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File: 1534202983594.png (145.5 KB, 1171x734, 1534181319771.png)

No. 663922

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/648895

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Uses her plethora of illness to excuse not posting, yet she’s somehow able to care for 30+ animals everyday, stating that when she is too unwell to tend to her animals she pays "people" ~$600 to take care of them for her, as if that's somehow better

> Suddenly starts ranting about being vegan and saving the planet despite not even being vegetarian herself
> Finally got the cheese tattoo, looks terrible (not surprising)
> Got the new monitor sage, lies about its size repeatedly, still too small for the monitor and provided next to no substrate, hides, inadequate lighting, and climbing area for the monitor.
> Kovu died at 3 ½, Taylor claims it was a result of bad breeding and she expected him to die way earlier. He likely died of heat exhaustion in the wake of the heat wave that struck Texas when he was living in a tank, after months of neglect in a closet
> Jonny went on tour in Brazil, was drinking the whole time, holding open alcohol
> Decided to put all of her snakes into breeder racks
> Still hasn't bothered getting a proper set up for the mantis shrimp
> Posted a link to a podcast not realizing that it didn’t paint her in a positive light (link to the podcast and summary of the podcast with time stamps is in #15 thread)
> Lying constantly about the sizes of her enclosures, sometimes within minutes of each other
> Finally got a slightly bigger enclosure for the monitor (though not the size he needs) that she hasn't bothered to actually fill in properly, nor set up the lights for it properly
> Pacman frog is very unhealthy, legs splayed out, eyes blown out, bones and muscle deteriorating
> After months of neglecting to treat her bearded dragon for what started with a small tail injury and possibly losing just the tip of its tail, the tail became necrotic and about half of the tail had to be amputated.
> Actually showed up to Petfest, but in a sports bra, tank pants, and a lace cardigan
> Has been bragging about purchasing a chimera ball python for the last three weeks and continues to push the arrival date back, however snake is still for sale on morph market
> Still claiming that she isn't impulse buying her animals, and totes supports "adopt don't shop", despite claiming that she bought a $7500 snake that hasn't been shipped yet (still not clear if she will get the snake), and buying another snake at Petfest
> Misidentifies the species of the snake that she just bought on twitter, despite claiming that it's one she's totes wanted forever

No. 663951

Kudos to the anon who created this thread header! Best update/description yet!

No. 663987

Why thank ya. Made the last couple cand haven’t been totally sure I was doing the updates with enough milk

No. 663990

Noticed in more pictures of petfest that people posted, she is the only one not smiling in any of them.

No. 664056

Insta baddies don’t smile, duh!!!!!!

No. 664065

Kylie Jenner looks fucked up when she talks or smiles because that makes her lips look super fucked. Same goes for Taylor.

No. 664066

Kylie Jenner looks fucked up when she talks or smiles because that makes her lips look super fucked. Same goes for Taylor.

No. 664118

So has nothing come from the owner of bearded dragon she slandered threatening to sue her? I haven’t seen her mention it at all? I wonder what’s happening with that since he demanded she remove the video and post a public apology…

No. 664307

She’s probably pretending she didn’t see it or she turned on the tears in private messages and Joe fell for it. I really hope not.

No. 664356

I’d put my money on pretending not to see it.

No. 664358

Yep. She'll do what she always does. She doesn't actually care that she slandered anyone. She's hoping that they are just empty threats so she's seeing if they actually follow through. At which point she'll break out the crocodile tears. She'll do anything to avoid admitting she was wrong.

No. 664385

File: 1534265885363.png (41.78 KB, 465x208, Picture 6.png)

No. 664389

File: 1534266161636.png (26.19 KB, 464x135, Picture 3.png)

Yeah, let's encourage people not to give their pets access to water! The tarantula keepers I watch on youtube generally make sure their tarantulas have a bottle cap of water just in case, especially before/after molting. But she has one tarantula and is somehow an expert?

No. 664390

File: 1534266248865.jpg (48.19 KB, 510x680, DkV-vwhX4AAGypF.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 664394

File: 1534266385630.jpg (79.86 KB, 510x680, DkWqwDOVsAEGyiz.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 664400

This whole "Cheese god" thing is so cringy.

No. 664409

File: 1534267538374.png (272.99 KB, 1250x570, Picture 8.png)

Mama Dean really needs to get off twitter. Here she is talking about Em being "kind." How's that feel Taylor?

No. 664424

I highly doubt it’s been six months. She got Johnny a snake just recently, didn’t she? She’s as delusional as her mother.

No. 664439

Not to mention the chimera she just ordered. It hasn't even arrived yet and she's already adding more to the collection.

No. 664469

This is grossly incorrect. Speaking as a keeper of 16 tarantulas, even species that are kept in a completely dry environment should have access to a water dish.

5 minutes of research would have told her the same thing.

No. 664472

I honestly wonder what her husband thinks when he sees her twitter.

No. 664486

Her husband needs to bail and take Tanner with him. Mama Dean has already done irreparable damage to both kids, might as well save Tanner while there's still some time left.

No. 664585

File: 1534284421865.jpg (491.83 KB, 1188x1806, uKtBuKv.jpg)

No. 664594

File: 1534285240021.jpg (992.13 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_20180814-181751_Ins…)

She's claiming she hasn't gotten a snake in 6 months, yet she got this one for Jonny in May… and we all know Taylor is the only one who takes care of it

No. 664614


It's not about when you LAST got a snake, you dumbass. It's that fact that you already have too many animals yet you buy more.

She talks about her animals as if they are shoes. Like she needs 'this seasons' snake.

No. 664640

She was supposed to get the chimera today, yet it's still for sale on morph market. How does she intend to lie her way out of this?

No. 664652

What ever happened to that mantis shrimp??

No. 664654

She won’t have to. She’s posted at least 5 times now that it was coming on a certain date then deleted the tweet and the snake never arrived. And none of her fans are questioning her of course.

No. 664660

File: 1534290360565.png (34.8 KB, 417x198, Picture 3.png)

I know. It's just mind boggling that her fans have such short attention spans that they can't see through her constant lying. I'm surprised she hasn't deleted this.

No. 664674

i don’t get the whole “it’s been 6 months since i got a snake so it’s ok to get some more uwu!!!” argument from her. even though that’s a lie. like hell JC is the only one responsible for the snake “she got for him” AKA herself too. but it’s completely irrelevant and sounds like a fucking child’s reasoning. “oh i was good for x amount of time so i can do this.” an immature and irresponsible way to go about your life but i digress. most importantly, why are all of the other pets she’s hoarded in the meantime exempt from this reasoning? she is already in way over her head with all the other animals but alright let’s just focus on the snake hoard, Tay. has anyone brought that up to her?

no genuine animal lover would ever do this, knowing they cannot feasibly provide the love and attention each one deserves with so many to look after. living beings are paying the price for her idiocy. fuck her and anyone encouraging her.

No. 664692

I wonder if she truly thinks she’s gonna keep these snakes for their 20+ year lifespan

No. 664694

I would shocked if any of these snakes make it to 10 years.

No. 664698

File: 1534293480925.png (12.35 KB, 585x185, tnd.png)

she's been bragging about getting this chimera for literally weeks

No. 664708

Also according to that she is supposed to start getting her tattoo tomorrow.

No. 664717

File: 1534294876919.png (8.78 KB, 586x85, tnd1.png)

The date is the 28th of JJly.
The date on this regarding the same snake is from the 20th. And now three weeks later she's claiming it's going to be there on the 21st/22nd of August. Who on earth holds onto an animal for a customer with that level of uncertainty for a fuckin month?
Lord knows she probably isn't paying the breeder for the boarding and upkeep of the snake for a month. Every breeder I know (granted, I know mainly livestock breeders, but I do know someone who breeds beardies) either has a date set for the pick up or shipping of the animal coordinated usually within a week, if the buyer isn't ready to receive it but wants a hold on the animal then they pay deposit (at least) and board for the time. Why does anyone believe this shit? (sage for bloggish post)

No. 664727

File: 1534295938178.jpeg (103.99 KB, 1292x741, 9FFC601D-EF16-4CB2-BFFE-FF8C92…)

No. 664739

Don’t know what calendar you were looking at to get August 21/22…she’s said the 14/15 and now posted it’s tomorrow at 10:30

No. 664741

I read >>664660 as coming on tuesday/wednesday. Seeing as Tuesday is past now, I was reading it as Tues/Wed next week because I hadn't seen the 1030 tomorrow tweet.

No. 664744

I wonder why the snake is still listed on the site if it’s been purchased and is arriving tomorrow.

No. 664745

File: 1534298187010.png (20.6 KB, 414x108, Picture 6.png)

No. 664748

Is it that original chimera she’s speaking off?

No. 664753

Yes, that's what she's been insinuating to her fans for weeks but I don't see how it's possible. If it's been shipped and will arrive tomorrow morning the breeder would have taken it down from morphmarket.

No. 664758


I wonder if she purchased a different snake and is going to try and pass it off as the one she originally wanted?

No. 664760

Chimera is still up on morph market, not sure how she could possibly be getting it tomorrow.

No. 664765

or maybe she purchased it from somewhere else

No. 664766

How much money do u wanna bet me that she deletes the tweet and there's no snake tomorrow

No. 664794

My money is on she bought a different snake and is keeping it a secret because she didn’t want us “haters” “harrassing the breeder again”

No. 664798

jfc. How is Mr. Dean still with mama dean? I wonder if Mr. Dean's lawyer son think of all this. If i were him, i would never talk to them again because honestly, they're a bunch of 5 year olds throwing tantrums left and right.

No. 664806

Every day that passes, Taylor starts to look more and more like her manchild. yikes

No. 664807

It is pretty common for people to look like their pets

No. 664811

File: 1534301952578.png (1.33 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4499.PNG)

Imagine what he's going to do to her as an adult, if he lives that long. She really did not think this through at ALL.

No. 664815

I have my fingers cross to that being an attack rather than her just handling him
She will probably re-home him with the excuse "she didn't like how he was behaving" like she did with her Clownfish lol

No. 664819

File: 1534302483846.jpeg (95.82 KB, 1299x843, 3CE0548B-EC27-4715-9A0A-2998DA…)

It’s definitely the chimera that she’s talking about. Whether she actually gets it or not, we’ll see tomorrow. She definitely couldn’t get some other snake and pretend it was the same though because it’s one of a kind.

No. 664820

File: 1534302507853.png (307.2 KB, 465x472, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.07…)

good to see her animals turning on her

No. 664821

We can only hope she rehomes him to someone that will properly care for him instead of just pawning him off to some halfwit friend of hers or her manchild.

No. 664829

Guess we'll get to wait and see. Personally I'm getting ready for some bullshit excuse as to why it's a different snake or for her to throw the breeder under the bus

No. 664831

File: 1534302835792.png (34.09 KB, 615x661, tnd10.png)

She minimizes how dangerous her monitor is going to be so much.

No. 664840

Putting a monitor on a leash is not how you fucking socialize them. Jesus Christ he's not a dog, he doesn't need to be walked on a leash.

No. 664847

RIP her cats

No. 664849

Not to mention reptiles with the need for high basking temps really shouldn't be out for more than 15 minutes at a time, a few times a week. No wonder he's lethargic and stunted if she has him out for an hour a day. He also doesn't need fucking leash training…target training or teaching him through positive re-enforcement would make more sense to help with taming and enrichment. And for christ's sake, wear gloves and stop complaining.

No. 664863

File: 1534305570998.jpeg (464.51 KB, 1355x1684, 7F8A8462-ED74-4397-A06E-E9E7BF…)

I mean it actually kind of is. The outside dimensions are big but the inside where the water will be is pretty small.

No. 664871

The actual size of the water dish is only twice as big as her previous one. Holy fuck her fans are gonna eat this up

No. 664872

>smashed its way out of the tank and the monitor ate it
not really, but…

No. 664907

File: 1534309838420.jpg (312.37 KB, 1536x1536, 1534309651193.jpg)

Sabor is the only snake that bites!! They're all so tame and cuddly!!

No. 664909

Because it's most likely not that one.
The breeder was quick to say it was already sold to her when she was lying about getting it for free, so it'd be strange for him not to remove it for sale if it was indeed the one she got.

No. 664939

There's someone on Tumblr that has more posts with info from the breeder of Twisty. Their username is Caffveines. I'm unsure of how to link or post all the screenshots they have.

No. 664940

FWIW I have been trying to buy this snake and the breeder ghosted me last Friday. If he actually sold it to her I am going to be pissed.

No. 664948

File: 1534315115748.jpeg (561.15 KB, 1415x1711, 234066BF-C8CF-4AB8-AB28-406180…)

No. 664949

File: 1534315262125.jpeg (275.66 KB, 1308x853, 95961011-A5B7-4FD0-8401-D56479…)

No. 664950

File: 1534315468817.jpeg (109.3 KB, 540x960, 319AE13F-FC3A-421A-BDE2-6E18FB…)

No. 664952

Hi, my names Jayce Snow. I noticed one of my comments was used in a screenshot here.
Although. I'd prefer not being dragged into all of this considering I'm not even actually /friends/ with Taylor. I've been working with her over the past week to improve her husbandry for her animals. I can very well disprove most of your guys claims here if I really wanted to take the time.
Only reason I'm making this comment is because well, you guys don't have a whole lot of accurate info let alone will latch onto everything you see public. Even sarcastic jokes like the one I made that's in the screenshot.
You don't know what's going on behind the scenes in private messages or peoples personal lives.

No. 664955

File: 1534315960770.png (463.52 KB, 602x654, Picture 3.png)

No. 664956

File: 1534316020700.jpeg (435.67 KB, 1936x968, 69A0CDF5-6AD0-4FA8-87B3-70AB5D…)

No. 664960

Which screenshot is sarcastic? You can point out the exact one by clicking the comment number and including it in your reply.

As far as we can tell from what you've put out in public, you were calling Taylor out now you seem to be encouraging her to get new animals. Her husbandry hasn't changed in the slightest between those two positions.

No. 664962

hi dont act like u dont come here regularly goodnight sir

No. 664968

> I can very well disprove most of your guys claims here if I really wanted to take the time.

Then do it.
You already took the time to come here and write that paragraph.

No. 664972

Hi Jayce, as someone who respected you for calling out Taylor’s obvious misinformation/false claims and awful husbandry, do you really think the small amount of clicks you might gain from “befriending” her are worth it?
Also just a friendly tip, even though you’re here white knighting her, she probably won’t like that you’ve posted here. It gives the impression that maybe you’ve posted here before but not things that Taylor would like.

If there’s a chance that you can steal her away from Jonny then I fully support that for her well being and her animals sake. If that’s your end goal then by all means carry on. Cause I’m my opinion the only thing that explains your sudden flip of the switch in rationality is either romantic interest or clout.

No. 664976

She could change twistys name to almost any of her other animals and it would still make sense when she says she hasn’t posted much about them. That’s what she does with all her new pets. Couple of photos when she first buys them and then never mentioned again! Twistys absence from social media was never noted as anything unusual coasts her usual MO.

No. 664978

File: 1534319794809.png (265.87 KB, 416x650, Picture 8.png)

No. 664980

shes so stupid. its not broken its just kinked. the amputation wouldn't have needed to happen if she KNEW HOW TO CARE FOR ANIMALS

No. 664990

File: 1534320298345.png (78.43 KB, 414x489, Picture 8.png)

clueless stans

No. 664992

From the first pic here >>664955 it's a different angle and the tail looks pretty straight. She's in damage control.

No. 664993

File: 1534320653431.png (104.86 KB, 416x653, Picture 9.png)

No. 664994

File: 1534320829287.jpg (633.5 KB, 1440x2239, Screenshot_20180815-030918~2.j…)

No. 664995

File: 1534320840756.png (56.5 KB, 412x307, Picture 10.png)

No. 665000

File: 1534321364075.png (31.94 KB, 424x137, 1532746405564.png)

Bitch is still insinuating it's Joe. She doesn't want to call the company out because she can't fucking remember who really sold her Twisty.

No. 665007

getting my popcorn ready for this shitstorm

No. 665009

File: 1534322568188.png (187.04 KB, 417x435, Picture 7.png)

My favorite parts of this quarantine set-up are the thermometer, thermostat, hydrometer, and that it's in the quietest part of the house.

No. 665010

File: 1534322663029.png (60.52 KB, 417x322, Picture 3.png)

No. 665011

File: 1534322731241.png (74.53 KB, 414x398, Picture 6.png)

"sterile" lmao

No. 665019

File: 1534324391926.png (282.36 KB, 876x632, Picture 6.png)

1st pic is comments from her July 25 amputation post.

2nd pic is comments from the post today ( >>664994 )

No. 665020


"I literally don't wanna call them out"

Could literally just reply to the tweet with a screen of her instagram post going but you already did?

No. 665023

Didnt she say the name on her video?

No. 665035

Nd if you believe she’s actually got him out an hour a day, I’ve got some prime land to sell you!

No. 665040

Quarantine is 2-3 months…the snake she just bought in Ohio is gonna be in there 2-3 months?! Yah, right!!

No. 665047

He probably sold the snake to Taylor before that but is laving it up and listed so that things look normal and he doesn't get his inbox filled up.

No. 665048

File: 1534329972698.png (201.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4525.PNG)

No. 665050

File: 1534330081525.png (206.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4526.PNG)

No. 665051

she sounds like such a spoiled brat.
She’s allowed to spew whatever shit she wants without a second thought, which is proved by the fact that she doesnt even remember posting the name of the breeder.

Not to mention that now she’s made it even worse, she KNOWS she has the power and followers to fuck their business over. They were just upset she got it wrong in the first place, and were pretty respectful.

I love when she spergs out though, sip sip sip

No. 665054

>You don't know what's going on behind the scenes in private messages or peoples personal lives.
here comes that excuse again. of course we don't see the whole picture, but if what little care she chooses to display to the world is painfully lacking, what are the chances the rest is any better? she obviously only shows the best parts.
also, you seem to be missing that people liked you here. before you started encouraging her hoarding.

No. 665055

File: 1534330605218.png (231.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4527.PNG)

No. 665056

someone should @ her on twitter with that screenshot of jonny picking twisty up by the tail. What’s this then taylor? Hmmmm

No. 665059

Wow. How many reptiles have you gotten before finally learning what quarantine is. That's sad Taylor…

No. 665060

“This is my first time doing quarantine”
What the actual eff??? You have 30+ animals and you’ve never done quarantine on any of them???? Are you stupid or do you literally just not care about the animals welfare jfc

No. 665061

No Jayce, her care is still subpar and she has a chronic illness that prevents her from taking care of her animals everyday. Taylor isn’t a breeder so she has absolutely no reason to have as many snakes as she does.

Look at it like this, if she was a breeder those snakes would be stock. She would have little emotional attachment to them and wouldn’t try to handle them everyday. But as it stand these are her PETS and she should be giving them time and attention everyday.

No. 665064


Taylor can get as many animals as she likes!!!111

My care is also subpar!!111

Love me Taylor!!111


No. 665067

She deleted the tweet about twisty, if you're innocent like you claim wouldn't you leave the tweet up?
Doesn't send a good message when you cry "WOE IS ME" then fucking delete it for no reason.

No. 665070

File: 1534332823457.png (3.59 MB, 1242x2208, 993D5BA4-A1B8-42D6-AF43-1920C8…)

No. 665072

Don't feel too bad. She likely offered him over the asking price. Anything to add to her horde.

No. 665075

wonder if Ari is on board with this, I'd hate to unstan him lmao

No. 665076

To be fair she said it’s the first on a ball. Not ever. Also, didn’t people always say they wished she quarentined. …So isn’t it good she’s taking to more seriously now??

No. 665078

Taylor, it is really fucking sad you need to show literally everyone you know your thread, are you really that boring you don't have any other topic to talk about?

And yes Jayce, let's pretend you aren't lurking constantly and didn't read the past threads

No. 665080

I'd lol if Jayce pulled a Emzotic and was posting shit about her. Judging from his tweets, it's not that unlikely.

No. 665081

Where did they say she was showing everyone she knew her thread? Tbfh, all the pettubers lurk here CONSTANTLY. I wouldn’t be surprised that they keep her updated. I’m all for speculating things that are actually worth speculating, I even commented before about some rumors that I do believe to be true. But this bs seems like it’s become a legitimate obsession with her.

No. 665082

In this post:


No. 665083

Lmao I thought the same thing, oh I forgot, I bet it was a 'friend' that showed her.

I mean Jayce has just shown he's just like Taylor in the sense they're both naive kids with no education but think collecting pets and gaining a following will somehow result in them in conservation positions. Nice dream but it won't happen.

No. 665085

Didn’t the pet hoarder fest have a dm where they would all just talk about the website according to Emzotic? all I’m saying is I wouldn’t be surprised if they still did tell her. pretty sure those are taylor’s only “friends”. And if she checks here, why is that wrong? You all talk about her day in and out… why is she pathetic for checking if she did? Again. I don’t mind the ACTUAL tea on here so if you throw me out keep mind I’m just saying that I used to like this website, But it is getting weird

No. 665086

also he definitely wasn't joking about the banded skinks lmao nice try. he replied to me on twitter after I warned Taylor they're wild caught with some stingy comment on how wild caught isn't bad

No. 665088

And does this Jayce guy have any actual history of abusing animals? Or are you saying all this about him just cause he talks to taylor?

No. 665090

>Used to like
>doesn't know how to sage
>wants to stan

kek sure you aren't Jayce?

No. 665091

Where was it mentioned that Jayce abuses animals? Also, it's clear pretty new here considering you still haven't grasps the rules of the site.

No. 665093

>if a claim is fake it always comes with an edited picture.

God damn that's some nice logic

No. 665098

Don't tell us who w can and can't drag. Taylor's been away so do tell us how she made all the changes you won't specify in that time. Delusional.

No. 665101


She knows she fucked up with her monitor? Except she hasn't mentioned or acknowledged this publicly, so no… she hasn't. In private she probably knows, but to the public she remains unable to handle criticism or address her mistakes, so that she can actually learn from them.

If she realized she fucked up with her monitor, she would rehome him. But she won't, because Taylor can't admit she's in the wrong under any circumstances. She can't shoulder any blame and points fingers at others.

No. 665110

She showed to Tyler, her cousin, Jonny, her stans and now Jayce
And probably more people

No. 665111

when did she get Gucci? It should be used to being handled regularly by now surely…

No. 665149

File: 1534340992157.jpeg (345.4 KB, 1800x1622, 72025369-2C03-4525-891B-933C9E…)

So she posted today that it was phoenix’s fourth birthday. But she posted that he was 8-10months old when she got him in feb ‘16, which would mean he was born June ‘15 at the latest. So he was either younger than she claimed when she first got him or she forgot his bday… I mean with all the animals she has I’m surprised she can remember what year she got them.

No. 665152

She deleted her Instagram post about Twisty as well. Doesn’t matter at this point. Her 12 year old stand believe her.

No. 665153

File: 1534341390453.png (945.08 KB, 1080x1659, IMG_20180815_145425.png)

She said he was 1 1/2 years old when she first got him, so he probably is 4 years old, but it is funny that she can't keep track of when she gets her animals or how old they are, it changes all the time even though these things can easily be checked as she posts everything online.

No. 665174

He finally replied to me in the crackhead hours of the night. Surprise surprise someone offered above asking.

And instead of coming back to me and negotiating he ghosted. Real fucking professional.

That rare beautiful snake is going to be slowly starved to death now.

No. 665178

Since you're such gpod friends, did she happen to mention anything about the ghost shrimp?

No. 665181

Yeah.. called it.

Any idea how much she offered? Did you try and counter offer again despite?

No. 665183

I really hope Taylor gets sued over this. What a dumb bitch. She gets threatened with a lawsuit when this guy obviously has the paperwork and pictures to prove this is defamation, so she continues to slander them. Good idea.

No. 665185

Plus there's a whole forums dedicated to keeping track of everything so…. an endless flow of information and evidence. She really didn't think this through, I wonder if she understands the concept of anything outside feeding her ego via tweeniebop stans.

No. 665186

I wouldn't get my hopes up. As we know, this has happened before. She always weasels her way out of everything. I don't see why this time would be any different, if they even sue her at all.

