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No. 613294

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/607955

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:

>Made a 40 minute long apology video without actually apologizing, instead making up excuses

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons, only a brief half apology in forementioned 40 minute video
> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> In combination with the call-out videos on YT, after she posted the video of Cheese’s “funeral” TND began to hemmorage subscribers
> Other pettubers began making (monetized) videos to defend TND and claiming that they were worried that “the bullying against Taylor” might ‘make her’ self harm
> Other pettubers begin distancing themselves from TND
> TND shuts off comments on the videos and instagram posts around cheese amid mass criticism
> Has been bouncing deactivations on her twitter and instagram during the controversy around Cheese
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, Scorpion, Ghost Mantis
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 613306

new thread, let's get this bread

No. 613307

At this point I can’t tell what Taylor goes through faster, animals or ‘friends’.

No. 613309

File: 1544670419872.png (9.68 KB, 608x86, worthless.png)

Just another lovely comment to what ever!
Remember, cyberbullying is wrong people!

No. 613329

File: 1544673367593.png (12.16 KB, 822x122, cloud.png)

No. 613335

These kids must be new to YouTube lmao

No. 613339

…Or to the internet in general

No. 613341

They think we don't have these videos backed up. If this channel goes, these videos will just be spread around more and more and no-one will have a say in it.

No. 613342

The more I read these comments the more I want to make a video but god.
Wtf are editing skills, anyone have any good free programs or even cracked versions of something?

No. 613353

In her Youtube video about her "aquarium haul" she's making comments that she did not make it to pretend like she doesn't neglect her fish.

Yeah okay bitch. That's why you overcrowd your predator tank in particular, and have fish die almost fucking monthly.

Her followers are going bonkers in comments again, urgh.

No. 613355

To add to the updates, she also no showed for that meet and greet at a pet shop.

Was there anything more to that than the store just saying she was sick and couldn't make it?

No. 613357

anon just look on your computer. best to do this stuff independently and don't try to make it a group project.

No. 613365

So why do you all think that she always flakes out on these meetups? Too lazy? Sick from always being on drugs? Doesn’t want people to see how much of a mental and physical mess she’s become from drug use and living with a vaguely human shaped pile of garbage?

No. 613367


Any program will do. You're not trying to win awards or get a following for well shot videos, it's just a video to get the info out there.

Idk, maybe drugs? Did she ever do meetups and actually show up before she started seeing Jonny? She'll probably blame her anxiety or whatever, but if you know you have social anxiety you just wouldn't sign up to do these events. The fact that she keeps saying she'll go and not going is suspicious.

No. 613377

File: 1544679583059.jpeg (339.24 KB, 750x887, 1544463892091.jpeg)

"I don't struggle with hair algae"

Bryopsis is literally hair algae, moron. That said, fluconazole likely wouldn't have killed Cheese, as fish don't create and use ergosterol…unless she was a complete fucking moron and OVERDOSED the tank, but I'd suspect that some of the other fishies, especially the small ones like Cheese, would have died as well. Cheese probably died from stress and neglect, not her attempts to use fluconazole. Her trying to blame fluc. for Cheese's death reeks of another convenient crutch for her to use to hide her neglect.

No. 613393

I think it's a mixture of Johnny not letting her go without him, and anxiety. She's not really in control of these meet & greet things, so she can't control what people post online, like pictures or people talking about what she's doing. Not to mention that maybe she's lowkey afraid someone might call her out publicly.

All in all, she's highly sheltered, bordering on reclusive, so it's easier for her to have all her interactions online because she can control the setting.

No. 613409

which one of you made this omg

No. 613413

Get a trial version for Adobe if you can and use Premiere Pro

No. 613416

same anon who posted it in a recent thread

No. 613499

OT but they weren’t asking for a group project, just looked like they were asking advice

No. 613500

She’s always has an excuse as to why she suddenly can’t show up. Y’all know damn well the cow already knew she wasn’t showing up as soon as she agreed. It’s like she likes letting people down and being in the drama.

No. 613514


Anxiety. She shows up on occasion, but she seems to hate events where she can't control her image. She's gotta get those perfect angles so no one will know what she actually looks like, which isn't bad, but is a far cry from the image she crafts using makeup, careful angles, probably lots of retakes, and sometimes Facetune.

The most obvious example of this was in Emma's video of Taylor's pets. Taylor is only in the periphery once, IIRC, which is really strange since it's a video about HER pets. She's not cool being in someone's video if they're controlling the angles, especially if she's not fully slathered in makeup. I don't think she liked being in Emma's other video where she was shown as her normal self.

The only time she seems to be cool with someone else's filming is when she's got all her makeup on and there's a tripod involved, so no possible angle changes. I don't know that she really likes taking pictures with fans for this reason.

No. 613515


Should add I think this is why Jonny so gleefully shows her without makeup and at bad angles.

No. 613538


This is one of the people that defended Jonny earlier

No. 613541

Those people are either high as fuck or drunk

No. 613542

She's the same person who made this video:


No. 613543

Yeah I was more looking for a program that isn’t movie maker, mostly because that constantly crashes on my laptop and there’s no real settings to fix audio problems.

No. 613550

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a video of someone talking like one of those people who type 50 words with no full stops.

I feel somewhat mean to say that these two seem like the kind of girls who dropped out of school at 15 to go be with their ‘hot’ sugar daddy.

No. 613579

File: 1544729103800.jpeg (412.55 KB, 1242x1652, E9C6592C-0EB7-409E-A0B3-1E3A8A…)

Someone on twitter pointed out that Twisty's tail looks completely fine & not rotted at all in these first photos of him…

No. 613600

Definitely not trying to defend TND, because she still let the tail rot off for months… But the first picture does look like there's discoloration at the tip of the tail. Second picture has the tail tip out of frame. Regardless, buying sick animals to "save" them is still supporting shitty breeders. She was still wrong in this situation.

No. 613616

Darker tail tips on beardies isnt uncommon

No. 613638

File: 1544734308129.png (44.97 KB, 819x353, Armored Wings.png)

Check out this smug kid

Gotta love the commenters who only watched what ever's response videos & try to say that she 'doesn't show any proof' in them, pretending to look objective.

You fucking know that they're not gonna watch any of the actual call-out videos with all the screenshots in them

No. 613657

Darker tail tips on beardies is completely normal.

No. 613660

File: 1544737509730.jpg (533.11 KB, 1065x1615, Screenshot_20181213-163814.jpg)

Managed to capture this still from a video on Jonny's Instagram, posted back on December 25th 2017. It's a bit blurry, but it gives a much better look at the tail than the photos taken at that time. The very tip looks odd, but the rest appears normal. I don't know much about Beardies though, so hopefully someone more knowledgeable can give their thoughts.

No. 613666

File: 1544738431675.png (12.08 KB, 816x104, Owanah Wauneka.png)



No. 613669

File: 1544739381334.jpg (109.48 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20181213-231537_You…)

While we are on the topic, these are some of my favorite stan comments. Pure maturity

No. 613671


My favorite are the TL;DR 'mic-drop' comments.

No. 613673


…Along with the booger-eaters that reply with "PREACH!!!"

No. 613674

Honestly his tail was completely normal. Dark tail colouration is totally normal for a beardie and his tail looks like a normal beardie tail. He might have had a tiny bit of stuck shed on the very tip of his tail and even if Taylor severely neglected him to the point where the very tip of his tail died (stuck shed is incredibly easy to remove so there's no excuse), the tip would just drop off and cause him no further issues. It definitely would not cause such an extensive injury as what Twisty ended up with. They 100% did something to injure his tail to cause it to rot and need amputating half way up.
And even if his tail was kinked like she claims, tail kinks are so common in beardies they rarely ever cause issues and a lot of them are born with a kinked tail, even severe kinks will likely not cause any issues. But Twisty didn't seem to have an injured tail here from what i can tell.

No. 613679

I second this. My beardie has had a slightly darkened tail tip with a tiny kink in it since he was a month old. He still has that kink and nothing bad has happened to his tail, no necrosis or anything looking off and he's healthy as ever. Twisty's tail definitely looked normal to begin with, they had to have done something to cause an injury or just didn't care about the fact until it was too far gone. Really sad, poor dragon is missing almost half his freaking tail now.

No. 613685

Could you post a pic of your beardie's tail? Would be a good reference

No. 613687

Someone brought up that there should be a 'life-expectancy' column on the google doc for each species

No. 613702

File: 1544742690489.png (10.46 KB, 824x102, Michelle Khury.png)


Another favorite is the ones that emphasize "I'm not a fan of Taylor, BUT…"

No. 613711

All this comment needs is a “you’re just a hater!” And I’d be able to fill a row in my ‘Teenage fan angry in the Youtube comments Bingo Card’ (tm)

No. 613712

A while ago in this thread there was a video of Jonny picking up Twisty by it's tail. Maybe that's what caused the injure

No. 613715

It turned out to not be as violent as it looked in the picture. The video it is from just showed Twisty gliding out of his hand

No. 613718

File: 1544743751419.png (8.39 KB, 336x82, DaylightPastel.png)


Here ya go

No. 613732

File: 1544747170678.png (9.55 KB, 338x88, CharlotteQueenofmolly2007.png)

>> "upoliside"

No. 613734

File: 1544747383165.png (17.11 KB, 802x208, Kaylene Soto.png)


>>"You people are so sensitive"

No. 613737

Her fans are just insufferable. It's all about protecting Taylor's feelings, never about her animals.

No. 613747

File: 1544749946039.png (2.4 MB, 1423x1236, Hoarding.png)

I noticed that most people try to prove Taylor isn't a hoarder by showing photos of filthy homes of cat/dog-hoarders…

Well, here's a few screencaps of an exotic animal hoarder's home

No. 613749

I feel like there’s for sure photos/video of Taylor’s apartment looking just like each of these photos!

No. 613763

File: 1544751780937.png (4.42 KB, 256x82, Colin DeJesus.png)


No. 613772

File: 1544753063019.png (2.68 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181213-190129.png)

What are we looking at here? A snake in her crotch while wearing lingerie? Wtf?

No. 613776

I think she's sitting up and has her leg bent. That tattoo is on her thigh, so that would make sense. Also lol at how yellow Violet has become, when she got her tay was claiming that the breeder told her she would only get more purple with age. which we all knew was bullshit. now she's yellow with a brown head

No. 613778

File: 1544754404229.png (43.6 KB, 824x320, kellie Harrison.png)

Taylor has the sweetest fans…

No. 613779

File: 1544755019682.png (24.88 KB, 810x202, WereRen.png)

Enough of the bad comments, here's a good comment

No. 613784

This gives me Luna slater vibes for some reason.

No. 613793

pretty sure you can kinda see her nipple there oof

No. 613794

Not trying to mini mod but the entire thread is turning into your comment section. We know her stans are idiots

No. 613796

Did her live stream ever happen? How about that ACS video where she was going to prove that her animals are fine?

No. 613797

Sorry, they're just too entertaining sometimes

No. 613798

File: 1544758858961.jpeg (479.24 KB, 828x1190, A38B43A0-3212-4DAB-8B09-605628…)

Nope she’s just going to keep telling us her vet thinks the animals are doing absolutely amazing

No. 613801

File: 1544759319358.png (25.58 KB, 582x216, Ohhhhh.png)

Was looking for a tweet & I came across one that… didn't age well…

No. 613802

a mistake was made by personally inserting themselves into the subject matter. now the fans have an actual person to rail at. watching the fallout from that is far less interesting than watching the viewing numbers go up on those videos.

No. 613804


It's probably not suspicious her vets compliment her, because a lot of vets do that to make sure owners don't stop trying with whatever they're doing. The really suspicious thing is how, according to her, her vets never give her suggestions to improve care, except when she takes a sick animal in and it dies/almost dies because she listened to the vet, who was wrong, and Taylor of course "did everything right!"

Like my vet knows I spoil my cats and do a lot of research about their care, so she really does tell me my cats are in great shape when they are. But I also very, very rarely leave an appointment without her suggesting things on her own or giving me advice about questions I'd had, because care can ALWAYS be improved upon.

No good vet will just wave you off with a "you're doing fine!" because your pet isn't dead yet. It's literally their job to suggest or improve the animal's daily life if they can. Also, haven't people said the vet she sees isn't that great according to local reviews, though?

No. 613805

There needs to be more videos, & by several different people

No. 613806

Well, I'm pretty sure she's not going to say what the vets suggest she'd improve on. No one does.

No. 613807

File: 1544760675682.png (26 KB, 826x274, Alexis Martin.png)

Okay, I know y'all don't want any more comments, but I found a REAL winner here

No. 613809


>>"I'm studying LAW"

>>"I also WILL be looking into this slander and discussing it with other people in my study. This just won’t end well for you."

Now THIS is blackmail

No. 613810

I've made a playlist which has all the ones I can find, including dark den talking about her monitor and the wii music hypocrisy masterpiece, her own deleted monitor vid etc. it's actually nearing 7k views last time I checked, so this seems to be an ok way of spreading them further. I'm definitely keen to add more, so long as they are focused on the subject matter and not messy.

No. 613811

>is doing some kind of law elective in high school

No. 613812


I agree with you that she's never going to say, but not sure that no one does. I know Solid Gold has talked about things with her vet before and told us why they made decisions regarding care that they do, and you definitely see people on blogs not on youtube giving transparent info about vet care. Even just something like "(animal) is generally healthy but we're going to try a slightly different diet/supplement/litter/toy/ situation for them to see if that makes them even healthier." Taylor's just not smart enough to figure out how to really care for her animals, and definitely not smart enough to make decisions based on info even if a vet really were to give her any.

No. 613813


I hope Alexis is ready to get laughed out of the classroom with this shit

No. 613814

How much do you all want to bet that this person “Studying Law” is actually a 14 year old? I’m no lawyer, but I don’t think that a video talking about publicly available information would be considered slander. I love it when people throw around threats of Defamation to try and scare others without knowing a damn thing about what constitutes Defamation.

No. 613815


I guess the 14-yr-old 'law-student' is along the same vein as the 15-yr-old 'animal educator'

No. 613816

Of course not. She waited for it to blow over and pretend it never happened.

No. 613817

File: 1544761765780.gif (1.11 MB, 396x280, tenor.gif)

No. 613819

We need a thread dedicated just to her fans, because her fans are just an endless source of comedy gold. Oh, and it would help keep this thread on topic. (Seriously, can we actually do that, is that allowed? I’ll gladly make it.)

No. 613821

File: 1544762400603.png (16.17 KB, 818x148, Charles Eye.png)

Another one invoking the law

No. 613822

it's not milky material at all though so maybe take it to Thread Suggestions and see whether it should go in /ot/

No. 613824


lmao because Jonny is SUCH an upright & outstanding citizen that the courts will take him seriously

No. 613827


Lol didn't Chelsea get a restraining order easily because Jonny just didn't bother to show up in court? Even if what ever were doing anything illegal, which they're not, I don't think they'd have to worry about Jonny taking successful legal action.

Also, Chelsea does have a restraining order against him… idk what else this stan wants legally, but he has been found abusive enough for a judge to grant an order, right? I'm not sure what all a restraining order requires, but it isn't nothing.

No. 613830

(Anon who asked the question here) That’s the thing that was holding me back. Though her fans are really entertaining, there isn’t really any milk. I think I’ll wait for now, the fans can keep us all entertained while Taylor is quiet. But if people start getting annoyed over it, I’ll make a suggestion. (Ok, done with the borderline blogposting, sorry.)

Wow these Stans really don’t think things through at all. Can you just imagine a guy who’s a known rapist, abuser, and drug addict waltzing into court and going “This random person on the internet said mean things about my girlfriend!!!!”
Also, he would probably rather spend money on drugs than on pursuing a court case to try and defend his ATM- I mean girlfriend.

No. 613840

Not a high school law elective, girlfriend watched Legally Blonde one time

No. 613844

Lol. What do they think they can do? Report a crime or sue on TND's behalf? What a moron.

No. 613848

They were probably trying to scare what ever into deleting her videos & channel.
Which sounds kinda like blackmail to me…(Something ELSE the stans accused what ever of doing before)

No. 613853

What is it with these law kids, probably should look into a geography course or better yet just invest in a globe and realise that the world consists more than just 3 countries.

No. 613856

File: 1544770785715.png (19.08 KB, 740x208, imalawyer1.png)


"Oh shit, time to backpedal! What I REALLY meant was.. Uh, Youtube will take it down & fine her… uh… yeah! Take that!"

No. 613858

…Also this is like, the 6th person in the comments to quote that new Ariana Grande song like it's some epic closer. I know most of Taylor's fans are preteens but goddamn!

No. 613861


Good job revealing how juvenile you are Alexis, I'm sure your 'Law-School' higher-ups will take you VERY seriously.

No. 613863

if she's going to try and one up me maybe read youtube guidelines lmao

No. 613864

File: 1544772256664.png (91.5 KB, 1195x523, e4842c624b2c8930edc3a18117042a…)


No. 613869


>>"every time I click to reply to your irrelevance, I have to hear the gross and annoying voice"

…Is she having an episode or something?

No. 613870


>>"True or not."

She's not interested in justice. She just wants to get rid of something she disagrees with.

No. 613871

I think she broke? that or she realised it's an argument she can't win.

No. 613872

File: 1544773443880.jpg (572.76 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181213-225733_Twi…)

I'm what ever, I've been talking to Liz's friend in private and she sent me some old milk and screenshots she hasn't released before of the conversation she had with Taylor warning her about Jonny.

If you look at the dates it's before she even met Jonny irl and the friend is very polite and kind in the messages. I figured I'd post it so we have proof that Taylor doesn't listen even if people nicely talk to her in private.

No. 613873

File: 1544773495546.jpg (645.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181213-225742_Twi…)

Taylor also strongly implies having past issues with drugs

No. 613874

File: 1544773630310.jpg (564.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181213-231705_Twi…)

Last one, this is when Taylor got with Jonny. The friend is still polite and concerned but Taylor stopped answering

No. 613875

She also lied here, she DID talk to Jonny about these messages. I can ask the friend if she has proof of that if you guys need it

No. 613878

Oh this is really valuable. Thank you for posting this.

No. 613879

It'd be cool if you could. But only if they feel cool with you posting that proof here.

No. 613880

Oh but remember, she wanted
'the experience'

No. 613882

File: 1544774691022.jpg (418.99 KB, 1080x1920, 20181214_090245.jpg)

I'm sure they would be fine with providing proof, they gave me permission to upload the dm's.
Blocking out their name just in case but Jonny has also been a gross dumbass to them.

Have the texts between him and Liz already been posted in which he tells her to kill herself?

No. 613883

Not that I know of. Most of the focus has been on Chelsea and Amanda.

No. 613885

File: 1544774938170.jpg (352.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-090825_Twi…)

Should I just post the things I haven't seen before? It's like 4 things but I don't wanna spam if it's old milk

No. 613892

This is some really pathetic samefagging.
Quit derailing about stans and youtube comments, thanks.

No. 613894

legit looks like her areole on the top left

No. 613899

nah I think it’s ok for you to post whatever you’ve got. At least it’s something different then the spamming of idiots comments on the video

No. 613900


seconded. I don't think we've seen much before about Liz's story, and especially if it isn't like millions of photos, with all these threads it might just be nice to have all that relevant info together.

No. 613901

File: 1544790744286.jpg (364.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-090751_Twi…)

Ok nonnys. This is from her dad, sadly no name or anything so it's kind of useless

No. 613902

File: 1544790774571.jpg (180.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-091013_Twi…)

No. 613903

File: 1544790890595.jpg (482.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-133415_Twi…)

No. 613904

File: 1544790920107.jpg (223.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-133453_Twi…)

No. 613905

File: 1544791096510.jpg (473.13 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181214-133721_Twi…)

Another one between the friend and her

No. 613916

I'm making a slightly updated playlist of TND information videos (a lot of ones don't seem to be up to date)
updating it cause the link only linked one video but https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXzFggZ7P2o&list=PLtZImbLh4WUy6tfwLuU4UgGTIW3iYMfQ6

But while going through the videos I noticed this Tyla Brauer chick on a lot of them and I'm beginning to wonder if she has the goal/want to be Taylor.

