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File: 1565920017386.jpg (677.4 KB, 2309x1301, TND.jpg)

No. 690290

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her new boy crush Oscar.

Previous thread:

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:
> Got her 2 month sobriety chip and is totally sober you guys >>686970
> Made fun of and showed the faces of the people in her NA meeting >>686993
> Moved back in with her mom, but “wasn’t kicked out” >>687002
> Tries to prove “the haters wrong” by bringing all her pets to the vet >>687340
> Has been working on her return video but she’s tired/has PTSD/etc. >>687430
> Twisty is not looking healthy >>687574
> Spergs a lot about iGnORant HaTErZ >>687883
> Became suicidal from three sips of vodka because of genetics >>687947
> Talked to drama channel privately and they were amazed with her care!!1 >>688496 >>688768
> Sarabi (hedgehog) got mange even though “expert vet techs” were looking after her pets >>689026
> Admits to hoarding >>689128
> Has debt and unpaid bills >>689135
> Her boytoy Jake is out of the picture >>689144
> Has been fighting with her mom? >>689369
> Snake food is SOO expensive ($300) >>689451 but spends $1500 on Dolls Kill >>689779
> “All men are trash” but is flirting with a tattooed ex addict youtuber named Oscar >>689637
> Back to doing stupid shit with her snakes >>689816

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals:

> Recent Known Deaths: Ursula (crab)
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Triton (crab), Toast

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor may have been kicked out of her first sober home, and Jake may have been trying to use her for her money hence his disappearance
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 690292

File: 1565920296205.png (1.64 MB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-15-18-47-53…)

Thanks for new thread.

Totally empty water bowls in her "educational tweet".

No. 690295

File: 1565920420381.png (725.88 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-15-18-48-10…)

Second shot of empty bowl. Supposed to show a good tank for juveniles.

Kek at that "cooling system" in the background.

No. 690297

File: 1565920791972.png (534.62 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-15-19-00-08…)

No. 690300

Shouldn't all snakes need two hides? one warm and the other one cold? Also those are breeding bins, even Brian's snakes have more space.

No. 690302

File: 1565921928319.png (226.66 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-15-19-17-09…)

Doesn't know how many snakes she currently has, or how many she "rehomed".

No. 690304

C'mon anon, that water bowl is obviously ~half full. Look at the bottom right corner in the first pic. It has water in it. It's at an uneven level from the bin being pulled out of the rack so it's at a higher level in the front than the back, but if you really think it's "totally empty" you need to get your eyes checked. Let's not give Taylor reasons to claim we make shit up that's obviously untrue.

No. 690306

Didn’t she claim that she didn’t rehome any snakes because they weren’t a problem for her? But then switched it up and said only the aggressive ones? But then said she only rehomed toast because he was sick? Yeah she’s totally telling the truth about everything all the time /s

No. 690307

The fuck? How do you not know how many you have?

This bitch doesn't do shit for her animals, she ignores them for weeks and only takes them out for a photo op. She was nodded out, no wonder her animals got cooked alive.

No. 690308

I love how she made the comment that she couldn't wear the boob-top in public but had posted the photo on her public Twitter. kek Like just shows her delusions about what she thinks 'online' means.

No. 690312


Sorry nonny, maybe I do need my eyes checked. To me it looks like that line is a hard water line, and the substrate at the bottom looks dried. Maybe a speck of a puddle in the very right corner, but I don't see half full.

If I'm wrong, mea culpa.
But it wouldn't be the first empty water bowl she's shown.

No. 690314

Different anon, but the water's sloshed to the side in that bowl, but it's definitely 1/4-1/2 full.

There's plenty of pix without water in, this is probably the only one I've seen that actually has some in the bowl.

No. 690315

File: 1565923353763.jpg (346.38 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190815-194243.jpg)

Ofc she retweeted this

No. 690316

File: 1565923518609.jpg (563.88 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190815-194548.jpg)

The irony

No. 690317

File: 1565923735988.jpeg (281.68 KB, 1125x929, 8F015C2A-55D8-448D-A6BC-6D84F9…)

Was too late to post my contribution for thread pics but I’m just gonna leave this here anyway, especially as she’s going full force in lying about her shitty snake care right now

No. 690323

Lmao in that photo you tagged, you can clearly see her holding Salem back/pulling him away from the rat snake.

No. 690324

File: 1565924935373.jpg (559.06 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190815-200927.jpg)

No. 690327

Okay I have owned four spider morphs in the past (one norm, 3 bumblebees). 3 were babies when they came to me. They ALL had wobbles starting at at least two months old.

No. 690328

We've also already seen him wobble in the hotel videos. She's just an idiot and thinks her spider is special.

No. 690336

File: 1565927940475.jpg (365.77 KB, 1080x1512, Dipshitwithasnake.jpg)

Comin in hot with the shitty advice. Did she seriously just say it's cool if the snake can wrap around the perimeter of the cage 2x?

No. 690342

is it really possible to have "too big" an enclosure? As long as you fill it with enough hides/clutter/enrichment I would think there's no such thing as "too big". She's probably picturing a completely empty enclosure like she has for Bindi and I'm sure a lot of the snakes we haven't seen in their bins yet.

No. 690345

File: 1565928666251.png (261.53 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190816-000544.png)

She has a 2nd Instagram account to dump photos she doesn't want on her main.

No. 690346

File: 1565929191709.png (466.5 KB, 983x1600, E2003E46-DE5D-4B81-9B9B-27E2B0…)

I know this pic is kind of confusing but it’s the best way to describe what I mean
So she either meant the tank should be large enough that a snake could fit twice, so essentially double the length of the snake (top box)
Or, she meant that a tank can be small enough that a snake can wrap around the tank twice, doubling up on itself (bottom box)
Hope that makes sense, because I don’t know what she meant

No. 690347

I think she means the second one ("wrap their body around the tank" implies a full circle) which seems tiny.

No. 690348

(anon who made it) I’m more inclined to think that as well, especially because she’s claiming a commonly used size is “a little large” but we all know she’s not good with words at all so I thought I’d make a quick reference photo for others to speak on to see what they think.

No. 690350

File: 1565930996579.jpeg (459.55 KB, 1242x2688, 7F9E05B5-59A6-42CA-B00F-42721A…)

No. 690351

File: 1565931054195.jpeg (421.17 KB, 1242x2688, 7851DBBF-7239-4A84-A0F1-7FEC58…)

No. 690353

File: 1565932869593.png (2.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-16-01-18-51…)

-baby steps when getting sober
-tips for sobriety
-how to know if you're an addict

I don't think a list could be more generalized.

No. 690354

Why is she writing notes if it's already filmed and coming out tomorrow?

No. 690355


lol right above those is "My (something) let's talk about mental health"

sounds like a super duper original well researched and detailed video about sobriety is coming out tomorrow!

No. 690360

File: 1565936620845.jpg (425.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190815-232333.jpg)

Just "rehomed" (abandoned) a bunch of animals but she's still shopping. Original tweet was deleted

No. 690361

File: 1565936673780.jpg (630.07 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190815-232316.jpg)

No. 690364

…what? not even a funny joke lul she’s delusionally obsessed with dick jesus

No. 690369

File: 1565940773972.jpeg (905.26 KB, 1242x1624, F6960868-6C99-40F1-A923-398257…)

Always gotta chase that clout.
Right on, Taylor.

No. 690384

i just noticed that jonny isn't included in the thread description. is it still milky if he talks about taylor in any way? what are the restrictions to posting about jonny

No. 690386

if he talks about taylor, just go for it. other than that he's dropping in relevancy.

No. 690390

At least H3h3 is a decent dude. If he started seeing her it might actually be a positive dynamic

No. 690392

I guess you missed all the racist shit he's done.

Regardless, he's not a pedophile so she has no interest in actually talking to him. She just wants to piggyback off of his post and get the attention.

No. 690399

sage your unpopular opinions lol Ethan is not a decent dude

hopefully Taylor's inevitable trip to Vegas to meet this new creep (and probably relapse) will lead Jonny to spill the milk. other than that, he's not worth talking about.

No. 690400

File: 1565961104358.jpeg (835.71 KB, 1242x1626, 5E0AE421-F672-409D-8749-3B5533…)

“Occasional” selfies…kek more like occasional animal photos…tons of selfies…

No. 690404

h3h3 is married and has a baby…

No. 690409

oh come on, anon, she is just showing a little underboob in the privacy of her titter #freetheunderbob

No. 690411

good post. it's ironic that the snake looks "scared". her lies and mental gymmastics are insane. I wish her fans didn't enable this behaviour and that she didn't get the chance to hurt all these animals and to use them as props and band-aids

No. 690422

Snakeanon here. Yes and no. A really big enclosure could make a snake, like a ball python, feel really insecure even if it’s heavily planted with lots of hides. And then they can go off their food (they’re fussy). That said, it kindof depends on the snake. I see where you’re going with this. Why not err on the side of giving them more than just the bare minimum of space?

No. 690428

Why does she need another IG account? There are a lot of IG influencers with more followers than her that manage all the content on their page just fine, of course they have to treat it like a job though.

Tinfoil: I think she’s going to start testing the waters of posting “sexy selfies” on her main account to see what reaction she gets. If it’s negative, she can tell her animal content followers to follow her other page that promises more animal pics. Could you imagine the meltdown she would have if she lost followers (aka attention) on social media. How is she going to juggle two IG accounts if she’s already overwhelmed with this one. Something just doesn’t make sense about this.

No. 690429

Another snake anon here, that's a old myth there is no snake that will be scared from a large enclosure as long as it has sufficient hides and cover. Otherwise snakes would be panicking 24/7 in the wild because there are no walls.

No. 690432

File: 1565972484281.png (83.91 KB, 1190x452, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 9.18…)


No. 690433

what funnier are all the responses telling him to send it to her work lol

No. 690435


Why didn't he just say flowers?

three dozen roses !! lol

No. 690442

I can hear Taylor's narc brain exploding at this lol. she can't assume it's for her or she might scare him off by DMing him her address, but if it's about someone else she'll take it as a personal insult that he could be interested in another woman

No. 690443


Everywhere i have read that is actually reputable states that (for a ball python) a 4x2x2 is the minimum and adult should be kept in.

No. 690450

File: 1565981655168.png (316.1 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-16-11-51-40…)

Thirsty Tattoos are the best way to find a brofriend that treats you nicely.

No. 690452

"Muh snakes are so expensive I have so many bills"

Spends $1500 on clothes and is now getting a tattoo

Where's that video Tay?

No. 690453

File: 1565983121712.png (19.29 KB, 625x146, LURKING.PNG)

From last thread

No. 690454

well. if the shoe fits…

No. 690455

You were always an idiot Tay. It has nothing to do with the heroin. You are just fucking stupid naturally.

No. 690459

Man, I hear those hackers on the funnie cow website can help dox to get an address /s

No. 690460

File: 1565985771621.png (306.63 KB, 750x1334, C7EA97E4-7557-4F54-B642-BD628A…)

Throwback to just a few days ago her “crush” said this. Well if he isn’t a female version of Taylor idk what is. Together they can continue their coke train fun together

No. 690464

File: 1565988015516.jpeg (526.04 KB, 1936x1452, 77E00EAA-D693-4892-A14B-80721D…)

interesting she only posted one crested gecko

No. 690465

File: 1565988049404.jpeg (638.71 KB, 1936x1452, 25CDC940-DCC6-4998-A4B7-BE0B87…)

No. 690466

I’m confused by Taylor’s second account? She built her entire career off her animals, and now wants to redirect everything over to a different area?
I can’t see this ending well. 10 year olds don’t want to learn about heroin. They want animals.

No. 690467

File: 1565988403628.png (254.09 KB, 750x1334, 0D4078C8-E867-470C-B97B-18976F…)

Kronos is gone

No. 690468

File: 1565989114977.png (258.52 KB, 750x1334, 304A7F29-70E4-436A-A58D-B08014…)

I think we all knew this was the case..but it took her long enough to say anything and I bet she cried lmao

No. 690470

Those tweets about Kronos almost sounds like she’s blaming her parents and everyone but herself for having to get rid of him…haha crazy right? Who would have thought she wouldn’t take responsibility about anything ever

No. 690471

I know, you would think she would keep her main account focused on her animals and the second for her half naked selfies and Narcissistic rantings but does this surprise us anymore? Haha NO

No. 690472

I would say “interesting” that she didn’t post the second crested Gek but I think he/she was prolly fried or died because of Tay’s mWauH addictive personality and neglect. Oops I mean he was rehomed before rehab.

No. 690473

File: 1565989685577.png (277.55 KB, 750x1334, 90EB610F-019D-4B14-B557-F50CF0…)

Her blame game is strong today gUyZ

No. 690474

Most likely posted only one gecko because they’re expert hiders and nocturnal. Not like waking up an animal to take a picture ever stopped her before. But from experience, tearing apart a cresties cage isn’t fun.

No. 690475

File: 1565989864794.png (260.93 KB, 750x1334, 5A262A87-14FE-4AB4-84B4-BEB054…)

Yeah I bet bahahaha she prolly gave him away to whoever was first to msg her, that is even if he was “rehomed”. Wonder if she will start sperging about how she’s gunna go to the guys house and film her “rehomed” animals for a YT video like she claims she’s going to do

No. 690476

File: 1565989967576.png (269.82 KB, 750x1334, 5671457D-9396-411A-8A7C-5D8B6C…)

Tate’s “rehomed” too.

No. 690478

File: 1565990125681.png (1.85 MB, 750x1334, 72CFF9BA-23D5-4F09-B18A-0F1F4B…)

Nitpick but look at all the cat hair on her hoody ewwww(autistic nitpicking)

No. 690479

She purchased Tate in December 2017, so he would be a year and a half - two years old (idk how old they are when they're sold at expos). Wouldn't he have been OK to have not eaten while she was in rehab? She was only gone for a month, she could have fed him when she got back, right? Or if we're going with the "rescue" story, wouldn't they have been able to feed him twice (every two ish weeks) while she was gone?

No. 690480

This is one of the stupidest nitpicks I've ever seen. If you own a cat or dog, you're going to have pet hair on you. She has three cats and two dogs in the house. Jfc.

No. 690483


Didn't she claim she already bought that pricey 9 foot cage for him?
Also, that rescue came every day?

No. 690485

Is Tate her only snake that ate live? It's not the only snake she rehomed. She said that yesterday.


Also she was gone less than 1 month. He would have lived.

No. 690487

That Oscar guy is friends with Jonny ohhhh you so classy Taylor…. She needs to peep his ex’s Instagram for tips on how to shower and not look like a nasty bum

No. 690489


>That Oscar guy is friends with Jonny

I'm beginning to wonder if this is some kind of setup by Jonny…

No. 690490

that lump of leg sticking through her crotchless stockings wtf

No. 690492

File: 1565992481513.jpg (475.9 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190816-145457.jpg)

No. 690494

File: 1565992658354.jpeg (87.1 KB, 1123x577, 3A09E1F3-FC54-4A6C-9A91-8C4BB3…)

I was checking her Instagram and Twitter to see when Phoenix was last seen post rehab. I couldn’t find anything so if anyone else remembers? Anyway I saw on twitter when she was taking her animals to the vet 3 at a time and posting. Didn’t she just take the rats and then 3 snakes? What happened to taking the rest and posting about it?

No. 690495

No. 690496

File: 1565992967091.png (281.88 KB, 548x746, GF.png)

No. 690497

File: 1565992956979.jpg (89.75 KB, 365x289, 20190816_174614.jpg)

No. 690498

Idk if I'm an idiot but it's super weird to me that Bindi seems to have doubled in size since she was last seen? Imgur album so I don't have to spam pics when I might just be stupid: https://imgur.com/a/vdElD0n
What do you guys think?

No. 690499

On some level she really is Shayna 2.0.

No. 690500

haha, how could she miss this?

No. 690501

Taylor in 5 mintues on twitter- "I know people are asking about why i'm "talking" to an guy whose friend with my ex…"

No. 690502

Save yourself Oscar!! She’ll just pull you back into drugs… I mean if the smell of grease and fish from lack of showering sprinkled with cat hair is your thing then do you booboo…. but a side by side of her and his ex rachall….. yaaaaaaa sit down Taylor you def the poor mans Rachall

No. 690504

Rachall selfies vs Taylor selfies…. don’t do drugs kids!!!

No. 690505

File: 1565993776897.png (27.8 KB, 574x278, OscarMama.png)

No. 690506

Oscar is already shit on his own, getting with Taylor will just make him shit with Maggots on it.

No. 690507

Oh mom's supporting the new fucked up brofriend.

No. 690509

… Who happens to be buddies with her incredibly toxic ex

No. 690510

Seems plausible shes done it before I don't doubt she's done it again.

No. 690511

how old is this guy? isn't he older than jonny?

No. 690514

Good grief. If you have pets, you have pet hair…ew yourself on another thread.

No. 690516

File: 1565995174289.jpg (486.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190816-174003_Chr…)

No. 690517

34 year old druggie / possible sexual asssaulter… For the second time. Taylor sure knows how to pick 'em!

No. 690518

I can see Jonny trying to get him to relay messages to Taylor already

No. 690519

He's just as gross as Jonny lol omg

No. 690520

File: 1565995937316.jpeg (332.41 KB, 1242x1978, FA7A4996-177C-47BF-AF95-15FFB1…)


Of what? SC filters, auto tune, and ripping off other people’s music?

No. 690521

File: 1565996033608.png (172.54 KB, 750x1334, D778334C-E01D-4C4F-BD26-4F77C4…)

Her fans already harassing him…

No. 690522


C'mon guys, she's broke! She needs a new 'famous' boyfriend and fast!

No. 690523

At least this one has all his own teeth

No. 690525

sorry if already posted, but the 2nd to last note reads, "tips for sobriety." the nerve of this bitch.

No. 690526

File: 1565996626809.png (172.38 KB, 750x1334, D778334C-E01D-4C4F-BD26-4F77C4…)

No. 690528

Ha ha, right? Save 40k right off the bat!

Oh gawd, her narc high right now is probably feeling better than H.

I "ship" this so hard. Imagine the milk!

No. 690531

File: 1565998083356.jpeg (420.62 KB, 1134x1935, E573310E-8B6F-4E4D-BE9F-B59306…)

From discord a few days ago

No. 690533

File: 1565999365178.png (224.58 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-16-16-48-07…)

TayTay is making a big deal about this account.
Anything to get attention from a brofriend, eh Tay?

No. 690537

Seeing this video just reminds me how much she has fucked her lips up.

No. 690538

File: 1566000222770.jpeg (631.69 KB, 3264x2136, D658C132-86FB-4572-B5BC-FA3B16…)

tHeSe aRe mY cOmPleTeLy nAtuRaL nO FiLleR liPs

No. 690540

“Sober…I’ll tell you I love you…give you a kiss…on your shoulder”.
Taylor would think that’s “King!”…. ooof please don’t repeat your gene pool

No. 690541

This is some cringy 2004 MySpace scene kid level shit. Wow the amount of secondhand embarassment is real.

No. 690542


I noticed that too. I'm wondering if her mom has actually been feeding her properly and taylor never did so it stunted her growth for the first couple years

No. 690543

she claimed the rescue was living there too but… you know.

No. 690545

He’s fucking hideous. Taylor sure likes ugly huh

No. 690546

I don't get how she's making a big deal out of this account. What stans or haters post isn't important anyway.

No. 690547

this guy ticks all the boxes, if he's got a secret kid he's perfect!

No. 690556

she used to be so pretty now she fucked up her life and her face, and she hasn't even reached 25 yet!

Just thinking about how she's spending all her money on slutty clothes just to lounge around her parents house is a major LOL

If she had a brain, she would probably be living in a big house she bought in LA while having a dream job but she's choosing boys with effy histories, spending money while not paying bills (as if money will come her way forever), and living back at her moms. I wouldn't be surprised if she relapsed because she didn't take her rehab seriously.

No. 690558

i do, that's where all her camgirl shit is gonna go.

No. 690559

File: 1566006883725.jpeg (202.02 KB, 1241x1215, 8D917340-5BE2-4A83-B578-F80658…)

Does MannyMUA count?

No. 690563


Kek. He's 34 years old and still does this shit?

No. 690566

File: 1566010762478.png (1.99 MB, 1242x2208, E1E8D30F-ABF3-4BDE-BDE5-2A1099…)

Even snake breeders arent safe from her ranting all about her addiction any chance she can get. Was that AT ALL necessary? Jfc

No. 690568

She really could’ve cut that down to

“Hey, still selling that snake I want?”

If anyone was renting a house or selling an animal and you have the notoriety of TND why the absolute fuck would you flex it instead of hiding it

No. 690570

Where is this from? Don't see it on her Twitter.

Also I thought she was able to get her pets back from the rescue whenever she wants because she's so perfect and amazing

No. 690571

File: 1566011912065.jpg (539.19 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190816-201829.jpg)

Yeah she's still pretending they can come back and the original tweet was deleted

No. 690573

File: 1566012043767.png (1.71 MB, 1439x1666, Capture _2019-08-16-23-08-19.p…)

It's another of TND's classic tweets and deletes I'm afraid.

She did post this on her twitter about the snake though.

No. 690574

File: 1566012063406.jpg (416.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190816-202107.jpg)

My body is ready for another total trainwreck

No. 690575

File: 1566012327876.png (1.47 MB, 1242x2208, E4C977D9-05EF-42FD-81E8-5762F0…)

This was the original tweet, now deleted

No. 690576

Did one person make a mean comment & she deleted it so she can write to that one person in another tweet?

No. 690578

and by "mean" I mean someone criticized her.

No. 690580

File: 1566013125905.png (1.75 MB, 1440x2789, Screenshot_20190816-233619.png)

Top kek, she thinks she's getting a deal for $300 shipped when it's $250+ shipping. I'll be honest, when I saw this snake pop up, I almost bought it cuz I knew Taylor was going to cream herself over it. With a shitty story like that, who would sell to her? "Hi I rehomed 3 but would like another plz!?!'

No. 690581

Not only that, but this is a breeder she bought a snake from and then was like nvm I don't want it

"Traded back" lol

No. 690583

Omfg she's back on the "vodka triggered me" rant

No. 690587

File: 1566014423007.png (693.44 KB, 1242x2208, 6A200D2D-F5DC-4D77-A459-A1DEA3…)

Dont I remember her saying before that she had no choice in the matter and accidentally picked up a friends drink and thats how she ended up suicidal in the morning?

No. 690590

The more she does the "OmG It TriGgEred SoMeThiNg In My BraIn" the more she sounds like a vampire

No. 690592

Tinfoil this account is just a Stan trying to make Taylor's "haters" look like crazy stalkers.

No. 690593

File: 1566015768649.jpeg (369.21 KB, 1536x753, 2034C091-71E2-409B-BCE4-60F4C9…)

No. 690596

So this email >>690575 was sent to someone diff than this text >>690573 . That means the breeder she sent her life story to denied her a snake and so she texted someone new. Real desperate to get a splotched… I wonder why that snake specifically

No. 690597

tinfoil to your tinfoil: it's Taylor running the account

No. 690599

I don’t know the top of the email says “number is” and it’s blacked out

No. 690600

What in the autism kind of reach of this?

No. 690603

It's a stretch, but the ones she bought before were at a local expo. This guy is in Oregon. I get the feeling this small breeder guy doesn't drive across the entire country (a 1 day 8hr drive) just to sell milksnakes in TX… I don't think this is the same person.

No. 690606

Her story wasn't that she didn't want it, the story was that the snake was sick. Because Taylor would NEVER rehome her animals voluntarily, it's always some other thing/person's fault!!!1!!!!!1!!/s

No. 690611

Didn't she literally say like yesterday that she's never had a problem with snakes escaping?

