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File: 1521397350481.gif (1.05 MB, 639x639, taylor.gif)

No. 531836

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/522836

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean]
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean]
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q]
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean]

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L]
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l [https://archive.is/2018.01.23-10:51:52/https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l]

- Fans are still tweeting at her expecting their goddess to save their impulse bought pets' lives, but Taytay has better things to do!
- Bought THREE new Satanic Leaf Geckos, who are super fragile!!!
and have very specific care needs.
- Plus point is that apparently these geckos were wild caught, not captive-bred.
- Posted a picture of her holding one of these fragile creatures and insisted 'she stayed still while I was moving her so I snapped a picture' when people asked her about it
- Jonny tweeted that Taylor was coming to his tour for the first few days and then meeting him in Vegas and 'ending the tour with daddy' puke emoji
- But wait, she just got three sensitive geckos with very specific needs? No worries! She has not one, not two, but three experts who will come to her house three times a day to check in on them and her fish!
- Also has been putting off editing her videos because muh invisible illness and joint pains.
- Flirting with someone called Karizma on twitter (handle @callmekarizma), the guy asked her to adopt a kitten with him in LA.
- Said guy has apparently been called out for doing bad things like: singing about mental illness and romanticizing it; sexually harassing women especially minors and generally being manipulative and abusive. ( if interested, check this thread: https://twitter.com/diamandisjewels/status/960998257622179840 ) Taylor just can't keep away from trash.
-Got called out for buying wild caught animals
-Brought a monitor, but claimed the store lied about its species
-Followed Jonny around on tour. He was arrested for breaking a mic, but the charges were dropped. She immediately flew home that night
-Got a shitty new tattoo

No. 531841

add to the list:

She's now creating a new vlog channel just so she has an excuse to talk even more about herself.

No. 531861

Taylor hasn't updated at all what she is going to do with this wild caught Roughthroat Monitor, that she still tries to pass off as a captive bred Blackthroat. She still hasn't apologized for lying about the shop. I wish her Landlord would find out about this species and do an inspection. I bet she still hasn't given him the right substrate or upgraded his enclosure, his 50 gal is too small she CAN do right for him, she just chooses not to. All animal hoarders think that same way. What if her Monitor gets out and she can't control it and it eats her cats or it bites some person. She couldn't even be arsed to put the live rock in her salt water aquarium, she had people come over to do it. How can she expect us to believe she can handle a dangerous species, especially when she has to ask her 12 year old fans what she should do with it.

No. 531875

I just find it insane that after all the captive bred drama she still used the wrong species in one of her twitter posts.

In a way, I hope one of the forums or someone living in the building contact whoever is in charge. I don't know how people feel about having so many animals living next to them but if I was her neighbour and saw such shitty husbandry online I'd be pretty worried.

No. 531876


I think she's just hiding the monitor from everyone because she already had a lot of backlash from the video, which she deleted. She probably has him somewhere in her apartment because just like with every animal she owns/owned, like with those 80 turtles she "rescued", they're all "safe" with her.

No. 531888

Thanks for the new thread anon.

No. 531895

File: 1521402478598.png (560.47 KB, 750x1334, ACBE3A8B-A40C-4E10-814A-257C88…)

No. 531897

File: 1521402594977.png (162.39 KB, 640x1136, A84D2827-B9FC-4A78-A53D-A61A40…)

Taylor you realize most animal experts go to school for something right? And if they don’t they do a lot of field study. They don’t just get a TV show or become recognized for rambling in front of a camera for ten minutes every two weeks and regurgitating the most basic care info you can find online

No. 531911

Honestly if she's thinking of furthering her education I really hope she'll do that for herself.
Between designer snakes and designer clothes and feeding her boyfriends habits it's such a better value for her money.
I already see a lot of young people in her following telling her to forget about school… but YouTube isn't forever, what trash advice.

No. 531957


Youtube is literally just a gateway into the entertainment business, so yeah it isn’t forever. That’s why you have all these people getting brand deals and sponsorships. Youtube is so unstable they know it won’t last forever. Also just in general, look at the YouTubers who were mega popular a few years back barely getting views now. You gotta have something to fall back on or you’re done

No. 531958

I honestly don’t think she’s be able to handle college. She’s had this mentality for so long that if she’s not feeling good then she can just blow off all her responsibilities. You can’t do that in college and her professors aren’t just going to pass her because she has illnesses or because she’s an internet celebrity.

Now this isn’t me saying that someone like her couldn’t do it, since I know someone with the same issues as her who’s in veterinary school atm, but I am saying that Taylor couldn’t do it.

No. 531961

>>531958 The thing with Taylor is that you can't have a doctors note for life, or atleast not in the way that she expects it.

No. 531974

honestly if she can't handle her Youtube career, how is she going to handle college? She can't blame it on her mental illness because professors are always trying to help those who ADMIT that they're struggling. As a college student, I know people that deals with mental illness that's far worse than Taylor's and they're speeding through their classes with high marks so she has no excuses if she were to go to college but i do imagine her complaining, "but waaaah! i can't go to class my joints hurt! i spell blue like blew! i'm so dumb it's cool!" disgrace.

No. 531979

>>531974 She can't even be honest where she gets her cats from (bought not adopted) let alone be honest about the type of Monitor lizard she has. I'm sure she'll come up with lies and blame her Professors for not doing her homework. She's just looking yet for more attention and validation.

No. 532041

File: 1521412861867.png (719.98 KB, 1242x2208, 8EE88124-379E-4C7A-8E3C-C42EC7…)


No. 532048

Does she even know what her target audience is??? I guess she finally realized she can't post the things she does and still claim to be family friendly. Too bad 90% of her followers are HS students who can't drink or relate to most of her posts anymore.

No. 532064

but jonny is totally sober! 😒

No. 532067

Um, isn’t she still underage?

No. 532070

It was her 21 birthday yesterday or two days ago, i think.
I dont think Jonny was there to celebrated it.

No. 532085

Someone replied saying it’s in seven more days, so she’s still 20.

No. 532086

Even if she is still underage, it depends on the bar. I use to go to a bar when I was 18-20 because they sold “family food” before 9 and then after 9 they would kick out the underaged people. Since it was 1 pm they could have easily let her there

No. 532101


Yeah and if she didn't drink they may not have carded her.

No. 532144

I've never seen someone who has a hard drugs addiction and claim to be sober drink as much as he openly does.

No. 532153

I’m going to be very honest. It’s extremely easy to drink in SA underage. Only certain restaurants care and if you look old enough then they don’t care

No. 532156


If her illnesses are actually "severe" and she has the proper documentation, she can let the school know and they have to provide her with "reasonable accomodations", which could include extending due dates, letting her do alternate assignments or allowing her to take as many online classes as possible

But then again, that's if her illnesses are "severe" enough and she has proper documentation, so…

No. 532158

She does look around 29ish with all that surgery tbh

No. 532161

>>532158 She looks so old for her age, it's so hard to tell that she's 20. By the time she's a little older she's really going to have let herself go. All those drugs and all those face fillers.

No. 532162

Her botched lips alone age her face a ton. Still trying to figure out why she hasn't gone to get the asymetry fixed.

No. 532167

Well look at her mom lol. That's the biggest indicator of how Taylor will look one day.

No. 532183


Yeah, she can definitely do that. I have EDS and get most of those accommodations you mentioned. But school is still a little hard for everyone, accommodations or no you have to want a degree at least a little and put in some work at all, and I doubt she will do that. She'll probably make an effort for a couple weeks, give up, and make a video about how she isn't doing school after all because of 100 reasons that were not her fault.

But then who knows, maybe she'll just do an easy college or a party school and prove that "Cs get degrees." It would probably improve her life prospects a lot if she did get a degree, and maybe being around people who don't care about her youtube fame would be good for her too.

No. 532220

File: 1521422086184.png (455.1 KB, 1152x771, one.PNG)

No. 532221

File: 1521422119103.png (627.77 KB, 836x613, two.PNG)

why am I not surprised her tattoo is an uncredited ripoff of another artist

No. 532233


Wow how am I not at all surprised. Plus the tattoo she ripped off is way better than the one she actually got. Less weird teeth/tongue, and the flower and eye color really helps.

No. 532236

How long until someone calls Taylor out on this blatant rip off and she blames her tattoo artist?

No. 532241

Tattoo copying is so annoying, I hope someone calls her out on it.

No. 532260

File: 1521424070286.jpeg (196.08 KB, 750x1158, 7D1701FD-32BE-4B71-8E10-20EE6F…)

This is what the original tattoo artist has to say about it. Honestly if I were him, I’d be upset that they can’t even give him credit for it but I understand why he doesn’t want to put them on blast because it could harm his work.

No. 532265

>>532260 Taylor most likely found the piece on instagram and took it to him and was like, THIS is what I want, so he did it. The original piece is so much better and is beautiful and has a lot of deep meaning. Fuck you Taylor for stealing the idea. Yes, Taylor will put full blame on her artist now. Everyone is always wrong but her, and she will make you feel like utter shit and drag you down as far as she can in order to build herself up about wronging you. That's Taylor's love for you.

No. 532270

ugh my heart breaks for the guy. Especially considering he's a black artist trying to make it, meanwhile a white boy "model turned tattoo artist" copies his work, makes it worse, and doesn't credit or acknowledge him past a "thanks!"

No. 532273

>>532265 Plus Taylor's whole "this is a tribute piece for Steve Irwin uwu" b.s. is SO transparent.

No. 532291

>>532260 I wonder if the original artist yet knows about these threads. Hope so.

No. 532315


same, not only does it break my heart for the original artist but for the owner of the original tattoo. He choose that tattoo just for his daughter and it's very sentimental.. and then here comes Taylor, crashing the party, copying his tattoo on impulse so she can dedicate it to the Irwins for inspiring her to hoard animals.

sage for rant

No. 532328

>>532315 Nothing about this girl is genuine, other than her being a genuine pos and a pathological liar.

No. 532364

Fuck. I kept holding out hope that there was something redeemable about TND. But she's so fucking entitled. From flexing her wealth, impulse buying animals to art theft. You can improve animal husbandry, but stealing someone elses intellectual property because you feel entitled to it is bullshit. Continually treating your animals poorly because you're too entitled to put work in is bullshit. Her and Jonny might as well get married because there really isn't a better partner out there for either of them.

No. 532366

You know she's just gonna claim she came up with it herself, right?

No. 532370

Quick someone ask her where she got the idea for the tattoo lmfao. Would be amusing to catch her in yet another lie. Somehow I doubt her answer would be 'I stole it from someone else'.

No. 532372


>>Taylor: "What a funny coincidence, I had NO idea that other tattoo existed, I guess great minds think alike and all!!~~!!"

No. 532374

Can she do anything that doesn't cause controversy lol

No. 532377

"I wanted the flowers because they represent /insert generic BS reason here/ and then the crocodile because of Steve Irwin!!! I swear it's just a coincidence they look so similar I just told him what I wanted and that's what he sketched up!!"

No. 532378

Yeah I think if she dumped her boyfriend everyone would be pretty pleased with her. Or stopped lying …but that one seems less likely

No. 532385


Honestly the tattoo is wayyyy too similar (honestly it's a blatant copy where the only thing different is the flower choice) for her to successfully claim coincidence.

No. 532388

It looks like a shitty Deviantart trace job.

No. 532396


That's exactly what it is, only she paid someone to do it lol

No. 532402

She’s still reading the threads, because as far as I’ve seen we’re the only people asking about the crab. Haven’t seen any other comments.

I don’t know how to embed twitter videos, but it’s basicallyy 45 seconds of her waving her hand over the crab to make it go on the offense since she obviously doesn’t handle it very often

Also she implies that she only can take pictures of her animals when she holds them (though we already knew that)

Taylor…. you know your tanks are see through right…. you can take photos through the glass, or by lifting the top off. You don’t have to wiggle them around every time you want a photo…

No. 532404

File: 1521431735335.jpg (597.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180318-204648.jpg)

Their kitchen is horrendous

No. 532405

File: 1521431741372.png (481.51 KB, 640x1136, CDB337CB-F10A-4A48-B101-ECC6E3…)

No. 532413

Does she not care about the state of her living space at all? Oh yeah, of course she doesn't. How hasn't she been evicted yet???

No. 532416


It's because she's a crippled munchie snowflake. She can't keep her dirty clothes and trash off the floor.

No. 532428


Who the hell needs that many funko pops? I get people like to collect shit but that’s ridiculous

No. 532429

Okay but her harassing her poor crab makes me angry. It’s obvious that the crab is stressed because of her waving her hand in front of it. Jfc. Stop stressing your animals Taylor

No. 532435


She SHOULD give a quick apology, credit him, and her following would give him a good amount of exposure. But of course that won't happen.

I'd love to be proven wrong. sage.

No. 532442


If her apartment is a mess and unorganized like that, what kind of environment is her pets living in?

No. 532444


They probably wouldn’t stress out so much if she took the time to tame them

But that would require her to be extremely patient and slowly building up respect with the animal by not startling them and only bothering them during feeding times, which we know she would never be able to do especially if she can’t quarantihe a snake for two weeks

No. 532446

File: 1521433309497.jpg (842.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180318-211913.jpg)

The corn snake is still alive and currently crawling all over JC's face

No. 532449

>>532364 We're just not talking enough about how the pig tried to ruin that Reptile shop because of her own lie and decision to buy and lie about a species of wild caught Monitor Lizard. I really want to know what the shop decided to do.

No. 532451

File: 1521433497528.png (220.96 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0238.PNG)

Makes me so angry how she keeps her gecko so closed to the T.V, in a busy room, with loudass music. I feel sorry for the little guy…

No. 532452

Pretty sure she deleted this.

No. 532454

When the cats get bigger it’s likely they’re going to get curious and knock those geckos over or tear the screen. She needs to find a better place for them for so many reasons.

No. 532456

Is it just me, or do her cats have 0 toys to play with?

No. 532458

>>532404 She is so gross, that mess all over the floor JFK, and is Jonny… Is Jonny flipping off the camera? Jonny sure is a one trick pony, how boring, they make such a great couple. She spends a great deal on a luxury apartment, only to trash it like the animal hoarding beast that she is. I'm sure the Landlord would love her placing wet towels over those bar stools like that. Assuming they belong to the landlord.

No. 532459

>>532405 Late to be posting Taylor, this is probably another crab.

No. 532462

>>532429 She finally shows the crab, only to show that she's harassing her. The last time she showed her, she dropped her.

No. 532463

>>532442 That is the best point I have seen in all 7 of these threads by far. We've seen how she leaves her Crested Geckos enclosure with poop all over the outside of it.

No. 532466

jonny's live on ig smoking a joint and taylor keeps commenting "omg are you from emarosa"

then someone else said "family friendly lmao"

"wish you'd interact with your fans in a positive way instead of a negative way"

then jonny passes the joint to taylor and you can't see her smoking but she coughs a ton.

then she connected to be on his feed and he panned over and she's laying on the couch with no pants.

she takes some video of cheese and then disconnects and sits on his lap.

if this is their idea of a fun evening….so cringey! and here i am watching it. =/

No. 532467

>>532451 I'm sorry for spamming, but she does read the threads and knows of the complaints about how she is keeping them, she has to change it if she cares about them. There is way that's comfortable for her geckos and they won't last long like that, and by the looks of it, something is off with the tank. the tank is tall/long. This looks like it's been rearranged somehow, or laid back into the position it's meant to be used for? She had so much back lash about her Satanic Leaf Tails and she can't post new images/footage of them? She seems to do snap stories a lot, she can't even be bothered to show them then? She's hiding something.

No. 532470

File: 1521434532300.png (1.46 MB, 1074x1608, 20180319_004038.png)

Lol at this bitch front and center like she was part of the tour.

No. 532473

“You represent me! Stop it!”

Such a family friendly person by showing them lighting a blunt and smoking off camera /sarcasm

No. 532474

Wowww that's actually super embarrassing. I've dated musicians and there's always one band member who dates a girl who needs to be attached to his hip for every single practice and gig. The rest of the band hates it of course

No. 532479

They're smoking with the geckos in the room. That's so fucking sad. My boyfriend and I smoke regularly but we always go outside because of the animals in the house. They're trash as fuck

No. 532481

>>532474 Yeah from what I can tell, there isn't one other female in that image. Maybe the reason why she flew back home early was because the band complained about how she was always around and they were sick of her. And then that topped with the events of that evening, she decided to punish Jonny by not paying for a ticket for him back home and make him find his own way back. "Well, if your band members don't want me around you all the time, then you can just find your own way home!" She did that with putting her little brother in a video to guilt her viewers after they left critique, and she did that with the reptile shop by attacking them with lies. Seems like a pattern.

No. 532482

i already feel the second hand irritation from the thought of her having to be the center of everything and having the band adjust to what she wants

No. 532483

>>532479 It's too bad no one was able to record the snap and post it. She gives no shits about the health of those delicate Geckos, let alone her cats. That can cause serious asthma in her cats, which can cause all sorts of health problems later in life including having to take breathing medication. How old are the kittens again? Anyone know if they're old enough to be fixed yet? Watch as she doesn't do the right thing and get them fixed, once again not supporting her adopt don't shop bullshit, do as I say, not as I do.

No. 532484

I’m pretty sure that her apartment complex wouldn’t like the fact that they’re smoking (weed or cigarettes (though I don’t think they do the latter)) in the apartment. Gotta be careful because if a video would be sent to the complex, that could be grounds for eviction

No. 532486

>>532482 Reminds me of when she intentionally pulled down Jonny with her on the ice, when the band was trying to do a photoshoot. You can see the irritation in the band members eyes, I felt so badly for them.

No. 532487

I'm sure the photographer wanted Jonny in the middle and that's what he got with it. What is that pose though? Is she working her angles? She ruins the whole thing.

I also need to see her entire outfit. Is she wearing a sheer shirt with red track pants and a fur coat???

No. 532489

I just saw Taylor's ass and I really didn't want to. So much for being family friendly wow
I unfortunately didn't think I screenshot it and now I can't find it but I swear in Jonny's live thing she rolls over and is completely bar assed. It looks like all she's wearing is a thong and a t-shirt on his live thingy

No. 532491

It's on his live Instagram video. It's still available to watch and save, I don't know how. Someone save it

No. 532492

>>532487 Well that's Taylor, she wanted to be the center of attention for the photo. She wouldn't have it any other way as she has demonstrated time and again.

No. 532494

File: 1521435570483.png (1.05 MB, 640x1136, DCDAAD30-C43A-4267-9F1E-8B906C…)

The live starts with taylor lighting his joint

No. 532500

>>532494 Was Taylor naked feeding the fish? So she just walks around in her underwear in front of her friends? I'm lost. What great neighbors they are, to blast their music so loud. I'm sure the neighbors love that, on top of her covering herself in her snakes and having all out screaming fights with Jonny, according to Yelp review.

No. 532503

Eviction please

No. 532507

>>532503 And with that loud music. Jonny doesn't even interact with his fans in the live feed. He just stairs at himself. Great way to show appreciation jackass. Eventually the fans gave up trying to get his attention in the comments like they were at the beginning from what I could tell.

No. 532509

So Jonny and Taylor smoke around the Satanic Leaf Tailed Geckos, and blast SUPER LOUD music right next to their enclosure, which I see now is still upright it just looked odd in the screen grab. Someone please help these animals they are going to die with her… I can't imagine the stress and fear they have poor little things.

No. 532512

Just googled the yelp review that she posted and TND claims she doesnt have a balcony, but she has a photo of herself on said balcony. Lmao

No. 532514

>>532512 She knew what that person meant she was word playing which she does when she wants to be right. There are photos of her holding Bindi outside on her little deck in front of the pool.

No. 532518

File: 1521437923521.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, C100D886-59F6-4576-99D4-E27B74…)

Caught this comment…okay tay

No. 532519

File: 1521437992824.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, D245BF16-0640-4F8B-8551-9E389B…)

And this…trying to be cute but it’s just annoying

No. 532522

the best part of all tay's comments is that jonny obviously isn't looking at any of them on the feed. she even says it after she get in his lap that she's going to read the comments since he doesn't interact with anyone.

No. 532528

>>532522 Lol it was also funny when she was fishing for compliments from him, making fun of her own double chin and bad hair etc and he just didn't respond.

No. 532534

I’m screenrecording Johnny’s live story before he deletes it. This stoned motherfucker is a fucking monkey with an IQ of 5. I’m so glad he’s a fucking manlet. LOL

No. 532535

She also would not stop making a big deal out of anyone asking jc to show her or people asking her to take her shirt off. She really loves the attention.

I have the livestream recorded but it’s still viewable on his Instagram.

No. 532540


god bless both of you. someone should upload it to youtube or wherever so that it's accessible even when it vanishes from instagram.

No. 532579

File: 1521444283028.png (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 750x1334, 6B02C25F-F08A-45D1-9FCE-D27C13…)

Lol, no ass whatsoever. The whole livestream was just Jonny showing his ugly face and Taylor being annoying in the background. Also Taylor’s hair looks fried as shit.

No. 532612

Off topic, but what was that story behind the disabled Goldfish, and Taylor trying to take credit for it?

No. 532616


Could be wrong but all I remember was she posted pictures of the little guy and just calling the original owner “my friend” instead of giving full credit to him (posting his @, etc). Also looking back, she was telling her fans that she’ll post weekly updates, which she never did after a few days.

No. 532646

He has no personality and he looks like a loaf of white bread that got attacked by hornets.

No. 532648

File: 1521453485791.jpeg (167.85 KB, 640x506, 259F9847-A5EE-4113-8DA6-3145C2…)

Did you dig the fucking crab out then? I don’t know too much about crabs but I’m pretty sure they’re nocturnal and only do that in the day time. You stay up all night so it shouldn’t be a problem.

No. 532651

How does she think this sounds BETTER. So instead of just taking it out to manhandle it, her defense is that she actually had to dig it out from where it hid itself under the substrate, likely causing great stress to the animal whose instinct tells it to do this to escape predators. As usual “these are observation animals” applies to us, not her.

This probably seems like a lose/lose situation to her, we think the crab is dead so she takes it out to prove it’s not, then she gets attacked for taking it out. But why can’t she just take a pic of the enclosure, or a video of her opening it and pointing to where the crab is buried (I keep burrowing animals, you can almost always tell where they are once you know what to look for). She simply does not use her head when it comes to showing animals in a natural and safe way. They’re always taken out of their comfort zones for her to get the better aesthetic, the funnier video, the quirkier photograph. That’s what it always boils down to and she just doesn’t seem to understand.

No. 532652

>>532651 She was too busy focusing on getting attention from Jonny's audience about her underwear and taking her shirt off. She was loving every second of it.

No. 532665


Her tattoo has a chrysanthemum which he says was the original design. Was the original design his? If it was, then her getting a chrysanthemum was pure coincidence?

It sounds more like both artists used the same source design.

No. 532669

I think it's a mess she isn't using another Instagram account to try and set up a modelling career.

A) She already has a big following that could be manipulated to like the pictures, getting her more exposure

B) There would be no use to use her animals for these opportunities so she wouldn't have to become a victim and cry about it

C) It might actually lead to an ACTUAL job she enjoys.

If I was in her position, or anyone that understand that this career doesn't last forever, I'd be throwing some money into a savings account or investing it on property or some other shit. Even some other YouTubers understand that YouTube money won't be there forever whereas an investment in something could provide with good continuous cash.

No. 532684

File: 1521461186945.jpg (110.31 KB, 612x612, tumblr_mne0ybx1OT1s9571io1_128…)

found this one on google so I think you could be right

No. 532689

There's nothing original about crocodile head tattoos, guys. There's plenty out there framed by flowers and other plants. She obviously ripped off someone else's work specifically but other than that it's just not that deep.

No. 532700

Just google search it… There are hundreds of crocodile head tattoos with flowers at the cut off area…

No. 532711

File: 1521465092236.png (6.4 MB, 1242x2208, 82ECC889-B63B-4260-A07F-368007…)

The cats look soooo happy. /s

If they’re going to smoke, whatever, but leave the damn animals alone.

No. 532724

Her voice sounds different or is it just me?
Towards the end of the livestream Taylor was reading comments and said “well whatever I say is your opinion” And Jonny went bug eyed lmao. He sure gets annoyed with most things she says

No. 532733

Does Taylor's voice sound super raspy to anyone else or is that just me

No. 532751


Raspy and like she’s trying to speak high pitched and cute almost and her normall lower pitch voice

No. 532761

Are they even allowed smoke INSIDE the apartment?

No. 532765


I'm sure her mom wouldn't appreciate that her daughter is doing drugs and is semi-naked on the internet? (again lol)

No. 532777

Wow I wonder how pissed TND is that someone has her tattoo but with flowers instead of a ripped up cabbage patch?
Those cats are definitely big enough to get fixed. Hope she has been keeping them UTD on shots, otherwise she'll have to start the whole series over again.

No. 532833

File: 1521479650552.png (919.84 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180319-131306.png)

hereee we go

No. 532845


She already deleted it no surprise

No. 532846


does she not know she could of had this tattoo done without having her artist trace another tattooists work? The main issue I have and I think that the original artost had is the fact that she literally took his tattoo and put it on her body lol.

No. 532847


Sorry about the typos

No. 532854


I just think the most telling dumb thing about this is she didn’t have any orignal idea for her tattoo. Hers is the most unimaginative one

No. 532855

File: 1521481579571.jpg (594.9 KB, 1080x1976, 20180319_124834.jpg)

Not surprised this is the tattoo artist she chose. He's as much of a fake positive bitch as she is.

No. 532858

gonna ignore her bum and focus on the tank here. she has SO MUCH ROCK in the tank. she keeps saying "oh its 150 gallons thats plenty of growing space!!1" when really she has about 90 gallons of swim space at most, which is way below yhe minimum needs for her naso tang and cowfish. her logic of thinking theres enough space bc theyre small is way off anyways, theres minimum tank sizes for a reason. its just like when people say a goldfish or betta can live in a small space because theyre small fish, all shes doing is stunting their growth and stressing them (especially considering theyre wild caught, theyre used to having unlimited swim space)

No. 532877

>>532711 She will love it when those cats start spraying all over her apartment and shredding her couches. I'm sure then she'll further support her adopt don't shop fakery by dumping them at the shelter to be killed, rather than having them fixed. For someone who claimed to know about cats she knows nothing.

No. 532884

>>532858 Do you think she cares? None of her animals are in the right sized habitats or the right locations in her home including her rodents. The cats aren't fixed, probably won't be. She gives no shits that the cats inhale smoke along with the Satanic leaf tailed geckos, who are also dealing with massively loud music. Neither of them stop to think if that is going to hurt the cats larger more complex ears. For them to put the animals first, that is expecting too much compassion from Taylor. She is the most ignorant and selfish animal "care giver" and Steve Irwin, would be PISSED.

No. 532902

Like the anon above posted, only time she'll care is once the boys start spraying on everything. once one of her nice expensive outfits is ruined because it smells like cat pee, she be looking into spaying - though I promise that's the only thing that will make her look into it.

