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No. 683508

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22 year old "family friendly pet mom" Youtuber, her creepy controlling mother, and her 32 year old junkie ex-boyfriend Jonny Craig.

Previous thread:

The basics:
> Taylor is a notorious animal hoarder known for collecting 40+ rare and exotic pets and manhandling/mistreating them for the sake of her Youtube channel which has over 1 million subscribers. Many pets have died in her care, many more have fallen ill due to her neglect or disappeared after "rehoming" them. Fails to give proper enclosures for many of her pets, including overstuffing fish tanks, keeping her kittens locked in the bathroom, and her mouse and hedgehog in the closet.
> Jonny Craig, who has very recently become Taylor’s ex and has moved in with his dad in NY state, was the frontman of the band Slaves and is most well-known for being an outspoken abusive junkie. He has been in and out of rehab centers for a decade now and has been kicked out of multiple bands and off of tours for his behavior. He is usually homeless when he does not have a girlfriend to leech off of.
> Several of Jonny's ex-girlfriends have come out with stories of Jonny's physical and sexual abuse, including rape at knife-point. His ex Chelsea confided this in Taylor when she and Jonny first started dating, in which Taylor's response was to laugh with Jonny and make a public spectacle of it.
> Taylor loves to throw pity parties for herself and dodge around the real issues when faced with criticism about her husbandry, hoarding, and hypocrisy. She can never keep her stories straight and will tell outright lies only to contradict them hours later. Her fans are sycophants who only encourage her.

Taylor's Links:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorndean
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorndean
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaOTXKuQ-t-eTikY96B9n-Q
Facebook (private:) https://www.facebook.com/Taylor.Nicole.Dean

Jonny's Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonnycraig4L (currently deactivated as of 6/29)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jonnycraig4l
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/thepearlboy4L

Jen’s Links:

List of all Taylor's pets:
Requires update of new frog, tarantula, crabs dying and all the fish outside of the 150 “rehomed”

Stats of Taylor’s pets and history:

New Milk:
>Jonny is still creepily attached to Taylor, posting IG stories about "her smell." >>680913
>Taylor posts her venmo transactions between Jake and a dealer without realizing people can look it up to see their full names >>681001 Turns out Jake is a convicted felon for controlled substance possession and multiple DUIs, as well as divorced with a child
>Taylor continues to show off bites from her foster ball python as she continues to bother it
>Taylor panics and cries about being stalked and murdered by the internet after she left too many obvious clues to her location, leading her to move to a new sober home where she can keep her snake and cats
>Promises not to take any identifying photos of the new sober home… and fails immediately by posting the dog >>681120 as well as various other shots of the home >>681852
>She continues to call herself an addiction educator and demand more youtube videos be made about addiction… (Hello, Shane Dawson?) while also joking about meth heads and talking casually about how much and what type of heroin she used
>Taylor explains how she was brought to rehab, going against her earlier story about taking a tour and deciding to stay >>681238
>Taylor gets a gun. >>681283 All hell breaks loose, especially as she cannot buy a gun as she is in sober living. >>681565 She reveals she left it with the friend that bought it with her, which is also illegal. >>681402 She claims she was pressured into getting the gun by her friend. >>681717
>A weird guy named Eric Anthony Cantu sends multiple tweets to Taylor as well as texts. Apparently was introduced through Jonny and was one of their dealers. >>682338
>The blood python goes to Destry from Taylor with an RI, without Taylor ever mentioning the RI
>She reveals she is on buprenorphine >>682889
>Nemo continues to look skinny while Star balloons.

> Recent Known additions to the hoard of animals: Spider ball python (Motley?)

> Recent Known Deaths: ~
> Recent Known “Rehomed”: Blood python, to Destry (destrykarma)

Videos which sum up the drug addiction situation:

Unconfirmed Milk:
> Taylor might really be kicked out of sober living this time, whether over the pet acquisitions or something else
> Getting evicted from the new house
> TND is trying to complete her “redemption” to youtube
> Jonny has already sold $5k+ computer set-up to buy drugs, has not mentioned streaming in a week or two
> TND has already relapsed, or is having some other mental breakdown causing such overactivity online
> Photos of black snake (Salem) with possible mites, TND claims is just aspen (bedding) dust

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General Pettuber Thread:

No. 683510

thanks to >>683072 for the thread pic! sorry if any errors in OP, just wanted to get up a new thread.

I can't post a link to here on the old thread as it hit post limit.

No. 683514

File: 1563937840555.png (1.47 MB, 1457x2048, Screenshot_20190723-230929.png)

Thank you OP!

Wasn't she supposed to upgrade their cage as soon as she moved into the Atrium house? So what is "again", was there ever an upgrade between when she got them with the DCN and now?

No. 683518


She said the DCN was damaged when moving into the atrium house so I think she moved them back into their old cage. Then it appeared she got them some kind of big bird cage which they've been living in, I guess that's the upgrade she's talking about?

Also that cage is a Ferret Nation, not a Critter Nation. Usually the bar spacing of a FN is fine for adult males and some larger females, but she should be careful. Not sure why she didn't go for a CN again. Probably because she's low on cash and FN are cheaper.

No. 683522

File: 1563938758819.jpeg (255.07 KB, 1125x1125, 035BE832-E39A-4A2A-9431-92E1FD…)

No. 683523

File: 1563938802914.jpeg (314.07 KB, 1086x1888, 3A33F905-A8B5-48F4-B256-1CEDB6…)

more from her Twitter that she posted earlier while we were between threads

No. 683524

File: 1563939801262.jpg (285.92 KB, 1077x1121, IMG_20190723_204244.jpg)

How long did Taylor have the blood python? He had an RI the entire time and she didn't take him to the vet

No. 683526

She doesn’t have a vet in Austin? It’s not a membership thing, Taylor, all you have to do is call any nearby vet for an appointment.

No. 683528

I hate when she and her mom coo over her brother like this, it's so infantilizing. "he's so pure" like seriously? you already said he can use the internet enough to look at people who hate you, is finding Nickelodeon customer service that much harder?

No. 683534


the obliviousness is amazing. it's dehumanizing to use the word "retard" when it's not even directed at him, but apparently cooing over how 'pure' it is that he phoned up customer service ALL ON HIS OWN isn't? the kid has more brain cells than you, taylor.

seems like a fake story for internet points anyway, i have a hard time believing the word "retard" made it into a nick show let alone it being aired.

No. 683535

File: 1563942963465.png (440.8 KB, 1080x1098, Screenshot_20190724-003032~2.p…)

No. 683540

Wtf… How does she not find this odd. You can only visit with certain animals when you go there but you don't have too many? Ok bitch

No. 683542

File: 1563946185844.png (616.16 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190723-232423.png)

She also got posted to a prominent (1.5m) meme page with the tofu vid. Lots of people calling her out in the comments, surprisingly enough none of them mentioned the substance abuse, just hoarding and neglect.

No. 683545

File: 1563946507363.jpg (548.57 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190723-233440_Twi…)

She deleted the tweet about making the video.

No. 683546


What gives Taylor the right to talk about anybody’s animal care right now? You’ve been doing heroin for the past year and a half. Plus you have other people taking care of your zoo right now because you don’t even have a place for them to stay and you’re incapable of taking care of them while simultaneously living in sober living. So SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY!!!! Mind your fucking business, Taylor and worry about the health of your own fucking zoo.

The audacity this ignorant bimbo has to even try and talk shit about someone else’s animals.

No. 683562

She posts shit like this because she can get asspats without having to do anything. Delete and repeat every day because she is so desperate for any form of attention.

No. 683563

File: 1563949480600.jpg (149.47 KB, 1536x287, rats.jpg)

reposting this from the end of the last thread since it's so hilariously delusional.

No. 683571


She knows nothing about rats. They need to hang out with their humans every day or they get sad.

No. 683574

so she wants us to believe that these rat owners are so shitty they don’t socialize and give their rats attention but they do take them to the vet. Makes sense

No. 683575

File: 1563953295673.png (551.61 KB, 1242x2688, 94F20DAA-508C-43FC-941E-9A6B12…)

This was tweeted while in between threads.

Also, thanks for the new thread OP. Might I add that maybe it’s important information to add for this thread up top that the Eric dude tweeted saying that she’s sent him pix before. So it’s safe to say that she has flirted with him maybe to get something out of him? And that she posted screenshots trying to make him seem he is a weirdo (he is) but that they were organizing to meet up? I think it’s something else that shows that she has relapsed already as many of us think she has.

No. 683580

File: 1563956173560.jpg (1.61 MB, 1920x2400, inCollage_20190724_021617643.j…)

No. 683583

File: 1563957557735.png (1.44 MB, 1242x2208, 6C5A87E9-663C-42EC-BA6D-D33297…)

Taylor’s insta story has Halsey’s 11 minutes away is it bro dick she’s missing? Or Jonny.

So call me stupid, call me sad
You're the best I've ever had
You're the worst I've ever had
And that keeps fucking with my head

Song link since uploading her insta video is too much work


No. 683586

File: 1563958329976.jpeg (188.84 KB, 1242x1460, C3F52FB7-D2F1-4A3A-846B-1822A1…)

Taylor’s insta story rat Vet visit:

“All doing great”

“And if we can take care of their social issues…”

No. 683589


Also surely if she's planning on moving her animals to Austin she should be looking for a good exotics vet? What would she do if she moved her animals down and one got sick?

No. 683592

File: 1563961101041.webm (95.39 KB, 479x852, taylorndean_68188264.webm)

webm with sound

No. 683597

>vet mentions rats social issues
> Taylor on Twitter "omg vet said they're the friendliest rats evur guise" >>683563


I find this extremely funny since we mentioned this in the previous thread, how her cage had broken for the rats and she couldn't get them a new critter nation due to spending "4000 on a new enclosure for Kronos" and now she's suddenly upgrading. Took her long enough. I feel so sad for those poor ratties.

No. 683599


That's a ferret nation cage, not a critter nation. I will be surprised if her females don't escape which will obviously lead to disaster. Funnily enough, the FN is the cheaper of the 2 models so it is no surprise to me that she is compromising safety for money.

Those poor rats just keep getting backhanded. She obviously doesn't care. She's just a clout chaser.

No. 683602

There are different ways to use the word…without knowing the context of it I highly doubt it was used negatively to refer to a person.

No. 683619

File: 1563972282272.jpg (303.46 KB, 1536x1654, Screenshot_20190724-143424.jpg)

I still can't get over this bullshit. How hard is it to find a vet that has some decent reviews with a quick Google search?

Instead she chose to prolong the suffering of an animal that was sick. She KNEW he had an RI, which also makes it worse that she was handling it and stressing it out to the point of biting and losing 6 teeth, and that can potentially cause infections for the snake. And for what? To act edgy and cool in front of the guys in Jake's sober living. Fuck you Taylor for putting an animal in harms way yet again to get attention. After this she just dumps it with her mother, and then it gets handed over to yet another person.

No. 683621


Did she seriously transport them in a plastic tub? No idea if there's a lid or not, so either a) no ventilation or b) they weren't safely secured on the trip there. You have all these animals yet don't have a carrier suitable for rats? The fuck?

No. 683622


"Mainly just take care of their social issues […]"

So their lack of socialization isn't even the only thing wrong with her rat care, just the main/most critical thing. I think all of animalkind needs to take out a restraining order against this lady.

No. 683623


So he wasn’t neutered as we’ve suspected?

No. 683626

THIIIIS what the fuck.

She apparently HAS a vet here??? >>683592 Is this not in Austin?? >>683514 ???
She is so full of shit!

And this was apparently during when she was going on about people not being able to afford to take their animals for check ups at the vet and that they shouldn't have animals if they can't take them to the vet. She projects soooooooo hard to deflect any blame from herself and to pretend like she isn't that person but she is. It's probably safe to say that whatever she spergs about, she is most likely guilty of.

She is literally the Donald Trump of the animal world

No. 683627

Or the lid had holes! These are the kind of posts that make this thread look stupid

No. 683628


You're a moron. Poking some holes in a lid is NOT enough ventilation. If it was a fully meshed lid, then that's fine. But I seriously doubt it. Anyone will tell you holes = not enough ventilation for rats who are already prone to resp problems as it is.

No. 683631

Weird ass nitpick

<<iT HaZ hOLeS>>
Rodents pee EVERYWHERE. They leave drops of pee as a trail. What does pee have in it? Ammonia… In a plastic tub with AiR HoLeS poked in those poor rats.


Haha the fucking vet said the rat has social issues and we all fucking called this! She never took those rats out of that cage she pisses me off!

No. 683637

And yet shes dumb enough to upload the video the same just because the vet said they are perfect? (cant 100% remember but I remember the doc praising - but then he goes on about social issues LOL)

No. 683643

The rats live in San Antonio, the snake was in Austin that she didn't bother to find the vet for.

No. 683654

File: 1563983179127.jpeg (372.68 KB, 1125x1928, BB709AFC-3DBB-47AC-82C2-BD56BC…)

She always has to try and chase that clout. Her replies are pretty funny though if you have time to read them. Most people think she’s an idiot because they’re protein bars (I am not certain if that’s correct or not). Just there for the giggles.

No. 683657

It's a free protein/granola bar. It's not like it's diet pills

But she saw a chance to get attention so she took advantage of that by misrepresenting the situation. In another tweet she compared it to giving drugs to a heroin addict

No. 683661


Of course she has to mention drugs as if a bar of food you can choose to eat or not is even in the same league lmao

No. 683664


if you're that fucking triggered over a snack a company includes as a gift in your order, YOU'RE the problem. i bet if they included a piece of candy no one would be throwing a tantrum over it and say how cute and sweet it is. she's really feeding into that SJW "tHiS iS pRobLemAtiC" bullshit lately and it's hilarious.

No. 683678

what about all them track and self harm mark selfies, taytay?

No. 683679

That may be true but the point still stands, especially because she also has her spider morph ball python with her obviously without a vet. And that one probably actually does need check ups. She's always a hypocrite.
If she can't differentiate between the morph's issues and and it just being ~goofy~ she probably can't differentiate between a healthy animal and a sick animal anyway.

No. 683690

File: 1563990748134.jpeg (263.08 KB, 1226x1327, 3CB27C78-35DD-4F95-AC05-AD6EEB…)

No. 683691

File: 1563990788274.jpeg (326.81 KB, 1242x1716, 863110A9-C930-421B-A76E-C2E2FA…)

No. 683692

File: 1563990821206.jpeg (264.52 KB, 1242x982, 1FFD5ED3-B6A0-4CC9-8CA0-B5B015…)

I mean Taylor would know - it’s the big bad meanies on the internet that made her do heroin!

No. 683701


Then don’t shop at forever 21 JFC. Go back to buying trashy clothes from Fashion Nova.

I mean heaven forbid that Atkins promotes A low carb diet since this country is facing an obesity epidemic but go off Taylor while you eat like shit.

I’m fucking tired of everyone in the world being SPECIAL. But my eating disorder, but my drug addiction… facing obstacles in life is a given. How is catering to every special person in the world even benefiting them? I mean for fucks sake, look at TND for example.

No. 683708

You know what's actually triggering? Someone talking about how amazing roxies and fentanyl are and how much they love and miss them. Aka half of Taylor's Twitter. I'm sure she won't STFU about it in person either

No. 683709

File: 1563995136095.png (293.71 KB, 750x1334, 4B314453-A87F-4238-AF73-440336…)

No. 683715

Oh my fucking god, Taylor. To relapse you have to be sober miss hourly-china-white. Fucking dumbass. She is disgusting for continuing to perpetuate this narrative.

No. 683720

Who gets offended over getting a free protein bar.
If she instantly snaps because of a free protein bar, she must be really unhappy with her body. Ever other normal person would be happy about it or throw it away.

This is beyond retarded. Who is she, fucking Phoebe I'm-opressed Tickner?
Just because of a few fatties who "fall back" because they revived a single protein bar, no one should've gotten a free sample of it?
>send chocolate with something
I'm offended. I've falled back into eating 10K calories a day
>send something healthy with something
I'm offended. I've fallen back into eating 10K calories a day

If she wants her fanbase to be more mature people, she should overcome that "I-???? I'm offended. That's literally disgusting" phase she's going through right now.

No. 683722

File: 1563996028600.png (58.62 KB, 580x572, twofaced.png)


Oh shit

No. 683724


LOL. Can't wait to see what she replies with. Taylor really gonna die on this hill of lies, isn't she? Probably because she knows it was a shitty thing to do to accuse someone of sexual assault, so now that she's "coming clean" about stuff she's gonna double down on this because otherwise she'll look like more of a cunt than she already is.

Also it's apparent she was NOT sober at all during this event, so why is she still trying to frame it that way? She and Bree both did coke, Bree owned up to it and Taylor has admitted to not being sober at all so heaven knows why she's still trying to pretend she was.

No. 683726

>>683722 which brings us right back to the fine point of body autonomy. Taylor had a choice to bring coke in.
When Tyler and Madi (I think it was Madi) did the livestream, they glazed over it. They said they didn’t know about the assault.
She’s a worthless piece of cunt. False accusations take credibility from real victims. But Taylor wouldn’t know shit about that. Her entire identity is based around the reward system of getting attention, and sympathy for situations she put herself into.

No. 683727

File: 1563996898570.png (45.53 KB, 592x364, backpedal.png)

No. 683730

File: 1563997153105.jpg (629.19 KB, 1536x1259, Screenshot_20190724-213834.jpg)

So you can run to impulse buy a gun again ?

No. 683731

File: 1563997267931.jpg (577.65 KB, 1536x1094, Screenshot_20190724-214122.jpg)

No. 683732

The best/worst part is, she's got the wrong person.

No. 683733

File: 1563997489456.jpg (157.51 KB, 1536x492, Screenshot_20190724-214421.jpg)

Its funny we discussed who turtlemom maybe was, and now she's accusing a random girl of being her? Kekkkkk.

No. 683735

Backpedaling is good exercise!

No. 683736

File: 1563997760363.jpeg (230.98 KB, 1242x1419, C36AEB49-E713-4BDF-9BA3-7CD01E…)

She’s back to referring to the Bree situation as sexual assault. She back peddled hard on this before but it’s hard for her to keep up with her own lies so now it’s sexual assault again

No. 683737

File: 1563997803061.jpeg (180.48 KB, 750x988, 2383B34B-09A0-4175-AFB7-45028B…)

This is her back peddling the last time she “shared her story”

No. 683738

File: 1563997828236.jpg (165.36 KB, 1536x301, Screenshot_20190724-215038.jpg)

No. 683739

File: 1563997875622.jpg (124.27 KB, 1536x423, Screenshot_20190724-215131.jpg)

No. 683740

is she just catching up on the thread where it was posted about this account? LOL
"I figured out" aka "I read on LOLCOW"

No. 683741

Yes, Taylor. A single thing CAN trigger someone - just like the many that have relapse in your sober livingS (plural) bc just like you constantly tweet about it, we sure as hell can say that you also talk like that in person. So a single thing CAN trigger someone into relapse. Youre one of them.

Funny how she always includes herself in things without even realizing it? just like another anon said on here. She tweets shit that also have to do with her.

No. 683742

File: 1563997998412.jpg (198.34 KB, 1536x495, Screenshot_20190724-215320.jpg)

No. 683744

File: 1563998175190.jpg (148.31 KB, 1536x455, Screenshot_20190724-215628.jpg)

No. 683745

"she told me to bring cocaine" because she probably knew you had access to it SINCE YOU WERE ALREADY ON DRUGS. How would you relapse Taylor?Wasnt she already H during this time? didnt she say she was high for a certain amount of time?

Please continue to bring shit up from the past because you will just incriminate yourself even more.

No. 683746

File: 1563998247333.jpg (381.95 KB, 1536x1101, Screenshot_20190724-215733.jpg)

No. 683747

File: 1563998303770.jpg (154.57 KB, 946x2048, IMG_20190724_215727.jpg)

Full SS the stan tweeted at Taylor

No. 683748

Holy shit Angela88753425 isn't even turtlemom lmaooo

No. 683750

I hope she responds to this, but being the pussy that she is, she wont.

No. 683751

File: 1563998468965.jpg (232.62 KB, 1536x529, Screenshot_20190724-215912.jpg)

Its always SOMEONE lmao. Full of shit.

No. 683752

Taylor's also deleting tweets like crazy right now!

No. 683753

File: 1563998641333.jpg (569.4 KB, 1536x1654, Screenshot_20190724-220259.jpg)

No. 683754

File: 1563998664001.jpg (220.77 KB, 1536x526, Screenshot_20190724-220348.jpg)

No. 683755

So all her stans are just ignoring that the evidence she's lying is in what she retweeted?

No. 683756

File: 1563998856725.png (873.57 KB, 1242x2688, 1C6911C1-6271-4776-8438-BA622C…)

Quick! Distract people with a tweet about filming snd uploading!!

No. 683757

I've actually always thought that her rats are not that friendly and seem hesitant. Friendly rats usually will try to get out of the cage and want to be near you (crawl on you etc). When she got back and posted the first vid they didn't look like rats who missed their owner and disliked being cared by a random person. They looked like rats who are meeting a new person or someone they only recognize a bit. Her rats are far from "the friendliest ever uwu"

No. 683758

"so excited to get the video up AS SOON AS I FEEL PREPPED"
same shit different day

No. 683759

File: 1563998973238.jpeg (78.64 KB, 750x635, D20AFFEA-8CEE-442A-A7AE-922363…)

Her stans are already harassing cosmicxhoney. I wish her stans would stop taking her word on this with 0 proof.

No. 683760

File: 1563999074022.jpg (110.7 KB, 1536x229, Screenshot_20190724-221125.jpg)

No. 683761

File: 1563999090347.png (72.92 KB, 576x532, angela.png)

Looks like the real 'Angela88753425 spoke up & (surprise-surprise) it is NOT @cosmixhoney

No. 683762

File: 1563999120699.png (737.46 KB, 1536x2048, Screenshot_20190724-221225.png)

No. 683765

File: 1563999150494.jpg (65.42 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20190724_221241.jpg)

No. 683766

File: 1563999172930.jpg (59.17 KB, 473x1024, IMG_20190724_221244.jpg)

No. 683767


Fuck you Taylor the damage has already been done. Your legions of fans are now attacking someone based on another false fucking accusation.

No. 683768

File: 1563999307581.jpg (199.5 KB, 1536x347, Screenshot_20190724-221455.jpg)

Pot calling kettle black

No. 683769


Don't people get banned from twitter for shit like this?

No. 683770

Okay so one of her "fans" read over here our speculations. And actually blamed her in the inbox of Taylor… oh Taylor you're so delusional.

No. 683772

File: 1563999784743.png (53.36 KB, 584x492, justone.png)

Yep, it's ALL just ONE person…

No. 683773

File: 1563999881044.jpg (333.65 KB, 1536x681, Screenshot_20190724-222419.jpg)

No. 683776


It wasn't even her lmao

No. 683777

don't you remember that everyone here is just one person as well?

here she goes building a narrative again, classic tay behavior.

No. 683780

Shes sperging the fuck out on twitter. Seems sus

No. 683782

File: 1564000563317.png (77.02 KB, 648x717, Capture.PNG)

No. 683784

File: 1564001069226.png (65.4 KB, 686x498, Capture2.PNG)

No. 683786

File: 1564001202340.jpg (488.21 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190724-144644_Twi…)

Plot Twist: Matt dean is just into bbw.

No. 683787


Taylor got the wrong info & now someone innocent is being blamed for something they didn't even do good job Dean family!