No. 690613

File: 1566022040345.jpeg (483.54 KB, 1242x1003, 9B5C9DE4-63A5-4475-AB31-30C775…)

No. 690614

i realize it is unlikely, hence presenting it half jokingly and as a spoilered tinfoil to a tinfoil, but it is not utterly impossible either, if you take Papa Dean at his word about how Taylor behaves (from the caps from two threads ago):


No. 690616

He gives me gay vibes (bi at least) after watching the video. Him also tweeting MannYMUA is also sus. lol

No. 690617

She's talking like she's been in a cult and got brainwashed the last couple of months.

No. 690618

File: 1566026857405.jpeg (346.96 KB, 1242x1543, 92A642BE-834E-4DBC-B31B-ADEC7F…)

So, I will admit, I went back to a few old threads. And she’s jumped back and forth between her snakes being “effortless” and “not a problem” for her, but she’s now claimed to have rehomed:
2 milk snakes, Tate, and Toast.

No. 690621

File: 1566027141513.png (659.5 KB, 1242x2208, FAF03D4A-DC75-4BE6-80C9-317FC5…)

Here we go…

No. 690622

Didnt she say the breeder of her original splotched milkshake sold her a sick snake and that's why she "returned it" if so, why would she go back to that same breeder for another snake????

No. 690625

File: 1566028445485.jpg (202.15 KB, 1536x393, Screenshot_20190817-095100.jpg)

The way she has spun how addiction works to avoid ANY form of responsibility is genuinely insane. She makes addiction sound ridiculous as hell.

Also kek at her going on about the romanization of drugs again. Okay Mrs "I love roxies".

No. 690626

File: 1566029733367.jpeg (266.18 KB, 828x1457, 67716F7C-BEDE-4F1A-919A-367ECD…)

Her newer pair of croc skinks are gone.

No. 690627

File: 1566030338752.jpeg (468.3 KB, 828x1452, 965747E4-4614-4844-8705-F8A938…)

No. 690628

yes valentino i believe

No. 690629

The frog is definitely dead. She has treated both her frogs like complete shit.

No. 690630

Bet she took this tweet as an opportunity to give him her adress in hopes he sends her roses?

No. 690633


I mean at this point she's basically just perpetuating the gateway drug theory so idk why she doesn't just use that term? It's well known that there is some substance to that theory, but the connection is much stronger between marijuana on to harder drugs than goddamn vodka.. The concept that the trigger will happen so immediately that you enter a mental breakdown looking for your next fix within hours or days is also pretty laughable

No. 690634

I- didn't she herself come up with the "addicts can't use mouthwash or eat food cooked with alcohol" thing and yet she also claims "a few sips" of alcohol made her freak out and activated her Addict Gene™. Has this bitch never used mouthwash before lol??? I mean her claim that a few sips of vodka made her suicidal is dumb as fuck but by her own logic, wouldn't her transition into Super Junkie have started a little earlier?

No. 690639

File: 1566037900349.jpg (528.2 KB, 809x2085, 1549316684555.jpg)

This is what she originally said about Valentino.

No. 690640

Sure, the breeder was "obsessed" with him, just like the vet was "obsessed" with her rats. This must be another one of her lie-indication words.

No. 690646

And when she was "in recovery" when still with Jonny and said it was cool to drink alcohol.

No. 690647

File: 1566042588501.jpg (190.8 KB, 1536x341, Screenshot_20190817-134736.jpg)

She also claimed drinking ciders helped with her anxiety during that time and her doctors and therapist were fine with that, which directly contradicts her "after I drank alcohol I became suicidal and it triggered the addict in my brain". (Hell I feel ridiculous even saying this, how does she think this is a valid and good excuse?)

No. 690652

File: 1566046441379.jpeg (239.7 KB, 1536x2048, ECD0DzWWkAAbQl5.jpeg)


Please downloaded the full size images.



No. 690663

Who was debating 90 days exactly? She acts like you hand your life over to rehab and then they make all of your decisions for you from then on out. She obviously wasted the few days she was actually in rehab.
She literally also said she tried to commit suicide the next day too. What a tryhard idiot.

No. 690668

why does she have to give out so. much. information lol. she really is addicted to attention

No. 690671

Will it be out or not? Place your bets!

No. 690672

So in this post >>690566 she makes a big deal out of not accepting a new healthy animal back from the breeder. But in this email to the breeder >>690639 she def uses the word traded. My bet: her current splotched wasn't eating, so she offered the breeder a trade for a diff animal. I just don't know what she got instead. Sage for major tinfoil. Also, I would hold off on assuming there's another milksnake until it's confirmed (as in Tay posts a pic of it at her place).

No. 690673

It won't! It's gonna be internet problems or a panic attack. Tough to pick. Lmfao.

No. 690690

Good catch anon, she confirmed herself her indirectly pretty much that Gucci did indeed escape and ate her mouse Gus in doing so. What an idiot kek. Guess that's why this was deleted. So I guess she rehomed Gucci 1 and 2 huh.

No. 690691

She wasn't even there for 30 days. Plus who the fuck thinks 30 days for a girl allegedly addicted to fentanyl is enough? No one.

No. 690692

Nah she's gonna be "sick"

Anyone else notice how she hasn't been sick at all since she got out of rehab? Well now it's time to start since she is supposed to do work

No. 690693

Before this thread gets too long, Id like to point out that she has an entire video with kronos playing with dead mice on his head which, he did in fact, eat in the vid. She is so fucking stupid. My god

No. 690695

lmao at her being 16 years old again by having her parents do everything for her once more. Who wants to bet she just stays in bed all day while her mom cleans her room and takes care of her animals? More enabling her crazy delusions about her multiple personalities and illnesses.

No. 690697

She’s talking like she’s been in a cult because that’s literally what AA meetings are lol

No. 690700


I get so much schadenfreude thinking of her, stuck in her bedroom with her hoard, playing dress up to post thirsty selfies on Twitter and going "out" for a crepe dressed like Luna is the extent of her offline social interaction.

Also shipping this cringey Oscar thing that is developing.

I love this cow!

No. 690701

And there's also her fucked sleeping schedule, so she doesn't have to face her parents. So much for "I sleep so much better with nemo". It's so wild how to literally everything she says, there is a recent thing out there in the form of her own statement to contradict it.

Case in point with the Kronos video >>690693 pointed out and her saying he only eats live now. Or her whole "muh ciders for anxiety!" VS now claiming how one sip of vodka made her suidicidal and activated her junkie brain kek.

No. 690704

Remember Emzotic self-posting really terrible shit and nitpicking about herself that even other anons were like 'hey, you're going too far'
Not that I believe in this tin foil at all. I don't think that account is fake, I don't even think it's that much of an issue.

Does anyone know when she actually got those new croc skinks? Last i heard she had ordered them, i never even saw a pic of her with em.

No. 690706

They were ordered before she announced hers died. I don't think we ever saw them?

No. 690709

Yes, NA/AA meetings are very much cultish but a lot of people stay clean because of the meetings and the comradery that comes along with them. Certainly it’s not the only way because atheists exist. But TND is repeating what she hears without fully understanding. You take what you need and leave the rest. She is now an expert on any and all recovery because she went to a few meetings. I wonder when was the last time she went to a meeting?
It’s just like her animal care, she knows more than everybody else and she’s perfect at it.

No. 690716

The funny thing is she thinks she's going to make money from this video. That's why she's been spending like crazy because she knows it'll get a ton of views, I'm sure she'll flip out when she sees she's not getting paid for this one.

No. 690718

No she'll say, "Guys, I knew this video was going to be demonetized. I won't lie, I would want it to be because a girl has bills to pay lol, but I knew making this would help people and there's nothing more valuable to me than that! Thats my goal here!"

No. 690720

Placing bets that she's going to venture into Patreon donations to support her making the content because it's important work, but she can't afford to do it without money coming in.

It's the perfect scam. Monthly donations and she'll probably make 2-3 videos in the year, yet keep getting the monthly pledges. Of course she'll make apology videos about why she isn't making her addiction videos consistently; those videos WILL make money.

If you're a Taylor fan reading this; please realize you're being played if she goes this route with her addiction videos.

No. 690729

Her parents are idiots not to impose some sort of rules to live in their home. Cold day in hell when my 22 year old lives in my house like a fucking guest and keeps strange hours.

No. 690731

Bets on her excuses for video not coming out - I felt so panicky and anxious about this video and I just don't feel ready to deal with the comments I might get today, OR, I had difficulty getting my intro or ending finished and perfect and I don't want to release it until it's just right since it's so important to me as my return video!

No. 690732

File: 1566071095878.jpg (932.69 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190817-095205_You…)

Yup. defibately eats live. Not dead mice or reptilinks. /s

No. 690733

Right?!? Rehomes animals to come live at home and then buys /more/ to replace the ones she got rid of? Even worse if mama Dean is still helping to take care of them. Nope, find your own place first.

No. 690735

I do think the real reason why she isn’t uploading is because she is really insecure. She always has been aside from being lazy, but now she’s more insecure than before.

No. 690736

I bet after the vid her subs will go down drastically. Her following on Twitter is mostly her braindead stans, but on YT there's a lot of casual subscribers that watch her for the animals and won't fall for her "addiction is a disease, not my fault!!" bullshit.

No. 690737


Of course she's insecure. Twitter is the bubble that keeps her ego intact and kisses her ass and treats her like she's the expert on animals and addiction.

If she uploads, people will call her out.

No. 690739

pretty sure the whole eating live issue as about Tate, not Kronos to begin with

No. 690742

Her stepping into addiction youtube is probably going to be interesting. I don't follow any of those people but I imagine they're unlikely to just accept people that talk shit like she does. Plus how are her fans gonna defend her to people that know their shit

No. 690743


So true, That's the best thing about this video, TBH. When she returns to youtube other YouTubers are going to make reactions to her video. Some will kiss ass but others won't.

I can already see them, "10 reasons ways that TND is wrong about addiction" "Fact-Checking Taylor Nicole Dean's New video"

(Anon you were responding to I cleaned up my comment)

No. 690744


It's too bad no one with credibility will do that.
So far I've only seen TheRewiredSoul call her out, but people have plenty of reason to dismiss him already.

No. 690747

The animals unseen and rehomed make 12 which is what she is claiming except for when she said "11 or 12" (how the fuck could you not know how many animals you rehomed, shows how much she cares)

The random selection of animals that have been rehomed don't make sense. Her "reasons" were because of being aggressive, eating live, or that they were too big (Kronos), or that they escaped? None of it makes sense.

Tinfoil but I think part of the reason why it makes no sense was probably because Jen was trying to make her get rid of as many as possible, so tried to come up with reasons to her why she had to rehome them.
I don't know though. If she had "some other helper" coming to care for them, why would Toast, Tate, Prada, and Gucci be such problems? They would be so easy to take care of and fit in her stupid rack.

No. 690749

lol, funny how she hasn’t rehomed any expensive+trendy snakes. just the old and boring ones

No. 690752

Well maybe another credible source will really dislike the dangerous info TND is giving out to her child fans about drugs and addiction. Like somebody with years of sobriety and not weeks. One can only hope. She’s going to have blood on her hands if an impressionable stan takes her by her word. TRS definitely doesn’t count.

No. 690758


Don't worry, I'm just waiting to see what she has to say.

No. 690759


samefag, meant to reply to >>690752 woops

No. 690760

I'd say the last time she went to a meeting was went she photographed her friends from the meeting afterwards.

a narc opportunist recovered addict with no qualifications calling out another narc recovered addict… yeah he'll never be a hero. why don't what taylor puts out -if anything- then let youtube take its course.

No. 690772

File: 1566084644744.jpeg (234.98 KB, 1242x1018, 3DDF4737-E888-47C5-A134-7BC63C…)

This will be up before Taylor’s!

No. 690774

The male Taylor

No. 690775

Question for snake anons, are anacondas captive bred? Because I'm from South America and capturing/hunting them is very illegal and she would giving money to an extremely destructive industry. What would she even feed them? Am I thinking of the wrong snake?

No. 690776

Yes you can get them captive bred, but they're quite expensive. Both yellow and green anacondas grow slowly, but get very large and a green would probably have to eat pigs as an adult.

No. 690777


Taylor couldn't handle Kronos, how the hell is she going to handle an anaconda? They get massive and require like 2-3 people to handle/move them when they reach full size. With her "EDS" how does she realistically think she can care for one properly and also have the space? She's absolutely delusional.

It would be able to eat her cats if she fucks up.

No. 690778

Taylor doesn't give a shit about reptile/exotic smuggling. She supports it, essentially. Wild-caught is a pretty fucking cute name for what really goes on.

Like, no Australian wildlife left the country legally or safely, one example, because it's just not allowed. Just one example of many, I'm sure anons here could cite examples from their countries: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-01/more-than-200-native-animals-seized-by-police-near-wa-sa-border/9715188

No. 690779


Taylor 100% supports it despite saying in the past not to buy wild-caught. If she wants an animal and they are only available by being wild-caught, then she'll buy them because she wants it. At the end of the day, her own greed and selfishness outweighs ethics and morals. Then Taylor will proceed to sperg all over Twitter in another of her "do as I say not as I do" rants as if she's some kind of saint.

If you buy wild caught animals, you support the smuggling industry. End of story.

No. 690787

She's not going to handle them when her mommy can do it! She'll probably just be in bed complaining how sick she feels and mommy will be right there then her mom will passive aggressively post on twitter about her own kids. Whole family is basically rich white trash.

No. 690790

File: 1566091675976.jpeg (138.97 KB, 750x850, 285B87E7-8FDA-42C0-875A-2845B5…)


No. 690791

her new upload will probably be "MY NEW PETS" because that's basically the only videos that youtubers get and only thing these teens want. I'd be shocked if it's about her addiction and all that because it'll be so funny seeing some of her stans disappointed they didn't see any animals.

No. 690792

I'm betting she will try and get her hands on a Green Anaconda or a Reticulated Python because Taylor's got shit for brains and only wants cool animals to make herself appear more likeable and edgy and probably helps her get dick, because we all know she has NO personality or any redeemable traits or talent.

No. 690793

I don't think that's entirely true considering the US doesn't have strict laws against a lot of non native species. For example, Childrens, stimsons, spotted pythons, a few lizards and some dragons have legally been allowed over there whereas a lot of others aren't.
Here in Aus, we aren't aloud ANY non native species to enter the country after the Cane toad epidemic happened which doesn't stop people but it's more heavily regulated in this country on what goes in and out.

Taylor doesn't give a shit though, she's had wild caught before, even hermit crabs which is so wrong, and shows she does not research anything she buys, it happened when she got the Moniter and thought it was a completely different species.

Taylor just impulse buys anything that looks cool and doesn't do any research on them, she probably skims over a basic ass care shit and thinks she's Steve Irwin after.

No. 690794

File: 1566092584482.jpg (556.27 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-184318.jpg)

Suddenly having a bad day since she needs to do work

No. 690795

"be the living proof that recovery is possible" there's MILLIONS of living proof, what the fuck? Lol.

No. 690796

Oh gosh who could have possibly thought this would happen, imagine my shock! Wow I couldn't have predicted this would happen at all she's usually so reliable and never pushes every single video she makes back a few days oh wow she's having a bad day with recovery, none of us seen this coming at all

No. 690797

Anon >>690692 was on the ball but who is surprised.

She says it's "getting late" at 8:30pm in Texas. Has she not been waking up in the evening anyway?

No. 690799


More like "I just woke up and I'm too lazy to work, but it's night time so these kids will believe me if I say it's too late now"

No. 690800

File: 1566093441112.jpeg (577.78 KB, 1125x1054, 11D9D27A-BC84-404F-822E-BF441D…)

Hi I’m Sooo busy editing and having such a bad day that I can’t finish editing in time but I have time to stand in front of a mirror, get dressed up and take selfies uwu

No. 690801

File: 1566093752381.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x1758, 700CB734-5066-45DE-A8D9-08CACA…)

No. 690802

File: 1566093765839.jpg (61.87 KB, 577x433, Assandtitties.jpg)

No. 690805


sage for nitpick and 0 contribution. looks like she is going for a discounted ddlg sw look. it's her current favorite abhorrent mix of shit.

ddlg top, "lolita" heart frames, dllg (ugly) heart choker, and pigtails.

i mean she's gotta purposely be pulling off a teen pornstar look?

No. 690806

it's about animals exiting certain countries that they aren't allowed to, by being smuggled out. not import or possession laws. the other anon brought up the hunting/capture of anacondas being illegal, and Aus wildlife is another example of that. it doesn't affect the end owner (Taylor in this instance) since the animal may not be illegal to possess in their country. but it supports organised crime and animal abuse.

No. 690809

100% she's hopping on this daddy thing real late. Maybe her new beau has expressed a liking? Pink suits almost no-one and shows the dirt like a motherfucker, so we should be in for some delightfully grody looks.

No. 690812

She's attracted to pedophiles so no surprise here

"Unforeseen issues"
Literally everyone predicted this.

No. 690813

Why is she taking selfies in the same hideous outfit AGAIN? We got it the first time. I guess she’s hoping she gets attention from her new love interest since he hasn’t tweeted at her today.

Also notice how she’s agreeing with her stans about how they should become an item. Not friends with benefits aka bro dick, but an actual couple. It’s laughable how she has absolutely no desire to turn her life around yet all these little kids think she’s changed her life for the better. Good god she can’t even stay away from shitty men for more than a day. She was literally never single for more than a day according to her own timeline of breaking up with Jonny and immediately throwing her box at her bro friend in rehab. There’s no way in hell that she’s in IOP, attending meetings, and on maintenance meds all while simultaneously living the same shitty life. Give up the fucking charade already you clown.

No. 690816

Blank ddlg look in her eyes.

No. 690818

Was the ddlg thing not obvious enough while she was with Johnny?
She's been into it for a while now it's not new.

No. 690819

Yea i'm pretty sure she's quit meetings. Tinfoil but seems like she got on the bupe because of her doctor not rehab. I don't think she realized how bad her withdraws/cravings were gonna be and begged to be put on/ threatened to relapse.

Pretty sure she's relapsed at least once at this point.

No. 690820

File: 1566097767346.jpg (475.11 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-200951.jpg)

You're still spending just as much money

No. 690822

File: 1566097924060.jpg (567.92 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-201221.jpg)

You should be thankful you didn't murder anyone while driving high without a license

No. 690823

File: 1566097969815.jpg (6.64 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

she looks like she's in a midlife crisis at 22. "I'm almost 23 but I'm still 16 and can still hang with my stans!!"

No. 690825

File: 1566098059275.png (363.29 KB, 750x1334, 1A5A97C8-8A3E-44A9-9D1C-54C24E…)

Holy shit I think I would keep some of this shit to myself if I was her but it’s Taylor attention whore Dean

No. 690828

I thought the same thing about her eyes in those last couple pics..she looks dead in the eyes Iike she did with Johnny..and has pinpointed pupils again I think she has relapsed, she even said she had “unforeseen issues” and had a hard day today with her addiction so idk

No. 690829

I never noticed she was into ddlg but I wasn’t stalking her page like I do now..but I realized her twitter is like a car crash..can’t look away especially here lately mid life crisis is right

No. 690831

File: 1566098936967.jpg (1.92 MB, 2880x1920, inCollage_20190817_212857053.j…)

Which is it?

No. 690833


Buying shit for people that you can steal back later for drug $ isn't generous. It's junky insurance.

No. 690837

Sad, but not surprising that all she cares about is how she never got seriously hurt. What about the innocent lives you put at risk by driving high, Taylor?

No. 690838

But she was totally able to care for her animals no problem.

No. 690839

>taylor it's getting to late to upload a video dean

>taylor I'm struggling with addiction tonight dean

Proceeds to spend the night shit posting about drugs on Twitter.. I don't get it? Go work on your video! She really doesn't want to branch away from her safe space on Twitter where her little stans praise her every move. Grow some balls and work ethic and just upload the video you junkie, stop reminiscing about he good ole days of getting fucked up.

No. 690840

I think mentally she is 16, it would explain all of her behaviour and how idiodically dumb and illogic she is.
The older she gets, the dumber she will be and look because I personally don't think she will ever pass that 16 year old mentality, it looks like a crisis because as she gets older, her brain doesn't so it shows more and more

No. 690841

File: 1566100401205.jpg (350.2 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-205340.jpg)

No. 690843

File: 1566101416664.jpg (577.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190817-221101_Twi…)

She really does have to make everything about her.

No. 690844

she remembers a lot of small details to be so fucked up

No. 690845

File: 1566101571010.jpg (436.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-211303.jpg)

She already said it was coming out tomorrow but now she has a new excuse

No. 690846

She totally relapsed on meth while she was in Austin. It was so obvious. And probably why her mom said it was "dangerous" for her

No. 690847

File: 1566101998770.jpg (1.48 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190818_001859841.j…)


She. Lies. So. Fucking. Much.

It's just mind-blowing, only scrolling back a few threads and finding 4 different timelines. Just nuts, man.

No. 690849

Wait so she's supposedly filmed and edited said return video but now shes scrapping the whole thing to just do it live?

No. 690850

No she means the video goes live and is available to watch at the set time

No. 690851


No, making a video live means making it public.

No. 690852

Who was the Melanie Martinez wannabe cow? That's exactly what this garbage outfit looks like.

$10 also says Oscar gets his video out before Taytay. Then hers magically drops around when his does. Also bet Taytay stans creep and send him questions about her. All the drek like, "Do you think she's hot?"

No. 690856

File: 1566104625644.jpg (454.97 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-220356.jpg)

That workers name? Albert Einstein

No. 690858

File: 1566105041673.jpg (346.55 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190817-221114.jpg)

No. 690859

File: 1566105066109.jpg (778.12 KB, 1435x1047, Screenshot_20190818-000923_Twi…)

I scrolled by this quickly and thought it was Taylor at first….which made me wonder if Taylor is skinwalking Halsey?

No. 690860

oh she was on speed too? good to know

No. 690863

why was that obvious with taylor? I don't recall us talking about it at the time.

No. 690864

I love how one post is like, "I spend until my card gets declined" and the next is this. Okay, Taylor.

Nah, keep spending like you are, I can't wait until you're having to work at Wal-Mart with that guy who thinks your clothes are cool, lol.

No. 690867

Glad I'm not the only one that had to do a double take on this post lol, I thought the same thing.

No. 690869

She was manic af non-stop

She has chilled out more now that she's at home

No. 690870

File: 1566107005307.jpeg (401.38 KB, 1936x1089, A3A24077-2BC0-4EFF-AA28-C418BB…)

Just another example of her hypocrisy

No. 690871

THANK YOU! Taylor in a nutshell captured perfectly. It's only okay to be unsafe with animals when she's doing it. She can dish it, but can't take it.

But that pet owner probably knows and trusts their pets like you do, Taylor, c'mon.

No. 690872

the same tacky candy looking necklace made me think it was tay too

No. 690873

I think Taylor is “trying” to be like Halsey hence the ugly makeup freckles and clothes. Another one to add to the “Taylor is 16 list” where she’s obsessed with a singer to the point of annoying them for a lyric tattoo and trying to look/dress like them. She’s never gona grow up. I might sound mean but I can’t wait until her young stans leave her for a younger pettuber because Taylor is 30 looking 45.

No. 690877

what? none of this contradicts anything for once. taylor claims she didn't use H until thanksgiving, but used other opiates before that date. she claims she was high on dilaudid, which is another opiate and what she used until it apparently wasn't enough. her mom's birthday was before thanksgiving, meaning that makes sense. the idea that she moved onto fent isn't surprising either.

if anything, she seems to actually be telling the truth for once - or at least her timelines make sense. maybe she wrote it down to consult when she goes on drug rants

No. 690878

Except for the texts to Chelsea where she said she was smoking heroin with him back in Dec 2017

That she confirmed are real

She's always lying

No. 690880

oh, right. i was basing it off what anon shared in the image. in that case the timeline doesn't make sense, but based on what she's been claiming recently it lines up. i don't know why she doesn't come clean since she seems to be enamored with the idea of being the saddest heroin addict who was addicted for a whole year*

*six months give or take by her timeline

why not claim the longer time period?

