday when this was filmed?? and thats part of the reason why he wasn't around?

No. 750915

He was supposed to go to Disney world and Mama Dean canceled it to enable Taylor instead. Who knows what he actually got to do for his birthday besides get kicked out of the house

No. 750918

File: 1579725112981.jpeg (432.24 KB, 1242x1803, EEDCB7CA-77C6-45B1-85EF-E0096E…)

No. 750919

File: 1579725196110.jpeg (141.26 KB, 541x1024, 6F644165-DD1D-4CAE-9C37-BA6D9D…)

Part 1

No. 750920

File: 1579725291136.jpeg (148.96 KB, 699x1023, CC6A6341-F9F3-434C-A2A1-1CE6FA…)

Part 3. (Could someone post part 2? I’m having issues with this particular image. Perhaps an app issue)

She sure as hell gave the impression many many times that he “shot her up” as she put it which automatically sounds as he held her down to do so.

Finally feeling the pressure to clear that up huh

No. 750922

File: 1579725646366.jpg (874.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200122-124109_Twi…)

pt. 2

No. 750923

She’s so manipulative:

Yes, my reptiles died because of a heat malfunction (partly her fault, shouldn’t have taken her 10 whole hours to notice) and the next night I slept with them and I considered rejoining all my animals because it was so traumatic (suggesting she is not at fault and she cared oh so much)” rather than idk taking responsibility.

I like how she refers to a list (I’m guessing our list). I’d love to see her make her own list just to see what she believes.

But the thing is, it goes beyond deaths. It includes basic animal welfare like water and enrichment (and no you can’t keep an animal in an empty cage because they do nothing so it’s fine). It includes all the animals she got without knowing shit about them and all the animals she was “rehoming” during the early days (though I believe the majority of them were Aquatic).

Taylor (because we know you read here), being an animal owner is taking care of those animals to a level they require. Throwing them in a cage and giving them food and water isn’t it.

Also, lol at the Vice documentary where she says she’s a channel about animals. Her last animal video was probably over a month ago and generally there are very few and far between. I hope people move on from this pet tube craze and she sinks.

No. 750924

This is a blatant lie. Shes trying to lie by omission since she never directly said Johnny "held her down" but her continue usage of the phrase "shot her up" and "Johnny got me addicted to heroin" while she was going in a Syd/Johnny tirade had her single brain cell fans thinking he did since that's what another ex had claimed.

"Its not my fault you guys assumed that's what I meant when I said he got me addicted and shot me up uwu I meant I just tried to to be closer to him"

Then he didnt get you addicted you dickhead. You chose to shoot up but were just too squeamish to do it yourself. The fact she takes his other victims story and tries to stitch her onto hers to create this weird homoculous of contradiction is vile. Johnny is a shitty person 100% but so is Taylor and those YouTube comments defending Johnny even though they're right are probably a slap in the face to the women hes actually been able to harass/abuse into oblivion. All because Taylor needed to be the biggest victim of the victims.

That one comment is right. If Taylor was ugly/overweight and she was acting the way she did now she'd be the young Trisha Paytas. Shes lied through her teeth about everything shes done since the first thread I saw about her having ciders on her table after claiming her and Johnny were ~*totes*~ sober. Taylor will only change when she doesnt have an army of children giving her brain the validation it craves. That's the only thing she cares about, not her animals, not Johnny, not herself - just attention and validation which makes her brain feel good. When she doesnt have that she'll be forced to change but until then shes going to keep lying and lying in order to get it.

No. 750925

Incoming panic attack crying on the floor. Her plan totally backfired and the world is watching her burn now.

No. 750927

File: 1579726431036.jpg (282.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200122-125410.jpg)


No. 750931

She also commented this on the video but everyone is ignoring it lol

No. 750932

Again she uses the words none of my reptiles died instead of saying animals we all know she’s had more animals than just reptiles hello all those dead hedgehogs come on I fucking hate this bitch

No. 750934

I’m more fucking disgusted by her than ever this is literally outrageous with her manipulation

No. 750935

File: 1579727227263.jpeg (113.87 KB, 749x980, 5A1D0F92-D0AC-4ACD-B22F-D6FB45…)

Taylor’s latest insta post from 6 days ago. Taylor could definitely use better (and sober) friends, but we’ll see if her and Alexis continue to talk. They follow each other currently.

No. 750936

it was, but they openly discussed whether he could be home or would need to leave the house for the interview. taylor scheduled the interview on his birthday without giving it much thought I think.

No. 750938

Almost everything and that Twitter statement was a lie. this is insane!!!! How is this getting worse!?! She has no concept of damage control.

No. 750939

taylor has only a passing acquaintance with reality; i'm starting to wonder if she's just plain nuts.

No. 750940

File: 1579727668662.jpeg (93.69 KB, 750x894, A5441353-0B68-4B5F-B306-22D4AF…)

Still going after Jonny

No. 750941

File: 1579727726455.jpeg (291.95 KB, 750x1300, FB5A4DDC-0FDB-4589-BC82-FBE1AC…)

No. 750942

File: 1579727820260.jpeg (231.8 KB, 750x1291, CB36E59F-47C7-448E-A5E1-594528…)

one fucking job as a pet owner is to keep those animals safe and healthy, and she’s really justifying having a whole hoard rely on her, because “the absolute worst scenarios” didn’t happen. Ok

No. 750943

She's lying. She said herself that she left Jonny at the apartment to go get her nails done with her mother.

No. 750944

File: 1579728144647.jpeg (212.24 KB, 750x1207, D191ACC7-7C3C-4A4A-AB3B-61B88B…)

No. 750945

File: 1579728356283.jpeg (251.17 KB, 750x1187, 025CCDE4-B35F-486E-BCB9-63A7B3…)

No. 750946

The fact that jonny had a kid didn't seem to stop her from hopping on his dick.

Her faux outrage at the relationship is laughable. She knows she fucked up but keeps trying to convince everyone she's a victim.

Literally no one was fooled by jonny, she knew about all this shit beforehand.

No. 750947

File: 1579728422063.jpeg (127.91 KB, 750x904, 86B71843-C1B0-421F-8D2D-28A12D…)

Been missing mama deans freak outs. I almost forgot why Taylor has no sense of accountability.

No. 750948

I bet you $100 Taylor was missing from social media yesterday because she spent the entire day crying to mommy

No. 750950


And remember when she said she left to sleep in the car.

No. 750951

File: 1579728666024.jpeg (312.13 KB, 1242x1839, 3EFA8A76-462F-4CBC-A9A4-3369AB…)

Says the girl who was about to get back with him says before filming that expose of a video of jc. Lol.
She’d get back with him now if he said so.

No. 750952

File: 1579728741878.png (32.11 KB, 1294x250, tnd.png)

Momma dean chiming in on the video comments

No. 750953

My monies on she was probably sleeping off whatever she was on the day before. Whether that's her abusing subs, drinking or some other party drug she goes through highs and lows like you would expect someone's who's on something to do. I I shes using something to cope - I don't think its heroin (yet) but shes said "shes always been an addict and always will be". She knows of other drugs besides heroin and I can very well imagine in her brain the rationalization that it's okay to take "x" drug sometimes or even different drugs because shes not "addicted to them" and they're not her "drug of choice". She probably thinks anything is better than being addicted to heroin even if it means coping with other substances.

When shes feeling good (or manic) she goes on Twitter rants and replies to people with walls of Twitter text. When shes feeling bad (depressed) she probably sleeps or stays off her phone as much as she can because she cant take even the notion of criticism.

Tinfoil but it's the only thing that makes her weird behavior on twitter make any sense. Her whole social media is just one rollercoaster ride of ups and downs.

No. 750954

File: 1579729035187.jpeg (105.21 KB, 750x1170, D81288B4-CF93-45FE-8270-E22DD6…)

Jonny announced he’s releasing another song on Valentine’s Day. Maybe that’s why she’s ranting again today.

No. 750955

Find it funny that she says here that for months and months after that night she decided to try heroin, Jonny was begging her to stop. IDK if that sounds like the response from a person that taunted her for hours begging her to do heroin. Wouldn't you think he would be happy he's living out his fantasy. Not trying to WK but this is something she's conveniently left out until now.

No. 750956

She just literally can not take a shred of responsibility lmao

It's all in passive voice. Mistakes were made. By whomst, bitch?

No. 750957

Mama dean's just mad they can't use their soviet style censorship on opinions they don't like.

No. 750958


Haha. Oh, I hope she ends up replying to every single negative comment on there.

No. 750959

Jen's good old Boomer entitlement is once again off the fucking charts lol

Imagine being a fully grown adult like Taylor and having your mommy go full on Karen for you because you chose to give an interview on a public social media platform - in which you lie through your teeth and martyr yourself. And then when people tell you your shit stinks, mommy wades in to defend you from the meanies! Pathetic.

No. 750960

File: 1579729594337.jpeg (170.09 KB, 1242x695, 0CC8E10A-8D69-4BEC-87B7-EA998E…)

Lol I got second hand embarrassment off that Stan tweet. periodT ahahahha
She must be so proud of her little army

No. 750965

File: 1579730479323.jpg (266.59 KB, 1069x1418, Screenshot_20200122-170138_You…)

No. 750966

VICE may i please speak to your manager?

