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File: 1523046251859.png (1.44 MB, 1300x845, taylor2.png)

No. 548305

20 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber and her 31 year old junkie boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread: >>>/snow/542328

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 30+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Several pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig is the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Recently moved out of her parent's house and into an apartment with Jonny Craig, which caused public drama between her and her mother, who adamantly disapproves of Jonny after hearing of his history and discovering that together he and Taylor were snorting coke and heroin.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l

- Fans are still tweeting at her expecting their goddess to save their impulse bought pets' lives, but Taytay has better things to do!
- Bought THREE new Satanic Leaf Geckos, who are super fragile!!!
and have very specific care needs.
- Plus point is that apparently these geckos were wild caught, not captive-bred.
- Posted a picture of her holding one of these fragile creatures and insisted 'she stayed still while I was moving her so I snapped a picture' when people asked her about it
- Jonny tweeted that Taylor was coming to his tour for the first few days and then meeting him in Vegas and 'ending the tour with daddy' puke emoji
- But wait, she just got three sensitive geckos with very specific needs? No worries! She has not one, not two, but three experts who will come to her house three times a day to check in on them and her fish!
- Also has been putting off editing her videos because muh invisible illness and joint pains.
- Flirting with someone called Karizma on twitter (handle @callmekarizma), the guy asked her to adopt a kitten with him in LA.
- Said guy has apparently been called out for doing bad things like: singing about mental illness and romanticizing it; sexually harassing women especially minors and generally being manipulative and abusive. ( if interested, check this thread: https://twitter.com/diamandisjewels/status/960998257622179840 ) Taylor just can't keep away from trash.
-Got called out for buying wild caught animals
-Brought a monitor, but claimed the store lied about its species
-Followed Jonny around on tour. He was arrested for breaking a mic, but the charges were dropped. She immediately flew home that night
-Got a shitty new tattoo
-Said she's has new videos to upload for her new channel that's focused on her mental illness.. couple weeks ago.
-Bought a monitor lizard for a month before uploading a video of him saying he's a black throat which is actually a rough neck! now, she's trying to make things up so she can keep him
-Gets called out on smoking around animals, doesn't care
-Makes a video on the monitor situation, which isn't an apology. Gets called out, so simply disables the comments. Tries to deflect the situation by talking abut captive v wild bred
-Continues to be ~edgy af on twitter. Jokes about drug use.
-Has run out of any original video ideas. Makes video of her snakes 'doing stuff'.

No. 548318

Who is this Ericflores she's going to see in L.A, leaving her animals yet again.

No. 548324

I believe he is someone in slaves or associated with slaves

No. 548333

>>548324 So then Jonny is going too. Here we go again with Taylor unnecessarily traveling. She just needs to rehome her animals at this point. All of them. Most of us with pets are lucky enough if we can go on a vacation for a day or two away a year or less. Not only is it sad to leave the animals who don't like your absence, pets are a huge responsibility and I'm betting Taylor expects her friend Betsy who recently gave birth to watch all the animals again. Betsy is probably happy to do it because she's a good friend. Taylor is a shit friend if she's not at the most, paying her to do this.

No. 548334

Ok so she gets called out for eco earth being a terrible substrate and ignores it because she “thinks” it’s okay?
If this doesn’t show her irresponsibility I’m not sure what does. It’s really unfortunate that when people try to help her she ignores it or calls it hate.
She’s being called out by a ton of people in the reptile community which is good. Fans may see it and realize her “facts” are bullshit.
Also, I’m really curious how she’s keeping Mushu’s water temperature down…no fan or chiller…

No. 548347

>>548334 Mushu is underweight, has always been so. She doesn't care about this Axolotl, especially how sick she got before and nearly died. I think she only got her because she's an exotic endangered animal that she wanted to show off. Mushu goes long periods without eating to be as thin as she has been in every photo. Taylor can also afford a nice aquarium chiller, just a few hundred bucks or less. There is no reason with her income why she shouldn't have one already.

No. 548363

File: 1523050639873.jpeg (208.22 KB, 640x580, D64C3788-3524-4E60-A105-FCBE6F…)

Why the fuck did she retweet this person mocking the yelp review? This is pretty much solidifying she has an outside porch/balcony/whatever area

No. 548378

>>548368 I like the part where she didn't deny the screaming fits draped in snakes with Jonny. Can you just imagine it, Taylor draped in several snakes, having an absolute tantrum screaming outside on her porch with her short crack whore hair. Snake heads flying in each direction. Maybe she'll make arrest records at some point. Deranged woman draped in snakes terrorize local apartment complex. Snake hooks used.

No. 548379

She can perfectly afford a pet sitter ( a real one not the super professional who works so much with reptiles he couldnt tell it was the wrong monitor)

No. 548389

She said in a video once that she "throws in a few ice cubes" when she does a water change.

No. 548392

I think the reason she mocks that Yelp review and said she doesn't have a balcony is because she knows if it was a real review and not one of us they would have called it what it is, a porch not a balcony.

No. 548434

If i remember correctly she mentioned using a fan to keep the temperature in mushu‘s enclosure cool enough in one of her old videos. Everytime i did get a glimpse of the enclosure it didn’t look like she was using anything but whatever..

No. 548474

File: 1523062175627.jpeg (34.01 KB, 212x275, BC000F0D-10D4-491B-9A6E-4B945A…)

This was posted in the last thread but isn’t it bizarre she posted this caption with “I can’t make money off this now lmao”

Obviously people with YouTube as they’re only job do it to make money, but she posts so infrequently it implies to me it’s the only reason she’s doing it anymore

Like lol…. why would you bitch about not being able to make money off videos when you spend weeks away goofing off from making videos…..

No. 548504

ice cubes melt in like under an hour, so unless she's doing hourly water changes (which would stress the shit out of Mushu) then that is NOT adequate cooling. what the hell is she thinking. that poor creature suffers so much. all because her owner doesn't think she could ever be wrong when it comes to animal care.

No. 548507


Omg what a disaster. She should cool the water pre water change, and KEEP it at the right temp between changes, otherwise it's probably more stressful for the poor thing. Ice (if it's dechlorinated water ok for the tank) is a reasonable method of cooling aquariums in emergencies (power outages, heat malfunction, etc.) but absolutely not ok for long term.

No. 548510

>>548504 She nearly killed her already critically endangered species. According to some Axolotl protection websites they are extinct in the wild. Mushu never would have gotten sick if she hadn't neglected her. Maybe this is why she rarely shows her anymore, she is sick often, or because she knows she's underweight and doesn't like to be told this because she doesn't want to be babysat by the internet to take care of her animals.

No. 548513

>>548507 It took months for Mushu to recover from her illness. That says a lot that Taylor did shit to do anything about it in a timely manner. She did the same thing to her salt water tank when Cheese contaminated the whole thing with ick. She's a menace to lives have no control over how she tends to them.

No. 548540

Someone uploaded a video about TND. It's not much but I like how he handles the situation.

No. 548547


Every time someone uploads a video calling her out, it makes me want to know who they are because clearly they at least care about animals. It's why I don't care how 'good' with animals Emzotic is, I don't buy her whole 'i love animals so much guise' because clearly that's only when she's not trying to use Taylor to boost her own fame. Anyone in the animal community who has a voice should be speaking out about this and correcting these young fans who want to buy exotic animals thanks to the videos.

No. 548560

File: 1523070254262.png (435.34 KB, 640x1136, F7402DC4-5776-4A02-82A9-A62C95…)

Whoever called that she took Jonny with her was right.

No. 548570

I wonder if she’s gonna get her cheese tattoo since she’s in LA again.

No. 548573

Poor Betsy, JFC. And the other two people she claimed take care of her animals don't exist except in her head.

I find it interesting and hilarious how Jonny doesn't defend Taylor's animal care, or defend her on where she got Ghost. He knows the truth since he lives with her. Or he just completely forgot about where she got Ghost because he was drunk per the norm.

No. 548603

It’s jonny’s friend not hers. The dude is somehow associated with slaves…. so Tay invited herself or he convinced her to go to pay for the trip

No. 548608

Just realized they went to LA so I’m curious what her excuse will be to not get cheese tattooed…. again

No. 548612

Just got caught up with Taylor milk and I have a lot to address.

First, I can't believe she won't go to college but spent 14k on enclosures that aren't even upgrades? If she went to a community college she could easily get an associate's degree for under 14k.

Now, on to the animal Care criticizing! Seeing she doesn't vacuum or clean but has two cats is gross. Are her litter boxes on carpet or hard floor? Does she have hard floors at all? How many litter boxes does she have? She should have three litter boxes minimum for two cats, and that's basic cat owner knowledge. I wouldn't be surprised if she has one litter box. If her litter boxes are on carpet, she probably doesn't see all the litter the cats kick out of the boxes (covered litter box or not, cats WILL kick litter out of the box onto the floor). If her boxes are on carpet she is less likely to notice litter being kicked on the floor so she doesn't realize she has to clean it. In order to keep a sanitary floor in a small apartment with multiple cats, one must sweep or vacuum once-twice a day minimum (at least spot cleaning around/under the boxes) and mop at least weekly. This is just the bare minimum to keeping a clean floor with cats, depending on the location of her litter boxes and how many she has. Knowing that, the fact she probably hasn't vacuumed but let her snakes on that floor is disgusting. I doubt she even moves the boxes to clean underneath them. I would honestly love to see her litter box set up.


Last but not least, I know that ragdoll sheds like a motherfucker. They're somewhat long haired and white. By the time Ghost is full grown, Taylor won't be able to turn a corner without seeing a white furr ball somewhere. I'll admit it's cute, but we know this bitch won't be able to clean/sweep/vacuum enough to accommodate for that breed of cat.

TLDR: She can afford college but is lazy, I want to see her litter box locations to understand how dirty her floors actually are, and she doesn't realize the extra clean up that comes with owning a ragdoll cat.

No. 548664


On the topic of her cats, how long do you think it’ll be until our resident Petco cat expert starts trying to give people advice?

No. 548687

Also pretty sure her cat is a lilac point Siamese, NOT a ragdoll? Google both and tell me what you think Ghost is.

No. 548695

Furs too long to be that.

We know the craigslist seller she got the cat from, where they claimed it was a ragdoll too.

No. 548710


He also doesn't have the same build as a siamese, so definitely not.

No. 548721

Ghost passes as a ragdoll in my opinion (ragdolls can also have the regular colourpoint pattern) but his face structure is sorta different from regular ragdolls. His nose seems too long and his ears also seem a bit larger. Who knows, maybe she actually got scammed by the craigslist fuvker and her cat actually just is a ragdoll mix

No. 548724

This wouldn't surprise me at all, I mean we all know she can buy the wrong species so she can easily buy the wrong breed and not have a clue.

No. 548733

Imo Ghost is just a badly bred ragdoll. I’ve seen people buy “pure bred” animals on Craigslist and sometimes they look right, but sometimes they have something off about them or strange features like smaller eyes, bigger noses, strange ears etc.

No. 548742


She’s maintained since the beginning he’s a “rag doll mix” hasn’t she?

No. 548744


I think the only reason she says he's a ragdoll mix is because it would be even more unlikely to find a purebred ragdoll in an adoption centre so she tried to make her story a bit more believable by saying he's a crossbreed.
I think that's the reason why Taylor said it, rather than because she actually thinks he is. But i guess he could be a crossbreed, or just a badly bred Ragdoll considering she got him from a backyard breeder off Craigslist.

No. 548745


Purebred Ragdoll kitten*

No. 548771

Yes that’s exactly why she claimed he’s a mix. He isn’t imo, just poorly bred due to being a cash grab for a byb on Craigslist.

No. 548786

File: 1523111528508.jpeg (162.29 KB, 750x1334, BFB84ACD-6026-443E-BA72-CBB72D…)

Not milk but anyone else remember when taylor still used to look like a normal healthy human being with normal and healthy lips? Lol. The difference is so evident. I‘m honestly confused if she just never noticed how much the drugs and her unhealthy lifestyle have changed her appearance or if she‘s in denial..

No. 548830

“She should have three litter boxes minimum for two cats, and that's basic cat owner knowledge.” what?? since when lmao

No. 548839

It’s generally advised that cat owners should have n+1 litter trays with n being the number of cats in the household. This way each cat can have their own “territory” with an additional communal one. It replicates the wild where some territories are kind of no mans land that all cats visit and use for hunting/toileting etc but no single cat owns it (unlike gardens etc)

No. 548841

Same anon as above but I forgot to add that this is usually done to avoid cat fights etc resulting from territory disputes within the household. It’s a recommended solution for cats who have potty issues, i.e. go outside the litter tray.

No. 548850

It doesn't matter how many litter boxes she has if she has dirty litterboxes or puts air fresheners next to them. We know how she keeps her apartment so her litterboxes are probably too dirty for the cats to even shit in them anymore.

And she leaves her lipstick and hair extensions all over the floor her cats probably pee/poop on.

No. 548864

Her skin is so spotty. She’s probably too high to wash her face at night.

No. 548870

There's nothing wrong with her skin in that picture. It just isn't filtered to hell.

That image is also from 2017 feb. Way before Jonny.

No. 548874

>implying she never got high before Jonny lol

No. 548876

Wasn't she literally living with her parents at the time though? With her overbearing mother I highly doubt she did. Why do you think she's going so far off the rails now?

No. 548879

>Can't sage
>Thinks clear skin is spotty

As dumb as Taylor

No. 548882

Her skin is clear. Maybe some acne scars from picking at pimples but she’s 21 so they haven’t had time to fade so it’s pretty normal. I’m around her age and have the same kinda skin from popping pimples when i was in my teens.

No. 548890

File: 1523122434632.png (1.03 MB, 1051x1790, Screenshot_20180407-113428~2.p…)

So it's now her snake and she's not keeping the name Lego that Jonny gave it?

No. 548895


those fake flowers are so covered in bacteria at this point

No. 548905

scissors mark on his head? she must be on drugs because there is nothing resembling scissors on that snake

No. 548910

That’s weird wasn’t this snake 100% Jonny’s? Sounds like he’s being pushed out of the picture as far as Lego is concerned, and she was posting Twisty a bit lately too. Wonder if she’s cutting his ties to certain animals before ditching him. He’s been quiet af lately online too.

No. 548922

Do you think Jonny takes care of his animals at all? Probably not.

No. 548928


If you look at the full picture on her instagram there is a mark on the top of its head that looks like a closed pair of scissors.

No. 548930

How much do you want to bet Taylor cancels her panel? I bet $100

No. 548934

Absolutely not. Taylor bought Jonny animals for “him” to make him seem like more of a sweet person for loving animals just like her. After all the abuse+manipulation she’s no doubt gone through with him, I bet she now regrets it. She didn’t get that “rockstar’s famous girlfriend” lifestyle she wanted. Just a druggy who raped & mocked other women, while making himself seem like the sweetest BF on earth on social media to make it harder for her to leave. I don’t buy for one second the “I’m so happy with him, other people just don’t understand us, I love him so much” BS she always spews out. She’s miserable & mistreating her poor animals as a result of her narcissism.

No. 548963

I honestly don't believe Taylor regrets dating Jonny. She's too dumb to realize he's just using her for money.

No. 548990

>>548721 He's a ragdoll snowshoe mix. She def got him a Craigslist post. The slut who preaches adopt don't shop bought an expensive cat to make up for the kitten she killed from starvation.

No. 548998

>>548890 This snake is Jonny's, the problem is that with Taylor being an animal hoarder, she's also a control freak, controlling everything down to constantly being with Jonny every time he travels, to forcing him into a gluten free diet. She did the same thing with Betsy and the Monitor lizard, even naming him. I doubt Betsy was allowed a say. Pretty soon she'll probably change Jonny's Dragon's name from Twisty to something she wants. The girl is a control freak over stupid shit. It's funny how Jonny the manlet rapist now has so much control over him. It's sad because animals are involved but funny to watch, these two are toxic and deserve each other. The animals deserve far better.

No. 549000


Are those the same flowers Gus was on?


This dumb bitch could have easily gotten a full bred ragdoll at a shelter, but it would probably be an adult. For whatever reason, she NEEDED a kitten. "Wanting a kitten for Nemo to be friends with" is no excuse. I'm sure being around an adult cat would be just as stimulating for him? I've gotten multiple "designer" breed cats that I paid nothing for because I rescued them as adults.

She has no excuse for: A) wasting money and B) ripping a cat away from it's mother at a young age. She would have gotten more respect taking in an adult cat that needed rescuing and she could have found a ragdoll. It's not hard to find a rescue animal that matches the breed you want.

Ghost= example of Taylor shopping, not adopting, and impulse buying.

No. 549018

Yeah you'd be surprised how many expensive breeds end up in a shelter… Surprise people who will buy breeds from backyard breeders often don't give a shit about the animal itself and will abandon it when it becomes inconvenient.

There's even rescues that specialize in special breed cats INCLUDING KITTENS

No. 549025

>>549000 She shouldn't have ANY cats, she leaves them so frequently for traveling.

Neither male cat is neutered yet. She lied about getting them fixed. Both should be fixed by now and she would have certainly posted about it.

She's the biggest hypocrite to preach adopt don't shop, Ghost is her posterchild for her double standard. She can't blame that on mental illness,that's just her being an absolute hypocritical malicious person.

This also tells me that if something happens to where she can't keep the cats anymore, she will dump them off at a shelter where they will be killed. She has a massive audience and could easily reach out to people asking for them to take the cats together. WITH PROOF that the cats are rehomed. There are plenty of people who would be willing to do a meet and greet with Taylor, even a home check to ensure they would be safe. Owner surrenders are killed in every shelter across the U.S. They're not given a fair chance like cats who are found and brought in by animal control etc.

She has no morals, lives in filth, starves hr animals to death, literally, and impulse buys animals only to starve them or stuff them into the wrong enclosures.

Instead of preaching about her mental illness on the internet to manipulate others into sympathy, she needs to rehome all the animals and check herself into a mental health institute for a while. The animals don't deserve to suffer just because she can't handle her psychopath self.

No. 549038

I truly believe that Taylor bought Ghost not only because she needed a designer cat, but also because no shelter would adopt out to her. It might depend on the state but most shelters near me require details such as other pets you may own, proof of address, sometimes even proof of income, and a home check.

Now tell me if Taylor answered any of those honestly if a shelter would adopt to her. Her pet count alone would rule her out of most places. She’s sly af and knows it would look good to adopt. But she couldn’t even adopt the non designer kitten, Nemo. It says to me that she’s not eligible to adopt. So she figured, if not through Craigslist, how else am I going to get what I want? Because getting what she wants is always, always going to be the main goal for her.

No. 549040

What if one of these days animal control does a raid on her place while she's away traveling. Like she is now in L.A. The Landlord has a right to go into the apartment and have the animals taken, especially since that Monitor poses a danger to other tenants. She's going to piss someone off badly enough with the animal neglect, or neighbors are going to complain about the smell. What would happen to the animals then, they would get the care they needed but a good chance they'd also be euthanized too, like the cats. I think she doesn't care if animals including her cats die because she can just easily replace them. Ghost was a replacement within less than week.

No. 549041

>>549038 Taylor would never pass for a home check. Too many animals and living in an apartment complex. Snakes are also a factor with many animal rescues, not always but she has just too many snakes. Rescues want to check with the landlord which Taylor would want to avoid. I doubt she's paying a pet deposit for the cats. Probably one reason why she keeps the blinds closed all the time and never lets the poor cats have any sunshine. She could easily fit a cling on cat window shelf, the cats would be so happy. No, Taylor likes to entomb animals in smoky dark apartments, meanwhile she's enjoying life in the sunshine and fresh air out in L.A.

No. 549043

Hold on guys, I just finally watched the new video and I have a question for you. Did anyone else motoce how incredibly awkward that ending was? I know she's awkward by nature but she genuinely seemed to be dizzy or fighting something there. You can even see her right arm keeps shaking? Wtf is going on there? Any ideas?

No. 549044

I really wish someone would make a youtube video about Ghost and how Taylor bought him off of craiglist in less than a week of the other kitten dying from neglect. Showing the craiglist posting and the receipts. It's easy to see how that little female kitten was screaming for food. Title it with with Taylor's name, buying over adopting etc and her tweets in regards to adopting, not shopping etc.

No. 549048

>>549043 Drugs. Her speech was so slurred and lower than usual, it was weird.

No. 549056

If anyone does I hope they include the multiple pictures of her holding those tiny fragile newborns in one hand + outstretched from her body in the car while they scream so she can take one of her on brand photos of an animal ft her dumbass wrist tattoo.

No. 549067

There’s a picture somewhere of her holding one of the tiny newborn kittens upside down on its back and it’s screaming, it looked like a screenshot from snapchat/instalive. It was posted on twitter around December when people started noticing her lies/bad care, I wish I could find that pic cause it’s sf damning considering what happened to the grey kitten shortly after.

No. 549076

>>549067 If someone can post it, that would be great. It should be somehow used in one of the thread title photos. Seriously, this kitten would not have died if she hadn't used her as an accessory and actually fed and stimulated her. We saw that Nemo was underweight through the first part of his life with her and ended up with triangle face, swollen belly and hair falling out. No matter how she puts it, those ARE symptoms of neglect with kittens and that's all on her. She fucking starved those babies and doesn't feel an ounce bad for it. They deserve justice.

Everything she did to those kittens, was on purpose. Because she knew what she had to do and didn't do it for them. She's a beast.

No. 549095

this, shes stuck half her animals in these flowers at this point

No. 549138

I just rewatched and it’s definitely seems like she’s reacting to drugs/something. Like when you drink and suddenly it hits you all at once. She’s definitely going to blame it on “muh EDS” if it becomes something everyone is questioning though

No. 549145

File: 1523139857978.jpeg (106.35 KB, 1242x575, 1B0ADF9E-6D1A-45CF-B585-16CA77…)

In regards to the monitor, I went to her Instagram to see if the mark on the snake looked like scissors and saw the monitor picture and went to read it. I don’t know if this was posted or not so I’m going to sage it.

But judging from this JC’s intent is to keep it and I bet you that’s all the green light she needs to keep the monitor.

No. 549149

>>549145 She's pretending to care that he's wild, look how there is no concern for her cats or the people in the surrounding apartment complex. Taylor KNEW the Monitor was wild, that bullshit fake message she made from one of the shop keepers says it all. The fact that this toxic couple can't even agree on what to do with it. We all know Taylor is pretending that she's not going to keep him but so far, still has him. She hasn't even neutered her cats yet. I just really hope Animal Control can get that Monitor to a proper place, for all of the sake of the animals and the people in that apartment complex.

No. 549150



that public comment is for her fan's benefit so that she can be like "see I was concerned!!!" So transparent and fake.

Obviously the decision to keep him was made over a month ago. So damn irresponsible.

No. 549151

Yeah the arm jerking is really odd. It also seems like she's holding onto something to control herself(?). Especially in the last few seconds of the video she does a big jerk and that's when she brings the arm down and looks awkwardly at the camera and smiles.
Wouldn't surprise me either if she blamed it on her illness

No. 549154

Who wants to bet that the female kitten died because Taylor would do drugs and be high and out of it for periods of time, sleeping etc and completely pass up scheduled bottle feedings every couple of hours and failing to stumulate the kitten to use the bathroom. The kittens were probably always cold as well. I bet the female kitten literally died painfully unable to use the bathroom or on an empty stomach while Taylor was drugged up and she found her that way.

I will bet this is exactly what happened. She probably only made time for the male kitten or at least first, but got impatient feeding both of them so they never got enough to eat in total. It can take hours to get nails done, so who was feeding the kittens while she was away getting her nails and hair done. Jonny? Betsy? No one? Not Taylor for sure.

Taylor the kitten killer.

No. 549164

So many people urged Taylor to find a foster for the kittens, she did not out of ego.

So many people have urged Taylor to house her big salt water fish in the right sized tank. She will not out of neglect.

So many people told Taylor that she cannot realistically, keep this Monitor and to do the right thing with him. She still has him out of impulse to hoard animals.

So many people urged her to stop traveling so much with new animals and young animals at home. She will not out of selfishness.

So many people suggested that she stop buying animals. She will not, because she has an addiction to animal hoarding.

So many people warned her to avoid Jonny because he's a rapist. She knows he is. She will not because rape doesn't bother her, like it doesn't bother her.

Taylor will not take suggestion or be told what to do, especially when it involves choosing the right course of action.

No. 549178

this comment is a small example of everything bad about her. shes 100% abusive. shes abusive when it comes to animal care, when it comes to romantic relationships, and when it comes to familial relationships. she reads this thread and completely ignores it bc of all the "baboon lip" comments, but also ignores genuine adivice when it comes to animal husbandry. in the general pet youtuber thread emma lynne sampson commented so she coukd discuss herhusbandry and get opinions from others so she could research hoe to optimise her husbandry, thats 1000x more respectable than taylor. taylor really seems to think shes too good for criticism. she needs to realise theres a difference between someone criticising u and hating on u, prople just want whats best for her animals. there is ALWAYS ways to improve your animals life, always. with the jonny thing, yeah shes hurting his victims feelings, but shes not threatening their lives. her animals are in an awful situation, jonnys exs are wonderful beautiful women who are thankfully moving on w their lives. but taylors animals are always facing a life or death situation, theyre in dire need of help

No. 549189


It’s wild to me that both of them are so deluded that they seem to think the reason we don’t want her keeping it is anything other than the fact that it’s going to turn into a behemoth and murder all your animals and possibly you

But it’s like they want to keep him to…. spite us? I guess?

No. 549200

She probably wants to keep him to show how good of an “animal tamer” she is, no matter how big he gets. She probably believes she’s Snow White to her pets

No. 549205

>>549200 Took me a second to realize you were talking about the Monitor and not Jonny. She's keeping him for petty much the same reason.

No. 549211

she needs to realise theres more to animals than just "raising them right". reptiles are not domesticated animals, you cant train them. you can just hope they wont bite. even with domestic dogs and cats, theyre domestic but theyll still bite and scratch if theyre scared, its fair enougj like theyre far smaller than us if we step on them theyre dead, but she doesnt realise some of her animals can do serious damage back to her or to her other animals. i keep seeing peoplw say her monitor could eat her cats in the future, but her cats could kill ANY of her reptiles NOW because they have gram negative bacteria, all it takes is a swipe of their paw and a reptile is dead. and ae know she doesnt care about introducong predator and prey species for "cuteness" factor. didnt she make her gecko "ride" her skink because it alparently looked cute, even tho skinks eat geckos??

No. 549235

File: 1523147882740.png (522.57 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3221.PNG)

if this doesnt show what kind of audience shes marketing herself to idk what does.
first tweet says ""I legitimately just witnessed… at a bar…. a guy…walk up to a girl….and use the line “so… do u play any roblox?” and it work and the girl say yes and they’ve been talking for 20 minutes now"" (wow relatable teen humour !1!l)
it has more than 2 times the amount of likes a tweet abt dog in a life or death situation has. its so fucked, id have given her credit for retweeting this if it werent for the fact that she panders to 12 year olds who want cool weird quirky pets, it practically doesnt matter that she retweeted bc her audience doesnt give a shit about animals in need, they only care about "cool" animals like ragdoll kittens and expensive ball python morphs, its so gross what shes ended up promoting.

No. 549239

>>549235 This is damage control, she's doing this in case someone does make a video about her purchased cat or just to get hate off her for the time being. Possibly to make herself feel better for killing her pets. You can bet she's reading here today. Who could hate someone for retweeting animals in need, except that she's not doing it because she actually has a heart. Everything with her is about self gain, a lie, or a distraction. Never about heart.

No. 549241

>>549235 Just remember Taylor when you look at those dogs faces, you bought a cat off of Craigslist and lied about it. Slut.

No. 549242


It's not so much her audience's apathy that bothers me, it's more just the "talk about animal rights when it's convenient" sort of thing that she does. She'll retweet an article, but like we saw with the panda article, she can't be fucked to do any more research or try to post links for people.

And with this one, since the shelter is in the SA area…she should know the name, right? Why not give the name so people immediately know where to go?