No. 683788

Well, if turtlemom is Angel, I wonder if she’ll finally ~expose~ everything she said Taylor’s family told her, but she didn’t reveal out of respect now that Taylor has exposed her lol

No. 683790

File: 1564001745639.png (192.69 KB, 680x1039, Capture11.PNG)

blaming chelsea

No. 683792

File: 1564001997978.png (60.84 KB, 668x473, Capture.PNG)

No. 683795


Literally NOT the same person but go off I guess Taylor

No. 683797

File: 1564002422918.jpg (988.2 KB, 1536x1967, Screenshot_20190724-230656.jpg)

No. 683799

>lolcow exposed her a week ago
anon offered as little proof as taylor does right now. angel=turtlemom still sounds a little tinfoily to me tbh.

No. 683800

This girl posts all over Reddit so having that picture is… Meaningless

No. 683801

File: 1564003031050.jpg (262.85 KB, 1536x617, Screenshot_20190724-231644.jpg)

She claims this, but she barely has any followers on Twitter

No. 683802

File: 1564003034869.jpg (1.5 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190724_151658368.j…)

Expect a shitshow from Jen. Shes watching.

No. 683803

File: 1564003071852.png (338.92 KB, 1002x1406, IMG_20190724_230428.png)

She talks about harassment being wrong but insults 6th graders at the same time


No. 683804

The other account using the picture had way more followers FWIW. I don't believe it and I think it's weird she suddenly showed up to support Taylor's agenda

No. 683805


Your mom is mentally ill just like you, Taylor. Your mom makes herself look like a psycho on Twitter all by herself. She tweets like a third grader and comes across manic most of the time.

The Dean family dynamic is TOXIC. One minute your parents actually give a damn about you and your safety, you threaten and drag them on social media, then your mother passive aggressively tweets you, then she rescues you from your drug den, and now you love her again. Your family should get help. Nothing about this dynamic is healthy and it’s immature.

No. 683811

I messaged the girl on reddit because I’ve seen a number of her posts in animal subs and remember her photo. I only messaged her because it IS creepy to use someone else’s photo to harass/troll. I don’t care if you try to claim this as WK, but all I did was notify this girl her photo was being used and if it really was her behind the account then I apologized. But she completely flipped out (as she should have) because it’s CREEPY & against a lot of platforms rules to use someone else’s face and claim to be that person. It’s a form of identity theft.(Cowtipping)

No. 683813

You should be banned why are you writing people?!

No. 683814

I already know it isn't the girl in the picture & it isn't cosmixhoney either, just some random troll.
God, Taylor just needs to get reported into oblivion. I'm sick of seeing her target innocent people over the smallest fucking criticism & then play dumb when people tell her that her fans have a habit of mobbing people.

No. 683815

Nice admission of cowtipping. Are you planning to message Taylor to tell her people on Twitter are "stealing her identity" by using her picture on their profile? Jfc

Not going believe an account with barely any followers is real because you come in and claim it. Especially when you seem like a dumb Taylor stan claiming it's "identity theft"

No. 683816

Has any other big pet tuber spoke out on this shit?! These sexual abuse claims are serious allegations that are not supposed to be taken lightly or used as lies to turn people against each other.

No. 683817

I should be banned? Lol for notifying someone that someone on Twitter is using their photo without permission??? Mentioning nothing else BUT twitter or TND. Alright lmao. Sorry, but if someone was using my photo for trolling/harassment purposes I would want to know too.

Also, sage your shit.

No. 683818

Maybe everyone’s right. You guys are creepos lol. I used to be very active on this thread last year, but lately you guys are just reaching.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 683821

Oh get fucked. Last year people discussed wether Taylor had a long vagina or not. There's always some people here and there that take it a notch too far. Get of your moral high horse.

I'm actually curious if turtlemom will post more about daddy dean now out of spite lmao

No. 683823


Your second mistake was coming back here and telling us.

No. 683824


So why the do you come here on your moral high horse and tell us? We don't fucking care and it's irrelevant, like piss off with this shit.

No. 683825

We're the creeps for telling you NOT to message random users? Yeah ok

No. 683828

@cosmixhoney's Twitter account has gone private.

No. 683829

I don't blame them! Taylor's hoard of fans are relentless & dumb af

No. 683830

File: 1564006382200.jpg (538.41 KB, 2321x1558, 24072019151149.jpg)

Tinfoil but this girl types and spergs out exactly like Taylor

No. 683832

Tay Tay, a truck driving down the road, a plane flying over, fireworks can trigger somebody! Should we stop driving, flying or having fun because some snowflake might be triggered? Fuck no! Stop with the SJW shit you can only worry about yourself and cant live your life trying not to trigger others.

No. 683833

That account's been around since 2013, I doubt it's Taylor.

No. 683834

File: 1564007012583.jpg (77.3 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20190725_002318.jpg)

But she was so against Louis Vuitton

No. 683836

File: 1564007195060.jpeg (363.04 KB, 1242x968, A108F926-BF28-4DF1-B37E-56069A…)

Taylor’s lying escapades have got to stop.

No. 683837

File: 1564007199172.jpg (906.25 KB, 1536x1604, Screenshot_20190725-002458.jpg)

In other words, she's stressing him out just to get that "funny quirky" post

Hmm I'm inclined to side with other anon here and that it is very suspicious, can be some super old account she had before. She strikes me as someone who has more than 1 up her sleeve.

No. 683840

Why is it that Taylor seems to go fucking nuclear every time Bree is brought up???

My money's on the fact that Bree 'knows too much'

No. 683841


Yep and Bree shared it all here, so Taylor is just trying to discredit her as much as possible.

No. 683842


I think it’s because she knows she’s wrong and she’s in the defensive

No. 683843

Well if you accuse someone of something as serious as sexual assault and are not willing to admit you lied you are going to freak out every time someone brings it up.

No. 683856

min: 9:38
Louis was named after Louis Vuitton. He is considered a designer snake and a lot of LVs are made out of python, SOOO YEAH, NOT COOL. YOU WONT CATCH ME BUYING ONE OF THOSE, EVER.



No. 683858


I believe this is the same LV bag that has been captured in other photos at her old apartment because it was pointed out then too that she’s a hypocrite.

No. 683860

File: 1564009755189.png (43.55 KB, 576x460, KANCELKULTURE.png)

And now back to the ol' "CANCEL CULTURE BAD" tweets

No. 683861


Funny how she tweets this right after continuing to accuse BreezExotics of sexual assault & blaming cosmixhoney over someone else harassing her…

No. 683864

File: 1564010888560.jpeg (418.97 KB, 1240x1822, 4EF80CDA-4E12-442E-8B30-4FFA02…)

No. 683865

File: 1564010927723.jpeg (330.54 KB, 1242x1245, C5FCF33F-39C8-4058-B89A-104D21…)

Taylor literally two hours ago. I wOuLd NeVeR

No. 683866

Isn't she the one who brought coke in her fucking wig to the meetup?

No. 683867


She was.
BUT Anon, she was forceeeed to do iiiiit! /s

No. 683868

oh but anon, she felt forced by Breevil to smuggle it through TSA! even though Bree "didn't even know how to cut a line of coke", Taylor was the poor innocent victim who never wanted to do the drugs in the first place boohoohoo

No. 683869

I hope there are texts of Taylor confirming this and Bree drops them like a badass

Taylor is the one threatening to sue all these people when Bree is the one that has an actual potential lawsuit here.

No. 683872

File: 1564012266997.jpeg (254.76 KB, 1242x2123, 0F968F85-BD83-4052-8FE2-8A46E7…)

Might be an atrium house on the market soon

Wonder if it will include abandoned cats?

No. 683874

File: 1564012490077.jpg (229.71 KB, 1080x829, 20190724_194853.jpg)

Honestly I completely agree with Taylor for the first time ever. Turtlemom is fucking insane and I'm not sure what more proof you need that it's cosmixhoney than the posts in the last thread. I believe the other accounts are her too, especially because she hasn't been tweeting as much from turtlemom. She's too involved in this drama and if I were Taylor I would actually be concerned about this weird bitch.

No. 683876

Well. That is concerning.

No. 683877


Probably because Jonny Craig has been evading the law for quite some time

No. 683879

The tweet is of course deleted now but no one can even say that's a coincidence. Also she lurks here like crazy and tries to shift the attention anytime she's brought up. The girl honestly needs help.

No. 683880

File: 1564012842943.png (59.43 KB, 592x512, TaylorContinuesToBuryHerself.p…)

No. 683881

File: 1564012963490.png (94.58 KB, 600x660, TaylorContinuesToBuryHerself1.…)

While I believe that Jonny took control of her Soc Media, blaming the exes is not the right thing to do, Taylor…

No. 683883

File: 1564013186839.png (32.5 KB, 584x236, NotTheGirls.png)


>"I blame him, not the girls"

No. 683884

They didn't post those until she had been lying, and making a mockery of them online. That's WHY Chelsea posted those screenshots.

No. 683885

didn't Taylor's fish tank ruin the floors in her parents'house before? and then she bitched about not being bought a new iPad or whatever because they had to replace the floors? or am I confusing her with someone else?

No. 683886

yep, right before she ran away with jonny boy

No. 683892

Theres still a good chance this is just another person commenting on shit like many people. Taylor's source looks like it's from a kid that thought reading this thread was significant research.

No. 683893

>> they were never able to leave because of the exes.
Wtf is she talking about? They are the exes…
Just admit that you willfully stayed in the relationship and move the fuck on. Your parents were trying to help you and showing up to your apartment and you refused to let her in. You wanted to date a POS and you dated one and also got a heroin addiction in addition to that said relationship.

No. 683896

File: 1564014903726.jpeg (183.98 KB, 750x1334, B6003727-3422-4C6A-A613-569671…)

Chelsea and Taylor talked. Chelsea had shared her story with Taylor, and Taylor responded with the texts that Chelsea ended up sharing later. Taylor also went on a huge splurg about JC.

No. 683897

(C) Taylor and Jonny made a mockery of Chelsea. And Chelsea posted the texts.

No. 683898


Lolcow speculation is either complete lies or indisputable proof depending on whether or not it suits Taylor’s agenda. What’s funny is how many times she’s denied speculation that has waaay more evidence than the Angel thing.

No. 683899

File: 1564015027738.jpeg (37.07 KB, 750x303, 81AF3DDF-370D-4ADE-B251-AF1322…)

Taylor, and Jonny both chalked what Chelsea had said as a lie. Both laughing. Taylor deleted her tweets (they are appreciated if any of you can find them)

No. 683900

File: 1564015079721.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x2000, 07A04128-0082-485B-8304-DAC6D6…)

And this was Taylor’s response to Chelsea’s tweets / video she did with Pumpkiim

No. 683902

File: 1564015147222.jpeg (224.47 KB, 750x1334, 7FA643E9-C5B5-4871-B6F6-C65265…)

Sorry for the samefag, but I just wanted to make sure we are all on the same page. Taylor is lying, yet again.

No. 683905

Short & sweet video someone made on the sexual assault claims

No. 683906

File: 1564015831573.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2880, 1515536470846.png)

She also made plenty posts like these throughout the entire relationship. She didn't really decrease much with posts about him and how they were goals. Usually when the relationship grows more and more toxic and abusive, you post less and less and suddenly it's rarely. She did not post rarely about them.

Sage because not new milk, but to point out she is a lying cow doing her typical creation of a victim narrative she doesn't fit.

No. 683908

File: 1564016584231.jpg (104.62 KB, 1536x228, Screenshot_20190725-025954.jpg)

Sorry for samefag but Jen has posted this on Twitter. These two live in a cycle of taunting, big mouthing, bullying and a grandiose victim complex when people respond to said behaviours. It's insane.

No. 683912

I'm pretty sure the complaining about not getting a new ipad happened when she was younger, iirc someone pulled it off her fb from before she was ~internet famous~ and had the money to buy her own, but yes she did also later definitely make a video about ruining her parents' floors.

No. 683914


Taylor & her mother are both crybullies

No. 683916

Jonny got kicked out of Slaves near the end of January and by June 1st Taylor had convinced him to go to New York. Taylor no longer had a rockstar boyfriend so she got rid of him.

No. 683918

Anyone figure out which cow she’s talking about? People speculated that it was pnp but I doing it

No. 683919

Wouldn't be surprised if it didnt exist.

No. 683922

File: 1564018302216.png (59.11 KB, 584x476, Taylor's dad.png)

No. 683924

During the whole gun saga didn't Taylor state it was her friend who was a sex worker that got assaulted because of lolcow, but according to this text it's the informants friend. Taylor is a dumbass for giving us information to catch her in a lie. Like the video where the vet talks about the social issues, but they are also apparently the nicest rats he's ever seen according to Taylor.

No. 683925

Even her stories aren't her own.

No. 683926

Glad to see that Angel chick get called out. She's been obsessive for years about JC, Chelsea, Liz, all of it.

I see Taylor is still using all of this to avoid discussing her part in what happened to Chelsea and acting innocent tho. Also, when is she going to tell people what animals she 'rehomed'?

No. 683927

Jonny left on tour. She had ample opportunity to leave him…she wasn’t handcuffed to a bed while he was gone…I’m sure her parents would have gladly help her move the minute he stepped out the door!

She CHOSE to stay and CHOSE to do drugs. No gun to her head!

No. 683928


She has the maturity of a belligerent know-it-all teenager. Admit to her parents that she was wrong and needs help?

No. 683929

If it was as bad as she said it was…she could have even gone to Betsy, her one and only friend. She totally didn’t want out of the relationship. She could be a fiction writer…she comes up with some winning “stories”…

No. 683930

File: 1564020339084.png (23.49 KB, 592x252, 7-24-2019.png)

Pretty much sums up today's shitstorm

No. 683931

File: 1564020650489.png (279.88 KB, 800x1049, Screenshot_2019-07-24-19-09-26…)


Many of the tweets from November 5 2017, when Taylor and her parents had the showdown over her moving in with Jonny, are archived.


If a cow is DFE or a thread is long, dropping the URL into archive.is is faster than taking screencaps. They are easier to find later than scrolling through LC threads.

No. 683933

File: 1564021253353.png (155.85 KB, 592x584, willing.png)

Yeah she NEVER wanted to be in that relationship at all!

No. 683934

File: 1564021255613.jpg (481.7 KB, 1070x1846, 20190724_202047.jpg)

I hope this doesn't get dropped as fast as everything else has.

No. 683939


>"Just put some girl on blast with 0 actual evidence other than messages from a random person?"

Just another day of being Taylor Nicole Dean!

No. 683942


dumbass got her name wrong in the hashtag. For god's sake…

No. 683943

I appreciate that.
I hope people dont let up on her. I wish more people would talk about it.

No. 683944

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. Suddenly everyone believes there is a mass conspiracy of hate accounts that are all the same person?

Taylor has slandered and bullied so many people and you don't think any of them made a hate account? I don't believe for a second they are all the same person. Especially if it came out of Taylor's mouth.

No. 683947

Lol bet if she didnt block these accounts they would @her instead of having to hashtag

No. 683948


Because she's a narcissist. It's all just one VERY vengeful person & it couldn't be any more because everyone loves her!

No. 683949

she's been waiting for shane to pick up the phone lmao

No. 683950

Obviously we are all the same person talking to ourselves

No. 683953

File: 1564023194494.png (132.51 KB, 1398x549, Capture _2019-07-24-19-46-35.p…)

Is it a fetish to look at snakes eat? And I agree with twitter fan that is a big ass rat for that corn at this size! Also does she use those containers for all her animals? Didnt she take her rats to the vet in those same containers?

No. 683954

I do feel like we have good reason to believe the cosmixhoney is "Angela" "Angel" and turtlemom_
Cosmix is having a mental breakdown on twitter right now, the Angela account (with the stolen picture) is gone, and another account is breaking down as well.
However, there's a lot of accounts that I believe are separate from the situation.

No. 683957

Same fag, but it should also be noted that a bunch of tweets about Jonny/Taylor have been deleted since somebody did the google search for Angel. She's been going on about him for years.
I think it's very likely that for once, Taylor was right.
She, Papa Dean, and Mama Dean had interacted. Angel mentioned talking to Mama Dean about Taylor a while ago.
I think she just started operating more on the alternate accounts.

No. 683958

File: 1564023625643.png (586.81 KB, 487x632, snake rack.PNG)

she posted a pic after that shows it's in her snake rack, where yes unfortunately most of her snakes are. Otherwise they have other (equally inadequate imo) enclosures.

No. 683959


>She's been going on about him for years.

With good reason. Jonny has hurt a LOT of people, yet manages to squeeze past the law every time.

No. 683961

File: 1564023715754.jpg (2.03 MB, 1282x9804, angel.jpg)

I took the liberty of capping her Jonny tweets back when we were talking about her last. Long image, sorry.

No. 683962

File: 1564023719701.png (43.67 KB, 439x387, breeding rack.PNG)

Note that custom cages (the company where she got it from) calls it a breeding rack

No. 683963

While it could be possible, I think anyone that gets a sea of stans as weirdly aggressive as taytays would have a mental reaction and/or deactivate until it blew over

No. 683967

We've already discussed why the whole stolen picture is questionable. The "real" account posted another picture from a popular Reddit post. That doesn't prove anything.

And that Angel account posted they were going to deactivate because of harassment from Taylor stans … Before the "real" Angel started sperging out.

I think Taylor has pissed off so many people that it's more likely it's not all the same person. And because Taylor would post the proof If there was any. It's another lie

No. 683968

Shes back to posting about her pets, hoping people forget.

No. 683969


The real Angela actually spoke up earlier >>683761 but no one was paying attention because they were too busy dogpiling on the wrong fucking person.

No. 683970

File: 1564024699704.png (24.27 KB, 596x176, mamadean5.png)

Maybe y'all wouldn't be having this 'cycle' if you taught your damn kid about accountability?

No. 683972

Suddenly everyone is mean?

Your daughter is making false sexual assault allegations. Wtf Jen

No. 683973

File: 1564025382901.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2062, 091B9EE6-1431-4FBA-8CD5-50FA64…)

I could’ve sworn she was just at about 270k followers after dropping from 274k …

No. 683974

File: 1564025524025.jpg (52.12 KB, 266x275, 1563294916752.jpg)

Kek turtlemom is at least definitely cosmixhoney. Look through the last thread. I'm pretty sure that Plantsss2 account is also her too. She has some weird obsession with trying to get Taylor to unblock her, along with "holding her accountable" and always acts like she has agency in Taylor's life. Now watch, there will be a bunch of posts after this about old milk and/or how Angel had eVeRy rIgHt to be an obsessive weirdo. Or how it absolutely can't be her, even with the 800 forms of evidence given. Or acting like Taylor said every hate page is her. She tries to throw people off her track, I've been watching how she acts for a while now and I think it's time to speak up. Plus I'm not sure what more proof you need. She literally wanted people to guess who she was, so I'm not sure why she's mad and trying to throw us off now. She should be creaming herself that King TayTay noticed her. The bitch is honestly not all there and this has been going on for years. This level of obsession and involvement is scary and I think it's time she shut it down.

No. 683976

Amsay/Martha is also having a mental break down. Sorry, I got it mixed.
Yeah, I think cosmix IS turtlemom. Turtlemom has talked to Taylor's parents, and cosmix had a tweet talking about confronting the parents. Papa Dean also interacted with cosmix.
It seems like cosmix got mad at him over him calling her jabba the hut, and just generally mad he exists, with his abusive tactics.

No. 683977

I fucked up I thought Angel/Angela was the same person.

Can someone provide a tldr on who cosmix is? How do they know Jonny?

No. 683985

Oh for sure anon. And >>680970 obviously wasn't just made up. Plus cosmixhoney is deleting all her tweets about JC and shit. I'm not sure how much more obvious it could be at this point. I mean she all but flat out admitted it. Where did Papa Dean call her jabba the hutt?She has a lot of "friends" obsessed with Taylor too that will try to deflect for her. I mean she even had what ever change her name to "cosmixhoney" too, and they're tweeting each other about how LoLz eVeRyOnE is turtlemom. Nice try guys, Angel you were outed, just stop. We aren't that stupid. You need some serious help, and if people on lolcow are saying you're obsessive you know it's serious.

No. 683987

a glitch? social blade agrees with 274k and a steady but small loss of followers each day.

No. 683988

jonny called cosmix jabba well after she started sperging

No. 683991

honestly catching up on this thread has made me feel like she's not changed at all. i cant wait till this bitch relapses and overdoses.

No. 683992

File: 1564027962741.jpg (826.35 KB, 1068x1899, 20190724_233623.jpg)

Where was this? I swear I vaguely remember that.

How can you post pictures like this and run multiple hate accounts? Christ. And a bunch of pictures of her ass.

No. 683993

Who is this thread about again?

No. 683994

Tweets and replies archived back six pages to July 22nd. It can be continued earlier.


As she continues to post the first page needs to be freshly archived.


No. 683995

Wait, why did that Rhiannon girl tag Breezexotics in the twitter post?

No. 683996

Finally catching up but I think it's weird tnd is using jen as an excuse to rehome the more difficult to care for snakes. Like snakes are experts at fasting. They can easily go months+ without food. Clearly she is just using this as an excuse to downsize. Also why she wants to focus on snakes bc they are so 'low maintenance'

No. 683998

File: 1564028602014.jpg (587.07 KB, 2896x2896, 20190725_001747.jpg)

this is getting ridiculous. you were outed, turtlemom_ aka cosmixhoney, stop this bullshit and stop trying to involve other people in it.

No. 684000

File: 1564028812267.jpg (55.15 KB, 1224x340, jonny.jpg)

actually jonny may have started it, idk now. depends what other accounts or deleted tweets she may have used to sperg about him and when.

my last post on her since she's getting ot unless taylor and mama dean keep flipping out.

No. 684001

No. She said something like a friend of a friend orginally. Get your facts right and stop clogging the feed.

No. 684002

This is not milk. This was done as a joke, and done because Taylor was accusing all of the accounts of being the same person.

The only reason we were discussing turtlemom_ was because Taylor accused Angela of being cosmixhoney (which was false). Taylor threatened, and then said she was getting restraining order because she assumed it was her. But there's speculation, and good reason to believe that turtlemom_ is cosmixhoney.

No. 684003

Obviously we know its not her and we are standing in solidarity for taylor going off on her with no proof. Just like her baseless claims that breez sexually assaulted Taylor.

No. 684006

what? that’s not true. abusive relationships aren’t black and white. victims don’t always act exactly the same way. anon don’t be obtuse just for the sake of dragging taylor, it doesn’t help anyone’s cause. plenty of people in seriously dangerous abusive relationships post shit like that all the time for the sake up keeping up appearances and preventing anyone from asking questions. if someone’s really been through the shit and they’re brainwashed into thinking their abuser is the only one in their life with their best interest in mind, you bet your ass they’re gonna post dumb lovey dovey shit. not saying that’s necessarily taylor’s deal but human beings aren’t some kind of equation, saying someone can’t be in an abusive relationship because they talk nicely about their abuser is nonsensical.

No. 684007

File: 1564029573259.jpg (244.07 KB, 1080x1800, 20190724_223929.jpg)

Jesus anon. 30 seconds of research.

No. 684011



Plus, turtlemom has actually had history with Jonny Craig & is familiar with his behaviour & manipulation.

No. 684013


> Just like her baseless claims that breez sexually assaulted Taylor

..And like her mom's baseless claims that some German chick that goes by 'Whatever' is secretly Emzotic

No. 684021

File: 1564031206191.jpg (685.72 KB, 1065x1893, 20190725_010359.jpg)

What research do I need to do? I said "stop involving other people". Or is this the part where you guys pretend someone here thinks you're all turtlemom to deflect?
@cosmixhoney = @turtlemom_ .
And a bunch of other accounts are likely hers too, but I don't have solid proof.
I'm 95% sure @yungwheezie on Twitter is an old account of hers which goes back to 2017 and is literally only tweets about Jonny and his exes and shit. I could be wrong about that one but it fits perfectly.

How the fuck are you guys (her and her "friends") gonna just come in here and go "nope not her" after all the evidence that was posted? You're enabling her delusions. If you were really this girl's friend you would tell her to step away from the computer.