No. 532909

This is so bad because it’s a small op for a male cat. It’s so quick and easy, and money is no issue for her. If she gets them done before they start spraying they’ll be better for it and won’t have formed a habit, but looking at the way she lives they’ve probably already started and she doesn’t give a shit. She’s dirty af. What’s one more smell in that gross squat of an apartment.

No. 532914

The asterisks aaaa.

This whole thing just belong somewhere on Reddit.

No. 532920


You neuter male cats, not spay btw.

No. 532923

I foresee her abandoning them because they spray due to her negligence.

"I just couldn't handle their bad behavior and had to do what was best for my other animals"

No. 532925


I think jonny will take them when they break up tbh

No. 532933

take them where? homeboy’d be homeless if they broke up

No. 532938


Fuckin true lmao

No. 532948

File: 1521490399673.png (1.18 MB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180319-161216.png)

trying to prove she takes them to the vet, def still reading here

No. 532951

File: 1521490484567.png (554.19 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180319-161406.png)

in the comments

No. 532956

>>532858 Oh she is reading here for sure. The topic of neutering her cats is brought up and Willy Wonka magic, she gets an appointment. She is only responsible when she is reminded to be so. It proves nothing Taylor, get your head out of your crotch, your audience shouldn't have to remind you to be a good pet owner. She probably read about her couch getting shredded and them pissing everywhere and freaked.

No. 532959

>>532951 Just thought of this. Usually cats who are set to be fixed are dropped off in the morning so they can prepare them for their procedure. They don't examine them and then fix them, so I don't believe her that he's having a wellness check and then off to be fixed immediately. She clearly took him in for a check but when she lies about her pets so easily I don't buy it, you think she would have mentioned that at the beginning. Or I'm reaching.

No. 532967

He's probably getting examined to schedule the neutering. I wonder where Ghost is though.

No. 532976

>>532967 She probably doesn't want to fix Ghost, considering his breeding.

No. 532988

Ghost was backyard bred so any kittens he would sire would be meaningless to any real cat fanciers. Of course youre probably right considering Taylor doesn’t give a fuck and would probably claim to be “preserving the breed” while taking money in return for pimping him

No. 532995

The more I think about that, the more I get pissed off. That’s how there’s so many pets getting euthanized because people want to “perserve the breed” even if their pet doesn’t documents or anything, they just want money with an excuse

No. 532997


Jonny has gotten cats with each previous gf. He has never taken them. lol

No. 532998

Actually you castrate make cats, neuter is a gender neutral term

No. 533003

Tbh there isn’t anything wrong with persurving the breed when accredited breeders do it. They make sure that the animals are healthy, have extensive documentation, have genetic screenings of the parents and off spring, etc. back yard breeders are the issue

No. 533006

I don’t know if he got a cat with Elizabeth but he for sure got a craigslist dog with her who he ended up abandoning with her and she ended up giving the dog to chelsea’s mom.

No. 533008

That’s what I meant, just sucked at describing, sorry. What I meant was a lot of backyard breeders tend to use an excuse like “preserving the breed”. I own a mutt and I was asked a few times from people if I’m willing to breed him with their dog just to “preserve” my dogs sweetness or something, and I said no because he’s neutered and also, there’s a lot of dogs in the shelter who are also as sweet like him.

No. 533014


So basically an impulse animal hoarder has met someone just like them, along with the same personality.

Perfect. /s

No. 533026

Oh and btw: because ghost, her ragdoll cat, was backyard bred there‘s a higher risk that he may develop more health problems than the average cat.
The radgoll breed as a whole is already more prone to heart problems. Professional breeders have to deal with that too.. but her cat is from some random guy on craigslist. I wouldn’t be suprised at all if ghost dies at an early age because of heart problems or some other health issues.

No. 533060

Yes, unrelated to Taylor but another pet youtuber Happy Tails did this recently with her dogs. Claimed merle corgis were so rare she had to breed her own paperless dogs to produce some. It’s one of the worst and most selfish things people supposedly “woke” about animals and animal rights could possibly do imo. Wouldn’t shock me if Taylor tried it, if not with her cats then her other less controversial to breed animals.

No. 533078

I find it funny that it's blatently ovbious that Taylor and Jonny Craigslist read this thread

No. 533118


also funny is that she's saying she didn't "steal" anyone's idea and that she liked the concept. she can argue as much as she likes about not stealing someone else's tattoo that is obviously the same but even worse than the original, but at the end of the day…she lacks imagination and has to take someone else's idea and make it her own.

No. 533126


tbh the tattoo on the bottom left looks 100x better than the concept she "liked", she should've stolen that one. but eh.. she probably just woke up, googled crocodile tattoo, and went to the nearest tattoo place and said "i want this"

No. 533147


Sheesh. Isnt breeding merle super risky anyway? Or is that just merle to merle?

No. 533169

Merle has always been controversial because of double merles, which are often born blind & deaf, or worse, stillborn. Breeding merles just creates more potential merle/merle breedings. One big issue I have with it is hidden merles; dogs that have the merle gene but it isn't strongly expressed or it's hard to see. Then you have people that think they are just breeding a merle and non merle, but end up with double merle pups. Really shady shit to be breeding only for color anyways, let alone a color linked to such horrible defects.
sage for off-topic.

No. 533197

Taylor looked like a crack den ho in Jonny's last night Instagram live. Her hair is so fried. I'm still laughing that she kept fishing for Jonny to compliment her and he was too busy just staring at his phone screen like a zombie.

No. 533222

File: 1521506344363.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180319-213009.png)


In her last story I think you can see Ghost moving behind Nemo, hopefully she's not lying this timd. But yeah, she was just scheduling now.

No. 533242

>>533222 Just glad this is happening, despite her being a turd dipped in shit who has to be reminded through social media to neuter her fucking cats. Jfc.

No. 533350

File: 1521512068707.png (562.07 KB, 750x1334, 192C1DD9-3397-4C52-A370-0F8B7D…)

Post by the girl who designed her hedgehog tattoo. Ayyye it's getting personal lmao

No. 533363

Wait she has a hedgehog tattoo? Is that the second one she’s getting?

No. 533366

The one of Nala was her first tattoo from a while back.

No. 533368


Watch Taylor make up some bull shit about how she has some “high quality super awesome air filters!!!!!”

No. 533393

Or say, "it's empty!! I moved them to the other room!!!"

No. 533394

>>533393 Don't give her any ideas, you know she comes here for inspiration. Glad she's been called out on Twitter about this. Those poor animals.

No. 533399

The replies to her tweet are giving me hope. People are talking bout how Taylor is cancelled lol

No. 533412

Hope she does read it so it can knock some sense to her and move them to another room.

I feel like the whole internet has to babysit her and her animals or else she kills them all from negligence. She needs to go back home to her mom and not leave until she finally grows tf up

No. 533451

Having a million animals is one thing, but I don't know of any apartment complex that'll allow you to smoke within it much less smoke a substance that is not legal in the state in which it is situated.

No. 533479

I wonder if that's grounds for eviction. Swearing not to partake in illegal activities has been on every apartment lease I've ever signed,
but I suppose I can't afford to pay an apartment complex enough to let me keep three dozen animals when everyone else is allowed like two pets.

No. 533481

nvm, she'll just say it's tobacco and nobody can prove otherwise.

No. 533488


Can she even move them to another room? They need cooler temperatures than her other reptiles so they can't be in there, and she's already got her rat and hedgehog in a closet and cats in the bathroom.

Her mom said back in December that the apartment complex knew there were drugs and all in the apartment but didn't care. Unless the complex is somehow liable due to state laws, I'm not surprised. I lived in a "luxury" complex for a semester in college that couldn't care less what the tenants did. Neighbors called the cops on one person for parties at all hours on weekdays and the police even gave them warnings for having pot and underage drinking, but the apartment never cared. Hers is probably like that.

No. 533490


Smoking in the same room as those geckos, regardless of the substance, is still pretty fucking bad tho

No. 533496


He did temporarily take cats he'd adopted with one of the exes, I think it was Chelsea? I can't remember, but it was definitely mentioned in one of the livestreams one of them did.

No. 533518

File: 1521522967401.jpeg (439.36 KB, 1301x1864, 201B72B3-F69F-48FC-BEA8-8CB6EB…)

I guess even people who are still fans aren’t able to defend this one.

No. 533519


I think he gave a dog away and she was able to get it back finally. i don't think he actually kept it anywhere himself. i'll investigate further but i think it's just easier for him to bounce outta there when he finds something better.

No. 533520

File: 1521522985532.jpeg (381.81 KB, 1312x1870, 34782C65-CB91-4521-ABA6-C51572…)

No. 533521

smoking period in the apt is dangerous to all the animals. it permeates through walls and settles into everything soft. They are endangering the animals lives if smoking in apt period. Go on the balcony you lazy fucks

No. 533523

File: 1521523109887.jpeg (81.92 KB, 1286x323, AF3DF03F-7DEA-4E60-992C-06E234…)

Wonder what Taylor has to say?

No. 533524

I was gonna mention this. Like it IS bad for the satanic leaf geckos but what about the cats and whatever other animals she has in that space? Not to mention the geckos being next to the t.v. is an added problem.

No. 533525

And they’ve probably been smoking in there since day 1. We just didn’t see it until last night.

No. 533528


I know it's really bad for snakes too, and I'll bet her doors aren't airtight so there's definitely smoke in all her rooms. It's so irresponsible.

Plus, those geckos have a screen on at least one large side of their tank so they're getting the full blast of everything in the room, the LEAST she could do is cover it with a damp towel to block out some of the smoke, but even that wouldn't make it safe.

No. 533529

File: 1521523713756.jpeg (124.38 KB, 1306x499, 39C09A01-4AAF-41B0-9C8E-FBB212…)

No. 533531

File: 1521523828139.png (137.89 KB, 750x1334, A535EF7C-F31A-43BE-AF5A-0F7A34…)

I have so many tattoos and I’ve never heard of an artist making you wear a bandage for 2-3 days. They always Saran Wrap the tattoo and make you take it off within 2-3 hours. You want that tattoo to breathe to heal properly, Taylor. Wtf are you talking about and why are you listening to some artist that has practically no experience.

No. 533534

I just tried to reply telling her that the tattoo won’t heal properly if she keeps it wrapped up and it’s already deleted. Lmao

No. 533537

I have 10+ tattoos (big and small) and I’ve never had an artist give me a wrap for “3-5 days” I’ve never even heard of that. Who the heck does Taylor think she’s fooling?

No. 533538

These 2 morons are really making me angry. I could care less that she wants to throw her life away with a filthy runt, but endangering so many innocent lives is inexcusable. Grow up you little idiot and kick your piece of trash excuse of a human to the curb and start taking some responsibility. Because if you dont, very soon you will be living out of a Motel 6 in bum fuck awful town begging on the streets for money to support your man, your collective drug habit and several children - & no pets allowed.

No. 533541

Tbh those look nothing like heroin tracks. They’re too sparatic and don’t like up with her veins. Her artist either used a dirty needle or a cheap ink causing her to break out.

No. 533542

When I was younger I tried to have fish and my parents smoked in the house. It killed the fish. Nothing good comes from smoking around animals.

No. 533551

super gross, that's not even a joint, it's a blunt, and chances are the blunt wrap is made from tobacco leaves (stinkier). for all you non weed smokers out there, blunts are basically the stinkiest way to smoke weed. They smell even worse than joints, and it's pretty rare for people to smoke joints indoors, let alone blunts. they're so damn trashy

No. 533556


You don’t sound like you smoke lol. Blunts aren’t trashy nor more potent in smell, and tons of people smoke a j or a blunt indoors. Taylor just doesn’t have that luxury since she has so many animals that are sensitive to second hand smoke.

She’s dumb as fuck for not anticipating this response from her audience. Or she’s trying to abruptly change her image.

No. 533557

File: 1521526248562.jpg (1.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180320-010501.jpg)

From jonny's live stream

No. 533558


I think that’s absolutely what it is but lmao why does Taylor feel the need to lie about this?? It’s like she doesn’t know how to switch off manipulation mode

No. 533560

Someone asked Jonny where the blunt is in his livestream and he said “no blunt today, we don’t want to break the internet again.” So I guess the internet’s response is all they’re worried about?

No. 533562

It looks like she has on a Tatu-derm. I've had one once with my latest big piece, it's a medical grade wrap that you do in fact keep on 2-5 days. Not white knighting, but it is a thing and due to how crinckled her skin looks I'd say it's not just wrapped (Bc that probably would have come off/not stuck to her skin as such)

No. 533569

>>533490 Even if the apartment complex doesn't care, it's an issue of responsibility and especially, empathy. Someone who is empathetic as Taylor campaign to be, would put the well being of their animals first over their pleasures.

No. 533574


Not white knighting either, but that would actually make sense, a medical grade wrap would be a good idea for someone with EDS, and adhesive allergies are also super common in EDS so that could be why she reacted.

Not sure why she needed to delete the tweet if that were the truth though, lol.

No. 533580

>>533538 She abandoned her animals with her parents to run off with Jonny. She really doesn't give a shit about their little lungs.

No. 533581

>>533557 Wtf is going on? Who is the girl and whose naked leg is that in the reflection of his glasses?

No. 533585

In regards to the live stream jonny is talking to these guys and they put the camera on these two girls one is licking her fingers and the other waving around a bag of cocaine. Its currently on his IG. You can see Taylor's young fans are watching this stream too

No. 533586

>>533585 Someone record it please. Is this in Taylor's apartment?

No. 533587

Everyone is talking about her little animals taking second-hand smoke, but remember she lives in an apartment complex. She could have neighbors with asthma, pregnant, or even children around her apartment. It's not only a danger to her animals but also with people in her building.

No. 533588

Jonny and taylor are in the apartment but the people they are talking to are not, not sure if they know them personally or what

No. 533591

I can't record Jonny's livestream but I tuned in for a bit, hopefully someone recorded it. Jonny at one part says "Whooo! It's hot in here!" He's sitting in the room where the Satanic Leaf Tailed Geckos are, and there's laundry/mess all over the damn living room floor. They need cooler temperatures, so not only are they next to the huge blasting TV, but also in a hot room filled with smoke.

No. 533592

>>533588 Young girls throwing their health and lives away, really sad…

No. 533615

This chick is such a disaster. If I wasn’t so angry and concerned about the animals, I might be worried for how badly she’s gone downhill so fast. Does she know when to stop? Most people don’t just start acting like this age 20.

I was going to say “I bet Jonny could tell her heroin is a good idea and she’d take it without question” but if the leaked texts and dms are real then not only did that already happen, but it happened within a month or two of them first meeting. Something is wrong with someone who is so easily swayed like this, especially at her age.

No. 533617

Did anyone else notice in the live stream that JC kept adjusting his glasses to expose taylor in her underwear? She looked annoyed by him too

No. 533619

I don't understand their refusal to act like fucking adults. Especially Taylor given that she's responsible for the wellbeings of so many animals. Unfortunately when you take on that kind of responsibility you can't just piss off into party-land

No. 533620


I dunno about annoyed, given shes a massive narc

No. 533627

If she wanted this lifestyle she should have stuck with a manageable amount of animals with reasonable life expectancies. She has more ball pythons than anything else and don’t those live for like 40yrs?

If she had stuck with what she had before she started hoarding ball pythons and other fancy exotics I don’t think she’d get as much hate. It’s the fact that while she’s smoking and parading naked online she’s still actively hoarding animals, and the species are getting more and more rare/expensive/delicate. She’s punching above her weight in every sense right now.

No. 533630

File: 1521538908654.png (660.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-20-10-33-12…)

She always has to fucking pose

No. 533660


nearly all my tattoos have been bandaged for at least 3 days. it depends on the type of bandage used.

No. 533668


Left looks like Ian who did merch on the tour. Guy on the right is probably also from one of the bands.

No. 533680

What suprises me alot is that whoever is renting her the apartment apparently doesn’t care? If i was her landlord i wouldn‘t exactly be happy that some girl, who doesn‘t even have a real job with stable imcome, built up a zoo in one of the apartments and leaves litter and garbage everywhere on the floor, let‘s her rapist druggie boyfriend, who doesn’t even pay for anything, live with her all while smoking shit inside the apartment with closed windows. I cannot imagine how horrible their apartment must smell.
Do even the other people in the apartment complex even care? Imagine if these two were your neighbors.. yikes

No. 533711

Truthfully I smoke weed in my apartment even though I'm not supposed to. I also live on the first floor. I know for a fact the girl above me has smelled it as I have heard her say so to someone when she was walking thru the common area the one day. I don't think she can smell it from her apartment though just in that common area. I think the smell travels thru doorways and whatnot not so much thru the floors. I do make attempts since then to mask the smell with Ozium and dryer sheets.  Even if a landlord received complaints they'd be hard pressed to get proof enough to evict. I think yall are getting too worked up about the second hand smoke being around the cats, but the geckos are a concern to me.

I'd think the more annoying thing to neighbors would be the music they were blasting and the fact they both seem to be up all hours of the night, and the fact Jonny lives there full time. My upstairs neighbors bf isn't on her lease but yet is there constantly and it makes her so much louder. She's quiet when it's just her but whenever he's there they're obnoxious.(blogposting)

No. 533724

Unfortunately Taylor can’t use any aerosols without potentially killing all her reptiles.

Slight blog post but I’ve heard a few horror stories where people have killed their entire collection by using those wax warming “candles” (scentsy types), regular candles or aerosol sprays

No. 533737

File: 1521553752354.png (95.54 KB, 640x1136, E1D24C48-4F1D-4F39-B48B-7216D7…)

Sadly some of her fans are still fucking delusional and willing to excuse it

No. 533740

File: 1521553908210.png (111.87 KB, 640x1136, E7F1F1A1-DA4A-4662-9B3E-207907…)

No. 533741

>don't worry guys, she's just showing jonny actively smoking weed to mock the haterzz!!!

imagine if most of your fans were actually 13.

No. 533746


What picture are y'all talking about with the marks/rash?

Also, anyone else notice how she's constantly in nothing but underwear and a teensy shirt in his Livestream in the same room as the geckos who apparently need cold temps? How cold do they need?

No. 533749

Violet/morphine/whatever looks kind of skinny but I'm not an expert.

No. 533751

In regards to tattoo wraps, there’s a new tech my artist has used on my last few tattoos where you keep this sticky clear wrap on it for like 5 days, it’s a breathable medical bandage thing and the tattoo comes out healing reallllly good, hardly any scabbing and great color. Not white knighting, just speaking from experience.

No. 533757

Abusive druggie rapist and kitten killing child porn star. They're perfect for each other.

No. 533760

File: 1521555156720.jpg (577.59 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20180320_091508.jpg)

This one.

No. 533763

Oh and I forgot to mention, the wrap did give me a rash as well, the skin is super sensitive/tender up by the elbow pit, but I left it on anyway. So that could be correct what she’s saying about the rash.

No. 533764


Yeah I'd believe that's a rash, if it was needle marks the lesions/spots would all look different from each other cause they'd be different ages

At least if she was shooting up she'd have an excuse for being such a callous piece of garbage

No. 533767

That does look pretty skinny. I don't think a snake's spine should be that prominent, but I've only got experience with colubrids so I can't be certain

No. 533768

It grosses me out that she's got her snake all over a new tattoo

No. 533780

Everytime i see that new tattoos of hers, all i see is that black void right in the middle of the whole thing. It's like a black hole.

No. 533783


ikr, I didn't even see the snake first, eyes went straight to the croc's mouth. Snake btw looks way skinny indeed.

No. 533786

The snake is thin for sure. BPs should be round not triangular in shape. This snake has a ridged back which is a clear indication she is underweight.

No. 533787

There are so many people in the comments of her new Instagram post, the one with Violet, talking about how shitty tnds care had become and talking about how thin the snake is. I'm glad people are finally coming to their senses…

No. 533793

File: 1521558411400.png (64.87 KB, 1242x599, IMG_0245.PNG)


No. 533810

Isn't he a pedo? She probably sent him her collection of child porn to get his attention

No. 533819

Has she posted anything about the albino pied she named Tate that she got around the same time? That one looked dehydrated right off the bat.

No. 533820

Still sad to see alot of young kids still looking up to her and defending her. Young teens are easily influenced and seeing her publicly showing her half naked body while smoking and being with someone who doesn't respect women at all is infuriating. She knows that almost all of her fans are young, yet she's trying to manipulate them that what she's doing is okay and being stupid is cool.

Tbh, i'm happy the members of my family could care less about her or else i'll slap them on the face with research.

No. 533821

That snake has lost weight, I saw it in person before she bought it. Anytime a snake loses weight it’s an indicator of something wrong. Usually malnourishment or parasites.

No. 533822

>>533617 She has plenty of photos of herself in her underwear online, but Jonny is a predator. This is just predatory behavior on his part because he'll never be able to stop. It's fucking creepy how he goes on live and just stairs at the screen and picks his skin, not really interacting with his fans. Meanwhile Taylor nearby bored out of her mind, annoyed that he's not constantly giving her attention in the way she wants. Their relationship is toxic.

No. 533825

File: 1521560694669.jpeg (441.03 KB, 750x1207, D5D26A0D-A467-49F3-B162-A51192…)

No. 533827

File: 1521560720021.jpeg (412.78 KB, 750x1263, CCDF7A4A-C0D0-43EB-85FE-7F7B72…)

That snake hasn’t gained weight or size at all

No. 533829

I’m interested to see if Twisty has grown/is alive

No. 533832

File: 1521560879681.jpg (780.55 KB, 2048x2044, IMG_20180320_105034.jpg)

Here's the other pic

No. 533834

definitely became more triangular shaped since she first got it

No. 533835

Are those scars on her (violet)?

No. 533843

>>533711 Second hand smoke is very dangerous to cats. Look it up. You're another ignorant individual who thinks animals aren't harmed because you want to believe it so badly. Cats can develop asthma very easily, it's hard for them to breath,then they have to go on steroids as a breathing treatment which can devastate their kidneys and send them into early renal failure. Steroid medication can cause depression in cats, so not only is their breathing affected, then they're put on a med that makes them depressed that they have to take for the rest of their life. Second hand smoke can cause them lymphoma, other cancers, or heart failure prematurely amongst other things. Don't pretend to know, then get offended when people can point out real problems. Not only that, it's uncomfortable flat out for the cats. They like clean air, as any animal or person does. I love how you missed the point that it's irresponsible to smoke around any pet because you want a few moments of selfish pleasure no matter who it inconveniences. I feel bad for your neighbor.

No. 533845

>>533740 Someone tweet to this little bitch articles countering what she claims, put the dumb bitch in her place. No animals don't matter, fuck those animals and their health, and all the research and proof backing up the deadly conclusions smoke has on pets.

No. 533846

I would say of all her pets, the mouse is the most sensitive to smoke. Good thing he's shoved in a closet. Rodents respiratory systems are extremely delicate. Mice and rats are all born with mycoplasmosis and things like strong smells can make it flare up very easily. (Hedgehogs are not rodents, can I just point that out since people keep saying it? They are Erinaceinae. Not that they won't still be affected by smoke odor, I just wanted to mention it)

No. 533848

Oh fuck off. The only reason I mentioned smoking around the cats was because they aren't going to literally drop dead because of the smoke like the geckos will. We saw her smoking in front of them for sure. I didn't see the cats in any screen shot. I don't have pets and my neighbors are fucking assholes who keep me awake all hours of the night and have zero respect for anyone else who lives here.  I was trying to give an idea of how it impacts her neighbors because that was part of the conversation too, I don't personally give a shit what you think of my life. I knew someone like you would feel the need pipe in.(no one cares)

No. 533850

File: 1521561960330.jpg (403.75 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180320-110757.jpg)

I hate stans

No. 533860

>>533850 I love how this person probably doesn't know anything about the animals Taylor actually keeps. Jonny mentioned that the room was too hot the geckos need cooler temps and I doubt Taylor does temp control with them. So the heat on top of the smoke, on top of the booming TV. Why can't these people stop to think. The point is, don't do it around the animals, step outside.

No. 533868

>>533848 I bet you still look up the long term devastating effects of second hand smoke on cats. Try dogs too. No I guess the long term doesn't matter. Excuse my ignorance that all that matters is if the animal drops dead right there or not.

No. 533877

I dont own any snakes–cuz im not an impulse hoarder–but after a few google search and a couple snake dedicated websites later, Violet is obviously underweight by how her body is more trangular. If she was on a normal scale, her body would be more oval with more meat around the area around the base of her head. She also has weird scar marks around her body that isn't shown in the photos of when TND got her. I could be wrong but if you compare her with other snakes.. they don't have that triangle shape.

Ugh! Makes me so mad. Poor little snake

No. 533880

Guys, let's not argue over all this second-hand smoke effecting cats or not. any type of smoke is harmful to any type of species. Period. If you smoke, please do it away from any other living thing especially those that have no voice to consent.

No. 533882

>>533880 You made the point far better than I ever could, thank you.

No. 533922

I noticed that too. It looks to me more like stuck shed, which is a big indicator of poor snake care.

No. 533925

>>533810 I've seen this mentioned several times but have no idea what it's referencing, obviously not asking "HEY WHERE DO I FIND HER CHILD PORN" but what's the story behind that allegation?

No. 533926

she took nudes of herself as a teen and they got leaked is what I've gathered

No. 533931

Maybe those scars are from eating live rodents

No. 533935

She continues to read this thread. 15 minutes ago she made an excuse to why violet wasn’t the correct weight

No. 533937

File: 1521568062414.jpg (687.79 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180320-125029.jpg)

No. 533940

File: 1521568244212.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, 731352D8-7331-4F06-A12C-4B2851…)

It’s funny how that’s not what she said on Instagram

No. 533943

If she is then, hi Taylor! If you have to go to this thread just to see your mistakes, then you needa reevaluate your life. Take a moment to look around and see what you're doing to yourself and your animals that you swore to take care of. Think about all the young kids that you're influencing and think about the family that raised you. Lastly, look at your boyfriend.. if ever you run out of money, get kicked out, and lose everything.. will he be there for you? What will he do?

Just take a moment and to think what you did, what you're doing, and what you are going to do. THINK

No. 533949

Why would she buy an expensive ASF juice rather than just buy some f/t soft furs? Violet is big enough to eat a medium soft fur rat, as they are smaller than normal feeder rats. Imo, violet is to big for large rats, especially if she doesn't want to eat often.

No. 533951

That was my exact thought. The spray is $30. She could buy enough soft furs to feed the snake for months with that. You can order frozen ASFs online easily. Makes no sense to me.

No. 533953

Edit: violet is too big for large mice

No. 533956

I thought she posted them herself

No. 533957

she could've done it herself but either way they're out there

No. 533959

This bitch needs to understand that snakes eating live won't give her any new viewers or anything, fuck me - there's so many videos of snakes eating large rabbits and whatever else.

Also, wouldn't the smell of weed be an issue for some animals too? I know that can linger for a while

No. 533960

From what I heard, she posted them herself and they spread. I think that's what a girl who allegedly went to her high school said.