Even the pitbull video she did….there literally wasn't a single factual piece of information in there. It was just her rambling and being vague about "pitbulls get a bad rap" but not explaining how it started, or why, or what the current problems are, or even ways people can help or resources they can look into.

Also her mocking PETA is hilarious because I can guarantee you she gives so little of a shit that she doesn't know a single fucked up thing that PETA has done (and trust me there is a long list)

She just knows actual animal rights activists hate it, so she should too

No. 549247

>>549242 Taylor could literally, donate a huge sum of money to the rescue groups trying to get the dogs out, and at least get them into a safe place. If not all the dogs, at least some, I can grantee people are working round the clock right now to get those dogs out but the problem is financial always as the groups are always run on volunteer efforts and donations from individuals. It costs a fee to get out each dog which also covers other expenses surrounding the individual health of each dog. She absolutely has the financial means and it would set an example to others to help too. She just won't do it because of pure greed and pretend she cares by doing a shoutout or a retweet alone. If she said she donated, I won't believe her unless she displays a receipt. She is the type of person to lie about doing something just, just like how she bought that kitten and lied and said she adopted it from Petco. She is such a selfish loser.

No. 549249

To add to how messed up that was, when she got around to posting that The Dodo had confirmed that 33 out of the 49 dogs were already euthanized.

No. 549250

her opinion on animal rights is so dodgy. she tweeted months ago, maybe over a year ago, that shes trying to go vegan but since then shes said nothing of it and even tweeted that shes eating meat (some tweet abt chicken ramen idek the specifics) its so fucked. if she cares abt animals she wouldnt eat them its really not that difficult, the nhs and american health association have said its a healthy diet to live off of. but then again shes so lazy she probably isnt bothered to learn how to cool vegan options of her fave meals (even tho its a simple as substituting a can of beans instead of meat lol), or she orders take out and doesnt bother to look for vegan options

No. 549252

someone tweeted that to her, they were feral and beyond saving. they literally couldnt be companion dogs and yet she tweeted as if people could adopt them

No. 549256

>>549252 That confirms she didn't even click on anything regarding the dogs then and just parroted the headline. It's so sad, people work so hard to get animals out, losing sleep working around the clock but they need help from the public to actually succeed. Reposting alone doesn't do much. How soon until she deletes this tweet then for pretending to once again, care.

No. 549263


Tyler Rugge is vegan (I think) so that sentiment was either to appeal to the virtue signaling or because he's doing it

No. 549268

hes very vegan, and while his care isnt perfect i respect him more than taylor because hes doing more to help animals, idk if emma lynne sampson is vegan, but she only wears vegan makeup which taylor has never even spoken of. shes really transparent about not caring for animals in need. i wouldnt be sirprised if she wore animal skins

No. 549270


I think I remember a commenter asking what lipstick she wore once but I forget the name so I can't really check. She's never really spoken about it though, and it seems exactly like the thing she'd use for asspats.

No. 549289

File: 1523152466390.jpeg (406.36 KB, 1281x1634, 68A0545B-C711-4824-A346-BE3D10…)

She’s definitely desperate for money.

No. 549293

shes never ever put out so many videos in such a short time frame, shes definitely blown thru any savings she had

No. 549303

She needs money to spend in LA

No. 549314

>>549303 None of which will be spent on her animals in the right way. Did she actually already purchase those new custom made enclosures or is she just saying that she did?

No. 549316

Anyone find it funny how she didn't post a travel pic of she and Jonny together and made it seem like she was traveling alone to see that Slaves member, until that snap story or whatever it was that had Jonny in it.

No. 549320

File: 1523155989408.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 288032D1-1D73-41C6-A907-7FA757…)

No. 549324

File: 1523156239239.png (255.11 KB, 640x1136, 5A4D055A-22CC-49C1-87D9-E07A06…)

Is the original price really 50$ because that’s crazy.

No. 549325

File: 1523156253147.png (209.77 KB, 1102x578, Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 10.5…)


I get that this piece of shit isn't actually worth $50 and the whole illusion that it's being marked down in price is supposed to entice people to buy it, but what the fuck.

I wouldn't even pay 15$ for this

No. 549329

$50 and it's not even cheering

No. 549334

It doesn’t look remotely like a hedgehog. But the Bindi plush is even worse.

No. 549335

first time ive seen her say she loves her, she usually refers to her as "my dead hedgehog"

No. 549338

Fuck you Taylor, Your Hedgehogs are all living in too small of enclosures inside your closet. You don't even bother to trim their nails. Get a job cunt, you peddle your crap but won't take care of your animals.

Anyone know if her most likely overpriced products are made in China? Would be interested to know how little the poor people making her shit products get paid to create replicas of her animals that she neglects.

No. 549339

>>549324 Holy shit… Over priced. Where the hell are these cheap County Fair style toys being made and for that price. I want to know if these are being made in a sweat shop in some poor area of another country, that would be important to know.

No. 549342

And the plush ain’t even cheering. Smh low effort cash grab

No. 549345

File: 1523157134514.jpeg (144.82 KB, 1290x889, 1B253F60-A3DB-49BA-8F5C-8A13A8…)

No. 549346

File: 1523157176376.jpeg (164.02 KB, 900x1200, 6E7EA6B5-B649-43A1-AAB3-31842C…)

This is the Bindi one she posted a while back. If it weren’t for the four legs, I’d assume it was an insect of some sort.

No. 549349

File: 1523157465832.jpeg (147.51 KB, 1294x760, 6A613A25-973A-44F7-B053-FFD0B2…)

No. 549351


Of course you'll be nice, you're fucking spineless. But you don't mind being passive aggressive and bitchy on twitter

No. 549355

So how long has it been since she took her cats to the vet? 3-4 weeks and they're still not fixed?

No. 549362

This looks like something you'd win at a fair after playing a 5$ overpriced carnival game. I'm shocked she has fans that actually want to buy this junk

No. 549369

Most breed rescues around me have turned into hoarders because they set the requirements too high for most people to own one. Ironically, with 8-10 fosters in one home, most of them are now neglecting the animals they are rescuing. There needs to be a balance when it comes to rescuing and fostering animals. We need to try to do our best for animals, children, adults, etc. We can't expect perfection.

No. 549371

File: 1523158962765.png (433.41 KB, 583x440, asdfasdf.png)

The end of that video gives me serious marina joyce vibes… I just watched it like 20 times, and omg, why is she blinking so fast. Her face twitches several times and that thing she's doing with her arm reminds me of the muscle tension you get on coke or stimulants. She seems confused and disoriented as well. So IMO, as someone who's seen a lot of both, either she's having a mental breakdown, or she's on drugs. Probably coke. There's no other reason to be acting that high strung.
Plus, in some of the shots of that video, her hands are literally shaking.

No. 549375

File: 1523159446979.jpeg (341.73 KB, 1524x1791, 254DCC2C-35E6-4043-85E9-C2B680…)

No. 549376

File: 1523159456758.jpeg (105.58 KB, 1322x326, 40C3BB56-40A1-48E0-A0A0-6F7BE1…)

No. 549377

File: 1523159465090.jpeg (340.04 KB, 1341x1471, BDA7B7B3-DEB1-4954-897B-21E882…)

No. 549380

Probably because she was lying to much and wasn't get used to the light since she spend most of her time now lying in bed sleeping or watching tv with the light off all day

No. 549381

"Did u guise know I have a lot of money? Because I have a lot of money"

No. 549386

File: 1523160139456.jpeg (245.31 KB, 1268x1907, 31BDA4E3-E720-4FEA-97DA-CDC7A3…)

No. 549389

wow, that's A LOT of time away from her animals. and i know her fans just say 'she's allowed to have a life' but i don't think they get it at all.

No. 549409


She's so condescending

No. 549415

File: 1523162331139.png (1.29 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180407-233543.png)

No. 549420

Again did you guys know I have a lot of money?

No. 549422

>>549349 With the power of god and anime on her side, of course Taylor would say something stupid like that. Need I remind you, you made FUN of rape victims Taylor.

No. 549423


> Disney drastically raises the prices of tickets, family passes and year passes, ensuring that most lower-income families will probably have one, two or zero chances to go

> "Guys I'm going to Disney!!!!!! I know I've barely been posting and the content I have been posting has been the absolute most lazy garbage which pretty much confirms that I don't respect you and only care about your money, but Disney! Yay!"

No. 549425

>>549415 Taylor being the crack whore she is with her mantlet rapist. Such a disgusting couple.

No. 549430

Why does the price of the lid even matter? It's kind of telling of her personality that she had to mention the lid was so much money. She really does think that amount of money spent somehow equals good animal care, and I guess is not going to address that she should have had that lid on there before buying a species of fish that is known to jump.

No. 549440

File: 1523164555828.png (501.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-07-15-19-44…)

A Wild Hand in Face Taylor appears

No. 549444

>>549430 lol seriously! Where did she even get a $950 "lid" most tank hoods aren't that expensive, maybe with a SUPER advanced lighting system but those are usually separate…

Hey Taylor you know you can manage to keep fish from jumping out with a $10 sheet of glass from Home Depot that they'll cut exactly to size for free right there, right?

No. 549445

She's totally wearing one of the iDubbbz "Sheep" hoodies. I know he never will, but just imagine a Content Cop on her.

No. 549447

Lmao her lip fillers in her upper lip seem to be going down there’s no way over lining made them that full like it was in the video

No. 549448


So far idubbz has only made CC on people who are universally hated on YouTube or have personally tried to fuck with him. Unless she makes some sort of pointless big deal about his videos wjere he traps wild animals on his property to release somewhere else (or something else stupid) I doubt he’ll care

No. 549452

Ironic, taking into account that she only buys designer things (and animals)
And no, Idubbbz sadly won't do a content cop on her because apparently he only does content cops on girls he doesn't find atracctive (ex.Tana)
Besides he doesn't know much about animals so the odds wouldn't be on his favor.

No. 549453

So what’s her excuse for the half-a-dozen seahorses?

No. 549454

File: 1523166241013.png (278.57 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-07-23-35-41…)

No. 549455

File: 1523166255097.png (212.09 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-07-23-35-52…)

No. 549458


> “apparently he only does content cops on girls he doesn’t find attractive”

lol what? the content cop on tana was made out of spite because she fucked with him/tried to give him shit for using slurs she used herself, what the hell are you talking about

No. 549459

I don’t know why she thinks animals have to die to be considered neglected anyway. Most of her animals are reptiles. Snakes and lizards are extremely resilient unless they end up with an illness that can only be treated with medications. Which is not that common. There have been lizards and snakes that were so thin you could count every bone in their body, but they still bounce back. Her set ups suck and she is neglecting them (it’s pretty apparent by all of the built up poop that she barely cleans) but it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll die because of it. As long as she provides water and occasional food, they’ll survive even if they’re suffering.

No. 549461

He said it a Podcast retard.
I invited you to search for your own.

No. 549462

>>549440 Eww the rubber frog flipper returns.

No. 549465

>>549444 Don't forget, Taylor likes to lie and say she spends anywhere from several hundred to several thousand more than what anyone else would have purchased the same item for. She's obsessed with bragging and lying about money.

No. 549466


Pretty sure he wasn’t being fucking serious but whatever you say

No. 549468

I wonder how much she'd claim she spent on that tupperware bowl her cats drink out of.

No. 549471


I can’t wait until Youtube crashes and burns for her and she literally has no savings or prospects to go off of anymore. Probably starts a Patreon to beg for money with a bunch of shitty rewards like “a thank you from me :)”

No. 549472

>>549455 Jonny throwing some fat shade towards Taylor. Lmao he could have said anything there but chose Walrus, fucking hilarious. She has really been picking at her face.

>>549459 Taylor doesn't consider starving animals as neglect, especially kittens.

>>549468 Several hundred.

No. 549473

he called her walrus because her headphones look like walrus tusks (kinda???) it's most likely not shade lol

No. 549474

>>549454 A 21 year old sucking on headphones like a pacifier. Why is she always so gross, it't not cute it's just nasty.

No. 549485

I agree because as painful as it is to say I think tana is more attractive than Taylor. I think the main reason he wouldn't is just because Taylor isn't growing as quickly as Tana and she's burning all by herself

No. 549497

why is she always in the back seat?

No. 549505

File: 1523176042382.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 8441A0A0-71E7-4B53-8C93-93DEAB…)

He’s actually fucking gross like what is he doing with his tongue?!

No. 549507

>>549497 For the same reason she sucks on her headphones like a pacifier. She is a giant toddler.

No. 549524

wowie, so not only is she about to go to LA, she's also gonna be gone for at least 6 days in Florida later this month.

she's such a worthless piece of shit.

No. 549531

How does she justify having so many animals when she has no fucking interest in staying with them for more than a week or two at a time. Reptiles may not notice, but the cats will. The other little mammals would too if they weren’t imprisoned 24/7. And have her cats ever felt fresh air? You can harness train kitties so they can go out for some air in a safe and controlled way. It would make a good video too, and provide enrichment since the cats seem permanently locked in the darkness of that apartment.

No. 549540



No. 549541

Babies can't be on the front seat.

I wonder what kind of mental gymnastics her stans will do when she disappear for over a month to justify leaving her pets that long.
Obviously no matter who take care of them, won't do it properly because is almost impossible to learn the habits of each animal

My bet is Mama Taylor will take care her pets on this trip (that's why she agreed to visit her cause I don't see another reason if not for personal gain)
If people who are far more experience than her have losts( and they know they will probably have) when they go on vacation for a week I wonder if she will be lucky enough (again) to not have one
I hope she doesn't, it isn't the animals fault they have for a owner a brat who can't decide what is more important to her, her pets or her rapist man toy

No. 549543

Honestly some people just can't live on a healthy diet while vegan. If she has serious diet issues with whatever, and can't even be bothered to get fresh fruit and veg for her animals, there's no way she won't end up with anemia or something of the like (I have personal experience with this and it honestly sucks because there's no way she is going to have the ability to go vegan/vegetarian for a good while after fixing such issues, it'd require a ton of planning and effort).

The best she can do is cut down on products, just like Em has but even that may be hard if she isn't cooking by herself/eating take aways and ready meals.

There's a lot of shit Taylor does that is questionable when it comes to animal welfare but the point is that not everyone can change their diet so easily.

No. 549545

All of her toy merch looks like something you'd get at a zoo gift shop.

No. 549568

another channel called leopardgeckotalk posted a video with the same concept as taylor recently (even said she was inspired by the video) and already it was 10x better than taylors because it showed things that leopard geckos actually do.

No. 549581

my point is that she doesnt care enough about animals to go vegan. theres a billion reasons to go vegan, but if she really cared for animals like she claims she'd be actively trying to go vegan to help the animals being slaughtered and to lessen the loss of biodiversity. sure its not too easy for some people, but as far as we know she sits around being lazy all day she has time to dedicate to researching it and and money to pay a dietitian so she knows how to stay healthy if she has special dietary needs. but she doesnt care. shes too lazy. sure, she'll "save" 100 turtles if she passes by a dodgy seller on the street, but she wont bother to choose a vegetarian option at a take out or restaurant (bc theres no way shes cooking lol) for some reason. its wild really

No. 549582

File: 1523187338922.jpeg (317.69 KB, 750x627, 67524C83-E074-4D32-B367-ECC719…)

This creeps me out

No. 549583

File: 1523187511318.png (168.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3223.PNG)

whos she annoyed at this time

No. 549586

What the actual fuck is this mess?
I agree that this is borderline creepy lmao

No. 549592


The way adsense works for youtube is that you won't get any of the money you make from videos you upload this month until sometime next month.

But yeah… I honestly don't get why when she's on a 'role' she doesn't just schedule her videos for a weeks time so she has a more consistent upload schedule rather than just uploading them one after the other and then disappearing.

No. 549596

I usually feel bad for her mom but this is crossing some kind of line lmao so fkn weird

No. 549598

Wtf lol why can‘t she just.. idk visit her daughter in her apartment?? I understand why tanner might wanna see em or tyler because he‘s a fan or whatever but lol why would you need to pay a whole ass ticket to see your d a u g h t e r.

No. 549604

File: 1523190968580.png (121.55 KB, 640x1136, 2DE08212-EF67-42CB-939D-ECBD8D…)

> “I’m going to be kind and not respond to hate with hate :)”

> immediate passive aggressive comment about how pathetic someone is

She’s so unselfaware it’s astounding

No. 549605


Worm lizards… Taylor the educator, everybody. Kek. I wonder if she’s aware of legless lizards? Is she thinking reptile = lizard? The reply by that Nikita shit is just as fucking stupid.

Quick question from a noob, does Taylor have any irl friends? Likes women she hangs out with at all, tweets to, etc… her insta doesn’t have any pics at all of her with any friends going back to 2014. I know there’s that pregnant friend but how friendly are they? How did they meet? And why would she be essentially hired help to look after Taylor’s reptiles?

No. 549608

Throwback to a few days ago where she deleted a tweet because she didn't want the person to get hate lmao.

No. 549613


After we’ve been complaining for months about how she shouldn’t quote tweet people to send her rapid fans over now she suddenly cares

No. 549629


Omfg please stop. You aren't a superior animal lover because you're vegan. Take your propaganda to Facebook.

No. 549631

What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 549643

Think it was meant to be aimed at the person/people arguing she should be vegan/vegetarian if she cares about animals lmao.

No. 549649

Jennie throwing subtle shade about being responsible about taking on new animals.

No. 549650

lol Meat eaters always get so triggered when someone says the word vegan.

It's already been established that Taylor was likely only saying things she thought her stans would want to hear. Not to mention the fact that if all of her conditions are as severe as she says and to be believed; she likely couldn't even do a vegetarian diet, let alone a vegan one.

No. 549665

I don’t know why we’re discussing her diet lmao but you know she would claim her illnesses are too bad to quit eating meat but not to stop drinking and partying and traveling and doing drugs

No. 549668

so anyone promoting responsible petkeeping is now throwing shade at taylor? she is just spreading the message ffs. as should taylor, but she only has pets for her personal gain.

No. 549670


lmao right. You can use someone's fuckup as an example and not be throwing shade at them. Especially when that person is the largest person in the pet tube community and has massive fucking influence.

No. 549726

Anybody can absolutely be vegan and healthy if they try. You can eat gluten free, soy free, whatever while still being vegan. And considering how much she flaunts her money and spending, she should be able to afford the few and simple vitamins that vegans can sometimes be lacking in or that she needs. Although we all know she has little to no money left.

No. 549727

Shoot I forgot to sage my b

No. 549763


Point here is that she has little to no effort so being vegan is harder. Some doctors also don't recommend going vegan/vegetarian if you have EDS (which is what she has I think?)

No. 549767


Not everything other petyoutubers said is aim to Taylor
Solidgold always preach about research and take care of the animals until they die (even before Taylor fuckups)

I'm lost, did Taylor even mention she is gonna be vegan or was vegan? (Which I don't see why is a mandatory requirement btw)

No. 549784

Thats true. She obviously won't go vegan which does not surprise me lol
But out of curiosity I did some googling about EDS (which is what she has) and veganism. I didnt really see anything saying it wasnt recommended. Some people who have EDS and experimented with veganism say they felt worse (less energy, tummy trouble), but a bunch of people didnt experience these things and also said they felt tons better and even had reduced pain since red meat and dairy can cause inflammation. Seems like a mixed bag but nobody said it was a bad idea to try.
Everyone is different but I believe a vegan diet or one with less animal consumption is attainable and healthier for most people. Especially with the supplements, vitamins, and alternative meat products we have today.
Sorry for blogging/ranting

No. 549785

look at his tiny pinprick pupils. christ.

No. 549786

File: 1523210912179.png (226.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3227.PNG)

she mentions here shes trying to be vegan but since then has been eating animals. its kind of hypocritical to eat animals and also claim you love them and want to save them (eg. "rescuing" all those turtles). a balanced vegan diet is arguably the healthiest diet and is considered a safe diet by the nhs and american health association (i think thats what its called i could be remembering wrong). being vegan with eds isnt an issue, when you have eds its important to understand good nutrition tho, having a good diet can really help some peoples symptoms. its really just another example of her not caring as much about animals as she says she does. she did post on twitter about the issues in the fishing industry once tho so ill give her credit for that (not trying to white knight but ya know)

No. 549791

Stop pushing your ideologies or use Lolcow for your personal agenda
You should see Emzotic's video about liking animals and not being a vegan
She hasn't make a big deal her transition to veganism (as far as I know) so it makes sense she didn't make an statement about why she give up on that diet or so.

No. 549793

I knkow nothing about heroin but could his pupils be that small from being in a car with sun coming in? I know my pupils can get really small in the sun/when I'm driving on the highway on a sunny day. they do look /really/ small though, like almost unnatural. correct me if I'm wrong

No. 549797


I have been arguing that there's no way she would have a healthy vegan diet but the main point is this.

This is why I said some doctors don't recommend it for whatever reason. Essentially we all react to things differently so she would need to try it but in this case I doubt it would go well as she probably doesn't cook fresh food.

No. 549801

theres no agenda people are only stating facts, shes a hypocrite. noones kissing petas ass and saying "cows cry owo stop sucking their tits".
theres nothing healthy about her entire lifestyle lmao. between doing drugs and dating an abusive rapist shes not healthy psychologically or physically. getting heart disease from eating meat is probably the least of her problems tbf

No. 549802

She barely give her pets fresh food, how does people expect her to go along with a diet that requires a little effort?

I think she always had her pupils like that.

No. 549803


People say she does drugs but we literally only have speculation with few images that may come close to proof.

Her small pupils are mainly down to lighting in pictures that look good, I haven't checked which picture you're discussing tho so eh.

No. 549806

idk much about drugs but im sure all the second hand weed from jonny has to have some kind of impact on her, right? i know some people get dependant on it to relax their anxiety and it ends up making their anxiety worse, isnt she really anxious already?

No. 549807

no one who likes animals likes PETA. they're actual trash. actually, I wouldn't be surprised if taylor supported PETA, they're just as fake as she is when it comes to """wanting the best for the poor animals boohoohoo"""

No. 549808

Well obviously she wont try because she doesnt care, we know this, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt just because you have EDS or whatever. Especially if you are passionate about animal welfare, the environment, or your health. She absolutely could get the proper vitamins and nutrients while still being vegan. Tons of people do, whether or not they have a medical condition. She will not die or be permanently changed by trying a new diet. In fact she would probably feel better. Again lots of people with EDS who are vegan/vegetarian, have said that they feel better and weren't effected badly.
If anyone is that concerned, they should consult their own personal doctor rather than reading blanket advice on the internet.
Also Em's video was a load of crap full of excuses that are either untrue or mighty easy to work around.
Not trying to push ideologies but I would hate for someone with similar issues to read here and think they can't try being vegan. It is possible and has lots of good consequences.

No. 549811

Ngl PETA protest are normally good and have a decent impact.


I wonder who cares for their cats while they're away? I reckon they get left in the bathroom with a large quantity of food/water and maybe have someone check up on them like once a day…

No. 549812

can u stop vegan-preaching…it's obnoxious and OT. there are plenty of people who love animals and can't go vegan for one reason or another, doesn't make them hypocrites

No. 549813

You stop. How much further can we really go with the whole "she left who's taking care of her animals" thing

No. 549814

"not trying to push ideologies" that's literally what you are doing, no one here cares

No. 549815

Nope, just pointing out that she has no reason to claim she "wants to be vegan" but can't.

No. 549818

Again your are pushing your ideologies,just because you are saying you aren't you do lol

The only thing relevant about Taylor and veganism is she try to being vegan probably over a week and realize she is way to lazy for that (if she can't even upload consistently how do you expect her to follow a strict diet and check how many calories her food has?)

And since Johnny probably always have munchies for being high all the time,they order whatever fast food they feel like.

No. 549821

Being vegan doesnt have anything to do with counting calories lmao

No. 549829

its relevant to taylor because shes supporting an industry full of abuse, and that is the leading cause of deforrestation in the rain forrest leading to a major loss of biodiversity, while claiming she cares about animals. just look at her retweeting about "save the pandas and their environment" while ignoring the negative impact her diet has on animals and the environment. stop getting so triggered about veganism, this is all relevant to taylor because it shows shes an idiot and a hypocrite.

No. 549830


Anyone know who this person is talking about? I feel like the context of this tweet is Taylor thinking she’s superior to someone

No. 549831

File: 1523214830598.png (149.06 KB, 750x1153, IMG_3228.PNG)

its in response to this

No. 549841

File: 1523215567660.png (201.12 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-08-13-19-24…)

This made me lol
Taylor will never have the balls to accuse a bad breeder because they are always her get away to excuse her shitty practices
What Emma did was sad (leaving the gecko) but THAT'S how you manage those situations
You don't go around giving money to bad breeders and whinnig pity me points when the poor animal die.

No. 549872

why the fuck are you guys harping on her being vegan? she can't be assed to eat healthy even without dietary restrictions. she literally survives on ready made meals and takeout.

No. 549888

Taylor will never be Vegan.


She is too much of an attention whore and only says things to test people's reactions. It's part of her narcissistic pathology.

There, I ended the topic, now fucking drop it everyone and let's get back to talking about how shitty of a selfish loser she is for leaving her animals again, meanwhile her cats still are not fixed and drinking out of plastic bowls which are known to promote pet acne. And she still has that Monitor despite saying she would rehome it.

No. 549902

It's funny she said she was on about keeping the monitor because it bonded with her yet she left it for a month straight after she bought it, left it again this weekend, and is leaving again for a week soon. If you have passion for animals you shouldn't be leaving them multiple times a month no matter how "experienced" your pet sitters are. I'm genuinely wondering where the cats are left considering she has a "reptile room" and a tank/tanks in her living room (cats can easily break mesh-top tanks)… are they confined to one room with no tanks in or is she waiting for them to kill some of her reptiles whilst they're unsupervised?

No. 549904

Could someone explain to me what kind of monitor Taylor thought she bought vs what monitor she actually has? And are either of these monitors considered as easy to care for as far as monitors go? I just notice a lot of people seem to own savannah monitors so maybe those are a bit easier than what Taylor has? But Taylor didn’t want the more common one because she has to be extra.

No. 549906

for fucks sake, she also promotes improper pet care and impulse buying animals. what makes you think that she cares about animals at all? how do you expect her to tackle bigger environmental issues when she can't even spread a simple message of proper exotic pet care?

also, you are virtue signalling right there. you are not a superior animal lover/environmentalist because you are vegan. issues like this are rarely solved by being so radical.

No. 549907


She thought she bought a black throat but she had actually bought a roughneck. I don't think Taylor is experienced or responsible enough to look after any kind of monitor.

No. 549910

She has a black roughneck monitor, she claimed it was a blackthroat monitor. Both species are pretty much only for advanced-level reptile keepers but have very different care. Black roughnecks need a large aquatic area and plenty of height for climbing. Both monitors can reach 5 feet long, so her roughneck (if it reaches that length) should have an enclosure at least 10 feet tall and 10 feet long

No. 549911

>>549902 NONE of her animals are bonded to her. Her cats would forget who she is quickly enough if they were rehomed together, she doesn't spend enough time with any of her animals traveling all the time. So that's just more lies on her end.

I don't fucking care if she thinks her Monitor is bonded with her, she can't keep it, she has cats and it's inhumane to keep that Monitor in a tiny ass enclosure in an apartment complex with said cats, plus nowhere to keep the Monitor when it gros, and also posing a risk to other tenants.

She needs to be reported to the Animal ASPCA.

Keyword here is inhumane to KEEP IT. Put it together Taylor, you fucking delusional, uneducated slutty bitch.

No. 549917

She anthropomorphizes her animals, reptiles don’t even have the mental capacity or desire to “bond” to people anyways lmao

No. 549929

>>549917 That Monitor was pretty pissed anyway at her in videos, hissing like a fucking Raptor from Jurassic World. I want it to take off her fugly frog flipper hand and put a deep gash of a hole in her cheek. It will take that get her to wake the fuck up how inhumane and selfish she is for impulsively hoarding a lizard of this magnitude near her other animals.

How long until she tweets out one of her unfixed cats was ripped to shreds by it.