No. 665190

She is so stupid! Beardie owner here, raised mine since he was a month and he is now one year. Mine has always had a slight kink on the tail tip, barely noticable unless you're really looking. I have kept an eye on it while he grew and shed and it has never went necrotic or even looked abnormal in ANY way. Baby dragons and even adults CAN get kinked tails because the tip especially is very flimsy. I honestly think Johnny broke Twisty's tail in that post where he is picking her up by it! You NEVER pick a dragon up by their tail! They make me sick the way they treat these animals, they are living creatures not your fucking accessories.

No. 665193

He's an idiot too if he doesn't follow through with this.

There's a good chance she'd be too high to bother showing up and then he'd win by default.

And as long as he shows up with documentation it was bought from the other person he's been in contact with, there's tons of evidence of her stans saying they will never purchase from him now. And she will have to cover his lawyer fees as well.

Do it.

No. 665201

There's a girl on YouTube who has a beardie with a kinked tail too and it's always been like that. Whilst it's possible the kink did cause the necrosis this isn't the definite reason, and JCs holding it by the tail is definitely worrying. The main problem is she never contacted the breeder when the tail started to rot, she apparently went to a different vet than her usual one for some unknown reason, she left the tail to rot for months before going to a different/her usual vet, and is now lying about the breeder and the conditions the dragons were in. It honestly baffles me how much she has to dig herself in a hole, she could have left the conditions of the other dragons out but she wanted to make herself sound like a hero, completely ignoring the fact she's slandering someone's reputation. I can't believe she doesn't get that.

No. 665225

Since Jayce outed himself on here (and therefore outed his IP) can’t we get a farmhand to check and see if he’s posted negative things about Taylor like they did with Emzotic? Only seems fair, right?

No. 665233

File: 1534349393500.png (291.96 KB, 415x543, Picture 3.png)

Fucking hell.

No. 665234

I'm so sick of this bitch getting whatever she wants. She's going to end up killing it anyway.

No. 665240

File: 1534349709961.png (106.07 KB, 418x593, Picture 6.png)

I love that she has to lie to her own fans that we're accusing her of breaking his tail when the speculation all along has been Jonny did it.

No. 665244

File: 1534349977739.png (115.04 KB, 415x648, Picture 7.png)

No. 665246

Why the fuck is she moving it around her house for a photoshoot if she JUST PULLED HIM OUT OF THE BOX. seriously. Give him a week to settle.

No. 665250

Where on Facebook is this happening?

No. 665251

File: 1534350325815.png (108.04 KB, 417x621, Picture 3.png)

Nothing suspicious? You lied about the breeder, what the sex was, how many the breeder had, what vet you used. Literally everything. And you fucking stand by while your stans continue to defame South Texas Dragons in your honor without telling them they weren't the breeder, nor are they accusing you of hurting Twisty.

No. 665253

Well, I hope for the breeders sake that snake stays healthy a while. Otherwise it’s going to be them under the bus next.

No. 665254

This is happening on a private page. I won’t share the page due to Taylor being insane and harassing them. But there’s not 100s of conspiracy threads. There’s ONE conversation going on ONE page. Taylor is the queen of exaggeration

No. 665255

Poor Gemini is going to be stuffed in this unregulated hellscape for the next 2-3 months right under the tv! >>665009

No. 665258

File: 1534350727259.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-25-31…)

No. 665261

File: 1534350847915.png (1.54 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-25-38…)

No. 665262

She’s such a liar because she definitely didn’t see the vet until it’s too late. Amputating the tail would NOT have needed anesthesia at such a young age. The vet would have used local anesthetics (like they do with tail docking or duclaw amputations, which are done at literally minutes old) to amputate the tail. She’s a fucking liar jfc

No. 665264

File: 1534350956402.png (2.34 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-25-44…)

No. 665266

File: 1534351074202.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-25-54…)

No. 665268

File: 1534351172454.png (2.22 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-25-48…)

No. 665269

I hate this bitch. I'm gonna laugh so hard the day she fucks up too bad to tweet her way out of. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her.

No. 665271

File: 1534351290001.png (203.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-27-06…)

No. 665274

File: 1534351419611.png (622.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-28-17…)

No. 665277

File: 1534351561903.png (322.81 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-08-15 12.30.56.png)

No. 665278

File: 1534351624695.png (295.67 KB, 1080x1920, 2018-08-15 12.31.43.png)

No. 665280

I haven’t seen concrete evidence but another anon said the breeder said she paid more than asking price

No. 665281

File: 1534351759057.png (250.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-12-44-39…)

No. 665282

So this snake will get to have an actual enclosure because it's extra expensive and pretty and the rest get shoved in drawers simply because they're not as much so? How do her followers not see how sad this is.

No. 665289

>I mean Jayce has just shown he's just like Taylor in the sense they're both naive kids with no education but think collecting pets and gaining a following will somehow result in them in conservation positions. Nice dream but it won't happen.

What Jayce said actually made me laugh out loud. You learn absolutely nothing related to conservation by being a hobbyist keeper and no legitimate conservation operation is ever going to hire someone without a biology background. Handing animals is not what conservationists do, we do statistics, statistics and more statistics. It's not a fun job where you get to run around with animals.

Jayce, go back to school. I just finished uni at 25, it's never too late to go back. The path you see to your dream does not exist.

t. biologist who is applying for conservation positions at ZSL.

No. 665290

Because they're either kids, likeminded, or absolutely 100% ignorant about animal care or ethics. It's depressing but it explains the majority of her manipulation. Honestly with Jayce it shocked me and reminded me of this episode of Sherlock, where Sherlock's sister could basically reprogram people by just talking to them. That's what she did with Jayce, going from heavy criticism to "her enclosures are better than mine"

No. 665292

“I wanna be like you” you mean a girl that barely has a high school education who hoards animals for YouTube subs?

No. 665293

Yep. The thought of someone asking Taylor to work out some simple stats makes me cringe. She really thinks conservationists just sit around animals all day.

No. 665300

File: 1534353325814.jpg (603.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180815_181347.jpg)

Do ya'll remember when she made the bold claim that she was buying him just because she loved him so much and wouldn't show him in any videos hahahaah

No. 665303

It’s honestly so sad that all she gives two shits about is how much her animal cost or how rare it is. All she can say about the snake is how much she loves him because he’s rare. She’s such a disgusting person, and all respect I had for the breeder of that snake is now lost.

No. 665317

I’ve never posted before so I hope I’m doing this right if not I’m sorry! I was the gal who sent her the picture that send her flying off the handles lmao. Tbh it’s funny because she didn’t directly @ me she let her flying monkeys come at me and then deliberately left my @ in the screenshot.
She’s a coward and I wouldn’t be surprised if she WAS the reason twistys tail was fucked.
anyway just wanted to say that but yeah keep up the good work on calling her out.

No. 665326

What picture? Did I miss something?

No. 665330

Her tweet that said “wow. Angles.”

No. 665334

How many times is she going to say “rare” “one in a million” like sis you just wanted him to say you have him. I literally cannot stand this bitch lmao when is she going to finally get what she deserves

No. 665343


That's not why Em was outed. She kept breaking the rules and then Lolcow threatened if she kept breaking the rules that they would out all her posts and she did, so they did. Chelsea has outed herself on here as well but wasn't being a fucking IDIOT.

No. 665344

File: 1534356394214.jpeg (162.28 KB, 1125x959, CE72FD14-5527-4EDE-8893-4F8FB6…)

Not sure what’s pissing me off more, the amount of times she’s gonna flaunt that she spend 7.5k on a snake, or her god awful over use of that damn emoji

No. 665346

File: 1534356475243.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_4567.PNG)

She literally just woke up lmao so much for being productive

No. 665347

This. You're outed for speaking about yourself in the third person repeatedly when you're the subject of or involved with the subject of a thread, i.e. samefagging.

No. 665378

I feel so bad for this snake, like all her snakes before - she only likes it for the price brag and that she can get views with it. In a month when everyone is used to it, she'll just toss it in that tiny rack to suffer and she'll move on to the next cool animal she can find.

No. 665404

I honestly wonder what her excuse will be if she doesn't put this snake in a rack.

No. 665427

She put that poor snake on her dirty as hell outside furniture, too. Yuck

No. 665454

So much for 2-3 month quarantine! Like she’s gonna quarantine the one that arrives from Ohio tomorrow, in her bathroom, no less. Jonny will flush it for sure!

No. 665456

So her snake is living in the bathroom?

No. 665458

She claims the short tail python she bought in Ohio will be quarantined in the bathroom.

No. 665465

That doesn't seem sanitary for the snake.

No. 665481

File: 1534364603901.png (157.01 KB, 750x896, IMG_4580.PNG)

No. 665482

File: 1534364667577.png (228.81 KB, 750x1192, IMG_4582.PNG)

Also, he ended up blocking me when I explained to someone a few things she's done wrong. So that's great

No. 665486

File: 1534364789122.png (75.31 KB, 546x449, IMG_4583.PNG)

No. 665493

Jesus christ shes literally acting like she isnt horrible at taking advice and admitting to her mistakes? She says she admits to them but i havent seen her flat out say "I made a mistake and this is what I'm doing to fix it and I hope to not repeat this mistake in the future." Every single mistake she's made she projected and blamed someone else for. She claims her care is fine every single time someone comments on it. That's one of the main problems I have with her.

No. 665496

Ari is absolutely on board with this. He doesn’t hate Taylor whatsoever.

No. 665498

Hey Jayce, how do you feel regarding Taylors hoarding of animals simply for their colour, "rareness", or to boost her ego? You can't deny that she has done this multiple times. I don't know why you would support someone who is not willing to admit her own many mistakes and would rather blame someone else (which she has also done multiple times). You say she's wiling to change her husbandry, well where's the proof? All i see if her going out and impulsively buying more animals she doesn't need when she should be taking better care of the ones she already has, but instead they get swept under the rug when she gets her next impulsive buy.

No. 665500

Hey it's Ari - I think someone may have mentioned me in this thread ~ I hardly know anything about Taylor nor do I care to, I'm just here to thank OP for spelling leech correctly as opposed to 'leach'

No. 665502

That doesn't even look big enough for him?

No. 665523

If she really wanted to be better, act mature, and do the right thing she would start by publicly stating, across social media platforms, that she has been slandering an innocent breeder for weeks to make herself look good. She would call-out all her stans for their delusional bullshit. She would stop blaming everyone else for her fuckups. She would get all her snakes out of those sub-par tubs in racks. But she won't because this isn't her becoming a better keeper, it's her running a woe-is-me PR campaign.

I can already see it now. Something will go wrong with that chimera and Polyamorous Ball Pythons will get a taste of what it's like to be blamed by Taylor and her horde of rabid fans. Frankly, local expos/breeders should just fucking blacklist her.

No. 665539

But if she cared about her reptiles she'd of course quarantine them every time and only get as many new reptiles at a time as she can quarantine.
Keeping an animal in the bathroom isn't a sterile environment.

No. 665542

Why are you blocking people for half agreeing with you? I posted something on your page saying that I appreciate how taylor is improving and it's a good thing, but she still has some work to do and I appear to be blocked now. I don't understand how that accomplishes anything. You yourself said exactly what I did.

No. 665545

Bathrooms are generally inconsistently humid, can be loud, and I doubt she'd be able to go 3 months without spraying any perfume, hair products, scented skin care products etc in her bathroom. It's a bad place for a snake, and that would be bound to give him some sort of RI or worse.

No. 665546

I rarely check these forums and only recently started to because Taylor herself told me that you guys were bringing me into the whole issue.

If you want to talk to me like an adult instead anonymously on a forum, you're welcome to message me on my personal facebook.

or my personal twitter.

Until then, I wont be replying to these forums as I don't see it as a way to actually behave as an adult and talk about things.
So! if you reach out, thanks!
if not, then oh well I suppose.

and yes, I blocked the people who I found taking screenshots. If you're not willing to talk, you don't deserve access to my account lol.

Like I said, not in this for the followers. doesn't bother me to leave my account on private.

No. 665549

>rarely checks these forums
>but taylor showed me the screenshots
>doesn't realize he just confirmed taylor lurks these forums regularly

Also, the only reason you're virtue signaling about bEhAvInG lIkE aDuLtS is only because you know you can't block people here when you don't like what they're telling you, so fuck off.

godspeed, jayce.

No. 665563

This is an imageboard, not a forum. Forums have usernames/accounts. Please don't use this place as a way to promote yourself. We are all aware of who you are thanks to the namefagging, you don't need to post additional links.

Some insight if you care for it; we prefer this over open discussions for a few reasons - because someone like Taylor with a sizeable following of young, overzealous fans can and will send her following to harass us. Even if she doesn't do this on purpose, she's too careless with leaving identifying information in screenshots. Most of us are adults with jobs who just can't deal with harassment from that many people from a logistical standpoint.

It could also damage our work lives - regardless of whether we were right or wrong in our criticisms. I'm a biologist, and it's not worth identifying myself and risking my career just so I have enough clout or authority or whatever to correct someone's poor husbandry. In this sphere educational attainment etc. don't seem to matter compared to follower count or number of pets. There are plenty of anons like myself who have far more experience and expertise than Taylor whose opinions have been completely discounted when we have tried to call her out on named accounts purely because we don't have as many followers or pets. This is the only place we can talk about our issues with Taylor without facing harassment.

tl;dr speaking anonymously levels the playing field and erases the advantage of follower count.

No. 665566

I doubt the snake will actually be in the bathroom. She'll keep it out of sight in the closet Kovu died in, pretending that counts as quarantine. Then put it in the rack.

No. 665576

File: 1534371773319.png (66.15 KB, 419x336, Picture 3.png)

They are both so pathetic.

No. 665578

This man is the mascot of the white knights

No. 665584


Jayce wins the award for saddest stunted incel I've ever seen yet. This just makes me think his whining about Taylor was just asspain from her ignoring/disregarding him when his ~animal husbandry~ career is all he's got going for him lol. Now that he's got his shred of self-important arrogance back, he's happy as a clam with his nose buried ten feet into Taylor's pussy.

No. 665588

File: 1534372456996.png (55.54 KB, 441x301, Picture 6.png)

Too late, you spineless asshole.

Total conspiracy obvs, but I wouldn't put it past Taylor to lure him in like she does with everyone else for the purpose of getting his semi-educated call outs to stop, knowing that people would turn on him for being a hypocritical sack of shit and take some of the attention off her.

No. 665591

This is so disappointing, Jayce has been cancelled. So many people supported him before for actually appearing to have a spine and call out Taylor and Johnny. I wonder if theyre going to be bffs too now

No. 665597

I see ya'll are having a field day.
Glad you're paying attention, as if I'm not posting to my twitter for a reason.

As for the "bffs" comment. I don't like Jonny. I've told Taylor multiple times. I wont be friends with him. I do not want to meet him. I do not care for him. I will never support him or talk to him.

ANYWAY. I only came back because I figured those tweets would catch your guys attention. Thanks for being predictable.

No. 665599

What’s even the point of you coming back????

No. 665601

I don't even think she will keep it in quarantine for long… or at all. She'll be handling it every single day for pictures (until she gets bored), carrying it around and whatever else.

No. 665602


You said you weren't going to post here again, yet surprise, here you are. How predictable.

Stop being so patronizing. If you don't want to post here, then don't post here.

No. 665603

DUDE we get it you LOVE the attention but you are making yourself look insanely desperate lmao

No. 665604

dude wants attention lmao, seems like all cows suffer from this.

No. 665606

I love how you can't stand Jonny but you can totally relate to the one supporting and defending him 24/7 and lying about his sobriety status. But hey, you won't take this seriously because you can't see a name. No matter how valid the point

No. 665609

Dude hasn't even closed the tab most likely lmao.

No. 665611


For the love of god go away, shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself where it'll be archived online for all eternity. I hope you realize that by posting your links here eventually this website will come up as a hit on a google search. That's how I found this thread in the first place, I was looking for taylor's instagram when I used to be a fan and a link to it was posted here and it showed up as a search result.

No. 665612

Oh, I just knew you guys wouldn't actually have the guts to message me even though I extended the offer.
So I knew I'd have to come back.
I also knew by posting on twitter you guys would eat it up since I made my instagram private.
I knew if I was going to actually /talk/ I'd have to remain active on here unless one of you actually took my offer. Which again, I assumed you wouldn't which is why I checked back after awhile.

I'm still learning how to use this website so bear with me if I make mistakes replying.

Ya'll are welcome to ask me whatever you want, since I'm no longer at work and I redid my buzztail enclosure I can have free time to talk.

No. 665613

Hey it's me again, i've sort of figured out how to use this site haha (bear with me) ~ I realize I'm probably not the most liked social-media-user but i'd like to respectfuly chat if anyone has any concerns or anything ~ thank you

No. 665614


I've been focused on talking to Taylor about husbandry issues. Jonny is an afterthought.
However I do still plan to bring it up later when her and I become more comfortable with talking.
It's quite personal to talk about someones relationship, especially to someone who actively posted about how they hated you.
So it's not an area that's OPEN for discussion.
Which doesn't bother me because my main focus was talking about the animals anyway. Her personal life isn't all that important to me.

No. 665615

Did you not see any of the points presented? Anonymity means a level playing field and no harassment from the 'outside'. Deal with it or fuck off for good, christ you're like a 13 year old finding 4chan for the first time and thinking you're cool as shit for drawing reactions using basic bait

No. 665616

Maybe no one messaged you because no one really cares that much

Ari I actually like you please dont turn into jayce you have so much potential to be a genuinely good person

No. 665617

Anonymity is useful for someone like Taylor.
I don't have her following, so your point is moot.
it also makes you a chicken shit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you're worried about your career and what you say on the internet maybe you shouldn't be saying it if it would affect your job.

No. 665618

Ari literally agrees with me. I talked to him on the phone just like an hour ago.

No. 665619

It's not just workplace, there's the issue of harassment from her rabid fans and then some. People should have a right to an opinion without being attacked and these kinds of forums allow that. Unless you expect everyone to make a brand new alt connected to a brand new IP just to talk to you specifically

No. 665621

This isnt a board about you. Can you just go make your own board dedicated yourself? Ive never even heard of you before.

No. 665622

You’re in contact with Taylor, actively on here, and can easily pass along information. Being anonymous levels the playing field with ANYONE, regardless of their follower amount.

No. 665623

Fyi there are a lot of users posting at any given time. Going to assume Ari is your girlfriend. Go start your own YouTube channel.

No. 665624

Jayce we are two different people, I agreed that if you are able to help animals in a bad situation under her care then I am all for it. I just don't personally care enough to go out of my way to do something about it as I feel the reptile community is a lost Cause. Don't lump me in with you, I just want to see the animals taken care of, that's all

No. 665626


This is coming from someone who purely lurks: just stop. Posting/namefagging on this type of site is not going to "win people over" so to speak.

nta but anonymity is like internet 101. I understand it's 2018 and kids have basically thrown that out the window but it still stands.

No. 665627

I don't mind the anonymity thing here, but I'm seeing it abused in regards to personal attacks "Ari is your girlfriend" when you're all claiming to use it to level the playing field. Which I'm all for. But let's maintain some decency

No. 665628

What's people's opinion of Taylor in the reptile community? And of petubers like her?

No. 665629

I'm confused why you two think your opinion matters at all to the rest of us? Like what is your end goal in all this, for all of us to magically have a change in heart just because Taylor's elevated the care of A SELECT FEW of her pets one notch above neglect into outright bare minimum mediocrity like you two?

No. 665632

Who thr fuck is Ari the is she friends with Taylor? I didnt see anyone by that namr at Petfest

No. 665634

I really don't care what anyone thinks or doesn't think of Taylor. My opinion also doesn't matter less or more than anyone elses, I'm just choosing to share it alongside everyone else's. Only thing I do care about is the lack of decency; personal attacks. For example, while I'm sure Taylor has done some less than okay things animal-wise, insulting her appearance is, well, low?

No. 665636

How is it a personal attack to assume you're his girlfriend? lol

No. 665637

Well if you genuinely thought I was female and didn't know me from elsewhere, I wouldn't consider it a personal attack. I was just operating under the assumption you made the remark to be malicious

No. 665639

Name anything "minimal" about my set ups. lmfao.

No. 665640

There are multiple anons who don't agree with going after her appearance so what's your point?

No. 665641

This is an anonymous forum youre literally speaking to dozens of unique IPs at a time. I literally have no idea who you are.

No. 665642

My point is I still see many who DO think it's okay. I see this thread and I don't think to myself "healthy discussion" that's all.

No. 665643

Lets change the subject back to Taylor housing her new snake in the toilet room.
Tired of these two.

No. 665645

Just ignore the bait and report the namefagging.
Sage for OT

No. 665646

Unfortunately this isnt an animal care forum. It's a forum about Taylor which means anything goes, including her appearance. But that doesnt mean that anons that post here dont make very valid points.

No. 665647

I was being nothing but respectful, lol. If this is the type of maturity "tired of these two" that represents the norm here, i'll be more than happy to show myself out. Godspeed.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665649

People have been called out on focusing on things about her like her bra size before, and a lot of those things weren't even said by us but by Emzotic.

The main reason people come here to talk about her mediocre animal care is because on platforms like Twitter, people defend her and it turns into "hating her". It also gives her the ability to block out any criticism. Plus I'm not going to create a Twitter account just to prove to Jayce or to anybody I'm an adult, the fuck? You're already here, face the fucking music instead of baiting people by posting shit on Twitter. If you're going to be here to act all high and mighty because there's no "healthy discussion" or because people care about her appearance, kindly fuck off.

No. 665650

Told ya.

No. 665651


Your naivety is adorable. First of all this is an anonymous image board for gossip, secondly, if you use your looks to get internet fame, nasty comments on your appearance is part of the package deal. If you can't deal with it, living your life offline is always an option.

No. 665652

"I agreed that if you are able to help animals in a bad situation under her care then I am all for it."

Except that's not what he's doing at all. He's supporting a rape apologist, breeder slandering, impulse buying, pathological lying, animal hoarder who literally neglects animals to death and faces no reprecussions.

Agreed. They don't want to contribute to a conversation about Taylor, they want to derail about themselves.

No. 665653

Or they’re tired of you derailing the thread while not contributing to anything other than talking about yourself. Someone asked you questions, you ignored them

No. 665656

Saying you're tired of two people who are contributing nothing to the thread except whitekniting and not saying is immature? This is exactly why people dont take their concerns out of this forum.

No. 665658

There are lots of (vocal) people who think commenting on people’s appearances, jumping to conclusions, etc are not okay. But this is an anon forum that discourages user policing, and tons and tons of different people post here because it’s one of the first search results when you look up Taylor and Jonny.

Sometimes you will get people solely concerned or disgusted by her pet care. Sometimes you will get people like Emzotic who post here saying “wow what an ugly b, her face looks like a monkey butt.” It’s what you accept in a low moderated, highly trafficked anon site. It’s still the best place for the former group to discuss issues.

I understand where you’re coming from, but you’re advocating a type of self-policing that the site expressly does not allow (mini-modding). Continuing to press for it is futile because that’s not how this site works.

On topic, any new news on the Jonny front with him being gone so much? I see she finally got the chimera.

No. 665659

While I agree that there are some posters who cross the line, this board was created to discuss her animal care and her overall attitude. Although her relationship should be private, it had an impact on her audience because of Jonny's past. She messes up and "learns from her mistakes" but never actually admits it. Take for instance the monitor situation. Shes justified her impulsive decision by saying that her friend was sad and she wanted to cheer her up. Even though she might have the funds to provide the basic care, it leads to younger followers thinking they could do the same. She could have just said "I messed up, dont follow my example". She says she is open to suggestions but has blocked and shamed many for their differing opinions. She justifies her constant acquisitions by saying that it's "literally her job" as if she is an animal conservationist. It is not her job to keep "rescuing animals" without having the proper modifications to their setups or even the proper research. So while there is a lot of gossip talk on this board, most of the posters are concerned for her animals' care and equally importantly the impact she has on an impressionable audience.

No. 665661

Told him what? That you all would annoy one person enough that they would be tired of trying to have a conversation with you? You don’t get to come in here acting all high and mighty when you yourself had your issues with Taylor. And yes, you did call her out in public, but it also got you blocked for a good period of time, didn’t it? Meanwhile, I know of at least three people who weren’t rude to Taylor but just questioned her care and had their Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter stalked and harassed by Taylor stans. This happened BEFORE the lolcow threads. Calling Taylor out has led to harassment for many people. Also, I have a public blog that I’ve called out her care on, and doing so has gotten me such headaches as a 17 year old who spent an entire thread arguing with everyone that taking reptiles to ththe grocery store is a-ok and the gecko looked happy. So you can see why some of us aren’t keen on trying to discuss anything with Taylor and her defenders.