No. 750967

Leave that abuser behind in 2020 and thrive, gurrrrrrl

No. 750970

Lmao she's ALWAYS going through a hard time with her sobriety when it comes to criticism, how convenient

No. 750971

Taylor literally just woke up/exited her drug coma to see this happening, yelled to her mommy to jump in and take care of it and Jen waddles into the fray like the fat gangster she is. This family, fucking hell. How can they be this ridiculous and embarrassing? Keep it coming.

No. 750972

File: 1579730957159.jpeg (204.81 KB, 750x1110, 16BAE7B0-6C05-48D6-8C2B-25887C…)

Fuck they snapped back

No. 750975


Even her fans are in the comment section telling her to stop looking at them. I don't think she can tho. She has to know everything being said about her at all times.

No. 750977

File: 1579731165568.jpeg (132.88 KB, 1242x657, 05AD89AB-15C7-4E27-A7D2-A9A83C…)

No. 750978

Boy it sure would be unfortunate if Jen got banned from Twitter for threatening violence.

No. 750981

“How dare you not validate my daughters addiction and terribly irresponsible actions like me! How dare you get mad at her for not taking accountability! You’re all so terrible and I hate this platform and I wanna do terrible things to anyone who says anything negative about my daughter!”

No. 750982

Jen fuck off and pick me up some Whataburger!!!

No. 750984

File: 1579732340891.jpg (250.68 KB, 1067x838, Screenshot_20200122-173031_Chr…)

Kinda like how ur daughter was in a program for 28 days and felt like she could preach to addicts with years of recovery under their belts? I has that too.

No. 750986

'who come a preach how they KNOW what ever after'
illiterate tard i can't stop laughing at her rage

No. 750987

File: 1579732445395.jpg (582.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200122-143406.jpg)

Replies to Taylor in the YouTube comments

No. 750988

File: 1579732483424.jpg (534.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200122-143413.jpg)

No. 750994

File: 1579733468926.jpeg (286.21 KB, 750x879, C3CFB141-5A11-4849-9504-771D3E…)

Found her starting to reply to comments on the vice video

No. 750995

guess her next 50 hours is booked now lmao

No. 750996

I thought she's only recently hit 7 month sober, but she's 6 month sober here and this was filmed in October? Is my maths wrong or are her lies getting sloppier and sloppier

No. 750997

Dude she even replied to one of my comments, and it wasn’t even bad just calling her out. This girl is fucking crazy.

I can’t believe how invested she is in drama. To get rid of drama you just wait for it to pass but she gets involved and milks it

No. 750998

Pick me up some fries and TENDIES Reeeee!

She's the female equivalent of basement dweller.

No. 751000

So we’re supposed to believe that she put this much thought and effort into assuring her animals were ~NEVER~ left alone with him, but she couldn’t put this much effort into getting away from him to begin with? This girl deserves the bad things coming her way.

I’ve said it before but the only sane thing her batshit narc mother has ever done was trying to keep her away from JC. Taylor fought her mom on it because she’d have rather taken her chances with an abusive drug addict than deal with her crazy mother. Can’t say I blame her from wanting to get away from Jen but JC wasn’t the answer at all. Sucks to suck lol. This entire family should be going to therapy to fix their fucked up dynamic. We don’t know what does on behind closed doors but we’ve seen enough publicly to know they’re fucking weird. Taylor is never going to get sober with her enabling parents and if she were smarter and serious about her sobriety, she would have cut ties off a long time ago. Taylor is the epitome of white privilege and fucked up family dynamics.

No. 751002

seriously she said she was 7months sober in her pinned tweet and mama dean said in her tweet it was filmed oct 2019

No. 751003


It's so funny to see her stressing out because the comments are a platform that she can't control. I've said it before in this thread, she is just as controlling as she says Jonny is. Always trying to control the narrative… on her pets dying, on her past relationship, etc. Very obsessed with portraying a certain image.

No. 751004

samefag, but if she was sober 6mos in October when vice did the video she wouldve quit drugs in may?? shes fucking delusional it makes no sense

No. 751005

File: 1579734669940.jpeg (97.15 KB, 720x1280, EO69w1tWoAEe8OU.jpeg)

Her entire family is sitting around raging on YouTube comments LOL

No. 751006

All Taylor EVER does is take other people's inventory what the fuck is she even talking about? The level of cluelessness is mind boggling.

No. 751007

My God. You'd think a successful YouTuber would know that responding like this isn never going to work.

No. 751008

"It's organic to tell your tween 'friends' in Discord to rise up for you!"

This whole family is certifiable. Good god, can you imagine living in that house, it must stink of desperation and rage. What a horrorshow.

No. 751009

THA HAYDURRRRRS what a bunch of rednecks lol they need someone to step in and take their screens.

No. 751010

File: 1579735330276.png (28.83 KB, 658x293, tnd.png)

Excellent comeback momma dean

Why are both her parents trolling youtube comments right now? Do they seriously think this will do more to help their daughter than being there for her in person lmao

No. 751013

Lmao I hope Mr. and Mrs. Dumpsterfire have a wonderful time taking care of their enormous baby that they failed to teach accountability to until it inevitably ODs

No. 751015

I have absolutely no clue how she’s not embarrassed by this. How many other “influencers” parents are this involved in their comment section. I would be so fucking embarrassed if my parents were trying to fight by battles at her age.

No. 751017

File: 1579735944970.jpg (296.82 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200122-153239.jpg)

Then why did you do a video with Vice? No one forced you

No. 751018

This is super pathetic actually.

She knows her career is dying but she doesn't want to accept it. 2020 will get even worse for her, Yt'ers expecting big cuts from google in the future.

She just isn't pulling the views anymore, get your parents to shill for you? ughh, hard pass.

No. 751019

File: 1579736247117.png (18.19 KB, 883x175, momma.png)

What's so funny Jen? It sounds like your daughter is not doing well right now and you're here arguing with people on youtube in the comments of a video that your daughter didn't even make

No. 751020

She was so hyped for this, poor dear. But let's be real. She thought this was going to…what? Repair her image? What? Is she that coddled by her bubble of stans that she honestly forgot how brutal people on the internet are? idegi

No. 751023

unironically yes, pretty sure she forgot she can’t silence youtube comments on someone else’s channel the way she can block everyone who even talks negatively without @‘ing her on twitter. she’s probably freaking the fuck out and i wouldn’t be surprised if she makes them take the whole video down eventually bc the comments are too honest.

No. 751024

where can I read more on youtubers and pay cuts? haven't seen any articles on this. just curious.

No. 751025

Those poor snakes living in plastic shoe boxes. What a fucking life, they get no mental stimulation or exercise. What was even the point in buying expensive designer morphs when she cannot even watch them and isn't interested in breeding? She doesn't even show them off in pictures that often. I'm so glad people aren't putting up with her shit anymore. I hope they keep sharing their concerns on the vice video.

No. 751027

File: 1579738058737.jpg (437.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200122-160732.jpg)

Oh the irony of posting this while your mommy and daddy defend you against the consequences of your actions.

No. 751029

She's so obviously miserable. You can even see it in that vid. Dead eyes.

No. 751030

File: 1579738613204.png (1.84 MB, 2872x1020, Screen Shot 2020-01-22 at 6.14…)

in the vice video at 10:04 she says that she started using baby doses but worked her way up to heroin cut with fentanyl. Genuinely curious, isn't that impossible/wouldn't she be dead by now?

No. 751031

…she literally tweeted 30 mins ago she was in the worst possible place.

No. 751032

Nah, especially if she was using often. Tolerance builds, she just got lucky if she really was messing with fent - no way to properly measure that stuff out

No. 751033

Look up YT COPPA changes 2020

Anyone under 13 can't have their data collected or be sent targeted ads. Also potentially hefty fines.

TLDR Less advertising, less money.

Taylor is in deep shit in the YT world, especially when her tween fans seem to make up the majority of her audience.

No. 751037

File: 1579740871328.png (1 MB, 1041x736, plants.PNG)

Super cringe planted tank.

Nice hard water marks, I can tell your keeping up on maintenance and dosing.

No. 751039

LOL there’s literally only two plants from the original picture that made it to the second picture. Adding more plants because your old plants died is not progress

No. 751043

>Mistakes were made
Classic sharky politician answer: never say WHO made the mistakes, just that mistakes were made. Can't take personal accountability now!
>I was selfish
yeah duh, you buy all your animals for a selfish thrill, you keep all your animals for selfish props, you kill your animals out of selfish laziness.

sober? don't you mean sober FROM HEROIN? you've said you're oh so careful to be specific and not claim full sobriety! so which is it?

her parents defending her in the comments section is one of the cringiest things to ever come out of this cow.

No. 751046

File: 1579742242108.jpg (378.03 KB, 1074x1125, IMG_20200122_171638.jpg)

No. 751063

She just added more plants. Like that’s not progress

No. 751064

She's incapable. She's a narcissist, she NEEDS to see what people are saying about her, good or bad, because it's making her the center of attention.