What's next? Is she going to get a Crocodile?

I truly believe she wants animals to be as miserable as she is, it's all about power and how much she can control the life of another and get a rise out of people by how many lives she controls.

No. 549935

thats why veganism was brought up. its another example of her not truly caring about animals well being, because shes addressed that she apparently doesnt like the meat + dairy industry but continues to give them her money, because she really doesnt care that much. and its not a wild statement to say if someone voluntarily eats meat they dont love the animals theyre eating lol, dont get so triggered by anons on the internet just move on my guy

No. 549936

If she hasn't brought that monitor to the vet and it is WC you can guarantee her other animals are contracting some kind of parasites. All wc reptiles carry some kind of parasites, and since she doesn't wash her hands I can bet some amount of her collection has been contaminated

No. 549940

wouldnt be surprised if she got a caiman. she told her friend when she got thw monito that she didnt have enough room for a crocodilian, but as far as i know a dwarf caiman would need around the same amount of space as the monitor she wanted? her logic is wild

No. 549942

File: 1523221459657.jpeg (218.24 KB, 900x1200, 36EA63E8-8FCF-4531-BD6E-65D935…)

Is that just a bunch of shit in the enclosure in the back?

No. 549945

>>549936 Of course she hasn't taken the Monitor to the Vet. Her cats should have already been fixed and haven't been like she said they were going to be. She's such a lying sociopath, too busy running off to Didney Land with her giant toddler self.

No. 549948

>>549942 Yes, poor snake looks like some empty water dishes too but not sure.

Why is her hand so fucking fat JFC. It's looking like the Hamburger glove anamorph thing on the Hamburger Helper box, gross.

No. 549953

Someone even suggested that she take him to the vet for a fecal test and she replied. But going to Disney is her priority of course.

No. 549956


And lets them all run around on her carpet that is never cleaned.

No. 549957

>>549953 That was several days ago, she has had time to take him to the vet, it's not hard at all to get an appointment. She just doesn't care or if he spreads parasites and mites to her other animals. If she cared she would have quarantined from the beginning all of her animals but she hasn't done that with a single one including the caats. She's the only person I've ever seen that refuses to quarantine animals and neglect them like this, except people who get raided for hoarding and those animals are euthanized. She's the only Youtuber who pulls shit like this that I've seen.

No. 550000

Maybe that's what she wants. She wants her animals to get sick and die so she can make a video about it, make money off it and then make new videos about all her new pets.

No. 550081

File: 1523231500594.jpeg (116.43 KB, 1281x813, ADE8CEB4-3033-4F61-917E-4C7672…)

No. 550082

File: 1523231511780.jpeg (119.41 KB, 1287x875, 7EE46268-7F53-456B-A919-E3AC38…)

No. 550085

I mean litter boxes should be spot cleaned frequently and I doubt she does that, but that's none of my business

No. 550086


Snake shit stinks. If she’s leaving it in there for any amount of time, her whole place will smell like snake shit. Between that, the cats, and the smoking… gag

No. 550090

No one likes the meat or dairy industry and yet we all continue to give them our money. It definitely doesn't mean we don't love animals, or even the animal we're eating.
Also, for the love of god, piss off with your "don't get so triggered." It's. a. discussion. board. You're no better than the assholes who tell people to avoid a Taytay-related topic.

No. 550099


Animals go to the bathroom, of course, but it is really telling that she didn't bother to clean her enclosure BEFORE posting photos.

I'd not want any animal's shit in any photo I post.

Her snide reply is just trying to hide that she's too gross and dirty to even think that would be a problem.

No. 550118

Yes it smells so bad.. but i guess that's why she had that air freshener..
Such a nasty girl.

No. 550134

tiny enclosures are tiny

No. 550162

"i dont like the meat and dairy industry.. but ill still give them my money which helps fund them"
"im paying for animals to be abused and killed but i love them so much!"
okie dokie man theres no logic anywhere in ur blogging there but lets just discuss taylor on this discussion. board. shall we

she really is gonna get ecoli or something, keeping her snakes in close proximity to their feces and handling them isnt a v good idea lol

No. 550174

Taylor: Wow I didn't know snakes used the restroom (Sarcasm in regards to not cleaning her snakes tank).

Me: Wow I never knew Taylor left piles of rat nest hair extensions all over her floor (in regards to Taylor leaving piles of rat nest hair extensions all over her floor as evident in video).

There are episodes of hoarders where they collect piles of pet or human hair all over the house too for years and years. Besides animals and trash. Oh wait Taylor collects her hair too in piles, and never vacuums.

No. 550198

The only $15-$50 plushies I would ever buy are from legit Disney stores. I wouldn’t even play the $1 claw machines that have these

No. 550204


lol guess we're not getting a video.

unless by "early monday" she means before 12PM, which i sincerely doubt given her fucked up sleep schedule

No. 550208

could be "early morning monday" like two a.m., given her fucked up sleep schedule. I still doubt it tho. Prove me wrong, Tay!

No. 550230

I really hope she gets a visit from animal care for a home inspection when she's away for all those days. See how all her experts handle that.

I hate that she's dating a misogynist and the example it sets for young girls. At the end of the day though, I'd be happy just to see her animals taken away. They are defenseless and someone needs to speak for them.

No. 550234

She said tomorrow in her recent Instagram post.

No. 550251

I’m relatively new to this site, but I enjoy reading about all of this TND drama. Recently I watched a Tana Mongeau video (just to see who she was) and honestly she reminded me SO much of TND. The way she talked, the sarcasm, the lying, etc. I honestly think that TND is trying to be like Tana and various other rich and famous YouTubers. To her, the pets are a way for her to build a platform and make her rich. They don’t mean anything to her other than money.

YouTube is not a stable income. I don’t understand how she can be so blind to this. She’s obviously struggling to afford her lifestyle right now (pushing new videos and merch). How long before she has to pawn that $6,000 bracelet to be able to feed her animals and boyfriend?

No. 550291

Hey guys, this is totally off topic but I stumble upon this one lady on Instagram, and if you guys wanna take a break from all the bs that Taylor does to her pets, take a look at @waggin_and_dragon (her parrots in: my.parrot.garden). I look through her ig whenever I need that feel good feeling because sometimes TND stresses me out lol. She has 7 reptiles and 6 exotic birds. She volunteers at a bird sanctuary and adopted all her pets from rescues. They all came from neglected families; some lost their feathers from stress preening, one has a deformed back which they thought she wouldn’t make it but with, reptiles with mbd, and more. She updates everyday so you can see all her animals getting better everyday. She also has a sun patio where she lets them have quality time soaking in the sun. She’s amazing. A true saint. Someone that Taylor will never be even if she tries to lie about.

Sage for off topic (sorry) but people like her should be more famous than TND(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550295

I realized that today if TND because problematic enough with JC’s band word will get out. The rock/metal/that genre community is savage as fuck.

When JC was doing his MacBook scam and drugs many bands called him out and publically shamed him. One band made a song about it. “Hey kids give me all your fucking money, I’ve got 100 MacBooks and I swear I’m not a druggie” lol they don’t hesitate to call someone out and if Taylor is fucking with the band then she’s in for a shit storm

No. 550299

Nevermind the shit in the enclosure, the GTP tank doesn’t have a snake in it anymore? It also has an empty water dish, and GTP need high humidity.
We may have another dead animal to add to the list…

No. 550301

It’s really obvious that youre wagging and dragon and it’s not a good look to be promoting yourself on lolcow.
Saging doesn’t mean you can blog post, self-promote, or veer OT this goes for all the vegan bullshit too.

Srsly the guru gossip thread died and now all those autists are here. Go back to GG.

No. 550304

Pet Youtubers thread where you can post her >>498441

No. 550311

Just because you saged the post doesn't mean you can post irrelevant shit/blog post/promote other people we don't care about. Go post it in the general pet youtubers thread.

I came here to see Taylor get eaten alive, not to see this

No. 550313

File: 1523251977490.jpeg (204.14 KB, 1272x1761, B6E95839-EB09-4D57-A345-262281…)

I thought he could be in the corner that we can’t see, but in her Instagram post that corner is empty too. Sadly GTP’s look pretty much the same as babies so she could replace him, but their markings will be different.

No. 550320

>>550299 that GTP how long has it gone without water, that's horrible, that water dish is bone dry now that I've taken a second glance, like water hasn't been in there for a week. He's not in the enclosure from what I can see, maybe she only turned on the light to make it seem like he's still alive, but was too dumb to fill the water bowl up.

No. 550344


Probably the real reason it wasn't featured in her snake video.

No. 550346

>>550344 Excellent point! Was that the only snake that wasn't featured do you know?

No. 550347

Someone please tweet to Taylor and ask her what happened to her GTP, why he wasn't featured in her snake video, and why the water dish is bone dry.

No. 550348

No. 550353

>>550348 That snake probably died from dehydration and starvation.

No. 550356

I wouldn't be surprised if her GTP has died and she just didn't say anything. Her first one did, so I doubt she'd want to admit she lost another one because she clearly doesn't know how to care for them.

No. 550357

>>550356 How animal hoarding develops: (Found on animal hoarding info page)

Elements of the addiction model which are found in animal hoarding cases include: preoccupation with the addiction; denial about the addiction and its effects; isolation; claims of persecution; excuses for the behavior; and self-neglect.

It's like they wrote this about Tayalor.

No. 550362

File: 1523255829646.png (88.43 KB, 1080x572, IMG_20180409_073630.png)

No. 550369

In other words he's dead until taylor can get another replacement

No. 550374

That's what I'm thinking. I mean the video was about shit her snakes do, she could of just filmed him doing nothing in his tank "being a grumpuss" (I imagine that's something she'd say)…. why wouldn't you feature all your snakes in a video about all your snakes… it doesn't mean you have to handle them all or even disturb him.

No. 550381


This would not surprise me. Where else would he possibly be if he's not in his enclosure. It's not like he'd want to be out with her because he hates her. I'd be incredibly surprised if he isn't dead.

No. 550413

This disturbs me so much… How can she see so many animals die in her care but still keep on getting new ones?
Fucking bitch. I'm glad this thread exists because I used to be a subscriber (hardly ever watched her videos though so I didn't know about the drama)

No. 550424

>>550362 I'd be grumpy too if some dumb slut dehydrated and starved me to death.

No. 550448

Anyone gonna ask for proof Sabor isn't dead? I'm blocked

No. 550449

what are those red marks?

No. 550458

Just going to put this out there now, I bet the next time she admits an animal dies she will say it was when she was away and was in the care of her "experienced pet sitters" and it was no fault of her own. Just watch.

No. 550538

she blamed mushu getting sick on someone else giving her bad care while she was away or something so yeah its def not beyond her to do that

No. 550539

File: 1523273018809.png (225.22 KB, 750x1334, 9F85FB68-8619-4F20-8AE8-485BC6…)

Made a burner twitter account coz no doubt she’ll block me. Top comment is mine. Also Tyler y u sah funny??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 550549

I know people on here say that Tyler's care is better than Taylor's (I don't watch him so I don't know, but being better than Taylor isn't hard), but god do I hate how he jokes on Twitter with her about the legitimate concerns people have with her! Joking about killing animals and doing drugs around them isn't cool and makes him look just as bad as Taylor in my eyes because he's basically validating her delusions.

No. 550552

When her own fans are saying it's getting uncomfortable.. oh dear.

I understand some people make rumours false by joking about them but doing it regularly normally means that there is some truth to a rumour

No. 550571

Taylor has always reminded me of Tana too! Hate them both. Ugh

No. 550572

Oh my god, that song is Callout by Attila, I’ve always loved it but never knew who it was about…this is perfect lmao

No. 550605

IA and I think it’s a bit rich he’s acting like they’re both in on this joke when afaik they barely even know each other irl it’s not like he’s laughing it off because he knows her so well that it’s obviously untrue. He tries to big up their “friendship” on twitter to seem close to her but really idt they are at all.

No. 550635

good job anon! just not sure if she'll actually respond seriously to a tweet that's blatant criticism. I feel like you're just gonna get a sarcastic excuse not to answer the question

No. 550640

Actually Disneyland is the park with horrendous prices. Disney World is cheap. It doesn’t matter because she shouldn’t be leaving her pets regardless.

No. 550641


What I don’t understand about her being sarcastic about their being shit in the snake enclosure when she took a picture of it is…. yeah, you don’t have to clean your animal’s cages every fucking day but….do you not realize normal people would make sure things look presentable before taking photos to share with the fucking internet?

You wouldn’t take a photo where you’re trying to look nice with all this distracting shit in the background lol

No. 550647


But wouldn’t they raise the prices there simultaneously (since Disney World is larger since they had to buy more land to keep the strip clubs and Orlando nightlife away)

Sage for OT

No. 550650

You’d think so, but a week park hopper is cheaper in FL. Maybe because Florida is a mess. It used to be the better park but it’s gone downhill.

No. 550657

Disney World in Florida is horrible and poorly maintained. AND they have a serious rat problem on the property, stemming from their policy on removing all snakes from the property, in addition to any feral/stray cats. Disneyland in California actually has a feral cat colony that handles a lot of pest issues.

This is something TND could totally do a video on, it's something a lot of people don't know about. People are so scared of snakes that Disney has made it their policy to remove any snakes, to the point that they're literally endangering their guests by allowing disease-ridden pests to overrun the place. The synthetic pest control they use really isn't cutting it.

Blog, but relevant - I used to stay at the Disney resorts in FL at least once a year because I have access to discounts. Stayed 4 times in a 2 year period, at a different resort each time. Every single time I saw a buttload of rats running around at all hours. I complained each time… and I've been staying at these resorts for YEARS and have never had this issue until recently. There used to be tons of adorable bunnies hopping around the resort grounds, now it's literal fucking rats.

tl;dr disney world in florida is an expensive shithole that's infested with literal rats due to poor management policies

No. 550659

Really? Is this where people are going? Taylor is awful but the idea of rats swarming Disney like some horror movie is hilariously wrong. It’s a bit grody but nothing like that; that’s hilarious.

As not to be off topic, has she posted any updates on her small mammals lately? Her feed seems to be mostly consumed by her snakes.

No. 550661

Walk around the resort grounds (not the parks) in the evening/night and come back to me.

No. 550662

Stop shitting on Disney its a magical place. Just went there for spring break and no rats anywhere ??? the only rat here we should be discussing is Taylor.

Still waiting to prove Sabor is alive.

No. 550665


Just keep your kids and dogs away from the lagoons.

No. 550667

she's probably rushing to replace him lmao

no worries about that, they turned every waterfront into an eyesore by putting giant fences on every beach

No. 550689

i don't think she's even awake yet lol. is she back in SA? how long will she be home before leaving her animals for another vacation?

No. 550703

aren't we expecting a video this morning? She's running out of time.

And i've been around gators my whole life. Not disney's fault for a parent not watching their kid around them smh

No. 550705


Playlist or whatever she's going to is on the 21st (or 29th?) So, one or two weeks.

Honestly, on the topic of Florida, and given one of Taylor's most popular videos being about how shitty hermit crabs are treated, there's this bar in Sannibel that is pretty well known for these hermit crab races where that they do for charity where they put dozens of them at the center of a table and see who reaches the outside line first. I think you also get the option to buy them but I haven't been there in years so I have no fucking idea.

I personally don't have that much of a problem with it because it's for charity and I really don't think they make that much from it anyway because they only do it like once a week or something, but if she wants to actually come across as morally consistent and not just like she's virtue signaling all the fucking time–talking about stuff like that might actually be a good video idea.

Christ, there's so much animal related shit she can do in Florida! She can go to a park where you can swim with manatees, you can go snorkeling, you can go searching on the coastline for sea life, you can go to the fucking Everglades!

She's literally going to where the videos are and I doubt she'll take advantage of any of it.

No. 550714

A 5 day pass to Disney Land is cheaper than Disney world… She paid the same amount for 5 days at Disney world as you would pay for a 1 year pass at Disney land

No. 550753

It’s funny how she can’t keep a consistent schedule but is pushing out videos left and right now since she clearly blew through everything she had lmao. And now shitty merch of Nala? I wonder if this will really solve her problem, I would think only temporarily at best. While she may be pushing out more vids, fuck they’re so low-quality I don’t even understand how she qualifies that as a comeback to make her the dough. And wtf was with the weird ass outro at the end of her last video, with the twitching and shit? She tries so hard to “joke” like she’s not on drugs but Jesus it’s so obvious it’s sad.

No. 550757


I imagine her next video will be about the plushie. It's also funny how she posted the link already as if she cares about giving her most loyal followers on Twitter an "exclusive" first chance to get the pre order, but it's just to make sure she gets the fucking money.

No. 550776

Is it bad that I hope it’s a scam and hat people don’t get their plushies? It’d really put a hole in her big fat lie of an image

No. 550788

Wait if she cant get the money from videos she released this month its no wonder shes releasing merch which probably gives her money directly lmao.

Sneaky bitch

No. 550793

She did say she was going to announce the merch in her video. So it’ll probably be a 6 minute video, 3 of her talking about herself and 3 of her talking about the plush.

No. 550830

Ahh, that’s the high quality TND videos we know. Don’t forget maybe adding a couple of sound effects for to be “quirky and funny”! And background music with lots of jump cuts. That’s it. That’s literally all her videos consist of. The fact that she can’t keep a consistent upload schedule with shitty videos like she makes just shows how lazy she is and thinks she deserves the world. As someone who knows both people who have terminal illnesses and people who have very real and horrible depression, it’s so annoying to hear the same old “muh EDS & muh depression hurt me, someone told me to kill myself on the internet waahhhh the haters ;(“ from her. There are people in way worse conditions than her on YouTube who still manage to upload better content, stay more consistent and not give their fans bullshit excuses for their actions.

No. 550834


I was so shocked last video. The editing was stupid, but it was actual editing that she put a few extra minutes of work into

No. 550924

File: 1523305435511.png (889.12 KB, 1242x2208, 30AB8ECE-D0C5-47BC-B8BA-5A65DF…)

No. 550928

File: 1523305548522.jpeg (106.16 KB, 1282x822, 578D5788-F183-42D8-9639-1BFD2C…)

No. 550935

This pisses me off so much, you can do the same thing for cats about to be euthanized but you don't see Taylor doing that. No, you see her getting a craigslist breeder designer kitten that was too young to even be adopted out by any responsible breeder. She is such a cunt.

No. 550938

She loves to put on a front like she just absolutely loves and cares about animals when in reality they’re just props for her and she’s a neglectful owner. Don’t get me wrong that’s great to put the word out there of animals in shelters, but coming from her you just know it’s forced so that she appears a saint to her followers.

No. 550944

What the fuck could she possibly be editing? The kind of content she puts out is the kind that would literally take maybe an hour of editing at max lmao. She acts like she’s sooo hard at work. Guess she has to justify her trip to Disney Land for herself.

No. 550945

I genuinely do not understand why she couldn't have gone to a shelter to find a second kitten. It's just so flagrantly irresponsible to spend 600+ dollars on a kitten just for its breed. There are so so so many good cats and kittens just waiting for a home in shelters. It's just so selfish to me.

No. 550951

I produce videos for a living (not a YouTuber, it's boring stuff) and it is not hard. You can literally edit laying in bed. She's just a lazy spoiled girl who has never had to work a day in her life who has no real sense of responsibility.

No. 550952

No shelters would probably adopt to her lbr. There are standards and home checks involved that she simply wouldn’t pass. It suited her to skip being rejected altogether and pay the problem away to get what she wanted while getting a designer kitten out of the deal too.

No. 550958

Come on anon, you're probably a million times more intelligent and creative than TND, even if you're below average in each department. TND probably has a double digit IQ. I highly doubt anything requiring an ounce of thought or creativity would come easily to her.

No. 550960


OT but where I live there are no home checks and shelters don't really share information that might be important.

Example, a friend surrendered a bearded dragon to the local SPCA and they have a rule that if you surrender an animal, you are not allowed to adopt from them (this stems from adoption-happy people who used to adopt an animal and then surrender it months later). She did this and cited costs as the reason she could no longer care for the beardie.

That didn't matter to any other shelter in our area though, because none of that information is shared. So she went and adopted a cat after fostering it.

Point being, Taylor might be able to adopt from SOMEWHERE. But why do that when you can spend money on a kitten.

No. 550963


Lol what fancy pet shelters have you been to? I adopted two dogs without a home check. Cost $30 for a bonded pair, neutered, dewormed, and vaccinated. Shelters are overrun. They often do kitten specials.

Don’t give her more excuses than she already uses. It’s super easy to adopt/rescue pets.

No. 550967

File: 1523307881881.jpeg (216.22 KB, 1200x901, 15B65F45-0216-4863-AAFA-FC6AE1…)

Can anyone see the GTP?

No. 550971

Calm down and learn to comprehend what you read lmao I’m not giving her excuses, I’m literally explaining that many shelters wouldn’t home cats to her BECAUSE her living situation is so poor. This is not a good thing. I also didn’t intend to claim all shelters do it, but it’s been discussed in this thread before that many do.

Taylor is hardly going to look very far if the first place she checks is asking how many pets she has (and she knows her name is googleable, so lying would be a big risk). She smells the faintest whiff that the first place she visits won’t home to her, she’ll just go to craigslist and get what she wants.

No. 550973

I don’t know much about snakes but the enclosures seem so tiny for the snakes that she has. Don’t they need room to slither around and stuff? I also don’t see it, that enclosure looks pretty empty.

No. 551001

from her other posts and videos his favoured spot to sit seems to be on the sticks, but hes not there. he could be hiding in the leafs tho theyre good at camouflaging

No. 551004

they need at least enough room to fully stretch out, the main issue with hers is the lack of perches for him to sit on, hes an arboreal snake they like having lotsa sticks high up and stuff. its not the worst enclosure ever tbf, but with her money it could obviously be improved

No. 551008

They don't need "enough room to stretch" thats an old theory, her cages are pretty small but theyre fine. Her leaving poop and never filling water is whats not okay. Also with an audience her size she absolutely should have larger enclosures but the room to fully stretch out is old news and now is understood to not be necessary.

No. 551016

File: 1523310703396.jpeg (214.66 KB, 750x1035, 4D195A2D-015C-4697-AE75-9605B3…)

I think it‘s so funny that she always feels the need to mention how much maui has grown. As if it‘s something we need to applaud her for. I‘m pretty sure she‘s only owned him for like a year..
Wow finally an animal she kept long enough without killing/rehoming it to actually notice it’s growth!! Yeah no

No. 551017

It’s been two separate days that he hasn’t been visible in the enclosure. That picture was taken last Monday, while the ones with Louis in them were taken yesterday.

No. 551023

I disagree. Most good snake keepers agree that an enclosure's length + width should be at least as long or longer than the snake. A lot of people, myself included, have an enclosure where the length is greater than the snake. Now, I don't have any arboreal snakes like Taylor's GTP, so I don't know the protocol for that, but the enclosure sure looks small (and empty) to me. The whole "snakes don't stretch out in the wild" HAS been proven a myth, and as long as your enclosures are filled with enough stuff, you can go as big as you like with the enclosure size. The fact that Taylor can afford to upgrade all her snakes, but still had them in less than minimum sized enclosures is setting a bad example for her audience and just makes snake keepers look bad. And her tanks obviously aren't cleaned well, plus having empty water bowls is totally unacceptable.

No. 551032

Gotta agree with you. People think because snakes (along with other reptiles like leopard geckos etc) spend a lot of their day in a tight, secure space where they feel protected means they don't require much tank space, which is total crap. I've even see people say a 40 gallon can be "too big" for leos and other small reptiles which is complete bullshit. In the wild they venture much more than a 2-3ft, just because some animals like to hide a lot doesn't mean they never like to explore. Unfortunately Taylor is spreading this misinformation by showcasing all her animals in tiny vivariums (when she does show her vivariums that is).

No. 551035

>>550924 Friendly reminder, shut the fuck up Taylor you slutsville, you bought a kitten off of Craiglist to replace the one you killed.

No. 551042

>>550952 She would not qualify, this is for sure why she bought the kitten. Also because she's a hypocritical slut. You will never see Taylor adopt a disabled dog or a disabled cat, elderly animal. She will forever only buy animals and lie about their origins.

I hope someone calls and complains to her Landlord soon again.

No. 551053

Some of her enclosures are so bare minimum imo, and other people doing it worse doesn’t mean she’s somehow doing it better. She has the money to upgrade, and not in the way she’s planning to with that fancy shelving system. I mean to actually provide significantly more spacious enclosures. How can she look at enclosures like Sabor’s (RIP) and not think that some more room might be good for him? Aren’t we all always thinking on some level what we can do to improve life for our animals? I’ve upgraded vivariums and fish tanks to the tune of thousands of dollars at times and I didn’t have the kind of money Tay does. Looking at that GTP tank makes me squirm, I don’t care what people claim they do or don’t do. In the wild he’d be able to stretch his head out more than a few inches without hitting solid glass in every direction.

No. 551061

>>550967 No and the water dish is still empty.

The salt water tank on the right looks questionably empty but not sure since we can't see the full thing.

No. 551069

>>551023 I think for the sake of humane, snakes should be given an option to stretch out. Perhaps they feel cramped without the option.

She can afford much nicer things for her animals but will not.

Because she can't even be bothered to give them water in their bowls. This probably explains why that little hognose snake was drinking like he hadn't been provided water in a long time. Someone in the threads called it earlier with the hognose drinking like he was dehydrated.

No. 551075

>>551053 Has Taylor upgraded ANY of her enclosures ever?

No. 551081


I can’t wait for her to finally get a dog like she seems to promise when she moves into a bigger place (at this rate that won’t happen) and trying to convince us some completely purebred dog that is exceptionally rare to see in America (ex Shiba Inu) was somehow in a shelter, and wasn’t scooped up in the first five minutes it was there

She’s always in the right place at the right time after all, what with finding her kitten in an innocuous parking lost, funding her snake that someone was giving up at a pet store, finding her mouse that her manager was gonna give way, finding a rag doll at an adoption event, etc.

she must have the bestt luck

No. 551084

I don't live in SA but I live in Texas and there are so many animals in shelters. My local shelter explained that in the south since winters aren't bad we get a lot more strays and shelters can't keep up with all the animals coming into them that they literally give animals away for free. I know my shelter has adoption fees of like $10 and some animals don't even have adoption fees. Shelters like this often don't do any checks before adopting out animals.

No. 551091


There are some shitty “rescue groups” in my area that are known for adopting dogs for extremely low prices (usually from overstocked shelters) and then essentially selling them for a big markup, but actual shelters have barely ever charged that much around here

No. 551117

>>551081 Don't wish for her to get a dog. It will have no training like the other dogs she has, she will disown it as soon as it shits on her carpet or chews up her shoes which will all happen. It will probably be super aggressive too, like she is. She only pretends she's not for the internet.

No. 551134

ok I don't necessarily agree with all the nitpicking of her appearance but holy hell her chest acne has gotten bad recently?? Between that and that airport picture it's like she slept with her chest covered in oil. That's not really something that just appears in your 20s, you either have it through puberty or don't

No. 551142

>>551134 She's on drugs, she chronically picks just like Jonny. Jonny was even picking his neck in his life Instagram stream.

OR, they are flea and or bed bug bites.

No. 551143

That's for two 5 day park hopper passes.

No. 551144

Why would it be a scam? She's had other merch put out by the same exact company and it's not a scam.

No. 551146

Acne can be triggered by a variety of things at any point in your life. Hormonal changes caused by switching birth control is a major one. Her chest acne isn’t really bad. I don’t like to speculate on things like that but literally anything from a period to stress to bc could cause this. Lots of people who had clear skin as teens wind up with adult acne.

No. 551153


Diet can also be a factor in acne, same with wearing nonbreathable or skintight clothing for a long period of time.

No. 551154

With how disgusting Taylor is, she probably doesn't even keep clean and take care of herself. BUT that not to say that's the only reason it could pop up, I usually get acne that comes and goes when I am about to start my period, no matter how clean I keep my skin or healthy I eat.

No. 551170


Oh yeah yeah I know. Sorry that's not what I meant.

