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File: 1539488906828.gif (944.01 KB, 275x154, 1538376288178.gif)

No. 712298

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/693293

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Decided to put all of her snakes into breeder racks Has now decided to start putting them back in display tanks

> Still hasn't bothered getting a proper set up for the mantis shrimp
The mantis and rest of biocube are now being ‘babysat’ by a ‘friend’, unclear if they are still alive
> After months of neglecting to treat her bearded dragon for what started with a small tail injury and possibly losing just the tip of its tail, the tail became necrotic and about half of the tail had to be amputated.
Her stans have began harassing the wrong breeder as a result of her lying regarding the dragon, legal action has been threatened by the breeder
> Still claiming that she isn't impulse buying her animals, and totes supports "adopt don't shop", despite buying a $7500 chimera ball python and buying another snake at Petfest
> Misidentifies the species of the snake that she just bought on twitter, despite claiming that it's one she's totes wanted forever
> Maui might be a female, she has apparently never bothered checking or getting him a general check up at a vet
> Stated that she'll "consult" an expert on how to sex him but didn't say she'd actually get him sexed BY an expert
> Orchid mantis is a male as was speculated on a previous thread
> Claiming that she is "quarantining" the two new snakes, but the chimera has been out all over the apartment for pictures (the "quarantine" tank is a tank in front of their loud ass tv where they were caught smoking pot around the satanics)
> Claims she is also quarantining the other new snake "Duck" in the bathroom, despite showing pictures of their bathroom with no tank in sight and no photos of wherever it actually is.
> Photos of the new un-quarantined snakes all over their comforter where other reptiles and cats hang all over has now had all the new rats and the 'stray' cat all over the same
> Jonny posted her nudes on ig and made comments about "slamming" her in bed
> Claimed she was being interviewed for New York magazine, never brought it up again
> She bought three new rats, claiming she was sent a feeder rat instead of a mouse, then that she was able to get two more siblings of the accident rat somehow
> The siblings were at least a week further developed than the first rat
> The first rat was incorrectly sexed (shocking) so she now has two females and one male.
> The rats have been placed in an inappropriately sized cage with next to zero enrichment and hides
> Stated she would be doing a ‘Serptember’ series about snakes, missed all of the deadlines she posted except one, which was the first and only video for at least the first three weeks of September
> Claimed she couldn't put up any of the videos she promised for September because of 'chronic migranes' that are always so bad this time of year, yet goes and gets new tattoos and goes to reptile expos with no issues
> Adopted another cat, a female tabby, that she claims she rescued from traffic and a storm after many of the residents in her apartment block had been feeding and caring for it (and got it microchipped and spayed apparently) for two years despite previously claiming that no one in her building knew anything about the cat
> Allowed the "stray" to wander all over the apartment with all over animals, gorge on the other cats food, without any regard for the stress of the other animals, transmitting FIV, heartworm, other parasites etc, as would be common in actual strays, but it's okay because she "doesn't have fleas!"
> New rat snake she bought at the reptile expo, left with another pettuber until it was eating
> Claims the rats were going to be spayed and neutered, nothing came of that, male is still in isolation
> Got a few new tattoos, all fairly poorly done
> Got another new halloween crab
> Halloween crab, cat, and rat snake all purchased within the span of a week
> Trying to breed her clownfish
> Claimed her lease was up in September and was going to buy a house, never happened
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber
> There was a shooting in a nearby night club, made the situation completely about her and how she was totally going to be there when it happened and it was so scary
> Claims she has no obligation to keep anyone updated on any of her animals, and they're just for her to enjoy

No. 712326

Thank you anon!

If this new cat really was living on the streets, she's going to have one hell of a predator instinct for all these baby rats Taylor is collecting

No. 712327

Theoretically, she should be buying a house in the new year.

No. 712329

File: 1539491046598.png (287.78 KB, 1080x1595, Screenshot_20181013-091028~2.p…)

No. 712331

Wtf is a 4 month lease. Why not just say you're paying month-to-month, because that's clearly what you're doing

No. 712333

>implying she has the money for it

Jonny was flexing about the million dollar houses they were supposedly looking at.

She should have been out of that apartment already, but I guess reality hit her in the face and made her realize it isn't that easy to buy one.

No. 712352

Has anyone ever contacted the manager of the apartment complex, anonymously, and reported Taylor and explained all of the animals that she has?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712360

File: 1539494497244.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181014-011959.png)

She's definitely not keeping them separate, I know she took her to the vet but she's still an adult cat and you never know how she'll react to ghost and nemo. Not to mention it's stressful.

No. 712364

new cat looks PISSED too. ears back, stiff posture, wide-eyed stare. how many days has she been inside? isn't it recommended that you keep them separate for 3 days to a week?

No. 712365

Read older threads, she's claimed animal control has taken pictures and told her she's good

No. 712366

She has "claimed" a lot of things….

No. 712367


Taylor, you don't know shit about cats so here's a lesson. New cat is pissed and Ghost is tormenting her, probably because she's in his territory.

No. 712377

People have actually called the complex and they said they'd look into it, but nothing ever came out of it. Her meltdown was an added bonus.

No. 712391

No problem.

And I agree. If she was actually on the streets that long she’d have a hell of a prey drive for all the rats, hedgehogs, and geckos ect. She’d be tormenting them through the cage walls. If smoking weed wasn’t enough of a stressor for those animals that sure as hell will be.

No. 712393

There she goes again acting like she’s an expert on animals she’s had less than a year when she clearly doesn’t have a clue about what their body language means.

No. 712421

File: 1539505230902.png (9.45 MB, 1242x2208, 3FEDF154-693A-44F9-B480-998FAB…)

Confirmed her rats are still being housed together as in this video on her story you can see the female behind him and the other female was in the same place in her video before this one.

It’s highly likely that they’re already pregnant. Goose is too young to even be neutered as he’s not done growing, but even if she did have him neutered when she claimed she was going to, he still would need a period of isolation for a few weeks until he’s sterile.

She’s a fucking idiot.

No. 712426

Tay is such an attention whore so I would not be surprised if she was secretly trying to get them pregnant for "whoopsie I got 30 baby rats" video

No. 712427

File: 1539505692064.png (5.54 MB, 1242x2208, 0BA55C53-7E0C-4F5E-B486-3A81B3…)


You can see the female next to the Male better in this screenshot.

No. 712429


Lol let’s be real she won’t make a video because by the time she gets her shit together to upload they’ll be grown up. But I have no doubt that she’ll get clout from them breeding from her stupid fans.

Fair enough if you want to breed your rats to have your own source of food for your snakes, but have a separate cage for the males and females, it can be harmful for females to get pregnant young.

And god forbid she shares it with the world and her gullible fans think it’s a good idea.

No. 712439


This is truly sickening. Females should NOT be bred this young. It can stunt their growth and they are still babies themselves. Not to mention the strain on their body - trying to grow themselves while also having to give nutrition to a litter? She's so selfish. She really does not give a shit about these rats.

She can't even claim ignorance because she KNOWS Goose will get those girls pregnant. She just doesn't care or wants it to happen, either way she's disgusting. I feel so bad for those poor rats. It would've been better if they were just fed off. People like her who "rescue" animals only to put them into another shitty situation are awful. Fuck you Taylor.

No. 712488

There's definitely going to be some cat fights in this apartment before it's all over. The new cat doesn't have its own territory and the two other cats are used to having the whole place to call their own.

Both females will be pregnant and she'll make a video claiming the vet botched the surgery.

No. 712496

Or that the vet told her it was okay to house them together. Either way she's gonna shift blame as per usual

No. 712513

Not to mention new cat is a girl and Nemo and Ghost are both boys, she’s definitely gonna feel threatened. That’s why it’s generally recommended to house cats of the same gender together because they get along better.

No. 712521

I just can’t wrap my head around how she says she knows her limit but needs 3 people to help run her life and some of her animals are left in the care of others for whatever reason.
They’re your pets, you should put your time into them not shove them off to someone else while you go party in both real life and on twitter.

No. 712528


not true, spayed females will rule over spayed males. he sex ratio of cats doesnt matter at all as long as none are fertile.

there will be a lot of fighting though because she hasnt done shit to introduce them properly and give them their own space. lets not forget that one room of that tiny apartment is off limits for the cats, at least i hope it is.

No. 712535

Didn't she also claim these were gooses "sisters"?? Because ew? Isn't she inbreeding them then if she REALLY thought that?

No. 712540

She certainly did. And they're probably poorly bred themselves with shit genetics since they were meant to be feeders.

No. 712543


Yeah she did. They’re not though because as many people pointed out to her the two girls were a few weeks older than the male (which makes it even worse because they were fertile sooner) and she admitted that she ‘tried her best’ to pick out some of a similar age.

Being feeders though they will have a whole mess of genetics and probably are closely related. Not to mention they’re high whites so the ‘megacolon’ drama she was worried about is a high possibility in any babies they produce if they even make it from such young mothers.

No. 712573

I don’t know much about rats, or rodents in general. But is it not fucked up to breed them when they’re this young? They’re only a few weeks old right? Are rats like bunnies in the breeding sense? I read that some anons say it’s a chance they’re already pregnant, and if that’s the case I feel like she either wants that or doesn’t care enough to be cautious about it.

No. 712580

it is fucked up. it's like an 11 year old human having babies.

No. 712604


Yes it’s very fucked up. Females bred this young are still growing themselves and their smal bodies will have to give a lot to babies. Most rat breeders won’t breed their females until a minimum 4 months old, Taylor’s females are just over 2 months old. Females should also weigh about 300g to be bred so hers being tiny babies is just so wrong…. there’s also a risk that the mothers aren’t developed enough to raise the babies, may reject them, not be able to feed them etc.

I’m interested to see how it turns out either she will stupidly make it public knowledge and her fans will eat it up that she has babies OR she will keep quiet because she’s doing it as a food source for her snakes.

No. 712612

This is honestly so depressing. I can’t believe she’d even fathom risking getting these babies pregnant. 2 months of life and they’re already being turned into breeders and live in a shitty ass cage

No. 712626


That’s the thing like either she’s ridiulously stupid and naive that they’re not pregnant, or she’s doing it on purpose. But I bet she won’t provide them with what they need. Female rats need their own maternity cage that is smaller with nesting material (not just some thin blanket thrown into the cage)

I also found it funny how in her Instagram story the female seemed very timid and wary of her. Feeders need more effort put into taming and it will show and is showing that she isn’t spending the daily required free roaming time with them.

Taylor if you’re reading this, stop talking about the cat bullshit for a second and actually address this because it’s concerning.

No. 712635

Please learn to sage, Anon.

No. 712697

I can imagine she will breed them for food without saying anything or showing off these 'cute babies'

No. 712769


Rat breeder here, I do not breed until a minimum of 6 months old. It's incredibly fucked up that she's letting Goose stay with these females.

No. 712772


that is is stupidly huge bowl of food… yes, rats can have fruit and veges but not part of their staple diet. you can give them a small bowl every day, it's fine but too much can cause diarrhea and she's given them a massive amount. they need a high quality rat block or a homemade food mix with this kinda stuff as an extra treat. she really has no idea what she's doing.

also i can't tell what the orange pieces are, but i hope it's not mango. mango is a HUGE no.

No. 712781

even just citrus fruits are bad for male rats

No. 712784


i'm hoping it's sweet potato and just not a citrus fruit judging by the texture.

No. 712785


I think it’s carrot or something. Let’s be real though she’s just given them this huge bowl of veg for the camera I doubt it’s something she does regularly, she couldn’t even prep veg right for her animals that do need it daily in videos.

No. 712805

I wish she would finally fully show the rat cage.
It looks like she couldn't even invest in some binder clips to fasten the blanket she put in there to the cage correctly.
It is still just thrown in there like a month ago.

No. 712810


It just makes me sad. If I had the money Taylor had, my rats would be spoiled rotten. It takes one trip to the pet store and one order online to get everything you need. She can't even do that. It's really pathetic that people with less time and money do more for their pets than Taylor ever will.

No. 712822

Even 'Kristenleannimal' who has commented on Taylor's stuff before managed to pimp out her rat's cage with dollar store items. Taylor just couldn't be bothered.

No. 712866

Didn’t taylor also give that chick incorrect info on how to care for her savannah monitor? I remember seeing it on twitter (of course tweets deleted) either way that chick goes the extra mile for her pets in general, her savannah monitor has an entire room she built for it. Taylor is literally just a shit person who keeps proving that she doesn’t give a fuck about her pets just the clout

No. 712884

If we're thinking of the same person and situation, yep! She suggested feeding her Savannah rabbit (I think. It was one of the meat ones.) reptilinks when in reality Savannah monitors are insectevours. I corrected her, and long story short I ended up getting blocked :/ thankfully this girl didn't listen to Taylor. I think Taylor also said something about wanting to own a savannah monitor one day. She definitely shouldn't have an animal that rarely thrives in captivity, are all 100% wild caught (this isn't always a bad thing, but with this species it is) and most people keep them very wrong and feed them meaty diets. It would be like the monitor situation part two

No. 712930


If Taylor wants it, she gets it. Then her shitty behavior and sub-par care is encouraged by her underage stans who don't know any better. It's a bad combination because she ignores or blocks people who try to teach her and so all she sees is people saying how amazing she is. It's a very toxic cycle and with her hoarding, it will get worse. People encourage her to buy animals and she's impulsive. Recipe for disaster.

No. 712943

File: 1539571140010.png (154.61 KB, 640x1136, 829C5C00-2210-4587-BD11-24F72B…)

Another two snakes coming in

No. 712944

Damn we called it. Now that she has more cages she's buying more pets to fill them all

No. 712946

As much as I hate saying this, I hope she fills up her space with ball pythons rather than branching out to advanced species and rare animals.

No. 712948


Not surprising. The fact that she knows she'll get hate for it yet doesn't stop to think why is concerning. Like she'll continue to get animals if spreads the purchases apart lol.

No. 712958

For someone who wants to buy a house soon, she sure isn't interested in saving any money.

No. 712959

I also hate the way she says "cages". Call them enclosures, terrariums, even aquariums for fucks sake.

No. 712964

didn't she already fucking brag about blowing the power out in her apartment from the sheer amount of equipment? or was that an old one?

No. 712986


I feel like the only point of this post is to put her teenage army on alert to attack anyone who says anything negative when she does get them.

No. 712995

File: 1539575919549.png (268.06 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20181014-215653~2.p…)

Why don't you quarantine your animals then Taylor?

No. 713009

Didn’t she use the heck out of red heat lamps before upgrading her cages

No. 713020

File: 1539581157737.jpeg (286.01 KB, 1242x518, 1A4B48A7-F6C5-4D26-917B-13C3F9…)

No. 713026

Stop trying to sound wise, you dumb old bitch

No. 713034

"snake hooks" you do not need snake hooks unless you're somehow a first time snake owner who buys some massive untamed python or boa lol. this bitch trying to sound smart but really she's just spewing off "advanced" sounding items to sound like an expert. same with cage locks, unnecessary for majority of cages otherwise just out something heavy on either side of the lid. feeding tongs are also pretty unnecessary. shut up taylor

No. 713041

How is she not a hoarder…

No. 713052

I’m trying to work out if she really has a lot of spare cages. She said a few weeks ago she changed her mind about the plastic racking/tank bs and wanted to move her BP back to their larger enclosures. So those should be filled again. So she’s just changed her mind again and decided actually tough shit I want more animals so I’ll go back to shoving them in the tubs. BP are actually her ideal pet. She can take some pics and then literally put them in a tub that doesn’t take up much space and then not worry about them again.

No. 713056

I can’t see how YouTube money is keeping her alive at this rate, new expensive pets every week, new cages, her fucking power bill must be through the roof, the man child, tattoos and her constant holidays where she spends more money of hotels than what she probably should be

No. 713060

File: 1539589216662.jpeg (337.68 KB, 750x671, 732F341D-2E6E-449D-918A-843D2D…)

This wouldn’t be an issue if you stopped buying a new animal every fucking week

No. 713069

how does she not see how that’s an issue???

She really just sees buying new animals as a boost in likes/views as opposed to forming an actual relationship not only between her and them, but like that chick said, between her fans and pets

No. 713098


Literally just proved everyone's point. Taylor couldn't give a shit about the relationship with her pets or her fans feelings. Sorry to burst your bubble Tay, but people watch pet channels FOR THE PETS. They want to see the animals. Not you in a ratty wig and lingerie with kratom in the background of your dumpster.

You don't even keep updates on all your animals weekly because that's apparently too hard and whenever someone asks about an animal that's most likely dead (mantis shrimp) or dying you delete the tweet, ignore or block them. The gall to say 'oh no 30+ pics a day!' when this bitch posts selfies constantly and is on Twitter 24/7 giving updates on herself when she's a pet channel lol.

No. 713106

File: 1539595705865.jpeg (292.11 KB, 750x625, 526C24E1-18B4-400C-B7B4-E91107…)

Forgot to post the rest of it but yeah she’s so fucking full of herself

No. 713109

Also, you don't need to update people daily, but some pets she doesn't even mention for months. How hard is it when you've got your pets out to take a quick snap for your instastories? Or just take photos of them inside their enclosures? There's a repetitive pattern of getting a new pet, posting about it loads for the first few days (or day in terms of the mantis shrimp which was never mentioned again) and then barely posting them again. Maybe if you're so self-conscious take some photos of your pets instead of spending hours editing photos of yourself.

No. 713116

not sure exactly how many animals she has? not hoarding though.

No. 713129

Um….what? Tongs are necessary. Locks are necessary. You can't just plop something heavy on the top of an enclosure and call it a day lol. That's how snakes escape. And a hook is good to let a snake know you're there before picking it up by brushing it with the hook. Don't talk about something you know nothing about anon

No. 713170

>"i have new cages, so i must get new animals"
>"i have new animals, so i must get new cages"
>"i have new cages, so i must get new animals"
>repeat for eternity

i mean i kinda get it, i am a bit like this with new pots + new house plants, but animals are really a different story

No. 713185

>no time to focus on all animals
>get more animals

No. 713201

It would be great if Taylor could put her ego aside for second and listen to Kasia. She is an actual angel of a human who is mainly known for fishtuber stuff but does branch out with her dog and bunny (recently passed). She has been around for a long time, has great and consistent content, and is super educational. She’s also been at events with other well known fish/pet tuber’s and has rubbed elbows with some greats in the industry. Her reaching out could be big if it was heeded.

No. 713209

I was going through her animals to try and figure out how many she had, and it's very true.
The last time we saw her leopard gecko was in late June, and the last time she posted one of the cresties was in early August.

No. 713212

I don’t understand why she’s so pissed people asked to see the animals. You don’t see people buy dogs and then never hear about the dog again, or people who give birth and then you never see a baby picture(unless you’re a celebrity for privacy concerns but she’s not). She acts like it’s such a task to do updates on her animals consistently. I like that that girl said she does them every Friday because she understands why people keep asking. Taylor just does not care and does not want to take pictures of her animals unless they’re fresh and new

No. 713214

How can she reply on insta that she loves waking up to her animals and checking on them and taking photos of them, when in another sentence she says she can’t take photos of them. If she is as she says then why wouldn’t she post them. She’s such a liar. She does the bare minimum for all of them and we all know there will be days when some of them aren’t even checked in on.

No. 713215

Update: she posted the monitor but I don’t know how to post pictures from my phone but the monitor looks smaller and skinnier than I was expecting. I might just be an idiot but I thought they grew fast and was expecting a pretty decent size based off the threads

No. 713226

File: 1539611591410.jpg (811.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181015-155320_Ins…)

No. 713227

File: 1539611638576.jpg (848.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181015-155324_Ins…)

I think he looks small and skinny too. Any anons here that are more knowledgable about monitors?

No. 713278

I know right taylor, why does a rain forest/mangrove swamp native lizard love to sit in water?

Jokes aside she makes it sound like doing daily water changes is such a chore, with this kind of monitor I'd be doing it twice daily.

No. 713294


like shes even the person to do it daily anyway. Probably annoyed because he messed it up since her assistant cleaned it and now shes going to have to do it herself.

No. 713309

File: 1539618549393.jpeg (603.41 KB, 750x1218, FAB4A2CE-F4CA-4F97-865E-836D72…)

I hope tanner never comes to know how much his mom resents him. She makes me more angry than taylor these days

No. 713314

Hi I keep monitors. His skin shouldn't be saggy like that, especially around his neck. Could mean dehydration, underweight, or stunted. A healthy monitor (or any big lizard with a similar body style) should have slight skin folds, but the skin should be snug to the body but you shouldn't be able to see ribs or anything. His tail is way too skinny. Monitors like most lizards generally have at least a little bit of chonk on their tail bases. I'm no expert but seriously, her monitor seems dehydrated and underweight. Also get the damn thing a pool, they swim.

No. 713330

File: 1539619806417.png (2.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-15-10-09-35…)

Here's an image of a healthier one from Google. Notice the differences?

No. 713341

File: 1539621093950.jpeg (731.35 KB, 1242x1438, E30CB90E-AC62-42C8-8AA0-D9E181…)

No. 713342

If she's rolling in youtube riches why doesn't she buy or rent a space where she can house most of the reptiles/fish(whatever animals that don't need a lot of human interaction) put them in proper sized enclosures, and can also film in a place that isn't a trash heap? Along with hiring an appropriate number of people to take care of them. She lives in an apartment. She's always talking about how "big" it is but its still a fucking apartment. Obviously, this doesn't get rid of the problem of all the mammals that are thirsty for attention and it could at least increase the quality of life for a lot of her pets as well as increase her income(if she put herself on a proper filming schedule). But she's too busy going on trips and laying in bed to actually apply herself.

No. 713357

She could use her empty, free tanks for actual rescue reptiles but nope! There are tons of ball pythons people don't want, because they live so long.
Also stating that, can you believe she is going to have the same ball pythons 30+ years later? I can't picture it.

No. 713368

Why does it seem like her animals, that she bought when they were young, doesnt seem to grow? I would assume they would grow rapidly if they were cared for correctly but im no reptile expert but its basic common sense tbh that if an animal is living it’s best life, it would grow and glow with health

No. 713371

And it's not just the ball pythons. She has like 15 pets that can easily live for 15+ years.

No. 713383

Because she feeds them shit diets and keeps them in too cold environments.
We have seen her feed her snakes etc too small prey many times and people that are actually reptile experts have repeatedly told her that her monitor only seems tame cause he's freezing.
Not to mention her being a total dumbass and walking him daily on a leash outside even though it's too cold for him there (I don't believe her when she says she has done it more than that one time for her vid but whatever).

No. 713392

Maybe thats why she’s trying so hard to defend herself from updating her stans with updates of her animals.. cuz she has shit care and is aware of it but too lazy and self centered to do anything about it. “Just pay attention to ME and MY created problems instead”

No. 713393

I agree but also… I have no idea how anyone would care for this many pets in a 12+ hour day. Ignoring the fact that some of them aren't interacted on daily or regularly (which is bad enough), you still have to feed them, mist them if needed, change water, clean them. Not all of those are everyday tasks but I don't think you can feed any animal in 5 minutes without checking that they're okay/have ate/haven't regurgitated/whatever else.

Mind you, she still doesn't do the majority of those.

No. 713397

Her videos are just 10mins of mumbling on about herself so how hard is it to make videos of each of her animals? That’s like what..? 1-2 videos a week and with that amount of pets.. she can’t run out of ideas. But i guess filling up your channel with just “look at all my pets” videos seems better???

No. 713398

I dont even think she tracks their weight like other owners who actually care about their pets

No. 713429

I totally agree. She has 3 cats, 3 rats, 2 hedgehogs, a monitor, a bearded dragon, a Leo, all of these animals are pretty social and need a decent amount of attention. I also have a Leo who I get out for at least 2 hours most nights (he let's me know when he wants to come out), he has a tank bigger than Taylor's but he still loves to come out and explore. I wouldn't get any animal that would negatively effect his life and time he gets out, but this is something Taylor doesn't grasp at all. There's no way she gives her hedgehogs as much attention as she did when she first got them, before the cats, rats, monitor and million snakes. There's simply not enough time in the day.

No. 713457

What a profound thought, Jennifer, very cool!

No. 713458


Hi Kasia

No. 713527

File: 1539635641524.jpeg (413.78 KB, 1242x2078, 284B1F50-BDEF-4394-A34C-C610C1…)

No. 713553

File: 1539637165421.jpeg (352.26 KB, 1185x1500, 4641F9FD-B195-43FD-9ECF-F150BF…)

This isn’t new milk but Taylor is always insisting every new snake she gets is “one she’s always wanted.” Here she is saying her sand boa, hognose, and first ball python were all the snakes she ever wanted.

No. 713554

File: 1539637260454.jpeg (685.88 KB, 750x1334, 3078F0F1-D60C-437B-B15B-998132…)

No. 713559

Well, no need to worry because he's intellectually disabled probably to the extent that he can never understand the concept of resentment.

Prader-willis people are fucking horrible to be around, honestly. Jen's insanity doesn't surprise me in the slightest, she actually has it really together for a carer; when you're the primary carer for someone that profoundly disabled with no possibility of improvement it sucks the joy out of every aspect of your life. If you had to look after one of these people for any length of time you'd understand she's being generous and kind with her statement; "Not peaceful" is putting it mildly to say the least.

No. 713563

Did she delete the pictures of her mantis shrimp from her Instagram? I can't find them.

No. 713565

Your picture is showing there anon!

No. 713567

I think she only posted it on her twitter

No. 713571


Agreed. Say what you want about Jen because she's a nutcase and posts some really dumb shit, but honestly dealing with people (especially family) with intellectual disabilities is draining and exhausting. As long as she's not saying this to Tanner, she sorta gets a free pass in getting to vent online.