No. 613919

If you don't mind a tip, ut her full name in the playlist name, it will attract the casual viewers to your playlist when you decide to make it listed.

No. 613920

Taylor doesn't care at all about rape victims, it's no surprise she doesn't care about her animals either. Chick doesn't value any life besides her own… And even then she's wasting it on drugs and that human shaped garbage.

No. 613938


Not to WK, but how confident are you that these aren't altered? This is awfully consistent and coherent writing for Taylor. Could just be a fluke.

No. 613939

it was pre taking drugs with johnny, that might be a factor

No. 613940

Idk what you're talking about, Taylor is alright with writing and talking. Jonny is the braindead one

No. 613941


Maybe it's just me, but I have NEVER had a vet tell ME I'm doing "amazing" or that my animal is doing "amazing". It's always along the lines of "they are healthy" or "healing nicely" if it's going back in for removing stitches, check-up from a problem, etc.

Sorry,but no vet describes an animal as "amazing" in regards to their health, because their job isn't to make sure then animal is amazing. It's to make sure the are healthy. I volunteer with cats and small animals in the hospital ward, so I'm around vets and nurses all the time and perhaps other people have had different experiences with their vets, but she seriously tries to oversell her vet visits. At best the vet would have said "yeah, the rat is healthy, nothing wrong, next". She's so full of shit the toilet's jealous.

No. 613951

i think it's perfectly consistent. first she downplays the whole thing (it's just a "weird situation"), then she affirms she couldn't know better (she was "under the impression") and last she tries to garner sympathy (muh past issues). rather classic taylor

No. 613959


Also maybe I'm crazy, but I swear I've seen those texts before in a past thread. I'd believe those are real.

No. 613961


She's already giving excuses, she 100% was going to pursue JC regardless of what a scumbag human being he is. Taylor apparently already knew he was a shitty but "didn't know it was physical" then AFTER she finds that out, she decides to date him? Taylor knew everything about JC from the start, yet doesn't actually give a shit. She wanted to date a rapist. She wanted to date an abusive man. She wanted to date a known addict. She wanted to date the trash known as Jonny Craig.

I have no sympathy for her. If she's in a bad situation then quite frankly, it's her own fault. She was warned, she was given all the red flags and yet she went ahead anyway for "the experience". Have fun with your experience Taylor.

No. 613966

I remember this. The song True Colors is about Liz.

No. 613973

funny how he gets so aggressive towards any of his exs, yet he tweets, write songs, compare them with Taylor, and talks about them ALL the time.

Taylor is spoiling an abusive druggie that deserves to be kicked to the streets where he has no where else to go. He obviously doesn't care about her unless her wallet is open

No. 613976

File: 1544813688249.jpeg (318.4 KB, 750x980, 5BAD795E-7B21-4F75-BE29-2C7675…)

I wonder if Taylor is going to lose all the subscribers she bought

No. 613985

ahahaha I had to say this outloud to figure it out. It's bone apple teeth tier. What a mouth breather.

No. 613999

File: 1544817315425.jpeg (64.57 KB, 605x601, D32F14E4-EB89-4C6D-A86D-A212D7…)

Lol is this taylor’s

No. 614001

The dragon actually has a tail, so no

No. 614020

been stalking here for ages, can't believe someone can actually be this ignorant when so many people are pointing out that it's wrong. jesus. anyone seen her new glorified ad video? she's still avoiding the problem.

No. 614030

>>613999 is that a cat in the tank?

No. 614052

Yes classic taylor nicole dean

No. 614063

pls this is clearly not her cat or beardie

No. 614072

I think they meant it as a joke

No. 614123

>be tnd
>be given receipts by multiple exes that the man you are thinking of dating is a rapist, a scammer, a misogynist, a drug addict and serial abuser of women
>dates him anyway

Can't relate

No. 614125

File: 1544849499869.png (228.96 KB, 1076x1497, Screenshot_20181214-234956.png)

She's definitely losing some.

No. 614196

File: 1544884325607.png (265.92 KB, 750x1334, B0258CA6-FD9F-4900-A076-268A36…)

No. 614197

she promised she would have a video out Wednesday night or maybe Thursday morning, it's now Saturday. so she was lying about that video if she was really "taking some time away"

>>612933 screenshot of tweet in last thread

No. 614199

File: 1544886286625.png (6.86 MB, 1125x2436, E71491D2-0DF8-456A-AA16-AE4ADA…)

looks like they’re both in a funk

No. 614202

So sick of people defending Jonny uugh, animals aside the man Taylor's dating is a fucking monster and how she can so willingly support him I have no idea.

No. 614206

I’m all for people recovering from addiction and working to become a better person, but it’s clear he isn’t truly interested in doing either. He’s just pretending to be a better person, but he’s not a very good liar.

No. 614210

Depression? You mean coming off tour with girls throwing themselves at you and going back to your hoarders apartment with TayTay who's losing her hair and her money?

No. 614232

yeah more like "I need to make Taylor feel sorry for me because I did something wrong"

No. 614259

Okay, maybe this is a stupid question, but I genuinely want to know what she sees in him.

Is it because he's a ×+tortured artist+×? Is it because she wants a project and thinks she can "fix" him? What is it about him that makes her want him?

No. 614262


She wants the "experience" of dating a "broken bad boy" that she can fix with love. Kinda like how 15-year old girl who romanticize that bullshit.

No. 614264

File: 1544907414915.png (107.03 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-12-15-22-55-51…)

Let's hope she doesn't accidentally eat gluten again.

No. 614267

There’s been a lot of different discussions on this, and honestly I believe any of the ideas could be possible… I think it’s very high chance that she started out as wanting this, wanting to “fix” the “broken misunderstood bad boy”. But he does whatever the fuck he wants; she claims he’s sober, he then proves that he’s still drinking… she doesn’t have the control over him she wishes she had. Honestly I think at this point she sees nothing in him. I think Jonny knows too much/has too much dirt on her that if she ever left, he would spill it to the world. She knows that he actively tries to make his exes life a living hell, and she doesn’t want to be one of them.

No. 614273


I agree. Taylor knew from the beginning what kind of person JC was and went ahead anyway, she deluded herself into thinking she was different, that she'd be the one to change him.

I think Taylor soon realized that wasn't the case, she has zero control over him at all and he continues to tarnish the image she tries to present - that he's sober, changed, etc. At this point she's in too deep. He knows too much, has seen too much and Taylor knows whats in store for her if she breaks things off. I don't have sympathy for her.

No. 614274

Neither do I, thank you… I’m so tired of people having sympathy for her because she’s in this shitty relationship. Look how many people, how many times she was warned and informed about the person he is! And she still chose to say fuck them, and go into the relationship knowing everything she was told. She deserves 0 sympathy whatsoever. People also need to stop giving passes because she’s “young”. I’m the same age as Taylor and while I’ve made some “dumb” decisions, I don’t knowingly date rapists because I have respect for myself and a line that I would never cross.

No. 614282

nayrt, but I honestly have no sympathy for her. I know there are anons on here who say things like "oh it's hard to leave abusers, her animals are at stake…" etc but she's had ample opportunity to escape him. He goes on tour often for days at a time which leaves her with lots of opportunities to get out. I'm sure she could afford an apartment somewhere else and if she had help she could get all the animals out quite quickly. She's just lazy and most likely hooked on his drugs.

No. 614283

Did anyone here go to petfest last year?

I watched the vlogs/videos they did about it but I'm confused what there even was to do there? Was if just queue, photo, leave?

No. 614290

Yeah, for example her family would do ANYTHING in their power to help her.

No. 614305

You nailed it! Perfect description!

No. 614310

I agree. It's very unlikely that every single one of her vets said her animals look amazing and perfect. I don't know how any pet owner believes her bs. Anyone would be lucky to hear "wow! They look great! Good job!" from a vet once if ever. Most vets aren't that cheery due to their long hours, not being a people person, or a combination of things. They won't give you a gold star because you managed not to kill your pet for a few years ffs…

No. 614317

The vet she goes to (which she has posted herself when she posts pictures of the vet paperwork) is a regular cat/dog vet. They aren’t exotic vets or any kind of specialist vets. So even if they’re telling her that all of her animals are in perfect health it doesn’t really mean much.

No. 614321

My vet must be really unusual then lol, she's bubbly and always heaps praise on my cat when we go. Personally I don't find it THAT unbelievable that her vets say that… about some of her animals. It's a bit surprising that all her vets (cause she should be seeing an exotic vet for all of her exotics) would say that about each animal like she claims.

No. 614322

Why the hell is she not seeing an exotic animal vet for most of her pets? It blows my mind.

No. 614323


Yeah I'm not really sure what other anons are talking about, I've seen about 4 vets in the last 5 years with a variety of pets and a move, plus more before that when I used to bring in foster pets and didn't even choose the vet, and they all give compliments. They never say "your pet is perfect!" because they always offer suggestions or things to check on in the future, but they say "you're doing a great job" or similar pretty frequently.

The unbelievable things about Taylor's story are that 1) They seem to say that all her pets are perfect, including the ones with prolapses or tails rotting off… 2) They apparently never DON'T tell her her pets are perfect, I mean sure 1 or 2 could be doing great, but she's telling us EVERY vet at EVERY appointment says Taylor does a perfect job, even when she brings in a kitten hours from death? 3) I'm certain they offer suggestions too, or at least they would if all her pets really go to the vet 4x a year or whatever she claims, how come we never hear about those?

No. 614324

File: 1544933611209.png (8.64 MB, 1242x2208, 735766C9-4E33-4268-8901-7833DE…)

Actually threw up in my mouth

No. 614325


What, did he make her post this by threatening to hurt one of her animals if she doesn't try to make him look good?

No. 614327

File: 1544933939093.png (4.99 MB, 1125x2436, 40082ED9-61E1-4AAD-9226-F1EEA8…)

There was a voice in this story that sounded similar to Taylor’s, it could’ve been the television I’m not sure. Can any Anon that’s good with distinguishing voices confirm that this was the TV?

No. 614329

It was definitely Taylor's voice

No. 614330


I'm about 99% it's her. Transcript of what she says "if it's still bad I'll go, but I don't think it will be. Like, my bodies just fucked baby. Have you (not 100% what shes saying here but it sounds like" heard my mouth") these last few days?"
Sounds like he's trying to talk her into going to the doctors? Maybe the reason for her newest dissappearing act.

No. 614331

so that's what they mean by 'eyes like piss-holes in the snow'

No. 614333

He looks like shit though, or she just into tattooed manlets

No. 614335

Yeah listened at higher volume and it's her and she's saying what you think she is. She's being very whiny…

No. 614337

I feel like Taylor will make him take it down later, can anyone screen record it quickly while it’s still there? This could be because of drugs?? Who knows? Might help in the future.

No. 614338

Even if it can’t probe that she’s doing something like drugs, it shows how little respect Johnny has for her, I doubt she wanted him to post a video with her crying about an issue on the internet.

No. 614339

Maybe I'm Just stupid but I can't even begin to imagine what "heard my mouth" could possibly mean. She does sound kind of.. Slurry? Maybe some bad back alley lip injections? Lmao

No. 614341

If that is her then she sounds so high and whiny while he doesnt give a shit about what she’s saying. Lol good catch Taylor

No. 614343

If that is her then she sounds so high and whiny while he doesnt give a shit about what she’s saying. Lol good catch Taylor

No. 614344

I think maybe she got her lips touched up and they’re botched (again). her voice sounds really weird like her mouth is numb or swollen

No. 614345

I think maybe she got her lips touched up and they’re botched (again). her voice sounds really weird like her mouth is numb or swollen

No. 614346

I think maybe she got her lips touched up and they’re botched (again). her voice sounds really weird like her mouth is numb or swollen

No. 614347

I think maybe she got her lips touched up and they’re botched (again). her voice sounds really weird like her mouth is numb or swollen

No. 614349


Girl has some low standards if this is what she considers "handsome" lmao

No. 614350


Girl has some low standards if this is what she considers "handsome" lmao

No. 614351

I'm thinking she got her lips touched up and they're botched (again). she sounds weird like her mouth or lips are numb or swollen

No. 614354

Sorry for so many duplicate posts. the website or maybe my browser glitched. I’m trying to delete but it keeps saying wrong password

No. 614355

File: 1544938796169.png (3.87 MB, 750x1334, 6AB286C1-5656-4688-8031-226458…)

Another unflattering photo. Tinfoil but he has to be doing it on purpose

No. 614356


I guess he's probably going on tour again or something but given context the of this relationship that's just a super ominous and creepy post.

No. 614359

I’m wondering what happened to make them love bomb each other so much today.

No. 614364

That is so fucking creepy

No. 614368

Does he have a black eye in that photo? They look like they're both completely cracked out.

No. 614369

Nevermind; I think its just his hair. The way the text fell made it look like a black eye at first glance.

No. 614370

“If it’s still bad I’ll go but I don’t think it will be, like my body is just fucked baby like (this is where it’s a little iffy) we where going out the last few days” or “have you heard my mouth the last few days” she also looked pretty tired/sick/done in the pics of them at dinner

No. 614371

Oh wow someone please screen record Jonnys Insta story. Taylor sounds so fucking weird

No. 614372

They look like a real pair of junkies in this.

No. 614376

She's upset and complaining about things to him but he's not listening to her at all because he needs to upload a video of the shoes he got for her (probably with her own money) to show that he's such a fab boyfriend. How on earth do her stans think that this is goals?

No. 614378

Sorry this is the only way I was able to post the screen recording of his story

No. 614379

Yeah it's the board acting up, don't worry. Can't delete mine either: 'unknown error'.

No. 614380

Of course he is. And he probably says that he does it because "she doesn't have to feel bad about her appearance". Like he's clearly doing her a favor.

To be honest their lives look so fucking boring. They're always at home sleeping or getting high.

No. 614381


It really does sound like "have you heard my mouth." Usually I think discussions of her botched lip injections are annoying but if people are right, she could be talking about her lips. "Have you heard my mouth" makes sense if something's wrong and her lips are swollen or whatever.

No. 614389

File: 1544949269607.jpg (927.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181216-003423.jpg)

Rip her mouth

No. 614399

Someone screen record the last one of Jonny's stories. The way he manhandles the rat omg

No. 614400

File: 1544953834895.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-16-04-49-58…)


No. 614401

File: 1544953890059.png (2.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-16-04-49-45…)

Pans the camera to show Ghost right there…about a foot away from the rat.

No. 614405

how the fuck is he holding him jfc

No. 614408


That poor rat. A lot of rats will let you hold them like this, but if they are uncomfortable then they struggle… like Goose is doing right here.

No. 614413

I don’t have rats so I’m not an expert or anything but wouldn’t the scent of a cat scare a rat??

And wouldn’t the cat smelling the rat be a bad idea?

No. 614414

I don’t have rats so I’m not an expert or anything but wouldn’t the scent of a cat scare a rat??

And wouldn’t the cat smelling the rat be a bad idea?

No. 614416


Now deleted from his ig stories lol I'm sure Taylor woke up and was not pleased.

No. 614418


I'm not even sure about the smells, though probably? Worse though aren't they on the same bed at the same time? That rat makes a run for it to escape Jonny's manhandling and it's going to get eaten by Ghost before Taylor could say "killin' it."

No. 614419

I just wouldn't trust any predator around prey animals, period. If a well-trained dog can forget itself and maul pocket pets, a cat who doesn't give a damn what you think isn't going to give killing your rat a second thought.

No. 614420

It's still there for me, if it's still up when I get home I'll screenrecord it unless another anon has done it by then. Poor Goose

No. 614423

i'm not easy on the drug accusations, but she sounds high as fuck. like a different person as well. it's kinda scary ???

No. 614424

File: 1544961861098.png (596.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0066.PNG)

She also looks…weird in that video, like sick/sad/slow?

No. 614425

File: 1544962306545.webm (3.91 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_486121…)

Here we go. Jonny is such a cave man

No. 614426

File: 1544962416877.webm (2.34 MB, 639x1136, StorySaver_jonnycraig4l_482561…)

And also the one in which she sounds like a crack head

No. 614429

Just wondering, if ACS had come out to her apartment and actually seen the animals, wouldn’t they have documented those visits? And if they did, shouldn’t TND have gotten a copy of it? It doesn’t make sense for them not to; fines, warnings, etc are how they build cases against people after all. So if they really did actually make it in the apartment, why doesn’t she have any proof of that?

No. 614437

Not surprised that at the first chance Goose gets, he runs away from Jonny.

No. 614441

Because she has no proof. Likely because the above was the only time ACS has ever been to her house. That's why she shit herself so much.

No. 614449

File: 1544971719306.png (257.25 KB, 329x622, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.44…)

He's always covered in fresh pick marks and what appear to be injection site marks. How do people believe he's sober?
Wow she really does sound like a crackhead rambling on in the background. Again, how do people believe either of them are sober?

No. 614452

it looks like she has bumps / lumps on the corner of her mouth, added to the slurred speech and her actual words makes me think she got lip injections done and they're either painful or just fucked up.

he legit looks like he's got one foot in the grave. Like his skin is made of wax or something. Dude is dying

No. 614456

Damn. That sounds bad. She sounds VERY fucked up and like she's struggling to get words out.

No. 614459

File: 1544976430567.png (108.76 KB, 287x310, 986454.png)

how is it physically possible for a human to look so much like a bull terrier?

No. 614460


That's an insult to bull terriers everywhere

No. 614461


always thought those dogs were fucking weird looking (all dogs are good dogs tho) but like omg the pastey featureless flat mask look is just too similar

No. 614462

File: 1544978032704.jpg (51.83 KB, 797x352, 1.JPG)


The sides of her mouth are really puffed up even though Johnny's trying to play it like they're posing purposefully. You can look at his mouth and look at hers and immediately tell she's not inflating her cheeks, they're like that by themselves because her entire cheek isn't expanded, it's just around her lips.

No. 614464

Yeah the only thing that makes sense with what she said and how slurry she sounded is some fucked up lip injections. I think thats why she didn't show to her meet and greet and why she's "taking another break"

No. 614466

Why does she get lip injections so often? It feels like she gets them almost every week, so wonder they end up so fucked up.

No. 614472

File: 1544979972735.jpg (22.19 KB, 500x175, bull-terrier.jpg)


They are fucking weird looking because humans have bred them to look fucking weird.

Speaking of humans breeding animals to look fucking weird, has Taylor's fetish for mutant snakes been discussed? Has she ever commented on the ethics of breeding them?

No. 614479

Between the lip injections and the hair extensions pulling out her hair, I don’t understand how her stans think it’s a stretch that she’s not taking good care of her animals. She’s not taking good care of herself at all. It’s obvious she has bad reactions to these lip injections, but she keeps getting them. She’s going bald from dying her hair and pulling it up into ponytails so tight that she could blink her lips. If she’s doing all that to herself it really makes me question her priorities.

No. 614481

sorry for ot but those dogs look like overstuffed sausages in dog form lol. kind of like how Jonny is starting to look from his liver failure. fat little sausage fingers.

also is there a chance that her lip injections have been bad literally from the start because her EDS complicates the way her body reacts to them? idk much about EDS or fillers but like girl, it's obvious they don't work for you, stop trying to make fetch happen and get them dissolved. I know some anons have EDS and idk how it changes the success of implants

No. 614495


dude is clearly pinned out in this picture, she probably passed out, they clearly did some dope this day and that's also why they were being all lovey dovey with each other. one last heroin binge together before he leaves. nasty

No. 614499

Why the fuck does TayTay keep getting her lips filled? And her hair dyed or styled? When will she realize she's destroying herself and making herself look like a cheap washed up whore? I'm not usually one for shitting on someone's appearance, but Taylor seriously has a problem. Just why? Maybe after this insane swelling she's got going on she'll realize she should stop injecting her lips with garbage.