No. 533976

TBH Taytay strikes me as the kind of girl that would "leak" her own nudes on Gaiaonline

No. 533980

She should be trying to switch her to rats or asf. Violet is plenty big enough for a rat. What the fuck.

No. 533994

“Quiet ready” fucking idiot lol
she’s really turning into Jonny

No. 533996

I dont think Taylor wants to deal with trying to transition her snake from live to frozen, nor does she care about the size of their food. She probably doesnt trust a smaller snake to handle food thats bigger so ends up getting the same size Violet ate when Taylor got her because Taylor just doesnt want to deal with it or just doesnt pay attention to anything other than herself. As for buying an expensive spray, she just wants some easy and showing off something that is fancy and expensive is a huge plus for her.

No. 534002

If not for animals, then definately for a landlord. Is she not worried about eviction or her security deposit at all? Smoking indoors is one way to lose it kek.

No. 534003

Can someone upload the video of Jonny’s livestream?

No. 534039

JC did take Chelsea's cats for over a year. Then he left them with Liz who wound up counting on someone else to care for them as he completely neglected them. He didn't want the cats, he just didn't want Chelsea to have them and it was a big deal when she finally got them back.

Also, he got a dog which he ~loved~ so much, that got left with Dawn, Chelsea's mom. They also had a bearded dragon that he never really paid attention to or showed interest in.

It's been a running theme with JC to get cats with his girlfriends and then leave them behind or keep them to be a jerk but then neglect them.

This is to give context to the people saying he may take the cats or wondering about Twisty or Lego.

No. 534041

Snakes can eat something a little bugger than the largest part of their body. Why does Taylor constantly lie about such trivial things

No. 534052

She'll rather spend her time worrying about the way she looks, rather than researching what her animals need. She seems like that type of person that would just feed them pellets if she could just so she can just fill the bowl for them so she can continue to look at herself on her phone.

No. 534053

>>533940 Oh she just now ordered the spray? After people complained the snake is too thin? Fuck you Taylor, animal hoarding pos. Spend a lot of money on animals only to neglect them.

No. 534058

File: 1521577068534.png (128.5 KB, 588x358, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 4.16…)

Is she trying to get sympathy for not just answering her mom in a simple way? How hard is typing "It wasn't a goby, it was a blue dot jawfish."

Also like how she's putting out there that she ignores her moms texts (first text)

No. 534059

>>534052 Are there any photos of any of her Ball Pythons at a healthy weight to illustrate she is taking care of them? I haven't seen any that I recall. She seems to have trouble feeding many of her snakes. Does she even keep them in the right enclosures?

No. 534060

>>534058 What happened to the jawfish? Another pet that died?

No. 534061

God this is exactly why it frustrates me to know end when people say "Taylor takes amazing care of her pets leave her alone she knows what she's doing".. If she ever takes action it's only because people point out how unhealthy her animals are. She can't tell that shit for herself and I'm scared for the well-being of all her animals we rarely see. It's painfully obvious she knows fucking nothing about the animals she keeps besides the very basic beginner care.

No. 534063

Typo lol. I meant to no end**

No. 534065

File: 1521577521957.png (442.19 KB, 1242x1830, IMG_0247.PNG)

Saging for old photo, but this is her excuse for keeping so many snakes. Basically she's saying, "well other people own more than dozens of snakes so i can too! All i need to do is clean the cages and feed them because they're not like dogs! That's all and they'll be happy forever!"

No. 534069

It’s Pretty telling that she’s completely ignoring the weed gecko drama but she’ll spend half her time making fun of people with legitimate concerns

No. 534075

Glass tanks are awful at holding in heat and humidity, but also ball pythons get stressed easily so having all four sides clear like that isn’t good. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s affecting their eating habits. She has enough money to invest in some nice PVC cages but she just doesn’t care.

No. 534078

There are many people in the hobby that have hundreds of snakes. But they spend a good portion of every day checking over their animals, feeding them, making sure temp/humidity is correct, making sure there's no illness or stuck shed etc. She doesn't have the time to do all of that with the small number she has not to mention her lack of knowledge and experience. She also seems to keep buying underweight animals that aren't healthy to begin with. The snake in that photo was clearly underweight and dehydrated the day she got him. They should not have wrinkles like that. It's possible to have 100+ snakes, but not the way she does it.

Sage for ranting and rambling

No. 534087

Has anyone done a death/gone without explanation count on her animals? Since she's clearly reading up here, I'd like to see her prove us wrong on the animal abuse. Because, you know, she can't.

Anyway, Taylor, keep focusing on your appearance, because it needs it. And you can't resurrect your animals kek

No. 534104

I was watching Jonny’s cancerous live stream, did he say he was going to Steve Irwin’s zoo for Taylor’s Birthday?

No. 534115

Are those bracelets supposed to be so tight? It doesn’t look like it can move freely on her arm.

No. 534117

It's not tight it's just below her wrist there

No. 534123

I had an apartment neighbor who smoked weed and we could only smell it when we were outside, never inside our apartment. I have no idea how her complex is set up but if it’s like most common ones then yes, people could definitely smell the weed

it’s really sad that her mom has to resort to guilt tripping to get a reply out of her. whenever taylor and jonny break up im sure she’s gonna really regret treating her mother like such shit just because she didn’t approve of her druggie rapist boyfriend and was just trying to prevent taylor from getting harmed. what a horrible mom huh

No. 534125


That's what she does. Ignores where she is wrong and puts a ton of emphasis on whatever she can mock or twist for pity points.

No. 534134

Just an overpriced Cartier bracelet on a fat wrist, tragic. She can't even do Insta-Thot right.

No. 534148

If I remember correctly, another one of her fish ate it.

No. 534152

How is she working with her? She’s never home.

No. 534157

her snowflake eel ate him, she then "rehomed" the eel. if i remember correctly when she got the eel she knew it was risky and said in a video something along the lines of "if theres trouble with them then the eels out of here i love the jawfish", like girl why would u risk housing him with an eel then??

No. 534158

Holy shit, $6300? What a waste of money.

No. 534162

For $6300. She can take a few college classes on zoology or something, heck even cosmetology since she's all about appearance. But no, being dumb with a druggie rapist boyfriend while spending all her money in one go is so much cooler.

No. 534168

The ironic thing is she actually had gobies. In the last thread someone posted a screenshot of an older video of her freshwater puffers (that haven't been seen since) and they were in a tank with at least 2 bumblebee gobies. Taylor is such a hoarder that she can't even remember what animals she's had.

No. 534177

>>534069 Just like how she made fun of Jonny's rape victims.

No. 534179

andddd another example of an awful fish tank! brackish water gobies with freshwater puffers, the puffers shouldnt be kept in groups and shouldnt be kept in community tanks bc theyre aggressive, the gobies need completely different water and shouldnt be kept in a community tank because theyre easily out competed for food. they likely died

No. 534182

>>534123 Taylor's Mother is over dramatic, very much so, but she's been raising a young lad that is difficult with special needs. That's no easy job for a Mother and it can cause a mental break down. People who don't understand might want to check out documentaries with parents who raise special needs kids and the mental internal struggles they go through everyday. It's like they can't get much of a break and have to pretend everything is okay everyday just to handle their job of parenting. This appears to be how Taylor's Mother handles it, she freaks out on social media, but tame in comparison to how many parents handle their stress. Taylor should be worried if her Mother didn't care at all, and her Mother wasn't wrong about Jonny. Taylor is a horrible daughter, and a disgusting influence to her little brother.

No. 534185

I believe it was actually a green spotted puffer which is also brackish (freshwater when young, which you slowly convert to brackish over the course of its life). It was a brackish water tank she kept it in, but the problem with it was that puffers aren't community fish not the water parameters.

No. 534199

She wanted the high life so it makes sense she'd get a love bracelet.

It was an impulse buy and she'll probably regret it considering her channel is dying.

No. 534202

ur right he was a gsp i thought she had a pea puffer! pretty hard to remember all her animals. green spotted puffers are vvv aggressive no way should they be with bumble bee gobies and they grow big they need at least a 30 gallon, looks like she only kept him in a 20 at most? that tank was worse than i thought it was, poor fishies

No. 534209

And none of those fish are in her apartment, so we know that they're dead. I feel so bad for her poor animals :(

No. 534215

>>534209 When she abandoned her pets to her parents to go live with Jonny, I want to know how her parents managed to care for all of the animals. I'm sure they didn't know a lot, especially about their specific needs, maybe a little. It's beyond fucked up how she could abandon animals like that to her parents short notice and expect them to take care of them, without so much as letting them know what she had in mind for the future. I guess she did though by literally choosing Jonny over them first. I guess she just expected the animals to die in their cages and it wouldn't be "her fault" because she wasn't there? Just like how everything is always someone else's fault. It wasn't until the family threatened to find new homes for them and the twitter blow up that she stepped up for them. Shortly after, bought a ton more animals, whom some aren't in a good state because they are with her specifically. I want to know if any animals died in the parents care, and I don't blame them, I blame Taylor for abandoning them for Mr. Rape.

No. 534230

her animal care really is the thing that angers me most. she knows all her animals feel stress and pain its been proven, she knowingly gives them subpar care, shes completely unempathetic about her animals having bad lives. how stressed do u think her jawfish was living in a tank with an eel, burrowing in substrate a few inches from him? how bored her hedgehogs are in tiny cages when the minimum enclosure sizes are supposed to be 8 square foot? ive asthma myself, her cats are gonna have a rough time when they eventually get it from breathing smoke in their apartment. i know a lot of people are indifferent about fish because theyre "just fish" but fish are proven to feel pain, by overstocking her tanks she risks getting an ammonia spike, the ammonia is literally fish waste and rotten food it BURNS THEIR SKIN. when the tanks arent properly stocked with fish they end up living in essentially diluted cess pools. her animals are suffering and she couldnt care less, she has to be a psychopath.

No. 534234

>>534230 I've noticed a pattern with Taylor that she only takes photos of her pets when she takes them out of the enclosures to show off new nails or a new tattoo, so I'm guessing this is the only time she ever handles her pets during her physical upkeep time periods. How often do we see her handle her animals beyond a new set of fresh nails. Rarely, and none of the rodents in a very long time. Her Hedghogs and Gus should go to rescues.

No. 534237

What pisses me off the most is that she could care less about her own parents who obviously love and care for her. Not only does she not care about them, she just abandons her animals at home when they are already caring for her little brother.

she also never seems to talk with them without being rude or not making fun of them. And the only time she does if her mom has to use some sort of manipulation to get her to even answer.

Goes to show how heartless she is.

No. 534245

>>534237 Taylor is a typical selfish millennial with zero self awareness. She expects her family to cater to her. The only thing she has awareness for is putting in crappy hair extensions and drawing on her eyebrows, and still they always come out looking pretty gutter ghetto.

No. 534247


Thats true, and considering it's her 'job' and her personality type is to take a photo of anything and everything, you'd think she would have and be uploading a lot more photos of her animals, from this it's probably safe to assume that the only time she handles them is when they make an appearance in a photo, which isn't very often.

Also where is this mental health video she promised a few days ago??

No. 534252

Honestly? When was the last time we saw anything about any of her rodents? She posted a pic of Gus a while back (poor thing was probably stressed from being shoved among a bunch of flowers for "aesthetic"), but other than that when was the last time she made a video or posted a picture of the rodents? She's all about being the reptile queen now cause "omg, I'm not like other girls!!!!"

Poor things are shoved in a damn closet for god's sake. It's sad and ridiculous. Let's not forget that her hedgehog, Nala, is one of the things that got her to fame (as she always loves to point out).

No. 534255


she deleted that photo of gus from her instagram because i went back to look for it to find out how old he was. Find it so weird that she deletes old photos of her animals??

No. 534260

File: 1521588284290.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1242x2062, 5BF5F468-614C-43E2-883F-77DE2B…)

She didn’t

No. 534261

But yeah I do find it strange that she constantly deletes everything

No. 534265

>>534255 To cover her tracks. It's unbelievable how much she lies to look like a good hearted person. News flash Taylor, a good hearted person doesn't abandon her shit ton of animals to her parents, who are already caring for a disabled, difficult special needs child. Then run to twitter and brag about how she only has love to give and is soooo goodly to others and animals. Think about it, ask yourself, how many people in the pet hobby behave as you do, and the answer is only you, and it doesn't make you special or unique in a good way. It just makes you a beast.

No. 534267

>>534261 Yeah I think the picture of Gus is still up there but it doesn't even matter. She has deleted so much and won't show her pets that have controversy surrounding them.

No. 534268

Out of topic but when was the last time she uploaded a video? And also, what ever happened to that second channel she was going on about? Did that channel get cancelled even before it began?

No. 534272

>>534268 Lol the last video she uploaded she ripped down because of the controversy surrounding her lies about the wild caught Roughthroat Monitor claiming it to be a blackthroat and putting false blame on the Reptile shop. Doubt she is going to upload again for a long while if ever, she is spooked.

No. 534281

She lied about Gus’s age too, I think someone on the other thread pointed it out. She claims he’s older than he is, probably so she can get back pats for keeping him alive so long, though iirc the anon who posted had him calculated at about 1 and a half to 2 years old at the absolute maximum. So he’s not living unusually long by any stretch. Just average so far, and it’s not a great life either.

Rodents are intelligent, and they thrive with space, interaction, and stimulation. It breaks my heart thinking of Gus wasting away his life alone in a tiny cage inside a closet, not even some daily attention or a natural light cycle in what are likely his final months of life.

No. 534282

Did that reptile shop ever respond to her claims that they fucked up? Pretty ballsy of her to place the blame with them when she's the idiot who went a month without realizing that her "totally NOT an impulse by pet" had been misidentified.

No. 534288

I used to think it was strange as well, but once you start paying more attention it's because she lies a lot, so it makes sense she'll delete things she feels could get her in deep water.

Not to mention that she's lost track of the many lies she's told by now, so she probably deletes things thinking people will call her out for lying even when she hasn't really lied about what she posted. She flip flops a lot with how she wants to be perceived.

No. 534298

could she really not do a jenna marbles type apology and clear up what happened and try to idk, save face? turn it into a teachable moment? Update everyone on what she’s even gonna do with the damn thing? I don’t think she realizes that not everyone reads her twitter and that there’s a lot of confusion on what happened. Obviously she won’t do it because, it’s Taylor but wow she doesn’t even care about her reputation anymore. Jonny is gonna leave Taylor when those youtube bucks start running low because she refuses to take the multiple opportunities she has to make videos and the chances she has to take responsibility and clear up her mistakes

No. 534309

She's already boxed herself in with the lies, at this point, even if she did make an apology video, it'd be admitting her mean ol' no good haters were right.

No. 534319

>>534298 She will never do that, because that would force her to own lying about the reptile shop, own this stupid story she made up about the wild caught species she bought, and deeply apologize to the shop. Taylor is not the type to apologize when she is wrong, she will try to find some way to make you feel horrible for her wronging you. She will never, ever, fix what she has done wrong here. I'm sure the guys at the shop will make sure to spread the word about her in reptile expos. Anyone know if there are beware profiles on certain peoples in expos where dealers are warned not to sell to specific people? Not sure how it works. If not, this should be a thing.

No. 534321

She does lie a metric shit ton. The strangest is that she feels the need to delete things that have no relevancy to anything to begin with, like you said. Even if it didn’t pertain to a lie or an excuse she’ll delete it super quickly or after like 2 months? She’s so fucked that she tries to cover her tracks and spew and delete things that don’t pertain to anything else.

No. 534352


Someone posted a breakdown of all her pets alive/deceased in the last thread, does anyone want to double check it for accuracy and repost?

No. 534361

I'm copypasting this from the last thread:

this girl is a problem.

jupiter (pac man) (deceased)
asteroid (pac man)
mushu (axolotl)
moon crab
80 turtles

milo (beta)
emo nemo (black clownfish)
zazu (lionfish)
5 female betas
target mandarin
2 clownfish
snowflake eel
jaw fish
puffer fish
kamohara blenny
school of killifish (multiple deceased from 'suicide jumps')
leopard ctenopoma
2 black storm clownfish

nova (deceased)
misty (deceased)

nala (deceased)
piper (deceased)

3 satanic geckos
echo (crested)
phoenix (crested)
drogo (croc skink)
dany (croc skink)
atta (leopard gecko)
bindi (blue tongue skink)
black throated monitor
twisty (bearded dragon)

toast (sand boa)
celia (hognose)
maui (python)
louie (python)
violet (python)
tate (python)
salem (???)
frank (python)
green tree python (deceased)
sabor (GTP)
gucci (king)
corn snake

cersei (tarantula)
mori (budwing mantis) (deceased)
leaf insect


nemo's sister (deceased)

No. 534365

who else feels like all of her "rehomings" are just deaths that she's trying to cover up?

No. 534370

And there are a lot more deceased or missing fish that aren't even listed. If you go back to her videos about a year ago she had a lot of fish that she doesn't have now.

No. 534371

I 100% think that. Except for her dog Kida.

No. 534373

>>534365 All the seahorses most likely died since her male had so many miscarriages, though she claimed she rehomed them it didn't fit with then narrative of how poorly they were doing with her. She just never mentions the pet deaths. Her animals mean very little to her for them to die, and for to just pretend and never mention their passing. Kind of like the kitten, there was no memorial for her. She just became one of the many that died under her care. Taylor has had so many pet deaths she is not affected by a single one.

No. 534375

Unless proven otherwise, we should assume they're dead. Taylor is a liar, we'd be stupid to trust she rehomed any of them, excluding Kida of course.

No. 534392

Ugh, I really wish she'd delete this. We all have these types of conversations with our parents, where they think they know what they're talking about but it takes them a minute to be like "oh ok". I'm tired of calling taylor out on shit but her mom gave birth to her and she's a disrespectful cunt. Sure her mom is equally as crazy as Taylor but she's still her mom, and she deserves some respect. If I publicly called a conversation with my mother tiresome best believe the next time she saw me I'd get slapped across the face and hit with a lecture on respect–and I'm Taylors age. She's just such a gross bitch.

No. 534395

So Taylor is just ignoring the outcry from her fans about Jonny smoking in the same room with her delicate geckos? Her who cares attitude is disturbing.

No. 534402


Honestly…it's super bitchy. Also, basically advertising that you ignore your mother because you'd rather be a rebellious brat and support your trashy ass, druggie, rapist boy toy is totally gross.

No. 534416

>>534402 The irony is that Jonny pays very little attention to what Taylor ever says but her family would love to talk with her. I bet most of what she says goes in one of his ears and out the other. I've noticed that when Taylor fishes for compliments from him, he totally ignores her. But if she gets butthurt that his attention is on his Live feed, then he'll say she's the most beautiful girl gas lighting her, and try to sneak showing her off in her underwear.

No. 534429

In his livestream last night he purposely showed off Taylor’s legs in the reflection of his glasses to the guys he was streaming with, and then those people went and showed the two girls they were with and jc referred to them as their hoes. So I guess he was just showing off his hoe too. It’s so obvious that he really doesn’t care about Taylor at all, if it wasn’t already obvious enough from him having her name surrounded by money bags in his bio.

No. 534439

updated this list to edit a couple errors and add which animals have been "rehomed" (that I'm aware of). I definitely know there are quite a bit of fish missing that are more than likely dead at this point

jupiter (pac man) (deceased)
asteroid (pac man)
mushu (axolotl)
moon crab
80 turtles (given to rescue)

milo (beta)
emo nemo (black clownfish)
cheese (cowfish)
zazu (lionfish)
5 female betas
target mandarin
2 clownfish
snowflake eel ("rehomed")
jaw fish (deceased)
puffer fish (???)
bumblebee gobies (???)
kamohara blenny
school of killifish (multiple deceased from 'suicide jumps')
irwin (naso tang)
leopard ctenopoma
2 black storm clownfish

nova (deceased)
mystery ("rehomed")
misty (deceased)
aurora ("rehomed")
maleficent ("rehomed")

nala (hedgehog)(deceased)
solara (hedgehog)(deceased)
kovu (hedgehog)
piper (hedgehog)(deceased)
gus (mouse)

3 satanic geckos
echo (crested)
phoenix (crested)
drogo (croc skink)
dany (croc skink)
atta (leopard gecko)
bindi (blue tongue skink)
roughneck monitor
twisty (bearded dragon)

toast (sand boa)
celia (hognose)
maui (ball python)
louie (ball python)
violet (ball python)
tate (python)
salem (???)
frank (ball python)
green tree python (deceased)
sabor (GTP)
gucci (king)
lego (cornsnake)

cersei (tarantula)
mori (budwing mantis) (deceased)
leaf insect (deceased)

kiara (left with family)
kida (also left with family?)

nemo's sister (deceased)

No. 534443

>>534429 Pretty much, Taylor is just his hoe. If she lost the apartment or lost her income he would drop her for the next available loose girl ready to throw her legs open for him. Taylor pretty much did the same thing with him. She can believe him all he wants with his love bombing, he doesn't love, nor care for her. He just wants her for money, a roof over his head and someone to sleep with.

No. 534446


Salem is a Mexican black kingsnake and I'm pretty sure Gucci is a milksnake but I could be wrong.

No. 534447

She also had maroon clown fish at one point.

No. 534448

I didn't see this, where can I find it?

No. 534450


Salem is a Mexican Black Kingsnake.

It's kind of surprising all those reptiles she has are still alive, I wonder when that's going to change because she kills the Satanics and gets rid of the monitor.

No. 534451

I hate Taylor for her bad attitude and animal care, but I can’t stand that she lets this ugly sponge treat her that way. He’s a fucking lowlife nobody who is only famous for his fuck ups. He lives off her coin, in her apartment, parades her like a fucking trophy as his “hoe” and for all she’ll claim otherwise (most likely because she doesn’t want to prove her mom/fans right about him) he gives absolutely nothing in return.

All he seems to do is get high and leer at her. Do they even speak, and if so what about? They have nothing in common? The dude is brain dead from hard drugs and drinking. He can hardly even spell, or portray anything resembling personality through text let alone his creepy dead eyed livestreams. It frustrates me beyond belief that he’s living how he is. Taylor will bring about her own downfall with how she’s behaving, and she’ll have to live with that. But he’ll just move on to the next young woman he can leech off, and won’t remember Tay’s name a week later.

No. 534453

>>534448 Does anyone have any pics saved that they could upload again? It would be much appreciated.

No. 534456

You sound like Taylor’s mother.

No. 534460

Just scroll through the previous thread, it’s linked in the top

No. 534461

>>534451 Taylor bragged about putting guys in jail and dating a new guy every week. To me that screams hoe. If she's offended by how he sees and treats her, maybe she should be offended by the way she acts first. That would be a good start. Also not to spread her legs so fast for every guy and move in even before hardly getting to know each other, especially not abandoning her animals for the next guy which if she did it once she'll easily do it again. She needs to actually live up to that stupid tattoo on her wrist about "By myself" and be by herself for a good year or two or longer and work on fixing her attitude and repairing her reputation. There is no fixing her reputation except with her own hand and honesty.

No. 534475

Doesn’t she have 3 hedgehogs total right now? The one male and 2 female in the closest? Or did the 2 females pass away

No. 534476

Ikr, its really sad. I've owned cavies before and I know for a fact that those Living world cages are way too small for a guinea pig or a hedgie. Like gosh, at least get them a C and C cage. It'll save her so much money… Oh wait

No. 534477

created a junk email and moved this list to google docs so it can be actively updated as things progress (still a newfag sorry, looked over rules and I think it's okay to do this)


No. 534479

Gus is the only rodent. Hedgehogs aren't rodents. Irrelevant but things like that make me twitchy.

I do think she is lying about Gus's age. 2.5 isn't unheard of for a mouse, but it's very uncommon. 1.5 years is the average lifespan of a pet mouse. She posted her first video about him in Sept. of 2016. That would make him less than 2 years old. He still had bite wounds from the pet store in that video. I'd estimate him to be around a year and 9 months. Where she comes up with 2.5, I have no idea. Not a huge difference and still quite old for a mouse, but still…

sage for my being nuts about mammal terminology

No. 534483

Ya sorry Taylor is a bad person and I’m not arguing against that but having the audacity to fuck a dude and make a lame jailbait joke isn’t the reason why. Her animal husbandry is a fucking disaster and the animals suffer for that, but Jonny has actually fucking physically abused and hurt other people. He’s a piece of shit who will never be worth anything to society and is way worse than her. Again, not excusing her, I think she’s fucking awful and walked into the relationship knowing what he was. It still angers me to see it play out not for her sake but because he’s being given a free ride that he doesn’t deserve.

No. 534485

>>534476 Look at how much she spent on that ugly bracelet and horribly drawn rip off croc tattoo, the car she can't drive, and then the minimum about of investment she has put forth for her animals. She gets animals to hide them and rarely ever interact with them, but she won't accept she's a hoarder, except with dumbing it down into a cute term to describe her "quirky" personality.

No. 534487


Cool idea, but I think Google will reveal the emails of anyone who is looking at the document in the top right corner, which may reveal the identity of those viewing it.

No. 534491

I think that's only if directly shared to someone or it's the owner of the doc (which is an anon/unused email). Any time someone enters it just shows up in the corner as "Anonymous (animal name)"

No. 534492

Taylor is a trash person because of how she treats people and because she murders animals.

Anything else just adds to that.

No. 534493

>>534479 Thanks, I was wrong, I should have written out small mammals. I feel so badly for her 3 Hedgies.

No. 534502

She has another hedgehog called ella

No. 534507

File: 1521599856453.png (482.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-20-20-15-08…)

I think she change the description

No. 534510

Did she say when she bought violet that she’d get pinker with age? Maybe it’s the lighting in the pic but that snake looks darker than when she got her, I was expecting it to yellow.

No. 534517

The body of the snake is definitely more yellow now. Plus the head was purple, and purple plus yellow equals Brown, which is what the head kind of looks like now

No. 534527

She sounds high af on livestream right now

No. 534529


it's "so much work" because you answer your mother like a fucking surly asshole teenager going through puberty. your bullshit one-sentence responses don't fucking explain anything.

imagine having this asshole as your daughter. "so much work"… this coming from a lazy self-obsessed cow who hasn't seen a day of honest work in her life.

if she were mine i'd disown her. not just because she's so fucking rude and disrespectful to her own parents, but because she airs her parental conversations out to her huge audience of tweens. and that's not even going into the fact she mocks the women her boyfriend raped and abused. i'd be embarrassed to admit she kicked her way out of my womb. yuck.

No. 534531

where is she livestreaming? i want to check it out. this girl is a mess

No. 534534

I’ve been going to the JC live stream on Insta on and off and at the beginning you can see the side of Taylor’s face and her cheek is sooo fucked up. Like she’s been picking at it for days. So sad

No. 534545

In Jonny's live video on instagram he is watching his own music videos. How narcissistic do you have to be to sit around at home watching yourself sing?

No. 534550

File: 1521602562107.png (626.52 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-03-20-21-19-53…)

No. 534554

>>534545 I'm not sure how these livestreams work, isn't he also staring at himself on camera? Because he doesn't do anything except stair at the screen, singing about pussy and acting shocked by own mannerisms. Funny to note, Taylor still has money bags around her name on his instagram. I thought he changed that?

