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File: 1543388953374.jpeg (922.55 KB, 2235x2224, 7D1C9501-7717-4081-86CA-60FDCF…)

No. 605792

21 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her 32 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig, and her creepy controlling mother.

Previous thread: >>>/pt/603048

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:

New Milk:

> Still never made an apology video for slandering South Texas Dragons

> Admits to live feeding, and knocking rodents out with blunt force instead of a CO2 chamber (as recently as mid Nov, also leaving a live feeder alone with her snake for 20 mins, only checking on it once)
> Mushu has been shown without much gill feathering left recently shown much more clearly with facial scarring, even less feathering and stressed posturing
> Attempted to purchase two new crocodile skinks on the down low before a smaller pettuber ratted on the cover-up of the deaths
> Claiming that she's one of the few pettubers that is actually up front with the accident and the issues they have, despite trying to continuous hide the deaths of her mantis shrimp, lionfish, skinks, pacman frog etc for weeks-months after they happened
> More enclosures being shown with completely empty water dishes
> Cheese died suddenly, convenietly when she released new merch featuring him, has been pushing her merch harder than usual
> She has alluded to a ‘friend’ that has a cowfish twice the size of cheese that she may replace Cheese with (if she hasn’t already)
> Gave Cheese a “viking funeral” then sent him for autopsy (put him on a boat during a monetized video)
> Videos calling out her care have stated to take over searches for her
> Animals purchased in the last ~ month: Texas Rat Snake, Halloween Crab, 3 Rats, 2 Crocodile Skinks, Sinaloan Milksnake, Scorpion, Ghost Mantis
> Recent Known Deaths: Orchid Mantis, Mantis Shrimp, Pacman Frog, Crocodile Skinks, Zazu, Cheese

No. 605799

It would be interesting to see how she would react to a request for another "all my pets" video.
Then she couldn't hide if any other of the animals died that we don't know of yet…

No. 605800

Bwahahaha! That threadpic!

On another note, how soon do you have to get a dead fish refrigerated or frozen before a necropsy's going to be inconclusive?

No. 605801

I put out the idea last thread that it would be a win-win for her to just put out more content showing her pets are okay, she'd have more content on the channel, more frequent uploads, and show everyone that she's a good caretaker, but it seems all she cares about is making a quick buck off a funeral then demonitizing and lying to her fans on twitter.

No. 605805

And it would help her massively with dealing with her "haiterz" as she could prove certain animals were still around.

Not to talk about it being cheaper to show the animal stock you already have than continously adding new critters…

But I think the problem is that quite a few more are deceased than what we were told about and her appartment is just too messy for a quick vid…

No. 605807


I thought it was something like 12 hours if refrigerated immediately after death, and freezing messed with the results. It could be longer, but I'd imagine touching the fish with your bare hands and floating it on a pond doesn't help either.

Unless she cut it out of the video, at the end of her funeral video when she was talking to the vet on the phone they didn't ask how long ago the fish died or how he was preserved, which seems like the first think you'd ask in that situation if really trying to get a necropsy.

No. 605810

If she froze him, I thought that was game over in terms of a necropsy.

No. 605811

File: 1543390421548.png (76.56 KB, 1382x205, Capture233.PNG)

It doesn't necessarily answer your question but I found this from a pdf made by DCPAH when it comes to a necropsy. They also mention that when disposing an animal, they don't give the animal back to the owner unless its ashes.

Not sure if it's representative of all places that do this or if this process applies to fish.

No. 605813

Reminder that posting about reporting a cow and/or announcing plans to mess with a cow (this includes telling anons to tweet/post on the cow's social media) is cowtipping.

No. 605815

What about making youtube videos?

No. 605818

Idk why everyone is obsessed with the necropsy. Obviously the results are going to be "the vet said he was the healthiest dead cowfish ever and I am perfect". Doesn't matter if she actually has it done or not. We're not getting the real results.

No. 605821

File: 1543392526464.jpeg (172.59 KB, 750x865, 1409703F-64FD-4F62-A240-9659FB…)

Yes Taylor, just shut down and avoid the very legitimate claims of abuse. That’ll show the haters! This just seems like an onion narc trip and she’ll return with more sass than ever for a few days and never actually debunk or confront the claims in the video. 1/3

No. 605822

File: 1543392574289.jpeg (344.26 KB, 750x1313, CD60D289-E02A-4C45-9D54-F89685…)

No. 605823

File: 1543392619368.jpeg (318.71 KB, 750x1292, BD21C89D-59E1-4854-AA4D-FF7767…)

3/3 (I miss sage so much I wish I didn’t have to bump 3 times but no comp access rn to collage it)

No. 605830

Havnt multiple anons pointed out it takes alit for acs to care to take any animals away there??
If another video goes up maybe have stuff for proof on that to be put in alongside since im sure may will cling to that

No. 605832

I screenshotted her account a couple days ago to track sub count and since then she’s lost 4k. she probably can’t handle that or the fact that everyone is finally wiseing up

No. 605833

HOW does she still not get it? Literally no one expects her to be perfect. All any of us expect is for her to own up to the mistakes she's made/is making and rectify them. If she stopped passing the blame and actively addressed everyone's very valid concerns, she'd probably get cheers. Jesus Christ, Taylor. Wake up.

No. 605834

Oh, I know there's not going to be one. But since it came up as a topic, I was curious about what actually needs to be done if you do want one.

No. 605839

Honestly if ACS has really shown up several times, then there's a problem. Most people with pets don't get animal control called on them all the time. I'm guessing this is another stupid lie she's come up with to make herself look good but in truth backfires if you're smart enough to read it right.

No. 605847

File: 1543395362066.png (496.35 KB, 2002x1378, Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.5…)

it looks like she disabled comments on the video after multiple top comments calling her out on her bullshit

No. 605859

Sorry I had been replying to the old thread as I was catching up / scrolling down:


Emma etc are so salty that viewers and some pettubers disagree, don't like and respectfully call out Taylor (and thus by association them too) but they're so quick to spin it around and tell anyone that does any of the above things that they're BULLYING, so clearly she can't recognize it.


The more people that make videos the better, while it's 'trendy' to watch these videos right now any other videos people make will be viewed and it makes it more credible coming from multiple sources.


"I've never replaced an animal" taylor theres literally posts from a croc skink breeder saying hes shipping them out to you, explain that.


she could do this but you know she would go out of her way to make sure everything is perfect with her animals and the days she isnt filming she wouldnt bother giving them water

No. 605862

Thing is, some of her animals are literally living without water and show signs of dehydration. Even Mushu looks like a mess. I don't think she'd pass one visit without there being a concern.

Also, on the subject of Taylor not having a hoarding house - does anyone remember all the animals in her closet? I'm assuming she still has some in there - including her geckos?

No. 605865


She has 2 crested geckos in there and her hedgehog Sarabi (if she is even still alive, taylor hasnt shown her really since she moved in and she was conveniently missing from Emma's video)

No. 605871

What happened to her satanic leafs? I know she moved them out of the living room but I thought she moved them into the closet.

No. 605880


The biggest problem with animal control and TND is that they aren't going to know enough about exotic care to confidently say some of her animals need better, like Mushu. If you don't come across axolotls every day, and most AC people don't, you might not know what they're supposed to look like or that they need very cold water. Most people just don't know about exotic animal care. Which is why she has so many people say they follow her until she got an animal they know about and then they realized all her care was shit.

I could see AC being concerned about the animals not having water, but they'd probably just give her a warning if they can't tell if the animals are dehydrated. The biggest concerns they would probably have, apart from the presumed smell of the place, would be the 3 cats having access to the rats and the fact that she has so many pets in that apartment when there is a two pet limit. If she really didn't get special permission from the landlord/whoever, I imagine AC might try to check up on how many pets she's allowed to have, and then they or the landlord would deal with her breaking that rule.

No. 605881


Not only is ACS slow to care, they're pretty indifferent and ignorant about pets that aren't dogs or cats.

At the risk of blogposting, I once had a neighbor (in a TX city, no less) who kept chickens for their eggs. Those birds lived in horrible conditions. They were skinny and missing feathers and penned in a box in the unbearable summer heat. They'd sometimes break free and slip through the fence into my yard, where I had no clue what to do for them. When I called ACS, they acted like I was crazy for being concerned about chickens. They never even did a welfare check.

I imagine it's the same with Taylor. ACS doesn't know/care about most animals that aren't cats or dogs unless things have gotten really bad (ie, dangerous for humans in the area).

No. 605884


Ouch that is terrible…
Well as said if another video goes up that info should get added since shes playing that card to make it seem things are fine.

No. 605885


She never addresses anything about Jonny. She clearly knows very well how wrong she is about that but knows she can’t just say “so he’s an abuser, I luv him anyway”

No. 605886

viking funeral with a christian cross? the whole thing is tackier i could have ever imagined. wtf taylor

No. 605892

I honestly saw the corpse and stopped watching, I'm horrified that it even crossed her mind to show that to a child dominated audience. What the fuck.

No. 605897

File: 1543407172835.jpeg (332.83 KB, 1242x1000, 275B4AEC-5F75-4C5B-A2E8-052A37…)

This account taytay stans came for aged like a fine wine

No. 605907

Video anon, please do a video about the "Cheese funeral Debacle"

It would be a good way to show fans how Taylor reacts to any negativity. Include the screenshots of her tweets that have all been deleted (how she's coming for your video yet tweets she hasn't even watched it, how she ran to her computer to demonetize!! what a silly mistake!!, the screenshots of comments on the video that got deleted / disabled)

I wouldn't include actual video footage from Taylor's video bc she will send her stans on copyright strike, but so many people will have missed what happened last night and need to see how ridiculous she is

No. 605908

also appears that jennifer dean has deleted her twitter account cuz i can't find it on twitter?

No. 605919

Apparently she was “ran off social media” . I think it’s very dramatic that she’s supposedly run off when nothing said had anything to do with her and she had a complete spazz session making herself look like a nut.

That cycle chart is definitely proving true now. At the stage of mental illness so I can’t wait to see how long she milks “I’m being bullied uwu”. She’s grasping at straws and I think it’s hilarious because she looks dumb. Just wait until it’s starts getting put together how many animals have actually died, the time frame, and all her excuses for it. Now that’s a video.

No. 605920

That's because (in my country, anyway) the standard for chickens follows the standard for farming, there's no difference between welfare standards for keeping them as pets or livestock. Battery farms are legal (or in some places "enriched cages"… nothing enriching about them), so legally you're allowed to stack chickens on top of each other, give them about 1ft2 of space each, let them crap all over each other to the point it burns their skin, and let them pluck each others feathers out. It's crazy, but with animals like chickens they can't criticize someone for keeping them badly when it's not worse than battery farming.

No. 605926

File: 1543414890305.gif (997.44 KB, 500x280, saintbundy.gif)

>comment on Cheese video
>some fans don't even know about her three reptiles dying
>others get mad and comment "Are you trying to make her look like a bad person?!"
>wake up and check Youtube notifications

Wow she really couldn't handle the people calling her out, could she? She'll have to disable comments on all her future videos now if this is her response to valid criticism she can't delete fast enough.

No. 605930

File: 1543415957311.png (1.21 MB, 1600x1200, 1543385185963.png)

From the last one. Cheese was a tropical fish, wasn't he? (My knowledge on exotic fish is nonexistent)

Either way TayTay's fucked up the necroposy.

>necroposy should be performed as soon as they're found

>on ice/refrigerated no longer than 1 to 2 hours
>keep cool, not frozen
>freezing creates artifacts which interfere with examination
>freezing causes delays while tissues thaw

No. 605931

Are there any law savvy anons in the thread? I (what ever) kind of feel like Taylor is going to hit me with a cease and desist letter for slander soon.
I know that it's not slander since she's a public figure and I'm just reporting on public information, but I want to be prepared just in case

No. 605933


It's basically just a fancy way of telling someone you're going to sue them.

From a google search :

You can create this letter yourself using Rocket Lawyer. However, if you need a Cease and Desist Order, you need to file a lawsuit or other court action to request the court to order the individual or business to stop the action. Often this step is taken if you've received no response resulting from the Cease and Desist Letter.

No. 605934

There's no way she's going to leave that video up, especially now that she demonitized it. She'd be losing subs over it even without video anons work. This is next level fucked up.. Like she needs serious help. Obviously she thinks of Cheese as "just a fish" because it's not normal to display an animal you actually love like that.. She was probably thinking because it is "just a fish body" that it's.. Cute?? Her hedgehog Nala was supposedly super important to her and her brand yet no video of her. It's not LESS fucked up just because it's a fish Taylor. No one wants to see a dead animal, let alone on a channel they come to for happy animal content. It's really sad. The fact she went through with it just shows how truly fucked up in the head she is. I'm honestly disturbed. She probably really upset a lot of her child fans with this video and they're defending her because they have no concept of it being wrong. They don't understand that they shouldn't have been subjected to that. They follow her so blindly.

No. 605935

I mean, we all know she's gonna say that he was perfect and died of old age

No. 605936

Check out her Social Blade for laughs. Her own stunt is costing her hundreds of subscribers.

No. 605938

Apparently she's lost 2700 today, this is crazy.
However, going off the botted dislikes, I wouldn't be surprised if she tries to buy some to make everything look fine.

No. 605940

A) I don’t think Taylor has the money to actually take this to court
B) As far as I know anon you’ve done a good job covering your bases to remain anonymous so how would she go about serving you said papers? Also, you’re in another country. I know it’s not impossible to sue someone in another country but I feel like it would take a lot longer for you to get served. Worst worst worst case scenario, in a week you have to take the video down but by then it will already have circulated. To cover your bases better in the future, you need to start saying “allegedly” before most claims. Which acknowledges that what you are saying is speculation, even though we all know we provide damning evidence, it’s still a good base to cover.

No. 605944

Wait, what happened to her other fucking cat? I cant keep up with the Cheese fiasco

No. 605945

I know, what she did with Cheese just isn't a respectful way to treat a dead pet you love. The way she just threw some plastic starfish, feathers??? and load of seaweed in it just seemed so insincere and tacky.
Why not just bury him in a nice wooden box with some seaweed and photos instead of trying to be so CoOl n qUiRkY.

No. 605946

A cease and desist letter means exactly jack shit in the US. It's just people trying to scare you with the threat of lawyers.

No. 605948


And trying to get it to trial when video nonny lives in another country… and trying to find a judge that'll take it seriously… yeah right.

That, and that whole pesky GDPR thing might slightly hamper their progress in finding video nonny in real life.

No. 605949

Law student here: things are finicky because you’re not in the US for sure. cease and desist doesn’t hold much weight, she CAN hit you with a cease and desist for virtually anything. it’s not expensive and doesn’t hold legal weight, it’s just a warning. I’m not sure if she classified as a public figure, so if she is the game changes a little then as well because they have to prove more about your video. I don’t think it’s going to go very far.

No. 605950

File: 1543418694775.png (475.3 KB, 1080x1468, Screenshot_20181128-082108~2.p…)

Found this under a tweet Taylor shared of a rude response to a fan asking about Zazu

Loling at the person who says "[Taylor] doesn't have to show us anything!"
It's her job to post content! If she doesn't "have" to post content then it's not her job anymore, just a hobby.

No. 605953

"I'm sorry that my way of grieving has disappointed you" wowwwwww what a manipulative bitch

No. 605954

Kind of OT but I noticed quite a few recent comments on what ever's video recommending Emzotic. I found this a bit… sus. I get one or two, but like 10 in 2 hours? I'm just wary.

No. 605956

The way she was laughing when the lady said over the phone 'it's a fish' and many other times in the video shows how much she's trying to overdramatic about this.

No. 605958

You can post on legaladvice on Reddit. But you're not at risk of being sued. Taylor and fam have threatened to sue dozens of people and never followed through. And if they did the judge would tell them to fuck off.

No. 605960


Let's get her under 1.5 mil. Maybe she'll finally start doing better.

No. 605961

Taylor has officially lost the plot. If i hadn't just watched a video of dead Cheese myself with my own eyes, i'd never believe anyone if they told me that Taylor did just that. I can not believe she actually filmed her dead frozen fish and started essentially playing with his corpse for views and money. She's insane.

No. 605962

At times she seems completely out of touch with what’s appropriate in the real world, much like Jen. It’s almost as if Jen and Taylor grew up in an environment where basic ethical norms weren’t instituted unto them. It’s really bizarre.

No. 605963

File: 1543420255469.png (285.03 KB, 2048x1536, E14188FC-C1E9-42F2-B765-42BC2D…)

No. 605964

I couldn't agree more. The way she acts in the video is a little bit unsettling to say the last. She prods Cheese's frozen corpse and throws a bunch of crap on the boat with him before putting seaweed all over him… and then wraps him in a piece of cloth.
Was she on drugs when she did all of this, or has she genuinly just had a mental breakdown. I can't believe she even filmed it, let alone upload it to youtube.

No. 605965

Thread anon here:

Someone should save the cheese funeral vid before she takes it down. It shows just how unhindged she’s gotten and how little respect she had for her animals. I would but I won’t have access to a computer til late tonight.

No. 605966

It's like a female Logan Paul at a pet cemetery.

No. 605967

The crazy part is that she had to watch it multiple times for editing and still thought it was a good idea. Maybe she felt pressured to post it so she wouldn't go against her own word

No. 605969

Yeah and the dumb bitch would have watched it and still left the 'please don't demonitize me' bit in there.

No. 605970

File: 1543420878701.png (469.46 KB, 1242x2208, 47AE4C59-AE13-4F1E-8CC6-7A76F6…)

She called this girl out and all it did was blow up the tweet and spread the video more. Originally this tweet had like 9 likes and now it has over 5000 after Tay Tay quotes it.

No. 605971

international & european law student here
sent you a dm request on twitter with more legal info on how a U.S. citizen with no German residency could potentially file a claim against you (spoiler alert: the chances are very very slim)

No. 605972

I'd save both that + her video on Cheese being dead, I have a feeling one of them is going to go down if not both.

No. 605973

Guys, wow. I'm a bit new to Taylor as a cow but I watched the entire funeral video and I'm shocked. This bitch is UNHINGED. Even if it was "just a fish" as she keeps saying, she goes about the whole thing without even pretending to be sad. She turns the whole thing into a fun joke in a way that truly feels sociopathic. I'm stunned by this whole thing. Will this be what finally ends her? Are her stans disturbed by this as well? I feel like they'd have to be…

No. 605974

File: 1543420947479.png (140.28 KB, 1714x452, IMG_20181128_180129.png)

she's never had such a huge dip in daily subs. shit's finally hitting the fan, i love it

No. 605975

The whole cheese video is actually nauseating

No. 605977

Okay, this may not be very contributing because I don’t work I Taylors area nor do I know how her animal control works, but I think her claim that animal control has come to her house “several times” is very false.

I’ve worked as a volunteer with an animal shelter near me for 5+ years, going on calls and addressing complaints often. When we get a complaint, we go and check it out. If we show up and the place checks out fine, we leave them a warning and inform them that we do not want to get called out there again, and if we do, some sort of action will be taken. Because public complaints are very serious and no matter how you swing it, if a person is continuously calling us about how an animal is being abused or neglected, there’s usually merit to it. We can’t always see neglect or abuse within the short time we are doing welfare checks, and the owner is typically a very different person when the threat of their animals being taken is hanging over their heads. If animal control has really been out there as much as taylor claims, she would not have animals. Animal control does not like being called continuously to do welfare checks. By now they would have asked her to have them moved or rehomed due to the complaints. She would be in danger of having her animals revoked by now if they’ve came as much as she claims!
Again, I’m not from her area but that’s how it works here.

No. 605978

While talking to someone on the [hone about a necropsy, she says "i want to end up getting IT cremated". Cheese isn't even a he anymore, he's just an it.

No. 605979

i got both saved

No. 605980

Even if she wanted to have a send off, she didn't need to show his body. Just because people said yes on a twitter poll, she did not have to show it. She could have made a small wreath of flowers and thrown it in the ocean. Or even just done the boat idea with photos and seaweed inside the coffin and then she could have burned it like a real viking funeral and sent it off, accompanied by footage of cheese and the music. She could have then explained it was a metaphorical funeral and his body was not burned because she needed it for the necropsy. Honestly, there was other ways to make the video tasteful.
Instead you see it's frozen body being played with and shown on camera and footage of her joking about everything and ringing the necropsy place like a prankcall style video.

It's so weird how she gasps at people cremating their own fish and says she wouldn't have the heart to do it but she's happy to put him in and out of the freezer and cover his body with lace and crap.

No. 605981

Also, the claim about animal control being ignorant to anything besides dogs and cats isn’t always true. Even if they don’t know much about the animal in harms way, when you call and report it you can inform them what to look for and they absolutely will look for it. They’re just people and need as much guidance to do their job as anyone.

No. 605985

She's digging her own career grave at this point. Thinks "exposing" these comments will send her underaged fans to shut them up when now it just gets her more negative attention.

No. 606008

I finally got myself to watch the Cheese funeral video and it's worse than I thought it would be. She talks fast and just grabs and pokes at things, including Cheese. It's like when your mom asks you to pack the dishwasher. She also literally had nothing planned other than getting Cheese on a boat and pushing it into a pond.

No. 606010

She replaced her original pacman frog. Sure, she told everyone that she got a new one but she still replaced it soon after its death.

No. 606012

If it was slander then Pewdiepie could sue JK Rowling, Anita Saarkeesian, and pretty much the NYT and honestly he'd have 10x a better case than she would on you. You showed public information. They basically made up shit on him.

No. 606024

Thank you for the legal advice anons! It's great to hear that, since I'm German, I'm in the clear and she can't bully me into silence.

No. 606030

File: 1543425467588.jpg (29.03 KB, 896x464, TND Cheese.JPG)

Okay so, what are the chances she got (or will claim at least) the ashes mixed in with tattoo ink and got a tattoo with his ashes?

No. 606032

Pretty sure she said she's getting his ashes made into jewellery.

No. 606033

If her fans can watch that video and think it’s normal for someone who’s devastated over a death of a beloved pet, to poke and prod its dead body like a piece of steak, then they are just as vile as she is. It’s scary that there are that many people in the animal industry, who have absolutely no regards for something’s life. I got into an argument with one of her fans who tried to claim as long as you love an exotic pet and do the best you can for it, that’s enough. No if you can’t give that animal exactly what it needs to survive and live a healthy (mistakes happen) then you should not even think about owning it. That’s the most dangerous part of what she’s doing. She gives off the air of well do what you can. What happened to if you cant take care of it, don’t get it? Sorry I had to vent.

No. 606037

File: 1543426365313.jpg (6.97 MB, 4160x2336, IMG_20181128_182815.jpg)

Sorry for the quality but I was searching her social blade and this are the results lol

No. 606038

Didn't she tweet that she organised a necropsy for Cheese for after the funeral. Like she had the necropsy planned before the funeral happened but in the video she organised the necropsy after the funeral?

No. 606039

Her fans are actually arguing with me on the pinned comment on my vid that it's okay she did that… How can anyone believe that? She treated him like a rotting plant and not an animal.

No. 606040

File: 1543426973821.jpg (152.07 KB, 750x653, IMG_3714.jpg)

a bit late but this was posted yesterday on reddit about Taylor. A post about pet tube was made in r/hobbydrama

No. 606041

She's just going to buy them back. Remember the sudden increase a while ago?

No. 606043

File: 1543427315523.png (80.88 KB, 720x409, IMG_20181128_184401.png)

Why does she have to exaggerate everything? "lmao they were amazed he lived to his minimum life span lol"

No. 606044

I'd imagine a call/report would have to be pretty detailed anyway. Saying that a person has too many pets is one thing, saying that you're concerned about their water/health status/enclosure is another since that's an actual cause for concern really.

The majority of them literally say 'they look fine to me' or 'she says she takes care of them so!' which is so dumb. A hoarder could say their pets are healthy but they clearly aren't or there's water when there clearly isn't.

Imagine if Cheese had actually grown tho… just imagine all the claims she could be making.

No. 606045

Tbh I think when you work in the animal industry (and I mean truly work, not owning pets and filming them) there are people who have to dissociate from their empathy a little. It can lead to compassion fatigue otherwise.
I volunteer at an animal hospital and have to remind myself of that when I hear some people's reactions to things.

No excuse for Taylor though. She shouldn't be suffering from compassion fatigue because she shouldn't have this many animals dying. It's not as though she does rescue work and each animal is a gamble on whether it will live or not.

No. 606048

"All the fish keepers in my town" LMAO WHO? "Constantly amazed" hahahahahahahaha she seriously has made her own little world in her head.

No. 606049

I worked as a vet tech for years. And disassociating from others pets is a must, watching people put their animals down or having them die is terrible day in and day out. But no matter what your pet is your baby. I just can’t imagine an excuse for how she handles her pet’s deaths besides she really doesn’t care.

No. 606050

thats what narcissists do

No. 606051

Her behaviour is just repulsive. Sorry for the blogpost but her video had such an impact on me that I have to say something. My mice recently developed tumours and I had to make the decision to put them down today. It's devastating. If you're grieving the death of your beloved pets you don't fucking play around with their bodies. Seeing that was so disgusting I can't even begin to describe it.

And then she goes on with her manipulative shit "sorry if you were offended". Fuck off

No. 606056

In description of your video weave into it that it is hypothetical. It needs to include the word hypothetical(lly) because hypotheticals can not be used in the court of law.
"This video is to show hypothetically how social media influencers can get away with neglect", for example

I don't know how to reply to specific comments here so this is for video anon.

No. 606059

You click on the number of the comment to reply.
Thank you for the advice, but I feel really reassured that she can't do anything now. Should something happen anyway I will try to weave it into the descriptions!

No. 606060

Some stan said she had less than 20 animals if you didn't count every fish… she has 16 snakes alone. These kids know nothing.

No. 606061

Sorry for your loss, anon.
I agree with this though, I lost a beloved guinea pig earlier this year, and I would never have held onto her body - at least not in the way and for the reasons Taylor did. I held her for a while after she passed, of course, to try and deal with it but she was buried later that day and her body wasn't messed with beyond that. I'm sure this is blogposting, but I feel it's somewhat relevant given the situation.
The fact that Taylor held onto Cheese's body for days after he died for a YouTube video disgusts me, and the fact that she uploaded the video of him in such shape for a predominantly child/early-teen audience is just as bad. It has educational value if done right, but it feels like she did it for shock value above all else, and it shouldn't have been thrust out to them in such a way. It strikes me as similarly inappropriate to the Suicide Forest video, terribly thought out and showing an extreme lack of compassion.

