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No. 1270218

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previous thread: >>>/snow/1112272

34 year old heroin junkie wash up rockstar and the dumb bitch insecure enough to have a baby with him.

The basic rundown:
> jonny craig has a well-documented history of drug abuse and physical/sexual abuse toward several of his exes - pretty much any woman he comes into contact with he influences in an overwhelmingly negative way
> most recently dated and helped with the downfall of pettuber & fellow cow Taylor Nicole Dean - is her so-called abuser, though it sounds like they were equally toxic in their own ways
> after Taylor was forced into rehab, Jonny made it seem like they were going to be back together ASAP. as soon as Taylor broke up with him in rehab, he got with Sydney and started bragging about her, then got her pregnant immediately.
> enter SYD, Aka sydsosmall. overdramatic groupie clout chaser who got pregnant with jonny’s heroin baby because she was feeling “old” & felt her biological clock ticking… totally mentally stable choice
> since syd got pregnant there has been a steady stream of milky shit/stupid drama, most of it not related enough to TND to post in her thread
> syd is close to giving birth & the rollercoaster has just begun. this is a containment thread so people stop bitching about people posting Jonny/syd in the TND thread

Old milk:
> Jonny goes to jail for domestic violence >>1088190 and pleads guilty his next court date is feb 1st at 9am >>1090762
> >>1090779 Storm has unknown surgery but Syn doesnt say anything and Jonny barely acknowledges it >>1091369
> Jonny contracts cellulitis and ends up being admitted to the hospital most likely caused by IV heroin use >>1107260 >>1107262
> Jonny posts two disturbing but typical (for him) videos to his instagram stories: one where he shows Syd’s bare but and then grabs it >>1109832 it’s also noted she has a mysterious and large bruise on her leg in a generally hard to bruise area >>1110293. Audio in second vid (which was of Storm with camera inches away from him as baby lays on bed) reveals a clearly super high Jonny slurring and unable to hold the camera steady >>1110163

New milk:
>syd still vague posting jonny and archiving his pictures and bringing them back when theyre okay again
>jonny still following and interating with random women who look the same, and asking them for money much to syds jealous dismay.
>syd starts a gofundme for "personal situations" >>1234541 >>1234881 but it seems to be going towards hair and lash extensions >>1244430 and amanda shows up on the donations >>1242157
>every photo jonny posts seems to have an alcoholic beverage in the background/in his hand >>1261621 >>1262260 >>1264388 >>1268153

previous threads:
1: >>>/snow/987337
2: >>>/snow/1038163
3: >>>/snow/1082146
4: >>>/snow/1112272

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No. 1270220

this is my first time making a thread sorry if it sucks anons

No. 1270221

File: 1625261753262.png (537.54 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210702-140154.png)

No. 1270222

File: 1625261784068.png (90.49 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210702-140202.png)

No. 1270239

File: 1625263009230.gif (908.5 KB, 160x160, cries (5).gif)

Thanks for the thread, OP.


lmao the cope is real. If they all look so alike, maybe they have something you don't - like they're not raging cunts? Keep trying to go on thinking you're ~*~not like other girls.*~ It's funny, because Syd and her constant thirst-posting other famous musicians and bands always struck me as her thinking she's special because she likes certain music, but it's all surface-level for attention. Probably why she's so mad that despite all her COOL GIRL attempts, guys STILL don't want her.

No. 1270249

File: 1625263985018.png (289.14 KB, 828x1792, B7943F9D-7EC2-4591-A91D-88C060…)

guess he’s cheating again.

No. 1270251

nice thread anon!

about his braids situation ew I thought this was the picture from last week. Ew ew ew you can even see his dandruff/dirty scalp flakes in the full size. damn if he wants white boy braids so badly he should just pay to get a hairdresser to do them regularly instead of being his usual nasty ass. I guess him and Taylor both hate showers though I'm sure (i hope) he at least has washed his body since

No. 1270252

File: 1625264027421.png (223.83 KB, 828x1792, A3877A63-E391-4416-B527-AEC4F6…)

same anon as above

No. 1270254


oops. didn't realize this was already posted. forgive me, anons

No. 1270269

File: 1625265484395.png (834.31 KB, 720x1241, Screenshot_20210702-153706.png)

when did Jonny get the nasty bruised looking dermal? also how do hats work?

No. 1270270

Imagine getting twisted over a man who walks around looking like this, yikes Syd. Just focus on one person- Storm.

No. 1270286

Forgot to mention how they dumped their kid in Sunnyvale and moved to Sac to live out their dead beat mommy and daddy dreams.

Kek she’s so embarrassing. Yea Jonny has shit taste in women and likes carbon copy psychos. Cough cough.

No. 1270295

Yikes. Nobody wants JC, syd. He’s disgusting and not relevant anymore. Honestly this is all because JC posted his new song and Syd isn’t the center of attention atm. She seems to do this any time he’s trying to promote anything he’s doing. And furthermore, I bet the girl she posted probably hasn’t done anything and is being targeted just because JC follows her lol

Where is your child? How about worry about him instead of random IG girls

No. 1270303

I like how her phone is broken but she has time to stalk his followers and blast them, big yikes

No. 1270307

my bad, couldn't confirm if it was tinfoil that he was abandoned or taken away by law.

No. 1270311

File: 1625268321596.png (20.26 KB, 326x220, Screenshot 2021-07-02 7.23.07 …)

He supposedly has plans to go on tour in September.

No. 1270315

File: 1625268889818.jpeg (147.13 KB, 1170x504, C6C00C1A-978B-4331-9A66-ACDC75…)

Remember when Syd was convinced this girl was trying to steal her man? How many different ones have there been now according to Syd hmmmmm

No. 1270335

Syd is gonna lose her mind in sept kek

No. 1270340

I can't imagine him going on tour these days. He's so messy always at least there should be lots of milk - I hope at least!

No. 1270350

She has already deleted all of her negative stories about him lol

No. 1270383

File: 1625274217648.png (591 KB, 1170x2532, 976448B7-4197-4730-95D8-23C9B3…)

Perhaps trying to blame a “hacker” for her stories?

No. 1270396

Bahahah Syd Burnett made it to lolcow? Knew her awhile back and she was okay. But yeah typical groupie-type.

No. 1270430


Can’t wait for the meltdowns. She’s so insecure about him, no way she will be able to handle it.

No. 1270479

So pretty much how she looked when they started dating? Also, quit crying that he doesn’t love you. He doesn’t love anything except heroin. Not you. Not the baby you abandoned for him. What a fool.

No. 1270547

I tried to find the part about them abandoning their kid, did that happen or is it tinfoil? If they did, that's so messed up but hopefully he's better off.

No. 1270576

It's not actually confirmed.

No. 1270580

He just hasn’t been seen at all in over a month and they’ve posted stories from inside their apartment or whatever and there’s not a single baby item in sight. Considering neither have enough of an income to feed the kid and buy him diapers it’s fair to assume they left him with her mom when they moved to sac.

No. 1270602

In Storm's defense they both probably DO have enough money between the two of them to take care of him, they just chose not to, and spend his money and her GoFundMe on mall clothes, fast food, white claws, dermal tattoos and whatever else a 2021 teenager would spend money from their first real job on

No. 1270615

>between the two of them

Unless Syd has access to a trailer trust fund or welfare, she blew through her piggy bank a long time ago. Work is for normies after all.

No. 1270627

What’s this anon? You have anything juicy to spill?

No. 1270666

Assumed she would qualify for wic at least, although that probably runs out at a year when the infant no longer needs formula? Excuse me if I’m wrong. Which just got me thinking. Storm turns 1 this month. Would not be surprised at all if there’s no mention of it or they don’t even go see him on his birthday. The longer they go without seeing him the more I wonder if they’re not allowed to.

No. 1270709

File: 1625326367960.png (540.68 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210703-082258.png)

as for the baby being abandoned or taken away tinfoil- the only consistent thing I can find with the house decor and surroundings is this grey couch and Syd has posts back from 2018 if it was ever confirmed that she does live with her mom. Jonny posted her cat on the same couch (picrel) and Syd has a recent post of same cat and storm on the same looking couch. all her recent posts have the same white walls in the background that are consistent with 2018 era photos. if this is her mom's house I think it's safe to say they leave storm with her while they do their druggie rockstar thing. I don't wanna catch a ban for continued tinfoil but if this helps a bit to figure it out. unless they straight up come out about it I'm not sure if we can know, unless other anons wanna do some deeper sleuthing

No. 1270746

how the hell could he even afford a tour

No. 1270787

The “c” stands for children. I’m pretty sure you can get wic until your kids go to school as long as you qualify.

No. 1270806

I was gonna comment on the cat post from Jonny and say damn, they really took her cat with them and not their son. I do believe they are living in Sacramento though. He put it in his bio recently. And the living room with the tv on the floor. Indicative of a new apartment. Didn’t he post syd on the train again the other day? Maybe they’re visiting.

No. 1270816

Sac is 2 hours from the San Jose area. Storm hasn’t been seen in any of their outings, so either he’s with syds mom 2 hours away or they’re spending money on a babysitter every time they go out.
The last time we saw anything recent of him was when it was at syd’s moms house. Which was a month ago. Father’s day was a rehash of a bunch of old photos. And not a sign of any baby shit in their house. Anyone with kids knows there’s random crap just lying around because kids get into stuff all day long and play. So you would see SOMETHING that shows he lives with them.
They were even in Santa Cruz and didn’t have their kid with them. You have to drive through SJ to get to SC.
Even IF they didn’t dump him with syds mom full time, they’re dead beat parents who seem to never include their baby in any of their outings to the store, lunch, or even the beach.

>TLDR; they’re dead beat parents.

No. 1270831

Nah not really sorry for blogpost, just some washed up Twitter thot

No. 1271247

File: 1625405112442.jpeg (150.67 KB, 750x885, 45AAB3CA-778A-4158-A584-6F29DA…)

Turtlemom claims to have some secret dirt

No. 1271334

Goddamn I wish she would if she does. I was surprised she hadn’t posted in awhile with all the shit going on between them.

No. 1271399


Lol @ Sunnyvale anon.

Sydsosmol, Jonsofatt

No. 1271426

What’s funny about Sunnyvale? That’s were her mom lives, it’s a suburb or whatever of San Jose

No. 1271544

Heard of trailer park boys?

No. 1271723


Lol @ Sunnyvale anon.

Sydsosmol, Jonsofatt

Thanks anon, I thought it was a hilarious joke. It still kind of is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1271769

Turtlemom did this with Taylor too but never ended up dropping any information.

No. 1271952

God does Sydney ever feel so embarrassed for the way she acts online

No. 1272068

File: 1625519202278.png (1.13 MB, 1170x2532, 2476D3CA-CB36-46F8-882C-B8F354…)

Sage because I’m not 100%
But I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Syd doing this to this poor girl

No. 1272142

Tinfoil makes sense.

No. 1272381

File: 1625582388712.webm (11 MB, 360x800, 20210701-222247-360x800 (conve…)

This was from the other day but I can't get over how nasaley his voice is now. His hair looks atrocious after having it in those braids for 2 weeks without being washed. He looks dirty af. I can't believe anyone would find this cockroach attractive.

No. 1272397

File: 1625584499790.jpg (42.59 KB, 982x726, ross-friends-teeth-white.jpg)

i hate the colour of his "teeth"

No. 1272445

It's funny how he keeps looking for tat artists to do new work when he has that retarded looking bear across his whole chest. Jonny is proudly showing it off like a firstgrader showing his mommy the scribble he just drew to put on the fridge. Pathetic. At least he fits the trailer park trash aesthetic.

No. 1272467

the colour and that sharp sounding lisp hurt my eyes and ears

No. 1272561

JC keeps posting stories basically saying “everyone keeps asking about my new song being on Spotify, it’s not yet but please swipe up and use the links to do a preorder bundle and you’ll get the song” and I’m just like, don’t you get it that people don’t want to give you $50 for a preorder just to listen to the song? They want it on Spotify because that’s a service they already pay for. Are you that dumb?

No. 1272598

File: 1625608856725.jpeg (191.7 KB, 750x1051, 6C34CF52-5DEF-4284-8559-1C1986…)

I think amanda was trying to accuse her of the same thing on fathers day

No. 1272688

He’s really begging for preorders and listens to “run his numbers up”. It’s kinda embarrassing. What other artist needs to do that to get people to listen. He sounds like a whiny little bitch. And looks so gross.

No. 1272766

anecdotal but I had a few "forgot password" emails from IG, posted about it on my story and a bunch of other people said it's happening to them too. I don't think it's specific people, might be phishing bots or a glitch.

No. 1272773

Same and there’s literally no one who would be interested in mine.

No. 1273035

Agreed with all these anons, his music career is in the dumpster and it shows. Did anyone else notice how he posted one of those “ask me a question” stickers on his stories for feedback on the new song, and within seconds he started posting all this positive feedback that literally nobody is saying? lmao it looks so fake, I’m guessing his marketing managers are doing it to make him appear still relevant and make it look like people are enjoying the music. In the grand scope of the industry he’s truly a nobody, every time he begs for preorders and for people to stream his music it shows that he’s mad he fell from fame.

No. 1273215

File: 1625699610441.png (3.48 MB, 1170x2532, 95745576-9FD4-4440-A588-FF01EA…)

Did he delete it already?

As for this pic and the quality of the video, this is literally just walls covered in tin foil. It looks so cheap and tacky… so I guess it perfectly matches him lol

Also it’s like, hey thanks to everyone who preordered just to listen to the song, but it’s on Spotify now so you wasted your money

No. 1273356

"Truly a nobody"

Ok well the views keep on climbing, clearly he still is relevant. What are you doing with your life?

No. 1273362

Oh hey, Jonny or Syd! Welcome to your thread

No. 1273424

People have such a piss poor definition of "relevant" these days.

No. 1273519

“What are you doing with your life”
Not ebegging for a piddly ass little $600 thats for damn sure

No. 1273531

File: 1625763095568.png (1.05 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_4355.PNG)

sure Jonny, i'm sure thats why you guys dont ever post him….

No. 1273534

Yeah that excuse might've worked if they didn't already tell on themselves for moving away from him. Lol. Unless he's trying to say that Storm has so much privacy that it extends to his toys or anything that might point at him living with them.

No. 1273665

File: 1625778719379.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x1993, 79F4C9C5-27F1-42B5-AF3F-14D831…)

Obviously blanked out his face but in the post it’s clear this is an old video.

I think Jonny means he “might” “fuck around and see his child” today, and that’s the only reason he will be posted

No. 1273696

Did it show her forehead for proof? If she purposely chose a video that cropped out her forehead then we know it’s old ha. I really doubt they’re taking time out of their day to go see him. Or they’re not allowed.

No. 1273705

Forehead is cut off the entire video

No. 1273857

He must have run out of pictures to recycle. They really blew off that baby on his first birthday didn’t they?

No. 1273867

That’s an old video of her with dark hair
Where is storm? Are they both using?

No. 1273924

Storm was only a prop to get Syd next to Jonny and his fanbase. Neither of them bothered to see their son on his 1st birthday AND SydSoSelfish made it about her yet again.

These two have to be mentally retarded by now due to drugs to not see how obvious they're being. We could literally goad them into posting based on how we carefully insult them ITT, how low do you have to fall before you realize you're living your entire life for people who scroll IG or come to lolcow in their spare time?

No. 1273933

This is actually a grow tent, you can see the opening at the top where you run your fan intake/exhaust.

No. 1274039

If this is actually true and they didn't bother to show up for his first birthday, that's seriously heartbreaking. I guess we'll see throughout the day but damn man that's heavy.

No. 1274067

Watch them end up at her mom's bt the end of the day to take some last minute insta selfies eith Storm before ditching him and heading home to get high and trawl the internet reading what people write about them.

Imagine abandoning your firstborn and only son with medical issues just to be a druggie cocksleeve. Tbqh, I hope they both get hit by a bus.

No. 1274077

they're def both using just by Syd's behaviour in vids lately she's got to be

it's crazy how many cows live their lives to please and disprove lolcow instead of fulfilling their fans requests!

I agree with you. I really feel for Storm they completely ditched him and talk about him like some old friend they haven't seen in yrs, but it's their precious baby! Sad they don't want to break cycles of dysfunction.

No. 1274080

I’d give them through the weekend to see if they even threw a party for him. It would make sense for them to showcase him on his birthday party (which would most likely be thrown on the weekend) than his actual birthday.

Why drive two hours(4 hours round trip) to see your kid on his birthday when you’ll drive two hours and see him on his first birthday party? (Sarcasm)

No. 1274108

The day is already over, it was yesterday.

Like I know he’s a baby and he doesn’t know it’s his birthday. The first birthday is usually more for the parent so it just goes to show you how much they care about him. I highly doubt they would spend any of what money they do have throwing a party for him when they could spend it on their selfish selfs instead

No. 1274360

I really have to wonder if something happened and they legally can’t be around him. I know they’re terrible ppl but really haven’t taken 4 hours out of their boring ass life to see him in weeks?

No. 1274368

I wonder if she forfeited her right as a parent when she went back on trying to charge Jonny in court? Wasn't he being charged with child endangerment?

No. 1274395

No…. it was a misdemeanor assault/family violence towards Syd

No. 1274571

Maybe, just maybe, Syd's mom (do we know her name btw?) only allows them to see Storm occasionally or under special circumstances. Ever since they dropped him with her, they've been able to post him and about him less, and whatever pics they do post with him are obviously old and posed, so maybe SydMom knows they see him as a cute little JC fanbase prop for attention and keeps a tight leash. At leaat, I hope so.

No. 1274683

I'm more inclined to think it's court ordered. BPD Syd wouldn't stand for looking like a bad mother, hence her trying to pretend nothing is going on.

No. 1274717

My tin foil is that Jonny specifically isn’t allowed to see the baby because of the court stuff, and Syd decided to be with Jonny to live the “rock star life” (yeah, what a joke) instead of living a “boring” mom life

No. 1274734

File: 1625963115374.jpg (297.31 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20210710_202437.jpg)

Bwahaha K sure, JC

No. 1274743

File: 1625964210911.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1125x1993, BD2516FA-1EF4-4679-BFB5-8AB2DA…)

an actual clown

No. 1274748

Kek they make it so obvious they constantly read here. Her hair looks like a bad Halloween wig to match that awful makeup situation.
She’d probably scare Storm looking like that.

No. 1274752

File: 1625966642189.jpeg (277.26 KB, 1298x863, C4C878AB-971C-4819-98A3-8DDE37…)

No. 1274756

Dying lmao. And oh yeah syd? Post proof your child was not removed from your shit care, or you didn’t dump him like a piece of garbage. Can’t do it.

No. 1274798

She does not look sober at all.

No. 1274905

What's weird is how an adult can be so unaware of how much personal info and dirty laundry they post on themselves, then act like people make things up about them that "aren't true". Like… it comes from you at the beginning, Syd. You are the one choosing to publicly post pics and drama about yourself and your BD on insta.

No. 1274908

Maybe you shouldn’t have chosen a baby daddy who is “famous” if you didn’t want to be in the public eye yourself

No. 1274911


What in the hell is this thing? Not human.

All of JC's sugar mamas go through some transformation/degeneration. I legit thought TND was fine before Jonsofat gatecrashed her life. Syd had something going for her as well imo, but whatever that was turned into a burning pile of white trash.

No. 1274917

>Syd had something going for her as well imo

idk about that but I honestly think Syd tried her hardest at landing a musician who was semi popular with select listeners 10+ years ago

No. 1274936


Syd was literally an emo NEET living in her mom's trailer kek they are a match made in trash heaven

No. 1275005

FACTS she only dates musicians.

No. 1275125

File: 1626044158053.png (Spoiler Image, 10.16 MB, 1242x2208, 17E18CF0-167B-4B27-8CE8-4F5744…)

Brace yourselves ladies, there’s another one

No. 1275140

Jesus fucking christ when I read "there's another one" and saw the pic I thought at first glance it was an ultrasound pic

No. 1275170


You can’t tell me that doesn’t look like man ass. Syd is so unappealing.

No. 1275180

She's arching her back in doggy style with a thong and still doesn't have any ass. You can really tell which parts of herself she's the most insecure about because Jonny always ends up posting them to IG with a cringey caption gassing her up.

No. 1275209

>7 weeks into A Song of Fire and Ice
>163 pages into the second book

Wow. Much reading.

No. 1275217

What is their obsession with taking skanky pics of her for the internet. He looks like an old perv doing that.

No. 1275254

I think syd likes him showing off her gross skank pics because of all the women who watch his stories. She never shows them herself. It’s always him. She likely thinks it’s a way to stick it to all the “black-haired filler-lipped” carbon copies that follow him. She’s so painfully insecure.

No. 1275278

I half-assume it's Syd posting it herself on his stories while he's nodded out

No. 1275304

>>1274734 he's really posting an abuser to make a point looool

No. 1275366

Because if she posts them then it's insecure and pathetic, but if HE posts them then he's just ~appreciating his kween~. Also, it's about lording her BM status over his female fans, Syd can't draw a breath without trying to lowkey shit on another female at least once a day in some way. Based Jonny always makes it look pitiful and obvious though, kek.

No. 1275454

Jonny is in trouble this time. He has to appease the BP ego of Syd else she will clean him for child support. Jonny blink if your hostage

No. 1275788

is it just me or did she edit her pupil(s)?! they look tear drop shaped here or at least the one we can see does and she def doesn't have tear drop pupils. If I'm remembering correctly this isn't the first time she's done this

lol anon lbr he doesn't have anything to clean out other than a couple pairs of shoes That'll get him nowhere and barely enough $ to maintain an h habit. I mean they had to do a go fund me scam which is his M.O. every few months he does a diff scam. I mean look at him with TND they were completely broke moving into the atrium house. He's definitely getting what he deserves.

No. 1275989

The funniest part about that likely being her motive is it doesn't even really stick it to them. Jonny is low-life scum who is notorious for cheating on whatever girl he is with, even as outed by SYD HESRSELF constantly. Nobody wants your man honey, he's a nasty washed up druggie nowhere near as famous as he once was considered, and now has two children he's abandoned to earn the title of deadbeat dad x2. He doesn't have the looks, fame, money, personality, loyalty, family drive, literally anything to offer that any normal girl would look for in a guy. Syd has nothing going for her either besides the fact that she birthed one of his children. Not really a bragging right when neither of them even care about him. If a girl hotter and richer than Syd pursued him she would have him in a heartbeat. Please Syd you don't have to scream how insecure you are to keep him, everyone already knows he doesn't love you or your body since he was willing to cheat on you multiple times - and don't forget you're the one who outed him for it yourself WHILE staying with him sweetie! Such a ~power couple~. Don't be mad at the rest of us that you couldn't do better.

No. 1276081

This. The only reason JC puts up with her is because she's got a pussy and he's the best she can ever do, and they both know it. Her having Storm was just her way of putting a lock around his neck so he can never ghost her without her being able to make him into the bigger asshole no matter what she does. Jonny and Storm are the real victims here, but only Jonny deserves everything he's gonna go through for the next 18 years putting up with Syd, who is only gonna get crazier as she ages and her body & looks degrade even more. As long as he sticks with her she's gonna keep punishing him and everyone around them for it.

No. 1276107

Storm is the only victim. He didn’t ask to be born to a toxic environment with a job. The job of tying a junkie down with a psychopath. And when that failed, they dumped the poor kid onto his grandma.

Storm probably never developed a strong bond with his mom because she was too busy chasing Jonny during those critical months. so it’s probably easy for Syd to see him for a little bit and leave. He probably has more attachment to G’ma.

No. 1276122

I doubt a leech like Syd would dump a baby, people throw stuff at you when you have a baby trying to help you out. I think Syd's mom petitioned for custody and won after Jonny got arrested for whatever he did to Syd's leg, God only knows how much history of instability she has on Syd amd Jonny has tons of evidence of him being a shitbag online to this day. It would be an open and shut case for her mom and explain why Syd is still trying to pretend they still have him.