Okay it's obvious what's going on now. And I agree with the one anon that posted she was mad about JC calling her Jabba the Hut. Bitch the only history you have with Jonny is your crazy long running internet obsession.
"Familiar with manipulation" kek really? Oh boy, there's a reason to devote your entire fucking life to a bunch of people you don't know and involve yourself in every aspect of their drama.(stop derailing)

No. 684023

Literally no evidence has been posted? Except for the turtlemom account. There is no evidence for any of the other accounts in question. That's why.

No. 684024

As it stands right now, theres still somewhat of a chance that these aren't the same people. Theres no concrete proof, which would be unfortunate if this angel person isn't turtlemom.

No. 684026


She has no frame of reference though, they're her first rats. She probably thinks they're super friendly because you can interact with them more than snakes and fish.

No. 684027

Honestly who fucking cares this thread is for Taylor, not her “haters” or whatever. Stg every time the milk is overflowing, some of you derail over the dumbest shit. Not to mention you’re just feeding Taylor her lines at this point, seeing as she’s obviously sitting here hitting refresh on this page.

No. 684028

Ok lol but she didn't herself say they're "super nice" or whatever the fuck, she claimed her vet said it. Her experience has nothing to do with it.

No. 684029

Coming back to this thread is a shit show. Everyone freaking out about who turtlemom_ is is doing exactly what Taylor wants. There's still tons of unconnected accounts doing the exact same thing turtlemom_ was doing. It doesn't make Taylor's BS lies anymore true just because the person running one of the accounts has been obsessing over/following JC for years. Dude's a fucking waste and deserves it.

Angel seems sad and obsessive but this thread is still about Taylor.

No. 684030

Can someone lead me to the tea breez spilled on here about taylor I think its relevant to whats going on now and plus I'm a newfag that hasnt read them for myself.

No. 684031

No, SHE said her vet said they were friendly. The vet ACTUALLY said they have social issues. >>683592

No. 684033

File: 1564033256856.jpeg (106.85 KB, 1125x730, 9018F225-32A1-4877-88A6-1C0C54…)

I’ve had a random anonymous account for a while now, and I made a thread about TND a year or so ago. Her dad messaged me around then and gave me alllll the details. I never posted the messages because he asked me not to. My account has been on private since then, but obviously her dad messages a lot of accounts.

No. 684035

File: 1564033288731.png (560.04 KB, 1125x2436, 4C896F87-31B8-4EA4-9663-6E430C…)

No. 684036

File: 1564033320685.png (556.55 KB, 1125x2436, D72F6F76-AD65-4DCD-9304-9CE0E4…)

No. 684037

Now thats the milk we were waiting for kudos anon

No. 684038

Scroll up and also go to the last thread. I'm not babying you and compiling everything. You guys can scream "nO eVidEnCe" but there are literally like 5 things. Anyone who comes here will see plain as day that it's her, so don't waste your breath trying to defend her.
I would actually suggest Taylor do something further to keep this loon in check but tbh if I were her I'd just keep blocking her because it obviously drives her up a fucking wall.
This is my final post on this bitch but I've been wanting to say something. I just think she's beyond obsessed and I don't like how she's trying to flip the narrative so everyone thinks Taylor randomly attacked some ~uwu innocent sex worker~ and goes after her for "targeted harassment". Taylor does stupid shit constantly but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

No. 684039


Damn, forget about the tea accountd, Mr.Dean is the real ""hater"" here!

No. 684040

I guess Papa Dean doesn't like being thrown under the bus all of the time.

No. 684041

Anon how did he know to message you about the thread?

No. 684042

File: 1564033715432.png (577.56 KB, 1125x2436, ECF30C98-464C-4D37-929B-3A2360…)

No. 684043

File: 1564033770561.png (570.41 KB, 1125x2436, A5E658AB-4B80-47D3-9B86-105281…)

Ok last one

No. 684044

I only had like 50 followers when I made the thread, but it got really popular and had a few hundred retweets. Her dad messages me then. The stans were attacking me and then Taylor herself responded. Jonny blocked me over it, but Taylor surprisingly didn’t. I ended up deleting the whole thread.

No. 684045

Verbally abusive to to the cat… One of the kittens? Or Chelsea's cats

No. 684048

Thank you anon for sharing this information with us!

No. 684050

The video on the twitter account Caribou_Cloud I would assume. It has some milk we never knew about on it I think.

No. 684052

the op has a list of the old threads, start backtracking and enjoy the ride. read/search the op summaries to see where bree turns up in the story.

No. 684055

this screenshot is iconic to me. her own father.

No. 684057

Ahh I thought you meant you posted a thread on here not a Twitter thread kek.

It's really fucking weird he messages the "tea" accounts and spills all this information. Like wtf is his actual motive? These accounts aren't TMZ, this one apparently only had 50 followers at the time. Someone speculated he was having an affair with the one drama account and honestly maybe that's more accurate than we thought? Or he's at least attempting to get to that point by offering gossip? I mean seriously, wtf is actually going on here?

No. 684061

The leak was coming from inside the Dean house all along!

No. 684062


There's some shit here I guess?

No. 684063

I thought Papa Dean was the one semi unfucked up person in the family but jeez… The whole family (minus Tanner) is a lost cause. Imagine your daughter was moving in with a rapist abuser and your first thought is to start Twitter drama? By messaging Anon accounts about how fucked in the head your daughter is?

No. 684064

File: 1564035573858.jpeg (216.02 KB, 750x1247, E5DA9D55-AABF-409C-935E-533208…)

He practically admitted that she has histrionic personality disorder. Sounds like Taylor, all right. Wow, I can’t believe her own father would out her like that to a complete stranger. I’m sure he was fed up though, as he has had to deal with Taylor and his estranged wife for so many years. That’d make anyone crazy.

No. 684066

You guys forget when all this happened she was blaming her parents being abusive and being controlling remember that was her excuse to get out of the house

No. 684067

This sounds exactly like her but a large part of it is definitely her parents and not mental illness. Look how much they enable ALL of these behaviors and treat her like an innocent perfect child.

No. 684068

I highly disagree. they're not enabling her if that's the case her dad would have never went and talked to anyone about what his daughter was doing.

No. 684070

… He talked to an anonymous Twitter account and told them not to tell anyone. It's not like it was a therapist or a doctor.

And he has harassed people who said the exact same shit he said in those DMs. He's psyhco like the rest of them. FFS her mom just tweeted people are mean for no reason while Taylor is MAKING FAKE SEXUAL ASSAULT ACCUSATIONS

How is that not enabling???

No. 684072

Its also bizarre to be commenting and spectating your adult daughter's behavior with a complete fucking stranger, I wanna hope that he's just a bit boomer batty and doesn't understand the internet and shit based on grammar and is genuinely trying to help his daughter? I don't know. It's all one yikes sandwich.

No. 684073

She said earlier Chelsea had "no compassion for her" and that jonny tried to throw her out of a moving car when the texts between her and Chelsea were released.

No. 684074

No one knows what to do in this situation to help her. Her dad loves her and she wouldn’t accept his counsel and advice and guidance. This was a perfect storm of self made success and lack of self awareness and guidance. She’s fucked. Good luck tay.

I hope she ends up alone with some time for introspection. Otherwise she’s seriously fucked. She needs to talk to her dad. She needs to talk to a counselor. She needs to realize it’s not JC she’s missing it’s the drugs they did together. This is going to be an interesting ride if it plays out online.

No. 684075

He warned her though he said that her career is tanking he was trying to help his daughter and you know as some point yeah her mom might have her own issues and lashes out publicly but that's what parents do to protect our children especially when it's in the spotlight it makes it a lot worse because people are looking. I mean as a parent myself I feel that I could see myself going hard for my child but to each their own

No. 684076

File: 1564038503999.webm (669.77 KB, 240x240, STmchFfpXmaQvsFt.webm)

The video of Jonny calling the cat a cunt.

No. 684077

who are you replying to?

no doctors thanks. her father is a big a nut as the rest of these characters and his version of events, while entertaining, can't be trusted either.

No. 684079

What her dad said the master manipulator that's when she started that campaign of by myself and got the tattoo and try to act and paint her narrative that her family is not there and she's being abused which I feel that her dad was honest because the timeline fits when everything went down

No. 684081


>I hope she ends up alone with some time for introspection.

That's probably why she can't stand being alone, she'd have to deal with herself

No. 684088


Archives of Taylor's tweets beginning that November 5th >>683931.

No. 684090


Because one's upbringing has nothing to do with developing maladaptive coping mechanisms that comprise PD traits?

No. 684091

That's literally what I said. Previous anon was saying she said that the rats were nice because she didn't have experience and I was saying that she claimed the vet said they were nice. I know what the vet said. Read what I'm replying to.

No. 684094

File: 1564045662660.png (178.47 KB, 800x1032, Screenshot_2019-07-25-02-02-46…)


I archived each page using the right arrow button links (I did not archive the left button; use your browser's back button).


No. 684097


/media is not publicly viewable on Twitter. The archive allows people to see content without having an account.

No. 684099

There's a huge power imbalance between her and her stans and all these people she ever retweets. Yes, you're harassing random people who aren't even rude to you Taylor - get over yourself and stay humble.

I'd be fucking embarrassed to accuse someone of something so publicly while being wrong and sending them after the wrong fucking person.
And look, even if they got one of the accounts right it's still a fucking mess that should have been handled privately rather than setting a bunch of idiots on her.

I imagine her dad wants to actually discipline her behaviour or set her straight despite her being an adult but he can't because Jen is an absolute nutter too. Perhaps he was honest already and was told to essentially shut up because clearly Jen has little clue on how to parent.

No. 684101

Most likely bought bots to up her count since shes been losing real people in reality. I was the original anon that stated initially that she had 276k. then slowly 275k.
The other day she was in fact at 270k.
She this sus.

No. 684102

we realized she hasn't changed like 2 threads ago LOL

No. 684103

Now this is the tea and CONFIRMATION of what has been said ALL ALONG about Taylor since she dumped Jonny. She is the master manipulator here and Jonny boy got played HAHAH.

Now Taylor, go get help.

No. 684104

File: 1564049282658.jpg (325.99 KB, 1080x1182, 20190725_040757.jpg)

First thing in the morning, Jen? Come on.

No. 684107

I love that Taylor freaks out about the various tinfoils floating around on LC but there it is, her own dad speculating about her to random Twitter accounts.

No. 684108

>800 forms of evidence given
>what more proof you need
so the evidence is one anon sperging about clues and dress patterns in the last thread with zero screenshots to back it up >>680970, cosmicxhoney kind of sounding like turtlemom and being similarly obsessed with JC, and matt dean interacting with both cosmicxhoney and turtlemom accounts?
I'd discredit the third point tbh since matt is clearly insane enough to dm a lot of drama accounts >>684033
Turtlemom may as well be some random obsessive weirdo from denmark or wherever (she always has dutch screenshots iirc). I personally wouldn't be surprised either way though.

No. 684113


>matt is clearly insane enough to dm a lot of drama accounts

Imagine being such ineffectual parents that you attempt to crowd source disciplining your daughter.

No. 684114

So imagine that, Taylors parents are batshit insane attention whores as well…

You know the old "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" saying?
Now it's "the cow doesn't roam far from the pasture". She's entertaining, not for her pet videos, but for being a thirsty ass whore.

No. 684134

Most of you guys are not parents and it shows. You guys got to think at the time those messages came out they were fighting to get their daughter back home they were fighting the internet calling them bad parents because of what Taylor has said. I'm not wk but it proves my point after reading her dad's words they were trying everything to get their daughter back.

No. 684138

What I would do to be a fly on the wall when Taylor opens this thread and sees the screen caps of her dad outting her.

Imagine never taking any accountability for your actions. So much so that you stay in an abusive relationship just because you don’t want to admit that everyone was right and you were wrong. There’s really no coming back from this. Put I’m sure she’ll find a way to twist the story and be a victim per usual. You can say that this website is obsessed with you or whatever you paint in your head Taylor, but one things for sure, we always tell the truth. When was the last time you told the truth lol.

No. 684142

File: 1564065766895.jpg (439.33 KB, 1080x1746, 20190725_084253.jpg)

Chelsea responded

No. 684146

I foresee Taylor opening a patreon or something for her return video. Girl is broke and in debt to the IRS and her Venmo post was obviously an attempt to get people to send her money

No. 684147

I know this is an embarrassing move being a parent but keep in mind I'm pretty sure there was a point where Taylor BLOCKED her parents and they could not get a hold of her. This is probably why they went so public on twitter (there might even be tweets of them saying this) because pretty sure they were pleading for people to get to their daughter.

This is an example of how she manipulated her own parents and probably went public about them first. Though sometimes they're crazy I'm cutting them some slack because they were definitely at their wit's end.
Their daughter was with an obviously abusive man and the entire internet was worried over her.
Little did we know at the time, she was just as, if not more, manipulative than Jonny was.

Even now she's still manipulating situations that happened so long ago. About Bree, and Chelsea.
Chelsea is not 100% responsible for her not being able to get out of the relationship. As other anons have said, she has had so many opportunities, every time he went away on tour everyone speculated it would be the time she finally got out, but nope. It took her fucking almost dying on heroin to get away from him.
She deserves everything that has come to her.

Tinfoil but I think she relapsed, she spergs out about everything constantly when she's on drugs.

No. 684148

I was wondering the same thing about relapsing, or possibly not being at sober living anymore. She usually cant wait to constantly post something, ANYTHING about being there and she hasn't in a while

No. 684150

You being a parent doesn't give you extra special insight, I hate to tell you anon. I'd think most of us having parents is experience enough. You don't help your children by messaging hate accounts on Twitter, but go off.

No. 684151

Im glad I'm not the only one who sees where her parents are coming from! Your daughter just ran off with a drug addict and is trying to paint them as the abusers. It's like we always thought she's going to self entitled brat that does whatever she wants with no consequences.

No. 684156

I also understand where her parents are coming from but you don't air out dirty laundry with randos on the internet.

Taylor is mentally ill, that's obvious. But It was their responsibility as parents to address it, threatening to take the animals away was just stupid. That probably singlehandedly drove her over the edge. Taylor was hellbent on dating jonny and experimenting with drugs, and there's not alot they could've done to prevent them from dating.

They should've just left the door open to come back home, and keep in contact, they should've known Taylor would figure out jonny was trash eventually. Then they could've helped her escape. Not trying to WK but they handled the situation poorly.

No. 684158

But even before she left her mom was taking care of the animals she had do we forget she tried to blast her mom about that I think there should be screen shots of her mom saying if everyone knew the truth about who takes care of your animals. Her parents enambled her. I bet her mom felt that it was good for her to have a hobby and was willing to bend over backwards to make taylor happy. Little did they know it would lead her into the arms of a junkie. Also lets talk about the date her dad gives in November. taylor says that she was on H during Thanksgiving of 2018 but it could possibly be thanksgiving 2017 with her dads timeline. Why does taylor need to lie

No. 684159


Everyone is at fault here, but her parents had their door open. They were there for her. She blocked them, refused to talk to them and Jen had to do a complete turn around and pretend to LIKE Jonny just so Taylor would TALK to her again. That's how far gone Taylor was.

Taylor didn't want to "escape". She had support from friends and family and guess what, it took Betsy going to her mom and revealing just how serious her drug use had gotten for her parents to go over to her house, kick JC out and get her into rehab. If it weren't for Betsy and Jen, Taylor would still be on heroin, still with Jonny and still in that atrium house.

Her parents are fucking batshit, but holy shit is Taylor lucky they haven't disowned her. I couldn't imagine having this ungrateful cunt as my daughter. The fact that they've all made their family and personal issues public is pathetic and plays a huge role in all the problems they have. But honestly it looks like her dad has just had enough of her shit. He knows exactly how manipulative and selfish his daughter is. Jen does too with her passive aggressive comments about Taylor. No wonder her family is fucked.

No. 684163


When your dealing with junkies and mentally sick people you have to deal with their delusions. It isn't about being "right", obviously Taylor was in the wrong but if her parents did nothing she would've died.

I agree, Taylor is ungrateful and doesn't know how lucky she is but they don't want her to die.

Taylor needs to kick her unhealthy habits to the curb if she wants to stay alive, her family can't keep bailing her out forever.

The problem is Taylor's inflated ego because of pettube fame.

All that money and fame probably made her feel untouchable and invincible. It exacerbated her recklessness and enabled her to fund her addictions.

To a degree, I think Taylor is aware she has a problem. She's super concerned with fitting in. All these tattoos, drugs, animals are just ways she's trying to fit in with the "cool kids". She's deeply insecure and the only way she'll get better is if she changes it. If she's unhappy with her body she should work out, If she's unhappy with her animal care she should take steps to improve, ect.

No. 684168

All that posting Taylor was doing yesterday she's quiet as mouse today.

No. 684169

I guess Papa Dean thought if he created enough backlash from others on the internet towards Tay, she would snap out of her path to self destruction. Since she wasn’t listening to them and was social media obsessed and now “internet famous” he assumed taking a hit to her platform would get her to wisen up (When he said don’t share the DMs, thus exposing himself, but urged the drama accounts to spread the narrative that Taylor was being a manipulative bitch) As we can all see that didn’t work. I can see how insane it must have been for a bunch of normies to suddenly have a clout hungry daughter running away doing drugs with the shittiest “rockstar” in the entire world, cutting off contact and putting you on blast to her huge audience. I don’t know what I would have done in that situation. Her life was also at risk between the H and Jonny throwing her out of cars apparently. But Tay was old enough to ruin her own life if she wanted to, as she is still excellent at doing.

It’s such a clusterfuck. Her own dad was trying to secretly get the Interwebs to cancel her. All three Deans are so fucked they all just need to get off the internet and get their lives together or else their shitstorm is gonna keep giving us milk for days. Good job on publicly destroying your family guys.

No. 684171

No dipshit, her parents publically air their dirty laundry to internet strangers.
Any decent parent does not do that. They are attention whores and you're fucking retarded.

No. 684177

quiet as a dead mouse

No. 684179

a self entitled brat you popped out who blocked you and tried to make you seem like you were the abuser. So When can run off to live the druggie lifestyle of a washed up rockstar. They are still helping her as a parent should do. And seeming from the other posts others understand too. Stop being a fucking faggot and get your head out of your ass. And understand where as a parent they were coming from. She blocked them she try to spit a narrative that they're bad people she tried to say that abused her that they didn't give her any attention which is a fucking lie. Shut the fuck up and get fucked. I dont see you tagging all the other comments agreeing.

No. 684181

Probably still asleep tbh. Probably sleeping in after a hard night of twitter spergs.

The way she lives isn't healthy, too many animals, junk food, stays inside all the time, doesn't exercise, prescription opiates, shit sleep shedule, reckless spending, junkie "friends" that buy her guns, felon BF.

Her life is a mess rn, I don't understand how she thinks she can take care of animals. Hell, she isn't even looking after HER animals. She's going broke and she sure as hell doesn't have enough money to buy houses in Austin.

Yt is going to shit, slowly but surely and she's becoming increasingly irrelevant. Nobody is going to care about her drug addiction story, they were only there for the animals.

No. 684182

Gotta love how her parents endlessly bitch about 'tea accounts' & anyone who 'exposes' her, yet here they are, feeding into it all since the beginning!
No wonder Taylor & her mom are always sperging about suing & putting out restraining orders, they started a fire that got so big they lost control of it!

No. 684183

How much money do you need to owe the IRS before they throw you in jail? That's her future

No. 684187

You can't go to jail for owing taxes in the U.S. The IRS CAN but you in jail for fraud.

Taylor's finances are a mess, anons a few months back estimated she spent 300k or so last year on rent, animals, and frivolous expenses. That isn't including back taxes which we don't know for sure, or how much. I'll see if I can dig it up.

No. 684188

File: 1564077831357.png (1000.66 KB, 750x1334, 2F44DBBF-6248-4A57-9C0E-0DA9CE…)

Hey, it’s the anon here who “sperged out” with all the clues. I didn’t post this because I don’t know if it counts as doxxing, but since there’s many people like our friend above who still refuse to believe ample evidence that cosmixhoney is turtlemom and won’t drop it, enjoy your final evidence. If someone lets me know this is a violation soon enough, I will gladly delete.

No. 684190

File: 1564077899546.png (636.92 KB, 750x1334, 319D891F-6317-45E2-B747-BF4397…)


No. 684191

File: 1564078340693.jpeg (352.12 KB, 1242x2125, B8749F71-3882-4A47-99EF-C1ED6D…)

Spill the milk Bree!

No. 684193

File: 1564078556279.jpeg (476.7 KB, 1240x2104, 119BFEF9-F759-41A8-9782-A7CAC0…)

No. 684194


We just found out that Taylor's own father has been feeding info to numerous tea accounts for 2 years & you're still on this shit???

No. 684195

First off, learn to integrate. Second, lots of this thread is clogged with people speculating whether turtlemom could be cosmixhoney or not. Posting solid evidence will put that to rest, and the turtlemom drama is relevant right now considering Taylor sperged out over her yesterday.

No. 684196

Why the fuck do we care about who this person is? She talks shit just like the rest of us. Nothing special.

No. 684197

Stfu and read the last thread. It’s not our job to spoon feed you info as to why she’s different from us- which she is.

No. 684198


She's kind of a drama whore, but she's not SO different that she deserves to derail an entire thread, let's be real. Chill.

No. 684199

This would be a good time for all three deans to get off the internet and focus on saving face and maybe TND life

Get Taylor on a schedule with a real job along with strict sober living before she crashes and burns further.

There’s so much milk flowing it’s going sour before it’s consumed!

Hate to say this but I think Jonny as horrible as he has been dodged a bullet losing Taylor.

No. 684204


Heck, Taylor doesn't even need a job. She just needs to build some self discipline and boundaries.

She still has an audience of over 1mil people she could still turn it around and never have to work a normie job again. Too bad she's squandering the opportunity by dicking down and wasting her time buying guns.

I do agree that her sober living is a joke tho. They are clearly enabling her bad habits allowing snakes and getting her on bupe. I wouldn't trust "friends" made a sober living. They may not be bad people but they probably come with their own issues and are just going to drag her down.

With her YT fame she really could've been someone that changed the shitty pet industry. So much wasted potential.

No. 684205

In all fairness she has basically shit talked her dad already. She probably knows that stuff has been said simply because Jen was aware of his correspondence with turtle person and wanted it to stop.

I feel like a lot of the time this thread thinks very white and dark and cannot possibly realise that people can make grey decisions.

She's doing the same thing we are doing but with undoubtedly better access to the Deans and their opinions, family dynamics and whatever the fuck else. Doesn't mean the entire thread has to be derailed for this one person.

Also, I reckon if Taylor is still in sober living she will post pictures of that one dog.

No. 684212

The sad thing is the Deans are probably going sue-happy now as a poor-attempt to cover their tracks

No. 684215

They can sue whoever they want. It will be a massive waste of money because they have no case and it will be thrown out in court.

Bree is the only person with a case here. She could easily sue Taylor for defamation, she doesn't even need to prove damages because sexual assault allegations fall under defamation per se and are already deemed to be damaging.

Bree if you still read here you really should be opening a defamation case against Taylor. She's made it obvious she won't stop defaming you so you need the law to tell her to shut the fuck up.

No. 684216

File: 1564083576166.jpg (581.57 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20190725-133917_Twi…)

Shes up and posting and people are already coming at her.

No. 684217

Can't wait to see Taylor's stans start blaming everything on Chelsea again! /s

No. 684218

Thanks anon. I hope even the last idiot here now got
that Angel is turtlemom.

Geez. Because she tried her hardest to get into Taylor's drama and she finally made it.