No. 606062

Her subscriber count is down to what it was about 10 days ago! Every hour continues to show huge losses! Let’s get her under 1 million. Maybe YouTube will ask for thei plaque back! Lol

No. 606066

I guess Taylor was in fact banish from the store she bought Kronos since they also sell croc skinks and didn't went first to them to replace them

No. 606067

Not sure if anyone else has yet, but I downloaded the funeral video so there's at least one copy here. Could I re-upload it to a YT channel or something like Vimeo?

No. 606071

You’d get a copyright strike and it’d be taken down, not sure about other places I just know you can’t reupload. That’s not fair use.

No. 606073

That’s YouTube btw. Not the other site

No. 606075

Aw, I'm sorry for your loss.
I think anyone who has had a pet they've genuinely loved die can see that her behavior towards Cheese's body is disgusting and very disturbing. I truly don't understand how her stans don't see it

No. 606081

Hadn't thought of that, you're right. Maybe Vimeo or Dailymotion because I don't know many other video-uploading websites aside from those three. I'll go ahead and try Vimeo and if it gets struck down, try something else

No. 606085

peeking at taylor's social blade, she randomly had this boost of 100+ subscribers in the middle of it steadily going down? is this normal?

No. 606086

I assume they just excuse it because she's ~such a good pet mum~ and/or it was "just a mistake"
I hate to keep drawing examples from the Paul brothers, but the way her stans are responding to criticism is almost a carbon copy. I doubt most of them are old enough to know better, and their parents aren't monitoring the content they consume or having open discussions with them either.

No. 606087

File: 1543432849618.png (128.68 KB, 1688x888, Screenshot 2018-11-28 at 19.17…)


sorry, newfag, here's the image

No. 606088

She's probably buying them like Onision does every time his drama causes him to lose.

No. 606089

I did some research into this claim. So far all I’ve found is that people do have their cowfish die after a year, but a lot of it is improper care ie putting them in too small of a space. For a juvenile like Cheese was when she got him, he should have been in at least a 75 gallon. I haven’t found a whole lot else other than the opinion that cowfish shouldn’t even be kept in home aquariums.

No. 606090

File: 1543433272042.jpg (545.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-202515_Ins…)

First comments on her last insta… people aren't so nice with tay tay anymore

No. 606096

at this point she's not getting cheers from me. her pets die and it's always "lmao lol ikr wtf" bullshit followed by videos that reveal a shocking lack of empathy or even a glimpse of real feeling. she's fucking creepy and she fucks a rapist.

she's a nasty piece of work. fuck her, i hope she loses everything. who the fuck hoards animals like her, and then says she's going to set the dead hoard on fire for clickbait $$$ but pokes its body instead like it was a piece of junk?

No. 606097

Its fair use to use clips in a critique. I do media marketing and had to take a class in fair use.

No. 606098

Yes. Social Blade usually has these fluctuations in subscribers.

As far as I know, yes.
H3H3 got sued for that and won. His case was high profile in the YouTube community, so you can see some videos about the lawsuit and the aftermath. What I remember is that it falls under fair use because you're not using the clips as they are for your personal benefit, but rather modifying the content with your critique.

But the clips cannot exceed a certain time limit. I think it has to be at the most 10 seconds or some shit.

No. 606099

Glad to see people are finally coming around. This video was by far the most disgusting thing she's ever done. Taylor is way out of touch to shoot, edit and then watch and post that vid, thinking it was a good idea. She's absolutely unaware of how heartless and weird the whole thing looks.

Great to see those numbers dropping, because she knows she fucked up but can't make herself look better. A lot of people are seeing her true face and she is in full panic mode. Good.

The only reason she feels so bad is because she fucked up her narc image, and worst of all she can't control what people are saying about her, but that legit scares the hell out of these people.

Watch her beg Jonny to go score. She doesn't want to feel anything right now, but it's not the pain from losing a beloved pet, it's terror that everyone sees how grotesque she is, and she can't do a thing about it.

No. 606100

Honestly part of me thinks she knew what she was doing with the Cheese video, just didn't care enough.

Any publicity is good publicity when you can buy back subs.

No. 606105

How about using screenshots of twitter and insta posts? It’s not video.

No. 606108

It was fun while it lasted, all thr comments are now ass kissing her.

No. 606109

She's on a deleting spree, that's why.

No. 606112

Those count too.

No. 606113

Don't think she's that smart, tbh. She certainly hasn't shown a lick of sense regarding any aspect of her life prior to this, I don't see why she'd suddenly come over all brainy, lol.

No. 606115

"I need to take a break from the internet"

Stays on 24/7 deleting

No. 606117

You don't need to be smart to make dumb decisions like keeping a dead body in a video, there's so many examples of negative attention working well enough.

That or she was high af during the entire thing but idk doesn't seem like it. Looks like a half-assed video in general

No. 606119

Tbh I started noticing shit was up when gus died and she like went over that he was dead quickly in the beginning of a video w/o any like tears or anything

No. 606124

Yeah, same. Well the kitten situation was the first thing that really got me, I know it's been said a million times, but she always goes on about how she wouldn't get all these pets if she wasn't capable of looking after them, but she got 2 week old kittens with no experience at all, and it's no surprise one died. If she thinks she's capable to look after young kittens because she's owned reptiles and fish before then it just shows how delusional she is. And then replacing her within a week or so? Just felt so wrong.

Has she even mentioned on her youtube that Kovu died? I feel like everyone seems to have forgotten about that and it wasn't even that long ago.

No. 606125

Look at the way she treated Kovu's death as well. She's a nut case.

No. 606131

be fair, it's been so hard on taylor these past two days, she's definitely going to have to treat herself to some more botox or lip injections.

it's too bad everyone was so ~mean that she had to demonetize that super respectful and heartfelt viking funeral vid, she could have got at least two groupons worth of bad filler off the views.

so which pet is going to be the new star? one of the snakes? the monitor? a rat?

No. 606137

"All the fishkeepers in my town." Doesn't she live in San Antonio? The second largest city in all of Texas. Does she mean her subdivision of san Antonio?

No. 606139

For me it was the kittens too.
Before I was mostly worried about her because of her relationship with Jonny (and honestly, I still am, he's definetly abusive and I hope she gets out of that) and since I didn't have any knowledge on exotic pets I thought anons were nitpicking her care but the fact that she the audacity to believe she was in any way capable of taking care of such a fragile kitten got to me.
To add salt to the wound after one died she bought another one from a backyard breeder and even acceptable to recieve him before he was old enough.

No. 606149

Do you think she could get away with claiming the complains are false because she's "famous" on youtube? I feel like that's what she'd try to claim. A fake complaint got a pretty famous grey fox killed by the local animal control a few years back though, so I can't imagine Taylor having a better outcome if AC had really been there and interacted with any of her exotics.

>>606060 lol right?? I tweeted at her about her 50+ animals, citing her NY Mag article, and a stan replied "she doesn't have that many, they're just trying to slander her." I guess even professional interviewers are ~haiterz now, guize!

No. 606158

File: 1543442889481.png (48.84 KB, 1150x566, Macho man randy here.png)

Spreadsheet anon here. I couldn't find anything saying Asteroid was dead, and found that the last pic of him was on July 2018 so I changed his status to live. Also can’t find any info on the third unnamed crested gecko and Prada the milksnake, and still don’t have anything on the second puffer. As far as I know Mushu hasn’t been mentioned since at least July, possibly longer, and I guess people were worried about his health, should I put him down as ‘Unknown’? Besides that the herps are covered. I don’t actually follow TND so my apologies if I’m missing well-known info. Sorry for no milk but here’s some cool graphs.

No. 606166

Asteroid is dead. He died a while ago. He was cooked to death supposedly.

Also here's the google doc list of her pets alive and dead: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QNUksDcQk_cqLTkTFTiPjP2pCGBQgORyCesIIqvZ2Zs/edit?pli=1

No. 606167

She admitted astroid is dead. He died with the skinks. And she posted a photo of mushu recently looking bleek. Shes still alive for now.

No. 606168

Asteroid has been dead since October and Mushu is still alive. She doesn't own a 3rd crestie. Other than that you're good I think, great job nonny!

No. 606173

I can't find where she announced his death, but he definitely died. She must've deleted it or I'm blind

No. 606174

File: 1543443866407.png (849.19 KB, 1080x1628, Screenshot_20181128-152244~2.p…)

The big long story she posted on Instagram about losing the Croc skinks and the pac-man frog is still up.

No. 606175

I was thinking of her other one

No. 606176

File: 1543443982263.png (3.9 KB, 375x157, Undertaker.png)

Thank you! I didn't realize when he died, I'll just copy the date for the crocs. Now all my graphs are fucked lol. With Asteroid dead that means she has 6 deaths this month alone and 10 this year, assuming I've done everything right.

No. 606177


Holy fuck - broken down like that, it really drives home just how many fucking animals she has bought. 39 is just… nuts. Hell, just 7 would be a fuckton and more than enough for five years for most normal people.

"Oops, I lost 13 pets this year!" is fucking nanners.

No. 606178

It makes sense 2017 was the year she got the most pets. It's when she started to take off and the money was flowing in.

No. 606179

She also appears to have deleted pictures of the third crested. He was small and "shared with her friend" and never posted about again.

No. 606180

this is beyond ridiculous. I hope she sees this and it somehow breaks through into her tiny brain. Nothing about this is okay.

No. 606181

I just can't. That you even have 13 pets in the first place is borderline nuts (understandable with fish and such), but that those are just the CASUALITIES of a single year of your animal husbandry… wow.

No. 606182

Interesting, first two years she killed 1/7 of what she bought, not terrible, then exponential leap to killing 1/3 of what she bought, now she's killed over half of what she's bought this year. This data is as clear as day: THIS NUMBER OF PETS HAS BECOME UNSUSTAINABLE, AND THE ANIMALS ARE SUFFERING FOR IT.

No. 606186

File: 1543444809331.jpg (417.78 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181128-153916.jpg)

Here we go! Last time I checked there was one other picture of this crested that explained he was "shared with a friend", but this is all I can find of him.

No. 606189

File: 1543444893972.jpg (41.14 KB, 1080x226, Screenshot_20181128-154120__01…)

No. 606191

Re: the pacman frogs and skinks I'm not sure if anyone has adequately explained why this is such a bad thing. Everyone is focusing on her leaving her pets alone for 22 hours, which is really bad don't get me wrong, but regardless of that her setup is wrong in the first place if it allowed this to happen. She doesn't have a day night cycle set up it seems, and heats her animals all the time. She also doesn't provide a thermal gradient in most of her tanks, which is ectotherm husbandry 101.

She should have a thermostat and a timer plug. Timer plugs are cheap as hell, and they're programmed to stop and start at certain times of the day. If a thermostat fails, firstly the warm-cool gradient of the tank should allow the animal to escape the heat and secondly the timer plug will eventually kick in and turn off the lights/heat. She lives in Texas right? None of her animals need supplemental heat during the night and providing it messes with their circadian rhythms. Why were her animals being heated at night or for long enough to cook them to death in the first place? Even if we believe her story about her "heat regulators failing" (Seriously who even calls them that?) the fact her animals are being provided heat for such long periods is wrong. It's bad husbandry.

As a sidenote, a couple of people said she shouldn't have her stuff hooked up to extension leads, but as far as I know (maybe this isn't the case for the US so please correct me if I'm wrong) most of them have surge protectors fitted as a fail-safe, and lots of people myself included use them for that reason just as a precaution.

No. 606192

Not even to acknowledge that buying a wild caught animal that you KNOW is going to live a fraction of its lifespan in captivity and encouraging more wild caught fish to die eight years early is irresponsible enough. Holy shit

No. 606195

lmao I live in Texas as well and I don't have a ton of exotic animals but i keep a lot of exotic PLANTS and I sure as fuck have lights on timers. for plants. non sentient things. best thing is, the timers can even be set to day/night cycles REALLY EASILY and for less than 10 dollars!!! if she truly did not have a timer. girl.

No. 606197

File: 1543445269999.jpeg (389.68 KB, 2235x1224, 8F853578-2C3E-43B8-A360-7B9BFC…)

This cracked me up. They make such flawless arguements.

No. 606199


LOL and the reply above is like a perfect lawn tantrum

No. 606204

Genuinely would be interested in seeing her cable management/electrical setup. You can buy extension cables that aren't grounded (usually cheaper) and when "daisy-chained" together with other appliances, especially high voltage things like lights or heaters, can cause shortages and fire hazards. Thing is, it's really easy to avoid this, you just have to shell out a few more bucks to get grounded surge protected extension cables which I hope she would be for something as precious as a living creature. I mean fuck, I have my computer on a UPS (surge protector + built in battery for power outage), and that is a computer not a living creature. I don't understand why she's so eager to throw thousands at fancy new enclosures, which while sure great, she should focus on the technical side of her husbandry. I've always gotten the feeling she doesn't like the "technical" side as much, the maintenance of heat/humidity/etc. It always seems half assed when there are so many wonderful inventions when set up properly, will do the job for you and better than you ever could. Long ramble here, sorry.

No. 606209

i honestly cant imagine another animal replacing cheese since we literally forget who she even owns

No. 606224

She can buy subs all she wants. She's delustional if she thinks buying them also means they're going to watch her videos and make her money. Subs mean nothing if nobody's watching your channel.

No. 606228

Are any of her animals rescued? Not the whole “given to me because it was near death and I’m the only person they could trust” nonsense but actually rescued

No. 606229

Sooo she has owned 85 pets in 4 years (which we know of). That alone is hoarder status.

Of which she killed 27. So she currently has ~68 pets??? WHAT THE FUCK

32% of her pets have died. 1/3 of her pets have died. Wow

No. 606231


Not unless you count Craigslist.

Most rescues would not give animals to someone who has as many as Taylor does in an apartment that small.

No. 606234


Not unless you count Craigslist.

Most rescues would not give animals to someone who has as many as Taylor does in an apartment that small.

No. 606238

File: 1543446436264.png (96.65 KB, 1164x316, ss.png)

the level of intellect we're dealing with here is hard to handle.

No. 606240

File: 1543446440308.png (10.66 KB, 337x35, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 00.0…)


Taylor posted her Cheese funeral video 19 hours ago, and in that timespan she's lost over 5,000 subs. She can ignore all of the constructive criticism & desperately buy more subs, but she won't be able to ignore that people are leaving her channel en masse.

No. 606241

Like any animals she actively searched for through shelters/rescues? I dont think any of her animals were outright rescued besides Kida, which she ironically abandoned lol..

No. 606244

Probably just Nemo and maybe Star if she's really a stray. Even though she claims she "rescued" Sarabi, Lego, Ghost and the rats if you count her acting like a savior because she's keeping feeder rats instead of using them for their intended purpose.

No. 606247

Kida was supposedly gotten from a shelter.
Nemo & his sister were rescued from a construction site, but I wouldn't count them since Taylor didn't have a clue what she was doing.
Then there was the fiasco with the 80 turtles.

No. 606250

In theory Star was "rescued". A lot of Taylor's story doesn't add up though.
I don't think she got Star from Craigslist personally, I think she found Star outside and kept her, despite Star being owned by someone (hence the microchip and being friendly and "well-groomed")

No. 606261

As much as she wants to pat herself on the back for "rescuing" those turtles, it was no different from buying something at a pet store. Someone made a profit off of them and will just get more to sell. The turtles might be grateful, but the cycle continues.

No. 606266

From what I can tell, she has 46 live animals including fish, 39 if we don't include fish. I know for a fact I don't have all her fish listed, and some fish are simply listed as 'school' and I didn't bother making multiples of. Her total of all animals past and present is 107, pretty impressive.

I just can't fathom how she affords all of it. Even assuming she didn't spend a penny on the animals she rescued, the purchasing cost alone as added up to nearly 26 grand. She could have paid her way through college with that.

No. 606270

Eh, 26 grand is pretty reasonable. Up until last year I was making minimum wage and I've spent probably over 10k on my animals. Mind you, I actually know how to handle my finances unlike Taylor.

No. 606271

Some people might say Nemo, but personally don’t count Nemo’s story as a rescue. it’s got all the classic signs of one of Taylor’s lies.

She tweeted literally that week/possibly even that very day that she was “looking in shelters” for a cat. As many of us have said, it’s highly unlikely any shelter would adopt out to her given her living situation and number of pets she already has. By some magical, Could-Only-Happen-To-Taylor coincidence, after leaving the shelter she was totally going to adopt from, a random lady at the pet store had a box containing two 2 week old kittens she’d “found at a construction site.” and handed those kittens off to Taylor no questions asked.

It tends to get lost in the following controversy of Taylor killing one of the kittens through neglect/ignorance and then buying a 5 week old purebred cat from Craigslist, but I’ve never believed that Nemo story lol.idk where she got him from, but I’ve seen too much of her bullshit on this site to believe such a wAcKY cOiNciDenCe story.

No. 606272

That we KNOW about. It’s rumored she’s replacing pets when they die without letting her fan base know. She thought she was ok with the skinks but got busted before she could pull the switcheroo!!

No. 606273

She probably stole them from the mom. wouldn't surprise me

No. 606274

I just got blocked on Taylors instagram and I have never even interacted with her on Instagram, she must be doing some real digging to block people.

No. 606275

Um I think she deleted it

No. 606278

I don’t think you were blocked. It’s not showing up on any of my accounts (one of which I don’t even use). It says user not found which doesn’t happen when you are blocked.

No. 606279

File: 1543448520770.jpg (237.44 KB, 1073x1845, Screenshot_20181129-004141_Sam…)

No. 606280

Correct me if I'm wrong, but was that a fucking lacy thong that she wrapped around Cheese in the funeral video?

No. 606281

Me too and I’ve never ever contacted her on Instagram or any platform for that matter. I just lurk on insta lol.

No. 606282

Wait really. Wow, I was really confused since the only thing that connects my instagram to my other accounts I actually mention her on is first name haha

No. 606283

yall i can't reach her ig either, i NEVER use my IG, so there is literally no way she could have known to block me. Her page got deleted lmao

No. 606284

I'm not even an Insta user and I can't pull her page up either. Can you make your page private like on Twitter?

No. 606285

Ya. It’s gone. On my throwaway insta, I just looked at my “following” list and it’s poof.., gone! She’s trying to hide evidence we could potentially dig up.

No. 606286

You can make an account private, but it would still show up

No. 606287

if it was private you'd still see she was a user just not her posts

No. 606288

File: 1543448850218.jpeg (238.36 KB, 750x413, 09B6F159-747B-450B-B195-1509CC…)

Looks like a thong to me lol

No. 606289

she straight up just deleted her insta

No. 606290

Guys I think we broke her

No. 606291

I thought so at first too, but I think it’s a lace headband with a knot at the top.

No. 606292

Oop. A few days away from social media might do her good. Good thing her video upload schedule won't suffer from it.

No. 606295

she should've put that dead fish in the little coffin thing before she started filming jfc, she was so proud of "making kids smile" with cheese, well i don't wanna know how many of them she made cry/gave nightmares to with this dumpster fire of a video. at least show the body briefly and in a tasteful way instead of throwing it around like that. barf

No. 606296

Yeah….his eyes and just his body in general made me very uncomfortable and I'm an adult…I can't imagine how kids felt looking at that

No. 606297


See as much as I don’t like Taylor. I liked cheese, so even for me as an adult to see his glazed over eyes and decayed body made me feel a little bit sick, I struggle to look at my own animals when they’ve passed I don’t want to see other people’s.

No. 606299

I don't get Taylor's mindset rn.

I feel like it would be so easy to win everyone back. Do an apology video. Say she accumulated a bunch of different pets very fast and thought she could do it well but is obviously struggling. Didn't listen to feedback but now she's willing to. Boom everyone forgives her.

Instead she … Says everyone is a hater and deletes social media?

???? Doesn't she have a agent? Why are they doing nothing lol

No. 606300

File: 1543450747372.png (Spoiler Image,424.17 KB, 1242x2208, B17B56DD-D279-4CF4-B4A2-5C42A8…)

Great way of handling things. Real damage control

No. 606301

Also didn’t mean to hit spoiler. Sorry!

No. 606302

Your Instagram image is showing anon

No. 606303

So did she delete her Instagram posts? Hahaha, it's useless because she'll just start fucking up again when she starts sharing more photos… I bet she thinks she's pulled a fast one on us.

No. 606304

came to this from the hoarder video. i am so shocked especially that list showing how many pets she's had and how many have died. that really hit hard. has someone shared that on twitter, i dont know how her stans could argue with that. any doubts i had about the hoarder video have done after seeing such numbers. dreadful!

No. 606306

File: 1543451247659.png (517.75 KB, 1080x1675, Screenshot_20181128-172639~2.p…)

It's back

No. 606308

TayTay takes after her mom lol can't have her social media gone for more than an hour or two

No. 606311

Oh how cute….she used abot to try and do mass deletions i see?

She should know by now everyones just holding onto al info. Even if she deletes someones going to have record of it.

No. 606312

it's almost funny how similar they are otherwise. mama dean and her are too similar for either of them to admit.

No. 606313

File: 1543451700420.jpeg (282.51 KB, 1242x2208, 72E2A1EA-700A-4956-A779-C9146F…)


No. 606315

>mass deletion
I hope that's not true, I have a lot of info still to fill out on this sheet.

No. 606316

Lmao I thought she was leaving her Twitter

No. 606317

I was wrong disregard.
It looked like she had deleted all her comments at first.

No. 606318

File: 1543452043067.jpeg (426.62 KB, 750x1075, 2A93667C-E837-41AE-9FAA-029282…)

No. 606319

Pictures were deleted, I just can't tell which ones. But her older pictures are in different spaces now aka pictures were deleted

No. 606320

Wow she's HILARIOUS.

No. 606321


isn't this chick a part of TND's circle

No. 606322

She turned off commenting on her Cheese post in Insta literally as I was reading them.

No. 606324

She's buddy-buddy with Tyler who is a friend of Taylor so they're probably all friends, yeah. Unfortunate because I actually enjoy Maddie's content.

No. 606325

Yeah pretty sure shes just being a sarcastic bitch.. like how they joke about "abuse!!!"

No. 606326

Who wants to bet that vid's gonna be a whole lot of "there's nothing wrong with Taylor's pet care lmao" and calling people haters while kissing Tay's ass and making her even more of a martyr…

No. 606327

Wait I retract that. Is she being serious??? She unfollowed Taylor on Instagram it appears.

No. 606328

God I can hear the brainless excuses for Tay's behavior already. Pathetic.

No. 606329

File: 1543452464469.png (272.01 KB, 826x397, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 01.4…)

she just deleted/hid all of her likes on twitter jfc

something shady is going on

No. 606330

Nah she follows her on Twitter still

No. 606331

I don't think there's anything shady going on, she's maybe trying to regroup and doesn't know what to do. Just put the phone in the fridge or something, Taylor!

No. 606332

She turned off commenting on her Cheese post in Insta literally as I was reading them.

No. 606333

So do I, so that doesn't mean much. I still can't tell if this is a joke or not, she posted it on her instagram story as well

No. 606334

She’s trying to clean up because the screen shots here. If there’s nothing to screen shot there’s nothing to hold against her. She’s just attempting damage control

No. 606336


Pretty sure it's a meme since she photoshopped Taylor's head on her her (maddie) body. She wouldn't dear speak against the "queen".

If a video does come out, it will be full of ass kissing and she's just trying to use TND for views.

No. 606337

File: 1543453556982.jpeg (320.77 KB, 1242x2208, A1835E2C-8E96-4AD1-839C-CA8BF8…)

Taylor liked this tweet on twitter and it’s not necessarily painting her in the best light. He’s basically saying the video’s facts were right, just presented wrong?

No. 606338

Definitely a joke since Tyler retweeted it. They'd never speak out against their cash cow lol

No. 606339

Is no one going to accuse her of using taylors name for views or is it only okay when they're kissing her ass

No. 606340

What the heck is she actually uploading then

No. 606341

It's either going to be an over dramatized, sarcastic rendition of the what ever video or a serious defense of Taylor and trying to prove the video wrong

No. 606342

File: 1543454198892.jpeg (214.73 KB, 1364x1022, D30ADFCF-F8C3-4824-BC6F-A494C0…)

No. 606343



No. 606344

Emma going all out on the minor things people are complaining about regarding tay tay but silent on the animal abuse front lmao.

No. 606345

i cant believe what evers video has 200k views. at least everyone will know the information out there now, also looking forward to the video taylor alluded to making addressing the questions asked!

No. 606346

"StOp CrItIcIzInG mY bAd AnImAl CaRe HaTeRzzz loolllzlzoloa lmao"

No. 606347

A "rebuttal" video maybe?
To be honest this looks bad, because at the end of the day these people are still protecting her from having self-accountability.

Like, in general, I actually don't want her to not thrive.
I think she does like animals, but she's over her head with the actual amount she can handle. And any sort of self-accountability or reflection just goes out the window because she fails to see the bigger picture.

Some people might be like I hope she loses everything. I don't, because that would mean her animals would suffer even more than they are now.

You cannot expect to be taken seriously while acting like you're 15 years old. Either you're an adult who takes responsibility and actually addresses rumors and allegations on ALL platforms, or you keep hiding behind the social media that favors you the most and act like a snarky baddie. You can't be both.

Like you have to fucking get your shit together at some point instead of relying so much on others to fight your battles for you. And it's not like she's being singled out.

Every single YouTuber out there has had a "scandal" in one way or another. And every single one of them has had to address it accordingly.

Like sure, at some point people have said shit that's just uncalled for, but the two main issues stand: That she's incapable of taking care of that many animals and that the person she's dating is human garbage. That's far from hate. If people are calling you out constantly maybe take a look at what they're saying instead of being like uR a HaTeErEr.

No. 606348

Taylor, we know you read this. Dump the rapist, get help, and there is your way out of this pickle. Throw him to the wolves the way he did his exes. Then you will at least get some of the fans back.

No. 606349

File: 1543454707251.jpeg (165.84 KB, 1351x577, 4E0BBA6A-12A5-4A38-845E-4541C6…)

Yeah definitely not a real call out video…

No. 606350

A key part of being a true friend is calling them out when they are fucking up so they can learn to get better. If all her "friends" keep coddling her like this and acting like the sun shines out of her arsehole, she will never improve her care. You can "stand up for your friend", but stand up while being honest about their failings.

No. 606351

File: 1543454981949.jpg (565.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181128-193036_Twi…)

No. 606353

File: 1543455005425.jpg (684.11 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181128-193042_Twi…)

No. 606354


Shut up Maddie. Y'all not friends you just use each other for views.