No. 1276157

> people throw stuff at you when you have a baby
Yea I think that’s why they’re pretending they still have custody of him, claiming they don’t show him much because “he’s not a toy”.

I feel like if Syd actually got her baby taken from her , she would pull that card. Muh evil mom stole my baby!! If syds mom did file for emergency custody, wouldn’t that be public record?

No. 1276231

She did for a minute, remember? Before the court dates but after the arrest, IIRC she even said it was her mom and Jonny trying to steal him from her, so maybe he gave her mom what dirt he had on her for the custody case. Selfish narc asshole dads are notorious for being jealous of their own sons getting more "attention" from their wife/BM than them (bc helpess infant).

No. 1276614

Oh shit, I don't know if the timeline of everything adds up but if it does it would make perfect sense. I really wondered at the time how she was spiraling that badly to be saying Jonny and his mom "stole" him. Could definitely be tied to all of this. And even if it didn't it goes to show how unstable and POS of a mother she is.

No. 1276648

If Syd's mom were going to petition for custody of Storm, the best time to do it would've been immediately after the domestic disturbance between Syd and Jonny, when he was still mad enough to be posting stuff like "I only pushed her NBD" and might have been willing to dish on Syd to her mom. Mom can then use both their claims against each other, any evidence of Syd's history of blatant mentall illness and abusive behavior (also described by her ex online) she may have, and Jonny's online history of abuse, drug use AND one existing child he already abandoned. Her case would be unlosable after everything those two spent the previous year publicly uploading.

No. 1276973

File: 1626338749469.jpg (191.89 KB, 1075x1930, Screenshot_20210713-200500_Ins…)

Can anyone decipher what she's trying to say here? It was posted 2 days ago. I can't for the life of me understand what she tried to say, it makes no sense and only further increases my suspicion that she's using drugs.

No. 1276977

"We are the in crowd" = a band name
The sentence is fine, but she has the music taste of a 15 year old in 2012

No. 1277063

I didn't get what was so hard to understand about this either lol obviously when she says 4 songs she's referring to a band, so even if you haven't heard of them it doesn't take a PhD to figure out she's talking about a band. Some people are seriously stupid af

No. 1278354

File: 1626478744934.jpeg (237.14 KB, 1125x2004, AFD26952-D4FB-4608-A288-9E3F5D…)


No. 1278356

File: 1626478968704.jpeg (279.12 KB, 1125x1995, C0D70200-F64C-4D2D-AF49-F4FC9F…)

No. 1278540

This is so illiterate I seriously can’t make sense of it. How high are you syd? Jonny must’ve had a girl recognize him in the store and she had to have a meltdown on social media about it. Settle tf down. Hes not a celebrity, just so ugly he’s hard to miss.

No. 1278557

File: 1626492136387.jpeg (847.99 KB, 750x1474, 752F35F6-1353-42C6-9A3A-BC279E…)

Damn, he really has no respect for her.

No. 1278560

>a squiggly mouthed Pac-Man with level 1 art spherical shading
>for sale

I kek’d

No. 1278582

This is awful, I really hope some poor soul doesn’t actually pay money for it. I guess she had to poop out something to show where the go fund me money was going to

No. 1278612

I can only imagine when he “goes on tour” if she is there she will literally get so pissed at any female fan trying to interact with him.

No. 1278668

This is what she said she needed a grand to do? This is the artistic venture she desperately needed to fund?? Embarrassing

No. 1278732

File: 1626508145939.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1125x1999, 38B11061-49A2-45E4-9C94-4EB100…)

lmao literally anyone can brown some meat and add some canned beans and throw some avocado on top…. Homemade chili is nothing to brag about

No. 1278778

Lol jonny, nobody wants to buy your crazy wife’s scribbles. Or your “cds” lmao

No. 1278786

Lol She isn't his wife. Also, she will never be his wife. She's just his baby mama who tried to catch a man by conceiving and having a child with an abusive drug addict. What a catch, for both of them.

No. 1278787

Syd, you need to delete instagram. You only use it to make yourself miserable thinking you can compete with better, younger, prettier women with better lives than you. You're a druggie burnout narc dependa who abandoned her son for drugs, dick and groupie drama.

No. 1278789

What the fuck even is this English supposed to be??

And she didn't even keep it! OR focus on it when they had custody of him. What man would wife a crazy hoe who gets him arrested and gets his kid taken away after airing out all his drama online? I net the only reason Syd calmed down after Storm went to live with her mom is because now Jonny doesn't feel nearly as obligated to stick to her for anything but pussy and money without him & she can't get away with it anymore.

No. 1278960

sage for emosperg

it makes me so sad that someone with such an extraordinary singing voice decided to be a wifebeater


No. 1279020

everyone of her text posts lately just seems like she's high af and can't text properly

No. 1279107

>I asked her to draw something for ME
>nvm someone else can buy it

No. 1279158

> Amazing singing voice
A cat being skinned alive makes for less raspy nonsense then his music. And hate to flash it to ya, but he's always been this way. Syd is not the first n she likely won't be the last girl he abuses in some way. No one here feels bad for the guy, he blew it up all on his own there's not much sad about him other than what he inflicts on ppl at this point in my opinion. Like storm, he doesn't deserve any of this he did nothing wrong yet here we are.

No. 1279226

Gotta be married to be a wifebeater, and Syd is just a groupie BM, not a wife.

His voice was amazing because he was passionate about singing before he got hooked on drugs and stroking his own ego. Now, his voice is shit because the past decade of treating his body like shit is catching up to him, and he has an emotional vampire draining him 24/7 now on top of using regularly again. His music isn't getting any better any time soon as long as Syd & drugs are in his life.

No. 1279565

you forgot to add the new lisp from his 40,000$ dental implants lol

No. 1279969

I don’t know how to post images, but behind/next to the glass with beer(?) in it, there’s an orange cap attached to something that looks a lot like a needle.

No. 1280002

Not seeing what you see. I don’t see anything orange? Or anything pen-like/needle-like

No. 1280060

File: 1626680739485.jpeg (956.21 KB, 1125x2005, 3ABB7080-BE3F-4D19-863C-739CFA…)

No. 1280074

File: 1626684503195.jpg (80.98 KB, 1078x1690, Screenshot_20210719-184432_Ins…)

Is this jonny refusing to believe Syds swuper scwawy ghostie stories? I'm sure things happen around her but there's always a logical explanation and logic is not her strong point. Before we know it she'll be running around with Sage and talking about how some rocks make her less bipolar.

No. 1280135

This bitch… Thinks supernatural/paranormal shit happens around her bc she walked down a toy aisle in Target and the motion/sound/light sensor activated toys went off?

Don't do drugs, kids. Wew.

No. 1280138

Lmao these people are in their 30's, wow. What a time to be alive.

No. 1280231

Whats worse anon…These people are also parents.. jfc poor storm

No. 1280260

Kek someone want to tell her that the fisher price toys are connected to one another so they all go off at the same time?

Literally anyone who’s walked down that isle in target has experienced the same thing. Grasping at straws this hard to seem interesting.

No. 1280347

>>and i've had more since
is she trying to say she got haunted at target? lmao. it's probably just the drugs

No. 1280354

People keep saying she's on stuff and not to be rude but where's the proof? I don't follow her Instagram anymore and she won't let me follow her again, I'm sure she posts stuff drunk but like with Taylor there was needle shots and all kinds of shit. How does anyone know for real she's using heroin I assume??

No. 1280355

File: 1626726957080.jpg (408.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210719-133454_Ins…)

No one cares about your white trash music venture you little sewer rat kek

No. 1280360

File: 1626727399300.jpg (164.31 KB, 1500x1500, 71CUHrLKrnL._SL1500_.jpg)


"CD release" kek

No. 1280407

if anything, this just proves that they don't have storm living with them. if they did, she'd know that kids toys have motion/light detectors, and even sometimes go off AFTER the fact to try and get the kids attention again when they stop playing with it. smfh

No. 1280532

Is he acting like you can’t FaceTime on a device other than a computer? Jonny Scammer Craig at it again.

No. 1280643

No, he’s referring to his “features” that he keeps trying to promote but is more than likely another scam

No. 1280668

why can't he just go down to AZ to do his features? Thats where he recorded all the other ones and his album

No. 1280695

File: 1626764560088.jpeg (358.62 KB, 1125x1995, B8E06258-8271-44A8-9FAB-0F0A63…)

No. 1280697

File: 1626764605965.jpeg (443.39 KB, 1125x1992, 0478A6FF-7F2F-43AE-9391-365E03…)

No. 1280730

Jonny starts trying to work again & suddenly Syd is crying for unconditional support and validation, but only on her own terms. What a giant fucking baby, her son is more emotionally mature than her. Get it through your ugly head that nobody cares about you just because you got knocked up by Jonny Craig.

No. 1280734

Lmao can she public her profile and so that people can actually vote no. She is such a basic cow, I love it

No. 1280870

Kek she wants to be praised and adored for every small thing she does in life.

No. 1280871

You know who would like to hear some stories? Your kid you abandoned. Ffs she spends more time on Instagram than with her son.

No. 1280953

lmao what the last one doesn't even make sense! I never want to know what you're doing but i'm totes inspired by you telling me anyways! lbr that would be rude af and she would whine about it online if someone said it to her. She clearly just wants love and adoration and people fawning over her for her skills but she doesn't have any and that drawing is the first thing she's ever posted of her art. She sang once with jonny but deleted it when she learned cows wanted to post it

No. 1281092

Jonny is posting tour dates on Friday. Is Syd gonna leave the baby behind and go with him? Omg and when he tours in Texas…. Doesn’t he have like five exes from there hahaha I can’t wait

No. 1281106

They haven't had the baby since Jonny was areested, anon. Where have you been? Also I guarantee no tour would ever allow Sloppy Sydney to troll along and raise absolute hell for everyone as soon as a female fan comes within 50 feet of Jonny. They would sooner drop him from the tour than enable her controlling NPD bandwfie fantasy and let her ree at fans and post shit to her IG about them.

No. 1281108

Either way it’s going to be some milky fun for us. Because she’ll either go along and ruin it for him, or she’ll stay home and ruin it for him lol

No. 1281224

The milk would be creamier if she wasn’t with him. But she doesn’t have a job and isn’t a mom to her kid. So nothing is stopping her. Except maybe whoever his tour manager is. I can’t imagine they will pay for her to tag along.

No. 1281236

File: 1626830465484.png (972.42 KB, 1170x2532, BF6CCB78-31D4-4082-8F16-2B94AA…)

Can’t wait for this shit show

No. 1281258

File: 1626832882867.jpg (106.86 KB, 1079x1908, Screenshot_20210721-120031_Ins…)

No. 1281270

jesus, how is he affording a tour? the upfront money is $$$$

No. 1281273

Syd just went live. Can any anons record? I don’t know how

No. 1281275

she's talking about how spooky scary stuff happened to her as a kid, saying some demons latched onto her and saying ummm and smacking her lips a bunch in a shitty wig (new forehead dermal piercing too) don't waste your braincells

No. 1281280

Oh Jesus it’s so awful. I recorded some but I don’t know how to post videos here.

I came in at the end of a “ghost story” and then she proceeded to talk about nothing ghost related and this live is literally pointless. She’s asking if anyone has any questions since she already ran out of stuff to say. Someone asks about mom life and she clearly has no stories to tell and is saying generic things she’s making up on the spot and nothing specific about Storm. And they are playing loud music so I’m assuming that means the baby is not there or he would be waking up from the noise lol

No. 1281281

And now she’s talking about how much hate she gets and how bitter people are and how she just minds her own business and doesn’t care about it….. sure, Jan

No. 1281282

lots of ranting about lolcow and how people can just twist her words and her pure hearted intentions so that's why she "restricts everything in her life"
and as anon said here >>1281280 she doesn't bring storm to the beach because hes half ginger but definitely takes him on walks to the mailbox

No. 1281284

Aaaaannnnnd she just confirmed she will in fact be joining Jonny on tour

No. 1281385

I feel awful for all the roadies on tour that will have to put up with her drama and antics, let alone fans. Imagine being stuck on a tour bus with her annoying ass.

Imagine choosing to tour over being a mother when you have no talent at all.

No. 1281387

If she's not there, he will fuck around with anything that shows him interest.

He'll probably do it anyway.

No. 1281392

She’s trying to live out some old Warped Tour fantasy from 2005. It’s so sad, yet so entertaining. I look forward to the milk.

No. 1281452

So because Syd said it, it's true? She still lies about having custody of Storm while blaring loid music when he should be asleep. She can't even feign what it's like to be a mom because she isn't anymore, and she's still trying to use Storm to manipulate ppl into thinking she isn't just a selfish, lying narcissistic whore when it's clear they haven't had him since she moved in with Jonny.

Until Jonny says something I have a hard time believing anything she says, considering she still lies about having custody of her son, but only when people notice she has a ton of free time to get drunk and high and be loud no other new moms do. If she had Storm, she wouldn't be able to live how she is, she would be back to being a fat, unwashed sack of angry miserable shit crying about having no free time and wanting someone to baby her like she was when they first got him home from the hospital, which is probably why Jonny went off on her in his druggie rage and caused the incident where they lost custody of him. No way she has Storm, she acts completely night and day different from when we know she DID have him, and every pic of him she posts is in her mom's house.

This feels like her talking out of her ass and hoping JC goes along, or Jonny told her she could go before clearing it with anyone else & is waiting for the management to tell her no so he doesn't have to face her narc rage. I bet money that if she DOES go, she either gets him dropped from the tour before the halfeay point or he sends her ass home early to avoid losing the gig.

No. 1281453

>>1281284 Ah right, because the musicians really want their bandmates' girlfriend with them on tour. She probably doesn't realize that going along as a useless person is pretty boring unless you're a musician or technician. They also spend around 75% of the time waiting until they can do something. We're gonna get a lot of juicy instagramstories, I'm sure

No. 1281455

I hope she doesn't expect anyone to treat her like one of the artists or a VIP, because if so she's in for one rude awakening. Tour groupies are not well liked unless they put out for everyone, and even then they only like that you put out, and nobody likes it when clingy, jealous GFs/BMs tag along and make it all about them, there's enough going on that one random thot following people around doing nothing is an insult in itself- touring is a ton of work and planning, it's not for random thots to just tag along and be seen with an artist because they sling pussy. Any girl can do that.

No. 1281461

Yeah aren’t Jonny’s tours notorious for him in terms of cheating, drinking, and using? It’s always when shit really hits the fan for him. Of course she has to be there to keep her BPD grip on him. Plus isn’t this why she baby trapped him? So she could live out her musician husband fantasy? Not sure why anyone’s surprised (or doubting) that she’s going. I can’t wait for the milk.

No. 1281463

It's surprising that the management would allpw her to come on with how much evidence there is of her being batshit crazy and not giving a shit what or who she ruins to get her way. Can you imagine Syd DEMANDING they cancel a show, or move the audience around because there are too many hot young girls up front fawning over Jonny? The jealous rants, lowkey airing Jonny out for using and cheating, and possibly even sneaky pics she would post to her IG from "behind the scenes" for groupie clout? Covid touring is hard enough, why add the ticking time bomb that is Syd into the mix? I don't think Jonny will be able to work and keep a leash on her 24/7 by himself, and I don't see her handling being ignored and left alone very well based on her history.

No. 1281501

Why doubt it? She has no job and no responsibilities so there is no reason for her not to go. Or at least she sure seems to believe she is going. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonny doesn’t want her to go but is waiting til the last minute to come up with a reason to tell her she can’t. Can you imagine the hell he’d be living in now up until tour if he told her she couldn’t come?

No. 1281518

I agree. There’s no way he wants her attached to his hip the whole time. He’ll probably tell her she can’t last minute. Although to those saying he won’t be able to drink or use with her there, I’m sure they’re apartment has become a drug den just like Taylor’s was. She abandoned an innocent child for him. I’m sure he uses right in front of her at this point and knows she won’t leave him anyway. I’d be shocked if she hasn’t joined in yet considering how desperate she is for him to love her.

No. 1281673

File: 1626892391485.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, 3B213F7F-8741-42E3-859B-D863D0…)

From last night

No. 1281675

File: 1626892722506.png (3.82 MB, 750x1334, A8A66CBB-6436-4740-8558-ADC4C3…)

No. 1281698

> she doesn't bring storm to the beach because hes half ginger but definitely takes him on walks to the mailbox
What. The. Fuck? The absolute fuck does half-ginger have anything to do with that? He’s not a vampire. Do what every other parent does and put a rash guard on him. Put sun screen on him. Give him a hat. She literally claims to deny him the excitement of the beach because he’s half ginger but walks him to the mailbox? So he doesn’t get to play outside? No parks? California beaches are always 10-20+ degrees cooler than the inland heat. I’m blown away.

No. 1281747



No. 1281757

Kek I’d buy a shirt with that slogan

No. 1281823

Imagine actually wanting and encouraging that red, puffy, sweaty, bleary face rooting around on top of you. He looks like he is about 5 seconds away from a massive myocardial infarction.

No. 1281826

Looking like a confused twink started taking estrogen. Those lashes really enhance her crazy whore gaze

No. 1281863

Leaves half ginger son home to go drink on the beach with her full ginger bf. This girl ain't make no sense lmao

No. 1281872

What in the fuck is this look?

No. 1281892

What in the Wish.com Alaska Thunderfuck is this look?

No. 1281900

>Is This What the Kids are Wearing These Days?
>Please Tell Me I Still Look Exactly the Same As When I was A Teenager
>If I Dress Like the Popular Boys, Maybe They'll Like Me!
>& other such Looks

No. 1281908

I know we joke about that a lot, but he really doesn't look healthy at all- he always looks swollen and overheated, like he just went for a run and got stung by a bee.

No. 1281910

Well, because touring is a job & other people who do work as a part of that job don't always allow random civilians to wander aimlessly around the event space while they work. Suppose she fell down some stairs for attention and broke her ankle, then the tour's insurance has to get involved & it becomes a whole thing. Or what if she uploads pics of underaged fans to her stories bitching about what they wear to the show without their consent? Or posts clips of people backstage working without their knowledge, showing their faces. There are 100 ways Syd could fuck it up and make everyone's jobs harder, not for just herself and Jonny.

No. 1281962

She wont make any sense because she doesn’t have the kid. Like a different anon said, she does shit that doesn’t make sense because she’s not a mom and wouldn’t understand otherwise. The loud music is a great example. Them having beer and a lit candle on the edge of their coffee table is another. Not having baby shit everywhere.

I await the day they are exposed for being deadbeat pieces of shit.

No. 1281973

Damn. Shitty makeup really does age you.

No. 1282003

Part of me thinks he might possibly say yes to allowing her to tag along for tour so he could use her to try to sling merch (his CDs) but this girl has absolutely no work ethic or sense of will you do anything actually useful for anyone in her life. For herself or otherwise.

No. 1282014

Eh I think you are thinking this is more official, more professional than it actually is. As a former fan of JC sadly I have spent way too much on tickets to see this joke if a human being and I can tell you his tours are not these types of tours lol. I’ve seen him bring his hoe of the month with him to plenty of shows including Chelsea, the long black haired one (I forget her name,) Amanda, and when he was in DGD he was dating some prostitute looking chick who he brought with him. In general it’s really not that weird for girlfriends/wives/random groupies to come along on tour

No. 1282123

He probably would try to just stick her in the merch booth so she won’t be around him. Can’t picture it though. She’d scare everyone away. Probably wouldn’t allow other females to buy his shirts lol

No. 1282193

i have no contribution i’m sorry but this is the funniest fucking thread

No. 1282369

File: 1626969721511.png (1.26 MB, 1125x2436, E4B4C88B-426C-4A5D-BAE6-8DF56E…)

Literally lmao that she put artist in her bio… you scribbled one thing on a piece of paper and then complained that no one complimented your (lack of) skills. Keep dreaming though. Useless.

No. 1282388


Why does every 2bit cunt with no personality stick this in their bio now? What is it even supposed to mean?

No. 1282417

File: 1626975280168.jpeg (172.66 KB, 750x897, 05DCB9CC-9AFD-4422-B538-FEE45D…)

This guy is on turtlemoms twitter talking about how jonny ripped him off on a ft. How much $ are individual people giving him for these scams?

No. 1282419

File: 1626975385026.jpeg (100.17 KB, 750x482, AE63F65F-2363-4E27-926F-A8FF2D…)

No. 1282425

>using storm like that
Like what? Pretending he has custody him?

Dead beat junkie ripping people off. Not shocking. Hope he spills some milk though.

No. 1282459

Apparently he used him as an excuse as to why he hadnt followed through with the feature. He said jonny used the money for rent so wouldn’t refund him and he had to dispute it with his bank.

No. 1282592

File: 1626998850678.jpeg (323.16 KB, 1170x803, 786EDF65-4A16-441D-BDCB-4041E5…)

The original tweet from this guy

No. 1282599

I honestly feel no sympathy for people who still continue to give Jonny free money without demanding the service in question first. it's not like his scams are under the rug, it's even mentioned in his wikipedia bio

No. 1282611

I tend to agree. Whoever is paying him for these features must be living under a rock because a) he’s a known scammer and b) who would want to be associated with him and his reputation at this point? Having him on a track is not a good look

No. 1282624

how tf you get scammed by jonny craig in 2021 is beyond me even if you are too young to know his exploits its all available with a quick google search

No. 1282728

File: 1627019599950.jpeg (144.34 KB, 828x1712, 0B168521-E54C-4834-986C-76BBA2…)

First time posting. Don’t hate me

No. 1282729

File: 1627019677061.jpeg (169.1 KB, 828x1718, 186BED26-BAF6-4F63-9075-4BCBFB…)

The post right before this is of her and Jonny. The facade doesn’t last long in this family.

No. 1282730

File: 1627019711450.jpeg (77.39 KB, 828x1715, 6A6CD619-B43D-487B-A65C-109C88…)

No. 1282733

File: 1627020044409.gif (163.07 KB, 220x118, BF860C1F-51FE-457A-B772-1BB4AF…)

My body is ready for the milk that will flow when she tags along with him on his tour.

No. 1282744

File: 1627020796408.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1125x2086, 81E82547-B878-42EA-9BD8-17F47D…)

Imagine telling everyone you had a peaceful moment as a memory with your fiancé lmao

No. 1282746

These girls are kinda ugly like no offense

No. 1282747

At this point I think any actually attractive woman who respects herself knows better than to talk to Jonny Craig. He preys on young girls who are insecure and think he’s famous still

No. 1282749

File: 1627021833912.jpeg (961.89 KB, 1125x1996, 9EF69C2A-97F0-4DE8-B165-359261…)

No. 1282751

He doesn’t even follow most of the girls she “calls out” so how does she find them? From DMs I guess?

No. 1282755

She already archived all of her pics with JC and also deleted the story ft “rennismomma”

No. 1282760

File: 1627023030809.jpeg (378.89 KB, 828x1476, BBC0CC8F-538C-4664-88C5-0D6FD1…)


No. 1282761

She’s such a mean girl. I hope her followers call her out on that shit.

No. 1282776

sydsoinsecure is at it again.

calling out some basic fangirls while she posts every picture/video/breathe theused take. that's some real clown shit from sydsopathetic

No. 1282783

no she is just nuts.
she gets into her borderline manic mood and looks up for girls who follow him. then she believes they are better/more beautiful and he is cheating on her. it's all in her head and kinda funny to watch

No. 1282806

Lol, these girls are younger carbon copies of her, no wonder she's panicked. Her behavior must make every other girl look so much sweeter and kinder in comparison, and the fact that Sydsostupid doesn't realize this and that she is part of the problem… Kek. She won't ever mentally or emotionally maturenpast the age of 4.

No. 1282824

Well I wouldn't say it's all in her head. He's cheated on literally every girl he's been with and Syd has posted the receipts before. But it's like either break up and move on at this point or just accept your fiance and child's father is a piece of shit that will never change.