No. 534556

He keeps flashing dirty clothes all over the floor, how do people live like that? I live alone in an apt and I'm pretty messy but my dirty clothes on the floor are confined to my room because…I don't know, I'm not a pig?

No. 534557

File: 1521603082717.png (5.73 MB, 1242x2208, EDF872DC-A3A7-4986-A78B-CAC0D7…)

Excuse me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure they moved the geckos. Or I just can’t see them in this angle.

No. 534558

Reptiles can survive a lot of neglect. Snakes can go months and months without eating and a lot can go a long time without drinking. Her most delicate lizards are the satanics and croc skinks and her only delicate snake is the GTP. It would take many more months of neglect for most of her reptiles to die, instead they'll barely survive with less than minimal care.

No. 534559

I don't listen to his music. So he sings about pussy, those are his lyrics? And this is the ghetto star that won Taylor's heart awww.

No. 534561

They had someone over in that pig pen….that's fucking embarrassing.

No. 534562

They're definitely moved. But to where?

No. 534565

Or they died

Excuse me, "rehomed"

No. 534568

LMAO is the guy commenting "macbook" alluding to Jonny's scam from a few years back?

No. 534569

File: 1521603512962.png (6.46 MB, 1242x2208, CD74A19C-3FA2-4597-A130-D52F10…)

Nit-picky, but this shows how much they don’t give actually give a shit about their animals when they have plenty of money to spare. They feed Nemo out of a Tupperware container. Like Jesus Christ you’re a real big spender huh. Went the extra mile.

No. 534570

>>534565 Probably died or in very bad shape. She has refused to show them. She maybe just kept the tank lit for the plants perhaps but some of those died too…

No. 534573

No doubt about it. Either dead or close to it.

No. 534575

>>534569 God damn it Taylor, you are such a worthless fugly bitch. You buy yourself expensive jewelry and always get your nails done but you can't even be arsed to give your cats proper ceramic dishes? Plastic Tupperware like that will give the cats acne on their chins which can be very painful. It looks like the food is on a paper towel on the floor? That looks to be very cheap cat food too, she can afford top quality cat food and raw diet.

No. 534580

God I know her mom is kind of a basket case herself but my stomach literally turns when I see Jonny. I'd hate to see a daughter with a guy like him.

No. 534582

Shades of Sid & Nancy - expect Sid was tall & not a runt. That relationship didn't end well…

No. 534583

This annoys me too lol like maybe I’m crazy but a big part of enjoying keeping pets is getting to spruce them up and buy them cute things like fancy collars and little dishes etc? If she’s got so much money to keep buying $500+ snakes, get big tattoos, get thousand dollar bracelets, replace her junkie bfs teeth, etc etc…how she not at the very least got a basic paw print ceramic dish for the cats.

No. 534584

>>534569 But she knows SOOOO MUCH about cats you guys, because she worked at Petco! Watch as she comes up with yet more lies to validate this sort of low quality care. Fuck I'm pissed.

No. 534585

Is his food just thrown on the floor next to it?

Couldn't buy a $5 bowl but could buy a $6300 bracelet? No wonder she killed that kitten. No way she paid for vet visits.

No. 534587

>>534585 The formula for the kitten was probably too much effort for her to purchase so the kitten died. After seeing how Nemo eats low quality cat food on paper towels, she'll take the laziest selfish means possible if it means not spending an appropriate dime on an animal that she claims to love.

No. 534588

It’d be nice to see her buy some sort of puzzle feeder for enrichment. Or at the very least some ~aesthetic~ bowls for Christ’s sake.

No. 534589

I can't fucking believe and yet am not at all surprised she feeds those poor cats like that. The water in the tupperware and is the food just on the floor? That's so unsanitary.

Plus, plastic bowls aren't recommended for cats because they're harder to clean and more easily harbor bacteria than ceramic, metal, or glass. Someone who "knows all about cats" should know this.


With the vets she (barely) sees and her inability to research animal care I don't trust her to feed her cats raw so I'm glad she's not, because it can be super dangerous. But apparently she feeds Fromm and is obsessed with it, which isn't terrible but isn't the best food. She just likes it because it's "higher end" for petco brands.

No. 534592

I was thinking this too. Plus she left them locked in the bathroom all day while she went to reptile expos.

What a terrible human being. I hope she ends up with permanent guilt over all the animals she's killed.

No. 534593

Can anyone confirm that Fromm is the food in the pic? Knowing her it could be something way worse quality even though she hypes up and says she buys the fancy stuff.

No. 534595

>>534589 I won't believe it's Fromm until she shows the bag of cat food, simply because she can't be trusted. If she's still live, show it Taylor, won't be hard, you read here after all.

No. 534599

File: 1521604494974.jpg (281.35 KB, 1080x1080, four-star-cat-dry-salmon-tunac…)

No. 534605

File: 1521604716449.png (483.91 KB, 535x635, Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 8.57…)

More specifically, that's the kitten formula which she'd better be feeding them rather than adult food.

No. 534608

She also barely has any furniture so that apartment must be fucking depressing.

So much for muh dream apartment.

No. 534609

what's the point of buying your cat expensive food if you're going to serve it on the same surface you throw all your dirty laundry? I wouldn't want filet mignon served on this bitch's used panties
I thought wet food was better for cats anyway. Is there a reason to pay extra for dry food other than sloth?

No. 534610

Couldn’t get a ss of it but the food is actually on a small cat face shaped plate but the food is everywhere on the floor surrounded by dirty clothes like everything else in that damn apartment.

No. 534616

>>534610 That hoarding picture of Taylor with the cats eating on the table and the mess everywhere is very fitting.

No. 534629

Nice to see this deleted video of Taylor's deleted wild caught Roughthroat Monitor Lizard is still up. Thanks whoever mirrored it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLWqrSw16no&t=5s

No. 534637

Either that or she moved them so Jonny could continue smoking indoors, and in case anyone brings it up she can say they aren’t in the room. Which is a shitty excuse because the smoke would travel into other rooms, but it’ll be enough to appease her fans.

No. 534638

Not sure if this has been posted before but there are some interesting topics going on over here about how Taylor may have lied to a fish store to acquire some of her salt water fish and possibly her leaf insect as they can only be sold to petstores and or educators. There are several places online now talking about her animal hoarding and lies, this is really catching up to her fast- https://tndcriticalehh.tumblr.com/

No. 534641

Haven’t looked at it, but I clearly remember her saying the leaf insects could only be sold to educators.

No. 534642

>>534637 It's her apartment, I wonder if she's tried to put her foot down about him not smoking indoors and he does it anyway. Wait nm, that's giving her too much credit. Of course she wouldn't care that much, she looks high most of the time anyway. She just doesn't do it on camera like he does.

No. 534643

>>534641 Shit how many more lies does this girl have under her claws.

No. 534645

There's a story posted on that tumblr feed of a woman who called Taylor's Mom (I guess?) saying she wanted to give Taylor a baby Hedgehog and that she was going to drop it off. Ultimately Taylor tweeted in all caps that the lady wouldn't give it to her, so Taylor went out and bought one. Why didn't the lady give it to her after she insisted Taylor should have it. Hmmm….

No. 534649

She’s perfectly okay with him killing her pets as long as he doesn’t post it on the internet for everyone to see.

No. 534652

Wait… So Taylor named one of her snakes Tate, and the other one Violet… Like as in Tate and Violet from American Horror Story? As in, rape? Let's look at something creepy here. Taylor is knowingly dating a rapist who has also messed around with underaged girls. She flirts with that other guy who has also sexually harassed women/underaged girls. She made fun of Jonny's rape victims. What kind of a sick fuck… Taylor, seek therapy, you have a rape fetish and it's becoming more apparent.

No. 534655

I agree with everything you said. If I even give a rude tone to my mother or even posted something like this, she would throw me into another dimension to never be seen again.

Now that I think about it, her parents probably spoiled her so much so that if she throws a tantrum, they’ll just give her what she wanted. Not just that, but how her brother is, they probably gave her less attention which she’s trying to get from people all the time to make up for it. As for her mental health, it could just be her mother’s way of scaring Taylor to just stay home or Taylor has been lying about it sooo much just to get the attention her brother has that it actually happened. Cuz you know, the mind can do crazy things.

Sage for blogging/speculations/rambling

No. 534662

Eh, to be honest I don't think it's a rape fetish. She's just a hypocritical cunt who also happens to be an edgelord.
And also she probably thinks she's not "like other girls" and "too mature for her age" but really she's just fucking stupid and that's why she's dating such garbage lmao.

No. 534665

basically, she doesn't give a shit about anything unless it has to do with her.

No. 534666

There's video evidence of Jonny kissing another girl several times over November and apparently he cheated on Taylor during that time. I'm curious to know what became of this. I guess nothing, because Taylor's still with him and I guess has no problem with him kissing this other chick.

No. 534667


Exactly that, yes. She's just a shitty person attracted to surrounding herself with other shitty people and doesn't think through or care what they do.

No. 534668


It’s not rape fetishism I don’t think. It’s pretty common for teenage girls to romanticize edgy and abusive relationships in movies and books because it’s “tragic” or they think the victim can change the other person. To give a recent example the new Star Wars movies have a fan base who like Rey and Kylo Ren together

No. 534674

It’s exactly this. She probably thought she could “change” him, but Jonny won’t ever fucking change.

No. 534676

You are all assuming Taylor cares about others aside from herself. That is a mistake.

Reasons she is dating Jonny:

1. Increased "fame"
2. Access to drugs
3. (Maybe) Jonny will reveal her lies and she will lose her YouTube money if they break up

No. 534677

>>534662 You're probably right but it's just weird. She's fixated on people who have rape and sexual abuse in their history and names her pets after such things. It's just strange, who knows for sure.

No. 534687

I don't think it's all that complicated. She prides herself on having the most exotic & neat designer animals. She's the only one that can take care of them and save them. JC is just another dangerous, designer animal for her to rescue that won't hurt her, and only her, because she's just that good.

No. 534721

Can we please go back to the poor cat drinking out of a tub ware and eating food off of a fricking napkin on the floor. There’s no way that is sanitary. I honestly wanted to cry when I saw that screencap. How can someone claim to love animals so much but treat a kitten like it’s nothing and doesn’t deserve nice bowls???? I’m so scared to see how her other animals/enclosures look when she doesn’t spend all day “I was gonna clean them up now!!!” I’m sure anyone who points this out to her “Nemo’s dishes were in the dishwasher!!!!!” Bitch no. You hand wash your child’s dishes and dry them and put them back where they belong right away. There has to be something done about this because this is just looking worse and worse.

No. 534723

File: 1521614302258.png (5.6 MB, 1125x2436, 87530636-209E-44AD-9B0B-50BA54…)

No. 534725

File: 1521614394193.jpeg (402.57 KB, 1936x1936, 3C3B0B31-A749-406F-AB2C-302171…)

Taylor’s liked tweets are always interesting.

No. 534731

it's not neglect to use tupperware, cmon now.

No. 534743

From my experience with Tupperware or plastic bowls, cats might start getting allergies from the plastic material. My cat started getting a rash under her chin where the bowl would touch, and then it started to puff up. After that, we bought bowls that weren’t plastic and her rash/puffiness went away.

But tbh, if she can afford a $6300 bracelet, she can afford a $10 non-plastic bowl or even a fancier fountain one for her cats for her aesthetic itch.

No. 534745

Happy to know that even if she’s an idiot, she decided to listen and move her gecko. Then again she could’ve just moved him so she doesn’t get annoyed. Then again she’s so easily manipulated.. if we can push her to do things, I wonder what her rapist bf tells her.

No. 534754

I've had the same experience with cats and rashes from plastic. Also food not being in a container at all is a huge issue. Who knows what lint and dirt and germs the cats are picking up from eating off the floor?

Her kittens are a little older, but when I have foster kittens I always need real bowls because they often have trouble getting food out of corners, and I'd NEVER try feeding them on the floor… what a mess.

No. 534762

I would pay good money to get a pic of her animal room/tanks when she doesn’t have forewarning about it.

No. 534767


Maybe we'll get one when she and Jonny break up and he wants to expose her… but tbh I don't feel like he's even smart enough to think that through. He'll just tweet shitty things about her, probably.

No. 534770

Yeah I think he’s mean enough to try to hurt her in that way but I agree that he’s probably too fucking stupid to think of it. His awareness of those animals as well as people extends only so far as what they can do for him in the moment.

Her mom tweeted a pic of the animal room once right? Or maybe she just mentioned it but I could swear she said something about it being a mess, and that was in the early days when Taylor had just moved out. It has no doubt gotten much worse since.

No. 534784


The rash is feline acne. Both hard and soft plastics harbor bacteria.

No. 534785

Dry food is good for oral health, wet food is good for water content and jazzing it up when the cat gets picky about its food.

But honestly, why is she using plastic to feed her cat? That’s really bad. Taylor please.

No. 534814

she won't lose her sec dep unless she's also smoking cigs, and makes no effort to air the house out. weed smoke doesn't linger like cig smoke does.

No. 534821

Just a thought, but what if JC keeps doing all these live streams showing the apartment and how they live to spite Taylor? Like I’m sure he reads here just as much as her. He could be doing all that on purpose to drag Taylor down even more since she tried to leave him.
Ps. Sorry if I didn’t post this correctly, I’ve never posted here before.

No. 534828

I think you're overestimating how smart Jonny is. He was the kid in class that ate glue

No. 534832

It looks like the food and water are on one of those mats you put around the litter box to stop the cats from scattering litter everywhere. It also looks like they may have just scattered the food everywhere outside of whatever bowl they're eating from. That said, I'm heated that she can spend thousands of dollars willy nilly, but still hasnt bothered to upgrade her cats from eating out of shit she found around the house. Her cat tower also looks like the cheapest one you could buy, which is understandable while the cats are still small, but I doubt she'll upgrade it if she can't even get them proper bowls.

No. 534862

Dry food being good for oral health is a myth that won't die. Cats don't chew the same way humans do so it really does nothing for their teeth. Feel free to look it up.

There is plaque remover wipes, stuff you can put in their water, and toothbrushes for cats that actually works. Dry food just leads to diabetes, UTIs, and obesity.

No. 534864

I'm confused.. Is she just that lazy?? Cause I personally am lazy af and my solution is just to order things off Amazon. She could find dozens of cute cat bowls on there and she said wouldn't even have to leave her apartment. And she's "always" at Petco so why not grab some there?? I really really don't understand. She's had these cats since November I'm sooo confused.

My kitties have two sets of bowls around my house and then I give them wet food off paper plates and I always feel bad about THAT.

No. 534868

In the middle of JC's livestream last night, after he lit a blunt, Taylor came into the room and told him to "put it out." Probably just so she could say "see I told him not to smoke guyzzz!" I bowed out when he started kicking his feet in the air like a toddler to some rap song, and didn't see if he ever did actually put out the blunt.

No. 534873

Didn’t she have a hedgehog named Sarabi? Did it die too?

No. 534875

File: 1521642992474.png (63.25 KB, 607x286, Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.3…)


this stan trying to claim her mom is emotionally abusive. Literally her mom saying "you won't reply" because Taylor ignores her is abuse now, guys, but Jonny is NOT abuse. CLEARLY!

No. 534881

It doesn’t if you’re not overfeeding your cats lol

No. 534889

It is emotional manipulation, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it abuse. Her mom knows that Taylor will respond if Tanner is mentioned, so it is clear that she said that to guilt her into responding.

I have very little sympathy for the mom, tbh. I followed her on Twitter back when she threatened to expose everything and didn't. She posts about Tanner doing things a lot, but she just about as much posts things to shade Jonny and Taylor and she posts emo song lyrics a lot.

No. 534909


Guilt tripping is infuriating and whiny but holy shit, guilting someone into replying for once is not emotional abuse lol. How soft and entitled is this person

No. 534947

File: 1521652175560.jpeg (455.64 KB, 750x1043, 5DB6F0DF-631A-4298-BDCB-04E59E…)

No. 534948

is that supposed to be a threat? smh it's hard to take that manlet seriously

No. 534949

Looked it up, seems raw is the way to go? Thanks though, I would’ve just been a fool to continue believing it. I would say those depend on the brand of dry food. Some brands are plain unhealthy and causes extreme shedding too.

That aside, I still can’t believe she can’t buy proper bowls for her cats with the amount of money she splurges on extremely exotic animals, accessories and other things that aren’t necessities.

No. 534962

Raw isn’t a good diet and most vets/ nutritionalist don’t recommend it

No. 534965

I commented “she allowed you to smoke in the same room as her geckos and cats so any “hate” she got was warranted” and he deleted it and blocked me. Guess you can’t roast the truth lol

No. 534967

File: 1521653538922.jpg (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180321-030711.jpg)

JC once again smoking in the apartment on live stream last night, with how many animals they have they shouldn't be smoking in the apartment at all. Doesn't she have a frog too? The smoke would be terrible for their skin in any amount.

No. 534968

Dry just tends to be packed with carbs. Fancy brands will load kibbles with "high quality" ingredients that look good to humans but do shit all for cats (like apples, yams, blueberries). Peas are added to up protein on the label but it is plant protein that is useless to cats.

A cheaper wet food with a quality meat source is better than blowing your money of a high quality kibble full of fruits and vegetables.

Also the smoking thing bugs the shit out of me. I have a cat I adopt that grew up with smokers. She's got mild asthma but can't take meds because she has a heart condition. Either way, even third hand smoke can cause her to wheeze.

A smoker friend petted her without washing her hands and I was so pissed off. Had to get her a bath because I could smell it on her and you know, cats lick their fur. So yeah, didn't want her ingesting it.

Sage blog/rant.

No. 534972

Just want to add that I don't think all cats are this sensitive, but if you do have sensitive animals you need to be careful.

No. 534974

In Jonny's live stream last night there was just one other dude there, sounded like they called him Tudy or something, anyone else remember Taylor texting Jonny's ex about having someone named Tudy come over when Jonny was being "the devil"?

No. 534977

File: 1521654083325.jpeg (118.91 KB, 750x1158, 780B89FC-32A9-48BB-8D65-99C03C…)

No. 534978

The parts of the livestream I watched seemed really fucking weird. It seemed like the three of them were just sitting there listening to music while Jonny livestreamed and talked shit to people. Just seemed extremely odd to me

No. 534979

It is possible to feed cats dry and still be healthy as long as the food is majority protein and you're not free feeding with it. But there's no benefit to it aside from convenience. It's not recommended for male cats specifically because it gives them UTIs a lot.

Wet food is the way to go according to my vet.

No. 534986

We have something called freeze dried over here. It’s more protein than dry or wet food. I think that’s the best option for cats here. Wet food is good for water content, though I’d be careful since some brands are saltier than others. Tried and tested personally, lmao.

No. 534989

This stuff is always infuriating to imagine because Johnny was a rising musician until he kept falling off the wagon and now he's in a small time band and nobody wants to work with him anymore.
Redneck hick gets blessed with an amazing voice, breaks into an industry so well that he can earn solely from his music, but then he fucks it all up so badly that instead people only know about him as the bad boyfriend of a crap YouTuber or from bandbro memes about how he sold imaginary MacBooks to fund his coke addiction. He's such a fuck up.

No. 535001

Freeze dried is considered horrible food for Fish and Reptiles because the process destroys all of the nutrition. I'd be wary feeding that.

No. 535002

anon was talking about cats, not fish/reptiles

No. 535003


If you don't feed it to reptiles/fish because the freeze-drying process destroys the nutrients, why would it be okay to feed to cats? That was my point. You might want to look up since it flew right over your head.

No. 535005

Yo can we stop talking about food, it's been beat to death already

No. 535009

We've beat every other topic to death too in the past 6 threads, I don't know why ur complaining. Shall we go back to talking about the monitor lizard again? Theres no new milk, i'm not interested in talking about food either but what else is there to speak about

No. 535011

What, it's making you hungry? It's relevant to Taytay, and that's the topic of this thread.

No. 535015

Cats and fish/reptiles are different from each other; that was my point. No need to be an ass and expect others to read your mind when you fail to present a proper conclusion.

No. 535030

the simplest and the best rules:
- if you're going for dry food - pick grain free
- if dry is the main thing your cat eats, then he needs to eat at least 30% wet or natural (raw meat and other stuff like veggies, natural yogurt etc, depends what the cat likes)
- if you go for wet - pick the ones that have at least 50% meat (make sure it's meat not some shady derivates); mincemeat is the best but usually cats like filet or chunks more

No. 535032

lmao, a+ comment

No. 535035

it's because she doesn't actually care about/love her pets. ia with that anon who said spoiling your pets with nice supplies and toys is one of the most fun parts of being a pet owner… taylor simply doesn't give a crap about them.

No. 535093

I want to know why Taylor would pay for a high class apartment only to trash it. She takes no pride in her surroundings. Her kitchen is loaded with too many Pop dolls so there is no charm, it's almost like she's just using the location a crack den slash storage unit. She could have paid for a much cheaper place with her budget, but had extra rooms to keep her animals in. Let's say 3 - 4 bedrooms. I know what the floor plan looks like in her place, but does she even have a room to keep the wild caught Monitor in? It will need a whole room to itself, better the Landlord know. What is her future plan with this dangerous animal and the cats? I also think that maybe, she doesn't keep her animals all out in the common area of her crack den because she doesn't want the Landlord/maintenance to see them. If the living room was so hot as Jonny said, then the other animals should be in there, and the Geckos elsewhere. She only moved the Geckos after people complained. I bet she was super annoyed to do it, like fuck, why do I have to take care of these little shits to please the internet. No bitch, you have to take care of them because you chose to BUY THEM.

No. 535096

Forgot to post this. Was it ever confirmed that Mushu had a fan/cooling unit over her tank? Because with Jonny saying the apartment is hot, Mushu is in the kitchen and Axolotls stress and can get fungus/die in hot conditions. Taylor can afford an aquarium chiller, a nice one. There is no excuse for why she hasn't gotten one yet, especially with her history of allowing Mushu to be sick and near death for 5 weeks from neglect. To avoid that ever happening again she would have gotten a chiller. She could have even made a video about it and her fans would have been thrilled. Too late Taylor, don't get inspiration from here.

No. 535104

Not trying to derail but Em threw mad shade at Taylor in her recent video, and said that people who spend thousands of dollars on snakes are ridiculous and I honestly couldn’t agree more. The most I could justify spending on a reptile is MAYBE 300 at the most. Why can’t she just buy more common, inexpensive animals, and then save the money that she’s NOT wasting on the fucking cosmetic bullshit that is the high end morph market, and use that extra money to HMMMMM I DONT KNOW, MAYBE GIVE HER ANIMALS PROPER ENCLOSURES.

Sage for rant/no new milk

No. 535108

File: 1521665241400.jpg (74.04 KB, 520x410, littleman4l.jpg)

i cant tell if that emoji's supposed to be threatening because it looks exactly like his normal face

No. 535109


I wouldn't even judge her so much for spending so much money on 'designer' snakes if she wasn't literally throwing her money away by buying them and not taking care of them properly. Why are you spending thousands of dollars on something that's probably not going to live very long because you're giving it sub-par care? Such a waste of money

No. 535110

>>535104 It's alarming to me how she impulse bought a shit ton of new expensive snakes before she ever upgraded any of her animal habitats.

No. 535115

>>535108 God he's ugly! He looks like the fat kid from Willy Wonka, the one that got sucked up into the pipe from gorging himself on the chocolate river. Anyone know if it's true if Jonny has Hepatitis C? (According to his ex). Those blood stains on their pillow cases, and the way he picks his zits on camera without washing his hands before or after…

No. 535126


I definitely feel like if her ball pythons started dying she'd be mourning them because of how expensive they were

No. 535137

>Doesn't sage
>Thinks every comment Em makes is about Taylor

Plenty of people spend money on designer snakes, not only Taylor.

No. 535139

>>535126 I feel more like she would just be upset because of how much money she spent on them. All of her pets have died young it seems. Girl was too dumb to save up a house down payment and buy a house with a nice plot of land. She could have bought a cheap house in her area (a nice one at that) probably paid it off rather quickly from her Youtube earnings, then upgraded the shit out of it with new Youtube income making it into a pet paradise, maybe even a garden area. She could have found herself a nice man, not a drug dealing rapist who wasn't interested in her about money, legitimately cared about her, not putting money bags around her name on his Instagram profile like she's just his hoe. She could have really settled herself into a good path to earn and save some income for retirement. This girl, is absolutely stupid. She needs to look for a new job now, that Youtube income will dry up soon with the insane spending she's done. She doesn't even seem smart enough to file her taxes, Youtube doesn't pull that out she has to do that all on her own unless she wants the feds after her.

No. 535141


It would last 3-4 tweets after multiple people start asking things like "I haven't seen ~snake~ in ages, how are they?" not being able to display her new nails/hair of that week she would then try to get sympathy with two possible options 1) "There was just nothing I could do!!!" or 2) "It was so sudden, I can't even begin to understand how they died!!!" She would then start to blame anyone and everyone else for killing them/getting them sick/starving them, most likely the breeder or previous owner. She hasn't turned on her "care takers" yet but that is another option. She'd go back and forth for about 2 hours trying to construct a lie that is just believable enough for her tween fan base to nod their heads at. After it becomes Swiss cheese thanks to obvious errors she would delete everything having to do with ~snake~ and never mention them again.

She's really starting to remind me of South Park's version of Paris Hilton who moves on to a new pet as soon as the current "popular" one kills itself.

No. 535143

>>535104 she also had Steve Irwin book prominently displayed in bg - supa shade

No. 535145

My kitty ate dry food her whole life and she’s not obese and almost 20 years old(no1 curr)

No. 535147

>>535141 We all know she never quarantined that wild caught Roughthroat Monitor from her other animals, he was placed right in with them first day just like with Ghost and Nemo and the Ball Pythons. Not sure if the shop gives their species parasite treatments.

No. 535149

Chelsea said Tudy is JC dealer.

No. 535152

For those who wanted to know the numbers in regards to the animals and deaths/rehome, these are what's counted from the google doc from earlier:

Number Living in Possession (Excluding Fish): 31
Number Deceased While in Possession [confirmed via social media] (Excluding Fish): 7
Including Fish in Google Doc: 11 + Killifish suicide jumps
Number “Rehomed” (Including Fish): 7
+80 Turtles Given to Rescue

No. 535157

>>535152 Good break down, thanks, does this include the sea horses? What was the story behind the 80 turtles? Was there any proof they were given to a rescue or that the turtles ever existed? I'm not familiar with what happened entirely.

No. 535159

Yes she made a video all about it. Unless she deleted it.

No. 535160

No. 535163

So 31 living + 18 dead/"rehomed"

Means 1/3 of the animals she has owned are abandoned or dead.

No. 535164

I included the seahorses in with the fish

did a death recount, 8 without fish, 12 + Killifish including

No. 535166

>>535164 The sickest part of this for me is that there is a kitten on the death list. Nemo was so neglected he's lucky he made it to his age. In her care, he ended up underweight with a bloated stomach, hair loss, fleas, parasites, and a triangle face from malnutrition.

