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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her obsession with her new found sobriety.

Previous thread: >>743273

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who is now Taylor’s ex and has moved on with new gf (Syd) in LA, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He got Taylor into drugs and she became a heroin addict, but stated that she used a variety of drugs. Jonny and Syd have announced they're expecting a child together.
> Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 animals to be “back with her animals” living at her mom's house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jen’s Links (mind the fakes - old accounts of hers have been taken over):

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New milk:

>Jonny's making threats about legal action towards his exes >>744125 >>744127 and >>744877 Tay is hinting too >>745259

>Continues her drug education outreach >>744766
>Declares she isn't speaking on Jonny again >>743972 >>744765 and >>745106 Repzion mentions she hasn't stopped, major tantrum ensues >>744602 >>744609 >>744612 >>744619 >>744648 >>744656 >>744660 and >>744667
>Taylor almost got pregnant too! She's not left out >>744000 >>744757 >>744767 and >>744985
>New abuse claims are made, including rape >>743855 >>743967 >>744038 >>744015 and >>744038
>Schedule is shit as usual >>743857 >>743985 >>744012 >>744045 >>744065 >>744122 and >>745110
>Jonny tell-all is released (with any monies going to charities) >>743489 >>743504 >>743783 >>743863 >>743896 >>743914 >>743963 >>744182 >>744133 >>744139 >>744357 >>744382 recap 1 >>744523 and 2 >>744536
>Taylor gets the pregnancy news and flips >>743658 >>743662 >>743667 >>743671 >>743731 and >>743772
>Confirms she's not quarantining her new Jawfish >>743304
>Jonny and Syd break their baby news >>743277 >>743285 >>743586 and >>743822

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: -

> Recent Known Deaths: –
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: -

Unconfirmed Milk:
>Skinwalking continues? >>743644 >>743651 >>743832 and >>744018
>Taylor's been talking to Jonny and trying to get back with him? >>743354

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General Pettuber Thread:

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No. 745371

File: 1578118720671.png (503.95 KB, 662x891, Capture234.PNG)

star news

No. 745383

File: 1578122435459.png (67.31 KB, 659x526, Capture234.PNG)

JC sperging continues

No. 745385

File: 1578122534487.png (133.18 KB, 648x654, Capture234.PNG)

No. 745386

she's running the full Chris Hansen fantasy in her head now.

No. 745387

File: 1578123548986.png (188.46 KB, 656x820, Capture234.PNG)

No. 745388

File: 1578124132464.png (73.66 KB, 657x555, Capture234.PNG)

No. 745390


This new crusade against him just doesn't make much sense to me, especially when she justifies it as "I couldn't speak about it publicly but I knew about it privately".

Why couldn't you? Especially when by your own admission you were aware of the fact he's had a record of being abusive? You're aware of the platform you have, and the influence that comes with it.

She's acting like she's The One who has finally brought his abuse up to light and is now spilling out all his shenanigans. She's parroting what his victims have been saying for a decade as if it was some new thing, and the worst part of it is that she knows it's not sincere. It's just to get revenge because he dropped her and she can't stand it.

No. 745391

She just found out TODAY that he dated that girl so she talked to him today then or she’s lying cuz she talking bout how the world wouldn’t accept them???? She’s such a dumbass man

No. 745392

File: 1578124941303.png (67.95 KB, 657x545, Capture234.PNG)

>he thinks every girl wants him
honestly, why wouldn't he think that? he's got two girls fighting over being impregnated by him right now.

No. 745393


I genuinely feel so horrible for his victims. She discredited them and PROTECTED him through it all. It must be awful to be in their positions and watch Taylor get all this credit and praise for outing an abuser. She wants everyone to believe her, yet trashed everyone that warned her about him.

No. 745394

File: 1578125900322.jpg (688.82 KB, 1080x2155, 20200104_011833.jpg)

Why is she all over her hate accounts all of a sudden?

No. 745395

The tea account has been defending Taylor ever since she left Jonny so

No. 745396

yeah the tea account is some triggered fatty who has personal beef with JC. weird she's liking yikesmydude though, didn't she just threaten them with legal action the other day for streaming her video?

No. 745398

That's the one that confuses me. Maybe because they're compiling all of the stuff from Jonnys Twitch?

No. 745402


Yup, she threatened them over the Twitch thing, and she raged about the viewers shit-talking her.
Anything that portrays her as a victim of JC will be liked, retweeted, etc.

No. 745403

Hilarious to see that the more JC keeps his mouth shut and move on with his life, the more Taylor goes crazy over him (and more milk for us). She's trying REALLY REALLY hard to get his attention ever since she found out that the other girl is pregnant. She wasn't even going after him this hard before!

Taylor just needs to shut up already because just like with her and Jonny, Jonny and Syd is probably just laughing at all his exes once more.

No. 745405

I would be rooting for anyone else other than Taylor saying shit like this.

The problem with Taylor specifically is her fucking video shows her as manipulative and glosses over the fact that she was apparently raped/assaulted. If she goes back on her claims (which she will lol) it suddenly discredits all these other people.

That and she's known to fake screenshots.

No. 745406

Wonder if anything actually happened with that or if they were just empty threats. Outside of the stream, they dont seem like much of a hate account towards her compared to others.

No. 745407

Yeah, both of these accounts are basically Taylor ass kissers now since she left Jonny.
Why is she acting like all of his old victims didn’t tell her what happened? They went into extensive detail about him, and his behaviors. She blocked them, or mocked them.

No. 745413

my sides

No. 745417

She can’t keep up with her owns lies, even in the same tweet lol
But seriously, she admitted she knew about the 17 year old years ago, but all of a sudden it’s an issue for her now? Taylor, you’re just as disgusting as JC

No. 745418

Because she doesn’t really care about the abuse allegations or calling out Johnny as a predator- she’s just a spiteful ex that’s jealous she’s the one not having Johnny’s baby

No. 745419

Jenna Story is the teenage Halsey lookalike and Taylor is the poor mans botched lip job version of Jenna… she lurks her page and gets all of her look ideas from Jenna….

No. 745422

No. 745423


Sage your irrelevant bullshit, anon. Nobody even knows who that is.

No. 745424

Like they’re ever gonna succeed with anything…if the likes of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are still free men, nothing will happen to a low life nobody like Jonny Craig.

No. 745425

Jenna is the 17 year old Taylor cried about Jonny saying she is the perfect girl so chill out shrek… Taylor has been dressing like her since breaking up and going through the nose piercing talk when Jenna was doing hers etc

No. 745428

Umm, Taylor. He TOLD you that when you first started seeing him…yet YOU stayed. Dumb bitch

No. 745429

Only posted 10 screen shots with Jenna’s name on in and y’all asking “who”? And “irrelevant bullshit” chill out

No. 745430

Regardless…learn to sage you dimwit. It isn’t hard…type SAGE in the email field

No. 745433

But I don’t wanna… thank you for not saying irregardless… anywho moving on <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 745435

File: 1578149692490.jpeg (248.36 KB, 1233x792, 6DD54F48-24FF-4B67-BD24-DDA768…)

No. 745436


omg he FLIRTED?!!! alert the police!

really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, aren't you taylor!

in b4 taylor resorts to "also one time someone sneezed and jonny did NOT say bless you!!!"

No. 745437

File: 1578149758290.jpeg (567.66 KB, 1536x2048, 97DA784A-1FDC-422D-9B44-2666B3…)

No. 745438

different anon and I also am asking, who???

No. 745439

Taylor could be avoiding all this drama right now, but won’t, for obvious reasons.
She could have nipped this in the butt since day one but because she has such a massive narc ego and can’t admit when she’s wrong, she stayed with JC and was “raped,” abused and introduced to heroin. Like this girl would have rather taken her chances of being abused before she would admit she’s wrong for being with him in the first place. Until this day she still hasn’t admitted she was wrong for dating him or sincerely apologizing to his exes and her fans for their valid concerns.
The only fucking scrap of common sense Mama Dean has ever displayed was trying to get Taylor away from that scum bag. Yet Taylor made a mockery of her own mother and made her out to be crazy and just wanting to ruin JC’s career or some shit.
Taylor you’re a fucking moron for ever thinking you could change this guy when you yourself need to be in a mental institution. Sounds to me like she got EVERYTHING she could have hoped for out of this relationship, which was everything vile so she could run and play victim.

No. 745441

No. 745442

imagine being so fucking pathetic you spend all your waking hours talking to anyone you can about your ex. i imagine her getting aroused with herself as strangers message her to say "OMG JONNY FLIRTED WITH MY FRIEND ONE TIME!"

she legitimately needs to be institutinalised. this is beyond abnormal. the american girls who were kidnapped and held for a decade by arial castro have quietly tried to regain their lives and be productive, unlike taylor. not that taylor is a victim of anyone else other than herself. but REAL victims aren't out here being psychotic and annoying like taylor, which is baffling.

seriously, this girl needs to be in a padded room.

No. 745443

She gets constant validation from her retarded stans. It's what keeps her going. No matter what she does they are there to swoop in and tell her how brave she is. It's like a cult.

No. 745446

Maybe it’s just me but she looks exactly the same? No offense star, I still think you’re beautiful and deserve a better owner.

No. 745455

File: 1578154856913.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 101.4 KB, 640x1136, E5EA1A8F-6E7D-4333-B45E-CC8FAE…)

Looks like good ol’ JC might have already got to her

No. 745456

Are those tracks?

No. 745457

jesus christ read the fucking thread. not even like 10 posts above that are the screenshots where people are talking about the 17 year old jonny was grooming, that’s her name. so damn quick to jump on a newfag when you yourself paid no attention.

No. 745459

File: 1578156788414.png (4.68 MB, 1242x2688, 5B13AE4A-7D0D-4ECE-B4B8-261C1B…)

First story says, “he’s only dating me cuz…” and then goes to this.

She’s so dumb but prob has to tell herself that since she is already knocked up.

No. 745460

Looks a lot like it.

No. 745461

She could have been a user in general, especially if she doesn’t use medicine to cope with her mental health.

Also, Taylor said in her video that Jonny didn’t actually want her to do drugs and she did them to feel closer to him or something dumb along those lines so I wouldn’t speculate that Jonny is making anyone use at the moment.

No. 745463

Obviously it's not that gross, Tay-tay, you still hopped on his hep stick pretty happily.

No. 745465

File: 1578160272966.png (5.13 MB, 1242x2688, 26433C1E-40DB-44E9-AC1C-331214…)

Another angle. Hard to tell I think

No. 745466

File: 1578160434346.jpeg (97.53 KB, 1024x876, ENcNsFnX0AApOjR.jpeg)

"just found out today"

Who has the texts from Chelsea?

No. 745467

Bitch you supported that predator in every way a predator can be supported. Dont yell at us, we arent the ones making blowjob faces at him.

No. 745468

Can anyone direct me to Taylor talking about Johnny's exes? I couldn't sift through everything.

No. 745471

she literally talks so much that people tune her out. taylor knew about this chick a long time ago. she dated him, she fucked him, she still wants him despite everything that he did to her and to other people.

dumpster. fire!!!!

No. 745476

I’m not WK but I think she means that today she found out that they were “dating.” I believe the texts between her and Chelsea stated that he was “talking” to a 17 year old.
Does it really fucking matter either way though Taylor? For fucks sake, THREE women told you they were RAPED by him and that wasn’t enough to send you running the other way. All accusations pointed out to her in the beginning of their relationship were vile as hell.

110% agree with >>745467 and >>745471

No. 745479

>stop supporting predators
says the girl who bought the predator new teeth and a gaming setup, gave him room and board and supported his drug habit for two years. bitch I could leave his songs on on spotify 24/7 and not even scratch the surface of how much you supported the predator.

No. 745484

"stop supporting predators until they they do you wrong and won't get back with you."

Mildly off topic, but I love how reptile YouTubers with a much smaller following are moving on to create businesses/rescues through YouTube. Snske Discovery just got a business building. Hell, one YouTuber being 19 and moving out to create a rescue to rehome reptiles.

Then you have Taylor… Accomplishing… A dumpster fire…

No. 745485

File: 1578167409275.png (164.24 KB, 1080x1144, Screenshot_20200104-214856.png)

uhh.. she's had a panic attack and cried on the bathroom floor, stayed up for 50hrs sperging non-stop but sure, she's over it irl. keep telling that to yourself.

No. 745486

Her panic attacks and crying every day are all fake so…

But it's pretty pathetic that Jen is defending her daughter saying she's doing so well when she spends 50 hours awake on Twitter nonstop

No. 745487

Oh SAME. Snake Discovery has a whole reptile zoo and education center they're working on. Emily looks pretty young too, mid 20's? And she's absolutely killing it in the animal education sector. I never got into TND's videos even before I knew what she was because she just looked like a trashy girl who had reptile accessories. I used to really like Emzotic until I came across her thread here.
TND was a "pet tuber", but the actual animal educators are starting to really shine thru.

No. 745488

No shit Jen, she has literally been on HEROIN for 2 years.

>if you don't want to believe multiple allegations
You fucking imbecile. You delayed actual progress in your stupid #JonnyCraigisoverparty for YEARS. If you hadn't whiteknighted him and gaslit your entire audience for the entire time you were together, maybe he WOULD have been "cancelled" by now ffs

No. 745490

Does anyone wonder if Jonny is going to spill stuff about Taylor now that she’s got her fans out to get him? We know that a lot of pets died or got in really bad shape when they were together and obviously she made up a lot shit, like ghost being a rescue that Jonny probably witnessed.

No. 745491

I truly believe that Tay got him to sign an DNA and in return paid him off. I can't see why else he would stay quiet all this time otherwise when he must have so much dirt on her animals. I hope I'm wrong as I'd love to hear it. Alternatively maybe he really is trying to be the bigger guy in order to impress his new girl and ultimately he knows how much it's killing Taylor that he isn't up for a fight.

No. 745492

Jonny is in the same boat as anyone else who has had contact with Taylor. Paid off or threatened into silence. There's a reason everyone is all smiles and friendly when Taylor messages them in private. There's a lot of people that know exactly the type of person Taylor is and what she has done and continue to enable her. They are all trash.

No. 745495

I honestly think he just doesnt want to get involved with her psycho raging and a never-ending he-said/she-said

No. 745496

Just remember something - Taylor keep insisting that Chelsea’s actions puts her in “danger” with Jonny and that she is unable to leave as if she has the self-awareness to want to leave her “abuser”. But based on all her videos, she wanted to stay in the relationship, she could have left so many countless times if she wanted to, she KNOW of all the rape allegations, abuse etc and stayed.
When the whole thing came out between their interactions and everyone was pointing out that she should apologise to Chelsea, she still wave her victim card and made the whole ordeal to paint herself as uwu poor me being stuck with Jonny. I really want to know what went down between her and Chelsea for them to “move on” to a good place, but for now Taylor is still a rape apologist and she has no right to tweet anything that she have chatted between her and syd.

No. 745497

Taylor’s whole personality goes with whatever her fucking lunatics fans says! I bet if her fans starts chiming how great she is doing when she abuses her animal, she is literally start abusing her animals.

She literally started vocalising about advocating for drugs because there is where the trend is going. She stayed for jonny because her “stans”are all omg relationship goals!

She will do and spill anything and be anything as long as the internet keeps praising her. She has zero friends, personality and ambitions in life.

No. 745499

To be honest, I think the only way to take down pieces of shit like Jonny and Taylor is just awareness on their shitty actions are called for. I hope Syd convince Jonny to spill the tea on Taylor soon, cause moving on is obviously not the right thing to do when you deal with narcissistic like taylor.

No. 745501

I would think this too but while with Taylor he made it a big deal that all these other stories about him weren't real. Taylor has a way bigger platform than any of his other exes, so the lack of care he suddenly has about the stuff she is saying is a bit odd.

No. 745502

File: 1578173007179.jpeg (174.11 KB, 828x1497, 4C7D4077-BF72-46C6-A6E7-6B0DB9…)

Syd posted 9 vague inspirational posts in a row about how unbothered and in love she and Jonny are. Jesus, girl.

No. 745507

take a fuckin seat jen, jesus this family is the epitome of white trash

No. 745508

Looks more like finger prints to me since they're in a straight line from being aggressively grabbed maybe? Also a weird spot to shoot tbh

No. 745514

It's either an NDA, maybe Jonny's planning on getting lawyers involved or he knows that there's nothing he can say or do to NOT be seen as the piece of shit he's always been on a larger scale than ever before.

I don't know why people are acting like Jonny's so above it or he doesn't want to get involved, he was super bothered by his exes who didn't have the platform that Taylor has, he was harassing and shit-talking them. Shit he still is! He's def. bothered by the fact she's accusing him of being a rapist, someone who was talking to a 17 year old and abusive. Anyone would be bothered by that shit being sad about them.

No one's going to really care or trust Jonny if he talks about her animal abuse, in fact they are going to do the same thing thats going on here, "if you cared Jonny why didn't you report it" Jonny's crediblity is SO fucking shot at this point.

Sadly to the loud majority Taylor's isn't. Really it's Jonny's history thats fucking him over.

but he cares, he just cant handle this ex as he did and does his exes.I don't see Jonny as handling this maturely or anything like that. He just cannot act as he did with his exes, versus someone who actually has a platform and people will pay attention too.
He hasn't stopped shitting on his lesser-known victims or exes. with that being said, I'd LOVE for this to get dragged to court and watch these three dumb asses act like the white trash they are.

No. 745520

all threads are linked in op, exes stuff and abuse drama is already happening in thread 1

No. 745523

So….today's the 4th and no sobriety tweet or post? Interesting…

No. 745525

File: 1578185217649.jpg (53.86 KB, 620x800, sometimes-a-cigar-is-just-a-ci…)


Sorry, but how is this milk? Have…have you been on IG? THIS is 75% of stories now, quotes and typed thoughts. Are we going to attribute every single thing this girl posts to be about Taylor and/or Jonny? What about this actual image screams "I am so unbothered, and so in love!! hehe!" Get over it and get back to focusing on the trainwreck who stays awake on meth binges for 50 hours at a time pacing her filthy room in dirty panties raging about her ex that has moved on.

No. 745528

File: 1578186471356.jpeg (418.79 KB, 1242x1919, 437D79E7-D863-48F6-8A0A-0ED659…)

No. 745530

she probably saw this and decided to tweet lol

No. 745531

Her eyes are so sad. She looks pretty overall, she's skinny, nice long hair, good make up, but once you look at her expression she becomes so miserable and angry. It nullifies her.

No. 745533

File: 1578187013027.jpg (597.14 KB, 1533x1366, Screenshot_20200105-021701.jpg)

And straight back to talking about Jonny

No. 745535

I wonder how many hundreds of people she blocked at the time who tried to talk about any of this.

No. 745540

Hi Jen(hi cow)

No. 745544

Why does she keep talking about his abuse and scamming like it’s late breaking news? Honey, he’s been abusing and scamming people before he ever knew you existed.
It’s vile how accusations against are valid because Taylor says so. What a punch in the gut to all the women who endured his abuse before her. This “JC IS OVER PARTY” campaign isn’t bringing awareness to shit; it’s just creating drama. How long has this bitch been up for sperging about him already? Someone needs to call in a wellness check on her. At this rate, she’s gone into psychosis if she hasn’t slept much.

No. 745545


Y’all need to stop posting this the day of, wait till a day later at least. This happens every single month; it’s more milky when you don’t remind her before it’s too late.

On the bright side it does give us some statistics to guesstimate how often she’s on here.

No. 745548


Jonny is scum, but does anyone remember Taylor doing a giveaway early in her YouTube career and never announcing a winner?
I guess people didn’t pay for those entries, but still shifty from her side too.
They really are made for one another.

No. 745551


Not to mention pretending she's going to donate to various victim charities and then going and blowing money on a tattoo and Doordash fast food instead of giving to people in need (victims she cares so much about)

No. 745553

it’s not Jen that’s 100% seems like Syd is creeping on the thread. Jesus syd make your self posting less obvious. Enjoy being pregnant with a drug baby that’s going to take taken the second it’s out.

No. 745557

>nice long hair
>good makeup

I'm sorry, are we looking at the same person? she hasn't had nice hair in at least two years, she's got ratty extensions. And her makeup is a shakey mess.

No. 745563

Tuned into jonnys twitch stream for like 15 min and dude is slurring like a MF, and he planned over to Syd sitting next to him they both just look worn out. He mentioned on IG he would answer ALL the questions EvEn ThE drAmA but idk if anything was actually spilled

No. 745565

I'm not looking at her thru a 'let's insult and drag everything about this girl just because she's a cow and a terrible person' eyes. By normie standards she's above average.

No. 745567

Where do you live that this is above average? She's a generic druggie mess with druggie makeup and she's balding. Nice hair? Lmao

No. 745572

File: 1578195460222.png (493.27 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2020-01-04-21-37-45.p…)

No. 745575

So…now she's been held at gunpoint?

No. 745577

What the fucker ever you living sack of shit.

No. 745578

File: 1578197017468.png (691.51 KB, 1120x760, Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 11.0…)

anyone catch Jonny's gamer tag? Jesus Christ.

No. 745588

his gamer tag is…jonnycraig4L? if you're talking about the person who followed him on twitch with the handle jonnycraigrapedme then that's someone else, and yea it's pretty shit of them but it aint milk.

No. 745589


oh my bad. i thought that it was his because it was highlighted.

No. 745595

File: 1578199440903.jpeg (357.42 KB, 1125x2027, DA0742DD-D953-4F35-B0D2-99F828…)

she posted this to her Instagram story

No. 745596


Oof that skin breakout.

No. 745598


Is she all dressed up to go to in-and-out burger?

No. 745599


The 13 year old sexual assault story she's mentioned before she started dating JC, so I suspect that event really did happen; that said, I can see why users here may not believe it with her track record, no punt intended.

No. 745604

If It's true that's scummy but she needs to take some responsibly for her actions and stop dating scumbags.

If it's 4+ scumbags in a row then the problem is YOU. 15y/os shouldn't be dating 23 y/os FYI, It's not like anyone forced her to date these people. Jake and jonny after this is no coincidence.

No. 745607

File: 1578200911867.jpeg (768.47 KB, 2048x2048, 12612C25-A0CB-43D5-AF71-2AFFBF…)

her latest ig post
the caption is “hi I’m 7 months sober from heroin and cuter than ever”

No. 745608

She legit looks like a cheap crack whore, she needs a street corner to stand on.

She's falling apart, i'm seeing suicide attempts in the future. Get help FFS.

No. 745609

Every time I see an overdressed bathroom selfie like this, I assume the person spent an hour getting dressed just to take the pic and then sat around the apartment like that. Otherwise, why not get the pictures taken at the club or restaurant or whatever? (Because they didn't go out with anybody else at all.)

No. 745610

this don't look like a 22yo girl this looks like a 40yo woman with 3 kids

No. 745611

she was definitely above average before Jonny, but now she's just… lumpy and patchy all over

>15y/os shouldn't be dating 23 y/os FYI, It's not like anyone forced her to date these people
yeah duh, it's illegal for a reason. but it's also always the adult's responsibility not to be a creep, or a parent's responsibility to protect their child. don't blame the child for being taken advantage of, even if they grow up to become a cow. come on now.

I'm doubtful of everything Taylor says in general, but if this is true then it's fucked and she should really have learned her lesson by now not to trust any and every man who is nice to her for an afternoon. girl will do ANYTHING including ruin her life just to hop on some mediocre-at-best dick

No. 745612

Does she edit her head to be a lot smaller in photos? Every time she takes a picture with fans or someone gets a candid of her, her head is freaking enormous compared to the rest of her body.