She said once that her favorite breed is a Shiba Inu, but those are pretty rare to see outside of Japan, especially in America. So my point being is that there's an astronomically low chance Taylor would find one of those in a shelter, but given how she always seems to be in the right place at the right time, she'd try to convince us it was abandoned.

I'll die if she actually gets one because, sure they look cute, but their "barks" are nothing but hellish garbled noises that absolutely do not sound like it's coming from a dog. She'd spend all this money at a breeder to get one, wouldn't train it properly, and would rehome it by the time it was an adult.

No. 551171

I don't think the anon literally hopes she goes out and gets a dog. Just saying that if she does, she definitely won't be able to handle it. It would be a bad situation for both the dog and animals.

No. 551174

She'd probably then use the excuse "he was showing aggression around my other animals so I had to rehome him :(". Like Taylor… no person needs to own 40+ animals? Please stop buying more… no, having lots of animals doesn't make you cute or quirky. Her young fans (somehow) look up to her so much and I hate seeing comments saying "aww I got a ___ because of you!! look at him!!! are you proud mom!??"

No. 551187

I clearly said I hope it would be. Do you know how many YouTubers start out with merch then get inconsistent? And from what I saw only a small bit of people actually bought and got it.

No. 551197


What the fuck are you talking about? Google "Shiba Inu rescue" and you'll come up with at least a dozen right in your area like I just did. My old boss had one. They're not rare to see at all.

I was just thinking that the strangest thing about Taylor getting these underaged kittens is that she barely used them for content. She could've probably made a few videos of them wobbling around when they were little, or just playing the internet would eat up…because kittens playing are fucking adorable and hilarious. She could've put up tons of IG pics of them growing up and not done anything that took effort but she's squandering their kitten prime.

No. 551205


Taylor is so lazy she can't even use what she has for prime video content. Tyler had this collab video where he went to go visit Taylor for this meet up they were doing, and part of his vlog had one of those zoo safari things where you drive past animals and all that.

Why hasn't Taylor made a video on it? Or talked about it? She also supposedly goes to Disney World in Florida a lot and like >>550705 said, there's lots of cool stuff to do in Florida if you love animals but she probably ignores all of that.

She wants to be lauded as some Steve Irwin or Coyote Peterson knockoff without literally doing any of the work, or caring enough to do that work

No. 551210

i think she said the audio got corrupted somehow.

something i’ve been thinking and am kinda sorta surprised about is how many people think her channel was ever not just about her. it’s her full fucking name. it has always been the taylor show, the animals are just a bonus when she decides she wants more views.

No. 551212

I'm hoping we get word on the GTP soon, cause I sincerely think he's gone. That tank is empty, she never talks about him, he wasn't in the video.

He's not an animal she can hold, take photos with, etc. like her other snakes/animals in general. He likely was forgotten about or ignored.

No. 551213


When I say she should adopt/recuse, I don't necessarily mean from a shelter. Everyone is so stuck on "she can't adopt an animal because of shelter home checks," but if she gave enough fucks she could easily take in an animal in need before it even got to the shelter.

People who are good with pets or known for animal care are usually the first ones people go to when they need to get rid of an animal before it's dumped at a shelter or picked up by a rescue.

If she was really into the adopting/rescuing community she would probably be in the online networking loop. Craigslist has listings of animals that AREN'T for sale but need rescuing ASAP (I.e. parent making kid get rid of cat or a dog's owner dies and the family needs to get rid of it so they post it online for free in a desperate attempt). Facebook groups also post animals outside of shelters that need homes. Don't those count as adoptions and rescues? If she is so shook by shelter home checks, should could have easily got on Craigslist and responded to a non profit rescue related situation, picking an animal that probably wouldn't get picked otherwise. Instead she buys the name brand that will sell out no matter what.

She's truly just not passionate and doesn't care. FYI Taylor you can be honest and still get content views. There are other audience targets outside of 12 year olds. You're getting hate for lying and being fake so why not just be real.

God damn this bitch makes me rant.

Tl;Dr there's other opportunities to adopt/rescue outside of shelters, Taylors fake ass just doesn't give a fuck.

Sidenote- I'm curious if she got papers on Ghost? If I spent 600$ buying any animal I would want breed papers and I would want to see the parents if possible. If you won't show the Petco adoption papers can we at least see the breed papers? Who buys a "ragdoll mix" for 600$?

No. 551215

She can upload a video of her cats but can’t upload the video she’s supposedly been editing for two days?

Like bruh we know this video is going to be short as fuck with most of it being about her upload schedule being shitty and the merch. I can’t imagine you being your job and you can’t even do the bare minimum

No. 551240

So is she just ignoring people about the GTP concern that he died?

No. 551247

She’s going to ignore everyone until she either thinks of an excuse or has time to replace him. Just like she did when everyone was asking her about the smoking incident. Could be why she still has the cage set up.

No. 551248

yup I tweeted her asking and she hasn't respond

No. 551254

I just noticed she deleted the tweet with the picture of Maui from today that showed the empty cage. He’s definitely dead.

No. 551257

She killed 2 GTP within a few months. New world record?

No. 551259

lol "he's grumpy" = "I killed him"

No. 551261


Nah the first one she deliberately bought to "save it" because she knew it was severely dehydrated and dying. Like how she whines about people buying animals from pet stores to "save them."

Why the fuck she did that instead of reporting the breeder she got it from or something actually fucking constructive, I don't know.

It's like she wanted to recreate one of those videos Dodo posts about "woman adopts terminally ill/senior dog from shelter so it can live out its last days in comfort" or something

No. 551263

She bought it cause she said it was dying and then supported the breeder that did that by getting another from the same breeder???

No. 551264

If she wasn’t convinced he was just so thin from starving she probably could have saved him, or at least come close to it. He was pretty far gone but he seemed mostly dehydrated to me. Can they do IV fluids for snakes?

No. 551266

Taylor posted a video waving one of those pole cat toys with a string dangling on it like "lol do you guys not know how to play with this"

Probably because you're waving the toy two feet away from them and not anywhere near close enough to bat at, dumb ass. She's just spastically waving it up and down.

No. 551275

>>551259 Snake is haunting her fucking apartment. This bitch is cruel, kills her pets through starvation and dehydration. There's no other reason why she loses so many in a short amount of time. Blaming someone else for Mushu getting sick doesn't explain why Mushu is still presently underweight. Taylor is just a damn liar and I wouldn't feel bad if the Landlord was called to do another inspection. The animals need to be checked up on.

No. 551276

>>551261 The fucking irony is this is probably the same reason why her other GPT recently passed away and why she's pretending he's still alive keeping the light on. With that said, she is probably the one who contributed to the death of the first one.

>>551266 Taylor's the one who doesn't know how to play with cats, just like how she knows shit about bottle feeding kittens. She made them scream and stretch out to be fed, rather than comforted and cuddled. She's horrible, yet intensely stupid person.

No. 551277

I wonder how she disposes of the animals she kills? She definitely doesn't bury or cremate them, does she just throw them in a dumpster?

No. 551287

She has nowhere to bury them, and is too lazy to do so anyway, so probably the trash

No. 551299

could someone post a pic of the empty cage/water dish where the gtp should be? I don't know anything about reptiles so I can't tell what it's supposed to look like

No. 551300

File: 1523329462054.jpg (6.48 KB, 265x190, green-tree-python.jpg)

GTPs are an arboreal snake and a fair amount of time you should see them coiled on one of the perches provided like in this pic

No. 551304

File: 1523329887612.png (7.17 MB, 2224x1668, 92B0AF76-8617-4BBF-BBB2-DA615F…)

It’s blurry, but this is from March 6, where you can see the yellow spot is him curled up on a branch. So sometime between then and now he died. I’m sure it’s the breeders fault.

No. 551305


I'm late, but another reason a shelter won't adopt out to her could be that no one in her home has an actual, stable job?

When I adopted there was no home check, but they DID need to know job/income information. What would she put for her occupation? "Youtuber"

No. 551314

Guess we're not getting a video tonight either

No. 551320

to be fair her sleep schedule is messed up so tonight could very easily last until tomorrow morning, but same, I am very doubtful

No. 551323

Has she even shown us updated videos of all her vivs and tanks? Not just her face next to them, but actually zooms inside and shows us what she has without her face in the way?

No. 551328

Of course not, that would require too much work for her to deep clean all the cages to hide the neglect. Why do that when she could just take all the animals out of the cage and put them on the carpet like that nasty bitch she is?

No. 551339

Now is it possible that exposing the GTP to the Monitor lizard without quarantining killed him off? Or exposure to the other snakes she recently purchased who were also not quarantined. Possibly an illness, or a parasite, or over all stress etc?

No. 551342

The GTP is wild-caught so it’s very likely it has had parasites since she got it. Plus, she got it from LLLReptile which is known for being one of the worst places to buy reptiles from.

No. 551348


Someone said earlier in the thread that Taylor wanted to be like Tana Mongeau which I kind of believe. Their only similarity is that they're constantly late to shit, but at least Tana shows up eventually.

No. 551355

lol true. I swear to god I take more video of my cats than she does. I can't help it they're just so good and cute and entertaining, it's not like it's a hard thing to whip out my phone and record.

No. 551368

>>551355 Because Taylor has something to hide. She's manipulative but dumb as a brick.

No. 551377

She could honestly have such a great life if she wasn't such a fuckup. Also, WHY WHY WHY would you date someone like Jonny EVER. He's so gross idk how she doesn't see it. He's the definition of man-child.

Also RIP Sabor

No. 551380

>>551377 Oh she could have easily ended up with a great guy, someone who didn't rape women and may rape women in the future. A family man who didn't have offspring he disowned with other women. Someone who didn't take a shit on her family and try to isolate her from them, or manhandled her at the hotel when she couldn't pay for the room.

Also someone who didn't introduce her to drugs, or encourage her to get more animals.

She deserves who she has now.

Fucking sad how she killed that poor snake. I'm so sure he's dead.

No. 551381

Sorry for being a bother but what snake did she kill? How did it look like? Sage

No. 551382

Not a bother and there's no confirmation YET but indications point to her Green Tree Python, Sabor, being dead. His enclosure looked empty + no water in bowl (literally bone dry) in a photo she posted today, he wasn't in her last video of all her snakes, etc.

No. 551383

Literally just scroll up and read.

No. 551384

It was a green tree python, there's pics of what they look like earlier in the thread. They're bright yellow or red as hatchlings.

No. 551389

Wasn't the same snake she provoque to attack a tablet (or some strange object) for her IG story?
Can't blame the snake for hating her
Honestly this is getting weird and I hope she show the GTO soon :\

No. 551395

>>551389 She's hoping to buy some time I think so she can go and buy another one. But there will be anons on the internet to compare the markings on the snake. The last photo I recall she took of him which wasn't that long ago, he looked pretty thin.

No. 551397

He's always been pretty feisty and that's not the only instance of her posting pictures of him striking. I wonder if she neglected him because she didn't like him as much due to his personality. Combined with the fact he was already weak = dead snake

No. 551406

I just looked through her Instagram and there's no pictures of the GTP. Did she never take any or did she delete them because it's dead?

No. 551407

File: 1523340496232.jpg (962.1 KB, 1200x1200, tnd.jpg)

She started swinging him around on a handling stick for the camera the moment she unboxed him… Outdoors even? Is that not risky? Whenever she posts about him it's about how grumpy/nippy/angry/full of hate he is. I wouldn't be surprised if she just got fed up with it, frustrated that her Snow White skills weren't working and let him die of starvation/dehydration. What's the purpose of snake you can't take selfies with without getting bitten?

No. 551408

What are you talking about? There's like 6 or 7 posts about it.

No. 551411

Nah the images are still there, just need to go a little bit of the way down.

No. 551415

Never owned a snake so I wouldn't really know about the outside issue, though the taking him outside and moving him around for a photo just as they got home would be enough to create some stress. Wouldn't be surprised if it conditioned him to just associate danger with her.

It only came up in though a short while ago but, don't GTP get somewhat big? like 4.9 - 5.9 ft? I mean not as big as a ball python but considering this kind of snake requires a decent amount of height to it's tank and humidity I would imagine the upgrade and upkeep might be a bit too much?

No. 551417

Yeah GTP are known for being aggressive snakes though, its very rare to find one that somebody has spent a lot of time and energy on to tame. They apparently calm down when they're a bit older, but I doubt Sabor will because Taylor cbf taking 50 snake bites to the hand in order to tame her pet whenever she leaves everything in a cage unsocialised while she runs off around America with her scabby looking boyfriend.

When they're tamed I believe they can still be quite unpredictable too, compared to a ball python for example who would rarely lash out.

No. 551443

Sorry if it seems off topic, but I was going through her older insta pictures and fuck, it's incredible the change she has taken on over the years… Most people look more attractive as they come into their early 20s. But honestly, Taylor used to look SO much more normal and she was such a cutie when she was younger. Now her hair is fried to shit, her eyes always have this strung-out look, and she has aged way too quickly, looking like she's 40 when she just turned 21. She looked so much more full of life before… You could tell by her pics modeling was what she wanted, and imo if she stuck to it I really think she could have pulled a small modeling career and have some animals that are WELL taken care of, not 40+ she keeps killing off. She had so much potential for success in her life at such a young age. Then she decided turn into the worst case of rebellion and run off with a drugged-out rapist. Now look at her… granted she has been slimy since before Jonny but he only made matters so much worse. How someone can sleep next to a rapist every day, I will never know.
Sage for blogging/ranting but damn seeing the difference of Taylor a few years ago vs. Taylor now is sad.

No. 551501

Who's else fault would it be? If an animal ever dies it is the breeders fault ALWAYS.

Upkeep was never an issue for her really. She has a monitor lizard that requires a huge tank upgrade/small room upgrade but will probably be stuffed inside a small box until she has to show his enclosure again.

No. 551507

Given her record is snarky replies to hate and proving people wrong with “well duh” type posts lately, the fact she hasn’t replied to the anon who asked about Sabor is telling. She’s either waiting long enough that she can research and pretend he died of something unavoidable, or she’s waiting till people here forget for a while so she can buy another one, let it lie for a couple of weeks, and then show it in the background like nothing happened. Now would be a really good time to check who might be selling them/if they have any in stock. It would be a good time to start watching, like people watched Craigslist when she was known to be looking for a kitten. She will never tell the truth so catching her like this is the only way to find out.

No. 551508

Forgot to add lol but if GTPs are always wild caught it will be extra fucking rich if she buys another to replace Sabor after her sudden change in heart over the issue of wild caught when she was deflecting about buying the wrong monitor.

No. 551510

Honestly she can easily get away with not saying anything about him. Most people don't actually know how many animals she has until she pulls them out and theyre like ''oh ye you have that too lol''

Maybe if we make a big enough riot in the comments she will have no choice but to reply, and even then she can't say he dies recently because that doesn't seem to be the case.

No. 551512

So Taylor…about that video?
I'm starting to really lose patience with how many times she promised videos that she either dropped way later than promised or not at all. Same as she's just 'losing footage' all the time like the fuck, how poorly organized can you be? Why can't she stick to her promises? It can't be that hard to keep a somewhat regular uploading schedule if making youtube videos is your only job. And if she can't stick to it, I wish she would stop always promising 'a video tomorrow/today' whatever, such a let down. (and yes I am upset cause I am an anon that actually likes watching her videos despite everything. it's my guilty pleasure alright)

No. 551520

There are captive bred GTP but statistically you're more likely to get one that's wild caught.
The illegal trade for GTP is insane and a few years ago around 80% of snakes exported from Papua were wild caught.

Really, if she's gonna claim captive bred I'd wanna see an adoption certificate or actual images of the parents to confirm it.
So yeah like someone said before, watch shop websites and craigslist for sales of these things, most of them will probably list if it's CB or WC

No. 551531

This won't add anything, but one of my biggest issues with Taytay is that we know practically nothing about her individual animals. Sure snakes aren't dramatically different from each other, but the cats?? She made some vague posts about how Ghost likes to hide in weird places, but other than that we have no idea if they're playful, curious, lazy, hate strangers, like to paw at her enclosures, or anything else about them- all we ever see is her and the actual cats seem like every other cat. Just another example of how they're little more than accessories.
It would be so easy to make a video (even one where she just talks with occasional clips) describing the quirks or traits of her animals. But instead we get sporadic blog updates, bare minimum care videos, and the cheapest, laziest goddamn video of hers yet where she puts some goddamn animals on the floor and films them.
Also she literally copied the trump gag from her own retweet. Laziness at it's height.

No. 551545


Since you mentioned the cats hypothetically liking to paw at enclosures….

Remember when she asked her audience if she could train her cats not to kill her fish because she didn't want to get a proper fucking lid for one of her tanks?

No. 551566

It’s still insane to me that with the amount of small animals, reptiles, and fish that she has, she went out and got two cats.

No. 551581


Her pictures are going to look a lot less cute when she’s holding her snake out in one hand while being distracted by her phone and her cat is old enough to jump and take a few swipes

No. 551607

cats are especially hazardous because a lot of the enclosures she owns are exo terra and those have screen tops on them. she doesn't have them on any sort of shelf that prevents them from jumping on it and when they get larger they can and will definitely jump on top and bust through it

No. 551624

The thing is…they’re wild cats she found. They’re not even cats she’s adopted she just found them (Nemo) in the streets. While they’re young cats can be sweet and docile but when they get older they can become assholes. Like my roommates cat used to be so chill and now he bites a LOT, partly because she never said that behaviour was wrong it was “aw cute” behaviour. And I think Taylor will be the same. I don’t think she will reprimand the cats when shit gets real. Her and JC will record and it be like “Nemo & Ghost are so savage!! LOL XD”

No. 551638

Her excuse for now is that she has a separate room for her animal enclosures, but we know she doesn’t keep every tank in there anyway. The satanics are in the living area, so is the 150 gallon I believe? I think Mushu is in the kitchen? So even if the majority are behind a door, this is still leaving some spread out. Those cats will investigate sooner or later, especially since it’s a guarantee they’re not getting any stimulation from her.

It kills me too that she could have upgraded the hedgehog enclosure and moved them somewhere in the living room etc but instead she got cats so now they are backed into the closet even more. Snakes on one side, cats on the other. But at least Taylor got what she wanted.

No. 551642

We actually don't know where they came from. I do agree it's likely Nemo is feral but for all we know she actually paid some shady breeder and passed it off as them being saved. Though I think this lie is actually too easy for her to pass off and she'd manage to change her story 20 times.

Last feral cat I had 'adopted' (a friend gave her to us cause reasons) actually ended up jumping out the window and running away and being a complete bitch to being petted. Since Nemo had some bonding with Taylor and company of another kitten maybe this won't be an issue, but I could see her cats escaping due to her lack of care.

No. 551644


This is why I think that she keeps the cats in a bathroom while they're away. We all said it was fine while they were kittens (which is fine, yes) but we have no clue if she would stop. Letting them roam around seems like a major risk.

No. 551645

She said that her and Jonny were walking in Best Buy and some lady was holding them in a box because she had found them or something like that

No. 551647

Note: I’m not saying I believe her but for all I know the holes in the story is what has me inclined to believe that Nemo is feral

No. 551654


They were apparently found by a woman in the wall of a construction sight or something?
also I think it might have been petco cause the woman was looking for someone to help them? or that was where she claimed she got ghost from.

No. 551657

I think it’s a lie, I went back to the Instagram post. And people who lie provide unnecessary details instead of just saying what happened. She was saying “we went to go look for cats…but then we went to Best Buy…but then we went to petco” it makes the whole thing fishy when she could’ve just said “we were looking for cats and this woman was in there with kittens she had found that needed a home” instead of trying to sell this “I’m a animal rescuer, praise me” spiel

No. 551662

There's a difference between "feral" and "stray". Feral kittens, even very small ones, are very scared, hiss a lot, and generally try to avoid humans at all costs. These were likely just stray, so Nemo probably won't have as many issues later in life. But any hand raised kittens usually end up with some sort of behavior issues from not learning proper interactions from the mother.

No. 551663

Not only has there been no video but she hasn’t said shit on social media since she posted the video with her cats

I still think it’s a bit of a conspiracy theory that the GTP is dead (though I’ll admit the evidence we have is really suspect) but if it turns out if the GTP did die and she’s ignoring it, and then just went to play with her other animals instead, holy shit

No. 551667

Her cats won't be feral. If cats are socialized around humans before about the six week mark, they lose their fear response to humans and are tame. However, they're still young kittens and need to be trained somewhat, but I doubt she's doing that. Did she even properly litterbox train them? It's mostly instinct for them, but it does take SOME work. Also the biting thing- kittens start to bite a LOT around 8-12 weeks and if you don't train them they'll always do it. She could have made videos on this, but I suspect she was too busy doing drugs to properly raise her cats or show us her doing it.

Source: fostered kittens/worked with shelters for 5+ years.

No. 551684


With her attitude and personality, i dont think a normal, smart person would want to stay in a long-term relationship with her. Would you want to stay with someone who only cares of what she looks like, wants it her way, rude, and very manipulative? Not only that, but collects all these animals but doesn’t show any care for them but what they look like?

I wouldn’t even be her friend, tbh.

No. 551688


Yeah I had a feeling the story changed around a lot, though what makes me laugh is they went to best buy for cats. I'm not from the states but they don't sound like a thing someone would take infant cats into, or a place that sell cat supplies to begin with.


To be honest, evidence or not given how much she tends to look in here and low key post photos of the animals people question are alive or not, would've thought by now she'd post a picture going "he's still alive :)"

No. 551692

It could also be that the GTP was too aggressive to take out and she didn't feel comfortable, even then his water dish should be full and I'm sure she would have mentioned it and possibly still tried to nag him.

No. 551693

she could have filmed him in his tank for 10 seconds and said "he could join but he's too aggressive to handle" but that would ruin her snake charmer image

No. 551785

She did reply to someone on instagram when they asked about the snake and said "he's grumpy :(" I would be grumpy too if I hadn't drank fresh water in weeks

No. 551789

Yes but when has a grumpy snake ever stopped her? She would have filmed herself bitching about the snake instead

I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt but idk..

No. 551828

>>551684 Jonny is only with her because of money. The most hilarious thing is that he put money bags around her name on Instagram. I can guarantee if she didn't have the Youtube following she had and the money he wouldn't have gone with her. Taylor only looks nice on camera from photoshopping and applying makeup with a butter knife. In person she looks totally different with a wide face for her weight. Her lip injections only increase the width. I bet a lot of people who meet her in person are like, holy shit, we were tricked.

No. 551832

>>551789 Of course not, the snake is dead until she proves it. She is avoiding it and has gone quiet on social media. She's panicking. The same silence happened when she was confronted about Jonny smoking indoors, and the controversy about her Monitor lizard. She was supposed to have a video up by now right? She's HIDING.

R.I.P Sabor, you didn't deserve to be dehydrated to death. If Taylor doesn't update about him soon, maybe he needs to be added to the google list of animals that have passed on.

No. 551854

File: 1523389033211.png (37.58 KB, 395x627, 23.png)

has taylor wrapped around finger
taylor pays for everything
still keeps up with and complains about ex

No. 551882


Is that even English? My brain can't comprehend what he's trying to say. If he has so much money, maybe he can go pay to take some grammar classes.

No. 551897

So to translate (if i can). Some dude is trying to “talk” with his exs? So, basically he doesnt want any other guys with his exs? Is that what he’s trying to say?

No. 551898

Jonny posted on his insta story about Nemo getting neutered

No. 551903

>>551854 Jonny still wants his ex bad, that girl needs to run for the hills how he stalks her, Jonny is a sociopath. He's just throwing a tantrum that he fucked up every relationship he's ever been in with rape, abuse and drugs.

I bet he can't stand his exes to be with other men, and it's only about control and power, which confirms more for me that he is a rapist.

No man is going to pine like a fucking 12 year old over his exes talking to other men, especially on the internet. He's fucking immature and never grew his man skin.

And it also further validates that Taylor isn't good enough for his personal standards. He's not happy, and he's only using her for money. If he were happy, he would never have anything to say.

Grow the fuck up Taylor, your manlet Jonny isn't worth it and what guy is going to want Jonny's sloppy seconds, you are probably riddled with diseases now. Get clean Taylor, this guy is garbage. She who sleeps with garbage, is trash.

No. 551904

>>551898 Was Nemo actually at the clinic?

No. 551905

No it was in the apartment with Nemo in his lap with him saying something like “guess who’s about to get his balls chopped off in an hour”, and then the next one was just Jonny in the car singing or some shit, so no actual confirmation

No. 551906

He was on their bed and Jonny said he would be getting fixed in one hour, three hours ago.

No. 551912

>>551905 We'll see if it happens.

No. 551914

Someone ask Jonny if the Green Tree Python is alive. See what his response is.

No. 551925

Lol what would jonny know? He‘s a total fucking idiot. If taylor can barely keep track of her animals how is jonny gonna know anything.

No. 551930

>>551925 They live together as a couple, there's no way she's not going to say something to him about it for her own personal attention and gratification from him. She is always a victim, not her animals.

However, if she's hiding it from him, he'll go check for himself and then ask her about what happened.

Think about it.

What if his public response is, I have no idea. That would also be a weird response. It will make Taylor look even worse with here presently ignoring the concern.

No. 551941



1. Jonny has an actual double-digit IQ and might be a little mentally challenged

2. People aren't allowed to talk to other people's exes?

I would be thoroughly embarrassed if I were Taylor and dating this 31-year-old excuse for a functioning human. He has no grasp of the English language, no job, is a hideous manlet, and CONSTANTLY goes on and on about his exes; he's clearly obsessed and can't let these girls go. Even without the rapes, scams, and on-going substance abuse (which Taylor denies) he's pathetic.

No. 551955

>>551941 I'll bet if that girl wanted to take Jonny back (forgiveness and massive stupidity on her part) he would drop Taylor in a heart beat or would cheat with his ex on the side. He's clearly obsessed with that girl and having some power over her.

I really hope this girl can get some help to get this guy to stop stalking her on social media. I would strongly suggest to her to keep some sort of legal weapon with her and take training courses on how to properly use it to protect herself.

The way he stalks her tells me he wants try to hurt her again, who is to say he wouldn't try. I'm not fear mongering, if he did it before, what's to say he wouldn't do it again if he had the chance.

Leave the girl alone Jonny you rapist.

No. 551970

Chelsea already has a protective order against him so that's why he can't say her name, but he'll vaguebook about her and Amanda all the time.

This is the girl that dumped him 3 weeks before he met Taylor, so it's pretty obvious he's not over her. And it's even funnier because while he brags about his shit taste shoes, Chelsea and her mom are still getting his hospital bills in the mail. She's dragging him on twitter about that.

No. 551974

>>551970 JFC, he isn't even man enough to pay for his own hospital bills to this day, that's a detail I have forgotten. Is the poor girl being forced to pay for the bills or just being sent to their address? I never understood how this worked.

That poor, poor girl.

For sure not over her, Taylor is his rebound and provides a roof over his head and someone to sleep with. If it wasn't for her he would be homeless.

There were images and videos that surfaced not that long ago showing Jonny kissing another girl while he was with Taylor, but away from her on travel.

I wonder just how many girls he's cheated on with since they got together, it's obvious a few.

But Taylor would cheat too if she got the chance, flirting as she does with men on Twitter who don't give a shit about her to respond to her.

I really hope his ex will be okay and can get further help and safety, he is clearly still a threat to her well being.

No. 551978

Anyone who keeps bringing up their exs probably hasn’t move on yet, especially if he broke up with her 3 weeks before Taylor. And acting like a child while throwing a tantrum when his ex is talking to another dude, it just shows how protective and controlling he is. Idk how Taylor doesn’t care or says anything about this situation but most likely Johnny shuts her up or she doesn’t actually care because she’s busy flirting with other guys. Their relationship is a mess. I feel bad for her animals and his exs.