No. 665662

"I don't have her following, so your point is moot.
it also makes you a chicken shit. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

You guys are all buddy buddy now, how do we know you wont show Taylor? she already has a reputation for setting her fans lose on people. We've also seen both her and Johnny abuse people over twitter for commenting on her care. She's not interested in hearing it, she just wants people to pat her ass and tell her she's doing a good job. She's probably only befriending you because she knew this board supported your calling her out.

Personally I was a fan of Taylors but her recent behaviour and the constant lying has turned me and other fans away from her. All I want is for her to start being honest and to correct her care.

No. 665664

have fun getting all your posts outed since you cant follow the board rules. fyi, no one cares about you really, youre pretty irrelevant.

No. 665666

And even then, at the beginning people were concerned about her relationship with Jonny. The shift in attitude toward her didn't happen out of thin air. She's proven herself to be incredibly manipulative and a liar. Even people who were close to her admitted it.

I'm not here so much for the animal care. I'm here because she knew about the allegations against Jonny. She got shown proof of what he'd done to his exes. She laughed at Chelsea, when all she did was try to help her. I have no sympathy for a rape apologist who keeps talking about mental health and abuse as if she didn't excuse those things. She has a sizeable amount of children who look up to her and who will think this type of relationship is okay. Like, no, sorry. I'm not gonna be nice about someone who excuses abuse and rape as "mistakes".

No. 665667

I don't really care if my comments are removed. Lol. Kinda stupid to remove comments from someone who's being talked about on a forum and I'm here to address them.

Regardless. If you have questions, again. I'm happy to answer them.
Simply reply to this comment and I'll answer everything that I personally can.

(also for the ones saying I'm irrelevant, why am I commenting?, My name was brought into this. Multiple screenshots from my account. So yes. This is also about me.)

No. 665668

Protip the next time you two nobodies get the bright idea to come on here and WK Taylor as a team, make sure you guys get your own fragile crybaby asses pulled together enough so you don't fall apart at the slightest provocation from obvious trolls

No. 665669

No this thread is about Taylor, make your own thread if you’re really that concerned.

No. 665671

Jayce… no matter how hard you white knight her… she won't fuck you.

No. 665672

Because you have said you will answer question: What is your opinion on the bearded dragon tail situation? Taylor says its end had to be amputated because of necrosis caused by a kink in it that was the breeder’s fault. The breeder has denied this.

This also evidence (screenshots from their own videos that can be found in the last thread) of Jonny lifting the lizard up solely by the tip end its tail several times back when they first got it. Contrary to what they claim, there is no kink in the tail back then. The breeder keeps trying to ask them to stop the “slander”, which Taylor recently replied to insisting it was the breeder’s fault the tail was injure and the necrosis set in.

No. 665673



Do you not know what 'outed' means? Here's hoping your posting record is squeaky clean, Jayce

No. 665674

I think you forget I'm engaged. I have zero interest in fucking Taylor.

No. 665675

>If you're worried about your career and what you say on the internet maybe you shouldn't be saying it if it would affect your job.

You know full well that it doesn't matter what the person actually says or does, once twitter decides you've transgressed against a popular figure they can and will ruin your life. It's not professional to use your job or qualifications to correct people on the internet, even if you are right and animals are being mistreated. There's a lot of tension between actual biologists and zoologists and hobbyists and breeders as well. Lots of seniors (mostly incorrectly) see you as the people who make our jobs in conservation necessary.

When I said levels the playing field I'm referring to discussion of Taylor. Not you two, as neither of you are the subject of this thread. The follower count of the subject being discussed vs the critic is the important factor. Don't pretend you don't understand how this works.

I've considered messaging Taylor as a professional but her behaviour has shown she can't be trusted not to leak personal information. Now that you've chosen to associate with her despite this track record I can only assume you share the same attitude as her and can't be trusted with personal information.

ps. actual biologists think she's a terrible person and you're ruining your chances of getting a real job in the field by associating with her.

Not removed, outed. They're saying you'll have the right to anonymity waived like emzotic did, if you made any post anonymously they'll be marked.

No. 665676

Dude, you're drooling over it. It's embarrassing as fuck. I feel sorry for your fiancée.

No. 665677


This person asked questions that you ignored >>665498

No. 665678

There’s also a lot of zoologist and conservationists who also think she’s terrible as well

No. 665679

Taylor sent me videos and screenshots from before they bought the Dragon. It had a kinked tail in the videos.
If there is evidence of this exact Dragon before being handled without a kinked tail, I'd be happy to see them.
I simply don't have time to scroll through every comment on all these threads about TND.

No. 665680


Why would anyone here know you're engaged

No. 665681

I don't have time to look for the evidence in these threads… someone do it for me, because I'm lazy and want to pretend it doesn't exist. kek You're a joke.

No. 665682

If you don't have time to scroll through the thread and learn about all the problems we've already discussed please fuck off.

No. 665683

tfw you think that, because people are talking about you on an anonymous forum, they know everything about your life.

No. 665684


All these threads? It's in THIS thread. Go look and stop being lazy. You said you'd answer questions, yet you just want to give an answer that's most convenient for you which is making sure you're on TND's good side.

No. 665685

My posting record isn't clean. I couldn't care fucking less either.

- I've said shit years ago and probably only months ago that you guys would throw a fit over.
- I've called people stuff I wouldn't say now but oh well.
- I have nudes and other things somewhere online. Could probably easily find that stuff.
- Whatever I've said in the past, I could very easily have changed my opinions on, difference stances over time.
That kinda comes with being 23 and still growing up. A lot of what I said and believed when I was 18 is vastly different from 21 or even now at 23.

So if people wanna use my posting history against me, whatever. Doesn't bother me. lol.

No. 665686

Honestly I'm surprised. He seems like your run of the mill neckbeard. Which explains all the hating on Taylor and then white knighting as soon as she shows him any attention. Likely because he thinks it will get him laid. Also explains filling her DM's like some kind of stalker. lol

No. 665688

>I have nudes and other things somewhere online.
Could probably easily find that stuff.
Ew gross why.

Also you're basically admitting your Emzotic 2.0. Called it. You're hilarious.

No. 665689

So Aria must be the fiancee.

No. 665690


>I have nudes and other things somewhere online. Could probably easily find that stuff.

Please call your mom and ask her to ban you from the internet you are so embarrassing there is no saving you now

No. 665691

Thought you said you’ve never heard of this site til Taylor have you screenshots. Man. You’re as big a liar as she is!

No. 665692

I think Ari is a dude

No. 665693

Posting history on this site, specifically, you idiot. How the hell are people supposedly going to track down stuff you've posted on other sites?

No. 665694

It's like he /wanted/ to share that. Fucking gross. No one wants to see a shrimp dick.

No. 665695

Lol, it's Ari. I think that's what he meant by "personal attacks" people are assuming his name is Aria

No. 665696

Then, if you really believed it was kinked, how do you feel about her not taking it to the vet for months on end?

No. 665697

He's all "I'm engaged" and "I posted nudes" probably as self-validation because he has nothing to hide unlike us anonymous chickenshits

-tips fedora-

No. 665699

Sorry didn't mean to ignore. Simply didn't see it, as since multiple people are commenting under anonymous it makes it hard for me to find specific comments.

To answer the persons question.
I collect animals based on rareness a lot. A lot of the animals I personally enjoy are rarer in the hobby.
However I also keep the most common snake in the hobby, my normal BP.
Collecting based on color or rarity doesn't bother me I don't really see how that's an issue?
Many of her mistakes were not admitted publicly but privately between her and I.
I talked to her for about 10 hours straight one day on a lot of her mistakes and things shes working on fixing.
None of her snakes are in awful care anymore.
So the whole "impulse buying" while having animals not properly cared for is kinda moot.

Her rack system is fine, she also has more enclosure upgrades on the way that of which takes time to arrive.
(I build enclosures for part of my living, it's not always a quick thing to do)

What your guys opinions on proper care and what the standard is, along with what's exceptional care is somewhat based on opinion.
As many people consider my own care above and beyond but I myself consider it standard.
People who have bioactive would probably consider me poor quality.

So I'd need more info on what you guys consider bad care before really answering more on her care because from where I stand, her animals have clean enclosures, enough space and access to water as needed along with none of them dying or sick.

No. 665700


Can you answer this question? Why does Taylor have to hoard these "designer" animals? Why can't she improve on her other animals' enclosures before getting another one? Actual improvements, too. Her enclosures for many of her animals are not very enriching, but hey, instead of spending money on improving my current pets' lives, I'll just get a 7.5k snake! Someone's asked a pretty similar question but you ignored it in order to point out/respond to dumb ad homs that you see on here every once in awhile.

No. 665702

So he's gay/bi? Ari's a dude, not a girl so they were pissed because they were assumed to be the girlfriend?


No. 665704

You do realize there is like 15 threads that pop up about her? Idk where they are exactly.
I have over 30 animals that I care for while also trying to maintain civil discussion.
Between taking my dogs out, making sure they and my cats have food and water, along with checking on my reptiles about every hour.
I don't wanna sit here and scroll through 1,000 comments and pictures to find the exact ones.

No. 665705

Well, she bought wild caught, so she is basically irredeemable to a lot of people in the field now.

No. 665706

Never said I never heard of it.
I said I don't stay active on it.

No. 665707


>Her rack system is fine, she also has more enclosure upgrades on the way that of which takes time to arrive.

No it fucking isn't. Give me a break.

>Many of her mistakes were not admitted publicly but privately between her and I.

She trusted me with her secrets!11

So what man? She didn't correct them publicly where they were doing the most harm.

>So the whole "impulse buying" while having animals not properly cared for is kinda moot.

No it's not. She has a lot of very long lived animals, no stable income and she acquires a new one a week. She's a hoarder.

No. 665708

File: 1534377441663.png (28.71 KB, 519x330, HGr04Z2.png)

wonder what your chances are of taytay fucking you if she knew you were the type to make fun of her disabilities

No. 665709

What about her whole adopt dont shop bullshit she spews for asspats yet hasn't adopted any of her animals? She constantly claims she wants to rescue animals yet spends thousands of dollars on designer breeds? She tries to paint herself as a victim and a saint all the time. Thoughts?

No. 665712

The thing is, her mistakes were made PUBLICLY. Her million subscribers look up to her and her "Care". Usually if people make a mistake, they clarify so and introduce the PROPER way. However, her online persona is more important than the facts. Perhaps her admitting her mistakes to you changes your opinion of her, which is understandable, but the rest of her audience is unaware of such mistakes.

No. 665713

1) how do you feel about her not taking the beardie to the vets for months on end?

2) how do you feel about her not taking care of her animals while she’s sick or when she leaves for weeks at a time?

No. 665714

I'd say it's stupid for her not to unless she already knows how to care for a kink.
(assume she didn't because I'm aware her knowledge in animal health care is very minimal if not, non existent)
I think the animal should have seen a vet asap of course. Especially at any signs of necrosis.

No. 665715

Oh god anon, please show screenshots lol. We all know Taylor is stalking and watching as we speak.

No. 665716

You said you only recently started to check here because Taylor told you you were being mentioned. This implies you havent been here before.

No. 665717

You’re not a veterinarian and you’ve never seen any of her animals in person. You can’t say for sure that they're not sick.

No. 665718


I mean you only need to see a list of the dead to know her pets never make their natural estimated lifespans.

No. 665719

lmao this dude really derailed this thread to defend his hypocrisy. Man we don’t care, you jumped ship with your tail between your legs. Her husbandry is trash and she countlessly lies. No one is going to personally message you when you can’t even take the time to read all of the threads for why there are threads about her in the first place. Wasting our post count with your bullshit

No. 665721

The only animals I can remember that's made the natural estimated lifespan was her mouse and her betta fish. And, btw, as a longtime mouse owner, her cage for Gus was L-A-C-K-I-N-G. It was small, and it reminded me of the small little colorful cage I had for my hamsters 20 years ago.

No. 665722

Hoarding and collecting are two different things at least in my opinion.
Hoarding would be that the animals are in outright awful care, dead, or on the verge of death.
Such as cat hoarders that have piles and piles of shit everywhere.

As where collecting is more so that the animals are healthy, even if in minimal enclosures, they're not dying.

I myself place myself above minimal care. I don't like seeing baron enclosures. I prefer going a little more above for my animals, if not for their own "enjoyment" but for my own aesthetic.
Even my racks are filled with things based on the species in them. Although I plan to upgrade everyone in racks hopefully before the end of near year.

So to specifically answer, I don't have a problem with her getting new animals currently. As the rack system she has is fine.
and the V322 vision cage was perfect for the Ball Python she just got. (Gemini right?)

As for her housing the Short-tail in the bathroom, I plan to talk to her about that.

No. 665723

holy shit he free handles hots

No. 665724

Her mouse didn't. She lied about his age. He was 1 year 7 months as evidenced in a previous thread.

The betta is honestly questionable too.

No. 665725

Can we stop giving this Jayce asshole attention? He clearly thrives off it. Any news about the bearded dragon guy wanting to sue taylor?

No. 665727

Haha, Ari and I are both male and both straight.
My fiance isn't on here.
Sorry if you guys got confused between Ari and I.

Some former followers of mine are in here, which is how I got dragged in.
and some of them obviously also follow Ari as well.
So people tend to associate Ari and I together since we're good friends.

No. 665728

I'm too lazy to screenshot and edit so here's a link:


Jesus dude you're a fucking hypocrite. Go back to /b/ lmao.

No. 665731

I also buy Wild Caught animals.
but I also have quite a few friends in the biology field that don't disagree with it, so long as it's not an endangered species.

No. 665732

How isn’t she considered a hoarder when she, herself, literally cannot take care of all the animals she owns. She has Cronin illnesses that make it impossible for her to leave bed, she can’t take care of those animals when she’s sick.

No. 665735

>As where collecting is more so that the animals are healthy, even if in minimal enclosures, they're not dying.

You're fucking me. lol. That's ok is it? 'Collecting'?

Honestly I'm speechless… no animal lover would ever think keeping an animal in minimal enclosures, alive, is acceptable.

But then it's clear, you're no animal lover.

>holy shit he free handles hots

Holy fuck, who said this guy was any good? He's a moron.

No. 665738

File: 1534378166404.png (124.76 KB, 847x653, wtf.png)

I got you. Just in case he decides to delete it.

No. 665739

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I was wondering when my tumblr trolling would get brought up.

I'm be completely clear about this.
I don't use tumblr for anything other than trolling.
What I post on Facebook/Instagram is my actual beliefs.
What I've said or done on tumblr? Was purely for my own personal boredom.

also, I called someone a retard. I don't think Taylor would care. lol.

No. 665740

Mice have super short lives, sadly. That's pretty average, unfortunately. The estimated lifespan of pet mice are 1-2 years.

Yes, she lied about his age to make herself look better, but Gus isn't going to live a super long time. He's a mouse, and they're cursed with a really short lifespan.

No. 665741

Lol "collecting" should be reserved for inanimate objects, not living beings. You don't simply add a child to "your collection". I mean, I guess people do, but it isnt very ethical/optimal.

No. 665744

Few friends in the biology field? Are they ecologists? Field specification is important. But FYI WC is hugely problematic with high mortality rates. It's an issue regardless of if the animal is endangered right now or not.

No. 665745

File: 1534378412744.png (5.87 KB, 165x305, download.png)



No. 665746


I totally feel this issue.
I planned on talking to her about this at some point because it does seem odd to me.
I fully support adopting but I'm also the type of person to say "Get the animal YOU want"
because even when adopting you can't always get the specific species/breed of animal you want. So sometimes going to a breeder is better for that.

I see it as, get what you want and you know you'll enjoy so that the animal doesn't need to be adopted again later because you don't enjoy it as much as you were hoping.

That's why I only keep Siberian Huskies. If I got any other dog breed, I wouldn't enjoy them as much. One was from a breeder but I was lucky enough to adopt my second boy from someone who was taking him to the pound anyway.

So idk. I'm kinda in between on that stance because I see both sides of it and I fully support both sides.

Like, you're never going to be able to adopt a Chimera Ball Python. Wont happen. It's a 5,000+ dollar animal.
So if you want one and you know you wanna keep it, then get it.

But for instance if you want like.. a Pitbull? I live in California. You can go to literally any shelter and find a good Pitbull. There is no reason to go to a breeder.

No. 665747


No. Mice have an estimated lifespan of 2-3 years. If your mouse died at a 1 year or under, that's a sickly mouse with bad breeding.

No. 665748

>using faggot as an insult
glad I unfollow you, yuck.

No. 665749

I don't use tumblr for anything other than trolling. With my real name attached. I call people 'faggots'.

You're trash man.

Thanks for outing yourself as literal flaming poop.

No. 665750


The second one, Idk? I've never personally seen that issue as I don't stay updated with her like you guys do honestly. I work a lot.
If she does leave them unattended for weeks that's an issue.
I can understand leaving snakes for 24-48 hours at most.
but if she doesn't have someone coming over to take care of her animals while she's gone for longer than that, then yes, it's an issue.

No. 665752


She doesn't just have snakes, though. She has cats, hedgehogs and other animals.

I get that you're focusing on her reptile care, but she has other animals that NEED daily attention and honestly, I do not believe that she has someone coming over that is knowledge of all the species she keeps. Like she claims she has an assistant that cleans for her, but in many of her selfie photos her apartment is a fucking mess.

No. 665753

>i w-was trolling you g-guys i w-was j-just in for le may mays xD

I'm laughing so hard this is so fucking embarrassing. You're just like Taylor, no fucking wonder you like her. Just go, dude.

No. 665754

Used to.
I haven't in quite a long time.
I have no shame in admitting this lol. I've publicly posted it.
but I stopped due to the recent amount of bites and other issues pertaining to hots recently in the United States and didn't want to risk being added to that list any longer until the new legislation that was presented by kirsten gillibrand goes through or not.
because a lot of my future in this hobby is based on that legislation anyway.

No. 665755

Did you ask Taylor why she got a horizontal tank for her monitor? I know it's temporary, but since it's a custom cage I'm not sure why she didn't just get a vertical one.

No. 665756

File: 1534378797957.png (56.43 KB, 958x151, Picture 9.png)

No. 665757

>but I also have quite a few friends in the biology field that don't disagree with it, so long as it's not an endangered species.

Clearly none actually in conservation or ecology.

Supporting any wild caught animals regardless of whether they're endangered or not supports animal trafficking as a whole. The poachers don't distinguish between endangered and not, and not endangered species become so because of wild collection. Every living wild caught individual animal represents tens, if not hundreds of dead ones. Go and look at a pangolin or slow lorris seizure and see how many of these animals make it out alive.

If a species needs to be collected from the wild because there aren't enough in culture to meet demand, that indicates it shouldn't be kept in captivity at all, or that hobbyists have failed in their husbandry - either limiting the gene-pool of the captive population so as to stunt their reproductive ability, or by failing to understand the animals needs and translate them to a captive setting.

It is so, so gross and irresponsible for someone with a following as large as Taylor to buy wild caught animals. Do the maths. If 10% of her followers copy her, how many dead animals does that represent?

No. 665758

Idk why you were following me anyway. I literally say it all the time on instagram. lol.

No. 665760

That's a fair point.
You kinda just have to take her word for that though, just because her apartment is a mess at times doesn't mean she doesn't have someone come help with the animals.
I'd need more evidence before actually forming an opinion on that.

No. 665762

What do you mean? She got a larger enclosure recently? It's both horizontal and vertical.

I believe you're mentioning the one that came custom under all the other enclosures? I didn't approve of that one. It was trash for a monitor, especially a roughneck.

No. 665764

Is this cat literally trying to be the white knight of the year??? I’m not even bothering to read his posts after I read his fucking “username” this idiot…. I’m sure many of Taylor’s fans will enjoy the milk ur serving right now but nothing you say will change the fact that T is an animal hoarder who kills 1/3rd of her “pets”

No. 665765

That's a fair argument. However there are quite a few articles stating otherwise as well.

The way I look at it is, we need captive bred populations. It's why I have a wild caught Boiga. I plan to get a female eventually and work on breeding so that we can hopefully have melanota in captivity.
but as far as im aware hardly anyone breeds melanota. So its why I dont have an issue importing them.

but if people import Ball Pythons still… i have an issue with that. Its redundant.

No. 665766

You're a disgusting human. You and Taylor belong together.

No. 665767

Now his tumblr has mysteriously vanished right after my post. lmao.

No. 665768

Animals certainly don’t need to be in absolute awful care or dead to be hoarded…but you described Taylor’s scene right there pretty much

No. 665769


Which most pet shop mice are- most of them are bred as feeders. Gus was bred as a feeder. A year and a half is totally a normal lifespan for a pet store feeder mouse.

No. 665770

Proof of these dead animals?
She had a mouse that died from the average lifespan.
She had a hedgehog that died, from what she says was cancer.
Whether or not thats true, I'm unsure.
As I've had an animal die from cancer, so I can sympathize if its true.
I was also aware of a fish(i think?) that jumped behind her tank?

Other than that. That's not 1/3rd of the animals.

No. 665772

>That's a fair argument. However there are quite a few articles stating otherwise as well.

Are you stupid? The evidence is there that WC animals = dead animals. This isn't a debate.

>The way I look at it is, we need captive bred populations.

No. We don't.

>but as far as im aware hardly anyone breeds melanota. So its why I dont have an issue importing them.

So people don't want them. There isn't a demand for them… and you're going to breed more. k.

No. 665773

So you came here to sick up for her without even knowing anything about her or her previous and some current pets??? Jesus dude lurk more

No. 665774

So every breeder and keeper of reptiles is a hoarder then by your standards, or?

No. 665775

Lol you think that's it? Someone get him the list….

No. 665776

So why does Taylor never have any thermostats, hygrometers, thermometers, etc? This has NEVER been publicly addressed in any way by her. Nothing is ever shown for how she keeps all of the temperatures and humidity in her enclosures correct. Not even how her axolotl's water temperature is kept.

Also WHY IS IT OKAY for her to have so many animals if you are admitting there is so much she doesn't know and so much that needs fixed? SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. And she KEEPS GETTING MORE.

No. 665777

This is true. I work in a shop. Most feeder mice and rats die long before 2 years even. Some of them not even reaching several months old.
Its one of the worst parts of the hobby.

No. 665778

Taylor keeps more than just reptiles. Taylor keeps her animals in the bare minimum. She buys a new animal every other week. She buys animals /for/ other people that she then claims.

She's a hoarder.

No. 665780

There is a massive demand for melanota actually.
A lot of people aren't even aware it's a snake species that exist.
The people that are aware, want them.

WC animals die. Yeah. It's the shitty part of importing.
I sure hope you don't own any reptiles though because all of these reptiles started as imports other than the native species.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 665781

>>665774 >>665775


The list. It's up at the top of the post, but I guess it's hard to scroll for some people.

No. 665782

Her mouse was from petco. While I'm not saying it's much better, it wasn't exactly from a bin of feeders in some back ally either. Her /boss/ wanted to use him as a feeder.

A mouse only living a few months is a /very/ sick individual.

No. 665783

Also just wanting to add, she shouldn't need you to help her. She should be able to educate herself but she refuses to.

No. 665786

>There is a massive demand for melanota actually


>A lot of people aren't even aware it's a snake species that exist.


>WC animals die. Yeah. It's the shitty part of importing.

Which is why animal lovers don't buy WC.

>I sure hope you don't own any reptiles though because all of these reptiles started as imports other than the native species.

Actually /I/ don't. lol. But this isn't about me.

No. 665787

>yeah some animals die
Ah yes here he is the expert of animal welfare thank you for blessing us

No. 665788


It said "pet mice". I know Taylor's mouse was a feeder mouse. I'm saying that PET mice have an average of 2-3 years. Feeder mice is like you spin the wheel because breeders buy stock from all over the place.

No. 665789

Thanks anon for pulling through…. has Taylor told u about these?? Or can you come up with some kind of comment to shrug all of these animals that died from neglect? Can you excuse her continuing to purchase animals while you’ve admitted here that some of her enclosures are not up to par? Especially finicky and controversial WC animals?

No. 665791

Jayce, I would still like to know why you blocked myself and apparently others over our comments on your post. Nothing I said was mean, and I actually backed you up for the most part. And now I'm blocked. I mean no offense, but if you can't take a little critism (same as taylor) don't put your entire life on the internet for everyone to see.