Aren't threats against Twitter's TOS? "I want to do violence to people calling out Taylor for being a dopefiend animal abuser" kek

Whatever or someone who's a "hater" on Twitter needs to make a video exposing her from Vice's video and the comments she + family are making. Do they not realise they could literally end her Youtube future with this? lmfao

No. 751067


Do you really think that braindead bitch could cut with fentanyl properly? She'd have killed herself, she's actually a fucking idiot. Her story is just being incredibly embellished for a hope of attention via pity and sympathy comments.

No. 751073

twitter is really strict about inciting violence. this tweet won’t end well for her

No. 751074

Wait, is she keeping her betta in a tank with no lid? She does know they’re prone to jumping, right? Of course she doesn’t.

No. 751083

Idk, addicts can go through some wild mood swings when it comes to wanting treatment but still in active addiction. Cravings come, they consume the drugs, then comes the shame. It's not too hard to believe that Jonny may have had moments of wanting to be sober.

What's batshit to me is that Taylor has tweeted about how she begged him for them to get off heroin, saying that Jonny would promise one more time and then we'll quit, let's just enjoy it one last time…

Which one is it? Is it both? If you're gunna be specific at least be consistent ffs.

No. 751097

Good catch. Sub strips come in multiple mg’s (2, 4, 8,16mg) and you can take them up to 4x a day. 24mg is the highest dose/day you can go—there is a ceiling so you can’t abuse them (easily). Her Rx says take every day so I’m assuming that is ONE strip every day. There’s no reason she should be taking multiple strips at once.

The only other thing I can think of is she is purposely stopping subs a few days before using opiates so that she can feel them, and then uses the subs to stop her from withdrawing. It’s pretty common for people to do actually, and I have a hunch that’s what she’s doing. Tinfoil—but it makes a lot of sense given her actions…(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 751112

you reply by clicking on the post number

No. 751114

This has probably been obvious to everyone else but I just thought of this while watching her Vice video. Since she's mentioned ~always~ having an addictive personality or whatever, you'd think it would occur to her that she's addicted to accumulating animals. We know she'll deny animal hoarding to the bitter end, but it's clear her addictive tendencies manifest in her animal collection.

No. 751115

She can't see her addiction to social media, validation, lying or cosmetic procedures either.

No. 751116

File: 1579750634835.png (603.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-01-22-22-30-31…)

Taylor dates a heroin addict part 2 LMAO.

No. 751118

What is this

Explain anon

No. 751121


Looks like TayTay was at a bar or club something, and is hooking up with yet ANOTHER heroin addict. Love it! Sober queen LOLOLOL

No. 751122

I checked his profile and he seems to be like a less washed out version of Jonny Craig. I don't know about the heroin addict part, but it wouldn't be surprising if he did drugs in general.

No. 751123

Lmao issa Jonny clone! With her skinwalking syd, it’s like the freaking twilight zone!

No. 751125

File: 1579751228476.png (642.99 KB, 619x890, aaa.PNG)

No. 751126

He is basically Jonny 2 so no surprises here. How do we know he's an addict tho?

No. 751128

Oh my the tea is hot tonight

No. 751129

not him but like she is with a new guy and everything is crazy on YouTube

No. 751132

File: 1579751599592.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-01-22-22-52-20…)

Holy shit thats the guy that helped jonny set up his gaming rig at their house, he even still has a highlight video up of it, and he still follows Jonny on ig lolol omg the tea is scalding me

No. 751133


Ok this shit raises so many questions, who found this? Did this guy message her on twitter?

Looks like she's desperately trying to find someone, she posted some white girl shit about living life is best revenge.

This looks so trashy, also story is from today an hour ago.

No. 751135

Omg I'm cackling today is amazing

No. 751136

Obviously he's not that interesting since she's still tweeting

No. 751138

Hes friends with my ex so i know he is a heroin addict. We live in SA where they live.

No. 751139

she did admit that she - HAD - a hoarding problem. But she's all recovered from that since no animals have died in a few months, so now she can get more!

No. 751142

So where did this come up? Your ex went with them clubbing or something?

No. 751143

Welp. This girl going to end up ODing if she’s starting up a relationship with a new heroin addict. She really makes such sad choices.

No. 751144

Is he still friends with Jonny? Do you have any proof he's a heroin addict? I want to believe

No. 751145

No he posted that. I don't think they are clubbing just sitting in a car or some shit.

No. 751148

No fool, her supplier was doing the cutting obviously. Were she handling it herself she definitely would have been dead by now.

No. 751153

AA is for alcohol and NA is for narcotics FYI

No. 751154

File: 1579753573915.png (18.72 KB, 459x237, Untitled.png)

Seems to have had a problem with drugs

Thanks anon. I'm losing it.

No. 751155

File: 1579753769045.png (110.9 KB, 720x768, Screenshot_2020-01-22-23-28-01…)

No. 751161

File: 1579754403669.png (1.13 MB, 1438x2063, Capture _2020-01-22-23-10-38.p…)


LOLLLL fucking your ex's herion buddy wow definitely living that best life! I remember that guy helping set up the rig, definitely the same computer.

No. 751162

File: 1579755325348.jpeg (276.17 KB, 640x1042, 7ADE9E15-69C4-4B60-8D92-B14B73…)

Last he was posting publicly on Facebook about sobriety and recovery was 2018, more recently just tattoo stuff and current events

No. 751163

thank you so much for posting this fresh steaming milk, anon. None of us would have known without you.

If they're just "sitting in a car" together I'm going to assume it means they're doing drugs in the car. why else would they not be at home/at a bar/etc. this seems highly likely that Taylor is still using opiates while living at home. It's all adding up

No. 751164

So she obviously did not meet this man over tinder….

No. 751168

And this is the "friend who relapsed" that she was "so upset about" a few days ago. Jen, have you drug tested the addict living rent free in your spare bedroom?

No. 751169

Hooooly shit. If you're still around how the hell did you find out about this steaming milk, anon? Oh this is gonna be good.

No. 751172

How do we know it was him?

No. 751173

Goddamn if that isnt a blissed out mannequin, I dunno what is.

No. 751174

don't worry, she won't do waterchanges, so the only time there's a risk will be on the rare occasions where she fills the tank again.
bet that betta will have inches of glass fence most of the time, purely out of laziness on TND's part.

No. 751176

Jen you can get 12-way drug tests at any 24 hour pharmacy. Walgreens, cvs. Make her pee in a cup, dunk the test and you'll know. Shes gonna cry and wail and make false promises. She's gonna admit to taking a lortab because she was "so stressed about the haterz" and her back hurt. But a 12+ way test will show you exactly what she's been using in the past few days, then you can take her right back to rehab for a 3 month stint tomorrow morning and tell her that if she gets herself kicked out, SHES NOT COMING HOME. Rehome the animals and reassure your son that his sister is finally getting the help she needs and shes not welcome back til she's successfully completed rehab or not at all, ever.
She's sick. You dont deserve this but its pretty much guaranteed when they intentionally get themselves kicked out of rehab.

No. 751178

not at all the same computer.
>>751132 has two LED fans in the front, the one from the discord picture has three.

No. 751180


So it went from never meeting her dealer, to blaming JC for hooking her up with a heroine connect, and now she is the one hooking up with her heroin connect?

This new line of excuse is self-telling that she has an active source, and it may just be this guy.

No. 751181

She looks high af in this pic, it's actually terrifying uncanny valley shit. I hope her mom never sees it, but i hope her mom is smart enough to put her kid back in rehab where she belongs. How fucking sad.

No. 751185

tay, mama and papa dean sperging on youtube comments? taylor jumping on another washed up dick? this is like the good old times.

looks like you scared her anons, bc she deleted this tweet.

No. 751187

File: 1579759808308.png (80.06 KB, 595x612, Capture1.PNG)

rotting plants and cloudy water, how cute. she's going to grace us with more of her fish knowledge unfortunately.
just so no anons take her advice, bettas are definitely not beginner fish. tetras can be fickle too.

No. 751190

"Be kind!" the cry of the narc

No. 751191

She's gotten lucky too many times. Luck doesn't last forever. I wouldn't be surprised if she thinks she's special enough to cheat death.

No. 751192

I'm guessing this guy and the (alleged) tinder guy are not the same. she claimed she was holding hands with tinder guy in her new years story >>744318 but this new guy's hands are both tatted.

yeah that's not the same PC. he both follows and is followed by JC on insta though, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of his buddies.

No. 751194

“Mistakes were made” WOW. She can’t even own up and say “I made mistakes” directly, she has to use the passive voice (a la George w bush) this is why I can’t stand her anymore.

No. 751195

I know there were mistakes instead of I know I made mistakes.
Grow the fuck up Taylor

No. 751196

Sage for older milk but I totally second what person said here about the suboxone Rx. If she is still at one week rx at a time after taking it this long.. She is 100 percent using and having dirty UAs. I have no doubt about it, with the recent obvious track marks shown. Blog post but it took me 30 days to get 90 day Rxs at a time. 7 is the bare ass min they start you with and you get longer prescriptions as you have clean drug tests and show you are safe and responsible.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 751197

File: 1579762096751.png (428.53 KB, 750x1334, 81761392-9061-4334-B854-C017C4…)

No. 751198

File: 1579762118742.png (374.04 KB, 750x1334, 523115B8-1935-4ABC-A5C8-4E6AC7…)

No. 751199

But if he used to hang around at the atrium house which was full of needles and drug stuff he probably wasn’t sober then, no? I can imagine that would be triggering.