No. 1282853

She still thinks she’s gonna be the one to change him lmao

No. 1282856

Really irks me when they still refer to themselves as mom and dad. You don’t get to enjoy that title when you dumped your one year old like trash to go live a drug filled toxic life. Syds mom is mom and dad to storm. That’s who takes care of him and provides for him. Traded her baby for a man she’s convinced doesn’t love her and is cheating. And yet she was so excited for that “unconditional love” she was gonna get from having a child. Too bad hers was conditional for him. So fucking heartless.

No. 1282862

Yes i agree it is weird but if other girls didn’t want him she wouldn’t either. She only wants him so she can feel like she’s superior over these other girls. And these other girls could get with him if they wanted to and she knows it and that drives her insane.

No. 1282864

This is so creepy of sydsopsycho. I mean isn’t she with a ~musician? Musicians have fans or there would be no tour. And doesn’t the heart represent what this girl loves like tacos and beards apparently? So she is a fan syd. You can’t try to scare off every female fan or jc won’t have any fans. His only fan base are young, naive, dumb girls and women. What a loser.

No. 1282905

Who needs to create a gofundme because her baby’s daddy and fiancé is washed up broke junkie? Lmao

No. 1282906

Nah, I hope they stay together and syd keeps having a maniac tantrum and ruin the last bit of his “career” - that way she is also doing the world a favour by keeping jonny the fuck away from other women.

No. 1282937

This dummy better stop chasing off the last 12 people who will buy his new “cd” . She knows he needs to buy them sneakers. Maybe storm will get a crumb when he’s done with his shopping spree he can’t afford.

No. 1283022

File: 1627068373528.jpg (49.49 KB, 1080x1190, Screenshot_20210723-152315.jpg)

Okay psycho with your sharpie eyebrows and scribble drawings you call ~art~

No. 1283033

Idk who she’s talking to but her broke gfm ass needs to sit down

No. 1283045

Says the girl who’s been wearing stick on gems for years before finally fucking up her face permanently? What a weird way to try to sound superior to other internet whores.

No. 1283404

I went to college in Lubbock. Literally no one goes to Jake’s. It makes me think his tour is a joke.

No. 1283411

Well that’s what happens when you’re a washed up has-been. You resort to playing shitty bars and night clubs.

I also laugh at the person up quite a few comments that imagined Syd on a tour bus. Jonny could never afford a tour bus these days. Even when he still was in a band (Slaves), they toured out of a van.

Congratulations Syd, you get to go live out your bum-musician fantasy.

No. 1283413

Lmao the good ol southwest loop. Surprised he's not hitting up reno kek. All the nothing bands in CA do these loop hole-in-the-wall bar tours.

No. 1283524

I also noticed he’s playing at the Milk Bar in SF. It’s a tiny ass bar with a small dance floor. His “tour” is pathetic and hilarious.

No. 1283534

This syd bitch is an idiot and a psycho

No. 1283556

Whatever happened to her recording a song or whatever with that shit band? Lol. I’m assuming they just told her she could cause they were put on the spot and have probably been avoiding it ever since.

No. 1283557


No surprise there. The venue in Denver he’s playing is 2 blocks from the bar I work at and is for nonames and brunch shows. If I wasn’t moving in a month I’d for sure walk by to people watch

No. 1283559

File: 1627153239292.png (488.45 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210723-051922.png)

I found this thread today after trying to look info up about this syd chick. Long story short, jonny had an instagram post over 3 weeks ago about an album release announcement coming up, with a caption saying are you ready or whatever.. I simply commented on it with "👀👀👀" which jonny liked, as he does with a lot of comments. YESTERDAY, 3+ weeks later, I wake up to this from her. (I hope the screenshot attaches) This is not the first time she has done something like this, to me personally. Awhile back he posted a photo of himself on a motorcycle with his eyes closed and I commented asking why his eyes were closed. She then replied numerous times in the comments to me, saying a female took that photo, that you could see her reflection in the bike (you could not 😂) then proceeded to reply about how he was out cheating on him. She also went through that same post doing the same thing to numerous other people's comments. He afterwards, deleted that post and made a post about people staying out of his business. Dude, your girl is the one who puts your business all out there. She is clearly extremely insecure and a little bat shit. They have a gofund me up for her to "address her mental health and help her turn her art into a business". She clearly needs the mental help guys. 😂 Anyway, just wanted to share that.

No. 1283562

She’s so cringe. It’s embarrassing.
Imagine being this insecure.

We don’t use emojis here FYI.

No. 1283563

Loool, you should've said "not even you beleive that, sydsopsycho".

We need more people posting caps of Syd being trashy at them in DM for commenting on Jonny's music posts.

No. 1283568

She really spends all her time going through his IG comments and stalks all the women he interacts with or follows him.

Poor storm.
“Hey mom, how come you abandoned me?”
“Oh because I spent all my time chasing after your junkie father who would like other female’s comments. Sorry son. No time for you. Plus you’re half ginger so I have to keep you locked in the house all the time for some reason. “

No. 1283571

Anon, kek, we discussed that motorcycle reflection photo at length here a couple of threads ago. Thanks for sharing this. She is truly Sydsopsycho. Any other caps you want to share?

No. 1283575

More proof she isn't living with Storm- her ass wouldn't be up at 1am posting if she had a baby to take care of.

Imagine carrying a baby to term, going throigh labor & delivery just to give him a name another girl chose for her baby by the same man, JUST to make that girl jealous, then you spend the next few months airing out all your dirty laundry, starting fights with your baby's father and whining that you aren't the center of attention anymore, then dumping that kid on your mom and moving two hours away from your sick infant.

She literally only got pregnant to get Jonny to stay with her. And she got pregant when Taylor was in rehab thinking Jonny was waiting for her.

Syd is a soulless, evil cunt. Everything she does is about getting praise and attention pn herself for existing & she sees other human beings, even her own son, as tools to get what she wants and feel superior to other women.

What a fucking hollow and meaningless existence. I know kys is edgelord-tier but if anyone met the criteria for being told to do so, it would be her. She just literally doesn't give a fuck about anything except what makes her feel good about herself or makes her feel better than someone else.

No. 1283584

Thought Taylor was going to dump the fuck boy befpre she got out and was dick riding woth a guy in her first rehab.

No. 1283619

I find it ironic that Syd idolizes snow the product, most of her songs are about stupid bitches like Syd that would rather hate women over leaving their piece of shit man and choose to stay stupid.

She's got no self awareness admitting to everyone that she would rather skinwalk other women to look just like them in an attempt to stay appealing to her scrote munching boyfriend, Syd is the most weak minded, insecure and dumb fake wannabe bad bitch on the planet. I hope she says something to wrong girl one day and gets her ass beat.

No. 1283698

Yeah, all those “the management” and “the tour bus” comments were from outer space. This is a middle-aged fat junkie in a Ford Econoline driving from small club to small club.

No. 1283707

From someone who suffered through her live let me remind y’all that she herself said “I have my insta set to private because Jonny is an open book but I’m not. I am a private person and I had too many bad apples harassing me” (obviously not verbatim but pretty damn close to what she said) like she is so delusional it’s almost sad. She is the only one putting their dirty laundry out there and she is the only one harassing anyone

There was a clue about this on her live I think. I can’t remember the bands name she was claiming to be recording a song with. It was Aqua something. But someone on the live asked if she was going to see their upcoming show and she got real awkward about it. She was making weird faces and saying “no I will not be going to that, no…. I wish them the best though” and now thinking about it I wonder if something happened between them and this supposed recording?

No. 1283709

Yeah so much for that anon who was talking about “tour insurance” hahah what a fucking joke

No. 1283711

File: 1627171267003.jpeg (293.43 KB, 828x1325, E5A01E4A-514C-4877-8606-33483B…)

Lmao she’s following him around on tour. Also this kinda confirmed she’ doesn’t have her son as she wouldn’t be hauling a one year old all over America.

No. 1283712

This is going to be hilarious. I cannot believe she was assmad enough to DM an anon about emojis. Tons of his fans are nostalgic women. Hairpulling merch babe saga when?

No. 1283715

“Making moves” for your son? How is you abandoning your child and following your druggie baby daddy around on his sad little “tour” making moves for your son to have a better life? How does her going on this “tour” benefit storm at all? Get a fucking job and actually take care of your kid you piece of shit

No. 1283718

She’s acting like this tour is her tour and she’s doing it for storm KEK oh my god the delusion. The best of the best for your son? Yea you clearly know what’s best for him.

She seems super broken up about leaving him behind for a month.

No. 1283725

File: 1627172703334.jpeg (451.8 KB, 1170x1616, 1E8275FE-7F4C-4C95-9672-C3452F…)

Okay but it’s people like this, and random people who were licking her butthole on her live for that matter, that make her think she has fans or is famous or something.

No. 1283757

last I checked the only tickets available are VIP, which don't even include general admission. No refunds also. Is this part of the scam? kek.

No. 1283759

eh, this "tour" lasts less than two weeks. they've abandoned their son for like a year already; what's another few weeks?

hopefully storm won't remember them

No. 1283770

looking up these shows is top kek
jonny’s not listed on half of the venues’ websites
the las vegas gig is at the new bar in the las vegas golf center
he’s not advertised on their website, but a journey cover band and a trini lopez cover band are

No. 1283811

Yeah people probably don’t want to promote it because people will get the show cancelled from his history of abuse and sexual assault

No. 1283828

File: 1627189635037.jpeg (175.58 KB, 1125x2011, FDC10D6C-BE16-45B8-B1B8-2224C9…)

No. 1283829

File: 1627189661463.jpeg (336 KB, 1125x1998, 47989BC0-8155-4621-B9A6-68034D…)

No. 1283830

File: 1627189697661.jpeg (2.15 MB, 1125x1996, 824E44E5-F7EB-434D-9C28-569047…)

She is seriously unhinged

No. 1283833

That mad cope knowing you’re a basic bitch kek

No. 1283834

Syd gives me the biggest keks. "no hate." "UH WHY ARE YOU IN JONNYS COMMENTS???? REEEEEE" "people just love to make things up about me"

No. 1283844

The funniest part is the entire post is a hateful post and basically says whoever it’s about isnt unique and is inspired by her? yet syd isn’t unique either and has publicly stated she needs to look like other girls for Jonny to love her lmao

No. 1283888

How does she have zero tits after giving birth? Never seen that happen. And it’s so cringe how she’s acting like going on this pathetic little tour is the opportunity of a lifetime and is gonna open doors for her? Like how? This tour has nothing to do with her. It’s a means for jonny to get more drug money and designer clothes. Maybe she’ll get lucky and get a T-shirt out of it lol I still don’t believe he actually wants her to go. She really thinks she’s special but literally every girlfriend he’s had has to go babysit him on tour and it’s always a shit show. As far as I’ve seen only one band is accompanying him and it’s one of the old members of slaves I believe? So maybe that’s who she’s excited to meet ha.

No. 1283891

Bitch, there’s women out there giving up bachelor degrees and their dream jobs to care and provide for their children. You going on a lame ass tour with your abusive junkie boyfriend does literally nothing for that baby but further prove that you don’t love him and he’s nothing to you. As long as you get your dirty tour van experience and get to meet a few teenage girls who have called you pretty. I’m sure storm would’ve loved that bonding time, but let’s face it he’s probably already forgotten her.

No. 1283894

What exactly can be bigger and better than the child you abandoned?

No. 1283895

Agree, but disgusting that she would claim this tour is benefiting the kid at all. Even if they had money, considering they haven’t visited him at all since they left it seems, I don’t see why her mom would take it? If she’s already committed to raising the kid herself then she probably doesn’t want their help anyway.

No. 1283949

Re: her itty bitties- she doesn’t have boobs because she didn’t breast feed. She claims she recently weened him off (in her live) but if that were the case she would still have at least a little boobage. I don’t think she breast fed at all because she hasn’t had boobs since she was still pregnant. No shame on women who don’t choose to breast feed but with syd it’s just yet another way she’s chosen not to be a mother and to not bond with storm so

No. 1283973

Yeah this tour is gonna be delicious because she's already centering this tour around her and her experiences. I have a feeling Vegas will be especially milky. She's not gonna let him out of her sight and he'll hate her for it lmfao. Also the unbuttoned shorts gave me a mighty kek. She's a black hole for attention.

No. 1283999

Bets on which city she'll unravel? Also kinda wondering if her mega paranoia about women and Jonny will escalate to her taking pictures of fans and/or harassing them. If she's not ahove 1am "flexes" on random comments left by fans on an official band page 3 weeks AFTER they've posted, then she'll definitely get into it good with anyone who is good looking. Either that or no one comes and the "tour" becomes embarrassing, playing for 20-30 people lmfao.

No. 1284003

The very first night is my prediction

No. 1284009


What’s funny is I think she’s too much of a little bitch to say anything TO THE GIRLS when it happens. To their face, that is. So, she’ll run to her phone, post passive-aggressive stories, then stalk Jonny’s likes and comb through his followers to find these girls and confront them over DMs.

Also lmao what a cope to have to tell yourself the girls Jonny is drooling over on Instagram were INSPIRED by her. Like she invented the look that she has and didn’t BPD chameleon it to try to make it to being an emo band groupie. Maybe she’s so insecure about their intentions because she was one of those girls, so she thinks every female fan wants to be a starfucker and can’t appreciate things without wanting to sleep with the male musicians like her.

No. 1284036

LA for sure. Lots of pretty women in LA. SF has pretty girls but they’ll all claim they’re non binary and don’t shave their arm pits. Doesn’t really seem like jonny’s type.

No. 1284038

Can’t wait for them to go on tour together! Open the milk floodgates!

No. 1284046

File: 1627231116860.jpg (84.83 KB, 1080x887, Screenshot_20210725-173649_Ins…)

is this where syd got the name minnie? jonny follows her & she's got the black hair etc that syd was crying about.

No. 1284063

I hope jonny ditches her for the tour and leaves her behind, there's no way in hell he's happy about her coming along, she probably invited herself and he's going along with it to avoid her Narc Rage. He can't have fun with her jealous, spiteful ass lingering around with hawk eyes on him at all times, She's going to have a meltdown of some sort whether she goes or not, my prediction is jonny will break up with her or ditch her halfway through the tour. If they don't have storm anymore, the only reason he's sticking around is because it's a place to sleep eat and get his chode wet, Syd knows this which is why she gets so jealous and feels threatened, she's easily replaceable. It's just a matter of jonny finding another dumb groupie that'll bat her lashes back at him.

No. 1284064

No I think she got her name to feel uwu so smoll and “mini”. But she doesn’t want to use the name sydsosmall anymore because it’s a great way to roast her. (Sydsopsycho)

No. 1284074

Weird little stubby chunky gimp arms

No. 1284092

Is it even possible for him to make money on this tour? I’m not well versed in this business but aren’t the venues going to take a cut of any ticket sales? Including gas, lodging, food (not even counting drugs/booze) won’t he be lucky to break even? Also assuming he’s paying whatever backing band he’s reeled into this.

No. 1284124


i’ve dated dudes who book shows, run shows, and play shows and $15 tickets (denver price) in 11 cities at mediocre venues that likely don’t sell out won’t net him much. not only does the venue take a cut but it seems like he’s working for or under some type of production group who will take their cut too. i’d be surprised if he netted more than $200/night. after hotels/food/alcohol/weed/stupid hats they’ll come back with nothing

No. 1284181

She's gonna use Jonny's tour to try and bag an upgrade for herself. Little does she know, nobody hangs around Jonny but trash like him anymore.

I bet the only reason they're both trying so hard suddenly is bc they're both so clearly fed up with each other, but neither of them can dump the other without being homeless, so now it's a race to see who can flaunt and humblebrag about nothing to bag a new victim to suck on.

No. 1284186


"Minnieskins" is just her attempt at wordplay; calling herself "skinnyminnie" would have been so daft even she couldn't bring herself to do it. It shows her age though, nobody under 30 really says "skinny Minnie" anymore.

No. 1284203

She lurks here, right? I'm going to laugh so hard if she changes her Instagram username again. She should just change it to Sydsopsycho in an attempt to spite us all and try to "own it".

No. 1284242

The Vegas venue is a literal bar on a golf course. Journey tribute bands play there, holy shit this is hilarious

No. 1284382

none of the Texas shows are at places that incredible. doesn’t he have a lot of exes in Texas too? I can’t wait to see how that goes over.

No. 1284386

Yes you are correct. If I’m not mistaken Liz, Taylor and Chelsea are from Texas although I’m not sure if they all still live there. And of course he made sure he has hella tour dates in Texas. I still just don’t see him wanting Syd to go on this tour with him, I mean come on. His tours are notorious for where he cheats on his current gf and finds his next victim so yes this should be milky for sure

No. 1284413

What else is she going to do? No job. Doesn’t go to school. Doesn’t take care of her kid. Of course she’s going to chase Jonny on his tour. She thinks this is some big break for her like she’s going to be around thousands of people and she’s going to be noticed?? For what I’m not sure. Singing I guess?. It’s totally mental.

No. 1284420

break even at best, yeah, unless he sells a lot of records and merch
you have to play in clubs to keep in the game, but very few people make money at it

No. 1284449

Anon you responded to: I don’t disagree she has nothing better to do, and she thinks she’s going. I said that JC doesn’t want her to go. As many others said, he’s prob waiting til the last min to ditch her so he can do what he always does on tour (if there is even any sad pathetic girls other then syd who would even want him that is) If he tells her she can’t come now, he’ll have to deal with her being a huge bitch until September lol

No. 1284452

Lol speaking of her “singing” she added a microphone emoji after “artist” in her bio sooooo hahaha

No. 1284474


the frequency in which she changes her bio is strange enough as-is but THIS is fucking weird. a needle and thread emoji too lol. sperging: syd has no talent, no drive, no compassion, no social skills, no discretion, and no confidence, but spends every day stewing and steaming and worrying about how to present as if she has a single good quality. she manipulates everything she says to show ~how good of a person~ she is by lovebombing bands and friends and talking about “meeting new people and having new experiences” and being “grateful” but then we see screenshots of her attacking literal strangers who are fans of her boyfriend. people talk, obviously, so she’ll always be on the outside looking in. i remember a couple threads back seeing a SS of a text message from someone who she came for who was like “lol yeah after syd came for me i experienced no negativity, just people messaging me to check in because they know she’s crazy”. she doesn’t have the slightest idea that everyone sees right thru it. you can’t cosplay both “carefree nature art music weed chick” and “violently jealous babymama with a social media problem” simultaneously. i wouldn’t be surprised if the handful of the people who leave her nice comments aren’t cows or fans of jonny who support his “progress” and music from afar but aren’t acutely aware of how batshit crazy she is

No. 1284753

I'm so late to this anon's but here is what I recorded of the live on the 20th. Sorry I missed the whole ghost story and am posting this 5 days later; I've been busy! There was 2 lives so I will post the end of the first one and then the second one from when she got right back on

No. 1284755

No. 1284781

serious witchypoo energy there

No. 1284785

She's got the jowls of a day drinker.

No. 1284792


Almost every pic of she and Jonny together features a can of malt liquor or cheap wine, they're both alcoholic leeches who use everyone they meet to keep acting like selfish, spoilt teenagers.

No. 1284793

Jeebus, what a meaty nose. Honk honk, Syd.

No. 1284799

she goes on and on about her kid as if he's there…. the denial.
THEN turns around and comments on the vaccine like she's done -any- research.
wow shes like SO cool guys, anyone vaxed "is a guinea pig". I best she'll catch the virus on tour.

Also, for someone who stares at herself way too much, she should answer for her eyebrows, wigs, and shitty lashes.
She looks like she needs a GFM. I'll donate just to see her burn those lashes.

No. 1284800

Her laugh is so disgustingly fake, even more so than the eyelashes. That's saying something

No. 1284818

I was about to say, her "heh heh" giggles and vocal fry voice is so bad

No. 1284864

Wow. Pathetic. Only 30 people watched it and it was pretty much her waiting for people to care enough to ask her questions. Like it was some super special rare event lol but she said it best when she said she’s a nobody. Also gross that she clearly had no idea how to respond to the questions about the kid cause she wouldn’t even know what he likes or how he reacts to certain things.

No. 1284911

She said they’re putting off their wedding/don’t have a date because they’re focusing on their careers and raising their son. Kek. What career is she working on? I’m so curious.

Also you can tell she doesn’t have her son because she says literally nothing about him specifically. Just that she’s lucky to have given birth to him. Doesn’t talk about his first words or his milestones or mannerisms. Didn’t talk about his first birthday or anything. What a piece of shit. I hope the truth comes out soon.

No. 1284972

Wow, Syd finally realized he isn't really gonna marry her & is already trying to cover her ass. Color me impressed.

No. 1284979

Wait so she isn’t vaxxed? I missed that part of the live and my phone won’t open these videos for some reason. How fucking irresponsible of her to go on tour to different states without being vaxxed. But then again she wouldn’t know the first thing about being reponsible

No. 1284983

Holy shit this bitch radiates crazy af

No. 1284992

File: 1627342740078.jpeg (689.59 KB, 1157x2296, 9B80A391-C2C6-4BCC-997F-30C946…)

Jonny just posted a story saying swipe up to find VIP and general admission tickets. I swiped and literally all I see is VIP. And maybe I’m retarded but it says here “general admission not included” so does that mean that people who buy VIP only get whats listed and have to buy a seperate ticket to get in? Either way it’s a rip off

No. 1284995

Same anon. Also anyone who buys VIP is wasting their money because every single venue I’ve seen him at, he is at the bar and very easy to just walk up to. There is no reason to pay extra to meet him. Especially since these venues are so small they probably don’t even have a green room or much of a backstage area for him to hide in lol

No. 1284996

I will pay him $50.00 to stay tf away.
Yes, fans are going to shitty bars to see you and your crazy baby momma…and pay extra?!.. smoking crack

Is Syd's harassment and stalking also part of the package?

No. 1285002

god damn, she could sweep the floor with those eyelashes.

No. 1285039

I’m half tempted to go to Holy Diver just to see how Syd’s crazy ass acts

No. 1285067

> the frequency in which she changes her bio is strange enough as-is but THIS is fucking weird. a needle and thread emoji too lol. sperging: syd has no talent, no drive, no compassion, no social skills, no discretion, and no confidence, but spends every day stewing and steaming and worrying about how to present as if she has a single good quality. she manipulates everything she says to show ~how good of a person~ she is

Lol Jonny sure has a type

No. 1285069

File: 1627351661956.jpg (51.34 KB, 604x403, 2337b_orig.jpg)

Kek same. But the size of the Milk Bar and $15 admission on a Sunday night is almost too unappealing lol. His denture lisp would be on proud and loud fucking display and that's a lot to ask of my ears.

No. 1285096

Kek $15 on a Sunday night in SF in a small ass bar. I can think of a better way to spend $15 in the city, and I’m sure most people can too.

No. 1285140

File: 1627360593954.jpg (165.98 KB, 1080x1081, Screenshot_20210726-233126_Twi…)

Is posting about turtlemom relevant in this thread? I know she's a cow in her own right but not enough traction through the threads and Craig threads.

I saw this on my feed and once I clicked it was gone so just posting for documentation.

No. 1285143

looks like turtlemom needs a JOB

No. 1285185

Wow honestly she’s part black so there’s nothing wrong with her nose

No. 1285193

Jonny’s always had a thing for girls with big noses, Syd is no exception. Lol

No. 1285266

File: 1627386196033.jpeg (521.99 KB, 828x1302, AE49CFFB-AC4C-4ECF-8194-A7F833…)

Looks like she deleted it. But I thought this is worth sharing lmao

He is sooooo broke that its funny he is going to such lengths to scam MORE people. Using storm as an excuse nonetheless!

It really do look like their life is going to play out like 2 junkies getting strung out in front of their poor kid. Ugh

No. 1285286

>in front of their poor kid
Luckily Storm isn’t around to see these useless junkies. Syd’s mom took over the responsibility.