No. 745613

She knows her angles and filters 100%. You know she hates taking pics when she’s not in charge of the camera

Would it kill her to smile just a little

No. 745616

This logic is retarded. Victims get revictimized, they’re vulnerable and emotionally stunted. I’m not WKing Taylor, I don’t believe every story she’s told about her abuse. Also, It’s not on a 15 year olds shoulders if a 23 year old is a dirt bag and dates her. She’s 15, she’s not old enough to know better. (Her parents fault if anything)

No. 745617

File: 1578203412758.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1714, B5F8D511-1244-47FF-B466-739E06…)

Interesting curves on that arm… poor shoop skills strike again

No. 745618

File: 1578203564255.png (843.03 KB, 828x1792, 32068429-44A3-45F0-8F2A-D404E8…)

Looks like she actually went out

No. 745619

Her body is so masculine. Wide shoulders, no tits, straight torso, no butt. No wonder Jonny likes her…he’s a pedo/gay so he’d love that body type.

No. 745621

Oh please we all know you're willing to risk death by mixing subs and alcohol. But you're "sober"

No. 745622

Sis is wearing mommy's nighty to the club.

No. 745623

File: 1578204242873.jpeg (91.25 KB, 768x1024, F28F1CFD-590C-42AF-A577-CF0C25…)

Her actual head/body ratio

No. 745624

Let's be real here Taylor she started dating jonny and jake. She made some bad choices and CHOSE to ignore all the red flags associated with their pasts.

Also Taylor was catfishimg men and posting nudes on twitter in highschool, She claimed "she was born to put men in jail".

15 y/os are old enough to have free will and know right from wrong. Kids do what they want and they have to live with the consequences of their actions. Taylor hasn't seemed to learn that yet.

No. 745625

Idk if there’s any truth to this but it’s a hilarious take

No. 745626

She's a bobble-head LMFAO. You can tell the fan is kinda disappointed.

No. 745627

fuck, samefag but you’re fucking LYING that is not her real head, that looks photoshopped what the fuck lmao

No. 745628

It’s not lol! Her fan tweeted that pic to her from that meet up that she bailed on and then later held in a hotel lobby. She even replied to it lmao.

No. 745630

Sure. 15 years olds are old enough to know right from wrong. They aren’t cognitively developed enough to know the lasting effects of those wrong choices. The 23 year old dude on the other hand, the kids parents on the other hand….

No. 745631

File: 1578205277218.jpeg (1019.97 KB, 1242x1721, 95DDB413-C31F-4126-91EB-068549…)

She's out at a club right now but commenting on a burner account's clips of Jonny & Syd streaming… Wtf

No. 745632

Fucking hell that's a big noggin she's got there. I don't understand why people say she's pretty or that she was pretty. She never has been, she's always looked like a man.

No. 745633

File: 1578205675694.jpeg (213.09 KB, 828x1792, 15D439DE-1939-476C-B551-258164…)

She really got a big ass head

No. 745634

She’s as skinny or skinnier than when she was on heroin. She looks so OLD. And what’s up with her trigger warnings about being skinny bitch your big ass head and boy ass body was never triggering.

And momma dean did not protect her daughter at 13 and 15? Wow so uwu Shocking.

No. 745640

File: 1578206414073.jpeg (150.21 KB, 750x406, 73BF0DA3-8D62-44ED-8707-D3FCE8…)

I find it hilarious she has no problem loving these lewd comments. I used to disagree with some anons about certain behavior as assault can make people hyper sexual. But this just reads as her not giving a fuck about anything in a serious way. Her brain does not function or emote like the majority of people.

No. 745641

Wheres her neck lol

No. 745642

She did say she eat next to nothing. Expect for junkfood, soda, icecream and vanilla wafers.

Also uppers like meth increase your metabolism, skin problems, suppress appetite and cause insomnia, sound familiar? I think it's safe to say she's on SOMETHING.

No. 745644


To be fair, Taylor does have a point here; he never shuts the fuck up about his exes.

No. 745647

Its shortened due to the weight of her big ass head lol

No. 745649

He would probably mention you less If you could stop talking about him taytortot

No. 745650

I think its super inappropriate that shes so openly sexual on social media when most her followers are underage. If she wants to show off her body thats fine but maybe have a separate account for that stuff? Idk, doesnt she feel weird knowing 12 year olds are seeing her in lingerie or making sexual comments?

No. 745654

Hard to believe this bitch is 27, she acts like a child. I was surprised Jonny actually went after someone that old but now I understand why. No other 27 year old would ever want Jonny but Syd is retarded as hell for her age.

No. 745656

Quit posting at the club.

No. 745658

Bitch never wears bandanas on her head but does within the hour of Syd wearing one with her pigtails on jonny's story. It's too weird.

No. 745659

File: 1578210125845.jpeg (288.79 KB, 828x1792, 55BC85FD-9EE3-497E-BD9E-9B0820…)

No. 745660

File: 1578210181059.jpeg (283.45 KB, 828x1792, D9F09C47-5BAB-4489-ADEF-DBC1C4…)

No. 745661

File: 1578210216351.jpeg (274.3 KB, 828x1792, C354BC31-3AD0-4D3B-9DF7-BE4454…)

No. 745662

No because it’s been normalized, just look at Jake Paul’s content in relation to his fanbase.

The hook was being the “quirky, family friendly girl with a lot of animals and tattoos”. What we’re seeing now is what Taylor wanted all along. I mean fuck I do remember she apparently wanted to move to L.A. to become “a model”. She said that on her fb and it’s in past threads.

It was never about the animals, or educating people on whatever she thinks she’s qualified to talk about. It’s always been about her.

No. 745664

File: 1578211888159.png (398.54 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-01-05-03-11-24…)

LOL LIKE YOU? I swear this bitch is dumb

No. 745667

It's not sobriety if they're consuming alcohol, unless it's Taylor bc she is the exception to every single thing ~always~

No. 745670

File: 1578213392831.png (134.01 KB, 1080x798, Screenshot_20200105-103354.png)

>how is his gf ok with that he constantly talks about me
gets called out bc she acted exactly the same way when she was with JC
>ok but it's so shitty being called liar by the next girl. feel sad about meeeeeee

No. 745673

File: 1578213733129.png (177.27 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20200105-104145.png)

tmi about JC's dick, but also didn't she claim that opiates killed their sex life?

No. 745675

File: 1578214121594.png (191.66 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20200105-104856.png)

No. 745676

>Jonny taped my legs together and raped me
>Jonny made me feel so ugly I didn't want to sleep with him for a year but he constantly BEGGED me to
>Jonny made me feel so unloved and didn't want to even touch me for a year
>we haven't had sex for the last eight months
>sometimes he got so high he threw himself on me

Soo, next I predict he held her at gunpoint to get sex, said he'd sleep with another woman and raped her whenever she was asleep or laying high on the floor

No. 745677

File: 1578214633811.jpeg (319.85 KB, 1228x1877, 446AB63D-A56E-4F94-A565-89AA33…)

Eye roll

No. 745679

File: 1578215125996.png (71.26 KB, 1080x370, Screenshot_20200105-110521.png)

assuming it actually happened.. imagine grabbing your phone immediately after this happened to tweet it on your animal care account.
also gotta add this bc she's totally bi guise.

No. 745680

File: 1578215331047.png (168.23 KB, 1080x904, Screenshot_20200105-110910.png)

No. 745681

File: 1578215440236.png (186.25 KB, 1080x979, Screenshot_20200105-111016.png)

she was def on ecstasy, tay would know

No. 745682

File: 1578215520277.png (251.45 KB, 1080x1385, Screenshot_20200105-111208.png)

more #thathappened

No. 745683

I'm pretty sure Taylor is so delusional she believes her own lies at this point. How else would she think any of this is believable?

No. 745684

so now she was held at gun point, raped in an alley which cut her back soOoO badly?
I wonder where all this trauma was before she decided to be a better victim

No. 745685

Whyyyyyyy are you "trying to focus on him" little miss "i'll never say his name again"?

When is anyone coming up to her to make out with her and tell her how hot she is when she's been literally glued to jonny's stream all night

No. 745686

File: 1578216243271.png (259.15 KB, 1080x1472, Screenshot_20200105-112359.png)

No. 745687

File: 1578216316410.png (221.47 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20200105-112531.png)

No. 745688

I feel so sorry for her neglected animals. No chance they are getting proper care with her out partying until 3am and going on massive twitter rants. She seems to have lost all interest in animals other then throwing up a pic now and then. It's all revealing selfies and drama now. No wonder her animal related vids get shit views now compared to what they used to.

No. 745690

File: 1578216723796.png (615.48 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20200105-112947.png)

slightly different story on her insta

No. 745691

I bet a girl just bumped into her and now she’s bored af so she’s creating stories for her “I keep attracting creeps! Feel bad for meee! Get jealous Jonny!!!”

No. 745692

These kind of things truly shows their mental age. I would spam my fb account like this when i was 13 or something. Atention whoreish shit.

No. 745693

god is it just me or is anyone else grossed out about how much detail she goes into with her list of “assaults”.

No. 745694

this feels so weird. almost like she's inventing details to relate/one-up the other girl. she was bleeding from down there so tay had to add that she was totally bleeding too. from her back.

No. 745698

Taylor has 3 skills;
One upping victims
Garnering sympathy
Manipulation and lies

No. 745699

File: 1578224138735.png (258.28 KB, 750x1334, EF7F74D4-E05E-4580-9A08-97679A…)

She’s pinned her abuse story to twitter now instead of her sobriety date post..wtf I thought she was letting JC go in 2020 but this just proves how she wants it to be the main focus. Wonder how long she thinks she can ride the wave of victim status on this? And when she does get over it how will she find the next way to be the victim? It just amazes me that she thinks it makes her look good to be poor pitiful Taylor, it’s begging guys to take advantage of her next..idk just weird to me

No. 745700

wtf that’s such a bad angle. Her head looks photoshopped in

No. 745701

But it's always like this, this is very normal to happen. When you're an ex of an abusive and problematic men and try to talk to his new gf, she always won't believe the men she's in love is actually pure trash.

No. 745703

Didnt she buy and flaunt a gun on her twitter when she was screwing around with brodick? How is anyone supposed to believe that she ever had a gun held to her head when she bought one and didnt practice any gun safety and was playing with the trigger for an edgy twitter pic?

No. 745704

>>I don't know why people are acting like Jonny's so above it or he doesn't want to get involved

I honestly believe it's more a case of him having had enough break ups over the years that he's learned just how to keep driving his exes crazy and living in their heads rent free. In the past few exes' cases, it's outright harassing them. In Taylor's case, it's keeping silent. She so desperately wants his attention she'll do anything for it. So he's withholding it. And it's working. She can't shut up about him while he looks like he's just living his trashy little life. I wonder if he'll eventually crack with all this shit she's now throwing.

But it's tinfoil. I can't prove a damn thing. It's a lot more plausible than an NDA. Neither of those two are savvy enough for something like that.

No. 745706

Taylor, why don't you just rehome all of your animals? It's obvious that you've outgrown that fascination and it'd be better for everyone evolved if you stopped acting like you still care about them.
Be a trashy recovery youtube or a "this is my life" vlog channel. It's so obvious you really only want it to be about you so just embrace it and half the people who criticize you will stop because at least innocent animals aren't being affected. No one cares if you set yourself on fire.

No. 745708

guess she liked her night well enough to change her profile pic lol.

this. it'd be genuinely smart to do. there would be no grounds to criticize her anymore. her stans won't care in the long run. she'd be able to thot around and talk about whatever no strings attached.
it's so obvious she hates doing animal videos, as well. they always take her forever. remember that she was supposed to film yesterday >>745124
but ended up sperging about JC, taking 100s of pics of herself and going clubbing.

No. 745709

File: 1578228818120.jpeg (546.03 KB, 676x949, E0E2588F-F32F-4369-A628-17C2CF…)

looks like she forgot to shoop this one

No. 745711

File: 1578229971438.png (231.22 KB, 296x672, d14p8py-c03bc605-dbd6-4927-ace…)

angles. in every other photo she twists her body to make herself look thinner.

have you ever seen an arm before, anon?
seriously, stop with the autistic circling of body parts every time she uploads a photo set. yes, she uses some app or filter to try to make herself look a little better. no, she doesn't have "poor shoop skills" bc she's too retarded to shoop anything.

No. 745718

At what point did she think that dress was a good idea.

No. 745719

my god she looks hideous. the way her face is sagging ew. you gotta be fucking wasted and in a dark nightclub to find gnawing on this goblin's neck appealing.

No. 745722

I don't think her face is that saggy. I honestly just think the lips look fucking terrible. She reminds me of a man in drag cosplaying Lucille Ball. The lips just don't suit her face at all.

No. 745724

definitely her lips are too big for her facial features. and the expression has on makes her look more haggard than she already is

No. 745725

I can't imagine her looking at herself and thinking "yeah my lips look good". They're not even the lucious type, they're like a baboon's ass. Maybe the street hooker aesthetic is what she's going for but those lips are just sad. She looks like she's trying to plump them up even more.

No. 745726

You are right it's the expression too. They are obviously too big even without makeup but when she doesn't overline them like a parrot fish and smiles instead of pulling that weird deadpan face, she looks okayish.

No. 745727

File: 1578237370925.jpg (347.45 KB, 1071x1157, Screenshot_20200105-101620_Ins…)

No. 745728

Agreed. I don’t think she looks bad in the red dress photos. Obviously she alters her body and blurs shit from her face but overall she doesn’t look too bad. But she will never look like pre Jonny again. She was so pretty back then; kinda sad to see her go downhill in just a couple of years

No. 745740

>boyfriend asks me to shoot up
>i agreed after a few hours

a few hours. so, she can't think for herself, is spineless, treated heroin as nbd. why does anyone sympathize with this unless they have a victim/idiot fetish?

No. 745741

This just screams to other dudes that she’s obsessed with her ex, she has a ton of issues, and is a slut (from all her Jake tweets). I dont think she’ll ever get someone serious anymore unless they have a mentally of JC

That reminds me, what ever happened to her tinder boy? It didnt get JC’s attention so she stopped texting herself?

No. 745742

>he asked me to take heroin
Five days ago:
>I WANTED to take heroin to feel closer to him

No. 745744

Because if you don't, you're inherently perceived as a bad person. The moment you question just a bit any of her stories, you're suddenly a victim blamer and a rape apologist. That's internet mob mentality for you.

No. 745751

honestly she can just go and say whatever and she'll have enough support that her lies dont matter, its vile imo

No. 745758

You point out any inconsistencies in her story and her stans just call you a victim blamer. It's fucking retarded

No. 745773

90% of her stans are there just to gain followers and likes. If you agree with someone with a check mark then you’ll get a bunch of likes and followers. It’s quite sad that Taylor doesn’t have the IQ to know that all these asspats are empty and hallow. Tbh her constant tweets about her various and everchanging abuse stories are getting stale.. it’s like she’s crying wolf

No. 745777

I would be livid if my 12 year old was reading her feed. Casually mentioning being raped in a ditch… alluding to a girl assaulting her at a club. This bitch is toxic! You know what tay maybe you do deserve shit treatment because you give it away to others on the regular. Fucking psycho

No. 745778


> implying he ever existed in the first place

No. 745781

and before that it was
>I had to shoot myself up every hour
>HE SHOT ME UP against my will

I hope eventually someone can compile a timeline

No. 745787

even better, it was a gift from bro dick to protect her from jonny, crazy internet people, and the fiji water pussy dealer guy

No. 745791

She was already smoking heroin. she probably wanted to "cut back", and shooting uses less. I cant imagine a world where her bf came up to her and was like "hey, wanna shoot a drugz?" And it only took two hours until she was like "okay!".
She's the worst kind of early 90's after school special.

No. 745795

It's funny she is all about accusing JC of rape but never mentions her first rapist since that one seems more traumatic and violent

That's why I think it's bs

No. 745796

i feel like she steals people’s stories from group therapy (if she’s even going) to make herself seem ~trauma queen~

No. 745813

File: 1578263701482.jpeg (598.09 KB, 1080x2160, 3126AD80-3503-4027-9154-CF62D6…)

New user and off topic, but in August when tnd and Bree drama was going on, she mentioned that she couldn’t post proof because she didn’t have her old phone and only backed up pics to the cloud, but for the jc video she has her old phone with everything on it?

No. 745823

Terrific catch anon!

No. 745824


No. 745826

File: 1578270099111.jpeg (320.44 KB, 1242x1855, 5709FE81-8B45-40E1-8F06-6D4689…)

No. 745827

File: 1578270120796.jpeg (369.95 KB, 1242x1872, A087E0B2-BAE5-46E0-A662-30F2BA…)

No. 745829

She’s ranting again lol

No. 745830

nice catch, anon!!!
tnd just cannot keep up with er own lies, but we somehow can. a collage of all her contradictions like this should be made.

No. 745832

Off topic, but Taylor never shows their dog. Either it's neglected or they got rid of it.

No. 745836

File: 1578272537871.jpeg (239.38 KB, 1241x2044, FCF3AB83-3CD4-4473-947E-257D10…)

then why go?

No. 745839

In the video it looked to me like she was screenshotting an old phone. The screen was cracked in the top left. Assuming that is her old phone then yeah she lied back then and did have her phone

No. 745840

I mean JC hadn't said a fucking peep about Taylor since they broke up and he’s mentioned her now because she decided to create chaos about her abuse. She hasn’t fucking shut up about him since 12/31/19. She was at a club STILL fucking tweeting about him. Get a fucking life already you stupid bitch. I’m not saying Jonny is a good guy but at the very least the vile asshole isn’t sperging about her 24/7. I truly believe he just doesn’t want to kill his high by having to deal with her psychotic rage and I don’t blame him. She’s off her rocker at this point.
She’ll never realize shit talking him isn’t helping her cope with her alleged abuse, it’s just creating drama and shifts peoples attention away from the actual allegations. I thought Chelsea was bad constantly giving him attention but this has been going on for FIVE DAYS straight.

No. 745841

She’s the only person I know that steps outside of their house for a night and manages to get assaulted and/or get weird compliments from total strangers.

No. 745843

It's cause she's "So hot steam looks cool".
Bless my soul.

No. 745847


how is he constantly talking about you? where's your proof? it seems like he's been ALMOST straight up ignoring you

No. 745848


nope, this is an absolute lie. ADULTS do not do these things. is she hanging out in underage clubs with drunk teens? people have jobs or college to worry about, and most have families at home. if they're trying to unwind on a random night out no one gives a shit about some whore in a silk night gown hanging around the club staring down at her phone

taylor truly believes everyone is obsessed with her – the whole worlds NEEDS to touch her and experience her in some way

No. 745850

File: 1578275853576.png (20.61 KB, 480x332, chrome_PNVDhYe1GW.png)

She obviously didn't bother reading the article.

No. 745851



No. 745853

You spelled polyester wrong, anon.

No. 745855

As someone that has a bunch of tattoos and frequents bars. This is bs. This is such an attention seeking tweet. She thinks shes so edgy.

No. 745856

newsweek interviewed Sarah not long ago, I see what she's doing

No. 745857

Maybe 10 years ago the boomers of the world would be in total shock by tattoos, but not now. There’s no way in fuck that there are all of these random people in such awe by her, and so captivated by her that they’re kissing her and touching her.
That doesn’t even happen to Paris Hilton ffs.
She’s so retarded

No. 745858

Her stories read like a facts four year old would come up with. None of that shit happened last night.

No. 745859

maybe it was one drunk girl who liked her tattoos and she took everything out of proportion just to seem more interesting tbh

No. 745860


And she made up the rest in her head. She needs serious mental help.

No. 745861

File: 1578278804839.jpeg (353.55 KB, 1125x886, B28E1288-9F0A-4FC9-B109-6E5FEA…)

Saging for no milk but I find it interesting how NOW that Taylor is coming out about her OWN abuse, she’s retweeting other people’s stories and testimonials of abuse from other band members not related to Craig. I just find it hard to believe that after defending him and calling the other women who warned her about Jonny’s abuse liars, that now she finds it fitting to retweet things. Like how about you go back and find the DMs from women who directly told you they’d dated Jonny. You still haven’t apologized or even acknowledged them, you made them seem crazy and NOW, you can start to address the abuse others have faced by other band members?

No. 745862

It's not weird. It's revenge. Im not gonna go cow tipping i just wish someone would ask her "what do you want to happen to him? In an ideal world, what are you gunning for? Specifically."

No. 745863


oh shut the fuck up. I get her fans are naive 12-year-olds, but we’re all adults here. Yes, drunk people are stupid and say and do stupid shit, but I’m pretty sure these people that frequent clubs and live in big cities have seen plenty of tattooed people, way more tatted up than Taylor. No one is breaking their necks looking at her ugly, poorly done tattoos. Even drugged up people at the club. They’ve seen it all before.

No. 745864

I feel like she's actually a pretty sheltered little girl who bases reality on what she's seen on tv and in movies. On screen, she'd be the quirky, edgy girl with a "dark past" that EVERYONE notices when she walks in. Like the entire club turned into a disney musical with her at the center of it, with the entire room whispering "who is that girl?? She's so edgy! So unique! nOt LyKe otHeR gUrLz". And she just settles into a corner, obsessively tweeting about the heroin addict she cheated on and dumped 7 months ago. Then a girl bumps into her and she's like "oh, cool dress, my mom wears that to bed sometimes" and taylor starts crying "I USED CHINA WHITE IV HEROIN, THESE ARE MY SCARS. MY EX WAS IN A BAND, HES HAVING A BABY WITH ANOTHER GIRL AND I HAVE HEP C!" and the girl just hugs her while taylor sobs snot into her neck. Then the girl struggles to escape Taylor's vice grip and just says "oh, my girlfriend is calling me over there, but dont worry, you'll get better!".
And that's how the night actually went.

No. 745867

File: 1578283575653.jpg (246.61 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200105-200555_Ins…)


No. 745868

Oops sorry, first time posting. Forgot to add my comment! But what is going on here? Elijah used to hang with Taylor right? Is this related? I dont have a Twitter. Syd has been posting shit too as if someone is talk shit about her.

No. 745869

Seems this Elijah dude has entered the fray. Been trying to get Jonny banned from twitch the last couple hours.

No. 745870


Exactly. Like maybe if someone lived in a podunk town with a population of 10,000 with only one shitty bar, that NEVER travelled outside of it in their lives - maybe she’d have some sort of case for people just ~*~swarming her~*~ over her tattoos. But she lives in a big city where tattooed girls miles out of her league are in every direction.

No. 745871

File: 1578284307028.jpg (515.02 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200105-221749_Chr…)

And the princess who said she was done talking about Jonny for the night at 9:57. Made it about 18 minutes a new record.

No. 745872

File: 1578284637206.jpeg (249.1 KB, 1242x985, A868389D-677E-419E-BD5A-092931…)

No. 745874

File: 1578285750990.jpeg (1004.63 KB, 1242x1510, 4DEF9CDC-D7F1-41DB-A0E0-C0A397…)

Sounds like the song Jonny is releasing on Tuesday (D.R.E.A.M.) is literally going to be a response to the allegations and calling out TND's lies. And the plot thickens!

No. 745875


>"Only a few more days of this dumb shit."

…Because after you release another crap song people are suddenly going to stop talking about how shit you are?

…Gotta love that JC-logic!

No. 745876

I actually hope he does something that will make Taylor look dumb. We all already know he’s a piece of shit, but I hate that Taylor thinks she’s “winning”.