Sage for blogging but i had an ex in highschool that was very controlling and protective. He wouldnt let me out of the house and even gets super angry when i hang out with my guy cousins. It took me a long time to break up with him because he would start being manipulative. Even if it’s been almost 20 years later, i still get nervous telling my current fiance that i’m going to meet with my friends and he always have to remind me that he honestly doesnt mind and that i shouldnt ask promission from him at all. So, guys like Jonny are no joke. Their attitudes are extremely toxic and being around that can stay with you forever

No. 551986

What a fucking hypocritical idiot. His exes can’t talk to other people but he can cheat on his girlfriends whenever he wants? Sure, why not. Everything about him is so repulsive I have no idea why anyone would date him.

No. 551987

So only Nemo. Must be leaving Ghost so they can breed and make money from him.

No. 551990

File: 1523397268214.jpg (254.35 KB, 1440x1602, Screenshot_20180410-165104~2.j…)

I love how taylor and jc both look miserable here compared to the other two

No. 551991

iirc they just get the bills, they don't pay for them.

Because she thinks she's "the one" who will "fix" him. At the end of the day she's still a 21 year old who went from being sheltered af to being in control of her life in an unusual way. She's still in that teenager mentality that he exploits because it means he can let loose without any consequences. She's also easier to groom. When they break up, which they will, he'll end up going for someone even younger than her to keep the cycle going.

No. 551994

>>551978 Territorial is the word you are looking for. He literally raped this girl. He couldn't even protect her from his own sexual gratification and urges, protective isn't in his mental or physical capacity to even gather a grasp on.

All he is is a danger to women in general. He very well may have raped Taylor already but she's quiet about it because she does not like being told she is wrong or that she failed at decision making because she's impulsive and narcissistic.

She could also have a fetish for men who hurt women in this way. She has actively flirted with another predator on Twitter knowing his history. It seems very odd to me that she seeks out dangerous men involving sex crimes.

Considering she makes fun of Jonny's rape victims (severe form of apathy), she does not view rape as a crime but as something else. As what, who knows.

No. 551997

>>551987 That would be just like Taylor to want to breed him, bet this is the reason why she got him. She wants some other lazy selfish means to make money, forcing animals to breed even if it means keeping her from getting a real job. She doesn't give a shit if the kittens end up in the shelter.

Forcing animals to breed, if she decides to breed him this is basically what it is. She chooses to bring him around a female at that point. No wonder Taylor doesn't have a problem with Jonny raping women or herself making fun of rape victims. Whatever gets her attention negative or positive. She is so fucking selfish and disgusting.

No. 551998

>>551990 Taylor's hideous frog hand returns! She was probably pissed the attention wasn't all on her.

In a limo, oh Taylor, did you pay for it? If you did, just a friendly reminder, your animals at home don't have the right enclosures and you're an animal hoarding bitch.

No. 551999

If I remember correctly Amanda is the first ex. Then he was with Chelsea. He cheated in Chelsea with Liz and was with Liz for a year. Then he went back to Chelsea, and only was broken up with her for about 3 weeks when he met Taylor.
I personally wouldn’t call him kissing another girl cheating at the time they met cuz they only knew each other for a few days.

No. 552016

>>551990 Anyone else notice that Taylor is drinking in this photo? Her frog hand is grasping a bottle. But, but, I thought you said you didn't drink Taylor. Always a liar. Jonny's arm isn't even around her, I'm guessing they weren't getting along but were trying to hide it, their faces say it all.

No. 552017

>>551999 So he raped Chelsea before or after she took him back?

Take notes on this Taylor, it's important.

As long as he wasn't actually dating Taylor when he was kissing other girls, you are right it's not cheating.

No. 552019

They probably only love each other when they're high+strung out on drugs. A part of me says they are great for each other because they're both disgusting and toxic people. Another part of me says she's absolutely miserable with him and is being abused/manipulated into staying with him.

No. 552020


Don't think she ever said she didn't drink, she just tries to portray herself as the quirky introvert who doesn't party that much (which is laughable considering she parties and travels all the time)

No. 552023

>>552020 She's traveling and partying every few weeks. There is nothing introverted about that, if anything she is clingy and extroverted. She can't stand to be alone with herself. Doing what she does would drive introverts insane, introverts require solitude for survival.

I think she claims to be introverted because none of her IRL friends want to actually spend time with her or can make time with her. Betsy has a baby.

No. 552032

To me it looks more like she has a messiah complex. Like she thinks she's going to save him and her animals from harm just because she's in their lives.

But she might as well have some daddy issues. Her dad seems to have dettached himself completely while her mom is still using social media to guilt trip her or be passive-aggressive.

No. 552040

I bet her drinks aren’t gluten free unless she’s forcing everyone else to drink what she has

No. 552044

>>552032 I think Taylor can't appreciate having a dad in her life. Her dad and her mom are still married, he still involves himself with her special needs brother and was very worried about Taylor being with Jonny, literally fearing for her life. Jonny left his own child and wants nothing to do with it. She's not going to find a Daddy in Jonny, just her own fetish.

Taylor's mom might be crazy on social media, but she must be doing something right to keep the rest of the family together as she has. Taylor probably had a good child hood and many good things in her teenage life. The parents at least tried and she wasn't abused for sure. I'm she bragged about putting boys in jail and dating a new guy every week because she's jealous that her parents have had to give so much time and attention to her special needs brother.

It's exhausting for special needs parents, mentally and physically. On top of their daughter running off with a rapist, the parents went nuts on social media. They probably didn't know what else to do, seeing their daughter with such a large audience they were desperate.

No. 552053

File: 1523401548336.jpeg (356.88 KB, 1269x1908, 05D11495-2056-4EFF-AB2A-69B742…)

No. 552058

Starting to think she just changed shirts and filmed these all on the same day…

Those lip glosses or whatever haven't been touched for what, 3 videos now?

No. 552067

and jonny's the furthest thing from a daddy too. theyre supposed to be care givers and love their partners, its a dom/sub relationship that usually expands into peoples lives rather than just their sexlives ( well most people ive interacted with have that kind of dynamic anyways, maybe some just do it duribg sex). he just likes to be called daddy it makes him sound like he has an incest fetish, i wouldnt be surprosed if he does he looks like the kinda guy who would watch incest porn

No. 552072

her hair and makeup were the same in that and her last 2 videos too. her makeup always looks pretty similar but it looks very close to being the same, the only difference is she put her hair behind her shoulders in one video

No. 552076

She deleted the video of her cats playing on twitter for whatever reason. And still no response to the GTP being dead. She always immediately responds anytime something is easy to disprove (I.e. her scar from having her appendix removed) but avoids saying anything when it’s something that she can’t think of an excuse or lie for (the smoking incident).

No. 552082

She’s definitely trying to look sexy when she clearly looks like a groupie lmao

No. 552093

>>552082 She tries too hard to be sexy and she has always been slutty.

No. 552094

She said once before that she’s recorded many videos she just doesn’t be like them enough to put them out. Even if that was true then she should have videos just ready to be uploaded. “Still editing away” aka I haven’t edited a damn thing because I was dicking around

No. 552097

Love how she says "editing away" like it takes sooo much work lmao. It takes over 3 days to edit one of your shitty videos? No. You're just a lazy dumbfuck. That GTP is def dead and she is running to replace him. Why else wouldn't she just easily disprove that he's dead? That poor fucking snake.

No. 552102

I think she’s been spoiled her whole life, hence why she throws tantrums whenever something doesn’t go her way; like when her parents had to replace the floors rather than get her a laptop or all those drug jokes (i found those jokes to be a tantrum that teenagers make by being sarcastic), etc. and probably when her parents started investing more on her brother, she hated the fact she had less attention so she started to go out and find boyfriends for the attention she couldnt get at home.

Sage for all this speculation

No. 552107

The more videos she uploads, the lower her clothes starts to hang from her body. Lol

No. 552118

I wonder if she had to re-edit/refilm some parts after people pointed out the empty cage. Because she also deleted the picture where you could see it.

No. 552121


I don't think she's being manipulated into staying with him (let's be honest, TND is no genius but she's a hell of a lot smarter than her special needs man; she speaks so condescendingly to him at times, it's obvious) but she doesn't want to admit that the things people have been saying about Jonny are true. She's seems unhappy/bored in the relationship but can't swallow her pride and leave

No. 552122

can someone tell me why jonny's arm is in a sling?

No. 552128

Threw a mic too hard.

No. 552131

From what I can remember in Taylor’s instagram story from that night, it’s a fannypack. It seems to be a trend to wear them like that

No. 552132

>>552121 She can't tolerate being in a relationship with anyone more than one week. Just like how she can't go more than probably a day or a week without looking up more animals that she wants to buy. I imagine she spends hours browsing new animals that she wants meanwhile her animals are dying in the next room or are going without water or food, and certainly enclosure upgrades. The cats are probably always bored, this is probably why they play with her blinds when she's recording videos. They want attention and know she's giving it to something else.

No. 552138

Considering Jonny was the only guy the internet pitched a fit about, this might be the reason why Taylor is with him. It gave her some entertainment to be with a rapist, meanwhile she can laugh at his victims and pretend to be a nice person.

Anyone know why Taylor's last ex and she broke up and how long ago that was?

No. 552139


This is great. You gave me a laugh haha. Fuck Jonny boy

No. 552158

She kept her last boyfriend more private. I think his name was Will.
Also, just was thinking, what happened to the vlog mental health videos with her BFF?

No. 552166

If GTP is dead, what's the death toll at this point?

No. 552168

File: 1523409430119.jpg (76.41 KB, 750x738, CH_2y4jVAAQCRGG.jpg)

LMFAO look at what I found. How long had she had those hair extensions in, fucking gross. You think she'd clean up for a photoshoot. She didn't bother to brush her hair, she looks like shit. She looks much older than she should be too, like 35 plus years. If I didn't know who she was I would think this a photo of a prostitute giving an interview.

No. 552171

She literally looks like she smells like hotdog water

No. 552182

>>552171 Her own hair grease is mixed in with that tangled fake hair mess, she must have gone about a month or longer without changing them out or even brushing. I would say longer.

What is her obsession with keeping filthy hair.

Self neglect is just one symptom of animal hoarding. She leaves her clothes in huge piles, I bet she re wears items of clothing and smells heavily of B.O.

No. 552224


Getting major 36-year-old single mother of 2 vibes…

No. 552233

File: 1523413771889.png (152.05 KB, 596x654, obsessed.png)

How embarrassing is it that Jonny is angry guys are talking to Chelsea. He shouldn't care at all who speaks to her, sort of proves Taylor is a rebound LOL. he did go with her very early after they split up

No. 552241

The saddest part is that he has always done this with the three women he got involved with before taylor. Like that's the reason he successfully managed to pin them against each other for the longest time. Not he's pinned Taylor against all 3 of them. It's ridiculous how she has 3 fucking separate experiences of the exact same pattern and still stupidly believes she's the exception.

No. 552246

>>552233 Good to stand up for herself against that rapist POS! Taylor you stupid slut, keep your manlet on a leash like a good dog already.

No. 552247

The moment my boyfriend started posting about his exes he'd be out the door, nevermind getting bothered about them talking to his friends.

Taylor is so pathetic lol

No. 552251

I wish his exes would all send copies of their restraining orders or any assault charges etc to Taylor's Landlord.

No. 552253

>>552247 Nope that's respecting too much out of Taylor. She really would have to admit she was wrong and live up to her tattoo.

No. 552254

I think it would be enough for them to run a background check on him and also it depends on the complex's policies. Legally speaking he can't be a tenant or own a lease due to criminal record, so idk what's up with their living arrangements.

No. 552255

>>552254 I'm guessing he's not on any of the rental paperwork and basically Taylor is breaking her rental agreement having him there.

No. 552258

This has been discussed before in earlier threads, Taylors mother tried to contact the landlord and they didn't really care that jonny was living with them

No. 552259

>>552258 Maybe because she didn't have any paperwork as evidence, or Taylor lied to the rental company and said he was just visiting. I really hope his exes see this and send it in. They have every right to if they want to.

No. 552274

File: 1523417386209.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, E941CF27-D038-43D2-9875-8E15CC…)

God he is such a nasty looking manlet rapist. How the hell does Taylor let him stay with her, sleep next to him and prob have sex with her?? He sure as fuck doesn’t have money, good looks or a good personality. Ewww

No. 552277

>>552274 "How the hell does Taylor stay with him" Because that would mean everyone but her was right. Because who wants Taylor after she slept him, all she is is Jonny's sloppy seconds.

He is fugly. It should be a crime to be that fugly inside and out.

No. 552298

I don’t know about the US but here in the UK my estate agent said that so long as you don’t get mail delivered you’re not classed as a tenant but as a “guest” and don’t need background checks etc.

So long as JC doesn’t get mail delivered to Taylor’s address he doesn’t officially live there and is her guest. From my understanding you can be a guest almost indefinitely.

No. 552299

In all this monitor drama she hasnt once mentioned where her pregnant friend wants it to go or if she cares its not a black throat. Like i thought this monitor was your mates? You were just boarding it/pet caretaker? Did she also not realise it was the correct species for a month or so. While she took care of it ehile you were on tour?

No. 552301


sage but I actually gag when pictures of him pop up here, and I ONLY ever see him when I'm eating. RIP me, I wish he could be spoilered

No. 552305

My previous US (California) apartment leases stated that any guest who stays more than two weeks is considered a tenant and must be on the lease. Laws vary state to state though.

No. 552316

Anyone think it’s super weird how, of all the pictures she could have posted of Maui as a baby, she picked one with a semi-known Youtube celebrity it in?

It doesn’t look like he credited her in that original photo so is that her way of waving her arms and going “that’s my snake! Mine!”

Is it to make us believe she’s somewhat more popular and relevant even though Trevor only talked about her snake with no mention who Maui’s owner is?

No. 552339

>>552316 >>551016

Wait so it Trevor Maui's original owner? Or did he hang out with Taylor at some point and take this pic?

No. 552354


No my point is that Trevor didn’t tag Taylor in the post, just talked about the snake. So I assume she wants everyone to know that’s HER snake.

No. 552356

Because she's "living the rockstar experience". It's not so much about him as a person (which is clear because she doesn't give a shit about his abusive behavior), but about the status she thinks he gives her.

No. 552364

Love that she posted her “editing” the video but still no video. Kk tay

No. 552367

>>552364 She's freaking out about the GTP who most likely died and how people are going to react in her comments.

No. 552380

She's been getting a lot more criticism lately, probably doesn't want to post because of that. I bet she ends up disabling the comments.

No. 552399

Maybe it's nothing, I don't edit videos but it's kinda weird that the title of the video in her "look guise I'm totally editing" story post was "satanic leaf geckos" no? Like she just opened a random or old video for the sake of telling everyone she's editing even though she obviously isn't because it wouldn't take her this long for a 10 minute video of her talking.

No. 552403

It's probably one huge recording session that she is editing down into multiple vids so the file name would probably be the first 'idea'.

No. 552405

Cant be low fodmap and vegan healthily

No. 552454

tfw you are an addict gross manlet who has never achieved anything in his life to be proud of, so he has to brag about the overpriced shoes he bought. (or lbr his gf bought for him)
He really thinks his status is measured by how many expensive items he has in his wardrobe huh? Newsflash dickhead, you are still an abuse drug addict rapist no matter how expensive your shoes are.

Random but I am also just thinking how Taylor wore that idubbbz 'sheep' merch which was for the ricegum disstrack and where idubbbz made the main point of rice always showing off his expensive lifestyle and has nothing else to provide (like personalty) so he gotta keep flexing on his underage viewers. It's kind of ironic that TND'S boyfriend is a white ricegum. No personality but hey his shoes cost more than someones rent!!

No. 552513

Now she deleted the other picture of Maui from her twitter.

No. 552542

Might as well just delete your whole twitter, Taylor cuz everything you post on it is a lie and you delete it anyways.

No. 552544

It’s weird that she strictly goes on twitter to favourite one post, and delete a post.. rather than use it as an outlet to update her fans

No. 552553


She does, she’s just so lazy and does videos so infrequently that we get maybe one update per month

No. 552561

Nah, her updates are “still editing, video later today” with no video up for like a week after and silence until she finally decides to post with her update tweet deleted..

No. 552573

This is on my lease in Texas too.

No. 552646

File: 1523468174077.jpg (336.66 KB, 1440x2057, Screenshot_20180411-123334~2.j…)

This is from emzotics ig story, cracked me up that she put taylor right next to the guy that called her out

No. 552652


What's hilarious how she lined them up is how literally 90% of them just look like carbon copies of each other

No. 552660


off-topic: I get so annoyed by these other pet youtubers. They claim to care so much about animals, yet none of them will call Taylor out because they want to use her followers to gain fame.

back on: it's weird that JC posted about nemo getting fixed, yet nothing has been posted. she usually doesn't miss a beat to show off how 'good of a pet mom' she is.

also, my guess is that her plushes are selling so well she doesn't need to rush the video OR she's trying to release it closer to when she leaves so she can make all that money when she's at disney

No. 552664


right lol

three or four of them are showing genuine emotion while everyone else is trying to give off that 'bad bitch animal tamer' vibe

No. 552669

I don't know why but I find it amusing there's only two guys in the thumbnail

No. 552678

The girl in the corner I watch avidly. She’s actually someone who rescues and rehabilitates animals. She misses uploads because she literally only takes care of her pets even before YouTube. She’s not problematic so idk why she’d be talked about. Like I can see how Taylor would be talked about but I honestly don’t know why she’d make this video. Seems like it’s going to be a drama starter

No. 552683

Please can we not derail the thread about random youtubers again, theres a pet thread specifically for that. I know the pic had Taylor in it but I feel like its gonna start going off on a tangent as it usually does lol

No. 552735

File: 1523474246196.jpeg (332.48 KB, 640x717, C91157F9-D470-418E-AC99-9936CA…)

How the fuck can anyone who watched her video on pitbulls think she debunked anything? She didn’t bring up a single statistic, she didn’t talk about the history, arguments people have, etc.

She just laughed at some guy’s unsubstantiated ad, insinuated that he only made it because he’s a lawyer who specializes in dog bite law suits and that he…wants to make money by telling people not to get the types of dogs he believes to be aggressive? Wouldn’t he try to encourage people to buy them if he wanted to make money Taylor?

She also just vaguely rambles about the nature vs nurture mentality but, again, doesn’t offer any fucking evidence or statistics or anecdotes.

It basically just amounts to a child rambling giving a poorly worded school presentation they thought up in five minute about “they’re treated super bad and we need to treat them better because they’re not bad.”

No. 552751

File: 1523475450469.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180411-133848.png)

Y tho. Also I see she's capable of being active on twitter but still no video

No. 552753


ew whats that stain on the carpet underneath his left arm

No. 552757

A fall from that height would kill her Tarantula. Handling tarantulas is avidly discouraged, but if you absolutely have to it's supposed to be done with you sitting on the ground and not taking the tarantula more than a few inches off the ground.

Just another example of Taylor valuing her rapist boyfriend's impulsive wants/ photo ops over living creatures.

No. 552760

And no update on Nemo and Ghost even though Jonny claimed they were getting fixed early yesterday.

No. 552762


Which is frustrating because there is so much evidence that pit bulls aren’t any more violent or dangerous than other dogs their size. Hell, there’s even evidence that what people call “pit bull” is usually not even a pit bull breed.

She was lazy and now badly represents the argument so people can be like “this isn’t any evidence, see they just appeal to emotions” when that isn’t true at all.

No. 552765

>>552751 It's day time in the photos based on the window lighting reflection on the tanks. Why aren't the lights on in the enclosures?

So one of her small mammal cages it out on the floor near the reptile enclosures.

I thought the small mammals were kept away from the reptile room.

That cage, whatever it is housing, isn't even big enough for a MOUSE.

The carpet looks filthy with stains.

Jonny's going bald, is he going to expect Taylor to pay for hair implants next?

No. 552768


I think thats her male hedgehogs enclosure, and its not really big enough. One of her snakes was seen darting across her carpet in her recent video towards the hedgehogs enclosure, could've easily slipped through the bars. Hate to say it but it would probably be better in the closet

No. 552769

File: 1523476468269.png (262.24 KB, 605x545, Capture.PNG)

the caption to this is priceless. jonny almost blocked her and now she is forcing him to cover himself in animals lmao

No. 552770

maybe taylor is confused and considers JC one of her pets. that's why she thinks it's ok to not upload videos or give updates on her animals. in her mind, she's updating us on her most prized animal.

No. 552771


"Lol i'm such a compassionate animal expert! I force people who don't like to hold spiders or snakes to hold them anyway, potentially risking my animals getting injured! I love animals!"

No. 552773

>>552760 Because what if the appointment was supposed to happen, Jonny said it, and Taylor changed her mind and or lied about the appointment date to him.

Not defending Jonny, I think Taylor is the type that will lie to her partners. Either Jonny knows the truth about where she got Ghost off of Craiglist and is covering for her, or he was too drunk and or high to remember what happened that day, or he doesn't know shit about adopting cats and believed whatever Taylor told him.

Whatever is happening, Jonny said it, and Taylor's actions today don't seem to be matching up. She would for sure post about it on social media to prove us "haters" wrong that she takes care of her animals.

No. 552775

>>552768 Don't they need an 8x8 walking space or something? Someone on Hedgehogs educate me. That enclosure is just way too small, not humane at all especially with how little she interacts with them and let's them out. A small enclosure like that would explain why his nails are so damn long, literally isn't getting any exercise. It's pure neglect.

No. 552778


I don't know if cats are treated differently vs. dogs, but I dropped my dog off at the vet in the morning and he was kept overnight so the vet could monitor him.

No. 552781

>>552769 She is abusive but so is he. She probably literally threw her spider on him and took a photo right quick. He probably didn't know what was going to happen. I'm only saying this because the photo looks so strange, like he isn't happy at all about the spider being there. Taylor won't even hold her but she's forcing him to pose with her?

If you love your partner, you respect their fears and give them breathing room. You don't force their fears on them.

No wonder she's okay with rape, what a fucking attention whoring bitch.

No. 552783

I live in Texas, in the San Antonio area, and I adopted a kitten last year from a shelter who bundled spaying with the adoption fee. I dropped her off at 7AM and picked her up at 5PM. Most places do this as holding a cat overnight for a simple procedure like getting them fixed takes up space and resources that could be used elsewhere.

No. 552785

>>552778 Every vet clinic is different but cats usually too complicated. Animal blood pressure, breed, age etc all play a factor.

Point is, Taylor would have posted about it in some way to shut us all up and get her off here back.

No. 552787

Even if they did stay overnight, that means she would have picked them up today.

No. 552788

>>552783 Considering also so many cats that are brought in for trap and release feral colonies, spay and neuter happens super fast for cats.

I'm really believing at this point is this hypocritical about spay and neuter and isn't having this done with her cats. Maybe she slept in and missed the appointment, maybe that explains why the lights in the tanks are all off, she's just not a responsible person.

Or I'm reaching.

No. 552791

Nah I agree. I've also done fix-and-release on stray cats and it was always same day. At this point I'm very skeptical that she got the cats fixed. Which is nasty because those boys are going to start spraying soon and I'm sure her landlord won't appreciate that….

No. 552820

>>552791 Those fake leather couches belong to the rental company as well. How long until the cats spray urine all over them and shred them up with their claws, or start fighting because they aren't fixed.

How long until Taylor hypocritically and cruelly gets her cats declawed. I believe she would do that over getting them fixed.

It's also illegal to breed animals in all states as far as I've researched without permits and paperwork. I believe she is required by law in her area to fix her cats, possibly even get them micro chipped and rabies vaccines.

Considering the male Hedgehog is inhumanely kept in a small cage with barely any room to move around with his nails growing super long without trims and routine hygiene management from Taylor, someone really needs to go in and rescue these animals.

This truly is an animal hoarding situation.

It's really disgusting how Taylor has been called out on it and won't do anything about it because of her ego. Really shows her true character.

No. 552870

the minimum recommended enclosure size is 8 square feet, from seeing her cages in other videos it looks like theyre not even half that

No. 552919

Everytime she announces that she’s going to upload.. it’s always the same thing lol. Like the last 6 videos..

No. 552930

I feel like if she did actually get him fixed she would have posted some kind of silly picture of the cat being out of it from the medication. I've seen lots of popular pictures and videos like that on social media

No. 552941

Yeah, if/when she does get them fixed this is 100% what she SHOULD do for her "brand". Kittens after getting fixed are very very cute when they're all drugged up and with an audience like Taylor's, it's the perfect situation. The fact it's been radio silence on all fronts means it hasn't happened.

No. 552949

File: 1523485000520.jpeg (391.58 KB, 1254x1914, 87DEF284-0505-4A37-8644-C1F973…)

Working real hard on editing

No. 552951

File: 1523485028182.jpeg (164.04 KB, 1263x1911, 7D7428E8-FC10-4251-BCBD-0AE49F…)

No. 552954

>>552919 You think she would be more mature about this since she announced it as her full time job, and her main means of income to literally pay her rent. Who would be stupid enough to lower monthly payments when they can save that money for the future. Taylor Nicole dean is stupid enough.

No. 552985

We as viewers basically are the reason for her income and she has the audacity to bullshit her content and push it back so she can get high. It’s so aggravating that she doesn’t even have enough decency to even pretend like she isn’t in it for the money and attention

No. 553000

If these videos are indeed filmed on the same day she has had ages to edit them lmao.

No. 553003

she's just fucking lazy. and it's catching up to her. It's annoying how she strings her fans along but I'm enjoying watching her self-destruct

No. 553005

She's taking shit for granted. I watched Emzotic's new video and she says youtube doesn't really get you a lot of money, which should be a given by now to anyone who's planning to become a youtuber.

Taylor's views have not changed in ages, she doesnn't seem to have sponsorships, and relies mostly on her merch.

Youtube alone won't pay the rent for her, and the truth is that this isn't a career that's sustainable, because she'd need to get even more pets to keep the audience and viewership she currently has, which is already decreasing.

All the money she has was just the initial blast of "internet fame", but it won't last. She should just switch to being a vlogger and then her being vapid and careless wouldn't matter because at least the animals wouldn't suffer.

No. 553011

File: 1523490655404.jpeg (412 KB, 1454x1610, DBEF0789-364D-4ACA-A3B0-59D751…)

Seems like she’s not getting as many views as she used to. Most of her old videos have over 1 million.

No. 553013

In an old Chris Ray Gun video, he mentions that Social Blade is usually way off and you only really make about 1/2 (or less) of what the highest number Social Blade SAYS that you make (ex. SB saying you make 100K a year means you only really make about 50K)

I don't know how true that is because I'm sure it varies from person to person, but that's an interesting perspective from a YouTuber who is semi-popular in his circle.

From the trends I've seen, the only real sustainable videos in the pet tube community is the "all my pets" videos. Which I guess is what incites them into getting so many. They've deadlocked themselves into being animal youtubers.

No. 553015

In a few years from now I guarantee Taylor won't be able to rely on YouTube for income. Notice how the only "big" YouTubers who managed to stay relevant (shane, jenna, etc.) are CONSISTENT, dynamic in the type of content they produce, and also they have good personalities. Taylor, well….

No. 553018

Years? I give it months.

No. 553020

Yeah, honestly if something doesn't change pronto, she'll be lucky to last to Jan 2019.

No. 553022


Speaking from experience, that amount of views (200k) for a video is only about $500 in ad revenue which really isn't great if she's only putting out one a month

No. 553025

One of the videos was also demonetized. They fixed it but it seems like it’s demonetized again because there aren’t ads. So even less sustainable.

No. 553057

Her newest update says she’s going to edit by the pool but didn’t even show her laptop. She’s such a crock of shit

No. 553095

We not getting a new video then or…lol

inb4 "I got water on my laptop and had to get it replaced!!!!!!!"

No. 553102

i really don’t think anything is ever going to happen to her. she’s not gonna get called out, she’s not going to lose her channel, or get rid of her pets. home girl literally can (and most likely already has) get away with murder.

oh well, maybe someone with enough influence will finally see thru her bullshit cuz honestly she really doesn’t deserve any of the fame, praise, or attention she’s getting. it’s kind of a bit disheartening, tbh.