No. 1285287

File: 1627391416405.jpeg (108.09 KB, 900x645, 9AFCEC5E-2AC2-4B16-8846-67750B…)

No. 1285297

Right, she claimed she never used money from her followers for drugs, but it’s not really any different when you spend your earned money on drugs and then need money for food? All the same. Anyway yeah, mostly irrelevant.

No. 1285301

She has literally no other traits consistent with being part black, other than dark hair which means nothing.. I don’t think her big nose has anything to do with that. I understand her mom has the mixed look, but I don’t see it in syd at all.

No. 1285307

13 min into the video was excrutiating to watch. She asked “jonnycraig4l” to come give her a “smoocherooni” and he said he’s “too mad, love you bye” and you could just see her become so angry and embarassed lol. She said his whole @ outloud like it was some incredibly famous person. Wtf

No. 1285311

She’s not as ugly as i thought she was. Her voice is surprisingly valley girl af. I think she’d look 100x better if she lost her septum and hoops and replaced her nostrils with studs, got lip fillers, got rid of the drag queen eyelashes, and quit drawing her eyebrows on cholo-style

No. 1285313

Oh and braces or Invisalign

No. 1285317

3 minutes before the video ends Jonny starts talking to her from what appears to be the other room and she repeatedly says “come here” until he walks closer (apparently from voice growing louder and clearer) and is what im guessing standing outside the door and she’s like “gimme a kiss” and he’s like “what” and kisses her. Then her whole mood changed as if that gave her satisfaction to stick it to the hAtERZ and all the women Jonny hawks over… lol so awkward. Is it weird that i actually feel kinda sorry for Jonny Craig? KEK

No. 1285323

Syd's personality, or shall I say, personalities are uglier than her nose, false eyelashes, and eyebrows. She could change those things as still be ugly due to her unbalanced self.

No. 1285354

>We've had to deal with all the chaos from all the horrible people we deal with on a daily basis

When asked when they're getting married. Like who? You're the ones who got yourselves in trouble with the police and DCS… Literally all that drama was the result of you two idiots fighting and calling the cops on each other

No. 1285355

Samefag but I also audibly kek'd at the "our son and our career is our priority" first of all you don't even have your son and secondly, I love the "our career" not "our careers" just singularly "our career" she really believes she's just an extension of JC himself at this point.

No. 1285359

Why are they dealing with horrible people on a daily basis? That's more of a reflection on them. If Syd truly had Storm, wouldn't she want to keep him away from her parents being consumed by daily chaos? Kek. Telling on herself again.

No. 1285364

This was already posted just a few scrolls up my dude

No. 1285365

That’s actually embarrassing, I’ve been to local shows with less than 50 people in attendance who have played bigger venues than that

No. 1285372

I'm betting that it won't happen tbh. The Bay could lockdown by or in September depending on how COVID cases look. A small bar hosting a show is right up there on "not happening" if that's the case. If Syd's anti-vax, I'm sure she'll have much to say about that. Milkmas is early girls.

No. 1285411

This is true. The Bay may put in restrictions soon, because the sac and LA areas are having increased cases, just as a precaution. They’ve always pushed ahead before mandates even happen. And I’m pretty sure SF venues require a mask indoors at this moment.

No. 1285587

Who is the retard that keeps claiming Syd is part black? Where is the proof. I thought this was already settled. Isn’t she mixed with Mexican/Latina? That would explain her obsession with Selena.

No. 1285592

File: 1627426044995.png (138.78 KB, 750x1334, CDB2EC87-B2BC-4920-8F11-DDFEBA…)

No. 1285626

File: 1627428784197.png (411.02 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210727-192623.png)

get a fucking job then, syd, wild concept. if you can't afford the basic shit you need to get a pet, you have no business getting that pet. She's insufferable I s2g

No. 1285633

Speaking of retards how about you learn how to sage

No. 1285634

File: 1627429239391.png (7.45 MB, 1170x2532, B90F474E-D098-41FC-8676-BA4DE5…)

Really? Then why do you draw on ugly ass ones? And why the filter if your so happy with yourself

No. 1285642

If you can’t afford supplies for the animal you can’t afford the animal. What the fuck.

No. 1285645


She SHOULDN’T draw them on, because wtf she does look better. When she draws them on, she looks like Holly Conrad lel.

No. 1285665

How pathetic. No one is going to regret anything. He lost his chance at being a big star, partly because he was and is a shit person with a shit attitude, so why does he think he is going to make it now when he still acts like this and his voice isn't even half as good as it used to be? Both him and Syd are behaving like typical junkies, they are dreaming too big, and it's only going to make them crash and burn. Just get a normal job and accept that you're not going to be famous rockstars, this route is only going to make everything worse for you

No. 1285669

Her mom is black you fucking idiot

No. 1285671

All You fucking idiots her mom is PART BLACK.
So many in here spreading untruths it’s getting old.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1285684

Syd finally listened.

No. 1285735

She doesn’t have time for her child but now has time for a rat?

No. 1285767

why the fuck do they need a rat or any animal, especially right now? I thought they were going on tour or some shit? So fucking selfish and irresponsible. Also generally speaking Rats shouldn't be housed alone, which she would know if she took a second to google their care.

No. 1285769

She literally only cares that it's gonna make her seem more ~alt~, tbh

No. 1285770

Johnny’s tour is just a scam. Trying to sell VIP tickets himself, not via the actual clubs. Pub Rock in Phoenix doesn’t have his show listed on their websites upcoming shows for Sept. I’d bet besides Sacramento quite a few of those “tour dates” are bullshit. Maybe Johnny thinks is the Sac show nets him any money someone will help him rent a shitty van to try and show up at the rest of these dates he tried to book. Make no mistake, if any of these shows are legit it was just Johnny calling up the bars and begging for a empty slot.
I expect the “tour” to be canceled due to some unforeseen tragedy and six ppl who bought VIP tickets are SOL.

No. 1285815

I think she looks so much better without that make up. She’s pretty.

No. 1285816

Facts .100. she is

No. 1285830


She looks way better here than in any other photo i’ve ever seen but i just tried this filter and it drastically shrunk my nose and altered the shadows around it. Filters are whatever but she’s intentional in the way she takes and posts photos so making her nose smaller after y’all went in on it is… expected

No. 1285869

Woops! Thanks anon, I defo missed that.

Also very glad I sage that shit now lolol.


Anyway, surprised she hasn’t taken out the gfm page on her bio. How embarrassing is is for you to have your scamming junkie fiancé's ex fiancé donated to your gfm while you’re out attack random woman in social media. Lmao

No. 1285900

i fucking love when people but blue emojis next to their usernames to look like blue checks it’s so pathetic

No. 1285904

She looks way better without the block brows, still doing that zoolander face she always pulls though. She's terrible at makeup, begone block brows!

No. 1285911

Also fellow anons…. Does this pic gives you strong taylor vibes? The editing, the pose?? The makeup?? Lmao i swear all of jonny’s string of partners really try their hardest to skin-walk one and another.

No. 1285938

Valid point, maybe that’s why she’s getting a rat. To prove she’s “better” than TnD

No. 1285941

Honestly, wow. She’s actually naturally pretty! I hope she sees this and continues with the barefaced look!

No. 1285947

Ffs it's a filter. It heavily alters your features, it's not her real face.

No. 1285949

She’ll be gluing the tarantula lashes back on in no time. And I’m surprised the other half of her eyebrows grew back. Was trying to tell if she got them micro bladed or something. I agree she looks way better without the makeup. But there’s no need to kiss her ass for it. She looks average.

No. 1285980

That is so fucking embarrassing! You can’t afford a small animal set up?! What about the gfm money? Trying to be taylor but too broke! And Taylor is a shit pet owner.

No. 1285982

There’s a live meet and greet with Jonny in 1 hour: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zupxiacGot4&feature=youtu.be

No. 1285985

I can only imagine what kind of life that poor rat would have with a bitch who couldn't even be bothered to take care of her own fucking kid

No. 1285996

Already a dislike kek, can’t wait for the shitshow

No. 1286000

LOL she made her nose smaller, someone is big mad.

No. 1286022

As someone who worked for a music venue in the box office for a long time, It’s very common for artists to sell their own VIP packages without including a GA ticket. Not saying Jonny won’t use this method as a means to scam his fans yet again, but it is a common thing in the live events industry. He also has a management label as hard as it is to believe. These are legit shows but they’re being booked at venues he hasn’t been banned from. All these venues are tiny and there’s no way he’ll sell out a single date. He’s way past his prime and his reputation is catching up to him.

No. 1286025

Why is he selling more vocal lessons when he ripped off people already on Instagram? This is secondhand embarrassment for the people collaborating with him.
He’s a scammer ffs.

No. 1286032

He looks dead inside

No. 1286042

Is anyone recording? I can’t watch unfortunately and I want to see people ask him the hard questions kek

No. 1286054

File: 1627491853701.png (3.43 MB, 750x1334, 5BC03B4D-3ADE-4651-8CA5-519714…)

“Five mines”

No. 1286057

I watched the first 15 minutes and it was boring. At first some people were lightly insulting him (mainly him being a macbook scammer) but it died down fast and people started asking questions about music and his VIP package and tour.
When the host first read the questions he just said "nobody is saying anything nice".

No. 1286099

File: 1627495124017.png (344.12 KB, 750x1334, 10F9DDA6-2765-489A-B693-00C469…)

He mad

No. 1286100

File: 1627495257511.jpeg (113.86 KB, 750x1094, 83C6578C-5732-486E-A955-A28E40…)

He’s this red and out of breath from getting up off his chair or bed or whatever he was on

No. 1286117

>>1286100 He's 35. Your body tends to hurt when you go to get up when you're that age and spent an entire night on a floor. May cause one to sound or be strained due to uncomfortableness.

No. 1286122

anon 35 isn't old and he's as round and pink as a Smithfield ham. I didn't watch, why is he sleeping on the floor

No. 1286124

He's red and mad when anyone holds him accountable. kek
He wants all the praise and non of the criticism.

No. 1286147

Considering people are commenting on his tour post, confused on how to buy GA tickets and asking if VIP are the only tickets available, etc, and he’s not answering any of them…. It sure seems like he’s trying to trick people into buying VIP

No. 1286152

>>1286122 I didn't say it was old. Certain people's body's are different. He's not in as good of shape as he once was. I'm simply stating it could be difficult for him. He was sleeping on the floor because he was in Colorado staying at someone's house for that video I guess. The other people were also sleeping there.

No. 1286156

It’s almost as if being a fatass junkie is bad for you or something. Weird.

No. 1286161

>>1286156 he seems pretty sober to me

No. 1286192

can you please sage your shit?

No. 1286195

Oh lord, a jonny craig white knight

No. 1286300

yeah, those swollen fingers and that puffy ass face sure look sober. Get a grip weirdo

No. 1286338

fuck him and fuck Tory Lanez, they can both leap into a volcano
at least Jonny hasn’t shot anybody

No. 1286342

no he’s just raped his exes and threatened to shoot them up.

No. 1286344

He isn’t offering vocal lessons. He’d be an idiot to do that again after what happened last time. He’s offering to do “features” for other bands or artists. Who would want to be associated with him at this point is beyond me…. Also please sage if you aren’t adding any milk or new info to the thread thank youuu

No. 1286398

File: 1627522783469.png (514.48 KB, 750x1334, 7514E01A-B906-452E-9E41-D04E2C…)

Stfu you fat bitch…fight me

No. 1286401

I was just about to post this too haha I guess his meet and greet didn’t go so well then?

No. 1286408

Nonny JC has done worse shit by a considerable margin. but I echo the sentiment, FUCK both of them.

No. 1286410

Samefag but replied to the wrong person, was replying to >>1286338.

No. 1286446

File: 1627530247241.png (271.39 KB, 750x1334, F936DE91-9FA7-41EC-BF98-92944A…)

Wait so are they not living together right now? She’s with her son and Jonny is out of state somewhere?

No. 1286482


lol probably not, she says shit like this for the people who don’t know that she abandoned her kid to couch hop forever ago

No. 1286488

lmfao like he’s done to all of his exes he’s raped, almost killed, and threatened the lives of if not ruined them with drugs?
if you are even mildly agile i am 99% positive he would injure himself just trying to catch up to you. i would actually pay money to see him attempt to run a mile.

No. 1286527

Has Syd deleted her insta?

No. 1286554

No, it's there for me. She might have blocked you, unless you are searching for her old account name.

No. 1286572

Hahaha stay mad bruv!

Remember taylor said that he is actually really affected by the comments on SM?? So good to know that everyone is trolling the shit out of him on live stream. He deserves it!

No. 1286639

It's ALWAYS the people who air out all their drama and dirty laundry on SM that post this ancient pic, isn't it?

No. 1286646

jonny never raped anybody…are we gonna make threads for his ex',s I'm sure Chelsea still talks about him but the c*nt made her account private(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1286652

How many VIP packages are you in for?

No. 1286660

I'm guessing her mom sent Syd some pics of the baby she forgot she abandoned & she felt the need to remind us she still pretends to have him.

No. 1286680

This jonny defender just showed up yesterday. Im wondering if its one of these new guys he’s working with. Jonnys prob told them how misunderstood he is blah blah blah, he uses everyone he comes in contact with so theyll soon learn

No. 1286683

Hi 2018 Taylor

No. 1286723

kek this is what happens when you can only afford to pay your PR fixer in meth

No. 1286763

Omg yikes loser

No. 1286809

This screams syd posting lol. Also unrelated to the thread so sorry, but I follow Chelsea and haven’t seen her post anything to do with him in quite some time. Dunno why this jonny defender is still trying to stalk her years after she left him. Also yes, he has raped people. Guilting/scaring/threatening people until they give in and let you stick their wiener in them is not consent.

No. 1287039

I don't know how to screen record or anything but omg her story just now, she's so fucking awkward and that irritatingly fake "aha" she does with the sharp inhale, she is straight up faking confidence and it's extremely obvious.

No. 1287040

I recorded it but I’m a dumbass who doesn’t remember how to post videos from iPhone

No. 1287104

File: 1627618906138.png (3.24 MB, 828x1792, 3D581239-63A5-4B15-962D-338B23…)

That forehead lol

No. 1287107

Everyone hates you jonny lmao

No. 1287108

You can use an mp4 converter, there's a couple good free ones out there

No. 1287114

File: 1627622007796.jpg (421.58 KB, 1080x1803, Screenshot_20210730-150931_Ins…)

Yeah, she does hate him and she doesn't even try to hide it with her constant subtle stabs at him. Shes so passive aggressive.

Make it more obvious you're using jonny for a speckle of fame Syd.

No. 1287119

No. 1287121

god yeah, she's trying so hard to seem quirky and domestic and really she's like…psycho lol

No. 1287167

Jc, I swear he gets bloated and bloated each passing day.

No. 1287204

File: 1627646175722.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, 15D55E26-0AD6-4AB7-B19F-DA92C2…)

He thinks he’s flexing but he’s just showing how white trash he really is. He had like 3-4 slides showing that he was in a restaurant that doesnt have a drive thru. Enjoying that gfm and ft. scam money.

No. 1287240

Lol Literally no one is jealous jonny. In fact.. thats a pretty cheap meal in my books. Plus he probably didn't pay for this since he cant even afford to provide for syd and his kid till they need to set up gfm and scam people into giving him money. You are broke and your career is going to the drain jonny, end of.

No. 1287244

This bitch really made him FaceTime her while he’s out with his friends AND posted a story telling him to come home because there were spiders. He’s obviously on a tight leash because she’s so insecure and knows he’ll cheat on her the first chance he gets (as he does with almost every “goddess” he’s been with)

No. 1287258

Looking just as greasy and unwashed as Taylor. Also making me laugh that it looks like she has a mustache. I know the lighting is probably to blame but still.

No. 1287262

So much for HER tour! I bet the only reason she's posting that she isn't on tour with him after making such a big stink about it is because JC knew she couldn't tour with him and just lied & now she's waiting to use Storm as an excuse.

No. 1287263

The tour is in September. I think he’s just fucking off with friends right now pretending to do work to get away from her.

No. 1287264

Him being away is like a ticking time bomb for her next public meltdown. Bet she’s watching his social media like a hawk for any interaction with girls. And I bet he’s telling all his friends how much he hates her and needs to get out.

No. 1287275

Oh, then I don't see it actually happening at all lmao. There's too much time between then and now for Syd to.. Well, be herself.

No. 1287349

>>1287104 that five o clock shadow though ahaaa

No. 1287360

Oof you’re right, it’s sydsomanly

No. 1287379

File: 1627664045986.webm (3.35 MB, 480x896, 20210730-122344-480x10661 (1) …)

Girl your attitude when you talk is so disgusting. The way you talk in general is so snobby. I can't understand how Jonny can stand even be in the same room with you. Also you look deathly I'll without makeup on. Your face is sunken in like you are malnourished. I'm convinced Jonny got you into doing dope too. Why else would you abandon your sick baby…

No. 1287381

File: 1627664289997.jpg (23.39 KB, 214x368, Screenshot_20210730-125722.jpg)

"I sent you my penis why won't you respond."

No. 1287411

what’s stupid is that people with money have money because they know how to save, even super wealthy people. it’s such a bad fucking look in general to be showing any kind of spending considering their abandoned child, but we all knew that would happen. i’m surprised sidney is able to accept money and not spend it on her child, but baby/child clothes, etc. there’s literally no evidence of bonding and it’s really fucking disturbing. how can you go out and see child related things and not even instinctually idk yearn for the baby you birthed? she looks at the child’s father every day, and at no point do they think of doing anything to make any space at all in their life for or about the kid? that money should be spent on care packages and child development classes just so they can visit responsibly. it fucks me up that child will grow up thinking he’s not good enough, that bullshit tattoos and microdermals were worth more than bonding and providing materials for his growth and development. you’d think two fucked up people would want to give everything they have to protect his innocence, but he’s already wondering where mommy and daddy are. if there wasn’t a child i wouldn’t care, but in the last picture posted he was around the sharp furniture of a grandmother who deserves to have whatever furniture she wants and not raise a boy her daughter had with a rapist junkie who had to lie and testify in court that he wasn’t physically abusive.

sorry for the giant paragraph, i can’t process that there is a child involved and this woman can’t understand jonny is fucking poison and just perpetuating her abandonment issues. she really can’t understand men like him do not care at all and they are very dangerous.

No. 1287431

>>1287379 her mannerisms and voice inflections seem so forced and fake.

No. 1287438


anyone else have issues playing videos on an iphone using safari? all i see is a black screen and a play button with a line thru it

No. 1287439

Woah. I've known some fake people in my time irl and from the farms but her voice…… I've never heard anyone sound this fucking fake. Gave me a sour taste in my mouth.

It's completely obvious that whatever that video was, is not who she is.

No. 1287442

Yeah it sucks. But you have to switch to a laptop. Its annoying af but they dont seem to play on mobile devices.

No. 1287443


I know this has been moved past but while the venues aren't extraordinary they are a lot more intimate after the shows in the sense that it's easier to run up and chat with band members since the venues are smaller ( Mostly speaking for Houston)

a lot of the venues here its pretty easy to meet band members or be invited to the buses .

No. 1287453

This is akin to a cringy preteen. Who posts shit like this and broadcasts a pest problem?? The desperation for attention is so gross.

Oof he's huge. How unsightly

No. 1287493

Yeah most of the stops are smaller and are easy to meet band members at. Hence why it’s a scam that he’s selling VIP “Meet and Greet” tickets. Every show I’ve been to of his (yes I’m embarrassed I’m a former fan) he was chilling at the bar and very easily accessible

No. 1287497

Intimate venues are great when the music is actually good. Small venues with JC's dentures sliding about will be a nightmare. Also Syd's voice sounds like it'd carry in a room which is especially unfortunate. I wasn't expecting that much vocal fry from someone from San Jo but holy shit her mannerisms and "heh" laughs make my skin crawl. Nothing ever truly reaches her eyes either.

No. 1287522

>>1287379 she looks a whole lot more homely in this photo than her "natural eyebrow" photo where she heavily edited her "natural face"

No. 1287605

oh my god he looks like mr potato head

No. 1287664

File: 1627686648408.png (708.75 KB, 750x1334, 4A1E74E2-DFFB-41CA-A9FA-1D612C…)

Lmao this is was from like yesterday just forgot to post but goddamn, this bitch cray cray. What is the purpose of these posting these stories? That’s what I really wanna know

No. 1287687

Giving me Jeffrey Star vibes

No. 1287698

Oh my god that weird giggle she does while trying to sound 'cute' is so awkward

No. 1287747

Omg I actually gasped, his ENTIRE head is so beyond any bloat I've ever seen, ig anons take one for the team next live and ask why jonny head looks like that wtf ew

No. 1287758

Prob alcoholism

No. 1287819

It's literally called camera distortion. You think you look like a model when you put that front camera close to your face? Get real.

No. 1287830

unsaged whiteknighting, now who could you be?

No. 1287852

holy shit thought that was like a fat filter

No. 1287874

>>1287819 agreed(sage)

No. 1287890

Tinfoil but it looks like jc and sydsomanly white night for themselves here, since no one is else will.

Alcoholic/ Drug bloating is so much different than camera distortion.
if it helps them feel better, sure let’s blame the camera, not all the shit he puts in his body.
Denial looks bad on anyone.

No. 1287913

Sure camera angles can distort faces in some situations, but we’ve seen his face at many angles in pics and vids and that’s just how it looks now. Refer to his latest Instagram post.

No. 1287925

File: 1627736719114.jpeg (59.23 KB, 405x497, 8382C9E2-7B7D-4F85-B11D-EEE6E9…)

sage for my autism -first time posting image- but i couldn't resist.
I look forward to tour photos that are from fans… instagram filters and angles only get ya so far

No. 1287934

Oh nice, syd responding to her own whiteknighting, the not saging for either doesn’t completely stand out or anything lol. Middle of the night no less. We all know that’s the time when she’s the most manic from her bipolar or bpd or both.

Sorry your “rockstar” is a fat washed up abuser scammer piece of shit human being

No. 1287959

She really has the most generic average white woman face, it's almost amazing how unremarkable she is after so much styling.

No. 1287970

>>1287934 I find it amusing you think I'm Syd. Nope…. just someone who thinks you're an uneducated troll. Though I get the feeling is mutual(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1287973

this bitch is james charles' even faggier clone kek

No. 1287987

Cool a rape apologist, on brand for jc

No. 1288064

ok Chelsea/Amanda ^(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1288088

Is this what jonny boy and his friends are doing right now? Did he cry to them about this forum and they’re here to defend him all of a sudden? Or is syd that bored when she can’t breathe down his neck every living second?

No. 1288106

Imagine the desperation to prove he’s ‘not that’ bad.
My money is on Syd. Imagine if they put the same effort into raising a child as they do protecting their image. That kid could have a bright future.

No. 1288144

As if it's a stretch that more than these two people on Earth think Jonny is a piece of shit. lmfao seethe

No. 1288197

he looks like fat bastard from austin powers

No. 1288312

Looks like I touched a nerve, sorry you have a fat loser for a bf Syd, you're looking a lil worse for wear yourself, try juice over cider.

No. 1288397

File: 1627777901785.jpeg (594.94 KB, 1170x2532, 18C36395-5A18-42EB-82DC-0BFDA4…)

Looks like dead beat mom and dad had a visit with this poor child today (drew over his face cuz I wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to post him on here)

No. 1288407

Even tho they post him publicly, I think it’s a good idea to cover his face. Nice to see them being parents for the first time in 2 months.

No. 1288419

Def think it’s suspicious that they blame “oh we don’t post him because we don’t want to have him in the public eye” but today randomly decide to both post him? It’s clear this is the first time they’ve seen him in months

No. 1288440

This screams
> look!! We have our kid!!
Yeah right, fuck off with that. You're both not parents and ots clear to see. You buy milk once and think you're dad gtfo of here with that.