No. 745877

Does Elijah not realize that Jonny wouldn’t even be playing games, and streaming on twitch if Taylor didn’t buy the set up for him? KEK

No. 745878

File: 1578286816714.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1674, C446324F-9161-4577-82EC-5A9591…)

No. 745880

File: 1578286860943.jpeg (876.35 KB, 1242x1479, E28F233D-7C14-483F-88A2-3CF084…)

No. 745881

Omg and here it comes

No. 745882

File: 1578287257920.jpeg (998.08 KB, 1242x1907, 6729B7BB-ECCF-4E1A-B434-14DA83…)

PT 1

No. 745885

File: 1578287441420.jpeg (377.45 KB, 1111x2048, A910E65E-142F-45E1-A14B-B729D8…)

No. 745886

File: 1578287449743.png (336.15 KB, 590x614, ihavproof.png)

No. 745887

File: 1578287591595.jpeg (280.38 KB, 1074x2048, 1A889669-EFE2-4CEC-B1E0-BB29BE…)

No. 745888

File: 1578287704875.jpeg (304.84 KB, 1083x2048, 2C8AF581-3149-419B-8CC1-3E7296…)

No. 745889

File: 1578287850616.jpeg (261.02 KB, 1120x2048, D800C884-3F71-46D5-9AE6-8698D6…)

No. 745890

File: 1578288001792.png (1.07 MB, 1125x2436, F6D5929F-971A-4488-839A-94C255…)

No. 745891


And she’s the one who let her animals be in this position so yeah she’s responsible and an abuser.

No. 745892

Oh I totally believe Jonny took over for days at a time. “Baby I’ll buy you extra china white if u take care of the animals because my eds celiacs anxiety depression is flaring up. Thx baby”

No. 745893

She has gone nuclear on Twitter. Going to be a fun night.

No. 745894


"I'm not biphobic or homophobic thought, I just hate a woman hitting on me and not being remotely harmful at all! Gross icky!"

No. 745895

File: 1578289291934.png (22.16 KB, 485x327, uVn25qo.png)

She finally admitted it.

No. 745896

File: 1578289370560.png (22.34 KB, 482x327, 9nhTuOr.png)

Sounds guilty

No. 745897


He killed that other kitten, didn't he?

No. 745898

File: 1578289485213.jpeg (672.07 KB, 1242x1794, E4A3DA36-B4D1-4067-B8F4-CF373C…)

No. 745899


Pawning off your animals needs to another junkie because you're dope sick is animal abuse you fucking twat.

No. 745900


I mean yeah that could happen to someone else but not me. Even though I was zapped out of my mind it definitely didn't happen to me. Never ever ever.

No. 745901

Uhhh, yeah you are the animal abuser because the animals were YOUR responsibility to begin with. You had animals before you were with JC.

If you were "sick from the heroin", why did you not rehome the animals instead of buying more? Maybe that way you wouldn't have boiled animals to death or put them at risk at all.

What about when you recorded yourself smoking pot right next to your satanic geckos? Or leaving those gigantic kratom bags over your rats' cage?

No. 745902

File: 1578289740563.gif (416 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mwjw53fZba1qitc21o1_500…)

here we go

No. 745903

she's literally been caught buying identical snakes/replacements before too.. god damn she's so bad at lying

No. 745904

Translation: just cause i cheated doesnt mean you can tell everyone and make a baby with someone hotter and less addicted than meeeeeee

No. 745905

no Tay did that, that's something you can trust. she had no idea how to care for them.

No. 745906


But her animals were TOTALLY fine that whole time right???

No. 745907

In 3..

No. 745908

File: 1578290407722.jpg (633.63 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200105-215934.jpg)

Taylor's dad steals her money apparently. Probably the only reasons her parents still have anything to do with her.

No. 745909

So it's "so fucking immature" when he finally calls you out on your shit, but the whole week you've been sperging about him and baiting him totally wasn't?

Like I'm not even wking Jonny, he's a piece of shit in his own right, but come the fuck on, really?

No. 745910

Jonny says that Taylor's parents billed her 20k for damaged floors in the house (from when her aquarium leaked), and that she signed power of attorney over to them when she went to rehab. Pretty crazy stuff

No. 745911

Taylor: daddy, i really need crickets and feeder mice, my pets are starving and havent eaten in a month lmfao. Also my ad revenue check is in the mail can you cash it and bring it?
Dad: brings feeder bugs/mice and cashed check, minus money owed for animal food and the money tay borrowed last month for "necessities".
Tay:surprised pikachu

No. 745912

Yeah thats not stealing…

No. 745913

agreed. I can easily see hardwood floors with serious flooding damage costing a fair bit. if anything I'm somewhat relieved her parents have power of attorney because it means she can't absolutely piss her money away on 40k veneers and drugs like she used to. embarrassing that she needs them to control her finances though

No. 745916

File: 1578291099164.png (130.38 KB, 1192x480, Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 1.11…)

No. 745917


No. 745918

In his mind he perceives it as "stealing" because he lost control of her money.

No. 745919

File: 1578292316851.jpg (536.86 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200105-223152.jpg)

No. 745920

i like how she quickly glazed over the fact that she cheated at least 3 times. she knows he has proof so she's not going to deny it.

she can't remember if he has proof she's an animal killer so she's vaguely denying it

she's now making it sound like all her accusations against him are false with her wording, and saying "even still, you shouldn't act like a child"

girl, you went batshit when you found out he was pregnant with syd. even threw yourself on the floor and "cried and sobbed" for periods of sometimes 50 hours straight and then took a bunch of pictures in your nasty panties and put them online. you legit attacked anyone who even sounded like they were reminding you of things you previously said or people who questioned you.

sorry but who is acting like the child again?

No. 745921

File: 1578293234660.png (19.71 KB, 566x159, nournot.png)

im so ready for JC to shit all over TND. Watch her try and defend herself lmaaaaaaaaaaaaao

btw, still talking about him on twitter even after this. Get over yourself, quit trying to relevant. Start filming your "JC ruined my life! pt2" video!

No. 745922

also loving her admit things like "so what if my animals suffered, it's really not MY fault… it's jonny's! because he introduced me to heroin!" and then proves she took it on her own to feel closer to him. so she essentially chose heroin and/or a love-boner she had for some dude over her hoard of animals

this bitch is like those dateline episodes of women caught on video hiring cops posing as hitmen to kill their husbands. and despite paying for it, and all of it being arranged by them on video they still fake-cry and say "it wasn't me!" or "i was joking! i wasn't going to go through with it!" all the evidence in the world and this bitch will deny it until her last breath

remember, kids!
how can you tell taylor nicole dean is lying? if she's breathing.

No. 745923

File: 1578293342508.png (105.86 KB, 760x411, Screenshot_20200106-034523.png)

Deleted tweet but funny coming from the person who almost left him to die when he overdosed. Lol.

Also she's dumb. Her sperg tonight is exactly what Jonny wanted because he knows she's going to fuck up eventually.

No. 745924


she's full-on frightened. she's scared to talk lolol she has no idea what else he is going to reveal and she's terrified. taylor saying she's going to take a seat? INTERESTING

she's probably regretting antagonising him and praying he stops. i'll bet she thought she could do anything she wanted to him and his "Deep love" of her would keep him quiet

No. 745925

lmao Jonny was actually sad when they broke up wishing Taylor the best of luck and hoping they could get back together LITERALLY during the same time Taylor was posted those pics of her fucking Jake. Taylor is a complete sociopath, I can’t believe I was ever a fan

No. 745926

Jonny is a piece of shit but taylor is just delusional. I used to read this thread and cant believe this is what its come to lmfao.

Does anyone have an updated list of taylors living pets? Sage for no contribution

No. 745927

File: 1578293827232.png (163.28 KB, 760x521, Screenshot_20200106-035644.png)

No. 745928

Remember when Taylor said that Jake pretty much overdosed because she was leading him on and fucking with his head? Posting pics of another shirtless tatted dude while telling Jake they still had a chance, just not right now. Taylor needs to be stopped.

No. 745929

File: 1578293960966.jpeg (439.16 KB, 1242x1751, A7B9EA47-5CE3-48A6-A4A7-9F7AF6…)

No. 745930

File: 1578293988884.jpeg (421.6 KB, 1224x1647, 10B3A55C-9099-4107-B55C-39360B…)

No. 745931

um… >>745921
bitch i thought you were "done engaging" and "don't replying"

you're trying to justify cheating lolol do you know how many fucking pig scrotes use that excuse, taylor? "ohh i was just feeling down about myself. my wife didn't want to have sex." guess what, there's never a good fucking reason to cheat.

No. 745932

File: 1578294015785.jpeg (195.63 KB, 1242x2035, 9CBE3C52-1A4C-40D4-9A03-056648…)

No. 745933


yo, please explain this. who is this conversation between?

No. 745934

File: 1578294295442.jpeg (144.57 KB, 1242x701, ED63E4A0-F0E2-4795-95E8-73816B…)

No. 745935

Idk she doesn’t really say in the original tweet

No. 745936

God she physically cannot shut up for 5 seconds

Convo between Taylor and some Stan trolling her hashtag so they can tattle

No. 745937

File: 1578294486889.jpeg (360.91 KB, 1213x2062, DD17727C-A3C8-4F49-8122-60D099…)

He calls syd midget as her “cutesy” name to make it seems as if he isn’t short himself, to make her feel even more small than what she already is and for him to feel tall in his relationship lol

No. 745938

File: 1578294517599.jpeg (177.99 KB, 1242x1880, E237D027-07A6-4750-B159-359B44…)

sure Jan

No. 745939

This is like the 5th time in the past HOUR that she is "done"

No. 745940

To be pretty fucking honest that could be perceived as cheating. Assuming he indeed made you feel like shit about your body, you still deliberately seeked sexual validation from a friend.

It doesn't matter the amount of time you've known that person either. Like she was just as toxic as him in that hot mess they call a relationship. And the worst part is that she is ousting herself while trying to remain a victim.

No. 745941


do you think it's acceptable to mock people for what they look like? how petty are you? who cares what pet names he calls his girlfriend, fuck off. there is so much more you could drag him for, are we resorting to this now?

also, way to go taylor. if you are resorting to making fun of his height, it really does invalidate everything else you said about him if this is where you land.

you're laughing at his height but you were begging to be with him legit like, what, weeks ago?

No. 745942

its funny to see taylor make fun of his looks bc she dated him while he looked near about the same as he does now.

No. 745945

File: 1578295039244.jpeg (541.39 KB, 1242x2337, 8284BF14-4518-499A-8017-A2BE46…)

I’m sorry but who tf is this guy?

No. 745946


She has no room to mock anyone about anything. She looks like a skinny-fat man. She has no womanly curves without photoshop. She's got a GIGANTIC head. She looks like she's 40something… just absolutely fucking rough in the face. She's greasy and doesn't bathe.

Also, a neet. No skills or redeemable qualities. A grown adult woman who still lives at home, has her mom clean her room and takes care of her animals. She can't even handle things that "upset" her and resorts to throwing herself on the floor like an actual toddler. She's severely manipulative and a pathological liar. There's so much more….

No. 745947

File: 1578295064145.jpeg (398.7 KB, 1242x2192, EB391310-8CAC-4D1D-A1BC-297D02…)

No. 745948

Taylor on December 31: leave JC in 2019! I'll only speak about him today, and then never again!!!

Taylor on January 6th: lol that's enough shit talking for tonight guys, be sure to tune in tomorrow, I'm getting more attention than I have in months so I can't stop talking about him now. I love being petty

No. 745949

Who cares?!!! It’s just something I noticed now that he is saying he is 5’8. Taylor brought it up all together. It’s an image board. Fuck off

No. 745950


4,000 of those tweets are from taylor, so….

also, making this situation entertaining? this is all a joke to her? i thought she started this campaign to save syd and other future women? i hope taylor is barren and never knows the joy of carrying a child. i hope she never finds a man who loves her and she stays bitter forever, constantly driving off her brodicks of the week.

No. 745951

Did the height jokes hit home for you, anon? lol

No. 745953


well, i'm 5'6" and my fiance is 5'11". i'm a happy girl, no complaints. this isn't the place to have a conversation, though. just wanted you to be aware that just because i have a problem with people resorting to something as dumb as height when there are real issues to discuss

when you start focusing on height you're diluting the conversation about things he's done wrong. attack his character, how about that(no1curr)

No. 745954

The threads have been full of attacking his character. Jokes about his height aren’t diluting anything, we are still well aware of what a piece of shit he is. But obviously people joking about his height strikes a nerve with him so yeah it’s funny to make the rapist piece of garbage mad lol

No. 745955

File: 1578295671949.jpg (673.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200106-012736_Twi…)

You dumbass, you're contradicting yourself again.

No. 745958

File: 1578295905207.jpg (696.41 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200106-013038_Twi…)

No. 745959

Around the first time Taylor announced she was on drugs but “totes sober now guise!!” but months before her mom forced her to rehab, this guy was pretty adamant about offering her a place to stay to be away from JC.

Not sure who he is but at one point he was friends with Tana Mongeau so there’s that.

No. 745960

I'm going to say it again, if her reciepts are "very credible" then that means Destry's reciepts are extremely credible and Taylor has abused/neglected her animals in the worst of ways. She always half asses her proof and just wants people to believe her because she has stans backing her. I really hope Jonny spills about the animals

Also taylor is disgusting and abusive in so many ways but on twitter her constant guilt tripping and one-upping is so gross. People with half a brain should be able to see that she is bad news just like jonny.

No. 745962


Ah found it. Here’s the thread where he claimed she’d stay with him to get sober, 10 months ago. Fairly sure dude isn’t into women and he just does this kind of stuff (10 months again and again now) to get clout.


No. 745966

google doc of animals is linked in the OP but the anon who mad it hasn't been around to update it for a while I think? also she isn't showing them much which is making it harder.

no need to announce sage.

No. 745967

File: 1578299794083.png (337.27 KB, 640x853, ss.png)

um ok, but how about you show us what you actually made and not what you donated

also, it's so cute how she's rushing to do this to prove she's not a bad person since she's about to be exposed

No. 745969


also, I'm actually sickened that all she donated was 250 measly dollars when she was literally throwing money in the garbage (doordash fast food) and has no issues with wasting a thousand to go to see MCR or buying more clothes to whore around taking selfies in her mom's house

No. 745970

If you click the first screenshot, its says shes estimated to make $539

No. 745971

File: 1578300409528.jpg (518.24 KB, 1067x1908, Screenshot_20200106-034609_Chr…)

The charity she donated to

No. 745973

shes fucking insane. congrats TND, you are officially the female jonny craig that youve wanted to be for so so long. you're gross, you're a liar, you're an absolute sociopath using your platform to damage other people and cause nothing but harm.

what a shitshow to publicly display to the WORLD my god
imagine having your ex boyfriend whos some gross rapist pig whine about all your personal information online. embarrassing.

No. 745974


He killed that other kitten, didn't he?

How dense are you to think that he actually did anything bad to Taylor? Do you think she is holding back for her third video outing JC? Not trying to WK but we would have already heard about it from Junkie queen dean herself, at least 100+ times by now

No. 745975

that's one half, she said it would go to two places (one for women) >>744182

the Nemo flush story has been around forever.
Taylor killed the other kitten with inexperience, inattention and excuses- Nemo survived her "care" by sheer luck. let's not rewrite her shit animal care now.

No. 745976

This obsession with ruining Jonny simply because he doesn't want her is so fucking sad to the point where I can't even look at her Twitter anymore.

She is the epitome of a selfish, spoiled, narc ass brat. Funny how she was fine with all of his behaviors up until he announced the pregnancy. She was fine with denying victims their voice and making fun of them. But now she can shame people who tell her to shut up already? That email was recent and shows how much she was trying to get back with him while sperging on Twitter about how she got away. She's used to getting her way, as she has her whole life, and can't stand that this washed up fuck doesn't want her crazy ass. He "broke" her by texting another person, yet she cheated 3 times and it was OK? On top of her fucking Jake right out of rehab?? But wait.. She just said he would force himself on her.. But then also said she cheated because he wouldn't touch her and made her feel bad about her body by not wanting her. She is sick in the head and I can't believe she is getting so much support and positive attention for it.

I hope he drags her ass and reveals all the shit she did with her animals and in general what a disgusting piece of shit she is. She is lowest of the low and the biggest hypocrite everrr.

No. 745977

samefag, here are links to the first thread:

the female kitten passing away (through pretty much self-admitted shit care): >>>/snow/438571
jonny threatening to flush the male kitten (ie. nemo): >>>/snow/446205

No. 745980

He said that they are in charge of her payments? Or was this just because of the 20k for flooring?

No. 745981

yeah this screams guilty.
>no multiple of my snakes didn't escape while I owned cats
>and if they did my cats definitely didn't kill them
>and if they did, I definitely didn't go looking for similar looking snakes to replace them

No. 745982

File: 1578305161407.png (190.09 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20200106-120442.png)

the fictional tinder dude is conveniently there again!

No. 745983

File: 1578305381537.png (201.58 KB, 1080x1263, Screenshot_20200106-120944.png)

>I wouldn't go back now
sure you would

No. 745984

If Jonny wasn't having a baby on the way or if it turned out the baby isn't his, you know damn well she'd be pouncing on him back after deleting those videos.

No. 745985

File: 1578305627837.png (631.04 KB, 1080x1643, Screenshot_20200106-121310.png)

>can anyone pull up a pic of me next to him
what a jelaous thirsty bitch

No. 745986

Both Johnny and Taylor are shitty people but I'm living for Johnny beginning to expose all the shit she's done and denied. It'd be nice to see TayTay getting her narc ass knocked down a few pegs.

No. 745989

File: 1578307298004.png (174.63 KB, 1080x1031, Screenshot_20200106-124113.png)

both mama and tay are still up at 4am sperging about JC. what a pathetic duo.

No. 745990

File: 1578307446969.png (358.89 KB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20200106-124401.png)

No. 745991

File: 1578307551132.png (606.27 KB, 1080x1921, Screenshot_20200106-124425.png)

No. 745992

File: 1578307627165.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20200106-124512.png)

and looks like mommy had to drive babby to the ER in the middle of the night

No. 745993

File: 1578307968872.png (215.96 KB, 1080x1345, Screenshot_20200106-125237.png)

fantasizing about JC dying

No. 745994

The girl went to the ER for a stye. Smh.

No. 745996

wow Jen, just wow. do you secretly want him back to impregnate your daughter as much as she does? or you just want her to get what she wants, no matter what.

No. 745997

File: 1578310990396.jpeg (905.9 KB, 1242x2001, 1354D0AF-174D-494D-B14E-A70AA2…)

No. 745998

File: 1578311107232.jpeg (735.89 KB, 1242x1766, 49B9BDE9-52EE-49CA-9BED-A1D82A…)

No. 745999

the only thing interesting about this word vomit is that after rehab, she apparently had a therapist who she lied to and painted JC in a perfect light. wonder if this was while she was with bro dick or after?

No. 746002

Glad someone is saying it to her. First, it took her 2 hours to decide she wanted to shoot up while. He was in the bathroom with his needles not letting her in.. Now? He begged her?

Blog post but my ex used for like 4 years and never ONCE did I even consider using just because he did. It honestly made me hate it, just seeing what it did to our life. That's a sane reaction. You also didnt see any of Jonny's exes using H and they were together for much longer. Hell, apparently he held one down and joked about shooting her up and she still didn't give in. But taylor? Took 2 hours, to be the cool girlfriend. Somehow that's his fault though.. I can't imagine she has done any recovery groups because number 1 rule: take accountability for your own actions and choices and don't blame them on others. Also, heroin addicts don't tend to force it on people, because they want their dope for themselves. The only reason Jonny may have wanted to was so she could buy it, but who knows.

I genuinely feel like she wanted to become a heroin addict because it fell in line with her "Rockstar experience" and she felt it would give her clout or some shit. It's really bizarre.

No. 746006

File: 1578318895583.jpeg (190.02 KB, 750x787, 990FD4AA-11EF-46F4-BCF8-B4F24C…)

No. 746007

File: 1578319116466.png (193.78 KB, 1080x1121, Screenshot_20200106-123845.png)

honestly the more she talks about their relationship the more she looks like the dysfunctional one. she accuses JC of every word under the sun while she's guilty of much of the same. I mean she's like an incel caricature of a woman.
>needy and clingy, literally cannot be left alone. spends the night crying in a tub or jumps on another dick when left alone.
>desperate for attention to the point of being self destructive
>doesn't know how to bond in a relationship, goes to ridiculous lengths like doing heroin and spending thousands of dollars on gifts
>regularly throws tantrums and threatens self harm and suicide to get what she wants
>goes overboard with drugs and alcohol to the point where people leave because they don't want to see her die

things JC was probably guilty of
>gaslighting, rape, physical abuse
things taylor was probably guilty of
>emotional blackmail and manipulation, controlling behaviour

No. 746008

File: 1578319133863.jpeg (136.79 KB, 750x968, 24C26A27-EA18-4C70-B54F-82CA00…)

No way does she have a lawyer. First thing they’d tell her to do is shut up online, since she’s making herself look like the bully. Can’t believe she’s still talking about him into the morning.

No. 746009

File: 1578319359403.png (25.15 KB, 658x181, Capture123.PNG)

it's 8am her local time and she's still going after JC sheesh.

No. 746011

I don’t even believe he raped her. Not defending him, just saying she’s such a blatant liar and the rape story came out of absolutely nowhere. Not to mention what other anons have pointed out about how she glossed over it in the video she made, yet was miserable and crying over him not cuddling her.

No. 746012

File: 1578320929103.png (25.95 KB, 655x188, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746013

does she not realize people have records of her publicly tweeting about how crazy her mom was? that wasn’t jc. that was taylor trying to rebel against her parents like a preteen

No. 746016

You have never overdosed Taylor, yes you were really high, not overdosed.

It’s crazy bc she has no self awareness so she doesn’t realize everyone else knows she’s just embarrassed and needs ass pats and is super jealous, it makes me so second hand embarrassed for her with literally everything she posts.

No. 746018


how do you know she never OD'd?

No. 746021

She lies about literally everything, I’m not sure why suddenly people believe she really was raped. It’s a very common thing girls like her like to lie about because it can’t be disproven, no one questions it, she gets her extra victim points and she gets congratulated for being such a strong ~survivor~. I don’t even take everything she says with a grain of salt, I just completely disregard it. I believe JC over her any day and that’s sad.

No. 746024

She's so full of shit. He never fucking raped her and its disgusting to claim rape now just because he's having a baby. She should be ashamed of herself but i dont think she knows how to feel shame.

No. 746027

I swear to god she probably reads articles or watches videos on domestic abuse and puts that stuff into tweets as her own experience.

It's fucking rude.

No. 746029

File: 1578327820481.jpeg (33.41 KB, 650x366, 881DDF04-A683-46F9-B9AA-95DDD9…)

No. 746030

Didn't she do this

No. 746032

File: 1578328533878.jpeg (140.57 KB, 1076x685, 03152547-CFB6-424E-99F2-9EEA46…)

No. 746033

lmao, but you and your fans are exactly this type of people. you know they're going to praise the next piece of garbage tay drags in.

No. 746035

Taylor admits to allowing her animals be put in dangerous situations and everyone ignores it. She will never be held accountable for her abuse and she knows it. Sick.

No. 746038

Well, taylor, you laughed at rape victims, killed how many animals via neglect and/or ignorance, treat lying like an Olympic sport, and youre a coke and heroin addict. Your entire platform is based on being a victim and an addict. If your fans didnt believe in the power of change, you wouldnt have a platform.

