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No. 858500

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24 year old “family friendly pet mom” YouTuber, her insane controlling mother, and her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/849295

The basics:

>Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after “rehoming” them. Fails to give proper enclosures to many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.

>Taylor left sober living after rehoming around 12 of her pets to be “back with her animals” living at her mother’s house, her animals all seem to be crammed into one room and taken care of by her mother.
>Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.
>Taylor has established a pattern of promising to upload, and making terrible excuses relating to poor internet connection or tech issues, or flat out vanishing for weeks to months, returning to announce another come back video which is totally coming
>Taylor frequently posts dramatic posts exaggerating her health or implying it is worse than it actually is. For example claiming she was covered in large ugly scars only to have her legs appear completely normal in future posts
Taylor’s Social Media Links:
Twitter: www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/taylorndean/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@taylorndean
Jen’s Links (mind the fakes; don’t fall for the parody accounts and old accounts of hers that have been taken over):
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tamonandpumbaa
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jenjenmouse1

New Milk:
>Misses her self-imposed Oct 1st deadline for posting cage rebuild part 1 video >>>/pt/855205 excuses include Youtube deciding she can't post in HD, a sexy poster on her wall flagging her video as adult content, and "this used to be easier ugh" >>>/pt/855212 >>>/pt/855240 >>>/pt/855242
>Cage rebuild part 1 finally appears https://youtu.be/44P4SN11dxE TL;DW >>>/pt/855316 includes laughably bad DIY platforms >>>/pt/855296 gross bare arboreal cage for Twisty >>>/pt/855298
>Rats Dove and Pigeon turn 3 years old on 24/08, Taylor says she's got "some cute youtube videos in the works about the girls" which never materialize >>>/pt/850496 Anons notice one rat's tail is red and scabbed >>>/pt/850509 arguments ensue if this is from neglect or just how senior rats are
>Dove the rat gets surgery on another tumor during an after-midnight vet's visit >>>/pt/853607 >>>/pt/853608 >>>/pt/853773 Taylor is butthurt giving her senior rat major surgery will cost $900 >>>/pt/853609
>Pigeon the rat is rushed to the vet at 2am, eventually put down on 22-Oct >>>/pt/857369 Taylor admitted Pigeon was partially paralyzed 13 days earlier >>>/pt/855879 leading anons to speculate she let the rat suffer until she needed an excuse to avoid posting a video
>Tayloe "aimed" for cage rebuild part 2 video to be out 21 Oct >>>/pt/857083 postponed until 25th Oct because of Pigeon's death >>>/pt/857473 so heartbroken she went to get her nails done the next day >>>/pt/857608 missed the new deadline with a vague muh mental health tweet >>>/pt/857873 went partying and then promised the video will be up on 30 Oct >>>/pt/858253 was "watching it upload" on the 30th >>>/pt/858289 no video, but posts sad clown picture instead >>>/pt/858380
>Star the cat still looking obese months after Taylor allegedly puts her on a restrictive raw diet >>>/pt/850328 >>>/pt/853218
>Taylor's latest post of Mushu the axolotl >>>/pt/851555 is revealed by sperganon to be recycled photos from the atrium house >>>/pt/858067 Mushu still MIA
>Her "upgraded enclosures" revealed to be storage tubs from the Container Store, she admits to needing to drill more holes in them for humidity >>>/pt/851747 anon points out that condensation is too high >>>/pt/852840
>Bindi desperate for light in her "temporary" new setup, obligatory lmfaooo >>>/pt/852085
>Salem's enclosure ugrade still sucks >>>/pt/855537

Skim Milk:
>Taylor claims to be 3 months sober on 14/08/2021 >>>/pt/849300
>Taylor continues to obsessively post about her hair more than most people post about their babies >>>/pt/849477 >>>/pt/849766 >>>/pt/849913 >>>/pt/849958 (did you know it's mega curly guysss?) >>>/pt/850384 anons debunk the curly gurl yet again >>>/pt/850400 >>>/pt/850397 >>>/pt/851268 >>>/pt/851375 >>>/pt/852227 >>>/pt/852254 >>>/pt/852255 >>>/pt/852510 >>>/pt/852558 >>>/pt/857174 >>>/pt/857271 Video from her hairdresser reveals Taylor's picked skin and actual face shape >>>/pt/850324
>She's a junkie, not a meth head, get it right >>>/pt/849732
>Collection of animal sightings since August 2021 (updated below) >>>/pt/850015
>Taylor claims she hasn't posted about her reef tank because she feels ambivalent about wild-caught fish, says she will rehome Irwin but not Cheese 2 >>>/pt/850017
>Anon makes poetry out of garbage >>>/pt/850030
>Taylor refers to her heroin addiction as "my year and a half long depression" and bemoans not having a psychiatrist so she can shop around for better antidepressants >>>/pt/850277
>Taylor claims to have gotten 99% of her tattoos while sober >>>/pt/850438
>Taylor posts a selfie every time she sees her wound care doctor to drain her abscesses >>>/pt/850768 >>>/pt/850867 apparently had several months of home health care coming daily as well, sureJan.jpg >>>/pt/856497
>Admits she's so terrible with money she sometimes can't afford to pay for her basic needs, forgetting that she's pretending to care for a hoard of exotic animals >>>/pt/850795
>Taylor wrote out a list of her animals' names and morphs in a folder in case she forgets >>>/pt/851546
>Tay goes from being barely mobile to "lifting heavy cages for 7 hours straight" within a few weeks, what a warrior >>>/pt/851558
>Confirms she's not keeping the old display cages and tweets offering them to "any reptile rescues that can do pickup in San Antonio" >>>/pt/851767
>Taylor has learned to giggle at her disabled snake >>>/pt/852060
>Taylor reminds us it's not meth and heroin that kills, it's gossip >>>/pt/852261
>Confirms she's still on suboxone >>>/pt/852685
>In case you forgot she's not like the other girls, pronouns >>>/pt/852727
>Still has Hep C manlet Jonny Craig on the brain >>>/pt/853165
>Claims to have begun editing her cage upgrade video on 17th Sep, a full two weeks before it came out >>>/pt/853220
>Heart go boom part 2, her resting heart rate is 154 and she's referred to a specialist, "keeps losing track" of all her health conditions >>>/pt/853909
>Taylor adds c-ptsd, binge eating, ADHD, chronic insomnia, anemia, and nerve damage to her list of broken girl problems >>>/pt/849950 >>>/pt/854821 >>>/pt/856458 >>>/pt/857187 >>>/pt/857189 >>>/pt/857674
>Dirty deleted rant about never antagonising her snakes to bite >>>/pt/855801 >>>/pt/855802 quickly debunked by anon >>>/pt/855862
>Tay claims to be six months sober, adding 1-2 months to her sobriety date in a single bound >>>/pt/856119 >>>/pt/856125
>Taylor admits to relapsing after her first rehab stint, then using throughout her "heart go boom" hospital saga, including using while in the hospital, where she "nearly died twice" >>>/pt/856611
>Dirty deletes a bold-faced lie about being forced to do construction when she worked the register at PetCo >>>/pt/857192
>Taylor claims on TikTok Sabor the GTP is still alive but has been moved elsewhere in the house, screenshot courtesy of tireless efforts put in by sperganon >>>/pt/858066
>Aggy the 0 retweets 0 likes Soundcloud rapper is back in the picture >>>/pt/858241
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Seen this year as of 1 Nov 2021
>Hedgehog: Ella (14-Oct IG) >>>/pt/856470
Spotted in Upgrading ALL my Reptile Enclosures video 2-Oct
>Cat: Nemo
>Cat: Ghost
>Cat: Star
>Snake: Lego
>Snake: Maui
>Snake: Louis
>Snake: Spider Morph Motley/Chip
>Snake: Gemini
>Snake: Tofu
>Snake: Celia
>Blue Tongued Skink: Bindi
>Bearded Dragon: Twisty

>Snake: Salem (5-Oct-21 TikTok)

>Snake: Frank (20-Aug-21 IG)
>Snake: Duck (21-May-21 IG)

Last seen in 2020
>Crested Gecko: Echo (18-Dec-2020 IG)
>Axolotl: Mushu (12-Dec-2020 seen in background of her mother’s YouTube video)
>Cowfish: Queso (31-Mar-2020 IG) not shown in “All My Pets” video but announced on IG 22-Sep-2019
>Leopard Gecko: Atta (17-Mar-2020)
>Bearded Dragon: Twisty(20-Feb-2020 TW)
>Snake: Violet (19-Feb-2020 TW)
>Snake: Sabor (12-Jan-2020 IG)

Last seen in 2019
>Hedgehog: Sarabi (25-Aug-19 YT)

General Pettuber Thread >>>/snow/831551 Jonny Craig/Syd Thread: >>>/snow/1336640

No. 858502

How are those two videos posted in October coming along ? Oh wait… it’s November 1st

No. 858507

Nice thread anon! Thanks for making it.

she has been so brazen with her insta posts i can't wait and am hoping for the backlash she gets from all this when she comes back with a terrible excuse. She is so manipulative towards her young audience and yet she thinks Jonny was the reason her life fell apart, nah it's her ugly narc personality that did her in. And tbh now she's not even "coming back" to insta as she was posting there all along. What do you think will be her excuse this time nonnitas? I'm betting she is going to blame her "bad" health lol

No. 858510

her audience stopped giving a shit about her even before this, look at the views on her 2 newest videos.

She had the opportunity to make money off this sponsorship, but I'm sure they're pissed about the whole situation as well and now that ship has sailed.

She could have skated by with her easy life if she just keep posting semi consistently. But here we are

No. 858512

Thanks anon, it was my first thread so I'm glad it's not embarrassing. I'm annoyed I couldn't fix the some of the spacing issues in time lol.

No. 858513

One of her most recent stories/posts was about her oh so bad nerve issues or whatever, so my guess is she's going to use that as her excuse. What's great though is she won't be able to make up some huge awful lie like she was in the hospital, because just within days of when her video was supposedly scheduled to upload, Aggy outs her as doing just fine hanging out with him lmao. Thankful for him for doing that, it wouldn't surprise me if he was hooking her up with drugs but sometimes I wonder if he outs her on purpose because even he is probably over the poor me spiel over and over from her. He has posted shade about taking accountability in the past that we speculated was aimed at her. He probably got a kick out of showing everyone how she was just fucking around when she was failing promises to her audience yet again. I don't know what he would have to gain other than a laugh though, idk if there's some deeper motive there.

With her channel booming at it's peak, she could have made bank with even just one decent video a month or weekly/biweekly lower quality videos. She sperged endlessly about her videos ideas about being an addict, makeup/fasion, Animal Crossing, other shit besides just her animals. Idk why she didn't just drop the animals act, she's obviously not into them anymore, she should have just become a random vlog channel and her tween fans would have still watched. Sad how she could have had it all so easy and yet she's only made it harder for herself and now is broke and living with mommy in the end.

No. 858515

Going out of your way to tell people your video is uploading when in reality you haven’t even filmed it yet is crazy person stuff.

Last time she started consistently promising video and then breaking the promises was last year around the same time, I wonder if this time of year (September/October) has some weird meaning to her and that’s why she’s always a fucking mess. Dumb tinfoil but I know syd and Jonny met in September or October so maybe that’s it??

No. 858528

Almost time for her "break" for the holidays kekw.

yeaa, I think most people know she's "done" they're just following out of entertainment/ boredom at this point. The only people who really believe are probably young kids at this point. Her audience is growing up too, they're 18/19 at this point if they were tweens. Pretty sure some are watching and cringing at themselves for believing her lies.

No. 858536

File: 1635820712424.png (207.16 KB, 500x361, 617B04EE-E567-4679-A6B3-581611…)

>Almost time for her "break" for the holidays kekw.

No. 858584

She has said her completed video is uploading many times since the 24th of October. It’s November 2nd that was 8 days ago. Her internet is so slow.

Maybe we should make a gofundme to provide better Internet for Taylor. That would be so funny to see her fans on twitter give donations. 100% a joke obviously.

No. 858614

Her internet is powered by hamsters. Unfortunately they are in her care so they’re not doing well.

No. 858615

Oh well, she's back in her happy place of getting dicked & disrespected (by nastyaggy or insert any other bottom of the barrel male) and nodding hard.

No. 858624

File: 1635928837909.jpg (393.7 KB, 1080x1820, call security.jpg)

Sage for skim milk but I went to check if Mama Dean reactivated her Twitter. She really is her own brand of cow.
For those unaware, PWS sufferers like her son are not only mentally disabled, but completely obsessed with food because they're always physically hungry.
So instead of vetting the things he watches in case he gets actually, clinically triggered, she let him watch whatever, and he spiraled about some youtubers eating candy in Disneyland. She then let him call the parks security to tell them there's candy in the park. And she tweets about it like it's the cutest thing.
Way to waste the security's time, oh and tag the youtubers he watched to bait them to engage or feel guilty.
Knowing PWS in adolescents, especially boys, any little friction can easily turn into a violent tantrum. Jen is clearly so over it she let a random Disney worker be the bad guy for the day, oh and the youtubers who dared film themselves eating are at fault too! No shit the holidays are hard Jen, your son should be in residential care, not watching YouTube in your smelly house with your junkie daughter.

No. 858639

Tagging all these people who are just minding their own business to try to involve them in her crappy story. She seems mentally disabled herself.

No. 858640

Agree anon!! She is a boomer that needs to have her social media access taken away from home (much like tay) she really thinks is a diary and that the whole world revolves around her and her family (like she complaint about specific content about tik tok on twitter). Its so embarrassing. Is this an american thing or a texan thing or a house of dean thing? Honestly the narc level in that house is astonishing.

No. 858645

I agree that whole family should sign off forever. Social media/yt ruined Taylor's life. Yeah it made her a little bit famous but at a heavy cost. It allowed JC to find her and destroy her and other predators will follow suit bc she doesn't have any kind of ability to fend them off. Weak, gullible and low self worth.

No. 858647

Saged for blog but relevant to the nitpicking discussion. I worked in security for a theme park (not wdw) and honestly a lot of the job is customer service related. Lost & Found, safety reports, etc are all about being a cheerful & helpful representative of the company. If you looked like you were doing serious security stuff in front of guests (with behind the scenes exceptions) then you were doing it wrong. Guest experience is forefront once in the park. The serious stuff is hidden or usually about the staff (lots of gross gropey dads). They will play along, and it might even be someone's highlight of the week. I'd rather take a report from some retarded kid reporting the candy than the 1000th report that week for a lost pair of sunglasses. It's not like they're wasting a police officers time, but even police are willing to humor a literal retard if there's not an emergency.
I can see Mama Dean letting him make the call. If that's his way if coping & he is taking the initiative to call, and have the patience to wait on the phone, that's a good thing, for an actual retard.

No. 858658

anon she would still be a useless meth addict without youtube. Given her choice in men she would have found another drug addict, she only has herself to blame for her downfall

No. 858680

lol duh?

No. 858726

It’s hard to imagine getting pregnant (twice!), being so excited about having your babies, wondering what people they would turn out to be…only to end up with a drug addict daughter with mental health issues and a developmentally delayed son. That’s your whole life now. Makes me glad I don’t have kids sometimes, those cute babies grow up into fucked up people sometimes. Either way, she should be pushing Taylor way harder than she is.

No. 858734

any excuses yet? God she's a train wreck.

No. 858772

Why does she always do this to herself

No. 858782

Too understand you'd have to be as crazy as she is. Fear of failure, judgment, weakness, laziness add drugs to the mix, and neglectful childhood, disabled brother… There isn't really any excuse, she just doesn't wanna make videos anymore and that's clear. The only reason she's hanging onto YT is because she's afraid of getting a real job.

She's just going to continue to fade into obscurity at this point. Her best years are over…

No. 858801

October 35th is almost over, but I'm really looking forward to the new video! I hope it releases soon, despite Taylor losing both legs, dying her naturally very curly hair five different colors in one meth binge and uploading with internet from a free AOL CD from 1999.

No. 858811

kek, agreed!

No. 858816

Anon, I'm begging you to learn to quote what post you're responding to. I see you all the time in /pt/ acting like you're responding to someone but don't link the post so it looks like a retard just saying "kek I agree" into the thin air. Just click on the post number and it will auto populate in the comment section and you won't scream newfag as much for your comments that add nothing to the thread.

No. 858842

No. 858854

File: 1636150412506.jpeg (167.69 KB, 828x560, 689E55BC-CD4B-485E-B54B-327B65…)

Questions for animals anon, I just realised that emzotic is the sales and marketing department of zen habitats? Weren’t taylor promoting their enclosures for the cages upgrades for the snakes in the latest video & last thread? Is there a correlation between the brand and the company em’s works for? If yes, it would makes sense how tay is still getting sponsors and getting away from not posting the promised enclosures content right now. Not sure if this was discussed in prior thread but I don’t see anyone pointed this out? So i didnt sage in case is potential milk

No. 858869

Very very interesting. This is a find.

No. 858871

I went back to the last thread and no where does Taylor ever say she has or had a sponsorship/partnership with zen habitats. Anons started speculating when she kept @ing the brand and posting about them that they probably sent her an enclosure for free promotion, but that was never confirmed (social media now makes you disclose if something is an a paid promotion). She didn’t even mention zenhabitats in her video about the new setups, so I’m curious where you heard that she had promised them content?

No. 858872

If you don’t think she had a sponsorship from them - your retarded. You don’t need solid evidence when we will have it in her next video. No way in hell she paid for their most expensive enclosure when she didn’t need it whatsoever for the dragon.

No. 858876

> You don’t need solid evidence
So what you’re saying is your only proof is your own dumb tinfoil. Cool, glad we sorted that out.

No. 858893

ntayrt but its pretty transparent that she was either given a huge discount on these cages or she was sent them as a deal if she advertised/made videos on them. Like the other anon said there is no way Trailer would spend her precious meth and tacky knickknack funds on the animals she clearly despises. The bins are another story but these giant ass enclosures that are ill-fitting for the animals she chose to throw in them were definitely provided to her in some sort of deal

No. 858896

Not sure if i m linking it right but this breakdown of her promised content here >>855869 is what makes me think she is saving for more traffic for her posts and videos before mentioning more about zen habitats. I m not an influencer so dont know how it all works exactly but I think declaring as paid sponsorship/partnership is still down to the discretion of the brand and influencer. I also agree that tay didnt mention about zen habitats in the last video or tag them in the details of her vid so I thought its worth raising to check if any anons know if the brands are related? I also think based on the breakdown her promised video, could she be trying to save up more traffic and mention zen habitats more in vid no.2 and 3? Testing the waters almost?

I just think its too huge of a coincident now but happy to hear any rebuttals

No. 858897

I really don’t get these anons with delusions of Taylor still being some rich YouTube star with sponsors. This meth head has spent more time picking apart her face than she has spent even thinking about YouTube in the past two years.

Her channel has been stuck at 1.97 mil followers since she came out as a drug addict. No one would sponsor somebody that has been out of it for so long.

No. 858899

This is definitely milk.
Current US laws say you have to disclose when content is sponsored, ie when a brand pays you to make a video or post you wouldn't normally make. Legally you don't have to disclose free gifts to your audience, or kickbacks like getting a percentage off discount codes.
Taylor is broke and clout-starved enough to hype the brand just for sending her an enclosure worth a couple hundred dollars. She might be pandering because they promised a bigger sponsorship if this one goes well, which is obviously not going to happen now kek.
Knowing what a narc Taylor is, I'm genuinely surprised she lets Emzotic reply-guy simp for her after what happened. Tay was genuinely a victim of creepy obsessive two-faced behavior from Em and she just forgave her instead of throwing a tantrum and making videos about how boollying is the reason she takes drugs, neglects her animals and has bad knees.

No. 858929

File: 1636220165248.png (927.78 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211106-113514.png)

No. 858930

File: 1636220198234.png (562.34 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211106-113543.png)

No. 858933

>srry I have had my phone off for over a week!
I think you mean “srry I’m a lazy junkie who keeps promising shit and lying about it”. We all know she turned off her phone for no other reason than to hide from the mountain of lies she told and the shit decisions she made.

Anons that guessed she was going to use her health as an excuse were right. It makes no sense that anemia prevented her from pushing upload, but that’s what she’s going with I guess.

No. 858934

What a half-assed apology for ghosting her fans over a week and pathetic excuse. She has no responsibilities and can take it easy all day. Yet she is claiming sitting on her ass and uploading a youtube video that was supposedly already done was too much due to anemia. Meanwhile people in the real world with anemia issues have to still go into work full time. She thinks fixing her physical health issues will fix everything and make her motivated. We know it won't.

No. 858935


GOD SHE PISSES ME OFF. Normal ferritin levels for women is a MASSIVE range, 11 micrograms to 307. 4 is low, but doesn't explain how she was able to get her nails done, go to a concert and then hang out at least once with a shitty soundcloud rapper when she is supposedly having a horrible health week.

I just…god she is such a manipulator. I fucking hate her.

No. 858936

It's easy to tell when she is lying because she only updates her insta stories, not a post or Twitter. That way no one can start a conversation about her constant lying and "health problems" cycle she goes into when she relapses.

Insta story= I'm lying and don't want to be called out.

No. 858939

What’s up with her and getting infusions for being anemic ? It’s not a uncommon condition and many people I know including myself have it. This doesn’t make you special taylor. Just take your daily ferrous sulfate and you’ll be fine.

No. 858940

Did she seriously just blame her not doing stuff / finishing the video and posting it because of being anemic ?! She doesn’t even talk about fainting spells, just “I’m so tried all the time and it’s not my fault I’m lazy.” Yes the condition zaps your engery, but I’ve never seen someone skip out on work and say there health has gone so down hill over this.

She was talking about a few weeks ago how she was severely anemic when she was little, and I pointed out then she would get blood draws to test this shit still and they wouldn’t just let it slide and she never gets tests done.

Now boom she got test and has the worst case of iron deficiency known to man. Hook her up she take take iron pills, she needs it pumped into her. Like what ? She’s acting like her levels are worst then they are

No. 858941

>but I think I was just crashing from trying to push myself consistently.

She must be the laziest person i've ever seen, like how?? She doesn't excercise, go outside, and doesn't eat anything besides junk food. NOW she's gonna blame it on her "failing health", bro just make better decisions about your body. Stop doing drugs, exercise and actually do something with your life.

No. 858942

Don’t forget MY BLOOD IS LOW ON IRON. MY BLOOD MADE ME LIE TO YOU ALL AND TWEET THE VIDEO IS DONE OVER AND OVER. I’m the only one with this rare condition so only I know how it works and I can spread fake info to excuse my actions

No. 858944

So true. How did I not see this before. Her craziest stories are always on her Instagram

No. 858946

Oh so it was originally made for Halloween so now she has to “re-edit it” Taylor Taylor Taylor. Your hair will tell all.

If your hair in any part of the video is red and blue even with the excuse - had to refilm some parts bc it was halloween style. Everyone will know. No ones that dumb. Also a good amount of YouTube’s are still posting Halloween theme videos even tho it’s the start of Nov. there is no excuse besides ….. drum rolll

You lied to everyone and didn’t film or finish the video. Your a liar. You lie all the time.

I just want to know why ? Why lie for literally no reason besides to lie ? No ones is makin you, you don’t have responsibility. You set the goals yourself, then randomly lie to your audience.

Personally I think it’s some kind of thrill / high. I can’t think of another reason to lie so often about stupid pointless shit

No. 858947

she said the video was already "done" too, we all know it wasn't, and that's why she's using excuses..

No. 858948

Absolutely the most pathetic bitch alive. What will her ignorant excuse be next week? Maybe she wrote every possible excuse she could think of on scraps of paper and put them in a hat. Stubbed toe really bad, got stung by bee on upload button finger etc.

No. 858949

File: 1636227397604.png (123.26 KB, 864x432, Screenshots_2021-11-06-15-34-1…)

I love how Taylor always over exaggerates how shitty she is doing while her mom always over exaggerates how awesome she is doing. Neither of them are in reality and need to go touch grass.

No. 858950

I think she lies cause she doesn't want to take responsibility for her fans unhappiness. She knows "I was lazy" isn't an excuse, so she exaggerates these health problems so they feel guilty for asking her about it. Its manipulative and shitty behavior, but in her mind she's being "nice" because telling them the truth would make them angry and unhappy.

She can't stand being disliked so lying about it is more comfortable than telling the truth. I they see her as a "fraud" who isn't interested in animals anymore they'll just leave, and that's what she's afraid of.

No. 858951

File: 1636228250497.jpeg (225.85 KB, 750x817, 1514661006649.jpeg)


I personally think she throws all her old posts in a hat and digs one out when needed…which is how we have been re-blessed with a 2013 problem.

No. 858952

The girl seriously needs to just post what ever she is interested in. She also wouldn’t have so much drama around her if she didn’t post misinformation about animals. She generally seems like she doesn’t really find any interest in them anymore. I know her life will feel so much easier without having them around, and she can focus on herself and find some new hobbies. Also I’m shook she hasn’t mentioned the new animal crossing update. She was talking about streaming that game before.

She has talked about - drawing, song writing, singing, playing guitar, streaming videogames on twitch, playing pc games, playing animal crossing on switch, doing resin art, there has been so much more

But it’s not like she can’t find hobbies, she’s been talking about all of this stuff for like a year and hasn’t shown any progress in any of the activities she said she was interested in

I wonder if her animals are holding her back combing with her laziness. (No not health problems, many people have the same issues as her and live there daily lives outside of bed)

No. 858953

Bro same levels and everything

No. 858954


She is wrong about women iron levels in both these posts. Love how her levels are the exact same in both posts. It makes me think she never got a blood draw, and tells people she gets them and that’s always the first number to pop in her head. She’s probably thinking “yeah that sounds low enough to me, they will all think I’m super sick if I say that” but doesn’t realize she’s been sayin the same levels over and over making it look fishy

No. 858955

Wow good find. No doubt in my mind that she has made the whole story up. Not a shred of truth in it. I can't believe back in 2013 she was acting exactly the same as she does now. No responsibility, just constant promises that she is on the up and going to start succeeding in life. She has spent every year between then and now on rinse and repeat. Pretty sad. She could have been a multi millionaire by now if she hadn't thrown it all away and actually did some work.

No. 858956

Absolutely anon! There are millions of people out there with way worse issues than this bitch that go every day and give it their all. And a lot of them are much older that Tay. I can’t believe she’s not embarrassed.

No. 858959


Mama deans post, and Taylor’s old 2013 post with the same levels and everything makes me think that this is all a lie. Most the time I try to give the befit of the doubt. I couldn’t possibly in this scenario, bc it’s just so blatant.

She never even went to the doctors I bet.

Her own mom said the whole family is chillin basically

No. 858960

Wow anon thanks for this! Munchies queen strikes again! Also agree >>858936 i noticed that too!
She really does have a clear pattern when she is lying or telling the truth + not want to get call out. She is so predictable kek

No. 858967

fucking kek. Taylor saw all the "all sexy bitches have anemia" memes and decided to make it her personality this month. Gotta get those dramatic ass stats in there to make sure we know how uniquely sick and special she is, though! She's not like other girls! She is EXTRA sick! Weird that no one ever tested her blood during all those intensive surgeries for her hundreds of infected abscesses, huh? Oh well. At least they caught it so that she can get a video out within a thirty day window of when she promised it. Anemia. How groundbreaking.

No. 858968


She is so full of shit when NORMAL ferritin levels range from 11-300. She states she’s greater than 4. It’s low but she’s not dying, she’s perfectly fine. Anybody who gets blood work will realize people are deficient in at least one thing. Congratulations Taylor, you are literal the average person. She just shes a small number and posts for sympathy. Ridiculous that she has the energy to go out and do god knows what with an addict but can’t press a button to upload a video she claims is done. She’s using a basic fucking deficiency (anemia) as an excuse for work. Would love for her to tell that to a real job.

No. 858969


You would think if anemia is an ongoing issue for her, she would just change her diet to foods high in iron OR buy a $5 vitamin bottle of iron to take after her whataburger meals. Problem solved. She just loves to play the victim card

No. 858973

No when you have the condition you get your iron from your pharmacy prescribed by your dr bc they have to do blood work often to adjust your meds, bc to much iron is a whole other issue

No. 858974

Holy fuck this is actually insane, amazing find! Every time I think she cannot sink any lower or become a worse person she does. Why is she acting like her anemia is a new experience when she had it previously? Wouldn't be surprised if she's lying… what are the odds it's at the same exact low number when the testing range is so huge?