No. 553107


Regardless if anything happens to her, her career is literally unsustainable at the rate she's going.

She's only 21 so it's not like if YouTube deleted itself tomorrow she'd be completely fucked with no chance in life like Jonny would be if Taylor dropped him,

but she doesn't know how to drive, hasn't even attempted to go to college to get some sort of degree, hasn't invested any time in actually trying to learn about animals or study them, and her only job thus far has been a cashier job at Petco that (according to anons who supposedly knew her) she wasn't very good at in the first place.

If she doesn't make some major move by 25 or 26 THEN I'll start saying that she's a lost cause, but she's definitely not trying to get a headstart in life that's for fucking sure.

No. 553110

her lifestyle gives me anxiety as a 21 year old college grad with full time employment lol. i cant imagine just floating along relying on youtube but making no move to further yourself as a person

No. 553120


My assumption is that she thinks that her being famous on YouTube is going to kickstart some Steve Irwin-esque career for her like it did for Coyote Peterson/Brave Wilderness.

Except Coyote actually has somewhat of an interesting personality and gives genuine facts about the animals and not just basic information you'd read off a care sheet.

No. 553122

Also the fact that Coyote fucking worked his ass off and researched the hell out of his videos and earned his position. He didn't sit around mooching off 12 year olds hoping they wouldn't notice his complete lack of apathy

No. 553126


Other than some wannabe Steve Irwin, I can't even think about what other career she would want to go into because she literally shows no interest in animals other than the vague "I like them."

You wanna do marine biology? wildlife rehabilitation? vet tech? dog training? animal nutrition? what the hell is she going to do when shit fails for her?

No. 553127

her best bet would be to user her looks while she's young to find a richer boyfriend

as bad as that sounds, with her current outlook on things her looks are really all she's got going for her

No. 553129

>>553120 Well Taylor chose to start out on the internet with the motto "I put boys in jail" and bragged openly about how she spread her legs to a new guy every week, that's not exactly a good place to start hoping for an adventure packed career surrounding animals and family friendly entertainment. Her behavior and reputation caught up to her hard, especially since she continues to act like a deranged lunatic killing off a pet every month. She has no stable future, that's for sure with her career choice and internet reputation that is only going to continue to grow in the wrong direction.

No. 553131


Like I said she's 21 so she isn't totally lost or anything even if YouTube jumped shit tomorrow

She's just going to hate her life that much more once YouTube does quit on her and she isn't able to blow several thousand dollars a month anymore at her part-time Petco job, which will be the only place that'll take her unless she gets some sort of education or demonstrates actual fucking knowledge about animals.

No. 553133

>>553126 Call girl, cam girl, telemarketer? Those are about the choices she has limited herself to. She kills animals, no people skills, won't drive, has no education and a reputation of hoarding/killing animals, dating a known rapist, and doing drugs. Her reputation expands over several online sites at this point in mass pages with plenty of evidence. She has fucked herself over royally.

No. 553134

I know she's young but also there's the question of if she'd actually apply herself when push comes to shove. If she's genuinely as lazy as she appears to be/her disabilities make working that hard for her, it's going to be HARD for her to go to college so she can get a decent job. Otherwise she's stuck working retail/food service/etc and those jobs aren't a walk in the park either, especially if she has to work full time. Also, they're not as sympathetic to things like "I'm sick again suddenly and missing my shift!" So while I see what you're saying, she's got to seriously reevaluate and put her ass in gear if she's going to make it outside youtube.

No. 553136

Texas anon here. It's insane she can't drive still, especially in San Antonio. Everything is so far apart and having to rely on others for your own transportation at 21? Grow up gorlie

No. 553153

File: 1523500686507.png (257.13 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2023.PNG)

how ironic

No. 553172

Exposing her isn't gonna do much to her career. Remember The whole Tana idubz thing. She's still doing fine even with demonetization.

No. 553173

>>553172 But does Tana have a positive career ahead of her? Sponsors reaching out to her etc? Companies that want to endorse her? Legitimately asking. I don't know this Tana but if she's not killing animals, that's probably why she's still doing alright.

No. 553182

Even if Taylor's career totally crashes and burns her family will take her back no questions asked. And even with her busted face she'd have no problem fucking some gross old guy for money and a house, I mean she fucks Jonny so

No. 553183

She has double the amount of followers as Taylor and her content, as obnoxious as she is, is far more "doable" in terms of how sustainable a career in YouTube can be.

Tana is an entertainer, and gets to exploit the "Instagram Influencer" title because her content allows her to.

Taylor has fucked herself over with any plans of becoming a model because she chose to be a petuber or whatever they call themselves. Literally the only way for keep any sort of career is for her to keep buying animals and keep making "all my animals" related videos because yt's algorithm spikes that type of content above any others.

Because a lot of viewers have very short attention spans or are children who are just looking to be entertained, they're not interested in any type of educational videos, unless you're like Coyote Peterson, because he a) know what the fuck he's talking about and b) is personable enough to go outside and deal with the environment he's in instead of being more preoccupied with camera angles. Being an entertainer, let alone one who's interested in educational content, is far more difficult than being #relatable in front of any camera.

The only reason Taylor is relevant now is because the petube community is relatively new. Give it 2 or 3 years from now at best, and you'll have another 5 content creators who will be better at their shit than her.

YouTube is not a sustainable career unless you're like Pewdipie or Jenna Marbles.

No. 553213

Next time Taylor posts about "editing a video" can someone with a burner account that hasn't been blocked yet ask her what the fuck she means by "editing"

Because all I ever see in her video are jump cuts and music. Her last video with snakes had the most advanced editing I've seen from her, and those were just shitty title cards.

None of this stuff should take more than, like, an hour.

No. 553232

File: 1523508279278.png (326.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180411-224553.png)

Back on twitter, no sign of her video. Her fans seem to be asking about it too, probably because she keeps lying to them :(

No. 553240

>>553232 NO ONE said your cat is ugly you lying used condom Taylor, you are just fishing for compliments about your hooker appearance. Sit down and produce the video already like you said you would, liar.

No. 553250

many youtubers slyly count render or transcoding time as 'editing' also, to make the job seem bigger.

No. 553271

Instead of producing video content to pay her rent, Taylor is on twitter making up lies about people calling her cats ugly. LMFAO.

No. 553308

File: 1523518986531.jpeg (152.72 KB, 750x1334, 7557D137-755E-448A-89D6-15330E…)

Y’all ready for shit storm?

No. 553312


Urghhh the fact he has his twitter name as daddy is all it should take for everyone to avoid him with a 10 foot barge pole. Makes me cringe so much every time I see it.

No. 553336

Am I missing something? How is this going to cause a shit storm?

No. 553391

I don’t think Taylor would be able to do college because of her laziness, not her illnesses. I know a student that goes to vet school with me who has the same illnesses as Taylor, on top of having Lyme disease. She’s able to study, have a physically demanding job, etc because she isn’t lazy. Taylor just plays the victim card and says “boohoo I can’t do anything because I’m sick!!!1!1!!111!!”

No. 553403


Oh the first two weeks she started making excuses she’d be out. Retail workers are notoriously disposable. In the last three months my Petco has hired and replaced and hired at least six people because they just refused to do work or called out all the time.

But she was supposedly able to hold down her job for two years so it’s convinient that she can’t make YouTube videos due to her illness, but a supposed flare up never stopped her from standing 6-8 hours in a cramped little space.

No. 553418

File: 1523539345378.jpeg (102.89 KB, 750x684, 1C8FB918-8996-4DAB-B188-6CF968…)

What upload schedule?!

No. 553419

File: 1523539388761.jpeg (170.58 KB, 750x1146, EE8C2B79-7F03-48AF-85E0-9F980D…)

More people are starting to call her out and it’s brilliant

No. 553420

File: 1523539407094.jpeg (162.32 KB, 749x1118, F2AF2489-9285-4D65-81CF-2FEF20…)

No. 553440

so does 8 am and beyond get included in "late tonight" because otherwise her determination is crap lol

No. 553447


It absolutely drives me up a wall when people who have never dealt with severe depression or other mood disorders say that it's just laziness, because in reality it really can impede your motivation to do certain things (even basic stuff like showering)… but you can't pick and choose with depression.

You can't have the energy and patience to do your hair and makeup every day like she does, go out and spend hours partying or traveling like she does, or laughing and making #relatable jokes on social media like she does, yet somehow not have the constitution to sit and film an unscripted 10 minute video with a few shots taken from her phone and fifteen jump cuts spliced in. That would take, at most, three hours–and she wouldn't even have to do all of it at once. She could stop, take an hour break in between each step and STILL get it done without a regular person's 8-hour work shift.

A regular person with depression fights tooth and nail to be taken seriously and not be called lazy for something they can't control, but she's just horrendously lazy and is calling herself depressed to give an actual excuse.

No. 553451

Not to mention, there’s always a point with depression where someone TRIES to get help for it. I honestly have never seen someone just wallow in it and use it as excuses like she does. She keeps saying “I’m depressed bc of hate comments” like that’s literally what you sign up for with YouTube. Not everyone is going to like your content, she barely even makes content. She does the bare minimum and expects to get praise. Depression isn’t even an excuse for her she thinks if she says she’s depressed people will give her more attention and let her be “quirky and edgy” like bitch fuck off

No. 553456

She barely gets hate comments. Remember when she and Jonny flipped out about someone telling her to kill herself recently as if that never happened before?

What's really happening is she has 0 tolerance for any type of criticism. Someone asking what happened to her GTP is probably a hate comment to her and is enough to make her flip out and sob like she claims to have with the monitor situation.

No. 553458

What is also frustrating is that with her self-diagnosing, she’s influencing her young fans that people with depression should party, drink etc. they might start thinking they’re also depressed just to be relatable. It’s sad because then people with REAL depression won’t be noticed before the worse happens.

Honestly, most people with depression won’t even know that they are. I remember back when myspace was around, i didn’t want to do anything but stay in my room and sleep all day. I didn’t want to eat or interact with anyone. Basically i was sleeping beauty until my mom brought me to the hospital for a general checkup that my doctor actually noticed something was wrong with how i moved.

So, i don’t believe her when she blames her lack of videos for depression when she’s out partying, putting on makeup, and taking pictures of her neglected pets on her witch hands.

No. 553460


right like….lmao

I remember this one time she said as part of her mental health day she went to go get her nails done or something dumb like that

is getting your nails done gonna get rid of that obnoxiously heavy feeling you get in your chest and on your shoulders? Is partying in some blaringly loud nightclub suddenly going to give you energy to interact with people and not make you crawl back in your bed for hours after a ten minute interaction with someone?

No. 553461

She’s just a liar and doesn’t even deserve her status on YouTube.

On another note:
I noticed she never told her supporters that if their animals ever seem to be having issues then to go to emergency animal care. They keep going to her and she doesn’t even respond. So just think about how many other animals are dying because “I bought a ball python because of you!” “My axolotl looks just like mushu! He’s so cute” her comments on Instagram are full of these impulse buys. Even saw a tweet that said “I’m watching TND and now I want a snake….”look at my new snake!””

No. 553462


Exactly. This probably bothers me more about her than most other things. If she truly is too depressed to make/edit a video, she would for sure be too depressed to look after her animals, follow Jonny around the country, party, etc etc etc. It just gives such a large and underserved group of people such a bad rap when people like her just don't feel like doing something and use "im depressed lol" as an excuse

No. 553469

She honestly needs to quit YouTube because it’s clearly not for her. For some reason at the age of 21 she is very immature. I turned 21, 4 days before her and I know right from wrong, how to tell the truth, and the the world does not relvolve around me.

She just seems to think that if she pouts and stomps her foot and sticks her boobs out then everything is going to go her way and that’s not how YouTube works.

No. 553487


Sage for slight-blogging, but around 2013-2014, I started having that starry-eyed "oh I'll become a youtuber! I'll be my own boss and make videos when I want to!" type of mindset that I feel like most kids who grew up watching YouTube become just a shoddy platform into a literal career for tons of people had at least once or twice.

But within the next year, YouTube started going downhill and everyone was complaining constantly about how they were being pushed to the side in favor of the creators who had the most subs and how YouTube just ignores everyone's concerns, and then movements like #MakeYouTubeGreatAgain and #WheresTheFairUse (sidenote: RIP to GradeAUnderA and Nostalgia Critic's careers….)

So if you were paying any fucking attention at all and aren't completely delusional, you'd realize "hey, maybe putting all my eggs into the YouTube game isn't the smartest idea."

How she decided to just quit her job and not even bother with college or internships or anything that could further herself is beyond fucking me.

No. 553494


(Same anon)

Jesus Christ, I just looked at her video where she mentions quitting her job and she mentions in the video only being under 100K when she quit. And she somehow thought that was going to be sustainable long term? Sure she's at over 1 million now but what the fuck lol

No. 553495


I think anyone who really has a passion for animals goes to college to study zoology, ecology, animal care, veterinary science, etc to open up different doors for themselves when it comes to getting a job. (blogposting but I have similar mobility issues to Taylor and I, and many people worse off than her, have been able to go to college/university without much of an issue, there's a lot of help for people with disabilites these days).
The thing is she doesn't have a passion for animals or wildlife, she has a passion for fame and making money for doing the bare minimum, she doesn't give a shit about anything but herself and her god awful hair extensions.

No. 553506

There is a youtuber, ChronicallyJaquie, with a multitude of chronic illnesses and she she manages to upload damn near every day and is going to college.

Sage for unrelated and bringing up another youtuber

No. 553510

Yeah but doesn't she have several threads about her munchieness?

No. 553515

ChronicallyJaquie is a bad example. Coming from someone diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos and related chronic illnesses there is a lot of speculation that she’s lying and doesn’t have those illnesses. She actually was never even diagnosed with EDS or POTS and was actually told by specialists she doesn’t have them. Sage for unrelated YouTuber and info but I just wanted to set the record straight. You can look for more info on r/illnessfakers. As for TND her chronic illnesses are no excuse for not doing her only job. She doesn’t go to school, doesn’t work, and really doesn’t even have any hobbies besides her pets. So it shouldn’t be that hard for her to set up a camera and film herself cleaning the cages, setting up new cages, playing with animals, feeding them, etc. but we all know she doesn’t even do those things.

No. 553527

GradeAUnderA would’ve ripped Taylor apart. The hero we need :(

No. 553535


lol no. the dude was an asshole with an overinflated ego who is nowhere near as good as arguing as people thought he was.

Sage for OT/no milk/irrelevancy

No. 553585

Taylor having mental illness or updating infrequently isn’t even the shittiest thing about it

It’s that she just ignores people asking about videos entirely until it’s beem over a week and people are rightfully pissed and just responds with son vague “I was sad feel bad for me :(“ bullshit

It’s a lot harder to be sympathetic with someone when they just blow you off constantly with no explanation and only talk when it’s convinient

No. 553589

File: 1523557614595.jpeg (375.69 KB, 1308x1528, D255608E-5ABA-4348-B9E2-C939B2…)

But she’s too lazy to prepare fresh vegetables and just uses frozen or dry.

No. 553598

Wasn't her BTS named Bindi? Does she had two?

No. 553599

File: 1523558916145.png (18.67 KB, 651x400, spiders.png)

She's deleted this now but I feel she was talking about us, lol

No. 553600

she's awake. where's the video? or does last night extend to 4 pm?

No. 553601

The only mental illness she suffers from is extreme narcissism.

Her social blade though on an uptick proves she's peaked, her views get about 800k less views than they used to, despite what your own personal opinion is on it SHE knows she smokes heroine and abuses drugs while supporting a junkie man child rapist whos surprisingly more narcissistic as she is.

I really hope you acknowledge this Taylor if even only to yourself; you're slowly becoming more and more irrelevant as you often show how little you care about producing content seriously as well as your obviously tenuous grasp of reptile care in general, and everybody including your supporters are starting to see how shit you are because you just make it so damn easy to notice by never providing anything other than bombastic drivel. Just start camgirling and get it over with before you finish killing whatever attractive features you have left from all your drug abuse and shit work you have done/lip injections.

Please rehome all your animals before then tho

No. 553603

All this.. how can we make her stop??

No. 553608

Can’t. Just have to keep calling her out and honestly let her do the rest. She is self destructing herself, slowly but surely. What a pathetic, disgusting human being lmao

No. 553612

I’m guessing this is her attempt to cover up the fact that there’s no video when she promised one 3 DAYS AGO. “Look guise I’m busy taking such good care of my animals I love them so much!!” Dumbass. Don’t promise a video and then not deliver a pathetic 3+ days later. You don’t give a fuck about your fans or animals. We see through the act Taytay. Why not go get your hair and nails done while you’re at it? And maybe some more nasty ass lip injections

No. 553615

>>553601 This. Once her “good” looks are gone, there will be nothing left for her. She’s already proved the “bad bitch depressed animal introvert” personality doesn’t work. And now she’s just honestly soo gross with the horrible lip injections and fried to shit hair. She is growing more and more irrelevant by the day.

No. 553616

I normally sympathise with her mother but she's acting like a god damn child.
If you spend your free time reading threads about your kid… what?

No. 553617

Anyone wondering what taylor would do if youtube didn't work out is crazy. She would just hop on disability guys

No. 553619

Her mother's a sad sack of shit for sure but honestly… raising two developmentally disturbed kids has got to do things to a person. Well… that or she's where both Taylor and Tanner get it from.

She stalks this thread too, just like Taylor does instead of you know… maybe not being batshit crazy for when Jonny and Taylor's relationship blows up.

No. 553620

File: 1523561140683.jpeg (99.36 KB, 750x1248, 15512920-B72A-480E-A8EC-87E93A…)

You’re not talking about yourself, you’re talking about your daughter dating an abusive rapist

No. 553622

I have mixed feelings about her mom. I also have to admit, with Tanner’s disability, I assume she has to be with him 24/7. She doesn’t get to go out and work in the world like a normal person in society, she probably has to sit at home all day and watch Disney movies with him or go to the zoo, which no doubt gets old. And along with dealing with the fact her daughter is dating a rapist, her life prob drive her crazy and she has NOTHING to do. I kinda sympathize with her in different ways. But at the same time yes she acts like a damn angsty teen sometimes.

No. 553687

I really don't like her mom from what I know. There are a lot of red flags for emotional abuse that I've seen. Taylor seems to turn to shitty guys and internet fame as a way to be 'independent'. I don't think her mom wants her with JC but it's more because she wants Taylor to live at home forever.

Taylor was desperate to escape, and she mentioned wanting out numerous times before she ever met JC. She just can't be on her own for some reason, and sadly the animals suffer.

sage for blog and because I know the WHY doesn't matter, I'm just really curious what causes such trainwrecks.

No. 553725

Still no mention of the new video.

No. 553734


lol you obviously know nothing about getting disability for EDS.

She won't do that, she'll just go move back in with her parents and live off them and/or try to date older rich guys.

No. 553745

She's always flirting with "relevant" guys on Twitter all the time so I don't doubt she would just run to find a rich guy again. Though to an anon's point from a while ago who the fuck is going to want Taylor after she's been with Jonny

No. 553776

Pretty sure it’s because of their trip to Disney … they should be traveling atm so no time for a video lmfao

No. 553792

What? I thought that the trip to Disney wasn't until after her playlist live meetup?

No. 553796

It’s possible she’s talking about herself, about how Taylor and JC treat her.

No. 553805

Just started following this guy and look what we got here, a bigass black throated monitor lizard that has it’s own big pen because it’s HUGE

You seeing this, Taylor?

No. 553816

>>553805 Only an an animal hoarder and a neglectful pet owner would get a pet and not give it what it needs.

It's about what the pet needs, not about what the owner wants to give to it but Taylor is incapable of understanding this out of pure arrogance, stupidity, and greed to house more animals.

I think she thinks the less space she provides for individual animals, the more animals she can get.

Nemo and Ghost are still not fixed yet, or presumed not, despite Jonny saying Nemo was getting fixed over the past few days.

No. 553817


Lmao isn’t this the people Taylor acknowledged as being rumored not to like her? Now we know why I guess

No. 553818

There's no way she could/would keep that shit. She's a dumbass for even considering a monitor. She's probably keeping him for now because he's "cute" and then the moment he gets bigger than she can handle like that, she will magically have an organization "get in touch with her" and advise her to give it to a rescue.

No. 553822

Same anon.

I know, i know. The whole monitor thing is getting old but damn, i cant stop thinking how she wanted this type of monitor in the first place. I know she won’t give him up if she’s not able to care for him so he’ll end up malnurished or worse. Poor thing.

Sage for derailing from you guys talking about her mom and her lack of videos sorry!

No. 553823

I wonder if anyone has called the landlord yet about the Monitor. She is completely ignoring the public concern about him.

Saying she was making a video was just a distraction to distract from the real problems. She's an all around liar I really hope the right hands can take the Monitor away from Taylor, she is recklessly dangerous with animals.

No. 553824

It’s funny because the girl in the video actually adopted him from someone who got him from a reptile show when he was tiny and they couldnt take care of him

No. 553887

File: 1523576392527.jpeg (332.44 KB, 1935x1548, 797541C7-049F-4BD0-B545-5054DE…)

Some interesting old tweets.

No. 553891

File: 1523576644619.jpeg (181.07 KB, 1532x723, E03A3876-9568-4775-BBBD-751359…)

One of the reviews from her apartment complex, interesting

No. 553895

>>553887 Hypocritical, lie, hypocritical.

The working for Disney story is made up like people calling her kitten ugly. There is always a lie coming out of that baboon ass mouth of hers.

Follow your own advice bitch. Taylor, once again, do as I say, not as I do.

No. 553898


lol about the animal educator tweet. unless she’s giving a dissertation level explanation is correcting the actual animal educator that Disney IS paying to talk about animals, they’re not going to care or be impressed by some parkgoer answering basic questions. We, y’know, our Taylor always seems to be in the right place at the right time for people to fawn over how great she is.

No. 553900

>>553891 I wonder if Cristina knows about the Monitor. Would you like to know Cristina.

The girl was probably talking about pools as in pool and hot tub or that little fountain thing that runs off into the bigger one if memory serves from images.

No. 553903

>>553898 She just lies about everything, it's really fucking pathetic.

No. 553910

Ok, my guess is that an employee joked 'Hey you seem to know a lot, you should totally get a job here haha!' Probably flirting or something.

BULLSHIT did they offer you anything. Jobs in this industry are not fucking easy to come by, least of all to an 18 year old spouting off.

And yes, I am very triggered right now. God I hate that word.

No. 553926

Sage because mostly unrelated but as someone who worked at Disney in a specialized field, I'm 100% certain they were joking/Taylor made the whole thing up. Unless you apply with an insane amount of credentials and skills Disney isn't going to hire you for anything past the basic food service/merchandise/ride operations.

No. 553939

Taylor probably wants out because she knows that as soon as her parents die she's resigned to the life of primary carer for her brother. That's probably why she's never achieved anything either, there's no point. It doesn't matter what she does or achieves, eventually she'll have to go be her brother's minder.

Her mum probably doesn't want Taylor to have any independence or freedom because Taylor is likely the only person who can adequately look after her brother - if Taylor leaves her mum alone with her brother she will never get another day of freedom until she dies. You can't get babysitters for this kind of disability, even professionals find it hard to deal with PWS people.

My younger brother was diagnosed with PWS until genetic testing showed something else. Don't really like speculating on how it has affected taylors fam it because it's kinda fucked up, and I like seeing people who aren't disabled carers speculate even less because you just can't understand it. But this is what I reckon as someone who's got very slightly more insight into the topic than average.

No. 553948


Samefagging, but I have a friend who recently got hired there after busting her ass for years.

Disney employees essentially get crucified for fucking up on the most basic shit lmao, they're not just going to hire some dumb teenager from god knows where who they never met because she knows the difference between a turtle and a tortoise or some basic shit like that.

No. 553951

File: 1523579875901.jpeg (285.93 KB, 1936x968, 0D71ED82-58D2-457A-9D38-EC34A7…)

More old tweets. I never realized the extent of how much she contradicts herself before now.

No. 553956


Taylor to me is representative of someone who might have actually really liked animals at one point

But then the novelty wore off and she started getting lazier and lazier and cared less about doing research

No. 553983

>if i think you have an ugly heart u suddenly look unappealing. personality is so important

No. 553989

>Kenan: How big will black throats get?
>girl: about 7 ft. 8ft max
>guy: he still has room to grow

LOL and Taylor was going to buy one. the only good thing is that she impulsively bought the wrong monitor that only grows 5 ft max

No. 553993

To add to this, my friend had to get a MASTERS in zoology to even be considered for a position at Disney, and that was even being one of their undergraduate interns (that university program that Disney has). Disney doesn’t take the care of their animals as a joke and they don’t just let some random Joe Shmoe off the street be an animal educator. Jfc she’s such a liar.

Sage for talking about my friend

No. 554020

I think that whole disney thing was just a compliment because everyone who works there, 1) can not turn off their acting, and 2) can NEVER be rude to guest. Taylor is either lying to get praise, or she’s easily gullible to the extent that if i were to tell her that i’m a princess in Genovia, she’ll tell everyone she met a princess and she was invited to a party with me.

No. 554023


Taylor would be a good storytime youtuber because she does that same overreaction/lying/exaggerating shit

No. 554027

Her mom is always posting the cringiest fucking pathetic poetry. JFC I posted better shit when I was in 10th grade. What an emotionally stunted fucking pack of losers. Taylor can barely handle a hamster. Not sure why she’s letting her textbook narcissistic rapist addict fucking loser live with her after choking out her pets from weed smoke and probably heroin smoke (because she smoked it with him, remember?) but on the bright side she probably has Hep C now too!

No. 554034

I would lose braincells watching her trying so hard to come up with a story to tell that isn’t about herself due to the lack of imagination.

No. 554067

File: 1523586440688.jpeg (200.37 KB, 946x2048, CE7B82C4-C472-41AF-B590-526837…)

No. 554076

JC Instagram says he’s going on tour again starting July.

No. 554086

No wonder the manager doesnt kick out Taylor from the apartment complex, there are a lot of bad reviews about it.
Wonder in which floor Taylor lives, there is complain about the smell of the second floor.

No. 554088

What's the context for this? Is this new?

No. 554089

Taylor’s on the ground floor, where the pools presumably are.

No. 554091

No, these were in the first or second thread. Taylor is the grey text and the blue is one of Jonny’s exes.

No. 554092

No, that's old milk lol
why would you even post that,anon? It's like two or three months old

No. 554116


Some of the reviews were complaining about getting kicked out of the complex for "every little thing," which makes me wonder why they don't care about Jonny staying there off the lease or the animals or the weed or etc etc… Honestly I can't imagine her being a good tenant in any way, especially once that Youtube money runs out and she's late on rent.

Speaking of Youtube money, still no word on that video, Taylor? Wasn't it supposed to be out 3-4 days ago at this point?

No. 554117

Sorry, I meant to post it for context of my post, not start a fight.

No. 554128

So apparently the manager of the complex doesn't seem to give a shit. This explains why Taylor can do whatever she wants.

No. 554142

Video was late Sunday/early Monday like 2am so it’s basically been five days. Sun-thurs

No. 554156

What makes me laugh is anyone with half a brain would be like "hmm maybe I should stop promising when I will post a video because I never meet the deadline and everyone gets mad"

But Taylor is too dumb to figure that out.

No. 554174

I can just imagine her on her filthy couch thinking to herself, “what to post online? Mmm..oh! let’s pretend I’m editing, heheheh, i’m so sneaky! Oh my god! #genius !”

No. 554209

File: 1523597944088.jpeg (96.12 KB, 1302x332, B6C29415-22DE-48C4-8922-A250CB…)

No. 554211

File: 1523598175793.png (531.63 KB, 1242x2208, 705CC6DF-17E9-4E73-BB34-C390CF…)

No. 554216


Lmao. What did I say earlier? She just disappears and then comes back with an “I’m sick feel bad for me” excuse rather than owning up to her shit. It’s neber HER fault; it’s her mental illness or her physical illnesses fault, it’s not because she’s lazy or anything.