Taylor and her stans are calling her out and now she's crying, while Angel's deleting evidence she's turtlemom. Come on Angel and drop that supa sekrit infos you got on Taylor

No. 684220

File: 1564084644789.png (196.29 KB, 1403x1062, Capture _2019-07-25-12-56-15.p…)

Screen shots can be faked. I want her to admit who she is. Then ill believe. But hey lets get back on topic look sleeping beauty is up and eating like shit.

No. 684222

What kind of sober living facility lets you wake up at 2p and eat shit for breakfast?

No. 684223

File: 1564085188750.jpeg (185.42 KB, 1226x1074, 0725FF20-6514-4709-B7B5-7DD640…)

Nah Taylor, don’t see that little girl hoarding and killing animals she is showing them genuine love not exploiting them like you do.

But keep on dreaming.

No. 684224

One without ethics that keeps cashing your checks so you can fake sober living on the internet.

No. 684225

Jonny has an incredibly distinctive writing style and I doubt he has the mental capacity to write much differently. It wouldn't surprise me if he did have access to her accounts, but he definitely didn't write this things. She wrote them and she's lying about it.

No. 684226

File: 1564085622087.jpg (562.95 KB, 1080x2016, 20190725_141401.jpg)

No. 684227


It's her go-to get out of trouble card now, she can just claim it was Jonny because he had access to her account.

No. 684228

File: 1564085725527.jpeg (194.95 KB, 1231x950, 8BDAF8E6-AECA-46E5-BB08-CFEECB…)

Still in peak condition? Really Taylor?

Sounds like someone had an extra dose of delusion along with the mochi

No. 684233


>guy's protein bars are offensive to people with eating disorders


> Tee hee I'm eating cake for "breakfast"

And she wonders why she's depressed/feels like shit all the time. If she can't take care of herself how can she expect us to believe she'll take care of her animal? She's like one of those feeder people that just enjoys watching their pets get fat cause it makes them feel good feeding.

No. 684234


I genuinely want to know why it's so important that this person gets outed?

No. 684235

"Still in peak condition"
Your hedgehog had mange, Taylor. That's not "still in peak condition" - that's you coming up with excuses so you can try to salvage the bare minimum or feed into your martyr complex when you blame someone else after you abandoned them for who knows how long.
I feel like she's just using this to set the stage for more animals, what better way to get the haturz off her back than through proving all of her animals are the friendliest/healthiest around (ignore the social issues). Hoarding is vital to her recovery, after all.

No. 684237

Peak condition? FFS

She's shorting her snakes lifespans by overfeeding. Not only are they overweight, they are also fed meals too large. If she's gonna feed WEEKLY at least feed smaller. The Tub shit is just disgusting, unclean, no water, no light, no enrichment. If she isn't breeding there's no reason for them to be in tubs.

Just because you take your animals to the vet doesn't make them healthy. Exotic vets vary wildly and the good ones are not cheap.

I agree with anon above. She's not gonna stop with the animals. Just like the funkos, wigs, outfits, makeup it's gonna be thrown in a closet and ignored. She's got a serious problem with buying shit, she's trying to compensate for what an empty vain life she has.

No. 684242

Honestly, it's not very logical to take your pets to a vet if they seem perfectly fine, unless you have reasons to suspect there might be an underlying condition. Either 1)they aren't fine, or a few aren't and she is taking ALL of them to make it seem like a routine visit.

Or/and 2) She is taking them so if it comes out something happened in the near future she can be like THE VET SAID THEY WERE PERFECT. She's trying to cover her own ass incase there's evidence of neglect. Reminds me of what some vendors at reptile conventions will do. Get a very to do a quick look over incase a recent buyer tries to claim their animal died.

Also like I know exotics vets can vary in their expertise but I doubt they are running any tests…

No. 684245

Im still hella confused how her hedgehog got mange and the other mammals dont? I agree with the anon a few threads back that said it probably came from the stray dog

No. 684247

Yess, I vote this to be the next thread image as well. It's iconic.

No. 684249

File: 1564092124605.jpg (628.3 KB, 1536x1379, Screenshot_20190725-235407.jpg)

No. 684250

File: 1564092331790.jpg (536.7 KB, 1536x1719, Screenshot_20190726-000149.jpg)

This one has been deleted already it seems.

No. 684251

My five year old female ball python and my three year old male don't eat large rats. The biggest a ball python will EVER need is a medium rat monthly. She's killing her snakes slowly. A large rat for a male ball python is INSANE. They need a small, max. That vet has no idea what he's talking about if that's what he's recommending, and if he's saying that Maui isn't overweight. That snake is very overweight.

No. 684252

That's….not how that works. To develop more muscle, she should consider putting him on a diet and offering low climbing structures once he loses a little weight. Male ball pythons greatly benefit from low climbing. That vet has no idea what he's doing, I doubt it's an exotic vet.

No. 684253

File: 1564092506823.png (64.8 KB, 659x564, Capture.PNG)

bruh, I couldn't give a flying fuck if turtlemom was some fat bitch or other. idk why you're acting like you vagueposting about clues without screenshots was evidence though. get your head out of your ass, anyone can make anything up here.
angel is genuinely fucked in the head tho if she's giving out clues and playing mind games with random people in the DMs. bitch wanted to get caught. what a cow.

pic related, looks like she's sticking to her story.

could be she picks and chooses vets who tell her what she wants to hear.

No. 684255

Honestly with all the pictures she's taken at her parents house combined with her not waking up until 2:40 leads me to believe she is living there, no longer in sober living. Might be a tinfoil, but she seems to have been there for a few days at least

No. 684259

Tbh I think it’s less likely that the vet doesn't know what he’s talking about, and more of Taylor lying so that she doesn’t have to admit that she was wrong this whole time.

No. 684261

If it's her San Antonio vet, they were identified in previous threads and confirmed not to specialize in exotics.

No. 684265

For all the photos and videos she's posting of just being at a fucking vet NOW, you'd think her pets have never been to a vet before.
Funny that all those times that people were begging her for proof that her pets were okay and begging to see their enclosures or have another pet tour and such she would not do it. Now she suddenly has no problem posting about it.
God knows how bad those animals had it while she was on drugs.

No. 684268


I agree, this sounds like she's lying. The vet is an idiot, he's got it backwards, she needs to go down because his body is too big for his head. Feeding will not increase the size of his head, it will go to the body as fat.

The fact that she deleted this so quickly pretty much confirms that she's lying. She also hasn't fed her snakes for months what is she on about?

No. 684269

This. Taylor said the vet said her rats were the most amazing and perfect socialized rats ever and then posted a video where the vet is talking about fixing their "social issues"

Taylor will lie no matter what. Doesn't matter if the evidence is right there shes lying.

No. 684273

File: 1564095178287.png (22.08 KB, 626x267, fat.PNG)

Turns out the vet ACTUALLY told her to feed less considering she fed them weekly.

No. 684274

Bree is Canadian…Taylor is American. Canadians don’t jump on lawsuits in a heartbeat like Americans do. Probably more trouble than it’s worth.

No. 684281

She used to claim she took all of her animals to the vet monthly. But she’s just now having him sexed and is acting like bringing her animals to the vet one time is a huge deal.

No. 684285

File: 1564097945283.jpg (518.71 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190725-173613_Twi…)

Jen was added to a group chat I'm in and is sperging super fucking hard.

No. 684286

Holy shit Jen just revealed Taylor has been lying about being in sober living. Her family can not stop spilling tea. We don't even need tea accounts

No. 684287


Sorry for samefagging, missed that nugget the first time.

No. 684288

Holy cow, lol. This has been happening.

No. 684290

bye bye Jakey boy!

No. 684291


Holy fuck !!! Taylor will just lie about anything eh? I think sometime in the near future she’ll talk about how those texts are faked cuz everything is fake

No. 684292

Is this a Twitter group if it is can you see that she read your message or does she have that option turned off

No. 684293

Yeah it shows that messages are being seen

No. 684295

Damn Jen really spilled huh? No surprise Jake would use her for money etc. - classic addict behaviour, you'd think she would learn but I guess her thirst for affection is greater

No. 684297

Finally some truth.

Taylor got kicked out of the first sober living.
Jake was indeed mooching off her.
She hasn't had seven hours of counseling since she got kicked in the first place.
Does this mean she relapsed during all those sporadic posting she did?

No. 684300


Taylor is awful but it's pretty easy to see how she got that way. All of the other addicts are terrible but not her poor sweet daughter? She's actually one of them now Jen, hate to break it to you.

No. 684302

Really makes you wonder why she was kicked out…

If he was using her for money it was probably for drugs. There was already speculation that one of her friends that relapsed was him.

It could also be because she brought in 2 snakes (1 super aggressive) when they aren't allowed.

No. 684312

like how she’s been living with her parents and her rats and cats are still living in a house by themselves

No. 684316

I kinda wonder if she mispoke and didnt get literally kicked but left bc of the supposed 'doxxing'? But maybe that's just my inner Taylor stan.

Way more likely bc of the calls and gun imo. So many people in sober living are going to be on probation and not allowed in a residence with firearms. She's just a privileged dumbass that doesn't take anyone into consideration.

No. 684319

She said she left.

No. 684322

If being a parent gave people insight into what good parenting looks like then there would be a lot fewer shitty parents out there. Shit-talking and gossiping about your child to complete strangers on social media is terrible parenting and trashy as fuck, sorry.
>This is probably why they went so public on twitter (there might even be tweets of them saying this) because pretty sure they were pleading for people to get to their daughter.
…messaging random strangers horrible shit about your kid is not even remotely the appropriate way to handle your kid refusing to talk to you for a few days. Are you out of your goddamn mind?

What is this trailer park shit that people are defending? Taylor is fucked up because she was raised by fucked up parents; defending or sympathizing with their behavior makes you guys seem like troll-shielding cows yourselves.
Imagine making yourself into a martyr over gossiping about a garden variety online attention-whore. How embarrassing
The social media shit could have been a reason she was kicked out, but then again there are a million different things it could have been. My bet is that it was a combination of factors that eventually lead the house to no longer want to put up with her and her baggage.

No. 684324

holy shit this is glorious! to see her delicate web of lies smashed, and by her own mother no less.
>she is back living with us
this has to be recent. she was posting pics from inside a sober living five days ago >>682674. wonder if she's got any pics saved up so she can 'prove' that she's still there.
>her sober living was no longer safe for her
wtf does that even mean

No. 684336

Maybe she means not safe for her in the sense of relapsing

No. 684337

I hate to be the party pooper here, but could you possibly screen record so we can see for sure that this is her moms account and not someone here trying to fake screenshots to make us look crazy lol

No. 684344

File: 1564100832197.png (67.28 KB, 713x499, jakey.PNG)

“Heroin please, shaken, not stirred.”

No. 684346

Its so funny yall shit on taylor stans for not fact checking anything and posting shit w o proof but youguys believe a random ss.

Can someone post some more proof. I doubt taylors mom would open up right now things are too hot. How do we know its real??

No. 684350

what a time to be alive, between chelsea finally calling her out for all her lies and her dad calling her a master manipulator, it's more milk than i can handle
this fucking useless bitch

p.s. no one cares about cosmicturtle or who the fuck ever

No. 684357

You doubt Taylor’s mom would open up about things while things are “too hot” even though both her parents have been doing it since the beginning

No. 684358

seems like someone is catching up on their thread….anyway this is glorious. That ss from her dad and this one from her mom HAVE TO BE in the next thread image. These are iconic and I think takes the cake.

No. 684360

File: 1564101343557.png (202.92 KB, 1396x1158, Capture _2019-07-25-17-33-42.p…)

Her mom said it wasn't her

No. 684362

File: 1564101369017.png (210.56 KB, 1080x836, IMG_20190726_023557.png)

No. 684364

This should be done for sure now since momma denies it

No. 684371

What kind of group chat are you in? Could be someone trying to out you.

No. 684373

You know I think this is a great thing I think this was a bait to see if her family is on LOL cow

No. 684375

It annoys me to no end that we'll never know the full truth because all they do is fucking lie their entire life like it's normal

Is there a way to screen share a video that shows her Twitter handle?

No. 684377

took them <1 hour to notice. Must be obsessively checking

No. 684380

Its possible someone in the chat gave her a heads up too. We dont know.

No. 684384

Plz anon we need proof.

Mama dean is just as bad as Taylor but it does seem unlikely she'd spill anything.

So your saying mama dean is lying? Wouldn't surprise me given that they seem to talk shit behind each others back all the time.

No. 684387

Some stupid stan that's always up Taylor's ass tweeted at her roughly 20 minutes ago about it

No. 684388

Slightly off topic but given that TnD is post-rehab and trying to stay sober do we not have any moral obligation to back the fuck off just a little bit? No doubt she's a liar and a cow and we should definitely put on pressure to know of the animals' welfare but like… so what if she relapses and denies it? That's her business and what a lot of addicts do. I just dont want to give them ammunition by her crying, LOLCOW MADE ME RELAPSE BC I WAS DOXXED AND BULLIED.

No. 684389

Can you screen record yourself tapping on her icon to show it leads to her account please? This could be any random account with her picture slapped on it.

Since she denies it, you may wanna prove it.

No. 684393

That's not exactly true. If you were to look through Jen's liked tweets/replies there was a Taylor Stan informing her of the screenshot. It's just her brainlet sycophants spying.

No. 684398

yes, and now, taylor is an ADULT. she is responsible for her own fuckery and idiocy. jen is a retard, but taylor is not a twelve year old. even if taylor were mentally ill, she is still CHOOSING to murder pets, accuse innocent people of sexual assault, use drugs, lie about all kinds of shit.

being nuts is no excuse to be an asshole and neither is having shitty parents.

No. 684402

Okay so by everyone logic if this from her mom is fake then how do we know that the messages from her dad are real and are not faked?

No. 684403

Relapsing and lying is entirely relevant because it directly effects her animals that she's already neglecting and not taking care of.

She doesn't have to read here, neither do her parents! Her Stans that are lurking here and notifying Taylor of everything said here are probably the ones stressing her out because aside from that, info usually stays within this thread and would go entirely unnoticed by her, her family and Stans.

It's a gossip forum it's what it's for, if you don't wanna contribute feel free to leave.

Also, addicts always blame relapse on everything and anything but themselves but nobody here on lolcow is holding a gun to her head forcing her to shoot up. Besides she has a GenEtiC ADictIon! Shes BouNd to relapse! It's in her GENES!!!!

No. 684409

There WAS a thread about Taylor & Jonny 2 years ago, & her dad mentioned "your thread" in those DM ss

No. 684415

What if that ss came from one of taylors stans trying to discredit everything on this site?

No. 684420

It's an anonymous forum, aren't half of us just secretly stans or fellow pettubers? I'm turtlemom, etc. It's ridiculous to presume that at this point what is said on lolcow stays on lolcow

No. 684424

omfg so much bullshit whenever there's milk it's so fucking stupid and obvious

No. 684429


Honestly tho the misdirection that happens whenever this thread gets something milky is so obvious… We still should be on our guard for 'fake milk'

No. 684437

File: 1564105632476.png (104.1 KB, 720x1352, Screenshot_20190726-114518~2.p…)

Yet another deleted tweet, she really needs to stop telling people how to feed their animals when hers are clearly all far as fuck.

Deleted due to the backlash in the comments.

No. 684444

she's so ignorant, she's only been keeping snakes a year and yet she acts like shes an expert.

It's better for snakes to eat smaller meals than larger ones. They aren't eating rats in the wild that's for sure. We do it because it's convenient not because it's ideal.

No. 684445

yep, there was. i think the dad texts are real,as are jen's. this is why taylor is so quiet rn. she's lost control of her image.

No. 684449

If the group chat is fake it was a hilariously accurate mama Dean impression. Just saying

No. 684450

File: 1564108095109.jpeg (397.68 KB, 1124x1972, 7DCDDC57-B8E3-406F-A6A5-DC4685…)

she just tweeted this and confirmed Gemini’s eyes are blue (if you zoom in on the first photo they look it) so why is she messing with him?

No. 684451

File: 1564108142493.jpeg (405.56 KB, 1125x1464, 52A178E1-3D30-4522-A6AB-01B38F…)

No. 684455

File: 1564108431937.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1125x1615, 9D2C1823-8747-4C65-9C52-AB8A30…)

samefag but she put it on Instagram too. I wonder if the caption includes Jake?

No. 684456

File: 1564108830808.png (1.69 MB, 1125x2436, 441ADB94-D8EF-4FAB-8408-73BD46…)

I’m the anon who posted Papa Dean’s messages. They’re real. I screen recorded a video to prove it, but this message pops up when I try to upload it.

No. 684457

“I give him a few more fats”
Freudian slip. lmao

No. 684459

God, this is so glaringly fake. Can you all try not to let your desperation for milk cloud your judgment so much?

inb4 “hi Taylor!!1!!1”

No. 684464

thank you for recording a screen capture, anon! to upload here you will have to convert to webm. you can try this:


see also this post from last thread, which includes a few other conversion sites if the above one isn't working for you:

No. 684466

ty anon! can't wait to see it (and then watch the thread erupt with stupid derails) you are much appreciated!

No. 684470

The topic was explicitly about TND's parents, anon. Nobody was defending Taylor.

No. 684472

File: 1564111142891.jpg (433.75 KB, 1062x1653, IMG_20190725_201844.jpg)

How can you look at mushu and think this is okay

No. 684476

File: 1564111320469.jpg (149.67 KB, 640x853, Er880xp.jpg)

Healthy axolotl for reference

No. 684478


Look at my baby’s sickly gills and chemical burn scars! They grow up so fast!!

No. 684480

File: 1564111589936.jpg (516.85 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190725-202617.jpg)

No. 684484

the gun was the 2nd sober living.
she had plenty of reasons to get kicked out of the 1st: filming the shared bedroom, getting two pets against house rules, fucking off to a hotel with relapsed residents, plus all the stuff we don't know like if she failed a screening test or broke house rules in other ways.

No. 684485


Couldn’t figure it out so I made a twitter account and tweeted the video.

No. 684487

But at this point we dont know if she has been kicked from either first or 2nd Sober living.

I also speculate that the first place the anon identified (Hartford house?) was actually where Jake was staying, but not her. Not like that has really ever mattered tbh.

No. 684494

Can you do a slower scroll through so this can be shared more on Twitter? Like so people can read it.

No. 684495

wow. her parents are totally at their wits end with her. her dad is dumb but he clearly wanted her off social media regardless of how it happened. ty for proof, anon.

No. 684497

who. fucking. cares.

No. 684498

File: 1564113117821.webm (5.14 MB, 592x1280, lxa99nqjpO5LBZId.webm)

thank you anon! i just downloaded and converted it to be reuploaded here.

No. 684499

>tells a, assumingly fake, story about his brother being offended by the word “retard” but starts the story with “My disabled little bother”
Ok, Taylor.

No. 684502

File: 1564114576421.png (361.18 KB, 800x1151, Screenshot_2019-07-25-21-14-46…)

No. 684507


Yep, it's all just one person posting 'tea' /s

No. 684508

File: 1564115944990.png (1.46 MB, 1125x2436, 41A1AE66-ADDB-44FB-B06A-EAAFD4…)

Omg I forgot I had messages with cosmixangel too until anon posted the screenshot. I don’t know if her screenshots are real or not, but this is what she sent me.

No. 684509

File: 1564115991016.png (3.84 MB, 1125x2436, A9921F8C-848D-4F38-8D4F-0C487B…)

No. 684510

File: 1564116063824.png (4.23 MB, 1125x2436, 0255A221-E707-497B-B2A6-00C5CC…)

No. 684511

File: 1564116133894.png (4.12 MB, 1125x2436, 189CC943-6DD3-4778-8DA6-AAAF07…)

No. 684512


>"I do not want to see you ruin your reputation."



No. 684514


okay what does this have to do with anything because I've had conversations with Taylor before she started dating Johnny. I feel we all were fans of taylor that seen past her bullshit one time or another

No. 684516


A LOT of people reached out to her to warn her about Jonny.

No. 684520

God even back then she was pulling the 'addictive personality' card

Also yikes, cosmicxhoney is creepy af

No. 684522

Yall are really stuck on angel. Like can we stop. The person said they had a thread critical of taylor and even taylor dad wrote them! We trade information here why cant others do it on twitter? This is explosive milk confirmed milk! We should be talking about her and her dad and why it was sent!

No. 684525

It just looks like another conversation between her and someone who actually knew JC and was concerned. Her stans have said creepier shit.

No. 684529

Remember when Jen publicly declared that someone was impersonating her in Jonny's Twitch chat then later admitted she'd been in there and posted at least one comment? Lolcow.farm remembers.

No. 684531

Yes yes we do!
Remember when her mom told everybody that tea channels were writing her husband but it was her husband actually writing people.
Lolcow remembers!

No. 684534

My heart <\3 poor Mushu. Why hasn’t she re homed him???

No. 684536

Mushu looks nothing like the healthy axolotl. It’s startling. Taylor is too delusional to realize this.

No. 684538

File: 1564120024573.png (440.12 KB, 1403x2049, Capture _2019-07-25-22-45-55.p…)

I bet if it was to meet a dealer she wouldn't even cared about a driver driving an hour away. Lol is it to get her dose of medicine?

No. 684541

Don't axolotls thrive in filth? They're a model organism in life sciences research because they're so easy to keep (among other things). What do you even have to do to fuck up an axolotl? In at least some universities that do research on them they're kept in really dirty tanks with low water.
>Yall are really stuck on an angel
in the arms of an angel, fly away from here…
She needs to rehome the fucking cats, hedgehogs, and rats above all else. Reptiles and amphibians can hardly understand what is happening. The neglect of her mammals is the worst issue. Cats aren't as aloof as is thought and will be almost as heartbroken as a dog if they're abandoned for a few hours, let alone a few weeks.

No. 684543

What happened to Taylor driving? She said she doesn't have her license? She was driving all the time tho

No. 684544

That's actually a misconception axolotls need very clean cold water if you think about it axolotls in the wild have a huge Lake which they are now extinct in the wild because of toxic water and contaminants. They are massive poop producers and that's why Taylor's looks the way it does because she does not care for it and do water changes and let their sausage poop explode and contaminate the water

No. 684546

Domestic axolotl are fragile as hell. So many horror stories from owners in my axolotl groups. Even other Pettubers have expressed issues keeping the water clean enough.

No. 684547

This again. Yes she used to drive but clearly doesnt anymore. Sounds like she self-surrended her license. Either her parents or her rehab program made her, I'm guessing.

No. 684548

Or she was driving without a license while she was on heroin

No. 684550

Don't be dumb. She's 22 and had a car presumably with registered tags and insurance. All of which requires having a license. There's little reason for her not to.

But high on heroin driving? Yes. I guarantee you she was forced to surrender it.

No. 684552

In america you can have a car registered with insurance in your name without a license. Before you spew your nonsense make sure you know what you're talkin about

No. 684556

she's already said she has a license, but that now 'she doesn't have it'.

No. 684562

Of course she would say she has a license. She lies about everything. She isn't going to be like "lol driving without a license today"

No. 684564

omg anon take the tinfoil hat off.

she's done something with it, like surrender it as other anons have said. but all she'll say is she doesn't have it now.

No. 684565

She had a car for ages and only started using it during her relationship with Jonny. I'm pretty sure she has also said she doesn't like driving.

Anons are blowing it out of proportion tho lmao.

No. 684571

Unless she got into some legal trouble which I have seen nothing about in these threads she’d really have no reason to surrender her license
She might no longer have a car or it doesn’t work or she just doesn’t want to drive

No. 684573

Maybe she sold her car because she needs money that bad?

No. 684575

File: 1564133726771.jpg (135.83 KB, 1344x964, 1562561204658.jpg)

In early July she posted that she doesn't have her license (or didn't at that time) >>>/pt/677997

No. 684577


Or it simply expired. When is her birthday and has she driven since then?