Though she REALLY should be seeking support through some of community or therapist instead of social media.

No. 713578

I think she posted at least one picture to Instagram at some point

No. 713593

Wouldn’t surprise me. She’s deleting all evidence so people forget or if she finally posts a picture of a second one, the first has blatantly died, then it’s harder for people to go back and compare. It’s a shame she only mentioned it once as chances are lots of people forgot it. If a monitor were to die she’d have a freak out wondering how to replace him.

No. 713600

Im guessing the mantis shrimp either died from her lack of knowledge about them or the other fishes ate him. It’s like taylor thinks everyone is an airhead like her so she deletes every post or photo of a pet thinking everyone will forget lol

No. 713603

uhhhh has anyone talked about this yet

No. 713607

File: 1539641205291.jpg (75.27 KB, 750x741, tumblr_p1s975Zi831wlkx5co3_128…)

uhhhh has anyone talked about this yet

No. 713618

Is this from 5 years ago?

No. 713619

Yes, this was posted many threads ago when an anon sent screenshots of her facebook

No. 713624

File: 1539642778395.jpeg (26.51 KB, 400x221, C2131B88-FE8F-4914-8544-431AF1…)

Posted in the same thread where here being biphobic came to light

No. 713653

File: 1539645758188.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-15-07-48-33…)


So that counts as milk to y'all but not tay wanting to get into retics, bcis and more?

No. 713661

I'll be pissed if she gets a boa, or anything bigger, it's already stupid she got a short tail.

No. 713669

File: 1539646710032.png (380.07 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-15-17-38-37…)

This is what comes up when you search that listing. I swear to god…

No. 713675

File: 1539646806555.png (3.18 MB, 750x1334, 57EEF536-ADE5-4624-BF38-B80A40…)

Why is she holding it so much she just got it

No. 713692

Tinfoil hat here but, was the mantis shrimp in the bio cube? If so it’s interesting that it randomly is given to a friend to look after around the time she got the warnings of what it could do.

No. 713761

She’ll probably just say she took that picture when she first got it

No. 713775


"don't worry i just took a quick pic and then immediately put him back!!"

this is her excuse every time. she literally can't leave an animal alone to settle in and get used to all the new smells, sounds and sights. just immediately shoves a camera in its face for her social media.

No. 713783

File: 1539652810323.png (211.03 KB, 924x450, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 9.18…)

No. 713784

File: 1539652818352.png (419.62 KB, 992x1006, Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 9.19…)

No. 713815

What the fuck? Why is she telling him something like that?

No. 713817

So confirmed jen reads here and also confirmed shes even more batshit crazy than I thought. Yikes how the Deans love to twist and exaggerate to fit their narrative

No. 713828

People like you Jen, can't distinguish when they're mentally or emotionally abusing other people. That is why your daughter is the way she is, and that's why everyone sees your family for the trainwreck it is.

No. 713846


NO ONE here suggested Tanner be taken away from her by the police. No wonder Taylor lies so easily for sympathy points, she learned it from her mother.

No. 713850


I think some idiot in a previous thread said Tanner should be taken from her.

No. 713859

Remember when everyone was tinfoiling about sabor being dead for maybe a week and then she disapproved that. We’ve been tinfoiling about this mantis shrimp for MONTHS and nothing from Taylor.

No. 713861

Yeah someone did say that but cant blame them, Jen is always dragging him to stupid drama i dont even think he understands

Probably because the mantis shrimp is "at her friend's", maybe something stupid happen with that bio cube, cause she has been really secretive about it

No. 713898

Yeah someone started to say CPS should be called.

No. 713908

I haven’t seen her post about zazu in a while either, wasn’t he in that tank?

No. 713920

Everything in the tank is being babysat. She had someone babysit her seahorses for 6 months. Seems like she could never keep up with her own hoard

No. 714013

After listening to skinnypigs talk about having to put one of her guinea pigs down recently, I really feel like Taylor doesn't care when she loses an animal. She talks like she always does, there's no emotion in her voice or face and it's just like 'oh well, it happens' and just sorta tries to justify the death. It's really bizarre. I mean we've all seen the "jokes" she's made about her hedgehog being dead.

I'm not expecting her to bawl on camera or anything, but the way she does talk about it like it's some random piece of info rubs me the wrong way. It's not surprising because she has so many animals, I doubt she has a real bond with any of them except maybe the cats because they aren't caged. So when they die, she hasn't really lost anything. She's just gained more space to acquire a new animal. It just made me sad thinking about how much people love their pets and then there's Taylor who gets bored within a week before she's looking for something new.

No. 714031


Why does she need someone to babysit the tank if she’s ‘not a hoarder, knows her limits and is perfectly capable of taking care of all her animals herself’ ?

No. 714043

File: 1539681382819.png (4.13 MB, 1242x2208, F303441D-FB48-417F-9B4A-D046AD…)

What’s with these white spots on Mushu’s head? It’s not the fungus coming back is it?

No. 714062

She looks so bleak in every picture, and I swear those white patches are getting bigger and bigger

No. 714070

Her gills have almost no feathering…

No. 714071

She's probably too hot which causes stress, loss of slime coat,and can cause fungus. Last we heard about her Taylor was keeping her on the counter above the dishwasher which gets quite warm and wouldn't buy a tank chiller for her. Now I've never been to Taylor's apartment but I'm going to guess between the dishwasher being run, the oven and stove being used, and average house temp mushus water is way hotter than 65 degrees unless Taylor is constantly changing frozen bottles of water to chill the tank,which we know she is not.

No. 714073


omg I only just noticed this. It's probably the columnaris fungus again eating away at her gills.

Girls gonna have to do a "I ALMOST KILLED MY AXOLOTL… AGAIN" video

No. 714076

File: 1539687515869.png (4.99 MB, 1242x2208, CE78F641-B68A-428D-93F9-79E560…)


Yes she’s still on the counter top above a dishwasher or something

No. 714077


Ironic, at 8:53 of her video about when this happened to her axolotl the first time she says

"no matter how much you treat it (fungus) if you put it back in a tank where its gonna get stressed out, the fungus is not gonna go away" yet shes put her straight back into a hot tank in a hot part of the house. Genius.

No. 714093

File: 1539691687925.png (754.97 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181016-060347.png)

I hope the permit isn't for some other exotic animal.

Also, interesting that she can afford to spend over $7k on a Snake but needs to go to an "affordable" vet.

And she's gone almost a week without getting bowls for the new cat?

No. 714097

I swear to god if she's trying to get a permit for hots or something like that I will yell

No. 714102

I was thinking like driver's permit

No. 714105


That’s a good step if she’s getting a driving permit. I would think that it’s either that or maybe her passport since they are going to Australia.

No. 714112

I bet this was a one time thing that she did, but she totes does it every night!!!!

No. 714114

Feed snakes?? Surely she doesn’t need to put that on a to do list as if she would forget otherwise. Sure, mark it on the correct dates on a calendar but on a board seems a bit odd to me.

So she’s being sponsored by audible now? They normally suggest an initial period of say 2 videos a months and with a certain number of views. She might actually have to get her act together produce regular content if she wants to keep that gig.

No. 714130

Lmfao. There is no way she does this every day. There’s stuff on there that isn’t even for today so clearly she was just trying to throw something together to look sOoO organized. If she was actually organized and had her shit together/planned things out she would have a calendar/planner for things like this. There’s 500 million planner apps you can even just get for your phone. This is a giant waste of time and will be forgotten about in 2 days. Besides, looking at her life you can tell she is a disorganized mess.

No. 714158


I also don’t get why you’d write ‘feed Dubia roaches and snakes’ but not your thousands of other animals. I get that some of them don’t have to eat every day but with the number she has some of them must have to eat today also?

No. 714159

So that is a lot of evaporation, which says to me that 1)the water must be kept at a fairly warm temperature and 2)she doesn’t do frequent water changes. Coupled with her feeding video where you can see Mushu kicking up a ton of detritus, I believe it’s a combination of the two, which means there’s probably a high concentration of ammonia and nitrites in that tank, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Mushu is in poor health.

No. 714161

Also "feed snakes" concerns me because she has snakes that need to eat every 10 days, snakes that should be eating weekly, and snakes that should be eating monthly at most. What are the chances of her needing the feed all on the same day?? Slim to none. Unless she magically remembers which snakes "feed snakes" applies to

No. 714165

You mean nitrates, anon. The tank has been established at least since she moved so it will already be cycled for a long time.

I don't doubt all of her tanks have sky high nitrates though, I don't believe she does weekly water changes even though she probably has a python which would make it barely any effort.

And I think it's funny/pathetic that she can film and edit a sponsored video in 2 days but she still hasn't released that beginner snakes part 2 lol
Unless she just films the sponsored part and puts it in that vid.

I will never understand why when interesting things like the rat or cat situation now happen she doesn't at least milk it and vlog the shit out of that. She uploads videos about that kinda stuff like a month later when noone gives a shit anymore, herself included.

No. 714170


This one makes me sadder than most of the others, simply because I know how hot my counter gets when the dishwasher's on. I've had chocolate bars melt when I forgot to move them.

No. 714180

Yes, thanks anon. I always get those two backwards.

All of her freshwater tanks end up with that evaporated look, so yeah I doubt she keeps up with her water changes.

No. 714206

What tanks does she even have now? Apart from mushi and the 150g? She said she gave away her mantis to a friend, did she’s mean the whole 32g set up is gone? I don’t even think she has any other aquatics anymore. Didn’t she also get another Halloween crab. Literally we got one photo and that was it. God I can’t believe how little she actually does with any of her animals. She has so much content she could make for setting up the new enclosure for each one. Hence her need to get new animal is to satisfy a desire in herself rather than just hoarding them to show off and make new videos. She doesn’t even do that. This is worse in my opinion as I bet now they dont even get the couple of weeks initial attention which new animals used to. Apart from the snakes which we know she loves to handle.

No. 714227

You know, she’s never done an apartment tour before has she? We’ve never seen her apartment and where everything is located and what not. I wonder if she hasn’t done that because she doesn’t want people to see how bad it all really is.

No. 714304

I remember she did include a tour in one of her videos. It was soon after she moved in and I remember her specifically mentioning some flowers she got from her mum around he same time all the drama was going on with her.

No. 714305

Sorry guys (forgot to sage!)

No. 714324

that place has to smell like a zoo. I can't imagine all those animals and enclosures in a fucking apartment. obviously she doesn't have enough room for it all if she has tanks on her kitchen counter lol. gross.

No. 714332


I remember this, but it was when she barely had any furniture and all her enclosures were on the ground. Now that her place is lived in, you know it's a filthy, disorganized mess and that's why she hasn't done another apartment tour.

Can't wait for her to hire a cleaning team, do an apartment tour and claim she's such a tidy, organized person lol

No. 714342

File: 1539724053665.png (325.57 KB, 753x376, taylor.png)


lol I just went back and watched the video. At like 4:56 she says "i thought it would be cool to show you my apartment now when it's trash so that when it's nice i can look back and remember" hows that working out for you Tay?

No. 714351

Holy fuck. I don't follow this cow but just had to drop a note off: FUCKING STOP WITH THE PLASTIC OMG!

How can ppl let it get this far, aren't they embarrassed?

No. 714355

This… actually doesn't look like that much to do, and it's not even all for tuesday lmao.

No. 714356

File: 1539725386292.png (2.04 MB, 1512x1500, taylorAPARTMENT.png)

So I just watched back her apartment tour from last year to get an idea of the size of her apartment and its honestly smaller than I thought.

1. The kitchen with the axolotl on top of the dishwasher (in the video she says its only temporary)

2. The living room leading to the balcony

3. One of the bathrooms, the smallest of the two. Shes claimed to have kept kittens living in there and having quarantined snake in there before so its interesting to see the size although she didn't film much of it (behind that brown part is just a bath)

4. Her animal room before she got the racks in it, really not the biggest room in the world considering the number of animals she has in there now

5. Bonus shot of when she kept the hedgehog and the mouse in the closet that 'is more of another room than a closet' yet you couldn't even lie down in there.

6. Her bedroom, also really not a huge room so again shows that her apartment is really nothing special size wise for the amount of animals she has - and the fact that the three cats now probably just have access to this one room and the living room.

7. Her other bathroom, a bit bigger than the first so probably the one she claimed to quarantine in, still not ideal though.

8. Just a storage cupboard with a bunch of junk thrown in it

When she first showed the floor plan of her apartment I could have sworn she had a 3 bed… honestly for the price shes really not getting much space for money… or for her poor animals.

No. 714360


Also I know he's since passed but it really pains me to see the conditions gus was kept in. Closet aside, that cage is awful and well below the minimum floor space for a mouse, and the state of the inside of it is grim, looks like she wasn't using any bedding on the top level and the poop has just smeared everywhere. I know this is old milk but i still find it upsetting.

No. 714366


I was always bothered by this. She's in the US and has access to some amazing cages, yet she puts him in this plastic hell that all mouse owners hate and don't recommend.

Even if she didn't have access to cages, a bin cage is easy to make. Mice need floor space, not height. Unfortunately a lot of cages are marketed as "space saving" so the floor space is small and they stack levels on top to make it seem like there's a lot of room. When it's really not the same thing.

Taylor likes to think she's some animal guru but she's just like every other sub-par owner I see online who cram their animal into a bad cage, don't provide enrichment, a proper diet or pretty much anything except food and water.

No. 714393

File: 1539728033250.jpeg (513.32 KB, 1179x2116, 90CDD8D1-E0EE-4F67-8E27-39A11E…)

No. 714398

He’s purposely posting that shit now, how many of those pills do they need??? What even are they for???

No. 714402

>hey guys I'm totally sober now. look at my giant bags of pills but they're totally fine.

He's really bragging about them now. Who even needs that many?

No. 714403

The apartment, according to the complex’s site, is 1298 square feet for roughly 2300 dollars a month.

It’s really small for the amount of animals she keeps cramming in there.

No. 714410

I really can't imagine spending 4x the amount I do on rent for something that small. Is housing really that expensive in San Antonio?

No. 714420

File: 1539729910607.jpeg (287.59 KB, 750x932, 8E51048A-FDBE-4F62-8ADE-06A31B…)

Oh god.

No. 714424

I took kratom for a while as an opiate replacement, and it takes A LOT of kratom to get a buzz. He probably goes through a bag every 2 days.

No. 714425

I don't live in San Antonio, but we have to consider she picked an upscale complex attached to a mall, which most likely means she put herself before the well being of her animals for the sake of living somewhere expensive. Plus, just like her animals, "she's been wanting to live there for soooooo long you guys it's my dreaaaam apartmeeeent".

This might also explain why she hasn't found a house in the area yet. Probably thought she could get something in an upscale area as well, but it might be more expensive than what she originally thought it'd be. Plus her manchild of a boyfriend might also be throwing a tantrum because he's really itching to flex about his million dollar house he won't pay for lmao.

No. 714431

That was..before she got her lip fillers so she didn't even have any work done on that pic at all. It's just her face

>film video for audible
It became so blatantly obvious she only films videos anymore if they are sponsored. If she doesn't have a sponsor she will find thousand excuses not to post videos.. sad.

No. 714432

File: 1539731058026.jpg (151.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181016-185216.jpg)


No. 714445

lmaoooo great bait and switch

No. 714448

Isn't it time for him to be passing away anyway? It's more suspicious that she ISN'T talking about it being dead.

No. 714453

Taylor claimed she hadn't had work done yet, but anons had been speculating for months that she'd had fillers at this point. Pretty sure she's already had work done in this photo

No. 714489

This thread is so bad

No. 714490

She’s overpaying a fuck ton. Living in San Antonio is very reasonably priced. A good quality 2 bedroom apartment runs around $1200-$1500. She’s in the second or third most expensive part of town. Being attached to the mall and next door to an amusement park jacks up the prices a lot. Drive 5 minutes down the road and you can be in very reasonably priced apartments.

No. 714495


She can’t drive that’s the problem and she’s too lazy to learn that’s why she needs to live attached to everything. I swear I remember her buying a car last year even though she couldn’t use it?

No. 714502


No. 714556

Hell, in San Antonio she could rent a 3000 square foot, 4 bedroom house with a large lawn for $2000. You’d think that would be a better set up for her..

No. 714577

Attached to a mall but cant go and buy proper enrichment for her pets and the place is so tiny to fit all those animals. Does she even have a brain?

No. 714579

Saging for being a nature fag but can say the Black Mamba calls false to your statement.

No. 714588


No. Some animals are aggressive and it's because idiot's like you come up with this narrative that they're "defensive". Then those animals get bred and produce more aggressive animals. Shut the fuck up, Taylor.

No. 714590

It's really obvious she wasn't thinking of her animals when she chose that place. I'm guessing she thought she had to match up with the YouTuber image she curated for herself, but it was pointless since she's living in filth. Also from what I've seen, the mall is more centered around boutiques and upscale shit that doesn't involve animals.

She has someone to drive her to PetCo and other pet stores after all.

No. 714602

I thought Taylor had her permit/license already because she drove in that old video with Tyler Rugge, when they went to that wildlife safari.

No. 714644

Nope, she was driving without one. She’s never had a license

She did in fact buy a car as some point but deleted all evidence of it

No. 714695

Hippos and polar bears are HELLA aggressive. Any territorial animals are really. Tigers have been known to hold a grudge against specific people and hunt them down for miles. Some animals are defensive, some are aggressive. Tay is looking for an excuse to get a hot.

No. 714702

Hippos and polar bears are HELLA aggressive. Any territorial animals are really. Tigers have been known to hold a grudge against specific people and hunt them down for miles. Some animals are defensive, some are aggressive. Tay is looking for an excuse to get a hot.

No. 714771

File: 1539752829214.jpeg (403.21 KB, 750x996, BCB05AF1-A90C-4077-B459-C08089…)

Yeah this isn’t concerning behaviour at all.

No. 714783

also the fact the cage is labeled empty, maybe clean it so you know?

No. 714790

Again, I'm not a reptile keeper, but if you have to label which enclosures are empty and which enclosures aren't, then maybe you have too many.

No. 714804

File: 1539755173480.jpeg (372.93 KB, 750x1077, 43180774-F87A-4B27-B8E7-0DA163…)

One hand I can kinda see where she’s coming from cause I would do the same, though more for an obssession on visual presentation more than a “oh I just got to it and thought why not”.
But why doesn’t she just shove supplies in there instead of setting it up like something is living in it?

No. 714835


I have so many questions. Like why was the door open to allow Nemo in there in the first place? Why is it SHUT? Is she really pretending that she accidentally locked him in there? Um, what?

If she posed this and closed it for the pic, why bother faking shit like this? It's like Taylor saw some quirky cat pics online of cats sitting in odd places and wanted to show hers doing the same thing. Just stop.

No. 714849

Is Nemo quite a big cat or is that a wee cage? Why does it have substrate if no animal in it? Surely they need brand new substrate when they move in?

No. 714855

File: 1539763244797.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2730x4096, AE231DFC-118F-491E-B4FC-B82DDC…)

She’s 100% got this from this guy on Instagram who free handles hots… his motto is ‘snakes are defensive not aggressive’

I’m convinced she’s going to try and get a permit for hots soon

No. 714856

Hot=venomous? Oh dear, I hope she won't go there

No. 714858

No. 714861

File: 1539764147020.jpeg (494.24 KB, 1242x1806, 4C4E143F-80C9-476E-965C-9F2FD3…)

The fact that she liked this photo with this caption also furthers the idea that she’s looking into venomous snakes, and she’s saif the same thing before about handling her own animals and feeling it’s the best way to ‘truly understand’ them..

No. 714863


We've seen how much Taylor's snakes bite her too. This can only end poorly, but maybe it will teach her a fucking lesson that she's not Eliza Thornberry.

No. 714865

i agree that she's gonna try and get into venom but dude this is INSANE tinfoiling. she likes all of chris' posts. he's very famous lol

No. 714873

No. They live for years. You might be thinking of the orchid mantis which to be fair probably already died and she’s just not bothered enough to post.

No. 714892

File: 1539773285968.png (449.87 KB, 910x592, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714893

File: 1539773301365.png (367.01 KB, 572x594, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714894

File: 1539773312768.png (354.22 KB, 587x585, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714895

File: 1539773338085.png (376.4 KB, 581x595, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714896

File: 1539773352425.png (363.83 KB, 556x591, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714897

File: 1539773366993.png (360.57 KB, 581x589, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 12.4…)

No. 714901

The breaker wouldn't trip unless she overloaded it, so of course it's due to how many animals she has. Directly so.

No. 714902


I swear she read about how I mentioned she talks about her animal's deaths with zero emotion so she wrote this garbage. First starts with the tear-jerking before sperging on about how it's totally not because she owns so many animals, this isn't a regular occurrence, the haters are just out to get her. Time for the pity party to start.

Yes Taylor this 100% is because you own too many fucking animals. Your electricity malfunctioned because you have so much shit plugged in from all your enclosures, and when you turned it back on you didn't even CHECK EVERYTHING? Christ. I feel so bad for those animals, roasting to death and suffering. You are a shit owner, Taylor. It didn't cross your mind because you don't care, not because you're overwhelmed.

No. 714907

Interesting how her obviously sick pacman frog is one of the animals that died.

No. 714909

yeah.. doesn't she realize it's time to stop hoarding animals before her whole apartment burns down? can't she start collecting rocks

No. 714911

I've had the power go out before and I check my reptile's temperatures every 20 mins after to make sure temperature gets back to where it should be and stabilises. .. Why on earth would you ever not check temperatures after that? It's common sense. 'I was reminded I've never lost a reptile, only my pacman frog which definitely wasn't my fault', hasn't it been mentioned on here though that large food and lack of vitamins likely caused it? She's had animals die and get sick too many times due to her sheer ignorance and neglect.

No. 714913

Holy shit… imagine if all of the strips had malfunctioned, every single one would have overheated to death. What a horrible way to die. Her power blew because she has so many cages and would not have happened if she only had those three. She’s delusional to think it could’ve happened to anyone regardless of how many animals they own

No. 714915

Double post

Also, after her power blew entirely in her animal room she just left the apartment for the entire damn day without checking in?! If that happened to me I wouldn’t leave the fucking place the same day in fear it could happen again? How careless

No. 714916

I'm curious what her electricity bill is.

The fact that she's so defensive about her hoarding means she knows deep down she caused it. Also she was asleep for 12 whole hours? That is fucking excessive for someone who doesn't do jack shit all day.

No. 714919


her first gtp died as well

No. 714924

It also concerns me that she didn't go in the room at all for 9-10 hours… Everything would have cooled over a 12hr period, not only did she not check that all the heat mats and heat lamps had come on, she didn't even go in to spend time with her monitor, if none of her other animals? That just baffles me, sleeps 12 hours, checks on them in the morning, and leaves them for another 9-10 hours? Man if I had so many animals that I loved spending time with there's no way I would be not going in the room multiple times a day.

No. 714925

Exactly. If she cares about these animals so much, why didn't she notice sooner?

No. 714931

the comments on this post are ridiculous. All of her stans saying "it's not your fault! " "these things happen! " so sorry this happened to you, you're the best pet mom ever!" So so deluded…
If she and all her fans, think of her as a mother, & the animals as children, can't this then be compared to when a parent leaves a child in a hot car and they die? You never ever hear the public sending outpouring of "it wasn't your fault" & "you're a good mom, accidents happen", right?

No. 714933

croc skinks shouldnt need a heating pad. they do best in room temps, 73-81F

No. 714936

She DID know this could happen
She even laugh about it on a tweet
When she said she had so many things running on for all her pets the power went out
Any person with a brain should have guess there could be a short cut any moment specially if you keep adding things

No. 714945

How do people not realize having this many pets die in one year is not normal or accidents anymore?

Both of those pets live over 10 years in captivity and these barely lasted at all. It's so obvious.

No. 714951

well it was only a matter of time. She can deny responsablity all she likes but its ovious it was her lack of care that caused this. Firstly she claims it was a set of plugs that didnt work, and then she said it was the regulator? So which is it? I can only assume she is talking about a double regulator if it malfunctioned in 2 tanks. The issue with this is she is claming it failed in both the skinks and pac mans tanks. However ive gone back and viewd her cage tour and her frog isnt even on the racking system. so how could they be sharing a regulator?? Also seens a coincidence that it is questionably her most boring pets that have died. Does anyone think she really cares that she doesn't have her pacman anymore. No. Chances are either of themw ere already dead and now shes got an excuse to announce it. Regardless of what happened, it was totally preventable. If her equipment failed for 12 hours who would then go out and leave all the animals and not stay and monitor to ensure everyones tanks came back up to temp, for all she knew it could have tripped because of a faulty piece of equipment, so this should have been checked. Regulators also are used as a back up yes?. I have one on my reef tank and its set slightly higher than I need it but not crazy high so that if the regulator failed all my fish would boil. So even if her regulator failed what temp did she have the heater set in the first place? and if they didnt have a temp set surely that would mean the heater failed? Long and short of it is she didnt do enough care to ensure her animals didnt burn to death. Shes talking about getting systems that constantly monitor these things and send her alerts. She could have afforded these years ago and would be ideal for someone like her who wants to shove her animals away with the least attention possible and still have them live. God, sorry for the essay.

No. 714953


because it's probably not true, this is just her way of covering it up in a way that she knows her fans will be forgiving because it's an 'accident'.