No. 751200

File: 1579762146224.png (339.16 KB, 750x1334, 1A764B53-759E-4CD3-B030-2EF3BA…)

No. 751201

File: 1579762156652.png (114.7 KB, 536x894, Capture3.PNG)

No. 751203

File: 1579762174864.png (339.92 KB, 750x1334, BEC56314-19CD-4010-93C4-808DF4…)

No. 751204

File: 1579762266438.png (338.19 KB, 600x1067, Capture1.PNG)

No. 751206


They're obese. :((:()

No. 751208

File: 1579763479896.png (422.02 KB, 660x445, Capture1.PNG)

isn't it kind of dangerous bringing loose animals outside in the dark at 1am?

No. 751210


Very stressful. She only ever does anything with her animals to pose them for photos.

No. 751212

File: 1579764465725.png (38.95 KB, 656x309, Capture1.PNG)

No. 751213


Yeah, it’s very clear to everyone you’re still mad, we don’t need the constant “updates.”

No. 751215

Wait, so someone that know of this guy via mutual friends saw this or was shown this and posted this here? It all makes so much more sense now because she’s using with this guy and this is the friend that relapsed, prob with her, just like her friends at rehab relapsed, with her as well but she just so conveniently doesn’t include herself.

This tea is goooood.

No. 751216

File: 1579765091023.png (4.77 MB, 1242x2688, 96E10537-2355-485B-AEA7-71FC79…)

Sorry, reposting again with the hour up top. 5 hours ago in Texas would be a little after 8pm. She’s tweeting now so she’ll probably sleep the day off.

No. 751219

File: 1579766636308.jpg (19.54 KB, 320x320, 19534133_1896798477249061_5446…)

for completeness

No. 751220

not sure we needed these. although it's pretty hilarious that she took a couple of hours break from twitter/yt comment sperging to go hang out in a car with this guy. and then right back to twitter lol.

No. 751223

Is she trying to make JC jealous by hanging with / fucking his mate?

No. 751225

File: 1579770976137.png (251.24 KB, 661x691, Capture1.PNG)

jen is still going at 3am as well. she's now above it all, apparently.

nothing says ~none of what they say means anything~ like writing triggered novels in response to youtube comments.

No. 751226

File: 1579771030578.jpeg (621.2 KB, 1242x1690, 178B140A-2589-4F70-A8CF-9DB046…)

Looks like he’s just her type.

No. 751227

Goose is dead and that's an old video.

No. 751228

Same fag:

I can't find that picture/ video of goose in her replies, she's deleted it. That's weird

No. 751230

Weren’t they meant to be feeders? It wouldn’t be shocking.

No. 751233


wtf is this

No. 751235

great job, anon. it's amazing how she never learns. congrats on dragging in another lowlife, taylor.

report and move along.

No. 751240

The anon who found Taylor's new drug dealer clearly struck a nerve, this spamming proves that it's not tinfoil and that she is using. Brilliant milk

No. 751242

Forest can’t handle the fire.

No. 751245

So Taylor is mad at Forest for putting a photo of her in his insta-story, so to prove to her what a good boy he is, he tries to shut down her thread.

It's ok forest, she prefers it when men are dicks to her, stop trying so hard.

No. 751247

Or! He's trying to shut down the thread before Taylor finds out.

Too late Forest, the tea accounts on Twitter will soon tell her.

No. 751251

Also wouldn’t be surprised if this is her family or Taylor herself.

How sad anyway

No. 751252


It’s too late, Forest Fire.

No. 751254

Nah, the porn looks like some dumb shit only a guy would post.

No. 751256

this is definitely some jen level schizo shit. I'd think she'd spam bible verses not this NSFL though. would be funny if it was matt.
I'm leaning towards it being forest.

No. 751260

what's it like being on damage control for a toxic loser like taylor, anon? are you having a good time? do you think spamming the thread full of receipts of her constant lying and general shit behaviour is going to erase the truth? you think it's gonna help make her a better person?

anon, you're just enabling taylor to continue to be a insufferable little shit who will never amount to anything

No. 751264

Definitely is Forest. It came immediately after he got exposed and I’ve never seen this happen before until now.

No. 751266

the insta story is still up, you'd think he'd delete it if he knew.
maybe taylor went crying to her underaged group chat and they planned this epic xD raid.

No. 751268

If they're trying to get the thread shut down you think they'd be posting stronger images than this vanilla crap. Lame.

No. 751271

You can spam the thread until the sun comes up, Forest, but I’ll still repost the proof of your criminal history when I wake up, you fucking loser.

Nite nite!

No. 751273

Great catch, anon. I also find it hard to believe that this fuccboii would give a shit about Taylor enough to spam her thread. However, I'd point to >>750830 as the most likely explanation.

No. 751275

this thread we are all commneting on right now?
how so? what happened?
can other anons explain to the late ones coming in?

No. 751276

the thread was spammed for an hour straight with NSFW short stories and images.

No. 751278

Seriously dont they realize this is fapping material for lolcow. We laugh at this attenpt at spam.

No. 751280

The imagery and the user of the name 'John' and 'Jonny' in the porn stories point to Forest.

There's no way Mamma Jen would pay those stories

No. 751283

LOL this is some peak-level retard trolling. Maybe he really is Taylor's soulmate! What time is it in Texas right now? Bit of an odd hour to be spamming this tacky-ass shit so desperately.

No. 751284

pretty sure there's been a lot of newfags lurking since the vice video, so it could be a random whiteknight tbh.
forest's insta story is still up so I'm assuming he and taylor(?) don't know yet.

No. 751285

That picture with Forest proves her face/head is friggin huge.

It's just sad seeing the only thing that bands her parents together is yelling at internet people, and not getting their daughter help.

No. 751286


it's not a newfag. use logic. that shit was oddly personal. whoever was doing it was really pissed, and dedicated quite a chunk of time to it.

No. 751287

5am. pretty standard time for taylor to be up and sperging.

No. 751288

I'm using logic. why wouldn't forest pull the insta story?
I don't see how the name "john" proves anything.

No. 751290

I don't see why he would pull the insta story, personally - I don't think that'd occur to him or he'd see the reason to take it down.

But drowning out that background check and mention of a record? Yeah, that's sus as fuck.

No. 751292

It wasn't 8 hours taylor. It was like 6 at your own admission

No. 751293

Taylor is constantly on social media, I don't think she wouldn't have seen his story by now but also she clearly knew the photo was being taken. She doesn't strike me as the kind to just let anything go up on social media even if it's not on her account… If she can control it. She can't control Betsy's friends or fans but she can sway a guy she just started seeing. She wants it on his story because Jonny still follows him and it'll come up in his feed. She's likely trying to keep Forest off her own socials (for now) because he can be seen as problematic and people are already questioning her sobriety (kek)

No. 751294

she knew he was posting it on HIS insta, but she prob had NO IDEA that someone that knows of of thru mutual friends would post it here and out her with yet another user.

No. 751295

Yep, I agree.

Plus, if Forest pulled down his insta post at the time, it just would’ve proved 100% he was still awake at 4AM and active. He probably doesn’t care about the insta post being up…he is just spooked we already found he has a record. And tried as best he could to hide it.

My only question is did Taylor already know?

No. 751297

Tinfoil that she’s smoking with the rats on her shoulder…

No. 751298

I 100% think it was a triggered fan

The "John" is obviously a throw at Jonny craig. The deluded person sees us as Jonny craig apologists who are defending his rape and sexual assaults.

This is edgelord shit that a 14 y/o would post while defending muh queen.

No. 751302

You make good points
Tinfoil: Jonny/Syd saw the story and dropped it here to add fuel to the fire knowing we'd dig and make these connections.

Taylor definitely saw a connection to H and a bit of revenge for her ex. That's already enough forethought for her, I'm impressed but I doubt she thought all that up by herself and checked if he had a record/was going to be another Jake

No. 751307

File: 1579790042108.png (Spoiler Image,595.72 KB, 622x821, myeyes.png)


he seems like a real class act, i am sure mama dean is very proud of her totes sober daughter's new dick buddy

No. 751309

The fact that the pic is titled “my eyes” has me cackling.

No. 751310

The John isn’t a dig at Jonny. That’s a popular copy pasta, anon.

No. 751311

No, just no… He just looks like typical middle-school "cool" mopey bitch with a bunch of poser tats.

Taylor needs to learn, if he's not good enough for you the way he is right now, today, move on. (E.g. don’t marry someone’s potential best self.)

She has this destructive savior, WK complex, where she thinks she's gonna rush in and make everything better. She keeps trying to rescue damaged people to feed her ego.

No. 751312

all her animals are obese. the cats in the vice video look super fucking fat too. she overfeeds them and then ignores them, so they sleep all the time, so they're fat. she's a hoarder, she doesn't love those animals. they're a symptom of her mental illness.

No. 751313


He was charged in 2018 with public intoxication and obstructing a highway in San Antonio…….soooooooo definitely right up her alley.

No. 751314

TBF mama dean probably feeds them. Caretakers tend to overestimate the amount of food animals need.