No. 606355

File: 1543455032448.jpg (503.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181128-193054_Twi…)

No. 606356

File: 1543455054042.jpg (595.07 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181128-193110_Twi…)

No. 606357

File: 1543455085463.jpg (512.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181128-193132_Twi…)

And my personal fave lol

No. 606358

Good luck with that! She’s just hoping she can make some $$$ off of Taylor since what ever’s vid was so popular! Surprised Walmart version didn’t do one yet! Mind you, her vids featuring ray haven’t done as well as expected!

No. 606359

b-but she was hacked, anon! or something!

I'd love it if she claimed to have made the Cheese videos in a manic state and therefore isn't responsible for looking like a complete twunt in both and across her twitter/instas as well. Kind of like Moo and her ADHD. She's desperate to try and spin this in a 'poor taytay!' light because as it stands right now she looks like shit.

All her shitty 'lol lmao my pets are dead, amirite' are now gone, I'm assuming?

No. 606360

She stinks of desperation.

No. 606364

>talks about friends
>talks about person not knowing what friends are
>whilst being a cunt

No. 606365


she's honestly 12 just like her fanbase

No. 606366

I know happy tails isn’t a good example but when the group called her out it was like a massive circle jerk. Leopard Gecko acknowledges one of her videos and they’re going off on her. That group is unhinged just like Jen and Tay tay

No. 606367

I honestly don't understand.. they're acting like this is the first pet she has ever lost and grieved over? Do people normally grieve differently with each animal that passes bc im sure shes never "grieved" like this before

No. 606368

>Bullying isn't cool
???? Do these kids know?? What words mean??? What did she say that was "bullying"?

No. 606369

Anon, u don't get it!! Cheese was her "mascot"! She had to exploit his death for views! God!

No. 606370

Maddie's video is up

No. 606371

Maddie's video is up. I can't watch it on data but it looks very clickbaity

No. 606372

File: 1543457152126.png (34.78 KB, 618x235, commentyt.PNG)

her stans are so dumb just reading these comments make me lose brain cells

No. 606373

jesus christ this girl is playing the victim hard. how is taylor's drama affecting her at all until she willingly decided to throw herself in there.

No. 606374


LOL watch the rest of Taylor's little toadies trip over themselves racing up that martyr's cross too. NO BULLI GUISE

No. 606375

Sorry mini rant incoming.
I used to really like Tori (pugpibblehedgie). I found her videos informative and liked her personally, but i unsubscribed and unfollowed after her ass kissing to Taylor. EVERYTHING Taylor does with her hedgehogs goes against everything tori advises to do. I know she lurks here, so hi Tori, How can you support someone you can actually watch treat a species you love so wrong?

No. 606376

File: 1543457512172.png (2.97 MB, 2854x1786, aaa.png)

i cannot deal lmfao

No. 606377

Maddie said Jonny is a whole blown out situation and who people decide to be with isnt anyones business lmfao yikes.

Maddie essentially said the purpose of the video is "think about how you would feel if someone you were talking about were to hurt of kill themselves" so I'm assuming Taylor is sperging out to them about feeling suicidal?

No. 606378

Pointing out someone’s mistakes that directly impact the lives of dozens of animals is not bullying. Stfu

No. 606379

Where was all this empathy for jonny’s victims/exes when Taylor and her mom were laughing at them & calling them liars?? Even with the extreme amount of proof that exists about JC. Great that they can choose so easily what to get self-righteous about. Especially when most of the video relies on screenshots from Taylor herself.

No. 606380

Why is Taylor’s “friends” and her family fighting her battles for her? Lmfao

No. 606381

Well I just unfollowed Maddie. I could handle her hanging out with Taylor and supporting her, but this crossed a line with me. I actually liked some of her instagram content, but wow. How does she think this was a good idea or would help the situation

No. 606382

The turtles was almost the opposite of actually rescuing, since she financially supported the guy selling them and then dumped them on a rescue that was probably already overstrained. The turtles might be better off, but she caused more problems than she fixed for the other people involved, and now that rescue is loaded with dozens of turtles taking up space that could have been used for other rescues.

>>606271 I know it's old milk, but I don't believe her Nemo story either. I did at first, but after she continued to "magically" come across pets people were giving away at pet stores, it casts doubt on that story too. There's no way she got them from a shelter, and idk if 2 week orphan kittens would show up on craigslist either. I'm super curious where she actually got them. Maybe when they break up Jonny will spill the tea on that one.

Taylor's pets are probably between 2 to 9 times more likely to lose their lives early compared to how long they'd live with a competent pet owner.

No. 606384

I dont really care if the cash cow’s little followers makes all these videos and retweets about What ever’s video because they’re just giving her more views. More views means more people with a brain will finally realize the bullshit Taylor has been doing outside of youtube. This whole maddie video just reminds me of a thief trying to cover their tracks with a help of someone else. If Taylor didn’t have 1mil subs, they would’ve found another easy person to suck up to

No. 606385


She saw an opportunity to please her queen and get views by addressing what ever's popular video.

It's all so cringe and she is such a hypocrite. She doesn't want to be in the drama, yet is making the video in the first place. Says it's Taylor's place to defend herself, but spends the whole video defending Taylor.

Also implies that Taylor is so upset she may self harm and it's our fault???

No. 606386

Because theyll do anything to get Tay and her stans to follow them too.

No. 606387

Yes how can someone who says she works with rescued animals and call others out actually defend this Taylor! They’re all in it for the views.

No. 606388

Taylor Dean ain't nothin' but a bitch lasagna

No. 606389

I just don't understand how these people can just jump right to…. this is slander, this is bullying, but like?? There are legit concerns and things that Taylor could answer to. She never takes any form of critique. You could kindly say that "Hey, Mushu isn't looking too hot. Maybe get her checked out." and she'd block you, retweet it with a snarky comment and let her fans tell you to shut up and die, and so on. If I was her friend, and let's just PRETEND, that there was 0 things wrong with her care. I would tell her to honestly, and maturely, address everything and explain herself outright instead of playing the wahh bullying card.

No. 606392

Lmao. They can easily debunk What ever’s video by actually pproviding photos/videos of old photos to new, showing us how her animals are doing and her setup but all they say is “shes a good animal mom and never hoards!!!” Bitch, where???? It’s like me saying i’m the CEO of Google and if you don’t believe me, i’m gona cut myself because im sorry u dont believe me

No. 606393

Love how they say they’re not a click but they ALWAYS defend her or bully others if they mention her. All the want is her viewers.

No. 606394

One thing that a lot of her friends and stans fail to realize is that the "all of this could have been avoided if we'd just been kind" is an impossible outcome. For the past year Taylor has been steadily ignoring any advice or criticism, even when it's coming from a genuine place. Of course people are going to get frustrated with her when she blocks and ignores genuine advice, and then later the animals get sick or die. This has been a slow boil of a situation for much longer than "just" the cooking incident or Cheese or Zazu's deaths. It's just that now it's reached a point to where she can't ignore it, or block the loudest voicest or send her stans after the ones who can't stand up to her audience on Twitter. She's only been surrounding herself with yes-men, the criticism has always been out there, and it all started out from a kind place, but she ignored it, made more and more avoidable mistakes, and pissed people off.

No. 606395

iMaGiNe iF tAyLoR kIlLed HeRsElf

they are going so hard on this pity party. she’s not at risk. lmfao shut up

No. 606396

maybe at least the animals could get taken care of

No. 606397

File: 1543458797020.jpg (656.71 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20181129-033240_You…)

So she is implying Taylor will kiml herself now or something

No. 606398

Well look at pickles pets she recently lost 4 animals - two were reptiles that live 20+years. I don’t know if they were even a year or two. They’re all as bad as each other. No wonder they see no wrong in her care.

No. 606399

Holy shit. This girl is like the gods of cows. I just come back whenever i’m bored and it’s always filled with multiple milk. She’s a mess and hope more of her stans realize how trashy she is

No. 606400

Wow, now if you’re mean to her you may cause her to kill herself. Talk about manipulative.

No. 606401


How is the logical response to "we want Taylor to stop killing her animals lives" "bUt WhaaT iF ShE KILleD HeRsELf!!!?" to these people wtf?

No. 606402

File: 1543459047117.jpg (Spoiler Image,71.9 KB, 537x399, qJFr0qe.jpg)

they all never left high school

No. 606403

Notice how there’s no comment about her animals? It’s only about Taylor and how she feels. Hey Taylor and your fake friends, why haven’t you provided us with evidence that your animals are healthy and in better living conditions??

No. 606404

I really hope that TND and her 'friends' don't give Leopard Gecko too much hate.

No. 606405


Yup. "What if fish had tits?"

This is such a textbook, typical response. "Didn't happen! Fuck you, if it did happen, it's not that bad! If it was, it wasn't really her fault! She's actually the real victim here!" Sigh.

No. 606406

Christ, could they get any more dramatic? People are genuinely concerned for the animals. As multiple anons have said, it would literally be so easy to prove they're fine if they would just film/photograph the animals IN THEIR ENCLOSURES. All of the dramatics and wah wah boolying nonsense is so unnecessary.

No. 606407

If you genuinely thought your friend was gonna off herself, the last thing you'd do is make a fucking video about it and post it online. She should be calling her, calling the appropriate authorities, calling her mom or her bf or whoever has some handle on her life right now. Not arguing on the internet with a click bait video. Are these people really not self-aware? Do they lack introspection?
I have to give them credit though, playing the victim gives them a much higher ground. Well played.

No. 606408

I mean if it's all speculation and there's no grounds to believe it, then Taylor can a) ignore it because it's not true b) prove that it's wrong.
She's doing neither.

No. 606409

Is Taylor dumb? If none of this is true, grab your camera right now and film proof. Shut us all up. I’d rather everyone be wrong and her animals be in great conditions. But that’s obivously not the case.

No. 606412

3 fricken ads embedded to milk this for all it’s worth! And the comments are all Maddie ass kissing fans

No. 606413

Remember when Shane Dawson got called a pedo. Didn’t make a drama over it. Shot those accusations down straight away as they were so untrue. She can’t even do that. Luckily/unluckily for her she always has pets dying that she can say ‘don’t hate me I’m mourning my pet’

No. 606414

File: 1543459712886.png (212.03 KB, 1573x783, Capture.PNG)

fuck me up fam

No. 606415

She’s probably waiting for amazon prime to deliver all the things her animals need before she films the proof.

No. 606416

call in a welfare check if you're that concerned, maddie. she's your friend, you know her personally, if you truly believe she's showing signs that she's going to harm herself, you're a pretty shit friend if you don't take care of her. call the authorities.

No. 606417

Yea same, can’t let the pettube click take over like they always do

No. 606418

Holy shit, Taylor. Read more of the advice here! Please!

No. 606419

With 3 ads embedded…gotta earn $$$ somehow!

No. 606420

Honest to god she needs to take a page out of HappyTail's book. HT gets away with murder by just… shutting the fuck up and letting it blow over lol. All you have to do is just leave social media for a few days or a week but she's just dragging the issue on.

No. 606421

Of course now she says smth about this after shes had a couple of days to get all her enclosures set up right hahaha

No. 606422

People should get on her to film now

Not later
Not in a few hours or day
Now. Livestream it. That way no one can say anything if her animals are truely fine.

But with how much shes putting it off shes prob doing a mad ammount of cleaning to be presentable

No. 606423

that’s fine, at least something motivated her to get her enclosures set up right

No. 606424

File: 1543460280700.jpg (612.15 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181128-205405_Twi…)

We're a cult now guys.
Also "not even open to a conversation" okay.

No. 606426


Ikr lol? King of DIY does the same. He also, at the very least, rarely makes the same mistake twice with animal deaths even if he does make a few too many mistakes.

Yes, Taylor, people have been asking for this for months. Just prove your animals are all alive and have at least the bare minimum for correct enclosures and diet! Idk how she'll win with this livestream, though, if she actually even does it. We'll still probably get proof of the mess she and her animals live in, and her cages likely have issues with sizing, temp monitoring, and enrichment. Meanwhile her stans will be shocked by the sheer numbers of new animals they didn't know about in the video, or old animals they didn't know have died that aren't in the video.

>>606422 tbh that'd be fine, as long as she keeps everything going correctly.

No. 606427

I didnt know we were only having weekly get togethers.
Iv been fucking this up by comming everyday. sorry guys

No. 606428

hey taylor, in all seriousness, we want you to prove us wrong and show us your thriving animals so go ahead

No. 606429

Wait, you guys are having weekly get togethers without me??

Real talk though, someone should get ready to tape/save the livestream if Taylor follows through with it. I would but I'm working so I won't be able to if she does it tonight.

No. 606431

Honestly Taylor I would love to see your animals actually being properly cared for. Everything else aside if you can prove us wrong about your animals I would be glad

No. 606435

Im glad we might finally see her animals in good condition im just mad that this is what it took for it to happen - not even out of care for her animals but in spite to prove "haters" wrong. It really has been dragged out so long and could've been stopped or prevented much sooner.

No. 606436

Speaking as someone who has a mental illness, the only one responsible for my mental health is myself. If Maddie is really that concerned and Jonny is really a good guy then she needs to be calling to him to get Taylor to go see a medical professional.

No. 606437

Tbh what people don’t understand is that we have tried reasoning with her. And all that leads to is being blocked or attacked by her fans. There is literally no other way to get her to change her methods.

No. 606443

Doc annon! You should write the date of death after each animal.
She announced the death for croc skinks, and packman frog the 17 oct.
And cheese's 17 nov.
So people can see that 7 pets died in one month

No. 606452

Lmaoo just tried to talk to some people about TND and they were saying they didn’t like how people were coming after her and agreed with Maddie’s video. When I said that if Maddie thinks she’s gonna be suicidal Maddie should’ve gotten her help instead of publicizing the event more and, most likely, making Taylor more upset. They got all pissy, said I knew nothing about depression and anxiety, and blocked me. Oh well.

No. 606454

I mean if Taylor kills herself she’d actually be saving animals
(too far?)

No. 606455

Jesus Christ it's so manipulative and gross to threaten suicide when someone criticizes you. If her mental health is so unstable that valid criticism makes her want to top herself then?? stay off the internet??? Dont be a public figure?? Dumb bitch??

No. 606456

Spreadsheet Anon:

I believe Cheese was a longhorn cowfish

No. 606458


Threatening suicide to get your way is a legit emotional abuse tactic.

It's fucking disgusting Taylor's little friends are pulling this shit. If you're concerned, truly, call the cops on her to do a welfare check.

No. 606460

She says that the animal being replaced was a lie spread by someone they dont know.
But it was posted 19 hours before Taylor even announced that her skinks and pacman frog died.
How can they all be in on this.
Now is the time to step up and tell the world everything wrong with Taylor because fans are more likely to listen to former friends of Taylor.

No. 606462

Sooo Taylor can link directly to people's Twitter and encourage her stans to harass people nonstop.

But 1 video and people unsubbing is bullying and she will kill herself.


No. 606463

The point of the videos was to call out her lack of animal care yet everyone conveniently ignore that and talks about Taylor’s state of health instead.

No. 606464

every pettuber cow trying to get their views in on this topic ok Emma

No. 606465


Yup. Seems awfully conveniently orchestrated to be all about how people are "attacking and bullying" Taylor just to generate drama and pull focus away from the issue.

Wonder if any of her pets will die before the end of the year.

No. 606466

Right? That's Narc Behaviour 101. I don't think Taylor is one but she is certainly learning well from her boyfriend.

No. 606468


And the way to deal with this kind of Narc BS is to take them seriously at face value. You say you're suicidal? We'll get you evaluated and checked at the hospital! You say you just can't keep up with your pets due to health issues? Cool, let's find them new homes! Etc etc. Pull the thread and unravel the mess.

No. 606469

That's EXACTLY what we all want. Does she not realize that by not doing after offering is basically admiting guilty? If she didn't have anything to hide she would actually do it.

No. 606471

File: 1543465117923.jpeg (164.04 KB, 1330x703, 8A328305-95B4-4D4A-8BC3-24408C…)

No. 606472

She's done a bunch of cleanup before those other gals came over, she's buying time to do more cleanup. She could have gone on insta and done this already. Even just posted a bunch of stories already. The delay is artificial.

No. 606473

Her cage is spotless NOW. That doesn't mean her cage is ALWAYS spotless.

No. 606475

Casually ignores the question she’s faced with.
“She ate a great meal!!! She is the epitome of health uwu”

No. 606476

Another one of the pet tube group made a video I'm sure relates to this.

No. 606477

Wait wasn't Mushu's problem the fact that his gills looked awful? Way to adress the issue huh

No. 606478

Pickles got to be part of the mean girls clique of pet tube and is unwilling to critique taylor but will call out people for leopard care (and be wrong about it)

No. 606479

File: 1543465908276.png (242.53 KB, 750x1334, C672DC70-C377-41FB-B229-2A5362…)

Someone’s gonna be scrabbling to get those cages together “when she gets back”.

No. 606480

Actually I think the videos momentarily worked. She's cleaning, caring, etc.

No. 606481

File: 1543465978993.png (382.9 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_20181128-212943~2.p…)

The delay absolutely is artificial. One would have every right to claim that she prettied up her enclosures between when people were asking for it and when she actually does it.

It looked like she finally got her place cleaned when her friends came to visit (which, to be fair, is what most people do - but we've seen the state of her apartment normally from photos and videos). Idk why anyone would expect anything less than her using the extra time to cover her tracks

No. 606482

It won’t be long term though. After the livestream any abuse claims will be considered nonsense if she pulls this off.

No. 606483

That isn't helpful if she's only cleaning to look presentable. If she's not continuing to keep up with it then no, it didn't work.

No. 606484

Sorry, she’s not gonna show. She’ll “come back” from this “break” and say “you know what? I DONT have to prove anything! Haters will be haters I know I’m caring for my animals!”

No. 606485

All these pet YouTubers grabbing their coin by using Taylor’s name in videos to say people calling out taylor are bullies. Aren’t they bullies for calling out and tweeting about happy tails when she put male mice together? Hypocritical.

No. 606486

Yes but even if sand magically appears in Mushu's case he will not heal overnight. The signs of her neglect will appear.

No. 606487


It's so telling she's so reluctant. Lots of petkeepers constantly show live videos in their stories of their animals in their enclosures. Solid Gold used to show daily videos of her feeding animals in her fishroom, there were never pets she didn't show for ages, and TND can't even manage a quick apartment tour.

No. 606488

It's hard to even focus on her bad attempts as crawling up Tay's ass when this chick blends into her wall.

It's almost as if being a shit pet owner and a shit online personality gets you negative responses to your negative behavior..

No. 606489

If she truly wanted to prove anything, she should’ve lived streamed right away. If she wasn’t hiding anything she would’ve

No. 606490


No. 606491


Yep. It's extremely sus that she needs to take a 'break' first.

No. 606492

Sorry I clicked the reply button prematurely and it won’t let me delete it

No. 606493

You know if Taylor had less than 100,000 subs this kids wouldn’t give a shit about her. They’d call her out for all of her bullshit and they’re defending her now because if she goes down they all go down. Maddie and Emma are desperate as fuck. Imagine Emma - doing loads of collars with Taylor, using Taylor is so many titles and tags and yet no one really gives a shit about her. She’s just a fat Taylor.

No. 606494

Is there solid proof in here somewhere when taylor was laughing in jonnys exes faces?

No. 606495

tbh all her "lmaooo"s just shows how she doesn't give a shit. it's sad to see how some kids just falls for it

No. 606498

Lurk more. It's in older threads.

No. 606499

In the early threads Jonny tweeted that Taylor had shown him the messages Chelsea was sending her (which confirms the texts are real), and that they were laughing at her. He specifically used "WE are laughing".

No. 606503

All her “lmaooo”s just shows how she doesnt give a shit. Its sad to see kids believing everything she says

No. 606504

I noticed that as well. Heartless cow.

No. 606506

Hey, other anon here. I just wanted to ask if you or anyone else has a link to the first thread on TND…

No. 606507

All her “lmaooo”s just shows how she doesnt give a shit. Its sad to see kids believing everything she says

No. 606509

It’s not a link sorry but if you ctrl+f on the snow catalogue you’ll find all her threads (you’ll get the general pet tubers threads also so warning on that)

The leaked texts start in her first thread and I think go on till the the 3rd

No. 606511

That would be helpful!

No. 606512

Yeah, and they even believe that she can take better care of animals (for example Nemo and his sister) than professionals trained to handle them…

No. 606513

this is the first thread, I can make a full list of thread links for the anon who makes these threads to add into the description since there does seem to be alot of new people

No. 606514

Thank you so much! I have been occasionally reading on this site for the last few weeks but didn't really manage to get behind how everything works…

No. 606515

Holy shit scrolling through the first threads… Taylor was so much nicer? She didnt use LMAO and LOL all the time either.

No. 606516

You wouldn’t know if she was featured on a thread before this would you? I remember the tweet regarding the clownfish being posted somewhere before the tweet she bought them.

No. 606518

It's an habit she picked up from Jonny, her grammar started getting worse too, it's really sad

No. 606519

sorry for all these repeated posts! for some reason it won't post then suddenly duplicates

No. 606520

Speaking of Jonny, did he comment on the whole fallout that's happening right now? Like defending his gf/himself?

Also I was really surprised that Jen really took down her YT channel.

No. 606521

So essentially she is taking this break to fix her cages to what they are supposed to be, that way she can come back and say “SeEe my animal care is perfect!!” and all her stans will back her as usual.
She isn’t going to address any of the shot she’s being called out on, she’s simply going to show improved cages - you know, that don’t have bone dry water bowls like she usually makes them have. Also she’ll make some sob story for the first 10 minutes of her video about how she’s been in such a bad place due to all the “haterzz!!” and possibly mention her being suicidal because of it.
Threatening suicide during criticism is SUCH a fucking textbook abusive, manipulative tactic. Just used to get heat off her back, and get more of a pity party. Fuck off Taylor, there are genuine people who struggle with depression and suicide - and you just use it as your typical crutch.

No. 606522


Does this apply to Taylor's fans bullying people? What about when Taylor does it, like when she deliberately doxxed someone and her fans swarmed and told this person to kill herself?

Don't pull the bullying/suicide card you entitled, ass kissing cunt. Valid criticism is NOT the same as bullying, but I guess Tay can't handle it and is throwing a pity party.

No. 606524

Previous threads:
1 >>>/snow/438560
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Hope this helps the new people here
I might later add brief descriptions of the thread next to each so it's easier for people making videos to find stuff. I think it would be good to add this to the future thread descriptions

No. 606526

If she really does a livestream, I would be interested to know the sizes of her enclosures. Like have a tape measure to show the dimensions

No. 606528


maybe an unpopular opinion, but even if all we get from this debacle is taylor improving her enclosures for the stream, its still a step forward for her animals and that makes me happy.

No. 606530

File: 1543473342710.png (5.55 MB, 1125x2436, 02739A0D-B27E-4AF7-9DC7-C3E913…)

Destry commented on the situation…lol

No. 606532

I don't get what she means by "voice your opinions, but don't make them public" also I feel like she lessens her argument by saying Jonny shouldn't be accused. He has literally admitted to being on drugs at some points.

No. 606534

This person shouldn't have animals either and only defending her in hopes to get follows and likes. Honestly at this point, I believe Taylor only has these types of stans because they all just want to gain fame one way or another, either by Taylor's retweets or likes. The only reason Taylor is getting this because she has almost a million children following her and setting bad examples.

No. 606535

It means she's a fucking idiot and thinks you should say nothing while animals suffer and die

No. 606536

Let's not forget this is the girl who made police report because anon used her comment in a video.

No. 606537

I think she saw how many views what ever’s video got and now she is trying to clickbait and cash in

No. 606538

Basically voice your opinions nicely with cherries on top. That's what they all want. They want people to be super gentle uwu with their feelings uwu.

But the problem is, people have been fucking gentle and nice, and they still take it as a personal attack. Every single suggestion, as minimal or as nice as it's been, is always met with "sHe KnOwS wHaT sHe's DoInG reeeeeee".

If you can't handle the fact that critiques are one of the costs of becoming a YouTuber or public figure of ANY kind, maybe you should look into other type of career. You need to have a thick skin, and it's really pathetic to have your friends making videos defending you, when the one who should be addressing the critiques is you.

It's also super manipulative to go around blaming anon's video for Taylor's mental health. Suicide is a personal choice someone makes. Not a single time did anon's video encouraged Taylor to harm herself.

No. 606542

File: 1543475283861.png (262.36 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-28-23-07-24…)

Her channel is still steady losing subs

No. 606543

Ugh again Ghost was 5 WEEKS old. Petco would NOT be adopting a kitten out that young, they are not allowed to until a minimum of 8 weeks. The only way she managed to get a kitten that young was from a backyard Craigslist breeder.

The kitten stuff still being in question really bothers me as I was there the night she "adopted" Ghost and there is NO doubt in my mind that Ghost came from a Craiglist breeder. I remember watching her and johnny's social media, because they had been posting about potentially getting a new kitten. This was fresh off the death of the first kitten, and the fact that it was as young as Nemo and according to Taylor "LoOkS liKE sOMe SoRT oF RaGDoLl miX" there were a lot of red bells. I even went so far to actually text the Craigslist breeder in the add anons found and inquired about the kittens and if I could adopt the full litter of three as a gift to my nieces and nephews for Christmas. I include this to give you a frame of reference, this was someone who just wanted to make money and wasn't necessarily concerned with the best wishes of the kittens. She texted me back reasonably quickly and told me that she had adopted one out that same night but that two were still available.

Obviously not concrete evidence but the timelines matched up even more. I posted screenshots way back when in an old thread but it was on an old laptop, so I'd need to go crawling through the old threads to find it all.

No. 606547

It really, really bothers me that all these pet tubers stick up for her… Like as friends how can you possibly think this whole situation was okay? How can they not agree that she was NOT the right person, having no prior experience to rearing very young kittens or any other animal for that matter, to take on such young kittens? And just accept that she's lying about rescuing a kitten that clearly came from a backyard breeder?
Honestly I can understand dismissing some of the 'proof' in whatevers video as stringing some things together and making an assumption, but there's stuff she's openly put out there that just aren't okay in the slightest and NONE of them talk about that. They're all honestly pathetic and care more about views than the animals she's killed and will kill.

No. 606549


I remember that. She also eventually told me on twitter "well I didn't ACTUALLY adopt it was just a FOSTER to adopt, I don't get why people care about the wording." Which was another ridiculous claim, as she'd already confirmed Ghost was being separated from his litter and mother, by the shelter, which is something literally no shelter would ever do. I know all her fans are like 12, but I really don't get how she lies SO badly and still gets her fans to defend her bullshit.