No. 746040

Where was this logic 2 years ago? This dumb fuck KNEW about his past abuse and addiction.

She KNEW he had rape allegations and she laughed at his victims. Now she's claiming the same shit? Get the fuck outta town, you enabled his rapist ass and gave him free room and board, new teeth, gaming rigs, funkos and a shiton of toys.

Jonny's in a better position to find new victims because of all the shit she gave him. She doesn't give a shit about his victims, she just feels personally attacked by jonny finding a new, prettier gf. It's all jealously, she never had any compassion for his victims.

No. 746042

Quotes this for emphasis. I feel the exact same way, anon. everything you said makes sense, not with her confusing ass

No. 746043

That’s her excuse.shes said it before. It takes 7-12 times to leave so she’s been planning to go back;It’s her excuse - but guys, I’m in an abusive relationship and this is my 3rd time going back, I still got about 7 more times to say that’s my reason why.

Because if this rules she’s been emailing him back. She’s wants to be with him, wants the drugs, tells people she’s leaving him but deep down this is her excuse.

No. 746044

She wanted the experience and wanted to see what it was like + be that rockstars girlfriend stereotype. She loves drugs and using

No. 746045

Agreed. I think he really was joking, but that’s a sick joke to do. He does those types of jokes - like jokingly wanting to inject his ex, the kitten, now the rape when taping her legs.

She knows this (altho prob a bit scared at first) but is going along with the other real claims

No. 746046

Taylor, you said all these things and more for the two years you dated him. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself

No. 746050


She was saying these exact things when she started dating him… I think somewhere she claimed that all those times it was either Johnny using her account or him influencing/telling her what to say….

so why is she shitting on Syd for saying shit like this too? Either it's true that Taylor was under his influence when saying that shit, and she just doesn't care that Syd is in the same boat (and showing what a jealous bitch she is) OR Taylor lied about Johnny influencing her and all that shit she said back then was her own words, knows this is probably what Syd actually thinks, and is shitting all over her because it hurt her feelings. Her stans are so fking dense to not see this

No. 746051

Dude she just posted the email she sent him where she was like "you didnt force me to do heroin"

No. 746053

She ever said in her video that she did it just to connect with him. Lol

No. 746060

taylor nicole would bash his ex girlfriends when they told their stories. taylor waited until he was happy and announced that his new girl is pregnant. I dont know if I believe he abused her. I believe the others but taylor is suspicious to me. she waited to hurt him as oppose to tell her story.

No. 746062

She's really fucking shady. I personally don't believe a thing she's saying. She's the girl who cried wolf one too many times and now she's fucked because of it. She has absolutely no credibility, her stories change far too often, and then she goes adding more details that contradict previous statements. She's full of shit.

No. 746063

She even said in her tweets she’s “enjoying being vocal” and “petty.”
Idk, this does not sound like someone that was assaulted. Never heard of rape victims “enjoy” talking about their assault or think they’re just “being petty.”

No. 746066

~legal stuff offline~
Bitch, what? Writing out over-exaggerated novels on notepad?
No reputable attorney would represent such a shit show. If she was seriously consulting with an attorney, they would be telling her to STFU and stay off Twitter.

No. 746067


People need to reply to this tweet with all her JC defence about him beig a rapist.

No. 746068

8 am, wow. I am pretty convinced at this point she's on mad uppers, and has been for a while.

No. 746069

What dog??

No. 746070

I came across this site googling JC to see how he's doing these days. I was introduced to him years and years ago through mutual music industry friends. I have never heard of that Taylor girl before a few weeks ago. Anyway, I don't know if the guy raped her, but I know for a fact he messed her up. JC can easily sell albums, he has a very devoted young audience who will buy whatever he makes, no matter what. For that to be true and still NO producers will touch him with a 10 ft pole, even for the money. He had to of done something pretty bad. Last I saw he was recording in some dude's bedroom. Pretty sad.

No. 746071

she abandoned the dogs as soon as she moved out so what do you expect. they are her mother's.

No. 746072

The emotional support dog, Kida. a Rotweiler or Pinscher? Bought it special, lleft it with parents when she moved into her drug den of despair, rape, sadness, neglect, and vanity.

Threw the thing away like it was nothing.

No. 746073

File: 1578346212639.png (528.05 KB, 1080x1730, Screenshot_20200106-122011.png)

taylor claims he makes literal pennies

No. 746075

File: 1578347548452.jpeg (365.16 KB, 1242x1215, 21CEE12F-2594-40ED-A5F0-D7939E…)

This is Repzion’s gf talking about Taylor. She claims Taylor let a turtle eat heroin and it died. Saw it on that yikes twitter (account who posts JC streams) likes.

No. 746076

File: 1578347634748.jpeg (466.04 KB, 1242x1673, 0A90AB8F-F37E-4C42-94C9-3BCCDF…)

The other part.

No. 746078

taylor never had a turtle.
she wasn't with JC for 5 years.

wtf is this garbage? how would she have known any of it? repzion and hee gf sound like cows themselves.

No. 746079

Alright taylor.(hi cow)

No. 746080

5 years? i dont think that chick even knows what she's talking about
when did taylor even have a turtle? i only remember the 80 turtles she gave to a rescue or something in 2017

No. 746081

File: 1578348088225.png (53.95 KB, 1080x359, Screenshot_20200107-000123.png)

aww jonny's new sugar mommy got him an iphone!

No. 746082

File: 1578348210129.png (192.89 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20200107-000310.png)

looks like all taylor's little cancelling party achieved is help jonny get a partnership.

No. 746083

File: 1578348414120.png (131.43 KB, 1080x762, Screenshot_20200107-000607.png)

heroin queen taylor is yet to wake up after her busy night yesterday but mama dean is right back at it.

No. 746085


I believe she was making a joke about the turtle eating heroin. There was conversation earlier before that about onision killing his turtle as people were discussing animal abuse. Who knows though considering how many animals have passed in her care.

No. 746086


she aught to watch her step. a wealthy white girl attempting to make fun of someone poorer than her is not a good look when she throws money in the trash and wastes boatloads on bullshit (when she could be donating to victims she pretends to care so much about)

in any case, white people with good money who don't understand living paycheck to paycheck should never open their mouths to mock anyone for being less fortunate than them

fuck taylor

No. 746088


True, her nuMbEr OnE iDoL Steve Irwin's family is doing great work in Australia right now. She's completely diverting attention away from 2 things she claims to love. Animals and the Irwins. she named a fucking fish Irwin ffs. and another animal Bindi.
Cool Taylor. Cool cool cool. Good use of platform.

No. 746090


this fat boomer really needs to take a seat. MAMA DEAN, STOP ENCOURAGING YOUR PSYCHO LITTLE BRAT! this is only going to end with you too in prison when taylor gets caught trying to take out a hit on jonny or his new girl

No. 746094


yeah, how is she ignoring the situation in Australia right now? her ego is somehow more important than spreading awareness and offering links to her audience where they can donate to help those animals? I honestly do not believe taylor ever cared about her animals. I don't think she cares about ANY animals, anywhere. they're just things to her–like all the whore clothes she buys to take thirst trap selfies in and then discards in piles on her floor. those animals are good for her to take selfies with and then she discards them from her life and makes her mom care for them or just lets them die

she has no soul

No. 746095


Nah, I remember the post. she said the dog bonded with her mom's dog so she left it behind. she bought it for her. only for her. then left it behind.

No. 746096


Kida is a dilute Doberman

No. 746098


Yeah, Doberman

No. 746100

File: 1578349895114.jpg (567.74 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200106-152823_Ins…)



No. 746102

sage goes in the email field.

Kida is a dilute Doberman (expensive, often with expensive skin issues) that Taylor insists is a fully-trained service dog. She said that her brother really bonded with the dog, so she left Kida behind to be his service dog even though it's abundantly clear she's only a family pet. Kida is so poorly trained that she couldn't even sit on command for a video for Taylor's twitter.

Also says that she's a very anxious dog (possibly a rescue iirc), which right off the bat would make her unfit to be a service animal. She would flunk out of training if she didn't have the right temperament, especially for someone with her brother's condition, who needs a dog that wouldn't be bothered by emotional outbursts. Her lies are paper-thin as always

(deleted+reposted because I had Weimaraner stuck in my head from that video she did testing Kida's DNA where she mispronounced Weimaraner as "Weimaneimer" for the entire video. She's a Dobie)

No. 746103

i swear this bitch is totally unhinged. if i were syd i'd be afraid tay would knife out my fetus

No. 746105


She was never even friends with him or his GF. They're both cows, Repzion is infamous online for his incredibly racist anti-Muslim videos, and his anti-trans garbage. They do anything for attention.

Tnd loves to gaslight, but of course mommy will pretend her heroin addicted daughter is perfect.

No. 746106


Why doesn't Repzion have his own thread? I didn't know about any of this.

No. 746107

One thing I don’t understand about Taylor is she’s been in the public eye for long enough to realize her every word is scrutinized. Is she just that absentminded that she can’t keep track of her lies? I feel like if I were in her position, I’d at least try to leave out some details so I didn’t have to remember them later. Or can she just not help herself with oversharing? I mean, how humiliating to have literally three or four different stories about one event and still have the nerve to continue lying all day every day after getting busted.

Her lies really speak to how much of a recluse she is. People who actually get out know not to make up extravagant stories about going to the gas station for 5 minutes and getting completely swarmed by people complimenting their basic tattoos or whatever. It just doesn’t happen like that. So of course her rape stories are ridiculous and I’m sure she chose that lie because it makes her look desirable in a twisted way, like she’s just so attractive JC couldn’t help himself.

No. 746108


One word: Vlogging.

People really love that shit & it takes little-to-no effort to create content.

No. 746110

File: 1578351604442.jpg (90.97 KB, 1216x863, RuD9JiQ.jpg)

And Taylor finally gets what she really wanted out of her video and constantly talking about Jonny.

No. 746122


This reeks of throwing shit at a wall and seeing what will stick. How does anyone believe her at this point? It sounds like she’s pulling anything out of her ass to make him look bad all out of pure jealous rage. He looks bad all on his own, so her doing all this just makes her look unhinged, not ~*~strong victim finally standing up for myself.~*~

No. 746125

PLEASE learn to sage. And reference what you’re responding to or get out!

No. 746127

you're not posting anything of importance, that's what sage is for, nimrod.

No. 746129

All these rape stories seem to show up at way too convenient times. It seems only when shes being called out, losing an argument or needing a boost to her self esteem will she bring up the ultimate victim story.

Same shit happened last year when bree called her out about the dead pets and la

No. 746133

All i get from Taylor is just her trying to ruin JC just as she ruins everyone who doesnt give her what she wants. For the past months, she hasnt said shit about JC unless she’s missing him. Once she finds out that Syd is pregnant, she’s angry that he has that “aMaZiNG” life that she wanted and he’s back to singing llike the rockstar she dreams to have. All she is doing is just trying to ruin him so she can say that she’s better and doing better than him. Girl is angry cuz her life downgraded while he moved on. If he really did all these things then why didnt she report it and why is there no evidence?? She can take photos of her needle filled bathroom, “skinny” self, and her messy heroin face but didnt have a video or even a photo of ANY evidence of abuse other than abusing her pets with second hand smoke??

No. 746134

C’mon anon, it’s Taylor! Everyone wants to sexually assault her everytime she leaves her mom’s house!

No. 746135

File: 1578356185988.png (424.72 KB, 654x519, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746136

Also strange how her “friends” are not backing up her abuse. You would think they’ll say something to confirm cuz Taylor is not the kind to shutup about things that happens to her

No. 746137

And that explains why she insists on this "he nearly killed me with the heroin HE shot me up with!" Narrative.

No. 746138

File: 1578357171159.png (39.78 KB, 590x196, dankula.png)

Even Count Dankula has joined in

No. 746143

I think they were doing some kind of fucked up rape play thing and she's been hanging onto this to use against him. This is why she was so worried about "hurting him" with telling the world about this: because it was a kinky little consensual rape play thing, not an actual act of rape and she knows it.

No. 746144

If Jonny was making $120 a month, how'd he get drugs? She must have been buying, even before she started using. So she was facilitating his addiction. Yikes.

No. 746145

of course. she funded his whole life for almost 2 years. "stop supporting abusers" my ass

No. 746146

lmao. Not to wk him (he's shit) but h makes EVERYTHING taste better than it is, so obviously trash food tastes good as opposed to just barely palatable. I also used to think fat h addicts weren't a think but have since learned that most lose weight because they run out of money and prioritize drugs over food. Taylor is still being enabled and therefore never been in that position. I feel like it's probably part of why Taylor maintained her weight despite her claims of losing and despite her being ~constantly sick~ (tho I think that has more to do with her being too high more than anything).

No. 746147

Repzion is not infamous for those things. Only total fucking snowflakes connect him to anything not Onision.

No. 746153

File: 1578360152880.png (385.35 KB, 664x661, Capture123.PNG)

guess who's up and JC sperging again

No. 746154

File: 1578360279350.png (25.66 KB, 670x193, Capture123.PNG)

imagine throwing a tantrum like this bc your boyfriend won't come to bed early. how can anyone tolerate being in a relationship with her…

No. 746157

File: 1578360644457.png (18.28 KB, 650x147, Capture123.PNG)

went from
>I was raped and abused
>he didn't pay enough attention to me abloooo
real quick

also, lol at the fan response. such a tradegy, not being comforted by a man you call a rapist abuser.

No. 746158

File: 1578360737662.png (15.25 KB, 631x98, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746160

I think he’s lying. People who have protective orders against them can’t buy firearms legally.

No. 746163

He just iGNORED ME WHILE I CRIED. Well no shit Taylor if your account is to be believed you cried and threatened suicide nonstop your whole relationship. Sounds fucking exhausting to be around.

No. 746164

I think the point is he doesn’t own it legally.

No. 746165

or he purchased one illegally. do you think that's something jonny craig wouldn't do?

No. 746166

She’s talked more about JC in the past week than she did when she was dating him lol.
She’s lucky that her POS ex was already an alleged rapist because that’s the only reason her bs manipulation tactics are working in her favor. I also appreciate his exes (besides Chelsea) not saying anything supportive so it doesn’t further validate her. It’s really disgusting how she has turned this entire thing into a circus.

Imagine turning your entire twitter timeline into talking about the loser druggie who raped you and left you with PTSD from the abuse. She’s a fucking joke and I wish people would stop giving her the benefit of the doubt already. Abuse victims don’t obsessively talk about their abusers like this and they don’t stay up for 50+ hours straight doing so either. She’s a fucking mess and an embarrassment to women.

No. 746170

File: 1578361980411.jpeg (363.61 KB, 2048x2048, 6E588A7D-52EC-4EA8-AFA5-E0E891…)

Tinfoil but.. proof that Mama Dean posts here? Who says "protective order" and not "restraining order"? Could be my naivety as a dumb American, if so, sorry to derail.

Not unlikely tho.

No. 746171

File: 1578362010344.png (30.36 KB, 594x316, 5444354.PNG)

of course she was going to take this out of context and make it seem like jonny threatened HER directly with the gun comment.

No. 746173


A lot of cows and their ilk post here (lolcow), it's not uncommon. It's suspected by quite a few anons here that both Jenn and Taylor post here, or used to. They're too narcissistic NOT to, tbh.

Is his name Albert Einstein, did everyone stand up and clap? I really wish she'd stop bringing her brother up in this crap, it's just more "look at my special needs brother, look at how nice I am letting that freak appear in my stories, I'm so woke and loving." It's so gross, it's like when parents lie about their kids doing/saying these incredible things.

No. 746177

File: 1578362874225.png (400.6 KB, 671x847, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746178

It’s crazy how much she stalks him now. She needs to seriously just move on

No. 746179

File: 1578362958471.png (58.12 KB, 662x492, Capture123.PNG)

>either way

No. 746181

We lawsperged about this earlier. It's called an Order of Protection, or protection order. You don't get what people think about as a "restraining order" until you go to court and prove the need for one. But common talk is all the same "restraining order".

Having an OOP doesn't mean you can't have firearms UNLESS that was a condition of the OOP, and that requires specific circumstances in the filing.

This evidence is enough for JC to be able to overturn any OOP banning him from carrying. Dumb hotdog.

No. 746186

File: 1578364023628.png (18.43 KB, 655x128, Capture123.PNG)

ok what the actual fuck

No. 746188

Wait, what did she call the cops for? Isn't this just wasting police time to be petty?

No. 746190

She is unhinged. Someone get this girl back into inpatient care.

No. 746191

Is she really implying she had him swatted?

No. 746192

File: 1578364340522.png (41.49 KB, 722x281, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746193


She NEVER would have gone this much out of her way to ruin his life if Syd wasn’t pregnant. She would have made the most softball video and still been in contact with him. But since things didn’t go how she wanted, she’s off the deep end. So desperate for some kind of control, she’s just as controlling and manipulative as she says Jonny is.

No. 746194

im guessing she called the cops on him saying he has a gun when he's not legally allowed to.

No. 746195

File: 1578364486991.png (78.07 KB, 720x577, Capture123.PNG)

is she full of shit? did she actually lose her mind?

No. 746196

Wow she just literally swatted him!! Isn’t that illegal? Also someone died due to being swatted for no reason and now they’re in jail. Quit being so fucking stupid, Taylor!

No. 746197

How does she know exactly when the cops arrived?

No. 746198

File: 1578364622570.jpeg (349.61 KB, 1242x714, 2E4F2C43-ABC6-49BB-8E73-7556A8…)

You mean like what you did to Chelsea? Called her a liar and said the texts were fake? And, by her logic, isn’t she putting Syd ‘in danger’ like the other exes supposedly did to her? She’s insane

No. 746199

MY bOyFrIeND DiDnT ShOw Me AttEntion!!! Waahh so much abuse!!

She’s reaching the threshold where she’s becoming a stalker obsessive ex. Wouldn’t be surprised if he files for a restraining order with all these obsessive tweets she makes

No. 746200

File: 1578364701835.png (58.91 KB, 724x451, Capture123.PNG)

I checked out the stream's end as well and there's no indication of any cops arriving

No. 746202

I don’t understand how she knows the EXACT moment the cops got there?

No. 746203

File: 1578364821660.png (339.93 KB, 719x842, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746204

Her obsession is just giving him more views and followers lol. Also, didn’t Taylor get a gun from Jake and even posed it online all proudly???

No. 746205

WOW so she indeed swatted him! Just wow.

No. 746206

This is a whole new level of psycho. I really thought she could not possibly get crazier, and yet here we are. There's no way she's not on some kind of drug binge …

No. 746207

She was very obviously watching the stream herself. She is honestly completely out of line with doing this, it's amazing watching her publicly act like a full blown psycho stalker. Even more embarrassing that she has a good size following. Seriously Johnny sucks but she needs to leave these people the fuck alone what is wrong with this bitch.

No. 746210

wtf. they're all shit people but I hope no one gets hurt. fuck taylor if anything happens.

No. 746211

File: 1578365330089.png (14.92 KB, 598x114, twsgkjg.PNG)

how many times has she already said "well cops are there :)!!!!"
she has to be in a manic state either caused by drugs or something else. she's not right in the head.

No. 746212

Is it legal in the state of Texas to record someone on the phone without their consent? Doesn’t sound like this Syd chick would agree to Taylor recording her.
Anon, she’s TND and the world revolves around the ~*extra speshul heroin qweennnn*~

I guess since she couldn’t get him in trouble for abuse and rape, she opted with being a victim of gun violence. She’s a fucking retard. JC is a NEVER ENDING CYCLE. There’s always going to be a dim wit like you that defends and supports him. Even when Syd and him breakup, there will be another dumb girl waiting in line. And who knows, it just might be you taking cuts in line Taylor. This cycle won’t end until JC is dead.

No. 746214

Taylor, did you know that this can get you in jail and you’re not a minor??

No. 746215

Pretty sure she means she recorded the screen of texts so Syd can’t say the texts were edited like Taylor accused Chelsea of

No. 746216

File: 1578365450742.png (28.55 KB, 724x183, Capture123.PNG)

>cops are there
>muh legal stuff
wtf is she on

No. 746217

I honestly feel like she's living off and enjoying all this drama with him, especially since she's live tweeting her swatting him. Like why would she even say anything?

No. 746218

i was wondering about where he was living. JC said, when asked about his Dad speaking to taylor on text something along the lines of , "I asked my dad, he's right downstairs." on that tea account that was posting bits of his streams.

No. 746219

File: 1578366009931.jpeg (238.01 KB, 739x1134, AAD43BC0-0683-427C-888C-8D6980…)

I love when she acts like she’s fine mid meltdown

No. 746220

idk why i find it super weird that she took pictures of her track marks all the time. like why would anyone do that?

No. 746221

Because she's proud of them.
She's fucking proud of being a disgusting piece of used plastic trash.
Isnt it about time for an AC visit to her mommy's spare bedroom?

No. 746222

shes batshit. are the dumb twitter stans pointing out that shes probably relapsed? or is this all just normal behavior to them?

who stays up for 50 hours going off about an ex? who acts this attached and vindictive? its been MONTHS since theyve probably even seen each other irl

and she called the cops??? what?

people who are manipulative/abusive know to take pictures/logs of everything thats transpired during a relationship, a slight tinfoil, but im assuming she understood the relationship was never going to be healthy.
im sure she took pictures like that semi-aware that they'd only look bad on him in the case that they ever broke up, just to say shit "look heres the difference between month 1 and 4!!! he made me worse!!" or fit it to whatever other liar scenario she has

No. 746223

>found ur address, cops r there
>btw cops are there
>did i mention cops are there? its bc i called them and told them he has a gun
>im not gonna disclose details bc legal things but
>the cops are T H E R E and heres why

Congrats on Worst Cow of 2019, Tay.

No. 746224

I’m sorry - where does Jonny’s dad live? Where tf is he living that the cops are able to respond in 2 fucking minutes? That alone proves its a complete lie imo.

No. 746226

Because she has to prove she was a JuNKie QwEEennN to all her 13 year old sycophants. We all know how brain dead they are lol.

No. 746227

File: 1578366560181.png (67.86 KB, 723x509, Capture123.PNG)

why, it's all jonny's fault, of course! pic related

she's deranged, I love it.

No. 746229

That reply makes absolutely no fucking sense.

No. 746230

she sure seems very scared and cautious about pissing off her dangerous rapist gun-wielding ex by blasting all over Twitter she swatted him and his pregnant girlfriend.

No. 746231

If I remember correctly his dad lives in New York. Watertown maybe?

No. 746232

I swear she's either having some kind of psychotic break or she's high as a kite

No. 746233

Deleted my reply because they were in LA like a week ago but I guess just visiting? >>746203

No. 746234

Whether they’re in LA or at Jonny’s dad’s in NY state there’s just absolutely no way the cops got there “in two minutes” per her exact words. I live in a podunk midwestern town and the cops here don’t even make it somewhere in 2 minutes like come on her lies are so bad.

No. 746235

File: 1578366991149.png (30.67 KB, 718x210, Capture123.PNG)

she keeps saying the same things over and over and over again. has she ever acted so manic before. genuinely a bit disturbing

No. 746238

Don't hate on her too much anon. Mommy and daddy didn't give her enough love as child kek.

This is all about not getting cuddles and attention, It has nothing to do with public safety. She feels betrayed by jonny, even though she fucked him over first.

He didn't betray your love Taylor, he was a jackass from the start. You were dumb enough to get fooled into fucking a molester.

She needs to stop lying to herself and move on.