No. 614504

File: 1544987121380.png (254.81 KB, 750x1334, 56BEEA23-25E3-4854-B613-7E75EB…)

No. 614507

So it'll go up on Youtube in February 2019?

No. 614518

We love middle school couture!

No. 614530

Why does she still have her fish tank lights on at 9:30 pm? I'm sure even for fish it can mess up their day/night cycles. Does she still not have timers? They're $4 at Target girl

No. 614534


Must be desperate for money if she's doing yet another "all my pets". I like how Taylor mentions she's also showing enclosures this time, after all the controversy it's time to prove the haturz wrong now that she's had weeks to clean and prepare lol.

Pity cleaning the enclosures doesn't suddenly make the correct size, though.

No. 614543

Anyone know what happen to her leopard gecko? I haven’t seen it a long time

No. 614558

I don't have screenshots but a fan asked about Atta and Taylor said she was "really shy" so doesn't show her often

No. 614560

That's such a nitpick anon, 9.30 pm is a really normal time. Not like it's 3am or something, though I wouldn't put it past Taylor.

No. 614562

Atta seems to be some sort of albino and doesn’t react well to Taylor’s photo lights, as shown by previous pictures where her eyes are shut and she’s trying to bury her head in Taylor’s hand to escape them. Even if she works with Atta (which I doubt she does), the lights Taylor loves to use hurt her and make her more prone to moving around or hiding. I have a severely photophobic leo and he tends to shut his eyes or stay active/skittish when the light levels are too high.

No. 614564

Atta was in the photo book video I believe.

No. 614613

Her fillers are just bad because they're cheap. EDS is a connective tissue disease, it has no effect on fillers that just go under the skin.

No. 614614

The Lyin' Queen posted a new Insta story sounding perfectly normal/like always (as far as I can tell).
Around 20h after johnboy posted the very unsettling story of her slurring speech, probably rolling or coked up.
My guess is that she burned her lips/mouth smoking a pipe + fresh lip injections. Or she chewed on her cheek/lips/tounge while rolling.

Also I can tell from a mile away that the pimple on her forehead is a amphetamine induced one.

Praying for a kind anon who can screencap her new story.

No. 614618

Amphetamine induced pimple? What?

No. 614620

>needing to get 10 million views before posting a new video

Gotta get those sweet views before showing her precious animals to her fans. What a cunt.

No. 614627

Im trying to upload a screen grab but the file is too large and Imgur seems to be stuck at 38%. Any suggestions for where I can anonymously upload?

No. 614630

File: 1545010602834.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1242x1690, D89AA107-10D0-416C-A755-D25C35…)

Does “whiskey cake” have gluten free on their menu? Sorry the pic is blurry…it’s a snap of her scanning the menu…

No. 614631



No. 614632

Yeah they do have gf options

No. 614641

File: 1545012547205.png (66.19 KB, 335x621, Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 9.00…)


No. 614644

https://vimeo.com/306720257 here’s her story. her baby talk actually causes me severe stress

No. 614651

Honestly with all this shit Jonny has been spilling out on his stories, I’m starting to also feel like it’s totally on purpose and not just coincidence. The unflattering appearances when she’s so uptight about her image on social media, her screwed up voice whining about what sounds like her botched lips, the prey animals being LITERALLY within two feet of the predator animals… he’s just exposing bits and pieces of her life falling apart, then love bombs her to say “sorry” for it lmao

No. 614655

"Things change"? Is that code for "I've stopped raping people, and I'm sObEr now so stop judging me"? Seriously, these two are so messed up. Nothing has changed.

No. 614656

amazing skills to be able to read a pimple like that.
is there any reason you can't cap the story yourself or even say which part is of interest? there's nothing dramatic or capworthy that I can see.

No. 614657


Lots of fishkeepers have their fish on "unnatural" cycles, they don't have to line up with the actual daylight outside as long as the tank lights are consistent. We don't know hers are, but then being on at 9:30 isn't really proof of anything.

I know a lot about EDS but not much about lip fillers. I can't imagine her EDS would mess them up quite like it could with her tattoos, there's not much to be affected except maybe slower healing. I think it's more likely she's just getting cheap fillers and too many of them.

No. 614659

Anyone find it odd that Jonny’s band Slaves is doing a cover of Mariah Carey “All I want for Christmas is you” ?

No. 614699

It’s probably dedicated to a healthy liver

No. 614700

Or TayTay's cash, not that there's much left.

No. 614705

Not sure why that's odd unless I'm completely oblivious?

No. 614738

Not odd. Just trying to profit off of someone else’s music during the holidays. Seems like typical scumbag JC to me.

No. 614752

Let's be real. JC may be trash, but deciding to do a Christmas cover is hardly the most evil move in the world.

No. 614757


to me it sounds like she’s saying “you hurt my mouth” in the video. i can easily imagine jonny getting fucked up and being rough with her. she sounds all sorts of wasted in that vid too.

i’m an anon who has gotten lip injections 3 times and while your lips do swell for a few days, they hardly hurt at all after the fact (not enough to be in the amount of discomfort she appears to be in by the tone of her voice). iono if this is considered blogging but i find it to be relevant, my lips are a bit larger than hers and i only have a slight lisp for maybe a day after i get them done. her voice itself sounds different here and her mood is obviously volatile, and for whatever reason he’s sitting there filming a goddamn shoe while his girlfriend is spazzing out, personally i believe they’re both completely zooted off of drugs here.

No. 614758


Which is followed by, "these last few days" which does not make sense.

No. 614760

I’m not sure what phones you anons are using but it’s 100% clear for me to hear.

“If it’s still bad I’ll go but I don’t think it will be, like my body’s just fucked baby, have you heard my mouth these last few days?”

No. 614761


Honestly she's probably so messed up she said "mouth" instead of "voice".

No. 614774

In other news, I wonder when she'll be posting that announcement she said she was going to post?

No. 614777

It sounds to me like she’s talking about going to the doctor if she doesn’t get better, when I’m sick or illnesses affect me I say something similar to what I heard “it it doesn’t get better I’ll go” I’ve never had lip injections but it does sound like she’s saying “have you heard my mouth” like she’s lamenting how she sounds either from being sick or something else. All tinfoils aside she’s probably sick or hurt, she looks terrible. He really loves to post shit that makes her look bad.

No. 614785

It sounds like Taylor is vomiting in the background here? Doesn't sound like the TV to me

No. 614796

File: 1545081116417.jpg (98.2 KB, 1242x457, HMRHmIU.jpg)

Came across this and nearly fell out of my chair. It’s hilarious because she’s on her way there.

No. 614804


Some people can rock a bald look. Taylor is not one of them lol

No. 614805

File: 1545082172188.jpeg (142.96 KB, 750x960, C586653D-4117-440A-B0D1-324F09…)

lol here we go again

No. 614806

File: 1545082635928.png (39.03 KB, 1080x1014, Screenshot_20181217-143608~2.p…)

Her Instagram is still up buuuuut

No. 614811

Why would she delete it this time? Things have calmed down by now

No. 614814

maybe she's starting to like the attention she gets from her worried stans whenever she does this and comes back

No. 614822

>> No. 614659
His voice sounds so slurred and gross. I think from his new teeth

No. 614836

As someone who vomits a lot, it sounds exactly like vomiting.

No. 614838


Sounds like a dude vomiting, and looking at the show I think it's coming from the tv (actor looks drunk/falling over)

No. 614845

jonny love bombs when he knows hes in trouble. im sure they are on the verge of a breakup and hes obviously not sober and she keeps deleting everything when he brings her down on top of all the public drama. i wouldnt give it much longer honestly.

No. 614850

Supposedly it takes abuse victims around 8 times before they leave for real. I don't think they'll break up yet without going through an engagement before, at the very least.
I do gotta say Taylor has been looking particularly miserable as of lately. Like, her semblant looks like she's done.

No. 614871

god, Taylor picked the right man huh? She's starting to look and sound like a crackhead. Hope Jonny doesn't try to pimp her out

No. 614872

he probably love bombs her when he starts to get a feeling that she wants to leave him and probably gets passively angry once she gives in by recording her "ugly" side on his ig story.

they're a mess and it's obvious that the relationship is toxic af but her stans are brainless like her so they can't see it.

No. 614879

Taylor's just pulling a Jen, she'll be back tomorrow

No. 614904

I don't think they'll break up until he gets sick of her and leaves. She can't ever admit she's wrong so I just see her hanging on no matter how miserable he makes her.

No. 614905

File: 1545134521968.jpeg (284.13 KB, 1125x896, CA845494-A112-4269-8B11-961146…)

I guess Taylor watches his tweets like a hawk

No. 614906

File: 1545136035605.jpg (289.61 KB, 1536x987, Screenshot_20181218-101906.jpg)

Maybe it's because I haven't looked at her twitter in a while, but for me Jonny is out her bio again

No. 614907


He’s still in her bio for me

No. 614909

Thanks for confirming!

No. 614975

File: 1545144026058.png (187.78 KB, 641x643, 12efef16ad7ff88e6fc63a2d5ec03c…)

oh dear

No. 614978

I highly doubt it, but I hope she's gone MIA and is currently moving all Jonny's shit out and getting her locks changed. He just left to go on tour, now's the time to do it. I don't think she is, but it would be nice, and I wouldn't blame her (this one single time) for not following through on her promises of videos if she was doing something so productive for her personal life.

we all know she doesn't have the initiative or backbone to cut off the leech for good, though

No. 614985

Not really "milk" but I was watching GoHerping's channel and he got asked a question about PewDiePie but in the question it also said "And how do you feel about Taylor Nicole Dean?"

He showed the question on screen and answered the PewDiePie part but not the TND part. I found this interesting.

No. 614987

He probably knew about how rabid her Stans are and decided to avoid the question entirely. Not a bad idea.

No. 614997

Bet another pet died

Probably ignored feeding them on her drug binge

No. 615007

How many animals does she have that are easily replacable? I think that she won't talk about her animals dying anymore if she can avoid it.

And we all know that her moon crab Ursula is dead af. She hasn't been posted in, what, half a year at least? I can imagine that she hasn't shown her animals until now because she's scrambling to replace her.

No. 615020

and theyre supposed to live for like 10years. poor crab. god knows whats happened to it's corpse if that video of cheese was anything to go by.

unrelated but has anyone watched serpadesigns before? his setups are amazing and he actually takes care of his pets.

No. 615021

If she shows a image of her leopard gecko we’ll know if it’s a replacement because hers has blue eyes

No. 615039

Bet she regrets getting rare pets with unique markings.

No. 615041

Bet she regrets getting rare pets with unique markings.

No. 615044

File: 1545153633114.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20181218-101823~2.p…)

I was scrolling through her Instagram and the last photo of Ursula was this. She also posted a picture of Triton in October, JUST before she got Star.

There was a crab in her photo book, but idk which one it was.

No. 615046

Wtf so she was last seen in April? That's such a long time ago. Taylor is probably pulling the same shit as with the shrimp and Zazu, just hoping people won't notice.

Her enclosure for them was awful so I wouldn't be surprised if she and the new crab fought to death or she mismolted.

No. 615050

The way she holds her animals for pictures makes me so uncomfortable. She’s only holding the crab in place with her fingers. It’s just asking for an accidental drop.

No. 615057

Let's be real - she's probably waiting till he dies. He doesn't have much time anyways, and after his death her secrets will be safe and she could milk the sob story for years.

No. 615062

I wonder if perhaps a more "significant" animal got hurt or died, like one of the cats?

No. 615063

that's a good point. Stupid of her, though, because she'll probably get saddled with all his bills. if he can manipulate her into paying them

No. 615064

I'd bet Mushu died and she's trying to find a replacement

No. 615066

Reckon she just wants attention.
She wouldn't make it so obvious that an animal died lol

No. 615067

It just boggles my mind that she's so successful off of such little effort. Channels that aren't pet focused seem to show their animals more than Taylor does.

People have said this ad nauseum already but she has SO many potential videos, so many opportunities to grow her channel.

No. 615068

if she really tried to replace Mushu she would be found out immediately. Mushu is extremely unhealthy-looking, with what appears to be permanent damage to her skin and gills. if she suddenly had a normal-looking axolotl it would stick out like a… sore thumb that has been chopped off and a healthy one is sewn on in its place

No. 615069

double post but what if she deleted her Twitter because the results of Cheese's necropsy came back and said that it was her fault that he died? I mean I don't think they'll be able to tell anything from his decaying, freezer-burned corpse, but it would be a slap in the face to the Animal Princess and I could see her freaking the fuck out over it lmao

No. 615070

Doubtful. If it came back bad she would just lie about it.

No. 615071

oh, I don't doubt that she would lie about it. I just think it would be funny and good for her to get knocked down a peg.

No. 615072

lbr, she already knows she fucked up with the medication and that she killed Cheese with it.

I hate that I'm reacting exactly like she wants but I'm curious why she deleted her Twitter. It's so random

No. 615074

It's the same thing as the last time she did her fish care video.

>Promises a video

>Bunch of fish are dead and going to be missing
>Suddenly she announces they died after disappearing because she's soooooo upset


No. 615076

I mean she has a habit of being super over dramatic about stuff like this "I wasn't ready to talk about it, needed a mental break because X died"

I mean she just came back from "a break" and promised another video soon, suddenly has deleted her twitter, so something is very off imo.

No. 615078

Okay so there was a vid promised last wednesday and yesterday and noting on either one

No. 615081

File: 1545163230556.jpg (179.88 KB, 1536x736, 20181218_205918.jpg)

Accidentally posted wrong uncensored version.

She's having a victim moment again.

No. 615084

Just taking a break from her JOB that provides her INCOME because she can't handle being in the public eye despite that being what she signed up for. Can't take criticism so quits job but tells people she's still workin but never actually does any work

No. 615089

The last 10 thousand times she's done this very thing people went insane thinking this or that. She wants attention from her stans, even Jonny confirmed it at this point

No. 615090

This is such bullshit. Even if it wasn’t a blatant lie, the least she could do is apologize to her stans who are waiting for the promised video with their dicks in their hands.

No. 615095

I hate the retarded names she picks for her pets. They sound like names chosen by a fifth grader, not a woman old enough to drink.

They're all inane Disney references (Mushu, Ursula, Triton) or the first improper noun that goes through her pea-brain when she sees and impulse buys them (Star, Goose, Cheese, Ghost).

Taylor sounds like Amouranth here. "I'm being phone harassed!11!!1"

Also barf at her calling Walking Hepatitis "baby".

No. 615104

Well she named 'Nemo' because in Finding Nemo all of his brothers and sisters died and the 'Ghost' of the dead kitten. Does anyone still have that screenshot? that was really early on I think

No. 615106

For sure. Said it didn’t come back or it was inconclusive…

No. 615108

Pretty sure Ghost is named Ghost after a direwolf in Game of Thrones, since she has a handful of other pets with Game of Thrones names. I absolutely hate the girl but naming a cat "the ghost of the dead kitten" is fucking dark as hell.

No. 615111

Is it possible that she's doing some damage control after what Jonny posted on Instagram? I mean her voice, goose and ghost together, she must be shitting herself lol

No. 615114

deleting her Twitter and not posting the 3 videos she promised in the past week is the opposite of damage control lol

No. 615115

It's not much darker than naming her other cat Nemo because his siblings died, especially when she killed one of them herself.

No. 615129


I'm still not even convinced she was able to get a necropsy on him. I could see her freaking out over that a little, behind the scenes, but it would be so easy for her to lie about it I doubt it'd be why she deleted her twitter.

>>615111 you might be right that's what she thinks she's doing. Idk why she thinks she has to bother having a twitter at all if it's just SOOOOO hard for her to deal with the drama of it. She could easily make money on just her youtube videos (if she could ever upload any) and avoid a lot of drama by just being on that platform. I used to watch her videos and if it weren't for her twitter I'd probably have no idea about the Jonny stuff or quite how many pets she hoards. I guess she's just far too narcissistic and obsessed with attention to stay off twitter/instagram.

No. 615143

How do you know?

No. 615144

You all will not believe me but I figured I’d share anyway. Ursula the Halloween moon crab has been dead for months. Died from an improper molt.

No. 615145


We don't believe you because you have no proof. Either identify who you are and how you know this info or provide some receipts.

No. 615146

Back your claims up, sorry nonny. Screenshots or something, at least that’s tangible

No. 615153


I personally suspect that that's true anyway but unfortunately we can't actually consider it true without proof, which we'd love to have if you have it to share, anon!

No. 615158

Several people have claimed to know more about the inner workings however they never provide proof.
If you can produce a screen shot though, especially if it’s taylors own words then that would change so much.

No. 615166

Vet tech anon here. She's gotta be lying about the necropsy on Cheese. I've never seen necropsy results take this long to get in. Even when tissues get sent to specialized labs, it usually takes a week max. I've also never heard of a fish being sent out for necropsy. Not saying it's impossible, but I've never heard of it done for a private pet. And I don't see why it would take weeks to hear back. And yes, having her weird funeral where the poor fish thawed out would likely cause issues.

I'm calling it now that she will eventually say the results came back inconclusive, but deny any responsibility that it was her fault for them not being able to get a good analysis.

No. 615167


Only her idiot fans believe she actually got a necropsy done. Anyone with a brain can see she just said that to get people off her back and make it look like she cares.

No. 615168

Wait aren’t we forgetting animal control? She got the letter do you think she called them back?

No. 615169


She talked so big about getting AC into her video too for the cage tours lol. I bet she didn't even ask or phone them back.

No. 615176

It’s been weeks since her breakdown over all the criticism of her shit pet care, and she still has no video out on her animal enclosures. Idk how her stans are brain dead to the point they can’t see how suspicious that is. Had she live-streamed her cages the moment the heat was on, it would have quieted down so many people… but the fact that she is taking this long to fix her terrible husbandry speaks volumes about the conditions they were in before the drama around her peaked. Wonder which pets are dead as of now and how she’s planning to replace them or come up with some sob story about another freak accident that wasn’t her fault.

No. 615178

She delete her twitter again?

No. 615183

Literally everyone is talking about how her Twitter is deleted are you slow

No. 615206


Pretty sure she was required to phone them back per the notice she got. Who knows if she did, but she's going to have a hard time showing all her animal cages sans animals if AC takes them away for her not calling and fixing her permits or something.

>>615166 I agree especially because she had that funeral and Cheese was "sitting on her kitchen counter" in her sob video about his death, there's no way he wasn't too decomposed to be analyzed. She did call that vet in her video and have them say they'd do a necropsy, so I'm confused whether she faked that or if her vet is scamming her or what happened there.

No. 615212

Necropsy isnt that uncommon in fish. People do do it to diagnose their tanks. I dont think it takes this long tho and playing with his dead body for hours would definitely impact the results possibly even make it impossible for the person to do. They probably said your fish is too decomposed to get accurate results. And shes too embarrassed to admit it. That funeral was god awful ugh.

No. 615213

Animal services doesnt know the specific needs of every one of her exotic species. Really pointless for her to film them. Not that they are gonna allow it anyways…

No. 615222

Wonder how much she thinks she could schmooze animal control as she does her fans?
How would things work out if they asked her to move the monitor out of the cage to prove it was tame after she professed that it was?

No. 615241

cmon anon, don’t you think getting at her for name choices is a lil picky? personally, I prefer them over boring names but that’s me. Although, picking nemo and ghost if they’re related to the death stories is disgusting.

No. 615242

When solid gold has all the tank issues I know she sent fish to get necropsys but she sent living fish or extremely freshly dead fish because that’s the only way anywhere could do one and it was still inconclusive. I don’t think anyone anywhere would do a necropsy on a dead frozen and unfrozen and refrozen fish. And it also went in a lake?

I am willing to bet she knows she doesn’t take care of her pets but she’s addicted to buying more and she knows cheese died because of that but it doesn’t stop her from being a dramatic lying asshole about it.