No. 1288478

Yeah real parents don’t boast about mundane things like “I bought him chocolate milk” because they buy kids mundane things all damn day, give their kids food and drinks and the basic essentials every single day….. like congrats you got him some chocolate milk, you loser. He’s better off without you and your chocolate milk

No. 1288512

Wonder how they even got to Starbucks since neither drive or have a car. Is her mom there supervising? Lol. I can’t imagine getting a car seat in and out of an Uber just for Starbucks.

No. 1288532

They seem happy to taking pics of them babysitting their kid. Just proves anons saying if they had their kid they would post him constantly.

No. 1288619

File: 1627800013063.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1125x1999, 76BF27EA-28B0-4BE4-8E67-A007C1…)

No. 1288620

File: 1627800052356.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1743, 2EE78A98-9972-4B34-8953-46F4D4…)

No. 1288621

File: 1627800086135.jpeg (1.83 MB, 1125x1991, 5A47489E-B7A2-4FE3-B855-06E654…)

No. 1288622

File: 1627800125341.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1125x2021, CCBA5435-27FE-4022-B03E-4B1261…)

Wow she draws what all emo girls doodled in 7th grade lmao

No. 1288623

Bad move, they should've saved and rationed those pics for later when they fuck off to do drugs on the other side of the country again

No. 1288624

Agreed, could this be anymore staged, looks like they're about to put him back in syfs moms car at pickup, they're so embarrassing and constantly telling on themselves.

No. 1288659

I was just thinking that. So they met her mom at Starbucks, sat in the grass right next to the parking lot and took some pictures. Why do some people even have kids? We have more than enough people on this earth, if you don’t have your shit together to be a parent then use some birth control. Definitely an attempt to lock him in. Why the fuck would you want that.

No. 1288664

File: 1627811751167.png (822.14 KB, 828x1792, DA4B11B9-151C-47F0-B6FA-AD6ADC…)

a tenure by which a husband, after his wife's death, held certain kinds of property that she had inherited.

No. 1288675

File: 1627813715824.jpeg (283.18 KB, 1620x2160, 2924966D-AFC8-41CF-9CD9-CBAE43…)

She already delete this

No. 1288677

File: 1627813748676.jpeg (253.07 KB, 1620x2160, 89FD2F49-E8DD-4FDD-8BC1-2998DC…)

No. 1288678

File: 1627813778876.jpeg (251.52 KB, 1620x2160, 06EBBD77-A5C0-4B0D-8737-E7B330…)

No. 1288680

Your icon is showing

No. 1288681

File: 1627814028437.jpeg (199.18 KB, 1125x2005, F3755BFA-A970-410F-963D-55442B…)

Says… the groupie… lmao. Guess she’s scared she’s gonna lose him the way she got him

No. 1288682

File: 1627814051907.jpeg (269.68 KB, 1125x2002, F933B716-CB66-4FB5-851A-13EDF8…)

No. 1288683

File: 1627814096760.jpeg (150.33 KB, 1125x609, 7447E544-EB95-4F53-8D58-973DBF…)

do you tho

No. 1288684

Completely unhinged. I love it kek

No. 1288686

File: 1627814545573.png (374.33 KB, 1620x2160, 1D0264DF-4167-429C-89E4-BF2067…)

She really looks on every instagram profile when somegody comments on his photos

No. 1288691

I'm going on a major tinfoil hat journey here, but I really think she was coming down off something or was high in this. Her mannerisms are so off, and her shakey hands are a dead give away. She can barely formulate anything coherent and what would be a 3 second statement, "I saw a bunch of spiders" was a 3 something long story.
My extra tinfoil is that she's not talking about spiders. I think she's using code for drugs. I know that sounds completely unhinged, but I remember Jonny would have to leave his twitch to shoot Taylor up. I wonder if this is Syds way of communicating she's out of drugs and desperately trying to get him to respond.
I know it's a retarded tinfoil but this video is fucking weird.

No. 1288693

He liked her comment on that post. Or maybe she liked it from his profile

No. 1288727

Wow, she’s really sydsoinsane. Totally on drugs.
But also, girl, leave the man if you feel that insecure.
To get twisted over such a bloated loser is beyond my understanding. And over… emojis?
Lady you are approaching 30; please act like it.

No. 1288730

Samefag , sorry but also after checking his insta they locked comments on the kid photos- I assume after baby momma harassment?
His kid is nothing more than a prop. No wonder they don’t have custody.

No. 1288732

Classic. It always right after they post some “perfect little family, so much love” bs that she immediately flips to “he doesn’t love me and I’m not special and he wants every girl who comments on his ig”. Why even bother trying to fake it if you’re gonna do this shit hours later and tell on yourself. That was the fakest photo shoot ever. And still laughing that they think hanging on the grass at Starbucks makes them any kind of parents. Kinda makes me think more that they are not allowed to be alone with storm.

No. 1288740

Hanging out with a toddler in a strip mall parking lot pretending like it’s a park or something…rachet

No. 1288753

Saying groupies are weird, when she's one. And the weirdest one at that. Posts countless photos of burt McCracken saying she loves him and would do anything for him. And when someone else does that?? What a weirdo? BPD is sure in full effect tonight.

No. 1288762

jonnys hands are nasty stubby bloated sausages, and wow sidney way to put the caption covering your nose

No. 1288763

wonder when he’s gonna lose the baby weight

No. 1288765

Also he’s covering up that fatty chin pretty well with a mask.
Playing with your kid daily is good cardio- you know, if you have full custody and see them everyday.
He’s got that ~Deadbeat Dad Bod~

No. 1288773

Lmao he really does slam dunk on her though, damn. "Maybe she could accommodate you" kek. Also "she channels all her frustrations into art." Just say "I like it when she draws, she's less of a bitch". Between her constant nagging and IG harassment/"exposing" (seriously, how many times this year has she gone after specific people on IG for whatever reason?) and Jonny's gun-to-the-head forced compliments of Syd… they hate each other. They absolutely hate each other. I can't wait for milkmas lmao. These two cows will rip each other apart but Syd especially will go nuclear when Jonny retaliates with either indifference/publicly chasing other women.

No. 1288794

Did they take him to the Starbucks lawn and not a park because he’s “half ginger”?
They didn’t want to post photos of him on his special 1st bday but a random trip to Starbucks and it’s a family photo shoot.

No. 1288798

Anyone else notice how she drew herself? "Art" kek

No. 1288800

Did she really draw herself? Lol how vain. She has zero creativity so she has to ask people for ideas ha. I also love that he mentions she doesn’t think he’s supportive of her art. Such a weird thing to include. Why can’t they keep quiet about their relationshit problems?

No. 1288802

Look at the timestamps, my sides. Sydsopsycho sitting there fuming for half an hour straight

No. 1288807

Sorry for posting the same thing haha. I don’t get it. I thought she was gonna make art to sell for money but it seems more like they’re trying to scam people into giving her money to draw them something.

No. 1288822

Syd is becoming one of my favorite cows on this site. She loves to embarress herself and show her crazy at any given opportunity
She needed hundreds of dollars or however much money it was so she could draw graphite sketches that any teen could make. Lmao.

No. 1288858

Lol same anon! She always delivers! I just wish its not so sad that bring a kid into this and poor storm have to witness first-hand her psycho episodes. Maybe is good that they abandon storm.

No. 1288916


why did she phrase this as if jonny was gone but she wasn’t? “pops is home?” come on lmao

No. 1289104

Lmao wtf. Was this girl responding to Syd? Or Syd just talking to herself, leaving three comments/replies??? Hahahaha what the fuck

No. 1289110

Who is this idiot she is referring to? And wtf is she trying to say here? I literally can't comprehend. Why is her english so bad? Is she on drugs?

No. 1289118

Anytime he compliments her publicly it's because she makes him. She literally fusses and cries/throws a bitch fit until he praises her online… and then she STILL acts like a crazy cunt and attacks any and everyone who comments under her posts. I don't get it. I just don't fucking get it. Someone help me understand here. Why does he even stay with her?

No. 1289129

why does he stay with her? girl, have you seen him?

No. 1289135

He has nowhere else to go. He isn’t even making enough money to pay for an apartment for himself plus I guarantee no one would rent to him with his record

No. 1289159

Right? I thought he had just gone to dinner with the boys the night before. So where did he go that he is home now? They can’t keep their facade and lies straight

No. 1289163

File: 1627860156331.jpeg (107.55 KB, 1169x849, 5CAC1E9D-8A6C-4888-9A34-5D99F0…)

Get ready for some really breathtaking art guys

No. 1289164

She’s really proud of that pac man scribble huh?
>not the best, not the worst
Weird way to spell ‘mediocre’

No. 1289176

What the fuck are we looking at

No. 1289186


No. 1289202

If she can't even handle regular comments from fans like this, how the hell is she going to keep her composure and not act like a possessive cunt during his tour? What is she going to do, stick signs up on the doors "No girls allowed!" Or fight every chick in the crowd?? She's unhinged and so oblivious of herself.

No. 1289245

She seems too much of a pussy to talk shit to anyone face to face. Plus she’s a skinny-fat midget. I doubt it would take much to knock her on her ass.

No. 1289252

I feel like irl she'd be more of the type to be your fake best friend until she hits her inevitable blow up point and blasts everything online. I'm honestly excited for this tour. let the milk be plentiful

No. 1289350

Probably the random person who's followed by Jonny restricting Syd's access to their instagram profile to prevent her from going psycho. She's trying to seem unbothered. It's because she's retarded. Yes. Hope that helps anon.

No. 1289590

>>1289163 the fact that she has to continue to use the word skinny in her username just screams give me attention. Did she used to be heavier or something? So she feels the need to point out that she is skinny or so small

No. 1289604

No I think being small is just something she latches onto for “uniqueness”. She’s also short so I’m sure everyone mentioned how small she was growing up so it’s a part of her identity.

im on the short side and people always mentioned my height as a teen/young adult. I used to think it was uwu quirky then, but once you hit a certain age you realize it’s not that interesting

No. 1289812

I think syd is pretty. I wish she would leave jonny behind and just focus on her kid and happiness

No. 1289829

File: 1627958348915.jpg (268.32 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20210802-223309.jpg)

Here's my blood sweat and tears guys -posts elementary school grade shit on a piece of paper. I'm an ~artist~
Bitch get real. We all know you don't practice hardcore to pump out that garbage. You just want someone to give you head pats for shit that isn't even mediocre.

No. 1289875

Bitch out here with this shit like she's a true starving artist. Honey, doing cracked out pencil drawings of yourself is nowhere the same struggle as someone truly talented and gifted struggling for their passion. She so god damn insufferable.

No. 1289906

File: 1627966734914.png (5 MB, 1170x2532, 7164A4FC-0BA0-4CD8-B8E5-B25646…)

These poor rats ugh

No. 1289910

Same anon; I don’t know much about rats (I’m sure this bitch doesn’t either but got them anyway) but is it a good idea to get mice or rats when you have cats? My cats would not leave them alone if it were my house

No. 1289916

I don’t think they have a cat. Pretty sure it stayed at her moms but could be wrong.

No. 1289917

And they’re just gonna leave them for weeks when they go on tour? Not that I believe she is going.

No. 1289922

Well she sure seems to post her cats way more frequently than her child so I assumed she brought the cats to sac. You could be right tho

No. 1289942

File: 1627974397829.jpeg (754.42 KB, 1125x2001, D52017E2-9161-4CD1-BC43-92CA51…)

I’m cackling, the kitten/cat Jonny and Taylor got together is also named Ghost. They really can’t help stealing names from Taylor hahahahah

No. 1289946

i couldn't find it but does anyone remember the cringy slaves picture with taylor? it must be in her thread. she was standing next to jonny, in front of the band and looking into the camera from behind. could someone photoshop syds face into it? that's the most near to a tour she will ever come.

No. 1289975

aaah found it >>532470
it's in thread no.7
hahaha bet syd is mad taylor was the last one who got the "my boyfriend is a musician and i can go on tour with him" memories while she only sits at home watching him getting fucked instead of making music

No. 1289979

Jonny aged 15 years since this photo kek

No. 1289980

Lmao they are fully trying to troll taylor at this point.. i dont which is sadder at this point, for syd or for tay. Imagine your fiance’s only motive on naming your kid together and their new pet rats is to troll his ex.

No. 1289998

Taylor skinwalking much?? lmao

No. 1290009

It is too early for this dumb shit
damnit I want to smack syd. RAISE! YOUR! KID! YOU DUMB HOE. She’d rather raise rats than her own child. Rats are expensive and when they need medical help too… what is she going to do!? Make another GFM?
Maybe it’s company for her when JC inevitably tells her she can’t go on tour.

And she’s definitely skin walking/ jc probably likes it too- tinfoil but syd skin walking is the closest he will ever get to dating Taylor again.
Lol, watch Syd start making pet videos….

That poor kid. His parents named him out of spite and choose to do anything and everything instead of being parents.

No. 1290066

Most people on this earth only exost bc two lazy people had sex without thinking it through, or bc one of them had an agenda. Most parentd are only together bc they had a kid, and most of the time the couple was planning to break up before the pregancy as well. Most kids born get neglected only bc they wete a means to an end for some unappealing whore who couldn't keep her man otherwise. 4 out of 5 people will tell you thenselves they didn't intentionally plan to have a kid, and more than half the anount of kods born to couple are premarital.

No. 1290072


They hate eachother, but Syd knows Jonny is her only shot at a famous BF. Syd also helps Jonny dunk on Taylor, and they help each other scam GFM for drug money, Jonny helps Syd get drugs and a place to live (I bet Mom told Syd to get clean or GTFO & she chose drugs and cyberstalking over motherhood). But even Jonny will eventually hit his limit with Syd. She acts like she wants to be his God, in control of him 100% of the time and she wants him to love his life mindlessly worshipping her and fighting anyone she doesn't like, while laying on her lazy ass getting high and stalking his fans. He won't keep her around just for pussy shen he knows now he can still get groupie pussy better than hers, especially since they both already lost custody of Storm. All Jonny needs to do is get in touch with Syd's mom for visits with his son without Syd. Not trying to stan JC, just saying that of the two of then Syd is absolutely a garbage, shit human with not one single redeeming quality including pussy, and she's pushing 30 and already dropped a kid she abandoned. She's sinking toward a rock bottom even Jonny probably wouldn't hit.

No. 1290074

One last thing: for all the bullshit Syd puts and has put Jonny through, imagine how batshit insane she would go when he ditches her like he did Taylor. I can't imagine he wouldn't twist the knife as much as possible when he does.

No. 1290110

Yeah, she loses her mind over perceived threats from insta comments. If he left her publicly similarly to Tay she'd go postal. I hate saying it but she seems like the type who would hurt Storm to get back at Jonny. It's her damn eyes, nonnies. She has it in her, you can tell just by looking. That kind of crazy doesn't stay hidden long.

No. 1290139

The best part is that since she abandoned Storm, she has absolutely no leverage over Jonny that any other random whore wouldn't. She's buried herselfnin the red so deep she'll never be able to sweet talk or love bomb enough to put herself back on the pedestal he had her on during her pregnancy.

No. 1290349

Seriously anon you think syd is worse than jonny? Jonny is a rapist and abuser while syd is just an annoying crazy bitch.

No. 1290379

it gets me every damn time when i can clearly tell people who post here are fans of this rapist, woman beating, hefty bag of shit. i don’t care about opinions on personalities, taylor was super young and ignorant as hell, and he got her addicted to heroin, and he pretends to inject another woman with it just to terrorize her. never mind the constant scamming and abuse, and how much he used to relentlessly bully and harass usually women with the most misogynist bullshit. syd is just some random with daddy issues like everyone he has ever pulled, and he knows exactly how to provoke her to feel like he owns her. it’s fucking vile and just as much so when women begin to compare the two.

No. 1290394

I have no personal feelings for JC (Tillian forever), but I do hate ugly psycho whores who are never called or checked on their crazy whore behavior just because they sling pussy and Sperg out at the drop of a hat. Syd went and had a whole baby just to attach herself to a shitbag, which automatically makes her worse than said shitbag even if he is a rapist. Storm is gonna one day realize his parents are sacks of shit who BOTH abandoned him bc they care more about the opinions of anonymous strangers on the internet, not just his dad. Jonny is a sack of shit but at least he somewhat tries to attempt to pretend he wants to hold a good image, while Syd acts and treats everyone like the entire world lives inside her own head & she can do and say as she pleases without consequence. Objectively, she is the bigger sack of shit bc at least Jonny used to be able to sing and joined a successful band. Syd just has a pussy and a pulse and exists, and is now a part of this saga bc she is a shameless attention whore- literally.

No. 1290429

There’s no point arguing over who is worst. They both fucking suck, plain and simple

No. 1290445

Exactly they're both sacks of wet shit so what's the point? The milk goes a little dry for a day or so and everyone loses their fucking minds

No. 1290448

>Tillian forever
That's cringe af and your long rants calling her a whore and obsessively talking about her pussy are almost as unhinged as she is. Syds a perfect cow for how unapologetically psycho she is but saying she's worse than a rapist just because he can sing is crazy

No. 1290465

this vendetta you have against syd's vagina is really strange anon maybe you should keep that to yourself

No. 1290493

Probably is one of JC’s side pieces that Syd called out

No. 1290745


Kek Jonny doesn't care about any of you

No. 1290752

As if a baby ever gave her any leverage over a shitbag like JC. He already had a kid who he pretends doesn’t exist and will have no problem doing the same to Storm.
Syd does strike me as the type of psycho that would try to get pregnant again if JC tries to escape. She’d squirt out and abandon three or four kids if it helped her maintain a grip on JC. However she’s got as much mileage out pregnancy as she will ever get. JC will head for the hills immediately is she gets knocked up a second time. Then again she’d probably just get an abortion now that she sees how things worked out having Storm.

No. 1290787

It's not exactly the same though, the mother of his first kid cut him off and swore he wouldn't have contact with JC until after he was 18 IF it was the kid's choice.

No. 1290801

That's not an excuse for him literally denying his other kids even exist, though, just a good one for never visiting them.

No. 1290833

I think they meant like, the other kids mom wanted nothing to do with him and didn’t care to try and fight for child support etc. there’s no way syd would let him off that easy. She’d have him thrown back in jail if he tried to leave. I bet she has so much blackmail saved that she threatens him with. Probably pics of him shooting up, proof of physical abuse, who knows. I can’t see any reason why he’s still sticking around when the kid is no longer involved and she brings literally nothing else to the table other than cooking shitty meals a 15 year old can make on the nights they don’t eat off the McDonald’s dollar menu.

No. 1290863

Hello rape apologist kek
> none of us care for Jonny either love its not hard to notice.

No. 1290977

love how this man has a pattern of raping, threatening to kill women, psychologically terrorizing them, hitting them, manipulating them to lie in court about it, and getting them addicted to heroin and you guys still want to go after whatever scapegoat of the year he’s dating.

No. 1290992

I know this has been said here before but to watch someone you used to absofreakinglutely idolize end up this way (on Lolcow, to boot) is pretty damn surreal. Also ngl if and when Jonny does leave Syd, she's going to be a cow forever. She's going to end up with her own thread for sure.

No. 1291004

My post directly after yours was only made around the same time as yours and is meant to be unrelated (I didn't see yours at the time of posting mine) but on that point, I'm going to reply to you. Yes, as I alluded to in the post directly after yours JC has become a terrible person but with that in mind we can't help that Syd is milky as hell, anon. Of course we are going to talk about her. That's what this website is for. This website is literally made to talk about people like Syd.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1291029


Cool stories but can you both sage next time so you aren't bumping the thread with no milk

No. 1291110

I don't know how you didn't catch on. Look at the lyrics to his self titled album - he outs himself as an a piece of shit in every song.

No. 1291113

Sorry, it wasn't self titled. "A Dream Is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer" is the one.

No. 1291127

why the fuck did you give me all that context this is an anonymous website i don’t care which posts are yours, when you posted them, or your your rationalization of why you are responding to me. i pointed out his pattern of scapegoating idiots like sydney for bigger idiots such as yourself to exploit your internalized misogyny and apparent jealousy of her proximity to him because you are dumb enough as a person to have ever been a fan of his. he has literally never hid his woman hating tiny bloated man complex you don’t have an excuse. sydney is not interesting enough to have a thread and never will be no one cares or does now, it’s just funny what jonny is pretending to put up with so people will hate her for him and he can try to use that to his benefit. this is a very ugly, fat, short, evil and drug addicted middle aged narcissistic man who has scammed anyone and everyone he can for decades, saying they’re “just as bad” as each other is fucking stupid. it doesn’t make her not funny, it means what you are saying is fucking stupid.

No. 1291141

Ntayrt but Jesus that's a whole lot of specific and aggressive projection, are you ok anon? Kek. Laughing at the milk Syd provides is not internalized misogyny. You sound like you just found a new word and you are excited to use it but haven't quite figured out how. Also, two things can be true at the same time BPD-chan - Jonny is terrible and Syd is a fuckin psycho. The back and forth of who is worse is cringe as hell , obviously Jonny is an established abusive junkie and the emotional terror that is Syd does not compare but you have to admit leaving your kid is a shit thing to do and she's very much so worthy of farmers ridicule and laughter. Go touch some grass.

No. 1291142

Chill. They are both loud annoying retards. Yes Johnny is more awful but she's the leech stuck on his cock. They both get talked about. Syd is outrageous because she's proud of having this nasty rapist junkie. It's not hard to figure out. You ever take a shit and it comes out in two pieces? That's what they are.

No. 1291263

idolizing jonny craig is either internalized misogyny or not being able to understand his song lyrics, though

No. 1291347

File: 1628153026580.jpeg (852.75 KB, 1125x1947, 9DE329E2-4D3F-4729-BA39-642890…)

Tinfoil but do you think Jonny has been in touch or trying to get in touch with Taylor? She posted this and the lyrics from the portion she selected to share are kinda sus. I don’t keep up with her so not sure if she’s had some other person she’s dated since Jonny

No. 1291446

Maybe she's triggered over the rats since she totally taught Jonny all the best elite pet care tips

No. 1291455

Taylor has dated at least two guys since Jonny.

No. 1291713

I'm not sure how many 14-year-olds in 2008 truly understood the song lyrics they were listening to.

>>1291127 show me where it was said in the post that you are replying to they were just as bad as each other, lmao.

No. 1291881

So I followed both JC and syd on insta. Syd ended up blocking me, even though I never interacted with either of them.

Anyway last night I noticed JC liked 4 of my pictures, with one of them being a few years old so it was super far down on my insta.

Has anybody else had this happen? Will syd see he liked these pictures or not because she blocked me? Don’t wanna get harassed

No. 1291926

It depends on if her preferred method of stalking him is checking the pages of people he has followed recently/have followed him recently for his likes on their photos or if she is literally checking in his phone when he's not looking for his recently liked photos. If it's method number one, you should be reasonably safe. Unfortunately, it's hard to know.

No. 1291927


i don’t think you’re able to see someone’s liked posts anymore, she’d have to use his account and manually scroll thru your feed to see which photos he’s liked. maybe archive the posts temporarily if you’re worried about it

No. 1291934

I’m sure she’s already seen that post and is full force stalker mode right now going down his entire friend list.

No. 1292013

I think Sydney is really pretty. I don’t know why she wants to be with someone who makes her so sad

No. 1292051

She looks Trans ngl and on top of it she's absolutely mental but go off kek

No. 1292086

Having a Jonny Craig sprout means she's a famous artist now, anon. Hope this helps.

No. 1292120

I agree. Always thought she has a lot of manly features ha.

No. 1292135

Syd isn't trans but Taylor sure is

No. 1292142

I think we hurt Sydsomanly’s little fweelings

No. 1292145

The day that Sydsopsycho’s posts get exposed will be beautiful.