No. 714954

Youre totally right. We spend so much time trying to pick out the obvious flaws in her excuses about everything, when in reality the whole thing is probably a total lie. Also, her cage tour video made me laugh, the number of times she pointed out that this wasnt the finished product and she had so much more coming and it would be amazing. Still not materialised. She also says the cupboard is pretty much another room and the door is always open, next shot the door is firmly closed, haha, god, shes an idiot.

No. 714959

Did she really just call her pacman frog a reptile? Someone who doesn't know the difference between a reptile and an amphibian shouldn't have them as pets.

No. 714960

Is it a normal thing in America to not keep a usual day/night cycle for blue tongue skinks?? I’m from Australia and mine have the heat/uvb on during the day and off at night because they need a regular cycle. She feeds at night and yet these animals are naturally diurnal, so she must have the heat/light on 24/7?

No. 714962

I feel like she should be able to walk in that room and feel the life and electricity. I walk by fish tanks and can just feel them alive not just hear the electricity too. I also feel that any competent animal owner would check and make sure every animal is good before just turning on the electricity and going about their day, especially if a massive outage occurred. Either I’m stupid or I actually read “9-10 hours” you went 10 hours without taking care of all your various animals regardless of if they need care that day or not? I assumed with this type of keeping you check the temperature everyday in some sort of routine, just to be safe…at least looking at the animals to monitor their activity and health. Just say you slept all day and didn’t even notice shit was wrong until it was too late.

No. 714964

We all knew it was only a matter of time before this happened.. But it doesn't make it any less heartbreaking to me. She is so awful I don't understand how she lives with herself… How Taylor???

No. 714972

The fact that she keeps going on and on about how it's not her fault…
Unless she buys some natural habitat or something, her pet care is always going to be subjective to a degree. Let your audience determine for themselves if it's just a forgivable human mistake, or if someone as careless shouldn't keep pets. Don't shove what your friends and your boyfriend said into their face to try and manipulate what they think. Don't mention your "friends in the community" just to make it seem like credible people also were fine with what you did.
Maybe sound like you're actually sorry for what you messed up, for once in your career.

No. 714973

Exactly. I bet she was home and just didnt bother looking. None of her cages have any sort of thermemoters on do they? or maybe just recently. This is another example of where she failed, if she had ones on display then she would have known they were too cold and then too hot just by passing by. Oh no, it had to occur on the exact times when firstly shes asleep for 12 hours and then secondly when shes out for 10 hours though. Geez, what bad luck.Id love to know what day this was and where she claims she went out for 10 hours.

No. 714978

I'm really surprised she doesn't have her lights on a timer, is this uncommon when you're keeping 19+ different tanks?

No. 714979

Holy fucking shit. The most fucked up thing is that this is her version of the story that she thinks makes her look best (because we all know everything Taylor says is at least twisted in her favor if not an outright lie) so, she essentially admits that she doesn’t go into her reptile room for 10 hours at a time on the regular - especially if she didn’t bother after a major power failure. Fucking disgusting. Why have so many animals that you don’t even bother to interact with at all? Just shove them in tubs and give them the minimum effort and care to keep them alive so you can pull them out for a instagram picture or YouTube video once every few months. And she couldn’t even do that this time. She roasted those poor babies alive and she’s still trying to spin it as “mistakes happen” and that it’s not her fault. It is completely her fault. No responsible keeper goes 9-10 hours without at least walking by their enclosures on the regular. She doesn’t give a flying fuck about her animals. It’s heartbreaking to think about all the animals who suffer under her “care”.

No. 714982

It was only a matter of time because she has so many animals that she can’t take care of that something like this happened. I’m sadly not surprised, but I honestly don’t understand how anyone can defend her after this point. She should have checked on her pets. I don’t understand. She neglected them for hours after she didn’t double check that everything was fine with their enclosures.

No. 714983

So where were her “assistants” that come several times a day…did they have a day off?!! Oh wait. The assistants are a bold face lie too.

No. 714986

I’ve just caught up with the recent IG post and I’m fuming. Yes Taylor, I know you don’t want to admit it but it is your fucking fault. These animals deserve better. I would tell her this but turns out she blocked me because I told her she kept changing her “saving cat” story. What a fucking dickhead she is.

No. 714992

Yeah, I got blocked too from the whole cat debacle, for something that I don't really think was all that rude. I essentially highlighted the timeline between finding her and claiming her and I guess Taylor didn't like that

No. 714994

How can other pettubers continue to defend her/this? It’s painful to see them interact with her all friendly like when she does stuff like this. I’ve had to unfollow them all. I don’t feel any of these people put animals first. Especially Taylor and her ‘assistant’

No. 714996

Taylor needs to map the outlets and circuits, assess her usage, and redistribute the load.

How many watts can a circuit deliver before it's overloaded?

Most modern residential circuits are 15 or 20 amps, so we're looking at a max load of either (15A x 120V =) 1800 watts or (20A x 120V =) 2400 watts before the breaker trips. The breaker will be labeled either 15 or 20.

For continuous loads (on for more than three hours) the limit is 20% lower. So for 15-amp breaker, you can't draw more than 12 amps from the circuit for more than three hours, or 1440 watts (12A x 120V).

No. 714997

That is FAR to technical for someone like Tay Tay! She a 20 watt bulb in a 100 watt socket!

No. 714998

Right?? This is just mind boggling! She should definitely have them on timers. You can get smart power boards or smart lights and turn them off/on at specific times. You can even set them up with Alexa and you can turn it on from a remote location (handy if you have a power surge and you're not at home to turn everything back home)

I don't understand how she didn't even check on her pets after a power surge, or even go into the room to check on them in the morning/during the day? Does she not check if they're done their morning poops etc? Are her tanks not big enough for a heat gradient? The amount of money that she drops on animals, has she never considered getting a webcam for the more expensive ones? I have one for my gidgee skink and I sure as hell monitor him whenever I have the time.

No. 714999


especially when it's most likely all a lie, and they're all covering for her, how can they sit there and live with themselves?

No. 715006

How long do you guys think it really took her to find them?

Both of those animals are for observing only/"boring" so I doubt she checks on them daily.

No. 715009


she is…

No. 715015

Oh no I know she is but it just confirms it

No. 715016

Well not to anyone’s surprise but now we know her assistants are mostly a lie

Why would you have them unattended for 12 hours if you pay people to look after said animals? Couldn’t you just be like “gonna take a fat nap for like half the day can you pop by for an hour or two to make sure my animals don’t burn to death? Cool thanks.”

This is definitely going to happen at some point again if she can’t own up to it her fault and not the case of the mysterious “electrical failure” because even if that were the story that actually happened Taylor could have done multiple things to still save her animals. It was 12 hours she left them not a couple of minutes. If this was three cats of a couple of dogs I doubt people would be so quick to say “accidents happen!!” but she owns mostly reptiles and snakes (and pets people ASSUME have small life spans anyway) so she gets away with it.

No. 715017

Lol she blocked me too. I had left a super long essay and got like 10 likes on it.
She left other comments that were more blatantly hating though, guess she doesn't mind the ones that fit her "omg haters are just insulting me" narrative.

No. 715021

File: 1539788024208.png (277.19 KB, 1080x1608, Screenshot_20181017-085254~2.p…)

She acknowledges that maaaaaaybe she had too much plugged into one spot, but "it's not my fault guys!"

Also the house gets brought up again.

No. 715030

Something seems to be going on, all her fellow petubers are tweeting and so is her Mom

No. 715031


No, Taylor. You have to assess the load by circuit, not by outlet. Most, if not all, of the outlets in that room are probably on the same circuit.

And the circuits in a newer house will be no different.

No. 715032


This wasn't a power surge.

No. 715044

Not going to tag all the posts but animals or not you always check everything after a surge. If something blows you run the risk of burning the whole place to the fucking ground.

No. 715046

No, just a power "malfunction" than only affected her reptile room
(Repost, forgot to Sage)

No. 715050

She also said specifically that it happened "this month" not last night, or this week. If she was so shaken up by it why wouldn't she speak about it immediately?

No. 715051


because she's covering for what really happened.

No. 715052

ONE room in her apartment has a breaker box just for itself? What????? And then she says a regulator for a whole row of cages malfunctioned. Were the crocodiles skinks and frog the only ones in that row? The fact that she doesnt check on her animals periodically throughout the day baffles me and everyone is telling her shes so brave and an amazing owner.. shes truly so fucking careless and doesnt give a fuck about her animals or else she would have been back in an hour or so later to make sure temps were regulating… wow.

No. 715054

Yet, she wonders why people speculate that her animals are dead when she hasn’t shown them in a while.

No. 715055


Maybe it happened when she was away.

No. 715060

If it happened when she was away I feel like she would have used that as an excuse 'it wasn't my fault I wasn't there!!'

No. 715062

Imagine things breaking in her new home? Lmao. There wont be anyone/anything else to blame for her dumbshit

No. 715063

It probably happened when she was partying in LA and no one was home with her animals.
The pacman was sick and that specific breed of lizard need special care don't they? It's a good cover up though. Sweep those dead souls under the rug.

No. 715065

File: 1539793181209.jpg (426.79 KB, 1080x1840, 20181017_121225.jpg)

She's already talking to a breeder about getting croc skinks again…

No. 715066

Maybe now you'll quarantine your animals Taylor. (doubtful this was the surge)

No. 715067

File: 1539793460109.jpg (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181017-112223.jpg)

Kronos is not looking so good

No. 715068

She’s an idiot. Even if you use different plugs in the same room, they are more than likely on the same circuit breaker!

No. 715072

I think they all just died from neglect and this a preposterous cover story. A bad one at that!

No. 715074

She needs time to find a “replacement” that looks so close that her stand wouldn’t notice the bait and switch…

No. 715075

Has to think of a good lie first and figure out how to word it so she gets maximum sympathy so everyone believes it wasn't her fault

No. 715076

Something someone hasn't mentioned yet is you generally have a warm end and cool end for reptiles/amphibians so they can regulate their temperature. Does that mean she was heating the entirety of each tank? I can't think of another reason for them roasting since they could have taken refuge in the cooler end if that was the case.

No. 715077

The crocodile skinks don't even need heating, they like cooler temperatures

No. 715080

Place your bets on when these tanks will be filled

No. 715081

I meant in general, I'm unfamiliar with crocodiles skinks and learning this makes their passing all the more sad.

No. 715083

File: 1539795039583.jpeg (271.81 KB, 750x778, 04F30EBC-080A-45B1-AFD6-E5210E…)


No. 715087

Hasn't this happened before? She 'lost' two of her cats and they were in an enclosure. I swear I saw her post pics of it before.

No. 715088


Again, this was not a power surge. Circuit breakers prevent overheating of electrical wiring within the walls caused by overloading, ie. drawing too much electricity. Circuit breakers are not surge protectors.

Anyone using many small appliances or more than one large appliance on the same circuit should know how to calculate load per >>714996.

No. 715092

I just read the tweets this was in response to and it seemed v interesting and kinda sounds like this Jessica girl has tea on Taylor (I'm assuming shes talking abt Taylor). I can post them if yall want but didnt wanna put a random person's tweets on here since I'm just speculating

No. 715093

Go ahead, just sage and don't post 15 caps

No. 715094

File: 1539796348781.jpg (235.1 KB, 1242x1080, MdlmWrw.jpg)

The comments on her posts are always interesting. Gee, she seems torn up. Glad she can laugh.

No. 715097

File: 1539796606396.jpeg (606.04 KB, 1242x1545, 597B33CC-91E2-493F-BE59-2360E9…)

No. 715101

File: 1539797065094.jpeg (239.68 KB, 750x1198, A1EAD146-457C-4D09-AF60-D1F47C…)

This is the Jessica that other Anon was talking about.

No. 715102

File: 1539797103109.jpeg (244.01 KB, 750x1179, EC399DCA-A8C8-4338-BBC3-46BEBA…)

No. 715103

File: 1539797318804.jpeg (331.79 KB, 1125x690, 5663DB3C-0F7D-445D-A87E-65BED8…)


i thought i’d also check in on whether taylor’s petfest cronies have anything to say about this. saged as these two obviously belong better in the general pet youtubers thread, but how anyone can continue to associate with taylor and maintain any sort of authority as an animal lover, let alone an animal expert is beyond me.

plus this attitude of ‘mind your own business’ when it comes to taylor and her animal care is so harmful. it means that anyone with a genuine, constructive criticism is shut down immediately (see the comments on her most recent post if you even need any confirmation!), otherwise you’re slammed as a nosy hater!!! embarrassing.

No. 715104


This seems to be what that jessica is referring too. There seems to be quite the divide between those that mindlessly support Taylor and those that don't. I hope she does expose her if she knows something we don't.

No. 715107

File: 1539797960371.jpeg (689.74 KB, 1125x1608, 55104EF0-8C5C-4978-80CF-56B3C8…)

“could’ve happened with 1 pet reptile or 10” … she is absolutely insane and delusional

how has she managed to make herself the victim AGAIN?! horrible meanies criticising me for killing more of my animals, boo boo!

how about how much your animals were hurting while they were roasting alive taylor?!

No. 715113

Omg she actually makes me sick.. She is way more worried about how she is looking then over her dead fucking animals!!!!! Wowwww she's done a lot of really awful things but this.. She'd BETTER make a video on this.

No. 715114

Yeah it could have happened with 1 pet or 100… If you're totally careless and don't think to check all your animals tanks have returned to the correct temperature after having no heat for 12 hours. But the truth is, if you have one pet, you're more likely to check on that one pet than have to check 100 without overlooking anything… Unless you really do care about your animals.

No. 715115

Is the Jessica girl part of the group chats these pettubers have? Because these tweets are from 18 hours ago and it seems she knew all about the situation.
It makes me feel sick to the stomach to think about how those poor babies suffered. And all this sick bitch can talk about is "omg it wasn't my fault I'm not a hoarder guiz."

No. 715118

Why is she divding her death count into categories kek?
“Anyone who’s knows me it’s the first time this had happen to me with reptilees!1!!!!”
First the Pac-Man frog is an amphibian
And secondable it doesn’t matter if you kill a cat or a snake, you still did it for being negligent
(FYI this wouldn’t happen if you didn’t own a huge amount of pets)

No. 715119


no she's not and she's tweeted her frustrations before in the past it seems, so i don't think she's associated with taylor and her friends at all.

No. 715120

We’re still waiting for the apology video to the breeder!

No. 715123

Well no wonder she can't keep track of how many pets she has. That would happen when you kill as many as you take in. How many new pets has she bought just the last 2 or so months?? 3 rats, a cat, a few snakes, and I'm SURE I'm missing a few. When does it stop. When will she finally be at her limits?? Even if she wants to deflect to look innocent online it should still be a wakeup call for her. She should think to herself wow, I really really made an awful mistake and I don't deserve to have more of that animal. Or more animals at all!! But we know how her tinyyyy little brain works. Now she has empty enclosures!! Those pets were old and boring anyways. Now she'll have brand new photo material and she can continue to milk the sympathy. Her poor beardie just got his tail hacked off from her neglect now this, and people are really still gonna follow her.

No. 715128

File: 1539799190907.jpg (441.98 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-130043_Twi…)

Also these

No. 715129

How many fucking animals does this bitch have to kill before her brainless stans get a clue?! She fucking COOKED three of her pets in one day because she couldn’t do something as simple as check their enclosure’s temperature. I’m appalled and devastated for those poor creatures.

No. 715130

File: 1539799207011.jpg (588.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-130106_Twi…)

No. 715131


I'd be shocked if she actually had the decency to do that.

No. 715132


I wonder what she knows

No. 715133

so it happened "this month", she never specified when exactly. judging from her twitter/insta in the beginning of oct she was in la and then all that came is happy rat content, wig selfies, memes, her making a shooting in san antonio about herself, showing off her new snake, showing off her new crab and then the whole heroic cat rescue. she posted every day. i know people can be depressed without showing it, but taylor has taken mental health breaks for much smaller incidents and none of what she published this month sounds like →

"couldn't be calmed for hours" "it absolutely crushes me" "this hurts me so much" "genuinely have been so depressed" "still so so heartbroken" "i am hurting so much" "so shaken up" "i had lost so much faith in myself over this simple mistake" "this was heartbreaking" "i needed counselling when this happened"

she sounds so fucking disingenuous.

No. 715136

She promised him one!

No. 715137

You are bang on! This bitch has no soul. No compassion, no heart. Bitch to the core!

No. 715141

She does. She never outright says it, but I follow her and definitely support her and she's most definitely said passive aggressive things about Taylor without naming her. Especially in her IG stories lately.

No. 715142


True. But will she actually do it I wonder. With her victim complex, I'm not expecting much of a proper apology.

No. 715144

She needs to be encouraged to “pour, not just SPILL, the tea” and know that we will all have her back! We can go after tays baby stans in defense.

No. 715145

I’m sure it’s been at least a month since she promised him one!

No. 715148

>“We post our lives on youtube, twitter, and instagram knowing damn well that posting our private lives on social media is public property so stay out of our business unless you love us! So quit hating on our lack of pet knowledge and care. We dont care about them so you shouldnt! Care about us more”

Luckily i went back to college because living your life like these mindless pettubers is embarassing

No. 715164

File: 1539802718857.gif (879.07 KB, 245x230, 1473021080252.gif)

This sounds like something you'd reply to someone who you wanted to get rid of. How is this a text between a "good" married couple?

>person makes giant post about how they killed their animals through neglecting to check on them
>people respond about how yes, they did kill their animals from neglecting to check on them

No. 715167

File: 1539802823859.jpeg (849.03 KB, 1242x1941, 709B0E33-46B5-4707-BC49-54D0DA…)

One big happy family.

No. 715170

Wow, leave several hours and Taylor cooks three creatures to death. What a horrible, horrible way to die.

She says this happened "this month." Well, we're fucking halfway through the month. How long has she been sitting on this? How long did it take her to even notice?

And what has she been doing "this month"? Tweeting as usual and posting selfies, like always, like everything's fine. If she actually felt as broken up about this as she claims she does, I seriously doubt it would have been business as usual on her social media accounts.

No. 715171

"snakes are defensive not aggressive" is something almost all snake handlers/herpers/keepers say – not saying you're wrong, but it's a really common thing to say in the snake world because it's generally true

No. 715180

File: 1539803654609.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1593, Screenshot_20181017-131007~2.p…)

She finally posted a still of her ugly heart tattoo. Just as bad as we all imagined it would look.

No. 715183

Just skimmed through Taylor's October on Twitter. As far as I can tell, she was on social media every day, acting like all was well.

No. 715193

That preview of her caption looks like shes trying to make it sound like she checks on her animals which is hilarious. Shes so obvious when shes doing damage control and its funny bc she doesnt even do it well.

No. 715209

I think the animals died of neglect awhile ago and people figured it out and she had to come up with a cover (not plausible one, tho) to get ahead of being outed. It’s not like the temperatures in Texas require a heater for the skinks anyway! It was a bullshit story!

No. 715210

File: 1539804889346.png (20.12 KB, 577x157, download.png)

Was trying to find the last time she even mentioned these pets. I think it's been months (June/July). Came across a fan account in the process that contained the most hilarious tweet.

No. 715216


I find it completely plausible that she overloaded her electrical system and then did a half-assed job of making sure nothing fucked up after. She's got WAY too many animals with electrical needs in that apartment, and way too little interest to do right by them.

I wouldn't be surprised if it took her days to notice any related damage caused to her animals. Hell, she's even admitting that it took her half a day to notice there was an electrical problem, which, uh, really? Neither she nor her "assistants" noticed that? Right.

No. 715218

Not like taking pictures of them in their enclosure is a thing while they’re out and about every now and then…. and it’s not like she has any problems picking them up, stacking them on top of each other, and putting costumes on them/taking them outside/placing them in bright lights just for views. her fan accounts really are hilarious lmao

No. 715221

File: 1539805494540.png (97.37 KB, 1156x284, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 3.40…)

No. 715226


Oh shit, it all adds up then, this is how she was tweeting about it before Taylor's tweet, so the 'damage control' she mentioned is Taylor trying to take control of the situation and make something up and post it publically before she could say anything herself.

No. 715228

Lmao so this explains a lot. People close to Taylor knew she killed them, told this girl about it, and are now staying quiet knowing she's lying about the way they died hahahah wow.

No. 715229

File: 1539805819861.jpeg (473.9 KB, 3444x3444, 293C7BF2-D49F-45DE-B43B-DF7C0E…)

They make me want to puke!

No. 715230


the fact that they can still defend her over this knowing the truth about what happened is sick. This would be a perfect time for them to rise up against her and say something but they won't. Although it's clear that there must be a snake in her close friends that has a different opinion of her and her care.

No. 715231


If she had only one, the circuit would not have been overloaded.

Logic: how does it work?


Her herps need heat in her air conditioned apartment, and the heat, in turn, triggers the AC in an expensive vicious cycle.

No. 715232

Jessica's tweets were 9 hours before Taylor's tweets with her made up sob story.

Somebody got caught. Not that her stans will pay attention.

No. 715235


I'm so glad another creator is speaking up about this I just hope it doesn't go unnoticed

I wonder how they really died then?

No. 715247

Wow so do we reckon she was planning on replacing them and not saying anything but realised someone knew the truth so decide to get her story out first?

No. 715248


maybe she already has, someone above posted that she was already looking into getting more crocodile skinks from a breeder, maybe she's already got them and was planting the seed?

but yeah it's likely that she panicked after finding out someone knew the truth so had to spin it to a narrative that made her look good

No. 715250

Or possibly she realised she couldn't get replacements that were similar enough? I find it odd she mentioned already speaking to breeders about more skinks… A normal person would leave it a few months to heal, why was she so desperate to speak to breeders so soon?

No. 715252

I would guess dehydration/malnutrition …her water bowls were always empty when she actually showed enclosures…how many more have to suffer!

No. 715256

Around what time did Jonny get back most recently? Wasn't that early October?

I wouldn't rule out him messing with shit or hurting the animals to try and maintain control.

No. 715257

Publically staying she’s already spoken to breeders covers her if someone heard the rumours and announced they were a breeder and confirmed Taylor was looking for more skinks. In no way would she be interested in genuinely buying new skinks cos she likes them. They are way too boring for her to bother replacing unless she had an ulterior motive.

No. 715263

This is all so incredibly sad. I knew it was only a matter of time. I don't believe her circuit breaker story for one second. I think she neglected them to death and is covering it up. However, I wanted to note one more hole in the heat surge explanation that I haven't seen anyone mention, as far as I know. Decent heat mats and thermostats are designed to fail OFF not ON, to prevent this very situation. In the event of a malfunction where they fail, they turn off and cool down rather than fail on and continue to roast your pets. This is precisely why people have been telling her that managing her heat sources is fucking imperative. And now 3 pets are dead.

No. 715264


None of the heat story is true, it's all a cover up. Jessica just confirmed this in her tweet that they died due to her care and not due to an accident.

No. 715265

"you gave them all the absolutely best lives they could have"

but….she burned them alive? they weren't even old? or thriving? how is that even a rational way of seeing things? WTF why

No. 715266

She got caught replacing them this time. Wonder how many pets she has killed and replaced without getting caught before this.

No. 715267

Honestly, I just don’t buy this story at all. This bitch posts everything on social media and uses anything as an excuse to not post content. She would’ve been milking this as an excuse as to why she couldn’t post her numerous promised videos as soon as it happened.

No. 715270

File: 1539807639429.jpeg (252.88 KB, 1242x1137, 618F8845-D65A-4764-A26D-6947BE…)

No. 715271

I'm surprised she didn't notice. I don't know how many times I check on my own snake because I'm scared something will malfunction or generally to make sure she's okay.
Yep, this too. Used to work at a place that had a 'reptile' room and it was far warmer than any other room but I'm pretty sure you'd know if something was too hot.

No. 715274

Is he meant to get that much food at one time? I have no experience with monitors but that seems a bit much, or I'd at least hide food around his cage so it's at least somewhat enriching…

No. 715277

What’’s Jessica to Taylor?
A friend?

No. 715280

I hadn’t heard of her until she was mentioned in this thread but she’s a small pet YouTuber. It’s a pretty small community so they all seem to know each other - she obviously knows something from someone about what happened to Taylor’s animals that isn’t the same as the story Taylor is trying to promote.

No. 715281

No, and that's an absolutely horrible diet for him. He shouldn't be eating that many rats at once, and that entire plate just looks…wrong?

No. 715283


No they are not friends. She's another small youtuber with some strong opinions on Taylor

No. 715284

Jessica is another pettuber and not a friend of taylor

No. 715287

I like how the smaller pettube channel are all over TND’s latest massive fuckup (Jessica, Imee’s World, and Erin Rachel) while the other, bigger channels are trying to sweep this under the rug.

No. 715296

So Jessica hear about what really happen to the skinks and the Pac-Man frog from a petuber close to Taylor?
It would interesting to see who spilled the truth
It could be anyone since all of them are so two face.

No. 715297

Yeah cause they need her big audience

No. 715298

Probably because they are just as fucked up as Taylor is and they don't want to lose the free promotion by being her fake friend. I really hope this Jessica person comes through with more information. If she doesn't all the stans will just say that it's rumors.

No. 715299

Yeah, I know. I just wanted to address the utter implausibility of her cover story, since thousands of her stans actually still believe it. It's pretty funny that she doesn't even know enough about heating or husbandry in general to know how to make up a plausible lie that would even make sense. If she'd ever used a decent thermostat she'd know they fail off not on.