No. 615243

No, I agree with the other anon. Her Disney names are fine but some of the pets names are fucking dumb. Like Egg. Nobody is saying she should name her pets Ashley or something, just actual names and not the first thing she sees after she gets them.

No. 615247

Personally I think she uses the weird shitty no thought names because she is trying to piggy back off of the success of cheese on other animals.

No. 615249


Yeah it's a nitpick but most of the names she chooses for her animals are unoriginal and boring. It's like naming a cat "dog" because haha, it's totally not a dog, it's a cat! Like how she named all her rats after birds. She thinks it's super quirky and cute.

No. 615277

She said she was going to do a livestream, which never happened either. Honestly she talks so much shit but never delivers so at this point people should just hold the bar low every time she promises something.

No. 615298

Don’t even hold a bar!!! If you have no expectations you can’t be disappointed!

No. 615308

I have no expectations and I'm still disappointed. well that's not technically true. I have one expectation. That she should take proper care of her pets. And I'm constantly disappointed

No. 615309

Those names hold a lot of appeal for her young fanbase and as another anon has pointed out, they're quite popular words that could yield recommendation hits on YT.

No. 615313

I'm pretty sure she just thinks by deleting and ignoring the issue it'll go away like she's used to. When has she EVER properly addressed something? Every single time she sweeps it under the rug and ignores it until it's been long enough that she can start passive aggressively talking about it on Twitter. The masses were always on her side before.

But now, seeing her views adn subs drop so drastically tells me people are actually sick of her. She'd be smart not to handle it the same way she has and still is. It's so funny to watch her ruin her channel.

No. 615321

IMO What you name your pets is a window into your personality. Good to know Taylor is just as bland and fake as we fear.

No. 615327

honestly i think she does it because her fanbase is so young. so she has something for them to relate to

No. 615334

File: 1545231999423.png (71.38 KB, 757x798, snip1.PNG)

looks like she forgot to delete these comments

No. 615340

tinfoil but I just can't stop thinking about why she deleted her Twitter. It's not to get away from the "haters" because she loves quoting critical tweets, giving a snarky reply, and siccing her 12 year old army of stans on innocent people who just care about animals.
that or just block them. But I guess more and more people are catching on and questioning her. I wonder if she decided to go on a drug binge and disabled her Twitter so she doesn't post dumb shit while she's high and give herself away

No. 615343

She hasn't posted anything on her Instagram either, unless I missed some stories or something.

No. 615362

File: 1545240594682.png (326.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-19-09-29-01…)

Interesting post from Amanda, ironic she says this now that jonny is on tour and away from taylor.

No. 615365

File: 1545241015645.jpg (82.64 KB, 1077x370, Screenshot_20181219-183514_You…)

Dunno if this has been posted yet but Jesus how many times has she changed the assistant story by now? Are her fish and reptile assistant gone now?

No. 615373

File: 1545242197570.jpeg (142.91 KB, 1242x399, 5F3AACA3-3060-478D-AA7E-2467AD…)

This was one of JC’s pets that he abandoned and left in someone else’s care.

No. 615378

that was the fish chelsea’s mom took after he was in the hospital for months. i think her mom also has his dog. and chelsea has 4 of their cats. but noooo he loves animals.

No. 615390

yo Chelsea I know you post here occasionally, feel free to post any milk from Jonny. if he's tryna cheat, maybe Taylor will see it from lurking and throw his stuff out on the curb

No. 615409

Jonny has to cheat will at least 3 other girls while on tour. Does anyone really expect that sack of sausage to be decent?

No. 615438

File: 1545254386845.png (1.29 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181219-211817.png)

sooooooo sober you guys

No. 615440

I don't have proof but my cousin went to one of his shows a little while back and tried to get her to sleep with him in exchange for some weed

No. 615443

Good God I love weed but I'd rather choke on my own saliva than sleep with him

No. 615491

That's standard JC. He keeps randomly liking Amanda's and Chelsea's ig posts. Same for his friend Colin.

No. 615501

Oh God just imagining his disgusting bloated hands on me is enough to make me actively suicidal(no one cares)

No. 615504


what posts of theirs has he liked? that sounds like something he’d do when high out of his mind

No. 615516

Amanda has posted screenshots of the band’s page liking her stuff more than once and JC tries to play it off like a bot randomly liked her pics. Also Colin is always viewing her IG story and liking her pics, she has posted screen shots of those too

No. 615570

i have a protection order against him so he has not tried contacting me directly in over a year. but in all honesty, idk if he is cheating, i think at this point he knows he’s being watched. he didn’t care if i found out he cheated on me, he just lied his way out of it. but i think he’s always capable of cheating on social media. he always has girls in his dms, old and new. as far as drugs go, he’s definitely using at home. uses for about a week or two before dedicating a week to sobering up/withdrawals right before leaving for tour again. so the added drama definitely gave them even more of an excuse to use. it’s the same exact cycle with jonny, pretty much down to a step by step basis. she’s miserable, he’s in his own fucking fantasy world and it will all crash down soon. just give it time guys. he never wins the cycle.

No. 615577

Do you think he'll attempt to get engaged to her?

No. 615578

Yeah, this is what I want to know. Cos I think she's stupid enough to go through with it even if it's just because she can't stand to be wrong.

No. 615583

i was proposed to days after losing him to a binge in LA, “breaking up” on tour, and then pulling me on stage in front of his whole crowd to propose. he cornered me. i was so very broken back then after being with him for so long. i didn’t have a choice and for some reason i was excited to finally marry him. thinking things would change. so yeah, now would be about the time he does something like that. he looks very sick though, i assuming from liver failure. i don’t give him much longer and to be honest i’m surprised he’s lasted this long. i would be lying if i said i didn’t do what taylor is and just kinda hoped he died instead of having to deal with the consequences of a break up.

No. 615586

Oh girl no, I was in no way trying to shame you and I am sooo soo sorry if it came off that way! Abusive relationships are so so complex and different for everybody. I just think she's immature and too far in her own head. I apologise again if I offended you.

No. 615587

not offended at all! i just can tell how taylor is mentally because she’s doing the same things i did. lie for him, cover for him, shout from the rooftops that he’s sober when he’s not, constantly leaving social media, just so mentally ill she has lost control. i feel for her but i can’t say i didn’t warn her. i just hope to see his karma hit him one last time.

No. 615588

I see. It makes sense. Got me wondering because of that tacky picture of them with the rings. Taylor also looks really rough. Like, before she just looked ratty and unkempt, but now she looks worn down.

No. 615597

Sometimes I feel pity for Taylor. I feel no pity for Jonny. On one hand I’ll be thankful when he dies, because he won’t be able to hurt more people, and he’ll stop wasting oxygen. But then again, he’ll also be using up space in the ground when he’s buried. I’d suggest a sky burial, but the vultures would probably OD on the leftover heroin in his system.

No. 615601

She willingly went into a relationship with someone she KNEW was a junkie asshole. And was warned that he’s an abusive rapist and a user. That’s when i remember i don’t feel that bad for her.

No. 615608

I only feel a tiny bit of pity for her. Women, especially young women like her, tend to have an attraction to the idea of saving a broken bad boy. It’s something that’s romanticized in pop culture. But life isn’t like tv or movies, and most ‘broken, misunderstood bad boys’ are in fact abusive human garbage. She was still a dumbass for letting her romantic ideas of dating a bad boy overcome the repeated warnings given to her by people that cared for her. Oh, and she’s still an animal hoarder, I’ll never forgive that fact.

No. 615609

she also made a bunch of passive aggressive remarks towards his exes who were warning her.

No. 615613

See I did the same thing with a loser. I said it several times about Taylor, they are so scary with their threats that you just go along for the ride and let them do what they want knowing/hoping they'll OD or break up with you for someone else. I think that's why Taylor looks like crap now. She's phoning it in. Sorry for blogging.

No. 615616

See I totally get this. I totally get the mentality young women like her get about "fixing" bad boys or playing the cool girlfriend. I was one of those. But what makes her situation different is that she got warned not once, not twice, not thrice, but SEVERAL times by different people, and she either mocked his exes, or straight up downplays the severity of his past actions. And on top of everything she doubles down on her "perfect relationship" and how sober he is even when there's proof of this not being the case.

Taylor isn't special nor different to the women he's dated. She's not an exception to the rule, and it doesn't matter how much she tries telling herself she's loved and cared for, she's still dating an abuser and a rapist who's nowhere near the stellar image of the boyfriend she so desperately wants to show to the world. He's a manchild living in a fantasy world where flexing shoes and tacky designer clothes somehow equate to success. And she's so stubborn she'll wait until he dies and milk the whole "grieving girlfriend" thing than breaking up with him and admit she fucked up massively. I used to feel sympathy for her, but now? After the several warnings she got and her subsequent attitude, whatever happens she brought upon herself.

No. 615619


I feel a little sympathy for her but not a lot. As in, I wouldn't say she deserves what she gets, no one does, but she doesn't deserve to profit off her future sob story either because she was warned and did this anyway. Especially because she knew what she was getting into and she got herself AND her animals into that mess. She's spending money she could spend on proper enclosures on Jonny's new teeth and whatever else instead, and she's spending time she could use to manage basic animal care to have and sleep off drug binges instead. You don't get to decide to be responsible for that many lives and then throw that responsibility away because you "want the experience" of whatever she thought that bag of human garbage would offer her.

No. 615639

I think y'all give Taylor too much credit that she went into this just wanting to fix a bad boy. I think she genuinely just wanted to date someone famous and went with the first guy who would take her. She is all about attention whoring to the max and dating a "normal" dude just wouldn't do. Hence why she was up Post Malone's ass too.

And don't be so sure that liver failure will take Johnny any time soon. The human body is surprisingly resilient. I know someone who has been a drug addict for many, many years and is still hanging on. JC may be around a lot longer to ruin people's lives.

No. 615647

trust me, after spending over 70 days in hospitals with him and hearing his doctors and surgeons, even they don’t know how he still functions lol

No. 615663

not to blogpost but my uncle was in liver failure for 7 years, still drinking the whole time. if Taylor is waiting for him to drop, she may be waiting a long time

No. 615665


Yup same with my family member. I don't doubt Chelsea at all that the doctors said that, and that he's in terrible shape, I just wouldn't all be (eagerly?) thinking it's gonna happen any time soon lol. Taylor will have to put on her big girl panties and undo what she's gotten herself into on her own.

No. 615671

I think it's both, wanting to be that "rockstar baddie girlfriend" and a fix for her saviour complex which she time and time again shows with her rEsCuEd animals too.

It makes sense to me she deactivated her twitter right now if they been on a drug binge. I am not buying the whole "it's cuz the HaTeRz" thing either given how she usually loves to reply in her snarky ways.

Chelsea, did those withdrawal weeks cause a lot of fights etc? I can see him get really nasty during those moments anyways

No. 615708

you guys act like he’s just drinking. when he’s not shoving a needle in his neck or toes, he’s downing pills. when i say he’s going to die soon (hopefully) it will most likely be from an overdose because his LIVER will fail one last time. you all have no idea what all is actually wrong with him and it goes WAY beyond just “slow liver failure” lol. so yes, i do have my hopes up he will die. and yes i hope it’s painful. he deserves nothing less.

No. 615709

and withdrawal weeks consist of him very very sick for days and never leaving bed. wouldn’t say he would be aggravated, he honestly acts like a huge fucking baby who needs to be waited on hand and foot. that week is basically his apology week and “woe is me” time

No. 615710

dang well that lines up perfectly with this >>614199

No. 615738

Anyone else seeing jennifer's CONSTANT obvious subtweets about taylor + this website? It's like she can't pick who she wants to be mad at. Constantly shading her daughter but still hating the people who call her out on her behavior.

No. 615739

Can you post her shading Taylor? She has me blocked and I think her Twitter might be private anyway

No. 615745

Watching VanillaHamHams tribute video, especially the memory box part at the end, and comparing it to that mess of a Cheese funeral video is like fucking night and day. It's actually insane to me how many people think that Taylors video for him was alright.

No. 615746

File: 1545323368236.png (96.03 KB, 792x310, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.2…)

She deletes most of them, but here's a reply to one she missed, the original tweet was something passive aggressive about people in abusive situations

No. 615747

File: 1545323581149.png (191.76 KB, 794x448, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.2…)

I'm pretty sure this is about jonny/taylor aswell, it's a video of an older guy dancing

No. 615748

File: 1545323754531.png (90.67 KB, 780x188, Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.2…)

And then this one, but i couldn't tell if it was directed at taylor or any of the ex's. I've seen more, but she deletes them as quickly as she posts them usually

No. 615765

File: 1545325837609.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, 51338D36-84CB-4355-AF4E-13D7BC…)

No. 615780

That makes sense, thank you for replying. How would he react to Taylor if she is having a rough time physically herself you reckon? You think he would just use instead then if he can't be his personal maid?

Fuck this woman is such a walking contradiction and mess trying to sound oh so wise. Taylor really takes after her mother.

No. 615783

File: 1545328489260.jpg (76.91 KB, 1536x232, Screenshot_20181220-185415.jpg)

No. 615815

If you were so good at your job you wouldn’t be the homeless-without-my-girlfriends-money manlet that you are.

No. 615828

File: 1545335659286.jpeg (308.54 KB, 1242x1182, 561ED04D-9116-4FF8-904B-8756B7…)

Swollen as fuck hands

No. 615829

File: 1545335688247.jpeg (257.68 KB, 1242x1344, CF4738AD-2110-440F-9003-7E33C4…)

Just gross and totally the opposite of sober

No. 615830

hes so fucking short lmao (no offence to short people he just looks disproportionate as fuck)

No. 615846

Short man = short..?! xD(xD)

No. 615879

where tf are his teeth? It looks like the front teeth are missing.

It's so frustrating that Taylor keeps promising videos and never ever keeps her promises. I don't know how her fans can keep up with that.

No. 615898

I’m surprised more of her twitter stans haven’t been freaking out about her absence. Other than the person who asked Jonny about it, I’ve only seen one other stan mention it. You would think they would be throwing a fit, blaming the haters for making her postpone her video, but I guess either they’re so used to her shit that this is acceptable to them or none of them actually give a shit.

No. 615905

hopefully they stopped giving a shit. maybe if she loses her fanbase she'll stop buying animals.

No. 615968

Tinfoil but what if he didn’t get implants and he just got a flipper? He still would’ve had to deal with getting all his teeth pulled out like he whined about, but a flipper would explain the denture-esque appearance.

No. 616015

It’s just a weird angle

No. 616024

Looks like a few people are asking what happened to her account from Jonny’s last “I miss her so much” post. I’m with a previous anon, I really hope she’s getting her shit together and changing the locks and booting his ass out the door. She’s had so much opportunity to get him out safely to ensure he doesn’t hurt her or her animals. There’s just no excuse

No. 616028


I hope she is doing this and I do hope people support her when she does leave JC. But what I'm dreading is her ultimate sob story of how she "left her abusive junkie boyfriend boohoo poor me".

Like no she doesn't deserve to be the situation she's in, but at the same time I have zero sympathy.

No. 616064

I think it’s funny that he’s the one people go to about Taylor. Not her mom or her best friend. Definitely seems like he’s in control, I doubt she’s actually leaving him or doing anything.

No. 616069

As much as I don’t want her to get sympathy, knowing that she will from her stans, I’m looking at the silver lining, which is that they will realize that relationship was never goals. Right now, that’s the problem I have with her relationship with Jonny. Too many young girls think that it’s a cute and healthy relationship when it’s anything but.

No. 616074


Agreed. She has a lot of young fans that she influences by her "goals" relationship. The fact they moved in together MONTHS after knowing each other is the hugest red flag ever.

No. 616112

File: 1545374153361.jpeg (153.41 KB, 1125x557, 57FF9D36-0D7B-4832-9890-D344CD…)

No. 616121

>The fact they moved in together MONTHS after knowing each other is the hugest red flag ever

I think the fact he's a rapist is probably the hugest red flag

No. 616125


Obviously, but a lot of Taylor's fans probably don't even know this fact or know how scummy JC is.

No. 616127

The problem is they know he is that way, but it's an echo chamber. Taylor and her stans have this weird, misguided optimistic outlook on life where the scummiest people on earth can be uwu saved and uwu change uwuwuwuwu.

You could say it's immaturity, but the problem is that Taylor is in a position of influence, which makes these people think that as long as you "talk things out" and "are kind uwu", human garbage like Jonny will change their ways.

No. 616132

Part of me wonders if Taylor’s rats had babies, and she’s waiting for them to get larger so she can say she “bought” them. Only the cute ones of course, the rest can have their heads bashed in and tossed to the snakes.

No. 616140

I guarantee that nothing is happening or changing and shes just having one of those episodes shell post something stupid amd cutesy and cry about being sick and continue to dance around the subject.. or subjects! Whats going on with Bindi’s cage? What the hell is wrong with Mushu. How is Kronos and his set up? Are the cats getting along or is Ghost still staring at start in that threatening way that you would have recognized if you knew anything about cats.. can you please put your scorpion in a proper tank not that stupid bug keeper. A large emp like that should be in nothing smaller than a 10 gallon… your fish tank??? Is it still alive? What were Cheeses results? Or did you ruin the specimen by playing with his dead body for an hour on camera and god knows how long off camera? Update on your leopard gecko? God so much is in the dark you are giving off this impression to young kids that these animals are so easy cuz you dont go into any depth on them. She probably starting cleaning her enclosures amd setting them up then realized how HARD it is to care for everyone perfectly, had some sort of a melt down and who knows what shes doing. But it’s probably not what she should be doing…ugh sorry for ranting

No. 616143

She probably is breeding the rats to be honest because shes too lazy and incompetent to know how to switch a snake over. FOOL

No. 616144

File: 1545378443886.png (3.91 MB, 1242x2208, 348F919C-F093-4949-9EE9-3AE6F5…)

He did. I posted this earlier from a video but he totes has a cheap bridge/flipper

No. 616150

File: 1545379149824.jpg (59.21 KB, 539x960, Tay deanz.jpg)

No. 616151

Oh wow ANOTHER DEAD animal.

No. 616152

And it's a snake. A snake that's meant to live for about 10 years. I can't even imagine how she's killed this one because once your setup is correct, there's really not a lot that can go wrong. She's incapable of caring for anything correctly.

No. 616153

So much for "none of my snakes have died" huh. Ffs.

But your care is soooOoOOO gOoD right Taylor?

No. 616154

yeah this sure looks reliable.

No. 616155

Who are you?

No. 616158

Remove the name and show some of her phone number if you want anyone to believe this

No. 616159

This is an anonymous forum for a reason right, where the only thing important is that the TRUTH is shared/talked about, right? I want to keep it that way, who I am and my relationship with Taylor is irrelevant, take it or leave it…

No. 616160

Her phone number is common knowledge though, post the screen shot again without her name saved and it's irrefutable.

No. 616161

At least show part of her number. Otherwise we can't take this seriously. If you really are Taylors friend then she will know you posted here anyway

No. 616162

Does she explain how Gucci passed?

No. 616164

Yes, it is an anonymous forum but you still need better proof if you’re going to post something so accusatory. Fuck outta here.

No. 616169


Thank you for this anon, we do appreciate any info we can get given (even if some people don’t act like it) If you could prove it’s Taylor by posting it again with the last few digits of her phone number that would be great! Her number has been exposed on here a few times before so it’s already common knowledge. I know you’re worried about her finding out, but she does read here sometimes so has probably already seen that you posted this.

No. 616171

Dude chill out, don't chase away potential milk

No. 616180

I really appreciate you're concern to wether my post is credible or not, when animals lives are at stake I understand that the last thing anyone wants is fabrication. However, I am choosing to not post Taylor's number here because that will accomplish nothing, other than satisfying those curious? I felt obligated to share what I have shared, like I said take it or leave it because I am not going to further involve myself in this mess. I liked Gucci and he was always looked past, never handled because he was 'temperamental', and now he has been added to the death toll. Fair to say I am upset myself, and I feel like I have done everything I needed to in the situation. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas

No. 616184

Aren't all her snakes "temperamental"? She's always covered in bites. I wonder what she'll say about this when she decides to come back.