No. 858975

In her 2013 post she says after an infusion her levels stayed at 4

okay she has always been insane

No. 858980

Really shows how her personal development has been unchanged for nearly a decade. Good find anon, this is enough of an arrested development sign that it actually bums me out. Imagine growing from ~16-24 without changing inside.

No. 858987

What a trip. I can’t decide if the whole thing is a lie and she’s never had anemia or she really did in 2013, exaggerated it bc she’s a munchie, and then re used the story today for sympathy.

No. 858994

File: 1636273142536.jpeg (875.14 KB, 1170x2085, 7137CC46-6B29-4977-9ED7-016D6D…)

Hmm, that’s quite interesting given she was out partying with Aggy with seemingly no issue during this period with phone in hand.

We all know it’s bullshit, but I can’t believe she’s not embarrassed by it? She’s had to of promised a video an upwards of 100 times at this rate, never follows through, lies about it, and repeats. Why not just give up? Why not just stop making these promises? It seems so much less humiliating.

No. 858995

KEK underrated post. Personally when I forget to take my iron supplement I go around telling people I'm an astronaut

No. 859000

lmaoooo good point you can even see the phone is turned on and the screen is lit!! why u always lyin kek

No. 859013

Tinfoil but I’m pretty certain this was Taylor’s plan all along. Youtubers get paid more during the holiday season because advertisers are buying more ad space/ competing with other advertisers for space because of the increase profit during November/December. She probably planned to upload during these more profitable months but as always, strings her fans along with false promises and sob stories to create more buzz around her uploads.

No. 859016

I think this is a good tinfoil but I don’t think she has thought it out that hard. Waiting for the holiday season once a year to post wouldn’t really help keep her sustainable long term. She is just fried in the brain and has been putting off videos so long that we are once again stepping into holiday season. She doesn’t deserve all these tiny pats on the back this is indirectly giving her, assuming she’s making behind the scenes financial moves related to strategic video planning makes her sound like a genius at this point and she’s not. Perhaps she will post during the business season but it’s directly correlated to laziness and an opportune time rather that her planning skills.

No. 859026

yea I don't think its planned at all, just laziness and not caring. The only reason she gets away with it is cause a couple idiots will watch, but the money isn't really there for her anyway.

She had a good 5 years on youtube, most entertainment careers don't last longer than that anyway. She thinks she's gonna make all that money back, but the truth is she isn't.

No. 859027

She must be absolutely miserable in real life. Anyone having to constantly lie and run away from their problems has to spend every waking moment feeling like a steaming pile of trash. It seems like the only fulfilment in her life is doing life ruining drugs and dying her hair, at 24 that’s a ridiculously sad reality.

No. 859178

I just check in every few days to see if Taylor managed to upload the video yet. Looks like nope.

No. 859184

File: 1636520147317.png (6.98 KB, 367x60, tnd h3.PNG)

Seems like a minor discovery to me, but while watching the recent H3 Podcast live show I kept catching Taylor in the live chat.
Interesting to me that she has constant excuses about everything but can find the time to watch a four hour long livestream and be active in the chat.

No. 859185

her dead rat?

No. 859187

So stunning and brave of her to use her frail anemic strength to write comments simping for her fellow unwashed narcs

No. 859207

wth is the H3 podcast and why is it relevant? Looks like a left-wing joe rogan sort of thing? I don't know how she can rationalize not having a video out by now.. It's just cringe worthy watching her go on like this…

No. 859231

aren't all of her rats dead now? either she got a new one already or is lying for cool girl points.

No. 859236

Dove is still alive, she’s the one that had surgery last month. Pigeon and Goose have both passed away. Fingers crossed she doesn’t get any more though.

No. 859253


Alive for now. It won't be alive much longer, it's just as old as the dead ones were. We should expect milk regarding Dove by the end of the year tbh.

No. 859270

If it lives for more than two weeks, she'll seize the excuse to get more "so she's not alone"

No. 859333

File: 1636760327274.jpg (84.21 KB, 1079x225, Screenshot_20211113-013658_You…)


No. 859338

Is this recent? Did her clean time somehow double? I thought she was claiming 3 months or something

No. 859345

On sep 28 she said she was 5months sober >>854821 so 7 months seems like plausible math. Let’s be honest though, she obviously hasn’t been sober since at least mid October so she can stop pretending.

No. 859346

From todays h3h3 live. She was quite active on the chat.

No. 859365

This bitch truly has no shame. She can’t take 2 mins out of her day to post an update on that video that was supposed to be uploaded a month ago but can spend 5 hours a day patting her own ass in someone else’s livestream LMAO

No. 859372

Damn so this is really what she does all day? High off her ass in bed hiding from her family, watching other annoying narc youtubers? Lmao she probably just sits there fantasizing about what coulda shoulda woulda been while actively killing her channel. Grim af. Or maybe she's just desperately hoping someone will recognize her name and shout her out or some other ubsurd fantasy. She totally lives in a make believe day dream. Hopefully she'll get a rude awakening soon (ultimate would be her parents stopping their excessive enabling). More realisticly though it'll be losing her source of income and turning to sex work or something equally nightmarish for money. Otherwise she'll probably die from a totally preventable infection

No. 859390

Considering not being cuddled-on-demand was her definition of abuse, and Petco was awful because they made her do something besides poking buttons at the cash register, anything beyond lying in bed and being a narc on the internet is "nightmarish" to her.

Maybe she can ask PNP for some advice. They're both really good at that stripper trying to pay her way through clown college look.

No. 859418

Right? This bitch has (or maybe had I guess who knows) a fucking chimera ball python. Rare af. Blows my mind she has this unfathomably amazing specimen and makes no videos with him? No artistic edits, no tiny mic interviews. Absolutely nothing. That snake should be the mascot of her channel and she should be constantly thinking everyday of videos to make with him. Polyamorous sold him to her bc of her huge yt following, thinking she would do cool shit with him. And she sits on her woe as me ass doing nada. Ridiculous.

No. 859434

I remember someone saying he revoked their sale to sell it to Taylor cause she offered $10k cause the price was $7.5k or something.

Dude doesn't give a fuck what happened to his snake, he only cared about the money

No. 859441

File: 1636837032592.jpeg (162.28 KB, 1125x959, tayyy.jpeg)

She says she bought it for 7.5k you can read more about it in thread 16 and make your own decision. Widely suspected she paid more cause it was still offered for sale long after she "claimed" to have bought it.

No. 859445

What happened was she was claiming they were giving her the snake for free bc she was so famous

People contacted the seller and they were like ummmm no I’m not giving my snake for free

Then she ended up buying the snake for $7500

No. 859446

File: 1636837957885.jpeg (195.24 KB, 1296x1122, ffffafaf.jpeg)

I got you anon.

No. 859447

File: 1636838018131.png (67.51 KB, 532x538, fafffffafaf.png)

lol early era taylor was the best

No. 859449

File: 1636838493921.png (295.34 KB, 346x654, fallout.png)

the fallout from this was hilarious as well, it seems like she hasn't changed a bit.

No. 859452

Let’s face it in less than 5 years no one will even know what a Taylor Nicole dean is. Her source of income is already pennies compared to what a part time minimum wage job would pay, her career is dead, she’s just in denial and dragging it out to be as long and painful as possible. She has almost 2 million subs and her yt videos don’t even pull 500k views and 100k likes, at one point her videos got 6million views. She may continue to scrape by on her fifteen hundred dollars a month (at most) but she’ll never be able move out unless she gets an adult job and accept that her time making a livable wage on YouTube is looong gone.

No. 859473

the way she still victimizes herself. i'm not used to so many people watching every little thing i say. bitch u have not changed.

No. 859488

October 45th and there’s still no video!

No. 859735

File: 1637179293318.png (6.13 MB, 1170x2532, 744942E2-42B0-48B1-B9BD-AAB165…)

No. 859737

wow surprise!!!
also "muh naturally curly hair I ruined"

No. 859739

Her hair looks like a party city wig

No. 859743

Holy shit she looks like a literal clown, this is terrifying. Don't have time to watch right now but no surprise at all that this was filmed with her new hair color as we all predicted. I'm sure she hiding behind her usual excuse of "I just wasn't happy with it and kept refilming to perfect it!!", but yawn, we all know she never had it filmed last month to begin with. She literally just made this yesterday. She's so predictable it hurts.

No. 859750

Jesus 8-minutes long rant at the front, I have skipped the entire video and she does admit she looks like a clown lol. But holy shit tay would you please stop flushing your looks down the drain?? When she got her hair blonde, it was starting to look like herself again and then she gone and did that… also I have a feeling that she will be getting face tattoo next. Wtf is that makeup??

No. 859751

Between the non existent pupils in this video to the abnormally modest clothing she couldn't make it more obvious shes still on drugs

No. 859753

she legit sounds high in the video, her brain is so scarred from drugs its hard to watch her in this state. Its just a long list of lies, and manic excuses. The production quality just isn't there in her video anymore… It's obvious she just threw this together in an afternoon. The content just isn't that interesting, she's obviously running out of ideas.

No. 859756

File: 1637194147573.png (1.47 MB, 1150x694, trainwreck.PNG)

total trainwreck

No. 859757

File: 1637194355627.jpeg (172.89 KB, 1214x828, D9A3F9BC-985F-4D6D-9E44-F23A23…)

The first 10 minutes is more ranting and excuses (in this case her health “problems” aka side effects of using drugs all the time) and a surprisingly absent apology for all the lying. Then she talks about her snake enclosures in detail until the 22 minute mark where she goes back to ranting for the remainder of the video. This is genuinely her worst video since her return IMO, she spends 13 of the 27 minutes talking about herself. I had to rewind it over 10 times because I just kept tuning it out because it was so fucking uninteresting and I normally love this kinda dumb animal content.

Side note but she hasn’t looked this bad since last September, and she later came out and said she was relapsing during that period.

No. 859758

I like how she throws in happy Halloween at the end to make it seem like she filmed this in october lol, she must really think her fans are stupid.

No. 859760

File: 1637195139206.jpeg (167.22 KB, 828x1792, CE3EB52D-9A23-493B-9CAE-41290D…)

Sf but she also posted this on Instagram.

No. 859762

well, TND finally did it, she made me want to know more about her hair. specifically i want to know: what the fuck

No. 859764

Her hair is giving me y2k glam-fur vibes but on meth.

No. 859766

File: 1637197638329.jpg (1.08 MB, 1642x1092, 5WZOSWC.jpg)

How many times has she sworn off dollskill now

No. 859773

File: 1637199959534.jpg (326.67 KB, 800x545, aliens-88d6978b36.jpg)

Couldn't help myself

No. 859774


She spends the last 5 minutes of the video over explaining the enclosures and then begs people to subscribe bc her snakes need more space and she can’t do that right now since she lives with her parents. The beginning was also her hinting that she needs the views to move out because she’s taking up space with her parents. So annoying. She’s in this position bc she CHOSE it. She had the money and house, but her dumbass didn’t use it wisely. It’s her fault she lives with her parents and that her animals don’t have the proper space to thrive. And the money she gets now she uses for tattoos, whataburger, and useless fucking furbies. Taylor, learn to save money and, I don’t know, get a job?

No. 859777

File: 1637201175752.jpeg (137.94 KB, 828x225, A3615B33-E7E8-45AD-BBCE-049902…)

17k views in the first 6 hours

Her career is not just dead, but actively decomposing

No. 859778

shes made the past 4 videos just promising the same things, it's already having repercussions for her.

No. 859782

Did it ever occur to you… that it's getting colder…?

No. 859783

I laughed out loud when she was talking about moving out in the future. To me it really solidified the fact that she’s actually delusional. She rlly thinks she’s going to get back all the YouTube success she had 3years ago and make good money by lying all the time and uploading stale content.

No. 859798

hahaha get fucked taylor you look worse than ever. i don't even understand how her hair got this ugly. the blue curly part is so confusing. i love the hideous red makeup and furby derangement syndrome on full display. also her lips holy shit

No. 859801

samwfag but there's no reason to fuck up your hair this badly for halloween. there are so many clown wigs that look better than her hair.

No. 859806

This is a completely different video then she said she already made. Different hair and everything. She deleted all tweets and evidence of her other video she “filmed” lol

No. 859807

A good portion of her first watcher are haters too. At least 1-2k views hate watch

No. 859816

I am 22/27 mins through the video. Have you guys noticed the past three videos it doesn't seem as she is addressing her fans after the intro of excuses, but her haters.

She starts talking about everything on this website in bullet points. Her videos lately is just her trying to clean up her mistakes, I can tell she is worried about views.

That is why this video took so long.
1. she is lazy
2. she ordered supplies from amazon, because she actually did take some of the snake criticism from the threads. She tried to play it off like she has always been in the right and it was always her plan.

Love her rant about how she never liked her hognoses new cage that she put up in her last video. Then why upload it ? She is only saying that bc of how much she was dragged over how bad it is and unsafe. "I just put aspen on the ledges to bury"

It's whatever, as long as her animal care is improving. ~kind of funny. She has learned so much animal care from reading her own threads on lolcow

The only snake criticism I have is… she uses insanely large water bowls for her colubrid snakes. She kept mentioning over and over again how it took forever to find the right size too. It made me laugh, no wonder her albino hognose got a respiratory infection.

These videos are her showing animal care, I thought she was going to distance herself from preaching about animals, but these are all diy animal education videos. kek

No. 859817

24.03 in the recent video she talks about her sponsored Zen habits video coming out soon

No. 859819

She doesn’t say it’s sponsored. Once again you are assuming it’s a sponsored video based on your own personal tinfoil.

No. 859820

Dude I knew you’d come back to flip your shit. Don’t worry the sponsored video is coming. You think she would make three animal cage video in a row if she wasn’t forced and pay for the most expensive reptile enclosure from the company when it isn’t the best one for her pet. Youre just trying to start infighting, and no one will bite my friend.

No. 859822

Flip my shit? I only pointed out that she did not use the word sponsor. And I'm not even part of the earlier conversation, but I did see you being overly reactive there too. Funny, you "bit" in less than 20 minutes.

I actually think she could be sponsored, even though its an awful idea to sponsor a junkie with her track record of video uploads. But again, you lied and said she was discussing a sponsored video when all she did was make another hollow promise about an upcoming video she is definitely planning on maybe filming next.

No. 859825

stop infighting when there is actual milk for once

No. 859826

File: 1637222614495.jpeg (418.46 KB, 750x1165, 0B371AEA-10B7-47B6-8F94-8F3E94…)

Her decline

No. 859828

calling you out for lying isn't infighting… please provide evidence of this sponsorship and stop hiding behind phrases like 'baiting' and 'infighting'

No. 859829

Lol even mama dean is not liking or promoting her new vid on twitter and its been 12 hours. Wow truly telling when your overbearing and enabling mom is also sick of your shit kek!

No. 859831

Hi Taylor, go to rehab

Hi Em, known self poster and VP of sales and marketing for Zen Habitats.

No. 859832

the amount of delusion here, someone disagrees with you so your explanation is that I must be Emzotic trying to hide the sponsorship that only you thinks is real?

you need meds

No. 859834

Where is Sabor her GTP, she hasn’t mentioned him since jan 2020? Thought we might see him in this video because it’s all about her snakes but she didn’t even bring him up. It’s kinda weird she even says that her beardies habitat would be good for a GTP but doesn’t mention that she has one or sabor at all.

No. 859835

Em is VP Sales and Marketing for the UK. Considering Taylor is US based I'm pretty sure Em has nothing to do with selling or marketing anything with her.

No. 859840

Not trying to jump on this tinfoil but there’s only 10 employee count on zen habitats company profile and linkedin (em is not even listed on LI) but I assume for such a small startup, em probably has a lot of say of their marketing influencers esp em is based in the US too. Its not uncommon startups to have cross-function or influence in decision like this. I m not saying tay is defo sponsored by them but seems sus that they are on good terms now and tay is virtually broke so I feel there are some sort of arrangement.

No. 859862

The video thumbnail doesn't even have any snakes on it. It has a rat with text that's too small to even read, so it looks like she's going to be feeding it to them or something. She knows that her face isn't how you get clicks, right? Why not put the snakes you're spending oh so much money on to attract people to view your videos?

No. 859865

Hi Taylor, that would be a valid point but the shorts say otherwise. kek

No. 859866

It's still averaging mid to high 70s where she lives

No. 859868

not that anon, but long sleeves are a junkie staple for hiding track marks. The fact that she was partying with aggy and crew is proof she isn't sober. It might not be heroin but she's clearly still using something.

No. 859869

the new video part where she shows her enclosures is shaky af. I couldn't finish watching it.

No. 859870


hello Taylor

No. 859873

The quality has gone so downhill, what happened to her tripod and lighting?? She shakes so much and the lighting is so dim half the time I didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking at. I keep imagining her mom hearing all these noises at 3am, while Taylor stumbles around her drug den updating her enclosures

No. 859877

meth happened.

No. 859881

My comment was called as as being both Taylor and Em. You are all so smart, I admit I am both of these people.

No. 859886

Bro they are stupid your clearly not taylor. but it feels like you just come to the threads to infight with other anons. Add something to the conversation. Okay ?

No. 859891

I’m not even the same anon get a grip

That anon never lied about a sponsored video. It’s just a lot of anons have been callin the future zen video “sponsored video” because they feel like it. Did you read “taylor said the video is sponsored” ? no you didn’t.. they didn’t lie. No one knows for sure if it’s sponsored, but can you get that stick out of your ass please ? I’ve seen 5-6 posts of just you infighting with any anon you can find. Not just today but in the past two weeks. You must be a delight in person. It’s just annoying to see there are more post, and it’s just you bitching about other anons. Not even talking about the cow.

I’ll probs get a ban from this, because now I’m bitching about you, but I accept it if you fuck off with the whining about “it’s not confirmed yet” “it’s not sponsored” “this anons a liar” “this anon said this” “look you bit in less then twenty”

No. 859895

I haven't posted here in a month. I'll end by saying you shouldn't call a video sponsored when you don't know that for a fact, that's all.

Didn't realize this would start such a controversy.

Done posting here, don't have to worry about "infighting". What a bunch of cunts

No. 859928

Not Taylor, just a person who lives in Florida which has similar fall/winter weather. You guys sound dumb as fuck when you do that "hi cow" shit.

No. 859933

Retarded hill to die on. You could have googled the weather in her city and you'd see that it's been warm here for weeks. Maybe one chilly day in November but not on the day she farted out her drugged out video.

No. 859944

I thought you were done posting ?

No. 859953

News flash: There are more than two anons in this thread. You're so fucking annoying.

No. 859960

Well maybe stop acting like a cow then?

No. 859973

oh ffs. I had high hopes until she pulled out not one but TWO sheds from one of the ball python enclosures? Which means she hasn't cleaned it in two? Three? Four months? I can only imagine the stench.

No. 859986

File: 1637333983564.jpeg (534.82 KB, 828x946, 32CD2660-957A-46CD-BD8A-C0CAD2…)

Skimmed milk but noticed this on mama dean’s twitter bio (on her narc hashtag) to confirm that tay is diagnosed with ADHD now. Maybe mama dean should also get diagnosed for munchies by proxy? Lol

No. 859996

No wonder Taylor is the way she is. Her mother’s whole identity seems to be her kids’s issues. To a degree I can get hashtagging Tanner’s issues to talk about PWS and all, but collecting your adult daughter’s issues in your bio is just way munchie.

No. 859999

spoonie by proxy

No. 860000

Google says 55k views gets you between $13-200 from Adsense…. That won’t buy food for her pets. Homie better get a Jay Oh Bee. Even minimum wage pays better than her YouTube right now.

No. 860007

Adhd ? Are you kidding I know an anon made a huge list of her self diagnosing on this thread, but they forgot that one

No. 860008

When you celiac you can’t make out with people that just had gluten. I’ve seen time and time again of jonny drinking gluten wheat beer then kissing Taylor. Anyone with celiacs would know this would have major consequences. I’m sure at some point in the next few years she will be like “that’s how far the abuse went, he would force me to make me sick” hahaha even thoI doubt he would ever do that bc shitting issues isn’t very hot.

No. 860011

File: 1637352334731.png (543.94 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-11-19-13-54-11.p…)

It was discussed in a recent thread. She's not diagnosed but: omg tiktok and insta memes said I was uwu!11!!!1

And picrel she's gone full fucking munchie now that she's realized that no one wants to hear her war stories. Lmao with her "ribs out of place" classic eds munchie/ott chronic illness spoonie warrior vs that isnt even a thing. Cant wait till she claims to "dislocate" her neck as some others claim lmao. Incoming twitter pic dump

No. 860013

File: 1637352372995.png (659.15 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-11-19-13-55-00.p…)

No. 860014

File: 1637352397447.png (620.42 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-11-19-13-55-34.p…)

No. 860016

File: 1637352642470.png (560.44 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-140335.png)

Also her last day has finally been euthanized. Again she has tortured these poor rats in their final days. Given the conditions she herself explained that they were in all 3 should have been euthanized weeks before goose (the first one & male) was. She is completely heartless dragging on their lives when they cant eat, drink, pee, groom, or even walk on their own. I hope she never gets another rat again! Just sell the damn cage for more drug money pos abuser

No. 860017

File: 1637352817902.png (502.24 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-140345.png)

Also felt that amount of likes were very telling. She didn't write a novel either which is surprising. I'm sure she'll disappear now to "mourn" aka get fucked up, even though she said she'd post another vid a couple days later (which should be today or tomorrow lol, yeah right)

No. 860018

Sometimes I think she asks herself those questions. Major tinfoil with no basis

“How exactly does x effect you?” I feel that most her fans don’t care bc she doesn’t get as many likes on those rant posts

No. 860019

Wait she has TMJ now too in her jaw ?! Oh my fucking god. I have tmj and jaw lock is so fucking painful. Does she have a cross bite or something ?

No. 860020

It’s also not that uncommon, but painful. Having your jaw pop everytime you open your mouth is no fun. Everytime you yawn you feel a ton of pain and have to grab your jaw for the next few seconds.

No. 860022

A lot of her symptoms she is describing like

- loss of mobility in arms
- hips being misaligned
- ribs being a bit moved out of place

All happen when you stay in bed 24/7 for a few years. You body doesn’t move around and your important muscles that hold your skeleton in alignment get all messed up. I generally believe her about this. I don’t think it’s her EDS. I have someone close to me who went through the same thing after having major depression and not leavin there bed much for 3 years.

No. 860026

One thing I have also noticed is Taylor isn’t a flexible person. If you watch any vlogs people make of her like pettube or expos she I very stiff. I wonder why she doesn’t have hyper mobility, and is super flexible and double jointed like most EDS. She hasn’t had a fracture in 4 years +. Just crazy man. I would also expect her to get more wrinkles from all the drugs combo with EDS bc the skin is so different and ages fast. I think she showed her “stretched skin” years ago in a video and it’s the same strechiness as mine. Unless I dreamed up that whole video, but I think it was the one “I’ve been sick since 3” Also EDS bruise easily and severely without being anemic. I feel like she would know that… her mom would too. She could have taken photos of her terrible bruises, just from casually bumming into stuff, and used tho to frame jonny to hit her

I generally feel like if she was covered in bad bruises from her condition she would have done this. She has flat out lied about Bree sexually assaulting her, so I feel like she would have used anything to make jonny look bad. Anyone that ends up going against her she piles lied about them and over exaggerates to look like the victim.

She clearly planned the breakup for a long time taking all those wall punched hole photos, heron photos, and deep addiction selfies.

As someone who has lived with addicts, yes they are slobs, but I feel like for her oh so famous needle bathroom photo, she was planning to take that for a long time and that’s why she didn’t clean it up, or let her best friend assistant clean it up. Her friend was over often and was basically there maid, and was 100% aware of the addiction bc she was a addict of meth in the past herself. Why not ever clean that bathroom ? Bc if you pile the needles it would make a great photo to “share my story to the world”

I just feel like she would take every opportunity to make jonny look bad. If she has the conditions she claims it would be so easy to say he hit you too. Again. Lied about Bree. Know this a tinfoil, don’t come after me for it.

No. 860028

OKAY NO PT WOULD SAY SOMETHING IS 100% fixable. This makes me doubt she even went, bc they are risk if they tell you that. I generally thought she was going but this statement brought DOUBT

No. 860034

File: 1637359089630.jpeg (848.34 KB, 3464x3464, A367F1BE-6437-4EE9-B036-A452ED…)

The numbers on this and her video announcement are grim. I’ve seen you tubers I thought were smaller than her pull numbers three times this.

Found it interesting that her pigeon death announcement tweet got double this in likes and even that was pretty poor compared to her following size (1800 likes vs 200k followers.)

No. 860037

Kek also notice how she retweeted it several times within the first day. She's desperate for people to notice it

No. 860039

She says here that when she went to her first rehab she had to have mobility scooter to get around. That is total BS right? I don't recall her ever mentioning this once, nor did we see a scooter or any issues walking.

No. 860044

this entire story kind of sounds like she's actually going to physical therapy now because she just got sober, and this is just a cover.
if she was in that much pain within the first month and all of her shit was misaligned, why would she wait six months to start pt? because she 'was being treated weekly for heroin complications (the abscesses?)' all this time so she couldn't possibly be able to do both at the same time? that doesn't make sense.

No. 860055


She’s had her rat with her every day from the moment she wakes up to when she sleeps? Wow, even when she hung out with the SoundCloud rapper addict and the Halloween party? So admirable. rolls eyes

No. 860058

But remember, she COULD get her hair done how many times? Get how many tattoos? Go to clubs. Go with what's his nuts.. aggee? Make it make sense.

No. 860063


She has mentioned it - iirc in the video about getting kicked out of rehab

No. 860065

File: 1637376019784.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 82D9F2FF-24B6-4B1F-8C49-3D6062…)

No. 860066

File: 1637376040193.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, 20B9067D-803E-454D-A709-B2E833…)

No. 860067

File: 1637376115886.jpeg (216.95 KB, 828x1144, 2A202BF4-799A-4910-8231-9C83E2…)

No. 860068

File: 1637376144312.jpeg (490.28 KB, 828x1250, 7FF7A773-026A-4CA3-AA57-241FA1…)

No. 860079

>caring for them has taken up a lot of my free time so I haven’t been online much lately

What a vile human. She’s pretending she cared about these rats so much more than she did. People begged her for years to give them proper enrichment and god dang bar covers, and she didn’t even do that until last thread after goose died and both the girls were on their death beds. She hasn’t been online because she’s been hiding from her self made problems, using her dead rat as an excuse is beyond disgusting.

No. 860080

File: 1637383261873.png (493.61 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-223634.png)

Spunds like she's dopesick and or gping through meth withdrawal because broke. I got that impression earlier but funny that she basically is saying it. Why not just be honest instead of pussyfooting around?? She really thinks people are dumb and still have patience with her. Glad to see she is finally havong a consequence she gives a fuck about/that actually majorly impacts her. Drepressing ad though

No. 860083

File: 1637383320514.png (1.04 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-223644.png)

Sorry last post was more in regards to this story. Other one just shows she did it because drugs. How embarassing

No. 860085

File: 1637383395475.png (496.88 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-223653.png)

Hope she never gets more rats the, and no obviously I dont believe shes sick from grief. Maybe sick from reading how people think she was cruel but the not the deaths themselves

No. 860086

File: 1637383526761.png (2.07 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-223545.png)

Annnnd priorities!! Wants her half assed racks/enclosures to look cute in her room but dgaf about what theyre like inside. Typical Taylor only cares about herself

No. 860087

File: 1637383608151.png (2.56 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211119-223700.png)

Okay sorry here is where I got that she was flat broke lol, its late lol. Watching her downfall has been a wild ride

No. 860089

My only issue is you can't have a day light and night cycle with those lights. But its not like these snakes ever had a proper day and night light cycle. I feel like she cares more about decoration then to care for animals properly

No. 860091

I feel you as a rat owner. People begged and begged for her to step up her rat care. It took her years, a majority of there lives to start caring for them properly. Even mama dean said she's the one who mostly takes care of the rats.

No. 860097

I don't think she ever liked the care demand of rats. Not "I don't want to replace them" She replaced her cowfish with the same one. She replaced her milk snake with the same one. She got hedgehog after hedgehog after killing them yearly in life from poor care and diet. She got a new kitten after killing a few week old one. She ordered skinks after over heating some. She got a new pacman frog after her first one died. Then after the second one died, she THEN she ordered another horn frog and named him leaf. She claims to rehome leaf, but everyone talked about how he was more sensitive then her other frogs and how she was going to kill him. We saw him what ? Twice ? then never again. Should I keep going ?

She should just own up to the facts that rats are to much work, and that okay. They are very demanding pets with cage cleanings daily.