Jen probably has the feeder mentality where the only way she knows how to express love is by giving food. They obviously don't get any stimulation from Taylor so she probably feels guilty and gives them more.

I think Taylor is gonna end up dead from drugs. She hasn't changed at all and seriously needs to finish a reputable rehab.

No. 751316

since we know jen lurks and is definitely reading this, she should take a break from sperging in youtube comments to look up a few care sheets for taylor’s zoo

No. 751321

No, fent is more or less just an extremely powerful medical opioid so adding it to drugs does make it stronger. It's really common now too to find fent in a lot of drugs, so she probably was getting heroin with fent because most heroin already has fent in it anyway. Fent is dangerous mostly because the dosage is really really small so you'd need lab equipment to properly measure it and most base level frug dealers don't have access to that and misdose, that's why people die. She could have gotten heroin that was properly dosed, so she was fine.

No. 751333

This dude reeks of being a stereotypical dirt bag. Obviously, Taylor has a type.

I’m trying to unwrap this all:
So she says she was raped/abused at the hands of Jonny so what’s her excuse now for being involved with another shitty dude? Do you really not know the signs to look out for at this point? Oh right, it’s never Taylor’s fault because she’s a brain dead grown ass woman… my bad.

Taylor WANTS to be involved with these shitty dudes, period. She has absolutely no self-esteem and will literally hop on any dick that shows her an ounce of attention (she even said so in the vice video).

This guy follows JC on IG and vice versa. Like this guy obviously supports your abuser and couldn’t even pretend to care you were raped/abused by Jonny Craig by unfollowing him before your little “date.” We don’t hear you sperging at him for supporting your abuser. Hmmm it’s almost like revenge is more important than actually educating people about abusive relationships.

She does not look sober whatsoever in this picture. I agree with anons, this is the friend who relapsed. Didn’t she say she’s known him for ~2 years which would correlate with her relationship with Jonny (given she seems to round up a lot lol). She’s a disgusting joke of a human.

Like I said in a previous post, this is going to be a bumpy ride until that baby is born. Since I’ve made that statement, we’ve seen track mark like bruises, partying, the internet calling her shitty behavior out and her parents defending her all over the internet lol. We will soon learn that she has relapsed and yes, it will be heroin. Sucks that this is the life she’s chosen but she’s not special because there is an abundant supply of druggies in this world but I guess they don’t own neglected zoos.

No. 751340

File: 1579801988658.png (264.04 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20200123-195313.png)

>filming soon

No. 751342

She has like 5 different videos she is "filming soon" now lol

No. 751343

also, I'm pretty sure she hasn't slept since sperging about vice yesterday. she's tweeted like every 4-5 hours since then.

No. 751344

'i want free stuff im famous :) :)'

No. 751349

Ah yes perfect candidate because she is so good with following through with her promises.

No. 751352

File: 1579805410792.jpeg (343.08 KB, 750x591, D14C4DF4-69C1-4C47-A8D4-3A87D8…)

Just wanted to post this update; the video has nearly 1 mil views now. I assume this probably won’t do any good for her channel, since she isn’t profiting from ad sense on it and most the comments are negative lol

No. 751357

Wow, anon, this is so SO on point. All of it.
TND STANS, be sure to read that.

No. 751360

No. 751362

File: 1579808829445.jpeg (288.15 KB, 828x841, 780BFB06-0FA9-4B43-8A36-17AA5B…)

You know you fucked up when Jonny fucking Craig comes out on top.

No. 751363

Okay but where’s his dick

No. 751364


I really hope someone with an audience talks about how she admitted he threatened her animals, that she left him alone with them, and that she’s now apparently seeing one of his friends who is also an addict.

No. 751365

Yeah that's not a flattering piece, despite the headline. Covers the honest points though!

No. 751366

All these inconsistencies in her story make her look so guilty. She used heroin because she wanted to. She was never forced by Jonny, and she had an addiction to coke before he introduced her to her drug of choice. She is literally using him as a scapegoat to excuse her drug abuse and animal abuse, and the fucking irony is JC wrote that song about her and I never in a million years would’ve thought that he was telling the truth about something like that. Fucking tragic

No. 751367

Which song are you talking about?

No. 751368

Why do they refer to jc as only Craig?

No. 751369

Yikes. That Vice interview really backfired on her.

This is some Buffalo Bob/Silence of the Lambs shit. Taylor has a real skill for picking the filthiest looking men with criminal records. I’m truly amazed how terrible her taste in men is.

No. 751370

That's how magazines and news articles work. They refer to her as Dean.

No. 751371

d.r.e.a.m. where he repeatedly said he was a scapegoat. Keep up.

No. 751373


*image board. where we sage non-milk.

No. 751374

It's a message board that actively discussed the song across multiple threads. You shut the fuck up and read.

No. 751375

chill a bit instead of sperging anger

No. 751377

yeah why do we always get introduced to her boyfriends with their junk hanging out. Kinda happy this one has his tucked away tbh

No. 751378

when the fuck was johnny's wrinkled penor shown

No. 751379

It was shown in one of the older threads I'm not sure which one and I'm not too keen on looking for it because it makes me want to puke any time I think about it.

No. 751380

Was going through old threads to look for early pictures and there it was just starin back at me. Maybe pt 24 or 25. I will not go back and search for it sorry.

No. 751381

Sorry idk how to link it but there's two on thread #2.

No. 751382

thank you anons I am going to go hunt and laugh bless you

No. 751383

File: 1579817381733.png (Spoiler Image,501.06 KB, 622x821, adickforadick.PNG)

I fixed >>751307 anons

thanks to based anons for helping me find johnny's flaccid weenie

No. 751386

It’s frustrating. Her parents are on a crusade for their idiotic daughter and her repayment is to run around with Jonny 2.0. She doesn’t want to get better, and why would she? Her mommy and daddy clean up her mess (LITERALLY), she destroys her life and the lives of her animals, time and time again chooses drug addicted felons as her latest fixation, and her fans just say “it’s ok Qween uwu xo” it’s so fucked. The blowback from this vice article is the only real criticism shes received and even that is less than what she deserves. It hasn’t sunk in to her, her dumb fans and her even dumber parents. This isn’t a game, keep enabling her and she’s either gonna kill herself or more animals or both. Rehome the animals, actually finish rehab, get a real therapist, stay out of relationships, fucking stay away from felons and maybe the bitch has a chance but I doubt it. Everyone just keeps her hug box intact around her and nothing changes because she’s actually a fucking awful person who doesn’t want change.

It wouldn’t be so hard to watch if there wasn’t a room full of animals no one cares about anymore who are all mixed up in this.

No. 751387


The term you're looking for is cognitive dissonance.

No. 751390

Her weasel words from the People article: “I’ll just say once again, I haven’t had any reptiles die except the one time I had a horrible heat malfunction,”

OK, but what about the non-reptiles?

This is the same shit she pulls when she says she is ~sober from heroin.~ What a disingenuous piece of crap. We see what you did there, Taylor. And Taylor's Mom and Dad, who enable and put up with this shit. After seeing that pic with her new/latest? brodick, I don't believe she is sober from heroin either.

No. 751391

File: 1579821132423.png (7.16 MB, 1125x2436, 492555E1-3F86-4FE3-8CE5-4B3281…)

I can never get a video to upload anywhere so here’s some screen shots. Forest posted a video of Taylor walking out from her house with a heart filter on it. She says “hi, I here, I here, what?” in a baby voice as she gets in the car

No. 751392

File: 1579821164446.png (6.31 MB, 1125x2436, E4B7B529-3DFD-4AF9-AABD-96A970…)

No. 751393

File: 1579821203934.png (7.71 MB, 1125x2436, 86CB8DFB-5150-47EF-AB0C-DD12C8…)

Check out this greasy mop lol

No. 751394

File: 1579821251933.png (8.41 MB, 1125x2436, F803CA0A-3E9E-47B4-9DBD-300269…)

No. 751396

She’s literally just wearing a bra and an overall/dress thing. And her hair looks wet it’s so greasy

No. 751397


Must be a pretty spacious car if her head managed to fit through the door okay.

No. 751398

I think I just vomited in my mouth a little… It's even worse in the video

Brodick 3 confirmed

No. 751401

kinda tinfoily but i wouldnt be surprised if they fucking staged this entire video

No. 751402

It's probably (hopefully) wet, gotta shower before the dick appointment.

No. 751404

File: 1579822424897.png (444.77 KB, 592x806, ew.png)


Lovin the open lonestar light beer can in the front passenger door. This guy is so classy.


No. 751407

more than likely she left it there yesterday.

No. 751408

he BURPS at the beginning of it lol gj gj taytay your self esteem really shows in the sort of men you fall hard for

the bar isn't on the ground it was tossed into a fucking sinkhole

No. 751409

just an update on this, they're not following each other anymore on IG

No. 751410

File: 1579823313530.webm (5.73 MB, 480x720, 20200124_004222_1.webm)

what a great couple

No. 751411

File: 1579823367913.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, 7818CE7A-81E3-4383-86F1-4147D6…)

I guess he’s taking her out to get new piercings? Or to just shop/look

No. 751412

do you hear the hiccups? is he drinking

No. 751414

taylor is probably pissed that hes burping around in this obviously staged video while shes trying to act cute lol

No. 751415

…………..and driving? sober queen w/ world "reknown" doctors be flirting with danger every time she leaves the house, teehee!