No. 616185

I don't understand why you won't cross out half of Taylors number just to make it credible.
It takes 20 seconds and many more people would believe you. As it is now we can't trust you simply because we've had many people come on here and claim things that were just made up. Something as important as a death should be taken seriously enough to prove it beyond a screenshot that could easily be faked.

No. 616186

Maybe that's why she's pushing the "all my pets once again" video further, she know well people are going to ask about Gucci

No. 616187

She can just show Gucci 2! It's totally fine.

No. 616189

You don’t have to post her full number. Even just 4 digits would make this much more credible. In case you haven’t noticed, we don’t just trust any random screenshot posted here.

No. 616192

Would just like to point out that Taylor spells "whatsoever" correctly which can be proven by a quick google search. She also has a tendency to use "rn" instead of "right now" if memory serves. Just my 5 cents.

No. 616194

they knew eachother for 10 days before they moved in together not MONTHS

No. 616195

Not to mention that he'd only broken up with Chelsea like 3 weeks prior moving in with Taylor lmao. But #goals.

No. 616198

Yeah mate no one is going to believe this unless you show some proper evidence.

No. 616203

K, but if this is real… How the fuck did she kill it this time? Did she cook it as well?

No. 616208

Needlessly stirring up the pot is doing your moral duty? You feel good about it? I hope this is just roleplaying because if not you legitimately have a shitty sense of right and wrong. don't make claims like this without proof, if you're not willing to prove it then don't say anything in the first place.

No. 616209

Which one is Gucci? Is that the 10 grand one?

No. 616214

It's one of the milksnakes

No. 616215

Is it easily replaceable? (Not a snake person haha)

No. 616218

Yeah, they all look the same unless you get a special morph which she didn't. She even has a second milksnake named Gucci 2…

No. 616219


Not sure, dehydration maybe? Most of the snakes she has are easy to keep miserable but honestly fairly hard to kill, I think. If this is real, I'm curious about how it's phrased. "Gucci passed away earlier today" kind of makes it seem sudden, so either she would have done something like fry another animal, or the snake was suffering for a long time and Taylor just didn't notice.

No. 616224

it's REALLY hard to kill a snake. My ex had one he didn't feed for like six months and it lived. Sometimes they escape from their cages and live hiding in someone's house for months at a time. Milksnakes don't require any special care, they're really easy and snakes in general are basically furniture.

No. 616225

Fake unless provided with further proof.
Also anon, it's your not you're. Your Twitter NOT you're (you are) Twitter.
No need to thank me

No. 616228

Dude do you know where you are? Needlessly stirring up the pot sums up 90% of all posts here. People act like it's all about the animals yet most of us speculate about aspects of Taylor's personal life that have nothing to do with her animal care.
I don't even think the conversation is real but people acting all up and mighty whenever someone with potential real milk posts is fucking hilarious.

No. 616229

And who says it's real milk? That's the point, could just be an anon wanting to shake things up or something

No. 616234

Tbf these threads are okay on speculation until some shit happens and everyone thinks of the most outlandish things that have no proof.

No. 616241

>Dude do you know where you are?
Do you? it's not interesting until we know whether it's true. Potential milk is not actual milk.

When someone makes an unfounded claim everyone shits on them, that's what stops people roleplaying and just making shit up left right and centre.

you can't convince an outsider to the board to prove their claims with shit only people who come here care about. If they're real, they're a moralfag and we'll get proof and therefore confirmation of real milk via a moralfag argument.

No. 616246

Her other milksnake is named Prada. Unless she got another one I don't know about.

Snakes can live quite a while without food, but they don't last long without fresh water. Even an escaped pet snake that was loose for six months before being found again had some kind of water supply or it would died long before it was discovered. Since we've seen bone dry water bowls, it really wouldn't surprise me to hear one day that she lost a snake.

No. 616274


Honestly think this anon is a pet tuber in their clique. Thanks for sharing but showing the last four digits would have helped to make the screenshot more valid. I guess we'll keep an eye out for a petuber who is no longer kissing Tay's ass within the coming weeks to guess who anon is.

Very sad to hear Gucci is possibly dead. Don't know much about snakes but I have geckos and know most reptiles are hearty as fuck. If this comes out true, I don't know how knowledgeable pet owners can still defend a girl who can't keep a snake alive for longer than a year, on TOP of the other recently deceased animals.

No. 616275

You know she and her crew lurk here…they’re gonna KNOW who posted that. Not too bright anon!

No. 616281

I thought Gucci 2 was the same as Gucci and Prada was a different morph?

No. 616282

Sorry for repeating but if any snake were to die id have to guess Gucci. It was just so ridiculous that out of all the animals or snakes she could have bought she decided to get Gucci 2 (now prada). Like, what would be the point or joy in buying an almost identical snake to one you already have.. My suspicions point to her knowing something was up with the original snake and having a back up. When first snake seemed ok then she didn’t have to hide a second. It then dying later on in the year would make sense. No disrespect to Gucci but if this is true then I’m glad it’s another wake up call to her and another nail in the coffin on her so called amazing animal care.

No. 616298

File: 1545403407265.jpg (775.32 KB, 1080x1555, Screenshot_20181221-094151_Ins…)

This is the last pic I could find of Gucci (#1) on her insta. She posted about Gucci #2 a while later. Gucci #2 and Prada are the same snake, to the anon who asked.

No. 616301

This makes a lot of sense in hindsight. Makes you wonder how many animals she's replaced that we don't know of.

No. 616306

You realize you’ve just exposed yourself regardless, right? Taylor lurks here, Taylor knows who she sent these texts to. You might as well verify that it is her, but something tells me this is fake.

No. 616307

Honestly I don’t have much faith in one of them not ass kissing after the way that Breeze Exotics went right back to ass kissing and deleted her tweets hinting at exposing Taylor.

No. 616311

People need to stop making fake text conversations with Taylor to get 5 minutes of attention. Taylor looks at this shit all the time and will know who you are immediately if it's real. Showing the last 4 digits of the number will change nothing.

Provide proof or fuck off. No one wants to read your essays of excuses.

No. 616312

Breezexotics has an Android
Tyler and Maddie have blanks for their providers? Don’t know what that means
Emmilee uses Verizon
Emma Lynne uses Telus
Could this be Betsy? It’s weirdly specific to use Boost Mobile, and I don’t imagine a YouTuber with any level of success would

No. 616320

I'm not really inclined to believe it simply because someone else was claiming Taylor told them Ursula died now all of a sudden Gucci is the one that's dead instead.
At this point unless someone completely exposes themselves we'll just have to wait till Taylor breaks her silence, or forget to log back on her twitter in 30 days and lose everything.

No. 616324

I seriously doubt that many people would make it yd effort to make fake screen shots and fake conversations but if you guys want to keep talking about them being fake go for it. I see no reason why it's that hard to believe regardless of if the anon left part of the number. I know like one time on twitter someone supposedly faked a convo with Jen but come on.

No. 616327

I think it's hard to believe because it was a screenshot randomly dropped and then their defense is
>uhh we're all anonymous xD care about the TRUTH
even though the truth is what we're trying to figure out
>think about the animals!
I thought we were supposed to care about the TRUTH, but then changes the topic completely to
>just believe me don't you care about animals

Seems like someone just wanted a bunch of replies and maybe add some fuel to the drama, also it's not hard to fake a phone convo so that's a null point. Proving something is real is much more helpful for finding THE TRUTH instead of just dropping a random screenshot and going "believe me, be my personal army xD"

No. 616331

Believe what you want, I personally think it's true and the truth will come out eventually about it.

No. 616333

I agree with other anons. I see your point, and while I honestly don’t doubt another snake died, I do doubt the validity of the texts. There are lots of people who will do dumb shit like that to discredit the valid critisisms that come from this board, and throwing up fake texts then coming back with “See! They believe anything they hear without proof!”

No. 616335

Even if it's real you're fucking pathetic for milking it for attention for 8 hours.

No. 616348

She doesn't need to. Gucci was unmistakable in appearance. If its a lie, it will come out soon.

No. 616349

He was a milk snake, those all look almost completely the same

No. 616368

not sure if its milk but like,,,

No. 616369


If this is real, that is messed up!!! So he recorded her and posted it on social media when she was asking him to take her to the hospital?! He was probably way too high/drunk to take her. If she had a bad infection in her lips, that could be why she went off social media. She may have had all of her fillers dissolved and who knows what else.

No. 616371

File: 1545416056432.jpeg (623.74 KB, 1242x2080, B2F5F550-5598-4933-B51A-4A2B39…)

I would say it’s relevant since a good portion of this thread has been theorizing about that instastory, if she can’t talk she hasn’t been making videos to hide it.

No. 616373

you just changed the name into taylor's number. Inside the ball should be taylor's initial and not ( which you typed.
fake shit, go fuck yourself already.

No. 616376

File: 1545417621689.jpeg (309.68 KB, 1074x2285, 25ABC1C2-6623-49DA-A639-A7E5F2…)

Just begging for attention

No. 616380

i hope he fucking kills himself- love chelsea <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616388

Stop with the fake milk guys this is ridiculous.

No. 616399

I wonder if Taylor’s mad at him and he’s trying to get her attention?

No. 616405

Ugh, if only. It'd be a christmas miracle.

No. 616406

Maybe not mad, but maybe not giving him all the attention he wants and he's responding like a typical narcissist.

No. 616413

Stop lying. You make it harder for real things to be believed because ‘fans’ just reference these blatant lies and dismiss it as ‘haters’.

Also, it’s awful you’d make up a lie about an animal dying.

No. 616417

I’m the one who said Ursula is dead. I was told this months ago from someone in the petfest gang but have no proof. It’s legit. I’m not lying. But I know without proof that’s hard to believe. I wanted to establish that Ursula is dead here for when we actually find out she is.

No. 616422

Can you tell us what else you've been told?

No. 616465

This sounds like emzotic

No. 616489


And you sound like every other newfag who says this whenever someone comments on her appearance. Shut up if you have nothing to contribute except this dumb speculation, this gets so old so fast.

No. 616491

Wasn't there an instagram video/youtube video showing a bone dry water bowl in one of her milksnakes enclosures? I know the text is (most likely) fake, but death by dehydration doesn't seem to be that much of a stretch

No. 616493

File: 1545435372075.jpeg (1.93 MB, 1242x1837, 58A25E31-983F-4144-A90B-F6F66E…)

No. 616496

Looks like rehab. Like fancy rich people rehab i mean

No. 616497

I'm dying to know if she's using a bit or not. If you want to decompress, why not spend time with the 30-50 animals you already have?

No. 616502

Honestly this thing reads as Taylor kinda going somewhere like rehab alone.

This motherfucker though.

No. 616507

Instagram profile showing anon

No. 616510

Bit here? Readded due to icon showing

No. 616511

File: 1545436961527.jpg (629.44 KB, 786x1398, Screenshot_2018-12-21-15-56-11…)

No. 616512

Assuming Taylor has never ridden a horse before, she should not be riding that horse in that bit. The length of the shank and the leverage it creates puts a lot more pressure on to the horses mouth than a simple snaffle bit would and should not be used by a novice rider. Used incorrectly could really damage a horses mouth. Poor horse.

No. 616514

Yup, definitely a bit. No way to tell what kind of bit it is though. Some bits are pretty gentle, while others can be horribly painful. Since it looks like she went trail riding, I’m assuming that it’s probably just a gentler type of bit. Horses that are used for trail rides tend to be very relaxed horses that wouldn’t justify the use of one of the more painful bits.

No. 616518

OT but horse riding is so weird man, people say they love animals but use things that hurt them?? idgi

No. 616520

Lmao at all the people commenting on how they "love that she rides".

It's clearly a trail ride. That's not riding horses. Her stand are such idiots.

No. 616522

It's because people don't like to accept that there are ways to train and ride horses without causing them pain because it's the way it's been done for many years. Taylor clearly doesn't give a shit and doesn'tcare enough to look it up before contributing to it since she's riding in that awful bit.

No. 616523

30+ is actually a more accurate lifespan

No. 616524


That's a Western bit for Western reigning.


But the facility has her holding a thin cord looped around the middle of the reigns?

Trail ride facility horses are so used to the routine they require little guidance. I worked at a horse camp for disabled kids. Those horses were on autopilot.

No. 616525


Why wouldn't she trust the people operating the facility? If she is in rehab or another program, participation is compulsory. Do you expect her to pull a hackamore out of her pocket? Dial back the blame.

No. 616534

Im pretty sure they dont allow cell phones in rehab facilities so I doubt that's where she is

No. 616541

I was just about to say that. Typically you mind if get cut off from the outside world, no cell phones or internet access, so I highly doubt she’s in rehab.

No. 616549

File: 1545443963043.png (813.64 KB, 1208x588, Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 8.57…)

No. 616551

Tanner rides horses at a therapy center. I imagine that’s what she’s doing

No. 616554

File: 1545444610062.png (122.08 KB, 1077x767, Screenshot_20181221-230752~2.p…)

No. 616558

File: 1545445201726.jpg (168.37 KB, 1080x544, 20181221_202225.jpg)

Betsy's response

No. 616562

Did she not just take a “much needed break” last week?? Does she do this to avoid posting videos? I don’t get it. I wish i could take 5 day long breaks from my job lol

No. 616564

Is this picture recent? She looks like a 13 year old radish.

No. 616567

posted 8 hours ago

No. 616568

File: 1545446245009.png (4.1 MB, 1242x2208, AF11BA7C-9783-4A9B-BAB2-0BE65D…)

Looks like she got her lip fillers out

No. 616571

that's what I was thinking too! I couldn't tell if it was just me or if it was because she was smiling or if her lips actually are smaller

No. 616572

The probably got dissolved when she was complaining about her mouth and wantong to go hospital (i domt know of the hospital messages are confirmed)

No. 616573

Fucking God. It's a curb bit with shanks, not a snaffle. The visible part you can see are the shanks. Snaffle bits look like rings on the outside of the horse's mouth. Also, no such thing as a "pain bit" they all cause pain if used roughly. A shank bit with leverage will cause pain with less pressure than an actual snaffle, but there's no "painless" bit.

No. 616578

Ive been around horses my whole life. Betsy’s horse looks chill and comfy. TNDs horse looks pissed. Ears back, eyes slitted. I’m only speculating, but she’s probably holding the reigns too tight and putting unnecessary pressure on the poor things mouth.

I’m surprised “crazy horse girl” didn’t correct her before the photo op.

No. 616579

I like how Taylor goes from “I just took a much needed break, I was in such a dark place but I’m so much better now and don’t care about he haterz~ uwu” to disappearing off the face of the earth to “unwind”. lol she really likes to pretend she’s perfect and has her life together when I’m reality she doesn’t and seems to have a mental breakdown just about daily over the criticism she gets.

No. 616585

I'm reserving judgement until we see another pic. Plasticandproud's massive overfilled lips disappear when she smiles somehow.

No. 616592

She admitted in her ig stories she doesn't know if this is what she wants as a career. Which to be honest, is surprising. This is probably the very first time she's admitted she might not be cut for this.

No. 616594

File: 1545449726818.jpg (624.42 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181221-213742_Ins…)


No. 616595

File: 1545449884258.jpg (1.26 MB, 1000x6174, pt2018_12_21_21_40_21.jpg)

and the other 3

No. 616596

That's the most open she's been ever. I hope she is able to get the help she needs, maybe then her care can improve

No. 616598

I know Taylor probably doesn't know much about the riding industry, but it just blows my mind that, in order to relax after being called out for animal abuse, she'd jump on a horse. Reading the comments on her IG post hurt me. Her stans telling her "always ride a horse in a bit, you could get hurt otherwise!" Like bitch, if you can't control a horse without digging metal into their mouth, maybe don't get on the horse.

That said, I don't know what kind of bit she was using there, and that's not her own horse but a trail horse, so I can't blame her anyways. But it just shows how little her stans in her echo chamber care about animals.

No. 616601

I don't think that's an admission really, it's designed to get the fans to say "noooo you are SO cut out for this, don't doubt urself" and then she accepts tens of thousands of dollars for a another sponsorship while telling her fans that they made her feel good about continuing "for them and the animal babies".

No. 616607

Horses should not be ridden period for fun if you're going down that path. Can they have a weight on them? Sure. Do they LOVE it? No. They don't. They're prey animals and a nice predator is on their back that they have to tolerate for food.

No. 616619


While we're at it, no one can own animals for fun either!

Get out of here with your PETA bullshit.

No. 616623


Some horses LOVE to be ridden and love their rider. A lot of them love jumping or barrell racing. TND sucks with animals but riding a horse on a trail ride is nothing to freak out about. The horse does look very uncomfy in the pic though, but the horse will love. TND can’t spread her poison that fast.

No. 616625

Blah blah it looks like a heartfelt new start but it’s the same old shit she always does. Bangs on about getting her head clear, fresh start, consistent videos. It will never happen. Plus, sharing the good and the bad and transparency?! Yeah right Taylor. You’re the shadiest pet tuber of the lot of them.

No. 616630

You guys are going full retard with all this anti-riding talk, damn.

Taylor is likely just trail riding fir therapy. I highly doubt she's at a rehab center, nor do I see her going to one anytime soon. She doesn't think she's doing anything wrong by drugging herself up and she's tok stubborn to admit she's wrong and get help.

No. 616631

Can we take a moment to appreciate how fucking lazy Taylor is? 5 day break this week, break last week, etc. She never has worked a day in her damn life, I swear.

Also… Who's taking care of her animals this week??

No. 616632

FFS it could be a snaffle for all we know. Snaffles are the piece in the mouth; but yes, it's a leverage bit based on the shanks. Rings on the outside are loose rings.

Sounds like before anyone points fingers about horseback riding being abusive, people need to figure out WTF is happening first.

No. 616646

File: 1545463104150.jpg (291.92 KB, 1280x1280, final_5c1de5090e49de00147fb601…)

No. 616657

If anyone is going to say anything it should just be that she’s improperly dressed to ride a horse. Long pants or leggings and proper shoes or boots.

No. 616666

No, it can't be a snaffle bit.

Wikipedia definition of snaffle bit:A snaffle is not necessarily a bit with a jointed bit mouthpiece, as is often thought. A bit is a snaffle because it creates direct pressure without leverage on the mouth. It is a bit without a shank. Therefore, a single- or double-jointed mouthpiece, though the most common designs for snaffle bits, does not make a bit a snaffle. Even a mullen mouth (a solid, slightly curved bar) or a bar bit is a snaffle.

Last thing I'm going to post on the subject, it's a can of worms that will get the thread off topic faster than Jen can fire off crazy comments. It doesn't really matter what kind of equipment Bestsy uses because it's so subjective, but she SHOULD be able to correctly identify it.

No. 616671


By "facility" I was referring to the horseback riding facility.

No. 616675

Gotta love how all the internet trainers come out of the woodwork as soon as horses are mentioned.

No. 616677

How the fuck is she gonna make any money to support her animals when she isn't working. With a video a month you at least had some sort of income, right now though she's depending on her old videos.

No. 616686

She just got paid for her Google sponsorship. As she said before, she gets like 10 to 15k for those so she will be fine for a while.

No. 616688

File: 1545479681764.jpg (60.64 KB, 539x960, 48396498_1576811202454538_1620…)

Sacramento expo (September 31st, October 1st)

- V//R

No. 616689

Wait did Chelsea just get banned? Isn’t that what “put out to pasture” means? That kinda sucks if so…

No. 616690

Show part of her number and post more if you have more please

No. 616696

she did work at petco

No. 616700

You idiots are giving retarded advice. Bitless bridles are very dangerous in hands of inexperienced riders. The pressure is applied directly to the nasal bone and all inexperienced riders have an unstable and heavy hand. With a bitless bridle that leads to at worst breaking the horses nose.