No. 715302

I can't believe this fucking bitch got 3 animals dead and the first thing she thought to do was defending herself and replacing them. I hate her guts

No. 715304

They can't be rumors tho cause she knew about everything hours before Taylor even mentioned anything on social media

No. 715309

They will regardless. They literally refuse to see the truth when it comes to Taylor being a shitty person and an even worse pet owner

No. 715337

Does anyone else find it weird that mama dean commmented on Jessica’s post too? The one about “choose who you follow and support wisely”? And I’m still pretty sure this post was made before Taylor’s story came out

No. 715345

I saw that too lol.. it's all just fishy

No. 715360

File: 1539813121952.jpg (52.54 KB, 608x425, dnskndfs.jpg)

this tweet is also pretty funny now considering she supposedly just cooked 3 of her pets

No. 715362

idk if this is particularly relevent, but how do you suppose she takes care of her dead pets remains? she's probably not burying them since she lives in apartment, and highly doubt she's cremating them or something. She probably just tosses them in the trash because her pets mean nothing to her. I had a small pet die recently and had him cremated. It was a pretty big chunk of change for me but was worth it because throwing his body in the garbage was my only other option in an apt. She has plenty of money to pay for death care for all her pets but I doubt she's even considered it. Maybe i'm too sentimental. idk

No. 715363

File: 1539813158758.jpeg (329.03 KB, 1125x998, 6FC08D35-0BF2-4C54-A725-215374…)


she’s been going at it on twitter for a while, arguing with people about their grammar of all things. why take such a vested interest in defending taylor’s actions of it was all just a big mistake?!

No. 715365

File: 1539813201905.jpg (135.61 KB, 1080x696, IMG_20181017_225231.jpg)

Why would she want to dm an actual crazy bitch? I just can't with this woman.

No. 715366

File: 1539813505885.jpg (256.81 KB, 1080x1347, IMG_20181017_225819.jpg)

No. 715367

You can plant them in pots if you live in an apartment but I imagine she’d have fucking rows of pots ..

No. 715370

Oh for fucks sake lol. While I dont think they were replaced, those animals died of pure neglect. Had she CHECKED on them soon after power came back on then they would still be alive. But no, Taylor cant be arsed to pay attention to her animals unless shes taking them out for pictures when she needs to model a new tattoo or manicure.

No. 715371

Tbh I hate Tyler more than Taylor sometimes. He's so fucking desperate.

I bet replacing animals you killed is like a regular thing in the pet tube community, smaller pet tubers just haven't realized it's all about attention and money. Not animals.

No. 715374

File: 1539814019561.png (101.11 KB, 698x292, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.03…)

This whole situation reminds me of years ago (2015) when Taylor didn't realize Piper wasn't in the carrier with Solara when she went to a photoshoot until she got there

No. 715380

The intent was to replace…but her plans were thwarted before she had a chance!

No. 715383

Except she’s not even admitting human error. Yet again she’s blaming the equipment and saying it would happen to anyone. Makes me so mad she’s basically replying to all the other irresponsible owners who have also killed pets that it makes her feel better that it’s not just her and these things are common. Again her Pac-Man and skinks weren’t together so wouldn’t both be affected by the same regulator failing. No ones pointed this out to her still.

No. 715384

Exactly. Hence why she was so keen to announce she’s already been in talks with a breeder. Total cover up.

No. 715385


Tyler's either a piece of shit or he's really dumb and naive, possibly both. Even if we believe her story at face value, which we shouldn't, the kind of "human error" on display here is more a case of neglect than a mistake. Who doesn't check on their animals for 12 hours when they're at home? Who doesn't check to make sure electrical outlets and devices are working after overloading a system, especially if those devices are used in the care of living creatures?

No matter the details, it was neglect that killed these animals.

No. 715387

File: 1539814736009.jpg (214.31 KB, 1080x1419, IMG_20181017_231659.jpg)

If fame and attention are the last thing you want why are you making videos for the world to see and trying to gain subscribers? Man, these pet youtubers need to go back to school or something, they're so dense. Do none of them think before they speak?

No. 715394

Of course the more well known pettubers are trying to shut the lesser known ones up. If anyone was doing this to Taylor, it’d be ‘bullying’

Taylor killed her animals, hid it, got new animals, says she has no intention of at least slowing down on getting new animals, and in fact is considering buying 2 new snakes.

She’s no friend to animals, neither is anyone who supports her. Or her crazy, passive-aggressive mom.

No. 715398

File: 1539815464122.jpg (364.22 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181018-003103_Sam…)

No. 715400

File: 1539815498257.png (84.26 KB, 972x310, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 6.27…)

how is the person who constantly subtweets her own daughter and openly disagrees with her choices is also the person who spends hours everyday arguing with other people who do the same? It's easier for Jen to pretend that everyone with valid concerns/opinions about Taylor are just 'angry trolls' instead of seeing the reality of the situation.

No. 715401


Try to speak to her? Taylor just blocks and ignores anyone who has any genuine concerns

No. 715402

File: 1539815707649.jpg (574.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-153206.jpg)

Jennifer Dean is so cringey

No. 715403


Jessica is literally about to be ganged up on by the bigger pettubers because she refuses to mindlessly kiss ass smh

No. 715405

How many times are these idiots going to defend her? She adopted two very young kittens despite never even having a cat before, let alone a kitten, guess what? Within a week one dies. Not Taylor's fault tho. She leaves her bearded dragons necrotic tail for MONTHS to the point he has to gets half of it removed. Not Taylor's fault though. She bought a monitor and didn't even know what monitor she bought (she had defos done research on monitors before though) and gave it the wrong care for a month, and continued to keep it in a tank which didn't allow it to climb. Not Taylor's fault tho. Ignores the fact her axolotl wasn't eating and lost all its gill feathers due to fungus to the point it nearly died. Not Taylor's fault tho. Loses power to her animals for 12 hours and then fails to check on them for at least 9 hours to the point 3 got baked to death. Not Taylor's fault tho. When is she gonna learn? When will these people realise she doesn't check closely enough on these animals she supposedly loves? I've had many animals in my life and as soon as something is off I notice straight away. Accidents do happen, these are not accidents.

No. 715417

File: 1539816556895.png (443.58 KB, 1242x2208, 44580972-D9FD-489F-BD6F-781EDB…)

Literally nobody wants to be this washed up bitch. She is cold hearted and literally, even if something else didn’t happen, she let her animals bake. She should not have animals. This should be a genuine case to report to animal cruelty.

No. 715419

Its embarrassing that any of them think this comes from a place of wanting to "be like them". I take a lot of pride in the fact that Im NOT like they shitty, shallow, insecure human beings.

No. 715422


They all want to be plastic druggies? ok then

No. 715425

Taylor admitted to not checking once on her reptiles after they lost power for 9hours resulting in 3 of them being cooked to death… why do none of them seem bothered by this? It's not "an accident", it's not "human error", it's straight up not giving a shit. Three of her animals died recently, and just 2 days ago she was posting about snakes she wants to buy… Seems like the only people who care about the animals in this situation are the "haturz". Funny that.

No. 715431

Tbh this alone proves to me that she is either lying about this whole thing or she just really doesn't give a shit about her pets.
Not in a million years would anyone make a joke like this just a few days after 3 of their pets literally cooked to death.

No. 715442

You bring up a good point though, even if a person is only a 'borderline hoarder' and has a ton of pets, but can sufficiently care for each and everyone ones above their minimum care requirements (like Taylor claims her situation is), it still results in neglect to the animals, intentional or not.

The fact of the matter is it is physically impossible for any one person to spend time with each individual animal when you have so many of them. And as a result you never learn each animals individual personalities, their likes and dislikes, their quirks.
And if you don't know their usual behaviours, then you don't know when something is off and they may be ill.

Not to mention, because you never learn your pets personalities when you have that many animals, they are no longer individuals to you. There is nothing to make them completely unique from every other of that species in your eyes, and they become replaceable. It's no wonder there is so little emotion behind deaths for Taylor.

Whenever Taylor gushes about her love for her animals, I do believe she loves being around animals, and interacting with animals, and enjoying the aesthetic of certain species. She loves them the way she might love a picture of these animals if they were online. But I don't believe she loves them as the individual beings they are because she doesn't know who those beings are.

No. 715450

It's very telling that the small youtubers are willing to call out big ones. Why would they do that when 1. They could play nice, become friends, and get more followers (cough Tyler, Emma, and Maddie) or 2. They know they'll receive attacks from their dumbass stans.

I hope Jessica can come through with some evidence bc that could shut everyone down.

No. 715451

I don’t understand how all her fans are so dense to not see the blatant bullshit she spews. One minutes she claims she cannot be a hoarder because she has the time to take care of her animals because she doesn’t have a job and her “job is caring for her animals” and she devotes her whole days to them. The next minutes she’s literally admitting to not going in her reptile room for 9-10 hours, even after a major power outage. Which is it, Taylor?

No. 715457

When you have an animal that dies and the first thing you have to do is DEFEND YOURSELF, doesn't that give the indication that you're the problem? Most people would make a post explaining what happened and that's it. Taylor word vomits all over it by coming up with excuses and reasons as to how it's not her fault.

No. 715459

Even though Em already exposed this, this is even more proof all of them spend all day on this site reading their threads. Jessica didn’t even tag Taylor in any of her tweets but within an hour of it being posted here Taylor’s personal army of asskissers swoop in on the tweet to defend Taylor’s neglect. Neither Tyler nor Emma follow Jessica. They saw the tweet here.

No. 715465

The only thing I'm jealous of is her money. Aside from that she's a pathological liar, a cold hearted bitch, neglects her pets, does nothing with her life, and she's dating an abusive rapist. Hard pass, I take pride in the fact I'm nothing like her.

No. 715467

The problem with the “if you were concerned why didn’t you talk to her? Taylor tried talking to you on multiple occasions”
Taylor doesn’t fucking listen. She either ignores, blocks, or overcompensates on why her care is fine and YOU’RE the one who’s wrong. What’s the point? I don’t blame that girl for not wanting to talk to her. What these idiots forget is that their whole entire career is being in the public eye which means being up for scrutiny and criticism. Clearly they can’t handle it.

No. 715470

File: 1539819187624.jpg (590.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-183300_Twi…)

No. 715471

File: 1539819209331.jpg (542.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181017-183453_Twi…)


No. 715472

File: 1539819255992.png (49.85 KB, 594x407, jfennen.PNG)

No. 715476

File: 1539819622578.jpg (113.37 KB, 1080x797, IMG_20181018_003838.jpg)

Isn't it funny that they weren't posting this when Taylor was openly slandering the bearded dragon breeder… That wasn't even the correct breeder.

No. 715478

How long was everyone asking about thermometers, and she still never bothered. Honestly, even if it weren’t for the gaping holes in the story, (not knowing how an overloaded circut vs surge works, how circuits work literally at all, that mats fail into OFF not ON, the fact that she obviously hasnt been upset enough to even slow down on purchasing new animals, tweeting selfies etc) but honestly even if it were true she cooked her animals to death, not letting them die from neglect, even if I had just gotten the animal and hadn’t developed any bond with it, the thought of cooking an animal alive is so fucking traumizing to me that I seriously don’t know how she thought that was somehow ‘damage control’. It makes her look like a fucking sociopath.

No. 715479

Quite funny. Also, from a legal standpoint slander is quite difficult to prove. She has to prove that it actually hurt her reputation and lets be honest here, Jessica is probably telling the truth so it'll be REALLY difficult to prove slander.

No. 715480

And why is most of it with her boobs front and center?!

No. 715481

File: 1539819936719.jpeg (407.42 KB, 750x1138, C1558B4E-4E54-426B-B0DD-53F8D3…)

Wow her stans want her to press charges?! That is crazy.

No. 715484


the only thing affecting her income is her lazy ass not posting any videos

No. 715485

What would she even press charges for? Being called out on her shit?

No. 715487

“Slander” apparently.

No. 715488

Her stans can literally watch a live video of Taylor skinning her cats alive and they'll still find some retarded excuse to defend her.

No. 715492

Remember when Taylor literally doxxed someone and her fans were like “well they deserved it >:(“? Could she not get sued for that shit?

No. 715493

How u gonna suebfor slander when Taylor posted her pets died and it's her fault and she was looking at replacements? Like ???? You think Taylor is lying about herself too?

No. 715496

you mean like how Taylor's accusations of that one breeder affected his income and business through bad reviews from her stans?

No. 715497

It could have been Pickles Pets, pubpibblehedgie or Lori’s Heartland

No. 715498

Or that Emily Lizard chick

No. 715501


They've all unfollowed jessica and anyone who agrees with her

No. 715508

Not true. Checking her followers now and so far Lori’s heart land and a few others still follow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 715511

They’d do anything not to face her stans. It’s honestly pathetic. It’s also baffling that everyone has to come to her aid when they know she’s not a good animal keeper. She lies and lies and lies and yet they still are defending her just to say “yeah I’m friends with TND” animals are literally dying, and y’all want to keep clout chasing. It’s so aggravating

No. 715513

File: 1539821433520.jpeg (267.99 KB, 1242x1225, DFEC12CA-0693-4CC5-B870-EF92ED…)

Wow! She wasn’t just talking to breeders…sounds like she DID replace them…and was going to try to pass them off down the road. Now she will do an intro to new ones in a week or so!

No. 715515

Jen's going psycho on Twitter about Joe from South Texas Dragons.

No. 715519

File: 1539821847574.png (90.07 KB, 750x1334, ECB2688B-9624-4CBE-A67A-308BA1…)

I wonder who this is.

No. 715525

File: 1539822152618.jpg (209.62 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181017-172212.jpg)

Lmao dumb bitch. Exploit your disabled kid some more.

No. 715527

File: 1539822223284.jpg (270.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20181017-172352.jpg)

Jen casually threatening children with violence on Twitter. Nbd

No. 715530

File: 1539822278660.png (439.1 KB, 906x934, Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 8.24…)

'you'll be blocked' constantly checks forum

No. 715532

File: 1539822358052.jpeg (151.52 KB, 750x1029, 3ED3018C-8C07-432A-B796-753C05…)

Hey Jen, here’s the review and breeder stating that Taylor was planning on doing an apology video that you said “didn’t happen”

No. 715535

File: 1539822786252.jpeg (438.78 KB, 2224x1668, 319E8271-12EF-4FA6-8858-7A2B1D…)

No. 715536

File: 1539822804698.jpeg (485.57 KB, 2224x1668, 3C8629D1-63B5-4D6B-A1B8-723EC0…)

No. 715541

When is someone putting Jen in a mental hospital? For real

No. 715542

Jen, I get it, youre not well liked by people in life, but you are the toxic influence that ruined your children. You are the person thats constantly seeking validation wherever you can get it, and passed that complex along to your pathetic excuse for an adult of a daughter. You can't handle just how pathetic of a job youve done raising your children, and how mediocre of a life you live so you lash out every time its pointed out to you. Nobody actually cares about you, or Taylor, most of us just dont like seeing people make money for neglecting animals or for not properly respecting being responsible for something elses life. Clearly this concept is lost on you and your daughter bases on the way you both choose to handle a situation.

Stop posting on social media trying to defend your shit life choices/state of being and those of your daughters and get some actual help. Nobody cares to hear you defend yalls bullshit anymore.

Id be so embarrassed to be you, or your trash person of a daughter.

No. 715544


No. 715545

Papa Dean would prefer to keep the kook at home so she can look after Tanner!

No. 715547

File: 1539823298153.png (19.7 KB, 463x117, Picture 10.png)

Who retweets something like this about themselves?

No. 715548

What a wonderful idea, broadcast the site that has a semi organised log on your pathological liar daughter and her abusive rapists shit for everyone to see. Not that more than 20 people will see it but great job Jen

No. 715549

A narcissist with a victim complex ie Taylor

No. 715552

First time posting, sorry if I'm not doing this right. Didn't she post a photo of Dany and Drogo on one of her socials just a few days ago? I can't seem to find it… Wonder if that was just to set up an alibi showing they were alive and well? Or to try to slip in the replacements, but when she knew she was going to get called out about them dying, she deleted it. I feel like I remember it bc I'm not really familiar with crocodile skinks and I took a good look because they looked a bit Haggard.

No. 715553

Now that you mention it, I think you’re right! They were probably the replacements she has already gotten!

No. 715554

I was also going to ask about this. I SWEAR there was a photo of them recently on her IG (I always took notice of them bc they were my favourite animals in her massive hoard) but it's gone now.

No. 715555

I don't know about the croc skinks, but make sure to read the rules and write "sage" in the email field when posting stuff like this

No. 715558

File: 1539823841511.png (1.39 MB, 2224x1668, 6D57C52C-ED82-4783-8C95-E8F369…)

Here she is suggesting she’s already decided to quit trying to quarantine animals and is putting them straight in the racks with her other snakes.

No. 715559


you're right. i had looked at the photo this morning when the whole story came out about them being dead.

a google search of taylor nicole dean crocodile skink and going to images will show you her skinks tho along with her care video still up on youtube


No. 715560

why on earth would she have empty tanks running with heat or lights that don’t have animals in them yet??

she claims that before she got her new snakes, the enclosures were already running, to deflect people calling her out for having too many

but why would you have empty tank running heat and light???

No. 715561

File: 1539823964386.jpeg (277.31 KB, 1355x1311, 6C2B4121-4856-443A-A086-C6B403…)

No. 715562

I literally asked where Asteroid was like four days ago.


No. 715564

God what a Mean Girl "She's no longer in our group"… She is so young that she thinks she'll have stans and money forever. What she'll have forever is bad tattoos and a bunch of thin animals that shit a lot.

No. 715565

soooo she told all her friends…friends who know her personally…therefore friends who cannot dislike her on the basis of “not knowing her personally”

No. 715566

Then post the chats of you announcing your pet murder to all your friends if it's made up.

No. 715567

File: 1539824363790.jpeg (544.94 KB, 1124x1861, 56BD9C14-8B05-4325-BBE5-78081A…)

5 days ago

No. 715568

File: 1539824378570.jpeg (578.25 KB, 1124x1858, BF7D0B17-CD1D-49A7-BA43-4A087D…)

No. 715571


yup thats the one. no longer on her insta

No. 715572

File: 1539824622013.jpeg (379.42 KB, 1207x1498, E7FAB810-144D-4D08-8EB2-E9CFA4…)

Protecting the queen at any cost…

No. 715573


Their mob mentality towards smaller youtubers is disgusting

No. 715574

File: 1539824700115.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2400x2400, C57A9CD9-8B23-4A70-A0C1-52D73B…)

I don’t want to wk but the picture she posted 5 days ago of them seem to be the same skinks

No. 715575

File: 1539824722059.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2400x2400, BE2F1E26-B0ED-4C62-8A7F-8477EE…)

No. 715577

I found the screenshots on the fan page made for Drogo (@drogodean) on twitter, nothings ever really gone Taylor

No. 715578

… They all look like that lol

No. 715580


In the photo on the left, the top one has orange marks all down it's tail that aren't there on either in the photo on the right?

No. 715581

I guess it just depends on when she's claiming they died…

No. 715582


Awh hell nah. I love Emi. Tyler needs to shut the fuck up. Sorry Emi actually keeps a normal number of animals and would notice pretty soon if one of them passed away because she doesn’t try to hoard them. It’s not a lie to say that Taylor’s in over her head with all these animals. It’s not speculation that if she would have less animals, she would probably take better care of the ones she has already and be able to focus on their needs a lot better. That’s true for so many people.

No. 715584


I just looked at the tweet he's replying to and not anywhere is Taylor mentioned and he doesn't follow this girl either. He's really going out of his way to defend Taylor wtf

No. 715586

And look! She has a degree. Good for her.

Tyler is just out here begging for Taylor’s fans to support him as well because if they’re really “friends” they would call out each others bullshit long time ago

No. 715588

Suddenly Tyler is such a good person who doesn’t believe in tearing others down, but had no problem tearing Emzotic apart with Taylor on twitter

No. 715590

If i had 1miion subs out of nowhere, he would probably start trying to kiss my ass too. He’s a clout chaser along with all the pettubers that’s trying to be her “friend”

No. 715595

Jennifer Dean is trying to become Greg Paul of "PetTube".
Since we're all here let's take some time to learn about quarantining your animals and what not doing that results in. (Hint: Dead animals).

No. 715597

I wonder what kind of trauma Johnny’s real kids are going through while he ignores them for Taylor and her hoard of animals.

No. 715600

the real trauma would be spending time with Jonny

No. 715601


I feel like this may be that Bree exotic? She was posted as being on the LA trip with them, and then disappeared early on into it. She was never mentioned in any of the vlog videos as actually being there, but was in photos. She hasn't tweeted for a while and everyone else in that 'group' seems to be in on the drama right now.

No. 715602

This bitch is bat shit crazy. Why does she always end with saying she knows who the person is and then some kind of threat?

No. 715605

I bet it is Bree Exotics. In my opinion she looks like she isn’t that bad.

No. 715607

What's her social media?

No. 715608

Yes, she's done the 'cat in enclosure' gag before. it's in one of our threads here.

No. 715612


And in the picture on the left one has white on it's neck and one has black by it's neck. Doesn't seem like the case in the photo on the right.

No. 715614

File: 1539828487380.png (344.39 KB, 577x379, the crack has taken direct con…)

No. 715616


I love how shes staying silent and playing the victim while all her friends come to her defense

No. 715617

I love her posting a gif of a pacman frog after she just killed one.

No. 715618


its hers i think

No. 715621

File: 1539828747112.png (22.67 KB, 606x202, u right.png)


You're right. But she's grieving so hard guys…

No. 715627

You’re most likely right. I’m sure Tay spilled the beans on the trip (probably after several drinks) and Bree has a moral compass that didn’t agree with what Taylor did and left. Of course Walmart Taylor (Emma) and lizard Emily don’t know what that is, so they play right along. Hell. They probably do the same damn thing! Slugs. All of them!

No. 715673

Jessica deleted all of her Taylor tweets.

No. 715682

Okay this is so creepy. So essentially Taylor told her pet YouTuber “friends” about the neglectful death of her animals and one of them had the common sense and decency to question her story and now they’re “no longer in the group” and everyone else just goes along with it because they want exposure from Taylor.

No. 715685

Sadly, I’m not surprised. Taylor is the largest/most popular pet YouTuber there is and her fans are crazy, uneducated preteens. I’m sure she was receiving a lot of hate and disgusting dms due to her speaking out.

No. 715716

File: 1539837068860.jpeg (168.39 KB, 750x1034, 886DEA8E-763F-421D-85E4-C874D3…)

No. 715724

i don't think she would need to cremate them, actually

too soon?

No. 715727

File: 1539838222343.png (3.84 MB, 750x1334, 3909667D-9CDE-4826-A009-4C1601…)

Not sure if this is a stretch but does it look like her nipple is visible here

No. 715733

File: 1539838588378.png (290.44 KB, 902x700, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.5…)

No. 715771

3 girls does NOT equal "nearly every girl." Does this bitch know what words mean? Also, she acknowledged that she wouldn't SAY that now, but didn't disagree with the sentiment lol

No. 715797

But what about the racists posts, Taylor? What was the context then?

No. 715801


Ok that's sweet honey, but just because you're "known" now doesn't suddenly make the stuff you say in the past irrelevant. Now that you're "known" you won't post stuff like this? Why? Because you're gonna get called out for being trash? lol

Also yes, it IS biphobic and if you aren't going to provide context AT THE TIME OF THE POST then it reads as "bisexuality is a fake sexuality" or "people can't make up their mind". Otherwise you're just covering your ass years later after you've come up with an excuse. I love it when straight girls try to preach what is and isn't offensive.

No. 715804


I hate that she probably got scared into deleting all of this and that it’s probably all just going to be forgot about. People were focusing too much on that one thing being true or not, when Taylor’s care has been questionable time and time again and people were finally speaking up about it.

No. 715811

File: 1539845212113.jpeg (423.35 KB, 1421x1691, 032AEE50-9534-4A8E-96D4-5226C2…)

She changes her story so frequently.

No. 715825

How can she work with all her animals three times a day when she sleeps for 12 hours and then doesn't check on them for 9-10 hours?

No. 715834


It’s also incredibly frustrating that the issue of Taylor’s blatant neglect has been completely overshadowed by everyone leaping to her defence over this dead / replacement pet issue (and by the way, I think it’s adminrable that a much smaller youtuber would call out this behaviour and don’t blame her at all for this change in narrative).

The neglect that people are so upset about was described by Taylor in her OWN WORDS, in great detail and people are allowed to criticise that, be angry about it and comment on it as much as they want. Taylor certainly uses her twitter to virtue signal what she believes to be neglect or poor animal care, so why shouldn’t others?! It’s always one rule for Taylor and one rule for everyone else in every aspect.

Incidentally, I’m sure we all know that ridiculous, extraneous details are often added to a story when someone is lying, but never mind.

No. 715835


She clearly checks on them in the morning, when she gets home and then goes to bed!! /s

She's such a fucking liar lol. Asleep 12 hours, then gone for 10. That's 22 hours your pets were alone. What, you checked on them 3 times in a two hour period? Why do her stans believe this crap?

No. 715840


She’s SO desperate to prove that she can cope with the number of animals she has and therefore doesn’t need an assistant to help with them that she’s just digging herself a bigger hole.

She says that the assistant helps out when she’s sleeping or when she’s sick? So why not get that same assistant to help when she knows she’s going to be out of the house for 10 hours?

Both of these activities result in her being unable to supervise her animals for an extended period of time. So yes, that IS neglect I’m afraid.

No. 715842

Maybe I missed it, but did she even say she left the house? I just read that she didn't go in the reptile room for 9-10 hours, it gave the impression to me that she was at home but just didn't check on them. If she had to leave the house for 9+ hours, if she was concerned at all about her animals tanks getting back up to temperature she could have just pulled her 'I'm sick' card.