No. 665792

File: 1534380145148.png (886.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-20-37-37…)

This is jayce's fiancee. I have been following her for a long time and they had each other in their bios but they deleted it probably because he's been posting her.

No. 665793

>The way I look at it is, we need captive bred populations. It's why I have a wild caught Boiga. I plan to get a female eventually and work on breeding so that we can hopefully have melanota in captivity.

This is so misguided and wrong it's not even funny. That isn't how anything in conservation works. In order to ensure the future of a species you need to guarantee the genetic health and diversity of those animals, which you as a hobbyist cannot do with two individuals whose origin you are completely ignorant of.

If the two animals you got were related, which is likely given poaching methods and how reptiles reproduce, you'd have created an inbred population that's completely useless except as a last resort for bringing something back from wild extinction. It's that easy to fuck it up. Morphs are evidence of this, btw. They only exist because the genepool of captive bred populations is so small. Any animal carrying an exotic morph gene is useless to any legitimate conservation effort.

I'm sorry but you can't help in any meaningful way as a hobbyist. You are the people creating the problem that we are trying to solve. Leave this stuff to the people with an actual education in how to do it properly, and stop trying to justify your poor decisions and cruelty with some lie about the greater good. You're supporting the decline of these animals in their native environments and there is no two ways about it.

Also you can both collect and import animals in a legitimate way that doesn't damage their wild populations, and obtain animals for yourself from zoo collections etc. when you are a real biologist.

No. 665794

Does it bother you that you’re having to help someone with basic care that has over a million subs, and is widely considered to be an “animal expert/educator”? Considering you’ve had the 10 hour phone call, as well as all of the twitter and lolcow posts that give helpful advice, she doesn’t even favorite your tweets or thank you for your help? Do you feel used, or just happy to help?

No. 665795

As a reptile kepeer myself, someone who goes from under 5 to over 30 animals in a little over a year is an impulsivly buying hoarder.

No. 665799

File: 1534380464390.png (65.64 KB, 462x257, Picture 5.png)

Thank you for posting this.
Milo is listed as "status uncertain" but is actually dead. He joined the 3 year club.

No. 665800

Tbqh, you made a mistake posting here.
You should have just left everything as it was, but I figure as taylor believes, any attention, even negative, is good attention.

No. 665803

Can we please ban Jayce? I could honestly not give a single fuck about him and there's now 100+ posts about him while he advertises his Twitter. No one fucking cares, this is a thread about Taylor not your massive incel ego or whatever the fuck you are. Go to the general pet tubers thread if you want to whine.

The price we agreed on + shipping was close to $7800 (I live across the US though)

Either Taylor is lying or the breeder really cared about the exposure on YouTube over money.

No. 665804

Jayce, of someone who was quite supportive of you and a follower of yours (I still do support you to an extent) you should probably just stop. Admit that taylor has a lot to work on. And stop attacking people for saying so. I'm curious to know your fiancees stance on this seeing as she said you and her don't have the same opinion on this.

No. 665805

I vote all posts by him are exposed. That sounds like a great time.

No. 665807

This is a good write up. Shame he won't respond to it… because his position is indefensible.

No. 665809

Jayce, I get you’re trying to talk to her and that once you’re in the hobby it’s not a big deal to have a lot of snakes. However how can you reasonably rationalize that Taylor only owning snakes for just over a year, is capable of going from one to what fourteen? She claims new enclosures are ALWAYS coming, but isn’t that something that should already be set up and prepared in advance? And I don’t just mean throwing whatever you have on hand in an enclosure the day before it arrives. To me that’s a bit extreme , especially since YouTube is not a permanent source of income, for all she knows in a year she could have no money coming in and have no way to care for all these animals. It just seems to me that Taylor is like a kid in a candy store with no supervision, she’s stuffing her life with all these beautiful creatures, with no backup plan for the future. Like for example, I have three cats and a dog, I have a college education, if I lose my current job, I have money saved and i already have connections for other forms of employment. If I got sick and couldn’t care for them , I have plenty of people that would take them and that I know would take them and they would be in phenomenal hands. Can Taylor really say the same when she can barely take care of them herself and regularly leaves them just for fun.

No. 665810

File: 1534380935956.png (113.39 KB, 418x555, Picture 10.png)

Yoshi died as well.

No. 665811

I reported some of his posts but he's been posting consistently for a long time now (hours even).

No. 665812

Jayce, if you are serious about wanting to go conservation work and wanting a degree in it then there are literally no excuses as to why you can’t do it. You can easily go to a community college (which doesn’t look at high school transcripts) and once you get a decent GPA from there, you can transfer into a 4 year college. Many people do that so there’s literally no excuse (especially using high school as one).

No. 665815

The excuse is, he doesn't /really/ want to help animals. He wants to fuck Taylor and was mad when she didn't talk to him. Hence his incel like rants. And he wants to horde animals himself….

No. 665817

She probably negotiated with him and told him she'd feature him and his shop in exchange for free shipping. I actually think this might've been what originally happened. She probably approached him about the snake, then flexed about her youtube channel, and he told her he'd sell her the snake but that she wouldn't have to pay for the shipping. And that's probably when she fucked up and said she'd only have to pay for the shipping instead of the snake.

He's just like Taylor. He doesn't care about the animals other than "collecting" and showing them off. Look at his post >>665738 where he whines his super rare snakes don't get reblogs and acts like a 13 year old who just found 4chan, which he calls "trolling".

None of these people care about animals. They only care about instant gratification and being seen as that cool kid who has a lot of reptiles.

No. 665821

File: 1534381669741.png (21.66 KB, 418x108, Picture 11.png)

I also found a death for an animal of some kind (maybe an apple snail?) which I don't see on the list.

Jesus, this makes a total of three new animals to add to her death count :/

No. 665822

Honestly, my bets are just on her offering more money. Probably enough so that the seller didn't bother going back to the other buyer here as a counter offer didn't seem possible.

So at least $9-10k

Honestly there are probably more we don't know about… animals replaced etc. We still have heard nothing of the Mantis shrimp. That's unusual… honestly in about a months time I bet we'll get a 'he died after a long illness that I tried to treat'. When in reality, he's already dead right now.

No. 665835

File: 1534382646298.png (446.78 KB, 920x848, lol1.png)

>Evidence he's just trying to use Taylor for the fame. Which is exactly why he came here.

I honestly didn't realise how few followers this guy has, even on his 'main' instagram account it's only like 5k. Hell I have more than that and my accounts just a personal one. No wonder he's so thirsty for a TND promo.

No. 665837

Isn’t her apartment lease up soon? At the rate she blows through money, she’s never getting a house. Especially not all those 1 million ones Jonny was tweeting about, lmao

No. 665839

You've seen Jenna Marbles house right? Also the fact she had to save for several years as she mentions. There's no way Taylor is getting a million dollar house lol. But I mean she doesn't have to… she's in Texas, she could get a lot of land for fairly cheap and build her pets appropriately sized enclosures… ofc she's not going to do that either.

No. 665841

I don’t know what Jayce said to the comment but that guy is right. Volunteering your time is an excellent way to get your foot in the door with anything in the animal care world so I don’t know why he hasn’t given that a try

No. 665842

Yeah, Jenna said she was saving up even before she started YouTube. She actually started saving up when she was Taylor's age… But the Cartier bracelet was worth it, righ?

No. 665845

She has lied about her conversation with Chelsea, misrepresented her, misrepresented the store she bought the monitor from, there are receipts all over to prove this–so why do you think she's telling the truth that she's going to fix her husbandry and isn't just using you for credibility?

No. 665847

maybe he just doesn't have any free time to volunteer?? I'm guess he replied something like that

No. 665851

File: 1534383598820.png (840.18 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-21-38-46…)

What''s the matter jayce? Stopped posting when your girl got mentioned?

No. 665852


Agree. I didn't know who Jayce or Ari was before them jumping in but all of this just shows how Taylor manipulated people into publicly defending her meanwhile she continues to lurk the thread, ~*~helpfully~*~ give screenshots to stir the pot, derail discussion, and STILL doesn't admit her mistakes on her own publicly. She's a grown ass adult and shouldn't need all these other people "speaking up for her".

Well played Tay.

No. 665854

Considering how many Animals Taytay has 'collected' over the last few months, in three years time she's going to have a lot of dead animals when they hit the three year mark just going from her past record.

No. 665855

He got banned so… no, lol. It doesn't have to do with his fiancé. She's chill, she doesn't carry the same snobby attitude he does

No. 665856

File: 1534383777597.png (864.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-15-21-41-58…)

No. 665858

isnt it supposed to say underneath his posts that hes banned tho?

No. 665861

ah nvm it loaded for me my bad

No. 665881

This thread is no longer Taylor related and spammed by idiots that can't type sage in a box.

Sucks the farmhands don't care about enforcing rules.

No. 665882

File: 1534385245197.png (2.01 MB, 640x7992, Lol all.png)

So I googled him and his FB pops up first…

Honestly there's so much on there to unpack and he posts so much that I got bored scrolling through… so here are some highlights.

>Cringeworthy I'm really smart shit

>Supportive of things like scaleless
>Has actual shit enclosures, the monitor one is particularly awful
>Impulse buys frequently (too many cases of this so it's not in the screenshot)
>Refers to his animals as a 'collection'
>Went from I want a lizard to getting a monitor in a very short space of time
>Has something weird going on with LGBT
>Enjoys telling everyone about his nudes
>Probably a lot more stuff I'm forgetting…

No. 665886

Oh yeah forgot to mention;

>live feeding.

>wanting to sell all his snakes, and then a few days later buying more.

Oh and the image is so large, so sorry, you'll probably have to open it in a new tab to see it all.

No. 665887


given the massive metrosexual emo kid vibe he gives off, I'd bet money on Jayce actually being closeted gay/bisexual and all this homophobia is just misplaced self-hate. Classic Reaction Formation, man. Poor dude, though. He's actually not too bad looking but that miserable personality is probably preventing him from actually succeeding in life/being a decent person.

No. 665889

File: 1534385644137.png (304.73 KB, 694x876, Lol all2.png)


Missed two, the first is when he first said he wanted a lizard. The second is some of his snake enclosures.

No. 665893

File: 1534386125352.png (288.54 KB, 532x501, Jayce 1.png)

And a last one of him being a shitty live feeder again.

No. 665894


You don't get to decide how LGBT+ people celebrate pride. It's not for you. It's for US. Fuck off with that shit. At least you're a good enough person to vote for us and not against us, but christ this mentality is sickening.

Glad he got banned.

No. 665897


At least Taylor has common sense to not post photos or videos about live feeding and merely mentions it.

This is nasty. This is literally just 'here watch this rat suffer from venom'. He seems like the type of sicko who live feeds because he likes watching. Gross.

No. 665900

Yeah, whoever said he was better than Taylor clearly hadn't looked into it very far. Imho he's worse. He has all her worse traits and then some.

No. 665902

File: 1534386769548.png (138.82 KB, 597x578, TND.png)

No. 665904

"Haha my animals dying is so hilarious I don't feel anything towards them because they are accessories to me"

No. 665905

File: 1534386866421.png (17.17 KB, 584x142, TND2.png)

Er yeah Taylor… because they were your pets… that died… that's the point.

No. 665908

I like how they nitpick at the more "ridiculous" claims and pretend the bigger, valid claims just don't exist

No. 665909

File: 1534386928438.png (62.38 KB, 595x513, TND3.png)

No. 665910


Oh look, he went running after Taylor as soon as he realized he wasn't going to be hailed as a God here.

No. 665911

Bred for looks and to be a trophy. Sold to someone who wanted him for his looks and to be a trophy.

No. 665912

Someone add aquatic hermit crabs to the list. smh

No. 665913

lol what’s funny is that was literally one person who no one agreed with, but of course they have to skew it as if everyone who posts here was appalled about an apple snail dying


No. 665918

Yeah, no one was appalled, but it certainly needed adding to the list of her dead pets. Which is ever growing… snails are still an aquarium pet. Hell one of my nerite's has a 10g to himself lol.

No. 665925

Thank fuck. Why was this allowed to go on for hours? He told nothing of value.

No. 665927

Hours? It takes literally 5 seconds to keyword search "passed."

She sounds like a fucking sociopath to be honest. No wonder she always looks so insincere when telling us an animal has died.
"I don't know what the other two are." They were her "beloved" first fish Milo and an animal named Yoshi, both of which she tweeted about being sooooo sad about dying. I guess that was an act. Funny how she's hyperfocused on an unnamed snail instead of those two.

I personally wasn't trying to give the impression we should all be "appalled" by the 3 deaths I posted about on the same level as the kitten or Kovu. I just noticed inaccuracies for a future update of the list. And I think if we "care" about the death of a leaf insect with a lifespan of months, then we could also care about these animals with a lifespan of 3-10 years. That's all.

No. 665930

Took me a while to wade through all that WK nonsense, but I'm in plenty of betta groups and wanted to point out that with proper care they can easily live 8-10 years. So lack of care and/or lack of experience with treating issues definitely killed Milo, they're fucking hardy fish

No. 665936

File: 1534389020484.png (45.74 KB, 416x276, Picture 6.png)

It's so "dumb" yet she doesn't want to give the name out because if people actually come here they'll see all the compiled evidence about Twisty.

No. 665937

>literally obsessed

Yes genius. Tons of people recording and compiling your bullshit you publicly post is obsession. Almost like your obsession with constantly getting animals you can barely take care of with your EDS but hey, we're the haters so what does it matter as long as they aren't dead?

No. 665942


She acts as if this entire website was made for her lmao. Girl, you're just one of the many cows part of a very large herd. There is one active thread about you, that you actually share with your rapist boyfriend and psycho mother.

No. 665943

>Not a forum at all, let alone a hate forum
>She's on the smaller, less popular board, for "Lesser" cows
>Thread has been put into autosage several times for being low quality and full of shitposters
>Most users dislike her thread being here because of the influx of newfags and shitposters
>Most people wouldn't care about Taylor if it weren't for her druggy rapist BF

Why is it that cows who claim to hate the site and wish they weren't on here exaggerate how important they are to us. Yeah, we're shittalking you, but by no means obsessed. You're a very minor thread that most posters don't visit. My fav is when they claim the entire site was made to discuss them. Bitch please, Pixyteri is our Queen and only she may have that honour.

No. 665958

File: 1534390809532.png (344.42 KB, 412x653, Picture 8.png)

Mama Dean strikes again!

No. 665959

The snake is still listed for sale on morph marker even… what an unprofessional ass

No. 665963

Jayce indirectly confirmed she lurks here. I mean really if you're gonna get on your high horse and pretend we're obsessed, at least be less stupid about it.

No. 665965

Lol Jayce is whining on his twitter about the fact that he was called out for live feeding.

What a bell end… the dangers of live feeding are well known. It's actively discouraged in the reptile community.

Tbh I think the anon that mentioned he did it before for his own sick gratification, is right.

No. 665967

It is discouraged in the GENERAL reptile community but its recommended for hots lmao

No. 665968

He live fed his monitor too… and no there isn't a consensus on live feeding hot snakes.

No. 665972

Not defending Jayce as a whole here but some snakes simply will not take dead prey, whether it's f/t or prekilled. A healthy snake should be able to take down appropriately sized prey without too much of an issue.

No. 665975

There was a list I made in one of the previous threads about the pros/cons of live feeding. Maybe the pettubers general thread.

But basically it's about more than just the ability of the snake to take down the prey without damaging itself. There's risk of parasites, of disease, of cruelty to the prey etc.

If you have an animal that isn't endangered, it shouldn't be eating live. I've seen plenty of cases of folks converting supposedly refusing snakes, onto prekilled or f/t. Although from the way Jayce is mocking this on twitter; it's clear he wouldn't even bother to try.

No. 665976

This is lowkey cringy because the last thing you should ever do with a newly acquired snake is handle it - no wonder it bit her in the photo, snakes hate being stressed out.

No. 665979

O good. Let continue to spam the TAYLOR thread with totally unrelated Jayce info because there is definitely not a general pet tubers thread.

No. 665981

Oh stop whining. He literally came here to white knight Taylor. The milk was here. He's not big enough or even relevant enough to be in the general pettubers thread.

No. 665993


Is this a picture of the manlet when he was younger?

No. 665997


It's Taylor lol

No. 666001

I check this site out like once every other day and it's always filled with milk.

First, let's stop talking to Jayce. He's here because he's loving all the attention. He probably started hating on Taylor to get her attention and then once she started to DM him, he's ready to pull his dick out for her. He seems like the guy who would text her "send nudes" when he has the upperhand and that's why he dislikes Jonny cuz Jonny gets in his way.

As for Jenna. Jenna Marbles went to college and has a bachelors (or was it masters?) so she knows how to handle her private life way better than these kids and has no problem finding her way if ever youtube is dead.

Taylor and all the other pettubers are just "douchetubers", like how this one youtuber calls them, that just leeches off kids while being stupid as hell with nothing to give back to the community.

No. 666009


"Pettube" is very much a fad that is peaking popularity at the moment, but it won't last. The problem is there is no "new" content like gamers (for example) have and so they have to make their own content by buying new animals, new enclosures, etc. But there's only so many animals they can hoard and there's already a ton of "how to care for" videos.

Taylor has already run into this problem and that's why she keeps buying animals to make videos on. She talks about wanting to work with animals, but has nothing to show for it. She's going to struggle immensely when her money runs out and she has no degree and her only work history is working at Petco.

No. 666010

File: 1534397012765.png (838.5 KB, 816x1111, 1533868321381.png)

Reposting this cap of Jonny picking Twisty up by his tail for all her Twitter stans to see

No. 666026

I think we've found the root of their attraction.

No. 666044

Screenshots of what?

No. 666049

File: 1534403412977.webm (531.94 KB, 640x800, twisty.webm)

in motion

No. 666071

wait lol I'm all for shitting on them, but I had a completely different idea of what this was.

I was under the impression they were picking up the lizard by the tail, but this is just putting it down and letting the tail trail through their fingers.

Although it is kind of choppy and hard to tell

No. 666079

File: 1534406430968.png (88.86 KB, 414x501, Picture 9.png)

No. 666080

File: 1534406565263.png (24.33 KB, 417x121, Picture 10.png)

It is beyond unethical for her to let her idiot stans continue to think Joe is the breeder instead of admitting she lied.

No. 666084

I've never seen the video either, from the caps it really looked like he was holding it/picking it up by it's tail. It doesn't look bad in motion, my bad

No. 666094

I wasn't trying to prove anything either way by posting it, but hopefully it makes it clearer. he does appear to hold he tail tip off screen after he puts it down. It's choppy because he used an animation effect on it.

No. 666140

Hahahah awww Tay does it make you feel better to tell yourself that? Every one is just OBSESSED with you right? Your fans, your haters, everyone in between.. Wow, what's that like? Keep lurking bitch. Keep posting screen shots by all means. Feed the fire! We love it.

No. 666158

Why would she even mention any form of a hate forum on her Twitter? Some stans are bound to go look for hate forums - it's not that hard. Googling her name throws up a bunch of forums (for me at least anyway).

Honey, you're playing with fire and letting your 'friends' derail the entire thread won't really do anything.

No. 666169

Yep. This kid thinks breeding two endangered species means he's a conservationist. Literally has zero idea what goes into conservation work. Just like Taylor being an 'animal educator'. Embarrassing.

No. 666176

Nice hack job haircut mama dean…a do it yourself fail for sure!

No. 666180

In an older video of hers, didn't she keep one of her betta in a 10 with some sort of tetra?

Edit: Here it is.

Things of note:

1) Plastic Plants instead of silk
2) Kept with guppies which is a bad idea
3) There seems to be some other fish in there, tetras maybe
Bonus: "If you don't care about the quality of life of the animal you are caring for, why do you own that animal?"

No. 666199


I like how in that video she tells people to not do betta sororities but then after that she had a sorority tank for awhile. Do as I say not as I do, much?

No. 666230

At least she's moved on from saying we have no lives. Maybe she's realized 98% of her life is doing fucking nothing.

Seriously her life seems so boring. She can't even get off her ass to pick 1 thing up off the floor.

No. 666240

Knowing that Taylor and Jayce stalk the ever living fuck out of this thread going to take the opportunity to add to the asks of what happened to the shrimp.

Seriously what happened to the Mantis shrimp? did it get it's own tank? is it still in the bio cube? do you still even own it?
For being in such awe of it when it arrived you seemed to have no issue shoving it to the side as quickly as you did.

Can any anon confirm if there was ever an instagram post of it? if there was it's long gone.

No. 666251

I'm pretty over this. There's too many people posting made up / stupid bullshit to care anymore.

And even if Taylor killed all her pets in 1 day none of her idiot stans would give a fuck. They don't care about animals, they'll keep supporting her as long as they have videos that keep their short attention span.

I doubt there will ever be some major falling out. Eventually she will fall out of favor with the YouTube community and she has no education or work experience and obviously isn't saving any money. Soon she will be a total failure trapped with her nasty abusive druggie boyfriend, and that's enough karma for me.

No. 666269

File: 1534433022225.png (57.7 KB, 540x331, Screenshot_2018-08-16-09-11-43…)

Maura "cancelled" Taylor a few months ago after the weed event with the satanic geckos and now she is far up Taylor's ass again.

Idk what's wrong with the Pet community but it's so weird how they change their mind from one moment to another regardless Taylor.
There is less shit in the beauty community by far lol

No. 666299

"I'm not replying to these forums anymore" No one cares for you or your saviour complex here, either lurk quietly like Taylor does or get off the forum.

No. 666310

Sage for speculation, but honestly I wouldnt be surprised if TND sent jayce and ari here to derail the thread on purpose, from the looks of how buddy-buddy jayce and her are now

No. 666314

Most of the forum doesn't trust that you won't go running to Taylor with screenshots of whoever messaged you which brings us back to why anonymity is such a good thing.

No. 666318

Tbh I dont know that she would be smart enough to do that, because even if the actual intent was to derail from tay the fact that they then go and post about it on twitter and wherever else drives more traffic here, which results in more people seeing the evidence of shit she’s done. I think if she sent her flying monkeys here intentionally it would look more like a bunch of stans spamming the thread to call us bullies, given that that generally seems to be how she lets her monkeys attack her critics.

No. 666322

And it happened, as evidenced by >>665902
They keep outing each other, it's hilarious. We're not idiots, nobody wants their actual identity tied to your bullshit.

>Not caring and making fun of the fact that a living thing in your care died
Ok?? Good for you Taylor?? What are your aquatic animals, just something pretty to look at?

No. 666428

Lmao don’t flatter yourself Taylor were not obsessed. Your life is just such a shitshow of lies that it’s entertaining.

Always wondered why she lies so much though. Like what does she gain from it? Is she scared to admit she’s wrong or what? Her stans will support her and accept any apology no matter what and people who dislike her will respect her more. Seriously, what does she have to lose? Just own up to your shit and do better, at this point it’ll be easier than keeping track of all those lies and making up excuses.

She seemed so much better before Jonny, I liked her then. He lies constantly and loves showing off and flexing on his 13 year old fans and I think that definitely rubbed off on her. Either that or he just encouraged her to expose herself. She was not like this before she started dating him and even admitted to Chelsea that she doesn’t feel like herself. But she’s so far gone now that she values her image over her own wellbeing and that of her pets. Her animals are accessories and she willingly dates a rapist because he’s a famous musician.

No. 666467

I understand wanting to go to a breeder if there’s a breed you love. I feel the same way about huskies, they are my favorite dogs and I wouldn’t want any other breed. However, I do have to say this since you sage you live in California. Cali is lucky because you can find pretty much any breed of dog in a shelter or rescue. Because of how much I love huskies I get super sad because huskies are put down weekly (sometimes even daily) in California because there are so many. Just in southern Cali alone there’s an Instagram page called Hollywood huskies that features tons of huskies available for adoption. It’s really easy to find the breed you want if you live in a state like California, Florida, New York, etc.

No. 666476

Trouble is she doesn’t keep track of her lies!
And Jonny is hardly famous…now Post Malone, maybe.

No. 666513

File: 1534453015246.png (799.04 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2018-08-16-14-53-31…)

Taylor a la JoJo Siwa style

No. 666549

Taylor could never

No. 666598

File: 1534461598429.png (578.84 KB, 852x476, Picture 11.png)

No. 666601

File: 1534461727779.png (612.57 KB, 851x479, Picture 7.png)

No. 666623

It's honestly insane how flattering the right angles can be to people. She doesn't look bad but she looks so much more different - I don't think I'd recognise her on the street.