No. 746239

JC just posted an IG story(this is an imageboard)

No. 746240

Go away.
Someone who understands this site, please post cap?

No. 746241

File: 1578367283544.png (2.96 MB, 1242x2208, F665BD5B-B441-4E45-88E8-3043E2…)

Jonny has a video on Instagram dancing and saying to “suck on my fucking balls” with the time listed and Syd is giggling in the background. So, yup. Cops definitely came, Taylor.

No. 746242

File: 1578367399056.jpg (741.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200106-212325_Ins…)

"Suck on my fucking balls" as he flips off the camera lol

No. 746243

File: 1578367477200.jpeg (475.41 KB, 1242x1003, 16FA8CAF-7E7C-44C2-8605-52B288…)

She just openly called her fanbase her ‘army’

No. 746244

Lmfao I literally was just about to post this. I couldn’t believe it.

No. 746246

Holy fuck she has went off the deep end. Swatting your ex… Just wow.

No. 746247

worth saying that pika never even mentioned "a million people"

also, "MY whole army" jesus christ, fucking crazy bitch.

No. 746248

File: 1578367714960.jpeg (232.68 KB, 1242x1060, 9DE73695-9D47-433E-8116-23D892…)

Taylor: called the cops on Jonny
Also Taylor:

No. 746249

File: 1578367731513.jpeg (358.78 KB, 1242x1767, 575579EB-3F3D-4455-A6E7-57C5DC…)

Yikes! That’s just soooo shitty. If only there was some way I could tell my “army” not to blindly attack you. Hm. Oh well!

No. 746250

File: 1578367788499.png (28.67 KB, 726x200, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746251

She’s really bitching about dealing with the cops when she was the one who chose to call the cops. Unbelievable

No. 746252

Sleeping until 7:00pm but her animals definitely aren’t suffering because there is no schedule to their lives nope definitely not!

No. 746253

File: 1578367890633.jpeg (357.26 KB, 1242x1272, 4AD3EE67-CBAB-4CB0-80CC-4BC88D…)


No. 746254

So she just made up a story about her "abusive" ex on Twitter about him being swatted… And it didn't happen. This boob needs to be committed stat.

No. 746255

LOL, says the chick who is currently slumming in her childhood bedroom while her mom picks up all of her shit and drives her everywhere. She has reached a whole new level of psycho and delusional.

No. 746256

No one "let" you talk about your ex, you publicly posted all of your personal drama for validation.

No. 746257

Wow. Taylor. My hats off to you. I think you can’t get more perversely psycho and you prove me wrong EVERY dang time.

No. 746258

Kek fr. “HE SLEEPS ON HIS DAD’S COUCH!” Bitch, you’ve lived in your childhood bedroom for 6 months not showering smelling like cat piss with your hoard of animals eating 15 orders of fries in your bed. You can barely get yourself presentable to film a video once a month - you really trying to talk down on someone’s life choices right now? Okay

No. 746259

What drugs is this bird on right now? Is she thinking people will believe that the cops in another state are on the phone with her giving her a play-by-play of them coming to JC's door?
It's not like they even had a search warrant anyway. Jonny's not the smartest out there, but he's probably smart enough to deny entry of police into his house without a warrant

No. 746260

File: 1578368309890.jpeg (367.89 KB, 1242x892, D756F22C-C0D1-41CE-93C3-D3D0B0…)

Why is she bringing it up if she’s ‘not complaining’?

No. 746262

File: 1578368361005.jpeg (488.26 KB, 1242x1714, 30692E9A-2F56-455F-BA8F-2DA29E…)

I’m the VICTIM!!!!

No. 746264

This is incoherent babble. She is definitely on something.

No. 746265


>"I just read that my fan base is all annoying which they really aren't."

No Taylor, they are annoying.

No. 746266

File: 1578368676450.jpeg (346.81 KB, 1242x1607, 2346FBF1-A76B-40FB-9172-8B7D21…)

No. 746268

The video and Twitter rants have not created the outage she expected. She is upping the game. When this doesn't work what then Taylor. You going to kill the dude?

No. 746271


He's not a fan because she's batshit crazy.

No. 746272

File: 1578368926504.png (420.34 KB, 748x708, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746273

File: 1578369000282.png (19.6 KB, 745x150, Capture123.PNG)

guess we know where taylor learned to be a petty bitch from

No. 746275

Nothing but mental illness in the Dean family.

No. 746276

god forbid someone try to be nice to her daughter for the sake of helping with Jonny. There was 0 reason for her to unblock and inject herself in the first place.

No. 746277

This woman is fucking insane being this involved in her adult daughters life.

No. 746278

Damn who is saltier over this fucking baby Trailer Dean or her mom? Bunch of psychos.

No. 746280


She was probs jacking off at the thought of the cops busting down the door and shooting syd right through the stomach

She is an absolute danger to society right now and needs to be contained. Her mom should be institutionalising her

Taylor also illegally "owned" a gun before "giving it back" due to fan disapproval. she didn't just casually mention it in text, she was full on stuntin in multiple photos using really awful trigger discipline and vague threats about being warmed. She has no room to talk

No. 746281


Her psycho mother is encouraging it, she's trying to harass Sydney and start shit now herself. "Who gets a sono at 7 weeks" uh, a lot of parents do, bitch, especially those who have medical conditions or whose families have past issues with pregnancies.

They're both fucking insane. What Taylor is doing is considered harassment in the eyes of the law, and a case for stalking could be made. She and Jonny both need to be locked the fuck up.

No. 746282

I’m sure Taylor ran to Mama Dean’s room to let her know she got the #TwitchBanJonnyCraig trending on twitter like a child that needs attention and coddles.

No. 746283


Taylor's been threatening "imma be quiet now" and "i'm done lol" and "for real this is the last thing I have to say" since she heard about this pregnancy. This bitch stayed up for blocks of 50 hours at a time sperging hard about this, she's not suddenly going to change into a person who is able to stay quiet

She left her putrid room to go stand in the corner of a dark club and just sit on her phone the entire time to stalk JC and sperg.

She won't stop until she exacts her revenge. Seems like she will plot to kill one of them since her other tactics of ruining their lives didn't work

oh wait, she literally just did that by swatting him

also, in b4 taylor follows up her "I'm done talking about it" with 900 more tweets and 12 more videos

No. 746286

Imagine some 60 year old senior worrying bout some fetus of some 20 something which she has no relation to. Creepy.

No. 746287


i'm convinced she's in her little underage group chat trying to vaguely hint to her obsessed child "Army" that one of them should kill jonny &/or syd.

No. 746288

File: 1578370581251.png (89.78 KB, 749x743, Capture123.PNG)

No. 746290


Jen, why are you sitting around worrying about this, you dumb boomer! YES, people get sonograms at 7/8 weeks, would you like to see mine? Go take care of your big-headed psycho brat of a daughter before she ends up in jail by taking this campaign of butthurt to a level that she can't take back

It's creepy and weird for this fat boomer to be sitting around thinking about her daughter's ex-boyfriends new girlfriend like this…. she has 2 mentally handicap children and a hoard of animals to take care of

No. 746292


>"I know my worth!"

>continues posting pictures of herself twisting up her body to appear to have curves wearin nothin but her nasty panties for the entire internet to gawk at

No. 746296


If she didn’t cheat or try to get revenge, why does she need to preface with him talking to another girl first? Also lol @ how many people have cheated with their “good friends” in the history of relationships.

No. 746297

First thing they teach you in therapy: nobody can "make you" feel anything. You feel how you do. You act how you do. Youre responsible for your own feeling and especially your own reactions.
Ya stupid piece of backwashed smegma.

No. 746302

Many people dumb bitch

No. 746306

Ppl that are pregnant????? Who cares when she gets them, god forbid she want to have a keepsake from the first time she saw her baby??

No. 746307

Taylor really is a horrible human being. I didn't think she could sink lower but she keeps proving me wrong. Doing all this right after finding out Jonny's girlfriend is pregnant. Allowing her mother to get involved when she has no place to. Taylor is totally obsessed with his life now and is acting like a psycho stalker. Woman needs to get off twitter and go get some fucking therapy.

No. 746308

2020 is unbelievable. I never expected any of this. I thought Taylor was going to get better, but she is ducking crazy. She swatted him, that is so dangerous and stupid. I hope she stops obsessing over Jonny and is new pregnant prettier girlfriend. She is such a jealous person and her mom just leading Taylor on. I feel like Taylor is her own mothers twin. They are basically the same person when comes to petty and entitlement.

Thank you Taylor for all the milk. I hope you grow the fuck up someday for your own sake

No. 746309

she is literally harassing him and his pregnant girlfriend. they need to get the cops involved and get a restraining order at this point. I don’t even like Jonny but this is all fucking insane

No. 746312

When Taylor isn't crying? Kek
I would probably ignored her to if she only moped around the house complaining and getting high, even Jonny at that point was doing something (Stream) while Taylor could make a video for her life.

No. 746315

File: 1578373891682.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x2097, 4E21C32A-C2EA-40BF-8BD8-A5A9F5…)

Jonny posted on his story a series of videos following the “suck my fucking balls” video a precious anon mention (sorry, I can’t mirror the video)
And says “in real time, I just want to let you know we are packing”
I assume as a mention to Taylor for her insinuating that she called the police.

No. 746317

she really played herself hyping it up and announcing it like that huh

No. 746319

He's gonna serve her with a restraining order and i promise you, she's gonna act like she's so above it all that she never talks about him again, but really it'll be because she fucking cant.
And that my dudes will destroy her. The fucky think about her is she cant stop lying. She just loves it too much. Even if her stories put her in a worst place, she loves lying too much to stop.

No. 746322

She's really gone off the deep end here.
She's been acting manic for days now. Even when she went clubbing and had those totally true lesbian stories and people touching her because she's like Malena in real life, she kept tweeting about him.

Like she really is escalating to the point where she could actually represent a danger to people.

I think the reason he's packing is not because the cops came to his house but because she knows his exact location and I guess he's finally met his match. He's a dumbfuck for using her Uber account but at the same time it proves she's keeping tabs on him and also has others tracking his every move.

He's a piece of shit and Syd doesn't seem that well adjusted either but holy shit this whole thing over a hep c ridden dick.

No. 746323

File: 1578374896953.jpeg (92.34 KB, 1124x648, 681B6F14-0C08-449B-9A91-74B277…)

I guess Jonny’s new song is up.

No. 746324

He’s packing because him and Syd are headed to LA tomorrow, according to his stream. Has nothing to do with Taylor calling the cops

No. 746326

Man this bitch is batshit, its not even funny anymore

No. 746327

I don’t like Jonny but this song is pretty good

No. 746328

Jonny is live on twitch, playing his new song on spotify. Mentions he has more to say about TND but it's going to have to wait (more songs to be released). He admits that he didn't watch her entire youtube video. Says she's a liar and doesn't understand what she's so angry about.

No. 746333

All I hear are his words slurring from his stupid teeth

No. 746334

Taylor admitting so proudly she stalks Jonny is terrifying, I can totally see her arriving to Syd’s place and hurt her or the baby.

This is funny anymore, this is a new level or batshit crazy.

No. 746335

She also admitted she recorded her conversation with syd. So she’s actively stalking and recording her ex and his pregnant gf. This is the kind of stuff people get restraining orders for. Bitch has gone off the deep end.

No. 746336

Yup. I listened to it three times and there are still a few bits I can’t understand. Overall sounds good and I dig the beat but I can’t understand the guy with his mumbling

No. 746338

all of this. I’ve said the same thing too

No. 746340

Not to WK, but she said she recorded the conversation so Syd couldn’t claim they were edited aka she recorded proof of texts, not an actual phone call.

No. 746342

Who claims they haven’t spoken to Tnd? Who is she pikachu is talking about ?

No. 746344

She’s trying to get them to break up. Doesn’t get what she wants, wants to ruin him and have her leave him while at it. This bitch is cray

No. 746345

Sydney claiming she never spoke to TND

No. 746346

Has Jonny mentioned the cops at all on stream?

No. 746348

You’re right Taylor. Your could care less.
it’s, “I couldn’t care less” you idiot

No. 746350

From what I watched on the stream, no.

No. 746351

Sounds like he doesn't even know what she said lol

No. 746352

I don’t think she’d take it that far but I do believe she’s doing al let his to also stress syd out and she miscarries.
As for the mom, didn’t the mom want them to break up? Why is she tweeting about a girl she doesn’t know about?
They’re all crazy.

No. 746353

In that case, I hate to fucking say it, but I'm glad her little plan didn't work out like she thought.

She was celebrating that shit so much on Twitter and kept on trying to force the narrative that his stream ended on schedule but the cops were definitely there.

All I'm seeing is someone who didn't get her way and is pulling all her cards to get back at her ex, no matter what. 90% of her sperging has been about her, with the remaining 10% being just a nod to his exes but like, if she could make it 100% all about her it'd be better.

If you don't care about him and are so tired to hear about him, why the fuck do you still allow him access to shit like Uber?

Oh for sure. She must be hoping for a miscarriage to happen, after seeing how far she's willing to go just to get revenge.

No. 746355

Wow, Taylor is losing it AND stalking her ex. She is obsessed with him. I think it’s because he’s a rockstar and she wanted that life regardless. She wanted him to chase her. But she played him with bro dick. Now she’s doing this. Highly doubt they’ll get back together now.

Hope jc gets a restraining order and spills it all!!!!

No. 746356

I love that usually it's Jonny whose the crazy ex but this time around its Taylor. She's on his level of a crazy ex.

No. 746357

File: 1578381369713.jpeg (537.65 KB, 1241x2222, 8389AAFD-A849-4AC1-8644-60A257…)

She’s back on the notepad again

No. 746358


She is so manipulative, always trying to control the narrative. I’ll give her maybe a day before she pops off again.

No. 746359

Ah yes, no platform for him if it's not with you. I'm usually the kind to believe victims, but she's far from one.

She is so manipulative and this is just a revenge fantasy to her.

It's so annoying to see how self-agrandizing she acts.

No. 746360

What a hypocrite. Remember how she was supposedly "harassed" by people calling animal control on her before she moved back into her parent's house? And now she is doing the exact same thing, doxing locations and sending law enforcement after them. Animal control might take your pets, but police could kill you. But I'm sure her internet lawyer told her this would be perfectly legal and build up her sub counts

No. 746361

Did Taylor try to pay Sydney off, offer her money for an abortion? Or to leave Jonny? Anyone else remember those texts that said “I don’t need your money!!!” To Taylor. Was that a conversation between the two of them, or someone else?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746366

tracking down someone's location through an uber app is not normal or healthy behavior. johnny seems like an absolute piece of shit but she knew that when she tried to silence his previous victims. she needs serious help and i hope she's able to get it.

No. 746367

With an apparently absent father and a mother as batshit as her, I highly doubt she'll get better. If anything she'll get worse because her platform is as toxic as her. She gets enabled both online and at home, so she's not going to get better, plain and simple.

What's scary is that she is actually starting to display behaviors outside of her internet bubble.

No. 746369

Considering the new lows Taylor has sunk to lately, this wouldn't even surprise me.

Maybe it's because I only lurk the TND threads occasionally but I'm honestly shocked that she would be THIS transparent about her jealousy. I don't know how her fanbase could possibly buy her narrative at this point, it's so obvious that all this shit about Jonny is a direct response to him knocking up another girl and not because she actually cares about keeping other women from getting hurt. His ego must be huge from having these two sad skanks fighting over him. He deserves to be fucked over for being an abusive leech, not because he hurt Taylor's feelings by getting over her faster than she got over him.

No. 746370

File: 1578385494520.jpeg (230.48 KB, 1242x2172, 541AEDC1-9707-4DA7-9130-E3DC3A…)

Where was that energy for literally any other situation? Oh right. It didn’t exist. Because nothing fucking matters to this dumb selfish cunt unless it revolves around her.
God, I really can’t stand her.

On another note, Jonny is taunting the fuck out of her.

No. 746371

maybe I'm misremembering but I got the impression Taylor offered her money to leave not as a bribe but to help her get away if lack of resources were what were keeping her from leaving Jonny.

Idk if Taylor had an ulterior motive, like that she wanted Jonny alone so he'd try to come back to her, though. Or if she'd have paraded herself as the hero if Syd had taken the money to get out, ~guys I saved the next girl from becoming me aren't I the best?!~

No. 746373

for what it's worth, JC mentioned packing on his stream so I think this is not related to taylor.

No. 746374

File: 1578387768266.png (174.13 KB, 1080x1917, Screenshot_20200107-110305.png)

No. 746376

File: 1578388352195.png (201.13 KB, 1080x1336, Screenshot_20200107-111223.png)

not that hard to spin tay as batshit crazy in this situation lol

No. 746378

God, I'm getting second hand embarrassment from her.

>Brags about sending the cops to him

>Celebrates and thinks he ended his stream because of her
>Despite getting disproven about why his stream ended, she keeps saying "that's what I got told", without realizing that, despite what she says about "not caring", she has people tracking his every move, or maybe even her.

Giving her the benefit the doubt and thinking the cops did show up at his place, nothing fucking happened and he's baiting the shit out of her now and making her look even more stupid. JC's façade of the "understanding guy who's kind to his batshit ex" is finally cracking and this is honestly gonna go even more downhill, but at least we'll get the truth about what happened with all her animals when he was with her.

No. 746381

File: 1578389987306.png (255.39 KB, 760x983, Screenshot_20200107-063947.png)

No. 746382

you know tay has this shit on repeat right now lol.

it's starting to look like elijah was the one dealing with the police, not miss too-anxious-to-call-a-doctors-office. wonder if he's the friend checking JC's streams too? what a vindictive little duo.

No. 746383


How exactly does he know all of that? I doubt the police would fill him in on what happened with such detail. Also, did he seriously call 911 about an illegal gun that isn't even confirmed to exist?

No. 746385

File: 1578391061696.jpeg (519.58 KB, 1242x1357, 12BEB36E-35A7-47D2-A3A2-DFBFF3…)

Taylor’s comment & others below Elijahs tweet. >>746381

No. 746386

This Elijah person is trying to get into those Calvin Klein panties so hard. He is ready to go beyond insane, high on breeding hormones. Every girl must think it's hot to threaten people with violence, right?

No. 746387

File: 1578391215687.jpeg (574.49 KB, 1242x2303, 6F30DB61-C946-42E7-A7E3-6E2216…)

was jc in dgd for this album? Kinda funny she’s posting screenshots of his ex band

No. 746388

Because what Taylor describes is not an overdose. People that od forget to breathe and are unconscious. It can happen pretty quickly after shooting too. Not consciously puking in a hot tub. That’s what happens when you take more than your tolerance level but not enough to kill you.

No. 746389

nta but Elijah is gay. he's not trying to fuck her, although I'm sure she tells herself he would make an exception for her alone. she's too much of a narcissist

No. 746390

jc said he is just inserting himself bc he wants attention for his new song. makes sense.

No. 746392


Nope, he was not.

No. 746393

he deleted it.

No. 746394

File: 1578396134780.png (94.81 KB, 602x769, Capture1.PNG)

No. 746395

File: 1578397844646.jpg (302.56 KB, 1531x543, Screenshot_20200107-124829.jpg)

She was so devoted to him when she was just gEtTiNg dIcK and still calling Jonny kek.

What a great idea to involve your disabled little brother in this while he still has nightmares about your whole junkie period.

No. 746396

Yes, I know it’s an image board or whatever, but I don’t know how to post an audio clip from Jonny’s latest stream. (59 minutes in)

“Oh she get her stupid lips done again? … She gets the injection thing….So ugly….Idk why people do that.” -Jonny

That’s right Tay, the dude you’re obsessed with thinks your swollen, duck face lips are ugly too. Better go cut them off.

No. 746398

File: 1578398781683.png (212.91 KB, 1080x1290, Screenshot_20200107-140639.png)

No. 746399

File: 1578398860293.jpeg (136.29 KB, 574x1024, tnd1.jpeg)

eh Jonny used to boost hr up for bing hot for getting them done like balloons, so…


No. 746402

File: 1578399112280.jpeg (167.61 KB, 908x1023, tnd2.jpeg)

No. 746403

File: 1578399240590.jpeg (135.52 KB, 742x1024, tnd3.jpeg)

No. 746407

hilarious how she has to keep insisting “i’m not watching his streams!!!” right, you’re obsessed enough to tweet about him and what he’s doing 24/7 but not enough to watch his streams. right.

No. 746408

File: 1578402875093.png (20.31 KB, 600x149, Capture1.PNG)

might be bc you're getting high of the attention, taylor

No. 746409

but wasn't she with her totes bro friend in bed when they were seemingly still together?

No. 746410

oh my god, underrated post. couldn’t have said it better anon

No. 746411

why should she retweet that?

No. 746412

File: 1578403940346.jpg (390.23 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200107-132953_Ins…)

So she claims one of the main reasons why she's being so vocal about Jonny is to warn other women about him so they dont become his victims, but then why doesnt she speak more about the people who abused her when she was 13 and 15 for the same reason?

No. 746416

Taylor you've fallen so far that your junkie abusing ex-boyfriend has more credibility than you. You are incapable of telling the truth.

No. 746419

File: 1578407611249.png (102.57 KB, 601x873, Capture1.PNG)

No. 746420

File: 1578407686622.png (68.78 KB, 603x622, Capture1.PNG)

No. 746422

why the fuck would taylor's mother jump on the jonny doesn't love syd train? do you want your daughter to end up with this shithead again? smdh at these people.

No. 746426

lets hope jc reports it

No. 746429

Honestly her obsession is almost making him look like the victim. We all now how disgusting of a human he is, but to his fans or people unaware he looks sane and she looks insane.

No. 746430

obviously it's her keeping track. all his shit is public.

No. 746431

If you fall in love with a rapist, scam artist, drug addict, abuser, with a long history of victims; Your probably a shit person and deserve what you get.

I don't know why she acts surprised he turned out to be shit. Everyone tried to help her from the beginning, even fucking anons here were rooting for her. The fact is she ignored his past because of fame and clout. She wanted the "prestige" of dating jonny craig. How'd that work out for you? Jonny didn't ruin her life, she did.

These entitled girls are such babies.

No. 746434

So basically she tipped toed around how she “explained” things? Lmao this girl is so dumb.
This is the way I read this first snippet:
>> I didn’t want to insinuate anything because this is how I lie and manipulate everyone around me (see: I’m sober from HEROIN)
>> I wanted people to validate my “abuse and rape” so they all could kiss my ass and I could gas light everyone around me into thinking I’ve endured the worst of the worst abuse ever.
>> I want people on the internet to tell me “it was bad” because I don’t have an actual therapist who can help me professionally through my trauma, not that I’d be interested in that anyways because I’m here on the internet looking for validation for being a vindictive manipulating narc cunt with a heroin addiction, a zoo that I could care less about, nonexistent hygiene and eating all the gluten because celiac doesn’t fit the persona I’m trying to portray right now. I’ve also been up for 50 hours talking about Jonny Craig nonstop, stalking all his social media and then having the police called on him because I need to get him away from Syd and into my arms. Blahbenduxe jammsnznnamamk SJSU wksmamkabbf
DOES ALL THIS MAKE SENSE? NO, how dare you invalidate my experience as a survivor of abuse!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy Dean they’re BULLYING me on the internet. Can you talk shit about Jonny’s pregnant girlfriend for me!

No. 746437


Because facing ACTUAL trauma caused by abuse is not fun in the slightest, unlike this fucking vendetta high she's getting from having the entire internet shit on her ex boyfriend.