No. 715856

She's mentioned her schedule so many times it's not even funny how her stans just disregard her neglect.

She sleeps, every day, up to 12 hours (hence the aSsIsTaNtS). The rest of the time is spent doing pretty much nothing.

No. 715867

It's fucked that she's using "I didn't go in the room for 9 hours" as her PUBLIC excuse like it sounds good? Sorry, what? You have over 30 pets in that room and you didn't once go in to feed, water, check on, interact with, ANY of them for 9 hours?

Even if her story was true that's neglect. I have a small number of pets in enclosures and I check on them at least every couple hours to make sure they're good on food and water. I don't think they've ever gone more than 3 waking hours without being checked on. I would say that's about average. 9 hours without a check in is INSANE for someone with over 30 pets who doesn't work or go to school or do anything else requiring leaving home for long periods.

So by her own admission, she wakes up, goes in there once, then doesn't go in again until that night.

No. 715884

File: 1539857154830.png (68.29 KB, 592x286, Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.5…)

if she would feel sooo fucking terrible and depressed about this she wouldn't reject ANY responsibility with "it can happen to anyone durrrrrr"
yes, all pets can die in freak accidents. no, it is not just as likely if you have one pet and claiming so is ridiculous. if this whole electricity adventure is true, it wouldn't have happened with one enclosure in the first place and then it would have been much easier to make sure everything works. if you have 30 cages in one room of course it's easy to miss something, especially if you are kinda negligent anyway. that doesn't mean it's any less of your responsibility to make sure everything's fine if you have 30. it means you shouldn't HAVE 30.

the words "you're such a good pet mom" piss me off so much at this point. brainless mantra

No. 715893


According to everything that went down last night the skinks died from dehydration and the frog from lack of nutrition but I guess we will never know the truth now.

No. 715897


Anyone with a brain who watches TND know how awful her care is that she doesn't really give a shit about animals. Safest hands? Uh, no. I wouldn't even foster a mouse out to her, she can't even get basic care right.

No. 715898

The assistant "cleans the house" lol … Why does it always look like a bomb has been dropped on it then?

No. 715911

Taylor is really the only cow who can genuinely make me mad and sad. I truly can not fathom how anyone can claim to care about animals but be blind to her neglect and mistreatment of her pets, or how she or anyone can be so delusional to think that haters are just jealous haters who hate her for personal reason, why tf is it so hard to believe that people are genuinely concerned for your pets, when your pets are the only reason for your popularity in the first place?

She and her minions are acting like she's the victim of a witchhunt, wtf. I don't want to watch Taylor crash and burn, I really just want her to pull herself together and DO BETTER, so that no more animals will suffer.

I couldn't get myself to read through this thread yesterday because the thought of her pets burning to death made me nauseaus as fuck and they weren't even my pets, and here she is making jokes about uncooked noodles, tf.

I feel sorry for that Jessica girl, and it baffles me that anyone would accuse HER of slander when Taylor is the only one with the power to actually slander someone. If anyone tries to do that to her, her army of bullies will attack them and shut them down and nothing will change.

Saged because no milk, I just had to vent a bit, sorry

No. 715914

I agree. This all went down when I was in class and when I saw her tweet I just felt sick. How do people justify her literally roasting her animals?

She needs to fire that "assistant," they're doing a shitty job.

No. 715921

It makes me really upset too anon. It sounds ridiculous but I actually had a hard time falling asleep last night because of all that crap yesterday. With any other cow I'd laugh at people getting this involved but fuck, this is about like 35+ innocent animals.

I get why Jessica took down all her tweets about Taylor but it would've been nice to raise awareness about it. Some of her stans saw that tweet and very actually kind of reasonable.

And I also understand the cowtipping rule but in cases like this there should be exceptions imo. This is not about ruining lolz this is literally about saving lives.

No. 715938

Taylor is NO victim! I DO want to see her crash and burn for how she treats Jonny’s Exes and anyone who isn’t kissing her ass.

Something to note: she should have SMELLED if her pets were dead/cooked! Pretty sure it wouldn’t be a pleasant smell. But then, her apartment is akin to a garbage dump so maybe she didn’t notice the extra stench.

As for slander, don’t even get me started, she does this consistently! First with the shop who sold her the “wrong” monitor to south Texas dragons. She never removes her slander.

I 110% believe what Jessica was told. The skinks dies from dehydration and had been replaced, which is why there was a pic of the skinks 6 days ago and has now been removed and replaced which her Swiss cheese story (too many holes) and the frog, well, anons have been saying every time she posted a pic that it didn’t look right and malnurished!

Time for Taylor to call off the dogs, including her mother, if you could call her that!

No. 715940


I have a feeling she was probably forced into taking the tweets down. If not by the sheer amount of people tweeting at her but maybe even Taylor herself, she was eerily silent during the whole thing.

No. 715954

I'm really bothered by this one, too. How can so many of her fans be so stupid? Her behavior didn't change at all this month/week, and she's ADDED new pets to her apartment-sized zoo. She's not felt heartbroken about anything. She's only worried about damage control.

When I first came here (back in some of the earliest threads), I felt sorry and fearful for Taylor. She had a shitty, obsessive mother and an addict with abusive tendencies for a boyfriend. So many red flags. I still think her animal hoarding is an emotional coping mechanism, but there's no excusing it. Coping mechanisms are sadly understandable UNTIL they involve living creatures that may be harmed in the process of your own crashing and burning.

I wish karma were fucking real. But, really, what's going to happen is in a few days this will "all be over" and she'll go back to buying more animals that her fans will mindlessly cheer over.

You guys notice she's not making a video about this one. She knows she can't act well enough in it to pretend she cares about these deaths.

No. 715968

File: 1539870659731.jpeg (374.21 KB, 1242x1705, 94B30EC5-9D3C-4925-A7A6-F9C9DA…)

Fucking WHEN, Taylor? Like this is so fucking infuriating how her fans and petuber group is just dismissing this incident when it’s literally such an obvious case of neglect. She says in her own sob story notepad post how the power went out for 12 hours as she slept - she realized it when she got up and “fixed” it and then literally didn’t go back into the room for TEN HOURS. These are her own fucking words. This is such a clear cut example of neglect but no one cares. It makes me sick.

No. 715973

Whyyyyy can't she just say, "I fucked up so bad this time, I'm sorry" and be done with it??? Why does she ALWAYS have to defend herself and have her rabid fans set on people?

No. 715975

File: 1539871548056.jpg (138.17 KB, 1080x440, Screenshot_20181018-160449_Sam…)

No. 715988

File: 1539871928358.jpg (192.51 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20181018-161142_Sam…)

Nice to see people speaking up about it. Hope she doesn't also get bullied into taking those tweets down

No. 715993

Because she can’t own up to even the smallest things because she’s perfect and never does anything disgusting or wrong. She’s not the one who leaves her dirty toothpaste open on her bathroom counter, it’s Johnny. She didn’t hang her shower curtain hooks backwards, that was her assistant. She didn’t kill a kitten due to her inexperience and denial, there was nothing she could do. She didn’t neglect Twisty and his necrotic tail to the point it had to be amputated, she bought him that way. She didn’t roast and neglect her animals to death, it could’ve happened to anyone. It’s so fucking transparent and gross.

No. 715996

She can get away with literal murder it seems.

No. 715998

I really wish another semi large youtuber would make a video on this, so that people outside of Twitter and Instagram will know what happened.

No. 716001


That will just get her more subscribers. Most people don't actually give a damn. The best hope for her animals isn't exposure of TND. It's her small-time fame dwindling into nothingness.

No. 716020

It’s both funny and sad but I think tumblr actually has it mostly against Taylor right now. We all know how much publicity that echo chamber gets so I don’t know if sparking stuff there might draw more attention to her neglect

No. 716026

I can't find anything, under what tag?

No. 716027


You know what they say; birds of a feather flock together. Jonny = trash, Taylor = trash.

No. 716031

I just typed in Taylor Nicole Dean into the search bar and stuff came up?

No. 716034

I can only find stuff from a few months ago if that's what you mean? I thought you were talking about more recent stuff

No. 716037

Oh probably. I don’t know I hate the fucking hell site normally because of fandom brats and witch hunts.
I only thought of it because of how many more posts I saw calling her out than giving her ass pats.

No. 716054

You literally check why the power goes out whenever it goes out too. The fact that she has reptiles who need heating also makes me question why she never went in there and checked that they were okay just in case.

No. 716066

It’s because it’s a BULLSHIT made up story but she didn’t think it through before she tried to get ahead of Jessica outing her!

She would have been better to have said the power went out in the night and they got too cold…not that she ignored them after 12 hours with no power (don’t know how she can determine that exactly) and after turning back on she ignored them for 9-10 hours. Irresponsible story. Not someone to feel sorry for!

No. 716067

I think whats even more upsetting is the fact that there was a power outage that she KNEW about and still didn't check on them for 9-10 hours?? If these animals are like your CHILDREN, wouldn't you be checking on them at least every 1-2 hours? It's disgusting she let this happen.

No. 716070

after my boiler was repaired i checked on it several times throughout the day cause i was so anxious it would break again, but sure makes sense you just "turned back on" the breaker box and forgot about it for 9 hours lol. maybe the difference is hot showers are important to me and taylor's animals are……well.

No. 716120

Because that’s what a RESPONSIBLE pet owner would do if something that could endanger their animals would do.

No. 716143

But obviously is Taylor we're talking about, she couldn't care shit about her animals

No. 716144

Dying of dehydration takes far longer and more painful than how she’s trying to say they died!

No. 716147


It's perfectly feasible too, sometimes shes gone for weeks on end with only her teen mom friend looking after her animals who may not know what the skinks needs are as a species. We've also seen time and time again empty water bowls in her cages so this really isn't much of a stretch.

No. 716154

File: 1539887863235.jpeg (410.73 KB, 1668x2224, 0FF3AE20-77DD-4E85-9D93-423DF2…)

> mocks those who criticize her care
> says she’s totes open to criticism
> claims she totally isn’t blindly getting asspats from clout chasers no matter how many animals her neglect and ignorance kills, as if the only legitimate criticisms could come from her ‘friends’. Oh wait, when one did, suddenly “she’s not in our group anymore”

No. 716156


she thanks people for informing her of things shes doing wrong!! That's the biggest BS i've ever heard, does she really not see herself for the person she is? she will make every excuse under the sun before taking on someones advise, even when they're more experience in the animal she's getting advise about

No. 716165

File: 1539888375611.jpeg (439.13 KB, 1185x2121, 648A6C1F-56E5-4BD9-B95C-D48C54…)

No. 716169

Yeah fuck the other one I guess. She doesn't even pretend to care about the rat girls.

No. 716173

He’s in a hide with a female….have any of them been neutered/spayed yet? She’s not said a peep about that layely

No. 716177

Even if Goose was neutered like he was supposed to be two weeks ago, it takes six weeks for him to become sterile. Can’t wait for the fucking oops litters.

No. 716181

I'm starting to think she's purposefully letting the females get pregnant

No. 716191

File: 1539891130599.jpeg (56.99 KB, 1092x196, 4D6FD021-2F61-444A-A0C4-BF0B9F…)

Pretty sure she deleted this.

No. 716193

Wasn't she supposed to have a video out today? Has she even mentioned that or is she using this as an other excuse?

No. 716195

According to her super adult whiteboard agenda she was supposed to have a Audible sponsored video out today. But it’ll probably be another week.

No. 716207

In before we get a condescending thread of tweets about the importance of breeding your own live feeders and how snakes have to eat too guize!!111!

No. 716250

File: 1539895767390.jpeg (227.5 KB, 976x998, F242D54A-8008-4983-A099-94A40C…)

This will be a headline for Taylor soon…bank on it!

No. 716339


What a surprise. Good luck with your underaged females being pregnant, you twat. Zero idea on history or genetics, but go on and breed even more sickly animals into this world. First she was claiming Goose had megacolon (he prob doesn't, she just wanted to sound smart about DWS even after incorrectly calling it high white lmao) and now she's letting him breed? HUGE no. Taylor used to be against backyard breeding and now she's doing exactly that. Good job, Tay!

Can't wait for the 'oooops' litter after she claimed she got Goose neutered and the vet must have botched the surgery! It's like she thinks she's the only person in the world to own rats and neuter them. Newsflash Taytay, heaps of people neuter/spay and know that males need to be kept away from females six weeks after the surgery to make sure the "pipes are clean". Not to mention the huge surgical site Goose would have. Same with the females - it's an invasive surgery that not only removes the uterus, but the ovaries as well. Hard to botch that when two major sex organs are removed.

No. 716448

File: 1539912405524.jpeg (280.75 KB, 750x596, C66F5513-7024-40B8-BFC9-ADA439…)

The white knighting is sort of getting out of hand if Taylor’s fans are dragging people who haven’t tweeted about it into it.

No. 716453


Taylor's stans all have hate-boners for Emzotic, even though Taylor publicly doxxed someone on her Twitter lol

They're all fucking hypocrites.

No. 716524

File: 1539917867452.jpeg (329.84 KB, 750x599, F803981F-3E05-499C-A146-4905DC…)

She’s so insane

No. 716529

For someone who gets so upset when we say mean things about her, she sure acts like a cunt and practically begs us to hate her lol

No. 716559

Wow. Cos that's a great thing to joke about given the circumstances. Somebody lock this nut away.

No. 716569

But… the animals really did die…

No. 716586

I love how most people when a pet dies will go quiet for a bit then come out and say it because they had their period of mourning or just make the announcement but still obviously sad.

Meanwhile the deans are just “lol my animal died so I guess I better joke about the hate instead of just ignoring it”

No. 716595

I love how most people when a pet dies will go quiet for a bit then come out and say it because they had their period of mourning or just make the announcement but still obviously sad.

Meanwhile the deans are just “lol my animal died so I guess I better joke about the hate instead of just ignoring it”

No. 716649

File: 1539926077917.png (58 KB, 638x424, tnd-abuse-joke.png)

The way she and her mother joke is fucking psycho. Even if you truly believe you've not done anything wrong, SURELY you must realize how bad it looks to be this way after something tragic or controversial. Especially if you've COOKED YOUR ANIMALS ALIVE. Now's not the time to make "teehee, I'm abusing my animals!" jokes. Really, there's no time for those jokes if you want to be taken seriously in a particular field.

No. 716682

So let me get this straight… Taylor told her fellow pettuber circle that the skinks and the frog died, all from neglect. She also told them she'd be replacing them (or already had) so to dupe her audience. Just how normal is this in this circle? You'd think they'd be up in arms about the replacement thing, the neglect thing, or both? It's a bit concerning that they're accepting this as normal. Is it happening behind closed doors with more of this group, and that's why it's no big thing to them to talk about? I've always thought it was a bit tinfoily with the replacement animal theories here, but there you go, it's real.

No. 716685


Not to WK the other pettubers because they are just as bad as her, but she most likely manipulated the situation and didn't outright say it. Probably posted something in their group chat about how her skinks died, doesn't know how, etc. Questions get asked, she answers like 'well they haven't been drinking a lot lately' and they come up with the conclusion of how they died. Then no doubt Taylor mentions her audience, how much her fans loved the skinks, how the haters are out to get her, etc. So she'd mention buying new skinks to replace them to avoid the drama. Easy enough to spin when these are other youtubers with their own audience.

Same with the frog. Mentions he passed, makes a few comments of how he didn't look too good, he wasn't eating properly, etc and she noticed something was amiss but didn't realize how bad. She's manipulative and I don't believe she's dumb enough to outright say an animal died so she'll just replace it, it'd be too easy to expose her if any of them wanted to. Instead she'll mince her words.

No. 716725

I'm really interested to know when this actually happened. She said "this month" so I feel like it was longer than a week ago (otherwise she'd say "this week"), but she posted a (now deleted) photo of her skinks less than a week ago… pretending they're alive when they're not is so fucked up. Like who the fuck does that? Honestly, it makes the "rumor" she was going to replace them more believable if she was trying to make it seem like they were still alive. If she has nothing to hide, why does she always hide her pets deaths?

No. 716739

File: 1539935479858.png (80.66 KB, 718x626, IMG_20181019_095103.png)

Watch Taylor become a twich thot

No. 716740

Hahahah this would be great when she realises she can't edit herself.

No. 716741


LMAOOO. What "games" has Taylor ever played? Sorry honey, but if you're gonna play games on Twitch you either need to be a) good or b) entertaining. Usually both and you can't do either.

Can't wait to see the unedited mess of this stream. She's gonna turn into a twitch thot with tits out and her camera taking up the entire screen while they "game" and there's only so much time she can spend sitting there banning people in her chat lol. Stay on insta with your filters to spare yourself the embarrassment.

No. 716749

Didn't she write a tweet when the power went out? I could've sworn she did. I searched for the caps on here but couldn't find anything. Would've just been interesting to know since when the croc skinks and pacman frog have supposedly been dead.

No. 716759


No I think what actually happened is she let it slip on the LA trip with Breexotics. They were all drinking alcohol on that trip so she probably felt a little bit more free to say what happened. Bree disappeared from the trip early on and was never mentioned as being there even though she was in some of the photos. That’s probably why they couldn’t progress with any real ‘proof’ as Taylor probably admitted it to her in person and she felt uncomfortable and left the trip early or they all had a falling out. If that was me I would have secretly recorded the convosation lol.

No. 716761


This would make sense why all of the ones who are defending her on Twitter (tyler etc) are doing so, because they weren’t there and don’t know the truth. Doesn’t explain why Emma and the other girl who was in LA with them are standing up for her if they know the truth but maybe they’re both pieces of shit too. Honestly If it was this bree girl she has nothing to gain from lying or telling someone she thought was worth trusting and it looks like she didn’t even want it to become public knowledge so I highly doubt it’s some fabricated lie.

No. 716774


no surprise there. isn't a good look to entertain a live audience when you're supposed to be grieving the loss of 3 pets you roasted to death

No. 716814

I wonder if the others have also spilt stories of mistakes they have made which is why they are reluctant to talk bad of each other. I don’t feel a channel would suffer if they were to share the truth and had proof. If anything it would bring people to them.

No. 716838

I can't believe how much they're joking about dead animals and abuse. I want to curl up and die when I step on my dog's paw! Pet owners are supposed to have empathy and she's just dead inside.

No. 716841

File: 1539957358850.jpeg (93.84 KB, 738x743, DC05E6C4-E5A9-49E9-9F31-53A66D…)

But I thought the microchip was unregistered? And what kind of TNR program microchips a feral/stray? None, bc it’s a waste of resources, Taylor.

No. 716842


It would if Taylor is threatening them, as the top pet youtuber she holds quite a lot of power both financially and influentially so she could threaten to take action against anyone who speaks out against her, or just send people to attack them.

No. 716868

I don’t see what she could do realistically. If they have proof then it’s she can’t get involved legally without losing. Send people to attack her? What? As in physically? I disagree she has power to do anything. She holds no influence over anyone on YouTube in the real world.

No. 716870

And we all know TND is together enough to provide any sort of credible argument or defence against anything said against her ‘legally’. As if she’s going to want people digging into her any deeper than they do. They would uncover more against her if they were the case.

No. 716871

Sorry, ISNT together.

No. 716880


They chip free BARN CATS out there according to the web, but ear clipping is the standard catch neuter release policy, as it is pretty much everywhere. And a stray around apartments is not part of a free barn cat system

No. 716895

Not defending Taylor, but one of the TNR programs run in my city microchips the community cats. Hannah Shaw aka Kitten Lady does the same when she TNRs.

No. 716900

What is the actual point in microchipping strays? Like its completely pointless. I get spaying/neutering strays but the microchip I dont get as they're used to find owners and the strays clearly dont have any?

No. 716904

I'm pretty sure it's to avoid having said stray cat put down by the municipalities that may catch them.

No. 716920

How many animals has Taylor now killed, got sick, or just given out to her friends? Has anyone kept a running tally?

No. 716934

File: 1539965148433.png (281.45 KB, 750x1334, 083C3A0C-06EF-4548-B416-7055C8…)

No. 716935

File: 1539964988541.jpeg (285.5 KB, 750x1226, 093DF6BA-8223-446B-8DE1-2A4D02…)

Oh look, now Jonny doesn’t have to hide his drinking at the mall attached to their apartments

(Backstory for anyone who doesn’t remember/know: Jonny passed out drunk after sneaking to a restaurant’s bar to get hammered while he was out eating with the Deans at this mall)

No. 716936

File: 1539965220386.png (300.7 KB, 920x796, Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 12.0…)

I like how after directly replying she felt the need to quote the same tweet aswell, as if she wanted to make an example of what happens when you question her (aka she knows all her fans will jump whoever does)

No. 716938

No. 716942

Need to add her two halloween crabs, her "rescue" cat Star, her new shite snake Guppy/Tofu

No. 716947

File: 1539966164473.png (3.1 MB, 1242x2208, EA827BD7-E2D3-443E-B189-6B1FDE…)

No. 716948

File: 1539966185897.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, 45B2AC6D-28B9-490F-9F1C-9CC9C9…)

No. 716949

File: 1539966204672.png (1.68 MB, 1242x2208, 6E9C0C50-0C0C-4A91-97D6-8B7697…)

No. 716952

She acts so much like every drug addict I've ever known, with the constant shifting of blame and refusing to admit when she has done anything wrong. She can take any situation and twist it into a, "Poor me".

No. 716954

i don't wanna be nitpicky but her views on "30 year old man with decades of experience" vs "conservative female with a degree" baffles me on how she views females (or herself).

you have money for college, Taylor. you have time in your hands to prove people wrong by making GOOD content about your pets all the time. you have time to update people with every pet you have. All we get are "look at my new pet!" every week but no updates on pets you got a month ago unless they die. your own boyfriend RAPED and ASSAULTED his ex girlfriends and you laughed at the thought because it wasn't 'you.' I don't feel bad for your own little pity party. you're only doing this because there's more people not believing you this time.

No. 716955

Exactly and does she ever stop to consider WHY people hate her??? Most of her haters started out as fans I'm pretty sure. At least that's what I've noticed. People dont flip a switch one day and decide to hate you. Jesus fucking christ

No. 716957

Youtube doesn't give as much money anymore, Taylor? I heard people getting more and more of their videos monetized for no reason or having to split the ad revenue over 5+ companies that's striking it.

just imagine Taylor finally having to go in front of the webcam edit-free? LOL she's going to just stare at herself and check which angle she looks nice in for the first hour of each stream. hilarious

No. 716960

Calling bullshit on the statement “this is the last response you’ll get from me”

Taylor, you love the drama. Fuck off.

There are people who are here to trash her appearance and shit but a majority of us are here because you treat animals like objects, use them for views, borderline abuse them and then forget they existed

No. 716963


I wonder who she’s referring to with this it’s quite specific

No. 716965


Blocking anyone who questions her care just proves that she’s insecure about it and has something to hide, If you can’t take on genuine critism about your care then you don’t give a shit about your animals.

No. 716966

Pretty sure she means that Bryan breeder guy and Emzotic

No. 716969


Emzotic doesn’t have a degree though?

No. 716970

She doesn't? I thought she had one since she used to be a zookeeper and is an animal educator

No. 716971


No. As far as I’m aware there aren’t any pet YouTube’s that have degrees to do with animals so not sure who Taylor is referring to.

No. 716972

Maybe she's taking about that Emi girl? Cause an anon mentioned her here and was like "she actually has a degree" and Tyler was also coming at Emi for needing to mind her business

No. 716974

No surprise, she already deleted the tweet lol. She really has 0 spine. She knows she's 100% in the wrong and rotten. Sometimes I really don't know how she lives with herself. No wonder she has "mental health issues", she is struggling with her conscience because she knows she's doing such horrible shit like this daily (not implying mental health doesn't exist for others, I just call BS on her pity parties). You're a horrible person, Taylor. I really hope you understand that in the end, this all isn't worth the shitty life you have.

No. 716978

Makes it even funnier when her asskissers/stans are whining about "well why talk about all this anonymously!!! Why not message her or @ her if you're so concerned!!" bc now there's concrete proof that she's just blocking everyone anyway

No. 716985

I hope she realizes that once YouTube ends, she won’t be able to work with animals, except at like pet stores, unless she has a degree?? Most places require degrees to work with animals and no employer is going to waive that because Taylor was a popular YouTuber

No. 716993

by that time, her funds will be depleted from her spending, pet food/care, manchild, and drugs. imagine her struggling to work fulltime to keep up with payments while she loses grip on jonny cuz he's after another rich 20 year old. lol

No. 717004

Exactly. It’s the fact she blocks anyone who questions her or points out something that is poor practise, that makes me think she’s a piece of shhhhhtt. If she genuinely car d and had nothing to hide she wouldn’t have all these questions to answer. If she genuinely wanted to prove all her ‘haters’ wrong she should concisely answer everyone’s worries one by one and give her reasons as to why she does (or doesn’t do) what she does.

No. 717007

Because doesn’t care about animals, which is why she hasn’t bothered doing anything worthwhile or bothered to take a course in animal care. Once YouTube dries up for animals she will focus on something else this makes her easy money. Probably sell out and post semi nudes for money.

No. 717011

>> 716949
Some incel idiots here tear apart her looks (that are quite strange with all the lip filler and makeup, but aren't hurting anyone), and she can call some of that sexist bullshit, I think, but the vast majority of the content here is related to her care and her "career" as a YouTuber. Things like…

- She's gotten another new animal? This feels/looks like hoarding.
- Why haven't we seen X animal in months?
- Why/How is she with/defending someone like Jonny?
- Is she actually ill? If so, how can she care for so many creatures with unique needs?
- Why isn't she ever keeping her promises about new videos and projects?