No. 751416

So Jonny is a friend of mine (well someone ive met several times and hung out with when I WAS using) and I just asked him if he knew his friend and ex were dating. He said he’s only met Forest once, that he was not their dealer, and that he just blocked him. He also said he knows Taylor isn’t sober but hasn’t felt the need to post her business unlike her. I can post this convo if anyone is interested.

No. 751417

post the caps pls or nobody is gonna believe you

No. 751418

File: 1579823872988.png (553.47 KB, 750x1334, 8F7E2348-3B19-479A-BE8A-4BF071…)

No. 751419

Post a phone recording of it, anyone can fake text messages

No. 751420

As Taylor can't inject herself it makes sense that newdick has been doing it for her all along.

No. 751421

They sounded like hiccups to me, and he sounds intoxicated.

No. 751422

File: 1579823906820.png (197.06 KB, 750x1334, E783944F-77D7-4476-B3CB-B7F6BF…)

No. 751423

File: 1579823948521.png (215.04 KB, 750x1334, B35A52E4-7B50-4603-A371-23F726…)

Pt. 3

No. 751424

Do people like Taylor discuss who they're dating with their therapists? Like who the FUCK would think this is a good idea? This has to be some savior complex bullshit. Nothing else makes sense.

No. 751425

File: 1579824084300.png (209.03 KB, 750x1334, 817A30D0-5D3D-48DD-A44E-4BD332…)

Pt. 4

No. 751426

Stop fucking with our milk anon.

No. 751427

File: 1579824264473.png (228.87 KB, 750x1334, 4B9B28C2-1516-431F-B893-0ACD1E…)

Pt. 5 - 1) how do I post a phone recording of these? And 2), why would I take the time to fake these? This convo literally JUST happened.

No. 751429

You shouldn’t be interacting with the cows newfag.

No. 751430

I’m not fucking with the milk. I’m not outing lol cow or anything, that’s why I said Twitter in my messages. I just wanted to see what Jonny had to say about all of this and figured you guys might too.(Cowtipping)

No. 751431

Interacting with the cow IS cowtipping whether you mention here or not. The point of the thread is to watch the drama unfold naturally. Taylor and her family is crazy enough that we don't need to do anything.

No. 751432

They mean do a screen recording of you scrolling thru the messages and then clicking on his profile to prove it's his account

No. 751434


As the dude keeps hiccuping…lol

No. 751437


she seems so twitchy and hyperactive and definitely not sober.

No. 751440

File: 1579826822711.png (8 MB, 1242x2208, 873FFA81-036E-4072-B36E-2E6183…)

No. 751442

How is her head so fucking big??? I am genuinely alarmed. Her skin looks really bad again and her upper body looks so weirdly small compared to her big ass head. Looking super sober Tay.

No. 751443

This is terrifying

No. 751445

File: 1579827601010.jpg (715.58 KB, 1536x1120, Screenshot_20200124-020029.jpg)

No. 751446

Wonder if her fans are going to hold her accountable for her shitty decisions this time around or if they'll just revert to irrationally defending her every idiotic move again.

No. 751447

File: 1579827627340.jpg (481.33 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200124_020045.jpg)

No. 751448

This cunt it like a 15 year old. Hey look Jonny I'm fucking your ex homeboy. I wouldn't be surprised if she pregnant by the end of the month.

No. 751450

Piercing your face when you're high to impress your bf of 5 minutes. Good job lmao

No. 751452

It's so incredibly obvious her whole style is contrived to impress JC. She never had an "emo"/"dark" look prior to getting with him. Now she's copying Syd's hair and piercings.

No. 751453

I agree. even without previous conceptions as soon as i watched the video i thought “she’s definitely on drugs”

No. 751454

she absolutely wants Jonny to watch these stories and weep. it's all so performative. she doesn't even care about her privacy in terms of here, it's about Jonny seeing what a great time she's having.

this guy needs a secret child or he's not complete.

No. 751456

Not really, no. The fans who still follow her have the same ability to do mental gymnastics and twist and bend everything she does to avoid the truth. They're just like her. There's a small chance they grow out of it and realize that she's not someone to look up to, let alone give any sort of attention to.

No. 751457

“friend”? ig friends are just kissing each other now

No. 751460

Well remember she said the same thing about Jake lmao. Totally bros, who fuck each other and kiss and all that shit, but just friends. I'm starting to believe Jake was telling the truth when he said she led him on. This dude is posting ig stories with hearts and shit and she's calling him a "friend" on Twitter.

No. 751462

Isnt syd all covered with piercings as well? Even 2 nose piercing too if i recall correctly? Lmao totally not skinwalking taylor

No. 751463

Throw her out Jen FFS

She's gonna be sucking dick outta alleys in no time. She's seriously messed up in the head.

No. 751466

File: 1579830015568.jpeg (375.31 KB, 936x916, AD4A7276-5A10-4934-9C9D-E14897…)

deleted my first post bc i’d only cropped syd but both syd and jonny have double nose piercings. taylor gives me the worst secondhand embarrassment

No. 751467

File: 1579830075732.jpg (361.17 KB, 1125x2436, ew.jpg)


even her stans are encouraging her to skinwalk syd

No. 751468

How nice of him to record the front of her house

I never realized how big her nose is. Cant tell if the piercings will make it look better or worse

No. 751469

She's dressed like a crackhead

No. 751470

she'd look awful w a septum lmao, do it Taylor

No. 751472

Please do the septum taylor. Please keep up the skinwalking (:((:)

No. 751473

Front of her house was in the vice video as well. Its not quite private how it looks.

No. 751475

I think she edited her nose smaller in this picture. In the other one (from the same tweet) it looks a lot bigger (which is strange because it's not a full profile so it shouldn't look longer), and in this one there's some weird blurring right around the edges of her nose and nowhere else.

No. 751476


The Syd skinwalking continues. I'd like to see how she and her stupid stans defend her hanging out with another dopefiend.

If Jonny looked at this shit in a video/stream and just laughed at her, I wonder how she'd react. Blow up on Twitter? More heroin? No idea.

No. 751479

Taylor can’t even shower regularly and yet she expects to clean and maintain SEVEN new piercings? Let the puss and infections begin

No. 751480

I believe a "five-pronged cartilage piercing" is just Taylor-speak (i.e. totally exaggerated to sound exxxtra kool) for one cartilage piercing with a five-pronged earring.

No. 751484

File: 1579833242566.jpeg (21.4 KB, 395x395, EDE0CAD2-2CA7-4D06-9A1F-0CC7D3…)

Lmao a “five pronged cartilage piercing” really is just one earring

No. 751485

Want some more milk? Forrest is filthy rich.
Tinfoil she gets pregnant to be like syd

No. 751486

File: 1579833334412.png (9.93 MB, 1242x2688, 0D99F2D1-6FD4-43FC-A1A2-DD6752…)

This looks like something straight out of a horror movie lol

No. 751487

I’ve never noticed how weird Taylor’s nose is. The piercings make it look x10 bigger

No. 751488

File: 1579833358014.png (6.36 MB, 1242x2688, FBFEEC06-A8E5-42C6-8043-7FC145…)

No. 751489

File: 1579833588105.jpeg (325.68 KB, 1242x2196, BFA911AE-56E8-4B56-B079-6DA382…)

funny that now that he’s been outed with her she is all of a sudden tweeting more about him aka her friend. trying to paint him in a good light already huh

U sure know how to pick em tay. Does this one feel different like bropeen did? She knows a good one when she sees one lol

(We all know she’s hanging with him for the drugs and peen only)

No. 751491

LMFAO of course she was at whataburger

What a trainwreck.

No. 751492

Who believes this stupid shit?

No. 751494

How rich? He's rich or his daddy is rich?

No. 751496

File: 1579834471647.jpeg (302.69 KB, 1110x1731, E7EA250F-F1E1-4D7F-87DE-CE879F…)

No. 751500

Yep that fucking happened. Taylor fantasy world Dean

No. 751501

Rich rich, huge life insurance policy or like a legal settlement from his mother dying something like that. Anon who said he is friends with her ex again. My ex told me that whenever asked how he had nice cars and tattoos but didnt seem to ever work.

No. 751505

File: 1579836897916.jpeg (388.45 KB, 1125x1695, 2AC7ADD7-18EA-429D-B20D-D5C325…)

What a “supportive” mom

No. 751510

I feel like her mom is being passive-aggressive here.
I swear she just finds the perfect matches for her. No wonder the dude's also a drug addict. He has money and nothing else to do, just like our sober kween.

No. 751511

Shamelessly copying Syd's nose piercings. (Doesn't she have those?)

No. 751526

It's nice that affluenza sufferers can find each other. What a comfy bubble of privilege

No. 751532

File: 1579841462006.jpg (374.68 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200123-205057.jpg)

Do I just not understand social blade or is she buying subscribers? Randomly +10k after nothing?