No. 684580

it's not known if she's driven since then. as she's planning on taking a 90min uber, maybe not?

No. 684618

Are we going to get a screen recording of this? I don't believe it at all until we see actual proof like >>684485 shared. Way too suspicious of a milk drop.

No. 684624

I’m wondering the same. No proof has been posted to show it’s really her account. Guessing it’s just a fake trying to get attention from anon but that would be crazy if it were really her.

No. 684627

I hope we get a screen recording but usually when they're faked, it's people taking a safe "route" with their fakes and saying things that are already known and not spergy.
Jen has a track record of lying already, and it's too close of a portrayal imo. Jen already posted Nemo with a random bible verse attached not too long ago. And what she is saying in the screenshot are very likely things that we didn't know that are probably true and everything lines up.
>She is back living with us
True, because lately she has been taking all of her animals to the vet.
>She hasn't been doing therapy for 7 hours
Also obviously true cause how would she have time for 7 hour therapy when she is sperging on twitter all day and night and taking animals to the vet
>Jake is no longer with her
Also true because she hasn't mentioned him at all or posted any photos of him anymore
>Can't ever trust those silly tea accounts
True, Jen, because you and your husband give us enough "tea" as it is

No. 684628

as far as we know, you could be the OP anon justifying why we should believe your fake is actually real. not saying that you are, just that we can't accept it as 100% true unless they can prove it with a screen grab. I want to believe it, but can't until then. Jen is known for lying, but so are plenty of stupid shit-stirring anons.

No. 684631

none of this is "true," it's all speculation. it's incredibly suspicious. we have no proof taylor is home aside from her traveling to take animals to the vet. she doesn't begin tweeting until later in the day, making therapy possible in the morning/early afternoon. and jake may have ditched her after she doxxed him, not the other way around. this, too, is all speculation - see how you can read details in different ways? I think it's just an anon that changed their icon to jen's to write a fake DM. as if she would join a random group chat full of her haters, anyway.

No. 684639

Instead of having self discipline because you KNOW you have an addictive personality, she just uses it as a jail free card

No. 684643

So we all know she lies compulsively, and she lies about some really stupid things. It’s always the opposite with her. I can’t believe anything she has to say especially with all of the evidence of her lying.

No. 684644

doing god's work, anon

No. 684647

File: 1564158004913.png (1.23 MB, 1080x962, IMG_20190726_181924.png)


Thx for the inspiration anon!

No. 684649

taylor is at home and using and her trashfire mom is being a trashfire.

i wonder what her father thinks of all this now? must be depressing to have a disabled kid and a retard daughter on top of that.

No. 684660

I mean, Google Maps says it takes around 80 minutes from her destination to the atrium house.
I honestly doubt she's getting an uber twice a day to drive that long and far, especially with her new "1.5 hours uber drive.. should I du it? It's so long"
How is she even getting to SA? I don't think she uses trains and I don't know if she has any friends who willingly drive her that long twice a day.
I think it's pretty plausible she got kicked out and is back home.

No. 684685

Like any big influence are going through drama they tell there stans to stop harassing people. Taylors diehards are going around and harassing other pettubers on showing her public support like seriously.

No. 684686

File: 1564168054590.png (79.83 KB, 596x568, StansBeingShits.png)

No. 684687

File: 1564168180130.png (61.29 KB, 600x524, StansBeingShits1.png)

No. 684688

Thank you so much I was just about to post them! Im glad others arw seeing this also

No. 684689

File: 1564168274804.png (33.88 KB, 584x256, StansBeingShits2.png)

No. 684690

File: 1564168418669.png (77.14 KB, 588x616, StansBeingShits3.png)

No. 684691

File: 1564168468911.png (32.66 KB, 588x256, StansBeingShits4.png)

No. 684693

File: 1564168513145.png (73.48 KB, 588x528, StansBeingShits7.png)

No. 684694

File: 1564168607031.png (94.85 KB, 596x648, StansBeingShits5.png)

No. 684695

File: 1564168700502.png (30.08 KB, 592x256, StansBeingShits8.png)

No. 684696


This stan is a dum dum. You shouldn't expect asspats for getting yourself addicted to heroin, if your so reliant on public support your never gonna stay sober. This person is a loser with nothing better to do.

If you don't like what someone is saying don't support them. There's freedom of speech in this country whether you like it or not.

This doesn't surprise me. Taylor is an asshole to her "friends". She's deliberately ignoring people who've "offended" her. She only wants to be friends with the "cool kids" who do coke and drug problems.

And Taylor wonders why she has no friends.

No. 684699

File: 1564168806681.png (63.09 KB, 536x644, StansBeingShits10.png)

No. 684702

File: 1564169007719.png (51.12 KB, 604x368, StansBeingShits11.png)


When people finally started stepping in.

Also yes, this fan is demanding 'proof' from Emma that she talked to Taylor when she was in a vulnerable state.

No. 684704

File: 1564169075999.png (43.34 KB, 600x388, StansBeingShits13.png)

No. 684706

They are attacking people for not being supportive enough? What the pettube community needs is for her to be publicly called out for her bad care. Heroin or not.

They have been enabling with her if anything. Remember, Emma was adamant she was not on drugs. Despite visiting her house when there were heroin needles all over the place and Taylor claims she was shooting up fentanyl every hour. She totally knew what was happening.

And Taylor publicly called out Tyler about "don't own animals if you can't afford them". They all take her manipulative bullshit with a smile and will say anything to please her because they are desperate for views and money. It's pathetic.

No. 684707

File: 1564169245242.png (68.36 KB, 592x560, StansBeingShits-MissionAccompl…)

No. 684708

These 12yos just want in on the milk. I don't think they actually care about Taylor, they just like the energy of the drama.

There's no saving these people. They're gonna grow up to be little Taylors.

No. 684710

That shit is pissing me off. NOBODY in the pet community is required to be friends with her. They're not required to support her, publicly or otherwise. She needs to fucking call off her stans. They have no right to attack anyone else. She dug herself into a hole by shacking up with Jonny Boy. She chose to do drugs. And a lot of them have younger fanbases they aren't going to want to associate with someone like that. Taylor, CALL OFF YOUR FUCKING STANS

No. 684711

I recognize this motherofkittens girl from the rape accusation drama. She was all over Bree, Angela, and comsixhoney nonstop until they went private

No. 684713

File: 1564170460719.png (29.27 KB, 580x216, M0ther0fKittens1.png)


Yikes, what a creep!

No. 684714

every single tweet from a stan doesn't need to be posted, let's cool it a bit

No. 684715

File: 1564170776246.png (68.11 KB, 604x732, StansBeingShits15.png)

No. 684716


What these stans don't realize is that Taylor is a BAD PERSON who made BAD DECISIONS. If your gonna choose to do drugs, date abusers knowing their history, you gotta live with the consequences. Ignorance is not an excuse. Nobody is entitled to support, and life doesn't owe you shit.

If your gonna associate with drug addicts, you gotta realize most of them are assholes and most will fuck you over eventually. Taylor's lifestyle is shit, it almost killed her, hell it still might.

Too many naive middle-schoolers that have never left suburbia.

No. 684717

Literally no one has said she should relapse and overdose. Can they read or…

No. 684718

how are her stans milky? her dad telling randos that his only daughter is an attention whore manipulator is milk. more distraction bs.

No. 684719

File: 1564171063012.png (51.08 KB, 588x392, StansBeingShits16.png)


They're just harassing the other Pettubers who coddled Taylor because they apparently didn't coddle her enough to their liking.

No. 684720

i don't get it. are taylor and all her fans clinically retarded and don't know how to spell 'lolcow', are they trying to be QuIrKy by misspelling it, or do they just not want to put the full, actual name of the website so no one looks up taylor's thread and sees all of her incriminating bullshit?

it's anyone's guess at this point.

anyway, since they're lurking 'round, hiya, taytay's WKs! you guys are fucking creepy as shit!

No. 684721

So, her stans are mad they didn’t publicly congratulate and support her but are also mad that they give helpful tips to her publicly? Makes total sense.

No. 684722

File: 1564171554500.jpg (465.12 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190726-140513_Twi…)

I think shes getting fed up. Thank god.

No. 684723

File: 1564171621727.png (514.87 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-07-26-13-03-43.p…)

I find it ironic the person who's harassing everyone and blocking everyone is the same one that retweeted this tweet by Taylor

No. 684724

File: 1564171753579.png (77.58 KB, 588x676, StansBeingShits18.png)


After apologizing to Tyler she continues to call him "fake pettuber who only care about their reputation"

No. 684725

File: 1564172209878.png (237.11 KB, 620x560, StansBeingShits19.png)

You… you know there are hackers & doxxers that lurk here, right?

Where the fuck are your parents?

No. 684726

This tweet could not be more ironic

No. 684727

Tweets are protected now. Sure about that, honey?

No. 684728

Bragging that you can spend your entire day on Twitter defending someone who doesn't give a single fuck about your existence is… Really pathetic. It's time to stop and get your own life, since you are reading here.

No. 684730

God damn Taylor. It's time to sit your fans down & talk about the dangers of 'cowfarm'.

No. 684731

Her sitting down and talking is why her fans are here in the first place. " they harass me on there" bullshit taylor.

No. 684732

With a little bit of a Google search you can find her full name, what a dumbass. You don't even have to dig that far.

No. 684733

>y-you guys can't get to me, ya big mean bullies!
>protected twitter account like six minutes later


No. 684734


Well, Lately Taylor's been bouncing between this site being dangerous & then just being a petty little 'gossip' site…

No. 684735

I have so much secondhand embarrassment reading these.

What TND stans don't understand and clearly have not experienced yet is the fact that you can set boundaries and even end friendships at any time if you're uncomfortable with what your friend is doing. Taylor was using drugs, living with an abusive creep, and consistently throwing her friends under the bus to save her ass or dragging them down with her. It's NORMAL that all of her pettube friends saw what she was engaging in and decided to take a step back. You can't ask people to continuously go out of their way to support someone who's happily on a path of destruction.

Taylor has been toxic for years, you can't blame her friends for protecting themselves and putting themselves first by 'dropping' her.

No. 684736


Not to mention each of them is probably going through their own struggles at the moment, but omg! They didn't drop everything & give Taylor an hourly ego-boost??? SELFISH!!!!

No. 684737

File: 1564174191887.jpeg (871.59 KB, 1242x1395, 079405E2-2AC5-4C83-A9A6-B73730…)

What’s with the eye

No. 684738

File: 1564174249849.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1739, 5BF04EF5-2957-49AB-AE6C-11BBA8…)

No. 684739

Is she seriously posting right now and not going on to Twitter to tell her fans to leave everybody alone some girl who spoke out against Taylor is getting blamed for posting on LOL cow. This is like a Witch Hunt those evil people are not supporting Taylor!!!!

No. 684740

Big yikes.

No. 684741

Why is she posting this? She looks terrible. The hair, the lip liner with lipstick on only 1 lip, the eyeliner smudged. Why?

No. 684742

What's going on with her hair?

No. 684743

Her lips look horrible in this. Like… not big filler horrible but just horrible in general. Also, are her eyebrows uneven?

I feel like she has started a lot of more stuff to 'bait' us recently lmao

No. 684744

she's probably about to shed like the snake she is

No. 684745

last showered: unknown

No. 684746

It looks like cheap synthetic hair she hasn't taken care of at all. It's really thin and obvious

No. 684747

this is the face of someone whose parents can't stand her

No. 684748

Taylor, some of us know which sober living house this is. Please stop posting pictures of the interior, your housemates deserve their privacy even if you don't give a fuck.

No. 684749

well, if these pics are new, she's still in the sober living and >>684285 is fake.

No. 684750


but WHY won't you drop everything you're going through right now to support QUEEN TAYLOR!!??11!! she has it soooo hard uwu /s

You know it's summer when all the kids have hours on end to wk for their junkie qween

No. 684751

I get so annoyed when people say "cowfarm" and come up with cute little words for it and shit. They do it so it doesn't seem like they lurk. Meanwhile they're the ones here more than actual farmers.

No. 684752

File: 1564175688661.png (245.42 KB, 588x352, TNDTwit.png)

She's already been on Twitter

No. 684753

Shows pics of her in Rehab dorm to subtly prove she's still there
Posts song with a subtle "silent notifications" bar showing to prove she's not getting all the notifications from this twitter splurge

Kinda waiting for the
"omgggg if I had known my fans were acting like this I would of stepped in"
But ya know she's been watching(sperging)

No. 684754

That's why she posted these I bet. She has such a boner for indirectly responding to us. Gotta prove the message was fake. (Unless they're from another date)

No. 684756

I highly doubt that she's not getting it because there's tags of her name everywhere her phone's probably blowing up

No. 684759

File: 1564176979202.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-26-17-34-25…)


Nah these were taken the exact same day as her thot leotard pics. Everything is exactly the same, down to the makeup, the beds, thr laptop, even the wrapper next to the bed on left. She was just playing dress up.

Plus her nails are way more outgrown now.

Pic for comparison.

No. 684761


you want the definition for autistic, here it is. how sad is your life you go around harassing people for not supporting your heroin queen just because it's not public lol

No. 684763

File: 1564177313781.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190726_174049887.j…)


omg lol they were taken on the same day, literally the laptop cord is hanging over the edge of the bed exactly for both outfit shots. what a lying turd she is.

No. 684766

File: 1564177601704.jpg (544.67 KB, 1072x1906, 20190726_154646.jpg)

No. 684767

We already do that we knew that when she posted that she got doxxed that her place got found out because of the picture she posted saying that we did it was what brought them there that's what she wanted she wanted all this that's why she's not speaking out

No. 684768

File: 1564177786101.png (57.97 KB, 600x580, Cass1.png)


I say again, this site is open to anyone. Some people don't even post, they just lurk.


So Taylor's possibly getting her stans to bait themselves into getting doxxed here?

No. 684772

File: 1564178128563.png (388.13 KB, 600x668, M0ther0fKittens3.png)

Well, look who's back…

No. 684773

Is this person 13? Can she actually be posted here lol?

No. 684774

oh look at that, she's lactose intolerant, because she won't drink the milk

No. 684776

Where are these kids parents? They post a ton of identifying info and then bait people to doxx them. That's fucking dangerous. Taylor has trained them to act like this and endanger themselves by her actions.

No. 684779

File: 1564178500738.png (541.96 KB, 1430x2258, Capture _2019-07-26-15-00-38.p…)

What is her mother going on about???

No. 684780

File: 1564178791158.jpg (590.5 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1564178618816.jpg)

Same cut on leg too.

No. 684781

File: 1564178934622.jpg (484.96 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190726-150739.jpg)

No. 684782

File: 1564178979104.png (107.19 KB, 292x376, M0ther0fKittens18.png)


You're not living in a movie. Please quit while you're ahead, because this kind of behavior might actually get you doxxed or even hurt.

No. 684784

Most of us here are ex fans who've had enough of her bullshit spreading ways.

Probably making excuses for her daughter's shit pet care tbh. I don't think her vists to the vet have gone as smoothly as she thought.

Her snakes are overweight and vet said to reduce feeding to monthly, 2 months. Rats have issues, hedgehog had mange. Cats overweight and underweight.

Best to just ignore these idiots, they're just kids acting out for attention. Not really milky imo.

No. 684786

It's definitely milky that Taylor encourages this behavior and is now ignoring her fans endangering themselves for her stupid lies.

No. 684789


Taylor's fans probably think they aren't "giving in to hate" or some shit like that. What they fail to realize is that once it's on the Internet, it's there forever. I don't want these people to be doxxed, that's awful but there are some farmers who do exactly that and if these fans bait them… well, they are gonna deliver. They really need to stop while they're ahead.

It's really not that hard to keep yourself safe on the Internet, yet they are really going to throw that all away for a junkie hoarder.

No. 684793


This is the hill they wanna die on?

No. 684795

I don't think Taylor really even likes her audience, just the attention they give her. I don't think she cares what they're doing good or bad. Seems to me like she's ditched the whole family friendly pet mom crap.

She's trying to shift her audience but there isn't a pettube equivalent for druggies. She's gonna find there's no money and then she'll be scamming pre-teens through go fund me or something.

No. 684797

She’s probably talking shit about her friends in her dms with all her creepy ass fans

No. 684798

File: 1564181507657.png (118.11 KB, 542x896, 1557454950350.png)

This has aged like a fine wine

No. 684799

Shes fucking stupid. Shes acting like people were mad she smoked weed in general, no you dumb fuck people were mad you smoked weed right beside your fucking animals.

No. 684800

Samefag, I realize those were from May but its wild how she truly doesnt get a single thing.

No. 684803

She might want to stop, with a little internet digging I found out who her dad is and a possible address and I'm just a normal person. I'd say the majority of us wouldn't do anything but we might have some really fucked up people here that would do something.

No. 684804


yup same, I have her address and fathers name and number up as well with 5 minutes of looking.

Stop white knighting someone who does not care about you, she just wants an audience for her narcissism.

No. 684808

Answer: none of your damn business….how’s that?!

No. 684811

nice one, anon! this and the dad/mom pics should be next thread pic

No. 684814


Reddit account too, which shows her general area. People these days are really too easy to find.

No. 684817

Well at least this was a good lesson in why we choose anonymity

No. 684823

File: 1564186868675.jpg (267.36 KB, 1080x1379, 20190726_182053.jpg)


Looks like it scared her enough.

No. 684829

Young ignorant stans can’t quite understand how dangerous the internet is. You might feel fucking powerful behind the screen but people can easily find you since things are never deleted. Taylor is stupid as helll too for thinking she can post photos of where she is and think no one can find her. That’s why celebrities have to go through managers to even post things,

No. 684831

File: 1564188116837.png (354.93 KB, 1440x1353, Capture _2019-07-26-13-18-58~2…)

I can't even imagine letting subscribers and your followers harass everybody with a Witch Hunt and then they delete their page. Not everyone that posts here doxxs.
This is appalling and the internet is forever.

No. 684833

File: 1564188207946.png (215.26 KB, 1440x1307, Capture _2019-07-26-13-22-25~2…)

I guess they got the message?

No. 684835

File: 1564188857934.png (32.39 KB, 432x372, PugQueen.png)


This chick straight up deleted her whole twitter just now…

No. 684836

first time shes worn a normal outfit in ages and she has to quirk it up by only putting lipstick on her top lip and drawing attention to it like UWU LOOK AT ME IM WEIRD

like if it was self expression or a ~lewk~ or her ~aesthetic~ she’d just rock it and not say anything

but she’s just doing weird shit for attention

No. 684838

Stfu about these stans, you're playing games with 13yos and making them feel special. Ignore all of them at all times.

Taylor posting the flashback pics from the dorm she was in for a minute (plus the question about the 90min uber) cements it for me, that was really Jen in that group chat and Taylor is back home.

No. 684839

Focus on the thread subjects, not random stans. Further derailing will result in longer bans.

No. 684840

They're all 18-20 years old (Which is even sadder)

No. 684842


Agreed, she 100% is not there anymore and that multi-outfit fashion shoot she did really proves it

Nice detective work, anons

No. 684845

If she had new selfies to disprove the theory, she'd post them. She only proved it more.

No. 684847

hasn't she done a multi outfit fashion shoot before? sounds like her.

No. 684848

Those pics have to be from the same day

the laptop at that awkward angle w/ Netflix on …..when I thought it was 2 different days i was like why does she always have it awkwardly facing that way ? But it makes more sense that it’s the same day. Cord position, even the pillows are the same

what’s even weirder is the “lipstick on her top lip only” selfies when the other set of pics she took that day in a bodysuit she has lipstick on both lips lol so she changed her outfit, did a ponytail out of ratty weave, and wiped the lipstick off her bottom lip

she’s unstable

No. 684849

In the t-shirt she's halfway into the makeup for the leotard. It's less of a multi-look shoot and more feeling herself before she's even dressed. I guess it wasn't her fortnightly day for a shower.

No. 684850

Taylor also saved animal pics to post later when she first when to the atrium house.

Not enough info to confirm SS tho.

No. 684851

File: 1564191398685.jpeg (150.7 KB, 750x598, 6D77A100-81BB-4442-A79B-FF682D…)

Saw dis coming

The Stans are fangirling hard

No. 684852

File: 1564191469565.jpeg (37.8 KB, 750x236, 0D0A46E7-560A-48EE-90B7-B5D7F6…)

Just cows bein cows

No. 684853

The folds on both beds blankets are exactly the same in this picture and the picture from the previous day. Either these beds aren't being slept in, or shes doing multiple photo shoots on the same day and potentially trying to make it seem like she's still in that sober living.

No. 684854

Yeah she’s had a new fashionnova outfit and a full face on every day since she came back.
She can’t flex today’s lewk bc she can’t selfie without giving away that she’s back at moms

No. 684856

man, imagine being _that_ desperate to flesh out a lie. That's like beyond mental illness manipulation

No. 684857

Well it makes sense since there's a lot of speculation that her mom is the way she is and she has already relapsed despite pretending everything is good. Basically Taylor

No. 684859

other anons already showed the laptop position, the laptop cord position and the same cut on her leg upthread. the pics are minutes apart.

No. 684860

File: 1564193273535.jpg (102.28 KB, 1442x619, mamadean.jpg)

flashback to the mama dean "wasn't me in the chat" "but I only said one thing" moment.

No. 684862

Yeah she's most definitely not in sober living…. does this mean when she started posting that fan and her morning in that bed at the old sober living was she kicked out then

( I don't think it's this one but remember she posted a video of her waking up and showing her room around there was a Newport cigarette art on the wall art on the wall)

No. 684869


Pure tinfoil/speculation. My guess is she got kicked out of the first sober living. Could have been one of many things such as breaking house rules, doxxing herself, fucking off to hotels with other junkies, not doing house chores or other responsibilities like attending therapy, the snakes. I can't remember when she got the gun but she could have also been kicked out for that.

Of course nothing is Taylor's fault so it's the the mean people on the Internet. Move to sober house 2 with the dog. By now I'm pretty sure Jen is freaking out on her with the gun, the "brofriend", moving because of doxxing, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Mama Dean asked Taylor to move back home. It makes me think the post in the group chat is real, but more proof is needed.

The only thing stopping Taylor from moving back in with her parents and sorting her shit out is her own pride. Plus her parents would likely require her to downgrade (hell, she claims to have done that already) because when she previously lived at home their rule was all her animals had to stay in her room. Yet some tanks were starting to already break that rule. I think she had a tank in the kitchen and living room but a majority of the pets were in her bedroom.

No. 684875

whatever she got kicked out of 1st sober living for, it wasn't the gun. she was in the hotel a few days and at the 2nd sober living before the gun appeared. seems like:

1st sober living, kicked out
hotel stint and househunt, at least a few days
2nd sober living and gun, "left" there now
home with parents, posting old selfies from brief stint at 2nd sober living

No. 684876

amazing eye, anon, great catch.

No. 684879

this smells a bit like a selfpost. who keeps posting her idiot stans anyway?(derailing)

No. 684881

Actually last thread someone did comment that she should OD.

Also, tinfoil but I've had feelings for a long time that GoHerping posts here

No. 684884

Honestly, who cares who posts in this thread? Stans, pettubers, Taylor and her crazy ass family (Tanner is doubtful) Jonny, Chelsea and the exes, etc. etc. idgaf and neither should anyone else.

No. 684889

ah no anon sorry to give off that impression, I was reacting to the many posts of the stan in question, posted by other anons. I was making fun of the fact that she changed her Twitter name clearly in direct reference to / addressing us here.

Sorry for non contribution I guess in both that post and this one. As an aside do you think this rando stan would have known to have saged their post (my last post)?(derailing)

No. 684896

File: 1564204906046.png (2.69 MB, 1242x2688, BF12B7F8-E250-4292-952F-E9ADA6…)


No. 684904

a nonprofit for addiction, huh… YOUR addiction, I'm guessing? i can't believe the band is back to putting up with his shit.