Legit questions she could address without being a dismissive asshole who sets her preteen mob into a frenzy. It's crazy that she's indignant about questions related to her care now, right after animals have died in that care.

No. 717016

File: 1539974010135.jpeg (401.87 KB, 1242x1616, F80A4F81-62F4-43E2-8822-38051A…)

Explanation for the deletion

No. 717017

It's become a pattern "lately", huh?

No. 717020

no surprise she deleted it since the message was essentially: “I get hate because I’m a pretty, popular girl, WAH”

No. 717022

She literally said like a day ago that’s shes “always open to constructive criticism” or some shit about her care but now her stance is “you question my care? BLOCKED!”

No. 717027

File: 1539975309830.jpeg (314.25 KB, 1233x1228, B9795E7C-1395-437E-AECC-DA8BCD…)

Her fans are more delusional than she is.

No. 717030

The King of DIY is almost as big as her and he does get his share of hate/ people pointing out the problems with his care. The difference is that he doesn’t sperg the fuck out over it. He usually addresses it once, if at all, and moves on with what he’s doing. Also like her, now that he’s getting bigger, the issues with his care are becoming more noticeable. This is just what happens when you’re placed on a pedestal. You’re easier to scrutinize.

I’m tired of feminism being used as a get of jail free card for any woman facing criticism. Has she considered that maybe a lot of women watch her instead of male pettubers because she is female and pretty? Of course not.

No. 717036

File: 1539976116871.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3444x3444, BB7B7031-A07F-4A1F-8E75-4A4A54…)

No. 717037

what did she get now

No. 717040

usually her stans just support her just to get followers on twitter. they probably think, "if i kiss her ass and she retweets, i get followers." I mean not all do it, but it's obvious some do.

what i noticed between King of DIY, SolidGold, Snake Discovery and all the semi/overall good pettubers vs Taylor and her "gang" is that we get an inside look at all their pets almost ALL the time and with Taylor, it's basically a hassle for her to update her stans with all her pets and even complains about it like BoO HoO PoOr ME! UpDaTiNg YoU GuYs AbOuT My PeTs Is SOOO HARD!

No. 717042

>>717037 Feeder insects I think

No. 717051

Kinda think she was using it as a meme to describe herself…

No. 717053

File: 1539977558066.png (803.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181019-073255.png)

Wouldn't it be stressful for two male cresties to be taken out and put together on a paper towel?

No. 717063

When I think of an animal expert, I think of someone who can navigate the world in a car (or by transit), who is educated, who doesn't keep 30+ animals in a two-bedroom apartment, and who doesn't neglect them to the point of death. Has nothing to do with sex or gender.

No. 717088

There are plenty of female youtubers who take great care of their pets, make mistakes and own up to it etc. I’d hope anyone of either sex who murdered animals through neglect would be called out on it.

No. 717094

Can’t really sell em if Jonny keeps posting them on his socials lol

No. 717107

Exactly. He gets a load of stick for overbuying and then selling in but he quickly addresses it and then moves on with his day. He’s not comparable though really. He’s a grown man with actual skill and knowledge of what he’s doing. (Most of the time) She’s an immature girl shoving snakes into tubs and overloading sockets cos she doesn’t have a clue about how plugs and electricty work. However another reason they get more hate is because the mor people who watch the more likely people who actually know what they are talking about will see you and call you out on bad husbandry that you were getting away with before. However by this time you’re so used to getting your ass kissed that you refuse to believe anything is real concern as you’ve got such an inflated ego.

No. 717108

When I think of an animal expert, I think of someone who can navigate the world in a car (or by transit), who is educated, who doesn't keep 30+ animals in a two-bedroom apartment, and who doesn't neglect them to the point of death. Has nothing to do with sex or gender.>>717063

Yeah, funnily enough, my mental image of an ""animal expert,, isn't someone who lets their animals fucking cook to death because they're asleep and too high to care about their pets and notice a wrecked heat fixture for 12 + 10 hours or whateverthefuck that was.

We're just so unreasonable and meanspirited, you guys! Jesus fucking wept.

No. 717110



She's such a poor, poor little victim. If only she had some way to do research, or money to buy her pets better enclosures! Oh, what a world, what a world.

No. 717113


jesus christ. do people believe this shit?

an expert to me is someone with an EDUCATION and degree in animal welfare or veterinary medicine with years of experience under their belt. taylor has neither of these. gender or sex doesn't even come into the equation, you morons.

she's a youtuber aka entertainer. not an animal educator or expert. you can also call her hoarder, animal abuser, sexist, ignorant, arrogant and vain if you want. what a load of shit mentioning misogyny when she dates and fucks a rapist, and not only that but publicly laughed at his victims.

No. 717126

File: 1539985494583.jpeg (175.53 KB, 750x380, DFFF862E-55FB-4453-9B37-824A78…)

I can’t believe she put that on the internet.

No. 717135

She encourages her stans to attack whether intentional or not. If they defend her and she sees, she’s been known to thank them and agree with them. They fangirl out and give others the idea that I’d you stand up for her, she’ll notice you and maybe even retweet you!

No. 717138

Lol, Bindi and Terri Irwin don't get shit for being women at all. Then again they probably haven't killed multiple animals out of sheer neglect. Pretty sad considering how much Taylor claims to idolize them.

No. 717143

I don’t remember seeing this mentioned here so apologies if it has. People have been asking about the mantis shrimp and someone posted that they saw tweets saying the mantis shrimp killer zazu. I find this quite believable. Especially paired with her saying she’s given the tank to a friend. In before she announces she’s focusing on more corals and her big saltwater tank and so gave her other tank and fish to a friend to keep.

No. 717150

After everything that happened with Jesica, though I wouldn’t put too much thought into it unless some screenshots can be shared.

No. 717154

After everything that happened with Jesica, though I wouldn’t put too much thought into it unless some screenshots can be shared.

No. 717182

Is it just me, or is Taylor posting more pics of pets we haven’t seen in awhile in her insta stories?

No. 717187

Even with screenshots, she can claim they're fake.

Chelsea proved her convo with Taylor was real and yet her and Jennifer said they were faked and manipulated.

No. 717195

File: 1539994092283.jpeg (34.83 KB, 232x261, ADF9C29A-95A9-4570-97C6-2340CC…)

Looks like her new merch is gonna be previewed soon, thank god she got Bindi redrawn because the last one she released looked like shit

No. 717198

"I'm so sick of everyone trying to catch me in some lie"

Stop lying then.

No. 717228

Funny, when I think of an "animal expert", I think of someone with actual animal education instead of resorting to Google and Barnes and Noble books.

No. 717251

it's because she's barely even a pettuber anymore. all the other ones put out videos on a regular schedule, she's just always talking about herself on twitter, or getting new animals and not showing the other ones

No. 717269


I really think her "saving" the cat helped her avoid a lot of backlash for the recent deaths of her pets. It was like a reminder of, "Oh, isn't she so thoughtful?"

Otherwise, her recent track record would have been a complete pile up of awful. Not sticking to her snake September. Constant purchasing of animals. Constantly leaving her animals behind.

No. 717282

Snake Discovery and Clint's Reptiles both have degree and fit the description. They are also both getting PhDs worked in animal care, etc.

No. 717337

File: 1540009309812.jpg (238.4 KB, 1440x2497, Screenshot_20181019-231920~2.j…)

No. 717338

File: 1540009338270.jpg (265.85 KB, 1440x2316, Screenshot_20181019-231909~2.j…)

No. 717340

Anon, your icon is showing.

No. 717341

File: 1540009537684.jpg (264.71 KB, 1440x2267, Screenshot_20181019-231915~3.j…)

No. 717357

So five days ago this breeder said they were sending them to taylor k
(This screenshot might be old, my phone's saying 5 days ago) and she announced the death three days ago. Odd.

No. 717363

Shes Totally covering her back by public stating she’s talking to breeders about new ones in case this fact came out. In reality she was ordering replacements.

No. 717381


talking to breeders and buying from breeders are two different things lol. who is dumb enough to believe that shit? she of course tried to replace them asap. then jessica came out with what she knew and tay realized she couldn't get away with it so went public with the deaths.

No. 717385


I believe the other milksnake is named Prada.

No. 717395

Can't wait to see how she spins replacing her dead animals so fast. Idk how anyone can believe she actually cares about them when it they're literally replaceable to her..

No. 717398

but anon, she had an empty tank already customized for crocodile skinks, what else is she supposed to do with it? leave it empty and care for the dozens of reptiles she already has and can't keep up with? /s

No. 717403

weren’t we promised our fourth serptember video today? it’s only Uhhhh mid October

No. 717417


if you're talking about the cresties thats because a person asked for them on one of her posts and tnd said okay i will post them next

No. 717420


heaps of people have been asking about the mantis shrimp too, guess she can't show what she doesn't have.

No. 717467

We never will. She got it in April, posted one photo and then it’s never been mentioned ago. No doubt it died ages ago or she got rid cos she couldn’t be bothered to get a proper tank for it. But of course it still was her dream pet that she’s been wanting for years.

No. 717491

She really is behaving like such a stereotypical junkie. NOTHING is her fault, she's just a poor, poor little victim, things just kinda happen to her, blah blah blah.

I wonder when she's gonna make her way through the rest of the "Narcissist's Prayer", because that's what junkies do eventually, every last one of them.

I wish she didn't take her animals along for the ride, though. Let her rot with her rapist junkie boyfriend and throw her life down the drain if she wants, but she should give up her animals if she can't be bothered to care for them.

Who the fuck does not check on their animals in over 12 hours? Someone who does not care, and/or who is too high or drunk to function.

No. 717498

This might turn in to a rant but I am so done with this bitch. I’ve had a few run ins with her on twitter over her lies and every time she quote tweets me because she knows her dumbass fans will attack. She’s a coward who needs other people to fight her own battles - it’s ridiculous.
The fact she thought she was clever enough to pull a fast one on people when her animals burned alive really says it all. If I was a fan I’d be insulted because she obviously thinks they’re all dumb as hell. She clearly does not care about her animals - they are purely money makers for her. I can’t wait for when youtube goes down the drain for her and she has to sell her animals - to people that ACTUALLY want them and would love them. She’ll be broke and alone because that rapist will be off as soon as youtube stops. She actually makes me so fucking mad. I’m gonna stop now or I’d vent for ages lmao

No. 717544

Trouble is there is no date/time stamp on this

No. 717556

Might be a blog post, sorry
One time I asked about her cat dying (when I was still standing her) because my friend got kittens and I didn't want them to die and I simply said "Is there anything you could've done differently for the cat?" or something and she quote tweeted me saying how people are always attacking her for things out of her control and how this was completely unpreventable. She can't even handle questions anymore.

No. 717571

She’s actually a joke, she needs to get a damn grip

No. 717573

File: 1540046728399.jpg (74.9 KB, 750x1334, proof.jpg)


Here you go. Instagram only shows it as 'wednesday' as it was the most recent Wednesday the 17th October

No. 717582

So did she actually buy these skinks before even telling her audience that she'd killed her others? Yeah that doesn't sound like she's trying to replace them….

No. 717585


on the post from the breeder, its posted 6 days ago with taylor tagged and commented on it. taylor posted about the croc skinks dying 3 days ago in contrast which is why im assuming anon dmed the breeder then

No. 717586


Yes, according to the breeder she received them on Wednesday. I just went back to check on twitter what time she tweeted the post about her animals dying and it seems shes deleted it? It's still up on her instagram though, by which point she already had the replacement skinks in her possession and was replying to comments saying she was 'looking into contacting a breeder'.

No. 717589

Can’t wait until big bad mama dean tries to play this one off as “slander”

The whole pet tube community honestly needs to apologize to this girl. Even the ones who stood idly by and washed their hands of the situation. Animals literally died because the biggest pettuber forgot to check up on them but people who have been in her circle and who are getting paid to promote animal care “*~don’t wanna be involved in the dramas~*” Emzotic literally has posts upon posts here reaming Taylor about her looks and pet care but the only thing I saw her post about it was vaguely saying “it’s okay to say no to having too many pets :)”. Like no you literally see this girl calling out BS and putting her neck out and you just watch like the others? All these pettubers who just watched idly by are just as culpable as the ones defending her tbh. Honor amount thieves.

No. 717590


Unfortunately I think after seeing how quickly Taylors 'friends' shut down the few pet tubers who were willing to speak up about this, i don't think it's going to encourage any to do the same in the future and it's probably put the ones that did off from trying it again because it got them nowhere.

No. 717591

Doesn’t make it any less better in my opinion tbh. Animals died under Taylor’s care and many more will while she’s being enabled by her fans and YouTube to keep getting more. It’s ridiculous because we know most of these pettubers lurk here criticising one another anyway. When someone actually calls Taylor out and turns the light on in the kitchen they all crawl under the stove like roaches pretending they didn’t predict this happening too. It’s just crazy how fans + money will always be more important than the safety of the very animals they’re getting those fans and money from.

No. 717593

That is so fucked up. I really wanna know when this "incident" supposedly happened. She probably tried to replace them the day they died.

No. 717599


Not all of them, unfortunately it’s mostly the smaller youtubers that are calling her out but it doesn’t have as much of a reach.

No. 717614


Yes, the breeder was DMed after Taylor posted about her skinks dying because it seemed strange that the breeder posted and tagged Taylor in a photo of the new skinks 6 days before she even came out and admitted her original skinks had died.

No. 717628

So i asked PettyPaige in one of her recent livestreams on younow why she hasn't made her video on Taylor yet. She said she won't be doing the video because of the drug abuse and the potential emotional / physical abuse. She did however say that she had been DMing taylor and arranged to skype interview a few times but taylor bailed, surprise surprise.

No. 717686

Dude, drop it
You has been pushing this PettyPaige thing months now, it wont happen and if it does that bitch already said Taylor "wasnt that bad"

I think all the petubers defending Taylor are just waiting to grow more theirs suscribes (which wont happen. ever) so they can call her bs out and probably throw her down
They are so two face its a possibility

No. 717694


Don't see the problem with anon updating others about the Petty Paige situation. I myself was wondering what happened with that. But I'm glad she's not covering it as she's not even into animal care.

No. 717704

nta but damn, chill out. there were numerous anons talking about the petty paige video. i’m glad anon got an update out of her.

No. 717729

I went to check out the crocodile skinks post on geckopia and didn't expect to see a comment from Taylor. I told her I hope she does more checks and has a heat gradient to prevent the same problem (overheating) from happening. It's gone now so it looks like geckopia dirty deleted my comment for her. Guess she somehow got him on her side or he's just as fame hungry as the rest. I'm disappointed.

No. 717730

File: 1540068373891.jpeg (270.55 KB, 750x852, 9412F2F1-4D32-4BBA-A016-986BF1…)

Why does this feel like a lie? Like she was the one who hit her child, and she wants to talk about it, but she doesn’t want to look bad.

No. 717754

I thought that too when I saw it. Sounds like something my 10 year old self would do trying to seem all high and mighty

No. 717755

I thought that too when I saw it. Sounds like something my 10 year old self would do trying to seem all high and mighty

No. 717758

>Nothing ever is worth hitting a child.. I mean really really hitting a child

Well there's your sign right there, anon. She's admitting that she's at least fine with hitting a child so long as you're not hitting them really really hard.

No. 717759

The fact that she stresses the word ‘really’ leaves me to believe she’s fine with stuff like spanking…… which research shows does give children mental health issues later on in life……

No. 717778


tnds comment is still there for me

No. 717789

So she already purchased them 6 days ago…yet it was only 4 days ago that she concocted the electricity story (bullshit) and then said she was only “thinking” about getting new ones…nice story Tay!

Wonder if this breeder knows she doesn’t give a shit about her pets and half the time they aren’t fed or given fresh water daily?! He obviously only cares about the $170 each he gets and not their well being!

No. 717941

I sadly came across this youtube channel.
I just watch Steff J or SuriNoel but I clicked on one. I wish I hadn't. Just from one video this Taylor person turned me off. Something about her just, I can't explain it but it felt fake and off. I also did not like how she was treating the animals. So I guess I was right. Once was enough and I blocked it.(namefagging)

No. 718031

File: 1540122633777.jpg (438.27 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20181021-135039_Sam…)

No. 718032


I know I shouldn't be surprised. She has pushed me into outrage fatigue.

No. 718034

Who even is this friend she's talking about? I thought her only friends are the pettuber leeches and Betsy.

No. 718035

…Doesn't she already have a snake that looks exactly like that?

Not exactly but you get the point.
Seems really pointless to get similar looking morphs if you're basically just collecting them.

No. 718036

"Spooky pumpkin boy", just in time for Halloween. What good timing from her "friend". Tay-tay hasn't been shopping around at all for that snake.

If I'm counting correctly, she's accumulated 16 fucking snakes in what, a little over a year? FFS.

No. 718039

How convenient she always has someone pushing animals at her.

No. 718041

Lol its annoying how she never outright says “I’m buying this animal” it’s always like “this animal needs a home” “someone is getting rid of this animal” “my friend told me this animal exists” she always distances herself by at least one degree from admiring to going out with the intent of making a purchase. She can’t/won’t rescue cause rescues won’t adopt to her/don’t have enough designer animals so she dances around the wording to make it seem like she’s not just going out to deliberately buy more animals even though that’s literally what she’s doing

No. 718052

Is that the same snake of the two she shared off morph market a few days ago?

No. 718055

Steff J is awful too

No. 718064

File: 1540131165110.jpeg (217.27 KB, 1185x757, D32B9097-9F7A-4500-85E2-DAB9B0…)

Wait, she actually thinks she’s well known and compared herself to celebrities? LMAO

No. 718065

It's almost like she is disliked for an array of reasons..

No. 718066

I had to respond to her on that lmaoooo she’s fucking full of herself. bitch you’re a YOUTUBER, barely anyone knows who you are hun

No. 718086

She has already deleted this tweet it seems

No. 718109

Steff J is almost as bad.

No. 718132

File: 1540138794842.png (391.1 KB, 750x1334, CA134002-48ED-49BE-8512-032A03…)

Sage for no real new milk but i searched her name and more people are starting to catch on to her bullshit.

No. 718134

File: 1540138982358.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, EFF70A7D-B4B6-4D20-9B43-DE138E…)

Someone else made a screenshot on twitter so I just took that, was going to do a side by side but can’t really do that on phone.
The snakes do look eerily similar.

No. 718164


this is the exact same snake being sold bby viper. if you look at this screenshot you can see a snake egg hatching underneath it.

if you look at vipers insta story it is the exact same video

No. 718171

File: 1540142550043.jpg (382.86 KB, 1080x2031, IMG_20181021_182001.jpg)

Wow you're right, this is a screenshot of that story incase it gets deleted.
Taylor is so full of shit. Making it sound like she's aquiring these animals for free/as rescues really does nothing for her, honestly planning out the animals she's getting and looking like a responsible pet owner that doesn't just aquire every animal under the sun would be a better angle.

No. 718173

It's also funny after the split face snake she said she wasn't going to post about new animals straight away lmao, she literally can't help herself.

No. 718223


Considering she's likely getting the animals for attention (it ain't love, that's for certain), it makes perfect sense she's got a constant stream of incoming animals. Gotta get those views and that narc supply of attention!

No. 718227

File: 1540147565601.png (271.99 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-21-14-45-37…)

She already bought it

No. 718230

File: 1540147956314.png (212.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-21-14-49-46…)

Wait sorry my bad, it was the older pied snake unless shes planning on buying both

No. 718235

So the seller won't ship the pumpkin snake right away, have to wait for about a month so either taylor gets bored of it and doesn't get it because she doesn't want to wait, or she prepays for it and gets it in a month when she's assuming we would have forgetten about it

No. 718236

File: 1540148426267.png (358.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-21-14-52-07…)

No. 718237

File: 1540148449317.png (205.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-21-14-58-55…)

No. 718250

How so? She has a lot of pets sure but she makes videos about how hard turtles are. And DIY. She put a lot of into saving one of her fish.

This Taylor person is by far the worst.

No. 718252


Main thread >>624728 she's a huge hoarder as well

No. 718257

Ahhh ok thank you. Sorry I'm getting the hang of this website. :)

No. 718262

File: 1540150941434.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181021-213831.png)

She already deleted this post.. probably hot scared of by anon posting screenshots of the conversation with the breeder.

But seems like the rush of getting a new BP made the ones she already has more interesting to her.
She posted this on her IG 6h ago.
At least one of her BP got some enrichment today..

No. 718264

File: 1540151020530.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181021-213843.png)

From her story.

No. 718279

She's not ugly on the outside, she's ugly on the inside. She's slowly killing these animals.

As an aside, though, it's obvious she's had her lips filled multiple times. Compare her to PlasticandProud.

Maybe if she spent as much money on her animals as she does on her clown lips, they wouldn't be dying.

No. 718287

File: 1540153038859.jpg (156.51 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20181021-221544_Ins…)

Jeez she really can't answer comments questioning her care without being snarky.

Are BPs even supposed to soak?

No. 718288

a little soak is okay and sometimes the ball puts dirt in the water bowl by accident however excessive soaking is not good and a sign of mites

No. 718289

Fucks sakes Taylor they meant it looks like you never scrubbed the damn thing out.

No. 718292

Haven't we seen things that look like mited on some of her snakes? I think Violet looked like she had some.

And now I remembered that that snake exists. Guess Taylor doesn't like her anymore cause she is not turning more purple "like the breeder said" but actually just yellow now.

No. 718293

A little OT, but apparently Tyler’s sun conure died about a month ago. Not sure if that was mentioned over here or not, but it’s in the pettuber thread. That could explain why he got all triggered and started attacking people calling out Taylor even though that had fuck all to do with him.

No. 718303

LOL!! Tay your guilty conscience shows. Maybe you wouldn't be so defensive if you had nothing to be defensive over.
"Ball pythons tend to soak in their water dishes and I use eco earth, so the water gets dirty (:"
WOW that was hard to reply in a semi nice and informative way!!!!!! You call yourself an animal educator but that's how you educate people lmao. What a stupid bitch. She is really a very simple minded person. Not smart at all.

No. 718307


I wouldn't be surprised considering she never quarantines any of her snakes

No. 718317

This all HAS to come back and bite her right?? There's no way someone can be this terrible, this consistently, and not eventually drive off all their fans. She seems to think it's a given that people support her and are on her side over every little issue. But all it takes is one thing.. Per fan, to drive them off. Sure there's always idiots who won't care.. But not enough to sustain her channel.

No. 718321


I wish, it seems that people have already forgotten the whole skink and frog thing and it only happened a few days ago

No. 718328

It takes two seconds to update people about your pets like this. And if you're excited enough about your pets you would! I have to restrain myself from posting about my pets every day because I love them so much, and they're super interesting to me, even if they're just sitting there doing nothing.. But it's her fucking job and she can't even do it. Obviously she can't post every pet every day, but there are so many we never even see anymore and she wonders why people question it. Especially after she killed her skinks and frog from neglect. It's evidence enough that she doesn't check on all of her animals every day like she should, especially when they are in need of her to.

No. 718332

I’m gonna guess the latter since that seems like her MO especially since she waited until weeks(?) after her crocodile skinks died to let anyone know.

Tbh I think she actually is sad that her pets are dying and is buying even more animals to “cope” with the ones that pass. She doesn’t see an issue with it because she’s too focused on the feel good vibes of getting a new animal before eventually they become “boring” (most of her animals probably aren’t accustomed to being handled too much - she says in her skink video that she wouldn’t be touching them that much since they don’t like it which I find a little coincidental too) she becomes more negligent to them and then they end up dying causing the cycle to repeat.

I’m going to tinfoil here and guess that Taylor bought new skinks thinking she could replace them (obviously), got called out by farms and that girl on twitter and now has to wait to reveal them along with her new morph snake purchase. A month seems like a long enough time for her stans to forget those poor 4 pets even existed and she’ll probably do a reveal video like she did with her chimeras.

No. 718333


A month or so is ample time for tweens to forget something - and wanna bet that there's going to be a nice little distraction in the meantime to divert their attention? Preferably something that paints St Tay as the martyr that she is.

No. 718336

File: 1540157723511.jpg (130.68 KB, 1080x626, 20181021_163507.jpg)


No. 718341

So they’re already dead or one of them is, and she’s trying to find a replacement. She’s such a transparent liar.

No. 718347

…giving fresh water daily hardly costs ANY money…but requires time and attention…which is why her skinks died!

Umm Taylor…we know you’ve already gotten 2 new ones…why not post them?

No. 718354


No they haven’t been neutered and they’re all still living together and probably pregnant at this point. They’d be better off dead though than being bred an early age and put through all that.

No. 718371

Read the post just before the one you responded to…she says they’ve been spayed/neutered…

No. 718375

Taylor says a lot of thing. Don’t WK

No. 718382


Except Goose is still living with the girls and when neutered males still need to be kept separate for SIX WEEKS after the surgery. This is to make sure that "the pipes are clean" in a sense and to make sure he's no longer fertile. So even if she did neuter him, she still fucked up.

They haven't been neutered or spayed. She would have posted about it and their genitals would have been shaved and there would be stitches or staples. Taylor seriously thinks her audience are morons lol. Until she posts proof, I don't believe a word she says.

No. 718384

That doesn’t mean they’ve been fixed.. it just means once they’re done healing from the procedure she’ll make a video

No. 718395

I wonder how her axolotl is doing in its overheating tank on top of the fucking dishwasher. That seriously still disturbs me.

No. 718408

seriously. there's a ring of filth in that bowl that probably matches the one in her bath tub.