Those reins don't look to be even connected to the WESTERN bit, even then they're trail riding so it's only walking. At no point will she have actual mouth contact due to this.

She's shitty and incompetent but you guys are even more retarded claiming she's hurting the horse, when she doesn't even have mouth contact. Bitless is dangerous in inexperienced hands and should not be given to inexperienced riders.

No. 616701

Continuation, you guys are upset about the bit when she's wearing no helmet.

Riding anywhere without a helmet is irresponsible and dangerous. Any animal handler worth shit knows you never ride without a helmet. That's a legitimate problem because she's giving a very dangerous example.

No. 616702


All these "exposed" texts coming out, with zero proof. Show the last digits of her number or don't bother posting.

No. 616703


Whoever posted this, posted the last screen shot about her disabling her twitter (both on boost) but the name is different? (One Taylor and one Taylor deanz) unless you fhanged it recently?

What does VR stand for anyway?

No. 616704


Very respectfully

No. 616706

Help me out anon. I believe they're real but no one here will take it seriously unless you simply do what they're asking and have some proof. What difference does it make to add the # in when you're posting them anyways?? Work with us here. >>616688

No. 616707

But Chelsea has been posting here recently hasn’t she? And hasn’t she and many others wished death on him before? Not saying it was a nice thing to post, just surprised to potentially see Chelsea banned.

No. 616710

The nitpicking here is real, if y'all wanna get mad at the horse bit get upset at the facility not Taylor. Shes not responsible for that

No. 616717


The reins are attached >>616568 but she's holding onto a cord looped through them >>616493 the purpose of which I don't understand, unless it's to save her precious nails.


Whoever provided the horses seems to be very casual about what their customers wear which is common for a lot of horse rental places. And helmets are not standard kit for Western.



No. 616718


Regardless of who it is, a-logging is strictly against the rules. If it is Chelsea she should get verified and a tripcode.

No. 616720

Inexperienced riders need to steady using their hands so those loops are used to make sure they don't pull on reins and instead on the loop.

She's not a western rider, she's a first time rider ON A TRAIL with no helmet on a horse that is not familiar. She should absolutely be wearing a helmet and long pants. It's very irresponsible to let a first timer ride with improper gear in a trail.

No. 616721

Legit stop posting screenshots of text conversations if you can't verify the number. This is getting so old.

No. 616726

she looks better like this than those lip fillered thot photos she tends to post. This makes her look more real. Hope this incident (if real) with her lips and all the drama slaps her back to the real world and have her think about her future and her animals.

No. 616727

no matter how much you guys post about the horse's bit and his/her looks on the photos, it doesnt matter because it ISNT Taylor's horse. She wasn't the one (assumingly) saddled her up. There's no point of wasting thread posts on it because 1) Taylor and her stans will just see us just being straight up nitpickers about everything she does 2) that's NOT her horse 3) some horses just doesn't like some people but what can you or the horses do? They're owned by someone who sells horseback riding.

Also wassup with all these text posts from different cellphones? It doesn't mean shit if there's no proof. If they are, then obviously, you're a pettuber so LOL for being a fake friend if you're just posting these and going about your day as if Tay won't know. go and take better care of your animals.

No. 616729

this. you guys are literally nitpicking and giving fuel for tnd to use against any and all critique because her friend took her to a horse facility (like normal people who go outside do without worrying they need to do background research to appease internet randos) and now people are mad she didn't wear the right pants.

No. 616731

pretty sure the texts are either a bad joke, or people bored and just wanting to see what kind of drama they can stir up, you guys are doing a good job not tripping yourselves over it and asking for more proof

No. 616737

honestly cant we just report the damn posts and move on unless the mods confirm them somehow
this thread has gone downhill since that whatever anon stopped doing videos, people started obsessing over details and shit that wasn't even there

No. 616740

Seriously this girl can’t work a day in her life. While it’s great that she’s being honest about getting clearly some much needed help, it really still comes off as having 0 work ethic to me. So she basically might just quit YT or only post very few (probably sponsored only) videos and just stick to uploading the picture perfect images on instagram? She says it’s a happy medium, but honestly it just seems even more concerning. To go from not even being able to truthfully show the conditions of your animals through videos, to just deciding to not show how you care for them at all… with as much as she screws up her animal care, that leaves room for 0 criticism, which I’m sure I’d obviously what she’s going for, but that’s not good for her animals. It would also decrease her income, and how tf is she going to take care of all that she has with even less money? Not to mention her supposedly buying a house and spoiling her Manlet 24/7. Quitting YT doesn’t seem like the right solution to me. Booting her leeching rapist of a boyfriend out and getting therapy for her issues is what makes more sense. She needs to learn the difference between blind hate & criticism, because she really needs to start being an adult and learn how to handle life.
Sorry for rambling, I just really don’t think she’s doing the right thing. It’s upsetting that a month ago she claimed she’d show ALL her animal enclosures in detail to prove that she’s taking care of them properly. She STILL hasn’t even done that. That’s suspicious as fuck.

No. 616747

File: 1545500444878.jpeg (127.17 KB, 1242x310, B428DB0B-7731-49FA-AF3C-CE1608…)

Looks like he’s really turning up his emotional manipulation.

No. 616748


Wishing death upon the other innocent passengers on that flight is 100% not cool at all…

No. 616749

I wonder if ACS did come and take at least some of the animals away or issue her with a warning? though I doubt that, I do imagine Jonny has a ton to do with whatever is going on.

No. 616750

wait how long has taylor been gone from her animals? i don't know how close her mom lives to her, or how long this horseback riding took, but if her AND betsy went to this horse place and jonny is out of town and taylor is visiting hernandez mom, who's supposedly watching her animals?

No. 616752

I hope she's kicking him out. If she's serious about fixing her life that is the first step.

No. 616753

Animals can stay alone for a few hours if they're not sick or something, it's not that big a deal.

Jonny is being ridiculously whiny. Either he's going through withdrawal like Chelsea said or Taylor and him fought. Is he going home or to a different venue?

No. 616755


It’s the end of their tour so I’m not sure why he wouldn’t be looking forward to going ‘home’. He seems like the kind of abuser that would threaten to harm himself or say he deserves harm just to get attention from someone trying to leave him

No. 616774

I think this is real solely because it reads exactly like Taylor speaks. Especially the “lmao” bc Taylor always tweets that. I think the person is scared to include part of Tays number for some reason? But Boost anon if you would just include a couple of numbers and blur or mark out the rest it would show these texts are completely valid. But for what it’s worth I believe it— especially bc it’s not so milky that it’s unbelievable.
However sharing proof in the form of part of Taylor’s cell phone number shouldn’t be a big deal bc Taylor reads here anyway and she will know exactly who is leaking these.

No. 616780

I agree, that’s the only one that seems like it could possibly be legitimate. The others don’t match her writing style, as people have pointed out. This one seems to match pretty well.

No. 616781

Taylor is gonna know exactly who is posting if any of these screenshots are real. I don't understand why, if any of them are legitimate, these people don't just come out and say who they are.
Even if they include the number it won't be believable because it's from a random anon and it could still be faked.

No. 616782

Chelsea confirmed this before right, him threatening suicide if she was gonna leave? Or was that a different ex? I genuinely hope Taylor is doing the right thing, and that being the reason she is off social media. To not have to see his tweets like this.

No. 616788

Bit to white knight but her mom lives 15 minutes away from her and she’s allowed to leave her animals alone for a few hours

No. 616795

anyone can fake how Taylor speaks tho, esp since the other fake texts were blatantly called out for not sounding like her. if this screenshot is fake (which it prob is) the person who made it would obv put more effort since the others were fake as fuck.

I think this is just another bored person trying to store things up. unless you can prove you texted her, can you guys stop with the texts…

No. 616799

She looks genuinely happy and relaxed when Jonny’s not around

No. 616806

She has a long way to go to be a better person, but I can’t take her claims of getting better seriously until she gets rid of Jonny completely. If she’s smart, she would be planning right now how she will safely get him out. Since he goes back on tour soon, that wouldn’t be hard to do.
They’re definitely having issues, if Taylor is seriously considering getting him out of her life like we are all hoping, I’m sure he feels it too. I can’t even imagine the shit Jonny would/will say when they inevitably break up.

No. 616808

I really hope Taylor is about to kick Jonny "sausage hands" Craig out of her life forever. As much as I dislike Taylor she'll have my full support if she does the right thing and cuts him out like the tumor he is. Admitting defeat with Jonny will probably take her down a peg too, in terms of her stubbornness with her pet keeping.

No. 616809

Wouldn't this kinda be fruitless though? Considering she doesn't have Twitter right now.

No. 616818

I doubt she's leaving him guys, they always have ups and downs when he tours.

No. 616819

File: 1545518222752.jpeg (49.68 KB, 750x343, 5CEE45D1-B016-4EB0-B4EA-95D873…)

Why do you go through the effort to make an edit a video defending Taylor and then like tweets by what ever?
The pet community is so strange

Anyway here’s the like I didn’t include more but anyone can look at what evers Twitter

No. 616820

Jessica isn't in the Petfest clique and pretty obviously against Taylor

No. 616834


She's literally the one who exposed her for cooking the croc skinks and the frogs in the first place

No. 616838

She didnt make a video defending TND. Shes always been open about not supporting her

No. 616845

It's pretty funny that Taylor is doing her best to not show her animals living conditions or her messed up life, but Jonny is still going to show everything since he doesn't respect her at all. A lot of the worst footage we have of her life have been posted by Jonny.

No. 616846

Yeah she was the one who exposed her in some texts or tweets. She didn’t say they were cooked. She admitted that Taylor had killed them beforehand through dehydration and malnutrition. I wish she (Jessica) would tell us more. I for one totally believe her. I also believe there are many other people who could expose her and don’t agree with her practises in the pet tube clique. They act all pally but we all know its fake.

No. 616853

File: 1545529171468.jpg (31.02 KB, 539x960, 49135338_463191240877806_60688…)


- V//R

No. 616855


I don't like being anonymous, but to follow the rules, I'm remaining anonymous with initials.
Some of the people here will figure out quickly what the V//R stands for and should be aware from that alone, the text are real.

I have plenty more "milk" as well I've been keeping to myself for awhile largely in part because many people here don't seem to care about the information I've obtained due to who I am.
but, I got tired of holding onto info that could very well help in the long run to exposing multiple issues in Taylors words.
Just depends how willing ya'll are to listen to me.

No. 616856

You gotta show that the texts came from that number. anyone could add her into their contacts, and then fake texts and not show them coming from her number. gotta prove that the texts and the number are connected

No. 616857


I posted with her area code and last four digits. I'm not posting the full number due to legal reasons behind exposing someones personal number online is against the law in my state.

If the area code and last four aren't good enough, don't know what to do for you.


No. 616859

it says recent next to phone doesn't that mean recent contact

No. 616860

Tbh some people will never be happy with what you do to “prove” yourself. Post whatever you want, and when truths come out about certain things it’ll verify you. There’s literally tons of different people on here with different opinions.

No. 616861

I can't speak for everyone but I believe you. Thank you for sharing!

No. 616867

I just checked my contacts and messages and mine says recent too even for people I’ve had in my phone for years

No. 616868

Victoria Rose maybe? That's the only V.R. Taylor follows..

No. 616869

And people I haven’t even spoken to in months so I don’t know why it says recent?

No. 616872

File: 1545532728537.png (531.37 KB, 750x1334, 97C59AB1-B80B-45F0-B9A9-5BC2AB…)

Jayce has been busy dropping hints.

No. 616877

File: 1545533339877.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181222-214300.png)

He was at the Sacramento Reptile Expo as well, which was mentioned in the text. It all makes sense now. I'm… kinda ashamed it took such obvious hints for us to figure it out.

No. 616879

So, can we now.. indirectly (but directly) confirm that Gucci is dead? And the crab? Ugh. Everything makes sense.

No. 616882

File: 1545534431808.png (705.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-12-22-21-37-16…)

V//R is jayce coming here for attention again. Thought he wasn't on speaking terms with taytay hmmm

No. 616889

You can always email the admin, give them a preview of what you'll be dumping and get a tripcode issued (if warranted) lolcow.farm@gmail.com. Obviously we are interested in any serious leaks. Keyword serious.

Also as you have flip-flopped in your support for TND in the past, expect some doubt until we see he nature of the material you have.

No. 616890


I've been wondering if they took Kronos. She can't prove he's tame if they wanted her to, and he wasn't in that sponsored video despite supposedly being Betsy's favorite of her pets since it's hers or whatever Taylor's story was.

No. 616892

He may be seeking attention, but milk is milk.

No. 616894

Honestly I'm inclined to believe him, although if the attention whoring starts again he can fuck right off. If you have more milk you should show it, Jayce.

No. 616897


Ugh wasn't he banned for being an attention seeking crybaby before?

No. 616899

IIRC the notice she showed was because of licensing. Which really could be for any of her pets.

But Kronos being a dangerous large monitor is one they would most likey take away rather than just issue a fine.

No. 616900

Why do you think Taylor has had so many pets die all of a sudden? Her care has always been shit. Maybe she just ran out of money to replace them

No. 616901

I also believe you. Just post anything interesting you have please.

No. 616903


You're correct about what she showed. Also I think she may need licensing not just for specific animals but just to have that many in one place. Not sure about San Antonio laws, but I know that would be needed where I live.

Also I think that the AC paper she showed stated the complaint specifically mentioned Kronos, which means they may have investigated him more specifically than her other pets.

No. 616904

File: 1545538390449.jpeg (223.85 KB, 768x1024, 1543560943423.jpeg)

Found it. She seems pretty fucked.

No. 616908

we do not need the whole number, we just need to see that those texts CAME from THAT number. seeing the texts in one screen and the number in another screen with no connection between them, except a contact name that YOU wrote, is not enough because it does not link the two together. you could easily manipulate texts to make fake milk in this way. not sure if you're playing dumb or genuinely think we want you to doxx her despite repeating numerous times what is needed for genuine proof. this could just show that you have her number and are able to edit multiple numbers to have the same contact name.

No. 616912

Animal Control usually acts very quickly, being slow allows people to make changes and cover their tracks. So if any action was taken, it would have already happened. It goes pretty deep into speculation territory, but yes, it is possible that this hiatus was caused by Animal Control visiting and finding some sort of issue. It would have been a major blow to her ego for her to realize that she can't do whatever she likes, and that she isn't above the law.

Oh, and if an animal was taken from her, she would either have to consent to surrender the animal to Animal Control and give up ownership, or she would have to go to court in order to battle to get the animal back. It's not just "Hey we're taking this animal, goodbye!" It's an entire legal process, similar to a custody battle for a child. (But not as complex.) Just wanted to add that in to clear up any misconceptions about how that works.

No. 616914

Dude, the person who posted the text screenshot has spoken to Taylor in the past, which has been confirmed. Him posting the contact with 2/3rds of the number, plus the text screenshot itself, is enough proof for me, and apparently others as well. The guy has been confirmed to have spoken to Taylor in the past.

No. 616915

Her life has been on the decline in a general sense as of lately, so that might have something to do with it.

No. 616917

true, but we've had three random-ass text screenshots posted in the last 24 hours, none with conclusive proof. I'm not gonna 100% believe the third screenshot unless it has her number listed right above the texts inside the conversation.

No. 616921

File: 1545543491374.png (29.29 KB, 112x112, 381705123149381633.png)


it's happening

No. 616926

Shit care isn't going to kill pets right away, especially with hardier ones like snakes. Also I agree with the anon who said her life's in decline and that's affecting her pet care, too. I was a fan for a while and I don't remember seeing dry water bowls in the past even though her care wasn't up to par. Now we do see pics of enclosures with no water for the inhabitant(s). Dehydration's going to kill faster than malnutrition or a disease brought on by living in a filthy enclosure.

No. 616929


Honestly, she's fine (as much as it annoys me to admit it). A lot of pocket pets/ reptiles/ etc don't have number limits on them. Someone could own 60 hamsters and no one would blink an eye because cats and dogs reign supreme in the animal world, typically.

I work in a similar field (except less bylaws and more actual welfare) and they automatically have to attend if there's a new concern - such as an aggressive monitor. It usually means a chat with the owner,assessing the animal/ environment. TND's care is subpar, 100%, but it won't be by their standard since majority of her animals won't really fall under their realm and it's not subpar enough for them to take actual action.

Plus as another anon said, they act fast. If something was going to happen, they would have done it. TND is shit but so are a lot of the regulations involving animals

No. 616931

File: 1545556137274.gif (998.2 KB, 500x349, giphy (2).gif)

I know whatever animal control did probably already happened, but lets not gloss over the fact that she got in trouble with animal control!

This has got to be the milkiest possible reason for the hiatus, barring only a breakup with Jonny.

Let's see her dipshit fans defend her after this. Fucking animal control came in on neglect reports- that's pretty damn irrefutable.

No. 616935

I mean… not really. Her stans are just seeing this as "the haters are sooo mean they're calling ACS on Taylor". It looks more positive for her to an uneducated person because most people think that ACS is actually good and knowledgable about all animals, and them not doing anything about Taylor makes it look like she's taking good care of her pets in their eyes.

No. 616936


And that's assuming that they didn't do anything, because would we know if they did and Taylor didn't just keep it quiet?

I think the ACS visit scared her a lot. Hence that manipulative tweet about how "if they take my animals away they'll all die because they're reptiles and fish!" which is just Taylor being manipulative AF to her fans/former fans who genuinely care about the animals.

No. 616937

If they had taken any away she would've whined about it. It would've been very easy to manipulate people by blaming the mean haters. None of her animals conditions are bad enough to be taken away though, I would be really shocked if something actually happened.

Definitely agree that the visit scared her though. I also think this was the first time ACS actually showed up

No. 616939

Was Gucci's death also posted by you? Or is that another nonny who posted that screenshot? I really don't want Gucci's death to be real, but sadly really won't be surprised if it is…

No. 616940

I don't really think much happened, it's been a while since she got that warning. But I do think it's the first time she actually got ACS called on her ass. I remember when she moved into the apartment she kept claiming people were calling ACS and that they had checked "several times" with her and everything was perfect.

This is, in my opinion, the first time she's actually gotten her bubble burst. In the past, she could chalk it up to these HaTeR fOrUmZ, but I feel like whatever's video did make waves with people outside her echo chamber. It's really hard to refute evidence when you have the receipts right there. Plus that video did blow up more than expected. I don't think anybody actually thought that she'd get such an amount of exposure.

Plus, this is purely speculation, but from what I've seen, there also seems to be something going on with Jonny. I mean, she deleted his handle on ig and Twitter, even briefly, and there was some lovebombing going on. Plus her actually hanging out with Jennifer alone while he's away? Girl.

Not to mention that she's been losing several animals in a row, and one of them was her biggest cash cow and the reason she became popular.

Her YouTube career is crashing just as fast as when it took off, and she can't handle the pressure and the fact that this is not something she might be cut for after all.

No. 616941

That one was most likely fake imo. It definitely wasn't from Jayce

No. 616942

For sure something going on, him with his whole "I want the plane to crash " and how he wants to die tweets. The texts that he didn't take her to the hospital etc. The recent increase in animal deaths, she needs to leave him already so she can give all her attention to her animal care and sort herself out. I don't want to give all credit to Jonny causing her to be this fucked, but it's obvious he makes her worse.

No. 616944

Honestly if she left him it'd be the best thing that could happen to her right now, instead of waiting for him to die.

No. 616945

It's pretty funny that the call out video has more views than Taylors apology

No. 616948

This is kind of off-topic, but you can save one number in your contacts as another number, so even if it wasn’t Taylor sending the messages, you could save the name as her phone number so it appears like it is in the message thread.

This is pretty obviously Jayce because he’s starved for attention and would constantly shit up the pettuber threads, but just saying you can’t take any screenshot with her phone number as solid proof.