No. 751540


This bitch is crazy. I’m sure she talks so much shit about Jonny to every guy she’s been with since, except she’s hit the jackpot with this loser because he actually KNOWS who Jonny is, so she’s probably elated and she “bonds” over shit talking him, which is scummy on her part because if Jonny got with any of her friends after the breakup, she’d have a fucking fit. On top of the story that he “accused” her of cheating because she “sent photos to a friend when I had ~*~low self-esteem~*~”. She’s calling this guy her “friend” all up on Twitter as she did with rehab guy so no doubt she was sending pictures to another guy in their relationship. She is just as bad as Jonny in every aspect, if not seriously coming off worse at this point.

No. 751544

new brodick is talked about all over the TND hashtag on twitter so I feel like we're getting a reaction any minute now lol. she's obviously already on damage control with all the "my friend" posts today but we all know she needs a push to start full on sperging.

No. 751549

Since youtube hid the exact subscriber counts, socialblade can only count in increments of 10k for channels with as many subscribers as hers.

No. 751555

File: 1579854098714.jpg (347.55 KB, 1080x1736, Screenshot_20200124-192157_Ins…)

No. 751557

I have to say I have been living for the clap backs Syd has been posting about TND skinwalking her.
Tay has been full on wearing the same looks as her, and now she gets double nose piercings just like her? Like do u know how to be any less subtle, lmfao

No. 751560


ok, i hate taylor through and through - i believe she's a very fucked-up individual


i don't want to believe she's straight up skinwalking JCs girlfriend? like, could it be coincidental that she decided to get a double nose piercing??? like she randomly had that idea, without any hidden motivations or intentions? or is she so far gone mentally and so spiteful that this is turning into a dasha/mina situation?

No. 751561

File: 1579855453780.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, E0DDCFB4-7004-4413-9ECD-B5B858…)

She’s trying so. Fucking. Hard.
To be syd

It’s actually creepy

No. 751562

File: 1579856229169.jpeg (409.54 KB, 750x792, DE393220-301E-4576-82C9-B7CAAC…)

Here is a recent ig pic of syd for reference lol

No. 751563

Taylor is really fucked. She is pretending to have face tattoos because Jonny likes them, copying Syds look and piercings, dating Jonnys friends and I actually think she might be trying to get pregnant with this new dude just to be like Syd. Believe me you, she would go so far mentally. Like she let herself get addicted to heroin for Jonny, to be closer to him than any woman has been.

No. 751564

if she ends up pregnant by this dude, this would 100% confirm she has mental problems (i mean, we know this already but that would just fucking take the cake)

No. 751565

this sounds like someone we know????
Taylor, just so you know:
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

No. 751566

The skinwalking is honestly creepy at this point

No. 751568

Notice how the text bar is placed to exactly cover her arm/hand.

No. 751576

File: 1579861885867.jpeg (832.97 KB, 3464x3464, 43356D02-54A4-4EC2-9726-171109…)

Look, I know these have been mentioned but she made 6 10-30 second videos of herself today just showing off her piercings. And they’re so weird? Nothing is different??
How high is she?

No. 751578

File: 1579864937557.webm (3.8 MB, 480x852, 84277018_470015437222897_46179…)

just upload the video next time, anon…
it's interesting to note that she's in a car though. I think the reason we haven't had a twitter meltdown yet is that she's thotting around town with her new brodick tonight.

can't say I'm living for either of these vindictive cows. only reason syd is better than taylor is bc she doesn't have a hoard of neglected animals. she's all set up to have a couple of neglected kids though. ugh

No. 751579

lmao bropeen still hiccuping, what a catch taytay!

No. 751583

File: 1579866374546.png (Spoiler Image,448.65 KB, 652x565, Capture1.PNG)

take it with a grain of salt I guess, but some edgy 12 year old has decided to take credit for spamming the thread yesterday.(offtopic)

No. 751587

ew does this dude have acid reflux or something? why is he burping/hiccuping all the time?

No. 751589

looked thru his twitter and jfc imagine feeling the need to reply to a youtubers tweet 20 times with the same fucking picture? and who honestly thinks that trolling its not like anyone gave a shit about it or even interacted w him lmfaooo

No. 751590

yeah. the timing was suspicious but looks like it wasn't forest trying to drown out his shit after all. case closed, it was a nobody

No. 751591

File: 1579872168774.jpeg (293.11 KB, 1242x2367, B08E62CC-3954-4E2C-9359-95D17B…)

No. 751592

File: 1579872391712.png (161.62 KB, 601x322, hahahha.png)

love the fact that that trump supporter and rape excuser is here lurking for anything that's said on here about him. get a life and stop thinking that you're funny cause you have weird porn on your phone(offtopic)

No. 751594

might be time to stop giving them attention, anon. this thread is about taylor.

No. 751595

exactly. I think the real is that jc probably dropped that stories on here since he was following the guy prior lol

No. 751597

her head looks even bigger than taylor’s, what the fuck

No. 751598

File: 1579875103329.png (2.16 MB, 750x1334, B8C6E360-BFDE-4342-9BBB-12B453…)

how does she think these dumb ass faces make her look cute

No. 751599

Some pretty tiny pupils for someone who is obviously in a dark car at night.

No. 751605

Oh wow, she's even trying to imitate Syd's eyebrows.

No. 751608

It’s because she’s high af

No. 751617

Imagine being the Deans and going hard for Taylor on YouTube in the comment section of a video that wasn’t even published by her only for her to ride off into the sunset with another druggie hours later.
Jen if you thought it was hard to get her away from JC, who has an actual following and a terrible reputation, then have fun getting her away from some shit bag random dude. You and Tay have trained her brain dead stans to eat out of the palm of her hand so they’ll enable this relationship too.

I’m fucking sick of Taylor acting like heroin was a THING that happened to her and she’s all good now. She’s never once admitted that this will be a fight she’ll fight the rest of her life. I’m surprised she hasn’t milked this as a disease she’ll have to deal with for the rest of her life tbh.
I bet none of her vile fans have once stopped and thought about how mama Dean’s attention shift affected her DISABLED (like Taylor likes to point out) brothers care. And how her continued shit behavior continues to affect him and the ratchet family dynamic. Let’s also talk about how her shit behavior affects the life of her animals. You stay out all night long and then sleep all day? When are your animals getting cared for? And when I say “cared for” I don’t mean fed, Taylor. I’m talking about you actually getting off of your ugly fat ass and checking their environments and providing them the stimulation they all require. Taylor literally thinks that caring for animals only involved feeding them and them surviving. Just because an animal is surviving, doesn’t mean their thriving like they could have out in the wild to begin with.

These piercings must have given her the biggest narc boner and the plus is that she found some druggie to enable her bad decisions just like JC did. This dude does not care about her. He seems like the type that would stick around solely for the clout and then split.

This brain dead cunt has a one-way ticket to death at this point. The only other places she could end up is in the streets or in jail. Cool if her new bro dick has money, but we know it doesn’t last forever. Taylor is the prime example of that at the moment.

No. 751619

jen and matt are so fucking pathetic for going to crusades defending taylor's animal care while they see her sleeping her days away or fucking off with some guy or her methhead friend leaving the animals in jen's care. grow some balls and kick your adult daughter out. at the VERY least charge her for rent jfc.

No. 751622

I swear they have a mental deficiency. It has to be impossible to be this willfully stupid, right?

No. 751623

File: 1579886548172.jpg (319.49 KB, 970x871, Screenshot_20200124-181941.jpg)

I think it's a fair tinfoil he's drunk as fuck. There's the excessive hiccups and the open beer can. >>751404

How the fuck does she think this is cute? I feel sick watching that. The wet tongue sloshing through her baboons ass lips sounds disgusting.

No. 751625

im not even trying to be snarky or anything but im starting to wonder the same thing. we all know that jen is borderline illiterate, but reading their comments on the vice video is just so…bizarre. they actually seem to think that theres some kind of "troll" cult that makes hundreds of fake accounts to leave mean comments, to make up lies about taylor, and to harass her day in and day out like a full time job. they don't seem to understand that there are actually thousands of people who dislike taylor and that she has a really shitty reputation in the animal community. she has her stans, but even people like jake paul or, fuck, even onision have fans and used to be really popular.
this family is so fucking strange. i dont know if theyre all narcissists, just have below average intelligence, or if theyre actually mentally disabled.
or maybe all of the above lol.

No. 751627

I honestly think the only way they know how to be parents is creating a public image of being good, supportive parents. They will spurge on Twitter and YouTube all day, but when it comes to the real parenting, setting and enforcing limits, they are spineless.

No. 751629

it’s “sperg,” not spurge

No. 751632


Taylor looks so fucking pitiful especially for her age. Ugly inside and out.

No. 751633

Anon are you not old enough to drink or go to a bar? It's not common to burp excessively with alcohol unless you're extremely wasted, which he wouldn't be able to drive if he was. One shitty can of watery piss beer wouldn't cause it

He could have downed a mt.dew for all we know and belch because of that.

Also wasn't the beer can on Taylor's side of the car? It's probably her trash from before

No. 751635

Have you never met an alcoholic? Dude was wasted he's just used to functioning like that.

No. 751640

Yes, I have.

Am I missing something?? What evidence do you have that he was wasted besides a couple of burps and ONE beer can that was on Taylor's side of the car? It's a retarded tinfoil. Dude is probably just gross, not drunk off his ass.