No. 690882

same person who was also handling her tarantula next to a cat.

No. 690884

You don't pay bills because you're in massive debt, and your parents are probably going to have to fucking help you. The clothes you buy are also sweatshop shit that will break apart after one wash, so you're still wasting money. Just because you have money to spend on clothes it doesn't mean you have to spend it, and it's even more stupid considering the fact she goes absolutely nowhere to be spending so much on clothing. Maybe you should look through the pile of clothes you supposedly bought while high and don't remember you bought at all and wear those instead of hoarding more shit.

No. 690886

I wouldn't be surprised if her parents are paying her debt in addition to taking care of her animals. She's so fucking enabled

No. 690889

File: 1566117918241.jpg (234.69 KB, 923x1048, Screenshot_20190818-104309.jpg)

I love how she always tries to claim two narratives at once. One moment she didn't really experience highs anymore and was just using to stay "normal" but she also claims this.

That story of Jonny some time ago where she sounded high as fuck also comes to mind where she talks about her mouth being fucked up kek.

No. 690890

File: 1566118357381.jpg (194.82 KB, 1536x353, Screenshot_20190818-105039.jpg)

Sorry for samefagging but gotta love how she's now back to enabling her piece of shit daughter, adding to her victim complex.

No. 690892

So how did Taylor know if he had fed an animal, checked humidity or a tank or whatever that day with all this memory loss?
How did she drive?

No. 690899

I know this is old but it's such a bullshit claim, it really drives me nuts. Like, sure, let's say she WAS capable of taking care of her animals still even when she went fucking weeks without showering and was constantly doped up or under the influence of something. What makes her think people should believe her? She NEVER provided evidence to substantiate that claim. On the contrary, she gave us plenty of evidence of neglect (such as her KILLING THREE OF HER ANIMALS BY IGNORING THEM, no matter which theory you believe). She's a proven (and admitted!) liar. Why the fuck does she think she deserves any credit or trust? "Guys I've been lying about being high 24/7 for the past year but you can totally trust me that I've been taking great care of my hoard!!!" (Sorry for repost, I fucked up some grammar there)

No. 690900

So…he’s probs taking pictures when she not looking for the “Walmart shoppers” videos we always see.

No. 690901

She’s right…she’s NO EXPERT!!

No. 690905

She still has been going on rants like this. Yet another confirmation given by TND without saying it directly. She’s been high and going off on twitter and her iPhone notepad haha

No. 690906

Wow. Looking like a washed up 2 dollar hooker.

Please go back to dressing how you did before. She’s just ruining herself even more my god

No. 690912


she says she had just started getting high a few weeks before her mom's birthday…so october?

then it's thanksgiving?

then it's when she and jonny first got together (smoking it) and he introduced it into their relationship the first week?

oh but then it was herion then back to dilaudid then heroin but she was doing other opiates for 5 months so what she did some heroin then dilauid then what fentynal then back to heroin but somehow was on heroin mid-october at her mom's birthday but specifically remembers starting heroin on thanksgiving day? so yeah she's a FUCKING LIAR. period and every tweet contradicts the other.

No. 690916

…you think her reptiles are what gets her dick? ok then

No. 690918

File: 1566135244749.png (279 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-06-30-02…)

Cba to clean up her bed for her super important addiction video.

It also says further down the thread it will be many hours before it is up.

Bets on "Oops! I passed out from the stress and I slept through the day"?

No. 690919

when/where? pics?

No. 690922

File: 1566135579779.png (273.24 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-06-38-02…)

Does the same outfit mean she taped it all yesterday?

No. 690923

File: 1566135663226.jpeg (107.95 KB, 750x286, 4330C310-10FC-4B10-918A-25802B…)

the narcissism. i can’t

No. 690924

I was just about to point that out. She says she’s been spending days filming and editing but she’s in the same outfit from yesterday in her video

No. 690925

File: 1566135883707.jpeg (165.16 KB, 750x416, A6C5D12B-F210-4253-8E40-C89F2C…)

Whyyyy would she choose to wear this godawful wig and outfit in her big, heartfelt, important comeback/recovery video? I can’t take that seriously..

No. 690928


god she fucked up her face so badly it's embarassing that she has the guts to even post a video at this point

No. 690929

Yup. She started “working on it” weeks ago and yet she filmed the entire thing yesterday? lol yeah no just goes to prove she was definitely lying this whole past month about working on the video.
I’m curious if she finally decided to rush and get it done suddenly because her fuckboy Oscar is also making a video about addiction. She has to get hers out first so they can relate to each other.
Bets that by the end of September they’ll be seeing each other or dating online.

No. 690930

did she delete this? now she’s saying it’s gonna be “multiple hours at least”

No. 690931


At least she took our advice and got rid of the ratty piss yellow wig.

No. 690933

An hour and twenty minutes straight of lies, delusions, and excuses, can’t wait.

No. 690935

>c'mon, people make mistakes daily

This bitch. So many "ill" people out there by her definition who have never become addicts. You know why? Because they didn't glorify the whole "rockstar addict" aesthetic like she did. Blame it on the party culture alright, but she's the one romanticizing drugs and has been for ages.

No. 690940

She looks like a Russian sw here? Sorry for nitpick but HOW can she look so plastic? It's insane, why would you take such an unflattering screenshot of yourself

No. 690941

Taylor didn’t take the screenshot, it was a video. But the rest of your comment still stands lol.

No. 690942


LMAO, did she just admit she was on meth?

Even if it's adderall or any other prescription shit, why would you just admit and post that crap online?

Can't wait for her to get flamed for her drug abuse. This girl wanted the high she wasn't suffering from some poverty stricken life in the ghetto. She acts like her life was SOOO tough.

Mommy and Daddy bailing her out yet again, probably letting her live rent free while she fucks off all night.

No. 690943

I took that screenshot while the video was playing to try to get a good image of the messy background.
But yeah, she looks rough, like a talentless Great Value Amy Winehouse.

No. 690944

File: 1566139286338.png (261.37 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-06-29-54…)

Couldn't help myself.

No. 690945

File: 1566139339069.png (252.71 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-06-29-40…)

Last one, promise.

No. 690946

This is just cringe, the outfit, the awkward eye contact, messy room, cartoony music in the background.

Nothing about this is serious, it's like she's trying to brush it off as some kinda joke.

Girl you were on FUCKING HEROIN. Keep it professional FFS. She acts like it's a big joke.

No. 690947

How is this someone in their 20's?
Why does her face look so doughy? I'm kinda thinking now she maybe got more injections than just her lips. Maybe it's unfortunate lighting, but I'm assuming she at least knows how to do proper lighting. Or maybe I just got too used to her facetuned selfies.
What a wreck.

Can't wait until this video gets demonetized. What an idiot.

No. 690950

Nitpick but I think her face kinda got swollen from the drugs. The sugary diet and fast food binging probably didn't help either, some people gain weight in the face first. The fact that she doesn't shower for months probably doesn't help either.

I don't think she looks like she's in her 30's or whatever but she obviously doesn't care what she puts into her body. For someone who's appearance is their income she's pretty stupid.

No. 690955

She is most definitely living rent free (well, 99.9% chance) along with any other tangible expenses.

No. 690958

I mean what other bills does she have besides her animals?

Probably not paying

>car insurance, rent, health insurance, property taxes, food, heating cooling, gasoline, rehab, medication, plastic surgery, electricity, car maintenance, inspections.

Bitch probably doesn't even do her own laundry. She's got it easy, turns out you can afford thousands of dollars worth of clothes when you have 0 bills.

You'd think she'd save to pay off her back taxes and credit card debt (I'm thinking this is her debt) she seems the sort to forget about paying it. Could be why she can't get an apartment, if you have shit credit and don't have a co-signer your fucked.

No. 690959

File: 1566142902601.png (747.82 KB, 678x819, cyst.PNG)

she's got cystic acne under her makeup. You can see it in on her vlog channel and it probably just got worse over time.

No. 690969

imagine needing an army of twelve year olds to pester dudes into fucking you. taylor is the queen of the trainwrecks.

No. 690974


Almost noon here in Texas and still nothing.

Either she feel asleep while it was uploading or she's still working on it last minute. Why am I even surprised? Bitch couldn't keep her word to save her life.

No. 690975

File: 1566146657700.png (6.03 MB, 1242x2688, B186A06B-0028-493D-8CD1-5DE167…)

Didn’t see this posted from her insta. U can kinda see how she has her enclosures and tubs in her room.

No. 690979

She did a poll yesterday on what time she should post it. It's now deleted. Surprise

No. 690980

She looks rough. Her face has changed. Not just her lips. Add on top abusing drugs. She’s lost her looks. Then she decided to dress like trash, not helping.
She needs to try and go back to her pre Jonny days. But she’s stupid so yeah

No. 690983

God, how does she still have so many diehard fans after she blatantly screws them over?

No. 690985

Most of them are kids who don't know any better. They'll grow grow up and realize how bad of a person she was, kinda like yogscast kickstarter game scam.

Some people will never figure it out, but those who grew up with gen 1 of YT aren't as naive. If you waste your life watching other people on the internet 24/7 you deserve what you get.

No. 690989

When the video finally appears, is there a way to watch it without contributing to her views? I think another anon posed this in another thread but I’m not sure if we ever came up with a solution.

No. 690991

She looks like someone’s drunk 40 year old aunt that doesn’t realize she’s too old for her fashion.

No. 690992

File: 1566150937529.jpeg (459.31 KB, 1242x1492, 32AF1A56-0149-4789-B409-C348D6…)



No. 690993

File: 1566151013387.jpeg (97.07 KB, 1223x716, C9478538-78F6-40C0-9E75-54E80B…)

No. 690995

File: 1566151069646.jpeg (106.19 KB, 1242x748, 47991210-5B6F-4B3D-ABA1-DD5534…)

Did Jonny get a preview?

No. 690996

Just want to point out that at this point her video has been "uploading" over 12 hours. Seems legit

No. 690998

i second this, hooktube doesn’t work anymore and i don’t know of any other ways

No. 690999

kek, i can see it

No. 691000

the only way I could think of would be to download it and upload somewhere else?

No. 691001

It’s 1 hour 20 minutes long…can someone do a play-by-play with a few screenshots of the disaster?!

No. 691002

That's her? Her face looks so bad

No. 691004

If this video was all filmed yesterday I'm still going with my theory that this was all done because she's hurting for money and banking on this making her a nice fat paycheck. I doubt we will ever see the stuff she filmed a month or so ago about her addiction because she's a liar and never filmed anything.

No. 691005

I'm guessing someone showed him the tweets between Taylor and Oscar.

No. 691006


If she was writing a list of basic ideas for things to talk about 2 days ago, she’s wearing yesterday’s outfit in the video, and it’s poorly edited to the point of being more than an hour long, there’s a 0% chance she’d done any filming before just barely. But it’ll be obvious enough when the video is available to see.

No. 691007

Wonder if she’s gonna include her animals at all in the new vid

No. 691008

Well, get ready for her to go nuts whenever she does post the video. We all know she's going to screenshot every single comment that is "negative" aka criticizing her & spaz on twitter about it.

No. 691009

easiest way would be for someone to just download it and mirror it

No. 691010

Someone is going to be livestreaming it on Twitch and saving it there.

No. 691012


Yesterday her first tweet was at 8 pm and her last tweet was at 7 am (Texas time)..she is 100% asleep lol

No. 691013

I have a feeling we won't get a video today and then a "omg I fell asleep forever muh EDS is so bad pity me"

No. 691014

The pikachu account on twitter said they were gunna livestream and archive her video back to watch somewhere so u don’t have to give her a penny for watching it idk where tho prolly twitch

No. 691015

She 1000% looks high af in this pic..I’m sure when she posts her vid if she ever does we will be able to really tell..cuz there’s no way those suboxenes make your pupils dilated like that and eyes all glossy..I’ve been doing em for a while and nobody I know has that happen. So she’s gunna be profiting off the addiction video while being high af sounds bout right

No. 691016

File: 1566156813033.jpg (312.77 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20190818-133411_Twi…)

No. 691018

File: 1566157085263.png (233.13 KB, 750x1334, 2F927A36-6054-4FEC-8244-78C621…)

What drug didn’t you love Taylor? She’s the worst most hardcore druggie kingpin addict but never neglected her hoard, ok!? And when I go to sub classes they told us that once u start using drugs you emotionally and socially stop growing/maturing until you stop using so that’s prolly why she so immature/awkward/dumb/sperg-queen

No. 691019

What’re the odds she’s relapsed again? I can’t imagine why else she would hype up this video for a month, promise to release it this weekend, and then (what seems to be) fall asleep without bothering to set an alarm.

No. 691020

This is not what a sober person says. She's gonna relapse, apparently heroin didn't destroy her life enough for her to get the message.

Where are her parents in all this? You'd think they'd tell her to wake her ass up at a normal time. She's just gonna end up using if she keeps this up, she obviously doesn't care about herself or the condition of her animals.

No. 691021

Up until recently she had only ever talked about opiates, coke, and alcohol, so when did she use amphetamines? It must have been recently because we never heard a peep about them until yesterday.

No. 691022

not to WK but it's possible she just didn't mention it before. as much as she overshares, there are still going to be things we won't know all about. i mean, we can't expect her to list every drug she ever did, so this doesn't really prove anything

No. 691024

She was probably prescribed adhd meds at one point. But she’ll make it look like she was a speed freak.

No. 691034

yea, jonny prob had access to every pill under the sun. Pretty much confirms to me she used him in her experimental drug phase.

2018 she was probably high AF all the time. I don't think she did intravenous heroin till later, thanksgiving like she claimed (maybe). The fact that she was using Betsy all last year makes a lot of sense, no way was she looking after her animals at all.

Taylor is probably tired and bored of looking after her animals now. She probably has to look after them now and is struggling cause she's lazy.

No. 691040

>his is not what a sober person says. She's gonna relapse, apparently heroin didn't destroy her life enough for her to get the message.
Yeah this is how people who enjoy drugs and intend to continue using them speak. She's so casual about it, and the only reason she can afford to be like this is because she's spoiled and her heroin addiction didn't have any real consequences for her.

She probably thinks coke is an amphetamine because it's a stimulant and doesn't know the difference between the two.

No. 691041

Could be talking about Tanner tbh. Lots of parents wanna believe that their disabled kid's life will be defined by more than just their disability.

No. 691042

“don’t romanticize using drugs guise!1!!1!”

No. 691043

getting my popcorn. there should be a discord for this lol

No. 691044

def glazed and high.
that hair and eyeliner does not help.

No. 691045

File: 1566163035564.jpeg (639.51 KB, 828x1792, 5B5D118B-2FA2-43C7-B8F6-088AEF…)

So much for 3pm. But who really expected otherwise from her anyway

No. 691046

the facial expressions she makes with her eyebrows and eyes give so much away. Yes she does feel very insecure on camera.
She also did these same expressions when responding to what ever in one of her youtube vids. she does this when she lies as well. lol

No. 691049

File: 1566164019307.jpg (122.23 KB, 734x609, Screenshot_20190818-232957.jpg)

Seeing such a short clip of her, where she cannot facetune herself to filth is quite shocking. I do not for a second believe she is still sober. And the way she is claiming she loves certain drugs again like that, also big warning sign, and there is also that suspicious mark on her hand in the last thread.

Maybe she can only film while high off her tits now.

No. 691050

Nobody looks good with tacky eyeliner, overfilled lips, a shitty wig, and ugly wanna be little girl clothing/jewelry.
I don't think Taylor edits her photos all that much. I just think she's ugly now.

No. 691052

File: 1566164472489.png (515.16 KB, 1242x2688, F4CB2770-4960-40DC-91BF-875318…)

Sure. Yeah.

If this were to be true, she’s take a pic or video of it still loading.

No. 691053

File: 1566164622427.jpg (535.61 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-144411.jpg)

She just doesn't want to upload it

No. 691054

File: 1566164762998.jpeg (133.23 KB, 1242x716, C6080636-A653-4431-AA41-E41EB0…)

The same played out face she makes when filming.

No. 691057

File: 1566164817213.jpeg (105.63 KB, 1242x691, 17C72226-150D-4E20-8B30-507A82…)

Trying to be cute

No. 691058

uploading a 10gb file to youtube on shitty wifi actually can take this long. this is why youtubers who actually give a fuck about their channel don’t rely on wifi and use wired connections instead

No. 691059

File: 1566164909745.jpeg (109.64 KB, 1242x713, FE10A102-95DF-44A3-AB38-38B295…)

Glazed eyes 100%

No. 691060

where are you getting these caps from? i'm confused af

No. 691061

stop flooding with screenshots jesus fucking christ we get it

No. 691062

File: 1566164951576.jpeg (118.17 KB, 1242x674, 7CF59FE5-B9C5-46CD-9741-C425D7…)

A fucking mess. Her dressing that way does not help her rough look either.(autism)

No. 691063

Instagram post she made.

No. 691064

just report.

No. 691065

Then don’t….? And just do a frickin al my pets video instead? Oh that’s right, u don’t wanna talk about all the animals that have died and been rehomed

No. 691066

i hope someone is ready to archive this (i would do it but working) because she's gonna take it down almost as soon as it goes up. she knows it's a dumpster fire and that she sounds like she's lying, that's why she's so fucking anxious about it

No. 691067

File: 1566165214304.png (5.75 MB, 1242x2688, 55BE1066-AA4D-486C-82FB-78262F…)

Same anon that posted this.
Taylor, lol nice try by responding to my comment by posting now a speed test ss. You know what my comment meant. A pic of you ACTUALLY uploading, not a pic of the same speed test. Doesn’t prove you are actually uploading. Just shows your internet sucks

No. 691069

No. 691070

is this a weird lens or something? her face looks very bloated, not like herself at all.

No. 691071

>brother's house

so she is in touch with the step family? Or did tanner get a sick disability settlement and move out? kek

No. 691072

she has other family

No. 691073

She did mention sometime last week that she gained 20lbs

No. 691074

she also heavily relies on angles to make her face look slimer then it does in reality. Almost all her insta pics are from above or the side, never head on. That or face is hidden.

No. 691075

She claims she refilmed the intro less than 24 hours ago, so how the fuck has it been uploading for over 24 hours Taylor?

No. 691076

File: 1566165855164.jpg (273.15 KB, 2048x1444, ECSM2YnWkAA69vO.jpg)

kek, she listened to you

No. 691077

File: 1566165919254.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-18-17-24-42…)

While we are all slowly popping our popcorn and waiting, I thought it'd be fun to look back on TayTay's original Instagram caption on her Thanksgiving pic of her and Jonny since she is (I'm sure) going to talk so much shit about his role in her drug use and how bad things were at Thanksgiving 2018.

No. 691078

File: 1566166091367.png (275.68 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2019-08-18-15-07-16…)

Older brothers house.

No. 691079

lol so funny.
still doesn't prove she is uploading anything. she just has a tab open

No. 691080

>>691067 Did she just dox herself? "host:katy texas"

No. 691081

ty, anon, i missed that but totally believe it. it's unfortunate that she shows so much in her face. i kinda wonder if it was more than twenty though. she looks big.

should have invested in some facetune like mickey does.

No. 691082

I don't care enough to search back in the threads because it might've been a while ago, but didn't she use the upload speed excuse and claim she was going somewhere else to upload in the past? Maybe I'm thinking of Shane Dawson.

It's 5pm in Texas so she probably just woke up. Youtube has a queue option, no? This isn't early 2000s rural dial-up internet, I don't understand how people still use this excuse.

No. 691083

File: 1566166478758.jpg (87.07 KB, 1536x256, Screenshot_20190819-001518.jpg)

No. 691084

>reveals other mostly unknown brother's social media.

Does she even have the mental capacity to learn anything?

No. 691085

File: 1566166590600.jpg (114.24 KB, 1536x301, Screenshot_20190819-001642.jpg)

Wat. This girl makes 0 sense ever.

No. 691087

File: 1566166940250.jpg (457.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-152252.jpg)

No. 691089

Uh, well, Katy is near Houston…is she saying this is at her parents house? Or her brothers? Bc her parents live in San Antonio….like what. Also Houston/Katy is like 3 hours away from San Antonio?

No. 691090

File: 1566167107133.jpg (174.03 KB, 1536x378, Screenshot_20190819-002547.jpg)

No. 691091

Or they don’t make a shit video that’s 1 hour and 15 minutes long…

No. 691092

so her parents house is in katy? i thought they were all san antonio.

No. 691093

maybe she's behind seven proxies

No. 691094

File: 1566167309465.jpg (113.22 KB, 708x1132, IMG_20190818_152842.jpg)

No. 691095

No. 691096

It's not going to pick a city that's four hours away. What's she doing in Houston? Drugs?

No. 691097

File: 1566167492956.jpg (775.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190818-172942_Ins…)

She isn't driving there, I assume her mom is driving her….lol

No. 691098

Katy is bunch of rich people, source, I live in Katy.

I wouldn't be surprised if they moved to Katy, lots of new houses for sale.

No. 691099

Nice way to send all your stans over to your brothers twitter you twat…he’s already changed his account once…might have to do it again!!

No. 691101

Cheers farmers, we’re in for a great night.

No. 691102

File: 1566167841263.jpg (64.19 KB, 627x384, the struggle.jpg)

No. 691103

Can we get a link posted to the livestream?

No. 691104


This is the link to the livestream.

No. 691105


I've been posting screenshots all day, but when she finally goes live, I'm going to miss it!
Bless this anon for archiving.

No. 691107

File: 1566169060511.png (1.87 MB, 1080x1527, Screenshot_20190819-005722.png)

No. 691108


She has complications EVERY time she uploads, though. Like it's always this or that. But at least she's live posting about it. Tinfoil, but what if every other time was a lie/excuse?

No. 691109

restart your router dummy, that or your video files got corrupted.

she probably messed it up when she moved while it was uploading.

No. 691111

samefag here, apparently it's the result of connection issues between uploader and YT.

No. 691112

Taylor definitely edits her photos lol. Maybe not as much now but I remember way back in the thread anons would post side-by-side pics of her selfies vs fan photos. She literally never looked the same in the fan photos. I believe this even happened when she would go to Jonny’s shows and fans would post pics. Taylor has self-image issues and I think it’s naive to say she doesn’t photoshop her pics.

No. 691115

File: 1566170005283.png (25.79 KB, 590x198, 13543512.PNG)

No. 691116

File: 1566170219764.jpeg (320.97 KB, 1242x1974, 3E826911-E7B8-4BB1-9BAB-2E7D2E…)

monetized not checked

No. 691117

Y TF would you make it HD? that's why it's taking so long. It's not like there's anything to see anyway.

No. 691118

Taylor this is stupid. Just do a “where have I been, rehiring my animals” video. Or stick with this one since it’s going to be so damn entertaining for us here in this thread.

No. 691119

It's not that crazy. Mine does this sometimes. Especially if I go to a site I haven't visited before or after clearing cache/cookies, it may try to assume my location. Sometimes it's considerably off, and when they get it wrong, it's usually the same particular town about 1.5h away.

No. 691120

Rehoming I mean

No. 691121

File: 1566170601598.jpeg (418.73 KB, 750x1026, 078DB3C3-B8A7-48DB-BE49-5B2468…)

even the picture she chose to post is horrendous, dear god.

No. 691122

literally pics of her driving down the road trying to upload, then switch to her brother's wifi topkek

No. 691123

No. 691124

File: 1566171006559.jpg (458.79 KB, 1536x963, Screenshot_20190819-013033.jpg)


No. 691125

looked at her socialblade just out of curiosity and i could click on her video through there

No. 691126


video has been posted and is being livestreamed.