No. 860115

How much could 3 life-size rat pawprints cost? $50?

No. 860136

This girl doesn't not need more tattoos, she needs structure and an authority figure to tell her no. She needs a job, and inpatient.

She treats tattoos and cosmetics like it'll fix it. She's just buying shit to distract herself from her problems.

No. 860140

There is no way to euthanise an animal that makes them go to sleep over five minutes. Animals are euthanised with an overdose of pentobarbital which stops their heart almost instantly. She 100% allowed that rat to suffer and die slowly because she was too high to take it to the vet for a humane end. She's disgusting.

No. 860145

Didn't she once mention a CO2 chamber for feeder rats? At the same time we found out she and Jonny had been smacking them on the table. My question is whether she fed the rats to her snakes after they died.

No. 860155

Maybe she's saving them to play with their corpses and give them a shitty 'viking' funeral for views

No. 860156

Not trying to wk bc she’s treated the rats like props for like 2 years but she’s probably just made the drifting off part up for the story. She says that it was an injection, and the last pictures in the photo set from ig is her at the vet with an obviously dying pigeon. Don’t get me wrong, she should of take her to the vet when she couldn’t walk anymore, but she did euthanized her and didn’t just leave her to die at home.

No. 860158

File: 1637474337226.png (4.34 MB, 828x1792, 201C3DDF-0DDB-4D95-A041-265736…)

No. 860159

File: 1637474360857.png (2.98 MB, 828x1792, BD7DBE04-9040-475E-9B07-343224…)

No. 860160

File: 1637475648124.png (3.83 MB, 828x1792, 25B7117B-E07F-439C-8F8A-E1B2DF…)

No. 860161

"working out?", "eating better?" those are weird ways to spell meth

No. 860162

I hope she goes dirty blonde at some point: I don’t know why but I feel like she looks most healthy with light brown hair. I know she reads here, and this isn’t even hate: if she wants YouTube to start taking her seriously she should clean up the druggie act

No. 860163

She’s always changing her story from “I lost a ton of weight” to “I gained a ton of weight”

Reminds me of idubbz gf

No. 860180

She just said she couldn’t walk her nerve pain was so bad and her mobility was shit because of her surgery but now she’s been working out so long she’s seeing results?Pick one Taylor, either you haven’t been working out or you’ve been lying about your intense nerve pain and mobility that was effected by your abscess surgery? Dumb bitch has never been capable of keeping her stories straight, I swear practically everything she tweets we end up finding something else she’s said that contradicts it.

No. 860181

File: 1637522825406.jpeg (155.67 KB, 827x753, CAD6B917-3801-4B06-A2F3-87F6EA…)

Same fag, here she is last year pretty much saying the opposite, how happy she is about the weight gain.

No. 860184

Oh yesss don’t forget her 3 day TMJ after she gets clean she gets part time TMJ

Also her pt will cure her mobility issues and nerve pain 100%

What dream land is she living in ? I want to go there

No. 860185

File: 1637525324891.jpeg (151.07 KB, 750x948, B87E42A3-E20F-4C09-A1C7-A099EF…)

No. 860186

Aka I don’t think I’ll get any views on the second channel

No. 860193

any bets this won't be up? It'll be internet issues tomorrow, I guarantee it.

No. 860194

accidental WK (in vet med), but if the vet left Pigeon with her, she probably got the pentobarb injection in her abdominal space or liver which can take 5 or so minutes until the heart stops, or she stayed while sedation kicked in for the pentobarb injection. most pocket pets get the pentobarb injection in their heart and owners are not present.
obvs, this is if she took her to a vet at all.

No. 860205

File: 1637548415820.png (501.86 KB, 1170x2532, 53A1A597-8895-432D-83CA-84D88E…)

She always tries to sounds so youtube tech savvy when “deciding” when to post her videos to get the most views. When will she realize people just don’t care about her anymore.

No. 860207

WHY does she do this? She literally loves setting herself up to fail. She's gonna have 2 videos in 1 week just like she had 2 videos in the same month. Also how many fucking times is she gonna say "I won't announce it anymore until it's ready" and then turn around and do this? Get your life together, Taylor. She's getting too old for this shit.

No. 860214

>it's gonna be out tommorrow guiz!!!
>JK it's gonna be out wednesday or thursday

what a joke she is, flip flopped in a couple hours

No. 860221

LMAO. The fact that she quote tweeted her last video that has nothing to do with this is desperate as fuck. She literally could not make it anymore obvious that she’s unhappy with the video engagement. Who would’ve thought fucking around your fans, the people who pay your bills, would come back to bite you.

No. 860231

File: 1637578291259.jpeg (329.56 KB, 750x920, 80D13A7D-BA95-4C6A-9CC5-815E28…)

How is this not romanticizing ? She’s flexing about metal illness like it’s a tend. Just throw it here and there. Btw guys I’m mentally ill

Can’t wait for her tweets about “it’s my humor and how I cope with my mental illnesses”

No. 860232

File: 1637578546109.jpeg (329.36 KB, 750x1038, C371ABA4-20C0-4984-8370-CAAA08…)

How is this what you want to push onto your impressionable young audience. I’m sure Taylor has created a few munchie fans.

No. 860233

Influencer like her are the reason why there are all these preteen and teenagers being called out for faking illnesses to feel special. Tiktok has a huge spike in younger people faking tremors, tourette’s, schizophrenia, DID, and the list keeps going.

So many influencer lately have been getting called out for this behavior. Taylor will have her time too. It’s one thing to show support and awareness, it’s another to make it your personality and flex it like some trait. If your fans are mostly under 18, realize that they look up to you and follow in your footsteps. If you treat a mental illness like it makes you cooler and more unique, they will pick up on that and some will mirror you, even without having the condition. Kids do shit like that for no reason. I knew a middle schooler who tried to convince me they were a werewolf, bc kids are stupid and do shit to feel special. At least they weren’t faking a mental illness that they might start getting medicated for, that can end up harming them in the end. Taylor should realize her behavior and fix it. That’s all. Just change.

No. 860260

I'm a vet and I've never euthanised a small furry with an intrahepatic/abdominal injection conscious. Our protocol is to gas them until they fall asleep and then inject intracardiac, we only go abdominal if we can't find the heart (which is rare). It's not ethical to allow a conscious animal to slowly die of pentobarb overdose over 5 mins.

Either she's lying about how they did it like another anon said or she's lying about having her PTS. Either way she should've had all three rats euthanised weeks ago.

No. 860291

she said shell know by tomorrow when she's posting it, not she's posting it tomorrow.

No. 860297

She said what time she will post it, not day. It just made it seemed like she was posting that day, but she was not sure about the time of day yet

No. 860324

File: 1637689139047.jpeg (1023.22 KB, 3440x2502, BBC277F8-2C5C-4318-B006-571094…)

Before this she said it would be out Friday, and then the weekend.

No. 860340

File: 1637707046804.jpeg (176.52 KB, 750x1239, 2BCC0769-6B0D-4144-86FF-70E3D8…)

You forgot this one. This is why people thought she was posting the next day. Aka “tomorrow”

No. 860341

I forgot to mention this was her first post about the next new video. So you get why people misunderstood ? It just sounded like she was posting it the next day

No. 860350

File: 1637715882359.png (2.43 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211122-163840.png)

From yesterday. Love the excessively filtered arm that you can still see tracks & bruising through. Guess the next vid will be out whenever she accepts her yt Is dead

No. 860357

Anon… that’s a shadow. Don’t get me wrong I think she’s still using but I don’t think she shoots up anymore, and she definitely doesn’t shoot up on her arms. If you notice her abscesses where on her hips, I think she got sick of everyone being able to see the evidence, so she moved to an area that’s almost always covered by clothing. Chances are if she is still using iv its in a hidden place, mostly because if she didn’t it would be obvious to her family/friends in real life she was still using.

No. 860374

File: 1637732612754.png (3.94 MB, 1125x2436, 6E57D0B2-E84E-4CD2-998A-19A017…)

No. 860375

File: 1637732680291.jpeg (446.69 KB, 1125x1919, AA343757-0626-46A6-9972-3B7DEB…)

No. 860376

Your profile pic is showing.

No. 860377

I can’t wait for her to take out the nose chain and dye her hair a nice shade of brown. She did so much better on YouTube when she played the classic white girl / next door neighbor role. At this point I feel bad watching her downfall.

No. 860378

Why does she over line her lips that much ? They already are big enough. That’s not even shade, I just don’t understand why.

No. 860379

I wonder why her profile looks like bc at this angle her lips look like a table top. You could start to set shit on top. I just want to know the level of duck lips from a side angle so bad.

No. 860380

it’s a spam account :p(:p)

No. 860382

lol. Her stupid pouty ‘sexy’ face while she just a holds lizard next to her head is hilarious. She can’t even pretend to be interested in her pets anymore. Every time she post about one of them the first image has to be a selfie of her with said pet, it just comes off as so narcissistic.

No. 860385

This attempt to flex her good animal care is rather funny because Crested Geckos are one of the easiest reptiles and their lifespan is 15 - 20 years.

No. 860386

Holy fuck I thought these were just selfies. The crested gecko isn’t even the focus, they are mostly on the side and blend with the background.

No. 860387

She should be paying more attention to the gecko with there suicidal jumping tendencies. He looks like he was getting ready to pounce

No. 860390

Agree anon! I think this is the nicest she has looked and I still hate that ugly nose chain of hers! I 100% support she reverting back to her old style but she might be one ugly sleeve tattoo away from that now lmao

No. 860391

how can anyone think those lips look good?

No. 860402

File: 1637759792838.png (2.89 MB, 1125x2436, 47EC3C84-197F-46E7-87B2-0A2DF7…)

No. 860403

File: 1637759822258.png (792.29 KB, 1125x2436, 0E67F168-0D48-4329-9445-55A3C9…)

No. 860404

File: 1637759889137.jpeg (292.79 KB, 1125x1544, 7CB88947-A18C-40F3-BD9A-4B03DC…)

how can she claim her lips went back to normal when this is what they were before??

No. 860406

File: 1637760583444.png (352.16 KB, 620x622, baboons ass.png)

why does she lie about the dumbest shit? she has posted her fucked up lips without any makeup on them and they still look completely different from how they used to. if she really hasn't gotten fillers since 2018 then she needs to get whatever is happening to her lips fixed asap because they actually look unhealthy and painful.

No. 860408


she also is lying and got lip filler one time fresh out of rehabilitation

also there are plenty of photos of her 15 yrs old and her top lip is non-existent. So what is she talking about ?

No. 860410

File: 1637761912202.jpeg (604.69 KB, 750x1084, 005AD4C6-19D6-4970-97DE-A49DC6…)

Is she seriously trying to say her lips were bigger then this when she gets her fillers ?!

I removed some of the liner with yellow so you get the idea and she gets her “it’s just super over lined” Kylie Jenner shit in check.

“All natural guyzzzz”

She has had them consistently this size, bc she has kept getting fillers bc she likes the look. She should at least dissolve them down a little. Also your body breaks down lip fillers like how your body breaks down a tattoo after tattoo laser removal. She is flat out lying about her fillers and have been saying this same lie for what ? 3-4 years now ? I feel like I remember her with jonny saying this same shit about her lips not being filled in years and they already dissolved.

I literally have nothing against fillers but it bothers me when people spread bad info about them, I just feel like her fillers are over done. That’s okay if she likes it, but why lie ?

I know some people ranted on lolcow about her lips but I haven’t seen one comment on her socials. So confirmed taylor is reading her today.

No. 860411

Her lips here just look swollen from just getting them done a few days prior. Again taylor pls stop.

No. 860412

File: 1637762599933.jpeg (335.67 KB, 750x645, 0479F391-A96F-4B35-A9ED-18014D…)

Here is a lip compilation of her from 5+ years ago and the newest example of her

“totally not filled lips”

why lie when you put your whole life on the Internet and with a five minute Google search I can find her old photos

No. 860413

This reminds me of her oh so curly hair

No. 860416

File: 1637765557426.png (2.89 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211122-163840~2.p…)

Zoom in anon. You can literally see a dark little line of pinpoints in the shadow and a disaster of half assed blurring. I increased brightness and contrast so anyone else questioning can see where the shadow is vs tracks. She def uses shadows to try to help hiding them, its been her go to method for 2 yrs now. That and using tiny veins in her hands so she can blame her pets. I'm sure she tries to hide her use other places too but it sounds like those spots are fucked from abcesses, I'm sure its only a matter of time before she develops more

No. 860417

File: 1637767170003.jpeg (66.61 KB, 750x1084, lips.jpeg)

Her actual lips are much lower anon, its hard to tell, but if you compare with the other pics it's still overlined ALOT.

Her top lip has alot of space between her nose and lip, and her bottom lip is swollen (probably damaged from fillers). I'm inclined to agree with the cow on this one, I think they're just damaged at this point and it looks worse cause she severely overlines them.

No. 860419

File: 1637767939641.jpg (65.3 KB, 750x1084, lip autism.jpg)

here's a better pic cause bored and autism, but she's obviously insecure about her philtrum.

No. 860420

Her hair looks so crispy

No. 860421

I wonder if she just has bad scaring/granulomas (maybe due to eds?) And the upper lip issue is maybe all from filler migration? Unlike previously thought filler's been proven to stick around for yrs by use of mri's. I feel like it might actually be true but it surprises me that someone so obsessed with their looks wont take the money to get the remnants dissolved so she looks less like she has wax lips for a mouth. Guess she really is that broke

No. 860422

No way she draws on her face that much, she’s not that dumb.

No. 860423

Honestly, I don´t think she´s lying. When you get filler your lips are stretched out and they probably won´t stretch back again.

Maybe she thinks they are back to normal because when you do cosmetic procedures your perception of your face changes.

I think she looks better with smaller lips but I don´t see her lying here. It just won´t stretch back and she is using lipliner.

No. 860425

Is she so high she forgot to blend the concealer at the corners of her eyes and below her eyebrow or is that an ugly filter?

No. 860428

bold statement to make when your lips look bigger (and lumpier) now than they did in that pic. i've always been under the impression that she got them injected with silicone or something shady bc they've consistently stayed the same horrible size/shape for a few years now, and for once i don't think she's lying when she says she hasn't still been getting them filled

No. 860436

File: 1637804061518.jpeg (211.56 KB, 699x1134, EA6B9B98-8F07-43B5-9C3E-342B5E…)

It’s just more of her ugly tweaker makeup she thinks looks cool. Remember this gem (now deleted, probably because she realized she looks like a homeless a methhead that robbed cvs)

No. 860448

The thing is that this look could’ve worked if she’d put on some long sleeves to cover the junkyard on her shoulder, washed her creasy birds nest, and put a little effort into stencilling the white stripe rather than just slapping it on- if she’d used some washi tape or something and cleaned up the edge it wouldn’t look like a bird shat on her table lips. But she doesn’t put effort into anything apart from drug acquisition.

No. 860463

“Wednesday or Thursday”.
Calling it now, she’s going to use today being thanksgiving as an excuse not to post, completely ignoring she could’ve posted it yesterday like she said.

No. 860466

you have a lot of faith in her if you think she's going to post any update at all for at least another week. my money's on her coming back with a wall of text about her munchie health issues

No. 860474

Yeah, she’s not going to acknowledge the video again, just like in October.

No. 860475

- I’m going to find the time to post the video I’m editing tomorrow


- I’m posting to post Wednesday or Thursday

Cue ghosting

I agree she will post another wall of text about munchie. Thanksgiving can’t be a excuse bc she has stated so many time how her family doesn’t celebrate the holiday.

No. 860478

I went to look for this tweet and it’s gone, gotta deleted the evidence of her lies! The more time she does this, the more I realize anons speculating she hypes up a “new video” so people watch her old stuff in anticipation and she makes money without lifting a finger is 100% true. Without a fail every time she announces a “new video” coming her views on social blade shoot up like significantly. such a scummy thing to manipulate your young fans like that.

No. 860481

>shoot up significantly

No. 860483

File: 1637910638097.png (750.51 KB, 1125x2436, CA60BF35-3B1A-4D2E-96ED-AA9F8D…)

No. 860505

File: 1637948955726.jpeg (79.01 KB, 722x440, EAC5534C-DF8A-4163-9383-1F98DF…)

This makes zero sense though. Instead of Wednesday, which she said, she chose to wait until Thursday which just happened to be thanksgiving, that she totally ‘forgot about’. She checked analytics, to see what day/time worked best but somehow didn’t notice it was thanksgiving. Next she’ll promise to post on December 25th and be like teehee oopsies I forgot it was Christmas.

Also this whole “I’ll tell you later what time I’m uploading it” is bullshit and also doesn’t make sense. If the videos was done it would be “sorry it was a holiday yesterday but it will be up at 2pm today!” It’s so clear the video isn’t done, so she’s buying herself more time.

No. 860527

She doesn't have fucking EDS anon

No. 860535

So the evening today ? Cool

No. 860537

Got to agree with you anon

No. 860545

I thought her family doesn't celebrate thanksgiving because her brother's inability to know when he is full and the family doesn't encourage a binge-eating holiday.

No. 860551


I remember that too anon,I think mama dean said something about it but it may have been taylor. Ps next time please put sage in the email to not bump the thread with non milk x

No. 860555

I remember momma dean saying this as well, but also remember taylor fed her rats turkey and stuffing one year, she said was from her families dinner and anons ripped her apart for it. So maybe they do celebrate, just not a huge feast and more of a regular turkey dinner? Not sure.

No. 860564

Saging bc idk if this counts as new milk but Taylor retweeted her newest tweets and unretweeted them in the past few hours when I checked. She also liked a tweet from 12 hrs ago so as usual, she’s online but ghosting the promised upload.

No. 860565


Devil’s advocate here, but she may also mean she doesn’t want to upload on thanksgiving because a lot of people are away from their computers. I do agree that it was an easy, pre planned excuse.

No. 860570

Nonnie idk why you’d still believe that she would actually go offline, I truly believe that even on her hiatus, she never actually gone offline. Except when she strung out on drugs. She is too reliant of the internet (so does her mom) to ACTUALLY stay away. I would say she has a burner SM account that she uses to narc post to her close followers/friends. (Which in hindsight, she should probably be using that more)

No. 860592

Yep she admitted yesterday that shes on her phone all night when trying to sleep, for any anons who actually thought she stayed off the internet, also shes constantly on her laptop which is no diff just isnt in the app. Idk why she tells people shes not on her phone for "days" yet thinks people don't know that lol

No. 860593

File: 1638041082545.png (459.41 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-11-27-13-21-08.p…)

Forgot picrel

No. 860596

File: 1638044852218.jpeg (328.93 KB, 750x943, FE3A4238-7F22-40E6-BA1E-412E9E…)

My god the cover photo

I’ve never seen someone so desperately want to be apart of the emo crowd. That shit ended in 2012, and looking back on it, it’s embarrassing. She was way more apart of the preppy side in high school if you deep dive her social medias. That’s why I snort milk when she claims to be the emo Queen back in the day and acts like a MySpace god when she never even was old enough, and when she was MySpace was dead.

“My hair is curly”
“Myspace legend”
“Gamer girl in the making”

I’m just listing her personality traits she tries to portray on the Internet, bc that’s totally what these are. Never meet such a poser.

No. 860597

File: 1638045405399.jpeg (456.79 KB, 750x1177, A4723D93-E5A4-4E46-8313-46E1D0…)

I see a sleep insomnia self diagnosis coming

The funny part since covid started she was tweeting non-stop about how she sleeps 14-16 hours a day. She can never make up her mind what she wants her image to be.

I lost so much weight. I gained so much weights. When she was talking about the same time period.

Then it went from I can sleep 14-16 hrs a day - sometimes I hold my pee in so long I wet myself attitude (when she was watching popular tv shows with a main character has depression and she was taking there exact experiences and saying it was her) to I can never sleep and all I do is toss and turn and go back onto my cellphone. Literally setting it up to tweet about her new self diagnosis.

She’s done this pattern so often when she wants something new on her “IM SICK” list, that you can see it before it comes.

Girl do you want to be a cat or a edgy teenager YOU CANT HAVE BOTH IT DOESNT MAKE SCENSE

No. 860598

File: 1638045648852.jpeg (369.16 KB, 750x1132, B27C244B-2864-48EE-B4E7-1CC11C…)

Now she’s claiming she has sleep insomnia medication “already took two” that a fan suggested. This stuff also helps anxiety, but god Taylor less then a year ago you were claiming the totally opposite

No. 860599

I’m so confused by the I took two statement. How is your max does two ? You’d say the mg

Example - I took 75 mg that’s my daily dose bc everyone takes different mg

Whenever I talk about my meds or seen other people they say the amount of mg when they talk about the daily max bc saying you took two pills means nothing

No. 860601

Is no one going to point out they take the same medication ? There are SO many sleep insomnia meds. If one doesn’t work go back to the doctor. I think Taylor just grasped on this medication, because she hasn’t even done research on Google about the condition. She doesn’t seem very knowledgeable for someone with sleep insomnia. She seems to have misinformation about a lot of her conditions.

Remember how she said her anti-depression meds weren’t working and how she was forgetting doses and skipping picking up her meds when the side effects of that were so dangerous and catastrophic. She also kept bitching how they didn’t do anything - everyone on her socials were saying then change them, bc that’s the whole point of all the follow ups you have to do with your dr when your on those meds. To see if they need to change them and to watch you for suicidal tendencies the meds might have brought on. (You know if you skip doses) Her not knowing any of this information made me think she was never on the meds or she tuned out everything her doctor would tell her.

Just time and time again of the same pattern tsk tsk tsk

No. 860602

File: 1638046524782.jpeg (210.76 KB, 750x490, 32574F85-0555-48E3-9D97-552115…)

hey anon she has never known what it’s like to not wake up 52 times every night

No. 860606

It's a pretty common "antianxiety" drug with no addiction potential because it's basically just an antihistamine. Given to bpd women and people who complain about anxiety, esp those with any substance abuse in the past. Totally believable that she has a script for it, she has whined enough to her doctors about uwu anxiety/PTSD.

No. 860608

>sleep insomnia

Is… is there a different type of insomnia?

No. 860613

This really irritates me. People who don’t practice good sleep hygiene have no right to complain about sleep issues.
>I’ve tried nothing and I’m all out of ideas!

No. 860618

Except for that time she slept for 12 hours and killed her pets. Or the countless other times she's slept all day and was up all night.

No. 860619

hydroxyzine pretty much only comes in 25mg tablets, in the US at least
it’s like saying you took two Benadryl or two ibuprofen, there’s just so little variation in possible doses

No. 860624

File: 1638061329618.png (626.79 KB, 1080x2081, Screenshot_20211127-195917~2.p…)

Her comment on MamaMax's new video. The first reply though lmao

No. 860639

Taylor was taken advantage of by monsters? I don't know exactly what situation that video was about but I have a feeling it was a lot more serious than Taylor's being 'bullied' for killing animals and she shouldn't be comparing herself to it. If she really was making a fool of herself online at 10 too it just shows how her mother has always been neglectful. Also she learned nothing from it.

No. 860640


I'm pretty sure this is in the old threads somewhere, but she apparently exchanged nudes underage with strangers. They ended up circulating at her school or something to that effect. That's probably what she's alluding to.

It seems like she always engaged in this bizarre attention seeking/ risk taking behavior.

No. 860645

No. Anyone that sends nude pics in high school knows there is a chance they will end up being spread. That's a lot different than claiming that you were "taken advantage of" by AOL chatrooms. Like what pathetic loser would get that involved with someone in the early days of chat rooms when A/S/L was the number one question and no one ever lied…

Having both real health and physical problems, I hope this bitch overdoses for the last time(a-log)

No. 860665

taylor wishes someone would look at her killstar bedspread and plushies & say she worships satan

No. 860666

samefag, can anyone even find this tweet?

No. 860667

samefag again i meant to reply to this post i'm sorry

No. 860669

HahHahHhahaha that’s pretty accurate

No. 860671

File: 1638132812064.jpeg (192.29 KB, 750x439, F43E03C5-5F2C-46A4-8200-B43B00…)

Funny didn’t she own up to suicide baiting at one point in the realionship with jonny. What about the group chats with minors ?

No. 860681

Typical Trailer daydreaming about Jonny and their crackden romance during the holidays instead of spending it with her family or uploading the video she promised weeks ago

No. 860688

Holy shit, she knows Mamamax?? She really does live on youtube.

No. 860702

File: 1638224529719.png (2.03 MB, 828x1792, BB7FF89D-1879-45F2-A51B-0E8554…)

No. 860703

I swear if she throws around "analytics" one more time I'm going to scream.
Also, I know nothing about the YouTube algorithm etc etc, but I find it hard to belive the time between 12 and 3 o'clock would make much difference. It's a relatively short period of time in my eyes.

Unless she means she'll post from 12 o'clock tomorrow to 3 o'clock six months from now

No. 860704

nobody even watches her videos anymore so no, those 3 hours wouldn't make a difference at all. her video from 2 weeks ago sits at not even 120k views right now which is absolutely terrible for a channel with almost 2 million subscribers. not even 10% of her subs are even watching her content anymore.
if she's so obsessed with the analytics then she should check at what time in her videos people usually click off, because i'm 100% sure that it's after 5 minutes max.

No. 860705

That's the first thing that came to mind for me too anon. She's been nonstop saying this lately. We all know she's probably been desperate for some time now for cash but she sure isn't afraid of hiding it recently, she's practically begging for views. "I'd like a new tattoo when I have extra cash" "I need to check for the best analytics before I upload" There is some purpose to uploading at a good time where most of your audience is more likely to watch but real fans (or haters) will watch when it's most convenient for them obviously. Her desperation is sad and is only getting worse even though she pretends she's so proud for uploading again. She's literally doing less than the bare minimum for what's left of her fans.

No. 860708

100% this. anyone who knows anything can look at her engagement and see her channel is dead. Her talking about moving out in the last video shows just how much she’s in denial though. She makes less than 3k a month on YouTube, that’s not even close to enough for her to be independent. Not to mention I don’t think a lot of people realize she has like 25 pets and they all cost money to take care of.

No. 860709

If she was really worry and analytics she’d realise a regular and consistent upload routine would be the way forward to build those views back up and rekindle any hope of a fan base. Choosing a certain day and time - weekly or every 2 weeks - would give her remaining fans or newcomers something to look forward to. So basically what successful YouTubers are doing now.

Yet she’s proved time and time again with a plethora of excuses that she can’t maintain this or doesn’t even look like she wants to. That’s why everyone’s given up and no one cares about new uploads anymore.

No. 860727

She rlly going on like the analytics are gospel but how accurate can they be when she doesn’t post more than 3 times in the year

No. 860764

File: 1638301405409.jpeg (681.24 KB, 3464x3046, F7A53BD2-48AB-46CF-B8FB-88D17B…)

she should really start acting first, and then explaining later. It would save her so many lies. Just start uploading consistently, and THEN write about how proud you are. Upload a video and THEN make a post announcing it. Upload two videos in one month and THEN tweet about it. Because currently she’s just a liar who talks and talks but never actually does anything.

No. 860777

File: 1638309498803.png (783.23 KB, 828x1792, 1DAB8EF8-D54B-4598-8E7A-122BA6…)

No. 860778


Ok but this is actually a thing. In a lot of rehabs they won’t even allow patients access to alcohol swabs cuz they’ll suck them dry when they’re desperate enough.

No. 860782

File: 1638310325879.jpg (147.52 KB, 1080x1080, wax-lips.jpg)

shes probably filming today bc she updated her pfp on everything and she did her hair and makeup, so thats a good sign. I say we'll see the video within the next month, but not before she makes a few more promises bc shes proven time and time again that consistency is too hard for her to handle.

No. 860784

That’s exactly what a new profile photo means. New video is actually filmed.

I’m not even going to hate watch this video, the spark isn’t really there anymore for even a cow

No. 860785

She looks four shades darker / tanner then normal did she go tanning ?

No. 860786

Hahahaha this made me laugh

No. 860787

File: 1638311132987.png (242.88 KB, 750x1334, E06A86F2-0D45-432E-BA20-989073…)

Another tweet about jonny yesterday

No. 860789

Same. Someone will watch it and give a quick tldr in thread. It’s just going to be a rant video and I would rather eat glass shards and shit them out that listen to her lie about being an amazing productive sober qween and then garner pity for all the pets she’s killed (it’s a video about dealing with pets passing)

No. 860790

Hahah she knows a lot about pets passing so at least it’s something she is informed on for once

No. 860794

File: 1638320414298.jpeg (36.59 KB, 302x286, 7ADF08EA-0FAF-489B-B4AF-0AEB27…)

I haven’t watched one of her videos in years, though I did go onto her channel page a couple weeks ago to admire that thumbnail portrait.