No. 616949

i think we have to be careful with this number bs. If it was someone more credible than Jayce this would be fine, but since dude is so attention starved we have all the reasons to be sceptical

No. 616952


Exactly, I don't trust him playing dumb when asked for the texts and last 4 digits of the number showing in the same screenshot, I feel like if he had that he'd show it. It's milky, and since he's talked to her he probably knows more than we do, but until we get better credibility we can't consider it true.

No. 616965

Anyone who's even a tiny bit familiar with photoshop can easily edit it to look like her number I doubt even with the number it would be proof of anything

No. 616967

Good lord, what IS enough proof?? Some of you guys are seriously overestimating how far Jayce or anyone would go to create MULTIPLE fake text conversations just to, "stir up drama" here. Jayce did not have to post those screen shots, so if you don't want to believe it than don't. It's not like any of the milk was unbelievable or extreme or unlikely.

No. 616970

Honestly I'm inclined to believe Jayce. Sure he seeks attention, but it'd be pretty shitty for him as a claimed animal lover to lie about someone's pet dying and not out of the realm of possibility of it being true. Also I don't believe he's lied on these formums before.

No. 616971

The screenshot about Gucci dying isn't from him. But yeah, I also believe him

No. 616973

I’m DMing with jayce on instagram right now. He said I can ask him questions and that I can post screenshots. What questions do y’all have for him?

No. 616974


Does he know of any animals that are dead that we don’t publically know about?
What concerns about her care was he trying to help her with? Did she make the changes he suggested?

No. 616982

I wonder if Bree actually was this shitty oh my god? If Taylor’s not lying I definitely thought it was something Taylor did to make her leave??

No. 616984

Meh, I doubt the accuracy of all of Taylor's stories. When is she NOT a victim? And who knows what kind of "drugs" Bree had or how it even went down. I'm sure there's more to the story than what Taylor is saying. Not denying Bree could be shitty too but the whole thing sounds over dramatic to me.

No. 616986

I'd like to know why they stopped talking in the first place. He made it sound like they had a big falling out

No. 616991

Questions have been sent to jayce. Let me know if y’all have any more. I will post screenshots once he answers.

No. 616992

So was Jayce the one that posted around a month ago? That anon also talked about Breeze trying to get Taylor to relapse

No. 616998

doubt he would have info but if he might, any information regarding the petfest crew. Like if there was more stuff similar to Bree where either Taylor or others fucked each other over but refuse to grow a pair and be open about it.

No. 617001

doubt he would have info but if he might, any information regarding the petfest crew. Like if there was more stuff similar to Bree where either Taylor or others fucked each other over but refuse to grow a pair and be open about it.

No. 617007

If any of this regarding the drugs is true, I’m so dismayed these people are responsible for the care of animal lives. Druggies can’t take care of themselves, let alone numerous animals.

No. 617011

Jayce has been trying to insert himself into this drama for months now. The only reason he doesn't like Taylor is because she rejected him, not long ago he was white knighting.

Why is Taylor talking about "relapsing" when she's never overcome an addiction? I know she's hinted at it but if she really had there's just no way she wouldn't have used it for sympathy/to seem interesting. She tries to make her past seem really dark when she's actually had a pretty sheltered life.

No. 617018

She claims she was addicted to cocaine, pre-Jonny.

No. 617022

When did she say that? I thought her mentions of coke were only post Jonny.

No. 617029

when did she EVER say she was addicted to coke? Also, what is enough proof for you guys? I believe it’s Jayce back again for more attention.

No. 617032

Lurk more, in the past threads has been confirmed she was addicted to coke or So she says

No. 617034

She told one of the exes that she used to be addicted to coke and to Liz's friend that she sympathizes with Jonny cause she also struggled with addiction. Or something like that

No. 617043

Nothing like, “omg he’s struggling with coke addition like me?! I should totally get with this guy for this experience regardless if he’s a rapist! I NEED to save him!”, to start off a healthy relationship.

No. 617046

That is the same note she posted to complain about this site. None of the boxes are checked for a violation. That was on her door because they always have to stop by when a call was made. She just now can invite them over at her own pace.

No. 617075

File: 1545603045745.png (186.03 KB, 750x1334, 3903D1DA-DBB8-480F-A789-40A692…)

No. 617077

File: 1545603134030.png (Spoiler Image, 189.99 KB, 750x1334, 4B184082-ABAB-46F2-B1E8-B937F6…)

No. 617078

File: 1545603199444.png (191.52 KB, 750x1334, 86460110-072F-45F6-ACBE-522ADF…)

Sorry didn’t mean to make last image spoiler

No. 617079

File: 1545603251543.png (196.77 KB, 750x1334, 1F3A7E7F-DE47-4AF3-99A0-FDEF3E…)

No. 617080

File: 1545603273895.png (193.58 KB, 750x1334, BDE000B5-916A-47B7-8432-4BE7A3…)

No. 617081

Any other questions you guys want me to ask him?

No. 617082

what did she tell him about her past drug use? what were the main things that talking to bree brought to light?

No. 617086

File: 1545604050860.png (176.73 KB, 750x1334, 21754BB5-1B56-4480-A783-C2C934…)

No. 617087

File: 1545604101948.png (171.72 KB, 750x1334, 44A32E10-5FBF-48B2-B8A1-B9D98F…)

No. 617089

Ask him if he knows anything about her relationship with jonny, like is she okay or does she want out or anything

No. 617091

Really really confused as to how she would be 100k in debt? And why she would tell anyone that lmaoooo

No. 617092

File: 1545604426180.png (185.16 KB, 750x1334, CA1E8E44-3A9F-491B-BDB4-4B10DB…)

No. 617093

File: 1545604576462.png (170.09 KB, 750x1334, 01E13111-394E-481D-824A-677786…)

No. 617096

File: 1545604780058.png (181.62 KB, 750x1334, 7C3D136D-EBE6-4468-A561-FCBA60…)

Most of you already know this but for newcomers, please don’t cow tip (aka bring this to twitter or instagram and “expose” her). It’s not going to help whatever situation she’s in with Jonny if these DMs are brought to light. Just keep it in this forum :) Will keep posting screenshots as they come, as long as y’all still have questions or are still interested.

No. 617097


She didn't set any aside in 2017 to pay taxes in April.

No. 617099

That makes me wonder how many youtubers are in debt bc of taxes, especially the young ones who dont know much about taxes. That's fucking crazy

No. 617108

I'd appreciate to not be told I'm "attention seeking". It becomes annoying fast when it's not what I'm after.

I don't like being lied to. I'm giving you guys this info because for one, I'm tired of holding onto it, and secondly because it goes to show that I put my faith and friendship into someone that literally lied about me and talked poorly about me behind my back when I never once asked for a shoutout or a collab, I even told her when she comes to Sacramento to leave me out of any vlog as much as possible. (show my booth and ask a couple questions, but I dont wanna be a focus in the vlog)

I simply just don't like being backstabbed when I had nothing but honest intentions.

I've only ever come to this website when my name was brought up first.
I first came to defend myself and then I came when someone mentioned taylor and I were no longer follow each other.
This is the last time I'll be around because from here I wont have anything else to provide you guys in terms of "milk" unless you guys bring me up again.


No. 617112


Anyone who is self-employed is responsible for estimating their income tax liability and manage their finances accordingly or, if they don't set enough cash aside, be able to finance their payment with a credit card. Why is it crazy?

No. 617113

The drug use was the part I was most interested in. Why go into every detail about her life except this one, especially since this is the thing that could seriously harm her animals above all else?
Also, he still hasn't posted texts with her number included. We're not asking him to perform rocket science. It would take less than 5 minutes and would make him seem a lot more credible.
If you would stop prancing around what people are asking you to do, you would be more credible. This isn't helping your case.

No. 617114

The drug use was the part I was most interested in. Why go into every detail about her life except this one, especially since this is the thing that could seriously harm her animals above all else?
Also, he still hasn't posted texts with her number included. We're not asking him to perform rocket science. It would take less than 5 minutes and would make him seem a lot more credible.
If you would stop prancing around what people are asking you to do, you would be more credible. This isn't helping your case.

No. 617115

The drug use was the part I was most interested in. Why go into every detail about her life except this one, especially since this is the thing that could seriously harm her animals above all else?
Also, he still hasn't posted texts with her number included. We're not asking him to perform rocket science. It would take less than 5 minutes and would make him seem a lot more credible.
If you would stop prancing around what people are asking you to do, you would be more credible. This isn't helping your case.

No. 617122

File: 1545606511639.jpg (63.06 KB, 539x960, 48425070_2240185802915942_7677…)


You've already seen the text, but there's the number ya cry baby.


No. 617123

I'm an independent contractor and since I've worked normal jobs I obviously knew taxes were a thing.. Did she think she just didn't have to pay taxes at all??? I'm surpised her parents tell her she has to set money aside??? This girl is so ridiculous.

No. 617126

How is it not crazy that there are literal teenage youtubers who know nothing about taxes which could lead them to be in crazy amounts of debt bc they dont realize what they should be paying? That was my point

No. 617128

Lol, as if Mama Dean gave her any tax advice.

No. 617129

File: 1545607374664.png (170.94 KB, 750x1334, 4C0DEA5A-60E4-4162-A945-70EDB3…)

No. 617130

but if something bad happens leave it to mama dean to whine all over twitter about how she'd have helped her do all her taxes if she had just listened to her!

No. 617131

You’re an imbecile! I trust VR; you not so much. Bug off. No matter what he posts you won’t believe!

No. 617132


Are the Gucci or Ursula death texts from you? And if so, did Breez tell you this? It would be good to clarify this point

No. 617133

>>617122 Appreciate the screenshot with the number, thanks!! though really idk why people are doubting anything you're saying at this point lol, the instagram DMs kind of prove they're real.

Also thanks for sharing all this. I'm sorry you had to deal with Taylor being a shitty 'friend' when you were just trying to be nice. I wonder if she has any actual friends if this is how she acts with people she supposedly is reasonably close to.

No. 617135

So Taylor even snaps at her ‘friends’ for pointing out her flaws, makes you wonder how many have tried giving advice only for her to lmao her way into the sunset.

No. 617136


No, they're not from me. As stated before, I've only been here three times.

First time when Taylor and I first became friends.
Second time when I confirmed we unfollowed each other and now.
I cannot confirm who posted anything here, as I don't know.


No. 617138

Agree, I see no reason to doubt you because this falls in line with how Taylor acts.

No. 617144

Jayce, Bree, or anyone else who lurks here involved, please for the love of god (and with proof) spill the tea. The shit this girl gets away with, manipulates, and conceals, is absolutely unacceptable. Especially when it involves animals in her care. You're all just pawns to her and she manipulates and lies her way out of everything and I'm getting so sick of it.
Also to be clear, I believe what Jayce is saying. It lines up with everything.

No. 617185


That's part of the issue. I can't PROVE anything really. Most of the information I have was from a three hour phone call I had with her several months ago.
How valid the info is to you guys is up to you.

I'd be open to doing a "collab" interview with someone if they wanted. Someone can pick my brain for however long they want or whatever and compile everything if they want. I'm much better at talking to people than I am with typing.
Door is open, ya'll know my instagram if you wanna reach out.


No. 617191

I'm inclined to believe Jayce, especially the tax debt.

I remember Jennifer asked Taylor over Twitter "is your dad still coming to help you with your taxes?" or something to that effect (I tend to remember little details in general so that stuck to me). Jonny is only useful to waste money, and she has poor impulse control and was very sheltered, so I do believe she owes that much and it explains why she was starting to film videos more consistently.

I also believe that Jonny hasn't been physically abusive to her (yet) and the reason is because she's famous compared to his exes. However this does not mean that he won't escalate, especially if she goes completely silent on YouTube and social media. And it makes sense he'd be emotionally abusive. That "dressing up like Cheese" video where he told her she looked ridiculous, plus her drastic change in appearance fall in line with emotional abuse.

Lastly, I also believe that there were drugs involved in that group. Taylor hasn't really outright said she is addicted to coke, but she's mentioned several times she has an addictive personality.

No. 617193

I think that would be good, actually. If you can encourage Bree to speak out, too, or anyone else. I'm not sure why she would back down because of Taylor freaking out. I'm sure none of you have hopes of reconnecting with her and being friends again, so I don't think there is anything for you to lose (besides the backlash from her rabid fans, but I'm sure they will eventually forget, since they're all about 12)
She's dodged everything. Even the bearded dragon breeder incident.

Just a reminder that Jonny has allegedly threatened to flush her kitten. So the relationship with him alone and him living there is a threat to her animals. I think that is another reason why people are concerned about it. And obviously with the recent picture he lets the rats out next to their cats. God knows what else isn't posted if that is. But she obviously doesn't care that he is doing dangerous things like that with them.

No. 617194

I have a question–correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to think, from conversations with her, that her pet care is fine. Do you think otherwise now, taking how much she lies into consideration?

That's what most people dislike her for, so as someone who knows about reptiles, what do you honestly think about her care?

No. 617195

What is your opinion of her animal care? Taking how much she lies, inconsistent information regarding, etc into consideration. I know you only spoke with her so you don't have solid information, just curious on your opinion.

No. 617196

I have a question–correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to think, from conversations with her, that her pet care is fine. Do you think otherwise now, taking how much she lies into consideration?

That's what most people dislike her for, so as someone who knows about reptiles, what do you honestly think about her care?

No. 617197

I have a question–correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to think, from conversations with her, that her pet care is fine. Do you think otherwise now, taking how much she lies into consideration?

That's what most people dislike her for, so as someone who knows about reptiles, what do you honestly think about her care?

No. 617198

I have a question–correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to think, from conversations with her, that her pet care is fine. Do you think otherwise now, taking how much she lies into consideration?

That's what most people dislike her for, so as someone who knows about reptiles, what do you honestly think about her care?

No. 617199

I have a question–correct me if I'm wrong but you seem to think, from conversations with her, that her pet care is fine. Do you think otherwise now, taking how much she lies into consideration?

That's what most people dislike her for, so as someone who knows about reptiles, what do you honestly think about her care?

No. 617200

What is your opinion of her animal care? Taking how much she lies, inconsistent information regarding animal deaths, etc into consideration. I know you only spoke with her so you don't have solid information, just curious on your opinion.

No. 617217

You only need to comment once…5 times is excessive. Use the delete function.

No. 617220


Bree doesn't really wish to speak out on anything yet but if that changes, you'll know.

I saw videos and such of her animals.
Set up wise, her enclosures weren't terrible overall and you guys tend to nitpick little things such as handling the GTP, which after a year can be handled. Any GTP breeder will tell you this. Even younger ones can be so long as the interaction isn't forceful.
None of her animals as far as I could tell in terms of reptiles were kept in conditions that were terrible for them.
What could be bad is her lack of upkeep. It's been pointed out that she can be lazy and such and she did mention to me that she has a petsitter as well that helps with the animals.
However one issue I can confirm is that her croc-skins died of dehydration due to a dry environment. This was leaked via her friend group and brought to my attention. So even though what I saw, set-up wise was fine.
her inconsistent ability to keep up with humidity levels or other things, very well could be an issue.

No. 617223

To add on to my comment, I saw videos and pictures of her setups in private DMs on my old twitter.
I deleted my old twitter awhile back due to people digging up issues I had on my account from when I was 16. (i'm now almost 24) and trying to use those issues against me now. So I started fresh and in the process lost all the info I had on Taylor between messages.


No. 617225

The site sometimes glitches so one post can get replicated several times.

No. 617231

Safe to assume Bree doesn’t want to speak out because not everything she is saying is true. Not saying she’s lying entirely, but something happened on that trip and she is telling everyone privately but not saying a word herself. That means she’s probably lying about something involving that trip. There’s Bree’s version and Taylor’s version. Guessing the truth is somewhere in the middle and doesn’t make either of them look good.

No. 617240

Do you know if she really was planning to secretly replace the skinks, since she could tell they were dying?

No. 617241

I'd like to know how she managed to get addicted to cocaine pre-Jonny when she lived with her parents, has few friends and rarely left the house without her family since she needed Jen to drive her ass everywhere.

No. 617245

Self-employed people in the U.S. pay estimated taxes quarterly and they not only pay income taxes but a self-employment tax if your business is not running at a net loss. The reason for paying quarterly is because you don't have an employer taking out Social Security and Medicare taxes from your paycheck. You can pay once a year like everyone else, but you pay a penalty if you do if you make over a certain amount. I don't remember what that amount is, but I'm pretty sure Taylor's over it.

It would be really easy to get into trouble if you don't file quarterly, don't do your yearly taxes either and are racking up penalties on top of all that.

No. 617254


Yes. That was what she planned. Its part of the reason I came back here, because stunts like that rub me the wrong way.

If she just didn't announce they died, fine.
If she was honest, fine.
but trying to cover it up and lie about it, is a big no in my book.


No. 617255


Yes. That was what she planned. Its part of the reason I came back here, because stunts like that rub me the wrong way.

If she just didn't announce they died, fine.
If she was honest, fine.
but trying to cover it up and lie about it, is a big no in my book.


To be fair, I got addicted to drugs in my teens under nearly the same circumstances. It's not about how many friends you have, it's about the kind of friends you have. So it's entirely possible to form those addictions even under your parents roof and such. but thats my personal experience.


No. 617270

Guys, please use the delete function if lolcow spazzes out and posts 10 times

Thank you for all the information, Jayce. Taylor sounds like a real two faced bitch but what's new I guess

No. 617271

people only have 30 minutes to delete. stop being such a newfag, report and mods will delete.

No. 617275

I agree with you to an extent but we’re talking about coke, it’s not the drug of a reclusive person. you really have to have a social life that involves partying to find yourself getting into that kind of habit

No. 617276


Maybe one of her ex boyfriends was into it?

No. 617277


Often the error resets the session ID so posts cannot be deleted.


>mods will delete

Admin hasn't even acknowledged the problem in three weeks, and mods haven't replied to multiple requests in Meta to delete duplicate posts.

No. 617279

Is it that weird though? Taylor might be reclusive and sheltered, but she does have poor impulse control and low self-esteem. It takes you one bad apple to get you into drugs.

I imagine that with Jennifer devoting all her time to Tanner, and Taylor's dad out working, it's pretty easy for Taylor to sneak out and get some drugs. She did snuck out in the middle of the night to meet Jonny at a hotel, so I'm inclined to think that it might not be that weird for her to have gotten into coke.

No. 617282

I wonder if Taylor has something on Bree that might make her look equally bad and that's why she suddenly backed down after Tay contacted her?

No. 617289

Bree should just come out with her story. She doesn't even have to say it's about Taylor so that she won't get harassed for "using Taylors name for views" or whatever.

No. 617290

What's confusing to me is Bree isn't even popular. We're always asking for good pettubers in this thread, is she really so thick she doesn't realize exposing Taylor would bring her more followers? I personally haven't looked her up or anything despite the urges, because she won't expose what she has and that's annoying.

No. 617291

Yeah she has barely any subs on Youtube and her Instagram isn't huge either. I don't want to be mean but there's not that much too lose. Maybe she really is just scared that Taylor might threaten legal actions

No. 617302

File: 1545657943196.jpeg (117.52 KB, 800x500, 3F85D87D-5A15-4D1B-8104-620280…)

it's blowing my mind that all these youtube tards don't know that you have to pay the US govt. income tax on the money you make. walking boxes of hair, totally oblivious and totally stupid.

rule of thumb to all freelancers (sexworkers, youtubers, copywriters, script analysts, etc.) out there: you don't get to keep it all. #1. get an accountant. #2. best way to do it is to file quarterly. the payouts you make are broken down into smaller, easier totals than if you pay twice or even once a year. people who pay twice or once a year are fucked because they already spent the money they needed in order to pay their damn taxes. #3. you can write some shit off but don't be an ingrate like onision. write offs must be business related, so save all your fucking receipts and write down exactly what you were doing/buying/whatevering and how it's relevant to your business. for example, you can have a home office, and you can write off a percentage of that, (like say if you've got a landline in there, you can write off a percentage of the the purchase price of the phone) but if you get audited, there better not be a guest bed in there, or you're getting busted. #4. expect to get audited. if you're terrified of fucking up, the less likely it is you'll fuck up. #5. ignorance of tax laws is not a good defense for not paying your taxes. #6. don't rely on turbo tax or quicken. look back to #1 and HIRE AN ACCOUNTANT.

taylor is a halfwit, as are most of these thots. if you make money, you owe the government a big fat chunk of it. if you don't pay it, they will come after you and they will fuck you repeatedly until you pay up.

i can totally see taylor being dumb enough to have already screwed herself on her taxes. absolutely. how the fuck do you have a job or get a paycheck and not know this? mindblowing.