>>606481 Of course she needs a delay. Needs time to replace animals she claims are still alive, and maybe hide some new animals that haven't been announced yet, like if she already got that Cheese replacement that was "kept in a 20 his whole life" or whatever her lie will be when she next brings it up. If she really took good care of them she wouldn't ~need time to be able to mentally deal with haters~~ because there would be nothing we could hate on.

No. 606550

"dont accuse someone of doing drugs and raping people" Oh okay so his victims should just shut up because???
What kind of thought process is this it literally makes me angry. Jonny is a rapist sorry kids

No. 606551


Literally no because you know she will fill the water bowls up etc before she films it

Video anons I know you have a lot of content but could you maybe make a video on all the times her little clique have stood up for her unnecessarily, gone out of their way to harass others they don’t even follow, and things wrong with Taylor’s care that they should care about but don’t seem to? If they’re all deciding to cover for Taylor they should all go down too.

No. 606552

File: 1543480354658.jpg (39.17 KB, 800x190, IMG_20181129_091823.jpg)

These people ffs. So slandering Sruthi is fine suddenly. Reply All is more professional than they could ever dream of being

No. 606553

File: 1543480401375.jpeg (644.11 KB, 3021x3021, 9D928D9B-86F3-49E6-B183-95F2C6…)

It’s not even POSSIBLE to ACCIDENTALLY disable your Instagram account. There are several steps to do that!

No. 606554

File: 1543480475116.jpg (339.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181129-022446_Ins…)

Looks like she took them out of the closet

No. 606555

But where are the satanics?

No. 606556

she's such an idiot she's giving everyone proof that shes redoing her cages for a live stream because they were shit before lmao

No. 606557


lol she's gotta rearrange before that live video.

But don't the three cats have full access to them now with just a flimsy screen to keep them out? My cats have broken screen doors to outside, I doubt cage screens are sturdy enough for that to be safe.

No. 606558

As long as she re-dose them to be better. Though if she moves the back we’ll be the first to notice so even if she ‘fixes’ it all she’s on thin ice.

No. 606560

Honestly the goal was for her to improve her animal care, so this is not bad.

The problem is that she'll slip back into old habits when everything dies down.

No. 606561

how sad that the only time she will provide proper care is to save her own ass but ya hopefully it lasts when all this public criticism blows over

No. 606562

File: 1543480977096.jpeg (556.64 KB, 1242x1186, 0C3638F5-BC41-4618-8BB0-120253…)

Blah blah blah…a bunch of mindless babble…but ka-ching! 3k views in 4 hours.

No. 606563


> its fine to have your opinions, its fine to voice your opinions. but dont make them public

You can voice something, but not publicly? What a fucking idiot. People who want a safe space on the internet shouldn't have a public social media presence, where anyone can see the bullshit they post and can talk to them directly.

No. 606564


freedom of speech doesn't exist to this clique, unless its them speaking out ofc.

No. 606566

What age is she? She looks about 13?

No. 606567

"It" as in the body. There's so many flaws and mistakes to pick from I really don't know why some people focus on her way of dealing with grief.

No. 606568

So dont mention Taylor, just mention her pet care?
Honestly, will this make any difference? Even if she has fixed some of the vital things, they'll be back to normal within a week.
Asked this last night and no one seems to know? I thought they were in the closet with all the other animals stuck there but apparently not?

As for her little group defending her, they can fuck right off. This is Taylor's own mess and y'all need to step the fuck away from people like Leopard Gecko who at least aren't out for the views and the money.

No. 606569

Even if MOST of what lolcow has tracked about Taylor is a series of Big, Out-of-Context Misunderstandings (unlikely), there are so many red flags with Taylor's life and the lives of those around her that no true friends could so blindly defend her. Real friends would be fucking concerned for her and her animals' well-being. I can see how that concern might take place behind closed doors / in DMs. I can't see how it'd turn into public declarations of support.

All the other pet tubers ever do is say "She's great!" "She's good!" "She does no wrong!" "Anyone who says otherwise is a hater and a bully!" That's not addressing concerns. That's sycophancy.

It amazes me most how they NEVER criticize Jonny. Even if they all believe Taylor's pet care is above reproach (again, unlikely), they can't possibly be unaware of how creepy Jonny's past and current behavior is. If a friend of mine were dating someone who had multiple people claiming he raped and abused them, I'd be terrified for that friend. Maybe they're just keeping their mouths shut to try to be a way out for her and her animals in the future, but I doubt it. They're not close enough for that, geographically or, it seems, emotionally. It feels like they're just cashing in.

No. 606572


At one point the Satanics were in the living room next to the TV because according to her it was too hot for them in the room with her other reptiles. Do we know if they're still there? Does she have the geckos, the rats, the 150 gallon, and presumably the cats when they roam all in the living room?

No. 606573

I can't imagine it being better in a closet tho, especially since she keeps it shut 24/7 it seems. The best bet is the bathroom but I don't think she has enough space in there.

No. 606574


Only if she doesn't use that bathroom, I think? It seems like the temp and humidity fluctuation with the shower or bath wouldn't be good for them either.

No. 606576

holy fuck i havent looked at these threads since it got moved to pt
any new anons i recommend listening to the reply all podcast on her, nothing u wont already know from here but its interesting from a diff pov lol

No. 606577

Taylor is on a blocking spree on twitter. I think she’s blocking anyone who’s tweeting about her lack of care because I never followed, messaged, or even @ her directly and she blocked me. Lol

No. 606578

Jfc. Imagine buying so much pets that you have to use your closet and bathroom to put them in? But like..TAYLoR IsNT a HOarDEr YOu HAITRS!1

No. 606579

I thought she was taking a break from social media lol. she's just like her mother

No. 606580

There are plenty of other “pet tubers” that were smart enough to stay away from Taylor. When you refer to “pettubers” I hope you mean the pet fest crew, as there are some other youtubers focused on actually making good videos and educating others, all while keeping their pets alive!

No. 606581

What's happening to TayTay isn't bullying? Blogpost, was severely bullied for years back in school, I've taken extra care to ensure my responses can't be misconstrued as anything nasty to a rational and unbiased person because I know how shitty it can be. And I feel like everyone here would call out unnecessarily nasty comments regardless of who it comes from, because not only does it make us seem like the haters she wants us to be, but it just isn't necessary.
If anything Taylor is the bully here, she went for the least popular tweet calling out her husbandry to make sure the comments were flooded with nastiness, and she's done it before only to delete a few hours later when everyone's had a chance to be nasty.
The suicide thing is clearly a manipulation tactic, I can't believe she's been sent into a full-on breakdown by her own refusal to prove us wrong. I can't tell if I'm actually worried or not, but I wonder if they just want us to focus on that vs the animal abuse and such.
Also lol at the "voice your opinions but don't make them public" unless you agree with Taylor I assume?
They're all ridiculous, and I hope their channels take a hit like Taylors so that perhaps they'll understand what hypocrites they are.

No. 606582

She is like the Donald Trump of PetTubers. "My animals are the healthiest, really healthy, the healthiest you'll ever see. Trust me, all the experts in the world say I'm the best pet mom, the absolute best."

It's interesting that Jonny hasn't rushed to support and defend his girlfriend.

No. 606583

Yeah. Idk why she bothers with blocking people when her profile is public. I can just log off and see her transform into a Jonny clone that impulse buys. I wonder what’s next she’s going to buy to make her feel better? I can already see it now… “Jonny found a [insert animal] and its a sign that im a good pet mom! I feel so much better”

No. 606585

I dont think she understands what constructive criticism is and how you can learn to better yourself. You learn this in school, yet Taylor finds anything she doesn’t like as hate or being a bully. I feel bad for her, money won’t make you happy if you just block every tiny comment. She’ll just end up with people that doesn’t care about her as a person but just someone that’ll get them famous. Shame.

No. 606586

File: 1543486790517.jpg (48.65 KB, 622x385, ha.JPG)

he tweeted this (sorry if its already been posted i dont think ive seen it here yet)

No. 606587

File: 1543487050054.jpeg (850.5 KB, 1616x1533, B1C24900-A37F-48E7-BF77-B2E277…)

I think the reason for maddie and emma to do their own videos is because an anon is having more views than them.. even Taylor’s latest video lol

No. 606588

File: 1543487534397.png (667.26 KB, 500x574, 42822334-54C7-4C94-9ED8-0E2A31…)

All his comments towards Taylor reminds me of that scene in Swan Princess. Im on mobile so i cant edit. This tweet is so empty and forced

No. 606591

implying you might be responsible for somebody's potential future suicide is super fucking low. wtf

No. 606592

File: 1543488248905.jpg (125.49 KB, 819x1024, EZxJIR_C.jpg)

don't u h8 it when you accidentally cook ur animals :((((

No. 606593

Lol, but hey here's a quick guide to how not to get yourself banned: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 606594

lmao BuT iT waSn'T hEr FaUlT it can happen to anyone

No. 606597

taylor has definitely struggled with drug abuse, it's why she sent breezexotics home during that reptile show they were at a few months ago. I think when they were in LA. taylor said the breezexotics chick kept trying to get her to relapse so they kicked her outta our group

No. 606598

"Our" group? lol
How would you know that

No. 606600

Sure Jan
So she doesnt have a problem kicking out someone she barely even know but Jonny whom not only is using around her but also invite his dealer to the apartment is fine?

Who are you either way? Let me guess, Emma?

No. 606601

jonny won't leave.

No. 606602


receipts please. otherwise gtfo, there's no weight to a statement like that.

No. 606603

no worries. i can't say how I got the info anyway. Just know that if Taylor or anyone from their clique is reading, they'll know

No. 606604


"If we said we didn't want her to use stuff she would say "the microphone is on""

I wonder what kind of things they didn't want being used, what were they trying to hide?

No. 606605


SHE sent her home? And you’re trying to tell me you’re all friends and not a group with a leader? Right.

No. 606606

What I don’t get, is that if her threats of suicide are false like we suspect… why would she pull that card when her address is PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE? It litterally got leaked by that interview, any of her stans could call in on her and if the police check on her and she’s not actually at risk, she could get in trouble couldn’t she?

No. 606608

I didn't try telling you any of that sort

No. 606609

Just say it, they all lurk here anyway

No. 606610


Well that’s what everyone in YOUR group keeps saying. Please if you have any ability to speak up about something you know it would be really useful

No. 606611

(I'm what ever) If you wanna stay anon and still have some credibility you can message me on my Twitter. Since I guess people on here know I'm not a liar by now

No. 606612

I'll make a sock puppet Twitter acc. Do you need a new email and shit?

No. 606613

Yeah. You can also write me with your real acc if you have one, I won't expose you

No. 606614

lol she’s an idiot, sorry I’m late I was asleep.

Her care sounds just as bad as Taylor and it makes sense, of course Taylor is getting more “hate” because she has more subscribers, that’s how numbers work… it’s easier to come across a YouTuber who has more subs than one that doesn’t. And you need to do better as well, don’t brag about your trashy mistakes lol. She’s literally an idiot and that’s so frustrating, petube seems like a bunch of people who don’t know Jack shit.

No. 606615

You (and any other petuber who lurks) should come forward
We don't blindly hate,believe it or not

No. 606616

I agree. Especially while this movement is going strong right now.

No. 606617

taylor never says anything on her bad care unfortunately. she just doesn't stfu about her personal life, so I doubt any info I have is relevant. I haven't been to her place personally

No. 606618


Nothing at all? Not even about the origin of where she got some of her pets or things like her new crocodile skinks that the breeder tagged her in?

No. 606619

oh they're replaced 100%. Its why she'll fight back on all the hate but won't mention the skinks when she defends herself.
The rest of the pettube clique know they're replaced, but don't care bc they use her for views. taylor knows they use her but is whatever about it. she won't fight back on the jonny fiasco either because she doesn't believe a lot of It.
BUT taylor is just waiting jonny out at this point. the whole pettube clique knows it and that's why they don't speak on it(also they use her) but yeah. I said before that she has the money and resources to kick him to the curb … but she won't bc she's not as loaded as people believe.

No. 606620

How much does she make? How often did she replace her croc skinks?

No. 606621

Well, most of us here figure she’s pretty broke at this point. Any savings she had she wasted on Jonny’s new teeth and constant spoiling.

No. 606622

and I don't know why her parents flipped so suddenly on the jonny thing. But I have a feeling that they did just to protect their daughter publicly because they know the predicament Taylor is in, and are waiting it out too. there's no way they don't know if the pettube clique knows everything. then again, idk her parents. we never spoke. tay isn't poor by any means, but leaving the apartment would wreck her credit since Jonny won't leave it and has damaged it already. they aren't eligible to buy a house for financial reasons

No. 606623

How many assistants does she really have? Do you know anything about the rats and whether they are spayed/had litters?

No. 606624

as far as i know they've just been replaced the once. i was never deep in the clique. idk how much she makes a month exactly. she makes a lot but she owes a lot too

No. 606625

i can't tell you for certain but she has said the rats are fixed, but her words don't carry weight. she's a liar, her only assistant is the betty chick.

No. 606627

Are there any dead pets that we don't know about?

No. 606628

and tyler rugge still talks to emzotic even tho the group shunned her.

No. 606629

Seriously, can you write me on Twitter? I need to talk to you about this.

No. 606630

i don't have the details because I'm not in their group chat

No. 606632

honestly Im pretty nervous to private message you. i have a rather large following on social media and can't really afford to out myself

No. 606633

especially because we publicly used to be friends, and the info can be pinpointed back to me

No. 606634

Plenty of people have come to me by now, you can trust me. You can also start with a sock account and then we will go from there. Sorry for baiting all the other anons with not disclosing information, I'm working on it

No. 606635

what ever isn’t gonna out you but we can’t take uncredible milk. If Taylor is ruined after this, which she probably already is, you can come out on the other side and reap the rewards. Otherwise, please don’t waste our time.

No. 606636


No. 606637

For the sounds of Taylor’s past, she never really had friends. Her boyfriend is a sack of shit who she’s still stay with and throw money at because she can’t be alone. So no wonder when it’s obvious these people are using her for views, she’d never get rid of them, because she has no real friends, she’s desperate.

No. 606638

Perhaps I’m wrong, but I thought cresties needed really high humidity? Using a screen enclosure cannot be great for them.

Not to mention I know cohabbing crested geckos has become a hot topic of debate in the reptile community recently. A lot of people are taking a step back from their own care and wondering if it really is in their best interest to keep them together like that.
Most of the more progressive and up to date keepers are opting not to cohab their crested geckos. Not to say that’s damning evidence against Taylor since right now the topic is still being investigated by keepers, but I feel like it definitely goes to show how she doesn’t continually research her animals. It’s sooo important to be constantly reading up on the species you keep since we are always learning more about animals and how to care for them. Not doing so is why we have keepers throwing snakes in tiny bins.

No. 606640

what are you talking about? They aren't cohabbed lol. They have their own cage

No. 606643


That is actually two different enclosures just standing side by side. Personally i think they are way too narrow, yes cresties like to be able to climb but the width of the tank shouldn't really be neglected either.

Male crested gecko's should never be kept together but females or females/one male is still being discussed I believe.

I'm new to keeping cresties so I don't want to comment too much on her crestie care as I am still learning myself, however I think it is common knowledge that screen enclosures are not recommended.

No. 606646


My mistake, I thought that was one big enclosure with 2 doors, thank you for the correction!

No. 606648


If we use this video as reference, the enclosures are in fact glass. Unless she changed them to screen enclosures but I see no evidence of that.

No. 606649

File: 1543498446857.png (730.16 KB, 945x529, Untitled.png)

im pretty sure the crested gecko enclosures are glass with screen covers

No. 606658

File: 1543499821731.jpg (155.42 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20181129-144423_You…)

This girl is very knowledgable about mantis and she made a response video to Taylors mess of a care video. So literally all pets that died recently died too young

No. 606663

Because Taylor isn't a genius.

No. 606680

File: 1543501797675.png (564.38 KB, 1242x2208, 6A3424D0-16ED-42EF-9144-D078AB…)

No. 606683

File: 1543501833394.png (862.25 KB, 1242x2208, 60F1DDFF-F3FA-4D63-A517-E2DED6…)

No. 606684

File: 1543501870379.png (876.38 KB, 1242x2208, E831E28C-E1CA-4AFE-9A5A-1CB64D…)

No. 606685

File: 1543501908027.png (751.01 KB, 1242x2208, 5F34D63E-3FEE-4BD3-990A-4B8F81…)

No. 606686

Hey Taylor, fix your monitors fucking cage.

No. 606687


"Relentlessly ask me questions", so many people just on here have been blocked by her for asking a single question.

No. 606689

Do they not know what journalism is? Its the good, the bad, and the ugly. sorry for not saging right

No. 606692

What exactly is "stopping" her posting a vid right now? (Beyond the usual regular laziness and suddenly needing to get her pets taken care of.) She doesn't work, she doesn't study, what on earth is clogging up her schedule so much?

No. 606693


Nothing. She really is just that lazy.

No. 606694

if this spiderus from the sunny patch friends looking ass doesnt shut the fuck up.. this whole pet fest clique is straight trash

No. 606695



None of them even truly love animals like they claim, if they did they wouldn't defend Taylor and her animal abuse. Complete and utter garbage, every single one of them.

No. 606696

They're seriously profiting off their "suicidal friend" like how does that not severely alarm Taylor lol. Poor girl must not know what a true friend is.

No. 606698


I mean let's face it, who would even want to actually be friends with her? She's probably been a horrid cunt her entire life, considering that she was raised by a very probable narcissist.

No. 606699

She literally could have put the currently claims of neglect to rest if she live streamed all her enclosures the day this started.
The fact she's waiting to live stream makes it so obvious she's cleaning her house and improving cages. I'm not complaining about her cleaning her animals cages at all, but the only reason she wouldn't live stream straight away is that all her animals and apartment weren't acceptable.

Also I hate this 'I spend $10000s on cages', yeah that's great, but you still don't have enough time to interact with all your animals the amount they need. Also 'I changed my rats food when people pointed out it was bad'… Is it that fucking difficult to Google what a rat should eat? If you can't Google what a good diet for your pets are then you aren't the best person to care for them.

No. 606700

I think what would help Taylor’s case and put a lot of our minds at rest is live streams with her pets consistently, maybe once or twice a month and includes all of them in their enclosures.

No. 606701


The only reply/answer Taylor's given anyone in recent months is "lmao."

No. 606702

It will take weeeeeeks to clean up that dump and make enclosures half decent for her viewers!

No. 606704

She's probably just hoping we'll forget about her promise.

No. 606705

That's honestly such a good idea. It would give her more engagement with her followers by showing all of her animals especially the ones she mentioned once and then never again.

No. 606707

Like the apology video to south west dragons…

No. 606709

just sad that she'll show everything is fine after shes moved, cleaned, upgraded tanks, so everyones like seee taylor luvvs her pets shes an amazing owner, then she'll go back to her bad ways. its all for show. even saying how much she spent. how can you spend $30,000 and your setups are still shit.

No. 606710

I just died laughing OMG

No. 606711

That would be actual WORK and she would have to actually follow a schedule!

No. 606715


She's not going to fix things so much as to not still be a neglectful owner. She has no clue how to handle the technical side of vivarium maintenance, doesn't know anything/doesn't care about species-specific care and enclosures and undoubtedly will only show the 'display side' of her set-ups. Most likely her temps and humidity will be as fucked as they've always been, not to mention she probably doesn't (and won't) even have proper thermometers and hygrometers for every enclosure to keep an eye on those things. Her stans won't know any better because they're as clueless as she is, and at this point all Taylor cares about is keeping her current stans happy because surely even she realizes that she's not going to be able to redeem herself that easily in the eyes of those who are aware of how terrible her husbandry is.

No. 606716

No one can comment on her ig anymore. She turned the comments off for the cheese pic and disabled any further commenting on all the others

No. 606717


Lol, what a fucking coward.

No. 606719


I just spat my drink out at this lol

No. 606723

It's almost unbelievable how incapable of accepting criticism she is.. Lol checkmate Taylor. Now what. You gonna leave the comments off on your channel forever like with your monitor video? You expecting zero criticism at all in this live stream??

She's going to back out of the live stream and say she'll do a regular video instead. Then turn off comments and cry on twitter about how nothing she does is good enough.

No. 606726

isn't maddies criticism of the video about taylor and the Internets reaction super hypercritical. saying this will increase the chance of suicide, when the group called out happy tails, pickles made a video on her, HT also has depression? im not stanning HT at all, im just saying this whole protect taylor thing because of her mental health is just a joke. they dont have a leg to stand on

No. 606727

No. 606728

I feel like Taylor wants the most varied and largest number of pets. You don't have to have a fucking zoo for viewers to watch. I watch 2 random fish channels and one of them only has one nanotank and it's still good content! Anons are right, she's not giving enough time to each pet. Quality over quantity.
I would like another dog but it's not realistic. Do right for the animals, not your channel/personal collection.

A little OT, but can someone shop Taylor's head onto Darla from Finding Nemo for the next thread pic? The more I watch her pet fatalies, the more I'm like 'wow she's like the evil ranga girl from Nemo'

No. 606730

yeh she just throws money at it and hope that helps. all her snakes are 'cage aggressive' aka she doesnt spend enough time with them

No. 606731

i'm a little late to this, but she seems almost coked out in her cheese funeral video. the quick talking, her demeanor. i've been around coke heads and she just does not seem sober.

No. 606732

File: 1543506685289.jpeg (25.47 KB, 774x396, images (9).jpeg)


shakes bag

Taylor is Darla in 10 years

No. 606733


Taylor is Darla right now tbh

No. 606734

That’s why they do it, it’s the ultimate crutch of “leave her alone or she will kill herself!”. It’s to shift the tides from going against her. Such a horrible and manipulative tactic.
THIS. I’m all for her improving her enclosures, but it’s sickening to know that she is just going to do this once and then slip back into her shitty habits. Don’t you think it’s suspicious as fuck that she’s going to take a bunch of time to “fix” things? Essentially admitting that her current care is bad. But she’ll never say it. She is just doing all this to get heat off her back for everything, even though we all know she’ll go right back to her shit care, like letting the animals have bone dry water bowls. Live-streams every few weeks would be a great idea on her end, but you y’all really think she isn’t lazy enough for that?
Such an empty and forced tweet, kek. These people that stand up for not only Taylor but her manlet boyfriend are disgusting. Notice how all he can really do is say something about her looks and how much he “loves” her. I’ve truly never seen Jonny give a real description of why he loves her. But we all know they hate each other lol, go off Pettubers and keep stanning a rapist junkie.

No. 606735

File: 1543506798352.jpg (24.13 KB, 352x550, face.jpg)

after seeing that spiderus comment i realise that emilee girl looks like spiderus hahaaaa

No. 606738


Good god the resemblance is uncanny

No. 606739

Except Taylor kills more pets than only fish.

No. 606740

when you think about it Taylor is just a glorified ex petco employee. no offence to you if you're an employee but most are pretty bad when it comes to pet care.

No. 606741

File: 1543507089604.jpg (103.27 KB, 774x396, 1543506685289.jpg)

Wake up cheese

No. 606742


Well. Again she can't hide she's lurking here..
Or jonny reads for/ to her.
Wow. Such specificness!

No. 606743

I'd be aggressive too if I was just left in a heated rack all day with no contact except when some bitch handles me like a toy to take photos with.

She'd be better off getting like one or two animals with huge enclosures that she can play with and care for rather than a whole heap that need lots of small enclosures that she has barely any time for. You aren't Ace Ventura bitch, give your animals space and attention.

No. 606745

I'm going to hell for laughing too hard at this. Thanks anon.

No. 606746


Considering she only worked the register and nothing else… she might as well have been a cashier at any local grocery store.

No. 606747

haha actually yes that is true.
if she had a small sub count these twots would be calling her out left and right

No. 606748


Also, there seems to be quite a bit of anecdotal evidence out there that being kept in too warm can cause aggression in snakes. Slight blogpost but I actually had some experience with this last summer when my apartment got very hot and it took me a few days to find all the necessary supplies for a cooling fan setup. Both of them were posturing and rattling their tails at me during that time, which they normally never do unless I bother them while they're in shed.

No. 606750

It's weird but yeah I agree. They aren't even veterinarians, but some act like they know everything about everything. I have to say though, even though having bad experiences with pet shop employees, the ones that work at aquarium only stores usually know their shit. Same with a lot of reptile only places. Usually really into the hobby of keeping aquariums or reptiles and usually super experienced. Pet shop employees are typically teenagers that know jack shit.

No. 606753

See, and because you probably watch and look after them a lot and don't have a million other pets, you have time to make these small but vital observations. Taylor has too many pets with little time to socialise/care so she chalks these problems down to 'this one is a bit sassy' or 'she doesn't like anyone'
If she spent longer on them and had less to care for, she'd notice this shit.

Regardless, you sound like a good owner.

No. 606769

Oh I worked for PetCo in the grooming department over the summer and honestly the care the animals displayed for sale received reminds me a lot of Taylor’s animals. Below bare minimum enclosures, constantly sick animals, etc. I know she’s criticized PetCo in the past for these things but it’s also really the only “formal training in animal care” she’s ever had lol

No. 606772

its hard to have sympathy for someone who is complaining about having to spend money on proper care on their animal hoard.

if you didnt want to spend the money, stop getting new animals retard. and trying to get asspats for doing basic cleaning up after them is childish

No. 606775

Thank you!! It’s like parents that have kids and bitch about having to take care of them. With animals it’s even worse because you can’t accidentally have an animal. You CHOOSE to take on that animal. It as well as all the others you already have depend on you to live a good life. Taylor doesn’t get 50+ animals because she loves them all, getting new ones every week is not normal. She does it as a coping mechanism because she is never happy with what she has in her life. And awful human being for a boyfriend, no real friends, and a crazy mother. She can change her life but chooses to surround herself with the wrong people and things, and chooses to use that as an excuse to get such a massive amount of animals.

No. 606784


Thank you! I currently only have two snakes and (a hamster) so I have ample time every day to take care of them as well as just sit and observe. It makes me so sad to think how lovely Taylor's snakes could be if they just had regular human contact. My older snake was an incredibly skittish baby, and she grew up to be the one that chills out in the open watching me go about my day and voluntarily climbs on me if I'm arms-deep in her enclosure for any length of time. The only snake Taylor has that would probably remain cage-aggressive is Sabor since GTPs just are that way, but all the others could be socialized into relatively chill snakes. King snakes tend to be a bit bitey as well especially as babies, but even most of them eventually figure out that human fingers aren't food.