It used to be that watching the videos was 40% interesting and watching the social media train wreck was 100% interesting, now it’s like the SM is 20% interesting and the videos are -30% interesting.

No. 860807

This look is the worst she has conjured up so far..I am honestly shock she went with it and decided to film that day tbh. hope she sticks with her dark hair now and get away from the fake emo look soon.

No. 860823

>>860782 (kek at your file name anon)
Agreed anon, I know the new picture is heavily filtered but she looks better here than she has in a long time. I still think it would have been better to just say fuck it and shave her head and just use wigs, so she can still get her stupid fix of changing her hair all the time but without damaging her hair and letting it grow back healthy. She looked like a literal clown with the red and blue hair, she really thought she was doing something. And her making fun of herself for looking like a clown in the intro of that video wasn't even cute or funny, she's not quirky like she thinks she is.

No. 860824

Yes she should shave her head and regrow out her hair and give it a break from bleaching. Wigs are awesome and can look super good.

No. 860826

considering she’s broke, she probably can’t afford a decent wig at this point. I’m just glad the clown phase is over

I wonder if she’ll include her “it’s just a fish lmao” comment re: cheese 1 and her silent replacements of animals as her ‘dealing with their passing’

No. 860838

File: 1638404098934.png (1.34 MB, 828x1792, EA26C64F-09E6-42D3-ABF9-F7D31D…)

No. 860849

Two weeks too late.
She’s so bad at YouTube. This was a perfect opportunity to make a video to help fans deal with losing a pet, instead she’s branded it as how she individually deals with loss because everything is about her. I’m not going to waste my time but I bet all my money it’s just her ranting about her feelings on killing her rats while struggling to be the most mentally ill drug addict, because all she does anymore is rant on and on about herself. Absolutely insufferable.

No. 860852

File: 1638413485009.jpeg (463.8 KB, 750x1253, E1F8AE0E-31D9-4042-9539-A0FAEE…)

New video

No. 860854

File: 1638413909353.png (711.39 KB, 750x1334, A481F743-EEA1-413F-BE7B-D38F63…)

No. 860856

Looking forward to the recap if any anon feels up to it, tia

No. 860858

I want someone to do a recap but that would involve convincing them to actually watch the video and I’m not that cruel.

No. 860859

Love how her new vid isn't just about grief in general but HER grief. Lmao, glad she cut the bullshit and finally made a video about what she actually wants to talk about - herself. Obviously this is just a half-assed attempt to save her dead career and "dispel" rumours for anyone new (lol). Dont have time to watch it rn but I can do a recap in a couple/few hrs if no one else does it before then

No. 860866

I made it about halfway through. It’s basically a one sided therapy session about how she feels when animals die and how dove passing was the hardest because she was the last rat. Talks about her “unique” position bc she is on YouTube. Mentioned rehoming 12 animals, admits to impulse buying (again), and says she’ll never let herself get to that place again. Has visible arm bruises but says they’re from infusions. Does seem sober.

She really could have made this a video about how to cope with animals dying but instead made it all about her and her own grieving process. Truly just unloaded on the internet in a 30 minute video. Keep that shit in therapy pls

It was hard to get through, 0/10 do not recommend. Boring dribble

No. 860872

File: 1638422819315.png (1.31 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211201-232506.png)

Looks like her "heart went boom" because the dumbass hit an artery. Also lmao at her still pretending to be sober. 3yrs at this shit and several abcesses and I bet she still has 0 clue what she's doing

No. 860874

File: 1638424887245.jpeg (525.54 KB, 750x1179, CAA9E00A-5325-48FE-ACB6-0AC239…)

Was doing drugs during “meh heart went boom” saga confirmed

No. 860877

I don’t fucking understand is why does she keep announcing the videos (and obviously lying for weeks until she actually does) ??? you would think someone that has been on youtube for this long would know it’s a bad move. most youtubers do not announce every single video they post unless it’s an important one. is she this desesperate for money? I don’t even see smaller youtubers do it to this extent even if they are unexperienced and think over announcing shit will bring more views. Which at the point where taylor does it even her non hate-watchers get tired of it and then don’t watch the video. At least mooch of your fans in a more productive way, with merch (which would be so fucking easy to do one for each pet, oh no nevermind then people would notice they have a tshirt of a dead pet)

No. 860881

Okay nonettes reluctantly starting the vid. Sorry for the rant ill try to keep it to 1 lol, and sorry for being wordy it’s a struggle. I haven’t watched the last two because I can’t take her but she’s really not even trying to hide her lies anymore and it’s just messy unhinged addict shit like luna etc. Also Going to get it out the way i 100% believe she’s still using meth and H but that she’s using more meth lately or just less H as her pupils have been slightly larger lately for the most part. I do think she may be disappearing when she’s dopesick as she’s mentioned she is flat broke and 3kish a month from yt as one anon estimated is just not much daily when it comes to drugs. She seems to be using meth to get shit done (can’t wait for her to develop uwu psychosis) but then there are posts like with echo the other day where she can barely keep her pinpoint eyes open. I also can’t wait until she’s really hurting for money and gives up on trying to revive her dead yt, although i could see mama dean give her money because omg i don’t want her to get dopesick and suffer wah wah wah. Fair warning this is basically minute by minute so buckle up lol

> First off her hair is brown so yes nonnettes you were right she recorded this in the past couple days and not when she claimed to be “uwu loading now!”. At least she looks slightly less insane with this hair colour

> her camera battery is already dying
> wtf she is wearing a tiny bralette and looks nude due to hair extensions and this is for a teen audience. I guess she just thought of what worked when she was successful lol
> vid starts out with asshole comment about not talking to anyone all day except her camera but oh no! She talked to her mom when she heard a boom outside her room (presumably another jab at her brother even though she chooses to live there
> 2 min in and she seems to be showing off arms and shoulders, there is blatant bruising and a track mark right up her ditch where she didn’t have a tattoo. Seems she’s trying to say she’s using without saying it. It’s fucked up and MAKES HER TOXIC towards her fans. At 24 she’s sadly still too dense to realize this doesn’t make up for her lies.
> claims bruises on arm are from iron infusions but again i don’t believe her bs. Her munchie ass ALWAYS takes pics going to the hospital and she had very clear ones on her fave place aka hands and wrist just days ago and they were def not from infusions >>860416. Also she def uses the filter on her camera so i think that is def in her favour
> nitpick but her red orange brows make her look crazy i guess that’s just the sloppy makeup in general
> pretends like she didn’t just film this yesterday and says guess this is probably after thanksgiving so we’re in christmas mode - more stalling, tries to relate the holidays to death
> she still has that weird part of her lower jaw where her muscles look like they’re atrophying. She had it in her last vid as well not sure if that’s from using? I’ve heard about h addicts and meth addicts having diff jaw issues from using but idk enough
> of course mentions she is prob demonetizing vid talking about death
> wants to make a vid just about her experience owning rat uh a bit late wtf lol
> mentions that she’s bad with death. Of course to keep up with her lie she doesn’t mention that she was using at that point in time. Oh and since she claims it was thanksgiving like a yr after cheese’s death she started using it’s funny she hasn’t mentioned her fake intro to h trauma story. Sorry if i have the timeline confused but anyway my point is pepperidge farm (lolcow) remembers she does mention that the vid was unhinged but in an uwu so quirky way

> says she just pushes on and focuses on the ones that are living lol accidentally narc thing to say lol. Of course mentions her abandonment issues and blames them for her animal hoarding

> claims hasn’t bought an animal in 2 yrs
> there’s a bin in the background i keep staring at that may have been sabors? Or maybe just a double she had idk
> talks about dove and how she was chewing on her tumour that was in a “really sensitive area” where she could have damaged vital organs chewing on herself and literally torn herself open! Wtf?! Also a nod to here i guess saying she didn’t want to euthanize too early or too late. She debated for a full day to euthanize her thinking it was too early. Again WTF. she was waiting for a sign from dove. Like dumbass this is NOT a human! Not that she can read humans either. I firmly stand by my belief that they should have all 3 been euthanized when goose and the others had surgery. Being able to eat treats is not “quality of life” it is not an “exciting day” for her
> tried hard to check out from those feelings but couldn’t they were just there. Woah almost like using isn’t the solution duh, and that she’d run straight to dove when she got home from “errands” lol. Seriously hope she isn’t driving again illegally she’d be a danger to all
> the grief “knocked her out for a few days” lmao okay or just say you went on a binge. And that she would
> goose had a tumour eating his face yet “gave no signs of suffering”…i just can’t with this heartless bitch
> her voice starts shaking when it comes to the question if she euthanized on the right day. This cruel bitch is more worried about what strangers on lolcow think than how her right is doing
>more anthropomorphising saying dove just knew what she was thinking
> she’s half italian maybe goose was licking her because she tastes like bread? Not funny just awkward af
> wanted to dot all her i’s and cross her t’s as far as when she brought them in. grim
> she has marks on her hands but hard to see if they’re old or fresh with the camera filtering blurring shit. She also still has shoulder bruises but again the filtering is blurring them
> except for the brief moment making a statement to her “haters” she is totally flat emotionally the whole vid
> lifts arms and has tiny red dots of blood maybe? Idk could be anything
> battery dies again she claims that she wants to finish vid that night but ugh will prob have to finish in the morning
> finishes filming the next day. Has long sleeves. She has short sleeves in every vid and pic except these last two which is suspish. She claims it fits the theme because it says dead on it and basically that she is squeezed in there due to weight gain. She is so awkward and trying so hard to be funny it’s just chaotic and all over the place. Very low effort throw shit at the wall and see what sticks
> says she just pushes feelings down and distracts herself. “Lets not mope and get back to work” We know the first half but the rest is a damn lie lol
> she says when goose passed away she was still in addiction off and on (that’s just continuous use taylor) using one week and not the next
> says a common thing with movies videos and pics online is the idea that opiate addicts are just nodding/unconcious all the time and that you can’t stay awake and are always asleep but that it really isn’t taht way for an addict. Which is not true, some do catch a nod regularly if they can afford to do so and dont have anywhere important to go (msashycat comes to mind). i mean she used to claim she was in bed all day with johnny so pick a side taylor. Claims she was strictly a maintenance user and she feels bad for not being present for goose.
> says there’s a type of connection you can make with animals…anthropomorphising again
> after dove there was no other rat to come home to to help out with (telling on herself there again lol)
> and she’s been so overwhelmed with grief that she’s been sick physically for days! (that’s the heroin taylor)
> and that made her want to make the video
> wondering if this isn’t uncommon. Like uh you’re not special in how you feel grief. She believes that animals speak “her language” and she’s speshul because the public are watching. claims she always tries to share why the pet died and is misinterpreted as escuses. Claims she does wonder if she could have done better. Says she has made mistakes and beats herself up for it. Says she has weird thoughts and beats herself up for it. Main character syndrome again because that shit is about as normal as it gets. Just shows her narc self. Thinks her dead rat and humans probably think that they are glad to be out her life. She just rambles about how insecure she is i have majour second hand embarassment
> mentionis a skit with a massive work load next week, needs groceries, bills paid, and cash lmao that is not her life at all but ok. Oh and her neighbors are loud at night
> is sorry vid is too long (and i’m sorry this is long too anons)

TLDR: muh guilt from 2019 and muh “fame” please tell me i’m a good pet owner and funny and quirky! I’m so unique! Also i have regrets and please forgive me and give me another chance

No. 860882

File: 1638430274165.png (983.2 KB, 950x533, 1.PNG)

No. 860883

File: 1638430307746.png (962.93 KB, 944x536, 2.PNG)

No. 860884

File: 1638430353293.png (969.27 KB, 947x532, 3.PNG)

No. 860885

File: 1638430430727.png (965.43 KB, 946x540, 3claims last bought animal.PNG)

This is when she claims to have last bought an animal

No. 860886

File: 1638430474797.png (620.21 KB, 972x651, 4 burner phone maybe.PNG)

Is that a burner phone to right on the desk? def looked like one to me like an old school flip phone

No. 860887

File: 1638430543491.png (879.39 KB, 951x537, 7.PNG)

just to show her arm angles for the curious. again though there's def a filter here

No. 860888

File: 1638430622950.png (996.95 KB, 961x650, 9sabors old bin maybe.PNG)

i thought that may be an empty plastic bin like the one sabor was in but it's very hard to tell

No. 860889

File: 1638430704109.png (885.03 KB, 953x636, 10 looked like a dot of blood …)

may or may not be blood. again to show the dark lines that may be scars also very hard to make out when not in motion but some bruising on her shoulder

No. 860890

File: 1638430797653.png (1006.19 KB, 958x634, 12 yikes that hair.PNG)

holy hair yikes. nemo came and knocked on the door to get her to open it so i guess at 1030ish at night the cats can get out

No. 860891

File: 1638430868310.png (1.03 MB, 951x649, 14.PNG)

trying to claim they're not just accessories to her

No. 860893

That's an mmo-style mouse. I can't tell the brand from her picture but a similar (but not same) one is the logitech G600.

No. 860894

That's a wall, anon. The clothes are casting a shadow and there's garbage on the floor.

No. 860898

You’re right about her caring more about what people on lolcow think then her pets actual health. She is so desperate for validation, she cares more about what the haters think, then her own fans.

Her humor is very walmart copy paste from Kurtis Conner. Not really my cup of tea

No. 860899

Her face is a few shades to dark compared to her body. Not really a big deal she just needs to get a light winter foundation

No. 860908

Wow so many school kids were manipulated into worrying about this cunts ‘mystery health issues’ when they could’ve been living their lives. Turns out she was just a junkie. Hope she remembers how much heroin loves her again this Christmas

No. 860920

Lmao thanks anon I couldn't tell if it was empty or the bin

Sorry I meant that about her arm. It was clearer in vid but I couldn't get actually clear pics of her wrists in case of track marks. Her camera model has a built in blurring filter and I just wanted to point out that it seemed to be in use but lol yes she has unbelievably yellow foundation after all these yrs

That's why she's a huge pos beyond just the animal neglect/abuse. I'm sure thats the case for 99% of her health issues including her second bought of fake anemia

No. 860921

It's always funny reading her comments, occasionally you'll see

>Wow I remember when I used to watch her in middle school, I hope she gets better

She hasn't made good content in over 3 years, and it's too late at this point. She isn't advertising friendly, or on brand anymore. Companies won't pay for marketing prices for heroin addict.

She's an example to teens of what NOT to do. Don't do heroin, don't hoard animals, ect. It seems like alot of her former fans are quietly leaving…

No. 860929

get ready for "I was so sad when my rat died so I relapsed"

No. 860930

File: 1638467860901.jpeg (393.44 KB, 828x773, 4685C632-F318-4B79-9DA8-F93F9B…)

Not saging this cause mama dean’s back-handed tweet always make me kek and makes me think she is hinting more on this.

Wonder how many brodick has tay tried to stupidly get on with that pisses mama dean in the last 3 years.

No. 860932

Kek "miss that bs" isn't what "you kids used to say" she knows damn well she's saying that because it's what Jonny says all the time. Not only can Taylor not move on and get over him but neither can mama dean. She's probably still salty her daughter chose him and drugs over her all those years. It's so cringe how passive aggressive she is with Taylor and I bet it embarrasses the shit out of her.

No. 860934

all you did in this summary was tinfoil about her drug use. i get that this wasn't a very interesting video but jfc calm the fuck down. lolcow is insufferable when theyre pointing at every stupid freckle on this bitch's skin to "prove" she's still a junkie. it's old.

No. 860938

Oof every video she posts gets less and less views, her video has been up for a day and only has 25k views

No. 860946

Thank you. I don’t agree with her life choices or the animal hoarding or questionable husbandry. I do think she’s trying (whether her reasons are genuine we will see). I do feel like some anons are going out their way to analyse whether or not she’s using because of her pupils, filters, marks, state of her room etc.

No. 860949

File: 1638480392499.png (370.52 KB, 828x1792, 1606427624381.png)


She gets so prissy with ppl distrusting her yet THIS is what she posted in response to someone saying she was in the hospital for active drug use. Then a year later its "Oh yeah I did fuck myself up on heroin but NOW I am sober WHY WON'T ANYONE BELIEVE ME REEEEE"

This is why, bitch.

No. 860956

How on earth can you argue with people that you’re not using while sitting in a hospital bed because you hit an artery shooting up, that’s delusional. It’s impossible to believe her when she says she’s clean now because, without fail every time she says she’s sober she later admits she wasn’t really sober.

No. 860957

I was going to point this out. She was claiming to be many months sober at that point and was telling everyone these were the after effects of addiction and it can happen randomly many many months later. Turns out we were all right and she did a bad injection that fucked with her heart. She was not sober then and lied and that’s why I don’t believe she is 100 % sober now. The misinformation and lies she spreads to cover her ass.

No. 860958

The funny part is no one asks her to sober, or this 100% sober clean addiction advocate.

She doesn’t have to talk about drugs online. She was so much more successful when she was a drug addict from behind the scenes. She should just stop mentions and tweeting about : drugs, jonny, abusive relationships, mental health, munchie stuff, and emo phase. It’s all so negative and all she does is complain. It’s not really entertaining to watch someone bitch and moan falling in a spiral. FOR YEARS.

She should just go back to normal if she really wants to get successful again and she needs to ASAP before she ages out : failure doesn’t really sale, but if she tweeted about - restaurants, vacations, hobbies, friends, outfits, even getting fillers or cosmetics, being outside etc.

She would grow more instead of downfall in subs, likes, etc. This emo persona she is trying so desperately to cling too just doesn’t fit her audience and she needs to grasp that. Also her trying to be quirky is just awkward and badly preformed. She should to to be more herself and not try to mirror others.

No. 860959

File: 1638488681003.webm (3.72 MB, 576x1024, 3fcc617807c1ca38d2bfdae5e8d328…)

Well anon thanks for the input. I personally find tinfoils can sometimes be interesting to discuss. I tried to mention things that are commonly discussed, including tinfoils, and give my impression of them. I also wanted to mention things that may come into question months from now as it often happens with Taylor. There was a tl:dr for those not interested in the details. Complaining about what others post gets old too, yet here you are! There's nothing stopping you from doing recaps yourself

No. 860966

NTA but sorry, thanks for the effort, but it really was a shit "summary." I couldn't even make it halfway through. The TL;DR was pretty useless too. Save your tinfoiling for a separate post maybe?

No. 860973

File: 1638500546703.png (6.55 MB, 1125x2436, 1A738926-8D1E-4AD8-BA08-827D79…)

No. 860974

File: 1638501133882.png (762.76 KB, 1125x2436, DA334CAB-428D-4070-B2AB-D327A3…)

No. 860975

File: 1638501163412.png (1.05 MB, 1125x2436, 1A85CE97-1405-4B37-83C2-B3C798…)

No. 860976

File: 1638504807257.png (57.32 KB, 601x327, 1605457956158.png)


Just LOLLLLL on this exact mantra she has been shitting out the past couple of years, here's last year's post while she was still in the hospital after her heroin mishap

No. 860978

File: 1638505378329.jpg (127.55 KB, 1325x805, 1605420081636.jpg)

Last comparison post because it gets boring…Same bullshit, different year. Expect with this one we know she was high off her tits and almost killed herself.

Also…so her mom didn't check on her for 10 hours? What type of schedule is she on? Obviously no rules were being enforced and the animals were not checked up on and cared for multiple times a day. Thanksgiving artery blow out happened AFTER the awful track mark arm pictures were posted, AFTER she admitted to a "small" relapse in September, AFTER she was out getting high with her shitty soundcloud rappers, and AFTER she went and got a tattoo out of her gourd. Seriously her mom and dad fucking suck. You are in a 3 bedroom fucking house and let your only daughter slowly kill herself and helpless creatures along with her, even when she asks for help? It's not often I feel bad for Tay but damn…10 hours is fucking cold.

No. 860980

Then why was she telling everybody “these effects are from using” during all of this

No. 860981

I doubt her mom sleeps for 10 hours most people sleep 6-8 hrs

No. 860985

File: 1638521656579.jpeg (601.97 KB, 828x1361, 08559733-8292-42DA-9141-C46B83…)

Lol anon are you new here? Not like she hasnt been lying about her sobriety for the last 3 years or anything kek.. its so obvious when she is actually sober vs keeping it as a grey area. You can see that her first rehab, she was boldly counting down the months, then its a year long of very misleading posts, then back to now where she is actually claiming the months again.

Tbh I think the most alarming fact is mama dean allowing her to get that ugly ass furby tattoo while she is still on a heart monitor and let her hang out with the soundcloud wannabe again.. also remember this mess??

I am also reading all the stans comments on her 2020 heart went boom posts, she didnt even bother to try to clarify she was still using esp some of them were looking up at her for their own sobriety. She needs stop esp to her young fans on her drug use, literally no one in their right mind would use hard drugs except for her..

No. 860988

Backtracking now

No. 860989

No way in hell has she gone 7 uninterrupted months of sobriety- not with the way she was acting regarding uploads and that weird scatty video of her with her soundcloud loser aggy

No. 860990

I do think the soundcloud guy doesnt use hard drugs, but just the other shit (cocaine, weed etc) because when she hangs out with him, its almost she is within that gap she is out of H and use him/hangs with him as a crutch to stay away from hard drugs.

Also i watched the latest video, I feel that she defo lost a lot of animals during the atrium time, no way she can function being in that situation and the mess in her toilet was a small window into that. And I feel this latest rant on her rats dying video is her still semi-blocking what had happened in that place and all the animals she supposedly “rehome”

Just my tinfoil. She need to rehome all her animals now and keep the cats, she is too broke to maintain them and based on her own advice, you are a hoarder if you cant sustain/afford your animals. And also seek more therapy and change her whole youtube content to something else.

No. 861001

>doesn't use hard drugs
>just cocaine

anon are you okay

No. 861002

Lmao the absolute state of zoomers thinking coke constitutes as a soft drug

No. 861003

It’s funny but in the drug world I have to agree that cocaine isn’t that hard of a drug compared to meth and h. Doesn’t really give you psychosis ever. Still a very serious drug with very seriously damaging effects even death. I think the anon means it’s just not nearly as bad. Top tier drugs are definitely meth and h, then the second tier is coke, acid, molly, etc, then goes to weed and liquor. You know ?

No. 861009

File: 1638553294370.jpeg (547.77 KB, 750x1244, 6CA56B0A-8EF1-46BF-A4C3-880411…)

She keeps linking bc she isn’t getting views

No. 861013

The delusion is real.

You're not rebuilding shit Taylor. You got lucky and got to live off YouTube for a few years. That's more than most people can say who have YouTube channels. It's time to admit that's over and move on to something else. You obviously hate creating YouTube videos, so move the fuck on

No. 861016

“I talk a lot about how it personally works effects me”

This is why no one cares, your not helping people. Just talking about yourself.

No. 861017

File: 1638555912256.jpeg (389.14 KB, 528x912, 2054AB0A-3247-49AE-B753-88B04D…)

I’m sorry but as someone with adhd spending money on shit you won’t use doesn’t mean you can self diagnosis to explain away your bad spending habits

You ever notice how she tries to explain away her poor choices with real conditions that people have ?

No. 861018

File: 1638556212043.jpeg (76.22 KB, 310x875, 1D75D5B6-D4B0-4C54-9101-8DEA56…)

>rebuilding my audience
So when exactly does that start?

No. 861019

She doesn’t even need to rebuild or rebrand. She needs to try to keep the audience she already had

No. 861020

She just wants that sweet sweet Adderall script lol which honestly would be better for her than meth off the street but that would required to get a legitimate diagnosis from a real doctor

No. 861024

What would be better for her is to just stop doing drugs.

No. 861025

That’s never going to happen. I bet her medical records are wild and no sane dr would trust her with a scrip. Thank god for digital medical records, in the 70s/80s she would just go to a different dr out of state easy peasy.

No. 861027

Well obviously. But I truly believe there's something wrong with her (again also obvious). A lot of people who have undiagnosed ADHD use drugs and alcohol and even binge eating to get that release of dopamine they aren't getting. She also does exhibit a lot of the signs of someone who is legitimately ADHD. But like other anon said, with her history of drug abuse and abusing prescriptions, even if she does have it, she'll have a really hard time getting a prescription. Most normal, not drug addict people even have their refills strictly monitored with the need for doctor's visits just to get the refill.

No. 861031

Kek fair point really - I am the anon that consider cocaine is not a hard drug - but point taken. Lol Sorry for being a drug-retard

No. 861032

Sorry missed this yes thank you nonnie, thats my view exactly but agree that cocaine is as bad. I just think hard drugs would be meth and H still

No. 861039

makes sense, with the tiered system. Coke is too expensive for most people to really wreck their lives off of so i see what you mean

No. 861051


I’m inclined to agree about the adhd, however stimulants work differently for those that legitimately have adhd, hence why they don’t become addicted.

No. 861053

retards gunna retard

No. 861060

File: 1638581507374.jpeg (117.94 KB, 828x235, 6E3FFC19-B519-4689-9129-C2EF17…)

Views? Don’t know her

No. 861062

>rats die
>makes it about herself and her feelings

No. 861083

File: 1638627291420.jpeg (756.1 KB, 828x1519, E3BDDB77-A021-47C4-8F7E-1EC58A…)

Its so weird that her tweets promoting her video only got around 300-500 likes but her tweets about drugs, or random vent about JC/relationships are in the thousands. Kek even her twitter engagement is telling her that her pettube career is dying and no one wants to see it anymore

No. 861092

If you've seen her comment section it's just a bunch of addicts trauma dumping to anyone who will listen. They're just narcissists like her who see an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Pet tube is super dead, I don't know why but everyone from that era is getting like 2-3k views a video now. Traffic is moving to tik-tok and super short clips, nobody wants to watch a 30min ramble about nothing.

No. 861097

Its so embarrassing how addicts do that. That's what meetings are for.

No. 861116

File: 1638651004782.jpeg (579.18 KB, 828x1297, FAC66DBA-F82A-4DDA-BE47-E9E094…)

With 8k views either and only less 300 likes.. not sure if that many people hate her or only 300 people left in her pettube fan base.. lol

No. 861118

I genuinely think people are just over her. I tried watching her last 2 videos and I couldn’t even make it 5 minutes. She has nothing to offer in terms of comedy, information, or even just being entertaining or interesting. One anon said the video that was supposed to be about animals, 15 of the 30 minutes was her just talking about herself. The market for a young adult talking about her problems and addition for half an hour is surprisingly pretty niche.

No. 861119

This exactly. They just are over her and her bitching. Even I can’t make it through the video and that saying something. She needs to focus on being an entertainer. Think about what people want to watch. Stop treating each video like it’s your therapy session

No. 861120

If you notice her audience has shifted slightly. It’s still mostly teenagers, but I think quite a few underage kids left because there parents weren’t comfortable with them watching her. Now she has a lot more addicts in there late 20s to early 30s watching her videos and they don’t care about animals. So she has all that’s left from her old fan base that want her to get better and talk about animals. Then you have the old addicts who want to relate make comments about there experiences just to have people pity them. It’s just a mess of a mix and it’s going to kill her channel. She shot herself in the foot. She should have made her second channel be the only place she mention drugs / sob stories if she want to bitch online, and keep her main channel pure animal content.

Also taylor is on the kids YouTube app talking about drugs when I checked last. I’ve seen meat canyon on kids app too. YouTube needs to get there shit together

No. 861121

It's actually not the point of meetings and is usually heavily discouraged. A lot of people still do it though and it contibutes to the often toxic and triggering aa/na atmosphere. They call it telling "war stories". Meetings are supposed to be where you talk about how your recovery is affecting your life not about how active addiction effected it. The proper place to share that shit is with your therapist but that obviously doesn't give them ass pats, pity, and attention hence why so many go online to do that shit

I definitely agree with this. Her vids used to be easy (okay easier lol) to get through but now i havent been able to get through most. It's just endless sob stories and complaining which is annoying as she does nothing to get better and got old after the first vid about addiction. Which was her first mistake

No. 861191

her face looks scary, like an aging porn star
if I were a kid who loved animals, I would pass this by

No. 861196

Bwahaha same. I look at them for a few minutes to see what a train wreck she looks like then I look at how long the video is and it's like a half hour? The fuck? Don't know who can get through that even if it's people that do like her. Funny in itself though that even lolcow can't get through them.