No. 666628

File: 1534464017788.png (333.01 KB, 853x473, Picture 10.png)

No. 666629

what video is this from?

No. 666630


Instead of saying she looks like an egg, she should say she looks like Ms.Potatohead

No. 666640

True, but apparently she was a Jonny Craig fangirl since she was 12 (ew? Imagine your girlfriend telling you she was obsessed with you when she was 12 and you were 21) so it makes sense she’d conveniently ignore his abusive history because she really wanted the title of “Jonny Craig’s girlfriend.” She’s DEFINITELY regretting now, she admitted to it, but the label and the attention are just too important for her. Of course he’s also manipulating her into staying but she doesn’t really want to leave either. Her ex said that she’s the type of person who would stay in a shitty relationship just to keep bragging about how “in love” she is and how “perfect” they are on social media.

Somethings just not right with this girl, and I don’t even mean that in a hateful way. Like she sincerely needs professional help but she doesn’t want to get better and I can’t sympathize with that. Even if she is just really oblivious the fact that she lashes out at anyone who calls her out certainly isn’t helping.

No. 666750

>>666310 Tbh, I feel that Jayce posted his own shit in this and the previous thread- after his original screencaps were posted and conversation moved on, some weird posts kept popping up that were about solely him and not Taylor. It makes sense (to me, at least) that he's just another attention whore.

No. 666795


Idk if we have a hooktube equivalent now, these videos are on Pickles YouTube


No. 666799

it’s truly baffling when I see her true body after her lying on social media about it lmao

No. 666800

It's from a vlog by PugPibbleHedgie

Also her short tailed python was supposed to arrive today. I guess that didn't happen which sucks because I was so looking forward to seeing her "bathroom quarantine."

No. 666802


I don't even get why she does it, because her body is fine. It just shows how insecure she is if she has to present herself behind an illusion online with filters and angles.

Like an anon said above, I believe she needs professional help too. She has no self-esteem and buying all these animals is just a way to fill a void. She's already said she uses animals to cope with mental health, which CAN be healthy, but not on the scale she does it. She thinks buying more animals = more happiness, but that's not how it works.

No. 666812

File: 1534480043524.png (535.73 KB, 852x476, Picture 7.png)

No. 666817

File: 1534480583457.png (473.67 KB, 851x478, Picture 10.png)

No. 666818


that flat square bald head with those clown brows and lips…holy fuck. In a few years, she'll be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein

No. 666820

File: 1534480809488.png (51.52 KB, 417x274, Picture 12.png)

No. 666823

god shes not even letting pickles talk in her own damn video so obnoxious

No. 666837

Words of a narcissistic person who doesn't even see why they feel so low when the attention runs out.

Didn't she have a track record of attention-seeking on the internet before Johnny?

No. 666887

File: 1534493013824.png (1.62 MB, 830x1420, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 1.02…)

she got some serious Hank Hill ass going on

No. 666924

Every candid photo of her looks like a completely different person and the way she dresses is bizarre. It's so desperately sexual yet she doesn't care if it's ill fitting, if its inappropriate for the situation, or no longer fashionable. What look is she going for with 1990's Kmart blouses, wearing body con dresses in the daytime, and those bright red Vans her and Jonny share? Plus the overdone lips and fake ponytail she found on a public bathroom floor… its visual assault. She needs better friends to stop her from embarrassing herself

No. 666937

At this point, having a hank hill ass seems to be part of the definition of a lolcow.

No. 667082

File: 1534525302824.png (28.69 KB, 419x147, Picture 7.png)

She even talks about her emotions like an addict.

No. 667108

One of my favorite things about Taylor is:
“I used to read those horrible threads about me, it really messed me up, but I stay away from them now and am in a much better place! I’m happy!!”
- continues to show that she still lurks here daily and let’s the hate get to her
Lmao how many times now has she said she’s done with reading here because it’s “bad for her mental health” but continuously shows that she’s still here so her stans WK her and support her and say we’re “just haterz!!1!”

No. 667182

File: 1534534451950.png (130.81 KB, 980x334, Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 3.33…)

I love how he can't even pretend he's sober

No. 667188

File: 1534535567840.png (8.49 MB, 1242x2208, 85A52AE9-C715-44D0-AA13-64A207…)

No. 667192


wow I've never been to a reptile expo but it disgusts me how they are all just sitting in tiny empty plastic bins with no substrate or anything. It's absolutely abhorrent the way we treat animals and how these Youtubers with so many followers buy from these places and influence others that it's okay to do so. Breaks my heart for the animals.

No. 667197

No. 667200

The sad thing is that the reptiles at expos are (usually) taken better care of than reptiles at big box pet stores (at least when they are not at expos).

No. 667203

They aren't in permanent homes for the expos so their presentation isn't always an indication of how they're being treated while at their permanent or semi-permanent place.

No. 667204

Has anyone seen her new video (sorry I can't link right now)? She goes to the pet shop and apart from just being cringy and shouting about how the animals don't like to be touched right next to some kids handling them (instead of being an 'educator' she's just being a snarky cow), she then walks over to the puppies and jokes about puppy mills like it's all a joke. She has such bad taste.

No. 667205


Wearing my win like 96 Jordans? Is that like
he jizzed on her foot?


this just made me laugh so much.
Her outfits are bizarre. I don't understand how someone so obsessed with instagram thot culture can't figure out how to dress. Even just plain tank tops would be a thousand times better than jonny's giant striped shirt and the track pants outfit.

No. 667210

File: 1534537564670.png (21.21 KB, 414x108, Picture 10.png)

No. 667212


Good lord her eyes

No. 667214

Why the fuck would he post something so obscene that her mother and young fans could see? And why would you be with a man who talks about you like comments on YouPorn?

No. 667216

File: 1534538575883.png (611.55 KB, 847x478, Picture 14.png)

No. 667219

File: 1534538710997.png (578.97 KB, 852x477, Picture 15.png)

The guy's face says it all, really. And she can't even be bothered to hold the snake properly.

No. 667232

Wearing that stupid hat won’t do her damaged hair any favors.

No. 667233

Why can't someone else take pics/video of the snake for her so she can hold it properly?

No. 667290


So? Don't you think that's stressful for them being paraded around in these tiny bare boxes without anywhere to hide, heat, water…?

No. 667294


The venues are heated and it's for a few hours. I'd much rather have animals on show in expos where they might be uncomfortable for a few hours rather than neglected and thrown around like they're disposable in warehouses waiting to go to a pet shop.

No. 667295

That's normal for a reptile Expo. They can't all be in large display cages while being sold. It's perfectly fine for them to be in those display cases for a few hours. Don't make that into something it's not.

No. 667297

Snakes don't need water 24/7. They're fine in these enclosures for a few hours. Yes, it is stressful, but it's not detrimental to their health. If you don't know anything about the topic, leave it alone.

No. 667337

Because she needs to control the setting. Plus she looks haggard in that outfit so I don't think she'd agree to get someone to take a pic of her because it'll look really unflattering.

No. 667385

new video

No. 667395


Why would she have her messy room in the thumbnail like this… it just looks cluttered to hell and back.

No. 667411

i'm only ten seconds in but her hair looks soooo much better down like this. oh my god. why would she rather have the braid than this?

No. 667421


Holy shit, how annoying. And her editing is terrible.

No. 667424


Around 9:11 does she say "That's me! Trailer Nicole Dean"?

I can't figure out if it was on purpose or a lisp.

No. 667425

wow they seem like the most obnoxious people ever. the way they're ALL filming the guys who help them with the water and when they all walk into walmart recording everything. they, taylor especially, said some really distasteful and just cringey things throughout that disaster. they just seem so unaware of how loud and annoying they're being to the people around them lmao

No. 667427


I can't get over her lips. Slight blogpost but I have lip injections and holy shit, hers are just so weird and plastic and overfilled. They aren't supposed to look like that… It is more than possible to have well done injections. She has to be rocking a vial and a half-2 vials.

Ugh. Uncanny valley shit.

Also lol @ her comment about her $10 Louis Vuitton bag off eBay. Sure, Jan.

No. 667429


>"This is a shirt all my fans signed, YES THERE ARE MORE SIGNATURES ON THE BACK"

>Doesn't show back of shirt


No. 667442

It's an ongoing joke she's been using for weeks calling herself "trailer nickel ding." I guess she thinks it's funny.

I agree. They seemed like the most annoying and obnoxious people in public. Particularly in the petshop that Maddie brought them to, but also when shopping at sam's club/walmart.

No. 667463

File: 1534566245078.png (75.78 KB, 416x517, Picture 7.png)


No. 667465

It's pathetic in a really sad way that they both act like high schoolers.
I mean Taylor is still young, but Jonny is just some sad motherfucker. He's like a toddler.

No. 667477

In her new video she looks pretty ngl. She needs to get away from Jonny CrEGG and either quit pettube entirely or maybe adopt some of her animals out so she can get back to a managable amount of pets? Like, she hasn't even posted about Toast (Remember her Kenyan Sand Boa? Nope, me neither.) in like,forever. How many more times is she gonna do "feeding all my animals" or "all my animals" videos until people get tired of it all?

No. 667479

Those type of videos get the most views for whatever reason. Something to do with YouTube's algorithm.

No. 667480

They are so fucking obnoxious, especially at 4:23 at Walmart. "Is this a class tour or something?" lmao.

No. 667492

Because everyone she is with are other pettubers too busy trying to record their own video and thus would never offer to film for her so she could handle a snake properly.

No. 667508

While she looks way worse than she used to it's crazy how much better she looks with Jonny gone. She doesn't look like a crack whore, unlike how she consistently looked for MONTHS while Jonny was around all the time.

No. 667539

I’d be sooo pissed if my bf kept comparing me to/mentioning/thinking about his exes… she was very clearly joking, but Jonny legit looks for any excuse to bring up Chelsea, Amanda or Liz.
RED FLAG Taylor.
Also Jonny must have been drunk or high to tweet that angrily back at her bc he clearly missed the lighthearted tone Taylor was going for.

No. 667542


What's even worse is it's not just ONE ex. It's multiple exes, and that's a HUGE GIANT DO NOT PASS GO flag, yet Taylor is somehow fine with this?

Also she only mentions Ghost lol. As usual Nemo isn't mentioned because he isn't the cute designer kitty.

No. 667638

Is she implying that she doesn’t care about her snails and fish? I guess they’re not ~cool~ enough to matter?

And she stated that her mantis shrimp can kill every fish in that tank yet STILL keeps it with them? Why would she take that risk? It’s like housing a hamster and snake together but saying “oh it’s okay as long as they’re both well fed it’s safe”

No. 667641

How is he going to mock his exes when he’s the one that abused them? This scumbag really thinks that what he did to them was justified. He’s so fucking disgusting, his liver failure needs to hurry up and kill him already.

No. 667673

File: 1534609179049.jpeg (654.72 KB, 1242x1490, 213342B2-CEAE-4B44-BB88-99BABE…)

I understand that many petcos are problematic with their animals and housing, but the person handling the twitter is just trying to find out what location she took the video of, however Taylor nor her adult child mother are unable give an exact location -even though it would help this specific animal she recorded. Instead they choose act like snarky 13 year olds and “Mama” responds with this…

No. 667682

Umm can mama Dean read? They are offering to follow up they just need her contact info to be able to do so …

No. 667683

Jesus fucking christ. 'shame on you for thinking it's my daughters responsibility'…. And here friends is exactly why Taylor can take NO blame for anything. They asked if she WOULD LIKE for them to FOLLOW UP WITH AN UPDATE that they would reach out… For that they need her phone number. Is it not Taylor's responsibility to give them her number? Are they psychic, or does she have an assistant for that too?
Fucking hell mama Dean needs to learn how to read and write proper sentences.

As for Taylor's sarcastic comment… Well that just sums her up. Will complain about issues but offer no help and be a rude bitch. She's got her likes and comments, she doesn't give a fuck about the animals suffering now.

No. 667692

File: 1534611622091.jpg (62.66 KB, 680x510, Dk3o_ICUUAElHvX.jpg_small.jpg)

Weird. That doesn't look like quarantine to me.

No. 667695

It pisses me off so badly. Taylor is always on about helping animals. Here’s a chance to possibly make a difference, but she’d rather be a snarky bitch because her retarded stans are going to high five her for telling them off. Solves nothing but TND fans are too mostly too fucking stupid to think critically or long term.

And Jen makes me want to just slap her. She is really so fucking retarded thst she can’t realize she’s doing the equivalent of yelling at the cashier in Petco about shit that’s not their department. This person has no control over what goes on in the store. All they do is talk to customers. I bet she thinks she’s talking to the CEO or some shit. Fucking stupid.

No. 667698

I just noticed the caption on this, ew wtf? He probably just got done sleeping with another girl before writing this. He love bombs to appear like an amazing boyfriend on social media when in reality we know he’s not sober and he’s definitely cheating while away from Taylor.
That’s the thing, she isn’t ok with it. She seems miserable with Jonny around, she hates her relationship with him (although she loves the constant public attention). She just doesn’t want to end it and look like she was wrong about him all along. She won’t swallow her pride, ever.
I do agree anon. She has really fucked up her looks with that fried hair and botched lips, but something about her looks healthier when Jonny isn’t around. Like she actually takes care of herself while he’s gone. I wonder if it’s because she has more time for herself, or if she purposely does that to go on a selfie-posting spree on social media to try to keep his attention on her when he’s away. When in reality she knows her manlet is gonna cheat anyways.

No. 667735

I've made other posts about this but why does she keep handling her snakes days after getting them!! Snakes do not do well being over-stressed out.
I work at a Petsmart and we don't touch the new snakes at all until they've settled for a week and other snakekeepers I've met wont handle new snakes for 2-3 weeks.

No. 667743

Because she thinks nothing applies to her and she can do whatever the hell she wants.She always uses the excuse of "it's only for a minute, it won't hurt him!!!11!!1!". Ideally she should be leaving him for 2-3 weeks, and wait for him to take 3 consecutive feeds before handling him.

No. 667855

That or I wonder if she will just use the typical “oh this picture was taken when I first got him, it was only for a second!!” She is a prime example of “Do as I say, not as I do”. She thinks she can give out advice and then not even follow it because she’s an ~animal expert~ and no reptile has ever died in her care guise! She’s perfect /s

No. 667879

File: 1534634440468.png (18.5 KB, 416x91, Picture 10.png)

Her STP was supposed to arrive this past Thursday but still no announcement about it. She never mentions it or seems excited about it. She's also been promising a hedgehog video for weeks along with a new krono's enclosure update. And no news about her sleeve either. Having a hard time following up with all the lies I guess.

No. 667961

File: 1534642376779.png (29.35 KB, 415x176, Picture 7.png)

(same anon)
She makes it so obvious when she lurks here. lmao.

No. 667970

can you imagine your significant other saying something like this? eluding to the potential to be so violent? fucking terrifying.

No. 667988

Umm. What does your comments have to do with the screenshot? There’s no relation!

No. 668106

I almost feel bad for her, she literally has no life besides being at home and giving her hoard of animals minimal care… she just stalks these threads all day. If she wasn’t such a terrible person, she could be doing so much good for animals and actually going out in the world and being proactive in what she preaches… but why do that when she can sit at home all day on her phone I guess. It just sounds sad, lonely and boring. But that’s her fault.

No. 668125

Yeah. It was on Wednesday I think. >>665233
The STP was supposed to come the day after, but we haven't seen it at her house yet. >>665070

No. 668141


She got the snake and claims she paid $7500 for it, however it's been speculated that she actually paid a lot more than that. An anon here said they wanted to buy the snake and offered more than asking price ($8500 total I believe) but the breeder apparently ghosted them.

It's somewhere in this thread, if you wanted to look.

No. 668270

Did she delete this photo because someone called her out for handling it so soon?

No. 668271

File: 1534694111196.png (91.7 KB, 415x653, Picture 10.png)

No. 668272

File: 1534694136768.png (31.85 KB, 419x195, Picture 14.png)

No. 668273

File: 1534694142095.png (24.76 KB, 540x108, Screenshot_2018-08-19-09-49-34…)

No. 668274

File: 1534694218245.png (161.96 KB, 540x778, Screenshot_2018-08-19-09-54-25…)

No. 668275

File: 1534694250474.png (203.32 KB, 720x854, 20180819_115557.png)

from Chelsea's twitter

No. 668276

File: 1534694296315.png (181.38 KB, 540x384, Screenshot_2018-08-19-09-50-48…)

No. 668280

File: 1534694710396.png (157.7 KB, 720x1220, 20180819_120443.png)

No. 668281

Yet Taylor is bleaching her hair and getting tattoos to look more like his exes lol oh man

No. 668284

“WE had to deal with?” You mean YOUR FUCKING VICTIMS warning your girlfriend about what a disgusting abusive piece of shit you are? And somehow YOU’RE still the victim?

No. 668288

File: 1534695376806.png (88.22 KB, 720x710, 20180819_121555.png)

No. 668305

File: 1534698138506.jpeg (114.85 KB, 750x691, A29297AF-C548-4937-91CC-3F434F…)

How is Taylor okay with him constantly talking about his exes? And saying that one of them is hot?

No. 668335

I'm sure deep down, she's not okay with it. But what can she do?? If she called him out I bet he'd just turn it around on her being crazy and he'd continue on doing it. So she has to pretend like his Twitter behavior is totally normal lol. You know, most men his age don't act like 15 year old boys. If she were dating at 31 year old who was actually a normal productive member of society I don't think I'd judge her as much.

Yikes can't she just smile or look at the camera like a normal person? She does these basic bitch poses to look sexy but fails miserably.

No. 668337

Of course she’s not ok with it. What kind of woman wants her man CONSTANTLY thinking + talking about and comparing her to his exes?? She has so many insecurities because of him. (Her fault for not leaving though.) I think she just stays quiet because she knows she really can’t control him, but she doesn’t want to publicly admit she’s wrong about what a piece of shit he is. Yeah Taylor it’s totally “couple goalz!! uwu” to have a man that wants his exes more than he wants you. Lmao nobody is jealous of you, nobody wants Jonny. Just gross

No. 668349

She is okay with it because she's a narcissist and it didn't affect her.

The only thing that matters is HER made up convenient mental health issues, no one else's.

Same as her mom who attacks Twitter users with EDS. Because only her daughter has it, everyone else is a liar.

No. 668361

File: 1534706642716.png (39.7 KB, 413x209, Picture 10.png)

No. 668362

File: 1534706709199.png (26.93 KB, 415x118, Picture 15.png)

At least she knows Taylor's care videos are garbage.

No. 668364

I think if he weren't "famous" she would have dumped him long ago tbh.

No. 668378

What a gem.. he has zero respect for women. Disgusting creature.

No. 668382

PLEASE, don't bring Anna Louise into this, Mama Dean!

No. 668384

I keep changing between feeling sympathy and disgust for Taylor. 100% she must agree that Jonny is totally gross in both looks and his general behaviour in life. I agree his twitter feed reads like an arrogant teenagers. And for this I can only assume Taylor feels she is stuck with him. I guess, what would she do if she made him leave? She hates being by herself and it would be too embarrassing in her eyes to move back home.

No. 668391

How's he gonna call anyone ugly when he looks like a drunk pig

No. 668392

Anna Louise has some of the worst betta information and absolute shit husbandry I've ever seen. The entire IBC (international betta Congress) considers her to be both a joke and also detriment to the hobby. Don't you dare pretend she isn't absolute shit.

No. 668397

Dang, even Mama Dean is shading her daughter for getting so many snakes so quickly.

No. 668405

That girl is just crap. She has killed so many fish, promotes buying from Petco/PetSmart as rescuing, killed her entire first betta spawn, doesn't believe in cycling, uses a glass jar for qurentine, has stated that bettas stomaches are the size of their eyeballs, says culling is killing, has received a ton of criticism and advice in her comments and refers to it as hate, wayyyy over charges her grade B bettas ($40-$60) has several videos that are absolute pure misinformation and she hasn't even been keeping bettas a year. She has had a single spawn!!! She has no clue what she's doing. She was a failed makeup vlogger and she got bettas and started breeding after seeing the recent popularity in that genere. Anna Louise is one of the worst things to ever happen to hobby betta breeding.

No. 668427

He's so fucking exhausting oh my god. Imagine being in Taylor's shoes and having to see your manchild boyfriend sperging about his "ex's" at least once a week and flexing about his supposed money as the only trait he perceives puts him above them.

No. 668474

File: 1534717151040.png (53.77 KB, 415x358, Picture 3.png)

No. 668491

I wonder if even bringing up to her on twitter would do anything. She’d probably give the ol’ “We’re talking about it!!!! He’s learning how to respect women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

No. 668502

From what I've seen, she looks like she feels it's justified for him to have that type of attitude. She's said that his exes "manipulated" her, so she'll probably say something similar to what he said about what "his exes put them through" and block whoever calls her out.

No. 668582

I think he was talking about Liz. I don’t think he’s called her ugly, but has the other two. Even so, it still blows my mind he’d openly admit that knowing his precious QUEEN has identity issues and changes her imagine constantly to be prettier.

No. 668583

I think he’s talking about Liz too. That girl is gorgeous.

No. 668586


Pretty sure it's Liz. I believe Chelsea mentioned that while she and JC were together, he would go back to Liz in a heartbeat and was always trying to get back with her.

That being said, all his exes are beautiful and he's so clearly still obsessed with all of them.

No. 668588

File: 1534728254054.jpeg (86.42 KB, 453x680, D6644BFF-BDAF-4505-A229-D9CEBA…)

Here’s Elizabeth for anyone wondering what she looks like

This girl is drop dead gorgeous

No. 668589

Definitely Liz, he’s so obsessed. Wonder how long it takes for Jonny to make Taylor dye her hair back to dark brown since it seems like he’s missing Liz.

No. 668591


How does someone as revolting as JC get with someone like her? She's waaaay out of his league lol. I really don't get what anyone sees in him, he's not good looking at all.

No. 668597

Was she the one he was trying to get with before failing and ending up with Taylor instead? kekekekeke

No. 668600

Yes. She was the girl he was originally trying to get back with while having Taylor in the backburner.

No. 668606

I think he’s still in love with Chelsea because he always seems to bring her up whenever possible. But he would also fuck Liz in a heartbeat if she wanted to. (which I doubt she ever would)

No. 668607

That's not even a real compliment.

No. 668608

Does anyone have Liz’s social media?

No. 668609

File: 1534730453818.png (166.79 KB, 547x883, ha.png)

No. 668612

google doc anon;

list should be up to date with all animals discussed in the threads, let me know if any "status uncertain" animals have confirmed deaths or otherwise if that's knowledge we have access to

No. 668613

@virtuallychokeme on ig

No. 668615

That's pretty much what happened. He was with Chelsea, got a bunch of cats, then relapsed, they break up, he fucking takes the cats with him and gives them to Liz, then they break up, he gets back with Chelsea, then they break up (and Liz gives Chelsea her cats back), and two or three weeks later he's with Taylor because Liz said no lmao.

No. 668619

And he calls himself an animal lover. What a joke.

No. 668623

File: 1534731765082.png (44.1 KB, 414x230, Picture 5.png)

what is self-awareness?

No. 668624

File: 1534731771034.png (755.42 KB, 872x876, Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 10.2…)

No. 668629



How do you even be with someone who has that shit tattooed on their body?

No. 668633

File: 1534732887371.png (385.23 KB, 750x1334, 5AE06C14-85FC-4EFE-A12B-DBAA20…)

The reply that says “We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just need it” gets me. No, sorry, I’ve never slept a whole day away like that unless i was sick or had the flu. She seems to do this a lot, especially for someone who doesn’t do jack shit every day.

No. 668634

File: 1534733054465.jpeg (66.96 KB, 743x376, 6598943D-7A85-4AF4-B498-17E057…)

He’s such a materialistic, superficial little bitch.

No. 668637


Actually it's pretty common for people who don't have a fixed schedule (like work, study, etc) to just sleep whenever they want. They have no responsibilities to wake up for, so they'll stay up as long as they want and sleep when they want.

It's just another sign of her laziness to not keep a proper sleep schedule.