No. 606788

File: 1543510169029.jpg (282.17 KB, 1080x1090, Screenshot_20181129-174740_You…)

So that's what Taylor told everyone around her? What a dumb fucking excuse. That is literally replacing them.

No. 606790

"Hey guys drogo and dani died but it's okay because I got these 2 new skinks!"


No. 606791


Yeah, I call major bullshit on that.

No. 606796


…well…killing two croc skinks and immediately buying two more IS kind of replacing them??? First, this is bullshit. Second, it's bullshit that doesn't even make sense.

I just can't with this group

No. 606799

If she didn't have anything to hide in this situation, she wouldn't be hiding. The end.

No. 606801

Some of the comments on Maddies video are so stupid. People are calling her brave lmao for what? Running 4 ads on a video about cyber bullying?

No. 606803

Maddie Smith since you read here too obviously um how is that different than saying she replaced her dead animals if she's replacing her dead animals?

No. 606805

Also why would she immediately buy more when the problem that caused their death was a power out? Which in turn was caused by having to much shit plugged into one socket?

No. 606806


"Cyber bullying". Constructive criticism, questioning and calling someone out for their animal abuse aren't cyber bullying. These people just are too far up both their own and each other's asses to deal with it like adults and do the right thing, so they cry foul and play victim instead.

No. 606808


why would she buy more when she literally never showed them, couldn't handle them, probably didn't enjoy them, unless it was for the purpose of replacing them? and why buy a male and female again, if not replacing?

No. 606810

I can't with this community sometimes, there are times when I look into it and think "oh you think you're better than us because you keep a bunch of expensive exotic animals in your bedroom"

You can tell the difference half the time. Those doing it for more educational have minimal tech set up and don't worry about their appearance, meanwhile pet tube just flexes new items, clothes and a fancy hella rare pet every other week that no one other than themselves can apparently tame.

No. 606812

Probably so she can "enjoy them myself uvu"
I will never understand the thought logic behind that quote…

No. 606813

File: 1543512242450.png (52.78 KB, 638x406, 3f7777613c27d9897802dfce88d2f9…)

The difference here is that Robert actually tried.

No. 606814

I hate that Pet Tube is totally something I'd be into, but all the main faces of it are all manipulative dirtbags. Anyone here got any good channels to follow that don't defend Taylor for her terrible shit?

No. 606816


Do NOT fucking compare the two. RDJ distances himself from the past and worked damn hard to get where he is now. RDJ is an inspiration, Johnny Craig is a joke.

The comparison would only be suitable if JC was actually clean and a decent human not someone who tries to flex on everyone and is clearly still on drugs.

No. 606817


I hate being a part of pet tube but they're all the face of it.

No. 606818

A few people on here have recommend Snake Discovery (THANKYOU ANONS FOR HER she's great)
I think Clint Reptiles was also recommended.
I'm not sure what people think of the Dark Den but he seems pretty ok to me.

While not pet channels Wild Things and Brave Wilderness offer in my opinion some nice animal education (BW more for the practical aspect)

No. 606819

I feel bad for those that actually care and put effort into their care. Like, it's the same with vloggers and twitch girls, tweens and little kids only give a shit about looks, """""personality""""" or erratic behaviour, which make them the easiest target to make shit for.

No. 606824

I dont trust anyone who wont show a picture of an enclosure

No. 606826

The ones calling her out seem like a good start tbh

No. 606827

Solid Gold is awesome. Started with goldfish but now has reptiles, bunnies, and frogs. She hasn't uploaded recently but she is the pet tube I'm down for.

Rachel O'Leary is nice for aquatics, too.

No. 606829

Agree with oath of these and Would add creative pet keeping/ Kasia. SerpaDesign for reptiles and vivarium type stuff. Imées world for rats. That Kio Watanabe mantis girl for those was super knowledgeable as well.

No. 606830

Exotic Lair (?) seems to be very good for Tarantulas, I've also seen him take on a lot of tips when he had mould breakouts.

No. 606831


I second this.
Snake Discovery has a degree in her field, works as a real pet educator IN REAL LIFE by going to schools and presenting information (she has videos of her doing it). She even rescued a few snakes that were either starving, burnt from owners who used the wrong heating equipment, or from a fire.

Clint Reptiles is also rocking a degree and works at a university. His videos are structured around facts about each reptiles and their ratings as pets.

I don't know much about arachnids but Dark Den has loads. he makes his own containers and such. The latest video I watched, he created a very large shelf for his hamster, and his enclosure for his bearded dragon is HUGE with no doors on both enclosures which is pretty cool.

Haven't seen Wild Things and Brave Wilderness, I'll probably check on those

I also started watching Rachel O'Leary for her care of fishes. Don't expect and amazing decorations but she has a greenhouse which she grows plants for her tanks, and even updates on fishes that gets sick while giving us a view on how she manages it. She's not as young as these other pettubers but she seems like a sweet lady and actually cares.

No. 606832

Inappropriate reefer seems to know a lot about saltwater fish. I like his channel.

No. 606833

I really like Munchie's Place for hamsters. I don't even have or want hamsters but she's pretty enjoyable. She only has hamsters and most of hers if not all are fosters/rescues.

No. 606835

Anons KNOCK IT OFF he shouldn't be compared to her, stop bullying him uwu
Solid Gold Aquatics, GoHerping, Little Adventures, Skinnypigs1, and Erin's Animals are mainly the ones I watch. Skinnypigs1 and Little Adventures only focus on Guinea Pig care, but they adopt their piggies and you can tell they're very loved and social. Jennie from Solid Gold is awesome because she shows all her enclosures, everything's always nice, clean, and well maintained, and her bunnies n cats are precious, and although I'm not a herp keeper (adopting a turtle in a week), his care seems to be pretty on par. Erin's Animals has a big shed for her Guinea pigs and rabbits, and although there is a risk of bordatella, she keeps them separate.

No. 606836


Bird Tricks for exotic birds. they train them to free fly outside!

skinnypigs1 for those who love guinea pigs. She treats them like as if they're her children and adopts. She has a few senior pigs and she updates everyone about them.

Leopard Gecko for those who are interested in geckos. Her videos brings out their personality.

I like to follow smaller channels that actually knows what they're doing (unless of course i start to notice they're using animals as views)

No. 606838

parrot wizard is good if you want bird training tips.
Animal wonders Montana offer a mixture of wild animal facts and pet care. Another good place for birds facts in my opinion.

No. 606839

File: 1543514402328.jpg (173.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181129-115856_You…)

She deleted my "Dude, it's just a fish. Fish die all the time."

No. 606840

AntsCanada does a lot of stuff for ants of varying species and his setups are crazy entertaining, highly recommend him.

No. 606841

Thank you for all these recommendations! I'm sure to follow all these. It's such a relief to see channels that are actually focus on their pet's well beings while giving thoughtful information.

No. 606842

What kinds of pet channels are you looking for. I notice that the majority suggested are reptiles. There are several small mammal channels I like. I see munchies place was suggested, but she can be quite rude at times, but she’s recently acknowledged this.

No. 606847

It's obvious she has great care, but I did get kinda rude vibes from her. Either way, no hate, but I do like her series about the cages.

No. 606848

I just noticed that it's kind of hilarious that Taylor only put her "explanation" on Twitter while most of her followers are on Youtube, so like 95% don't even know that she has said anything about the situation. What an idiot

No. 606849

I love all animals tbh so I like channels with different fields. I am mostly following reptile channels because I don't know much about them as pets but all these channels that were just posted here, they're now being followed by me. The more I see these great little channels, the more I get triggered that this pettuber clique of Taylor's don't give a crap about their own pets.

No. 606850

Right!? It really is relieving. I'm about to go watch most of these suggested. I hope the focus in this community shifts to more reputable channels and off of cows like TND and her posse.

No. 606851

Oh no anon this is deliberate. It's a pattern of hers.

She goes to Twitter because it's the place where she's the most active, and where people are the most asskissing. It's her personal echo chamber compared to Instagram or YouTube.

That's why she sticks to it to do all sorts of updates and apologies, well, "apologies".

No. 606852

I also really love Gotta love carpet pythons. She is a pretty small channel but she is super invested in all her snakes and uploads all the time. She's also a really sweet person and engages with all her followers. Would definitely recommend if there are Aussie anons since she works with the kind of snakes you can have their.

No. 606853

The youtubers that associate with Taylor and the ones that don't honestly speaks volumes.

No. 606854

I've also recently followed Jessicas Animal Friends. She turns bookshelves into enclosures for all her geckos. Has a few spoiled rats as well. Lately, she's been coming out and disagreeing on Taylor's petcare on twitter

No. 606856

Again I'm Team Clint's Reptiles. He's about to get his PhD in this stuff and only has like 11 reptiles personally because he understands the upkeep they need

No. 606859

Megabattie, if you want to see what rescuing bats is like. This is not a pet channel like the rest but it's pretty interesting and relieving to know that someone is out there rescuing injured flying fox bats.

No. 606860

Stop derailing, if you want to talk about the petubers go to the general thread

No. 606862

it was pickles who rehomed her pets after 4 died within a short space of time. 2 hamsters mysteriously died, and a crested gecko and gargoyle. she said the crested gecko had laid loads of clutches of eggs, so she even admits she should have probably supplemented her more. she must have be stripped of nutrients, what a cruel bitch

No. 606863

By personal life you mean JC? Because if so, that still counts.

However if you're not going to prove anything, then it's kinda useless to talk about it. As much as Taylor and her little clique want to think it's all about cyberbullyyyingggg and baseless accusations, we don't take things at face value.

No. 606866


Why don't you include the link mini modder?

No. 606867

Just search hamsters, or rats, or bunnies and see what channels pop up. Just ignore any that lead you to any of the petfest crew.

No. 606869

She just had a sudden drop of 200 subscribers, not sure if it's YouTube messing around or not but it was hugely satisfying to witness regardless. Hopefully it keeps dropping.

No. 606872

Thread anon here: Yeah I’ll definately add this list to the next threads. Thanks anon!

No. 606874

As of the time I'm writing this, Social Blade confirms that TND has lost 11,189 subscribers and is still actively hemorrhaging.

No. 606875

In the words of the wise pet mom herself: lmao

No. 606878

This made me laugh way more than it should have.
It's true though, Taylor is so dismissive of everything.

No. 606886

File: 1543520264050.jpeg (152.41 KB, 750x778, FEC64932-C5EF-4647-AD42-1A56F8…)

Guys BreezExotics knows something. I wonder if she’s deleting her account because of Tay and her crew?

No. 606888

That's exactly what I thought. She definitely knows some shit.

No. 606891

Tinfoiling obviously, but what if that anon was right about Breez? Really sus that she's deleting and remaking pretty shortly after that rumor was posted here.

No. 606892

I think if she speaks out we'll find a lot more people surrounding Taylor will begin to consider doing the same. I wonder if she messaged what ever/video anon.

No. 606895

Never seen Pickle's video calling out HT before, kinda ironic she says she's only making a video because she ignores criticism directed at her on social media lmaoo. Also funny how all her little clique are straight in the comments telling her she's right (all the comments start with "Well said!", they're like a bunch of clones). Strangely (not) there's no sign of Taylor in the comments though. It's funny how two of her "friends" have made videos on her part already, they're crazy if they think Taylor would bother making a video in their defense if they were getting shit. She can barely make videos as it is lol, they'd maybe get a tweet if they were lucky.

No. 606897

File: 1543520993233.jpeg (144.81 KB, 750x994, 6D759621-5026-42C6-A75B-B73102…)

No. 606898

Taylor commented on Maddies video last night "Thank you. I love you"

No. 606899

It’ll be interesting which of her clique spills the milk first, because if anything, no matter how shit their care is, they’ll be celebrated as a hero to the pet tube community. It’ll be interesting to see which one of them sells out their ‘friend’ for some praise.

No. 606900

Nobody contacted me, so I feel like it might have been a troll that was just saying some obvious things to make it look like they know stuff.

No. 606902

lol i can see it now. Taylor will start losing more and more followers and once her clique starts to see her decline that brings them down, one of em will cross over just so her old fans can go to them.

No. 606904

Emzotic responded to this tweet, so it looks like they’re in good. we’ll have to see if Taylor and her crew refollow her new account

No. 606906

So Em's either going to sit back and watch it happen, join in and provide us with more information, or insult Taylor's appearance whilst everything burns in front of her. This should be fun.

No. 606908

I wouldnt be surprised if its Tyler who does that. Hes been pretty silent regarding this and he was the first to stick his nose in the drama last time. I've always thought he seemed like the type to say mean shit but act like hes just kidding even though hes serious so I dont really think he gives a shit about Taylor

No. 606909

I wasn't referring to her commenting on Maddie's video. I was commenting about how they all back each other up (in this case Pickles) but Taylor is no where to be seen, she rarely backs the others up despite the fact they all jump in to defend her every time.

No. 606910

>if they defend their friend they're bad (granted this i agree with)
>if they speak out against her they're bad
some of you are so determined to be negative it's kind of sad

No. 606911

Oh I see! Sorry for misreading!

No. 606912

No worries! Probably my bad, I shouldn't try to string sentences together when I'm this tired, I'll end up sounding like Jen lol. Speaking of Jen, I'm shocked she's managed to stay off twitter this long, especially with all the drama she could be blessing us all with her wisdom about.

No. 606913

I think it's more that the situation is negative. They've all gotten involved because they presumably know about her shitty care, or don't know enough to be saying "everything she does is fine" with any real clout. So yeah, if they defend their friend it's bad because she clearly needs to change something, but yeah, speaking out against her is also bad because why were they ever so fake in the first place that they got so involved and are just NOW saying something about it? Clearly at that point it's not for the animals.

There's no winning here.

No. 606914

Thread anon here:
Google doc anon/ Graph anon/ Evidence Summary anon, do any of you have any finalized links to include in the next thread header? Just starting to get it ready since we’re going through these threads fast.

No. 606916

I think the only way of winning is actually calling out her bullshit but at the same time, personally helping her/themselves get better and change things asap but you'll have to actually be a mature adult with courage to be that self-aware. So, this route is pretty unlikely because they see their number counts above anything else

No. 606917

No. 606920

No doubt they’ll follow whatever trend catches the most veiwers, no one wants to click a ‘what’s wrong with Taylor’ video to be click baited into ‘nothing tehe uwu~’. The tide is turning and it’d be a wise move to cash in on it now, and I’m sure a few of them are considering it at this point. They probably have loads of screenshots and evidence tucked away for a rainy day, and I bet Taylor is starting to get paranoid, hence the suicide threats and subsequently the ‘don boolie our leader’ videos to pledge further allegiance.

No. 606921

Awesome thanks

No. 606923

I have an issue with the fact everyone is now kissing Leopard Geckos ass for speaking out against TND. Leopard Gecko is not immaculate and has also done some pretty shitty things. Her guinea pigs are in an entirely unsuitable enclosure, their hay is yellow/brown (not green and fresh as it should be) and she feeds them veggies that should only be fed in moderation rather than leafy green veg like they are supposed to have. When this is all pointed out to her, she gives the usual response "this is fine, I have done it for X years". She also has a lone chinchilla because her parents will not let her get another, even though chinchillas are sociable animals and need to be kept in pairs, minimum.

Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. But she shouldn't be throwing so many stones when she herself has many issues with her husbandry that need fixed.

No. 606926

She's going to get rid of everything she's said and done lately, going into dfe mode. This fucking trash.

Maddie should watch it because with all this whiteknighting she's painting a big fat target on her own back, these people are beyond stupid.

No. 606932

I see where you're coming from but no one wants to believe bad things about their friends, especially when told by anons on the internet who are so easy to write off as "trolls". Plus she probably feeds them lies everyday and most of them aren't educated enough to see through it, which is another problem in itself.
I wouldn't be surprised if it took all this to make them realize something is really wrong with her and their community in general, so if someone does come out with a vid addressing it I am going to give them benefit of the doubt.

No. 606937

I mean at this point yeah it’s a bit too late to come forward about Taylor for the pettube crew tbh. We all knew they lurked here after Emzotic got outed for her borderline psychotic posts and were mum about it (other than to slither back and kiss taylor’s ass again) and then they remained silent/dug their heels in (some even dismissing) when that girl came out originally criticizing Taylor after her skinks died. None of them should be saying anything tbh unless it’s apologizing for not coming out sooner. This isn’t about petty “uwu hurt feels”. Animals have died before, during and after this whole fiasco. If it was addressed sooner maybe Taylor would have less animals considering she purchased so many within the span of this year alone.

So yeah I wish I could sage this for no milk but I think it’s ridiculous giving asspats to any of these pettubers who clearly knew what was happening way before even if they do come out now about it. They’re just using Taylor like they use their animals, for a couple of views and some juicy internet validation.

No. 606938

New anon here, but I watched Maddie's video last night, but what's weird is that in the video she glosses over a lot of the serious issues and tells people to let up on Taylor, but in the comments she's been liking a lot of comments calling Taylor out for hoarding animals and even some comments about Johnny. It's hard to tell where everyone actually stands, seems like it's all PR and damage control for most right now.

No. 606944

Seems like shes trying to play both sides of the fence

No. 606945

It’s like she playing both sides. She can be Taylor’s friend and call her out and I believe she should, I don’t let my friends go around doing things I disagree with and I sure as hell wouldn’t give a friend of mines assorts when people were genuinely concerned. If I believed my friend was doing good with their pets I’d tell them to prove it.

The clique seems to be hiding something, or they’re too scared that speaking out will dent their followings and only follow her because she has the numbers. They should criticize her if somethings wrong not tell her it’s okay.

Unless they all think her care is good lmao. But Maddie seems to understand that it isn’t.

No. 606947

Let's remember Taylor is also quite manipulative herself. You can see it through her tweets, I can't imagine how it must be in real life. I'll cut her "friends" some slack because of this. She also has Jonny probably influencing her and making her worse, too. It must be a mess to be involved with that.

At the same time yeah, I feel like they kind of want to use her for views, too. Otherwise these ones wouldn't be making monetized ~reactions~ to it. What purpose besides making money does that have? Just go defend her on twitter as usual.

This also struck me as a self post, the way its worded.
>Another one of the pet tube group made a video I'm sure relates to this
It's just such a funny way of saying it imo. People know Emma by her name at this point. "I'm sure relates to this" It's literally a reaction video to the drama? Didn't click it tho

No. 606950

Hey all, new here. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone know if there are recent (like within the last couple of weeks or so) pics/clips of Bindi’s enclosure?

No. 606957

https://youtu.be/Lvbi91yRZzc?t=353 think somewhere around this timestamp you can see it. from almost a month ago though

No. 606961

And this one between 3:30-4:10.
This one was uploaded at the beginning of the month, likely filmed at the end of October when she visited Taylor's.

Video previous anon posted was filmed a couple of months ago, shows how long it's been empty for. Don't think there's anything more recent than Emma's video though.

No. 606967


I have never seen green hay available in petshops here, hay is always more of a golden colour? any other English anons here? it's been a long time since I've kept any hay eating mammals

No. 606975

English anon. Never seen green hay either.

No. 606976


This, ugh. It's pathetic that she needs time to clean and refill water bowls before a livestream when having your enclosures look decent is the BARE minimum? She's still not going to be able to fix tank sizes, temp/humidity. Her doing this livestream, if she even does it, really won't show much except maybe which animals are still alive.

Also I'm mostly a fish anon so idk how it applies to all pets, but looks don't tell you a whole lot about the health of a tank. Some of my tanks get covered in algae if I don't keep up with it manually or put an algae eating species in there because they get too much sunlight. They look messy, but the water parameters can be healthy. If Taylor really wants to prove Mushu is okay or that her 150 isn't overstocked she could test her water on camera for us. I'd love to know what her nitrate levels are, but she won't do that.

She's such a mess. She doesn't give animals that need attention any interaction, like her snakes and monitor, but she isn't much better with her observation only type pets either, because she's always taking photos of croc skinks and the satanics which should really be left alone. If she can't handle either end of the spectrum, neglecting pets that need interaction and interacting with pets best left be, she really just shouldn't have animals.

Side note, another really good channel is Kitten Lady. She does rescue and fosters, so she isn't hoarding a billion new species a week for views like the pettube clique is. Plus she gives really good info on how to work with cats or monitor health in kittens, and she knows what she's doing. If TND watched her maybe she wouldn't have killed that kitten.

No. 606981

+1 to Kitten Lady. She knows her shit and works with rescues and special needs cats all the time. I love her channel.

No. 606982

Seconding. I thought hay by definition was golden/brown? You know with it being dried grass and all? Then again I've never kept rabbits or guinea pigs.

No. 606984

I live in the UK. Have rabbits. My timothy hay is green and smells beautiful. Maybe I just have a really good supplier. Meadow hay isn't usually as green.

No. 606985

Fresh hay can often be green, hay turns golden/brown when it's been exposed to light and as a result is often dryer. I know in the US you can easily get green hay in pet stores, when I had guinea pigs it was what we fed ours consistently. I think the UK may not have as many options pet-produce wise because they have to import hay, so it may have to be dried (golden) to transport well. Not entirely sure.

No. 606986


Thirding this - UK anon & I keep rabbits their meadow hay is mostly golden brown with some strands of green.

No. 606987

For a 10k snake Gemini sure hasn’t been posted about much imo

No. 606988

I think as a rule of thumb, if you can get green Timothy hay/green hay in general you should aim to do as it supposedly has more nutrients because it's likely fresher.

No. 606989

I've kept guinea pigs for years, much like >>606986 hay is usually golden brown with a few strands of green in it. It's certainly not something I've seen much of in my area of the UK.

No. 606990

Thanks anon. I think you might be right about it being a transport issue in the UK resulting in most being meadow hay and therefore gold/brown and not green.

No. 606991

You have to be very lucky and buy while stock is new. I've used Meadow Hay or something from Asda and would get some nice green-ish hay with their new stock, but it doesn't last long. I heard Timothy Hay is good tho?

No. 606992

Taylor doesn’t own hay eating animals so doesn’t matter lmao

No. 606993

timothyhay.co.uk <- absolute best hay I have ever found in the UK.

Lets stop talkin' about hay now.

No. 606995

I've been keeping chinchillas for 10+ years and it is okay to keep them by themselves if they are provided with a large cage and stimulation. It can be very difficult to bond chinchillas, especially one that has been alone for a while. I had two chinchillas alone because they were opposite sex, when the female passed I adopted another male to bond with my remaining male. It has not been easy and I am not sure they will ever bond.
Also there are many different types of hay, not all hay is bright green like timothy hay. Oat hay is more of a golden color.

No. 606996

All these TND apologists act like an angry mob came to her and attacked her with no provocation. Like TND isn't choosing to put her life and her pets out there for all to see. How can your "job" be posting videos on the internet and then you are shocked when people actually react to what you've posted. It's like none of these kids have had consequences for their actions before. Which…is probably true. None of them have any education or any real jobs and so many of them live (or lived up until recently) with their parents. It's so baffling to me. I have a lot of pets, but I'm also a grown adult and I have a full-time job and I've had these pets for decades. The idea of getting exotic pets just for the fake attention of the internet is beyond my comprehension.

No. 606997

I just responded to one who said she was such a good pet mom because she bought her fish a tank, like bloody hell where else is she going to keep them? In the bathtub?

No. 606999


My parents used to breed chinchillas and >>606995 is correct, given enough space and stimulation they can live long, happy, healthy lives on their own. Some chinchillas do not do well in pairs or groups. I remember one female we had that we had to separate because she killed one of her female cage mates and beat up the others one night, and they were in a huge cage.

Sorry for blog posting

No. 607000

Probably meant as opposed to a bowl. I guess we should hand out trophies to people who give their animals food and water, too.

No. 607002

File: 1543529820587.png (9.53 KB, 675x110, TND2.PNG)

Taylor stans are truly something else.

No. 607004

Compelling evidence

No. 607007

Oh yeah? My dad is the president of North Korea.

No. 607008

Indeed. They said Taylor is single, so clearly, her relationship with Jonny is fake! Thank god for the anonymous YouTube user who set us all straight.

No. 607012

No. 607016

This is relevant?

No. 607018

to sum things up, hay is very often brown/golden in the uk, even fresh from farms, i have horses and rabbits, it's always that way. very rarely its green, or all green.
leopard gecko actually has time to interact with her animals, her chinchilla looks happy and healthy. i think whoever wrote that is kind of reaching. her chinchilla is quite old, bringing a new one into bond with it might not be great and she'll end up with two singular ones. anyway stop derailing, back to taylor.

No. 607019

I really like Snake Discovery, seeing their snakes is the reason I decided to unsubscribe to Taylor, the difference in how their snakes look and behave is drastic

No. 607020

It shows proper care for a cowfish, Taylor didn't do proper research and blamed his death on him being a sensitive species.

No. 607021

no shit

No. 607027


Kitten Lady is amazing! She's the reason I started fostering for my local shelter <3

No. 607029

all in all anyone outside of the petfest group is usually ok unless bought up in the general pettuber feed. lets get back to tay tay

No. 607045

They should be shit on for knowing the truth and defending her. And I don’t believe for a second that they don’t know the truth!

No. 607046

Honestly they probably only know what Taylor was them to know. Its obvious shes manipulative and a compulsive liar.

No. 607047

File: 1543536954999.png (459.61 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20181129-191450.png)

I really hope she does start taking criticism nicer! It would be a nice step.

No. 607048


She still thinks she's being "attacked". Almost.. almost self aware, but not quite!

Imagine being so sheltered, pampered and privileged that a stranger disagreeing with you on the internet counts as an attack.

No. 607049

Of course they have dirt on each other. It'll all blow up in that group eventually, despite what they say about being bffs uwu.

This type of blind optimism and excessive need to make everything as nice and gentle as possible will stop at some point.

No. 607053

I thought that was strange too. We have yellow/brown hay in the US. Alfalfa is green tho. Also my GP died of old age after a long life of junk food. He and I were sloppy gross teens together.

No. 607056

in tyler rugge's current younow she literally goes "taylor who"

No. 607058

Can u give some context please?

No. 607075

my bad. people in the comments were bringing up taylor and they both went "taylor who," and then she did it a second time when he didn't. I just found it a bit childish to act like she didn't know who taylor was when she literally just made a video on her. Later on, Tyler did address the people asking if she was okay and said he thinks she will be fine when the whole thing blows over.