No. 718513

From the picture she posted not long ago, not well. Mushus water is probably far too hot and she barely has any gills at this point the poor baby. She may also has some fungus growing on her but since we dont ever get a truly clear picture there's no telling until she mysteriously gets sick again or taylor posts that she's died of old age/some other bullshit excuse.

No. 718520

File: 1540184416014.png (598.43 KB, 750x1334, 2F6D65AD-56F8-4F76-BFDF-C11C55…)

Uh, maybe do an intervention for your daughter so she stops harming animals through her neglect then. Very ironic just days after tnd murdered three animals

No. 718523

This one?
She looks like she has no gill feathering out at all, and the tank obviously doesn’t see many water changes. You can see where the waterline is dropping in the lines of scum. Poor Mush. I feel so bad for her. That water is probably a solid 10* F hotter than it should be, but we’ll never know because she doesnt use thermometers. Despite having just boiled three animals to death.

No. 718536


Real rich coming from someone who threatens strangers online: >>715536

No. 718593

File: 1540205400986.png (29.38 KB, 641x241, tnd on animal abuse.png)


Yikes. Major yikes. Her increasing lack of care and concern for her animals is terrifying. (That's what drugs do to you, everything else fades into the background and your new normal is not so normal…) Remember when Tay-tay was like… against animal abuse in all its forms, including neglect?

No. 718594

File: 1540206711892.jpg (56.65 KB, 1080x320, IMG_20181022_120714.jpg)

Shame she'd rather spend 5 hours playing video games than spending time with her pets. Does she just stay up all night and sleep all day? Do her diurnal animals not get fed until mid afternoon/evening when she eventually drags herself out of bed?

No. 718606

I think this is evidence that drug use has got the best of her - cooking your animals alive and not checking on them properly for 12+ hours because you were "asleep" is such a heroin junkie thing. You're checked out because you're strung out on drugs, and the days just pass you by when you're using and sleeping.

She's not making new videos because her place is likely a mess, her animals are showing serious signs of neglect, and it's just easier to go on about shit she's bought and the neverending parade of OMG NEW ANIMALS she's hoarding. That's why she's not made proper animal videos in so long with her older animals: new acquisitions don't show the neglect yet as badly, and stupid shit like her latest video with her little "friends" don't require her to actually show her pets or their habitats.

No. 718612

Anyone remember when she was gonna post a video on Thursday/Friday? Lmao honestly why doesn't she just tweet at the beginning of the month "you might get a video or two this month but you might not, depends how lazy I'm feeling lol". She could have spent the 5+ hours she's spend playing video games editing or filming.

No. 718613

Yup. It's not like her videos are super elaborately made or staged. Or that Tay-tay has other commitments outside of using and playing mom-wife to her rapist druggie boyfriend. Seriously, what does she use her time on? Trawling Craigslist for lookalike pet replacements?

No. 718614

Anyone ever take a moment to reflect how much better Taylor could have done by her animals if she'd made a couple simple choices differently?

She coulda had a house and ample room for her animals, she could be running a real rescue operation from her home, she could be getting shit done if she wasn't drugging, and she'd not be out of god knows how much money that she's sunk into her manbaby boyfriend's teeth and drugs and bling. She might have self-respect.

Animal educator my ass.

No. 718615

Don't sponsors get mad at them if Youtubers don't release the vid they are sponsoring in time? I mean, surely sponsors aren't just like "yeah sure, just release it in the next 3 months, whatever"…?

No. 718621


I don't know what's going on there, the videos Taylor has of sponsored shit do not show the little "includes paid content" (or whatever it is in English) flag at the beginning, and she hasn't ever included "sponsored video" or the #ad hashtag on her vids although she really, really ought to.

No. 718625

Does anyone know if Taylor has been quarantining any of her new reptiles???? I know she did it once but it didn’t last long lol

No. 718629

Apparently she quarantined the "chimera" (in her bedroom I think?), and the SSTP she apparently quarantined in her bathroom (surely the humidity and all the sprays she has in there can't be good for it) but I don't think she ever showed it. She didn't separate the rats from each other (apparently they're from the same litter but it's pretty clear they aren't), and she apparently quarantined the new cat for like a day? She hasn't mentioned quarantining the new snake, she probably thinks because her friend had it for a week that that's enough, and I don't doubt she's put her new skinks back into the old skink tank, but she probably wont mention that she's bought another pair for a while.
She's delusional to think she doesn't have too many animals. If you haven't got the room to quarantine an animal away from any other animals, then you have too many animals.

No. 718670

At this point I really hope she's on drugs because otherwise.. yikes. She behaves just like Luna Slater with wearing lingerie as normal clothing to expose to her underaged followers, posting selfies like it's a job but complete inability to actually work, hoarding things she's obsessed with, and dating a scumbag she defends to the end of of the Earth while blocking/deleting anyone that speaks the truth.

If Taylor isn't shooting up something as an excuse then she's a true shitshow of a person who's just like this naturally.

No. 718699

Her apartment was okay space for her animals when she first moved in. Now though she’s aquired so many in such a short time she’s running out of room. That’s way to many reptiles to be in just one room plugged into maybe four sockets and one circuit. If she got a house she would have to spread them out into multiple rooms and various places in the house.

And no she couldn’t run a rescue out of her house?? She can’t even take care of the pets she’s getting that are perfectly healthy much less rescuing animals that are already in poor health. Do you want her death toll any higher??

And she’s never had self respect so idk what ur talking about

No. 718704

>If Taylor isn't shooting up something as an excuse then she's a true shitshow of a person who's just like this naturally.

Por que los nos dos? Although the junkie angle is more than obvious. As long as Jonny's around, he's her main focus with getting high and sleeping. And junkies are always conveniently too ill to work or socialize…

No. 718705

I dont even think she checks her youtube channel unless she needs more money. Tbh, shes ungrateful of her subscribers and youtube career. She probably gets at least 10k a month but has to pay for supplies for her pets and manchild, her “assistants” (hope they arent dumb to take less than a $100) , drugs, and when jonny says “buy this”. So i wonder how she gets after all that?

No. 718708


Heroin changes people's priorities and personalities like crazy. I wonder how much money she's pissed away on JC and how long she'll be able to keep up this up, because she's so checked out and not there in what little she does put out on Youtube… sooner or later that well's gonna dry up, and she's going to be left with a hoard of pets, some of whom have 15 year life spans (not counting her influence).

No. 718713


Her ball pythons alone are all 30 years lol

No. 718740


The mind fucking boggles. This chica hasn't any idea how she's gonna keep her animals fed and cared for in five years' time, let alone when she's 50…

No. 718750

When her YouTube channel goes to shit and she has no money to pay for her animals, she’ll most likely sell most of them and move back in with her mother. Hopefully.

No. 718752

Maybe I missed something but why does everyone think its heroin in particular?

No. 718755

Jonny has a long history with it and she admitted to using it with him to Chelsea I think.

No. 718770

She admitted in texts to chelsea that she had smoked heroin with Jonny

No. 718782

Plus people whose partners use heroin and cocaine seldom stay sober themselves.

No. 718793

How long do you guys think it'll take her to get a puppy

Maybe Jonny will get her a pug or something for Christmas

No. 718803

I wondered that but honestly I think she wouldn't, because dogs require sooo much more responsibility than even her cats. She can't handle a dog. I wouldn't be shocked if she got more cats though.

No. 718805


More cats would also mean more handy scapegoats for other animals dying. "My cat got into an enclosure and ate my [insert pet]! OH NO!"

No. 718809

It's interesting because she should have a good bit of money left over, yet it doesn't appear that she does? She lives in fucking cheap looking lingerie and her pets' enclosures are minimal or bare. She could be responsible and trying to save it but lets be honest.. a huge chunk is probably going towards drinking and drugs. What else would it be going towards if it's obvious it isn't going towards her animals which she claims is the most important thing.
I've seen some crazy fancy animal enclosures from people who obviously aren't as wealthy as she is.

No. 718831

I wish killing her animals and all the other shit she does was enough to have her channel demonized. Any company that sponsors her at this point is a not a company that I will be supporting.

No. 718838

Sadly, companies wouldnt care unless she uploads a video of her abusing them or her views go lower. Companies just want her viewers to pay them but other pettubers that are so much better have told their viewers that they get demonitized when their videos involve feeding their snakes or random things. There’s been a few channels that’s getting demonitized for no reason or even have 10+ companies trying to split the ad revenue from a single video. And they upload almost everyday, so imagine Taylor’s once-a-month upload channel? Lol. Goodluck to her in the next 10 years cuz Money doesnt last forever unless you work hard for it continuously.

No. 718840

You can do nice cheap-ish enclosures as long as you actually plan things out correctly and DIY shit. She's too lazy to pick things up off the floor so obviously she won't be bothering to DIY anything either.

Plus I don't think it's that she can't afford it, it's that she doesn't care about animals. They are just a way for her to get attention and money. So why spend anymore when her stans insist everything she does is perfect?

No. 718842

“Why buy enrichment for my animals when i can buy more animals and gucci”

No. 718869


She will be fine for a while if she keeps going down the video game road. I don’t think she ever played much but that one ‘friend’ she has does and so does Jonny. With her looks and fan base, she will do well on Twitch. It’s sad because the animals continue to suffer but it’s as close to being a ‘model’ as she can get.

No. 718878

Lol i dont think she’ll last once she knows it’s a bit more difficult to edit her face live on camera while having people watch her while asking her questions as to why her animal care sucks. Imagine having to kick ban almost everyone on your stream lmao

No. 718892

Titty streamer is the next step. Mark my words

No. 718897


She won't do well on Twitch lol. Unless you mean having underage boys tip $1 to call you a slut and having to sit there banning people in chat because she disagrees with what they say "well".

She'd just be like any other Twitch thot with their tits out. She's not entertaining and she's not good at games so once the novelty of her blowjob lips wears off, people will get bored and leave.

No. 718927

She's gonna end up selling nudes on patreon

No. 718947

I wish she'd put money by so once Jonny-boy bounces, she could get her life to herself and maybe get an education so she could have a career beyond Youtube. I don't particularly enjoy her content these days, but I have no desire to see her crash and burn and fail all those animals who are dependent on her.

We all do dumb shit when we're young, and I sincerely hope she gets this phase behind her quick before it leads to a permanent addiction to her and all her potential being pissed away and snorted up Jonny's nose.

No. 718955

Does she even have a twitch?

No. 718997

File: 1540254382240.jpeg (112.57 KB, 750x725, E02732D8-EC81-401F-8D07-42BC1D…)

A few days? More like every single day. It’s just laughable at this point.

No. 718999

I wonder if she actually plays or just watches Jonny play bo4 to try to get attention from him?

No. 719000

No. It was just an idea to see if people would watch her.

But to be honest, we're assuming she'd even be able to hold a proper schedule to begin with.

No. 719001

A few days off… from what

No. 719012

her last video was three weeks ago from when she was ON VACATION what does she mean "needed a few days off" holy shit

No. 719018

Few days off from what??? She doesn’t upload any videos and her only job is to take care of her animals. She acts like she actually does things, she only episode one video and it takes 3 months

No. 719020

She constantly says she's working on "more content" and on multiple videos at once yet only pumps out one video a month. Oh well, at least she was somewhat honest this time and didn't claim to have yet another EAR INFECTION or STREP THROAT or the FLU or god knows what new illness she could come up with

No. 719021


the bitch is always on vacation lmfao

No. 719025


No. 719027

okay but she doesn't produce anything and is somehow always "working on something" and has time to "take a few days off"?? where is the fruit of your labor if you're so productive and just need to ~*~*relax for a few days*~*~

it's amazing what dating a junkie who does nothing will do to your own motivation lmao

No. 719046

Checking on all those annoying animals

No. 719091

She's given an excuse for this before. Basically what she does is record a bunch of videos but she never uploads them because she gets anxiety about them because they're not """"perfect"""" so she ends up redoing them over and over again.

Which, tbh, if you get such bad anxiety over them, maybe organize an actual schedule so you make space for any potential fuckups. Which is why Twitch is honestly such a laughable concept for her to even try.

She might be able to try it for a month tops, but imagine her manchild losing his shit on stream and constantly flexing on "the haters". Plus she can barely keep up with her channel.

No. 719116

I haven’t been following TND drama for a good month or two so I’ve missed a ton, but whatd this I keep seeing that she toasted 3 of her animals?

No. 719143

Literally read this thread.

No. 719170

File: 1540268578383.png (6.26 MB, 1668x2224, FB60B9E4-325A-4230-B2AC-1B6A3B…)

Has anyone else noticed the short tail python submerging in its water? Is that normal for that type of snake or is it usually only more of a reaction to mites?

No. 719177

I don’t own stp’s, but I do know they have high humidity requirements. My guess is that Taylor doesn’t have the humidity high enough, so the snake is soaking. Or mites, since Taylor doesn’t quarantine.

No. 719216


Never had an STP but they are known for soaking sometimes, though excessive soaking can mean mites, too low of humidity, or too high of temps. Wouldn't say anything is off for sure but I wouldn't doubt it either.

No. 719232

I have a blood python. He enjoys a soak from time to time even when he's not about to shed, they do have higher humidity requirements.

No. 719266

At this point she’s got to be nearly always high or have serious mental health issues. She’s buying animal after animal and then doesn’t even show them anymore. We got like one glimpse of the Sumatran?? One photo of the new crab? The amount of tiles she promises she’s getting to work on new content and then have it edited and uploaded really is astounding. She fails time after time. How she still has fans when she lies about her illnesses, promises content and then instead spends five hours playing video games. Imagine how many subs she could have by now if she had a regular schedule. YouTube doesn’t do any favours for channels like hers. She really is the most ungrateful person and all opportunities are wasted on her. I can’t wait for another drama. Each one is one closer to her fall and that ultimately is what she deserves now.

No. 719294

Mine soaks very often so its normal but I dont think she has high enough humidity

No. 719296


Apparently that Emma and Emily girl are on their way to Texas right now. So any content from Taylor is probably going to be a painful to watch collab. It will be interesting if they stay so far up her ass after meeting Jonny and seeing the conditions her apartment / animals are in.

No. 719298

I can’t imagine Jonny will be happy having her friends over. Seems the type to be very jealous of her having fun with anyone else. I wonder if she will allow others to film in her place especially if it hasn’t been cleaned and tidied beforehand.

No. 719312

File: 1540289382520.jpg (740.16 KB, 1079x1434, Screenshot_20181023-120950_Sam…)

No. 719315


Look who’s paid a cleaner to come in and clean before her friends turn up

No. 719317


That's at least responsible of her. She has the money, why not use it if she's not about to put in the work herself.

(LOLing forever at her "taking a few days off" above. Bitch, from what?)

No. 719318


Also sneaky of her to have the lights off on the croc skink enclosure. We know you replaced them Taylor no point trying to hide it.

No. 719323

Ghost is right next to Kronos and I wonder it is can smell the cat. The cats should never be allowed in this room. God she’s a fucking idiot. But I guess she’s just waiting for another “accident” to happen to gain empathy from her dumb stans and an excuse to get more animals.

No. 719329

She probably hates Kronos anyway.
I'd say he is easily her most difficult pet and he is not even the monitor she wanted to get.
She would probably be kinda relieved if something happened to him.

No. 719333

actually looks quite nice when its clean. not nearly as small as i thought. anyone got a list of her current animals? plus the dead and mising.

No. 719334

She’s already neglecting him so I wouldn’t be surprised when he actually does. Never realized he has so much shit in his enclosure so he can’t really do much.

I really don’t understand why she keeps getting a pass for her excuses. She literally has multiple animals die every single year. That’s not normal

No. 719335


Apart from that snake rack in the corner… I'll forever side eye the shit out of snake keepers who keep their animals in fucking shoeboxes and pretend that their animals like that.

There's a link to the inventory of her hoarded animals at the top of the page.

No. 719336


scroll up in the thread there’s a google doc of it all

No. 719344

My god those snake racks look even tinier than I thought they were. That feels so cruel to me. I know snakes like small and secure places, but giving them only small and secure places feels so wrong, no animal should live like that.
I bet her $10k snake has a nicer tank though, until she eventually gets bored of that as well.

No. 719347

Were the skinks on the top row? I imagine they must have been due to there being two in one tank, but I can't imagine she gave the pacman frog a tank that big, surely that must of been on the row below, in the smaller tanks? So how does the 'regulators never turned back on for an entire row' work when the two tanks effected where on different rows? (never noticed before this that she has a rows of different sized tanks).

No. 719348


I thought the pacman frog died

No. 719350

It did. That's why I am asking how the skinks and frog died if they were on different rows, considering she said the regulators for an entire row of tanks failed, not two rows.

No. 719353

And conveniently it was only “select” enclosures!
The skinks died of dehydration and the frog from malnutrition.

No. 719369

File: 1540300089725.jpg (539.35 KB, 1080x1600, IMG_20181023_140429.jpg)

Same anon. I went and watched her new cages video from 6 months ago, she actually put the skinks in a smaller tank on the middle row, above bindis tank. According to her Instagram the pacman frog was moved to the same tanks in August. Sorry should have checked that before posting. We know she's bought new skinks, but I'm assuming she's replaced the frog as well considering all the lights are on on that row?
Also, I noticed the frog seems to be in a tank on the far right, but from this picture >>719312 the tank seems to be set up for something totally different.

No. 719370

Fuck her enclosures always look so pathetic.
I know it's been said a bunch of times now but she just throws random shit she has left in there and calls it a day.

No. 719372


Yep. This is her idea of an UPGRADE? Fuck.

No. 719378

Taylor 'I keep the lights and heat running on empty cages dean' turned the lights off on her replacements like no one would notice. Disgusting.

No. 719388

Sage for non milk/offtopic, but does anyone know any good YouTubers to learn about reptiles and fish from? I have been debating setting up a fishtank, but this thread has me terrified of all the shit that can go wrong and the misinformation out there.

No. 719389


Rachel O'Leary is pretty solid.

No. 719390

Rachel O'Leary for fish and Clint's Reptiles.
Both are actual professionals and Clint even has degrees in it.

Rachel focuses mostly on nano fish but she also talks about more broad topics.

No. 719401

Rachel O’Leary is pretty great. I’m also fond of Aquarium Co-op.

No. 719492

How many times are people going to tell her that red lights are stressful to animals, they can see the light, and it's possible that it's damaging to their eyes ebfore she stops using them. For fucks sake, if your animal needs heat during the night, use radiant heat panels, ceramic heat emmiters, or literally anything other than those horrible coloured bulbs

No. 719497


My wild guess is that it won't sink in before one of her animals goes mysteriously blind, or someone writes it on a dimebag. Just sayin', Tay's got priorities and they ain't her animals

No. 719502

File: 1540309842749.jpg (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181023-104928.jpg)

Second line, proof she got new crocodile skinks

No. 719505

So she’s just now getting a misting system? That explains why her snakes are always soaking. Also she’s apparently going to shove her leopard gecko into a tub on her rack.

No. 719507

She made a tweet the other day about how she doesn't use them at night. Not sure why you'd use them at all, though, something that replicates natural day light seems like a better option to me.

Also, it kinda concerns me that she always seems to have her blinds closed, I know most of her animals have artificial light, but for the ones that don't I worry she's depriving them of any natural light. Also, from the picture it looks like it's dark outside and she's got all their lights still on. Apparently she posted this tweet at around 3am if I'm not mistaken, bit of a worry if she's not replicating a natural circadian rhythm for her animals.

No. 719524


Note she's getting cage locks now. It'd be so horrible if her cats somehow got into an enclosure and killed an animal…

No. 719528

Or if she "accidentally" locks her cats in the enclosures and finds them later on when looking for them.

No. 719549

Uhhh shouldn't she be cleaning cages every week? Why does it need to be called out specifically for this week?

No. 719555

Sage for nothing new, but if you guys want a good laugh, take a trip down memory lane with this search for the word video on her Twitter account: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=%22video%22%20from%3Ataylorndean%20since%3A2011-10-15%20until%3A2018-10-23&src=typd. It's like she's never heard of under-promising and over-delivering. So many promises and ludicrous excuses.

No. 719566

why does she need a to-do list for things she can do in ONE day? Can even do all these in the morning to get it all done if you're really productive. major eye roll

No. 719578

It's kinda funny because in her "cleaning all my pets' cages" video or whatever the name is, she says she does it everyday, but that was back when she was still at home, so it was probably Jen who did all that shit for her.

No. 719581

Rachel has solutions to WHAT IF there's power outage and all different things and here's Taylor cooking her pets so she can get new ones while claiming she's an animal educator.

No. 719582

File: 1540316512212.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-10-23-13-40-59…)

She's going to another dang reptile expo, and she you know she's goinf to buy something, she always does.

No. 719585

New here and can't add an image but one of her replies to one of her fans stated she's been uploading videos every 6-10 days for months recently….. IS SHE DELUSIONAL??

No. 719587

is her place covered in whiteboards/posted notes to remind her to do basic things too?

No. 719588

Does anyone else find it bizarre that she refers to her animals as their species rather than their names? Some of them I can understand such as "snakes" as its easier than writing 15 names, but why Leo? "Snakes that have outgrown theirs"? Does she really have so many snakes that have outgrown their current dishes it's easier to write that than name the ones that have?
Curious to know why she's moving her leo to a tub, if that's what that means? Not against tubs at all if they're set up properly and often they can provide more space on a budget, but she has enough money to just buy a proper tank if she wanted something bigger…? Another case of shoving it in a tub to make space for something new?

No. 719591

"Stays on top of things" um pretty sure get a new ID was on her last to-do list. This is all just a show

No. 719597

Where are you seeing that

No. 719602

On her twitter, tweets and replies, about 11 hours ago >>719597

No. 719604

Heads up: pease type sage in the email box or you will have anons freaking out on you!

No. 719605

She keeps saying that her tubs are as big as the cages her reptiles were in before but like… that's just not possible.
They are all clearly super flat and not very wide either, no idea how long they are.
It'd be a different thing if they were actually big 20g tubs or something but the ones she has just look like shoe boxes.

It's just weird to me. I'm sure that some animals she sticks in those tubs would benefit from looking outside their tiny enclosure just to stimulate their little brains.

No. 719606

File: 1540317808164.jpg (189.54 KB, 1077x568, Screenshot_20181023-200312_Sam…)

Found it. She really is delusional lol Her average uploading schedule is like once every two weeks, and that's being generous

No. 719608

File: 1540317884072.jpg (285.2 KB, 1221x1530, cWPzFy9.jpg)

No. 719609

I pointed this out at the time. The frog was never in the racking system which is why it’s a blatant lie that she’s claiming they were on the same regulator. Her frog was in a round tub somewhere else. Looked this up on her all my pets video.

No. 719614

Already been pointed out that the frog was moved to the racking system >>719369

No. 719628


Her to do lists make me laugh. They read like someone who has nothing actual to it in so just makes up stuff for the sake of writing it. Why is she just buying temp regulators now when apparently it was weeks (if we believe her saying this month rather than this week when she posted her death lost) ago when they died. Surely you’d get on amazon and have them delivered within a day or two. I mean who has to write clean bathroom and get groceries on a list. Those are things you just do as you need to do then, you don’t need to be reminded of them! The fact your bathroom is filthy and you have no food is enough reminder.

No. 719639

I was about to defend her by saying that some people like to make these lists to organize their life, but all the people I know who do it actually work a 40 hour week instead of lying around playing video games all day. She’s showing these to make it look like she actually does a lot to justify the “muh job” thing she’s always screaming.

No. 719640

How many times does she need to be told that eco earth is a horrible substrate for most of her animals? It can get stuck in heat pits of younger snakes and be really difficult to get out

No. 719641

You guise, these are the super stressful and work-intensive things she totes needs to take a few days off from every now and then! The stress might kill her otherwise!

Yeah, not feeling a lot of sympathy for a lazy layabout junkie animal abuser. You made a to-do list with the most basic shit, Taylor. I'm amazed "remember to wipe Jonny's ass" isn't on there, too.

No. 719642

File: 1540320335036.jpeg (188.43 KB, 1125x691, 430885B4-B218-425F-8BF8-77E035…)

Why would he even feel the need to say this?

No. 719644

OOF this reads exactly like my ex who would not let me hang out with my friends. im so scared for her honestly

No. 719651

I'm having an increasingly hard time believing her anxiety and other mental health issues are as bad as she makes them sound.

Blog post but my mental health issues are debilitating enough that I'm on disability pay and am getting pretty much constant medical attention and I am stressed just thinking about having that many animals.

There's no way her mental health is as bad as she says it is with that many pets to care for. Yes having animals in your life helps but like, at the point she's at it just becomes overwhelming. Especially since a good few of her animals need actual human interaction. And don't even get me started on the fact that she's keeps salt water tanks. I wouldn't even touch those if they were my only tank, let alone with the other animals she has on top of that.

What she's doing when she cries mental illess isn't much different than those teenagers online that claim to have 5 different mental health issues and a personality disorder when in reality she just never put in the effort to learn how to function as a person and doesn't understand what it means to struggle with certain things.

No. 719662

Of course she has anxiety. So would any scam artist that has a foundstion of lies that can be exposed at any time just by the right betrayal.sage for no contribution

No. 719665

Sage for blogposting.

The fact she took in a stray cat when she owns other cats really pisses me off. Like I get a lot of people do it, but you really shouldn’t. She could unknowingly be passing illnesses like FIV and FeLV to the cats she already owns.

When I worked at the humane society, we had to be very careful when we took in stray cats. Every single cat had to be blood tested for FIV and FeLV. If it was positive for one of these illnesses, it was separated from our healthy cats. Even my manager advised against taking in stray cats unless you know for sure they don’t have contagious illnesses.