No. 1292186

Syd needs a nose job asap, maybe taylor can pay for it since she bought jonnys toothless ass dentures

No. 1292188

Lol Syd is super tiny and her face has fem features I don’t see any manliness there

No. 1292194

Super tiny? OOOOk syd.

No. 1292200

She mad she’s got the physique of a 14 year old boy lol

No. 1292204

she’s not manly, calling her manly is dumb as shit and takes away from the real issue. she’s not ugly at all she just acts like it, and will stay that way as long as she continues to poison herself with jonny and not focusing on herself. it’s so difficult to get away from abusers and she’s not doing herself any favors by mirroring abusive things like stalking him and harassing these random women. you know he loves that shit and she has a chemical dependence on a post menopausal rapist leprechaun treating her like trash. she has a kid she doesn’t see, she doesn’t look manly but she’s acting like it.

No. 1292297

Hey anon, I appreciate your perspective, but she is ugly. From the piercing in the middle of her forehead down. Also, there was screenshot showing off her mustache a while back. Filters save her on social media but won’t in real life. (Let’s see the images from tour when they come out.)

Her personality does make her uglier.
Sure, she’s in an abusive cycle, but it is 100% her choice not to address it/ fix it.
She reads here, she knows she’s in a shit position, and yet there is no effort to move forward in a healthy matter.

For example, that GFM has gone towards zero therapy services or anything beyond stupid spending. She’s not a good person, and it shows physically and in her emotional reactions.

No. 1292300

>I’m totally not fat u guise

Im glad syd is soooooo tiny and femme wow. I’ll bet her abandoned 1 year old would totally agree that being sosmol uwu is an attribute of societal hierarchy. Great accomplishments.

No. 1292321

She’s not stuck in the relationship. She hasn’t tried to get out. In fact she dead ass chose him over the kid she birthed. She’s had every opportunity to leave him. Could’ve kept him in jail for “pushing” her. Could’ve chosen to stay with her mom and her baby when he was given the boot, could’ve got a restraining order. There’s no need to pitty her situation. She’s exactly where she wants to be. Devoting her life to begging for a junkie to love her.

No. 1292411

Why people put so much energy into defending these idiots baffles me. Syd abandoned her kid for a rapist, she is ugly inside and out yall retarded putting your energy into pretending to like this vile ass woman.

No. 1292719

it’s because she’s a starfucker but she’s ugly inside and out, so Jonny Craig’s toothless saggy broke ass is the best she can do

No. 1292747

File: 1628314184443.png (2.01 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210807-012700.png)

Olives, halved cherry tomatoes, beans (????) avocado, and bell pepper on top of pasta, with a side dish of zucchini for some reason. "always on point" yeah okay

No. 1292749

File: 1628314410099.png (656.45 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210807-012902.png)

also, tinfoil, but something about this seems traced to me

No. 1292771

Looks yummy to me. I think Syd is cool. Idk why she gets so much hate.

No. 1292783

go take care of your kid, Syd.

No. 1292836

Not good enough to be traced.

No. 1292856

This is an assault to the senses. Her portioning and knife skills are making me want to a-log. I almost forgot that theoretically all of these flavors work with a cold, coiled pasta like rotini with a sweet tangy dressing but her thick ass avocado slices pooled over the heavy handed cuts made me fucking seethe. Prime example of butchering an OK dish with sheer ineptitude. Also your zucchini is wet Syd.

Also black olives are trash and it's just dye. That poor family can't even have a decent well-rounded meal. Christ.

No. 1292871

loving the very obvious samefagging within the last 15 hours but can we please stay on track of actually updating the thread with milk and not pointless jabbing at Sydney for her boring life

No. 1292990

You know what would make Syd cool? Being a real mom, not bullying random fans, or even leaving JC would make her “cool”.
Syd should spend the effort she puts into her defense here and instead put that towards therapy, or trying to get custody.

No. 1293045

You know what would be the coolest? If retards like you in this thread would Sage their non milk opinions. Literally all you idiots need to do is type "Sage" in the email field so you're not constantly fucking bumping this thread

No. 1293055

Personal preference but that is a nasty combo. Are they that poor that they’re living off beans and a couple veggies?

No. 1293062

Wow that might be the worst drawing yet. The finger nails are all completely different and those fingers are wonky as hell. I hope no one paid her money to do this. And yes, it does look like she attempted to trace her own hand like kids in kidergarden do.

No. 1293065

I'm just impressed they don't live on constant fast food. If there's anything Syd's good for, it's making JC eat real food

No. 1293112

Oh but I’m sure they don’t eat like this all the time. She isn’t going to post the fast food and junk I’m sure they eat. This is her trying to be like “oh look at me I’m so smol all I eat are veggies I’m so healthy and skinny.” Also it’s clear she’s posting in this thread (real pathetic btw Syd) so she’s probably trying to prove to the haterz that Jonny isn’t as unhealthy as he looks because she feeds him shit like this. Based off of how fat and bloated he is I’m sure he doesn’t always eat like this

No. 1293170

Um?? Please don’t tell me this is a piece of art someone bought from her??

No. 1293308

Not to wk psycho syd, but at least she manages to put some sort of meal together instead of non-stop Whataburger(sage your shit)

No. 1293352

no pity at all and i agree, i never knew that she chose to live with jonny instead of her kid when the grandmother did the right thing and kicked him out. the relationship a child has with their mother is crucial for healthy development, i guess i really can’t understand why she would do that and jonny has a pattern. the damage she is doing to her abandoned kid is pretty devastating and there are many women who are in abusive relationships that ultimately leave specifically to keep their children safe, that’s usually what shakes them out of it at some point. thank you for the responses, this is such a gross situation to put together. luckily jonny’s last victims got away from him but the child can’t pick his parents and his childhood. no matter what they tell him he will end up reading about it online at some point, and how he got his name.

No. 1293560

What an absolute trash piece of "art" I'm laughing at how terrible it is. Maybe she should use that gfm cash for some art classes

No. 1294261

She does it because she cares more about the clout she gets for "dating a celebrity" and her dysfunctional relationship with Johnny than her kid. It's that simple. If she cared about her son more she would never give him up to be raised by someone else. She would hate missing out on his milestones and having to hear about them from someone else.

People here kept thinking Taylor would rise as soon as JC was gone and were shocked when she turned out to be terrible all on her own. Syd is no different. She will continue to be a crap mom who leaves her kid with her mother after JC is replaced with someone new too. This is who she is and what she does. We are just now seeing it in the light of day without her "perfect family" social media spin on it.

No. 1295714

Where is the proof that they actually lost custody bc it really just seems like a tinfoil that everyone ran with..

No. 1295757

I don’t necessarily think they lost custody, but perhaps JC has an order against him due to his charges to stay away from the child. Syd chose to be with him rather than the child. Tinfoil but it’s evident they are not living with him.

No. 1296031

File: 1628523019892.jpg (1.4 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210809-083006_Ins…)

1/2 whiny little bitch boy

No. 1296032

File: 1628523042060.jpg (166.19 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210809-083010_Ins…)

Go cry about it ugly

No. 1296261

It's pretty obvious at this point storm is living with Sydneys mom
I know it's crucial for development to gave a nurturing guardian so I'm really hoping his grandma is nothing like syd. Storm deserves better then to be with either of them, but I'm sure they'd rather keep the public thinking they still have him because it makes them look better. My main concern is they're able to use around storm, if they haven't already.

No. 1296346

File: 1628543993268.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210809-141948_Ins…)

Such matronly cankles you have ma'am

No. 1296609

There is no hard proof but it’s been discussed why it’s obvious their son isn’t living with them.

No. 1296618

File: 1628565701711.png (929.36 KB, 828x1792, 2F9CAEDC-3C2B-4915-8550-91F706…)

No. 1296625


No. 1296627

STOP. I GOT A PLAN. LET'S BOTH PRETEND YOU DIDNT TAKE THAT ONE NIGHT STAAAAAAAND. So hide your face collect your things. This is what we call the walk of shame(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1296628

Hello? What colour are your FUCKING EYES?

No. 1296629

They're blue for sure right? Aight bye

No. 1296630

Turn off the lights

No. 1296631


No. 1296635


No. 1296636


No. 1296653


Holy shit he's so delusional, maybe take your own advice you fucking junkie. Imagine growing up and knowing Jonny Deadbeat Craig is your father, his poor kid man.

No. 1297146

File: 1628615227892.jpg (703.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210810-100656_Ins…)

Literally only you feels sorry for you kek

No. 1297153

File: 1628615316251.jpg (495.68 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210810-100707_Ins…)

Showing off the rats they'll inevitably forget
How do you sell animals to jonny Craig I wouldn't trust him alone with nail clippers fffff

No. 1297181

It never seizes to amaze me how absolutely fucking objectively hideous he is.

No. 1297318

Driveby comment, the word you're looking for is ceases

No. 1297324

Those poor rats, god forbid if he could threatened to flush the kittens while taylor was still showering him with all the YT money, imagine how he would react when syd pulls one of her psycho epi while being an absolute crazy broke ass mf… can’t imagine what he would do to those rats….

No. 1297471

File: 1628634332432.png (453.28 KB, 828x1792, 10E1C8E0-124F-49A5-B6E0-9CE169…)

No. 1297472

File: 1628634364168.png (695.03 KB, 828x1792, 81870BF8-CDF1-4961-8080-9A1783…)

No. 1297483

He needs to hit the gym bad , syd moreso(namefag)

No. 1297485

Another relapse? What a shocker. My money's on he never actually stopped he just got caught.

No. 1297496

File: 1628636176215.png (546.54 KB, 828x1792, A1DC926B-0DAE-4092-B7B4-DB64C6…)

No. 1297498

File: 1628636214588.png (484.96 KB, 828x1792, 593D926F-97FF-46A1-B4D9-842FC9…)

No. 1297514

keep on burning those bridges, asshat

No. 1297529

That’s a fact he never quit which is why they don’t have custody of their kid.

No. 1297550

File: 1628641473308.png (610.38 KB, 828x1792, 52E0EA1B-ECCD-4392-8442-E57554…)

No. 1297558

Classic jonny fucking up every single chance he gets to do better.

He's also outed himself as an even bigger piece of shit father, I don't wish it on any child to grow up with a junkie parent and his mother is just as fucked in the head for bringing him into this world knowing what that sweet little boy would have to grow up with, she doesn't make it any better being a delusional, irrational, grandiose and batshit crazy person herself.

No. 1297562

This makes me sick to my stomach for their child. I really hope the rumors are true and he lives full time with Syd’s mom. As a parent myself I would do ANYTHING to keep my child safe, it makes me sick Syd picks Jonny the Junkie over her baby.

No. 1297569

Meanwhile insecure little Syd does absolutely nothing to encourage his sobriety. If anything, she’s too busy skinwalking his former biggest enabler. I still can’t believe she named her rat Ghost. What’s the other one’s name? Tofu?

No. 1297571


Kek. Probably Gus, or Cheese…

No. 1297572


She deleted her story before I could get a screen shot but she was just crying about getting no credit for being supportive of him. I guess he needs to kiss her ass in his stories for it to be worth supporting him.

No. 1297588

He’s gonna die from fent soon

No. 1297631

Definitely this. Would not be surprised at all if syd has joined him. She used to out him herself for using. Now she’s silent.

No. 1297644

He really looks like it but he'll probably outlive most of us, even with half a liver, no kidneys and yet another knocked-up IG groupie who ~knows him better than anyone~

No. 1297696

half a liver and no kidneys, what?

No. 1297710

I have no idea why she is so far up this junkie failure’s ass. I’m totally supportive of any addict in recovery actually working it, that shits hard - but if she keeps following him around with puppy dog eyes while he keeps using, she will no doubt crash and burn with him and he truly hits rock bottom.

No. 1297715

He's already had significant health scares wtf are you on about?
Color me evil or mean spirited but I'm hoping jonny dies before storm has too many memories to even really recall his 'father' much. At least then he'll only have one psycho parent ruining his childhood. I can't see jonny living to 40 he's been constantly using heroin for years, he is not trying to change he's got the mentality of a 14 year old.
Its been killing him daily for like a decade, it catches up eventually. i know from knowing addicts that it happens fast, you feel like they'll be fine because they've been able to keep getting away with it, but no it's gonna kill him one day for sure at this rate anon he is very much bloated and dead already in my books

No. 1297717

It's her personality disorder imo, she's said before she has BPD but she's too much of a narcissist to ever seek therapy and try to be normal like working a job or even speaking to other people like human beings. As long as someone gives her attention and grandma has the kid I doubt she really even thinks about him much. She's so transparent that all she cares about is appearances and having a 'musician' boyfriend. Since jonny never stopped using and there's proof out there now I'm just so glad storm isn't around that. No child should have to be around heroin, Sydney and jonny are actually cockroaches of human beings for bringing a child into whatever the fuck their relationship is.

No. 1297777

From reading the lyrics to U.S.S. Regret it seems like a cry for help. Just sad to see him throw his talent away like that.

No. 1297805

That's NOT a fact anon. Are you dense? There is no solid proof that they have lost custody of storm. There also isn't proof that JC has been using non-stop. I put my bet on it because it is speculation. Addicts can fall off at any time. I'm not white knighting JC. He's a filthy scum bag and doesn't deserve our respect but please for the love of god stop portraying tinfoils as straight up facts. You look stupid.

No. 1297812

thanks anon, i agree. i'm all for the tinfoils cus they absolutely make sense, but let's please keep track of what we actually know and then just keep waiting/looking for actual proof.

No. 1297825

File: 1628690759373.jpeg (82.64 KB, 750x512, DE95667E-BEC3-421D-A006-82C74E…)

Tai wright says it’s serious, he’s a piece of shit too but he has the inside scoop

No. 1297842


Lol was this jonny coming into lolcow high as a kite and started the shitpost? Makes sense now. Lmao

No. 1297864

File: 1628694747716.png (977.31 KB, 1125x2436, 1CAF307C-005E-4CCD-B9AB-BD7802…)

Here you go nonnies, I grabbed the screen cap yesterday but wasn’t on the thread and figured someone else probably uploaded it anyways. Sorry it’s late but she’s such a whiny bitch.

No. 1297867

Jesus fucking Christ, what a self centered asshole.

No. 1297883

She’s so incoherent, holy hell. This is just one giant run-on sentence that sounds like it came from someone who had a stroke.
Wouldn’t be surprised one bit if she’s using too and is trying to save face/cover her ass.

No. 1297900

I really think she is. This was so grossed her to try to seek attention from. Guarantee she’s throwing a fit cause thru all his other “relapses” he’d always praise his exes for staying by his side and being his rock, blah blah.

No. 1297902

Damn I hope the situation escalates and he spills some juicy info. He’s clearly implying this was not a relapse, maybe he knows syds using too, and I’m sure he’s asked where their kid is and has more info.

No. 1297955

These two narcs deserve each other and we are not even on tour yet! One thing you can rely on jonny is his consistency to fuck up his career and people around him along the way - welcome the milk floodgates !

No. 1297968

File: 1628703061942.jpeg (305.72 KB, 1936x1936, CD65EF27-2747-4FD2-80FA-EB89C5…)

In the comments of tai’s post. This piece of shit really makes a joke out of abusing his girlfriends like that huh? Someone needs to punch him in the throat already.

No. 1298009

How can you post something like this and not be insanely embarrassed. Imagine struggling with addiction and all your fiancé has to say about it is your welcome for being an amazing person and supporting you. What a fucking bitch.

No. 1298035

Same and agree, he knows some shit. That's probably why JC is kissing his ass despite him dropping out of the tour. That was a big sign to me. He normally has no problem firing shots at just about anyone but the amount of ass kissing he's thrown this guy over this situation reaks of something.

No. 1298057

>as soon as i make it big you will all regret not working with me!!
…. he really has been awfully loud about "making it" considering he is still a junkie

No. 1298058

like jonny’s “struggling” with addiction, though

No. 1298115

File: 1628715226939.jpeg (149.5 KB, 828x1016, 53A7073E-E5F1-446F-A275-61B0D6…)

Lol watch him go full attack mode on this guy

No. 1298199

That’s what freaks me out the most, that the biological mother feels no instinct to bond with, protect, and ultimately choose the son she birthed into the world. I don’t understand how she just doesn’t care, though I do agree the best chance he has is with the grandmother.

No. 1298235

I guarantee you he’s saying this because Jonny has been using. For a while. Jonny is acting like “oh, I only just relapsed this past week, oooopsie!” But let’s be real. He hasn’t been clean for a while.

No. 1298270

Kek this dude noped the fuck out. Clearly he didn’t cancel his tour with Jonny because of one insistence of “weakness”.
And Jonny isnt sober by any means. He has always posted pictures of ciders near by.

I’m so curious what made this dude suddenly back out.

No. 1298273


sorry the site won’t let me delete to repost

No. 1298286

File: 1628733330345.jpeg (240.04 KB, 828x1060, E7142695-CAB5-420B-99FB-70DC38…)


No. 1298288

File: 1628733428146.jpeg (83.14 KB, 828x467, EA994CF3-6BD4-4A32-B6C0-C2E8A2…)

Kek, Syd I think he wrote about you in his new album!

No. 1298309

Woah can't help but immediately think about Taylor, at least the part about the mirror. Totally jumped out at me because she did turn out to be just like him and she has that halsey lyric about breaking a mirror tattooed. So curious to know if it's actually in reference to her

No. 1298469

taylor and jonny reunion arc, he cheats on syd with her in texas
wouldnt that be funny

No. 1298525

I'm not sure what the USS stands for, typically he means something with those. Syd & Storm? Perhaps he regrets ever getting involved and making a baby.

No. 1298542

I think that’s a common term for naming ships. It literally means United States Ship. Maybe there’s some deeper meaning. Like “sending off regret”?

No. 1298672

Could be just a world play with USSR of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and he switch the word with regrets?

No. 1298693

I doubt Taylor wants him back

No. 1298712

at this point anything is possible

No. 1298753

File: 1628796307350.jpg (462.98 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20210812-152029.jpg)

Wtf is this dumb idiot going on about? I'm convinced she lurks in this thread and is hinting to us talking about her doing dope with Jonny. But the wrist band? Like idk where that's coming from. Probably just putting that in there to make another jab at how she's uwu so small just like Grimes. Even though they both look slightly malnourished. That may be a bit of a reach but I can't seem to figure out why she's posting that dumbass shit.

No. 1298767

Kek the fuck is she talking about? Hair ties don’t just slip off because you’re skinny. You have hands too. I seriously think she’s an alcoholic or some shit. I don’t think she’s a junkie but she seems out of it and doesn’t make sense most of the time.

Common sense says grimes has it up higher on her arm because she dislikes how it feels on the wrist. A lot of people have sensory issues on their arms and dislike seams or pressure on their wrist. But this is clearly some weird humble brag about how uwu smol she is.

No. 1298774

The irony of calling grimes' man bleh when Johnny literally just relapsed and is in way worse shape than Elon in every conceivable way.

No. 1298807

Right?? Like at least Elon is a fricking billionaire and not a washed up warped tour reject with not even 2 nickels to rub together.

No. 1298825

Elon also takes care of his kid! Imagine that! Yeah idk what this post was even about. I never saw a pic of her with a hair tie on her arm. Just more fishing for attention she’s not getting from jc despite being attached at the hip 24/7

No. 1298828

Seriously, wtf is she talking about? I was somewhat understanding the first part of it but then she starts to go off about a loose plastic tie up her arm? Literally sounds like fishing for compliments while fucked up

No. 1298834

Elon only takes care of his children financially. Which puts him way ahead of Jonny, though!

No. 1299103

ru kidding? bitch literally renames her vid about him every 2 hours

No. 1299206

File: 1628860497840.jpeg (156.07 KB, 750x575, F973EAE7-E70B-46B8-B080-BBC506…)

Not super milky but they are both out of each others bios again and syd took away the gfm link. What’s that about? And she still has yet to post one piece of “art” on her art page.

No. 1299259

They havent been in each other’s bios for like a month now. Guess it was too much work for her to keep removing and adding his handle every other day.

No. 1299261

I like how there’s still not a single post on her “art” page. And she only follows 39 people. Anthony green and circa survive are two of them lmao. Like they would care to see her scribbles.

No. 1299263

why do snowflakes add they pronoun as well? can someone explain?

No. 1299287

anyone who identifys as "they" is a fucking metal case.

No. 1299289

You answered your own question nonnie. Because she's a super speshul ~uwu~ snowflake. But maybe in her case the They is referring to her multiple personalities kek

No. 1299340

bc they think not being a "super glittery girly girl who loves fashion and shoes!!!!" means they're trans or otherwise not like other girls

No. 1299507

File: 1628891614052.png (605.48 KB, 828x1792, FAF8A4F5-56EB-4A1C-B219-9F2479…)

No. 1299515

Kek it thinks it's inspiring or something

No. 1299517

Not only is he trying to be motivational but it just screams for self-validation. "Look at me!! I may have "relapsed" for the hundredth time but I never give up because I'm so blessed with muh FAMILY!" Lmao, this is a reason he and Taylor were a pretty good match, neither of them can actually own their bullshit they just beg for validation from strangers who don't give a fuck about them on the internet. It's pretty sad. I guess there's nothing else to do when what little is left of your career is in the toilet and you have a relationship as miserable as his with a psychotic bitch.

No. 1299539

Can you even call it a relapse if you were never sober to begin with

No. 1299572

File: 1628896482701.png (502.72 KB, 1242x2208, DD0A5A79-A6A4-4CF1-ADA5-ED0495…)

No. 1299597

So he told her to shut the fuck up and now she’s whining about it? You picked him!

No. 1299599

this reads like a 2015 trump tweet. SAD!

No. 1299632

File: 1628907192642.jpeg (422.79 KB, 1125x1964, ABF56247-D235-4AC8-9875-8D1C42…)

Sure Jan

No. 1299662

I dunno Syd, maybe you should just shut the fuck up. Your constant bitching and whining is annoying.

You talk about healing and growing so much yet you keep yourself tied down to a dead end position where you're so obviously miserable and constantly riddled with anxiety about which girl to scream at next. You do this to yourself girl.

People who say they're empaths are the total opposite. Much empath bringing a human into the world to a notorious abusive, slutty junkie man.

No. 1299692

this is just the lack of neurotransmitters in the frontal cortex from your bpd syd. you’re not an empath

No. 1299726

Lmao I can’t post videos but she just posted several of her as a lemon for the filter and said “can you see I have a night off from mom duty?” -_____-

No. 1299738

I seen that too, honestly she sounds and looks high as fuck with her giggling and trying to smack her lips every 2 seconds. She's posting a lot tonight, is she manic or something again?

No. 1299813

Very impressed with the nonitas in the replies who understood what this was supposed to mean kek. Her English is Lilee-tier and she makes about as much sense as Taylor

No. 1300042

Im sure she's using too shes become more and more incomprehensible with her stories and lies she can't even keep up kek

No. 1300088

File: 1628973806067.jpeg (835.83 KB, 828x1469, 87F78A61-31DF-46EB-BD9F-19191B…)

I really don’t understand what she likes about this person. He’s incredibly ugly and terrible.

No. 1300099

The way they both use insults as "pet names" kek
Idk about everyone else here but I've seen it before irl in toxic even abusive couples
It reeks of contempt to me

No. 1300102

File: 1628974521124.jpg (816.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210814-135535_Ins…)

Rat face

No. 1300123

They are out and about. Bet money on it we will see Storm pics today and blah blah blah about family.

No. 1300128

He looks like an opossum with a double chin with those small set little creepy eyes

No. 1300139

Alcohol bloat has her looking like a pillhead moon face. Yikes.

No. 1300149

Syd so swollen back at it.

No. 1300156

Another “night off of mom duty” I see hahaha

No. 1300217

What is her moms name

No. 1300232

Those fucking dentures are so creepy I can’t look.

No. 1300233

Her head looks so gigantic wtf.