No. 607076

as a "pet educator" that acts like animals are their lives, they sure do sound like they completely know NOTHING about any type of animal.

No. 607077

Thanks! Was it Maddie with him?

No. 607078

tyler is a cuck. but we should keep that over on the general pet youtube feed. watched the live stream, he's so arrogant, i cant deal

No. 607079

"like apes.. apes.. especially apes that looks like humans. like stop."

cringe. no wonder they're far up Taylor's ass because they're clueless like their stans

No. 607080

for real though, how has tyler got that many subs? i couldnt even bare his live stream, why would you sub to that

No. 607081


>A peaceful fish that is best kept with other non-aggressive species due to it being easily spooked

So her keeping Cheese in a predator tank, with a lionfish!, and then later with lots of active fish in her 150 (especially that poor cramped Tang that always swims laps) wasn't the best idea? I know very little about the compatibility of saltwater fish, but it's sounding like she stocks her saltwater tanks like her freshwater ones, which is basically "all of these look pretty!" with no thought to compatibility with behavior, swimming habits, or feeding habits.

No. 607082

Guineanon here,
In the US we have green hay available in all pet stores, but the minimum enclosure is 7.5 square feet, so if she's using a petstore cage she's proooobably not got a large enough one. (Leopard Gecko if you're lurking here, we appreciate how you're speaking out against Taylor, but pls research more on piggie care.)(nobody cares)

No. 607083

Kitten Lady is soo awesome

No. 607084

ask him to blow up the USA please, i want to die now

No. 607085


She doesn't just flip out over different opinions. She flips out over mere questions, too. It's classic behavior in those raised by narcissists, and Jen's behavior has always seemed narcissistic. Taylor displays a LOT of avoidant personality disorder (AVPD) symptoms herself: https://psychcentral.com/disorders/avoidant-personality-disorder/.

People with NPD expect some ill-defined and ever-changing perfection from the people in their lives and lash out when they inevitably don't get it. Many kids and partners of people with NPD develop anxious and avoidant behaviors. I have known as least one person with AVPD that could be said to have been caused by an parent's NPD. They so fear the consequences of real or perceived imperfection that they fuck up their own lives with secrecy or inaction and alienate people who care about them.

It should really be stressed here that Taylor exhibits many signs of needing help. It's really sad. But she is only one of many priorities, considering all the lives in her care.

No. 607086

Not all pet stores. Mine doesn't. I buy clover hay mid summer from the farms because you can't get it at our local pet stores.(nobody cares)

No. 607087

Right, spoke too soon. That's sweet

No. 607088

okie people we need to stop the hay talk

No. 607089

yes, it was tyler's younow with maddie in the background adding to the commentary

No. 607091

sorry, didn't mean to relink the expired younow

No. 607093

It's impossible to diagnose someone with a specific mental disorder if you don't have the right kind of training and don't ever meet one on one with the person being diagnosed.

Both Jen and Taylor show signs of not being the most mentally stable people, but let's not start diagnosing them with things they haven't said themselves they've been diagnosed with. Many people have narcissistic traits without being severe enough to actually be diagnosed with the disorder.

They're both trash human beings with garbage attitudes who shouldn't be raising children or keeping pets. That's what really matters here. Not what kind of personality disorder they might have.

No. 607097

As someone with AVPD, I do not believe Taylor has it, Just because she avoids all the talk about her. It is hard for people with AVPD to get help from anyone and she has said she has gone to doctors and psychologists. I also believe she wouldnt start a youtube channel to begin with if she had AVPD as it would bring a lot of attention to her and people with that disorder want to be invisable.

No. 607107

Been away 2 days. Wowza just caught up with drama, saw leopard geckos original tweet. TF is wrong with that group? She wasn’t even mean?! They’re all crazy. I used to like pickles but recently she’s said how getting more pets brought her more views, and she admitted to neglecting/not having time for her pets that she acquired in a short time, and 4 of her pets died. No wonder she’s far up Taylor’s ass. Fuck her, unsubbed. Their pack mentality to protect this girl is so weird. I feel they all have dirt on each other imo.

No. 607112


If you've actually ever known anyone with NPD, BPD, APD, or any of the other personality disorders that lead to outwardly destructive behavior towards other people or animals, you'd know that's WHY they're trash human beings. It's entirely relevant, even if it makes your woke sensibilities about mental illness deeply uncomfortable.

No. 607115

Yes. I was in a nine-year relationship with a man who had NPD that started wonderful and ended in physical, emotional and sexual abuse. So yes, I do know how narcs behave. But I'm smart enough to know that I'm not qualified to diagnose someone, especially over the internet.

And I also know narcs can make you so suspicious of anyone who has even minor traits of narcissism, you start to see them everywhere.

No. 607117


Taylor says a lot of shit. I doubt she's really talked to psychologists (or listened to their advice). Maybe someone on BetterHelp.

She's also Gen Z. She's grown up with internet, streaming, social media, etc. Starting a YT channel would never be as foreign or daunting to her as it would be to some who are older. But making a "career" on social media, even YT, is a very isolated form of work that she has lots of control over. Even then, she has all this avoidant behavior: "I got sick" "I'm still editing!" "Coming soon!"

No. 607121

In her reply all poscast she said she was in and out of hospitals constantly when she was younger. Everything she described about being sick actually sounded debilitating but here she is living a pretty normal life

No. 607122

is there a succinct requirement list for a pet update vid that would be ridiculous to not do? uhhh i know fuck all about pets but from what ive seen,
>testing water nitrate levels like >>606976 said
>using her supposed temp gun to show temps of tanks
>showing her cable management lol
what else?
basically a list that to not do would be sus

No. 607123

I'm getting a degree in psychology and it's considered unethical for a professional in the field to "armchair diagnose" someone – diagnose without ever having had face-to-face contact with a person in a professional setting over the course of some time.

They both show traits that can be attributed not only NDP, but several other Cluster B personality disorders and that are also present in mental health disorders that aren't part of the personality disorders.

If you think you can successfully diagnose them based on the fact you know/knew someone with NPD, go right ahead. But if professionals are discouraged from doing just that because it's very likely they'll diagnose incorrectly, chances are a layperson's not going to have a better shot at being right.

No. 607124

thats whats so funny, i found out about her from reply all and there was such a focus on how poor and sick she is. and where is a single hint of how ill she is in the last dozen threads…

No. 607125

Isn’t she supposedly disabled?

No. 607128

According to Taylor, she was disabled enough to qualify for a service dog.

No. 607130

>>607123 It's inappropriate for psychologists to diagnose someone without meeting them. Good thing no one's professionally diagnosing her here, merely pointing out she and her mom meet lots of the criteria for a couple of disorders.

Jonny obviously has symptoms of substance use disorders. No one in their right mind tries to pretend that's not the case. People just become uncomfortable when we start talking about symptoms common to less physical disorders.

No. 607132

She said she has hypermobile EDS, a connective tissue disorder. Joints don't stay where they should or get subluxed often. Not necessarily disabled at all.

No. 607137

I completed my personality disorder training yesterday and where as I would say i can see some traits without meeting her in person all I can say is that she's a spoilt brat

No. 607139

Okay, I finally got a huge portion of an imgur album done about Taylor's lies regarding her assistants/experts/apartment cleaner done. It's current through thread 18. More updates to follow. I've never done anything like this before so let me know if anything is wrong or if you have more things to add to the timeline. Video anons–feel free to use in a video if you want. Enjoy!


No. 607144

thanks so much for this omg literally at the part where she said she hired someone to come to her house 3times a day… lol rightttt

No. 607146

It's not a fun disorder to have, even when it's mild. You're constantly tired or in pain. But she so uses it as an excuse to not do her job. She could sit in bed editing a video even if she's having a bad day pain-wise. Some of us with it still have to get up each morning and go to work no matter how we feel. She gives the disorder and the people who have it a bad name.(medfagging)

No. 607150

No anon, but you or some other anon is sure pushing the NPD. It doesn't matter what the fuck's the matter with her head. It only matters that she's shown herself to not only be unable and unwilling to care for the pets she has but also manipulate her little "friends" and stans into thinking she's some animal care goddess who needs constantly defending against bullies.

No. 607158

No, I totally agree. I have it and don't consider myself disabled. I still work and carry on with what needs to be done. It certainly can get debilitating at times, but no where near what she portrays it to be. I agree, she gives people with the disorder a bad name.(medfagging)

No. 607163

I have eds and some other health issues. Honustly if eds was my only issue id be happily out there working despite it.
It is a spectrum and can affect everyone differently but she doesnt seem to have it as bad as she claims.

No. 607176

Thanks! It was hilarious to start all the way at the beginning. I had forgotten so much stuff. I can't believe there's 6 more threads to add to the album. Seeing all her lies together…it's so pathetic.


Gotta love Judy!

No. 607178

If she does have EDS then it's pretty mild because if she's able to walk around Disneyland with no problem then her illnesses isn't severe enough especially when it comes to disrupting her video editing. What I get annoyed is that she uses anxiety as a way to defend herself. I have severe anxiety especially social phobia and being an adult, I couldn't just tell my boss that "I can't do this because I feel faint and my body is not adjusting well to this scenario" I have to do it. I get the panic attacks but those are a pain but you can't just cry wolf every time.

No. 607186

Wow, I had forgotten about some of that. Including how pitiful poor Kovu's cage was. It's no wonder he was overweight.

No. 607195

What I don’t get, that group know who it is making the videos and spreading the information, they also know how to use the site as proven before in the pet tube thread when they came to defend themselves.
Why won’t they come to the thread directly? Why only a video not even addressing the issues??

No. 607214


This is accurate, thank you. I have hEDS as well and do consider myself disabled, but I'm not actually on disability benefits or anything because I can work, just not "normally" and I couldn't ever manage a typical 9-5 with my physical condition. Lots of people with EDS are fully disabled, some are fully bedbound, but most aren't and Taylor certainly isn't.

The thing about Taylor is just that she's ONLY ever complaining about hEDS when it's convenient. She's never like, "oh no, my joints hurt and I can't follow Jonny on tour to make sure he doesn't cheat on me," or "I'm so fatigued/anxious/whatever I might not make it to the reptile expo to buy new animals tomorrow!" She manages to do that whenever she wants to. Plus as >>607178 pointed out she's able to walk around Disney unaided. I'd have to go in a wheelchair and still probably couldn't go for a full day, definitely not multiple days in a row. Illnesses affect everyone differently but she's about the least affected by her illness person who claims to be disabled I've ever seen.

Plus I don't want to make this too long with medical info, but the diagnostic criteria was changed for EDS mid-2017. Her EDS video was posted only shortly after that, so she was likely diagnosed with the old criteria which mostly looks at how hypermobile you are, while the new criteria requires other things like how severely you're affected with EDS and it's comorbidities as well as family history of EDS. I'm not saying this to cast doubt on whether she has it at all because it really doesn't matter, but for sure having a diagnosis of EDS doesn't say anything about how severely you're actually affected, especially with the old criteria.(medfagging)

No. 607215

and she had a literal job at petco before youtube which was much more laborious than editing a stupid video is. i wonder if she ever used muh joints as an excuse on the job.

No. 607222

Please also note the only time she has ever mentioned a dislocated joint was her clavicle in her sleep when she was younger. Other than that she parades around in heels to parties and clubs and Disney and tours all day and all night with no issues at all. For someone claiming to be so severely affected by something this isn't really showing it. There are real people suffering out there. She's giving invisible illness a bad rep

No. 607227

Afaik she wasn't really in contact with animals.

In past threads it was mentioned she was just a cashier at Petco. But even then, she could pretty much work regular shifts without any problem. I do think she may have the illnesses she claims she does, but I also believe she's exaggerating their severity in an attempt to excuse her horrible schedule.

No. 607236

good point because if she did dislocate something we would never hear the end of it

No. 607238

File: 1543560324047.jpeg (256.28 KB, 1242x967, 006DB3FF-57C1-477C-A749-E8A06A…)

No. 607239

File: 1543560469567.jpeg (522.09 KB, 1242x1420, B9FAF63C-352B-4159-B5EA-34AFA6…)

No. 607242

File: 1543560943423.jpeg (223.85 KB, 768x1024, B8EC0A1B-059E-43DD-83BA-78B4DF…)

No. 607248

Did she not answer the door? It says she needs to call, where was she that she couldn't be bothered to answer the ACS?

No. 607249

File: 1543561363454.jpeg (307.21 KB, 750x787, 7CB0F2DD-B662-4F65-8C58-64656C…)

No. 607252

Yeah they're all fine except the dead ones lmfao

No. 607253

I wonder if this is the first time they've actually sent her a notice. I haven't seen her panic like this before and I'm pretty sure this is the first notice she's ever posted. (correct me if I'm wrong)

No. 607254

What can I say.. except lol and who did this

No. 607255


If you're so sure they aren't going to take any of your animals, why are you so obviously panicking? If you were so sure you wouldn't be trying to guilt trip people by claiming that animals taken away by animal services live in misery.

No. 607258

i believe the choice words taylor would use are “lol” “lol” “lmao”

No. 607259

I dunno why i forgot about the criteria changing. I didnt get a diagnosis till a short while after that happened. I am currently waiting on funding to find out if im vascular type.

I had forgotten she went to disney. If shes able too do that no problem amoungst all other stuff shes deff milking it for all she can. She really just doesnt help give it a good look.
Finding doctors (at least in my country)who take it seriously is a challenge and a half versus being told to stfu and stop lieing about.

Thanks for helping clear the mist taylor!(medfagging)

No. 607260

the report says it was at 12 pm but she’s tweeting about it around midnight. looks like she either slept or was gone for 12 hours again

No. 607261

True, I'm still practicing my Taylorian. LMAO

No. 607262

It most likely is. During the family drama both AC and Paramedics were called to check on her, apparently then AC just said they're fine and left.
Which makes it a little hard to believe but I'm not sure how AC works in the US so.

No. 607263

Yeah they are better frying alive in bare minimum cages in her filthy apartment where they get attention once in a blue moon because the queen is too busy taking pics to Instagram of her new favorite pet of the week.
Worst case scenario is that they get adopted by another hoarder like her.

No. 607264

File: 1543562232927.jpeg (248.89 KB, 1367x1307, 0D9F6BD9-4E81-4556-ADE2-823BE5…)

No. 607265

File: 1543562278080.jpeg (142.97 KB, 1389x977, 296FE3E6-DD5E-4B40-BE00-FA9DE5…)

No. 607266

File: 1543562333249.jpeg (147.27 KB, 750x935, A073F02C-D77F-4199-B112-C6BCD9…)

I didn’t even notice this! Probably a stress induced drug binge

Taylor playing it off as a joke as if animal control came, inspected and left even though this is clearly a notice and not really proving her innocence at all

No. 607267

To bad no one can show ac her posts about frying her pets ect

No. 607268

I don't know what the laws are in San Antonio, but in my town, there's a limit on the number of pets (of any kind) that you're allowed to have. And how did she get around the rules I'm sure her apartment has about number of pets?

Looks to me like she didn't answer the door when ACS came. But as others have said before, most ACS officers don't know about proper reptile care, and she has expensive enclosures, which might make it seem like she's providing proper care. It's hard to get animals seized by ACS, from what I understand.

No. 607269

Forgive me if this is too blind to assume, but how does she know it’s NOT the people at her complex? If I lived there I would complain.

No. 607270

alot seems to have changed in six months so

No. 607271

She has to many animals, her complex has a permit for the amount of pets she can keep and she's already broken the no more than 2 cats rule.
I don't know what's going to be said about the rest of her animals though, I'm sure the owners wont be happy knowing that since moving in she's gotten more animals, including rats and cursed a power surge twice.

No. 607272

Yo wheres that live video lmao

No. 607275

File: 1543562842961.png (487.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-29-23-26-54…)

So she is broke lol

No. 607276

why did you hide inside while they tried to visit then?? LMAO. LMAO. or where you passed out until after 1pm as usual. (hell more like just woke up recently)

No. 607277

File: 1543562877731.jpeg (594.08 KB, 1242x1383, 22E201E8-6D9F-4BA6-AED4-8ACD5D…)

sorry for being a twitter daymode fag

No. 607279

How did we go from “they HAVE to come after every complaint” to “they closed my case for 6 months and just ignored all the complaints”. Also, she’s gotten at least 10 more animals in the last 6 months. Off the top of my head 3 rats, 3 snakes (at least), another cat, satanics and 1 moon crab.

No. 607280

3 years of saltwater keeping is literally nothing. I've been keeping exotics since she was in diapers.(blog)

No. 607281

So many rental properties are operated by large companies that don't pay much attention to what goes on unless it's really causing a problem. In my complex it's only the maintenance guys who come around and they're not paid enough to give a crap about what/how many animals people happen to have unless the animal is causing an issue – like a mean dog running loose or something. Might be the same at Taylor's place.

Her animals aren't the types that are going to be noisy. I can't say anything about how they smell, but it it's not seeping into other people's apartments, I doubt anyone knows or is complaining about her pets.

No. 607282

File: 1543563116349.jpeg (192.71 KB, 1389x812, 9D63466D-B3C0-431C-AC4E-4F12C6…)

No. 607284

She’s so stupid. ACS has paired up with reptile rescues and the zoo in San Antonio to take all the reptiles that have been taken away

No. 607285

File: 1543563235601.jpeg (239.24 KB, 1383x1181, D833AC32-7089-4291-BEDD-95AC56…)

I like how she uses 150 gallons as the minimum because that’s what she kept him in, when the actual minimum is much larger than that.

No. 607286


Why is she acting like an axe murderer is after her?

No idea what her apartment is like, but you need a FOB key to get into the foyer and into the hallway where the apartments are, as well one to use the elevator for mine. What kind of budget apartment does she live in where she thinks someone can get into the building, get to her door AND THEN get indide? Is the security that bad for her overpriced human cage? She's such a drama queen lmao

Also she doxxed herself so this is all because of her own stupidity, as usual

No. 607287

How reliable is ACS? Like do they thoroughly investigate or just take a quick glance?
I don't understand how she continues to pass their examinations

No. 607288

It sucks that no one will give me asspats for stunting the growth and shortening the life of an animal!!!!

No. 607290

I can't even with her attitude. If that's how it goes, then I should get a fucking trophy for feeding my cats today.

No. 607292

File: 1543563651263.jpeg (264.69 KB, 1390x1172, 084EE110-7868-4D86-9D05-D0382D…)

No. 607293


Bitch, get over yourself.

No. 607294

apparently this chick has two cowfish in a heavily stocked 90 gal reef tank. can we get some better martyrs please this is worse than Taylor

No. 607295

File: 1543563738452.jpeg (148.11 KB, 750x909, D2AEE485-E3D6-4E0A-8134-BA966C…)

Taylor has 0 room to talk the woman has a cow fish twice the size of Cheese….

No. 607296

taylor is acting like a local heroin addict who hasn't had their hit today. she'll mellow out once she smokes some heroin with jonnyboooy

No. 607297

File: 1543564011556.png (270.44 KB, 609x656, Skärmavbild 2018-11-30 kl. 08…)

No. 607299

File: 1543564076702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,916.07 KB, 1125x1789, 2FA2AC40-8BFB-440C-ADD0-45860E…)

No. 607305

anyone else find it kek worthy that there was an anon here last night who said Taylor owed a lot of money and there was no way she would buy a house soon, and now Taylor said on Twitter that she owes taxes and is saving up? Lurk much Taylor?

No. 607308

File: 1543564236156.png (83 KB, 745x682, 0q0ODvD.png)

No. 607310

File: 1543564337704.png (208.55 KB, 746x848, RPjQQff.png)

No. 607311

Currently, there is no set standard of care for reptiles within the San Abtobio ACS. Some of the rescue groups are working on getting one established but it’s going to be a while before one ever comes up. So reptiles are usually only taken in extreme cases, eg the San Antonio man who had over 100+ snakes and rats in his garage

If Taylor really cared about helping anyone besides herself, she had the perfect platform to help get a standard of care established

No. 607312

But she still thinks her satanics are captive bred, triple yikes.

No. 607313

Ok what is her point here? She claimed Cheese stayed small because he was wild caught as a baby and that wild caught cowfish don’t grow as big as captive bred ones. Now she’s saying yikes at this person thinking her cowfish are captive bred, which means she thinks they must be wild caught so doesn’t that reflect badly on her care of Cheese then?

No. 607314

File: 1543564876652.jpeg (262.71 KB, 1381x1306, 792D4673-D7DB-43C6-ADF2-B9DDF7…)

No. 607316

She’s confirming this woman’s cow fish grew twice the size of Cheese in a 120….cheese was so stunted by the time he moved to a 150.

No. 607317

File: 1543565315311.png (317.07 KB, 756x1314, h7NMTWc.png)

No. 607318

Which isn’t surprising. She was keeping Zazu in a below minimum gallon biocube with tank mates and then shoved Cheese in there. If she wanted to put Cheese in a grow out tank, the minimum for juveniles recommended is 75 gallons. Zazu by himself should have been in 35 to 50 gallons. That biocube was very overstocked even with Cheese out of it.

No. 607320

I think I keep seeing her talk about livestreaming yet it hasn't happened yet. When did she start saying she'll do one again?? couple days ago??

Also, LMAO at ACS going by her apartment (that she ignored). Taylor's stans would do the same shit to anyone who disagrees with Taylor.. I mean, that one girl threatened to call the cops on an anon. so imagine if that anon wasn't anonymous?

No. 607321

can we ignore this womans response with her cowfish tho her other reponses to other tweets are far more immature

i'm wondering when her next mental breakdown will be

No. 607324

When is she actually going to follow through? At first it seemed like she just needed a few hours to clean things up but now it's just a joke.

No. 607325

her mental breakdowns are hilarious. It's getting really obvious she's getting broke or is broke because if she wanted a small house or another apartment, she would've done it weeks/months ago. What ever happened to that million dollar house that Jonny boasted about, Taylor?

No. 607326


Do not blogpost/medfag/armchair diagnose.
The thread is not about your personal experiences, your pets or for diagnosing the subjects in the thread.

No. 607327


This tweet was a bait. User calls her out on her croc skinks in the reply and Taylor has nothing to say to that smh.

No. 607328

I'm dying at "you keep your cowfish alive and think you're doing the best but I disagree." Like she hasn't recycled that defense over and over. "Uhhh my reptiles are alive! That means they're thriving! Don't come for my care!" And I mean.. they ARE alive.. until she bakes them in a ~freak accident that could happen to anyone!!~ or makes some other fatal mistake in her care.

No. 607329

At the beginning they allegedly got called, as well as her apartment complex because the dumbass decided to dox herself, but nothing came out of it. She never really seemed to have received a warning or any sort of notice, unlike now.

I think they just called the apartment complex and that was that.
From the looks of it, the complex doesn't really give a shit.

She also claimed that she paid an "extra fee" for the animals she was moving into the apartment, but this was way before she decided to get a shitload of snakes, the monitor, etc. I'm guessing her landlord was ok with it because most of her pets back then were in tanks, but now how will she explain having three cats plus a monitor lizard that she takes out for walks and treats pretty much like a dog?

I honestly don't think getting ACS on her ass was lolcow. This is definitely someone from youtube and/or twitter.

No. 607330

File: 1543566268387.jpeg (261.73 KB, 750x682, 4BA3799E-16DE-491A-A490-6BCFD7…)

No. 607332

File: 1543566459057.png (378.79 KB, 1316x1416, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 12.2…)

except you literally poisoned him with magnesium

you poisoned a fish with no scales who absorbed all of the chemicals. you did fuck up taylor. admit it.

No. 607333

Is this about the new cowfish she was supposedly going to get from a friend?

No. 607334

Yep, people were asking about it

No. 607335

Why is she not "Lol calling ACS!" on him if she JUST said 150gal is minimum

No. 607336

'lol what an idiot for thinking her cowfish are captive bred'
'CaPTiVe BrEd muST b Y urs ArE tHrIviNg'


No. 607337

File: 1543567043881.png (59.64 KB, 710x463, cdQ1DTz.png)

No. 607339


it'd be funny if ACS took away her animals on a call she made to herself

also i thought ACS didn't know shit about keeping reptiles? interesting how suddenly they know everything when she's looking to clear her name

No. 607340

SHE HAS TO CALL THEM BACK! It's on the goddamn notice!!!!

No. 607341

Lmao i hope that happens

No. 607342

Yes because ACS is going to allow her to film them and put it up on YouTube. And we're never going to see the rest of that stuff.

Kek. Not letting the BS get to her. Her Twitter comments say otherwise.

No. 607343

Ok Taylor see you in 6 months when you finally get to do all of that.

No. 607346

File: 1543567912956.png (63.58 KB, 764x447, creepy.PNG)


No. 607351

File: 1543569532739.jpg (506.78 KB, 810x2079, Screenshot_20181130-101753.jpg)

Please don't..

No. 607352

File: 1543569690846.png (166.55 KB, 720x896, IMG_20181130_101727.png)

lol her fans really are clueless babies

No. 607353


He constantly looks bloated abd spaced out. I've never seen someone so deluded before.

No. 607354

I have the same thing and work 50 hours a week in a super active job then come home and take care of my child. Yeah, I'm sore and a little tired.. But it's really not that bad. I really feel like she milks her illness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 607355

you better call them because if you don't you're $2000 down on your house savings.

No. 607356

I doubt he would, she's not anybody just because he follows her. He literally follows over 23k people.

No. 607358

How is she going to do a video on accusations without watching What Evers video? Either she's lying about not watching the video (most likely) or she's planning on doing a video without doing much research for it (so like most of her videos)

No. 607360

I just read somewhere that Longhorns shouldn't be fed surface food because they might ingest air and cause buoyancy problem.
Didn't she hand feed cheese a lot by the surface?

No. 607362

I think she's made too many responses to it to have not seen it but she's pretending she didn't so that she doesn't have to directly address any of the points made in the video. She can just reply with "hahahaha lol never seen it lmao"

No. 607365

She's so full of lies it's unreal, clearly this is her first or second time at best.. Even if people are calling animal services and they have come, all that means is that she needs to keep her house actually clean and the cages actually clean!

She's gonna reveal her address again so that will change nothing.

Honestly she's acting like she knows that she's done for (even though there's no set standards for reptiles), any other animal owner would probably tidy their house a bit and that would be that because guess what - the majority of us provide for our animals.

Either way, acting like stuff will go wrong is her acknowledging her care is shit, and that's all we need. Now for her to actually start caring.

No. 607367

Oh it's definitely not going to be about anon's video. She's gonna "address the accusations" in a very generalized manner, with very vague statements, and is going to cover enough bases to have people thinking she knows what she's doing. I'd be actually surprised if she showed any proof and, for once, directly addressed all the issues people have been voicing about her animal care as well as her relationship with JC.