I'm sure hearing 'Jonny is a bad man!!' really helps her get through the whole experience of whatever we're to believe happened.. but has she ever thought about, I don't know, going to THERAPY??

Oh wait, I forgot, that takes effort and stuff. Ugh.

No. 746438

God this is all such a mess. Two people with barely any credibility lying back and forth. How wild.
In my opinion she is still making his ex's look like a joke because she is furthering his narrative that all of his exes are crazy. Now he for real has a crazy ex and he can be right in calling her that and it's all her fault.
He literally has proof that she called the cops on him. When he said he has a gun I didn't even believe he did. She called the cops on him just because of something he said in a gamer stream. What a joke.

No. 746439

"Everyone tried to help her from the beginning, even fucking anons here were rooting for her. The fact is she ignored his past because of fame and clout. She wanted the "prestige" of dating jonny craig."
she wanted that lifestyle.
she wanted the experience.

No. 746440

Jonny's obviously done this before.

>"see my ex is crazy, i'm just a scared little boy uwu

Rinse and repeat, there's no shortage of idiots willing to date a "rockstar"

He'll say anything to make people spread their legs and feed him. He's a parasite and it's obvious to everyone except dumbasses like Taylor and Syd.

Her ego can't accept she was fooled by jonny, so she's lashing out to attack him. Jonny took her for everything that she was worth. She's just mad she can't do anything about it so she's grasping at straws.

Cockroaches like jonny have too much experience manipulating people to ever answer for their crimes. Best she just forgives herself for dating him and moves on.

No. 746442

Ten points for accuracy. But also what the fuck is her late middle aged karen of a mother doing fanning the flames and agreeing with her daughter's "poor rejected me" attitude? Her mom should be rejoicing that she for sure doesnt have to worry about jonny snaking back anytime soon. Instead she's actually being her usual cunty viper self, insulting a young pregnant woman in favor of her own cunty viper daughter.
Whoever said she has two mentally ill children and a zoo she should be focused on was right.

No. 746443

shes fucking retarded (more than before)

No. 746444

i FUCKING hate how she says lmfao in every sentence, talking about very traumatizing subjects I’d think, no? shes just so insensitive because everything she says is a fucking lie

No. 746445

Good interpretation, kek! Attention is her new heroin, but of course she'll never realize that because zero self-awareness. "I feel free" – of course you do, ya vampire.

No. 746447

this. i love how she tweets @chelsea as though they were on the same 'team' or some bullshit, like, you were abusive to these women also taylor, and swanning around thirsting for jonny to the point of obsessively watching his streams just to catch a glimpse of him and to see if he talks about you is frankly fucking scary. if i were any of these people i would keep her name out of my mouth because if she's willing to insinuate that she's had someone swatted she's willing to do it for real. everyone needs to sit back and watch her hang herself with her own rope.

No. 746448

Jonny's exes know Taylor is doing this shit to get Syd physically hurt because she is jealous. She's a fucking psycho.

No. 746449

Her constant lols and overuse of ????? give me mild aneurisms.
"Lmfao that's like the time I got raped????"

No. 746450

yea it's just classic passive aggressive, narc, manipulation shit. She's trying to project that she doesn't care by adding LMFAO or LOL or hahahaha.

The reality is she's a scared little girl hiding behind a screen posturing. She's trying too hard and it shows. Jonny made her his bitch but now she's terrified she's alone.

No. 746451

You forgot the "I- …"

No. 746452

does anyone know what the DREAM lyrics ended up being?

No. 746453

File: 1578416023330.png (35.75 KB, 410x455, Capture1.PNG)

it's just loads of bullshit about how he was willing to be her scapegoat

No. 746456

her calling tweens 'angel' and 'love' is so weird, does she want to sound like her fat karen mother? maybe it's all part of the grooming. it is interesting that no one calls her out for saying her fans are an 'army', pretty creepy


No. 746460

So basically
if you wanna get high, you can blame me
Your mama hates me
I never asked for much, just wanted to sing
Moving on now byeeeeee"
If that aint the song of every narcy drug addict i dont know what is.

No. 746465

Wait so now they were having sex all the time???

No. 746467

Well his new video and song suck in case anyone was wondering. It’s just a lyric video, basically a longer version of what he already posted on IG (with spelling errors corrected)

No. 746469

If he was okay with being an scapegoat why is so upset about the shit Taylor is doing if he knew she was planning on doing it?

No. 746471

To be honest I don't think he's upset at all. He's loving the fact she's gone off the deep end.

No. 746473

Dude is just like Taylor he's upset, tbh I wouldn't be surprised if he was reading what was said here in this thread and taking advice, shit even if he's some of the anons's here.
When has jonny NOT been bothered by an ex? I think he knows that if he says too much Taylor's going to keep going and going and going.
He's not fooling anyone , besides the few, "he's living his best life rn and Taylor's freaking out!!" anons. He's a miserable, liar just like Taylor.
I believe 10% of what both say at this point.

No. 746474

Lol, Jonny is at rock hard bottom.
No band, resorting to filming features in people bedrooms, his fancy teeth are fucked up, his girlfriend is pregnant and neither of them seem to have a real job. He's a heroin addict with seemingly no ability to get drugs or comprehensive rehab. Twitch isn't going to go anywhere, he has neither comedic or gaming talent. He's back at home facing two realities: he either gets a job that requires no skill/thought, or he claws his way back to relevance in order to get a job with his voice. Taylor is the least of his problems, I mean. he's a big reason Warped Tour isn't a thing anymore. She's a mild nuisance in an already fucked up like of a guy who already ruined himself ever so thoroughly and had to learn front and flip off the haters while dancing in $200 shoes.
This is just another thing happening to him and he'll just wait for it to blow over. Alls Taylor did was make herself look silly. I highly doubt he's all that upset.

No. 746475

idk if he's living his best life, but he's cashing in talking about taylor every 20 minutes on his stream. seriously, he brings her up in such regular intervals, saying only a little bit each time, totally nonchalantly. he knows what he's doing, he loves the attention and possibly makes money from it as well.

No. 746478

I haven't been on this thread as often as normal but people kept saying he didn't talk about her, and i was like, What? They both are obessed with each other.
Taylor is just the louder one. A SMART person would drop the video and move on. Jonny's already had women say a similar things, all this lip service is unnecessary but the dumb bitch cannot win for the life of her.
She's in the better postition then Jonny & Syd, she could be doing SO much better but nope, bitch is obessed with twitter, jonny and Syd.
She needs a fucking PR agent and REAL therapy.

No. 746480

The song is good. Its catchy. I hope he just does an interview and let it all out. I hope he sues the fuck out of Taylor.(whiteknighting and offtopic)

No. 746481

He said on stream that some big podcast wanted him on and that he was considering doing it

No. 746482


Did he say the name? I'm seriously trying to think what "Big" podcast would want to talk to Jonny besides that chris hansen one, Kek. It'd be milky but I don't believe him or taylor, so it'd just be lies and laughs to me.

No. 746483

File: 1578424201650.png (589.83 KB, 970x546, 1D0D0EF9-2DF1-40C7-89A0-30B12F…)

>The song is good.

No. 746484

File: 1578424274943.jpg (577.73 KB, 1080x954, 20200107_141027.jpg)

Someone needs to tell her this

No. 746486

it honestly surprises me that the only thing about him that isn't trash is his voice

did he visit ursula and do some reverse ariel

No. 746487

this isn’t milk, sage your shit and stop wk jonny

No. 746488

Jonny's voice is nothing special and his phrasing and pronunciation take away whatever charm he might conceivably have lol

That fucking mealy-mouthed lisp, jesus. And the song is typical Jonny Craig, puerile and generic as fuck. Get on out of here with the white knighting.

No. 746489

she literally told everyone his password. i remember when pika was streaming the video, because of that password someone was able to log into his twitter and idk what else.

No. 746490

It's probably Jonny trying to shill his music here. We were talking about rather he cared or not and suddenly someone comes posting his music, even if it's been discussed already.

No. 746493

Nojumper is the postcast adam22

No. 746494

He did not say the name.

No. 746495

File: 1578425735109.jpg (258.45 KB, 1534x562, Screenshot_20200107-203538.jpg)

She's a delusional walrus

No. 746496

The singing is fine but the instrumentation is extremely mediocre. Nothing new here that's for sure. Jonny really shined when he had actually musicians backing him up, but this is sloppy. This is sound-cloud, low budget, basement wannabe shit.

People give a lot of credit to the singers but without good band-mates they just end up working at Starbucks.

Jonny fucked his career, there's very little money to be made outside touring these days. He's gonna bail on syd the minute expenses start coming up.

No. 746497

and drunk, from the looks of it.

No. 746498

Yup. He also got a partnership on twitch after the hashtag lol.
Taylor is so stupid and I’m low key hoping jc exposes her and she finally gets her reality check.

His exes are probably rolling their eyes each time she posts. That one that got paid off is probably wishing she wouldn’t have accepted now because she totally would be chiming in by now

No. 746499

No shes just stupid

No. 746500

Yup. He should take advantage now if he wants the exposure because so far both songs are good. (Kanye shrugs)(offtopic)

No. 746501

it sounds like he's singing through loose dentures. it's really unattractive in both his singing and high pitched nasal speaking voice

No. 746502

whats up with all these unsaged Jonny posts? Please sage.

No. 746504

He must be regretting getting kicked out and wishing to be back with Slaves.

No. 746506

He literally got kicked out of slaves to go home and shoot up Taylor

No. 746507

really? his password was still “ilovetaylor” or whatever?

No. 746508

Jfc what the actual fuck twitch

Accused of multiple abuses? SIGN HIM

No. 746509

Actually, he should hang himself(a-log)

No. 746510


ok, edge lord.

No. 746511

bitch that was only like five days ago and also because you haven't put your phone down long enough to have any thoughts besides "i should be more petty"

No. 746532

A lot of sperging from the same person.

No. 746540

I'm >>746502
I didn't write any of those posts if that's what you are accusing me of.

No. 746546

Where was this mentioned? I’d love to see him on No Jumper

No. 746547

He's not partnered yet, he just completed the requirements to become partnered. Its the same requirements for everyone (hours streamed, concurrent viewers, followers, etc.)
He still has to apply to become one now that those are met.

No. 746548


the white demon bitch admitted several times he didn't shoot her up, but go off

No. 746551

File: 1578436340667.png (443.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2020-01-07-16-21-01…)

longtime lurker/first time posting.
it bothers me that people are identifying with her video/crusade against jc, being that we know she a batshit crazy liar. people are actually reaching out because of drug related issues in their own real lives or saying theyre outing their abusers too… seems to trivialize actual victims and encourage people to spew out "their story" no matter the cost… while she hides behind her phone orchestrating it all. all so she can feel better about herself while others have REAL problems.

No. 746552

Where? She wasn't shot up against her will hit that doesn't mean he never did it for her.

She had to leave the Disneyworld trip with her mom because she couldn't shoot herself up.

No. 746558

File: 1578438113653.jpeg (710.41 KB, 1242x2132, 2BC04C6E-B823-42BF-AD00-459651…)

I love the intellect coming from Taylor fans.
Really bright, and intelligent.
On another note, it’s looking like this Taylor mess has really only boosted Jonny’s career.
He has hit 1MIL streams on “Block out the Noise” and 10K streams on D.R.E.A.M. in an hour.
In addition to this, even if all of her fans or people that dislike him are rage tweeting at him in anger, it’s only boosting him on the algorithms because it doesn’t recognize that it’s negativity. It’s just viewed as engagement.

Great moves Taylor, keep it up!

No. 746561

love how in JC latest IG story post Syd physically moves away from JC every time he tries to touch her

No. 746562

You're really reaching on that one.

Our drama queen is being ~too~ quiet. Has she crashed? It's been a whole 8 hours since the last sperg.

No. 746563

musta run out of whatever speed she's been on for the last 3 days.

No. 746564

Nah, I'm not. Watch it before you say dumb shit. JC reaches over to touch Syd in their VeRy expensive uber black suv once they land in LA and syd physically recoils from JC. Don't know how that's a reach. Unless you didn't watch it.

No. 746565

the sperging is scheduled to start at 8pm when the qween wakes up.

No. 746566

File: 1578439996079.jpg (770.15 KB, 1080x2050, 20200107_183321.jpg)

(offtopic, not milk)

No. 746569

if we're posting pictures from Syd's Instagram that are about Jonny and don't mention Taylor at all I think their names should be added to the thread name

No. 746570

i wonder if he charged the uber to taylor’s account, hahah.

No. 746571

body language says otherwise bbygirl

No. 746574

or taylor-loving anons could not post them since there isn't any milk at all

No. 746575

I don’t buy that. There are more ways to take heroin than just shooting. If she was desperate she could have smoked it or what-have-you.

No. 746576


Right. I'm not a Taylor fan at all & that's why I saged the post. Since her name is being mentioned all throughout the thread I figured I'd show she's back on her socials. Relax.

No. 746578

if this is true then why wouldn't you want to make a separate thread for them? you don't want them to have their own thread when this is so obviously milk and should be archived?

this thread is about taylor and her mommy, anon.

No. 746582

Maybe she wasn't able to shoot up because Jennifer was with her at all times. Taylor isn't the most functional person out there, plus the one with the contacts back then seemed to be Jonny.

No. 746584

taylor's next phase: the #timesup #metoo kween of youtube! how ecstatic would she be if chris hansen interviewed her?

most important for her, would she get bigger than sarah y/n?

No. 746593

No, as much as she'd like that to happen, mainly because JC has had women accusing him way before Taylor. Sure, I can picture her bringing his attention, but it'd be short-lived, especially if, say, the 17 year old he hit up decided to speak.

No. 746595

If the girl is smart she’ll keep her mouth shut and avoid being associated with Jonny or even Taylor for that matter. As much as I’d love to see Jonny ruined it’s not worth her time and Taylor would constantly one up her.

No. 746605

File: 1578453141788.png (142.44 KB, 1341x524, Capture _2020-01-07-19-11-56.p…)

She lives off of fucking fries

No. 746607

Smoking it gives off a VERY strong odor of… sour burnt marshmallows, as far as I remember. It is an extremely distinct odor. There's no way she could be doing that in a shared hotel room.

No. 746611

Taylor is clearly inspired by all the attention Sarah got for exposing Onision and LaineyBot, that she wanted a go at it, with her own interview with Chris Hansen and whatnot, definitely doesn't help that she caught Sarah's attention on Twitter and Sarah is seemingly on her side (can't post Sarah's tweets because I'm on my phone sorry)

No. 746615

Already posted


No. 746619

Meth users tend to seek out junk food when they crash. It's all that's palatable. Her face in all those red dress pics is super methy, all the muscles are super tight and frozen in place. My guess is she finally ran out of shit and crashed. I doubt we'll hear from her again til tomorrow, once she's re-upped. That is, unless mama dean is providing meth with the fries, but i dont think so.

No. 746621

Tinfoil seems plausible. Doesn't leave much of an odor, easy to smoke, hide with febreeze/candles.

Alot of drug addicts eat sugary, and carb heavy foods because it floods the brain with the same reward chemicals.

She has been VERY specific from heroin guys. I think she meth'ed with jake.

No. 746634

File: 1578469810768.png (20.96 KB, 588x166, Screenshot_2020-01-08 Sarah ( …)

>her own interview with Chris Hansen
That's my first time hearing about this. Guess Sarah follows her. Makes sense why she rt'd her comment.

No. 746639

I think you're right, wasn't he supposed to replace these teeth for the 'final' set and he never went?

No. 746649

this is so disturbing. imagine the stench trying to talk to him. I can't believe you can actually hear this shit

No. 746650

I'm convinced that Taylor & Jen fabricate 99% of the quotes they tweet from this boy - not because I don't think he would be capable of the insight, but because it always sounds like character dialogue written in their own voices, making an exact refrain of whatever narrative they're selling at the time.

Sorry for OT but it's just so gross that they transparently trot her brother out whenever it's convenient, like they think he's some kind of pet retard & put words in his mouth to publicly make the petty statements they wish they could say, while being shielded from criticism by his disabilities. I feel so bad for him.

No. 746654


I'm pretty sure he meant something like 'When you get caught doing something bad, blame it on my influence' NOT 'hey if you think it will help, just say whatever you want about me and I won't deny it'

>"Waaaaaaah, Jonny said he would take the blame for all of my mistakes, but when I accuse him of rape, suddenly he won't help me??? LMFAO"

Even if he did do it, did she really think they he would 'scapegoat' for her by admitting to a SERIOUS CRIME(s)?

Both of them are fucking nightmares, but imagine being such an awful/manipulative POS that people openly question your sexual assault allegations against JONNY CRAIG.

I'm just going to say it, I think she is telling the truth. But she is such an unlikeable, manipulative and awful person that it's hard to sympathise with her at all, especially after spitting in everyone's faces for so long.

She just expects people to forgive/forget because she finally believes the other girls. But of course, instead of apologising to them or admitting to her past, she's gone straight into "I should be treated like a victim too" mode.

She is just a disgusting person all around.

No. 746655

JC said on stream that he told taylor to blame all the drug stuff on him (when they were still together) to not ruin her career/reputation, bc his was ruined anyway. who knows if he's just bullshitting but yeah

No. 746663

You can smoke anything in the bathroom with the shower running in a shared hotel room. Plus, worst case, she could've just shoved it up her nose lol

No. 746669

Dude, no you cant. Not heroin. It stinks everything up. I know, my ex tried it in the bathroom with the shower and fan running and towels under the door. The whole place filled up with that god awful stench and i knew then that he wasnt clean. Smoked heroin fucking reeks.(no1curr)

No. 746691

Also just wanted to point out that the heroin qween claims she “tore her cornea” the other night but still managed to use her one good eye to continue sperging like a psycho bitch on her phone.

I was curious wth a torn cornea even meant… turns out it’s a corneal abrasion. No medical websites even refer to the condition as a “torn cornea.” I’ve cut my eye before and it was the most painful thing in the world and I couldn’t even keep it open. So I can’t even imagine how this stupid bitch managed to use her eyes to look at her phone so she could go off about JC. Just proves to me what 1) a psychotic bitch she is and/or 2) a manipulative liar she is (the pic looks a little staged to me idk).

No. 746696

It was seriously just a stye like another anon pointed out l o l

No. 746710

File: 1578511948025.jpeg (250.65 KB, 1242x1633, 1D3DD77A-2179-4F11-93ED-8BE218…)

Still using that Louis bag I see

No. 746731

yeah cornea tears/abrasions/burns are brutal. It's painful even with eyes closed the only way it doesn't hurt is to be asleep. She's full of shit and I have to agree with the stye lol. This just goes to show that she will turn any mound into a mountain. she's too dumb to realize it only makes any account from her look less credible

No. 746739

You can even see the bulge of her brow bone. Corneal abrasion my ass. She wouldn't be able to be on twitter, let alone open her eye.

No. 746743

File: 1578523959825.jpeg (905.81 KB, 3464x3464, 5D2AA55A-4EE1-4444-A8B2-A572E1…)

Missing Jonny, Taylor?
Feeling hurt that he moved on without you?

Still lacking any sort of self awareness?

No. 746748

She's craving the heroin not jonny.

Her brain associates drug highs with him. Also associates him with living in a fancy house and doing well on YT.

Her career is plummeting and she's living with mommy. The only reason she wants him is because her brain associates him with the high she got off heroin.

No. 746749

that's certainly one way of looking at it

No. 746752

Or maybe she's simply not over him and cannot accept that he's moved on before her (to absolutely no one's surprise). She's just salty because he moved on before her and the whole victim crusade is just a front. She still wants to be with him. And like yeah, it would defo make sense because it's common to see victims still having feelings for their abusers after leaving, but she's just as toxic and manipulative so it's hard to sympathize with her or even believe her.

No. 746757

File: 1578529143020.jpeg (436.1 KB, 1242x1802, 14BF93B0-5B9E-46A3-801B-63B1B2…)

Looking like she wrote something on the notepad but claims it’s emails.

No. 746758

File: 1578529190199.jpeg (151.36 KB, 981x1024, 4298D417-44A5-4673-86E5-F53B9B…)

No. 746759

File: 1578529211915.jpeg (154.19 KB, 694x1024, E47E4231-5FB7-4772-A6DD-C9EE43…)

No. 746760

she thinks this is gonna fly as something legit from someone else? she typed this.

No. 746761

i think its a good combination of it all, since it probably feels like her world is crashing. it'd be a lie to say that ive never empathized with feeling extremely bitter over an ex moving on and being a pos, but i dont really empathize with 50+ hours of uppers induced tweeting.
i mean, who normally does? why wont jen go beat her with a slipper or some shit? she really cannot handle her emotions or her disposition as a public figure.
she could so totally fix all of this if she didn't focus only on cravings and what only SHE wants, but narc dean here refuses to get any actual help from a therapist or stop the drugs

No. 746762

Taylor spends so much time texting herself and making fake conversations from her parents house. This is peak patheticness.

Do you think she realizes how pathetic she is?

No. 746768

if it were real, she'd show something better than that. a real full on screenshot of said email (no draft, no notepad)

sometimes I think shes so delusional, she ends up believing it herself.

No. 746770

This is becoming slander. He needs a lawyer for his own safety from this crazy bitch. She can’t just write a fake story in her notes and say some one emailed her. Anyways it’s so easy to fake a email she puts no effort in

No. 746772

Kek she’s still using that dumb hashtag that did nothing but help Jonny meet partner requirements. You’re sad and pathetic Taylor write your abuse fanfic somewhere else.

No. 746773

Pretty sure she just rubbed her eye real hard or pushed in on it too much. DRAMA.

No. 746774

Meth on her fingers+rubbing her eye=swelling and lots of pain.

No. 746777

Even if there was a chance of it being successful, everything breaking ToS is being buried by her using it to bitch.

No. 746782

She's in full-blown hunger games mode: if she burns, he burns with her.

No. 746788

even if you were to give her the benefit of the doubt that these were legitimately sent to her by other people, who is to say that they aren't random strangers making up bullshit? You can't just post unsubstantiated allegations against people as you please

No. 746789

“I was so ready to call the police. Lol”

No. 746797

File: 1578538016765.jpg (428.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200108-214556_Ins…)

No. 746808

Like she'll keep it alive that long lmao

No. 746810

Noticed that, too. Yeeeahh, totally not written by Taylor.

No. 746813

bwhahaha now she thinks she's a coral farmer?

You think other people haven't had this idea? They don't split reliably unless you cut them, often dying. Not to mention everyone else is gonna be doing this faster than her in tanks with MH/T5.

No. 746815


and deleted lol what a shady bitch

No. 746816

File: 1578540394807.png (1.43 MB, 750x1334, FBF80392-221A-4076-9FEA-938C07…)

Better size point

No. 746818

File: 1578540646497.png (44.33 KB, 595x427, lullll.PNG)

i love that she says this when the decades of women's stories, articles, him being kicked out etc existed for years yet she still decided to date him

No. 746819

she WAYY overpaid for something that small. Ib4 it gets stuck in a powerhead and dies.

Probably only worth 40/100 tops, our queen got scammed again

No. 746820

doesn't it take fucking ages too? As if she has the attention span and discipline to work on a project for more than a week lmao

No. 746822

File: 1578541490784.jpeg (126.4 KB, 950x526, 37D2F854-5284-4103-8959-7824C5…)

Apologies behind in the thread. Just got to the bobble head bit and confirm she definitely works her angles to suit her. How is this the same person?!

No. 746823

What kind of anemone is that? Confused how it could cost $600 for one that small.