No. 691132

she really titled it “I’M A HEROIN ADDICT…”

really classy clickbait lmao

No. 691134

Really shows how serious she takes this.

No. 691136

Can someone post a play by play later? I really don’t have time to sit down and watch someone talk for an hour about shit they don’t know. I’m sure that goes for a lot of us lol

No. 691139


Already did, she talked about how her youtube took off and she had an "identity crisis" lmfao

No. 691141

Yeah I know I'm watching the stream too lol

So far it's been one huge woe is me and I'm already getting bored. OH GOD and there's the addictive personality I only had three sips story again.

No. 691144

But where’s the part about 3 sips and trying to commit suicide the next day…she’s saying she’s got herself a full bottle instead! Lying “C”

No. 691148

breezexotics is in the twitch live stream commenting. i hope she ends up taking legal action for what tnd has said about her.

No. 691149

File: 1566173054136.png (243.16 KB, 1231x289, Screenshot (1111).png)

No. 691150

lmao in her video she literally says that coke is an amphetamine (at around 25:50).

this dumb bitch.

can't bree show the texts though?

No. 691151

Her video is going to get so fucking fact-checked lol.

No. 691153

File: 1566173365536.jpeg (5.94 MB, 4032x3024, 8859CD19-D2D4-44F1-9205-A55FF4…)

Loosin’ Subs already

No. 691154

Breez just said in the chat that her pacman frog - Asteroid had a huge maggot in its skin that she didn't notice.

No. 691155

File: 1566173495194.png (14.88 KB, 308x384, pacmaggot.png)

No. 691156

File: 1566173525683.png (321.02 KB, 1346x344, Screenshot (1117).png)

No. 691157

File: 1566173546509.png (318.59 KB, 1426x325, Screenshot (1114).png)

No. 691158

File: 1566173708663.png (106.84 KB, 1015x188, Screenshot (1119).png)

No. 691161

File: 1566173928374.png (239.39 KB, 1073x350, Screenshot (1120).png)

No. 691162

>>691158 There is zero confirmation this is breezexotics. At least there is none ive seen.

No. 691165


I don't think that's Breezexotics. Besides, how the hell would Breeze know there was a maggot in the frog's skin if even Taylor didn't notice.

No. 691166

im sure she will tweet and confirm

No. 691170

IIRC back when it was happening I think Bree said she deleted all the texts?

No. 691172

File: 1566174695958.jpg (6.88 KB, 331x35, pic.jpg)

This comment made me chuckle.

For anyone who isn't watching, you're not missing out on anything. She is just retelling the past years of her life but conveniently leaving out all the details that would make her look bad, basically using her tweets as a script (muh china white addictive brain disorder).

The only part that seems genuine is when she's talking about her relationship, but then again she makes it sounds like JC is some kind of tortured soul who doesn't know better and needed his drugs to deal with his toothache or something.

No. 691173

File: 1566174712275.png (662.14 KB, 1242x2688, 6EF83F8E-9191-4B89-B3A6-3A9BB4…)

She did mention all the drugs, in order, in doses, she smirks when mentioned coke and china white. She still loves it. Don’t lie.

Just look at all the lyrics she posts on stories.

No. 691175

File: 1566175077363.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2688, 9FCEB605-AF5F-4DF4-AEA6-6C7ECD…)

hmm ok

No. 691176

those pictures of her sink and bathroom was just disgusting. and she still swears up and down she did not neglect her animals??

No. 691177

File: 1566175216377.png (600.05 KB, 663x642, yikes.PNG)

No. 691178

File: 1566175245695.jpg (534.43 KB, 1825x611, dontdodrugs.jpg)

Was about to say the same thing. Disgusting.

No. 691179

This new Blaire White video looks promising kek

No. 691180

Watching the livestream so cant give exact timestamp, but she said previously her mom found her in the bathroom in tweets.

Now saying she passed out in her bed, then opened the door for her mother when she knocked.

Im sure there's a million other lies but

No. 691181

can "withdraws" be in the next thread pic.
this is coming for a hardcore rehab fan miss know it all on drugs.

No. 691182

File: 1566175305806.png (1.73 MB, 1239x697, animal A OK.PNG)

No. 691183

dont forget "world renown"

No. 691185

This is beyond fucked, you don't show this to underage teens. This video needs to be taken down.

No. 691187

Video summary:
painfully long intro
- has identity issues, very insecure
- wants to share this because we're like family
- doesn't know how to deal with "fame" of youtube
- dates some guy off and on from petco
- in contact with jc
- sees the "good" in him
- ignores what she's been told
- also "can't" say anything
- "he grabbed everything about me" "saw right inside my soul" "i couldn't leave him"
- mom is so scared for taylor, tells taylor "if you stay with him, you can't come back"
- straight from california (where they met up) flew him back to texas
- gets apartment in one week
- moves him in
- they're on a mattress living together after knowing each other for two weeks
- he was supposed to go back home
- never goes home
- "this is not a script, sorry this is all over"
- is enticed by him because he says he's an addict
- it brought her in
- all her life she knew she had a problem
- "addictive personality"
- 18, first sip of alcohol in LA (three sips)
- next morning with intense craving
- la party is offered tiny bump of coke
- decides she's going to try it after saying no
- she gummed the coke, hated it
- woke up with the same craving from the alcohol
- "so severe, so insane that i cried my eyes out. texted 5 of my friends saying she wants to die. crossing the road, wants to get hit by car"
- decides it would be better if she found more even though she didn't get high from it
- starts getting more coke from friends
- has to fly home to texas, but didn't know where to get drugs for like 3 weeks
- suicidal
- jumps back to jonny
- fascinated by addiction
( stream cut out for me, please add more info that i missed anons)

- drug dealer in the house
- jonny offers coke, he wants opiates
- says it will be a one time thing, promises
- she agrees, and it's not the only time
- jc uses 4 nights in a row, and acts crazy
- she was scared, and wants the boyfriend that was sober and caring and loving
- she grabs her coke, and flushes is down the sink (i thought she only had enough for one night?)
- jonny doesn't agree, and gets crazy
- says she just threw down baking soda down the sink, was hiding it
- she's a liar, he's going to finish his drugs
- cries
(taylor starts tearing up)
- starts smoking h in front of her
- just wants him to sleep
- she starts doing vicodin instead of coke
- crushing lines of it
- doesn't know how to leave
- texts jc's ex, she's scared, she tried smoking the h, didn't like it, didn't inhale it very well
- doing vicodin to be numb, can't stop, wants help
- ex gives advice
- jonny finds out and posts on twitter
- the ex gets up and posts the screenshots which puts her in danger
- she gives up trying to leave
- develops "us vs them" mentality
( cuts out)
- jonny helps her with animals, and is really good to her but also bad
- sober for a while until tour
- starts using coke again and he says its ok for her to use because she doesn't get crazy but he gets crazy
- drummer contacts mama dean, because he's upset about how much she's using
is upset about her not being an adult but using
- jonny starts using again
- band watches jonny be bad to her
- on and off
- jonny says he relapses because of his teeth so taylor buys him new teeth
- he doesn't stop

- worst day of her life involves kronos, he starts sneezing, she thinks something is wrong

- jonny uses medicine for kronos ?
- jonny takes needle from kronos
- spoon is missing from the ice cream bowl
- jonny is in bathroom and she's scared and trying to get in
- asks why spoon is in drawer, jonny denies it
- she starts sobbing and screaming because it's burnt
- he denies having the needle
- she feels defeated, promise he made was broken
- she wants him in rehab, but he says "let me tell you a story"
- he's telling a story for an hour about his life, and how pathetic he feels and how this relationship is the best he's ever had
- she wants him to flush the needle
- he says "i just think this is the time we should finish this together and then get clean. we'll have the best high, it will be beautiful, we'll watch a movie. be in peace. we'll get clean, and sober. i'll go to rehab"
- she's upset because she's lost her friends, fans, credibility
- she says no she doesn't want it, and he needs to leave
- he refuses to leave, he doesn't want to be on the street
- she doesn't want him to overdose
- she wants him to flush it, he says no he's going to finish it
- she starts remember vicodin and how she could sleep and numb
- decides maybe shooting up will be like vicodin
- jonny says yes but it's like a warm blanket
- realizes this is her drug of choice
- makes her sick though, but it gives her brain what it wants
- asks for another drug that is less intense
- that's when she starts using dil
- shooting it every hour
- moves up to roxies (30 MG blue)
- tolerance gets higher, starts using tar, powder, china white
- addiction is full blown
- still trying to make everybody happy
- ? weird cut to her talking about how they couldn't stop
- she was very sick
- shows what she called cotton vein? but says she has no idea what it was
- "addiction is a disease"
- didn't know it wasn't a choice

- mentions usage, changes what she used in order
- was getting "help"
- upset about her arms, used makeup from ditch down
- neck
- feet
- ran out of veins months before. veins were dead
- muscling it
- would get sick when she stopped (duh)
- goes back trying to get sober (jan to feb)
- was deep enough into withdrawals so she could use subs
- it's a miracle drug, but it's addictive
- she goes to disney to resist temp
- jonny is going on tour, he says he's scared he's going to relapse
- she lasts 3 days, didn't go to a single park, didn't leave, depressed, uncomfortable
- she couldn't be happy when sober, still mentally addicted
- flies home, relapses, tells mama she's sorry
- mama doesn't know about it
- they make a vow to never shoot up in new home
- lasts 24 hours
- stops periodically (hours)
- almost overdosed
- accidentally shoots artery
- mentions cotton thing again, despite earlier saying they didn't know what it was

- "you're probably wondering how i'm sober" mentions assistant, and her dream
- assist comes to her house, breaks down crying mentioning the death overdose and other friends dying
- assist never interfered
- if taylor isn't clean by friday, she's going to rehab
- taylor says she wasn't going to let her back in
- assist takes photos of taylors bathroom
(shows picture with needles everywhere. blood everywhere)
- in the middle of the night asks jonny to shoot her up
- says she couldn't find her veins
- would pinch herself hard while jonny did
- would fall back asleep

- assist shows mama dean
- mama dean shows up every day
- taylor lies
- mama dean tells jonny he needs to leave
- mama knew he wouldn't leave perm so he leaves for "a week" and he gets more drugs (10 bags of tar, gives taylor 5)
- she muscles them in butt
- couldn't find drugs
- jonny wouldn't give her the dealers number
- she's still telling mama she's clean and sober
- she runs out
- she's on hands and knees searching for cotton
- uses those for 3 days
- is in withdrawals, she thinks
- she takes sub, but too soon
- sick, convulsing
- falls asleep in sweat/vomit
- 9-10 hours of this she's finally able to get into bed "soaked my king bed"

- begging people to deliver her drug???
- mama shows up, takes her away
- taylor plans on detoxing and using again
- finally kinda feels ok but still wants to use
(insert the same "this isn't a choice, this is normal for an addict brain, this disease" that she's been ranting about on twitter)
- highly suggests going al-anon for people who are affected by addicts

- doing IOP 10 hours a week, in therapy, in AA/NA meetings
- if she doesn't go, she thinks about relapsing
- got close 3 times to relapsing. texted the dealer

No. 691188

late but top kek

this fat heifer living vicariously through Taylor and her trashily using it to @ the dude is hilarious

this online foreplay is gross. y'all are nasty. just get a room already

she really does looks special needs and like a worn-out porn star. that and her continuous hoarding and animal neglect proves she is not ready to return to YouTube now or ever

No. 691189

I watched part of it, and she kept saying "I was shooting up every hour" dont you mean your boy toy was shooting you up?? I thought u were so adamant that u only shot yourself up twice? Seems like a weird thing to get wrong.

Maybe that's just a nitpick.

No. 691190

Samefag, but she says she ruined her sleeping schedule for this video.
Her sobriety date was June 4th, but in her bio it changed?
Who knows.

No. 691191

Video summary:
didn't take fault for anything. blamed jc. the end.

No. 691193

File: 1566175807833.png (53.28 KB, 700x181, Screenshot (1121).png)

abnout tnd neglecting her skinks when found burnt

No. 691194

Yeah, that's pretty much it. But I figured I would document what she said for the future, or if she takes it down/ other anons that don't want to watch.

No. 691195

How nice her and Jonny were smoking heroin in the apartment with the animals

No. 691196

File: 1566175982801.jpg (677.12 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190818-185154_You…)


No. 691198

In the video she straight up says she’s not gonna admit to neglecting her animals because she says she never did no matter how high she was. Later says how she took suboxone too early and she was vomiting, blacking out, and convulsing for ~10 hours until her mom came home.

She must really think her fans are stupid

No. 691199

She does admit she acquired animals too fast. Doesn't call it hoarding though.
Switched from just drugs to animals + drugs.

No. 691200

File: 1566176190892.jpg (567.84 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-175655.jpg)

All my rage

No. 691201

File: 1566176196899.png (86.59 KB, 590x314, crappy_maid.png)


These pictures. Oh my God. Betsy. YOU WERE A SHIT ASSISTANT. And a shit human being for supporting this bullshit and watching all of this unfold with a sober eye, and letting those poor animals sit in filth and around dangerous needles and exposed to drugs. Fucking a, you just all-round suck.

Seriously, Betsy. You suck.

No. 691203

Betsy wanted her blood money. Yea a real friend, I'm sure she'll make a GREAT mother.

No. 691204

oy thanks for the description
that's probably what she means but Taylor has a way of saying ambiguous things and lying att and manipulating her audience that way, so you're not wrong. She's always doing the mental gymmastics and never upfront or precise in her delivery

No. 691205

I like how she never mentions Jake and how he dropped her. She's seriously still in delusion, I'm convinced she's still gonna kill her self through drugs.

No. 691206

I think it was a lot more than 10 hours, she said she dragged herself and passed out for 6 hours, dragged herself to the bedroom and passed out for another 10, then her mom showed up and she answered the door after 10 minutes.

She mentioned the period where she bought 12 animals in about a month was because she was replacing drugs (coke, vicodin?) with animals.
But later when she's doing heroin every few hours even in the middle of the night. So she made room for two addictions while slamming china white all day and night?

No. 691209

File: 1566176703924.jpeg (109.96 KB, 750x766, 84128EEA-1667-47AC-9C0F-6E89D9…)

Hi Tay

No. 691211

File: 1566176752758.jpeg (504.55 KB, 1242x1798, 355AED1F-1C84-46FD-B384-4A1D5C…)

No. 691213

This is the most baffling part of her narrative. Taylor said she was high 24/7, slept in a bed full of needles and bloodstains, got high the moment she woke up, passed out for hours at a time and meanwhile this Betsy person is sneaking in and out to take care of her animals? What the actual fuck?

No. 691215

People watch trainwrecks like 600lb Life and 90 Day Fiance, and it's not because they love and respect the people on it yo.

No. 691219

Yet it took “a Dream” for Betsy to tell her “pls stop I’m worried about you”?!?

No. 691220

beginning of video: I learned so much about addiction but I won't get into that in this video

end of video: addiction is a DISEASE and if you don't agree you just don't know better

No. 691222

Nitpick but clean your goddamn room before filming a video maybe

No. 691223


TND-Day was overall a disappointment. Waiting for the milk to flow, though.
We're listening Jonny!

Thanks to dedicated farmeranon for your effort.

No. 691225

I mean, yeah, because the people here do not respect you enough to benefit you monetarily. I ALMOST started to feel pity for her while reading the video breakdown (thank you, anon!) but then I remembered she's a compulsive liar who refused to take accountability for anything, all while keeping a literal hoard of animals and constantly arguing with anyone who might know better than her. Even if I were to acknowledge that her story is unfortunate (which it is, if true) she's just.. a really unlikable person.

No. 691228

You should've been there for the livestream.

She got paid 700-900 tax free weekly for over a year. 50kish to just clean a house/ apartment, feed animals.

No. 691230

I wouldn't have missed it! I was waiting alllll day.

No. 691232

Stop giving this child attention, it's what she wants. She's desperate to be talked about here.

No. 691234

You're right. Deleted.

No. 691236

Tinfoil, the kid posts about herself on here to feel relevant and make Taylor think she's bullied just like her. No one gives a fuck about this kid.

No. 691242

is this like LARP for Lindsay Lohan

No. 691243

Sooo let me get this straight.

>Kid from petco

>Post malone FAIL
>Jonny Craig
>Oscar wylde (in the works)

How can she tell this story and go to flirty with one of jonny's friends and addict on twitter. She straight up almost dies and now she want's to get with another former addict? Use your brain Taylor.

No. 691245

She says she "saw the good in Jonny"

No bitch, you ignored everything everyone told you because "dick is nice"

She still isn't accepting responsibility, she's trying to pin this ALL on jonny. She ignores the smoking heroin texts, her story is heavily edited, she still is piling on the lies.

No. 691246

Taylor made no mention of Bree (which is great, because she needs to leave her the fuck alone)
and nothing about Jonny forcing her to shoot up.
He even took no as answer after a while, and she went back to him about it to then shoot up.

Taylor is no victim.

No. 691254

File: 1566180954426.png (813.16 KB, 1782x908, M0ther0fKittensSockpuppet.png)


…Even if she's going around DMing death threats at people under sockpuppet accounts?

No. 691257

File: 1566181633424.jpg (525.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-192737.jpg)

No. 691259

She's already been doxxed. Someone will send these to her dad. Just ignore her.

No. 691260

File: 1566181723287.png (3.26 MB, 2048x1536, A40CDAF3-F76E-4E6C-9E53-4D38D2…)

why does her croc tattoo look like that???

No. 691261

That's the snakes and anatomical heart tattoo.

No. 691263

because thats not her croc tattoo

No. 691264

File: 1566181836147.png (102.23 KB, 586x457, hfdkjgdhkljg.PNG)

is this jonny? how come she did not block her extremely toxic and abusive ex?

No. 691267

lawdy jonny plz spill the milk.

No. 691268

File: 1566181997799.png (54.64 KB, 596x452, hfdkjgdhkljg2.PNG)

samefag but she's saying she didn't realize his number wasn't blocked. like what.

No. 691269

She doesn't have a "restraining" order that's not even the right term. It's made up.

No. 691270

I wonder what that other grey bubble cut off says.

No. 691271

THEN I’ll use the restraining order! You mean the one that couldn’t be served? Or if it is in full effect why don’t you utilize it NOW you dumb bitch instead of waiting for him to do something else?

No. 691272

I mean It was pretty obvious the whole video she was trying to pin her addiction on Jonny.

He would be the obvious scapegoat to explain away all her shitty decisions. Pretty sure she kept the number unblocked because she had plans to go back to him once she got clean. Jake got in the way and she bailed.

No. 691273

I hope Jonny reveals some milk, I hate Jonny but Taylors asking for it immediately running to twitter to post shit she doesn't need too.

No. 691274

She went into great detail about the drugs but skirted around what Jonny actually did. All she said is he would act weird and it would scare her.

No. 691276


Oof. Wonder how the Fur Angels Animal Sanctuary or (furangelsas on instagram) in the Chicago Suburbs would feel knowing someone connected to their organization is being such a little immature twat online. Would suck if someone were to google the rescue and this thread with her behavior were to pop up. But I am sure she knows all that.

No. 691277

(Same anon)
He's going to try to defend himself

No. 691279

Jonny didn't really do much of anything, he only gave her access to the drugs and made sure she didn't overdose.

I don't think he was ever physically abusive but his reputation will go further down the shitter because of this video.

No. 691280

funny that there was no mention of sober livings 1 or 2

No. 691281

File: 1566182541374.png (87.75 KB, 594x840, uh huhh.PNG)

No. 691283

she didn't finish them imo. She bailed because Jake turned out to be a fuckwad. If it doesn't suit her narrative she won't mention it.

No. 691285


She’s back-peddling hard because she knows he’s gonna respond.

No. 691286

I agree with you.

Jonny might be a huge piece of shit and a waste of space but they're both on the same level. She's a manipulative bitch and knows exactly what she's doing every single time she lies. If he ever physically hurt her we would have heard about it, there's no way she could stay quiet about it and not get that sweet sweet sympathy she so desperately craves.

No. 691288

If jonny was injecting her between stream breaks, he knows how little she was actually looking after her animals.

Those SS's confirmed to me she hasn't done shit for them in months, jonny knows this.

No. 691289


Lol she's private again

No. 691290

people have been wanting her to talk about the drug use for years, now she won't shut up about it because she LOVES drugs. Drug-addict is her new personality. Boring!

No. 691291

I would personally love to hear what Jonny has to say. If Taylor wants to run with this addict brain shit, she was bound to be addicted to something sooner or later. I mean, she had intense cravings after 3 sips of vodka! There's no way she could've avoided it. If anything, Jonny probably kept her safe from killing herself since she's so fucking retarded.
I'm sure he saw some shit. He probably knows about the animals.

No. 691292


Well, it's comforting to know that Emily Hammonds (aka emelia_bedilia on instagram) isn't going to be "curbstomping" anyone anytime soon.

No. 691293

File: 1566183231730.png (57.48 KB, 578x490, LMAOEmily.png)

Honestly, I've never seen someone who reads lolcow so… religiously!(no one cares)

No. 691294

she's made drug addict part of her personality. She literally a 0 other interests, she's not even good at taking care of animals, they're just a job for her at this point.

No. 691295

Just ignore her she's irrelevant.

No. 691296

File: 1566183484918.jpg (616.87 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-195753.jpg)

This was deleted within 2 mins for some reason

No. 691297

That isn't her, her real name isn't even Emily. Don't dox random people.

No. 691298

shoot the youtube video, shoot the chaturbate stream right after. Boom, that's high productivity right there

No. 691299


Taylor's the one in her mother's basement though?

No. 691300

Apology? FFS you knew he was a heroin addict with drug problems going in, you found him "fascinating" in your own words.

He gave you the "rockstar" experience just like you wanted.

No. 691303

Who would rent to her again? Why should she have any living things in her care? Why share this with the public at all?

No. 691304

Her followers are fucking idiots and part of Taylor’s problem. She seeks validation from people who have no idea who she is in person and have no clue what her life is like outside of social media. These fucking idiots were like “coUPlE GoaLzzZ” uwu “fUck ThE HATeRz” and now FINALLY they realize Jonny is a piece of shit???

And because Taylor has no backbone she can’t make her own decisions. She bases HUGE life decisions based solely on the asspats she gets from social media.

BTW Taylor, you don’t have an “addict brain.” You just have absolutely ZERO discipline. This non-existent discipline is crystal clear through social media, which is sad and pathetic. Get a fucking grip on life you filthy piece of shit.

No. 691306

File: 1566184256591.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-201126.jpg)

No. 691307

File: 1566184280860.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190818_231102413.j…)


shut up, emily.(derailing)

No. 691308

can you please stop posting about this irrelevant person

No. 691309

Why should Betsy have to touch those needles though? She has a kid to think of, no shitty assistant job is worth a needle stick injury in a junkie house. I agree she enabled and played along for the $$ but expecting her to clean that up? No.

No. 691310

Seriously, stop letting her feel like she's important. We get it's funny to laugh at her because she's a mess supporting a bigger mess but it's not worth raising her low self esteem by making her think she matters.

No. 691312

Wasn't she with brodick 4 days after she got out of rehab?

No. 691313

She says in the video Jonny wrote on the wall w blood at one point…..what in the actual fuckkkkk

No. 691314

tbh I was proud of her for finally being honest about everything that was going on with her and admitting she was being an idiot but this just disappointed me. I get what she's saying and if she was just another average person I would understand her not wanting to speak up about it out of fear or just wanting to heal in peace but she has the power to completely destroy Jonny. He's only going to do this again. A lot of people didn't believe his previous exes but they would believe Taylor. She can stop him from possibly hurting someone else. If she needs time that's fine but I hope she does speak up about it eventually. Yes it'll be uncomfortable and painful but Taylor wasn't the first victim and she certainly won't be the last.