No. 607369

DARVO all the way.

No. 607372

She’s so bad with money, I can see in a few years time she’s either still renting but in a small place or back at home with her parents. Her YouTube money won’t last and she has all those animals to support. So sad.

No. 607374

She should weight her snakes in the livestream to prove they're not under or overweight

No. 607376

Anon please, that would require her to get scales!

No. 607377

File: 1543574303445.png (13.4 KB, 538x142, IMG_20181130_113447.png)


No. 607378

But anon, she has scales on the snakes.

No. 607380

At least she'll be rid of Jonny since he'll move on once he sucks her dry. Maybe she'll be able to get her head out of her own ass, screw it on straight and be a more responsible pet owner. Unlikely, but still a remote possibility.

No. 607384

Hahahaha, has this person never looked into a band before? SO many bands can tour and work while their members are drugged out.
What a hilarious excuse to try and disprove the drug accusations.

Also love the "I act like that when SoBeR!!!!?1?!1"
Sounds like that person's never consumed alcohol or drugs in their life.

No. 607385

Aren’t taxes paid in the spring? And her 4 month lease extension expires January 31! Where’s that million dollar mansion?!

No. 607386

File: 1543577279189.png (49.11 KB, 720x252, IMG_20181130_122400.png)

No. 607387

They fucking live together, tell her in person jfc

No. 607389

Jen's back on youtube and twitter. What a fucking surprise.

No. 607393

There's more than one currency. For Taylor, Youtube is for dollars, Twitter is for cold hard attention.

No. 607394

I know we pointed out her social blaze but she’s losing twitter followers too. She had over 160k yesterday and now she has 159.8k.

Not a big drop but interesting.

No. 607400


She's self-employed so she pays quarterly taxes. The fourth quarter is about to end.

No. 607401

"I'll call ACS myself!! That'll show them!!"
Bitxh you literally posted a picture that shows you're required to call them yourself, that's no surprise.

No. 607402

File: 1543580687629.jpg (71.11 KB, 578x548, Capturee.JPG)

m dean

No. 607403

what is up with this family??

No. 607408

Has Taylor seen what ever's video yet?

No. 607409

what the hell is this sperg.. Looks like she is on the brink of insanity.

No. 607411

I guess the entire Dean family has totally lost their shit at this point. Truly incredible.

No. 607412


She said she hadn't watched it in a reply to a stan. Deleted that tho so who knows. I would bet money she's watched it.

No. 607417

going back in to maddies video, despite the likes not a lot of people are buying it.
A few are asking why she's responding for Taylor and that whats being said isn't bullying. There's also a few questions regarding ads but LOL.
A lot of these people look like ex fans to so Maddie might have just made things worse

No. 607419

These videos she’s going to fart out, will be hysterical. Take a shot she says “ i have stuff to upgrade this tank on the way” or “i’m ordering new stuff for him this week.” Like I said before she’s waiting for her amazon prime delivery of hides, enrichment etc before she films.

No. 607420

it's really off topic but i am so amused that emma still likes every single of emzotics posts on ig

No. 607423

uh, wrong thread buddy.

No. 607424

File: 1543584712578.jpg (453.84 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20181130-063134.jpg)

Why does she think every species of snake has issues eating. They don't, unless you're feeding wrong or your husbandry is bad.

No. 607426

File: 1543585144652.jpeg (518.18 KB, 1125x1525, 4263DBD9-A401-408F-9A8C-3F9160…)


You’re absolutely right. Other than Taylor’s “thank you, I love you” uwu comment, these are the two top comments on Maddie’s video. There are similar concerns raised throughout the comments, people explaining that legitimate concerns for animal welfare is not cyber bullying or “haters”, people commenting on how biased Maddie is, how she has overlooked the important content in what ever’s video, questioning why Taylor doesn’t just address the real concerns, discussing the hypocrisy of the Petfest crew calling out other bad animal care etc. etc..

I am so pleased to see that the tides ARE turning for Taylor and that despite all of her “lmaos”, these things are coming to light and people are feeling encouraged to be vocal about it. Really well done to what ever. You did an amazing job.

No. 607428


I don't know if Maddie cares. I really think she just made the video for $$$.

Meanwhile, Taylor is losing subs / followers consistently.

No. 607429

Well, at least she can do something consistently!

No. 607430

File: 1543585739623.jpeg (305.6 KB, 1011x1636, 80FD56EB-7F27-4C41-8339-CF9746…)


The irony of Matt Dean’s response to this popular Taylor call out tweet from a few days ago) with 6.8k retweets currently) is staggering.

No. 607434

she has been up all night replying and sounds more sacrcastic than ever. she’s really losing her shit right now hahaha. her “sleep schedule”/ drug binge is so painfully obvious

No. 607435

She's finally gotten around to blocking a bunch of people. I have to say, I do feel bad for her to a certain extent but she honestly deserved this.

That and her support system left her for four fucking days… so she's all alone and having a breakdown.

No. 607436

Don't know why her parents can't go over there and comfort her :I

No. 607437

This reads as someone throwing in “big” words and intracacies just to sound “logical”

lol that whole family is fucked

No. 607438

Why does she always do this??
“This animal is known to be xxx usually but MINE are perfect and SO healthy”

It just comes off as so forced and fake like “the vet said they have never seen a healthier animal!”

Or “all the fish keeperes in town were AMAZED cheese lived so long!!!”

No. 607439

File: 1543587756915.png (221.43 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20181130-072149~2.p…)

No. 607440

anyone else notice that her floors are fucking spotless lmfao

No. 607442

the only reason think you're guilty is because a lot of things that have happened you've kept secret.

No. 607451

Gotta clean before you call back Animal Services lol

No. 607455

seriously. that looks professionally cleaned and i wouldn't be surprised if she hired maids to clean before this video

No. 607457

File: 1543588420909.jpeg (67.24 KB, 640x345, CAEE2097-5A48-4B57-B971-0188E9…)

No. 607459

>aggressive monitor lizard

She must be panicking. She's going to call up anyone she can to offload pets before she lets ACS into her apartment.. as if they're not going to see all these suddenly empty cages and realize she's hiding them.

You can tell she knows she's in trouble.
>they'd be in the pound or in tubs if it weren't for me!!!

They're miserable in tubs and tiny enclosures anyway.

She's channeling her mother I see.

No. 607462

I wonder how much longer Johnny will stay with her. Clearly her constant drama sucks him and his past in to where it is brought up as well. Is she really that worth it? Lol

No. 607463

File: 1543588739875.png (29.38 KB, 641x241, 1514027916820.png)

Hey taylor remember this? Please practice what you preach..

No. 607464


Aaaaaaand back to joking about her animal abuse and neglect. Like clockwork.

I thought you hadn’t watched the video Taylor …

No. 607466

File: 1543588843584.jpeg (132.4 KB, 640x793, BB507D93-AF88-4C84-BAAB-F45C89…)

This just proves she thinks she is some sort of savior or actual expert.

What makes her think she is better equipped(especially at the time being so new to snakes) to BUY such a sick looking snake

No. 607467

she probably just wanted the pity from her stans

No. 607468

His $53K teeth say "yes"

No. 607469

>no one wanted to buy a sick snake
>I bought him

No one was dumb enough to give money to a bad breeder for a snake that was going to die, thus rewarding the breeder for being a shitty person… except Tay.

No wonder she gets all these animals. It's a mix of flaunting them like a basic bitch would designer handbags/shoes with a sprinkling of Saint Taylor mixed in.

>Oh X died today but it's okay because they were neglected/born with defects/had an illness or condition and they had a short lifespan anyway and no one wanted them so I bought them to give them a home for as long as they lived uwu

No. 607470

File: 1543589273249.jpeg (162.85 KB, 640x495, 1396D846-4314-440E-8D06-81D2B9…)

Didn’t she say she had 50 animals herself for her NY mag interview?

No. 607472

If a google doc is linked in the thread header, will it always link to the first version linked or will it link to the updated one if updates are made.
The evidence doc is a mess and I want to organise it some more.

No. 607473

yep within first 20 seconds it says she owns over 50 pets

No. 607474

The amount of pets she owns wouldn't matter if she could care for them, we have clearly seen that she cannot.

No. 607475

File: 1543589465211.jpeg (302.22 KB, 634x652, 54AC51F4-B685-40F9-8748-D25853…)

She’s spergin out but I don’t want to spam the thread too much.

She bought the snake “to give him a safe place to rest” as if going into a new environment, being man handled for pics or placed in an impromptu set up isn’t extremely stressful

No. 607477

Just take a bunch of screenshots and save them for now, if they end up being milk post them.

No. 607478

But she has issues with beginner snakes like ball pythons?
If anything, her point is flawed and it's mainly down to the fact that she just leaves the GTP to do it's own thing

No. 607479


The comments on it are making me mad. The tweet is calling her out for lying about "none of her snakes dying" not blaming her for the snake dying. Although that says she did support a shitty breeder and she did take him out for pictures which definitely didn't help him.

No. 607480

Her and her stans are all the same. You give them a valid statement or proof and they either ignore it or flip it somehow.

No. 607483

File: 1543590054475.jpeg (172.16 KB, 640x383, 86E33E6F-888C-4DE6-9745-822C10…)

If only instead of buying constant new pets for internet clout and ad revenue, she put that money in time into volunteering or actively trying make a difference in her community, instead of feeding into the problem.

No. 607484

File: 1543590147554.png (466.89 KB, 1242x2208, 78AE30EE-A1AE-4371-BF00-B047FE…)

She’s doing so well but had to take several days off social media this week? (That lasted only a few hours btw)

And didn’t Maddie imply she was suicidal in her video???

No. 607485

File: 1543590167825.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1479, Screenshot_20181130-080057~2.p…)

Yeah that looks like a snake that's doing amazing and shedding well.

No. 607486

But several of your animals come from pet stores? Also don't you eat meat?

No. 607487


And she wears make up

No. 607489

I don’t understand why she sould even want to buy a cowfish in the first place if they apparently don’t do well in captivity at all and are wild caught and their lifespan is shortened to less than a year because of that. Sounds downright evil to me.

No. 607490

She saw him in the store when taking back her eel and basically said what she says about a lot of her other animals "I wanted him"

No. 607498

you don't "think"?
isn't that something you should, ya know…."know"?

i don't that animal protection services or whatever they're called in the US are gonna take away her animals and i don't think they should. the best case scenario in my book would be that this serves as a wake-up call for her and she starts looking for new responsible owners for the pets she is overwhelmed with (like the monitor) and takes proper care of the rest. AND stops buying new ones, obviously.

No. 607501

when there are no issues with a pet it's BECAUSE "she knows how to take care" of it and if there are issues it's EVEN THOUGH "she knows how to take care" of it. okkkk taylor

No. 607507

Idk if she wears vegan/cruelty free makeup but I remember her dove soap and loreal hair dye in the background of her photos - both of which are not cruelty free brands.

No. 607508

She literally said yesterday or whenever that she would do a livestream when she is emotionally ready.. doesn't sound like shes mentally well at all lol

No. 607510

When some of your fish have high requirements and live for 8+ years, yeah I'd consider them a pet and not live decoration. By her logic, Cheese isn't an animal she owns. She can look at the spreadsheet and subtract the fish or whatever else if she wants to.

If you work on the shared document IN google, the document that is shared will auto update. If you work on it on another software and upload it to google, you will have to re-share it.

No. 607511

File: 1543591921525.png (352.05 KB, 633x935, tn.png)

someone tagged her to a funny video of a lizard falling off a chair and she immediately made it about herself

No. 607512

I believe dove is recently cruelty free, that or Twitter promoted and PETA have some explaining to do.

Coolio thanks, I'll keep the google link then and just move the messy/unfinished stuff to a different one till I can clean it.

No. 607514

She's trying to over-react about the situation to make the accusations seem ridiculous. But no, Taylor, people wouldn't accuse you of animal abuse if you retweeted a video. They accuse you of animal abuse when you have a high number of avoidable deaths happen under your care, post pictures without even realising there's a bone dry water bowl on show, and when none of your animals appear to reach their average lifespan.

No. 607516

Dont listen to PETA. I go by Logical Harmony's list because of all the research she puts into verifying whether or not a brand is truly cruelty free or if they're in a gray area or it's a marketing trick.

No. 607518

ACS demanding they speak with her and absolutely come tour her house really has gotten to her. I'm starting to wonder by her reaction if this is actually the first time they're being serious.

No. 607519

FFS. I posted that album of pics showing her fucking pig sty and then she spends all night on twitter having a breakdown and makes sure to post a pic with a spotless floor. kek. >>607424
Hi Tay. Maybe your animal experts can prove to AC that your animals are fine.

No. 607520

I don't really follow it, I only know about it cause Twitter mobile was shoving it in my face every 2-3 posts.
To be honest when I saw PETA all i could think was "wow could've had anyone but you chose them"

No. 607522

I'm wondering when shes going to call? I'd assume she would need to call ASAP?

No. 607524

She might pull an Onion and pretend she never got the paper and just hide in the apartment next time they come banging on the door.

Could you imagine ACS showing up with short-fuse Johnny is there? It would wind up with an arrest and seizure of animals.

No. 607525

Wow. I don't know how people like this exist in real life. Poor Tanner. His entire family is psychos. Someone save him please

No. 607526

File: 1543593624682.png (2.47 MB, 1125x2436, D4743807-B042-4971-8764-BF6F7E…)


No. 607527

File: 1543593671753.png (1.4 MB, 1125x2436, 350BF99C-7AF0-4FD4-BA4C-FEF677…)


No. 607529

File: 1543593821195.jpeg (253.38 KB, 1125x812, CD347AA2-ED27-431A-AA0A-6A3B48…)

No. 607530

>I don't care about money
That why you spend all your animal care money on $$$$ bracelets, Johnny's teeth, Johnny's funkos, your trips, Johnny's video games, etc.

>I do not own animals for attention

Except you profit off your animals and owning rare/exotic animals and as many of them as you can get.

No. 607531

Womp womp here comes the sob story

No. 607532

As someone who has dealt with suicidal thoughts before, you still might want to check in to a hospital or even ring a life line.
You might over come it now but those thoughts will come back and each time they do they just get uglier and uglier.
Given how emotional she's been over the last year, she's only briefly gotten over it but it'll fester…

No. 607533

I'm not defending her, but there's nothing abnormal about the shedding pictured here.

No. 607534

File: 1543594229830.jpeg (63.34 KB, 746x602, D736854A-6693-4BEE-8790-06CA18…)

Oh for christs sake. Let’s see how long she stays off of Twitter this time, “last thing I’m saying until my video” my ass.

No. 607535

checking into a hospital, calm down and reevaluate her life and career while her assistants take care of the animals wouldn't be the worst idea.

"criticism makes me sad bc it means the people who criticise me are sad and i just wanna make ppl happy :(" omg please… taylor, being criticised isn't comfortable. it's necessary though.

No. 607537


Kind of weird to assume that just because people are advocating that she does better that we don’t do any of these things as well? If anything the people willing to speak up about her neglect ARE the types of people already trying to better the world for animals in other regards?

Blogpost but I’m vegan and volunteer and wildlife rescues and with environmental conservation programs and am working towards a biology degree to make a career of helping the earth and I’d bet everything I own that I’m not the only person here dedicating their life to trying to make the world better. We are all here, mad at her BECAUSE we care.

How can she sit there on her high horse condemming other people who ARE trying to genuinly make a difference when she has shown no effort to do any of the things she litterally is telling her ‘haterz’ to do. It’s beyond frusterating. If you truly cared Taylor you would follow your own damn advice. You could make tons of awesome youtube content by vlogging helping out at shelters or shit like that.

No. 607538

I have a feeling this is the first time ACS has actually checked up on her animals, has she ever freaked out this badly? For saying they supposedly come weekly, she sure is losing her mind about it.

No. 607539

imo she is trying WAY too hard to come across as a victim here. Seriously she could have just made a tweet thread of every animals enclosure, and even ended every post with “lol, lmao”

>i put all my money back into my pets!!!!


I know this term is pretty dumb, but she really virtue signals up the ass

Wah i just want to make people smile and laugh!! I’m so smol and disabled pls no booly! I SAVED those animals!! Omg you haterz should be hating on the makeup and meat industry instead!!!

She just comes accross as so disingenuous

No. 607542


I don’t normally like policing peoples mental health but damn if this doesn’t stink of someone mistaking situational depression and anxiety with the illnesses depression and anxiety…

If she’s telling the truth about being in a bad enough place that she feels the need to check into a hospital, there’s no way she was able to just talk herself into a place where she didn’t feel the need to reach out for help on her own.

It takes so much hard work to fight with genuine mental illness every day, even more so when you are in a rough patch. When I hit points where I feel like I can’t do it anymore, I have to break out all my mental health resources, talk to therapists and medical professionals and helplines multiple times a day and be constantly reaching out to family and friends. And for those periods of times most other aspects of my life go unattended to because it takes every ounce of energy I have to fight past these parts of my life. You can’t just tell yourself YOU KNOW WHAT IT’S FINE, and be okay.

Sorry for rambling about myself but I wanted to illustrate my point. If Taylor can just ‘realize’ that actually you know what she’s fine, means that she’s not fighting menta illness. Even if she does suffer from those issues, that’s not what she’s experiencing right now. She’s dealing with anxiety and depression that is directly associated with her own actions. She’s panicing about how she’s going to be able to deal with consequences of what she’s done. All these horrible feelings would go away if you listened to some of yhe good advice here Taylor. You CAN feel better. You just have to apologize, and actually work towards doing better by your animals, it would free you from this nightmare.

No. 607544

I'm seconding this. She claims they've been there weekly and closed her case for six months but she's losing her shit for someone who should be used to ACS knocking on her door.

She probably made it all up in the hopes that if she claimed ACS had visited her a bunch and dismissed there being a problem that no one would actually contact them.

No. 607546

File: 1543595764628.png (25.67 KB, 723x186, wut.PNG)

So riddle me this. If ACS keeps stopping by, why does that notice read like this is the first complaint looked at. For an officer who she says stops by WEEKLY it would read more like "here again at Ms. Deans apartment to check on complaint #40." They also wouldn't put "call us right away so we can address these concerns" She would also be able to post each notice, right? Like there has to be some kind of documentation FROM the officers that could prove this weekly meeting and clearance.

No. 607547

Spreadsheet anon here. For the reference I don't follow her or these threads very closely. That's why it was so difficult for me to get the information, because I didn't know shit about what she's done. So speaking of, anyone have an idea of when she rehomed her betta sorority? I only need a month and year, I'll make do with the first time it was mentioned. I have nearly no dates of when she rehomed animals and it's fucking up some of my graphs.

Also if there's something you want to see added let me know. I aim to keep it neutral. I'm thinking of getting rid of the 'Cost' column on the List sheet because of how many of them are estimated, and I only googled the prices so it could be wayy off. I also don't know a lot about most of these animals to know if I'm over or under pricing them.

No. 607549

Exactly! This definitely has to be the first time they've actually come by.

No. 607550


She says they're going to be in a video, interesting.

No. 607551

original google doc anon here,

I sent you an editing request to the spreadsheet. I follow the threads fairly closely and could help fill in info should you want it!

No. 607552

This just in, you can only care about one singular issue! Thanks Taylor for the amazing insight as always ya fuckin cunt

No. 607553

The prices are sometimes exaggerated or up-scaled for whatever reason. I think someone pointed out when she first got Louis she paid well over what is normal for his morph and she claimed she paid $650 I think for her roughneck so yeah, I agree maybe leave the prices out because it's a bunch of extra effort and compared to species and dates, harder to track.
Personally I don't like the idea of being reminded how much an animal coasts, like I would rather remember when I got them not how much I paid.

As for the sorority I'll have a look for you, however I do believe we're looking around the time she was still living at home cause I don't remember it moving with her to her apartment.

No. 607554

…Lmao because ACS is gonna come in and be like 'WOO GUYS WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE VIDEO'. They have fucking jobs, most I could see her doing is filming them checking the apartment but that would probably stop nothing.

Fucking idiot honestly, she's in such a panic her lying makes no sense.

No. 607555

She should ask them in camera how knowledgeable they are about each animal they look at lmfao..

No. 607558


Also she deleted the notice? Wonder why! Bc any person with a brain can tell they're not coming as much as she says they are by the comments on the notice.

No. 607560

(what ever here)
I think it's obvious and already been confirmed by the "insider" yesterday: Taylor doesn't have any assistants other than Betsy. She doesn't know anything and Taylor just tells her what to do.

No. 607561

I'm actually excited for this hahaha. If she were this transparent at the start, there wouldn't even be a problem. She was always shady about everything and her stories were full of holes. Yet she refuses to even show her enclosures most of the time or an animal when someone asks/is rightfully worried. Who cares if they're just "rumors" on the internet, if a fan is worried about an animal you own, why wouldn't you show it? It takes two seconds, and she acts like her animals are her life anyway.

Also late to this post but it really bothered me that she seems to think she gets a trophy for having a snake that sheds and eats? That the NORM FFS. REALLY shows how shitty her husbandry must be if this is some thing to gush about to her.

It's too bad it took her so long to get her shit together though. She's obviously using this time to pretty up all of her tanks and clean them up.

I don't know why she thinks people are just targeting her for fun and to be bullies. If that's how it was, other pet tubers would have their own thread, too. But the pettubers thread in snow is usually pretty dead.

No. 607562

If she wants to make a video it comes off as very 'policing the police.' Which is going to end with her escalating the situation instead of this "see I'm a good pet parent, ACS even said so!!" video she thinks its going to be.

No. 607565

I feel sorry for Betsy, I hope she wasn't the one that cleaned their apartment.

No. 607567

Funny though if they had just been there then wouldn't they know about your lizard?

I bet they're going to slap her with the "more animals than allowed by the City with no permit" thing. Has anyone got any knowledge on what the amount/rules are?

No. 607568

I feel sorry for Betsy, I hope she wasn't the one that cleaned their apartment.

No. 607573

Is she oblivious to the fact people are concerned with the amount of animals she has and less with the fact she makes mistakes?

I would be just as concerned if I found out the iguana guy had 40+ other reptiles he was keeping in racks. It’s extremely concerning she sees nothing wrong with the actual amount of pets she has. All I see is her focusing on her “care” when in reality that point is moot. No human being can adequately take care of that many exotic animals by themselves no matter how doting they are. Frankly it’s insane that she’s normalizing it as “lel when ur parents let you get a snake and you get 7.” Like that’s not cute? That is the literal definition of hoarding animals

No. 607575

File: 1543597313620.jpeg (Spoiler Image,146.77 KB, 540x960, 178FCA98-7DAD-4291-8DDE-9867E4…)

Repost bc I forgot to hide image

Just so everyone has an idea on how bad ACS is in San Antonio

This is a local pet shop that has been reported by myself and others on multiple occasions. They have been reported for abuse, neglect and for having literal dead animals on display in their store.

This shop has been cleared by ACS every time with no problem. I’m confident they’re not going to do anything about Taylor.

No. 607578

I'm looking at the San Antonio ACS page and they have something called excess animal permit.

The type of violation Taylor received was a permits and licenses violation but the comments talk about her monitor.

Also, the officer's name is on the ticket so maybe someone could call and see the validity of if they actually met with Taylor?

No. 607579

Forgot to mention that it's been told to me by a real source, not the person from yesterday.

No. 607580

File: 1543597895897.jpg (247.64 KB, 1050x1647, 20181130_110917.jpg)

She needs to realize that her and her family's outburst on social media are not helping her. The best thing she can do is step away from it for a while, and make improvements to herself and her pets

No. 607581


Animal Limits.
A maximum number of eight (8) cats or five (5) dogs or an aggregate number of eight (8) may be permitted at a residence within the City limits. ) The total number of domestic fowl and livestock allowed at a residence is five (5) which may include: up to three (3) domestic fowl; and up to two (2) animals from the following classes of livestock-equines,bovines,sheep,goats and llamas.

Prohibited Species.
It is unlawful to keep wild animals and many other species within the City of San Antonio. Such animals include monkeys and other non-human primates, wolf hybrids, coyotes, foxes, exotic cats, bears, skunks, raccoons, miniature Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, poisonous reptiles, crocodiles and related species.

There's also a section on dangerous animals. Source: http://www.aapaw.org/city-of-san-antonio-animal-codes.html

No. 607582

Just some quotes from the Excess Animal Permit from the San Antonio ACS
(e) Any owner, caretaker, or other person who keeps any non-poisonous snake over three (3) feet
and/or fifteen (15) pounds, in addition to complying with all federal and state laws, regulations, and
permit regulations affecting such snake, shall:
(1) Keep the snake at all times in a cage or enclosure of such size and construction and in a manner
as to preclude the possibility of escape. Such enclosure shall be of such size as to permit the snake
reasonable freedom of movement;
(2) Keep the snake in such a manner so as not to threaten or annoy any person of normal
sensitivity; and
(3) Prevent unauthorized access to the snake through adequate safeguards.

No. 607583

File: 1543598217196.png (20.38 KB, 924x258, 5c99f7844fead5600831c327db7984…)

>>607547 >>607551
Been searching through her videos and managed to get this, excuse the shitty cropping can't be bothered Gyazoing it again.

No. 607584

So parading her snakes outside and joking about the "Eek!" comment was breaking that 2nd rule?

No. 607586

Jump to 11:31

While going through her videos to find stuff on the betas, Larry was featured in this video briefly and I found it interesting because when he died, she claimed he was 4 years old and at the end of his life (unfortunately unlike other mantis shrimp who manage 20 years peacocks only manage 4-6, 8 if the tank is top quality)
But in the video she says she bought him as an adult and actually doesn't know how old he is.
While it's possible he was 4 I don't really get how she manages to get he was 4 years old already at his time of death when she actually didn't know.

No. 607587

I'm pretty sure Taylor is ignoring the ACS notice and hoping they don't come back. No way she would actually face up to them,no way they have been coming every 2 weeks since she just said this is the first time in 6 months.

If anyone is in her video it will most likely not be a real ACS officer.

No. 607588

Interesting, does she need documents to keep the monitor or does he not fit the category for crocs/related species?

I don't think her racks would qualify as a safe way to keep the snakes since it has no locks? Is that an issue?

No. 607589


Holy shit has she just broken a record for most subs lost by a lolcow in one day?