No. 668640

File: 1534733618853.jpeg (218.32 KB, 750x1026, F6CDD95E-00C5-4587-8F0E-DEDF3F…)

pure speculation, but doesn’t she seem to go on these animal crusades whenever Jonny is saying some dumb shit on twitter or beefing with Chelsea.

No. 668642

To be fair, while TND has shown everyone time and time again that she's just lazy, plenty of people with chronic illness, chronic pain, and sleep disorders sleep whenever they are able to sleep, for as long as they're able to sleep. And there's nothing wrong with that.

No. 668643


As usual she's sperging on about animals but not actually doing anything other than complaining online.

And no, she shouldn't be going and buying these turtles to "rescue" them and then unload them onto a turtle rescue like she did in that video. That doesn't help stop this practice.

Yes, turtles shouldn't be sold on the side of the road. But as usual, those people aren't going to see this message so she's preaching to the choir for ass pats from her stans.

No. 668648


Yes… except in this scenario, this doesn't apply to her. It's laziness, but of course she'll use her 'disorder of the day' to justify it.

I mentioned people who do not have a fixed schedule for a reason.

No. 668653

lol 50 gallons is nowhere near enough for a yellow belly or red eared slider

No. 668660

File: 1534736123689.jpeg (150.27 KB, 1340x883, AE11058B-C428-4058-B47C-E8E3AA…)

Is she being serious? This is exactly what she does.

No. 668666

I've been silent on here for some time now because I thought she was improving and trying, but seriously, this is exactly what we've been saying to her and her fans for MONTHS. just because she hasn't had an animal die, doesn't mean they're healthy and thriving. Reptiles are great at hiding illnesses and such, and a very sick reptile can look pretty fine on camera.

No. 668670

Yeah she’s trying to distract everyone and pretend like she’s not involved with any of it.

No. 668699

File: 1534742651127.jpg (37.39 KB, 680x511, DlBN760UwAA_Otm.jpg_small.jpg)

No. 668700

Oh my god can she please wash that greasy ass mop on her head.

No. 668701


Her hair looks like she pulled it out from the shower drain after a week and put it on her head. Gross.

No. 668704


Whoever bleached her hair sucks. I hope she didn’t pay for that. Look at how white her roots are. Any beginner knows that bleach works faster with heat, so putting bleach all over her head and leaving it on for the same length of time all over is going to give her these nasty white roots.

No. 668706

Looks like Kronos is unhappy.(Montitors puff their necks up when they feel threatened/upset) Of course that's not a surprise tho.

No. 668710

Ngl I fucking bet the hairdresser was trying to convince her to go brown orany colour that wouldn't need bleach but she is so hellbent on image she doesn't care. I mean jesus just let your hair rest, you can bleach your hair but recognize when you over process and learn to kick back. You can be 'out there' and not completely wreck your features, the lips not so sure her duck lips to make up for the fas ontop of injections leaves pre-mature wrinkles and she doesnt know what water is cause shes too busy eating & drinking gluten free.

No. 668746

She bleached it herself, she had posted a selfie with loreal bleach box in the back, its in last thread i think

No. 668770

Ironically a number of her animals have nearly died or needed emergency treatment

No. 668781

she probably has leave in conditioner all day everyday because her hair is so dry and dead. sooner or later she's going to have large balds spots on her head due to tying it up so often and bleaching it.

No. 668782

kek it's gonna snap the next time she tries to do her roots. You can tell by looking at it that's it's one chemical process away from turning into chewing gum. She probably uses a ton of silicone containing products (Most people do, it's not an issue if you don't colour/heat style your hair excessively) so the extent of the damage is worse than what's pictured.

I have a feeling she's not washing it as often because as soon as she uses a shampoo, the silicone is washed away and the true extent of the damage is revealed. Although she looks gross and greasy, it is better for her hair to leave it like this. It'd be even better if she used a good brown dye and left it tf alone. Blonde suits her fine, but not when it's shitty and damaged like this.

No. 668792

But she has 40+ responsibilities!

No. 668800

Oof, I actually didn't know that. I only watched a handful of her videos just because I know someone with the exact same name and she was really sweet, but idk I guess.

No. 668864


Yeah, she's been a real issue in the serious betta breeding community for awhile now. She spreads so much misinformation. There are actually several private Facebook conversations amongst the top IBC breeders and keepers, none of us are happy with her bullshit. A number of us attempted to educate her nicely in the comments of two videos in particular that were just straight up bullshit and she removed the videos from her channel. One about how culling is killing and she's the only humane betta breeder with a heart because she's selling her crooked spine disformed bettas and another on how transhipping bettas works which was basically just her providing misinformation to her audience in order to make her own prices seem not as expensive as they are but also because she's a moron trying to teach others things she herself doesn't understand. You can buy an IBC show winning fish for $15-30 and she wants $40+ for her shit quality "koi" that aren't even koi. She's a damn fool who is lying to her audience and spreading terrrible misinformation in order to promote herself and she's trying to make breeding and selling bettas a business. Like what the actual hell?! They're living things! I actually have a screenshot of her saying that loosing 5 out of 17 bettas wasn't bad odds. This is back when she didn't even qurentine. I've got another about how she doesn't cycle but this is the TND thread and not the worst betta breeder ever debate. Just always double check information because these days everyone wants to pretend they're effing experts. Most of her videos are about her buying yet another fish for her "collection" many of which are in jars (not just for growing out young fish to sell) or tiny ass tanks. The comments used to be people trying to educate her or call her out most of which were attacked by her stans and have given up now. She's a joke.

No. 668866

Take this shit to the General Petubers thread

No. 668874

File: 1534781796394.png (245.15 KB, 540x407, Screenshot_2018-08-20-10-15-53…)

No. 668882

Uncanny valley much? She looks so fake holy crap

No. 668885

Seriously getting bad Westworld vibes lmao

No. 668886

I cringe every time she says "x" gallons LONG. Anyway I'm glad she's at least starting to take some accountability for her shit. Not a lot, but its a start.

No. 668887

Considering I was educating an anon above how about you just don't read it instead of bitching? People like you are the reason anons with actual info or milk disappear after being bullied for not knowing how to sage. Smh

No. 668908

I totally forgot and remembered this now, but she had a pacman frog die. I don't think that's been mentioned for a while.

No. 668924

Well I can already see one problem she didn't fix before even viewing the video. The substrate isn't deep enough for her monitor to dig or burrow. She has so much money and time there is no excuse why she won't fix the simplest things. People even spoonfed her step by step instructions for this.

No. 668972

File: 1534792277094.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, CDAFAC5F-42B8-496D-BAC0-A00B09…)

No. 668973

File: 1534792294814.png (2.17 MB, 1242x2208, 112B4D89-E769-4DEE-A910-5462EE…)

No. 668988

Good. She’s waiting for her animal to settle in for once. If only she had done that in the past while pretending to be a snake expert.

No. 669001

That's only because she uploaded a photo handling it yesterday and someone called her out for it lmao.

No. 669074

Now if only she'd own up to the rest of her shit and change her disgusting behavior and dump that sexist cretin

No. 669091

It looks like the enclosure is still under her huge ass tv. Not what I would call "settling in." And no signs of a thermometer, thermostat, or hydrometer.

Still no substrate for burrowing. Where are the thermometer, thermostat, or hydrometer? Basking lamp is not diffuse enough to cover him evenly–will likely cause burns. The height is pitiful. Those shelves don't look all that stable. This is petty but does she not know there are jungles in asia? "Too many hides will make him antisocial" WTF? Yes, Taylor, making animals feel secure will totally make them antisocial. More harness training. This is ridiculous. I'm glad she's telling people monitors are dangerous but all her advice after that is literal shit. I'm not seeing any real improvements in care.

No. 669102

Jayce and his fiancé threw a bitchfit on my page the same day/night they came to check out lolcow (hey there, if you two/three are reading this, it's me C. Happy?) and Jayce said she'd totally been improving and got thermostats on all of her racks and that the vision cage was good for Kronos's size now. And that she's totally doing quarantine now (which is why she had Gemini out, logic). But hey, her care isn't abysmal now, right guise?

No. 669113

wow she changed so much in less than a year. her lips will be half of her face. can someone post how she looked like in her earlier videos compared to now? geez Taylor, calm down with all the surgeries!

No. 669136

File: 1534806956699.png (85.2 KB, 416x526, Picture 3.png)

No. 669138

File: 1534807113861.png (19.79 KB, 414x109, Picture 5.png)

No. 669141


So she went from that plastic braid to ratty extensions? Girl, brush and style your hair if you're going on camera.

No. 669142

File: 1534807324018.png (95.9 KB, 412x649, Picture 3.png)

No. 669144

File: 1534807669284.png (23.12 KB, 412x105, Picture 3.png)

No. 669146

nice pick on men, Taylor. imagine having a boyfriend that would ridicule you when you're doing something you love?

No. 669158

File: 1534808741273.jpeg (79.24 KB, 750x681, 8152A417-E657-47BC-A07B-C8E720…)

Can’t imagine what she’ll look like in 10 years.

No. 669162


Her top lip looks like her bottom lip lol

No. 669169

JFC those lips…

I don't know anything about cosmetic procedures, but can she have that reversed? It's seriously awful looking.

No. 669173

Yes, she can.
Lip fillers can be dissolved, and they aren't a permanent procedure that require retouching.

There is still the possibility of scar tissue forming in her lips, which could give her a permanent pout.

Whoever did her lip fillers, though, really didn't do a good job. But I also think her lip shape also played some part in this. She didn't need lip fillers because she already had thick lips.

No. 669189

why did she thought of removing the arch on her top lip? now it just looks plastic-y

No. 669235

File: 1534814959863.png (43.73 KB, 412x242, Picture 3.png)

God she's such a lurker. I love how she addresses the jungle mess up and not my actual critique of her shitty care. She's right about one thing, though. she's an idiot.

No. 669241

Jesus Christ
She will never get anything through her thick head. This is the most important thing your dumb brain pulled from your thread??

No. 669248

What's even funnier is it's clear now Kronos isn't the only thing getting leash trained. She doesn't have to address her mistakes anymore because Jayce will throw a WK tantrum on her behalf on twitter pouting about how stupid we all are. They're made for each other.

No. 669252

Jesus her lips are so fucked. Liz is absolutely stunning. No wonder Jonny is always on about his exes, Taylor looks fucking awful lmao. She’ll never stop trying to change herself for him, and it’ll just keep making her look worse.

No. 669255

She looks like that tranny Blair White.

No. 669265

What the heck was the context of this?

No. 669291

Don’t be so insulting, Blair looks way better than Taylor.

No. 669296

Agreed, Blaire is beautiful

No. 669321

How could she possibly have done all that given she was away through his change of heart? He is delusional.

No. 669370

File: 1534827676315.png (468.86 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20180820-215945~2.p…)

No. 669373

Lol I’m hoping she knows chimerism can’t be bred. But with her.. she probably doesn’t.

No. 669375

watch her say it was just a joke when she gets corrected.

No. 669386

why does she think anyone gives a single fuck about her opinions? how are zoos better than reptile expos lmao

No. 669388

it's so annoying because she totally will!! she shouldn't even be joking about breeding her animals because she has 0 qualifications for that. seriously taylor. fucking stop.

No. 669435

File: 1534835779351.png (45.37 KB, 578x446, Screenshot (26).png)

Jayce is sperging out on twitter. Taylor is retweeting so that her fans know that other "animal experts" are agreeing with her care. She's still not going to fuck you Jayce.

No. 669438

File: 1534835986651.png (74.07 KB, 421x565, Screenshot (28).png)

No. 669439

Shows how much she knows fuck all about genetics. Chimera/paradoxing is not breedable. It hapens randomly.
Those two snakes would make nothng more than pastels and black pewters (with double het albino pied). Aside from the double het (which won't be visible on the babies), it's really not that impressive Taylor, you dumb bitch.

No. 669444

File: 1534836406458.png (82.27 KB, 1182x266, Screen Shot 2018-08-21 at 12.2…)

At first i was like UGH i truly dont want to be at an event near her but now im so excited to see what she looks like irl

No. 669455

I don’t know shit about monitors but 7inches is what we recommend for hamsters to burrow in. What kind of burrowing is it expected to do, make a hide underground? Or do they just like digging/rolling about?

No. 669467


Can we keep this moron out of these threads, he just thrives off the attention and now that he's got Taylor's he'll milk it as much as he can

No. 669485

File: 1534848587090.jpeg (189.65 KB, 746x1202, 0624C483-9044-4FCD-9D9D-9DAE3A…)

The breeder of Gemini posted this on his business page

No. 669487

File: 1534848692801.jpeg (237.74 KB, 750x832, 1B6EBFE9-AEEE-4748-B146-8D8B5F…)

Wonder why he edited to include her name. Probably wanted the views from the name drop

No. 669488


So he sold out to a hoe

No. 669490


I really hope that by attaching Taylor's name to his business will lead customers to see Taylor's abysmal care and outrage follows.

What's hilarious to me is that when Taylor found out people had contacted this guy about her horrible care, she had a fit and said she would never a) take photos of him or b) make a video about the snake because she didn't want him to flaunt or whatever.

How predictable that Taylor immediately takes photos and handles the snake before letting him settle/quarantine and of course, she's already hyping up Gemini's upcoming video. And of course, flaunts the price she paid for him around and brags.

No. 669497

The european standard for a roughneck monitor is double of what she's going on. By the way the water has to be heated and they requires a lot more humidity.
And they need a lot more cover but of course she doesnt want him to became antisocial, a common mistake many people do with pets sadly.

No. 669547

I think that's an issue of American standards on most pet care being sub-par ranging to awful though, I mean declawing cats and tail and ear docking are still legal ffs.

Sorry clapistan anons with pets, nothing against you I know if you're in this thread you're probably good pet owners, it's the more so legislative side that's the issue.

No. 669548

If the monitor doesn't need to burrow, why is she going to add the substrate for it to burrow in? Genuine question, I know nothing about keeping these creatures.

No. 669549

Better yet…she actually has 4 friends? Maybe her new PetFest buddies!!! (I sooo want to use the barf emoji!!)

No. 669550

He's in the business for money, what do you expect.

No. 669551

I’m sorry but her lips with that lipstick look like a saggy/blown out asshole.

No. 669552

You mean if you want to follow his slow painful death and neglected life…dumb ass. You are responsible for his death now. You were warned. And she’ll say it’s YOUR fault when something goes wrong!

No. 669553

Seriously. He's more of an attention whore than Taylor is and that's impressive.

Also, he live feeds, he handles hots, he sold out so she'd give him viewship boost, he has no education… he's the furthest thing from an animal expert. He's just another hoarder by any other name.

No. 669568

They like to dig/burrow, it's good enrichment for them basically.

Animals don't "Need" anything beyond shelter, water and food. Taking care of them properly means going above and beyond that though, and providing things so they can be in optimum health, both mentally and physically. Alive =/= thriving. Most of Taylor's pets aren't in immediate danger of death, they're in danger of long, slow drawn out issues resulting from barely adequate care. Especially as she keeps a lot of reptiles, which have slow metabolisms and take a long time to show any issues. Often before it's too late.

Things like her lack of proper quarantine and having pet cats; cats have bacterial colonies specifically geared towards killing reptiles and small mammals (it's a kind of symbiosis) her handling her snakes before they're settled i.e. stressed, weakens their immune systems and exposes them to bacteria that are particularly harmful to them. You often can't tell until it's too late

The kinds of problems Taylor will face are things like Twisty's tail - Alive but obviously injured by her care. If she doesn't step up her care, she's going to have a lot more animals with issues like this. It'll become obvious eventually, when she has multiple non-rescue amputees, un-socialised reptiles and MBD starts to set in etc.

No. 669569

Breeder confirmed attention whore.

No. 669576


Looks like a labia to me lol

No. 669579

She doesn't have a good reason to not go and buy a proper bulb light ( one of the bulb lights stop working and put a normal one instead)
I would understand that from someone who is to busy to go out in that moment to buy another one but she doesn't do anything besides sitting in her ass all day
It is like that time she didn't feed one of her tanks because she got run out of food.

No. 669585

File: 1534862158902.png (56.32 KB, 540x236, Screenshot_2018-08-21-05-53-44…)

No. 669591

Notice how she’s only productive when her druggy boyfriend isn’t around. He really is just so bad for her. She can’t do anything when he’s around because they’re too high and she’s constantly changing herself to appease him. But you know, couple goals!

No. 669593

Just watched this video, sounds like he’s doing a “boxing” video because Taylor will be doing an “unboxing” on her channel

No. 669600

File: 1534864508415.jpg (64.14 KB, 640x640, tnd lips.jpg)

No. 669631

Not only is chimerism something that can't be bred, paradox isn't genetic in Royals either. So, only the base genes would pass on and they are mediocre genes in an already flooded market.

No. 669645

I really hope she spends the $22k just to try and breed them. I'd love to see her try to manipulate and blame the breeders when she realizes she can't breed for chimeras.

No. 669673

I just find it amusing how she says "think of their babies"….. we don't have to, many people could tell her exactly what they'd be.
Does she not understand in the slightest how breeding works? You don't just put two animals together and hope they breed on a whim because you think their babies might turn out pretty. There's a lot of time, thought, and planning to put in to breeding snakes or you'll end up with dead babies before they even reach full term, or just slugs straight out of the mom. Or the female might not even want to breed with the male and just refuse to. She's so absolutely ridiculous.
If she can't get their temps and humidity conditions monitored correctly for their basic enclosures, there is absolutely no way that she will do anything properly if she breeds them and needs to incubate eggs. Does she know anything about snake ovulation and how the eggs are made, and what temps are best to use during that time. Or how to properly set up eggs in an incubator, among many other things that go in to breeding snakes.
None of the snakes she has will make any sort of crazy combination like she seems to think they will. She's dumb and deluded.

No. 669709

Exactly. She doesn't have any super high end royal pythons, her "fanciest" one is a paradox which isn't genetic in royals, and the rest would just make low end babies and hets. She only has one female anyways but still.

No. 669711

50 gallons is still too small imo for a slider. 75+ is better

No. 669989

File: 1534895655813.jpeg (195.61 KB, 1231x952, 210BBC15-EB6A-4A50-83B6-943A4E…)

No. 670002

God she’s still riding Post’s dick, lmao. She’s so desperate for attention from someone relevant… but don’t worry they’re best friends guise, they DM’d like once and may have slept together!! Haha she is just so sad trying to make herself relevant to him. Bet she really wishes she was his and not the loser Jonny is compared to him.

No. 670007


is she still trying to pretend that post malone is her friend? lol

No. 670035

She deleted her reply lmao

No. 670038

Probably Jonny made her do it Lol

No. 670099

damn, imagine that fight?

No. 670101

Didn't she try to get with post in the past? Jonny must be crazy jealous lmao

No. 670117

File: 1534909420646.png (76.93 KB, 413x484, Picture 3.png)

Interesting that it looks like she deleted this tweet. Also, we all know who lives in Sacramento. LMAO.

No. 670141

Who? Sorry I don’t

No. 670161

I'm sure Johnny thinks this is totally cute.

No. 670205

To be honest I don't think Jonny gives a shit. Their relationship looks so fucking forced it's painful to watch.

No. 670239


Ian is a trash person. He’s always besties with whatever girl JC is dating and knows exactly what JC is like. He’s seen the abuse firsthand and with Chelsea, he acted like he was on her side. Then, he tossed the girls aside to kiss up to JC. He will get along with Taylor as long as she stays with Jonny.

No. 670381

I think they were talking about jayce being in Sacramento

No. 670477

File: 1534963117674.png (8.01 MB, 2208x1242, E41EDB12-0BF9-4654-A775-A5A0E5…)

Anyone else notice this person?

No. 670484

I don’t know anything about these creatures but I have two questions, are the back feet supposed to look like that? And I thought lizards grow fast?

No. 670539

"Plans to supply?" She can't get it now? She couldn't get it back then? Why does it have to wait? She already impulse bought a $7000+ snake, it's not like she can't afford an extra $50 for more substrate.

No. 670556

Is that Taylor’s monitor?

No. 670558

This. Idk how people defend her saying she’s going to step up her care, but she makes it such a point that she has money but yet takes months to do better with her care? She chooses what she spends her money on.

No. 670567

I love how she only brings up the one wrong thing we say on here to make us look bad on twitter but doesn't say shit about all the other legitimate concerns.

Exactly there's no reason she can't fix all her care now. She needs to give her pets proper enclosures before going out and buying more animals. Doesn't she still have a hedgehog in her closet?

No. 670580

I think she still has 2 hedgehogs? I can’t keep track anymore.

No. 670631

This this this this. She brags all the time that this is her job. She literally does nothing else. What the fuck is the excuse for the enclosures to not be perfect and ~"above and beyond"~ right away???

I also want to emphasize this anon's comment.
What is the point of having like one inch of substrate? That is not what they would have in the wild.

She's running out of excuses. Keep whining about the "nitpicking" tho Jayce. This girl has tons of money but refuses to give her animals the best care and enclosures she can afford. She brags about her money and promos enough so it's no secret how much she makes. People would love to have that much money to pamper their pets. I've seen people with less money give their animals HUGE and AMAZING handmade enclosures. It's obvious that her pets are not put first.

No. 670632


Those back feet really do look … wrong? i dont know anything about monitors either but can someone tell us if this is something to be concerned about?

No. 670647

She still has two hedgehogs; Ella and Sarabi. They are/were the two she kept in the closet. (Kovu was in the reptile room.) Ella got moved into the 136-gallon vivarium. I don't know it that fits in the closet or not. So she might not be in there anymore. Sarabi is still in the closet though.

No. 670743

File: 1534981561388.jpg (86.68 KB, 1000x1000, roughneckmonitor.jpg)

his feet are fine. learn to google sweet anons

No. 670750

Using underground reptiles as a source….lol…monitor toes are bendy…doesn't mean they should be all wiggly like that

No. 670775

File: 1534983702755.jpeg (370.55 KB, 1238x1666, 3CC48FD1-90BD-4A48-8FDC-CA7812…)

Yup! He responded to the Walmart version of Taylor.

No. 670800

Great. A venomous display.

No. 670805

File: 1534985003509.jpg (802.31 KB, 1065x1447, Screenshot_20180822-174144.jpg)

Why is Sabor so thin? also, Taylor having to soak her snakes and pretending like its no big deal when in reality, their sheds get stuck because her care is not up to snuff. nice.

No. 670832


I don't know much about snakes, but he doesn't look healthy. He's like a stick with a topper on the end. Shouldn't he be nice and chunky now?

No. 670834

what's your issue with a venomous display? It's a bunch of venomous reptiles behind glass and a barrier with educational cards. They are not there to be sold, they aren't legal in CA without a permit anyways except for native rattlers.

No. 670836

Probably that Jayce will climb behind the barrier and start touching them all while screaming about how free handling hots is fine. kek.

But seriously, because Taylor might be encouraged to get a hot next… I can honestly see her going down this route using Jayce and this reptile show as inspiration TM.

No. 670838

File: 1534987636184.jpg (66.56 KB, 498x332, python.jpg)

This is a photo I found of a GTP of similar age (still with juvenile colours) and he looks extremely thin in comparison. This python's body looks to be of similar width to its head. Sabor's body is like half the width of his head.

No. 670841

File: 1534987845291.jpg (141.67 KB, 1200x960, D256_37_665_1200.jpg)

In general the upper part of their neck is thinner than the rest of their body as you can see in this image. But I agree, Sabor looks uncomfortably thin… the angle her picture was taken at should also serve to make his neck look fatter, not thinner… imho that animal doesn't look well.

No. 670843

File: 1534987922762.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, 467035F5-6CD6-466D-B1DD-53D36C…)

This photo is from her Instagram story right now. Dude looks fine

No. 670846

Look at the photo she posted of him on insta where he isn't all balled up. He looks skinny there too.

No. 670847

I disagree. You can see the ridge of his spine through his skin. GTPs bodies do come naturally to a bit of a peak but that is beyond a natural peak.

No. 670850

File: 1534988394411.jpg (866.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180822-203816_Ins…)

No. 670852

File: 1534988442632.jpg (739.46 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180822-203858_Ins…)

No. 670864

Is it just the picture or is his tail black?

No. 670867

They can have black tail tips.

No. 670876

That isn't uncommon for GTPs. They can use the tip as a bit of a hook to help with climbing.