No. 535173

I haven't paid super close attention to the fish, so if there are any fish (or animals in general) that are missing from the list or have been confirmed dead (mainly with the status unknown fish listed), let me know


No. 535187


Should we also add to the list which ones are wild caught, rescued, bought from a breeder, etc?

No. 535195

listed some that I know for sure

No. 535201

all her dead animals were sick babies, the kitten just gets more sympathy because she was fluffy and "more cute". all her animals have the mental capacity to feel pain and stress, and they all died when they were babies/very young. i think her hedgehogs lived about half of their normal lifespan, but the rest were very young.

No. 535204

According to her latest all my pets video, she has another hedgehog named Sarabi that she allegedly rescued

No. 535205

I definitely agree. I hate that theres a lot of comments emphasizing "kitten killer" when the correct term is "animal killer"

No. 535206

I know this is a different topic, but what is so great about JC that he gets these hot girls? Taylor isn’t as pretty as she was, but is not bad, and the other 3 exes are quite attractive, especially Liz. What the hell do they see in him?

No. 535208

>>535204 I find it odd that that mysterious woman from Petco who called Taylor's mom about wanting to give Taylor a baby Hedgehog, suddenly changed her mind and didn't give it to her (according to Taylor's messages) so Taylor went out and bought one. I really want to know, why had this woman changed her mind. I don't know which Hedgehog it was that Taylor went out and bought.

No. 535209

It's gotta be bc he's a musician. The ugly mugs with a little bit of fame can pull some beautiful girls.

No. 535210


They're all emo girls who probably listened to his bands before meeting him. Have you heard him sing?


No. 535214

she should be feeding them bugs, specifically cockroaches imo. theyre really nutritious, more so than the majority of commercial cat foods (which obviously isnt difficult but still). she also stated at one point that shes against the meat and dairy industry and wanted to go vegan (which she never did as far as i know), if she really felt that way she would avoid giving the meat industry her money when possible which would mean feeding insect based food. she could buy pre made food but doesnt she breed dubia roaches for her reptiles? she would literally have free cat food idk why shes buying food. if she fed them live its great enrichment too, which im sure those kitties will need

No. 535215

Definitely because he's a musician. I've been to plenty of DGD shows and the girls are always fawning over whoever the current singer is, not just Jonny.

No. 535216

>>535206 The other exes are gorgeous, Taylor is extremely freakish looking in angles where she's not posing and photoshopping herself. She used to be pretty but she has really let herself go.

No. 535217

I commented on Jonny’s “roasting” post about Taylor letting him smoke near the animals and he replied “nice try lol” and blocked me as well lolll

No. 535219

He's all bark no bite isn't he lmao

No. 535220

Lol anyone know if Taylor liked the post Jonny made about how she's his baby and he'll do anything to defend her, we've all been warned etc. They're probably fighting again.

No. 535224


Low self esteem/codependence and emotional abuse. Doesn't matter how attractive someone is to not be quite right in the head. Liz might be pretty but the stripper stereotype of daddy issues and childhood trauma doesn't come from nowhere.

No. 535237

sorry anon but… what? no cat is gonna willingly switch over to eating bugs, plus cockroaches have exoskeletons which in large quantities can greatly upset a cats digestive track. There’s a reason why you don’t hear of bug diets for cats or dogs

No. 535251

they definitely do, u never seen a cat hunting a bug? they love it. it only upsets their stomachs when they eat large amounts of very hard exoskeleton in one sitting, beetles are an example of a very tough bug that shouldnt be fed in large quantities. cockroaches arent as tough as a beetle, and anyways theyd be fed a varied diet of mealworms and crickets etc too to mix it up. u should google it and talk to vets its good for cats, this threads about taylor no need to derail.

No. 535255

You're the one who brought up feeding cats bugs after the cat food conversation was done. As for having insects be the majority of a cats diet, I've never heard of it and I'm in vet school.

No. 535260

File: 1521674453692.png (783.26 KB, 640x1136, CA244906-7E97-4D6E-B20D-AA6692…)

I’m sure she was really happy that you were holding her like that too

No. 535261

oops I don’t think I should’ve saged that
Oh well

No. 535262

yeah i brought it up in relation to her apparent views on the meat industry? and thats great i hope u help lotsa kitties! but its really not dangerous to feed most cats insect based foods, idk maybe u cant feed them to a cat w serious stomach issues but theres been so many articles written recently about insect based food for carnivorous animals, its not popular yet obviously, but theres nothing wrong with it

No. 535267

>>535260 Holy crap, look how long Sarabi's nails are on all of her little paws… Why couldn't you show her in her enclosure, Taylor? Is it that filthy really? You clearly don't take care of her feet.

No. 535269

how could anyone think this is ok?? its a stressful position and if he moves he's definitely going to fall from a height, AND hes outside so if he fell and somehow wasnt injured he could easily run away. shes the definition of neglectful

No. 535270

"I don't have a balcony lmfao"

No. 535271

Definitely not a balcony /s

No. 535273

cats hunt bugs because cats are predators and will hunt anything that is small and moves fast. I've never seen a cat eat bugs- just hunt them down and leave the carcass. Maybe your cat eats them because you're starving it and it has no other choice.

No. 535274


Well, this totally confirms that she reads here. I was one of the people who mentioned yesterday that when was the last time we saw a picture or video of Gus or her hedgehogs that are shoved in a closet and she magically posts one on insta the next day? I see you, Tay.

No. 535277

>>535271 It's some sort of deck/patio. The person probably didn't know the difference who posted the review on Yelp but I can see how they thought it probably was a balcony with the railing.

No. 535279

careful- your icon is showing

No. 535280

>>535274 She'll never show the enclosures as soon as someone brings them up, I believe these animals are living in their own filth, based on how trashed she's made that luxury apartment. I imagine her apartment is smells so bad.

No. 535286

Between Johnny's weed and the numerous filthy habitats, I don't even want to imagine the smell. She is not getting her deposit back.

No. 535288

i dont even have a cat oh my god. no one cares about ur anecdotal evidence of cats not eating bugs. there are bags of dry food for cats made of insects. u think people are starving their cats are starving when they eat that?? theyre getting protein, animal based taurine, and all the required amino acids. google it instead of using opinions as facts. this threads about taylor not how u want to feed ur cat.

No. 535289

>>535274 Sarabi's nails are much too long and that really evident of how little care she actually gets beyond Taylor stuffing food in her cage during feedings. Reminds of those morbidly obese women who won't walk their tiny dogs, the dogs get super long nails and splayed paws, eventually can't walk well. Could… This be why her one hedgehog had trouble walking? Just curious, because maybe she went so long without nail trims and being exercised that she was weak when she would try to walk, rather than wobbly hedgehog syndrome? If someone who knows about condition could please clear this up.

No. 535309

Anyone seen Emzotic's newest video about her snakes? There's some hella shade thrown in there about designer ball pythons and those who purchase them…gee, who do we know who is suddenly obsessed with buying a shit ton of designer, several thousand dollar, ball pythons???

No. 535341


Actually Em has said this before in her previous videos. Not everything that can be said about general misconceptions/practices of reptile/pet keepers is shade about Taylor from her.

I could see the thing she said about switching to live feed immediately possibly coming from Taylor's latest drama about her snakes, but who knows anymore.

No. 535347

Em should be a bannable topic in this thread. Everytime she posts a video her 5 fans run to THIS thread to 'spill tea', when she has her own thread. But thanks for shitting up and derailing this thread, ya autists.

Anyway, does anyone have the live ig downloaded? Specifically, the weed smoke/cat/gecko controversy one. It's not posted up-thread, from what I can see.

No. 535356

JC is back on the live stream and it looks like that same guy from yesterday is still just chillin there

No. 535359


I wish instead of lighting his blunts or fishing for compliments, Taylor would go live herself. Show us all her animals live and actually do a q&a with the fans she has left. Without JC.

No. 535361


I love how they had the fire on too, wonder if they had that on whilst the geckos were in there.

Also find it strange that shes moved the geckos from the room but left the spray bottle for misting where their cage was? I know shes lazy given the state of her house but wouldn't it make more sense to move the bottle next to the animals that need it?

No. 535362

>>535361 The easy answer is that she doesn't mist as often as she claims, nor water the plants inside of it either, hence the photo that she removed of the dead plants inside the enclosure. She's a fucking sloppy pig.

No. 535363

I wouldn't put it past her to move it temporarily for the live stream actually…

No. 535364

Yeah it would make sense for someone who actually cares about their animals

No. 535365

They all had low self-esteem and were vulnerable when they met him, which is why he thrived as an abuser. He used his status as a musician to get with them, so that's another factor.

There's also a pattern in age. The older he gets, the younger the girlfriend, so it's easier to groom and control her.

I agree, though. Liz is honestly gorgeous.

No. 535367

Shit I forgot to sage I'm so sorry

No. 535368

>>535363 She's probably so pissed he keeps live streaming, but can't say much because he gets abusive or loud, or just does what he wants. Anyone notice how Taylor doesn't have the same energy as she had in that livestream where she was feeding the fish. You did this to yourself Tater.

No. 535371

Can we stop pretending everything Em says is about Taylor?

No. 535372


That would be a great way for her to prove to us that all her animals are still alive and in clean enclosures with the things they need, but she can't do that because they are in messy, improper setups.

Taylor we know you read here, if you really want to prove your animals are ok show them on these livestreams.

No. 535373


nah she can't do that because she's so fragile from her 'EDS' lol

No. 535376


It'd be easy to move an empty enclosure if she's already killed all the live plants and live geckos in it.

No. 535377

Which of the enclosures are improper or messy? (not trying to prove you wrong I just don’t know)

No. 535378

all of them lmao

No. 535379

I don't think it's a real fire, the motion is repetitive. It looks like one of those heaters that has a screen that plays a fake fire??? I think?? Or I'm stupid, but it looks fake.

No. 535380

she's already dropped/broken completely empty enclosures before

No. 535381


oh shit, this is a long shot (because she probably just didn't water them) but plants can be killed by smoking, and some plants can actually absorb the toxins from the smoke

No. 535382

I used to think that maybe it was a coincidence, but she's been doing shit right after it's mentioned here, so I do believe she reads these threads now.

I mean as long as it benefits the animals, whatever.

No. 535383


oh yeah it's not a real fire, I just meant that its probably a source of heat? (unless it is literally one of those fake fires that doesn't even act as a heat source)

No. 535387


i don't think there's anymore live plants in that terrarium. All the photos that she hasn't deleted shows all her geckos in plastic plants.

No. 535391


No, probably not. But the geckos themselves still need/get misted a couple of times a day according to her to keep the humidity up. So it makes no sense for the spray bottle to be in a room that the gecko's aren't. So it's safe to assume they're either - still in that room. Or that she just doesn't bother misting them

No. 535393

>>535387 I think the Geckos are dead, WHY won't she show them. People will get upset if she holds them to take a photo, which she can't do that because they are fragile. She will not show them in the enclosure, because all the plants died, it's probably super dirty, and maybe at least one of the geckos is dead by now. She said she bought 3 and she's shown like, one of them. Animal hoarders will often get new animals and after a short period of time those animals die with that person (like a month or less) because they're not fed, cleaned up after, or given water. Taylor I'm really getting convinced at this point may be one of these people and it will get worse as she gets older.

No. 535396

Do you have to have an Instagram account to see the livestream? Cuz I don’t have an IG and don’t see it

No. 535400

Yeah you need an account and I believe you might even need to follow the person to see the live

No. 535402

Yes. You don't need to follow the account, unless they're set to private.

It's on the stories' feature, by tapping on their profile picture.

No. 535403


No need to follow him to see it, just go onto his profile and click on his profile picture and you should see the live

No. 535404

Why won't you show your animals Taylor, in their enclosures? All of them. Do a live stream, prove us all wrong. I'm not talking a week from now, I'm talking about now. You can do that can't you?

No. 535405

Yes you’re right. I have an electric fireplace and you can have it with heat on or just the flames with no heat.

No. 535407

I must be doing something wrong cuz it’s not working for me. But thanks anyway!

No. 535410

why does she dresses like a prostitute? i mean some ladies wear fishnets, but somehow they don't wear anything that looks skanky like the way she does.

No. 535430

What’s wrong with the hedgehog cages? The widely accepted minimum for hedgies is 4 square feet

No. 535431

I wish Taylor would have got something like a Tokay. Those guys can be assholes even with proper training but if she can’t handle those I have zero idea why she thought she was experienced enough for satanics

No. 535440

File: 1521684720182.png (113.66 KB, 640x1136, C745C640-17E3-44D5-83EA-D6E12B…)

Taylor liked this

No. 535443

most likely dirty like the rest of her gross apartment

No. 535451

The cages look fine in her vids, but she could just be cleaning them right before filming, idk

No. 535456


hanging out around the house in fishnets is pretty bizarre. lmao

No. 535482

She's probably doing it because of Jonny.

No. 535489


funny how the first he does is aim the camera at her chest. lol

No. 535491

I think Taylor would dress like she's trolling for dick with or without her desperation for JC's attention since she's desperate for attention in general. kind of funny to think about the kind of effort and money taylor burns trying to entice her pet manlet to fuck her while real prostitutes are making bank lol

No. 535502

Taylor has always dressed in stuff like that.

She can wear whatever she wants, but honestly some of the stuff she wears is just so gaudy and ridiculous. It's like she picks stuff out based on how much skin is showing and doesn't think about how it'll look

No. 535519

Oh definitely. It's a combination of looking like an insta thot but also Jonny being there, especially if she knows he's gonna livestream.

No. 535532

>>535519 He's missing the stage life so he's made Instagram live his stage now. I guess this is Taylor's full time job now, clearly she's sooo weak laying in bed all day now unable to make videos you guys.

No. 535547

He honestly looks like he's showing her off but not in a "look at my girlfriend" but in a "look at what this bitch can afford (for me)" kind of way.

No. 535557

File: 1521697549572.jpeg (167.24 KB, 1668x927, 8D868318-3889-4849-A84E-A69E66…)

Her other hedgehog’s nails were also super long in her all my pets video.

Also, she hasn’t mentioned those racks she said she was getting in 6-7 weeks, which she said over 2 months ago.

No. 535574

WOW those look super uncomfortable. Poor things.

No. 535576

>>535557 Until Taylor comes to terms that she neglects and kills her animals because of her choice not to give them the care that she promised them, she will never make things right. This is just really sad and breaks my heart, this poor little animal. Why did you get this Hedgehog Taylor if you don't want to take care of it.

No. 535580

I find it hard to believe she bought a bunch of racks when she won't even send $5 on a bowl for her cats

No. 535582

Also, where’s that new channel/videos about mental illness and all that mambo Jambo

No. 535584

>>535582 Red Herring.

No. 535591


definitely this. jonny, as awful as he is, is a really good singer and has the perfect "bad boy" (ugh) look that certain types of alt girls love. he's literally gotten so many chances in the industry because of his voice/talent being miles above anyone else in his scene (tho I bet he wouldn't be special/last very long in like actual pop music where everyone is pretty talented)

Not that any of these girls deserve their treatment from JC at all, but if you look at their twitters, you'll see most of them still pining after band dudes too. He was high status to these girls and they were in a vulnerable spot.

sorry for no new information, JC has been my personal lolcow for years and I've been endlessly fascinated by how such an obviously bad person and compulsive liar gets as many chances as he does both professionally and from fans.

No. 535602

>has the perfect "bad boy" (ugh) look that certain types of alt girls love.
you mean tattoos? hard to look "bad" when you look like ed sheeran knocked up the pillsbury doughboy and the baby somehow came out with chinky eyes.
>his voice talent being miles above anyone else in his scene
no. if you're taylor, go clip your hedgehogs nails. if you're not taylor you should probably just kill yourself. I hope they play kidz bop at your funeral.

No. 535611

Has anyone mentioned how she never quarantines her new animals? Many reptiles can carry bacteria and parasites that can go undetected until the animal shows signs of sickness, which can often take awhile since reptiles tend to hide symptoms of illness until it's really bad. I've seen people lose half their collection because they didn't properly quarantine their animals or wash their hands between handling. It is extremely irresponsible on her part to not set an example to her fans that every new animal should be quarantined. Makes me wonder what that wild caught monitor could be carrying, WC animals very often carry some nasty parasites
Sage for ranting

No. 535612

thats outdated, the minimum size has been increased to 8 square foot.

No. 535613

>>535611 She hadn't even quarantined her kittens from each other. She's pretty stupid so she basically documented her own negligence by immediately running off to social media with images of the new animals with existing animals. She knows better, she doesn't care because all she cares about is showing off.

No. 535616

sage goes in the email field and yes that has been brought up. She already threw the shop that sold her the monitor under the bus when she had buyer's remorse, so you can guess who she's going to blame if her failure to quarantine the monitor makes any of her other living accessories sick.

Of course as soon as she's done collecting asspats for the death of her dear pets (totally not her fault) she'll go out and buy half a dozen more because they match her nails that week.

No. 535630


It has been mentioned, and you're right, it's very dangerous. She doesn't even quarantine her fish. It's rare, but I've even seen people who do quarantine lose half no all of their fish because they missed something and it got worse post-quarantine period. The way she collects animals it's only a matter of time.

No. 535669

File: 1521721111805.jpg (81.93 KB, 640x673, 29004201_1867694223255456_4140…)

Found this in
Band groupies that had sex with their idols, how did it affect the way you saw them afterwards?''

No. 535712

I wonder if she paid off the shop owners. I find it hard to believe that they just ignored it when it's an easy case to win for defamation.

No. 535718

I doubt it. Taylor only drops $$ frivolously on things she wants. If the shop wanted to take legal action it would probably take longer for them to make that known to her, so her paying them off by now is unlikely. She will if she’s backed into a corner, but until then I find it unlikely. I would hope the shop has at the very least contacted her about this for a public apology, which she will probably make in her next video whenever that is. Watch it be titled “clearing up some things…” and then her go on about how there misunderstandings on both sides and no one is at fault and she’s super sorry for placing blame where it didn’t belong it was all just one big misunderstanding u guise anyway looking forward to moving past this and posting some great content for u alll!!

No. 535719


Her strategy thus far has been to ignore any actual drama, and make fun of stupid kids who send her hate so people pity here, so odds are she won't do anything

No. 535721

Hopefully she ends up sued then. She's trash and deserves to lose all her money and animals.

No. 535737

your ig is showing

No. 535743


She goes out of her way to reply to people that she can easily "disprove" or frame in a way that makes her look like a victim while ignoring the real drama

No. 535747

I don't even think she knows what quarentine really is and how to do it. From what she shows us, after buying a reptile (or other animal) she would just fix their terrarium and place them in there to never be taken care of again. Don't you have to place them in a seperate bare minimum tank to check their health daily for a month or more? but nah, she doesnt want to deal with that because it's always onto the next animal to match her nails and tattoos.

Tbh, i hope anyone who neglects/abuse their animals go to hell, with her first in line with her lying ass.

Sage for ranting

No. 535753

File: 1521732120824.jpeg (171.12 KB, 750x1195, 8F501B43-0978-44FF-81A5-7792FA…)

Repost cause my IG was showing

No. 535784

There is no hell Summer. Gotta rip that band aid off now, you'll thank me later.

No. 535793

Oh, god. You're one of those.

Anyways, back to topic.. her replies to people are so irritating. I don't get how people are still defending her if she's rude af to them.

No. 535796

File: 1521737304871.jpeg (384.8 KB, 1242x2052, DBB4F6F7-61B8-41E2-97B4-CEB50F…)

Just a reminder for people that are new or only know her b/c of JC: she has been taking long breaks from videos, making excuses, etc way before he ever came around

Another favorite line of hers is “I never take pics of myself anymore” or “I never post selfies anymore” even tho half her pics have always been her posing. Personally I think she really wanted to be a model and settled for animals when it didn’t take off. She doesn’t really have a passion for animals, its just what she could become known for.

Sage for old posts and ranting

No. 535799


She's basically still a "model" wanna be but found out she gets more views if she models with animals, hence always buying new pets to match her. It's sad really. Desperately wanting attention, no matter the cost.

No. 535810

Can she please give us a detailed fucking example of what she thinks "editing" means?

She's just a boring as hell generic youtuber who doesn't even prepare a topic to talk about when she goes into a video and basically just ad libs the whole thing.

She's not spending hours doing research or writing scripts beforehand, she's not spending hours trying to make cool shots or camera work in her videos, she's not spending hours adding in effects in post, what the fuck does "editing" mean?

No. 535883

I had to stop editing videos but I had enough time to do my hair and makeup to take this selfie : )

No. 535885


Exactly. For someone who gets sick and has chronic pain a lot that sure doesn't ever stop her from doing her hair and makeup.

I suffer from chronic pain as well but you don't even need to suffer from it to relate that, when you feel like shit you don't want to do anything. You're irritable and in pain and annoyed and can't focus and don't want to waste any extra effort on anything you don't have to until whatever pain you're dealing with goes away.

But with the exception of two photos where she met a fan out in public while just running errands, she's always done up and clearly put a lot of effort into her look for the day. But when she has to do actual work it's suddenly "muh chronic pain syndromes :("

No. 535920

It also never prevents her trips or ability to purchase animals.

Or prevents her from driving 9 hours straight like she did on tour with Jonny.

No. 535934

I feel like her blind hedgehog stabbed himself with his long claws rather than his quills at this point… Pet maintenance shouldn't be ignored and I hope to god she doesn't get those poor kittens declawed.

No. 535941


Because of her dumb pitbull video I'm just imagining her doing a video on declawing and being as vague and stupid as possible

"You shouldn't….get your cats declawed because it hurts them and stuff and….yeah…."

No. 535942

I honestly don't believe her when it comes to her mental illness. From the amount of lies that she creates that if she does suffer from said EDS, i still wouldn't believe her. For me, all this excuse is just one way to get people to treat her as a fragile princess so she can do whatever she wants. If she wasn't a compulsive liar then maybe i will believe her. If she can pack all her things, take road trips, stress in an airport, sit in a plane, and party around with her hobbit of a man then she can make videos everyday or at least a couple a week.

Everything she says from now on, i don't believe her. You're in pain to do videos and have a job, Taylor? Aww poor you.. well guess what? I don't believe you. This is the real world. There's women out there suffering from intense dysmenorrhea but they continue to work, there's men out there that suffers from severe chronic migrane yet they go to work. There's real people with real mental illnesses, and everyday they try their best to do their work. Get over yourself.

Sage for extreme ranting. I'm so pissed at her lies and deceptions and lack of animal care.

No. 535970


Oh she definitely has some mental illness (no normal person acts this ridiculous) but where I start to lose sympathy is her constantly using it as an excuse.

She is EXTREMELY LUCKY in the respect that she doesn't have to go to a regular job and work 8 hours straight 5 days a week. She can create her own work schedule, and use some of that free time to focus on her mental health by taking things slow.

Plenty of YouTubers have taken mental health breaks or life breaks because some major shit goes down and they just can't focus on YouTube. But the main difference with those is they usually post a video BEFORE they leave, or attempt to schedule some videos ahead of time, or in some cases STILL post videos but just focus on minor content.

Taylor goes completely silent on YouTube, if she is active on social media she's just posting pictures of herself or talking to her Youtubey friends ad acting like nothing is wrong, and THEN after weeks of not uploading anything and people being rightfully annoyed she goes "sorry I was really sick n depressed :("

No. 536012


Yeah like….you'd think with her social media reach and her constant experiences with "bad breeders" she could shed some real light on bad breeders in the SA area, or just bad practices in general. Yknow…. to keep the bad people from getting business.

But she doesn't care. It's just an excuse for why she's not responsible for an animal dying or looking awful, and she never addresses the actual issues of where she got it from.

It would get her major asspats so I honestly don't know why she hasn't tried it.

No. 536017

>>536012 The problem is that she blames her dying animals on bad breeders, then never mentions who these breeders are. So I don't believe her, she just kills her pets and always blames someone else. She outright tore that Reptile shop apart by name for her decision to lie, she had no problem naming them in a hot minute. She's just getting braver and dumber about lying because of her arrogance and narcissism surrounding her million subscribers. She thinks she's untouchable.

No. 536023

Funny how taylor lives in the same state where the largest rattlesnake roundup in the world takes place and she has never shed light about this huge problem that has detrimental effects on wildlife. She would much rather go tour with JC then spread awareness about this horrific event that goes on right in her own backyard

No. 536026

>>536023 You're giving her too much credit now, you think she would ever be that caring. Rattlesnakes are not pretty enough for Taylor because they are not designer snakes that can match her Cruella Deville talons for a two second photo, only to be stuffed away in a filthy enclosure and forgotten moments after.

No. 536028

I disagree I think she's just a spoiled, entitled brat who was sheltered by her parents. She doesn't want to have to work hard and doesn't like to be held accountable for things.

No. 536076


I think the biggest difference between Taylor and other youtubers who take breaks for mental illness or physical illness is that Taylor ONLY ever takes breaks. Even pre-Johnny she didn't have a regular upload schedule, half her 2017 videos start with her saying, "sorry it's been so long…" or something to the extent.

Most youtubers with channels as popular as hers, or even with far less subscribers than her, have regular upload schedules of 1-3x per week. They put out tons of videos, THEN take a break when they need it. She doesn't do that, and she doesn't seem to care to.

No. 536124

I remember way before any of this drama happened being annoyed at the nth video where she opens up saying that, or rolling my eyes every time she promises a new care video for some new animal she got, when she has a ton of other promised videos she never put out. She's always been like this.

No. 536139

At this point her youtube income must have slowed considerably and it'll only get worse if she keeps this up.
She's put all her eggs in a basket and hurled it down a set of stairs at this point.

No. 536140

File: 1521761239762.png (61.13 KB, 930x472, Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 7.19…)


Her social blade keeps going down for sure

No. 536141


shes still getting an okay ammount, but her views haven't been as low as they are right now since like january last year according to socialblade

No. 536156

At this point does anyone here think her channel can recover, and what they would take?
If she plays her victim cards well after breaking up with that sentient bag of dicks she MIGHT garner some sympathy-attention

No. 536209


She'll always get views because she's hot and wears next to zero clothing in her videos. All she has to worry about is getting old, because once that happens people will move on to a younger hotter person.

No. 536259

That was something that stuck out to me too. She’d always promise to make a care video on something, then never do it. And was going to do that Biocube giveaway. Also, I remember she was part of a “my pet life” website or something like that. Can’t remember the actual name. What happened to that?

No. 536266

All she does is make false promises and turn to blaming it on her mental illness when everyone starts to question.

If you think about it, She already looks like she’s 30 with a lisp. So add drugs, and her ugly attitude, i’ll Give it 5 more years of what she’s doing now and she’ll be a nobody.

No. 536295

5 more years is generous. Look at how she looked just 1 year ago. Her cheap fucked up plastic surgery will ruin her faster than that.

No. 536300

She'd have to start coming out with killer (no pun intended) content in order to recover well enough to keep it as an only job. Especially with youtube changing the way they monetize channels.