No. 751642

opened beer cans in the car

sit down, srsly

No. 751644

yeah because why would Taylor date a person that is addicted to any substance. From all that's happened so far I think it would be safe to say that all of her future boyfriends are intoxicated until proven sober.

No. 751648

Lmfao yeah, because an alcoholic would get drunk off of one shitty beer. That's some Taylor logic right there.

I don't doubt they're both high. It's just hella stupid to think someone with a substance abuse problem would be that intoxicated over a single beer

No. 751650

You're really really reaching.

No. 751652

Do you think alcoholics drink tequila 24-7? They don't. Beer usually gives them a slight buzz and helps them get through the day while the harder liquor comes out on the weekends. Only one beer can in the car could for all we know mean that the other side of the door is full, or that it was a very short drive to Taylors house.

No. 751653

jfc anons stop the alcoholism sperging already.

it's a reach at this point and just comes off as insane. we'll get more milk and know for sure soon enough.

No. 751667

So glad we derailed for like 20 posts about light beer/alcoholism.

No. 751670


you cannot be serious. this is next level stupid.

No. 751674


people still don't get it's from the word asperger's

No. 751675

File: 1579896280948.jpeg (213.33 KB, 946x2048, EPBk7nlX0AUJ5BY.jpeg)

No. 751677

File: 1579896550869.jpeg (278.94 KB, 1242x1431, 5E9ECB64-E378-4663-A8A3-24E89C…)

No. 751678

File: 1579896949356.png (148.94 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20200124-221545.png)

this hole is going to rot off isn't it?
also, waking up at 2pm is pretty early for our queen

No. 751680

Agonized soul lmao

No. 751682

File: 1579897122062.png (180.18 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20200124-221820.png)

she's 22 and has to get mommy's permission to get body modifications.

No. 751684

File: 1579897833009.png (1.79 MB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20200124-223101.png)

No. 751688

>Wait until move back out
And when will that be? First you said September, then November, then January. We're almost at February and she hasn't even mentioned it until this tweet. Honestly if I were Mama Dean I would be scared for her to move out, because you know as soon as she does she'll go right back to her pre-rehab lifestyle. Her mom probably knows this too. As if the last 8 months didn't happen.

No. 751690

that seriously looks like a maggot from the thumbnail topkek

No. 751691

Long time lurker here, I am actually curious to know how many of us are here are really aware of TND’s shithawkery, sometimes for me it does feel like the same people posts the same stuff. Does anyone know how we could find out? I am also new.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 751696


I don’t think she will move out until she has a guy she can move in with. She doesn’t seem like she can actually be alone.

No. 751699

File: 1579900168592.jpg (350.46 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200124-210929_Ins…)

Haha!!! She WISHES her body looked like this

No. 751700

Yea she really has done fuck all for a year and a half.

She won't be moving out soon, things are going absolutely fine in her mind. She doesn't have any real bills or rent so she can spend on useless stuff.

This here, The new bro-dick drug saga is unfolding. She won't be able to find a place that will let her keep all her animals, she doesn't have enough money, especially how she spends.

Maybe she really is leading him on, sounds like something she'd do. Keep him on the leash till someone better comes around and date them instead. In the meantime she'll probably fuck his brains out and use him for drugs.

Can't really see a timeline where she isn't dead or broke honestly.

No. 751711

Holy shit, that anatomy. My sides

No. 751713

sounds like she's gonna have an infected piercing soon…cute

No. 751740

for real, can’t wait till she gets not one but two of the infamous nostril bump from not keeping her hands off it

No. 751781


Is that his Facebook? So he is an alcoholic, then.

No. 751803

I lost my shit laughing at her when she posted the selfie. The drawing is even more hilarious.

No. 751841

this confirms that jen’s tweet >>751505 was just passive aggressive kek

No. 751862

Taylor, a piercing is pretty low on the scale of disappointments you've given your parents over the last two years kek
Think they're slightly more concerned with your heroin addiction than a piercing

No. 751898

File: 1579908807292.jpg (554.96 KB, 1536x1386, Screenshot_20200125-003359.jpg)

No. 751916

Felice Fawn did it better tbh

No. 751930

It’s honestly not even that cute, looks very teenagy and I can’t see it being her style - though I suppose looking bad is her style.

No. 751936

How do you do my fellow kids?

Too bad Jen didn’t talk about how ugly drug abuse is

No. 751940

There's no way to know on lolcow because we're all anonymous, but if there's something you need to know is that these threads were started by former fans and followers of hers. In the first threads people were concerned and they were actually rooting for her to get out of the relationship with JC and even her drug addiction.

Her and her family seem to think that lolcow is the only place she's talked about, when in fact it's across platforms, and a lot of them are not anonymous, like YouTube or Facebook. What ever's video about her was really popular and a lot of people started to dig more into her history. I don't think the number of people who dislike her is small in the least, and she's so unlikeable people dislike her for different reasons. Some for dating JC and shaming his victims, others for her animal neglect, others becasuse she's batshit, etc. But she's really out there thinking there's only like 5 people making hundreds of accounts just to call her out.

No. 751943

Long time lurker who is also new, this is an anonymous image board so no, you can’t count the posters here. Sage your suspicious post.

No. 751948

Mama dean calling her daughter ‘girl’? She strikes me as the kind of parent who would rather be friends with their kid than be their parent

No. 751958

Her pupils are small as fuck and it’s clearly dark out…front flash won’t make them constrict like that either…
I know we all tinfoil but a physical symptom like that can’t really be explained away

No. 751959

Sorry anon, didn’t realize you’d already said it but I’m glad someone else caught that…

No. 752081

it's like she's basically telling taylor 'i wash my hands of you, do whatever you want'

they're all garbage.

No. 752086

So she changed her cartilage earring and her tragus earring and tried to act like they were new piercings?
Such edgy!

No. 752112

more like she has to go down the route of being her friend than a parent. mama dean is done w Taylor's shit but doesnt want to mother her into the arms of a new h addiction

No. 752120

too late lol

No. 752124

Taylor is the type to always want to be in the popular crowd and uses “my mom doesnt want me” an excuse for something she doesnt want to do so it’s not her that’s saying no. Instead of saying “ehhh i dont like it” which might have people dislike her, she’ll just blame mommy. Taylor, you look dumb as fuck being 22 and still need mommy’s permission yet can do whatever drugs you want

No. 752129

Yeah, Ma Dean considers Taylor to have "almost died," so literally anything Taylor does is OK in her eyes. As long as Taylor is alive, nothing else she does matters. Including not taking care of her animals, and VERY obvious unhealthy/obsessive behaviors. It's a pretty shitty POV to have.

No. 752131

File: 1579925346269.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1911, FC395688-0733-4670-B46A-BE4C29…)

taylor’s long winded response to sydney saying she’s copying her piercings.

No. 752133

Ya I'm sure she never looks at her profile and just happens to like the exact same style down to the T suddenly

No. 752137

File: 1579925870046.png (606.61 KB, 1242x2208, 438813F1-DBF5-4BDB-9140-543FD4…)

“a cold”

No. 752144

Looooooool this somehow makes it even more obvious that she stalks their socials.

In TNDs recent story she’s wearing overalls and a Lacey bra, which is one of the few outfits that are shown on syds profile.
And she copies her makeup almost exactly.
And just recently posted about how she wants the same cut bangs as her.
She is such a terrible liar its secondhand embarrassing

No. 752154


>“it’s weird she’s even looking at my stuff”

That’s fucking rich coming from the girl that doesn’t even need a reason to start going off on rants about Jonny Craig at any given second. She doesn’t even have to look at his profile and he’s taking up real estate in her brain.

No. 752156

Did anyone actually imply she was trying to be "better" than Syd, or is this just another subconscious admission?

No. 752202

File: 1579933074952.jpg (787.24 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20200125-011742_Ins…)


No. 752209

Ew, why is it impossible for her to wear a nice looking outfit?

No. 752214

You can see her nips. I wonder if she got in trouble. My bra was showing one time in iop and I got asked to put on a sweater.

No. 752218

Obligatory not trying to work or suck Taylor's ass. But. This is the most lucid, normal, and seemingly normal/aware post she's made in months.

No. 752221

>>I’m just trying to save her from a horrible life
If this doesn’t prove she has a savior complex then idk what does.

Taylor, Syd is going to have a horrible life no matter what at this point because she procreated with Jonny Craig. But you’re too retarded to understand that and too busy fucking some druggie that’s friends with JC to get him jealous.

I don’t understand how dressing like an attention seeking slut is conductive to the IOP environment but whatever I guess.

She also admitted in this post that she’ll post pictures days later… so I do wonder about her animals.

Now our heroin qween is talking about feeling guilty for consuming animal products and is going to try to go vegan. Her lack of self-awareness is disgusting. I’m sure your Whataburger fries are sooo vegan and gluten free you clueless cunt.

No. 752225


Bitch, you buy wild caught fish and own 2 purses made from animal; one of them being baby cow.

Please, try the vegan platform so crazy-ass Freely can go after you. I'm shocked she hasn't yet.

No. 752230


Um… but you literally WERE trying to get with her man. There are receipts.