No. 691315

>I won't admit to neglecting my animals

Proceeds to rinse out one of Kronos needles of medication he needed for his respitory infection to get fucked up on heroin.

Not neglectful at all, not blaming taylor entirely because it was jonny who grabbed the needle, but still. That's neglect.

No. 691316

the internet: it's obvious you use drugs and that it compromises your animal care. please be more accountable.

TND riding on the addict-dick-carousel: I LOVE DRUGS AND BEING HIGH. It's a disease! I have a gene! Did I tell you about my meth experience? 10/10 Don't do drugs, kids

No. 691319

She's so naive. Taylor, he's not gonna ever realize what he did or get help because he doesn't care. He doesn't want to get better and he never did.

No. 691321

wait it was more of a teaser … I didn't even get to talk about my meth experience yet! Coming soon, kids

No. 691322

File: 1566185851047.png (75.3 KB, 1299x655, Capture _2019-08-18-20-37-23.p…)

Was hoping her shit falls faster.

No. 691324

File: 1566186124225.jpeg (96.18 KB, 1242x549, 49407DAA-6273-40A2-A4E3-EEC8B2…)

Yes, this is the kind of content an 11 YEAR OLD should be seeing. Way to go, Tay.

No. 691325

Some people are following her because they really have been duped into believing she’s sharing a feel good story of hope. People like Readytoglare that seems to ignore the part where animals have died due to her neglect that was already bad before the addiction but became even worse.

No. 691326

Uhhh so confirmed meth use..?

No. 691330

It's been like a couple hours anon calm down.


Taylor still acts like she was blameless. She literally admits in her video she wanted to work her way up to heroin to experience the high (of the most addictive substance know to man) then claims her addict brain made her not want to quit.

This was after her experimental partying phase with jonny in her words. She was enjoying the drugs the whole time, I don't think she wanted to kick jonny out because she enjoyed the drugs too much. Oscar is just gonna be another source of drugs for her, I can see it coming, she's been cut off from her supply and she needs a replacement.

No. 691332

So that anonymous account on Twitter that said Taylor was kick out for almost OD on cocaine during tour was right all this time?

No. 691333

So that anonymous account on Twitter that said Taylor was kick out for almost OD on cocaine during tour was right all this time?

No. 691335

Because people relapse when you think about the high. She probably caused the sober living people to relapse.

In her video she talks about almost kicking jonny out to working her way up to heroin. Something doesn't add up. This was after the touring but before getting exposed. She then said it took her months and months to build up to china white.

convenient how she glosses over getting exposed. I don't think her relationship with jonny was as bad as she makes it seem.

Her stans are disgusting they flip flop so hard for her, cheering her on when she shooting up in a shithole with jonny.

No. 691336

so she mentioned smoking weed when she was younger but why didnt that "Activate the addict brain"??

No. 691337

Why not? Jonny's a piece of shit, I'd believe he did bad shit to her because of his patterns, he's scum, however, Taylor was told over and over the type of man he was.

She thought she was special enough to change or fix him. Which is why she SHOULD air him out, we know that Jonny won't stop but hopefully, it'd stop at least ONE women for being dumb for him.

No. 691339

Not surprising seeing as her video seems to be garnering a lot of empathetic/positive responses.

No. 691340

She says she wanted to leave him in the video.
>jonny take kronos needle meds
>Taylor wants jonny to leave
>jonny refuses to leave
>Jonny shoots her up
>Taylor wants to work her way up to heroin

How the fuck do you go from wanting to kick someone out to doing the drug that's killing them?

>Don't worry guys if you don't have addict brain, you can use heroin and not get addicted.

No. 691344

That's exactly what I was thinking. She can argue that there's chemical addiction but that flies out the window when she says she became addicted to buying new animals.

No. 691346

Taylor is probably creaming over the attention and asspats. It's good that she got out and isn't dead but it was obvious from the beginning that he was bad news. If it wasn't for her family she'd be dead, she didn't do anything to get out of her addiction herself.

She's gonna be talking out her ass pretty soon. Get ready for addiction councilor Taylor 2 months "sober" from HEROIN. She is absolutely spreading BS and misinformation.

No. 691349

File: 1566190486987.jpeg (281.27 KB, 1125x825, 8B3D65BC-21C6-4378-8529-67A0C4…)

No. 691350

I don’t know why she’s acting surprised. People are gonna see her video and no one is going to want to sell to her and put animals in danger

No. 691351

And he’s not wrong. You need to be focused on recovering. Not getting more fucking animals. Stop this woe is me shit and take some responsibility for once.

No. 691352

Thank God. I was losing hope there were any good breeders out there. Hopefully she becomes blacklisted.

No. 691353


Shes also never getting a sponsorship again lolol

No. 691354

There she goes again
She slipped up because she said refunded. Bless you whoever told the breeder.

No. 691355

What's the lol for? I'm positive they didn't say it like that.

No. 691357

lol indeed. it was such a huge mistake to talk about her addiction on youtube imo. 99% of her yt followers don't religiously check her other social media. she could still have money rolling in off of her old videos but the latest one being "I'M A HEROIN ADDICT" is enough to give at least some people pause. not to mention anyone googling her like the breeder did.

love that the breeder did that though, good to know there are still good ones out there.

No. 691358

File: 1566191037010.png (46.78 KB, 612x339, djdjd.PNG)

So why did she pick the most clickbaity way to say this? She wanted people to react with anger

No. 691359

When is this

"perfect animal care"

No. 691360

It didn't work out with the last one because you were a heroin addict with a list of dead animals, who couldn't be bothered to shower.

No. 691362

Taylor has been talking about how she was seizing on the floor and passed out in the bathtub, every day so high she would drive to the mall and forget about it. And you're surprised no one wants to sell a living being to you?

No. 691363

She could have uploaded this shit separately to another channel and left a public link for the people that were actually interested in this bullshit. The thought of a kid seeing this on accident….

And the fact she just showed 2 million people her bloody herion sink…. i feel like she's gonna regret this one day.

No. 691364

File: 1566191932409.jpeg (673.68 KB, 1125x1492, A4798358-6179-499C-9CBD-64B65E…)

I can tell she’s already regretting posting that video

No. 691365


No breeder is obligated to sell to you, Taylor. They aren't "ignorant" if they decided you aren't going to be a good enough home. It is THEIR JOB to make sure their animals go to good homes, and they decided you weren't good enough. Nothing ignorant about it. Cry more.

No. 691366

Does anyone know who the seller is?>>691364

No. 691367

We did it reddit

No. 691368

File: 1566192447181.png (25.71 KB, 592x262, fkfkf.PNG)

No. 691369

bless this man for doing the right thing, I hope more breeders follow suit

No. 691370

File: 1566192538828.jpg (504.72 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-222908.jpg)

Finally the voice of reason. She'll probably get blocked.

No. 691371

lol she's triggered she didn't get the "prop" she wanted. They weren't dicks about it or anything, and it's a valid concern.

she should focus on getting out of her parents house than getting more animals.

No. 691372

worded horribly? that person apologised twice and bent over backwards to justify their decision while still trying to empathise. nothing is ever good enough for princess Tay. the sheer entitlement and selfish whining.

No. 691374

She acts like they refused her a service because of a disability.

No. 691376

File: 1566193256057.jpg (538.71 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-224121.jpg)

Deleted because she was getting called out

No. 691377

File: 1566193376394.png (285.82 KB, 1080x1719, Screenshot_20190819-084314.png)

No. 691379

File: 1566193590836.jpg (646.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190818-224656.jpg)

"it's my dream snake"

No. 691380

Welcome to addict life Taylor.

No. 691383

Actions have consequences, sow. I wouldn't adopt out an animal to her either. The way she talks about addiction removes all blame from herself if she should relapse. She's already excused herself for future relapses by saying "relapse is a part of recovery."

No. 691384

I was concerned with her reaction first but yes, this little snake is gonna find a better home for sure

No. 691385

>been looking at splotched sinaloans for years now
but tay, wasn't this the exact thing you said every time you got "any animal you liked"?

No. 691389

File: 1566193886919.png (213.21 KB, 1080x1283, Screenshot_20190819-085147.png)

No. 691390

She deleted a bunch of tweets lol

No. 691391

She's so dumb lmao "I'm going to be an addict forever because my brain is wired this way so it's not my fault and you can't criticize me and I can't take three sips of vodka but also I'M NOT ADDICTED TO ANYTHING guise."

No. 691392

File: 1566194212040.png (41.97 KB, 625x392, fkkfk.PNG)

No. 691393

holy shit, her sperg-out is priceless
a list of things Tay is addicted to:
drugs of many a kind
social media
hoarding animals
shopping cheap clothes
splurging money in general
botched plastic surgery
the opposite of hygiene

No. 691394

Same anon- "Can we drop this please?" LOL

No. 691395

File: 1566194641705.png (200.09 KB, 750x1334, 025DD87F-F9C9-4260-A6E5-9E8313…)

“Half didn’t die while I was passed out from heroin!! So i’m a GREAT mom!! Still unsure of how many I own tho, but don’t worry they’re all cared for FLAWLESY!!”

Tin foil, but it kinda feels like she’s making this up to be a victim, when in reality mama dean just said no more animals.

No. 691396

File: 1566194751236.png (12.23 KB, 592x87, bait.png)

Meanwhile Jonny boy is trying to bait Taylor into feeling responsible for his "relapse" (as if he ever stopped using.)

I hope for her sake she actually did block his number. Say what you will but I did think the bit of self-awareness she showed when she talked about being a people-pleaser was impressive for her. With brodick gone, I think Jonny could worm his way back in easily if gives him the chance to even speak.

No. 691397


She’s so ridiculous. She is living in a cramped room at her parents, says she is broke, and is barely sober. She couldn’t even maintain sober living houses because she couldn’t follow the rules. She acts like her life is all together, and she’s been sober for a long time now. No one should be selling or giving her animals.

No. 691398

File: 1566195070316.png (162.25 KB, 597x556, frjfhbf.PNG)

No. 691399

This is already deleted

No. 691400

File: 1566195269244.png (195.86 KB, 594x568, jnjbhbvy.PNG)


No. 691401

I keep catching her before she deletes shit- Like- >>691392

No. 691402

File: 1566195385185.png (3.64 MB, 1242x2688, B1F2DD7B-896A-422D-94A8-55144E…)

No. 691404

She fucked up her asspat party by sperging out

No. 691405

she always comes up with the most ridiculous analogies

what if the moon was your car and jupiter was your hair brush

this shirt is so tacky oh my GOD please tay tay

No. 691407

Taylor is just like Boogie2988.

I cannot believe she had the nerve to ask someone ELSE can they drop the situation SHE BROUGHT UP.

She wanted drama. She was fine with people threatening to beat the guys ass as an joke, but as soon as someone strays off the path, bitch goes wild.

No. 691409

The sad thing is that if she keeps looking she'll probably'll find someone willing to sell her one. Not all breeders have good ethics. Someone somewhere will be willing to take her money and not give the wellbeing of the snake a second thought.

No. 691412

Didn't she just say addiction is a "disease" she has? Why is she offended by being called an addict? What the fuck is going on in her head

No. 691417

She's in for a rude awakening if she really thinks there's no stigma around heroin addicts. If I were a future landlord or pet breeder or guy she was going after, and I saw the video she released today, I would run far away.

Just because she is completely convinced every drug consumed is from a mental addiction and that she is not responsible for it doesn't mean other people think that. The lack of responsibility is out of control.

No. 691418

Surprise, surprise! Taylor doesn’t get to live the broken/lost edgy e-addict girl. She actually has to face consequences, and judgements. Which results in her losing out on an animal. It’s crazy that she’s just realized that her actions will result in consequences, and she’s upset about it. I think that alone speaks highly to how she was raised. She probably got whatever the fuck she wanted, and that’s why she’s such a brat now.

Also, I tinfoil that Taylor communicates with Jonny. Not frequently. But between him somehow knowing about Kronos being gone (and then he backtracked), getting pictures of the cats, and then feeling comfortable enough to message her after the video she made, feeling “offended” by it? While still sticking to “I love her, she’s my life” shit? That’s unlike anything he’s ever done, or been. Jonny gets triggered by random people online. Getting kicked out, having his laundry aired out, being shit on by Taylor is far enough reason to retaliate.
And Taylor all of the sudden shows all of this sad emotion in regards to Jonny?
Something weird is going on.

No. 691420

File: 1566197663095.png (791.87 KB, 1242x2688, 47F584C8-F51A-4D54-866E-D23905…)

No. 691421

But you guise, this is Taylor’s world and we’re just living in it. It’s completely normal to talk about drugs and highs non-stop. It’s totally cool for her to get another snake because she wanted THIS ONE since ~forever.~ plus she’s living back at home with 3 other people, so what’s the big deal?

She either is mentally ill or is ignorant. Idk maybe both??? Cool, talk about drugs at your meetings if that’s what gets you off but on social media, you’re in the real world where people don’t take kindly to those kinds of conversations. Absolutely serves this cunt right that she was denied a snake. You wanted to make heroin addict your persona, we’ll reap the consequences bitch. Why would you even title your video “I’m a heroin addict.” You should bitch your mom out for not teaching you proper tense. She could have entitled her video “I was a former heroin addict or I’m a recovering heroin addict.” Guess the clickbait wasn’t worth it. Cry us a fucking river about how you didn’t like the breeder calling you an addict when you constantly refer to yourself as one online.

No. 691422

Also, wouldn’t she have posted this video on her Taylor vlogs channel instead?

No. 691425

clickbait 101, call it "where have I been?" and don't show whitney houston crackden-tier photos of what your home was like. I'm cringing hard for her right now.

No. 691426

She wants as many views as possible putting this on her main channel. She's going to slowly start turning more into a recovery channel as well as her normal pet stuff. I bet she starts getting sponsors from mental-health types of companies.

It's all about the attention with her. I think it is partly for emotional reasons and partly because it will make her more money to have more followers and views. The amount of money she's made off of social media seems extremely high. She said today she spent $40,000 on her ex's teeth. She buys clothes like it's going out of style. She spent who knows how much on drugs. She rented apartments. She paid her assistant probably tens of thousands of dollars. Her animals and their food habits are not cheap. She needs to start making money back

No. 691427

note the present simple tense here: but I wont deny I LOVE THEM.

No. 691428

she never blocked the number. remember she texted a photo of the cats to him. this was not confirmed but its a dead giveaway with how jc reacted on his livestream. he didnt even realize what he was saying. prob high that moment too

No. 691429

she did say he would write in blood. LOL.

No. 691430

if anything, he can expose her. i wonder if it will happen soon after this video.
jonny, that restraining order is non existent. spilll

No. 691431

the nerve of this hypocrite. yet throughout that whole video, she never admitted to HER wrongdoings. she even said she wasnt goin to admit neglect.

No. 691432


You can download the subtitles as a transcript.

No. 691433

lol, a fan on tnd coming in freshly disappointed because she wanted her to expose jc.
wake and smell the coffee. she will never expose him because HE HAS MORE TO EXPOSE OF HER. She neglected her animals. He knows way more stuff that would damage her and ruin her for good.

No. 691435

Well if there was ever a time he would spill the tea on her it would probably be from this video she just uploaded. She made him seem like a monster using his free will yet blamed all of her problems on her addiction.

No. 691436


No. 691437

This is why she will never learn. She will be in her 50s with the same mentality.

No. 691438

"he just said i'm an addict."
…..well, you are. you said it yourself that you will be it forever. so???

No. 691439

"I've been looking for about a year now."
sounds similar to when she said before getting Gemini,
"Ive been wanting another snake for about a year now."
she says now she has patience. lol. sure.
like when she rehomes and then gets another snake while in sober living. so much patience.

No. 691440

this would make an epic thread pic ala collage / vision board LMAO

No. 691441

oh yes, get information for taylor the liar herself. good idea.

No. 691442

kind of off topic, but i find it funny that jc and tay would use relapse for when they wouldnt use for like 2 days. jc still uses (clearly visible in his streams) but prob didnt for 1 or 2 days til he buys again. doesnt count as relapsing when u reuse after some days lol

No. 691443

watch her change the title if she doesnt delete it beforehand lol

No. 691445

I feel like she would say that about any and every animal she was getting lol.. same old same old I am getting this animal because I have been wanting it for several years now guis! I am pretty sure she said it with the leaf geckos, might dig to find it all.

No. 691446

This is honestly the sort of shit any good breeder would do. The guy isn't even offensive or rude about it and doesn't word it as a fact and even explains why he thinks/feels that way.

Also why is she trying to spin this whole 'it arrived before the video' when she's been talking about her addiction on Twitter for ages and any thread about her will have those screenshots.

No. 691447

Yeah like if she got off her fucking high horse and stopped being so dramatic for half a second, she could publicly acknowledge that this is super solid practice for any decent breeder. All breeders should be thorough in screening their buyers and not selling to people they aren't comfortable with. But he hurt her feelings, so she'll maintain that he was wrong til the day she dies.

No. 691448

nothing is worded horribly, that's how real life works. And honestly I was expecting this to happen.

No. 691449

I wondered if this breeder would have even looked into her on the internet if she hadnt given her entire life story through what could have been a simple email. She came across as manic and defensive so no wonder this guy was like "who the hell is this person…?"

No. 691451

The breeder was in the right and I'm glad he denied the sale, especially since she sperges out as if shes been sober for 5 years. It hasn't even been half a year since she's been clean but she has the gull to act like she's the expert on addiction and how she knows how to handle herself and past addictions.

For her sake I hope she doesn't relapse but with the way she's going we already know its happening soon.

No. 691453

File: 1566210257760.png (1.35 MB, 1242x2688, 6F72FB9B-726C-4BFD-B388-4E3846…)

progress? Lol

No. 691455

What kills me is she's done nothing to change the lifestyle she had been living that lead to her poor choices. She's literally back to where she was in the beginning.

Get out of the fucking house, Taylor. Go get a part time job, or volunteer somewhere.

Best way to beat addiction is to occupy your time with being productive. Doing drugs gives you the happiness reward that non-addicts get from being productive. So get off social media and fucking do something with your life, Taylor.

No. 691457

it's only been two months

No. 691458

Can we drop this please but she’s the dumb bitch who brought it up. Good for the breeder I hope every single breeder denies her from here on out. “Cry” about it some more you baby.

No. 691459

Funny how the breeder never said what TayTay quoted. You'd think that she would remember that she quoted the email before she posted.

No. 691460

Ok this is horrible. I keep thinking about those poor cats playing in that pile of needles, and the kitten that died while she was sleeping off her high. I am so happy for her recovery but please give those cats to someone who can take care of them.

No. 691461

I'm just suprised she didn't send her followers to attack the breeder for denying her. That's her m.o. in the past.

No. 691464

taylor: i'm an addict, i have always been an addict and i will always be an addict
taylor: i'm so hurt that this person dared to call me an addict

No. 691465

>>691455 this. sleeping all day seems like a really bad choice. + all the money she spends on clothes etc even though she says she's broke??? maybe… save your money then? and if she really has to "reward" herself, there are other things to buy than trashy clothes. maybe she should start buying things for her next home so it wont look as empty and sad inside as the atrium house did. a nice and cozy home will make you happier long term, clothes you'll only wear once will not. oooh. another idea: buy stuff for your poor animals, taylor. bigger enclosures, more enrichment, it would give you more content for your youtube as well and you wouldn't have to hide how poorly looking their enclosures are. just an idea lolll

her priorities are just so, so weird to me. she spends money like i did when i was 17, she should know better. clearly becoming addicted to heroin and throwing thousands and thousands of dollars at jc didn't teach her shit. she's still the same person, just more rough looking now

No. 691467

Even if they did, that would still be appropriate for some disabilities. You're not entitled to animals, if you can't take care of them properly then you can't have them.

No. 691468

Remember to quote her "I'm so er(not addicted to ANYTHING)".

Sure thing Taylor, and she wonders why noone takes her channel seriously.

No. 691469


Jonny also said on stream that he was following her social media to look at the animals.

No. 691471

This needs to be fucking broadcasted. She acts like she's so stable yet has ALL of this shit going on. Self awareness does not exist with her.

No. 691472

Taylor: I got kicked out of two sober living homes and had to re-home 12 of my animals in order to cram the rest into my small childhood bedroom at my parents house and get so close to relapsing that I have texted my dealer while only being sober for two months. Also I'm so broke but look at the $1500 worth of nasty clothes I got but also listen to me complain when I have to spend $300 on snake food. I shot china white hourly and passed out for 10+ hours at a time and never took care of my self or did anything except heroin, also I bought animals to fill a void during this time (that was only like <6 months ago) and it was unhealthy
Also Taylor: Guys this guy won't give me a snake because I'm an addict. He's IGNORANT and I am SO HURT

I literally can't with this bitch. Hahahah

No. 691473

File: 1566222110700.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190818_233254542.j…)

No. 691474

It actually blows my mind that she's acting like she's being discriminated against because she's an addict.

There's a difference between not wanting to sell an animal to someone who's been sober for years and is stable in their recovery, and not selling to someone who's in the infancy of their recovery and just had to rehome a bunch of animals to go to rehab.

Even if none of her animal neglect existed, she could relapse tomorrow and have to go back to rehab. I genuinely hope she doesn't, but it's a serious possibility for someone with only two months sober.

Then what? A cycle of rehome, rehab, and new animals?

No. 691475

File: 1566223148524.png (23.25 KB, 320x67, Screen Shot 2019-08-16 at 9.58…)

Here's the tea. She edited this email. Real email attached. Love, a friend of the breeder.

No. 691476

too small to read

No. 691477

Same anon, she sent it to herself via that fake email acct she used before that was exposed by that dude on YouTube. You can even see the same pink background. What a fraud. She didn't change it much, but still.

No. 691478

My phone won't screenshot any better, but it reads "I'm very sorry. I have refunded your money. I feel with your addiction AND RECOVERY, it might not be the best time to take on a new pet. I have spent a little time on YOUTUBE and Reddit, getting information WHICH I DO WHEN IM NOT FAMILIAR WITH A BUYER. He also never said "I was not informed you were a heroin addict". TayTay added that in later.

No. 691479


>from Taylor Craig


No. 691480

Why is nobody talking about her YouTube video? She implies she never shot up until late into it.

No. 691481

what is there to say really?
it's all lies, like everything she said
it's all bragging abt how much drugs she does/did, like she always does
not once does she say "dont do drugs" which is the funniest part of the whole thing

No. 691482

File: 1566224772552.png (197.32 KB, 1440x870, Screenshot_2019-08-19-10-23-45…)

Tinfoil but this is about Jonny and Betsy? Betsy deleted the last 2 posts on her instagram with her and Taylor, has not replied to anything Taylor posted on her twitter or Instagram in over a month and that seems completely out of the ordinary based on the amount of times Betsy hounded Taylor on twitter to text or call her back, etc. Maybe she's realized how shit Tay is?

No. 691483

She did say she wanted to marry him and have a family with him at one point.

No. 691484


Betsy could be the person she was vagueing a while back, with only being your friend when you want something.
Which, if she hired Betsy to clean her house, and they weren't friends beforehand, then you're not friends.. You're an Employee and an Employer.

No. 691485

Taylors behaviour is textbook dry drunk (dry druggie?)

She's so early into recovery that if she ever does fully recover she's going to cringe at how she is acting now

She is also setting herself up for relapse… You cant recover with the same antics you were up to that led to addiction in the first place

She needs a job and therapy, but she thinks she's too special for that.

No. 691486

I think Betsy, she went on about how she was her only friend.

Betsy got paid alot of money from Taylor just to be her "friend". Betsy probably ran off after the shit show in the junkie den. She's a single mom with a kid to raise, and she squeezed Taylor for what she was worth.

No. 691487

This morph is pretty rare tho. There arent hundreds of breeders trying to sell them like ball pythons. I'm looking for one myself and only found the same ones Taylor did.