No. 861223

File: 1638775199704.jpeg (155.03 KB, 492x876, 474ECC36-8E1D-4D9F-B4EF-27369D…)

She’s been non stop talking about how she needs more views to move out and pay for her pets. Making retweet after retweet of her videos asking for more views . Now this ? Sure Jan.

No. 861224

H made me fat
H made me skinny

I don’t want many views
I need views

Why she always trying to get both ways

No. 861229


She’s trying make it seem like the low views don’t bother her. She spent a lot of time fucking around, YouTube has changed, her subscribers have change and moved onto other stuff, she has changed…she’s failing to realize everything is different now. Her content isn’t going to fly like it used to.

No. 861232

She needs to just become a fashion channel already since that’s what she’s actually into. Pettube has been dead for a long time, there’s a very limited amount of content you can make about your pets. The only thing she can upload that would definitely get lots of views would be an updated “all my pets” video but that would require her to admit that many of her pets died.

No. 861233

idk maybe sell some of those $2000 dollar art supplies you admitted to still having untouched just laying around? i guess hoarders arent into that though, but its the adhd right?

No. 861236

yea she changed alot too, she got sleeves and knuckle tattoos. It would be fine, but it's so off brand from what she used to be…

I don't think she realizes her appearance is what made her success on YT the first time. Now she's practically begging for views? It's just sad, people aren't going to watch videos cause you guilt them into it.

It's shitty to say, but her job was to be a cute girl-next-door with a bunch of animals. Now she's really ruined her looks with drugs, bad self-care, ect. Not to mention ADMITTED TO BEING A HEROIN ADDICT. That right there is pretty much a death sentence, she's only figuring this out just now.

No. 861237

File: 1638808407605.jpg (181.62 KB, 1241x936, FFlUKRmXsAMmVPV.jpg)

Best case scenario honestly: she gets her heroin era tattoos removed, cleans up her disgusting room, works a real job with a schedule, then moves out of her narcissitic mother's house. If she rehomed 80% of her current animals, and focused on phenomenal care for the 20% she keeps, she'd have a small group of people still into her.

She's turned into luna slater levels of nasty. I'd say she could still turn it around cause she's young, but she's wrapped so much of her identity into her horrible lifestyle. On some level she actually enjoys living this way… just… why?…

Her current trajectory is relapse at this rate, when her plans don't pan out, she'll ghost and run back to drugs. She's 24 with no job, skillset, education or prospects. Things are looking pretty bleak…

No. 861248

Seriously why does she keep saying rebuild, she hasn’t gained followers in actual years. Lately I’m getting the vibe that she lurks a lot because she seems to respond almost directly to some of the posts here. Anon said earlier how weird it was for her to post so much about every single video she does because normal youtubers don’t do that, and then she tweets this >>861083 . She changed her entire story here >>860974 once anons pointed out that she insisted she wasn’t using when she in fact was, “I was in denial it had to do with using”. And most recently an anon talking about how bad her views are and she comes out to say how happy she is that her channel is tanking. Seems a bit too coincidental.

No. 861255

Holy shit some of those custom ferbies stuffed animals cost a few hundred on Etsy. Why does she waste her money ? Then complain about paying for snake food

No. 861256

If you're not paying for rent, utilities, car insurance, healthcare, food, ect, you can apparently afford quite a bit. All her income is disposable if she's taken care of by mommy and daddy.

The nonny summary said she admitted she makes 3k a month. If she lived on her own that'd barely cover rent in a decent apt, and we know she has expensive tastes. She doesn't want to be an adult, she wants to live like a child without any responsibilities.

I was thinking the same thing. She mentioned she gained weight after some anons talked about it on here too.

don't forget the guitar… and the streaming equipment…

No. 861258

I think you're forgetting that she lives in a very affordable state. $3000 per month would MORE than afford a decent apartment and bills, are you in LA or something?

No. 861261


She'd probably do alright at a pet shop or animal shelter, it's not like they hire experts at those places

No. 861264

While she could maybe live off of under 3k a month, she would be living paycheque to paycheque. Remember she has over 30 animals to take care of, cat food and litter alone is so expensive. So she could probably afford rent and utilities but not pet food, groceries, medications, therapies, pet supplies, vet bills, meth, heroin, plus anything she wanted to buy like clothing, tattoos, furbies, art supplies and other trash. Anyways a land lord would be stupid if they looked at her income and approved her. Unless you’re making hundreds of thousands, YouTube doesn’t work as proof of income because its so inconsistent.

No. 861285


Dear lord that furby tattoo is hideous. I get people like what they like as far as tattoos and otherwise, but that’s pretty bad. I can’t imagine being a guy who is into Taylor, let’s say she cleans up her look a bit, is getting busy with her, only to find THAT on her upper thigh. I don’t see how anyone could move past it.

No. 861302

That was my thought. Last year when she swore she was working on moving out then suddenly quit talking anout it, yeaahhh. I think she looked into it did some applying and was denied. They want stable income, not getting evicted or breaking a former lease, good credit.. oh and not owning 20 pets.
She could rent a trailer though. Would be name fitting.

No. 861303

>I can’t imagine being a guy who is into Taylor

I think this is the saddest part, Its obvious jonny only got with her for the money. Now she surrounds herself with people who only see her as friend with benefits at best. She's not getting that loving relationship she really wants. I'm still tinfoiling that Aggy is using her for easy sex.

She thought she was getting love with jonny, but now she realizes it was all a lie. She got played and embarrassed in front of thousands of people, who warned her multiple times.

I mean… I guess the best she can do now is former drug addict? It'd be pretty hard to find someone into her that isn't complete trailer trash/ ghetto. LA rapper romance was never in the cards for her.

No. 861304

Kek. You think a scrote, the first time he is getting into TND's pants, is going to see her retarded tattoo and decide "Pp hard but nah. Furby tattoo." Scrotes pay money to see Luna & Shay, and you think a guy a few minutes from getting his dick wet cares about a dumb tattoo? You precious child.

No. 861305

dick wet yea, but relationship material hell no. Her life is a mess, and nobody is gonna clean it up for her unless she brings something good to the table.

No. 861310

File: 1638903097786.png (286.97 KB, 750x1334, 5E5DB2C2-C202-45D9-BBDD-1FA33E…)

This is so confusing I’ve never seen her once complain about men. I’ve only heard her talk about jonny. She never said all men or even men. She always refers to ex, people that abuse you, abusive relationships

No. 861311

Sounds like the exact apologies she has made in the past after killing a pet from her own care

Not sincere and taking it as a joke

No. 861312

File: 1638903566342.jpeg (414.07 KB, 750x1210, 8F1F9B7A-4CC9-4784-A85D-190D80…)

The comments are just people venting about abuse and some struggles about men . I can totally see Taylor tweeting later

“Turns out I don’t hate men <3 just scared of them UwU” “#raped with glass shards in my back”

You ever notice how she talks about jonny being so bad, and she talk about it constantly and how jonny gave her ptsd and made her do drugs, and is this huge #1 abuser in her life. He is emotionally abusive she has said over and over. I never thought her “r” happened bc she makes jonny be the biggest worst thing that could and has ever happened to her. She never bring glass tape by older man up (in years at least) in her essays of abuse. Now I’ve mentioned it and she reads here I bet she will bring it up within the next month.

No. 861313

If she had large glass shards in her back like she claimed and with the time frame and her EDS she totally has she would have terrible scars. She always made it clear they were huge shards of glass. She always makes it clear her scars don’t health and last forever. I have a scar from a dog bite when I was 7 and I’m 30. How would she not have something from 10ish years ago ? With all the other factors

I wish I could believe her bc I always believe victims but she is the first person in the world I haven’t bc of all the lying she has done and abuse story stealing from her own fans, and Bree.

No. 861314

Jonny posted her nude 3 years ago with her full back exposed and not one tinny tiny scar

No. 861315

I honestly somehow think even the sound cloud rapper is out of her league. She used to be cute, but she’s completely ruined that, she’s so self centred, unemployed, a hard drug addict, lives at home, has zero motivation or direction in life, is broke, is a compulsive liar, there is nothing appealing about her. Seriously aggy seems kinda dumb but not dumb enough to put his dick in a complete train wreak.

No. 861316

File: 1638903950065.jpeg (465.58 KB, 750x1269, 46B400B1-5880-49AB-93D5-D406A0…)

5:30am guyyyzzzz

What tv show character is she now ?

No. 861317

This. If someone like aggy knows your to many table spoons of crazy, then you know your at rock bottom. I can’t even imagine someone going long term w her anymore. Will was so good for her, but she thought jonny would make her cool. If she stopped trying to be cool and she focused on finding things she likes herself that’s isn’t something she thinks will gain her points or make her fit a certain box, she would be living a different life

No. 861324

File: 1638911057772.png (569.37 KB, 828x1792, 31B5D669-D2A9-4DB2-B4EC-B6807B…)

No. 861325

File: 1638911085127.png (291.55 KB, 828x1792, EF6361F5-6B29-4235-AD48-F49500…)

No. 861326

File: 1638911112472.png (1.77 MB, 828x1792, 0B1EE6A0-E6EB-4F9A-8B9B-FC6026…)

No. 861328

Munchies queen is back.. she really cant help herself can she? As long as her injuries are related from her animal care, she loves to show it and get pity point.

No. 861329

Complaining about men after we bring up dating? Coincidence? I think not…

No. 861348

File: 1638922694155.png (386.8 KB, 828x1792, D7CB19DD-ECD3-4DDA-AF93-B4368E…)

No. 861349

File: 1638922719762.png (1.37 MB, 828x1792, 79A500E3-2270-4227-8AF7-F1C9D9…)

No. 861350

Dude yeah it fucking hurts you just got a fucking cut. Don’t start bending your fingers a fuck ton and lifting stuff that will movement the muscles throughout your hand causing more damage. Also most people don’t just start self diagnosing right off the bat. Most people don’t even know how cutting your hand deep enough in the right place can fuck you up like that…bc they aren’t on webmd constantly. Well most people don’t post every time they get a cut or a burn in the least.

How fast she started to self diagnosis is astonishing even for her.

No. 861352

This whole stunt to not film on time I bet

Would you look at that

No. 861353

Anyone just bend your thumb and notice how many muscles move with it. Depending on where her cut is exactly, and she hasn’t shown. I think she might be full of shit.

No. 861356

File: 1638926132668.jpeg (58 KB, 781x201, 989E72BC-FDA0-420A-B48B-83AE48…)

Good for her for having no shame about begging for views, can’t blame her it’s been sitting at just over 40k for a few days now. The mention of a new video makes me think she’ll squeeze in one more round of lying about a new video upload date until she can get off her ass and actually film it, she’ll probably use her hand booboo as an excuse.

No. 861358

Her story confuses me but her lying is so out of hand I could totally see this being to get out of work. The cynical part of me cant help but also wonder if she has another abscess from a miss that needs "surgery" and she needs an excuse for it. Nothing is ever straight forward with her and making so many stories about this is weird to me

No. 861359

I used to do the recaps while back. Do we still want one or have we moved on? I have the vid queued up; at the very least I suppose it’ll be good documentation for further tinfoil while our queen is off stabbing her hand (allegedly) and face fucking whataburger fries in her den.

No. 861362

Someone beat you too it >>860881

No. 861364

her whole story is fishy as hell, wouln't be surprised if she was trying to shoot up in her hand, messed up, then cut herself with a knife to make it look like an accident. It's hard to tell cause she isn't trustworthy.

No. 861395

I have a few tinfoils here.
Taylor mentioned not all that long ago that she thought she had ADHD, and recently has officially claimed she has it.
With her long spergs, I’m wondering if she got her hands on dexies and is getting high? I truly believe she’s been doing meth a lot longer than she ever admitted.
Plus, if she’s taking it and short on cash her mom may even be willing to spot her cash because it’s prescribed?
My second tinfoil is exactly what this anon said >>861364
She managed to mysteriously stab the front of her hand? Yeah right.

No. 861420

File: 1638992241075.jpeg (167.32 KB, 828x822, 111370F8-885D-41FB-86B6-E756E9…)

The way she talks about meth means she definitely used it at least semi frequently. I share the tinfoil that she’s going for a script so she can abuse narcotics because she’s broke. ADHD doesn’t just happen to adults, literally part of the criteria for a diagnosis is childhood difficulties. A lot of time it’s diagnosed in children because kids can’t function well in a classroom because of it, she’s never even spoke about symptoms of it before a few months ago and it’s all she can talk about. Now that Its has been brought up here I bet she’s going to start tweeting about how hard life was as a kid/teen with undiagnosed ADHD.

No. 861424

Idk drs are handing out ADHD diagnoses to basically any adult who asks these days
bad grades in school = childhood impairment
good grades in school = ‘perfectionist’ undiagnosed female uwu
With her substance abuse I doubt they’ll give her instant release stimulants, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she talks them into a diagnosis, no clinical testing, and vyvanse/welbutrin or the stimulant patches.

No. 861427

It actually terrifies me that people can get a adhd diagnosis without clinical testing. I think that she’s just struggling with motivation and focus because for years she’s used drugs as a crutch. She needs some dbt therapy or something to learn how to cope with being sober, the fucking last thing she needs is to throw more drugs at the problem. Thats just switching out hard drugs for prescriptions, and it won’t fix anything. Ever since getting ‘sober’ she seems to be racking up her prescriptions, Subs, antidepressants, sleeping pills, and now she’s gunning for stimulants.

No. 861429

Not to whiteknight her or blogpost either but after a decade of doctors diagnosing me as clinically depressed with anxiety and trying all kinds of meds, my GP agreed to let me try Adderall XR and honest to Christ, my entire life has changed because of it. I no longer have to drag myself out of bed and can focus on work and tasks at home without feeling like a complete failure. I never really had problems as a kid but my GP and now psych have diagnosed me with adult ADHD. Maybe I was just never diagnosed and nobody noticed problems with me as a kid or teen but that's what happened to me.

No. 861430

This is not the way a sober person talks… She's obviously still using meth, or something else.

>I can quit anytime I want

seriously? does she realize how stupid she sounds? This is like textbook druggie behavior, I don't believe for a minute she's off the drugs. She doesn't have ADHD, she's not sick, she doesn't have half of what she claims she has.

Most likely, she's malnourished, unhygienic, and suffering organ damage from drugs. If she's sick at all it because she's breathing in cat/ reptile feces in her overcrowded room.

The way she copes with this is to do more drugs, rather than try to fix the problem. She needs to rehome her animals and just start fresh.

No. 861433

Stimulants are super regulated, you need your doctor to approve every refill. If this is her plan it's a fucking stupid one

No. 861434

She’s a addict though she wouldn’t get a scrip. More likely they would give her methods to cope with the condition

No. 861435

This is interesting not to blog but my doctor suspected I had adhd, but said he couldn’t diagnose me until I got tested. I didn’t expect I did so and thought they were reaching, so I just stopped showing up.

No. 861436

File: 1639007000311.jpeg (425.03 KB, 750x1014, 37557E5C-EA41-4718-BDEF-9BD2BE…)

Just because you left a good looking guy for a pathetic loser for your image doesn’t mean there are no good band dudes.

Those were the days when she @ed every band members to try to make a connection to hit them up, bc she was so desperate for a boyfriend in a band. She was so desperate that no one cares expect jonny craig so she took that. She didn’t care who he was she cared more about what he could do for her. That’s why I don’t think Taylor is a good person. Well one of many reasons. Sometimes I like to take her animal care out of the equation, and just think about how she has treated other human beans in the past. Even if you stand by her animal care, how can you think she is a good genuine person ?

No. 861437

What person doesn’t like music ?

No. 861439

File: 1639007925049.jpeg (309.47 KB, 750x1045, A42DED1E-FA81-4B7C-8DA2-CEF17E…)

I never even caught this until this twitterfag pointed it out. How did the knife bend ? I own some cheap knifes and they slightly bend at the tip if I am trying to bend it with all might, but even then it bends barley, no way for it to cut someone. The knife would have to break to cut her like how she describes, or the knife would slip.. not bend. So much doesn’t add up. I think is a self inflicted /or/ H needle mess up. It just this story doesn’t add up in many places so far. Why did she even feel to explain some injury is the real question ? I’ve seen the last time she cleaned Twisty’s cage on camera it looked to not be cleaned in a VERY long time. (Same for the cresties cages just clearly never spot cleaned ) That’s why I don’t think she was cleaning her pets cages ahahahha. She doesn’t take care of them her family does.

No. 861446

File: 1639009064986.jpeg (360.59 KB, 750x771, 56F5A0DA-DB65-4341-BEDE-FCEDA6…)

I love how she posted before hand. “Working on the cages” Then oh no I can’t film my knife came to life and started to fly at me and stabbed me right in the hand.

Why she is lying I know this is technically a tinfoil but come fucking on this sounds like a child coming up with a cover story

1. The clearly staged alibi right before the knife “bent” right into her hand. Whenever I tried to open caps dangerously (not with scissors) the knife will slip and almost go into my other hand. Always like fuck that was close. Never bend.

2. She won’t show the injury right away, and she always shows the most damage to get the most victim brownie points. She bein a full blown munchie pretending to be a dr.

3. She totally got hurt from drugs and being stupid. The fact she came to twitter to tweet about cage cleaning. She never cleans her cages and the one time she posts about it she cuts her hand so v badly. Okay sure.

4. She is covering something up and being dishonest somewhere bc it doesn’t make scenes and something as simple as cutting your hand shouldn’t be this complicated to explain

5. If you look at her past whenever she does something bad / caught lying / caught using, she feels the need to defend herself with these crazy stories / essays that go on and on about unnecessary details

6. Is this not my heart went boom all over again ?

No. 861448

File: 1639009940370.jpeg (67.48 KB, 475x494, F117823A-C777-48C3-86EF-D0C48A…)

This. I knew she was a bad person when she came out with a whole video about Jonny being toxic after she found out he had a new girlfriend. When Taylor started dating him one of his exes warned her about his abusive past she she tweeted that she was sitting with Jonny and laughing at her. Then after they broke up she turns around to try and warn syd in an embarrassing desperate attempt to get her to leave him. It was the probably the worst thing she could’ve done, especially after how she treated the women who had survived his abuse in the past. It only mattered when SHE was the one being abused. Like she actually laughed at a victim who told her their story, and then wrote a tweet to rub it in their face, that’s actually just evil.

No. 861461

File: 1639016404053.jpeg (283.5 KB, 750x655, EE585ABF-C8FC-4496-8968-EAF57C…)

I can’t decide if I’m anti-social or not. Do you think it fits the aesthetic I’m going for ?

No. 861462

Not like it’s been COVID-19 or anything. She has been hanging out with friends way more then I had the opportunity since the pandemic.

No. 861468

>these conditions
Yes, such squalor having someone else pay for the roof over your head and meals in your belly.

No. 861469

Ffs go to a meeting. I know it takes you weeks to get ready so find any online meeting and turn off your camera. An isolating addict isn't a fucking aesthetic, it's how lives are destroyed.

No. 861472

She really does just say exactly what she's thinking at all times no matter how inappropriate it might be, doesn't she? Just two little neurons bouncing around between her ears, who can't understand the difference between a stranger being polite and someone being a friend that you confide in. She has the emotional regulation of a child.

No. 861474

Replace the word connection with attention and she might be onto something!!

No. 861481

File: 1639059641307.png (485.8 KB, 828x1792, FEC8106C-9E33-4458-BA19-B15E20…)

Cant believe no one posted this yet… but more tweets about JC!

No. 861482

File: 1639059707660.png (620.59 KB, 828x1792, D4CF66FD-18AF-4581-B24E-2DFA9E…)

Like is she seriously thinking that the “not making her feel better” part was a bigger red flag than the cheating ? Lmao she is so needy!!

No. 861484

Her wording in the top tweet is very funny because I remember when she first went public with Jonny and literally everybody was like uhhh he's an abusive junkie rapist and she said "don't worry guys, I've been in abusive relationships before so I know what to look out for and this isn't that!"

No. 861489

File: 1639067480777.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, 6D7E1A1E-88D8-4C23-A323-8B70A0…)

No. 861491

File: 1639067508801.png (4.02 MB, 828x1792, 84106F48-2BD5-41C9-9B19-0F2B6C…)

No. 861496

File: 1639070703600.png (640.72 KB, 828x1792, 14249054-3F1B-46A0-B853-CED88F…)


No. 861497

File: 1639070767393.png (360.01 KB, 828x1792, 7D41832F-AF09-43BB-81BA-1E48E3…)

“I do not complain much about physical pain ever” and then she posts about literally everything wrong with her body….

No. 861499

So this is her "FINAL" infusion but also the only one she's had because it's the only one her insurance covers?
Or is she saying that she paid privately for the others?

I don't know much about the American health care system so it seems like there's a big contradiction here

No. 861500

If her ferritin levels are so low, like low enough that infusions are the only option (the treatment is usually heme iron supplements) wouldn't she have massive hair loss? That's usually the first sign of something really being wrong. Hair loss, confusion, low energy but not so low you can't get out of bed?? Yes EDS people can have real problems with vitamin and mineral absorption but IDk I feel like she's leaning into this as an excuse and using it as a crutch.

No. 861501

Lmaooooo bitch can’t hold anything but can type this big long essay! Ok Taylor

No. 861502

Think she means the only type anon not the only session

No. 861503

Why does she look so dirty, even with a filter. I kinda think she’s messing with her health on purpose. Its a tinfoil, but whenever she posts about her health or being in hospital she gets significantly more interaction. We don’t even see the infusion bag or an iv so I wouldn’t put it past her to be there for something else like her hand cut or drug complications and lying about it because she’s a compulsive liar.
>stil still shaking so hard I can’t hold anything
But I held my phone and typed a book to let everyone on Insta know how super sick I am, pls feel bad for me.

No. 861504

File: 1639076377648.png (570.99 KB, 828x1792, D03F2980-27C3-4E8E-9B1B-231B65…)

No. 861505

File: 1639076405140.png (469.9 KB, 828x1792, 7D57373A-7C45-46DA-AE06-C650FE…)

No. 861508

i swear the bullshit she spews just gets more and more dramatic each day. maybe she should take up creative writing as a hobby.

No. 861509

I do not believe the only iron treatment her insurance covers is the most expensive kind - iron infusions, when ferrous sulfate pill cost a few dollars and she would just have to take them everyday for 1-2 months.

That’s literally what it feels like when I pass out at blood draws / in general, and I’m trying to fight it. Just lay on the floor that’s what your suppose to do.

No. 861510


No. 861511

This sounds like a panic attack I take my statement back about fainting. It doesn’t sound like asthma attack at all.

No. 861512

Well one thing about American health care is they don’t pay for the most expensive treatments (only for) the most severe cases of a condition. They would NEVER make you do a more expensive alternative and outright deny a cheater route. They always give you the cheapest options over the expensive. The hate spending money on people’s health. Very greedy companies. It makes her story wack.

No. 861513

Yeah she would… it’s bc there is bullshit somewhere

No. 861514

Still the “only type” makes no scene. Anyone working in health care would be so confused that an insurance only pays for iron transfusion when that’s a huge boost of iron. Many people have to take pills bc it’s very accurate and they can be adjusted monthly. Also some people have only a slight iron deficiency for a short period of time. Oh well I don’t care our insurance says you have to take iron infusions, even though to much iron can cause life lasting diseases. Sorry it’s our insurance policy. Every needs a big dose of expensive iron infusions.

Is her new munchie diagnosis dementia by any chance ? She sounds retarded. There are many people in health care, with asthma, and iron deficiencies that’s can see Taylor doesn’t add up. Does she not realize other people exist with these conditions that can call her out ? Sometimes I think she believes she is the only person in the world with a brain and she believes everyone else is retarded.

No. 861515

I was thinking the same thing. You can type and type and type, but you couldn’t move your thumb two days ago with EXTREME pain already giving yourself diagnosis. Everything is “extreme” to taylor. I’ve never seen someone invest so much time on trying to prove to hater online that they are sick. Even her fans are bored of this circling act.

No. 861516

File: 1639080709094.jpeg (1.22 MB, 2828x2828, E2449400-3771-4B26-8F2A-CB7081…)

All her tweets about Jonny from last night and just three hours ago.

What happened to not being able to move your hand or bend it ? What happened to the stitches and the tendon being sliced up ?

No. 861522

she said the doctor had one. reading comprehension, anon

No. 861524

I’m dumb

No. 861525

It’s creepy that he has a fiance and a baby and has moved on, yet she’s still completely obsessed with him and that period of her life. These tweets are things she already stated in her Jonny video, this whole thing is just her admitting that he lives rent free in her head, even years after they broke up. You have to be miserable to sit around doing nothing other than thinking about your ex boyfriend and then writing essay about it.

No. 861526

She said she hasn’t had any relationship since, but what about the brodicks ?

No. 861527

Wouldn’t she flip with him talkin to girls tho ? What a double standard

No. 861528

Yeah she dated that (jake?) guy in rehab, the one who she rented a hotel with and who gave her the little hand gun. And I think she dated forest. Not sure though, maybe they were just ‘hanging out’.

No. 861530

They weren’t dating because Taylor isn’t dating material. She is get your duck wet material. So they were fuck buddies.

She would brag about talking about “hot girls” with her new best friend “brodick”

Love all the bi-bating Taylor has done in her past

She has also hung out with aggy and his friends a few times, and I remember a while back she was hanging out with this alt girl on her stories.

No. 861531

HAHAHA the hand gun was so funny and wasn’t her finger on the trigger or some crazy shit ?

No. 861535

Her hair looks seriously disgusting like it’s caked in grease, does her hygiene usually degenerate like this when she’s sober?

No. 861541

I know it's nitpick to talk about her hair, but holy crap that's thin and greasy. I know drugs screw with your motivation, but seriously you're going out in public. She must smell like cat piss, and animal turds.

Been said 1000 times, but she can't even take care of herself, there's no way her animals are getting proper care.

No. 861544

File: 1639096195068.jpeg (138.02 KB, 750x300, E97F7D1B-30CF-49D7-AB10-D9A6EE…)

Apart of me thinks she wrote this herself bc of the spelling

No. 861549

Why the hell would you walk into standing water to unplug something? Doesn't she have a controller anyway? I understand the panic at coming home to a flood but man, part of owning a fish tank is understanding electricity and water don't mix and how to properly cut power in this sort of situation.

It's weird to see her share all this stuff so publicly all the time. This is the sort of stuff I would keep to a private account, or at least locked to Close Friends. It's like she has no one to talk to.

No. 861552

‘Apart’ damn Syd that you?

No. 861554

I dont think she has anyone to talk to. Aggy and co clearly arent interested since he always gives her backhanded compliments and outs her bs. Then what 2yrs ago she blew up her gc with her fans when everything went down with her and her mom threatening Destry. Betsey & her roomie and fellow stripper moved to a diff state, not that they really seemed to have much in common. The other people in the group were clearly Betsey's friends not taylor's. And forest got married. Anf lastly from a story she made last yr & tweet begging people to pray for her bff who was dying as I understand the girl aka "bff" od'd & died. Like the tweet about dumping her whole life in 3min >>861461 is exactly how people who are extremely lonely act. Like the elderly or disabled who come to a store and tell the cashier their whole life beceause they probably havent spoken to anyone in days. Normally I have a lot of empathy for these people but for taylor I really dont. She made this bed herself though. The only propel who wpuld want to associate with her would be hardcore addicts as she lives the same life just the very privledged version. And anyways those usually aren't really friendships it's usually just 2 addicts using each other. Sorry for the mini rant but I really think she blurts out this stuff because she really has no one and knows it'll get likes uwu ass pats and sympathy. It's fascinating tbh

I like how this is the second time she floods her parents house this way. She really isnt the brightest bulb

No. 861556

>it’s like she has nobody to talk to
Notice the only time she hangs around people (other than Betsy) it’s a dude who’s probably sleeping with her. Taylor did online schooling when she was younger and isolated herself when she got with Jonny and never regained any friends because she doesn’t have any kind of interaction with the outside world. If she got a job or went to collage she would probably gain some friendships. The only place she’s met people in years was rehab and that’s the worst place to make friends

No. 861557

What about her group chats with minors ? She loves venting to them.

No. 861558

No English is my second language

No. 861560

Anon, I can tell every post you've ever written across the forums as you always put a space before using a question mark. Might want to stop that.

No. 861561

She still has this same mindset. If you question her about drugs, she will rant on and make jokes about it. Just look at her new twitter background photo.