No. 746824

Welp I hope she did her research and got one that easily reproduces asexually in crappily maintained tanks

No. 746826

The only moment I've ever believed any of the Deans was when Jennifer said Taylor wanted to date Post Malone but settled for Jonny because of the "experience", which makes this even more infuriating. She didn't give a shit about that decade of accusations until she felt personally wronged. None of what she's doing is for the women he's abused. It's a personal vendetta and it's honestly revolting that she's using other womens' suffering to get what she wants.

No. 746827

baby Bubbletip anemone

Probably some morph, she paid a hell of a markup.

No. 746829

File: 1578543453888.jpeg (489.52 KB, 1242x1377, 61EA9D64-1F37-4AC1-93EE-BC2A1D…)

Would love to get a fthread like there is for Onisions twitter people.
This person pretended to hate Taylor for months (and they self post their account here all of the time for exposure after cow tipping)
and then they’ve turned into a TND fan and are going at it with Keem since they got a little bit of attention by Taylor Dean and Elijah.
I know this is wildly off topic, but I would love to see it!

No. 746832

Or lied about how much it cost. Remember Gemini, the $10,000 snake she actually paid $7500 for?

No. 746833

File: 1578543884761.jpeg (449.24 KB, 1242x1419, 33753100-E371-45C7-8589-6CC35E…)

PT 1

No. 746834

File: 1578544012631.jpeg (837.36 KB, 1242x1911, 196F2E3A-BABA-4F12-8B28-FC80EB…)

No. 746835

File: 1578544145027.jpeg (535.79 KB, 1242x1191, DC6A99AA-DA9C-4182-AE91-B3EC75…)

I love when she contradicts herself within minutes of tweeting.

No. 746837

why when there's only one of them pretty much, and if this is the extent of the drama then lol

No. 746838

I wonder how long she’ll keep this abuse theme of hers until her stans starts to get bored of all the repetition and she’ll be force to change her theme once more to gain back their attention.

No. 746840

Taylor, the medically-disabled, heroin-addicted, self-harm, abuse, and Jonny Craig rape joke survivor.

That’s what she wants to be known as, right?

No. 746841

So this is what happens when you don’t give a girl enough cuddles?

No. 746842

File: 1578545532448.jpg (89.15 KB, 1440x1516, n2tI0bc.jpg)

Never forget

No. 746843

Yeah this person flipped in 5 seconds when they got positive attention from Taylor. I don't understand how people worship Taylor so hard, she is barely a functional human

No. 746845

File: 1578546138919.jpeg (151.33 KB, 750x546, 47D53AC6-BE64-472F-8BE3-539D25…)

She’s going at it with Keem and he’s literally calling her out on her bullshit

No. 746846

File: 1578546206748.jpeg (377.09 KB, 750x1151, 42EF43E0-B9D9-443D-8267-BBA752…)

No. 746848


i hope she does what she always does when she feels like someone's not sucking her asshole hard enough and blasts their inbox with either guilt trips and suicide threats or offers of fame/payouts. i hope she does this with keem and them he publicly shares

we know she has a history of going private with people and them suddenly coming back to the internet to suck her dick

No. 746849

Inb4 "I threw myself on the floor crying I'm having a panic attack"

No. 746850

File: 1578547232544.jpeg (756.71 KB, 1242x2039, D307688E-36B7-4619-8298-8C3981…)

Yo, read that the attention is on me! Not you!

No. 746851

File: 1578547747929.jpeg (230.96 KB, 1242x1034, 46FCDF2B-E51C-4013-AD5B-33A69E…)

Thank God, someone of influence finally called her on her bullshit.
“Straight clout chasing scum”!!!!

No. 746852

How much you wanna bet Taylor is “shaking and crying” right now?

No. 746853

File: 1578548070644.jpg (432.73 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200108-213437.jpg)

Chelsea is on the trash side now I guess

No. 746854

File: 1578548842512.jpeg (321.11 KB, 750x1037, 37EE0A73-F472-49F9-B1E9-C1F63C…)

You called it anon. She does this “dm me” bullshit every time someone actually calls her out

No. 746855


money and clout are powerful motivators, anon

No. 746856

Off topic, but I wonder what ever happened to the big film crew that came to her house. Once again another project that she bigged up and never mentioned again. I wonder if they decided to drop it once the drugs came to light, or did it get released and I've already forgotten??

No. 746858

It's been over a week since her video a out Jonny and since then I dont think she's even mentioned working on any other videos. She's made her entire life revolve around Jonny now.

No. 746860

File: 1578550699970.jpeg (140.34 KB, 1189x432, 3FAD5094-1B8F-485A-969F-C5F489…)

Had so many notifications from this psycho. This one was deleted but was able to capture this lol

No. 746863

I mean, look. You really cant blame the low life you got with for your trauma and low self esteem going into the relationship. Chalk it up to a learning lesson. Do better next time. Maybe stop posting thirst trap meth-face selfies in your mama's nightie if you ever want to have a real relationship based on mutual trust and respect, go to therapy. Learn why you are the way you are, why you choose the men you choose, and GET OFF THE INTERNET you fucking whore.
And im not slut shaming here. Anyone with a young preteen-teen girl audience who is posing like a two-bit hooker for praise is fucking gross. If she were a dude with a very young audience posing scantily clad, there would be a friggin massive outrage. Her audience is primarily children, her supporters are busted little girls from broken families who have already been touched by the atrocities of drug addiction and are just grasping at straws for anyone to understand them. And this is what they get? A tweaked out, lying narcissist?
I cant stand keemstar but fucking GO KEEMSTAR GO.

No. 746864

It’s safe to say that celebrities or famous people attract the narcs. The victims of Jonny (not all, but some) exhibit those behaviors quite well.
I am sure Chelsea is eager to get in on this victim parade

No. 746865


TBH Chealsea is making some really dumb moves and aught to mind the situation a bit better. If you are truly a rape and abuse victim, you'd nope the fuck out of this bitter smear campaign of Taylor's. Taylor is a dumpster fire, and if you stand with her you're going to stink of her trash. She'll continue to show the public how batshit she is and the truth will eventually reveal itself that she's a habitual liar and fraud. Guess what will happen to Chelsea in that case. People will begin to associate her with bitterness and question her stories. What proof, aside of her word, did she have? Hanging out with Taylor will make people question that.

Any real, actual victims should avoid this mess if you don't want your validity questioned.

My biggest question is why a rape/abuse victim would even associate themselves with such a toxic whore in the midst of a very public self-destructive breakdown. I find this all so confusing!

No. 746866

What bothers me most is right around the time Eugenia Cooney showed some kind support, I could literally feel Taylor snap to attention. And all of a sudden, she's play-acting this meek little spirit where she apologizes a ton for her videos and her opinions and for being a lil late while overthanking people for watching. It was so gross, she totally tried to pick up Eugenia's genuine brokenness as an accessory to excuse her own shit behavior and content, because she saw that if you apologize way too much, sometimes people feel too badly for you to be negative.
The difference is, Eugenia is a truly difficult case of actual physical and emotional issues, while taylors main problems are laziness, entitlement, victim complex and a pathological need to one up everyone.
Tinfoil, i think. But surely other people noticed.

No. 746867

Listen, I'm all about defending victims and calling out victim blaming, but in her case, this is different.

First of all, if you were already dealing with abusive men since you were 13, that was some mighty parental neglect. However, what separates Taylor from the rest of JC's victims is that she's a "public figure" who has a platform and that there was a fucking record of his behavior one click away from her. Plus, if you were aware that you were having an issue where you chose partners with abusive tendencies, at some point the responsibility of fixing that starts falling on you.

Maybe Jennifer was too busy taking care of Tanner, which again, not his fault, but Taylor has to have some self-accountability here. She's been an adult for quite a while now.

I think it's a mixture between Chelsea not being over JC in a way, and also because she sees Taylor as a platform to get closure.

It's a really dumb decision and she should definitely step away from this whole mess like Liz and Amanda did. I hope that Taylor at least apologized privately to Chelsea.

No. 746868

Bet Taylor offered to pay for their concert tickets JUST so she can have all the victims together and post stories to piss Jonny off. He doesn’t care though. All for attention.
Don’t know who this Keem is but happy he is telling it like it is.

No. 746869

Lmao anon. As if taylor knows how to apologize.
"I'm so sorry i didnt realize we were all victims of abuse"
"Im sorry we were both assaulted"
"Im sorry he attacked me with tape and shot me up with hEroIn and i dIeD and you got your feelings hurt somehow"

No. 746870

Is yikessmydude the same person as turtlemom/cosmixhoney/Angel? Honestly all those callout accounts are cringe Taylor stans who wanted her attention from the beginning. How can you believe anything she says? Why do people have any faith in her or root for her? I’ll never get it.

>also because she sees Taylor as a platform to get closure
Do you really believe this anon? I’ve had my suspicions about Chelsea wanting attention for this. She tweeted about trying to get on a trashy reality show which kind of made me think she likes having a spotlight on her. We know she reads here a lot, she should know better than anyone the quality of Taylor’s character. What could she gain by teaming up with her? This whole thing is such a circus. It’s never been about #deplatformingpredators, lets just be real, it’s about attention and spite and anyone who thinks otherwise is being dishonest with themselves.

No. 746871

File: 1578557318246.jpg (281.87 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20200109-080713_Ins…)

So now you can become a zoologist just by owning a d neglecting dozens of animals…

No. 746872

Holy shit that does not look like the same person at all

No. 746873

File: 1578558361423.jpeg (398.53 KB, 1242x2003, B4AEB3A2-8C44-41CD-BEE6-C04EE0…)

No. 746874

Right?! Kinda creepy. But obviously not everyone has their good days. Maybe she just woke up here? I don’t remember where this video is from.

No. 746875

She def took this as a compliment lol pathetic

No. 746876

File: 1578559056465.jpeg (304.72 KB, 1241x1289, 569F033E-3843-4877-89C5-B10F53…)

No. 746877

File: 1578559091886.jpeg (220.69 KB, 1242x920, 58FE74FA-6F2E-4E60-B38B-0CFAC5…)

btw it’s 2:40am in Texas right now.

No. 746878

I’m laughing so hard. She’s making so much shit up it’s embarrassing.

No. 746879

Idk man this really feels like she took that person's experience and made up her own JUST to have an excuse to keep talking about her drug addiction

No. 746881

Lmao of course she needs to draw the attention away from the girl that tweeted her so she makes up some sob story for sympathy points.
Guys I actually died but Nemo brought me back to life with CPR!! lol give me a break Taylor

No. 746882

File: 1578560136638.jpg (119.57 KB, 1200x1200, DJGGNUDUwAI4DbZ.jpg)

so that tattoo she got was also a lie to herself or?!

No. 746884

File: 1578560953651.jpeg (423.69 KB, 1242x2049, 7ED7B5BC-110D-4302-BC8C-811C6F…)

No. 746885


"If people only knew the shit I stayed quiet about"

now we do! it turns out the shit you stayed quiet about that really put a bug up your butt was that he didn't cuddle you enough! AWWWWWWWW poor bb!

No. 746886


Ugh, it's so annoying whenever someone opens up about their trauma she has to one up them and make it about her.

No. 746887

not only that, she QUOTE tweeted her response. If she just used the regular respond button, it would show up on less people’s feed. Gotta maximize that attention (while one-upping somebody)!

No. 746889

File: 1578564583493.png (268.05 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20200109-120931.png)

I love when she thinks she's being profound lol

No. 746890

File: 1578564811501.png (244.6 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20200109-121326.png)

No. 746892

File: 1578565136793.png (211.08 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20200109-121518.png)

I swear she used to say jonny wouldn't leave her alone and only alone time she got was when she was taking a bath.
now she was apparently so lonely, jonny wouldn't pay attention to her and wouldn't cuddle her waah waah :(

No. 746893

File: 1578565568801.png (527.04 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20200109-122410.png)

No. 746894


Does anyone know if she is even aware of what has been happening in Australia?

No. 746895

File: 1578566076038.png (119.64 KB, 1080x716, Screenshot_20200109-123348.png)

No. 746896

she replied to a tweet about the fires but it might also be that she only read the "adopt a koala" part.

No. 746898


moping around being useless, throwing yourself on the floor having "breakdowns", sobbing daily – god, it's a shame you admit jonny never hit you because it sounds a lot like you need a hard fucking slap to bring you back to reality

it's so funny that you're "sober"…"from heroin" and your life is sooooo much better but you're the same useless twat, still throwing yourself on the floor, sobbing uncontrollably daily, threatening suicide to random anons on twitter who question your lies. damn, taylor, no wonder jonny used heroin. you're fucking insufferable. you make ME want to use heroin

No. 746899

File: 1578567486657.png (191.41 KB, 1080x1045, Screenshot_20200109-125823.png)

No. 746900

You know, Jen, if you got that hypothetical do-over, it would be better to get your shit together and at least attempt to raise your daughter to be a decent person.

No. 746902

Guys can you stop? Can't you see Taylor might end up in the floor sobbing and shaking??/s

No. 746903

or find a new boyfriend to blame for her addictions

No. 746904

Ah, the good ol' Krai defense. Works every time.

Taylor, your underaged fanbase doesn't even have their own money.

No. 746905


If she got a do-over she should make sure to take her birth control correctly.

No. 746906

I read this more like as "i want a do-over so i don't have to deal with my two children who make my life a living hell"

No. 746907

Whatever happened to her new found love who treated her sooo good? She even met his parents and now she acts like he never existed. Wonder why they could be /s

No. 746911

File: 1578575975122.jpeg (431.86 KB, 1241x1928, 1EDE2719-0DDE-4A83-B60F-8E52E3…)

It had an ouchie?
A koala had an ouchie from the serious fires happening now and this is how she reacts to it?? stupid bitch

No. 746912

god I despise the way she infantilizes herself constantly

No. 746913

File: 1578576421277.png (602.89 KB, 1222x2048, Screenshot_20200109-072500.png)

Old but I totally missed Traylor winning worst cow

No. 746918

Kind of hard to decide what qualifies as worst. Onions actions were worse, and lasting real damage to people. Taylor is worse in that if you take away her phone, her drama is gone. The only real tragedy is that poor child that will be born, still not anything to do with TND. She's fake milk, like soy or almond.

No. 746919

I’m hoping she meant he knocked over a closed bottle and that she didn’t have Xanax just put where a curious cat could get into it.

No. 746920

Because he never existed.
He was a fictional scenario she posted about, just like the "ER visit for her eye." She tried every trick in the ex-gf arsenal to get your ex to contact you.

No. 746921

i think the anon knows that based on, "i wonder why…" its a given anon.

No. 746927

The only tweet of mama deans I can empathize with

No. 746928

she did go to the ER. for a stye. you can see it on her left lower eyelid. >>745992

No. 746929

File: 1578584068932.png (41.04 KB, 599x458, Capture.PNG)

No. 746930

I only get my info about TND from here. Does she ever post about anything other than herself? I mean, the "I" on her keyboard must need to be replaced every couple of weeks from over-use.

It's no wonder she's completely mental. Spending ever waking moment obsessing over yourself is going to send anyone potty.

No. 746934

I think her animals are the only other beings she’s ever talked about, but even then she finds a way to make it all about herself. Currently she’s drinking the Jonny juice but still manages to make it all about her victim complex. Ive only followed TND since she started dating Jonny and can say she’s never talked about anything else but herself.

No. 746937

“I can’t do any more monthly fees but i can afford a 600$ anemone!!!” Just say you don’t give an actual fuck about the fires and move on

No. 746939

the fact that her fans see her buying $600 anemones and going on weekly binge shopping sprees but only donating a measly $250 to a women’s shelter, or ~300 to the bush fire relief, and say nothing about it, shows they don’t give a fuck either

No. 746940

Lmao fake milk like almond or soy ..this wins comment of the thread and really sums up Taylor’s entire existence on the inter webs ..fake AF and leaves a bad taste in my mouth
And of course she meant that now that anyone would question her animal care..don’t you know she locked herself away from all her animals so that she was a quarantined heroin junkie crawling and sobbing all over the floor duhhh cause she totally believes in quarantining at all

No. 746941

She can't afford $70 but she can afford a $600 speck for her tank?

No. 746942

Aaaand she's getting scammed again… If you look into how some of these "charities" operate it like 50% administration fees, 40% payroll, 10% animal care.

Alot of these places are just money laundering/taxhaven schemes for the super rich.

Be careful where you put your money

No. 746943

>"Please think before you speak."
That's one thing she's never done in her life and will never do.

No. 746944

The irony being that she could have donated to the wildlife warriors which is operated by the Irwin family who she apparently "idolizes" so much.

No. 746945

I think these tweets SPEAK VOLUMES about Taylor as a “pet owner.” Taylor ALWAYS shows off animals as soon as she gets them (read: shows animals at their best health and clean living environments). Then we never hear about them again until she needs a plug between her heroin and JC rants on twitter. She adopted four koalas and we will never hear about them again. Didn’t she get a new fish right before she released her “I was the only dumb fuck that didn’t know Jonny was a rapist” video?

Not to mention that Taylor doesn’t even show the receipts of her actually going through with adopting these 4 koalas. She’s such a disgusting bullshitter. You know she’s lying and just wants to offset her JC rants by looking like she gives a single fuck about anything but herself.
Why even bother adopting for a year when you’re just going to cancel because in her words “a month will come up when money gets tight.” That’s fucking ridiculous. I’m sure these charities are counting on this money for the full year… but when has she ever been a reliable/responsible person much less a reliable/responsible pet owner. That’s what I think speaks the most about her attitude about animals. She’ll help out in order to maintain her ~quirky animal mom~ facade but as soon as it becomes a nuisance to her, she moves on. Just do the one-time donation or don’t and move the fuck on. She’s exhausting always trying to prove she’s such a victim that has a kink for animals.

No. 746946


I am pretty sure "adopt an animal" is just a marketing ploy by charities to raise funds. In reality your money does not go to a specific animal. It goes to the organisation as a whole and probably pays for a bottle of champagne at their next Christmas party.

No. 746950

sir your autism

No. 746958

This is how she justifys to herself she's a good person.


She's doing it for clout and feel good emotions. It isn't a selfless act of goodwill, she's getting a high off the feeling.

This bitch has serious problems with money, she could've easily moved out already for all the money she's spending.

No. 746960

Wonder if momma Dean is slowly realising that she's stuck with both of her kids in the house forever.

No. 746961


She should have bought a house and be living #rentfree with her YouTube bux by now, surely.

No. 746962

Oh, definitely for clout. She was spooked when Keem didn’t fall for her victim card, so now she’s spamming her feed with fake charity donations as ammo for the haters coming to her page from Keem.

No. 746965

Watch her now donate here.
She is pure trash. This is so accurate.

No. 746966

I hope he keeps going.

No. 746968

She donated monthly when a year is only $70

This means she can get her packet that says she donated in the mail and then cancel. Contributing nothing to help and maybe even costing them money.

No. 746970

Saaame. Keem might pursue exposing Taylor since she has made so many false claims and fake receipts to expose her for. He would have a field day. BUT at the same time, she isn’t relevant enough to bring in the views so I have doubt he will.

No. 746978

File: 1578602143562.png (7.77 KB, 526x106, Capture.PNG)

this. she's 100% cancelling immediately. I mean she's already setting it up >>746899
youtubers are out there donating tens of thousands of dollars and this bitch is suddenly too broke to donate like $25 a month. while living rent free and blowing thousands a month on useless shit. lovely.

No. 746987

What is she talking about? Xanax isn't cotton candy that dissolves in water instantly. It's a pill - spill a bit of water on a pill and see what happens. It might melt a little at first but in no way would it deter someone who's abusing them with heroin to not take them. Shes telling a lie a high schooler would tell. "uwu my precious cat saved me from my addiction!" I would expect that kind of lie from an attention seeking teenager. Not a grown ass woman who almost died from injecting herself wrong and who's mother had to scrape her off her YouTube mansions living room floor and ship her off to rehab. If she should thank anyone is her boomer mom and Betsy. Not a dumb cat she probably was too high to even think about half the time.

Come to think of it, Taylor never actually made the choice to leave Johnny on her own. She never had to confront them ending their relationship and it was all done through either her forcibly being put in a sober house and jumping to the next drug addict to be codependent with and since then shes never even had to see JC face to face if I'm correct. It could explain why shes still so hung up on him. Maybe shes needs to convince herself he hurt her in unforgivable ways (to a hyperbolic extent) to feel like she cant and will never go back. A lie that she and everyone else critical of her knows wasnt the case before Syd was pregnant.

No. 746988


Getting Xanax wet will ruin it, to be fair.

No. 746991

Poor mama dean is stuck being mommy if two forever. I'd drug test and kick the old one out, she's not acting like an adult or putting a dime into savings, she's using your fear of losing her against you. Why would she grow up if she knows you'll let her smell up your house with dying animals because youre afraid she'll od on her own. Tough love man.

No. 746994

why the fuck does she keep posting such triggering tweets? it's NONSTOP and she rarely uses TWs. jfc. she needs to go to therapy bc this is just destructive to her audience at this point.

No. 746997

She's reminding Keemstar what a sensitive, precious uwu soul she is so he doesnt rake her over the coals on a slow news day.

No. 747005

Knocking over real Xanax won’t ruin it, but with how much re-pressed pills going around i honestly wouldn’t be surprised if her/Jonny got a couple bad batches and got weak Xanax that does break easily and can dissolve very fast. This is all assuming they’re not buying direct pharmacy brand.

No. 747018

File: 1578613693903.png (1.32 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2020-01-09-15-46-00.p…)

Is sperging to rest. There was only one case of fake Xanax and that was in Georgia. Xanax is easy to get in the States. And in other countries like the UK has a huge fake Xanax problem. Getting them wet does not dissolve them like cotton candy. I agree with that statement from the other anon.

No. 747029

What are you talking about? Fake Xanax is everywhere. Not that it matters because the story is completely made up though.

No. 747042

File: 1578621315657.jpg (157.7 KB, 1218x2048, EN4kyG4U8AAv8rR.jpg)

>can't spare $70 to be a real live animal edumactor/activist
>pays $460 for an edgy tween star concert

No. 747043

>Moving out in january guiz!!1

She must spend all day shopping and surfing the web. Can't wait till she realizes YT is gonna cut ad funding again.

No. 747044

Taylor can’t move out because with her poor upload schedule and YouTube not paying like it used to she’s probably making a max of 10k a month - and that’s being generous. If she had to pay rent and utilities and everything that came with living alone she wouldn’t be able to thousands of dollars on shitty thot clothes for her bathroom photoshoots or concert tickets or overpriced animals.

No. 747045

Let's be real, she's NEVER going to be a person who serves society at ALL. She just wants her "thanks, and" for EVERY fucking thing she grasps onto. COW for life(namefag)

No. 747046

I wonder if her heroine falldown affected her renting history? Both tenants leave out of nowhere, since the beginning they were late with rent, blood stains everywhere and needles biohazard.

I don't think she can get an apartment even if she has the money.

No. 747049

Oh im sure she has eviction or breaking lease early from the apartment and the same for the house. She left animals just living there while she was in rehab, remember? The house was probably trashed with needles and a few holes in the walls.

No. 747050

hahaaa, that'd be great. Unless her parents cleaned up after them or smth

No. 747052

I think it was betsy's job. Or whomever it was that took care of her animals aside from her mom.

No. 747056

File: 1578628790803.png (640.2 KB, 1242x2208, 56F3641B-B7F3-41A5-9E8F-8E0C89…)

No. 747060

vice is literally the mcdonalds of alternative media…but i never thought they would be so stupid as to do a story on this bobble head.