No. 1300280

File: 1628992903789.png (Spoiler Image, 6.02 MB, 828x1792, ACFA4811-E9AB-4371-A275-21FE5E…)

No. 1300283

I can't even imagine what the two of them even talk about when they aren't fighting. Like just out on a regular date? Them? Two fried little brain cells rubbing together.

No. 1300289

File: 1628995363259.jpeg (834.49 KB, 3072x3072, B1DD6F83-4AD8-49E6-951F-D588BE…)

What an ugly couple.

No. 1300290

Same anon, can he not grow a beard? That jawline is horrific.

No. 1300292

hes had stubble here and there grow in, i think hes just stuck mentally on being 19 yrs old and keeps it clean shaven

No. 1300294

I love watching a cow blossom into a heifer, especially when they've made being ~smol~ their whole identity

No. 1300351

didnt taylor say he shaves it when he uses

No. 1300369

Yes– I think Amanda was the first one to point it out

No. 1300387

“Her man is bleh”
Your man is far worse and Grimes is literally exactly the same as Elon. She’s not some ~poor damsel in distress~ she is with him because she either agrees with him or doesn’t think his views are a dealbreaker because she doesn’t actually care. At least Elon is a decent father.

And hair ties don’t just slip off your hand unless they’re extremely outstretched, this is such a pathetic attempt at a humble brag. She can’t even compliment someone else without also making it about herself.

No. 1300391

I promise you they're together because "no one else will put up with your bullshit". this applies to both of them and they say it to each other.

No. 1300454

I think it’s also a fuck ton of codependence. JC probably also doesn’t have another living soul in his life who will put up with him. Syd I think needs so much validation that the thought of being alone terrifies her. She’s getting older/is aging, has a kid, doesn’t have anything going for her, is pretty nuts…exactly anon, who would want either one?

No. 1300567

File: 1629039605372.png (326.19 KB, 750x1334, CF3CFF2C-B38B-4E9F-89D1-8FF93E…)

Please enlighten me on what the bigger picture is for him

No. 1300607

An excuse not to change

No. 1300633


jonny’s an iv heroin user right? aren’t him and syd together all the time? he disappeared to meet a dealer and then found the privacy to stick a needle in his arm and she had no opportunity to stop it? “relapse” takes on a whole new meaning when it’s a relapse on iv drugs that often kill people who’ve taken a substantial break from using. it’s all indicative of the sorts of people he’s hanging around with. it’s hard to believe he ever really stopped using or that he hasn’t continued to use. if he didn’t have a kid people would care way less about his lifestyle. dude needs to go on methadone or suboxone but probably can’t commit to daily doses and required counseling

No. 1300642

File: 1629047237926.png (3.12 MB, 828x1792, 40BBBAFF-A5DE-43E0-B3FC-479B9B…)

No. 1300643

File: 1629047263790.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, CE0C4B9B-C852-4B8D-A841-742A08…)

No. 1300654

What’s the dollar bill about?
so weird and random

No. 1300675

after what, 15 or so years? of sneaking around and doing drugs im sure you'd get good at making it seem inconspicuous. but Sydney wouldn't care to do anything about his drug use unless she can post it on instagram to get asspats for herself

No. 1300742

I don’t think they have storm. They should just outright admit it they would look better admitting they don’t have him while jc goes about talking about relapse. Otherwise cp should get involved

No. 1300760

Does he not have probabtion or anything from when he was arrested? If so wouldn’t drug use violate that?

No. 1300792

how are any of you still under the impression that storm lives with them? there doesn’t have to be legal action taken for syd’s mom to be the baby’s caregiver. it doesn’t have to be on paper. parents take on their fucked up kid’s kids all the time. it’s really sad and i’m sure her mom’s anger and frustration runs d e e p

No. 1300813

I’m just saying it would look better for them to admit they don’t have their kid. Especially now considering admitting to relapsing instead of pretending they have him. We all know they lurk on here. Just admit it Sidney

No. 1300862

I doubt her pride will let her admit her baby isn’t in her custody. The way she so desperately holds on to Jonny makes me feel she’s rather stay on his good side than be a good mother.

No. 1300881

There’s different types of probation. I’ve known people who were on probo for a couple years and they literally didn’t have to do anything. His charges weren’t drug related so I doubt they’re making him piss in a cup. Unless CPS was involved then I could see them making him piss. Because the state won’t allow a known active drug user to have custody of a kid if he was taken away.

where I live a one year old boy died after getting into his dad’s fentanyl stash. Dad died too. It was fucked up. Active drug users like that and JC shouldn’t be allowed to have custody of their kids

No. 1300896

File: 1629080306324.png (923.02 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210815-221823.png)

No. 1300897

Whatever else people can say about Syd, she's really easy to please. Being near a studio featuring a puffy washed-up musician is honestly enough.

No. 1300908

Has jc ever written a song about her lol

No. 1300959

File: 1629091014484.jpeg (528.93 KB, 1125x1989, E092FC2C-759D-4BFE-9BE9-B09E16…)

lmao then she posts this after

No. 1301007

Oh boo hoo syd
I'm not the one neglecting a child for a used up POS

No. 1301276

File: 1629127634159.png (856.74 KB, 828x1792, 03318FD6-3DE1-4F74-80A1-BD4D96…)

No. 1301304

So in other words, no real professional will work for him anymore so he’s gonna do it all himself… isn’t the tour coming up? What a shit show

No. 1301317

I mean, most studios will record anyone who’ll pay the hourly fee, no matter how much of a mess they are. My guess is that getting the money and his shit together has been the barrier.

No. 1301323

Show me you are a washed up junkie without telling you are a washed up junkie. Lmao. Back at it with Scam, rinse, repeat - swear if I can do jonny & syd bingo scam card, we’d can have 5 in a row.

No. 1301347

So she has to stay outside like a dog tied to a pole? wtf

No. 1301350

She was probably smoking a cigarette. It’s interesting she didn’t mention Jonny in this story then, but had to mention it now.

No. 1301368

File: 1629139004367.png (1.6 MB, 828x1792, 0609E1BB-16C8-43E6-917B-D31202…)

No. 1301432

File: 1629146371064.png (1.62 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210816-163809.png)

Read the shoes.. she really wants everyone to know he's her man. Yikes.

No. 1301434

I can see where Taylor learned her professionalism from

No. 1301463

This is some cringy middle school shit

No. 1301465


she said she had chapped lips.

ooh syyyd where does it come from?
oh I cant tell you but I kissed ~jonny craig~

I bet she wanted this kind of conversation on Instagram 2 years ago sydsomysterious

No. 1301474

They’re so gross. Writing that on his shoes is not gonna stop him from cheating lol

No. 1301569

File: 1629163429514.png (141.41 KB, 720x1242, Screenshot_20210816-182156.png)

tell me you're butthurt without trying to be obvious you're butthurt

No. 1301600

Are you the same anon who keeps posting “tell me you’re ___ without telling me you’re ___” because you fuck it up every time every. Single. Time.

No. 1301601

I wish these were one of his shitty designer shoes and she drew this bullshit on them

No. 1301640

no I barely read other anons comments just photos, but when I saw that I felt embarrassed immediately

No. 1301705

It cracks me up how he acts so proud to be from Sacramento and to be with his people yet everyone here talks shit about him. Even those he thinks he’s cool with turn around and laugh at him whenever he hits them up.
Sacramento doesn’t claim you, bud!

No. 1301710

And he wasn’t even born in Sac so it’s not technically his home town. Nobody he worked with in Sac (like DGD for instance) wants anything to do with him anymore

No. 1301806

Isn’t he canadian? What is his citizen status? Can he be deported for being an undesirable immigrant?

No. 1301818

Lol nonny this one was me >>1301323 and I m not the same anon. Lmao but apologies if I m being a retarded boomer with the “show me” joke.

No. 1301898

we don’t want him either

No. 1301963

She’s always so sad he’s being abusive to her yet she never leaves. Zero sympathy. If not for you do it for Storm.

No. 1301981

File: 1629219787572.jpg (300.73 KB, 1080x1924, Screenshot_20210817_130209.jpg)

>worried the vaccine will turn them into fish

>injects heroin on the regular

No. 1301995

>did it for the fans
>didn’t do it to protect her son with suspected health issues


No. 1302012

you can still get covid and transmit it even with the vaccine so there's literally no point in getting it l0lz.(conspiracy thread)

No. 1302015

We obviously know who the “someone” was. But that exactly what all his exes have described. Him being incredibly mean when he’s high and then waiting for him to wake up sober for an apology they probably never get. What a life.

No. 1302022

Exactly, he’s incredibly verbally abusive. So why stick around and beg like Taylor did….

No. 1302040

it’s less likely to get it at all with the vaccine, and much much less likely to have a serious case, but go off

No. 1302067

Of courseeee she is anti vaxx, jfc, now i wonder if they would vax storm at all…

No. 1302087

So this confirms she's going on tour… this should be interesting. I wonder how close by she's going to be for the Meet & Greets. Also disgusting that she is leaving Storm to go on this tour. I'm aware they don't have him right now, but fuck. What a piece of shit who doesn't deserve the title of being a mother.

No. 1302091

remember how Jonny treated Taylor while she was on tour with him? she talked about it in her video about him. I would much rather take Taylor on tour with me than Syd if I were Jonny. omg I can already imagine the epic fights that are gonna go down… is it possible for whoever is in charge of the tour to make her leave if she causes issues? I bet they won't even make it through one tour date without a fight happening.

No. 1302134

>>1301981 we're supposed to praise and show love to a rude cunt for "going against everything she thought was right, for the fans"? More like she did it so she can be wedged up Jonny's asshole the entire time. Literally has nothing to do with his fans. What a joke.

No. 1302150

Big doubt, I posted in a past thread a vid of them on his stream when she was pregnant saying storm would probably have ADHD like Johnny and Syd said she wouldn't medicate him for it

No. 1302172

When he is using, he is shaved. One of his exes told that it is a tell-tale sign.

No. 1302174

YES! I don't know if it was Taylor, but one of his exes outed that info.

No. 1302183

It was Chelsea I’m pretty sure. I know no one on here believes the shit she says but that seems truthful since he announced his “relapse” with a fresh clean shaved face.

No. 1302204

Not to mention his first tour date is in Sacramento where a lot of people actually know him personally. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that venue that day.

No. 1302263

Kek I wonder if she’s going to try to physically fight someone

No. 1302314

Well the medication is just amphetamines and given their genes he already has a very high chance of becoming an addict, hopefully a miracle happens and whoever is his caretaker does what they can to get him to professionals who can help him develop skills to work with it, like a learning program.

I can’t understand why Sidney wouldn’t want medication herself though, especially if she’s doing drugs with Jonny I would assume that would make all of her own symptoms a nightmare to feel and then on top of that whatever tf Jon is dishing out. If her only concern is their sham of a relationship I would think she would want to be clear headed enough to be her most attractive self? Wouldn’t Jonny support her therapy and medication so she’s easier to be around? I’m confused unless Jonny thinks she’s easier to manipulate and control that way, or he enjoys the breakdowns.

No. 1302326

I have an answer for that to Syd claims meds make her "not herself" so she just is ok being how she is and lashing out, being awful, feeling awful. I can understand ADHD meds being intimidating but this bitch just thinks she's well adjusted

No. 1302345

not wanting to get one vaccine is not being anti-vaccine. the coof vaccine is not even fully FDA approved so i don’t blame her tbh.

and how could they vaccinate storm?! it’s not even approved for kids under 12 and he’s nowhere near that age. and why would you give your kid a vaccine that’s not fully approved anyway? that would be irresponsible.

and you’re right, there’s no point. the vaccine is leaky which leads to more harm than good. even if 100% of the population got vaxxed, it would still be spreading around because the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission….. which means it will mutate whether everyone gets it or not. it’s basically useless, good for the elderly/at risk to get it but aside them then there’s no point.(>>>covid thread)

No. 1302351

Why is the thread delving into a covid vaccine debate kek shut up and wait for the milk
Soon they'll be on 'tour' I'm honestly so tickled
This won't be like with Taylor, they'll be ripping out each other's throats on the first day im certain

No. 1302353

not to white knight but pure heroin isn’t all that dangerous as long as you know your dose and use clean gear. obviously they are joking about it turning them into whatever lmao you’d have to be severely autistic/retarded to take that statement literally. these people suck but it makes lolcow look like it’s full of retards when you are willfully ignorant.

what i got from that is that they don’t trust it 100% and are joking around about it turning them into fish. like come on now saying that makes this sites users look bad

No. 1302358

im a recovering h addict and this is the dumbest fucking thing i have ever read in my life. delete this shit. it's completely misinformal.

it doesn't matter what form the heroin is in, it's ALL DANGEROUS JFC. "knowing your dose" is ABSOLUTELY IMPOSSIBLE, bc u never know what's in the shit your putting in yourself. any addict, no matter how high their tolerance is, is risking death each time they use.

delete this retarded post before it's too late. it literally physically pained me to read it. you must be special needs(this isn't the junkie olympics)

No. 1302364

lmao i’m a ex addict for a decade you piece of shit. let me explain it to you so you understand: pure heroin will cause no harm to the user. like how in certain countries they dose out heroin to hardcore users because nothing else has worked. this is what i’m taking about you fucking cunt.

also if you’re an addict worth your salt then you get to know what your body can handle, and you will have a dealer who will tell you if the shit is strong or not. therefore you can adjust the dose.

pharmaceutical heroin does no damage to the body, this is the specific heroin i’m taking about. the damage from heroin comes from using dirty equipment and taking a much higher dose than expected, which like i said, if you are a user worth your salt, is easily avoided if you have good hookups. now stfu bc this is derailing and the last time i’ll respond to your nasty ass(this isn't the junkie olympics)

No. 1302370

Something tells me she likely hasn’t tried more than a couple medications, or lighter dosages if they cause heavy side effects. Either way she should be in therapy so someone can introduce the concept of codependency and how she can work on it so she’s not letting obese ginger muppets create children inside of her again.

Why has no one mentioned that this tour is going to be out of a stinky van and how unglamorous and gross it is. How many ripened older men is she going to be sardined in with

No. 1302376

Jonny does not and has never used, touched, experienced, been in contact with, witnesses in any capacity, or had the capability to perceive or even identify anything pure what kind of weird irrelevant hill are you trying to die on while calling other people cunts, just take a deep breath your brain needs it

No. 1302379

>>1302358 You sound like some boomer D.A.R.E. recruit saying “you risk death every single time you use”

Technically true, but only if you’re very low IQ. There are things that addicts do if they’re nervous/unsure such as testing a very small portion of the hit, not using alone, or using a drug test kit - and having a narcan kit.

It’s only if you’re an absolute dummy nowadays that using poses a significant risk, like anything else.

Follow those rules and your risk goes down significantly. Only people who die are those who don’t care, want to die, or are too stupid to follow those simple preventative procedures.

Anon was talking about those EU countries that have heroin programs it sounds like, and you came in all hot like they had just said they fucked your dad kekekek.

No. 1302383

File: 1629250313502.jpg (243.21 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20210817-212855.jpg)

Ngl this definitely seems like one of those scams on Instagram that require you to give personal information to be an "ambassador" or "model". She looks so fucking dumb. I get request messages all the time that sound exactly like this one. I hope they take her money. Lmao

No. 1302388

What the fuck is this fever dream nonsense? Sounds like a regurgitated "DM us to collab" try reply that she's actually sperging over and got a friend to repost too?? Am I high or does this make no sense?

No. 1302431

>>1302383 this woman has the intellect and mindframe of a sophomore in highschool, I swear. Shits embarrassing.

No. 1302462

Some companies have promo bots that send messages like “message @account blah blah” written ambiguously that get mass sent to people, or it’s some account involved with them doing something similar on their own? It’s just a spam message and she seems high as fuck, her also using would explain the mood swings and Jonny has a thing for getting partners addicted.

No. 1302473

Kek this is some nobody record label. I checked out their page. 1.5k followers. Wow. Such big time. Much success. Embarrassing.

I, along with everyone, get these stupid “let’s collab babe! Xoxo” messages in their inbox. My page is private and I still get them. They don’t even know who the fuck I am and I have like 200 followers. You’re not special syd. Christ.

No. 1302481

She wants so badly to be someone. Bet she’d get more followers making a video with Taylor outing JCs abuse than staying with him harassing his fans.

No. 1302520

File: 1629268115716.jpg (325.21 KB, 1074x1857, Screenshot_20210818-161621_Ins…)

She's literally telling everybody that she's just a psychotic groupie who wants to become famous and it's what brought her storm.
She makes it so obvious she's trying to use jonny, if he wasn't a washed up musician, she would never think twice about jonny.

They are each other's karma for being self obsessed, selfish and bad people.

No. 1302570

I’m not understanding her alcoholic ramblings. Does she sing? Has she ever uploaded something of her singing? Is she acting like this “record label” is something amazing and she’s emotional about it?

Like holy shit is she really that bat shit insane?

No. 1302600

I wonder what the scratched over part says… “Also, ??? relationships ?? the ??????? I am so glad music and ?? can take you away from those bad feelings”

No. 1302641

What's even funnier is this page is replying to a message from her, so they didn't even reach out in the first place kek

No. 1302664

So weird when her bf is in the music industry and has all the contacts she would ever need to try to get her singing out there, but she has to resort to messaging no name labels begging for them to listen to her? Oh yeah it’s cause no one wants anything to do with jonny or his bitch of a gf. They’re scum.

No. 1302765

File: 1629300458905.png (397.97 KB, 750x1334, 8E106D91-759D-4BB0-98B4-1B086C…)


No. 1302766

File: 1629300524146.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 4FDD8BE1-CF9D-46C2-A74D-5D0C02…)

Does he even have a drivers license?

No. 1302841

Syd is passionate about music dickriding. She has never participated in the scene beyond trying to cement herself as a ride along groupie to washed up Warp Tour has beens. She has never picked up an instrument, has never been involved in the recording process, will probably never even interact with a stage hand that isn't also the head bartender… Truly sad that what she claims her whole life is she has absolutely no involvement in besides lusting after men who are on their last legs of public performance.

And yes, music brought you a child you aren't a mother too. Truly blessed.

No. 1302871

If she was really into music she wouldn’t be posting Paris Hilton’s music and dating jc lmao

No. 1302912

super good transport for a baby
what a great dad

No. 1303028

I lol’d

neither of them has a drivers license, do they?

No. 1303121

I'm lol'ing more at the fact the dude wants to flex dumbass designer shoes but literally can't afford to go to Walmart and buy a bike himself?? It's just too funny

No. 1303175

I also thought he must have been posting about the bike hoping someone would offer to give him one lol. And doubtful it for workout purposes. Most likely transportation to his dealers house. He would probably have a heart attack if he tried cardio at this point.

No. 1303398

even though no one has called her fat…lately. syd feels the need to show her stomach and claim she’s so smol in her last story. theres no definition to her stomach/abs. nothing to be proud of. she’s just skinny fat.

guess she had another night off mom duty

No. 1303401

File: 1629369177766.jpeg (292.35 KB, 1233x2025, 2793A65B-1C16-4E4D-8B12-2D04B4…)

No. 1303428

Her bpd is all over the place lately. First the weirdly intense posts about how music is lyfe xoxo and now fishing for compliments lol
I wonder if JC called her fst, that would be hilarious honestly

No. 1303431

Speaking of mom duty. Her body is probably changing after pregnancy like most moms experience.
I love karma is making it about her not so smol body anymore. Taking her down a notch while adding a few notches on her belt.

Like you may not have the kid, but you gonna look like you do.

No. 1303466

Oh jc definitely called her fat, with his post about the bike and the personal trainer. He’s def projecting his fat insecurities on her.

No. 1303479

File: 1629379951493.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 1099BFA7-19E7-4854-AF40-2814E9…)

God he looks like dirty white trash and you know he’s only showing off that mouse to dig at taylor

No. 1303486

File: 1629381366754.jpg (378.67 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20210819_095525.jpg)

Well I suppose this is a step up from her highschool notebook pencil sketches but still looks like something a toddler could paint.

No. 1303492

File: 1629382381884.png (454.86 KB, 828x1792, 2C7CC935-EAFA-426D-AF40-4DCD09…)

No. 1303523

You know what girls with a tummy do syd? Pull their fucking pants up to their belly button. kek

No. 1303569

Didn’t she have a c-section? Which means right under those yoga pants there’s a big scar and that area always looks wonky after. I really don’t get why she is so desperate to convince everyone she has a nice body. She got her dream man lol is that not enough?!

No. 1303576

even worse, anon, it's a baby rat! they require tons of attention and love and energy that heroin addicts just do not have.

No. 1303666

I thought this was a joke upon first glance like Jonny wearing Syds clothes or something with that meaty hand and awkwardly posed dad bod..

No. 1303720

>>1303401 why are her posts always so incoherent? Like, what is she even trying to say

No. 1303742

Okay but are we sure storm didn’t paint this?

No. 1303758

File: 1629400793018.jpg (340.09 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20210819-151717.jpg)

Not trying to nitpick but I honestly can't understand what she is trying to say in her posts lately. Like it is incoherent word vomit coming out of her mouth every day. Also bitch grimes doesn't give a flying fuck about you and you shit life. She prob doesn't even know you exist. What a try hard.

No. 1303770

Never understood why anyone would brag about being short, the proportions are always really bad and if you gain a little it’s really obvious because your body is stubby. Wasn’t she trying to insinuate she has an eating disorder not long ago? Just lose weight or don’t, your weight and your height are really boring and personal anyways.

If taylor cares about the rat she’s beyond help, she should be celebrating every day he’s locked down with someone else. But this >>1303492 is so creepy, is he talking about exes or wishing he had an opportunity to ruin another new women’s life? He can’t even focus on the kid he has an is so proud of or whatever? Fucking nasty

No. 1303800

"hEs NoT a ToY i WaNt HiM tO hAvE pRiVaCy"
posts a pic of her kid for no reason and tags someone with literally 2 million followers. Bitch be consistent with your bullshit, damn

No. 1303841

File: 1629404010924.png (593.43 KB, 828x1792, 67F1E980-2CC7-4177-AF0C-28C602…)

No. 1303890

This Tai Wright sounds like as big a retard as JC. Mentioning "every member will alive" as an argument against the Beatles like it's some kind of flex. Obviously people 5 decades younger are still gonna be alive.

No. 1303940

File: 1629409457217.png (4.49 MB, 828x1792, E9068506-A6E6-466B-B01B-22C61A…)

No. 1304030

It's… a joke, anon

No. 1304032

Those shoes have been over for so many years and what exactly did she do

No. 1304060

I’m sure wrote “property of Mrs. Craig” all over them like a 13 year old

No. 1304067

So strung out on drugs he’s gonna let her scribble on designer shoes? Yikes.

No. 1304071

She acts like it’s the first time her own kid has fell asleep on her lmao and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is. She must be babysitting for her mom today.

No. 1304083

File: 1629417627418.webm (2.22 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_456…)

looking all droopy eyed and fucked up as usual.

Also interesting that last night when she painted she said her friend brought over all the supplies, sorry I didn't' take ss. So obvious the gfm was for drug money

No. 1304085

She tied a bandana around them!! Now they’re all quirky and ready for tour! She’s such a unique artist.

No. 1304090

File: 1629419152555.png (1.5 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210819-182356.png)

Holy shit who does she think she is?

No. 1304126

She's inspired people to be more selective in their partner choices, remember to take birth control, and take a breather before responding completely unhinged to comments on instagram, sure.

No. 1304129

>>1304090 she's inspired people to hopefully not be like her.

No. 1304143

If that's the rats enclosure it's fucking pathetic.

Also why is jonny letting Syd fuck up the "more than your rent" valued shoes by scribbling all over them like a pre-teen and messing with them??