No. 861565

True, I'm guessing she still has one or two. I think she just kicked Destry out. It's so creepy and inappropriate

No. 861618

File: 1639189092943.png (527.31 KB, 828x1792, 2F0569FA-0EBB-44EB-BE17-68DFC9…)

No. 861619

File: 1639189132313.png (600.51 KB, 828x1792, F480F019-11CC-432A-8E47-547437…)

No. 861620

File: 1639189163421.png (245.46 KB, 828x1792, E17B8E54-6C6E-4A90-A591-40F7CB…)

No. 861624

Guess not enough people gave a fuck because this is almost exactly what she wrote yesterday. Also hate how she always shits on her bro and seeks empathy for his emotional issues but never has any actual empathy for him. Like uwu I can barely film with my brothers meltdowns feel sorry for me! Fuck off Taylor his life is probably 10x harder because his sister is a dumbass constantly on the verge of death. No shit he's having a hard time, that was established by momma dean yrs ago. Also shows how dumb mama dean is for keeping tay around. And yes she has brain damage from all the meth I'm sure. She's finally getting all that she deserves in life and I love to see it

No. 861626

File: 1639192748419.png (533.95 KB, 1431x2871, Capture _2021-12-10-21-16-25.p…)

I interpret this as momma &dad Dean see right through taylirs bs and know she's either totally making it up, or exaggerating. Who know it may just all br drug related again. She is clearly melting down because someone else is the center of attention. Cringe. Youre 24 yrs old grow up

No. 861627

File: 1639192978720.png (568.27 KB, 1439x2821, Capture _2021-12-10-21-22-24.p…)

Milking it for all she can

No. 861628

This is almost exactly the same as >>861504 I seriously had to go check that anon didn’t just repost from yesterday. Obviously her hand doesn’t hurt that bad because she’s been typing on hyper rant mode since it happened. I get weird tweaker vibes from her rants these past few days, ranting about JC, boys in general, her health, ‘cutting her hand’, and her family it seems kinda manic.

No. 861630

For being such a munchie I’m shocked she didn’t use this as a chance to get stitches and more hospital pics for social media.

Also, no one would use a band aid covering their entire hand for a single cut. And if it was that bad she would have needed medical attention, not lots of gauze.

This on top of the bruised elbow pits make it seem like she is shooting again. What a coincidence, both of her favorite injection sites are bruised/injured. From her recent twitter rants I’d like to wager H with heavy dash of crystal meth

No. 861635

File: 1639203233442.png (537.98 KB, 1408x2840, Capture _2021-12-11-00-10-31.p…)

He sheer stupidity of this is nuts

No. 861636

File: 1639203508219.png (462.02 KB, 1439x2832, Capture _2021-12-11-00-12-28.p…)


If its so bad why didnt she call an ambulance if she can't get a ride? I thought munchies loved ambulances. I guess the build up drama is more important. Just watch tomorrow will be some awful health issue that was so severe a Dr had NeVeR sEeN aNyThInG LiKe iT

No. 861637

I can’t wait to see her hand in the future. I remember last year her talking about how she couldn’t wear shorts because she had ugly sepsis scars from abscess all over her legs and then it turned out to be one scar on her hip and her legs were completely scar free. It was a giant lie. I bet her hand is just her over exaggerating again, when we see it it’ll be a cat scratch.

No. 861640


Omg shut the fuck up. How many times is she going to relay the same series of events. Everyone read it the first three times, damn. She LOVES that all this bad shit happened to her and she can tell everyone about it, it’s so weird.

No. 861641

File: 1639216550768.png (832.27 KB, 1439x2831, Capture _2021-12-11-03-51-24.p…)

Incoming photo dump. The saga continues. First she pisted like 6 stories of star in the sink then this. She's got to be high with the nonstop repetitive posts lately

No. 861642

File: 1639216597392.png (893.62 KB, 1439x2836, Capture _2021-12-11-03-51-54.p…)

No. 861643

File: 1639216642910.png (947.11 KB, 1430x2851, Capture _2021-12-11-03-52-33.p…)

No. 861644

File: 1639216695615.png (3.05 MB, 1439x2832, Capture _2021-12-11-03-53-16.p…)

No. 861645

so… going from being electrocuted so hard that she couldn't move for 8 seconds and everything smells burned… to being slightly zapped from a small electric charge in the water. Mhm.

No. 861646

File: 1639217152750.png (2.79 MB, 1431x2810, Capture _2021-12-11-04-02-31.p…)

I thought that was perfume in the pic but it's a lighter and compared to the earlier ones there was no cotton looking thing in the sink and there is brown gunk next to the lighter. Ummm is she blatantly have her bedtime shot while her cat is right there? Wtf. Shes never been responsible making her pets dont accidently ingest shit. Seems star knows her human starts acting weird when she does this thing (I may be looking to far into it but I really do think she's shooting up why else have the lighter? Totes sober

No. 861647

File: 1639217330227.png (3.47 MB, 1439x2835, Capture _2021-12-11-03-53-34.p…)

Ok nevermind what I thought was cotton or something was the hole in the sink lmao but still brown shit next to a lighter when we know she does tar is sus. Anyways here's the other dumb shit she posted because shes mortally wounded

No. 861648

File: 1639217395692.png (4.76 MB, 1439x2837, Capture _2021-12-11-03-53-48.p…)

No. 861649

File: 1639217474515.png (2.35 MB, 1438x2820, Capture _2021-12-11-03-54-15.p…)

No. 861650

File: 1639217628005.png (1.1 MB, 1439x2825, Capture _2021-12-11-04-13-07.p…)

Even posted it to Twitter. Damn she's really on one

No. 861657

Electrocution is death by electric shock, it has a very specific meaning. I bet even if someone corrected her i.e (you were shocked, not electrocuted.) , she would continue to say it. Electrocution is a portmanteau of execution and electric.

No. 861661

what an unwoke and unghetto reaction from them to call the police on a mentally ill GENTLEMAN who just so happened to be off his meds AGAIN instead of handling it themselves with a little street smaurts

No. 861663

(I think you’re in the wrong thread my dude)

No. 861675

I work in hematology, iron infusions take an hour. Shut up munchie

No. 861677

sorry for two replies, I'm just catching up now but again, I work in hematology, and no, low ferritin levels does not mean her hair would necessarily be falling out by the time she would get an iron infusion (either venofer or injectafer, injecafer being preferred these days)

No. 861689

is her story about the anaphylactic shock actually something that might happen?

No. 861730

You saw a dr the other day, with this big bandage on your hand… they just didn’t say anything, nor you?

No. 861733

She has been getting these all the time since she was so little she has said a few times, extremely highly unlikely for severe shock if she has been getting them as often as she says. Once again Taylor is contradicting herself. Also she said she had such severe anaphylactic shock, but was let out within 20-40mins, no extra time in the hospital to observe you ? We’re the doctors just like “oh it’s just another day in Taylor’s life just send her home” this story went from crazy to super crazy. Why didn’t she talk about this the day of ? Because she was trying to find a reason on Google to explain her symptoms after the iron transfer. Same pattern with her. My family members went into anaphylactic shock and almost died. They didn’t even call it “severe” just anaphylactic shock. So Taylor must be in critical condition

No. 861734

She keeps bitching and moanin about her hand, but since she cut her hand she has been typing more then ever. So many essays and rants about dumb shit. Wouldn’t that cause more pain taylor ?

No. 861750

She always has to exaggerate the most pointless shit. If she actually wasn’t lying about her needing iron transfusions for an hour people would be sympathetic so I don’t see why she needs to exaggerate absolutely all facts she shares with her following and say it was 3 hours. but she’s a compulsive liar I guess. An existence like that just seems really hollow and wasteful though it’s pointless behaviour. She really smoked shot and snorted her career down the drain kek

No. 861778

heme anon again - if she's had iron infusions before there's like 0 chance she had an anaphylactic reaction. they're also incredibly rare - I read one stat that it is 68/100,000 for an anaphylactic reaction. Hypersensitivity is more common - so flushing, hives, maybe feeling short of breath, maybe hypotension, but not true anaphylaxis. That happens usually in the first few minutes and the drip is started slowly to monitor for that. If it was her 2nd infusion, then it is way less likely she would react. reactions usually happen only 1st infusion. And again, reaction does not mean anaphylaxis. If it was anaphylaxis they would send her to the ED, it's a medical emergency

No. 861781

Don’t forget anon she had “severe anaphylactic shock.”

She tweeted about having these infusions recently saying she has been getting them since she was young. Not just two or three times. I honestly don’t believe anything she says. She is spiraling. I didn’t realize a person could lie so much.

No. 861791

File: 1639346991544.jpeg (610.13 KB, 750x1198, E458CD33-D2A6-4CD2-8711-C9C0C5…)

I think this view count is one of the reasons why she will stall as long as possible until she posts her next video.

No. 861823

File: 1639374448396.png (3.86 MB, 1431x2813, Capture _2021-12-12-23-43-13.p…)

Sure. Gives me pipe burn vibes especially centerlip but idk. And lol is she trying to say nodding out without saying it? Also looks like there's shit up her nose but idk if its just the filter or the nose ring. No wonder shes using the heavy filters again

No. 861824

File: 1639374500357.png (4.48 MB, 1439x2815, Capture _2021-12-12-23-47-30.p…)

Star is still absolutely massive, poor thing

No. 861825

File: 1639374599593.png (5.13 MB, 1434x2824, Capture _2021-12-12-23-49-01.p…)

Still going off about it

No. 861826

File: 1639374700166.png (2.85 MB, 1439x2839, Capture _2021-12-12-23-49-13.p…)

Just a reminder she's done all this while "unable to work" and we know she takes 100's of pics even for informal selfies

No. 861827

File: 1639374809924.png (3.5 MB, 1425x2826, Capture _2021-12-12-23-49-28.p…)

No. 861848

They're gurn burns, must’ve been on some uppers.

No. 861864

File: 1639423617410.png (319.4 KB, 828x1792, 97A97D01-971E-49C4-9259-1D0848…)

No. 861865

File: 1639423657113.png (359.86 KB, 828x1792, 149A936F-48A6-4C3A-9395-0FF74C…)

No. 861866

Does she not know how many people that bite there lips? Everyone. This definitely looks like a pipe burn? Where are the teeth punctures or some lose skin? Don’t wanna bring up my past with pipes, but damn taylor. I’ve never seen someone so fast to explain injuries, and there explanation never add up. That’s why she didn’t show her cut on her hand. Since it’s so deep and her scars last so long it should be there for the next few years at least . Only time will tell.

No. 861867

Why is she pulling her eyes back? She looks like she is trying to do the fox eye trend / trying to look Asian. I remember when a lot of girls got hate for pulling there eyes back for selfies exactly like this.

No. 861868

You spent 7,500 on a ball python and 1,000s on some rare funcko pop dolls. And hundreds to thousands on customized furbies. It’s not like she would have any of that 40k now. She would have blown it on something else stupid.

No. 861869

Honestly I don’t think moving should be her priority. She needs to focus on actually being sober. Once she moves she doesn’t have mama dean on her back. She will spiral even more and it generally makes me worried that she will od within 6 months of moving out.

No. 861871

File: 1639424476070.jpeg (182.77 KB, 750x430, 98A6182C-AACA-4C41-8488-4FA074…)

This just generally makes me feel bad for her, because it’s the truth. She is getting older every year she hides from everyone in that house.

No. 861872

File: 1639424707970.jpeg (431.21 KB, 750x1194, 8582E1F8-87CC-49B6-B941-46DEFA…)

Never seen her feed them something that isn’t a fatty mouse or pinky. I do believe this is what killed one of her horn frogs. Remember she has had there different horn frogs in the past and has none now. They live for 15 years and are the easiest pet you can care for IMO. It’s like having a rock who eats bugs and needs a misting. Key word bugs. Don’t fatty mice. That’s suppose to be very rare treat. If you can’t take care of one of there guys I don’t believe you should own a green tree python or a fat tail python. Those two snakes need a lot more care and a responsible owner if you want them to thrive.

No. 861873

She's 100% back on drugs and nothing she says can convince me otherwise. She's completely out of her mind in every way.

No. 861874

How did she manage to bite the skin surrounding her lips? Remember >>857700 from last thread, it makes me think anons speculating that they were pipe burns seem way more plausible. I’ve been biting my lips for years and have never had scabs that looked like that.

Lmao shes been saying she’s going to move out for years now, we all know the only way she moves out is if she gets a job. Her following grows smaller everyday and with that, so does her paycheck. Without consistent income you can’t rent an apartment. Add on the actual zoo she has to care for and that dream just gets further and further out of reach.

No. 861877

File: 1639424927333.jpeg (335.43 KB, 750x853, 3587A2BA-97D5-4B85-9F0C-939F0E…)

No. 861878

Wouldn’t she have a dried scab or loose hanging skin? Why is the skin look flat and burn like… as a lip chewer this is out there even for Taylor.

No. 861880

imo this is in very poor taste (no pun intended) towards her friend or whoevver it is she's talking to.

No. 861883

Wooooo the countdown til she's applying to medicaid begins

No. 861886

File: 1639433110571.png (158 KB, 854x717, whythefuckyoulying_whyyoualway…)

sage for necro but her ig story doesn't make any sense. Fish CAN get electrocuted as per picrel. Kek move the LED lights away from the tank so you won't get 'a buzz when you place your hand in the water'.

No. 861887

I’m so confused why she posted this because I also think it makes her look so insensitive. When Taylor’s having a hard time the whole world needs to stop and listen to her problems, when her friends are struggling she makes jokes out of them. I would stop talking to someone if I asked for a cute pet picture and they sent me a mouse being eaten. I hope she doesn’t think this makes her look edgy or something because she just looks like an straight up asshole.

No. 861889

>Tehe so quirky! My rats just suffered an excruciating death cause I'm afraid of being alone! look at this frog eat some rats Tehe!

There's just so much wrong with this girl… She must get a sick sense of control having all these animals…

No. 861892

Why didn’t she just go take a photo of a cat or something? I would feel so used, just for a tweet.

No. 861897

While this is a pretty normal experience I have to laugh because about a yr ago while "mildly concerned" over her age she got the tattoo of her birth yr on her knuckles so everyone will know her age and she'll always have a glaring reminder of it, I always wonder why she got that one in particular. I like how an entire body of shitty and oddly placed (for anyone who isnt an iv addict - perfectly placed if you are an iv addict) druggie tattoos later and she still thinks she is clear headed enough to make good decisions about tattooos and wants more

I couldnt agree more. Funny we talked about her not having friends so I guess she decided to show she does have friends! And that she is a total pos; this is something I'd expect from jonny. Love it, keep showing your fans your true colours tay!

Wait she used to claim 100k and mama dean said 100k was a low ball estimate. So which is it tay? Just mad about the teeth not the rest? Is it for these reasons: >>861868. Sucks being broke broke and dopesick huh?

No. 861904

File: 1639446588189.jpeg (183.35 KB, 750x427, 998C5BF4-DE51-4A43-B5F1-6E1F0E…)

No. 861905

File: 1639448864848.png (1.08 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211213-202552.png)

Bandaid is in a diff place then before and thumb is bruised. I'm sure this "injury" is all from shooting. Abscess when?

No. 861906

File: 1639448915330.png (221.47 KB, 1439x2834, Capture _2021-12-13-20-24-23.p…)

Confirming shes reading here lol. What actual friends?

No. 861907

File: 1639449060363.png (2.41 MB, 1432x2821, Capture _2021-12-13-20-23-47.p…)

Yeah meth will do that to ya

No. 861908

File: 1639449216611.png (671.07 KB, 1439x2827, Capture _2021-12-13-20-23-29.p…)

Wow that's crazy taylor! Clearly it's just the METHAMPHETAMINE working its magic!

No. 861909

File: 1639449298776.png (2.23 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211213-202115.png)

Being out of shape and doing meth will once again do that to ya

No. 861910

File: 1639449419988.png (2.75 MB, 1419x2831, Capture _2021-12-13-20-24-02.p…)

Case in point, you dont do shit

No. 861915

I didn’t even consider this weird bendy knife cover story and her going to the hospital was because she messed up while using and needed her hand drained, but it honestly makes the most sense.
She says the steps counter is doesn’t work but trusts the heart rate feature works fine? That’s stupid. She’s even getting munchie gadgets now, I bet she’s going to try and make a health update video because she’s obsessed with talking about herself and her problems. It’s very strange that she keeps lying about absolutely insane stuff that’s so easy to disprove. Being electrocuted ‘multiple times’ in two days, having anaphylactic shock, and her knife bending to stab her are all very unbelievable lies.

No. 861924

If it can’t count your steps properly, why do you think it’s counting your heart rate properly too?

No. 861925

Who flexes about a fast heart rate on a broken watch?

No. 861956

Heart go boom v2.0 (now with MORE METH!!)?

No. 861959

cant wait for her to go on about how she has POTS now

No. 861962

Didn't she JUST say she was saving every penny so that she could move out? There's literally no reason to have this except you wanna see how high your heart rate is when you go on a bender to practice "safe drug use". Taylor, you're fooling absolutely no one except possibly your enabling ass idiot parents.

No. 861964

Really interesting choice to be going on about this when she literally JUST said that her previous "heart problems" were drug use she was adamantly lying about at the time.

No. 861965

File: 1639526634659.png (1.04 MB, 1429x2826, Capture _2021-12-14-17-56-40.p…)

Agreed 100%. shes def trying to prevent an oversose. As always she totally fails at harm reduction as she could have bought a high quality & highly accurate heart rate monitor from a leading brand for this price range. It couldnt be more obvious that she is neck deep in her addiction and the fact that people are still playing along including her family is fucked. I cant wait for shit to really hit the fan but man is it taking a while

Ob and doesnt she have an apple watch? I thought even the base model had a hr monitor? Either way she hasnt worn that on a while and I think she no longer fits her cartier bracelet but i cant help but wonxer if she's started quietly selling shit. Well see I guess now that its been mentionex in sure well see it soon

No. 861966

File: 1639526953734.png (733.18 KB, 1439x2830, Capture _2021-12-14-18-05-26.p…)

Oh and just the extra band is 30$ extra. And yet initially I thought it was some cheap knock off watch like for the elderly or something lmao

No. 861967

my favorite part is that according to the watch it's 3:55 (AM, PM, who knows??) and she's taken less than 950 steps. ARE YOU KIDDING me

No. 861974

Exactly this. She’s just so unaware of the web of lies she spins, I don’t blame her. It’s probably incredibly difficult to keep track of.

No. 861988

If she wanted a heartrate monitor she can get a fitbit for a quarter this cost and it's actually made for tracking that sort of thing. Also, you don't calibrate a smartwatch's pedometer. They come calibrated - especially a $200 one. Why lie about this? Just say you got a new watch.

No. 861998

Seriously, and To admit that it counted a lot of arm movements as steps makes it even worse

No. 862035

It's fucking ugly, I can't believe the cost of it. But we all know the uglier something is the more Taylor loves it. I'm sure she got this idea while she was high & decided she'd get a cute watch to go with different outfits instead of having just one. We all know how she LOVES to carelessly spend money. Nevermind all the animals that depend on her for food & better enclosures.

No. 862037

Girl is gonna be munchie fishing for a lesch-nyhans diagnosis next kek

No. 862039

I don't think her family is playing along. I think they just don't pay attention to shit except to make sure she's not strung out on H. She's admitted to using uppers & when you've already done hard drugs for a while the only real giveaway w/uppers if you know how to try to hide shit at all is your pupils. There was a picture in one of the previous posts where she had her cat in the sink & there was a lighter in the background. The lighter was a torch lighter. Between that & this watch i just know she's lighting that meth pipe up the second everyone goes to bed n she wakes up

No. 862045

Sorry to wk, the exact same thing happened to me once, a power head malfunctioned in my tank and the water zapped me, fish were fine, and went through the same trial and error steps to find the problem.
Just to say it’s a very very plausible aquarium mishap and it sounds like she did the right things in response. But also the shocks aren’t that bad and I bet her tanks look like shit rn from neglect lol.

No. 862047

I'm sorry I can't post it rn but did anyone's see Aggy's story? Said for his friends not to leave their drugs around him or he'll save them (the friends) and rinse the drugs down the sink. Part of me wonders if he does it to Taylor lmao

No. 862048

This is an image board anon, do share. Honestly wouldn't surprise me, she's been using and aggy is probably doing the drugs with her.

No. 862050

I know I'm being totally retarded but I'm on desktop and can't share it, I'm sorry. I'll post it later when I have my phone unless someone else does before then. But yeah honestly idk whether to believe Aggy is doing drugs with her or is just one of those guys who is a dealer and doesn't do anything harder than smoke weed. From the way he talks I could see him being kinda like Syd, with a superiority complex over druggies & gets off on making fun of them while watching them ruin their lives, like Taylor has.

No. 862052

File: 1639614230522.jpg (435.42 KB, 1080x1913, Screenshot_20211215_192311.jpg)

Here you go. He's rinsing out a bag of coke I think? Or could be meth, can't really tell

No. 862064

File: 1639623847626.jpeg (396.34 KB, 1125x2004, A2B7A9DA-7742-4B9E-A0AD-2745D2…)

I guess this answers that question >>862050

No. 862066

Crystal can come in those baggies. actually most do including weed. They are called dime or nickel baggies.

No. 862067

kek aggy is flexing. Also, her lip biting can be due to uppers

No. 862068

shit, even POTS patients have lower resting rates than that, wtf is she smoking now?

No. 862069

He absolutely has a superiority complex over addicts and just people in general. Hes clearly a pos and acts like he's some spiritually enlightened God or some shit. Meanwhile makes music with his friends about doing drugs including xans. He seems to really get off exposing his "friends" too like he's done with Taylor twice now. Frankly he gives me MAJOR narc vibes & seems almost syd level insane and trash tbh just. Also seems like the type of hypocirte to do hard drugs and say this shit (remember just because he doesnt condone it doesnt mean he doesnt do it - he's just saying he encourage it).

Semi unrelated but its not unheard of for addicts to ask each other to dump shit they're having a problem with. A lot of the people he hangs out with look strung out too. That said it looks like really shitty coke to me TX H is mostly tar and coke is usually bright white. Id laugh if it was Taylor's because I can see her losing drugs like she loses money lol.

No. 862070

File: 1639630217695.webm (1.86 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-aggy66v_D34D9D1…)

No. 862077

I study drugs and addiction for a living. I would bet my annual salary that she’s using meth, possibly a bit of coke, and likely abusing her assistance medication. Funny how she hasn’t talked about her recovery plan lately… What happened to IOP and suboxone etc? Where are the selfies at therapy, Taytay?

No. 862086

Oh yeah that's meth.

No. 862099

Looks like meth to me

Also Aggy looks and acts like a junkie himself, wouldn't be the first time a junkie looks down on others while being addicted themselves

No. 862103

is that taylor's bathroom?

No. 862111

File: 1639690724780.jpeg (542.17 KB, 828x1414, 2957FAFB-832F-4E40-B945-048BF9…)

Is Celia overweight? That looks like a lot of space between her scales.

No. 862115

File: 1639693079440.jpeg (280.34 KB, 2048x1821, FGT3_caX0AIOUjY.jpeg)


I doubt it based on this picture since the taps/crap around the sink look different. Which means:

a) It's Aggy's own bathroom (but seems unlikely since he's far less likely to find other people's drugs in his own place he doesn't approve of);
b) It's another bathroom at Taylor's house (again, unlikely since why would he move to another bathroom with drugs on him when he can dispose of them in Taylor's bathroom?); or
c) They are someone else's drugs at someone else's house.

PS: my first post on here so I hope I saged properly.

No. 862119

It could very possibly be actual meth, but I think it’s far more probable that he just put a white powdery substance like baking soda in a bag for the bit.

No. 862120

If you leave the Name field blank it'll auto-fill as Anonymous btw

No. 862130

File: 1639710800205.jpeg (765.52 KB, 1170x2009, 94AAEEDF-CC56-4022-B9CA-332D89…)

Out of curiosity I had a look at everything Taylor has claimed to suffer from.
This list may even be missing things but here we go:
CPTSD, BPD, PTSD, Anxiety, depression, insomnia, an eating disorder, POTS, anemia, nerve damage, sepsis, hep-c, PMDD, CRPS, heart issues, and the lovely abscesses.

How much longer do we think this list will be by 2022?

No. 862133

File: 1639715072783.png (4.07 MB, 828x1792, CF5ADB0E-A380-4DCB-8A0A-F8BA77…)

No. 862134

The neck/ face tattoo is coming, its only a matter of time… She posts this stuff "ironically" but it's obviously what she's into.

No. 862136

File: 1639716288915.png (4.05 MB, 750x1334, 4DA7CF61-E93A-43DE-BCBA-1C291A…)

…you were saying? kek

No. 862137

I mean. It looks better than her current shitty chest tattoos.

No. 862138

File: 1639717920179.png (3.87 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2021-12-16-21-10-21.p…)

How taylor wished she looked like

No. 862140

If I had to wager a guess, I'd say it's fentanyl, though meth or coke are good guesses too. Seems consistent with her addiction patterns and that shit is everywhere across the US right now.

No. 862142

File: 1639722739527.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, 487918D5-B473-4F44-912C-28C2CB…)

Nitpick but the time between these is almost 45 minutes. An adult spent almost an hour laying in bed just trying filters and taking selfies while eyes fucking herself on Instagram. This is the second time she’s done this in under a week, like make it anymore obvious you’re obsessed with yourself. What a waste of space.

No. 862143

I know narcissist gets thrown around alot these days, but she definitely fits the bill.

No. 862144

File: 1639728630291.jpeg (753.71 KB, 1170x1108, 69B22141-5F16-40F1-83F2-B8083F…)

We cannot forget that she’s also posted multiple photos of her nails + videos. Because obviously this is important.

No. 862145

File: 1639728718133.jpeg (1.8 MB, 1170x2031, 4256F606-1138-4381-AE4A-7A44BD…)

Samefag, but ummm… the bruising doesn’t seem to align with the injury.

No. 862147

Oh Taylor come on.. Its so obvious she tried to shoot into her hand and failed miserably doing so. Hence why everything is fucking bruised.

No. 862148

File: 1639732826750.jpeg (489 KB, 1170x2080, B08A7D3E-AC80-4AF0-89B3-4D397B…)

There are multiple bathrooms in her house as we know.
I think it might be Taylors bathroom nonetheless.
I’m not 100% sure but it’s definitely the same sink she has in her house..

No. 862149

Thats some detective work anon! Well done! I m actually impressed.

If he is actually at their home, where the hell is mama dean?

No. 862150

It has the same stucco paint as well. Can't film because she can only do H, cause aggy flushed her upper (meth)?

No. 862151


I don’t think it’s the same sink. Taylor’s faucet is more squared while Aggy’s is rounded. I don’t see an outlet or switch on the wall of Taylor’s bathroom. I think someone was hanging at Aggys house and someone left their shit in his bathroom. I’ve totally left paraphernalia in a bathroom I definitely shouldn’t have before.

No. 862153

Well, to be fair you cannot see that portion of the wall in her pictures, but the faucet is more roinded at the front and hers is definitely squared. Creepy how these bathrooms look alike.

No. 862155

Nah look at her cat in the sink pics, theyve since updated the sink and theres a cabinet on that wall. The other bathroom seems to be the master bath there's pics from her going out with Betsey I think on her insta in that bathroom and it doesnt match that one either

Her hand and fingers are full of track/injection marks she isnt fooling anyone. Even the celia pjcs have clear evenly spaced points if you account for them beong filtered. Oddly enough her lying was way more acceptable when she barely posted vs all these blatant lies lately. At leadt it'll ensure her career is dead. She just cant seem to help herself when it comes to getting attention

No. 862162

oops, this was meant to be a post not reply

No. 862169

Kek anon hopefully no one is an ass about this mistake but seeing this randomly pop up in this thread has me rolling

Wait, her nails weren't done like this when the alleged ""stabbing accident" happened right? So she's been complaining it's been oh soooo painful, but went out to get them done? You're kidding right?

No. 862173

They’re press-on nails she ordered in the mail, she posted a story about it tagging the seller

No. 862176

It’s so weird that the ‘cut’ just happens to be right over a vein, and somehow her entire hand is bruised and swollen from it even though it’s less than a inch long, and happened over a week ago. Seeing the exact location of the cut confirms that the way she described this happening is impossible, how did the knife bend in a way that stabbed her in the back of the hand?

No. 862179

This looks nothing like a stab wound. Is she joking? Was flexing your bruises worth exposing your lies?

You were telling everyone that little white dot needed stitches less then a week ago..? Now you can’t show it? It’s clearly a injection gone wrong. I think I’m going to skip on this cow for awhile. Her lies are so ridiculous at this point, that it’s getting more pathetic than the entertainment aspects of a cow.