No. 607590

lmao. let's see if she can actually keep this schedule. I have a feeling she'll only get one thing done this year because she spends her time on twitter trying to make everyone feel bad for her. "OMG THEY CAME HERE FOUR TIMES! BUT I'M NOT SHOWING PROOF BECAUSE YALL HATERRZZ" and i'm the owner of Tesla, Taylor.

No. 607593

I would believe so. I mean, I don't know what most of her snakes look like. I know that some of them are so malnourished they probably wouldn't even fit the criteria for 3 feet and/or 15 pounds. That being said, taking her snakes outside is extremely dangerous. If the snake bites her, she could drop it. The snake could not only be harmed, but could then get away and maybe bite someone else too.

Honestly, I don't know enough about snake racks to give enough of a comment on them. All I can really say is that she keeps them in plastic bins with their name labeled on the front, and that is pretty sad if you think about it.

No. 607594

She also said she would do a south west dragons apology…don’t hold your breath!

No. 607596

all this reads is, ME ME ME and you're making my life miserable so please stop hurting ME. Just like with her videos, it's 90% about herself with a 10% of "animals means alot to me."

If she was really the type of person she thinks she is, she would've opened up her own faults and explain how she's going to try to fix herself in order to enrich the lives of her animals. Then explain how she's going to do that and stick to it. Another thing she could've done is attach a short video of her mistakes and then explain how she's going to fix it (kinda like DIY, where he explains how he's going to fix his fish room). So this whole thing she's doing is unbelievable and it just makes me not like her more.

No. 607599

samefag. So Taylor, gotta drop your ego/pride because it'll be the death of your channel and the poor lives that you keep saying you take care of properly.

No. 607600

There's no doubt ACS will pass her, as long as she has the bare minimum for each pet (which she does) then they won't take her animals away. If pet stores that carry ill animals & sell from puppy mills can pass then Taylor passes by a landslide. The main concern would be the amount of animals she has in her tiny ass apartment.

No. 607601

Shame they weren't there when your skinks and frog were cooking to death. And when your lack of experience led to your kitten dying, and her sickly looking brother who is lucky to be alive. Also a shame they weren't there when your bearded dragons tail was rotting off for months.

No. 607602

Along with the ACS I wanna see an inspection by the landlord. There is no way she is not violating agreed terms.

No. 607604

File: 1543601603831.jpeg (724.41 KB, 1536x2048, F6C651C7-4182-4B5A-877A-6EC036…)

No. 607606

File: 1543601647122.jpeg (406.79 KB, 1536x2048, BBF3BEFB-0496-4D4D-A413-11CC7F…)

No. 607608

File: 1543601960140.jpeg (584.43 KB, 2048x1536, FC4372B5-DBC8-4DC6-AA24-8A148E…)

No. 607610

She seriously doesn't know how time works. She smoked around her satanics in like May, not a year ago.

No. 607611

I hope What ever doesn’t delete her video because honestly, her attitude of this whole thing reminds me of a rebelling 15 year old that will be sarcastic to anything against her. In my eyes, the video is a way to let us know who has a average to high IQ because you gotta be so airheaded to think she’s treating her animals the correct way.

No. 607615

God she’s just disgusting now, I know she’s not handling things well but the ‘jokes’ she’s making right now are so insensitive.
Just because your feelings are hurt doesn’t give you the right to take it out on everyone else.

The more it drags on the more I realise I once looked up to a toxic woman whose willing to throw people under the bus.

No. 607617

I won't unless Taylor changes some serious shit around and it stays that way. I'm just gonna act like it doesn't exist for now, rabid stans do become taxing at some point. Especially when getting told that it's good I'm getting hate since that way I know what Taylor feels right now. Cyberbullying is okay when it targets the ones you dislike, I guess lol

No. 607618

Taylor, if you are reading;

Please, for the sake of your animals, put their welfare before your ego.

You will experience less frustration and most importantly -less animal deaths if you do.

No. 607619

Why do people let her brush off the heating malfunction like it was some act of god she had no control over? No matter how you spin it, it points to her making stupid amateur mistakes that she should not be making 20 reptiles in. You need a timer plug! It's as essential as the fucking tank ffs. There's no way you can give her the benefit of the doubt with the story she posted.

Not that I believe her bullshit story about it anyway, it doesn't make any sense.

No. 607622

Taylor: My animals are doing AMAZING!
Also Taylor: My animal died way before it's average life span. My animals tail rotted off. My animal nearly died from a fungus problem I neglected. I cooked 3 of my animals to death because I check on them once in a period of 22 hours instead of regularly like a normal person would after an electricity malfunction.

Taylor: I'm doing AMAZING!!
Also Taylor: I can't cope. My mental health is bad so I can't upload a video and need to take a break from social media.

Also, how can she say she doesn't replace pets when she bought two croc skinks before even announcing the previous two had died, and is still pretending she hasn't got new ones???

No. 607626

What about including Jonny Craig and the incident with Kiki Kannibal?

No. 607629

File: 1543604761925.png (529.12 KB, 1125x2436, DA09FDF4-96E5-413C-9F81-E16F97…)

Uses neglect to justify neglect

Even if people are leaving dogs in hot cars knowingly, dogs don’t have as hard of a time dealing with heat as reptiles.

And you literally cooked yours to death because you didn’t check on them :/.

No. 607630

She has never acknowledged it like this before lol.. she actually said what she would do to fix it this time which is new for her

No. 607632

Does she realize that people who leave their dogs in hot cars, even if the dog is fine and alive, can be charged with animal cruelty…..

No. 607636


No. 607637

I'm wondering if her apartment complex was notified by ACS that there have been complaints about her animals? You would think they would be inclined to inform them since she doesnt own her apartment, right?

No. 607639


I hope so, her animals would actually stand a chance of living full lives if she was forced to give up most of them in order to keep her apartment.

No. 607642

Hey Taylor. Your rat snake looks fine because you haven't had him long enough to ruin his health yet. How about you pull out one of your older snakes who is underfed and dehydrated, take some pics and try to tell us how they're doing wonderfully.

I hope ACS fines the crap out of her and requires she rehome most of her pets.

No. 607647


"it wasn't like i left them alone for days without water or food" thats a bit specific, is this how the skinks really died Taylor?

No. 607652

Taylor is gonna have to show necropsies for all her future deaths for anyone to trust her.

No. 607657

any idea who jen is subtweeting about?

No. 607659

File: 1543609648311.jpg (1.64 MB, 1000x10290, pt2018_11_30_14_29_23.jpg)

I'm kinda assuming Emzotic bc of the movie career comment

No. 607660

File: 1543609675539.jpeg (341.97 KB, 750x854, E8B4DC2E-8DC7-4D8A-884E-9FC266…)

Sorry if this was already posted but when did this get “debunked” I don’t remember anyone calling the seller?? Is she lying?

No. 607661

File: 1543609780481.jpg (180.9 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181130-143121_Chr…)

Also appears mama dean deleted her Twitter yet again after her stupid little rant 40 min ago

No. 607662


UH WTF one anon literally just said she actually texted the breeder that night and the breeder said it was no longer available.

I'm sure the receipts are somewhere but blatant lie lol

No. 607664

>i dont respect angry people who decide they will show their outrage on the internet and pick a subject to always be angry about.

you really wanted to die on that hill?

No. 607666

I remember after she got Ghost a bunch of people found the Craigslist ad for the ragdoll kittens and contacted the seller wanting to know if she or Jonny bought one of the kittens. Apparently the seller found taylors twitter or email and sent her a message asking who these people were and why they were contacting them. Taylor uploaded a screenshot of the message, idk if anyone saved it or not.

No. 607668

So I have a question about ACS, since I’m not American and don’t know how that works.

Realistically speaking, what’s the most they can do about this?

No. 607672

File: 1543611654695.jpeg (280.87 KB, 640x656, F0B4C902-C936-405B-A686-1D9E76…)

Aaand shes back

No. 607673


If those disabilities mean you can't take adequate care of them, THEN YOU CAN'T TAKE CARE OF THEM. Shouldn't have the animals in the first place if that's the case. Animals don't live on love alone, and if your best isn't enough then it isn't fare to insist you keep those animals. This girl is so stupid it's unbelievable.

No. 607674

Holy shit she really twisted that girl's tweet

No. 607679


What the FUCK. You can love animals and not have to own every. single. one. you. see. You know that, right, Taylor?

Blogfagging, but the reason I don't have animals is because I love them… enough to know my disabilities would prevent me from giving them adequate care right now. So I don't have animals. Because I love them, and want what's best for them.

It's really disturbing to me that she thinks liking something means she should have it. That she's entitled to it.

And sure, disabled people can have pets! I've never just seen someone with a disability have more than fifty of them.

No. 607681

it's hard to say. if they're there to look at the number of animals she has on behalf of her landlord, possibly a lot. if it's a routine check? much tougher call, though i don't see how any animal control officer wouldn't immediately read her as a hoarder.

No. 607682

File: 1543612409311.jpeg (234.03 KB, 1357x1133, 8564BA5C-A521-4961-90D1-093BAB…)

I distinctly remember her claiming her assistant only helped while she was on vacation and her illnesses never prevented her from taking care of them 100% by herself.

No. 607684

Knowing your limits hahahah. Did you know your limits when you took on 2 week old kittens without any prior experience to raising cats, let alone kittens, Taylor? A normal person in that situation would think "I have no idea how to do this, I'll call an expert to give these kittens the best possible chance". And no Taylor, you are not an animal expert.
I honestly want a breakdown of how much time she actually spends cleaning and interacting with her pets daily, because I don't see how she possibly manages to give her animals, especially the cats, rats, hedgehogs, bearded dragon, leopard gecko and monitor, the adequate amount of time alongside everything else all her animals need. Especially on these days she sleeps for 12+ hours and doesn't feel well.

No. 607690

File: 1543613458283.png (324.29 KB, 1440x2273, text2.png)

Am said Anon went and dug up old screenshots of the texts she claimed were from the breeder of people harassing them and them also my conversation with the breeder contradicting that story. Don't want to samefag too much but here is my text with breeder. This was same day they got Ghost, litter of three kittens originally. It was never disproved.

No. 607694

I'm confused about this forums thing. If you guys are such experts at caring for animals in need-why are you on a forums complaining about a person you will never meet when you could be doing something productive. Seriously if all you guys put all this passion into something worth while my gosh think of what you could accomplish!

I'm all for animal rights/speaking up for those who cannot. But seriously how sheltered a life you guys must live. There are people out there tieing chains to horses feet to make them walk in a 'funny' mannor that is agony for the horse and calling it a sport. There are people out there killing the rhinos to extinction and you guys are all on here, bitching like 13 year old girls, about a girl who has a lot of pets, has made some mistakes but is trying her best. Like, really?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 607695

She is promoting horrible behavior and giving the reptile/fish/pet communities horrible reps. As a fish keeper and someone who is interested in reptiles its disgusting.

No. 607696


Yup. You sure seem confused about a lot of things. Toddle off and go count your thumbs or something else more suitable to your rapier wit.

No. 607698

People can care about multiple things at the same time, genius.
Also having 50 pets leaves no room for mistakes and learning uwu.

Just go.

No. 607699

Do you think Taylor is the only issue we care about? You're sure fucking sense lmao.

No. 607702


Let's break this down for you, sparky.


That leave you a lil less confused?

No. 607705

If anything, this forums has put me off the 'community' more than anything else.

Why can't we learn with her, learn from her mistakes and not make the same ones our self, discus ideas and what she could have done better in a helpful and polite manor?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 607706

Because she wont learn, nothing is ever her fault and she can do no wrong uwu

No. 607707

A lot of us here actually go to college/university for animal/environment related degrees to deal with the problems you discuss. There's a lot of people on here, it's not just a few people on here all day. Taylor spends an awful lot of time on twitter bitching like a 13 year old, should she not log off and go and spend some time with her animals and do something more productive?

No. 607708

People have tried giving her suggestions politely. She doesn’t listen and only thinks she’s right despite 7 animals dying in a month under her care. That’s why

No. 607710

It's not a you can only care about one thing argument,

It's a 'I don't want to stand and watch a bunch of people bully someone because they're bored with their own life and are including them self in someone they will never know' argument.

No. 607712

She's tryna bait out users from here to ban them I think. Banning solves everything.

No. 607713

because she refuses to listen to anybody that criticizes her in a “helpful and polite manor” taylor either refuses to answer questions concerning her care or insists that her animals are “fine” without showing anything

No. 607715


You assume that Taylor's knowledge is the be-all end-all level of knowledge and that we have something to learn from her. You also assume we have not tried being nice and polite to her. Guess how that's gone? First two don't count.

People here are upset with her constant malignant negligence because they know better than Taylor and because Taylor does not accept any criticism or advice. This has lead to countless dead animals. It has to stop.

No. 607718

If she will never learn, why not just leave her alone and fight a different battle? Stop knocking on a wall expecting an answer.

(I'm not being hateful/mean I just think there are so many mean comments here surely a community should support each other not built upon hate)

No. 607719


Because the lives of the innocent animals suffering under her 'care' are worth it.

No. 607720


If you're not seeing a point to any of this, why the fuck are you here then, wasting our time and yours?

"I am sorry, this makes no sense, explain everything to me" is such kindergarten level trolling.

No. 607721

Pointing out bad husbandry and abuse is not bullying.

No. 607722

File: 1543614737342.png (274.12 KB, 1242x2208, 406BBA41-F4D9-4FA6-A93E-AAA30F…)

Like mother like daughter

No. 607724


In the wise words of our all-knowing, infallible pet mom: lmao.

No. 607725

File: 1543614802337.png (64.79 KB, 782x369, 4515648531564315431.png)

wow lol

No. 607726

Honestly I think Taylor gets a lot of flack due to her spiteful, petty and rude personality she often shows. If she was a nice and polite person, I'm sure people would be nicer to her, but she's constantly a bitch and then cries and tries to pretend she's a nice person when someone's rude to her.

No. 607727


No one is making you. No one. Close your browser, get off the internet, and go outdoors. Sounds like it would do you good.

Calling out bad animal keeping that has lead to countless deaths is not bullying, btw.

No. 607728

clearly the San-Antonio ACS knows NOTHING about reptiles/ reptile care as they refer the venomous reptiles as 'poisonous' so chances are that Tay Tay will get away with everything as per usual

No. 607730

If you cared to read these "forums", you'd actually see there's been plenty of discussion about proper animal care. And again, she's been told nicely and politely before about the mistakes she's making that she takes as "bullying".

When you're in a position of certain influence, you have to learn how to deal with criticism accordingly. This is not a "only Taylor" deal. This is literally every single person who holds a position of influence in a certain sphere.

And it is even more important because we're talking about actual living beings under her care.

Either you claim to know what you're doing, or you are still learning. You cannot have it both ways.

Criticizing someone does not equal bullying, you and all the people who think like that have to get this, because you'll have a hell of a hard time in the outside world.

Also, we're not a monolith, and this applies, again to ANY community. There's going to be people who will be nice, and others will not. That is a regular thing that happens that, AGAIN, a person who holds a certain level of influence has to learn to deal with.

Not to mention, that she's also publicly mocked abuse and rape victims and claimed it was all a manipulation tactic.

Now please tell me if it isn't, to a certain extent, justified that people are outraged?

No. 607731

Lol but guiz, it was just a twitter page!

No. 607732

I just don't understand why it has to be 'Taylor made a mistake she abuses every animal omg she's a monster let's gather round with our pitch forks'

Why can't it be 'I saw Taylor did this, personally this is how I would do this and share your technique and ideas, then someone else could do the same and it would spiral then when someone is reaserching an animals care they find 100 ways to do something and have all this knowledge. there's so much change to happen in animal care, and I just do not believe hate and anger is the way to make the change. Why can't people be kind to one another and educate them self and others in a positive way.

No. 607733

Stop responding to the bait

No. 607736

Yeah the person who cares about people's feelings ahh don't listen to it it might be contagious

No. 607737


Again, people have tried being kind and were either completely ignored or blocked.

Also, one mistake is an incident, two mistakes is carelessness, three mistakes is a pattern. She has made numerous mistakes and learned exactly nothing.

Run along now, little child. We'll see you again once you've grown yourself some sense.

No. 607739

File: 1543615366683.jpeg (259.85 KB, 1242x1420, 2630D1B0-0C4C-4387-BCAF-2B7D5A…)

This cow is also willing to throw her “friends” under the bus for the sake of making herself look better? Insane.

No. 607740

Excuse the rude anons, a lot of people on here are just fired up. The reason people are after Taylor is because shes essentially the face of the animal community, she has a lot of young fans that look up to her but unfortunately she's not the best role model for animal keeping. We don't want kids to think that its okay to buy a new pet constantly or that having the space and money means you can get whatever you want. I could go on but this is getting lengthy.

No. 607741

I only came on here cause I heard emzotic trash talked people and was curious and thought maybe it would be a friendly forums for people who love and care for animals.

It's just a bunch of bitter/angry people gathering around to complain lol

No. 607743

This is so typical of Taylor and her fans: to them it really is all about Tay-tay and her feelings, and fuck the animals.

Won't someone just think of Taylor?
Won't someone just think of Taylor's feelings?
Won't someone have a little pity for the poor martyr?

Not a shred of compassion for her animals in sight.

No. 607744

If you come here guns blazing anons are going to fire right back. Shocker right?

No. 607745

I don’t think Taylor’s ego will ever go away because she’s living with a manbaby who’s basically the definition of it. She’s just gona get worse and worse, and eventually, it’s gona ruin her “career” and she’ll end up just like him; searching for someone to give her money and using them by using her animals to make them feel bad.

No. 607746

Anons have said multiple times if she’d take responsibility and truely change they’d lay off. They also often acknowledge things she does right. If you don’t like the forum then leave. It’s really that simple

No. 607747

People seem to forget that this fiasco is for the good of her animals. Honestly if it took hurting her feelings a little bit then its worth it

Wellbeing of animals > Hurt feelings

No. 607748

This is actually SO rude to her friends that went the extra mile to defend her

No. 607749

Oh… ohhhhhhhhh.
Oh that's low.

No. 607750


Thank you. I understand that, and I do think as a public figure she should address issues better as she is a source of information for lots of people/children. And being angry about her care for animals is one thing, and disagreeing and having better ways of doing something is great. I just don't think it's fair half the comments on here is about her personal life and relationships and are quite hateful. I don't think there has been one girl who looks back to their teen years and is proud of every guy they dated/hasn't dated any interesting idiots. Some things you just have to live through and learn yourself, like when your parents tell you that guy is no good but you date him anyway

Anyway- I just can't imagine how bad she must feel. When I was younger I had a hamster/kept it in the usual pet shop cage because there was no internet for all this information. I thought i took great care of that hamster, with the ball you'd put it in to run around the floor- now I know how bad all of those things are for hamsters and would never do it again and few awful for those mistakes, but my gosh I'd of felt so terrible to have a bunch of people I didn't even know criticise me for it also.

No. 607751


She's a grown ass adult, not a teenager.

No. 607753

She's in her very early 20's she still has a lot of learning/growing up to do. If you had your whole life sorted by that age I aplaude you.

No. 607754

Right before Taylor deleted her Twitter, there were some tweet exchanges saying that jonny’s words weren’t her own and when did she ever laugh at his victims. Those got deleted when people started asking for links about Jonny , then she deleted the whole thread.

No. 607756


You're very keen to apologise for someone who's taken on incredibly adult responsibilities and is failing at them dismally, while ignoring people who are trying to help her and who's refusing to take any responsibility of her actions and their consequences.

Again, you're very concerned with Taylor's Feelings. So… in your books… since she's young and prone to getting upset at any hint of disagreement: where do her responsibilities start? When is she accountable? How do her little feelings help her animals, many of which are actively suffering?

No. 607757


There's a huge difference between having your life sorted out and mass killing animals in your care and dating pedophiles.

No. 607758

File: 1543616473415.jpeg (435.36 KB, 1363x1875, B8DC2A8B-1E5F-4314-AF90-39F2D6…)

No. 607759

Reasonable, but a lot of young adults don't claim themselves to be "animal educators" with little to no educational background to preface the title.

No. 607760

File: 1543616512002.jpeg (258.68 KB, 1354x1128, 38D5B2D5-69E3-4D4B-9AA0-280876…)

No. 607761

And I agree with you, i've posted before how unnecessary the comments about her looks, grammar, clothing, etc are. I think THAT is bullying and it makes everybody else on here look like assholes

But unfortunately its the internet and people are going to say what they want. Disregarding the ones who cant help but insult her appearance and whatnot, we all come from a place of concern and just want to see her animals thrive and be a better role model.

No. 607762

I'm not saying she is right, nor am I saying she's a monster and deserves all this hate. I'm saying she's a person who's made mistakes and I do genuinly believe she cares about her animals which is more than I can say for some. Does she take perfect care of them? no. Does she take on more than she can handle? Probably. Does

No. 607763

"Over a decade"? He keeps saying awful shit. He keeps talking about Chelsea and Amanda by name on Twitter despite having a protection order against him.

He keeps calling them crazy exes. She herself had a fucking meltdown because surprise, he was shitty. This is incredible.

No. 607764


Still not one word from you about anything else besides Taylor's feelings and how victimised she must be.

Here's a hint: The victims here are all the animals she's hurt and killed through awful care and negligence.

No. 607765

File: 1543616859708.jpeg (131.55 KB, 622x783, D377C486-9479-490E-9C8F-00C467…)

Only one i have from this morning

No. 607766

And I agree with that she shouldn't call herself an animal educater without any qualifications. I think she's more of a pet care/learn with me and watch me progress channel. People like snake discovery/emzotic ( I don't like her personally but she is good at getting facts and information across) I feel are more the educational pettubers

No. 607767

Another big issue with Taylor is that she has a massive young following, who she's teaching that it's okay to hoard animals, date rapists, kill animals, etc. It would be shitty if she did all this privately without sharing it, but it's a whole new level that she's teaching kids that this shit is acceptable.

No. 607768


Uh. When does she demonstrate pet care? Let alone proper pet care? That's… kind of why we're here, you fucking toaster.

No. 607769


"Watch me progress". Watch her progress into what, deeper and deeper into animal hoarding?

No. 607770


Can't stop, won't stop, until the death toll is over 100!

No. 607772

Explaining is tougher than if you would just read this & earlier threads, honestly. You would be surprised how much anons advocate for animals, unpack her everyday lies, and express that they aren't looking for "perfect care" (as your wording suggests) but just reasonable care.

No. 607773

“I’m at the peak of my life right now, I feel so comfortable and loved”
“I almost checked myself into a hospital because I was in such a mentally dark place”
She really says things that apply to the current conversation. She never thinks how much she can be such a hypocrite in 24 hours.

No. 607774

According to her, it was already too old when she got him.

No. 607775


Petcare is difficult, challenging, a lot of work, rewarding, not for everyone, I think she illustrates this quite well?

No. 607776

wait her mantis shrimp is dead?? when did that happen?? I haven't seen her post anything about that

No. 607777

She announced it at the same time as Zazu

No. 607778


Yup. Taylor sure shows that pet care is not for everyone.

No. 607779

No. 607780

I like how she avoids talking about Jonny at all costs, because she knows her relationship is shit. Literally at this point, they’re still together and love bombing each other because she doesn’t want to say “I was wrong about him”. Kek I really don’t understand the purpose of staying in a shitty relationship with someone as disgusting as Jonny Craig.

No. 607781


Quite well? What would you say is good about hoarding animals and substandard care?

No. 607782

>>607706 Hi dizzxy.
>>607694 I agree.. Only a couple of posters here seem to genuinely care about the animals.. the rest are obsessed with Taylor. It's great to care about animals, but why tf are you doing it anonymously on lolcow?? Most of you guys are seriously fucking obsessed

No. 607783

Finally, someone sane!

No. 607784

as much as I hate Taylor, i hope for the animals sake she stays popular and continues to make money off of youtube, so she can still afford to care for them

No. 607785

Oh god… everyone always comes up with this bs and seems to forget the fact that you will either be killed by her stans or be blocked. There's no discussion to be had on Twitter, if people want to discuss here where half of her stans have no clue of - who cares? Who really gives a shit?

No. 607786


No but you don't get it, nonny! Taylor's really young and her feelings might get hurt and it's not her faaaauuuuult! Nothing ever is!

No. 607787

The Pettubers are out in force tonight…

No. 607788


The funny thing is that wasn’t even true according to both Emma and Lori But Taylor RTed anyways with out asking her friends about it

No. 607789

Right? Because they're all gonna talk sense into us Taylor obsessed haters!

If anything, they should be reaching out to Taylor and tell her to stop making a fool out of herself.

No. 607790

Taylor’s behavior angers me so much.

I have owned all kinds of exotic animals. Guess what I do when someone who knows better than me points out a mistake I’ve made?

I CHANGE. Like a responsible pet owner.

Your ego is not more important than your animals right to live a full and healthy life with you. ESPECIALLY if the animal is wild caught, what you provide for them should be an improvement from the wild. Not a step down.

Taylor horrifies me. She NEEDS to rehome some animals. No one can properly care for this many exotics.

I’d be happy to take one or two, and I’m near her.

No. 607791


Yup. Can't quite understand wtf they think they're doing here, exactly. If they want to tend to Taylor's tender ego, surely they can just go talk to her on a DM or something?

No. 607792

>>607783 Yeah, this forum doesn't attract much in the way of sanity, so don't expect to see much more!
>>607785 You know part the reason her stans are so defensive is because of these forums, right? Because some of you guys legit cyber stalk her and her family, spending every waking second seemingly doing it. And because of all of the ridiculous speculation here "omg! I haven't seen a pic of this pet in 3 days, Taylor is probably replacing it now teeheeee"… "omg taylor is disgustingGg!" This place isn't where righteous animal activists meet to confer and organize to help the animals… it's a place where you HATE on people and their families for mostly speculation

No. 607795

kek Go on, which stan pettuber are you? It's clear in defending taylor that your pet care is just as bad.

No. 607796

"Hey guise, let's go to an imageboard and flood it with logic trolling, pretending not to understand things, and astroturf some positivity about Tay onto the internet!"

Seriously I don't get what you guys think you're gonna gain here. Amazing.

No. 607797

>>607782 Where did I sing anyone's praises?? You're a real critical thinker, aren't you?

No. 607798

>Wahhhh boo hoooo I don’t understand what this website is or why Taylor is considered a cow! Obsessed!

No. 607799

ffs guys when I saw how many new posts there were I thought something happened but you are just talking to a white knight that thinks killing 10 pets in a month is a youthful mistake uwu

No. 607800

Naw, that there's a genuine pettuber for sure.

No. 607801

Lmao burn