No. 1304199

File: 1629429777510.png (713.69 KB, 828x1792, CEDBAFFE-1AB3-4945-8147-236945…)

No. 1304210

Didn’t taylor buy them? I know she bought his kid pageant flipper teeth and those shoes were a thing an embarrassingly long time ago. No one would be caught dead wearing them and now there’s a weird Pinterest country bandana around them. Sock boots would look ugliest on his thick cankles and if she’s not scribbling on his shoes she’s tying restraints to them. Like no one fucking wants him and this “reverse psychology” isn’t going to get the result she wants

Imagine if she calmly let him go on tour alone and did her own thing and didn’t even tell him what it was. She could have a more fulfilling relationship as a pen pal for someone that has life in prison and wouldn’t even have to fuck up her body with a kid to keep them. Their garments are also pre-written on so she can redirect her valuable crafting skills.

No. 1304255

File: 1629434889664.jpeg (784.51 KB, 1125x1986, 27E3DF2F-B985-49A1-BF4F-935CD8…)

Yep lots of freedoms because you don’t take care of your kid

No. 1304269

A complete non answer. If it weren’t for her mom “support “, I mean, taking care of her kid she would not have all these freedoms to love the single life. Who does she think she’s fooling? I feel bad for her mother but at at least Storm is in a much better place than syd and jc.

No. 1304378

The way she that she's such an overt narcissist.. makes me physically ill how she thinks she's so great. I hope when storm is old enough he throws all your ugly little flaws in your face sydsodelusional.

No. 1304411

Her reply in no way answers the question. Beside the hints about support from family and friends as well as opportunities and freedoms making things less stress - and making the people around her happy (ie my mom keeps the kid all the time).

No. 1304464

Ummmm did she ask herself this from her other account cuz really?? Who else is this much of a loser?

No. 1304476

Yeah dunno why she all but said he’s not in their care. Cause that’s what I got out of it.

No. 1304481

If I remember right the balenciaga shoes were back when syd was still pregnant, or right after storm was born. I remember her bitching on her story about him running around buying balenciagas while she was stuck home with the kid or something.

No. 1304600

it reads shady to me lol, i don't think the person actually thinks she is cool but is genuinely wondering where tf her child is and how she has time to fuck off on tour

No. 1304848

That’s even worse because they really did not have the money and at that time those shoes were already waaaay over

No. 1304909

File: 1629492213253.png (3.71 MB, 828x1792, EC3DFED9-F0CB-4C76-8793-343A6A…)

No. 1304920

Why does he need to bring a love letter from her when she’s supposedly going with him lol

No. 1304967

lmao at the coin probably from whatever program he had to complete for the court case between him and his "midget" as if that is going to help him get sober. The only reason he was temporarily was that case and I doubt he'll ever be sober again that long willfully.

also highly doubting that these trinkets will help fill any of these venues lol

No. 1304975

"Everything bagel" wtf kek

No. 1304979

File: 1629496767606.png (652.77 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210820-165537.png)

If these arent all sent to herself from her other account then it doesn't get more toxic than this as far as an influence

No. 1304986

File: 1629497444193.png (2.22 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20210820-165556.png)

Also this when it's pretty obvious that she can do all these things because Storm isn't in her care. While I don't disagree with the message it's fucked up to pretend that going on tour with your failure baby daddy is "self care". Also suggesting that either of them are remotely near any state considered "well" is laughable. This is one I think she sent herself because she just wanted to go on this rant to get back at lolcow lol

No. 1304990

He’s so gross. How can she love a rapist

No. 1304994

She should care for herself with therapy and medication, not some stinky van tour no one asked for.

No. 1305000

Hahahaha what the fuck

No. 1305005

Kek. That’s a lot of words for “my mom has custody of my child”.

I don’t understand this sentence at all. I stg these are all things she sends to herself based on the incoherence. What a raging narc. She’s runner up to take Vicky’s Queen narc title.

>I must be the spot for naps
I guess it makes sense that you wouldn’t know. Nice to see she decided to see her kid after 20 days.

No. 1305014

“Moms are humans that need breaks” Lmaoooo bitch your entire life is a break

No. 1305097

So many selfish, lazy "moms" who only had kids to leave home/keep a man say this dumb shit. Of course having a baby is insanely hard, that's why most women don't just do it on a whim if they can help it.

No. 1305130

File: 1629509736407.png (240.05 KB, 828x1792, 27E3C3A4-D7F1-4E52-9769-554E36…)

No. 1305136

Uhh is he trying to get tips from performing a show that hasn’t happened yet? What? Since when do people tip musicians after already buying a ticket? This is not a subway station sir.

No. 1305152

Lmao anon what were you watching

No. 1305184

lol it was an aircraft accident investigation vid. Sorry if it was distracting I didn't want to close it just for the caps

No. 1305266

Kek I love that you dgaf and left it open.

What the actual fuck is this question? It couldn't be more obvious that these responses are her talking to herself. As if anyone would ever be "inspired" by this do-nothing deadbeat

No. 1305360

This is how deadbeat moms justify abandoning their kids. "I have to be able to be my best self without having to work to be able to not take care of my kid!" Pure projection of guilt.

No. 1305516

>>1304979 this is beyond laughable. How in any way would this woman have inspired you to go after the family you've always longed for, with the person you've been with for 12 yrs. Clearly that was already in your thoughts. This is embarrassing as all hell.

No. 1305566

Additionally, if your boyfriend hasn't proposed after 12 YEARS, then is starting a family really a good idea?
I'm know that plenty of people choose not to get married for various reasons. It's also always a good idea to wait a while before getting married (maybe like 5 years.)
But if them not getting married isn't mutual decision, then damn. Seems unhealthy.

No. 1305574

Lol going on tour and essentially abandoning your child will not make you a better mother you absolute nut. No real mother would try to justify leaving her baby to follow her abusive addict bf on tour, and her using the guise of self care is absolutely retarded. Just admit you only want a kid when it’s convenient for you and shut the fuck already.

No. 1305580

She's literally only going to make sure he doesn't cheat. How is he okay with her going, is my question.

No. 1305630

Kek seriously. This is also how I know she doesn’t have custody of her kid. She’s not even talking about how hard it will be to leave your baby for 2-3 weeks. Any mom, no matter how tired or over worked, would have a hard time leaving her 1 year old for more than a day or two. Let alone weeks.

All she’s talking about is how amazing this will be. Fucking psycho.

No. 1305650

>>1305630 if they had storm in their care there's no way they would be publicly posting about jonny relapsing on heroin for fear of losing him. Just another thing proving they don't have him.

No. 1305722

This is a really interesting perspective I didn’t think of (nonparent here) I can’t recall any mom I’ve known being glad to be away from their baby for an extended period of time (weeks in this case). Yes breaks from parenthood are probably nice but this seems so odd.

No. 1305743

Real moms don't want to dump their baby on anyone else, they want help from their spouse/support network with taking care of their own baby. Moms of babies pbsessively call and check in whenever they're away from their babies for longer than a day or two because you can't just switch that on and off like Syd is pretending she can- she has no maternal instincts bc she's basically just a walking incubator. She had a baby because her body was physically able to and she had unprotected sex, therefore tEcHnIcAlLy she can call herself a mother, but she is in no way Storm's mom.

No. 1305814

Syd thinks self care is being away from your kid(s) for a few days when really it’s getting a facial or having a girls day. Or getting your nails done. Sure having a day or two away from your kid is healthy.

After she gave birth she was going insane. Accusations of JC cheating(probably was) and how fat she was. She was clearly spiraling and had severe PPD. I don’t think she bonded with her baby at all and didn’t seek treatment in those critical months. I don’t doubt she loves her kid but I don’t think she has a bond with him because she was too busy chasing Jonny. It’s sad really.

No. 1305945

File: 1629623089603.png (380.33 KB, 1242x2208, 6C5F0755-31AB-4F39-BF96-8B69AA…)

I managed to catch this from her story, posted between her throwback pics and the video of Jonny almost smacking her in the face, before she dirty deleted it

No. 1305955

Quit bitching, you chose this life and were determined to have it.

No. 1305971

It's almost like being a cunt loser with no skills or discernible talent who threw away her kid and attached herself to the most disgusting piece of shit in the music industry, isn't a fulfilling life, who could have ever imagined. Oh my, if it isn't the consequences of your own actions, sydsostupid

No. 1305998

This is called karma, you stupid selfish whore. Storm is the only good thing to come from you being such a selfish, shameless whore and thankfully you don't have him anymore because all you care about is stupid cunt internet drama and getting high with a fat ugly "rockstar" who trashed his career years ago. This is the bed you made, now lie in it and shut the fuck up, SydsoStretched.

No. 1306000

File: 1629634516123.png (2.38 MB, 750x1334, B87B6BF4-28D7-4163-BD31-EBFB1D…)

The tour must not be selling well cuz he’s on insta like everyday begging people to buy tickets. Looking like a junkie carney. Must not be able to sucker anyone into cutting his hair for free lately.

No. 1306011

Why doesn't he have his crusty queen do it for him? I notice her hair changes fairly often, maybe she's spending all the GFM scam money on herself and leaving him to beg for his own handouts.

No. 1306015

She went crazy after Storm was born also because Jonny was fucking off somewhere shopping and posting their drama to IG while she wasnwith the baby she only had to shit on Taylor. Of course she didn't bond with him, Storm was only ever a pawn to help her one-up Taylor and it only just barely worked, even thrn only because Syd exposed what a doormat cuck Jonny is under pressure despite all his hard hood speak.

No. 1306024

Every time they post a short video, whether they're home or out, you never hear storm in the background making noise, you don't see children's toys, a pram or hear children's shows in the background like any other normal household with a baby.
You don't get time to paint/draw for hours, go out all day, whine on Instagram, take care of rats, a junkie boyfriend and have the side hobby of stalking and harassing random girls online if you have a small child to take care of, by storms age he should be making lots of noise, engaging in play time a lot more and running around like crazy and sleeping a lot less. She talks about needing "me time" as if she's some hard done by single mother who never gets any time to herself when she's actually getting too much time to herself, not to mention her entire bullshit excuse about keeping him "private" because she and jonny posted a lot about him in the beginning and then when the court incident happened, the posts basically stopped apart from the occasional once every month or two pic she throws up on her story and even then she's picking old pictures.

They do not have custody of him and nothing can convince me otherwise.

No. 1306025

don’t insult carnies like that anon, at least they have a job unlike JC and Sydsoswollen

No. 1306158

Seriously. Kids his age need constant supervision and attention. Getting into shit, pulling things out of cabinets, climbing on furniture.
Worse case she does have custody, with all this free time, then that would mean she’s letting a junkie supervise a baby.
Best case, storm lives with his grandma away from the dysfunction-duo.

Either way she’s a shit mom.

No. 1306228

File: 1629657508161.jpeg (809.17 KB, 1242x1166, 5779ACEC-5309-4B32-BF15-E83497…)


No. 1306251

File: 1629659735274.webm (3.52 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_427…)

Talk about an embarassing existance for both of them

No. 1306348

I can’t see it on mobile but is this the video where she’s making fun of someone who recognized Jonny from Slaves? Lol she should be grateful someone actually recognized her “famous” boyfriend

No. 1306381

>>1306251 she is one of the most obnoxious people

No. 1306419

I havent watched a video of her talking before and wow not what I was expecting. they are both little trolls lol

No. 1306420

This is so fucking annoying and cringe. Even JC"s body language at the beginning is like bitch get that phone out of my face.
She's clearly high right?

No. 1306429

>>1306420 I don't think she's high. Just an idiot who thinks she's amusing, and is in fact not.

No. 1306431

File: 1629673447565.jpeg (284.19 KB, 537x762, B5541127-FB09-4502-8DE0-49448A…)

That fucking forehead piercing just looks like an ugly mole. Such a homely ugly bitch

No. 1306466

File: 1629677370810.jpg (33.17 KB, 960x540, 78749.jpg)

>>1306431 she looks like the character harry dunne from dumb and dumber.

No. 1306601

Nightmare fuel. She looks like a middle school outcast that never grew out of it.

How can she stare at herself constantly and be that ugly? The hair and the piercings are a choice, not genetics. She -chose- to be uglier.
The five o’clock shadow is so appealing….
How she thinks she’s superior to any of the fans she “outs” in her stories is beyond me.

No. 1306607

she just had to let everyone know someone recognized her junkie washed up baby daddy, and in true sydsopsycho fashion, she did it in the most obnoxious and embarrassing way possible. he must get recognized pretty infrequently bc i'm sure she'd be talking about it all the time if it were happening.

No. 1306699

Sounds like you’re one of those randoms msging jc that she outted

No. 1306720

Why does everyone hate her so much?!Its jc that should be talked about the most on here, but some how became mostly about her

No. 1306739

File: 1629710145186.gif (206.63 KB, 220x135, have your smack and shoot it t…)

Jonny is awful of course but Syd is the sad desperate groupie who clings to that bloated wreck.

No. 1306793

Lol, Ayrt, I’m not one of those girls, but it is hilarious that syd felt the need to go after anyone looking like that. She’s so full of herself for being so ugly.
She could have used her gFM For more than that sad clown makeover.

No. 1306837

Her actions and attitude aren't enough? She may be ~mentally ill~ but she doesn't work and isn't homeless or starving, so clearly she has resources she chooses to use to be a selfish, fat attentionwhore instead of manage her crazy and get her life on track. Fuck Syd, she doesn't need the benefit of the doubt as another handout to simply wipe her ass with just because Jonny might be slightly worse.

No. 1306901

sounds like youre syd

No. 1306908

both are bad and ofc jonny has done a lot of shit through the years but we're mostly talking about fresh milk. jonny has somehow learned not to share as much as he used to. syd is always making a fool of herself and providing us with milk to talk about. i'd love for jonny to share more or for syd to share his dirt some more so we can talk about him, but it is what it is

No. 1306930

> jonny has somehow learned not to share as much as he used to
Kek pretty sure because all this cocky over-sharing online got him in trouble when he was arrested.

The weird syd whiteknights need to get over the fact that she’s a cow herself next to Jonny. Jonny being a shittier person doesnt absolve Sydsodeadbeat from the garbage person she is. If you think attacking random women online because they’re pretty, or abandoning your baby to chase a junkie is perfectly acceptable behavior….you need help.

No. 1306939

Look, this is the Syd AND Jonny containment thread. They’re both equally stupid and keep the drama flowing for us to laugh at.

“Two cowseholds, both alike in milkiness-“
- Will Shakespeare

No. 1306945

She's so prone to bpd spergfests on Instagram that she's always giving us something to talk about. Jonny is a piece of shit, no dispute there, but he tends to not air his dirty laundry quite so thoroughly

No. 1306949

File: 1629740727413.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 4021EEA6-63F3-406B-BB5E-BE589F…)

No. 1306955

This is what syd sees before Jonny starts to gyrate on top of her. Girl is really dedicated to get famous or whatever her end goal is.

No. 1306981

Is this his attempt to poke fun at his own disgustingness to try to get ahead of the “haters”

No. 1306982

File: 1629744459861.jpg (15.54 KB, 210x295, 335500.jpg)

No. 1306984

File: 1629744569064.jpg (692.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210823-114851_Ins…)

This is his angle for sure

No. 1307013

File: 1629748182329.webm (1.16 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-jonnycraig4l_24…)

Pretty much

No. 1307056

She sounds like she's on crack. Jesus christ she's annoying

No. 1307257

I said this earlier too, well I asked if she was high and some other nonnie said no. But it's how fast she's talking, and out of breath at the same time. It's how people talk after they've just snorted a huge rail of coke or meth and you can't stop talking but almost like lose your voice at the same time from the drip. No one can convince she's not fucked up in this clip.

No. 1307299

tbh I thought she was fucked up right away. H actually tends make people really loud and outspoken too. He did do coke with taylor sometimes too though. Tbh I think he has her doing H & coke/meth. She seems desperate to make herself "better" than Taylor to the point of getting pregnant so I can see her doing the same stupid thing to "bond"

No. 1307337

I didn’t even see this, they deleted it they Definitely lurk here

No. 1307363

File: 1629782817934.png (4.67 MB, 1170x2532, FA4623C2-B7AE-4FE7-AA6B-C13A13…)

The image the vid freezed on at the end will haunt my nightmares tonight, plz pray for me

No. 1307400

Praying for you anon, nobody should have to go to bed with that image burned into their eyes

No. 1307408

if this is the same anon who pops up every now and again to cry about how we’re being mean to syd, you couldn’t have made it more obvious who you are kek

No. 1307548

Can someone reupload this? I can never watch the videos on here

No. 1307566

me either!

No. 1307572

Use a different browser, webms don't work on Safari

No. 1307591

They don’t work on safari or iPhones, it sucks and I always end up having to look at them on my computer instead

No. 1307748

Does that actually even work because we wouldn’t have yet another bloated ginger hot dog picture without this and he could just quietly work out. This just makes him look way more self conscious of anything and no one asked for this. As a man how does he look like this, his biological purpose is to not look like this and it requires such little effort. Why does he have to make a whole giant thing about it no one cares about some fat dad getting a bike

No. 1307902

I'm pretty sure that video was him high off his ass thinking he was making some sort of point. Exactly like you said, but tbh he knows he's aging like milk and he knows he's not going to do anything like work out or stop doing drugs so he's gonna
> stick it to us haterz
All I can think is thank you jonny for providing, at this point we could totally make a collage of you and Syd looking fat and strung out. Lord knows we have enough hideous candids of Syd at this point thanks to him kek. To be fair he did taylor like that too, that picture of Taylor without makeup slumped over a desk haunts my dreams.

No. 1307931

File: 1629858468742.webm (2.02 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_240…)

Are they finally moving all their shit to sac for good or "helping" the guy whose couch they're crashing on?

No. 1307976

Oh look another day without storm.

No. 1307994

I’ve been using the site on this screenshot >>1307363 to convert to mp4 and it’s pretty quick/easy

No. 1308047

The dude they're with looks like a junkie, not surprised

No. 1308195

Hi vid anon here, sorry I actually use that site to convert to webm because apparently it's hosted on the site/can't be deleted? Something like that which is why I started it. I've seen the same comments on lots of vids I've posted so I may try to upload a different way? I would prefer to use a way that isn't dependent on an account of anything because it's annoying when you go back in threads and they're deleted and I do worry about my yt being shut down. I do use yt with some long vids on private/link only but people have had trouble with that too. Any suggestions/ideas would be more than welcome.

No. 1308266

This bitch literally stopped with fake lashes and ugly brows since everyone here talked how she looks better without makeup. Now everything she posts is without makeup

No. 1308305

She should take that piercing out of her forehead too. She could be so beautiful if she let herself be natural even with her hair.

No. 1308309

All she does is clown makeup anyways, it makes the "jewel" in her forehead really pop
Every time we call her out here she gets quiet for a few days.

No. 1308364

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed. The moment someone praise her for looking better without the caterpillar eyelashes and fugly brows, she hasn't shown herself with them since. And the fact that she has to show off her skinnyfat stomach the moment someone says something bad about her weight? Talk about being insecure lmao

No. 1308400

Thanks for posting the vids anon! But I say keep doing it how your doing it, I’m pretty sure webm is the only format lolcow lets you upload. I could be wrong tho

No. 1308402

Or she can’t afford it at the moment? I can’t imagine they have much money left over after all the drugs they have to buy

No. 1309353

File: 1630025671736.jpeg (406.75 KB, 828x1278, 5CAE9BB5-7073-4FA1-9F5C-2666D7…)

The photo of them in the moving truck is helping this musician move. Looked at his insta, not milky. He actually spends time with his children though.
Not that Jonny will, but he could use this as motivation to step up with his own child

No. 1309366

File: 1630026746570.webm (3.89 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-minnieskins_240…)

And now that all this has been pointed out she posted this last night. Cringe that they seem to be as obsessed with their thread as tnd & jonny were!

Thanks for the feedback anon it's much appreciated and you're welcome!

No. 1309392

Now if only SYD WOULD FUCKING RAISE HER OWN CHILD, that would be great.

No. 1309394

File: 1630030045922.png (2.44 MB, 828x1792, F8F63111-0785-4A1F-83EA-D08347…)

No. 1309405

Of course she had to post that video and document that she was in the presence of another band dude lol wonder how hard she was trying to impress him.

No. 1309408

This love bombing is so annoying. two narcs in true love. It's sad their sole validation comes from this thread and insta.

I can't wait for the tour photos (that is, if JC can actually make it through). She's gonna look like a troll in real life, especially next to excited fans.
The Tour Milk cannot come fast enough.

No. 1309411

So, Taylor said she wanted blonde hair again and syd raced her to do it first, now Taylor’s been saying she wants a peachy orange colored streak and here’s syd with that color? Make it more obvious.

No. 1309414

Nonnie, do you have the screenshots? can we prove the timeline? I must of missed it in the TND thread.

No. 1309417

File: 1630031985721.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1284x2208, 3746BAAB-C799-4D80-B841-502556…)

No. 1309421

Thank you anon! So, if we rolled with this theory -tinfoil till proven- she stalks Taylor and then about three days later Syd jumps on it.

Is Syd skinwalking, or is she trying to start beef with Taylor over style choices. (Like "I wanted it first, you're copying me")
OR! is JC watching Taylor, then telling Syd she should change her look?
Either way, its hilarious.

Both look like clowns either way, lord bless their souls.

No. 1309442

God every time she posts a video like this it’s so cringe. And shes hella pushing out her lips. Just get fillers syd, then you can be even more like TND which seems to be your goal

No. 1309461

File: 1630038378427.jpeg (571.68 KB, 1125x1996, 27EF272A-DD59-46F3-AC15-AFDBB5…)

No. 1309471

TND skinwalking vibes

No. 1309532

That bitch look in her eyes at the end and attempt to be cute screams “I hope Taylor sees this video and my new hair!” Her entire existence is embarrassing.

No. 1309548

What joey alva do? Yeah he looks like he has fleas but he’s no worse than jc and jc usually uses him when his broke ass doesnt have a ride somewhere so what gives? Jc was prob just out with him picking up skanks or something.

No. 1309567

File: 1630068239318.png (3.51 MB, 828x1792, 093BBF65-D585-4048-AEC3-51B022…)

Imagine looking so smug while skinwalking Taylor and this is your prize. Couldn’t be me.

Her smugness reminds me hard of Lamey, Onion’s wife. I wonder who would out smug the other? Frankenstein and the bloated corpse sure got some winners glued to their sides.

No. 1309572

>>1309366 the fact that she still accessorizes like it's 2005 is sad in itself..

No. 1309573

Man it’s irritating that she’s constantly calling people out in her stories and they never have the balls to give it back to her. I know probably trying to be the bigger person but man it’d be great if one of these times one of jonnys friends outed her for pretending to have their child.

No. 1309577

She was too much of a pussy to tag him tho so he probably wont ever see it

No. 1309665

well she has her messages so limited I don’t even think they can message her

No. 1309690

I think Jonny is just over Syd in generap vut sticks with her bc who else? And she knows it, so she's trying to skinwalk Taylor to subconsciously trick Jonny into wanting her again. I bet Jonny has been creeping on Taylor's socials since Syd was pregnant, he doesn't even seem like he likes her and is just placsting her to keep the open pussy nearby, tbqh.

No. 1309699

They would just turn it into some bullshit narc retaliation thing, it’s not worth it and won’t make them actually turn into good parents. Storm is honestly lucky to not be around them and pick anything up from them, but I don’t understand how they’re possibly going to explain to this child how they were available, doing nothing, literally right there, and could not care less about being actual parents. Finding out your parents history online is going to be so traumatizing for him. They can try to lie all they want but he’s going to see it and he has instincts and a brain, he will know and feel it.

No. 1309921

File: 1630105004111.png (5.9 MB, 1170x2532, 0B65E80A-161C-48FC-8C91-492C60…)

No. 1309924

>>1309921 why pay to get your hair done and dyed when they leave huge dark roots? "Not photogenic" but sits there and tries to act like a beauty queen on her socials. What a joke.

No. 1309926


Baby really said, “give me the karen, but like, make it eDgY”