No. 862182

File: 1639772714827.png (478.54 KB, 1438x2850, Capture _2021-12-17-14-18-32.p…)

Literally describing the pattern of meth addiction. Lately she keeps exposing herself which is wild after all that talk about rebuilding her career. In sure many more of her limited fans will jump ship.

She also posted responding to somepne and basically acting like some sort of therapist or mental health guru. Its gross at when she's deep in her addiction sayong those things. She desperately wants to be seen as a mental health advocate

No. 862183

I thought the EXACT same thing, nonnie. It's like she's not even trying to hide it anymore.

No. 862184

Looks like it in this photo, but it’s honestly hard to estimate their weight 100% from a photo in that pose. I wonder what the hognose looks like while moving / in a straight position

No. 862185

Blessed with a drive? Does she think everyone has some easy life. Consistency and will power isn’t something you are born lucky with. You have to put yourself in stressful hard situations to just keep a roof over your head. It’s not “blessed with a drive” it’s if I don’t get my shit down and done : I don’t get food, I don’t get heat, I will end up homesless. Most people don’t have mommy. She is so far from grasping the real world. She sounds high on meth in so many tweets recently.

No. 862186

Youre definitely missing a lot. Another anon made a list in this thread.

Migraines over and over in tweets, and I’m pretty sure she has talked about fibromyalgia before too. I’m to tried to name the rest, but if you look you’ll see the other list.

No. 862187

I guessed it right then when taylor hangs with hin, she is trying to stay away from meth and H.

No. 862188

Why to not take the responsibility for your own actions such as doing drugs.

“I had to do drugs because I have self diagnosed adhd that I totally was trying and currently trying to treat with meth. Now doctors please give me a methylphenidate scrip.”

No. 862189

*way to not

No. 862190

this is such an immature mindset. Being a human is getting up everyday and getting stuff done weather you feel like it or not. I'm sure tons of us don't feel blessed with a drive for life when we wake up for work or class but we go and do it anyways because that's how you progress in life. Her laying in bed all day complaining about her life while doing fuck all to improve it is going to be her downfall.

No. 862199

I’m sure I’m not the only anon who has been stabbed/ stabbed themself on mistake. Blogging- I have been stabbed in my arm. A real stab with a knife. I never had the bruising all around the wound, because the was a huge exit for all the blood. Her wound looks like it was a tiny injection that went wrong, and so all the blood need you becoming bruised up, and her wound was to small for her to blood to leave. It makes it so hard to believe this was a stabbing with a kitchen knife. Also why it is so small, and the oddest place over ever for your hand to just slip and getcha. Also over a vein. Hmmmm.

Do I sound retarded, or does this have some ground?

No. 862202

The fact she refuses to show the puncture is proof to me. I wonder if she will read this post, and actually make a fresh stab wound to post. It will be clear taylor that it’s fresh. Does she not realize with her constant bragging about her scars stay for oh so many years will bite her?

No. 862229

Thanks for responding! I was too lazy to cap all of the photos, but her scales look that way in every single one.

No. 862241

Celia is fat, all the other snakes are fat too, except poor Tofu who probably needs to be resurrected again since we haven't seen him for a good while. Good that she got Celia eating again after that nasty respiratory infection that she had, or maybe it's another replacement who knows.

No. 862264

File: 1639861777226.webm (5 MB, 1280x720, kVqvB308YiXRKOw-.webm)

Wound is absolutely from shooting up

No. 862265

File: 1639861945060.png (500.67 KB, 1440x2952, Capture _2021-12-18-15-10-37.p…)

Looks like mama dean confiscated ger knife collection. Is it really the fault of her fans or did mama just see it on her timeline? Either way I dont blame her

No. 862270

File: 1639862390962.png (466.81 KB, 1438x2850, Capture _2021-12-18-15-11-12.p…)

Taylor her deleted the OG tweet but some context

No. 862275

File: 1639865758373.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2828x2828, DB18DBD6-BFBB-4359-B1D3-59C17E…)

Hey anon I was the anon that originally responded to you. I wanted to give Taylor the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was just the snake being curved and that’s why the scales were spread/almost looks gravid?

So I ended up checking out her twitter to see the rest of her photos of the hognose. Well my god you are right. That is one of the fattest hognoses I have seen. The fact she is comfortable showing this off, online… leads me to believe she really doesn’t know much about the animals she cares for. Here is a comparison photo to another fat hognose. So thanks for bring this up.

Definitely all of her ball pythons are overweight. Her hognose is overweight. Tofu is not, but he would be if she didn’t replace him. Her Mexican black king snake seems fine for right now, but I honestly expect them to become fat. No one knows about her green tree python. We didn’t see him in her “all my snakes” video where she cleans there terrible cages. Fuck we haven’t seen him in YEARS. Same with her milk snakes. When’s the last we have seen them she has three. Her fat tail python will become very over weight, they don’t move much and can get fat so easily. She will says “well it’s a fat tail python they are suppose to be fat.” I don’t know why she got one of those species when she has such a problem with her snakes putting on to much weight.

The fact she doesn’t see any of this as a concern is scary, because being overweight can lessen the life span and cause so many other issues. But knowing her this isn’t a problem in her mind. My biggest issue with her is that she shows this off as exceptional care and health. Unfortunately her fans also know nothing about these pets except what there queen teaches/preaches. I have seen hundreds and hundreds of tweets @ing Taylor. “I got x pet bc of you.” “I copied you and got y pet.” Then those pets will also suffer from Taylor’s bad practices without even meeting Taylor. She is like a disease and her bad care habits are spreading to the dumb youth.

No. 862279

File: 1639866132916.jpeg (275.55 KB, 422x751, 13F782CE-4B3A-4D9F-8E97-ADEABF…)

I also added the photo of her hognose drinking in her hand, because this is a sign of a dehydrated snake. I remember in a few cage cleaning videos - the snakes on aspen would have bone dry water bowls with a bit of dried aspen inside of them. That means there was no water change in 24-48 hours and that’s scary to think she doesn’t check on her snakes much or refills the water. If she wants to clean up her image she needs to delete that video on twitter. She also needs to start getting out of her bed and giving her pets some fucking water.

This photo on this post is to show how fucking fat her hognose is. Sorry I’m getting pretty frustrated rn, because this is ridiculous.

There is a reason taylor is in her own little world on YouTube. You notice how all the animal channels avoid her? The good ones that weren’t trying to get fame from her…would never touch her with a ten foot pole even in Taylor’s prime, because they didn’t want to be associated with her care practices. Sorry for all this ranting. It’s just my fucking god Taylor.

No. 862283

File: 1639866766167.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2828x2828, 2D4309DC-9CC7-4D9E-A074-25BCE3…)

maybe its maybelline
maybe its meth

No. 862284

File: 1639866791601.jpeg (1.18 MB, 2828x2828, 55EE07D2-8D70-4D84-A4BC-59E6D7…)

all her tweets from last night AM

No. 862286


No. 862287

File: 1639867571142.jpeg (148.88 KB, 1169x744, C77B5EDE-A1DD-4494-BA29-ADA1B4…)

Not sober 100% confirmed. That’s a fresh track. No stab wound from a knife is a tiny circle. What a gross junkie. Shes had so many opportunities and privileges to help herself, therapies, rehab, a supportive family, sober living facilities, hospitalizations and yet she’s back to her 2017 self, lying to everyone’s face while obviously shooting up.

No. 862289

Holy shit she just exposed herself. We all said it would be a tiny dot injection gone wrong. Thank you for the screen cap.

No. 862290

How would that need stitches? Just how?

No. 862291

Jesus get some new material Taylor. You’ve done the “I’m totes sober teehee not really” bit so many times. We can’t even watch your videos anymore, that’s how boring you are. Can we get something fresh?

MLM saga?
Sex work saga?
Gender special saga?

Literally anything other than this same old song and dance would be swell

No. 862292

move out of the house where her vulnerable brother lives saga is long overdue

No. 862300

Seeing this randomly recommended to me and everyone in the comments self-diagnosis reminds me so much of our queen taylor. Seriously she sees these videos and memes, then goes straight to twitter to talk about her new condition. These videos are not spreading awareness, they are generalizing all these symptoms that anyone can check off, myself included. I can see why muchies have been spreading all though tiktok and twitter.

No. 862303

File: 1639874840994.jpeg (490.71 KB, 2942x1407, CEC22085-4C37-4DC5-B58D-A1508A…)

Welcome to the world of a compulsive liar. I’m confused why she even posted this because it’s undeniable proof that even if somehow that isn’t a track (it is) the whole stabbing story about the bendy knife, needing stitches, not being able to use her hand and cutting a nerve was complete bullshit.

No. 862308

She is just so high she can’t keep up with the lies

No. 862312

okay I see how this could be a track mark but no retard shoots up into their hand??? well idk maybe her veins are so fucked up she has to shoot up into her hand i dunno but I’ve never seen someone shoot up into their hand but maybe I’m the retard

No. 862320

File: 1639879528995.jpeg (193.53 KB, 828x803, 572CD401-D260-44C0-B44C-EE2178…)

It’s pretty common, Picrel is an old Twitter post of hers showing her old tracks on the back of her hand. It’s one of the places she used frequently in the past.

No. 862323

Dude so many people shoot up in there hand. Honestly it’s a good thing you don’t know that, just means you live a norma life surrounded by normal folks.

No. 862325

She pretty much only shoots in visible veins (basically the worst to shoot in) since leaving jonny including her fingers and palms which is extremely risky easy to end up losing a finger or hand, especially with her abcess history, I mean her hand right now is clearly full of missed shots thats why its so puffed up and angry. Id bet those lumps are rock hard and painful. She is just dumb af. A lot of people do shoot in their hands though because there tends to be big juicy veins there and its tempting. Its def a riskier area. Taylor has never implemented any sort of harm reduction in her using. She's about as gross and stupid as addicts come
And its why shes had so many abcesses and infections and seriously that says a lot and is part of why I seriously question her animal care. Anyways I mean look at luna she's only just had one or two ever and she also muscles shit if lurch isnt around to shoot her up

Couldnt agree more

No. 862328

Holding her accountable is crossing the line, internet!

No. 862335

Sadly Im sure she'll get a real ADHD diagnosis too because she's learning exactly what to say which will make me believe she has it even less tbh, maybe that makes me an asshole though idk. For not a single dr to consider it when she was in rehab is why I dont think she has it. Also think she is lyibg about not having bpd based on her actions and that cptsd isn't a "real" diagnosis

No. 862336

Gotta agree with you anon on all your points

No. 862337

File: 1639895753563.png (980.26 KB, 1427x3021, Screenshot_20211219-002931.png)

Was just about dying last week and yet suddenly is healing SO well everyone! I cant remember what comes next in the lying about a video cycle? Is it the blatant lying about posting? Id love to know what her fans actually think about those lies- & not the fluff they tell her lol

No. 862338

She is measuring her pulse with a device she confirmed herself is broken. So why does she use broken data?

No. 862339

A wound care doctor. I’m pretty sure she just learned what that is and is using it. I don’t believe any of this bullshit anymore

No. 862340

Severe like how she needed stitches.

She always talks about how severe and huge her wounds are, and how severe she scars that last a severe amount of years. Yet all we ever see is minor injuries and scars. The crying wolf is getting out of hand and boring.

No. 862341

>wounds were so severe
Just like her hand wound that cut a tendon and needed stitches? We’ve seen the abscesses and they’re two decently small scars on her hip. Has she tweeted anything in the last month that’s true?? All she does anymore is stay up until dawn writing fanfics of her own life while twacked tf out. Shes going down hill so quickly.

No. 862342

Don’t you mean OVER HUGE 20 abases all over my legs

No. 862344

what is that on Celias nose? And yea, I would also guess that Celia is drinking out of her hand because Celia has not had access to clean water for a very long time. Snakes don't drink out of hands because they love their owner so much, they drink anywhere when they are extremely thirsty and dehydrated.

No. 862345

That’s her nose…
But otherwise spot on with the dehydrated comment

No. 862347

If this ain’t crack pipe burn I’m god. Oil burners/meth pipes don’t usually burn but since crack pipes are three inches they get hot as fuck with one blast.

No. 862348

People who don’t know how to shoot up shoot up in their hands because 1. The veins are way easier to access but they’re also way more delicate and tend to abscess/collapse very very quickly. Tops of feet too. Crook of arm is “scary” and without any practice or anatomy knowledge or just basic junkie knowledge, but it hurts less and as long as you’re using a new rig every time, clean cottons, filtered water and not use the same vein every time you can avoid abscesses, infections, collapses veins, and missed shots.

No. 862358

what irks me even more about this blatant lie is how detached from reality she is to have concocted it in the first place. she’s a grown woman, not taking classes, not working a job, but laying in bed pulling her eyes back to take sexy glamour shots of her crack pipe lips for…..what reason? regardless of her fabricated justification, she’s still exhibiting nothing but crackhead behavior, but she’s fully delulu so she doesn’t see how she’s always telling on herself.

No. 862373

File: 1639940008700.jpeg (318.52 KB, 750x542, 9D11BBFF-F7D1-4DD9-8435-B541A1…)

This isn’t the flex she thinks it is, because her rat snake should be the exact same size. Honestly bigger… source I work with snakes and anyone in the hobby would agree

No. 862387

File: 1639963629656.jpeg (336.65 KB, 750x812, BC1ED6A7-7E1E-4416-8441-5F1C05…)

No. 862389

File: 1639963854814.jpeg (1.27 MB, 2828x2557, 5836137D-CED5-4DB6-AB5C-AE561B…)

Just yesterday’s AM ramblings of a high drug addict. Also I thought she didn’t know what kratom was until that girl in rehab introduced it to her? I could totally be remembering wrong. But remember this, Taylor is the #1 drug addict who has done the most drugs ever. No one can top her tragedies, illness, or pill popping. She will always be the biggest victim. She won’t get better until she stops feeling sorry for herself all the time.

Anyways can’t wait to see what tonight’s AM in texas high af tweets will bring up.

No. 862391

File: 1639964450320.jpeg (375.68 KB, 750x1019, 1642E52F-2DF5-4A34-9576-F3069E…)

Taylor trying to cover her ass because people are calling out her not giving her snake water. This isn’t some rare thing, it’s a bad sign of bad care. I’m pretty sure she has shown many videos of her hognose drinking water basically gulping it down after she just changed the water bowl. Actually I’m not pretty sure I’m positive she has had multiple videos like this because she has posted them. I own over 10+ hognoses and have only seen two drink within the last 5 years. For her to have the same snake rush to get water is just sick. A part of me thinks she is lazy and just forgets to give them water, another part thinks she intentionally avoids giving them water then pulls out her phone to get the hognose drinking. Hognoses drinking videos tend to become very viral very fast. This whole this makes me really sick, because I love hognoses and breeding them. Fuck fuck fuck that poor snake. I use to think people would over exaggerate her bad care, but when it’s a pet that I know like the back of my hand. Well my eyes have been opened and seeing this is the same sensation of buckets of salt and lemon juice dumped into my eye sockets.

No. 862392

File: 1639964777002.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2828x2828, 8BACD8FE-310E-43B1-93DA-AA5386…)

A fan of Taylor’s posted under her fat hognose photo their healthy hognose. You can see the difference, Taylor’s snake looks full of eggs that’s how fat she is. Look at how far the scales are spread in comparison. Basically the same morph both albinos, Taylor’s might be a extreme red albino, but you get the idea. A healthy snake compared to a unhealthy snake.

No. 862393

Yeah it pisses me off it's fucking December and her snake should be brumating. Colubrids especially in the North America it's their sleeping season. she shouldn't be giving it water or touching it.

No. 862394

She's shaking so much wtf

No. 862399

Not to wk or nitpick but

this is a Mexican black kingsnake, not a rat snake, and they don't get much bigger than this

colubrids in captivity only need to brumate if you're intending to breed them. If they're still being fed regularly and kept at an adequate temp, their bodies have no reason to "sleep"

No. 862401

Yeah I clearly know that you read my post wrong. I was saying her white rat snake tofu and her Mexican black king snake should both be the same size currently. If you pay attention, tofu #2 is around the size of the baby king snake photo. This is because she killed tofu #1.

No. 862402

You should read more carefully before correcting people

No. 862406

File: 1639977492772.png (145.54 KB, 864x607, Screenshots_2021-12-20-00-17-0…)

Part of her rant today

No. 862407

File: 1639977541431.png (182.42 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20211219-231717~2.p…)


Ok….take the blame

No. 862409

File: 1639977720072.png (761.13 KB, 864x1533, Screenshots_2021-12-20-00-21-3…)



No. 862410

What about gucci? He was gone forever.

No. 862411

>her obsession with mental health and addiction recovery advocacy.
nitpick but in the next thread can op rewrite this part? She's only obsessed with mental health in that it's something to be munchie over. She's only obsessed with recovery because it gives the illusion that she's sober. She's only obsessed with "advocacy" in that preaching on twitter temporarily soothes her core belief that she has no value. If she were actually obsessed with these things, her life would be very different.

No. 862413

Depends on the qualifications of those working at the rehab. Even if they're qualified to make diagnoses, anyone with sense isn't going to diagnose a newly sober person. Post acute withdrawal syndrome is a many-headed bitch. Pretty sure the treatment length of her previous facility was short-term, too.

No. 862416

File: 1639983848944.jpeg (358.69 KB, 1152x2048, sabor.jpeg)

Sabor somehow made it alive but looking wrinkly and dehydrated. I guess fresh water just isn't a thing in Tay's junkie zoo.

No. 862419

Didn't she admit to keeping him in a rack for awhile after she had to move back home? This has to be the first picture she's posted of him in literal years, I was really hoping he had been rehomed as it's pretty evident she doesn't give a shit about him. There's so much potential for a GTP enclosure but since he's too aggressive for her to take selfies with, she just hides him in a closet with fucking PVC pipes

No. 862427

File: 1640007733360.png (3.81 MB, 1439x2828, Capture _2021-12-19-23-19-20.p…)

No. 862428

File: 1640007776373.png (4.39 MB, 1439x2816, Capture _2021-12-19-23-19-32.p…)

Pinned af

No. 862429

File: 1640007810525.png (1.99 MB, 1439x2831, Capture _2021-12-19-23-20-17.p…)

No. 862430

File: 1640007833876.png (1.61 MB, 1436x2815, Capture _2021-12-19-23-20-32.p…)

No. 862431

File: 1640007857032.png (1.12 MB, 1435x2827, Capture _2021-12-19-23-20-45.p…)

No. 862432

File: 1640007884604.png (575.37 KB, 1439x2830, Capture _2021-12-19-23-20-59.p…)

No. 862433

Jesus, she's really still in the same cycle and I don't think she'll ever break out of it. She's been defending herself the same way for years

No. 862438

the amount of text this woman generates about herself and her boring life is mind-boggling

No. 862439

According to OP the last time she posted sabor was January 2020,almost two years ago, but sure Tay, people asking about the missing snake are the weirdos.
Not like you're a pet content creator with a history of lying about dead and "rehomed" pets or anything.

No. 862443

it’s really out of control. I’ve never seen anyone who does this shit on her level except for a mentally ill co worker who will do multiple walls of texts about Jesus, if that tells you anything Tay. it shows the opposite of what she’s trying so hard to portray. i cant bring myself to read 3 pages worth of her excuses and don’t think i need to, because her sperging about it nonstop and feeling the need to explain and re-explain herself to this extent screams guilty AF. notice how there’s never any receipts to go along with these IG novellas, just her word and lots of it. people with nothing to hide have their actions speak for themselves, there’s no need to endlessly be REEEEEEEing into a screen about it.

No. 862446

The fact she needs to say this because it’s been over two years since we have seen him. When we finally do hes doesn’t look like he is thriving. The cage is pathetic for a GTP. They honestly do wonderful and an established bio active setup. I wonder why even have these pets if you don’t give them the bare minimum

No. 862447

Her high meth rants to the haters are back

No. 862448

He was missing for two years, how is everyone else the weirdo. People would beg her to show him. She had videos showing all her snakes and would skip over him. How is that not a red flag for everyone?

No. 862449

You know what’s funny about this. The people on twitter she is talking about have been so inactive because they are just as bored with her too. I’ve never seen them this distant in years, and Taylor is still bitching. I’m surprised she brings light to them. If I were her I’d want my fans as far away from the haters. She doesn’t really think when she is high, does she?

I honestly believe she is talking to us directly because twitter sock puppet accounts have been so inactive as of lately.

No. 862450

I have never read a tweet “your being rude to your fans” you barley have any fans left honey. I’m even looking for a tweet close to this. When did she pull this blatant lie out of her ass? She was just trying to address her bad animal care by saying the haters are making stuff up. No Taylor the haters arnt preventing you from giving your pets the basic necessities. If they are, because your mentally unwell, like you always complain you are - it might be time to rehome some pets. Clearly you’re a collector, and not someone who want to have there pets have above and beyond setups. Just look at Sabor after all these years. Thank god they are out of that pathetic tiny tub, but your still at brain barczyk level of animal setups and that’s really the lowest you can be. I don’t think she was ever ready for the GTP because they have always only been in temporary setups. Something I would only use for transport or a few days max. Never something I could post or be proud of. So why is she ? Because she doesn’t know the first thing about these animals, she is uneducated and that’s why she doesn’t cringe at her own cages.

No. 862451

She lost over 100 followers last night. I would assume it’s because >>862430 is the most crazy and demeaning thing you could say to fans who have voiced their concerns in the past. Its just calling them weirdos and being a condescending bitch. Does she not see how bothered it makes her look to write an essay about people criticizing her, she can add all the lmaos and lols she wants it still sounds like she was absolutely seething while she typed it out.
her hair is so greasy it’s standing up by itself, how the fuck.
I seriously think she had this thread open for reference while typing up the essay.

No. 862453

Yet we knew before her fans every time that she wasn’t sober and was in fact lying to her entire following and using them for drug money. On multiple occasions. Like she only just told everyone her ‘heart went boom’ saga was when she was abusing hard drugs and they’re all okay with that??? Even though she was being snarky sbout people accusing her of the truth? She’s too much

No. 862454

File: 1640026370230.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2828x2828, 86B2D98F-1F35-46C4-8235-FAAEFE…)

No. 862455

File: 1640026567200.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2828x2828, F7DCD95B-85B5-486B-92A9-53170C…)

The ramblings of drugs. The past three night around AM she has been tweeting for 2-3 hours about stupid shit. Anyways I doubt people want to read all of these. Hell I couldn’t get read them all. Anyways I underlined in red the funniest tweet. Her lies are so out of control. Why would anyone believe her animals are dead because she didn’t reply to a tweet from a random. No one on planet earth has done this to Taylor. The lies are so desperate that she doesn’t even care if they are good or believable.

Maybe it was because you refused to show a pet for 730 days

No. 862456

File: 1640026843478.jpeg (193.07 KB, 750x521, B1B1BC8B-8614-48B6-A762-63EEB1…)

Then why do all your actions contradict this statement? That’s all I ask. I’m not even hating.

No. 862457

“I no longer give them my energy”

Proceeds to rant for three hours on twitter about them instead of goin to sleep

No. 862459

Confirmed her hashtag is dead as ever maybe a tweet every 24-48 hours when she is super active, otherwise it’s dead for even over a week at a time. She is 100% replying to this thread

No. 862460

Holy fuck she’s unhinged, almost like the “haters” touched a nerve.

GTPs are the most gorgeous snakes, posting hers looking sad in a pitiful enclosure after 2 fucking years as some kind of proof of life is not the own she thinks it is and no amount of meth ranting can change that. He’s obviously not thriving and she put this off because she knows it looks bad, but she’ll act like she doesn’t care as she hammers out 50 more tweets or stories about it ofc.

No. 862461

File: 1640028046332.jpeg (183.96 KB, 750x371, F0B5C876-3A7F-4829-A38D-8A1D71…)

Yeah duh. You know why because it will effect the normals person mental state. As someone with some mentally ill conditions, it’s not others responsibility to take care of me. It’s my responsibility to make sure I don’t inconvenience others. Do you realize someone witnessing a episode could effect their own mind state? Hearing someone who is depressed constantly complain about their life can be so draining for the average joe. That’s why people with mental health issues are suppose to go to professionals, not the people they love. You don’t want to cause your love ones mental health issues because of your actions. Go to a real therapist, not a group chat full of minors. She needs to stop making videos feeling sorry for herself. That’s all this is. With this statement it makes me think she believes in the me first policy - from Curb. Taylor and her mental state comes first. What about your brothers mental state? He has to live with his drug addict sister that he use to look up too. The sister that shoots up with just a wall in between them. Under the same roof. That must be so hard on him. He is so brave and has grown so strong under the circumstances. If I were Taylor I would be so proud of my little brother and be constantly showing him off and his achievements. Unfortunately that doesn’t fit Taylor’s new found edgy, emo, totally was old enough to be on MySpace aesthetic. Taylor is an adult now, and it’s about time she grows up. She is in her own little world. She takes everyone for fools, thinking they will believe such clear provable lies. The amount she wants to inconvenience others for her own benefit. Can we have a new saga already? I’m so done with the mental health, I swear I’m not on drugs, jk I was on drugs, circling saga.

No. 862462

You make a good point. Instead of tweetin about how she was in the right for three hours. She could have taken that time to learn about Green Tree Pythons husbandry.

No. 862463

Holy fuck. This is the kind of toxic bullshit that stigmatizes mental illness. Stop making it sound like it’s okay to act mentally ill and that people should just put up with it. It’s YOUR responsibility to keep YOUR mental health in check, you can’t expect everyone to cater to you and your needs. If you can’t control yourself go to therapy or inpatient and learn how.

No. 862470

"I don't spend much time reading comments"
Proceeds to reply to people ravenously defending herself for HOURS on end
Holy shit she's not only unhinged but such a loser for not realizing what a hypocrite she is saying that, lmao

No. 862471

Mhm and (one of) the last time we saw him she was pinning his head to the table with a snake hook. No wonder people get worried.

Btw I hope everyone in this thread knows that she will use these "haters" as an excuse to not make any more videos for a year or so. She always does this when she gets a somewhat consistent schedule. Tinfoil, I think she does it so her mom will stop nagging her to make more videos/more money for the household. "But mooom the haters are so mean"

No. 862476

> i can’t do things offline!!
but she’s not offline. she’s constantly got her phone in her hand documenting her drug fueled munchie sagas, taking fugly selfies, or ranting. so when you don’t see a pet—the thing her entire fanbase is centered around of all things—for two years, it’s not needless speculation, and there’s clearly reason why it was avoided for so long. like >>862462 said she could actually use this wasted time to have a presentable GTP and enclosure to be proud of, not absolute bottom of the barrel she has to justify in a frenzy. but she can’t do anything that’s not getting her instant validation, long term means nothing to her. she must be fucking miserable, that’s such a brutal way to live.

No. 862488

Taylor is a raging narcissist. Narcs constantly have to voice their feelings through long rambling texts, they NEED everyone to listen to them or they shrivel and die.

No. 862495

The amount she calls Jonny a narcissist, then proceeds to consistently tweet about how he ruined her life.

No. 862511

I believe Jonny introduced her to Kratom when they first moved in together back at the apartment in San Antonio.
They claimed it was a way to help him with cravings and there were always heaps of Kratom capsules in the background of pictures. Not to mention literally uncapped needles kek

No. 862544

File: 1640144068799.png (3.67 MB, 828x1792, 68593386-7ECD-4270-935A-59EA0D…)

Talking about taylor here i presume?

No. 862546

Didn't you hear? ADHD is the new BPD and fuck getting a legitimate diagnosis, they're all just self diagnosing with memes on social media

No. 862548

Agreed. I honestly don’t think it’s about Taylor. This is a tend right now.

No. 862558

It is funny he's all of a sudden mentioning it though, after TNDs been sperging about it for over a month now… Creeping much JC? Kek

No. 862574

File: 1640204225107.png (442.37 KB, 828x1792, 3EFE3DEF-B3D0-4055-8B1F-982AC2…)

No. 862576

>>862574 sad thing is she lies so much about everything that i have a hard time believing this is an iron infusion esp. Thanks to her old tweet that matched exactly to this current story. Wouldnt be surprised if it was actually iv antibiotics for yet another abcess

No. 862577

Definitely for an abscess. Her insurance has no other options and ONLY covers the iron treatment before, remember? >>861496 That's probably why she decided her hand was a good spot to shoot up again. JFC Trailer, if you even slightly cared to make your lies seem more believable you could literally just check this thread. We know you lurk here, I guess the only reason is to make counter arguments. Get a fucking grip. No amount of lying about medical issues will buy your moms attention. Get help and move tf out or accept that you're going to die. Stop making excuses and making a joke out of the many illnesses you clearly DON'T have Oh, and stop romanticizing a recovery you're NOT in

No. 862590

File: 1640213958500.png (7.43 MB, 1242x2688, F4B0C1A0-EEBC-4BBC-AC3F-68B8DB…)

No. 862591

File: 1640216335661.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, 750FF54B-AB13-4661-99A9-A20B27…)

They wouldn’t of been giving her the infusion again if she went into anaphylactic shock previously, so I guarantee she didn’t actually have an allergic reaction last time.
Someone with more experience please chime in, but I’ve never ever seen a clear iron infusion bag, they’re normally red/brownish. Hers looks like sodium chloride.