No. 617306

Taylor probably wrote off all the money she spent on her animals as business expenses, like Onision did with his houses etc. Didn't she imply something like that in the magazine interview?

No. 617307

How did the frog die? Same thing? It was also part of the “cooked pets” story iirc?

No. 617309

It was part of the cooked pets story. Bree or some other small YouTuber claimed it died of malnutrition.

No. 617312


I do wonder what made her think or even come up with the cooked pets bs.

No. 617321

Because 3 animals of different types dying of a illness she “did everything she could have” might have actually had her stans go ‘wait a fucking minute’
especially since they all seem to be her high humidity animals.

No. 617354

What I don’t understand is how she is in debt of that much. Like if her WORST month is 30k how does she not have a savings account with well over 100k in it?? I mean if 50k is her best MONTH and she’s spending it all I want to know really what the fuck she is spending it on. 50k is more than the average household makes in an entire year

No. 617356

She spends her money on frivolous shit. 10k snake, Cartier bracelet, tattoos, plane tickets, Jonny's teeth, pop funko things.. its very clear she has no money management skills whatsoever

No. 617357

I was thinking the same thing, how does she not have enough for a downpayment on a house??? Especially with sponsored content.

I imagine, like many young people, she's not good with her money and doesn't save any of it.

No. 617358

makes you start to think that in 10 years, all these young rich youtubers will probably end up in jail or bankrupt just because of not paying taxes. While we're still in our good jobs that they laugh about now.

No. 617359

50k can go down the hole really quickly if you're like Taylor with no money management. Rent, bills, jewelry, expensive shoes, plane tickets, fancy hotels, expensive restaurants, expensive clothes, designer animals, and probably the rest is on fancy drugs. the list can go on and yet her animals have no water and she's always missing their stuff/food. I won't be surprised if Jonny takes her credit card with him.

No. 617360

Thing is, she could easily drag the time frame of the deaths out like she has done before and just shrug her shoulders when asked why they had died. Instead she chose this mess of a story which makes her look fucking terrible.

How does one even come up with such a wild story to begin with? It's beyond insane.

No. 617371

So if she owes this much money to the IRS, can she kiss buying a house right now goodbye? Or is it still doable?

No. 617374

The story itself isn't that bad imo, Taylor just told it all wrong. She should've said something along the lines of "An unspecified electric malfunction happened and my skinks and frog got fried in the process. Grief-stricken and nauseated. Contacted an engineer who will ensure this doesn't happen ever again." Yeah, people would point out that she should've taken precautions weeks before, when the first malfuntion occured, but that would've been forgiven eventually. What will not be forgiven is that she did not check on her animals for 22 hours. It's simply unacceptable and absolutely appalling.

No. 617377

I would assume since shes that much in debt, her credit isnt very good and she would have a hard time getting approved for a mortgage loan.

No. 617383

her credit score would automatically decrease with that amount of debt. she'll have a hard time even signing up for a credit card let along buying a house. lol She's going to be stuck for a very long time unless she starts to manage her finance right away but i'm sure she's just gonna say, "MUH ILLNESS! I CANT"

No. 617402

not trying to white knight at all, but she checked on her animals once in 22 hours. Which is hardly any better than nonce. She slept for 12 hours, checked on them once, then not again for 10 hours. which I believe is honestly true, I think that that is how often she checks on her animals. Even if the rest of the story is false, I think it's realistic for her to only check on them once a day. That's why she felt okay adding that timeline to the story. What a dumbass

No. 617404


Realistically yes, that's probably how much she checks on them which is just not good enough. Especially after the electrical problems.

No. 617408

You also have to take into account her expenses double because of Jonny. He’s always flexing designer clothes and stupid ass shit that’s clear he can’t afford on his own.

Plus I imagine a drug habit is expensive.

No. 617432

EXCEPT…there WASN’T an electrical problem. That was a concocted story!

No. 617435

Chill anon, we all know that, just speaking on if the malfunction was the case

No. 617492

could it be that her skinks and frog died from mites. she did say that bindi had them and it is close chronologically to when they died

No. 617493

I doubt Bindi even has mites, it's more likely Taylor just used that as a cover up for Bindi having a barren enclosure.

No. 617506

It was a horrible cover up if that was the goal. Hypothetically if she did have mites, she would've had it spread to everything else by now given the fact she's still using substrate and manhandles all her animals one after the other.

No. 617509


IIRC she said she "thought" she saw "a" mite on Bindi, as in, "maybe there was one but I only saw ONE." It really was a terrible cover up though, firstly if she does have mites, and it's honestly shocking she doesn't, she probably wouldn't if she learned how to fucking quarantine her animals. Actually quarantine, not just keep them in a separate room and poor enclosure for a few days but have them on the same bedspread or wherever she's taking instagram pics atm. Secondly, mites are a poor excuse for still using substrate but having Bindi's enclosure empty of any enrichment for at least a month, if pictures are to be believed.

No. 617534

frogs like hers get parasites incredibly often and die from them, so that's a possibility also.
personally not buying her story about the muh eelectrocity

No. 617558

I think he died from malnutrition, his face was really fucked up. I don't think she ever talked about feeding him anything but mice

No. 617579

She has fed him other stuff. But in all of the videos of him being fed she never dusted his food, which could definitely cause the deformed face.

No. 617581


She always seemed to be feeding that frog pinkies… which is supposed to be a treat for them. It's too much for them to digest properly. I'm not surprised he died from malnutrition, and I'm not surprised her previous pacman had a prolapsed anus either.

No. 617630

Sorry for o/t but anyone else getting 500 internal server error when trying to post on the general pettubers thread or know how to fix it?

No. 617633

it's a site-wide issue, you can only wait for it to pass

No. 617644

I don't think she had that first frog long enough to do anything to cause a prolapsed anus. That was just an example of her savior complex – bring home a sick-looking animal so she could get some asspats for caring enough to try to nurse it back to health.

No. 617674

I disagree. Feeding him a too big whole prey item could have caused a prolapse the first time he tried to pass it. Keeping him on whole prey for a long time would have weakened his bowels and thus caused a prolapse. This can happen within a month. I personally believe the prolapse was her fault.

No. 617675

i wouldn’t give her the benefit of the doubt, anon. like >>617674 said, feeding whole prey too often easily could’ve led to his unfortunate situation. we all know taylor has a knack for killing her animals by way of half baked decisions and negligence

No. 617676

She special ordered that frog through petco so it was probably a combination of shitty breeding and her care

No. 617688

For those that have been around this whole situation for longer than I have- is Taylor the type to delete her Twitter and disappear like this usually? It seems she’s been getting similar criticism for a long time so I’m not sure why she’s hiding now. It makes me think it’s because of Jonny. Really I don’t get how she doesn’t see her life has gone downhill since he moved in

No. 617689

I think it's only a recent thing, she's only done this one to two times before and that was after the video from what I recall (I may have missed something though)

No. 617693

She deletes it all the time, but never for more than a few days. I can’t remember any other time when she’s been off social media for this long. I’m sincerely hoping that she’s taking this opportunity to step back, clear her head, and assess what she’s done. Like everyone here I’m not a fan of her, but if she starts making an effort to improve herself and change her life for the better, I’d be all for it.

No. 617694

She has deleted for a day or two in the past, but never for this long. she has never been this silent on any social media

No. 617702

Honestly I think it's a normal and smart response to all the 'hate' she's been getting.
Before, the 'hate' wasn't from her stans, but now that her YouTube videos are flooded and even her stans are struggling to defend her.
I have no doubt Jonny has something to do with it, but lets be realistic here without drawing to wildest speculations.

No. 617706


Doesn't help that some major info has been leaked from myself and Bree, making her look in worse.
I'm willing to bet she's been told about what's going on here and is prolonging her comeback since I gave you guys all this extra info.


No. 617712


I don't wanna make this about myself but I wanna use myself as an example for why I don't see any excuse as reasonable for not checking on them for 22 hours.

I have 20+ snakes, 3 monitor lizards, 1 gecko, 2 dogs and 2 cats.
I ALWAYS check on all my snakes every morning and every night. Sometimes during the day as well. They're solitary animals so I try not to bother them too much, but they are checked on at MINIMUM twice a day.
My monitors are in my living room and my gecko is in my bedroom. So they're seen consistently every hour.

I see absolutely no excuse why you cannot check on your animals twice a day at minimum.
22 hours might as well be 24. Once a day is not enough to catch defecation, shedding issues, escapees, humidity or heat issues and so forth.

Taylor is home all day. She told me this herself that she spends most of her days at home.
When I spend all day at home, I'm in my reptile room 3-5 times a day checking on things.
Only time I only check twice a day is when I'm working all day. her job she does from home.

I just cannot find a reasonable excuse from my viewpoint, being as I have just as many animals as she does, to only check on them once in a 22 hour period, especially when she works from home.

Sorry for the ramble but that just grinds my gears.


No. 617719


No I completely agree. I work from home, but I have my desk in with my animals and the room they’re in so I can always look at them when taking breaks. Taylor should have factored this in when getting an apartment, her current ‘pet room’ seems smaller than her old bedroom where she had all her animals and her, which I guess is why her care seemed better then, she couldn’t just shut a door on it because she was living it. When she was picking an apartment she definitely did not go for functionality over looks / vibe, which has resulted in a pet room that she can just about sit down in once she’s shoved all her animals in there (and the closet) and if it feels cluttered you’re not going to want to be in there long.

No. 617741

Have you posted anything about Taylor elsewhere? (Eg. Twitter, YouTube)

Most of her stans don’t even know about this site

No. 617744

As much as I'm all for taking a step back and evaluating your life/getting your shit together, to me falling silent on social media just isn't the right move. It's pretty cowardly to me. It's also super concerning. After all this criticism about her animal care, she declares that ok then, I'll show I'm detail all of my enclosures in one video to shut the "haterz” up. It’s been a month. She STILL hasn’t delivered that promise. Her falling silent on social media has over and over been because another animal dies. So which is it this time? Her not showing her enclosures like she promised is awful. It shows how bad her care really is if she can’t even get herself to upload it. She can’t handle criticism at all, so instead she turns tail and flees from it completely.

No. 617767

I think by taking a break she thinks that her stans won't see the mess because people will give up, and she's not gonna make dumbass promises again.

It's literally the smartest move she's made her entire career because otherwise she'd be making herself look worse arguing with 'haters' and making promises she can't keep.

No. 617772

Deleting her Twitter? I'd say at the most 5 times. She's, however, very prone to delete tweets. Usually tweets that direct her stans to harass people (by playing victim or replying with some snarky comment to another person), or things that make her look bad. This is the first time she's gone silent for an extended period of time.

She's still very susceptible to disappear whenever she doesn't get her way and things get too difficult for her to handle, though.

No. 617773

I think it’s the smartest and dumbest because now she can’t refute the truth that’s coming out but she’s also leaving her stans hanging because she never did anything for them and basically used them to pay her bills and just dropped off the face of the earth after promising more videos yet again. It’s also smart because now she can uncontrollably lie and get caught again lmao

No. 617786

>Doesn't help that some major info has been leaked from myself and Bree

What has Bree said, though?

No. 617796

I wonder what pet she got for christmas that will only live 1/18th of it's lifespan…

No. 617798

Some of the info I mentioned in those screenshots, was from Bree in terms of Taylor’s character, also revolving around the Croc skink deaths, that wasn’t an electrical issue. Taylor literally didn’t keep the humidity up. That was confirmed from Bree as well. I thought I mentioned that. However I might have overlooked it.
This is why I’m open to having someone talk to me and record it/upload because I forget info when I’m on this website because I’m so back and forth on it. It’d be easier to just sit down and let someone pick my brain for awhile. Haha.


No. 617811

Update: Just got a call from Taylor. Kronos has died. She sounded super panicky on the phone and said she fed him the correct diet and maintained proper husbandry. I asked how often she filled her water bowl and she said “Every night.” She’s calling the vet first thing tomorrow morning.


No. 617814


oh shit here we go. I wonder when he actually died, I'm guessing he died and that's why she got off twitter

No. 617816

Tinfoil theory: ACS was asking about Kronos. Something was wrong with him (illness-wise), and she tried to cure it before they could give her trouble for it, she did it wrong but won't admit it like she did for Mushu, and she inadvertently killed him. Gives her a chance to play savior while still being a "tragedy".

No. 617817

why would she call you when you guys haven't been friends, and you've been exposing her here

No. 617820


Wondering this too. I thought you guys weren't on speaking terms.

No. 617821

Me too. Seeing as I didn’t even post that….


No. 617822

Oh great we have a fake.

No. 617824

dude write to the admin at lolcow.farm@gmail.com and get an official tripcode by proving who you are. stop using the signature because as you can see, it's open to fakery:


No. 617825

she'd just say he went to his real owner, her friend.

now if Bindi died… maybe Mushu I dunno.

No. 617834

File: 1545890123518.png (701.34 KB, 1242x2688, 133C490F-0A51-4744-9D4D-98E832…)

No. 617840

>that wasn't obvious
what >>617824 said

No. 617844

Is it possible to get that anon banned? You’re an idiot for pretending to be someone else, especially someone who has milk…

No. 617845

fake ass thot bitch drink some milk with salt in it

No. 617853

Idk why we care about VR getting a tripcode. Taylor watches this thread all day every day. She's not going to tell him shit. He's useless.

Plus he stans her

No. 617862

All these fakes are getting to a point where i wonder if taylor is playing us to show how bad our proof is. Super tinfoily but whats with all the nonsense here lately

No. 617868

People might be trying to make milk in hopes something happens, given how quiet she's been people are probs getting angsty.
OR, this is a huge conspiracy theory on my end so feel free to ignore, Taylor or those close to her are trying to de-rail hoping the fake milk make it into a video so they can call it out.

No. 617869

No. 617871

did she get a new angelfish?

No. 617874


It's definitely a bit conspiracy theory but I'm there with you. I've been wondering since the nonsense with Taylor using a bit on a train ride on someone else's horse. Who the fuck actually cares lol? Felt like stans or her clique trying to stir us up to see if we fell for the bait.

No. 617883


This is so white trash lmao

No. 617885

It's not about caring it's just about not having fakes in the same thread. what he actually says is on him.

No. 617890

also he's gone from staning her to spilling the tea, sure none of it is super damning evidence as of yet but out of all the people was/still sucking taylors hypothetical dick he's the only one that's decided "you know what, fuck her"

No. 617904

LOL she's practically breaking her back to make it look like she has an ass.

No. 617911

Maybe…it’s Taylor herself who posted that!

No. 617914

I definitely can’t take her seriously anymore with the whole “I’m gonna be a better person now” thing. Sorry but if your first move isn’t getting that disgusting rapist out of your life, then you’re definitely not serious about improving it for the better. Gross

No. 617915

She has stains on the back of her pants, stains that look like leak stains. Why would he post that? let her put some clean pants on, jesus

No. 617917

Why does it seem like she’s holding her hair up so you can see the crappy writing on the back? Her hair isn’t even close to long enough to hide the shit words

No. 617936

She probably like always has her extensions in.

No. 617961

Her fishkeeping drives me crazy. If your tank is evaporating that much you’re obviously not doing water changes very often. If it was anyone else, I would give them the benefit of the doubt and believe it’s a preference not to fill all of the way, but I doubt it with her after seeing her tanks with scum on the glass where the waterlines used to be. Yes, shit does happen with fish, but based on everything I keep seeing, I believe she really is killing them by overstocking and poor water maintenance. I’d be shocked if she actually owns a test kit.

No. 617962

Her fishkeeping drives me crazy. If your tank is evaporating that much you’re obviously not doing water changes very often. If it was anyone else, I would give them the benefit of the doubt and believe it’s a preference not to fill all of the way, but I doubt it with her after seeing her tanks with scum on the glass where the waterlines used to be. Yes, shit does happen with fish, but based on everything I keep seeing, I believe she really is killing them by overstocking and poor water maintenance. I’d be shocked if she actually owns a test kit.

No. 617983

I just can’t see her diligently checking water quality and doing regular water changes. In fact I’d be surprised if she even fed them every day. When it comes to large animal collections like hers, fish are usually the first to be neglected since they’re very easy to ignore.

No. 617997

Well, looks lile verification isn’t happening. Sorry guys. Maybe this will be better?

No. 617998

Disregard this I suck cocks

[spoiler] get a tripcode idiot

No. 618006

He's trying too, stop being a dick

No. 618007


How come everytime we have people show up who can give us actual milk you cock ends come out to ruin it? Fuck off, maybe?

No. 618014

Seriously. Thank you for giving us information on Taylor, we appreciate it.

No. 618025

those stains look like period blood and if they are how shitty of JC to post something like that of his gf to social media

No. 618049

We gave VR a tripcode to use. His future posts will be under the name VR!!Ue0J0aqXCI.
If anyone else claims to be him but doesn't use this code, proceed with caution.

No. 618051

>not knowing this meme
fuckoff newfags.

No. 618057

Thank you admins.
Sorry for any confusion everyone.

If you have anymore questions about Taylor, Jonny or her animals you can ask them now that my posts can be verified.

No. 618059


Taylor has shown interest in hots, did she ever mention if she intends to get some?

No. 618060

I’m now assuming that she went silent on social media so she has to take 0 criticism and she can sop up the lovebombing she’s getting at home from Jonny. Seriously ew, wtf is this cringy shit “Sexy Craig?” Honestly makes me want to throw up. Then she can come back with the “new year new me I’m so much better now guise!” when he goes on tour in January, because seriously if she stops making videos what the fuck would she really do all day without Jonny there? She does nothing all day as is with her inconsistent schedule.
Or I guess I’m also not considering that she may just have her “assistants” care for the animals for a month while she follows Jonny all over tour to make sure he doesn’t cheat on her.

No. 618061

It's not a meme, it's being a dick

No. 618067

He got her something with his last name on it, im wondering if he's planning to propose soon if he hasnt already.

No. 618070

she could even be pregnant if she's holding that shirt so awkwardly

No. 618071

Isn't it just merch for his band?

No. 618072

I’m also thinking that he’s gonna be proposing soon too if he hasn’t already. It helps lock her into the abusive cycle, plus if he later divorces her he can get a lot of money from her. But you know, such “goalzz”!!

No. 618073


she's not going to have any money if she keeps things up the way she is, supposedly she's 100k in debt to the IRS

No. 618082

that's her thin line tattoo of a match stick and a tree

No. 618877

pop funkos? et tu, Raven?

No. 618905

So didn't this thread not work for anyone else yesterday?

No. 618906


This thread and two threads in /ot/ apparently suffered the same coding errors.

Please use >>>/pt/618237

No. 619743

I'm really curious about this too. She is such a ego maniac so I really won't be surprised if she will get into hots. Won t even be surprised if it won't be long until she does "to prove how great she is with snakes". Hopefully she has talked about this to him.

No. 671647

Their assistance is through either two people–
Tudy or Riley. Though Riley soon dipped out of the picture, I believe you'll actually see him in a video or two moving shit for them.

can confirm this behavior

I apologize if this is 'old milk', just came across the thread and have dealt with these people in cursory fashions.

No. 671662

this thread is old, use the current one at >>>/pt/669437

No. 671691

glad there's sage back on pt so I don't have to bump an old thread to say, please anon, come to the new thread and talk about anything you want about them, we will all gladly listen. who is Riley?

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