No. 536302

Do you mean Pets Add Life?

No. 536323

Crap I can’t remember. Sorry! I remember she was going to give away the Biocube when she got 100k subscribers and you had to enter thru some kind of pet website.

No. 536325

Can someone briefly describe how monetizing works? Idk anything about YouTube

No. 536334

as far as I know, it's MOSTLY just ad revenue, meaning you get money from the ads that play before your video. That's why when the adpocalypse hit and companies began being a lot more stricter on the kind of content they allowed youtube to show their ads on/next to, some youtubers saw a cut of up to 80% of their usual earnings.

Besides that youtubers make a lot of money off of sponsorships, but I can't imagine too many companies will wanna work directly with Taylor with the path she's going down.

If im wrong feel free to correct me guys

No. 536336

Got it. It’s mypet.world. And it was for 200k subscribers, not 100k.

No. 536348

No twitter activity from her in 2 days. Unusual.

No. 536358

Could it be she's working on new content?

No. 536361

Well Conny just got a small chunk of money from that tour, iirc his exes say this is the primetime for his drug binges. Taylor's probably strung out tbh

No. 536416


Right now I feel like her youtube career can be sustainable as it is for maybe the rest of the year.

But I also feel like most of her views have plateau'd. You can only do so much with the actual content she's willing to create.

A great deal of her most viewed videos often involve the crazy amount of animals she has. In the long run, for her to have a successful youtube career she'd need to keep buying pets, because that's really her selling point.

It's not how much she cares about animals.
It's not about animal care and educational videos.
It's all about "look how quirky and unique I am for having a ginormous amount of pets".

Eventually she'll have so many more pets than what she can handle and it will stop being profitable. It's already an issue for her, but there'll be so many of them she will not be able to afford them anymore.

Like in a lot of ways her "career" is limited. A lot of youtubers go on tours and make stupid shit to keep the bucks flowing, but she doesn't really have that option unless she decided to play Steve Irwin and let a bunch of 12 year olds manhandle her pets.

As for her illnesses, she's already talked about that and it was dilluted as fuck. This is honestly such a short-termed view she's having and it's really sad, not for her, but for all the animals that are under her care.

sage for blogging.

No. 536503

do hedgehogs need fresh air? sad to imagine a creature stored in a closet


No. 536507

File: 1521795793234.jpeg (450.5 KB, 1242x1627, 011CA192-B6E8-4E52-8626-E8A1E3…)

Her mom also commented Taylor has been quiet now for 2 days and someone said she might be waiting out the weed drama.

No. 536521

What happened to the GTP? I was reading the google doc and was shocked (well as much as you can be) to see deceased there

No. 536523

Not sure but I think that might refer to the first one which was sick when she bought it. It of course died, she complained, and the breeder/shop sent her a new one.

Unrelated but I believe there was speculation that the place it came from sold wild caught gtps but I’m not sure if that’s true. If it is it just adds to the hypocrisy though.

No. 536553

Oh yeah, but that was her own website she made with a friend. And then abandoned.

No. 536558

File: 1521808390633.png (95.22 KB, 750x457, IMG_3174.PNG)

so tate recently refused f/t and was apparently her first snake to refuse frozen, but shes had violet since december and she's been refusing frozen?? girl what

No. 536563

still can't believe she waited only two weeks before jumping to that conclusion
shows she knows fuckall about ball pythons or snakes in general

No. 536567

She can't even keep her own lies straight Jesus fuck

No. 536577


Inb4 "tate stopped eating frozens weeks ago! Violet just started! lol"

No. 536590


My boyfriend keeps ball pythons (and other snakes) and he once had a female refuse food, and didn’t even mention it to me until almost a month had passed. Even then he wasn’t worried, because it happens and once you’ve ruled out environmental causes it will sort itself 99% of the time. Two weeks is such a…non concern? I don’t know any bp keepers who would advise switching to live after two weeks. It’s absolutely crazy she just jumped to that.

No. 536593

Because she's setting the stage for when

1. They die so she has an excuse
2. She starts doing live feeding videos and needs an excuse

No. 536598


She worked at Petco, after all.

Since the only options that Petco sells are frozen and live, and she's an idiot who obviously does two seconds of research before deciding she wants an animal, it makes sense how she just assumes that's the logical progression.

Not saying that some people who work at Petco don't know anything about animals, because a lot of them do. But then you also get the lazy kids who want to work there because they think they can just play with the animals all day and, at best, know basic trivia about the animals in the store.

Taylor definitely seems like the latter to me.

No. 536602

She was a cashier and not allowed to care for the animals at all.

No. 536605


She might have been primarily on cashier duty, but in order to do the opening 8-4 shift at Petco, they have to train you to clean the animal cages (at my store, Sunday and Wednesday are deep clean days, and every other day is just spot cleaning/straightening the cages) But other than that, I'm sure she didn't touch them.

But my point is, as a cashier, she probably saw people bringing up live and frozen mice/rats all the time, so that was her only exposure to what snakes could eat before she impulse bought all of them.

No. 536623

That’s untrue. She wasn’t in charge of anything but she did have to clean the cages

No. 536624

Nah there is a post somewhere from her explicitly saying she was banned from caring for the animals by her manager lol

No. 536629

>>536624 Here manager wouldn't let her care for the animals, and a woman who wanted to give her a baby hedgehog, changed her mind and would not. Hmm gee I wonder why so many people don't want Taylor around their animals.

No. 536657


Back when she was working she posted a photo of herself cleaning the gecko cages, putting them on her boob instead with her Petco nametag in full view like a fucking moron so that’s probably why lol

No. 536722

No offense, but you believe taylor? She has pictures of her caring for animals, and I think there's a picture of her in uniform with a baby beardie. She claims she couldn't care for animals and was stuck planted at till but that's definitely at least a little false.

No. 536740

Can someone get a screenshot of the post saying she wasnt allowed to work with the animals?

No. 536755

>>536740 (Sorry if that didn't work I have no idea what I'm doing lol)
I'm not sure if this is what others are referring to but in her "My experience working in a pet store" video she talks about being not being on the floor as most of the time they had people who could do heavy lifting in those positions, so most of the time she was on the cash register. Just rewatched part of the video to check (it's around the 12 minute mark) and man she's changed a lot. She sounds pretty logical and I'm honestly baffled as to how she's become okay with buying from pet shops and lying that they came from "respectable breeders".

No. 536782

When my Ball python started to refuse food (he is on live and will only eat live, tried multiple times to transition to f/t) he went four months without food, I was worried but two weeks is nothing. I checked his weight constantly to ensure he wasn’t losing any and eventually he ate. The fact that she is “freaking out” over two weeks just goes to show how bad her snakes must be doing or worst

Sage for blog post

No. 536787

File: 1521833562459.png (704.31 KB, 1242x2208, 92FD4FB8-B2EB-429B-99DF-798650…)

I know this subject had probably been beaten to death but I came across this post today about crocodile skinks. Multiple people seem to have issues keeping them alive sense they stress so easily in captivity. Taylor seems to want to breed hers and handles them frequently so how long do you think it’ll be until one dies?

No. 536793

That’s interesting, I know someone who has some and when I asked how he finds keeping them he was of the opinion that once you get the setup right, they’re usually fine. Not a beginner reptile, but maybe not on the level of your Satanic Leaf Geckos.

If they’re really that difficult to keep alive then either Taylor is doing something right, or, more likely, she lucked out and her lizards are now somewhat desensitised to the manhandling. Or it’s just a matter of time.

No. 536807

Or she replaces them like what she does with the hedgehogs. Only difference is that no one can tell if she did, like with cheese. She can’t replace the snakes because of their markings. That’s my speculation.

Or maybe she just finally did something right

No. 536890

She was on Twitter 50 minutes ago and is definitely seeing everyone asking her about smoking in her apartment but is choosing to ignore it.

No. 536901

If they die easily it’s because you’re doing something wrong. They’re not hard to keep alive.

No. 536905

they probably just got one because Taylor got one, or they seen it at a store thinking they look like toothless. it's sad. if she knew her croc was stressing out, she could've researched and fix whatever she was doing wrong. I imagine them just throwing them in those plastic critter container with dirt.

No. 537001

File: 1521852839975.png (781.24 KB, 854x440, 4357f5d74da8968edcd3b41376b36b…)

>A lot of youtubers go on tours and make stupid shit to keep the bucks flowing, but she doesn't really have that option unless she decided to play Steve Irwin and let a bunch of 12 year olds manhandle her pets.

Didn't she do that at vidcon or was that just an exaggerated rumor? She definitely brought pets and it wasn't tough to find footage of Taylor letting her skink lick her skank friend's face at vidcon, but you'd think if she let anyone else manhandle her pets like she does there would be photos or footage of it. Maybe I didn't look hard enough.

No. 537008


Skank friend?
Thats Paige.

No. 537041

this is def ot. this may sound semi-unethical (its def not imo, but i know it sounds extreme) but my bp refused f/t too, so i just kept offering f/t every 10 days and he eventually ate again. they wont let themselves starve to death, if you get really worried u can assist feed and then force feed (im sure u did but im just speaking to general owners at his point tbh). live feeding is 100000% dangerous and doesnt benefit anyone in anyway. if ur bp refuses, theyll evebtually get so hungry that theyll accept f/t again.(offtopic)

No. 537044

forgot to add,an adult going 4 months without food really isnt that long, he could go much longer without food and suffer no consequences

No. 537049

No. 537057

Exactly. I have a male bp and he always goes off food for 3-4 months in the winter. I just monitor his weight and behavior. It's not uncommon for a bp, especially male, to do this. The fact that she didn't know that just goes to show how little she actually knows about caring for her pets.(offtopic)

No. 537064

She said she was going to playlist live in April, wonder if she’ll do the same thing

No. 537076

This is exactly my point. My bp seemed fine and I figured out what I was doing wrong and the moment I fixed it he ate again, I wasn’t too worried because four months isn’t that long and he was keeping his weight I was more upset about the live rodents I had because he wouldn’t eat them which is why I agree that f/t is a good alternative he just enjoys live and we haven’t had any issue with it and I don’t mind feeding him it. If tnd knew anything she would be showing that she does frequent weight checks to ensure they are growing at a healthy pace. I checked and wrote down his weight once a month.(offtopic)

No. 537082


lol of course she will. taylor looks for any excuse not to make videos

No. 537192

heard that youtube made a new update with their notifications. the rate that youtube and Taylor is going, she'll be history faster than other youtubers that just started.

No. 537251

This is my opinion too. I think it may be cultural, people in the US seem to live feed more. Where I live it is illegal to live feed, and I’m sure some people do it anyway but when buying from reputable breeders you know your snake has never eaten live, and neither has its family for generations. I own four ball pythons and had 2 hunger strikes in the six years I’ve owned them. First one was 7 months long. I weighed him regularly, and eventually in summer he started to eat again as if nothing happened. In that time no one in my circle advised live feeding and it wasn’t ever an option to me because I knew he’d eat again. It benefits nobody to do so. Sage for snake talk.

No. 537409


This thread is about Taylor,
why call someone you don't know anything about, a skank?

No reason to be mean to someone who hasn't done anything.

No. 537485

While I agree it was pretty uncalled for I don't know why you should care so much unless you are her or Taylor?

No. 537614

File: 1521932481935.jpeg (268.1 KB, 640x699, 8FB16816-CDDE-4361-82B8-1E83F8…)

Guess we can count on no videos for the next week…

No. 537615

>>537614 What a great boyfriend, celebrating her birthday like what, a week late now? And of course she felt the need to announce it. Is he going to buy your presents with his own money or yours Taylor? Taylor's too stupid to see the love bombing, but let her be dumb.

No. 537618

>>537614 They probably had a fight over why he didn't do anything for her birthday, and her fans probably wondered why he didn't as well. Taylor has to set the stage now, just more distractions. How fucking narcissistic do you have to be, to announce something like this, but completely ignore your fans concerns as to why your boyfriend is smoking in the same room as your delicate animals.

No. 537627

File: 1521933350306.png (452.51 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20180324-191514.png)

No. 537628

or it's Jonny's way of staying with her. but from what Taylor has been doing to get her way, she could easily just manipulate him into getting what she wants. "i feel so sick baby and all those haters online! boo! you want will make me happy? if i get something for my birthday week :("

No. 537632

Her birthday is tomorrow

No. 537637

File: 1521933588727.jpeg (190.98 KB, 900x1200, DZFrhLWUMAAAghl.jpeg)

This might be reaching a bit, but does that look like a mark on her vein to anyone else? I thought maybe it was her tattoo rash, but it was nowhere else on her arm.

No. 537639

>>537629 Ah okay ,the post she made earlier about the bag of chips threw me off and I don't keep track. It still shows her narcissism because she refuses to address or apologize to her fans for allowing her boyfriend to smoke around her animals.

No. 537643


maybe that's why she wasn't on social media for awhile?

No. 537645

>>537629 definitely look like a track mark, it's nowhere near the crocodile head. Let's see how fast she deletes this. Yeah I'm sure you do feel sick Taylor, are the drugs making life wonderful for you?

No. 537646


Guise she's so quirky!!!!! She's the only adult in the history of existence who doesn't care about her 21 birthday!!!!!

No. 537652


aka stuck in bed all day due to drugs

No. 537653

>>537643 She probably went on the biggest drug binge she's had so far to cope with her "muh depression" from being the pos that she is to have such a shit boyfriend smoking around her animals. I'm sure she wasn't intelligent enough to think about the backlash and was shocked when it happened, totally blind siding her. Jonny's an animal that she really can't get rid of now, she can't do anything by herself.

No. 537656

Are those tiny tattoos new or have they always been there?

No. 537657

>>537656 They've been there for a while, it's a tree and a match stick.

No. 537665

That really does look like a potential track mark.

No. 537668

So how fast until Taylor's teeth fall out like Jonny's. I guess she figures she can just get dentures like him. I guess she figures plastic surgery will be all the help she needs to fix the aging before her time that's already evident.

No. 537672


It's funny everyones replying to her tweet about her being 21 saying that they thought she was older and they're shocked at how 'mature' she looks haha

No. 537676

>>537672 How much of a kick in the teeth does it have to be to be 21, going on 30 appearance wise. Stupid Taylor stop doing drugs mmmkay. Drugs are bad, mmmkay.

No. 537678

Can she really say she’s been in bed for 3 days when she was in Jonny’s livestream Wednesday night? Also who was taking care of her animals?

No. 537694

Yeah I see what clearly looks like two track marks. Fucking hilarious. Luna status. You'd think she would at least try to shoot up somewhere less noticeable. If I had an army of children watching my every move and I wanted to show off my new tattoo on my arm I would shoot up in my feet or just ANYWHERE ELSE besides the first place people look when looking for track marks. She truly is an idiot. Sage for rant.

No. 537697

Samefag but now I can't get the mental picture of Taylor tying off her arm and shooting up out of my head. Pics or it didn't happen, right Tay?!

No. 537699

File: 1521936903643.png (540.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180324-181230.png)

Even her fans noticed the marks

No. 537708

My sister was a heroin user for a long time and I asked her this once
She said when she tried to shoot up in her feet it was extremely painful so she just stuck to the elbow and long sleeves

No. 537712

pretty sure she already has veneers, it's part of what makes her so lispy (in addition to the lip fillers). Some of the other threads had old pics of her and you can see her teeth were different

No. 537724

Sage to add that two weeks is absolutely nothing for a ball python. Does she know anything basic about her most basic pets?

No. 537727

As someone who works in the dental field. Veneers don't give you a lisp unless it's done badly. I think it''s from her getting her lips so huge so the lisp comes from her controlling her lips from flapping around

No. 537728


We all know Taylor doesn't go for quality work lol. Either way, she has veneers judging from old photos. May or may not affect her lisp

No. 537763


does this girl really thinks that snakes leave one dot of a bite mark?

No. 537765

Um, if she’s sick how is she going to be going out every night? Shouldn’t she be, idk, making videos and cleaning the enclosures and her dump ass apartment? Maybe spend some quality time with her pets? I have one cat and one fish tank and I enjoy spending time with them.

No. 537780

File: 1521946401059.jpg (465.48 KB, 875x986, fdsa.jpg)

comparison of arm nine days ago vs. today.

that's an oddly specific place for a rash or snake bite.

No. 537783

Honestly stop with this stupid idea. I've had a tattoo I've healed with saniderm/tatuderm whatever the fuck. It gave me an awful rash that scarred. This is just that. I speak from experience, this is obviously from the bandage.

No. 537785


Idk. I mean, I think Taylor's a shitty ass person, but that just looks like the remnants of part of a rash or pimple to me.

No. 537790

true, especially if the bandage is rubbing on the crease of the elbow, skin is thinner and more sensitive there. it also looks like she's got a similar bump in the first picture.
that's good, i was worried for a second there lol.

No. 537791

def looks like a track mark

No. 537797


I know we're all dying for proof of Tay's drug use, but that's a rash. If you look at the pic where people first pointed it out (her aesthetic pic with Violet) then you'll see that the rash was on her inner elbow, exactly where this mark is. It's been how many days since the tattoo? This is probably just part of the rash that was originally on her arm.

No. 537803

I'm dying at everyone reaching so hard. I've been waiting for this day.

No. 537809


>I've been waiting for this day

lol what does that even mean

No. 537812

File: 1521948287259.jpeg (1.79 MB, 4032x3024, 317C3097-AB86-441F-A8E5-1C5EA4…)

This is what a ball python bite looks like for everyone’s information. Definitely not a snake bite.

Sage for no relevance to Taylor

No. 537827

>>537780 I have to get my blood drawn a lot, that mark is directly over a blood giver. I mean if she wants to throw her life away for Jonny the rapist, 20 years old was a pretty quick start. How many people wish they could live but die young, she's very ignorant and selfish.

No. 537830

I know how to give injections. that looks like an injection straight to the veins done right.

No. 537832

>Those aren't track marks, it's just a conveniently placed rash from wrapping her tattoo!
Well I guess we know how Taylor's going to explain it to her gullible fans, assuming she addresses it at all.

I wrote it that way because skank sounds like skink and that brought me a moment's entertainment, not because I have a problem with whoever Paige is. Sorry I hurt your feelings, anon. I didn't mean it.

No. 537835

If she's going out with a druggie rapist boyfriend and suddenly changes for the worst and always defending him, i have a feeling she's taking whatever drug he's on. So there's a high chance that's not a rash. Who knows, she probably got a rash from what she did to herself

Sage for speculation

No. 537842

Im just catching up so sorry if some one has mentioned these. I dont think you included those super rare cow spotted clown fish? She was set two by a company that isnt selling them to the public yet.

No. 537844

This obviously isn’t a fan of hers. Y’all are just posting each other’s screenshots. I don’t know why this thread in particular is constantly like “Taylor obviously reads here hi Taylor!” when she doesn’t even need to because half of you are in her mentions giving her the play-by-play anyway.

No. 537847

Okay but do you guys understand that the first picture is from BEFORE her bandage was put on? The second one is from after she took the bandage off? Listen, I think Taylor has done some really fucked up things, and I'm not defending those. However, this shooting up allegation based off of a photo from after she was healing a tattoo with a product that has known to cause rashes and scars in people with sensitive skin is fucking stupid. Please stop this and talk about the important things at hand.

No. 537849

thx 4 being sane

No. 537850

I’d like to think that if she is doing drugs she’d be smart enough to do something she can take or smoke. I would think she’s smart enough to not do anything that would leave marks knowing how close she’s watched on here

But she’s proved me wrong before

No. 537856

Trust me, if she was shooting up we'd see more than one single track mark on her arm. If ur shooting up minimum once a day that is 1 track mark on her arm. As we can already tell, her skin marks easily. So we would see every single track mark.

I think shes smoking grass and drinking a lot, not shooting up heroin. ur all reaching

No. 537857

Those are track marks, all you anons saying that's a reach are uneducated on drugs and/or tattoos. I have personal experience with tattoos and that part of the arm specifically and if it were a rash, there would be more redness in the area from irritation and more bumps if you want to go with that logic. I guess Taylor's fans migrated here during her three day drug-binge and resulting twitter hiatus, I knew it was only a matter of time.

No. 537859

My ex had joint pain and he had to get regular bloods taken to monitor the medication he had to take. (not sure on specifics but something along those lines)

Why is everyone assuming heroin? I think the furthest shes gone is shes sniffed a bit of coke. I don't like her but I think her laziness lately is due to her lying smoking pot and drinking non-stop in her house, that can make you pretty fucking lazy

No. 537861

Having seen quite a few track marks in my day, I agree that it looks suspicious, for sure. But last month I pulled off a bandaid from the ER too fast in the same place and my skin literally ripped out with scarring. So I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt that it's a skin sensitivity.
She's not the smartest, but i don't think she's dumb enough to shoot up next to a new tattoo.

No. 537862

People are thinking heroin because Taylor told people she and Jonny were already smoking it (unless you believe her when she says she was just trolling/the DMs were faked and everyone who confirmed that intel was lying), and IV usage is the natural progression when you want that stronger high.

She'll act like anyone who asks her about it is just being stupid either way, so it tells us more when she ignores the questions completely. Sure, I'd like to think she's smarter than to post a photo showing track marks on her arm, but even people here are happy to believe it's just a rash, and I think most of us would have liked to think she was smarter than to film Jonny smoking in the same room as her Satanic Leaf Tailed Geckos, too.

Everyone wants to believe she's smarter than this… but is she?

No. 537865

These posts specifically stood out to me as either Taylor or a stan. I still think they're track marks kek

No. 537873

So I think Taylor is on drugs as much as the next person. But having needle marks on your arm is not undeniable proof you're using heroin. People put needles in their veins for valid medical reasons.

No. 537879

File: 1521961761393.png (230.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180325-011037.png)

No. 537890

Those aren’t track marks. As an iv user for years those don’t even look like tracks, plus the location is a horrible place to shoot up. Never in the actual crook of your elbow, just above or below it. There would be multiple marks going up and down the vein (misses happen a lot, if you don’t register a shot you have to start again) and bruising. Johnny is a sloppy addict and he wouldn’t hit that good and she’s a newer user and would probably start in the hand since it’s “less scary”

No. 537906

dont wana nitpick, but hate it when adult couples keeps professing their love on every social media they have. Sounds so fake and forced.

No. 537908


he talks like every other abusive cunt out there. you can smell it a hundred miles off. gross.

No. 537913

Because it IS forced. I think there was an article about how couples who feel the need to broadcast their relationship on social media all the time are actually not that happy.

He's definitely doing it for the attention, and this is actually not uncommon for him as he's done it with all of his exes.

No. 537934

the black storm clownfish are the cow ones

No. 537956


jonny can't even cook, give her rent money, sign a lease with her or drive her anywhere what world does he even have to give. i bet you he hasn't bought her one useful household supply.

it takes barely any effort to gift a bouquet of flowers. try again champ

No. 537961


Abusers also do it because it makes it harder for their victims to leave when no one will believe that they're actually abusive and not the caring, loving guy they portray outwardly on social media.

No. 537966


This is such insidious manipulation it's gross. He keeps painting Taylor as his saviour and the only reason he stays sober and it's clearly so that she will feel crushing guilt about leaving him should she ever choose to. Like if she leaves he'll relapse when that is 100% not ever even remotely her fault.

It's tragic enough to watch it happen to her, because regardless of her flaws, I wouldn't wish an abusive relationship on anyone. But it's even worse knowing her young fans look at this and think it's what a relationship should be. When in reality the opposite is true.

No. 537967

Disgusting that he can’t even wish her a proper happy birthday without dragging her family and exes.
I don’t feel like looking back on his shit but it seems like every time he publicly professes he just has to drag his exes.
Why can’t he just say something nice about her and leave it at that? He can’t even do it on her birthday of all days.

No. 537969


It sounds ridiculous because it's the most cookie-cutter 'I love you more than anything' I've ever seen, just like every other message he's written about Taylor has been.

Also, the language he uses just sounds so clunky and out of place it doesn't sound like it's coming from him at all.

No. 537978

I started following Jonny around the time all the drama with Amanda was going down. I've watched him profess his love for each of the exes and several other in betweens. He's "felt" exactly this way about about each of them. I tried to scroll back through his IG for all the posts, but looks like he dumped everything prior to a year ago.

But he gets to "praise" Taylor and put down the exes to make them look crazy at the same time.

I always wonder how conscious abusers are of their tactics. Like is it ingrained so deep its just natural to act that way or are they like "hahaha step 3 is in motion! if i write this, she can't leave me!"

No. 537980


I don't think he consciously does it, I think he's just such a desperate person that he'll do anything to maintain control so he's not left alone.

No. 537981

also I think those of you complaining about fans coming here are forgetting that some of us WERE fans of hers… myself included.

No. 538025

So, wasn’t Tudy in Jonny’s livestreams? And then this mark appears on Taylor’s arm?
Doesn’t anyone remember her saying she was smoking H and Tudy was the dealer?
I hate to break it to you, but that’s a needle mark/track mark/IV mark.
If it were a rash, there would be similar marks around, and rash marks don’t look like that. There’s not. It’s a needle entrance mark.

Also please learn to sage, type “sage” in the email box if it’s no new info.

No. 538094

Taylor can't drive and probably doesn't cook either. They must waste so much money because of that. Getting your license or basic cooking isn't even hard, they're so pathetic.

No. 538119

Considering she bragged about adulting when making spaghetti and burned her arm making frozen pizza on think it's safe to say she doesn't cook. She may have a fast metabolism now but it'll catch up to her lol.

No. 538120

>>538119 I know 12 year old kids who cook spaghetti and they don't go on social media and say, adulting! I hate that word. 20 years old and zero self awareness. Jonny couldn't wish Taylor a happy birthday on social media without dragging his exes into it, what a shitty horrible thing to do.

No. 538145

fucking enough with this shit. it’s not a track mark, dummy isn’t dumb enough to post that and she wouldn’t be injecting this quickly anyway. you’ve clearly never met a junkie before, those don’t look anything like track marks.

now everyone can stop derailing with this stupid shit. also, you’re replying to nobody with that sage comment.

No. 538158

Lol recovering addictfag here. You’d be surprised how quickly you begin injecting. But okay buddy boy, you’re probably one of her 13yo stans who’s upset she hasn’t made a video and “muh idol wuld never do heroin.”
Not detailing either, it has to do with Taylor.
No need to reply to all the comments not saging, just a general reminder kek.
Go back to PULL or GG or her Twitter faggot.

No. 538160

I agree it's not a track mark.. it's a huge reach. It's entirely possible the rash she had went up that far. And track marks I've seen from shooting up are pretty obvious and not just one dainty dot. Taylor's aesthetic revolves around using her arms and hands for pictures so as stupid and careless as she is about revealing her shitty pet care in pictures, I doubt she'd be as dumb to show a track mark.

It would also be helpful if every single person who tries to play devils advocate doesn't get accused of being Taylor or her friends.