But I highly doubt Taylor knows this. Either that or she really doesn’t give a fuck.

No. 719668

That's more or less what I meant, I apologize that I worded that poorly.

I meant that like, the mental strains and issues she has are normal given the situation she's in, that she's not struggling with mental health but just her brain freaking out over the situation she got herself in. And she thinks just because she feels crappy and is having a hard time coping that she's got mental illnesses.

No. 719688

File: 1540325397626.png (4.15 MB, 1125x2436, 393D0B57-EEE3-4CB3-AE91-1F21E6…)

I doubt she’ll care for her animals much while her “friends” are around, maybe they’ll see how bad her care is and finally leave. Not likely though

No. 719690


one of them was just tweet preaching the other day about not using red lighting for reptiles but i bet they won't say anything to taylor about hers

No. 719697

Which one?? I can't believe they just blindly follow Taylor even when they're aware that things she does are wrong

No. 719702

Kinda like Tyler making a video about the importance of quarantine the other day lmao

No. 719716

File: 1540327859812.png (21.96 KB, 465x188, emmasamp.png)


The walmart Taylor

No. 719725

Dumbass. You only need to explain it to TAYLOR!!!

No. 719761


the fucking creeper emoji says it all

No. 719763

The fact that she has things like "feed all snakes" and "clean rat cage" on here. That's something you should probably be doing more than once every few weeks, you know. And "clean hedgie cages!" with an EXCLAMATION POINT, meaning it's overdue even by her standards, which means it's actually probably to the point where the animals are actively suffering every day she doesn't.

No. 719764

Yup. If ever there was a dude who looks and behaves exactly like he smells, it's Junkie Jonny. A class act all around.

No. 719768

Yeah that is a bit concerning. I wouldn't list feeding my pets on my to do list.

No. 719774

Guys, there's no way she hasn't at the very least told white lies to her friends. I'm sure they're going to realize some things while they're there. She's a compulsive liar.

No. 719777

I mean it’s completely valid to have a chart or list for your snakes if you have multiples like for example; snake A last ate on this day, but snake B ate this day and snake C didn’t eat this day. It would help keep track of what snakes are eating when , when they’re passing their food and help you to know when they need an upgrade in food. However Taylor’s “ feed snakes” general bullshit clearly shows she doesn’t give a shit when these animals should be eating or even tracking how their general health is progressing.

No. 719805

ehm wow the fact she is dumb enough to write about her fresh croc skink substitutes on their before she uploads it to instagram is….something.

No. 719806


Lurk moar and learn to sage

No. 719812

I can understand not all animals eat every day. But see, this is her agenda for the WEEK. And this is a a to-do for THIS week. Presumably meaning that not all snakes ate last week. Unless you're giving them huge meals, shouldn't they all be eating every week or at least more frequently than every two?

No. 719821


Depends on the type and size of the snake. Babies or smaller snakes need to eat more frequently, like once a week. Larger snakes typically only need one large meal every two weeks unless you're trying to get them to grow faster, typically for breeding purposes.

No. 719847

Most definitely not. My adult ball pythons eat monthly. Almost none of her snakes should be eating weekly. And it's very odd that all of them would be eating on the same day. Some need to be fed every 10 days, some every 14, and some even potentially ever 4 weeks. Obviously that's not all going to fall on the same day.

No. 719852

This has happened on a number of occaisions, the feeding all on the same day. It seems more like she feeds all on the same day out of sheer convenience and laziness rather than monitor the actual needs of any of the snakes.

No. 719867

File: 1540343178533.jpeg (154.76 KB, 750x887, A3B55F30-662D-4C6A-A5C2-606CDF…)

No. 719882

she wants to get on showing how organized she is, why is she suddenly doing weekly task lists? shouldn't there be something more like a month/calendar breakdown chart of cleaning, feeding, tasks, whatever?

No. 719895

File: 1540346097354.png (360.44 KB, 750x1334, 84BFD3A3-A19F-418E-B1F5-58D1FF…)

Taylor and I have a mutual friend on Facebook so I was able to see more of her posts than most. Found this comment. I’m not usually into “exposing” but six years ago she would be 15, right? I think that’s old enough to know better. Idk. I also screen recorded for proof but idk how to submit that here.

No. 719902

File: 1540346464717.jpeg (232.9 KB, 1242x2208, 70A70E81-F5FF-45C1-ABFF-4466AD…)

Ironic that she recently posted this lol.

No. 719906

someone show this to her fans and watch them bend backwards to excuse her saying the n word

No. 719909


Well, it's obviously shooped. Besides, she had to say the n-word in order to get ward off lesbian dreams.

No. 719915


it wasn't hard r and she used the slang version so it's okay everyone!!

she's like any other stupid white girl.

No. 719937

Has anyone ever taken a record of the pets she “adopted” vs the pets who survived long enough for the annual “Feeding all of my pets” video?

Cuz I wanna know

No. 719989

File: 1540355262619.jpeg (308.58 KB, 750x842, 1EEBEF9D-5016-4D94-8517-0F4547…)

Wait I thought her dream was animals? Why is a gamer getting jealous over that?

No. 720004

not only that but cats take a lot of time to adjust to other cats due to scents and behavior reasons, a stray cat would never adapt to an at-home environment with other cats just due to different types of life environments. while it can adapt, if you throw it into an at-home situation with other cats randomly it stresses and freaks the cat out so bad

im just betting she didn't even get a "stray"

No. 720007

While Taylor has no plans for an outage I'm sure, the animals in question died of neglect and the power story is her cover.

No. 720008

Yeah, I took in a super sweet stray the same time she did, he's still on his own in the garage bc stray cats DONT know how to use litter boxes, they are extremely skittish and they really need time to be able to adapt to living inside and smelling other cats. There's no way that 'stray' (if she is a stray) isn't spraying all over the house

No. 720037

File: 1540363799338.jpg (715.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-084733_Ins…)

Why would you only get them so little? Just go out and buy stuff for the whole fucking cage ffs, it STILL looks barren. And what happened to the critter nation? Is that gonna be another "the cages are in the making but the company delayed them again!!!!!"

No. 720041

she will probably announce her new crocodile skinks after that and be like "look guys, i have this empty tank now and I found the most perfect pair of croc skinks from the expo!!!1112121"

No. 720046


No surprise there, she promised so much for these rats and she's done fuck all.

No. 720066


Of course they love it it’s not like they have much of a selection to choose from so they’re goinf to sleep in that one. There’s really no point in her buying them a cage this big is she’s only filling the bottom level with stuff, they’re not going to go up to the top levels and get the full use out of the cage.

No. 720107

I'm not a rat expert but having the floor like this doesn't hurt their paws? I always see people use a solid base with a blanket or something like that, never just the cage naked.

No. 720117

Letting them walk on exposed wire will absolutely fuck their feet up and give them bumblefoot.

Just plastic shelves and stuff are ok but you need to wipe them all the time cause they get nasty real fast.

No. 720168

No. It’s a myth that bumblefoot is caused by wire. Bumblefoot is caused by stepping in their waste too much, and since it’s harder to clean wire it’s often associated with bumblefoot. But rats can get bumblefoot from shelves as well, if cleaning isn’t done properly. Aka, Taylor’s rats are screwed no matter what because you know she doesn’t clean.

No. 720171


The theory is that wire floors can cause small abrasions which allow the bacteria to enter the feet which can cause bumblefoot. But if the cage is cleaned often and thoroughly, there won't be a problem. Also, if given enough solid surfaces to allow their feet to rest, it should be fine.

No. 720184

But I thought she was a stray that was chipped by a release program and grew up around the apartment and people already said she was a stray?

No. 720185

That’s what Taylor “says”…it looks to be getting along swimmingly with the other 2 cats!

No. 720186

They're going to destroy those.

No. 720190


yeah those rats are gonna chew it up and pee and poop in it.

unless she got them litter trained but cmon she didnt

No. 720193

Please don’t defend bare wire floors you dumb fucks, it’s not a good environment- bublefoot, caught legs, pressure if they’re overweight, rust potential. She can do so much better.

No. 720203

I also don't see very much enrichment In their cage which makes me incredibly sad. Rats are so smart and they need something for their brains

No. 720209

If you look at the video of the rats on her instagram story it looks like they are still scared of her which is also sad.

They've been with her for close to 2 months now, at this point they should be running up to her cause they are excited to see her.
Feeders might have bad genetics but she got them young so it shouldn't take this long for them to warm up to her if she actually spent time with them. They are barely poking out their nose to look at her.

No. 720212

Maybe don't be just as bad as Taylor and simply educate people instead of calling them names and making them feel stupid???? Just a thought.

No. 720215

Different anon. Fuck off and don't be a dumbass. If you're here to gossip about Taylor, don't defend her bare wire floors. I've seen a rats leg (and hedgehogs too!!) be snapped from it slipping through the wire and the animal continuing to move forward. If you're too sensitive for name calling, go somewhere else.

No. 720229

Chill the hell out dude (“different anon” my ass lmao). Nobody defended wire floors they just said wire doesn’t directly cause bumblefoot which is a FACT. Pull the stick out of your ass

No. 720230

Taylor can abuse an animal right in front of her youtube “friends” and they’ll be disgusted inside but still will be her “friend” because they need her stans to subscribe to them too. It’s hilarious because we all know if It was the other way around, no one will bother with her

No. 720232

It's also sad bc I feel like they'd gain so much more from exposing her if they collected a lot of irrefutable evidence. Like emma should film secretly while there or try to record conversations they're having.

But no, they're taking Kronos out of his cage and playing with him instead.

No. 720236


they aint even playing with kronos lmao

No. 720240

Is there any substrate there or am I blind?

No. 720243

Pretty sure she just throws a blanket on the bottom and doesn't put any substrate in there at all

No. 720245

File: 1540398233816.jpg (811.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181024-182253_Ins…)

It's so weird to me that she lets all her animals walk around on the carpet. She could at least put a blanket or something, especially since she never quarantines

No. 720262

Same! Plus she never cleans so any substrate or if an animal goes to the bathroom on her carpet it just ut stays there im assuming

No. 720264

File: 1540400635774.png (529.46 KB, 750x1334, 4790FE64-5150-44C1-92F7-AF6132…)

No. 720267

File: 1540400702469.png (223.72 KB, 750x1334, F00C9A58-C278-4EA9-9572-1AA0F3…)

So joking about dead animals is cool apparently

No. 720269

She's Cruella de Vil. She's even starting to look like her!

No. 720272

Honestly I get the most snakey vibes from Tyler. You can interpet all kinds of stuff he says that are disguised as jokes as shade.

And he also doesn't seem to ever meet up with Taylor unlike those other girls.

No. 720280


nah hes just as much up her ass as the others, he was quick to defend her against people that weren't even mentioning her name in their tweets, he didn't have to do that.

No. 720288

Oh yeah he is definitely brown nosing, doesn't mean that it's not fake though.

No. 720293

I was most certainly a different anon but okay my dude

No. 720295

That's funny because sand is fine for most animals people say it's bad for. Tyler's an idiot.

No. 720311

Speaking of sand, maybe a chinchilla is next in the non-reptilian books for Taylor. it'd make for better merch material than that Cheese stuffie trainwreck she put out

No. 720312

I thought one of her rats names was star.

However, no it's not normal to have a checkup after unless there's a drain or something has gone wrong with the neuter/spay. They should also not all be living together, it takes 2-3 weeks for a male to become infertile, and even if the girls have been spayed, he will recover faster than they will and could potentially bother them in the meantime. Never-mind that you should never just throw rats together like that…

No. 720313


I hope not! They can't be in temps above 72 degrees or they can easily get heatstroke, and I doubt there's anywhere in her apartment cool enough for them.

No. 720322


They're such psychos. They seem to think they're joking about the (pretty solid) speculation here that TND was trying to quietly replace the pets she killed. What they're really joking about is animal death that actually, factually, happened under their / their friend's watch. That's fucking crazy coming from people who want to make a "career" out of caring for animals.

Can never decide if social media has brought out the worst in people, or if we just now know a bunch of people are the worst.

No. 720330

I fear that Kronos will be stunted and forever look like a baby monitor and Taylor will just be like, “see guys! He’s not as big as what those haters keep lying about!! Im a good mom”

Reminds me of SnakeDiscoverys alligator they rescued that is severly stunted to the point she’ll forever look like a juvenile. Its a shame how ignorant people can be

No. 720351

OMG nooooooo! She could NEVER handle the requirements of a chinchilla. She’s not even close to meeting the needs of her rats!

No. 720352

How much do you want to bet she “disposed” of Gus by feeding him to one of her snakes?!

No. 720359

Pretty sure Star is the new cat. The rats all have bird names.

No. 720363


she did…

No. 720371


Is there more T about SnakeDiscovery somewhere? My friend stans them but I cringe over their vids and the small spaces they give to their snakes.

No. 720374

Snake Discovery's alligator was stunted from awful care and living conditions from her previous owner, so they rescued her. Not really tea.

No. 720380

Other than keeping her snakes in tubs that are too small, she just uploaded a video where the thumbnail was her alligator in a bubble bath. I didn’t watch so I don’t know what her explanation is but the soap cannot be good for him.

No. 720385

File: 1540412931878.png (410.48 KB, 750x1334, D01A8373-45D9-453C-954F-0E09BD…)

I wonder how Taylor feels about Jonny still being hung up on all his exes

No. 720390


Would she care that much? She's been transforming herself slowly but surely into resembling them more and more physically. "Jonny has a type and it's totally meeeee! I can give him everything he neeeeeeds and heeeeeaaaal him!"

No. 720393


It was Dawn dish soap.

No. 720394

You didn't watch the video with the alligator in the bath so you just presume you're right with no knowledge about the situation?
It was Dawn dish soap which is animal safe. The reason she was being bathed is because she peed in a travel tub and got it all over herself.

No. 720399


Sit your ass down, you're on a gossip site. And don't pretend you know what the fuck was going on either.

No. 720409

I fear that Kronos is gonna lash out and potentially severely hurt one of her other animals. We’ve already seen photos of her cats in the same room.

If they get hurt because of her negligence I’ll be really fucking mad.

No. 720413


How big is Kronos? I'm having a real hard time telling what size her animals are and who is underfed or looking runty from the things she posts, but I'm no good at this Nancy Drew shit lol

No. 720415

bring it to the gen pettubers thread who the fuck cares.

i give it less than a year before kronos causes some problems w her other animals

No. 720416


Trained temperament. Temperament is inherited by parents, so if the parents are skittish, etc then babies will be as well. Handling rats often "trains" them to be calm and loving around their humans, which is a good thing but you have to handle them every day.

At first Taylor probably did handle them every day, when they were younger. Now that she's bored of them and isn't handling them as much, they are reverting back to their true temperaments which is skittish and afraid. I'm not surprised in the least.

No. 720461

That's not stopping her from boiling Mushu.

No. 720465


No. 720556

>>720352 bro thinking about what she does with her dead pets is so weird, she lives in an apartment building so she probably can't bury them and she had to get rid of a frog, two skinks, and the mouse all recently? obviously not something she would want to talk about, but like… imagine having to walk ur dead pets to the dumpster outside to throw them away

that being said feeding the snakes her dead mouse would be weirdly sadistic but also not wasteful so idk how to gauge that one morally if that's how she went about doing it lol

No. 720563


And the hedgehog.

Honestly if she gave a shit, she'd get her pets cremated. But I won't be surprised if she just takes them out and dumps them in a bin or near some bushes. She's can't bury them, so there's only a few other options and she's not mentioned having them cremated to my knowledge so I guess she does dump them.

Honestly, if she did feed Gus off to her snakes it's conflicting because on one hand, it's not being wasteful but on the other… I could never feed off a pet to another pet. It doesn't feel right at all.

No. 720571

It's possible she buries them at her parent's house.

No. 720581

Vets will take dead pets and properly dispose of the remains afaik.

No. 720584

Wouldn't that only apply to animals that die there tho? Or could one just bring in their dead animals to a vet for them to handle it? Pretty sure most of Taylor's pets die in her apartment and not at her vet's office.

No. 720588


Vets will take dead animals and pass them over to a cremation service… though usually they ask if you want the remains back or for the cremation service to keep them. Depends on the vets too, I've done a cremation service through my vets and they passed the ashes back to me.

No. 720602

you typically still have to pay a cremation fee even if you don't want the remains back.

No. 720620

File: 1540436520103.png (146.32 KB, 966x392, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 10.5…)

that moment when you try to be petty but once again expose yourself for regularly stalking all of your ex's

No. 720625

File: 1540436893411.jpg (44.19 KB, 800x450, Aliens.jpg)

>doesn't @ anyone or tag anyone

>just fucking admitted to stalking his exes on social media like she's the crazy one

No. 720661


Uhhhh what app, Jonny.

No. 720701

One that just so happened to like two of his ex’s posts. Of all the millions of posts it could’ve liked on Instagram. Hahaha

No. 720719

This manlet needs knocked down a peg or two (or three, or ten). He's such an insufferable POS

No. 720721

LMFAO “she really thinks I look at her profile!!! hahahaha i can’t breathe!! not like i had to do my daily rounds to check her shit in order to find this tweet in the first place”

No. 720724

I truly can’t understand how someone like taylor who is so desperate to portray themselves as kind, considerate, caring of animals, intelligent, etc etc is somehow okay w dating someone like this? Obviously she displays some of the same behaviors as him in reality or else she wouldn’t be able to handle him. He is so obviously lacking any level of intellect whatsoever, even in their small clips together he is a barely coherent human, i have no clue how they can even converse.

Dating him is SO bad for that image, the only people who don’t realize that in order to date someone for nearly a year you have to share a lot of similarities?? We see those similarities whenever she gets close to breaking up with him and sperges out on social media but no one over 16 is actually fooled by thinking taylor is some intelligent, humanistic goddess when she dates a human trash can?

No. 720761

Unless she's been faking her entire personality I cannot believe she actually likes him. I know a lot of you guys will disagree but if it weren't for her animal care and constant lying, I would like Taylor. Jonny is so… simple compared to her (and 90% of all people, let's be honest), I really cannot imagine him making her laugh or discussing anything.

No. 720799

I just watched the instagram stories of the girls visiting Taylor and Taylor is just in none of them?
Kinda weird, they went out to eat and to a bird show or something and she is not with them. And obviously it's not like she couldn't come cause she is busy with anything lol

No. 720804


I'm with you - a way back when I started watching her videos (when she still lived with her parents) I really did like Taylor. I liked her sense of humor and found her videos interesting - I wasn't a stan, but I found her entertaining and likeable. And that went down the drain fast as she got Jonny in her life and her lies and animal neglect became apparent. It's infuriating because I legit believe she had potential, lack of education notwithstanding. She had a platform and plenty of money she could have so much with, and instead pissed it all away.

No. 720825

IA with this. I used to be a fan before she started spiralling into hoarding reptiles and before she met Johnny. People here will disagree but imo she has charisma and used to be fun to watch. Over the last year + some months she just fucking lost her mind lol. She got one snake which became a dozen snakes in mere months and she flirted with a “famous” dude on twitter and that was it for her, she saw a way out of the “living with my parents” lifestyle and dropped everything, animal care standards included, to pursue a lifestyle she felt was more glam/cool than her previous one. It’s sad but the reality is this showed her true self more than anything else could have, so I’m not gonna feel sorry she exposed her own selfish ruthlessness like this. Just sorry for the animals like everyone else.

No. 720831

But extremely unlikely….mama dean would have made mention of that. And at the rate she’s lioses animals, my bets would be on a dumpster and I 110% believe she fed Gus.

No. 720838

It's because I think Taylor is actually just not with them. I'm pretty sure they're also staying in a hotel, there's a story clip of them in a room watching YouTube with snacks and stuff and I'm pretty sure it's not in Taylor's apartment

No. 720842


It makes sense they'd not be staying with her, there's probably just not enough room! And would you really want to sleep on the floor in that apartment? I sure as shit wouldn't…

No. 720849

I have no extra room (one room is a bedroom, ones an office/quarantine room, and ones an animal room) and my friends still stay with me. Blowup mattresses in the living room are the way to go. If someone invited me to come stay with them in San Antonio from Canada (Emma is from Canada) and expected me to pay for my own hotel I'd be a little ticked off.

No. 720850

So in other words I think something happened between them because they're not with Taylor AT ALL. And at the beginning of the trip they had all of their suitcases and stuff in her living room

No. 720852


I used to enjoy watching Taylor too, she seemed very genuine in her old videos but it was around the time that she started getting snakes that something changed.

I started to avoid watching her videos when she got Nemo and his sister. I just remember seeing the thumbnail and feeling sickened. She had no business raising those kittens and it shows because one of them died. After a while I clicked on one of her videos, around the time she got the green tree python after the original died. After not watching her for so long and seeing that video something just felt off and it prompted me to look into TND's care more and ended up here. I do believe her care has gotten worse since she moved out since before nearly all her animals were in her room and it was difficult for her to buy more due to space. Also I remember Jen saying no to certain animals, like snakes until she gave in and Taylor's snake spree began.

I do think she can fix her care, but she needs to be open to criticism and listen to other people instead of instantly blocking them or arguing. She also 100% needs to downsize and rehome certain animals she clearly can't take care of or provide for, like the rats and monitor.

No. 720853

Jonny probably kicked them out since he's so possessive and everything has to be about him

No. 720861

Does anyone know if Taylor ever had them over before?
She keeps bragging about how big her apartment actually is so I doubt that they are sleeping somewhere else cause there is not enough space.

No. 720862

Their relationship is so pitifully fake. I mean just look at the way she splurged on social media when they broke up, it was the only time she’s spoke about how he is abusive to her. How do you go from “fuck boys, he’s abusive” to “omg I love you daddy nobody understands us”? It just screams sad and fake. I think she really just doesn’t want to prove she was wrong about him from the beginning. We all know he’s just with her for sex and a place to stay/sugar momma to pay for everything he wants. She’s probably grown dependent on having him around on some degree too, she needs his constant attention so she feels worthy. I’m sure he tries to isolate her from all of the people around her as much as he can.
Regardless I can’t believe that manlet thinks everyone is jealous of that nasty relationship. So gross

No. 720883

I agree. They post shit on social media that no normal couple would. >>719642 for example, I can't get over how bizarre this is, I mean I know Taylor never really sees anyone but really fucking strange to be so stoked for someone just because their friends are visiting lmao. Maybe he's happy that she's speaking to other humans and not just reptiles for a change.

No. 720884

No way anon, I read that as totally sarcastic and bitchy. He's pissed that her friends are there to visit

No. 720885

Maybe. I just read it as them being a total cringefest like usual.

No. 720890

Does anyone remember when she tweeted about how abusive Johnny was, and she explicitly said she was tweeting it out so that everyone would know and she wouldn’t be able to pretend it didn’t happen like she usually would? Like everyone else says she’s staying with him out of stubbornness and maybe fear, that if she kicks him to the curb he could spill the tea on what they really got up to. He seems brain dead as fuck so it’s hard to tell if he even has the capacity to know how bad her animal care is, but I’m sure he knows some shit she doesn’t want getting out. She was stupid, stubborn, naive as all hell to get into this situation when every single person around her warned her about it.

No. 720900

Johnny didn't sound thrilled to have them coming over so I don't doubt that he made Taylor make them leave and just acted like an ass until they did.

No. 720918


that clip tay is in with them. shes sitting on the couch. tay was not in the car with them when they went to see the birds and the cheesecake factory

No. 720928

Who the fuck would ever believe this
anything would be more believable than an app randomly liking two of his exes posts out of the millions of insta accounts/posts out there… I seriously wonder if Taylor believes this

No. 720932

Sage for blogposting but when I dated my ex he would constantly tag his ex in Facebook posts and like her posts. I fucking hated it but he didn’t care, he would do it anyway. Not only that but he would ignore me for days on end and still do it.

I just don’t understand how Taylor deals with Jonny’s bullshit. She probably does care but is too scared to call him out on it. Having your S/O liking their ex’s posts is super hurtful and inappropriate imo.

No. 720977

File: 1540486754097.jpeg (41.51 KB, 635x266, 8DA5D3A7-BE66-4225-9DAA-B370D2…)

At least she’s aware she’s fake as fuck…

No. 721058

File: 1540492266197.jpg (722.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181025-203116_Ins…)

No. 721065

You can pretty obviously see here that they are still not bonded to her and scared.
Slight blogpost: I got 2 girls around the same time as her and even though one is really timid by nature she would already have run out of the cage and onto me if I just had the door open like Taylor does here.

No. 721071

File: 1540493395828.jpeg (703.38 KB, 750x955, D46C29E3-B9B6-4E33-825B-BC22A1…)

Is he supposed to be this thin?

No. 721076


How many rats does she have?! I'm counting up to six. Is that right?

There are three in the bottom right, one (4) in the bottom left. I think Goose (5) is on the top shelf in the cubby on the left (or, if not, he's somewhere in the cage; he isn't all white, so he's not as obvious), and then there's the white rat (6) up top.

Did I miss something, or am I miscounting? I thought she had three total.

No. 721079

She’s doubled the amount of rats in there! Fuck sake it wasn’t really suitable for all three of them to begin with. Where have they all come from? Is she breeding to feed?

No. 721080

I hope they keep accidentally exposing her lies lol

No. 721081


Hell, have her fucking rats bred already?! Or has she got more pets that she's not taking care of properly AGAIN

No. 721082


wooowww i didnt even pay attention to that. goose is up top too on the left you can see his head poking out of a plain brown hide

No. 721084


no those aren new rats bred from hers. too old. looks like she just bought some more