No. 691488

Only Taylor would start drama over the wording of an email when she herself had reworded the email. Smh, classic.

No. 691489

Resentment toward friends or family
Anger and negativity surrounding recovery
Depression, anxiety, and fear of relapse
Jealousy of friends who are not struggling with addiction
Romanticizing their drinking days
Being self-obsessed
Replacing the addiction with a new vice (e.g., sex, food, and internet use)


No. 691491

File: 1566225581153.png (238.22 KB, 750x1334, 3284D3CB-38B5-4B64-B997-F54BD4…)

Says she struggle not to relapse daily but at the same time says she’s the most recovered addict there is an should be treated as a functioning zookeeper that would never hoard animals again despite only 6 months ago doing just that

No. 691492

File: 1566225767461.png (263.01 KB, 750x1334, 245E0301-F03B-4E5C-A243-E117D9…)

Damn that’s cold cold lol even if I hated someone I wouldn’t sit there and let them die..why wouldn’t you just break up with him? Call the cops to remove his ass or something! She could have left herself, I’m not hearing her excuses and reasoning of why she stayed with Jonny ..she wanted the experience and now she got it, so you would think she learned her lesson the hard way. Not to mention, literally everyone told her to stay away from his ass! Wtf she dumb dumb!

No. 691493

I had noticed something weird and inconsistent about the mail she posted which was capped here >>691364 just odd phrasing and mistakes. what you quoted makes a lot more sense.
her hours-long excessive tweeting together with this fishy mail reeks of her being on drugs and making impulsive, bad decisions like doctoring a mail if it's true. That would be seriously fucked.
Is it possible for you to send us a clearer cap? Maybe from a computer at some point? Thanks for the quote!

No. 691494

Omg she almost Walter whited him.

No. 691495

File: 1566225974234.png (253.52 KB, 750x1334, 32F6273E-BE3A-4350-9C9F-AC10F3…)

I think she was talking bout him manipulating her through the relationship…if she was so self aware about her people pleasing then why didn’t she see it at the beginning and listen to everyone dogging him. I don’t get it, she wants both sides of every situation..to be the victim and also be the perfect “flawless” beacon of health, love, and light! Get a hobby Taylor damn

No. 691496

Yeah I thought the same thing about how she left some typos in before the reddit part where she cropped out “YouTube”. That’s fucked up even for her to do. It’s not like she even changed it that muc to make a difference. Trying to get her stans more outraged at the breeder but it still backfired on her ass LmAO

No. 691498

She's still got a massive hate boner for jonny. She loves the drug he introduced to her and has made it part of her identity.

She wants to go back to using so hard.

No. 691499

File: 1566226644911.png (243.72 KB, 750x1334, 8573755C-D29A-4A8A-A599-2A260D…)

Her wording is weird in this too..they could deliver it to u where u are now or at your altrium house? She better keep going to meetings and such because addiction will find a way to drag you back. She should change her number too if she’s serious about recovery because I’m sure some of her dealers still have her phone number

No. 691500

File: 1566226671693.png (90.6 KB, 1440x371, Screenshot_2019-08-19-02-06-39…)

I think ol Mama D summed up last night the best

No. 691501

am i the only one who thinks quite a lot of the stuff she says in the vid is true? i have no doubts in my head that it was jonny who started her addiction and that he treated her horribly throughout the relationship.
which doesn't mean it isn't incredible how much she is in denial now about being 100% recovered and fit to buy new pets (while simultaneously talking about how she almost relapses all the time?)

remember the time she went to twitter being all "i'm done with jonny, if you knew all the things i know, he's lying" etc? could have been when she found kronos' needle and all of that?

No. 691502

Uhhh why would you just keep dealers #'s if your serious about being sober.

No. 691503

Bahahaha doesn’t get much better than that..I bet she’s so embarrassed by all of T.nD.’s antics. Hell im cringing hard for her myself, I couldn’t imagine being in Mama Deans shoes lmao. But like mother,like daughter. She gets it honest

No. 691504

I think she sought out jonny for the drugs and lifestyle. I don't buy she was pressured into using, she was excited that a "rockstar" was interested in her.

She knew 100% what he was going in, she just didn't care. She went in with naive ambitions trying to "fix" him but then started shooting pills? lol.

No. 691505

Yah, you're the only one. I believe they treated each other horribly.

The way she is just through social media alone, I can see her being cripplingly clingy and constantly guilt tripping. I'm sure she constantly bought him stuff only to be like, "I buy you shit, you have to do this with/for me."

They're both shit people who I fully believe abused one another in equally fucked up way.

No. 691506

“I didn’t realize it was going to be something i still get turned down things over… never mind I saw online that u used to use drugs so no”

Sorry Taylor, but welcome to the real world. People are actually going to google your name when you apply for anything and that video is popped up. You’ll be lucky to get any credible job in the future even if you do delete that video. Shit on the Internet is around forever and it only takes one name search for this video to pop up. You brought this on yourself and ruined your own reputation trying to act like you know everything about drugs. This is exactly how a spoiled brat acts when they don’t get what they want and I can see her using this excuse more in the future.

No. 691507

Yeah I think a lot is true about the vid, but I also think she left a lot out on her part as well. She should have run far away when he did that with Kronos’ needle. She took 0 responsibility about her role in her own addiction and blames most of it on him. But like we’ve all said, everyone told her about him and she still went for him anyways. Those tweets kinda would make sense around that time, but it could have been a million other fucked up things I’m sure he has done to her as well. Could have been the cheating she was talking about too

No. 691508

Yeah I could totally imagine her guilt tripping him and being clingy af. Not to mention, when they were dope sick/looking for drugs I’m sure she was a major bitch and crying whining and throwing shit in his face constantly. It takes two to tango

No. 691509

WTF …. seriously, WTF
good comparison. she also almost neglected him to death and refused help like towards all of her sick and dying pets.
she victimised herself so hard, her thinly-veiled psychopathy popped out and she wanted to play God right then and there and almost failed her duty to rescue. Why would you tweet this???? This is so fucked-up even for her. A new low

No. 691510

File: 1566227296796.png (27.56 KB, 320x67, Screenshot.png)

Alright, uploaded from a computer like a anon suggested, and even upped contrast, but I think the screencap is just too small and blurry to really be salvaged :( He didn't say he "wasn't informed about her heroin addction," he just simply said he "wasn't informed about her"

No. 691511

Taylor would never have come out about heroin if she wasn't exposed by Colin.

She was OK about lying to her fans forever as long as she was making money.

No. 691512

Taylor “I would rather let someone die because it’s easier than breaking up w him and leaving him out in the cold” Dean.

No. 691513

Taylor: I fucked up my first time trying coke but the day after I wanted it SoOoO bad I stopped in the middle of the street and wanted to die I have such a bad addiction

Also taylor: I quit coke no problem!

Also Taylor about bree: she didn't even know how to do coke properly.

It's also funny how she supposedly has done every drug "wrong" initially on first try and neeever felt a high. Or with that 3 sips of vodka story she didn't get drunk.

Her video is full of shit, and her now quickly trying to add to the Jonny story because people pointed out all she said was "his voice changed, his pupils disappeared I was so scured guys" because she doesn't sound abused enough says a lot about this entire situation too. She used him for her junkie experience just as much as he used her for a roof above his head and money. Bet during using they romanticized the crap out of it with their "us against the world baby" mentality.
Typical Taylor to cut out he has seen her YouTube too. Bet she noticed many people sided with the breeder on not selling the snake to her, so she had to spin it. This is why I'll never believe her. Lying about someone innocent like that is fucking gross.

No. 691514

Why couldn’t this girl have done a little LSD/ shrooms instead man…

No. 691515

Another thing about the Kronos story that stood out to me, regarding his health more than the needle story is that she had someone point out that how calm he was, was a bad sign of him being kept too cold. In her video she however makes it sound like it was because it became winter time and she was oh so attentive to his needs. It was discussed in the threads here how that guy pointed that out to her for quite a bit too, so she for sure learnt about it thanks to others.

No. 691516


No. 691517

The video was majority lies. Early on she confirms she was texting Cheslea and the texts were real. That means she started smoking heroin with him WILLINGLY in Dec 2017. Her entire "addiction story" was fake.

No. 691520

she did say that the 2nd time she contacted chelsea they had smoked heroin together (and shooting came after that), youre talking about the first time they were in touch

No. 691522

File: 1566229276352.jpeg (470.93 KB, 1242x1092, 7F723839-EDEA-4CE3-85A8-F5B202…)

No. 691526

As entertaining as I find all the tweets and drama she really needs to find actual friends and a hobby outside of Youtube if she wants to stay sober. I understand she wants to get back to work (and she should otherwise her channel will die) isolating yourself to film videos all the time is not going to help. ALso, did Jonny delete his Twitter or change his @?

No. 691528

man, if jonny had the brain power to understand that, he'd lawyer up and get a real good pay day out of that tweet

No. 691529

you know what would be awesome? for the breeder to shit on her for altering his email and possting the screenshot himself. calling her out too.

No. 691530

lmao for what? for contemplating letting him die but ending up helping him? sure

No. 691531

>i'm very sorry. I have refunded your money. I feel with your addiction and recovery it might not be the best time to take on a new pet. I have spent a little time on youtube and reddit and getting information which i do when I'm not familiar with a buyer. I know it's a very hard obstacle to overcome, and I've lost friends to opiods. I just don't feel this is the right home for the animal. I want my animals to go to the best homes, and I was not informed about you. Again you have been refunded sorry for the inconvience.

No. 691532

Already talked to him, he doesn't want to get involved in "snake drama" for fear of angry fans. Makes sense.

No. 691533

File: 1566230826819.png (283.88 KB, 918x286, lolol.png)

No. 691534

I'm not sure what damage five minutes of overdosing can do and if there is any legal ground to sue for refusing help for a wile after an unknown amount of time. It sounds like a pointless gamble but also not impossible hypothetically since she broadcasted it to the whole world. It would just become a legal war though. Not that it matters

It sure must sting to read this. Makes you wonder if Jonny is gonna go nuclear at some point.

No. 691535

they should both stay away from each other. they are both rotten. he actually found his equal in Taylor, a match made in hell

No. 691536

Cry more Taylor. If you think someone withdrawing the sale of a living being to an addict and hoarder is bad, just wait until you realize you’ve shot your credit to hell, will never get approved to rent, have no cash or clout to use to manipulate a landlord into accepting 30 animals again….FFS my place charges a higher rate for pet owners and then $30 each for every animal you own. Good luck trying to navigate the real world with your broke ass and shitty reputation, it’s only gonna get worse from here!

Lol, busted! So Reddit and twitter are on her ass. Let me guess, they’re all stalker hate blogs too. Maybe you’re just a really shitty person and people are sick of it??

No. 691541

Taylor says in her video that she couldn't make it through the Disney trip because of the subs, but Colin stated it was because she was having withdrawals.

No. 691543

Can you imagine if she took acid or shrooms? She’d be one of those people who takes too much because “I don’t feel it” and fucking loose it lmao she doesn’t deserve to experience how great psychedelics can be for your psyche or ego.

No. 691544

If Jonny had died, she could've claimed he was already faulty when I got him from his breeder

No. 691545

Besides. Taylor has no concept of actual “time”. Her “five minutes” may very well have been “5 SECONDS” based on how she estimates time for everything else!

No. 691546

brava, anon. i think i love you.

changing topic, i think it's hilarious how offended she is that the breeder wouldn't sell her the snake, and that she fucked with the e-mail to try and make them sound mean. like it says in the title of her video: HEROIN ADDICT. oh well.

btw? that video is too long to bother with. i don't think she realizes how fucking boring she is.

No. 691547

I hope every breeder does a screen check and she can’t get anymore designer snakes

No. 691550

Wow isn’t this a type of manslaughter that she can actually go to jail for? Also, if I knew her in real life, I would CLEARLY STAY AWAY. She almost killed a human being just because she was unhappy. A normal person would just leave.

No. 691551


Depends on the state but I don’t think it’s illegal to deny help to someone who needs it when you weren’t involved in getting them to that point.

No. 691552

It’s like just watching a person drown. She’s an awful person herself, not just JC.

No. 691554

I don't understand why she is still trying to get more animals in the first place, just take care of the ones you have FFS.
It's not like she was this perfect angel before but this whole situation is just sad. I remember a couple of years ago she was always in my recommended and gaining subs like crazy. She really fucked up her life by not listening to people and getting with JC.

No. 691555

not manslaughter since he's clearly alive loling on instagram. not sure. there is something called duty to rescue which she actively denied but it is rarely enfored legally and more of a moral obligation. however, I'm sure people have been sued for way less. she could also be pinned down on the "five solid minutes" regardless of her fickle and bad story-telling. this is getting OT though and I doubt this would ever happen with these two. I'm sure Taylor has something bad on Jonny, too, since he's way too docile and unconfrontational after the break-up.

No. 691556

I'm sure she has a lot more dirt on him but I think it's more that he thinks she still might come back to him. It hasn't been that long since she's been in contact.

No. 691558

Haven't seen any reaction from Oscar yet, I wonder what he thinks about Miss Addict's hour long pity party. His video is coming out soon, too.
Oscar's been sober 2 years, and pays more attention to his image. I have a feeling it will be a lot better than TND's. He will probably clean his room for the video, at least.

No. 691561

File: 1566237894609.jpg (70.28 KB, 564x353, IMG_20190819_110342.jpg)

Colin commenting on her video.
(Sorry for crap quality, on old tablet.)

No. 691562

Pretty sure Oscar is busy hitting James Charles up in the DMs now

No. 691563

Does Oscar actually give a shit about Taylor like we all think he does? Just because she's thirsty for him doesn't mean he cares more than on a superficial level. He's more successful and better looking than she is and could easily get with someone with a lot more clout than Taylor; a washed-up haggard druggie with a failing Youtube channel.

No. 691564

Or better yet Jeffree Star, he looks like he's annoyed with his brofriend nate and needs another sugar baby/yes man/"Straight" bro, lol.

No. 691565

Didn't Taylor already own 2 Sinaloan Milk Snakes (Gucci & Prada) & bought & returned a splotched Milk Snake (Valentino)?

No. 691567

I mean he's a slightly cleaner looking Jonny. He has a bunch of gross shit surrounding him as well. OScar is ON Taylor's level.

No. 691568

They've had some reciprocal flirting on Twitter and he supposedly wrote a song about a girl and sobriety and is "catching feels" but nothing outright except heart emojis.
But I don't think he is into her like she is him.

Not stanning, but Oscar is way above TND's level.

No. 691569

No. 691570

Lol hopefully Taylor doesn’t get too invest in OW, he’s definitely in the DMs with some dudes…might trigger her into a “relapse”. Maybe that’s why he’s hitting her up? She’s looking like a Masc Liv Tyler lately..

No. 691571

How? Isn't he accused of talking underaged girls? cheating on his girlfriend and being abusive?

No. 691572

File: 1566239196710.jpg (213.86 KB, 717x1146, IMG_20190819_112701.jpg)

No. 691573

man that stream really struck a nerve, didnt it?

No. 691574

Taylor's story about how she went to rehab doesn't fit with what actually happened and was documented on here. She claims she went through 24 hours of hell but she was posting on IG story the day before she went into rehab.

>May 31st - Went to hospital with her mom cause she was throwing up. Doctors couldn't find veins for hours. Jonny posted that he would be going to his dad's the next day.

>Jun 1st Jonny left for his dad's. Taylor starts posting about making changes in her life. Talks about involving her family this time so she does it right.
>Jun 2nd Taylor mentions that she is going to start programs that she should have started ages ago. She posts a picture of her taking a bath with a red bath bomb talks about her depression and not bathing for weeks because drugs.
>Jun 3rd Posts about possibly moving back in with her parents and having to rehome some of the animals. Says she needs to do whatever it takes to ensure her sobriety and the start of her long term recovery. Posts about Netflix and sleeping alone at 6 am in the morning. Gets up at some point and starts yelling at people to stop sending Jonny stuff about them breaking up. Continues to post stuff until around 10-11pm and then deactivates Instagram.

Now at this point she very well could have done what she said she did in her video. She may have freaked out at some point knowing her mom was coming to pick her up to take her to rehab and she could have done her cottons and then a few hours later taken a sub which sent her spiraling into hell for 6-10 hours before her mom showed up. All I know is between May 31st and Jun 3rd she didn't seem like she was blacking out and throwing up on herself. The night of Jun 3rd through the morning of Jun 4th she very well could have been that way. All I know is if I had found my child like that I would have driven them to the hospital and not a rehab center.

No. 691575

All jokes aside on rather he's gay, bi or straight (not that it matters), I just think he may be the type who wants attention from ANYONE with any type of clout.

He saw that Manny said, "Film" and he probably was like, "Oh shit, let me get in on this!"

I think he's quiet right now because he's probably wondering if it's worth th attention to get with Taylor.

He was/is friends with Jonny. May not want the drama.

No. 691577


He is more attractive, more successful and actually has talent. Has actual fans not online sycophants. He has more than an 8th grade education (Wuts a verb lol?)
There are plenty of cute, dumb girls like TND, with less baggage. You can even take your pick, tatted or not.

Agree. I think this will probably turn out too messy for his image.

No. 691578

He would be smart to stay away from her if he wants to keep his sobriety safe.

No. 691579

what do you mean anon we've been talking about it as soon as it came out maybe scroll up a little bit

No. 691580

Can someone else who watched the video please explain this to me..
so she says she took one of she animals (I think the monitor) to the vet and they prescribed it shots that she had to give at home she put them in the freezer and then Johnny one to shoot up? Surely they did not prescribe this lizard heroin so that part didn’t make since to me.

No. 691581

Assuming I understand her correctly, he took the loaded injection (with the monitor medicine in it) and a spoon to the bathroom. Emptied the needle of the medication and used the spoon to cook the heroin then put it in the now empty needle. She then picked up on the missing needle and went to the bathroom to find out what he was doing. Then begged to flush the heroin.

No. 691582

File: 1566241293482.jpg (82.83 KB, 848x644, Screenshot_20190819-205703.jpg)

Bet she expected at LEAST a million views by now and that's why she's pissy about this lmao. I still think this is too many young kids who seen this content, especially her step by step how to do drugs.

No. 691583

Yeah cuz it took away from the little money, attention and views she was going to get. She gotta have enough moolah to go on another shopping spree on fashionHOva to get more tacky potato chip shirts and fishnets

No. 691584

File: 1566242077579.jpeg (387.77 KB, 1232x1698, 5A475FC9-796E-4C77-86BD-B93F93…)

From Jonny’s insta story

No. 691586

It'd be a dumb move on his part to get with someone that's currently a few months (as far as we know) sober.

The way Taylor talks about drugs may trigger someone like him. So if he gets with Taylor, then that's on him.

I won't feel bad for him, like Taylor w/ Jonny, there's more than enough info and red flags.

And vice versa. So fuck them both

No. 691589

File: 1566242908731.jpg (123.08 KB, 664x1061, IMG_20190819_122407.jpg)

Reaction from Amanda.

The shirt actually says "Horitos"

No. 691592

File: 1566244153642.jpg (541.8 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190819-124918.jpg)

How are they this dumb? She said she has this person blocked already

No. 691593

File: 1566244246655.jpg (615.75 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190819-125121.jpg)

No. 691594

The shirt is part of the Dollskill quickie mart line they did for their pop-up store at Coachella.

No. 691595

File: 1566244547997.jpeg (278.15 KB, 1125x1311, E3525006-A7D4-420D-BD16-2FB2F6…)

someone posted this on Instagram and it made me think of TND

No. 691596

File: 1566244692331.jpg (623.99 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190819-125827.jpg)


No. 691598

File: 1566245569846.png (99.35 KB, 592x392, fjfjnfjnimi.PNG)

No. 691599

Sobriety does not seem serious for her whatsoever

No. 691602

File: 1566246219927.png (46.78 KB, 442x434, chrome_G1UhuKwIyd.png)

looks like shes sending her army of teenagers to someone over something made up…again.

No. 691603

it's too long, who the fuck has time to listen to her rambling, imagine thinking anyone cares enough to listen to 90+ minutes worth of horseshit from this dullard

No. 691604

What I can’t grasp from that portion of the video is that she was passed out for who knows how many hours “throwing up and crawling all over the floor” …where were her cats? She’s crawling and throwing up all over her house and you’re going to tell me her cats aren’t licking her puke? Sure you can defend the other animals that are in cages but she can’t claim her cats are locked in a room somewhere when they’re pretty free roaming. And I’d love to know who cleaned up her puke lol if it was poor Betsy I hope she got a good check from that.

No. 691613

File: 1566251541326.png (2.24 KB, 363x106, stats.PNG)

so it's day 2 and she's lost over a thousand every day and still gained 400 or so. I don't think this video is gonna do for her career what she thinks it will.

No. 691614

File: 1566251843893.png (37.57 KB, 601x421, posty.PNG)

Apparently Posty betrayed her now, entitled much?

No. 691615

i think shes trying to be sarcastic and funny, anon. we dont have to read into everything she says.

No. 691617

Which is why I said "if she keeps looking." Just because it's rare doesn't mean there's no chance she'll never find someone willing to sell her one. Rare morph does not mean every breeder out there that produces them is ethical. But it's a coin toss if she'll persist in looking to be honest.

No. 691618

Lucky for you, one just became available again.

No. 691619

god bless, transcript anon.

No. 691620

Nobody's under any obligation legally to help anyone else. That's never been codified in any state in the U.S. There is the civil tort "Duty to rescue" where you can sue for money that you were in a state that required rescue to prevent injury or death. But Jonny probably would be laughed out of court, to be honest. Nobody has a duty to rescue you from a situation you caused yourself, like ODing on illegal drugs.

No. 691621

File: 1566253277117.png (1.37 MB, 1239x801, wait a sec.png)

No. 691625

File: 1566254451661.jpg (145.86 KB, 679x1085, IMG_20190819_153900.jpg)

I know Oscar isn't the cow, but is on-topic.

No. 691627

File: 1566254550619.jpg (66.09 KB, 500x800, IMG_20190819_153827.jpg)

Taylor getting sad,I wonder why?

No. 691630

File: 1566254889013.png (2.29 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-08-19-18-48-14…)


No. 691633


this is so disgusting. he knows shes insecure about her freak show lips so he panders towards that shit.

sounds like a low key threat to me

-subtext- i wont tell all the worst shit you did if you wont tell all the worst shit i did - imo.

No. 691634


>"I control the silence"


No. 691635

Katy is IN Houston, it's a subsection of Houston and roughly 2/3 hours from san Antonio depending on traffic and constriction.

No. 691639

Jonny was only out of the house for maybe 2-3 days before she went into rehab. I don't know why she has to lie/embellish her story so much. She knows multiple sites have documentation about everything that she said and did for the past two years so anything she says can easily be discredited by looking up the timeline of things. I hope a few video anons tear her newest video to shreds with the actual events that happened because she also said she was already in the clinic before she went to Disney but we know it's a lie because they only went to the clinic after Jonny got kicked out of slaves which was during or after Taylors Disney trip.

No. 691643

File: 1566257979578.jpg (156.52 KB, 1536x316, Screenshot_20190820-001513.jpg)

It's insane how alone she feels.. gee, maybe try waking up at a normal time and do something with your family that's been supporting to the point of enabling you?? Instead of waking up at 10pm because you been sperging on Twitter all night long. Just an idea.

I wonder if she will follow her mother's rule of not getting a new pet in her house and wait till she has a place of her own. If she doesn't, wonder if it'll be without consequence. (Probably will tbh)

Him and Taylor sound so similar lmao.

No. 691645

Because she's still in denial that she is nowhere near recovered and is basically back to square one: Buying animals to fill a void because her parents are on her case. Her mom took Jake away from the picture even though she snuck out, and she's still keeping the same lifestyle she did when she was with JC.