Also the fact that she can’t just say “I got sick” or “I had a flare up” is really weird to me. Why the fuck does she always overexplain herself?

> “I had a celiac flare up (must have accidentally eaten gluten)”

lol Taylor we know what celiac disease is…. it’s literally an intolerance to gluten…. there should be no doubt in your mind what caused the fucking problem,…

No. 554223


"Also suspected to have CRPS"

You've literally been saying that you have that for MONTHS. Now all the sudden it's "I was never diagnosed but….."

She LITERALLY ADMITS at 6:26 in her "I've Been Sick All My Life" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1wwi0xefZw) that a doctor confirmed she is "on the spectrum" for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

No. 554248

Tbh, being lethargic, having headaches with cramps isnt so bad. I get bad dysmenorrhea (tmi apologize for the ones whos sensitive) and my body is basically a time bomb that went off and i still get up and go to my 9-10hour shift, so that’s still not an excuse when all she needs to do is just sit there and edit her 6-10 min video

And for those that might say, “wahh! She had a headache though.” My cousin gets extreme migraines but she still stays up all night studying for her degree.

Sage for blogposting but im triggered by her excuses(blogpost)

No. 554250

I asked taylor where her gtp was and if he was still alive on twitter and she blocked me…not sure what that's about but doesn't look good on her part

No. 554251

>>554216 Taylor has selective illnesses. Her illnesses "suddenly flare up" when she has to do her job. When she wants to party or go to Disneyland, nope never.

She wants to have illnesses like a hypochondriac, but her illnesses are nothing but lies.

No. 554252

>>554223 Can she stop lying for fucking five minutes, such an attention whore.

No. 554253

>>554250 A simple, he's fine, here's a photo of him today in his tank, would have shut everyone up. This only confirms he's dead. She killed him and I bet it was dehydration and starvation.

No. 554254

I’m 99% sure he’s dead at this point. She’s just waiting until either she can think of an excuse or somehow twist it to get pity, or replace him. I hope she knows that if she does replace him it will be easy to tell, because the markings won’t match up.

No. 554257


How sad she blocked you for asking. It's 'funny' because she doesn't block/delete the people calling JC out for rape or anything else, but she is really fast when it's anything about her animal care.

Also, no way she 'flares up' when she's at Disney or visiting JC on his upcoming tour. Funny how she can move around so much without it flaring up, but just laying by the pool ~editing~ seems to cause her health to be so bad.

No. 554278

File: 1523605147776.png (43.78 KB, 659x141, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 12.3…)

Speaking of apartment reviews, I decided to check non google reviews and found this filtered review on yelp.

Also, it looks like the one she kept responding "eek!" about on google has been removed? Is she getting these deleted?

No. 554297

This is the biggest lie of bullshit I’ve ever read. Both her and JC conveniently went off social media for a day. She made a whole video about her illnesses yet didn’t not once mention this. Like bitch you moaned about how “sick” you are. She wants to be a victim so bad, you were strung out with your boyfriend and just didn’t do it. Fucking lazy shit

No. 554299

Actually she did but I didn’t believe it because she self diagnosed it. She also said “she’s so sensitive she still has pain from it”

No. 554386


So she had a flare up 5 days ago? Or just after she said she was editing 2 days ago? Lmao this girl has clearly used her "disabilities" as excuses her entire life and everyone has just said "yeah ok". Does she not understand that people with way worse disabilities than EDS and celiac disease manage to actually go to work? She gives people who live with chronic illnesses a bad name, it actually pisses me off. She and others like her are the reason people are scared to tell employees or schools about their disabilities because it gives some people the impression they will not turn up for work or not be able to carry out their work effectively. She needs to fucking grow up.

No. 554395

The owners/management of the place may also filter these out?
Can't possibly look good when you have reviews like these

No. 554400

Don't know if you guys remember this but when Jonny was arrested for "dropping a mic" here's what really happened https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/974173160114290689(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 554415

No. 554423

Probably check if they actually live there or are faking it like the last one that said about multiple pools.

No. 554427

If she truly had a flare up and was genuine to her subscribers she would tweet out that the video will be delayed when the flare up is first happening, not days after the fact or when it's over. That makes it obvious that it's just a shitty excuse that she's trying to get pity for. It seriously blows my mind how shitty of a work ethic she has. She would never make it with a real job.

No. 554441


lol wtf.

I have celiac's and while flare ups suck they're not like bedridden terrible. You're bloated AF for a couple weeks (yes, it lasts that long) and you're definitely lethargic but you can still go about your day. I've never missed a day of work for it and mine is pretty severe.

No. 554446

Even if it was a couple of days ago she was at the pool and playing with her cats just fine.

Also everyone I know with celiac says that it’s not just a day thing when they eat gluten. That they feel the effects for a few days but depending on how much they ingest they can typically go about their day just fine. Either way her fans are going to eat it up just for a 2 minute video

No. 554464

Wait, doesn't JC drink? unless he's been downing gluten free beer (which I'd imagine wouldn't taste good to him) shouldn't she be having flare up after flare up?

No. 554466


I can’t imagine someone who has supposedly been living with this condition her entire life is such a dumbass she can’t make the connection of beer being fucking WHEAT AND GLUTEN, but maybe she is

No. 554470


Apparently non-specialized beers like shiner bock are gluten free? I really have no idea, just did a google and that's what the internet said.

No. 554471

Jonny is frequently drinking twisted tea which 100% has gluten in it, and I think we all know that she doesnt really have celiac in the first place, because if she actually did, she would be flaring up way more often then she supposedly does, but wow is it a good way to not have to say "Im coming down" if she needs to.

No. 554505

Honestly she should’ve just posted it as it was done and said “posting the new video, had a flare up with my celiac sorry for the delay” and it would’ve been more believable. Instead she had to detail her lie, and then admit she was STILL editing even though it’s been 5 fucking days. Who even knows wtf this video is about besides her overpriced merch

No. 554565

It’s past noon Texas time and still no video

No. 554569

Because she’s a liar and she hasn’t even finished editing.

Ps: put sage in the email text box

No. 554575

File: 1523641877156.jpeg (298.76 KB, 750x720, 1A48A9EA-26A8-4DFD-A6A4-974699…)


Her Instagram comments are all like this. They’re going to realize she doesn’t give a shit about them and bounce.

No. 554586

The majority of her stand don’t seem to realize that this is her fucking job and it’s the cushiest thing in the world that literally gives her the freedom to set her own hours, but she’s so fucking lazy she can’t even keep up with the schedule she sets for herself

It’s not her hobby, it’s not something she does when she can, it’s her fucking job

No. 554588

File: 1523643038313.jpeg (608.62 KB, 1242x2084, 66DE6581-C09C-4CC0-999D-B45FC9…)

The narcissism is strong in this one.

No. 554607

Holy shit shes so fucking gross

No. 554639

What Taylor should do I never mention when she’s editing or when she’s uploading and just upload to surprise her fans. No one would get upset that way

No. 554645


Yeah I mean, people like Jontron will go weeks or months without dropping a video and no one ever gets on him

Granted the final product usually justifies him spending that amount of time filming and editing and doing skits, but anyway

No. 554660

The thing is that she keeps promising the fix her schedule and stop the excuses then goes back on her word literally the next day. Because of this, she will never be as good as a YouTuber as the ones in her community. She keeps showing what she truly cares about, drugs, money, and rapist dick.

No. 554680

File: 1523649311087.jpeg (268.72 KB, 1231x755, F54A6B41-5F2C-4547-8CB4-226089…)

No. 554683

I swear to god he’s illiterate

No. 554684

What is this alien language?

No. 554685

Hes gotta be high to tweet this shit. Also She bought new animals???

No. 554695


I think it might be an "in the future" sort of thing (at least I hope)

How the fuck she's so sure that they're going to get more animals after the shit they pulled with the lizard is beyond me. The community is already slowly starting to hate her I don't know why she would want to attract MORE attention to herself

No. 554697

>>554680 I will attempt to translate what he is saying for everyone.

Part 1) He is saying, Taylor is a control freak and names ALL of the animals, including any animals that are his. Which we've seen happen already.

Part 2) They have both acquired new animals recently after Boss Baby, and he's not allowed to talk about them because Taylor can't handle public outcry and concern.

They must have gotten several new animals yet again after the Monitor. Taylor won't let him talk about them because she's a hoarder. She probably lies to him when they get the animals telling him that they animals are his, which in a sense makes him feel it's okay to get more, only to immediately as soon as the animals are purchased and home, tells him that she is going to be the one to name them. Literally tricking him into bringing more animals into the household.

He's running to Twitter and having a tantrum over it, I'm sure Taylor is pissed he said anything now. Well this is his way of saying it they have new animals now.

They are both incredibly toxic. She hasn't raped anyone, but she is just as bad as he is because she literally hurts and kills animals where as he rapes and hurts women and can't stop herself from buying more that she WILL neglect.

WTF is her GTP already.

No. 554705

>>554695 Because she's an attention whore.

She puts more work in hoarding animals which takes hours of online shopping, traveling to find animals etc, than she'll ever put into editing a 10 minute video for her channel about the animals she already has.

She certainly hates filming her animals, that's obvious.

No. 554737

Well they really did meet their perfect match in manipulation there.

No. 554744

I wonder what her idea of morning is. It’s 4pm in Texas and still no mention of the video.

No. 554757


I seriously wonder if he's brain damaged. To write something this nonsensical, god knows what's going on in his brain… probably nothing.

No. 554759

Who or what is Boss Baby?

No. 554760

File: 1523653899291.jpeg (144.41 KB, 750x481, E6F8566D-0CA3-4945-8A2F-F6F3B7…)

I decoded this drug fueled tweet. He means he wants to name the animals “Boss Baby 1”, “Boss Baby 2”, “Boss Baby 3”…etc

No. 554762

It’s from a kids movie. But he named the monitor Boss Baby

No. 554765

You've done the impossible thank you I tried rereading it at least 5 times

No. 554767

It took me almost an hour

No. 554770


Good job! I had no clue what the hell he was trying to say.

No. 554774

I mean to be fair, would you let someone name the animals you're inevitably going to be stuck with in the end Boss Baby 1, 2, 3, etc? Lmfao

No. 554782

She honestly dug a hole for herself when she tried to lie her way out and still didn’t follow through with what she said. I bet she didn’t have the video edited at all or even recorded. She was just using old footage to act like she was being a good youtuber. Now she’s told this big ass lie and can’t get out of it so she’s trying to wait until people stop questioning her and just forget. If this video isn’t a decent about of time then she’s fucked. 5 days for a 5 minute video? Girl bye

No. 554789

Idk I named a salamander "Grimace from McDonalds" and a guinea pig "Sosij Bo1."

No. 554797

>>554774 Yeah that was incredibly hard to translate lmao. Now I understand after proper translation what he was trying to say.

But it might confirm they bought more animals, which is concerning.

No. 554847

The worst of all lately she has been using leftovers of old videos and recording different topics on the same day but just changing clothes kek
And still can pull out a video of ten minutes.

No. 554887

Coming up on another day without a video.

Some people in the replies of her tweet are questioning why she can’t just tell people she’s sick on the day of like a regular fucking person would for their job and so far no reply. No stans seem to be attacking them either so maybe they’re all finally getting sick of it

No. 554891

File: 1523662986061.jpeg (405.6 KB, 1935x1290, 81801429-D6EE-467D-8A1A-BDB3DE…)

Just FYI, this is how easy it is to tell the difference between GTP’s just by their head markings in case she tries to replace him. She’s still ignoring everyone who asks about him, even though it takes 5 seconds to say he’s fine or take a quick picture of him.

No. 554892

True but let’s be real here, no one here would be satisfied by her just saying “he’s fine” lol.

No. 554893

Are you saying Emma’s gross? How?

No. 554895

At this point, no one would be satisfied with that, no. She's usually quick to laugh and try to disprove every other rumor, but she seems unwilling to touch this one. If the snake isn't dead then there's probably something visibly wrong with him.

No. 554899

i stumbled upon this thread not knowing who anyone was except for jonny, and only remembered him from his macbook scam.

watched one of taylor's videos for the first time and I have absolutely NO IDEA how she has any fans at all, she is so painful to watch and has a terrible personality/negetive attitude. she has so many mental/physical illnesses and anyone who suffers even mildly knows it's best to be as positive/proactive as you possibly can about your treatment so you're not perceived as this huge burden. Even if she feels like shit, making a video being informative about the illnesses and her experiences would be a positive contribution and allow for better understanding to combat the stigma. But from what I'm gathering, she would just use it as a way to be a 'sick princes' instead of admitting disability and her treatment plan. slightly o/t, but i'm stoked mental health is becoming a much more open subject, but really unless someone is genuinely asking for help that they intend to take or helping to spread information/resources, it's a bad look. You shouldn't be showing that shit off, not because it's shameful, but because it's shameful not being productive about it. Anyways.

She's obviously just fucked up on drugs lmao, I'm surprised more people aren't calling her out publicly for it. She wants the rock star girlfriend lifestyle now that she doesn't have to use rare animals for fame. It's always leeching. I've been reading these threads because Jonny's fake teeth and the fact that he has this young youtube star sugar mom is so fucking out of pocket and unexpected. I do not see how she has fans unless they also enjoy her progression into walmart off-brand real house wives transformation. The only realistic hope I see her having is getting into treatment and rebranding while she still has at least hundreds of thousands of fans. I'd MUCH rather see her get help and make videos about how taking care of animals helps her illnesses/motivates her by caring about things other than herself, but she honestly doesn't have the heart or mindset for it (at least right now).

No. 554901

No one would be satisfied but at least she would acknowledge the people asking. Her silence is just making her look even more guilty. She won’t say “he’s fine” because she doesn’t want the expected response of “prove it.” She had no problem live-streaming her crab to prove it was alive because it was. But for some reason she doesn’t want to prove anyone wrong about the GTP, because she can’t.

No. 554902

I think they’re calling Taylor gross because she liked all of those tweets

No. 554916

That’s probably what she should do. Film several videos on the same day when she claims she is feeling good. That way she has them at least half ready to go for when she apparently doesn’t feel well.

No. 554917

It's not even silence. She's blocking anyone who mentions the GTP even if they're not implying it's dead

No. 554920

>>554917 Someone tweet to her, "Why are you blocking everyone who asks you about your Green Tree Python?"

No. 554922

No I'm saying Taylor's narcissism is gross.. that was a screenshot of her likes

No. 554924

>>554922 Yeah, Taylor liked the tweet rather than standing up for the girl. Taylor will respond to things like this but not about her dead Green Tree Python.

No. 554927

File: 1523665713214.jpg (233.8 KB, 1077x928, IMG_20180413_172755.jpg)

No. 554930

Let’s be real, the real lolcow here is Jonny Craig. This man is in his 30s and acting more immature than most 18 year olds. This man has beastly any income, he can’t rent a house or pay his bills without the support of his GF of the moment ( underage and naive). He is an actual ‘wigger’ ( lol x
100) he pretends to be rehabilitated yet is constantly showing off that he is smiling obj or drinking twisted tea ( again this man is in his 30s) multiple senxual assaul allegations…. then look at his disgusting puffy prematurely aged face covered in the worst face tattoos including ‘ forever young’ (lol times a billion) who would have thought such tragic lolcows exsisted!!!

No. 554933

>>554927 Interesting, please let us know the outcome. I bet she hits that block button hard again.

No. 554941

File: 1523666671225.jpg (13.25 KB, 507x106, 66548567.jpg)

No. 554949

File: 1523667247965.png (194.34 KB, 750x1334, 69E1E34D-F194-434A-9107-2AE214…)

Who are Boss Babies 2-5?

No. 554951

taylor, nooooo! don't condemn even more animals with your neglect!

No. 554952

someone ask jonny where taylor's video is lol, he seems to be way more active today than she is

No. 554967

File: 1523668619798.png (114.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180413-201456.png)

I posed as a fan and Idk if she'll reply. And IDC that my pf is showing; I only used this account to get on the Beta board

No. 554970

>>554949 Betsy is a horrible mother to associate with Jonny. Just because you're friends with Taylor, doesn't mean you need to associate yourself or bring your infant around this rapist.

He is a RAPIST Betsy. Horrible mother, good mother's doing expose their children to predators. Keep that baby AWAY from him.

No. 554971

>>554952 Someone ask Jonny what happened to Taylor's Green Tree Python.

No. 554972

taylor's neglecting and killing over 40 animals, shes inflicting pain and suffering on them in a pathetic attempt to increase her social status man. dont try take away from how much of a cunt she is just bc jc is also a cunt

No. 554984

>>554972 How bad is it that a kitten is on the death list? If it were a puppy, people might be outraged even more. She clearly only used the kittens for video content and hero points. Turns out she's a murderer.

No. 554987


Lots of youtubers film a bunch on the same day "and just change their clothes". Batching is how you keep a consistent schedule. Film a bunch one day, then edit and release throughout the week.

Some of you anons really need new milk. You're rehashing the deadest of off the wall speculations.

No. 554989

Where is the fucking Green Tree Python already Taylor, JFC can you make it anymore obvious you killed him?

And Nemo STILL is not fixed correct? Someone ask Jonny if Nemo got fixed.

No. 554992


>"some of you anons really need new milk"

There is none, dumb ass. We've been over this; this thread devolves into dumb conversations when there's no new milk, there's absolute zero point in whining about it.

Yes YouTubers film videos in batches all the time, we fucking know.

But the average YouTuber doesn't take those prefilmed videos and spend weeks at a time lying to fans about how they're still filming and editing.

No. 554993

I'm pretty sure she's just waiting for the monitor thing to blow over more before mentioning the GTP. Two "scandals" in a row could definitely effect her fanbase so she's trying to space them out as much as possible. Otherwise she would've just said, "I'm crying! Sabor has passed! He lived a long happy life, but there was nothing we could do in the end"

No. 554995


long? lmao isn't he only a couple years old or so

No. 554997


I know, but you know that she would try to spin it that way. No way she'd actually admit that her care was inadequate

No. 554998

lmfao, first the kitten, then the monitor, then the weed, now the gtp. If there weren't actual animals being hurt by this it would be almost comical to watch.

No. 554999


I mean…people could just shut the fuck up or go dig something up instead of speculating what she's gonna do for the next 10 years of her life.

And apparently the person who wrote "i think she just films in a day and changes her clothes" DOESN'T KNOW that's what most of them do.

She lies. All the time. About every video. We know this. It's not going to change. Esp not with people crying about it on here.

No. 555000

She just posted on twitter that she'll hopefully have the video up in 15 minutes

No. 555003

I think green tree pythons turn green 10 months after hatching

No. 555004

>>554993 The saddest part is that it doesn't change the problem of her hoarding and killing animals. It will only continue to happen. She has had a large number of animals die in a short period of time, the kitten for example, she didn't die all that long ago either.

And it's all because of obvious neglect. These animals are living in a nightmare.

No. 555006


you're asking people to shut the fuck up on an anonymous gossip board… a gossip board for the sole purpose of whining about and trashing people, like this is literally what the thread is meant for…

No. 555008


lmao we aren't fucking investigative journalists. We're nobodies on an internet forum with a mutual dislike for some bitch. This isn't some mass sting operation. Stop taking this shit so seriously.

She's supposedly going to post a video soon so you'll get your new milk. There.

No. 555014


She's been posting that video for a week! lmao

No. 555015


That's why I said supposedly

No. 555016

She doesnt upload that often to do that, maybe if it was another Youtuber who have tons of videos in a row it would be okay. That's why is funny.

No. 555022

File: 1523671312428.jpg (489.78 KB, 1080x1700, Screenshot_20180413-220031.jpg)

Which one of you done it? Haha

No. 555026

File: 1523671557596.jpeg (109.76 KB, 750x221, 50F7F8C9-8CDE-47D3-A3D5-DBD9A0…)

I bet this is why she hasn’t addressed sabor yet. But we also know this is old footage

No. 555027

Have either Taylor or Jonny gone live at all since the weed incident? I wonder if it's because people notice too many things she has no excuse for.

No. 555030

"they hunt because theyre hungry"
taylor dean- animal expert guys

No. 555032

Look at her ig. This footage is from last month

No. 555033

The reason shes probably all blocking you is because she reads this thread (as we've seen before from her directly responding to topics in this thread). She has probably seen all of you going "TWEET HER AND ASK ABOUT THE GTP" and discussing where the GTP is. She is therefore blocking everyone who asks her about it because she assumes its somebody from here. This is why its stupid to sit and repeatedly tell people for days on end to tweet her non-stop about the GTP. Isn't that cowtipping anyway?

No. 555040

Taylor cage aggression is a myth. Your snakes are hungry. That’s why they’re actung like that. They should be fed more than once a week when they’re young. Also you risk a huge chance of regurgitation and stress when you move to feed.

No. 555041

File: 1523672412001.png (1.59 MB, 1334x750, 6E79A090-A23D-48BB-92A5-DBCEBB…)

This scab on her hand is getting worse

Also, NEVER defrost meat in hot water! Didn’t anyone teach you about bacteria??? Jesus woman.

No. 555042

lol it got demonetized
considering it appears she's strapped for cash atm that's gotta be annoying for her

No. 555043

File: 1523672449576.png (1.79 MB, 1334x750, 3D7F9D0B-01D1-461C-AEDF-DC6A9A…)


No. 555044

how is she this bad at her literal job

No. 555046


Good. It’s against the rules on YouTube to post dead animals anyway. She should’ve known.

No. 555048

The filming and editing quality of her latest video is pathetic? Did you see Frank striking at her and her just slamming the box with muffled audio. Pathetic lol.

No. 555049

Also if she is choosing to moving to feed, she should be doing so in a clean container. Not an old shoebox that has been treated with chemicals. She’s just so pitiful at taking proper care of her animals

No. 555051

Where can I find that? I’m looking but I don’t see the post, unless she deleted it.

No. 555053

march 31st. She's wearing the same thing.

No. 555054

File: 1523672766176.png (366.98 KB, 771x413, Skärmavbild 2018-04-14 kl. 04…)

No. 555055

File: 1523672796398.png (241.3 KB, 750x1334, 0F7B35F1-F89A-44C3-9F9C-716FDD…)

She’s probably gonna delete and reupload it looks like

No. 555056

Her hand is shaking so bad during the part with the scenting juice thing

No. 555057

File: 1523672903170.jpeg (259.73 KB, 750x1104, D8809DC3-21F1-44BD-AF6A-927F37…)

Same outfit on March 31

No. 555059


Not sticking up for her but you know you can wear the same outfit twice lol.

No. 555060

plus the curls in her hair are exactly the same as in all 3 videos

No. 555061

I’m mad at the fact that she can easily have CHE’s for all her snakes and she still chooses to use lights for heat.

No. 555063


Didn't she say she was filming three different videos?

No. 555064


Yeah but her hair and makeup is identical. The only difference is the lighting/filter

No. 555065

True but her makeup is exactly the same + hair + clothes. I'm betting this was filmed March 31st, and it wasn't until around April 8 we noticed Sabor's tank was empty. I still think there's a definite chance that he's dead or ill, I need to rewatch the video with him in it again to see if he looks sickly.

No. 555066


See I actually thought her hair looked nicer in the photo whereas on the video it looks dry and bushy, so I thought maybe two diff days. I am someone who wears my hair/makeup exact same, though looking closer ur prob right

No. 555067

Skipping over the intro, I actually enjoyed this footage (compared to her footage that I usually abhor). I wish she hadn't ruined her appearance with surgery. She looks like poop. Minus the lip fillers, fried hair, shitty outfit, and crappy self promo, I could learn to like her.

But don't worry I'm not whiteknighting I still hate her. I just see the potential she could have had if she wasn't such a trashy sellout.

No. 555068

No anon I'm pretty sure in the second part of the tweet he's saying he's going to call every animal they get "Boss baby" with numbers after the first one, so; Boss Baby 1, Boss baby 2 etc. because Taylor wont let him actually name them.

No. 555069


It’s also a difference of being posed and still for a photo vs actually having to move and be a person.

No. 555070

So if this really was all from march 31st, there's still that chance the GTP is dead lol

No. 555074

I'm not entirely sure but if you slow down and go frame by frame it kinda looks like the GTP was slightly dehydrated in her latest video.

No. 555075

She said she had 3 different videos filmed, then decided to refilm them after she dyed her hair blonde on March 4. We know one of those is the satanic leaf tail gecko video, one is the original monitor video, and there’s one more. Can’t be the snakes doing things video unless she could somehow see into the future and know how people would react to the video of Celia drinking water. So most likely this was the one she filmed. And the footage that doesn’t show her hair could be from even further back (so basically a majority of the video). So yes, it’s very likely Sabor is dead, and this was just her way of trying to “prove” otherwise.

No. 555077

File: 1523673655780.png (141.65 KB, 1161x266, 14.png)

It's from march 31st.

No. 555079

whoops had the thread scrolled up and didn't see anons had already translated his gibberish. Sorry anons.

No. 555080

Is the GTP in the video? Can't watch it yet but I am curious

No. 555081

He is but it’s all old footage.

No. 555082

He is, out of focus and very briefly, but it also old footage

No. 555085

someone commented asking why she used old footage of sabor and she replied and said that it's current footage

No. 555086


Actually, defrosting mice in warm water is a thing a lot of snake keepers do. A snake's vision relies on heat so warming them up more closely mimics a living mouse. Apparently.

No. 555087

taylor possibly lying??? absolutely unheard of, we love our honest queen. case closed.

No. 555090

oh no I totally agree. just saying that she's claiming otherwise. I def don't believe her though, until she posts a pic or something on her twitter. or better yet, show him in a livestream.

No. 555091

Current as in 1 month ago? Lol

I really think it's dead, but him being absent from this video would have been the smoking gun

No. 555093

snakeowner anon here,when I feed I heat the water to my body temp (when I touch it there's no temp difference) and go from there. I didn't watch the video but if she's going hotter than that there's a risk of cooking at least part of it, which isn't good for the snake

No. 555097


You should heat them up with a basking lamp, not warm water. They should be defrosted in the fridge and then heated with a basking lamp

No. 555098


You should heat them up with a basking lamp, not warm water. They should be defrosted in the fridge and then heated with a basking lamp

No. 555099

File: 1523674824239.png (6.9 MB, 2944x1665, tnd.png)

im not an expert but look at the wrinkling on him post-shed. Is that normal?

No. 555100

Aren't ball pythons typically pretty docile and calm? It's interesting that Frank was so aggressive towards her. Maybe that's just cause it was feeding time? Or maybe that's just his personality.

No. 555102

>Also, NEVER defrost meat in hot water! Didn’t anyone teach you about bacteria??? Jesus woman.

That's for humans, not snakes. Even when it is applied to humans the worst thing isn't heat, it's warmth. Warm meat is a thousand times more dangerous than hot or raw. The rats are frozen and they haven't been processed in the same way meat has, i.e. cut up and handled by humans, aged etc. they are probably quite clean.

>A snake's vision relies on heat so warming them up more closely mimics a living mouse. Apparently.

No. Some species of snakes have heat sensing organs on their faces called pits, they cannot "See" heat with their normal vision. Regardless of whether they have pits or not, they wont attack non-living prey because they're not scavengers. It's one of the only ways for them to tell their prey apart from the environment. Also feeding ectotherms cold runs the risk of cooling them from the inside, which could cause a ton of trouble for the snake.

t. a biologist.

No. 555106

He’s definitely pretty dehydrated. Until she either posts a picture/video she can prove is current, or does a livestream, I won’t believe that he’s not dead. Especially since she’s purposely avoiding answering why his cage was empty.

No. 555109

using water to thaw mice can also help a snake stay hydrated if they're not readily drinking from other sources

No. 555110

i thought she would have the racks by now.

No. 555111

>>555040 Only confirms further that she starves her pets.

List of animals that were starved and or to the point they died (that I am aware of) assuming that Sabor is dead.

Female kitten - deceased
Sabor - deceased (?)
Stick insect - deceased
Eel (devoured another fish, I don't believe she gave him away)
Several fish
Axolotl (as evident in photos of her being always underweight)
Sea horses (several miscarriages, miscarriages according to online search indicate that the Seahorse wasn't getting enough to eat

No. 555112

>>555041 She has to be picking at it when she's on drugs. That looks horrid. That pizza burn should have also healed, which makes me think she chronically picks because of drugs.