No. 684910

Major tinfoil below

Maybe Taylor looked as she is the Yoko Ono. That's what it seems like to me. With her out the way now H boy can be back in the band. What if he was clean and then met taylor and relapsed? What if Taylor used him for his connections and to shoot her up? Hes been awfully quiet … Maybe he's letting taylor shoot her own foot with the shit shes pulling.what what does he gain for being hush hush ?? Did Taylor put him up to trashing his exes? How do we know it was him actually texting them on the burner number? what if it was taylor? Her parents call her the master manipulator. Taylor makes it known the world revolves around her. Would she be like that devious?

No. 684912

He was never clean. Maybe for a week or two between leaving his ex and moving in with Taylor, but he was falling-down-drunk the first time he met Mama+Papa Dean. He is a shithead rapist user. This is an unnecessary tinfoil, Colin never seemed to have a problem with Jonny being an abusive asshole, only when his addiction got in the way of the band's success.

No. 684917

I think it's possible that she used him for coke in the beginning (I even think there was some mention of it in her texts to Chelsea that he flushed her coke or something like that) but we all know Jonny boy loves his heroin so it's likely he was high as hell around her and she felt left out or with how self obsessed she is, what could make him feel better than she could

No. 684918

What if they can use Taylor as the excuse to "give Jonny another chance" you mean? No doubt Taylor and Jonny were equally terrible influences on each other, but Jonny's "clean" periods are merely breaks he takes to improve relations with others around him and buy 'good credit'. He's a career junkie.

No. 684924

That little turd for sure posts here. I would bet on it

No. 684954

File: 1564235836896.png (1.92 MB, 1242x2688, 97F3F1F3-D85C-4D9F-B437-95D952…)

Just cause it hasn’t been posted. Looks like Jonny’s been getting too fucked up to do the only thing he’s getting money for

No. 684966

a 17 year old sheltered, naive albeit manipulative girl is not and cannot be an equal or influence a grown ass man. What am I reading.

No. 684969

who are you talking about? taylor was 20 at the start of their relationship.

No. 684971


The debate of "who manipulated who" is getting old. Taylor and Jonny are both shitty people for different reasons and both are manipulating shitholes.

No. 684978

17? What in the fuck?
Get out.

No. 684979

and literally just now the stream has been pushed to 4pm. lol.

you again? in one of the previous threads there was someone insisting that taylor cant be blamed because she was a minor dating an adult, when taylor was 20 years old when they started dating. can you please leave.

No. 684981

He was definitely not clean for more than maybe a couple of days at a time. And she didn't put him up to trashing his exs, he's been doing that way before he met Taylor.

Yes Taylor sucks and is manipulative and doesn't take care of her animals properly. But that doesn't make Jonny good by default. Hes a shitty junkie loser with a history of scamming people and abusing and harassing his exs, getting kicked out of bands, getting kicked off of tours and festivals due to his inappropriate behavior.

No. 684989

It sounds like they’re confusing her for Acacia Kersey and her husband Jairus.

No. 685000

File: 1564258726676.jpg (1.05 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1564258280198.jpg)

Wonder if these vague posts are about Jake

No. 685003

He possibly might be out of Taylor's life, but she's stirring up shit? Ok. You go ahead and do that now, Jen. I'm sure it really helps your daughter's recovery along.

No. 685011

File: 1564260830460.png (11.65 KB, 597x106, tnd.PNG)

So she admits mushu's cage was too warm. Sounds like the lotl was in rough shape before, you shouldn't have gills growing back if you've been taking good care of it for 4 years.

No. 685018


No. 685022

Taylor really can't grasp the concept of admitting you fucked up and then change it huh? I mean otherwise these threads on her would not exist but fuck. Her pathetic fragile ego really destroys something that could be good. I wish she was as fun and cool as I thought she was initially. What a waste.

No. 685025

I'd honestly love to see her admit anything clearly because that's the best lesson any pet owner could ever get - admitting to your mistakes is okay.

But no homegirl Taylor can't admit to anything clearly or admit she fucked up otherwise.

No. 685039

sage for dumb but i hate jen’s fatass bitmoji so much

No. 685049

File: 1564276281588.jpg (143.55 KB, 692x734, Screenshot_20190725-235522.jpg)

Can't blame her for using them when she's miserable with life because her daughter being an insane mirror of herself. (Screenshot of deleted snake at vet video)

No. 685052

File: 1564276482322.jpg (102.66 KB, 1536x253, Screenshot_20190728-031435.jpg)

Kek how honest.

But made just for going viral for sure.

No. 685064

File: 1564278254275.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2712, Capture _2019-07-27-18-41-35.p…)


Screenshot of article. This debunks him getting back with the band.

No. 685066

Jonny was probably trying to kiss their ass so they'll take him back. He's trying to get Taylor and his band back lmao

No. 685067

Tinfoiling, but I think that it's probably something their label forced them to do, especially since Colin hasn't deleted his tweets about Jonny. The label probably told them to shut up and play nice, since all of the shit that came out in the drama could cost them sales.

No. 685070

She's miserable with life because she's obese, probably has health problems, stuck with her disabled son 24/7, dealing with pets she didn't want, stuck with Taylor's drama, jealous of daughter's looks, fame and attention, husband spilling milk to randos.

The Dean family is a mess. This is what Taylor is gonna look like in 10 years.

No. 685071

Don't think they'd ever let him back in the band. They need to move on, but it does seem like they are there for him and support him. Definitely more so since Taylor's been out of the picture. JC has always struggled with addiction, but he was at the airport to go on tour with them. Taylor was the one that convinced him to come home.

No. 685072

I want to know how their contract looks is he still getting paid not just from royalties but from his contract. Or do y'all think his contract is now null because of the new vocalist? I don't know how that works would they break his contract and they have to pay him a settlement or are they just paying the rest of it off.

No. 685073

Taylor has a group chat with all her Stan’s. last night taylor got really drunk with jake, while on suboxone.

No. 685075


No. 685076

any proof? friendly reminder this is an image board

No. 685080


yeah sure, let us just take your word on that with zero evidence. /s

post pics or gtfo.

No. 685090

Is this the same person that did the fake mama dean texts

No. 685092


I dont know if this that group chat was faked. Her mom has a history of being in peoples inboxes it can be real. I just hope if it was true this would disappoint her fans enough to speak out.

No. 685094

see >>684860 there's a high chance mama dean really posted in that chat.

No. 685095


I'd like proof but if we are tinfoiling…
Last anon claimed Jen said TND was at home, this was seemingly confirmed by pic reposting.

TND was talking about a 90 minute Uber trip right before this unconfirmed milk.

It could happen…

No. 685097

File: 1564283475420.png (500.94 KB, 566x2314, ArielCombe.png)


> "She made fake conversations of my mom saying horrible things, told my mom she can't take care of my disabled brother, etc."

…Taylor, Mama Dean, I got news for you, that wasn't Cosmixhoney…

(Sage for Old Milk in the Screenshots)

No. 685099

File: 1564284186632.png (207.43 KB, 492x712, ArielCombe1-3.png)


…Now it makes me wonder if those DMs from Mama Dean were actually real

(Again, sage for old milk)

No. 685101

I'm sorry but can we stop with the fake milk? That screenshot from that supposed group chat was fake as fuck and I'm genuinely surprised anyone believed it. The typing style wasn't even the same. Tbh cosmic turtle probably made it since she was mentioned in it. Mama Dean is nuts but come on guys, it doesn't even read like something she'd say.

No. 685108

fuck are you even talking about anon? no group chat screenshots have even been posted and the screenshot of mama dean telling someone on twitter that she doesn’t believe their dad killed himself was never proven fake. saying something is fake doesn’t automatically make it that way unless you also use dean family logic.

No. 685112


That person is talking about the group chat screenshot from >>684285

No. 685114


I thought the "JC swearing/abuse towards cat" was gonna be screaming at it and kicking it away or something, not just telling it off for clawing at him!

No. 685116

Yet another self insert from this fake ass account.

No. 685118

What makes you think its fake? Looking at girl page shes very real

No. 685121

File: 1564291683720.png (137.46 KB, 1407x737, Capture _2019-07-27-22-27-32.p…)

Hey Mama Dean. Next time don't make it so obvious that you're online and commenting on this thread. It's like 12 over there go to bed.

No. 685126

File: 1564292495723.png (176.07 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20190728-153308~2.p…)

Well it looks like Taylor doesn't really give a shit that her underage Fans keep hounding this site with their stupid attempts at… Well I don't even know what their goal is, to make themselves a victim for pity points? Don't complain about being doxxed or getting info dug up on you if you're going to stir the pot with a site like this. Youre just making yourself look insanely dumb.

Taylor, stop using your dumb, unintelligible, underage fan base to get the big bad bullies for you so that your vanity and ego can be filled and make your itty bitty feelings feel better about yourself. Her fans are so dumb they can't even see that Taylor's using them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685128

File: 1564292758354.png (40.27 KB, 536x364, M0ther0fKittens10.png)


This is just sad.
Taylor should have told her fans to stop trying to take the bullet for her ages ago.

Life isn't a movie, kids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685129

tHey trIed DoxxEd Me FOr SpEakiNg Up!

You mean acting like a tweenie with half a brain cell? You did nothing but shit talk.


I really hope she did rehome them, she mostly needs to rehome those poor rats, the cats and pretty much every animal she has. That way she can go lead her free spirit life where felons and substances are of most importance to her.

No. 685130

I deleted because I’m not sure that that was Taylor’s crestie, after looking through her profile it seems she was just @‘ing Taylor.

No. 685131

Aww daddy will make ya feel better from all the lil meanies on da webz.

No. 685133

File: 1564293284813.jpeg (169.51 KB, 1125x949, EC06840D-11F7-400A-9D9B-F26D80…)

this is sending me(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685134

thought she claimed to be on bupe, not suboxone

No. 685135


I'm pretty sure twitter user @lolcowfarm is pissing himself in fear right now! /s

No. 685137

File: 1564293571648.png (83.8 KB, 720x723, Screenshot_20190728-155504~2.p…)

I wonder if this is about Jonny, momma Dean, papa Dean or Jake or if Taylor is just hungry for some attention.

No. 685138

File: 1564293679831.png (262.81 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_20190728-155515~2.p…)

If you're getting info from here and blasting it on her posts, could you fucking not?

No. 685139

File: 1564293735643.jpg (551.48 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190727-235831_Twi…)

Ok taylor

No. 685140

Can we not give attention to this type of fan. They want to be posted here like this so they can claim to be bullied just like Taylor. This is a nobody kid, and seeing them be this stupid is embarrassing. You're just making them happy by posting them.

No. 685141

why does she have to call them ratties that’s so tacky lmao

it’s funny cause she’s gonna try to say they’re fake but they’re 1000% real

No. 685142

File: 1564294441898.jpg (17.94 KB, 400x300, 2a50d727ae8a99c98d0a903bf3baae…)

Lmao i cant even we heard the vet!
Just work on their social issues.
You said yep.
How delusioned does one have to be.

No. 685150

Can’t believe people, me included, thought she could be better.

No. 685154

Taylor is going to continue in this cycle of lies. I have zero faith that this will get better.

No. 685167


weird nitpick, heaps of people who have rats call them ratties…

it's funny because she legit has a video of the vet saying to work on their social issues. also no vet is obsessed, taylor. they are there to do a job, not fawn over your feeder breeder rats. also you didn't teach them anything, any praise goes to the breeder for you know… breeding them that way? not you. it's like she thinks no one else goes to a vet and knows how vets work.

No. 685173

I said to that m0therofkittens girl she needs to stop messaging strangers about having to publicly support taylor, and taylor herself blocked me so it just goes to show she's aware of her stans harassing people and does not care/wants it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685179

Massive tinfoil but I wonder if Taylor is seeing this as a way to get some publicity. All that needs to happen is a drama channel (unlikely) picking up on this and she will get some attention.
Or perhaps she just wants people to go looking for lolcow. Even we are some sort of attention for her.

No. 685180


She'll deny it but it totally feeds her massive ego that there are threads about her on the Internet. It doesn't matter that we discuss her shitty animal care and her trashfire of a life, all she sees is that she's "famous" enough for people to discuss her.

No. 685197

Can we stop posting about this person? Nobody cares. It's getting dumb. I'm willing to bet all her stans lurk here, in other words, they also "use" lolcow. Jen uses lolcow, Taylor uses lolcow, papa dean probably uses lolcow. Each of these people also very likely have at least one anonymous post on here. They all need to get off of their high horses.

No. 685205

File: 1564328129284.jpeg (204.67 KB, 750x1069, C15CEB50-A9C8-4B6E-985E-FF8975…)

She’s definitely aware of the messages now because of this idiot.

No. 685206

why celebrate this cowtipping.

No. 685207

Just another cowtipping troll. This doesn't even solve any problems, ofc she saw the texts, you can show cows cow behavior but they still won't change. It only reinforces the idea that the internet is out to "get her".

Taylor KNOWS her parents are whack, she also KNOWS she's going broke and has no one else to turn to. Deep down she KNOWS her animals are neglected but she won't confront those feeling because they make her uncomfortable.

Really interested in seeing what happens with her "comeback" video. You can't be a badass bitch and a victim at the same time.

No. 685209

all suboxone is bupe while bupe is not suboxone. Normies don't know the difference so they use them interchangeably.

No. 685211

Who calls an innocent little cat a cunt? Jonny Craig, Certified Cunt. You don't "tell them off" by calling them a cunt.

No. 685224

this is so stupid. it's a cat. it doesn't know what "cunt" means. jonny is a trashbag freak but calling a cat a cunt is not that big of a deal.

No. 685225

Taylor reads here obsessively, she knew about those texts the day it was posted. Obviously she's not going to acknowledge that everyone in her life hates her. She's so delusional she probably thinks it's the opposite tbh

No. 685231

File: 1564338829198.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, 0656DD02-CD64-4A97-8B84-D586F6…)

LOL dont hold your breath(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685234

Stop fucking posting about this stupid fake accounts
They are not relevant and nobody gives a shit about it.

And dont start with “you are minimodding” they already said that is deraling.

No. 685237


Um, did Taylor just delete & re-upload the video with that last bit cut out?

Anyone have the video from the original tweet?

No. 685238

Here u go Anon

Very clearly says they have social issues


No. 685239

I just checked her Twitter and yes this part is cut out now

No. 685240

File: 1564343058605.jpeg (104.42 KB, 750x765, C3340512-F6AF-47D7-A8AB-6A8E05…)

Seems like the fake show he put on is now coming to an end. Welcome back Jonny, you absolute trash heap

No. 685246

TAylor loves to have her stans docher dirty work. She’s got a few that she talks to. And they don’t help.

No. 685247


you consider your music "art?" you look fucking stupiddddd. it was only a matter of time before he went back to his obnoxious tweets.

No. 685252

She sees and hears what she wants…like the vet saying her rats need work on socializing and her hearing they are well socialized!

No. 685256

Well it’s about time. I can’t wait for the milk to flow and then we can forget about all the tweens and the crap that was never proven.

No. 685259

File: 1564347115071.jpeg (42.07 KB, 747x315, 4665BB89-0CE5-4566-BDA3-18F3B8…)

This is all I will say.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685260

looooool big talk for someone who privated her account because she was scurred of the big bad meanies on lc

"the guy"
What is it with people and thinking we're all a singular person? Do you know what an ANONYMOUS message board means?

No. 685262

yo either spill tea or gtfo no one wants your secretive "omg i have info but ThIs Is AlL i WiLl SaY" bullshit

No. 685264


What's the context of this?

No. 685265

might be the same person that posted >>685073 but i think it's someone fishing for attention by teasing possible milk

No. 685268

If you're gonna post SS you also need to include a video/gif of you clicking through to their profile. Or else you are just wasting your time.

I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor does have a group going with her stans for extra validation and asspats. Probably encouraging them to post fake shit here now. Try harder next time ty

No. 685272

genuine question: do we think taylor is stupid enough to say this kind of stuff in a group chat with her followers? i know it’s nothing incriminating really, just her talking about how much she loves drugs again, but anon implied that there’s more than this. shouldn’t she realize by now that whatever she says will get posted here and criticized? if she really cared about us big bad bullies that much you think she’d keep at least SOME of her life private lmao she really loves attention huh

No. 685276

Honestly I doubt Taylor would tell her stans that she's using or drinking considering she goes on and on about being sober and her stans support her sobriety? Doesn't make sense

No. 685282

File: 1564351984708.png (1.8 MB, 1844x2048, Screenshot_20190728-161225.png)

Not particularly milky but clarifies some things.

No. 685283

Oops beat me to it !

No. 685286

File: 1564353076095.jpg (128.73 KB, 640x1136, 20190728_183010.jpg)

Can confirm Taylor is in a group chat with a bunch of her fans. Has been for a long time now

No. 685287

File: 1564353099188.jpg (57.95 KB, 640x1137, IMG_20190728_182910_425.jpg)

No. 685288

Yea this is a load of horse shit. Her vet's told her to feed less often and to socialize more. She had'nt even visited them for over a month.

Seems like story about her being out of rehab and dumping jake makes sense. Now she's off to a new house.

No. 685289

File: 1564353163315.jpg (59.07 KB, 640x1137, IMG_20190728_183301_714.jpg)

No. 685293

Cool. Are you going to provide anything milky?

No. 685295

If you "can confirm" you can make a video of you clicking through to her profile. Otherwise no one cares

No. 685296

WOW. way to set an example for your kid with an eating disorder

No. 685298

Yeah going to need more solid proof. Why would she even bother putting stuff in this group chat with her stans that she blasts all over Twitter anyway to…the same stans?

No. 685299

File: 1564355113351.jpg (658.42 KB, 1080x2125, 20190728_170527.jpg)

New cat incoming

No. 685300

>Why would she even bother putting stuff in this group chat
because she's dumb as bricks, literally subzero iq.
the group chat isn't even news though iirc? I swear it's been mentioned in previous threads.

No. 685301

She's bored of her cats already just like the other animals she "rehomed". She'll love and cuddle them when they're small and cute and then ignore them when they get big.

Wouldn't surprise me if she gets back to her hoarding habits hard in her new place. She's running out of ideas on YT and she needs new content more than ever.

No. 685302

I don’t think Jonny’s post was about Taylor… the band has been saying how great it’s been with their new singer and I think that’s what he’s talking about “pushing him out” and not wanting to sing about the same “addiction stuff”

No. 685303

And? That alone isn’t milky. Lots of internet famous people are in group chats with fans. Gabby Hanna had a stalker in one and a GBC fan group chat was how lil peep got the cab hookup that killed him.

Unless you want to drop some proof she admitted to relapsing in one then it doesn’t really matter

No. 685310

I hope not but I'm afraid so. Considering her tweet is deleted and she is standing so close to the register. I swear if she got another cat while her 3 other cats are abandoned the way she has…

No. 685313

That looks like petco and the ones I’ve been in have the cat ‘condos’ right next to the cash registers. But, IME, the employees don’t have keys to open them. It’s the rescue volunteers that do and they’re usually not opening them up unless you put an application down.

No. 685315

not impossible, but remember that people also bring their pets in here. It's also possible that this cat belongs to somebody.

No. 685316

I work at a Petco and it's against company policy for an employee to open the cat cages without express permission from the shelter. You also must have all animals leashed, including cats, and we have store use leashes we have to give to people without leashes of their own, so I doubt it's someone's pet.

That's not to say no one ever breaks these policies, obviously, but these are the rules.

No. 685317


These are third party screenshots. I'm not part of this group and therefore cant click through the profile.i have no other tea to share besides the fact that she does indeed take part in a group chat consisting of young fans and does indeed discuss drugs and other matters with them that should otherwise be avoided with impressionable children

No. 685319

File: 1564360540816.jpg (155.37 KB, 1536x408, Screenshot_20190729-023527.jpg)

Great place for her animals to be! Cruel cunt

No. 685332

File: 1564367001900.png (23.09 KB, 558x186, chrome_vwpwR7pmj9.png)

taylor is never wrong

No. 685336

The vet knows more than you Taylor.

No. 685339


these are her first rats, she's owned them for what… 8 months maybe? she doesn't know anything about rats. she didn't even know to cover the bars of their cage. she feeds them an appalling diet, even saying she doesn't think a fully-balanced nutritional rat food block isn't enough nutritionally in that feeding all my pets video. then she proceeds to fill a huge bowl full of vegetation and mealworms… like get off your high horse. she couldn't even sex the rats properly when she first decided to keep goose (and yes, he was old enough to be sexed).

so let's see. crap knowledge on housing and diet, i'm going to bet she also doesn't know rats and their body language either.

No. 685342

File: 1564370704466.jpg (451.31 KB, 1080x1507, Screenshot_20190728-212454_Twi…)

Wait, is she actually staying at her parents? It's pretty late there.

No. 685350

File: 1564377336890.png (1.89 MB, 828x1792, 369785AD-3259-42FF-B815-A1BF1D…)

Am I the only one who finds this icon…strange?

No. 685351

yeah shes staying she just tweeted she got an overnight pass

No. 685356

File: 1564379314751.png (184.82 KB, 760x857, Screenshot_20190729-024805.png)

Maybe like idk post a screenshot of the tweet?

I googled it and it seems Twitter is making tests with new icons.

No. 685357

File: 1564379354440.png (2.07 MB, 1242x2208, FE913FF9-D1E0-46A0-805A-03EBC2…)

I used to work at a sober living facility and our policy was that clients could not have overnights until they reached a certain level of the program. You would earn passes based off your level, which could take 6 months plus. Didn’t she just move into this new sober living like a week ago? Clearly she’s lurking and is scrambling to come up with an excuse as to why she’s at her parents house before she’s called out on it,

No. 685360

She posted about her first night in the new place 11 days ago, so this seems a bit suspicious. Especially since this tweet wasn't posted long after it was brought into question on here…

No. 685362

so she's moved the cats then? since this is her bedroom at her folk's place.

No. 685363

it's from the Nemo kitten pic that she was trying to turn into a meme.

No. 685364

File: 1564380497700.jpg (133.2 KB, 719x1269, taylor.jpg)

fuller pic for context.
at least they're free of the atrium house now.

No. 685365

the mic icon just means taylor’s the OP of that particular twitter thread.

No. 685366

but if the cats are at her parents' house now, they've been moved into a house that has two established dogs. Nemo and Ghost have never been around dogs (apart from the days she brought in that stray and the poor australian shep.) and Star is a former stray with an "unknown" past. they're probably stressed as fuck and confined to one room, like Shayna and her cat & dog.

No. 685370

Yeah I'm not too sure what's worse, but at least where they are it's climate controlled and it's possible taylor is also staying there now (unless she really did get a night pass but time will tell). I tend to think alone in the hot atrium house is the worse of the two.

No. 685376


they are definitely stressed. she said they were hiding under the bed which is basically a classic 'this cat is stressed the fuck out' sign.

No. 685377

Not just stressed the fuck out that's what usual cat behavior is. When in new environments they hide. Until they are comfortable to come explore.

No. 685380

The vet says "and they just take care of their social issues"

Not to WK but I'm entirely convinced he is talking about her rats.

No. 685395

My cats been living with us for years And still hides under the bed sometimes, that’s actually pretty normal cat behavior. Especially with just being moved again.

No. 685405


not comfortable so hiding equals stressed, anon

No. 685406

Why are there no sheets on the bed…

No. 685413

looks like a blanket on top, also weird nitpick.

No. 685422

File: 1564406953835.jpg (484.83 KB, 1536x883, Screenshot_20190729-152933.jpg)

I think you're right she's trying to cover up. I'm also taking her mother's tweet into consideration from recently about relapsing being part of the process. I think I posted that in the last thread somewhere. It makes no sense for her to get this freedom when she's been there so shortly.