No. 670900

File: 1534993523792.jpeg (141 KB, 750x919, 28D09CCE-F9D8-4122-938F-4F1F72…)

Is she broke already lol

No. 670901

File: 1534993549756.jpeg (169.83 KB, 748x973, EF2D3117-9B99-49FA-A3F0-2B97C9…)

No. 670903

File: 1534993887896.jpeg (260 KB, 1242x1303, 462B825E-9E22-4639-A43B-FACA22…)

No. 670908


When you claim you love animals, but spend thousands on designer snakes instead of helping those in need.

I'm not saying Taylor has to donate and pay for other people's animals. But that money could have gone to a shelter, rescue or other charities/organizations that help animals.

Just shows where her priorities are.

No. 670914

Especially since every time she donates she has to make a huge point about it HEY GUYS I DONATED MONEY I WISH I COULD HAVE DONE MORE BUT LOOK I DID SOME! Like imagine how much nicer it would be if she just did it quietly on her own time, and if someone even noticed and then said they were thankful for her for doing it. But you know, helping others without parading it on social media doesn’t earn likes and followers I guess. She wants the animal community to revere her so bad. News flash, you’re never going to be a Bindi Irwin. Get over yourself Taylor.

No. 670918


Exactly. Plus she's donating to people for one animal.

Imagine if she donated elsewhere, like to an organization that could help hundreds or thousands of animals.

No. 670919

Okay cool. I wasn't sure since I don't know much about them since I live somewhere where they almost never are for sale and they're all wild caught imports so I had no idea if that was normal :)

No. 670960

File: 1534999117072.jpeg (106.89 KB, 750x777, FC825A4D-5248-47E8-A289-0F165C…)

Lol, priorities. She’s spending her money to go to some reptile expos (which she’ll most likely purchase some more animals instead of improving the lives of the pets she already owns). Who actually believes she’s “short on cash”?

No. 670961

I mean she already bought those snakes and tickets to Sacremento.
She has rent and bills, plus animals and Jonny to pay for. Surely you can't expect her to pay the whole 5k.
That's a reach.
I'll agree on a fair bit but this is too much.

No. 670970

Wait, the total bill was 5k? And here I was thinking y'all were throwing a fit over her paying like 1/5th of a 1k bill. Everyone needs to stop reaching. Her even donating 1k is a good thing. Sure, she could have donated 7.5k to an animal rescue instead of the snake but in the end it is her money…

No. 670974

File: 1535000860040.jpg (261.97 KB, 419x1141, Screenshot_20180823-010435_Ins…)

Chris Fronzak posted a picture with Jonny (which is annoying bc I like Chris)… is it just me or does he look like he's swelling a ton??

No. 670982

When did anyone say that her donating wasn’t a great thing? It’s actually so nice of her. The way she goes about it is cringeworthy, though. They were saying that she can spend thousands to go wherever the fuck but can’t upgrade some shit for her animals.

No. 670983

He’s so swollen he can barely fit his mankles into those shoes Taylor bought him

No. 670988


Did you read what I wrote? I said I didn't expect to her donate or pay at all, but that if she was going to donate then it should be to shelters as her money would go further in helping many animals.

No. 670997

>When you claim you love animals, but spend thousands on designer snakes instead of helping those in need.

No. 671000

>Is she broke already lol

No. 671009

Multiple people made jokes about her buying a 7.5k snake but not covering the entirety of this person's vet bill

No. 671011


where? i scrolled up and all i see are people saying she could donate to a rescue or something instead of gofundme. i couldnt see anyone saying she should have paid for the whole bill

No. 671022

In all fairness, the expo here in SA she normally attends is about 40% hots but they’re strict about who they sell those to.

But then again Jayce could always encourage her to get hots whenever she gets back to Texas

No. 671191

Idk, I feel like if you need to mention and post about your good deed for ass pats it wasn't really that good. Great on her for donating money but she absolutely didn't have to tweet all that. She could have messaged the person privately. She wanted to make it look like she donated the last of her cash to to this bill or some shit as a way to make herself look better. Who cares if it was 1k.. She has made it clear that's not a lot of money to her. If she's blown the $20-30k she gets from each sponsorship and has nothing more to give than 1k that's just sad. She doesn't get kudos from me.

No. 671295

Exactly. Clearly that went way over that anons head while they where WK-ing

No. 671318

I don't think they were wk, but merely pointing out that it's unfair to expect her to donate 5k to every sick animal GoFundMe she comes across. Sure, tweeting about it was unnecessary, but it's her money. Anywayas, amit it. If you had that kind of money you would buy pretty snakes too

No. 671319

If the swelling went down then he would look THINNER not fat?

No. 671320


he's so grimy-looking… but yeah, he looks swollen.

No. 671324

Is it just me, or have we never heard about the Halloween crab again?

No. 671325

I don’t think it was in her feeding all my pets video she did after the cage upgrades

No. 671326

Wheres the Mantis Shrimp?

No. 671343

JC here looking like a dusty cabbage patch doll, meanwhile Taylor is already making her way towards Jayce’s noodle arms or Ian’s fine ass in Sacramento. Maybe Jonny will get a little taste of what it’s like to have zero control nor clue what his bitch is doing, I love to see him whine like a little punk bitch on twitter.

No. 671441

File: 1535050201612.png (836.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-23-13-08-19…)

No. 671451

"boa constrictor" does she not realize that means NOTHING

No. 671472

he kind of looks like a bloated corpse pulled from river after a few days. Not even kidding.

No. 671577

File: 1535059646388.png (335.66 KB, 413x651, Picture 6.png)

No. 671631

Maybe i am late on the news but Taylor disable the comments from the video where she talks about why she deleted the first video of the monitor.

No. 671656

Anybody wondering where all the love bombing went? Maybe trouble in paradise? Jonny has been in dallas for two days where his exes live and Taylor didn’t come up for the show? Odd considering it’s only a few hours away.

No. 671686

I bet she's posting that bc she saw the posts about how she's always saying "I've wanted ___ animal for soooo long" and justifying her purchases

No. 671699

File: 1535067926276.jpeg (546.67 KB, 1269x1913, F5F8B2ED-36D6-4F24-80CF-4B5642…)

First thought was she’s probably going to blame the breeder for underfeeding him.

No. 671738

Wow he sure gets a lot of time being manhandled for a snake that is “settling in” and “in quarantine”

No. 671783

Will Taylor ever be able to just let a pet settle in without stressing it out?

No. 671804

File: 1535073797721.jpeg (516.94 KB, 449x1078, EAE6D465-2AA4-4DFC-8CF3-C634C0…)

4 days ago in Bakersfield, CA. I left in the eye of the fan next to JC to show a pupil comparison. Note he also has a freshly shaven face, which his exes have claimed he does when he’s high. So far this tour: cannabis edibles, alcohol, appears to be opiates, and based on a tagged pic of him on his page with two girls in a bar, probably snagged him some puss too. I am living for JC partying it up on tour while the zookeeper Taylor is left to watch the animals and do online damage control. Homegirl lookin like a whole ass fool getting played by this bag of herpes.

No. 671807

holy fuck he looks rancid

No. 671838

If I remember right, Gemini is part vorta so he technically should be bigger than Maui

Probably got bred too early and stunted his growth

No. 671843

There’s another reptile show on September 8th in San Antonio, wonder if she’ll be showing up to this one. If she does, Joe the bearded dragon breeder will be there and I’d love to hear that conversation

No. 671878

I do think she's broke now, that's why she's shitting out videos consistently and couldn't follow this fool around.

He does look swollen and honestly he looks like he smells too idk.

No. 671906

Why did Taylor buy him expensive new teeth if he’s just going to make those ugly faces?

No. 671916

He doesn't look freshly shaved?

No. 671934

File: 1535088571720.jpg (643.69 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20180824-012835_Ins…)

In his tagged photos from a little bit ago. Looks like scabs on his face…

No. 671957

Looking at these pictures of Jonny makes me want to barf. He doesn’t just act repulsive, he just physically looks so GROSS. No way in fuck does Taylor think her man looks “handsome”, ew. She’s probably happy he’s finally going to bring in some cash at the end of his tour so they can buy more shit they don’t need. I love how Taylor goes from “I’m saving up for a house” to “I paid $8k on one snake!”, honestly it’s just laughable. Her life is just making empty promises she can never keep. But don’t worry, according to Jonny they’re going to buy a million dollar house lmao

No. 671968

Can anyone remember when her lease is up? September or October. No way is she buying a house before then. Wonder if she actually moves at all. My money is on no.

No. 671969

Sorry, saged in wrong box! Please forgive.

No. 671991

It's up December. If she's serious about buying a house she has time

No. 672068

File: 1535112369549.png (813.97 KB, 800x994, Screenshot_2018-08-24-05-02-05…)


>Swipe twice for a pic of when I first got him

No. 672093

File: 1535116638946.png (224.5 KB, 720x1127, 20180824_091526.png)

No. 672110

He ruined his “career” once he started associating with her and licking her ass.

No. 672111

Jayce is so desperate for attention, it's pathetic.

Also, "…career as a hobbyist…"
Does he know what a career is?

No. 672112

Lmao it's obvious this is just his way to get brought up here since he was banned.

No. 672139

Stop posting Jayce here. He only beings this site up because he's desperate for attention and got banned here.

Ignore him and let his sad made up "career" die.

No. 672170

+1, plus this thread isn't even about Jayce. If you guys want to shit talk him so much it could be better to create his own thread and it would satisfy him more.

No. 672176


Yup he LOVES the attention he gets here. Clearly just trying to ride Taylor's coattails and scrape some viewers off of her, explains his total 180 he did from before when he wasn't up her asshole, because we all know her husbandry habits are still garbage.

Agreed that we should stop giving him the attention he craves from hereon out

No. 672202

Seems suspicious the raw pic from her Instagram story was upload as if she uploaded that pic here. Most people would screenshot the story. (Photo of sabot) is Tay Tay posting here.

No. 672222

stop sperging out, if you hold the screen on a story the name and "add comment" or whatever disappears. anyone can do that

No. 672240

File: 1535129761116.png (21.77 KB, 416x106, Picture 5.png)

No. 672251

File: 1535130526881.png (59.21 KB, 1244x115, Picture 5.png)

I love it when she subtweets her own daughter. And the tweet to Howie Mandel is just cringe.

No. 672252

File: 1535130607760.png (20.74 KB, 417x98, Picture 10.png)

No. 672255

Wow did she really? On one hand, I really think it’s fair to say it’s hard to know how a parent should behave when they have a YouTube famous child. At the same time, there’s common sense and decency that should be telling her not to do this. She’s like a pageant mom living through her daughter, laughing with the judges. “You know, I was in pageants too.” Except instead of pageants it’s social media.

No. 672273

The girl responding is right though. he just feeds the fire when he reacts like that lol. This website is made for gossip, obviously theres going to be things that arent true and to get upset about people speculating is so dumb. He's going to get his own thread if he keeps this up I bet. (maybe thats what he wants?)

No. 672275

God. mama dean is overdosing me on my daily cringe intake lately.

No. 672280

He definitely wants his own thread, he’s just trying to piggy back off atND to make himself seem relevant and he’s not. Literally no one knows who he is, I still have no idea who he is. I just know he’s a sellout because he wants to have people fawn over him. Get a fucking life dude, I can’t imagine being so desperate for attention that I go to someone else’s thread and make it about me lmao

No. 672284

No. Reptile toes are derpy and bend all over the place sometimes depending on how they position them. Calm down. The toes are fine. Find something else.

No. 672311

I would say shove him in the general pettubers thread… but honestly he's not big enough or important enough to go there.

His 'career' is laughable. The moment someone sees all his posts about free-handling his hots and live feeding; he'll be laughed out of the place. Conservationists don't have time for that edgy 12 year old with the first pet snake shit. Not to mention the fact that he literally has no qualifications… hoarding is not a qualification.

As far as him protesting not encouraging Taylor to get a hot. idk if I believe him. Especially as he's said it's now 'on her'. lol. Aka she fuckin' might.

No. 672351

Dude that's what I said. Reptile toes are bendy. They're not supposed to look wavy and kinky. Wavy toes can be stuck shed.

No. 672369

Also when was I not calm? I have large lizards and they don't have toes like that. They're bendy, yes, but not wavy and curved and when they are standing normally. Their toes are generally all straight except for sometimes the longest toe.

No. 672408

Why does she hold her bp's like this? I'm cringing

No. 672425

She IS cringe. And the Howie tweet refers to his comment on AGT.

No. 672444

He's annoying is what he is, best not to give him the attention he craves
We all know he's a million miles up Taylor's ass at this point so he's moot and full of shit .

No. 672700

File: 1535164563063.png (59.25 KB, 414x497, Picture 3.png)

No. 672751

File: 1535172677418.jpg (579.64 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180825-004934_Twi…)

It's so obvious why she's paying for ppls vet bills….especially when she's posting all about it. Like I dont feel the need to publicly announce that I donated to rescues and donated to my local Spca. She needs to get her ass kissed somehow

No. 672777


Wonder if she’s going to start having mystery marks and bruises again. They seem to have gone away with JC gone.

No. 672854

File: 1535200329782.jpeg (311.79 KB, 1125x1520, 4F71DA65-9A17-45CB-94FC-F14C39…)


yep, absolutely brazen.

No. 672884

Haha, yep. Of course she's retweeting this crap. How embarrassing for her. She genuinely doesn't realize in her tiny little brain how tacky she is to constantly post about money and now donations.

No. 672902

Shit like this should be private message!

No. 673014

lmao she’s such a hypocrite. She literally tells people “I believe you shouldn’t get an animal if you can’t afford to pay expensive vet bills” then turns around and loves the attention from people calling her a saint for taking care of the bills when they can’t afford it. Also cringing at the people who call her “genuine” for donating. What, for parading it on social media 24/7 instead of doing it privately out of the kindness of your heart? Give me a break. Sure giving money is great but it’s so obvious she does it for attention and damage control (she will remind everyone that she donates thousands of dollars next time she gets caught making a big mistake.)

No. 673020

File: 1535219132938.png (212.93 KB, 415x377, Picture 5.png)

I love how she can get asspats for claiming she'll start doing quarantine but never actually has to follow through on it. We've never seen Gemini in his quarantine enclosure under the tv, and we have no idea what kind of bullshit enclosure she put in the bathroom for Duck.

No. 673085

She's posted like one or tow pics of him in his quarantine tank but otherwise it's all been him being paraded like new mascara

No. 673094

File: 1535223975460.jpg (732 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180825-130635.jpg)

Handling the new snake and touching her in the face….nice Jonny. So much for giving the new snakes a proper quarantine.

No. 673119

File: 1535225901157.jpeg (229.39 KB, 750x1181, 7E06D197-892B-4EE5-88BE-79D4C6…)

No. 673120

File: 1535225927246.jpeg (245.25 KB, 750x1190, B1D43AE9-8B8E-4D54-8EE8-D8348F…)

No. 673121

File: 1535225995943.jpeg (248.86 KB, 750x1172, 55479FD0-AF8D-46F7-9D43-4CF3E7…)

Her stans are absolutely ridiculous. The one girl is making valid points on quarantining but it’s ok guys Taylor has so many animals and is an amazing person so she knows what she’s doing!!!!!!

No. 673185

"its best to not make assumptions" it's not assumptions if she's literally posting (aka documenting) everything she does. jesus christ

No. 673206

this is so incredibly frustrating, fuck me. The given advice was so well put together and highlighted the importance of what should and shouldn't be done perfectly- and it was polite, too. Logical thinking would automatically lead to the question, why Taylor wouldn't mind things that are so easily pointed out.

"but owning cOoL pets totally equals knowledge so please don't question her care!"

No. 673210

TIL being ~an amazing person~ means you have nothing to learn and are born with all knowledge

No. 673297

Cant ss right know but after she talked about JC story Taylor finally confess she did handle him today because she wanted to show it to him lol

No. 673368

I don't know if it's from an old video and has already been discussed, but jeez, that video on her instagram about Kovus death is just nasty. She just talks with no emotion about him probably overheating in her closet and even makes shitty jokes about the situation. Yeah, he died with his foot in his food dish because he didn't have enough space in his tiny cage to go somewhere else to die, very funny.

And she also made a joke about male mice needing to live with other male mice. Stfu, here in Europe it's animal cruelty to let social animals like mice live on their own. She should've gotten him castrated and a few female mice to live with, she has no excuse for letting her animals suffer because of her own laziness and stupidity.

No. 673374

In America most mice are bred very poorly, so mice in the UK tend to be a lot friendlier than here in North America because they’re bred much better. Keeping male mice together in North America is very risky and pretty much taboo. There’s also very, very few vets who will actually perform surgery on mice in the US. In North America male mice almost always need to be kept alone.

No. 673390

No we don't.

No. 673402

Kovu didn't live in the closet. Her female hedgehogs do.

No. 673406

There is still literally no reason why she should still be making mistakes like this besides she's just an ass. How many snakes has she had and she still hasn't learned? Does she have a learning disability? Is she autistic? Serious questions at this point.

No. 673425

Reading the comments from her stans made me want to throw my phone. How they believe that she knows what she’s doing and “takes good care of her pets uwu” is beyond me. She admits this is her first time quarantining. That should say right there that she’s not any kind of expert. Yet they’re like “she knows what she’s doing boo”.

No. 673431

Can someone save Jonny's instagram stories? Where Taylor is laying on bed with Kronos and the second one in the same bed with Gemini

No. 673465

Eh, she's had snakes for about a year. I expect her to make mistakes and mistake aren't exactly a bad thing. It's the fact that she's gotten so many snakes in a short time span, and refuses to see when she makes mistakes. Like having the sstp out on her bed in an area where she brings other animals. But "it was just for the ten second video Jonny wanted to meet him!!! Never again!!! uwu"

No. 673483

File: 1535261374469.png (184.03 KB, 1080x623, Screenshot_20180825-232356~2.p…)

Agree completely, especially given that she preaches Adopt Don't Shop. But her stans' only defense is "Oh you're just jealous/mad that you can't afford a $7500 snake"

No. 673487

Why does she feel the need to twist everything anyone says. They're not saying the snake itself is a joke, they're saying that the price tag on the snake was a joke.
Maybe she's just simply too dumb to comprehend the idea. She certainly gives off the impression that would be the case.

No. 673504

What ever happened to that Mantis Shrimp??

No. 673505

Been asking about this for weeks. So have others and she ignore everyone. Chances are somethings happened to it or she’s still got it in that inappropriate shared tank and doesn’t want us to know. Funny how she doesn’t show the only animal she can’t remove from its enclosure to take a photo of 😒

No. 673519

It will still be in the same shared tank. She said the place she got it from said they can stay together and the shrimp won't kill the others as long as it's fed enough

No. 673602

File: 1535285743669.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3444x3444, 3CE88D9D-1571-4CC2-90B9-4A4166…)

Just why couldn’t he “see” the new babies in the quarantine enclosure?! Why did he have to touch it and why, if in quarantine, was it on the same bed the monitor was just on. I imagine that comforter is disgustingly filthy…look at the backgrounds. She never cleans!

No. 673639

File: 1535291699067.png (382.81 KB, 750x1334, 7C696F22-8246-48F1-913C-7FF770…)

Liz’s (Jonny’s ex) post

Imagine wanting to be with someone where he has caused 3 girls PTSD and they’re all open with it and telling Taylor it’s a terrible idea to be with him.

No. 673698

It was hilarious when that one girl point out she put the monitor and the snake on the same bed and Taylor said "I'm sorry to have the same blanket twice, it's a different room ~"
But you can clearly hear Jonny and the TV on the same places like in the first IG story.
Also is that the box where one of her snake arrived open on the counter? Lol cause it does look like it

No. 673705

Yup. Delivery box and bra…side by side!

No. 673708

It was the red towels she had them on that were “different” according to her…the shots when Jonny got home ate definitely on her filthy comforter….gross

No. 673709

Whats in that zip lock baggy tho, pills or some sort of pellets? Legit cannot tell

No. 673728

File: 1535304755369.jpeg (1.71 MB, 1233x1531, ECBC332A-6F88-46FC-A330-CBF6B0…)

Taylor with one of JC’s fans at his latest show

No. 673731

It looks like Kratom capsules. I used to take kratom for pain but it can be used to get a type of euphoric high

No. 673753

WOW is her hair breaking all over the place? Look at all those fly always.

No. 673762

I really don’t know why she doesn’t just give her hair a break… let it go dark and stop tightly pulling it to the top of your head. She’s gonna go bald in a few years at this rate

No. 673798

The only problem I have with "everyone makes mistakes" is that yes, this is true. However, she has no other jobs, schooling, hobbies, or responsibilities. This is supposedly her #1 interest and hobby and job in life. She has all the time in the world to research something as basic as this, and if she loves animals so much and is just so interested in them, she would. By my second reptile, I knew what quarantine was. You don't even really have to go out of your way to research. Just add yourself to any reptile group on facebook and you will learn so much. Or join a forum. If you love your pets that much you would. But she doesn't. There is no excuse.

Just want to point out that this is an ugly romper, not a cute mini dress like I originally thought. Why not highlight the shape of your crotch?

No. 673890

FashionNova is not for everyone…still trying to get that sponsor I see

No. 673898

She seriously needs someone to teach her “what not to wear”!

No. 673899

She looks like she could be part of the cast of Jersey Shore

No. 673901

In a ziplock bag? I guess it’s from your friendly neighborhood dealer?

No. 673981

It looks like one of those body suits you wear under your clothes to smooth your silhouette, not something you wear on its own

No. 673999

Taylor is in such an easy position to fix being problematic. She literally has dozens of people telling her how to properly take care of her animals. If she would stop pretending to be all knowing and perfect then she would have a much better channel.

She can keep fucking herself over with Jonny for all I care but for Christ’s sake Taylor, take better care of your animals

No. 674025

No. 674026

File: 1535328646640.jpeg (325.7 KB, 1351x1520, 118AEC2F-8D79-4FEE-B0B3-2ED9AB…)

No. 674027

File: 1535328659016.jpeg (357.48 KB, 1390x1988, 31B2C4DB-7A08-46AB-B667-A5AFB7…)

No. 674029


Yeah, I think it's kratom too.

No. 674030

I love how she didn’t catch any of the sarcasm of that girls response.

No. 674033

lmao this is so funny
Imagine needing to police your boyfriends language like you’re some 12 year olds mom jesus

No. 674050

Whenever she defends him, she really paints this picture of him being such a little bitch! Like, here is Jonny Craig, watching his P’s & Q’s at all times now around Taylor, and when his punk ass steps out of line, then Taylor gives him a lecture on how to behave - even though he is ten years her senior. Based on her descriptions of him, he seems unintelligent, completely lacking an awareness of common sense, and an all around weak bitch dude obsessed with her. She’s talked with him about abuse, domestic violence, rape, online bullying, drug use, alcohol use, how to be civil to people online, how to take twice weekly drug tests, treating wamen with respect, and so much more. Riiiiiiight, this is all SO believable. Why not just include some quotation marks and dialogue between her and Jonny? It would definitely add some milky flair to her constant stream of bullshit exaggerated stories. We all already know Jonny’s character, and I find real hard to believe he’s as submissive as she makes him out to be.

No. 674063

If that's the womas enclosure, I'm not surprised it's a dick. That's a horrible enclosure for an active, long python. Makes me wonder what animals she's gotten from that store, I've seen petsmarts with better enclosures.

No. 674075

"hopefully he continues to work on it" jesus christ he's not 8 years old and practicing his table manners.

No. 674085

She just got two new snakes in the same month. Jfc. There has to be a point where she decides it’s time to stop!

No. 674094

Hopefully, it's just in there while its enclosure is getting cleaned.

No. 674098

Looks like that's a water dish up near the front, does it not? And I generally don't put paper towel in with my animals during enclosure cleaning (or at all, especially with nippy snakes like womas that could bite and consume the paper towel.)

No. 674103


Apologizes to YOU, but not the person he insulted, where it fucking matters? Sod off.

No. 674106

File: 1535337128110.png (327.08 KB, 414x632, Picture 8.png)

She better not. Jesus christ.

No. 674108

File: 1535337301235.png (96.02 KB, 417x654, Picture 9.png)

If you have the room for an animal that means you can take care of it! She's got all her old snakes stuffed in a rack and is just itching for more interesting ones.

No. 674111


It's so weird how delusional her stans are? Every time someone offers her advice or criticism, no matter how polite they jump down with "Taylor is SO amazing, she's the perfect pet mom, she knows what she's doing, she takes such good care of her animals!!!"