She honestly believes she's in the right and that everything's fine.

>"You change the scenery but not the fucking situation".

No. 691662

Good catch about the lip remark.

He’s gonna milk it and do a cry me a river type song and expose her maybe?

That hashtag is telling tho.

No. 691668


ya, i control the silence - as long as shes quit, hes quit

No. 691671

She’s spoken about having BPD. I also have BPD and found that acid and mushrooms helped a LOT, but I had to do a lot of work to get ready to face myself like that. I just wish she hadn’t chosen literally the worst fucking drug to escape with, she was doing drugs anyway, mushrooms helped me quit cigarettes.(no one cares about your mental retardation)

No. 691673

What's Jonny's worst shit?
That he is an emotionally and verbally abusive heroin addict?
A washed up musician with a trail of upset exes?
That he is a deadbeat dad who could only afford new teeth from his youtuber girlfriend?

Jonny is an abortion of a personality happily living a filter feeding life near rock bottom, but he doesn't hide his shit. Taylor has something to lose, he doesn't.

So please JC, spill. Colin has already said his peace.

No. 691676

also a rapist

No. 691682


absolutely, he's gonna dangled alllll he knows over her head for as long as he can - till he either has someone else, or knows he has ZERO chance of getting back in. once hes spills, he has no more leverage and its done done done. He def knows about how her animals died. >>691673

No. 691683

I didn't screenshot it, but some dumb dumb was also sperging in one of TND's comments about "omg our addiction is so the same"….about smoking cigarettes.

Quit your ignorant blogposting, sage your dumb drug shit and lurk moar.

No. 691685

she doesn't even have it lmao, just lying/exaggerating like usual. was this blog you wrote worth the ban you'll get?

No. 691686

File: 1566267979860.png (730.59 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-08-19-19-25-15.p…)

Major eyeroll

No. 691687

File: 1566268023191.png (1023.87 KB, 1412x1826, Capture _2019-08-19-19-25-30.p…)

The comment she wrote

No. 691692

"if I ever…" IF?

No. 691696

this bitch is truly delusional

No. 691698


hollllyyyyy shit. the balls of this chick. i dislike taylor but by god emzotic takes the cake. what a two-faced bitch.

No. 691703

File: 1566270851432.jpeg (607.04 KB, 1149x830, FC05D13D-D9D3-4C03-8CF6-3B22C0…)

No. 691705


>"if I ever…" IF?

lmao you gotta be kidding me with this shit. If there's anyone Taylor has a right to cut off completely, it's Emzotic.

It's also funny how even Taylor's die-hard stans are eating all this shit up.
Emzotic said some foul shit about Taylor, trashing her appearance while knowing Taylor has body-image issues, etc.

No. 691706

Why does it seem like Taylor’s dad is emailing/messaging everyone? Like does he really have time to tell these people that Taylor’s a compulsive liar or that her animals are being taken care of?? I thought at least he was the sane one in this family but guess not.

No. 691707

Anon you were quoting-

There is no IF emzotic you DID, the nerve of this bitch

No. 691708


Duty to save someone’s life differs by location and can depend on whether you’ve been trained in first aid/cpr. Doesn’t matter how the person got into the situation.

No. 691715

Imagine screenshoting a comment you left and posting it to twitter to get more asspats for being such a good person.
em is a fascinating cow honestly, she's genuinely fucked in the head.

oh matt dean is as batshit as the rest of the family. remember when he was tweeting up a storm about JC's cat petting insta story accusing him of jerking it? peak comedy.
Interesting that he doesn't tweet publicly as much as jen but seems to have DMd literally everyone even remotely connected to TND.

No. 691716


..is is weird she says "her mothers husband" or nitpick??

No. 691717

I feel like those pics weren't from Betsy.. I feel like they were taken by Taylor.. They're different times, different stuff on the counters. Just like taylor would sit there taking pics of her track marks and rashes, this is just another weird photo she took because she romanticizes addiction in a really creepy way. Most people don't want to ever remember those times, but she brags about them and wears addiction like a badge of honor. She has a really weird victim complex where she needs to prove how "bad" it was so she can be "poor little taylor". I think she was a little rich girl who grew up with everything and needed something to feel special. She also has a brother with a disability who gets a ton of attention (rightfully so) so psychologically, she learned that being hurt or harmed was her only way to get attention. Here come all her medical issues and now? Heroin addiction with all the photos and documentation to show everyone how bad it was. I've seen it soo many times in other people who had siblings with disabilities. She needs serious therapy to address these issues.

No. 691722

This is dumb af, I hate people who speak of psychedelics this way, they can fuck you up permanently, stop pretending like taking them make you better than other druggies

No. 691723

Tinfoil: Taylor got addicted to heroin because she needed an actual illness. We can't say she didn't shoot up heroin like we could easily question all her other illnesses. She's such a munchie that she fucked up the rest of her life so people couldn't question her invisible illness.

No. 691737

This sounds like the most logical explanation as to why she is like she is..and I don’t believe Betsy took those pics either because why would Taylor just leave all this shit laying out when she knew that her sober friend would come by to clean up? No! addicts might suck at a lot of things, but hiding their drugs and addiction isn’t one of them

No. 691740

Again, it has not be codified in any state in the U.S., nor does CPR or first aid training come into play at all for the average person. Those kind of statutes are aimed at medical professionals, which Taylor is not. And even if they did apply to first aid/CPR-trained people, do you actually think Taylor would get off her ass and take a first aid class or two?

No. 691742

I just don't know how she can say her animals were all fine and never in danger when her cats free roam the house and she admits that there was needles and blood and even vomit everywhere like.. they couldve licked the blood or puke or stepped on a needle. Makes no sense

No. 691743

these kinds of people are super fucking annoying, we don't care if you do shrooms and killed your ego in your friends basement, its not cool or relevant

No. 691744

Didn't she say at one point that she'd talk about the animals she rehomed in her return vid?

No. 691745


A bystander who is trained a/o certified is not obligated, but once they start they are committed to continuing until first responders arrive. Source: previous certification through the Red Cross.

No. 691760

Article of teens charged but dropped because it's a morality issue. Now that there was narcan on that vanity (in pictures) and she didnt give it to him knowing he was overdosing the only thing I think that she could be charged with is not seeking Medical attention fast enough.

No. 691769

the nerve of this crazy bitch to comment AND to also screenshot and share on her twitter? fake ass bitch.

No. 691770


Not from the states, other places it is law to intervene if trained and I wanted to point this out cause the anon saying no one is responsible to save someone oding off illegal drugs was making me facepalm.

But you’re right, Taylor likely couldn’t care less about lifesaving training

No. 691771

he will NOT spill .. 100% will not.

No. 691773

Anon, that's quite a nitpick. This a thread about a animal hoarding junkie, not a place to share your random knowledge about laws concerning who has to save whom from ODing.

No. 691775

she claims she is going to post an "all my animals" video soon (the only reason I would think she actually would would be because she needs the money) and one could assume that she would talk about the rehomed animals in that video

No. 691777

That video is gona be a train wreck as well. I can see the intro now, “because sue do MY illnesses and MY addiction, I felt so alone and in a dark place. I had to rehome MY animals (no naming because she doesn’t care). I thought it was the best for them. Now that I’M sober and free from all of the drugs and addiction (reminds us about it).. I’M able to get more. Here’s all MY news pets that I’M replacing them with (aka better morphs from the last)”

No. 691780


It all depends on where you live, some families will fucking sue your ass if you do help and the person dies anyway. Really weird nitpick all things considered, best just to drop it. It's not like anyone would be sad if JC dropped dead.


He won't spill until he has a new hoe at his side to leech off of. Then Taylor will be the "crazy bitch ex" that he'll STILL try to get with because he's a skeevy slug. Remember that he was still trying to get back in with Liv and Chelsea before Taylor who was a huge cash cow for him. Depends on how desperate he is for his meal ticket back, but the chances of Taylor even taking him back at this point is nothing. I think even she realizes that.

No. 691786

OT but she has ads in the video now somehow??

No. 691788

File: 1566303674964.png (9.59 MB, 1242x2208, 4C5D1F8A-C8A1-401D-BA8D-4DFCEC…)

Come on Jonny!!!!!! Spiiiiiiillllll!!!!! You love a good shit talking spree let’s go!!!!

No. 691792

I didnt watch the video, but did she at any point urge people not to do drugs? Bc it's an extremely dangerous narrative she's pushing that if you dont have an "addict brain" you can do hard drugs and not get addicted.

No. 691793

Ads are on most videos, even if they aren’t monetized. She’s just not getting any revenue from them.

No. 691794

i thought that was weird too, why not just say “father” lmao

No. 691797

Emzotic is a psycho and fake AF. If she actually cared about Taylor's situation with Jonny she wouldn't have been secretly talking shit on here while pretending to be her friend.

No. 691804

She's named a few that were rehomed, but yeah, you're right. She's just gonna make it a pity party. I know she said at one point that she's gonna try to get most of them back. Honestly, I hope the person she rehomed to says no. I mean she had to rehome them because she was neglecting them and she is only two months sober. Tbh, I still kind of think most of them died. She said Toast was having so many issues from the time she brought him home but she never mentioned it and always said he was an easy snake. I def think he's dead and she's just makin stuff up to make herself look better. She did blame the breeder in typical TND "my pet died but I can't tell anyone that" fashion

No. 691807

she did say drugs took everything from her, destroyed everything blablabla so like…"don't do them" is kinda heavily implied but yeah her "i used to smoke weed but it that sip of vodka when i was 18 is what activated my junkie brain which i was born with and which from that moment on somehow was anticipating heroin so when i tried heroin my brain knew that was The Chosen Drug" story is beyond dangerous

No. 691815

File: 1566317491424.jpeg (550.75 KB, 1094x784, EFDC5BD3-797D-4D09-BF02-E33649…)

Well, it looks like Em has really doubled down on the victim narrative when it comes to her old. bullying tactics.

No. 691817

File: 1566318081174.jpeg (367.8 KB, 1153x1135, 3F2CE309-165C-4E31-9A21-205944…)

Wise words that Taylor has no comprehension of!(no1curr about ur Naruto motivation)

No. 691818

File: 1566318415793.png (46.37 KB, 630x375, fhfhbfhb.PNG)

(NTA) this is another one of her dumb ass. She's an idiot, I don't think we should post more because all she wants is attention. She needs to let this go.

No. 691819

I hope not. I'm proud of how he's dealt with the situation, shows growth. Unlike Taylor

No. 691822

He thinks he still has a chance. He's not acting like this because he's a changed person, he just wants to keep that door open so he can get her back.

He can't harass Taylor online like he did his other exes because she has crazy stans.

Jonny's just as much if not more of an shit bag then Taylor.

No. 691823

Yeah, she has a way bigger audience than he does so it's not going to go in his favor. Have you seen his livestream clips talking shit about his exes from this month? Dude has NOT grown at all.

No. 691828

Em is full of shit I'm happy that people are still calling her out on that. Ironic how she's calling JC a parasite when she's one as well.

No. 691832

Where is Taylor discussed on reddit?
Yeah, it doesn't seem like Taylor has a real grasp of the fact that addiction will limit what she can and can't do for the rest of her life. She seems to love getting validation from her 'horror stories' about how quickly her life spirals out of control and discussing how high she used to get and then acts offended when someone rightfully decides to treat her like an addict, i.e. unreliable and at risk of relapse. Nobody is going to trust an addict a few months out of rehab, let alone one that broadcasts the dirty details that will obviously have a negative influence on how non-fans evaluate her competence.
>So get off social media
Given her attention-seeking tendencies, she is most likely addicted to the short-term reward provided by social media (which tbf is true of most cows and most zoomers in general). She's not going to give it up.
Honestly wouldn't fault her for letting Johnny OD given how repulsive he is, but she hasn't given any details that make him seem bad/abusive enough to her to deserve it. This just makes her look like she slowly lost her sanity.

No. 691833


No. 691834

Lol no? He’s just trying to be manipulative. The things he’s done and they few things he has said are textbook manipulation. He thinks he can get Taylor back. Or, if he can’t, he won’t spaz out until he’s on the safety of a new relationship.

Learn how to sage and stop WKing Jonny.

No. 691836

File: 1566323306839.png (433.12 KB, 1242x2688, 5E3D09A2-AB92-4ADD-8675-E9662B…)

lol this is gonna be good

No. 691838

In the video or the description on YT she very specifically states only "verbally and emotionally abusive" If he got physical with her she would have said it for pity points.
She just didn't like her experience at the time and thought it'd be an easy way out that would also get her coddled instead of shipped to rehab, but she chose the drugs/Jonny.

No. 691839

First time fag, hope I'm doing this right.

In her newest video it's insane how fucked up her right nostril is. Tinfoil she's been bumping coke up her one nostril like crazy and recently too. She might not be doing opiates right now but I think she's definitely doing lines in her bedroom in the middle of the night while sperging out on Twitter kek

No. 691841

I swear breez is only saying this shit to get a reaction out of tay recently. why are we learning about the maggots only now if it's true? she must get off on being mentioned so often by tay. I almost hoped it wasn't real bree sperging in the livestream chat because this is getting embarrassing.

I used to believe her at first but man.

No. 691843

File: 1566324565593.jpeg (105.67 KB, 640x520, E3F8AE7B-466C-4F28-9930-5DAE6D…)

she didnt even know it was a thing guys!!!

No. 691844

I can see right through her. She’s still on lolcow, one of us, that knows tnd is also at fault, just as much as jc, but she’s trying to get on her good side by calling him a “name” and it’s so obvious.

No. 691845

File: 1566324879870.png (214.08 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20190820-211257.png)

yeah, considering that our animal educator doesn't even know this can happen and wouldn't recognize it if she saw it, it's possible, but idk wether to believe bree anymore

No. 691847

Bree mentioned the maggot thing previously in her livestream when it first went down. This isnt new news. She said that when Taylor and a few of them were trying to figure out when her frog died she mentioned that at one time he did have a maggot in his skin. It was brief and everyone skipped over it because her stream wasnt posted and she didnt type it out here.

If a fly got in the pac man tank and judging by how she was constantly passed out it's not that far fetched. Myiasis in frogs is actually quite common

No. 691849


She's playing it off but it's totally possible. I'm a vet tech and I frequently see animals brought in who we have to sedate and pluck maggots out of. They are strays and not domestic animals, but Taylor clearly lives in filth and neglects her animals so I wouldn't put it past her. Plus Bree's gossip here has proved to be true in the past (crabs dying due to molting issues) so idk why she'd lie about this now.

No. 691850

Yes. This was discussed before. If people think it's not true that's cool, I guess, but it was brought up and many of us were disgusted yet again by Taylor's neglectful bullshit.

No. 691851

oh shit, i noticed how fucking weird her nostrils looked too.

No. 691852

my apalogies then, I listened to the livestream when it went down but don't remember it being disccussed..

No. 691853

Well I mean you hedgehog had freaking mange and you didn't notice even though youd already claimed to have previously visited all your animals when you got home from rehab so it wouldnt be to far off

No. 691854

File: 1566326196529.png (234.2 KB, 745x913, tndemzotic.png)

Taylor replied

No. 691855


HAD MANGE YET WAS IN THE CARE OF "EXPERTS" and she checked on them "FREQUENTLY" she also had a mite infestation that Breez said and was low key confirmed by Taylor saying "she thought she saw a mite in Bindis enclosure" and that's why it was living in a barren setup. Also allowed her pets to "cook" and/or "dehydrate" because she failed to check on them. At this point nothing is far fetched because she has the animals but never actually pays any attention to them besides using them for photo props

No. 691856

File: 1566326750582.png (669.72 KB, 1242x2688, B6F57872-2D59-4639-AE62-C022D3…)

No. 691857

File: 1566326775556.png (154.77 KB, 750x1334, D8B102B6-B13B-4BED-833D-D8B89D…)

Yep here we go round 2978 lmao ..I’ve never saw someone so crazy about proving ppl wrong

No. 691858

I watched the video and am alarmed at how the time frame lines up of when she smoked heroin (and texted Chelsea about it) and her neglecting the newborn kitten that died. I feel like people bring up the cooked pets but also forget about that sweet kitten.

No. 691859

It’s so intriguing to watch the shitshow she calls a life on Twitter…if she ever stops to reflect on why she has to defend every little thing she does I would think maybe it’s time to try something different with your animals and get a hold on her “pet addiction”.its crazy to watch and why she will always be my fav cow lmao her and Amberlynn Reid are the only ppl I’ve saw online that really try to rationalize their obscene, crazy , lying and manipulative ways without stopping to think about the consequences or if there’s a better way to do things. Nope it’s her way or the highway

No. 691860

File: 1566327172205.png (267.61 KB, 750x1334, 02CE436B-472A-41FF-B111-0D1623…)

Yeah but not 12 hours till u go check on them again

No. 691861

Except you dont go to work you stupid fucking bitch! You slept for however many hours, the electricity "malfunctioned", and then u didnt check on them again for 10 hours?? There was NO excuse for that

No. 691862


>I’ve never saw someone so crazy about proving ppl wrong

She would have proven people wrong a long time ago if she actually could.

No. 691863

File: 1566327474947.png (470.24 KB, 750x1334, 28452C2D-AEED-40FE-931F-2B46E8…)

I looked back on the old threads last night to see about the timeline of shit and saw this pic of Tay with Jonny and looks like her face is doing one of those rash incidents like in her YT video and this was right when they got together. Tinfoil but I believe 95% that she was getting high when her and J first got together and was the whole time they were together..it just progressively got worse over the couple years. It would line up with all the text Chelsey leaked and make sense in the grand scheme of things

No. 691864

File: 1566327678703.png (179.85 KB, 750x1334, FA1B9965-A2CB-47C4-BE2B-FE5367…)

So this is why she didn’t bathe lmao ok

No. 691865

We've come full circle. Taylor is calling her own fake story fake now.

No. 691866

Breez feeds on drama and is only speaking out now for attention since everyone is focused on Taylor's drug abuse video.

No. 691867

I wouldn't doubt if that kitten died from them smoking heroin in the apartment. A tiny kitten wouldn't be able to handle the fumes from heroin and pot

No. 691868

Also, read this carefully. The ONLY TIME I was sleepy due to using. (She was always using)
I had an assistant come DAILY to help with the animals to assure I did everything.

Only time = 1x
She was sleepy due to using, so again, more than 1 time.

She neglected the burnt animals that died
She can’t even lie properly in the same tweet anymore.

No. 691869

Just a reminder that we were all sure the electrical failure was made up to cover the real reason her croc skinks and frog died; dehydration and malnutrition. Very possible she never did sleep long enough for an animal to die, but instead there was long term neglect

No. 691870

Am I the only one thinking that Taylor and Jonny will get back together?
She's shit talking him 24/7 but said she's hurt because he thinks she didn't really love him.
Meanwhile Jonny's keeping quiet and supporting and love bombing her from a distance.
I'll bet as soon as she relapses, she'll think about all their highs together and get back with him.

No. 691871

File: 1566329782058.jpg (99.44 KB, 580x630, IMG_20190820_123509.jpg)

Those random ass rumors with no proof…we're on thread #45 filled with proof!

No. 691873

It's just cystic acne by the looks of it. If it was that severe of a rash to reach her face, youd see it on her neck and arms especially. she's always had acne issues/scarring.

No. 691874

File: 1566329945653.jpeg (374.75 KB, 1242x711, 0CAB3E06-BFDC-4850-A510-C1EA2F…)

The simple fact that Taylor thinks her care for animals is good, while she’s spent most of their life on Twitter fighting with people about how good of a pet owner she is, or passed out on heroin.
She hasn’t, and never will be a good pet owner.

No. 691876

File: 1566330956111.png (106.77 KB, 753x702, Annotation 2019-08-20 155614.p…)

kek so she's like a retarded horny cat in heat

No. 691878

She's so delusional if she thinks that anything she does helps people.

No. 691879

It's not just about addiction, it's about behavior in general…

No. 691880

can't wait for taylor to educate us all on more shit she knows nothing about

No. 691881

Didn't she say she was diagnosed with BPD in rehab? Now it's something else?

No. 691883

Jonnys next victim spotted

No. 691884

File: 1566332093290.jpeg (167.09 KB, 1242x786, B80DDCD4-B3B3-4620-B580-3951A1…)

No. 691885

This is what happens when so many of you armchair diagnose on here, she starts thinking they're real.

No. 691886

File: 1566332285321.png (271.27 KB, 750x1334, E1E3BAB6-7D2D-48B6-ADB3-A89415…)

She just likes to cherry pick illnesses she’s think she has and claims she’s been diagnosed..here’s a thought maybe just maybe life is hard sometimes and you don’t know how to deal with it correctly and want something to blame it on? Ever stop and think about that? Good god you would think she was wheelchair bound with all the illnesses she claims to have

No. 691887

PMDD is pre menstrual dysphoric disorder. The symptoms of PMDD are similar to but more severe than those experienced in PMS.
Symptoms are typically present during the week before menses and resolve within the first few days after menstrual onset. Wtf this “illness” is a new one lmao

No. 691888

File: 1566332489098.jpeg (366.34 KB, 1437x1557, A6398854-8975-4A0B-A5F8-B9F2F1…)

She claimed the diagnoses was from rehab.

No. 691889

File: 1566332568051.png (296.1 KB, 750x1334, BC298FC6-E964-45E4-AE37-A0B353…)

Wowza this keeps getting better

No. 691890

yup! who would have thought that WORLD RENOWNED REHAB would get a diagnosis wrong

No. 691893

I don’t think she ever got the BPD diagnoses. Today she just feels like she doesn’t want to be associated with it (and I even further speculate it’s because she wants to “clean” up her image because of the denial of her getting a snake)

No. 691894

Honestly, with the stigma people with BPD get, I wouldn't be surprised if BPD Heroin Addict would be TOO demonized for her.

No. 691898

File: 1566333512303.jpg (214.89 KB, 1079x990, Screenshot_20190820-163707.jpg)

So happy to see this on my tumblr feed. 3 of my pet Discord groups also speak out against her as not a reliable pet care source.

No. 691902

i highly doubt it as well, no matter where or when she claims she got diagnosed. she probably thought it was quirky but then realized it was probably not a good idea due to the stigma, and PMDD and PTSD would be give her more asspats.

No. 691904

What does she consider "for awhile"? She really seems like the type to go to the doctor 3 times just for a diagnosis of smth lol

No. 691909

Who tf is still on Tumblr?

No. 691911

File: 1566334167212.jpeg (431.67 KB, 1242x1188, 94E5C78A-7C8B-4AA4-A965-04F291…)


No. 691915

That you,Taylor? A lot of educated pet owners with gorgeous enclosures and healthy pets still use it.

No. 691917

File: 1566336116512.jpeg (592.32 KB, 1125x1587, 7D2CCCED-AE4E-470B-AB4E-C1153D…)

Taylor just had to make sure all of her followers know they are talking.

No. 691920

>Stay the fuck out of my personal life
Lol good luck with that when you want to get with Taylor fucking Nicole Dean who needed to overshare an actual photo every time she was fucking Jake. Even her saying to facetime right under that is hilarious. Be ready to be screenshot in that facetime so she can brag, Oscar. If you don't want people to see, don't post it.

No. 691921

"Stay the fuck out of my relationships"

Publicly advertises relationship

No. 691923

Yep before Christmas after she relapses he still has to go back to the TX storage unit

No. 691929

File: 1566338243802.jpeg (1020.69 KB, 1242x2035, 15EA93CD-8239-4889-BC5F-204062…)

Taylor is going off about Bree again. I hope Bree sues her ass for slanderous allegations.
If it were true, why have none of the other 5 witnesses come forward to speak on its credibility?

No. 691931

File: 1566338340101.png (40.88 KB, 580x376, dean_guardian.png)

TND Stans: "Taylor's haterz spend soooo much time obsessing over her & her drama!"