It's so cringe how she's making a big deal out of doing the right thing and staying with her animals. Any normal person would do that. She's acting like she is cute and quirky for wanting to be with her pets. Especially since her priority has been with "getting dicked down" before this, she needs to shut the fuck up. Sad reality is, she probably just got kicked the fuck out for making others relapse with her bullshit and not sticking to the rules in general. She's pathetic and disgusting in so many ways.

You're right on the body language thing. When she first posted a video of one of her female rats laying in her hand, people pointed out to her that she was bruxing and boggling, next moment she started tweeting about how they were doing that. She had no idea until people pointed it out, and once they did she pretend she knew all along and as if she was educating people on it. She also posted this on Instagram AFTER she learnt it through others doing that.

No. 685427

The whole situation is weird. I don't think she's in rehab anymore, too much back and forth, waking up late, on bupe, new house keys. I think she quit going or got kicked out, I think she's bored of therapy and just wants to have fun with her hoard again.

No. 685433


>kicked the fuck out for making others relapse

A tenet of recovery, especially the 12 step variety: Everyone is responsible for their own recovery.


New house keys?

No. 685434

Those are the keys from when she introduced the atrium house. They aren’t new. She included that shot when announcing she terminated the lease on that house effective August 1

No. 685438

There was an anon that said it must be that she is still at a sober living because after the mom’s message read she was back home, she posted selfies from inside. I think it’s quite obvious she can easily fake though by playing dress up, like some have suggested as well. Anyone who think she’s still at sober living is as dumb as shit is.

No. 685440

Plus I don't know of too many (at least decent) sober livings that allow Suboxone maintenance as it is, most want you completely abstinent so it would be pretty hard to find one that allows multiple pets AND subs. I'm actually having trouble finding a single one in Austin. I know some sober livings make rare exceptions but I'm pretty skeptical.

No. 685463


Bruxing and boggling can also be a sign of distress, discomfort or pain. It isn't always a sign of being content and she's not experienced enough with rat behaviour to be able to decipher considering she spends absolutely no time with them.

No. 685466

pretty much every cat under the sun is going to be stressed when you move homes though. even actually responsible cat owners go through it. but there are definitely ways to make it a little easier for the cat like bringing things from the previous home that still have their smell on them. i guess we’ll see if taylor’s put in any effort to make them comfy or if she just walked them through the door and called it a day.

No. 685467

Could they maybe have given her the pass to move? If her lease runs out the 1st she’s got to move all her animals and the rest of her stuff out in the next couple days.

No. 685482

Shes not special. If they don't have rules and regulations especially in that living environment then it will be a free for all. broke their rules for one person .. I dont think so she makes that she is special that she gets all these other perks then other people living in they sober houses

No. 685490


I did a quick search and it does look like there is one sober living home in Austin that allows MAT/suboxone use. The others don't seem to? Or at least it isn't listed on their website if it is.

I still think she is living at home. Regardless, NO sober living is going to allow you a pass when you've only been there for a week or so. It just isn't happening.

No. 685506

Remember when she was posting pictures of her new sober living and everyone was commenting that she should stop? And she told one of her stans to DM her… Because she's living at home not there

No. 685507


100% this. rats will brux and boggle when happy, but will also do it when stressed so it entirely depends on the situation.

taylor thinks she's an expert on every animal she owns, despite not owning them long and not doing diligent research. then when she's called out, people correct her or offer advice she acts as if she knew this all along to spin the narrative that actually, she's the expert and she's going to educate you now despite evidence saying otherwise.

No. 685511

This is 1000 percent it. I've noticed she's basically stopped posting Instagram stories too, which seems telling since stories tend to be in-the-moment snapshots that would make it pretty obvious if she's back home or not. Idk how she thought she'd be able to keep up that kind of lie, though?

No. 685515


She's delusional and not smart, that's how. If she really wanted to keep herself safe, she wouldn't have announced she was in sober living as soon as she got out of rehab. ALL she had to say was that she was no longer living at the atrium house. But she just can't help herself. She thrives off of the attention, drama and speculation. Just like how she said she rehomed animals, but wasn't going to say who and make a video on it so that people "wouldn't speculate". Except if she didn't want people to speculate, she'd just post who was rehomed or wouldn't even mention that she'd gotten rid of some pets.

No. 685521

Taylor wants us to believe that she was looking for a fix every hour of the day and on top of that managing to provide bare minimum care for her hoard of animals.

I mean seriously, what addict do you know that even gives their kid(s) the bare minimum care when they’re off looking for their next fix. She’s a fucking moron. Admit your mistakes and get rid of every single one of those animals that you put through your selfish bullshit.

No. 685545

File: 1564440442160.png (61.42 KB, 720x497, Screenshot_20190730-084526~2.p…)

No. 685546

File: 1564440468929.png (47 KB, 720x424, Screenshot_20190730-084514~2.p…)

No. 685547

File: 1564440491097.png (100.27 KB, 720x813, Screenshot_20190730-084503~2.p…)

No. 685549

Maybe don’t get involved with druggies/felons lol?? It’s hard to feel sorry for someone like her when she’s aware of how shit her boy toys are beforehand.

No. 685550

File: 1564440661063.png (277.78 KB, 720x1096, Screenshot_20190730-084942~2.p…)

What is going on..

No. 685551

I feel like it's got something to do with Jonny coming back to get his stuff before they move or something.
Or BrOfrIend hurt her feelings.

No. 685555

Inb4 she becomes a hardcore man hating feminazi who uses feminism as a sheild to shit on men and be completely unfair and sexist toward them because SHE made the choice to date KNOWN trash.

What do you expect when you knowingly date a rapist druggie and fuck strangers who are felons?

No. 685559


>gets involved with men who are druggies, rapists or felons

>has a shit relationship with them and gets hurt by them
>surprised pikachu face taylor

No. 685562

Simmer down neckbeard this isnt KF kek.

No. 685570

No. 685572

remember when she joked she might marry this Jake loser? She so desperately wants to be a fairytale.

No. 685580


she also mentioned wanting to start a family with jonny.

No. 685594

looks like she’s still at her parent’s house with all the Star vids and mentions of petting her cats. even ~IF~ she got an overnight pass, i’m very doubtful she’d be allowed to extend that to all day the next day. I wish she would just be honest about being kicked out/leaving sober living. most of her stans that are not 10 years old and delusional would understand. relapse is part of the recovery process, and I honestly think we’d all respect her and her journey more if she was just honest.

No. 685604

Yeah she also seems to forget that we know her parents house is in san antonio and her sober living was in Austin…I really don't believe she's commuting at least 3-4hrs total daily between the two places. Even when she was claiming she was going to visit her pets twice a week from austin it was hard to believe. She is clearly back at her parents' house for good.>>685594

No. 685625

File: 1564447469594.jpg (516.4 KB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1564447495181.jpg)


No. 685629

File: 1564447913654.jpg (152.2 KB, 1536x492, Screenshot_20190730-024754.jpg)

These things are really starting to make me think the screenshot of mama Dean was not fake from >>684285 and her denial is to avoid drama within her home since Taylor lives there now.

No. 685637

>all the pets being moved to her parents' house even though Tay said she was finding her own apartment to """work""" from during the day
>Taylor hinting that Jake is gone
>posting old selfies in different outfits to pretend they were taken days apart, quickly proved to be same-day
>tweeting about waking up well after 12p and eating shit for breakfast, her being at home with her cats all day even though she's supposedly still going to therapy all day and living in a facility

not saying the message was real, but the stuff that >>684285 said is looking mostly accurate at this point. could just be a really good guess on an anon, or Mama Dean really was sperging to strangers just like her husband.

No. 685645

she did take selfies at the new sober living though, it was clearly dorm style and not her home bedroom, so I think it was more a case that she was at the owner's personal house for those photos, or something like that. the owner of the place spent time with her initially and took her to target etc. taylor isn't really that crafty. she definitely had the 2nd sober living. I just want to know if she got booted from the 2nd one as well.

taylor can't be honest kek

No. 685646

File: 1564449295647.jpg (352.69 KB, 1080x1274, 20190729_191437.jpg)

Trying to get some of the tana wedding attention.

No. 685647

don't reptiles carry salmonella???

No. 685648

>guys I know Tana

No. 685650

File: 1564449822539.jpg (501.85 KB, 1536x1368, Screenshot_20190730-032314.jpg)

Kek her stans know her own snakes better

No. 685651

File: 1564449849432.jpg (159.06 KB, 1536x535, Screenshot_20190730-032330.jpg)

And then she pretends she knew all along.

No. 685660

File: 1564451335383.jpg (53.51 KB, 501x499, jakey.jpg)

No. 685666

File: 1564452291547.jpeg (134.36 KB, 1242x839, 293C92A0-E1A1-4BB7-A119-60CAFA…)


No. 685667

tana asked to hold it? why is the only pic I remember taylor standing behind a group of people dangling a snake in front of their faces? one of the more embarrassing taylor moments imo.

No. 685671

File: 1564453057492.png (361.38 KB, 652x638, house.PNG)

Looks like she's still at her parents house, hows she gonna spin this one.

No. 685674

she'll just claim she filmed it last night or something.

No. 685682

give it a little more time. she already ran out of sober living selfies, we know that much from the repeated one. the truth will shake out.

No. 685686


and now that she posted herself holding that kitten at >>685299 with her fake nails popped off, any sober living pics she post will be easy to spot as old.

No. 685687

Have we seen ghost yet?

No. 685689

he problem she has is she can't go back and take more (if this tinfoil is true), she's going to out herself as using he repeat set (if she even has any more to use).

No. 685707

She will justify the cats being at her parents cuz the lease is up amd it's her only option to keep them.

Is one cat still unaccounted for? Maybe JC has it. I mean, he was the one that took it back to the vet after its uti iirc.

No. 685712


Nemo had the UTI. Taylor and Jen have posted pics of Ghost since Jonny moved to NY.

No. 685718

It's interesting how quiet she seems to have been for a while now - no random Twitter rants or much milk. Makes me think that she did relapse or was dabbling in some other substances and got caught hence why she's now at her parents.

No. 685720

Well yeah, I'd be very fucking astonished if Taylor's actually clean after not completing even 30 days of rehab or managing to stick to one sober living for an entire month. Everything about her checking herself out early, going through two sober living houses this quickly, hooking up with other junkie trash and glamourizing her drug addiction and how she "loves roxies!" just screams she does not have any intention of actually working on sobriety or addressing her problems. She just wanted a hard reset and someone to mop up her shit re: Jonny and her druggie mess for her. And attention, of course.

No. 685727

File: 1564482484553.jpg (596.54 KB, 1171x1457, Screenshot_20190730-122334.jpg)

Ghost is right here.

I feel so bad for her cats being stuck in a tiny bedroom all day. This is waiting for fights to happen. This is not ok for 3 cats to be in. And I highly doubt she gives them proper stimulation through play.

If she really was out drinking the other night like one anon said, she already fucked up because she also said she can't drink so.

No. 685733

from what I’ve seen the show they claim said it (Sanjay and Craig) was cancelled and hasn’t been aired in at least 14 days so.. also IF it even happened there’s a good chance it was misheard or the word was only used as a teaching moment. There’s no way Nickelodeon would air something that just blatantly calls someone a retard in an insulting manner at this point

No. 685747

We don’t know if they keep the cats shut in the bedroom

No. 685749

if her acrylic on her thumb popped off she could just glue it back on or get that one fixed…

No. 685755

File: 1564510228738.jpg (59.28 KB, 544x547, chrome_293xK3SMDx.jpg)

No. 685758

True she could, but she is long overdue for a fill. So unless she got the exact same set/colours done again (which she doesn't seem to have a tendency to do when she gets them regularly) then it would be noticeable.

No. 685759

confirming Taylor is living with them, and not at sober living

No. 685760

Don’t see this comment on Twitter anymore.

No. 685761

Possibly realized she messed up and deleted it

No. 685763

It was inevitable that it would happen with one of them lol. This makes me want to believe that those group chat messages from her mom were true. Everything seems to be lining up tho obviously not confirmed. I feel like her mom must have realized that her lies were going to come fourth soon so she didn't feel like she was revealing anything detrimental.

No. 685764

Oh please, we know Jen lurks here rather obsessively. And hey, who can blame her, I'd be desperate for entertainment and distractions too if TND was my daughter…

No. 685766


Anons need to archive milk so there's no question of it being fake. And it makes it easier to find later.

No. 685767

It must suck to have a mom that is always competing with you/jealous of you. Not to mention both parents spilling dirt on her to anyone that will listen. BUT she could always block them on social media and tell them she just doesn't want to follow family online. Yet we know she luvs the dramz and speculation and reads here so she would see it all anyway.

Onto the animals I really don't think that living in san antonio is seen as a risk for her since jonny can't even afford to get his shit and had to beg for (probable drug) money and she seems to have since realized that it's super easy to get drugs anywhere if you want them enough. She should just get an actually affordable house that will let her have the pets, granted wanting a zoo and not going against most leases will probably mean buying a house I can't imagine she doesn't know where she wants to live in San Antonio. She needs to make her own "home base" that isn't her parent's house but I guess that would be the adult thing to do

No. 685768

I do think the group chat was real. It's likely the person that posted this didnt want to do a video cause it would out them and they'd get kicked from the group

No. 685769

>70k drug addiction
>50k Jonny Teeth
>24k 6 months rent

144k wasted that could've bought a new house. Oof.

No. 685770

We haven’t had any confirmation on:
- Taylor getting drunk/high on subs.
- Mama Dean message
- New Mama Dean tweet (though, I tinfoil it’s most likely true)

If anyone can provide legitimacy, it would be great.

No. 685774

I dont think the tweet will get much confirmation. They both have a history of tweeting and deleting so it's entirely possible that this got deleted soon after posting and realizing she fucked up/Taylor getting pissed.

No. 685778

There's absolutely no info online about "retard" being used in the show, whatsoever.

Can we now stop trying to debunk the Jen messages? Taylor's 100% living at home, Jake's obviously out and that she got kicked out doesn't seem unrealistic at all. She wants her pets and keeps a very aggressive snake, she wants to fuck at hotels, she doxxes herself, she glamourizes heroin and possible made multiple people relapse.

No. 685783

I just archived her account to when I left off.



There are scripts that do this automatically.

No. 685784

Tana also described her as “some girl” when Taylor tweeted her in one of her videos

No. 685786

>Can we now stop trying to debunk the Jen messages


I get where you're coming from, but this thread has seen multiple anons claiming shit/dropping fake screenshots in the last few weeks so unless there's actual evidence I feel like we shouldn't take those at face value still

sage for opinion, not meant as an infighting attempt

No. 685787

The only difference with these are that a lot of supporting details have come out that make these look like they could be completely legit.

No. 685790

Found the man in the thread, using feminazi unironically.

No. 685792

Nothing Taylor says is to be trusted. Her mom is pretty histrionic and probably prone to exaggeration herself, but reminder that Taylor lied to the police to get her own dad investigated claiming he was “hurting her” to manipulate a situation before. The best thing anyone close to her can do is stop lying for her, stop covering for her bullshit. At this point I don’t even think Taylor knows what’s real- as her addiction progressed her already dishonest habits turned more and more grandiose into outright fabrication. She’s probably been a pathological liar even before drugs, now it’s only gotten worse. I almost hope her mom spills the ‘tea’ if only because it’ll stop enabling her daughter to live in a fantasy that’s preventing her from getting the help she needs. As long as Taylor can deceive her audience by spinning a narrative that absolves her from dealing with the guilt and shame of her own choices she’s not gonna get any better. Signed, a former addict.(autistic armchair)

No. 685799

File: 1564524421756.jpeg (510.05 KB, 1242x2688, 411FD6C7-6211-412B-8C73-9F7AE3…)

This from an old thread and make me kek since she’s talking about NOT wanting to make her drug addiction all about her identity and NOT wanting to air it all out to her young audience… fast forward to all the tattoos, tweets, etc less than 6mos later!

No. 685803

tinfoil but theres a good chance shes being so quiet today due to her mom outing her.

No. 685818

can we please get these in the next new thread pic?

No. 685820

File: 1564533206649.png (381.88 KB, 1378x1258, Capture _2019-07-30-17-33-22.p…)


No. 685822

File: 1564533398109.jpeg (91.03 KB, 744x685, 7496974A-FB58-4BB9-8137-3C65A4…)


No. 685823

File: 1564533519315.jpg (687.2 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190730-183529_Twi…)

Top half has already been deleted

No. 685830

File: 1564534117166.jpg (830.47 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20190730-184737_Twi…)

She also took her pinned tweet (30 day difference) down.

No. 685832

Didn't she literally blame how shaky/weak her hands were on EDS??? Taylor, you fake bitch. Will she ever acknowledge all of the lies she's told outside of "addicts lie, u can't blame me teehee!"

No. 685833

Yea pretty sure she fucked up her body doing drugs, shocker: heroin is bad for you.

> dealing with the guilt and shame of her own choices

This. Taylor straight up doesn't want to deal with the consequences of her actions. It's why she's rationalizing she's always had shaky hands, It's obvious she didn't before. This girl is straight up loony.

I think the whole hotel episode was her relapsing. She had to find another place because the first one kicked her out. The second place probably wasn't much better and she figured she'd just get help on her own. I'm guessing she went to a private doctor for the bupes and couldn't handle the chores and wake up hours.

No. 685834

i know i’m late to the game, but what’s the milk about her and papa dean? i keep seeing references and i must have missed it

No. 685835

are any of her stans going to acknowledge the fact that she’s CLEARLY living at home? or is she deleting those comments?

No. 685839

Read the threads, friend, the milk is everywhere

No. 685841

File: 1564538860917.png (451.24 KB, 1439x1835, Capture _2019-07-30-19-06-41.p…)

I love how she parrots words we know you're uneducated. At least give it a few days and then try out using a new word.

No. 685842


Kek. Good catch anon. She does this perpetually. (Now waiting to see if she uses that word!)

No. 685847

The police incident was something that occurred when Taylor was first meeting up with JC. Her mom had a periscope stream and recalled her version of events chronologically, including a dramatic episode where Taylor snuck out of the house to meet JC in secret at a nearby hotel.

Mom followed Tay to hotel, asked desk clerk if they had seen JC (showing a picture of him), clerk said he had come in wasted with some young girl and was being really aggressive with her. The cops get called, Taylor flees back home, and apparently once the police showed up at her house she started laying on the ground screaming “let me go!!” claiming her father was hurting her. Her dad ended up getting investigated, Taylor said everything was fine with JC, and the police ultimately couldn’t do anything. This was right before they moved in together.

Source: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kzHXDxDTGT8

Fastforward to >>684036 which are confirmed DMs from Taylor’s dad.

It’s absolutely baffling to me that he’d say this to a stranger, but it lines up with things mom said in stream. Taylor has a problem with lying and embellishing the truth, attention seeking, and impulsivity that seemed to get increasingly worse when her YT stardom kicked off and progressed along with her addiction/relationship. We all know this already, ofc, and Tay herself admitted to some of it in her “my mistakes” video. Confirmation from family gives a LOT of context to her behavior and further proof of how mentally NOT OK she truly is.

I think it’s obvious the whole family needs to get off the fucking internet and attend some goddamn group therapy. Seriously.

If her/her parents actually lurk here, all of y’all need to sit down and do some intensive ass therapy together to fix what is broken within this family dynamic you all have put out for all to see unfold on the Internet.

I feel like this drama could be coming close to some sort of resolution but Taylor would have to come clean about everything to free herself from this web of lies she’s constructed and start over. Posts like >>685823 seems like an indication she wants to. But: twitter is not therapy, youtube is not therapy, animals are not therapy. Commit to stay away from fellow addicts/triggering situations. She’s clearly very unhappy with her life, her choices, and hardcore floundering but still living in denial which is within a moment’s reach thanks to her audience.

No. 685849

I haven't seen anything but she could just be deleting them all

No. 685852

Thanks for the clarification anon. I knew everything but the fact that she was claiming her dad was abusing her when the police came. I completely agree. The whole family dynamic is very toxic and not conducive to recovery and mental stability. It’s funny because family support is ~usually so integral post-recovery but in this case, it’s only toxic.

No. 685854

File: 1564544083349.jpg (1.91 MB, 2400x1920, inCollage_20190730_213447499.j…)

No. 685855

File: 1564546255962.jpg (804.41 KB, 1080x1970, 20190730_221102.jpg)

Still at home

No. 685856

Thank you for this!! You are the MVP. I kinda feel bad about mama dean on this video. But then her other actions are a total 180.

So shes not in her sober living home. And suprise no video.whos actually believing this sob story?

No. 685857

she shouldn't have posted this. if she's moved her least friendly snake to her parents' house, that must mean she's moved ALL her snakes to her parents' house. she's just confirming that she's moved back in with them.

I bet the tweet about needing to uber "a 90 minute ride" a few days ago was about her returning to the atrium house to meet a truck to move all her animals out.

No. 685858


"I'll be back when my emotions stop fluctuating" soooo….. never then? Lmao, yikes.

No. 685859

also hadn't seen the newest profile picture… damn she's looking rough. even worse than when she first got out. I'll bet she's relapsed again, or is abusing her maintenance opioids

No. 685862

File: 1564547230753.jpg (521.2 KB, 1079x1794, Screenshot_20190730-222719_Twi…)

Oh boy…

No. 685865

Former addict with the constant use of the word enabling in unsaged posts and near armchairing.. sure thing TRS.

No. 685868

The fact she's slowly setting the narrative of why she "will be" back at home, and her recent man hating posts presetting the narrative of where jakeypoo went, she's definitely already living back home and gotten rid of the bro.

Why can't she ever just be straight up? She lies about things she doesn't even need to lie about.

No. 685869

that's from her hotel room shoot when she first got the spider and took it out to party

No. 685870

I can tell beacuse of the orange dress. I'm betting she did get kicked out for either of the reasons I mentioned, because she couldn't get meds while staying there.

No. 685871

Makes the mama dean stuff seem more and more legitimate.

No. 685875

File: 1564549897275.jpg (170.84 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20190730-220929_Ins…)

yes cos the drug you did is what we wanna be huffy about

No. 685877

nice stuck shed at the tip of his tail

No. 685878

that was before, maybe right before she got kicked, since that was the extended stay and after she got kicked she was at a different hotel before the 2nd sober living.

No. 685879

so do they have a proper gun storage at their house? or is she just going to leave it laying around in a pile of clothes?

No. 685880

She's so proud of it.. yugh

I thought she WAS an heroin addict.

No. 685881

A junkie is a junkie taylor. You cant piss on my leg and tell me it is raining. I wonder how tense that living situation is.(constant autism)

No. 685882

File: 1564550949813.jpeg (325.65 KB, 1242x948, 3AC03D75-D7CE-41A2-9C97-C93283…)

she does it for cool druggie points… I saw her fucking posts on a lot of recovery meme sites. apparently it's a thing. good ol taylor tries to milk the same joke twice, just like she tried to replicate her Nala internet fame with cheese but then killed him cause she doesn't give a fuck about animals but only about going viral

No. 685883


AKA I've already been outed since I moved back home, but I'm going to pretend move-in to make it look like it was my decision.

She isn't fooling anybody.

No. 685884

And i’m sure her immature, obsessive stans are going to lap that up even though it does not make ANY sense. She said it herself: sober living IS a structured living situation, meaning they’re not going to let you bend the rules or do whatever you want. They also are not going to support something that could impact your sobriety, i.g. going back to mama and papa dean’s & leaving a structured environment where she is to receive treatment. Plus, remember when she was referring to her drug problems as “mental health issues”. Now all of a sudden she’s having emotional & mental health issues again… could be her way of admitting she’s relapsed.