No. 747062

wouldn't it be amazing if it was secretly a slam piece and they expose her? that's hoping for too much but let me dream kek

No. 747064

One can only fucking hope, there’s no way vice writers haven’t just googled her name and fallen across lolcow

No. 747066

Bitch you donated a measly $15 and then spent $500 on tickets

No. 747068

File: 1578631980124.jpg (537.4 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200109-205100.jpg)

Forgot picture…

No. 747070

Glad to see she's taking this so seriously.

Honestly she lives under a rock. So many people have donated money. Wtf

No. 747071

And we do know Jonny was rude to the landlord about paying late rent since his stupid ass posted the texts online. There's high competition for good rental properties these days. A bad reference alone from your previous landlord will blackball you.

No. 747075

File: 1578633692558.png (495.51 KB, 760x1024, Screenshot_20200110-022012.png)

That retweet lmao.
The world doesn't revolve around you, Taylor. Shocking, I know.

No. 747076

File: 1578633719729.jpg (334.92 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20200110_022028.jpg)

No. 747077

history of late rent, possible evictions, no good references, her hoard of animals, what they'll find if they google her name… she'll never be able to rent anywhere decent, if anywhere at all.

I wonder what her proof of income looks like with youtube at the moment? I live in a different city so I don't know if San Antonio requires proof of income or if they require you make 2.5x the rent or whatever there, but i had a hard time finding a place to live because I make money somewhat irregularly. She may be limited to places that would let her parents co-sign.

No. 747082

File: 1578635323659.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, 1BEA2600-5CF9-49C5-9D10-C9AC50…)

Same person, eh? She’s gonna pursue her skin walking with all new vigor now

No. 747086

Shut up already. Jesus, she's exhausting.

No. 747087


See, this is the epitome of spoiled white girl. She has to be in a ~moood~ to accomplish things. Normal people don't need to be in a good mood to get to work. Normal people accomplish getting their asses to work despite feeling like trash, feeling mentally unwell, being sick, having little to no sleep because of having babies/kids. Normal people still get their asses up and go to work and don't hang out on their bathroom floors sobbing all night over some dude they once dated.

Taylor has to be in a good mood to POSSIBLY get work done. Put this one in the history books!

Absolute spoiled fucking monster. Also, spending almost 500 dollars on concert tickets when you don't have a stable job is top Kek. Taylor, please just fuck off to the gutter where you're meant to be.

No. 747088

Really vice? Really? I thought they were better than that. This girl has so much done for her I’m surprised she has to wipe her own ass.

No. 747090

There's no reason Vice shouldnt make an expose of the heroin qween that kills animals and influences people. We have so many compiled images to share with them…

No. 747091

Eh, Vice hasn't been having good content for quite a while now. And despite what it looks like, Taylor isn't really well known outside of certain spaces like this one. I mean people were wondering who the fuck was James Charles when he caused that traffic jam in the UK.

She'll get probably the same amount of views she got with that New York Magazine video and if people decide to know more about her, they'll come across 55 threads of her, plus videos YouTubers have made about her.

No. 747094

File: 1578638995823.png (345.21 KB, 760x618, Screenshot_20200110-034913.png)

This bitch really still wants to skinwalk Jonny's gf

No. 747095

That’s literally the same hair cut as Jonnys gf lol. She is so thirsty

No. 747100

With her giant head those bangs would be comical. But Twitter comments probably talked her out of it because she has no mind of her own. So that debacle will be missed.

No. 747102

Meh they did.

No. 747104

Oml, pls do it Taylor.

No. 747105

Changing the narrative YET AGAIN to be painted as the hero. Her mom and Betsy basically forced her to leave. She didn't "make plans" to leave.

No. 747107

No. 747109

she's finally in the mood to work huh? took a minute >>745124

No. 747110

File: 1578646171703.jpeg (476.99 KB, 1242x2295, C1AF4505-239D-4E3F-BDB4-73FA8E…)

something about Halsey’s song.
Also, why does she need to show how much she paid for her tickets? She could have easily cropped that out but no she wants to “flex” but can’t donate ?

No. 747112

File: 1578646400228.png (279.05 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20200110-105258.png)

I got brain damage reading her replies

No. 747113

“Kind men” where??? Bro was not kind and her made up one is just that - not real.

Also “he’s obviously still abusing drugs” the nerve of this “sober from heroin” hypocrite

No. 747115

File: 1578647817188.png (588.77 KB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20200110-111708.png)

No. 747118

She doesn’t forget to take them she sleeps through the time she has to take it.

No. 747119

Trying really hard to say that Syd's bangs are hideous

No. 747120

File: 1578650447066.png (184.97 KB, 1080x805, Screenshot_20200110-120058.png)

texting with mommy at 3am

No. 747121


if you can't even take care of yourself and remember a med that keeps you balanced and well, how can you pretend you take care of an entire hoard of animals properly?

taylor for fucks sake, give up your hoard. those animals deserve better than you

you are literally worthless

No. 747122

Her mom literally wakes up at 3am to tell her she has shit in the oven? Wtf

No. 747125

I like how she blacked out part of her order but made sure to show the price. Just like she always does

No. 747131

Well if the other choice is the house burning down kek

No. 747138

Honestly I don't get how nonchalant she is about any of this. Like, if you're battling addiction/mental illness, fucking with your dosage or straight up not taking your meds because you find them annoying is probably the most spoiled ass shit I've read this week. How can anybody, especially other recovering addicts, take her seriously is beyond me.

No. 747139

she's not taking care of them anyway, her mom does it all while princess taytay sleeps her days away. I dont get why she has all her animals now they aren't important to her

No. 747141

That's the thing. You do not see real recovering addicts in her feed. You get the same level of "addict" she claims to be. (Omg I went to a rave and tried ecstacy I'm such an addict) Or she gets teenagers that have no fuckin' clue want addiction is. She shot up heroin for not quite a year, even by her own lying ass timeline.

So which is it Taylor? Were you so strung out and nodding from your "totes real uwu" addiction and neglecting your animals, or were you taking care of your animals like you said you were and lying about being high all the time? Aww who's kidding she did both!

No. 747143

Good lord… I hope she never ever has to work a day in her life, I hope she can stay 22 forever and never ever have to do anything more than just sleep, eat fries and complaint about the inconvenience of being a recovering addict. The real world would eat her up and spit her right out, she literally has no idea how to be a sensible human being..

No. 747147

she’s so transparent and insecure it’s so obvi

No. 747148

File: 1578660984680.jpg (280.36 KB, 1080x1105, Screenshot_20200110-075646_Chr…)


No. 747149

File: 1578661295320.png (25.42 KB, 662x205, Capture1.PNG)

No. 747151

File: 1578662063094.png (68.84 KB, 658x517, Capture1.PNG)

kek do doctors really recommend animals to cure depression nowadays?

No. 747154


Yes, looks like that’s exactly what she wants.

No. 747155

File: 1578663081920.png (45.5 KB, 659x414, Capture1.PNG)

when you have such a generic white trash life that every generic white trash song feels like it's about you

No. 747157

wow the koala links didn't even stay in her bio for 24 hours. what an animal saviour.

No. 747159

Pets are usually suggested by therapists to help people who are dealing with mental illness, but it highly depends on each individual, and it doesn't necessarily have to be an animal, like a dog or a cat, but for example a plant.

It's usually with the objective to give the person a sense of purpose and responsibility, something to take care of and nurture. But they can also bring more problems than solutions, especially if the rest of the family doesn't like or isn't interested in taking care of the pet. Take our animal kween for example. Everybody but her seems to take care of her animals.

No. 747160

File: 1578665471457.png (383.52 KB, 655x897, Capture1.PNG)

jfc the stories she comes up with. first her cat was her uwu guardian angel, now this shitty figurine prevented their veins from accepting more heroin.
wasn't this crappy figurine some mass produced garbage anyway? I think anon even found an online store that sold it lmao

No. 747162

Didn’t someone post a screen shot of this in Jonny’s possession a few months back? Hmm

No. 747163

“My veins wouldn’t accept any more drugs” those “106 degree fevers” made this bitch retarded.

No. 747168

how many times is she gonna bring up this oh so haunted figurine, isn't this the third time she's wrote a different story for it?

No. 747172

According to her own accounts she hasn't even went through with attempting to take her own life just contemplated it.. why does she blow everything out of proportion? Your tale is tragic enough, Taylor.

No. 747173

Her life might as well be fanfiction because she makes up fucking everything.
>It made me feel powerful enough to make plans to leave and rebuild myself
Bitch when??? Thought your mom found you overdosing or some shit and she made you leave. We all know you would still be there.

She should get the nose piercings she was talking about getting earlier too.

What is she even on right now? Why live when you can live in a fantasy land and rewrite your entire life? She's fucking crazy.

No. 747175

What a deranged story she's trying to weave.
It was a) a cat, b) Halsey, and c) a shitty, creepy lil statue that "saved her life?" Like, WHAAT? Sounds like a story a teenager would write … or someone who is definitely on drugs right now.

No. 747176

If she has ptsd she would be so open

No. 747178

You’re exactly right I’m trying to find it. They had to have met up.

No. 747180

she literally says she doesn't know what happened to it after she went to rehab. it's an old picture.

No. 747184

it’s so strange that she responds to every single reply on her posts, it really shows how fuckin lonely she is. i mean what other “influencer” sits there and responds to every single reply they get on a post?

No. 747187

that’s not how mental illnesses work

No. 747188

Syd's bangs are cute. I said it. She's a cute girl. I'd like to see her do the ones where there's the slight point in the middle, just because she really pulls off the look so well and not many women can.
But i'd also like to see taylor get a mullet. The kind where they shave around the ears.

No. 747189

Only Taylor in her massive delusion could try to make being a junkie animal abuser sound grandiose.

No. 747190

I dig her style, shame about her taste in men and insecurities

No. 747191

The way she only went on about koalas and none of the other species which have been burned to a crisp during her five seconds of interest in Australia shows how superficial her interest in animals is. She sees them as fashion accessories and nothing more. It's actually disgusting. (I mean, the way she has made thousands and thousands of dollars out of being cruel to animals is more disgusting, but this is another part of the shitshow that is her life.)

No. 747192

I meant not open sorry

No. 747194


All of your veins collapsing after six months of IV drug use.

Sounds legit!

No. 747195


multiple 106 degree fevers??? how would she know? somehow in those states of severe confusion she went and got a thermometer and took her own temp? lolol what a crazy lie

No. 747196


don't forget JAKE. she credited him with having her realise she was unhappy in her relationship

No. 747198

Watch one episode of intervention about heroin iv use and it makes Taylor look like an infant junkie. Jesus fuck this bitch

No. 747200

One of the lines in the song that Taylor keeps going on about how ~every line is 100% identical to my situation uwu ~ is "I had no warning about who you are" TAYLOR YOU HAD MANY OF HIS PAST VICTIMS TELL YOU EXACTLY WHO HE WAS AND YOU LAUGHED IN THEIR FACES!

No. 747210

Also no credit to her MOM, who is letting her moocher ass crash for free forever, or her precious hoard of animals which are supposedly her life.

Nope. It was a statue, a pop singer, and some fuckboi from rehab. She really has no heart.

No. 747216

Looks like she took your comment to heart, anon >>746994

No. 747226

nobody wants you to talk about your retarded animal killing. i mean care.

No. 747227

If she had a 106 degree fever, much less multiple (implied by the plural form she used), she wouldn’t even be alive to tweet that nonsense. Her body would have went into shock and she would have died. You’re already risking seizures and organ failure when your body temperature is >104 degrees. What a fucking lunatic she is.

No. 747228

Your right. She would have been in the er. I was in the er for 104.5 fever. She is full of so much bs

No. 747229


We should probably lay off her for a while. Scratched corneas do take a long time to recover from, after all.

No. 747234

Can you imagine how hard it is for her to look at her screen? And she keeps on tweeting, she's so brave and kind to do this for us. Her world renowned optometrist says only 15% of people have tearable corneas.

No. 747237

Wouldn’t a fever that high cause brain damage? I mean, it would explain SO MUCH…

No. 747258

>Her world renowned optometrist says only 15% of people have tearable corneas.

My sides.

No. 747259

File: 1578700560732.jpeg (608.27 KB, 750x1301, E2DCBF90-E985-4CA0-830F-394B9E…)

saging bc no milk but it just so happens that if you google track marks, tay’s not far from the top. in a few years when her internet “fame” dies out and she has to face the real world, she’s going to regret oversharing this shit on twitter every day nonstop for a year. seriously taylor. nobody needs to see your fucking track marks. there’s no point to anything she does.

No. 747260

Literally barely see anything tho lmao

No. 747262

Sure Taylor…I mean, sure Jan(hi cow)

No. 747268

She’d have probably had a seizure or gone into a coma, especially multiple times? No fuckin way

No. 747272

also "I never attempted suicide, I just considered it" changed to "I attempted once" changed to "multiple suicide attemtps"

No. 747276

2 weeks AFTER Johnny went to his dad’s she was saved and went to rehab? Bullshit. It wasn’t even 2 damn days!!

No. 747277

>Stick around for it
hey shes skinwalking johnny now

No. 747281

In Taylor's alternate reality, writing a note and considering taking some pills counts as an actual attempt. In which case damn near everyone with mental health issues has had a suicide attempt. She probably counts threatening Johnny she would slit her wrists as an actual attempt now. I can't with her anymore. Her new addiction is dramatizing everything.

No. 747297

This creepy lil bitch is going to join the rotting cabbage patch of bad tattoos scribbled on Taylor body soon, just you wait.

No. 747300

I cant wait. She needs another child tattooed on her, i'm positive that taylor considers that luna-esque statue reject to be the spirit child that she and Johnny never had.

No. 747330

I'm just stunned this bitch hasn't gotten into religion yet, that born-again bs would give her an endless narc supply of attention and asspats and Texas is conveniently as full of churches and preachers as Taylor herself is full of bullshit lol

It's really common for addicts to "find Jesus", I wonder what's taking Taylor so long - it would be perfect for her! Plus it would give her a brand new gullible audience to root for her and "support her in her sobriety".

No. 747349

File: 1578736491451.png (115.48 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20200111-115506.png)

No. 747350

File: 1578736576569.png (245.08 KB, 1080x1382, Screenshot_20200111-115614.png)

one 20hr nap later she's back sperging about halseys song

No. 747376

File: 1578742389236.png (8.23 MB, 1125x2436, 8B7BBB98-3809-46EF-BB40-C0AEE4…)

Jonny posted this 2 months ago. I guess Taylor’s picture must be an old one though. It doesn’t seem like she’s implying she has it now.

No. 747379

she wasn't implying it at all. it was a retweet by a fan asking what happened to the statue, not a new pic.

No. 747412

Don’t worry…I’m sure she’s got them saved for her own personal viewing!

No. 747426

It's almost like everyone is going through hardships in their lives sometimes. lol

No. 747430

NO ??? ONLY TAYLOR HAS PROBLEMS ??? Every problem u have taylor has worse lmfao ???? rywpwbudbehashdj

No. 747432

Spot-on Taylor impression, anon

No. 747449

Taylor threads are the best, because when I wake up in the morning for work, I know there’s going to be a bunch of new posts since she’s always up all night being manic on social media. There’s always something to read.

No. 747470

Yep. And the stupid self-involvement never ends kek

She's like a recursive fountain of bullshit.

No. 747482

Yep her trash life is comical

No. 747483

It would be a full on laugh riot if not for all of those animals she neglects.

No. 747491

I wonder if something came of tay's and elijah's little conspiracy to have cops come to JC's house in LA?

No. 747515

Nothing, because it was a lie that the cops even went to his house at all.

She was weirdly insistent that it really, totally happened, and then she switched to "I got told that it happened" when several people told her his stream had ended on schedule and that Syd had been hounding him to get off streaming for like 30 minutes. She looked like a pathetic loser when nothing came out of it.

No. 747525

File: 1578790350816.png (2.46 MB, 1242x2208, 8A0E1F21-C96B-4E92-93C7-18D8E2…)

Syd just posted this.

No. 747526

She still hasnt reupped huh. Must be right around time for her monthly IOP and drug test for her take-homes.

No. 747527


Probably just fucking with Taylor for shits and giggles.

No. 747528

Nah, this is a pattern with JC's relationships. This flip floppy shit is nothing new. Right on schedule actually.

No. 747533

File: 1578791997841.jpg (136.91 KB, 610x820, IMG_20200111_161920.jpg)

"thought I was sharing with just a few followers" wtf is this faux humble shit?
Just just called herself an influncer a few weeks ago, and has been "using her platform" to cancel JC. But…this animal picture with a tragic story was only meant to be shared with a few friends?!?

Not to alog but I really do hate this boring, basic-ass narc bitch of a cow.

No. 747535

Considering she just called her followers an army,this is just her putting on the Humble mask. She only has a handful of masks to wear and she hasnt cycled that one recently.
It's interesting how the second keemstar called her out she shut down the insane ex girlfriend schtick.

No. 747549

File: 1578797148176.jpg (141.4 KB, 605x673, IMG_20200111_194422.jpg)

Never seen ditch trash look so good as this fanart! Talent wasted…

No. 747550

Aww too bad she’s not actually recovering or sober.

No. 747566

At least the artist got her “sleeve” right…a huge blob of black ink!

No. 747572


yeah, maybe. but have you ever been flooded with pregnancy hormones? like, this is legit how you are when you get home and there isn't any fuckin milk left and you're really craving a bowl of cereal. like the slightest things (and i mean slightest) feel huge and you feel nuts on top of being sick

i really wouldn't read too much into these but feel free

No. 747573


don't forget, openly admitting that she has a ride or die ARMY waiting to attack anyone they feel is talking out of line to her

No. 747575


her typing like this is top cringe????? Omg????? like i'm a 20something adult and i don't have a modicum of intelligence???? lmao??

No. 747581

Got the gormless expression just right

No. 747585

File: 1578806433663.jpeg (432.72 KB, 1121x1914, E37D1DB0-8D1D-4BFF-8660-266103…)

No. 747586

File: 1578806538299.jpeg (407.59 KB, 1125x1154, 96F4D453-C624-4221-A044-75C0C9…)

She really can’t go 24 hours without bringing him up.

Idgi… if she’s trying to pursue legal action, then why is she even telling the internet about this video someone claims to have. She’s an obnoxious fucking moron.

No. 747592

I just imagining her actually talking like that??? Makes me wonder if she even knows what ??? She even believes in? And i…
Also i love the expression gormless.

No. 747595

You seriously think someone who sleeps 12 hours a day would be assed to take legal action? The most "legal action" she's probably taken, and that's a big "if", was a brief convo with her brother about the topic where he gave her a rundown of what could be done and then they left it at that.

Oversharing every single detail about her life on Twitter is far more important than actually doing anything about Jonny. All these posts are bait for him, and it's so transparent how she tries to look like she's finally uncovered The Truth about JC. She's the Final Bringer of Justice.

No. 747603

Look, I'm all for sympathy for victims of domestic abuse, but this idea that Jonny and dudes like him are some kind of master manipulators is laughable at best and trivializes women at worst. JONNY DIDNT FINISH HIGH SCHOOL and somehow he's like a CSI mastermind? Honestly, Im not so sure this relationship was all about trying to save/change Jonny. I think its possible she just wanted to reach this moment of maximum exposure and infinite asspats as the ULTIMATE victim.

No. 747606

In a way, I agree with her. Abusers don't need to be sophisticated to manipulate someone.

But what I can't accept is how suddenly she was supposedly blindsided by his actions.

She was warned.

She given proof.

She was approached by his past victims.

Not only did she ignore them, she ridiculed them to the greatest extent she could reach with her public. Dismissed them. Exposed them to more abuse.

She had no need to do that.

But now that it is her turn?

Now he suddenly becomes the abuser for 'real'. She was told exactly what he was and she ignored it.

And now, when she doesn't get the no where near the same amount of ridicule or dismissal, she is the über victim.

Get fucking wrecked. She never atoned or addresses her own shitty behaviour. She only wants to control the situation. She wants her narrative to rule.

She'll never get better. I wouldn't be surprised she would die out of spite at this point. Just to be the ultimate victim.

No. 747609

I know we're kinda treading old water here, but it all ties into the motives behind her tattoos as well. Now, any time someone asks her about them, she gets to tell them ALL about her trauma…her favorite thing to do. But don't be rude and ask about her tattoos when she's not in bed! Lmao, honestly the fact she has a following makes me SO sad for humanity.

No. 747610

Not to wk her or anything but you don't necessarily have to have a PhD to know how to abuse someone. It just really boils down to him picking young, insecure women with shit self-esteem who are easy to impress. That's it. I agree that she's exaggerating to be seen as the ultimate victim, tho.

No. 747615

File: 1578823113428.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1242x1993, 4DA82086-BBA2-4900-BEAE-2A1E36…)

This isn’t necessarily milky, and relates to old milk… but definitely interesting. Taylor updated her “highlights” on Instagram, and I noticed a few things.
One being that she added the Gucci purse she received into her new recovery highlight. For an animal “lover” like herself, why is this something she is proud of?

No. 747623

god, she ruined it with her tacky reply

No. 747634


animals had to die to make these tacky pieces of shit. i can't believe she's once again toting and bragging about owning leather. this "family" of hers doesn't know her at all to keep sending an an "animal advocate" like taylor gifts made of………ANIMAL PARTS.

taylor pretends to weep for animals dying in australia, and then turns around and brags about getting gifts made of animal

why even post this? she really should be fucking ashamed and keep it to herself. it also makes her look unimportant to that company bc LIKE I SAID, they don't know this dumb bitch at all to keep doing this

why didn't she alert them the last time they sent her dead animal parts not to do it again? i don't understand this!!!!

No. 747635


btw, in case anyone is wondering what this piece of trash is called: https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/gucci-dionysus-calfskin-leather-coin-purse-on-a-chain/5306313/lite

No. 747655

It’s funny that it’s obvious she still checks this website (like Jonny said she used to) cuz she deleted that tweet about that latest made-up email she received… actually there’s a bunch of deleted stuff… looks like she’s taking our advice. Hi Taylor!

Oh and anyone else peep in the comment section of her 7 month sober post where she flat out said she offered Syd a plane ticket to get away from Jonny… LOL. It’s still there. I don’t know why she thinks Syd would ever listen to her or accept her “help” after how crazy she’s been making herself look… but a girl can dream I guess!(newfaggotry)

No. 747661

I agree with what you're saying, but




No. 747672

To be fair, i dont think taylor has ever claimed to be vegan or in any way against the leather trade.

No. 747675

File: 1578842973105.jpeg (44.84 KB, 1242x810, E405F715-9FD3-487D-94B6-49181F…)

Sorry if this may be old but I got this notification to follow one of jcs ex because Taylor is. Did she just start following her which is why I got the notification?

No. 747676

U know people that love animals buy high end products too? Doesn’t make sense, contradiction, but it’s just preference. It’s not black or white. There’s a middle. Just like someone that loves animals doesn’t mean they won’t eat meat.

No. 747686


sorry, but are you defending wearing CALF skin as an accessory to flaunt your wealth? the needless slaughter of baby cows for tacky fashion has no defense, especially not from some spoilt bitch who not only profits off being an ~animal mom~, but uses her "saviour of animals" shtick to trick people into thinking she's a saint

will some anon pull up receipts of taylor saying she doesn't approve of wearing animal, btw? i've seen them in old threads but don't want to dig

she's a hypocrite and idgaf about your diet, if you're flaunting your wealth with this tacky shit then you're a pig