No. 555115

No. 555116

>>555054 Oh my fuck, she is picking her scabs. That thing looks infected and looked at the raised edges and the craters and valleys of each scratch. She is for sure picking. Drugs.

No. 555117


This took 5+ days y'all

No. 555118

No. 555119

Using hot water to thaw a mouse can make it explode though, it's much better to thaw in room temp water or the fridge. Not sure why she'd recommend warm water if that's what she said in her video :/

No. 555122

I'm so glad she can't monetize this video, dumb scabby slutty Taylor needs to get a real job since she can't do this one right.

No. 555125

i never said hot water. moderately warm water has never caused issues for me (although I do thaw mice out in the fridge the night before and just use the water to heat it a little)

No. 555128

Thawing a mouse with hot water, doesn't that prove she takes no love or care tending to her pets and wants to do it fast and get it over with? Since it seems so many of her animals have starved or died from starvation or dehydration, seems to me she views feeding them more of a chore than love and care.

No. 555129

File: 1523676694734.png (231.44 KB, 687x421, Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 11.3…)

She finally posted a video of what her crab's enclosure looks like.

I don't really have that many animals so I can't really tell, anyone have a guess how big that tank is?

No. 555133

File: 1523677194038.png (38.17 KB, 524x419, shenevershutsup.png)

No. 555136

Welcome to YouTube. Have you never heard of reaction videos? Taylor is not in some special untouchable bubble, get over yourself

No. 555139

>>555133 Oh shut the fuck up, way to take a shit on her fans who actually like her or if they're giving a critique, fuck you for supporting her animal neglect. Even you said she abandoned her animals for Jonny moron.

Never mind, this Mother is a POS, I used to defend her because I felt bad for her for the way Jonny treated her and for having a special needs kids. Never mind she's fucking crazy.

No. 555145

she's becoming margaret palermo v.2 by now

No. 555149

Haven't gotten a chance to watch the new video, but does taylor feed outside of her enclosures? That adds way too much additional stress to a snakes life

No. 555152

Yes, she puts a couple in a box

No. 555153

For a couple of them she does because she said they developed cage aggression from feeding in the cage. Which is a myth, in a way. But it IS possible for a snake to develop cage aggression from feeding in the cage IF the only time you ever open their cage is to feed them. And I mean never giving them water or taking them out to handle them or clean. Which honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if she only changes the water every two weeks or so and never handles/rarely cleans.

No. 555155

Her mom is such a shitty annoying person lmao

No. 555156

I'd say it was almost an even split between feeding in their enclosure and feeding in a shoe box.

No. 555157

File: 1523678715748.jpeg (250.09 KB, 1936x1936, CD308CD9-E181-442A-BB34-0B8EFB…)

This could just be because of the quality difference, but the wound or whatever it is on her hand looks completely different in these two clips. And we know for sure the one with the Nala merch is new, and she claims the other footage is just as new but even without this, it’s pretty obvious she’s lying.

No. 555160


how does one even end up with a wound like that??

No. 555163

Could it be a burn or an animal bite?

No. 555171

Jfc if I had something that nasty on my hand and was going to film a video it showed in I’d put a bandaid on or something. For all the effort she puts into her appearance you’d think she’d care about something like that.

No. 555174

>>555171 yeah but she likes attention more. She wants people to ask her if she's ok.

No. 555177

I personally no very little about snakes, but it seems odd that she has so many snakes and the majority have some kind of feeding issue. Is this normal?
it seems odd that 5/11 snakes in this video are stubborn eaters (not including likely dead gtp because of shed)

No. 555184

File: 1523680856673.png (97.93 KB, 750x1334, 4C6C3F69-BF9B-4D6D-A569-137F7F…)

I see where Taylor gets it from

No. 555185

Was her video demonetized?
Also it's a little concerning that she's feeding every single snake on the same day, they're all different sizes species and ages and I find it hard to believe that feeding day falls on the same day for every single one. I have only a handful of snakes and they're all on different cycles based on size and age and species. Also why is she feeding one of her balls if it was fed less than a week prior?

No. 555193

Yep, second video in a row.

No. 555194

In theory you could slowly move your feedings to around the same day if you wanted. Even if some of them needed to be fed more frequently, it's likely they would eventually fall around the same time.

Or she could feed them whenever she feeds them and splice the footage together for one video

I haven't watched them so idk if that's what she did (I doubt it).

No. 555196

Snakes should never be fed outside their enclosures, cage aggression is a load of horse shit. She most likely doesn't wash her hands after handling her furry pets which the snakes can smell. She's just too stupid to put two and two together

No. 555197

>>555196 She keeps the male Hedgehog in a wire cage much too small for him right inside the pet room. There is a pic a bit up of Jonny and Taylor's tarantula, they are seen inside the pet room with all the tank lights off and the Hedge cage off to the side. I'm sure all of the animals love smelling each other and stressing the fuck out of each other.

No. 555198

Yeah I used to feel for her mom but it's quite obvious that she's a huge factor in why Taylor is the way she is. Doubt she was ever held accountable for anything and was coddled instead.

No. 555200

It's really irresponsible to promote feeding outside the enclosure to her impressionable fans. Snakes can regurgitate if disturbed after a meal which can be detrimental to their health

No. 555207

This!!! Some timid snakes like ball pythons can be really difficult to get back feeding after regurgitation too. She really could learn a bit about feeding snakes. Also, some snakes can just have a bit of an attitude in general (maybe her two ball pythons just have attitudes! But it also could be stress from being moved around to be fed, or just not being handled regularly). Either way she should start feeding in her enclosures for ALL of her snakes. Also why doesn't she just feed asf instead of buying that scenting stuff?

No. 555208

We already know she doesn’t give a shit about any of her snakes. She was told that eco earth is bad for bps but just replied that she likes the substrate and continued using it. They’d regurgitate and she’d somehow blame it on the place she buys rodents from or the breeder of the snake.

No. 555210

>>555200 It just shows she knows crap about her animals. She doesn't bother to research and probably gets all her info off of Petco pamphlets.

No. 555212


lol bitch, your "investment" harbors and defends a rapist, lies constantly to her followers, encourages hoarding, and neglects animals. it's already sunk

No. 555214


I think youtubers using her name in titles should be the least of her worries about her daughter being "used," she knows how much money Taylor's spent on Jonny so far, right?

No. 555215

Did Frank bite her or did she just get scared and drop the camera at his last strike?

No. 555216

Just a fyi, instagram changed their algorithm so that the comments with the most likes show first. Someone mentioned under her video announcement how it's bad to feed snakes outside the enclosure and its quickly getting bumped to the top which is great

No. 555219

looks like a 20 long or a 40 breeder

No. 555220

File: 1523685897355.png (143.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-000611.png)

I'm blocked….any idea what she tweeted? Sounds like she's complaining about being demonetized

No. 555223

File: 1523686057257.png (21.32 KB, 729x171, t1.PNG)

My guess is this

No. 555229

>>555223 I wish I could also get paid to hoard and starve my pets like Taylor Nicole Dean. No I don't.

No. 555233

File: 1523687049216.png (626.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180414-002446.png)

How about: no. The last thing taylor needs is another kitten, especially an unfixed female to go along with her probably unfixed males.

No. 555235

Wasn't her snake Tate named after the guy from AHS or whatever show it was? Cause in the video she referred to him as tater tot. I guess she's trying make having two snakes named Violet and Tate look less rapey?

No. 555236

>>555233 Someone tweet to this person and tell them that she can't have 3 cats on her lease, she has two UNFIXED male cats and already killed one kitten. JFC "in the market for another kitten". Animals are not objects you POS CHEY.

No. 555237


Taylor never said if you find abandoned kittens by the side of the road you should probably take them to a vet/shelter, did she?…..

No. 555238

>>555237 She sure didn't. She won't take her own cats to the Vet except under pressure from the internet.

No. 555257

File: 1523689714709.jpeg (190.64 KB, 1301x903, 67517888-E63E-4A79-B115-8261C1…)

And you really think Taylor is the best person to ask?

No. 555264

File: 1523691298850.jpeg (40.52 KB, 625x416, 1CE409E4-4859-48E1-B7F5-03E399…)

No. 555266

>>555264 Taylor's been ding that to her face, chest, and arm/hand wounds. Her teeth will also fall out like Jonny's.

No. 555268

I love it how she constantly claims that her editing takes so much time to do, but it looks like something a 12 year old made. Well, she basically does have the mind of a child, so that's not a huge surprise i guess.

No. 555277


He most likely got the camera and but was close to getting a finger so she dropped it in a panic.

I'm no expert but, Frank seems to be displaying a lot of defensive behaviour? Given he apparently strikes everything except his food and only eats when alone, he doesn't seem to be use to human interaction?

No. 555289


It's a sore she's defiantly picked at.
As to what caused it I have no idea but when I get mosquito bites I often scratch them till they reach something like this.

As for the wound itself, yeah the footage of her feeding, or at least defrosting the food is old. The sore in the defrosting clips look more raw and irritated than the one in the nala clip.
Unless the defrosting came after nala then she's been picking at it some more.

No. 555292

Isn't Frank one of the ones she's been flipping upsidedown for a "cute" picture? Could be why he's getting defensive

No. 555298

File: 1523694725743.jpg (268.14 KB, 1080x980, Screenshot_20180414-033100.jpg)

Just found this on her most recent Insta post

No. 555346

Did anyone else notice there was no thermometers, hygrometers and thermostats in any of the tanks?

No. 555353


I could be wrong but I don't think she's ever had any of those things in her enclosures. If she's used them off camera ok, not really, a good idea.

But for fish tanks (especially saltwater) and the reptiles that require high temps and humidity, she should have that stuff in there.

No. 555358

File: 1523706881613.jpg (174.59 KB, 431x673, 1.jpg)


I noticed this in the corn snakes enclosure. It's likely so innacurate to measure temperatures that it's not even funny. Didn't notice any other kind of thermometer, hygrometer, or thermostat in any of the others enclosures though.
Her care is shocking. I really do hope that this isn't the only form of thermometer she has for her reptiles.

No. 555362

Jesus christ.

No. 555364

Isn't that what you use for fish tanks?

No. 555365


Gonna be that dude but that's the milk snake lol.

On the other hand what the hell even is that? I've never seen something like that before???

No. 555366


I'd been watching a load of corn snake videos so had them on my mind, sorry! Definitely meant milk snake.
I've honestly no idea why she'd even bother using a thermometer like that. Why not just get a digital thermometer which will be a hell of a lot more accurate. They cost like, what, $10-20?

No. 555369


Because she does the bare minimum for her animals and probably got it for free from somewhere. Really concerned if she doesn't use a thermostat with any of her reptiles.

No. 555370


I agree. Thermostats are too important to not use, she'll end up cooking her animals if she doesn't hve them. I wonder if anyones ever asked her about what equipment she uses.

No. 555374

I have multiple times. She either always ignores the question (and "answers" my other questions) or just doesn't respond at all. To me that means no thermostats.

No. 555377

Of all the pet communities, Taylor has the most toxic section. I see people on the video talking about the cage aggression and her stans are just attacking them because “taytays an expert”. Other communities you can just say whatever but it’s like I’m in the damn beauty community. I can’t stand stans

Sage for triggered

No. 555392

you have got to be shitting me. anyone worth their salt knows that those stripe thermometers are completely inaccurate and do not last. If she uses those for all her enclosures with no hydrometer or thermostat, no wonder her GTP is always having shedding issues.

No. 555394

TAYLOR. Invest in some damn accurites. They’re $8 at Walmart or on amazon so you don’t have to leave your goddamn house. They read temp and humidity. You need two for each side of the tank. One on the warm side and one on the cool side. Get CHE’s and dimmers. We all know you read this thread so please do your animals a favor.

No. 555397


Exactly. I can't believe she'd even consider using one, let alone actually using one. When i create reptile setups, stripe thermometers aren't even an option. I think she may have gone beyond the absolute minimum and is taking poor care to a whole new level.

No. 555398


Thank you for clarifying!

No. 555407

File: 1523714540928.jpeg (489.89 KB, 750x1334, FCC464F3-2583-477B-AF33-576C5B…)

Lol Taylor was posted in a Facebook group that is huge on ball python husbandry. No really interesting comments but I’m glad the hate for her is going more public.

No. 555408

soon you deserve a topic of your own, "just found this" when its your own damn post, you once posted screenshot with your profile picture showing. embarrassing.

No. 555416

How did she feed her picky BP?

No. 555426


I'm not sure which one they're talking about (most likely Frank) but Tate and Frank are the picky ones.

Tate was fed in his cage however Frank was put in a shoe box while Taylor shoved a camera in his face.

No. 555472

How is she going to claim she just filmed Sabor today/yesterday when she said the video was going to be up 5 days ago?

She's totally buying a new one to replace the dead one.

No. 555492

I know the monitor has been beat to death by now, but I found a video on a black throat (the one Taylor thought she was buying initially) that isn't tame.

A fully grown man is struggling to hold it still because its not tamed lol


No. 555493

She comments on legit every photo she posts and doesn’t even make good points.

No. 555494

god. how is she going to have time to tame her roughneck, with 40 other animals including kittens?plus with her illnesses that even she admits make her fragile/unable to use her hands sometimes? she is out of her depth.

No. 555500


I actually think its quite unfair to deprive such large monitor lizards of an outside enclosure and keep them locked up inside too. People might disagree with me on that but its not a gecko and doesn't deserve to be treated like one.

Watching Taylors defensive/aggressive snakes in her feeding video made me want to go look up what a scared monitor lizard can be like. If she can't tame a ball python/GTP then how is she going to tame a monitor.

No. 555502

We all know she won't upgrade the tank until she makes another video about him or people start asking to see him. At the point we saw him the tank was already too small for him and an upgrade would have to be much bigger because they grow quickly. I'd say you practically have to have a 'adult' space set up for them once you buy them.

I'm not sure how her cats would feel about that hissing (?) sound he made either, tho idk if the monitor she has would make anything similar.

No. 555505

Well the actual monitor she got (a rough neck) doesn't grow nearly as big as the black throat in the video above, but size is deceiving in monitors. They are pure muscle and strength despite their stature and they have razor sharp claws and teeth. Found a video below of a roughneck being aggressive lol


No. 555516

>>555494 Bottom line, the Monitor is not an appropriate pet for Taylor. It is inhumane and selfish that she is keeping him.

If she actually loved her cats, she would do what is best for THEM, as they were with her FIRST, and rehome the Monitor with proof.

I really hope she loses some fingers to that lizard, her hands are hideous anyway.

No. 555520

That group actually kind of sucks, they do so many things wrong that taylor also does wrong. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets some of her wrong information from that group

No. 555522

Not sure if I'm allowed to say this, but that screenshot is me and I didn't post that screenshot. Okay thanks. (I swear to god if I get banned for this…)

Anyways, I feel like Taylor's feeding issues might stem from her enclosures. She has her ball pythons in exo terras that are quite bare and open, and balls sometimes don't do well in exo terras. If she was to either black out three sides or put them into something more cluttered and not clear on all sides they might be happier.

No. 555523

>>555522 Taylor can't be bothered to clean up her gross nest piles of hair extensions on her floor, and throws cricket bags into her laundry piles. You are expecting way too much from this girl if you ever think she would go the extra mile for any of her animals.

No. 555538

I actually wonder how often she spot cleans her enclosures. With that many enclosures, she should have certain days that she cleans certain enclosures along with spot cleaning whenever they need it

No. 555541

File: 1523728377771.png (831.57 KB, 1077x1764, Screenshot_20180414-004914~2.p…)

So if the enclosure on the left is her tarantula enclosure, does that mean she downgraded her tarantula at some point into that weird circle thing?

No. 555553

She's also deleted the instagram post about her new video, probably because one or two people were criticising how she was feeding lol. Her "educated" comments always sound like a 8 year old has written them, they make me cringe so bad, no wonder her only followers are below the age of 13, it's the only people she can communicate with.

No. 555555

These piles of hair extensions literally came from a few people speculating from blurry pictures that could have been anything.

No. 555559


These strips are surprisingly accurate. I use them with pronged digital thermometers in my fish tanks and they always read the same. Of course, these strips only give you a range and not the exact temperature.

No. 555562

That's for fish tanks though. Essential what that thing is doing is measuring the temperature of the glass and surrounding air. For snakes, you need to know the temperature of the air but closer to the substrate, but MOST IMPORTANTLY the temperature of the floor on their warm side, since they rely on belly heat. I wouldn't be surprised if she has no idea what temperature her snakes warm side is at

No. 555575

>>555555 You miss the point that it was garbage on the floor, whatever it was. The animals were kept in an unclean filthy environment. It LOOKED like hair extensions/piles of hair and probably was.

No. 555585


Yeah, I forgot to mention that I'm not a reptile keeper so I don't know how heat works for them.

No. 555587

The temp in the Milk snake enclosure is really low. Is that good for Milksnakes? I thought the Reptile room was kept warmer than that?

No. 555594

Cornsnakes/milksnakes/kingsnakes need cooler temperatures. She claimed the temperatures in the room were perfect for a ball python, which would be way too warm for her colubrids. Usually mid 70’s or so for the cool side of the tank.

No. 555601

We know her apartment is a mess, however spreading around speculation isn't necessary. The petube thread has exploded with some content creators saying they don't take the advise they see seriously because people over speculate by a mile. If Taylor is reading this thread then she is sure as hell having the time of her life laughing about the most stupid speculations we come up with here and the side that maybe cares for these animals won't take the advise for shit.

No. 555604


No one hear is supposed to take this shit seriously lmao.

Like we've said probably a dozen times by now, this isn't a fucking callout post. This is a dumb anonymous board where dumb people can post about their dislike of other dumb people.

No one here gives a shit that a few people "don't take us seriously" because we call Taylor mean names or speculate about stupid shit. This ain't your own personal forum, you are not entitled for us to only talk about the things you want to talk about lmao.

Stupid shit or not, it's just a dumb forum it's not that deep

No. 555605

>>555601 Who fucking cares what is on the floor, it's garbage and filth in what should be a healthy clean environment. It looks like hair and for all we know it is because she has dozens of photos with ratty hair extensions and there are also photos where her hair extensions have fallen off the back of her head and she never noticed. Garbage piles on the floor around the animals are the problem, and you missed it by miles. The garbage isn't speculation, or keeping cricket bags in laundry piles, or snakes in filthy enclosures without water.

Taylor dating a rapist isn't speculation, and Taylor killing her kitten or impulsively buying a Monitor isn't speculation. Take your Taylor pity elsewhere. People are allowed to form opinions on what they see.

No. 555608


Who cares what some irrelevant “pettubers” think?

Taylor is dating a drug-addicted rapist. Who gives a shit what a piece of shit thinks? It’s not like she takes advice from her fans anyway. She knows she’s doing shit wrong. She is just lazy and selfish.

No. 555615

>>555601 If you think people speculating is the problem, then you are fucking delusional. People wouldn't have a reason to speculate if she didn't kill her kitten or starve her Axolotl, or force her snakes to become dehydrated, or keep her Cow Fish in an aquarium that is much too small, or buy a Monitor for her pregnant friend without even knowing the type, or encourage Beta sororities, or impulsively buy a SHIT TON of snakes all at once that she's clearly not taking the proper care of.

She fucking feeds roaches to her animals on her BED, and has her Hedgehogs in enclosures that are inhumane. She allows her animals to crawl over her filthy laundry piles and the garbage in her home.

People speculating is not the problem. TAYLOR and her behavior and animal hoarding are, you fucking idiot.

No. 555653

>If Taylor is reading this thread then she is sure as hell having the time of her life laughing about the most stupid speculations we come up with here and the side that maybe cares for these animals won't take the advise for shit.

To be honest, if people come to an anonymous gossip site for animal care tips, then they're no better than Taylor. Plus, it's been proven by Taylor no less, that it doesn't matter whether or not the criticism is legit, she doesn't give a shit and will twist things so she looks like a victim. Bindi fucking Irwin could call her out and she'd STILL manage to get her stans to defend her on Twitter.

On top of everything, it's been said since thread #1 that anything goes as long as it's about her. You don't like the speculations? then fucking skip them. Like sure sometimes I think "that's a mighty reach" but who the fuck cares just scroll past it or wait until there's new milk.

No. 555666

Can we stop derailing the thread by arguing with people that don't agree with whatever? Scroll past it as someone said above me.
Just leave them be, report them if it helps you sleep.

Same goes for the other side.

I believe so. I think her 'upgrading' enclosures sometimes means having to go for bare minimum for other animals. Mind you the upgrades aren't much better.

No. 555828

does anyone remember when she was talking about people were worried about her getting new animals and she said that while she was bringing in new ones she was also making room for them by downsizing on what she already had. This was around the time she got rid of her seahorses. I think it was when she had black hair (I honestly use her hair color to gauge a timeline lol)

No. 555832

>>555828 Did she say this in a video that you can link?

I'm fully convinced her seahorses died of starvation but basically died and were never given away. It's not confirmed from what they could have died from or if they did but it makes sense. Her male seahorses had multiple miscarriages, then suddenly poof, the seahorses were gone. According to information on seahorse breeding, male seahorses will have miscarriages based on poor water quality and inadequate/poor diet.

No. 555837

the seahorse situation is so upsetting imo. theyre really difficult to care for because theyre so sensitive. when she finally "rehomed" them she said it was because she was stressing about water all the time, apparently checking the ammonia levels multiple times a day (probably because she couldnt maintain proper water quality),and yet she brought FOUR of them into her care?? what could she have possibly been thinking to justify doing that?

No. 555844

File: 1523755939424.jpeg (155.97 KB, 1242x521, 0BAE854B-C159-4857-BB19-8DFC47…)

I really see where Taylor gets her passive aggressive style from lol

No. 555846

>>555844 JFC her Mother is a toddler on social media.

No. 555847

What is she even trying to say here? Also wasn't she just getting after people for mentioning Taylor's name so people would see their YouTube videos? Isn't she doing the exact same thing by putting Taylor's name in her tweet?
I swear she's almost as bad as her daughter

No. 555850

>>555847 Her Mother's behavior is embarrassing, cut the fucking cord already Jennifer. I've never seen a Mother act like this on social media with their aged children. I'm going to guess that she acts this way in person too, fucking embarrassing.

No. 555857

lmao her hypocrisy is so strong

No. 555870


Omg she said she was checking ammonia levels? WTF Taylor! She should have had those seahorses in an established, cycled tank from the start, there NEVER should have been ammonia. Maybe if she had nitrate issues or salinity or mineral imbalances or whatever, but even that isn't THAT bad if you know what you're doing.

She obviously doesn't know what she's doing though, I bet she tried to do a fish-in cycle with fucking seahorses, and did permanent damage to them with the ammonia levels, which is why they had such terrible health and at least some of them died. Fish-in cycles can fuck up hardy fish for life, and seahorses are absolutely not hardy.

No. 555875

Because, just like Taylor, she does it for the attention.
Honestly I still sympathize with her feelings of hopelessness over Taylor fucking shit up, and I don't doubt for a second that caring for Tanner must be really hard, but at this point it looks like she feels entitled to play "momager" and control Taylor's internet fame. Not to whiteknight Taylor but holy shit imagine having a mother who keeps track of all your social media, tags you and replies to you at random with some passive-aggressive shit, and then spends her day vaguebooking on her twitter with some weird ass lyrics. No fucking wonder Taylor is so fucked up in general.

No. 555892

File: 1523761820391.jpeg (176.52 KB, 1288x1980, 59A57404-D193-41B4-A228-C5000C…)

No. 555900

She could literally just post a picture of Sabor to prove Sabor isn't dead.

No. 555902

I skimmed pretty fast, so I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this, but she may have a temperature gun to check the temps of her enclosures. That's what I have, and you just point it at the substrate or wherever you want to know the temp and it will tell you what the temp is. It's actually one of the more accurate ways to gauge temperatures. Whether she has one or uses one daily is another story though. But not everyone has a temperature gauge in their enclosures. Having that aquarium heat tape in the one enclosure makes me think maybe she doesn't use a temperature gun though (or whatever it's called. I can't think of the proper terminology at the moment)

For some of her reptiles she should for sure have a humidity monitoring system of some sort though.

sage for rambling and giving useless information

No. 555917

I feel like she's starting to contradict herself with this whole Sabor thing. She should just post a short live video of him to get this over with if he's actually alive

No. 555920

File: 1523764492813.jpeg (295.61 KB, 1294x1984, D5F1AC0A-FD01-4552-B43F-AA44A3…)

No. 555925

her feigning ignorance after blocking multiple ppl asking over the past week + no "proof" of sabor being alive in her call out tweet.

ok tay sure he's alive and well

No. 555930


if he really is dead and she's more concerned with hiding it and passing it off as a conspiracy, it goes to show how little she cares about her pets passing away.

No. 555931


The difference between Marbles and Sabor is Marbles is a senior dog (10 years old I think) who is aging naturally and even though Jenna jokes about him dying, she still shows him in her videos and obviously loves him.

Sabor is less than a year old and showing signs of dehydration, when he's supposed to have a lifespan longer than Marbles, and if he isn't already dead he's stuck in a tiny cage as an eternal slave to some annoying human who thinks it's funny to trick him into striking solid objects that could hurt his fangs, or wave him around for photos.

No. 555933

She obviously found a replacement because now she is "addressing" the issue rather than blocking people. Good thing GTPs are easy to tell apart.

No. 555937

Right? I have a hard time trying to grasp why you'd keep this in a relatively small tank (for that type of creature). It's not as if her apartment is huge and she has other animals around, and nosy kittens.

Even if she gives it to her friend in a year or two why would you want to house it with a toddler?

They're keeping it just so she can say she has a monitor.

No. 555941

i really don’t understand her logic sometimes. how hard is it really to take a picture? it takes two seconds. doesn’t have to be posed, just show the damn snake and everyone will shut the fuck up about it.

she must just love the attention or doesn’t give any shits. how can you have so many pets and NOT post pics??

No. 555945

"Wait is the newest conspiracy about me that I've been blocking people for asking me how Sabor is doing?"

No. 555949

>>555892 Reply to her and ask her to go live on Instagram and prove he's alive :). Easy right Taylor if he is.

No. 555951

totally OT but jenna does not joke about marbles being dead, shes stated before that the joke hurts her feelings.

sabor on the other hand is totally dead and taylor is trying to play it off as a joke, it is sickening, it is hurting MY feelings lol. I can't believe she hasn't posted any proof yet. oh wait yes I can because she just doesn't care about her animals or their deaths, unless she loses money for it (like if cheese died)

No. 555953

She’s NOT going to be able to tame her monitor. There’s no way she’s spending time with it every day like she’d need to. Especially since she’s out of town every other week.

No. 555954

>>555951 Yeah that's pretty fucked up, how she can joke about her snake being dead. She did the same thing though with the female kitten. I don't remember what the tweet said exactly, but I also remember she did that with her dead Hedgehog. She's a heartless slutty bitch. Who the fuck laughs about their pets death. Anyone else and everyone else mourn their animal and would never joke about something like this. She's fucking psycho.

No. 555958

Only Taylor would joke about the dead snake as a distraction rather than prove he's alive with a simple video going live on Instagram. She is that air headed.

No. 555960

Do GTP keep their markings after they turn green? If they don't Taylor could be getting a green one to pass off as Sabor and say he already turned green

No. 555968

For the most part, the white markings you see on a neonate will still be the same once they approach their colour change. Of course they can change a little but they keep the same general pattern. With sabors "fidget spinner" pattern as people like to call it, it'd be easy to tell if she swapped out snakes

No. 555972


Depending on the type she has, most take about a year or year and a half to turn fully green.

As for the markings themselves, some will 'fade' a little but by turning blue while the majority will change to a white colour.
Also it should be interesting to note that wild caught GTP will show a strong white dorsal line than captive bred. GTP have been trying to re-create this for years but so far haven't succeed.