Every time. It's always the same reply. Here's a lesson - we can always better ourselves and learn. There is no limit to knowledge. Taylor doesn't know everything and she is very poorly educated in her animal's care, despite trying to come across as she's an animal expert. The fact that she's only JUST NOW quarantining her snakes says it all, that she's inexperienced as an owner and would benefit greatly from listening to experienced keepers. But she won't, because stans like this continue to assure her that she's amazing and doesn't need any advice.

No. 674112

File: 1535337902427.png (35.09 KB, 414x229, Picture 10.png)

She's really pushing the fucking lie that what she's doing is quarantine. Newsflash to all her pre-teen stans: calling it quarantine doesn't magically make it quarantine. You actually have to follow proper quarantine protocols. Weird, I know. Mingling new pets with established ones is the opposite of quarantine. "Settling in" for a week will not cut it. She doesn't have the maturity, will power, or self control to do a proper quarantine which would involve 100% isolation for her new snakes–separate enclosures, separate tools, cross contamination prevention, fecal testing, minimal handling–for 90 days. Letting a pet that's under quarantine in your fucking bed is downright disgusting. Let's all stop calling what she's doing "quarantine." It's not, she's manipulating people that don't know any better.

No. 674118

File: 1535338475343.png (61.45 KB, 412x389, Picture 11.png)

No. 674121

File: 1535339034035.jpeg (226.71 KB, 750x1082, 8ED340D2-9B28-483E-9560-945ADA…)

My head hurts actually trying to understand the logic of this Stan.

No. 674123

Literally typing out the word and using it as an insult does not count as a slip. He literally typed it out??

No. 674124

I can't wait until they break up and she tries to act like none of this shit she has said matters because she's such a victim. Despite defending him over shit she should have just said yeah, it's gross, tweet him about it not me. Or you know.. Don't date ppl who talk like that. Her smilie faces and attempt at being condescending are sad considering she has a brother with intellectual disability.

No. 674127

That's what I keep thinking. She really only cares about how his behavior impacts her. He can call other women ugly bitches, he can call other people the r-word, he can rape other women, but if any of that came her way she'd cry and be a victim. How many "lectures" can you give one grown man?

No. 674158

I just want to point out she's been really emphasizing the ~learning to quarantine uwu~ shtick recently, but before she had ANY SNAKES she was the "fish girl" on youtube. Like, many tanks, many fish, new fish and corals and inverts all the time.

Guess what you're supposed to do when getting new aquatic animals? QUARANTINE. Fish are recommended 4-6 week quarantines. I know we saw she just plopped the mantis shrimp in a community tank, so it's not shocking to realize she's probably never quarantined any of her animals until now, but what kind of ~animal educator~ goes through so many different types of animals so publicly before realizing quaranting is a thing (didn't quarantine any fish, didn't quarantine new hedgehogs, didn't quarantine new reptiles, didn't quarantine Ghost from Nemo, didn't quarantine the first 10+ snakes).

It just boggles my mind she's been publicly posting about animals for as long as she has and to as many different pet keeping communities as she has, and the quarantine advice from so many different sources is just NOW getting through.

No. 674170

Different anon. Yes it does, if you're doing it right. You can medicate your fish in an effort to speed up quarantine. But 4 weeks is pretty standard.

No. 674172

I'm not a fish person so I didn't even realize they're supposed to be quarantined. Wow. Anyways, I knew what a proper quarantine looked like before getting my first snake. It takes like five minutes to read about it.

No. 674182

Just because quaretine is different between snakes and fish (as well as any other species) doesn’t mean they they shouldn’t be quarantined at all???? It also doesn’t really matter how long you have them in quarantine tbh, the longer the better.

No. 674189

She claims she's keeping her other snake "Duck" quarantined in the bathroom. (Which is disgusting IMO).
Her other new one isn't properly quarantined at all.
She hasn't quarantined any snakes (or fish) prior to that.
She just simply doesn't believe in quarantining her animals.
If you already have 2 snakes you don't have space to keep separate why get another one?

No. 674190

File: 1535346020331.png (101.92 KB, 419x651, Picture 3.png)

What kind of twilight zone are we living in? Taylor, you'll get cookies for all your "improvements" when you…actually make improvements. Saying you're quarantining your snakes and actually doing it are two different things. Saying you're getting thermometers, thermostats, and hydrometers and actually doing that are different things. There is never any proof to back up any of the claims she makes. You can claim to care about mental health and violence against women all you want but if you're dating a rapist that caused ptsd in 3 women your words mean nothing. How gullible are these people? She says she's doing something so it must be true? It's like all her stans are caught up in a folie à deux.

No. 674191

She doesn't even know quarantine properly enough to know you actually can keep two snakes in quarantine together. Most people, myself included, have a room or two for quarantine. The only rule is that if a new snake is brought into quarantine, the entire thing restarts, so if you bring a snake into quarantine a month into the original quarantine, you now restart the three month process.

No. 674195

File: 1535346994243.png (23.55 KB, 416x140, Picture 3.png)

Who forgets their meds for three days!? But guise she definitely never forgets to take care of her pets.

No. 674199

Does anyone remember when she decided she didn't need some medication she was taking and just stopped taking it and used that as an excuse for not filming? (Or maybe it was dropping her dose by herself but yeah you get the idea)

No. 674218

That reply though, yikes

No. 674259

I hope birth control pills aren't one of her meds

No. 674298

Lol jayce is a running joke in the Sacramento reptile community. Or just a running joke in Sacramento period…either way.

No. 674328

"apologizes to me immediately if it slips. Hopefully he continues to work on it."


"my boyfriend doesn't care about what i think so he'll apologize asap to shut me up. He's probably never gonna stop being an asshole."

No. 674388

>I'm still learning uwu

Then idk Taylor, why don't you fucking GOOGLE SOMETHING for once?? This is the way you're choosing to learn. If you beat everyone to it, they wouldn't have anything to complain about, or at least it would minimize it. The other pettubers don't each have their own threads, you're the only one. I wonder why?

No. 674420

This. And when your idiot stans are like “she know what she’s doing uwu” try correcting that as well.

No. 674423

Sometimes I think that Taylor can't do anything worth any merit without posting it somewhere. see her instagram story: "I read a book!" like, okay? are we supposed to cheer you on for doing normal productive human things for once and not just taking depression naps?

No. 674426

Lol I saw him at the San Jose reptile show this weekend. He’s a fucking “too cool to be bothered” wannabe

No. 674542

File: 1535399837825.png (3.86 MB, 750x1334, 2D7A2A7B-9086-46FA-84D9-0DC37A…)

Taylor better pray that Duck doesn’t carry IBD. It’s totally not safe to have Maui on or near that blanket that all her other animals have been on

No. 674549

But she totally sanitizes them inbetween and has about 3 of the same blanket

No. 674559

"It's okay guys I washed the duvet and the cover and everything in my room that I touched after handling duck!!! And I know duck doesn't have IBD!!"

No. 674573

So why block jayce at first then? Oh wait, because he wasn't kissing your ass at that point

No. 674578

I actually looked back - by March he was calling her despicable and saying she needed to quit YouTube because she was promoting false information and making it harder for the reptile-keeping community to be accepted. Not to mention by about August he was calling everybody retarded but hey… asskissing "professional" keeper points?

No. 674802

Did she get that snake?

No. 674819

File: 1535430690921.png (50.78 KB, 415x324, Picture 3.png)

She speaks the "truth" but we're all a bunch of "toxic haterz." Makes total sense.

No. 674821

File: 1535430792663.png (68.8 KB, 416x553, Picture 4.png)

No. 674824

File: 1535431444614.jpg (574.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180828-004339_Twi…)

I'm surprised her and her mom even talk

No. 674839

sage for speculation, but in that last post made by Taylor, was mama dean trying to throw shade? She was oddly specific, and the “I think it’s a drug thing” comment was too. I’m probably reaching

No. 674840

that was my first thought too lol it is really something she would do

No. 674935

What about STARVING your animals. It isn’t right Taylor!

No. 674953

Her mom is as batshit as Margaret.

No. 675030

File: 1535471981820.jpeg (105.5 KB, 640x565, 334276D4-4550-49FF-8507-E36502…)

>so it’s also being held incredibly improperly

You mean like how she always holds her hedgehogs improperly? How is she so unaware of her hypocrisy.

No. 675032

No offence, I dislike tay tay as much as the next person here, but which of her animals are starving? I know her husbandry is absolute shit, but does she really neglect them too?

No. 675038

Probably 85% of YouTube is bizarre animations targeted towards children and half of those use this song. Not saying that should be common knowledge, and I know people Jennifer's age pride themselves on technological ignorance, but her internet naivete isn't cute. On it's own I guess this cap would be kind of funny, but if I were Taylor I would acknowledge my mother as little as possible. Jennifer is aggressively unwilling to understand social media culture and nuance, has engaged in multiple Twitter fights with people for criticizing her daughter, has no respect for her son's privacy, and iirc there was even more crazy online behavior before I started following these threads. Someone needs to delete any app on her phone that isn't Candy Crush.

No. 675064

File: 1535476838284.png (630.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-28-10-37-25…)

No. 675097

File: 1535480836985.jpeg (103.91 KB, 1242x817, 0E449025-B66A-4654-AB51-DE4C30…)

No. 675112

File: 1535482836293.png (247.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-28-14-54-31…)

No. 675113

File: 1535482905737.png (265.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-08-28-14-57-10…)

No. 675124

No girl. Your job is to make videos on YouTube. You saying your job is to take care of animals is offensive to people who ACTUALLY take care of animals for a living. You’re stupid af Taylor.

No. 675139

Lol still cant believe this thing is even human. I’m sure he whispers in her ears like a little devil on how to act and do because Taylor is slowly becoming how he thinks his exs look like

No. 675187

I wouldn’t even say it’s her job at this point. She’s been saying she’s gonna put out this hedgehog video for over a week now and it’s so hard blah blah but has time to go get her tattoo.

No. 675200

Yeah… Except she rarely "educates" people about animals because she doesn't have a consistent schedule and is constantly being corrected for her mediocre care.

No. 675203

File: 1535492844728.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, DED28B37-7B2C-49E9-89C7-B50750…)

Seriously, though. What the fuck is up with the art on this tattoo

No. 675205

File: 1535493021391.jpeg (618.73 KB, 1125x2170, 51EA15D0-8215-443D-8DA4-1FD9CC…)

I like how many times she mentions it’s unfinished. Also can’t believe this took three hours

No. 675206

Shit stilization. One of the snakes is realistic and detailed, the others are garbage cartoons. The design looks like a mess when you zoom out. She would have hired an artist.

No. 675208

File: 1535493301603.png (214.12 KB, 548x279, Untitled.png)


Sry for bad photo splicing, but I can't get over this. How the fuck do you fuck up such a basic template this badly.

No. 675219

with all that youtube money, you would assume she would get the best tattoo artist in the whole state or even fly across the country for a tattoo artist that can freehand like a god (i would) but nope. she picked a person who she probably thinks is hot and flirts back at her. this guy's IG is filled with his face and his naked self more than his work. all his work is horrible. lol she's an airhead

No. 675225

File: 1535494420569.png (Spoiler Image, 618.56 KB, 590x555, theworst.png)


What an awful tattoo. The crocodile isn't great but this is embarrassingly bad. I went to the tattooer's instagram and he's ridiculous. 80% of his pictures are of him flexing with his pants pulled down. Hardly any pictures of his tattoo work. She doesn't research how to care for her animals, clearly she didn't do any research on tattoo artists either.

No. 675233

I just have to think this too. This is like some rorschach test thing lol.

We're not allowed to nitpick something about someone's care based off of a photo but she can. We could see some of her snake's spines at some points in photos, but go off I guess.

God her tattoos are fucking ugly. Imagine what this sleeve is going to look like finished. An ugly mishmash of blurry shit.

No. 675234

I literally know 2 people who are IV drug users that have tattoos in the antecubital space on their arm. It’s good for hiding track marks/scars. Also, tattoo artist is better looking than Jonny. Poor lil guy, he must be insecure 24/7.

No. 675248

File: 1535497184653.png (40.35 KB, 412x240, Picture 3.png)

No. 675252

No. 675261

It's a different and even shittier artist that does her sleeve, Logan blackthorn.

No. 675285

File: 1535501693306.jpeg (176.71 KB, 750x1093, 79ECBCA9-3773-4FCC-8D07-E99B6B…)

It’s so creepy how she uses her poor kid like this

No. 675303

WEW LADS what a shit tattoo, great placement for hiding those track marks though! The snakes look so retarded, I can't get over it, looks like a seven year old drew them

No. 675305

I just spent like 10 minutes looking for ANY negative comments i found ONE i am 100% willing to be shes deleting comments

No. 675306

I'm confused. There's like a somewhat realistic snake (I think Tate) then there's that weird almost traditional looking snake, with a cartoon-y looking one on top of it. Over a "realistic" heart. The whole thing clashes with itself.

No. 675339

she has other videos that talks about shitty tattoo artists and how they con people. Taylor's insecurity is so low that she would probably let Logan and JC tattoo all over her

No. 675346

So, how many new tattoos has she acquired within the last year or so? It's definitely gotten more frequent since she started dating Jonny. Sorry that you're not Liz hunny.

No. 675351

lmaooooo that tattoo is so bad I cannot believe she is having him do her whole sleeve. And how did that shit take so long and it's not even done??? I'm a heavily tattooed person, so I don't see how that could've taken 3 to 4 hours

No. 675362

Quite honestly, I don’t normally comment on people’s tattoos, but I think the concept is pretty cool but she did not pick a good artist to achieve it. The perspectives on the faces of the snakes are skewed, they aren’t really clear on the species of snake they’re intended to portray. I think the movement in the piece is alright, like your eye does move around, the flowers are framing the heart, snakes looking different directions, but it’s reallly thrown off by the technical errors and I do find that Tate feels very forced in the piece. The flowers look a bit more traditional almost (in my opinion, though I’m not a tattoo expert) and the snakes are almost more cartoony, which could work but it has to be consistantly recognized as a hard line of melding different styles not the bleeding in and out of realism vs traditional vs cartoony. The line work seems kind of inconsistant, and the shading is very amatuerish so far. All of the different pieces in the tattoo are like one flat texture. A heart is smooth with veinous structures spidering through, it shouldn’t look dry like paper, it should be shiny, wet, have some depth, snakes have all different kinds of scales, from smooth to keeled, ridged, etc, they can be dull, shiny, look rough, flowers certainly don’t have consistancy to texture from petals to leaves. Realism is so much about the imperfections that make something look raw, that’s what gives so much power and depth to a piece. I’ve had my realism artwork published in books, I’m not ignorant to art per se, but tattoos are not my forte, I’d love to hear from someone who’s more familliar with tattoo specific techniques.

No. 675367

I agree. And even the anatomy of the snakes are horrible. The 2 should be relatively the same size, and if you look at the back snake it makes no sense. I assume the lines are supposed to be belly scales, but that means the doesn't have a spine. Then the composition of it is horrid because the back lines up with the front so it's hard to read the difference of belly scales and whatever markings it has. The line work is pretty awful since if you look at where the back snake first touches the front there's a weird lip, almost making it look like the bottom jaw is under the front snake. The front snake has the same anatomy issues. You shouldn't see belly scales, so it's spine is fucked. The composition is odd making the head look disconnected from the body. And lastly, both snakes look like they're just cut and pasted there. They don't appear to come out of the heart or be wrapping around the heart or anything of that nature.
This tattoo is so fucking bad.

No. 675374

And I thought the crocodile and the cheese tattoo were bad.
This is the worst one yet.

The snakes look so flat and misproportioned

No. 675379

File: 1535513951132.jpg (10.58 KB, 190x265, index.jpg)

Even with an image to copy line for line he still managed to do shaky as fuck line work? Were they both fucking high when this was done? And this doesn't look like the beginning of a cohesive, well-planned full sleeve that she keeps acting like it is. I can't wait to see how these two butcher Medusa.

No. 675399

File: 1535516908354.jpg (272.31 KB, 1500x1500, 1a9e3d93cbfe752a2a7fd17597077f…)

As with her croc tattoo, this idea has been executed better by other artists.

No. 675401

File: 1535516971818.jpg (13.38 KB, 236x294, b988d133c64af8205db7c6634acfda…)

No. 675403

File: 1535517103804.jpg (102.39 KB, 750x724, cac81d6b40c0f60183f0658233ebd6…)

No. 675408

I'm pretty sure she's going to regret these

No. 675414

File: 1535518740080.png (903.43 KB, 1221x671, jayce1.png)

I don't know where or if I should post this, but I just stumbled upon Jayce's Reddit account.

No. 675416

File: 1535518771741.png (1.15 MB, 1327x808, jayce2.png)

No. 675419

Ok Jayce.

No. 675423

God no one cares about Jayce here, stop mentioning him

No. 675447

Oh my god… the line work is hideous but the shading is even worse. It's like the tattooist has no concept of shading, highlights, and values.. it's difficult to distinguish one element of the tattoo to the other because everything is shaded the same tone. I'd be so embarrassed to have that thing on my arm.

No. 675462

I was thinking the exact same thing. In the military tattoos must be two inches above or an inch below the elbow and it’s for that exact reason. She probably just got tired of hiding her track marks constantly and nothing like an ugly tattoo to fix it!

No. 675466

so where are the snakes coming out from? one is coming out of an artery and the other is just randomly on top and the bottom one is oddly shaped. As for a sleeve, is she thinking of getting separate pieces or a full connected sleeve? either way, it's gonna be a mess if she's going to that artist. Guess she's so desperately trying to look like a "rockstar girlfriend" or JC's exs. hilarious

No. 675469

It took me some time to realize there were 3 snakes in the tattoo.

No. 675470

It's quite amusing that this snake looks like someone tried to draw a snake from memory when they've never seen a snake before and only had a description of one. Taylor you might want to find a better artist to do your tattoos. The ones you have are hilariously appauling.

No. 675478

File: 1535528500115.jpg (83.03 KB, 564x705, 75ba457b57574cf914efd3ee2a0dc8…)

she could've just had something like this. but that's what happens when both parties lack imagination

No. 675491

Even if it were 3 snakes in this style, it would have been far better than what they did with the heart.
The heart just looks like a mess. Reminds me of a ratchet biker tattoo.

No. 675492

File: 1535533774419.png (68.97 KB, 573x395, heytaylorndeanfans.png)

No. 675502

I find it hilarious that her shitty tattoo artists Instagram page is just him being a whore. It’s so trashy and exactly what I would expect from her. Who looks at that insta and thinks “Yes. This who I want to permanently mark my skin”

Can’t wait for who to get it all covered up in a couple years when she realises how fucking awful it is

No. 675510

File: 1535538928733.png (927.18 KB, 950x833, instastory.png)

No. 675511

These are screen capped from her instastory BTW.

No. 675520

You mean he had an exact picture of how the snake should look, didn't have to use any imagination at all, and still managed to fuck up its shape? All he had to do was copy it lmao Jesus. The body shape he drew made no sense. At least it has a body, unlike the one below the top one, I guess.
He also has no idea how shading should look.

No. 675521

File: 1535543944342.png (63 KB, 540x280, Screenshot_2018-08-29-05-55-30…)

No. 675522

File: 1535544117388.png (222.64 KB, 540x691, Screenshot_2018-08-29-05-37-50…)

She is so trigger about her tattoo, it's impossible not to say something about how bad it is..
She said they haven't put shadow on it but it does have and thats even mess up cause there is shadow literally everywhere
You don't even know where the "light" is because every part of the heart has a shadow in the center of the sides randomly

No. 675524

Hahahaha I love seeing her get so salty about people's opinions. Tay you do realize it's literally not possible for everyone to agree with you, right?? I mean ngl I think anyone would get defensive over someone criticizing their tats but she doesn't have to respond. If you like it so much, why feel the need to defend it?

No. 675534

I love how she says “yes one of them is Tate” like we can tell the difference between any of those child drawn snakes lmaooo this tattoo is so bad

No. 675566

She obviously knows it's bad and regrets it but has to pretend it was a great idea like all her dumbass decisions

No. 675572

File: 1535554136979.png (1.81 MB, 750x1334, 0ED41C57-F05D-43C7-B747-D45161…)

This video better be a masterpiece with how she’s making it out to be

No. 675576

So… you got a shitty tattoo and you're gonna blame all your "haturz" for you being insecure about it. I don't even know how she can defend/feel happy about this tattoo, it literally looks like it was drawn by a 2nd grader who has never seen a snake before. I ALMOST feel bad that she has that on her permanently, assuming she never gets it covered up.

No. 675586

File: 1535556129211.jpeg (582.79 KB, 2224x1668, AFBB4562-D84F-4EC5-8F35-424A07…)

Ok Tay lets compare directly then. I outlined where Tates spine is, the way his body curves, and outlined the high points the artist created, as well as the huge difference in the head shape. How can you think it’s even close?

No. 675588

File: 1535556264591.jpeg (489.04 KB, 1668x2224, E945CF8C-125E-4702-8C7A-EE6995…)

Also, are bps supposed to have that loose of skin and their spine showing? He looks very underweight to me but I am not a snake expert.

No. 675599

They should ideally be a bit more rounded out and not so much a "triangle shape" like Tate is here. He could definitely do to gain a bit more weight if he still looks like this.

No. 675632

A little bit of skinniness can be excused by youth (baby BPs aren't as rotund as their adult counterparts) but that excessive amount of saggy/wrinkly skin and that much of a protruding spine make for what looks like a dehydrated, underweight baby. Some more recent pics showed he was still underweight/dehydrated but not to this point, tho that could just be the fact that he's grown up and filled out a bit that way

No. 675656

If she didn’t want people to talk about her tattoo, maybe idk don’t post it? It’s all pretty hilarious though, like girl was so desperate for a hot guy to pay attention to her that she got this steaming shit tattooed. I get that Johnny’s ugly as sin, but there are less permanent, hideous options for a lonely bitch

No. 675670

It's so obvious it's a junkie tattoo, a sleeve tattoo start in the shoulder area (or so), it's very rare to start in the interior part of the arm

Hey Taylor start doing the next tattoo for the other arm when you blow that vein.

No. 675672

I don't get it, maybe her tattoo research is just as shit as her animal research, but how can you look at amazing tattoos, and then look at hers, and think they're good? Like she just paid 7.5k for a snake, surely there's better local tattoo artists. This guy doesn't even understand proportions or shading, it's laughable. Is she really that desperate that she'd rather go to someone with a bigger following that's shit at tattoos (and isn't popular for his tattoo work), than someone who will actually leave beautiful artwork on her skin? Like does she really think her crocodile tattoo looks anywhere near as good as the original she ripped off? I just don't get it…. She can afford to get amazing work done.
Also, if you knowingly got an amazing tattoo you wouldn't be crying about people criticising it, you'd just ignore it and laugh because you know it's amazing (it also wouldn't get any criticism if there was nothing to criticise). How long has this guy even been tattooing? It's pretty obvious he cares more about his dick than art, what a great choice she made.

No. 675673

Seriously? In addition to poor husbandry, every other comment is on how skinny/dehydrated the snakes are. Usually you see dry water dishes in their bowls. I highly doubt they are fed and watered as often as they should!

No. 675685

she probably wants pieces that aren't connected to each other throughout her arm.. coughlike JC's ex's tattooscough

No. 675686

All he had to do resize photos of snakes, print it out, and trace it. LOLOL then again his IG is filled with his ego that he thinks he can freehand anything LOL

No. 675742

It seems like she has deleted the picture of her tattoo from IG.

No. 675749

File: 1535570929471.png (976.05 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20180829-132424~2.p…)

Surprise surprise, she deleted her Instagram post about her newest tattoo.
Thanks to these screenshots, though (specifically >>675205), we can see her lying… AGAIN.

I understand that sometimes you lose track of time while tattooing took place, but was it 3 or 4 hours, Taylor? You paid the guy based on how long it took, so you should definitively know, especially since it's brand new.

No. 675810

I love that Taylor wants to be right so bad that she’ll stick by this artist until her arm is done. I’m so ready for her to be covered in shiiiiittty tats lmfao.

No. 675814

File: 1535574568003.png (74.18 KB, 202x217, 1535570929471.png)

this part bugs me the most because the flower's stem makes it seem like the heart is larger than it really is. lol took me a moment to realize that it's a stem and not the outline of the heart.