No. 538184

>visible vein directly under the tree
>visible mark right under that tree right where the vein is in next picture
>also lives with a past/current user
>was talking about smoking H previously
>jonny has been in touch with the dealer
>jonny has also forced his ex to shoot up in the past

Too many coincidences, guys.

No. 538196

>>538184 Agreed, too many connections here so there is a real possibility those could be track marks. Also, notice how Jonny said that Taylor would sleep all day and change her schedule around to talk with him with the huge time difference. So that probably means she wasn't taking care of her animals appropriately at that time period, certainly changed their feeding/cleaning schedules if she was, and would anyone be able to track back animal deaths to around the time she and Jonny were "getting to know each other". Just curious to know if maybe there could be a connection.

No. 538228

LEARN2SAGEHURDUR sorry this website has the most horrific format ever but for some reason it has the only live discussion about her anywhere on the internet. Can we all move over to Reddit or some shit?

Also, as someone who fucking hates Taylor, that's not a track mark by any stretch(newfaggotry)

No. 538234

dude all you do is put sage in the email, its so easy calm down

No. 538235

If typing sage is too difficult for you I think it's time to leave. You're on par with Taylor levels of incompetence.

And I hate how people cling to idiotic shit when we have no milk. "Hur Taylor cleaned their cages at night instead of daytime. Animal abuse!"

This is why Taylor so easily brushes off the criticism posted here, because people cling to stupid petty bullshit when there's real animal neglect going on here that we already know of. You don't need to whine about every little thing she does.

No. 538258

why do people keep assuming someone possibly high on heroin is "not stupid enough" to do anything? when you're high your judgement and perception is cloudy as fuck and if she posted it while on drugs she probably didn't even notice the red marks when putting up that photo.

i've posted some extremely questionable and embarrassing things publicly while high that i took down the second i sobered up. it's not the most farfetched thing to assume that she would overlook incriminating details in her pictures while under the influence.

No. 538261

why does everyone keep forgetting anything about Taylor here goes
we aren't vigilantes exposing cruella deville or some shit
it's a gossiping site.

anyway, I'm personally more bothered that if she was caring for all her animals at night that means any diurnal animals weren't getting attention when they were awake and most diurnal reptile species need enrichment
hognoses and blue tongue skinks especially are known to get bored and glass surf if they have nothing entertaining them
though ig its not that awful she was up at night because she has mostly nocturnal species
still can't be healthy to be up all night and asleep in the day doesn't that cause you to become stressed or some shit? since you get no v-D?

No. 538264

Also weird that Jonny didn't even tag Taylor in that post. But it's got 6k likes of him looking like the best boyfren evarrrrr.

The photographer had to ask to be given credit again. Did that dude just follow them around all night? The first photo was cute. This birthday one is a little strange.

No. 538267

I didn't say they couldn't post their petty made up bullshit here. I just said that what they're posting is idiotic.

No. 538268


also just goes to show that in the beginning of everything she was always the one bending over backwards for jonny. he wouldn't stay up all night to talk to her but she had to for her short ass pink manbaby

No. 538274

She ain't gonna get rickets anytime soon mate, the rest of the human race functions in the day- even night owls have to do the shopping.
Also, I know it's coming from a place of concern, but hognoses and skinks are not social animals- an entertaining enclosure is far more valuable that human interaction. They're beginner reptiles for a reason.
Sage for adding goddamn nothing.

No. 538275

The rash was posted three or more times upthread.

It's clearly not a trackmark and you've all wasted more than thirty posts arguing about some shit that was already resolved days ago. Stop being so retarded and learn how to read.

No. 538279

File: 1522019184502.png (7.81 KB, 512x512, hopefullybait.png)

Wouldn't it be funny if the reason he didn't tag Taylor is because he's talking about someone else?

>doesn't know how to sage
>excuses willful ignorance by blaming the website's format
>wants to move the discussion to reddit which is apparently somehow better
lol. pic related

No. 538296

I'm not so much saying they're social more that they just need enrichment
I highly doubt her tanks have anything entertaining for Bindi and skinks are pretty intelligent lizards they enjoy stimulating activities
it's not necessary of course but getting them out for enrichment goes a long way since they get to enjoy a new environment instead of sitting bored in her bare minimum vivs
and you're likely right about the night owl stuff
I know jack shit about human psychology

No. 538301

It’s not that hard. Go on gurugossiper or pretty ugly little liars faggot, plenty of other sites have threads about Taylor where you don’t havr to sage since apparently it’s so hard to type 4 extra characters.

No. 538302

it’s a track mark. if you don’t think so, you’ve obviously never been around addicts, fuckin shitposters.

No. 538313

I started watching her around the end of 2016 and it was common for her to be up all night and sleep all day back then. Before she met JC.

No. 538315

The track marks are spreading all the way up her arm!!! >>534507


No. 538316

I mean it could be kinda nice to be on reddit? We could up and down vote and maybe it would be easier to shift through info?

braces self for conflict

No. 538319

Stop with the bait you pathetic whores and stop with the track mark controversy everything's been said already and we're infighting because we lack milk.

No. 538325

I’m a bit confused why you replied to me about track marks? I was talking about a completely different topic. Lol

No. 538332

Fair point. I don't recall her ever saying anything about mixing up tank layouts, if only occasionally. Still, probably easier on Bindi inside a barren cage than parading around streets.

No. 538337

This thread thrives on anonymity and wouldn't really work on reddit, but there could always be something in addition about her on reddit as well if you want to go start it.

No. 538355

File: 1522026890763.jpeg (342.7 KB, 640x680, F10FDB26-A228-449D-AB8D-A20D91…)

God this is like her fifteenth “I’m not spending my 21st birthday getting drunk or partying” post on the last month

We GET IT, you’re not like other girls, shut up already

No. 538364

File: 1522027422441.jpg (632.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180325-182248.jpg)

>>538355 another on her story

No. 538365


lmao well who needs to go out and get legally drunk on your 21st like a "normal" girl when you can go home with your rapist boyfriend and do illegal hard drugs instead?

No. 538368


Insomnia and pain often gives EDS patients really erratic sleeping patterns. She probably was doing that anyway and JC is just using it to say "look how lovable i am. she stayed up all night! and if i'm lovable, the exes are crazy!"

No. 538387

Came here to say this. Idk why people are saying no first time user ever in the history of ever chooses that spot first… that was about my first spot, has someone else do it for me as i ironically hated needles. We'll see in time if it's true though. In Taylor's case, if she has constant access, it will be much harder for her to quit. It is kinda lining up with JC's tour money and shit.
Has there been ANY news on how any of her pets are doing since the pot smoking incident? Wee bit worried about the leaf geckos…

No. 538413


I've never seen someone build a career around her animals post so little about her fucking animals.

No. 538453

File: 1522039750223.jpeg (100.87 KB, 1295x744, 67D1B678-2FB3-4409-9704-F24D77…)

She always makes sure to quote any hate in order to respond so everyone can see (pretty sure it’s not called quoting but I don’t use Twitter) but she didn’t do that for this one.

No. 538460

>>538453 Taylor, do you think responding with sarcasm to people who spotlight you for a drug addiction is wise. Think for one fucking second will you, get off your ego and listen. All it's doing is really pushing the notion that you are on drugs. You really should make a video addressing the heroin issue. You have a million subscribers and many of those underaged who view you as a mentor. More and more of your followers are growing concerned and catching on, turning on you, etc. They do not owe you, YOU owe THEM they pay your bills. If you don't want that, then shut your Youtube down, make it easier on yourself and go get a job outside of the internet. And for god's sake, get into rehab.

No. 538466


I agree tho reddit somehow needs to get informed and aware of the horror that is TND because right now they seem unaware

No. 538475


what community would a thread be appropriate in? is there a general youtube/youtubers community?

No. 538476


her heads so far up in her ass that she would probably answer this in a way to make people feel bad for her, but at the same time try to convince people that she's not like other girls. "i'm not mean! i just stay in bed all day! i just turned 21 and i don't know any of this adult things!"

No. 538481

File: 1522044766792.jpg (378.16 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_0266.JPG)

Bring it up again cuz i just read the thread, and i got an opinion about her rash/track.

Yeah, totally looks like a dot of a rash that so happens to be on top of her vein. /s

my skin is sensitive and gets irritated/rashes quickly and that looks like what i get after i get a needle in my vein to get my blood drawn.. i dont think she was out getting her blood drawn near her birthday. She was probably celebrating her birthday under the influence with something

No. 538483

>>538481 Taylor basically documented her own moments of injection without trying.

No. 538487

reddit is terrible for following any kind of drama, because you cant see new posts/replies easily. go to gurugissip if you want to use a cringy overcompicated interface.

No. 538525

The munchie refugees from here went to r/illnessfakers. Bye.

No. 538527

No. 538534

This is the second thread I've seen today where someone's suggesting we all go to Reddit? I don't want to derail by talking about it anymore than this.

No. 538537


After reading through r/illnessfaker how are they not talking about Taylor 24/7?
What is a munchie or OTT? jw

No. 538546

Subjects who exaggerate (Over The Top) or make up their illnesses (Munchhausens) were recently stopped from posting here, not because they aren't good subject matter but mainly because the threads started to attract large numbers of problematic posters. As Taylor has some overlap (for some anons) there might be an argument for crossposting her to that subreddit (which was created by users who had to leave here). But getting into the illness side of things too much here might be frowned upon for now.

No. 538548


Taylor's illnesses are not her focus and are not what she is known for.

No. 538743

Are you sure? Every video starts with “I’m so sorry this and this wa shappening and I’m just so ill”.

Her animals are literally the last and least things we hear about.

And I agree that this whole sage thing is a bit of a mess, especially for new users because how many people actually check that part of this website?

No. 538746

if its that hard for you to check the site rules you're literally retarded

No. 538749

alright everyone just shut the fuck up until there's new milk since we can't seem to get along on anything right now.

sage cuz i know how. super easy guys. "sage" in the email field and you're golden.

No. 538821

in all honesty, this is probably causing taylor so much happiness to see everyone here going back & forth with each other. it could also be partly why she's quiet.

let's remember we're all on the same side here; the animals' side.

sage for trying to be an unwanted peacemaker

No. 538853

File: 1522100273024.png (288.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180326-153858.png)

Tried to get as much of it in the screenshot as possible but you get the idea

No. 538856

Just read that anon. Thanks for posting cuz I don’t know how to. Anyway she mentions his addictions but nothing of the rape allegations. To me that would be more important.

No. 538857

i think my eyes have cancer now

No. 538859


I'm not saying that you have to go somewhere fancy for your birthday because I know a lot of people aren't into that, but the fact that Johnny only had the money to take Taylor to an arcade is both telling and hilarious.

Where do you think they went today? The zoo? Chuck E. Cheese?

No. 538867

File: 1522101075402.png (76.7 KB, 190x169, gasp.PNG)

lmao @ this chick in the background

TND is the narcissistic type who would totally mention something about a fan noticing her or Johnny in public and being starstruck, so I'm gonna assume this girl is appropriately horrified at Johnny's man child trashiness. I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from shuddering in disgust if I saw him in public

No. 538890

File: 1522102133010.jpeg (220.59 KB, 1242x1061, 25DB27AC-E791-4399-AA38-97FFF1…)

lol okay Taylor

No. 538895


"He's so strong. So strong he can hold women down and force them to have sex against their will. He is so giving. He shares his drugs with others even when they don't want them "

No. 538901

She’s pretending that’s the reason people don’t like him and don’t like her for supporting him. Just like Jonny thinks people wouldn’t be able to hate him anymore once he got new teeth.

No. 538909


Taylor he's sober and he still treats them like garbage what the fuck are you talking about

No. 538917

hey taylor, he's not sober if he's still drinking every day.

she tends to overcompensate or overexplain when she's trying to hide things. this post is just a big red flag that he's still a user and she's trying to cover up for him. normal couples say happy birthday and go and don't feel the need to prove their love to their followers every 10 minutes

No. 538920

"He raped a bunch of girls but now he love bombs me and I'm dumb enough to fall for it"

No. 538926

Except she's literally excusing him right there… she's such fucking trash holy shit

No. 538933

File: 1522103795949.png (317.36 KB, 1080x1755, Screenshot_20180326-163636~2.p…)

But…. isn't Jonny not a part of dance Gavin dance anymore…?

No. 538937


Taylor likes to claim that she has PTSD from past relationships, which implies to me that she was either assaulted or abused by some druggie/rspist type.

Unless she's got some severe ass Stockholm Syndrome or something, I'm inclined to believe that was a lie. Because there's no way a person who went through that would willingly put themselves in that situation again.

The whole "he's not the same person when he's not drugs, that's not the real him!!" doesn't matter. You literally become so traumatized by the image of that person on drugs that you can't tell the difference once you're exposed to it long enough.

Taylor's a fucking idiot and an abuse apologist. If she really gave a shit about his exes, she'd give Jonny shit every time he talked bad about them. Which she clearly hasn't, otherwise Jonny would tag on a little note about how "kind of forgiving" she is or some other vomit induing crap.

No. 538962


NOPE! He did 2 albums out of like 7 with them and that was back in maybe 2011-12 now. She's seen them 6 times and not noticed it wasn't Jonny?

No. 538966


Dumb bitch is literally EXCUSING sexual assault and rape. "Oh, he's a better man now so his past rapist behavior is totally forgiven". Yeah, that's not how it works, Tay. His victims will never forget what he's done to them. His victims will never be able to move on…this will always be a part of their lives and experience and it will impact them for the rest of their lives. But as long as you're happy and he's not doing it to you then GREEEAT!

I swear. I hope that disgusting piece of trash never harms her like that, because I would never wish that on ANYONE.

No. 538968

File: 1522106190006.jpg (366.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180326-181904.jpg)


No. 538973


Good to know that Taylor has her fam stalking this thread too.

No. 538974

File: 1522106636931.jpg (628.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180326-182642.jpg)

This shit pisses me off

No. 538976

Guess that confirms my suspicions of some of the posts on here being her or someone who knows her lol

No. 538978

Two aries together…YIKES

No. 538981

Oh god, please don't.

No. 538990

"I wouldn't stop to help her if she was being raped." - JC

How could a woman, any woman, but especially one that claims to care about mental health so much & supposedly have been in abusive relationships before, date someone that says things like that?

Not only is she a horrible example of proper animal care to her young fans, but she's also a terrible example for what a loving, healthy relationship is.

She's an insult to every single person who has been in an actual abusive relationship. It makes me sick to think of her starting a mental health vlog & people actually listening to her like she cares about mental health.

No. 539001

Can anyone that knows anything about drug addiction comment on her blaming the heroin for him raping his exes?

No. 539005

Taylor insisting Jonny is clean is absolutely hilarious and so tone deaf.

When I think of clean & sober musicians, the first person who comes to my mind is Nikki Six. He released this memoir a few years back documenting him trying and failing and struggling to get clean. And now he devotes his entire influence as a celebrity to sobriety. THAT'S someone who risked everything to get clean, THAT'S someone who is sober.

The interesting thing is I think he said once that one of the keys to getting sober is first letting go of your ego and pride and the feeling that you have control… which Jonny is clearly to narcissistic to do.

Whatever "forbidden love uwu" fantasy or Romeo & Juliet shit Taylor thinks she and JC have together is just her starstruck that he's some "celebrity" when in actuality the barebones of their relationship is Johnny is some whiny narcissist who used to be somewhat prolific but is now so disgraced he can only manage to book some dinky clubs and is so stunted emotionally that a 31 year old grown ass man is dating some 20 year old equally narcissistic, fake positve instathot who, pathetically, has to pay for this GROWN MAN to get his janky teeth fixed and immediately moves in with her to leech off her YouTube money.

No. 539015

Probably some of the anons up the thread saying
>it's definitely not track marks guuuyyyss
without any reason to back it up.

No. 539028

I hope she just talks about her own personal experiences if she ever does this so called mental health blog. She can’t be giving advice, wouldn’t it be a liability issue?

No. 539034


I mean, if she was sitting there and going "If you have these symptoms, you must have this" or trying to self diagnose people or advocating for a specific treatment, probably. But I don't think her giving advice about small things people can do to help feel better or sharing experiences would be that much of an issue.

Not that she would though, because she's clearly complacent with whining about her depression and sleeping all day and putting off her adult obligations rather than trying to find things to improve her mood.

No. 539044

>>538853 Says the Taylor the idiot who shamed his rape victims. STFU Taylor you dumb I'm better than thou hypocrite.

No. 539047

>>538890 So Taylor's even admitting here that he raped women. "That excuses nothing, but" she is so GROSS, can't believe she posts bullshit like this after literally making fun of his rape victims. She is such a slimy person makes my skin crawl.

No. 539050

Generally, true recovering addicts

1) Want to go to rehab for themselves. Not just because they're forced
2) Don't drink or smoke weed
3) Go to regular meetings
4) Aren't supposed to be in a relationship for at least a year clean

Jonny does absolutely none of those things. Drinking and relationships are both triggers for a lot of users and people who are clean would recognize this. Jonny just likes to fake it for the fans.

No. 539054

What’s sad is that their fans are so young that they can do drugs and drink yet claim they’re sober, and their fans will still believe them.

No. 539056


You forgot an important step:

5. Cuts contact with people in their lives that are not clean & sober

I don't know too much about the lifestyles of his band members, but the fact that he hangs around with a dealer is a bit of a bad sign.

No. 539074

The thing about mental illness is that, yeah, it can make you do stupid shit.
But it's not an excuse to keep doing it. JC is incredibly mentally ill but he's not fucking stupid. He knows what he's doing and he's exploiting a 21 year old's inexperience to excuse his behavior.

Taylor lives in this little bubble in which she can "talk" him into not doing stupid shit, but the thing is that that façade will stay up as long as she has the means to sustain his bullshit or until he finds a bouncier, stupider, richer girl. He gives her what she wants by playing into the "you're my savior", "you're The One", "you'll be the one to make me get over my demons" narrative. Like she's really far up her ass but she's still an inexperienced girl entering adulthood who also happens to thrive on social media validation because she's insecure as fuck. I mean just look at the things she posts about their relationship. It's pretty much "us vs the world" and all about how people's legitimate concerns are "negativity".

I find it laughable she (and he) claims that he's sober when fuckboi is drunk or drinking all the time as well as smoking pot. He has done virtually nothing to better his situation, and getting shiny white teeth doesn't count. That's a cosmetic procedure.

I am not experienced about animals and I actually liked her videos because she was fun to watch, but what made me stop was basically her excusing or straight up ignoring and dismissing the rape allegations as well as his behavior. It's completely inexcusable to have someone throwing other women under the bus, who have legitimate concerns, just to bring you up. The way he expresses himself about his exes, as well as the way he takes criticism is beyond repulsive. Not to mention that he looks very fucking gross too lmao. But she's gonna keep on doing this shit for as long as the bad boy fantasy lasts.

sage for blogging.

No. 539075

why would anyone ever in a million years respond to a post on lolcow, let alone one with any amount of personal relevance, with an account attached to their real identity…

No. 539087

As of today not only has Taylor not apologized openly to Jonny's rape victims for making fun of them, but excused his behavior of said rape. She excused his behavior of smoking around her animals by lighting up for him willingly, allowing him to do it, and then ignoring people's concerns over it. She still has not apologized to the reptile shop for lying about them, nor addressed what she will do with her wild caught Roughthroat Monitor that she cannot keep in that apartment complex, that she inappropriately keeps in a too small of an enclosure with the wrong substrate. Taylor is a slimball, if she wants someone badly enough then whatever they do, as long as she wants to be with them she doesn't care, because she can't do anything by herself. She is that desperate to be in a relationship that she will put them far above her own family, her pets, and her reputation. There is no lie she will not create if it means keeping herself in a relationship.

No. 539089

Forgot to add, she gave up her family to be with Jonny, so it really any surprise that she would excuse Jonny for raping women. Way to go Taylor, I didn't think you could grow any more slime mold on your hideous personality but I really learned something new about you today.

No. 539120


so you can come right out and admit that he "was" (lol right) addicted to drugs but you completely downplay the accusation of actual harm to other people, the RAPE, the ASSAULT, by calling it "crossing lines" that they "weren't comfortable with".

no shit taylor, ya fucking THINK? i don't doubt for a second his exes "weren't comfortable" with being raped, beaten, and forcibly injected with heroin against their will.

god, you're almost as fucking disgusting as jonny is, you shitty rape apologist creep.

oh and wow congrats jonny on being "sober" while you get shitfaced drunk, smoke trees of weed, and tantrum like the angry manlet you are on stage. fucking fantastic work there, we should all be inspired.

downgrading the criminal, sexually violent actions of your boyfriend with a bullshit excuse like "uwu he was on dwugs so he couldn't help it" is absolutely revolting. by that shitty logic, rapists who were drunk when they committed rape are excusable. seriously, get fucked with that toxic, misogynistic, backward, insulting shit. read a fucking book or something, you piece of shit.

these two cunts deserve each other. i really hope someone with clout calls them both out for this disgusting mess.

No. 539141

File: 1522123311148.jpeg (341.57 KB, 750x1259, D9AED9EB-5474-41FE-A422-4633F7…)

This blog from one of his ex fans sums up my feelings perfectly. As a survivor of abuse it’s sad to see someone in a position of power over young adults sticking up for someone that’s been accused multiple times of assault and rape . I

No. 539168

File: 1522125201788.jpeg (220.37 KB, 1090x951, 77A761E0-0BEC-4C3A-817A-C84764…)

Her fans are just as disgusting as she is.

No. 539171

Taylor has no grounds to forgive a rapist of which his crimes do not affect her directly, how fucking dare she even make a statement like that. She is trash, she is slime for forgiving him when he won't even apologize. In doing so, she makes it seem like the victims deserved it and are the ones at fault. The fact she acknowledges he raped these women, and he refuses to apologized, and the fact she continues to tolerate him bashing his exes just continues to convince me further that she is absolutely fine with rape and it will never bother her. When Jonny's not around, she flirts with that other sex offender. I don't care what anyone says, there's something really eerie about this behavior like she is drawn to males who harm women in a very specific way, when she can dismiss it so easily.

No. 539177

Apparently she’s deleting a bunch of comments about him being a rapist on this post.

No. 539181

>>539177 Yes Taylor, continue to prove you dismiss him raping women only moments after pardoning his behavior openly. Fucking disgusting.

No. 539189

She obviously believes that he raped those women if she replied like that on twitter.
How could you suck the dick of a guy who you think/know RAPED people?

No. 539190

…still waiting on that video she promised earlier this month to explain the monitor situation.

No. 539194

She should at least post an update showing an improved enclosure since it’s a different species (not that the enclosure was adequate even for the species she thought it was). But she won’t do that because she didn’t change the enclosure. Is she even going to say whether she’s keeping it or not?

No. 539196

File: 1522128372710.jpeg (206.38 KB, 1300x1079, D1D3417D-9E5F-436F-835F-757B95…)

No. 539197

File: 1522128383126.jpeg (95.53 KB, 1295x723, DBA78B63-43B1-4B14-B911-DFFDC3…)

No. 539198

>>539194 She would only show a picture and a changed enclosure because someone suggested it on the internet. Just like with moving the geckos. Taylor is incapable of any intelligent responsible ideas on her own.

No. 539202

sure jan

No. 539203

>>539196 Yeah Taylor. Like you dismissing your boyfriend raping women and lying and trying to frame a reptile shop for YOUR lies and actions when you tried to convince everyone you bought another species in order to avoid looking like you support wild caught, which in fact you do. Or like how you hoard animals and kill them from neglect. Fucking moronic bitch, yes those are stupid things to call you out on, because you are the stupid one doing those things. And that's a lie, you're still visiting all the time. Don't be a stranger now.

No. 539205


>i'm not supporting rape BUT

supports rape
no, they fucking don't

rape isn't a *~mistake~* you asshole, it's a deliberate conscious choice

i can't believe anyone has to spell this out

No. 539206

Unfortunately that isn’t even close to the only person saying that in the comments.

No. 539209


getting hate for:

being a rape apologist
laughing at rape victims
financially supporting a rapist

how absurd!

No. 539217

Jonny: Oopsie, I just tripped into that woman and raped her, not my fault, it's here fault for being there when it happened, tee hee, oopsie! I'm the VICTIM not the woman my dick rammed into, how dare you internet! And how dare you attack me for saying things like I hope that woman gets raped! I'm a manlet and need my 21 year old girlfriend to defend my raping because I'm already insecure about it jeeeez back off internet!

Taylor: Yeah internet, you are so MEAN, LEAAVE muh boyfran JONNY ALOOOONE!!! Rape is NEVER the rapists fault, especially not my boyfriend's!!!

Holy fucking shit, Taylor might as well get a T-shirt personalized now that says "rape is never the rapists fault, get over it! Especially if Jonny Creg did the raping!"

No. 539219

its crazy to me how many people in the comments are defending her and her baboon ass lips its utterly disgusting and her fans are just as idiotic as her

No. 539222

BTW, I was banned and that only lasted 24 hours. real effective website format guise(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 539228

Hello taylor stan/friend leave if you dont like it here youre stupid and youre STILL not saging correctly

No. 539237

File: 1522131560187.jpeg (103.03 KB, 1299x724, 9301DE87-28CD-4F1A-A6E4-F59106…)

No. 539239

>>539237 But Taylor, you don't deny the track marks, because attacking a sock account makes you feel better about your failures, aww.

No. 539240

Taylor is the only Pet Youtuber I know of being called out for drugs, and the only one who supports rape all on the same gross rubbery looking frog foot shaped clawed hand of hers. When she doesn't have her yucky hair extensions in with that short straw broom hair of hers, it really just brings out the druggy crack den hen in her. Shit hair, shit frog hands, shit personality, and chimpanzee ass in heat lips. What a total package.

No. 539247


Who else would put money on this being Jonny?

No. 539251


I will take that bet

I was thinking that too. Those deleted unsaged posts were rough

No. 539259

I wonder how she sleeps at night.

-disrespecting her own mother and the family unless she wants something from them. Also, disrespecting her own mother.

-supporting her farquaad of a boyfriend on his drug abuse and abusive ways.

-disrespecting all women that ever been abused, raped, and/or worse.

-being rude to her own fans and not even thinking twice that they're the ones that give her $$

-buying new animals that look cool with her tattoos and hands, then stuffing them in a room/closet so she can buy some more.

-thinking she's the smartest girl alive, yet seems like the internet needs to remind her to do things because she lacks common sense.

-thinking animals are objects.

-denying everything and blaming things on other people.

the list goes on..

is that why she's getting uglier by the minute while her hair dries up because she's getting full of so much hate and lies? what is she? Ursula? (bet she'll take that idea and turn it into some snarky "im better than you but dumber" comment)

No. 539261

A lot of people talk about how she treats her mom but in reality, I think her mom is a lot of what created the issues she has. Her mom is more of a mess than she is and it seems to me she's just used this to try to get some fame for herself.

No. 539284

I think her mom is just exhausted. Taylor was always a shit kid and raising someone with special needs can’t be easy on a mother.