No. 862593

File: 1640217895411.jpg (818.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211222-190343_One…)

From the FDA monograph

No. 862594

File: 1640217924399.jpg (711.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211222-190310_One…)

No. 862600

You went into shock and almost died from the last infusion, but your doctor want to give you more, when there are other sources of iron such as pill and changing your whole diet? Mmmkay

No. 862601

I honestly don’t think that’s iron, maybe she is just dehydrated

No. 862603

Holy fucking tracks. She keeps up shes going to lose her hands holy shit some of the most dangerous places to shoot up right there wtf Taylor. Guess all those "horrible" abscesses taught you nothing. You know she's never had many addict friends except for the 1 girl who may have died. It makes sense because she's never seen first the fucked up things iv addiction can cause, so she dgaf despite having the all the advice on the world from her haterz

Couldnt agree with you more

No. 862606

There’s no such thing as a transparent iron infusion, it chemically doesn’t make sense.

No. 862608

We all know she lies, but there’s clearly two bags though and one is reddish/orange.

No. 862610

File: 1640227022926.jpeg (23.92 KB, 215x433, 8F123496-1F9B-4228-9DC6-EAC304…)

I was wrong, I watched the video again after
>>862608 pointed out there are two bags. there’s an almost empty iron bag in front of a saline bag (also if you look in the drip chamber it’s clearly a bright red) sorry I’m retarded. For once she’s being honest.

No. 862611

Nice tracks and JC tier sausage fingers

No. 862614

She’s not even trying to hide it. She wants to start some shit on twitter. Why does she seek out drama?

No. 862615

File: 1640238353858.jpeg (706.29 KB, 750x752, 1ED76B77-CE6B-4987-9649-07EC93…)

HOLY fuckkk I-

No. 862616

File: 1640238396847.jpeg (708.44 KB, 750x810, 7F3101CC-7BBB-4F1C-B858-C1C610…)

I feel like she is trying to shorten her lifespan….

No. 862617

she is a beast

No. 862618

File: 1640238783688.jpeg (321.3 KB, 750x1087, F09236CE-CA9E-4280-8BEB-FF1040…)

her followers are idiots

not many comments but these uneducated fuckers, i want to feel bad because they are ignorant. but they enable taylor and are the kind of people to defend this unacceptable weight gain her hognose has had. almost all her snakes have had. for it being her favorite pet she really knows next to nothing.

No. 862622

Jesus Christ its scales aren't even touching each other. I don't think I've ever seen scales that spread apart on a snake before.

No. 862632

Wow look at that tendon-deep stab wound from a huge knife that's taking sooo long to heal because of EDS

No. 862650

File: 1640282324236.png (135.03 KB, 480x360, F037347E-6650-486D-AD37-5D9ED6…)

I didn’t know it was possible for a snake to be so fat it’s scales don’t touch.

No. 862655

what is it about IVs that makes these attention whores act like they’re getting brain surgery? iron is literally the most common nutrient deficiency and virtually all women experience it from time to time. eat more spinach and calm the fuck down.

No. 862672

I know she hasn’t breed, but I still wonder if she is egg bound, because even for a fat snake this is to much. She looks gravid.

Taylor please take your hognose to the vet. Just to be safe, because she has put on so much weight in such a short period of time.

No. 862673

This, literally. Majority of women are anemic at some point or another. It doesn’t make you special. It makes you normal.

No. 862674


Her posting her fat ass hognose, and posting her track marks. All in the same day. This girl is seeking out controversy. I believe she is trying to find a reason to tweet about being a victim to the online bullies. I just hope people on Twitter don’t buy it. If you want to criticize Taylor, it’s just best to come here. Commenting on her Twitter posts gives her the excuses she want to leave the internet.

No. 862676

File: 1640298857877.jpeg (465.98 KB, 750x942, CE7D73F1-430C-46DD-B031-A0DB7B…)

Everyone on planet earth gets this. When you go to a place linked to memories good or bad, when you revisit that place. You will get good or bad emotions. If that place made you feel bad, then revisiting will give you the sense of anxiety. This is 100% normal and every one on planet earth gets this same reaction. Maybe she is trying to be relatable? It would be a new act for her compared to playing the worlds biggest victim.

No. 862681

This is deleted

No. 862682

File: 1640302055870.jpeg (415.35 KB, 750x1083, A0629E17-EA02-4F32-94F8-9B80C7…)

The lurking is wild

No. 862683

Is that how it be in texas? In my state you can’t even go anywhere without one. The store, public buildings, even a conversation with a neighbor without a mask with get you frowned upon

No. 862684

She was trying to be a victim. Once she read this post and realize she wasn’t special she deleted the tweet. Really within minutes.

No. 862685

Every anxiety meme or twitter thread talks about this concept of mask helping. But with Taylor there are so many photos and videos of her not wearing a mask were it should be worn. But now we get this? Okay sure. It’s great the past few public photos she is finally wearing them, but it took a long time for her to grasp the importance of face masks. I wish she wore them more at the start of the pandemic, when she would treat herself.

No. 862686

File: 1640302613222.jpeg (201.47 KB, 750x411, 82CB20E7-E0A7-4D61-8266-040D24…)

Who the fuck is telling her to take off her mask while we are still in the middle of the pandemic. She shouldn’t push the narrative that we don’t need them anymore. Maybe covid cases in texas are down? And that’s why she doesn’t have to wear them? I’m trying to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 862688

texas is crawling with retards anon its not just her.

No. 862693

Its funny that how she thinks wearing a mask will protect her health when she shoots up regularly…

Texas is pretty much done with masks, almost nobody is wearing them.

No. 862695

File: 1640308678165.jpeg (4.67 MB, 3024x4032, 2427F3C3-0DCD-42B2-B297-7E50B3…)

Sage for irrelevance, I noticed today that my oven mitt looks just like Taylor’s snakes.

No. 862696

Looks the same to me.

No. 862698

Anon I think your mistaken. That is a photo of one of Taylor’s snakes.

No. 862703

File: 1640317054149.jpg (92.34 KB, 1078x1472, IMG_20211223_223240.jpg)

Shes so special because she was basically the only one at the mall wearing a mask. Yet here she is at a bar, which is a much smaller space where people talk louder so they spit more, not wearing a mask. What a hypocritical narc.

No. 862707

She never sets her eyelashes right. This a stupid nitpick so I never mention it. But she could edit it out so easily.

But yeah she really want to express wearing masks and how she’s the only one, but does it for her social anxiety and to feel UwU safe. Yet does to a public bar without her mask clearly comfortable. She wants every condition without the symptoms. It’s just so she can have the illusion of being interesting. I can’t wait until the munchie mental health trends fades from the youth. Gotta catch them all.

No. 862708

And it’s not just masks, she also constantly goes out when it isn’t necessary. You’d think that someone who has claimed to have every disease ever at some point would be more cautious with her health.

No. 862709

Seriously. Also she's out with Betsey who is in town from out of state and was stripping up until she went to tx and may still be stripping in TX. Which means she's constantly in a crowded space in close contact with tons of unmasked people. This is really a peak taylor narc moment and I hope her fans arent so dumb to fall for her lies. She's literal scum of the earth. We all knew she isnt actually worried about potentially being immune compromised (cant remember if she even actually is) and dgaf if she gets her brother sick or kills him

No. 862710

File: 1640320147822.jpeg (842.21 KB, 3464x2141, B33C5BD3-3C30-4D6A-B8E3-4F4473…)

She’s out with Betsy doing karaoke and they’re acting so fucked up. It’s so funny that she gains a “drive for life” when she wants to go out and get drunk and high at a bar but never when she needs to film a video or real get shit done.

No. 862711

I live and travel all over the south eastern us and most ppl are entirely over it and don’t wear masks

No. 862713

Saw a Twitter comment that her "pupils look normal" and just fyi that when you mix I (makes pupils small) with meth (makes them look big) you usually get normal looking pupils. Dont be fooled she's still using she hasnt disappeared to go through withdrawal

Anyways no wonder omicron is kicking so many people asses rn

No. 862714

Didn’t she JUST tweet about how she’s the only one who still wears a mask in public and then goes out and… isn’t wearing a mask? Like come on now how do you contradict yourself in a day

No. 862715

File: 1640325582910.webm (2.57 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_334…)

Eyefucking vid dump

No. 862716

File: 1640325604287.webm (503.96 KB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_764…)

No. 862717

File: 1640325639192.webm (1.65 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_BF4…)

No. 862718

File: 1640325691792.webm (2.35 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_1F4…)

No. 862719

Sorry samefag but this is actually Betsey I'm pretty sure

No. 862720

This will sound fucked up, but if she just got high on the down low. Didn’t post about being sick, a drug user, mental health. Just posted her happy with friends, and chilling. She could flip this crash. People would want to collaborate with her. Otherwise if she keeps up behavior she will burn until there is nothing left.

No. 862721

She is the queen of contradiction

No. 862722

I found this crystal ball in the dumpster of a Bed, Bath, and Beyond and it foresees Taylor whining about not feeling well, joking that it's covid, dipping her toes into her 'omg so concerned' twitter replies and pretending she had a test scheduled the whole time, announcing that she has covid with a lot of really grating and self-deprecating 'lol's, and fighting with people when they (rightfully) point out that she acted like a selfish asshole while she tearfully insists she 'did everything right' before- hold on let me look again - the second week of January.

No. 862723

File: 1640325980617.webm (1.76 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-saturnsecho_269…)

Betsey posted the better stuff. Can anyone identify the can? Probably a cider or beer for our sober immune compromised queen!

No. 862724

File: 1640326132948.png (1.29 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211223-223427.png)

She also posted the location but I dont want to get banned for it

But damn does tay ever look rough

No. 862726

File: 1640326776222.png (1.63 MB, 1405x2850, Capture _2021-12-24-00-16-27.p…)

Here's the theme of the bar at least. Lmao I just cant with her

I actually couldnt agree with you more anon. And then I see shit like this and get the feeling she is going to keep making it her whole life and personality which will destroy what little she has left to lose

No. 862729

And you can’t take methadone or subs with alcohol without a pretty significant risk.
Who does she think she’s fooling? Taylor, gigs up. Again.

No. 862731

File: 1640336691367.png (5.21 MB, 1426x2794, Capture _2021-12-24-03-02-57.p…)

No. 862732

File: 1640338838468.jpeg (277.57 KB, 750x718, 182A8395-E48A-45B4-80DF-51F312…)

New pfp

No. 862739

File: 1640353458849.png (1.45 MB, 1080x2079, Screenshot_20211224-084043~2.p…)

And what do we have here on Betty's insta? Tay's purse, phone and a can of…

No. 862740

File: 1640353533428.jpg (15.09 KB, 180x180, austin-eastciders-texas-honey-…)


Looks like we got ourselves a nice cold can of Austin's Texas Honey Cider! And we all know how much Tay loves her cider!

No. 862742

File: 1640353692431.png (554.29 KB, 1080x711, Screenshot_20211224-084128~2.p…)

You can even see the y on the can from "Honey", she is 100% drinking cider again. Agree with anons above we are back in the pre-"I fucked up again guys!!" phase

No. 862744


God that hair cut looks awful on her. Not sure why she insists on fucking her hair up whenever she has the chance. And she goes drinking again like she’s a special addict who can drink occasionally with no issue when we know that’s not true.

No. 862753

I was literally just going to comment the same thing. Her hair was finally starting to look somewhat good (for her) and then she goes back to this backwoods Alabama Joe Dirt mullet again. When will these e-thot bitches realize this hairstyle looks good on nobody? And especially not on women.

No. 862755

She already has a long face and hard features. This haircut doesn’t frame her face well at all, so all of that really stands out. I honestly think the haircut would be cuter on Betsy, who has softer features and a more rounded face.

No. 862766

For me all of her stories have been deleted off of Instagram.

Hope her hangover on Christmas Eve doesn’t ruin the family holiday spirit. V exited for her I’m a million days sober post. Remember liquor doesn’t count

No. 862767

File: 1640378762334.png (3.1 MB, 1437x2841, Capture _2021-12-24-14-41-12.p…)

No. 862769

It’s funny how her “animal expert assistant” looks and acts so confident, as she should be- Betsy is pretty and honestly the mullet would suit her face 100x better. But in compression to Taylor’s try hard personality side by side. You can really see in normal photos of Taylor that she doesn’t take, she seems a lot more.. hmm how do I put this into words? Uncomfortable, she doesn’t seem thriving or she herself is feeling the style she is going for. She seems out of character, like she knows herself this cringe emo phase is an act. Her old style seemed to make her confident even when other people took photos. Anyways it might just be the Christmas eggnog talking.

No. 862778

Betsy isn't that great either though. I wouldn't go so far as to call either of them ugly, but Betsy's got a little bit of old witch face going on.

I agree that she seems a lot less out of place with the alt aesthetic though, at least in comparison to Taylor.

No. 862789

File: 1640414092578.jpeg (249.66 KB, 1170x432, 98A8B43B-3100-4BFE-BD90-8429D9…)

Looks like our girl has even redone her insta highlights which is completely trivial 99.9% of the time, except I can’t help but laugh that she will do literally anything and everything except upload a video or do anything meaningful with her career

No. 862792

File: 1640417464645.jpeg (2.03 MB, 3464x3464, 6F8C144A-CC3B-4B63-84ED-6CA10E…)

Samefag but…
I know that knifegate has been rather prominent in this thread so I’d like to make an ode to that as well, but I’m so fascinated by Taylor skinwalking Jonny Craig while obsessively tweeting about him.

No. 862795

File: 1640422496232.png (2.78 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211225-025214.png)

The half falling off lashes and greasy hair are killing me

No. 862796

File: 1640422638997.png (3.25 MB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20211225-025220.png)

Have to agree nonas she looks so insecure with her forced alt style. It seriously doesnt suit her at all

No. 862807

File: 1640470716424.png (780.16 KB, 828x1792, 9F7C57EC-FB38-4A66-BF6F-E993BC…)

No. 862809

Tell us you lurk without telling us you lurk. Dumb, insecure, attention seeking, easter island head looking bitch.

No. 862810


Wasn’t the beer that was shown the Texas Honey Cider? Regardless, Omission IPA carries gluten free options but they don’t have non alcoholic beers. The lowest I found online is 4% ABV. Unless another anon can find differently, but sounds like Taylor (as always) makes bullshit claims not realizing they’re easily disputed via the internet.

No. 862813

Where? She always talks about these comments without screen caps because she is just talking to us directly

No. 862814

But drinking is a drug. I thought she would know this by being a recovery advocate. Also she is just lying. Why does she lie about information that is so easy to find with google. The fact she feels the need to defend herself over something so stupid. Why does she give a shit what people say here? She won’t grow until she stops visiting this website

No. 862815

“I saw a comments saying people were freaking out I’m drinking, without seeing those comments.”

Hahahahahaha what is this?

“I swear I don’t lurk on lolcow, people just tell me what they say. So I’m going to defend myself against the trolls.”

Why even bring light to any of this?

No. 862816

Anons found the exact beer she was drinking and it’s definitely not non alcoholic. I have this image of her sitting in her drugden alone on Christmas lurking her lolcow thread and then typing up a response while her family celebrates outside her door.

No. 862820

File: 1640480158942.png (484.05 KB, 750x1334, 2A62EB07-0FEB-4046-8250-FBC448…)

Ah yes, already laying the groundwork for when she comes clean about her latest relapse… iT wAs ThE sUbOxOnE

No. 862822

because it was quiet here all Christmas and she loves the attention she get from us.

No. 862824

she's legit destroying her liver if she's drinking while on subs, no wonder she has the puffy johnny hand and hep C.

No. 862825

File: 1640483892688.png (111.47 KB, 1431x395, Capture _2021-12-25-19-52-20.p…)

Accidently admits she isnt on suboxone, as I figured. Unlike methadone you cant use it & h at the same time and it takes a few days to fully feel the effectsbof h. Yeah you can "break through" by using a ton but the feeling isn't the same as without the subs (less or no euphoria, granted fent has none anyways) then having to be sick enough to get back on. Saying she wouldnt drink on subs proves its h rn.

Then saying she has to get off of it. Lmao girl picks a story. She clearly is panicking because she' being called out on her lies (like the masks). Crazy watching her ruin her life over lolcow

No. 862826

File: 1640484015960.png (1 MB, 1435x2824, Capture _2021-12-25-19-59-48.p…)

No. 862827

This is great. Should be next thread pic for sure.

No. 862828

File: 1640484144820.png (571.62 KB, 1439x2821, Capture _2021-12-25-19-34-40.p…)

No. 862829

File: 1640484185394.png (424.83 KB, 1439x2807, Capture _2021-12-25-19-34-16.p…)

No. 862831

File: 1640484264197.png (863.75 KB, 1439x2838, Capture _2021-12-25-19-35-29.p…)

No. 862832

File: 1640484321992.png (840.75 KB, 1439x2821, Capture _2021-12-25-19-35-42.p…)

No. 862833

File: 1640484513696.png (1.02 MB, 1439x2836, Capture _2021-12-25-19-36-19.p…)

And last insta for now

No. 862834

File: 1640485505563.png (404.83 KB, 1433x2832, Capture _2021-12-25-19-48-56~2…)

And her gaslighting her teen fans on twitter and blaming no mask requirements for not wearing one at Chase Atlantic. Proves the mask bs from yesterday is not true. Theyre just good to hide her meth picking and shes got to keep up that narrative

No. 862835

File: 1640485604220.png (444.77 KB, 1431x2859, Capture _2021-12-25-19-49-23~2…)

The thread, which I hope thats not a farmer

No. 862836

File: 1640485916434.png (640.07 KB, 1439x2838, Capture _2021-12-25-19-49-53.p…)

I think its pretty clear she isnt immune compromised because those people stay home and wear an n95 or kn95 out esp now. shes just a narc vulnerable to low levels of attention, hope she recovers!

No. 862837

Hmm then why were neither of you wearing a mask in ANY of the many photos you both took?? Also, I didn’t realize a friendship of 10+ years excludes you from having to wear a mask

No. 862838

She promised this video in mid October, and she bought the habitats at the end of September. She’s been slacking on finishing their enclosures for 3 months, and it’s her only job. But she totally definitely takes amazing care of them.
Why is she constantly making excuses and trying to find any reason that’s she not lazy. It was low iron but now that that’s solved she’s looking for a new excuse to be unmotivated and lazy while failing to realize SHE IS just unmotivated and lazy, it’s not a symptom of anything else. If she spent half the amount of time that she spends making excuses, working on her channel instead she would still be successful.
Spending the holidays having a meltdown online, very on brand for her. I love the part where she plays the victim after getting backlash for being caught in her own lie.

No. 862839

Holy fuck when you spend Christmas defending your own hypocrisy statements.

Why don’t you just not say shit you don’t believe in to look good? Then you won’t look like a hypocrite and need to write all this bs

No. 862840

File: 1640487942686.jpeg (108.87 KB, 750x270, 70B52EDD-4E29-4680-9D34-2E8123…)

Girl two frogs died in your care. The third one you “rehomed”. You don’t need anymore. Never believed she rehomed leaf because he was a lot more Sensitive then her prior species. We only saw him once or twice.

No. 862841

File: 1640488071931.jpeg (382.12 KB, 750x1070, AF5CD531-CACA-4F3F-B1AB-AA59D7…)

Her little white knight fans make Taylor look worst.

No. 862842

File: 1640488181537.jpeg (378.97 KB, 750x942, 39F67458-449D-4540-A411-B0F09A…)

Literally attacking someone for following covid guild lines. Also taylor wasn’t eating? She was chilling and partying at a bar having a good time, lying about drinking booze. It’s not even a big deal. The issues is she try’s to hide it while preaching about being perfect. Very interesting

No. 862844

File: 1640491759032.jpeg (351.79 KB, 1170x1162, D41E2FC7-DB2C-455E-B8A1-703FEA…)

No. 862845

I wonder if Emzotic arranged to have those cages sent over "to help give Taylor some new content ideas and Jumpstart the channel". The way she keeps promising to get those cage videos up seems a bit like someone specific is waiting.

No. 862858

Oh yeah it's totally the suboxone's fault. And also Jonny's fault. And her blood's fault. Anything but her own damn fault for refusing to grow as a person and get her shit together even a little.

No. 862859

* stressed. The reptile is stressed because you moved all its hides, Taylor. You're supposed to put them in a separate enclosure while you clean up, how else are you supposed to "deep clean" anything?

No. 862860


Subs are a horrible, nasty fucking bitch to get off of. Like you’re better off just detoxing off of the original opiate. Not to blog, but sub withdrawal was a living nightmare to go through - I had to get on kratom then dabble in uppers before I got far enough away from it to quit everything. And I STILL don’t feel 100% like I used to before I got on it. It’s a common but very shitty place to get stuck.(blog)

No. 862864

File: 1640529367351.jpg (267.55 KB, 1800x1800, Collage 2021-12-26 09_31_43.jp…)

Ok this bitch is pissing me off. Let's clear a few things up: non-alcoholic beer has to have less than .5% alcohol content by law. The lowest abv of an omission beer is 4.5% the same most lite beers, aka miller lite, etc. Also it is served in a BOTTLE, not a can. She's a fucking dumbass.

No. 862865

File: 1640529472592.png (2.34 MB, 1080x2238, Screenshot_20211226-092207~2.p…)


But what annoys me the most…IS THAT THE FUCKING BAR SHE WENT TO DOESN'T EVEN FUCKING SERVE OMISSION BEERS. She treats her followers like dumb fucks and honestly, Mama Dean if you are reading this she is FUCKING LYING TO YOU AGAIN.

No. 862866

File: 1640530144782.jpg (615.13 KB, 1800x1800, Collage 2021-12-26 09_47_30.jp…)

And lastly some late night Christmas rambling on her back up account, changing her story again just a little bit. God she is such a liar.

No. 862868

'I make it very clear I'm sober from drugs' oh okay Tay, like all those times you've specified you're ~sober from heroin~ while clearly on meth? Way to tell on yourself

No. 862870

Have you seen her cage cleaning videos? She rarely puts them in separate areas while cleaning. She’s done it with twisty and bindy.

No. 862871

She’s the only “influencer” that does this. It’s getting harder to call her that with her dying career. She’s killing it so fast.

No. 862873

She claims she is a Celiac…most beer is wheat based.

No. 862881

I can account for two times to three experiences she has posted thought outright go against the extreme rules of the disease. Anyone who has it wouldn’t repeat the behavior that would make you in so much pain over and over. I’m use she might have a gluten intolerance or some food intolerance. But not to the extreme she makes it out to be.

No. 862882

One of the bigger reasons I cant stand her. Her lies are easily disproved and weak. Then when people point this sort of thing out she immediately gaslights them, just like jonny, and yet she claims that left her so uwu traumatised. Or muh addiction made me lie, well guess what that doesn't excuse you! You're still pos pathological liar and fully aware of what you're doing. You just wrongly believe people are dumb and you'll get away with it again; shout out 2 her dirt bag enablers!

ts funny because her hand full of track marks says otherwise and she lacks the selfawareness to realize that her behaviour is what totally gives away her using during times she's successfully hiding her tracks behind filters

Agreed, especially since she lives on whataburger fries and an anon posted that theyre not gluten free. That kinda confirmed it for me. She probably just has a wheat sensitivity

No. 862883

File: 1640543436298.webm (2.13 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_0F4…)

>>862826 Just for perpetuity vid of Bindi in her enclosure

No. 862884

File: 1640543511369.webm (6.71 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_AA4…)

Also her hornworms turned into moths again

No. 862892

Hahaha how does that happen with all the animals she has that enjoys eating them? It’s not a big deal, it’s just kinda funny that’s all.

No. 862896

This is actually hilarious, she hasn’t changed at all. She did this “I’m still learning my limits, but also I’m not even testing them right now anyway you trolls!!!” thing like two relapses ago too kek

No. 862897

I mean technically fries are gluten free, but they use the same fryers to make breaded chicken and onion rings. Cross contamination like that would really hurt a Celiac, most I know don't even eat out at restaurants unless it's screened.

No. 862915

A lot of French fries are not gluten free. Just because the main ingredient is potatoes doesn’t mean they don’t add gluten. I personally have not checked the whatever fries ingredients, but trust me a good amount of French fries has some wheat.

No. 862920

File: 1640584266694.jpeg (48.69 KB, 602x1024, 0274666A-D990-4F0D-95D0-4A10F3…)

Our girl is out watching live music again.
In her stories it doesn’t seem like really anyone is around, but it does appear that she’s not wearing a mask and they’re drinking again.
If any gracious non-mobile using anon wants to post the video, please do.

No. 862921

File: 1640584335276.jpeg (86.47 KB, 1024x514, 11759B4C-6665-43E8-ADC4-57BE8F…)

Here’s her crew for tonight’s latest covid party!

No. 862927

Glad to anon! Agreed esp with the dude singing inside/musicians exerting themselves. But of course It WaS tWo SeCoNdS

Why does she look like she has a red wound on her tattoo and on her usual spot on her shoulder (left arm)? Also lol all these yrs and she still cant be bothered to find a better foundation colour. I know they dont make grey but the contrast just adds to the raging junkie aesthetic

No. 862928

File: 1640593222740.webm (1.26 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_A44…)

No. 862929

File: 1640593275950.webm (2.77 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_344…)

No. 862930

File: 1640593380449.webm (3.85 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_0A4…)

Whoops switched up the order of the last two "more live music" vid was posted first

No. 862931

File: 1640593465889.webm (1.59 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_B74…)

No. 862934

What in the world? She just spent a whole day trying to convince people she wore a mask and had really bad anxiety without one and yet in these videos they’re sitting in a bar hanging out without masks on again.
pretty sure the girl on the right is the one she was hanging around last year when she was on one of her benders.

No. 862935

File: 1640605563273.jpg (71.32 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

No. 862936

File: 1640605592003.jpg (32.87 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

No. 862937

File: 1640605664131.jpg (78.48 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

No. 862938

File: 1640605688617.jpg (44.49 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

No. 862939

I guess she realized how problematic these could be and deleted them?

No. 862941

File: 1640610513572.jpg (29.61 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

Lmao too late for that dumbass (Taylor not you anon) she also posted these

No. 862942

File: 1640610540692.jpg (64.23 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_270…)

No. 862943

File: 1640610660022.jpg (95 KB, 1242x2208, StorySaver.Org-taylorndean_269…)

I cant imagine being this codependant. Lmao yeah Taylor youre cured! Literally a zero effort "cure" is absolutely sure to be long term and real!

No. 862944

Jesus christ, someone get her a diary for christmas please.
Welp she defo back to her old-self of oversharing her every single thought on social media. Is she still going to therapy??

No. 862945

File: 1640611449875.png (562.44 KB, 1439x2825, Capture _2021-12-27-07-17-42.p…)

More lies and excuses on Twitter. Just save people the trouble Taylor and admit you're using, drinking, and dgaf. You're 24yrs old and only embarassing yourself and ensuring you'll never have easy money ever again which is 100% your own fault and completely deserved. It's not your fans faults for putting 2&2 together

No. 862946

File: 1640611475637.png (483.91 KB, 1438x2835, Capture _2021-12-27-07-18-26.p…)

No. 862947

File: 1640611907493.png (1.09 MB, 1439x2812, Capture _2021-12-27-07-28-59.p…)

Looks like her new assistant may just quit lol, mama dean shade

No. 862948

File: 1640611935864.png (491.36 KB, 1439x2829, Capture _2021-12-27-07-30-36.p…)

No. 862949

Sorry same fag but i mean mama dean may quit, not to be mixed up with Betsey's visit to SA. Would love To see mama Dean finally stop enabling Taylor

No. 862950

Once again Taylor forgets she has the option of not broadcasting her life, saving herself a lot of trouble. Most of the problems she has she creates. No one expected her to talk about her rehab on the internet, she could have just vanished.

No. 862962

Jesus fucking christ, the cycle begins again