No. 685886

File: 1564551468920.png (691.29 KB, 1242x2208, 3432A882-E2C4-4605-99AA-52AEB0…)

Here we are again, blaming everything on jonny. just admit you bought the damn bag and you like flexing it because it makes you feel iMpORtANt

No. 685887

so she's free to donate it now. good to know.

No. 685889


okay, so what's her excuse for still having the bed? she went back and edited all her photo descriptions with aBuSiVe eX but couldn't get rid of the bag? you know what normal people do after breakups? get rid of shit from their ex. pictures turned over, things put in boxes or thrown away.

she hates the brand and is an animal advocate and is away from the person who forced it on her by unspoken threat of "lashing out" –AGAIN, WHAT IS THE EXCUSE FOR STILL TOTING THE BAG?

can she ever tell the truth

No. 685890


*edit: bag on the bed

No. 685891

File: 1564552292328.png (352.89 KB, 750x1334, 0366476B-F244-4929-A262-CC27F7…)

Makes fun of something that is of worthy concern but go ahead and sperge on Twitter tay

No. 685892

File: 1564552487887.jpg (21.2 KB, 400x400, yzuGgsxM_400x400.jpg)


She had to clear out of the atrium house. Where else would she move them?

No. 685895

That’s what bothers me most about her. She lies about stuff that is neither here nor there. Banking selfies and claiming you got an overnight pass after one week at the new residence (yeah right). Just say you need to rely on your parents for a bit. Nor is she obligated to share anything yet she insists on keeping up the image she thinks others want to see, like lying about the sober living. Why should she be trusted to not lie about much more incriminating things when she will work hard to cover up meaningless shit.

kek she is eating crow now. Everyone knew she was being manic while riding the high of sobriety and normalcy, yet she blasted anyone who told her to take it slow and chill out. We stan a humble queen /s. But Taylor is never wrong of course. Looks like she’s paying for it, better get back into therapy quick before you relapse if you haven’t already.

No. 685897

File: 1564554405088.png (89.69 KB, 800x428, Screenshot_2019-07-30-23-23-24…)

Of course Goose is going to mount them, regardless.

No. 685898

why do we need this already posted picture?

No. 685899

anon, settle. we know we'll keep seeing the bag now and in the future. let her dig her hole.

No. 685901

Everyone told her to get him fixed from the beginning

No. 685902

There's nowhere in that video where the vet calls them a delight? Why would he say two sentences that directly contradict each other? Yikes

No. 685903

she was talking about getting herself an apartment for all of her animals so that she could "work there during the day"

No. 685904

for a “scratch” to even be visible on a furred rat—it needs to be a gash and bleed. so, cool. goose bit pigeon. guaranteed he’s just turning into a hormonal shithead. i wonder how long he’s been pestering the girls and taylor didn’t know bc she’s never around.

No. 685906

>we dont let men treat women that way
she doesn't fundamentally understand animals.

there were also her claims that all her relationship problems were because of her father neglecting her.

No. 685908

her men comment was sarcasm

No. 685909


If she were to stay in sober living in Austin.

No. 685910

was it though, fully? she constantly anthropomorphizes her animals.

No. 685911

>>685891 Annnndddd she DIDN'T have the rats fixed like she said she did, which we already figured. Yet another lie.

No. 685914


Rats hump each other. Boys hump girls, girls hump girls, girls hump boys and boys will hump boys.

Neutering can help lower testosterone and is great for health benefits, but humping is normal lol. Acting as if he's doing it out of malice or something… again, she doesn't know anything about rats.

No. 685915


She claimed she was going to have Goose neutered but never did. She then said she got the girls spayed.

No. 685930

Her lease on the atrium house is up at midnight Tonight. Where else would she move her pet collection? Just the fact that she’s still at their house is telling. I guess she got an extension on the over night pass!

No. 685934

Key word…talking. Unless she actually shows moving into an apartment for them it doesn’t happen. She’s so full of talk she stinks.

No. 685938


Why would the sober living home hold her spot when I’m sure they have a list of people waiting to get in and who will actually take it seriously. But yeah, they’re holding your spot while you try and figure where you feel ~comfortable.~

She had to of relapsed. She’s been quiet for days and has never taken our advice of staying off the internet. It’s doubtful she’s in therapy because of the way she acts and still till this day has never taken full accountability for her actions. It’s like she said (and anons said way before) she was just on a newly sober high and will crash real soon.

Mama Dean: oh honey, if you’re going to shoot up H, I much rather you do it in the house. I’m not like the rest of the moms, I’m a cool mom

No. 685939

File: 1564573603822.jpg (250.11 KB, 1536x793, Screenshot_20190731-134616.jpg)

She has deleted the pics of her green tree python but this is what she has to say about his tail.

No. 685940

Taylor, you could simply say that and not make fun of people who are concerned about something you claimed to care about? Get rid of the bag and you won't get those questions.

She never said that. Is it just me or is this thread getting filled with people saying "why does she always lie?" when you're simply misremembering things and stories get more and more blown out of proportions as time passes? An idea: before you claim that Taylor lies about something, go back and find proof.

No. 685944

No. 685945

File: 1564575107258.jpg (519.24 KB, 1536x1407, Screenshot_20190731-141013.jpg)

Holy shit what

Thanks anon, guess Twitter was having a spaz.

No. 685955

oh ho ho and now we hear how it's not "safe" to be in sober living just like that supposedly fake Jen account said in the chat. interesting.
and did any of these people relapse after taylor regaled them with tales of roxies and china white?

No. 685961

funny how there are always tons of people relapsing right after taylor joins a sober living house.

No. 685966

I wonder if she was asked to leave because she is making it unsafe for others for bringing a fucking gun into the sober living, and how she is romanticizing drugs, so now she's spinning it into it being "unsafe for her".

She is definitely confirming for me that mama Dean message was legit though. How she has pulled a 180 about men now suddenly being scary, confirming she isn't in sober living anymore etc.

It's fucking wild how she twists and turns literally every single scenario. I'm surprised she didn't use lolcow as a scapegoat tbh. Though I guess she relapsed so it's more convienent to claim someone offered her heroin.

Anyone think she's gonna crawl back to Jonny soon?

No. 685967

why would she go back to jonny? he has nothing to offer her. based on everything she's saying about him and using him as an easy scapegoat for anything bad that she did while on drugs, it makes no sense for her to return to the relationship…

No. 685971

she used us as a scapegoat for being on heroin once remember? the haters said she was on it so she though why not try it? one of her many 'origin stories'.

No. 685973

This makes zero sense. Those people would be removed immediately and it would be safe afterwards? Don't they drug test each person regularly?
She needs help with her compulsive lying. Better yet, just stay off of twitter.
She fucking relapsed and got kicked out. I'm betting on it. Literally why else would she be moving out of a sober living if she is having
"~sooo much trouble." Why would you not stay in sober living and stay in THERAPY

No. 685975

Her attitude toward men is super unhealthy, the whole love/hate, badboy, daddy issues thing is getting old.

She flip flops worse than a corrupt politician.


>"We're just bro friends that fuck"
>"I looooove getting dicked down, it feels sooo good"
>"My friend bought me a weapon to protect myself, he's so nice"

FFS, she needs to start being an adult. You can't just go around screwing random guys expecting it to work out. She ALWAYS overinvests herself emotionally in other people, rehab isn't the place to make friends, it's a place to get sober.

No. 685978

She's just saying this for social asspats. She's just mad that she can't hold down a steady relationship, and is now taking out her frustrations by cutting her animal's nuts off.

She should have done this from the start, probably gonna be more traumatic for the rat now. Animals aggressively breed, they're un-neutered, unsocialized, feeders, what did she expect?

No. 685979

I’ve never understood people like her who do this. Idc if you fuck around but… why do you expect some kind of emotional gain from it?? You’re literally just sleeping around senselessly, not trying to find the love of your life lmao. She’s so toxic and I bet after her bro friend found out she’d been sperging about him on twitter for days straight he decided to leave the crazy be. She’s honestly delusional as hell.

When she first came back, at least for a few hours, she seemed to have a clear mind and actually spoke normally. Idk what happened, why she turned into this absolute spaz on Twitter, getting more tattoos so quickly, and nonstop talking about dick. I almost wonder if she was somewhat of a normal person away from social media for a month, but coming back to it made her hungry for all the attention and the clout worse than ever. I don’t want to believe she isn’t clean but she’s out of her mind lately.

No. 685982

The green tree python pics are still on Twitter. She didn't delete them.

No. 685988

I wouldn't be surprised if Taylor is back on coke or using meth. Her parents are too psycho and uneducated to keep her off drugs even if she lives with them. She was using coke when she lived with them before so…

No. 685991

I mean… This is true actually. There's a lot of milk to be had with TND, but she's right about that tail. It looks like a worm to attract birds, which the tree python then eats.

No. 685994

Yet she was hanging out with two friends who relapsed before at a hotel.
…Nah hon.

Other than the drugs of course and the fact that she cannot be alone for more than a day.
I'd say she will crawl back to Jake but seeing as he got doxxed I reckon he won't be as dumb. That and she supposedly has no money.

No. 685998

Who says she’s got no money? She’s still gotta be pulling in a couple thousand a month minimum from views on her old videos before people find out who she is. Even without posting new vids.

No. 686000

I think your over estimating how much money she gets from YT.

social blade says between $595-$9.5K, overestimated based on what I've heard, probably closer to $800 a month or so because some months she probably makes nothing. That's also BEFORE taxes which is 35% of earnings. YT is also re-evaluating it's monetization policies and ads. Her REAL money comes from sponsorships which are lump sums 40k up.

That's not to mention her atrocious spending habits and overpriced rent. She's easily spent 500k plus on drugs, rent and overpriced toys over the last 2 years. Rehab and hospital visits aren't cheap either.

Considering her net worth is estimated (probably lower) at 1mil, I wouldn't be surprised if she has $100-200k left. but apparently she also owes a significant amount of back taxes, so she doesn't even really "own" that money.

No. 686008

lets also not forget she paid her "assistant/maid" betsy $800 a week to clean up her house, do delivery service, look after her animals. she did that up until recently so year and a half? 78 weeks, is $62.4k.

No. 686009

She said her self that she was 'broke'. i mean I do question her definition of broke when she's obviously used to having luxuries and spending a ton but considering she has made no new content for a while, her money must be running low-ish

No. 686010

I'll dig through insta and try to find it but didnt she claim she made 3x rent on the atrium house a few months back when people asked?
so thats claiming a 12k a month income

No. 686012

File: 1564596559886.png (1.46 MB, 1439x1229, Capture _2019-07-31-14-06-17.p…)

Ok, but no one is talking about the color being black but TND. Yeah, she's correct about that, but there is also actual stuck shed on the tip of his tail. She's just trying to change the issue to invalidate people's concerns.

No. 686015


They want tea and not milk? Very sus.

No. 686018

File: 1564598232107.png (134.24 KB, 578x1010, didnotagewell.PNG)


Oof. She's been planing this for a while, this SS was when she was still with jonny at the atrium house.

I think she's floundering because she doesn't a BF or anyway of getting one. She really can't handle being alone. That's why she's retreating back into animals because they can't leave her.

Her "plan" to get with jake must've backfired and now she's at her parents because she doesn't want to be alone in an apartment.

No. 686051


If she does run back to Mommy and Daddy, hopefully they will put their foot down about no more animals. Unless they have truly converted to the zoo-life after having to take care of hers exotic mess. And to possibly pose as the "mystery rescue" that said her animals were fine.

No. 686052


how many hours prior to this lie was taylor trying to convince everyone she was "in talks" with sober house management about her mental health and how it would benefit her more to stay with her parents so she could ~be with her animals~.

so, first she gets ONE overnight pass. then they magically (only when questioned by fans why she's still at home) got multiple overnight passes.
then she's in talks to stay at her parents indefinitely for her mental health (bc her animals make her better)
and NOW she's leaving bc sober living is triggering bc everyone (except her!) is relapsing and it's not a good environment

at least put a few more hours between your lies, taylor

No. 686056

Well that's gonna be an awkward family dinner after she basically blamed her father for her rampant daddy issues and awful choice in men and her mother is a fucking psycho.

No. 686077

Definitely not overestimating. Her older videos are averaging between 60 and 75k PER DAY. She made a good chunk of her earnings from sponsors, yes, but I would put money on her earnings still being over $5k/month from YouTube views based on her social blade stats. If a shit show like her wannabe Emma Sampson can afford to live on her YouTube earnings with just over 70K subscribers and the majority of her vids barely hit 10k views….TND is still collecting! Not saying that she still doesn’t owe the IRS, but she’s still got a hefty income.

No. 686097

This makes me feel bad for Mama Dean, sure she screwed up, but having to deal with Taylor must be a lot…

No. 686101

I don't think she will last long at home, Taylor being home with her shit posting mum that's always slipping details on Taylor and a father who talks shit on her, it won't be long before they all get in each other's way and start family fights and then the brother will probably get stressed out and Taylor will eventually be out on her own again or shell most definitely relapse to try and cope with living under a roof with certain rules I guess or even routine which Taylor's not good at.

No. 686104

Boyyyyy if she don’t stop wearing them dirty white nike slides everywhere……

No. 686113

File: 1564621081835.png (2.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-31-20-57-14…)

Posting old photo like its new

No. 686114

File: 1564621165177.png (1.07 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-07-31-20-57-18…)


omg dumbass we can see the thumb on your right hand with a nail on it, stop acting like you took this pic today

No. 686119

File: 1564621677964.jpg (2.03 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20190731_210705331.j…)

lol she is a dumbass she's already shown us both of her stubby hands with no nails

No. 686125


Why would a partner, even a shithead like Jonny, be dumb enough to get someone who loves snakes and reptiles a LV bag?

I don't buy this, she named a snake Louis right ?

No. 686126

File: 1564623206214.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20190801-043309.png)

posted the dog too, for good measure.

No. 686127

Her bed looks like it's not made, but she supposedly slept at her parent's house last night.

No. 686128

inb4 "jonny named the snake".
I don't believe a word she says about it being a gift. she's using JC as a convenient scapegoat of anything she's done wrong in the last two years.

No. 686133

When will Taylor learn that just being honest with the internet is a lot easier than… say.. trying to cover her tracks constantly.
Mentioning her nails, and posting the dog feel like such a desperate attempt to hide what she's doing.
Taylor, nobody really gives a fuck about your location. What DOES peak somebodies interest in her is her lying.
The run around, the lies, etc. That's what keeps these threads flowing.

No. 686134

File: 1564625135446.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2093, Screenshot_2019-07-31-22-01-37…)


She said it was her idea on her original post…but she will find a way to blame Jonny if she really wants.

No. 686136

File: 1564625332191.jpg (475.7 KB, 1660x1660, inCollage_20190731_220451285.j…)


As well as this in the comments. Ss for posterity's sake.

No. 686142

She actually did claim they were neutered though. So yes, it was another lie.

No. 686146

File: 1564627557228.jpeg (949.16 KB, 1242x1789, DE984510-4B2F-4BB0-BBBA-8D80DA…)

No. 686147

that's what happens when you keep obsessing over a dude you barely know. Jake probably told her that he isn't looking for a relationship at the get go cuz idk how else you can tell if a dude wants your money after a few days lol.

No. 686149

>first few years

Correction: rest of your life. That shit changes your brain chemistry permanently.

I don't understand why she needs to lie about this shit. Does she think it makes her look more serious about recovery? She can't keep hiding it forever.

No. 686153

These posts of hers always make me laugh, like bitch, you have money and nothing but time on your hands, apply yourself literally to the least degree possible and go get your ass to the salon asap then

She acts like her calendar is just absolutely thronged with shit and it's just so haaaaaard to Do Things

No. 686154

Addicts have tremors and sweats for the rest of their lives? That seems unlikely…drugs addiction alters the reward pathways for the rest of your life and can do some damage to higher-order cognition, but for someone that young to have a permanent tremor they'd have to have a condition like essential tremor or have really fucked up their brain past what a couple years of opiate abuse can do. She's probably going to be dealing with her symptoms for longer than she thinks, but it's just baseless fear-mongering to say that she's going to have a permanent tremor, which are usually caused by damage to or degradation of low-level bran structures like the cerebellum.
Damn she really is trashy

No. 686165

Nta but it seems obvious that they're referring to the "constant battle against your mind" line from that tweet, they never specifically said anything about the tremor?

No. 686168

File: 1564641597890.jpg (755.25 KB, 1536x1093, Screenshot_20190801-083940.jpg)

No. 686169

File: 1564641619801.jpg (193.4 KB, 1241x1672, IMG_20190801_083953.jpg)

No. 686170

File: 1564641646018.jpg (323.8 KB, 1242x1710, IMG_20190801_083955.jpg)

No. 686181

File: 1564647089885.jpg (963.74 KB, 1536x1799, Screenshot_20190801-100954.jpg)

No. 686182

File: 1564647115132.jpg (490.1 KB, 1536x1261, Screenshot_20190801-101043.jpg)

No. 686183

File: 1564647232579.jpg (176.34 KB, 1536x495, Screenshot_20190801-101302.jpg)

No. 686186

goddamn swamp assed, pet grim reaper . It's amazing she can even manage to go so long without caving in and bathing in the texas heat

No. 686188

File: 1564648834047.jpeg (713.82 KB, 1125x1914, F9ABEA98-EBC6-49E9-8C91-03EA33…)

No. 686189

File: 1564649590001.jpeg (492.99 KB, 1125x1578, 07C4EAB2-E30D-42B3-940E-7E16FB…)

whoops forgot to post the other pic

No. 686193

All of these tattoos make her look so trashy. She really should have placed them better but noooo

No. 686201

Is normal to not wash your hair in a week, specially since her hair is fried from all the bleaching.

No. 686202

"My tattoos and my TITS" she means. But yeah, at least she outright calls her snakes things. I guess that addiction counseling is finally getting her to speak her truth for a moment huh

No. 686205


imagine your favourite things about you are tattoos and snakes (which makes no sense, your snakes are not you?). if it's appearance some people would likely pick a body feature, but in typical insecure as hell taylor fashion she picks one of the things she'd had added to her body and isn't there naturally.

mentions nothing about personality - because she doesn't have one.

No. 686212

Again, show us proof? She said she got the girls spayed and that's it.

No. 686214

I'm not the same anon but she talked about the appointment date to get the male done. Then he mysteriously didn't get done. I don't think she mentioned it again till now?

No. 686215

That's true but it has been known that it didn't happen and she never pretended that it did, that's what I'm trying to say. Not trying to WK, she's still a liar and it's difficult to make heads or tails of her stories

No. 686216

She said she spayed and neuter all the rats and even claim the stiches were healing really when, a few day later she took a photo of Gus with his testicles intact
Since the beginning it didn’t make sense neuter the girls when it was easier and safer to just spayed Gus

No. 686217

I don't really blame people for thinking it got done since she gave that impression pretty well at the time. She also hasn't talked about him not being neutered until now despite announcing his appointment back then.

No. 686218

File: 1564661310748.jpg (1.51 MB, 2048x2048, PhotoGrid_1564661203164.jpg)

Accidentally confirmed she is lying with that post lmao. And that she is still at home and her dog and outfit posts are old. Good job Taylor.

Sure, when you're not in Texas heat. Fucking rank.

No. 686219

she said that she cheated?

No. 686224

Thought she was on buprenorphine? Not saying that will take everything away from PAWS but it shouldn’t be that severe. Maybe her dose is wrong, couldn’t start it because she didn’t stay in a program long enough or she is going through acute withdrawal again, it doesnt make a whole lot of sense.
So I take it she doesn't have a sponsor yet. She must be looking for the right one, like one with a dick and 2 weeks clean. Sponsors have been known to pull their sponsees out of bars, gutters, bathrooms and bring them to the hospital, meetings or wherever they need to go. This person obviously isn’t her sponsor and we haven’t heard her mention one at all so I’m going to assume she is skipping this step too. Because they will hold her accountable and she definitely doesn’t want that.
Nb4 I’m going to a meeting with my sponsor.

No. 686225

File: 1564664608951.png (621.74 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 8.58…)


ok but she actually did. and kept the lie going for over 2 months. annoying when people forget just how much taylor actually lies about EVERYTHING.

No. 686226

File: 1564664645654.png (263.71 KB, 1440x900, Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 9.02…)


and another one when her stans asked her for updates.

No. 686232

File: 1564666612121.png (95.46 KB, 1080x530, 1562038757785.png)


July 1st

>I have a sponsor and intensive treatment and everything!

No. 686238

Hmmm, good to know. I must have missed that post or forgot about it because it seems like the only time she has mentioned a sponsor. I wonder how that relationship is going for Tay? And I wonder where her sponsor based out of, SA or Austin. Not that it matters as long as you have picked the right one they’ll still haul you off to a meeting. Maybe we will get to hear a story time about her totally real sponsor soon!

No. 686240

She’s LIVING around ppl too like ewww

it’s one thing to be at home alone Unshowered in ur pjs for a few days but living with ppl in Texas summer and not bathing? She’s still wearing a new ~outfit~ every day, doin her makeup and taking thirst trap pics for IG …..top off the look with her hair a week unwashed, the swamp ass, and those dirty Nike sandals

Hawt girl summer

No. 686245

>When even lolcow can't keep track of your lies

It's seriously impossible to. We have all this proof about everything she has lied about but she literally lies so much that it actually almost in turn covers it up because people forget. I wish there was a way to keep track of it all but it would be a huge amount of work.

No. 686246

Taylor giving out advice on addiction when she has been kicked out of 2 sober livings and probably using again is really disgusting

No. 686264

nitpick, but pretty sure she facetuned her tits bigger in this picture. the checkerboard looks so weird on her chest

No. 686270

yea her animals are just possessions to her. They arn't pets like her cats are they're props.

Her snake is so fat, she thinks she's showing off a cool snake but she's really just showing off her shit husbandry.

No. 686272


I see what your saying anon, the one on the right does look enlarged. Honestly i'm not surprised girl has some serious self image issues.

waist looks modified here too.

For all her self image issues you'd think she'd take a shower and take care of her general hygiene. It's not like she's busy doing chores, probably gonna be waking up a 12pm and surfing Instagram complaining about how HARD she has it.

No. 686276


Nitpicking but you can definitely tell these photos were altered. She went fucking ham on the smoothing filter. Calm down taylor and focus on your recovery instead of how your tits look in a picture

No. 686283

This narrative of complete helplessness and lack of agency when in the throws of addiction is so fucking annoying and actually massively counter to recovery efforts. Addicts choose to be shitty people when they're addicted, it's not a brain parasite that removes all of their agency, they're not possessed by a demon.

I get that she's probably in a twelve step program but if you're not American it's pretty plain that AA/NA etc are religious cults. This
>completely helpless no control over addiction
is a hallmark of it. They preach that the only way to overcome addition is to recognise you have no control over it, and that only a "higher power" i.e. yhwh can save you from it if you surrender yourself completely and start to have faith. So that when you do recover you're primed to give god all the credit and continue being religious. Twelve step programs are absolute shit and it's driving me mental that she's espousing all this bullshit as if it's 100% proven fact, probably because it's a convenient get out of jail free card for all the bad shit she's done, when it's actually a bunch of cult propaganda.

No. 686288


Tinfoil: I don’t think the text was recent. I’m betting she relapsed and is now setting the stage for it because she knows she won’t be able to hide it for long.

>>I don’t know if telling you this will even stop me.

>>I tried reaching out guise, remember the texts.
>>addicts are MANIPULATORS and LIARS
>>I’m having “acute withdrawal” right now…
>>it’s the drugs affecting my brain guise and my shitty genes that make me have endless amounts of disabilities and addictions.

I really think she’s trying to twist the narrative right now. I mean it’s been proven here that she’s posting old pics and claiming they’re recent. I mean for fucks sake she admitted (for once in her life) that she is struggling terribly right now with the aftermath of her addiction and cravings, so.