No. 539290

the woman truly deserves to be cut some slack. i’m sure the majority of us in the thread are not mothers to adult children both with separate but very troubling issues. from the documentaries i’ve seen about prader-willi syndrome (the one her brother has) it is a lifelong suffering of never being able to feel satiated by any amount of food and almost always presenting with learning and other disabilities. that has to be super fucking rough for any parent. imagine having a child who will essentially never grow up and be independent and whom you must sacrifice your own easy access to food for. (having to lock cabinets/fridge and not having any holiday meals etc.)

personally i find it really hard to fault her mom. yeah, she’s made some pretty desperate and irrational moves on twitter and that livestream situation, but honestly if your barely legal daughter ran off with a druggie rapist and cut all contact with you, wouldn’t you also be terrified and desperate as fuck to get her back? i get why anons criticized her for not calling police again but it’s obvious to me that it’d just make everything about a thousand times worse. her mom is never going to win in this situation until taylor has the lightbulb moment she’s been sleeping on for months and runs like hell away from jonny as fast as she can.

No. 539300

>people don't understand how two people from such different upbringings can be "happy" together
nobody cares about your upbringings so that's a lie but why the hell is the word "happy" in quotes? lol
>I see so many people try to give us hate because of his past struggles with addiction, but that's something that has always confused me.
Confused? Okay, let me clear it up for you, Taylor: nobody hates Jonny Craig for struggling with addiction, people hate Jonny Craig for assaulting and raping women like you. Most addicts are not rapists.

Moving past the understatement, Taylor's showing everyone she KNOWS what Jonny Craig did to the women who were there for him and she still chooses to push this ridiculous narrative that people only hate him for being an addict? Okay Taylor, well now we know you're happy to date a man you know is a rapist, as long as he's not a drug addict anymore. Jonny Craig is the real victim here, he doesn't deserve to be hated for raping people because the drugs made him do it and he's "clean" now so he won't do it again, right?
'I know being high isn't an excuse for rape but I forgive him because he says he won't rape ME!' Wow Taylor, you're never gonna find a man with standards that high.


>posts 7 times in a row over 2 hours just to whine that everything's retarded but them
pls have some self-awareness, anon. If this thread were on reddit you would have lost so many precious internet validation points over this sad little temper tantrum you're throwing, but this "retarded" format saved you from the unbearable humiliation of seeing exactly how many people disagree with you, so be happy. Nothing but sheer laziness is stopping you from posting a Taylor thread to reddit yourself, so I can only imagine you keep posting here because you're hoping someone else will do it for you.

Anyway, chemical infatuation lasts about two years so Romeo and Juliet's uwu forbidden romance might last another year or so.

No. 539342

File: 1522153971232.jpeg (79.66 KB, 750x641, 8FCBC0C6-C837-48CE-AC54-11E672…)

No. 539343


Good god I hope he's exaggerating. That's more than lots of people make in a YEAR. For that much money all her animals could live in paradises. Or she could donate to shelters and cover the adoption fees for hundreds of animals. But instead she bought a rapist miserable excuse for a human new teeth that he only needs because he destroyed his real teeth doing drugs.

No. 539344

What did the posts say? I missed them my bad

No. 539345

You know what feels nicer than 53k in my mouth? My actual teeth in my mouth.

No. 539352

A lot of youtubers and insta famous people I follow get so much shit for deleting hate comments and blocking people. But I WISH these two would just do that. If you can't ignore it, force yourself to by getting it out of sight. Of the people I follow Jonny and Taylor are the ONLY ONES who respond to the haters the way they do. Does she realize she is essentially running a business???

She loves living this lifestyle that permits her to flop around her apartment all day buying expensive things and not working a 9-5, but she can't take any of the crap that comes with it. Newsflash Taylor, when you put your life on the internet for profit, you're gonna get hate. Also love how we "seem to have a lot of time to talk about her" even tho I'm sure every single one of us holds a full time job and has actual obligations to uphold lol.

No. 539354

I check this thread while I shit, and I imagine many anons do the same/similar.
Taylor seems to think that we are all on this thread and checking it 24/7, but what else would you expect from someone so self obsessed.

No. 539357

So honestly I used to be a big fan of Taylor’s videos, even her Instagram. I started a Twitter and tried following her. She brings the drama to herself, I hadn’t even heard of Jonny or his music before this.
I got a whirlwind of info on his character just from her twitter and responses alone.
She doesn’t need to make all her troubles so open but she does.
I feel bad for her animals because I have this sinking feeling that she acquired so many because they make for good YouTube content?
She could have just had a few and done good things for them and gotten the same amount of views.
Excuse my examples here because they might not be comparable; Marzia and Jenna Marbles get tons of views just by updating their pets enclosures or spending time with their hedgehog and hamster.
For me it’s not that I’m knit picking at her every move.
I just think she’s digging this deep hole for herself but it’s not just herself she’s got a shitload of animals to care for.
If she doesn’t want her dirty laundry out the stop airing it. Just do animal stuff.

No. 539369

Can you guys imagine how long her cages are going without a cleaning, when all Taylor does is travel and sleep all day when she’s at home?

I work at Petco and just spot-cleaning the dinky little cages thry keep animals in takes over an hour. Granted most of that work is the small animal cages since they’re by far the most active and she doesn’t own many of those but she has a mouse doesn’t she?

It doesn’t matter if we have two mice or fifteen mice in the same cage, it’s absolutely requires daily cleanings because they run all night and seem to shit every fifteen minutes so the wheel is absolutely covered. They topple their food over and just make a huge mess. Every day without fail.

Poor Gus was “rescued” by Taylor just so he could live in his own shit in a closet.

No. 539371

53k could've been a huge downpayment on a house with some property. Where she could grow her channel, maybe get some livestock animals, truly give herself a headstart at life. Have plenty of room for all her current animals and no apartment management to possibly make her get rid of them all. But nah. Gonna buy teeth for a disgusting druggie manlet. Smart move, Tay.

Once she stops making the YT bux she's gonna be so pathetically sad

No. 539373

File: 1522159178657.jpg (700.08 KB, 1060x1224, Screenshot_20180327-095712.jpg)

Observe someone who really knows animals Taytay.

Can someone photoshop Taylor over Bindi posing with her hand on her face or whatever other creative genius u can muster. Wish I could do it myself

No. 539387


It’s not even the fact that she spent a ridiculous amount of money on her boyfriend

She spent a ridiculous amount of money on her boyfriend who she moved in with after less than three months of knowing him which almost guarantees they’re not going to last because that kind of impulsivity and dependency does not a healthy relationship make.

To springboard of anon’s last example, if JennaMarbles spent that amount of money on Julien I wouldn’t think twice about it, because they’ve known each other for years and are clearly very stable and happy together without having to broadcast it every ten minutes (they also own their own house)

So yeah, I hope she doesn’t regret spending a ridiculous amount of money on a dude who will probably never pay her back and will probably ditch her for someone younger and hotter within a year.

No. 539393


Protip, Tay: Being invested in a relationship has nothing to do with money.

No. 539405

This is literally me. Or check it while watching Netflix during a study break

No. 539412

I agree with you on every Point here, except Jenna and Julien don't own their own house. They rent it. Sage for totally off topic

No. 539413

File: 1522163286197.jpg (394.21 KB, 621x850, TND.jpg)

No. 539416


Oh my… Next thread pic please!

No. 539418

Next thread picture please!

No. 539445


i read this thread when i'm on my 2 hour commute to college, cuz you know, i'm investing my money to upgrade my future while trying to be a responsible adult, not like what you're doing, Taylor.

No. 539448


I posted it a few threads back when Jonny was first getting the implants, but he's not exaggerating. A friend just got them done and his were about $42k when all was said and done after insurance. If Jonny didn't have any dental insurance, then 53 is totally feasible. Isn't that crazy? Meanwhile, dentures are a much more reasonable 4-6k.

Do we know for sure that Taylor paid for them? Not that Jonny has any money.

My friend was in pain and couldn't eat anything but soft foods for months and I was surprised to see Jonny go on tour right after like nothing ever happened.

No. 539455

I think it depends on what kind you get. My mother-in-law just got implants (full mouth) and it only ran her 10k. She had options to get more expensive ones though. But knowing both JC and TND… they got the most expensive ones.

No. 539457


What is he even bragging about? “I had to waste 53K to get fake teeth because I fucking ruined mine lol jealous?”

No. 539473

only 56% amerimutts would brag about having fake teeth


No. 539489

File: 1522173804595.jpeg (78.65 KB, 1242x509, 7A3D61CB-4C20-45A0-BC76-F879EA…)

then why couldn’t you have just said this to him in person??

No. 539549

Because she needs to broadcast her bs relationship all over social media. Adults who have to do this shit to feel comfortable in their relationship must be real fucking insecure and unsure. If she actually was happy and content with him she wouldn’t feel the need to write these ridiculous novellas showing her „love“.
But she‘s not. Nobody would be content in a relationship with a 30+ year old druggie rapist.

No. 539605

>>539343 He is horrible to even brag about the price, she really is his money pig, he just doesn't put coins back into her. That's also a VERY nice down payment on a good modern home, she is so flipping STUPID to waste money as she does, god damn it's pathetic how dumb this girl is.

No. 539607


It's less about insecurity and more about emotional immaturity. Think about all of the dumb shit middle schoolers say about their relationships.

Except this is decidedly more cringey, because they aren't 12 year olds and don't realize that no one gives a shit about their Lion King 2 romance or whatever the fuck it is except for her diehard fans…which coincidentally seem to be 12 year olds.

No. 539609

I’m shitting while I type this. You’re not that special Taylor

No. 539618

>>539413 This is fucking hilarious and so true! I vote this is the next thread photo masterpiece.

No. 539619

Has Taylor ever openly done or proved that she donated a huge amount to an animal charity? Besides Jonny that is. I don't take this girl for being the generous type, especially when she didn't follow through with her giveaway and buying designer pets like her kitten and the snakes.

No. 539625


At the end of her pointless "educational" video about pitbulls where she just rambled for five minutes, she made sure to add a clip at the end of buying a bunch of supplies from a pet store and giving it to a shelter.

But the one thing that I noticed was that she bought two or three giant cases of Milkbones, which are absolute garbage and are sometimes infested with bugs.

But who am I kidding, Taylor is a cat expert, not a dog expert, of course she wouldn't have the common sense to realize those are garbage.

No. 539632


He needs more tattoos and track marks.

No. 539634

>>539625 She really is stingy, milkebones cost near to nothing. She could have donated money to shelters to provide actual medical costs of many animals,or to expand on the adoption floors so more animals wouldn't be euthanized. She could have done some research and it wouldn't have taken that much time, she just wanted some ass pats to look like the good person she has convinced herself she is. Milk bones, oh she's so generous and thoughtful.

No. 539648

You have taken all my hopes and dreams and quadrupled them… Bless you.

No. 539650

I haven’t seen too many dental implants but for $50k they really don’t look good at all. It’s very easy to tell that they are completely fake and they fit in his mouth weird.

No. 539701

Where did he get his new teeth from? The most expensive ones i've known is at most 25k (no ins) and that's a full mouth crowns and implants. Either they went to An office where the doctor was greedyass hell, or wanted implants on every socket he has. If it is implants, it wouldve taken almost a year to get those inserted due to healing, lab work, etc.

No. 539730

File: 1522195001781.jpeg (504.43 KB, 1350x1710, 88FF0CCA-0F4F-4400-8DD7-95E4E6…)

No. 539738

File: 1522195880850.png (1.1 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180327-200833.png)

Taylor only moved the gecko enclosure for the live streams. It is back on the stand by the TV, she obviously wasn't smart enough to keep it moved, but she clearly doesn't care about these poor animals. Her self image is more important to her than her animals and this is just another example of who she really is. She clearly tries to cover things up to seem like an perfect little angel for her fans.

No. 539744

>>539738 Animal hoarding lying ugly tramp, that's all she is, those geckos are probably losing their minds having the music cranked up loud as it is always is especially next to the source of it. The way Jonny blasts music at all hours as loud as he can is probably very stressing for the nocturnal animals and the cats who have much better hearing than humans. All of these animals have had their whole world turned upside down with her selfishness. I love how the blinds are always closed in their apartment like the crack den it is. Why rent a luxury apartment and not keep it clean, nor allow the light in, I'm sure the cats would love it but it makes me think she's trying really hard to hide the animals and the drug usage. How it is enriching for the cats to not have windows to look out of? She is insane to spend money as she does, she's the first person I've ever seen to live in filth and trash their high luxury dwelling. Sorry you hate this site Taylor, for pointing out who you really are.

No. 539747

File: 1522196781906.png (897.2 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-28-02-23-50…)

That fucking pile of laundry

No. 539748

>>539738 Someone should get the comparison shots of the gecko enclosure being moved during the stream and today and tweet it to her. No matter what she says I was cleaning out the dead geckos you guys! It is STILL in the wrong place. She flat out ignores anyone about this she needs animal control called on her. This is basically animal neglect and animal torture, torture to their ears and over all rest. Animals are so much more sensitive to frequencies and noise, it's flat out cruel.

No. 539750

Like for real tho, that kinda shit is gross as fuck. Clean up ffs.

No. 539751

>>539747 The room is so hot they need the fan on constantly? But aren't the geckos in need of cooler temperatures? Jonny said the room is hot. Damn, those geckos have to be dead, that's probably why she's not showing them. At least one or two had to have died by now. Especially with the heat in the room topped with the heat of the light, there is no way she checks their temp.

No. 539755

>>539747 Does our ugly little couple not know what closets are for clothes, or laundry baskets? Their cats drink out of tupperwear dishes, and Taylor is too fucking stupid to buy a laundry basket. That apartment has to stink. How long until the neighbors complain.

No. 539756

>>539747 Why does this image remind me of when he would freak out during his drug binges. He also looks like he's possibly losing weight, so no Taylor, no one believes either one of you aren't shooting up. Clean up your fucking laundry Taylor you oinker.

No. 539758

Well it's not like she has space in her actual closet considering she has animals crammed in there.

I feel like she never opens the windows or at least the blinds, so that apartment must fucking stink, no doubt about it.

Honestly being her neighbour sounds like hell not gonna lie. So much for luxury apartments.

No. 539759

I like how there's a ripped up bag of trash just chilling on the floor


No. 539761

File: 1522197387680.png (515.1 KB, 724x690, 20180327_203629.png)

She definitely did move it at one point, heres proof. Kinda messed up she moved it to seem like she listened, and cared. She didn't though, as expected.

No. 539763

Did anyone see jc's ig story where he's driving while recording himself with one hand and smoking a blunt with the other? Pretty sure to be driving you should at least be driving with one hand on the wheel. And taylor is in the backseat with no seatbelt on, sorry to sound like a mom but that goes to show how much he cares about her safety. Also its illegal to smoke weed and drive and he's posting this publicly lol

No. 539765

Anyone want to bet that Taylor hasn't gone to the pool once during their entire stay there. She's probably afraid to show her face in the neighborhood because of that Yelp review. Neighbors probably all gawk and leer at her. I still crack up over it, crazy ugly snake lady draped in snakes, and her screaming matches with her immortal beloved Jonny at all hours toppled with his blasting music. That Yelp post was pure gold. Yes Taylor, you are one of those neighbors everyone talks about.

No. 539767

>>539758 Oh right, I had forgotten the less favorable animals are stuffed in the closet, and as we know Taylor is pretty dumb so she couldn't be bothered to buy a wardrobe set. That apartment stinks for sure, I'm sure neither of them open windows and Jonny probably doesn't clean animal cages, we know Taylor rarely does because her crested geckos had shit all over the outside of their enclosure.

No. 539769

>>539761 Please someone tweet this to her, she's so gross. Her fans should see how she really lives.

No. 539774


I mean yeah sloppy apartment and all but I can't get over Jonny. Jesus H. Christ that's a tiny man

No. 539776

Oh definitely. I don't think she would miss on the opportunity to "model" in the pool.

I imagine people probably talk about them and just glare whenever they see them considering it's an upscale place.

No. 539777

>>539763 It's illegal to ride in the back even without a seat belt, so both of them are breaking the law. lmfao what is she doing sitting in the back, like he's her personal driver driving Miss Crazy.

No. 539779

>>539776 They look at them and see trash, I'm sure most of the people there are business people or college educated and keep their homes clean. Then out comes Taylor from her smelly apartment with her crappy hair extensions, a ton of snakes wrapped around her, her trashy boyfriend drunk all the time, both of them screaming at each other as they head for the car where he proceeds to drive her while he smokes pot. She forgets to put on a seat belt because she's too high off her rocker.

No. 539781

I don’t know why I still get surprised every time she does something stupid. Moving them just for the livestream then still letting him smoke in there after moving them back but she still claims she loves her animals.

No. 539782

File: 1522198495102.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, AA78DA0F-5633-4649-8E86-797A10…)

He’s not driving unless Instagram flips pictures

No. 539784

He isn't, I just watched.
Someone is driving them somewhere.

No. 539786


This looks like a half ass photoshop

No. 539793

Also, why is the sofa so much near the TV, I don't understand

No. 539794

Her lips looks like a swollen chicken butt

No. 539797

Funny how they announced Tyler Rugge like a month ago and he’s super irrelevant compared to Taylor

No. 539817

File: 1522201751830.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 44FF2154-379B-4258-980C-5ABF13…)

No. 539823

>>539817 Show the animal hoarding one now too Taylor, come on now. And I'm sure no one showed you because you check here often, lying bitch. I guess Taylor's not getting enough attention today so looks like she's off the wagon attention seeking again.

No. 539824

Quick someone send her the one where JC is jumping out of the water for the money bag.

No. 539829

>>539817 Why draw attention to the "hate blog" unless, unless that's intentional Taylor. Or you're just stupid and one track minded. She's a coward however because she couldn't link the threads of course lol.

No. 539831

Wow guys, I had an epiphany moment while watching South Park yesterday.
There's a little girl named Heidi dating Eric Cartmen, and some other kid in the show brought to Heidi's friends attention that the reason Heidi stays with Eric even though he's a mysogynistic emotionally abusive little asshole of an 8 year old, she will double down and defend him when confronted about this because she doesn't want to be wrong. She doesn't want to hear "I told you so" because she so desperately wants to validate her very public decisions to be socially outcasted because of her boyfriend. Sound familiar? So in theory, if we care about taylor, we should really stop with the "I told you so" and shit and just actively support her without giving her flack for dating the most rancid human being in existence.

With all of that being said, I don't give a fuck about TND, I use this thread to procrastinate. If he abuses her and one day pushes it too far and she ends up seriously hurt mentally or physically, it's more laughs for me so…just thought I'd share my epiphany.
Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 539833

>>539831 Good point. It's better that she's with him anyway since she's okay with rape and doing drugs, just like him! Precious moments. Better her than some woman who didn't see it coming gets hurt. Really Taylor, you're doing humanity a service. You be that rape supporting oinking bank for Jonny, be Jonny's rock, you be it good. AMURICA.

No. 539835

File: 1522203214077.png (1015.87 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180327-220715.png)

She looks 12 here

No. 539837

File: 1522203358083.jpg (506.27 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20180327-221459.jpg)

Who let her touch a baby with those grubby cut up hands???

No. 539840


What is her obsession with those ugly leggings, jesus

No. 539843

>>539835 More like high, man she looks like a crack den ho. The drugs are really evident here. Good to see she doesn't have her gross hair extensions in though, but wow, how nice of her to put her shoes up on the fine seats. This is why no one can have nice things Taylor, you trash your apartment, you trash other people's cars, you give no fucks.

No. 539844

>>539835 On another note, man she has wide feet, who knew. Huge head, wide feet, puckered butthole lips, and weird looking frog flipper hands.

No. 539847

>>539837 Hold the phone, her hand is bleeding, and she's holding a newborn baby… She sleeps with a druggy who one of his exes said he has hepatitis C, not sure if that's true or not. Taylor didn't wash her hands before holding this baby with a bloody wound like that, her hands just look so dirty, especially her nails.

No. 539858

Guys I don't think it's blood. Not to whitenight but Taylors wearing a liquid lipstick today in the same shade that's on her hand, a lot of ppl who do makeup wipe off a little of the excess on an applicator on the back of her hand and if the liquid lipstick is any good it would have decent staying power.

No. 539862

File: 1522206050080.png (1.24 MB, 1242x2208, ABDA77DF-446B-4A1A-83E3-BA1FA3…)

Has to point out her fake ass celiacs like always. Also, why does she always take 10 hours to reply to people? Like she’s sooo much better than everyone else. Jfc.

No. 539866

Does this bug anyone else? I find it so annoying how TND can post 1 video a month and still get tons of support from her fans and earn tons of money where as there’s so many smaller yourubers who seem to work their ass off and are still small channels?

I don’t know what your opinions are on these guys, but I know for example Emma Lynne sampson puts out like 3 videos a week, has way better husbandry than TND and I’m Pretty sure she said in a live stream that she also works 2 jobs…. and yet she has like 13,000 subs. And then Maddie smith has a ton of animals, is a wildlife rehabilitatator and makes quality videos and she has like 35,000 subs.

Personally I find it SO annoying that Taylor just takes what she has completely for granted. She barely even has the respect for her fans to put out videos more than once a month. I get she has health issues…. but come on… if you can go on tour with your boyfriend, you can film more videos

No. 539876

Taylor seriously looks like she lives in a crack house. Wow.

No. 539877

The reason she got so many subs was because she has a shitload of animals and her content is very superficial.

That's really it. People who aren't experienced and who also have short attention spans are gonna click a "look how I clean all my pets enclosures!" over an actual educational video about say, a gecko.

No. 539882

Except Jenna and Marzia have personality and charisma. Unlike Taylor.

No. 539885

Didn’t Taylor also say she has CRPS in her video about her medical issues? She never mentions that now.

No. 539887


Taylor has so many animals at this point, that's it. That's her personality. She's edgy and owns a lot of animals and listens to alternative rock and doesn't like to go out drinking and is totally not like other girls.

I've literally never seen her have a single meaningful conversation with depth (that doesn't involve her) Like…..what else is she interested in? Fuck if I know dude.

No. 539891


People are obviously gonna click the video that says "BOUGHT ANOTHER 50 ANIMALS". Also her "aesthetic" and relatable hurr durr i'm so quirky humor.

No. 539905

File: 1522210188043.jpg (286.04 KB, 621x850, now-with-manlet-inked.jpg)

first anon did better than me but i added JC's tattoos. weird angle to be able to see his track marks and I feel like taylor should be wearing something sleazier but i tried lol

Heidi was vulnerable to Cartman's attention because she felt isolated before she met him, and she's kind of garbage too if she's so easily manipulated into blaming it on the Jews. If Taylor weren't so shitty to her animals independent of JC's influence it might be a better comparison, but no amount of support will stop Taylor from being a self-serving piece of shit.

Yeah that's pretty disturbing if you've heard about anti-vaxxers inadvertently killing babies that are too young to be vaccinated… that baby looks young, and whether Taylor is straight up diseased or not she's fucking dirty. 0/10 would not let Taylor touch any infant in my family tree.

I actually kind of liked Taylor's sense of humor until I noticed everything she was doing wrong. Part of the tragedy is imagining she might have been a decent YouTuber if she weren't so busy hoarding animals for attention, but… >>539887 is fair. She may be younger than she appears, but holy shit I could never falsely accuse my own family of assaulting me (and some of my immediate family is diagnosed as personality disordered) so honestly I have no idea what chance Taylor had at being a respectable human being. I wouldn't say Taylor has no charisma or personality though, on the contrary I'd say that's all she does have. That and 10x more animals than she can manage.

No. 539915


Her charisma goes about as deep as her fake positivity and the quirky #relatable humor, both of which aren't anything special or different than what hundreds of other girls do.

When I think of charisma, I think of being so interested in someone's personality that you want to be their friend (regardless if they have money/influence or not) People who are either just naturally fun to be around, or are so genuine and passionate about something you just want to sit there and listen to what they got to say.

Taylor's got none of that because, like I just said, I literally have no idea what she's even interested in. I can't even say that she's interested in animals because she doesn't give enough of a shit about researching anything. All of her care videos sound like Petco care sheets. As far as my opinion goes, you can own a lot of animals and maybe like looking at them or taking care of them, but it doesn't automatically mean you're passionate about animals.

No. 539922

I'm coming from a perspective of understanding how psychopaths exhibit superficial charisma, where they seem likeable until you look a little deeper and see how self-serving their behavior really is, but I tend to get caught up in clinical terminology so your perspective is probably more practical. I see how Taylor can come off as likeable if you're not paying attention, but I also understand it's a lot harder to like someone who comes off as disingenuous. I don't think most people notice that about Taylor though, looking at her like-to-dislike ratio on youtube.

No. 539944

She deleted this. I guess no one sent it to her after all.

No. 539950

I'm inclined to believe she visited the thread after >>539196 this happened.
I mean it's pretty obvious lmao.

No. 539972


Being that this thread was made 10 days ago and she was binging on drugs and so not drinking on hers and his birthdays (lol can’t even say that without laughing) she didn’t have a chance to get caught up to this thread until her cousin brought it to her attention?

No. 539982


I mean You can't disagree with her. I believe she reads here but half of it probably just makes her laugh because how absurd it can be, especially when there isn't any milk

No. 540006

true that

No. 540037

She probably laughs at all of it because she cant see that she is doing anything wrong.

No. 540050


She laughs because she assumes it make us upset or some shit. In reality, we do hate her, but most of us aren’t devoting huge chunks of time to this shit and just check it when we’re bored.

Only narcissists would respond by acting that way in response to hearing a bunch of people hate them.

No. 540169

File: 1522257301670.jpeg (32.86 KB, 750x268, AF5CF2E2-9377-452B-A959-9CE940…)

Terminal illness?

No. 540197

I don't know about illness, but her stupidity's terminal.

No. 540217

We've upgraded to terminal illness for sympathy now I see.

We should care about her made up illness but not the illness and death of all her animals I guess. Because they don't have boobs.

No. 540220

Sorry for slight blog but I ran an exotics pet tumblr a while ago, and this shit is endemic. You can't get popular without showcasing your animals in ways that are potentially harmful to them. Normies don't want to see good animal care because it's boring, they want something that awes them or makes them go "Awww!" This is why you get shit like someone hamndling display pets, holding eight different species of insect that eat each other in one hand, making animals who should never meet interact etc. etc.

you have to remember that most people don't know shit about animal care, and would willingly do things like tiger temple if they were given the opportunity.

No. 540251

well put, i absolutely agree. serious pet hobbies (especially aquariums, reptiles) come off as eccentric to people, they don't want to commit to the amount of science there is behind them. when a hot girl drapes snakes all over herself and tells that keeping them is as simple as pouring a bag of soil into a 10 gallon tank and throwing the snake in there, it's appealing to people.

No. 540339


is it just me or are her legs very bruised here?

No. 540342

File: 1522269386791.png (254.59 KB, 1238x1727, IMG_1787.PNG)

for someone losing weight in his frame his hands are extremely puffy

No. 540345

>>540342 Is he truly dying from liver failure, does anyone know for sure?

No. 540346

File: 1522270040251.png (14.43 KB, 547x127, Capture.PNG)