Also TND Stans:(see pic)

No. 691933

Geez, calm down aspie it's a joke

No. 691935

I love the "5 other people" line, when Jonny exes came to you the number of people saying the same thing meant nothing to you.

No. 691937


>"I absolutely never would've said a word online as it wasn't a huge deal to me"

…But it was suddenly a 'huge deal' back in January…

No. 691938

Just because she likes woman doesn't mean she was trying to molest you. You can tell Taylor hasn't had many female friends because she clearly only sees touching as a sexual activity. Female friends can touch each other and not have it be sexual Taylor.

No. 691939

File: 1566339490380.jpeg (575.5 KB, 1215x1209, 8FAA6B7D-C8A8-4970-8FD0-EC6EA7…)

Continuation of Bree chat.

No. 691940

File: 1566339699350.jpg (469.15 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190820-152153.jpg)

Taylor has been sperging about Bree for hours now. After she tweeted "this is my last tweet about her" an hour ago

No. 691942


Bitch, Bree has yet to even mention you by name, but every time she talks about a certain subject, here YOU are making sure everyone still hates her, peppering in new little details each time.

No. 691943

If Taylor actually had proof of Bree with the coke, or replacing animals she would’ve posted it. Taylor loves making everybody else look bad except herself.
Bree also said she planned on taking legal action against Taylor if this happened again, and it’s happened. So let’s hope Bree actually does. Even a lawyer sending a cease, and desist would be good.

No. 691944

File: 1566340084272.jpg (590.5 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190820-152729.jpg)

"conveniently all the evidence is deleted but it's real!!!"

Bree just needs to spill all the receipts she has on Taylor. Emma has video evidence no doubt, but she still rides Taylor's dick

No. 691946

Taylor we want the truth about Larry, Zazu, Cheese, Drogo, Dany, Asteroid, Gus, and the kitten that died. They all perished while you where on your little 2 year drug binge so it wasn't just simple mistakes people with over 30+ animals go through. Or do you want to blame it all on Betsy?

No. 691947

Not much of a tin foil imo. Excessive coke use will fuck up your nostrils and sinuses, especially if you favor one nostril so no doubt there her coke addiction was bad.

No. 691948

So month at best without showering? Fuck that's disgusting

No. 691949

she really doesn't understand time. If you have 30 dogs that get sick once in their ~10 year lifespan, you're going to have maybe a few vet visits a year. If you have 30 dogs and over half of them have issues/die young/etc within less than TWO YEARS (which is her time with Jonny/how long people have been tracking her wildly high numbers of pet deaths/illnesses) then you've ABSOLUTELY got a problem there, Taylor!

No. 691952

someone showed me, aka taylor saw it herself on here

No. 691953

File: 1566341076703.png (55.8 KB, 610x432, djjdnj.PNG)

Same thing different day

No. 691955

THIS and also can't remember word for word but she occasionally says shit like "well, I've never had a snake die!", she can't say both. She can't say how animals dying and getting sick with a huge collection is inevitable and harp on about how perfect her care is and how she never has had any problems. Jesus I can't even keep up with this thread.

No. 691959

File: 1566341700502.jpg (332.48 KB, 1536x778, Screenshot_20190821-005215.jpg)

It's so wild she's actually convinced that she's a good person.

No. 691962

>check up on your friends
>didn't slip jonny narcan
I know he's a tool but cmon now

No. 691963

Taylor wouldn’t know what that means. Kek

No. 691964

"Living" animals. Is the frog being referred to dead though? Is that why the selective wording Taylor?

No. 691969

It's amazing how all these 14 year old stans as so proud of her. For what exactly being a lying manipulative piece of shit junkie?

No. 691970

No one is asking for you to educate us.
Instead, if you "definitively" have those illnesses, then you spread awareness and THEN refer people to seek actual professional help.

She has this complex where she feels almost entitled to talk about shit just because she heard about it a couple of times.

No. 691990


Taylor's the type of person who is mediocre, has no personality and isn't particularly good at anything. So she has to find something for people to praise her for, hence this ever growing list of "diseases/illnesses" that she can bring awareness and speak out about and be hailed as a hero. It's one of those "weird flex but ok" situations.

No. 691995

File: 1566350750859.jpg (676.96 KB, 1536x1676, Screenshot_20190821-032457.jpg)

No. 691996

File: 1566351691767.jpeg (307.55 KB, 1242x1575, FBFFD53B-5E60-45D2-9EDE-D73A3D…)

No. 691997

File: 1566351719077.jpeg (337.97 KB, 1242x1275, 887E4D2F-A897-45D8-976A-7E6368…)

No. 691999

File: 1566351747587.jpeg (297.12 KB, 1242x1339, 02CA7386-4213-45FF-B825-2BAF33…)

No. 692000

Yeah. Good times!! LOL.
This dumbass.
Yet she blames everything on jc in her cringe video.

No. 692002

What DON'T they suspect Taylor of having "for a long time?" Like what does that even mean, isn't the one who diagnosed her someone she went to more recently or am I confused? Also, if they suspected her of having it for so long, why the fuck wouldn't she look into it?

No. 692013

Because she does the same amount of research on her mental health as she does on her animals, kek

No. 692017


Because she's lying.

She got diagnosed with BPD like 2 years ago by a male psychiatrist that she only saw for a week, so one session, and never went back.

Then she gets "confirmation" it's BPD during rehab, which, as we know, she never completed, by a female psychiatrist, and then goes around parading like it's a badge of honor.

Now another psychiatrist said it's not BPD but PMDD because Post Acute Withrawal symptoms mimic those of BPD.

If she had PMDD she would've MILKED the shit out of its physical symptoms, just like she did with EDS, especially if she's had it for a long time. It's not like her family couldn't take her to a gynecologist because of lack of money, since PMDD is PMS on steroids.

She's either going into a rabbit hole via Google, or doctor shopping. While I understand mental health recovery can be exhausting and you can find rather shitty doctors and therapists along the way, she hasn't really given any treatment the possibility of working.

Next month she'll have a new disorder added to her list because she needed a 4th opinion.

No. 692019

Jfc pmdd is nothing like bpd

No. 692023

Let’s stop explaining what these diseases really do to your body and see if she’s going to correct about it. Seems like she’s just taking ideas from this site for all her excuses lmao

No. 692024

It is extremely dangerous on how she explains drug addiction and how “it’s genetic and some people won’t get addicted,” she’s telling young stans about this that believes her 100%. They’ll get peer pressured into trying a drug and her stans will be like, “maybe I wasn’t born with an addictive gene and won’t get addicted” and they’ll try it and remind themselves what Taylor said every time they use.

Taylor shouldn’t have posted that video. If she thinks she’s gonna attract older generations in her channel, she’s an absolute idiot. Just accept that all your fans are younger than 17 and no matter how much sex talk and photos you make, you’re just gona attract the creepers.

No. 692026

The explanations were given by her on Twitter.

No. 692037

I’m no expert on PMDD but this happens ~one week (?) prior to menstruation. As another anon said, it’s like PMS but on steroids. I know that symptoms resolve once you start menstruating, so why is she manic all the fucking time? I don’t understand how PMDD explains her mood swings all the other ~3 weeks of the month.

Again, I’m no expert but I didn’t read anything that said PMDD lasts all month long so please correct me if I’m wrong.

No. 692044

File: 1566360732411.png (266.29 KB, 750x1334, 8F35B460-A2D9-4EF6-BFB4-8ED247…)

Omg her definition of her ex sounds just like herself lmao maybe they really are meant to be

No. 692046

File: 1566360929655.png (266.87 KB, 750x1334, C08B637F-5CA4-465D-98C5-A6530E…)

The first tweet was about her having ptsd..wonder what she claims happened to her then and the second one she’s talkin bout her “new” diagnosis and of course it’s the worse of the worst of the WoRSe

No. 692048

Polololololollllll PMDD!!!! Give me a fucking break.

No. 692050

Apparently they retroactively diagnose you now? Sounds legit

No. 692051

File: 1566361365199.png (158 KB, 750x1334, 5DF959AF-66EE-4CA7-9525-03E206…)

Now blamin her friends for stayin with Jonny bahahaha she’s a joke

No. 692052

File: 1566361421102.png (365.82 KB, 750x1334, 03C0EC4B-D9B7-4282-916D-86267E…)

Considering this is what she was saying when they were sooOOoo in love ..she ain’t got nobody to blame. It herself

No. 692053

But herself ** she’s the therapist of twitter now GuYZzz

No. 692054

What friends? Bahahaha

No. 692055

File: 1566361626809.png (273.96 KB, 750x1334, 7508C813-7B6E-4365-96A9-557ABA…)

She acts like he beat her and held her against her will…just cuz she doesn’t have a backbone to stand up for herself doesn’t mean she was a victim of physical violence, control, and forced her to stay with him. I have no sympathy cuz she was warned multiple times

No. 692056

Taylor has a special and flawless case, anon

No. 692057

Haha right nobody can put up with her ass longer than 5 minutes and I bet she’s the type of friend that if u called to vent to that she would turn it around an make it all about herself and try to one-up everything you said .

No. 692058

not defending them cause they suck too but lmao Tyler cried on stream about her relationship with Johnny and her friends said she wouldn’t respond back to their messages but okay it’s their fault and they abandoned you

No. 692059


"My friends abandon me and it made it worst" no Taylor, your friends got sick of trying to talk to someone under the influence of drugs and "love' and realized they were wasting their breaths.

Not everyone's going to sit there and tell their friend they need help, they need to get out, over and over and over. That doesn't make them a bad person either. Do they not have their own issues?

That also doesn't blame them for your choice, actions or Jonny's choices or actions.

No. 692060

She just expects everyone to drop everything and look after her and make sure she’s ok at all time but doesn’t even have the decency to txt them back when they have problems of their own..if I was Betsy I would have gave up on Taylor a long time ago, but IMO she was a true friend to Taylor from what I gathered..she stayed despite all the drugs, craziness and Jonny. Granted the money was prolly good for her taking care of the animals but she got her friend help to save her life and ultimately gave up the income she was getting so I say that speaks for something

No. 692061

File: 1566362728091.png (163.75 KB, 750x1334, E10FCDE4-A589-425F-8571-91C72B…)

Talking bout her subs

No. 692062

Subs are 1000 times harder to get off of than other drugs if you do them for a year or more..the withdrawals can last for months from what I’ve heard from friends..I’ve been on them for a few years and they just make you feel normal and not crave, but you have to do it the moment you wake up and it’s a pain foreal, just another substitute drug but wayyy better than Heroin. She’s gunna have fun with that tho(no one cares about your drug use)

No. 692065

She talked about how subs are super dangerous and bad, not how she is on them

No. 692067

File: 1566363375975.png (203.32 KB, 750x1334, C7BD40FF-7950-454D-8430-3A324D…)

Out in right under a year? Bitch try two years and you wouldn’t be sober if it wasn’t for subs ..I almost know that for a fact cuz I wouldn’t be off shit either if it wasn’t for subs cuz I’ve tried! It’s pretty much the magic “cure” she’s desperately seeking for addiction. Better go to every doctor app and not get kicked out of that clinic ur going to cuz if so she’s fucked and will be dope sick like a bitch. She needs to quit worrying bout helping everybody else too and help herself or she ain’t gunna make it far, she’s too new to recovery

No. 692068

she's ALWAYS the best at everything huh

No. 692069

File: 1566363864039.png (268.12 KB, 750x1334, 3DFEDEA1-791F-4845-AC38-5619DE…)

God she’s so full of shit yes you do still have withdrawals when you're on subs, yeah it’s from the subs but you gotta do it either once or twice a day to not be sick like you would be off other shit. She will have major withdrawals coming off subs..it supposibly goes all the way to yours bone or some shit like that and binds/clings to receptors in your brain an takes forever to rid itself out of your system. Some ppl have to be on it the rest of their lives because they can’t live life sober or can’t handle the withdrawals from it. She’s in for a wake up call with this, trust me unfortunately I know

No. 692073

why would your doctor be "shocked" in front of you? that either means they don't believe you or you said something wack. she always acts like doctors and vets fawn all over her when that just doesn't happen. doctors and vets don't praise you for your shit, they don't call you "the best ever" and tell you how shocked they are at how good of a heroin addict you are.

No. 692075

It can take months for them to diagnose you with pmdd because you have to track your cycle and symptoms. I also highly doubt Taylor is seeing any professionals with the hours she's been keeping.

No. 692078

Taylor could relieve her PMDD by getting the fuck off twitter, and doing some exercise. In fact, her life would improve if she got off twitter in general. But she just can’t stop trying to preform for her audience about how she’s the best drug user, and the best one in recovery, and the best animal caretaker.

No. 692082

Birth control is one of the most common treatments for PMDD and she's already on it

No. 692084

Honestly Taylor's little fake story just reeks of the same shitty gay/trans/otherwise queer panic shit that some straight people like to spew. Nobody but Taylor is pretending this version of events ever fucking occurred. She keeps saying "BREE ASSAULTED ME" and then says, sometimes the literal next hour, "SHE NEVER ASSAULTED ME I JUST FELT UNCOMFORTABLE." She adds more obviously fake and contrived shit to her little story each time, even changing some details. At least keep your lies consistent, bitch.

Just smells like Taylor has an issue with queer women IMO. She has no issue with straight predators likes Jonny and Oscar…

No. 692086

I'm pretty sure Bree was just flirting with her, perhaps even doing some unwanted advances. Inappropriate? Yeah, perhaps but not a sexual assault. (And I'm sure Taylor is getting way nastier comments and advances at least on a weekly basis from thirsty men, not to forget she dated a literal rapist).
The embellisher realises she can get attention by claiming an assault so that's what she is going with.

No. 692087

stay classy taylor

No. 692091

exactly what I was thinking. Isnt she already on birth control? I thought it was supposed to pretty much fix PMDD.

No. 692092

I wonder what illness will she think of next once everyone gets tired of her addiction and recovery talk.

No. 692093

Probably another lie so she’s the ultimate victim. She would’ve used it as an excuse for not making videos. “OMG you guise, my EDS is making my body hurt, my PMDD is totally killing me, and I can’t even eat regular bread but i’ll go ahead and get some fast food cuz I can’t film today guise.”

No. 692101

Certain birth controls help, along with very low doses of SSRI's taken around the time it occurs and sometimes even other medication is required because of the physical symptoms like skin inflammation, cold sores, weak nervous system, gastrointenital and heart palpitations that can get pretty severe and debilitating, it takes a few months of tracking with a Gynocologist and doctor to be diagnosed, its not something a psychiatrist usually does because of the physical symptoms so I believe her story is bullshit or she's seeing psychs that hand out diagnosis's like candy.

I have pmdd, its more physically debilitating than it is mentally, and sure as heck doesn't cause the amount of attention seeking, manic, compulsive lying, manipulative, victim complex, weak personality she has. She's probably googled a few disorders and chosen the one she thinks is the most "uncontrollable" in her opinion because it's hormonal and menstrual related so she can't possibly help it or her behaviour even though pmdd is VERY easily manageable.

It'll be proven she's full of shit when she continues the same shitty, erratic and nasty behaviour and she clearly isn't getting help for her "pmdd".

Also funny how this thread points out how overused and trendy BPD is and suddenly days later she switches it up to some other diagnosis.

No. 692106

But when any of Jonnys exes tried to convince her to leave his ass it was "putting her in a lot of danger and it didn't help at all!!"

No. 692107

Codependency and emotional abuse are things, anon. Just because Taylor didn't get punched in the face or choked doesn't mean she wasn't stuck in a toxic relationship with Jonny.

You don't have to have sympathy for her, but she's actually giving good advice in that thread.

No. 692109

And when you take their age difference, life/relationship experiences, and her being a huge fan of him beforehand it's easy to see how she would fall into that trap.
Taylor followed Em back on Twitter too.

No. 692125

Didn’t she got clean completely in the beginning?I remember her talking about getting on sobs even when didn’t need them, so I don’t understand.
If you got “clean” and you jump in to a “lesser” drug you are still doing drugs.

No. 692145

Exactly. Honestly fuck Taylor for literally blaming Chelsea in her video. She straight up says she “put her in a lot of danger”.

I’m truly not trying to shame actual victims of domestic violence, but in Taylor’s case she claims it NEVER got physical between her and Jonny, only verbally abusive. She claims “I was so scared and I could not get this man out of my house!!” Seriously, Jonny was most likely never on the leases because she paid for everything. It’s called, call the fucking cops to boot his ass out? There are real victims out there terrified to involve law enforcement because of how physically abusive and scary their partners are. This bitch had no excuse. If Jonny really never laid a finger on her or threatened to do so, she should have got the police to boot him out the second she was warned and the warnings were proven right. It’s sickening how she can blame literally everyone else but herself for her actions.

No. 692147

That's the only part of the video that kind of irked me; Taylor shouldn't have pushed any of the blame on his ex. They weren't friends and if Chelsea truly believed she was getting duped by Taylor and they were sitting around talking shit laughing then she had every right to be pissed.
I'm really confused by the whole actual victims thing.. all of his exes were victims, Taylor included. Domestic violence isn't just physical abuse.

No. 692154


She acts like a victim yet claims when she was high on coke with jonny were "good times"

She liked johnny's shitty wannabe thug personality. Just like you said anon, she paid for EVERYTHING. She had ton's of support and could've left at any time, she didn't because of her own weakness and inability to be alone. Probably also scared she'd never be able to find drugs again.

No. 692156

File: 1566398309749.jpg (198.66 KB, 1242x956, PIcKgT3.jpg)

It’s petty, but I hate seeing her gain back the followers she lost.

No. 692158

File: 1566399099703.jpeg (134.73 KB, 640x293, 43EDE352-9E15-4DC4-8905-A4EB77…)

No. 692159

Of course she did. Because then she can't blame his exes for all her problems. She wants to be the only victim.

No. 692160

What’s with words being highlighted in red? Triggered, oof, abusive, etc

No. 692161

File: 1566399634449.jpeg (101.02 KB, 640x289, E2BAE39B-40D6-4B74-83BB-075F8F…)


No. 692164

File: 1566401103318.png (21.26 KB, 880x742, jctwitter.png)

it's a site-wide thing, overused words like those are highlighted like that because… I don't know, admins think it's funny.

Seems like it.

No. 692167

No. 692170

inb4 she spergs out about YTers who buy followers and how deceiving and terrible it is and that she'd never ever do that.

No. 692173

her young stans are probably blowing up in his dms/mentions and he can't "control the silence" with the constant harassment. I hope his patience wears out and he spills the milk

No. 692176

PAWS is a real thing. Sometimes it’s best to have a patient controlled than have them go back on h and od because it’s so intense. But subs don’t do their job fully if the patient doesn’t work on themselves during treatment. She’s the type to do just enough to keep getting that script. But ultimately in the end, she’s going to have to deal with the symptoms of PAWS anyways or just never get off them. Once you’re in the hole there’s no way to avoid the climb back out.

No. 692179

Exposing Taylor is his only option for coming out as the "good guy" like he wants now. He's been silent and said nothing negative but she spent 1 hour talking about how much he sucks to her rabid 12 year olds so

No. 692190

File: 1566410628505.png (36.82 KB, 570x336, petaccount1.png)


Taylor is never going to stop using Bree as a scapegoat & letting her stans threaten/abuse her, so Bree might as well take legal action already, just to save her the energy of having to deal with Taylor's shit in the future.

No. 692191

Does anyone have Rachall’s @? I would love to compare her and our cow…

No. 692193

anyone who believes Taylor’s bullshit about addiction and how it’s a brain disease has no right to be upset with Bree over the coke situation, because at that point wouldn’t she just be acting on her “brain disease” as well? Taylor’s addiction doesn’t outweigh any other persons addiction and with how she talks about it you can’t blame ABY person for their actions while high/addicted.

No. 692194


The thing is, Bree has no proof of anything. She has stated she doesn’t have the receipts because she ~lost the conversation~ or whatever happened. I’m not saying she is a liar, but without proof, it really doesn’t matter what she says.

No. 692196


True. This is why you keep receipts people!
Sure it hurts to look back at bad experiences, but you'll need them if the other person decides to do what Taylor does & publicly blame the entire experience on you.

No. 692197

I don't know what it's like in the US but in the UK you would NEVER get a mental health diagnosis only 2 months sober. They will only see you when you have 6 months clean because of the length of time it takes your brain to recover and rewire. I strongly doubt she has a diagnosis.

No. 692199

she has no proof, but taylor comes out of it looking like a dumbass no matter the story. she still willingly carried coke through airport security and across state lines, then did the coke with her for long enough to decide Bree isn't good at doing it. which means Taylor knows what a good coke user is like/does.

No. 692204

File: 1566414061359.jpeg (373.73 KB, 1242x2077, 029E61A3-0988-423B-B8D1-694BF0…)

No. 692206

Taylor- and her stans- are really on a warpath against Bree at the moment. I think people forget that she’s in Canada which would make taking Taylor to court a lot more complicated I’d imagine.

I think the other people in the hotel should forward and back Bree up now Taylor is no longer in favour. I’d imagine though that they’re still incredibly intimidated by her and afraid that her stans will go after them the same way they’re still coming after Bree.

Getting hounded by stans can really destroy someone’s life. I think Taylor is well aware of what her fans are doing to Bree (and anyone else who crosses Taylor) and is happy to encourage them and let them rip the person to shreds until they can’t fight back anymore.

No. 692208

Bree has no proof. But neither does Taylor since she mysteriously lost all the conversations. And is a known liar. About everything. So

No. 692213

Breez deleted her twitter after the whole situation and was removed from all the group chats and she said a lot of the convos took place over Skype and in person anyway. Can't always expect a person to expect to be blackmailed. She provided no proof but more then half of what she stated ended up proving true in one way or another over time. Taylor on the other hand has also provided absolutely no proof and is a known pathological liar. She never shared the conversation where breez begged her to bring cocaine, if it was true why didnt she share it? Maybe because it never occurred. She may have lost those convos now but originally she should have had it all. Taylor is literally the last person to be believed here

No. 692224

In the US, it's common practice for psychiatrists to diagnose active substance abusers with other mental illnesses. Yes, misdiagnosis occurs from this a lot, but no one cares. With that said, Taylor is still a liar. Anything she says should br taken with a grain of salt.

No. 692227

Also noting America doesn’t have great health care so there’s always a counselor or some medical person that’s not licensed to diagnose would diagnose a person. I’m betting Taylor spoke to a few counselors from her sober house that suggested that Taylor might have something. Being Taylor, she was probably overjoyed at hearing the news and agreeing with the symptoms until it gives her false memories of such symptoms

No. 692231

Suboxone is the devil. I’m on methadone now but I started on Subs and when I tapered off I had the worst withdrawals I’ve ever experienced. I threw away all my hard work that day and went to my connect and bought an 8 ball.

I got on methadone the next day and have been clean for seven years. Taylor will relapse. She should have stayed off any replacement/maintenance drugs since she was already through with withdrawal and clean for a month or so. She hasn’t seen anything yet.

No. 692243

File: 1566424750000.jpeg (163.75 KB, 1242x2057, B1C575F1-6CC1-4B4B-B073-E092D1…)

Jonny’s stories

No. 692245

taylors new youtube profile pic is aa hot ass mess.

No. 692246

god jonny just spill the milk

No. 692250

>when you leave me for being an abusive piece of shit, it's because i told you so, but i won't recognize i hurt you because i told you so.

But make it poetic so he looks like a marty.

No. 692251

File: 1566425908719.png (1.82 MB, 1242x2688, FACBB49B-B56B-4B1D-BFB1-CFD544…)

I feel like this is gonna be click bait for his album but prob won’t say sshiiiitttt
Hope I’m wrong tho

No. 692252

This is an image board. Post a screenshot or gtfo.

No. 692253</